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  1. Mrmusclewriter

    ***Crushing The Mountain***

    Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson one of the biggest and heaviest and strongest man in the world with 6’7’’ height and 400 lbs of weight, was standing on the podium holding his trophy with proud over the air. Standing next to the announcer and the tournament director he looked monstrous. He was a true giant walking the Earth. The crowd cheered as he was declared The Strongest man alive on Earth. Thor gained his fame as The Mountain from television. With those stats, no one would doubt he was just that, a mountain of male power. No one could stand a chance against him. He was too huge, too big and too strong even for a strongman but, never underestimates you opponent, great surprises might occur when you are not expecting them. “As part of this amazing day where we celebrate the best achievements of men and human power, I want to announce our two guests that have joined us today. Please give it up for Andy Polhill from Scotland and Chris Fitzpatrick from South Africa, our Professional Lifetime Strength Achievement winners and guests here today." Thor rolled his eyes as he heard the announcement and he thought. He pulled aside the tournament director and hissed at him, "Bodybuilders don’t fit in this competition. I didn't work this hard to just pose. My body does work. These children are fucking pricks!" the director stammered at the Mountain unsure what to do now that everyone was standing there. The guys stepped to the green and vast yard, wearing only their posing trunks, Andy in Metallic Grey and Chris in Shiny Blue. They started their routines, smug, cocky and with attitude. They flexed their muscles to the maximum showing what dedication can do and build. The crowd went mad watching those two little guys that compared to the strongmen present that day; they were like two little dwarves. The guys flirted with the audience and the strongmen; Thor was irritated by such arrogance and by the fact that they were literally stealing his stage. I will make them regret this insult, he thought. They do not belong here, he thought. The show went on for several minutes. Andy brought something from his country in the show, the Caber Toss, classic from the Scottish Highland Games. The host was talking during the entire bodybuilders’ show. As Andy was about to toss the log a shrill feedback squealed from the sound system turning heads away from the muscle men. Annoyed by their misplaced show, Thor took the microphone from the host’s hand and spoke, "Thanks guys, you showed yourself to the audience enough, go back to your cages.” The crowd went silent and Chris asked, “Cages? You think we're animals?" Thor smiled He loves it when the morons hand him straight lines. He said, “Well I think you are more like pets. Some animals are useful. I would never compare you to them. You are like dogs during the kennel beauty competition, dancing for the hope of snacks and your master's approval. You are nothing more,” said Thor as he dropped the microphone. Chris trembled in anger. Andy closed his eyes and a smile appeared in his face while a thought crossed his mind. This is going to be fun, Chris will kill him! Andy watched Chris fuming in anger. They both worked insanely hard to prepare for this appearance. He looked at Chris, "I got this..." he said. It seemed a demonstration is in order. He took the caber he was about to throw and levered it over his shoulders. He paused to set in a hard grip on either side of his shoulders and pulled down on the log. The air filled with crackling sounds. Splinters flew off the log and then suddenly, "CRAKK!" it sundered over Andy's shoulders! The crowd moaned a synchronized “WOW” and burst into crazy applause. “You will end up like this log, Thor, if you don’t apologize,” Andy said. Thor laughed hard not accustomed to ever apologizing to anyone for anything. “That was a simple trick.” Thor said with pride. He jumped off the podium and walked to a caber and grabbed it. He levered it over his shoulders and set into the same position. He pulled and with less noise and wait, it shattered over his shoulders! The crowd screamed in applause. Thor slowly walked toward the two muscle posers, finally taking in a look at them. Unlike strongmen, they were built from pure muscle, carved down to the least body fat, the essential muscle and power. They had huge arms and wide lats, massive legs, and handsome faces. Big men yes, but