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  1. In ancient times an aztec tribe had produced 6 differrent amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the aztec tribe was wiped out by the spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. ———————————————————————————————————- John roamed the streets of his hometown, in search for a collar for his dog. Because Spike was a still a puppy, he had destroyed his previous collar while wanting playing with John. His owner had only had Spike for one month because Veronica, his ex-girlfriend, had wanted to get a pet, so their relationship would eventually be saved, but ultimately Veronica had left him last week, leaving him alone with the pup. Just as John was about to give up, he passed a pet shop. As he entered ‘Johnson’s Pets’, he was greeted by the sound of numerous animals and the sight of the obese owner. “Welcome to ‘Johnson’s Pets’, my name is Doug Johnson. How can I help you.”, he greeted the customer with bored voice, not bothering to lift his gaze from the magazine he was reading. “I’m in search for a dog collar.”, John told the owner. “Corridor 3.”, the owner said, leaving John to search for the collar alone. Though the assortment of collars was rather limited, there were only three to chose from. He picked up the middle one and was surprised by a voice. “Give me to an animal.”, the ghostly voice ordered and John felt the need to follow it’s orders. After he had paid for the leather band John headed home. ———————————————————————————————————- When he reached his flat, he was immediately greeted by the sound of Spike. The husky pup came running towards him, having waited for his master nearly an hour, John hadn’t felt the need to have someone take care of Spike, when he was only gone such a short time. “Okay Spike, come here.”, he told the dog and buckle the collar around Spike’s neck. Suddenly the collar started to glow with a cold white light, bathing the whole room in it’s shine. When the light began to subside it looked like Spike had grown, a lot. He now looked like a grown dog of about 4 years. All of a sudden Spike began to stand up form the ground. In the course of the process, Spike’s posture changed into that of a human, so now he looked like an anthropomorphic dog. Soon after this, his face began too. His muzzle receded back into his head and his whole skull cracked and creaked as it took on an overall human look. At the same time all of his beautiful white fur fell out and coated the floor with hair. Left behind was a petite, nude man, who looked, like he belonged to an native american tribe. John could only watch in horror as the former puppy began to grow in height, until he towered above his 6′ master by at least half a foot. Simultaneously the collar loosened and changed texture as it became a long chain with some pearl like things hanging on it’s owner’s unimpressive chest. Spike could only say “What the hell is happening to me” in a deep baritone as his body filled out with muscle. Strong legs, that would make him able to run faster than his old dog body, and boat like feet to support his soon gargantuan upper body. Unbeknownst to him, John hadn’t understand anything Spike had said, because he wasn’t able to understand the language of the native American tribes. As Spike’s upper body grew heavy and hard with powerful muscles he got older, so now his former 28 dog years were converted into 28 years of human life. His flat rippled and 8 blocks of muscle popped up, forming a luscious eight-pack. Spike involuntarily made his pigeon chest on which the amulet rested flexed only to unflex it again, leaving it a little bigger than before. The process repeated several times, until two hard firm pecs had replaced his flat chest. Simultaneously with his arms becoming two beautiful balls of muscle, his shoulders squared and hardened, making them more fitting for the new hunk. The white fur that Spike had lost before whirled and transformed itself into white fur briefs, bots and shoulder pads. Just when the fur was in place, a spear started to form in Spike’s hands. The former dog looked at the spear confusedly, not noticing that he was starting to vanish or John’s shocked face, as his former puppy dog disappeared into thin air. His former owner swore to himself to never tell anyone about this, since he didn’t believe what he had seen himself. ———————————————————————————————————- As he lifted his gaze from the spear, Spike found himself in a strange environment. Snow coated every tree as well as the ground and he could hear birds chirping all around him. “There you are Spike!”, an approaching, unfamiliar man exclaimed, “Great, you caught the deer. Nothing else to be expected from the best hunter in our village. Come on let’s take it home.” He grabbed onto the dead animal and began dragging i away. Out of instinct Spike decided to follow him. 15 minutes later they reached a small village, consisting of about 20 huts. All of the inhabitants gathered around the returned hunters and that’s when Spike noticed a feeling in his groin. When he looked down he could see a cock sneaking down his leg. The organ in question was as thick as a bottle and wasn’t affected by the cold atmosphere around them at all, since it was still at least a foot in length. He heard two plopping sounds and felt the new weight of two egg sized testicles between his legs. Spike tore his look away from his now gargantuan tool and looked at the villagers. He noticed that almost every woman here had was pregnant. ‘They all carry out my children.’, Spike remembered, thinking back to the regular sex sessions with each of them. Since his tribe disapproved the use of modern inventions like condoms and since Spike was extremely virile, almost every session ended with a pregnancy. As he eyed the children around the village he noticed that they all looked kind of alike ‘They are all my children.’, he thought to himself. ‘Of course they are, it’s the right of the strongest hunter to reproduce.’, he added mentally and new memories started flooding into his head. He was the best hunter the tribe had since he was 13, having been given the name Spike for his excellent hunting qualities with his trademark spear. Now at the age of 20 he had gotten even better at hunting. “Okay ladies, I brought the prey. So who is gonna be the one lucky one to be my price.”, he exclaimed, ready to claim his well deserved reward.
  2. The evening wasn’t going too well for Yasin. In hope of finding a girlfriend, he had signed up at a dating website. Of course he had used wrong data, claiming that he was a muscular tower of manliness, who worked as a professional football player. His profile picture was the face of some unknown Arabian model. The reality though looked different. He had the same weight he had stated in his profile, but it wasn’t muscle mass, it was pure fat. And though he was 6′4″, he looked much shorter, because of his build. And his face was totally unable to compare to the profile picture he had used. He had a double chin, where the model’s looked like it was carved out of marble. The model’s glass cutting jaw made him want to cry when he looked at his own practically nonexistent one in comparison. Yasin’s meek beard paled in comparison to the model’s manly forest of facial hair, and his alias’ black locks made him want to rip his own wiry, greasy hair out. So it was no surprise, when the girl looked like she wanted to puke, when she took place opposite of him. After half an hour of a miserable date, he excused himself and went to the restaurant’s restroom. He started to sob when he had entered it, hoping that nobody would hear or see him. That’s when he noted a pair of underpants lying on the rim of the sink. He curiously approached the unknown piece of clothing and as he touched it, a bright flash of light blinded Yasin. ———————————————————————————————————- When he had regained sight, Yasin saw himself in the mirror, quickly realizing that he was nude except for the blue briefs that had been lying on the sink only a second ago. It was a pathetic sight, his large belly barely contained by the skimpy blue underwear. Suddenly he felt a pulling all over his body. He watched as his gut pulled inwards and revealed a flat stomach. The event was followed by what seemed like 4 powerful punches in his midsection as each row of powerful ab muscles popped into existence. The growth spread upwards, reaching his moobs. They hardened and plumped up, creating two beautiful rounded pecs. His narrow shoulders widened and beefed up, as his lats expanded into a pair of gorgeous, almost angelic wings. The arms that were connected to his new cannonball shoulders were the next thing to transform. Though they kept their circumference. The soft fat on his arms, shifted and changed into hard muscles, his blob like arms transforming into a powerful display of manliness. ‘They are ideal for throwing and receiving wide passes.’, Yasin thought, a little surprised were this thought had come from. While his upper body had gotten muscular, his lower body hadn’t been left out either. His legs, that were previously nothing more than a gathering of fat, jiggled and started to compress, until all the fat had been changed into stonehard muscle, even making his thighs touch. ‘The are perfect for running past the opponent’s defense.’, he thought, confused by the sudden new memories that were flooding his head. He now remembered being a member of his high school’s football since freshman year and getting into college on a scholarship. He had gone professional after having graduated with a master diploma of advanced physics. He constantly got underestimated, people thinking he was an idiot because he was a great sportsman. He watched his face change in the mirror. He saw his jaw square and becoming like cut marble. His face overall began to look like the face of the model he had used in his profile. But then he witnessed as it got even more manly looking than the already beautiful model. His beard got thicker and bushier, coating his gorgeous face with thick black hair. Suddenly he felt a strange sensation in his pubic area, it was like someone was pulling at his dick and balls. He lost himself in nearly orgasmic bliss as the briefs got tighter and tighter, being stretched by a giant set of genitals. He pulled up the shorts, that had suddenly materialized on the floor. They were tight around his thighs and his cock mad an obvious bulge in the front. He headed out of the restroom again and returned to his date. “So,…Daisy, was it? Shall we go to your place?”, he asked her with his deep bedroom voice cupping his bulge and watching her stare at his bare upper body with lust in her eyes. “Sure.”, she replied, moving her thighs together, going wet at the thought of the best quarterback in the state fucking her raw.
