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  1. It was the night of Halloween and Alan was getting ready for a party. His bro Rick had invited him over to his house, where he was having costume party for all the college’s athlete’s, swimmers, wrestlers, footballers and the like. But probably best of all was that Rick had also invited their cheerleading squad as well as the teams from two other campuses, meaning there’d be an abundance of pussies to plow. Just thinking about it, Alan could feel his sizable tool getting hard. He’d show these cheerleaders why he was called “The Piledriver”. Rick hadn’t been very specific as to what the costumes should be like, just shrugging and saying they should wear whatever they wanted. Though when Alan had asked him if he was kidding, Rick just smirked and said he had planned “a special surprise” for the party. Knowing Rick Alan thought that meant his bro would probably turn up in some awkward fairy outfit or something. Rick was always pulling pranks like that. For example he turned up as a flamenco dancer, red dress, high heels and everything. Miraculously he still went home with the captain of the cheer squad and Sarah didn’t even look that drunk. Alan chuckled as he thought of that. Rick was really the master of pick-up lines. But this year Alan would steal the show. His costume consisted of a loincloth with leopard print, a necklace with fake animal teeth and a hollow mace filled to the brim with condoms. His caveman costume left all of his hard earned muscles on display, really showing off why he deserved to be the captain of the wrestling team. He wasn’t as stocky as most of his teammates, but rather on the cut side. Though he was just as big as the rest of the team, if not bigger. Finally after having styled his mop of brown hair to look especially wild and unruly and making sure his loincloth accentuated the size of his dick enough he was on his way to the house next door. Luckily he wouldn’t have to walk far to get to the party, or get back to his room with a girl later. On his way out he looked into his little brother’s room. While Alan was a total jock, who had been blessed by puberty, it had pretty much passed by his brother. Matty was nerdy and the only real change puberty had given him was a growth spurt of about half a foot, making him a little over 5′8 and thin as a stick. The little guy was facing his computer, probably writing another superman fan fiction or wanking off to some weird Hentai. Alan just sighed, but his fists clenched. He really didn’t want to be angry, but every time he saw Matty, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by the nerd that was his brother. Luckily only a few of his best friends knew of their kinship and even those were too much. “I’m off to Rick’s party. Don’t do anything weird, I’ll be back later.”, Alan said plainly and left the room, not even waiting for Matty’s response. He knocked at the door of his best bro’s house and was surprised by Rick’s costume. The almost equally big guy was dressed in a rather cheap looking lion onesie and was smiling like a madman. The costume was loose fitting and didn’t show anything of his strong body. “What the fuck are you wearing, bro. You look like a weirdo.”, Alan said and gave his bro a friendly punch to the chest. “Well I wanted to feel like a real animal for once.”, came the chuckled reply from Rick. Alan just rolled his eyes and stepped inside. Immediately he jumped back. Right in the middle of the hall, on a little table at the bottom of the stairs sat a weird Jack O'Lantern. The pumpkin had a wide, toothless smile and wide eyes, but the creepy thing about were the signs that covered the rest of the orange globe, kinda like runes and satanic symbols Alan had seen when looking for material on a presentation. Also it had a big black candle on top, which seemed to absorb the light from around it. “Told you I had a surprise planned for tonight.”, Rick said and patted his bigger friend’s shoulder, “It is imbued with magic and ass long as the candle burns everyone will be transformed into their costumes.” Alan just rolled his eyes. Rick was into such stuff from time to time, but Alan never took him seriously. “Yeah whatever dude.”, Alan said and shrugged his wide shoulders and grabbed a beer from a nearby cooling box. “To a legendary evening.”, he said and downed the beer in one go. Within the next hour the guests came, every single one freaked out by the jack O'Lantern. There were so many different costumes. The wrestlers came as cavemen, similar to Alan, and gladiators, the football team seemed to have made a pact and all came as toddlers in oversized diapers, leaving their impressive impressive torsos on display. The cheerleader had come as nurses, cops and the like, of course everything in the slutty version to attract a strong athlete and fuck them good. Finally when everyone was there Rick lit the black candle and that’s where Alan’s memories stopped. He awoke the next morning with a massive headache, just some pictures left of the last evening. He barely remembered the band of toddlers that had been crawling around the house or how he had smashed his wooden club on the head of a mustached cop, that had been flirting with a busty hippy girl. He walked into the kitchen downstairs and grabbed to grab a mineral water but as soon as he entered the room his jaw hit the ground. There at the kitchen table sat an impossibly big man in a tight superman suit. Even though he was sitting Alan guessed the man had to be at least 6′6 and over 270 pounds of pure muscle, which was barely concealed by the tight textile he was wearing. “Who the hell are you?”, asked Alan the stranger. “Are you kiddin’, bro?”, said the stranger in an incredibly deep voice, “It’s me Matt.” Alan was sure he would have fainted had he not grabbed a wall. This giant of a man was supposed to be his nerdy little brother? He couldn’t believe that, yet the face of the man looked familiar, like someone had sent Matty’s face through a kind puberty twice. He had the same light blue eyes, though they now had a piercing look and the same nose, though it was now accentuated by the angular form of his lantern jaw. Matt stood up from the table and Alan gulped. Standing he was even more imposing than sitting, though that was hardly possible. Calmly the big guy walked over to his older brother. Only then Alan noticed that the costumed man wasn’t walking, he was floating over. “You can fly?”, asked the dumbstruck jock. “Yep. I have all the powers of Superman. Flight, super strength, super speed. I ran to France this morning and stemmed a truck over my head single-handedly.”, Matt answered and thought back, ignoring the fact that his brother had just fainted and fallen onto the floor. Some time later when Alan reawoke he found a letter next to his head. “Hello Alan, I hope you’re feeling better. I carried you to your bed, when you fainted. Currently in Europe to do some sightseeing. Will be back tomorrow. Matt.” This had to have something to do with that weird stuff Rick was talking about the last night, so Alan decided to pay his bro a visit. After some debate and threats Rick admitted that he had found that spell online and it had actually worked last night and transformed everyone into their costumes. However the spell seemed to have reacted with Matty’s Superman pajama and have made him into a superhero, like his idol. However he couldn’t explain why it was still active despite the candle having burned down. A quick visit of the magic website confirmed Rick’s worries. Since Matty had only been barely 18 at the moment of the casting, his transformation was permanent. And as if that wouldn’t have been bad enough, Alan had found a small white puddle of cum in the garden. It wasn’t difficult to find out the puddle was cum and that it had come through the hole in the roof. So not only was Alan now stuck with a musclebound superhero as a younger brother, the superpowered teenager was also dealing with an increased libido right. And if the costume hadn’t been stuffed than Alan would have to get used to a little brother with an immense tool too. That sure as hell was scary enough for this years Halloween.
  2. It's been a while since I last posted a story. Sure hope I didn't get rusty. George had had a weird feeling about David lately. Even though George, or Big G, as his fellow jocks called him was the captain of the wrestling and football teams, infamous horndog and overall pretty much uncrowned king of the school, just glancing at David made shivers run down his spine. He didn’t even know why, after all David was still the same small size like he used to be, just like last week when George had taken the greatest pleasure in ridiculing and bullying the smaller man, but something about the nerd had changed. Maybe it was his new aura of confidence that he inexplicably had developed or the fact that he didn’t duck away from George when he walked through the halls. Or maybe it was the new shimmering ring that David was always toying with. Whatever it was, all of George’s doubts and insecurities where blown away when the nerd bumped into him one day. He had just been chatting with Katie, one of the few girls in school he hadn’t yet scream at the top oof her lungs as she rode his massive 9 inch monster. He had been making casual hints about the girth of his cock and the size of the bottle in his hand when David bumped his bony shoulder into George’s muscular arm, causing the brute to spill drink all over the new tanktop he was wearing. Katie started to giggle, but George’s handsome face turned red with anger. “Watch where you’re going, twerp!”, he yelled, grabbing skinny David by the shoulder and spinning him around. David was simply grinning, obviously pleased with the way he had angered the much bigger man. “Sorry, George, didn’t see you there.”, David replied sarcastically, “Besides you’re not so big that you could call someone twerp.” Katie had stopped giggling now, unable to tear her eyes away from the scene. “I’ll show you just how big I am, twerp. Meet me in the gym in 10 minutes, we’ll have a measuring contest. That will teach you ignoring these babies.”, the jock said, flexing a thick biceps for effect. “I’m gonna be the judge.”, Katie chimed in enthusiastically. David just nodded, his grin even wider than before. A few minutes later Katie and George waited for the David in the school’s gym, the smell of iron and sweat heavy in the air. “I bet the nerd got too scared to embarass himself and ran home.”, the jock boasted, having changed into a sleeveless hoodie and black sweatpants for the contest. Katie giggled again. In that moment the door opened squeakingly and David stepped into the clearly unfamiliar environment. While he wore a long sleeved workout shirt and similar sweatpants to the ones George wore, he couldn’t have looked more out of place. The textile hung loose on his bony frame and the ring he was playing with didn’t help making him look better either. The tension was nearly palpable as the smaller man walked towards the pair and in an attempt to ease it a bit, Katie intervened. “Have you thought about the stakes yet?” George was the first to answer. “If I win, which I will, I want the nerd to come to my next match and apologize to me for being disrespectful and then kiss my feet.”, he said with a cruel smirk, sure the smaller man would chicken out. David didn’t seem fazed by the demand at all. “If I win I want Georgie to suck my cock.”, he replied, obviously enjoying calling the jock ‘Georgie’. Immediately the bigger man grabbed the man by the collar and effortlessly lifted him into the air. “No way in hell I’d ever suck your disgusting cock. And if you call me by that name again you better make sure the hospital has a puzzle enthusiast to get your parts back together.”, he said, his deep baritone filled with anger. “But since there’s no way in hell you’ll win, why not. If you can beat me in even one category I’ll suck your cock once.”, the jock said in a generous tone. David just grinned cheekily. “And what if you lose to me in every category?”, he asked. “Haha, good joke twerp, but okay. If you beat me in each every category, which is not gonna happen in a million years, I’ll be your cumdump for an entire month.”, George laughed, earning him disgusted looks from Katie. “That‘s a deal then, Big G.”, David said and extended a hand. And while George was still a little annoyed by the nerd using his jock nickname but still shook the smaller man’s hand, sealing the deal. “Let’s get started then.”, Katie said, clapping her hands. She still looked a little disgusted by the demands of the two men, but had regained some of her formerly cheerful demeanor. “How about starting with legs, big guy.”, George said in a joking fashion. He knew that his legs were his strongest part thanks to the sports he played and wanted to crush David’s confidence as soon as possible. Faster than the human eye could see, George’s had stripped out of his sweatpants, leaving his marble statue like legs on full display. “Good thing I never leave out leg day.”, the jock thought as he flexed his impressive thighs and calves. “Let’s stick to measuring our upper legs. Don’t want to embarass yourself when measuring against these diamond calves.”, he boasted as Katie put the measuring tape around the bigger man’s immense thighs. “24 inches.”, she announced, trying hard to not squeal from being so close to the womanizer’s legendary cock. Even though it was soft, the thing made the black boxer shorts bulge immensely, while radiating a lot of heat. Just from the outline of it, Katie could tell that George had not been lying about it’s girth when trying to seduce her. “Oh come on, Katie, you want me to believe that these chicken legs are 24 inches?”, David intervened and patted the muscle. George wanted to protest that he didn’t have chicken legs and how the nerd could dare touching his prided muscle, but as soon as David had touched him an intense pleasure flooded through his legs. The feeling was similar to cumming into a gorgeous girl, only several times stronger. The jock nearly moaned, but as quickly as the feeling started had it faded away. George looked down gain and was shocked by what he saw. His prided legs were no longer the near bodybuilder size they had been before, but far smaller and while he still had some definition and muscle it was a far cry from the marble statue like size it had been before. Then the pleasure returned for a moment and George could feel something change in his mind. Gone were the memories of working his legs religiously and bragging to his friends about their size. Instead he now remembered always focussing on his upper body and arms, training his legs only to look somewhat proportionate. He had never been much of a legs guy, after all arms and chest were what got the girls going. Katie looked just as confused as him for a moment and measured again. “17 inches.”, she announced, visibly confused. “Damn man, you really have chicken legs.”, Davd laughed and patted the smaller muscle again, “Guess it’s time for Katie to take my measurements.” WIth that he too dropped his pants and revealed the biggest pair of legs George had ever seen and considering how meaty the legs of some of his teammates were that meant a whole lot. Even David’s feet were massive size 18 ones by George’s estimation. Katie took the measuring tape and wrapped it around the massive muscle. “30 inches.”, she announced and admired the huge quads some more. Even David’s calves looked like they belonged not to a high schooler but a bull, making George embarassed by his far smaller ones. “Guess that means you owe me a blowjob, chicken legs.”, David proudly announced, giving his legs another flex before pulling his pants up again. He visibly struggled with getting the clothing over the legs that looked completely out of place on this otherwise skiny man. “Choose the next category, big guy.”, the strong legged nerd said, sounding even more sarcastic than before. “Arms.”, George announced, gaining new confidence frrom the fact that the front of David’s underwear had been pretty flat. Again it was George’s turn to start. While his arms weren’t exactly his strong point and many of the guys on the football and wrestling teams were bigger than him, he was sure that he could beat David. The guy looked like someone had attached two sticks to his