almost alien to what a strongman looks like. “I will crush you both, tiny men. I am the king of strength, I am the strongest man in the world and you are only two pretty little bodybuilders. Those posers are probably empty, aren’t they?” Thor taunted. He stood before Chris and grabbed his poser. Andy turned his head, laughing in disbelief at what he just did and watched his friend. Chris grabbed Thor’s testicles in a grip of iron! “I got you by the balls, don’t I?” Chris asked while grabbed the big man’s testicles. Chris let him go. He dropped to his knees gasping in pain, his eyes blinking in shocked surprise. The crowd didn't know what to do with this. Most of them very polite simple people, unaccustomed to seeing their champion behaving like this. He turned and there was Andy. Not wasting a second, Andy grabbed Thor's balls again! The massive man from Iceland was screaming like a child, his huge hand swallowed Andy's wrist as he was pulling, trying to get free from that powerful grip. The mountain pulled and just made the pain worse. The Mountain kept screaming as Chris walked him around, laughing at his cries of pain “I think you need to be convinced of our power big man," Chris said. "That's ok, I'm happy to do this for you. I think we're done squeezing your balls. Maybe we should squeeze something else?". Chris walked in with an arrogant strut. He was dense and compact, massive with stone like muscled power. His quads would have made even the muscle master Branch Warren might feel like he was an amateur - they were massive and veins wove a spidery pattern through them. He approached Andy and watched with delightful pleasure the huge strongman squirming in pain. “Doesn’t he sound like a fucking child screaming like that?” Chris asked Andy with his strong South African accent. “Fuck yeah, actual children are stronger than this pile of shit” replied Andy. “Look at his face, look at the pain in his eyes; you don’t look like a mountain now, do you?” Chris said, looking at Bjornsson’s face. His mouth was wide open, screaming loudly. Chris slapped the giant's face repeatedly rocking his head with hard brutal strikes as Andy relentlessly crushed his testicles “I can make them pop. Would u like that yu big ape?!” Andy said and doubled the crushing pressure of his grip forcing the Mountain to his toes. Bjornsson screamed, desperately saying anything to make the pain stop, “Please, forgive me, please!” He was a huge man, standing much taller than both of his tormentors. The muscle in his chest shook and trembled as he fought to endure the pain in his balls. The Icelandic strongman ground his teeth in humiliation and frustration at being manhandled and taunted by two men half his size. His mind turned from plans of revenge to hopes for personal mercy. Chris was not feeling merciful ,“Watch this Thor” Chris said. Chris flexed his huge quads, revealing massive quads with inhuman definition! They were thirty-two inches around and looked like woven bands of steel under his furry skin. "Imagine these wrapped around your body, killing you, crushing you to death." Chris pointed out Thor thought that threat was bullshit, but he just screamed and struggled weakly, unable to mouth off from the pain in his manhood. He was grabbing at Andy's wrist trying to get free. Chris nodded and said, "Release him." Andy let go but quickly moved into action. Andy released his grip on Thor's manhood just before throwing an uppercut shot at amazing speed, driving into Thor's open gut. So distracted with the relief of being released, Thor made no move to defend his core from the punch. He paid for that mistake. Andy's fist drove deeply into Thor's abdominal wall like a spear into his stomach. It sunk into Thor's body up to his forearm, breaking through Thor's abdominal wall. Andy smiled as Thor froze, breathless, trembling and wide-eyed from the sudden pain thrust through him. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Chris screamed Andy looking and smiling at his friend The crowd reeled in horror at the sight. No one had ever seen a man punched so hard his guts ruptured, and no one expected Thor Björnsson to be that victim. Thor’s body was shaking, spitting blood from his lips. People screamed at the sight of blood drooling from his mouth. Some ran. The tournament director's face turned to an ashen color. He fumbled for the microphone. It hit the stage floor after Thor dropped it and somehow it rolled off the stage somewhere. He tried to talk over the panicking crowd. "Everyone, this is part of the show. Stay calm please!" inside he was hoping “please, please be part of the show”. If it wasn't he was worried his champion was seriously injured. His legs gave out and the only thing keeping him from falling was Andy's arm buried in his gut. Gore drooled slowly from Thor's mouth onto Andy's arm and chest. Andy violently pulled his fist from Thor’s gut and grabbed his throat pulling them face to face. Thor's blood ran down Andy's serious face slowly. With his other hand Andy punched the mountains face with a hammering rain of fists! "You stained me with your FILTHY blood! How DARE you!?" Thor fell to the floor in a wet splatter as Andy released him. Groaning and unable to speak, he rolled on the floor in agony. A massive blue and black bruise bloomed on his skin as he rocked and held himself. The internal bleeding from the damage Andy did was more and more visible. He coughed hard and a red splatter came to his lips running down his chest! Ignoring Thor's pains, Andy did revealed a beautiful sculpted massive body and a pair of shiny metallic grey posers hugging close the thickly muscled legs he worked all his life to build. He turned and flexed for Chris. His partner smiled and the audience squirmed with discomfort at being ignored as two huge men began a slow mating dance. His movements were beautiful feast for any bodybuilder fan. His body was ripped to the bone, a massive, dense and compact body. Without saying, he was a soul dedicated to the art of iron and at the same time a deadly machine of human power. He sneered at the Mountain with contempt. Thor was trying to stand up but his face and his stomach were throbbing in pain. The bruise spread over his lower torso revealing the extent of the damage one punch from Andy could cause. Chris rolled a 165 pound concrete Atlas stone over to his friend. “Show this pathetic shit Mountain a bit of your fucking strength,” Chris asked. Andy nodded and felt Chris' arm in a slow moment of appreciation where they ignored Thor. He smiled and said, "For you, not him!". Andy took the ball and slid his massive quads around the rock, standing hard and solid, focusing his will and power. He placed his hands over his hips, watching the Mountain with a smile making sure he saw this demonstration of power. Suddenly his face became serious as his chest expanded, his legs flared into rippling power. His legs turned red with the effort. Andy took a single deep breath and flexed deeper. A loud noise thundered through the caber yard like a mortar round landing as the ball exploded into crushed pieces between his quads. Chunks of concrete fell to the ground. The Mountain watched breathless as Andy destroyed the Atlas Stone. The Icelandic strongman was on all fours, shocked and helpless as his broken guts hurt horribly, watching the demonstration and was wondering how it was possible that a small bodybuilder could have such power. He knew he could never shatter an Atlas stone. “Dear God, Andy, your power is unbelievable” Chris said. “Fuck yeah, I am Scottish, we're fucking strong” Andy replied. “Indeed, you fucking are” Chris said, stroking Andy's chest in respectful admiration. His face turned to a sneer. Chris walked towards Thor and stopped in front of him, towering over him laying on the grass and said, "I would love to ride you like a horse," Thor looked up at him and said, "Fuck off," said holding his stomach. His hand felt over the dent that was still impressed into his core by Andy's fist. "You are going to be my stallion, little mountain,” Andy laughed out and loud as Chris jumped over Thor’s back grabbing his hair and screamed. “Dirty farm animal! Let’s go for a ride, hi-ha!” Chris moved like he was riding a mechanical practice riding bull where you try to stay riding as long as you can. The South African bodybuilders loved that moment, laughing and screaming for the fun. Chris looked around and the crowd was stunned into silence. At first they were panicking, but now they watched, as if this was some show of some other species of mankind that somehow they didn't know about, some kind of superior men that bred and loved and put each other through brutal trials. “Chris, use those legs to squeeze him. For me. Squeeze him to submission and show everyone here what you can do,” Andy asked. “Oh yes, I can squeeze him to DEATH! I was waiting for you to ask” Chris replied. The tournament director shook with fear. Are they really going to kill their champion? Chris quickly moved them to their sides hauling his huge victim