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  1. Mrmusclewriter

    ***Cyclist Man Crusher*** (Part 2)

    Like a boa constrictor Rob was squeezing the life out of Ben’s body restlessly. Ben was his prey, his game, his toy. The pressure produced by his quads was close to finest and deadliest animal in the world. Ben’s core was losing volume each minute passed. In agony and pain, he was screaming and crying like a child. There was no chance that he could have been heard and helped in the middle of a wood. Rob was staring at him with satisfaction, proud of what his body was able to accomplish to a bodybuilder, pain, torture, agony and demolition. Ben’s body was demolished like never before. Screaming in the gym while working out for the pain over his muscle was nothing compared to what he was experiencing in those minutes. The agony was going in crescendo like an orchestra during a concert and certainly he would have passed out soon if not away. Rob knew his strength and the strength of his legs. As a boa constrictor could squeeze his prey with a pressure of 12 pounds per inch, the German Cyclist was able to reach 35 pounds per inch but that was not known by the rest of the world. As previously mentioned, Rob destroyed and pulverised several people in his life but never and ever used all his full strength but probably that was the right day and the right moment to fully expel all his inhuman and manly strength. “It fucking hurts, doen’t it?” Rob asked Ben was not able to reply but only screaming for the pain with his mouth full opened. Rob’s face was permeated with a mix of pleasure and cruelty. “Let me show you my real strength” Rob said while he squeezed harder. Ben stopped screaming as his vertebrae cracked and at the same time moved away from their original position. No air was left in his lungs and a floor of tears wetted his face. His spine was broken and wrecked. Violently Rob opened his spread his legs realising the hold. Ben felt more pain as his ribs tried to come back to the original set up and his core recovered his original volume. Blood spitted out from his mouth and his body collapsed over Rob’s chest that promptly kicked away like a bag of trash. “Get the fuck away from me!” Rob stated. Ben rolled over the soil, powerless and painful. He was there laying, semi consciousness, his body was in agony. Rob stood up and went towering Ben looking at him from the top. “I want to have fun with your puny body!” Rob said. Ben did not reply. The Canadian was taken by the throat and lifted up. Two punches hit his face with extreme violence. Rob wrapped his right arm over Ben’s neck from behind, forcing his body to bend inward and lifted over the air in a horizontal position in a perfect pre-suplex. Weighting 212 lbs Rob was carrying with extreme ease a 300 lbs bodybuilder over the air as a feather. Both faces were beside each other in opposite direction. “You couldn’t imagine, I could carry you so easily, pretty boy, couldn’t you?” Rob asked Ben, already knowing the response. “Please, don’t, I beg you, let me go, you tortured me enough!” Ben begged. Rob started walking around the wood with Ben over the air, until he saw a bit semi rectangular stone. Rob approached the stone and completed his suplex with Ben’s back dramatically hitting the rock and bending over it. His body shivered for the impact and Rob screamed of joy completing that movement. Rob quickly stood up going straight to Ben that was grabbed by the head and placed over Rob’s quad with his face facing the German’s crotch. Ben applied pressure and began his head scissor. Ben’s face was in shock as Rob kept squeezing, his jaw dislocated and at the same time broke, Ben yelled. Rob closed his right hand in a fist and punched several times his forehead like in a MMA fight. The cyclist went on for several second, increasing the pressure more and more, until he stopped, releasing the hold. “I spare your life this time, next time you will meet me, change your route or I will seriously wreck you body!”. Rob stated. Rob disappeared from the wood leaving Ben laying on the rock like an abandoned can of beer. He woke up at the hospital three days later surrounded by four of his bodybuilder friend.
  2. Part 1 Here's the first part of a story I quickly decided to whip up. It's mostly setup for later parts, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. As always, feedback is always appreciated. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Do you know how much it sucks losing your dream job? I poured my heart and soul into that company!" I say, words slurred by alcohol. My complaints are directed to the bartender behind the counter as I stare at my drink. "Hell, I moved to this city just for this job, I don't know anyone here." I look up at the bartender who is polishing a mug nonchalantly. His bearded face shows a hint of a smile as he raises a single eyebrow. I've been coming to this bar weekly since I moved here in the summer, but more recently I've been coming daily. I just barely notice as I slowly begin swaying from side to side in my chair. "Fine, I guess I know you now, but that's not the point! The point is that after just 3 months they tell me that they need to downsize AND I just so happen to be on the cut list! What am I going to do-" I'm cut off by the sensation of stomach acid coming up my throat. I cover my mouth with a hand and sit still waiting for the feeling to pass. Joe, the bartender, just laughs. "I think you've had too much to drink... again. You've been complaining about this for five days in a row now. As for what you're going to do now, that's simple. Get a new job. Luckily," Joe walks a few steps behind him to the bar wall and points to a Help Wanted sign on the wall, "we just so happen to be hiring." I begin shaking my head in protest, but quickly realize that sudden movements aren't doing me any favors. "I can't work in a bar, I'm a journalist! Besides the fact that I have no experience, it's not really my thing. I can't just-" I'm cut off once again by another wave of nausea. I let out a low groan. The room feels like it's spinning. "Alright, alright, get a move on to the restroom before you make a mess of my bar. And at least give the job some thought before you flat out deny it." Joe said with a frown. He then swipes my half empty cup and pours it out. I nod slightly and jog/trip my way to the restroom. The restroom is empty when I enter. I run over to a sink first to splash cold water on my face. I'd rather avoid vomiting all together if I can. The shock of the cold water grounds me somewhat. I stand with my hands gripping the sides of the sink for what seems like an hour, but is more likely a minute or two, until the restroom door opens. I check the sink mirror in front of me to see who just came in and my knees go weak. Walking behind me to the toilet stalls is one of the most muscular men I've ever seen. Truthfully I don't see many bodybuilder types around here, but this man was still above and beyond the norm. He was wearing a pair of jeans that barely seemed to contain his tree trunk legs, and a tailored white dress shirt with the top two buttons undone revealing his shelf-like pecs. I don't like to admit it but I get a bit grabby when I'm intoxicated, and the more I drink the more I want to grab, and tonight I've had a lot to drink. Once the man entered his stall, my drunk brain began scheming of any way to cop a feel of those massive muscles. I stood there staring at the stall from my vantage point at the sink mirror, and began waiting for my chance to act. As soon as I hear the creaking of the stall door opening, I turn around and wait for the mountain of a man to appear. Once he enters my sights I fake a fall towards his large body. My luck finally seems to be looking up as the man catches me in his arms. I take that moment to get a feel of any muscles I can reach, pretending to try and catch my balance. I get a hold of his back, traps, delts, biceps, and pecs before he finally pushes me off of him, his hands on my shoulders. "Woah, what the hell man, are you ok?" The bodybuilder says in a deep gravelly voice. I am in bliss right now. Not only did I just feel up this massive man, but now he's touching me too? Unfortunately, my happiness is short-lived as my nausea decides this is the perfect time to go into overdrive. I only managed a small, "Oh no," before spewing my dinner and copious amounts of booze onto the shirt of the man in front of me. The man yells a string of curse words as he tosses me to the side. I try to grab onto his hand before I fall to slow my descent, but he manages to slip his hand out of my grip. The sudden prat fall knocks the wind out of me and I am forced to put my head on the ground to catch my breath. I sit up slightly to see how the large man I just puked on was doing and almost gasped as I see that he has taken his shirt off to clean it in the sink. Watching his rippling back muscles move as he scrubs his shirt distracts me for a few moments until I notice a small weight in the hand I tried grabbing the man with. Looking down I see a leather bound journal and a black pencil in my hand. Where did this come from? The cover was blank besides a name, "Greg Carlson". I had no idea who that was, but was too drunk to think about it for too long. I flipped the journal open to random page near the middle and began reading it. "-graduated from Anderson County High School with a full-ride sports scholarship. Soon after entering University, became interested in bodybuilding and-" I looked up from the journal and towards the man standing a few feet away from me. Could this be his journal? I doubted that someone as masculine as him would be carrying around a journal of his life stories everywhere he went. Besides, the way it was written seemed more like a third-person view rather than a personal journal. I looked back at the journal and flipped to the first page. Instead of seeing more life events, I saw what seemed like in depth statistics of a person's body. The stats didn't stop with just weight and height however, they went super specific like individual finger lengths. Who keeps track of that? Another thing I noticed was a category for sexual orientation, which was filled in as straight. I barely had time to register my disappointment before I saw something far more interesting, a penis category. With a length of 4 inches and a girth of 3 inches, I felt kind of bad for the guy. If the muscle beast in front of me really was the owner of this journal and it was accurate, his dick, while not horribly small, would look ridiculously tiny in comparison to his massive body. Feeling naughty and a bit horny, I erased the numbers with the black pencil that I found with the journal and replaced them with 10 inches long and 8 inches in girth. Hopefully if he notices what I wrote he'll have a good laugh about it. I got up quickly and placed the journal and pencil down near the man while apologizing quietly. He glared at me as I rushed out of the restroom. Outside of the restroom, I let out a heavy sigh and walked back to the bar, head hung. "Have a bad time in there or something?" Joe asked, noticing my sullen return. "I... I may or may not have puked all over a dude in the restroom." I said, not making eye contact with Joe. Joe was silent for a few seconds before bursting into laughter. His laugh was infectious, and I couldn't help but join in. It was too ridiculous not too. "Shit, man, I'm not going to clean that up." Joe finally said after we stopped laughing. "Ha, luckily I think it pretty much all ended up on the guy and not the floor." I chuckled again before finally looking up at Joe with a grin. "Also, would this be a bad time to ask for that job?" "That was a quick change of heart, but I guess It's a good of a time as any. I can set you up a quick interview this week with the boss. Don't worry though, I'll be there too. You're basically guaranteed the job." As we continue discussing the job and the work it entailed, I notice the bathroom door opening and the man I had met in it exiting from within. He was wearing his shirt once again but now it was wet and basically see-through and his sculpted body was on display. At the very least there was no sign of the vomit I had covered him in. With a distressed look on his face the man kept adjusting his crotch. It was bulging a surprising amount for 4 inches, but I suppose it's all about how you display it. The man speed-walked his way past me without a second glance and left the bar. Joe didn't seem to notice as he continued his spiel on bartender etiquette. Unbeknownst to me, the journal I had found had completely disappeared without the man taking it. Things would soon start to get a bit hectic around here for me.
  3. Thedemon1906

    Father and son (ch 1)