shoulders. Even with George’s more athletic than bulky arms beating the nerd would be a piece of cake. It took Katie a while to avert her eyes from the massive wheels that David had poured into his skintight sweatpants, but eventually she focussed on the task at hand. With he delicate fingers she wrapped the tape around George’s biceps, gently rubbing the dense muscle and definitely enjoying it a lot. “That delicious biceps has 18 inches.”, Katie purred. George had suspected that she was an arms type of girl from the way she had rubbed his upper arm when they had flirted, but that reaction was pretty intense. Much to the jock’s contentment a sour look passed over the nerd’s face as David stepped forward. He grabbed George’s left arm squeezed the muscle . Naturally he didn’t even make a dent. “Not bad, Georgie, they’re pretty dense. But I don’t really think these arms are 18 inches.”, David commented and the intense pleasure from before overtook the jock’s mind once again. Memories of being close to equal to his teammates when it came to arms were wiped from his head and new memories took their place. Being forced to arm wrestle against the football team’s linebacker and losing in a spectacular fashion. Being jokingly mocked for his weak throws at football practice. The memories of him being team captain to the wrestling and football teams faded too. He was just a normal player, not great not horrible, just average. A meaty thud pulled George back to reality. David had pulled his right arm up into a flex and again patted it with a massive calloused mit. The sound kind of reminded George of when he rubbed his own biceps, just a couple dozen times meatier and harder. Again Katie measured the football player’s biceps, uttering “14 inches.” while she quickly pulled the tape away from George and went over to David, drawn to the huge muscle like a moth to the light. She fought hard to suppress a moan as she rubbed the huge globe of muscle, tracing all the grooves and ridges of the humongous biceps. David just cleared his throat and chuckled: “While I really do enjoy it, I think we should really do the measurement first. You can feel it up afterwards all you want.” With that promise wrapped her measuring tape around the powerful muscle and proudly announced “Powerful, mouthwatering 22 inches.”, before going back to rubbing it. George didn’t know what to say, he didn’t even knoe why he had called for this contest in the first place anymore. And another thing was troubling him. He could have sworn that David had been nearly a head shorter than him, but now they were eye level with one another, George just a centimeter or two taller than the guy with the largest arms and legs in school. “Guess we go for chest now.”, George stated the obvious. Katie on the other hand looked incredibly upset, since she had to stop caressing the huge arms of David for a while. George stripped out of his sleeveless hoodie. He was confident that he’d finally beat David even if it was only one category. After all the other man, despite having some definition in his torso from having to move the giant arms and legs he owned, didn’t have a nearly as impressive chest as George did. As Katie placed the tape around his chest, George made sure to bounce his pecs for her, earning him a giggle from the cute girl. “42 inches.”, she said and gave his cut eightpack, which he was especially proud of, a rub, “Not bad.” “Not bad indeed, Georgie. I bet it took you quite a while to build a chest like this, right? But let’s be honest 42 inches sounds a bit too much for a chest like this.”, David replied. I wanted to ask what he was talking about, but then he weighed one of my pecs in one of his calloused hands and another wave of pleasur shot through my body. Suddenly it felt like the weight David was playing with was a lot smaller, like there was less pec to weigh in his bear sized paw. George tried bouncing it and there was definitely a lot less heft to it than he remembered. Another short spike of pleasure washed over him and he looked down. The jock wasn’t sure why he had thought he had a pair of big pecs. Sure, his were pretty tight and shredded, but not huge by any means. After all George had little trouble seeing his sixpack and size 10 feet. Even though he knew what was coming, the voice of Katie saying “34 inches.” after measuring again caught him a little off guard. His confusion was interrupted by the giant mass of muscle that made up the chest of his contest opponent. George had no doubts that David was unable to look past his chest. The massive pair of brawny pecs looked like it was made to block his view downwards completely. George looked at Katie, who despite her own busty chest looked pretty jealous of the massive stud who had now begun bouncing the bulging mass of hard flesh to a little tune only he could hear. It almost seemed like an insult when the busty girl asked the even bustier guy to stop bouncing so she could measure. “That’s an even 50 inches.”, Katie said and put the measuring tape away. “Uhm, Katie, I don’t think we’re finished yet.”, David rumbled as she turned to leave. Both the girl and George gave the stud a quizzical look, but the jock was the first to speak. “What do you mean? We did all the measurements and as expected you won every category.”, he said, still not entirely sure why he had challenged the much bigger man in the first place. Then it dawned him. he remembered bumping into David and being called “twerp” even though he wasn’t small by any means. Then George had bragged how much bigger his cock was than David’s knowing that the overall bigger guy only had about 3 inches of cock between his muscular thighs, a fact that reguarly caused mockery in the locker room. Without much further explanation George and David dropped their pants. The smaller man was certain of success when he compared his own bulging boxer briefs with the flat front of David’s underwear. There was no way he’d lose that last category. With practiced ease Georger fished his 9 inch soft monster cock out of his struggling briefs. Katie’s jaw nearly hit the floor when she realized that the rumors about the size of that thing were actually true. She gulped as she held the ruler next to the quickly hardening tool, feeling the blood pulsing through George’s pride and joy. It only was a few moments before the cock was fully hard. “9.3 inches.”, Katie announced, still baffled by it’s size as George crammed it into his underwear again. “Come on girl, you expect me to believe that?”, David asked in a tone of mild annoyance and rage. Without a warning he grabbed the sizable bulge of his opponent and kneaded the cock through the textile. An intense wave of bliss hit George, much stronger than the previous ones. He could have sworn that he could feel his cock getting smaller under the bigger man’s touch, until it was as if the behemoth was groping a cocktail sausage. David reached into the smaller man’s underwear and pulled free the thin dick that George had grown accustomed to. Simultaneously the Behemoth freed his own massive dick, several times as long as George’s and thicker than the smaller man’s wrist. The angry veins running along the length of the huge dick were almost pencil thick and the purple cock head was probably bigger than George’s fist. With his strong grip David held the two cocks next to one another, his own completely dwarfing the other man‘s. “As much as I’d love to hear the exact lengths of our cocks, I think measuring is a little redundant.”, David announced, “Also we all know that mine’s well over 10 inches longer. 11.4 the last time I measured.” George swallowed hard as an astonishing amount of pre was dripping from the massive cock head. “Looks like I won all the categories, Georgie.”, said David and a wide, almost sinister smile crossed his handsome face, “And you know what that means, little guy. Better get used to seeing that beast.” With these last words David placed a hand on the smaller man’s shoulder and forced him down. Now that George was eye level with the beast he wondered if he’d be able to last for an entire month as cumdump for that farm animal sized junk. As David forced him forward towards the angry looking purple mushroom head and he opened his mouth wide another thought crossed his mind. Maybe he would make it for a month, but what if he didn’t want to stop after that. After all he sure could get used to the delicious taste of Big David’s huge cock.
  3. It was the first week and the two friends Jonas and Daniel wandered around the campus. There were a lot of people around, what considering it was club orientation day seemed only logical. Dozens of booths were set up all over the campus. Every club from the anime enthusiasts to the zoology enthusiasts were showcasing their activities and trying to attract new member. A few of them looked pretty fascinating to the two of them, for example the LARPing club, that fit in perfectly with both of their nerdy tendencies. It wasn’t like they were nerds, they just enjoyed some DnD and nerd stuff once in a while, as a change of pace to their biweekly gym sessions and financial classes. Most of the time Daniel and Jonas felt attracted to the same booths, but from time to time. For example Jonas, whose family owned a farm, felt pretty drawn to the Animal Rights Protectors, while the nerdier Jonas took great interest in the Comic Book booth. One weird thing kinda caught the guys’ attention though. The two of them had been the only out gay guys in their hometown, not like a couple, but more like best friends. Soon after coming out together, they realized they liked the same thing, namely huge, muscular, manly guys. And that was the weird thing about the campus. Wherever the two guys looked, they saw a man who met their likes exactly. There was a huge amount of muscular guys strolling around the area. Some looked more like the Viking or Celt stereotypes, with meaty brawn and an abundance of hair covering their built pecs, while other guys looked like they had just stepped out of a fitness shoot, with defined, cut physiques being flaunted by the shirtless studs. And they all gave the pair a grin and flex when they noticed the stares, leaving the two boys breathless. After about an hour of roaming around the numerous booths, the friends came across a rather large booth that had a big banner above it proudly displaying “Physique Building Club”, which as Jonas knew was just another name for a bunch of amateur bodybuilders. But still he felt intrigued, probably by the two exceptionally big twins that stood there, and stepped closer. Immediately one of the twins headed over and gave the surprised Jonas a small box, nicely wrapped up with a red band. “Hey there, buddy.”, the guy said with his deep melodic baritone, “I’m Stan, one of the presidents of the PBC. We thought it would get us a lot of new members if we hand out presents.” Stan just gave him a smile that seemed to stretch up to both of his ears, leaving the still baffled Jonas all the more without words. He didn’t know why, but when Jonas walked back to his friend, he hid the small box in his pocket, not wanting Daniel to see it. Apparently while Jonas had spoken to Stan, Daniel had decided to sign up for a tennis club, a sport which didn’t really peak Jonas’ interest. And so without having signed up for any club at all the nerdier of the two followed after his friend back to their shared flat. Jonas quickly went to his room and locked the door behind him. He pulled the box out of his pocket and almost ceremoniously opened the small package. He nearly burst out in laughter upon seeing the contents however. Inside the nice little box was a shiny, bright red piece of clothing that from his regular viewing of contests he immediately recognized as a posing strap and a high quality one at that. But then again, despite the ridiculousness of the thought, he dropped his pants, prepared to try the posing trunks on. Surely they would look totally out of place on his average body. Not like he was bony or anything, his regular gym sessions made sure of that, but he didn’t have the mass to look good with only this on. Yet he proceeded undressing, since he had always wondered deep within, what it would feel like wearing these things. Finally he had had undressed completely, his nude body on full display. Jonas wasn’t bad looking, kinda handsome in fact and with his proud 6 inches of cock he had made a good top for his previous sex partners, but somehow he had always wished to be bigger. With these thoughts in mind he pulled the posing trunks up his legs. Once they sat around his nice package and bubble butt, Jonas was surprised to see that nothing had happened. He didn’t know what he had expected, but the fact that nothing at all had changed with the posers had been kinda disappointing. Jonas stepped in front of his mirror and took his form in. He was surprised by how much the tiny piece of fabric concealed his cockbulge, but then again he didn’t have anything extraordinary down there, so that was kinda expected. After some minutes of looking at himself from pretty much all possible angles, Jonas decided he might as well try to flex and so he brought his arms up into a double biceps pose. But as soon as his arms were in position, the world around him began to crumble and barely able to remain standing, Jonas blacked out. ——————- With a shudder Jonas opened his eyes again. What had just happened? He looked around his room in confusion and saw the calming familiar stuff he was used to. Posters of excercise instructions and famous competitive bodybuilders were plastered all over the walls and several trophies decorated the room even more. With a pleased smile Jonas looked at his arms. The massive 20 inch guns he had been working so hard for were still there, showing off the incredible vascularity he was so proud off. He gave his massive biceps another quick flex and rolled his wide shoulders before standing up again. What had he been doing again? Absentmindedly he rubbed his impressively defined abs and plump pillow pecs, letting out a slight moan as he brushed over his quarter-sized nipple and walked over to his mirror. He looked at the beefy muscles he had built over the years. His legs, looking like they had been cut out of marble, and his diamond like calves really looked ready for the competition coming up next week, just like the rest of his masterpiece of a body, but he’d put in some more work on his lats. Even though they already complimented his cannonball shoulders well, he was really striving for that wing like look. As he inspected his body, all of a sudden he heard a knock coming from the door. It was his boyfriend Daniel. While Jonas was bigger than most guys on the campus, standing at roughly 6'6 and being built like a god, Daniel wasn’t unimpressive either, even though other than Jonas. He may have been pretty short compared to his boyfriend, being only 5'8 in height, but his gymnast training had given him tight lean muscles. The most outstanding feature about the smaller man however wasn’t his athletic build, or his amazing sapphire blue eyes and boyish features, but the plump yet incredibly tight bubble butt he had trained for since becoming a couple with Jonas. The two globes were currently fighting for space in Daniel’s favorite jockstrap, the twink being fully aware, that Jonas wouldn’t be able to resist. “Your poses are looking amazing, babe. And with your package being presented so fabulously I bet the judges won’t have a choice but giving you first place.”, Daniel cooed as he moved through the room, over to his bodybuilding top. Jonas just looked down, having a little trouble to see something past his pecs, and grabbed the humongous bulge that was barely held back by his farm animal sized genitals. Even though moat guys in the PBC were built and had some decent cock meat, Jonas knew that he was among the biggest members of his club, in all departments. The only guys bigger than him in dick size category were his best friend Stan and his twin brother, but even these two couldn’t compare to his brawn. “Maybe you should show me what that thing is capable of, babe. You haven’t showed me in a while.”, Daniel interrupted Jonas’ train of thought and wiggled his fat bubble butt. The bigger man just chuckled. Daniel knew full well that Jonas could put his 10 incher to good use, he had just showcased that this very morning.
