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  1. BrandedX2

    Tuck Wants a Loan

    by Brandedx2 (Like this story? Find more tales of huge guys getting taken down a peg at my tumblr and if you have a custom tale you want me to spin up for you, let me know! I do commissions.) People could tell, Rob knew. He had clients to train, he still had a workout to get in himself (if it even mattered, now), so he was stuck there at Global Gym. He had a reputation at Global as the biggest bodybuilder in a gym full of heavy competitors. He was also known as one of the most approachable guys in the gym, imposing in stature but by all means a gentle giant. He had a number of fans in the gym’s clientele, as well as the gym’s owner Clem and his idolizing son Terry. Everybody cheered when he got his pro card the previous year, all in agreement that there wasn’t a more deserving athlete around. Rob was used to having all eyes on him. But after what Tuck had done to him that day, those eyes made his veins cold. Between clients Rob eyed the scale outside the locker room. He’d been avoiding it all day, terrified of what it was going to tell him. He tried to let his eyes, the way his body felt, be enough, but he had to know. He hopped on the scale and looked down: 240. That morning, when he’d weighed himself after getting out of bed, he’d been 284. He’d walked in the gym that size. And then, standing in the locker room, he heard the shrill laugh of his least favorite “client” and turned around to see skinny, tattooed little Tuck in his usual tight wife-beater and cargo shorts, cracking his knuckles and looking Rob up and down with a look that always made the big bodybuilder shiver. “…just a little bit?” Rob said, side-eyeing Tuck, wishing he could get away from the little guy who was inching closer to him. “…just for a little while?” “Big fella!” Tuck said with a laugh. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you didn’t like having me around. Yeah just a little, yeah just for a little bit.” Rob looked around quickly to make sure no one was around when it happened (Tuck probably didn’t even care—he didn’t care about much) and then Tuck, wiggling his fingers wildly, reached out and poked him. He felt a sudden chill, and just like that, the size drained right out of Rob and into Tuck (forty-four pounds, he would find out later). His shorts fell to the ground and his tank top hung down like a dress without the rest of his bulk to fill it out. By all accounts he was still a big man, but nowhere near the massive size he’d been a moment before. Tuck looked like a heavy-weight prize fighter with all of the extra mass, and he’d even got taller. He shadow-boxed a bit, flexed his new muscles while Rob sadly examined his own diminished form. Tuck gave him a shove (he stumbled forward, not expecting the sudden force and his own lack of mass) and then took off. Rob had clothes he kept in the bottom of his gym bag for the times that Tuck “borrowed” from him; they were his old workout clothes from several years before, back before he’d gained the mass that made him a terror to the superheavyweights onstage. He remembered being that size and feeling big, but going back to it was too much. What was worse, the smaller shorts and t-shirt still looked baggy on him. Rob was used to stretching XXXLs to the limit, and he couldn’t even fill out an XL. Tuck had taken more that day than ever before. There was nothing Rob could do to fight it. Tuck had all the power. He had to play nice and wait until Tuck was done playing around with his mass, until he decided to give it back. That feeling of weakness was almost too much for Rob to bear. “What’s up big man?” said Leon, a big powerlifter and Rob’s occasional lifting partner, taking a break from his heavy squats. Leon used to say Rob was the only guy big enough to spot him. Rob nodded back as they passed each other, terribly aware of the difference in their sizes. Rob hadn’t felt that small next to somebody in awhile. Later on his client Carlos turned to him during posing practice, while holding a front double bi, and smirked in his direction. “Hey, Big Rob, my guns are looking big as yours, no?” Carlos took a step toward him to compare. Rob backed away and swatted at him. “In your dreams, buddy,” he said. “You’re good. Hit the locker room.” Meanwhile across the gym, Tuck was curling a loaded barbell with sloppy form, showing off for a few spandex-clad ladies doing lunges nearby. Girls had always been the core of Tuck’s objectives in stealing size from him, Rob noticed. At the end of the day, Rob paced around the locker room, a little panicked. He hadn’t seen Tuck in a couple of hours, and after searching the entire gym Rob couldn’t find him. “Oh, hey Rob,” Clem said, walking through the gym about to lock up. “I didn’t know you were still here. I can leave you the keys if you still want to work out.” Rob felt a pit in his stomach. What if Tuck took off this time? It would take years to build all that size back, if Tuck’s power even allowed that possibility. “Uh… Thanks, Clem, I think I’m gonna hang out here for a bit if you don’t mind.” Clem smiled and tossed Rob the keys. “You in a heavy cut phase or something?” Clem said, looking him up and down. “You look like you dropped some pounds.” “I’ll be bulked back up again soon enough,” Rob said, praying that was the truth. Tuck strode in with a loose swagger over an hour later. Rob would’ve knocked the kid out if he wasn’t so terrified of the kid. “Sorry, Bobby,” Tuck said, scratching his crotch. “I was plowing this chick out in the parking lot just now. She could not get enough of this!” he said, gesturing to his physique. “Oh, man, what’d you think I wasn’t coming back? Bobby, you wound me, buddy. You really wound me.” Rob shrugged and feigned a smile. “Naw, I knew you were coming back.” “I suppose you want to go back to normal,” Tuck said. Rob bit his lip and clenched his fists. “Man, you are such a big baby sometimes, Bobby. You’re lucky I love you.” Then he flicked Rob right in the forehead. Rob’s mass returned in an instant, and he felt a sudden pain all over as he burst through his clothes. They fell to tatters and Rob stood there, massive and naked, his posture finally relaxing after a brutal day. Tuck burst into riotous laughter at the sight of the giant man exploding out of his clothes. “Bobby, you are ridiculous, buddy!” said Tuck, once again five feet and a hundred pounds. He walked out of the locker room and Rob patted himself down, thankful to be himself again. That was all Rob heard of Tuck for awhile. Usually he could count on a visit from Tuck every month, whenever the little guy was itching for girls at the gym, but several months passed and Rob was relieved to find that Tuck didn’t come around. His career started turning up, as well: he got a huge sponsorship deal, a photoshoot with Flex magazine, and Clem asked him to be the face of Global gym. The first day it was unveiled, Rob looked humbly at the larger-than-life size poster of himself, twenty-feet tall, outside Global gym. He couldn’t believe where his hard work had taken him, and he couldn’t have asked for a better place to do work. Terry, Clem’s beefy son, greeted Rob at the door. “Your picture looks awesome!” Terry said with stars in his eyes. “Thanks Terry,” Rob said warmly. “One of these days you’re gonna be up there.” “There’s Big Hollywood!” Leon said and punched him in the shoulder. All eyes in the gym were on Rob. He couldn’t feel prouder, until he walked into the locker room and saw Tuck standing there. “Bobby! You’re a big deal now, aren’t ya!” Tuck said, arms crossed, a sly grin on his face. “Aw, Bobby, you always clench up when you see me. If I didn’t know better I’d think you weren’t happy to have me around!” Rob looked around quickly to make sure the locker room was clear. “Uh… Tuck, I… what do you… doing?” Tuck smiled. “Relax, big Bobby.” He pulled out a wad of cash. “This time we’re gonna train. Regular. Big man teaches little guy how to lift weights. Deal?” He extended a hand. Rob, relieved, shook it. “Finally want to start adding some mass of your own, huh?” Tuck handed over the cash. “Look, Tuck, if you’re really serious, I can take over your diet, your supplementation… Hell, I can get you juice if you want it. Just say the word, buddy.” Tuck started stripping out of his clothes, stood there naked, a little awkwardly close to Rob. “See, thing is, Bobby, there’s this chick out there right now who will blow your MIND. Huge tits, ass like heaven, body that looks like it was built to fuck… Man, she’s got me DROOLING, Bobby, but she’s only into massive guys. Like big giant freaks your size.” Rob grinned as he put his gym bag in the locker. “Don’t worry, Tuck. I won’t steal her from you.” Tuck, still naked, bounced his eyebrows. “Oh, I’m not worried about that one bit, big Bobby.” Then he grabbed a handful of Rob’s big back. It hit Rob hard this time, like needles everywhere. His body compressed so fast everything was a blur, and he found himself stumbling around, his arms and legs suddenly tangled up. His head ached for a moment, and he felt like he was going to throw up… then the vertigo passed and he looked around, shocked at how much bigger the locker room had gotten. His tank top and compression tights were tented around him, and as he stood he watched his whole body slide through the neck hole. His body—that couldn’t be his body! Still tan, but tiny all over, a size he’d never been even in adolescence: shoulders, arms, legs, chest, all so narrow and bony. Even his dick was tiny now, and he put one tiny hand down to block it. He felt exhausted, and like he was moving in slow motion. Then he noticed the huge shadow cast over him. “Fuck YEAH!” roared a low, bovine voice. The sudden eruption scared Rob so much he tumbled over, his little heart pounding rapidly at the sight before him: Tuck was ENORMOUS, every part of him bloated with massive muscle, skill covered in tattoos which made the presentation all the more intimidating. Tuck aggressively hit a crab shot and grinned at the mirror—Rob had never seen anybody so big! Terrified, he scrambled backwards, eager to get away from the giant man stomping and flexing and growling. “Where do you think you’re going?” Tuck said, tossing his old wife-beater and shorts at Rob. “You agreed to a training session. Only it’s gonna be me showing YOU how to move weights, little man! Get dressed little guy. I’m gonna borrow your old clothes—seeing as you couldn’t use them for anything but a circus tent!” Tuck gave his now-massive cock a swing. “Hopefully I can fit all this in there,” he laughed as he pulled on Rob’s clothes, which fit like skin. “Let’s go little guy.” Rob felt like he was going to be sick as he walked out on the floor. He had to take two steps just to keep up with giant Tuck’s long stride. All eyes were on them—or rather, they were on the massive tattooed beast Tuck had become. Rob was shaking. He was terrified that someone would recognize him, but as he walked out, he realized nobody was even looking at him. That was almost worse. “Grab some dumbbells, little man,” Tuck barked. “Time to do some curls.” He crossed his arms and smirked down his chest at Rob. Rob headed over to the weight rack—how much would he be able to lift? He looked toward the smaller weights. He reached for the 20s, but a young guy—a guy who had asked for Rob’s autograph and some lifting advice the day before—elbowed him out of the way and grabbed them himself. Rob grabbed the 15s and walked over to Tuck, who tilted his chin at him. “What are you waiting for? Curl!” Tuck growled. Rob strained. He couldn’t believe he could get his arms to bend. “I… I can’t…” he said quietly, shocked at how soft and high-pitched his voice was now. Tuck laughed and slapped his knee. “Are you serious? You can’t even curl those?” He walked over and grabbed some 80s. “Lemme show how to curl, little guy!” His form was sloppy but his massive physique still impressed everybody around. Tuck winked at a blonde fitness model nearby. Her name was Catherine, Rob knew; she did only go for monsters. She’d been flirting with him a lot that week, and he’d thought about giving her his number. “Go get some water,” Tuck said, racking his dumbbells and heading over to Catherine. Rob was stunned by the height of the water fountain, which was now at about eye-level to him. He stood on his tiptoes to reach it, barely getting water in his mouth. He turned around and ran into what felt like a brick wall—it was Leon, who looked GIGANTIC to Rob now. “Watch where you’re going,” Leon said politely, yanking little Rob to his feet with one hand. Rob glanced across the weight room and saw beastly Tuck, now making his pecs dance while he chatted with Catherine. He had a little time, he figured, so he quickly headed to the locker room. His gym bag felt massive to him as he fished it out of his locker—it was bigger than he was now! He had to text his clients and reschedule before they showed up. As he struggled with the zippers, he felt a hand on his shoulder. “That doesn’t belong to you, sir!” A strong hand yanked little Rob away from the bag, and another yanked the bag away from him. It was Terry, who was now twice the size of Rob. Terry gave little Rob a shove. “Theft is grounds for termination of membership.” “I-I wasn’t stealing!” Rob pleaded. “I was just… I thought it was mine.” “What’s your membership number?” Terry asked with an eyebrow raised. “0-1-6-1-1,” Rob blurted out, suddenly realizing Terry had no doubt memorized his number. “Uh-uh,” Terry said, grabbing Rob forcefully. “You’re outta here.” Rob begged him to stop, told him he could explain (even though he had no idea what he would say) but still Terry very easily dragged little Rob to the door while everyone in the gym stared at the scene. “My coach!” Rob begged, pointing at Tuck, who was too wrapped up in Catherine’s admiration of his giant body to notice. “He’ll explain!” “Nope,” said Terry, shoving Rob hard. “Beat it, or I’m calling the cops, reporting you for theft and trespassing.” Flat on his back outside Global Gym, Rob stared up at the giant image of himself at full-size and burst into tears. It was too much. He looked up and saw Terry on the phone inside and quickly pulled himself to his feet and walked to his car. He tried the locked doors, realizing that his keys were inside, in a bag that belonged to someone he didn’t look like anymore. He walked around to the opposite side of the car and crouched down as it began to rain. Everything would be fine, he told himself—as soon as Tuck set things back to normal, everything would be fine. Hours later he saw Tuck strutting from the gym, holding Catherine’s hand. Rob stood up and sprinted for the two—but they were on Tuck’s crotch rocket before he could get there. Tuck sped away, never even acknowledging little Rob, stood there in shock, wondering if he was ever going to see Tuck again.
  2. MUSCLE DADDY a romantic muscle growth story co-written by @Astromuscle, @canon & @raphi0508, with the inspiration of @Marquis Whew, finally I am back I thought when I set my bag down on my dorm bed. Too bad that my old roommate got suspended cause it got out he was taking roids. As I unpacked my belongings, before I had to attend my first class this afternoon, I thought back and remembered how cool it was to live with my old roommate. He was 5ft11 and weighed 200lbs at the beginning of college, though he told me secretly he wanted to grow with the help of steroids and that he had a good source. True to his word he did grow. At the beginning he had the body of a typical high school football jock. Nice bulging 17’’ arms, wide shoulders, pretty solid and ripped legs and a nice bubble butt. And best of all was his big bulge. In those three years everything changed for me. He grew 40lbs of pure muscles in just one year. After three years, he weighed an astounding 270lbs and had developed the body of an Olympia-level bodybuilder. Watching him grow, arms getting bigger and more defined, chest getting puffier. I was horny a lot, and I often jacked off just thinking of him. He was also the reason I discovered I was gay. He became very confident in his body, needless to say. He began strolling around naked in our room, and I got many mental images to help me jack off to. Pumped muscle, huge roid gut, and thankfully the roids didn’t seem to affect his junk, hanging large from his body. The problem with him was that he was as straight as an arrow. Nearly every week he had another girl with him in bed, and word was afterwards every girl couldn’t help but talk about his huge cock. I couldn’t blame them he was huge, at least 10’’ from what I could tell from him strolling around our room, not concerned that I was staring wide eyed., I wish I had gotten the chance to feel the large cock, make it inflate, and cup those large balls in my hand. Maybe the college found out about his steroid abuse because it got to be too obvious. As he left we promised each other we would stay in contact, but life came in my way and I had to earn money during summer. Now the new and hopefully last college year has started, but I am sure I will find some time to meet him again soon. I wonder if he continued to grow in the meantime. I drifted away from the things I had to do and got a boner. I hope that I will have enough time before my new roommate arrives, to get off, because hiding my 8.5’’ boner is not easy. Maybe my new roommate is a small dweeb, then my hard on would probably go down fast enough he wouldn’t see it. Suddenly some knocks on the door made me jump up surprised. Even more so I was shocked as my new roommate walked in. Fortuna was generous with me, because he was the most massive guy I had ever seen. He had to turn sideways to get through the doorway. In front of me stood the most impressive and beautiful man I saw in my life until now. The large man squared himself to me after having entered, effectively cutting off my view of the door. Each arm was carrying suitcases that were making his forearms bulge, each muscle standing out, held in place by a net of veins crossing each other and drawing my eyes up his arms, huge biceps and triceps thickened around his arm, a muscle hoody hid the rest of the body a little although i could see some big pecs heaving out from his chest, the hoodie draping over it, hiding whether he had abs, or a gut. My penis twitched at the thought of ripping off the shirt to find out. After a second sizing me up he dropped his bags with a loud thud and reached out his hand. “Hi, I am Mark. I’m guessing we will be roommates this year. Nice to meet you”. I reached out and we shook hands. Damn he has such a strong grip. His hand was larger than mine, thick muscular fingers didn’t give at all to my pressure, and I could feel weight lifting calluses. I was sure we could become good friends. He let go of my hands and bent over to pick up his bags. My penis jumped again. His back is so wide and that ass looks so hard, where do I stare...I quickly shoved my hand into my pants to shove my penis to somewhere less conspicuous while he had his back turned. I had to move to let him by as he passed I noticed my eyes barely met the top of his shoulders, seeing his large delts pulling the fabric of his hoodie forward and back as he carried the heavy bags. After we both had finally unpacked we sat down and started to talk. Mark told me that he is here because he got a Football scholarship, but he also told me that he really wanted to do bodybuilding instead, like his dad does. He enthusiastically described how big his dad was and how small he was compared to him. He also mentioned that he got the good genes of his dad, and expects to start growing bigger soon. The muscle talk made me pretty horny again, I was very thankful that I was sitting down. During our talk we both found out that we have most of our classes together, even the first one of the new year. We continued talking for a while, until we had a sudden shock because we had nearly missed our first class While I was getting ready Mark suddenly dropped his jogging pants to change into jeans. If I thought my old room mate was big, then Mark was a freak. His quads, calves and bulge were huge. I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping. Mark had been in a rush, but noticed me sitting in awe. He smile confidently at me, turning to give me a better view., “Pretty impressive, huh? You can thank my dad’s good genes for this thing too, though he is much bigger.” Then he gave me a wink, causing me to blush. I used far more willpower than it should have taken to close my mouth. Once he stopped teasing me and got ready, we both left for class. During the year, we got even more connected. We got to be pretty close friends. Unfortunately for me again, he was also straight. I tried not to let on that I was gay, hoping it would make him more comfortable. If he knows I’m gay he might not take off his pants in front of me anymore either, which would be a tragedy. We both started to workout together after Mark mentioned he really needed a spotter at the gym, and so our friendship got closer because of it. I was unsure how good of a spotter I was being, but Mark didn’t seem to mind, and he spotted me in turn. Luckily I was also benefiting from the workouts growing more athletic myself and began sporting some good pecs and my arms were gaining some definition. Throughout the year I also got to see more of Mark. When he had arrived I had only seen those heavy arms of his, and later his privates. In retrospect I had wished I could have noticed his legs at the time, but I had been hyper focused on his manhood. As it turned out I didn’t need to worry, since much like my last roommate, Mark had no boundaries. I got many opportunities to appreciate Mark’s entire body as he would stroll around naked in our room. Is this a jock thing? I don’t walk around in the nude. Maybe I would if I looked like that I guess. His wide back held his arms out away from his body a little, a nice V-taper going down to his ass. I also discovered he did indeed have a flat stomach, abs like bricks holding up the large chest and shoulders with a solid foundation. His ass was muscular and even at rest you could see the muscles through any slight amount of fat he may have housed there. Large, powerful quads came out of his tight waist, bounding up and coming in tight to his knees. Diamond calves pressed hard against his skin behind his shins, more veins becoming apparent as if the skin needed help to contain the muscle. If I thought Mark had even one atom of gay in him I would worship those muscles in every way my brain could come up with, but sadly I had to settle for keeping some tissues near my bed for when he walked into the bathroom for a shower. During our workouts Mark could not stop talking about his dad, and the more often we worked out the more he told me about how big his dad was and how much bigger he wanted to grow. Mark said one day he hoped to get bigger than his dad, but he told me he wasn’t sure if he ever could. This was one of the only times Mark seemed insecure about anything, and I comforted him telling him one day he would surely outgrow his old man. Despite my word the more he talked about his dad, the more curious I got and the more I wanted to meet the man who could supposedly dwarf the muscle man in front of me. Was it really possible that his dad was that much bigger than Mark? Mark was already an alpha jock. Thinking about his dad being even bigger made my cock grow bigger in my pants every time. Luckily I wore tight spandex under my workout clothes at the gym, where Mark gushed the most about his dad the most. It kept my cock and balls in place. Thank god. As the end of the semester came around, Mark suddenly asked me if I would want to join him during spring break. We could continue working together at his house, in his dad’s home gym. I quickly agreed, mind taken up by the idea that I could finally meet his huge dad. “I would love to join you. You need a spotter after all I guess.” He smiled at me and I blushed. God does he realize that I’m gay? ...to be continued...
  3. LoverBoy

    "Just, Take. One!""

    This is a simple story fragment. Not a lot of plot or dialogue, mostly just muscle growth. It was inspired by this image in a post on Facebook: Then someone posted the original... ...Saying that the first one was fake and morphed. Frankly, there really wasn't a lot of morphing done to it, as you can plainly see, because the guy in the pic is already huge and ripped. But I love it when guys that are all ripped and huge wear spandex, Under Armor, compression wear, etc. Especially Under Armor because somehow, the Under Under Armor fabric clings to every little curve, bulge and crevice of the body wearing it. I know it's meant to wick sweat and help keep the body coll during exercise, but the side effect of the unique fabric is that it beautifully showcases the contours and intricacies of a fit male physique. Plus, whenever a guy wears an Under Armor shirt, the soft silky texture of the fabric almost never fails to make his guy's nipples hard and show through the shirt. And whenever I see a guy in a compression shirt like that (like our beautiful friend here), I can't help but fantasize a little bit about what it would look like if the guy suddenly started to spontaneously grow bigger and more muscular and watch the natural clinginess of the shirt try to cope with trying to contain way more muscle than it was meant to. Hope you all enjoy... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Just. Take. One!" By: LoverBoy 12/22/2017 Andy had decided that he wanted his body to match his genius level IQ, and had begun working out regularly. However, after what seemed like endless months of dedication in the gym, not much had changed. Oh, he had gained *some* size, but it was barely noticeable if he was wearing any kind of shirt, and he wanted to be BIG! The only major change was that he found he had incredible genetics for definition, and what size he had gained was rock hard and had more ripples than a lake on a rainy day. So when a strange man outside the gym he went to six days a week offered him the bottle of a "new experimental" supplement, Andy's desire to be big overrode his better judgment and natural skepticism. With only a mild reluctance, he shelled out the oddly low price of twenty dollars. "Just take one, right before your workout. This stuff is extremely powerful, and the effects are intense, man!" he had stressed "So, remember. Just! One!" Andy followed the instruction, and after his workout, he felt better than ever before. The usual soreness and fatigue were absent and in their place was a sort of warm tingling sensation like the feeling you get after soaking in a long hot bath. However, a strange sensation came over him as he toweled off from the showers, a pressure inside of him. Barely noticeable at first, but gradually and steadily increasing; almost like the feeling of an erection, but encompassing his entire body! The feeling built and built, increasing by the second as he dressed and left the locker room, and becoming all pervasive. As he entered the lobby, walking toward the door, the pressure reached an almost unbearable level, and was starting to have trouble concentrating on simply putting one foot in front of the other. The door to the locker room swung shut behind him with a resounding >BOOM!!!!<, and at that very moment, the sensation of building pressure came to a climax! A feeling like something inside him bursting came over him, and cascaded through his entire body in a euphoric wave like an orgasm, but a thousand times more intense! Andy's eyes went wide as dinner plates, and his back arched almost involuntarily as he gasped with the sheer force of the sudden, indescribable feeling. It passed momentarily with the realization that it must have been caused by the supplement. Wishing he hadn't taken the pill, he felt his heartbeat suddenly increase almost exponentially to the point that it felt like it was going to burst from his chest! He looked around desperately for someone, anyone, that could help him, but the desk attendants were absent. It was closing time, and he realized they were most likely elsewhere locking up all the rooms full of expensive equipment. He only had a moment to consider what to do before what felt like a barrage of spasms hit him. Every muscle in his body began to contract and relax repeatedly, over and over with barely a fraction of a second between contractions, causing him to double over with another gasp. The contractions redoubled, and he stumbled a few steps forward, then fell to his hands and knees. It didn't hurt exactly, but it was indeed intense to say the least, and he realized that he could feel each muscle group as they contracted. Neck, then traps and deltoids. Then rippling down through the myriad of muscles in his back to swarm outward into his lats. The spasms twitched down through his pecs and abs while simultaneously shooting like lightning through his biceps and triceps into his forearms and hands. The spasms continued like quicksilver from his abs down through his quadriceps, wrapping hungrily around to his glutes and hamstrings before shooting down through his calves and shins to settle and ground out in his feet. He was forced to remain there for several minutes, grunting and gritting his teeth against the onslaught as each muscle group was hit with a new tremor. As he gazed down idly at his forearms, he noticed something odd through the haze of sensations. His veins were swelling and rising to the surface of his skin and becoming more pronounced. He watched in astonishment as they swelled to pencil thickness, giving his arms a hyper-vascular appearance they hadn't had before. Suddenly, he realized that the spasms were rapidly fading in intensity, and he dared to rise unsteadily to his feet. As he regained his feet, he became aware once again of the feeling like before of pressure building internally. Only this time, it was more intense, and building faster. Then came the bursting sensation again, now accompanied by what he could only describe as a full body pulse and an odd organic crunching sound that seemed to originate from his muscles. At first he thought it was an allergic reaction because he appeared to be suffering from some form of swelling in his arms. But as the pressure began to quickly build again, he realized this wasn't the case. Allergic swelling didn't feel like...like THIS! The pressure built to an even greater extent this time, followed by the bursting feeling. He grunted as his body was engulfed by an even bigger pulse, accompanied by the crunching sound. As he recovered, he realized that his shirt felt slightly tighter. It was made of green compression material with reinforced seams, meant to wick sweat and be form fitting to an athletic physique. But he had bought it several sizes too big, hoping to watch himself gradually grow into it. As he watched month after month of barely any gains in size, he had begun to despair of ever seeing that happen. But as he examined himself briefly, he noted a definite increase in overall size. Nothing major, but his arms were decidedly bigger, and his chest now showed vaguely through, whereas the short sleeved shirt had practically hung off him previously. Andy's mind raced as he tried to assess what was happening. But before he could formulate a theory, the pressure began to build once again. This time to an unbearable height, causing his body to feel like it was going to explode from the strain. The burst came again, and Andy snarled almost animalisitically as the pulse rocketed through him, the crunching sound audibly louder. His eye went wide once more as he felt the pressure begin again instantly. However, this time he felt it start several more times before the first one finished. As the burst came, he let out a panicked cry as the force of the pulse this time shook him with what he was certain was the force of an earthquake. He collapsed under the massive force of it, and felt as though he actually were exploding as he felt something erupting from every inch of his body from the neck down. it passed, and he stood dazedly, looking around. As he gazed around the room, hi eyes lit upon a mirrored wall, and he was flabbergasted at his own reflection. Rubbing his eyes, he stumbled closer to the mirror wall. He was definitely bigger now! Not massive, but although the compression shirt was still quite loose, his torso now filled it considerably more, his chest causing the shirt to hang tent-like over his stomach! He lifted the hem, and gazed at six tennis ball sized abs and a prominent Adonis belt that were accentuated by his naturally narrow waist. As he gazed in open mouthed shock at his reflection, his rational mind was forced to come to terms with what he knew should be physically impossible. Somehow, the supplement pill had made his muscles spontaneously grow! As if that realization had been some sort of catalyst, the feeling of pressure building internally returned with a vengeance! The pressure built...and built...and built...higher...and higher...and higher...but rather than the bursting sensation, the pressure continued to build. As he watched, rather than a pulse, his muscles simply began to grow! As the feeling of internal pressure increased, every muscle in his body, from the neck down, swelled. It was slow at first, but he could feel it gradually increasing in speed as the pressure continued to mount. As he felt the mass of his body increase, his head lolled back for a moment, and a loud moan of indescribable pleasure escaped his lips. He looked once again in the mirror, and was astonished to see that the growth had increased quite a bit in those few seconds, and his muscles had nearly doubled in size! His muscles were swelling even faster now, growing like inflating balloons, but with mind blowing definition and vascularity. He watched, open mouthed, as the compression shirt grew steadily tighter. The internal pressure continued to mount, and his muscles responded in kind by ballooning bigger still, each group bulging and swelling as if to outdo their neighbors. His neck thickened into a massive corded column that nearly consumed his Adams apple and collided with his traps as they rose higher and more mountainous to ward his jawline. His delts inflated outward, taking on an almost cantaloupe-like appearance through the elastic fabric of the shirt while his biceps and triceps exploded in opposite directions and quickly filled the elbow length sleeves. His forearms rippled to sudden life, the cords of muscle thickening and swelling in an almost writhing mass, taking on the look of, then surpassing, small hams! His pecs were most impressive as they widened to fill the space between his shoulders, then ballooned outward and down, beginning to pull the neckline of the shirt's collar lower and reveal the first few inches of the rapidly deepening valley between them. The entirety of his torso suddenly seemed to double in width as he both felt and saw his lats swell and widen as well as all the smaller muscles of his back rippled and popped with growth. His arms were suddenly forced noticeably outward from his sides at this, and felt the compression shirt constrict further around his body. He looked down to see that his abs had now each grown to the size of baseballs, the top pair being slightly obscured by the growth of his chest as it pushed the fabric outward, and watched as his obliques and intercostals popped and swell with growth to show through the shirt in bold relief. He could feel the girth of his thighs increasing in his gym shorts, but not quite see it, as the shorts were originally loose fitting basketball shorts. However, from the looks of things, and the feeling of his swelling glutes, they wouldn't be loose fitting for too much longer. His calves, on the other hand, were plainly visible and had taken on a powerful, rapidly swelling diamond shape and were showing quite prominently from behind his thickening shins. Suddenly, the already unbearable feeling of increasing pressure filling his body spiked several notches higher and the growth of Andy's body went into overdrive. The sudden spike in growth increased the width of his neck threefold, curving outward from the base of his skull, and shot down through his body with a vengeance! His traps mounded higher, rising fully above the collar of his shirt, nearly merging with his neck while his deltoids exploded further outward to the size of cannonballs and beyond. His biceps and triceps exploded rapidly to a size bigger than Andy's own head as his forearms grew to the size of twenty pound hams. The growth spike hit Andy's chest, and his pecs bulged to the size of pillows and rose higher toward his chin. The sudden increase in the size of his chest caused the hem of the shirt to ride up suddenly, the elastic material shooting up almost violently over his stomach to reveal six softball sized abs that were pulsing steadily bigger with size while his waist had somehow managed to remain proportionately narrow. His quadriceps and hamstrings, not to be outdone, swelled monstrously. He had been unintentionally standing with his legs apart, and he saw the loose gym shorts start to tighten as he felt his glutes bulge bigger and rounder. At the same time, Andy's eyes widened as he became aware of the sensation of his inner thighs suddenly coming into contact with each other despite the width of his stance. He looked down briefly, then noticed the top of his gym socks suddenly get forcibly pushed down, bunching up at the tops of his shoes, by his inflating calves. He became aware of the sound of stretching fabric. He looked up again to see that the feel of the soft elastic fabric sliding over his nipples as his pecs grew had caused them to get hard and show plainly through the straining fabric. He could see that the shirt was fighting to restrain his rapidly ballooning physique and felt the shirt getting tighter...and tighter...and tighter as he grew bigger, and Bigger, and BIGGER! He realized, suddenly, that he had become mesmerized by the growth and was quickly becoming too big. But the growth wasn't slowing down. In fact the pressure was still building and the growth rate was still increasing. He shook himself out of the spectacle before him in the mirror and turned toward the door to leave. As he walked, he stumbled slightly, but quickly righted himself. As he attempted to hurry toward the door finally, he realized how big his legs had gotten. He hadn't noticed till now because he had been standing still, but he could feel as he walked that the legs of his boxer briefs beneath the shorts had been forced upward by his ballooning thighs and were bunched up where his thighs and narrow hips met. Conversely, he also realized that his muscles hadn't been the only thing growing. As he walked he could feel the front of the boxer briefs growing rapidly tighter, and it felt as if his still soft manhood was being forced to bunch up inside them. He sailed through the main doors, and out into the parking lot heading for his small van. As he climbed in, he noticed idly for a moment that everything now appeared quite a bit smaller. But he didn't have time to think about that right now. he had to... Suddenly, Andy's entire body went rigid! The feeling of increasing internal pressure heightened, spiking exponentially, and with a massive surge of growth, his entire body began to explode with size faster than ever before, his muscles bulging bigger, gaining pounds in seconds! It was a testament to the manufacturer of the compression shirt that it had lasted this long. But as he was able to look down for a second before his chest became too big to see past, he heard the unmistakable sound of fabric tearing and seams giving out. The shoulder seams of the shirt were first to give way, splitting violently open. The remainder of the sleeves were held in place briefly by the sheer tightness caused by the size of his upper arms. The sleeves, however, were contemptuously obliterated by the rapidly increasing mass of his biceps and triceps. He felt cool air come into contact with his sides as small tears appeared and were rapidly expanded all along the side seams of the shirt first on the left side, then the right. With an almost sinister snapping sound, the reinforced stitiching of the collar gave out. The neckline had been pulled nearly all the way down to the top pair of abs by the swelling mountain of Andy's chest. But without the reinforced stitching to hold things together, the front of the compression shirt was briefly marred by two huge stress wrinkles, then burst violently open, tearing wildly apart from each other right down the middle. His massive and growing pecs burst forth forcefully from the shirt at the sudden release of restraint and Andy gained a new appreciation for just how big his pecs had gotten (and were still getting) as they settled with a massive bounce, powerful enough to shake his entire overdeveloped body, back into a steady rate of growth. Andy suddenly became acutely aware of the confined feeling inside his shorts. He gritted his teeth against the tightening feeling of his boxer briefs as it became more than he could bear. He could actually feel his cock and balls momentarily fighting for space, but was once again greeted by the sound of fabric and seams ripping, slightly muffled by the gym shorts. The lump in in the shorts caused by his package was roughly the size of softball at the moment. But as he felt his boxer briefs finally give out against the combined mass of his thighs, glutes, and massive package, it quadrupled in size then continued to swell bigger and fill the gym shorts out alarmingly faster! As Andy's growth continued, he fumbled for a few seconds to start the van. it was starting to get difficult to move. As he left the gym, his concern had been how he was going to get to the car before his burst out of his shirt. Now, as he heard the sound of the driver seat begin to groan under his increasing weight, he wondered how he was going to make the half hour drive home before he burst out of his vehicle... As the two teenaged desk attendants, Mark and Calvin, walked toward the door inside the gym to lock up and leave for the night, they both stopped, staring stunned at the doors. The metal framework of one door was warped as if something huge had collided with it, and the full length pane of glass had a massive spider web crack. The steel push handle of the other one was bent and slightly crumpled. When they looked closer, it looked almost as if it had been done by a very large hand. Calvin caught sight of something out of the corner of his eye, and looked over toward the mirrored wall. A gym bag lay discarded along the wall. He walked over and picked it up, carrying it back over to Mark who was still staring at the doors. Mark looked over. "Whose is that?" Calvin unzipped it and rummaged around, "No clue. No name, no initials, just some sweaty clothes and..." As Calvin lifted a wadded up towel out of the gym bag, it came unraveled and a bottle wrapped up in the towel rattled to the floor. Calvin bent and picked it up. "'Experimental, high performance supplement. Just take one, right before working out...near instant results, just take one'" he read from a hand printed label on the bottle. Mark scoffed, "Probably some roid freak's; got suckered into buying fake supps." "What should I do with'em?" "Eh, doesn't matter to me. Do what ya want." Calvin slipped the bottle into his own back pack, "I'll show it to the trainer tomorrow. Maybe he'll know something about it...." _______ END
  4. Thomas can feel his back, delts, traps, and shoulders ballooning, stretching and popping in more places than he can count as the chair begins creaking. He is testing the restraints now as a couple of the seams on the straps tear ever so slightly. His arms have surpassed 23” and his biceps and triceps are gloriously humungous. They are bunched up on the back of the chair as he has to hunch over to handle the mass that is forming on his frame. His pecs are still growing as they stretch the shirt fabric to its limits. There is a massive gap beneath them as he can no longer see the monstrous eight slabs beneath his huge furry mantits. He loves the way they look as his nipples and areolas thicken and double in size nearly perfectly on the corners. They are almost entirely visible from outside his shirt. He understands why the shirt was so loose now, but he wants to destroy it without having to use his hands. He is now staring at the two men in front of him and realizes that they are nearly nude. He is not the same Thomas they remember at all anymore. His eyes and face still resemble the old Thomas, but he isn’t nearly as shy, but that was to be expected of course. His lower half is nearly done growing as they walk up to him seeing that the transition is nearly complete. Arliss and Cliff motion for the medical staff to leave so they can spend some one-on-one time with the huge young hulk. They both take turns rubbing his 35” quads and 23” calves which are sending shivers up and down the Canadian’s massive back. Cliff doesn’t even say anything before he reaches down to run his tongue along the huge, even larger 13” shaft, tasting the thick cockhead and guzzling its contents. Arliss massages his lower body making Thomas feel every sensation. He is yelling in delight and wants desperately to ravage both men. A few more tears are made on his arm and leg straps as he flexes his legs and arms. The volume in his upper arm is too much for the shirt now as the seams rip in half, exposing his gigantic ball-shaped veiny shoulders. His expanding lats are busting through as well as they destroy the sides of the shirt and flare out to the point that they are messing with the chair’s arms. His eyes are fixed on Cliff mostly, as he stares at the big hunk, breathing deeply and sounding like a giant bear, as his mentor continues to worship his monster cock, toying with his swollen cockhead. Arliss decides to fuck Cliff so he slides his thong off to push his huge cock inside the big man. Cliff gulps on Thomas’s cock for a few minutes before he stops to allow Arliss to push himself all the way in to pound him and blast his cum inside. The older top pulls out and backs off to get up and put his thong back on. He appears to be done knowing that Cliff should be able to handle the rest. “FUCK Cliff, that was way too fun. *looks at Thomas and swoons* You are a fucking beautiful man now young man. Well I should say, beastly man. I will be back in a few minutes to help clean this up.” Arliss departs as Cliff goes back to pleasuring Thomas, who is obviously far from being done. His muscles are swollen and throbbing. His shirt is hanging halfway off his body and his engorged pecs are begging for freedom. His mentor wants to put him over the edge and thinks he can do it, so he starts toying with his client even further. “I want you to fucking try and get free Thomas. I know you can do it, I can see how much the straps are fraying now. The raw power that is emanating from you is intoxicating and I am positive that shirt will do what that puny pair of shorts did earlier. Fucking grow a bit more and destroy that shirt.” Thomas is so wound now that he is straining and flexing even harder than before. Incredibly still with the needles in his arms, although they are nearly invisible inside his engorged veins now, the force he is exerting makes his arms swell another inch from top to bottom. He is ripping the straps now as Cliff looks on in amazement as the material rips in an even pattern. When they finally give way, the massive Canadian grins at Cliff and puffs his chest out to make his shirt shred as his chest becomes more visible. He has developed a gargantuan 65” chest with an uneven eight pack. He continues to smile as he shows Cliff one of his fat fingers and reaches up to slowly tug on the material. He moans feeling the remaining seams tear off realizing that it feels like a feather being lifted off of his massive frame. He is fully grown now it seems. He looks at both of his arms, noticing that there are two tiny needles that are barely inside his garden-hose sized veins and plucks them out and over the side of the chair. Cliff is stunned that Thomas has managed to get free from his restraints. He gets up off the ground and moves back a few inches. The Canadian hulk never takes his eyes off of Cliff. He is reveling in his size and deep down realizes that this feeling was always there. He flexes his vascular lats and makes them bust the arm rests off the chair as they tumble over to the sides. He is ready to get up now as security guards start moving through the side doors. Cliff motions for them to leave. “No guys, we are good. I think he just needs some attention. He has been waiting for this for his entire life, and I think so have I.” The giant hulk stumbles a bit as he gets to his feet, trying to figure out how much weight he needs to put on them since this is a completely new experience for him. He jumps on to Cliff and they fall to the ground. He is grunting and growling as he looks into Cliff’s eyes. He feels completely reborn and has no qualms about forcing himself onto other men. He leans over to whisper into his mentor’s ear. “You are right Cliff. This is exactly who I am and what I am destined to be. The old Thomas is still inside me, but he probably won’t be making another appearance ever again. All I can think about right now is plowing you for hours on end and feeling our bodies rub against each other forever. I want to taste you and fill you up until you burst. *feels Cliff tremble a bit* Eh? I have never seen you like this before. I want to be in control okay? *Cliff shakes his head yes multiple times* MMM, let’s do it gorgeous.” After making Cliff hornier than he has ever felt, with one finger again, Thomas snaps his mentor’s thong off and looks at his partner’s shaft spurting precum everywhere. He smiles before moving down to swallow it. He purposefully sucks it in rapid succession to put Cliff over the edge. The stunned man yells as Thomas pulls it out of his mouth to watch it blast cum all over his massive 345 pound frame. He goes back down on it again to gulp several ropes of cum and moans deeply closing his eyes to savor the sweet taste. He laughs as he pulls it out of his mouth again. Cliff pulls on his thick black beard and motions for him to kiss him. “Ohh? What makes you think I want to kiss you Cliff? *smiles which makes Cliff swoon* Are you going to beg me then?” “Oh my god Thomas. Where have you been all of my life? You are the alpha that I need, barking orders when needed. Please kiss me. I need to feel your lips on mine.” The huge hairy hulk gets back up and is a couple of inches taller than his mentor. His massive pecs are pressing up against Cliff’s pec shelf as he reaches around to caress his partner’s head. He pulls him in quickly to lock lips and holds him against him. There is an instant connection as both men moan deeply. This lasts for several minutes as they both massage each other’s chests with their hands. Thomas lifts him up to bury his face into Cliff’s chest and starts exploring his partner with his mouth. The smitten hunk submits to his new partner, but Thomas stops to say something to him. “You don’t have to let me do all of the work Cliff. *looks down at his massive pecs and furry eight-pack* I need this tension in my pecs to be released. You think you can help me with that?” Cliff’s eyes enlarge when he tells him this. “Then I suggest you make me feel it gorgeous. I feel like I can produce several gallons of cum just by having my pecs played with. SHIT, I want you to do it so bad.” He shoves Cliff’s head into them as the eager hunk immediately starts to lick them. After several hard punches and smacks, he can tell that Thomas loves every moment of it. “Fucking nurse me Cliff, I want you to abuse my nipples. They are the gateway to salvation, I can feel it.” The horned up hunk lightly blows on both of them, causing them to get fully erect. Thomas bounces both of them each time his partner tries to suck on them, grinning from ear to ear. Cliff is totally infatuated with this man now. He loves his demeanor and how he knows what he wants from him. Once Thomas finally stops toying with him, he lets his partner rub his tongue on both nipples, getting them sopping wet as he treats them with the same respect he has for Thomas’s giant tool. The huge hairy hulk feels every sensation through his entire body. His cock is bouncing ferociously now, leaking a long strand of precum onto the floor beneath them. He is intoxicated with the feeling of having his giant tits ravaged and bounces his pecs again to keep Cliff focused. “Bite and suck them hard Cliff, then I think I can feed you so much cum you won’t ever have to be with another man ever again.” Cliff tugs and chews on both nipples while rubbing his partner’s huge abdominal slabs, running his fingers between each one of them and marveling at their crazy symmetry. He is driving Thomas insane with his constant stimulation. His cock continues to spill thick precum everywhere as he rubs his horny partner’s back and shoulders with his sweaty hands. After a few more minutes of oral stimulation, the huge muscle giant can feel something new happening in his chest. He can hear Cliff moaning deeply as he sniffs the male teet he is working on. It is emitting the same aroma that comes from his crotch normally. Somehow, Thomas’s massive tits have started to leak precum from the pores in his areolas. Cliff runs his tongue along both of them and is in absolute heaven as he tastes the fluids seeping through them. His giant partner has his head arched back and is laughing at this new addition to his already incredible frame. He starts mumbling to himself, but the words are too low for Cliff to understand at first. He finally tells his partner to stop for a few moments so he can take a breather and say a few things to him. His ballsac is being stretched to its limits by the two heaving grapefruits that have been stimulated by more than one area of his body. “Heh…..oh my gawd Cliff. This is more than I ever imagined would happen to me. That serum your people have given to me feels like it has given me two more cocks, only they are two huge gorgeous melons.” His nipples are slowly dripping fluid down Cliff’s arms as he feels both pecs being caressed. His mentor keeps petting them and rubbing his fingers on the areolas. His breathing increases every time this is done. “Ohh fuck….oh fuck…..stop stop stop Cliff. Mmmm, it is as if the cum is being transferred through both my cock and my pecs now. This feels so much more satisfying than just having my cock sucked .” He bounces his pecs again and feels his balls contract as his cum manages to travel all the way up to his chest. He grabs Cliff’s head and presses it on top of his left nipple. It is obvious that something strange is about to happen because both tits look as if they are about to explode. Both men are stunned by what is transpiring and it makes Cliff latch on to his partner’s teet again. His precum stops oozing as Thomas yells in delight feeling his tits shooting thick jizz out of their holes. Both men are feeling euphoric as the huge young hulk top starts spurting cum out of his cock as well. He grabs Cliff’s body and slides him on top of his giant pole, spreading his hole wider than he has ever felt before. Cliff feels Thomas filling him up from both ends, but it doesn’t stop him from continuing to worship his young master. The muscle giant grabs his right pec and toys with his nipple, spraying its contents all over the room they are in. This lasts for about two minutes before he finally stops and he slows his breathing. Cliff quits sucking on his left pec and falls over. Thomas grabs him first though and slides his wet cock out of his partner’s hole to hold him. The medical staff rushes out to take him away from the muscle giant as they try to keep him stabilized. He is drowning in Thomas’s juices, something that should concern the behemoth, but he is surprisingly calm now as Arliss comes back out to attend to the muscle giant. “I think we are done here, you gorgeous stud. Once they get Cliff back to where he should be, he will come see you again. For now, let’s get you cleaned up and get you to bed. You will need a massive amount of rest after this. You are a complete original Thomas and I can’t wait to see where we go next with the others.” Thomas lifts him up to kiss him on the lips and puts him back down on the ground. Arliss is amazed at how affectionate Thomas can be despite the overwhelming changes. “Uhh wow, there may still be a small part of the old Thomas in there. He seemed like a really touchy-feely type, am I right?” The huge beast grins and shakes his head yes. “Mmm yes, he is still in here boss man. I am quickly figuring out how to manage everything in my mind though. You will find out that I am not a complete douchebag.” They leave the area as Thomas walks with him completely nude as his pecs and cock continue to slowly leak fluids onto the floor. Arliss is unconcerned and knows that he can’t touch the hulk without making him react again. They pass other men who have been watching on the monitors and they are totally in awe. They pass Steve who is sitting in one of the side rooms, he waves and smiles. “Is that man getting this treatment too Arliss?” “Ohh yeah he will Thomas. He came here with another man, but he wasn’t cooperating.” “What about Jessie? I really like him. Will he be getting the same serum?” They stop walking. “No, Jessie’s formula is different. He doesn’t need the initial serum because his body is already jump started due to his gym routine. You had to start from square one and your body drank it up. The second serum you received turned you into a completely new beast.” He stares at Thomas’s sweaty pecs and wants to touch them. The muscle giant notices and shoves them in his face. Arliss leans in to taste both of them and grunts. The initial load that shot from them has subsided and it will require more stimulation to make them react again. They are standing between several men and notice that a lot of them have their cocks hanging freely outside their pants. They want another show, but time is starting to get away from the organizers and this can’t be postponed. Arliss motions for Thomas to go down the hall into the shower area and he will be there shortly. He tells the others to get back into their rooms and behave themselves. This was just the first client, what will be in store for the others? End of Part 6
  5. Donuts & Karma by Ultrabeef Caleb walked quickly out of the coffee shop, his pale cheeks now beet red. His tousled reddish hair askew and his black frame glasses fogging up as they encountered the harsh frigid winter hair. Caleb pulled his black parka closer around his thin wiry frame and scurried across the desolate campus toward his apartment. He kept replaying the events of the last hour over and over in his mind as he braced himself against the biting wind. He was completely humiliated, and still in shock. Just an hour ago he had been in what he thought was a happy relationship. His boyfriend Bryce had been like a godsend to him. They had met their freshman year when they were assigned as roommates. Bryce was of Asian desent and an Engineering major, while Caleb, the pale redhead, was a Math major. When they discovered they both were gay and attracted to each other, the rest was history, as they say. But lately Bryce had become interested in fitness and working out and with his Asian genetics had actually packed quite a bit of muscle onto his once slender frame. As his muscle tone grew, so did a new cocky, arrogant, and hurtful attitude toward Caleb. "You are so puny! Why don't you hit the gym?" Was a frequent question Bryce asked of his boyfriend prompting Caleb to start joining him in the campus gym. But it was no good. Caleb didn't have an athletic bone in his body. No matter how much Caleb tried to workout out or how many weight gainer shakes he choked down, he stayed pretty much the same. Today, when Bryce asked to meet him at the campus coffee shop, Caleb had no idea what was in store. Bryce was already there when Caleb arrived, his thick muscular arms straining the sleeves of his black t-shirt, Caleb noticed the veins snaking acros Bryce's biceps and the line between his smooth pecs showing from his v-neck shirt. He was looking especially irritated but hot as well, his lips pouting out as he checked his iWatch causing his meaty pecs to bounce. Bryce looked up and snickered "About time scrawny! I was beginning to think the wind blew you away!" Caleb sheepishly took a seat at the table with Bryce, muttering "Sorry..." under his breath. In short order Bryce revealed that he simply wasn't attracted to Caleb anymore. He liked big muscular guys and in fact he had been secretly dating one for the past month. As he spoke a huge muscular black guy walked over and kissed Bryce. "You ok sweetie?" the hulking adonis cooed at Bryce. "Yeah, just saying goodbye to my ex DeShawn" Bryce motioned to Caleb whose mouth was hanging open. The guy was huge, easily a pro level bodybuilder. His tight red stringer tank and gray shorts struggled to contain his massive ebony muscles. Caleb could see the attraction for Bryce. DeShawn was a thick, jacked college aged bodybuilder and based on the obscene bulge in his shorts, Caleb knew he had him beat in every department. DeShawn looked at Caleb uneasily and then turned to Bryce. "This is your ex?" Bryce nodded grabbing DeShawn's thick beefy arm and running his finger down the bulging vein snaking across his bicep. "Sorry dude. I didn't know..." DeShawn trailed off and looked at Caleb with embarrassment as Bryce wrapped his arm around the big guy and laughed "Don't worry about him sexy! He'a WAY too small for me! Come on stud". Then the two muscular guys left the coffee shop arm in arm. Caleb was stunned. He had no idea his boyfriend had been cheating on him. What had just happened? As Caleb staggered toward the door of the coffee shop in a daze, tears starting to well up in his eyes he bumped into a small, strangely dressed woman; knocking her coffee cup out of her hand. "Oh, I'm sorry...so sorry..." Caleb mumbled breathlessly trying to hold back his tears. As he struggled on the floor mopping up the womab's coffee with a pile of napkins he had grabbed from a nearby table. the woman placed her cold clammy hand on Caleb's forehead and spoke in a thick foreign accent "I am sorry boy. Sorry you aren't big enough to be with the one you love." Caleb stammered in embarassment, his cheeks burning bright red. "I...I'm not sure...what you overheard...but..." Silence!" the woman growled with authority and shoved a small, greasy, brown bag into Caleb's hand. "This will give you what you want." Caleb opened the bag and saw what looked like a few greasy donut holes in the bag. "What the heck...?" Caleb started to say but the woman was gone. Stranger still, the coffee that had spilled on the floor was gone too. A chill ran down Caleb's spine. He grabbed the bag of donut holes and headed out into the frigid tundra toward home. Once home Caleb sat down to watch a movie on Netflix to try to get his mind off of Bryce but it wasn't really working. Caleb was really upset and mindlessly reached for the crazy old lady's bag of donut holes next to him on the beat up sofa. He popped two into his mouth, wiping the greasy reside onto his once clean white Oxford shirt. They were sweet and tasted good. As Caleb continued to browse Netflix he could feel his somach rumbling and he started to feel nauseous. Caleb looked over at the greasy donut bag and realized that there must have been something in the donuts. How stupid could he be to eat food from some crazy, mysterious stranger. Caleb was feeling warm and realized that although the room was warm, he was starting to sweat. It felt like his body was getting fuller, heavier. As he looked down he could see his legs straining against the fabric of his skinny jeans, his legs seemingly twice as thick as they had been just minutes before. "Wh...what the heck?" Caleb reached down and touched his thickening quads feeling the thick hard muscle struggling against the denim of his jeans. Caleb's attention was now occupied by his hands that were expanding and starting to look like big powerful paws. They looked ridiculous attached to his spindly arms; but suddenly his arms thickened straining the sleeves of his button down shirt as his pecs started to swell and bulge forcing a button to pop open. Suddenly the growth had stopped. Caleb moaned in pleasure as his body beefed up with new muscle. He could fill his once adequate dick bulging against his jeans and start to snake down his leg. With some difficulty Caleb lumbered toward the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and gasped. He looked so different. Gone was the skinny twink, staring back at him was a beefy college jock with clothes that looked ready to burst. Caleb struggled to remove his clothes and examined the results of the donuts. He was totally jacked with striated dense muscles straining against his pale ivory skin. He had the body a physique model would kill for. The weight of his plump pecs forced his large nipples toward the ground. His bulging arms radiated strength and power with purple veins crisscrossing them. His waist was still small and tight with a six pack showing through. As he turned sideways he could see his ass had grown into a cute bubble butt that flare down into his thick quads. Caleb cupped his bigger ass and bit his lip trying to hold back the waves of pleasure at feeling his hard, big butt. He marveled at his beefy pecs and tight six pack and almost lost it when his thick hand grazed his large sensitive nipple. Caleb flexed in the mirror and felt his big, hard biceps causing his dick to swell and stand at attention. His dick was much bigger with his auburn public hair denser and firming a treasure trail up to his navel. Caleb could see that the hair in his armpits was bushier as well. It was more than he could take. Caleb started stroking his big dick and finally letting out a groan of pure ecstasy, came all over the bathroom mirror. Caleb's first thought after cleaning up was Bryce. Although Caleb was no where close to the size of Bryce's huge new crush, DeShawn, but maybe this new muscle would be enough to salvage the only relationship he had ever had. Caleb struggled to find clothes to fit his new thicker frame, squeezing into some baggy jeans he had leftover from his high school skater phase. They just barely fit, looking like skinny jeans clinging to his meaty thighs and bubble butt. As Caleb searched through his shirts, he marveled at how his thighs now rubbed against each other, a totally new sensation for him. He squeezed into a once baggy t-shirt that now hugged his wider shoulders and chest. His thick arms filled out the sleeves nicely. He looked like an actual college jock, although one wearing dated, too tight clothes. As he crossed the campus quad Caleb could feel the stares of girls (and guys). Usually he walked around campus practically invisible, unnoticed, but not today. His parka didn't fit over his new bigger body but Caleb didn't even feel the cold. He felt so much bigger yet inside he felt just as small and weak as ever. The way Bryce had dumped him had really shattered his confidence. Caleb walked up the steps to Bryce's apartment and saw what must have been DeShawn's white pick-up truck parked out front. Caleb knocked on the door with some hesitation. Moments later the door swung open and there stood Bryce, shirtless, his perfect pecs and abs on full display. "Well, look what the cat dragged in!" Bryce snickered. "Who is it babe?" DeShawn called out from inside the apartment. "It's no one", Bryce called back. "Wait. Bryce. Can't we work this out. I loved you for all those years! You mean everything to me! And I even got bigger for you. See." Caleb flexed his arms in a double bicep pose to show off his improved physique to his ex. But Bryce was unimpressed. "Nice. But too little, too late, I'm afraid." Just then DeShawn came up behind Bryce. He was shirtless as well and completely filled the doorway with his black sexy pecs and boulder shoulders. He was so much bigger than Bryce. "I thought you said it was no one?" DeShawn looked at Caleb sheepishly. "Well, it is!" Bryce laughed maniacally as he ushered DeShawn back inside. Caleb, tears in his eyes turned and ran off the porch. DeShawn looked out the window at Caleb running away, his powerful legs and butt propelling him forward. "He looks different. Is he bigger?" DeShawn asked with interest. "Who cares big boy?" Bryce sneered. "Well, he looks good!" DeShawn rubbed the scruff on his chin causing his huge bicep to swell. Bryce just grinned taking DeShawn's face in his hand and kissing him passionately on the lips, "not as good looking as you stud!" Caleb ran across campus, tears streaming down his face. He was humiliated, hurt, and angry. He had loved Bryce but now that love was gone and Caleb had no idea what to do. Before he knew it, he was back home. He was barely out of breath. The old Caleb would have been winded walking to the corner let alone running all the way across campus. Caleb seethed with anger and his ex and his own foolishness at trying to make things work between them. As Caleb entered his apartment he saw the greasy bag of donuts still on the kitchen counter where he had left them. "Bryce wants big, I'll show him big!" Caleb grabbed the remaining donut holes and shoved them in his mouth. Washing them down with some cold milk right from the carton. Only after he swallowed and milk ran down his face did his head clear enough for his anger to subside and the realization of what he had just done set in. Fear crept into Caleb's brain. "Oh shit! What did I just do?" Caleb moaned as he clutched his stomach in pain. He winced and groaned in agony as his muscles began to spasm and swell. Sweat drenched his clothes and dripped from his forehead as he struggled to not pass out. "Urrgghh! Fuuucck!" Caleb grunted out as the forceful spasms dropped him to his knees. Caleb struggled to crawl across the floor to the bathroom as his body was racked with pain. He knew his only hope of stopping the pain was to try to throw up the pills. As he crawled he could feel his body swelling up with bigger, thicker, stronger muscles. He heard his jeans rip open and shred as his bourgeoning ass and quads exposed themselves to the cool air. His back swelled ripping his shirt straight up the back as he crawled toward the bathroom door. His swelling arms and shoulders shredded his shirt completely as he reached the door. Caleb grabbed the counter with his now huge meaty paw and pulled himself up the pain subsiding. He was too late. Caleb glanced toward the mirror to see what the effect of those donut holes had been. He was so much bigger and heavier now. As he looked at his reflection and gasped, "oh fuck!" His now deep rumbling bass exclaimed. His back was impossibly wide, filling the entire mirror. His bulging traps surrounded his wide, thick neck. He barely looked human anymore as mound of bulging muscle led to mound of bulging muscle. His huge arms flared out to the sides, held upright by his swollen lats that flared out like thick beefy wings. His waist was no longer small but appeared so by the mass of his shoulders and lats. His abs formed a thick 8 pack and distended into a big muscle gut. As he turned Caleb saw that his ass had grown as well into a huge thick manly muscle ass. His legs were so huge that they forced each other apart. Even Caleb's face was different. More masculine with a wide, strong jaw and high cheekbones setting off his full lips. With his glasses and reddish hair covering one eye, he looked like a nerd who went crazy overdosing with steroids. Reddish hair lightly covered his chest and abs and the bush sprouting from his armpits and crotch was dense and thick. Sexy reddish scruff dusted his jaw line. Something else had changed within Caleb along with his voice and appearance; he was no longer afraid or timid. He was an uber stud of a man. Just the thought of this made his huge fat cock leak precum. Gone was the cute, twinky math major. Caleb was easily the biggest man he had ever seen. As he flexed his freaky vein-draped arms and bounced his big juicy pecs Caleb roared and spewed gallons of cum all over the bathroom and himself. As he ran his finger across his chest and tasted his own cum, Caleb smirked in the mirror. It was time for his revenge. Caleb knew that nothing he owned would fit his huge new body. He found a ridiculously huge pair of white gym shorts his senile grandma had given him last Christmas and squeezed into them. They looked painted on and could barely contain his huge veiny quads. The white shorts clung to each huge meaty cheek of his magnificent ass and did little to hide his massive cock. Caleb could care less, the newly minted ginger muscle hunk smirked a cocky grin as he headed across campus to the coffee shop. The winter air was nothing to his powerful body. People on campus just pointed and stared in awe at the scantily clad freakish muscle beast walking across campus. Caleb knew Bryce's routine and that he would be at the coffee shop. Sure enough as he approached, Bryce and DeShawn were just coming out. They both looked so small compared to Caleb. Even DeShawn the bodybuilder who had seemed so huge to Caleb earlier, looked puny now. Caleb confidently strode up behind them. "You runts better hit the gym instead of the coffee shop". Bryce spun around to see who dared talk to him that way and came face to face with Caleb's massive pec. Purple stretch marks snaking across it's veiny striated surface. "Umm...I..." Bryce stammered. "Am I big enough for you now "sweetie"?" Caleb rumbled in his new bass, his voice laced with sarcasm and hurt. "C...C...Caleb?!" Bryce stammered, his eyes wide with fear. "But...how?!" DeShawn's eyes grew wide too "Oh fuck! Oh my god. So fucking big..." DeShawn moaned, his cock swelling up in his sweats as he took in Caleb's new freakish size. "Oh my god! Caleb...it...but how?!" Bryce moaned getting hard himself at the pure beefy mass of his former twink boyfriend. "I know you like your guys buff, "sweetie" Caleb sarcastically purred. Bryce mumbled, blushing in front of the mountainous Caleb. "You're so big!! So hot!! You did this all for me?" Caleb smirked an evil grin. "In a sense. Yes." Bryce was at a loss for words. His hand reached out to touch Caleb's swollen pec when Caleb forcefully batted it away with his meaty paw, almost knocking Bryce over in the process. "You know, I think you're way to puny for me bro" Caleb smirked using Bryce's own words against him. Shock and panic crossed across Bryce's face. Caleb strode over to DeShawn and playfully grabbed DeShawn's engorged, leaking cock in his shorts. "You in the market for new boyfriend cutie?" DeShawn just gulped and nodded yes, total lust in his eyes. "Let's go DeShawn" Caleb playfully smacked DeShawn's bubble butt as DeShawn wrapped both hands around Caleb's tree trunk arm, shooting his load and moaning loudly "oh fuck!" as he came in contact with Caleb's huge, thick, powerful muscle. As the mammoth Caleb strode away with his new black bodybuilder boyfriend, DeShawn looked back at Bryce's confused and devastated face. "But, what about him?" DeShawn sheepishly asked. "Well, karma's a bitch" Caleb laughed as he pulled DeShawn's face into his bulbous pec, kissing him deeply on the lips. DeShawn, in a total state of bliss, laughed. "Yep, it sure is!" The two studs sauntered away toward Caleb's apartment.