  3. “I’ll be at your place at 5 o’clock. Be prepared to get fucked.”, Dan texted his longtime crush and best friend Vanessa. “Yeah sure, I’m waiting for you.”, she replied rather unimpressed. “The bitch is gonna be surprised.”, his deep baritone voice making his mammoth cock harden. Naturally it would be a surprise. Vanessa awaited her nerdy best friend Daniel and not the muscular stallion Dan. Daniel and Vanessa had been best friends since kindergarten. They were very close throughout elementary and junior high. It was around this time when he realized that he had a rush on Vanessa. Why shouldn’t he? she was sweet, intelligent and smoking hot. Though she was a cheerleader and he was a geek, they kept their close relationship. It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried confessing his love to her. He had, numerous times. But each time she turned him down with sentence like “I like you as a friend.” or “You’re like a brother to me.”. Daniel had always brushed those sentences aside saying that he was cool with it, but then he got the Chronivac. ———————————————————————————————————- First he decided to do something about his body. While puberty had gifted Vanessa with amazing C-cup boobs, a growth spurt to a height of 5′10″ and an angelic face framed by chocolate brown hair, it had given Daniel acne, a tiny 2″ penis and unrequited feelings for Vanessa. So he ended up with a childlike 5′6″ skinny as fuck body and thick rimmed glasses. Still he was a kind and caring person, who always thought about himself in second place. After he had scanned various pictures of himself into his computer he studied the program intensively. Finally he found the ‘body’ window. Curiously he clicked on a button labeled ‘body types’. He found out, that his current body was unsurprisingly categorized as ‘nerd’. He looked through the options and decided to settle for the ‘jock’ body. As he watched the model on the screen spin, it changed into a more muscular version of himself. Unsatisfied with the model, he added another 20 pounds of muscle manually, until he was pleased with the result. He furthermore increased his height to a nice 6′4″ and his mass adjusted itself correspondingly. The next thug on his to-change-list was his genitalia. He increased quintupled the size of his cock, making it an even 10″ hard and 8.5″ soft. Deciding that his grape sized balls were far too tiny to supply his new body with testosterone and especially they were looking comically in comparison to his new penis. He upped their size to kiwi dimensions. He decided not to make to many changes to his face, after all she had to recognize him, when he fucked her. He squared it a little bit, sharpened his jaw, straightened his teeth. He also gave himself an unruly mop of jet black hair. ‘This will look hot.’, he thought and decided to give his little project the finishing touches. He added a tattoo to each of his arms and gave himself expert knowledge with sex. Daniel also made it so that reality wouldn’t change, but his wardrobe would, so everyone would notice Daniel’s sudden change from wimp to sexgod. Then he hit ‘Enter’. ———————————————————————————————————- There was a flash and nerdy Daniel was replaced by hunky Dan. His clothes had disappeared in the process, leaving his built, beautiful body on full display. His legs were powerful granitelike pillars of brawn and he had a firm, sexy sixpack, that was on the verge to an eightpack. His former pigeon chest had been replaced by a nice hard pair of pecs, that would be a perfect pillow for Vanessa to rest her head on. His arms were solid and connected to a pair of broad cannonball shoulders. But best of all was the gargantuan cock and bullnuts. He could already feel them pumping testosterone through his body, making his voice drop at least an octave. Simultaneously his personality from kind and caring to egoistical and cocky. He decided to put on a tank top and pair of black sweatpants. Before Dan went out to take a photo of his new body and planned to post it after he had penetrated Vanessa’s pussy tonight.
  4. “Come on David, I need your cock up my ass now, or I can’t concentrate all day.”, the deep bass of my boyfriend Jamal boomed, while he danced for me, shaking his big black booty for me. You may think I am some kind of bodybuilder, to be begged to fuck this beautiful man’s ebony ass, but I have to disappoint you. I am just your average law student. I am a bit on the nerdy side, but now I have a huge cock. You’re irritated? Understandable. But let me tell you the story from the beginning. ———————————————————————————————————- I met Jamal 3 months ago. He came to me in need of private tuition, and I was all to happy to oblige. Jamal had entered college through a basketball scholarship, but was constantly struggling with his classes. He had especially problems with his mathematics classes, aiming to become some kind of banker or so. Soon after we started our lessons I found out that he was gay and after a month we started dating. Right on our first date we ended up in bed and I found out, that Jamal was not only a genius on the basketball court. He was such a gentle passionate lover and the stereotypical black dick wasn’t bad either. He teased my hungry hole with his monster before pushing in one smooth motion. The sheer size of his tool made me scream, but the screams were soon replaced by moans of bliss. I shot my first load right on his second thrust, but it took Jamal another 5 minutes of thrusting before he shot his first load. Though he shot 5 further load up my ass before he was satisfied. The next month flew by swiftly. I helped him with his studies, I visited his basketball games and of course He shoved his donkey dick up my ass almost every night. But the whole bottoming got old pretty quick and I was just not fit for topping, my cock being only about 3″ hard. It seemed even smaller compared to Jamal's 9″ tool and bull nuts, so I had to settle with bottoming. One night Jamal was pounding my ass again, when I looked out of the window, tears in my eyes from the ‘mere’ bliss of having my hole penetrated. That’s when I saw a shooting star and made a wish. ‘I wish I could be the top for once.’, I thought before passing out. ———————————————————————————————————- When I awoke the next day, I was greeted by the sight of the bed cover bobbing up and down and a feeling of bliss in my groin. I pushed the blanket away and saw the head of Jamal working what looked like a footlong cock between my legs. I was amazed of what I saw, but before I could say anything, my hips reflexively thrusted forward, as my balls blew a giant load down Jamal’s throat. “Are you okay, baby?”, I asked him, since he had been thrown back by the intensity of my load.”I’m fine, shall we get to the main event?”, he asked, his deep voice making me quiver. Without hesitation Jamal climbed on top of me, leaving his briefs behind, only to reveal a cock, that was far smaller than my old one. Though I was surprised by his action, my body moved on his own, grabbing him by his hips and pushing my now huge dick up his ass unceremoniously. Half an hour later, I was pumped dry and Jamal started to lick the rests of cum off my tool. “Thank you, baby. I’ll be going to practice now.”, he said after he had finished his task. Soon after Jamal had left I decided to get up too. After I had finished my usual morning routine, I left my apartment. I was instantly greeted by the view of a skinny guy holding a leash that was connected to a collar, worn by man of bodybuilding proportions. I witnessed several similar couples on my way to university. But the strangest thing happened when I had reached my destination. A guy easily twice my size, who was even bigger than Jamal, approached me and asked: “Um, David, I know you’re in a relationship and so on, but could you please fuck me now. I need it badly.” Needless to say I used this opportunity, despite my continuous confusion. I quickly worked how this world worked. It seemed like all big guys were now hungry bottoms with tiny dicks and the skinny guys were aggressive tops with massive tool. What can I say? Seems like I got what I wished for.