  4. Casey wasn’t exactly looking forward to PE this day. Actually he was never too eager to go to this class. PE was by far not his favorite class, he was more comfortable sitting in a lab in chemistry or biology. That was a place where he could actually impress with his expansive scientific knowledge. In PE however he was the laughing stock of the class, his frail body and short height making him a natural born loser at each and every sport he tried. He even deliberately came too late, so no one else would be in the locker room and mock him for his weak body. Though that wouldn’t be the main reason for the mockery. That had to be his nigh empty briefs, pathetically flat in the front for an 18-year-old about to head off to college. He blushed, remembering how Jake, the top jock, had pulled down his pants one day and revealed Casey’s tiny three-incher to the whole class. The nerd quickly got changed, so he wouldn’t come too late and covered up his unimpressive body with some ill fitting sports shirt. Casey sneaked into the gym, just when their teacher Coach Middens was explaining what they’d be doing today. “So, boys, I wanna see a clean game of dodgeball now. Jake and Johnny will be choosing teams. Get in line.” Casey sighed, he was horribly bad at throwing and catching balls. The only thing he was at least decent at was dodging balls. Since the top jock was one of the guys choosing teams and the other guy, a minor jock, was too afraid to pick any of the athletic guys away from Jake, the game was pretty much jocks against the rest, meaning Casey, who had been chosen last (of course), and his team had nearly zero chance of winning. As they took their places, Casey didn’t even notice the ball Coach was holding briefly taking on a reddish shimmer. It was a pretty fast game, the jocks hitting the other guys with the balls hard and laughing even harder when one of the other team got hit in the face or the balls. The number’s of the non-jock team dwindled quickly and before long only Casey was left, thanks to his good dodging skill, his 5′8 120 pound frame making it easy for him. He even caught a ball, everyone including Casey surprised about him doing so. He tried passing the ball to a teammate standing outside, but his hand slipped and he hit the back of one of Jake’s jocks. Casey’s 5′11 body trembled as the jock left the field and Jake threw him a glance that meant something like “You’re dead after this game, fuckhead.” the ball rolled over into Casey’s half of the field and the 18-year-old picked it up. He was pretty average when it came to such things as throwing and catching, but he could move his 150 pound body pretty well. He was also pretty agile for someone as average as him and so he hit another jock with a surprise attack. Casey had taken the opportunity of hitting Michael, he one out gay jock, when he had flirted with one of the other guys, giving his above average biceps a flex. This time Jake picked up the ball and threw it hard in the direction of the 6′2 guy who had just eliminated to of his team members. Casey quickly shifted his 190 pound frame a little and watched the ball bounce off the wall in the back, before catching it with one of his large hands. His other hand quickly arranged the 6 inches of cock in his briefs, Casey didn’t want it to flop around. He used the confusion and disgust of the jocks to hit another guy, making sure to put a little more force behind his throw, to show them who’s boss. Jake was in awe as the towering 6′5 240 pound picked up the ball with one massive hand and threw it t him, the force from his throw knocking the inferior jock back when the ball hit him. Casey bounced his pecs and flexed one of his mighty 20 inch biceps. He’d have to be careful to not hit them too hard, might actually injure someone. His team broke into cheers, as Casey picked up the ball, as expected they had won. Being the 6′8 colossus he was, Casey stood head and shoulders above most of his classmates. No wonder he was going to college on a sports scholarship, his 270 pound frame demanded it. The mountain of a teen broke out into a massive smile and ignored how some of his classmates “subtly” felt up his biceps, abs and ass in the midst of cheering. When the crowd dispersed a bit, Casey walked over to Michael, leaned down and whispered in his ear “I’ve got something for you to take care of.”, while palming his impressive bulge. The windows shook from his deep rumbling bass and it also made sure everyone had heard what the behemoth had just said, they wouldn’t be going into the showers for a while. Michael rushed off, his cute bubble butt swaying seductively. Slowly Casey walked after him, constantly pulling at his bulge. Another jockstrap destroyed by the footlong cock and bull balls it had to contain. He’d just have to get another one. But for now Casey was sure nobody would mind if he went commando for the rest of the day. When the giant passed by a mirror in the hallway, he snapped a pic of himself, making sure to send it to his girlfriend, the game had given him a nice pump. It would get her just in the right mood for later, after he had dumped a load into Michael’s throat. “Damn, I love PE.”, Casey rumbled and ripped his tanktop off his massive torso.
  5. Dr. Steve Harrison had stayed at his office long this evening. After some years of research and several expeditions he had finally found what he had been looking for. Deep within the South American Amazon jungle he and his colleagues had at last found the legendary trunks, which he had been researching for all of his work life. He had spent nearly 20 years trying to find this peace of clothing, got divorced from his wife, because she thought he spent too much time at his office and even got laughed at by colleagues. And yet, despite all odds, he finally held the relic in his hands, which had among others inspired the story of Tarzan, the Trunks of the Wild. Though admittedly for such little clothing the word trunks was a bit stretched, it was just two pieces of cloth, connected by two thin strips of fabric. And yet he could almost feel the magic emanating from it. He stood there and inspected the trunks, searching for any trace of hormones, minerals or the like. Simply anything that would prove this thing was special in some way. But for now his test had only shown one thing on the clothing: Lots of old cum, something he was able to tell from simply the musky smell of the clothing. He sighed in frustration. The tests all simply showed, that he had an average piece of clothing before him. But he knew it was special. All of a sudden he heard a whisper in his head: “Put us on.” The voice was deep and melodic, like someone who embodied masculinity itself was whispering into his ear. Steve hesitated. Did he really wanna do this? After all this small piece of clothing would look ridiculous on his old nerdy body. “Put us on.”, the voice whispered again, more insistent and even deeper than the last time. He didn’t have a doubt now, the voice had pushed everything out of his mind, leaving just the need to try the trunks on. He quickly stripped off his shirt and pants, grimacing slightly when he gazed down his unsightly body. But he had to do as the voice said, so he pulled off his tight white briefs and gave his small dick a sad look. “That will change soon enough.”, the voice assured him and he quickly stepped into the Trunks. As he pulled the relic up his skinny legs, he felt the power resonating from it. Like the voice he had heard, the aura of the pants on his legs, felt like the presence of masculinity incarnate. Finally he pulled the trunks all the way up and closed his eyes. Immediately he felt the power of the relic flow through his body and resonate with his every cell. He felt like his whole being had been set on fire, from his head, which seemed to burst, to his body, which felt like someone was trying to burn him, and even his mind, which felt like he was being pulled apart. And then he saw what was happening to him. At first he thought his skin was being burned for real, but then he realized his skin was darkening by the second. He had been white as a ghost before, just some light tan had remained from his latest expedition, but now he was nearing ebony black territory. At the same time, he felt his shoulders being pulled apart, becoming far wider and at the same time rounding out and gaining mass, until they had a shape most guys had to work years for. While he was occupied with his shoulders, he barely noticed his waist becoming smaller, giving him an insane V-shape. To compensate for his wider shoulder, his lats and pecs grew as well, making his back look like a pair of wings and his chest like two pillows had been attached to it, the only difference being, they were hard as granite. His stomach rumbled as the individual abdominal muscles hardened and grew bigger, slowly forming a cobblestone road of abs, which somewhere in the back of his head he was sure he could have washed clothes on. His legs transformed into two beautifully muscled, ebony tree trunks, the individual strings of brawn clearly divided from each other and powerful veins pumping blood into them. The calves, which had by now blossomed on his lower legs, looked like diamonds attached to the back of his legs and were at the very least just as hard. The biggest change however happened between his legs. While his giant legs forced his package forward, his formerly small balls ballooned with probably the most potent cum any human had ever carried, and dropping lower than Steve’s balls ever had and rounding out to about baseball size. As the deep brown color spread to his 3 inch cock, it lengthened, hardened and widened. Veins began delivering hormone heavy blood to the growing tool, forming a net on the professors’s dick. Not that Steve saw the changes happening between his legs, the Trunks barely concealed them. As Dr. Harrison began massaging his cock through the clothing, he could feel the fabric twist and change under his grab. While the original form of the relic would only have covered about a third of the magnificent new weapon of ass destruction, the shorts shifted to become closed at the bottom, giving the heavy weight at least some support and even concealing it and it’s two low hanging companions. Steve was still enjoying the afterglow of his transformation, he heard the same voice as before begin a chant “Fuck, Lift, Repeat”. Over and over again the deep bass repeated the three words and they replaced the majority of Steve’s over thought’s Before long the new black stud noticed, that the voice was no longer saying the words in his mind, but that the words were flowing out of his own mouth. The same deep, commanding, confidence oozing voice he had heard before was now his own. Suddenly S knew his mission. He’d have to go to a gym, start by breaking every record in the gym, proceed by showing everyone his superior masculine body and then take one or two guys there and show them the temple of the wild, his incredible build, with which the Trunks had gifted him. As he closed the door of his office, the name on the door began to change into that of his former colleague, erasing the presence of Dr. Steve Harrison. Now there was only S and he’d spread the message the trunks had given him and show the others the blessing of the wild.
  6. “Scientists all around the world still haven’t found a reason why every black male on the planet is suddenly experiencing a drastic decrease in muscle and penis size. It is unknown if this has something to do with the simultaneous increase of overall size, that male persons with Asian inheritance all over the world have been experiencing. Despite having not yet found a cause for this change scientists have started calling this phenomenon ‘The Great Reversal’. My name is Jeonyin Harper and this is CNN News.”, finished the now hulking anchorman, his suit painfully tight against his giant frame. Sighing I turned the TV off, the report having only confirmed what I already guessed. After a last few tugs I packed my dick back into my underwear, pleased with the obvious bulge it made. I walked upstairs and entered the bathroom, passing the pictures of my family in the hallway. While my mother was Asian, meaning her entire side of the family now had hulking males, while his father was a white businessman, owning his own successful company, explaining their huge mansion. Entering the bathroom I stood in front of the mirror, and decided to snap a few selfies, fixing how the cap, which had set all of this in motion on my head. “Yeah, Instagram is gonna love this.”, I said and posted it right away. In the last days my Instagram had undergone a dramatic change. No more nerdy anime pics ans pseudo-poetic stuff, but instead it was now filled with pics of my incredibly built body and the sizable bulge in my underpants. Originally I had wanted to buy a cap to cover up my bad greasy hair and look a little cooler, but that was a wasted hope. Standing almost a head lower than everyone else and being quite chubby made me look just as cool as my shoulder long unruly straight black hair. I went to the mall with my three best friends Chad, Bob and DeShawn. DeShawn was a basketball player, who was at least half a foot taller than the rest of us and really built. People would always wonder why he hung out with us, but before puberty he had been a nerd like us and we still were friends. Bob was always pretty average. Like me he came from a wealthy family, but otherwise he didn’t really stand out with his blond locks and average height. And then there was Chad. He was by far my best friend, maybe because he was Asian like me or because we grew up together. Though he wasn’t exactly handsome either, his body frail and short, combined with a too big nose made him look weird. Oh, and he is gay, having come out last year, though he hadn’t put a move on any of us. So we walked through the mall and suddenly Bob noticed a shop. It was very narrow and everybody was passing by without giving it a second look, but we walked right into it. There was no sign indicating the name, but it was just what we were looking for. Clothes covered every free inch of the shop. I walked straight towards the caps and took one out. You may have guessed, but it was that plain black I wear in the pictures. I asked the shop’s owner how much it would cost and a little bit of haggling later I handed him 5 dollars. before he handed it over again he looked me in the eye and whispered: “It may change all of you.” I gave him a quizzical look and turned to leave, putting on the cap on my way. When it hit my head the shop owner made a strange gesture and a blinding light engulfed me. Suddenly I felt heavier and taller and a look over to my friends surprised me even more. The formerly towering DeShawn had suddenly dropped over a foo in height and lost all his hard earned muscle, whereas Chad had gotten everything DeShawn had lost. He was now a breathing block of muscle, towering over the newly black twink. Bob was totally freaked out by the change and looked totally helpless, while the transformed ones themselves were totally panicked. Than they turned at me. “Man you are huge. Even bigger than me.”, Chad said with admiration and than I noticed my body. Whereas Chad or the Pre-Change-DeShawn had been big, I was enormous. Another 4″ taller than Chad and far wider. So after a some back and forth everyone accepted the changes and it turned out DeShawn was gay. Of course Chad took the opportunity and made him his boyfriend. I myself went over to the head cheerleaders house and spent the remaining afternoon fucking her brains out. Though it only started with her. The rest of the cheerleaders and some of the black football and basketball players didn’t escape my by now legendary horse dick either. I might have to go to some sorority houses with some of the Asian guys form the chess team to get some new fucks. The girls really like to lick the hard deeply cut sixpack I call my own and the rockhard full round pecs above it. Or hang from the strong humongous biceps I have, losing themselves in my deep dark brown almond eyes and tracing my lantern jaw with their manicured nails, feeling the dense stubble underneath. But the girls really like one thing the most: Squeezing my muscular glutes while they take every inch of my 12″ cock down their throats. I can only conclude the cap really made me popular, especially with the girls, seeing how it made me go from virgin to sex beast in a matter of hours.