  6. Check out the previous four parts here: Part 5: The Changes Are Everywhere “No…..no…..stop moving…..I will have to kill you…..I warned you…..uhhhh” Before the dream goes any further, Valentin always wakes up. He has had to revisit it over and over again for weeks, maybe even months at a time. Those few crazy weeks from a couple of years ago where he had to vanquish Domino, Carlos, and a few others keeps being replayed in his mind for some reason and he can’t quite figure out why. He is breathing heavily from where the dream ends and has once again soaked the bed in Bulgarian sweat. A cool breeze is flowing through his Canadian apartment but it isn’t enough to stop the steam emanating from his naked olive skin. He jumps to his feet and walks over to the bathroom light to turn it on. He stares into the mirror and places his right hand over top of the scars he received from that day. Sometimes he wonders if having an immunity to all were viruses is a curse rather than a blessing. He hasn’t spoken to his wishmaster in several years and thinks that maybe he should go visit him in the near future to show him what has resulted from the gift he gave him. For now though, he needs to focus all of his energy on not only stopping the new lycanthrope invasion, but also to build himself up physically. He is scanning his hairy wet body with his hazel-colored eyes and is noticing how much bigger he is now compared to where he was before he started taking the serum. It was formulated for him by Dr. Genesis, a man he met last year after making the move to Canada. The man was given a book that was found at the company where the original lycanthrope massacre occurred. It was discovered by Nathan and Roman after most of the dead bodies were taken to the morgue in a false wall. It appeared that Domino and the organization he worked for were trying to hide their scientific secrets from the Bulgarians fearing that it would end up in the hands of someone in Sofia. The three men managed to get out the facility before the emergency personnel got there. At the time, nobody could understand why the van was completely destroyed, but later on they would get their answer. They ended up having to hide in a nearby storage facility by breaking into one of the units. They stayed there until morning when Valentin told the other two men that they needed to find a way out of the city before they would be sought by the authorities. They agreed and went their separate ways from the Bulgarian. That would be the last time he would see them. He also thought it would be a good idea to keep a low profile for a while so he disappeared. He however also realized after that ordeal that he would need to focus more on matching up with his opponents and not letting them overtake him anymore. He immediately started a new training program shortly after in solitude. He was decently built from when he had to deal with Domino’s wolfy side since he knew that he would probably have to protect himself if something were to go wrong through their interactions. He is now rubbing his left hand along each of the other scars he has earned since the massacre located on his thick, furry pecs and the huge slabs beneath them. He is amazed that he has been able to transform himself into the man that he is now. “I am still learning more about myself every day it appears. I wonder how much further I can go with this serum.” He takes his right hand off of his wide neck to do a few flexes in the mirror with his arms. He leans in to stare at the huge garden hoses bulging from his softball-sized forearms as they stretch all the way up to his furry bloated shoulders. He stops flexing to look down at the sink and picks up a vial full of a clear fluid. He unscrews the dropper from the top and sticks it up to his mouth. He opens and lifts his tongue to place two drops of the fluid underneath before closing his mouth and screwing the dropper back on to the top of the vial. He puts it down back to where it was sitting and stands back about a foot from the mirror. He is completely nude as he turns to his side and then turns slightly to take a look at his backside as it is aimed at the mirror. He starts flexing again, this time to make his back flare outward. He still can’t fathom how he got this big so quickly. He has seen a few bodybuilders up in Canada pose like this so he wanted to know how it felt since he is getting to their level. He can feel his lats pushing his arms out even further to his sides as his delts and traps swell even bigger than before he took the serum just now. He can feel the hormones starting to flow through him and it is making his cock expand and lengthen as a result. Before he started taking the serum several months ago, he was never able to precum, but that all changed after just a couple of doses. A small ribbon of the sticky goo is slowly rolling down the side of his shaft and it is coating his swollen golf-ball sized testicles. He is feeling pretty good now. He is now flexing his furry quads and hamstrings, watching the thick striations in both legs ripple and glisten in the light. The layer of dark-colored Bulgarian fur is much thicker than he remembers, but he loves that he is able to cover what used to be barren areas of his body. The sensations from the serum are now traveling from his crotch all the way down to his feet. He loves the way the serum makes him feel after having a stressful dream, and it is more pleasurable than using his own hand on his cock. He is proud of growing his huge ass from all of those grueling squats he has endured over the past several months as well. He rubs both glutes with his hands and caresses the fur that is over top of them. He checks his anus and makes it wink a couple of times and chuckles to himself. He found out that he preferred being a bottom back when he was with Domino, but with his thicker frame now, it has opened the door to new possibilities including overpowering bigger lovers. He grunts feeling his balls filling up with fresh cum and it is now making his ass ache. He really needs to be with someone at that moment that can put him over the edge and not let it be a complete waste of time. Posing in front of a mirror is nice once in a while, but he is feeling pumped and exceptionally horny after taking this dose for some reason. He knows exactly who he needs to call. He stops staring at himself and leaves the bathroom to go find his cell phone. His hard 9-inch cock is slapping his hairy six slabs of granite with each leap he makes through the room making them contract as they sling precum through each abdominal gap all the way up to the underside of his meaty pecs. He takes one of his fingers to lap up a bit of it and places it on his tongue. He sighs briefly before reaching down to get the phone from his end table and dials up a close Canadian friend that he knows. “Lenny…..what is wrong? For you to call me at this hour, it has to be important eh?” “You could say that Wilson, I am feeling the need for some company. If you know what I mean baby?” The Canadian grunts a few times and laughs. “Ohh, I know exactly what you are telling me. I will be there in a bit, don’t you dare spill any of that cum while I am not there. It is always better to share, right?” Val’s entire body is glistening with sweat as he hangs up the phone and puts it back on the end table beside his bed. His balls are swelling now making his ballsac stretch and hang further down in between his immense legs. He can feel his asshole pulsing in anticipation of being penetrated. He decides to walk over and stand beside his apartment door to wait for Wilson. He is rubbing his hands on his massively veiny 22-inch guns and flexes his giant horseshoe triceps to trace his fingers on them. He can’t remember the last time he has been entranced so much by his own body as he continues to preoccupy himself. He remembers that Wilson hasn’t seen him for a while and will be surprised to see how much bigger he has grown since their last outing together. After ten minutes of standing there entertaining himself and leaking a puddle of pre on the floor, there is a heavy knock on the door. An incredibly deep masculine voice rumbles a few words on the other side. “Your savior is here man. Let this beast in and we can get the show started, don’t you agree?” His voice alone sends sensations up and down Valentin’s well-muscled back as he cracks the door open just enough to take a look at the Canadian lumberjack, who has his enormous left arm sitting on the door frame and his right boot is tapping the ground. Wilson is even bigger than he remembers him. He is wearing a plaid top with just three buttons on the top of it, beneath the longest mane of hair Val has seen on a man. He can tell that the top button is undone and quite frankly it would have been launched airborne anyway if it had in fact been buttoned. His chest is so wide that the two other buttons are struggling to stay intact. His breathing is labored which isn’t unusual for him because he has a tendency to make “errs” and “rrraahhhs”, even when he isn’t talking. He again notices how well-groomed the Canadian’s mane is and how it stretches halfway down his bloated pecs and thick muscle gut. Wilson immediately notices that Valentin has cracked the door open and is laughing. He walks over to him and reaches in with his right arm, where his bloated right bicep is literally starting to break the chain on the door. He is petting the wet Bulgarian’s huge ass and sighs in his ridiculously deep Canadian accent. “EEERRRRMMMMM, I will break this door down Val to get to you. You are making me FUCKING HARD as a tree trunk right now. RRRRAAAAHHHH!” Wilson feels the right sleeve on his shirt rip all the way up to his traps and he loves every second of it. Other tenants are now opening their doors to see what is going on. The volume of the big hulk’s voice is attracting unwanted attention now. He turns to look at all of them with a mean look on his face. “Go back into your rooms. This has nothing to do with any of you. Me and the gentleman are together, you got it?” The latch on the door finally gives way as it flings open. Wilson’s beautiful green eyes enlarge seeing Valentin and his even more incredibly huge muscular body. He walks in and quickly closes the door before locking it behind him. He then reaches down with his bloated right hand and starts slowly ripping his shirt off. The Bulgarian knows how much his Canadian friend loves to savor his power and why clothing is no match for him. It only takes a few seconds before he manages to tear it completely off his insanely huge, hairy, hulking upper body. He motions for Valentin to come to him. “Come over here and let’s compare. I want to know what it feels like to have our chests pressed up against each other.” Val wastes no time as he walks over to him and tries to line up his pecs with his Canadian counterpart’s. Their erect nipples are pretty close in alignment barring a few pounds of course since Wilson’s chest is probably a few inches larger. The nips meet a few times sending ripples through both hulk’s bodies. The Canadian moans deeply feeling their pecs pressing up against each other feeling their heartbeats align as he marvels at how much his friend has grown since the last time he saw him. Their faces are nearly a foot apart and it is really starting to heat Wilson up. “FFFUUUCCCKKK! ERRMMM….” He looks down and notices how tight his pants are and wonders how much longer they can withstand the beast throbbing within them. His cock is being coaxed by his partner’s, which is touching the flap that leads to his zipper. He smirks a little and looks back up at Val. “I would tear these pants off right now, but I rather like them. It isn’t easy to find comfortable clothing to wear over top of these giant logs, you know?” He slowly undoes his well-worn pair of jeans to make his beastly monster flop out to smack the Bulgarian’s own meaty tool. He then pulls them down below his thick ass and hamstrings, while at the same time, kicking his boots off into different directions, before finally tossing them to the side. He moves back up into the same position again and is rubbing his 11-inch rod up against Val’s slightly smaller one. He lets out a grunt as a stream of pre shoots out of his slit and runs down both of their cocks. The sensation on Valentin’s cock is enough for him to spill a bit too as they begin mixing fluids together making both of them moan deeply. “I haven’t been this turned out in months Lenny. Let’s not waste another moment eh?” He immediately reaches down to pick up his partner around the waist with a giant bearhug and has to stabilize his back a bit to adjust to Val’s noticeable weight difference. The excited Bulgarian lets out a loud sigh which makes his Canadian counterpart respond with a deep growl. They are staring into each other’s eyes while Wilson moves his giant hands down to Val’s immense ass to cup both glutes. “RRRRAHHH! You are FUCKING beautiful Valentin, never more so than at this very moment.” For a few seconds, the huge musclebear feels a bit lightheaded from the extreme rush he is experiencing and realizes that the beast inside him is probably trying to surface so he closes his eyes to try and keep from showing his anxiety. “OHH SHIT…..I can’t let him out right now. I will end up destroying…..” Valentin stops him from continuing his train of thought long enough to slide himself over top of the Canadian behemoth’s bloated cock, teasing it along his hole for a few seconds, making the big hulk grunt deeply, before slowly pushing it inside his aching hole. He gasps feeling the raging power of the beast swelling inside him as he tries desperately to get the behemoth to stop worrying. He reaches up to yank on Wilson’s thick brown mane and stares directly into his big green eyes. “Focus on ravaging me, you big hunky bear, and he won’t come out. I can handle anything you do to me now, but you are right, the inner beast probably would hurt a lot of people if he decided to make an unexpected entrance.” After making several deep growls, Wilson quickly wraps Valentin’s legs around his mammoth torso and begins to deeply thrust inside him. Their eyes remain transfixed on each other as they move their way over to the bed. The Bulgarian turns his head around to look at it and smirks. “I don’t really want to buy another bed again beast, it will cost me…..” “SHUT UP Lenny, I will get you another one, okay?” Wilson quickly hops onto the bed as it crashes to the ground before getting down on his knees still holding his partner. He positions Val’s lower body to sit on his heaving chest while he continues to pound his lover into oblivion. The energy is intensifying now that they are finally in a place where they can concentrate on pleasuring each other, even though Valentin wants to be able to feel Wilson’s muscles. The lusty bottom looks up at him and wants to feel his partner’s face, but he can’t reach it in that position, so he motions for the Canadian to lean down to plant a kiss on his lips. “I would kiss you Lenny if I could, but I can’t reach your mouth. *laughs deeply* However, I can compensate by pumping you full of so much cum that you won’t be hungry for days. Does that sound like a good alternative, eh?” He decides to slow his rhythm down so he can keep pulling out to watch Val’s gaping hole pulse and his own power tool throb wildly. The synchronicity between them is almost trancelike as this continues for what seems like eons. He has finally found another man that can keep up with his endurance and he doesn’t want to waste it so he keeps promising that he will cum soon only to make his partner moan again when he plugs him for several more jabs. He finally feels the flood moving from inside his balls to his shaft after about thirty heart-pounding minutes of power fucking. Val own cock is a deep purple and it is making him lose his mind from the abuse his prostate has been enduring. Wilson yells out a few “rrraaahhhs” before shoving his thick rod as far in as he can possible go. The volume of his cum floods Valentin’s insides and makes the equally impressive bottom spray himself with his own violent load. They are both absolutely spent from this session as both of the behemoths lie in place breathing heavily as they remain locked together. The bald-headed Canadian starts to pull his cock out, but Val stops him. “No, leave it in there beast. It will keep the other you from trying to come out. You remember the last time we had a round like this don’t you?” Wilson’s thick mane and veiny head is lying on his own heaving pecs as he starts laughing and grunting at the same time. “HA HA HA! You have a point there stud. *has trouble catching his breath* I have to stand back up though Lenny. I’m sorry. I wish I could sit here for a while longer, but I am having so much difficulty with my breathing that I need to get up.” He quickly pulls out of his partner’s hole and tries to lift himself off the ground on his own accord, but fails. Now both of the hulks are trying to help each other up to their feet, flexing their arms to balance their weight so they can get up at the same time. After about a minute of struggling, they finally manage to get up and rub each other down a few times. Their eyes lock on each other once again. “Pick me up big lug so we can finally kiss. I have wanted to lock my lips on yours since I have seen you tonight. I know we don’t have much time if you are feeling “him” coming along.” Wilson grins and his eyes widen as he wraps his arms around Val’s thick and veiny waist and lifts him just above his pec shelf. They lean in to each other and match up with each other’s mouths, which is more difficult than you would imagine. The Bulgarian has to part a few strands of hair in the Canadian’s bushy beard before he can do so. The beastly man shoves his tongue down his partner’s throat as they finally kiss each other. It is a passionate and rewarding kiss as they both moan deeply into each other; while holding each other’s heads with one hand and their other hand on each other’s pumped necks. This lasts for about another two minutes before Val finally motions for Wilson to let go so he can climb down off of the hairy behemoth. “I have missed you beast. I had to show you what the serum has done for me over the past few months and I knew that you would approve once you got a look at my results.” Wilson is still sweating like a fiend despite the fact that the room has cooled even further from when he got there. Valentin has seen his partner do this more than once and knows what will happen if the Canadian doesn’t get out of there soon. “It is FUCKING awesome what it is doing for you baby, I want to see you BLOW UP into something that barely resembles a human. Don’t you want that, eh? I mean…..you might actually get there if you continue with these treatments. We really need you to get as MASSIVE as possible because we need you badly in the were community.” He can now feel “him” at the pit of his stomach as he reaches down to clutch his wet, hairy, distended eight-pack. Val quickly rushes over to open the doors to the balcony so he can get his partner outside. The air is even colder now as they both make their way to the edge of the bannister on the seventh floor. Wilson is gripping the rail with his huge hands as he leans his head over towards the ground. Val has positioned himself to be about three feet away from him to keep his distance in case there is a problem. He can hear his friend growling under his breath, and in a weird way, it is exciting him. The Canadian hulk is looking over at him and shakes his head a few times. “I sometimes wonder if the real reason why you are so interested in me is because of the other me. *shakes his head and does a few more “errs”* SSHHIITT….. *stomps his big feet a few times* It shouldn’t feel like I am about to have a full body orgasm, but it does…..” Val’s cock is bouncing up and down because it can sense the changes that are about to commence inside the Canadian behemoth’s body. He is aware how dangerous Wilson will be once the transformation is complete, but he also hopes that his massive lover can rein in the beast better than in previous instances. He has been attempting to merge with the monster from within his skin for quite some time, and hopefully this time it will happen without his friends getting hurt in the process. Wilson’s beard is gradually falling off his face now as his hands and feet start cracking and popping loudly. He is growling and groaning yanking on the balcony railing until it nearly comes off its hinges. Valentin is transfixed on what is happening to them as his partner’s fingers and toes are being broken off his body as four dark, hulking, paws quickly push forward to replace them. He is in agony, but still manages to get a few words out. “RRRRAAAAHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK! Ahhh, I don’t even feel pain anymore Lenny. I don’t want to look at them…..I know it has to be a FUCKING mess, eh? I felt all of them break off and yet I didn’t…..” He stops moving to arch his huge back as vast amounts of dark brown fur start to accumulate just beneath his skin. He almost laughs as his already immense muscles in his back begin growing even larger as they start to double up on each other. He is trying to brace himself feeling the werebear taking over his entire body. He is still staring at his lover, frothing at the mouth now as it struggles to stay in its human form. His teeth are breaking off revealing his growing incisors and fangs as they tear his face apart. His flesh is being decimated as all of his muscles are barely visible beneath his new covering. The crunching and stretching of his gigantic muscles is making the balcony unstable as his human form finally surrenders to the more ferocious beast emerging. His new paws have grown to twice their original size now as the skin that is remaining on his body completely rips completely off, exposing the newly formed brown carpet that is now covering his entire gigantic growing frame. The huge cock that was dangling between his legs has been completely covered over by a thick sheath that now resides beneath the hulking bear gut he is growing. His thickly muscled paws are growing claws that probably measure nearly two feet long. The shape of his skull is the final area that is changing as it cracks and pops several times to make room for his newly formed ears and the thick muzzle that is growing outward to accommodate the giant teeth that now reside within his mouth. He has never stopped looking at Valentin throughout the entire process which has made the mesmerized Bulgarian both terrified and horny. The balcony’s bannister is breaking off under the weight of were Wilson’s giant bear legs as it falls down to the sidewalk underneath them. There is barely anything that is even remotely human about the Canadian now, as he tries to stand up on two of his four monstrously huge hulking tree trunks that have just finished transforming. Val is quite dazed after seeing his partner change from being a giant hairy hulk into a larger, furrier, and much more dangerous version of his self. He can still see Wilson’s beautiful green eyes from inside the beast’s head, which does give the Bulgarian some pause because he doesn’t remember that ever happening before. He moans feeling a giant load in his balls building up as the massive, 12-foot, 1,500 pound behemoth that is in front of him attempts to lunge for his body with its claws. He jumps out of the way though and lands back inside the apartment as the werebear loses its footing and goes over the edge of the balcony and falls onto the ground beneath them. Val spills his load all over the floor and loses consciousness as the sounds of cars being smashed to pieces and sirens going off in the distance are heard everywhere throughout the city. End of Part 5
  7. “Ehh…..it feels really weird, is that supposed to happen?” Thomas looks at the medical assistant as they pull the syringe out of the opening to the needle that is in his left arm. He looks like he is going to be sick as he starts sweating a bit. Arliss turns back around in his chair and tells Cliff that he better get back in there because he can tell that Thom is going to have a bad reaction to the serum. The mentor jumps from his seat and rushes back into the medical area to stay with his young client. Arliss starts talking to Steve again. “I sent Cliff back in there because sometimes the serums can make the guys sick. It almost always happens to the smaller ones. Thomas’s body is not able to handle the rapid muscle tearing so he will probably vomit a few times before he gets used to the whole process. Don’t worry he will be okay, he just needs a little bit of reassurance from Cliff.” Steve seems okay with the whole scenario as Arliss stands up and turns to look at the guys in the back. “Guys, I need all of you to leave the area and go watch this in the viewing room. I know some of you will be critical of him and I don’t want him to get overworked any more than he already has. His body is going to obviously take quite a beating so be courteous.” There are several groans as the men stand up and shuffle out and into the viewing area located just a few feet away. Arliss sits back down with Steve as they watch Cliff retrieves a bucket from one of the medical assistants to put it in front of Thomas’s face and torso. It is obvious now that the young man is going to lose whatever he ate earlier that morning. He looks at his mentor and is very scared. “I feel like I am going to die Cliff. Are you sure this is safe?” “You will be sick for a few minutes Thomas. This is normal. Your body has not experienced something this extreme before. You will get through this and after the first dosage kicks in, you will be feeling a lot different.” One of the medical assistants attaches the IV bag back to Thomas’s right arm again to make sure he is hydrated after he vomits. After a few minutes, he throws up twice and is feeling a bit weak. Cliff rubs his back and can tell that the young man’s body is getting ready to change. Leathery sounds are heard coming from Thom’s body as he tries to relax for a few seconds. Cliff runs his hands along his client’s sensitive muscle fibers down his back as they slowly swell beneath his skin. His breathing is a bit compromised but he is starting to feel a bit better. “You’re right Cliff. I am feeling better although I can’t seem to feel my arms and legs anymore.” The hunky personal coach notices that Thomas’s arms are twitching and are involuntarily flexing as well. He seems to be unaware of the loud popping that is radiating from his biceps and triceps as they lose the flat look that they used to have before the serum was introduced. The veins and muscles in his forearms are starting to bulge just ever so slightly as the growth moves down to his quads and calves as well. Cliff’s eyes immediate lock on to Thom’s crotch as he watches his client’s cock stretch down his left leg. The shy young man can certainly feel what is happening in that area because he is gripping the arm rests tightly. It is a surprisingly large bulge as it stops halfway down his fairly-developed calf, which has veins and a nice dusting a hair that he previously didn’t have before. It leaves a small wet spot at the end of his cockhead as Cliff takes one of his hands and places it just underneath it. Thomas’s face is looking a bit firmer as two well-pronounced dimples form in his cheeks. His glasses are now slightly stretched as his head expands a couple of inches. His flat chest has miraculously formed two very firm pectoral muscles that seems like they came out of nowhere to fill in a bit of the gap that was in the sides of his tank top. His abs do the same from the inside his body everyone can now see the indentations of an eight-pack in his midsection from underneath the top. Thomas is looking at Cliff and looks as if he is a bit drunk from the formula’s dosage. His mentor smiles back at him, while rubbing his back with one hand and caressing the cockhead in his pants with the other. “It appears to be working Thomas. You look like you have been working out quite a bit now. That was just the first dosage as well because this was supposed to jumpstart your muscles.” The medical assistant that injected the first dosage into him is now checking both of the needles to see if they need to be moved around or not because it appears as if his upper body is absorbing the solution more than his calves and quads are. His 15” biceps keep tensing which is creating a slight issue. Cliff is aware that Thomas is starting to enjoy what is happening to him because he keeps leaning his head over to the sides to rub his stubbly face on his bigger round shoulders. At the moment, Thomas has probably grown to around a very athletic 165-175 pound range and that is only after the first dose. After a couple of adjustments to the needles in his arms, the serum bag is removed and the medical assistant is ready to put the second serum in. Before they do though, the man from earlier gets on to speak through the intercom system. “Congratulations Mr. Mangold on getting through the hardest part of your transformation. Your body is now prepared for the more appropriate doses it will be exposed to. The body you have now is normally where our clients begin in their metamorphosis. We anticipate that you will probably gain a fair amount of muscle in the next cycle so you will probably be feeling a considerable amount of pressure coming from every square inch of your frame. Mr. Byutov, I will need you to set up the bigger chair that is found in our primary medical area and then have the young man get up from the one he is in. Mr. Mangold, your mentor will help you over to the big boy seat because you are going to need it. Our medical personnel will follow you over there so don’t worry about the needles leaving your arms.” The previously shy Canadian man is now bouncing his cock in his pants as it drips precum down his leg and onto the floor. “I am now craving it Cliff. I didn’t feel this way just a couple of minutes ago, but now it is all I think about.” “Try to keep your emotions in check Thomas. We have had some issues in the past with a few guys who ended up completely losing their minds over this. They eventually calmed down after the transformations were complete, but it was very scary at first. I will need to leave for a few minutes so try to behave yourself.” He points over Thomas’s right shoulder to show him where it is and leaves. As Cliff does, Arliss gets up from his seat and tells Steve to follow the other men into the back area so he can watch on the monitors. They don’t want there to be any major distractions since it appears that this is going to be a more complicated procedure. He walks into the medical area and watches as the medical personnel undo his grips and hold on to the tubes attached to his syringes as he is helped up by the huge supervisor. Arliss wraps his right arm around the young stud’s waist and lifts him up slowly to get him out of the chair. The formerly gawky nerd is now looking a bit better with the extra bulk. There are veins pulsing in his head against his stretched glasses. The older man is now trying to move him over to the chair fairly quickly to keep the entire process moving along. He helps him up into the chair where Cliff is setting the straps up to be wrapped around the horny muscle nerd’s arms and legs so he is tightly secured without any kind of movement. The medical personnel that are with him are now setting his IV syringes in place. The stronger serum is going to be administered strictly to his right arm this time. He will be fed an IV solution into his left arm because his body is going to need considerably more nutrients when the process is completed. Arliss is now standing in front of the fit man and is watching him closely. His cock is peeking out the bottom of his shorts now. Thomas sighs as he relaxes his body in the chair and leans back. The sweat is pouring profusely from all of his orifices now. He looks at Arliss and seems to be in a really good mood now. Cliff is wrapping the straps around Thomas’s arms and legs and making sure they are as tight as possible. The serum hasn’t even been administered to him yet and yet the veins in his body are already looking as if they are going to blow up. Now Cliff is standing with Arliss in front of the stressed muscle nerd. “Look at me Thomas. Stay relaxed and let the serum consume you. Your body is craving it so much that I am afraid you might stop breathing or your heart will stop.” Cliff looks at Arliss for assistance. “I think he will be fine actually. This is probably going to be an incredible success when it is all said and done. I wonder if we should remove his glasses or not? *smirks at Cliff* Hmm, maybe not. I may actually cum in my pants watching him destroy them.” Both men nod their heads at the medical doctors as they attach the serum to his right arm. It starts to flow into his body after a few seconds. He is gripping the chair tightly, feeling it reach his mind as his breathing gets noticeably heavier. His cock is spilling even more precum now. Thomas is moaning as the serum starts to expand his cock. The huge vein that is visible from beneath his shorts is swelling to the point that it is slowly starting to rip the fabric. Cliff and Arliss look on in amazement. Their cocks are bouncing wildly in their pants now. Thomas was already quite endowed to begin with, but the fact that it has expanded even further especially when it is powerful enough to tear through fabric is shocking the men that have already went through the same process. Cliff decides to speak to Thomas to see if he is coherent enough to talk. “Uhh…..How are you doing Thomas? *tries not to look at his huge 12” shaft* I think you are enjoying yourself immensely, am I right?” Thomas laughs as his voice goes down about two more octaves. He notices the difference immediately as his eyes dilate and he feels his balls destroying his underwear. They are now stretching the front of his shorts to its limits. He is close to shooting a load already since he has never felt such sheer ecstasy in his entire life. “Mmm god Cliff, I thought I would hate this, but I was stupid for ever thinking otherwise. Mmm yes……YES…..I can feel my muscles begging for it. AHHH…..can’t…..talk…..anymore…..I must feel EVERY…..SINGLE…..FIBER…..GROWING……” The young Canadian begins grunting as his legs and torso are now reacting to the serum. His shorts are struggling to stay intact as his quads and glutes begin to separate the seams. Arliss is staring at Thomas’s growing toes as the arches of his feet elongate and thicken. His calves are squeaking as they widen and part to form hardened upside-down hearts. The fur on his legs is also thickening to create a cover for his swelling lower half. Once his shorts surrender to the power that is emerging from within them, his cock and balls flop a few times. He shoots a few ropes of cum into the air and it hits Cliff in the face. The shocked man rubs his fingers on his face and slowly licks them. The taste is so good, that he feels it surge through his body. His cock reacts as it spills a load of its own down his legs. At the same time, Thomas can feel his arms reacting to the serum as he feels an incredible amount of pressure welling up from inside both forearms. He can’t take his eyes off of them as the muscles from within stretch and swell, expanding beneath the straps and fighting to break free. The young Canadian is smiling as his eyes scan past his arms midpoint and as he watches his biceps and triceps swelling and bulging bigger than he ever imagined possible on his formerly small frame. The glasses on his face are unable to take anymore as the rims snap off his face and fall into his lap. The veins swell and bulge even more than before as the hair on top of his head falls off. He is growing a thick beard on his chin and it feels amazing to him. He doesn’t know where to look next as he looks down to watch his pecs and abs transform beneath his white tee. The sensations coming from all over his body is making him produce more testosterone which naturally results in more cum being spilled as he launches a few more jets in front of him. Both Cliff and Arliss are beyond boned as they both try to catch his spunk on their faces, laughing in the process. Since it is full of extra charged hormones, they are feeling it hit their own crotches, prompting more spillage. They look at each other and decide to strip down to just their thongs, which is not distracting Thomas at all. Arliss is grunting feeling a huge load building up in his ballsac while Cliff caresses his thickly-muscled hairy body with his hands and is dripping onto the floor through his thong. End of Part 5
  8. Check out the first three parts here: “I want to speak with whoever is in charge of this place, alright?” “Sir, you are not allowed to come in here and demand anything like that. This event is purely invitation only. If you don’t leave at this moment, we will be forced to call the authorities here.” Riley Cera has managed to get enough information together to find out where his ex-boyfriend Jessie Aberdeen is located. His boyfriend Steve Lopes was talked into tagging along only because he cares enough for Riley to let him search for his ex. He is built remarkably different from Jessie as well. While Riley is fairly fit like Jessie, Steve has a much larger frame and probably hasn’t seen a gym in quite some time. As Riley continues to argue with the people at the entry gate into the facility, Steve receives a tap on his back. When he turns around, an extremely well-muscled man puts his hand out to shake his own. “Hello there big guy, what is the problem here and how may I be of service to you?” Steve is quite stunned by the size and muscularity of the man as he stares into the man’s deep green eyes. The man smirks and Steve puts his hand out to shake his. The man’s grip is amazing as it envelops his own hand. Incredibly, they fit together like a glove which immediately gets the attention of the big hulking stud. He peers around Steve’s shoulder and sees Riley arguing with the other men. He returns his focus to Steve. “Does your friend have an issue with someone here by chance? I am willing to listen to what he has to say.” Steve finally manages to utter a few words to him. “Uhh well, he is looking for one of his friends that won a contest a few days back. His name is Jessie Aberdeen…..I mean his friend’s name is Jessie. *points behind him* That is my boyfriend Riley Cera. He wanted to come along with Jessie I think and he is worried that he is being held here against his will.” The man seems a bit confused with this description and shakes his head no. “I will have you know, I have met Jessie and he certainly is not being held here against his will. I have spent some time with him and never once did I ever get the impression that he was unhappy to be here. I should introduce myself, my name is Arliss Mancari. I am one of the leaders of that program that selects three winners every year from a random list of gyms to not only change men’s physical frames, but also their mental capabilities as well. In the case of Jessie, I feel like he is probably going to be one of this organization’s biggest success stories.” Arliss looks at Steve’s thick frame as well as his face and can see how handsome he is despite the additional fat around his midsection. He is even tempted to suggest giving him a special invitation to enter the program. “What is your name so I can help you out?” “Ohh, well mine is Steve Lopes. I’m only here because of Riley…..” “Why don’t you follow me Steve, I think we can find Jessie for you here.” Arliss gets in front of Steve and shows him into a side door as Riley watches them out of the corner of his eye. He stops arguing with the men he is with and stomps his feet. “What the ever-loving fuck? He didn’t even want to be here with me and he gets to go in? This is complete bullshit.” Two very large muscular men come up from behind the aggravated man and pick him up before taking him into another side door located on the other side of the complex. They sit him down in a room and place him in a chair that has metal locks attached to it. They slide them around his arms and legs and make sure that he is not loose before going out the same doors they came in from. A door opens from behind him and closes as very soft footsteps eventually dissipate as a man in medical scrubs walks in front of him and sits down in an adjustable chair. He has a tablet in his hand and seems to be in a bit of a slight rush. “So…..I was summoned here after hearing about your little incident outside. Would you like to tell me why I was interrupted from my incredibly important research to come down here and resolve such a small matter?” Riley looks around the room to study his surroundings and to figure out exactly why he would be placed in a chair like this. “All I want to do is find my ex Jessie Aberdeen. He is somewhere in this place and I want to make sure that he is being treated alright. He won a contest through his gym and somehow this place is supposed to make him extremely muscular or something like that.” The man smiles slightly as he puts a finger or two on his chin. “What you have told me is true. Mr. Aberdeen was indeed selected for our program here and he will be rewarded shortly as promised. *looks at his tablet* So…..it seems that you brought another man here with you….Steve Lopes…..hmmm yes…..he is an excellent candidate for the company.” He looks up at Riley again as the constrained man looks at him in bewilderment. “You kept telling my guards that your name was Riley Cera. Mr. Aberdeen has mentioned you before during his orientation; however, unlike your friend Mr. Aberdeen and in fact the man you brought here with you Mr. Lopes, you are not a good candidate for us here at the Guild. I do think that there is another facility that can help you with your issue, but I will have to give you a sedative first.” The medical individual gets up from his seat at the same time Riley starts badgering him. “Why am I in these constraints? Seriously what is going on here and who the hell are you? What the fuck is the Guild? Are you doing something to Jessie? I am so fucking fed up with…..” The man stops him before he asks another question. “For your information, I happen to own this facility and have helped quite a few men with their problems. Sure they were resistant at first, but they got along just fine after they were given a little more information about what was going to happen to them. You see, I am a doctor with quite a long list of success stories and people trust me a lot. I am also incredibly busy so I need to get moving or I will likely disappoint one of the lucky winners of our contest. My assistant will help you get some sleep. Ohh and in case you need to talk to me again, just ask for Dr. Ross Bloodstone.” The man leaves quickly as another one walks into the room with a syringe full of grey liquid. Riley yells at the doctor as he leaves, but it is futile because the assistant with the syringe plunges it into his neck and squeezes the solution into his body. Riley falls asleep after just a few seconds as the two big men from earlier come in, undo the restraints, and carry him through the back door that Dr. Bloodstone came through. Arliss and Steve are now in an area of the complex that few people get to see. The huge hulk and the big beefy South American stud are watching a medical scientist create a formula and mix a few ingredients of it together before it is placed into a vial. Then a few syringes are filled with the serum and put on a tray before it is carted out into another area to be used later. “So Steve…..that serum that you just saw being put into that vial is a specially formulated recipe meant for one of the three finalists of the lottery. In this case, the client’s name is Thomas Mangold. In the next few minutes, he will be rewarded with a brand new lease on life. After that, then Jessie Aberdeen will be given his reward. Do you want to watch the transformation?” Steve seems a bit perplexed at first but quickly makes a decision. “Yeah sure, sounds interesting.” They both leave the lab and walk into a seating area with a lot of other huge men sitting in the back. Arliss has Steve sit next to him in the front about thirty feet from where a chair with straps is set up with the tray table they saw earlier and a few medical personnel working on setting up the station. Cliff Byutov walks in from behind the two men and sits directly behind them. Both Arliss and Steve turn around to talk to him and the beefy man is introduced. “Hello there Cliff, I want you to meet Steve Lopes. He is someone I met outside just a little bit ago at the front gate. *has Steve put his hand out to shake Cliff’s* Why don’t you two have a small chat before the festivities begin.” They have a brief conversation before Cliff and Arliss start talking about Thomas. “I think that Thom is reluctantly open to this Arliss. He spent some time with Jessie a few hours ago and he calmed him down. Afterwards, I sat down with him and he was much different. I don’t really want his personality to change too much because I think maybe, just maybe, he could be a match for me.” Steve wonders if this is the Jessie that his boyfriend Riley used to date and is trying to find out. He pulls on Arliss’s short-sleeved, but skin-tight shirt to get his attention. “Is this Jessie Aberdeen you two are talking about?” Both Cliff and Arliss smile at him and shake their heads yes. “To be honest guys, I don’t really see a problem with Jessie being here. This place seems like it is doing a great service for a lot of guys. Besides…..*sighs*…..me and Riley are not that tight. I just came along because he wouldn’t come here alone.” Arliss puts his right arm around Steve’s upper body and pulls him a little closer to him. “Ohh I could tell that you and your boyfriend were not that close, which is why you are with me and the other guys. I think after one or two of these guys are transformed, we should go have you give us a blood sample so we can formulate a serum for you. *lifts Steve’s shirt to let his big hairy belly fall out* What you have here is not a terrible thing Steve. *rubs up and down on the thick fur and grunts* You can remain thick and beefy, but be much more powerful than you are now.” Steve looks into Arliss’s deep green eyes and seems pretty open to what he is saying. “I am pretty interested to know what I would look like under this flab. I used to work out a ton a few years ago and had to give it up because of a back injury. Will that be a factor?” Cliff shakes his head no. “At first maybe man, but the pain only lasts for a minute or two because your spine and whatever discs are messed up need to be realigned to handle whatever muscle is added or repaired. You are a very handsome man now Steve, but you will be insanely hot when you are transformed. *looks at Arliss again* Maybe this time you will strike it rich Mancari. An Italian and a Chilean I am guessing.” Steve is amazed and shakes his head yes. He is shocked that Cliff would know that. “Wow great guess man. I think you both have talked me into this.” As the conversation continues, Thomas Mangold walks out in a loose white t-shirt and black shorts with slippers on. One of the medical assistant’s tells him to sit in the chair so they can lock his arms and legs into place. He is looking very anxious as he looks through a glass panel and sees several of the mentors sitting in the back and Arliss and Cliff with Steve in the front. He waves slowly at Cliff as the big man gets up to walk over to a side door before going through it. He wants to calm Thom’s nerves so the medical personnel can put a couple of needles into his arms so they can start to nourish his body. “I know you hate needles Thomas, but they will be putting them in to feed you. This is just part of the process. *sees the three syringes on the tray and picks them up* Each one of these is for a different stage of your transformation. It gets considering easier with each one because your body will be adding density so the needles will barely hurt at all.” He gives Thomas a nice firm hug and turns to go back into the seating area. While they were talking, the medical personnel managed to get the needles into him and have attached IV bags to both arms. He is a little calmer, but still not feeling comfortable with his surroundings. At this point, a man walks in with a tablet in his hand as he stands in front of the lottery winner and the seating area. Everyone is now looking at the man. “Good afternoon mentors in the audience and welcome to this year’s muscle lottery. Today’s first lucky winner is Thomas Mangold, a 22-year old man from Maine. Mr. Mangold has a relatively thin frame and has what you would consider a potential musclenerd like mentality. I know a few of you here today enjoy these types of physical changes because you were once in his shoes. *looks directly at Thomas* I hope you are ready young man because the wait is over. My medical team that is attending to you is quite experienced and won’t let you down. I will be watching you from the cameras located all over the room. Are you comfortable in your chair?” Thomas moves his hands and legs in the chair to see if the constraints are tight enough and they seem to be, but two of the medical assistant’s make them tighter because he isn’t supposed to have that much freedom in them. “Are we good team? Great, I will see you later then Mr. Mangold. We will begin in just a few moments. Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.” The man leaves as the IV bags are detached from the needles in Thomas’s arms after a few minutes. One of the assistant’s picks up one of the syringes and takes the lid off before sliding it into the left needle. They slowly squeeze the serum into Thomas’s body as he shivers feeling it flow into his arm and throughout his entire body. Several men in the audience start talking amongst themselves as they wait in anticipation of what will happen next. End of Part 4
  9. You can find the first three parts here: Part 4: After several minutes, Brice gets up from the table and walks into the nearby hallway. He is still a bit woozy from the ordeal he just experienced, but for the first time in years, he feels as if he is going to be alright on the inside. He is still nude and is unconsciously rubbing the thick grayish skin on his chest and legs feeling the new textures of his fresh hardened skin. It makes his cock jump a few times as it dribbles a few drops of precum onto the floor beneath him. He is looking around at his surroundings and is noticing things he hasn’t seen for the first time since he has been there. There are several rooms on both sides of the corridor he is standing in. Each one of them has a red shield with square boxes around them, flames are superimposed on top of the shields, and they are in numerical order. The east hall is where he was before in the cages and the west hall, which looks as if it is nearly a mile away down the aisle, is where a door is open. It appears to be where the doctor’s exam rooms and offices are located. Brice quickly realizes that he is in an unmarked area of the property and which makes him shake his head a few times. This is obviously a much bigger operation than he previously anticipated. Dr. Cain Darkori opens a door approximately ten feet away from him and walks through it. He is glistening with sweat and appears to be a bit winded. He spots Brice and walks down the hall to see him. He smiles and puts his thick and powerful hands on the gray-skinned man’s shoulders and squeezes them. Brice lightly winces but feels a sense of warmth run through him. “Are you feeling a bit better now Brice? I managed to get Owen down for a long nap I think. You won’t have to worry about Damien for a while either. He went and got his frustrations out on another one of our patients.” Brice looks into the huge hulking red doctor’s eyes and is quite smitten with him. Cain immediately notices this and wraps his huge hairy veiny arms around the gray man’s waist to lift him up into his embrace. Brice’s swollen gray cock is finding its way inside the doctor’s lab coat and it is resting on his furry black chest, rubbing its sticky goo on him. Cain smiles, showing off his perfectly formed white teeth and fangs. They are noticeably longer now than he remembers and it feels like he is heating up as his breathing starts to get a bit heavier. It is a side that Brice has not really seen of him before other than what he saw happening in the exam room. He is moving his hands up and down Brice’s back to comfort him. “Mmm, I have to say that you do turn me on a bit Brice. You are more my type now that you have transitioned to this look. Our bigger halves are getting a bit more acquainted judging by how we are responding to each other.” He also realizes that maybe it is a bit too soon to be fraternizing with someone that just recently returned back to their human form. He carries Brice down the hall and into an extremely large shower area where the two stop for a moment or two. The huge hairy red-skinned doctor turns on the cold water in front of one of the showerheads in hopes of cooling them both off. The cascading of the water as it hits Cain does little to keep Brice’s eyes from wandering up and down the huge man’s thick frame as it completely soaks his lab coat and pants. The immense muscles in his hairy chest are now entirely visible underneath the fabric. He continues to breathe heavily as his gray partner leans in to smell the incredible stench being emitted from the horny doctor’s pulsing neck and scruffy face. “Doctor, I can’t seem to control myself despite your efforts to cool me off. I am being compelled to pleasure you from whatever is residing inside my body.” Brice’s cock and balls are now swelling as they rub against the doctor’s thick abs as his growing rod reaches the underside of his meaty pecs. It is squirting precum, coating the area between both of the doctor’s huge chest mountains. His gray partner starts licking his swollen neck which is bringing him to the point of no return. He can feel his own power tool expanding to the point that it is ready to explode out of his pants. “UHHH BRICE…..*feels numerous waves of adrenaline flowing through him*. MMMMM FUCK…..*a few popping sounds come from his neck*. I haven’t been this hot for someone in…..” He is huffing now feeling his pants creaking now that they are literally painted to his body. The giant bulge that has been torturing his zipper for several minutes finally bursts its way out as the doctor’s massive, veiny cock continues to grow. He is about to let himself go as he feels Brice groaning, feeling his partner’s entire body stretching, swelling, growing against him and in his hands. His own hands do the same as his nails elongate and become sharper. It appears that they are both doing so in sync with each other. The cold water that was supposed to diffuse the situation has failed to prevent the transformation process from commencing. Cain can feel the seams on his pants being pulled apart by the colossal mass that is emerging from them both from behind and along both sides of his lower half. He shoves his thick demonic fingers in between the two growing bloated gray globes to prepare them for what they will have to endure shortly. Brice’s swelling tits are pressing up against his lover as he moans deeply feeling his hole being massaged. He is humping Cain’s swelling fingers as they slowly stretch his anus. The doctor’s eyes have turned to a shade of black now and his upper body and arms are entirely glued to his lab coat. He can feel his partner’s bloated foot-long rod and grapefruit-sized balls being compressed along his own swelling pec shelf as he roars feeling his massive back muscles tear through the puny lab coat fabric. A thick covering of black fur has formed along the ridges of his cavernous delts and traps. Brice’s own eyes have turned a milky gray and his tongue has changed shape. He is finding his way to Cain’s mouth as he slides it inside making a lustful journey down to his partner’s throat. They continue to expand up against each other as Brice reaches his thick 22” pythons around to sluff the remaining fabric off of his partner’s swollen back. The horny red-skinned muscle demon slides his thick sausage fingers out of his gray-skinned partner’s wet hole to let his bloated precum spurting 13x8 rod take over as it quickly arches towards Brice’s gaping cavern. They seem destined for each other as they both meet with each other head on. The hungry bottom moans deeply feeling the massive tool pushing itself all the way inside. The two demons have found their way over to the shower wall where a few of the tiles have broken due to the force they caused by slamming up against them. After a couple of minutes of intense kissing and tonsil hockey with each other’s thick tongues, Cain starts pounding Brice relentlessly growling and roaring in delight. It is definitely getting the attention of others that are in the same part of the complex. Damien can sense the excitement coming from both of them as he stands in the doorway that leads into the shower area. He is surprisingly calm, probably due to the fact that he himself just had a session with a fuck buddy and it has drained him and his other half, at least for the time being. He is quite amazed though at how primal Cain is getting with Brice. The gray-skinned demon bottom has somehow sprouted a tail while he is being ravaged. It is finding its way underneath his partner’s huge heaving balls and is caressing both of them slowly sending shockwaves through Cain’s entire body. The massive muscle demon can feel them ballooning even bigger because of the milking as Brice’s thick hose-sized tail travels up along his horny top’s giant ass smacking both cheeks, prompting an even louder roar each time he does it. It is obvious that Cain has never been played with in this way because he is digging his claws into Brice’s bulging back and lats, but he is not trying to hurt him. The intense pressure in his huge grapefruit-sized balls is driving him insane as his partner’s gray tail slowly slithers its way up to his ass lips to part them and before sliding inside to start raping his anal walls. Cain nearly loses all of his bearings on his demonic self, barely holding on to his humanity as he feels himself being pleasured by Brice’s thick appendage. It is the most satisfying feeling he has ever experienced from another being. He is tilting his head back with his mouth open exposing his fangs as he to be fucked slowly and methodically. This is making him want to cum more than ever as he tries to pump Brice at the same rate. Damien is getting noticeably turned on by this, but he is trying to keep his composure despite what he is seeing in front of him. He feels compelled to join them, but knows that Cain would probably not like that since he obviously is developing a strong bond with Brice. Earlier while the gray beast was resting, the larger brother lectured him about interrupting the regression process in which he was interfering with. It led to what Brice ended up looking like now, which at first was considered a negative. Now though, it appears that Cain has completely changed his mind about it and is becoming totally infatuated with him. Feeling his own body warming up again, Damien decides it is time for him to go visit Owen down the hall before he transforms into his bigger self once again. As a response to being pleasured by Brice, Cain’s impressive red-skinned garden-hosed sized tail has emerged from his back and is trying to reach his lover’s milky gray rocket and ballsac to return the favor. Realizing it isn’t going to be long enough, he musters enough strength to stretch his tail another few feet as loud leathery sounds can be heard coming from within the muscular demon’s lower half. It reaches its destination and wraps itself around Brice’s swollen balls and squeezes them tightly to make him spray a few ropes of sticky precum all over Cain’s massive upper body. Both of the horny beasts have been edging each other for quite some time and are in need of release. As a way of determining who will do so first, they begin to tussle with each other to see which demon is going to win the challenge. Deep down, Brice knows he isn’t going to win against the larger demon daddy, but still wants to show that he also has a great deal of power so he attempts to get free from his grasp. Still stuffed inside his partner; however, Cain slams him down to the shower floor causing several tiles to break beneath them as he tries to show how dominant he is. They both roar with delight as the slightly smaller gray-skinned hulk submits to him after a couple of minutes of writhing and grinding against each other’s monstrous chests and gigantic legs. Feeling the white flood leaving his huge balls, Cain lifts his partner’s lower half up into the air to push his beastly rod up against Brice’s swollen prostate. He arches his massive demonic back as he unloads inside Brice’s starving insides. The rush of the powerful river involuntarily makes the bottom flex his entire frame as he feels every muscle fiber in his body start to expand once again. He grows rapidly as Cain looks on in amazement. He can still feel Brice’s massive expanding tail throbbing inside his asshole as it stretches him even further. At the same time, this is causing the red-skinned demonic beast to make more cum inside his ballsac as he feels more flow out of his raging shaft and into the excited gray behemoth. After cumming inside the gray giant once again, he manages to pull out of the demonic hulk’s swollen cunt hole and let’s go of Brice’s 16” power tool, which was still being squeezed by his huge tail. He is breathing heavily as he lies down on the shower floor. The showerhead they are lying under is still on and it is starting to flood the entire area they are in. Brice has now grown to over 400 pounds and his skin has been stretched to its limits as marks are appearing all over his massive body. He is crawling over to his exhausted top and is towering over him. His cock has started to mate with Cain’s again as they rub together and mix their fluids. They stare into each other’s eyes as the huge red-skinned demon’s tail explores the massive muscle beast’s entire frame once again feeling how much bigger he is compared to where he was just a few minutes prior. It is obvious what the man creature wants from Cain as he reaches down to place the red hulk’s bloated veiny tail on top of his gargantuan leaky cock. Once again, the red demon wraps his appendage around his partner’s ballsac and squeezes them tightly. A few thick jets of precum go flying into the air and coat the doctor’s vascular legs and torso before the slit is plugged by the end of Brice’s tail. The sensation of feeling something entering his cock makes the beast moan deeply. Cain grins as he pushes his tail further down inside the cock making Brice’s shaft swell even larger to contain the invader within. The gray monster reaches down and digs his claws into his partner’s enormous cannons as he anticipates the wild ride he is about to experience. The huge doctor continues raping his dick until he can see that Brice is about to lose control, judging by the wild look on his face. He can feel his partner’s balls contracting as he slowly slides his tail upward and out. When he finally does manage to get the entire appendage free, he is drowned by the largest white volcano he has ever felt in his entire life. The intensity of the orgasm is so incredible that the gray demon loses consciousness and falls over to the side. With each ribbon of cum being released from his bloated body, Brice slowly reverts back to where this whole sequence started in the first place. He has completely covered his red-skinned partner with his seed almost to the point that Cain’s own skin color is nearly invisible. The thick demonic hulk is laughing in his extremely deep demonic tone as he reaches up to his face with his claws to wipe the flood out of his black eyes. He is beginning to calm down now as he starts to shrink back down to his human form. He is tired but he is still manages to sit up long enough to move over to tend to his gray partner. He can sense that Brice is not breathing well and starts to do a few chest compressions on him. He then gets a few breaths in to his lungs before his weakened partner starts coughing and spits a bit of cum into his face. They are both back to their normal sizes once again. Cain smacks his face a few times to get him to open his eyes so he can look at him. It works as they stare at each other for a few seconds before the doctor says something to him. “Well, that was quite an experience, wasn’t it Brice?” They both laugh a couple of times which is followed by Brice coughing to his side as he tries to get a few words out. Cain covers his mouth though to tell him not to speak. “You don’t have to say anything hunky boy. You are far too weak to do anything so we can talk more when you are rested up, okay?” He leans down to kiss him and plunges his tongue down Brice’s throat and embraces him with his huge thick arms. His gray-skinned partner does the same as they lie there together in the milky-colored water. During the last few minutes of their exchange, they were both unaware that they were being watched by Damien and Owen, who were standing in the doorway, completely nude, and smiling while leaning against each other. They both walk into the flooded area to start cleaning up the mess that the two lovers just caused. Owen is told to shut the showerhead off and to clear out the drains of the milky cum that has accumulated so they can get the room fixed for later patients. Damien gets his brother up off the ground and takes him in to one of the exam rooms to lay him down on the table. He immediately dozes off once his brother walks back down the hall to do the same with Brice. Once he gets the gray man into another room, he wanders back into the shower area and starts helping Owen clean up the rest of the damaged facility. He stops the spectacled man long enough to say something funny to him. “Why can’t you do that with me Owen? I’m sure we can generate the same kind of intensity those two have created, don’t you think?” After a few eye rolls from his assistant, they go back to what they are doing.
