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Found 1 result

  1. BrandedX2

    mega muscle morph Maxi-Test 2000

    [If you like this story, pop over to my tumblr at or come check out my Patreon--with loads of free content!--at Also I'm looking to do commissions so drop me a line!] MAXI-TEST 2000 Weeks later, after it was too late, they tracked down the source: a shipment of MaxiTest 2000 aerosol cans delivered to the supplement shop inside Global Gym. The new test booster was designed to be administered as an inhalant, but there was a flaw in one large batch of the container that caused a slow leak. Global Gym’s massive order of MaxiTest (nearly five hundred cans) slowly spread through the ventilation system the day it was delivered, dispersed throughout the gym before the packages were even opened. They were shelved empty, and unbeknownst to the staff or the clientele, nearly everyone on the premises had absorbed a massive dose of the product within a day. Most people were only exposed for a couple of hours, and so the effects weren’t that noticeable. I just did thirty minutes of cardio that day, so I got barely any of it. The guys hit the hardest were the guys who worked there and the trainers, some of whom spent over twelve hours with clients, absorbing MaxiTest with every breath. Of course, at first nobody noticed a thing, except the few angry customers who returned their empty cans of MaxiTest 2000. The entire shipment was sent back, and the company issued a recall after the complaints, but nobody knew what effect the leaked product would have. The first thing I noticed was Tony, the pro physique competitor, swinging his plumped up arms around even wider lats. He was never as big as the bodybuilders, always near competition shape with perfect aesthetics, but now his whole body had a fuller look to it, even his face, his dark Italian features now spread over a wide blocky head set upon now bulky traps that swallowed up his neck. He still strutted around with his usual cockiness, but his body looked like it’d been inflated with an air hose. Most noticeable was his ass, which, in compression shorts, now bulged obscenely out from his body, bouncing like two huge balloons with ever step. His ripped abdomen had swollen out as well, still ripped and veiny but now thick, almost as wide as his blocky shoulders and bowed out like a turtle-shell. He was obviously uncomfortable with the sudden burst of mass, knocking people with the mass of his huge buttocks and finding severe reduction of his range of motion. Twice I saw him tumble sideways while doing walking lunges, struggling to accommodate his blown-out thighs in his new gait as well as his wider top-half. Tony wasn’t alone, either. Rick, the young guy who worked the front desk, spent all day trying to yank his t-shirt down as his doubly-wide shoulders pulled it away from his shorts. At one point I watched him reach for a dropped pen from the floor; his shirt split down the back. Red-faced, he tried to shrug it off, but obviously the normally fit-but-lanky kid had an extra thirty or so pounds on him. Mario, another Global Gym employee and a big beefy bull before the MaxiTest leak, kept having to turn sideways to fit behind the desk. After a couple weeks he’d swollen to the size of a commercial fridge, filling out even his triple XL shirts. He stood in front of the front desk, nodding as people walked in the door. It was clear he could no longer fit behind it; it looked to me like he couldn’t clap his hands if he wanted to. The size just kept coming for a lot of those guys. A big powerlifter named Andreas just stopped showing up one day. I’d watched him the weeks before he disappeared swelling like bread-dough, setting new PRs every day but unable to tie his own shoes. The last day I saw him struggling to squeeze his bulk into his car, and watched him frustrated behind the steering wheel which looked crushed by his swollen gut, his arm and shoulder hanging out the window. Then there was Paul, a pro bodybuilder in his 40s who stood about 5’2”. After awhile he could only get around by wobbling from side-to-side. He kept training clients, though, barking out, “More reps!” while he stood there, a little cube of solid muscle with a crew-cut on top. It was what happened to Robbie that got the authorities involved and started the investigation. We all knew something was up, but most guys, like I did, assumed these big muscleheads had just gone overboard with the juice. The guys who were most exposed, nervous about what was happening to their rapidly overswollen bodies, were too nervous to talk to anybody about it, and most were terrified that it wasn’t going to stop. But Robbie, the massive superheavyweight who had just won his pro-card two days before the leak, had the most miraculous change of anyone. Most of the other guys expanded outward with their new mass, but Robbie, who was in contest shape, just got bigger but maintained his leanness. It was almost beautiful watching him show up to train his own clients every day looking like an exaggerated anatomy chart. But one day it went to far. I was the one who found him. It was almost closing time, the gym nearly empty. I was headed into the showers and I saw something through the steam. It looked as big as a car, almost spreading from one side of the open shower room to the other. The big lug stood there, faced away from me, arms and legs splayed out like he was a big broad X, each limb about as thick as Paul. His head looked comically tiny on his body, which, as I got closer and could see through the steam, I got a better look at: every muscle on his body had expanded to massive size and density. Even the minor stabilizers would put most guys’ biceps to shame with their size and the perfection of their shape. But all together, he was a splendid display of musculature the size of a small sedan, his ass alone bigger than the bumper on an SUV but covered in veiny skin the thickness of that of a dick. I just stood there marveling, imagining that I could only hug around a third of him if I even dared to get so close. I was shocked out of my trance when I realized the unbelievable hulk was whimpering! “Who’s… who’s there?” he sniveled, unable to turn his head to look. He’d turned on two showerheads, probably trying to get as much of his mass wet at once as he possibly could before he expanded those last few inches into immobility. I