  7. You wake up, groggily from the party you had yesterday, you had it arranged so that the party would include midnight of your birthday. Unfortunately you couldn’t go as long as you’d liked, since your neighbor, a nerdy old guy who is a total party pooper, dared to call the police. But it was still a good party, with many good friends, family and nice presents, like your aunt’s which was a bit strange. She had given you a bracelet, a simple silver bracelet with some ornate symbols on it. She had told you it would give you complete control over mind and body of everyone you desired. And it was true. Earlier that night you tried it on one of your nerdier friends. You knew he was straight, but always had trouble talking to girls, so you decided to use the bracelet and pointed at him. You murmured words, like “You’re incredibly confident and always talk to girls.” and “Years of football had given you the body of a god, so you decided to take up bodybuilding.”, r “Your dick is a footlong wrist sized monstrosity when hard.”. And after a blinding light he stood there, just with the body and mindset you described. Needless to say he took two or three girls upstairs over the following hours, her orgasmic screams maybe being one of the main reasons for the call of your neighbor. You had tried using the bracelet on the old man too, but it didn’t work, maybe it needed time for regeneration. This was confirmed the next morning, when you were woken by a strange humming noise, which obviously came from the bracelet you wore. Excitedly you walk to your window and find the old man sitting on his terrace, looking down the road with a smug grin, like he owned it all. Just like you did with your friend yesterday, you point at him and start your fun. “First you’ll come to my backyard and strip off all your clothes.”, you say and instantly the old guy starts moving and even from the distance you notice the troubled look on his face. Nonetheless you meet him in the backyard a few minutes later, stark nude, unsightly 60-year old body on display. “Uh, gross. Maybe I should take care of your body first. You are now 25 years old.”, you say and instantly the years melted away from the body in front of you. The sagging flesh stretched and got tight, but nevertheless your neighbor’s body was still nothing to be proud of. Even in his prime he seemed to have a crappy body. He had a flabby gut, but his limbs were extremely skinny, but that was about to change. “You have been working out for 8 years and your body reflects it. You especially like to work out your butt. making it really big and beefy.” And immediately you see his body tightening and growing. Massive pecs stacked on top of 4 pairs of rockhard abs are connected to strong shoulders and beefy biceps. His legs are well built and his butt looks like a pair of basketballs under his skin. “Oh, and not to forget your dick, it’s 8″ soft.”, you add and watch in delight the previously tiny tool sneaks out, getting hard and growing past it’s previous full mast, getting ever longer until it stops at 10″ and goes soft again. “I see your face isn’t that ugly, but I’d like all the hair on your body, despite the one on top of your head to disappear permanently.”, you say and the little hairs all over his new imposing figure disappear. “I’ll move on to your mindset. First of all you are no longer arrogant, but are completely submissive. And you will follow my every command.” Instantly the look of horror on his face was replaced with a look of submissiveness and obedience. “So now you’ll bend over and you’ll enjoy every inch of my 9″ cock up your ass. And unlike yours it is all natural. Just like these.” You flex your impressive biceps as you start inching your tool into your now obedient servant. He is definitely a nice Buffsday Present, isn’t he?
  8. In ancient times an Aztec tribe had produced 6 different amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the Aztec tribe was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. —————————————————————————————————- Sneaking into a big mansion was always so easy. Normally the really wealthy guys didn’t bother with expensive alarm systems, especially the old ones. Just like the guy, whose mansion was easy prey for Thor. At the age of 85 the man was slowly getting senile, his young wife using his money to party with hot strippers. Thor even knew when she went to which club and what dancers were usually with him. People just tended to overlook him. Which wasn’t a bad thing for a thief, but sometimes it kinda sucked being only 5′4″. Thor brushed those thoughts aside as he typed in the code for deactivating the alert. The soft ping confirmed that the guy’s wife had really told him the real code when he had carried her home one night, after she had drunken far to much. He was simply amazed at the sight of the luxurious interior of the old fart’s mansion. By the time he would be finished here maybe he would buy a house just like this, but that would have to wait. Thor couldn’t help but wonder how the guy had amassed enough money to lead this kind of life as he searched for the really precious stuff. Something about a big construction company stirred in the back of his mind, but was silenced as he opened the winged doors to the exhibition hall. Expensive looking pieces of jewelry laid in glass showcases next to ancient pieces of pottery all with a little sign, which told the reader what object of value they were currently watching at. But despite all of the precious thing he could steal, his gaze was drawn directly towards the pedestal in the middle of the room. Slowly he approached his object of interest and read the sign: “One of the ancient ‘Amulets of Masculinity’, rumored to be one of six, having masculinity-enhancing properties for the wearer, of Aztec origin.” Something in the deepest corner of his mind told him to put the necklace, practically urged him to. And so every other thought was banned from mind as he took the amulet and put it around his neck. When the fastener closed it felt like everything in his life finally clicked into place and he disappeared in a flash. ————————————————————————————————— “Where am I?”, whispered Thor and suddenly random memories started flooding into his mind, mostly from his childhood. Being teased for having such a delicate body and not the muscular frame of his namesake. People expected a towering viking when they heard the name of the Norse thunder god and not the timid figure he was. Just as he tried to fight away this thought’s his smartphone buzzed. A girl named Daphne had texted him: “Hey, sweetheart, I can’t wait to get a taste of your hammer this night again.” “What hammer?”, Thor asked himself and just when the words were spoken, he felt an unfamiliar weight between his legs, which immediately made sure what Daphne was talking about. He knew he should have been freaked out, but oddly he didn’t feel bothered at all. But before he could think about this further the next message buzzed in. This time it came from someone called Kyle. The pic linked to the profile showed the the backside of a rather twinky figure. “Come here stud, my body longs for your muscles.” And once again the text message triggered a change. This time his whole body began to ripple and grow, each heartbeat increasing his muscles’ size and hardness, while thick veins spread all over his body. When the ripples finally stopped, Thor had become exactly what was to be expected from his name. Big round shoulders, long strong biceps and bulging forearms paired with outstanding wide pecs a deeply cut midsection and a massive pair of wheels. He couldn’t quite figure out why he felt kind of stacked. But before he could find out where this feeling came from, two texts popped up on his phone simultaneously. The first one was from a girl named Heather: “Yo are so tall, I never met a guy on whose pecs I could rest my head on while standing.”, having him shoot up to an extraordinary height of 7′. The other one was from a guy named Jonathan. His message read: “I wanna stroke your blonde beard while you fuck me.”, and promptly an itch on his jawline indicated that a well trimmed blonde viking beard had appeared on the new masculinized face. The new Thor walked over to the mirror standing in the corner of his room and admired his improved body. “You have to share the gift of your masculinity with the world.”, suddenly called out a voice in his head. He looked at his smartphone again and decided to give Heather and Daphne a call. He surely would have fun with his new body today.
  9. “What’s that.”, Cory thought as he eyed the crimson envelope. He normally didn’t get any mail despite ads and bills. He ripped the letter open as he climbed the stairs to his apartment. In it there was some kind of ticket, which was decorated with bulging muscles all over and looked like it was for some kind of muscle show. Enclosed was a note: “You have been randomly selected as a winner for our competition. Your prize is a backstage pass for the upcoming bodybuilding show. Have fun.” Cory wasn’t that much of a freak about bodybuilding,since he preferred the normal guys over the muscle beasts, but muscles were kind of hot. And it would certainly be a nice way of passing time. So the following Saturday he found himself at the local convention center, surrounded by well muscled dude and sexy women, not to forget the incredibly built contestants, that stood in the center of small crowds. For the moment Cory ignored all that and made his way towards the backstage door. More than once he got disgusted looks. Sure he did stand out, even though he was only 5′8″ but he carried around more than a few pounds to much and so he looked like some kind of pervert lurking around the bodybuilders to get a little bit of whack of material. ‘I don’t care what you jocks think, I have a backstage pass and you don’t.’, he thought as he approached the burly bouncer. The man gave him a short look, noticed the pass around his neck and opened the door murmuring something about “Number 68″ and the last contestant “finally being here”. But Cory brushed these comments off as he stepped over the backstage’s threshold and a cool breeze brushed him. An then he finally saw the first athletes. ‘Okay, don’t get a boner now. You’ve practiced this more than once.’, Cory thought, trying to suppress his raging hard-on. he had had a crush on bodybuilders since he first saw the Mr. Olympia competition on TV at the age of seven. He had tried to train himself, but his metabolism was simply too horrible. There was this one guy, Cory tried hard to remember his name, but his raging horniness blocked his mind. Another breeze hit his body as he walked towards his idol. He really was smaller than he looked in the videos. Cory had thought that he would have to look up to look him in the eye, but they were at eye level. ‘Duh, he’s 6′3″, jut like me.’, he mentally facepalmed himself. Though he always looked larger than he really was, which was one of the few good things about being as skinny as he was. This time the breeze was stronger. This was so embarrassing, why did he choose to turn up in a posing strap. He had only just begun with training. He wasn’t nearly big enough to pull off this kind of stunt. The guy was already looking at him kind of freaked out. Nervously he rubbed his head, only to readjust his gelled hairstyle afterwards. His brunette scalp was his treasure. The next breeze was silenced by the calls o the guy he was walking to: “Hey, aren’t you Corey Smith, the winner of the National Championship? You are a beast! I watch each and everyone of your videos. Are you really natural?” “Yeah I am him and yes I am natural. Everything you see here is the work of long years of training and nutrition.”, Corey answered, his incredibly deep voice making the guy’s knees shake. Naturally his admirer’s eyes wandered from his face, which had gotten him more than a few model jobs, down to his pecs, that had been a pillow for far more than one lover, and his eightpack abs, that were enough to have every man shoot a load, and finally settled for the bulging, bright red posers, whose contents had earned him the name ‘Colossus’ in the community. Suddenly the blond hair of the other bodybuilder seemed to sway in a breeze and his look changed from admiration to downright lust. “Could we take a photo and than go to the other room, where you show me where your nickname comes from, stud?”, he said, his voice slightly higher pitched and trembling with desire. “Sure, but that will have to come after the show. Don’t be sad if you lose, after all you will be below me afterwards too.”, he winked and could almost hear the guy shoot his load.
