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  1. Work had shifted me over to working until late at night so I've had to start working out late at night. I am usually one of the only people there but recently a guy who I remember seeing there during the day is working out when I do; thing is he has grown fucking massive! He has had to of doubled in size since I last saw him some weeks prior. My first thought, asides from envy and lust, was "Oh Lord, here we go again". Rumors had started that the gym owner will make some patrons into his...pet projects if you will, these guys would somehow blow up size and eventually just disappear. No one knew what the hell happened or where they went but we were willing to bet that the owner has a connection with a certain supplement company that has been making waves in the market with products that worked wonders, a little too well at that. I came into the gym one night to start up one hell of a back workout (gotta hit that new deadlift PR right?) when who do I see but the man in action at the leg press! There he is wearing nothing more than a wife beater, tights, and a pair of those Otomix shoes the pros and power lifters wear. I'm transfixed staring at him pressing a max loaded sled grunting as his spandex-clad legs piston through the motion while he grunts with each rep. Once I saw what he had between his legs fighting for space in a way that can only be described as grotesque I tripped over my own feet. With one last grunt he finished his set and looked at me on the ground blushing in embarrassment as I tried, and failed, to pretend nothing happened. Swiftly I got up and went to the other side of the gym to start doing some pull ups making sure not to meet his gaze the whole time. As I continued my workout I could hear his rhythmic grunting and heavy foot falls as he came went from exercise to exercise. I was in the corner of the gym resting between deadlift sets when he took the squat rack right next to me racking up hundred pound plat after hundred pound plate. After I stopped gawking I noticed he put the exact weight I was deadlifting onto the bar, I looked at his reflection in the mirror and met his gaze when he started his set. He did 20 reps with perfect form and no signs of effort as he didn't break eye contact the entire set. My new personal best of a single deadlift at 600lbs felt like I may as well have lifted a tenth of that. I couldn't help myself as a nice sized tent sprouted in my shorts which he noticed and gave me a smirk before doing another set of 20 reps. I took my time to calm down and resume my workout doing my best to ignore him as he kept squatting and adding yet more plates with little more exertion every set. He soon had the bar maxed out with hundred pound plates and seemed to be either waiting for something or possibly taking a break before resumed. I sat down on a nearby bench to rest briefly after putting my weights away when he quickly took his spot back and resumed squatting. I had a front row seat to watch as he slowly and easily squatted down nearly till his ass touched the ground and stood up grunting under the exertion and displaying his prowess. His ass looked two basketballs cut in half stuffed into blue spandex, balls bigger than any NBA player could hope to hold without two hands cupping their massiveness. As he squatted down I got so hard that I couldn't tell what had more blood in it, my entire body after a grueling deadlift personal record or my dick. He did a full ten reps with a familiarity like meeting a lifelong friend before he reracked the weights with a very loud and echoing thud, further driving home how empty the gym was with only the two of us there. He turned around and sauntered/waddled toward my slack jawed self. His legs were so pumped they looked like a chart of the human circulatory system through his leggings; but what drew my attention the most was the mass at eye level that was not dissimilar to a fruit arrangement with two grapefruits and a thick bottle gourd but with angry thick veins everywhere. As it throbbed and pulsed with a large wet spot forming on the tip I heard him speak for the first time tonight. "Hey, my eyes are up here mate.” he said with a voice as deep and gravely as a mountain slide, "Can you do me a favor bud and rerack my weights? I got something I need to take care of as you can see." He chuckled to himself as he gave his dick a squeeze eliciting a groan from the both of us and made the wet spot on his spandex expand further. I nodded as he put a very heavy and calloused hand on my shoulder. "Thanks a lot man, nice work on the deadlifts bud." He took his hand off my shoulder to close my mouth which I hadn't noticed was still open as I stared in disbelief. He winked at me as he waddled away. I felt like I was about to cum then and there as he slowly made his way to the locker room taking enough time to make sure he had my undivided attention. I awkwardly stood up as my dick was so hard it hurt now and put his weights away. I just couldn't help myself to do what he asked and someone has to do it right? I spent the next few minutes stretching with my erection refusing to get less hard before I headed to the locker room as well. I was debating if he was coming onto me, toying with me, or just got off on showing his power when I heard the telltale wet noises of flesh on flesh and a very deep grunting coming from the stalls. I cautiously made my way towards the restroom trying my damnedest to not make my presence known when he started to moan loader. As I rounded the corner I could see his shoes in the stall closest to the door as he let out one last booming grunt. It took me a second to realize what happened as he came until I looked towards the ceiling; with an extremely percussive thwack he was hitting the ceiling tiles with such force to push them upwards. After what felt like a good two minutes his orgasm finally died down as he went from hitting the new hole in the ceiling, to over the stall door with a perfect arc to the mirror across the room, until finally it was contained in his stall. As my head was swimming in the miasma of his musk and the unadulterated rank smell of pure sex he let out a loud FUCK! His feet were shifting and I noticed that strips of cloth were falling down to the ground, it took me a second to make the connection it was the remains of his wife beater. He continued to curse to himself with each word being muttered in a deeper voice while he stood up and, what I can only assume to be, struggled to pull his tights back up. I quietly slipped outside of the locker room before he could notice and waited until I heard his stall door to open before reentering, pretending I hadn't heard or seen anything. I went to my locker to rifle through my belongings as I built up the courage to say something, anything to him. As I was feigning interest at my gym bag I heard an extremely loud thunk coming from the weight scale, I turned around to see that he set it to max weight but with only one leg and part of his body weight had exceeded the limits of the now meager scale. After this sunk in I finally took notice of him. He had grown, substantially, to the point that he far eclipsed the man who I saw in the gym earlier. His shoulders had grown so wide that even a set of double doors would soon give him issues. His thick neck had lost the lost not only the battle but the war to his encroaching traps that were now threatening to swallow his head. His back could rival the moon in its ability to eclipse the sun, thick enough that his arms were forced up further into the air. His arms, even at rest, were much thicker than either of our heads. Miraculously his leggings had somehow managed to not explode off of his legs that were now so massive he had to change his stance like he was straddling a Clydesdale stallion, and yet his calves were still grazing each other as he stood up straight. What both impressed and terrified me the most was that despite his immensity I could clearly see, with him standing the other direction, a few inches of his dick that was threatening to rip upwards through his leggings that are absolutely struggling to keep the monster caged. He finally took notice of my meager presence, meager only while compared to him as otherwise my 6' 260lb frame would by no means be deigned as such. "Jeff right?" He inquired in a voice like the oncoming of a storm. "Yes actually, though I never got your name" I responded with my voice cracking in a combination of fear, lust, and awe. "I'm Ian." He replied with a hungry tone, "Would you mind helping me scrub my back in the shower? I seem to be having issues reaching it at the moment." He chuckled at his joke as he finally turned away from the weight scale he had been staring down. I couldn't help but gasp as I saw him from the front after his recent changes. A chest so thick that light could not escape its crevices; his nipples were nearly forced into hiding as they pointed down towards the ground and his abs which looked like a vest network of deep canyons with 10 peaks. His ass was so thick that not even his quads could hide it as you could see the curves of it from his front. To top it all off was a bulge in the front nearing the size of a medium pumpkin holding his angry, veiny, throbbing nuts. His dick, which at this point was both longer and thicker than my own heavily worked forearms, was steadily dripping precum through his straining tights. I have to admit I'm it proud of it, though I dare you to do better in my situation, but I came right then and there. I had always been the bigger man in my relationships, I was rarely outsized in my day to day interactions, but to come face to face with so much...man was too much for me. A man who, with a conservative estimate, was well over twice my size yet only an inch or two taller released a flood gate from within me that seemed like it wouldn't stop nor did I want it to either. He waddled over to me and put hands that could easily envelop my thick shoulders to support me. "Whoa there Jeff, I take it you like what you see eh?" He said while laughing. My dick gave an appreciative spurt as my orgasm started to end. "Guess you need a shower too now don't