    If you like it let me know and i will continue making it. _________________________________________ A muscular white man was sitting next to a sleeping baby. He had a dark red beard and hair and bright green eyes. He sat with crossed arms wich made his big biceps bulge and wide open huge legs. His eyes looked tired but he kept a beautiful happy grin. -Markus, darling- a beautiful woman entered to the room. She put her hands on top of his husband huge shoulders. -Matthew will be fine don't worry- - I know i know, sorry. I was just wondering how he will be when he grows up, you know?- - I bet he will be as hung as his father- she said as one of her hand travelled past his balloon like pecs and grabbed his enormous package. Markus laughed in a deep manly voice. - not in front of the baby darling!- he stood up and kissed his wife in the mouth and as he lifted her he said - let's go to bed- ------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 1 Matt woke up from what had been a horrible nightmare. He didn't remember the details but it had to do with his mother. He walked to the bathroom with a slow pace, it was saturday. His 5.6 feet body felt tired although he hadn't made any exercise the day before. He stood in front of the mirror, his deep blue eyes were the first thing that you would notice in his face. Then short hair black as coal and a cute face structure. His body was lean and hairless, he was what you would define as a twink even though he wasn't gay. He entered the shower and started washing his puny body. Today it was his 17 birthday but there was not going to be any celebration. When he had finished washing his 6 inches dick he dried his hair and went out of the shower with the towel on his waist. Matt felt his stomach rumble and decided to grab something to eat. He went down the stairs to the kitchen and opened the door. There he found his father ,Markus preparing a sandwich. Although he was already 45 years old he was still huge. His arms where as big as a basketball and his thighs looked as if they could break the world in two. His shoulder were really broad and his pecs covered with manly dark hair, looked gigantic to any human beings. He was just wearing boxer that could barely contain his round big ass and huge crotch. He didn't have the abs he had before but his belly was still flat and looked hard. -Hello dad- Matt said walking rapidly ro the fridge. Markus didn't answer he just growled. He was as gloomy as always since matt’s mother died. They never talked to each other a lot, just some “hello” and “goodbye” now and then. Markus sat his 7feet tall body in his couch and scratch his bulge obscenely. The doorbell rang and suddenly Matt was excited. He opened the door and as planned uncle Henry was coming to visit. He was younger than his dad, 35 years old and plays rugby with younger men. He is 6.5feet tall of raw muscle and masculinity power and much more fun than his dad. Golden grows over his head and his body stretches the rugby uniform. He has the greatest ass Matt has ever seen and although he is not gay he always thought about how it would feel to grab it. -we are going on a road trip- the visitor said ------------------------------------------------------------- -So I got two rooms one for you and your father and the other one for me- Markus didn't really know how they had gotten there. He had asked his brother to come to celebrate his son's birthday so he wouldn't to do it himself and now the were on a cabin in the middle of nowhere going to share a room with his son. Is not that he doesn't love his son, it’s just that he could never relate to him and when his wife died the bond just… broke. But his brother seemed really excited about it so he wasn't going to say anything. As the sun hided behind the mountain they decided to go to sleep. There was an awkward moment when Mark and Matt entered the room and saw that they will be sharing the same queen bed. Markus undressed and got inside the bed, a little bit afterwards he felt his son doing the same. As he slept he remembered how he used to sleep with his wife. His dick got hard. ------------------------------------------------------------- Matthew was woken up at 8:00AM by the smell of bacon and eggs. His dad's arm was on top of him not letting him stand up. He grabbed his powerful bicep and with a lot of caution he moved it. He stood up and glanced the sleeping body of his father, he was occupying most of the bed with his muscle. Matt wasn't prepared for what he saw in the kitchen, his uncle was standing naked while cooking and singing. -Oh! You are awake come here!- Henry turned around to receive his nephew. For his age he had a tight six pack and beautiful pecs. He looked like one of those 25 year old rugby players but with the face of a model. But the most shocking thing was his huge dong and 8 inches flaccid monstrosity that hanged between his hard rock legs. It was a fat cock and Matt couldn't help but wonder how it would feel to have its weight on his hands. Henry hugged Matthew and grabbed his ass pressing his cock on the young’s man abs. -YOU HAVE A NICE ASS SON!- Henry said. And he was right, a precious bubble but steached his pants and bounced with each step. - what are you cooking?- Matt said trying to ignore the awkward moment that he just lived. -Oh this?- Henry said as he stood behind him and grabbed his shoulder to get him closer to the cooking pan. -This is my special recipe- now he pressed his huge cock in Matt's butt and moved his mouth closer to his right ear as he whispered in a deep voice. -Uncle Henry's recipe- now Matt was uncomfortable, he could feel through his jeans the hard pressing hot roid of his uncle starting to move. -what are you doing?- Markus had woken up and he was standing confused as the sight of his naked brother with his son. Henry jumped scared by the voice and took a step away from Matt. -Nothing I was just showing your son the breakfast aaaaand i think its ready! Let's eat!- As they were eating in the table Matt felt Henry's hand touching his leg and crotch. It will be a long weekend
  4. Last Chapter guys. It's been a journey for me as well as the characters. As always, let me know what you think. It’s been 2 weeks since everyone was rescued from Shawn and Ron. Some made out better than others, but we all were shaken to the core. Jay is still on edge, feeling he did not do enough to protect everyone. I’ve tried to ease his nerves and soothe him, but he is stubborn and has been distant. He spends hours at the gym just working out. He visited Cam and Ming in the hospital every day and pledged to make sure they fully recover. I asked him to speak to someone for help, but he keeps shrugging it off. Eddie and the twins holed up for the first week. He took them to a place he has in the mountains and wouldn’t let anyone contact them, save their parents. He did sent a couple photos showing they were alive and ok. Ian’s bruises were fading. When they came back, the twins moved in with Eddie. He insisted. He said, nothing like this would ever happen to them again. Ty and Davey had a very rough time. Davey is back in therapy and back on meds to help with his anxiety and depression. He is sullen and quiet most of the time. He’s back at his job part-time until he can fully recover. Ty and Tommy had a discussion with his boss and explained what happened and why it was important for Davey to be at work. His boss was skeptical at first, but when Tommy showed him the police report and some photos, he quickly understood and agreed to the request. Ty has thrown himself into work at the gym. He is there 12 to 14 hours a day, almost like he is there to stay away from Davey, but I know it is something deeper. He needs to work through his part in all this. Did he do enough, soon enough, to protect Davey and the others? I’ve seen him and Jay have quiet intense conversations. When I approach they stop talking. I let it go, because I have a feeling I know what it is about. Ty talked to Paulo like he promised and offered him a job at the gym and a partial partnership. Paulo is very grateful and needs to think it over. Ty also caught a raft of shit from Tommy for not contacting him when we found out where Ron and Shawn were holding everyone. Ty explained the situation and let it drop. Ron, Shawn, and the others were arrested and thrown in jail. The judge refused them bail due to the severity of the abuse they inflected. They are awaiting trial. We all gave our statements. Listening to Cam and Ming tell their story was heartbreaking. Cam and Ming. Where to begin? They were both in the hospital for over a week and when they got out, they stayed with Paulo at his insistence. He cared for them like an over protective older brother. Their external scars are slowly fading, but the internal ones will take some time to heal. Since they’ve been home, we’ve gone over every night for dinner. Some nights are better than others. Cam is doing better than Ming. He is walking around and cracking some jokes. He wants to get back to work even though he has a broken nose and three cracked ribs. The swelling around his eyes is about half of what it was. His bleach blonde hair is growing out and his dark brown roots are coming through. He’s undecided if he’s going to bleach his hair again or let it go. I voted for him to bleach it. Ming was uninterested in the conversation. Ming is taking longer. His physical wounds are slowly healing. He can walk, but the abuse Ash and Shawn inflicted with the dildo caused some internal damage which will take another few weeks to heal. The emotional ones, well, Cam says Ming no longer sleeps a full night. Also, he will get up in the middle of the night, go into the Living room and sleep on the sofa. He won’t say why. I am planning on having lunch with him next week to talk about things and to see what’s up. Stu and Kenny disappeared for a while as well. They headed to the beach house to recover. Ty talked them every day and told them to take as long as they need. Kenny will still have a job. *** Jay and I are slowly getting back into a routine. We are heading to my parents for the weekend. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them and they want to see me in person to make sure I’m okay. It’s a 5 hour drive to their place. I take the first shift. We leave nice and early on a Thursday morning. The cast will be on my left arm for another week or so. I checked with the doctors and they saw no issues with me driving for long stretches of time. I just need to make sure I don’t get fatigued. We’re on the turnpike and Jay is quiet and his face has a blank look on it. He’s just staring out the front window or the side window. His left hand is on my right thigh. It’s just resting there, no gentle squeezes or playfulness. I put my right hand on top of it and gently stroke it. Nothing. I move my hand to the back of his neck and softly play with the short hairs there. This always gets a response of some sort. Usually his dick comes to full attention within minutes. Other times he will get just as playful and use his hands to grope me, making me hard as well. Now, nothing happens. I move my hand to his left bicep and wrap my hand around it, coaxing him to flex. Nothing. I turn the volume down on the radio. “Jay,” I start softly, “It’s not your fault. It’s not Davey’s fault either. Those guys were just assholes looking for revenge. The abuse Cam and Ming took was not your fault.” I glance over to him and see a tear roll down his cheek. Fuck, this is bad. I put my hand on his thigh and squeeze. I know I am not able to dent his muscles, but I am praying he feels my concern and love for him and that he knows he is not going thru this alone. He moves his hand from my thigh and puts it on top of mine. The barest of squeezes comes thru his fingers. It’s a start. I remember back to the night when they saved everyone, then returned to the apartment. Everyone was in shock, but Jay was especially troubled. Ty filled me in with some of the details, and after I spoke with Eddie and Paulo, I got the whole picture as to what Jay did to Bull, Ron, and Shawn and his emotional breakdown afterwards. The violence he unleashed on those guys was what he felt they deserved, if not more, but the toll it took on him emotionally, due to seeing Ming in his battered state, became too much. I’m glad he did not get a chance to see Cam until the next day. At least Cam had a chance to rest up. Jay still broke down and cried in the room. Cam held up better than I did. He told Jay the abuse he took was not his fault and he knows he did everything he could to rescue them as soon as possible. Jay said someone should have been with them when they went back to their place to get their stuff. Cam gently said it was impossible to know Shawn and Ash knew where they lived, so how could they have predicted they’d be taken. Jay still felt responsible and became even quieter after that. We pull over for a pit stop and to switch driving. I ask Jay if he wants anything from inside and he barely nods no. I go in, hit the bathroom, and grab some junk food. I come back out to the SUV and Jay is not there. The door is open, but he is nowhere to be seen. I close the door and start to scan the parking lot. Nothing. I pull out my phone and call him. I hear his phone ringing in the car. I start to wander around the rest stop, knowing he is here someplace. After about 10 minutes of searching between cars and trucks and checking inside again, I see him behind a picnic table, facing the woods, just staring. I see dried tears on his face. I sit down next to him and put his left hand into mine. I lean against his bicep and softly rub my head against it. He sniffles. I hug him tighter. He starts to get choked up and I hear him start to sob. I switch positions and get into his lap. He is facing downward. I lift his chin and stare into his blue eyes. There is such sadness and pain. The whites are all red from tears and emotion. I move in close and kiss him on the forehead. I then put our foreheads together and whisper, “I am here for you Jay, just as you’ve always been there for me, so many times.” The dam bursts. Tears come pouring out of his eyes. He wraps his arms around my back and gently squeezes. I wrap my arms around his back, lift my forehead off his, and pull him as close to me as possible. His head is on my chest and tears are still spilling out. My shirt is getting soaked, but I don’t care. I continue to hug him. He is holding on to me as if his life depended on it. I don’t let go. I join in and let my pain and anger come thru and start to cry as well. Tears stream down my face and sting my cheeks. The memories of what Shawn, Bull, and Ash did to me 4 years ago come back and are crystal clear. The abuse they did to me is nothing compared to what they did to Ming and Cam, but the pain of getting thru it afterwards is all too similar. Jay was there for me, and now I am here for him. His tears ease up for a few minutes, but neither of us move. It then starts again. He sobs and then lets his emotions take over. What Jay has endured for the past few weeks has been intense. Keeping it all to himself, pushing it out of the way so that he could lead us to saving everyone. Never thinking of himself or his own well-being. The tear subside again. I release him and he does the same. I lean back, away from his head. He is breathing deeply and heavily. I put both hands on the sides of his head and pull him in for a kiss. He tentatively kisses me back. Our lips touch. There is a spark, moisture, tenderness, love passes between us. I look back into his blue eyes and they are returning to normal. They are still red and puffy from the outpouring of emotion, but the sparkle is coming back. He pulls my close again, and whispers, “Thank you curly. You are my life and my reason for living.” “You are mine too.” I respond. I reach up and wipe away his tears. He leans back in and kisses me some more. I feel him hug me just a bit harder and his hands rub up and down my back. We sit for another 5 minutes, just relaxing. Me on his lap, playing with the hair on the back of his neck. Him rubbing my back and playing with my curls. His breathing returns to normal, deep and heavy. No words pass between us, but we both know the conversation is not over. It will be brought up again, and piece by piece it will be dealt with. He’s taken his first steps at realizing he’s not responsible. “Are you ready to go? Mom and Dad will be waiting for us. Also, my brothers will be wanting you to show off. I’m sure they’ve tightened some screws as best they could or nailed a few chairs to the floor.” Jay leans back and smiles at me again. “I love your family. They’ve made me feel welcome since the first time we met. Not sure where you came from?” I punch him in the chest and he laughs. He stands up, putting his hands under my butt and carries me back to the SUV. He jumps in the driver’s seat and we continue. He’s better for the second half. Cracking jokes, squeezing my thigh, running his fingers thru my curls. I lean over and kiss him on his cheek. He smiles and musses my hair. I laugh. I start to play with his neck hairs again and this time I get the desired reaction. “Careful buddy, we don’t have time for another pit stop.” “Um, I think we do. They’re not expecting us until 3. It’s only 11 now. Plenty of time.” I leer at him in a way which is pretty much illegal in many states. He moves his hand from my thigh to my junk and starts to massage me through my shorts. I lean my head back and sigh. He snakes a few fingers down my shorts and gets ahold of my unit and starts a slow jerking action. “There’s a pull off area in about 2 miles.” “How do you know that?” He asks in an unbelieving tone. “I’m a man with intimate knowledge of this area.” I wink at him. We ride on for about a minute and a half and there’s the sign for the pull off. “Ahem…” “Fine. You win, but we need to be quick about this, for many reasons, as I’m sure you’re all too aware.” I let out a raucous laugh and Jay laughs as well. We pull over. There are no other cars in the area. We wait for a break in the traffic and then hightail it to the edge and dip down into the woods and brush. It’s not easy to hide a 6’3” 250 lb. blonde hulk, but we manage to get out of sight. We slip behind some larger trees and I slip off my shorts. Boner is ready and raring to go. Jay seductively lowers his shorts. They’re half way down when I grab them and jerk them the rest of the way. “Remember big guy, ‘no time’, ‘consequences’?” I say with a snarky voice. He looks at me with a huge grin on his face. He puts both hands the sides of my face and hauls me in for a sloppy kiss. Drool and spit are everywhere. My face and chest, his fingers, hands, and arms. I take ahold of his dick and start to slowly yank on it. He does the same to me. He pushes my backwards to a tree. I am pinned against it and a sharp piece of bark pokes my back. I yelp in pain. Jay releases me somewhat and I move forward. “Ready?” I pull a tube of lube from the shorts on the ground and grease up my hole. “Like you wouldn’t believe. Bring it muscles.” He reaches down, puts his hands under my ass, and hefts me up, granting easier access to my hole. I position the tip of his dick at my hole. I relax and slide down. I hum, he sighs. “I’ve missed you Max.” I lean forward and kiss his pecs and nibble on his tits. He arches his head back and lets out a roar the likes of which I have not heard in years. He grabs my hips and starts to vigorously bounce me up and down. I grasp at his forearms to steady myself. “Whoa there stud. No need to blow your load in a few quick pumps. ‘Being quick about it’ doesn’t mean being done in 30 seconds” I massage his arms and calm him down. He slows his motion and gets into a nice steady pace. We’re about 5 minutes in and we hear a cop car siren coming. It gets louder and louder. Jay starts to look around, like we’re guilty of something. Well, having sex in a pull off area might be illegal, but as far as we know, no one saw us leave our car or has seen us through the trees. He slows his motion and is ready to drop me and pull on his shorts if the cops stop. The siren is deafening at this point, but they speed on by. The sound recedes into the distance over the next 2 minutes. Jay relaxes and then picks up the pace. I grab my dick with my right hand and start a serious tugging movement. He bounces me a few more times, then pushes me down and holds me there. He shuts his eyes and leans his head back. I feel his dick increase in girth and then he explodes into me. I shudder at the experience. I do a few quick, savage jerks and blast his abs and chest with my load. I reach out for his arm and grab at his bicep to steady myself. He just stands there like a statue, all be it a fucking hot muscular statue, but a statue just the same. He glances down at me and asks, “You good curly?” I nod yes and he lowers himself so I can dislodge him. I pull out 2 gym towels and we clean up as best we can. We toss our clothes back on and head back to the SUV. We get in and continue the trip, laughing about the fun we just had. We arrive at mom and dads. They’re waiting for us. I grew up in a small town, as John Mellencamp like to sing about, where everyone knows everyone. Roads are for kids to bike on, front yards are for them to play on and everyone looks out for each other. The neighbors and neighborhood have not changed much. There are a few more younger families now, but the older folks are still there as well. I had so many ‘neighborhood grandparents’ growing up, when my actual ones came over, we didn’t know how to act around each other. My neighborhood grandparents invited me in for cookies and milk, sat on the front steps with my parents enjoying a beer on a hot summer night, or brought over pot luck dinners in the winter. My real grandparent’s area just a bit high strung. Oh, they love my brothers and me, but they are just a bit distant, as if they know we are closer to our neighborhood grandparents than them. We go in and there are hugs and kisses all around. Mom eyes Jay up and down a few times and says he has lost weight and is practically withering away to nothing. I roll my eyes. Jay leans over, kisses my mom on the cheek, and says ‘Thank you.’ She looks at me and says I’ve added a few pounds and that I should watch what I eat. She winks at Jay. He winks back. I feel a conspiracy happening. Mom excuses herself and goes back into the kitchen to get some snacks and drinks. We offer to help, but she waves us off, telling us to go sit down and relax. Dad takes over. He leads us into the family room, sits us down and asks if everything is ok. Always to the point. He would say, why beat around the bush when everyone knows what’s up. He explains he wants to get this out of the way before my brothers get home from school. He says they know something happened, but they have not told them everything. My brothers are much younger than I am. Roman is 17 and Schaefer is 15. My parents had me soon after they graduated college. They realized how hard it was to raise a kid at 22 and decided to wait to have more kids until they were settled and stable. Mom comes into the room with a tray full of snacks and drinks. We dig in and explain everything that happened. More tears are shed, from everyone, including my dad. When we finish explaining, he gets up, walks over to Jay and hugs him deeply. Jay blushes, retreats into himself, and humbly says ‘Thank you”. Mom excuses herself again and goes upstairs. Dad looks at me, I nod, and follow her. She’s in my old room, which still has my bed in it. She’s fussing around, smoothing out the already smooth bedspread. I poke my head in and ask, “You ok?” She turns, quickly nods and turns away. “Mom, we’re fine.” “Jay is still troubled about it, isn’t he?” I stare at her. “I can see it in his eyes and the way you look at him.” Mothers always know. “Don’t lie to me Max, I know you too well and I am beginning to know Jay like a 4th son.” I sigh and sit on the bed and pat the spot next to me. “See this cast?” I wave my arm at her. “Those guys caused this to happen, as we said. From the moment Jay found out who did it, he did everything he could to protect me and our friends. I think it was too much for him. Everything spiraled out of control so quickly, he couldn’t keep up. When they finally got to the house and he saw Ming,” I lower my voice, “It was bad mom, really bad.” She stares at me. “We don’t like to talk too much about it, but Ming and Cam are lucky to be alive. If they had been held for another day or two, they’d probably be dead.” Mom grabs my right arm in a vice grip. I continue. “He went on a rampage in that house. He caused some serious harm to those guys and after it was done, he was emotionally spent. Our friend Paulo says Jay just broke down and lost it.” Mom is nodding and looking at the door as if someone is going to walk in on us. “We are making progress and he is getting better. I think this trip will be a big help.” She nods again. “Please do not make a big deal out of this. Just treat him as you normally do. He loves when you fawn over him and Ro and Shae get him to show off. He may act like he hates showing off, but he does enjoy making other people happy.” Mom gets up and says, “Ok” with a resoluteness in her voice which tells me the subject is closed and nothing more will be said about it. “Let’s go back downstairs.” She leads off and we rejoin dad and Jay. Dad is explaining the subtle ways to kiss a cue ball to get the slightest English on it to make a shot. Jay is captivated. Mom clears her throat and dad stops, “Ok, before Roman and Schaefer get home, we need to figure out what we’re telling them. We’re not lying to them, but they don’t need to know the gory details, understood.” We all nod yes, as if we had another option. The boys get home about an hour later, both with their lacrosse equipment in their bags. Ro is a defensive specialist and has several long sticks. Shae is offensive and has the short sticks. He’s also going to be the bruiser on the team. At 15, he’s already my height and weight. He’s putting on some muscle along with the weight. He’s looking good and I tell him as much. He’s also got the same curly hair as I do. He pulls it back into a ponytail. I’ve told him if he does a man-bun, we’re going to have issues. He laughs it off. Ro is my height as well, but not as heavy. He is lean and wiry and likes to keep his hair at crew cut length. They both have bruises on their arms and legs. Jay sees this and stiffens for a moment. I wrap my arm around his and ask them how practice was. They say it was fine. There’s a game tomorrow night and ask if we’re going to come. Jay responds, “Of course. We drove 5 hours just to watch you guys play.” He’s got a big grin on his face. Mom announces, “Dinner in 10, get cleaned up. And I mean all of you.” She eyes Jay and I as well as Ro and Shae. Dinner in an Italian household, wonder what it could be? Yup, homemade pasta, homemade gravy (or red sauce to everyone else), and homemade meatballs. There’s also soup, salad, bread, wine, and homemade cannoli’s for dessert. I’m surprised I don’t weight 300 pounds with how she feeds us. Dinner has always been a time when we talk about stuff and tonight is no different. I lead off and explain in very general terms what happened and why I have a broken arm. Mom and dad are eyeing up the boys and making sure they understand what happened and reassuring them Jay and I are fine. We get through dinner and Jay insists he and I do the dishes. Mom puts up a fight, but dad puts his hand on her arm and she relents. Ro and Shae go do their homework, but not before securing a promise from Jay for some workout tips. Jay washes and I dry, as best I can with the cast on. We bump hips and slash water at each other. I slap at his ass with the drying towel. He blows soap bubbles into my hair. Mom yells in that it doesn’t sound like the dishes are getting clean. I look at Jay and he gives me the big eye, ‘uh-oh’ look. We both laugh as quietly as we can. We get it done and Ro and Shae are in the basement waiting for us. Once they showed an interest in sports, Dad put in a small gym with some equipment he bought on EBay. He explained to them they’d need to get tough and strong if they wanted to succeed in a physical sport like lacrosse. They understood and took to the weights very easily. Shae more so than Ro. I pull Jay aside and quietly ask him not to show off too much, like he normally does. He winks at me and musses my hair. He turns to face them and in a deep commanding voice asks, “Ok gentlemen, what are we doing tonight?” Ro responds, “Bench presses.” I roll my eyes. Of course. “Let’s get to it.” Jay says easily. “Let’s start with nice easy warm up weight of 225.” My brothers look at him with mouths agape, but he continues, “10 reps with hands normal width apart, 30 second rest, then another 10 with a wide grip.” Dad chuckles and walks up the steps, “You kids have at it. Just don’t strain yourself too much. You have your game tomorrow.” Jay winks at him and smiles. “Ok, who’s up first? Jay asks looking from Ro to Shae then breaks into a big grin. “Gotcha.” The panic leaves their eyes. “Ok guys, if you want to work chest, yes flat bench press is great, but remember there are over 80 different exercises you can do. You need to remember to work the whole chest area, not just the pecs.” He is pointing to different areas as he speaks. “Flat bench is great as you can move the most weight. Try spreading your hands a bit and it will work parts of the outer chest. Or, try dumbbell presses. These are different than using a bar as the dumbbells are independent of each other and you will feel all the little stabilizer muscles working. You don’t need to do both bar and dumbbell, they are just about the same exercise. Maybe Ro does one and Shae does the other. That way you’re both working chest at the same time, but are not getting in each other’s way.” They nod. Jay asks, “What is your normal warm-up weight?” Shae responds, “95 lbs.” “Ok, load up the bar.” Shae throws some 25 on it and Jay slips onto the bench. “Ok, notice where my hands are, about shoulder width apart, with thumbs wrapped around. When I lift the weight off the support, it should curl into the palm of my hand, as such. Now, slowly lower the weight. Remember, the push up part is not the only part of the exercise, slowly lowering it activates just as many muscles. A quick decline and you’re wasting half an exercise. Watch.” And he quickly drops the weight then slowly pushes it up. Next he slowly lowers it, twitching his pecs to exaggerate the result. I grin internally. He then slowly lifts the bar and reracks it. Both guys nod. “Ok, Shae, you’re up. Ro, you spot him.” Shae slips onto the bench and positions his hands. Jay studies everything from a close position and nods ok. Shae lifts the bar off and slowly lowers it. He then pushes it back up. “Nice. Now do 9 more just like that.” Shae pushes out the rest of the set. He slows on the final one, but Ro is there to help with the weight. “OK, nice set. Remember when you’re the spotter, you need to encourage the other guy. Your main job is to make sure he does not drop the weight back onto himself, but the secondary job is to encourage him. Ro, on his last rep, when he’s slowing down, just a few words of encouragement will bolster the lifter into trying to get the weight up. You don’t need to shout or be obscene, just something easy like, ‘you got this’ or ‘come on, last one’. It shows you’re paying attention.” Ro nods. “Ok Ro, your turn.” Ro slides onto the bench and positions his hands. Jay makes a minor adjustment and nods. Ro lifts the bar and starts the set. He gets to 8 and starts to slow. Jay pokes Shae and he leans over Ro and says, “2 more bro, you got this.” Ro pushes out the final two reps. Jay nods to both. He spends the next hour working thru exercises and explanations. Mom yells down 10 minutes and everyone, Jay included, knows what that means. Ro and Shae look at each other and grow quiet. I glance from them to Jay knowing what they want, but seeing how they are too embarrassed to ask. I speak up, “Jay, what’s the most you’ve benched?” He eyes me up, sees me slyly wink, and knows why I’m asking. “495.” He says flatly. ”But seeing as you don’t have 11 plates here, it would be kind of tough to get it…unless we improvised.” The boys look excited. “Max, you’re about 165, right?” I nod. “Shae, you look to be about the same, but let me make sure.” He walks over puts his hands under Shae’s armpits and easily lifts him up. Shae grins from ear to ear. “Yeah, 165. Ro, you look a bit lighter.” He lifts him up and says, “About 155?” Ro nods and is also smiling. “Ok, so we have 485 right there. Now the task will be to distribute the weight evenly on the bar.” Jay thinks for a minute and says. “Max, I need you to sit out. I want you to be spot me and watch your brothers, so I’ll only be lifting 375. Ro, on my left, Shae on my right. Ro, we need to add 10lbs to your side. Grab a free weight. Here’s how it’s going to work. Listen carefully. Me on the bench. Once I’m set, Ro, on my left, grab the end of the bar with your hands and lift your legs toward the middle. At the same time, Shae does the same but from the other side. Please try to do this together so the bar does not become unbalanced. Max, you need to steady them and make sure they don’t fall off.” Everyone nods. Jay slides under the bar, secures his hands and pulls the bar down, firmly onto the supports. “Ok, now.” Ro and Shae get onto their sides, lock their hands onto the bar and carefully lift their legs toward the middle. I shift feet and calves around so Jay is not bumped in the head and his hands are free. I let him know everyone is set. He counts down, “Three, two, one.” And he simply lifts the bar up. He’s barely straining. His chest puffs out, he takes a deep breath and slowly lowers the bar to his chest. He rests it there for a good long second and then slowly pushes it up. I look into his eyes, and he winks at me. I blow him a kiss and he returns it. He proceeds to do twenty reps with ease. By the 15th, Ro and Shae are moving their hands to keep their grip. I tap Jay on the shoulder and he knows to wrap it up. He reracks and holds the bar securely to the supports while the boys get off. Once they’re down, he stands up, pulls off his shirt and does a most muscular for them. They are awed. “And this my friends is what working out can do for you.” We hear the door open and dad takes two steps down and says, “Ro, Shae, it’s time.” Both guys head up the steps. Dad stops them and says, “I think you have something to say to Jay, don’t you?” Ro walks back down and shakes Jay’s hand, “Thanks for the tips Jay and the demonstration.” Shae follows suit. The guys leave and dad comes back down. “Thank you Jay, your help and tips mean a lot to them, even if they don’t know how to say Thank you properly.” “It’s fine sir. I know their hearts are in the right place. If they ever need help or encouragement, they can always Skype me.” Dad pats him on the shoulder and walks back up. “Put your shirt on before you come up. Last thing I need is my wife seeing a muscle guy like you walking around the house shirtless.” He laughs as he leaves and shuts the door. I walk over to him and grope his chest. He flexes and turns it to granite. “Thank you.” I say to him. I lean up and kiss him tenderly. He smiles, pulls me closer, and kisses me back. We straighten up the area, Jay throws his shirt back on and we head up. We spend another 10 minutes talking to mom and dad then head to bed. Yeah, no sex, sorry. Small house with paper thin walls. Next day, Jay and I head out to see some sights. We go to the local world famous botanical gardens and wander around. Jay is amazed and grateful for the experience. We then hit the local art museum which is basically dedicated to the local artist’s family, given that he, his father, his son, and several of his siblings are well known artists. Around 3 we head over to the high school for the lacrosse game. Ro wears number 15 and Shae is in 52. Mom and dad meet us there and we small talk waiting for the game to start. A number of people recognize me from my time at the school and walk over to say hi. I introduce Jay and some gawk, some leer, some are just overwhelmed. Jay takes it all in and smoothly eases the situation. “I’m his personal bodyguard. You know those high maintenance Hollywood types.” He winks at people and they relax a bit. “I will get you back, you know that?” “Why do you think I’m doing it Curly?” He leans over and kisses me on the cheek. The game starts and we are entertained watching Ro and Shae show off their moves. Not sure if this is how they play regularly or if they’re putting extra effort because Jay and I are here. They each take a couple hard hits from the opposing team, which will lead to a few more bruises. Jay winces at every hit and I feel it. I hug him to let him know it is okay. The game ends and we win 9 to 6. We gather back at the house and have a celebratory dinner. A good time is had by all. Ro and Shae do have bruises forming on their arms and legs. They talk about them as war wounds. Jay gets unsettled and excuses himself. I follow and we walk down the front walk to the roadside, out of earshot of the house. He sits down and I ask, “You ok Jay?” “I will be, just give me a minute.” I stand behind him and put my arms on his shoulders and gently work the knotted muscles. He reaches a hand up and pulls me around to the front. I sit in his lap. We put our foreheads together and just sit in the silence. A solid minute goes by. I let him release first. He looks up into my eyes and runs his fingers thru my hair. He quietly says, “If it had been you, I don’t know what I would have done. I think I would have killed them and that scares me.” I pull him close and hug his head. “It really does.” “But you didn’t kill anyone and Ming and Cam will be fine. Jay, please, you need to stop beating yourself up. Nobody holds you responsible for anything, except saving our friends. Look at me.” I lift his chin. “I know you love me and you know I love you, right?” He nods, “Then our world is ok. Fine, we hit a pothole, but we recovered and are getting back to it.” He stares at me, the sadness has returned to his eyes. I quietly, but sternly say, “Ming and Cam will…be…fine…” then relax my tone, “You need to relax and watch it happen. Don’t keep that image of Ming in the basement here,” I touch his head. “Or you will never recover here.” I touch his heart, “And I want my Jay back.” I kiss him on the forehead. We sit for another minute. I get up and pat him on the shoulder. “Take your time, but please come back to me.” I walk inside. Jay appears 2 minutes later. I can tell he cried some more. I walk over to him and hug him. He hugs me back. Dad appears with 3 beers from Victory Brewing. Jay hesitates, but takes it. We walk back outside and sit on the front porch and clink bottles. He starts talking, “Ro and Shae are young and exuberant. Oh to have their innocence again.” He glances over to me and continues, “Max was a hellion at that age. You remember don’t you Max?” I nod yes. “Can you imagine me and his mom with Max at 15 or 16 and two toddlers? There were times we wanted to throw all three kids out the front door and lock it, just so we’d have some peace and quiet. But we stayed the path and took it a day at a time. It was rough at times, but I think we did a pretty good job with them. What do you think Jay? Max turn out ok?” Jay looks me in the eyes, puts his hand in my curls and responds, “Yes sir, he turned out just fine.” Dad gets up walks to the door, opens it, turns and says, “And so will you. Just give it time.” “Thank you sir.” Jay says softly. We are staring into each other’s eyes and I see the sparkle come back. Ro and Shae come out with sodas and sit with us. It’s a Friday night so curfew is a bit later, plus I’m back in town, so mom is being flexible. Ro pulls a walnut out of his pocket. I think to myself, ‘here we go.’ He tosses it to Jay who catches it and looks at it and tosses it back to him. “It’s a walnut, I’ve seen them before.” I laugh out loud. Ro turns red. Jay waves to Ro to toss it back over. Ro does. Jay catches it again and turns so both guys can see his arm. He places the walnut the crux of his of elbow and squeezes. It takes about 10 seconds, but the nut audibly cracks. Jay relaxes his arm and pulls the meat out of the shell. He dusts the shell off his arm. “What else boys? I know there has to be more.” Shae produces an apple. Jay smirks, “Too easy, toss it over.” He puts the apple in his palm and slowly closes his fingers. This would be a non-event in our place, but I know he wants to show off. He flexes his bicep and forearm muscles and the apple disintegrates under the pressure. The juices flow out between his fingers and the palm of his hand. He wipes his hand in the grass and looks at my brothers, smiles, and says, “That the best you got? Come on guys, give me a challenge.” Shae runs back into the house and Ro goes toward the garage. “You sure about this Jay?” He leans over and kisses me. “Yes, I’m having fun and your brothers are good kids. I want them to have something to talk about with their friends.” I rub his bicep which he flexes for me. Ro comes around the corner of the house, see Jay’s bicep fully flexed and stops in his tracks. “Damn.” Is all he says. “Um, language mister.” I say back to him, “but yes, it is impressive so I’ll let it slide.” I pat the bicep which Jay keeps flexed until Shae returns and has the same reaction. “Ok boys, what do you have for me?” Ro hands him a tennis ball. Jay puts in the palm of his hand and crushes it. There is a loud pop when it explodes. Shae hands him a frozen water bottle they would normally take to practice. Jay raises an eyebrow. Shae says they have plenty of others. Jay puts one hand on each end and starts to smash it like a trash compactor would. His t-shirt is now wet and clinging to his chest. His pecs and abs come into relief and he slowly twitches his muscles for my benefit. I’m excited and need to subtly shift positions so my growing erection doesn’t draw attention. Next, Ro hands him a 4 foot iron rod which is ½ inch thick. Jay eyes it up and asks, “Does your father know you took this? I don’t want you to get in trouble.” Ro pleadingly responds, “Max tell him how much junk dad has in the garage. He’ll never miss this.” Jay looks at me and I nod in agreement. Jay stands up, flexes his arm, puffs out his chest, glances at the boys, and says, “Ready?” As they’re nodding he easily twists the bar into a loop. He holds it up and Ro takes it and tries to bend it back. It won’t budge. “Here, let me help.” Jay says. He takes the bar and twists it again and now there are two loops in it. “Oops, didn’t mean to do that.” He says with a sly grin. He hands the bar back to Ro. My erection is growing. He’s just playing with me as well as the boys. He knows I won’t be able to jerk off while we stay here. “Ok, time for one last show, and then you kids need to go to bed. Both of you stand up and stand next to each other.” I know where this is headed, so I subtly cross my lets. They will be amazed and speechless. Jay moves into position in front of them and grabs their belt buckles. “Use my shoulders to stabilize yourselves” They nod. Jay bends at the knees, gets a firm grip, and stands up, straightening his arms, and pushing both kids over his head. Their feet are dangling and they put their hands on his head and shoulders. Both of them say “Whoa” at the same time. Jay lowers them so his arms are at 90 degrees, his biceps not even flexed, then he presses them up again. Now, they are both laughing. My erection is full on and I cannot stand up without causing a scene. Jay very slowly brings them down. Now he flexes his biceps to their full extent, just to show off. He is getting a kick out of this as well, as evidenced by his ear to ear grin. He sets them down and brings them in for a brotherly hug. They hug him back and come over to me and do the same. Shae says to me, “Your boyfriend is great.” “Yeah, he’s a keeper.” I look to Jay and wink. Ro adds, “The guys on the team won’t believe what he did.” “You do have the bar he twisted.” I say casually. They both grab for the bar and Ro gets it first. Dad appears at the door and says, “Ro, Shae, it’s time.” Ro and Shae hug us once more and disappear into the house. Dad steps out, hands us two more beers and asks, “How was the show?” Jay blushes. Dad says, “Jay, it is fine. Those boys think the world of you and Max. Now they have goals with regards to working out and putting on some muscle. Be prepared for more Skype calls than what you intended.” “Yes, sir. I’m glad they had fun and I’m sorry if I overstepped any boundaries with the other stuff.” Dad waves him off. “Jay, it’s not often we get a 250 pound, 6’3” muscle man in the house. I’m fine with it as long as no one got hurt.” He steps back into the house and turns off the lights. “Remember to lock up when you come in.” And he’s gone. I look into Jay’s eyes in the fading light and run my hand over his cheek. Crickets are chirping. Lightening bugs are flittering around us. I hear an owl in the distance. I sit in his lap and snuggle in. He wraps his arms around me and puts his chin on top of my head. I feel safe. We sit like this for 10 minutes or so. His breathing becomes heavy and deep. I put my hand on his chest and feel his heartbeat. It feels normal. I pat him and he releases me. We get up and walk into the house. We spend most of Saturday with Ro and Shae. We go to the high school fields and toss the football around. They try to show Jay how to play lacrosse, but he doesn’t seem to get it. We see a few of the really large truck tires that guys flip as part of their exercise routine. Jay makes a bet with the boys. If he can lift one over his head, they have to do one hundred push-ups each. My brain is screaming ‘sucker bet’, but I stay quiet and don’t let me face give anything away. Ro and Shae talk in hushed and clipped tones for a few seconds and come back with a counter offer. If Jay can lift and carry the tire over his head for one lap around the track, they will each do 150 push-ups. Jay eyes them up and say deal. Everyone shakes on it. Jay sheds his shirt, flexes his chest and arms, just to show off. He squats down in front of the tire and eyes it up. He lifts it upright and rolls it around looking for the best spot to grip it. He’s found it. He squats back down, pulls the tire over him, and grunts while pressing it overhead and standing up. Shoulder muscles bulge, chest is heaving, and his legs look like tree trunks. He winks at the boys and starts off around the track. Every once in a while he will stop, press the tire up and down a few times, then continue on. Ro and Shae follow him closely, and pepper him with questions – is it heavy, how hard is it to keep it from wobbling around, could you carry two? I see what their tactic is, distract him and maybe he’ll drop it. Not likely, but the boys are pretty good, wonder where they got that from? Jay’s about half way around the track and casually says, “You boys may want to get ready to do the push-ups. 150 each is quite a lot. It may tire you out.” Shae responds, “Nay, we normally do 200 at practice every day, so it’ll be easy.” Boom, and there it is. The sucker bet was on Jay, not them. Jay stops, turns to them, with the tire still overhead and says, “Excuse me?” Ro responds, “Yeah, coach told us they would help strengthen our chest and shoulders. So we do about 200 or 250 a day, depending on how hard practice is.” He casually adds, “If you had asked, we would have mentioned it. Max knew about it too.” Jay turns to me, with the tire still overhead, and I nod yes to him and shrug my shoulders. He feigns anger and tosses the tire about 10 feet away. The boys are dumbfounded and Jay uses the opportunity to rush them and corral them into a two man bear hug. He pulls their bodies to his and gently lifts them off the ground while gnashing his teeth and growling. The guys are roaring with laughter. Each one is grabbing onto the bicep they are trapped in. I stand back and watch thinking, been there, done that. After about a minute he starts to jog toward the bleachers with them still in the bear hug. He takes the steps two at a time and gets to the top and maneuvers both guys over the safety railing. “This is what I do to guys who sucker bet me…” and he loosens the bear hug grip just enough so they slip and inch or two down his chest. They both grab his biceps harder. Now it’s his turn to laugh. He pulls them back over the railing and sets them down. Everyone is laughing and sweating at the same time. “I know exactly where you guys get your sense of humor.” He is looking directly at me. “What can I say? They learned from the best.” Jay walks down to me, pulls me in for a hug, and says, “Yes they did.” Shae shouts out, “Come on guys, no PDAs here.” I look up to him and then back to Jay and haul him in for a sloppy, drool filled kiss. When we’re done, I wipe my checks on my sleeve and stare back up at Shae. He’s just shaking his head and laughing. We put the tire back where we found it, collect Jay’s shirt and the rest of our stuff and head home. I ask Ro and Shae not to mention being dangled over the railing as we all know how mom will react, even though they were completely safe in Jay’s grip. They understand and agree. Last night in town means another homemade dinner. Lots of food, good times, and good talk. We make it an early night as we need to get on the road in the morning to get home. Sunday morning brings a hearty breakfast. Jay says he’s cheated on his diet for the next month and will be eating lettuce and carrots for quite a while. Mom shrugs it off and says, “You’re allowed to enjoy some home cooked meals once in a while. This time, they happened to be in one weekend. You need to enjoy food Jay, just look at Max, he certainly does.” She looks over at me and cracks a wicked smile. “Thanks mom. Always appreciate it.” “Oh, my baby.” She comes over and smothers me with kisses and pinches my cheeks. “My baby is all grown up now. Can’t take a few jabs from momma?” I kiss her on the cheek and say, “Love you too mom.” We stand in front of the SUV, hugs and kisses all around. Ro and Shae are especially grateful for the workout routines Jay put together for them. He lets them know he wants regular updates on their progress so he can adjust each of their workouts, and if they have questions, he’s only a Skype call away. We pile in and take off. I lean over to Jay and say, “Thank you. They really love everything you did for them this weekend.” I give him a peek on the cheek. He runs his right hand thru my curls and says, “No, thank you.”
  5. Psuace