  10. The Dildo of the Demigods II Now I know what you're thinking. How does one come to stand amongst the hugest bodybuilders ever to walk the scene and still be too young to buy his own alcohol? I must have turned to supplements, steroids, maybe some top secret military initiative gone awry. There's just no way someone could be so blessed, so you've convinced yourself that all this brawn is simply not natural. And you're absolutely right. But let me stop you right there, before that 'ah-ha!' moment takes off. As you've probably seen by the title, we're dealing with something far beyond the understand of mortal sciences. The Dildo of the Demigods is literally a sex toy that will grant almost any wish so long as you take it's insane girth up your butt. It just has to touch your prostate, it's power must be channelled through your prostate for its magic to work. Before we go any further, I'd like to get a couple of things clear. First, I am not good person. I am a decent person, but not good, no way. Last, the Dildo of the Demigods never stays with one person too long and always, always, changes hands by theft. *** So there I was, just minding my own business when the door to the gym burst open. In strode Fabian Flounders – vice-captain of the chess club and easily one of the scrawniest kids on campus. The sight of a nerd in the weight room nearly caused me to drop the barbell I had been benching. I had nothing personal against Fabian of course, but the same couldn't be said for half the jocks in here. This was their turf after all, and they were very protective. Quick as I could, I racked my barbell and sprang off my bench, fully intent on diffusing the situation before the big guys could lay their hands on him. If I had known of Fabian's already extensive use of the Dildo beforehand, then I would have just left him there. I had just slid between him and the jocks, arms outstretched to prevent any of them from skirting around me, when Fabian put a hand on my shoulder. I thought it belonged to one of the jocks. That grip was immensely strong, so much more than that bony appendage suggested. And then I saw it, the telltale rippling of sinew and pulsing of veins. Whirling around, I saw to my horror a most wicked grin plastered on Fabian's face. The jocks must have noticed something amiss too, for they took a step back, almost in unison, as the nerd raised one spindly arm. SHRIIIP! His sleeves were blown apart as gigantic biceps erupted out of nowhere, rock hard and so defined they looked to be chiselled from marble! I watched him twist his wrist, causing that striated mass to flex and shift beneath paper thin skin. Then he clenched his fist even harder, causing triceps the size of my thighs to bulge from beneath his bis! His growth then spread up to his shoulder and down to his forearm, inflating muscles destroying fabric and morphing that one arm into some kind of oversized car crusher. By the time he was done, it looked like someone had Photoshopped a bodybuilder's arm onto one cannonball shoulder and then magnified it twofold! His hand had grown huge enough to grab me by the fucking head! It was just that big! Holy fuck! Fabian was looking at me intently, probably marvelling at how I was still standing despite all the colour having run from my face. I hated to admit it, but there was no way anyone could miss the enormous boner now throbbing between my legs, not even with his juggernaut arm in the way. “Looks like you're not the only one enjoying himself,” commented Fabian in that high, airy voice he was so known for. Sure enough, all the jocks trying, futilely, to disguise the erections they were all sporting. Then I heard it again – the protesting of fabric as immense masses of pure muscle erupted from beneath them. Fabian's other arm had begun hulking out, expanding boulders of rippling flesh tearing free of his sleeves and causing my cock to grow so damned hard I thought I was going to cream myself. I didn't care how weird Fabian looked – a skinny twig with two godlike muscle-arms flexing from that narrow torso, oh my god! “That's what I'm talking about!” laughed the former nerd, “Now these are guns!” I watched him strike the most spectacular double bicep pose I had yet seen. His arms were so fucking jacked I could make out every fibre of muscle jammed into them. With every pump, those babies strained so hard his biceps split into multiple peaks! That's right, Fabians arms were so fucking muscular his fucking biceps had biceps! “Fuck!” he swore, “Feels so fucking good! But you know what would make this better? If my entire fucking body was this HUGE!” He threw back his skinny neck and unleashed a mighty roar of pure pleasure, his airy voice dropping so low so quickly it sent chills all the way down to my toes. I could see the bones of his face thickening and shifting now, his sharp chin turning into the rugged, square jawline found only on action heroes. His pencil-neck was expanding and fast, his Adam's apple finally materialising as his collar was ripped apart! Traps, mountainous and bulging with mass, erupted from either side of his head and devoured the lower half of his neck, melding into his boulder-like deltoids before sending tendrils of pure muscle down to his chest. I could see them pulsing, chock full of mass that were feeding his pecs until they all but blasted his shirt apart when they surged forth. Buttons banged off like bullets, a couple striking me so hard they left marks! Fabian's mighty chest had grown so ripped, so fucking glutted with muscle his nipples were pointing down! It dawned on me that he had more muscle in one pec than my entire torso put together, the thought was making my head spin but still I forced myself to watch. As the former nerd's entire body continued to swell, great blocks of solid flesh punched their way out of his gut, transforming his once flat stomach into a freaky eight-pack that heaved with every violent breath he took. Somehow, all that monstrous mass had left his waist surprisingly narrow. There was so much muscle in there he had no trouble supporting the herculean amounts of muscle just exploding from his upper body. I blinked just as he turned his attention to his weak legs, and when my eyes opened they had exploded with unbridled mass and power. I didn't even get to see them grow! His fucking quads had split into their individual muscle groups – each a grotesque, teardrop-shaped monstrosity that was all muscle and no fat. They were battling for space, cords of iron-like muscle twisting down to his calves and making them bulge with every flex. His fucking calves were already bigger than both my arms put together and they were still growing! “Aww fuck yeah!” moaned Fabian, his entire body shuddering with power as he flexed his gargantuan pecs before my stunned features. Wait, since when did I only come to his chest level. Oh... Oh fuck the chessman was growing upward too! He was already so tall as to dwarf just about everybody in the gym! That must have been what, six feet? Six feet two? And just how many hundred pounds of muscle was on that body? I should add that by now, Fabian had been reduced to just a pair of unfashionable tighty-whites. Given how broad his body had grown, the fabric had been stretched so tight I couldn't help but notice the miniscule, almost pitiful erection he sported. There was barely an inch in there – well within micropenis range – although it was throbbing very hard from all that muscle juice surging through his system. His hips lurched suddenly, causing ludicrous amounts of cock flesh to bulge from his crotch. It was like watching a fucking torpedo being fired. His dick was just shooting out, exploding with size and swelling with more and more blood. It all but tore through his flimsy undergarments, punching a hole into the fabric and then growing as though it had been fired from a cannon! In the span of a second that pathetic one-incher grew to twelve, and in the second second grew to twenty-four! Two fucking feet of cock continued to bulge, to grow, to shudder with the weight of more and mass until two and half fucking feet of penis throbbed and bounced before him! And then there were his balls, fat like oranges and hanging so heavily from his crotch you could smack me with them and knock me out cold! By the time he stopped bursting with power, Fabian had turned into a frigging Hulk. Gone was the skinny vice-captain of the chess club, utterly consumed by this massive, monstrous muscle god who boasted more muscle in one thirty-inch bicep than I did in my entire fucking body. “Now that's what I'm talking about,” he rumbled, marvelling at the impossibly muscular, ridiculously hung body he now owned. And then he turned his grizzled, handsome new features to where his jock bullies were quite literally quaking in their shoes. “Payback time!” You know how rowdy parties magically disperse when the authorities show up? It was just like that. No sooner had Fabian taken one mighty step did the jocks scatter in panic. Most of them didn't make it very far. Fabian was just too huge, too strong, and much too fast for someone so musclebound. I could only watch as his monstrous erection grew thicker and harder as he snatched his former bullies off the floor and then gripped their arms together in one mighty fist. Once he was sure he had gotten everyone, he picked up one of the empty barbells we had lying around, and then twisted the damned thing around their arms like the ring of a key chain. Just watching those mammoth muscles flexing and bulging as he worked was causing so much drool to pool in my mouth I... I was at a loss for words! Helpless to keep my eyes off his immense pecs, I could only nod when Fabian stomped back over to me. He was speaking I'm sure, only I didn't have enough oxygen in my head to understand the words. I vaguely realised he had spared me because I had stood up for him, and never tormented him as the others had. He also handed me this swanky invitation for a lavish party at his new mansion, although I was so titillatingly aroused by that deep, droning baritone I barely registered anything amiss until much later. Firstly, since when did Fabian live in a mansion? He even sent a car to my door, and a very big, very expensive one at that! The thing probably cost more than my house! Hell even the driver was positively stacked! He wasn't anywhere close to Fabian of course, but easily a good hundred pounds heavier than me! Now I wasn't a bodybuilder back then, not by a long shot, but I had packed on enough muscle to get kicked off the swim team. That counted for something right? In either case, after quite some travel (I lived in one of the poorer districts), an opulent manor house grew out of the evening darkness at the end of a straight drive. Lights glistened in the structure's many diamond-paned windows. On either side of the main driveway laid rows upon rows of trimmed hedges and marble fountains – all of them depicting life-sized versions of Fabian flexing his colossal muscles. And then the car looped around to Fabian's backyard, where booming music and a whole array of spotlights cleaved through the night as though the greatest party on earth was well underway. I was directed up a flight of stairs to where the music hit me so hard I almost stepped back. This wasn't a party, this was a super party! There must have been a thousand people in and around the pool, and a thousand more across all the balconies, stages, and bars! Practically everyone was topless, clad in nothing save for the skimpiest of swimming trunks, if they were clad at all! But most naked of all was Fabian himself. There was no missing him, seven feet two and just over four hundred frigging pounds of solid, rippling muscle. He had laid himself out in the shallower end of his pool and was quite literally covered with fawning flatterers. The former-nerd-turned-hulk had huge men straddling his biceps, his quads, and of course his immense, bloated erection. As it turned out, someone with my physique mattered very little here. There were servants handing out party uniforms – enhancing swimming trunks and thongs of all colours and sizes. I had picked out a sparkling blue thong that really enhanced my very ample maleness, but even then most of the studs here barely batted their eyes at me. For the first time since I started hitting the gym, it was as though I was completely invisible. That was good. That was very good. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the party outside had spilled into the mansion. Everywhere I turned there were men, big men, utterly nude and engaged in all manner of debauchery. There were guys wrestling, flexing, even fucking each other on every available piece of furniture. No one weighed anything less than two twenty, against these guys I might as well have been the scrawny nerd. The scrawny nerd going unnoticed that is. But man, that didn't make the job much easier, Fabian must have had a hundred room here, half of them bedrooms. It wasn't until the wee hours of morning did I finally stumble into the grandest, most lavishly decorated suite in the entire building. Not that I could tell to be fair, but I knew immediately that this room belonged to Fabian himself, for it sported a positively gargantuan bed that looked like it had been reinforced with steel. Oh there was also a large hot tub right in the middle, built into the floor. But that wasn't the kicker, for upon one of the bookshelves sat a large, curved, silvery dildo. Upon closer inspection, I noted that it was connected to some kind of latch built into the wood. So I did what any prospective Dildo thief would do, and pulled it. There was a click, followed by the soft rumbling of heavy machinery. A whirlpool formed in the hot tub, water draining away as a magnificent, gleaming phallus broke through the surface, pushed up on a marble pedestal. A whole two feet long and cast from polished gold, the Dildo of the Demigods shimmered with its own light, as if greeting its newest master. Splashing into the tub, I seized my prize and held its hefty weight in my hands, marvelling at the unnatural smoothness and fine detail. It's purpose fulfilled, the pedestal retreated back into the hot tub, blending into the tiles as the water level returned to normal. There was even a measuring tape coiled up beside it, ha! Well look at me, alone in a swanky hot tub in the most opulent bedroom for miles around, with the Dildo of the Demigods heavy in my hands. Was I going to stuff this baby up my ass and start making wishes like crazy? You fucking bet! Just look at my fucking cock, it was already rock hard at the prospect of what was to come! It looked like I had stuffed a whole bratwurst into my thong! I rested the artefact on one of the seats, noting how it was so large only half of it could be submerged. Then I straddled it and pulled aside the strap of my thong so the immense head could kiss the virgin flesh of my asshole. So smooth, so slick, I wasn't going to need any lube for this, so I began relaxing my muscles, stretching open my sphincter and allowing my body to sink down upon that oversized mushroom head. It took some time, but after almost an hour of mindful breathing, I managed to wrap my aching butt hole around the thickest part of the head. With a soft pop, I suddenly found myself dropping a good four inches, the Dildo all but slamming into my ass and punching me so hard in the prostate I saw stars! And then I felt it! The electrifying power of the demigods surged into my prostate, saturating it before bursting out in waves! Goosebumps bristled across every inch of my body, a lewd, shameless moan croaked from my lips, so much pleasure shooting up and down my spine I could barely curl my toes in delight. Now one with the Dildo, I snatched snatched the measuring tape, which I had left floating in the tub, and stretched it across my thong-constrained erection. Seven inches, above average, but not for much longer! I made my first wish, causing a wave of warmth to burst from my prostate, what felt like a million little bubbles dancing beneath my skin as the Dildo's energies swept over me. Like magic, my cock started to twitch and swell, pushing out of my crotch and fattening like an inflating balloon. It was beginning to throb, and hard, pulsing in and out by the inch! And then it started growing bigger, just stretching up and up and up! The thick, mushroom head was swelling larger than my shaft, just as it should be! Oh god in heaven this felt so fucking good! I was already pushing past the nine inches, my member jerking and shuddering and testing the limits of my thong. Ten inches... eleven... twelve! Fuck me my cock was growing into a monster, like a swollen pillar of muscly flesh! There was a surge of power that rocked my prick with a spasm so strong I dropped another inch down on the Dildo. My meat just exploded, not with an orgasm but with several fucking pounds of pure muscle. In an instant it shot out half a foot, almost knocking the tape out of my hands! My sparkling thong could no longer fully contain something so huge, the fabric having been stretched so much as to expose the first five or so inches of man! That was all me down there! All muscle, all veins! My muscular manhood was audibly pulsing! THROB THROB THROB THROB! And still it continued to grow! Fuck yeah! I wanted to cum so bad, my balls were fucking fat now, like kiwis! And still growing bigger! My body was starting to heat up, like the Dildo was pumping me full of roiling, orgasmic power. My breaths were coming in harder, stronger, the bubbles beneath my skin were staring to boil. The sensations were growing more and more intense, almost rumbling within my muscles. I could see veins rising out of my hands, my arms, even my chest! It was fucking amazing! Oh god... here it comes... here it comes! “RRAAGHHH!” I roared, lurching on the Dildo and striking a double bicep pose. My arms began exploding, gigantic masses of roiling sinew blasting out from where my biceps and triceps used to be. I could feel the skin stretching tighter than a drum, a network of throbbing dances snaking across the rippling surface. Holy fuck all this strength, all this size felt fucking amazing and they were still growing bigger! One flex, just one, filled my arms with a pump so fucking incredible my biceps split into multiple peaks, each one battling their neighbours for space as they swelled with more and more size! I was salivating now, just from watching, from feeling my gargantuan guns exploding out of me. As Fabian had earlier today, my arms were morphing into oversized mammoths! Thick wedges of rippling brawn had swelled out of my forearms, throbbing veins fuelling their growth even as my wrists widened to accommodate them. I could even feel my bones getting heavier as my arms expanded, they would need to, I had wished up a lot of muscle! Fuck! I could feel the rest of me growing faster and harder as I expanded into massiveness! Monstrous deltoids, huge like bowling balls and ripped to shreds, exploded out of my shoulders before sending huge coils of sinew down to my chest. Twin boulders, each a heaving mass of pulsating flesh, blasted out of my body and swelled past the size of car tires! Just flexing them was causing each colossal muscle to break into rows, each one so oversized they had caused my nipples to point down! And my nipples! Fuck I could feel them getting so fucking erect! They were diamond hard, each teat must have protruded out a good inch or two, thick like sausages and throbbing with need. Despite having the most musclebound arms on the planet, I managed to seize my awesome nips and promptly cried out like a sick child as I twisted them between trembling fingers. Pre-cum, thick and white, began dribbling... no... spurting from them, fuck yeah! I had just brought my arms to rest when a pair of huge lats burst out my sides, pushing my them away and causing my back to grow so wide it quickly attained a spectacular Y-shape. My waist, despite having grown marvellously thick with mass, still remained comparatively narrow to the rest of me. As I continued to grow, my once faint abdominals swelled out of my gut, thick with muscle, becoming solid bricks chiselled from the finest marble. The canyons separating each shredded muscle had been cut so deep into my flesh I could feel the sweat travelling through them like irrigation canals! When my torso lengthened some more, another pair of muscular bricks bulged out of my gut, granting me the freakish eight-pack of my dreams! You'd think being so top heavy would have pushed me even lower onto the Dildo, only I had almost been stretched to my limit! No more Dildo was going to get in without making myself even bigger, and speaking of bigger, I still had my legs to grow! Right on cue, teardrop-shaped masses of sheer muscle erupted from my quads, growing to incomprehensible sizes and battling each other for space. My thighs hulked out so massively they actually collided with one another, the force of the impact flinging my legs apart as my growth shot down each limb. My calves, diamond-shaped, swelled to the size of footballs and then swelled some more! My legs, hell my entire body was barely lengthening in time to keep up with my growth! I knew not how long I sat there, skewered upon the Dildo of the Demigods, only I had spent the time hulking out of my skin until my body morphed into some kind of musclebound juggernaut. The moment I achieved my goal shape, the artefact flashed a brilliant gold, and began pushing me toward my goal size! So I did what any grower would do, I fell back and wailed with ecstasy, plunging myself upon even more Dildo and splashing into the tub. Every inch of me was growing now, my muscles blowing out in sync with with my frame, swelling up more and more, rock hard brawn rippling from every inch of my being as I shot up by the foot! It was... magnificent. By the time I was done, every muscle in my body had grown so attuned to my pleasure that simply immersing my cock into the tub was driving me mad with arousal, like the flowing of water beneath the surface was somehow jacking me off! My cock actually grew so much harder it all but ripped my sparkling thongs apart! Not wanting to blow my load just yet, I squeezed my muscular new sphincter around the Dildo, getting up only after I was sure I had a good grip. Then, with that oversized relic rocking my world (and my prostate) with every footfall, I stepped out of the tub and swaggered over to where Fabian had covered an entire wall with mirrors. Fuck me. Fuck me! I was nothing but a fucking mountain of hulking, titanic muscle! At nine fucking feet tall, my entire fucking body was bigger, stronger, and a hundred times more muscular than any teenager had the right to be! And I looked fucking AMAZING! There I was, monstrous chest heaving with every violent breath I took. My huge, oversized arms stuck out at wide angles from either side of me, propped up by lats swollen with rock hard muscle! My pecs were boulder-sized globes of striated flesh and rippling brawn, thrusting out almost two feet before me and looming over my stomach like an overhanging cliff. And my midsection, holy shit now that was something – eight titanium bricks that exploded with power every time my chest rose with my breaths. My wrecking-ball shoulders and barn-door back made me wider than a fucking car! They supported a fucking sequoia of a neck – so fucking thick they were bigger than most bodybuilder's quads! Below my tremendous torso, my monolithic legs resembled foundation pillars! My quads alone were thicker than oil drums and glutted with rippling muscle! But most importantly of all, between those juggernauts swayed a veritable python of a penis. Even at absolute flaccidity that thing must have measured three or so feet long and nine inches across. It was so massive it actually reached down to my kneescaps! Holy crap! I began spreading my legs, bending my knees as much as I could so I could assume a makeshift sumo stance. This also served to allow my monstrous genitalia to hang heavily from my crotch. My immense testicles had swollen to the size of small melons, and I could actually feel them pulsing softly as they churned with my seed. Hah, I was so musclebound I couldn't lower myself enough to rest the Dildo back on the floor! Instead, I began exploring my new muscles – especially those I were currently flexing. More than once I caught myself in a double bicep pose, veins the size of garden hoses throbbing across my magnificent arms. This had always been my favourite pose, and these forty-two inch guns were testament to that! In fact, watching myself flexing those babies was turning me on beyond belief. As my manhood began gorging itself on blood, it's immense girth began expanding with unprecedented size and power. Three feet swelled to four, then five, then six! That's right, this fucking monster of a cock's longer than some people were tall! In fact, it was so fucking huge that bloated shaft shot way past my head, taking away any ability I had to blow my own dong. Dissatisfied that my own penis was blocking my view of my muscles, I flexed my incredible new inner penile muscles and brought that fucking cannon back down. I was now pointing it dead ahead, toward the mirror, as I continued pumping my gigantic guns and flexing my ponderous pecs. Like my cock, my nipples oozed with pre-cum, a little something I had thrown in to sate some personal fetishes. Unlike my nipples, my super-sized schlong ended in a massive mushroom head the size of a motorcycle helmet! I also sported a cum hole almost five inches long, so huge you could stick your fucking hand into the gap and scoop up some of the pre gushing from it. Why is my cock gushing pre? You damned well know it! I was turning myself on just by fucking existing! Already I could feel my balls overflowing with my seed! That the Dildo of the fucking Demigods was still pressed so deeply against my prostate was doing me no favours. Against my better judgement, I continued to flex, continued to whisper obscenities at my reflection as I palmed the biggest muscles in the world. So clouded was my mind with arousal that I didn't notice myself losing control of my body. By the time I caught myself lathering my swollen penis with spit, it was too late. As the damn broke before the onslaught of my orgasm, I could only watch as a grotesque bulge swelled form the underside of my cock. Then my cock hole was wreched open, a great white deluge exploding from the gap like I had turned a fucking fire hose on the mirror. Holding my flex as best I could, I let my euphoric bellows fill Fabian's bedroom. Three shots was all it took for me to drench the mirror. No longer being able to worship my reflection, I turned around so I could fire my seed at every available surface. Fuck yeah! My hips were jerking so powerfully I could probably break a wall with my strength! And speaking of which, a minute was all it took for me to coat every inch of wall with my juices! Not wanting the sensations to stop, I stomped over to Fabian's emperor-sized bed and plunged my cock between the bed and mattress, where I continued to explode until the bed was blasting cum out of its sides! It was around the time that my cock ripped through the mattress did a filthy idea hit me. I might have been a total virgin where my ass was concerned, but now that I had the Dildo of the Demigods stuffed up there, what better way to hit my climax than fuck myself for all I was worth? So I wished for the Dildo to fuck me, to punch me in the prostate like a fucking jackhammer, until my orgasm grew so powerful as to knock me right out! I fell onto Fabian's ruined bed, delirious with pleasure as the Dildo began doing just that! Two fucking feet of gleaming metal railed into my ass before pulling out and slamming back for another round. My tongue had rolled out, my cock continued to spasm, my mighty pecs flexing uncontrollably as my nipples erupted with orgasms of their own! I was literally dripping in my own gunk now, drinking in whatever splashed into my mouth. What did I care that I was destroying Fabian's bedroom? I was a fucking muscle god! And muscle gods could do whatever the fuck they wanted! Fuck yeah! I was all fucking muscle! All enormous, bulging, roiling muscle! And I was going to cum so much harder, so much stronger! I could feel the climax to end all climaxes building in my prostate! It was coming... I was going to blow... o-oh god... here it comes... I'm going to explode! “OOOOOOUUUUUUGGHHHHH!” For hours upon hours, I came and came and came some more. For hours upon hours I drowned myself with more pleasure than my brain could handle. For hours and hours... and then at last, I came until I knew no more. *** When I awoke, the first sensation my addle brain could register was the expanding of my huge-mongous chest muscles as I filled my lungs with much needed oxygen. When I tried to roll over however, I found that I could not move very much. As my brain recovered from the ordeal I had put myself through, I quickly realised that I wasn't lying down any more. Rather, I was on my feet. My arms and legs had been pulled up and out, spread-eagle style, and my wrists and ankles felt as though they had been chained to something. But most frighteningly, the Dildo of the Demigods... it was gone! “Ah, awake at last are we?” called a familiar voice. Immediately my eyes snapped open, just in time to see Fabian grinning wickedly at me from some distance away. He had put on some clothes – a formfitting onesie decorated with chess pieces. But more importantly, he had the gleaming Dildo in one muscled arm. “I waited for you to wake up naturally you know?” he sneered, “Would you believe me if I told you you were out for a whole day?” As more and more of my prison came into view, I realised that I had been trapped in some kind of dungeon. The whole thing had been built from dark bricks and decorated with braziers and chains. Off on either side of me, I spotted rows of Fabian's other prisoners, all of them jocks he had taken from the gym this morning, all of them gagged, and chained up to what I could only describe as rape racks. “Would you rather be in one of those, Samson?” Fabian asked, having caught me looking at his prized prisoners, “Because I thought chaining you to a pair of pillars was more... suitable for your namesake.” Ah, crap, I really was chained to a pair of pillars! Try as I might, even with my incredible muscles the chains were much too strong and the columns too heavy. “Reinforced titanium,” explained Fabian, patting the Dildo as he did so, “After I found you passed out in the ruins of my bedroom, Dildo in ass, I realised I was going to need something much tougher to hold you down.” The former nerd strolled over to me and pressed his face so close to mine I could almost smell him. “Do you want to know why I waited for you to wake up?” he growled, “Because I wanted you to see, and feel, everything that's about to happen. Try steal the Dildo from me would you? Well now you're going to pay, nobody messes with me you hear? Nobody.” I watched Fabian position the Dildo behind himself, my ass puckering up like someone had fed it a lemon. Then, he unzipped the fly at the back of his onesie and then readied the artefact against his hungry hole. “I love this part,” he teased, “Don't you?” And suddenly he slammed almost an entire foot in! “OOOOGGHHH GOD!” he moaned, “Feels so good!” I watched him shuddering as the Dildo connected with his prostate, drool dribbling from his gasping lips. That wasn't good! “There we go,” he finally breathed, “Now let's see, how best make an example of you – the failed Dildo thief?” “I know!” he continued, “How about... I wish to grow twice as fucking muscular as I am now!” Oh crap. Oh crap oh crap oh crap! “OOOH YEEES!” screamed Fabian, almost convulsing on the Dildo, “HERE. IT. COMES!” SHRRRIIIIIIIP! BANG! POP! SHRRIIIIIIIPP! Fucking hell! The front of his onesie was just ripping to pieces as his colossal pecs exploded outward and upwards, roiling with insane size and maddening power. His sleeves were utterly demolished as bulging, veiny biceps blew up until they were twice as muscular as mine! Fuck, his entire torso was just growing broader and longer! His tree-trunk neck was thicker than a telephone pole and his traps were surging out so massively they reached all the way to his chin! I could only gawk as his deltoids exploded into planetoid orbs of pure power. Fabian's shredded, over-muscled quads were next, each segment erupting out of his thigh as though muscle bombs were going off under his paper-thin skin. His legs were growing so huge so quickly they all but blasted his onesie to bits! I watched them grow so fucking thick with mass he began looking like he could crush cars between them! And then there were his feet! They were longer than skateboards and thicker than fuck! Oh god! He was looming over me now, his impossibly massive body flexing with impunity as ludicrous amounts of muscle bulged out from every cell! His onesie had been reduced to tattered shreds, clinging onto his growing body from sweat alone. I watched him shoot past the ten foot mark, still growing, still flaring out, until he towered over even me at a staggering twelve fucking feet! And then there was his cock, for some reason it remained the two and a half foot jawbreaker I had seen yesterday morning. “You're wondering why I'm not growing my monster dong aren't you?” rumbled Fabian from above me, fuck his voice had dropped a whole octave! “Well you're wrong, I'm just not going to grow it now!” The moment I registered that walking mountain getting into position behind me, my cock swelled with so much blood it would have smashed my face in were it not for my immense pecs blocking the way. Fabian, thank god, misread my reaction for something far more primal. “Fuck Samson,” he moaned, huge muscles pressing against my back, “I never took you for a fucking cock slut! I was hoping to keep you here so I could break you in like I did all those losers over there!” I just needed to survive this. I just needed to work him to as big an orgasm as I could, and then survive it. This might be my only chance, if I don't get to turn the tables now the opportunity might never come again! “Oooh shit man your ass is something else!” purred Fabian from behind me. He had plunged his cockhead between my rippling butt cheeks, so much cream oozing from the head streams were already running down my legs. But when he pulled back, I made the mistake of letting my guard now. There was a thundering SLAM as two fucking feet of cock suddenly, inexplicably, crashed through my hole like a fucking battering ram. To say I screamed would have been the understatement of the century. Having my ass chute violated so violently it triggered a fucking thunderstorm that shorted out my neurons. When I finally came to, my chin was wet with drool and my massive pecs wetter with cum. Fabian's huge paws were clinging to them, molesting them even, massaging my chest muscles and causing my nipples to spew even more cream. That monstrous muscleman had grown his cock while I was out, and that equally monstrous organ now stretched my hole so much he might as well have stuffed his forearm into my chute. Not that that compared to the freakish bulge poking out of my stomach. Even with my huge pecs blocking the way, I could make out Fabian's colossal cock punching against the inside of my midsection with every thrust. The former chess nerd was moaning unintelligibly, so overcome with arousal that his brain was starting to shut down, just as mine had. Sensing no other option, I began gyrating my hips in tandem with his thrusting, my body quivering in delight as he abused my prostate and rearranged my internal organs. “Cock slut loves it doesn't he?” Fabian would occasionally pant. Not that I minded, I knew my plan was working, I could feel his balls growing from the workout I was giving him. “Fuuuuuck,” he breathed, “S-Stop... getting close... close...” Knowing better than to obey, I began flexing my pecs against his hands. Then, while he was momentarily distracted, I flexed every single muscle in my body, or at least every muscle I could. As my body bulged out with power, my inner muscles crushed Fabian's cock so powerfully he almost deafened me as his orgasm took hold. Just as I hoped, that monster began pumping me full of protein-rich super cum. Thanks to my musclebound sphincter, I could cling to his cock so tightly as to prevent even a drop from escaping. For the most part, Fabian must have thought me some kind of cock hungry slut, for he continued slamming into me as he dumped bucket after bucket up my ass. As my gut began distending, growing heavier with the weight of more and more sperm, I felt my abdominal muscles stretching out to accommodate them. Before long I was sporting a turtle shell muscle gut, my bellybutton even popping out despite me always being an 'innie'. Fuck, how much cum did this guy have! My gut was growing so huge it was pushing my swollen cock down! I think he was even going to give me stretch marks! Oh my god! Two hours. Two fucking hours! Fabian spent all that time ramming me like a freight train and pumping me so full of cum my gut swelled out to the size of a small car! I was gasping now, breathless and nearly overwhelmed from the experience. My erection had even been pressed into the floor by my swollen gut, dribbling into a puddle of my juices. Fabian, for the most part, looked a little worse for wear. His eyes had glazed over and he was drooling even more than me. Almost robotically, he plucked himself free and then giggled when he noticed me clenching extra hard to avoid losing more cum. “Fuuuck me you're the biggest slut in the room!” he drawled, before wobbling back in front of me, “You know what, I think I'm going to keep you! None of these losers can take a load like you do, just look at that gut!” Miraculously, he then plucked the Dildo from his ass and set it about ten feet from me. “You're not thinking that your punishment's over I hope?” he sneered, “Because you know... anytime you want you can get as big and strong as me.” That hulking muscleman gestured to the Dildo and laughed, “Why don't you come over here and insert this here Dildo into your... Oh wait, you can't, can you?” When I didn't reply, that wicked sneer twisted into a grim smirk. “Bet you're wishing you could make like Samson and hulk out of those pillars eh?” he laughed, “I'm just going to leave this here, just so you can see what you're missing out on.” I watched him go, unable to take my eyes off those shredded glutes, only for him to stop suddenly. “Before I forget,” he said loudly, addressing his other prisoners, “That goes for the rest of you too! Maybe if you nerds worked out a little more you'd be strong enough to stand up to me, ha ha!” And then he was gone, the secret door to his dungeon sliding back into place and bathing us in near darkness. Perfect. Recalling one of the many wishes I had made before, I arched my back as much as I could and closed my eyes. I heard it quickly enough – a strange rumbling or churning sound that filled the entire dungeon. I could sense some of the other prisoners looking around in fright, eyes nearly popping out of their sockets when they realised it was coming from me. “AWW FUCK YEEEAAH!” I roared, every muscle in on my stomach flexing madly I began consuming every drop of cum Fabian had dumped up my ass. Within seconds my gut had compressed so aggressively I had cut the bloat in half, and a few seconds after that, I had absorbed so much more as to return my waist to its former narrow glory. I knew they were watching, their eyes unblinking. My shoulders were bulging out again, sculptured flesh writhing and reforming, rock hard muscle pushing out of my monstrous frame and adding their mass to my already frightening brawn! “RRAAGGHHH!” I bellowed, almost quaking my gigantically muscled thighs erupted with even more power. I could make out every single fibre rippling with energy as my legs morphed into oversized world destroyers. Above me, monstrous biceps had all but devoured my arms, battling my hulking triceps for my attention even as my impossible new size shattered the chains that held me. Fuck my forearms were bigger than most people's torsos! I was shooting up now, my body growing taller and wider as more and more muscle exploded out from where I already had plenty. As I stretched out my arms, planetoid pectoral muscles hulked out of my chest and thrust another five fucking feet before me. The sensations were orgasmic beyond belief! Even my nipples were growing more muscular, fat like little penises, riddled with veins that branched out from my widening areoles to the rest of me. My neck, fuck my neck, it was swelling past the thickness of the pillars that once held me, my awesome traps erupting out like volcanoes and reaching all the way to my ears! My massive deltoids were bigger than cars, having grown as big as my torso had been just a few moments before! Almost too effortlessly, I shifted my stance and obliterated the chains binding my ankles. My feet were bigger enough to smash cinder blocks, so heavy with muscle just wiggling my toes crushed the stone beneath them. As my stance widened to make way for even more brawn, I quite literally shattered the floor beneath my feet! Dear god I must have been twelve feet now, just as tall as Fabian had been but almost twice as gorged with mass! Lats the size of grown men were blasting out of my sides, pushing away the musclebound juggernauts passing for my arms and causing my back to grow even wider! Fuck! I must have been eight fucking feet wide at the shoulders! And I was still, growing, BIGGER! “YEEEES!” I bellowed, rocking the very foundations of Fabian's mansion, “MOOOORRREE!” My monolithic muscles erupted with even more size, even more power, when I brought my arms up for another double bicep. Only this time, my arms had hulked out with such impunity they were scant millimetres away from being as huge as my fucking legs. I wasn't going to reach my face ever again, but did I fucking care? When your arms were as fucking muscular as these, you bet I wasn't! “RRAAAGHH!” I roared again, no longer able to form words in my throat. My body was evolving now, surpassing even Fabian's as I continued bulking up and hulking out. I had become a swelling mass of unstoppable muscle. My huge fists could crush cars and my abdominal muscles would pass for titanium fucking anvils! Having heard me bellowing with arousal, it was no surprise that Fabian came barrelling through the secret wall not long after. When he saw me there, almost twenty feet tall and bulging with heaving, mighty muscle, his jaw all but fell off his face. This was how it should be, he – the (comparatively) scrawny chess nerd – and me – the fucking HULK! There was almost no compare. I outsized, outmuscled him in every conceivable way save for one. I had forgotten to wish for the ability to grow my cock through cum, and so the lesser man's monster of a cock still outclassed mine. For now. In his panic, Fabian broke into a sprint, hell bent on getting to the Dildo before I did. It was almost pitiful, he having to run almost thirty feet while I merely had to take three fucking steps! So took my time, even going so far as to kneel before the artefact so I could smash my monster god-pecs into his face. Now that guy was no lightweight, but when you had almost a hundred fucking tons of muscular armour, he might as well have thrown a muffin at me. The impact of my chest slam caused a shockwave that sent Fabian hurtling all the way back to the wall! Confident in my victory, I adjusted my stance and dropped my immense weight upon the Dildo of the Demigods! “NOOOO!” shrieked Fabian. But it was too late, a great flash of golden light filled the dungeon as the artefact and I became one once more. Only this time, I had grown so impossibly huge and muscular I simply sucked the Dildo up my ass, all the way to the base, before closing my sphincter behind it. Fabian, in his desperation, and perhaps forgetting he was but a gnat to me, had actually raced back and pressed his trembling fingers into my ass crack. He wanted to pull my asshole apart so he could pull the Dildo out. It was almost too cute. “AAAAHHHH!” he screamed, “FUCK! FUCK LET GO!” I had crushed his fingers together with my ass cheeks alone. I had grown so strong that even with Fabian's mighty strength, the smaller man could not escape my steely buns. I began to walk, grinding my quads together and dragging the struggling former-nerd with me, until I came before a pair of his prisoners. Holy fuck I was so strong now their bindings were like strings to me, so easily ripped off I had to remind myself to be extra gentle when I picked them up by the waist. While I recognised them, I hadn't the slightest clue what their names were, but that didn't matter now. Just looking at their wide, worshipful eyes had given me a plenty fun idea for payback, so I did what any good muscle god would do and stuffed their faces against my thunder-pecs. Like the muscle-hungry sluts they were, both jocks wasted no time devouring my throbbing nipples, suckling each teat their like lives depended on how well they pleasured me. Sure enough, within moments my immense chest muscles began flexing and roiling on their own accord, micro-orgasms pumping so much cum into their mouths I was surprised they didn't choke. Satisfied that they've had their fill, I simply dropped them, and moved on to the next pair. I didn't need to look to know their muscles were hulking out just as mine had. They were all going to grow into teenaged Hulks, no shorter than seven feet and no lighter than three hundred pounds, almost all of it muscle. As for their cocks, well... let's just say the future porn industry was going to need a new category just for them. Once the last jock was done muscling up, I turned my attention to Fabian, still pinned between my ass cheeks, and wished him back to his normal size. Within me, the Dildo flashed with power, a burst of light breaking free of my butt hole and bathing Fabian in its power. “W-What the?” he managed to gasp, eyes growing wide when he realised what was happening, “Oh god... Oh god no... Please, please I'm sorry! NOOOOOO!” In mere seconds, Fabian's muscles deflated like popped balloons, his entire body shrinking down until he looked like a child compared to me. I had grown into a fucking muscle giant alright, I was so fucking huge Fabian's feet didn't hit the ground until I released his hands! “W-Wait!” he had cried out, scared shitless as the hulked-up jocks closed in on him, “I... I can... uh... I have more Dildos! I can share them! Please!” I didn't need the Dildo's magic to know he was making that up, so I simply left him to his fate and made for my freedom. *** Just as before, Fabian's mansion was an impressive, immaculate estate. As I stomped through the grounds, my colossal god cock swinging cum everywhere, a large dollop struck Fabian's gardener. As the jocks had, he was soon bursting out of his clothes, huge pecs and huger biceps surging into being until he had been reduced to a pair of flimsy underwear that only just contained a very impressive, eleven-inch boner. Then the idea hit me. Yes, that idea, the one that put me – the big version of me – all over the internet. I had realised that I didn't want to live in a world where men weren't all superhuman bodybuilders, Fabian aside. So, I decided to do something about it. Before I knew it, my biceps were swelling into massive globes of vein-covered muscle. Whenever I flexed, my peaks would surge out, bloated with size as they packed on even more muscle. My pecs were soon exploding out to the size of blimps, thousand upon thousands of pounds of rock hard muscle blasting out of my chest and shooting down to the rest of me. My abs were hulking out into boulders! Fuck yeah! As my arms and legs lengthened, I began pumping a million fucking pounds of muscle into my body. My feet soon grew huge enough to crush buses, my calves easily the size of small buildings, and my quads were erupting with so much muscle you'll still see pictures of them if you google 'volcano'! I was growing into a massive god of pure muscle, every inch of me was bulging out with enormous wedges of uncontainable brawn. My balls had swollen so magnificently they could crush the landscape, my cock had transformed into a titanic tower of pure testosterone. It was already dribbling, many ponds of white hot cum forming as I grew. I couldn't help it, I just couldn't. No sooner did I cross the treeline did I begin to laugh a deep, booming chuckle. It was just incredible, growing to that kind of size was beyond words to describe. It was as though my entire body was getting bigger and harder the same way a penis would when a bodybuilder takes his shirt off for you. Only this penis just kept growing, and growing, and growing. By the time I was ready to walk again, there were news choppers buzzing around me like flies. And who could blame them? I was taller than a skyscraper and so heavily muscled the ground shook with my every footfall. I didn't make it halfway to the city's water supply before the army tried cutting me off. Rather than stomp them flat, I simply turned my goliath chest muscles their way and then flexed my right pec so hard as to trigger a series of titillating nipple-gasms. The amount of cum that flooded them was nearly enough to sweep the tanks away. They would be alright though, seven feet was going to be the new short and three hundred pounds of muscle was going to be the new lightweight. Knowing how buff those military men could get, I had good feelings about them. Needless to say the government called off the jets quickly enough. They had even called away the guards protecting our reservoir, not that they could stop me anyway. Unimpeded, I waded into the waters and displaced so much of it the dam actually overflowed. Then, I flexed my cock into the water and held it straight down between my legs. It didn't take me too long to cum, my muscles were turning me on so much I was literally always on the edge. The explosions of cum were so powerful I took out almost half the water supply by the time my dick calmed down again. Within minutes, the contaminated water was going to reach every single household in the city. Men all over were going to start hulking out of their clothes and falling upon each other as their insatiable libidos took over their minds. But then I thought, why stop at the city? I began pumping my giant guns again, building up the arousal I needed for what was to come. My balls were growing monstrous now, more so than they had ever been, until they were so huge I had to push them out behind me so they wouldn't prop me off the ground. Then I triggered my orgasm, simply running my hands down the most powerful abdominal muscles in the world would do that to a person. As my dick exploded, I began dumping cum one nut at a time, ensuring I would have a constant flow of white hot seed blasting from my cockhead. And then I upped the ante, bellowing with pleasure as veins throbbed all over my monster. I was being pushed off the ground! This was it, I was cumming so hard I was achieving lift-off! More power! More muscle! I didn't even have to use my legs to send my titanic body blasting off! So aroused I was I almost broke out of the earth's orbit. Thankfully the Dildo had shot me a warning from deep inside my body, granting me enough focus so I could point my cock the right way. Into the horizon I went, soaring across the country and raining ludicrous amounts of protein-rich semen on everyone and everything! You probably know how it all ended. After a whole day of shooting around like a cum rocket, society threatened to collapse as everyone stayed at home to jerk off instead of going to work. I had taken the opportunity to shrink back to a more... acceptable, size. While I did want to be a muscle god, I also yearned for the normal life I had been living. And now, here we are, living in a society which boasted the most muscular men on the planet! That was just fine for me, even if I didn't need to show off my size to appreciate it. After all, when the sun goes down and the lights go off, I grow so fucking muscular, so impossibly hung, it is all I can do to spend the night howling in ecstasy as my powerful prick paints my room white. Using the Dildo? Oh goodness no I didn't need to use the Dildo for this. You already know I had wished for the ability to turn cum into muscle mass – that's how I'm maintaining this physique so easily. I also wished for the ability to hulk out like the Hulk himself, whenever I wanted, without turning green in the process. Yeah, life's good. Well, you remember what I said at the beginning? That the Dildo never stays with one person too long and always changes hands by theft? Look, I don't need to check to know, but if it'll set your mind at ease... come with me. Here, this is the Vault. This is where I store the Dildo and where I return to if I'm planning to get... extra... massive. I saw your camera man sneaking into the backdoor just now you know. Have you not noticed how he's been 'in the bathroom' for the past two hours? There's no fighting it. The Dildo always changes hands by theft. No security system in the world will stop it. There, it... it's as I thought. Your camera guy is missing... and the Dildo of the Demigods gone with him. So you say he's former military, discharged from service after sustaining some kind of injury while on deployment? One that also stalled his ability to pump iron and also caused him to lose several boyfriends to just one of his more muscular rivals? Sounds like we have a very vengeful Dildo-user on the loose. Don't forget, the Dildo always changes hands by theft. Well then, we had best get started. And by we, I mean, you. *** Author's Note: Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by my story! Thanks also to @godofjurai for approving my second slot. I'd like to show my appreciation with this here sequence of a totally random guy using the Dildo of the Demigods for his own fun. Safe to say this is what most of us would (probably) look like if we ever got a hold of the Dildo for our own use!
  11. shawnkid

    Jocking Up - My Roommate

    Long time lurker - finally got my fingers down to write a story, and hopefully many more to come. Posted in WarpMyMind (leejhaw) and MuscleGrowth.org (shawnkid). -Chapter 1- Meet Charles "Sup," my roommate nonchalantly greeted me as he walked out his room. My eyes almost fell out of its socket. The reason is apparent - my body-conscious roommate is walking around half naked. Beneath his grey sweatpants, his VPL proves that he's freeballing too. That could only mean one thing - it worked. What I did actually work! It's true - some of us are more susceptive to hypnosis. And it comes in many forms, you have the usual suspects: binaural, subliminal, and the trance, which opens up a wide array of possibilities, especially for a closeted gay man like me. It's financially impossible to live in the city nowadays, especially when the rental is through the roof. Since I'm the only occupant in the one-room studio, it's natural to resort to renting out the room to another person to offset the cost to enjoy the convenience of the centrally-located apartment in the city. The first time I met Charles, he wasn't much of a looker. I blame it on his hair, which is in need of serious professional help. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt that did not do justice to a man of his size. He works at the local coffee shop down the road, which explains the coffee scent in his hair whenever he walked past me. I reckoned he's around 25 years old, though I did not actually ask. He promised to clean the entire place once a week, I couldn't be any happier. Truth to be told, I was kind of desperate, and he looked decent enough - at least he has a job - so we shook on a deal. When I stumbled upon the whole new concept of hypnosis, I was thrilled. But, how would I know if it truly worked if I have done so on myself? It wouldn't take anyone much to consider the case of convenience, right under the same roof. I went to the local hardware shop and bought some speakers and downloaded some audio software on my computer. It wasn't easy to get this figure out, but I was really eager to try. When Charles left for work at 7 am, I set my plan in motion. I equipped his room with speakers over the plastic ceiling and wired it across my working desk. So, it would play whatever I needed it to play for an extended period of time, albeit needing to run in and out just to check if the volume is optimal for subliminal tracks to play without causing any distress and potential fallout before the plan see the day of light. I move quickly, knowing that he will come back in the evening after dinner. And the rest will happen throughout the night. My moral conscience would reprimand me if I ruin one's life for my own pleasure. So I decided to start off my experiment with something light. After going through tons of hypnosis books, I attempted to write a hypnosis track that focuses on confidence and preferences. Charles would sleep naked because it's more energy efficient as such - less laundry and less electricity needed to keep cool. He would be more comfortable with his own body, and perhaps begin pay attention to his body more. That should be relatively fine and not qualified as manipulative? I have my doubts, especially on my ever-changing standards. Heh - oh well. I let the track run for a week until one faithful morning - I see my roommate walking out of his room with nothing over his bare torso. I must say, he definitely look better with his shirt off. Why would he hide his toned body over all the baggy shirts - and that would be the next thing to go. And now I know my proof of concept works. I sat back down on my computer and prepared the next script for my dearest roommate, Charles.
  12. kadan

    The Young Giant

    This is a fairy tale from brothers Grimm's Book , I'll add some adjustments in the next chapters.... Chapter One ( original): A peasant had a son who was only as big as a thumb and did not grow any larger. In several years he did not grow even the width of a hair. One day the peasant wanted to go to the field and plow, and the little one said, "Father, I want to go out with you." "You want to go out with me?" said the father. "No, you have to stay here. There's nothing that you could do to help me, and besides that you might get lost." Then the thumbling began to cry and was not going to give the father any peace until he took him along. So the father put him in his pocket and carried him to the field, where he placed him in a fresh furrow. While he was sitting there a large giant came over the mountain towards them. "Do you see that bogeyman?" said the father, in order to frighten the little one into being good. "He's coming to get you." Now with his long legs the giant reached the furrow in only a few steps. With two fingers he carefully picked up the little thumbling, looked at him, then walked away with him without saying a word. The father stood there so frightened that he could not utter a sound. He believed that his child was lost, and that he would never see him again as long as he lived. The giant took the child home and let him suckle at his breast, and the thumbling grew large and strong like a giant. After two years had passed, the old giant took him into the woods in order to test him. He said, "Pull out a switch from over there." The boy was so strong already that he pulled a young tree up by the roots. The giant thought that he could do better and took him back home and suckled him for two more years. When he took him into the woods to test him this time, he was so much stronger that he was able to pull up an old tree. This was still not good enough for the giant, and he suckled him for yet another two years, took him into the woods, and said, "Now pull out a decent switch for once." This time the boy pulled the thickest oak tree out of the ground. When it cracked the boy laughed. When the old giant saw this, he said, "That's good enough. You've passed the test." And he took him back to the field where he found him. The father was plowing again, and the young giant walked up to him and said, "Father, see what a man your son has become."
  13. “Please, Sir. I need it, Sir.” Zach eyed me with eager anticipation, kneeled on the floor in front of me. His chest heaved slowly with each breath, pecs shifting beneath his string tank in slow, languid waves. I feigned disinterest. “Show me how much you need it, boy. Let me see my property.” “Yes, Sir. Thank You, Sir.” Zach stood and took a few steps back, smirking cockily. “This is all Yours, Sir. Thank You, Sir.” He turned so that his back faced me, hitched his thumbs into the top of his too-tight sweatpants, and slid them down towards his knees. Full, round, slightly-striated glute muscles appeared, framed by the thin line of a white spandex jockstrap. Hamstrings bulged, pulling skin tightly away from the present-but-invisible tear-drop heads of sprint-cyclist quads. Below the knee, rippling calf heads fought for space as they twitched slightly. Fully bent-over, Zach’s muscle definition was pulled into high relief, the entire chain of muscle easing into a gently-stretched position. Zach kicked the sweats away from his ankles and straightened up again, grabbing at the tank top to remove it. Horseshoe triceps asserted themselves as he grabbed the top from its bottom and pulled it over his head, making the muscles of his mid-back dance as he squeezed his shoulder blades together. He flared his lats as he eased the royal blue top upwards, transforming his upper body into a topographical map of steroid-fueled manhood. Tossing the string tank to the side, he swung his arms into a double biceps pose and flexed. As individual bicep heads snapped into peaks he turned his head to the side, so he could see me, and winked. Despite my intention to stay objective in my appraisal of my boy’s body, I broke into a proud grin. “Thank you for this back, Sir. Thank you for giving me these shoulders. Sir, this ass is yours to use at any time.” He brought his arms down and turned towards me, his pulsing erection revealing the failure of the thin spandex jockstrap as a containment device. As he moved, waves of striation rippled across his chest, and his skin slid effortlessly over flexing abdominals and obliques. He clocked my reaction. “All of me is yours, Sir. I feel heavy and powerful, Sir, and every ounce of it belongs to You.” His right hand slid up to his chest, unable to cover the full pectoral completely. He tweaked his own nipple before sliding his hand down the shrink-wrapped terrain of his core. “Top to bottom, Sir.” He flexed his legs muscles, bringing his incredible quads into high relief. Running his hand down the outside of his leg, he attempted to squeeze his hand closed but found utterly no give in the titanium-hard muscle. His cock throbbed in heartbeat rhythm. “Please, Sir. I need it. Grow me more. Make me unstoppable. I want to be invincible for You, in service to You. I want to be your trophy. Please, Sir.” I stepped forward, placed on hand on my boy’s heaving chest, and relished in the warmth of steely muscle under my palm. I looked him straight in the eye. “I’m so proud of you, boy. You’ve done everything I ever asked of you. And look how far you’ve come.” I slid my hand from Zach’s chest to his side, gripping his lat muscles briefly before gliding across fjords of intercostals towards the front of his jockstrap. Zach leaned into my touch. My fingers slipped into the fabric of his jockstrap and wrapped around his cock, which immediately began to leak. Zach shuddered an intake of pleasurable breath and bucked his hips forward. “Please, Sir. Please.” Grinning, I brought my other hand out from behind my back. “Is this what you need, boy?” I brandished the syringe I’d been concealing. Two CCs of pale green liquid could be seen inside it. Zach’s cock throbbed in my hand, giving all the response I needed. This was not the usual, nearly-colorless oil Zach was used to, though. This was the last step in a long, long journey. We’d come a long way from his first days as my trainee. -------- “Please, Sir. I need it, Sir.” Zach sat perched on all fours, naked but for the leather collar around his neck and the thin Under Armour jockstrap that framed his slightly-spread ass. HIs skinny arms and legs - lean but utterly undeveloped - quivered with anticipation. “You know what this means, boy. Five workouts a week, under my orders, no matter how tired you are.” The heavy chain I’d connected to his collar was cold in my hand. I wrapped it around my bulging forearm and slowly pulled Zach’s face close to mine. “You’re going to hate it at first. But you’re mine, and I will make you huge for me.” “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” In contrast to the rest of his body, his cock was hard and throbbing against the confines of the strap. “I want to be your massive muscle bull, Sir. Let me grow for you. Let me show off for you.” “Good boy,” I purred and kissed Zach deeply. He pressed in close, eager to worship. That was how it began, almost five years ago. Like many boys before him, Zach had come to me with an offer of service and a desire to be transformed into a muscle fantasy. Unlike other boys, however, Zach proved an eagerness and dedication that I had never seen before. Most boys dream of getting huge but don’t have the chops to make the transformation; they start with passion, but when the thrill of exercise gives way to the grind of working out and recording progress and eating according to strict guidelines, they lose determination and, eventually, interest. Zach, on the other hand, became addicted to the iron. Early gains motivated him, and he successfully developed the habit of lifting first thing every morning. Four weeks of training became three months, under a program I designed for him. Weekly measurements and photos let me show him how well he was doing. At the three month mark, I showed him the visual evidence of how far he’d come -- definition in the shoulders, improved posture, the light outline of abdominal muscles, and the subtle sweep of growing quads -- and this ignited his desire even further. We moved to six days a week of training, periodized and planned to keep his body building, and he never faltered. At every step of the way, he thanked me for mentoring him. He’d come back from the gym, eager to flex for Sir, and I’d be made rock-hard by the way his increasing confidence aligned with his progress. He marveled at the way his body responded to the work, giddy at the sudden awareness of the fullness of his biceps, the heaviness of his own chest, and the appearance of striations and veins in his arms and legs. By the six month mark, his transformation was impossible to hide, and his cockiness had begun to take root. He started wearing tighter shirts in public; skimpier underwear in private. His gym gear, once replete with loose sweatpants and long-sleeve t-shirts, was gradually subsumed by leggings, compression shirts, and body-hugging tanktops that showed off his progress. I began to order him to wear his gear outside the gym, always with his leather collar visible so I could assert ownership of my trophy and show it off. The appreciating looks and jaw-dropping stares only motivated him further, and when I ordered him to show off for an admirer he’d pose and flex, peppering his self-worship with proud utterances of “thank you for this body, Sir!” Despite every expectation that the thrill of Zach’s early gains would be swapped for the unending pain and grind of more advanced weight training, my boy never demurred and never faltered. It was clear that I had created a monster, and by the twelve-month point, Zach was starting to look like one: rock-hard, chiseled, and cover-model ready. My boy had earned it. It was time for the next phase. -------- Zach eyed the syringe hungrily, his eagerness to get this new shot only barely masking his unarticulated question about the oddly-green elixir that would enable the next phase of his transformation. I grinned, brandishing the syringe and marveling at his inability to tear his eyes from it. He was practically salivating. “It’s time for the next step, boy. You’ve been perfect, haven’t you?” I purred. “Yes, Sir. I have been a perfect boy, Sir.” He tensed slightly, snapping his entire body into even tighter relief. Striations rippled across his chest as his pecs tightened. “I am so proud to be Yours. I’m ready for what comes next. I want to make The Hulk look puny, and I want to serve You with every ounce of it, Sir.” “You will have that soon,” I answered. “You’ve made me so proud, boy. You’ve taken such good care of my property.” I pulled my own underwear down, freeing my own throbbing cock from its confines, and cupped my balls with my free hand. Zach’s attention stayed fixed on the syringe - he wanted it so badly! “You’re probably wondering why this shot looks different, boy.” “Yes, Sir.” “It’s an extraordinary blend, boy. And rare. I may never get hold of it again. I’ve been hanging on to it for a couple years now, waiting for the right boy to share it with. And you are the right boy, Zach. You are my muscle beast.” “Thank you, Sir! I want to be the very best boy for You. You own me completely, Sir. I owe all this to You.” He pulled a most muscular, grinning cockily, and winked at me devilishly. “Give yourself credit. You’ve worked very hard for me, boy. It is such a pleasure owning you and growing you. You deserve a big reward.” Zach practically danced in place. He was quivering with excited anticipation. His eyes broke from the syringe for just a moment and met mine. “Thank you, Sir. I have worked very hard. I am so, so ready, Sir.” “You certainly are,” I said, returning my attention to the syringe. Zach followed suit. I slowly rotated the barrel, fixing it between my fingers with my thumb on the plunger. “It’s time,” I said and brought my hand down sharply. The needle slid effortlessly into my right testicle - no more painful than any other injection - and I pushed the plunger. I gasped an “oh fuck” as my testicle protested the invasion, but the barrel emptied quickly. Pale green fluid drained from the syringe. I withdrew the needle, testicle aching with the pressure of its new cargo, and capped the needle. Zach’s expression faltered, disappointment flooding across his face. “I… I don’t understand, Sir. I thought--” “You thought wrong, boy. This one’s for me. But I think you’ll still like it.” Warmth and pain began to radiate through my groin, the pressure from the right testicle rapidly spreading throughout my scrotum and into the throbbing shaft of my penis. I could feel the weight of my nuts increasing in my palm, and looked down to see them slowly begin to expand. Heartbeat by heartbeat they throbbed larger, first to egg-size and then to tangerine; fighting for space within my nutsack as they throbbed to the size of oranges. As they grew my cock throbbed in unison, stretching upwards and outwards as it slowly extended a few inches past its normally-erect size. “That’s amazing. May I worship, Sir?” Zach’s breathing quickened as he watched my cock grow. “No, boy. Just wait,” I said, bucking forward as waves of pleasure crashed across my groin. My cock swelled in girth to match the slow expansion of my testicles, continuing to reach outwards like a divining rod towards my waiting boy. The changes slowed to a stop after a moment, leaving my genitals buzzing in slow, rhythmic pulses. I turned my attention once more to Zach, stepping in to cradle his head and embrace him with a kiss. We lingered and Zach, well-trained, resisted the urge to caress my hardness. I pulled him close and ground myself against his lower abs instead, feeling my cock glide against the warm cobblestones of his torso. “Please, Sir,” Zach said. “I need it.” I pulled away slowly. “Yes, you do. It’s time for the real injection, boy.” I looked down at my massive, enhanced cock. “You know what to do.” “Yes, Sir,” Zach barked. He dropped to all fours. “Thank you, Sir.” He turned slowly, put his forearms on the floor, lowered his massive upper chest and propped his perfect, muscular ass in the air. ------------- After twelve months of training, it was time. “You ready for your first injection, boy?” Zach had just come home from the gym and stood, heaving, in my doorway. His leggings and compression shirt were soaked with sweat, leaving them only translucent enough to hint at the muscle underneath. In response to my statement, he dropped his gym bag and widened his stance slightly to show off how strongly his cock approved of the idea. At the six month milestone, I’d told him that a full year of dedicated, hard training would get him to a place where I’d be willing to juice him and turn him from a submissive stud to slave-monster. In the past year, Zach had progressed further than I imagined. There was so sign of the lean, thin boy that came to me; in his place stood a physique-model piece of submissive fuck meat. Despite his unbelievable success, though, it was clear he was nearing his natural limit… which meant it was time to take his training to the next level. I administered every shot of Zach’s first cycle, injecting 500mg a week of testosterone into his growing muscle. When the hormones kicked in at about six weeks, Zach’s strength exploded, and his muscles began to grow with renewed vigor. LIke his previous advances, this gave him an immense boost of motivation: we increased his training volume, increased his food intake, and let the injections support the hard work. He served me flawlessly, begged me for every shot, and thanked me for every CC of oil he received. Twelve weeks later Zach had put on almost 20 pounds, and it looked like he’d keep most of it, in spite of the water weight. His traps, shoulders, and arms mounded up on top of new growth in his pectorals and lats. He began to take on a classic bodybuilder stance due to his inability to get his arms flat against his sides. Heavy squats and deadlifts sped up the bubbling-out of his ass, creating a shelf on top of extensive quads, thickening inner thighs, and assertive calf muscles. His confidence increased to the point where he no longer needed to be asked to flex for me after the gym: he’d dash home after a workout, eager to show off his pump and his new growth. His posing and cocky flex-shows turned me on and almost always led to him being used… which he loved. The submissive monster I’d created literally became a submissive monster on steroids: after an incredible first cycle we moved to stacks that included deca, mast, and tren. The hormones let Zach train and grow like he did when we first started, and within another 18 months, he was leaving humanity behind. My boy was becoming my massive, vascular, unstoppable beast, and I couldn’t have been happier. Then again, I still had one new trick up my sleeve. ------------ My groin felt like a loaded weapon, with the special sauce serving as the ammunition. The military lab I’d been working at was shut down a few years ago - a victim of not being productive enough. The concoction I’d been working on had been neatly forgotten, but only because the lab was shut down before I’d filed my first reports on its development. Like Zach himself, the formula was performing better than expected. The taste I’d given myself gave me the presence and power to attract boys like Zach to my service, but I’d saved the Big Dose for the right boy. My heart raced as I lubed up and prepared to make my boy my inhuman muscle fantasy. “Almost there, boy. It’s time for your next evolution. Grow for me.” My enhanced cock, leaking and buzzing with electricity, thrust slowly into Zach, relishing the sensation of its augmented length as it probed deeply into his ass. My hips pressed into his backside and he involuntarily pushed back, trying to get me in deeper. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. “Thank you, Sir… Make me your beast, Sir.” “You feel amazing, boy. As usual.” I pulled back, placed my hands along Zach’s sides, and thrust slowly forward again. The give of his asshole, augmented by the wave-like buzzing that was rolling through my cock, stood in contrast to the impossible hardness of his lower back muscles. I set up a slow, deliberate rhythm, falling in line with the ebb and flow of the buzzing in my genitals. The pleasure was immense - like nothing I’ve ever felt before - and my cock felt massive inside my boy. Below me, Zach wriggled and moaned with excitement and pleasure. “Make me huge, Sir. I want to be your muscle bull. I wanna be massive for you, Sir. Your muscle slave. Fuck, you feel good…” The thought of Zach growing even more massive brought me close to the edge, but my enhanced cock held on, pushing the roller-coaster of pleasure to all-new heights. It built with every thrust, past the point of my usual limit, and continued to mount with push after push. My brain flooded with euphoria. My heart raced with anticipation. Every muscle fiber in my body braced for the inevitable release as the electric buzzing in my groin streaked across every square inch of my skin, making my hair stand on end. Overwhelmed with pleasure, my breath caught in my throat. Everything went briefly silent; then with one slow, final thrust all of the pleasure and pressure released deep inside Zach. I roared as my cock exploded. Volley after volley of cum came forth, filling my boy with a load more massive than anything I’d ever created. I kept thrusting, and the cum kept coming. Beneath me, Zach spoke up. “Sir, I feel.... Wow…. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SEED, SIR….!” Overwhelmed by his own sense of pleasure, my boy’s cock also began to shoot in huge streams. Zach tensed his back and roared. HIs ass clenched around my still-thrusting, still-cumming cock. Beneath my hands his back muscles began to roll and bulge, rippling beneath my hands. This was the catalyst. The serum was active and working - fast. “Sir, what’s…? It feels so good….” He turned his head as he lifted one arm, feeling flesh move beneath his skin. He flexed and watched his bicep swell, the already-separated heads splitting even further into massive, sharp peaks. From my perspective, still thrusting in spite of myself, his tricep heads flashed into higher and higher relief, first appearing as though the skin was vacuumed over the flesh, then growing and multiplying as if though they could pull away from the bones of his arm. Bands of muscle wrapped around his shoulder, capping it like a topographic globe of power and strapping to a thickening upper back and rising traps. Beneath me, the muscles of his ass rippled and thickened, standing out as a bulwark against the shore of heaving, growing back muscle. I could see that Zach’s other arm, still holding him up as I fucked him, was likewise engaged in freakish growth. “Oh, Sir… thank you…” Zach’s voice lowered to a resonant rumble. He bucked up slightly and adjusted his kneeling stance, exposing hamstrings that had doubled in size, paired with quads that would have made Robert Forstemann weep with jealousy. Thick veins ran down his legs, chasing their way to calf muscles that had swollen with unimaginable size. Inside Zach, my cock seemed to have finally stopped its torrent. I pulled out. “Good boy,” I encouraged. “Grow unstoppable for me. Be my muscle beast.” “Yes, Sir,” came a low rumble, and Zach sat up to show me my handiwork. His muscles had grown to inhuman proportions, and his skin was red with the strain of containing the mass that was pouring onto his frame. An impossibly-small waist exploded upwards and downwards into a mass of flesh that I could only describe as “Hulked-out-Superman” -- mounds of thick meat covered every inch of his body. Zach’s arms were forced out from his sides by still-increasing lats; his traps were pressed against the sides of a thickening neck; his arm muscles were like a collection of bowling balls impinging on ham-hock forearms. His legs were forced apart by thighs almost as thick as his upper back, individual heads of hamstrings and thighs swollen and threatening to tear loose from his body. He got off the bed, struggling to accommodate his own incredible size and the new way his body moved. He stood and turned to me, displaying an impossibly-thick chest fronted by massive, fleshy shields of pectorals, abdominals, and an Adonis belt that plunged down into his hips. “So… tight, Sir… can barely move. But… this is ama--” Zach’s basso profundo caught in his throat as his entire body seemed to seize. A look of shock crossed his face as cracking noises began to emanate from his arms, legs, and torso. With an even louder bellow, my muscle beast began to stretch taller. “Hang in there, boy. Almost done. Come here.” I sat at the head of the bed, propped against the wall, and invited him to come to me. Like a puppy unsure of how his own body worked - arms and legs slowly lengthening, epic muscle mass stretching and smoothing out just slightly - he clambered on to the bed, filling it and making it protest under his enormous new weight - and set himself in my lap. I wrapped my arms around him - as best I could since my boy was now even more massive than me and still growing - and massaged him as his torso continued to elongate. I ran my hands over titanium-steel muscle fiber, caressing his pendulous chest and feeling the deep grooves of his striated shoulders. He stretched under my embrace, exploring the new length of his arms and legs and relishing in the heft of the endless muscle that now enveloped his body. My body. My muscle boy. “Thank you, Sir,” Zach breathed, finally relaxing. He melted into my embrace, and the weight of him against me made my cock stir once more. I nuzzled the back of his neck and kissed him gently. “You’re going to love your workout tomorrow morning, boy. It’s a good thing all that spandex stretches… but we’re going to have to get you some new gear.” “Fuck it, Sir,” Zach said. “Let them see me lift naked. What will they do if they don’t like it? I’m Yours, and I’m unstoppable.” I grinned. “Yes you are, boy. You definitely need a bigger collar, though. A much, much bigger one. And I’m going to have to work to find chains you can’t just pull apart with your bare hands. Would you like a new collar, boy? Are you ready to continue the work?” “Please, Sir,” said Zach. “I need it.”
  14. There's been rumor going around that one of those monsters sponsored by Unbound Beast goes to the city's bath house, Stay A While & Glisten, every month just for a single visit to the glory hole before disappearing to the gym from whence he came. Pierce, the aforementioned monster, happens to be one of Unbound Beast's pet project, or in other words he is so over saturated with their products that not only does he look like something that used to belong only in the realm of fantasy or photoshop but the man is so doused with their products he may as bleed the stuff if he pricked his finger. As for his once a month visit, one of the owners of the bath house eventually got him to say something instead of just coming in to get his rocks off and leave just as silently; Pierce told the owner that he took a page from Muhammad Ali and staved off sex or masturbation as long as possible to ensure he was always at top form in the gym. Pierce's monthly build up also meant his balls were swollen to the brim with seed and would leave both the glory hole room and attendant much worse for wear once he was done. What Pierce doesn't know though is I've finally been able to bribe the owners of the bath house, know his routine, and am waiting for his monthly visit that happens to be tonight. After my bribe I've been assured the owner's will only allow Pierce into the glory hole so I can have some private time with the man, what they didn't know though is I've gotten a hold of one of the catalysts for the supplements from Unbound Beast straight from a well compensated friend at the company. Tonight is going to be memorable for Pierce and very rewarding for me. I've sat waiting in the glory hole cubby for nearly an hour now to make sure that if Pierce comes in early I'll be there waiting, just as I was starting to grow anxious and wondering if he was going to show up at all tonight I heard the door open leading into the room on other side of the wall. I heard some very heavy footsteps approach towards one of the holes and gasped at what I saw. Now these holes are larger enough to accommodate even the more gifted of mortal men but Pierce was not a fucking mortal man but a god damned demigod. It took me a half second to realize that his junk was so fucking huge that he was struggling to push in a single testicle let alone stuff the entire thing in at once. Slow, agonizingly so, he force in one ball, then the other, and had barely just enough room to feed in the monster movie sized anaconda he calls a soft dick. This thing looked like it could swallow rats whole with no problem what so ever and both of his balls looked to rival a prize winning orange in size, each. I stared at this my behemoth dumbfounded and curious both what the man on the other side of the wall looked like and if maybe I'd bitten off more than I could; a few seconds into my stupor Pierce started to wiggle back and forth with the limited space he had as if to beckon for attention. I was thankful I was alone in the cubby as I blushed and put my hand around the monster in front of me radiating a fire intense heat. I slowly began to fondle his prodigiously ample nuts, each of which I could not palm with a single hand, and was met with some low and very deep moans coming from Pierce. Quickly before he got too excited I began to cup both sides of his now hardening dick from the base and brought them to me so I could gauge just how much meat hangs between his legs that he no doubt has plenty of trouble with throughout the day, every day. I started to play with the near fist sized head of his semi-hard dick as I reached behind me for that special catalyst I spent a pretty penny on. While I had Pierce in the palm of my hand, and none the wiser, I began to give his over foot long dick a tongue bath not just to pleasure him but to distract him from my real intentions are I spread the catalyst cream all over his cartoonishly huge erection and swollen balls. I had to hurry before he came or grew suspicious as I didn't want him to leave after his one orgasm of the month. I took my sweet time ensuring not a single inch or millimeter of his junk hadn't been thoroughly explored by my mouth or completely covered by the catalyst, after finishing applying I spent a good few minutes very, very slowly drawing out the handjob causing Pierce to moan ever louder in need to cum so as to make sure that the catalyst had time to be fully absorbed and do its job. I watched as Pierce's foot long plus dick leak precum like a broken faucet until he started to spurt me in the face with what I mistook for him cumming before I was prepared. Boy was I wrong and was Pierce in for a hell of trip, he wasn't cumming at all but instead the catalyst was reacting with the supplements in his body from Unbound Beast that had so over saturated him that the catalyst was affecting exponentially more than I dared to hope. I watched Pierce's balls swell even more as they produce more and more cum now carrying a potent version of the supplement he was so glutted with. His dick twitch and throb violently like a man possessed in the middle of a seizure, the constant and increasing spurts of precum making a mess all over the room and my face. I wrapped my lips around his near grapefruit sized dickhead and started to tease as much of him as I could with my mouth; my hands were busy stroking the very slim amount of his shaft in its even more overinflated state and fondling his balls that had swollen so large they were starting to stretch his ball sack to the absolute brim. Just as I was starting to fear for Pierce's nuts they pulled up tight and I was met with a blast of cum so powerful it nearly pushed me off him entirely, before I could even process what happened or fully swallow I was met with another blast, and another, and another. I could hear the wall being pounded by powerful fists as Pierce bellowed out a very deep and reverberating moan as what felt like liter after liter of cum came out of his diamond hard and steel girder thick dick straight down my gullet. I could feel the warmth radiating outwards from my stomach meaning that everything was going to plan, as Pierce kept spewing more and more into me I could feel my body slowly tense and my own erection start to throb and twitch as I involuntarily came. My clothing started to feel tights on me as my muscles grew larger and larger. Soon my shirt and shorts felt painfully tight all over, especially in the crotch, until I heard multiple loud tears and felt the air of the small room on my skin. Pierce finally tapered off his orgasm and was about to pull out, and spoil my plans, but I yanked him back with much more force than I was used to from my still growing frame. Pierce gasped and started to say something but I cut him off with both of my hands working his shaft as if I was trying to start a fire for my own survival, I swallowed everything of him that I could as I forced my mouth as far down onto his dick as I could. I began to play with him and suck as is trying to steal his soul, his essence, from his dick. It only took a matter of seconds for him to cum again and just as potent as the first time if not more so. Again I could feel my head be forced back by Pierce's fire hose of an orgasm but with my new found strength I was able to fight back. I guzzled down all he had to offer and felt the same warmth in my stomach radiate out again as the growth resumed, any clothing still clinging to my body was now in tatters littering the floor around me, my dick and balls had kept up with my muscles in their response to Pierce's catalyst enhanced cum. I felt the flow start to taper off again from Pierce who was starting to sound like a moaning mess on the other side of the wall as I attacked his dick and balls with the full fury of a man on a mission. Before Pierce's second orgasm fully finished his third started up and I had no trouble at all keeping up with the powerful flow, drinking down every single drop as my muscles and junk swelled to heights that would make me the envy, and instill fear, of both Mr Olympias and porn stars the world over. There was no time to bask in the glory of my transformation, I had to act before Pierce recovered from cumming so many times in such a short time. As I could hear Pierce breath harder and harder trying to recover from what would have wiped out a lesser man I reached behind me to grab a very long tube attached to a milking machine I procured just for tonight. The tube was, thankfully, able to fit over Pierce's massive dick though just barely and I was able to stuff him into the tube to the point not a single part of it wasn't filled to the absolute brim but still the tube wasn't big enough to accommodate his entirety but it was enough to do what I needed. Pierce felt the tube placed on his dick and tried to pull out of the hole but his reaction to the catalyst was so severe that his dick and balls were completely stuck, the wall may as well be a cockring for Pierce at this point...and one that he can neither take off or walk away from. In other words I had the man right where I wanted him. The cream I obtained does a number of thing when used including nigh instant refractory periods, enhanced semen production, erections and drive powerful enough to take down an elephant, and most importantly for my plan with Pierce is that it temporarily causes your cum to act as even more potent version of the same drugs he has been using for years now. To put it simply, Pierce is not going anywhere until he has nothing left to give and I'm leaving this building with my own private reserve of growth formula to use at my leisure. Before he gathered his wits together I turned on the machine and was rewarded with a constant humming sound from the machine as it began its work milking Pierce's dick and I heard a mixture of a startled yelp and moan from the man himself as the machine severely outdid anything I could hope to do to him. I could already hear him cumming yet again as I turned around and left the small room, my own near foot long dick leading the way, as I headed to the room where the rest of Pierce was. As I walked down the hallway I was met by gasps and slack jawed stares from the other patrons of the bath house. I couldn't help but cockily smirk to myself as I opened the door to the other side of the glory holes. The sight I was met with when I finally saw the rest of Pierce nearly caused me to fall to my knees and cum all over the floor right then and there; to say the absolute fucking least I am amazed he was able to get into the room in the first place, even if he walked in sideways, with just how god damned fucking massive this man was. I've seen bodybuilders, I've seen professional bodybuilders and the current Mr. Olympia in person, fuck I've even come across a few of the guinea pigs they call humans that Unbound Beast produces but they all spectacularly fail to compare to this man. I had heard that Pierce was one of their prized results but the man had to be so fucking infused with their drugs that I now have little fucking doubt the his sweat could double as a substitute for their shit. His head was, comically so, stuck in the ocean of muscle he calls his neck and shoulders, each of his shoulders had enough meat on them to outsize even the most seasoned of normal weightlifters. His back was so swollen with mass that he could barely put his arms, both which are as thick as a lesser bodybuilder's over inflated legs, to his sides as they competed for space with each other. The man's ass could be unfairly compared to two medicine balls side to side and it still wouldn't go it justice; his quads were so thick that his immensely thick hamstrings looked like professional bodybuilder standing behind a bull. All of this lead down to two calves that were a solid wall of muscle from his knee down to his ankles forcing his stance even further out than his upper legs were already forcing him to do. I could feel my dick start to bob and twitch as I took in the sight before me and slowly walked forward closer to this demigod currently trapped by the wall. "No! Not like this! I don't want to lose my muscle god damn it!" Pierce exclaimed while moaning almost every other word. "Wait, is someone there? Fucking help me get loose damn it!" He exclaimed as I walked closer with my newly enhanced dick leading the way until it was grazing the back of his humongous ass cheeks. As I continued to very slowly move forward, splitting open his cheeks tortuously slow, I whispered into his ear. "Big man there is nothing to worry about, the only thing you might lose out on is a good time." I pulled back enough so I could spread the cream over my dick to use as lube before pushing back into him, much harder this time. "Just enjoy the ride man." I whispered as he attempted and failed to turn his head around to get a good look at me, his neck and traps impeding any attempts to do so, and slowly I lightly bit his ear before continuing. "You're not going to lose any muscle man but you will be cumming." I pushed my dick further in until the head grazed his hole which caused him to clench reflexively. "You'll be cumming until you have nothing left and even then you'll probably still try to shoot more." Even while his over muscled ass was clenched tighter than a vault it wasn't enough to stop me as I excruciatingly slowly pushed my way inside of him. "I'm just here to make sure your month visit is worth it." The cream was starting to affect my own dick as it aided my entry into Pierce, it nearly felt like my erection was getting an erection as I got so hard it began to hurt and I almost felt dizzy. I bit into his trap, tasting his sweat, just enough to leave a mark as made it past the brunt of his resistance. "But for now you are mine and I'm going to make sure you won't be able to walk once I'm fucking done with you, bitch." Once the last words left my mouth I pushed the last half a foot into Pierce in one swift and powerful motion. Immediately I could feel Pierce's ass clench and unclench repeatedly as my full thrust was enough to set him off again thanks to the catalyst, no doubt the cream I'm using for lube is only making things worse for him as he starts cumming for well over a minute. I could only endure his writhing for half that time before I joined him and began to unload deep into him. Our mutual orgasm didn't dissuade me continuing my pounding his massive ass, in fact it only drove me into a frenzy as my entire being was lost in the feeling. Just as one orgasm was beginning to end for either of us my pounding would drive one of us to cum and soon the other would follow. I could feel Pierce begin to overflow with how much I was shooting into him as I felt a warm trail of my cum trail down our legs and form an expanding puddle on the ground. Pierce was completely stuck to the wall unable to move and barely able to stand as I pounded both the strength and cum out of the hulking man. His attempts at stabilizing himself with the wall did little to help him as he became weak kneed, his arms, chest, and back were so thick that he wasn't able to gain any meaningful purchase on the wall to try and pull out to get away from me or to keep from leaning back as far as he was able as his strength decreased orgasm after orgasm. I could hear the rhythmic tapping of the tube affixed to his dick hitting the other side of the wall with every thrust as I worked him like a piece of industrial equipment. The entire time Pierce was reduced to a moaning mess as he was assaulted on both ends with his dick in a near constant stream as he came time and time again with only the slightest of reprieve, I was right there with him the entire time as I every thrust only felt like it increased my output just a bit more. After what felt like over an hour I finally started to taper off and Pierce looked like he had just finished the single most excruciating workout known to man. I was still harder than any metal and kept thrusting until it felt like I was shooting air. Still inside of Pierce I bit him on his other trap while I deeply inhaled the smell of our mixed sweat. "So did you get your money's worth?" Pierce attempted to say something but his mouth was so dry he could only nod his head in agreement. "Good." I pulled out to the tip and thrust back into him as hard I as I could, without breaking the rhythm I continued. "If you want more of this next month just ask the guys up front for Alex, they'll know who you mean." He nodded again and I could feel his ass clench again as if cumming yet again which only drove me into another dry orgasm. I patted him on the cheek and said. "I'll go unhook you, meet up with me at the sauna. You look like you could use a rest." He again nodded his head as I tortuously slowly pulled out of him. My dick was still hard and looked fucking even more massive after the ordeal I put Pierce through. I gave him a squeeze on his shoulder as I left the room and headed out to claim my prize, unhook him, and wait for him in the sauna. It was a great night but I can't wait for next month when I meet up with him again, I'll make sure next time he won't be able to stand let alone walk once I'm done with him.