  10. Sobbing Michelle laid on her bed, holding her right eye. Her husband Robert had once again hit her in his drunken rage. And all of this only because she hadn’t cleaned the house, because she had been at work. And while she had been busy with her job all day, he had sat home and downed one bottle of beer after another. That’s how it had been for a few months now. Right after Robert had been fired he had started drinking. She would like to leave him or report him to the police, but she still loved him for some reason. When they had met a few year’s ago Robert had been a kind and gentle soul and had always treated her like a gentleman. Back then they both had been quite handsome, but tat time was over. His formerly blond hair had thinned out and him spending the days at home in front of the TV had done their part in ruining his athletic build. His once firm sixpack had been replaced with a sagging gut and his face’s sharp features had been softened by unsightly fat. He permanently reeked of the cheap beer and booze he spend Michelle’s hard earned money on and she wasn’t much better off. The long hours at the office and the anxieties resulting from Robert’s brutal demeanor had led to a radical loss of weight. Her once curvy figure was now reduced to a skeleton like caricature of it’s former glory and it was furthermore covered with bruises and scars. The only thing she still prided herself on was the long brunette mane she called her own. As tears rolled down her eyes, she remembered this strange old woman who had talked to her on her hurried way home. She had muttered something like “what you deserve” and “new perspective”, had given her an old looking hand mirror and then she had gone away, still looking a bit confused. She took the strange object out of her handbag and looked at herself. Then with a feeling of the world being flipped over, she blacked out. —————————————————————————————————- With a grunt Michelle woke up again. But she didn’t feel normal, she felt somehow heavier, bigger and overall more confident. She stood up and looked down at her body. “Fuck”, escaped her lips. Her view was blocked by a massive chest, but it wasn’t as busty and soft as her former boobs, but rather a pair of rockhard pec muscles, that bounced a bit with each breath she took. Still perplexed by her new body, she tore away her gaze from her new heavy chest and let her eyes wander down the mass of her new muscular arms, tracing the outlines of the veins running across the curves of her big forearms and bulging biceps as well as her all across her powerful cannonball shoulders. She walked in front of the ceiling height mirror on the wall. Still completely bewildered by her transformation, she ran a calloused plat sized hand down the deep bumps of her new sixpack and along the outline of her Adonis belt. Suddenly she felt something big and soft, held back by a thin piece of underwear. “Later”, she thought and let her eyes take in every inch of her stone hard legs and her boat sized feet. Just when she was finished looking down at herself, the door flew open and Robert burst in. Though he didn’t look like Robert any more. Just like Michelle he had undergone a transformation and was now a busty bimbo with long blond hair and a perfect hourglass figure. “What the fuck hap…”, she screamed, but then she saw the new and improved Michelle. “Hey, babe, I guess I’m the man in our relationship now.”, boomed the former Michelle, now Micheal, as Robert, now Roberta let her eyes wander down the mountainous body of his former wife. As they looked into each other’s eyes, Roberta lost herself in the perfection of her partner’s face. The perfection of his broad, yet handsome nose, his deep hanging brows, the sharpness of his jawline and the the stubble covering it. “I think the time’s right for a test run for our new bodies.”, Roberta purred and caressed the big bulge in his boxer briefs with one hand, while fondling his mane of silky brown hair with the other.
  11. Looking back, it might not have been the brightest idea to use this strange idol on my husband Tom. We’ve had more than a few issues in our marriage, but probably the biggest one was, that he just couldn’t satisfy me sexually. I mean, he shot his load about two minutes after we started and then he was asleep within a few minutes. I just wanted to get a really good fuck for once, so when Casey, a friend of mine, told me how satisfying the sex had been, since she used the idol on her husband Mike, which I didn’t remember being anything but a plain black muscle monster with a free swinging horse cock (He didn’t bother to put on any pants even when they had guests. Not that anyone complained.) But I decided to trust her and that same evening I waited till my husband was asleep after another unsatisfying sex session and did exactly what she had told me. I took one of his boxer briefs from the drawer, cut a curl from his hair and wrote my wish on a piece of paper: “I just want to get sexually satisfied.” I then proceeded to bind my paper to the briefs with the curl of Tom’s hair and placed the idol on top of his underwear, just like Casey had instructed me to. I then recited the line she had taught me: “Dei factus est dignus!” Suddenly the eyes of the little statue glowed bright red and runes began to appear all over the idol. The light became brighter by the second and before I passed out I noticed that Tom’s boxer briefs had been replaced by a pair of posers. —————————————————————————————————- When I woke up, I only saw a black behemoth with his clean shaven ebony head between my legs and at the same time blushed as I saw what he did to my pussy. Only then the surprise subsided and a wave of pure bliss hit me. “So that’s the foreplay. Let’s move to the main attraction.”, said the giant and lifted his head from between my legs. And then a realization hit me. This man was none other than my husband Tom. He might have the body of a god, the sexual prowess of a porn star and skin the color of dark chocolate, but I recognized the face of my husband, although it had gone through a process of hyper masculinisation. But as he climbed on top of me and lined his fist sized cock head up with my pussy, new memories started flooding into my mind. Of course he had the sexual prowess of a porn star, he was one. Tom had been doing porn professionally ever since he turned 18, but he had started making amateur videos of himself since his 16th birthday. Ever since he turned professional he had gathered a harem of girls around him, college girls, neighbors and over hot women made it up, but I was the unchallenged leader of his girls. It was only natural for his wife. We had fallen in love during the first year of high school, both of us nerds, but soon after he had taken up weight lifting. Turned out that he not only had an enormous cock (A fact I didn’t know of back then.), but his balls produced a strange hormone that stimulated enormous growth in his muscles. He quickly moved up in the school’s hierarchy, but he never forgot me. Right after our graduation we got married and bought a huge mansion of the money, that Tom had earned with porn and his bodybuilding. That was exactly 10 years ago and since then our life had been practically an endless orgy. By now Tom had become one of the most famous porn stars in the world, thanks o his amazing body and farm animal sized cock. “So baby, ready for your Valentine’s Day gift?”, Tom asked me, his deep voice making my pussy go even wetter. Everything I can remember after this is my husband jackhammering his record breaking cock into my tight pussy and orgasming for about 10 times. What can I say? Ever since I met Tom, I can’t complain about being unsatisfied.
  12. Tucker and John were an odd couple. Not only were they mixed raced, with Tucker being an Afro-American and John’s grandparents having come from China in the late 1960′s. But that wasn’t the most extraordinary thing about their relationship. They weren’t the stereotypical black and Asian guys. While Tucker was had graduated from college as the best of his year and even had a doctor, working for a big international medical company, John had dropped out of high school, which not even his status as the school’s star quarterback could prevent, since that couldn’t compensate for all the Fs he had. So while Tucker worked in a big laboratory and had just developed a new medicament against the flu, John worked as a personal trainer in one of the local gyms and sided as a fitness model. The couple didn’t even fulfill their respective stereotypes in the bedroom. While Tucker was a timid little bottom, who was hung like a gerbil, John was an aggressive top, who knew how to use the coke bottle thick shank of sexmeat, that hung between his legs. He would continuously tease Tucker’s keyhole tight asshole with his fist sized cockhead, which alone was enough to make the little guy spurt, before pushing in in one smooth motion, that would then become a constant jackhammering, that would change his blissful moans into orgasmic screams. And while Tucker had already shot numerous loads, it would take the horny Chinese another 30 minutes to dump his in comparison enormous load up the black doctor’s big booty. But then one day, a mysterious package arrived. Tucker found it in the hallway, when he came home form work, having packed up his things early, to surprise his husband, only to find their flat as messy as he had left it, even though he had asked John to tidy it up while he was gone. Tucker would have done it, but he was already late, after the Asian hulk had had another go at his ass this morning. “He probably isn’t even up yet.”, Tucker thought checking his watch. It was already past 2 pm but he forgave his husband, after all it was the big guy’s free day. Forgetting the package for the moment, Tucker silently entered their shared bedroom, finding John still asleep, the bed sheets stuck to the impressive tent his bull cock was making. Quietly, the little black guy approached his sleeping husband, slipping his under the sheets and going down on the impressive tool, the sleeping John stirring slightly as he did so. Slowly but steadily the Asian behemoth awoke, as his twinky husband blew him, even able to deepthroat the cock until he, now fully awake, forced the entire length down his lover’s throat and finally shot a humongous load. “Hey baby, finally awake?”, Tucker asked. “Yeah.”, came the reply from his husband, his voice so deep, that it made Tucker’s little cock hard again. A short time later, John had gotten dressed, meaning he now wore underwear, leaving his perfect torso on display, and set at the kitchen table, downing a coffee and reading the newspaper. Then Tucker came in with the package he had previously ignored. “We’ve got a package, baby. It’s addressed to both of us.”, he said, showing the brown box he held in his small hands. When the two of them opened the mysterious carton they found a small vase and a piece of paper in it, that read: “To set things straight in your relationship.” Curiously Tucker inspected the vase. The little piece of pottery was painted with what looked like a mix of Asian and African symbols. “That thing looks pretty strange.”, Tucker murmured to himself. “Show it to me.”, John asked him and Tucker handed him the vase. And in the exact moment, when both them touched the mysterious piece of pottery, a bronze light erupted from it, knocking the couple out. —————————————————————————————————- John laid on the bed, the sheets still sticky from cum. But of course it was less his cum than rather the one of Tucker, the big black bull. He had spent all night jackhammering his enormous black dick up John’s tight Asian ass and from the looks of it, he hadn’t stopped, when John had already passed out from both exhaustion and bliss. It looked like Tucker had shot over a gallon of cum all over the place. John’s little cock already got hard, just thinking about his husband. Despite having two doctor titles and having made a lot of money, when he had worked for that one chemical company, John had quit his job two years ago, when he had met Tucker. Before that, the Asian twink had been one of then leading experts in mathematics and chemics in the whole world. But then he had met the black behemoth called Tucker. The guy was just perfect, Incredibly big muscles under that perfect black skin and the most stereotypical black horse cock to ever be created. John had to quit his job, so he would be available for Tucker to fuck at all time, while the black titan did his brutal workouts. Speaking of the devil, a massive shadow appeared in the doorway. Tucker had to turn a little sideways to enter the room, his massive shoulders far to broad to pass through the doorway normally. As he approached the bed and the delicate figure lying in it. Undoing his belt, Tucker asked in deep bass voice: “Hey ,baby, ready for round 6?”
  13. In ancient times an Aztec tribe had produced 6 different amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the Aztec tribe was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. —————————————————————————————————- At the age of 85 Roger had lived his life to the fullest, but all good things had to come to an end. A week ago, he had collapsed in his house, with heavy headache and now his whole body ached. Luckily his wife Cecilia called an ambulance and now he laid in a hospital, surrounded by his 3 children, their partners and children. His condition had terribly worsened in the last three days and he could feel himself getting weaker by the minute. Then his daughter Naomi approached him: “Daddy, can you hear me? I have a present for you. I know, you don’t believe in such things, but the woman I bought it from told me it could help you get better. Do you want me to put it onto you?” Roger smiled weakly and nodded. Naomi had always had a thing for this esoteric stuff, he remembered. As the lock on the necklace closed, the dying figure of Roger Schmidt faded away, leaving his family behind, their memory of him slowly fading away, as his body dissolved. —————————————————————————————————- When Roger opened his eyes again, he found himself in a nice looking backyard in what looked like a quiet suburb. And much to his surprise, he stood on his own two legs, even though he had barely been able to lift his hand just a minute ago. And then he noticed, that it wasn’t even that hard to stand. To be exact, he felt like he could run and jump and do whatever he want. He felt better every second, more energetic, stronger and somehow … younger. Unbeknownst to him, it did not only feel like he was getting younger, but he really was. The years were melting away of him. 10, 20, 30 and ultimately a whole 60 years simply vanished from his life. He now even stood straight again, showing his complete height of 6′ even pretty good. Roger even had the same lean build, he had in college, as well as the same unruly mop of chestnut brown hair. But his hair was rapidly growing, refining itself into a bun of pitch black dreadlocks that reached halfway down his back. That wouldn’t be the case for too long, since Roger slowly inched higher, his back cracking loudly, as more and more inches were added to his height. The now 25-year old didn’t notice a thing as he scratched his dreadlock covered head. When the itching subsided, Roger stood at the now impressive height of 6′8″. And when the growth in height had stopped, the next transformation started. Starting from his new black mane a new skin color spread across his body, having it assume a chocolate brown tone. And with the process, the clothes he had gotten from the hospital dissolved and reformed into a pair of spandex pants with a grey, triangular pattern across it and some wristbands. A comfortable feeling spread from his chest, as his already lean build was replaced by a much beefier and much stronger set of muscles. His chest was expanded to form a pair of plate sized pecs, with the most perfect set of ab muscles you would ever find, laying underneath. His newly grown football sized biceps were connected to the now cannonball sized shoulders, with veins running all along his massive new arms. But the biggest fulfillment of the Afro-American stereotype grew between his newly transformed horse legs. His old 5″ prick got replaced, by a new 11″ schlong, that snaked down the leg of his spandex pants. Suddenly the backdoor of the house opened and a small blond boy, came out into the garden. “Roger, are you finished with your workout? Adam and me need you desperately.”, the twink said, in a soft, high pitched voice. “Go ahead upstairs and prepare your asses for getting pillaged. I’ll be following you as soon as I finish my protein shake.”, Roger replied all of his thoughts now directed on working out, fucking and spreading the glory of masculinity.