  5. Cho had always been a skinny child. Of course he was, he was Asian after all. He was predestined to always be the one in a group who was the shortest and skinniest. And the word short was not only meant heightwise, he was as hung as a 3-year old child. But he had stopped complaining years ago. He had settled to being a bottom for the bigger guys, meaning almost everybody. Cho had given up his dream of being the top in a relationship long ago. He had tried relationships with guys and gals alike, but he always ended being either the bottom or being left. Still he had decided to go clubbing tonight. After an intense night of dancing, flirting and drinking, he went home with a black behemoth named James. The 7′ giant spent all night thrusting his black jackhammer of a cock into Cho’s big Asian ass. After James had emptied his bullnuts into Cho’s tight hole for the 5th time the tiny Asian passed out from the pure orgasmic bliss. The next morning Cho woke with his raw ass still in the air, the black stallion lying asleep next to him. He gathered all his clothes that were scattered throughout the room and made his leave. Though after he had closed the door behind him, Cho noticed that he had left his glasses on James’ dresser. “Damn!”, Cho, exclaimed with his high pitched voice. He didn’t really need to wear them all the time, but still it was infuriating that he had forgotten them. His work as a programmer was a struggle without his glasses. Since he was farsighted he couldn’t really see what he was typing. He decided to pack up earlier this day and pay his optician a visit. As he approached the shop at main street, he noticed a sign: “Currently on vacation. Will probably be back on 17th” “The 17th? That’s still one week from now!”, Cho squeaked angrily. He decided to head home using a small alley as a shortcut. That’s when he noticed a shop on the left of the alley. The store window displayed a few pairs of glasses and since he needed one desperately he decided to enter the store. He was greeted by a whistle and several air balloons. “Congratulations! You are our 1000th customer!”, a croaky voiced old man exclaimed, revealing a banner who read exactly the same thing. “Your price is a free pair of glasses”, the old man added in a far more normal tone. “Let me have a look at you.”, he asked Cho, eyeing from head to toe, “Ah, yes you are farsighted and need 2,0 dpt on both eyes. I think you’ll like this model. But please don’t try it on here, I unfortunately don’t have any mirrors.”, he said handing Cho a fitting pair of glasses. A little startled Cho left the shop again. He decided to have a look at the glasses through the reflection on the store window. “Here goes nothing”, Cho said with his high pitched voice and pu the glasses on. ———————————————————————————————————- “Looking awesome.”, Cho commented, eyeing the new glasses on his angular face. As he watched himself in the reflection he couldn’t help but letting his calloused plate sized hands over his square jaw, feeling the stubble under his fingers. “Shit, I’ve only shaved an hour ago. By the way were was I going?”, he asked himself. ‘Oh yeah, I was on my way to meet James.’, he remembered. The little black twink had called him to arrange a ‘meeting’, an invitation on a coffee that would definitely end up with sex again. He could just tell him so, but little James was just to shy. He had just never had sex with an Asian before. All Asians were just plan sex beasts and most of them were cool with fucking a twink’s ass. Of course they were, Asian bullnuts and monstercocks needed to be constantly pumped dry, no matter the method. Cho was no exception. Like many other Asians Cho hadn’t finished high school and spend his entire free time partying, working out and most of all fucking. As he reached the small cafe James had chosen, he already saw the black twink waiting for him. “Hello Cho. I have already ordered you a coffee”, James greeted him with his soft, effeminate voice, shoving a cup of iced coffee across the table. “Yeah thank you. So do you want to fuck now? I still gotta make two movies today.” came the straightforward reply of Cho, who was checking out his phone. He already had several messages from several guys and girl, all more than willing to become an orifice for Cho’s cock. James had been totally entranced by the twitching of Cho’s muscles and the pumping of his veins. “Yeah sure.”, James said, standing up and making his way towards the hotel across the street. Thirty minutes later James found himself on all fours as Cho jackhammered his cock up his ass. He could only moan as the 7′3″ 320lbs Asian bull was gripping James’ hips tightly as he shot his first load up the black boy’s hole. While James had already shot numerous loads it was the first for Cho. “Don’t you dare passing out yet, I still have a few ones left.”, he whispered into the almost unconscious twink’s ear. ———————————————————————————————————- Another hour later Cho left the room and made his way to the movie set. He was scheduled to make two porns today. “Ben Whore”, was featuring him fucking his way through numerous girls in an ancient setting. He didn’t know the name of the second movie, but it was centered around him dominating numerous twinks and amateur bodybuilders and fuck their asses until they were raw. He got scheduled for porn movies on a regular basis. After all ‘Cho, the Japanese Bull’ was the most famous and best paid porn star in the world.
  6. My name is Ron and I am a wizard. I have been alive for several centuries. I have seen empires rise and fall, people making terrible mistakes and experiencing the highest of joys. But most of all, I have had my fair share of fun with mankind. You see, my special kind of magic allows me to alter people’s bodies, minds, all kinds of places and of course reality to avoid suspicion. ———————————————————————————————————- I was out to have fun again and which place would be more fit for a reality warping wizard and muscle growth enthusiast than a comic convention. I saw endless possibilities for mischief, using quite a lot of them. I blew a meager He-Man cosplayer up with brawn and emptied his mind, leaving him nothing more than a breathing block of muscle. To upgrade his costume further he transformed the guy’s dog, who was dressed up as Cringer into a real tiger. The next ‘victim’ was a guy in a baggy Captain America costume. I expanded his muscles until the costume was straining against his new bodybuilder physique. I decided to take the fun to a new level and sat down. The spell I wanted to use consumed a tremendous amount of magic energy, so I had to gather some more first. An hour later I had gathered all the power I needed and cast the spell, transforming this comic expo into a bodybuilding convention. ———————————————————————————————————- I watched the nerds around me blow up into musclebound hunks of various shapes and sizes, the themes of the booths shifting from comics and nerdy movies to nutrition and working out. The costumes most of the visitors wore shifted into revealing tank tops and spandex shorts, though I spotted a lot of shirtless hunks or studs who were only wearing a speedo or poser. That’s when I saw a pair of nerds, eyeing the muscular bodies around them with awe. They were obviously turned on by display of sheer manliness and the smell of testosterone, that filled the air. ‘Now that’s interesting, so I get to play a little more.’, I thought an decided to follow them. They stopped in front of the booth, which belonged to the National Physique Committee, which was about to announce the best person who had won the most bodybuilding contests this year and that’s how I got an idea. “Ned Plinburg, please come to the stage.”, the announcer declared and a spotlight aimed at one of the nerds. The crowd cleared a path towards the stage and hesitantly the skinny boy walked towards the platform. As I watched him entering it, I made his clothes disappear, leaving him in nothing more than a tight black speedo. It was obvious for everybody that the covered dick wasn’t so big, since only a small bulge was visible at the front pouch. Almost everyone was laughing at him now, since his short, twiggy body was on full display. Of course I couldn’t leave him this way, so I began with increasing his height well past 6′. He ended up at a towering size of 6′10. He looked even more comical now, but I gave him a body more fitting the convention. His muscles grew and grew until it had definitely pro bodybuilding qualities. Additionally I altered reality so everyone now remembered him winning the Mr. Olympia contest three years in a row. Next I made his glasses disappear and transformed his face and hair in the process. He ended up with a model like visage and a nice brown buzz cut. As a special a trait I added little studs to both of his ears. So now a pale, shy bodybuilder stood on the stage. A man came onto the stage, holding a giant golden trophy and handed it to Ned. I decided to alter his name as well making him Ned Muscleburg. “I am very proud to give this trophy to the man, who has won it the last three years as well: Ned Muscleburg!”, he announced. As he took the trophy a tan started to spread from it until his whole body was dyed in a caramel brown colour. “Um, thank you…”, he said softly. Though I had deepened his voice significantly, he was still very shy. That had to change and so I made a few corrections on his mind. “I would like to thank my husband and long time supporter, Dean. Come to the stage, honey.”, Ned boomed and pointed at his former friend, who was still a nerd. When Dean had reached the platform I had another idea. With a devilish grin I lengthened and fattened the dick in his jeans, as well as growing his balls. Though he was still as skinny as a girl he was now as hung as a bull. “Without him regularly pleasuring my hungry muscle ass I could have never won this many contests.”, the giant, musclebound bottom exclaimed and kissed his horsehung twig of a husband.