  15. Greetings, This story is inspired by a few friends, both straight and gay, who have a problem. They want someone of similar size or larger than them if their gay, while if straight, they want a good sized woman so they won't feel constrained in the act of love making, so they don't break them. However they themselves are pretty off the charts size wise. Where do the naturally big men go when they want big(ger) men or big women to be theirs? Enjoy. Where Do the Large Find Their Large? by F_R_Eaky Len was a big man. Not that he was an über, basketball playing giant, nor was he built like the hulk, but he most certainly wasn't a small man. Standing 6' 8" tall in his bare, sized US 18 feet, a simple but handsome face with mocha colored hair, tipped with sun bleached highlights, over a pair of amber colored eyes, he had managed to build around 270 pounds of some decent muscle on him, although he wished for much more. Coming home from work and a date, he plopped himself down into the pool lounger that he was just slightly longer than and sighed heavily. He knew more than likely that his neighbor and good friend, Chad, was lying in a similar lounge chair on the other side of the well behind his chair. Chad was an average man, 5' 7" tall, average build, not really muscular, but not chubby either. He had short, jet black hair and indigo colored eyes, both of which were sit in a head that was very boyish looking, on top of his average body that was very smooth and hairless. He was the typical looking twink. The two young men were renting out the smallest and cheapest of the apartments in the apartment complex they lived in. In fact, their buildings were located at the end of the street that split off in a "Y". The owners originally had intended on continuing the complex out those two ways, but time, zoning rules, or life just got in the way. As it was the road ended in this "Y" shape, and the buildings sat on one branch or the other, their fronts angled with the "arms", and a huge rose bush growing in between them at the inner point of the "Y". The buildings were originally designed for holding the bulky grounds keeping equipment and such, but as the complex didn't grow beyond the current complex, not that much equipment was needed, and thus the other ends were turned into two private apartments for care taker and manager, if they so wanted it. Instead, it got rented out to lower income folks. These neighbors met after seeking an escape from a party held by their apartment complex. The people at the party were somewhat aloof, in some cases downright rude. Not seeing the pair as frequently as the other tenants, as the guys' apartments were down at the end of the street, and with that, knowing they were paying less in rent - probably because they couldn't afford anything better, and especially once they found out that both men were gay, most folks just kind of chose to ignore them. This was especially irritating for Len as whenever someone needed help taking down something, or a cat was in a tree, or could you lift this? - they easily recalled Len's name, apartment number, and were oh so pleasant to him then. Likewise Chad when they needed someone to look under their sink or some other small crawl space. So, after ditching a typical and boring soiree sponsored by the complex, each man, without knowing the others actions, decided to instead spend the day, relaxing in their "back yard." As it was the end of the complex, and the property butted up against the forest's edge, the pair actually had the best kept secret of the complex. Right in the middle of this little yard was an old well. The spring under it may have run dry, no one was really sure when it was built, but the gossip of the complex said they believed it went all the way back to Colonial times. The men met, chatted, offered each other a beer, decided to bring out some lawn chairs, sit next to the well and use it kind of as a table and just talk. It eventually led to Spring - Summer holidays with games, and weekends spent grilling food, eating chips, and having beers. Today was no exception. A nice warm Saturday evening as Len plopped down into his chair and sighed. "I tell you. .... Dating sucks." Popping open a beer bottle and passing it around the well to Len, Chad replied, "Another date not going well?" "Yeah....I liked the guy. Seemed easy enough to talk with and get along, but I went to meet 'Mr. Middle Aged' man, and instead I greeted, 'Old Man River.'" "You're kidding me?" "Nope. It's not that I couldn't ignore his age. He was a fairly well built and handsome guy. Yet, he's got age 45 on his G.A.K. app profile [Gay Animal Kingdom - come explore the zoo ] and during conversation he tells me things he's done as an adult and pretty soon you realize, once you're brain has kicked in the years and the calculation, the guy is knocking on 65. It's not so much about his actual age, but why lie about it? Makes one wonder, what else is he lying about? And how does one build a relationship with someone on a lie?" "Odd.... people are just odd sometimes. No other way to state it." "And it's hard for me, man. I want to find a big man. Someone my size build wise, or larger, especially if they're shorter than me, but I'd like them to be as tall as me, if not taller, but being.... you know... my size.... how is that going to happen? I'm just barely in the 99% for height measurement. Like, zero, zero, point, zero, one percent of men are going to be taller than me. It'll be about the same to find men built as large or larger than me, and if and when I do meet them, there's always something off." "Tell me about it. I try to make my interests known to a larger man and he just looks down at me, laughs, and says things like, 'You don't wanna try this ride, boy. It might break you.' It drives me nuts." "You know what.... I'm done with apps. I think I'm done with people. I have a better chance of finding someone by flipping a coin into this damned well, than by meeting folks on an app." "Really? C'moooooooon." "Why not? Nothing else better to do. The Spring and Summer activities have just started and it's already off to a bad start." Len began to take his hands and root into his pockets for a large coin. "Hey," said Chad. "What the hell; I'll join you." With that Chad took a coin out as well, held it out in front of him and leaned back in his lounge chair. "I wish I could find a man as built or built bigger than me, as tall or taller than me, that was decent, intelligent, kind, caring, not a jerk. That I could lift with, pal around with, cuddle or wrestle." "I wish I could find the same for me..... as long as he's got a decent build, some height, and isn't a dweeb, I'd be happy." "Ready?" said Len. "On the count of three. one.... Two.... THREE!" And with that both men threw their coins over their shoulders and then relaxed, closing their eyes, repeating their wish in their minds. What they couldn't see due to their eyes being closed and the action happening behind them, the coins hit each other, dead center over the hole to the bottom of the well. The coins then bounced off of each other, hitting the wall of the well with a spin that sent them rolling round and round the wall as they went down. With each revolution around the well wall, they struck each other twice and sparks and stars would fly off of them until, round and down, down and around they went finally touching the bottom. The rest of the night was spent drinking and talking, listening to the radio, and watching stars, until the young men got up and stumbled to their apartments. *************************************************************************** The next evening, Len came home somewhat late. Another date he had planned from the app he swore the night before to turn off, but who knows? Maybe? Just maybe, that guy might turn out alright. It was not to be. Len hit the chair sighing. "You all right, Len?" "Yeah fine. Another bombed date." "Grand. What happened." "Oh the guy was friendly enough. Only moderately built. Kind of like a runner. Slightly tall at about 6' 4", but then I found out his father was an elephant!" "Yeah, right." "I'm serious. The dude was hung. I got to see it. That's the problem. He shows up to the date wearing board shorts over under-armor shorts, and then just sits in the chair like he's straddling a saddle. Of course the board shorts have pulled up a little bit, revealing the outline of his cock going down his inner left leg. He then looks at me and smiles, asking me if I'm into it. Then says he knows I'm into it. I'm in awe. I can't help myself but drool over it. Asks me if I want to see it in action already, and when I say 'no', he takes that as a challenge to let me know how big it is, by becoming erect right there. Then goes off about being a true man, a real man, how he's gonna be the dominant in the relationship and how is virility is all, and I'd just have to get used to it. I'd say 'What a dick!', but I don't want to give him the satisfaction of the pun." "I'll say it for you then. What a prick! So the whole way he viewed relationships was via his cock size?" "Yep. I mean he's got it. If he wants to get into porn, he'll be one of the biggest. He's like eleven and a half inches when erect, but I think it just takes too much blood from his brain and makes him stupid. Why can't he be nice about it? Casual? Like you and your art. You're one of the best local artists out here, but you just are... You'll present your work if asked, but you don't show off all your ribbons, and brag, and boast, to purposefully out do other artists. Why couldn't he be more like you; be humble? Be a humble, hung man." The two men talked and drank as per usual and then retired for the evening. Later that night amid the night time noise of the insects and owls of the forest along with some frogs and toads in the distance there seemed to rise above this soft but haunting melody. The sound was slightly muffled and yet at the same time echoed. A mist rose off the ground, but even more thickly from the well and ebbed and flowed towards Chad's back door. Pouring itself into the apartment through his open bedroom window, it cascaded down the sill, across the floor and then climbed up the bed, under the top sheets. Forming hands underneath the sheet, the mist pulled down Chad's brief style underwear and began stroking and pulling on his shaft while caressing his balls. "Ooooo.... yesssssss" Chad moaned in his sleep. Over and over again the mist stroked Chad's miniature beef log, it rising to its full four and three-fourths inches of erection. He moaned and groaned, squirmed and bucked in pleasure. In his mind, Chad was having a most excellent dream of a man who stood around a foot taller than him, with mane like, burnt umber colored hair with golden flecks, which Chad had his hand run thoroughly through, as he helped the man's head bob up and down on his package. On and on the stroking and the dream went until it built up such strength, such intensity, that the pre-shock of orgasm woke Chad from his sleep and he sat up in bed screaming out "Oh fuck!" in long vocal utterance. Several volleys, perhaps a dozen or more we shot across Chad's bed, before the orgasm was to subside, but even then, the last one still built up in strength just as large, if not larger, than the beginning of the orgasm. But if Chad had secretly hoped that this would be the short end of it, he was wrong, for it didn't feel as though he blew the last shot of his ejecting ejaculate, but instead as though it was a rope being painstakingly, slowly, pulled through his cock As it was being done so, he would gasp and shudder and suddenly his cock throbbed and oozed.... it swelled and grew....it engorged and thickened, while his balls began to swell and become more snug in his scrotum, heavier, and the sensation of something churning inside them more and more prominent. This act and sensations happened not just once, but five times that night. In the morning, or near afternoon, Chad woke up in extreme exhaustion. How could a good night's sleep leaving him so knackered? It didn't help matters any as he tried to push himself off the mattress, having flipped over face down sometime in the night, and he had to hear and feel the act of pulling himself away from the top sheet as he was glued to it by the copious amount of cum he had spewed during the evening. Wondering what made him so horny, what gave him the ability to blow such a huge as load, after load, after load, Chad groggily walked to the bathroom to take a shower and wake up. But on his way he felt something striking his legs, around the lower part of his thigh. He also felt as though something was racking him in the balls with every step he took. Looking down to discover what was cause the sensations, he backed out of the bathroom in fear until he hit the edge of his bed and fell backwards upon it. His hands reached out for his groin and he felt his sausage and eggs. They were huge. They were sensitive. They were tender. The prick was long, thick, veiny, and yet it was soft. SOFT! Clamoring for his left nightstand, he opened the drawer and pulled out a measuring tape. Laying it on top of the base of his cock, Chad began to pull it out as he pulled out his prick. 1....2......3......4.......5.......6.......7.......8......9....and one-fourth....one-half. Nine and one half inches long and it was flaccid. This couldn't be real. This couldn't have happened. There had to be a way to prove to himself that this wasn't a dream. Reaching again for his nightstand, he pulled out one of his small sized condoms and headed back into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, he stepped in and got wet. He soaped up his groin and himself, then he slipped the condom on and it didn't fit like it normally did. It only came partially down his soft shaft. In disbelief he backed up again, like he could walk, turn, and then run away from his own appendage. But he forgot he was holding his cock up to look at it and when he backed up the shower head, set on power massage setting, sent a pulsating stream right towards his prick's piss slit. "Ooooohhhh..." The spray sent a tickling feeling that ran from piss slit up to Chad's lower lip. He tried to back away further, forgetting he was in the shower stall. The spray kept hitting him and he felt his schlong begin to inflate, long and thicker, harder and veinier. "Ooooh gaaaawd..." thought Chad. "I'm not just a shower... I'm a grower!" Chad looked down at his package as it grew and grew causing every ripple in the condom to become stretched so thin and so taut that it was becoming damn near invisible on Chad's massive member. Pre was leaking out of his humongous helmet now, the head stretching the mini-condom to its limits. It didn't take long for the lengthening and hardening rod of steel to grow until there was a sudden release of pressure as the condom split open from head to base, the ring of the opening being all that was left to show that the condom was originally a tube instead of a sheet of rubber or latex. Chad still had the tape measure in his hand and shakily run along the massive monster of meat sticking out from his groin and over flowing his own hands. ... ... ... .... fourteen inches long. A quick wrap around of the tape revealed the dominant dong to be nine inches around at its thickest point. The realization of the size of his wonder worm and nuts, the jetting spray from the shower onto his cock and balls, the rubbing of his own, soaped up legs against both his cock and balls soon caused him to shudder and explode once more, sending a tsunami of cum against the stall door and causing him to sink to the stall floor. ***************************************************************************** Six days went by before Len "saw" Chad again. Chad didn't come out Sunday as he was attempting to learn how to walk with underwear on. He still loved his briefs. He loved them even more now actually, or even a thong style. His ample package all balled together in the pouch made it feel much heavier, while the weight and size caused the waist band to be pulled down a bit exposing Chad's boa base which made things feel even bigger. His fantasy thoughts of walking around a pool in a micro brief or thong swimsuit turned him on so much that his cock would become erect and threaten to tear out his underwear. Of course the turn on and feeling of it hanging lead like yet free made him wish he lived and did business in a nudist colony so he could just walk around au natural. However, his bits and pieces all packaged together did in fact create quite the package. Large enough its profile was obscene. He certainly couldn't wear his briefs and such to work or in public. Chad had to learn to wear compression shorts and snake his amorous anaconda down the inner thigh of one leg or the other. This also meant that now, the Friday after, he couldn't meet Len like he normally did outside, as he normally lied out in a brief, or micro-brief, swimsuit or underwear, and boxers could still easily expose his blessing, while the compression shorts only helped to highlight it. There was a tap at Chad's bedroom window late Friday evening as Len called out to see if Chad was home. It was open, so Chad quickly lied down in bed and slightly called back out. "Dude, are you all right?" "Yeah, I'm fine, Len. I took some extra hours all this week and I think it wore me down and I caught something." "Geeze, man. That sucks. I'll let you alone then to rest." "Naw... it's ok. Just make my window the well tonight." Len walked over to the well to get his chair and cooler while Chad quickly opened up the screen on his window. Len then placed his chair against the wall under the window with his cooler along side of it. "You think your safe to drink, bro?" "Yeah.... maybe.... probably just not too many." "Cool." and Len popped a top on a beer and set it in the window sill. "There ya go." "Thanks.... .... So, you have another date tonight?" "Yeah and it was abysmal. Cute guy. God.... he was so fuckin' thick! Check this out. He's only 5' 3" tall but he is beyond jacked. Had so much mass packed on his frame. He was two-hundred and fifteen pounds, hits around two-forty in the off season. Can you believe that? He's not into competing though, but he could probably win quite a bit if he did. He's got these bowling balls for arm and short tree trunks for legs. Seriously, his arms were like twenty-three inches around - cold! His quads are like thirty-two inches around. A sixty inch chest. Just a compact lil' beast. He's all about the bodybuilding life style, likes to help people train, but there's the problem." "He like to train people and that's a problem?" "Yeah he's got 'Short Man's Chip Syndrome', ya know...." "Awwww no." "Yeah... likes to train those who aren't yet Mr. Olympia worthy so he can prove he's stronger than them. Kept wanting me to life or arm wrestle cause he wanted to prove the man who was almost a foot and half taller than him was weaker than him. He wants to prove himself all the time. He wants to humiliate as many people as he can to show he's the big man. It just another flop test of humanity, Chad. I tell ya. If you suddenly blew up with muscles would you have to be all cocky and arogant?" Chad chuckled a little. "Well... .... .... I might volunteer to point out directions.... frequently." The pair laughed and opened another beer. "You're right though, Len. I might playfully show off and accept some challenges for arm wrestling, but I wouldn't go out of my way to specifically, purposefully, set up situations to show off, or prove myself to taller men like you. I'd.... just try to be." "Exactly. Why can't these shorter bodybuilders be like you? Just happy, proud, and polite, just taking life as it is?" A couple hours and several more discussion topics and beers later, Len got up, said good night, and went back to his apartment. Chad rolled over and went to sleep. ************************************************************************** It was the middle of the night. Chad woke up and felt... ... ... something. He didn't feel like he was being watched, he didn't feel sick, he didn't feel too cold or too warm, he just felt an unknown something. A mist had formed and it had rolled in, filling his apartment. It was as bad as if he were standing outside on some English moor. He could barely see just an arm's length away. Throwing back his bed sheet, he stood up and reveled in the feeling of the swing and pull of his dong as he got up. To save extreme pain from morning wood, Chad had begun sleeping in the nude; besides, he love the feeling of his trouser snake wrapping 'round his legs and his bulging balls hanging free. Making his way to the living room, he opened the windows there and felt a cool early-still-evening-morning breeze waft through and stroke his nipples to perfection. As they became hard, Chad closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, but then something felt off. He couldn't put his finger on it at first. It took a couple of times after a couple of deep breaths before he realized it. He felt, heavier...harder...firmer... Yet he couldn't stop himself. The deep breathing felt so good. He knew he had to continue, and even if he didn't wish to, he would still keep breathing in. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" he inhaled. He could feel himself becoming tauter, tighter, fuller, thicker. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" He felt his abs crunch a bit. His hands could feel some new ridges across his stomach. His ankles and wrists looked thicker and harder. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" He was rocking on the balls of his feet and every time he landed back on his heels he could hear the thud sound becoming louder, harder. The string from calves to heels stretched thicker and tighter, as well as his hamstring. He felt his ass pull in tighter and firmer. His reflection in the window showed lines moving out from his abs going across his sides. Some definition and c shaped shadows began to appear under his chest. His shoulders snapped back and straighter. His neck spread thicker. His deltoids rounded. That blood vessel line shot across and stayed on his bicep which took on a more oval shape. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" His abs really crunched in while obliques began to make way for the newest set of wings that were Chad's lats. His back broadened and thickened. His chest pushed forward and hung a little heavier, forming two nice little crescents. His shoulders, traps, began to rise beside his fuller neck. Veins began to run over his thighs as they began to cry with one, two tear drop shapes, and the back of his thigh began to bulge and round out like an upper arm, while the cable of his ham strings pulled tighter, harder, and thicker, and his calves grew out into some diamond shapes. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Again his calves inflated and defined into some serious sharp pointed diamond, that were morphing into something else. His quads cried out again - one, two, three tear drop shaped hanging full waiting to drop. His butt bubbled out harder, rounder, while his abs became thick cobblestone brick, and his obliques became more firmly carved out. His lats spread out wider, beginning to push his arms up and away, and those arms were inflating rapidly, the hill of the triceps bulging out from behind, while the biceps grew somewhat rectangular, but began to rise into softball sized peaks when flexed. His forearms were becoming all chorded and veiny and taking on the shape of chicken drumsticks. His neck was becoming a plinth that was pushing apart and away the two hills of his shoulders as his delts grew fuller, rounder, like concrete balls used in garden features. But they were hard to notice as his pecs inflated more barrel like, hanging thicker, broader, and heavier. His nipples beginning their migration from sticking straight out to pointing down. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Chad adjusted his feet and wiggled his hands. They had grown just a tad longer and thicker. First his toes, then his feet, followed by his heel, and then they all grew wider and harder. His hands swelled up larger. His fingers got longer and incredibly thicker like some sausages. The hands and feet were taking on the appearance of a man who had been lifting. Lifting for years and with incredible weight. But he also had adjusted his stance as this thighs again became more swollen. The increasing size and shape along with the tendon cables and blood vessels rising to the top was making his calves look like a pair of hearts. Four tear drops hanging now around the front, while his thigh bicep is rounding without him flexing his leg. His ass is becoming two firm round loaves swelling and rising further out. His abs were becoming like cinder blocks. His lats were making it so his arms would never touch his obliques and sides again. Spreading out wider and wider like bat wings. His chest was just rolling out from his chest becoming so thick, so round, as his nipples traveled further to the underside of them. His traps growing larger threatening to pinch off the now column sized neck. His delts becoming the size of medicine balls. His biceps rising to great mountainous peaks, split, double peaks, as his triceps grew into a grotesquely over inflated horseshoe shap, and his fore arms became turkey legs. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Again he had to widen his stance. His calves becoming thick enough, they might still touch with feet shoulder width apart. His thighs grew even thicker, pushing his massive balls and mammoth cock out front even more, and with the now rolling motion of his legs as they moved and he walked, sent no small amount of racking pain through his body. His butt swelled like two hot air balloons but were exceptionally firm and hard. His abs were like castle blocks. His lats grew into pterodactyl wings. His chest continued to roll out, thicker, wider, fuller, going from barrels to oil drums. His nips growing large and pointing nearly straight down now. His traps forming two mountain ranges, while his neck was a giant redwood in between them. His delts were now concrete balls the size they used to block streets. The upper arms inflated even larger possibly becoming thicker, rounder than Chad's own head. His forearms growing to drumsticks the size of an ostrich. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... .... .... beast...." Chad swelled ever larger, the blood vessels rising to just underneath the skin everywhere, full, hard, and engorged with blood. His arms were nearly sticking straight out to the sides. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... ... ... Beast!..." His muscles grew denser, stronger, harder, items made of glass, wood, would break when they struck him. "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... ... ... BEAST!..." Lines of striation came in crisp and clear under the pulsating veins and in between the deeply chiseled crevices of each and every muscle separation. His stance widened even further. "HMMMMMMMMMMMMM BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAST!" One last time he swelled with muscular power and with it as he threw his head and shoulders back, clinched his fists, held his arms open wide, sunk half way into a squatting stance, and flexed his muscles, he screamed aloud the word beast, and suddenly his onyx colored hair, travelled down across his checks, chin and upper lip forming a three day scruff beard, continued down his neck in similar style and then hit his chest where it spread out long, curly, feathery, going straight down the front of his torso, while starting mid upper arm and mid ass, spreading down the arms and legs each, stopping about a fourth of the way onto the hands and feet, all while the torso trail struck his crotch and produced a might bush which nearly obscured his balls, and made his prevailing prick look like it grew out of nowhere. Chad stood there in the mist and the moonlight, breathing, panting heavily in his living room. His right hand reached out and felt his right pectoral muscle. It filled his hand and then some. Yet even his own hand could hardly make a dent in it as he gave it a squeeze. He moaned greatly as his lightly pinched and then rubbed one of his decently sized nipples. Then he began to bounce them, individually at first, then both at the same time, and he laughed... and laughed. Deep, supported, rich belly laughs. Spreading his arms out again in a front biceps pose but with the forearms extended, he saw his reflection in the window. What was his gigantic globes of pectorals now looked like to thick cut slabs of trapezoids. His lats looks as though he could jump from a plane and glide down to safety, his body having a built in paragliding suit. His cock slowly but firmly became erect as he stood there looking down and feeling up all over himself. He turned and began a new waddle-walk as he rolled his legs out and forward to get anywhere. Hitting the doorway of his bathroom, his cock entered about 15 seconds before the front of his chest and thighs did, which entered about 15 seconds before... ... ... Well the rest of him, did not enter. His back, shoulders, and lats were too wide and they pushed his arms out it impeded Chad from walking forward through a door. He turned sideways to get through the door, and still had to suck in and concave his chest slightly into to make it through. Although it did cause his penis to become pushed back and then slap against his body like one of those spring door stops when flicked. Once there he did the best he could to measure himself with the measuring tape he had left in the bathroom the day his cock became colossal: Chest 64 inches, Upper Arms 24 inches, Waist 31.5 inches, Thighs 33.25 inches, Calves 23 inches. In shock and slight disbelief, he turned and stepped upon his bathroom scale and watched in wide-eyed awe. It hit his usual weight of 148lbs and kept going to 50... 60... 70... 80... 90... 200 pounds.... 210.... 220... 230... 235... 240... 245... 246... 247... 248... 249.... 250. Two-hundred fifty pounds of solid, densely packed beef onto a 5' 7" tall man. Staring at himself in the mirror, he let out a small yelp. Who was this mighty-mite standing before him? This short supreme stud? This bodybuilder so swollen with muscle he nearly couldn't move, with monster meat between his legs, which although during the fear and shock had gone flaccid, was now returning to full erection that still looked disproportionate sticking out beyond all the hairy, mammoth muscle. Running his hands through his chest hair, Chad leaned back hard and had to jump forward when he heard the sink pedestal crack. The thought of what he just did, just by leaning, made him become even harder and his balls churn more, screaming for release. Gingerly squeezing his way in through the shower stall door, he leaned back against the opposite corner, allowing the water to cascade down his body over every rising mound and deepening crevice, while he tried his best to force his arms in close enough so he might properly grab super schlong and began to beat it off furiously, until spasmed and shook, convulsing in pleasure, and blowing rope after thick, and long, rope of cum across the shower stall. **************************************************************************** Chad felt like he was in a dream the next morning, but in the semi in between state of consciousness and being asleep, his brain kept registering how big he now was because every time he rolled over the bed groaned in ways it never had before due to his heavier weight. The breeze flowed over him differently now. Instead of feeling a straight breeze whipping over a lithe body, where exposed, the wind now rolled and swirled over mounds and into crevices, undulating like a car on a great hilly roller-coaster. Throwing over the covers, he sat up and looked down. Gasping in shock, he realized he couldn't see anything past his chest it was so mounding and full, barreling nearly up to his chin and jutting far out from his torso. Even raising his shins and feet up, it was still difficult to see his feet. He stood up and hand to throw his hand and arm out to steady himself on the night stand, his balance being thrown off by the monstrous size of his thighs fighting for space. But the arm sticking out from his body was so thick, massive, and veiny. Chad was certain his upper arm, maybe just his bicep was bigger round than his head. Waddling his way to the bathroom, he remembered what he saw in the mirror the night before. How horny it made him to see what he had become. What had he become? Was this permanent? How did it happen, and so fast? And then the realization hit him. What was he going to do about his job? Sure he was an independent artist, but he worked some jobs for companies. He couldn't simply leave on Friday this paper thin man and then show up on Monday looking like the Hulk's mini-me. What was he going to do? Eventually Chad shifted schedules, called the businesses he had contracts with and told them due to health reasons he would no longer be accepting contracts from them but would finish up and send on the last projects, and told the workers of his gallery he was taking an emergency vacation due to family crisis. He then promptly threw on his largest clothes that snapped and ripped everywhere just from his breathing let alone movement, and promptly drove to the bank and took out some money, then drove to Mallmart and bought the three or so pairs of the largest sweat suit shirt and pants they had, changed into them and then went back to his apartment, where he stripped back down, and walked around nude, trying to figure out what he was going to do. **************************************************************************** Another week had gone by before Len "saw" Chad again. Late Saturday evening, after the clothes buying and the pondering over what he was going to do, Chad parked his car in an area near his apartment he knew it would be hidden from view, and never walked in front of his windows, nor answered his door when Len knocked. That next Friday evening however, Len had caught the shadow of Chad's head passing by the window, which Chad had open as he was becoming quite accustom and addicted to feeling a breeze caress his nude Herculean physique. As he heard Len's voice, he dove into the bathroom for cover, but he knew Len had seen him, partially, and he would have to answer. "Hey, Chad..." "Hey, Len." Chad said, peeking just his head from around the bathroom door. "How are doin'? I've need see you out for two weeks now and your car has been gone all this week." "I'm doin' fine. Better. Still have a touch of that crap that was going around. It uh kept me down all last week and this week I've had to uhmm... go meet clients and catch up on work loads." "Feel like hangin' out? I could use a friendly bartender tonight." "Well, I'm still kind of cruddy, but I can talk via the widow again." "Coo." Like the week before, Len pulled his chair and cooler up and under Chad's window and placed a beer on the window sill. "So, what's up. You sound a little disappointed again. Poor date?" "Two poor dates." "Two?" "Yeah had one meeting, scheduled in the late afternoon, he had to leave by seven p. m., so I arranged another date with another guy around seven-thirty." "And both turned out to be bombs?" "Yeah... one was a dominating prick and the other was just a complainer, both about their height." "Find a couple of guys taller than you?" "Yeah... The first guy was 7' 2" tall, slight basketball player build. He proclaimed me to be small. Small? I was thinking, 'Really, dude? Sure you're six inches taller than me, but we weigh about the same and mine is all muscle.' But if I had spoken that out loud he wouldn't have cared. It was all about the height and he was just afraid... no, he knew I would be broken by him because I was so small. I had tiny feet and tiny hands, I was just as small to him as...." "As someone my height?" "Yeah. Except he said I looked like a pre-teen and average guys looked like toddlers." Chad felt his chest puff up as he took in a long, slow breath and proclaim, "Fuckin' jerk." "Wait, it gets better. So the second guy was 6' 11" with a slight build upon him, but all he did was complain... ... ... about his height. Nothing was made for folks his size. He was always breaking chairs, didn't fit in cars, had to buy his clothes specialty made and five times the expense - especially his shoes, had scars on his head from running into doorways, ceiling beams, hanging pots and signs, couldn't go to social outings where he had to rent things like skis, roller blades, bowling shoes, and then because of all the ducking and stooping he was always experiencing back pain, joint pain, foot pain to accompany all his headaches. "I tried to join in sayin' I understood and agreed with some of those things, having experienced them myself, but that I found out that doing weight training and muscle building had helped to prevent some of those injuries to back and joints. The last part of my statement he turned his nose up at and looked at me in the eye and said, 'Yeah you like you're working your way up to being a cow.' "I looked at him like he was a dork and said, 'A cow?... ... ... How do you figure? I'm not fat.' to which he says, 'My buddies and I call all guys like you who look like those extreme built physical trainers a cow.' and then I asked him, 'What do you call bodybuilders?' and his response? ... ... ...'Bloated bulls with miniscule dicks.'" Chad gasped. "He didn't. What a bastard." "I know, right? Okay, bodybuilding may not be your thing, but that doesn't mean you have to be rude and call those who embrace the lifestyle names or make fun of them, just don't buy tickets for the Olympia Expo. At any rate I realized he'd never support me in my working out and trying to get bigger. I might not make it to the Olympia ever, or even local regional contest, but I can at least get pretty hefty, and I'd like to have whomever I'm with either join me in training or at least support me. "And I know and understand the problems of being tall and all, but why sit and complain so long and constant about it? Go to the Big and Tall stores. Buy a truck you can fit into. Go have some bowling shoes or skis custom made. You just have to live with it until society catches up to the big or tall man's needs. It's not like you can just crop off a foot of height from your body or that there's a real shrink ray to make you smaller." "No doubt. You just have to go and work with what the universe, your DNA gave you." "Yeah, you understand. You're short, but you're not that short. And even though you are slightly short you don't complain about it. You just do the best you can, break out a stool or ask a taller guy for assistance. ... and... ...and you encourage.... you know.... me... and other guys who like to get big... and buff and huge. Other guys who want to become massive, even though you yourself are slim with a hyper metabolism." "Yeaaaah, but you know I like big guys, so of course I'd support them." "Yeah, but I've seen you in art classes teaching and volunteer groups assisting, and you always seem supportive, even if the person really isn't ever going to achieve what they're setting out to do. You're supportive and encouraging. Now, if I could just find a tall and built man...giant for me.... who's supportive and encouraging like you, and not a superior, arrogant ass, or a 'william whiner', or smug asshat who looks down on others choices and dreams." There was a calm quietness between them. The kind that one only experiences with very good friends and family. Then the conversation lightened up and laughter began to echo as the beers flowed a little more and the conversation became more relaxed, fun, silly, and then down right goofy. Len eventually left his friend and fumbled his way back to his apartment, after wishing Chad would get better soon. *************************************************************************** Once again it was the wee hours of the morning. Chad was sleeping totally nude and uncovered, feeling that evening breeze once again flow over and around his massively bulked up body. The wind running itself through his thick, body hair and making it sway like grass on the prairie. Waking up, Chad smacked his lips. He was suddenly feeling....peckish....a slight hunger gnawed at him. But that feeling grew into being fully hungry. Starving. Ravishing. He ran as best he could into the kitchen, threw wide open the fridge door and realized he wanted... ... ... milk. Grabbing the gallon jug out of the fridge, Chad popped the top on it and began to chug it. Gulp after gulp Chad practically inhaled the milk, except some parts of it that leaked out past the corners of his lips, ran down his chin, splattered onto his chest and then dropped and swirled from his chest and over to his abs, rushing like a babbling brook over those cobblestones and into his thick, dense groin bush. Chugging....chugging....chugging....GONE! Chad let out a loud, "Aaaaaaah!", and then crushed the empty gallon jug with his hands. Pacing up and down the kitchen area, Chad was waiting for something, although he didn't know what. He was becoming more and more restless, he needed to do something. Then and idea struck him - he'd put on the sweat pants and go to a 24 hour gym and do a work out. And so, he got dressed in his sweats put on his size 13 shoes, then walked back to the kitchen to grab some snacks to take with him. Then a pain hit him and hit him hard. It felt like someone inserting a needle into his hands, both palm and each individual finger. Then it was happening in his toes and feet. Chad staggered a little at just this small amount of pain and raised his hands to look at them. The swelled up, but weren't looking disproportionate as though they had been bruised or crushed. They were just getting bigger and longer, keeping the same massive thickness they had before, but just on a larger hand. Chad stood in awe watching as the finger got longer and longer, the palm got longer and wider. He tried to close his eyes and breathe deeply to concentrate and focus the pain away, but then with each stab of pain in his feet, he could hear small tearing sounds. rip... .... ri-i-ip.... ....riiiip.... .... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Suddenly the sides his feet could feet the cool air once again. It didn't take too long before his toes broke through the front. As he watched his hands continuing to get larger he kicked his feet to get rid of his now fully ripped and torn shoes so he might stand barefoot. Shuffling his growing feet across the floor, he stopped when he could feel one of his heels but up against a grout line in the floor tiles. He left them there, feeling that his toes were beyond the other side of the tile and moving, growing, further and further away. Then there was a pull and tickling to his stomach, and the needle like pain course throughout his body, primarily in his back, arm, and leg bones. A few gasps and pulls and he felt like he couldn't breathe. Turning around, trying to figure out what he should do, if he should call for emergency help, the sensation kept hitting him and it became tighter across his chest and harder to breathe. That's when he saw his reflection in the oven, glass door. He realized he was slightly taller than the fridge now and his clothes were pulling exceptionally tighter across his muscles. And few more sharp intakes of breathe and he was nearly half a foot taller than the fridge with his clothes not hiding the shape and size of his musculature at all. The next few breathes Chad totally forgot about the needle like pain as now his ears were filled with the sound of clothes ripping left and right. "huh" A tear formed under his right underarm. "huh" His left thigh started a tear in front. "huh" His right forearm snapped the wrist band. "huh" His back began to rip open. "Huh" His butt ripped the back open down the center. "Huh" His left thigh tear tore all the way up and down, while his right calve popped it's lower leg of the sweat pants. "Huh" His inflating chest snapped the front open. "HUH" His right bicep broke open the sleeve. "HUH" His ample ass tore the whole back end of the pants, while both thighs split open the legs down the back side. "HUH" His two calves caused the bottom of the pants legs to explode open and their hems bust. "HUH!" His chest tore open the front and snapped the collar band. "HUH!" His traps tore the sides of the shirt into strips. "HUH!" His back ripped all the way down the center. "HUH!" His waist band snapped, revealing his under armor compression shorts that had runs developing in it like cheap panty hose, soon to let his growing anaconda free. All this while his clothes were not just getting tighter and tighter on him, but smaller and smaller. If they could fit him muscle wise, they still would fit him like mid drifts and Capri pants. Mid drifts than only came down to the bottom of his chest, and Capri's that looked like knee length shorts. Watching his reflection in the oven door, he watched as he continued to get taller and taller than the fridge. He was panicking see the lights and ceiling fan getting closer and closer. He stepped over to avoid the fan and watched as his waist left the height of the kitchen counter and rose above it. His groin and ass rose slightly above it. Half way above it. Completely above it. Until there he was nude, hulking, hung, hairy, and the counter only came about midway up his thigh. Chad put his hands up as if to stop his growth, worried that the small apartment with its seven and a half foot tall ceiling was going to become way too small for him. But when all was said and done, he discovered he could stand up straight, but feel the ceiling brushing the hair on his head. Turning to move, Chad knocked off a large tea kettle from a hanging kitchen rack. Catching it easily, he nearly crushed in shock when he realize he could palm the think like it was a soft ball. Stroll-sway-strutting back to the bathroom, Chad grabbed the remote on his bathroom scale and turned the audio voice on. He stood there trying to keep his balance, which was extremely difficult as his feet together we both longer and wider than the bathroom scale. Not to mention that the few inches thick the scale was caused Chad to dent a small hole into the ceiling. Chad would've seen his eyes open wide in awe, or horror, as he heard the scale call out the weight, but he had grown so tall, both his head and his shoulders disappeared above the mirror and its reflection. "250....300...350...400....500....520....540.....550....560....562....563...564....565....566...566....566..." Five hundred, sixty-six pounds... ... ... and with his hair brushing the ceiling, but his head not touching it, he knew he was somewhere between 7' 3" tall and 7' 5" tall. "Good gawd..." Chad thought. "Is there a car...a bus or a plane I will fit into?" Taking a selfie stick he received for Christmas and taping a marker onto it, he laid the measuring tape out onto the floor to measure his foot realizing they were now fifteen and one-third inches long. A quick look upon the computer, after many key strikes and deletions due to his extremely large fingers, he discovered he wore a size 24 shoe. "If clothes didn't fit and were expensive before...." Chad thought worriedly to himself, and then... "Oh shit! My cock still feels the same to me... the same proportions...that means...." and after forcing himself to become erect and with another measure and marking...."Holy.... 18.25 inches.....I'm gonna rip men apart." Chad eventually came out of the shock and decided to measure everything else as best as he could. Eventually he realized his chest was somewhere around 84", his upper arms were 31.5", waist 41.25", thighs were 43.75", and calves were 30.25" Where in the hell was he going to find clothes? Collapsing into a chair, which Chad was certain the legs bent under the strain of his weight, he caught his reflection in the bedroom mirror on the other side of the room. His lats and back greatly overflowed the arms and back of the chair, being exceptionally wider than it. His arms pushed up so high and out from those lats and the size of the arms themselves, plus the length of his torso, had almost no hope of being able to rest upon the arms of the chair. His thighs and buttocks were pushing and bending the arms of the chair out, threatening to break them. His head and shoulders sat so much higher than the back of the seat, and his legs stretched out and out so far from the chair, with his knees both out quite farther and up higher than the seat of the chair, that a person could almost crawl between the space of Chad's calves, thighs, and the front of the chair. It didn't take long before Chad had to swing a leg over one of the chair arms, during which his foot never had to leave the floor, due to the fact that staring at himself in the mirror he was quickly becoming aroused and his super schlong was rapidly becoming fully engorged and rigid. The realization that this giant, hung, hairy bodybuilder simply sitting in this chair and dwarfing it, crushing it, was him gave him fantasy thoughts, which he understood might now be able to come true. Again, one hand went to caressing his abs, chest, and nips, feeling how thick and solid, heavy and mounding they were, all the while combing through this expanse of hair. The other hand went straight to his sizeable shaft, even slightly too large for his own hands. He began making slow, pulling strokes on his cock two fingers rubbing its slit, stroking down to the bass and then rubbing his bulbous balls. Slowly...oh so slowly.... to feel each stimulating pull. To increase the length of each sensation as is travelled down his rod and spread out through his body. Faster... and faster.... more and more..... his hand feverishly fwapping his preponderous pole. The pleasurable friction building up pressure in his titanic testicles causing them to swirl and churn on the inside, until they began to swell. A few more strokes and the feeling was pulsing from his superior sack across his abs and around his ass to his hole. He slowed down once again, trying to take two, three minutes for the last few drags down his dong, and then suddenly..... "AUH! AH! HOO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!" If Chad could've kept his eyes open, he would've seen his prick spray out like some huge canon sized can of silly string with strands that shot out both all the way across and as long as his bedroom. But, Chad couldn't see it. His head had snapped back, his eyes closed and rolled back, he bit his lower lip until it bled, as strand after strand, rope after rope streamed out from his balls, through his pecker, and across the room. He actually passed out in pleasure, falling asleep in the chair. **************************************************************************** Chad kept himself hidden once again for the next couple of weeks. He was ordering tailored clothes from companies on-line, many whom didn't believe his measurements, until he had a cam to cam meeting with them and showed them how tall the apartment rooms were and where he came up to them. There were a number of these company's representatives that personally called him back and paid him for a small show. He was also making money still with his art pieces, but also appearing on a cam as a model for life drawing classes. Students and teachers gasped and wondered about his size, although for the posing he removed anything from the room that could create a reference for his size. Most of them figured he was 5' 9" at the tallest given the size and shape of his muscles. Thus, two weeks later, Len was ecstatic when he came home, from another piss poor date and seen his lounger returned to his side of the well and then a fully stocked cooler to its left. He sat down and stretched himself past the end of his chair like his body usually did, picked out a beer from the cooler, popped it open, and began to talk. "Chad, hey buddy. How are you?" "Doing well, Len. Very well." "Excellent. Are you over that bug, completely. You still kind of sound very hoarse. Your voice sounds really deep." "Yeah I'm okay. It just kind of...uhm.... affected my vocal chords. This is my new voice." "Wow....kind of givin' me the chills, bro. You sound fuckin' hot. Guys are gonna want to date you just to hear your voice." "That is a possibility. You have a good date tonight?" "Naw... Still same problem: if they're built, hung, or tall, they've all got a chip on their shoulder. If they're nice, they're fairly small, weak, or they don't want to support someone with a lifting lifestyle." "Well.... keep looking you may find someone." "Yeah....in my dreams." Chad reached over to grab another beer and noticed a pair of sandals just slightly in front of the cooler. Ones that were huge... and he was pretty sure was bigger than his. He kicked off his shoes, but took one and placed it beside one of the sandals. "Holy shit, dude! Do you know about these sandals? They're huge fuckers, larger than my shoes, but quite a bit." "About six sizes." "Six si......you mean a size 24?" "Yes." "Gawd... the size of the dawgs on that dude..." "Fifteen and one-third inch long feet." "FIFTEE.... waaaaait a minute. What are these shoes doing here? How do you know the size of the owner's feet? Out with it, you lucky bastard. You found a giant man. Your wish came true!" "No.... not quite. I found a giant man, but my wish didn't come true." "What? You found someone, but they walked out...and left... left their shoes behind?" "No. They didn't leave their shoes behind." "Someone had to leave these behind." "Nope. I just put them there." "What do you mean you just put them there? Did you save up and buy a pair just for fantasy play time, you perve?" Len laughed. "Nope... .... .... I need them." "What do you mean, you need them?" "Exactly that. I need them." "Dude, this is like your fetish controlling you now. You need some help." "No, it's not for my fetish. It's for me. Just me. Just my feet." "Just for you... just for your feet? But why?" "Because, I.... NEED....THEM." Len swiveled in his lounger and sat up, peering slightly around the well and then gasped. There on the lounger on the other side of the well was a body that extended nearly a foot beyond the end of the lounger and with some of the largest feet he had ever seen in his life. "What da fuck?" Said Len as he stood up and walked the short distance around the well. There was the complete body for him to view. Nearly a foot longer than the lounger, arms, delts, lats, and back wider than the lounger and nearly hanging off of it. He looked at the body's face, it was still that of Chad's, but he was a bit more handsome, more rugged, a two to three day old scruff, medium length jet black hair, muscles on top muscles that had muscles, bulging, mounding, looking nearly like some great balloon sculpture, except it was cover in a sexy feather of hair, great streams of blood vessels, lines and scores of striations and muscular definition, and deep crevices. And all of it was this new sun kissed tan from being out most of the day, apparently. There in the middle was this velvet like pouch that clung to something that was thick and long looking. "Chad?" "Yes, Len. It's me." "But how... so... long.... so....big....so .... built....and... what... what... WHAT IS THAT?!" "If you want to know," said Chad pointing to his nipples and chest, "Press the buttons and trace the maze." Len staggered forward and fell to his knees. Letting out gasps of awe at the bunching, mounding, twitching, popping, and flexing mountainous mass of muscle in front of him, he stuck both hands out onto Chad's pecs and cupped them. "Even...for...my hands.... so.... huge...." "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Len quickly began to cup and squeeze Chad's pecs. He started running his fingers through Chad's chest hair. He initiated Chad's crotch inflation by rubbing, pinching, and twisting Chad's nipples. "Ooooooooooooooooooooh" Len turned his head to look down to Chad's crotch area as he continued his great fondling exploration of Chad's chest. He shuddered and quaked as he watched in wide-eyed wonder while the bulge in the pouch began to swell and grow. First the ball became larger, then it became more of a u shaped tube, inflating like a great fire hose with water. Then it attempted to continue but the bag was becoming too tight. The strings for the tie weren't releasing and the whole package was shaking. Eventually there was rips being heard and Len stopped his fondling and he watched the great protruding penis began to stretch the pouch, ripping free of its confinement and now achieve it's great straight, long, length and tremendous thickness. Eventually the pouch ripped all the way around, slipped off Chad's anaconda and fell off to the ground. "Oh my gaw..... that's a fuckin' branch! An I-beam. That would... would..." "Do horrible, but wondrous things to your ass." "What?" Chad took Len's hands off his body, turned every so gingerly in the lounger as it groaned, creaked, and sank into ground, and then stood up and up and up. "Oh.... my...." There before Len was his best friend. The man who just a month or so ago, was thin, pasty, and only stood just a fraction above his shoulders. Now there was this muscled behemoth who he only came up to the mouth on. A man when he looked straight out all he could see was a huge, thick neck, mountainous traps, devastating delts, granite slabs of pectorals, and arms that look like they could rip out and crush tree trunks. It completely filled his vision stand close to him. Looking down didn't help either as he saw thighs he swore were thicker round than his waist, calves bigger than his upper arms, and that colossal cock bouncing straight out in the air. Taking his hand and placing it under Len's chin, Chad directed Len's gaze up to his eyes. "I have... .... .... always been in love with you. From the first moment we met retreating from the apartment party. I never expressed my desire for you, once I found out you wanted someone built as big, or as tall as, or bigger than you. I knew it could never happen. But now...." Chad made motion to look down his body, even though he couldn't see anything past his chest, and then did a front double bicep pose. "Now.... I've somehow turned into this. I think... I think I... ... became your wish." Len leaned in and hugged his friend around his chest, lats, and back as best as he could. "Gawd.... you're so....solid.... I .... would love to.... .... to ..... date you." and then Len paused a moment. "But... .... ... you're in worse spot than I was. You can't find a big man to love." With that, Chad picked up Len by his ass and held him up close so Len could attempt to hold on by wrapping his legs around Chad's waist. "I already have found my big man to love. You're not bigger than me now, that's true, but I'm not an ass to think or state that you're small. Even though I'm bigger and stronger, I will not dominate you, although I may have some fun with it. But I will treat your with respect. You're still a decent human being and will be treated as such. You may not ever become as tall or as big as me, but I will love you and support you and help you as you toss weights around, working to get bigger. And my cock doesn't make me better, it's yours. Your toy to play with. I am your mountain to climb." Chad carried Len into his apartment where the flopped onto the bed and caused its collapse. Len dug his hands into every single muscle Chad had, attempting to massage Chad's taps, punching Chad's delts, single and two handed squeezing of Chad's upper arm and then his singular split biceps peak. Len traced Chad's abs down, down, down, until he came face to face with Chad's rod, which he promptly ignored moving instead to groping Chad's calves, and then squeezing each tear drop of Chad's titan like thighs. It was then that Len moved on to the fleshy I-beam jutting out in front of him as he kissed his way up Chad's inner left thigh, cupped and rubbed Chad's massive sack and balls, before gliding his mouth across the shaft and then swallowing the humongous head. Len did work on that long before he rose up and began to suckle on Chad's left nipple, while cupping Chad's right pectoral and rubbing its nipple. The string of hickeys across Chad's chest would take weeks to fade, but it was the hunger in Len's eyes that aroused Chad the most and let him know how far to go. From his position laying across the bed and under Len, Chad grabbed Len by his hips and pulling him up slightly and then in a slow downward pull Len let out a low manly gasp as gargantuan rod that was Chad's cock enter his anus and began to painfully, yet pleasurably stretch his insides to great proportions. Chad teased Len, forcing the ramming to be nearly movie slow motion for twenty, thirty minutes, before he picked up the pace, causing Len to start bouncing slightly. Then as he felt the sensation, THAT sensation build up in him, striking him from the middle of his preponderous pecker, he doubled the speed, tripled the speed of bouncing and ramming, further and harder. Len attempted to hold on by grabbing, clinching, a hold of Chad's traps and delts, before he finally gave in and held around Chad's neck, after realizing he couldn't make a strong enough hold to dent, let alone choke, Chad. Chad moaned, groaned, began to bellow in pleasure. Len began to groan, cry, scream in addictive pain. Until Chad reached down and stroked Len's cock as he shoved Len down one more time upon his shaft all the way to the base, and then both men roared. The sound of two bellowing behemoths echoed within the small apartment as Len shot what he swore was the largest load he ever produced, and felt the largest load ever produced in his ass by Chad. The two collapsed, breathless, and asleep. The night was, of course, far from done. There was still another round of groping and tracing, carrying and lifting in the kitchen. There was the engulfing cuddling session in the living room while watching a movie. There was the size comparison of hands, feet, upper arms, pants, shirts, shoes, "equipment", and standard sized objects to the towering Chad in the dining room.There was the kissing, the soaping, the fondling in the shower, followed by the laying and relaxing, with Len's fingers running through Chad's body hair, on the bed, until the pair fell asleep once again. If the two men had hung out before, they were completely inseparable now. With the exception of work, wherever one went the other was soon to follow. This was especially true in the gym, where Chad was true to his word. He helped Len to build and bulk his body up as much as he could, being there to help spot and encourage Len during his workouts and to push him to some greater amounts of weight and more reps. It was only a couple of months after Chad's growth and his and Len's first sleeping together that they made a stop at a big and tall store to pick up some new shoes for Chad. He had tried them on, walked around in them a little bit, and then sat down to look at them, or rather their reflection in the mirror. "What do you think? They turn out ok?" "Yeah, Chad. They turned out fine, why?" "Just wanting to make sure." rip. "uh... not sure if I like them. Not sure if this was the design I liked or..." ri-ip rip rip rip. "Oh no. They don't fit." "What do you mean they don't fit? They look fine to me." "Don't you hear that?" "Hear... ... " rip ri-i-ip riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip "That! That must mean I've just blown out of these shoes. Am I growing again?" "Chad, hon. I don't see any tears on your shoes. They look fine." "I don't feel any air on exposed feet. Where is that sound..." riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip It was then in the mirror reflection that the two men saw Len's feet break free from his shoes. The couple smiled and Chad said, "C'mon, bro. Let's pay for my shoes, and get you home to try on my clothes."