you bud?" He chortled. I numbly nodded my head while drinking in how close I was to this demigod. As he kicked off his shoes he instructed me to go ahead and strip then head towards the shower with him. He waddled away slowly taking every step deliberately while flexing his legs and ass as I took off my sweaty cum drenched clothing as if my life depended on it. I caught up with Ian in the room before the showers which had a large mirror and counter spanning the length of the wall. Ian was performing pose after pose with a combination of both worry and pride. While still looking into the mirror he met my gaze mid side bicep pose. "Fuck Jeff that is a nice piece you have their man! Though, not quite nice as mine heh". I couldn't help but blush; imagine a stud like me reduced to blushing like a school girl, as I flexed my 10" dick at him with my golf ball sized testicles bouncing. "Well Ian we can't all be freaks like you can we? What the fuck are you on that is making you grow like this and where the fuck can I get some?" "Never mind that Jeff, have any critiques on my posing stud?" He transition to a most muscular as he said this. A pose had never before lived up to its name until right then. He waddled over to me and flexed his arm which as pumped as it was had to be nearly twice as the size of his head now. "Or would you rather just feel it?" I gulped and slowly put my hand on the fire hot, harder than diamond bicep and came all over his leggings and stomach. Ian started laughing as he stopped flexing his arm, his dick now drooling a steady amount of pre through his tights, and swapped back to a most muscular. All the veins on his body were in stark relief as his head was being consumed by his chest and shoulders mid flex. "You do know you're going to have to clean that up right?" He said as he stopped flexing and stood up straight. I finally ended my second orgasm within a few minutes of each other as he stared into my soul. He started bouncing his pecs which at the point was akin to a devastating earthquake with his mass. I reached out and placed my hand firmly on his chest as he was doing this. Ian's dick throbbed and let loose another salvo of pre as he kept bouncing his chest with my hand firmly on it. I slowly brought my hand down his chest committing every part of it to memory for future alone time material. I got near his nipple and gave it a nice hard squeeze not realizing what hell would break loose. Simultaneously a few things happened. 1) Ian's eyes bugged out as he let out a combination yell/moan. 2) His knees started to buckle as he leaned forward putting enough weight on me for support that it made me worry that my own strength was being put to the ultimate test. 3) His dick throbbed torturously as he came with such force that despite his leggings it rebounded onto my legs from the wall a few feet away from us to the point it stung. 4) As he was thrusting his hips like a man in a seizure he grew, God did he grow. Ian bellowed out a very drawn out and angry FUCK as he curled his toes as if he was trying to claw into the earth. While mumbling/moaning incoherently he drew me into a bear hug to support his still thrusting and cumming self. He was radiating heat to the point I worried I was going to be burned as he inexplicably ab fucked my dick with his thrusts. I couldn't breath and when I could all I drew in was more of his heady musk. I joined him in my third orgasm in less than twenty minutes making an even worse mess over his stomach. After what felt like a sweaty crushing eternity he finally dropped me to the ground. I looked up but could only see his immense bulge and chest, his face long hidden by the two. "God fucking damn it!" He roared as he awkwardly waddled to the mirror. I stood up as he was examined himself with a mixture of expletives and curses at me and his luck. His arms were nearly locked into place at a 70° angle, each nearly as thick as my chest. Ian grunted in pain as he vainly grabbed towards his tights that somehow had still not burst off of his indescribable bulk, I really need to write a glowing review for the company that made them. I noticed his source of discomfort; his tights were now past skin tight and were digging deep into his rock hard flesh. Through a hole which had torn open on the back side I not only found out he chose to go commando tonight but got a full on view of his shaved hole. I stepped closer to Ian as he awkwardly tried to maneuver his bulk to a point where he could grab his tights and either take or rip them off. Defying logic he somehow gained purchase while awkwardly bending down as much as his body would now allow. As he got his leggings down to his knees he thrust backward with enough force to impale himself half way onto my 10" dick much to my delight and his horror. "JEFF WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?!" Ian screamed as he instinctively both clenched and stood up with enough force to bring me with him. With me still half way into his medicine ball sized cheeks Ian struggled to reach me but his new bulk interfered with his every movement. "Jeff get the fuck out of-" I couldn't help myself as I buried myself to the hilt. Ian let out a deep and angry moan as I started to thrust. "Jeff you mother fucker, when I get my hands onto you I'll show you how a real man does it you bitch!" I responded by pulling out to the tip of my head and slamming down to my bush as hard as I could, repeatedly. Though I couldn't see it, Ian's eyes rolled back up into his head as he bent forward trying to get support on the counter despite himself. As I kept deep dicking the big bitch I heard the telltale heavy sound of flesh hitting flesh as his massive dick was forcibly hitting the middle of his chest in rhythm to my thrusts. I couldn't see Ian's face, or anything in asides from his back for that matter due to it taking up my entire field of vision, but I could imagine what his sweaty face looked like as he became the bottom I fucking was making him. Eventually I no longer heard the sound of his dick bouncing off his chest but heard a gulping noise as Ian started to suck his down his own cock. Apparently he was too much man even for himself as I heard him gag every time I thrust forward and drove his dick further down his throat. Ian soon started to clench his massive ass and flexed it as hard as he could which I can only assume meant he was close to cumming, but then again so was I. Even with all of his strength he wasn't able to stop me completely as I redoubled my efforts on him. Soon I heard Ian swallowing as he started to grunt in worry and confusion as he came down his throat which began his next round of growth. His rhythmic clenching and vice like grip spurned me into cumming as well as keeping me inside him despite his wishes. Ian was forced to stand up as his arms were raised to parallel of the ground by his ballooning chest and widening back. His head was locked into place by his shoulders and chest as his dick kept up with his growing muscle at a neck break speed. Ian could see each volley travel up the multiple feet of his dick which was quite firmly stuck in his mouth. He was forced to swallow more and more as his balls tensed up and then expanded lower with each blast. Ian attempted to turn around and dislodge both me from his rear and his own convulsing dick from his mouth but was immediately tripped by his tights still wrapped around his knees. We both fell to the ground with a noise that echoed through the entire building, I was violently driven forward until I was fully impaling Ian's still bucking ass. I put my hands on his back, the only thing I could reach now to stabilize myself, as I emptied my soul into his innards. The fall finally dislodged Ian's angry dick from his mouth which continued to expel everything it had into the next room. I soon stopped my fourth outburst of the night and slowly disentangled myself from Ian. He was still cumming and growing but was finally tapering off as I stood up. I saw the mess I made leaking out of his cavernous ass crack onto his legs which were now thick enough that the only space between them was a small area where the knees met. Ian was still humping, as well as he could in his situation, with his tights now around his ankles just above his kicking socked feet. (I REALLY need to invest in a pair of those). I made my way to his front relishing every second of his size and the afterglow of the best sex I'm sure either of us have ever had. As I finally got to his head he let out one last volley a good foot out of his dick and slowly stopped growing. Ian was now so large that every limb was locked in stasis. He wasn't going to be leaving the building let alone moving without a great deal of assistance now. I can only guess that his drinking his own cum made the growth affect him so much more this time. I grabbed Ian's head by his hair at least as much as his neck and traps would allow me to. His cum covered face was barely coherent after his ordeal. I bent down and gave him a deep kiss before licking off all the cum left over from his face. A few seconds later my dick let out my fifth, and most massive, orgasm of the night all over Ian's head as I gained approximately 10lbs of muscle and 2" to my jumping cock. As I came off my growth high (God and that's only a fraction of what he felt and gained!) I asked Ian a few questions. Who was your supplier and who do you want me to get to help you? Both answers were Mike the gym owner, just like I thought. Do you have any more left? His locker was his response; I looked over into the lock room with the only door open asides from mine which had his gym bag poking out of it. With a smile I dropped his head which slumped back down onto his still hard and leaking dick. I made my way over to his locker and found both his cell phone and the mystery supplement. As I read the instructions, to avoid becoming just like Ian, I texted Mike from Ian's cell phone. I gave myself my first dose of the supplement, and new life, and felt even more exhilarated and energetic. I'm going to go do one hell of a fucking work out until Mike shows up at opening in a few hours, but for now I think Ian is ready for round two. I know I fucking am.
