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  1. TaurusPR

    m/m Helping a veteran?

    This is the first chapter of a fictional story about the relation between men of different ages. Characters are not real. It's not my intention to offend anyone. I hope you enjoy it. Peace. Stay safe, stay home. {It's my first attempt in English. Yikes!} Helping a veteran? I One more week… Memorial weekend was closing in. It was the sole thing occupying Nathaniel Coe’s mind. He’s been planning the weekend for months. Why? His baby brother, Nicholas, will stay with him. His brother, his nephew and her sister in-law were Nathaniel’s only family. Even in those moments when Nate, as everybody called him, was ready to quit, Nicholas always managed to cheer him up. Nate loved Nickie more than anything. After submitting his report ahead of time for the Board’s review, he stopped by the CEO’s office. With a knock on the door frame. “Boss, all’s done. I’ll see you on Monday.” “Hey Nate! Did you include Donovan and Cheryl in the distribution list?” Said Samuel Davis. Mr. Davis a man of few words, in his early 50s. He was sharp as a razor. Handsome, and from what Nate has heard in some of the company’s parties, well-endowed and straight as they come. Mr. Davis was a man’s man. Since Nate and Mr. Davis have worked together for over ten years, they share mutual admiration and respect. “Sure did!” “Good… See you on Monday.” Inside the elevator, other guys were in a rush texting back and forth on their phones. For some unexplainable reason, every Friday afternoon was chaotic. Another set of goodbyes and Nate was out in the parking opening the door of his car. Before getting inside, he peeled the tight jacket off his body. The tie went off too to the back seat with the jacket. The dress code made the office look classy, but for a 6’4” 327 pounds man, dressing formally was confining. He had trouble opening the button on the neck, but once he succeeded, two more followed. Feeling less encaged, because his dressy pants and shoes were still on, he started his car. He went straight (as straight as a gay man can) to FoodMarket. The dark clouds he saw when he left the office turned into a storm like rain. Luckily, he found a spot close to the entrance. He grabbed a big grocery bag from the collection he had in the mesh behind the passenger’s seat. He breathed in deeply, but carefully enough to keep the buttons of his shirt in place and dashed out of the car to the store. The place was not as packed as he thought it would be. Maybe, being there at 3:30 PM put him ahead of the heavy buyers. Anyway, it was an easy in easy out. It was still raining, but not as heavily as before. While opening the trunk of his Escalade. He heard a loud ‘Shit!’ coming from the sidewalk. Standing under the rain there was a man with a cane and a mess of groceries on the curb in front of him. Nate dropped his bag on the back seat and grabbed his umbrella from the trunk. He went to the man. “Hey mister!” but noticing the man’s VA hat, immediately he changed his words and extended his hand. “Sarge, let me help you!” The man was about 5’9” in a wear down military jacket. Although not as tall as Nate, the guy’s stance made him look taller and somehow commanding. Maybe in his late 40s, early 50s. The salt and pepper stubble on his square chin contrasted nicely with his espresso skin. And the poor soul was soaked to the bone. The man had an upset gaze, just trying to come to terms with himself. The deep voice made him look to his side to a wall standing next to him. His eyes went up until he had to tilt his head. He had seen big guys in the squad, but none like this one. Enormous was the word that came to his mind. “Thank you!” looking down at the mess of groceries. “I don’t want to impose, but I’d really appreciate that you stopped to help this old man. Paul Burks,” he said meeting Nate’s extended paw with his smaller hand in a vigorous handshake. “No sweat, sarge. Hold on to this” handing the man his umbrella, “before your teeth get any wetter. Nathaniel Coe, Nate. Nice to meet you!” Paul was surprised of himself. He’s never engaged in a conversation with a stranger that easily. But the man didn’t trigger an alarm in his head. Nate kneeled to gather the groceries that were salvageable. Eggs had seen better days, butter was a blob, and not a single glass item was intact. “Come with me sarge. Let’s get you out of the rain.” Nate opened the passenger’s door. Then he dropped the wet groceries on the back seat. Next, he held the umbrella for Paul to let him sit in the car. Paul jumped in with ease, which surprised Nate since he had a walking stick. Closing the door, Nate went to the trunk of the car to pick up his ‘emergency kit’. As a kid, his dad taught him to keep a bag in his car with a change of clothes and towels and blankets for