  16. Austinevenson42

    The Jealous Roommate

    The Jealous Roommate As hot and ripped as I look, if we’re being honest, I haven’t been the sexy hunk you see before you for that long. Believe it or not, I was a pretty fat video game nerd a few months ago, and a virgin at that. I heard about this story event or whatever happening on this website, and I thought I could share what happened to me with all of you. It’s a pretty weird and crazy ride, so if you’re interested, sit back and enjoy the show. If that doesn’t pique your interest, or if you just think I’m messing with you, I included some fantastic pictures of myself to at least hold your attention. My name is Danny, and this is the story of how I went from practically a zero, to the hottest ten you have seen in your entire life. . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was your usual Saturday night for me, involving online gaming, fast food, and the occasional masturbation session. As much as I loved it, a part of me kind of hated myself. Not only was I a complete virgin, but I was pretty ugly, fat, and kind of gross. At least in the winter I could make an excuse out of it, but in the summer, I was ashamed to compare myself to everyone else and their attractive bodies. Overall, I was your stereotypical 25-year-old loser, except for the fact that I was also gay. This was made worse by the fact that my straight roommate was probably one of the hottest guys I had seen in my entire life. From head to toe, Rob was covered in muscles, with a sculpted face that would make anyone horny. He could literally have anyone that he wanted, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. I was basically in the worst-case scenario, as it hurt me to be around a guy with such an incredible physique, yet I loved seeing him walk around in his underwear all the time. It also probably didn’t help that he was a complete tool and treated me like shit all the time, but when you’re as hot as him, it probably just comes with the territory. Either way, I would take any chance I could to get a good look at him, especially when he got back from the gym with a good pump. In the end, I was just so jealous of him and his perfect life. While I was here in our apartment by myself, he was out having fun, finding his next conquest. I would do literally anything to look half as good as him, except for, I guess, work out. That’s went I heard them out in the hallway… “Wow Rob, I can’t get enough of you,” said the girl that Rob brought home with him. “Fuck, you have no idea what I’m going to do with you sexy,” responded Rob in between them making out with each other. “Where’s your room, you’re already making me wet,” replied the girl with a slight moan. Then, it almost sounded like Rob had picked her up and was carrying her to his room. I’m not going to lie, I was getting really turned on. I didn’t know if I wanted to be in Rob’s shoes, or if I wanted to be the girl, but I was enjoying every minute of it. The walls of our apartment were paper thin, so I could honestly hear every little detail. Was it wrong for me to listen in, probably, could I help it, not really. At first, it sounded like Rob was feeling around her body, as you could hear her moaning pretty loudly. Next, it seemed like Rob was getting a blow job, as he started breathing very heavily. That was when I debated playing with myself, which I ultimately ended up doing. I squeezed my sweat pants and boxers down my fatty legs as I began to massage my pretty average sized cock. As I started to do that the girl let out a loud scream, as Rob slipped his massive cock into her. Then, the bed began to hit the wall again and again, practically shaking the wall between our rooms. I could hear the both of them moaning, experiencing pleasure I could only imagine. It honestly sounded like Rob was making the girl experience earth shattering after earth shattering orgasm, god he was practically a primal beast. The thought of all of his giant muscles working to pound the life out of this girl was such a turn on. Before I knew it, I was cumming all over myself, ashamed that I got off to listening to the two of them have sex. Soon enough, Rob also began to orgasm, having completely destroyed this girl for his own pleasure. “Guess I don’t know my own strength,” said Rob in a cocky, arrogant tone. The girl could barely let out any sort of response, she must have been in such a state of ecstasy that she actually just couldn’t take it any longer. Fuck, I had no chance with Rob what so ever, but this was honestly the next best thing. It was like this every weekend, and as much as I hated it, I loved every minute of it. I never really considered myself much of a voyeur, but I guess I really looked forward to when Rob brought a girl over. Yet, a lot of the time he went over to their place, you couldn’t imagine the number of stalkers he has had, or girls that basically refused to leave. Nonetheless, I was so exhausted though that by the time I decided to go back to my video games I ended up passing out right in my own chair. The next morning, I awoke to find myself sitting in the chair, still covered in my own cum. I felt so disoriented at first, until last night’s shame finally returned, only to be followed by jealousy. Life had never really gone my way, and this was just another thing that would weigh on me, while Rob was having the time of his life. But, hearing Rob outside in the kitchen, I still couldn’t help but want to go look at his muscles. I did my best to clean up and compose myself in the bathroom, and then I ran out of the room hoping to at least get a glimpse at Rob’s body. He didn’t notice me at first, as he was facing the counter on the opposite side of the room, but I had such a great view of him. Rob was only wearing tight black boxer briefs, so I got the perfect view of his sculpted, marble like ass, and his broad, massive shoulders and back muscles. “Don’t tell me you’re drooling over my body again Danny,” uttered Rob as he shook me from my trance like state. “No…um…no…I’m just here to get some breakfast,” I responded as I panicked to find any sort of excuse. “Right, well, maybe when you pick your fat ass jaw off the floor, you can clean this place up, it’s starting to smell like shit,” said Rob as he turned around to fully reveal his god-like physique. Finally getting a good look at his chiseled abs, giant pecs, and his baseball sized biceps, I was at a complete loss for words. On one hand, my cock felt like it was ready to blow just from the sight of his body. Yet, at the same time, I just hated how he was treating me, expecting me to do everything even though he was the one always making the mess. What could I do anyways, even if I wanted to say something? With a body like that, Rob could kill me with one hand tied behind his back and not even break a sweat. I was powerless not only to the lust I had for him, but also in my ability to say no to anything he asked of me. “Well, bitch! Get to it,” yelled Rob in a demanding tone as he walked over to me, practically pushing all his muscle into my face. “Yes…yeah, of course Rob,” I practically whimpered to avoid one of his often-physical tempers. “That’s what I fucking thought fatty,” replied Rob as he headed back to his room, probably to take his usual afternoon nap. After that, I honestly didn’t know if I wanted to run back to my room to cry, or to masturbate. Either way, cleaning up the kitchen and living room would help get my mind off of what just happened, and prevent a potential beating in the long run. Later, when I was finished, I returned to my room as I had scheduled an online video game session with some friends. But, as I was booting up my computer, I noticed a weird pop up ad appear on my desktop. At first, I was weirded out because I assumed that these kinds of ads were really non-existent anymore. Plus, this ad looked like it belonged back on Windows XP. Yet, when I actually started to read what it said I was taken aback by how relevant it was to me. Basically, if I agreed, the pop up ad promised to turn me into a hot muscular guy that could have sex with anyone he wanted. After I finished laughing at how absurd it was, I decided to accept it, thinking that I really had nothing to lose. If there was any chance that I could get a body to match Rob’s, of course I would take it. As expected, nothing happened when I agreed to the pop up ad, I felt so ashamed that I had had such a moment of desperation. But, I had to get out of my own head, so I opened up Steam and got on Skype to get in touch with some friends. Tyler looked a lot like me, John was more of your stereotypical, kind of cute, skinny nerd, and Ashley was pretty attractive for a nerd but average by normal standards. Either way, they were my best friends, and if anyone could make me feel better it was them. “Hey, how’s everyone doing today,” said Ashley in her usual cheerful tone. “Not bad at all, but Danny looks a little pale,” responded John, who seemed genuinely worried about my health. “Yeah buddy, you don’t look too good,” commented Tyler after he finally got a good look at my image through the webcam. They were right though, ever since we started chatting I had been feeling pretty sick, and just sore all over. I actually started to sweat all over, unable to catch my breath or respond to their concerns for me. Then, it happened, I started to feel my gut push inward, my fats rolls practically disappearing under my shirt. My friends looked on in complete horror and shock as my body began to shake violently. It felt like my body was contracting and expanding at the same time, while I was stuck in the middle, unable to do anything to stop whatever was happening. Either way, despite how terribly painful the process was, I just knew that something amazing was happening right now. First, I began to notice that my sweat pants were getting tighter and tighter, to the point that I actually felt them ripping alongside my thighs. When I looked down I didn’t see my usual fat legs, but instead far more sculpted legs, legs that just weren’t mine. Almost instinctively I grabbed the sweat pants and managed to rip them off, revealing enormous tree trunk sized legs. I can’t imagine the looks on my friends’ faces, as my legs just looked like they were made of pure steel. Then, my chest started to inflate, eventually ripping my shirt open to reveal massive pecs. If I had to guess my man-boobs had transformed into at least a 50-inch chest of rock hard muscle. Looking back at the screen I saw that everyone just had their jaws wide open, while Ashley and John even looked like they were touching themselves. Next, we heard two consecutive bursts, which I soon realized were giant, sexy biceps ripping through my shirt that each practically looked like the size of a baseball. I couldn’t help but flex my new arms and pecs, this was just unbelievable, I actually looked fucking amazing. Finally pulling myself away from my new muscles, I began to feel my face, which I quickly realized was no longer my fat rounded face, but now came with a gorgeous, chiseled jaw-line. Then, I could feel my shirt ripping further as my thick shoulders, back, and neck muscles continued to grow, practically endlessly. The budding alpha in me just wanted to finish off my poor shirt, so I just ripped it clean off like tissue paper. When I did that I revealed six-pack abs, a hot v-cut, and hard obliques that looked like they were sculpted out of marble. I was getting so turned on by my unimaginable transformation, but the fun wasn’t over just yet. Not only could I feel my ass tightening and becoming rock hard, but I realized that my cock was growing to fill out my boxers and to match my new god-level physique. That’s when I heard someone start to moan, as despite how much I was enjoying my new body, it seemed like Ashley and John were having just as much fun watching my growth. Tyler just had no idea what to do, but Ashley and John were clearly masturbating, wishing that they were here to worship the body of a real man. Unable to control myself, and loving the attention, I began to flex all of my new muscles. I loved making my pecs bounce, rubbing each of my new abs, and doing some front double biceps, all while I realized that I had grown to be 6’1. I didn’t know if I should stare at my own reflection on my laptop screen, or to watch Ashley and John completely melt at the sight of my Greek god of a body. As Ashley started to scream and moan while she orgasmed, Tyler couldn’t handle it anymore and left, while John just kept going. Embarrassed at what she had done, Ashley left abruptly as well, as John began to shoot cum all over his screen. “Fuck, this is amazing, the power I have, I’m such a stud,” I said in my newly developed confident tone. “Oh god, I…just can’t deal with this right now…bye Danny…,” replied John as he quickly turned off his webcam. Wow, look at me, look at what I just did to my friends, I’m a god among men. I now have a body that can rival Rob’s, that can get me anything I could ever want. That’s when I noticed my steel pipe of a penis through my boxers, which had easily become 9 inches long, almost double what it was before. Fuck, was it thick and in need of some serious attention right now. Yet, first, I wanted Rob to see me, I wanted him to be horrified, to know that he wasn’t in charge anymore. As my massive rager calmed down I ran over to his room, barging in like I had nothing to lose. That’s when I saw him lying on the bed and realized this wasn’t just muscle growth, this was muscle theft. Rob had lost all his muscles, leaving a fat, shorter, wimpier body in its place. He was still fast asleep, not knowing that he had gone from a god to an ugly little piece of shit. This was amazing, whatever that ad was, it had given me Rob’s muscles, and I was prepared to have a lot of fun with them. Knowing Rob would wake up from his nap pretty soon, I decided to head to the living room to explore my body further. The thought of a scared and horrified Rob running into the living room to find me masturbating to my new hunky body was such a turn on. I went and sat on the couch, taking my time to rub every single one of my muscle fibers as I watched my reflection in the living room television. I just couldn’t believe it, I had zero fat on my body and looked like I belonged on the cover of some bodybuilding magazine. Each of my muscles just looked gigantic and perfectly sculpted, with a massive cock to boot. Just to piss off Rob even more I decided to stand up and take a selfie of my new body to send him. This assured that when he woke up he would come out to find me, hoping to figure out what was going on. Fuck, I’ve already become a cocky bastard, I was in love with how I looked in this picture, but honestly who wouldn’t be. That’s when I realized I couldn’t hold my desire back any longer and I pulled my boxer briefs down to let that monster breathe as I took the time to explore my unbelievably tight ass. Then, almost uncontrollably I began to jerk off with such force and power that the pleasure was simply unimaginable. I never wanted it to stop, my left hand rubbing all over my muscles, and my right hand giving my cock the stroke of a life time. I almost exploded when I heard a scream come from Rob’s room, but my new body had full control over my orgasms. When I finally saw a terrified Rob appear in the door way I let out load after load. I had never cum so much, it was all over my chest and abs, on the couch, on the coffee table, and even as far as the television. The craziest part was that my cock was only just getting started, god this body produced so much testosterone. “What the FUCK is going on here,” yelled out Rob as he watched the new man of the house finish off literally all over the living room. “The tables have turned and you still want to talk to me like that,” I responded as I got up from the couch and pushed my new, cum-covered muscles against him. “I…what…um…I just don’t get what’s going on,” said a worried and frightened Rob. “I’ll tell you what’s happening, things are going to fucking change around here wimp,” I chuckled as I flexed my 18-inch biceps right in his face. I had never felt like this in my entire life, I finally had power, real power. Either people would want me to fuck the shit out of them, or they’d be so afraid of what I might do in a fit of rage that they would do anything I asked. Yet, no matter what, my body gave me the ability to control people, making them putty in my hands. If this was even a fraction of how Rob felt, wow, he really was a mother fucking god in his prime. Now it was my turn though, and there was nothing Rob or anyone could do to stop me from having the time of my life. I’m the alpha now, I can fuck whoever I want and get whatever I want, whenever I want. Wow, even just thinking of everything I could do was already beginning to turn me on beyond my wildest imagination. “God, you must be so confused, unsure of what’s going to happen next,” I whispered to him, more arrogant than ever. “I just want my muscles back Danny, this isn’t fair, I worked so hard on them,” Rob replied practically on the brink of tears. Unable to stop myself from laughing at him, I uttered, “tough shit Rob, with the way you treated me, you deserve to be a fat, little wimp.” “I’m sorry Danny, I really am, I was a massive dick,” responded Rob, hoping to prevent me from beating him to a pulp. “Oh, fuck off Rob, you would never have said this if our roles were still reversed. Now, run back to your room, and bring me your gym membership and some workout clothes, I want to go test out my new strength,” I said as I began to flex my muscles in every pose I could imagine. It was amazing, without question, without talking back, Rob ran back to his room to look for the membership and to get me something to wear. On one hand, he didn’t need it anymore, but at the same time he knew who was truly in charge now. I could make the little bitch do anything, and he literally couldn’t do anything to stop me. Yet, now it was time for me to leave him to soak it all in, while I head to the gym to test out what this body can really do. Prior to this I wasn’t able to run for more than a minute or lift more than a 15-pound weight, but now, who fucking knows what I’m capable of doing. As I was still flexing and admiring my muscles, Rob returned with his membership card and clothes. Without saying anything I took them from him, barely fit the clothes over my muscles, and pushed him onto the nearby couch, using almost none of my strength. Rob was unable to say anything, scared that I might go further, but I simply started laughing and walked out of the apartment. I looked so sexy in this tight tank top and shorts, it was time to have some real fun while Rob probably stayed on the couch and cried. I just loved the looks that I got on my walk to the gym. Other guys seemed impressed, either they were looking up to me, or they were left horribly insecure over how their average, little bodies looked in comparison to my rock-hard muscles. At the same time, the girls just couldn’t take their eyes off of me, almost drooling at first sight. One woman in particular looked like she wanted me to ravage her right then and there on the side walk. Fuck, I had been turned into the perfect human male specimen. If I wasn’t headed to the gym I could literally pick out any person on the street and have my way with them. But, soon enough, I arrived at the gym, and although I knew where it was, this would be the first time in my life entering any gym. The best part though was that when I walked in, despite there being a lot of muscular guys, I was clearly the biggest and most ripped, by far. The second most muscular guy, who appeared to be one of the trainers there, was at max a half to two-thirds of my sexy build. He was wearing a super tight under armour compression shirt that hugged each and every one of his muscles like skin. His shorts weren’t fairing much better covering his massive legs, ultimately showing off one heck of a bulge. When I finally locked eyes with him he gave me one of those alpha male head nods, and I also saw that he was wearing a name tag labeled “David, Head Trainer.” I had no idea how to actually workout this beautiful body, but I know that I wanted to learn from the best here. So, I decided to get some water and sit on the nearby bench until he was finished with some ugly fat ass client. Luckily, he was finished in a few minutes, as the other guy couldn’t handle much, and eventually walked over to me, probably wondering what I was doing sitting over here. “Okay, you’re the biggest guy here, and you’re not working out? Anything I could do to help you,” questioned David in a sexy, yet curious tone. “Well, I’ve never actually worked out in my entire life,” I responded cockily, yet at the same time completely serious. But, looking me up and down a few times, it was clear that David wasn’t buying my story at all. Laughing to himself, David replied, “well I guess we can try out a few different exercises and techniques, if you’re up for it, newbie?” I chuckled and agreed, so we walked over together to the main portion of the gym. My guess is that he wanted to start me off with some cardio to get my blood pumping, so we stopped at the treadmill first. Not even sure what to start me on, David played around with the settings for a bit and set the machine to a level 5. For me, for my muscular physique, this was practically nothing at all. After a little while, I pushed the machine as high as it could go, to a 10, finally feeling it in my legs. My calves and thighs started to get veinier and veinier as I finally started to break a sweat. Eventually, David had to actually stop me, as after running for 30 minutes, a total of 5 miles, it didn’t seem like I was getting close to stopping at all. “Consistent 6 minute miles, barely sweating or getting tired, well, I guess let’s try something a little harder,” said David, beginning to see what my muscles were capable of doing. Next, hoping to kick it up a notch, we headed over to the weights section of the gym, specifically the weight bench. Here, he had me lie down as he started me off with 100 pounds of weight, which felt like I was practically lifting nothing. It was so easy that David, added 50 pounds, then another, and another, and then another. At 300 pounds, I was finally feeling it, I was like an alpha monster, lifting the weight up and down pretty regularly. I could tell that David was getting scared, as even he was unable to lift this this much. Then, seeing I could still take this much weight, David reluctantly added 50 more pounds, which finally got my muscles really pumping. My tank top was practically stretching as my pecs started to get an amazing pump, and I finally started to sweat a pretty decent amount. Both David and I actually lost count of how many bench presses I did but eventually I did stop to catch my breath and get a better look at my pumped pecs. “Fuck, man, that was absolutely incredible, I have never seen anyone lift that much weight so consistently,” blurred out David completely in shock. Hoping to impress him further I responded, “so is that all you have for me?” At this point I could feel my biceps and chest being pushed to their limits, but I was definitely ready for more. Walking me to the squat rack, and hoping to see more amazing feats of strength, David started me off with 200 pounds. But, after a little while, we eventually took the weight up to 410 pounds. By this point multiple people had stopped working out and were just staring at me in awe of the power I was capable of releasing from this god-like physique. I must have looked so ripped as my sweat glistened over each of my pumped-up muscles. You wouldn’t believe it, but with some help from David watching my back, I was able to take that weight up and down multiple times, getting so turned on that I was capable of such monster-level strength. Lastly, still unable to believe what he was watching, David took me to do some deadlifts, starting me off at an insane 300 pounds. Somehow keeping perfect form, which my body almost knew instinctively, we actually brought it all the way up to 520 pounds. After jumping from workout to workout, no breaks, for almost two hours, I was really feeling the strain on my body. Yet, at the same time, I loved every minute that I got to show how much of a real man I had truly become. Nonetheless, after some unimaginable weight lifting, pushing my body to its fucking limit, I finally put down the weights. If I really wanted to I could have kept going, but I didn’t want to overdo it during my first workout ever. “You my man, are a fucking legend,” said David as he patted me on the back, still unable to process what he had just seen. “To think that was the first time I did all of those exercises,” I replied, now joking with him more than ever. “Shut the fuck up dude,” responded David, laughing his ass off, “now get some well-deserved rest, you deserve it. After saying our good byes, I bought some sexy workout clothes that they were selling at the gym store and decided to take a shower in the locker room. I had such a good pump that I could just barely get my skin-tight shirt and pants off of me. You could tell that literally ever single guy was jealous of me in that room, as all of them just stared as I made my way to the showers. I must have then spent so much time in the shower, feeling up every corner of my sculpted physique, that by the time I got out there was no one in sight. As I finally got dressed and was about to get out of the locker room, David came in after it seemed like he had had his own intense work out. “Woah, hey man, I didn’t think anyone was still here, we don’t normally see many clients at this time on a Sunday,” said David, genuinely surprised to see me. “Yeah, I don’t know, I must have taken like an hour-long shower,” I responded, almost a little embarrassed that I was ogling myself for so long. Then, reaching to feel my hard-right nipple through my shirt, David replied in an almost hungry tone, “well how about we take some time to try something else.” David was one of the hottest guys that I had ever seen in my entire life, and he was begging to get a piece of my body. When I slowly licked my lips and nodded my head, he scrambled to get my shirt off and started to suck on the same right nipple, almost uncontrollably. His right hand was taking its time playing with each of my abs, while his left hand was exploring every crevice of my massive, wide back. A guy that once upon a time would never have given me the time of day wanted me now more than anything. Turned on beyond my wildest dreams, I grabbed the back of his shirt with both of my hands and just ripped it in half, the shreds falling to the ground. Then, I started to make out with David, as I began to rub my muscles against his. My dick was rock hard as each of my muscles felt the warmth and hardness of his. David was also clearly enjoying every minute of it as his penis, almost the size of mine, became fully erect as it rubbed up against mine. “God, I want to please you, I want you to use me,” uttered David in desperation. Despite being one of the manliest, most muscular guys I had seen in my life, David quickly, without question, got on his knees and pulled down my shorts. He clearly knew what he was doing as he took my massive cock into his mouth as he played with his own. I was in complete and utter ecstasy as David took most of my thick, meaty dick rapidly into his mouth, in and out, in and out. David was a hunk himself, but in this moment, he had become my bitch, ready to burst just from sucking me off. In no time, David actually started to cum all over the floor, with my cock following soon after. I completely filled his mouth and throat, with David eventually giving up on taking it all. That’s when I finished cumming all over him, covering his pecs, abs, and face, as he himself finished his load. David was breathing heavily, exhausted from sucking my dick, when we heard other people enter the gym. I quickly realized how embarrassed and scared of getting caught David was. He quickly cleaned himself off with the shreds of his old shirt and ran out of the locker room, not saying a word, but still hosting a semi-hard on. God, I was looking forward to coming back to this gym. After I finished putting my clothes on I ran back home to find Rob whimpering on his computer, desperate to find something that would give him his muscles back. Little did he know that karmic justice had taken his muscles away and given them to the last person he’d want to have them. Now, he looked just like the old me, fat, unattractive, and a little bitch. When he saw me walk in it was clear that he was still scared of what I might do to pay him back for everything he had done to me. There were honestly so many options, from beating the shit out of him, to forcing him to do anything I wanted. But, before I could say anything to him, we both heard a knock at the door. “Who is it,” I yelled as I looked Rob straight in the eyes. “Um, it’s me…John,” responded the person at the door, almost scared at what I might respond. Remembering how John had reacted to my growth earlier today, I was eager to see what fun I might be able to have with him. Although I had always been in love with Rob’s muscles, for the longest time I had had a crush on John’s personality and overall adorableness. Scared of rejection, I never tried anything, but seeing how in love he was with my muscles, and how eager I was to see what I could do with this body in the bedroom, I was ready for some action. That’s when I walked to the door, opened it, and right in front of John, I ripped my shirt off without any effort. With how gorgeous my muscles looked from the slight pump I still had, it was clear why John was completely taken aback by my incredible new body. With his jaw wide open, John was unable to get even the slightest word out, something that was kind of cute, as well as a massive turn on for me. “Are you okay,” I asked, clearly knowing the answer. “Wow…Danny…you look incredible,” John said as his little hard on started to grow under his shorts. Without saying a word, I grabbed John by his shirt and brought him into the living room. I winked at Rob, letting him know exactly what was about to happen. Rob was always bringing girls over to fuck their brains out, while I sat in the other room, unable to experience such ecstasy. It was time for Rob to listen to me for a change, maybe even get turned on from my pure testosterone completely dominating someone. Now that I was the alpha, he’d be forced to listen as I ravaged my own conquest. Thus, unable to control myself any longer, I continued with John into my bedroom. After closing the door, we didn’t even make it to the bed as John’s hands began to wander around my body and we both fell onto the ground. I laid back, with my hands behind my head, as John quickly took off my shorts and started rubbing my thick, juicy thighs. John was so hungry for my muscles, ready to worship every single one of them. After he finished rubbing my legs he moved on to licking my abs and obliques. His licking and sucking was wild, practically making him seem like some sort of feral animal. Then, while continuing to rub my abs with his hands, he began to lick the crack between my pecs, something that just drove me crazy. As he moved on to sucking my left nipple, with one hand I grabbed his shirt and jeans from his waist and ripped them to shreds. He was so turned on by that effortless feat of strength that his sucking only intensified as he began to rub his cock against mine. That’s when I grabbed his cute, perky ass tightly, and brought him closer to my giant muscles. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” John managed to utter as he moved to lick and suck my left bicep while rubbing the other one. “You love these muscles don’t you,” I said as I started to moan slightly. “Yes, Danny, yes…you’re a sex machine…a god among men, a total stud…I can’t…I can’t control myself,” replied John as he started moan loudly, unable to stop himself from cumming in his briefs. Just like I would have been yesterday, John was so embarrassed, but still incredibly turned on. Trying to hold back my laughter, I responded, “don’t worry about it, with me around you’re bound to want to cum again pretty soon.” That’s when I brought him in even tighter, my muscles completely dominating his little body. I could already feel him getting hard again as I removed his cum soaked underwear and started to massage his tight hole. John had just finished cumming but he was already moaning again as I started to nibble on his neck as I stuck a finger in his ass. By this point I was rock hard, but still not ready to cum just yet. I was so turned on by the pleasure that my body brought to John that first I wanted to see him cum again and again. When I finally saw that he was rock hard again, I sat him down on my abs, placing his little cock right in between my pecs. Then, I began to move, harden, and bounce my pecs, massaging his dick in between them. This drove John completely insane as he began to moan and scream in pleasure. His little cock fit perfectly in between my pecs, at points, completely consumed by them. Even he started to move his cock back and forth, practically fucking my chest, hoping to get the most pleasure possible. In little to no time, John was getting ready to cum again, so I brought him closer and stuck his dick in my mouth. Almost instinctively, at a masterful level, my sucking brought John right to the brink, eventually giving him an intense orgasm. His little body began to shake violently, with him screaming my name, so I had to make sure to hold him in place. His cum began to stream into my mouth, which I was easily able to hold and swallow. I could tell that John was already becoming exhausted, but this sex session was just getting started. I got up and laid his frail body on the floor as I took my boxer briefs off. John was in complete awe from the reveal of my giant, thick cock, almost enough to reinvigorate him. Then, I laid my muscles and cock on his body, making sure not to crush him. “God, Danny, I’ve never felt such pleasure in my entire life…and that cock…god that cock…take me Danny…take me please,” begged John as he frantically rubbed his skinny wimpy body against mine. Happy to oblige, I brought John closer, slipping a third of my penis into his ass. Just this much was enough to drive him absolutely insane as he started to moan and scream louder than ever. I could only imagine how this all sounded to Rob, something that turned me on even more. Then, as I could feel his ass really stretching, I slipped another third in, beginning to lightly fuck him while on my knees. Next, being careful not to break the little wimp, I stuck the rest of my cock into him. Little by little, I started to fuck him harder, something that was already making John’s cock stand up again as it rubbed against my abs. “FUCK Danny, Jesus…this is amazing…ohhh…I’m already CLOSE,” John managed to say as he moaned louder and louder. “Let’s have some real fun then,” I said with the biggest cocky smirk on my face. Grabbing John tightly I stood up carrying him, with my dick still deep in his ass. John was losing it, unable to understand how I was able to hold him up like this while fucking the shit out of him. In reality, John’s skinny body weighed like nothing compared to what I had done earlier. Then, I started to fuck him with around 50% of my strength, enough to completely destroy John. My fucking was so intense, John looked like a glorified sex toy. To stop John from moving around from so much pleasure and ecstasy, I eventually decided to hold him up against the wall. Despite not using all of my strength, my fucking was enough to actually make a dent in the wall. I kid you not, we could both hear the wall starting to crack, although I think John was so lost in his pleasure at this point that he had no idea about it. That was when pleasure really kicked in for me. I was so powerful, it was such a turn on, I was getting close. Harder and harder, faster and faster, my body knew exactly how to pleasure the both of us. Then, John actually started to cum, which dripped over my abs. You could tell that is body was starting run out of cum, but he was actually experiencing even more pleasure than before. After a few more minutes my dick finally had enough and I began to cum inside of John’s ass. He was so tight, it felt so good, god, I really was a sex machine, an alpha male, crafted for sex and pleasure. As I continued to cum it began to drip out of his ass, dripping all over the floor. By the time I finally stopped I noticed that John had gone completely limp in my arms. He was still conscious but it looked like he couldn’t take anymore, while my body barely felt anything. As I lifted him off of my dick, letting out more cum, I sat him down on the floor, leaning him against the broken wall, and then I sat on the bed, admiring my work. I had done that, I had brought John to the brink of exhaustion with the pleasure I was able to give him. After a few minutes, I noticed that John still had some life in him. He was unable to say anything, but he managed to get up and sit on my lap, with his hands making their way around my muscles again. Fuck, the little guy was running on pure pleasure at this point, something that I was fully prepared to take advantage of. Ready to go again, I started to make out with him as I slid my semi into his ass. John managed to let out some soft moans as I lifted him up and down as I held him from his ass. Now sitting down, and slightly losing the ability to control myself, I started to fuck him too, altogether using about 75% of my strength. No joke, with how much John was moaning, screaming, and shaking, I was scared I was going to break him like I did that wall. But, since John wasn’t complaining, I kept going, deeper and deeper, moaning louder and louder. This was real pleasure, pleasure that only gods like me ever got the privilege of feeling or giving out. Pleasure that Rob would never have again. John was my toy, for me to use, for me to destroy, and he wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thinking about myself and the pleasure my cock was experiencing was enough to bring me to my second orgasm, somehow more powerful than the last. Even John was orgasming, although at this point little to nothing was actually coming out of his puny, tiny dick. My body was made for pleasure, and the amount of cum that just kept coming and coming, you wouldn’t believe it even if you saw it. Yet, I wasn’t done yet, now I needed the pleasure, I was consumed by it. John with what little strength he had left continued to rub my muscles and even started to suck on my pecs again. This was enough to get me going again, somehow, and I laid him on the bed, ready to truly fuck his brains out. With his ass getting more and more stretched, I was able to easily ram my dick into his ass, fucking him at my full strength. John began to scream as his dick started to grow hard again. This was the greatest pleasure my dick had felt in my entire life. The bed was shaking violently, hitting and cracking the wall. I was fucking at an uncontrollable speed, truly becoming an animal dominating his prey. Harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, John’s ass was truly and utterly my play thing. I honestly don’t remember how long the pleasure lasted, I almost felt like I blacked out during parts of it. I was a sex machine made to fuck, dominate, destroy, and experience the greatest pleasure that any human ever could. Later, I felt that I was getting close so I pulled out of John’s ass and finished myself off. More cum then ever shot out of my cock, streams and streams falling all over John’s small body. He was practically swimming in it, eventually trying to lick it off of himself and the bed. God, I had destroyed John, look at him, he was nothing but pleasure at this point. Eventually, I managed to finish, finally feeling a little tired after all that intense sex. With the wall and bed broken, cum all over the bed, floor, and wall, and John laying there completely limp, I still couldn’t believe what I had just been capable of doing. The craziest part of it all was that I could still keep going. I could fuck John’s brain out all night long, but I wasn’t sure if he could handle any more. How sad... Whatever nice guy still existed in me thought it might be good to take him to the shower to clean all the cum and sweat off of us. I picked John up with ease and we walked into my bathroom. I sat him on the shower floor and then turned on the water. The cold water was enough to wake John, who awoke to the sight of my giant, ripped body standing over him in the shower. I can only imagine what thoughts were going through his head when he saw such a beautiful sight. Then, before I could even grab some soap, I noticed that he had gotten on his knees and had started to massage my cock. “Wow you’re still going, I could have sworn you were spent,” I chuckled, genuinely surprised that he had managed to get up. “God, I can’t help it Danny, look at you,” John responded as he began to put the head of my cock into his mouth. Somehow my monster cock was always ready for action, with little to no refractory period. That’s when I grabbed his head and began to fuck his little mouth. Although tears began to stream down his cheeks, and he was having trouble breathing, John was starting to get hard, enjoying every minute of this skull fucking. I loved fucking his little mouth, in and out, in and out, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, somehow, he was able to take it all. I held him tight while also using all of my strength to fuck him. A part of me was scared of braking his jaw, or hurting him in general, but at the same time, I didn’t care. Look at the pleasure I could create, I’m the alpha, I can do what I want. Yet, eventually I noticed that John was actually starting to pass out, I don’t know how he was still sucking. How much he wanted to worship my body was enough to finally bring me over the edge. Even John began to shake and orgasm, although this time nothing came out from his dick at all. I was covering him in cum faster than the water could take it off of him, fuck was it a sight to see. This time though, John definitely passed out, unable to take it any longer. God, I had actually used someone up completely, bringing them to at least four or five orgasms. This was incredible, I could even still keep going if John was up for it, but looking at him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he slept for a whole day. So, I decided to clean the both of us, turn the shower off, towel off, and place him in bed. With the combination of the water glistening over my muscles, and the fucking that was practically a workout giving me an incredible pump, I really looked like a god, I was a god. John looked so adorable sleeping in my bed, probably having one of the best night sleeps he’s had in god knows how long. Yet, I was personally getting hungry, and thought it would be fun to go out into the living room and check on how Rob was doing. Still in my towel, I walked out into the living to find Rob quickly covering himself with a nearby blanket. He seemed horrified to see me in the door way, but this time I wasn’t sure if it was because he was scared about what I might have planned for him, or just because of how mother fucking sexy as I looked. Either way, it was time to have some fun with him. “What are you hiding under that blanket,” I demanded know. “Um, nothing…um, I was just cold,” responded Rob, obviously lying. “Want to try again,” I said while I crackled my knuckles and looked at him angrily. “Fine, I’m not gay, but fuck that was so hot. Listening to how intensely you were ripping apart that dork, it was such a turn on to me,” replied Rob as he took off the blanket to reveal a wet spot in his shorts. I couldn’t believe it, the guy I had been afraid of for years, the guy I wish would have fucked the shit out of him endlessly, this very man, he had cum listening to me have sex. I was no longer jealous of him, far from it, I felt kind of sad for him. Rob had been reduced to exactly the pitiful state I was in yesterday. Yet, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself too, this was more than I ever could have dreamt of, both of us getting exactly what we deserved all along. Then, just for the shits and giggles, I went up to Rob and picked him up from his shirt collar. “No, please, don’t hurt me, I’m sorry,” begged Rob unlike I had ever heard him before. Hearing him beg me to stop was such a turn on, so much so that I accidentally ripped his shirt, not paying attention to how much strength I was using. He fell back on the couch and I punched him right in his big, fat stomach with less than a quarter of my strength. Either way, this was enough to make him cry out in pain. That’s when I noticed, in all of the excitement, that my towel had fallen off to reveal my fully erect penis. Although Rob was in incredible pain, he couldn’t stop staring at it, and the muscular body that was it was attached to. “Fuck Rob, maybe you are gay after all,” I said arrogantly while I winked at him sexily. “No, I’m not…no…,” replied Rob, still incredibly interested in my naked body. “Oh, come on, how do you know for sure if you’ve never ever tried it,” I responded as I got up right in front of his face. But, before Rob could get his mouth around my cock, I slapped him in the face with it. Then, I grabbed his face, and nodded back and forth, as I went into the kitchen, grabbed an old sandwich from the fridge, and went back to my room. From my room, I could hear Rob begin to frantically masturbate to what he had just seen, god what a fucking loser. With guys like John and David, fat, ugly Rob wasn’t worth a bit of my time, plus it was his turn to know how it felt to want someone and not have a shred of a chance with them. Then, I just sat back in bed next to poor little John, eating my sandwich, thinking about all the fun I was going to have. I was especially excited for summer, fuck was this god in for the time of his life. You should especially hear about what happened at my family's annual water park retreat. But, that is a story for another time…
  17. Greetings. I kind of wound up writing a book, but given the premise of the story, it kind of had to go long. I however hope you enjoy it. - Frank The Cruise by F_R_Eaky "You're only going on this trip because I called you plain and simple." Ethan Olson paused at the bottom of the gangplank, recalling some of the last words his boyfriend, Noah Hansen, said to him before he boarded the plane for Athens, Greece. Having met in college their sophomore year at frat party where Noah was working the crowd and Ethan was pretty much a wall flower, somehow sparks flew, and the pair really did seem to love each other completely, totally, and even moved into an apartment together their Senior year. But where as one, Noah, seemed more energetic and active being slightly tall at 6 '1", athletic with a soccer/rugby kind of build, outgoing personality, and mischievous puppy dog brown eyes, hidden under a bouncy mop of rich, burnt umber colored hair with sun kissed highlights, the other, Ethan, was a quieter, shier, man with a body a bit shorter, average height at 5 '9", and a soft average build, just before crossing over into being slightly pudgy, with pale, almost olive colored eyes that he kept downward, dark, drab brown hair, both of which were lacking in vibrancy and saturation. Some joking around at their friend Mark's birthday party led to the more manly Noah, scoffingly picking up the flamboyant Mark's latest top woman's magazine and reading through the test to see who the outgoing person is in one's relationship. He of course pretty much knew and therefore answered all the questions for Ethan, and when Ethan protested a bit, stated, "Honey, I know you. You're as plain as untoasted milk-toast. You're quiet and simple, but I love you, anyway." It wasn't that true of a statement. Truth of the matter was Noah liked to try new things. He didn't enjoy, appreciate, or participate in them all, but he was willing to explore, but still he was a bit more vanilla than any exotic flavor in his living habits. Still, Ethan on the other had grew up in a very conservative home all quiet and subdued, daily schedules, things planned, not a lot of spice - even on the food. And although out in college, it was still a well kept secret from Mom and Dad as, of course, the lifestyle was considered taboo. In college Ethan didn't get out that much, and he certainly didn't get to know the wilder side of the LGBTQ community, with the exception of Noah, who was pretty much a low key country bumpkin compared to most, but at least he'd been out to let go and explore. It was this that was the problem. Noah was always trying to get Ethan to join in on new things, positions, fairs, getaways, music, clubs, but Ethan focused solely on his studies... well....that and his boyfriend who flexing for him and jokingly held him down and slowly screwed him until Ethan thought his brains would explode, or tickling him until he thought he'd piss his pants. And so with the announcement from Noah's lips that Ethan was plain and simple, Ethan began to wonder if he wasn't enough for Noah. If Noah was dissatisfied with him as a boyfriend, a lover, a partner, especially when it came to sex. Ethan wasn't tiny, came in just over average at 6 inches erect, but Noah wasn't much larger at 6.5 inches. However the last few weeks they seemed to be kind of drifting apart. They had arguments over the incident, whether Ethan was or was not too much of a stick in the mud, and then lately it seemed for no reason at all. Both of them at twenty-three years old had recently graduated from college with their Bachelor's degree. Noah was continuing on with his master's courses, while Ethan chose to tackle a master's degree later and had taken a job with a very prestigious local company, and as such had already earned by this time a two-week vacation. When a notification from Human Resources announcing his need to schedule vacation time came across his desk at the same time as an ad for a gay Mediterranean cruise, and after another morning row before work with Noah, Ethan decided he had had enough. The stress of getting everything done for graduation, searching for a job, starting and being the new man at a job, the arguments, cold shoulders, and heavy quietness with Noah at home... ... ... it was too much and he needed to relieve the stress. Get away from it all. He didn't even think. He grabbed the phone called the number and booked the cruise. Single bed. Knowing that Noah couldn't take time off from classes to go with him. He would show Noah. He could be spontaneous. He could do things on his own. He would have fun. He would explore! He would... "Ay Dios Mio! What is the matter chico? You're standing at the bottom of the runway looking up at the ship like you're Kate Winslet looking at the Titanic. Chu loco? Whachu standin' here for anyway? The ship doesn't board for another two hours?" Ethan turned to face the person speaking to him. It was an exceptionally beautiful, slim and curvy, black, Latino woman, albeit an exceptionally tall one who towered over Ethan by a good foot. Looking at her up and down he noticed she had her ebony hair up in a huge beehive hairdo, and wore clothes that were one, very form fitting, two, extremely stereotypical of Latin fashion, colors, and makeup, and three, barely contained her breasts that were so ample, one almost swore they were blown up with air. Suddenly there was a loud sound, like an operatic soprano just belting out a high note attempting to break glass. Ethan's eyes looked past the towering black woman to see a slightly less tall, slightly tanned woman with blond hair, hat, sunglasses, and clothes that portrayed a cross between New York chic and Broadway. "Cacao! Quit being so brazen with this young man.... Hmmmm fine young man he is too. A tad short, but I'm sure he could find some leading rolls somewhere." "Like chour bedroom? Back off miss thang! Chu have no business messing with this pollo. And I waz simply trying to get chkim to move outta da way, so back off puta!" "Puta! Bitch, you are such a baldracca." "Baldracca! Baldracca? Bish you ain't even Italian. ¡chinga tu madre!" "I am one-hundred percent pure Italian." "Oh, chez. Chou're pure all right..... pure as New York, snow!.... After the cars have driven on it..... and the dogs have pooped in it..... and los chicos have written sus nombres...." "Guuurl! you gonna get a heel right up your...." Ethan stood there watching the bickering bitch fest unfolding in front of him when the realization came upon him... "Adam's apples. They're men..... dressed exceedingly like women....but way too gaudy...." He stilled his thumping heart and slowed his breathing down. "Drag queens. I've just met my first drag queens. It's alright. New experience. Sure they are fine....hmmmmm will learn from this more about gay life....and.....yeah." "LA-dieeeeeees! Cacao, Cadence. Oy vez! Can you not see you're scaring this poor chicken? He's been struck dumb in fear." "More like he's been struck in awe at my presence. Not my fault anyway, Hazel. Talk to this perra here. She's the one that started so hot and rude against him. Couldn't just simply ask for him to move. Gotta go in hot, foaming at the mouth." "I go in hot because I am hot!" SNAP! "Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos, and you know he was looking at me because everyone wants a taste..." "Oy vey iz mir! Save it for the introductions when we're on, Cacao. Look, bubele, come here to Momma Hazel." and Hazel who was closer to Ethan's height, although taller due to heels, with a gigantic, bulbous bouffant of grey hair, electric blue eye-shadow, and a frumpy frock that was all in blue & white with a baby blue cardigan sweater on, What's your name, hon?" "uhm....Ethan." "Ethan....from Eitan, and good Jewish name like all my brothers and cousins had, unlike the one momma gave me! FEH! Now, you don't worry about these two. Their growls are enormous, but they have such small bites they might as well have no teeth. Now if you're heading on this cruise, we're going to be part of the staff; the ones with class mind you. We serve as hostesses and kind of like the event directors. Is this your first time on one of these cruises, dear?" "Er...Yes." "Well that's wonderful. Now, let me point out, the passengers' entrance is over there. The gang plank that runs into the pop up pergola. They'll be opening up in about an 'owah and forty-five minutes. We'll be greeting you once everyone is on board. If you need anything or feel lawst during the trip, you come to one of us, okay?" And after Ethan gave a few small nods, Hazel turned and waved her hands barking commands at Cacao and Cadence. "Every year they bring me on to keep the peace between you two detrimental divas. Gevalt!" "But mamma! chee started it..." "Cacao, no! I did nawt get my mornin' cawffee today, I am not in the mood. I am wearing a Stahr of David necklace with many sharp points. Don't make me stuff it up your chawc'late ass! UP! up Up UP UP UP UP!" And the trio left Ethan to go to the passengers' boarding area and wait. ***************************************************************** It didn't seem that long until boarding time to Ethan. Once again he got lost in thought as he looked up at the gigantic cruise ship, the Queen Amphitrite, owned by Poseidon's Pride cruise line. Surrounding the ship's name on the sides and underneath were a merman and mermaid, presumably portraying Amphitrite and Poseidon, their glittery pink and teal tails shimmering in the sun. Up the gang plank, into doors, down the elevators, and through the corridors, Ethan took a little longer than most navigating the maze of the ship to get to his room, a single cabin he paid extra for, that was small, and was located on one of the lowest levels of the ship before reaching staff, storage, and engine rooms, and had only a tiny portal window, the view of which was primarily covered with a lifeboat. He unpacked his clothes, took a shower, and decided upon a nap before the evening's Welcoming & Mixer Party. When it was time for that he put on a simple t-shirt, some khakis, and some olive colored boat shoes and headed up to the pool deck, which had been decorated with multi-colored streamers, lights, and a DJ booth. He paused a good long while before heading into the main part of the deck. There were so many men...in the hundreds.....all like him....gay. Yet even though he had that in common with them, he felt...small. So many men were tall, very tall, or built, chiseled, hung. They were tall and built. If not tall and built they were very tall. If not tall at all they were built. If neither tall nor built, they were hung. On the rare occasion some were all three. And then there were the ones he knew to be called bears, either fairly muscled or pleasantly plump but covered in a great amount of hair. Men were on deck, in lounge chairs, in the pool, on the sides, some dressed casually, some shirtless, some in swim trunks or board shorts, some in speedos, and some were even nude. He felt unimpressive and most assuredly plain. After the welcoming and introductions, he listened to the ship's schedule that was briefly run through by the trio of drag queens he met earlier: Hazel Tov, Cadence Alcoda, and Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos, plus the addition of Luca, a 6' 4", dirty blond haired, blue eyed, and well chiseled man who wore a pair of tight broad shorts, white boat shoes, and a sash that read "Mr. Eros Cruise 2017". Ethan then tried to mingle with a glass of iced tea, and small step dancing off in a corner. It seemed, however, wherever he went, the crowd seemed to shift, shutting him out and leaving him alone. Guys were walking past him and greeting old returning friends with bright smiles, firm handshakes, passionate kisses, or groping hands. They did the same to new friends as well, after coming up and whispering in their ear. Everyone made a connection except Ethan. Sighing he walked over to one of the side rails and stared out into the ocean. Closing his eyes he wished his could go back to Athens and get lost in the ruins once again. "But no" he thought. "I must work up the courage. I need to stay here, keep going, and get to those places and attend events so I can have fun and gain experience...something....anything...." Suddenly there was a tremendous crash of water. Turning towards the sound he saw the deck, rails, and outer walls of the rooms drenched and dripping with water almost as if a single wave had jumped up on that particular spot of deck. He heard the sound of a couple of guys laughing and running down the deck above as they drug a number of large buckets behind them. Following the path from the floor above down to the deck below, Ethan gasped when he actually noticed what was in the dead center of the strike zone. There was a man sitting in a wheel chair. His long black, grey, and silver hair and beard now soaking wet and plastered against his head, neck, and chest. His t-shirt was soaked and form fitting now to his body which was a carved, Greek sculpture of the finest athletic form, but then his legs were covered with a thoroughly saturated blanket and they revealed exceptionally thin and atrophied legs. Ethan snapped to, running towards the man and crying out, "Are you alright?" "Yes... yes... yes...I am fine." The man stated with a Greek accent. "It started on these cruises years ago and became a tradition. 'SOAK THE CRIPPLE!' and they dump huge buckets of water on me." "That's horrible! Always you? Every year?" "Yes, but I take it in stride. I made them stick the tradition at the beginning of the cruise. First night. And always out here on the deck. That way I can at least enjoy the rest of the cruise in peace. You however looked like you were the one dowsed in water just before I got drenched. Are you all right?" Ethan bashfully chuckled. "Oh... I'm ok. I'm just....nervous. First time here on a cruise like this.... on a cruise of any kind. In fact it's the first time I've ever left the safety of my own hometown and state, let alone my country." "My... you took the long or triple jump for your first step out, didn't you?" Ethan laughed. "Yeah...guess I did." "So why the sudden need to step out and see the world?" "Ahhhhh. I'm not here to talk about my problems. Especially to other folks here on a vacation. Let's just say the basic thing is I was called plain, simple, uninventive, unexciting, non-spontaneous by friends and family and I decided to prove them wrong." "Sounds like you're on a quest then. Bet you've got your party outfits planned well and big then don't you?" "Party outfits? I just have some regular clothes." "Regular clothes!? You are aware every evening party is themed?" "What? No....I..." "Did you read the itinerary before you purchased your tickets? Didn't you listen to our host and hostesses about what was going on?" "No... I....thought...a cruise...was just...I didn't....really.... pay attention...." "And the hero goes off on a quest without any armor, shield, or sword. Well, I give you points for daring on that. Listen, my name is Ándras Okeanós. What is the name of the man who rushed to my aid?" "oh! Uhm... I'm Ethan. Ethan Olson." And Ándras stuck his hand out to shake Ethan's saying, "Well then, Ethan. I've been on many of these cruises, and as someone who has frequent cruising point and a handicapped person, I have the ability to bring and house a plethora of outfits....plus I sell pearls, so I can afford the larger rooms. What say I take you under my wing to help you navigate the rapids known as Poseidon's Pride Eros Cruise 2018?" Ethan stood there in the handshake moment and stared in to the great teal colored eyes of this man, Ándras, and eventually his stance relaxed, he smiled and agreed to Ándras' assistance. "Wonderful, my new friend. I must go and get dried off. I am in the Triton Suite deck 13. Come calling at nine in the morning, we'll have breakfast and discuss how we shall dress you for each event." Ethan thanked Ándras and then turned to head back to the party deck as Ándras wheeled himself into a lobby and then elevator. ***************************************************************************** In the morning Ethan, after much direction seeking, finally arrived at Ándras' suite at around nine-fifteen. After being invited in, the pair had a very excellent breakfast that had been delivered to Ándras' room. After that they pulled out the itinerary and saw that the party for this evening was to be a disco party. Ándras pulled out a number of different outfits, but Ethan wasn't sure, nor comfortable on any of them, being pretty self conscious about his body. Ándras told Ethan not to worry about it, gays liked the shape of man in various forms. Despite that an hour later Ethan hadn't decided upon an outfit yet and Ándras was becoming slightly exasperated. Just then the door to his bedroom opened and out stepped two men, one was a 6' 4", dirty blond haired, blue eyed, well chiseled, decently hung, and nude man, while the other was a 5' 4" smooth, thin, nearly hairless man with reddish hair, olive eyes, and was wearing a coat that fit him like a large bathrobe. "Morning, men." said Ándras. "Guten morgen...." said the taller man as his stumbled strode his way into the bathroom and then the shower turned on. The other man smiled sleepily and just nodded in Ándras and Ethan's direction. "Ethan, I believe you will recognize the taller man was Mr. Luca Mannheim, our current Mr. Eros Cruise 2017, and the diminutive cutie here is Bran O’Seannaig, from Ireland, he's been on this cruise about four years now..." "Six..." said Bran as he sloppily plopped down into a dining chair and stuffed a biscuit into his mouth while pouring a cup of hot tea. "Six? My..... time flies when having fun. He is a friend that you could say was once a protégé like you are now." Suddenly Ándras let out a gasp of epiphany that made Ethan jump and Bran accidentally fling his biscuit across the room. "I have it! Since you won't choose anything, Ethan, I shall choose it for you." and wheeling over to his trunk of clothes and costumes, he pulled out what looked like leather chaps, a towel, and what looked like a vest made out of beads. "Luca, Bran, two other friends, and myself are going to tonight's disco party as the Village People, but we are a man short. You will fill in the part of the Indigenous American for us." "Oh... I don't know.... I mean he's like shirtless and I... I just..." "No! I won't hear of it. The day is short and you need to decide now. It is settled." At that moment Luca came out of the bathroom still slightly dripping wet, with a towel wrapped around his waist, water droplets cascading down every mound and crevice of his muscles. "In fact, your day, Ethan is planned. I must to the spa and Jacuzzi section for my back and body, so Luca, if you would be a gentleman, take Mr. Olson here with you as you accompany folks while exploring the port of Mykonos today. Don't have to babysit him, just make sure he doesn't turn right back around for the ship. Make him explore. Ethan, go drop off the costume in your stateroom and meat Luca back at the embarking doors in no later than forty minutes." ***************************************************************************** Ethan did as he was told and did enjoy himself, even went off to explore some of the historical and tourist spots on his own, breaking the spine on his Greek translation book quite quickly. Luca was politely and professionally cordial, but Ethan could tell, after a couple of long looks from Luca, Luca wasn't interested him in the slightest. In fact, seemed a little disappointed. Ándras, Luca, Bran, and Ethan met and had dinner with each other, in the cabaret area that night where Cadence Alcoda not only hosted but performed several songs, revealing she was a counter-tenor, a man with a voice nearly as high as a female soprano, thus one of the few drag queens who could not only sing well, but sing without breaking the illusion of being female. After dinner and the show, everyone went back to their room to put on their costumes to meet for the Disco Dance Party. Doubt crept up over Ethan. There were leather chaps trimmed in fringe, and a loin cloth, but it only had one side. His ass would be exposed. Then there wasn't any shirt, just this vest...this beaded breastplate? Some moccasin slippers were next, followed by a grand headdress that Ethan swore might have looked real. An honest to goodness, actual, correctly hand crafted headdress from one of the nations of America's indigenous people. Releasing a sigh, he put everything on and headed out the door and up to the main party deck. The temperature seemed to drop a bit this evening, and as he walked down the long deck towards the front of the ship, a mist rose from the sea and began to swirl around Ethan. Merely at his feet first, but then it encased him like a cocoon. As he continued walking, his cheeks began to melt away and sink in a little, revealing more and more of his cheek bones. His neck became thinner and the small bubble that was beginning to become a second chin faded into non-existence. His man boobs, that had just started to form on him towards the end of college, shrank and his chest became flat and smooth, while his little pooch of a belly began to recede. Everywhere his body slimmed down and toned up a bit. He wasn't bulky by any shape, but he was defined. He very much looked the part of the thin but taut Filipe Rose from the 1970's. He met up with Ándras who was dressed up as the cop, including a car with flashing and strobe spot lights that fit over his wheel chair, Bran who was dressed as a Sailor representing the military, Luca who was dressed as a construction worker, another 6' 4" but much beefier, muscled man with thick brown hair and green eyes, named Miguel, from Puerto Rico, who was dressed as the leather man, and Stephan, a 6' 8" tall man from America, with honey blond hair and piercing blue eyes, who although dressed as a cowboy, looked as though he were wearing clothes from his everyday life. Ethan had a good time at this party. With this new crowd of friends he was pulled into the center of the crowd. He had many complements on both his outfit, and his body, which he was confused over, but took it stride. He had to stop several times while dancing as the group was asked to pose for pictures, not to mention he felt his ass groped and pinched several times. But the thing that really got him was the fact that he noticed Luca couldn't stop staring at him. He kept wondering if had put some part of the costume on wrong, or had he spilled something on it? Everything began to blur... the crowd...the lights....the dancing.....and the drinks.... Over the course of the night, the crowd had thinned. Miguel and Stephan had paired off and gone to bed. Ándras called it an evening and wheeled himself back to his suite, while Bran seemed miffed about something and stormed off. The DJ slowed down the dance music a bit for couples dances and suddenly there was Luca, face to face with Ethan, his body extremely close...too close. Luca's hand came out and over, cupping Ethan's ass and pulling him close. The other hand travelled up Ethan's arm and to the back of his head. Looking down at Ethan he whispered, "I love twinks..." Ethan stood there kind of frozen in time, his heart pounding a million beats per second. Luca still starring at him stated once more with a whispered strength and compassion, "I really love twinks." With that Luca easily picked up Ethan by the ass as he bent in and gave him a full lip to lip kiss. Carrying him across the deck as he kissed every inch of Ethan's face, neck, and shoulders. After bursting through the gym doors, he deposited Ethan on top of a stacked set of weight plates, ripped off the loin cloth, and proceeded to go down on Ethan. Ethan's head swam. His heart exploded. His legs became jelly. At some point the winds carried him aloft and he was soon on a fairly large, billowing cloud, with Luca over him and a feeling of great enormous pleasure thrusting in him over and over and over..... ************************************************************************* A knock on the door startled Ethan awake. He then went into a slight panic mode as the room he was in was not his. His billowing cloud was the soft sheets and mattress of a suite bed, but how did he get here? Luca... Yes, Luca came onto him on the dance floor, whisked him away somewhere to go down on him and then carried him here to his suite. Luca loved twinks. Suddenly Ethan's cock sprang to all six inches of solid life. Thoughts of Luca were turning him on. He stared down at his cock in disbelief and then went to look up into the mirror to look at himself eye to eye, to debate the pleasure and guilt going through his mind right now. "AUUUGH!" He screamed as he suddenly noticed his body for the first time. He was trim. He was fit. He was slender. Where was his chubbiness? Where was the small roll he had around his waistline? A moment after the scream, the door flew open and in rolled Ándras with a tray laden with food. After a second scream of shock and a clamoring backwards to the headboard of the bed, Ándras greeted Ethan pleasantly. "Good Morning, Ethan. I trust you had a wonderful, albeit tiring, evening with Luca last night?" "I.... I....My body....I've.... I've...." "Racked with pleasure and pain from Mr. Mannheim, I take it?" "Well... yes... but you see... I'm thin... " "Yes, you are, and probably exhausted from your adventure last night with Luca. Here... have some of this." "But you don't understand my body it...ah...." and Ethan chewed and swallowed whatever it was Ándras stuffed in his mouth. "That was...buttery...and salty....kind of tasty. But listen, you have to understand I...." "I decided to bring you a good hearty breakfast, well brunch, since I didn't see nor hear you come out of Luca's suite this morning." Ándras said as he stuffed another something in Ethan's mouth. "These are escargot, French style cooked snails. You've already had two without a problem, so don't run and vomit now. I also had them bring up some oysters, croissants: plain with butter, and chocolate, bacon -everyone around the world seems to be almost sexually in love with bacon these days- hot herbal tea and mimosas." "But you don't understand I've lost weight and..." Ethan wasn't sure but for a moment he swore he could see a crash of waves within Ándras' teal eyes. In an instant he forgot all about how he lost weight and decided his hunger really was too much, after all the fun he had last night. He dove into the tray of food. "Well," said Ándras. "It won't be too hard to find an outfit for you this evening. The theme for today is 'neon!' I'm sure I have some neon colored clothes for you to wear and I'll pick up some of the neon regular or snap and glow items to wear like necklaces, sunglasses, bracelets, all to go with the clothes and the make-up. "In the meantime, after your breakfast, we are going out to see the sites of Kusadasi, Turkey where we are docked for the day. Hmmmmmm Turkish coffee..... I hope you like it, son, because we are stopping somewhere for some; I am so addicted, and I'm gonna drink until I'm filled to the gills." Just then a knock and a voice was heard, "Mr. Okeanós?" "Ándras, please, Metin, and we're next door in Luca's suite." The open door opened wider and in stepped a very tan man, with jet black hair cut slightly long on top, but a very close and trimmed beard, which surrounded some very pillow like lips, while the hair style surrounded brown eyes so deep and dark they were almost black. All of this was on top of a man about 6' tall and pushing 300 pounds of muscle that were straining an ivory colored, mesh-net, sleeveless, muscle shirt, along with some gauzy pants, and leather sandals. "Ethan, this is Mr. Metin Katıtaş. He will help be our guide today." Mr. Katıtaş gave a nod and smile at Ethan saying, "Metin, please." Ethan smiled and nodded back stating his name as his hand reached for a pillow to put in front of his already covered crotch. Metin smiled even broader. The trio got off at Kusadasi, enjoying the beach and pool of the city for a couple of hours. Metin purposefully kept performing something like backward push-ups to lower himself into the pool so Ethan could catch a maximum view of his thick, bulging, and veiny muscles, not to mention his crotch in his tight speedos. It wasn't any better when they took a quick trip to the ruins of Ephesus with Metin straining his muscles to help push and pull Ándras in his wheel chair, or occasionally assist in holding hands with Ethan to steady or guide him, or using his hands to actually hoist and pick Ethan up as though he were no more than a five pound weight. Every minute it seemed Metin was doing whatever he could to bounce a pec here, or pop a bicep there, or to stretch and raise his shirt hem over the first two rows of abdominals, which he would then crunch. Poor Ethan thought he was going to cream his pants every minute of every hour. Back on board. The trio enjoyed dinner in one of the fancier restaurants that night; Ándras and Metin dressed in tuxedos, while Ethan was dressed in some business clothes borrowed from Ándras. There was a band playing and Metin pulled Ethan out onto the dance floor to dance with him a couple of times. One set being a slow dance and although Metin was only three inches taller than Ethan, Ethan feel so incredibly small next to Metin. Metin's shoulder and chest width seemed to go on forever at this close a view, not to mention the arms that Ethan thought had to be as big around as his waist. Dinner and dancing over, the men changed into clothes for the neon party. Well, Ándras and Ethan did. Ándras was in colors of florescent green, blue, and teal, in shirt, shorts, bands, and make up. Ethan was covered in shades of blues and purples with an accent of yellow here and there. Metin wore a posing brief with long fringe hanging in front and back, along with some gladiator boot like sandals both in hot pinks and reds. Similar colors of make-up where applied to him with the pinks outlining every crevice of his musculature and the red tracing his plump veins. Ándras spent a good long time applying make-up to Ethan's face... thick bold stripes along the cheekbones, but not quite following them. Heavy lines along Ethan's jaw as well, some lighter ones across his nose, and then there was a blending of some electric blue along Ethan's hair line and eyebrows, followed by a dusting of hot blue powder into Ethan's hair. Having taken a bit of time to get Ethan done up, Luca showed up and took Metin to the party deck ahead of Ándras and Ethan. Ándras still needed some extra time, so he sent Ethan ahead down to the party. Once again Ethan hit that stretch of deck leading to the front of the ship. There was a sudden gust of wind that felt a little icy, then it warmed up and Ethan could feel the sea spray misting his face. He thought to himself, "I hope this doesn't wash off all this make up." The spray began to come at him more and more, harder and harder on the faster and more furious breeze. It stung his nose, it felt as though it was slicing his cheeks, and his jaw line racked with pain. His eyes began to water and his hair slowly became saturated from the flying sea foam. The sea mist and salt filled his lungs, grasped at his throat - he couldn't breathe. Ethan was panicked. Just short of reaching the party area Ethan put his hands to his face and then ran his fingers through his hair, shaking it. There was a loud whoosh of wind and the sound of a wave crash despite the calm sea and suddenly... ... ... Ethan was fine. His hair wasn't wet, his face didn't sting, he could breathe. Thinking that he might not have had enough to eat or drink at dinner, Ethan went straight for the snack buffet section out on the party deck. He must be woozy from dehydration or a little malnutrition. He stood there noshing for quite some time until a gentleman approached him. "Forget to eat or sleep through dinner?" There next to him was a good looking middle aged man about 5' 4" tall with a good stocky gymnast, or more correctly power lifter's build. He had short cropped salt and pepper hair on top, two day old scruff for a beard and mustache, and a good amount of hair covering his chest, abs, forearms, and legs. which was seen poking out of his white with hot pink trimmed tank top and his electric blue shorts. Ethan turned to face the man who was talking with him. "I've often forget to eat dinner or I sleep through it on these trips. You just get carried away with it... ..... ...GOOD GAWD!" Ethan jerked back wondering why the man just exclaimed so loudly while looking upon him. "I'm... I'm sorry. It's just your face..." "My face? What about my face?" "Good lord, are you humble or blind?" "What?" "You look like a model. Seriously... those high cheek bones, the full lips, the square jaw, that thick jet black hair and day old stubble, and those eyes.... they're striking like ice blue eyes, but they're green. It's like...sapphires..no...too dark, not brilliant enough. More like.... two peridot gems set in your head." "Uhm I think the lighting has you seeing things my eyes..." "Oh and that voice. Such a deep rich bass. It rumbles my body from my chest all the way down to my groin.... good gawd it just drips sexy. Listen, I know this may sound forward or like a cliché pick up line, but could I take some pictures of you and draw you?" "What?" "My name is Jason Walker. I am a photographer and artist, and I would seriously love to take some pictures of your face. I mean... my gawd, man. If it weren't for the fact of you having green eyes and black hair, someone would think you to be a younger, still runner style built, brother of Adam Charlton. Speaking of hot British men...come, meet Arthur. He's another man that has the look for modeling." And with that Ethan was dragged out onto the dance floor to meet Arthur, a man of 6' 3" height with a 220 pound smooth, chiseled physique with strawberry blond hair and deep green eyes. Jason tapped Arthur on the shoulder and went to make introductions, but Arthur turned and looked at Ethan and nearly dropped to his knees proclaiming how handsome Ethan was. He shuddered and shook when Ethan replied and Ethan's rumbling voice rolled over his body. Ethan attempted to be polite, proclaim how he wasn't anything special and excuse himself, but other men wondered what the fuss was about that Arthur had made and turned to look at Ethan. Many men whistled, some howled, some pretended to act like they were cumming on the spot, and all of them proclaimed him to be one of the most handsome men on the ship and that if he wasn't a twink body wise, he could have any, if not every, man on this ship. It startled him when some expressed their approval of his looks by just coming up and kissing him directly. The attention filled Ethan up, made him feel giddy. So happy he was, he was almost punch-drunk now in actions and movement. Jason and Arthur stuck next to him dancing, squeezing him into a great gyrating sandwich and when the neon powder came out, they ripped off his shirt and began to make handprints and rub the chalk all over him. Eventually Jason couldn't take it anymore. "I need you two, in my stateroom... NOW!" And grabbing both men by their hand, he lead them off the party deck, back to his stateroom, where he threw them on the bed and had them make out as he took shot after shot after shot of them on his digital camera and roll after roll on his regular camera in black and white film. The more pictures he took, the more bothered he became and finally after taking a few specific shots, which he muttered something about it making a great painting and a better calendar, his stripped his shorts off, ripped off his tank top and crawled into the now color stained bed. Ethan was so caught up in the size and feeling of Arthur, then being sandwiched with the addition of Jason, he simply let go and while his body was relaxed to receive either Jason or Arthur, his face and lips went to town kissing and giving hickeys all over their bodies. ***************************************************************************** It wasn't early in the morning when Ethan woke up, but it was early enough that for the most part, only the crew was up and about on the ship making preparations for the day's activities. Leaving Jason's bed as gingerly as he could, Ethan spent a few minutes attempting to find his clothes, remembering and realizing his shirt had been torn off of him and he could find his shorts nowhere within Jason's stateroom. He thought he vaguely recalled the three of them standing on the balcony and attempting to fly his shorts like some kind of flag and away they went. Wrapping himself up in one of the bed sheets that now looked like a long, tie-dyed toga on him, he made his way out of stateroom and through the corridors to get back to his small stateroom several floors below. Along the way a number of the crew and some guests saw him, each one smiling a smile with the knowing look of, "I know what you've been doing." There were however also quite a few smiles, winks, and whispered comments on who the man with the model like face was. After a shower, a change into clothes, and a quick bite of a brunch in one of the ship's restaurants, Ethan decided he was going to get out by himself this day. Two nights of extreme....well, partying... was very tiring, although he did enjoy it very much. He also wasn't sure if he wanted company right now. Between some pangs of guilt, thinking about Noah, and the people that seemed to be treating him like an extremely handsome superstar, he felt it might be best to be alone. Not to mention that his brain was trying to process what he was seeing in the mirror. His cheek bones were much higher and more angled. His jaw was slightly wider, much squarer, his nose had narrowed a bit, his eyes had indeed turned a vibrant shade of green, and his hair had darkened into an ebony colored mane around his head. He didn't recognize himself. He felt like he was in a movie about invasion of the body swappers. He especially didn't understand how his new friends could recognize him, or if his old ones back home would. Or Noah... ... ... The ship was anchored at a port in Rhodes, Greece, so Ethan decided to take off and see the sites. The area where the Colossus of Rhodes stood, the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, and several other areas he visited during his day time excursion. He even had his picture taken several times by fellow passengers from the cruise who simply had to get a selfie with one of the most handsome men they ever met. Of course, a number of them commented that if he were taller and bigger built, they'd leave boyfriends, husbands, some men even said their wives for him. Around midday, Ethan was walking around a small little bay along the coastline of the island. It wasn't marked on any of the tourists' guides nor maps. There wasn't a lot of traffic but there were some men in a slightly hidden area along the shore, standing there with hands raised. Ethan wondered if this was some new, modern cult to the Greco-Roman Gods, and then it struck him, he knew these men. It was Bran O’Seannaig, Metin Katıtaş, and Luca Mannheim. Bran stepped forward and poured a bottle of wine into the ocean, followed by Metin casting various flowers upon the tide, and then finally Luca looked as though he was throwing golden jewelry into the sea. After all the gold was cast and sunk, the trio peeled their clothes off, walked about mid calve deep into the water and then proceeded to jerk off until they came and came, their cum mixing with the foam of the sea. As if responding, a wave grew up from the ocean, moved towards and then around the three men, scooping them up and pulling them into the small bay. The three men swam and played with each other and acted as if they were being caressed by unseen hands. Ethan thought he'd go ahead and let them enjoy their moment and turned to leave but suddenly froze. There, on the entrance of the ancient, small, weather worn path, at its beginning was a fresco in a niche carved into the rock. The face had eroded off over time, but the hair was still there, and the eyes...bright....teal....eyes. Ethan was sure he had seen those exact eyes before, but couldn't recall where. He stood there a while and felt as though he should do something, but wasn't sure what. Eventually, shaking himself awake while realizing he needed to get back to the ship, he pulled out some Greek coins and left them in the niche. Arriving for dinner, Ándras