  2. Greetings and thank you for reading my story. This year I was inspired by the Netflix series "Altered Carbon" - however, don't fret if you haven't seen it, I've still crafted a narrative with the aim that non-viewers will enjoy too. That said... on with the muscle! Enhanced Carbon “Archive complete. Stack seven-nine-nine-zero-four-two confirmed. Download confirmed. Ready for new archive. Waiting…” Softly lilting the mechanized computer voice burbled from the workstation speakers, over the sound of slurping from a cup of triple café cortado, held in Vicente’s shaking hand. Too much caffeine for this sleeve… dios mío… but just a few more hours… He put the cup down and wiped his brow with the back of his hand, the terminal screen reflecting in his eyeglasses in the otherwise darkened room. All the other technicians had punched out, but here he was on the night shift, doing double time. He lined up the next stack, a silvery, curved disc with bee-cell like filigree spreading out across its surface. A faint glow within added to the dim light as he placed it in the receptacle for download. His well worn fingers typing in the name and archive destination. “Stack received. Confirm identity…” Vicente’s fingers danced across the keyboard, even as he suppressed a yawn despite the overdose. Having to remind himself why he was pushing himself so hard and staying so late. Remember the plan hombre. Push yourself; burn this sleeve out, so you can use the credits for a better one next time… just one more year should be enough… who needs sleep anyway… He shook his head, clearing his blurry vision, looking down at the form the stack had arrived with. Gonzalez. The corner of his mouth twitched to a smile as he input the name from the form into the computer. I knew a Gonzales when I was at school… never the same once he was resleeved into that chick tho… He chuckled to himself, then sighed, looking at the pile of stacks to his left. “Archive complete. Stack eight-four-three-one-zero-four-zero confirmed. Transfer confirmed…” Only another few hundred stacks to get through tonight. He could do this… a better sleeve awaited… He yawned again, the memory of Gonzales already gone from his mind. * * * Jose opened his eyes, jolting, like he was waking up from a bad dream. Blinking a few times, he sought to clear his vision, the sensation akin to feeling like a thin layer of film was slowly being pulled away from virgin eyes. He knew immediately he wasn’t in virtual - that simulated reality space his consciousness would occupy between sleeves. This was the real deal. Reality, a new life, a new body. The room was stark white; wonderful pristine walls and ceiling entering his vision first. He felt that he was on a comfortable chair, noticed the wires at his temple for the download into this sleeve. This sleeve. Even as he took his first breaths, he felt something was… very different. Very unexpected. The weight on his chest, just the physical, indomitable act of breathing produced a sensation of heaviness… girth. At first he thought it was the sleeve-sickness that he’d been told to expect. This was his first resleeving, after all. But as he stirred into life, settling into his new skin, he found that this was no sickness, no sickness at all. A cry escaped his lips - an unfamiliar voice - expressing surprise. Mixed with… delight. And just for a moment, he thought perhaps he was in virtual, for this sleeve was so far beyond his expectations, so far into the realm of fantasy, that it was like something from a dream. The first sight bulging into his vision was his chest; enormous, slab-like, juicy pectoral masses that seemed to swell before his eyes with his very sharp intake of breath. Almost involuntarily he twitched, causing a massive tectonic shift of a flex across them, fibres rippling. He couldn’t help but take them in - so large they took up nearly the entirety of what he could see. Sight failing him in comprehension, his hands instinctively went up to explore, and magnetically they went straight to two dollar-sized, thick nipples which were most definitely pointing down by the burden of mass they sat upon. Movement of arms caused his next glance to travel to his limbs, another audible gasp escaping his lips - bicep so huge it was like someone had stuffed a bowling-ball under his skin, vascular with veins and corded more like serpents feeding the muscle than anything else. His forearms bloomed as juicy ham-like structures, rippling, demanding attention all to themselves. He couldn’t quite see his triceps, but he certainly could feel them as they vied for space with his lat muscles - he could feel them there, swelling out like a manta-ray’s wingspan, itching to be fully unfurled. Like a child at Christmas - certainly an overgrown child indeed - he swung his legs over the side of the reclined chair that was supporting him, noticing how there was a mirror on the opposite wall. He needed to see more. So much more. As he approached the mirror - waddled - feeling so much sensation and weight with every thudding step - he drank in his lower body. Those weren’t quads - they were tree-trunks, they were pillars, carved in muscular relief. He could see the different muscle heads shifting and flexing with his walk - to say nothing of his calves, which were engorged to the point where he was sure they would touch long before he could ever think of bringing his feet together. In the reflection too he was able to appreciate his abdominal wall, which had until now been obscured to him. Not an ounce of fat - the waist an incredible proportion in width compared to his upper-body. He truly had an unbelievable X shape. His whole body appeared to be slightly tanned, covered in a light trail of coffee-black fuzz which thickened at his chest, and indeed he had a masculine groomed beard sitting atop his stunningly-angled jawline, piercing blue eyes like a polar bear’s must be, as he looked deep into the reflection of the new superman he had been poured into. Now flexing in earnest, speaking aloud his first words “Fucking… incredible…” he turned to try and see his back and how defined the rest was, even his glutes sticking out with so much muscle he would forever be raised several inches into the air by their mass whenever he sat. It was at this point he swallowed hard, noting that within the purple posing trunks they - The designers? - had slipped him into for modesty, lay a behemoth of a cock, surely bigger soft than he’d ever seen a natural man when hard, with testicles to match, roughly the size of oranges. Just drawing his attention to this monster seemed to stir it awake, he could feel the twitch and slight strain of fabric as it started to fill in the first flushes of excitement - just as the door to the room slid open with a proud, jarring woosh. “Ah - Mr. Gonzales. You’re already up. That was quick...” He froze, like a deer in headlights, wondering just what he’d gotten himself into, and what kind of terrible, yet wonderful mistake had been made. * * * “It’s just like going to sleep, honestly honey,” the young, petite asian girl on the screen said, smiling and wiping sweat from her forehead, hands stained with grease. “You don’t even know time has passed. I promise it won’t be too long,” she gave a thin, reassuring smile. “Thanks mother… I know…” he croaked, hand covering his mouth, fighting the urge to cough. The bald hispanic man slumped in the back of the air taxi grimaced as they passed through cloud, hitting a little turbulence. Not long to go now. “It’s just, you know, they say the first desleeving is the worst. Even if it is voluntary…” The woman nodded in sympathy. “They said that to me too chiquito… but honestly, no drama…” He went to reply, but ended up breaking into a fierce, back-breaking coughing again. The woman on the screen frowned. “You’ve gotten worse. Getting this done just in time. You waited too long…” Through burning tears, he steadied himself after the attack. “I didn’t want to burden you mama…” He finally croaked. “No burden. I’m making enough credits here… that’s why I wanted to call! They’ve increased my pay… I should have enough for your new sleeve in only ten years my love, not fifteen.” He smiled, and brushed the smooth surface of his head, still expecting there to be foliage there. Only the latest thing his Ascraeusian Cancer had wrought upon his sleeve, and it wouldn’t be the last. The skin he touched was raw and angry, dermis dry and flaking. He looked, and felt, a mess. “Wonderful… I shouldn’t miss as much as I thought, then…” Another jolt, and his air-cab passed through the final layer of cloud. Bright blue lights in the night sky sprang up before him, and as they made their way to the landing-pad he saw the words Indigo Private Sleevecare shining into the dark. He mouthed a silent Spanish prayer, and turned his attention back to the screen. “OK mother. We’re here. I love you…I’ll… see you soon, I guess.” “Like going to sleep, chiquito,” she repeated again. “I’ll be there when you wake up. Love you, Jose.” * * * The hulk in the cabin took in a sharp intake of breath. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest, he thought it might have been visible were it not buried beneath inches upon inches of steel-hard muscle, even then stretching the grey tank-top to it’s limit. Jose Gonzalez was going home - not his home - but the home of the person whose lewdly-swollen sleeve he was now wearing. And that person was, it seemed, a fucking Meth - the richest of the rich - and he was about to pass himself off as belonging to a world he’d only ever dreamed of, never seen. All 520 pounds of him tensed in anticipation as through the glass of the sleek black sky-limousine, the shining silver tower of his abode in the clouds came into view, guiding lights bringing them in. Thoughts of abandoning his deception came, but were fleeting. Throughout the journey he couldn’t help but feel himself up; the thirty-inch biceps bulging, the slightest movement of his neck meeting meat as his traps reminded him of his flesh. An intoxicating spell - which is why, when he’d met the resleeving doctor, he’d kept his mouth shut, understanding what had happened. It was just supposed to be a standard desleeve; his illness so virulent, disposing of the body was cheaper than cure. He couldn’t afford a new sleeve right away but he could afford secure storage for his stack at Indigo - one of the best on the continent. He knew it was good, because he knew Meths also used their services for customised, 3D printed sleeve alterations. Not cheap… the sleeve he was wearing was, he found out, absolutely bespoke, and would have cost a dozen lifetimes for someone like him to procure. And it was just to his tastes… his every fantasy. Whatever mixup had occurred, he was compelled to ride it out as long as possible. The doctor had checked him over - apparently this sleeve was the first to be created at this sheer immensity, and some tests were necessary. “A wonderful starting size,” the physician had purred, a clean-shaven, green-eyed and French-sounding man in a white lab coat. He definitely seemed to take pride in his handiwork. He was cute, too. “S… starting size?” Jose had rumbled, one of the few times he’d dared speak for fear of giving the game away. Nodding and grunting had seemed to get him through plenty, which was apparently what everyone expected from whomever his sleeve had been intended for. “That’s right padre. Don’t forget, this sleeve is all loaded up with my patented Myostatin-Inhibited coding. I look forward to seeing how things look next time you visit.” He’d given the watermelon-sized bicep a squeeze, which caused Jose to instinctively pull back. “Aw… saving it for Lars then… I understand…” came the playful admonition. Lars… my partner? The whole journey from the facility, after he’d been discharged into the waiting vehicle, his mind was fixated upon wondering about that significant other. Okay… if I’m really doing this… if… if I really mean to keep this body… it’s them I’m going to have to convince… god, this is crazy! A hangar-doorway in the side of the sleek metallic tower yawned open, and swallowed them up. The bright light of the sun was replaced by a diffuse, welcoming light from artificial panels overhead. He realised, as he rolled his massive thighs around each other to exit the vehicle, that the limo must have been specially modified in order to convey his now-superflous bulk. No expense spared indeed. Barely getting time to mumble his thanks to the driver, who was closing the door behind him, than a squeal of delight penetrated his hearing, ricocheting off the hangar walls. “Aaaah! Baby… you did it! Oh my god…” From an open iris-shaped doorway, an expansive plush-red hallway behind him, a scantily-clad, twinkish, blonde figure was charging towards him, down a short flight of stairs into the hangar-bay. He was wearing nothing but a silken cherryblossom-patterned robe, which was flapping open and trailing in his wake and across his rakish arms, exposing his lean, but muscular torso, bright-red jockstrap and flip-flops completing the ensemble. His face was high-boned, elegant, and there was the hint of queenish makeup around his eyes. It matched the brightly-painted long nails he wore, which was the very last detail Jose was able to take in before he found that self-same person flung against him, kissing his face (and pectorals) with longing passion. “Oh baby baby… I missed you… oh wow… fuck… it’s everything you said it would be…” He rumbled something akin to an admonition, and the enthusiastic man peeled back. “Hm? You okay baby? Still a lil’ sleeve-sick?” “Mmm… just a bit…” he replied, staring down at his new boyfriend, heart beating in his chest. The size difference was dizzying. Lars was of course a full-grown man, if a little on the small side. But next to him, he seemed to be nothing more than a child. His pec was about the size of the man’s head, a fact that caused his monster to stir - a fact that wasn’t unnoticed by Lars. “Well baby,” he said with a mischievous smirk. “Not that sick I see. Come on in and let’s get our welcome-home party started…” he grabbed Jose by the paw, and tugged him in the direction of the doorway he’d emerged from. Leaving the hangar behind, he ducked his head going through and emerged into an opulent curved hallway - a soft merlot colored carpet under his feet, plinths with classical carved marble figures of nude male figures passing by. Posters of ancient-Earth era bodybuilders, bulging with muscle from out of their frames. “Ooooh…” Came a voice that sounded like Lars’, but not from him. It came from an open doorway as they passed, and turning his meaty neck he saw that a duplicate of his boyfriend had emerged, and the next moment he was seeing double as one clung to each of his veiny arms. “Stunning work my love,” the newcomer whispered. “You’re the God you always wanted to be…” “You… you’re double-sleeved…” he said in revelation; a shrill giggle from each of the clones was the only reply he got, even as they reached the end of the corridor and a set of double-doors swung open before them, the sensation of hot steam issuing forth as he was pulled within. “Hello, baby…” “Welcome home darling!” “So big… I call dibs on his quad…” The voices issued forth out of the steam as, nakedly, a host of clones of the thin young man stepped forth, out of their perches in the sauna where they had seemingly been waiting, getting themselves into a sexual frenzy in anticipation of his arrival. He gasped in shock at the sheer cost and decadence of it all, even as the hands on his arms released him, and began pulling away his clothes with gusto. Too big, too unwieldy to even think of resisting, he stood before them as a slab of pure meat in all his naked, testosterone-engorged glory. “Hmmmmf…” a grunt of delight already escaping his lips as another pair found his nipple. Sucking. Worshipping. They had planned this, obviously… he and Lars and all his clones. One body, so much pleasure… By the time his trousers had been yanked away - a task that took the combined efforts of three of the ten clones present - his monster cock was already chubbed to a semi that was doing its best effort to tear asunder his briefs with no extra assistance. Two pairs of hands massaged the surface of his meat, another cupping his prodigious ballsack as his other nipple was attended to. He growled gutturally, all worries about deception gone, sheerly living in this moment of pleasure as he embraced being the beast he’d been reborn into. As he flexed his right bicep moans of admiration erupted all around him, hands yearning and reaching out squeezing him, so in the spirit of indulgence he raised his left also. Double biceps peaking into vascular mountains, he grinned and gave them such a show, the flesh starting to glisten from the steam. The many hands around his meat, now fully-hard at some 24 inches, were replaced by lips and tongues. So too was his hole probed, an unseen Lars on his knees behind him and hungrily devouring his sensitive pucker in between his mountainous glutes. Every one of the ten attending to him, worshipping him. “Yes… f...fffuuuuck, yes….!” “Hold on baby… don’t you go wasting that cream yet…” He was tugged and pushed into position, sitting back on a cushioned surface that creaked under his weight, semi-crushing four of them, staring wondrously into the eyes of the first Lars he’d encountered, the twink pushing aside two others to get at his throbbing meat. When he began straddling him in earnest, in between the worshipping kisses from the others he managed to rumble “Woah you can’t… I’ll... I’ll wreck you…” That same smirk returned. “Mmmmno honey. I’ve been modified to take you, remember? Now… gimme all you got! My moo cow… gimme that bull milk!” He didn’t even have to think twice, after hearing that. Like the sleeve had a buried memory of what to do, he thrust his hips forward into the younger man’s lubed, waiting hole like they were designed for each other. So tight. Mmmmfuck... Yes!