    Toy Time, part 3, Rescue

    This part of the story is told from three different points of view, First Ming, then Ty, and finally 3rd person observer. It was the best way to tell all sides of the events. Ming ** Time seems to wander by like a leaf on a stream. Sometimes there are rapids and time passes quickly, like when I sleep and it seems I only shut my eyes when they pop open again due to a noise which is unfamiliar to me. Or, earlier it seemed to crawl by like when Ron and Ash held us in the bedroom and beat us up. Bull and Ash really messed up Kenny and Cam yesterday. I was pretty fucked up too, but those guys took the brunt of it. My ass is sore and sitting down is difficult due to the brutality Ash inflicted on me with the dildo, but if I lay on my side, it’s not too bad. My left eye is almost swollen shut and I feel some dried blood on my ass cheeks from the incorrect way Ash used the dildo on me. First, they forced it in with no lube, and when they did find something to use, it was cooking oil. Now I have a nice shiny, smooth ass, with blood mixed in. Both of Cam’s eyes are black and blue. He said he has at least one broken rib and his nose is most likely broken too. He’s shirtless and I can see bruises forming on his abs and chest. Kenny now has a blue ponytail, a cut on his arm, and a black eye. He also has some bruising around his ribs from the bear hug Bull inflicted on him. On the upside, Cam broke Ash’s wrist when they arm wrestled, so his punches are lacking the power they would have otherwise had. They separated us for the night. It was chilly, but not too cold for me at least. I got the basement suite, tied to a support pole and gagged. Kenny was on the kitchen floor, tied to the table. I think they took Cam outside and tied him to a tree, gagged and naked. Ron said something about wanting to see if Cam’s dragon tattoo comes to life at night, like he saw in a movie one time. This morning, when they gathered us all in the bedroom again, Cam was wet with dew and shivering, wearing only his boxers. I wanted to hug him and hold him tight to warm him up, but he gave me a look begging me to stay away for my own safety. They then bound our wrists and legs. Sitting hurts for me, but I keep my mouth shut. Ron walks back in confidently and asks with a cocky attitude, “Who wants to be blindfolded today? Hmmm? No takers? I guess I have to pick…and I pick…you Ming.” He says smugly pointing at me. “Seeing how you were knocked out for most of the fun yesterday, being blindfolded today is an upgrade, don’t you think?” He laughs at his own joke. Cam speaks up, “Blindfold me, not him. You’ve hurt him enough.” “Very noble of you Cam, but you see, you’re right, Ming is just a little guy, and we’re pretty much done with him.” I breathe a sigh of relief, but he cheerfully continues, “You and Kenny on the other hand, are strapping young bucks, full of muscle and energy...” he trails off and his voice turns slimy “…we haven’t even started with you…” He trails off again and my stomach falls out. Kenny and Cam sit stone faced. Ron’s demeanor goes upbeat again and he announces, “Oh, and I have a special treat for everyone, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Willie. Can you please step into the room Willie?” A body fills the door and blocks out the light from the hallway. All our eyes scan the guy up and down. Fuck he’s big. Must be 6’4” and a solid 300lbs. He’s wearing XXX clothing, but it seems tight on him. “Willie and I became close friends after Davey left me.” Willie puts his arm over Ron’s shoulder and hugs him tight to his body. Ron looks tiny next to him. He leans down and kisses the top of Ron’s head and flexes his bicep, showing off. The guy is big, no doubt about it, but he’s not overly muscular. I think Jay or Ty could take him. Ron pats him on the wrist and says, “Shall we get to it? Ming, if you’d be kind enough to turn around, I will put the blindfold on.” I scoot around and he puts it on. I am suddenly lifted up by Willie and set on the bed against the head board. I feel the heat of Willie’s body close to me. He speaks to me in a low, gruff voice, “Don’t move. I’m sure you understand why.” And he slaps me on the cheek a few times. His palm is callused and his fingernails are not trim. I can feel the power in them and wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of his punches. I hear him walk away from me and over to where Cam is sitting. “You’re up first Dragon boy.” Ron interjects, “First we need to gag them. We don’t want the neighbors hearing us having too much fun or they may call the police.” I hear Cam and Kenny cough a bit as they are gagged. “Ok Willie, have at it, just don’t kill them. I’ll be back in a bit.” Ron walks out and I hear the door shut. “Ok Dragon boy, want to go for a ride?” I hear his zipper go down and he fumbles to get his dick out. “You little muscle men make me hard. Here, let me beat it on your face so it gets nice and stiff.” Thwap, thwap, thwap. It strikes someone’s cheek, I guess it was Cam’s but cannot tell. “There we go, nice and stiff. Oops, almost forgot the condom. Can’t be too careful these days. No telling what’s been in your ass before this 4x4, eh?” Wow, a socially conscious creep, how ironic. “There we go, all covered up.” He says very cheerfully, then his voice does a 180. “You ready fucker?” I hear him grunt a bit as he lifts Cam up. Cam grunts as Willie inserts himself into Cam’s ass. The grunting becomes more intense from both Willie and Cam. I guess the guy is pretty big down there as well. “Well, that wasn’t too bad. Now the fun begins. I’d say hold on tight, but you’re all tied up so, I guess I have to do all the work.” I can hear their bodies slapping together as Willie slams Cam up and down. Cam is grunting and moaning constantly. I hear a couple ‘Oomph’s’ from him too. Willie slams him down, takes a breather, and says, “You got one easy opening dragon boy. You like to get fucked a lot? And by that little chink over there. God, I’d love to see what he has under the covers that opens you up like this. Maybe when I’m done with the two of you, I’ll take a peak.” I stay calm and keep my mouth shut. “Well, now that you’re nice and warmed up, how about a serious fuck, hmmm? Let’s go to the bed. It will be easier to fuck you silly there.” I hear him take two steps and I feel the bed slump and hear it creak as Cam is set down at the foot of it. I feel Willie climb on. The bed starts to move forward and back. Willie starts to moan and Cam continues grunting. He’s in a lot of pain, but doesn’t want to let on. Willie’s thrusts become more intense. The headboard is banging into the wall with a loud clap on every thrust forward. Slowly Cam’s moans fade into silence. Now I’m worried. Hopefully he’s just passed out from the pain, but it could be something more serious. I take a chance and say, “Please stop. Don’t hurt him anymore.” Willie responds, “Awe, that’s sweet. He ain’t dead. Oh, and if you speak again,” I feel a whoosh of air as his right fist flies past my face into the wall next to me. I hear drywall crumble and wood splinter. A picture falls off and the glass breaks as it hits the floor, “I won’t miss next time. Understand?” I just nod. “Good boy.” And he slaps my face and musses my hair. “Now where was I?” he resumes thrusting into Cam. His grunts become more intense, more urgent, and he suddenly lets out a primal scream and unloads into Cam. Not a word from Cam. He’s definitely out of it. “Wow that was fucking awesome. Your boyfriend has one loose ass. I’m going to need to get back in there at some point. You ready over there pony-tail boy?” With Kenny being gagged and me blindfolded, I have no way of knowing what his response is. Willie lets me know. “Eh, even if you aren’t, you’re on deck for the ride of your life. Give me ten minutes to get freshened up, and we’re going to rock and roll. As for you Ming, since you were such a good boy while I fucked your lover, I’m going to take your blindfold off.” I hear him walk up to me, he messes my hair again and takes off the blindfold. He is right in my face, watching me with a big dumb ass grin. He’s glistening with sweat enjoying every minute of our pain. I glance over to Cam and he is passed out. There’s a new bruise forming on his abs, it may be another bruised or broken rib from the recent round. His eyes are a deeper purple and his nose has swelled from being broken and not set. Willie is watching me, watch Cam. I don’t make a move towards Cam. I look back at Willie and stare into his eyes. I do not want to show an ounce of fear or anger towards him as I do not know how he’d react or who he’d take his anger out on. “See, he’s still alive.” He playfully slaps the side of my face, gets off the bed, and walks out of the room. I hear the door lock and a chair is placed under the knob again. I look over to Kenny. There is a deep sense of dread in his eyes as he knows what if coming. I wink to him and he slowly nods left and right. He is deeply scared after seeing what happened to Cam. His skin is a paler shade of white. There’s not much either of can do. I hesitate to speak for fear someone outside the room will hear and come in. We hear voices getting louder in another room. We cannot make out what they are saying. Feet come down the hallway. We hear the chair knocked aside from the door. The door opens and there are Bull, Shawn, and Willie. Shawn speaks up, “Slight change of plans for the day, gentlemen. We need to run out. But we need to separate you guys before we leave. Bull, take Ming back to the basement. Tie him back to the pole. Willie, take Pony-tail to the other bedroom and tie him to the bed. I’ll get Cam tied down.” Willie picks up Kenny and walks out. Bull comes over to me, picks me up, and we head for the basement. I stay silent. He ties me up and leaves. I hear the door at the top of the steps lock. A few minutes later the front door slams shut. I hear 2 vehicles start and back out of the driveway. The sound of their engines fade into the distance within a minute or two. Alone again. I sit and stare at the basement. It’s just one big space with three support poles running the length. It’s not a walkout and there are only 4 casement windows. I see the water heater and AC unit in one corner. There is an older refrigerator and freezer next to the washer and dryer. The stairs come down the middle of the room. No carpet on the floor, just a lot of dust. My ass starts to hurt again. I try to shift positions to get comfortable, but cannot due to my legs being tied together. I hear someone walking around upstairs. Must be Ash. With his wrist broken, they probably left him on guard duty. Time starts to crawl by again. Ash has turned on a TV, but the sound is so low, I can barely hear it. Every once in a while he gets up, hits the bathroom, or goes into the kitchen for something to drink. I drift off to sleep. I am jolted awake by the front door opening and slamming shut. There is a lot of talk, most of it is garbled because more than one person is speaking, but I make out, “down like a sack of potatoes” and “tore the door off the truck”. I have no idea what this means. The door at the top of the stairs opens, Bull walks down and has someone over his shoulder. Fuck, they got another one of us. He walks past me to the support pole behind me. I crane my neck and see he is carrying Ian. Ian is awake, but has a bruise forming around his left eye. Bull dumps him on the floor, kicks him once or twice and tells him to roll onto his stomach. He does. Bull gets on his knees, pulls out a couple zip ties and ties Ian up, just the rest of us. He rolls him back over, pushes him back to the pole and grabs some rope and ties him to it. He mockingly says to Ian, “Don’t go anywhere Ginger. Ron and Willie will want to get acquainted with you very soon.” He gets up, gives a savage kick to Ian’s midsection, and walks away. On his way past me, he leans down and sucker punches me in the face. “I didn’t want you to feel left out Chink.” He walks back up the steps and out. He relocks the door and his footsteps fade away. After about 5 minutes of silence, I crane my neck to look at Ian. He is stunned and his eyes are closed. I whisper to him, “You ok buddy?” “Not really.” “How’d they get you?” “Eddie took Colin and me to the store to get some stuff. They ambushed us as we were loading up the truck.” He sounds dejected. “I saw some big guy take it to Eddie.” He opens his eyes, sees the state I’m in and gasps. “That must have been their new friend, Willie. A real charmer.” “Colin got away, so that’s something.” “Yeah. Hopefully, the police will be able to find us. It’s been a rough day. Cam and Kenny have taken a lot of abuse.” “Um, looks like you have too, Ming.” “I’m not half as bad as Cam. I really just want to hold him and make sure he’s ok.” “With any luck, you will soon.” He voice is barely audible when he says this, like he’s afraid he’s yelling it at the top of his lungs. I am puzzled by his remark and ask, “What do you mean?” He whispers so softly I can barely hear him, but he says, “Well, Colin and I don’t like to talk about it because people get freaked out, but our parents chipped us when we were growing up.” “Chipped you? As in what people do to their dogs?” I whisper back. “Yeah, just like that. And I’m sure Colin has already located me and the cavalry will be arriving at some point, be it the police or a couple very angry friends.” I am still stunned by the revelation, but elated to think this may be over soon. I smile inwardly and pray Cam and Kenny can hold on. I hear the front door open and shut again and clearly hear Willie talking to someone. “Yeah, I put that fucker down good, didn’t I?” Bull responds, “Yeah, you did. Guaranteed he’s out for a while. We can probably go back for the other Ginger tomorrow. No way, Eddie is going to be back to 100 percent by then. It’ll be a cake walk.” “Easy guys.” Ron says. “We’re playing this smart. We don’t want to get too cocky or ahead of ourselves. We’ll plan out our next objective tonight.” The voices go quiet for a period of time, but they are still walking around, and the TV is on. I start to fade out again. I am startled awake by the sound of footsteps on the stairs. I see Ash has come down for a visit. He walks up to me, kicks me in my side and snarls, “Gag time chink.” He slaps my face a few times, puts the gag on and walks over to Ian and does the same thing. He walks to the fridge and grabs a soda. Ty *** Paulo and I circle the block. We found the house easily, texted Colin to make sure Ian’s position has not changed, and see a couple cars and sedans in the driveway and on the road. I call Jay and Eddie. “We’re here. Let’s park a few houses down and talk.” They agree. Once we’re parked and not within sight of the house, we gather together and go over the plan again. “Max made a good call, there’s a basement. I saw some casement windows, but no egress door. They probably have at least one guy there.” Everyone nods. “Ok, Jay and Eddie there’s going to be a backdoor and it probably opens into the kitchen. There may be at least one guy there. Fuck him up and then one of you hit the basement.” Jay and Eddie nod to me and then to each other. “Paulo and I go in thru the front door. It’s going to open right into the living room. Chances are, most of their people will be there. Find their guys first and neutralize them. We can get our guys after that. ” Paulo nods in understanding. “We go in, fuck them up, find the guys, and get out. They probably do not have weapons, so this is going to be hand to hand. Everyone good with that?” I watch as the three men instinctively flex their biceps and tighten their chests. Yeah, they’re ready. I just need say go and the hounds of hell will be unleashed on that house. Ron and company won’t know what hit them until it’s too late. I look to Eddie and ask, “You good buddy? If you’re not, just say so.” Eddie scowls at me and growls back, “G1 is in there. I’m not coming out without him. Let’s get this show moving.” I say, “Ok, let’s synchronize. Two minutes and we hit them simultaneously.” Eddie nods and heads off toward the house. I look at Jay and he nods back indicating he will make sure Eddie is fine. They disappear behind the house and stay in the deepening shadows. Good men, they have heads on their shoulders and will get the job done. I glance over to Paulo. “You ready dude?” “Does a bear shit in the woods? They have our friends in there. Like you said, let’s go in and fuck them up.” He smiles at me and his ultra-white teeth shine back. I lead off and circle the vehicles in the driveway to keep us in the shadows for as long as possible. We’re both big guys, if anyone walked by it would be just a bit suspicious. We crouch down between the cars and he asks, “Want me to kick in the door? That would definitely surprise them.” I nod. We slowly walk up the front walk. I hear the TV and see shadows of guys in the room. I make out 3 guys. That means the other 2 are somewhere else in the house. I get to the door and hold up my hand. I check my watch. 5 seconds, I count down to 1 with my fingers, get to zero, and make a fist. 3rd person observer *** Paulo’s muscular right leg comes up like a flash and smashes into the door jamb right above the door knob. The door explodes inward as if it were made of balsa wood and light comes pouring outward. Paulo leaps thru the door and lands facing the TV, legs wide and ready to pounce. His muscles are coiled but relaxed. He is looking for a target. Ty follows half a step behind him. Ty looks to the right, right into the living room. 2 guys look up in shock. Ron and Willie are on the sofa and Willie has his right arm draped around Ron’s shoulder. They were watching “The Three Stooges” before Paulo and Ty had burst in. Ty balls his right hand into a fist and instinctively flexes his biceps, chest, and forearms. He is ready for the battle. Shawn is in an arm chair closest to the door. He jumps up in surprise and takes a swing at Paulo, who easily ducks it. Paulo swings a wicked left at him and connects. Shawn stumbles back, but doesn’t go down. Ty strides over to Ron and Willie, who is getting up, with purpose. He unleashes a right upper cut on Willie and he falls back onto the sofa. Ty looks at Ron and he starts to shrink away. He reaches his right arm down for him and grabs him by the shirt collar. Ty hauls him off the sofa and lifts him so they are face to face. His bicep is flexed and he is holding Ron off the ground with ease. He pulls him close enough so that he can see Ron’s sweat glands start to pump out moisture. He looks into Ron’s pathetic eyes and angrily spits, “Hello asshole, I’m Ty, Davey’s boyfriend.” Ty balls his left fist and brings it up to hit Ron, but a hand grabs it half way up and stops it. They both look down and see Willie has recovered and is getting up. Jay and Eddie take out the kitchen door as the front doors explodes inward. They find Bull standing at the microwave waiting for something to finish cooking. Bull yells an obscenity and rushes at both of them. Eddie grabs at Bull’s shoulders and lifts his right knee into Bull’s midsection. Bull stops in his tracks. Eddie glances to Jay and Jay nods. He takes over and cocks his right fist and takes a swing at Bull. Bull is stunned and staggers backward into the counter. Jay approaches and Bull swings a wild left hook which catches Jay on his right arm. It hurts, but he pushes the pain aside and takes one more step which brings him inside Bull’s range of motion. They are standing chest to chest and Jay puts his arms around Bull and pulls him into a crushing bear hug. He leans back and lifts Bull off the ground a few inches and applies more pressure. Bull grunts in pain and tries to spread his arms to break the hold. Jay intensifies the hold, squeezing even more. Eddie leaves the kitchen and goes toward the basement door. There is a chair under the knob. He knocks it out of the way and pulls the door off its hinges. He is running on pure adrenaline and takes the steps two at a time to the basement. He quickly looks around and sees both Ming and Ian tied to poles. Both are gagged. He starts to walk toward them when they cry out through their gags. “It is ok guys, the cavalry is here.” Ash appears from the shadows and smashes a wood baseball bat over Eddie’s back. “Hey fucker, surprise.” Ash says dripping with sarcasm. Eddie drops to one knee, pain flaring in his shoulder. Unfortunately, Ash could only use the power in his left arm to swing the bat, so the force was not as great as he wanted. He kicks Eddie in the abs, but Eddie shrugs it off. He slowly gets up, turns to Ash, and says, “The surprise is on you fucker. You touched my boy, and now you’re going to pay for that.” He reaches out, grabs Ash’s bandaged right wrist and savagely twists it. Ash cries out in incredible pain and tears come to his eyes. Eddie pulls him close, looks down into his eyes, and quietly, but viciously says, “How would you like two broken wrists?” He does not wait for answer. He grabs Ash’s left wrist with both hands and snaps it like it is dry straw. Ash’s screeches in overwhelming pain and goes down onto both knees. Eddie lifts him up under his armpits, his biceps barely registering Ash’s weight, carries him to the remaining free pole, and bashes his head into the metal. Ash goes out like a light. Eddie releases him and Ash falls to the ground and slumps over. He hears the noises from upstairs and knows he must go back up to help. He looks at Ian and Ming and casually says, “I’ll be back in a minute.” He gently tussles Ian’s hair on his way by and pats Ming on the shoulder. He sees the damage they’ve done to Ming and his brain moves into a different level of anger. Paulo and Shawn are slugging it out. Paulo has a blackening left eye, but Shawn’s right arm is hanging by his side, limp, as a result of a wicked leg kick to the shoulder socket. Paulo moves in for close combat and lands three quick jabs to Shawn’s abs. Regardless of how tight and strong Shawn’s abs are, Paulo makes sure he connects with each punch. Shawn fades quickly as he senses a few ribs are bruised or broken. Paulo brings his hands together into a balled fist and swings upward, smashing them into Shawn’s chin. He is dazed and stumbles backwards, tripping over the chair again. He lands on his ass and Paulo jumps over the chair and lands on top of him, pinning his arms down, causing Shawn to cry out in pain due to his hurt left arm. Paulo ignores the yell and balls both fists and takes a few shots at Shawn’s head, connecting with each hit. After a few hits, he grabs his head and bashes it into the floor twice. Shawn’s eyes roll into the back of his head and he fades out. Paulo gets up and sees both Willie and Ron taking punches at Ty. Jay has Bull in a headlock and is landing punches at will to Bull’s midsection and chest. Bull seems to fade, but as he falls, he lands an upper cut to Jay’s nuts, stunning him. Jay stumbles to a chair and grabs it for support. Bull regains his footing, sneers at Jay and says, “My turn to have some fun, fucker. Consider it payback for what you did to me at the beach.” He reaches for the fridge door and yanks it open into the side of Jay’s head. His head twists and Jay sees stars. He goes down to one knee and Bull lifts his leg into Jay’s lower jaw. His teeth crash together and he sees more stars, but stays conscious. Bull puts both fists together and brings them down onto Jay’s back, causing him to go to both knees. He raises his fists again and brings them down again. Jay splays out on the floor. Bull looks over to counter and see a solid wood knife rack. He reaches over for it, dumps the knives out and raises the block over his head. “Paybacks bitch.” He starts to swing it down, but never makes it as Eddie appears from the basement and launches a chair at Bull. It catches him in the back with an ugly crash. Bull is stunned. Eddie seizes the opportunity and takes two steps to reach Bull and pulls the block from his hands and tosses it away. He spins Bull around, faces him, and says, “Listen bitch, you touched my boy, you’re in for a world of hurt. I hope you’re ready.” Bull’s eyes go wide as Eddie simply lifts him up under his shoulders and throws him against the kitchen wall. Drywall crumbles, 2x4’s creak. Bull is stunned and slumps to the ground. Eddie steps over to him and says, “Not yet bastard. I’m not done with you.” He leans down, picks Bull up again and smashes him into the wall again. Bull grunts and fades out. Eddie, not pleased yet, says. “You don’t need to be awake for what happens next.” He grabs Bulls left arm, puts it over his right knee and snaps it. Bull grunts in unconscious pain. Eddie walks back to Jay who is slowly getting up. Paulo joins the fray between Willie, Ty, and Ron. Willie has caught both Ty’s arms and is holding them back so Ron can take pot shots. Ty has kept his abs and chest flexed to deflect or absorb most of the shots, but he is wearing out. Both eyes are bruised eyes and he has a bloody nose. As Ron is reaching back for another swing, Paulo grabs the arm and says, “Let me make this a fair fight.” He swivels Ron around so they are facing each other and punches him in the throat. As Ron stumbles back, Paulo unleashes another blazing fast roundhouse kick with his right leg and catches Ron on the side of his head. He is out like a light. He crumbles to the ground. Willie sees him go down and roars in anger. He starts to pull back harder on Ty’s arms trying to dislocate the shoulders. Ty yells out in pain. Paulo sees his opportunity and does another roundhouse kick with his left leg and connects with Willie’s right ear. Willie is stunned and releases Ty’s arms. Ty feeling freedom finds a deep energy reserve and uses it. He snaps his head back and catches Willie square on the bridge of his nose. He then kicks back with his right leg and bruises Willie’s right thigh. Willie falls back onto the sofa. Ty turns to face him. He cocks his right arm. But Paulo grabs it and says, “Don’t do anything you’re going to regret.” “Oh, don’t you worry. I won’t have any regrets when it comes to these assholes.” He lets loose three quick roundhouse rights to Willie’s left cheek and eye. With each hit Willie’s head snaps to the side, but Ty brings it back to center before he swings again. He goes out on the second one, but Ty lands the third, just to release his anger. Paulo grabs his arm before he can land a fourth. “He’s out. Let him be. If he wakes up before we leave, you can put him out again, but for now, we have friends to find.” Ty stares up into Paulo’s eyes and blinks back tears that had formed. Ty exhales and squats down. Paulo pats him on the shoulder. “Come on.” They get up and go to the back bedrooms. The first one has Kenny tied to the bed. They see he now has a blue ponytail, bruising around his ribs, and a black eye. He is gagged, but otherwise fine. They untie him and Paulo lifts him up and carries him out to the kitchen. Ty goes to the next bedroom and sees Cam. He gasps in horror. Cam is unrecognizable. He is naked except for his boxers. Both eyes are blackened and swollen shut. His nose is out of joint and must be broken. His midsection is bruised meaning he probably has a few broken ribs. The boxers are bloodied. There are a few used condoms around the room. There is blood on the bedspread and a hole in the wall next to the headboard. Ty gets on his knees next to Cam and gently removes the gag. Cam coughs and some blood spits out. He hoarsely says, “Ming?” “We’ll find him. It’s over. You’re safe now buddy.” Ty sits down next to him and wraps his arms around him. Both men start to weep. With Bull knocked out, Eddie and Jay go back into the basement. Eddie goes directly to Ian, yanks the zip ties off and lifts him up in his arms. He nuzzles his head against Ian’s and Ian reaches his arms around Eddie and hugs him tight. Jay squats down next to Ming and sees how bad he really is. This little man of 150lbs has taken more abuse in the past few days than anyone should in a lifetime. Black eye, almost swollen shut, bruises all over his body, bloodied boxers. Rage fills Jay’s body. He snaps the zip ties off and makes sure Ming is ok. Once he is sure, he turns and walks back toward the stairs. Eddie senses the rage and what Jay is about to do and yells out, “They’re not worth it Jay. Don’t fuck up your life.” But Jay is in his own world. Eddie yells up the stairs, “Paulie, try to stop Jay or get out of his way.” Jay methodically walks back up the steps. He sees Bull on the floor with one broken arm. He is starting to come around. Paulo had gone back into the room where Cam was held. He comes down the hallway when he hears Eddie. He sees Jay emerge from the basement and sees an anger in his eyes. He yells to Jay to relax and let them be. Jay hears the words, but ignores their meaning. His whole body is tensed up. His muscles are on fire and his brain is running on overload. He and his buddies have hurt them, but Ron and Shawn did more to hurt Ming and the others. Jay feels the payback is not adequate yet. Paulo picks Kenny back up and moves him out of harm’s way. He knows Jay is about to inflict some serious hurt to Bull and some of the others. He knows he will not be able to stop him. His most important job now is to protect Kenny. Jay leans down, wraps his arm around Bull’s midsection, and lifts him up as if he weighed nothing. He whispers in Bull’s ear, “This is for Ming, you fucker.” He roars in anger, lifts Bull over his head in a full press, and heaves him at the wall. More drywall crumbles, 2x4’s splinter, the house shakes, and Bull drops to the ground and is knocked out again. Jay just stands there and stares at him. When he sees Bull’s chest move, he walks away and goes into the living room. He sees Ron slowly getting up and walks over to him. Ron cowers away, but Jay grabs him by the front of his shirt and lifts him so they are face to face, nose to nose. Jay’s bicep is barely flexed, but the power he is exerting is tremendous. He knows he could put Ron thru the wall with ease but, he has other plans. “Please.” Ron begs in a scared and meek voice. Jay’s blue eyes are wild with anger with which they have been only twice before, when he snapped Scott’s leg at the gym and when he rescued Max at the beach. “Come with me Ron.” Jay walks back to where Shawn is lying on the floor. His eyes have opened, but he is still dazed. Jay leans over, reaches down, and lifts Shawn up with his other hand. Jay’s muscles are on fire. His whole body is pumping blood. Both arms are holding the men up like they are 20lb weights. He brings both guys to his face and whispers to them with a ferociousness they will not soon forget, “If I EVER SEE you two or HEAR that you have come back to town, or that any of your friends have come back, I will personally hunt the two of you down and make today seem like a walk in the park. Am I clear?” Ron and Shawn wearily nod yes. “Good. Good night you worthless pieces of shit.” Jay spreads his arms wide and brings them together, crashing their heads into each other. They go out like lights and Jay drops them. Paulo walks over to Jay, puts his hand on Jay’s shoulder and asks, “You going to be ok Jay?” Jay slumps over, puts his face in his hands and lets loose an emotional tear filled sob. The strength he had just one minute ago has passed out of his body. He is weak in his legs and cannot stand up. All he can think of is Ming and how much they abused his body. “I failed Ming. You haven’t seen him, Paulo. Oh my God, what they must have done to him.” “Yes, they messed the guys up pretty bad. I think you should go outside for a bit, until we can get the guys untied and ready to take home. This may be too much for you right now.” Paulo says gesturing around the house. “Jay, look at me please.” Jay looks up into Paulo’s eyes, and sees a sadness he understands, but cannot process. Paulo very softly says, “Ming may be bad, but they did a real number on Cam.” Jay’s eyes well up with tears, but Paulo continues, “Jay, I want you to go outside so you don’t see him. Please.” Jay nods and slowly gets up. He walks thru the opening where the front door was and goes half way down the sidewalk and sits down. He starts to cry uncontrollably. Paulo walks back to the bedroom where Cam was kept. He sees Ty and Cam on the floor. Tears are drying on both men’s cheeks. He quietly says, “We need to get out of here. Jay is in a bad place and if we stay too long, he may go on another rampage which nobody will be able to stop.” Ty nods and gets up. He leans over to pick up Cam, but Paulo intercedes and says, “I’ve got him. Go check on Jay.” Ty walks out of the room. Cam looks up, sees Paulo and says, “Thank you buddy.” Paulo blushes, leans down and scoops Cam up. He cradles Cam’s head to his neck and says, “Anything for my friends.” As they walk back to the kitchen, they see Eddie coming up from the basement. He is carrying Ming, and Ian is behind him, walking slowly. Ming sees Cam and cries out for him, “Cam!” Cam turns to the voice, but cannot see Ming too well. Eddie and Paulo come together and set Ming and Cam on two chairs and push them close together. Ming takes ahold of Cam’s bruised and battered head and brings it to his. They sit forehead to forehead and gently caress each other’s faces. They let out soft moans or grunts when a tender spot is touched. After a minute, they kiss and put their arms around each other. Eddie turns to Ian, brings him for a hug and nuzzles his neck. “You know I love you, right?” “Since the day we met you.” Paulo takes control of the room. “Eddie, go get Jay’s SUV and bring up to the house. He’s in no shape to drive and I don’t want him to see Cam. When he saw Ming it pushed him into a dark place.” Eddie just nods and carries Ian out of the room and house. He sees Jay and Ty on the sidewalk, sets Ian next to them and gets the keys from Jay. He brings the vehicle up to the driveway and Ian walks over and gets in. Jay follows. Eddie goes back into the house and finds Kenny. He carries him to the SUV and put him in the backseat next to Ian. He’s getting in the driver’s seat when he sees Paulo waving to him to come back into the house. Eddie goes back in and Paulo pulls him into the living room with the unconscious men. “What? I want to get G1 home as soon as possible.” “I know, but please hear me out Eddie.” Eddie gives Paulo a disapproving look, but softens when he realizes how much Paulo helped them today and that he is looking out for everyone. He nods and Paulo continues, “I think you and I should drive Cam and Ming to the ER.” Eddie starts to protest, but Paulo raises a hand to stop him. “Please Eddie, did you see the state Jay and Ty are in?” Eddie nods, “If Jay sees Cam, it won’t be good and if Ty sees Ming, same thing. They both feel responsible for this happening to those guys. I know you want to be there when Ian and Colin are reunited,” Eddie nods again, “but for the overall good of everyone, please help me with Ming and Cam. At least help me get them to the ER. You can take off then and I will stay with them.” Eddie has a clouded look on his face. His brain is telling him Paulo is right, but his heart is saying fuck him, he needs to be with his boys right now. “Ok, I will help you get them to the ER, then I need to be with the twins.” “Thank you.” Paulo says with a deep resonance of gratitude. He cannot understand the depths of pain the guys are going thru, but he is there to make it as easy for them as possible. “No Paulie, thank you.” Eddie says quietly and moves closer and hugs Paulo. It is a rare expression of gratitude and he knows it must be said. Even the way he says Paulie is gentle and nice, not sarcastic and condescending. Paulo pats him on the back. “I’ll tell those guys to take off now. This way they won’t have a chance to see Ming or Cam when we bring them out to my truck.” “Ok, I’ll get them ready to go.” Eddie says heading toward the kitchen. Paulo goes outside and tells Ty to take everyone back to the twins place. Ty asks about him and Eddie and why isn’t Eddie coming with Ian. Paulo pats him on the shoulder, looks him in the eyes and says, “This way is best for everyone Ty, please trust me.” Ty slowly nods. Paulo adds, “Eddie will be home just as soon as possible.” Ty steps into the SUV, lowers the window and says to Paulo, “I really owe you for tonight buddy. We’ll talk at the gym once this is settled.” Paulo nods and Ty backs out of the driveway and heads off. Paulo quickly retrieves his truck and parks it. Eddie is carrying Ming out. Paulo opens one of the passenger doors then sprints in to get Cam. He carries him out and puts him the other backseat. Eddie jumps in the front seat and checks to be sure Cam and Ming are strapped in. He nods to Paulo and they leave the driveway. Paulo drives slowly so as not to jar the guys. Eddie pulls out his phone to find the closest ER or Emergency Care Center. He locates one and says, “5 miles east on Route 202. It’s in the direction home, so that’s a plus. Once everything gets settled at the apartment, I will bring your truck back and help you with the guys.” “Eddie, spend as much time with the twins as you need to. I’m not letting these guys out of my sight tonight.” Eddie puts his left hand on Paulo’s right forearm and gently squeezes.
  6. flexyourpecs