over to the ground. The Mountain had a very thick middle compared to the other smaller men and Christ struggled to cross his ankles. "No don't!" The Mountain complained as Andy knelt next to them helping Chris cross his ankles. Groaning under the effort to pack Thor's waist into the vice, Chris finally locked them tight and dropped back flexing his legs hard! His quads swelled to a huge thickness and veins and striations of muscle stood through his skin. "AUGHGhghhh!" Thor cried out in pain reaching Chris' ankles trying to unhook them. Andy stepped in behind Thor pulling his arms back and Chris kept his legs tight around The Mountain. With one knee over his navel, one over his back, Andy's quads were crushing harder and harder destroying Thor’s waist. He was slowly being crushed as inches of his waist disappeared, legs closing through Thor. Chris was grinding his teeth in a demoniac face of pleasure and effort as Thor's waist crushed into a thinner and thinner space! One last groaning sick squeal came out of The Mountain, a barely human noise of tortured pain, and then he fell silent unable to make sound and barely able to breathe at all. Those huge and hard quads were a human meat grinder. With Andy holding Thor's arms back, his chest and core exposed wide, there was no way to unlock his ankles from that position. Thor was kicking the floor trying to tap out a submission. His mouth opened on a silent scream, desperately trying to breathe. Chris launched a burst of incredible pressure his grip higher on Thor's body clamping over his lower ribs. Thor's ribcage was being compressed harder as tears ran down his bearded face and blood trickled from the corners of his mouth. The Mountain was slowly crumbling inside and the internal damage was getting worse by the second. This was in a lethal vise! He knew he was going to be killed if he didn't get out soon. “The poor strongman is crying” Andy said, looking at his friend torturing the big guy. “Do you want to scream for your mummy big lad?” Chris asked Thor with a sarcastic tone of his voice. Chris growled summing the power to increase his crushing power further. "AWUGhghghhhhhgawwwd!!!" Thor screamed as his ribs started breaking. His legs visibly cut into Thor several more inches. The crush increased so much, even Andy winced seeing the horrible torture the big man was suddenly forced to accept. Thor screamed loudly as his ribs began splintering under the python- like pressure. “Fuck yes, this is music for my ears” Chris said as he heard Thor scream. Then a sharp *thump* sounded inside Thor as his eyes snapped wide. More ribs were cracked under the horrible crush of pressure from Chris' body scissors. Andy applauded when he heard that noise. “Isn’t my fucking friend a myth? Isn’t he the master of domination” Andy said walking over the yard. The tournament director walked up to the men, "Please don't kill him?" he said pleading for his champion. "Or what?" Andy said standing facing the director like a wall of force. "What will you do?" Thor yelled loudly and vomited a mixture of saliva and blood from his mouth that landed over the green grass; tears poured from his eyes and ran on his face, joining at the cheeks like a stream meets the lake. It was like a horror movie when the killer is torturing his prey. The director knew he wouldn't be able to do anything. “I can break you in half if I want” Chris said “I give up, please, I give up, let me go” Thor moaned. Chris let Thor loose and he fell to the ground coughing up blood. "You said my muscle is useless?!" Chris shouted at him. He still clenched his fists in fury. Thor rolled over the yard, in pain, bleeding and yet crying, he put his hand over the broken rib but only touching it was an immense pain. Andy high fived Chris, they hug each other in adoration. “My turn!” Andy said. Andy walked towards Thor that was lying on his back. Andy was towering over Thor. With his legs opened and with one had lifted Thor’s head and brought it up to lock in his huge quads, with the giant’s face facing Andy’s crotch. Thor could see how huge Andy's legs are from this vantage. It was like kneeling before a wall of heat and power. Andy spread his massive legs and with a quick movement locked them over Thor’s head like jaws swallowing his head and blocking out the sun. As Andy's leg closed hard smothering the strongman's face, Thor felt like a concrete wall was crushed his face. The pressure started Thor breathed heavily trying to work with the pain. He shut his eyes in pain. Andy’s hand