asked questions of how Ethan's day went between various people singing karaoke as egged on by the loud and guilt maker queen, Hazel Tov. Ethan wasn't sure why it was, but Ándras certainly looked stronger and healthier this evening. In fact Ethan almost swore Ándras was glowing. But before Ethan could ask his friend how his day was, Ándras' thoughts turned to what Ethan was wearing for this evening's party: Where Are You From? "Oh.... I don't having anything." "Well, that's very unusual for an American." "Don't suppose you could assist me again, could you?" "Not really. I'm Greek. Bran is Irish. Metin is Turkish, Luca is German, and I don't think we have red, white, and blue make-up to paint on you." Ethan looked a little deflated and depressed at hearing this news, but then Ándras spoke up. "Well... I did have one friend who was originally coming on this cruise, but had to cancel at the last minute. I had packed a couple of things for him. You could wear them and just fake it." "Oh? Is he Canadian?" "No...he's Dutch." "The Netherlands? But they speak Dutch. How am I...." "Most of them all speak English as well." "But it's like land of the giants and I'm land of the short average." "It will be fine, just wing it. Be adventuresome." Arriving back at Ándras' suite, Ándras pulled out a pair of shorts with the flag of the Netherlands printed on them and then a good sized flag of the Netherlands and pinned it around Ethan's neck as though it were a cape. Shirtless and shoeless, Ethan wondered if this really was an appropriate outfit to wear, but figured as little as he had seen many of the men wearing so far on this trip, he was fine. Before they left, Ándras gave Ethan a gift of a necklace made out of coral with a nautilus shell for a pendant, and they walked to the elevators. Many of the men were greeting Ándras as well as Bran and Luca as they walked onto the party deck. The crowd had opened up a bit so they could get to the center, meeting Metin there. Men were dancing with flags of their country on like capes, like togas, sarongs, beach towels, or with hats, glasses, bracelets and necklaces and other accessories with the flag or colors of their nation. While dancing it seemed a fog had formed out at sea and was beginning to engulf the boat. Lots of men laughed and joked making scary and moaning noises, some twirled their hands or flags to create patterns in the mist. Not too long after the mist started, Ethan turned to look at and dance with Bran, who suddenly seemed to get smaller. "He must be doing a dance move with bent knees." Thought Ethan, especially after Bran sunk lower, and then lower again. Spinning around to tell Metin, Luca, and Ándras too look at their friend getting down to music, he let out an audible gasp. "Are you all right?" asked Metin. "Uhm...yes..." said Ethan haltingly. He was looking Metin eye to eye right now, and he knew he should be looking up just slightly, Metin being three inches taller than him. "What's wrong?" queried Bran as he danced up to Metin, who pulled him close to gyrate together. Ethan took a step back. Bran came up exactly where he normally did on Metin - right under his chin. Which means both men are standing straight, and Bran is hitting him the same place as he does Metin. "Are you sure you're all right, Ethan?" "Yes... uh..." and suddenly Metin seemed to get lower. Ethan let out another small gasp, and then caught himself and feigned a swoon. "I think... I think I didn't keep myself hydrated enough on my trip inland today and it's catching up to me a bit." "Luca, why don't you take Ethan to the refreshment table and get some proper fluids in him." said Ándras. Luca embraced Ethan in hug like hold and dance-walked him through the crowd to the back edge of the deck. The whole trip though Ethan couldn't keep his breath he was gasping so much. Men his height, he was becoming a bit taller than. Smaller men like Bran he was starting to tower over. The whole walk back men were shrinking all around him. What was going on? Escorting him to the one of the punch bowl sides of the catered table, Luca grabbed a cup, filled it up and handed it off to Ethan. "Here, drink this." "Thank yo--WUAH!" Ethan stepped backwards in fear nearly tripping himself onto the table. Luca caught him by the wrist and put him upright again. Ethan stood straight and tall, looking at Luca...looking slightly down at Luca. It might be only by an inch, but he was.... looking....DOWN....AT LUCA! "I will go get Ándras." "No... no no.... it's okay. I'll be alright. The heat from the day and the strobbing lights are just affecting my vision and balance right now. Just give me a few minutes and a couple of glasses of punch, a couple of hors d'oeuvres to snack on and I'll... I'll be fine. You go back into the crowd. Have fun. I'll join you guys again in a minute." Shortly after Luca disappeared into the crowd, Ethan felt a presence behind him and then heard the words, "Ben je een Nederlander?" Again turning around Ethan looked to see a pair of men...very tall men....one was blond haired blue eyed, average build of a body, kind of a boyish looking face, while the other slightly taller man was brown haired, brown eyed, and a pretty good muscular build on him for one who is so tall. The first man Ethan came just to the top of his ears, while the second man he came up to the bottom of his ears. Ethan was turned on by these very large men, and became very nervous, but he started to tell them the truth that he didn't understand them or what they had said, but instead words that he had no idea how to speak came rushing past his lips. "Ja, zo te zien zijn jullie het ook." "Tcha! We zijn allebei Amsterdammers. En waar komt jij vandaan?" "Mooi zeg. Ik, Delft." "Geweldig. We wilden jullie allebei zeggen dat je extreem knap bent ... .... en je bent een supergrote twink. Iets waar we al heel lang mee bezig willen zijn. We zijn te groot voor de meeste mannen." Ethan couldn't believe what was happening. He was having a conversation with two men in a language he didn't know, nor understand. Yet, somehow, they were able to understand him and he them, and he knew they were hitting on him. But why did he tell them he came from the Netherlands? Why did he state he was from the city of Delft? How did he even know of the city of Delft? After some more conversation, flirty comments on appearances to each other, they were asking him to dance; they were asking him to dance close. They pulled him back into the crowd and after much dancing in the heart of the crowd, they moved towards the pool edge, dropped their three-quarter length Capri pants to reveal some short shorts underneath and persuaded Ethan to jump into the pool with them. Soon they were swimming and rolling and kissing and making out in the deep end of the pool. ************************************************************************* Another late morning wake up for Ethan. He lie there on the bed, feeling the warmer air begin to fill his cabin and caress his body. He was asleep with the sheets slightly askew on him, mostly just draped across his middle section. Normally, no matter how warm or cold, he would have full shoulder to feet coverage with his blankets and sheets, if not including his head as well. As he lie there, he looked with his mind and ears and realized he was in his own stateroom. Recalling the evening after the pool he went back to Stijn, the shorter of the two at 6' 10", and Jayden's stateroom for an evening of fun, that in performing, Ethan swore three men their size would destroy the bed. The bed did become a problem for them as to save money on the trip the two Dutch giants had booked a single. All the twisting and turning, groping and fondling, sucking and pounding were fine, but once the three of them, exhausted, attempted to all lie down comfortably on the bed and sleep, it just couldn't be done. Sleepily Ethan excused himself, hugged and kissed Stijn and Jayden good-bye and walked back to his cabin with only the flag of the Netherlands to cover him, his shorts lost somewhere in the Dutch men's room. But something else was troubling him as he perceived his room with his mind. Thinking of troubling beds, his stateroom bed felt smaller. It felt both less wide and shorter to him. Yes, the more he lie there and felt it, the more he realized it. His feet were just hanging off the mattress. They shouldn't be doing that. Remembering though had happened last night, Ethan leaped out of bed and looked at himself in the mirror. Letting out a yelp he backed into the bed seeing that his head was partially cropped off in the reflection. He'd...he'd have to be fairly tall for that to happen. Without thinking he went in to take a quick shower, giving a small scream again when he realized he could just look over the stall door and that the shower head was a good couple of inches lower than his head, the spray thus hitting him in the chest. He then stumbled out and began to put on clothes. First his underwear, then some board shorts, then a nice polo, and then his boat shoes. That's when it hit him - his clothes fit. Moreover he didn't have any clothes like this. He stood up and sat down to check his point of view in the room and to look at himself in his clothing. Up and down, up and down, over and over again. He was tall, but his clothes fit. But they can't fit because he was originally shorter side of average. His mind was racing. He wasn't tall, but then where did all these clothes come from? Nervously, shaken, he sat back down upon his bed, staring down at his feet and shoes. They looked huge. Gigantic from what his mind remembered. As they were looking relatively new, Ethan slowly pulled one foot up while leaning down and pulled off one of the shoes to look inside. "Sixteen." Ethan's heart raced. He knew he only worse a size nine shoe. Something was wrong. He had to find out what was happening to him. He decided to rush out of his stateroom. He wasn't sure where he'd go, but some fresh sea air, topside, might help him calm down, clear his head, and think. However, when he opened the door, there was Ándras waiting for him, and as he stared into Ándras' eyes, again he felt the breeze of the sea and could hear the pounding of the waves, as well as see them. "Good morning, Ethan." "Ehm....Morning, Ándras." "I was coming by to see if you'd care to join Luca, Bran, Metin, myself, and two men we met last night at the party... a Mr. Walker and his friend, Arthur. He's wanting to take some private photos of Metin, as well as heading with us on our day trip out into Santorini, Greece. He's apparently one of the cruise's official photographer and videographers. I also came by to drop off this for tonight's party, which is farmers or cowboys." "uhm..... sure....sure.... I was heading out to get breakfast anyway..." From that point on the next three days ran together in one really big blur. He met everyone for brunch and then spent the day with them in Santorini exploring ruins and seeing sites. Arthur, Luca, and Metin seemed to be treating him more like an equal now, while Bran and Jason both stared up at him in awe and lust and giggled around him like they did Arthur, Luca, and Metin. Ethan felt fine, but something inside him was still amazed by the fact that Luca and Arthur seemed slightly shorter than him and Metin only came up to his nose. They enjoyed dinner together in one of the more relaxed restaurants. Ethan kept experiencing a thrill and kind of a turn on, as not remembering his new 6 '5" frame he kept accidentally kicking Arthur or Luca's legs. To which, they started a game of footsie, seeing whose legs and feet could reach the longest and farthest up to one another's crotch. Luckily no one else noticed as Hazel Tov and Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos were on stage giving a very hilarious and scandalous comedy routing, throwing shade on everyone. It was at this point that everything begins to blur. It was a two day trip until the next port of call, so there was nothing else to do but have your fun on the ship, and fun became Ethan's middle name whether he wanted it to be or not. That first night party, farmers and cowboys, Ándras had given him a straw cowboy hat; sleeveless, button down, plaid shirt; blue jeans with tons of holes in them - especially around the ass; and a pair of cowboy boots. Again approaching the main party deck he encountered a mist and it put him in a slight dreamy like state. He began to take longer strides in more pronounced steps. He held his head high, his shoulders back and his chest out. His shirt began to pull tighter and tighter around his torso. The crescent beginnings of some decent pectorals started to form. His deltoids started to over flow the arm hole of the shirt, while a lil bit of lat muscle poked up and out from that same hole too. His shoulders started to make an angle up to his neck, which although not huge, began to widen and thicken under his head. His upper arms began to take on a firmness and then just a hint of shape when relaxed, showing just a bit of power and some size. Likewise his forearms had begun to become thick with muscle shapes as well. His jeans began to pull a bit tight against his ass which was bubbling out and firming up, same thing with the back of his thighs most definitely, but the jeans still hung fairly loose around the calves. He had sort of a soccer player look. A young man just in the beginning of athletic study and performance. He looked like a young man who had spent his youth working on a farm and being part of a high school football team. Except he was an impressive 6' 5" tall. Before the din of the DJ and music could cover it up, Ethan heard the clomps of a big man walking down the deck, with a very firm heal toe movement. Thud-pat...thud-apt....thud-pat.... But every time he stopped to look around, the man would also stop walking. Once out on the dance floor he was quickly approached by two men from China: Yixin Shen & Wei Bao. Both of them with jet black hair, beautiful almond eyes, great smiles, but the first man was all of five feet tall with a very slim but muscular appearance that was also very smooth. The other man however was 6' 3" very light, but full and feathery hairy chest, a bit darker skin tone, and quite a bit beefier like a new bodybuilder on his first or maybe second off season gaining body. They complemented him over and over again on how handsome he was. Yixin stated how much he loved very tall men, while Wei said he love those who were muscled like him or much, much bigger. Ethan wasn't quite that size, but his face more than made up for it. Ethan might have decided to go find his friends or just leave all together. The partying was becoming quite a bit much. However Yixin and Wei knew their way around the body and while dancing were groping him, massaging him, as well as caressing and kissing him, that it worked Ethan into a lust frenzy, and a desire to be worshipped. He wound up heading back to their cabin and for the next two days he still wasn't sure if he ever left it. But he had to have left it. He attended the next night's party - Dog Tag aka Military, dressed in an outfit like a United States Marine. He felt the costumed uniform become tight on him, snug. He felt a couple of seams rip or a button fly off. While on the bed with Yixin and Wei he could see larger size, better definition, the veins beginning to rise and plump up and cross over the mounds of his muscles, and striations forming and cross-crossing his body this way and that. The pair of Chinese men kept on performing massages, acupressure, acupuncture, giving him herbal teas and food. He felt so wonderful, so relaxed with them. The following night's party he attended with them as well. His costuming having been dropped off once more, presumably by Ándras. This time it was a totally new experience for him as it was Drag Night, but he didn't have to wear heels like many of the guys did. No, his outfit had special boots. Boots because it was an outfit to mimic the female wrestler Chyna. While out on the dance floor that evening, Ethan wondered about the possible shoddiness of the costume's construction. It started to feel very tight on him. He started to hear rips and pops, he saw lacings snap apart! By the time it had come to head back to Yixin & Wei's cabin, Ethan was needing to adjust his walk, kicking his legs out a little sideways. He was having to twist and turn to start getting through doorways. In bed he began to look down his body or stare at it in the mirror and marvel. First he looked like a new decent athlete. Then he looked like a personal trainer who was somewhat lighter in musculature, but now... Now he looked like a pro-wrestler. Now he looked like the Rock. Maybe a little bigger. It was like one massive odd game of Twister in the China men's bed. They were groping and fondling him more and more now, tracing the crevices around his muscles, especially his abdominals and obliques. They cupped the increasingly swelling mounds of his muscle bellies and gave them squeezes to try and deflate them using just their bare hands. They put him through various exercises to watch the muscles extend, contract, and pump up with blood. Problem was, Ethan had become fascinated with his own body; rubbing his hand across his chest, pinching a nipple, feeling the cobblestone path that was his abdomen, tracing the tear drop shapes on his thighs, groping his own biceps. The men had him start doing bodybuilding poses and learning to bounce his pecs, together and individually. Although one part of his mind screamed it was impossible, the other part felt there was nothing wrong with it and he enjoyed himself and his new look of a very athletic man. Whenever they tried to grab him, he was in the way grabbing himself. For three days his muscle grew in size, strength, and density. He blew up like a balloon. He felt harder, denser, thicker, wider.... he felt strong. ****************************************************************************** The next morning the ship was docked near Giardini Naxos, Italy. Yixin and Wei woke up early and left to go see the sites, leaving a note telling Ethan they'd see him later. Searching around their cabin, he finally found some of his clothes under the Chyna drag outfit. He went in and took a shower to remove the make-up from his face for the party held last night and then changed into his clothes. He still marveled at the size of his feet and the shoe he had to put on them, but laughed it off thinking, "Big guy, big feet...obviously big shoe." He then got lost for a bit, checking himself out in the mirror, after he had slipped his shorts on. A couple of side arm and chest poses with some pec bounces later, he decided, "to hell with it", and just draped his shirt over his neck like a towel. He walked out of the stateroom with a proud stride down the corridor, greeting all the guys who whistled, winked, smiled, and blushingly turned their heads away from him with a broad smile and a single wave hello. He took a slight detour and headed outside instead of continuing down into his stateroom. Leaning over the balcony and listening to the ship and the ocean, the sea birds flying over his head, he closed his eyes and felt the sun on his broad back and slightly barreling chest. He felt good. He felt invigorated. He couldn't wait to see what the next seven nights brought. His silent moment was broken by the sound of a wheel chair and a friendly voice. "There you are Mr. Olson. I was wondering if I would see you again. You seem to be out and about enjoying the sun, and shirtless too, I might add." "Yeah..." Ethan said looking down at his body. "For some reason I just felt I didn't need to put the shirt on. Hell... I think I might go buy a new swim suit, one of those thongs ones, so I can tan all over." "Well, you might not want to get too much sun; you're already quite a few men's fantasy on this ship." Ethan blushed and smiled. "Nah... I'm just an average joe.... but I am kind of tall and this weather and sunshine is doing something to my body. I feel so....strong.... and my mind feels so clear." "Good. Glad the trip is working out for you? Ready to do some more ship to shore exploring? Oh and do you need help with the party tonight? It's super heroes." Ethan's smile beamed ever brighter. "Do I! I'd love to go to that party. I'd love to see what I look like in a super hero outfit." The pair went off to go join another set of friends Ándras had made and together they all enjoyed the sites of Giardini Naxos, Italy. Later they met up with Ándras' regular circle of friends for dinner with the exception of Luca. Luca needed to join the three drag queen hostesses: Hazel Tov, Cadence Alcoda, and Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos as the four of them and various cruise guests performed various acts for "Talent Night." Later that evening, Ethan slipped into the outfit that Ándras had given him, recalling what he said about this large unitard kind of outfit. "This was for my friend who couldn't make it. It's a hero primarily only known to those fans of Detective Comics, D.C. for short. His name is Nuklon, and he's like the hulk, you need a tall or tall and big man to pull him off. He was basically exposed to radiation in his mother's womb, and as such grew to be a very tall man with various shape shifting and phasing powers. Quite strong too." After getting dressed and slipping a red haired wig on, he ran to the party deck, where he was instantly greeted by a number of guys who thought his costume looked awesome, as well as several friends made on the cruise. The young man who originally had folks adjusting their position to cut him out of their group, was now one of the men they pulled in the center to become the nucleus of a group. As he was dancing, Ethan began to roll his shoulders. He'd point his foot and flex it. He reached up to the sky and stretch. It felt so good, stretching and reaching up higher and higher if he could, and then he returned to dancing. But his vision began to give it away. It was like he was on a small elevator and slowly but surely his point of view was getting higher and higher. He saw Bran, Jason, and Yixin shrink lower and lower until they nearly looked like children to him. He watched as not only Metin, Luca, Arthur and Wei shrunk away, but Stijn and Jayden did as well. Higher and higher he rose, watching all of the short guys become extremely small to him. The average became short, the somewhat tall average, and the really tall just tall. Ethan's heart began racing, but he wasn't sure what for. He was slightly worried about this, but at the same time felt great and wanted more. Watching all the men becoming smaller than him was becoming a huge turn on and he was afraid he might pop an erection in this very non hiding super hero outfit. Eventually he thought to himself, "Who cares. I'm large, in charge, they all like me, what are they going to do?" By the time he was done growing, Jayden only came up to his eyes, Stijn only came up to his mouth, Luca, Arthur, and Wei hovered just an inch or two above his shoulders while Metin just an inch under them, as Bran and Jason came up to mid bicep or the arm pit, and poor, little Yixin came no farther than where Ethan's lats taper into his obliques. Now at his new towering height, even more men clamored to be and dance around him, to speak to him, to touch him. It could have been another sexual frenzy night but Ethan felt so good he practically closed the party, and all the men who wanted pictures with the true, actual, life-sized super hero from the comic books... Ethan spent nearly two hours of the party, straight through, getting his picture taken with men who were posting all over every social media: "OMG! LOOK AT THIS GIANT HOTTIE!" "HOLY SHIT BATMAN! It's a real, live, giant Nuklon here!" "Make me a criminal; I want this hero to take me down (and go down on me as well.)" "I don't know what his super power is, but I bet he has a personal battering ram...." He was still getting pictures taken and signing faux autographs by the time he made it to his cabin, after experiencing several knocks to the noggin from hanging signs, plants, and doorways. Doorways, not only did they hurt his head, he had to learn to twist, turn, and duck to get through them as being too narrow they kept slamming his shoulders and delts, not to mention his arms couldn't go through. A couple of guys kept offering to watch him over night and hold ice bags on his head, but he thanked them and ushered them out the door. ************************************************************************ In the morning, once again, Ethan was lying face down upon the bed. His covers once more only covering his middle section and much less of him than before. His mind and sense of touch once more tried to feel the room before he opened his eyes. If thought his bed was too small before, he knew it to be now. Straightening himself upon the bed and placing his head right against the head board, he felt as though his shoulders were almost as wide as the bed and he could feel his legs sticking out beyond the bed from about mid-calve down to his feet. After that realization, he had another. He was not alone. He was hearing something like the fold of fabric and the placement of something into something else. The clicking of latches. Someone is messing with his luggage? Quickly flipping over on the bed, he looked up to see a ship's porter and bellowed out, "What are you doing in my room?" The porter, a youthful, but very manly looking black man, with a name tag that said, "Kwame", who stood around 6' 5" with a stocky but solid build and bald head, shook and spasmed like he was suddenly having an orgasm. His deep rich eyes suddenly opened wide in horror, and then looked up at Ethan and he stammered. "I...I.... I.... I'm ... I'm sorry, sir. We realized we made a mistake and we are correcting the problem?" "Mistake? What mistake?" "Obviously the incorrect placement of you into these accommodations." "I was incorrectly placed into these accommodations?" "Obviously, sir. You're taller than the bed and mattress is long. Which also means you take up like nearly a fourth of the room by yourself. You don't fit in this stateroom's shower, sir. These trips often get overbook and in attempt in planning and working things out, we obviously gave the suite you booked to someone else and stuck you down here. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and are therefore moving you into the only suite we have left available - The Poseidon Suite on Deck 16, sir. We did try to wake you, and when we couldn't do that, decided to pre-pack your things and move them to the suite. You will have the ability to go through all your belongings and if anything is missing we will find any party who stole anything and of course pay for replacement, if that were to happen." Ethan thought for a moment and didn't understand where this was coming from, but the porter was correct, he was too big for this small stateroom. "All right, just tell me where I need to go." The porter staring all wide-eyed at Ethan, stammered some more while trying to hide a growing erection and wet spot. "Sir... do you not think you should put some clothes on?" Looking down at himself, Ethan smiled at his nudity. Part of him thought, why? Why the hell not? Just walk out there in the buff, and walk proudly to his new suite in the nude. To save the porter more embarrassment though, he thought to put some clothes on. "Of course... did you leave me any clothes to put on?" "Yes, sir. We left out one outfit for you, along with the package of new clothes with shoes you ordered." Ethan looked down at the package slightly confused. "I didn't order any clothes." "They must be yours, Sir." "Why?" "Who else would wear Triple eXtra Large and Quadruple Tall shirt, not to mention the size 24 shoes, sir. Who else could possible wear those but you?" And with that the Porter had finished packing Ethan's cases and proceeded to cart them away to the Poseidon Suite. After the porter's departure, Ethan then decided to get a shower and head on out and up to his new suite rooms on the sixteenth deck in order to be able find them and of course check them out. The porter proved exceptionally correct on being too big for this stateroom's shower. Although set slightly higher than most showers, the shower head still only came up to the top of of Ethan's chest and just below his shoulders. Speaking of his shoulders they were slightly too broad for the space of the shower and thus he couldn't close the door all the way. The shower wall itself only came up to the top of Ethan's shoulders as well, and the square room of the space was nearly too small for Ethan to bend or twist in order to wash his chest, shoulders, head, and hair. Once out of the bathroom and dried off, he spent a few more minutes than necessary putting clothes on; he went through and tried each shirt on to see how it fit on him. He also took time marveling at his shoes and his feet. Measuring them via the bathroom floor tile he reckoned them to be just a titch beyond fifteen inches long. One last check in the mirror, he placed the clothes left for him to choose from in a bag, decided he should go shirtless again, and head on up to deck sixteen. Along the way he began to enjoy new perks of his height and build: men were running into things while staring at him go by, or men were coming up and saying hello in stammering or hushed voices, or more brazen men were whistling at him or even coming up and giving his butt a squeeze or pinch. Then there were the cons: ceiling lights, ceiling hung signs or plant pots, short elevators and doorways, were all things Ethan had to learn to duck, or face horrible pain. Despite those aggravations, both pros and con were making Ethan feel confident, proud, and... turned on. Reaching his suite there was a porter standing waiting for him at the door who greeted him, silently with eyes wide in wonder, and handed him his pass key to get into the suite. Walking in Ethan was at once astounded by the size of the suite, and yet joyfully rejoiced in his mind, "YES! Something in my size!" Coming in from the suite door the room panned out starting on the left hand side: a book & media library or office with a pull down twin bed; then a half bathroom or toilet; behind those two rooms was one bedroom with two bunk beds and a full bathroom; then there was the dining room; then the living room at the 12 O'clock position from the entrance door; followed by the master bedroom on the far right with what they called an Emperor size bed and a walk-in closet, along with a master bath with whirlpool tub and a hot tub; and another bedroom with a king size bed and full bathroom. On the other side of the dining area, living room, and master bedroom was the suite's verandah or balcony with eight deck chairs and four small tables. Ethan laughed and chuckled as he walked into the master suite and then took a running jump onto the "Emperor bed." WHUMP! Ethan moved his hands and legs out as if making a snow angel, feeling the great width and length of the bed which made him look and feel like an average man. Not too long after he re-unpacked everything, Ándras called bringing in some exceptionally large shoes. They were a bit bigger than his own shoes... quite a bit bigger. Ethan joked with Ándras asking if his shoes weren't big enough to which Ándras replied, they were monstrous compared to most men, but tonight's theme is Big Shoes, and being as tall as he was, he needed something even larger to look like he was participating instead of just wearing his normal shoes. Ethan just smiled, shaking his head, wondering where on earth Ándras found shoes so large - size 35 to be exact, to which Ándras informed him they were a giant promotional pair made to help show and sell the shoes in a display window. Ethan put the shoes away until later. He then went out with his gang of friends and explored the port of the day, Naples, Italy. Ethan's confidence in himself and his looks grew more and more as the day wore on. Traversing through Naples' Medieval and older section of the city meant he had to twist and turn to get through doorways, bending at the waist as opposed to just the head. People stared at him and whispered about him behind his back. Folks came up asking for autographs and inquiring if he was a famous NBA star. Children were asking him to flex for them or pick them up or give them a piggy back ride. Shop keepers were willing to give him a bit of a discount, provided he allowed them to take a picture of him, or him with them. He arrived back at the ship laden with many souvenirs, packages, and gifts, not to mention his friends fighting to see who would walk next to or directly behind him, especially when he bent over to help push Ándras in his wheel chair; his ass and thighs tightening as he did so. It was same at dinner as folks Ethan didn't know yet were passing by his and his friend's table and smacking him on the back and saying hello, waiting for a handshake so as to compare Ethan's hands to theirs. Even his friends appeared to have silent stand offs on who would sit next to him. Later, not sure what to wear, he decided since he was getting so many complements on his body to just wear a pair of under armor knee length shorts and the giant ass shoes that Ándras picked out for him. Together with his friends, along with many other members of the cruise, everyone was flapping their way down to the party deck with over sized shoes, sounding more like a bunch of divers who didn't take off their flippers, walking around. Once again, Ethan became the center of a group of men dancing together, being pulled in my his usual group of friends along with some new faces. At one point Ethan met one of these new men; an average build and height man with bald head, two day scruff of a beard, extremely hairy, and of all things, violet eyes. He introduced himself as Ony Vasiliev from Russia and began talking to Ethan with a thick accent. "I know you know, but vow you are zo tall." Ethan smiled and nodded. "I tink tall men are ze most sexy men in da whole vorld. da?" Ethan smiled and nodded again. "And muscular men are sexy as well, da?" Ethan smiled and nodded still. "And one who is bot tall and muscular is double sexy, da?" Ethan smiled and winked at Ony. "Are you ze holy trinity zexy?" "Holy trinity sexy?" "Da.... are zose your actual shoes?" "No, they are exceptionally large shoes for tonight's party." "But you art danzing so vell in them... do you have big feet naturally?" "Size US 24." "US Twenty-four?!?....Is it true vat dey say?" Ethan began to feel a warmth in his groin. It made him feel aroused and heady at the same time. "No, what do they say?" "That a man's member can be judged by his feet?" Ethan felt the sensation again and swore something was stroking his cock. "That it lets anotter man know how big his cock is...." Ethan felt the under armor shorts pull a little tighter on his groin. "His shoe size mi-nus two..." Ethan felt his cock ooze out at little more from his groin and stretch down his interior left leg. "Or just his shoe size..." Again the stretching occurred. Ethan began to feel the shorts pull away a little bit from his thigh. "Or da size of his hand." Ethan felt the shorts pull away from his groin area. Both his balls and his cock were growing. "Or da bridge of his nose?" Ethan moaned very audible, although the crowd couldn't hear because of the DJ's music playing so loudly. His under armor shorts were being pulled away somewhat, yet they felt as though they were getting tighter somehow. Ony looked down and could see a very full and heavy outline of testicles in Ethan's shorts, and coming out of those was a very long and hose like form running down Ethan's inner left leg. "My Got! You are zo hung." And reaching forward and grabbing Ethan by his inner left thigh and squeezing, he squealed. "It's sqooshy! It's still soft!" And as if right on cue, Ethan felt a flood gate of warmth was over his prick as a rush of blood began to fill it up, causing it to extend slightly longer and thicker than before. "You are porn star! You must work for BelAmi! You make Kris Evans look like a midget!" and Ony began rubbing Ethan's growing cock via his silky, under armor shorts. Ethan moaned feeling his cock extend slightly further, plump slightly thicker as he was aroused more and more. Eventually he picked Ony up, cradling the 5' 9" tall man in his arms as easily as he could a child. "You're turning me on...." By this point Ethan's balls were quite large and bulbous, while his cock was extending a good way down his thigh and straining to pull over and out in its central position. The crowd was cheering, "Take him! Take him! Take him!". It wasn't known if it was for Ethan or Ony, but with that Ethan carried Ony all the way back to his suite, where he shut and locked the door, threw Ony down on the master bedroom's "emperor bed", ripped his shorts off, yanked Ony's shorts off and then.... well it is said that the decks above and below could hear a Russian man screaming... "Takoy bol'shoy!........ FUCK! ........AUGH! .......PAPA!........ FUNT MENYA!" ****************************************************************************** The next morning, Ethan woke up with lil Ony sleeping on his torso, his little legs wrapped around Ethan's decent sized thighs and calves, his head using Ethan's chest as a pillow, while his hand, in his sleep, absent mindedly ran through the hair on Ethan's chest. Quickly, smoothly, and easily, Ethan moved Ony from him to the bed, and then in an instant went down on Ony's morning wood. His large tongue moved and swirled while his lips sucked and in just a minute Ony was awake and screaming a primal, guttural, passionate moan busted both his nuts in one major toe curling orgasm, and then passed out on the bed. Ethan smiled and then walked out on his balcony, forgetting where his new location was. Higher up on the ship, he was also more inward, which meant a couple of decks below him could look up and see him standing out on this balcony. Indeed some folks did and when Ethan heard the cat calls, he put his hands behind his head and made his semi-erect cock do the helicopter move to the cheers and applause of those below. His crowd of friends dropped by his suite to have breakfast now, and of course Ándras was there to drop his costume off for that evening's party. It wasn't much. It was a thong with a numbered circle pinned to it. The evening's party theme was "sports" and his friends had decided with his build and equipment he should go as a bodybuilder. But before that was the day excursion into Rome, and boy did they give Ethan a workout. They had him help pull them up stairs or lift them down from higher plazas to lower, he pushed Ándras, he carried packages, he chased down an unfortunate pick pocket thief. By the time they returned to the ship, Ethan almost felt too sore to go dinner or the party, but still he did go. Most of the crowd of men whooped and hollered for him as he made his way to the party deck and out into the center. His poser thong fit him, but was slightly pulled down by the length of his cock and by the weight of both it and his balls. It exposed just slightly the base of his prick and the pube bush growing around it. It didn't take long before many a man came up and started having pose offs with him running through all the moves: front double bicep, lat spread, side chest, back double bicep, back and shoulders, back thigh and calves, side triceps, abs and thighs, and back to front double bicep. However, by the second time through, Ethan began to feel a warmth spread across his body. Every time he struck a pose he could feel his muscles inflate. He could feel them become denser, harder, thicker, stronger. Striations were coming through with every line of muscle fiber becoming more and more pronounced. The same could be said for the definition and the crevices in between his muscles. As his muscle bellies became larger and swelled more, becoming engorged with a larger and larger pump, the crevices and separations became deeper, more defined. Then there was the veins that popped up and began to run across his body like rivers drawn across a map. So plump, so full, feeding his muscles more and more blood. Ethan paused in between and made several trips to the snack buffet, stuffing himself with meats and vegetables, drinking milk, and then had the staff make him protein shakes. And his soreness from the day was disappearing. It felt like for every muscle growth spurt his soreness went away. By the end of the evening he had gone from personal trainer and wrestling star build through amateur bodybuilder to a Mr. Olympia contender. His dancing turned into more and more of side step shifting of weight. Walking was turned in side kicked waddling. His arms were lifting more up and out by the minute so that it was hard for him clasp his hands together in front of his self. And the growth continued. The next night's theme was "The Gods" party. Ándras help Ethan get dressed, smiling knowingly for some reason as he draped a lion shaped cape over Ethan's shoulders and once the bottom of the toga skirt was on Ethan, he cinched it up with a golden belt that sent a feeling of power running through him. Ethan strode out onto that party deck in those clothes with some massive Roman leather style boots with a feeling of power. Power! Power that continued to grow just like he did. If he was an mere Mr. Olympia contender before, he was growing into a full blown, real Olympian demi-god now. Men were actually throwing themselves at him. If he didn't see or acknowledge them, they still fought to just touch his feet. They clung to his thighs and calves, they squeezed his upper arms trying to deflate his biceps, crush the growing horseshoe of his triceps. They beat on his abdomen and his chest trying to make him scream in pain, or double over for breath, but they just kept hurting their hands and his abs became more defined, more like solid bricks, while his chest just barreled out more and more while it got broader and thicker. Not to mention his growing nipples which some men took blows to the head because they were trying to suck on them between men pounding on Ethan's pecs. And still some men just hung around his neck trying to see if he'd choke! His neck became as wide and thick as his head. A pure column of marble. His back, shoulders, and delts seemed to collectively become as wide as his body was tall. His arms ballooned his lats flared out like wings so that his arms never hung down at his sides even while relaxed. There were so many lines and divisions, crevices and separation in his obliques and abdominals it was like he was wearing a highly intricate piece of plated armor. His thighs grew so big and thick he waddled around in a full side kick walk, rolling his thighs around one another. Their large tear drop shapes pushing the straps of the leather skirt apart here and there and flaring them out on the sides when he stood still much like the bulge of his balls and cock did. His calves grew and grew looking as big, thick, and round as his upper arms until there were several snaps heard and those worshiping his feel and legs were struck with bursting leather straps like cat-o-nine tails across the face. His Roman boots were quickly being destroyed. When they passed out awards for the best God costume, his name was called and he stood upon the dais with his hands clinched in fists, arms high in the air above his head in the now classic "victory pose" of bodybuilding. Eventually leading to a crab shot pose and a scream from Ethan as the crowd chanted out "ETHAN! ETHAN! ETHAN! ETHAN! ETHAN!" They applauded and cheered as he made his way off the dais and walked back to the dance floor. Some men were crying in hysteria over his handsomeness, his size, his alpha-ness. Others cried wishing to be with him, like him. Many had taken to jacking off right there on the dance floor, in the pool. They all wanted to reach out and touch him. Having reached the edge of the dance floor, Ethan stopped, turned with a large smirk on his face, and grabbing the belt, the toga skirt, and his thong in one hand, he ripped them off and threw them to the floor. The crowd went ballistic, screaming and hollering their approval. Ethan did one more crab shot with a wink to the crowd and then after doing a fake take off to temp the crowd, ran all the way back to his suite. Some of the men went after him. Arthur, Bran, Jason, Jayden, Luca, Metin, Ony, Stijn, Wei, and Yixin all made a run for it too, but with most of them knowing where Ethan's suite was located, arrived there first. Ándras slowly wheeled up to the golden belt on the floor picked it up as a knowing smirk spread across his face. He put it in his wheelchair's holding pouch and then proceeded to roll his chair backwards until it hit the pool edge and it dumped him in. The crowd went silent, but when he came up, easily treading water with his arms and making his way to the steps, they all cheered and shouted and some jumped in next to him to have some fun. **************************************************************************** The next morning Arthur, Bran, Jason, Jayden, Luca, Metin, Ony, Stijn, Wei, and Yixin were all in Ethan's suite passed out either in his bed, or on the floor near his bed. This scene was discovered by Ándras as he wheeled in followed by a number of porters bringing in trays of food. "A very late good morning, gentlemen. It is time to get up. Only three more full days of the cruise. Can't spend them in bed. I have brunch. In case you need to energize from all the sex." "What sex?" called out Bran from underneath Ethan's arm. "All we did was grope and fondle and caress Ethan's massive muscles and then took turns stroking his cock. It took forever for him to reach orgasm. I think the sun just came up as we managed to do it." "But oh what a load he blew. It took a bed sheet to clean up. Not towels, a full bed sheet. The laundry folks are going to freak." Said a very fit runner, around 6' 1" with ebony hair and eyes, bronzed, smooth skin, and a very carved body with some outstanding tribal tattoos. "Who are you?" asked Ándras "Oh, hello. I'm Enele Tasi.... Runner.... from Samoa.... scheduled for the next Olympics. Why I was able to catch up to Ethan. I like big muscle dudes. They're thick like us Samoan men... except me." Enele said kind of disappointed like. Slowly, everyone got up, had something to eat, and then all went back to their rooms to get changed and meet up again in Ethan's suite to plan the excursion in Ajaccio Corsica, France. Ethan had fun again, but the stardom of his size among both the people he met in France and the passengers on the ship were beginning to wear him down. He gave public dinner a pass that evening, instead having it out on his balcony with the breeze blowing through his thick hair, both on his head, and the light but thickening chest, ab, arm, and leg hair that appeared the night before. The sun beating upon his flesh, continuing to deepen a tan he had started developing the more he began to wear less and less. He breathed deep and easy. His massive chest expanding to almost double its size each time he inhaled. He ate his massive five plates of dinner relatively slowly, enjoying each bite, each taste. It was shortly after he finished there was a knock on the door. "Come in." bellowed Ethan, but politely. Through the door came Ándras who inquired if Ethan was going to go to the party tonight. Ethan paused for a moment, thinking at first no, but then decided again, he was out to learn not to be boring. He was here to experience everything there was to one of these cruises, and with a smile and renewed energy turned to Ándras and asked him what to wear. Ándras produced a small white garment, something thong or poser like but with a special shape. Ethan looked down at it as he held it in his hands and smiled. The All White Party was going in full swing when Ethan arrived. There were men in white tuxedo vests and speedos, some dressed as ghosts, some in white track suits, some just wearing white bands or had white paint on their bodies. Ethan was the only one however in a thong, but not just any kind of thong. It was a thong with a white elephant head on the front and Ethan's schlong filled up part of the trunk. Pulled into the center and surrounded again, Ethan waddle danced with his Herculean muscles with his friends and several admirers as there was dancing, and drinking, caressing and fondling, arm wrestling, hoisting of men big and small into the air as though they were a barbell, two handed and then one handed. There were fast dances where men watch Ethan's cock move like a pendulum, to slow dances where men short and tall felt small and engulfed by the massive form that was Ethan, clinging to him like he was a rock face - a mountain. Then there came the stroking. It started with a couple of men sneaking it in during a dance. Then several made a game of it to see who could get close enough to quickly sneak a stroke before Ethan could get them. Then Ethan's friends began to hover around him and stroke him looking at the game players as if to say, "this man is mine." Over and over again it happened and then it began to happen. stroke. Ethan feels the warmth in his crotch again. Stroke. Ethan's cock moves a little further down the cloth tube that is the trunk. Stroooke. Ethan's prick is getting longer and thicker. It's becoming fully engorged. STROKE! The super schlong becomes even longer and thicker as it begins to become fully erect. STROOOOOOKE! It is doing its best to rise into a pointing up position but it's becoming so long and so thick, so large the best it can do is stick straight out from Ethan's groin. STROOOOOOOOOOOOKE! The colossal cock is filling the entire length of the elephant's trunk. This is a gag gift. No man's penis is supposed to do this. STROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE! With a rip followed by a long tear Ethan's member bursts through the gag gift posers. The trunk lying limp in strips and ribbons from Ethan's crotch, while his mammoth member throbs as hard as iron in front of him. The crowd of men had become silent as each man stepped forward giving his sheathed schlong a stroke, waiting breathlessly to see when it would burst through. Upon doing so there was an eruption of cheers. Hazel Tov walked around the DJ and his booth screamed "Oy gevalt! He's become a pole vaulter. Jonah Falcon increased to 7' 6" with his proportions intact has still been beaten." Cadence Alcoda hit several high soprano notes that sounded more like screams of orgasms and then held her dress near her crotch and quickly walked off stage. Meanwhile the usually very hot and sassy Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos simply stared at Ethan in wide-eyed awe or horror and passed out, falling into the pool. At this point one man reached out and ripped the elephant head thong off of Ethan's body and several men surrounded him, groping his arms, pulling on his back, forcing him into a waddled walk into the center island of the ships main pool. Once there, several men splashed him and then each and every single man came up and gave his protruding prick as long, slow or quick pull as they could. After half the men had a turn, it became a two-man competition: while one man stroked the tube, the other stroked the helmet. Over and over again it occurred and the longer it went the more Ethan moaned and groaned. His body eventually began to shudder. His toes began to curl. He began to bite his lip. He started to clinch his fists and flex his arms in order to not involuntarily strike someone down with a massive blow. "Mama Hazel... I think he's going to blow like a fountain, look at his balls!" "Forget his balls, Cadence. Look at the fountain head!" And at that moment a three man team had finally done it. Two of the men wrapped all four hands around his pole and firmly, but oh so slowly, drew one long drag down his wonder worm. Meanwhile man three had been using his right hand to need Ethan's cock head like a bread dough and his left to reach down and stroke Ethan's tangerine sized balls. This sent a jolt from piss slit straight down the shaft, into his balls, and then up to his head and across his nose tip and into his lower lip. Contorting, twisting, his right foot raising its heel in the air and to the left while it stayed on its tip toes, his right knee twisting in, his left foot firmly flat on the floor but his left toes curled up, while he threw his head, back, shoulders, and arms backward, and clinching his hands in a fist, held his chest and arms in a pose as he let the feeling of orgasm out. "EAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU HA HUH HUH UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HUH HUH HUH AH HUH AHHHHH AHhhhh huh huh ah WHOO huh huh a huh uh uh uh whooooooooooooooooooo." No one thought to measure the distance of the shot, although it was long and coated several gentlemen. Everyone who saw it swore it was like watching old faithful. Many were certain, when he fucks someone, when he reaches climax, the power of the shot will blow someone's head off. The crowd went ecstatic giving roars and applause. The chant of Ethan's name came again with more folks calling him a god among men. When he started to move and walk away, everyone stepped back giving him room. Everyone just lightly touched him as though if by doing so they would begin to grow and be blessed. Some did pat him on the back or butt in congratulatory praise. Until there was one man, Lauro, a dark haired, eyed, and skinned, thin and skinny man of 5' 5" tall from Brazil who loved one thing in life. "Mr. Olson, I love cock! HUGE COCK!" The crowd went silent. There were murmurs about how you just don't ask a man of this size, this caliber, or even imply if you can suck his cock. You wait for him to recognize you. Ethan looked down at Lauro who was not trembling and casting his eyes away. Ethan smiled softly and his dominant dong began to inflate once again. The crowd cheered at the sight of this and Ethan picked up Lauro one-handed and ripping off the man's shorts, stuffed him onto the end of his member and walked him back thus to his suite. ***************************************************************************** In the morning Ethan felt a little tired, but good. Poor, poor, Lauro was splayed on his back on the bed, still asleep or perhaps unconscious with a pleasant smile upon his face. Ethan was still getting used to himself, his body, and he felt like he needed to do something. He felt antsy. He felt pent up somehow. Finally he decided to do a calisthenics workout using his own body weight as resistance, performing sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, and arm dips at various angles, followed by pull ups, squats-thrusts, and planking. Afterwards, pumped and sweaty, he walked into the master bathroom and proceeded to take a shower, losing himself in his thoughts and his body. His now massive hands ran over and over himself. It felt so odd, yet so good. His eyes were closed, but he kept seeing visions of himself as this short, pudgy man, yet his fingers were giving him the picture of this man that was exceptionally tall, extremely and powerfully built, with bloated and full belly muscles, deep defining crevices that Lauro's finger tips were lost in, plump and thick veins he could trace, very prominent nipples, and a cock that didn't seem to stop. Without vigorously stroking his cock, Ethan sent himself into a primal roaring orgasm such as he could hear the blast of cum splattering against the glass over the shower head spray and water draining. Coming out of the bathroom, nude, and striding through the master bedroom into the dining area, Ethan came out to see Ándras with a couple of garment bags draped across his wheel chair. "Oh... Ándras." "Morning, Ethan. I knocked, but no one answered, so I let myself in. If it bothers you I can let you get dressed and come back." Ethan stood there for a brief moment, but then a smile came across his face. "Nah..." He began walking around hips slightly thrust out so his cock could achieve a full pendulum swing. "I'm good. What brings you by, friend?" "I'm here to get you ready to join all of us today; Lauro in there as well. The port of call today is Monaco and we're going to spend it style." And unzipping one of the bags he revealed a tuxedo. Ándras, being a man of some wealth, frequently on these cruises treats some of the men he's made friends with to a luxurious day at one of the best casinos in Monaco. As they piled into the shuttle bus, Ándras introduced everyone to a new friend, Antoine Lefresne. He was an older man around 5' 11" tall, 300 pounds of round rotund weight, with hazel eyes and a crown of grey hair speckled with white. It seems that he had Ethan's costume for the evening's party: Fetish Night, and the costume came with him as a mandatory accessory. But first they arrived at the casino, and once again the pack was introduced to another friend of Ándras', but this time it was a distant relative of his and was a woman, Argent Fortuna. She was stately, tall, stoic and graceful in movement, with cascading blond curls that framed her teal eyes and her coral lips which formed a devastating smile. She lead them into the casino wearing a golden dress made of many layers of fringe, all tipped with what looked like coins. She escorted the gentleman to various tables throughout the day, laughing with them, drinking with them, blowing on dice, or knocking the table for their cards. Ethan was having a grand time attempting to try all of the various table games and saying hello to so many people. Folks just had to pull him over to be with them as they gambled. Surely, a man of such size and strength brought luck, or they were just in awe and love with him - this walking wall with the most handsome face. Men and women we giving him chips - and hotel room keys - left and right. Towards the end of the day, Ethan was a little tipsy. Not really drunk, but just buzzed. Enough to feel warm and really relaxed. He'd had a very fun day, although he still wasn't exactly sure of everything. He'd seen various color chips being passed here and there but didn't know how much each were worth. He had basic knowledge of each of the games but didn't really know how to play. He had played and gambled so much that eventually his chips had been exchanged and he was now carrying twenty grey colored chips. It was at that point that he recognized the back and dress of Argent, who was standing at a table, and went to approach her. She suddenly turned as if to leave and her foot was out enough to cause Ethan to trip. Ethan fell forward towards the table, stumbling and attempting to secure his footing again to stand and hopefully not bump the table. He managed to stop, but his torso was bent precariously over the table and he was flailing his arms desperately to keep his balance. Eventually his chips slipped out of his hand and he moved his giant paw to swiftly catch them, but instead wound up gathering them back into a stack and slamming them down on the table. He stood there breathing heavily for a moment. Everyone around the table had gasped fearing the worst that Ethan would fall and his body size would flip the table. Instead they all breathed a sigh of relief when he stood up straight and tall, and the croupier, realizing Ethan had tripped his way up to the table, asked him if he was indeed wanting to place a bet. Ethan felt everyone kind of press in against him, and not knowing the value of the chips he had, just looked down at where his hand and chips had landed, smiled, and said, "Sure why not.... I like the number zero. It's simple and round, and I like the color green, too." The crowd of course was agog over this and the bet was spread like wildfire throughout the casino with everyone who could getting as close as they could to the table. Many people whispered that Ethan surely had to have a pair as big as his muscles, and that he must have already been loaded. Argent came and stood next to Ethan, grabbing a hold of him and whispered in his ear, "Good luck." The croupier called out that bets were now closed and then proceeded to spin the wheel and the ball. Ethan however nearly had a heart attack as although he knew he was playing roulette, he hadn't known he just made the bet with the greatest odds of losing and with a one-hundred thousand dollar bet at that. Round and round the wheel spin and the ball went. The ball began to slow down... it shifted into the deflectors, it travelled around the small space in between, and passing the slots.... Black 17, Red 25, Black 2, -... Red 21, .... Black 4, .... .... Red 19, .... .... .... Black 15,..... ..... ......Red 32, The crowd gasped as the ball seem to freeze on the wheel edge before the numbered slots until finally..... clack clack clack clack.... it dropped and spun a little in a slot. "GREEN ZERO! PAY OUT TO THE WINNER: THREE MILLION FIVE-HUNDRED THOUSAND!" Ethan was, needless to say, gob-smacked. You could've knocked the giant man down with a feather. Even more so once Argent let him know that the total listed by the croupier would be the amount he received in Euros and that the American equivalent was 4,341,715 dollars. Argent led the shocked and silent Ethan to the Casino offices, after making sure he took his lower valued chips and spread them as tips to the croupier, the waitresses that served him, and few other folks. She then helped him to sign off on paperwork to pay the taxes on his winnings, and have the bulk of them transferred to his account in the US, with just enough to keep and have some fun with the last day of the cruise. A little while later, back on ship, the still in shock Ethan was sitting in his suite when there was a knock on the door. He had completely missed dinner and there was Antoine Lefresne dressed in tight leather pants, black knee high boots, black fingerless gloves, black and metal harness, a riding crop in hand, and a mask that made him look like a fat version of Bane from DC comics. After allowing Ethan to grab something, quickly, to eat before the dance, he then helped Ethan into his costume. The loin cloth was easy enough. So too were the sandals and the small black mask - not that that was really going to be effective as who else was a seven and half foot tall hulk on the cruise? However the rest of his outfit consisted of a very heavy gauged chain that was wrapped around Ethan's torso and arms, with his arms being secured behind his back. From the front there was a slightly smaller gauged chain that extended out and Antoine held in his hand. Everyone oohed and ahhed at the sight when Ethan and Antoine arrived and whooped and hollered at the antics as Antoine whipped Ethan every once in a while and gave him orders to kneel, or let Antoine ride his shoulder, or for Ethan to suck his cock, or the fact that despite so much length of heavy chain wrapped around him and binding his arms and hands, Ethan was capable of dancing pretty well. Towards the end of the evening though there was a small side contest that developed. Those of the BDSM set wanted to see who's "slave" or "pet" could do the most or best thing for their master. Antoine wasn't going to enter as he knew this was new to Ethan, and Ethan wasn't his usual partner in this fetish, so he thought better of it. However the crowd began to cheer Ethan's name, and try and pull him towards the dais and then cry out Antoine's name too. For some reason Ethan had to begun to think the idea might be really fun, and since Antoine had provided him with the costume for the evening he turned and kneeled in front of Antoine, still practically standing just as tall as him, and bowing his head, softly asked, "Please, master? May we?" Antoine smiled and jerking the chain hard, loudly proclaimed, "I make the decisions, and you're doing this whether you want to or not!" But what to have Ethan do? The other contestants had already put on quite a show, and some of them might not be able to be topped. Finally, Antoine decided, it must be a task based on Ethan's strength - his strength. Pulling Ethan up onto the dais, he stood aside, looked at Ethan and barked an order. "BUST THE CHAINS!" The crowd of men got all hushed, and whispers of worry and doubt spread through the crowd. Ethan was a giant of man, with a hulkish build, but could he do it? Ethan smiled and began to struggle a bit against the chains. "BUST THEM!" Ethan wiggle and squirmed once again. The chains were holding firm. "DO AS I TELL - BUST THEM!" Ethan shook and then went into doing deep breathing. His chest seemed to flare out a bit, his elbows possibly moved out to the side. He stood straighter and taller. The chains stopped making noise they were being pulled so tight. "BRAKE THOSE BONDS - I ORDER YOU!" Ethan breathed deeply again, once more his chest flaring out more, along with his lats this time. His arms looked as those they were blowing up again like balloons. His shoulders, back, and delts spread out wider. His legs looked as though they had become fuller and harder. Once again stood taller. There was some odd and eerie sound like something stretching, or being twanged. The sound of a supporting cable when stressed or thumped. "YOUR MASTER SAYS TO BREAK THOSE CHAINS!" And Antoine turned an whipped Ethan across the back of his thighs. Ethan didn't even flinch. Instead he breathed in deeply again. His head looked as though it rose higher. His mask suddenly snapped off. His feet burst his sandals. The rope tying his loin cloth around his waist dug in tightly. There was blood beginning to trickle from underneath the chains around his arms and pectorals. Veins were popping up all over his body and he seemed to swell and grow ever bigger. There was the sound of an eerie straining again. "I SAID TO BUST THOSE BONDS!" Antoine went to flailing on Ethan with the riding crop. Some men, even in the BDSM community thought it was taking it too far - although Antoine was striking the chains on Ethan's back as opposed to Ethan's skin. Ethan once again, widening his stance, breathed deeply. The sides of his sandals split completely. The rope for his waist band snapped. His body became more engorged with blood and more blood was seeping out from underneath the chains. His elbows and arms came out more. His back got wider and wider as well as his lats. His thighs swelled to impossible and inhuman shape regardless of his towering height. The men began to turn on Antoine telling him to give it up. Ethan was killing himself and it wasn't worth it. But suddenly Ethan decided one more try, without his master's order, needed to happen and as he breathed in deeply one last time... SNAP! There was a motion as one of the chain links broke and now formed a stretched out "C" as opposed to an oval. A split second more and the stillness of the night was broken by two more snaps and then the chains were no longer tight or together and slid off of Ethan's body. Once again, the crowd went mad, crying, having orgasms, cheering, screaming. Never before had they seen anything like this and yet here it was in front of them. A man.... a huge man.... a giant..... a man-god! Ethan turned, kneeled before Antoine who grabbed the award and then handed it over to Ethan, who in turn picked up Antoine and carried him back to his suite. ***************************************************************************** The next day, the last full day on the cruise, was spent without a special port but en route to the disembarking port of the cruise, Barcelona, Spain, but there were lots of fun, last day competitions. There was the race in high heels contest, the toss a handbag contest, a Mr. Muscles contest, Best Drag Queen contest, some sports competitions like swimming laps and such. Ethan of course took Mr. Muscles and a couple of the swimming competitions, although he never found a speedo to actual fit him. The one he wore gripped his ass like a second skin, and was pulled down so far in front by his cock, he could've just as well gone nude. They also made Ethan do some strongman kind of competitions. They had him blow up and burst a hot water bottle. The made a plank stage and had him lift it using just his back, leg, and knee strength. He had around 28 people on it at one time and was going for more, but the planks couldn't stand the weight of the people. The last night was also one of the nights where they showed various sexual acts and techniques to help men spice things up in the bedroom and refresh their sex lives. The plans for the evening were switched, and the presenters humbly asked Ethan if he'd step up on the platform, lie back, and they proceeded to show ways of how to take one's extremely endowed lover in, how to jack his super schlong off, how to rub it's head, how to clamp it off with a cock ring. ... ... ... They succeeded in making Ethan blow a load about six times, and he still didn't quite seem fazed by it. That evening was just an open dance party, except for one hour of the evening during which the three drag queen hostesses and Luca proceeded to announce a winner. "All right you filthy gigolos, man whores, and rich daddies, it is time to see the face of tomorrow!" "That's right Mama Hazel Tov. We are here to announce the new Mr. Eros Cruise 2018. But before we do that we want to reintroduce you to this last year's Mr. Eros Cruise 2017, Luca Mannheim. Get on out here, boy!" Luca showed up on stage wearing a tight white speedo, his sash, and fairly plain, golden crown, while carrying another sash and a crown with him. "Hmmm hmmm hmmmmm hmmmm Children, if you didn't get a chance to see him during this cruise.... that was your loss...and you're blind! Cacao, tell them what's going to happen!" "Thank chou, Cadence. The whichknner of this chear's Mr. Eros Cruise winz a custom selec-see-on of men's swimwear; a tuxhedo from Mr. Fey's Formal Wear; utility, formal, rainbow pride, and casual style kilts from Kilted Brothers; $5,000 dollars in dinero; plus chke receives an all paid trip for next chear's Mr. Eros Cruise 2018, staying in one of the larger suites, and with daily meal vouchers included. Candence..." "As those of you who are regulars know, normally we call for the top five contenders to come up on stage and we have some fun and take votes by applause-o-meter. However, this year we couldn't do that. This year the votes for the top five were so packed with just one person's name, there wasn't even enough votes left for a tally to consider other contestants, and even if we did, if all you bastards cheered for him like you voted for him, you'd only hear one or two of you scum bags applauding your other favorites. SO! We're just gonna go ahead and call it and crown the hunk o' the year. Hazel..." "It is no surprise who this man is. Bubeles, if you missed him on this cruise, Oy gevalt! You're not just blind, meshuganahs... ... ... you're dead! This paragawn of perfectiawn in looks, strength, and .... PACKAGE! This tower of powah.... this eight foot tall wawking mass of muscle.... Grown so big only because he has the biggest and warmest lil' heart in the world. Your new Mr. Eros Cruise....2018..... is....... " "ETHAN! ETHAN! ETHAN!..." "Shut up, you horny bitches! PEH! Ruin the moment for me and him. It's my job, damn it! Animawls. Oh to hell with you all. The winner is... ETHAN OLSON! Get on up here, hon!" Ethan stood there motionless. He couldn't believe he'd been voted on let alone took it by a landslide. Walking up and standing there he marveled, looking down at the 6' 4" Luca who only came up half way to Ethan's delts, or basically to his arm pits. There was a bit of laughter as Ethan had to drop to his knees in order for Luca to properly pin the crown on after the sash. The sash itself was a bit of amusement. Being so tall and with a chest so thick and lats so wide, instead of hanging across Ethan from right shoulder to let hip, it only went around him right shoulder to just under left lat and was so tight it look like it might rip apart at any moment. "Go on, Ethan, go greet your adoring, or rather horny, fans!" called out Hazel Tov. Ethan began to walk through them and was really mesmerized by how small everyone was. The few men like Stijn and Jayden who stood from 6' 10" to 7' 1" only came up about half-way up Ethan's column like neck. The slightly tall men like Kwame, Wei, Luca, and Arthur who stood from 6' 3 to 6' 5" only came up to the same place as Luca did, while the average sized men like Ony, Antoine, Enele, Metin, from 5' 9" to 6' 1" stood just under the arm pit and slightly above where the bottom of the lats met the obliques. Meanwhile Lauro, Bran, and Jason looked so short, with Yixin looking almost like a preteen to Ethan, their heights of 5' to 5' 5" making them reach only from where the lats join to down to just above the hip. Not only that but looking at his upper arm, his cold upper arm, he felt certain it could snap the waist bands of Yixin through Ony's pants, with the exception of Antoine as bulbously big his belly was. Antoine's big belly being about the only thing that didn't look slim next to Ethan's bulging bellied, thick and dense, muscles. Even turned sideways he could block a person from being seen, and many of the muscular men looked gaunt, thin, and under developed next to him. And some of those people were personal trainers! The party continued on as Ethan made his way through the crowd talking to everyone, getting felt up, having comparison pictures taken, dancing in groups, dancing with people on his shoulders or hanging off his arms. He was there until around two in the morning, when suddenly a way too short deck chair-lounger was pushed at his heels for him to fall back upon, which caused the legs, despite their being metal, to give way and bend or brake, with a few straps busting as well. Then Antoine, Arthur, Bran, Enele, Jason, Jayden, Lauro, Luca, Metin, Ony, Stijn, Wei, Yixin, and even Miguel, Stephan, and the porter, Kwame, all hoisted it up, albeit it with some great difficulty, and carried Ethan all the way back to his cabin. ************************************************************************** The next morning, the suite was a complete wreck. The swimsuits and clothes worn to the party were strewn and flung about everywhere. A couple dozen of champagne bottles were empty and scattered among the chairs, beds, and tables. Five carts of food were in disarray with their plates and serving dishes on every flat surface they could find. Almost every bed sheet and comforter had been pulled from here and there, as well as all the pillows, and were draped over this, that, and many a body. Jayden and Stijn the Dutch giants were sprawled out all over the master bedroom's bed. On either side on the floor lie Luca and Wei. Antoine was asleep in a recliner chair in the living area, while Arthur, Bran, and Kwame were entwined, asleep in one of the smaller bedrooms, and Enele, Jason, Lauro, and Metin were in the last bedroom asleep on the floor, the mattresses from the two twin bunk beds being pulled down. Miguel and Stephan were passed out on the pull out bed in the Library-study room, and that looked possibly broken. Last was Ony and Yixin, curled up together on top of several blankets with one comforter on top of them, all on top of the dining room table. It was into this scene that Ándras wheeled himself, smiling and smirking as looked this way and that to see who had done what and who was together. There was a stench of cum and sweat and musk that rolled, not wafted, rolled through the entire suite. "Gentlemen.... it is time to get up.... up...Up...UP....UP!!" roared Ándras. "Noooo." moaned Luca. "Yeeees" answered Ándras. "It is time to get up and quickly grab something to eat." "I'm..... too full of cum." Said Bran as he belched out loud in protest. "Give me the cereal" said Yixin on the dining table. "I think I'm full of..... milk? Do men's breasts produce milk?" "Who knows, but a man's pecs might. Those two, huge, granite like globes or slabs of rock on that man-god are called pecs. They can never be confused as breasts." Mumbled Wei. "He can certainly bounce them like breasts" yawned Yixin. "I don't think I can move anything below my waist." called out Jason. "Who got fucked by Ethan's third leg?" inquired Enele. "I think we all did." said Kwame, who was trying to focus his eyes on a clock. "OH MY GAWD! I am so fired!" "Calm yourself, Kwame." stated Ándras calmly. "I have taken care of you, telling your superiors I have called for your assistance in packing my things, then heading over to help take care of Mr. Mannheim, and then Mr. Olson. Go, put your uniform on a couple of different hangers, take them into the secondary bathroom, take a good hot shower with soap, and then bring the uniform back out here to air by the balcony doorway. "As for the rest of you... you need to get up, get moving, and help clean this place up. We will be arriving at the last port of call in four hours time. Your stuff must be packed and you must be ready to disembark." There was a collective shout of "OH SHIT!" from everyone as they made their way to the trays and carts Ándras had brought in, followed by everyone grabbing all the clothes and helping them sort them out, followed by grabbing all the blankets and bed sheets, folding them up, and putting all mattresses back into place, save one. "Anyone know where the couch hide-a-bed mattress is?" called out Metin. "For that matter..." asked Jayden "Where is Ethan?" Everyone froze for just a moment looking around in all the rooms and noticing he was not there. Finally Jason called out, "He's here in the Master Bedroom's Bathroom!" And there he was, stretched out in the tub, with the couch's hide-a-bed mattress underneath him, resting his head on a pillow, his body filling the entirety of the tub, and his feet sticking out almost two feet past the rim. Jason having found his camera took several pictures. Ándras spoke. "You will tastefully edit those, won't you, Mr. Walker?" "I'll edit them for the Cruise's website and program book." Jason smirked. "I'll send all of us copies of the full monty." There were cheers from everyone and a grin and roll of eyes from Ándras. They let Ethan sleep for about as long as they could and got the suite cleaned up as best and as fast as they could. Kwame moaned in worry over the fact that some pictures and lamps were broken, a couple of plates, but Ándras ushered him out the door and told him to take care of Luca's suite, he'd take care of the damage here and meet Kwame in his suite later. Ethan was finally woken up and helped clean and straightened up the rest of the mess made, ate some brunch items, got his suitcases packed with his clothes that he didn't really recognize. When all was done he took his travel bag with him, turned his keys into the front desk, and then waited by the railing for the gangplank to be lowered, the door opened, and everyone to disembark. He was near that same spot he met Ándras that first night, and Ándras was the last person he'd see. "You left your sandals back in your suite Ethan." Ethan looked down at his feet and noticed they were bare. "I guess I've been so used to party living, I forgot that I needed to wear shoes elsewhere." Grabbing the sandals he looked at the heel of the sole and saw the imprint of 28 on them. Suddenly visions, memories, flooded back to him. He closed his eyes and waited for the swooning to stop. "It's not real, is it?" he said to Ándras. "What's not real?" "Me. I've forgotten it most of the trip, but I have been changing, growing, into a giant muscled behemoth with a devastatingly handsome face and a horse cock, but I'm really this average height, pudgy guy, with fairly bland features. It's not real... ... ... this. I'm going to change back aren't I? Somehow this was just to give me a taste of the wild side, an adventure. Somehow, you know. I'm sure you know." "Ethan... it doesn't have to change. You could come with me and you could be so much more." "And where would that be?" "I can't tell you that." "And if it's more like these last two weeks, that's still not really real... is it?" "What do you mean?" Ethan crouched down besides Ándras' and his wheelchair. "This was.... interesting.... don't get me wrong, I definitely had fun, made some wild friends, but no one was really interested in a true meaningful relationship, or friendship. I became this like demi-god, and everyone wanted to make friends but only because of my body, not because who I am. Could you promise me something substantial if I left and went with you?" "That would depend upon what you become." "Would I become something other than who I am?" "Yes." Ethan sighed. "I don't think so. I love how I feel, how I look, the confidence it has given me. I've had more fun sexually than anyone should allow or have. I know I could probably go out there and grab anything I wanted now. Do anything. But... ... ... I have a boyfriend back home. Noah. Despite all of the fun times and the sex, I couldn't stop thinking of him. Despite our having kind of fight before I went on the cruise, I still love him. Even if I was to take you up on your offer or start this new life... .... .... I would need to see Noah first to set things straight. He deserves that." Ándras smiled at Ethan and patted him on the hand. They stood there for a while in that comfortable silence only two close friends can create and enjoy. The gangplank had been lowered and the gates opened. Nearly all the guests had left the ship. After strapping his sandals on, Ethan walked up to the gangplank and took a deep breath. Just as he was about to step off, there was the sound of a huge splash of water, and turning to look back where Ándras was, all he saw was Ándras' empty wheel chair drenched with water, but Ándras was nowhere to be seen. Ethan smiled and nodded knowingly, as though he knew this is how it should be. Turning back to the gangplank, he crossed past the gates and proceeded down. KA-LUMP KA-LUMP KA-LUMP KA-LUMP KA-LUMP KA-LUMP .... all the way down the gangplank, through the shore side gate and there Ethan saw.... everyone was still so small and short to him. People strained their necks to look up to him and backed out of the way as he walked down the street. His cell phone rang. It was Noah. He managed to get some school tests done and out of the way to scrape together a week off. He had called Ethan's boss and told him that Ethan was sick. He was sorry for how he and Ethan had left things. Could they take some time here in Barcelona to talk things over, and he would actually listen. Noah said he'd be waiting by the luggage carousel in the airport, and asked for Ethan to please meet him there. *********************************************************************** Ethan easily made his way toward the baggage claim area and saw what was once the semi-large form of Noah sitting in a chair. Deciding to go for a shock factor, Ethan chose to sit directly behind Noah, having to slide down not to hide his height, but because the size of his two thighs wouldn't fit in the seat and their armrests. They still were bent slightly outward. "It's me, Noah. Don't turn around. Just talk." "You okay? You sound like you have cold or something." "Yeah, caught it on the last couple of days of the trip." "Otherwise you enjoy yourself?" "Yes." "Good.... I'm glad.... I'm sorry I basically called you a boring stick in the mud. I didn't mean to insult you. I like your stability. I like your promptness. Your ability to plan and organize. Not just because you help me and my life with it, but because it's you. It's how you are. It's part of your character and I fell in love with that quirky part of your personality. I just think you should get out every once in a while and have some fun. Not like you have to do it every day." "Well... I can see where you are coming from. I could easily make our lives stuck in a rut boring. Need to shake things up sometimes. Plan something unplanned." "Ethan..." "Yeah, Noah?" "Can you forgive me? Can we take the next week to explore Barcelona and ourselves again?" "I think that could be arranged." They sat there for a moment. Noah becoming a little frustrated that the conversation wasn't continuing on. Worried that the last two weeks might have been too much of a good time. "Did you make any new friends?" "Yep." "Did you.... uh..... find a lover?" "Yep. About seventeen or so, actually?" "WHAT? How could you have seven...." and Noah spun around in his chair to face off with Ethan and stopped dead in his tracks, mouthing the words Oh my gawd, as Ethan stood up and up and up to turn around and face him. "How could I have seventeen lovers? Well, it could be because of my height...." and Ethan stood up as straight as he could. "My mighty muscles... " and Ethan flexed his biceps. "Or maybe it's my four foot cock?" Noah swallowed hard. "You.... have....a ....four..." "But don't worry, with enough exercises for you and lube for both of us, I'm sure we can make it work." And then he bent down and whispered to Noah. "No, it's not really four foot long, but it definitely is a record breaker." Noah stood there looking up at the man who used to come just up to the top of his ears and now he just barely came up to Ethan's armpit. Noah stammered. "How....when....this.... hap....growth.... so.... huge..." Ethan smiled as he noticed Noah's pants beginning to tent out. "Do you like what you see, Noah?" "Oh my gawd...I love you the person, but this body, the man.... ... I so want to fuck you right now." whispered Noah. "Well.... why not?" With that Ethan got up, saying nothing else, and went to the restroom. Noah followed with Ethan's suitcase and his and stood by the door. A moment later Ethan opened the door just slightly a jar, grabbed his and Noah's suitcases, and pulled them in. Noah, looking puzzled, walked through the restroom door. "Ethan what are doing?" There was the sound of cloth being fluffed, maybe pulled? "OH MY GAWD! ETHAN, MY PANTS!" There was another sound of clothing being fluffed, or again was it pulled? "OH MY GAWD! ETHAN YOU PULLED YOUR PANTS DO......" There was the deafening silence of a pause, the sound of a gasp... "OH MY GAWD, ETHAN YOU'RE GINORMOUS!" The sound of a stall door slamming open.... "OH MY GAWD, IT'S GROWING BIGGER!" The sound of a stall door slamming shut. "Ohhhh OH OH! OH MY GAWD! SO HU....AAAAAAUGH! "OH... "MY... "GAWD... "OH... "MY... "GAWD... "OH... "MY... "GAWD..." A Janitor with black hair and beard, streaked with white and silver, and the most gorgeous teal colored eyes, walked by and upon hearing the noises from the men's room, smiled and went into work on the ladies. Suddenly there was the sound of a dead bolt turning, the water pipes in the men's room began to whistle, moan, and sing loudly, and out of nowhere a sign faded into being upon the men's bathroom door. [OUT OF ORDER: THE PLUMBING NEEDS QUIETING.]