    Self Reflection

    It had been chest day, at the new little gym I’d recently discovered in the downtown district. It was tiny for a cooperate gym, and even at 6PM on a Wednesday, the rush hour crowd was more than manageable. It was a more casual crowd - yoga moms and office guys, sparsely occupying the space, and that made it much easier to move around freely, and more importantly, really dive into my workout. For quite some time now, building my mind-muscle connection has been a main focus of mine, something I constantly try to improve on. Making sure my form is on point, preventing any injury and simultaneously trying to exert maximum power, tension, and control over the muscle group I’m working. Flexing before the set, throughout, and during rest, always keeping a bit of tension. Always flexed, and at the peak, flexed as hard as possible. Like a bright red string you have to try to hold on to, a direct link between your brain and the target muscle in a gray space - or at least that’s how I started seeing it recently. It’s a strange process that’s constantly evolving, constantly adjusting and correcting with one goal in mind - push that fucking weight so fucking good you fucking GROW. Breath by breath that’s how my working went, constantly focused on the most efficient way to make my muscles really fucking pop. Today was one of those occasions where I came in wearing a hoodie, with a tank top underneath. I do this because I love keeping the hoodie on until right before my last three sets because I fucking love the moment when I take it off and see myself in the mirror, finally checking out my pump. It’s the best feeling. I work harder wearing that hoodie, knowing the harder I work the better the prize at the end. I hadn’t been looking at myself much lately though, not for a few weeks. A wrist injury limited me to leg workouts only for about a month, early in my first bulk with my new bodybuilding coach. I was feeling flabby and disappointed, like all I’d accomplished was ruining what I had built in those nine months I had spent cutting, trying to tighten up my body as much as possible, slowly making it hard and hungry to grow with as much rock hard mass as possible. Like I’d wasted the new stuff my coach had put me on. SARMS - it was my first time, and I trust my Coach, so I was looking forward to some serious results. It was my second week doing upper body in the gym, and fucking loved what I saw when I took off my hoodie before doing some lateral raises (it’s a fucking hot move to pump up with). I looked beastly. Atleast that was the first thing I noticed. There was an obvious bulge to my traps - sloping, thick, leading into round, broad delts hugging two pumped up, beautifully curved, thick slabs of muscle, and I took it all in hungrily as I watched myself work towards my goal, finally seeing the goal becoming a reality, seeing a new shape. Admittedly, I had been feeling thicker already - more angular I kept thinking, whatever that meant. Definitely shapelier. Stronger. It felt hot, and it was fucking hot to see it. The other day, I’d noticed I was increasingly hornier, and realized it was because of my legs. The time I focused on them had paid off, and they felt thicker than everything else, so different every time my hand brushed any part of my thigh - it felt like muscle. Big muscle. Bodybuilder muscle. I was growing. Even my calves were starting to get some nice size and shape - I’d been pushing them hard in an effort to bring them up in my pursuit of being hugely muscled all over. I finished coach’s workout and decided to find a couple more exercises - wanted a couple really good pump sets before the Grand Prize, the moment immediately after when I would head to the bathroom and fucking FLEX and check out that fucking pump. And fuck, it did not disappoint, I could not believe what I saw. I was alone in a tiny bathroom (urinal, stall, two sinks), with the mirror right across from the door, shamelessly grunting as I pushed to flex harder, recording myself in the mirror as I tried to capture the pump. Normally I’d be a little anxious about someone coming in and ‘catching’ me at my most frenzied state of muscle mania, but fuck it. It looked good. I was growing. That meant it was only going to look better. I was starving at this point. My busy schedule had me behind a meal, and I was spent after that lift and flex session. My body was hungry. My muscles were hungry. I need to feed and grow. That was all I could think about in the unexpected 8PM traffic, my mind completely focused on making sure I grow. So I get home and put into act the meal I planned in traffic. I liked to play with my diet, making substitutions to my Coach’s meal plan, adhering to the macros in the plan. I was juggling a few different things, moving about with purpose, focused on making the two meals I had decided to combine into one. I’d carefully put it together, checking out the nutrition info for everything, putting together the substitution. ¾ cup of Special K Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch and ¾ cup of Fairlife 2% milk (200 CAL, 26C, 4F,16G). I downed the cereal and poured the left over milk into my blender with 1.5 scoops of Whey Isolate, a bit of stevia, some ice, and 100 grams of strawberries (+197CAL, 9C, 1F, 38P = 397CAL, 36C, 5F, 54P). It got cold at that point so I switched into a t-shirt, noticing it felt different. I definitely filled it out more, and I could feel the fabric stretched across a landscape I knew was mostly growing bodybuilder muscle. My cock throbbed. For my last meal - 96/4 lean beef, rice pasta, green beans and decided to just take a minute to breathe during this meal, to consciously put down my phone and take a moment to just be with myself while I ate, letting my body relax and absorb the nutrients it needed to fuel the growth I’d commanded during that workout. Sitting there, enjoying that feeling and reflecting on everything I’d done in the last few hours, feeling the shape of my body, my awareness of every bulge intensified by the stretch of the fabric, I realized something. I was a bodybuilder. I couldn’t believe it. Looking back at my day, I realized how much I fucking live and breathe it, how right it feels, how much I look forward to pushing higher and higher to keep pushing my physique to bigger and bigger growth. And that felt fucking good. I had completely redefined myself. I’d changed my identity, I was focused, and growth was coming, because I was a fucking bodybuilder. I was a diet obsessed, driven, dedicated, hungry bodybuilder. Man, I couldn’t fucking wait to finish my meal, pump up with some flexes, and fucking cum thinking about my growing, muscle god BODYBUILDER body.
  7. Psuace

    Toy Time, part 3, Taken

    The next installment. This one is a lot darker than the previous chapters. We get home from Jay and Max’s. We’re chatting about what we know about the situation and how we’re going to cope with it for the next few days. Ty still wants us to show up at the gym for work, which shouldn’t be a big deal. We’d probably be safer there, with some many people around. We’re going to grab a few things from the condo and head over to the twins. We open the door to go in, but stop suddenly, something is off. Magazines are knocked onto the floor and the TV is on. I glance over to Ming and his eyes are scanning the room. Everything else seems to be ok. We hear a noise coming from the playroom. I want to go see what it is, but Ming catches my arm and shakes his head no. I nod ok. I notice my body has tensed up, muscles are flexed, and the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. We both start to back out of the condo when we back into a body coming into thru the door. It is a tall, solid body, about 6’1”. “Hello gentlemen, we’ve been waiting for you.” He puts a hand on each of our shoulder, squeezes our shoulders, and pushes us into the room. He closes the door and I hear the lock engage. Wonderful, locked inside with at least one asshole. Another large guy comes out of the playroom and down the hallway with the 10x12 black dildo in his hands. He is black, about 5’10” and very muscular with some tats on his arms. Biceps are bulging in the t-shirt. “You fuckers actually play with this shit?” He asks like he’s never seen one before. “God, what fucking perverts. You should see the room they have set up Shawn.” “We’ll get well acquainted with it today Ash. Try not to handle too many items. God knows where they’ve been.” Ash practically drops the dildo. I casually ask, “Who are you guys and what do you want with us?” Shawn cuffs me on the back of my head and replies, “Don’t play us for fools Cam. You know who we are. As for what we want, well, we’ll get into that later. Right now, Ash and I want to have some fun at your expense. Let’s go back into your playroom and see what we can get into.” He shoves us in the back toward the hallway. We start walking. Ash tosses the dildo to Ming as he passes. We get to the room and I quickly push Ming into the room and push backward on Shawn. He stumbles backward and falls into Ash. Ming stumbles into the room and I follow behind him, shut, and lock the door. “Quick Ming, do you have your phone? We need to call Ty or Jay.” Ming fumbles in his pockets for his phone and we hear a knock on the door. “Guys, please let us in. This will go much easier if we don’t need to get more violent than need be.” I look at Ming who is starting to panic. He says, “I left my phone in the car Muscles cuz I thought we’d only be in here for a few minutes.” I reassure him, “It’s ok, me too. Fuck.” I am taking deep breathes to remain as calm as possible. I reach my arm out to Ming and he grabs it. I pull him in for a hug. “Try to stay calm. I don’t think they want to kill, but they may fuck us up a bit. You need to hang in there. I will try to take most of the abuse.” Ming starts to protest. We hear Shawn at the door again, with a bit more agitation in his voice, “Gentlemen, last chance, please let us in.” I look around to see if there is anything we can use to defend ourselves. A silicon dildo and some nipple clamps aren’t the best offensive or defensive weapons. None of our other toys would be much use against Shawn’s size or Ash’s muscles. We need another plan. I glance around the room. “Get to the window. We can try to get out or least shout for help.” Ming turns to the window and pulls open the curtains and starts to unlock the window. All of the sudden there is a battering at the door. Ming starts to pull up the window when the door crashes in. Ash is standing there, chest heaving, muscles pumped. His fists are balled up. He stares right past me at Ming and evenly says, “Don’t do it chink.” “Go Ming, go.” I yell to him. He hesitates and Ash is past me and grabs him by his collar and hauls him back into the room. He balls his fist and clobbers Ming on the cheek. He drops to the floor like a sack of potatoes. He’s knocked out. I start to move toward Ming, but Shawn grabs my shirt. “Whoa there big guy. I’m sure he’s fine. On the other hand, shoving us down and trying to lock us out was not a good idea. You will need to be punished for that. Ash, ideas?” Ash is standing there, punching one hand with the fist of his other. Biceps flexing, chest heaving, like he was getting off on knocking Ming out. Ming, who weighs all of 150lbs soaking wet and Ash is around 225. I think to myself, when we get out of this, I’m going to fuck him up for hurting Ming. Ash looks me over and says, “He looks like he’s in shape. I say we arm wrestle. When I beat him, I’m going to fuck him up like I did to his lover. I was going to suggest wrestling him, but I don’t want to feel him sporting a boner while I cover and pin him with my muscles.” He puffs out his chest and flexes his abs. “Sorry, buddy, you’re not my type, By the way, what happens when I beat your ass?” I ask back with a cocky attitude as I know I can take him. “Oh, if you win cracker, which won’t happen” he says flexing his right bicep to its full softball size. “I still beat the shit out of you.” I toss up a bicep flex and both of them whistle. “Pretty nice. Should be a good battle.” Shawn says. Shawn rips my t-shirt off, moves to Ming, rolls him over, and puts a towel in his mouth to gag him. He secures it in place by tearing a piece of my t-shirt off and wrapping it around his head. He also binds his hands. He turns back to me, glances me over and says, “Nice body. Interesting dragon tattoo. Too bad you’re gay or I’d let you work out at my gym where you’d be able to get huge like Ash.” Ash puffs out his chest again. It must be 55 or 60 inches. Pecs are rock hard and nipples are erect. He’s got a great set of abs. Probably could take a bunch of punches. Need to stay away from them. First things first, beat him at arm wrestling. “Where we doing this? On the floor here or back in the living room on the coffee table?” Ash replies, “Right here is fine with me, let’s do it.” He gets onto the floor and lays out and puts his right hand into position. I get down and face him and get my hand into position. Shawn kneels down and puts his hands on ours and centers us. “Keep it clean boys.” And he winks at Ash. Well, I’m fucked either way, so might as well beat his ass and take my punishment. I just hope Ming is ok. “3…2…1…go.” He releases our hands. Both our biceps blowup to their full size. Ash goes for the quick pin and pushes my arm down to 45 degrees, but I counter and muscle our hands back up straight. Veins in both our arms start to appear as blood is rushing through them to keep them pumped. Beads of sweat start to form on both our foreheads. I yawn and casually look at him and say, “That all you got? I thought you were the muscles of the operation, you certainly aren’t the brains.” I squeeze his hand a bit to show him his muscles are not as important as knowing how and when to use their strength. Ash is fuming. He clenches my hand harder and begins to push. Good, I’ve got him riled up. This should be easy. Just concentrate. His bicep starts to expand again. It’s up to its full 22 inches. “Nice peak on the muscle there Ash. Looks like you put some time in at the gym. But look at mine. Its fuller, and you can see the striations in the muscles. Maybe I can go thru some exercises with you when we’re done here. What do you think?” “Fuck you, you ass wipe cracker. I don’t need your scrawny white ass teach’n or tell’n me anything.” Sweat starts to roll down his cheeks. He’s getting more irate and frustrated. “Well, just take a peek at my arm big guy before you say no.” I see him glance over. My bicep is at 19 inches. I squeeze it just a bit and the head pops up and down. Ash raises an eyebrow, but laughs it off and says, “You’re going to tell me how to grow my bicep when yours is so little. Let me explain something to you cracker, the bigger guy does the teach’n, not the smaller, scrawny guy, got it?” “Yeah, sure Ash, I got it.” I decide to have some fun with the bastard and let him think he’s winning. I relent a bit and let my arm fall to about 60 degrees. I stare at my arm and give him a look of disbelief and say, “What? How can you be beating me? You’re cheating somehow.” I feign trying to retaliate and let my head start to sweat, just to make it look good. I huff and puff and Shawn has a big grin on his face. “Fuck you cracker. I’m just a whole lot fucking stronger than you are. See Shawn, I knew I can beat his puny ass. Get that dildo ready for him. I’m going to enjoy shoving one end up his ass and maybe putting the other end down the chink’s throat at the same time. That’ll make a pretty sight.” Shawn is standing off to the side and laughs with Ash. I’ve let him have his fun. I brace my arm and it stops moving. Ash looks over to me and I smile and wink at him. I quietly says, “You ready to see some real strength?” I power his arm back to neutral. He looks at me in amazement. The veins in my arm are popping and he can see the blood rushing through them. The muscles in my forearms start to twist and pop as well. I keep my breathing slow, steady, and even. He’s started to huff and puff. I know his end is near. “What the fuck is happening? He yells. “Oh, I’ll tell you what’s happening fucker, you’re about to lose.” I blow out a breath of air and proceed to push him arm to 60 degrees on his side. “And once I’m down beating you here, I’ve got some ideas where to stick that dildo.” His arm is down to 45 degrees. He’s starting to panic and sweat is pouring down his cheeks onto the floor. Shawn starts moving toward us. I glance at him then back to Ash and say, “I think a black dildo belongs in a black man’s ass, don’t you? Before I pin your arm, do me a favor Ash, look at my bicep.” I see his eyes glance over to it. I flex it as hard as I can and it expands to 20 inches in front of his eyes. He turns to look me right in the eyes with incredulity. I look into his eyes, smile, and whisper, “Boom.” And slam his arm into the floor. I hear bones crack and he screams in pain. I may have broken his wrist. Good. Fucker deserved it if I did. Shawn takes a step towards me and swings his leg back to kick me. I brace my body as he unleashes his kick. He catches me right in the abs. I flex and absorb most of the kick. If I hadn’t, he would have broken some ribs. I reach out and grab his leg and hold onto it. He’s not getting a second chance to kick me. He tries to stomp me with his other leg, but I quickly jostle the leg I’m holding and he stops so he can regain his balance. Ash is still writing in pain. Shawn yells at him. “Ash, shut the fuck up and help me here.” Ash turns to me and balls up his left hand. He pulls it back and throws a punch, but I lean out the way and he hits the floor with it and curses in pain. I turn my attention to Shawn. If I can get him off his feet, I’ve got a chance. I reach out my other arm for his free leg and catch his pant leg. He wobbles a bit. He puts both fists together and swings them down onto the back of my head and upper shoulders. I am so full of adrenaline, I barely feel the punch. He swings again, but I tense my muscles and his fist bounces off. I get a better grip on his other leg and yank it. He stumbles backward and falls onto his ass. I release his legs and jump up. I straddle his chest and pull back my left fist. I am about to knock him out when I hear Ash softly, but evilly say, “Cracker, look here before you do something you’ll regret.” I glance over to him and he has Ming in a head lock with his injured arm and his good arm is wrapped around his face. “You throw that punch and I swear to God, I will break Chink’s neck. He’ll never know what happened, but you’ll live with this image for as long as we let you live.” I pause for a moment and Ash flexes the bicep around Ming’s neck some more. “Time’s a wasting Cracker.” I relent and get off Shawn. Ash lets go of Ming and lets him drop to the ground. I jump over to him to make sure he’s still ok. He’s still out, but seems to be ok. “Oomph…” and the light starts to recede. I turn over and see Shawn standing over me with the remains of a chair in his hands. It has shattered and he’s only holding the legs. I feel blood start to trickle down my back. ** I feel someone slapping my face. “Wake up princess.” Great, I hear Shawn. “You’re one tough son of a bitch, I’ll give you that.” I try to respond but find I have a gag in my mouth and my hands are bound behind my back. I look around and see we are no longer in the condo. We’re in a house, but whose? Where is Ming? I start to look around and finally see him in another corner of the room. He’s woken up, but is gagged like I am. He is staring right at me with a panicked look in his eyes. I wink at him to show him I’m fine. He winks back. Good, so is he. He’s got an ugly bruise on his cheek where Ash hit him. I’ll pay the fucker back for that. Ash comes into my view and rubs my head. “You’re one strong dude. We’ll need to do that again. I’ll be ready for you. But now, it’s time for me to fuck you up some.” With that he unleashes a violent kick to my midsection. I flex at the last second, but he put his full force behind it and it catches me around the same spot Shawn had kicked me earlier. I feel a rib crack. Dammit. He leans down and cocks his left hand and swings at me. I relax my body and when he hits me, I let my face move with the hit. It helps me from losing a couple teeth. He comes back with an immediate upper cut and bashes my jaws together. My head bangs backward into the wall with enough force to rattle a couple pictures on it. I get dizzy, see stars, but stay conscious. I eye him up and wink at him letting him know I can take whatever he dishes out. He takes another swing at my face and catches me right below my right eye and the side of my nose. I hear a crunch. Great, a broken nose and most likely a black eye. He starts to heave his chest and flex his left hand. I see some blood on the knuckles. I then notice his right hand is bandaged up and hanging at his side so he cannot get much leverage into the swings. He walks to a nearby chair and picks it up with his left hand and walks back at me. He’s about to swing it at me when Shawn grabs it and stops him. “Ash, we need him alive and awake. Calm down.” Ash yells back, “Calm down? What the fuck? Look what the Cracker did to my hand.” He waves his right hand in Shawn’s face. “There are better ways to get revenge than breaking a chair over his head.” “Yeah, but it’d be a good start and would make me feel better.” “We just need to be patient. Bull and Ron will be back soon with our other guests. While we wait, let’s see what we can do with their toys. I think you can have fun inflicting some pain on Ming over there with them.” I watch Ming’s face go steely blank. He knows if he shows any emotion, whether pain and fear, they will jump on it. Shawn grabs Ming by his hair and starts to pull him up. Ming rises with him. Shawn slaps him in the face a few times, “You ready to get fucked up like your boyfriend, Ming. I’m guessing you’re used to pain based on some of the toys we found in your playroom.” Ash opens a bag on the floor and flips it over. Out falls 3 of our dildos, the 8x10, 10x12, and the 12x14, which is basically a gag gift we display, but never use. A couple nipple clamps, some straps, the riding crop, and a blindfold. Shawn picks up the blindfold and walks over to me, smiles, and says, “It’s going to be more interesting if you can only hear what we do to Ming. To have you watch may be too painful.” My eyes flare up and my breathing becomes deep and heavy. I need to be smart about this. The binds on my wrists are tight. I could try to wiggle out of them, but that would take time. They’ve also bound my ankles and legs so I cannot get up, or even if I could, I wouldn’t pose too much of a threat. He puts the blindfold on and I hear him walk away. He starts talking to Ming, “Ok Ming, where do we start?” Ash chimes in and says, “Let’s move to the main event and rip his ass open with that big fucker over there.” “Nah. Let’s work up to it. I want to see how Ming reacts to each one. To jump to the end would be a waste of effort. We’ve got plenty of time. Strip him.” I hear clothes being ripped off and Ming grunting. A piece of clothing lands on my legs. “Ok, pick him up and bend him over the bed, ass out.” I hear Ash grunt as he picks Ming up and maneuvers him to the bed. “Oh, before we begin with the dildos, put these nipple clamps on him.” Ash responds, “How the fuck would I know how to put them on?” Shawn flatly says, “Just pinch the ends and the clamps open. Jesus fucking Christ Ash, can’t you do anything but flex and grunt?” I laugh to myself. At least Shawn and I agree that Ash is not the brains of the operation. I hear Ming grunt again. I’m guessing Ash is attempting to put the clamps on, but is not doing it correctly. He mumbles, “Close enough.” “Fine, bend him back over.” Shawn sighs. “I think we’ll start with the smallest one.” I breathe a sigh of relief. “No use ripping him up quickly. Did you remember to grab the bottle of lube, Ash?” “No, why would you want that?” Shawn sounding irritated says, “Because dumb shit, sticking a dry piece of plastic up his ass isn’t going to accomplish anything. We probably won’t be able to get it in at all.” “Don’t you be calling me a dumb shit. Why the fuck would I care if the dildo goes into his ass dry or with lube. If you’re so concerned with his well-being, go run that thing under the sink and just get it wet. Same as lube, problem solved.” Ash’s voice recedes and it sounds like he has walked out of the room. “Hold still Ming.” I hear him slap him on his head. Shawn walks out of the room. I hear a faucet turn on and then off a few seconds later. Shawn walks back into the room, kicks me in my ribs on the way by saying, “You still paying attention Cam? Can’t have you miss hearing what’s happening.” He walks back to Ming and starts to insert the dildo. I hear Ming grunt in pain. I shake my head trying to dislodge the blindfold, but it does not work. Ming grunts again and I hear Shawn grunt as well. “I guess water is not the same as lube. Oh well, lesson learned. No going back now Ming.” I hear Ash walk back into the room and he gruffly says, “Hey dickhead, how about this instead of lube.” Shawn says, “Yeah, that could work. Maybe you’re not such a dumb shit after all.” “Fuck you Shawn.” “Just give it to me.” I can only imagine what they found and are using now. Ming moans as the dildo is removed from his ass. A few seconds later Ming grunts again. They must be reinserting it. He does not grunt in pain, so whatever they found is pretty good. “See Shawn I knew cooking oil would be just as good as lube.” “Fine Ash, you are right. Feel better?” Shawn says with a large dose of sarcasm in his voice. I hear Ming grunt several times in a row and then hear Ash start to laugh. He says, “You’re being too easy on him. Look at how big the other dildo’s are. He must be used to the one you’re using. Just shove it in. Here, let me do it for Christ’s sake.” I hear Ash walk over and then Ming cries out in pain thru the gag. I struggle to break free, but the binds are too tight. Ming groans again. ‘Fuck, fuck, what are they doing to him?’ Ash says, “See, he lived, he’s done this before. Get me the next one.” I hear Shawn walk over and assume he’s gotten the 10x12. I hear the cap to the oil unscrew. That’s a good thing. He steps back over and I hear the smaller dildo come out with a pop. I know Ming has used the 10x12 but has never taken it all the way. It’s going to tear him up if they try. Shawn says to Ash, “I’ll do this one. You had your fun.” I hear Ming let out a low groan. They’ve started. After about 5 minutes, I hear Ming start to moan in pain. They must not have added more oil to the dildo and it is drying out. I start to bang my feet on the floor and make noise to distract them. Ash yells at me, “Keep still and quiet cracker. Make more noise and I’ll pound on both you and chink to teach you a lesson, got it?” I stop. I can’t let Ming take unnecessary physical abuse. They resume. Ming is grunting now and I can hear him yelp thru the gag. It’s causing him pain. ‘Fuck. Dammit’, I bang my legs again and try to roll around. Anything to distract them and give Ming a chance to rest. I hear Ash yell at me and walk towards me. “Cracker doesn’t want to listen to me? Fine. How about this?” His fist connects with my solar plexus. I grunt and moan. Next he nails the side of my head with his left forearm. He knocks me over to my side. I’m guessing he’s going to try to kick me so I time my reaction and flex my body when I think he’s going to strike. Nothing. I continue to hold the flex. After about 15 seconds, I release it and bam, he kicks me in the abs. “Kind of sucks when you can’t see, but I can watch you flex and relax. Ha-ha.” I think he broke another rib. At least Ming got some relief. I hear Ash walk over to him and say, “Your turn.” And I hear Ming cry out in pain through the gag, then what sounds like his body slumping over and falling off the bed. “Why the fuck would you do that Ash? You fucking knocked him out again? I wanted him awake so I could fuck him up with the dildo. Now he’s out. Can’t you follow directions for 5 minutes? Jesus Fucking Christ.” “I warned them and they didn’t listen. I had to fuck them up or they’d think we’re not serious.” Silence, and I mean dead silent. After about 15 seconds Shawn very quietly says to Ash, “Please go out to the kitchen.” There is a hardness and un-nerving command sound to the request. Ash starts to protest, but suddenly stops. I can only guess the look Shawn gave him to make him stop. Footsteps recede from the room. Ash has left. Shawn stands there for another 30 seconds or so, not saying a word, then he walks out as well. I hear the door shut and a chair is placed under the knob. The house is dead quiet for 10 minutes. Then I hear Shawn on his phone. He is so far away, I can only hear a few words. “How long?” “Which one?” “Ok, get back here, we’re having issues.” Another 15 minutes pass. I hear Ming moan. I cannot tell if he has woken up or not. The pain in my body has started to increase. My face, chest, and ribs hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. I know a hospital stay is in my future when we make it out of here. I hear a door open somewhere in the house. Voices start talking. I cannot make them out. Footsteps coming toward our room. I hear the chair being removed from under the knob and the door opens. Someone enters and the door is shut behind them and relocked. “Cam? Oh God, what have they done to you?” It’s Kenny. Shit, they got another one of us. He goes on, “Oh fuck, Ming too.” I hear him walk over to me. “Hold still for a minute buddy, this may hurt.” I feel his hands undo the gag and remove it and the ball of cloth in my mouth. He takes off the blindfold next. I squint at the sudden brightness and have to close my eyes. I mumble, “Go help Ming.” “I will after I get you untied. Hold still.” He releases my legs and then my hands. I slowly open my eyes again and look at him. He has a bruise under his right eye and a cut on his arm. They also spray painted his pony tail neon blue. “Help me over to Ming.” I croak. He lifts me up and I walk and stumble over. Ming is out again. I see another bruise forming on his face. I untie all the restraints, pull the gag off, and gently pull the dildo out of his ass and toss it away. I cradle him in my arms and I start to sob. I look at Kenny and ask, “What is this all about?” “I barely remember what happened. I was tossing some clothes into my duffle bag when I heard the front door open and I yelled because I thought it was Stu. Next thing I know, I awoke in the back of a sedan.” Kenny says. There will be hell to pay and I know I will be first in line to hand it out, regardless of the shape I’m in. Kenny continues, “Shawn is here with Bull and Ash. They’re getting back and Jay and Max for the beating Jay gave them a few years back. Ron is here to fuck with Davey and Ty. How they met up is the question of the day.” “Great.” “Yeah. Ron and Bull got me. I guess they wanted to get Stu at the same time, but he’d run out for some food when they arrived. What about you guys?” I explain our situation, “They broke into our condo. Not sure how they knew where we lived? We tried to get through the playroom window, but they broke down the door and Ash knocked Ming out. I arm wrestled him and beat him.” Kenny cracks a smile and nods in approval, “and then they started to beat my ass. I held out as long as possible, but Shawn decided to take a chair to my back. I woke up here. They blindfolded me and then started to torment Ming.” He nods again. “I like what they’ve done to your tail. I makes you standout in a crowd.” “I didn’t have a choice or I’d have taken green or purple.” We both laugh. The door opens and Ron and Shawn come in and shut the door again. Ron grabs a chair and sits right in front of the door. Shawn stands off to the side. Here we go. Ron looks us over, nods to each of us, and begins, “Cam, Kenny. I guess you’re wondering what’s up?” Kenny shrugs his shoulders and I just stare at him, my eyes swelling shut from the abuse. “Well, we” and he nods to Shawn “wanted to get back at Ty and Jay for hurting us. Ty has taken my boyfriend and Jay put a real hurting on Shawn’s friends, especially Larry. Larry is still recovering from the beating Jay put on him 4 years ago.” I don’t move or give an indication that I care. “We figured taking some of their friends and fucking them up would be kind of fun, right Shawn?” Shawn nods. I mumble, “How did you two meet? You don’t really seem like two peas in a pod, especially since Shawn is not a fan of gay men.” Shawn chirps up, “Yeah, well, we have a common goal, so I put aside my feeling to help Ron out. As for how we met, well, would you believe me if I said we were cousins?” I shake my head no and Kenny laughs. “I didn’t think so.” He laughs. “I knew where Jay lived from when he used to come into my gym at the beach. He left his address on the visitors form.” Ron adds, “I got Davey’s address from his family. It took some effort as he’d asked them not to tell me where he’d moved to. But I can be pretty persuasive when I need to be. His sister is so sweet and has always had a soft spot for me, dump kid.” He chuckles. “I was scoping out Davey and followed him to the gym a few times. Every time, I passed Shawn in his van as he was watching Jay come and go from the gym. One day I pulled up next to him and we stuck up a conversation. The rest is history. And now we’re here.” Kenny says, “You realize when this is over, you all will be going to jail for a long time. Just kidnapping us…” Ron waves his hand and says, “Yes, yes, consequences of our actions, but if there are no bodies to be found…” Kenny’s eyes go wide and I start to rise. He puts a hand on my arm and applies pressure. I relent and sit back down. “Just kidding guys. But remember, there were no consequences for Jay when he beat up Shawn and his friends.” “That’s because they started it.” I sound like a 7 year saying it. Ron laughs. I look at Shawn, “Why would you wreck your truck hitting Jay and Max? That doesn’t make sense?” “We tried to broadside them, but were going a bit too fast and ended up in front of them. Eh, shit happens and it still sent Max to the hospital with a broken arm after we bought them pizza that night. It was a nice start to our adventure. Having you 3 as our guests is the next step.” Shawn says looking at us. Ron stands up and announces, “This has been a nice chat. Unfortunately it must come to an end. We have calls to make, people to torment, you know, the standard stuff of evil, diabolical plans.” He laughs at the joke he made. Kenny and I do not. They leave the room and Bull and Ash walk in. Great, more fun. Ash walks up to Kenny and says, “Hey buddy, long time since the beach. I think you still owe us a blow job.” And he and Bull smirk. He grabs Kenny by the hair and pulls him close and then shoves him to his knees. He puts his hand on the back of Kenny’s head and shoves his face into his crotch and mashes it around. Kenny makes no effort to stop him, knowing if he did, it would just give Ash a reason to more cruel. Ash pushes him backwards and Kenny sits, squatting on his hunches. Bull gets behind him and grabs his arms, pinning him to his thighs. Ash gets down and is face level with Kenny and says, “Now, I’m going to stick my 10 inch rock hard dick into your mouth and you ARE NOT going to 1. Try to bite if off, or 2. Do anything else, except let me have my way and blow my load. You see, I don’t want to have a gay man’s mouth touch my dick, but given I’ve been waiting 4 long years, I’ll suffer through it. If you try anything stupid, Bull here will injure you severely and then fuck with the other two. Got it?” Kenny nods. He stands up, unzips, and his cock flops out. It’s pretty impressive. Hairless, veiny, shaved balls. “Open.” Kenny opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue. Ash flops his dick on it and slowly begins inserting it. It’s not hard to start, but gets harder the further in he puts it. It seems like he may like the feeling. He’s about half way in when Kenny closes his mouth and starts to suck. Ash lets out a moan. I can see Kenny’s tongue begin to move around the unit, covering it with spit. Ash, for all his protests is now swaying his hips back and forth, shoving more in. Kenny is just doing his thing. I guess Ash should have asked Kenny if he could handle a 10 inch dick. I’ve seen Kenny take larger, thicker ones and not even bat an eye. He simply opens his throat, bobs his head forward and takes Ash to the root. Ash grunts and bucks his hips. Kenny just takes it and continues to suck like a Hoover vacuum. If Bull weren’t holding his arms back, Kenny would have snaked a finger into Ash’s ass and used the other hand to tweak his nipples and feel up his muscles, just to have some fun. But, since he is being restrained, he just bobs his head back for forth and washes his tongue over the unit. Ash must like it as he puts his hands on Kenny’s head and is now forcibly pulling him closer to him, trying to shove more in. Ash starts barking out, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, God-dammit.” He is now rocketing his hips forward, but Kenny doesn’t seem to care, he just continues doing his thing. He almost looks bored. Ash continues to buck his hips and suddenly stands up on his tip-toes and yells, “Fffuuuuckkkk….” And blows his load down Kenny’s throat. Kenny for his part, just lets it happen. He swallows every drop and then opens his mouth so Ash can withdraw. He even sticks his tongue out so the dick does not flop out and brush against his chin. Ash swings his fisted left hand at Kenny and catches him on the side of his face. He face snaps to the right and he lets out an “Oomph.” “Faggot.” Is all Ash says to him. He looks up at Bull and says, “You want to have a turn?” “Nah. But I will do this.” He releases Kenny’s shoulders and he flops onto the floor, his face red and swelling up. Bull reaches down, flips him over, and picks him up. He stands him up, then brings him in for a bear hug. He wraps his enormous biceps and forearms around Kenny’s lower back and lifts him off the ground. He begins to squeeze. Kenny’s arms are trapped at his sides. Bull continues to apply pressure and starts to swing him from side to side. Kenny starts to yell out in pain. “Shut the fuck up, will ya.” Bull head-butts him causing him to scream loader. I can see blood starting to drip from his nose. Great, another broken nose. Bull head-butts him again, knocking him out. Bull squeezes him tighter. I can see his 23 inch biceps swelling up and crushing Kenny’s arms and sides. He is holding him so tightly, I can bet Kenny now has a few bruised rips too. “I’m done.” He releases his arms and Kenny falls to the floor again, but since he is unconscious, he falls like a marionette whose strings have been cut. He just lays there. Ash kicks him once to make sure he’s out and looks up at Bull. “Our work here is done.” He looks at me and says, “I’ll be back cracker, don’t go anywhere.” They walk out of the room, shut the door, and I hear the lock engage and the chair go back under the handle.
  8. godofjurai