was still holding the back of his head. He closed his right hand in a fist, and started punching Thor’s forehead. Thor’s body shook with spasms from the powerful smashing strikes, his legs kicking, his hands trying to pull open those massive and deadly quads. Andy suddenly concentrated his efforts in crushing with his deadly scissor. His quads flexed harder and harder, making fibers of powerful muscle stand visible under the hairy fur that covered his legs. Andy squeezed Thor’s face viciously as previously he did to his testicle. His jaw suddenly broke! A cracking noise sounded and two teeth popped jumped out of Thor’s mouth hitting the ground as the face of the powerful Mountain was slowly mangled. Cool and quiet, Andy said, “For a giant of your size, I was expecting that your bones to be less fragile." Chris got back into the action and grabbed Thor’s ankles lifting his body off the ground. He looked at Andy, then onto the face of the horrified tournament director and back to Andy saying, “I wonder if he grows a couple inches if I PULL!" He smiled wickedly and made the director object. "NO no no no! This is murder!" Andy listened to the director and looked at Chris, then back to the director. "No, Murder?' Andy laughed like this was a joke. "No, we play rough. That's all. We do this all the time," Andy said, blatantly lying to the director. "We do?" Chris asked with a smile. "You do?" the director said with relief in his voice. “Uhhh, yea we do. Wanna try Chris?” Andy said. Chris nodded and grabbed for Thor's legs. The Mountain was trying to kick out of Chris' grip by thrashing and moaning. His voice was muffled under the crushing pressure. Blood was running down Chris' inner quad over his calf, leaking from Thor's crushed jaw and numerous cuts into his tongue. "He should calm down and remember it's just us playing rough then," Chris said smirking. His face turned serious and he punched Thor in the groin four times articulating each word. “Calm! The! Fuck! Down!” Thor stopped moving and a moaned like a sick animal. Chris pulled Thor towards himself while he was still in Andy’s quads, Thor moaned, the only sound he could do in that moment. Chris was pulling hard, stretching his body, suspending him from Andy's crushing grip. Then let go. Thumpf! “There are so many bones to break” Chris said. He twisted Thor’s right ankle and with seeming ease, his foot twisted and hung at a tortured angle. He kept twisting until it looked mangled around 180 degrees. With a nod to each other, both tormentors simultaneously dropped the Mountain’s body onto the floor. The director quietly asked, "Are you sure you are playing?" They started walking in circle around Thor as he rolled in pure pain, completely ignoring the director. They circled the Mountain like predators. Many bones in his body were broken. He was crying, moaning and screaming hoping that the nightmare was over. “Well Thor, this is the fall of a Mountain” Andy said, looking at his victim on the floor. “You know, we are not finished yet. The best is coming,” Chris said. They both stopped walking around their victim, Chris stared at Andy so did Andy and both punched their pectorals in a Tanzanian way. “Oh yeah, the HUMAN WRINGER” they both announced at the same time. The Human Wringer is the most frightening and painful hold that two mortal beings can apply to another person. Lucky is the victim if dies before it's finished. Andy stood in front of Thor’s head while Chris to his feet. Both bent down and grabbed Thor. Andy held Thor’s under his arms gripping his armpits. Chris grabbed Thor’s ankles. Their victim struggled weakly in pain and moaning was begging for mercy with no strength left in order to get him free. The death dance started. While Andy was keeping Thor’s upped body locked, Chris started twisting the lower portions like he was wringing wet laundry. Chris’s power was incredible, turning and twisting the Mountain's thick legs, flexing his chest to huge pumped muscle. A more brittle victim would have had his legs broken or hips dislocated but the relentless twisting, but Thor was thick and massive. His body twisted easily and the sounds of his bones cracking and tendons snapping were being heard far away. The director looked on in horror and realized he was lied to. He ran for the building behind him. The crowd shrieked in horror. Thor was crying and screaming, his mount pouring blood and tears coming out from his mouth. They wanted to stop Andy and Chris but had no idea how to begin. It turned some in the