  14. I have to admit that I hated my roommate Greg. He was your typical cocky jerk of a footballer and always bragged about how much pussy he scored. Not that I wouldn’t notice, after all I got thrown out of my room at least 3 times a day so that Grag could pound his newest girlfriend. My only peaceful hours were when he hit the gym with his football buddies or when he went to a party. And damn did the many hours of work show. His body would have made most amateur bodybuilders blush with envy. So it was no surprise that the women in town practically begged him to fuck them and all men wanted him to do the same thing to them. But of course he wouldn’t. The mountain of a man with a permanently stubbled jaw was the biggest homophobe I had ever seen. He constantly yelled at me, when I looked at him with only a hint of lust in my eyes and frequently beat me up when I looked at his naked body and massive cock when he left the bathroom after showering. But being a gay twinky nerd I just couldn’t help. I was the complete opposite of Greg. While he was a 270lbs 6′8″ prime example of a man, I was 5′7″ and weighed 120 pounds soaking wet. Though I was like an expert when it came to myths and magic. And that’s how I discovered the briefs. After weeks of thorough research I discovered a pair of items that would help me with my problem. It cost me over a thousand bucks and a lot of nerves, but I could finally persuade a guy on the web to send me pair of the underwear. After Greg had gone to the gym I placed the purple boxer briefs on top of his other underwear, knowing that he always grabbed the uppermost boxers without looking. After that I put the boxers I had ordered for myself on and waited. Greg wouldn’t even have to wear the far too small briefs, one touch would be enough to set my plan into motion. —————————————————————————————————- Two hours later my roommate came back from his training. I couldn’t help but stare at his shining sweaty muscles playing under his skin, when he began to undress. “You like that, faggot?”, Greg asked, noticing my lustful stares, “I’ll go showering and then I’ll beat you to a pulp.” And with these words he went to the bathroom. Coming back he reached into his drawer and then he touched the briefs and I could clearly see a shock going through his body and hear a deep whisper: “What the fuck was that?” Good thing he didn’t notice the shimmer of his briefs or my boxers. The magic had begun it’s work. —————————————————————————————————- Over the course of the next weeks everyone could witness to transformations. Greg got smaller and somewhat gayer every day and lost his place in the football team. On the other hand, I was taller, beefier and more confident every time I looked in the mirror. I banged a new twink every night and even slept with a few girls. A few weeks later I had become the big man on campus with a height of 6′9″ at a weight of 300 pounds of solid muscle and had banged almost every person around (even a few of the footballers, though they would never admit it). On the other hand, Greg now practically was the football team’s cumdump and practically a breathing fleshjack for myself and my hungry footlong monster. Greg now even wore the purple briefs, that had set the whole transformation in motion and I have to say they accentuate his bubble butt just fine.
  15. It was always so easy. Tina created a profile at a random dating website and stated that she was totally into nerds. Sooner or later a nerd would take the bait and they would arrange a date. Like countless times before, the trick had worked with Hugh and there she sat, waiting for her twiggy casanova in the middle of a nice restaurant. Finally Hugh entered the room and looked like he would faint when he saw, that the blond bombshell he had chatted with was really who she claimed to be. ‘Perfect prey.’, Tina thought and pressed the large sapphire on her ring. She now had a full hour to get to work. “H-H-Hello, my n-n-name is Hugh. You m-m-must be T-T-Tina.”, he stuttered, obviously nervous, being so close to a beautiful woman like herself. “I like it when men are confident.”, Tina replied and immediately Hugh’s posture shifted from an anxious crouch to a confident, relaxed position, “Though maybe you should have worn clothes.” As she whispered this across the table, all of Hugh’s clothes dissolved, leaving him utterly naked, but still in a confident pose. Not that he had much to be confident about. His 5′8″ frame was kind of skinny but with some flab around his midsection. The dirty blond greasy that topped his chubby freckled baby face looked like it was supposed to cover a receding hairline and the thick wiry glasses only emphasized this impression. But the most embarrassing detail about Hugh’s nerd body was the shriveled 2″ pencil dick that were his genitalia. No surprise so, that Hugh got surprised and disgusted looks as his clothes dissolved, showing off his body. That was the problem with the ring, it only made the affected unaware for the changes, but didn’t change reality. “Won’t you let me inside your apartment?”, asked Tina and the scenery changed to a dilapidated hallway with a nude Hugh standing in a splintery doorframe. She couldn’t need to many spectators when she had her fun. “Oh yeah, come in, baby.”, Hugh replied stepping into his shady looking residence. “You’ve got such a nice big, modern, luxurious, bright apartment.”, Tina said and immediately the shabby flat was replaced by a wonderful condo in what looked like a skyscraper in the middle of the town. Every window showed a beautiful view all over their town and the furniture was mostly white or made of glass with the exception of a few wooden dressers and closets. “Yeah, I have absolutely no idea how I could afford it.”, Hugh replied giggling. A luxurious looking dinner stood on the table, in whose direction he walked. She decided to follow him closing and locking the door behind her. “I see that your quite a good cook”, the bombshell commented, surprised, that she didn’t have to change that. “Yeah, my grandma taught me.” Nevertheless, she had to get to work, her time was running.. “Wow, your arms are so big, Hugh.”, she said and his arms blew up to immense dimensions, until it looked like he could throw cars around with ease. Thick veins were running along his melon sized upper arms and monstrous forearms. The whole artwork he called arms was completed by a pair of dinner plate sized hands, that were calloused from what looked like serious lifting. “And so beautiful square shoulders to go with them.” Instantly his shoulders doubled in width and became round and hard like a pair of cannonballs. Simultaneously his traps swelled and changed into a nice bull neck for this bull in the making. “They fit your height well.”, Tina continued and soon after a cracking sound could be heard, as his spine slowly got longer and longer until his body had grown to a towering 7′2″. “I was always the biggest one in school.”, Hugh commented, still in a high voice, that sounded damn comical, coming from this body. “Oh, Hugh, your pecs, they are enormous.”, she cooed massaging Hugh’s saggy moobs until they were two perfect cushions. But they weren’t made of feathers and textile, they consisted of flesh and steelhard muscle. He just couldn’t resist bouncing them a little bit, making Tina giggle at the display of power she cupped with her hands. “You like that?”, Hugh asked rhetorically, knowing full well that it turned her on. “I like your perfect eightpack far better.”, Tina replied and watched as the mentioned washboard abs appeared from the formerly flabby midsection. When her gaze had reached his tiny nub, his belly had become a perfectly cut cobblestone road of brawny manliness. ‘I’ll come to that later.’, Tina thought with a meaningful look towards Hugh’s groin. “Dammit, Hugh, did you steel that legs from a horse?”, the blonde said and his legs blew up right away. His thighs became big to touch each other and by the end of the process, Hugh wasn’t able to walk normally anymore. He would at best be able to waddle from now on. His calves not only only looked like a pair of diamonds under his skin, but were just as hard, connected to a pair of size 20 feet. A nice side-effect of the transformations was revealed when Hugh turned around. His back looked simply massive, especially since his wide shoulders and narrow hips gave Hugh’s upper body a perfect V-shape. This only made his broad lats seem all the more wing-like. He now even had a muscular, juicy ass, that Tina just wanted to slap. “I like your red buzzcut, it suits you well. By the way, are you a model, you should be with a face like this.”, Tina told him and when Hugh turned around again to face her, she was taken aback. His high cheekbones and copper red hair harmonized perfectly with his bright blue eyes, that seemed to pierce right through her soul and dive to the very bottom of her being. His nose, despite being broken, what looked like at least 2 times, was slim and seemed like it was made to gave let his face look even more rugged and handsome. His slim lips completed the man’s modelesque, but still manly looking appearance. “Yeah. How did you know.”, he laughed, even turning a little red, “So, shall we take this to the bedroom?” “Yeah, with pleasure. To be honest, your voice makes me kind of go wet.”, Tina admitted. “Yo’re not the first one to tell me.”, Hugh rumbled, with a deep bass bedroom voice, watching her moving her thighs closer together. “Wow, that’s some impressive cock you got there. What length has it? 13 inches? And your balls. Hmmm, so big.”, the blonde bombshell enthused, watching her date’s genitals swell to godlike proportions, so that she just wanted to have a taste of them or have them tear her pussy apart. “It’s such an honor, to finally get to sleep with the pornstar Hugh Grand.” “Prepare to get fucked, baby.”, Hugh boomed and then he thrust in. “You’re such a passionate, gentle, experienced lover.”, she said and his strokes became longer and stronger, giving her even more pleasure. Yeah, he was fit to be pornstar. But then Tina had an idea. Hugh had been such a nice guy, even without her alterations. “I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend.”, she nearly screamed. —————————————————————————————————- Nearly two hours later Tina decided to give her employers a call. “The target is ready and will come around tomorrow. But … I think I will quit my job, I found someone.”, she said and was glad that her superiors approved. “Ready for round two?”, Hugh asked, his horse dick already hardening
  16. In ancient times an Aztec tribe had produced 6 different amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the Aztec tribe was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. ———————————————————————————————————– Shopping was always a fun thing for Francine and her friends, Carol and Sophia. The three of them were part of New York’s High Society, each of them having married a rich man after college. It hadn’t been an easy task. It had taken Francine months to make her husband, Earl, fall in love with her. But now the 75-year old let her by all the things she wanted. And so she and her friends had decided to go shopping in Manhattan while their husband’s were busy making money. The first shop they entered was an exclusive and rather expensive jewelery. “Welcome, dear customers.”, the saleslady greeted the three women, “How may I help you?” “I’m looking for a collier. It should contain old and rubies, if possible.”, Francine replied. “I guess, I have what you’re looking for. I’m going to get it right away.”, she said and went away. When she came back with a wooden box, she had an almost wicked grin on her face. “May I help you putting it on?”, the saleswoman asked. “Yes, please.”, Francine replied, exposing her neck. As the saleswoman closed the lock the whole world seemed to tremble and the walls of the jewelery began to crumble. ———————————————————————————————————– Only seconds later the expensive jewelery in Manhattan was gone and the four women found themselves in a shady backyard in what seemed like a rural region. “What the fuck happened?”, Francine yelled, expressing what all of them were thinking, “Where are we?” Then suddenly another tremor shook the four women and the rubies on Francine’s collier began to glow. She started to moan and the sound of her high pitched voice could easily be mistaken for an orgasm. “What’s happening to you, Francine?”, Sophia shrieked at the noise of Francine’s spine cracking. In addition to that noise, the sight of the petite woman’s height rapidly increasing was all the more frightening. The former 5′7″ trophy wife stood now at a nice 6′4″. All four women watched in horror as Francine’s boobs began to deflate and reform, transforming from two globes of soft flesh into a pair of steelhard pecs. Next of her slender arms began to grow as well as her narrow shoulders until they were replaced by two cannonball shoulders that were connected to a set of grapefruit sized arms. Her forearms and hands followed suit, assuming more fitting proportions. The slender stomach that laid under her now fabulous pecs rippled and hardened reforming into a nice hard sixpack. Her legs were the next part to change. They hardened into a pair of muscular tree trunks that would make walking other than waddling complicated. Despite her body already that of an extremely built man, her voice, face and most of all genitals didn’t fit the image. Not yet. Francine’s angelic was contorted in pain as her facial structure rearranged. Her friends could only watched as stubble coated her new manly jaw and her masculine features shifted into a snear. “What are you staring at, bitches?”, Francine asked, surprising her friends with the rumbling bass she now possessed. At the same time her brunette mane of beautiful had receded into her head, leaving her with a brown buzzcut. Suddenly the moaning got even louder as Francine ripped her already tight red dress off her body, revealing a tiny nub of a cock, that had formerly been her clit. As the former Francine, now Frank, started to rub the tin tool it started to rapidly harden and then grow. A few moments later Frank’s now egg sized balls churned as the now 8″ sex meat began to shoot a gallon of cum all over the place. “Phew, that was intense.”, Frank boomed, as she felt the stinging of thousands of needles all over her body as new tattoos started to cover her body. The remnants of her dress whirled and reformed into a tank top and a pair of old worn out jeans. Last of all a ballcap formed on his head, finishing his redneck like appearance. “I think I will need the help of all of you.”, Frank told the three women before him, who watched his mammoth cock harden.