    So I am putting a disclaimer here before anyone reads this. If it gets complaints, I will move it to the Member+ Section. This new series involves a 16 year old. There is sex in the later parts, but there is also Age Progression, so this teen becomes an ADULT. Just a Warning and a Precaution I wanted to take. This is also based on an RP I am currently working on with Nostson. It is still not complete but we are making sure it gets to completion so this amazing EPIC can be told in full. Currently Have enough for 4 parts... and TWO of them are already written. Anyways... Please Enjoy this twisted piece of fucked up fiction for your jerking pleasures... INFINITY BREAKERS Part 1 The Alpha The Alpha, the Universe’s only sole Guardian, is out patrolling his local city. It’s a daily thing and if he didn’t do it, well it just left it up to the local authorities. What set him apart was he had powers normal heroes didn’t have. Strength 10 times a normal human. And Super Speed. Everyone loved him, he was an all-around Hero that everyone wished they were him as well. After he just stopped another bank robbery, heading out to his next location to patrol, he noticed a teen, 16 years of age. Sizing him up 5’3” 140lbs. A nice athletic build. He was a fine specimen that in a few years when he was truly a man, He’d be one hell of a stud. The Alpha’s inner mentality made his stomach churn a bit. You see, The Alpha wasn’t always this 6’6” 345lb shredded beef of muscle. He used to be just as small as this teen, but we will get to that later. The Alpha flew in low, landing right behind the teen, pressing his first up along the wall above his head. “How’s it going sport?” He tried sounding cool, flirting in his own way as best as he could. He looked down at the teen over his pecs, as the teen looked up from his phone, giving the kid his hero’s smile. The teen watched as the fist actually punched a hole into the side of the building, bits of debris fell at their feet, a couple of pebbles and dust landed in his hair. All he could do was gawk at the massive body so close to him, eventually he saw the handsome face, smiling back. “H-hello sir!” he couldn’t find the words, his Hero was right in front of him, larger then life. “I-I’m doing fine! What are you doing here?” The Alpha placed his large hand on the teen’s shoulder, his palm fully enclosing it as he made his way to the other side of the teen’s body, bending down a bit so they were eye level. “I just finished up here, when my eye caught you! You’re a pretty handsome kid!” He took a second to adjust himself before giving him a wink and a grin. “How would you like to come back to The Alpha’s home?” The Alpha kept smiling as he brushed the dust off of the top of the teen’s hair, but in reality it was just an excuse for him to get another touch of this kid he had a crush on. The teen gasped a bit from the touch, his own hand coming up to brush against his hero’s forearm, feeling the raw power of his real life champions thick and veiny muscle. He blushed from the words, even more that this muscled powerhouse had any interest in him, and even stopping by to give him a smile and a wink. “W-why thank you, sir! You’re the most handsome guy around though! W-why would you invite me?! I-I mean, yes! Of course I want to come!” The teen continued to get flustered as he was given this once in a lifetime opportunity. The Alpha took that as his OK. In one quick sweep he spun the teen around, lifting him off his feet and scooping him into his arms. “Sorry, Sport!” He pulled a cloth out of his back pocket, tying it around the teen’s. “I can’t let you see where home is right now. So where this as a precaution and we will get there safely!” In seconds, The Alpha lifted off the ground, and took off, holding the teen close to his body, making sure even with breaking the sound barrier, the teen was safe. In mere minutes later, they slow down as The Alpha comes in for a landing, He places the teen on a chair, “Security System: Lock Down!” removing the blindfold from the teen’s eyes as giant metal shutters began closing around the entire room. “VOICE RECOGNITION COMPLETE!” the animatronic voice echoed throughout the giant room as the last shutters slid over the windows, blocking the sun completely from their views. *CLAP-CLAP* Light’s begin to turn on and illuminate the building. The teen look’s around. High Ceilings, lots of computers and electronics, even all the new and latest gaming gadgets. His hero was a gamer too! On one side of the room sat a kitchen. The other a bedroom, with a very large bed, much bigger than a King. “Wow… this is like… the room of my dreams! But why do you have all this stuff? Aren’t you busy being a hero?” The Alpha slowly pulls his gloves off, tossing them aside, followed by pulling the spandex top off his upper body. His chest glistened with sweat as he took a seat at the foot of the bed, looking over at the teen. The teens jaw dropping again from the site of his pumped body. “H-Holy fuck…” he mumbled as his body faced the hero. The Alpha pats the spot next to him on the bed as he lifts his leg up, pulling his booted foot into his lap and removing the boot, exposing his large size 15 foot. He does the same with the other boot, tossing it aside. “A hero has to have fun every now and then, doesn’t he? It gets lonely some times. The teen stepped closer, his knees threatening to give out as he approached the hero, looking away from his face, glancing down to see those massive feet and legs. He almost ended up stumbling over the massive discarded boots from not paying attention, stepping over them and making eye contact just before he was right in front of him. “Is that why you invited me then?” “Come closer, stud! I don’t bite!” He makes a chomping sound with his pearly whites. “Unless you want me to?” He winks before letting out a hardy heroic laugh. The teen backs up a bit as the hero leaned forward and pretended to bite, blushing in embarrassment as he heard the deep laugh. He slowly moves closer towards The Alpha again, sitting on the spot he initially patted, looking over at this large, muscle man’s body, seeing the thickness of his pecs and even his abs from this angle. “I-I think I’ll pass on the biting…” he was slightly confused. The hero turned to face the teen a bit. “Don’t be shy! I was once small like you! You have no need to be embarrassed in front of me.” The hero noticed the teen checking him out. Taking in everything that made him the hero. He lifted his arm up, flexed it. The bicep peaked up, perfect symmetry. “Go ahead. Touch it!” The Alpha gently takes the teen’s hand into his own, placing it on the warm rounded surface. He gives it a little flex, making it harder. “What’s your name, kid?” The teen can’t really believe what his hero was saying… he was once small like him? He watched as his hero moved his hand along his bicep. His own hand shaking a bit, but he slowly calmed down after he felt how gentle the large man was. He tried gripping the bicep, squeezing it a bit harder. Moving his second hand up on that one massive peak of hard flesh. “Oh god… I can’t even budge your arms!” He shouted excitedly, and got even more excited as his hero raised his other arm into a double bicep pose. “M-My name is Johnathan, sir! And what do you mean you were once small like me?” The Alpha watched as Johnathan continued to feel up his arms with his hands… It’s practically a worship session, which he had not hand in quite a long time, especially not from someone so HOT to him either. His own cock, stirring a bit as he got lost in the feeling. “Mmmm… A guy doesn’t just get to be like how I am, Johnny Boy… Powers… this much strength… I’m the only one like me in the entire Universe…” The Alpha lifted Johnathan up, spun him around and pulled him into his chest. “I used to be just like you a few years ago. Hell, I was even a teen! 16 to be exact…” getting lost in the feel, The Alpha ran his beard against Johnathan’s neck. His breathe warm. Pecs heaving on Johnathan’s back as he wrapped his arms around him in an embrace. “Will you be mine, Johnathan?” Johnathan blushed again as his hero gave him such a cute nickname, then snapped back to reality as hid idol he just met told him all this stuff about himself. “W-WHAT?” stammered out before he was man handled and forced into the hero’s lap. “I mean, how can I say no to you, sir?” he was being overwhelmed by everything that was happening so quick. He tried to clear his mind for a second. Thinking back to what The Alpha had told him. “You were once 16, like me. H-How did you become so…. So massive? So Powerful? So…” he took a second to swallow his fear of what he was about to ask. “S-Sexy?” Johnathan blushed as he reached up to rub his hands along the massive forearms, knowing even if he didn’t want to be there, in his heroes arms, there was no way he could move the arms holding him with his strength alone. “My power was inherited, little one…” The Alpha continued his story, kissing the teen’s neck, reaching his hand into his sexy young stud’s shorts. Johnathan blushed a bit, letting out a light moan as the large hand moved down his core and into his pants, his hands gripping onto The Alpha’s wrist as things began to move faster, not sure where things were going to go as he had never done this before with anyone, his own cock beginning to grow erect. “I mean one day the world was in complete chaos, the next I show up… seems kind of ironic don’t you think but I did clean up the mess…” His hand gripped around the shaft, 4 inches, getting harder. “Mmmm, fuck… bigger then mine used to be… and the same age.” The Alpha was lost in his own thoughts. “Fuck !&@&*$&(!*&#*(!)!*&!” The word made no sense, but the next moment changed everything. The Alpha began to breathe hard, trying to catch his breath. *THUMP* A large ball falls onto the floor, rolling away from them. “WhAt HaVe I dOnE…” The Alpha’s voice was slowly changing pitch. His shadow looming over Johnathan was beginning to shrink, and the teen felt it too. Johnathan’s back begun to sink back into the hero more. The pec’s that were once supporting him began to retract. *THUMP* Another ball… *THUMP* *THUMP* Multiple ones all bounced to different corners of the room. All different colors and some of different sizes. Johnathon snaps back to reality as he heard that strange word and the balls start to bounce. He felt movement from behind him and the higher pitch voice was beginning to worry him. “What the…” not even sure it was the same man behind him anymore, he holds the arm in front of him tighter, suddenly realizing that they are much smaller and not holding him as tightly. Johnathan turned around, just in time to see The Alpha’s body falling back onto the bed, one more ball rolls around the bed as his heroes body writhers and shrinks to even smaller sizes. “Oh my god, what’s happening to you?!” Johnathan hops over the hero’s body, leaning in over him. The hero continuing to lose size as the teen stares down. His limbs retracting inward. His torso and spine compacting. His muscles deflating. Johnathan watched as the hair on his exposed chest retreated back into his skin. All of the hero’s manly appeal wasted away and reverted back to a more boyish charm as he devolved and shrank. His body reaching Johnathan’s size, before slipping even smaller as he returned to his original 16 year old self. His super hero tights were now loose, his cock no longer bulging outward as it had also returned to its old 3 inch pencil dick size. The Alpha gave one final *GASP* as his memories of the things he had done stayed, but his genius intellect pushed his way out of his head, creating a large jawbreaker, that rolled itself right into Johnathan’s hand that was still watching in utter amazement as his hero became a 5ft 120lb wimp… To Be Continued…
  9. Psuace