  7. Jeff pulled his car in the driveway. His 7′ frame was still pumped from the intense workout he just had. He entered the house to find a package on the kitchen counter. His housemaid must have accepted it. Though the packet had no return adress, it was clearly adressed at him. “What the fuck? I didn’t order anything!”, Jeff boomed, his powerful bass echoing through the house. Deciding to let his curiosity win, Jeff opened the package. It turned out that it contained lots of styrofoam and interesstingly a pair of bright blue posers. “What is this?”, Jeff wondered, tousling his curly blond hair. ‘Maybe it is a fan present’, Jeff thought to himself. He made quite an impact at his last bodybuilding contest. ‘Hehe, no surprise I took the trophy home.’ “I should try them on, maybe I can wear them at my next show.” Without hesitation he stripped in the middle of the kitchen and tried the posers on. ‘They emphasize my horsecock and bull nuts pretty well’, Jeff thought, checking himself out in the hallway mirror. Then he realized, that the bulge seemed to shrink. “What the fuck is that.”, in horror he noticed that his voice wasn’t the usual rolling thunder, but rather the voice of a total pipsqueak. Jeff tried to pull the posers off but he just couldn’t. As much as he tried, he just couldn’t move them. That’s when he saw his muscles shrinking and the hallway grow. He could not even scream, being far too shocked to do so. Just 30 seconds after horsehung, 7′, 300 pound, 35 year old pro bodybuilder Jeff had put on the blue posers in his kitchen the briefs disappeared from his body leaving 5′5″, 90lbs, 19 year old twink Jeff and his hamster dick behind in the hallway. —————————————————————————————————- Drew’s day had been horrible. The members of his college’s football team had picked on him again. Not that this was a new thing to mention. He had been their playball since he started his studies and now being an employee of the physics departement didn’t change a thing. After all he always was on the skinny side. And him standing at the size of 5′7″ wasn’t a help. Admittedly he did have sex. He was regularly clubbing and most of the time ended up bottoming for someone bigger, which was pretty much everybody. Entering his apartement Drew found a package on ground. He unpacked it, wondering who had send it to him. He had neither parents nor friends and he didn’t remember ordering anything. Inside the box was a pair of blue posers. “I bet the footballer players send me this”, Drew said to himself, “They want to mock me again.” Enraged Drew was about to throw the posers into the trash can. But then he felt the urge to put them on. He didn’t know why, but he just needed to wear them. Removing his clothes he went to the bedroom and watched himself in the mirror. In addition to his small stature and general skinniness., his dick was not more than a shrunken peanut. Pulling up the posers he felt just at ease, as if everything was were it was supposed to be. Watching himself in the mirrorr he just had to laugh. It was just to comical, watching his skeleton figure wear the oversized poseres with the far too big pouch. That’s when he noticed, that the pouch wasn’t big, It was tight, and getting tighter. Far too distracted by the sensation of his stuffed crotch, Drew didn’t notice even notice, that he was getting taller, growing froma mere 5′7″ to a towering 7′2″. “Fuck!”, the for now giant beanpole shouted. But his voice wasn’t squeaky anymore. It was more like a foghorn. “What the hell!” Drew gripped his throat, surprised by his now deeper voice. That’s when Drew noticed, that the hands gripping his throat were getting bigger. “What’s happening?” As he held his plate sized hands in front of him, he looked down and saw his feet were growing too. His former size 7 shoes wouldn’t fit him anymore, size 21 would be more adequate now. He looked at himself in the mirror and witnessed his whole body expanding and getting heavy with muscle. It looked like he was getting pumped full of air. But the flesh wasn’t soft, it was hard as steel. He flexed them, perplexed by the feeling of his big muuscles. “Fuck yeah!”, he bellowed. The only thing that didn’t fit his new image now was his face. It was like a child’s compared to his new masculine body. But that was about to change too. Drew suddenly felt his face twitch and convulse, watching it change in the mirror. The result was an uber-masculine face, that still had the charm of a pretty boy’s. The last thing to change was his hair. His unruly brown hair grew into a sexy undercut with some streaks falling in his face. Then his jaw began to itch and a manly brown beard began to grow. That’s when his mind began to change too. His knowledge of major physics changing into knowledge of nutrition, dieting and workout routines. So about 5 minutes after 5′7″, 90lbs physics assistant Drew had put on the posers, horsehung, 7′2″, 315lbs fitness model and personal trainer Drew went out, searching for an ass to fuck.
  8. Flynn watched his tumblr account. Suddenly a message popped up. “We’re updating the site. Please wait a second.”, it read. Indeed the side reloaded a moment later. Though the new site didn’t look any different. Out of nowhere an anonymous message appeared. ‘That’s weird’, Flynn thought, since his lifestyle blog only had about a dozen followers. “Hey, i love your stories. really hot muscle growth porn. Some of the best on tumblr.”, the message said. “Thank you very much, anon.”, Flynn replied. He was very proud of his captions, the anonymous reader not being the first one to tell him that. Instantly another message appeared: “I like the regular photos of yourself. But you never answer the messages.” Of course he didn’t. He got far too many, to answer all of them so he just didn’t do it at all. The next message read: “You’re quite a hunk. i bet you’re the biggest guy in your gym.” ‘Of course I am. It’s obvious from the regular photos.”, he said in an arrogant tone. That’s why he only wore briefs in all pictures. He had to show this masterpiece of a body off. “And from the look of your struggling briefs, you are quite hung too.”, the next one showed. Palming his bulge Flynn thought back to the countless women that had been satisfied by his python of a cock. “I guess you are quite popular with the guys.”, the following message came in. ‘Yeah, this python has tasted quite a few twinks’ asses and mouths.”, he thought to himself, still holding the obscene bump in his briefs. “But you seem to dumb to write yourself. Who does it for you?” Flynn’s brother read out for him. He was simply not smart enough to read or write, having droppedd out of middle school. That’s why he had such an amazing body at the age of 19, he had lots of freetime. “Uhuhu, you do Dan.”, Flynn replied. His broher Dan helped him with virtually evrything he did. He made his workout plan, regulated his nutrition and even wrote the porn blog the two had together, mostly using photos of Flynn for his captions. Skinny Dan just had the brain and dumb Flynn had the brawn. “I love your cam shows. Really hot stuff.”, Dan read. “Oh speaking of it, Flynn, it’s about time.”, Dan mentioned and clicked a button. A picture of Flynn’s room popped up. “Okay, I’ll let you do your task now. I’ll be back in an hour.”, Dan slowly told Flynn, hoping that the big guy could follow him. “Ok.”, Flynn replied, watching his brother leave the room. “Come on, big dude, flex a little bit, like you always do.”, a comment read. Only understanding the word ‘flex’ Flynn got to work. He hit pose after pose, mostly flexing his biceps, but also standig up to show off his entire adonis body. “Where is the lifting?”, an indignant message showed up. Flynn only understood the essential ‘lift’. For lack of alternatives he decided to lift his desk chair. Another comment popped up: “Your nude cam shows are the best.”
  9. “What the fuck is this, Michael?”, Paul shouted at his assistant. “You were supposed to bring me a muscle model and not some wimp.” He was supposed to do a fitness shoot, but his model had called off last minute. So he had sent Michael to find a substitute model, but he had misunderstood and now Paul had a normal dude for the photo shoot and no musclebound bodybuilder. He would have to reschedule. “Okay, let’s try this.”, Paul said, already having a plan on his mind. “Put this on.”, he instructed the ‘model’, handing him a blue v-neck and a pair of black jeans. When the guy was finished dressing Paul guided him to the set. “Okay, try to do a little posing.”, Paul said. The result was anything but satisfying, but after a few shots he had what he needed. “Let’s take a short break.” He transferred the photos on his computer and started the Chronivac Program. A model of his candidate popped up, showing him in all his nude ‘glory’. “So his name is Dean Pasterneck. Interesting.” “I won’t have to change much heightwise.”, Paul murmured, regarding the 6′3″ model. ‘A little upgrade won’t do any harm.’, he thought and slid the height regulator a little bit to the right, enhancing his height to a nice 6′7″. But he would have to alter his physique. A lot. Dean was a rather pudgy figure, totally inadequate for a fitness shoot. “How are you feeling, Dean?”, he asked without real interest, while sliding the muscle slider to the right and the body fat slider to the left. That made Dean a stud of 275 pounds with 2 percent body fat. ‘That’s better.’, Paul thought. “I’m fine.”, Dean replied wth a raspy voice, that made Paul shudder unpleasantly. While speaking he scratched his balding head, a few more hairs falling out i the process. “I might change that as well.”, Paul said silently, giving the digital Dean a nice haircut and some designer stubble. Furthermore he changed his voice into a sexy baritone and his name into ‘Dean Sexbeast’, thinking, that there’d be no harm in doing so. ‘If I’m already at it, I might as well fully improve him.’, he thought and grew Dean’s dick and balls. “This will do”, he said, stopping at 11″. “Okay I’m finished.”, he told himself and pressed ‘Enter’. For a moment the world seemed to blur, only to sharpen again, leaving the new and improved Dean Sexbeast behnd at the set. “Can we continue, got a date with triplets in half an hour.”, Dean announced. “Sure.”, Paul said, more than happy to have created such an adequate model.