… I could get used to this. And then, the fucking began. * * * Hours later, in another wing of the expansive residence, he was dozing peacefully, eyelids fluttering underneath thick, bushy eyelids as he dreamed his dream. There were only two Lars’ now, the “original” as he’d come to think of him, and one clone they’d kept around a bit longer for fun. All the others had gone back into storage, just as intended, ready for the next time they were feeling frisky. Soft harp music drifted from the direction of the balcony, weather-screened to block out the wind but still letting streams of golden sunlight in. A caged bird added its melody to the quiet noise as they recovered from their lovemaking. For Jose, a slice of heaven he never thought he’d attain. And then, the commotion. His eyes snapped awake, the dream lost, as there was a sudden banging coming from the corridor. A squeal of surprise and a sudden bang, as if someone, and one of the relics had just been pushed over. Blearily he looked at his two Lars’, as if they could answer what on earth it was, but they each were already cowering behind their bedsheets. Oh fuck. Am I being robbed? A Meths robbery on” my first fucking day? There was a moment of quiet, and then the doorway to the bedroom flung itself open, and a grotesquely familiar figure stomped towards him, and all the color drained from Lars’ face as he stared into the maddened eyes of his old sleeve. “YOU!” A bellowing furious accusation came from the man. His voice… and yet, not his person. He’d never been so angry as this person was. “Imposter! Fucking… thief!” He staggered over, even as Jose tried to spur his bulk into motion. His old sleeve looked awful, so much more worse than he remembered, skin covered in sores from the progression of his sickness, and clearly wearing thin from the exertion of getting up here to him. In his hand, he was clutching a black onyx pole which Jose immediately recognized as a Protectorate Enforcer Stun Stick. It’s tip glowing with the promise of pain and oblivion. Lars shrieked. “Baby help… don’t let him hurt me!” He said, clutching up all the sheets, wriggling away. “Wait… there’s been a mistake!” He pleaded, chest heaving expansively. “You’re fucking right about that,” came the reply, spittle flying. It was the last words he heard before the stick was brought down upon his thigh, too slow and surprised to escape. As electromagnetic discharges zapped through his nervous system, sending him to unconsciousness, all he could hear was Lars’ shriek one last time. * * * He jolted. Eyes blinking, clearing his vision. A deep breath. I’m… I’m not dead? I’m… I’m back? He was lying on a table, lights shining down upon him in an unfamiliar room. Immediately, he looked down, to see what kind of sleeve he was in. Miracle of miracles… it was a body he remembered well. His old sleeve. Wearing nothing but a pair of blue posing trunks. And… looking healthy? He exhaled. Closed his eyes in thanks. Then the events preceding his unconsciousness came rushing back, and his eyes snapped open again in alarm. “Awake again… my little thief…” crooned a voice from the shadow of the corner of room. Stepping into the light, a severe-looking, sharp-suited silver-haired gentleman strode into view. His face was full of such intent malice that Jose instinctively tried to leap up to get away - but found himself frozen, paralysed, like something from a nightmare. Oh… oh no… “Oh yes,” the stranger answered, as if he could hear his thoughts. “You’re in virtual. After I got you out of that sleeve you stole - my sleeve - there was nowhere else to put you. You’re mine now, you bastard.” “N… no, please!” he begged, feeling an unfamiliar sensation creep over his virtual body. Soft prickling. His mind raced thinking about all the horrible torture his captor could wreak upon him. Dismemberment… flaying… bones broken or teeth shattered…. All that pain and it could be repeated over and over again in this virtual reality prison... “I’ve already dealt with the technician responsible for our little switch,” he said, shaking his head. “It was a mistake waiting to happen - just one letter different in our names - but why you thought you’d get away with it I’ll never know. Much less why you fucked my husband, in my bed!” “I just… your sleeve… it was everything-” “Yes. Everything you ever wanted. I know, Jose. We’re very alike, in that.” The prickling increased. All over his body, a warmth, a heat, like something building from within. He thought it should be horrible… but he didn’t want to say, that it was starting to feel pleasant. “So… the mistake has been corrected. They spun me up in their own virtual clinic, you see, thinking I was you. Part of the procedure of storage is a mental health check. Of course, I was furious when I found out I wasn’t in the sleeve I’d pay for. I did all my research on you…” He came close, baring his teeth. “You’re never going to see your mother again, you bastard. I had all the time I needed to think about how to punish you on the way over, and that was before you impregnated Lars!” “Im… impregnated?!” He squirmed in surprise, even as he saw his skin rippling… muscles growing. The real Jose Gonzales smirked. “We had some alterations done. It was all planned out… and you ruined it. So you’re such a pleasure seeker… I could have killed you. Instead I’m going to watch you choke on what you wanted so badly you had to steal it...” Prone on the table, he watched his chest balloon out, swelling into mounds that resembled the sleeve he’d stolen, the rest of the body following suit. And it wasn’t stopping. “Wh… what’s happening?!” “You’re growing. This program was a fantasy of mine… I enjoyed it very much. I have the real thing now, of course. But you… you’re going to be stuck here. I’ve made some alterations…” “No… mmmnnn…” He began to plead… but pleasure was bearing down upon him, clouding his vision. “Oh yes, indeed. All this growth… all this muscle, and you’ll be stuck. Unable to move… unable to cum… always on the edge of it... “ His smile became toothsome. “And then, just when you can’t take any more… when you’ve filled up this room… immobile with mass… you’ll feel what it’s like to explode. Literally. from every inch. Only to be resurrected and feel it happening all over again. Forever… or until I tire of you.” Jose heard the judgement passed down, feeling himself spread out in every inch. His cock had already swung to half-mast, chubbing bigger by the second. He was thrilled and terrified in equal measure. He was going to be tortured with the very thing he loved and wanted the most. It was diabolical. “I’m… s...sorry…” “You aren’t yet. But you will be. Goodbye, Mr. Gonzalez.” His last words, before suddenly vanishing. The program continued to run, and he continued to grow. As he would always. And grow. And grow. END
  3. Marquis

    Greed Demon Pt.4 Finale