    Worship Session, Accident part 1

    Part 3 of the current story line. Enjoy. Any feedback is welcome. “It’s just a few cuts and bruises sir, you will be fine in a day or two. You’re both lucky you were wearing your seatbelts and the airbags deployed.” The hallway is a sterile grey. It smells of disinfectant. My mind is empty. I only hear the words the nurse is saying. Nothing is registering at this point. “I don’t remember what happened? We were just driving down the street.” I say absently. “You’ll need to check with the police for that sir. All we know is you were both brought here in ambulances. Your friend -” “Boyfriend.” I correct the nurse curtly, then regret my tone. He doesn’t know, how could he? “I’m sorry. You’re boyfriend has broken his left arm. It looks like it was broken when a heavy object slammed into it.” I snap my head up and tears start rolling down my face. Now I remember. Max was stroking the back of my neck and my head must have snapped back when the accident happened. “Oh no.” I whisper. “Oh no, no, no. Please tell me he will be ok.” “Yes sir, he will. Besides the arm and a few other minor cuts and bruises, he will be fine too. If you will excuse me.” I am staring off into space and do not hear anything else the nurse says. My mind is only on Max. I get up and slowly walk down the hall towards his room. I get to the door and pause. I compose myself and gradually open the door. He is sleeping. He looks so small in the bed. White sheets surround and encompass his body, up to his chest. There is an IV in his left arm, right above where the newly applied cast ends. The monitors show a strong and steady heartbeat. His breathing is deep and rhythmic. I walk to the bed and stand at the foot and stare at my boyfriend and tears start to flow freely. I’m supposed to be the strong one here. I walk around to his right side and pull a chair to the side of the bed. I carefully take his right hand into mine. He is out cold and does not move. His arm feels like a dead weight. I intertwine our fingers. I need to feel him. I run my fingers thru his curls. My curly, my life. Time passes and the next thing I know I hear the door creak open and Ty and Davey peek in. I had fallen asleep. I motion for them to come in and get up. “How are you buddy?” Ty asks giving me a hug. “Fine.” I say emptily. “What about Max?” “Some cuts and bruises…and I broke his arm.” I say dejectedly. “What do you mean?” Davey asks. I quietly say, “He was playing with the hair on the back of my neck, like he does when we’re driving around and when the accident happened, my head snapped back and broke his arm…” and I trail off. “This is my fault.” I say as I look down at him. My guilt takes over again and I feel tears forming again. “Jay, you cannot think that.” Davey says and Ty nods in agreement. “You did not cause the accident. His broken arm is not your fault.” Ty adds, “You know he will not blame you for it, so you need to stop blaming yourself.” “My head knows that, but my heart will take some time to agree.” “You need to get them synced up and soon, Jay.” Ty says staring at me. “When Max wakes up, he’s going to need you for a while and you know how he will hate that. If you’re wallowing in self-pity, you will be no good for him or yourself.” I nod. “You want us to hang around for a while, keep you company? You look like shit right now.” “Ok, thanks.” “You need me to get you some food or something to drink?” Ty asks. “Yeah, something to eat would be great. That dinner you served was kind of lacking.” I say sarcastically. “Hey, I put a lot of effort into that meal.” Davey says defensively, but with a smile. “You’re right Davey, ‘Ordering pizza’ because you had finished having sex 10 minutes before we arrived required a lot of ‘effort.” I say with a raised eyebrow. He blushes. “I’ll be right back. Fight nicely ladies.” Ty says as he opens the door to leave. Davey pulls up another chair and sits next to me. He puts his hand on my leg and squeezes. I look into his deep brown eyes and see a level of friendship and concern few people ever show freely. I appreciate his concern for me and Max. He’s dealing with his own shit and is here for the two of us as if his problems don’t matter. I put my hand on his leg and gently squeeze back. We sit in contented silence. I know he will be there for Max and myself. All I will have to do is ask. I jerk awake again. “What happened??” Davey says, “You nodded off about an hour ago.” I see Ty sitting in another chair in the room. “Fuck. Did I miss anything? Did Max wake up?” “Yeah, he woke up and ran several laps around the nurse’s station.” Ty says flatly. I stare at him and give him the finger. He laughs at me. “Dude, if anything had happened, we would have woken you up. It seemed better to let sleeping gorillas sleep.” I give him the finger again and Davey giggles. I check the clock and it is 1am. “You guys don’t need to stay. I should be fine. I may just nod off again anyway.” “You sure buddy?” Ty asks and I nod yes. “Ok, do you need us to do anything or get you anything from your place while you’re still here?” “We should be good. I’m sure Max will be released in the morning.” They nod ok. “Ty can you try to get me a copy of the police report?” “Sure. I’ll check with my buddies to see if it’s been filed yet. Can I ask why you want it?” “I just want to make sure the people in the other car are ok too. The nurse said Max and I were brought here in ambulances. He did not mention the people from the other car.” Ty raises an eyebrow and nods ok. They leave. I go back and sit next to Max and take his hand back into mine. I stroke his curls again. After I while, I get up and pull up another chair and stretch my legs out. I lean my head back and stare at the ceiling. What the fuck happened? I wake up and turn to see Max staring at me. “Hey big guy, how are you?” He asks me with concern in his voice. “Long night.” I get up, lean over him and softly kiss him on his forehead. He reaches his right hand up and strokes my face. I let some tears escape and then remember to try to hold it together. “How about you?” I nod towards his cast. “Eh, some pain, but I’m sure they will prescribe some great drugs for me.” “Ty and Davey stopped by. They say ‘hey’ and hope you’re ok.” Max nods. I take a deep breath and say, “I just want to say I’m sorry.” “For what? Did you cause the accident? The night is kind of hazy to me.” I start to pace around the room. I need to get this out. If I don’t, it will eat me up like Ty said, “I didn’t cause the accident, from what I can remember, but your broken arm is my fault.” He looks at me quizzically. “When we were hit, apparently you were playing with my neck hairs and my head slammed back and broke your arm.” I look away in embarrassment. “Jay come here.” He says softly. I walk over. He punches me in left bicep. “What was that for?” “You will not blame yourself for this.” Max says glancing down at his arm. I blush and he hits me again. “Stop it right now, before I go all Hulk on your ass, ok.” “Yes sir.” I say with half sincerity and half mocking fear. “Now, can I get a good morning kiss? I think I deserve one.” I laugh and lean down and tenderly kiss him on the lips. ** A week has passed and Max is doing better. The break was clean and the doctors say the cast will need to be on for 5 weeks total, so only a month more. Max goes back to work this week, part-time. He insists on driving to work on his own as he does not want to be a burden to anyone. I stand in front of him and look down and say I am driving him the first day, just to be safe, and there will be no discussion. He chuckles, pats me on the chest, and says ok. I breathe a sigh of relief. There’s an argument I didn’t want to have. Still waiting for Ty to get back to me with a copy of the police report or directions for me on how to get it. We have not had sex. Obviously Max is anxious to get back in the swing of it, but I am hesitant as I don’t want to do anything that could hurt him further. He’s offered to jerk me off or give me a blowjob, but I’m still not comfortable. He says I can have my way with him, if I’d like. I put him off and say maybe in a week, just to be safe. He frowns and pats me on the arm and says, “It’s just a broken arm Jay. The rest of me is fine and still needs attention.” He looks down at his dick, looks back up at me, and cracks a wicked smile. “Both of us shouldn’t have a case of blue balls, so either you help me or I’m jumping on you at some point.” “Ok, you win.” I say resignedly. He smiles a superior smile. “I’m going to get you off. You’re not doing anything to slow your recovery.” He nods ok. I pick him up, cradle him in my arms, and carry him to the bedroom, kissing him all the way. I softly lay him on the bed when I hear my phone ring. I go back to the living room. I see it is Ty. “Hey buddy, sorry for not getting back to you sooner about the police report.” He says. He sounds out of sorts. “No problem, I was going to call you today about it. What have you heard?” “I’ve got a copy of now.” He hesitates. “What?” “The vehicle that hit you was a cargo van. The report says the van ran a stop sign and you broadsided them.” “I only have hazy memories of what happened. Max is no better. We’ll take their word for it.” “You’re missing the point.” He says with some mystery in his voice. “Huh? Enlighten me.” “Not over the phone.” Now he sounds cautious. “Dude, what the fuck is up?” There is a twinge of anger in my voice as I do not like to be kept in the dark about stuff. “You and I need to have a private conversation. Trust me on this on Jay, please, just trust me.” “Ok Ty, but you’re freaking me out.” “Good. You should be. I’m sending Cam and Ming over to be with Max so you can get away. They should be there in about 5 minutes.” “Can they hold off for 30 minutes? I was about the ease Max’s case of blue balls and he’s going to be pissed if I leave.” I say this with some jocularity in my voice to try to ease the mood. “No, this cannot wait. Max will be fine for another hour or so, but we need to talk.” He has a sternness in his voice I do not hear too often. I relent, “Ok, where are we meeting?” “My office in the gym. Kenny knows you’re coming, so just come in.” “Dude…” “Jay, just trust me.” “Ok, I’ll be there as soon as they arrive. Now I get to deal with Max. You know he’s going to be pissed off, it’s your fault. I’m personally going to drive him over so he can open a can of whoop ass on you.” No response from Ty. “It was meant as a joke buddy.” “Yeah, I know. Not in a joking mood.” The doorbell rings and I see Cam at the window looking in. “They’re here. I’m on my way after I talk to Max.” I hang up with Ty and let them in. I ask them to wait here for a minute and don’t take it personally if Max is upset with them. Ming says fine. I walk back to the bedroom and see Max is undressed and waiting for me, gently stroking his cock. “I almost got started without you big guy. Who was on the phone and how are they more important than my case of blue balls?” He says with a big grin on his face. Now I have to lie to Max for the first time we’ve been together. “Ty needs me at the gym for something.” “Can’t it wait? I haven’t had sex in a week. I think he can wait for an hour. Now get over here.” He says coyly, but with an air of authority in his voice. I don’t move. I sadly look into his excited brown eyes and continue the lie, “No, it cannot wait. He needs me there as soon as possible.” “Then I’m coming too.” And he starts to gather his clothes to get dressed. I sternly, but gently say, “Max, I’m asking you to stay here. Ty needs me. Cam and Ming are here and will keep you company til I get back.” “Jay, what the fuck is up?” His voice is getting louder. “Why are they here? Why can’t I go with you?” I need to leave and need to leave now. I walk over to him, bend down, and kiss him on the forehead. I softly say, “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Please don’t take it out on those guys. They are your friends and Ty asked them to come over.” He punches me in the chest and I can feel his anger in the punch. I walk out of the room. I can hear Max getting off the bed and start to come down the hallway. Ming and Cam are in the living room. “Good luck.” I say sympathetically. Cam nods. I leave and get into the car. I drive over and now my mind shifts from an angry Max to a mysterious Ty. What is up? It’s got to be serious if he won’t tell me on the phone. Shit, I hope everyone in the van was ok. But wouldn’t the police have contacted me if someone was hurt? It’s not making any sense. I get to the gym, walk in and nod to Kenny. He nods back and jerks his head back to Ty’s office. He knows something is up. I knock once on the door and walk in. Ty is there with some paperwork on his desk. As I enter he moves everything to the side and pulls the report out. Without a word he opens it, turns it around and places it in front of me. I stare at him in the eyes. He looks back and then glances down at the paper. I look down and see a standard police report. I read the facts and they match up with what Ty told me over the phone. The van ran a stop sign and I hit it broadside. “Ok. The report matches what you said. What is so important?” There is a slight ripple of anger in my voice. Ty points to two places on the report. I check out the first spot. Apparently the van never slowed down as it approached the stop sign. They ran it at full speed. I look up and say, “Ok, maybe they were drunk or high. Shit like that happens every day.” He taps the second spot again. It’s the owner of the van. I see the name and look up. “Oh fuck.” “Yeah, oh fuck. You see who they listed as a passenger in the van?” I look down again and go pale. “Does Davey know?” I ask in an almost hushed voice. “No, I asked Eddie to go to Davey’s office and hang out with him until you and I got to talk.” “How the fuck do Shawn and Ron know each other? And, how do they have enough wits between them to know where you live and what my car looks like? Or, that we’d be at your place that night.” Now I’m pissed and almost yelling. Ty calmly says, “My best guess is Shawn has been in town for a while, probably following you and Max around. Ron, well, I’m not sure. Davey swears he did not tell him where he was living. I believe him, which leaves someone in Davey’s family unintentionally told him he was here…” Ty is just looking into space. “As for how they met? No clue.” “If they were both in the van when we broadsided it, were they injured? Taken to a hospital? What am I missing? The report only lists Max and me going to the hospital.” “Again, no clue. But if I had to guess, there was someone else in another car, who drove them off after the accident. Probably took them to a different hospital or ER.” “Fuck. Ash or Bull.” “Maybe.” “No maybe’s about it. Who else would want to hurt Max or me?” Ty hesitantly says, “Maybe Scott?” I raise an eyebrow. “I haven’t seen him in the gym in a few days.” “No, He has not bothered us in a very long time. It’s gotta be Ash or Bull.” Ty nods. He continues. “Ok, we need to figure out some stuff and alert the police.” “What are your thoughts?” “1. Where are they? 2. What are they up to? 3. Let the police know the accident was not an accident. 4. Keep everyone safe. The last one will be the hardest until we figure out the first two.” “We need to tell Max and Davey what’s up.” Ty nods. “They need to be aware so they can keep their guard up.” “Agreed.” “Especially if these idiots know where we live...Oh fuck.” I jerk my head up stare at Ty. We pull out our phones at the same time. I call Max. He picks up on the third ring and I think ‘Thank God’. “What? You calling to see how the prisoner is doing.” He says dripping with sarcasm. Great, a pissed off boyfriend. “Why yes, I want to make sure Ming gave you your ration of stale bread. I’ll be home shortly to lead you back to your cell for the night.” “Great, I’ll enjoy some solitary confinement. It’ll let me get a grip on things, if you know what I mean. See ya soon.” Click. Ty is still talking to Davey. Apparently he doesn’t like Eddie hanging out at his office too much. I can hear him giving Ty grief. He hangs up. I say, “0 for 2. Yeah for the good guys.” Ty rolls his eyes. I continue, “We need to gather everyone at one place until we get this figured out. And I mean we need to include Eddie and the twins and Stu and Kenny. We have no idea what these assholes are up to.” “Agreed. Where do you suggest? Can’t be either of our places, or Davey’s old place. I’m sure Ron scoped that out first.” I nod. “What about the beach house?” I shake my head no, “That’s where this all started for Max and me.” “Yeah, sorry.” “The twins place?” I suggest, “Chances are Ron and Shawn don’t know about them.” Ty nods ok. “You call Colin and talk to Kenny. I’ll call Eddie and Cam and tell them the plan.” Ty asks, “What about the police? Should I call my buddy and ask him keep an eye on our places while we’re gone? Also, if we hole up, they are going to get suspicious. We need to try to lead normal lives until they are dealt with.” I nod in agreement. He continues, “That means Kenny, Cam, Ming, and I need to be here at the gym every day.” We finish up our meeting. I nod to Kenny on the way and hear Ty call him back as I leave. I get in the car and start home. I dial Eddie. He picks up on the second ring. “How’s Davey?” “Like a pissed off 5 year old. What the fuck is up and why am I babysitting?” Nice, Eddie in a decent mood. I lay it out for him. He grunts and says, “If those fuckers go after G1 or G2 they better hide before I find them and rip them apart.” “I know how you feel buddy. We’ll be over in a while.” He grunts and hangs up. I pull into my condo development and scan around for any suspicious vehicles. I don’t see anything unusual. I park, get out and walk to our unit. No busted door or broken glass, good. As I go in I see Max sitting reading a magazine. Cam and Ming are watching TV. Max glances up, looks me in the eyes, and then turns back to his magazine, ouch. I glance at Cam and he just barely shakes his head no. I nod. Hopefully when I explain things, it gets better. I clear my throat to get everyone’s attention. Cam turns the TV off and Max continues to read his magazine. “Please Max, this is important.” He glances up. “Ty got a copy of the police report from our accident and it appears it was not an accident.” I let the words hang in the air. Max is looking at me blankly as if I have not said anything. Ming asks what I mean. “It seems the other vehicle was a van and it intentionally ran the stop sign to cause the accident.” Now I have Max’s attention. “The report also listed who was in the van.” I walk over and sit next to Max, “It was Shawn.” His eyes go wide and he scoots back on the sofa as if I were trying to poke him with a hot skewer. “Also, Davey’s ex, Ron seems to be involved.” Cam angrily says, “When it rains, it pours.” I reach for Max and he tentatively holds his hand out. I take it and gently squeeze it. “Ash and Bull may be here too, but we do not know for sure. This is why I had to meet with Ty.” I say staring into Max’s eyes and running my fingers thru his hair. “We needed to talk it thru and come up with a plan.” I look over to Cam and Ming and say, “You two are included. We don’t know how much these fuckers know about us,” I nod to Max, “or our friends,” I nod to them, “so we’re not taking any chances.” Ming nods ok. We’re all going to hang out at Ian and Colin’s place for a few days.” I lay out the rest of the plan. I finish but everyone seems to be in a bit of shock. “Does anyone need a glass of water, or something stronger?” Cam and Ming are forehead to forehead. Ming has placed his hand on Cam’s bicep, which is slightly flexed. Ming is gently massaging it. I look over to Max. He is staring off into space. I sit right next to him and put my left arm around his neck and pull him close. He scoots closer and puts his right arm on my thigh and gently squeezes. He quietly asks, “Why now? Why us? We haven’t bothered Shawn since the incident. It makes no sense.” “Sometimes shit like this doesn’t make sense. Who knows what they are thinking, or up to?” Cam and Ming get up to leave. Ming says, “We’ll meet at the twins place in a bit. We want to run home and grab some stuff. We’ll call once we leave there to let you know we’re on our way.” I nod to them and they take off. Max is still a bit shell-shocked. I hug him tight. “I’m here for you buddy. They won’t hurt you.” He wraps his arm around my bicep and pulls his face to it. He softly kisses it. “We need to pack up and head out.” He pats me on the chest and says ok. We head to the bedroom. As Max crosses the threshold, I scoop him up into my arms again and bring him in for a deep, sloppy, passionate kiss. I walk us to the edge of the bed and stand him up on the bed. “We have a few minutes Curly.” I say and wink my blue eyes at him. I put my left hand in his hair and gently stroke it. He smiles warmly and puts his right hand behind my head and plays with the short hairs there. It still excites me every time he does it. He coaxes my head toward his and returns the kisses I gave him earlier. I put my right hand on his package and start to massage him. He is still kissing me and sighs contently. “Thank you Jay.” “I haven’t done anything yet.” “Yes, you have.” He quietly says between kisses. I continue to massage him and feel him getting ramped up. He continues to play with my hair and now I’m getting in the mood. I sigh back. He moves his right hand from the back of neck and puts it on my left bicep. I flex it for him. He breaks our kiss and leans over to the arm. He wets his lips and begins washing the top of my bicep. It feels wonderful, his lips on the top and his hand rubbing the back of it. His fingers find the short hairs and he gently strokes them, running his fingers back and forth across them. Now, I’m really turned on. I loosen the knot on his gym shorts and push them down. He is commando, nice. I gently massage his balls and feel he is at full mast. I begin tugging him. Very slowly at first. He hasn’t gotten off for a week or so, so I need to take my time. I don’t want him to come in two minutes, and I’m sure he wants to enjoy this as well. I continue to flex and un-flex my bicep. He seems content to worship it. His lips are now on the face and are dipping lower toward the tri-ceps. I raise my arm up over my head and he continues his ministrations. His fingers are groping the bicep, coaxing me to flex it harder, which I do. His dick flexes in appreciation. I feel a spurt of pre-cum ooze out. I use my thumb and forefinger and rub the liquid off his dick and spread it between my fingers. I pull my hand up to my mouth and lick at it. It’s such a nice salty treasure. I put my hand near his mouth and he turns his head to lick to remaining moisture off. We both sigh. He goes back to work and is not holding back. He tries to wrap his whole mouth around my tri-cep. He knows he cannot, but is always trying and never seems to tire of it. I pull my arm away from him. I look him in his eyes and say, “Lay down.” He nods and lays on the bed. I get on all fours above him and gaze into his eyes. He stares back with appreciation. I lift my right arm off the bed and flex it insanely hard. I grunt a few times so he knows the effort I am exerting. Max puts his right hand on my cheek and his thumb finds its way to my mouth. I begin to suck. His still erect unit bounces up and brushes my pecs. I release his fingers and smile down to him. I un-flex my arm but then move it so his dick is in the crux of my elbow. I then re-flex. His dick is being squashed between my bicep and forearm. His eyes roll to the back of his head as I begin an up and down stroking movement. I spit into the area to keep it wet. His hand finds its way to my left pec. I flex it so it is solid as granite. He massages it anyway and starts to pull on my nipple a few times. It feels great. My nipple become erect and he licks his lips, like a calf after an udder. He leans his head up and takes the nipple into his mouth. He rolls his tongue around the whole area, coating it, wetting it, nibbling on it every chance his gets. He puts his right hand on my left arm to support himself in his leaning up position. He releases my nipple and lays back on the bed. There is a bead of sweat on his forehead. Crap, is he over-exerting himself? I lean down and lick the sweat off him. I lean back up and gently blow into his hair. His curls flow away from his head then settle back down. He is grinning up at me and blows me a kiss. I am still jerking him off with my bicep. He reaches his right hand up to my left bicep and resumes stroking it. I cannot flex it as I’m using it to support my body over his. He knows this and is fine with just playing with the muscle and hairs on it. His grip becomes tighter. He is close. I slow my jerking motion and he grunts. I remove my arm from around his dick and lower my mouth over it. I wash my tongue all around the head and suck at his piss slit. I move my right hand to ball sack and softly massage him. He grunts again and explodes into my waiting mouth. Fuck, it’s a big load, well it has been a week… Once he finishes, I see he closes his eyes in contentment. After a minute or so he asks, “That was fucking awesome. Thank you. You want me to help you out?” “Mmmm, no, just open your eyes for a second.” He does. I’d taken hold of my dick and have been savagely beating it off. He smiles, leans up, opens his mouth, and swallows my unit. I put my right hand behind his head and hold him steady. “Ready?” He nods ever so slightly. I let lose my torrent. Good thing I was supporting his head or it would have pushed him right off. He licks the last few drops off me and looks up. There is some on his upper lip. I lean down and lick it off. I move lower and kiss him. I scoot back on the bed, roll over onto my back and he climbs on top of me, sitting on my waist and partially erect dick. My looks down at me and says, “See no one was injured, and a good time was had by some.” I cock an eyebrow and he continues, “I’m sure you had a great time. Me, I was wanting a bit more from it…” He lets out a roar of laughter and falls onto my chest and begins kissing his way up to my face. Once there, he smothers me with kisses and lets me know he forgives me for earlier. I break our revelry and say, “We really need to pack and go to the twins.” He mock frowns at me but nods. We get up, take a quick shower and toss stuff into our backpacks. We head out. We get half way to there when the phone rings. I answer with it on speaker. It’s Ty. “Have you heard from Cam or Ming yet?” “Not yet. They said they’d call me when they left their place.” “Well, I’m at their place now, but no one is here, some of their toys are missing, and there is blood in their toy room.” Max looks at me and I say, “Oh fuck."
  10. Psuace