  10. Kyle was a nerd. This might sound harsh, but it was the truth. He was extremely intelligent, but he was only 5′5″ and 100lbs soaking wet and had a dick that was more fit for a gerbil. The only thing that was unnerdy about Kyle was that he didn’t wear glasses. Though he had made lots of money by selling a software to Microsoft in his early twenties. Now at the age of 29 Kyle had a giant house, a nice car and even his own private jet. Yet he was still a virgin, having spent his entire youth on programming his app. Kyle was just too shy to get anyone to sleep with him. Despite being straight Kyle would even take a cock up his ass to lose his hated virginity. One day, Kyle wandered through his neighbourhood and saw an old woman trying to cross the street. Being the kind soul he was, Kyle approached the granny offering to help her. 2 minutes later the task was completed and the old woman turned at Kyle. “Oh, thank you, boy”, she said with croaky voice, “Here take this, as sign of my gratitude. It will help you getting a new view of live and solving your problem, though it comes for a price.” She stressed the last word with a smirk, which made Kyle feel kind of uneasy, as she handed him a pair of nerd glasses. Despite being a little hurt by the ‘boy’ he took them and started to make his way home. Curious of what the lady meant he turned around to ask her, but all that he could see was the street and a stray dog, looking at him with curious eyes. Kyle went home, thinking about what might have happened to the old woman. Having reached his house, Kyle realized, that he still held the mysterious glasses in his hand. “They might look funny if I wear them.”, he said with his squeaky voice to nobody special, since he was alone in his house. He decided to go outside to get better light for his photo and laid down on a deck chair near his pool. ‘Here goes nothing…’, Kyle thought to himself, as he put on the strange glasses. Suddenly the world around him blurred and went black. —————————————————————————————————- “Whew, that was intense!”, Kyle boomed. He gave his still leaking 12″ monstercock a final rub and packed it in his black briefs. “You okay, bitch?”, he asked the blond bombshell, whose head had been thrown back by the intensity of his load. She only moaned half-concious, but with a smile on her face. Before standing up, he took a photo of his glistening, beautifully muscled torso. Instantly Kyle posted it on the various social media profiles of ‘Monstercock-Kyle, the Porn-King’, as he was called now . “Yeah, huhuh”, he amused himself over the thousands of reblogs within several seconds. Though the former genius programmer would now never use such big words as ‘amuse’, he would think of it as ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’, but not as ‘amusing’. He was far too dumb for this now. Though he had now an incredibly muscled body, a giant cock and an incredible sex life, his IQ was at a mere 75, barely sufficient for fucking, working out and partying. But Kyle didn’t care, he just took the nearest of the 25 nude chicks lingering at the pool and started rubbing her already dripping pussy, while whispering in her ear “Wanna fuck?”, already knowing the answer.
  11. “That was Underworld Guardians” the announcer echoed through the microphone The audience splattered out a small applause. Sam and his buddies who made up the metal band quickly fled the stage. He knew they’d screwed up, the drums were out of pace with the rest of the band and Sam knew his own voice wasn’t at its best. It was the nerves of performing in public for the first time ever, also the added weight of the first performance taking place during a Battle of the Bands. “We suck” Craig the drummer sighed loudly “Let it go” Sam muttered “We tried” The four boys in near matching black clothes all looked crestfallen, all knowing they weren’t going to get the big break they’d dreamed of today. Then a tall slender man in a black pin strip suit approached. He smiled with an unnervingly inviting grin. The man waved and his dark eyes flashed with a friendly light. “Hello boys” the man greeted “I very much enjoyed your performance” The band shared a look and then with a lot of doubt in the man’s words thanked him. “Really, we thought we were terrible” Sam replied The man waved away his concern “No, a little rough yes, but terrible no” He then flicked a black business card seemingly out of nowhere from between his fingers. He offered it to Sam. The singer took the card and scanned it. Mr. H. Styx Hellfire Studios Founder, CEO, CFO, COO, Agent, Receptionist, Janitor… The job titles actually continued for two lines and then seemed to continue off the card. “One man operation I take it” Sam asked Mr. Styx chuckled “I have had to down size yes” The man’s eyes flashed with a burning light, Sam decided not to ask any questions about that. Craig who was looking over Sam’s shoulder added “You got a great name for a rock music agent” Mr. Styx laughed in an oozing chuckle “It’s a little on the nose I must admit” He then clapped his long skeletal hands together. “I’ll get right too it, I want…” He paused, mentally correcting himself “No, I need, a desperate need to sign you boys” “You’re joking” Olly the bass player asked Mr. Styx shook his greasy head of black hair. “I’m DEAD serious” he said and he chuckled like he’d made a joke “It won’t cost you a thing, if anything all you’d have to do is look pretty and play great music” Look pretty and great music were not phrases that the Underworld Guardians had heard used to describe them. Like most people desperate for a shot at fame and fortune, the four young men didn’t think about it and they all in unison agreed with a somewhat dismissive ‘sure’. Mr. Styx’s smile widened, large tombstone like teeth appeared between his thin lips. Suddenly he held a bundle of papers, it was a contract. He slapped the papers onto a table and offered Sam a glittering silver pen. “Just sign on the dotted line” Mr. Styx oozed Sam took the pen and quickly wrote his name, the pen’s ink was a deep red and flowed unlike ink should. The others followed his lead. “Excellent boys” Mr. Styx smirked cramming the contract into his black suit jacket “Now, I’m gonna have some words with the band organiser, fighting for you already” Mr. Styx vanished into the dark of the backstage area. “That was weird” Sam said “We didn’t even read the contract” Craig shrugged “It’s not like we sold our souls or anything” The bands laughed and Sam slipped away to use the bathroom before their new agent, manager and thanks to them not reading the contract probably legal guardian and attorney Mr. Styx returned. As he walked through the ill maintained toilets the tiles beneath his feet seemed to enhance the thuds of his footsteps. Like he was thudding hulking boots onto the floor and not the small sneakers Sam thought he was wearing. Sam was muttering a tune to himself as he took a spot at the urinal, reworking the tune as he repeated it over and over. He didn’t even notice the guy at the urinal next to him look down and gasp at Sam’s meat as the singer heaved it out of his pants. The guy actually fled, but Sam didn’t noticed. He finished up quickly and redid his black pants. His hands felt more hefty and heavy than normal. Thicker feeling fingers reworking his junk into a comfortable position. Sam smirked at the bulge ‘The Leviathan’ made in his pants. Sam felt the world shake a little as he patted his bulge. Like a glitch, like something has changed. But Sam was too busy smiling down at the name shake for the bands Number One song Leviathan, not that many people knew that the bands debut single was named after Sam’s insatiable horsecock. Sam stepped up to the sink and washed his oversized hands. They looked off to him, but then he remembered his meaty digits overflowing the mic as he boomed out his bands latest song. He wiped his hands on his black shirt, it flowed beneath his fingers as if his torso was moving under the fabric, reshaping itself into something more fitting for the image Sam and his band wishes they had. An image that the boys now had thanks to Mr. Styx. Sam rooted through his bag, trying to find his phone. He pushed passed the signed copies of the bands album. The album the band hadn’t even recorded yet, which had somehow appeared in the bag that he didn’t even quite remember walking in with. He found his phone, he pulled it out, ignoring the black leather sleeveless jacket that he now remembered was his signature look. Sam always performed with his heavily tattooed arms on show, and with his abs glistening under a spot light. Or at least he now remembered that he had always perform like that. Sam popped on his headphones and flicked on his latest song, he was