  17. Derek was a real fan of piercings and tattoos. As a real punk he had to be of course. He was easily recognizable as one through his hairstyle, a blue mohawk, the tunnels in his ears and his black clothes. He had decided to get another piercing, one that he had desired for a long time, a nose ring. He thought it would give him a somewhat bull like appearance. Of course tat was a false hope. At a height of 5ft6 and a weight of 90 pounds, the 26-year old skinny punk was little a bull as could be. Even his cock matched this statement. Where others his age had an average dick between their legs, skinny Derek, had an 3″ nub that could hardly satisfy his former girlfriend. Maybe that was the reason why she had cheated on him. After catching her in bed with Daniel, his best friend, the week before, they broke up. To get them out his mind, he had decided to get a new piercing. Entering the piercing studio, he was greeted by the owner. “Hey Derek. Why are you looking so glum, buddy?”, his longtime friend asked him. “Veronica hs cheated on me with my best friend.”, Derek replied. “Damn, that’s shit. I guess you want a piercing to come to other thoughts? What did you have in mind?”, the owner questioned him. “Yeah, dude, you’re right. I thought of a nose piercing, if you can do it.”, Derek replied. “Yeah sure. I have a nose ring I kept exactly for such an occasion.”, the piercer said and went into the back of his store. A few minutes later he came back with a small box, containing a silver nose ring. “Shall we get started, Derek?”, he asked with a grin. ———————————————————————————————————- Half an hour later, Derek stood up from the chair, where the owner had pierced him and stretched, his muscles twitching and his spine cracking. “Damn, that hurt.”, he said rubbing his freshly pierced nose. Colin, the owner, and he himself couldn’t help but watch the massive muscles on his arm flex. In addition Derek made his pecs dance, bouncing a little tune with his pillow pectorals. His other plate sized hand felt up the eightpack hidden underneath his shirt. The muscular legs, supporting his 6ft9 body could easily be mistaken for marble pillars and the feet that made up his base were easily size 19. “Okay, Colin, here you go.”, Derek said handing him 250 dollars, “Keep the rest.” “But I only need 100, Derek.”, Colin replied surprised by his friend’s gratitude. “Doesn’t matter, I was just paid for the last shoot.”, the male model calmed Colin, “Got more than enough at the moment. Okay, see ya.” When Derek left the shop, he suddenly got a message. “Everything set for tonight. Danielle and I can’t wait.” It was from Veronica, a girl that he had been fucking for several months now. She had organized a threesome with her best friend Danielle tonight, though it was no problem for Derek. “Shit.”, Derek boomed. He had caught sight of himself in the mirror. Stubble coated his perfect, angular jaw in just the right way. His lips looked like they were made to give a woman an orgasm just kissing her. His broad nose was now perfectly accentuated by his new piercing. His sparkling green eyes were perfectly emphasized by a pair of thick bushy eyebrows. But his joy and pride was the wavy undercut that permanently looked like he had just woken up. ———————————————————————————————————- Back in his apartment , Derek stripped his clothes off completely. It was just so much more comfortable to let his farm animal sized cock and bullnuts swing around freely. He decided to take a picture of himself and send it to Veronica. ‘Gotta get her ready for tonight.’, Derek thought, his mammoth tool getting hard at the thought.
  18. The day was finally there. Beatrice and her classmates would finally get their high school diplomas. They would get the certificate of all their hard years of working through school, leave this lame small town and conquer the world. And her future looked bright, after all she was the second best student in her year. The only student, who was smarter than her was the Chinese genius Chang Lee. She had to admit, that she was jealous of him. The little nerd came from a rich family and was captain of the chess and debate teams. Rumor had it, that he got accepted into the MIT an Harvard and even had an offer to study abroad in Oxford. “Beatrice LaDorre.”, the principal said. Finally it was her turn to get the diploma. As she stepped on the stage and looked at the audience, all she could see were happy faces. Even her mom smiled, though it looked slightly wicked. They’d had a quarrel the other day. Her mom had gotten furious after Bea had told her that she was the second best student in her year. The argument had ended with her mom yelling after her: “I will make you the best student.” Oddly enough she didn’t take photos of her own daughter, maybe she was still angry with Bea. Then she left the stage and it was time for the real star to appear. “It’s an honor to me to hand a diploma over to the best student this year, Chang Lee.”, the headmaster announced and Chang entered the stage. Surprised she saw her mother draw an odd old polaroid cam and then there was a blinding flash as she took the photo. ‘He will do just fine.’, Angela LaDorre thought, ‘But he definitely won’t be an honor student anymore.’ —————————————————————————————————- When the flash had subsided, Chang felt odd. Heavy, big and somehow at ease. When he looked down to find the origin of the feeling, all he could whisper was: ”Fuck.” He was a fucking stud. His arms were easily the size of softballs and he felt like he could effortlessly lift trucks with one hand. Unfortunately his pecs were so big, that he could not see what laid underneath. But he sensed, that the rest of his body was just as powerful and muscular as his beefy arms. All that he could see beneath his monster pecs was the prominent bulge in a pair of shiny red posers. “And here is our next participant. Nr. 476, Chang Lee.”, a voice announced and somehow Chang felt compelled to enter the stage. When he, still in awe, stepped in front of the audience he noticed that he couldn’t remember anything from his old life. He couldn’t even remember how to add up simple numbers. His head felt so empty, but it was okay. He knew that he would win this contest and then he would fuck a few twinks backstage, just like he always did.
  19. In ancient times an aztec tribe had produced 6 differrent amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the aztec tribe was wiped out by the spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. ———————————————————————————————————- John roamed the streets of his hometown, in search for a collar for his dog. Because Spike was a still a puppy, he had destroyed his previous collar while wanting playing with John. His owner had only had Spike for one month because Veronica, his ex-girlfriend, had wanted to get a pet, so their relationship would eventually be saved, but ultimately Veronica had left him last week, leaving him alone with the pup. Just as John was about to give up, he passed a pet shop. As he entered ‘Johnson’s Pets’, he was greeted by the sound of numerous animals and the sight of the obese owner. “Welcome to ‘Johnson’s Pets’, my name is Doug Johnson. How can I help you.”, he greeted the customer with bored voice, not bothering to lift his gaze from the magazine he was reading. “I’m in search for a dog collar.”, John told the owner. “Corridor 3.”, the owner said, leaving John to search for the collar alone. Though the assortment of collars was rather limited, there were only three to chose from. He picked up the middle one and was surprised by a voice. “Give me to an animal.”, the ghostly voice ordered and John felt the need to follow it’s orders. After he had paid for the leather band John headed home. ———————————————————————————————————- When he reached his flat, he was immediately greeted by the sound of Spike. The husky pup came running towards him, having waited for his master nearly an hour, John hadn’t felt the need to have someone take care of Spike, when he was only gone such a short time. “Okay Spike, come here.”, he told the dog and buckle the collar around Spike’s neck. Suddenly the collar started to glow with a cold white light, bathing the whole room in it’s shine. When the light began to subside it looked like Spike had grown, a lot. He now looked like a grown dog of about 4 years. All of a sudden Spike began to stand up form the ground. In the course of the process, Spike’s posture changed into that of a human, so now he looked like an anthropomorphic dog. Soon after this, his face began too. His muzzle receded back into his head and his whole skull cracked and creaked as it took on an overall human look. At the same time all of his beautiful white fur fell out and coated the floor with hair. Left behind was a petite, nude man, who looked, like he belonged to an native american tribe. John could only watch in horror as the former puppy began to grow in height, until he towered above his 6′ master by at least half a foot. Simultaneously the collar loosened and changed texture as it became a long chain with some pearl like things hanging on it’s owner’s unimpressive chest. Spike could only say “What the hell is happening to me” in a deep baritone as his body filled out with muscle. Strong legs, that would make him able to run faster than his old dog body, and boat like feet to support his soon gargantuan upper body. Unbeknownst to him, John hadn’t understand anything Spike had said, because he wasn’t able to understand the language of the native American tribes. As Spike’s upper body grew heavy and hard with powerful muscles he got older, so now his former 28 dog years were converted into 28 years of human life. His flat rippled and 8 blocks of muscle popped up, forming a luscious eight-pack. Spike involuntarily made his pigeon chest on which the amulet rested flexed only to unflex it again, leaving it a little bigger than before. The process repeated several times, until two hard firm pecs had replaced his flat chest. Simultaneously with his arms becoming two beautiful balls of muscle, his shoulders squared and hardened, making them more fitting for the new hunk. The white fur that Spike had lost before whirled and transformed itself into white fur briefs, bots and shoulder pads. Just when the fur was in place, a spear started to form in Spike’s hands. The former dog looked at the spear confusedly, not noticing that he was starting to vanish or John’s shocked face, as his former puppy dog disappeared into thin air. His former owner swore to himself to never tell anyone about this, since he didn’t believe what he had seen himself. ———————————————————————————————————- As he lifted his gaze from the spear, Spike found himself in a strange environment. Snow coated every tree as well as the ground and he could hear birds chirping all around him. “There you are Spike!”, an approaching, unfamiliar man exclaimed, “Great, you caught the deer. Nothing else to be expected from the best hunter in our village. Come on let’s take it home.” He grabbed onto the dead animal and began dragging i away. Out of instinct Spike decided to follow him. 15 minutes later they reached a small village, consisting of about 20 huts. All of the inhabitants gathered around the returned hunters and that’s when Spike noticed a feeling in his groin. When he looked down he could see a cock sneaking down his leg. The organ in question was as thick as a bottle and wasn’t affected by the cold atmosphere around them at all, since it was still at least a foot in length. He heard two plopping sounds and felt the new weight of two egg sized testicles between his legs. Spike tore his look away from his now gargantuan tool and looked at the villagers. He noticed that almost every woman here had was pregnant. ‘They all carry out my children.’, Spike remembered, thinking back to the regular sex sessions with each of them. Since his tribe disapproved the use of modern inventions like condoms and since Spike was extremely virile, almost every session ended with a pregnancy. As he eyed the children around the village he noticed that they all looked kind of alike ‘They are all my children.’, he thought to himself. ‘Of course they are, it’s the right of the strongest hunter to reproduce.’, he added mentally and new memories started flooding into his head. He was the best hunter the tribe had since he was 13, having been given the name Spike for his excellent hunting qualities with his trademark spear. Now at the age of 20 he had gotten even better at hunting. “Okay ladies, I brought the prey. So who is gonna be the one lucky one to be my price.”, he exclaimed, ready to claim his well deserved reward.
  20. The evening wasn’t going too well for Yasin. In hope of finding a girlfriend, he had signed up at a dating website. Of course he had used wrong data, claiming that he was a muscular tower of manliness, who worked as a professional football player. His profile picture was the face of some unknown Arabian model. The reality though looked different. He had the same weight he had stated in his profile, but it wasn’t muscle mass, it was pure fat. And though he was 6′4″, he looked much shorter, because of his build. And his face was totally unable to compare to the profile picture he had used. He had a double chin, where the model’s looked like it was carved out of marble. The model’s glass cutting jaw made him want to cry when he looked at his own practically nonexistent one in comparison. Yasin’s meek beard paled in comparison to the model’s manly forest of facial hair, and his alias’ black locks made him want to rip his own wiry, greasy hair out. So it was no surprise, when the girl looked like she wanted to puke, when she took place opposite of him. After half an hour of a miserable date, he excused himself and went to the restaurant’s restroom. He started to sob when he had entered it, hoping that nobody would hear or see him. That’s when he noted a pair of underpants lying on the rim of the sink. He curiously approached the unknown piece of clothing and as he touched it, a bright flash of light blinded Yasin. ———————————————————————————————————- When he had regained sight, Yasin saw himself in the mirror, quickly realizing that he was nude except for the blue briefs that had been lying on the sink only a second ago. It was a pathetic sight, his large belly barely contained by the skimpy blue underwear. Suddenly he felt a pulling all over his body. He watched as his gut pulled inwards and revealed a flat stomach. The event was followed by what seemed like 4 powerful punches in his midsection as each row of powerful ab muscles popped into existence. The growth spread upwards, reaching his moobs. They hardened and plumped up, creating two beautiful rounded pecs. His narrow shoulders widened and beefed up, as his lats expanded into a pair of gorgeous, almost angelic wings. The arms that were connected to his new cannonball shoulders were the next thing to transform. Though they kept their circumference. The soft fat on his arms, shifted and changed into hard muscles, his blob like arms transforming into a powerful display of manliness. ‘They are ideal for throwing and receiving wide passes.’, Yasin thought, a little surprised were this thought had come from. While his upper body had gotten muscular, his lower body hadn’t been left out either. His legs, that were previously nothing more than a gathering of fat, jiggled and started to compress, until all the fat had been changed into stonehard muscle, even making his thighs touch. ‘The are perfect for running past the opponent’s defense.’, he thought, confused by the sudden new memories that were flooding his head. He now remembered being a member of his high school’s football since freshman year and getting into college on a scholarship. He had gone professional after having graduated with a master diploma of advanced physics. He constantly got underestimated, people thinking he was an idiot because he was a great sportsman. He watched his face change in the mirror. He saw his jaw square and becoming like cut marble. His face overall began to look like the face of the model he had used in his profile. But then he witnessed as it got even more manly looking than the already beautiful model. His beard got thicker and bushier, coating his gorgeous face with thick black hair. Suddenly he felt a strange sensation in his pubic area, it was like someone was pulling at his dick and balls. He lost himself in nearly orgasmic bliss as the briefs got tighter and tighter, being stretched by a giant set of genitals. He pulled up the shorts, that had suddenly materialized on the floor. They were tight around his thighs and his cock mad an obvious bulge in the front. He headed out of the restroom again and returned to his date. “So,…Daisy, was it? Shall we go to your place?”, he asked her with his deep bedroom voice cupping his bulge and watching her stare at his bare upper body with lust in her eyes. “Sure.”, she replied, moving her thighs together, going wet at the thought of the best quarterback in the state fucking her raw.