    I am finally done with part4, I hope the wait wasn't too long. be warned it gets extreme and silly big... previsous parts are available here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Mammon was slowly running his gilded hands on his golden shaft. The Greed Demon Lord was a seven foot tall Adonis, with a generous and powerful musculature, and the face of a gorgeous man in full bloom from which stemmed long platinum horns. He was made of pure gold, living pulsating gold, with diamonds eyes, his big footlong cock was dripping liquid pearls. He was sprawled on a vast pile of gold coins and jewels, decadent treasure was amassed everywhere in his throne room, gorgeous males and females, humans, demons even an angel where enslaved, chained to the demon with opulent jewels and lock. A shiver ran across the golden demon. Something wasn’t right. Something was being taken from him. __________________________ Landon stood almost 10 feet tall, his body even wider than he was tall. Thick muscles piling on top of each other. Veins snaking all over his body feeding the growing muscles. His back muscles reaching higher than his head, massive pecs jutting several feets forward and casting deep shadows over ridiculously ripped and bulging abs. His legs were monumental, each one almost as wide as his torso. His skeleton had been twisted and deformed to accommodate the mind boggling amount of hypertrophied muscle stacked on his body. His dick was a 4 foot long 2 foot wide tube of pulsating flesh plunged deep into Damon, feeding on the ever growing demon power. Though less impressive, Damon’s appearance had drastically changed. His skin was a surreal dark olive tint, slick with sweat, his hair was an absolute black, eyes burning like embers, magnificent horns proudly coming from his forehead and coiling in an intricate manner. His body was massive. Almost as much as Landon used to be but it wasn’t striated ripped muscle. It was smooth, voluminous, bloated muscle, voluptuous looking, powerful and inviting. His massive pectits hanged heavily on his mighty chest, fat dark areolas slightly stretched by the muscular mass pushing under the skin. His globular ass filled by the monolithic growing dick of Landon. The huge cockhead could clearly be seen under the smooth silky skin of the demon, stretching him more and more with each passing second. The power the two were generating was off the charts, their symbiotic dynamic was nothing any realm had ever seen. Landon was the most visible part of that ever expanding power cell but it was only the tip of the iceberg. The real power surge was with Damon. The demon was reaching levels of power he’d never had thought he could reach. It was only a matter of time before he’d surpass the demon lords. He’d be powerful enough the overthrow the seven of them without even breaking a sweat. But first he’d have to find a way to hoist himself off Landon’s dick. He wasn’t going anywhere with that much cock shoved in him. __________________________ Lucifer sat upright on his throne, he was naked, displaying a body so absolutely perfect that anyone laying eyes on it would just stare at him forever. There were hundreds of them staring at the Pride Demon Lord , slowly letting themselves die while gazing upon the perfect form of the demon. He was a tall athletic black man with perfect proportions, a crimson velvet cape thrown back to fully reveal his glistening body. Bone curled horns framed his surreal face and a copper crown mocking the angel halos rested atop the magnificent figure. His whole body twitched, something suddenly upset him. Someone would ridicule him... __________________________ Garry’s mind was almost completely gone, only the joy of being used and treated as a sex toy remained. Lamia loved his new toy, it was nowhere near as powerful as Damon’s succubus but he was still enjoyable. He was still abusing the muscle boy’s ass when the words were burned in his mind. I NEED YOU AND YOUR FUCKBOY RIGHT NOW!!! Lamia violently pulled out of Garry out of fear and surprise, the muscleboy cried in pleasure. The demon grabbed his head with both hands, the pain of having another demon speaking right in your mind was almost unbearable. It was something only extremely powerful demons could do and they used it to terrorize lesser demon into obedience. -”Arrg, for fuck sake! That hurts! Why would you do this! Use the fucking phone”. Lamia was scared, If Damon mastered such a power there was no way of telling exactly how powerful he was and how powerful he’d get. But somewhere deep down Lamia knew it was probably best to be on the side of the rising Damon. His telephone rang and he picked it up immediately. -”Sorry, these powers are growing so fast I haven’t mastered them all yet.” Damon said -”Just don’t ever do that again.” Lamia muttered massaging his forehead. -”Yeah, I’ll try to avoid that, but right now I need that fuckboy of yours. As fast as possible. I will make it worth the trouble.” -”What are you up to?” Lamia asked. -”Let’s just say that there’s a hostile takeover of hell about to happen. And if you get both yours and your sex slave muscled asses in the meadows soon enough, you might get a promotion in the upcoming managerial reattribution. Don’t use the portal, I took it down.” Damon hung up. Lamia had never seen him be so bossy, he was definitely up to something and Lamia was definitely going to try to be on the winning side. -”Come on boy, walkies” he said to Garry. The obedient muscle guy climbed down the bed and followed his master out. __________________________ Beelzebub looked stunning at first glance, but should you look long enough at the Envy Demon Lord, you’d feel increasingly uneasy. Stitches ran all over the demon’s body. And each body part was a different tone than the other. His horns were mismatched and so were his eyes, which only made his glare more disturbing. Hard to say which parts of him where originals, he had ripped apart so many things from so many beings to claim as his own… ideas, properties, limbs… He sat in a dark room lit only by the dim light of countless screen on which social media feed rolled on forever. He’d occasionally click on some contents, archiving it, bookmarks for further harvest. He was restless, refreshing tabs faster, something was amiss, something was escaping his scrutiny, something he wanted but couldn’t have... __________________________ By the time the call had ended Damon was almost fully immobile. He was 11 feet of muscle bulging all over th his 15 foot wide frame and still expanding. Damon now had 3 solid feet of dick shoved in him. He needed to get off of Landon before the monstrous incubus turned him into a condom. Damon clamped his powerful ass and contacted his abs. Once he was tight and ready he focused his powers on making his behemoth orgasm, which given his newfound power was easy as pie. The cum blasted inside him created a pressure contained by his powerful abs and ass. Soon it was powerful enough and when Damon relaxed his ass he was propelled off Landon’s dick like champagne cork. Damon crash landed a few feet away. Cum was raining thick on the meadow. He got up, his hipbone fixing himself and his asshole quickly tightening back into pristine condition. __________________________ It was nearly impossible to get anything rational out of Satan, not even a word. The dysfunctional Wrath Demon Lord had been locked away in his castle. The muscular being was an uncontrollable fury, destroying everything and everyone he came across for as long as anyone could remember. His body was covered in bruises and scars. From his buzzed head emerged two broken horns. His eyes were burning with fire, leaving dark burnt trails on his forehead, while his mouth foamed like a rabid dog. While he was a restless storm of destruction to begin with, his fury suddenly amped up to the point he had a seizure. He fell to the floor, and for the first time in centuries, laid still. Crying to himself as he felt the rise of a demon overpowering him. __________________________ Lamia crossed the portal with Garry on his tail. Damon was waiting for them on the other side. Damon was around 7’ tall, thick muscle adorning his wide frame. It had a functional and powerful musculature like an olympic wrestler. He looked both intimidating and inviting. The slick black horns coiled back on his head and his burning ember eyes were a physical manifestation of his newly grown power. Once Lamia and Garry were close enough Damon smiled and shouted to Landon. -”OK darlin you can destroy that portal” Lamia and Garry turned in time to see the inhuman mass of Landon crush the stone portal with his bare hands, giggling like a maniac doing so. -”Good. We don’t anyone reaching us easily.” Damon said. -”Fuuuuuuck.” Lamia muttered. “He is huge… do you think he’s at his max?” -”Nope. That’s why I needed your toy. I obviously can’t take over hell with a mile of dick shoved in my ass. No matter how much I love that, I can’t. But I figured out I could build a proxy with that lil guy of yours… he hasn’t turned into an incubus right, I can possess him?” -”Nah he’s still just a human.” Lamia said -”Great. So here’s the deal, you give him to me, to