shut each of them off with a squeak as I nervously walked around to the front of this unbelievable naked man, and as I was naked myself, I struggled to keep my arousal hidden as well. Just the smell of him, like an entire NFL locker room exuding from a single massive man, had me hazy with desire, but I put it aside when I saw the terrified look on his face. It was clear he’d been crying, but amazingly the muscles on his head had grown as well, nearly squeezing his eyes and mouth shut with their size, only adding to his panic. It was a far cry from the lantern-jawed blue-eyed Clark Kent I’d always seen him as. His pecs expanded into a shelf at least three feet from his face, and I doubted he could see his nipples, let alone his feet. His abs were the size of gold bars, but I could barely keep my eyes on them because of the massive appendage below them: his cock, which I couldn’t help but compare to my own leg, in length and girth, stood rigid above two football-sized testicles that swung gently in front of him, pressed forward by the six-feet of quads that spread densely on either side. I couldn’t believe he was erect—and throbbing! I kept reminding myself, this man needed my help, he was terrified… but my brain was smoldering with the pure sex of the situation. “I need… I think I need help…” Robbie whimpered out his bulky cheeks. “I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want anybody to see me like this…” I could see his fingers and toes gently wiggling and I wondered if he was able to move otherwise. “How much can you… move…” I said, trying to fathom what I could possibly do to help this man out of the predicament. “I can’t… not at all… please help…” he begged. Suddenly emboldened, probably by the giant man’s helplessness, I reached forward and placed a single hand on his pec. It felt like warm steel, but he moaned at the contact and I watched his huge dick bob a few times while he groaned through gritted teeth. “Oh god… Oh god, I’m so friggin’ sensitive… Don’t touch…” I didn’t mean to but my arm brushed against his massive pulsing dick as I stepped away from him. He squealed, his breathing shallow and rapid, and his eyes shut tight as precum poured out of the massive knob like it was a chocolate fountain. Poor guy had so much testosterone going through him, that must have been agony, I thought. My own cock was a steel pole, but my real motivation was that I couldn’t let anyone else come in and see him in this state. “I’m just gonna take care of this,” I said softly, approaching his vein-mapped cock like it was a venomous python, “and then I’ll call 911, okay big man?” He just whimpered again—had he gotten bigger since I’d come in? That poor guy. Just my breath on his huge organ had him grunting, so I decided to tease him a little bit, gently blowing up and down its massive length, watching precum burp and spew. Using that copious substance as a lube, I started working my hands up and down its length. First I just tickled with my fingers but when I put some force into it, I realized it was like massaging a leg. So I thought, “What a great idea.” I worked my hands up under the head and put some finger, digging in my fingers like it was a deep-tissue massage. Robbie’s deep voice hit soprano squeaks as I did that, his whole body seeming to tense and flex at once, like a huge angry ocean of muscle. I stopped my devilish ministrations on his dick for a moment to take all of him in again. That’s when I noticed, very slowly, like a redwood, he was starting to fall. There was nothing I could do; gravity took hold and I stepped back to avoid being crushed. He toppled back, hitting the tile with a thunderclap of wet flesh. His eyes darted around, terrified at this new addition to his predicament, but he was still just as immobile. Amazingly, I noticed that his overblown back and his impossibly huge glutes were so swollen that there was a space beneath him, under his (relatively) narrow waist, large enough that a full grown pit bull could’ve walked underneath him without touching him. God, that smell coming off him drove me wild… Without thinking I hopped up on top of him, planting a foot on each of his mountainous pecs, and leaned forward to face his monster organ that pointed straight at me. I tongue-kissed the hole like it was a mouth, slurping up the sweetness that spilled out of it by the quart while poor old Robbie went completely non-verbal behind me, barely able to even form guttural noises. Then I couldn’t help it—I’d never have the chance again—I leaned forward and pressed my boner into his piss-hole. It was a tight fit but there was more than enough lubricant; in fact, the flow of precum was so much that it was a struggle to press against it, but still I pumped my ass, feeling his pecs rising and falling below me, using my hands to knead his cock-head while I thrusted… When he came, he roared—I thought he was already flexed to the max but his whole body pulsed so hard I was knocked off my feet, and I nearly drowned in the torrent of cum that blasted out all over me. He came with such intensity that I barely noticed the full-body orgasm that rocked me at the same time. It just kept coming, Robbie dissolving into a low groan, me sprayed with hot load for nearly thirty seconds. I tried to stand but found his body so slick with cum that I slipped forward, finding myself face down on him, nearly eye-to-eye with him. I could hear and feel the drum of his giant heart thudding beneath me, his chest rising and falling in rhythmic waves. So much heat came off the man that I wanted to shut my eyes and relent to my blissful post-orgasmic lethargy and just fall asleep, my tongue gently lapping at him, but I came to my senses and got up. Robbie still needed help. I’d need to grab the owner (thank God he hadn’t walked in just now!) and we’d have to call the paramedics and probably several fire departments just to get big Robbie out of there. But first—first I had to hide the poor guy’s shame. I owed him that much after what I’d done to him. I started turning on the shower heads, splashing us both with water and rinshing us clean, thankful Robbie hadn’t fallen over the drain. He’d calmed considerably, and as I rinsed his face clean, I saw his once-panicked eyes had relaxed, looking sleepy now. His breathing had calmed, and he looked almost dazed. “Th-thank you…” he whispered, and I leaned forward and placed a kiss on his mouth.