any emergency. Inside the car, he opened the bag. He handed the smaller man a towel, picking the blanket for himself. Paul was already out of the soaked jacket which left him in a gray t-shirt that was clinging to his wet body. His hat was on the dashboard. He grabbed the towel and began to dry himself, starting with his bald head. Then he moved down to his chest and arms. Nate watched with fascination the stringy muscles on the man’s arms and chest. The hairy forearms’ veins had veins! They flexed in interesting, almost erotic ways. A manly faint smell emanated from Paul. Nothing overwhelming, more like fresh sweat and deodorant. Nate’s cock stirred in its confinement. “Do you feel better?” “Yes, much better. Thank you for saving me from the deluge.” Nate smiled, then said nodding at the hat on the dashboard. “I see you are a veteran.” Paul looked at the wet hat. “Retired many years ago. Well, this leg retired me.” “I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you’re back home.” After an odd silence. “Let’s get a hot coffee in us before we get sick. My treat! Café&Coffee is right there.” Nate started his car and went to the drive through. “What would you like?” “Latte, no sugar.” “Perfect! I’ll have one too.” While waiting for the order, Paul and Nate started to chat. “How did you know I was a sergeant?” “It was a guess. My dad was a sergeant major. The way you guys carry yourselves around and the way you stand is different.” “I was a first sergeant. Too long ago...” Nate handed Paul the coffee. “You talk about it as if it happened centuries ago. How old are you anyway? 48? 49?” Paul almost spewed the coffee in his mouth and started laughing. “Sorry to ruin your guesstimate. Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m 62. But thanks for the compliment. And the coffee!” “62! Damn! You look no older than 50... I wish I look as good when I reach 40.” “You will never look like me. I mean, half of you must weight more than three of me!” Taking another sip, “You know, the military could use a man like you.” “Nah… I’m 36, no longer military material. Besides, it was my dad’s wish that my brother and I finished a career.” Paul was rubbing his left leg absentmindedly. Noticing the movement, Nate took a peek at Paul’s bulky crotch bulge. Before he was caught, he said, “Is it OK to say thank you for your service?” “I should be the one thanking you for saving me from the rain. Even my thoughts are wet! I did what my job asked me to do. I don’t regret it. But not once it passed through my mind to go around asking for ‘thank yous’. Anyways, it’s very much appreciated.” Every now and then and between sips of his cup, Nate took the chance the steal glances of the man next to him. Paul looked amazingly ripped for 62. Nate had a thing for healthy looking mature men, like his boss. The cane just added to Paul’s sex appeal. Nothing around Paul said gay, but Nate was feeling attracted to the mature man with shredded muscles sitting in his car. So, he came up with an idea to get to know him better. “Sarge. How far do you live from here? I’d like to drive you to your home.” “The walk to my place takes close to 25 minutes. Not a bad workout, but, with this leg, it’s not the same as when I was younger. I have a place in Parker Gardens.” “Then, allow me to drive you to your place. You get out of those wet clothes. Then, I’d like to bring you back to the store so you can get the things you lost. Sounds like a plan?” Paul considered the offer for a while. He was afraid of the man, knowing his military training will help him out of almost any situation. But this guy was BIG. Then, there was the rain. Carrying the few things home with a cane on a slippery sidewalk was like calling for trouble again. He really needed the groceries. It was decided. “Yes, we have a plan.” “Great! Let’s say I’ll come by your place, sevenish?” “Seven it is.” “Well sarge show me where home is!” Paul asked Nate to turn right on the intersection. Minutes later Nate was parking his car in front of a nicely kept gated complex, Parker Gardens. The rain has become a drizzle. There was a guy in uniform smoking outside the security cabin. “Hey sarge! You got lucky today!” said William, the security man. Paul turned to greet the man in uniform. “William, I did get lucky today! The rain was insane!” Back to Nate, “Nathaniel, thank you for the ride. I owe you.” “No sweat Sergeant Paul. I’ll be back at seven. Here, this is my cell number. You are welcome to call any time. I’m always in the mood for a good conversation and a coffee, or a beer.” “Well, thank you again. I’ll be ready at seven. You’re really doing a lot for me. Thank you!” “No sarge. You did a lot for me, for us. It’s time to show you how important you are.” Getting inside, Nate started the car, “See you at 7!” And so, he was gone. [Re-postedto fix font color.]