mentally critiquing it while he snapped a few selfies in the dirty bathroom mirror. He puffed out his chest, making sure his pecs strained the shirt. His meaty fingers clicked out a few more photos. Sam picked out the best one and posted it to his Instagram. Nearly 5 million people’s phones buzzed as he posted, their hungry eyes eating up his muscled arms and artistic ink. Sam stomped out of the bathroom, his styled hair being pushed flat by the doorframe. His band was missing, but Mr. Styx was waiting for him. “Sammy my boy” Mr. Styx slapped his hands together “There you are” “Here I am” Sam answered His voice boomed outwards in a window pane and knee shaking baritone. Mr. Styx actually shuddered, like he was surprised by how deep Sam’s voice was. Even though Mr. Styx had been with the band for nearly 6 years and had made them a global sensation. “Damn boy” Mr. Styx said in shock, then he corrected himself “The boys are on the bus, we got to get you on the plane” Sam nodded, they’d hung around in their hometown for too long. Performing for the locals and judging the Battle of the Bands. It has been a nice trip down memory lane, but the Underworld Guardians had a sold out gig at London’s O2 arena, the start of their 3rd European tour. Mr. Styx guided Sam to the band’s bus, the other boys were already waiting for them. They were just as big and beefy as Sam, all with different tattoos and hairstyles. Each of them had their own legions of fans, but Sam was the face of the band. The bus started for the airport with the boys joking and swigging down a few beers. Mr. Styx just stood and watched with a pleased expression. “You ok boss” Craig asked, almost breaking a beer bottle in his massive hands “I’m very good” Mr. Styx said feeling the nearly forgotten feeling of worship flowing though his body The millions of fans across the globe worshiped these boys, who in turn worshipped him, their manager and mentor. “So you boys ready for your gig” Mr. Styx started his voice rising “WE ARE” the band shouted, the buses windows shook Mr. Styx could feel himself getting drunk on the admiration flowing into him. “Are you not the biggest band in history” he asked his voice echoing with an eerie chant “WE ARE” the band boomed again The air grew cold inside the bus, Mr. Styx’s dark eyes glowed with a ghostly light. “Who is the Lord of the Underworld and keeper of the DEAD” Mr. Styx asked again, the entire bus shaking “YOU ARE” the band replied Hades slapped his hands together and the road behind the bus fell into a gaping fissure. “DAMN RIGHT” he smiled
  12. “Hey, are you Tai?” Wyatt asked the stick thin Asian boy in the bright yellow top. He’d jogged after him down the street. He was sure the guy had hurried his walk out of fear of the 6'4 platinum blond jock chasing after him. Wyatt forgot how intimidating he was sometimes.But than Tai looked more like a middle schooler than the college student Wyatt knew he was. Tai stared up at him with wide scared eyes and nodded. His bundle of books shaking in his hands. “Oh good, I’m Wyatt” he offered a hand, which Tai took with his own tiny fist “I heard you do tutoring, I really need some help” “Oh” Tai replied, some of visible nervousness vanishing “Yea, I can help, I charge hourly though” Wyatt smiled and nodded down to the barely 5'5 black haired boy “Yea I can pay, if you’re free tonight” “I’m actually free now, if you want to get started” Tai asked “Do you have your stuff” “Yea in my bag” Wyatt said excited and relieved his shoulder bag bouncing off his hip Wyatt hugged his new pint sized tutor “Thank you, thank you” He’d been desperate, his grades were terrible. This gratefulness made him forget himself, across the street a gym buddy, a brick wall of chocolate muscle, gave him a confused look, which Wyatt ignored. Tai’s face was pressed between Wyatt healthy pec shelf, Wyatt’s thick arms bear hugging him a little too hard. Before Wyatt could end the hug someone somewhere made a wish that completely changed history. Suddenly every stereotype concerning Black people Asians and was switched and made completely true. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Wyatt inhaled deeply, his nostril full of the musky scent of Tai. He quickly pulled himself away when he realised he’d had his face between Tai overdeveloped pec shelf for a little too long during their hug. Though Tai hadn’t hugged back, his thickly muscled arms had just been held away from Wyatt, he appeared slightly embarrassed by it all. Wyatt noticed the black boy across the street moving as quickly as he could. His tiny frame hurried escaping the vicinity of Tai the campus Asian Bull. “Sorry about the hug” Wyatt mentioned Tai just smiled and gave Wyatt a thumbs up, his bicep bulging. “It’s cool little man” his voice boomed, so deep you couldn’t even hear the local girls panties dropping “So you want to come back to mine” Wyatt blushed, he was little worried about being alone with Tai in his place. He knew of Tai’s reputation. “Ummmm, ok” Wyatt said a little reluctant Tai offered Wyatt his bundle of books and said “Come on you know what my tutoring would cost you” Wyatt nodded and took the monster Asian’s book. Tai started down the street, his long legs quickly causing Wyatt to fall behind. The sight of Tai’s well formed thick muscle butt pressed tightly against the Asian’s jeans caused Wyatt to blush. He remembered his buddies joking about how big and round Asian boy’s asses were, though they never said it in front of an Asians. They didn’t want to get punched through a wall for being a racist. “Here we are” Tai announced stopping outside a very nice townhouse “Wow” Wyatt said “I know right, an Asian living in a white neighbourhood” he chuckled deeply Wyatt noted that Tai left his door unlocked, but then who would steal from Tai, the guy was the biggest Asian he’d ever seen. “Dump your books on the table” Tai said pointing to a large dining room table “And email me and essays and stuff later, so I can get a sense of your writing style” Wyatt nodded, he knew what Tai considered tutoring to be wasn’t tutoring to anyone else. Tai would write all your essays and you’d get great grades, exams were up to you, though he’d offer a study plan. The guy was genius, he was on an academic scholarship for physics, the guy was meant to be the next Einstein, just one who could bench press over 300lbs. Wyatt did as told and tried not to choke on the smell of muscle and sweat that hung in the air. He also tried not to pay attention to the piles of unwashed clothes and even torn clothes that littered the large living area. He did though stare with awe at the weight bench that had a bar bending under the weight of the plates that Tai had loaded onto it. Tai suddenly reappeared, now shirtless. His heavy pecs bouncing as he walked with a two naked girls tossed onto either shoulder, a bundle of clothes in one hand. He passed Wyatt and dumped the girls and their clothes outside the front door. He returned and noticed Wyatt’s confused face. “Oh, I tutor those two” he said not even explaining why he’d just dumped two very well fucked girl outside He then undid this jeans and forced them down his tree trunk legs. He was going commando and to Wyatt the world went into slow motion as the campus legend flopped out. Tai just gave his oversized bull nuts as scratch and smirked. “10 inches soft” he explained “And 13 hard, when you suck me off the closer your chin gets to hitting my nuts the closer you get to an A+” Wyatt just gulped, he knew having Tai as tutor was going to be struggle, but he’d never thought the stories would be true. Though he’s seen so many Asian men naked, he knew they were all part horse. Tai took a seat on his sofa and spread his legs wide. His cock hung over the edge of the cushions. He turned his tv and games console on, his controller in hand and the music of Star Wars started up. “I’m gonna play some Battlefront and you’re gonna milk my dick” he ordered, not even looking at Wyatt “If you well then you’ll spend the night as my cum dump and you’ll get the perfect grade you want” Wyatt without a word stripped, he felt scrawny in presence of the sculptured muscles of Tai. He sunk between Tai’s legs and stared at the Asian’s horse cock in its massive helmet head. Wyatt started to lick the soft wrist fat cock. It began to harden after a few long lick of Wyatt’s tongue. Wyatt started to work Tai’s churning bull balls with his hands, each nut nearly too big for Wyatt’s fists. “Good” Tai said with a slight moan Wyatt smiled, but then Tai’s hand wrapped around his head and forced his open mouth down on the baseball bat sized dick. “Better” Tai said Wyatt spluttered, trying to force himself down the cock so he could get at least a B on his next paper.