use as I see fit and in return I’ll make you my second.” Lamia could feel the power emanating from Damon, he could also feel the bottomless pit that Landon was. There was not a single doubt that the seven Demon Lords would fall to Damon before the day was done, with or without his help. So the decision was easy to make. He grabbed Garry and pushed him toward Damon. Damon caught the beefy human with one of his arms and drew him close to his body. Grabbing the muscle boy’s ass with one hand, kneading it appreciatively. -”It’s a deal then.” Damon said, motioning Lamia to get closer. Lamia closed the distance to seal the pact, he reached to kiss Damon and immediately felt the powers of the demon imprint on him. He fell backward breathing hard as he realized the real extent of Damon’s powers. And they were about to grow a whole lot more. -”Now your turn buddy.” Damon said turning his attention back to Garry. Damon kissed him deeply. Garry’s submissive side was happy to give in to the demonic possession, to him it was the ultimate abuse and he loved it. Damon forced his power inside the man like a tide and in a matter of seconds Garry had turned into an extension of Damon. Possession was a way for demon to have several physical bodies, it simply pushed the host of a body in a corner and took it over. When they broke the kiss Garry was now just a spectator in his body. Damon was in full control. -”Perfect.” Damon muttered, “Now where were we?” he said turning to Landon. __________________________ Abaddon tossed and turned in his sleep. He looked like a pretty twink with unruly mousy hair and cute tiny horns. The Sloth Demon Lord opened one lazy yellow eye, pulled his covers tighter and went back to sleep. __________________________ Damon was helping Lamia back to his feet. The red haired demon was still reeling in from the deal they had sealed. Meanwhile possessed Garry was nuzzling against Landon 3’ dick and coaxing it into full erection. -”That’ll never fit in that tiny human.” Garry and Damon said in unison. ”But it’s easy to fix.” Garry’s body grew in thickness and stature. Just like Landon grew of greed, he grew from the delicious abuse inflicted on him. He rapidly reached 8’ tall and the caricature of a morphed bodybuilder. Once thick enough he turned his back to Landon, exposing his phat muscle ass and hole. Landon walked toward the offered body, with great difficulty. Damon grabbed the three feet pole and aligned it with Garry’s Hole. -”He’s all yours.” he said to Landon. Landon pushed himself into Garry. He felt the loose but comparatively small hole stretch against his cockhead. The silky inside encasing the tip of his glans, pushing against the firm muscles of the sphincter. The first ring offered little resistance but did apply some nice pressure on the massive shaft. The second ring followed shortly after and Landon kept pushing, inch after inch and soon foot after foot. Landon was finally reconnected with Damon through Garry who was now an extension of the demon. His whole body shook as his growth resumed. Damon felt his power surge. Soon he’d be unstoppable. Garry was mentally filled by Damon, who used him as a proxy for his powers, and physically filled by Landon whose growing manwood was stretching his midsection ever so slightly. What was left of his mind was in utter delight, and his body kept growing from all that abuse, allowing him to keep up with the ever growing Landon. __________________________ Belphegor was having diner. The Gluttony Demon Lord was always having diner. An obscene banquet with incredible dish succeeding one another. The scene was surreal, the overfed demon was massive, he looked like a muscle bear. A 10 feet tall 10 feet wide muscle bear almost immobile with muscle and chub. All over the place smaller less muscle bound demon were running around taking dished away, setting new on the table. Feeding the demon lord and occasionally massaging his fat penis to milk him. He’d then avidly drink his own spunk before he resumed stuffing his face (or more accurately getting his face stuffed). He was a merry character, but his mood slowly turned sour as an uneasy feeling of being outgrown by another demon crept on him. __________________________ The meadow was once a flat expanse, but now a pulsating flesh mountain was expanding at the center of it. It was almost as tall as Everest, quite wider, and totally made out of muscle. The bodies of Landon and Garry where grotesque masses of muscles colliding with other muscles. Comfortably seated between expanding cords of fibrous muscles, Damon watched the demonic realm shrink. He was growing too, though it wasn’t as fast as Landon or Garry, His physical form was twisted by the unfathomable and ever expanding power he possessed. He was 10 feet tall and weighed almost a ton of muscle. Thick ultra dense, powerful muscle. They were no longer full and inviting muscles, they were lean fibrous hypertrophied ridiculously vascular muscles and sinews. He had developed new muscle that didn’t exist on the human body to sustain his new improved body. Even his 15 inches dick had developed a set of functional muscles covering the whole shaft powerful enough to destroy a whole army. His tall frame had widened to allow him to have his full range of motion. He looked godly and ominous. Lamia was right behind him, looking at Damon with awe. He was also impacted by the tremendous development of his master but to much smaller scale. -”Damon, this power is unlike anything the Demonic realm ever knew. But I think they’re growing too fast. Aren’t you afraid they might be a hazard for the Demonic Realm?” -”Landon’s greed is bottomless. He’s going to grow to a unimaginable size and I need it to grow my powers. But you’re right he might get so big that he’ll change the face of the Demon Realm. But I do have an idea. Let’s get back on the ground.” Damon reached for Lamia in a graceful gesture. The myriad of muscle fiber rippling under his perfect skin. Lamia watched transfixed as the godlike behind grabbed him effortlessly and then leaped to the ground. __________________________ Asmodeus was a sight to behold, he was sort of a touristic attraction in the demon realm. The Lust Demon Lords body was a gorgeously crafted porno, with a glorious face, but the main event was his penis. The thing culminated at 3 000 ft (roughly 300ft taller than the burj khalifa for human reference) and a whole city had been built around it and on the very shaft. Stairs, lifts and railways, ran across it’s surface like veins but instead of blood they carried people living and working here. At the tip, near the urethra a luxurious spa had been built, it used the continuous and massive leakage of precum as a hot spring and you could enjoy bubble baths, massage jets and infinity-edge pool overlooking the city sprawling around the demon’s gonads. Somewhere in the palace at the base of the shaft, Asmodeus, despite being immobilized by his building sized penis was enjoying a never ending orgy with dozens of people. But his pleasure was spoilt as the sensation of not being the most hung anymore slowly crept on him... __________________________ On the ground of the meadow the noise was deafening, earth shoved aside, rock crushed under the pressure and the stretching leather like noise of multiplying muscle fibers. Landon and Garry were almost the same size, turning the once flat meadow into the highest mountain chain ever. Lamia was scared beyond measure of what those two were becoming and Damon’s indecipherable calm was only making things worse. Damon raised a hand toward the expanding mass of muscle, his whole body contracted like he was in the middle of a terrible effort. His body twitching, growing, densifying. The air around him started to burn, the ground under his feet turning to lava. Lamia had to step away from to scorching aura of Damon. The noise of broken earth and rock had stopped. That’s when Lamia realized Landon and Garry where slowly but unmistakably floating off the ground. The ascension of the still expanding muscle monsters accelerated. And within a few minutes they were leaving the atmosphere. The grotesque mass of muscle was nearing orbit of the Demonic Realm. Its growth slowly tapering as Landon became finally satiated. __________________________ The seven Demon Lords looked at the sky as a new moon rose. It was a moon made of muscle, of greed and power. The very sight of it was enough to make them feel weak for they felt that this moon was the work of their new Demon King.