  18. MaxMann


    Hi, guys. So I'm ready to start another month of brand new stories, and this one is based on one of my favorite morph websites, Gigantic Huge Meat. I've taken a character he's created and made a full length story based on his creation. And the lucky man being grown is based on a fan who's done his own homage to a series I've written before. See if you can guess who it is. Have fun, men! GHMI "So...what brings you to GHMI today?" Drake Wilson stared at Peter Chaos in awe as he played with the business card. He'd heard stories about a hypermasculine man with the ability to make men grow, but until he encountered a mega on the subway two weeks ago he thought it was someone's overimaginative fantasy. On that crowded train, he found himself pressed against a stunningly handsome man with muscles bigger than he'd ever seen, and a crotch that looked stuffed with a frozen turkey. His eyes grew wide as his cock grew hard. And when the stranger looked at him with his bright blue eyes and said, "You want this, don't you?", the strongest orgasm he'd ever experienced left him weak and wet. The man smiled and said, "I thought so. I can tell when I've met a wannabe. Do you want to be a mega or a giga?" Drake just gulped and said, "A what?" The man took the card out of his wallet. "Call him. Tell him Bjorn wants you to join him." He couldn't forget that encounter. It filled his lustful dreams each night. He started searching the Internet for more info about Bjorn and others like him. The images seemed unbelievable. That much muscle...that much cock. If he hadn't met Bjorn, he would think a talented morpher had created these men out of his delightfully twisted mind. But then he saw another while buying groceries, and a third in the street being pawed by a group of men as he passed by them. To paraphrase from a famous sitcom, these men were real and they were spectacular. And Drake wanted to be just like them. But how could this be possible? How many years could it take to become like the beautiful behemoths he was seeing? He called the number on the card, and when Peter's deep, hypnotic voice told him that after one two-hour session with him he will understand, he thought what could it hurt. He called in to work to take a personal day off, and bought some 4XL clothes per Peter's suggestion. He wondered if he was making a mistake as he said, "Bjorn wants me to join him." Peter smiled knowingly. "He's one of our best. He's never been wrong at spotting potential. And I can see why he chose you. I see it too. The real you that wants to be unleashed, unrestrained. And I will help you, though you should be aware of the price." "I know about the money, and I'm glad there's a payment plan..." "I'm talking about your privacy, your former life. It will all be gone when you leave here. Nothing's the same once you've gone mega...and I have a feeling you'll be wanting giga status soon after that." Peter handed him some waivers to sign stating Drake underwent the process voluntarily and that any images and recordings are property of GHMI...the Gigantic Huge Meat Institute. "Is this going to be part of some porn site?" Peter laughed. "I can assure you this isn't mere porn. This is a scientific endeavor, but we don't wear lab coats...or anything else for that matter." He stood. Drake gulped. "Holy fuck," he thought, "what comes after giga?" Peter's size overwhelmed his senses. He had to be at least seven feet tall, six-hundred pounds...and his mound looked the size of the ball his coworker sat on at his desk. "Our appointment will continue upstairs. There'll be enough room for the two of us there. Let's go." Peter turned and Drake nearly fainted at the sight of his buttocks. He had always loved men's asses, but the perfect roundness of Peter's shelflike globes... "Are you going to just sit there and drool? You'll have enough time for this upstairs." Peter smacked his ass with enough force to create a shockwave, and it jiggled deliciously. Drake and Peter got into the elevator and ascended to the top floor. When the door opened, Drake stepped into a vast, empty space. Other than support beams, there were no walls except for the exterior, and the ceiling had to be twenty feet high. "Welcome to the laboratory," Peter said. But there were no tables with chemicals, no Tesla coils...just nothing. "I'm...I'm a little confused." Drake circled around. "Where is everything?" Peter walked up to him and touched his forehead gently. "Everything...is here. I suggest you start undressing. Or would you prefer to watch your clothes ripping away from your muscles? Some of our clients enjoyed that." Peter began stripping nonchalantly. "What do you mean...here?" "I'm sure you've heard about people possessing a sixth sense. Some talk to the dead, some can see the future. And others...can absorb the energy of the universe." Drake shook his head. "What?!" "Some...like me...and you...can feel the energy of the earth around them, and use it to become their ultimate selves. You may not have realized it, but you have this gift. You just need to know how to unwrap your present." And Peter removed the last bits of his clothing. Drake's eyes rolled back as his cock spasmed in his jeans. He screamed in painful ecstasy as he fell to his knees, his balls emptying what felt like gallons of jizz. Peter smirked. "In a few hours, you're gonna have men creaming their pants the same way. Now let's get started." Drake carefully took his clothes off, laying them in a pile. He covered his cold, wet groin with his hands. "I'm sorry, I can't compare with...that!" Peter looked down at his limp, leg-thick dong that reached his ankles. "Few do." He waddled over and put his hands on Drake's head, placing his thumbs and fingers in a specific pattern. He began applying gentle pressure, kneading the young man's skull. "Do you feel that? My energy is transferring into your brain. Every cell, every synapse is reacting. It is responding. It is opening." Drake wasn't sure just what he was feeling, but he put his trust in the stud. After a few minutes, Peter placed his hands on the back of Drake's head and kissed him. Drake's penis jolted upright, but this time didn't erupt. Instead it throbbed upward...one inch...then another...then another. Peter broke from the kiss, looked down, and said, "What do you think?" Drake gasped. This couldn't be possible! One kiss, and his cock doubled in size. What was once an average six incher had inflated to over a foot of cock, and its thickness swelled outward. He stammered, "Hah...how...how?" "This is the appetizer. Now comes the main course." He grabbed Drake's chest. "Grow." Peter had trained his voice so the right decibel level would cause every male brain to respond to his command. Drake's pecs began to rise under Peter's hands. Drake watched in awe as they inflated with power. He could see striations of muscle under the thinning skin. He watched them become defined, the cleavage growing deeper and narrower as they pushed together with increasing size. Peter moved his hands to the shoulders. "Grow." Higher, rounder, wider they expanded until they resembled two bowling balls. "Make a bicep." Drake obeyed, his mind swimming with images of the men he'd fantasized about, but now they had his face. "Grow." Peter's hands, which had covered the entire bicep, soon were lifted higher by the rising mound of muscle. He put them under and caresses the triceps. "Grow" The weight of the meaty muscle soon had Drake's upper arms as thick as overpumped basketballs. "Grow" Easter ham forearms. "Grow" A back that looked as wide as a hang glider. "Grow." Calves thicker than Drake's thighs were, and his new thighs so immense and mighty they resembled young redwood trees. With every intonation, Drake's body parts responded to Peter's demand. Peter made sure each muscle had not been overlooked, even on Drake's face. He saved Drake's ass for last, paying close attention to its growth. He put his muscled tongue to the hole and with a few flicks even that grew stronger. Drake was gleaming with sweat. He was unsure if he had reached his threshold. He felt a strange weightlessness, as though he was floating, until he realized he was being lifted off the ground. He looked down and saw the biggest cock between his legs. But it wasn't his. Peter was lifting the newly grown stud with his brobdingnagian manhood. Drake fell forward and grabbed it with both arms. His eyes widened as he realized he couldn't wrap them around, and his entire body was upon it but the head of that penis was still a couple of feet away. He realized why they had to come upstairs, as no room downstairs could accommodate the titanic cock. Peter flexed his cock, and Drake slid down as copious amounts of pre-cum ran down the slickening shaft. Reaching the base, Drake tried to get off it, but Peter laid him out face up like a dinner roast upon his banquet table-length schlong. "Now for the dessert." Peter grabbed Drake's penis, bent forward, and put it to his lips. "Grow." He slipped the cock into his mouth and began sucking. Drake watched Peter's lips and jaw stretch as his cock grew inches longer and wider with each minute. Peter reached up to play with the nipples he'd grown to coaster size. Drake grabbed the back of Peter's head and began face-fucking him with his expanding dong. Peter soon took his mouth off of what was now over two feet of heavy manhood. He licked Drake's balls, which swelled like water balloons. He got on all fours and said forcefully, "Fuck me now, you growing stud. Become the mega you were meant to be." Drake grabbed his fuck meat, licking the cockhead with ease, then slid it inside. Although he'd always been a bottom, he took to topping naturally. So much so that, after five minutes, he twisted Peter around so he could see the face of his grower as he continued pounding him. He grabbed Peter's hands and put them on his head. "Grow me!" Peter massaged his fingers into Drake's scalp. "Yeah, that's right, make me big, make me a fuckin' mega!" Drake's entire body swelled, and he felt his cock reach its breaking point. He pulled out what was now over a yard of calf-thick cock, and began spraying Peter with thick, milky seed. Peter's own godhood began its eruption, and jets of jizz splattered the walls twenty feet away. Minutes later, the two men made their way to another floor where a shower was waiting for them. They soaped each other's bodies and kissed sweetly. Drake saw his new form for the first time in the bathroom mirror. He flexed like he'd been bodybuilding his whole life. Peter watched the butterfly emerge from the cocoon, and what a beauty he was. Drake tried putting on the new clothes, and each of them had a good laugh as they saw how tight the tees were. Peter taught him how to stuff his knee-length dong and melon-sized balls into his pants. "Now, remember, have some fun with your new body, and when you're ready to become a giga call me. We'll set aside the whole day. Oh, I've got one more surprise for you." "What else could you have for me? You just grew me into the stud I'd dreamed of being." Peter opened the office door, and a familiar face looked at the new Drake. "Hello, Bjorn. I believe you invited him to join us." "That I did, and the results are amazing as usual." He kissed the newly grown stud lustfully. "What's your name?" "Drake...you're going to be saying it a lot when I'm fucking you." And as the two megas walked out, Peter answered his ringing office phone. "Thank you for calling GHMI. This is Peter. How may I grow you?"
  19. The Cult of the Muscle Beast Maximilian the Muscular was a fucking monster! As the appellation so suggested, that musclebound beast of a man boasted a physique so superhumanly developed literally no one could compare – mightily shouldered and broad of chest, with a massive corded neck tapering down to powerfully muscular arms. His huge pecs, so heavy with muscle as to forever challenge the shirts he donned, bulged out like a pair of meaty slabs that betrayed the dark kiss of those perfect, perky nipples. Given that he was also the greatest sportsman on campus, it should come to no surprise that that drop-dead gorgeous hulk of a man kept a grizzled shadow across his hard, angular jaw and upon his head wore a crown of dark, close-chopped hair. His lips, full and kissable, always looked poised to coil into a knowing smirk, as if he knew something you did not. But most striking of all, his brow was strong, prominent, and his eyes a volcanic blue that smouldered with a fiery intellect belying his imposing stature. Though I've admittedly never seen it myself, there was just something about him that made me know, deep down to my core, that he also sported what surely was the most gigantic of cocks. Perhaps it was how his massive body brimmed with a confidence only the most generously endowed could exude, or maybe it was how he was always sported a colossal bulge where his crotch should be. Well, whatever it was, I personally believed it was because his purchases of posing trunks (and heaven forbid, posing thongs) always came with pouches a good two sizes larger than what the university's gym usually sold. I had accidentally received and opened a package meant for him once. No regrets! Predictably that, coupled with the smattering of times I bore witness to his shirtless, pumped-out-of-his-mind body, soon left me helpless to keep him from dominating my dreams and desires. Whenever I masturbated, I would imagine him there, overcome with the rut and bursting his clothes apart as he flexed those gargantuan muscles for my viewing pleasure. His heaving, roiling chest muscles would bear down on me, but I would not see them, for I would be pulling the waistband of his trunks away with my teeth, woefully unable to look at anything else bar the colossal cock hanging between the pylons he called his thighs. My orgasms came quickly these days, sometimes too quickly, no matter how much I tried to remain on the edge. That was expected, though still I yearned for him to one day bare his incredible body to me, for him to sweep me off my feet and use me like the wobbly-kneed slut for muscle that I was, for him to drill his herculean penis through my hungry hole until I screamed myself hoarse and then pass out from the sheer lack of blood in my brain. Deep down though, I knew even that would not be enough. All my life, since before my balls even dropped I had been so fascinated with the mighty and the muscular. Puberty saw that fascination turn to a powerful obsession that had dominated my life since. So many dreams, all of them involving me exploding out of my clothes and morphing into an unstoppable juggernaut of unbridled muscle and cock! Maximilian was literally the wettest of my dreams made manifest, and I could no longer differentiate where my lust to be with him ended, and where my desire to be him began. Almost two years would pass, two since since Maximilian first muscled his way into my life, before I had the chance to find out. The unseen hand of Fate itself had machinated from the shadows, converging our paths through life until we were dead set on an irreversible collision that would change our lives forever. Like so many of my impoverished contemporaries, I had been pressed into picking up a job on the side to help pay my tuition fees. Unlike so many of my impoverished contemporaries, who were earning minimum wage waiting tables and serving coffee, I chose the more lucrative options offered by the university's underground sex industry. I had (just) enough muscle for it after all, but what I sorely lacked in brawn I more than made up for with the overgrown titans growing between my legs. No, I'm not talking about some colossal cock I could break jaws with. Rather, I owned what might have been the largest balls ever to grace The Glory Hole, each the size of a large kiwi and about twice as heavy. Come to think they, and the crowd of brawny, shirtless jocks in the waiting room, had been the reason for the standing ovation I received at my audition. I had simply stepped forward, dropped my pants, and then proceeded to blow not one, not two, but five separate loads at the slack-jawed judges in the thirteen minutes it took to empty my factories. Anyway, working at The Glory Hole had its perks, no doubt about that. For starters, I – Branson 'the Blaster' von Brandy – always ended my nights with a speedo chock full of dollar bills and phone numbers. The managers even had to ban me from showing up to 'Hardbody Heats', where they fielded some of the biggest, buffest dancers and had everyone else mingle with the crowd. Having a relatively scrawny thing like myself hog all the attention wasn't good for business, they said. None of that was important now. You're probably wondering why I'm here, just bragging about what my bulging balls have done for me, and what that has to do with Maximilian and I. Well, you're about to find out, but trust me when I say The Glory Hole played an integral part in the great game of Fate. I was backstage, freshly showered and finally free from the lecherous touches of the club's target demographic. It was here that my stage manager – a slimy man whose name I never really remembered – came barrelling in. The sheer ferocity with which he shoved down the door nearly caused me to drop the bowel of ramen I carried with me. There was only one thing that could have gotten him so riled. “Branson!” he exclaimed, brandishing his phone, “I got you a gig!” “No!” I had cried, waving him away with my bowl, “My shift is up, I'm eating and then going!” “No dude, trust me on this one!” he replied, bowling over several jocks as he slithered over to me, “You have to take this one, you must!” “I don't care if he's going to pay double my rate,” I proclaimed, before flopping into a nearby beanbag chair and taking in a huge slurp of noodles, “Nuts, I'm not going to accept even if the client's Maximilian the Muscular himself!” “Funny you should mention that,” he offered, “Because your special client tonight is, in fact, Maximilian.” I vaguely recalled smashing the door to smithereens on my way out, my bowl of ramen all but forgotten as I bolted for the stairwell and made for my destiny. That manager of mine was yelling after me, something about not having told me the room yet, but I didn't pay him any mind. Maximilian! Maximilian the Muscular! The biggest, hottest, most muscular jock on campus wanted my ass and or dick! Oh my god oh my god! After accidentally disrupting the sexual escapades of several customers, I finally found Maximilian within the club's presidential suite. Or rather, I smelled him in there. I had just passed by the grand double doors when I was immediately assailed by a torrid concoction of musk, muscle, and man! I had kicked the doors open in my frenzy and then nearly creamed myself at the sight before me. Maximilian was there, the sheer size of his monstrous muscles eclipsing the dozens of snoozing bodybuilders that surrounded him. They were all naked, belly-down, their buttocks smeared with cum and their gaping assholes overflowing with creamy seed. Curiously, unlike his recent victims, my new favourite customer was (like me!) freshly showered and (unlike me) fully clothed, albeit in a too-tight polo shirt and even tighter jeans that blatantly flaunted his very ample manhood. I'll admit just having him look my way was drowning me in insecurity. Suddenly I had found myself acutely aware of my near-nakedness, garbed in nothing more than the skimpy black trunks, one size too small, that served as the de factor uniform here in The Glory Hole. “You're here,” rumbled the beast on the bed, his voice rich like dark mahogany, “At last.” One mightily muscled arm rose and beckoned me over. Hapless to resist his immense brawn, I wobbled over to where my muscle god sat, trembling as he cupped my cheek with a hand made for strangling lions. I couldn't believe it, not only was it so warm and strong, but calloused and hard from curling what must have been the heaviest dumbbells the campus gyms could offer. I wanted to think my reaction pleased him, because when my knees gave way he grabbed me by the waist and then pulled me in so he could crush his face against mine. His touch was beyond electrifying, beyond imagining, and when his tongue delved so deep down my throat I soon found myself squealing in delight! When I finally got to breathe again, it was with Maximilian's monstrous muscles pressing me into the bed. He was on top of me now, still clothed, still fresh-smelling, his incredible form slowly gyrating and causing my mega-balls to swell with more and more juice. I knew what he wanted, I knew what they all wanted, my signature moves always ended with the most epic of facials – the sort that left your face drenched and dripping down to your neck and chest. He didn't need to tell me anything. I knew, oh god I knew but deep down all I wanted now was to molest this massive muscleman with all of my body. He had already taken the strength from my arms – a planned move if I didn't know better – so as to prevent me from tearing those offensive clothes off his rippling, bulging muscles. Almost an hour of wild frenching elapsed before he finally released my face. I was quivering now, every cell in my body pulsing with sexual energy after what Maximilian had put me through. He was still there, surveying his handiwork with electric-blue oculars, the biggest, smuggest grin on the planet carving his face asunder. “Hmm,” he hummed, the lowness of that baritone drawing another squeak from my addled body, “Do you work out?” And then both hands were upon me, engulfing my arms in an admittedly gratifying feel over. There was something about his touch, something thrilling, that was leaving me so weak in the knees I thanked the stars for the bed I now laid on. “Ooh... my!” he purred, his voice gentle as a volcano poised to erupt, “You do.” Maximilian's face was so close to mine the heat of his breath crested over the contours of my face. “I love it when my twinks know how to lift,” breathed my new god, his voice dripping with sex, “Tell me, are you the hopeless slut for muscle that I think you are?” Unable to take my eyes from his shimmering visage, I nodded my affirmative. “Are you lusting for me to choke you with this hulking biceps of mine until you pass out in bliss?” I nodded again. Then, with one finger, Maximilian all but split my trunks clean open, exposing my raging erection for all to see. “Will you squeal with pleasure if I put your puny cock on my chest and then crushed the juice out of them with these monster pecs of mine? “O-Oh god,” I peeped, really shaking now, “Yes, please god y-yes!” “That's a good twink,” purred Maximilian, that massive shit-eating grin reaching all the way to his ears, “You're going to shove your cock into my face now, and you're going to spray so much cum in my face I should be able to drown myself in it.” One powerful paw seized my cock like a vice, wrenching an ecstatic moan from my lips, and then dragged me all the way to the foot of the bed. Maximilian fell to his knees and aimed my cock at his hungry mouth. No sooner did he breathe on it did my prostate finally give way. I was wailing now, thrashing on the bed and pumping my crotch in his iron grip. So much cum! oh gods I was cumming so much! Maximilian was lashing at my cockhead with his long, oh-so-long tongue! So much was coming out, shooting, spraying out of my pulsing hole! Fuck! Oh my god! And he was catching it all! Lathering my sperm all over his face, his lips! Squirt! Splat! My juices were running down his rugged features, dribbling down his grizzled chin and on to his polo. Oh crap he was using his mouth now! Oh gods! What a blow, what a fucking blow! My god! So hot, those lips so firm, almost sizzling! I could feel every bud on his tongue stroking my shaft and milking my dick for all it was worth! I must have cum for a whole minute! Sweet balls of juice that was more exhilarating than anyone who had ever blown me! I absolutely had to see how much gunk I had showered him with, so I propped myself off the bed for a better look. Maximilian had... frozen somehow, as if in shock. It did not suit him, that knowing smirk was gone, replaced by an expression that constantly flickered between surprise and arousal. It was painfully obvious, to me at least, that something dramatic was going on. His shoulders were rising and falling, tandem with his huge chest, his breathing deeper than when he was savaging my face. “FUCK!” he suddenly cried, before falling backward and grabbing a hold of his crotch, “OH FUCK! OH FUUUCK!” I watched his massive body hit the ground, the telltale jerking of a powerful orgasm rocking his hips and causing him to arch his great back. His jeans were too tight, there was no way his hands were going to free his spasming cock anytime soon. He must have noticed this, for he soon abandoned that endeavour and just basked in the pleasure. Fuck! His member was so frigging big it had pitched a veritable circus tent in his jeans, so much cum shooting through the zipper I thought I was going to cum again just from watching him. This monster was really going for it! If I thought my orgasm had been epic, then nothing could have prepared me for Maximilian. His juices had literally soaked through the front of his pants and pooled between his legs! I left him there for a little bit, content with watching his huge muscles bucking and twitching between pants. But he got up soon enough, more energised than ever and positively beaming. “Holy fuck that was exhilarating!” he exclaimed, that long tongue slathering his cum-soaked lips with more drool, “I'm not sure what came over me but it was as if your cum gave me a shot of pure testosterone!” “H-Has t-this...” I stammered, “H-Has this h-happened before?” “Fuck no!” he rumbled, palming his still rigid dick, “I'm either super pumped up or enjoying this more than I thought I would!” He was already eyeballing my swollen cock, a renewed hunger blazing behind his volcanic blues. “Give me another load!” commanded my muscle god, “Now!” I came must faster this time, not five minutes after Maximilian smashed his cum-soaked face into my crotch and pulled my legs over his shoulders. There was barely any foreplay this time, those fuckable lips had sucked in all six inches of cock and both my balls! This time the heat of his mouth was magical, as was his tongue, even more so than ever before! And when my orgasm finally came, Maximilian gulped down every drop without choking. His eyes grew wide. “OOH YES!” was his rapturous bellow, quickly followed by a loud BANG as the zipper of his jeans broke before an avalanche of flesh rocketing to freedom and shooting cum everywhere. The big man wasted no time leaping to his feet and striking one of the most spectacular double-biceps poses I had yet seen. His arms were so powerfully muscular just pumping his giant guns was pulling the hem of his shirt way up, revealing the beginnings of what I knew to be a really hairy, really chiselled abdominal wall. He was looking a lot, and I mean a lot, more pumped than he had been a few minutes ago. Not that I cared of course, at least not with the biggest fucking cock on the planet exploding like a loose cannon before my wide, disbelieving eyes. Holy balls, how much fucking cock was there! There was more than a foot, more than twelve fucking inches of man growing from Maximilian's crotch! I had no doubt in my mind that thing was more than twice as long as I was, and goodness knows how many times as thick! And don't get me started on those pubes! Maximilian had a fucking forest of shiny black pubes bristling out of his busted zipper! I could smell the testosterone wafting from them! Here was a man that was literally all fucking MAN! Fuck! I wanted this, I NEEDED this! How the hell does one become a fucking sex god like Maximilian! How! Two minutes this time. Two minutes of me chewing the blanket as I begged the very gods of muscle for a body just a faction of Maximilian's. Two minutes of my prayers going unanswered, before the great big muscleman hunched over and breathed a sigh of relief. “There's no doubt in my mind,” he declared, his massive frame looming over my own puny body, “It's you, there's something about you that compliments me so, something in your juice that's empowering my very cells, my very soul!” He drew in a deep breath, his teeth bared, his muscles tensed. “You don't even know how you're doing this do you?” he growled, “I'm feeling so fucking strong now, like I could pick up a car and throw it, all because you came down my throat!” Those too-strong arms came down and scooped me off the bed. If my erection could have gotten any harder, then they did when I finally realised I was sitting on his palms like a chair. Granted, his paws were gripping my buns so hard they were probably going to leave marks, but at this point I didn't care! He didn't even have to suck this time, no sooner had his lips engulfed the head of my cock did it start firing madly. I could feel my juices filling his mouth, he wasn't swallowing any of it. He was still sucking, wanting double the usual dose, so I played along, my world spinning due to the lack of blood in my brain, until at last my forth and final orgasm that night crashed to freedom. Maximilian let go of me as he swallowed, his fiery gaze burning so brightly in the dim light! He was standing there now, unhealthily close, his head tilted to a side and a big fat smirk plastered across his gorgeous features. I heard it soon enough – the barely audible rumble of some great, tremulous power – and it was growing louder and louder and louder! I could see it. All his muscles were swelling up, slowly yet surely, their growth unmistakable. I could make out his already huge pecs thickening within his polo, growing steadily larger and pushing out even more from his massive chest. Maximilian's heavily muscled shoulders were growing even more muscular, bulking out of either side of him as his delts grew to massiveness beneath the thick fabric. “There's something else you need to see,” announced Maximilian as one enormous hand came down, gently cupping my head and tilting it earthward. His sweatpants were growing increasingly tight, thanks in part to his burgeoning muscle-quads, and thanks in other to superhero-sized schlong filling his broken fly to bursting. God fucking damn! That must have been the biggest fucking cock on the planet! That could not be real, it could not be! I was this close to hyperventilating but good grief it was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger! That monster shaft was growing outward and upward, longer than my forearm and just as thick, with a perfectly formed, if oversized mushroom head that seemed to throb with his power. Crammed down one leg, a pair of potato-sized orbs were stretching out at a slower rate beneath the fabric, gorging themselves on mass and ballooning up like crazy. Maximilian's hand came back, cupping my chin and pulling my gaze back up. He wasn't growing any taller, but he surely was growing fucking wider! His clothes were tight as hell and outlining the spectacular development of those intense, worship-worthy muscles. His arms alone must have measured twenty-six inches around if I guessed right, so much muscle just bursting out of his body all that mass had actually pulled up the hem of his shirts and sleeves. Oh wow, oh wow oh wow the base of his abdominals were perfectly visible – the very beginning of a chiselled cobblestone walkway covered in a rich layer of thick, manly hair. I was gasping for breath now, I must have been, my vision was fuzzy and one of Maximilian's huge hands was on my shoulder, holding me steady. My cock was so hard, just so fucking big and hard, I could probably bend a steel bar around it if I had the muscles to do so! “Holy fuck,” he moaned, the deepness of that utterance sending chills all the way to my toes, “This... feels... magnificent.” His monster cock actually convulsed, as if it was barely holding on to an orgasm to end all orgasms. “I can feel every muscle, every cell in my body, just bulging and flexing with insane power! I can't believe my clothes are still on! My muscles are so close to bursting free, I... I can do it... I'm going to flex every fucking muscle in my body, I'm going to fucking hulk out of my clothes, right here and now!” Maximilian brought his arms down for the biggest most muscular flex I had yet seen! BOOM! Almost immediately did his sleeves give way, as did the back of his polo. Great rents were torn into the fabric, his colossal arms shredding through the cotton and his monstrous form expanding so much as to rip the shirt to bits. That single, powerful motion was so forceful he all but expelled the tattered fabrics from his body. As he released his flex and reared back to his full height, it was with a body that was now completely shirtless and unimaginably muscular! SHRIIIIIP! His jeans were next, his mammoth quads surging out and splitting the threads to their limits. I could see so much muscle, so much hard, rippling brawn erupting from where the denim had given way! He was already reaching down, his fingers digging into the fly from which is herculean prick bobbed and throbbed. I watched him rip his pants apart, his freakish muscles roiling with unprecedented size and power, until he was utterly nude, one ruined pant leg in each musclebound arm. “Now that's what I'm talking about,” he growled, dropping his ruined jeans and then spreading his huge legs wide, “So much power, so much raw, erotic power! Fuck! I can feel it shooting through my muscles, my cock! Fuck yeah!” Somehow, that dick had completely softened after he had ripped his clothes to bits, and now swung heavily from his hairy crotch. My god, it must have been what, eight, maybe nine inches long – longer soft than my cock was hard! His prodigious, potato-sized balls had swollen to the size of hairy oranges that dangled halfway to his knees! “Just look at this fucking monster of a cock,” he commanded, turning to one side so I could watch a spectacular erection unfold, “I like it when my body leaves twinks screaming themselves hoarse, especially after I stuff my cock into them and then slam them against the wall for a good, hard, pounding... and something's telling me you are going to appreciate being the first lucky twink who's gonna be screaming when I stuff this mega-dick of mine up your hungry ass.” Yes. Sweet mother of pie yes, please yes! “Good twink,” he cooed from behind a massive shit-eating grin, “Because I'm about to make you scream all... night... long!” Suffice to say, I damned well did. Maximilian was a fucking sex machine, there was no denying it. No sooner had he uttered that declaration did he tackle me like rutting beast he was. I was flung onto the bed, face down, his absolute massiveness slamming through my hole so violently I nearly passed out right there and then. But mercifully, I did not, and this pleased my muscle god greatly. I knew it did, for his moans of pleasure only grew stronger as he railed me like the slavering slut for muscle that I was. His gargantuan cock, fatter and juicier than anything I had encountered, left my much-abused prostate quivering with need and trembling in delight. After the first hour, satisfied that I had lasted longer than the overwhelmed jocks surrounding us, Maximilian bestowed unto me my first reward. His strong hand came down, grasped one shoulder, and then twisted me around whilst his monster still throbbed in my ass. I wanted to think my howl of bliss turned him on even more, for his cock actually hardened within my rump, it was... magnificent. I had little time to bask, for the sight of his roiling, sweating muscles drove me up the wall and then some. It was here that the next of my orgasms broke free, my swollen penis jerking in tandem with my hips as Maximilian ploughed the daylights out of me. Helpless to resist, I could only attempt to wrap my legs around that pillar-like waist, although I confess the oxygen depravation my brain made that a little more than challenging. If my god noticed what I attempted, then he cared not for it, there was no risk of his cock accidentally pulling out anyway – so huge, so swollen was his cockhead that it plugged me tight! Whenever he pulled back, that great fat helmet would get stuck around my rim, dragging me a good five or six inches across the mattress before punching right back. And to think his shaft was so stupidly huge that he couldn't stuff all of it in no matter how hard he tried! Fuck! I knew not how long I laid there, drowning in ecstasy as Maximilian fucked orgasm after orgasm from my massive, aching balls. The experience was beyond incredible, beyond imagining, my pleasure magnifying tenfold when that great beast of muscle lifted me off the bed with the sheer strength of his penis alone. I knew I was flailing, not from being lifted off the air but from the where a thunderous orgasm rocked me to the core! Whole splashes of cum added to the mural of juice coating Maximilian herculean pecs and freak-show abs, all of them mine, oh gods! I watched, felt, him spreading his huge legs wide and lowering himself to some kind of sumo stance. He was leaning back now, his stomach having hardened into a wall of bricks, his gargantuan biceps bulging with mass as he placed his hands behind his head. I was being fucked again, somehow kept upright, bouncing up and down on a cock much too huge for my ass to take. That bloated shaft, so swollen with need, kept me above the halfway mark, although the impact of which slam was so exhilarating it was all I could do to cum yet again, for what must have been the dozenth time that night! Over and over, again and again, cumshot after cumshot. Maximilian himself never came, although I was acutely aware that his balls were swelling up, churning with his sperm and growing into bloated masses primed to explode. It was not until morning that I got to see them in action. By this time, Maximilian had returned to the bed with me still impaled upon his mighty love muscle. My face was pressed between his heaving pecs, pinned down by a pair of veiny biceps larger than my legs were thick. His moans, luscious and lewd, were in stark contrast with my quavering pleads to be broken upon his magnificent member. Then a loud beeping interrupted us. Never breaking his rhythm, Maximilian let go of my head and reached beneath the mattress. The alarm had come from his phone. “Oh shoot,” he had said, “It's already three in the morning, guess I'll have to give you my load now.” Perhaps it was the casualness with which he made that statement that made it all the more astonishing. I noted that he had used the singular 'load' too, and to this day I begged to disagree. Like a natural disaster of epic proportions, Maximilian's entire body began quaking with pleasure, his back arching up, his crotch thrusting me up into the air, his trembling arms clenching and flexing until a ROAR burst from his throat. Then, the underside of his penis bulging out so massively it all but split my ass in two as a veritable deluge of semen surged to freedom. I thought I must have died and gone to muscle heaven. Maximilian's was almost convulsing with delight, grinding his incredible bulk against me even as his climax doubled in strength and then doubled again. He was smashing me hard now, each strike pumping out gallon upon gallons of cum into my ass. I could feel the goop gushing out each time he pulled back, as if being shovelled out by his oversized cockhead. He was spilling his juices all over my ass, his crotch, forming a pool of semen on the mattress. I think he must have lasted three minutes at least, three fucking minutes of erotic bellows and the biggest cock on the planet punching my prostate like it owed him money. I had slumped against that huge body, blatantly molesting those thunder-pecs with my face. My breathing was hard, my skin dripping with sweat, my ass oozing cum from where that iron-hard cock still throbbed and twitched. When I realised Maximilian didn't look the least bit tired, I almost passed out. The beast in question didn't even wait for my shock to pass, only for my hips to stop jerking. “Can you still walk?” he asked, so nonchalantly it was almost as if he hadn't just dumped a bucket of white hot sperm up my butt. “If I said no, would you carry me with those fuck-huge muscle-arms of yours?” “Hah! You bet I will!” No sooner did he pluck his mammoth cockhead from my ass did my sphincter clench up so tightly Maximilian gave me a curious look. “You might just be the tightest hole I've ever fucked,” he commented, “Normally my cum comes splashing out right after, and that's before this crazy growth you've given me!” Thankfully my face could not get any redder after what he put me through. “I'm going to go shower,” he stated, simply strutting off before turning to regard me, “Wanna come?” Club rules forbade us from showering with clients. But he and I together in the communal showers? You fucking bet I was coming. Needless to say I could not keep my hands off him, at all. Not that he minded, having grown so musclebound as to be woefully unable to scrub his own back – something he couldn't actually do even before I grew him. I confess I hoped to with all my heart that Maximilian would drop the soap and order me to pick up, his cock was still fuck huge and hungering for ass. But alas, he never did, and we instead spent all that time marvelling at how huge he had gotten. I had to insist this had never happened with any of my previous clients, though I'm not sure if he believed me. “Hey,” he interrupted, even going so far as to pluck my trembling fingers from his awesome pecs, “I actually have an idea how you're doing this, but you're gonna have to promise to keep this to yourself.” “Y-Yeah sure,” was my dreamy reply, “Anything for you big man, anything!” “I”ll take that as a yes,” he said gleefully, “Now I need you to measure me and then we can head out.” There was no doubt in my mind that I had created the biggest bodybuilder on the fucking planet. Twenty-eight inch biceps, sixty-three inch chest, and quads thicker waist! Fuck! And then there was that herculean phallus pulsing from his loins! He must have noticed me gawking too, evidently having forgotten about the tape I had been running around his forearm. “Go on,” he offered, “Make me grow.” Right on cue, my cock immediately assumed a state of rock-hard turgidity, having been conditioned to do so at the merest thought of making that musclebound stud-muffing even more musclebound. Try as I might, I wasn't going to cum any more right now, my dick ached something fierce and my balls were literally overwhelmed after just now. So I ran the tape down the length of that giant dick, holding my breath as Maximilian's filthy, dirty smirk crept to all the way to sides of his face. That superhero-sized schlong was rapidly inflating, stretching out and bulking up as it gorged itself on his power. Nine inches grew to ten, then twelve, more and more cock throbbing against my trembling fingers with every second that passed. Thirteen inches... fourteen inches... f-fifteen... fifteen and a half inches... holy fucking shit! Believe me when I say that thing was thick as a wine bottle and harder than steel. He had to spend a good ten minutes under a freezing cold shower just so he could squeeze into the change of underwear (now too small) he had brought with him. Not that he fit into anything else of course, we had left The Glory Hole with me nicely dressed and him in nothing but a pair of completely indecent cotton bikini briefs. I think we disrupted a show too, such a huge crowd couldn't have just come out of nowhere. Maximilian was literally shouldering his way out with me trailing behind. For the first time ever, it was as though I was completely invisible. Thankfully we made it to the parking lot without incident, at least not until our first Uber accidentally hit a tree from being unable to take his eyes off Maximilian. “You know what,” my muscle god had declared, a little after we failed to stop the third Uber driver from jerking himself unconscious, “I'm just going to walk, it's not too far from here anyway!” I was picked up like a trophy and flung over one gargantuan shoulder. It was so wide you could have comfortably fit a grown man on each side, damn! Thankfully Maximilian caused no more accidents on his way to a sizeable old bungalow several blocks down. That was odd, why would we come here? The only people who lived in houses on campus were... “Mr Hump?” said Maximilian into the intercom, “It's me, I have something to show you.” “M-Max?” crackled the archaic device, “What happened to your... wait... no... you don't mean...” “Let us in Mr Hump,” Maximilian implored, “Don't make me wrench your front door off its hinges like the last time.” “O-Oh, of course, right away right away.” The double doors clicked and swung open to reveal a bungalow of rich mahogany and furniture that would have been fashionable thirty or so years ago. “Hang on, this is Mr Humphrey's house?” I asked. The history department's sole lecturer, Mr Humphrey – affectionately called Mr Hump by some of his students – had the much enviable position as one of the faculty's only two muscle daddies, the other being the head of physical education – Coach Duke. They were both in their late forties, extremely well-muscled, and always strutting around in clothes filled to the brim with firm, youthful brawn. The man himself met with us in what I supposed pass for a sitting room. Maximilian had already made himself comfortable on one of the dated sofas, his legs spread wide so as to give his swollen cock some breathing space. “Oh my god!” exclaimed Mr Hump, totally oblivious to my presence at the mere sight of the hairy, hulking Maximilian, “What happened to you?” “I had a growth spurt,” teased the beefy stud, “Reckon I'm at least three hundred pounds now, all of it muscle!” “This... This is incredible!” “I know right, but I think there's something more incredible right over there.” Mr Hump actually flinched when he set his stone-grey eyes on me. That was understandable, I knew my own people well – here was a man who has spent his entire life utterly obsessed with men of muscle, the bigger the better – that he only just spotted me was testament to that. “I am damn sure that's him Mr Hump,” Maximilian continued, “That there, that's our Beast.” Mr Hump turned to me, then back to Maximilian, struggling for words. He was rather stiff now, his fingers clenching and relaxing as a myriad of emotions battled for space on his lined face. Eventually he took a deep breath, held it, and then let it go slowly, gently. “If it wasn't for you sitting here,” he finally said, gesturing at Maximilian, “I would never have believed you.” He turned back to me. “I recognise you from when you sat right up front at last year's bodybuilding contest, the entire faculty was convinced you were on the verge of passing out, so red your face was.” Maximilian sniggered. He knew damn well my red face was entirely the fault of his scandalous posing thongs at the time. “Tell me, what is your name?” “Branson,” I replied, “Branson von Brandy.” “Ah, von Brandy, your father was quite the bodybuilder in his time, no?” “Uncle actually,” I corrected, a twinge of jealousy podding me in the side as I thought about how big and tall my cousins had turned out, “All the good genes went to his side of the family.” “Interesting,” commented Mr Hump, “Somehow I am not surprised the von Brandy's are involved in this... tell me another thing, do you even know how you did this?” He was gesturing at Maximilian now. The bigger man simply flexed his huge pecs when my eyes floated his way. Fuck he was enjoying himself! “I uh... I came on his face and then he blew his clothes to bits?” “Max?” Mr Hump cued, “Is that what happened?” “Down my throat too,” he added, still grinning like the smug bastard he was, “Hump, I don't think he remembers anything.” “I... I don't think so too,” the older man thought for a moment, “Branson, please wait here, Maximilian and I have something to discuss.” Mr Hump had to drag a reluctant Maximilian into one of the many nearby rooms. After all that had happened, I really didn't feel like being left out, so the moment he shut the door behind him, I sneaked over and pressed my ear against the expensive wood. “...broken out some time in the past thousand years, it's the only way!” “I dunno Mr Hump, just look at me, my fucking biceps bulge out to the size of basketballs when I flex!” “That can only be due to your status as Champion, which makes matters worse, since of all people he should recognise, it's you!” “Well, I mean he does recognise me, I always see him gawking and drooling whenever we're in the same space, why... the last time we were on the same bus I 'accidentally' ripped my sleeves and caused him to cream himself, you should have seen it!” “You... you do that to everybody... but that's not the point, the point is he should know you, better than you know yourself in fact, along with all the previous versions of you since... the cycle first began.” “Maybe he's playing around then? I mean he barely looked shocked even after I started hulking out of my clothes!” “Wait... What did he look like then?” “Uh... aroused?” “That's hardly convincing, did you manage to surprise him in any way?” “I sure did, you know how we voted you 'best orgasm face' last year? Well, when I was fucking him silly he-” “Y-You... were fucking him?” “Well yeah, I didn't think-” “Max, for goodness sake! The Beast is... is... you don't fuck the Beast boy, the Beast fucks you!” “I'm still here by the way, he didn't smite me or anything.” “That... That's good too, but this only reinforces the idea that his memories, hell maybe even his powers, remain sealed. We should be glad he's even walking around instead of being imprisoned in a random grain of sand somewhere. I'm just... curious... as to how he could be oblivious to the incredible power he's carrying along with him.” “I thought you said only the Cult could reap the benefits of the Beast?” “I did, that's why you grew and not all the other who-knows-who he must have cum on since working at The Glory Hole, what about it?” “I... never mind... you see these hulking guns Hump? I think we can make do with just asking him after we break the seal on his powers.” “You... You're right, tell the others... tell the others it's time.” “You got it boss, now what do I do with the Beast next door?” “...your duty.” Somehow, I made it back to the sitting room without tripping over myself. The Beast... that sounded frigging hot! And that hotness was me, me! So that's how I pumped so much muscle into Maximilian and not all the other people I've slept with, this Cult worshipped the Beast... worshipped me as a god! Mr Hump came back first, his soft features almost reverent as he regarded me. “I must insist you and Maximilian share the guest bedroom tonight, I can't possibly let you two be out this late, goodness knows what campus security will think... will there be any objections to that?” Behind him, Maximilian had brought up one colossal arm to his face and then flexed a bicep so fucking huge it looked to be bigger than my entire head! It didn't help that he was making also a show running his long, drooling tongue all over that muscle. “N-No objections!” I declared, drawing a warm smile from Mr Hump. “Alright that settles it,” he turned to Maximilian, now standing at attention and baring his huge pecs at me, “I'll be retiring for the night... morning... my goodness you people are out late.” Mr Hump turned and left without another word, leaving me alone with my... Champion. “Oh I know that look,” he purred, crossing over in two broad strides and standing so close as to have his chest loom over me, “You heard us talking.” I gulped, caught! Maximilian turned to check for Mr Hump and, when he found no sigh of him, leaned down and whispered into my ear. “Let's head to the room first,” he purred, “Come, I'll carry you.” Before I could object, Maximilian all but swept me into his hugely muscled arms, chuckling as he strode from the sitting room and into one of the many doors in this place. The guest bedroom was a lot larger than I expected, filled with books, wardrobes, an adjoining bathroom, and a queen-sized four-poster bed with what appeared to be furry handcuffs latched to each post. “Now we can talk privately,” Maximilian said softly. He set me down beside the bed, and then lowered himself down on one knee, that trademark grin now tempered with reverence and awe. “To think we would actually find you,” he breathed, “I... I am honoured!” “I... have no idea how to respond to that,” I admitted, “I don't exactly feel very uh... beastly?” “That will change!” assured Maximilian, “We, the Cult, will ensure that comes to pass, once we free you... well I don't want to spoil it too much... but suffice to say you will be single most muscular being in the fucking universe!” “Oh yeah about that, what kind of-” “And you'll have a fucking monster of a cock to match!” “...what kind of cult is this?” “The Cult of the Muscle Beast of course,” replied my Champion, all but beaming with pride, “We've existed since the day you first made yourself known to us, we are, have been, and will always be your loyal worshippers.” “It was you who first uplifted us, granting us the powerfully muscles we desired so much. We came to worship you with our very bodies, our very muscles! In your name we dominated the neighbouring clans and forced them to worship you... not that you needed much forcing, most took one look at you and then fell to their knees as their orgasms took hold.” “Actually come to think of it, my ancestors had it really great. They spent their days bathing in your juices, lathering each other's growing muscles and then fucking each other so hard their orgies always ended with everyone passing out from the lack of blood in their brains.” “You – the great Muscle Beast – have always had one chosen Champion to serve as your companion and confidant. We served you for generations, one of mind and body, and in turn you have always sought us out, releasing our souls at the moment of passing and then reclaiming us at the moment of our rebirth.” “The Cult has always known how to locate the Champion, and preserved that knowledge even after the Fall.” Maximilian inhaled deeply, as if trying to clear his thoughts. “The Fall... was the work of a shadowy brotherhood that sought to claim your godlike powers for themselves. They were not content with worshipping you, they wanted to be gods themselves, muscle gods to be precise. You would not let them, for only you deserved the inhuman muscular power that came with your divine being. So you shattered their citadels and smashed their halls of iron, but... even that was not enough.” “That had all been a ploy you see, to lure you away from your loyal subjects. They knew you were too proud to send an army, and that you would come yourself. There, the trap was sprung, heretical and twisted magic designed to drain you of the divine power surging through your godly muscles.” “Of course, you were too much for them. A thousand years of worship had left you freakishly overpowered and nigh invincible. So their leaders, in desperation, altered their magic to instead imprison you forever in an ancient relic that has since been lost. They decided, if they could not have your incredible power for themselves, then nobody would!” “You... You had called to us, scarring their names into our minds. You had commanded us to destroy the heretics, your final decree before they sealed you away for good. The Cult rose up, as did the heretics, and fought a war so great it sundered the empire in two... and that's why we have New Zealand today.” “Unfortunately, the relic containing your divine essence had been spirited away at the eleventh hour. The Cult searched for generations, never finding you, never freeing you. Without your guidance, your blessings, the Cult fractured and eventually fell, leaving only a small pocket of us to preserve our glorious history, to continue our search until the day you return to us.” “And now... here you are.” I had been acutely aware of a slight tremble plaguing my limbs. So that was why I had spent my dreams hulking out of my clothes, crackling madly as I morphed into a frigging juggernaut of superhuman muscle and size. All my life, muscle growth dominated my fantasies, my interests, I wanted nothing more than to explode out of my clothes, right here and now, muscles the size of small cars surging out of my arms and chest and... everywhere! “Holy crap!” I exclaimed, almost bouncing with a mixture of joy, frustration, and revelation, “So I'm some kind of super muscle god who can grow anybody I want in the Cult? Oh my god!” “That's right,” my Champion said with a smirk, “And just so you know, I am mad horny right now from all that beef you pumped down my throat!” “And I used to rule over an empire that covered the whole of Australia?” “New Zealand too, back when it was still attached to the mainland, yeah!” Wow. Just... wow! “Is there any reason I should not fuck your brains out right now?” I breathed, “Just thinking how massive I could make you is making me so hard I think my cock might just explode if you touched me.” “Well... Hump wasn't happy with how much muscle I packed on overnight, there's probably already a dozen pictures of the new me floating all over social media too, and we can't risk the Shadow finding us, we don't even know if they're still around but we're not taking chances if we can help it.” “And you're letting that stop you?” I challenged, “What's stopping you from shackling me with these furry handcuffs and then power bottoming me until you're bigger than a house?” “Ooh now you're speaking my language,” crackled my Champion, “You would love it wouldn't you? Watching me swell with gargantuan muscles and growing so massive that no shirt will ever contain me again?” “My body is ready!” I declared, indicating my stupidly solid erection. “As is mine,” purred Maximilian, “But I'm afraid that's... not a good idea now, I'd much rather forsake some growth now than forsake our chance to unseal your powers.” “I... Get me a condom,” I commanded, “Give me your ass now, and we can save the growth for later!” If I had thought Maximilian's grin couldn't get any bigger, boy did he prove me wrong. Coincidentally, Mr Hump had stocked the guest room with far more condoms than we could have used. I was a little embarrassed when my cock found a snug fit in one of the smallest rubbers, but Maximilian quickly assured me I would soon have the hugest fucking cock on the planet. That didn't stop me from trying to will my cock to massiveness, but alas, my powers remained beyond reach. Horny bugger that he was, my Champion made the night last so... deliciously long. He had prostrated himself before me, his god, his Beast, trembling as I clambered over his huge muscles and teased his hungry, hairy hole with my dick. I had pushed into him, tantalisingly slowly, his sphincter all but sucking me in in its eagerness to be fucked. And I had fucked him, harder than I had ever fucked a man. He could take it, he and those superhuman muscles of his! I had my first orgasm within minutes, the incredible warmth that gripped dick having driven me over the edge so quickly it was a wonder I managed to keep going. To and fro, pumping and thrusting, my cock growing so painfully hard I actually hoped it would start growing inside that musclebound ass of my Champion. Pity it did not, for I had reduced him to a mewling, quivering mass of muscle and sweat. His own cock was monstrously hard, furiously throbbing and spurting out pre-cum like leaking pipe. Despite my status as the Muscle Beast, and probably due to the seal on my powers, I soon found myself lusting for that mammoth love muscle up my ass instead. Maximilian got the drift quickly enough. No sooner had I crawled beneath him did he seize me like the fucking slut I was. Heavily muscled arms encircled my chest, his monster quads spreading wide so he could line his biggest muscle against my hole, and then punched through so hard as to knock me out right there and then. I never did wake up properly for the rest of the night. Maximilian was fucking me like a jackhammer on steroids, his monstrous manhood filling me to bursting as he came and came and came some more. Each time he did, the flood of semen around my prostate would trigger one of my own orgasms, each slam pumping out more of my own juices into the condom I still wore. I vaguely remember being crushed into the bed, the carpet, even the wall! My Champion's muscle-cock was splitting my ass wide open as he filled me with his creamy loads, even in my dreams I could feel him inside, it was glorious! When I finally came to, it was to a room free of Maximilian and the condom I had been filling through the night. Untangling myself from the bundle of blankets I had been wrapped in, I managed to make it all the way to the edge of the bed before the door burst open. My Champion had returned, freshly showered and smelling slightly of strawberries. He was wearing a bathrobe that, like just about everything these days, was much too small for him. His immense, hairy chest muscles were fully exposed, his perky nipples stiffer than diamonds and just begging for a good sucking. “Morning sunshine!” he chirped, shuffling over and then throwing his enormous body on to me, “So good to finally see you awake!” He pressed his lips into mine, all but shutting down my higher cognitive functions. I was even suckling his tongue now, so long, so thick, and so wet with arousal. I would have been satisfied with having that thing fill my cheeks forever, but just as I was about to consign the rest of my life to such pleasure, my Champion released me and pulled out. “I hope you don't mind,” he said from behind a cheeky smirk, “But I took the liberty of forcing Mr Hump to imbibe all that spunk you pumped out last night.” Oh... crap, I must have cummed out a whole bucket of juice. “H-How big did he get?” “Heh, come see for yourself, he's by the pool.” “He has a pool?!” When we finally found him, it was all I could do to keep myself from going slack-jawed. Mr Hump was lounging on a doughnut float in the middle of his pool. There were fewer lines on his face, a lot more black shining from his head, and he filled out his trunks so massively I actually wondered why he even bothered with them. Despite his heavily muscled new body, there was no doubt in my mind that my Champion still outweighed him by a hundred pounds. And that pleased me greatly. “Ah, Branson,” he called upon noticing me, “I must apologise for not coming to thank you sooner but Maximilian had insisted I not disturb you.” I watched him roll off his doughnut, plough through the water as if it offered no resistance, and then explode from the pool with one push of his powerful new legs. Water splashed everywhere, but before I could even duck Mr Hump's huge new body landed squarely before me. Holy fuck, if he had been a hot daddy before, then he was a smouldering beef-god now! I swear his pecs must have been sticking out a good five inches from his chest! “I haven't felt this virile in years!” he laughed, muscles flexing, “Nine inches when erect too! I dare say my penis has never, ever reached such a size! Why our ancient enemies would want to do away with such a blessing... astounding!” “Mr Hump,” interjected Maximilian, “You're supposed to tell us the plan.” “And right you are,” Mr Hump said sagely, “Come Branson, have a seat, we have much to discuss.” In the end, Mr Hump didn't tell me anything Maximilian hadn't already, but I played along nonetheless. It was not until he asked us to return to the Manor – as he referred to his bungalow – that things got interesting. The Cult would gather tonight, he said, and I would be revealed to them in all of my glory. Not even Maximilian knew what that meant, but try as we might, Mr Hump chosen to remain mysterious. The rest of the day crawled, and I mean crawled, the ticking of time never going any faster even though I took every opportunity I could to molest Maximilian's colossal muscles with all of my might! When the sun finally set, we left the room two hours early to find out everyone else had arrived two hours earlier than that! They had kicked down the door to the Manor and piled into the secret lair Mr Hump maintained beneath. The man himself had arrived just in time to prevent Maximilian from showing me off, insisting that we did things the proper way. My Champion was taken from me, and I was ushered into a separate tunnel that would lead to my big reveal in the main ritual hall. When I finally found my way there, it was to a large, mostly circular cavern overflowing with cultists in long, billowing cloaks and hoods that hid their identities perfectly. Only Maximilian and Mr Hump I recognised, Maximilian because he was easily the tallest, hugest guy there, and Mr Hump because his hood was down. The buff history buff led me to a what I could only describe as an altar to muscle. The altar proper was a massive stone slab as large and tall as a dining table, but looming above it was a horrifically muscular statue chiselled to such fine details I could make out every fibre of brawn that bulged from the stone. I had never seen anything like it, not even the most muscular of men in my dreams could come close. The sculpture must have been what, ten... maybe twelve feet tall and easily four or five feet wide at the shoulders! Somehow, just looking at it reminded me of Maximilian. He was the only one who came close really, despite being a scrawny weakling by comparison. I really thought they had the same deltoids, same nose, but other than that the stature was... familiar. And to think... that was a statue of me. I was almost looking at a splitting image of how I had imagined myself, even my face, with that powerfully sculptured jawline, the hard, strong brows, and traps so stupendously massive as to utterly devour my neck. I was pulled from my marvelling when a pair of cloaked Cultists swept past me. Mr Hump had gestured for them to approach the relic resting upon the altar – a massive hoop of gleaming gold resting on a crimson pillow so ancient it looked to be a thousand years old. “Pick it up,” he commanded. The Cultists obeyed, revealing astonishingly muscular forearms as they reached for the artefact and then pulled with all of their might. Amazingly, no matter how hard their muscles flexed, the hoop remained in place, not budging by even a millimetre. “Enough!” called Mr Hump, prompting the Cultists to return to the crowd that surrounded us. “As you can see,” said Mr Hump, his voice soft due to his proximity to me, “Not even we can lift your relics, no matter how dedicated they are to building up their bodies in your name.” “Prove to them that you are indeed our god,” he continued, “Go on... pick up your old cock-ring.” Wait... that was a cock-ring? Holy fuck my cock must have been HUGE! Despite the chill in the air the relic was warm to the touch. I grabbed at it and pulled, finding absolute resistance, as if I had been trying to pick up a steel girder that had been wedged into a building. I pulled again, slightly harder this time, a chill running down my spine when I realised the cock-ring would not budge from its pillow. Was... Was I not the god of muscle they said I was? But then... how could I have grown Maximilian and Mr Hump? “Pick it up please!” prodded Mr Hump from behind me. Oh crap, oh crap oh crap oh crap! What if this wouldn't come up? Swallowing, I decided to just go for it, so I tighten my grip and then YANKED at the cock ring with all of my strength! My fingers slipping from the hoop, momentum throwing me back and causing me to lose my balance. Just as I stumbled, moments before my butt stuck the earth, several loud gasps echoed from the crowd behind me. “MOVE!” bellowed Mr Hump, “MOVE IT MOVE IT!” It was there did I realise the hoop was now hurtling through the air with the grace of an anvil. Cultists were scattering, nearly tripping over their robes as they ducked out of harm's way. BOOM! It smashed into, no... through... the stony cave like a meteorite, leaving behind a massive crater that must have been three feet deep! I... I did it! ...but I had to be sure. I strode to the hole, purposefully scattering the much larger Cultists who were in my way, and grabbed at my relic. I could feel it now, flowing between my fingers like a wave of energy. When I pulled this time, the ring effortlessly followed, as if it weighed nothing at all. The Cult broke out in cheers this time, clapping and yelling as I lifted my ancient cock ring above my head. Suddenly they were all upon me, muscled arms popping out of their robes and hefting me above equally muscled shoulders. Mr Hump was trying to yell over the din, something about to being careful since I was still holding a relic that weighed a million tons to mortals like them. Undeterred, he had ordered Maximilian to rescue me. My musclebound Champion had simply bowled his way through the crowd and then snatched me from the air before someone else could grab me. I didn't want to leave, his arms were just so warm, so strong, his fingers could just press into me and leave me gushing, I'm serious! It wasn't till another hour passed before Mr Hump finally brought the Cult under control. Most of them had pulled down their hoods now, revealing the very youthful features of some of the university's biggest and brightest. I recognised nearly all of them of course, members of the bodybuilding, wrestling, and football teams, just about every roid rat who frequented the campus gym, and even the head of psychical education – Coach Duke! “We have done it!” yelled Mr Hump after all had been seated, “After generations we have at last found our god, our Beast!” “But we have not yet won!” he continued, “The ancient seal remains in place! The Beast still inhabits the body of this Branson von Brandy, with no access to his memories of us, and only limited access to his mighty powers!” “Champion!” he turned to Maximilian, “Step forth and show yourself!” A loud gasp shot through the crowd as Maximilian did just that, releasing the catch that held his cloak together and letting the garment fall off his amazing body. He was utterly naked, even looking like he had oiled his muscles just for this moment. “And now, check me out!” Okay, now they were just showing off. Mr Hump spent even more time basking before the Cult, clearly obsessed with the ample amounts of new muscle I had given him. It wasn't until Maximilian caught my eye did my Champion all but haul Mr Hump back to his pedestal. “Ahem,” coughed Mr Hump, “Right anyway, rather than spend the rest of our days risking discovery by the Shadow, we must begin preparations for the Ritual of Regenesis!” Maximilian and his titanic erection came to sit by me as Mr Hump began prattling on. He had pulled on his cloak again, although he was wearing it much like a cape this time, exposing his physique for my viewing benefit. “Do you have a shorter version of this Regenesis Ritual?” I whispered, once I was sure the rest of the Cult were too busy taking notes to notice me, “I don't think my dick's going to survive very much longer with all this muscle around.” “Somehow I think that's the point,” sniggered my Champion, “Get you all boned up and then harvest your cum so we can all grow up big and strong, why I have half a mind of just straddling you now so I can press this super cock of mine into your face!” “Do that, and I'll put this ring on you so you can't go back to the