  13. Dear Sir, I saw the ad for your reality altering capabilities and I was wondering if you could help me out. You see, I’ve got this wonderful boyfriend. I love nothing more than falling asleep in his big beefy arms, or watching him lifting weights in our apartment. He’s perfect, almost perfect. Our trouble lies in the bedroom. When it comes to sex, he’s just so lazy. He lies down and just expects me to ride him. Its boring and pretty tiring on my end. I really wish I could just show him how I want to be fucked. To show him how to make a bed shake. I don’t have to body to do so, or the equipment down there to so. If you could perhaps size me up a bit. You know, just so I could give him a good example and maybe a little training in how I want to be used. It wouldn’t even have to be for that long, I won’t even want to be that big… probably. I hope your limitless powers are able to make this sort of thing happen. My limitless powers will be stretched… much like your boyfriend will be, but I’m able to fulfil your request. You should notice the changes very quickly, the suddenly change in height and stance will do that. Remember to flat those now enormous feet widely apart so you retain your balance, plus it gives the meat hammer between your tree trunk thighs room. I’d take a couple hours to get to know your new body before you introduce yourself to your boyfriend. Jerk off a few times, lift some weights or spend hours standing in front of a mirror bouncing those meaty slabs you have for pecs. I made some changes to your boyfriend too, he’s not going to know what feels good for a little bottom boy if he isn’t a little bottom boy. So that big manly body and fat throbbing cock are the opposite. He’s a cute little cock hungry twink. Hopefully you can use your new big muscles and horse cock to teach him how to swallow and handle meat of that size, then he can teach you… if you decide to return back to how things were. Just from checking on you I can see your were a complete bottom, so I had to change that. Can’t give you the body of a relentless power top and then not have you know how to use it. You boyfriend wouldn’t learn a thing from a muscle brute struggling to stuff his donkey dick into the keyhole tight hole I gifted him. You’ll be a natural at fucking, I even made sure the bed was a metal frame so you didn’t get struck with the cost of replacing it when you fuck it into oblivion. I can also recommend a good plasterer for that bedroom wall when you fuck your boyfriend through it. I’ll give you a few days to teach your boyfriend how to fuck, then you can change back to how things used to be… if you want of course.
  14. It was a worldwide organisation with membership in the tens of thousands, a club exclusively for extremely well endowed men. You had to have a 12inch or larger penis, they took men of any shape as long as they had a footlong. Luckily big dicks ran in my family, my older brother Ben was already a member. So I was a shoo-in, or I thought I was. They took my application and brought me in for the testing, a quick measurement to see if I met the requirement. So I ended up in a room filled with oddly perfect men, there wasn’t a single fat guy, or short ass anywhere. They all looked like underwear models, muscles stretching out their shirts and bulges bursting their zippers, I remember something about normal guys being allowed in. I had always thought it was weird that Ben had had a sudden growth spurt after joining, our family weren’t that lucky when it came to height and muscle growth. Big dicks being the only reason our family hadn’t died out years ago. But now me and Ben hardly looked like brothers, he now looked like a gym mad surfer and I still looked like my short skinny self. The club members got me and the other guy joining to strip. I was blushing, as was the chubby Brazilian teen next to me. My eyes shot out of their sockets as the sight of the monster cock hanging between his thighs, even soft it looked close to a foot. The guys measured him first. 10 inches soft, then with a couple strokes later, 13 erect. The guys cheered and the little Brazilian was brought into the club. They made him drink down a golden coloured shot soon afterwards, I guess it was an initiation as he looked like he was going to drop the second he swallowed it, but the hulking club members blocked my view. They measured me next, 7 soft and 11.5 erect. Half an inch away the mark. I measured it myself, batting away the big hands of the club member with the ruler. 12.5 inches, then they corrected me. They measured dicks a certain way, and that way took an inch off my length. They apologised, I wasn’t getting in. The parties and vacations filled with hot big dicks and busty sluts wouldn’t be open to me. Ben patted my back as the guys returned to the rest of their meeting, I quickly got dressed, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. Ben told me that 11inches wasn’t bad, he would say that, he was a member and could get anyone he wanted with a wink or a flex of his thick arms, I had to wait on word of mouth or whip my dick out. Before I left though Ben gave me a shot glass of some silver liquid. I drank it quick and turned to leave, I hadn’t got two steps before my head hit the floor. That was six months ago and I’d settled into my new life. Turned out that the club gave their members the perfect bodies for their giant cocks, but some unlucky guys got a different drink. So I had woken up in a completely new body, not even 5ft tall now. I was then gifted to this giant Brazilian man, who I later found out to be the guy who’d joined with me. I found out from him that Ben had joined with his college roommate, who’s brother was a member. The roommate like me didn’t meet the requirements, so he got shrunk and gifted to a newly giant Ben, he was Ben’s sex slave now. It was a policy only for wannabe members who had family in the club. I moved in with my Brazilian god, he was finishing up at high school so I was hard to explain to his parents even if in a few months we’d be moving into college dorms. His growth spurt and constant sexual activity were easy compared to little old me milking their son’s monster cock every hour. He turned out to be nice and treated me much better then most of the other club members. I was the only guy he fucked, there were a lot of girls getting his fat meat stick though. I heard stories when I worked as a waiter at the club, about how Ben was taking over his college campus, like a good club member was meant too, they ruled where ever they were, my master had already fucked his way to the top of the school. Ben though never spoke to me anymore, he acted like I didn’t exist. Like when I saw him at the club’s beach party. We were even next to each other at the bar. My face eye level with his bulging basket, he even offered to fuck me, he didn’t know who I was. My master made me feel better, giving me 13inches behind one of the beach huts. My big dick flopping about, looking crazy huge on my thin short body. They could give you a huge or tiny body, but couldn’t grow or shrink a dick, weird world.
  15. Pete was a student, he was doing sociology and was currently doing a paper on how various people are treated on dating apps. He’d set up a bunch of different profiles, using donated images from other male friends and students. The profiles for each were identical, very normal and very plain. Each profile was named the same, Darren, and each profile spoke of a love for movies, football and cooking. Some were already successful, some had already been offered meet-ups. One in particular was doing very well, but for Pete did not remember setting the profile up. It was called Darren, it was registered as gay, whereas all the other profiles were straight. The profile picture didn’t look like any of Pete’s classmates or friends. The profile picture showed a large black man. A very well built and good looking black man. It was a selfie pic like all the other donated pics, but unlike the others who were all fully clothes the black man was shirtless and wrapped in a towel. The race of the picture wasn’t odd, Pete had made sure to include a wide variety of profiles. This black hunk was one of four other black guys in the experiment. The reaction to the profile was the same as the other pictures who anyone would class as ‘goodlooking’, and it was actually probably going beyond the normal reaction the ‘goodlooking’ profiles was getting. At least twice as many people were contacting ‘Black hunk Darren’ as any one else, and the messages were extremely explicit. People were very quick to ask this Darren for sex or sexy pictures. Pete was shocked at how he’d seemed to be happy to play along, he didn’t remember any of it. The messages Darren had sent were just as explicit and super dominating, treating every guy who messaged him as nothing better than a ‘pathetic runt’. Pete was worried about how this would effect the essay, but before he could contact his professor to ask about the issue he noticed his hands were black. Not brown, or tanned, but richly black, nothing like the pasty cream he’d skin was. They were like the hands in the ‘black hunk Darren’ profile pic. Pete freaked, jumping away from his laptop. His legs which were suddenly filling out his shorts much more then before sent his note book and papers flying. Pete was thankful he was in his dorm and not in the library as he freaked out. The thighs beneath his shorts were super thick with muscled and the same dark tone as his hands. He moved to the bathroom to find a mirror. His nose had changed as well, it was black and looked a lot like Darren’s. He was playing with his nose with his newly black hands when the seat of his shorts tore. His ass was inflating, two rounded black muscled cheeks bursting out of his shorts and underwear. The shorts now in tatters fell to the floor. His lowers legs and feet were black now as well. Pete’s feet tearing apart his socks, his toes popping out between the straining threads of cotton. Pete didn’t react to his lower body changing, he was too occupied and worried as his entire face cracked into Darren’s. The well kept facial hair in the profile pic spread over Pete’s strengthened jaw. Pete’s light brown hair pulling into his scalp. The sleeves of his shirt burst. The change to his hands had spread up to his shoulders, he arms were longer and covered in dark muscle. His stomach crunched as abs popped into existence. Pete was taller, his head inching closer to the ceiling with ever second. His chest exploded outwards, two massive slabs of pitch black muscle bounced forward. Pete was Darren, or more accurately Darren had replaced Pete. The worries about his essay were gone and the only thing Darren cared about was fucking ass and getting money for it. Cash Master Darren didn’t even know he was or had been a sociology student. Darren bent down and picked his phone up from the torn remains of his shorts. He bounced a pec for himself in the mirror before dropping the towel. The thick head of Darren’s log like cock was losing the final cream tone of skin as Darren snapped a nude selfie. Darren nodded at the hot pic of him flexing with his soft cock draped over the edge of the sink. His meaty fingers deleting all the picture of some pasty white dude that had appeared throughout his phone. Darren thudded on his wide feet into Pete’s dorm room. For some reason he didn’t have a single weight in the room, and why were there books on the shelves and not sport trophies from his glory years in high school. Darren ignored the scattered essay papers and with a confused grunt he logged off the dozen different dating profiles till only his one remained. He clipped his phone in and loaded the nude pic up, sending it to every single one of his contacts. “There you go you sluts” Darren laughed deeply, scratching as his bull nuts “Fuck.. I need to find a throat to fuck” Darren then saw his profile, it was super tame. Nothing about Darren’s love of fucking ass relentlessly till beds break, or how he loved dominating guys till they were quivering cum dumps. “Gotta change that” Darren muttered But he was stopped, the first replies about his massive black cock were coming in, and they all wanted to meet Darren, or ‘BlackDomBeast’ as his profile was named. “Damn, gonna have to set up some surge pricing for all the sluts on campus” Darren laughed as he started to book his first meet up, and the second, and the third and the fourth.