    New Gym, part 3

    Part 2 of the the current story line. Please see Ginger Muscle - Muscle up for part 1. We lay tangled on the bed after our recent round. Cum drying on both of us, but neither of us in a hurry to take a shower. His legs intertwined with mine, his left arm draped over my chest, playing with my nipple. His right hand is running along the side of my cheek, slowly caressing me. My hand is running up and down his back, massaging his spine. When I get to his crack, I dip a finger towards his hole. He sighs at the feeling. I slowly insert a finger and he tweaks my nipple. I lean over and kiss him on his head. He nuzzles at my side, trying to get a bit closer. It’s been a fun Saturday afternoon. Kenny is watching over the gym, Jay, Max, Eddie, and the twins will be over for dinner later, and Davey and I have settled into a comfortable routine over the past few weeks. He hasn’t moved in yet, but I hope he does soon. He seems to want to, but is hesitant. He’s much better since the incident at his place. He’s off his meds again and we take it one day at a time. He’s at the gym daily and is working hard to get stronger. We talk almost every day and he has kept his promise to call me if he feels out of sorts. This has led to one or two 2 AM calls and one in the middle of the day, but nothing we couldn’t work thru. Mostly, it was meeting up and talking to calm his nerves. He looks up at me and kisses my side. I kiss him again on his head. It’s time for me to ask him again about his ex-boyfriend. He always avoids the topic, but I think I am getting closer. He’s told me his ex is the reason he was on meds and had anxiety and depression issues. I want to help him but need to know what happened. “Davey” I say gently, “Tell me about Ron.” I feel him try to pull away. I hug him closer to me. He squirms a bit. “Please.” “It’s complicated.” He says slowly in a whispered voice. “You know I’m here for you and want to help you in any way possible.” I reply in a quiet voice. “Yes, but I don’t want you to think of me as ‘less of a man’ because of what I let him do to me.” “I’m a grown man. I can make up my mind. Just tell me and then we can work to put it behind us. And I would never think of you as ‘less of a man’.” I say as I stroke his back. “Remember, I’ve seem you at your fullest.” He kisses my side again in appreciation. “He manipulated and used me in ways I couldn’t think were possible. He degraded me to bolster himself. He physically abused me in private and verbally abused me in public...And before you ask why I didn’t leave. I tried a number of times, but he always wormed his way back into my life. And not by saying he was sorry and would change, but by saying my life would not be worth living if he wasn’t in it.” “One time we were out for dinner and he became upset with me for not wearing a shirt he had made me buy. He loudly said the shirt I was wearing was a cheap knock off and it fit me because I was a cheap piece of shit and wouldn’t look good wearing any decent clothing. I tried to apologize, but he kept it up saying I was a worthless lover too and couldn’t satisfy him, physically or emotionally. I was practically in tears and he kept going, saying I needed to grow up and be a man and stop crying like a little kid. I remember getting up and walking out of the restaurant. I hailed a cab and went home. He showed up 15 minutes later. I was on the sofa when he came barging into the room. He came right over to me and punched me in the face, cutting me on my check. He angrily asked how I could just walk out on him and how embarrassed he was. He hit me again and knocked me out. When I woke up, I was naked with cum drying on me and I was covered in bruises and cuts. I can’t remember if he raped me or just came on me.” I stare at the top of his head and cannot believe what I’m hearing, but now things are becoming clear. “Another time we were at a work happy hour and he had a few too many drinks and was talking with some of my co-workers. He bragged how I had a 10 inch dick but went on to say I didn’t know how to use it to satisfy him. He said I would get hard just by watching him flex his muscles, but when it came to fucking him, I fell short and he would have to cum on his own by jacking off and he would have to finish me off too. He then walked over to me, flexed his left bicep and forced me to put my hand on it. He then grabbed my crotch with his right hand and shouted, ‘yup, getting hard just feeling me up.’ The room was dead quiet, but he didn’t care.” I start to rage inside myself. How the fuck does someone do this? Why would someone do this? But Davey answered that one for me – Ron needed to bolster himself. “Please be honest with me, has he been in contact with you since your incident a few weeks ago?” Silence. “Davey?” “Yes.” A barely audible whisper. “Oh Davey. I thought we were going to be honest about this. You were going to tell me if he contacted you.” “I know but he’s good at making me feel unworthy of someone like you.” “He knows about me?” I try to control the rage in my voice, but it seeps thru and Davey starts to pull away. I pull him back to me, but he pushes off and sits up. There are tears streaming down his face. I reach up to wipe them away and he flinches. “I’m sorry. I did not mean to sound upset. It just shocked me. How long has he known?” Davey just shrugs his shoulders and is looking down. “Since you started at the gym? Since the incident in your apartment? Is he why you’ve had 3 more episodes? Davey, come on man, you gotta talk to me and be completely honest.” “I try, but he gets to me and gets under my skin.” “Is he the reason you have not moved in with me yet?” He barely nods yes. Fuck, now I’m pissed. “Ok. Talk to me little man. Has he come to visit?” Davey nods no. “Are you being honest about this?” His head comes up and looks me square in the eyes. “No, I have not seen him in person since I moved here. And to answer your next question, I have not given him my address.” “Ok, that’s good.” Something to work with. I lean up on the bed and continue, “When we’re done here, you’re going to give me your phone. I’m getting you a new one. New number, everything. Also, I’m going to help you change your emails so he can no longer contact you.” He’s staring at me. “We need to cut this guy off and get him out of your life.” He nods yes. “And that means your family cannot let him know where you’ve moved to.” “I hope you’re too upset with me Ty.” He’s looking away in shame. Softly, but with a tinge of anger I say, “I’m only upset you didn’t come to me and tell me the truth that you were still in contact with him.” He looks like I just crushed his dream, so I add, “But I am more upset with Ron, than you. What he has done to you is unconscionable. You are not a worthless person Davey.” I reach my left hand out and put it on his right cheek. “You are a special, funny, great guy. If Ron chooses not to see your positive qualities and only demeans you, then he’s the one with the problem, not you. I, for one, am going to spend every moment I can with you. And that means you’re moving in with me this weekend. ” He starts to protest, but I put my hand on his chest. “Dude, new life. No Ron. I’m not taking any chances.” He smiles. He reaches a hand out and caresses my chest. I harden and puff up my pecs. He continues to stroke them. “Better?” I ask. He leans in and kisses me. “Ok, we need to get cleaned up. Everyone will be here in a little while.” “We still have time for round 2.” Davey says eyeing me up like a piece of beef. He licks his lips. I sigh and reach out for him. I wrap my arms around him and pull him close to me and we kiss. He pushes me back down and lays on my chest, still kissing me. He tweaks my nipple and starts to grind his already hard dick against my abs. I flex them and he moans in appreciation. He moves his hands to my arms and starts to massage my biceps. I flex them and he groans in gratitude. He continues to massage them, using his fingertips to trace circles on them. I flex them harder and he squeezes both at the same time. His dick becomes a bit harder and I feel some pre-cum leak out onto my abs. He slides around, spreading it over me. He moves his hands to the sides of my head and tries to pull me closer. I wrap my arms around his back and hug him tightly. He sighs. He rubs his chest against mine, nipple to nipple. Mine become erect and hard. His, well, we’re still working on making them more sensitive. Short of sandpaper rubbing them, nothing. Davey leans back up, skooches back so his ass is against my dick. I buck my hips and he is bounced into the air. He lands on my midsection, rock hard abs, rock hard dick. He stares me in the eyes and starts to rub his crack on my dick. I smile. He cocks an eyebrow and suddenly spins around. I feel him lean over and can feel his tongue start to lap at my dick. His legs are straddling my sides for support. His ass is right about pec level in front of me. I’ve got a great view of his hole and cheeks. I softly blow a warm breath at his hole and he opens and shuts it. I’m going to have fun with this. He takes his time. He wets his lips and slowly lifts my dick, nibbles on the head, kisses it, then takes just the head into his mouth. He swirls his tongue around the whole area, coating it with copious amounts of saliva. He laps at the piss slit, shoving his tongue into the entry swabbing out any pre-cum. I moan in pleasure and flex my dick. It bangs him on the roof of his mouth. He continues. He starts to give only my head a blow job. Short quick movement, making sure to fire up every nerve. He moves his tongue to the underside of the head, where the head meets the shaft and starts to massage it with spit. His mouth is warm and he takes his time swallowing me. He pulls off and lets drool fall from his mouth onto the shaft. He puts his left hand on the shaft and slowly starts to stroke it. I let my eyes roll back into my head and enjoy his ministrations. I feel his mouth again and sense him going all the way down this time. Again, he takes his time. He coats my mushroom head, moves to the top of the shaft, and then starts down it. He pauses and works up a good amount of saliva and then continues. He is half way down the shaft, his tongue working overtime, swirling around the shaft. His teeth are gently scraping the raised arteries and veins as he goes. I’m glad I had shaved my shaft and balls this morning. It makes the experience more pleasant for him and more erotic for me. His taste buds feel like a kitten is licking me. I am getting highly aroused and do everything I can to remain calm so I don’t blow my load too fast. He takes his left hand off the shaft and then places both hands on my inner thighs and gently starts to pull them apart, giving him greater access to my balls and the area beyond. He is still slowly blowing me, wetting as he goes along, his hands are massaging my balls. Each hand has one ball in it. He softly caresses them, rolling them around, tugging at the skin, playing with them. The head of my dick hits the back of his throat. He eases off an inch or two. He then starts back down. My head hits the Uvula again, then slides past it. He doesn’t gag, what a stud. I caress his ass cheeks to let him know he is doing well. I can feel him breathing. His warm breath coming up from his lungs, passes around my dick, and then out his mouth. He sucks in a breath and the cool air going in makes me shiver ever so slightly. He starts to ease off, my dick comes up out his throat, and then he quickly rams it back in, taking me to the hilt. I let a heavy sigh, lean up, and lap at his hole. He lets out a guttural moan and the vibrations cause my dick to quiver. He closes his mouth and creates as tight a seal as he can on my unit. He is now breathing thru his nose and is sucking air down his throat. His tongue is still coating me with saliva and his hands are working their magic on my balls. He starts to ease off my shaft. I feel it leave his throat. I’m just in his mouth. He starts a piston like motion. He raises my dick so it is sticking up at a 90 degree angle. He continues rocketing his mouth up and down, saliva dripping down my unit like water driblets on a cold glass, pooling on my abs, then draining down between my legs to his waiting hands. He lets go of my balls and moves his fingers to my ass. He tries to slide one in. I tense then relax my hole several times. He times his movements and pushes into me when I flex my hole open. I clamp down his fingers. He pauses his blowjob, wiggles his fingers a bit, then his tongue and mouth continue. I can feel my load building. I caress his ass and say, “I’m close.” He immediately stops everything and pulls off my dick. He says, “Not yet.” I nod and take a few deep, cleansing breathes. I rub his back as my heartrate slows a bit. I can feel my load subsiding. I pat him to let him know I’m better. He immediately takes me to the hilt in one swallow. I pat him on the ass and massage his glutes. He is back to rocketing up and down on me and I feel my load building again. I don’t want him to stop, but need to distract him so he slows down. I lean my head up to his ass and dart my tongue around his hole. I coat it with spit and maneuver my tongue into his tight hole. He feels me trying to invade him and clamps his hole shut. I think to myself, ‘not this time little man’ and bring my left hand back to his hole and slowly, but firmly insert my middle finger into him. He gasps and pauses momentarily. ‘Thank God’ I think to myself. I begin to finger fuck him and he moans with joy. Uh-oh, I’ve created more problems. He’s back to blowing me like he’s licking a 12 inch popsicle. I bring my right hand back and have that middle finger join the action and push it right into his ass. He squirms around a bit, getting used to both invaders, and is back at it. Dammit, I’ve created a fucking monster. I lean my head back up, use my fingers to spread his hole as wide as possible, and dive my tongue right in. Now he stops, releases my dick and says, “So you want to play dirty. I’m all for it, my shiny black knight.” I continue my assault on his ass and he resumes blowing me. He’s not going to the hilt, but is still rocketing up and down. He tries to pull his ass away from my hands and mouth, but I won’t let him. He moves his hands back to my balls and sensitive area between them and my ass. He knows I won’t let him invade my ass, but he is using all his other tricks. He starts massaging my balls with one hand and caressing the area right below them with his other. He is doing it so softly and gently I can hardly feel it, but the nerve endings there tell me they are being overly stimulated. I try pushing my fingers deeper into his ass, but he has completely opened his ass to me and I have no tricks left. Dammit. I might as well enjoy the ride. I remove my fingers from his ass, smack it once or twice for good measure and move my hands around his waist and find his dick. He tries to flatten himself out on my body so I cannot grab it, but I have a counter for that. I move to the edge of the bed and slowly start to get up. I grab him by the waist so he doesn’t fall, but I continue to get up. He is just sucking away, like nothing is happening to him. I stand up and am holding him upside down and he still latched onto me, like a leech on my dick. I create some space between our bodies and grab his dick with my right hand. I’ve moved left hand from his waist and have curled it around his body. Yes, I’m holding him up with just my left arm. I start to jerk him off. A nice steady motion. His dick reacts and extends to its full 10 inches. Fucking impressive for someone who is only 5’11”, 175. He continues shooting up and down my unit and I can feel my load building again, this time quicker and more intense. My body begins to tense up. I need to stand firm so Davey doesn’t get hurt. I brace my legs and they become like concrete pillars. I flex my quads and all the muscles come into relief. He must notice as his hands leave my balls and are now on my quads for support. He does a couple quick and savage, to the hilt movements and I can’t hold back. I release his dick and use my right hand to support his head and shoulders as I shoot into him. The first shot hits the back of his throat and he gulps it down (or up, as he is still upside down). The next two fill his mouth and start to leak out. The last one is too much for him and he has to open his mouth. Cum spills out onto the carpet and he starts to gag. I immediately pull him off my dick and carefully flip him around so he is upright. His eyes are red and full of tears and he has snot coming out of his nose. He is still coughing up cum, but is fine otherwise. I gently set him on the bed and grab a towel and some tissues. He cleans himself up and looks 100% better a minute later. His hard-on has partially faded. I glance down at it and then look into his eyes. He just leans back on the bed and shuts his eyes. I go to work. I flex my left bicep and grab his dick. I start jerking him off again. A smile comes across his face, but his eyes remain shut. I wonder what he is thinking about. Hopefully just us and this moment. I reach my right hand down and put my thumb on his lips. He barely opens them and I slip it in. He begins a sucking motion and swirls his tongue around it. His left hand instinctively reaches up for my pec. I move closer so it is within reach. He finds it and starts to massage the muscle. I flex and release the muscle a few times. He sighs, finds my nipple and pinches it like he’s squeezing a lemon. I grimace, but the feeling is wonderful. All of the sudden I feel him cum. First shot explodes out of him and nails me in the abs. Second shot, not as powerful, but still leaves a coating. Last 2 shots just ooze out and coat my hand. “Well that was unexpected. I could have sworn you could hold on for another 10 minutes or so.” “Too much stimulation. It got to me. Hope you’re not upset.” “How could I be upset with the load you coated me with? Do you see it?” He leans up and cracks a smile. “I’m good, aren’t I?” And he laughs. “Yes, yes you are. And you’re all mine.” I lean down and kiss him. We break kiss. I look up and see the clock. “Oh fuck, everyone is going to be here in 15 minutes and we haven’t started dinner yet.” “Don’t worry, I got this Ty.” Davey says, patting my chest. “You get the shower started and I’ll get dinner going.” “You sure?” “Trust me on this.” He winks at me. “Ok.” I reach for my phone and see a text from Eddie. I read it to Davey, “He says, ‘They won’t make it. A few things came up’ – yeah, I bet ‘a few things’ came up, given he’s with the twins.” Davey laughs again. I head to the shower and turn it to hot and let it get ready. I check myself in the mirror. Cum dried or drying all over, nipples are rock hard and ultra-sensitive, muscles full of blood and pumped up. God dam, it was a good day. I flex my pecs and biceps just for fucks sake. Steam is coming over the top of the shower curtain. I yell to Davey the shower is ready and he yells back he’ll be there in a second. I step in and begin to lather up. I feel him step in behind me. He grabs the soap and lathers himself up. He washes my back, taking his time to massage my muscles. “We don’t have time for round 3, buddy.” He kisses my back and says, “You better be ready when they leave. I’m extra horny today and if you thought my last load was big, just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet. I feel his dick harden and rub against the back of my leg.” “Calm down super stud. We’ve got all night for round 3.” I pull away from him and turn to face him. I pick up his slick and slippery body, up under his armpits, and haul him in for a kiss. “That’s the last you get until Jay and Max leave.” I set him down, spin him around and swat him on the ass. “Now rinse off and make sure dinner is ready.” He giggles and says, “Dinner will be here in about 20 minutes. I ordered pizza. You didn’t think I could create a gourmet meal with the junk in your fridge, did you? Besides, you and Jay need to have a cheat night once in a while. Tonight is as good as any.” He finishes rinsing off and gets out to dry off. I finish my shower and follow him. We quickly get dressed and are just heading into the living room when the doorbell rings and Jay and Max walk in. Max takes one look at us and says, “See Jay, I told you we could have been a bit late, they just finished having sex.” Jay blushes and I say, “What makes you say that?” “Um, no snacks, or drinks, or food in the oven. Also, you’re both still wet from your shower and I can see into your bedroom and the mess you made.” I glance around and give in, “Fine, yes we had sex right before you got here. Is it a crime?” Max just laughs and pats Jay’s bicep. “See Jay, I won, you owe me.” Jay rolls his eyes. I say, “Nice. Glad to see we could be of some entertainment to you.” Max just nods sarcastically. Davey and Max head to the kitchen to get some drinks and snacks. I pull Jay aside and say, “He finally opened up about Ron.” Jay cocks an eyebrow. “It wasn’t easy for either of us, but he let it out. Ron is one fucked up dude.” Jay is staring at me. I am getting tense and upset. “If I ever meet the fucker, you may need to be there to hold me back.” “That bad?” “Yeah, and probably worse than he’s letting on. I’ll try to probe some more, but I have most of it.” “Is he going to be ok? I mean, it couldn’t have been easy for him to spill his guts about it.” I nod yes. “I think so, but I’m going to need your help. I’m getting him a new phone and email. I don’t want Ron to be able to track him down. Davey says he has not told him where he moved to. I believe him. Also, I’m moving him in with me next weekend, just to be safe.” Jay again cocks an eye. “It’s best for him.” I say in a defensive tone. He nods back. “I’ll get Eddie to help too. With his truck and our SUVs, we should be able to move everything here or to a storage locker in a few hours.” “You ready for another roommate? The last one didn’t work out too well for you.” “Thanks for reminding me.” My old roommate and lover, Evan was a piece of work, but we ended it amicably, or so I thought. “Davey is nothing like Evan. Davey needs help recovering from an asshole that controlled his life against his will. Evan let the drugs and alcohol control him.” Jay puts his hands up in surrender. I relax and say, “Sorry buddy, didn’t mean to become so defensive.” “I know. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to see you get hurt again. I’m here for you 24/7, you know that, right?” I nod yes. “Good.” Davey and Max walk back into the room with drinks and snacks, “On a lighter note, Eddie and the twins are not coming over, they’re having sex too.” I look directly at Max as I say the last part. “Well, duh. When aren’t Ian and Colin trying to have Eddie show off? And we all know how much he likes to strut around with his chest puffed out, like some peacock.” We all laugh because we know it’s true. We continue the small talk and then the doorbell rings. Davey grabs his wallet and opens the door to pay for the pizza. The pizza guy says no charge. Davey looks at him confused. The delivery guy says someone else paid as one of those ‘pay it forward’ things. Davey says great and gives the guy a nice tip. “Nice dinner Davey.” Jay says flatly. “Think of it as your cheat night” He responds. We all laugh and dig into the pies.
  11. First of 6 new stories. They pull all they guys together. Hope you like.. “Come on big guy, you know you want to. What, are you scared?” Colin says sarcastically to Eddie while licking his flexed right bicep. Ian is lapping at his left nipple like a calf at a cow’s udder. He is sucking, hoping to get some milk from it. “Fuck you both.” Eddie says calmly, his dick slowly regaining some hardness after the recent session with the twins. He still has cum dripping off his hairy abs from the twins exploding on him. “Been there, done that Eddie. Now you need to keep up your end of the deal.” “I could just walk out. I don’t think the two of you could stop me, do you?” He starts to stand up, dragging both the twins off the bed with him. He wraps his enormous arms around both of them and brings them in to a loose bear hug. They sigh. “Probably not, but we’d have a hell of a time trying.” Say Ian. He starts kissing Eddie’s neck and moves toward his left ear. He gets to the lobe and wraps his lips around it, covering it in saliva. He darts his tongue into the ear and probes as far as he can go. Eddie squirms a bit and pulls the twins off him and stands up. His erection bounces up and down a few times. He flexes his arms into their 22 inch cannons and scrunches his abs tightly. The twins stare at him, ready to pounce on him again. He says, “Let’s put it to the test. If I can get to the door in under one minute, I walk out and the deal is off. You stop me and I’m yours for the night.” Ian and Colin glance at each and an imperceptible looks goes between them. They lunge at Eddie, catching him by surprise. Ian goes low and wraps both his arms around Eddies calves. Colin goes high and leaps at his chest, making Eddie catch him so he does not get knocked backwards. “Fuckers.” Is his first response. “Fine, we can play it that way.” And he tries to dislodge Colin from his chest, but he has wrapped his arms around Eddie’s neck and is holding on for all he’s worth. Eddie relaxes and then takes a deep breath inflating his chest to its full 65 inches. He squeezes his arms between Colin’s, looks him in the eyes, winks, and starts to move his arms outward. Colin knows what’s about to happen and leans in to kiss Eddie on the lips. Hot, passionate, sloppy wet kisses, trying to distract him. Eddie winks at him again and just moves his arms outward breaking Colin’s grip. But, Eddie quickly grabs him around the waist and says, “Nice try G2. The kisses were a good idea, but it’ll take a bit more than that to stop me.” And he casually tosses Colin across the room to the bed. 45 seconds left. “Now for you, G1.” Ian tightens his grip and bends his head lower to make himself as small as possible. Eddie leans down, pats Ian on the head and grips both his forearms and starts to pull them away from his legs. Eddie shifts his legs a bit and creates some space. Ian doubles his efforts and wraps his legs around Eddie’s calves as well. “Nice move buddy.” Eddie is impressed. “But let me try this.” And he simply separates his tree trunk sized legs some more. His quads flare and turn to stone. Ian’s legs cannot hold on and are pulled apart. 30 seconds left Colin is up and circles behind Eddie and jumps on his wide back. He scoots up until his is on the broadest part and then reaches his arms around Eddie’s neck from behind. He’s trying to get a choke hold on him. Eddie leans up and says, “Hold on G1, I think I’ve got something on my back.” Eddie pulls Colin’s hands apart easily and pushes him off. Colin slides down his back and realizes the high road is not going to work. 15 seconds left. Ian has rewrapped his arms and legs around Eddie’s legs. Colin sees this as the best option and joins him. Colin, still behind Eddie, wraps his arms around Eddie’s upper thighs. Unfortunately, they are so large and muscular, Colin cannot reach all the way around. 10 seconds left. “10 seconds Eddie.” Ian announces. “Oh, that much time? Ok.” Eddie simply flexes his legs and widens his stance. Ian’s grip is broken immediately. Eddie turns and takes a step toward the door. Colin jumps at him again and Eddie catches him and tosses him over his shoulder. 5 seconds. Ian jumps up and leaps at him as well. Eddie catches him in the other arm and hauls him for a kiss. “Looks like I win little men.” He takes the last 2 steps to the door and stops. “Time.” Yells Ian. “We win.” “I guess so.” Eddie says with a twinkle in his eye. He lowers both guys to the ground and wraps his 22 inch biceps around them and pulls them close to him. “You let us win, didn’t you?” Colin asks. “Well, I think I would have stayed, even if I had ‘won’.” He squeezes both guys tightly and sighs. “Ready for some more fun? I guess I can show off for you.” Ian and Colin grin from ear to ear and both move closer to Eddie’s chest and each take a nipple into their mouths. They begin sucking and lapping at them. Eddie looks skyward and sighs. “That’s it boys, worship your muscle god. Show him how much you love him. Come on boys, I’m not fragile, you can bite those nipples, they’re as tough as I am.” Ian and Colin obey Eddie and start to nibble on him. “Harder boys.” Ian bites down on Eddie’s erect nipple and Eddie massages his back, “That’s better G1.” Eddie reaches around the twins, puts a hand on each of their asses and massages them. He moves his hands closer to their holes. The boys continue to work over his nipples. Slobbering over them and causing spit to drip down his pecs to his abs. The hair there captures it and they rub their bodies against it, making all three bodies slick. The twins simultaneously push their asses outward and Eddie sticks his middle fingers into each of their asses. They pause momentarily in their sucking to take a deep breath. “Don’t stop boys, I’m just getting riled up.” And Eddie bounces his dick between the boys. They each put a hand on it and start to stroke it. Eddie tenses his pecs, pushing his nipples outward a bit more. The boys put their free arms around the bicep closest to them and pull themselves a bit closer to him. Eddie pushes his fingers in as far as they will go and starts a deliberate in and out motion. Each twin lets out a deep guttural moan. Eddie laughs. “I hope I don’t stimulate you kids too much. You need to last for the whole muscle show.” And with that he bends his knees a bit, braces himself, and lifts both twins with just his fingers in their asses. They gasp, look at each other and start to kiss each other. Tongues entwine, lips press to others, drool spills out and drops between them, onto their hairless chests. Eddie leans his head forward and intrudes into their kiss. He mumbles, “Let me in fuckers.” They pretend to ignore his advances. He jabs his middle fingers into their asses with enough force to cause them to buck up. Their lips separate. Eddie smiles and says, “There, you just needed a bit of coaxing.” He licks each of their faces, they moan again and turn to face him. They close in on his face and Colin gets to his lips first and locks on. Eddie lets Colin’s tongue into his mouth. They wrestle around and Eddie playfully bites down on the tongue. He gently shakes his head left and right and Colin’s head moves with it. Colin moves in closer and pushes his tongue further into Eddie’s mouth. Ian, not be left out, licks Eddies cheek, then moves his tongue towards Colin’s ear. He dips his tongue into the ear cannel. Colin squirms, but has no place to go. Eddie has firmly embedded his finger in his ass and he’s captured his tongue. Ian spits into his twins ear, then uses his tongue to spread the spit all over Colin’s inner ear, softly massaging his whole ear. He wiggles around and his dick spurts a glob pre-cum onto Eddie’s abs. Eddie jostles Colin a bit in appreciation. Colin grabs at Eddie’s bicep for support, even though none is needed. He gropes at the 22 inches and tries to encompass it with his hand. He feels the sweaty hair and yanks on it gently. Eddie releases his tongue and tenses his left bicep for Colin. Eddie moans in appreciation and turns his attention to Ian. “What are you up to G1? Need something to play with like G2?” “Yes, please.” Ian responds eagerly. “Hmm, what I can give you to play with?” Eddie ponders while he rapidly thrusts his finger in and out of Ian’s ass. Ian’s eyes roll around and he gurgles a moan of pleasure. He flexes his dick hard and it slams into Eddie’s abs and a load of pre-cum spits out and joins Colin’s. Ian starts to lose his balance due to intense pleasure and falls backwards. He grasps at Eddie’s sweaty body but cannot maintain his grip. Eddie tries to pull him back up with just his middle finger, but momentum has taken over and Ian falls off, drops to the floor, and his head bounces off the carpet. Eddie sets Colin down, removes his finger from his ass and bends over Ian. Ian’s eyes are shut and his face shows a pained expression. “G1, you ok. Fuck. Dude, open your eyes.” Eddie leans down, scoops him up and sets him on the bed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Dammit dude, you gotta open your eyes. G2, you talk to him.” Eddie roughly grabs Colin and practically shoves at Ian. Colin leans over Ian and says softly, “Ian, you ok bro?” He puts his hand over Ian’s chest and feels a steady heartbeat. “I think he’s just dazed.” Eddie lets out a sigh as he is pacing around the room. He takes several deep breathes and tries to relax. “Let’s give him a minute.” Colin says and gets off the bed and walks around to Eddie and pats him on the chest. “Dude, not your fault. He slipped backwards. He’ll be fine in a minute. I’ll go get some ice. Be right back.” Colin walks out of the room for the ice. Eddie walks back to the bed, sits on the edge and reaches a hand down to Ian’s face. He shows his softer side for the first time and gently caresses Ian’s cheek. “I’m so sorry G1. You’ve got to be ok. You guys are the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.” Eddie’s emotions get the better of him. He starts to choke up. He lurches off the bed, lets out a violent roar, and slams his fist through the bedroom wall. Drywall crumbles, pictures tremble, the dresser next to him shakes. He pulls his hand out and sees blood on his knuckles, but no broken bones. There is now drywall dust mixed with the sweat and cum on his body, but he doesn’t care. He’s about to throw another punch at the wall when Colin comes running back into the room yelling, “What the fuck was that?” “Yeah, what was that?” Ian says groggily from the bed. Eddie spins around and sees Ian slowing trying to lean up onto his elbows. A tear escapes his eye and he walks back over to the bed, leans down, picks Ian up, and delicately, but firmly hugs him. He kisses him on the side of his face. “I’m so sorry G1.” Now the sweat, cum, and drywall are on Ian too. Eddie cradles Ian’s head like a parent holding a child. “What happened? All I remember was your finger plunging in and out of my ass, then darkness.” “Um, well, you were having fun, then fell backwards…off my finger. Your head hit the floor and you were out for a few minutes.” Eddie looks over to Colin for reassurance. Colin adds, “You did lose conscienceless. Do you need to go to the hospital or ER? How’s your vision? Do you feel nauseated?” “Slow down Colin. You’re going a bit fast.” Ian says with some bite in his voice. “I think I’ll be fine. Just give me a few minutes.” He turns to Eddie and says, “Eddie, can you put me back down please. I get it, you’re sorry, but no need for you to carry me around for the rest of the night.” Eddie reluctantly sets Ian back down on the bed and sits right next to him with his arm wrapped around him. Ian takes a few deep breaths and lays back on the bedspread. He shuts his eyes for a moment. “I’ll be ok, but I think I need to sit the rest of tonight out.” Eddie’ face darkens. “What? Are you sure you’re ok?” He looks over at Colin. “Are you getting a headache or feeling faint?” Colin asks with concern. “Just a bit tired.” Ian responds with his eyes still shut. “Eddie, you need to finish showing off for Colin. I can sit here and watch.” He leans up and looks at both of them. “Don’t let me stop the fun, please. I’ll have fun watching.” Eddie looks over to Colin, who nods it is ok with him. Eddie leans down and gives Ian a kiss, then eyes up Colin like he’s a 25lb dumbbell he’s going to toss around. He walks over to him, puts his left forearm between Colin’s legs and hefts him up. Colin slides down and is in the crux between forearm and bicep. Eddie just stands there like he’s holding a glass of water and flexes his bicep and the mound pushes against Colin’s dick. It gets hard quickly. Eddie smiles and flexes a few times, bouncing the mound, and crushing the dick. Colin reaches his arms out and puts his right hand on Eddie’s shoulder and his left hand on Eddie’s right nipple. He starts to tweak and tug on the nipple. Eddies growls in approval. He pulls his arm closer to his body and leans up to kiss Colin. Colin accepts the kiss and they start to tongue wrestle. He places his free hand on Colin’s dick and starts a gentle tugging motion. Colin squirms a bit and Eddie flexes his arm and tightens his grip on the dick. He’s not letting Colin slip out at any cost. Colin feels Eddie’s need to keep him safe and gives him a gentle kiss. Eddie looks him in the eyes and Colin savagely tugs on the right nipple. Eddie’s lips curl up in an evil grin. Colin continues to tug and starts to twist it, like it’s the lid to a jar. “That the best you can do G2?” Colin responds by twisting harder. Eddie sighs, “That’s more like it.” He flexes his left arm and the bicep mound squishes Colin’s dick again. He then flexes his chest, making it stone hard. Colin stops twisting and starts to caress the sticky, slick hair around the nipple. Eddie puffs his chest out and Colin responds by gently tugging on the hair. Both men sigh. Eddie moves his free hand between Colin’s legs to join his other hand. He then spreads the legs apart. Colin’s rock hard dick flops around and Eddie’s eyes light up like it’s seeing a foot long hotdog with all the fixings. He pulls it closer to his mouth and slowly, but steadily downs it. When he’s half down it, he closes his mouth and starts to suck. Colin puts his hands on top of Eddie’s head for stability. Eddie simply bobs his head back and forth, sucking and slurping like there’s no tomorrow. Colin pulls Eddie’s head closer, shoving more of his cock down his throat. He eagerly accepts it and soon has taken Colin to the root. He wraps his tongue around the cock, grateful it is hairless and coats it saliva. So much so, it dribbles out the corners of his mouth, down between Colin’s legs, and onto his forearms, then the carpet. Colin has braced his body upright and scooted his ass as forward as he can so Eddie has every millimeter of his dick in his mouth. He is in pure heaven. He rubs Eddie’s head with his hands, massaging the scalp. He moves his hands to the back of Eddie’s head and tries to pull him further onto his dick, but his nose is already poking him in his lower abs, so he cannot be much closer. Eddie, sensing Colin’s desire for him to take as much of him into his mouth as possible, pushes his head back an inch, to Colin’s dismay, lowers his jaw, sticks his tongue out, and starts playing with his balls. Colin moans in utter pleasure. Eddie puts his tongue under the balls, lightly lifts them up, and then moves his mouth back forward, bringing the balls into his mouth with the dick. Colin firmly attaches his hands to Eddie’s head and screams in ecstasy. He moves his body upward an inch or two trying to get even more into Eddie’s mouth. Eddie, for his part is just standing there, letting his tongue do its thing. His arms are solidly supporting Colin, and are not showing any signs of weakening. His legs are like granite pillars. His eyes are fixed on Colin’s abs. He is also in heaven because he is showing off his strength and G2 is taking it all in and appreciating him to the fullest. He flexes his biceps just a bit and Colin is drawn that much closer. Ian, who has been watching from the bed, quietly says, “Eddie, turn around.” Eddie, shocked at hearing G1’s voice, turns around. Although he cannot see G1, he follows the voice. His knees bump the bed and he stops. “Not sure how useful I will be, but here goes.” He slowly takes Eddie’s dick into his mouth. He doesn’t fit much in when he starts to gag, but he gives it his best effort. Eddie moans, which in turn sends shivers throughout Colin’s body. Ian awkwardly puts one of his hands under Eddie’s balls and starts to fondle them. Delicately at first, rolling them around, feeling the hair and sweat, and appreciating their weight in his hand. He lets them slide around his fingers and into his palm, then back to his fingers. He puts his thumb and forefinger together and lightly pulls on a few of the hairs, stretching them out from the curled position. He maneuvers his pinkie into the area between the two balls and rubs across the area very tenderly. His pinkie then finds its way back towards Eddie’s hole and the area between the hole and his balls. He massages the area while still fondling the balls with his other fingers. Eddies lets out a guttural moan and tries to pull Colin even closer. He has flexed both biceps and is sucking on Colin like there is no tomorrow. Colin is holding onto Eddie’s head for dear life and then suddenly explodes down his throat. Eddie is shocked, but not surprised. He swallows every drop and keeps sucking once Colin is done, hoping there is something extra on its way. Sadly there is not. He uses his arms to pull G2 out of his mouth. G2’s dick is softening. Eddie looks up into his eyes and sees gratitude. He lowers his arms and Colin is now face level. Eddies pulls him for a loving kiss. Colin accepts and returns it. Eddie breaks the kiss and says, “I’d put you down, but your brother is right below you.” Colin nods. “The bed is right behind you. You’ll land at the far end. Try not to bang your head.” He nods again. Eddie hefts him up, “Ready?” and tosses G2, over his twin, onto the other end of the bed. He lands softly and bounces on the mattress and covers. He rolls over and gives Eddie a thumbs up. Eddie winks at him and then looks down at Ian. “You ok G1?” Ian throws a thumbs up showing he’s fine. Eddie pats him on the head. “Keep doing what you’re doing stud. Big guy is feeling all warm and satisfied.” Ian continues playing with his balls and sucking on his dick. After a few minutes he says, “I’m going to flip you over so you’re on your back, hold on.” Ian gives another thumbs up and Eddie reaches down, carefully grabs him by the lower back and twists him halfway over. He sets him down, resets, then completes the job. Ian’s raging hard-on is now face up. Both Eddie and Colin eye it up. Colin looks at Eddie who winks back at him. Colin crawls up Ian’s body and engulfs his twin’s dick to the hilt in one move. It’s now Ian’s turn to moan in gratitude which sends vibrations throughout Eddie’s body. Eddie is standing still so as to not hurt Ian again, but he’s also watching the twins and how they react to each other. The moment Colin started sucking on Ian, Ian’s body changed and how he was sucking on Eddie changed ever so slightly, but he noticed it. G1 became more intense, but in a pleasurable way. His tongue movements became more intense. His fingers became a bit rougher when tugging the hair on his balls. He applied just a bit more pressure with his pinkie, causing Eddie just a bit more pleasure. He is still amazed at how well the twins know how to pleasure each other. No matter what he does, they have their own special bond and he is still an outsider. He is not offended or put off by it, but just wants to feel the level of love which they share. He knows they love him passionately, but they put each other first, always have and always will. He admires that level of love between siblings and wishes he and his brothers had it. Eddie regains his focus on Ian. His chest had heaved due to the change in Ian and now his body has a renewed feeling. He wants to show off for the twins, pick them up again with just his hands, toss them around like they are 10lb weights, carry them on his broad shoulders around the bedroom while doing squats, and do presses using them as the weights, just to show off. His thoughts get him so riled up, he feels his explosion coming. He looks down at Ian and warns him, “I’m about to cum G1. Are you sure you’re ok?” Ian pulls off, just to be safe and Eddie quickly grabs his dick and brutally jerks it 4 times. A geyser of cum explodes out and coats both guys, from Colin’s head to Ian’s chin. Ian, amazed with the shower he received, cums on the spot into Colin’s mouth. No warning. Colin attempts to gulp it down, but can only get the first two shots. The last two shots dribble out and down Ian’s dick to waist and abs. Ian lets his eyes roll into his head. Eddie reaches down and pats him on the chest and says, “Glad you’re feeling a bit better G1.” Colin finishes licking up the cum off his brother then scoots up his body and delicately lays on top of him, kissing him. Eddie feigning gruffness says to Colin, “G2, what about the mess on me? Who the fuck is going to clean me up?” Colin looks up and flatly says, “You’re a big boy, do it yourself.” And winks at him. He then leans back down and continues to kiss Ian. He whispers, “How long til he picks me u…” Eddie reaches down, puts both hands on Colin’s waist and simply lifts him off Ian. He holds him up, with Colin facing down and away from him. “What was that G2? I think I missed what you said.” He takes a few steps away from the bed so he is clear of Ian, raises his arms up so Colin is head high, and carefully spins him around they are face to face, with Colin’s being upside down. “Say it again, G2.” Colin leans in and kisses him. They break the kiss. Eddie says, “That’s what I thought. But I’m still a mess.” He slowly lowers Colin until he is dick level. Colin carefully laps the dry and sticky cum off Eddie’s dick and surrounding area. Once he’s done, Eddie walks back to the bed and sets him down. He pats him on the shoulder and says, “Good boy.” He quickly finds his phone, sends a quick text, puts it on silent, and tosses it on the floor. He crawls onto the bed. Ian moves to be on one side, Colin takes the other side. Eddie puts his arms around both and says, “Guess we’re not going to Ty’s for dinner. Good, those guys talk too much.” He pulls the twins closer to him and they nuzzle him with love and affection. Maybe they are letting him into their world, in their own special way. He hugs them tighter.
  12. gingy123