  21. Cho had always been a skinny child. Of course he was, he was Asian after all. He was predestined to always be the one in a group who was the shortest and skinniest. And the word short was not only meant heightwise, he was as hung as a 3-year old child. But he had stopped complaining years ago. He had settled to being a bottom for the bigger guys, meaning almost everybody. Cho had given up his dream of being the top in a relationship long ago. He had tried relationships with guys and gals alike, but he always ended being either the bottom or being left. Still he had decided to go clubbing tonight. After an intense night of dancing, flirting and drinking, he went home with a black behemoth named James. The 7′ giant spent all night thrusting his black jackhammer of a cock into Cho’s big Asian ass. After James had emptied his bullnuts into Cho’s tight hole for the 5th time the tiny Asian passed out from the pure orgasmic bliss. The next morning Cho woke with his raw ass still in the air, the black stallion lying asleep next to him. He gathered all his clothes that were scattered throughout the room and made his leave. Though after he had closed the door behind him, Cho noticed that he had left his glasses on James’ dresser. “Damn!”, Cho, exclaimed with his high pitched voice. He didn’t really need to wear them all the time, but still it was infuriating that he had forgotten them. His work as a programmer was a struggle without his glasses. Since he was farsighted he couldn’t really see what he was typing. He decided to pack up earlier this day and pay his optician a visit. As he approached the shop at main street, he noticed a sign: “Currently on vacation. Will probably be back on 17th” “The 17th? That’s still one week from now!”, Cho squeaked angrily. He decided to head home using a small alley as a shortcut. That’s when he noticed a shop on the left of the alley. The store window displayed a few pairs of glasses and since he needed one desperately he decided to enter the store. He was greeted by a whistle and several air balloons. “Congratulations! You are our 1000th customer!”, a croaky voiced old man exclaimed, revealing a banner who read exactly the same thing. “Your price is a free pair of glasses”, the old man added in a far more normal tone. “Let me have a look at you.”, he asked Cho, eyeing from head to toe, “Ah, yes you are farsighted and need 2,0 dpt on both eyes. I think you’ll like this model. But please don’t try it on here, I unfortunately don’t have any mirrors.”, he said handing Cho a fitting pair of glasses. A little startled Cho left the shop again. He decided to have a look at the glasses through the reflection on the store window. “Here goes nothing”, Cho said with his high pitched voice and pu the glasses on. ———————————————————————————————————- “Looking awesome.”, Cho commented, eyeing the new glasses on his angular face. As he watched himself in the reflection he couldn’t help but letting his calloused plate sized hands over his square jaw, feeling the stubble under his fingers. “Shit, I’ve only shaved an hour ago. By the way were was I going?”, he asked himself. ‘Oh yeah, I was on my way to meet James.’, he remembered. The little black twink had called him to arrange a ‘meeting’, an invitation on a coffee that would definitely end up with sex again. He could just tell him so, but little James was just to shy. He had just never had sex with an Asian before. All Asians were just plan sex beasts and most of them were cool with fucking a twink’s ass. Of course they were, Asian bullnuts and monstercocks needed to be constantly pumped dry, no matter the method. Cho was no exception. Like many other Asians Cho hadn’t finished high school and spend his entire free time partying, working out and most of all fucking. As he reached the small cafe James had chosen, he already saw the black twink waiting for him. “Hello Cho. I have already ordered you a coffee”, James greeted him with his soft, effeminate voice, shoving a cup of iced coffee across the table. “Yeah thank you. So do you want to fuck now? I still gotta make two movies today.” came the straightforward reply of Cho, who was checking out his phone. He already had several messages from several guys and girl, all more than willing to become an orifice for Cho’s cock. James had been totally entranced by the twitching of Cho’s muscles and the pumping of his veins. “Yeah sure.”, James said, standing up and making his way towards the hotel across the street. Thirty minutes later James found himself on all fours as Cho jackhammered his cock up his ass. He could only moan as the 7′3″ 320lbs Asian bull was gripping James’ hips tightly as he shot his first load up the black boy’s hole. While James had already shot numerous loads it was the first for Cho. “Don’t you dare passing out yet, I still have a few ones left.”, he whispered into the almost unconscious twink’s ear. ———————————————————————————————————- Another hour later Cho left the room and made his way to the movie set. He was scheduled to make two porns today. “Ben Whore”, was featuring him fucking his way through numerous girls in an ancient setting. He didn’t know the name of the second movie, but it was centered around him dominating numerous twinks and amateur bodybuilders and fuck their asses until they were raw. He got scheduled for porn movies on a regular basis. After all ‘Cho, the Japanese Bull’ was the most famous and best paid porn star in the world.
  22. Jeff pulled his car in the driveway. His 7′ frame was still pumped from the intense workout he just had. He entered the house to find a package on the kitchen counter. His housemaid must have accepted it. Though the packet had no return adress, it was clearly adressed at him. “What the fuck? I didn’t order anything!”, Jeff boomed, his powerful bass echoing through the house. Deciding to let his curiosity win, Jeff opened the package. It turned out that it contained lots of styrofoam and interesstingly a pair of bright blue posers. “What is this?”, Jeff wondered, tousling his curly blond hair. ‘Maybe it is a fan present’, Jeff thought to himself. He made quite an impact at his last bodybuilding contest. ‘Hehe, no surprise I took the trophy home.’ “I should try them on, maybe I can wear them at my next show.” Without hesitation he stripped in the middle of the kitchen and tried the posers on. ‘They emphasize my horsecock and bull nuts pretty well’, Jeff thought, checking himself out in the hallway mirror. Then he realized, that the bulge seemed to shrink. “What the fuck is that.”, in horror he noticed that his voice wasn’t the usual rolling thunder, but rather the voice of a total pipsqueak. Jeff tried to pull the posers off but he just couldn’t. As much as he tried, he just couldn’t move them. That’s when he saw his muscles shrinking and the hallway grow. He could not even scream, being far too shocked to do so. Just 30 seconds after horsehung, 7′, 300 pound, 35 year old pro bodybuilder Jeff had put on the blue posers in his kitchen the briefs disappeared from his body leaving 5′5″, 90lbs, 19 year old twink Jeff and his hamster dick behind in the hallway. —————————————————————————————————- Drew’s day had been horrible. The members of his college’s football team had picked on him again. Not that this was a new thing to mention. He had been their playball since he started his studies and now being an employee of the physics departement didn’t change a thing. After all he always was on the skinny side. And him standing at the size of 5′7″ wasn’t a help. Admittedly he did have sex. He was regularly clubbing and most of the time ended up bottoming for someone bigger, which was pretty much everybody. Entering his apartement Drew found a package on ground. He unpacked it, wondering who had send it to him. He had neither parents nor friends and he didn’t remember ordering anything. Inside the box was a pair of blue posers. “I bet the footballer players send me this”, Drew said to himself, “They want to mock me again.” Enraged Drew was about to throw the posers into the trash can. But then he felt the urge to put them on. He didn’t know why, but he just needed to wear them. Removing his clothes he went to the bedroom and watched himself in the mirror. In addition to his small stature and general skinniness., his dick was not more than a shrunken peanut. Pulling up the posers he felt just at ease, as if everything was were it was supposed to be. Watching himself in the mirrorr he just had to laugh. It was just to comical, watching his skeleton figure wear the oversized poseres with the far too big pouch. That’s when he noticed, that the pouch wasn’t big, It was tight, and getting tighter. Far too distracted by the sensation of his stuffed crotch, Drew didn’t notice even notice, that he was getting taller, growing froma mere 5′7″ to a towering 7′2″. “Fuck!”, the for now giant beanpole shouted. But his voice wasn’t squeaky anymore. It was more like a foghorn. “What the hell!” Drew gripped his throat, surprised by his now deeper voice. That’s when Drew noticed, that the hands gripping his throat were getting bigger. “What’s happening?” As he held his plate sized hands in front of him, he looked down and saw his feet were growing too. His former size 7 shoes wouldn’t fit him anymore, size 21 would be more adequate now. He looked at himself in the mirror and witnessed his whole body expanding and getting heavy with muscle. It looked like he was getting pumped full of air. But the flesh wasn’t soft, it was hard as steel. He flexed them, perplexed by the feeling of his big muuscles. “Fuck yeah!”, he bellowed. The only thing that didn’t fit his new image now was his face. It was like a child’s compared to his new masculine body. But that was about to change too. Drew suddenly felt his face twitch and convulse, watching it change in the mirror. The result was an uber-masculine face, that still had the charm of a pretty boy’s. The last thing to change was his hair. His unruly brown hair grew into a sexy undercut with some streaks falling in his face. Then his jaw began to itch and a manly brown beard began to grow. That’s when his mind began to change too. His knowledge of major physics changing into knowledge of nutrition, dieting and workout routines. So about 5 minutes after 5′7″, 90lbs physics assistant Drew had put on the posers, horsehung, 7′2″, 315lbs fitness model and personal trainer Drew went out, searching for an ass to fuck.
  23. Kyle was a nerd. This might sound harsh, but it was the truth. He was extremely intelligent, but he was only 5′5″ and 100lbs soaking wet and had a dick that was more fit for a gerbil. The only thing that was unnerdy about Kyle was that he didn’t wear glasses. Though he had made lots of money by selling a software to Microsoft in his early twenties. Now at the age of 29 Kyle had a giant house, a nice car and even his own private jet. Yet he was still a virgin, having spent his entire youth on programming his app. Kyle was just too shy to get anyone to sleep with him. Despite being straight Kyle would even take a cock up his ass to lose his hated virginity. One day, Kyle wandered through his neighbourhood and saw an old woman trying to cross the street. Being the kind soul he was, Kyle approached the granny offering to help her. 2 minutes later the task was completed and the old woman turned at Kyle. “Oh, thank you, boy”, she said with croaky voice, “Here take this, as sign of my gratitude. It will help you getting a new view of live and solving your problem, though it comes for a price.” She stressed the last word with a smirk, which made Kyle feel kind of uneasy, as she handed him a pair of nerd glasses. Despite being a little hurt by the ‘boy’ he took them and started to make his way home. Curious of what the lady meant he turned around to ask her, but all that he could see was the street and a stray dog, looking at him with curious eyes. Kyle went home, thinking about what might have happened to the old woman. Having reached his house, Kyle realized, that he still held the mysterious glasses in his hand. “They might look funny if I wear them.”, he said with his squeaky voice to nobody special, since he was alone in his house. He decided to go outside to get better light for his photo and laid down on a deck chair near his pool. ‘Here goes nothing…’, Kyle thought to himself, as he put on the strange glasses. Suddenly the world around him blurred and went black. —————————————————————————————————- “Whew, that was intense!”, Kyle boomed. He gave his still leaking 12″ monstercock a final rub and packed it in his black briefs. “You okay, bitch?”, he asked the blond bombshell, whose head had been thrown back by the intensity of his load. She only moaned half-concious, but with a smile on her face. Before standing up, he took a photo of his glistening, beautifully muscled torso. Instantly Kyle posted it on the various social media profiles of ‘Monstercock-Kyle, the Porn-King’, as he was called now . “Yeah, huhuh”, he amused himself over the thousands of reblogs within several seconds. Though the former genius programmer would now never use such big words as ‘amuse’, he would think of it as ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’, but not as ‘amusing’. He was far too dumb for this now. Though he had now an incredibly muscled body, a giant cock and an incredible sex life, his IQ was at a mere 75, barely sufficient for fucking, working out and partying. But Kyle didn’t care, he just took the nearest of the 25 nude chicks lingering at the pool and started rubbing her already dripping pussy, while whispering in her ear “Wanna fuck?”, already knowing the answer.
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