  16. “Who’s sneakers are these” Charlie called, holding one of the massive stinky shoes in his hands “Which ones” his mother called from the kitchen Charlie pulled back the tongue, the musky smell only stronger. “Size 22s” He shouted back “Oh, those are Reese’s” his mother called back These can’t be Reese’s, the 5ft6 fat ass didn’t have size 22 feet. “Reese is like 5ft6, aren’t his feet size 7” Charlie replied, burying his nose into the shoes mouth His mother chuckled lightly “Charlie are you alright” Charlie quickly dropped the shoe with a thud, he had no idea there this sudden fetish for foot funk came from. “Yea, I’m cool, a little tired” he yawned “Ok, go to bed” His mother ordered as he appeared with a pile of laundry “Take this with you” “Ok” he took the pile “But the shoes” His mother looked at him with confusion, she checked his forehead. “Mom” he stepped back She shook her head “You’re just tired” she rubbed his arm, comforting him “Charlie, Reese hasn’t been 5ft6 since he was 13, he’s got to be pushing 7ft by now” Charlie’s face went blank “What” “Honey, Reese has been wearing those sneaker for a month now, you were there when we brought them” she explained “He had just got back from football practice and you gave him a foot rub, I’m proud how well you support him” Charlie dropped the laundry. His mother scolded him, and they quickly put the pile back together. His mother dumped the last piece on top, a giant stretched out jockstrap, that had been hidden in the pile. “Now get to bed, and wake Reese up, he has practice in a few hours” she ordered Charlie’s brain worked overtime to process everything, his eyes glued to the fading name written on the jock, REESE. How could Reese with his baby dick fill such a large cotton tent. Charlie had seen that micro-dick enough times, Reese was always jacking it. The two boys shared a room, their beds either end and facing each other, so they’d seen a lot of each other. Charlie opened the bedroom door, noticing that it now was decorated with ‘REESE’S PAD’ in big colorful letters. The room was different, now dominated by a huge bed and the even bigger occupant. Charlie stared at the long wide feet near the end the bed. He could see that it was two double beds pushed together. The door swinging closed made Charlie jump, the pile dropping to the floor, the musky jock landing at his feet. The beast on the bed sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes with long heavy arms. “Reese” Charlie questioned Reese chuckled “Hey bro, like the changes” he bounced a pair of thick pecs “How” Charlie asked froze to the spot “The Chronivac finished downloading on your laptop” he smirked, a large hand disappearing under the blanket “But you wouldn’t know anything about that, I made sure of that” “The Chronivac” He questioned “What does that matter, you’re huge, mom thinks you’re on the football team….and my bed is gone” Charlie listed, his eyes stuck on a growing mound between Reese’s trunk like legs Reese’s free hand twisted a pierced nipple “Yea, I’m huge and I’m on the football team” he moaned suddenly, the mound rising higher “And your bed isn’t gone, it’s at the foot of the bed" Charlie looked down at the small cot, a pair of gym shorts stuffed with socks as a pillow and an old basketball jersey for a blanket. "You find my smell comforting” Reese explained “But sometimes you sleep up here with me” Reese suddenly threw back the blanket, and slapped a huge leaking meat-stick against his abs. Charlie licked his lips, his mouth full with saliva all of a sudden. “You want breakfast” he offered “I have a couple hours before practice” Charlie now settled into this new world tentatively climbed between Reese’s legs, spit dripping from his plump lips. Reese fell back onto the bed as Charlie spat a large gob-full of spit onto his hulking brothers horse cock.
  17. It was happening again, Jimmy could feel it. A pulling feeling deep in his guts, a throbbing that run up his spine. It was his time of the month again, but it couldn’t be, it was too soon. Since puberty started Jimmy would have these really strange male periods, for a couple minutes for one day a month Jimmy couldn’t be around any other men because they would change. Jimmy was at a friends house staying over to play video games for one last time before they went to college. So the second Jimmy felt the pressure building inside him he made an excuse and went to hide in the bathroom. He’d only be gone a couple minutes, not long enough for anyone to notice. Jimmy didn’t want his friend Tim to end up like the others who’d been around Jimmy during his time of the month. It had happened a few times, the first victims being his dad and older brother. They didn’t see themselves as victims, but then they didn’t even realize anything had changed. The first time it happened Jimmy hardly knew what was happening, but he put the feeling of pressure and the sudden massive muscle growth together. All Jimmy did was look at his dad and brother and with a flash of light two hulking hairy studs had replaced them. And no one saw any difference, it was like they had always been hunks. But Jimmy worked out the rules of this power very quickly, it would only change men, it happened once a month and he couldn’t change himself. He’d worked the last rule out after several tries of just sitting in front of a mirror. But Jimmy was a little suspicious that he’d changed a little. Somehow whatever he wore showed off his plump butt, even clothes that were several sizes to big became tight when he pulled them on. Which for a straight guy who turned other guys into hulking horny gods once a month was bad. This was why he was so desperate to control his power, he didn’t want to get fucked again like last time when he changed the mailman. So Jimmy could only sigh when he opened the bathroom door and found Tim’s dad Keith lounging in the bath with a book in hand. “Hey Jimmy” Keith greeted in surprise “There’s another bathroom downstairs….” he started but the flash of light silenced him Instead of the soft 40 something man that Keith had been a bulky tanned much younger hunk sat in his place. Jimmy felt the throbbing in his spine move down to his ass. Keith grinned and gave his pecs a bounce before rising out of the water. Jimmy looked straight into the soft fat cock and swollen balls that slowly started to swell. “Come on little guy, you’ve been asking for this for years” Keith explained as he still dripping with water led Jimmy out of the bathroom and towards his bedroom Jimmy didn’t fight it, his body wanted it, but his mind never did. After the first couple of incidents he decided just to let it happen. Keith pulled Jimmy onto the bed, his heavy wet body soaking through Jimmy’s clothes. Keith tore Jimmy’s shorts off with his big hands and flipped the boy around. Jimmy’s face pressed against Keith’s rock hard cock and instinctively started to swallow it down. Keith’s long tongue delved between Jimmy’s peachy cheeks and found his tight hole. They weren’t at it for long before Tim appeared in the doorway. He and Jimmy were the same age, but Tim looked much more adult than Jimmy. His power having held Jimmy back a bit, probably so he couldn’t fight off the big hunks he created. Tim was only able to get out a gasp as Keith’s cock popped out of Jimmy’s mouth and Jimmy looked at Tim. There was a flash and Tim was replaced by a man bigger, beefier and much better hung than his father. Keith didn’t care that his son was in the room, only Jimmy’s ass mattered. “Nice one dad” Tim boomed “Wanted to fuck the little slut for ages” Big Tim thudded over to Jimmy and grabbed a handful of his hair. Jimmy’s jaw dropped open hoping it was wide enough for his friends giant monster cock. As Jimmy was taken at either end by the big father and son duel the pressure in his guts stopped and it would be a whole month before it came back.
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