    The Muscle Sandwich Part 4

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last instalment. Hope you enjoy! I had very little time to relax but was so thankful these two gods were here to guide me through this muscle worshippers dream. My hole was stretched open and was slowly dribbling Colt's superior cum out. I was laying down on the bed between these two hunks, completely overshadowed by their existence. I had to keep reminding myself that these two possessed more than eight times my meager body weight in muscle. That thought mixed with the thought that they could do anything they wanted to me was intoxicating. Both Colt and Ox were on their sides looking down at me, their big hands caressing my tiny legs. It looked like they could wrap their hands around my thigh if they wanted to. "Are you fading on us? We're going to have to work on your stamina little guy." Ox's tone had sofetned a bit now that Colt and I had come down from our climax. "After all, you still haven't experienced the bucking bronco!" I was a bit confused as to what he was talking about and it showed in my face. "The bucking bronco?" I said, nearly in a whisper. "Oh yes, I can tell by the way you look at our herculean bodies, this is something you will enjoy!" Ox said, "Athough, because I can tell you're weak right now, I am going to have to give you some extra support. You mind if I take him for a spin Colt?" Stil lying down, the spent Colt sat up a bit. His muscular body shifted up and his big pecs hung a few inches over his ripped abs. "Nah, this I'd like to watch. I don't think we've ever had someone quite as small as little Alex to play with. Our big muscles are a playground for the little runt." Colt bounced his pecs with that last sentence and lo and behold, my small cock started to rise again. Transfixed by the site of Colt's pillow-like pecs, I hadn't noticed that Ox had stood up to his full 6'10" height. He reached over and grabbed my body like a regular person grabs a peice of clothing. I was still tired but excited for what this muscle god had planned for my small, 5'1", 95 lbs body. He quickly manuevered me exactly where he wanted and suddenly the 'bucking bronco' made sense. There I was, straddling Ox's huge bicep, both my legs were stretched wide as my dripping hole continued to leak Colt's cum onto this hulk's gargantuan right arm. I was facing a vein-filled forearm that I was pretty sure had more muscle in it than I did in my whole body. I braced myself up against Ox's forearm as he brought his arm up in an awesome bicep flex. My whole body moved as the bicep between my legs grew twice as large and I felt my used hole stretch to accomodate this rock hard bicep. I moaned as I came to the realization of what was going to happen next, Ox was going to fuck me with his bicep. "H-how big?" I said with a wide-eyed expression on my face. I was hugging the huge forearm in front of me that seemed to dwarf my body. "This old bad-boy?" Ox said as he flexed a few times. My body jerked violoently and my hole was stretched by the vein on his bicep. "You'll get to measure them later but last time I got a runt like you to measure them they were at 32"." I gasped at the number. How was it that Ox had an arm so large? An arm capable of doing whatever it wanted to anyone on earth. "My arm is ready to fuck you Alex, do you feel it twitching?" I did. I felt the power in that arm and quaked with anticipation. "First, I'm going to provide a little more support," said Ox as his hand cupped my head. I was now sat on this flex arm, hand on my head, with my arms reached out and hugging the large muscular forearm in front of me. "And adjust this little guy." My cock was previosuly wedged in an awkward position between my leg and his arm but now it was free to run up and down the veiny forearm. He gave a few more test flexes and I cried out in pleasure. How was it that this god of a man was able to provide such pleasure with his muscles? The jerking was a bit more controlled with his hand firmly resting on my head, keeping me in place. Other areas of my body were less controlled however. Ox had doused his left hand with salivia and rubbed it all around my cock and his right forearm. This relieved some of the friction and sent me into ecstasy as he started to increase the pace. He brought his arm down from the 90 degree pose and had me lean forward on his forearm. "Yeah, you like when even my bicep dominates you completely don't you runt? Take a ride on a man's arm and feel the power!" Ox said with enthusiasm. THe flexing was now relentless, I didn't know where I was as my whole body felt like a can of paint being mixed in a paint can shaker. My hole was spasming as the sweaty bicep, mixed with Colt's cum was overwhelming my senses. "Tell your muscle god you like it when he fucks you with his muscles!" Ox demanded. "I love it sir, please don't stop! You are a god who deserves to do whatever you want with my body!" My speech was partially muffled by the big forearm I was leaning onto for support. My poor cock didn't know how to feel as Ox's forearm acted as a solid wall of muscle. I looked down and saw through my blurred vision that Ox was jerking his own cock off, excited by my moans of adoration. "Yeah, work that huge cock bro!" said Colt from the bed. "Please sir, cover me in your muscle god cum. I am not worthy but would be blessed!" "Ahhh fuck, seing your puny little body fly up and down is so fucking hot you little shrimp! You cum when daddy tells you to" "Yes daddy!" I yelled. My hole was stretched wide by this huge arm and my cock was aching for release as it rubbed up and down Ox's forearm. "Ahhhhhhh fuck! Cum you little runt!" I came in another violent orgasm as Ox showered me in his sweet cum. The ecstasy I felt was unreal. I was able to provide some level of pleasure to these gods and I felt absolutely intoxicated. My spent body colasped on Ox's arm. I had a little bit of time to rest before Colt and Ox moved onto the shower...
  13. cutlerfan

    Hope Springs

    Hope Springs By Cutlerfan [Somewhat based on RPs with Scott158f and MuscleAce] James and his roommate Ian were happy to have found a cheap way home for weekend but the trip was irritating. The two jocks they carpooled with were completely obnoxious. They kept calling them fags despite the fact that neither had said they were gay. Requests to suck them off were made by the athletes that did not help the situation. “I just assumed two fag boys like you loved cock,” said the Junior wrestler named Brice. His cohort, Rod, a football player was just as bad. “Yeah I bet you’d just love it. Everyone knows twinks like you love jock juice!” “Thanks but we’ll pass.” they said at the same time. They were only thirty minutes from their destination when the car started to act up. “You put gas in right?” asked Rod. “I thought you did.” replied Brice. “Damn we need to find a station A SAP!” Rod looked around and saw a sign saying ‘Hope Springs-2 miles’. “Okay let’s go there. I bet they have gas. Might get a snack too since I need protein.” Rod flexed his big bicep as Brice nodded. In a few minutes they we on the outskirts of the town. “What a shit hole this is!” whined Brice. “Yeah but they should have gas I hope… hah I made a funny I said ‘I Hope’ and we’re in Hope Springs!” Rod laughed at his little joke. They found a gas station just a few blocks down the road and filled up. “Okay fags that’s twenty from each of you for gas now hand it over!” Not wanting to be stranded the two guys coughed up the money and got out to look around. Across the street was a small marble fountain with a tulip shaped spout. As they walked over and looked closer a sign read “Hope Springs” with the word ‘Eternal’ underneath it. Nearby was aforementioned spring that appeared from the ground with pipes drawing water to the large tulip and drinking fountains, Taking it to the fountain. A small bridge was over the spring leading to the woods. A huge man in a sheriff’s outfit drove past and stopped by the fountain where the the young men now sat. “The water is great for quenching a thirst,” he said, ”A wide variety of thirsts.” There was a small drinking fountain on the side of the fountain so James and Ian decided to have a drink. The water was cool and refreshing. “Great water,” said Ian to the sheriff who pulled his huge arm inside his patrol car and drove off after he stated: “Enjoy the full benefits of the water… think of how you want to be.” The two men walked onto the bridge and stood over the shimmering water. “Think how you want to be?” Ian said out loud. “I don’t get it. We just imagine how we want to look? Some kind of self-actualization?” James frowned. “I have no idea but I do know I wish I looked better.” “Well I think I look okay but I’ve uh… kinda had this dream for huge balls. I think they make a guy look more masculine you know?. Sorry if that weirds you out.” Ian looked unsure of how James would react. James shook his head. “Nah I’m all for looking more manly… always wanted a beard but I can’t grow one to save my life!” Ian smiled and looked into the clear pool of water. Something was off. A ripple in the water distorted James’ reflection and when it stopped the reflection had a light beard and looked quite handsome. “It’s gotta be an optical illusion” thought to himself. He looked up at James and he looked the same as usual so he looked in the water and the reflection now had a full beard and looked like a model. Confused he looked at James again and… he still hadn’t changed. “Holy shit!” Ian uttered as he checked out his own reflection and saw a huge bulge in his package, at least double its original size. The sight of the reflection’s swollen groin so surprised Ian that he lost his balance and fell into the spring. It was surprisingly deep but Ian was a good swimmer. James extended an arm to help pull him out but Ian was hard to pull. It was like he had gained weight in the water somehow. James reached lower but lost his balance and tumbled into as well. The water seemed to envelope them pulling them down. A maelstrom of suction dragged them deeper and deeper and the light began to fade. James assumed this was the point where he would drown and he lost consciousness. Ian coughed as he crawled out of the water. Next to him James was lying on his side in the sand slowly breathing. Ian looked around and it looked like they were on some kind of tropical island. ‘How the hell did we get here? ’Ian wondered. “Hey James… you okay?” he gave his friend a few gentle pats on his back. James coughed a few times and got up. As he turned Ian realized something was different. James was gorgeous! “Where are we man?” he questioned Ian as he stood up. “No flippin idea.” was his reply. “Some kind of island… it’s pretty warm which is good because our clothes are ripped up.” “Hey Ian… I thought you said you wished you had huge balls. Yours are huge… like baseball size.” “What no mine are just… Holy Shit! They’s so big and heavy! GAWD, I’m getting hard just from their weight. Ian covered himself and blushed. “Quite the package you have there!” James smiled and stood up.. You know you’re so handsome and sexy with that beard too!” Ian rubbed James’ face and growled quietly. .“I don’t have a beard.. I mean … whoa I do!” exclaimed James “My hair is blond now too!”. “I mean err… you’ll attract a lot of women with those looks and beard.” muttered Ian. “So since we’re stuck here we might as well make the best of things, right? Said Ian looking around. “Yes we should find water and build a shelter then look for food.” added James. The two set off to find their necessities of life. They searched mostly around where they had exited the water but they made some interesting finds. Hours later they had found a stream of clean water and had gathered some small shipping containers that were labeled as containing MREs-Meals Ready to Eat. They feasted on some of the meals and had a short nap then a rinse in the water to refresh themselves. As night fell they shared a small survival tent and blankets found with the MREs. The tent was quite small but both were so tired they barely said goodnight. James smelled an interesting aroma and realized it was Ian’s musk. Inhaling the scent he relaxed next to his friend and they both slept well. The next day they continued to look for supplies. Their bodies continued to change as the masculinization process seemed to speed up. As the days passed they went farther and farther from their encampment. They found a variety of useful and enjoyable items that had fallen off cargo ships over the years. Everything from furniture to protein drinks to survival food and more. All still in pristine condition due to the excellent packing everything was in. They used several shipping containers to fashion a home using welding supplies they found in yet another lost shipment. Ian was enjoying the work of hauling crates. He had his shirt off and his body quickly gained a dark tan from the light exposure. Both men were blind to the changes in their own bodies but they were intrigued by the rapid changes in the other’s body. James stayed lean and gained muscle Ian began to grow more muscled and broader developing a tight round belly.The game of hiding their erections was getting difficult as they had begun outgrowing their clothes. A crate of fabric allowed them to make bigger outfits but Ian leaned more toward just a sling for his growing cock. They enjoyed one another’s company and learning new ways to make a life for themselves here. There was even time for fun. One day, Ian laughed as James showed him a crate of LEGO sets from several years ago still encased in plastic.”Ooo these look fun!” Ian said excitedly. Weeks passed and the couple grew closer. The shared their personal histories in depth. It turned out that both had no close family and only casual friends. Their bond grew stronger but there was a barrier for both of them. The barrier was broken one day after sunset when James found Ian fiercely jacking off in the jungle. James stared in awe at Ian’s huge cock. It was over 2 feet long erect and the head was as big as a small onion. “Ahem” said James quietly. Ian was shocked and before he could cover up he shot a thick load across himself. “Fuck! I didn’t think you were….” Ian flushed with embarrassment. “I mean I didn’t err.. I.. well... a guy has needs right?” James just smiled and began to stroke Ian’s huge member. “Yeah and it looks like you needed release. Two guys helping each other out is okay I hope?” James asked nervously. “Hell yeah… I mean... sure you… you can help if you want.” “You’ll return the favor I hope?” James grinned. “Sure thing buddy!” Ian smiled and soon he had cum again. Now it was James’ turn. He sat on the ground and undressed; removing his few pieces of clothing. His cock, although smaller than Ian’s was still immense and Ian hesitated before touching it. “It’s okay really! I want you to help me. Those huge hands of yours won’t take long to get me off.” replied James to Ian’s unspoken thought. Ian began rubbing and stroking James’ cock. It got erect but instead of rubbing more Ian massaged James’ neck then shoulders, chest, abs, and quads. “Mmm you have wonderful hands Ian.” Ian blushed again as he worked his friend’s body hoping James didn’t notice the sweatiness of his hands. Ian continued to massage his friend and he relaxed completely. The massage was so good that James fell asleep so Ian carried him back to his his own bed. Ian then rubbed his own cock again as he remembered the look and feel of his friend’s body. The next day they did a lot of work modifying their cargo container home. They cut out sections of the metal to let in light and closed them with a rough glass they made from sand melted deep inside the sleeping volcano. It was hot and sweaty work and by the end of the day they were exhausted. After their usual evening swim Ian suggested that he give James a massage again. A weary James agreed but not halfway through it James was again asleep. Ian continued to massage and delicately rubbed James’ glutes. They were so round and tight and sexy but Ian resisted doing more than touch them. And again for 3 more nights James got a massage and fell asleep leaving Ian desperate for release. He kissed James as he slept and walked off into the jungle and stimulated himself. Finally a week later James again found Ian pleasuring himself; this time with a large rubber tube in his ass. Embarrassed Ian stopped but he was sweaty and his musk was appealing to James. “You need some help again buddy?” Ian nodded ‘yes’ so James walked closer. He gave Ian a massage that made his body tremble. Ian wanted to respond to James’ ministrations but he was afraid. ‘What if James rejected him or worse… what if he hurt James in the throes of passion? Ian slowly pushed James off him and feigned sleepiness. “Ian, you’re gay yes?” Ian nodded. “ You have a huge sexy body yes?” again a nod and a tiny smile. Are you worried about hurting me if we go further?” Ian’s head bowed down but he indicated in the affirmative once more. “Don’t worry I have a solution. How about we get more intimate and what happens will be natural Ok? Ian grinned widely as they lips moved closer and in an instant Ian lost all fear. They kissed deeply for over a minute and settled onto the sand to make love. It was slow and pleasurable each man getting what he needed. The sex sessions, physical work, supplements, and fruit of the island were having a profound effect on them. James grew tall and muscled like a bodybuilder. Ian grew even taller becoming a powerfully built hairy bear of a man. They were happy in their private eden and they forgot about where they came from until one morning a few years later. James awoke from a dream of another place and time. He slowly released himself from his lover’s body curled around him and went for a walk. Ian was awake when he returned. James smiled at his wonderful 9’4” 1600 pound mate. “I think we have to consider some things Ian.” “Oh like what? Ian replied in his deep bass voice as he split a coconut in half with one hand and drained the milk into a goblet he made out of a chunk of crystal. “This whole place is amazing but it’s not real.” “I know. We’ll have to go back sometime. I have no idea how or when so let’s just enjoy our time here babe okay?” “Sure thing my stud bear.” James rubbed Ian’s massive belly and pinched the fat nips on Ian’s chest making him moan loudly. It was many years later when their time came to an end. By now Ian was a behemoth over twelve feet eight inches tall and almost four thousand pounds. James was smaller at a mere ten feet tall and 1800 pounds but his strength equaled Ian’s. Both were looking incredible. James was still trim but had hypermasculine looks and a striated muscular body that would make some men faint. Ian was James’ massive hairy mountain of a man. He could crush steel with his bare hands but he was a teddy bear with his lover. Both had thick beards and they planned on getting some piercings when they got back. It was a few months later when the couple were out snorkeling and looking for lobsters. They enjoyed the swim. Ian’s dark hair had a few flecks of gray but James' was the same as it was when they first arrived here; a rich golden hue. Diving down for another load of seafood they were caught unaware as the water got churned up blinding them with silt. A powerful vortex formed and drew them in. They resisted at first but realized their time in their private eden had come to an end. Spinning wildly they were propelled into darkness. They squeezed out through the fountain and stepped onto the pavement. Ian’s mass made the cement buckle. Standing next to them with a large bundle was the sheriff. “I figured you might need some clothes.” he said handing the clothes to the men who quickly eased into the jumbo spandex shorts; green for James and blue for Ian. Their powerful bodies stretched the material to its limit but it held together.“I can’t wait to reveal ourselves to Brice and Rod!” growled Ian. “I suggest you go into the woods behind the fountain and I’ll tell your nasty friends where you are. It should be quite interesting.” The massive men walked off into the woods and the sheriff went to the two jocks who were becoming impatient waiting for their passengers. “Where the fuck are they? We should just ditch them!” Rod bristled in annoyance. “Yeah those two fags are gonna make us late.” added Brice. The sheriff spoke at this point. “If you are referring to your friends they went on a walk in the woods. Just go find them and you can go.” “The two little fudge packers are probably off fucking in the woods!” yelled Rod. “Gross man, we better show them who’s boss!” stated Brice. By this point the sheriff had walked off so the two jerks ran into the woods to find James and Ian. Where are they? wondered Brice out loud. “Dunno” replied Rod.”I can’t see much through these thick trees. They’re weird and veiny almost like..oh fuck! They’re legs… enormous hairy legs!” Both the jocks looked up to see a smiling bearded hairy mountain of a man looking down on them. “Need some help boys?” bellowed the behemoth. Brice and Rod screamed and run out of the woods as fast as they could. “There’s a monster in the forest! He almost got us!” yelled Brice.They were so desperate to escape that they slipped off the edge of the little bridge and fell in. They struggled for a few moments and then a familiar whirlpool took them into blackness and they vanished. “Looks like they’ll have only each other for company. Quipped the sheriff. “I wonder what will happen?” James and Ian just stood by the fountain kissing. ‘I think we should start a gym babe.” said Ian to his husband. James nodded his agreement and they kissed again. The End?
  14. From the album: HugoAlbum

    My first batch of Hugo Body Pics I plan on doing alot with this one huehue~
  15. From the album: HugoAlbum

    My first batch of Hugo Body Pics I plan on doing alot with this one huehue~
  16. From the album: HugoAlbum

    My first batch of Hugo Body Pics I plan on doing alot with this one huehue~
  17. From the album: HugoAlbum

    My first batch of Hugo Body Pics I plan on doing alot with this one huehue~
  18. From the album: HugoAlbum

    My first batch of Hugo Body Pics I plan on doing alot with this one huehue~
  19. From the album: Hyperion Album

    Giving my new Avi mesh a test run, I love the size!
  20. From the album: Hyperion Album

    Giving my new Avi mesh a test run, I love the size!
  21. From the album: Hyperion Album

    Giving my new Avi mesh a test run, I love the size!
  22. From the album: Hyperion Album

    Giving my new Avi mesh a test run, I love the size!
  23. From the album: Hyperion Album

    Giving my new Avi mesh a test run, I love the size!
  24. From the album: Hyperion Album

    Giving my new Avi mesh a test run, I love the size!
  25. From the album: Hyperion Album

    Giving my new Avi mesh a test run, I love the size!