gym, ever.” “Heh, you must really like me to want to put a ring on me, and a... cock-ring... no less!” Man, my face was spending a lot of time being so red as of late. “I can't wait for you to punish me for my insolence you know,” he purred, “I can see it now – your six foot long cock decimating my ass and rearranging my organs from all the times I flexed my pecs in your face without letting you suck my nipples... man I can hardly wait!” Maximilian never got to explaining the Ritual to me, having opted to tease me so endlessly instead. I did find out (from listening to Mr Hump), that the Cult was to gather three key ingredients for the Ritual to be successful. First – Sweat of the Servants. This was simple enough, the Cult was to set up a large gym below the Manor and spend all their free time working out in sweatsuits. Once thoroughly soaked, they would sneak over to the engineering department and drain out the fluids. We were going to need a lot of sweat too, so Hump insisted we begin at the soonest. Second – Cum of the Champion. This too, was mostly straightforward. Maximilian was to cum at least once a day for one hundred days, each time collecting his cum until he filled an entire canister of it for the Ritual. Given how much spunk that monster pumped out each time he boned up, I didn't think we would have any trouble here. And finally – Essence of the Enemy. At first I thought this meant the essence of the Shadow cult who first imprisoned me, which would have made things extra tricky. We didn't know if the Shadow even existed any more, but then again they were famous for hiding in plain sight until it was too late. Mr Hump soon clarified that the Enemy simply referred to somebody I didn't think highly of. That was also tricky, since I couldn't immediately think of anybody I hated. But then Maximilian came to my rescue, having recalled the sliminess of the man he had spoken to when booking me back at The Glory Hole. Of course! How could I have forgotten him, not that I remembered his name to begin with, but that stage manager of mine had always did his very best to get on my nerves! It had been him who suggested to ban me from Hardbody Nights in the first place! So there we were, just sneaking through the backdoor of The Glory Hole, having left the Cult sweating it out in that overheated dungeon gym Mr Hump had put together. I had learned that the rat who served as stage manager went by one name – Richardson. Mr Hump had decreed that we acquire some of his 'essence', a word translated from one of my ancient text's that actually meant something uh... kinkier. I tried asking him nicely first of course, and obviously that didn't work. Maximilian, his chest puffed out from being proven right, and then stepped in and taken control of the situation. Not two minutes in, Richardson had been chained to one of the club's rape racks and stripped of all clothing by a very pumped, very naked Maximilian. He had taken his clothes off to 'blend in' with the crowd, or so he claimed. Somehow I couldn't tell who was enjoying it more. “I can always carry one of these racks back with us you know,” Maximilian had proposed, his huge hands massaging my shoulders as I scraped a mishmash of sweat, oil, and sex from the underside of Richardson's balls, “I can see you drooling all over yourself as you imagine me in one, tied up and gagged and helpless to stop you from shoving whatever you want up my rump.” “Just think about it,” he had pressed, even as he carried me back to the Manor, “Once you're all hulked up you can fuck me in the ass until I'm gaping and oozing cum like a waterfall, wouldn't that be swell?” Dear god. I had to wait a hundred days for the ritual. One hundred days with this musclebound stud of a man! Sure enough, Maximilian's presence was causing me to produce so much cum the Cultists were soon skipping class altogether. The dungeon stank so strongly of men I couldn't even go near without falling to my knees. They were growing so huge, so big, every last one of them. Maximilian would visit them each morning, armed with a condom full of my cum. He would sip some of it on the way down, his gargantuan muscles growing so much huger his body had actually begun growing taller to accommodate all that extra mass! And when Ritual day finally arrived, it was as though I was surrounded by Hulks! Nobody was shorter than seven feet now now, all of them at least three hundred pounds of heaving, roiling muscle. Their cocks had grown into epic foot-longs at the minimum, with many pushing one and a half feet and a couple even closing in on the legendary two foot mark. Maximilian, as my Champion, had responded the best (also because he hoarded most of my cum for himself). That fucking monster towered over everybody, almost eight fucking feet tall and so heavy with brawn that we couldn't find a weighing scale that wouldn't break beneath his expansive feet. Mr Hump had even barred him from showing himself in public, fearing that he would draw too much attention to us. That suited him just fine. We spent a lot of time testing the limits of his twenty-three and a half inch cock. Believe me when I say he made the hundred days pass really, really quickly. The Ritual took place in an 'Iron Hall' built into one of the many caves beneath the Manor. There were two concentric rings carved into the stone, the outer one was very deep and flooded with the Sweat of the Servants. The inner ring was much shallower, and it was here that Mr Hump poured the Cum of the Champion. Some Essence of the Enemy had been mixed with the remaining Cum and Sweat, creating an oil of sorts that was used to lather the bodies of everyone present. I, on the other hand, had been instructed to dress up. “Hulking out of your clothes has always been the quintessential experience of those who follow the Muscle Beast,” Mr Hump had explained, “After being imprisoned for so long, it is only fitting that you experience such explosive muscle growth first hand!” My time had come at last! The Cultists, cloaked and hooded but smelling strongly of oil and sex, milled around as they took their places beyond the ring containing the Sweat. I stood in the middle, fully clothed and gripping the massive hoop that once served, and would soon serve, as my divine cock-ring. Only Maximilian and Mr Hump stood by me. They were cloaked as well, although not hooded. “Here we are at last,” Mr Hump declared, “The Ritual begins when you are ready.” “I am ready,” I proclaimed, to whooping cheers, “Tell me what I must do.” “I'm glad to say there is not much for you to do beyond growing into the Beast that you are,” said Mr Hump, his smile warm and reverent, “Come, hold out the ring to me, I shall anoint it with the sacred oils.” I did as instructed, arms shaking slightly as Mr Hump smeared unto the ring the same concoction that covered their bodies. No sooner had he lifted his finger away did a powerful energy wave blast from the ring, charging all present with what I could only describe as pure, sexual power. The Cultists fell upon each other, some of them even foaming at the mouth as their libidos overpowered their minds. Both Mr Hump and Maximilian had flinched at the first sign of my true power. Their huge cocks had shot out from behind the flaps of their cloaks, harder than rocks and riddled with thick, pulsing veins. My Champion in particular was shaking quite visibly, no doubt battling the urge to pounce me as he had always done. Mr Hump had instructed him to leave me untouched, and it sure looked like he would take any opportunity to disobey. “Get back to the others,” breathed Mr Hump, drool cascading from his lips, “Hurry now.” Maximilian didn't immediately move, the hunger in his eyes clear as the day. It was not until Mr Hump repeated himself did my Champion begrudgingly join with the orgy. The moment they grabbed him, another powerful sex wave emanated from the ring. “This is it!” Mr Hump yelled over the orgasmic roars of the crowd, “Hold the ring closer to you!” No sooner did the words leave his mouth did some invisible force take hold of the ring, wrenching it from my grip and causing it to hover just before my crotch. Untamed energy crested across my body, as though I was standing before a powerful vacuum, air converging above my crotch before getting sucked through the loop before it. My heart fluttered in my chest. I could feel it! Oh yes, oh fuck yes it was finally happening, I could fucking feel it! My muscles were growing harder, stronger! My heart was thumbing so hard I could almost feel it striking my ribcage. Veins, thick and pulsing, rose across my body as I readied myself what would surely be an unstoppable explosion of pure muscle! My body began throbbing, like a monstrous cock gorging itself with pure testosterone. I could feel myself growing into massiveness, my muscles were getting bigger, heavier, I was inching upward, my muscles expanding in all directions, my clothes tightening madly as the first of my growth spurts hit me like a truck. “FUUUUUCK!” I bellowed, instinctively spreading my legs and striking a double biceps pose. The sleeves of the dress shirt were the first to go, exploding into tattered threads as fabric gave way to sheer muscle. Bulging biceps burst from my arms, growing bigger and bigger by the second. My skin had tightened like a drum, riddled with veins. This was magnificent, so much power and so much erotic pleasure coursed through me! I flexed my guns, each pump causing them to swell ever bigger, bulging out of my arms and splitting into multiple peaks! RIIPPP! Beneath me, my quads and calves had grown huge and muscled. All that extra mass tore great rents in the legs of my suit. Simply shifting my legs were causing my thighs to split into their individual muscle groups – each a teardrop-shaped mass that rippled as they battled their neighbours for space! Fuck! A guttural growl escaped from my throat, but I paid it no mind. My neck was muscling up, thick like telephone poles. I could feel another spurt coming, deep in my core, and when I drew in my next breath an ecstatic roar was all I could manage. What remained of my clothes constricted every inch of my body. My shoulders were broadening, swelling and growing with solid, heavy muscles. Palming my gut, I realised my once soft and nondescript stomach had given way into a shredded six-pack that rippled with every breath. And it was still growing, still getting harder, but when the power reached my chest at last it was all I could do to squeal with delight. Two heaving boulders of sinewy, cord-like flesh exploded from my chest and blasted the front of my shirt clean open. My entire torso was hulking out, my back was widening, barely keeping up with the massive lats blowing out on either side of me. My huge body was not assuming the V-shape men across the galaxy would kill for, but the legendary Y-shape from the sheer amounts of muscle bulging out from where I already had plenty. More power! More, more! My pecs were morphing into heaving boulders of shredded brawn, so pumped and so heavy with meat my nipples were pointing down. And my nipples! Thick as my thumb and pulsing like obscene, sweaty fruits. Simply rubbing my thumbs over the teats triggered an electrical storm in my chest, causing my pecs to flex involuntarily and sending a powerful jolt down to where the most important growth spurt was about to begin. I gave my miniscule cock a powerful flex, gorging it with power and causing an avalanche of pink flesh to come sloshing between the flaps of my boxers. It was already drooling with my seed, the head slick with pre-cum and throbbing as it absorbed more and more size. It was growing again, oh fuck yes it was growing bigger and fatter by the second! Still-semi hard but pleasurable beyond reason, the ring empowering my erection as it grew through the hoop. There was just so much cock meat gathering at the base, my loins blazing as they pushed out! I couldn't help it. My balls were swelling, even churning with cum. I dug my fingers into my stretchy undergarments and ripped them clean off. The sudden exposure to raw power only aroused me even further. My cock rocketed to maximum hardness, riddled with veins and easily eight inches hard. What little fat I had in my ass literally evaporated as hyper-defined glutes surged out from behind me. I flexed my entire body again, growling as a veritable forest of thick black pubes burst from my loins, engulfing the entirety of my balls and wrapping around the base of my swollen manhood before spreading upward and backward. My chiselled abdominals soon developed a treasure trail of their own, one that reached between the sculptured pectorals that brimmed from my chest. I could feel the dark hairs bristling within the canyon that separated them, before coating my pecs with a rich dusting of thick black fuzz. Quick to follow were my pits, and then my forearms, my calves, and finally my ass crack. Now that was a fucking ass crack, a fucking jungle of coarse black pubes that surrounded my winking hole and spread across my cheeks like a filthy garden of pure testosterone. Then, just as I was getting to the good parts, the torrent of energy slowed to a trickle. As my growth spurt came to a close, I noted that I now stood at an incredible six feet five – almost an entire foot from where I started from – and had bulked out to an incredible three hundred and fifty pounds! My arms were easily twenty-one inches around and my thighs thicker than most men's waists! But most importantly of all, my cock measured a jaw-breaking nine and a half inches, thick as a beer can and boasting a pair of orange-sized nuts. Suffice to say I would have spent the next hour shamelessly groping myself were it not for the fact my cock-ring was still too large for me. It was still hovering there, as if wondering if I had grown big enough. Of course I had not! So I grabbed at it, another explosion of pure sex blasting my hand away and flooding me with more power than I could contain! It was happening again! I could feel it! Oh yes, oh yes! Chest muscles! Always with my pecs! They were exploding outward, full of power and rippling like waves! I could watch them expanding to the size of tires, even as the rest of my body began following suit. My legs, already thick with mass, swelling out as liquid muscle was pumped into my quads. I could feel every vein, every fibre, every cell of my body brimming with insane power as energies fuelled me with even more muscle! My swollen manhood swelled even larger, pushing out against my grip and closing in on the foot-long mark. Thanks to my now grapefruit-sized balls I was still shooting, still jerking and bucking, my upper body growing more powerful, more spectacular than I could imagine! My arms, heavy with muscle, were just packing on more and more mass. They had surpassed twenty-five inches for sure, so much brawn bulging out of them my fucking biceps had biceps! And then my shoulders started their own growth spurt, causing me to grow horrifically broad, almost three feet of muscle on either side of my head! My traps surged upward, devouring my neck and growing so beefy they were scant inches from touching my ears. Muscular explosions continued to go off, each muscle group in my body consuming god magic and then hulking out without warning. The ring followed me down as I landed on my ass, which burst out like chiselled granite mountains and propped me off the floor. Even as my back broadened in tandem with my lats, I propped myself up with my swelling arms and spread my legs up to give my growing balls more space. I could hardly guess how big I was getting, my legs and torso continued to lengthen, barely keeping out with all the muscle just bursting out of my body. And my cock, oh my god my fucking cock was so hard, so hot! It had stopped growing longer when it reached two fucking feet, but it was getting so fat, so thick, fuck! My back struck the ground, so much brawn erupting out from I was squealing and howling in ecstasy before I knew what hit me. This was it, this was the hulk-out I had so dreamed! It was magnificent, spectacular! My entire body was having an orgasm to end all orgasms! Pecs, biceps, triceps! My quads too, I was growing into a monster! A huge, fucking muscle monster! My cock! Fatter than fuck and spitting out cum like crazy, it was growing so, fucking, LONG! The first volley nearly blinded me, so much pleasure erupting from my cock my neurons were nearly fried. An entire bucket of semen just exploded from my rock hard dick, rocketing into the air and raining down upon me. I could feel my entire body lengthening, no doubt to accommodate the insane amounts of brawn still growing from every inch of being! Thick veins begun streaking out from the base of my cock, creeping through the dark forests of man-hair that covered my body. Where they reached, so did the pace of my growth, as if they were pipes pumping my muscles full of power juice. My abdominals grew to an immense eight-pack, each cinder block sized muscle harder than steel and unimaginably stronger. My pecs, already monstrous boulders of roiling muscle, seized up and almost doubled in size when touched by my power. My obscene, sweat-slicked nipples were almost an inch long and thick as my thumb! Fuck! My penis continued to shoot, my brain taking a back seat as I let myself be consumed by the most primal or urges. I could not fathom how long I laid there, hulked-out and musclebound, crushing my monster dong with my equally monstrous muscle-quads and pumping out a seemingly endless river of sperm. Fuck! Ten minutes of back-to-back orgasms later, the storm in my loins finally calmed. Slowly, ever slowly, I reared to my full height, every mindbogglingly massive muscle bulging with the slightest of movements. Thick, pulsing veins ran like highways over and around every supersized muscle, converging within the bristling pubic forest growing at the base of my throbbing, monstrous, king-sized cock. I gave my hulk body a violent test flex, nearly driving myself over the edge again as every sinewy fibre bulged with unprecedented size and power. So much control! I could even flex my biceps without having to bend my arms, the sensations were exhilarating, to say the least. Another thing, my hairy pecs had grown so muscular I couldn't look past them to see my crotch any more. While I could see my gigantic, swollen cock and the oversized mushroom head that capped it, I couldn't make out the coconut-sized balls that hung heavily from my loins. Not that it bothered me, their immense weight was unbelievably erotic. I could even flex them independently, pulling them up and holding them against my groin thanks to the incredible muscles that now bulged from and above them. And then there was the matter of my face. Caressing my cheeks with sausage-thick fingers, I realised that my once sharp, nondescript chin had taken on a hard, rugged, and very square countenance. There was no doubt in my mind that I looked like a man now, a huge, hairy, hulk of a man! Fuck. I wanted, NEEDED, more! At first I thought I was cumming again, my inner penile muscles were flexing so powerfully. Every single vein on my cock had surged up, throbbing madly as my cock gorged itself on pure muscle juice. It was growing again, just bulging with thick cords of sinew and brawn and until I felt the ring closing in on the base. Panting like an animal, I palmed at my crotch, and realised that my cock-ring now fit me perfectly. It had sucked in my gargantuan balls too, as a proper cock-ring should. And it was now filling me with unimaginable size and driving me through another immensely erotic growth spurt. My hairy cock continued growing out, as did my muscles, and my body as a whole. I was absorbing so much mass I was acutely aware of every scrap of energy boiling within my very cells. As I muscled up, this awareness only grew, until I realised that the power formed as part of me as the very muscles they sought to grow. And as I flexed my muscles, so did I 'flex' the energies surging through me. The first thing I did was pull the power collecting within my heaving testes, drawing them up through my core and into my arms. I had always wanted disproportionately muscular arms – arms huger than my own legs – so I began directing all the power into my biceps, causing them to bloat with power, immense boulders of pure muscle exploding out even as my triceps began hulking out of their own accord. Whatever scraps remained were diverted to my forearms, which expanded until they were thicker than my calves! By then, my upper arms had morphed into colossal monstrosities, each one a scant inch smaller than my quads were huge. I wasn't going to be reaching behind me with arms so stupidly massive, so grossly over-muscled, but holy fuck the power was overwhelming! I bathed in my euphoria, directing my own growth as I saw fit, my booming laugher echoing through the base as my body expanded in every conceivable direction, never stopping, never wanting to stop until I towered over the Cult. Ten fucking feet tall, ten fucking tons of unstoppable muscle and cock! At last. I did not know when the Cult's maddening orgy stop, only that it did. They were all on their knees, drenched in cum and gaping at the sight of me standing before them. As they should, I was their god! I was their fucking muscle god! I could do anything, anything! At long last my body bulged with the monstrous muscles of the wildest of my dreams! So I turned my attention to Mr Hump, the leader of my Cult and the only one who managed to refrain from joining in with the orgy. That did not mean I could not smell the sex on him, so much cum laid in a streak before him now, no doubt from the countless times he blew his load watching my ascension. “I-Incredible,” was all he could say, “To think that all this time, this...” He swallowed, reaching into the folds of his robes. “...this could have been ours.” And there we go, the inevitable betrayal. Did you not think I would not have seen this coming? Did you not think I, your Beast, would not think to question the loyalty of your worship? I lunged at him, my muscles flexing so powerfully as to create shockwaves, tearing into his cloak and pulling it away to reveal a stone slab covered in strange, glowing runes. But something was wrong now, my gigantic fingers could not crush the heretical writings, as if some unstoppable force protected the slab and the traitor who carried in. He was pushing me back, back into the ring, the slab held high as invisible chains formed around my wrists and ankles and pulled me back. I could see more of the writings now, they all had them, sequestered beneath their cloaks only to reveal them at the last possible moment. “Begin the Ritual proper!” yelled Mr Hump to the Cult, “Quickly!” A terrible droning noise drummed into my ears, distorting my vision and forcing me onto all fours. The cock-ring I wore glimmered with the same purple runes found on all the slabs, sapping my strength and draining my muscles for all they were worth. My monstrous biceps were deflating, and rapidly, as were my pecs, my quads, everything! With every second that passed the speed of the theft only accelerated, it would not be long before I would be too weak to fight back the Cult I had empowered so much. “You cannot fight this!” declared Mr Hump, “Just as you cannot stop the coming of dawn! Our ancestors may have failed to drain you of your power, but we... we will succeed where they could not! We will bring about a new world order! No gods, no kings! Only man!” It struggled to even breathe now, so much size having been drained from me that even Maximilian, my 'Champion' outmuscled his god. By the time I exhaled I had been reduced to a mere bodybuilder, barely six feet five and only a few hundred pounds heavy. Not that it made me any less powerful. “You think your pathetic magic can contain me?” I crackled, balling my fists and pushing my shoulders out, “I am your Beast, Mr Hump.” “I AM YOUR GOD!” BOOM! Every cell in my body rumbled with pure power as I flexed every fibre of my being, the resulting shockwave so powerful as to wrench these wretches off their feet. Every last Cultist, Mr Hump and Maximilian included, went crashing into the cavern's walls as if launched from a cannon. Had they not been built like fucking brick houses, the impact would have broken them. I doubted any of them were injured in anyway, only winded. Good, there were far more deserving punishments for them. But first, my muscles. “Impossible!” cried Hump from behind a pile of Cultists. I ignored him as I purged the runes they had carved into my divine cock-ring, unleashing my stolen power and bellowing in ecstasy as my body once again exploded with inhuman masses of unbridled muscle and power. I was growing again, taller and wider and stronger, so much pleasure shooting through my body until I at last I towered over these miscreants like the god I was. Hump was quite some distance away, so instead I turned my attention to the Cultist closest to me. The muscle boy actually convulsed, a vulgar moan slipping from his lips as he fell back in the throes of an orgasm. Every blast, every buck of his hips drained his muscles as he did mine, his juices spiralling into the air and coiling around my fingers at the merest of thoughts. I clenched my fist, squeezing more and more seed from balls that belonged to me. He came harder in kind, gallons and gallons of muscle juice spraying from his cock and joining with the 'glove' of semen I now wore. The Cult had frozen in terror, unable to take their eyes off the scrawny nerd still twitching on the floor. This was the fate that awaited them, pity they would not escape me tonight. Not saying they did not try in the end. With but a thought, I sealed the exits with great walls of stone too heavy even for them to lift. One by one, drop by drop, I overpowered my ancient enemies and sucked the muscle from their cocks. Whenever my cum glove grew too large, I simply wiped the liquid size across my chest, my arms, even my balls, causing those monstrous muscles to grow even further, reaching gigantic proportions in a glorious display of my power. Mr Hump was second to last. “N-No!” he squealed, even as one gigantic paw encircled his waist and wrenched him off the floor like a doll, “This is impossible! You should not be possible! The Ritual... The Ritual is perfect, infallible! This. Is. Not. POSSIBLE!” “I defy your possibilities,” I corrected him, my voice deeper than the mountains themselves, “I am your GOD boy, now you will pay for your insolence.” Of all the Cultists, I felt Mr Hump yowled the hardest as I drained every last drop of muscle from him, only letting go when I had reduced him to the skinny frames typically found on the college's faculty. He was still mumbling to himself, unable to come to terms with his defeat. But I disregard his prattling, there was one last matter to deal with. Maximilian, my 'Champion', was where I had left him, propped up against the wall with nothing but a cheeky smirk on his face. What a shame, after all that had happened... I still really, really liked him. Against my better judgement, I turned my attention to one of the blockaded exits and willed the wall away. “You...” I proclaimed, “You may go.” But Maximilian simply smirked even more. “I'm afraid I won't be going anywhere,” he said softly, “My place is here.” Something insignificant, like a gnat, threw itself against one of my super-massive calves. “FLY YOU FOOL!” hollered Mr Hump, his entire body shaking with emotion, “I'LL HOLD HIM OFF, WARN THE OTHERS, WARN THEM!” One flex, just one, the force of my muscles contracting so powerful as to send Hump hurtling a good seven or eight feet away. When Maximilian still did not move, I reached down and picked him off the floor by his wrist. I was so unbelievably strong now that my former Champion felt about as heavy as a muffin. Holding him in the air before me, that musclebound bodybuilder still managed to look so devilishly mischievous. “Do you really not want to flee?” I growled, gesturing to the door with my chin, “Maybe I really should put you in a rape-rack, that would be something wouldn't it?” Maximilian was so fucking smug god damned it. “You would love that wouldn't you?” he purred, even going so far as to flex his free arm, “Bet you'll love it even more if got to press your face into these muscles until the end of time!” Strangely, even though Maximilian was a fucking twig compared to me, I still wanted that. Somehow, I think he new it. “No!” interrupted Mr Hump from behind us, “This is cannot be! It just cannot be!” “You know,” I continued, staring into Maximilian's brilliant blues, “I almost feel sorry for you, that your Ritual could not contain the Beast.” “Oh about that,” he replied, eyes blazing, “The Ritual always contains the Beast, there's just... one catch.” Maximilian's smirk grew dangerously wide. “It has to be used... on... the Beast.” The stunned silence almost deafened me. Oh no. “Oh yes,” chirped Maximilian. He was getting heavier now, extremely so in fact. I could not keep him dangling before me, not even with both my arms. My strength was not going anywhere, it was in fact jacking up as I put all my muscle into my futile attempt to keep him off cave floor. Try as I might, Maximilian soon planted his feet firmly onto ground and, with an almost nonchalant flick of his wrist, broke the hold I had on him. “That's better,” he said dryly, “Now, kneel.” Craters were smashed into the rock as my knees hit the deck, my gigantic arms falling carelessly to my sides. “I'll be taking that now,” announced Maximilian. I could only watch, stupefied, as he shoved my fucking totem pole of an erection to a side and grabbed the ring wedged around the base. He pulled at it effortlessly, my colossal balls even squeezing through the hoop despite being much too big for the gap, and when the ring reached my swollen cockhead I was immediately overcome by the single most powerful orgasm of my life. Or rather, what felt like the most powerful orgasm of my life. No matter how hard my cock jerked, no matter how hard my hips bucked, no cum came out. All over my body my gargantuan muscles were deflating like popped balloons, collapsing into themselves and surrendering their inhuman power to the cock-ring in Maximilian's hand. Not five seconds later, I was on the ground, having flopped over as the last of my herculean muscles were torn from me like nothing. Maximilian had returned me to the slim, if leanly muscled body I had had when we first met, there was nothing remarkable about me now, my larger-than-average testicles notwithstanding. After having tasted what god-muscles felt like this... this was nothing to me. CRACK! Maximilian just broke the cock-ring clean in two! He was drawing out what appeared to be shimmering white cum from the core, forming it into a sphere he held in one hand. There was a sudden blur of movement from the corner of my eye. Mr Hump had gotten up again, and was throwing himself at Maximilian! Without skipping a beat, the bigger man tossed the now empty cock-ring at Mr Hump, which immediately bound his legs together and caused him to fall flat on his face. “Like I would need a cock-ring to make my dick bigger,” scowled Maximilian, rolling his eyes, “Much less fit something that tiny around my monster dong, of all the things you could have chosen!” Satisfied that Mr Hump wasn't about to go anywhere, he brought the orb of muscle cum down and pressed it into his cockhead. It was almost as if he was feeding it, that gaping cock hole was pulsing now, gulping down the muscle juice and depositing it within his hefty nut sac. “There we go,” chimed Maximilian, as his penis swallowed up the last of the juice, “Now... the best part.” A bellow, deeper and louder than anything I could have made, heralded the growth spurt to end all spurts. The muscular explosion of his body triggered a shockwave that blew me off my feet and all the way to the wall. His arms, in an instant, morphed into supersized world destroyers that sported biceps the size of small cars. As his body swelled beyond all comprehension, shoulders wider than I was tall erupted with inhuman power, muscular mountains fusing into monster traps that barely contained the growing pillar passing for his neck. Maximilian's lats were next, smashing out from either side of him and knocking his arms apart. A pair of heaving, violently-flexing monstrosities had burst from where his pecs once were, growing so huge and so powerful, fuck! Below him, his freak-show abdominal muscles had grown to the size of anvils, and they were still getting bigger! Each fucking boulder must have weighed more than my entire body! And then his quads, already thick and sculpted, hulked out beyond reason. Sheer mountains of unbridled muscle smashed against each other and pushed his stance even further apart. Maximilian was shooting up now, stretching wider and packing on more and more size. His body was growing even huger, even more heavy with muscle! His cock, his glorious hulk of a cock was morphing into the single most muscular organ in the fucking universe! So much size, so much iron-like muscle! Fuck! As his body inexplicitly doubled in size, the Beast raised his herculean arms as much as he could and brought them down for the most muscular flex of my life. The shockwave from all his muscles clenching at once shattered the walls of the Iron Hall, vaporising stone and shattering the Cult's final defences. All at once the Cultists came for their lives, shimmering wads of cum blasting from their cocks and draining their muscles of even more size. And then Maximilian was exploding. Unrestrainable. Uncontainable. Unstoppable. With every second, a thousand upon thousand pounds of rock hard muscle erupted from his being. The Beast had unleashed an unceasing torrent of flesh and brawn and sinew from his body. He was morphing, changing, hulking out beyond mortal comprehension! In less than a minute he was huger than everything, his immense limbs tearing through rock and concrete and steel as they packed on ridiculous amounts of muscle and power. His entire body was reaching epic proportions, his very legs plunging through the earth's crust and triggering violent earthquakes across the university's entire campus. His monster pecs had blown up to the size of blimps, gigantic and monstrous, as befitting the muscle god he was growing into. Still exploding like a fleshy volcano on steroids, Maximilian's gargantuan torso smashed through the Manor above us, every muscle cell in his being growing much too huge and much too monstrous to describe! Before long, the sheer immensity of his muscles had saw the lower half of his face consumed by oversized traps. Not five seconds after, Maximilian smashed his way through the planetary crust, exposing the moonlight and causing the earth to crack and quake. His behemothic traps surged through the surface, quickly followed by his planetoid pectorals and the juggernaut shoulders heaving on either side of him. He was spreading his legs now, slowly and monumentally, the sheer massiveness of his great form crushing buildings and leaving great rents in the earth. Between his titanic thighs dangled a perfectly flaccid penis reaching all the way down to the ruins of the Hall. The smell was rapturous, intoxicating beyond reason, so much so that despite the best of my efforts my body simply refused to move. I could see it even now, an almost literal roadmap of veins shaking across the tremendous shaft, and when my god finally came it was as though a nuclear explosion of semen had taken place. Somehow, I had managed to find one of Mr Hump's expensive wood doors. It had fallen from the Manor above, and I had grabbed a hold to ride out the tsunami of semen gushing to the surface. I vaguely wondered if drinking this cum would turn me into a muscle-hulk, but given that I was barely clinging onto consciousness, that was not a theory I could put to the test. Hours, perhaps days, must have passed as I flittered between sleep and the waking world. I was still on the door, my body half submerged but growing no bigger, my brain growing just cognizant enough to pick up smatterings of nearby events. Maximilian, like the great Beast he was, had savaged the surrounding lands and attracted the attention of the government. An unstoppable juggernaut of unadulterated power, he was swatting jets out of the air and taking nukes to the chest like they were made of nothing. To make matters worse, it was clear even to my addled brain that the nukes were making him bigger, as if he was absorbing their power and converting it all into pure muscle mass! Some more time passed, and I flickered back to consciousness to see him smashing through a fleet comprising many of the world's greatest navies. He had flooded the world, he must have, and grown so huge in the process he was submerged only to his crotch in cum! What battleships still floated were throwing everything they had at him, but they might as well have been toys in a bathtub. To make matters worse, he had somehow summoned forth monstrous penis tentacles from the sea of cum. Like the very krakens of legend, they flooded ships with cum and devoured seamen by the hundreds. I slipped away, and when I returned it was to a raging ocean raining cum and my muscle god in the throes of a substantial growth spurt. The cum that flooded the world reached only to his knees! He couldn't have been more than a hundred miles away either, and yet I could still make out every mammoth fibre exploding out with gigantic new size. Savage were the seas and limited was my strength, when I passed out again it was all I could do to consign myself to fate, my fingers releasing the raft I had been clinging to and allowing my muscle god to claim me at last. *** As was customary, I greeted this morning as I did all others – with a yawn and a stretch and an intent to roll right over so I could continue my adventures through dreamland. Try as I might though, this morning's sun seemed hell bent on squeezing its way through my eyelids, so I went and grabbed Maximilian's muscly arm, pulling it over my face such that I could use one heavy bicep as an eye mask. For a time, all was right with the world. Now maybe if I snuggled a little harder to that deliciously big man I'd be able to get right back to where I was watching him- “AAAAHHHHHH!” I screamed, all but propelling myself off the mattress and smacking painfully onto the floorboards. Maximilian... Maximilian was there, next to me, in my bed, naked and musclebound and pitching a fucking circus tent with my blanket! He was already awake, no doubt having been startled up by my squealing, his volcanic blue eyes smouldering behind half-closed eyelids. “Morning sexy,” he murmured from over the edge, that cheeky smirk brimming with pearly white teeth, “Had a good night now did we?” I was still spluttering by the time that gorgeous hunk hauled me up, entrapped me a pair of hulking arms, and then rolled over to one side so he could lock my slender legs with his fucking juggernauts. “B-But,” I managed, my face red from getting squashed into those giant pecs, “How?” “Easy,” mumbled Maximilian, “Crush the resistance, flood the world with cum, and then erect your pleasure palace somewhere warm so your minions can make do with loincloths and sandals.” That smug bastard was getting really smug up there, I could almost feel his smirk splitting his face into two clean halves. “Then... why me?” Maximilian chuckled – a deep, reverberating sound. “Because you're my Champion of course!” he beamed, “As you have been since the very beginning of the cycle, when you first rescued me from a rockfall that would have otherwise prevented the awakening of my powers.” “Would you believe me if I told you I was the scrawny weakling back then?” teased Maximilian, “I still remember the day I watched you towering over me, clad in nothing but an animal-skin loincloth wrap, bulging muscles glistening with sweat! Your balls were utterly massive even then, and every incarnation of you thereafter had been more than capable of drenching a room when you got really horny.” My Beast squeezed me so tightly I actually forgot to breathe for a few moments. “I've missed you so much Branson. All those years without the warmth of your touch, the caress of your voice! You remember that statue you saw back beneath the Manor, the one you swore resembled you in every way?” “Well, that was you, one hundred and sixty-seven cycles ago. I had carved it with my bare hands when the loneliness grew too much to bear, and then brought it with me when I finally broke out a couple of years back. Did you know they had imprisoned me in this gigantic golden dildo? The whole thing was enchanted to prevent me from using any magic unless it was to grant the wishes of whoever managed to take me up their butts!” He squeezed me even tighter for several more minutes, nearly making me cum from the sheer strength in his arms and chest alone. When he finally did let go, it was all I could do to flop over onto my back, my throbbing cock pulsing so angrily I was so sure it was ready to burst. “What happens now?” I panted, “And why am I not feeling completely overwhelmed by everything that's happened?” “Heh,” chuckled Maximilian, “It's because you already know me and the shenanigans I get up to. Ever wondered why you functioned so normally when there were Uber drivers driving into things at the mere sight of me? “And remember how you strolled into my suite back at The Glory Hole and then barely batted at eye at the dozen or so muscle-boys I had used for my warm up? Their gaping butt-holes were literally overflowing with cum, and then you waddled right over them as if that was a common club occurrence!” “Not to mention how you're not the least but offended by the fact I both used and deceived you to destroy the Shadow Cult, just so I could avoid even risking another ten thousand years of imprisonment.” Somehow, not even the revelations astounded me. It was almost as if... “...you've been through all this before.” Maximilian finished, a big fat grin splitting his face in two. Maximilian was reaching for my temples now, his powerful fingers almost sparkling with magic. I immediately knew what he was about to do, so I reached up and grabbed him by the wrists, not because I knew I had the strength to stop him (I didn't), but because I knew what would happen if they had reached me. “Oh?” Maximilian purred, the thunderous build up of raw excitement barely contained, “This is new.” “I don't want them,” I stated, referring to my old memories, the ones he had always put back into my head at the beginning of each cycle, “Not now, at least.” “Do tell me why before I lose control and jump you,” breathed my Beast. I could almost feel it now, the prospect of something new after all these years was driving him truly wild. “I want to get to know you again,” I said simply, granting Maximilian a big-ass grin of my own and nearly causing him to blow his load in my blankets. “C'mon,” I continued, clambering over him so I could get off the bed and then grabbing his massive hands, “I think a morning breakfast date is in order here.” That monster was slavering now, his fearsome gaze betraying a hunger, a need, to please me while he still controlled his incredible power. “What after?” he growled, drool dripping from his chin as I pulled him toward the door, “Tell me... please, I can only get so erect.” I grinned him another grin, doing my very best to imitate the lewd smirks he was so known for. “Then you're going to show me, first hand, just why they call you... the Beast.”
  20. goremeridian


    (I just want to thank the MG forum for giving me the drive to start writing again. I've been in a bit of a tailspin for the last eight months or so, and I REALLY needed this. Enjoy...I hope!) Regrets Dylan hunched on his bed, cock twitching furiously in his tight black briefs. The wrinkled, sweat-drenched sheets were thrown back, exposing his lithe, faintly rippling tan torso to the silvery April moonlight. Exposing too his insatiable, slick hard-on, straining hungrily against his Calvin Kleins, sodden with load after load of his cum. He couldn’t sleep. Not simply because of his horniness, though that was certainly a factor. It had been a week, after all, since he had last been fucked, and the hand working his 8-incher was no substitute for Sam’s thigh-thick, veiny 16-incher slamming into his prostate and stretching him impossibly wide. His libido would not be satisfied with mere masturbation, no matter how violently he fapped. It was like the time he’d had a steak at Bavette’s in Chicago. Dylan had known then that all other steaks afterwards would feel inferior. After feeling Sam’s new, thick meat inside him, no orgasm would come close. Especially not a self-induced one. Not because of the heat, either. He was a sun-bunny; he’d practically grown up on Santa Monica Beach and even this hotter-than-usual climate didn’t bother Dylan in the slightest. His modern house had an air-conditioning system that would have pleased even the most rampant thermophobe, but he rarely used it. For him, the heat was like a warm comfort blanket. Not because of the noise of the distant storm, either, booming faintly across the city, setting the big windows rattling, getting louder as the minutes passed. They hadn’t had a storm here in LA in months, not a proper one anyway, and rather than being disturbed by the building rumble, Dylan felt a faint trickle of excitement running through his smoothly-muscled physique at the prospect. He put the strange irregularity of the storm’s roars – a sudden succession of BOOMS, followed by a narrow stretch of silence before another BOOM split the sky, sounding like some kind of storm-giant’s footsteps dragging through the distant moonlit city-sprawl – down to the sheer weirdness of the California climate. On the West Coast, particularly after a drawn-out, parched, tense season, they didn’t have storms; they had STORMS. No, Sam couldn’t sleep because – in addition to horniness, and heat, and excitement at the oncoming tempest – Sam was also feeling regret. And it went deeper than any of the other feelings. Bone-deep. Six months ago things had first come to a head. Sure, they hadn’t exactly been going swimmingly before then, but that’s when he and Sam had had their first argument. When Sam was only 314lbs. Dylan winced, as though the memory caused physical discomfort. Only. That stupid, stupid word. Absently, he started playing with his cock again. * “Three hundred and fourteen pounds!” Sam’s handsome face sneered down at his little boyfriend. He was flexing his grotesquely swollen right bicep, the huge mound, silhouetted against the hot midday September sun beaming in through the window, clenching into peaked perfection with every squeeze. A pencil-thick vein pulsed magnificently across its surface, feeding the twitching, aching muscle fibres, straining the mountain of muscle bigger, bigger. Dylan’s mouth was dry as he took in the sheer mass of his boyfriend. He had never seen him this pumped, this freaking HUGE. His tongue, eager to explore every crevice of his huge boyfriend’s bloated, striated mass, TASTED Sam’s testosterone in the air, and his tiny, tight buttocks spasmed in excitement. Sam smirked. The fact that Dylan was sitting down magnified the size difference between the two of them. He could barely make out his tiny, lithe boyfriend below his pecs, but just knowing that he was down there, just knowing that compared to his freakish mass, Dylan was a fucking HOBBIT, a puny little WIMP, triggered a moan of ecstasy that rumbled up through the bodybuilder’s throat. He could feel his thick – fuck, his monster-thick – cock swelling in his too-tight gym shorts. The little fucker wanted him big? Well, he was that now and more. He groped his engorging member with the thick fingers of his free hand, marvelling – as he did more and more often of late – at the new girth of his endowment. So Dylan wanted him big, did he? Well, now he’d gotten his wish. And then some. Sam’s groan of pleasure deepened, became more masculine, gravelly, as he fondled his monster cock. He was going to split the little size queen in fucking HALF! Dylan’s hot apartment reeked of Sam’s muscle and testosterone, as though reflecting the bodybuilder’s excitement back at him. The smell had permeated the walls, the carpet – hell, Dylan knew even his clothes would smell of his boyfriend now, even after several washes. The bigger Sam got, the more smell he radiated, like some sort of divine aura of MAN and MUSCLE. And the little man LOVED it. “Weighed myself at the gym just now,” Sam grunted. “Three hundred and fourteen. Nearly broke the fucking scale. That’s finally bigger than Mr O, Dylan!” He brought both arms up into a double biceps pose. The peaks seemed to strain even bigger, even HUGER, even as the bars of thickening muscle rippled beneath the paper-thin skin of his wrists. Dylan loved his guns. This pose would set the little runt dripping cum, no doubt. “So what do you think of your stud boyfriend now, runt? This muscleman finally big enough for ya?” Dylan gazed up at his monster of a boyfriend. His nostrils quivered, taking big gulps of the huge stud’s scent. Sam was swollen, bloated with mass, the striations of his freakishly large pecs practically bursting free from the too-tight muscle vest, his arms – no, he corrected, his CANNONS – looking hideously huge, the peaks rippling with steely sinew, like they were so massive they were going to split the skin, just as he had envisioned in his deepest fantasies. He would admit to himself, he had felt some modicum of guilt at putting his boyfriend through this, at driving Sam to become more and more musclebound, yet that smidgen of guilt was quickly swept away on a tide of lust. And yet… “It’s amazing.” He found himself stammering. “I mean, you look incredible Sam.” The big man’s grin widened at his words. “But…do you think you can get any bigger?” He asked. Sam’s expression didn’t fall straight away. It was as though the incredulity at his boyfriend’s ungratefulness needed a few moments to take root. But it fell soon enough. “Bigger?” He lowered his arms, Californian sunbeams lancing suddenly into Dylan’s wincing pupils. Sam said Bigger? but he may as well have said What the fuck?; his deep voice carried such pained disbelief. Dylan tossed his muscle magazine aside – he’d been sitting on the edge his bed gawping at the pictures of the muscular hulks flexing when Sam had burst eagerly through his front door – and quickly came to his feet. His eyes were at the same level as his boyfriend’s Adam’s apple. It looked bigger too, somehow. The little man’s dick was rock hard with lust. What was he saying? His boyfriend had gotten huge for him, bigger than most other bodybuilders on the planet. Shouldn’t he be satisfied? And yet he wasn’t. He lifted his gaze. Sam’s big, brown eyes wavered, somewhere between anger and pain. “I mean…you’re only 314.” Dylan heard the word only coming out of his mouth, the two syllables triggering a new frisson of guilt. He continued anyway: “But you could be so much bigger!” He reached out and grasped his boyfriend’s tree-trunk arm reassuringly, the thick muscle slick with hot perspiration. “ONLY?” Sam snorted “ONLY?” He tensed his arm, splaying Dylan’s fingers wide as they struggled to hold onto so much bloated mass. “I’m one of the biggest fuckers on the planet, and you say ONLY?” He grabbed his smaller boyfriend’s shirt in a big paw, thickening arm muscles writhing and bloating obscenely, and threw him backwards onto the bed. Before Dylan could recover, Sam had torn off his muscle vest – the material barely registering to his superhuman muscle – and, tossing it aside, raised both arms into a double bi. “This is what you wanted, right? Extreme mass?” His biceps seemed to lurch even bigger as his anger fuelled his flexing. “I didn’t even want this but you insisted.” His voice was getting louder now. “I have killed myself…six hours a day in the gym for the last 4 months…” He slipped effortlessly into a lat spread, the monster muscles flowing like water and hardening into pale granite, his skin colour a testament to the hours spent heaving around iron in a dank, hardcore basement gym away from the sun. “I’ve taken all the fucking drugs you wanted, even fucking overdosing on those goddamn horse steroids, despite the fact my doctor warned me against taking even a tiny dose…” In a swift move the bodybuilder, muscles rippling hugely, tore his gym shorts and briefs off. His monstrous cock, veined and gloriously thick, swung free, and Dylan’s nostrils were greeted with a new heady wave of testosterone. “I’ve even injected my fucking cock – MY FUCKING COCK – because you wanted me bigger everywhere.” Dylan, still supine, head still reeling, could barely take his eyes off the pulsing monster as it thickened into its full, erect 11 inches. “You said you wanted me bigger than Mr O. Well I’ve done it – I’ve done it for YOU.” Sam’s voice was wavering, his anger splintering as his puppy dog personality – as his love for the little man – reasserted itself. Dylan sat up. Tears were beginning to form in the big man’s eyes. He crawled across the bed and grasped Sam’s cock with his right hand. It felt so thick between his small fingers, so musky-damp, so warm. He could feel his boyfriend’s blood pulsing through the veins as he began slowly to work his hand back and forth. With his left hand he reached up to the bodybuilder’s chest and began massaging his sweaty, glistening pecs. The hot Californian sun blazing through the window was nothing compared to the heat radiating from the bodybuilder’s flexed, straining muscles, the thickening sinews rippling throughout his hyper-huge physique. “I DO appreciate it Sam.” Because of the muscleman’s anguish, his pecs were tensed tightly, and Dylan’s fingers could only rub faintly against the striated surface, brushing the large, pink circle of his areola. “Every day I’ve seen you getting bigger and bigger…” He adjusted his arse as it spasmed once more. “I’ve felt you getting bigger and bigger. And I know it’s all been for me. It’s because you love me.” Sam’s pecs were slightly less flexed now. Dylan continued: “But I never said I only wanted you bigger than Mr Olympia.” He squeezed Sam’s left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “I want you SO much bigger, Sam. Much, much bigger. Would you…do that for me?” Sam’s nipple hardened, even as his expression softened. “Even bigger?” His voice, capable of booming across a loud, clanking gym, barely came out as a croaked whisper. “I can’t help it, big guy. I’m a macrophile. It’s a sickness, you know that. It’s what drew me to you that first day, in the gym. You were the biggest guy there. But…” He shrugged. “I just need you HUGER. Bigger than the guys in my magazine. Bigger than anyone.” Dylan paused in his ministrations. “I’ve been researching. New drugs, new routines…experimental stuff…” “Don’t stop,” Sam grunted, and his little lover recommenced working his thick tool. A small part of him liked the idea of getting even bigger. Wasn’t that why he’d taken up bodybuilding in the first place? But a larger part of him was afraid. He was already a freak. How could he live a normal life if he got even bigger? Then he glanced down at his little boyfriend, kneeling cutely on the edge of the bed, his little earnest gaze peering up at him, his diminutive fingers straining to wrap around his monster dick as it thickened between his tiny fingers. And he caught the magazine beside him. Morphed bodybuilders, total alpha freaks. His heavy balls pulled close, swollen with seed as the image of him being bigger – way bigger – than even the computer generated mass monsters in the magazine swam before him. He envisioned his tiny boyfriend’s ecstatic face turning white with lust and awe when he flexed 30 inch biceps in front of his eyes. No, 40 inches. 50! Even BIGGER! With a grunt, he ejaculated. Hot, heavy squirt after hot heavy squirt of thick man-cream exploded from his swollen, sweaty godcock, coating Dylan’s face even as the little man struggled to stem the flow by swallowing the tip. “Nggg, I’ll do it,” the freak groaned. Glugging down the last few drops, Dylan looked up eagerly past his boyfriend’s bloated, swollen pecs, his fingers fondling the steel-hard nipple familiarly. “What?” He coughed, cutely, cum running down his chin. Sam smirked. “I said I’d get even bigger, if that’s what you really want.” He sighed around the smirk. “A LOT bigger.” * That had been their first argument, but not their last. Sam buffed his pillow up, as though that would help him get to sleep, and flopped his aching head back down onto it. He knew, however, that his discomfort wasn’t physical. Why couldn’t he keep his cock out of it? This was the longest relationship he’d ever been in – and he’d certainly never met a man as willing to accommodate his desires like Sam – and yet he’d wrecked it completely, all because of his stupid obsession with monstrously huge men. Sam should have walked then. Dylan wouldn’t have blamed him if he had. Four months of hell, he’d put himself through, all for his selfish little boyfriend. And how had Dylan rewarded his efforts, his pain, his sacrifice? By telling him he wasn’t big enough. But the big man hadn’t walked. Indeed, he’d become even more accommodating, even more determined to grow to a size that Dylan could finally be satisfied with. The storm sounded closer now. The slow, steady booms and thunderous roars reverberated across the city. Dylan had started to sense the faint tremble of an earthquake, too, as though the land were trying to copy the sky. He both felt and heard the BOOM of the angry, swirling heavens and the bones of the tectonic plates resounding together, grumbling through the sleeping silvery city, followed shortly by a second, closer, BOOM. A storm-giant’s footsteps indeed. He’d been through LA earthquakes before, however, and wasn’t worried. Even if storm and quake got much closer, it wasn’t like he was going to get to sleep now anyhow, not the way he was feeling. Distantly, he heard the tintinnabulation of glass breaking in a moonlit street. Some shop owners hadn’t quake-proofed their storefront windows, probably. Idiots. He thought about moving over to the window to see if he could make anything out, but he was too busy working his cock to get up now. Instead, his thoughts drifted to the last time he had seen his boyfriend. The last time he had felt that magnificent dick deep inside. One week ago. * Impaled. Dylan had heard the word before. But it was only when he was with Sam that he truly understood what it meant. “MFFFF,” the hulking bodybuilder grunted, his hot breath, redolent with the faintly saccharine whiff of protein shakes, blasting into Dylan’s face. “Just a few more inches to go, runt!” Dylan squirmed, eyes rolled back on his head in ecstasy, as his boyfriend’s steel-hard thick 16 inch meat squelched and pulsed even deeper into his insides, rearranging his guts so that they could accommodate his monster endowment, stretching his sphincter wider than a man’s arm. He could take it, though. It wasn’t as though Sam had gotten this big overnight. For six months since the only 314lbs argument the huge bodybuilder had worked to better himself, to grow into the kind of man that Dylan fantasised about. As he had grown, so too had the godcock attached to his hulking, sweaty, swollen mountain of a body. And through their daily powerfucks, Dylan’s ring had, by necessity, grown with it. Sam’s strength had grown too. He claimed to have benched 8200lbs only that morning. That was nearly four tonnes of iron. And Dylan could believe it. The way the man effortlessly gripped him with one huge calloused paw while he began to move him up and down on his monster cock – pulling him all the way up until he felt the bulbous head stretching his sphincter, then SLAMMING him back down, pushing his fuck-tool to new depths, forcing his godcock to wreck more and more of his lover’s insides while his skinny limbs spasmed, flailing uselessly about him – made it perfectly clear that to Sam, Dylan was nothing more than a fleshlight, and weighed about the same. Dylan wasn’t the only one in ecstasy. While Sam regretted not having a mirror to watch his massive, grotesquely swollen form crushing his smaller lover while he pounded him to oblivion, he could see the effect his cartoonishly enlarged mass was having on Dylan. And it thrilled him. The poor little man could barely walk these days, and when he did it was only to totter over to greet Sam at the door when he returned from a gym session so he could throw himself at the bodybuilder’s clenched brawn, tiny tongue out and eager to lap up the sweat glistening amid the striated, heaving Herculean freak-mass. Or to spear himself once more on the bodybuilder’s steaming hot, veiny megacock as though trying to split himself in half. The little fucker was surely finally satisfied with his boyfriend’s size – a fact that Sam was relieved and excited about. The last six months had been hell. Quitting his job to devote more than eleven hours a day to the gym. Overdosing on experimental steroids and cock-enhancing drugs Dylan had found on the Kazakh black market that made the crazy growth cocktail he’d taken in the first four months seem like aspirin. Heaving weights around that a year ago he wouldn’t have dreamed he could lift – and wouldn’t have dared to try for fear of tearing his goddamn arms off. Sweating blood, day in, day out. Not to mention enduring the steady rise of horror and disgust in people’s eyes when they saw him – the local freak, a celebrity, a real-life fucking Incredible Hulk of god-mass crammed into too-small workout clothes. In the last twenty-six weeks he had become the biggest, most grotesquely musclebound bodybuilder in the world. 6 foot 8, 634lbs of man, with a 16 inch cock thicker than his own freakish, bunching Popeye forearms. He had effectively given up any chance of having a normal life ever again. But to satisfy little Dylan, to see the excited look on his face, like some eager puppy, whenever he returned from the gym, it was all worth it. He’d done it because, despite Dylan’s selfishness and his obsession with macrophilia, he loved the little guy with all his heart, and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Today was where the growth ended though. Finally. He’d still need to take the drugs and haul the iron to maintain his hypermuscled monster freak conditioning, but less often. He could finally – finally – reclaim some sort of sense of self. Maybe he could broach the subject he’d been meaning to ask for some time, seeing as they had been going out for nearly a year, now that they were in a good place. Or so he thought. “I’ve been looking online,” Dylan moaned, drained of energy, as he snuggled beside his giant lover some time later. He was tentatively feeling around the hugely gaping hole of his raw arse with his little, twitching fingers, wondering absently whether it had been so stretched that it would never return to its original tightness. “Mmmmm?” Sam rumbled inquisitively. He was in a half-doze, exhausted from the killer gym session and the two hour fuck fest that had followed. His muscles ached pleasantly – except his four-tonne-lifting pecs, which throbbed painfully in every steel-hard striation every time he flexed – and the big man was on the cusp of drifting off. “Online?” Dylan wrapped both his arms around Sam’s right bicep and gave the relaxed muscle a tender kiss. Even unflexed, the grotesque muscle was a sight to behold, and felt harder than diamond beneath his soft lips. Flexed, it was 72 inches, over twice as big as the medicine ball Dylan used for his workouts, when he could find the energy or the ability to move. “Yeah. There’s this experimental treatment developed by some Crimean scientist, based on solar energy, bulls’ semen, radiation…I think there’s even some blue whale DNA in there somewhere; I didn’t read the small-print. It’s the effects that I was more interested in. It will make the muscle growth you’ve experienced so far pale in comparison.” Had he been less weighed down with lassitude, Dylan would have noticed that his boyfriend had grown very, very still. “I’ve had some samples shipped to your apartment. Thirty crates. Even a few millilitres would kill a normal man. I thought you could start on a couple of hundred litres a day – don’t worry, you’ll put it all to good use, particularly with the new, even tougher weightlifting regime I’ve been putting together for you…” For a big man, Sam could sure move quickly. He heaved himself to his feet, big limb breaking effortlessly free from Dylan’s grasp, towering over his tiny lover, freakish cock swinging and slapping madly about his bloated thighs. From this angle he couldn’t see Dylan – or much of anything – below his monster 283-inch pecs as they twitched angrily into pallid twin landscapes of titanium brawn. He felt the muscles in his arms flex and twitch, pushing his limbs away from the rippling sinews of his lats as they strained freakishly beneath his pale, paper-thin skin. “You mean I’m not done GROWING?” He stammered. He had meant it more aggressively, but exhaustion and disbelief had worn his voice down. Dylan blinked, surprised. “Of course not. I mean, you’re big…really big-“ His 8-incher twitched in agreement. “But you’re only 630lbs…” “634 this morning,” Sam growled. He raised both arms into a double bicep – Dylan’s favourite pose – and FLEXED his freakish arms, blotting out the goddamn spring sunlight and plunging his lover’s small form into penumbra. “I am the BIGGEST BODYBUILDER ON THE PLANET, runt…BIGGER THAN THE FUCKING HULK.” He didn’t realise he was shouting now, his booming, manly voice spilling out of his throat, the delts framing his bull-neck swelling with inconceivable might and mass. “THAT’S WHAT THEY CALL ME, YOU KNOW – THE HULK.” He grunted, squeezing MORE mass into his biceps, feeling the blood-engorged veins pulse maddeningly up and down his grotesque arms, feeding MORE blood, MORE testosterone, into the sinews, pumping them up BIGGER and BIGGER, past 76 inches now, so goddamn ANGRY that he just wanted the little shit cowering before him to pass out in fear and lust. Not that he could see the little man past the swollen god-mass of his rippling, striated pectoral muscles. If he could, he would have been greeted by the sight of Dylan fapping madly as he gazed up at him. Dylan loved it when Sam got aggressive like this. Loved it when he flexed, showed off his mass, the insane size difference between them, even as he hated himself, loathed himself, for putting Sam through this. “But…” He forced his regrets aside. “But think how amazing you’ll look when you’re even bigger! Won’t you do it – for me? Because you…love me?” He started to come to his feet, but Sam’s cock, swelling and bloating into a freakishly thick tube of veiny man-meat that could choke a fucking hippo, caught him on the side of his head with a glancing blow and sent him sprawling back onto the sheets. All about him the smell of Sam – the rich, godly musk of MUSCLE and MASS – seemed to thicken, become tangible. For a moment, Sam was quiet. Like he was mulling something over, like a great, ponderous thought was working its way through the bodybuilder’s mind. The room was quiet, except for the steady pulse of the muscleman’s heartbeat. For a moment, Dylan waited, trying to catch sight of his lover’s face beyond the heaving mass of sinew that was his chest, to catch that thought in Sam’s big, brown eyes, eyes that he knew would be wavering in surprise, in anguish, in pain. Then Sam nodded to himself, and, with a grunt that grumbled up from somewhere deep within his monstrous chest, broke the silence: “I have to go.” It wasn’t a shout, but it may as well have been. Dylan felt as though he had been punched in his stomach. Had he pushed Sam too far? Returning regret – and fear – began to curdle in his belly as the big bodybuilder slowly and determinedly turned away, his monstrous form seemingly even bigger than when they had fucked, as though reminding him of everything he was losing because of his stupid, sick macrophilia. By the time Dylan found his voice again, his freakishly huge boyfriend had gone. “What have I done?” He murmured weakly, crawling pathetically about on the wrinkled, sweat-soaked bedsheets, the pain of guilt worse than any anal discomfort he was suffering, far worse, far deeper. “What have I done?” * Six nights later, there he was still. Unable to sleep, unable to move, unable to think about anything other than muscle, cock, and regret. Hot wind howled about his house now, roaring against the rattling windows like a giant’s breath. The earthquake-storm too had increased in power, in intensity. It sounded like the goddamn streets were buckling, cracking and splintering, tarmac snapping and buildings crumbling, streetlights and neon shopfront signs spluttering and dying. BOOM, it went, setting his house shaking, the deep noise of tectonic plates grating against each other synching orchestrally, majestically, with the roaring of the furious storm. Somewhere distant, a dog was barking madly, and car alarms were screaming in the night. A crack was running up one of his walls. This was a big one. Perhaps the biggest he’d ever experienced. BOOM, it went again, like the angry heartbeat of the world. Then – for a moment – it stopped. Dylan twitched, cock-gripping fingers slick with pre, and his breath caught in his throat. And suddenly the roof of his house exploded inwards. Brick-dust and plaster rained down into the bedroom. Gasping, Dylan squirmed in terror as debris bounced off his bed, pulling his legs up to his chest as though by making himself smaller he would avoid getting crushed. The last thing he expected to hear was his boyfriend’s voice. Or to see the tip of his impossibly huge cock poking through the giant hole in the roof, glistening before him like the inviting mouth of some monstrous, purply cave, swirling with plaster dust and debris. The overwhelming smell of MAN and MUSCLE instantly caused Dylan to cum, violently – so violently, in fact, that he almost missed the words: “HEH, WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT YOUR LATEST LITTLE COCKTAIL OF DRUGS WOULD WORK THIS WELL, YA LITTLE MACROPHILE?” Dylan couldn’t reply, so terrified and turned on was he. It wasn’t an earthquake at all. Wasn’t a storm. It was…his boyfriend? It was…Sam? Holy fuck. “MMMM? SO,” The bodybuilder continued casually, his mountainous, flexing titanic bulk hunched over the tiny neighbourhood, his monstrous phallus twitching as he impaled his little lover’s house still further, splintering the wooden floor of Dylan’s bedroom beneath its impossible weight, smearing thick pre over the walls, the furniture, over the tiny shuddering figure huddled on his bed, and widening the creaking hole in the roof as the drainpipe-thick veins criss-crossing its surface began to fill with blood and his godcock began to swell in his excitement. After ten months and one week, he was starting to see the appeal in growing more and more massive. “YOU THINK I’M BIG ENOUGH NOW?” He chuckled, his hot breath blowing the roof tiles off a distant apartment. “CAUSE I’VE STILL GOT 29 CRATES TO GO…AND I THINK I’M JUST BEGINNING TO ENJOY MYSELF.”
  21. Me encantó esta historia sobre el robo de músculo, lo único es que me hubiera gustado las personas y no los animales, todo el mérito es que el autor de la historia es Fox_fusion aquí está el enlace https://sofurry.anthro.fr/stories/514550

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