audience shared the bodybuilder's attitude and shouted, "Kill him!" One other shouted, "Fuck him up!" Both of the guys did not watch their prey or the crowd but they kept starting at each other with an evil smile. Thor’s was slowly brought to a 90 degrees twist. Chris played with his body, Turning back and then twisting hard again slowly making more damage and progress. It went on for few minutes with that evil game. Andy knew that Chris was about to give the fatal twist and he was correct. With a sharp movement Chris cranked Thor’s body around 180 degrees. His backbone snapped in two parts, the muscles and tendons holding him together were torn, and his torso faced the ground. His face saw the sky but his feet and hips faced the turf. Thor cried out in agony, gouts of blood erupted and gurgled from his mouth. To everyone's surprise he was not dead. His tormentors walked towards each other, bending Thor's body, folding him in half with little effort. Thor was bent with his face forced into the back of his knees. Thor was not able to scream but only to moan with a faint voice. in spite of his power, his huge arms were lying lifeless at his sides. The crowd muttered as someone else came to the lawn. Andy and Chris looked up and nodded at the huge Viking approaching them. “He is all for you master” Chris said to the Viking walking towards the two guys. It was The Viking, Josh Maley, a 6’5’ and 330 lbs giant, a huge English bodybuilder , long beard, Mohawk cut hair, a powerful and commanding giant. He did not say a word. Andy and Chris slid Thor’s body over Josh’s huge arms and stepped away He wrapped his arms over the semi-lifeless Mountain’s body and started squeezing in a death bearhug. The Mountain’s legs, arm, spine and ribcage were squeezed and packed into that powerful grip. The huge body of Josh Maley erupted in massive muscle as he flexed and applied a deathsqueeze to the Mountain. He was unable to move, let alone struggle out of this Viking's hold. "They saved you for me," he hissed at The Mountain. "Your death is here and it is Josh Maley." With that, he squeezed around the Mountain. Thor's body bled in places few have ever witnessed. blood gushed from his mouth and ears. A gout of blood erupted from his ass staining his shorts a blackish red. Thor passed out and his body and went completely still. Few people in the crowd noticed the helicopter landing west of the announcer's platform. Thor was dropped lifeless and wrung into twisted mangled death. His body slammed onto the ground. Andy gave his discarded shirt to Josh to wipe the blood from his hands and body. Chris knelt before Josh in a sign of pure submission to the giant. "Get up my sins, we must leave before his people raise revolt. We will handle them in time." A man came from the audience to stand before Josh Maley. "Take me with you," he said. He had blond hair and a beautiful muscled build, although merely half the weight and power of Andy and Chris. "I am the director's son. Please take me. I will work and prove myself to you or die." Josh Maley turned and looked at him. "Are you not afraid to die?" "Why would that matter," the young man said. "We all die." The Viking looked down at him. He suddenly lunged in and wrapped his arms around the young man lifting him into his deadly bearhug and squeezed him tightly. "AUGHHHhh!" The young man wailed in pain, but set his face into one of endurance. His body looked as he was just swallowed by a monster of muscle. The Viking hissed into his ear, "Maybe I will kill you now." The kid opened his eyes facing his doom and said, "Maybe you will." the moment hung in time. The Viking squeezed an inch tighter. The kid hissed in pain, but never broke his stare into the Viking's eyes. Josh Maley dropped the kid and walked toward the helicopter. The kid moaned holding his body on the yard as Andy and Chris approached. "Come on," Andy said offering the kid a hand. "What just happened?" the kid asked. "You passed the first test," Chris said. "How do you know?" the kid asked. "You're not coughing up blood," Andy said. The kid nodded getting up and walking behind them as they walked to the helicopter. "What's your name?" he asked the kid. "Nils Bengtsen," he said. "God, that's a stupid name," Chris said. "You're now called Brazen." "What?" the newly named Brazen asked. "Why?" "Cause that took balls," Andy said. "Keep up or I'll kill you myself." They got into the helicopter as the director came out of the building with his phone screaming, "Nils! They took my son!" [end]