  4. YungFrancis

    Growing Together

    First Story! I'm still getting a handle on things on this site, but this is really the first story I've EVER posted online...EVER! I hope y'all like it. There wasn’t really anything I wouldn’t do for Tommy, and so that’s why I wound up doing just about everything for Tommy. You could say our life together is anything but normal, but I think that’s part of what makes it all so special. We were freaks. But soon we would have to change the way our dynamic was working because I was starting to become so freaky, I really needed help taking care of the both of us. Sure, we were never bodybuilders or anything, but we had dedicated our lives to becoming the biggest, freakiest, most musclebound monsters there ever was. Tommy got there a few years ago, with the help of entire teams of doctors and nutritionists, personal trainers, freaking scientists! It took a lot of work, drove us completely over the edge, but together, we transformed ourselves into beasts and formulated lines of supplements all kinds of shit to help other people grow like we did. But no one ever came close to Tommy. There are a handful out there a lot like me, over six hundred pounds of beef, albeit a little blubber here and there. I’m not cut like I was in college, but it’s grown on me. Something with my system and the formula just didn’t agree and I blimped out a bit. It’s nothing crazy, just some pooch, but it makes me look all kinds of swole. I can’t really fit through doorways, and clothes have to be made custom, but I love shit to be tight, so sometimes I buy normal stuff so I can hulk out of them. Tommy loves it. He can’t really get up anymore, not without help. They gave him all kinds of implants and hormones to make him a little taller, to pack on more mass, but more importantly, make him sturdier. His bones are fucking huge! When we met, he was like six feet tall, maybe two hundred thirty pounds of off-season bulk. Today, after maybe ten years, he’s seven feet even and almost a thousand pounds. He can’t tie his shoes anymore, he can’t wipe his ass anymore, he can feed himself after we stretch for most of the morning, but that’s about it. We really only dress him to workout, but he has shit that’ll make him decent if one of us is feeling like going on a little date. “Babe.” I pat the mountainous slab that was his pec. “Baby…” Due to his size, Tommy snored. Sometimes, if he wasn’t angled right, he stopped breathing, but that was a problem of the past. Now, the real struggle was getting his giant ass up in the morning; his snores rattled the windows! My heart always melts when I watch him sleep. All those enhancements we made on his body had gradually altered his face too. When we met, he kept his blonde waves cropped short, and you could cut glass on his cheekbones. His jawline was thick and manly, and the cleft in his chin went deeper than I thought a cleft could really go. His lips were luscious and lovely, but it was his eyes that won you over. He had the most gorgeous pair of baby blue eyes framed by long lashes. Those eyes were really the only thing that remained of the man I had fallen for, at least on the outside. He had been swallowed up by the beast of my dreams, a hulk with a jawline that nearly gave him an underbite. His lips had plumped up, growing thick like something even a porn star would be envious of. His cheeks had sunken in as his metabolism skyrocketed, eating away every ounce of fat on his body, making his cheekbones stand out all the more, and then growing even farther when he started on his bone supplements. Every muscle in his face rippled, the veins on his temples often bulged out when he spoke or chewed, his brow had grown heavy like a brick. It was a hard face, but the hottest and most lovable face I had ever known. He was my beast. “Hey…” I tried to shove…something. I pushed on his shoulder, his globe-sized shoulder, but I barely even made an indentation on his skin. “TOMMY!” I slapped his leg. There was a satisfying PAP! sound as my hand clapped against his beefy, hairy thigh. Even relaxed, every striation stood out like his skin were paper thin. That roused him. He stopped snoring and mumbled, confused and annoyed. “Uh?” His morning voice was so deep and scratchy. He jerked his head around as best he could without much in the way of a neck. His thick beard hung down, between his pecs and slipped back and forth as he looked around the room. “What?” he croaked. “We gotta get up.” I said, kissing him. “I made breakfast, come on.” “Mmm…” He tried to stretch, but he could barely lift his arms. “Noooo…” Something jerked me forward, and suddenly I was crushed up against my lover’s immense body. It was only when he literally ripped the clothes from my body with a single tug that I realized he had pulled me in for a bearhug. His foot long morning wood brushing against the insides of my own massive thighs. I got hard right then and there. That was another thing that I absolutely fucking loved about Tommy. When we fucked, he could hold me up in one hand forever. I’m fucking massive, but he was a monster that could bend around and throw me and manipulate me like I was just a toy. He took me by the wingspan that was my lats and lowered me down on his massive cock. It still felt like he could tear me in half, but I loved it. Even lying down, his balls were so huge my thick backside slapped against them. He fucked me for what felt like an hour, getting harder every time he made me scream or moan. I had lost all control of myself, and this was just morning wood. I lost all track of time when he came inside me, but by the time he had finished, my guy was taught. He tried to get up, still holding me, but bending at the waist was impossible right now. The other day, we had destroyed his chest and abs, and he moaned with pain as he found against his own body. Tommy set me down, but I had lost feeling in my legs. And there we were, him sprawled out on the bed, me sprawled out on the floor. Even laughing hurt like hell as he chuckled at our situation. We had turned ourselves into total freaks, and I don’t think either of us would change a single thing. To be continued?
  5. EcchiMultiverse

    Marvelous Man - Chapter 18

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OusqXuu_0KVzTlvVXsHdaYyqEm87JNuWHQUy71lLuxM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD, DONALD MORGAN, ANDREW L, & MAXIM All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OusqXuu_0KVzTlvVXsHdaYyqEm87JNuWHQUy71lLuxM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD, DONALD MORGAN, ANDREW L, & MAXIM Chapter 18: Reunion Two days had passed since Gemini visited Justice’s hometown, Sunnysville. During that period, the two only met during debriefings at the D.A.B. headquarters regarding Gilgamesh’s interrogations and fieldwork. It was always an awkward tension Justice could feel between himself and Gemini. And it seemed to increase whenever Gene talked to him in Gemini’s presence. He wished he had the answers to resolve the situation, but the crossroad of choosing “the one” had been difficult. It came to a point when he questioned if he even loved Gemini or Gene and was not just lusting after them. Thankfully, the past few days had been a helpful distraction. Currently transformed and located inside of the Barticle Troy Mall, Marvelous Man twirled into the air. The musclebound superhero activated his flight power to stay airborne for a few seconds; dodging a bolt of lightning crackling into the ground where he once stood. The floor splintered into fragments that briefly flew into the air. In retaliation to the electrical attack, Marvelous Man threw his golden wreath at the caster. The golden wreath whistled in the air, as it whirled itself towards the attacker. The assailant knocked it away with his weapons; a pair of short-handed axes with magical runes etched on them. Spurts of electricity arced through the axes, while the etched runes glowed a soft blue. Upon failure of striking the assailant, the wreath sailed back to Marvelous Man. Marvelous Man caught the projectile and stared down at the foe. The magical axe wielder was a man who looked to be about as young as eighteen. His skin had a pigmentation so dark, it was nearly black. And his body had a trim muscle tone that bulked at his back and thighs like an Olympic wrestler. The young man wore a hunter green loincloth with two leather belts. The brown belts crossed over each other in an x-pattern and sagged at his hips . It had a loop on each side as a means of acting as the short-handed axes holsters as well. Adorned on his shins and forearms were bracers made of zebra pelt, and his footwear consisted of simple, brown sandals. The young man shouted, “Come down and fight me, coward! Or is your fear of a Skeleton Lord guardian that great?” The Skeleton Lord guardian clanged his magical axes together, while he glanced about. The etched runes on the enchanted weaponry glowed a brighter intensity of soft blue light. Electrical discharge dances around the axes with more frequency, as the weapons’ blades vibrated from the loud clash. “Your so-called heroes are afraid of Zareb the-...where is everybody?” he said. The Barticle Troy Mall was completely empty; emphasized by Zareb’s comment reverberating the vacant building. Other than the Skeleton Lord guardian, the only people on the first floor with him were Marvelous Man and Octomentist. Zareb’s eyes shifted about in search of a supposed audience. Marvelous Man called out with his thoughts, “Gene, he’s figured out we got everybody evacuated. I think he’s gonna make a break for it. Is it ready yet?” “We require a few more seconds, Marvelous Man. Gemini is applying the final parts,” telepathically replied Gene. The electrical tribesman glared up at Marvelous Man before looking down at Octomentist. The female superhero, draped in her red kung fu gown, held all eight of her cybernetic arms up in a battle-ready position. Zareb flexed a confused eyebrow while seeing Octomentist transform her golden arm into a golden tendril. Octomentist then whipped her golden tentacle-like arm in an underhanded motion. The tendril darted towards Zareb; moving downwards before curving up the moment it got close to touching the ground. Upon reaching its target, the golden tentacle coiled around the electrified axe in the supervillain’s left hand. the tendril tightened, as Octomentist immediately placed one of her chrome-plated arms on her transformed Gold Arm. Any electricity emanating from the magical axe traveled down the conductive golden limb; only to be absorbed by the prosthetic superhero’s Lightning Arm. Zareb tugged and chopped at the golden tendril with no success. Seeing the Skeleton Lord guardian momentarily distracted, Marvelous Man flew towards the villain for an opportune surprise attack. As the musclebound superhero raised his legs for a dive kick, he instantly realized he reacted in the wrong way. He could see it all unfold in slow motion. Zareb released his caught axe, while simultaneously waving his other electrified axe in an upwards motion. An arc of magical lightning released from both axes and reached out to one another. Upon connection, the tethered axe reacted by leaping towards Octomentist. It spun like a buzz saw; wrestling away from the golden tendril’s bind. The magical axe zipped past Marvelous Man, as it drew closer to the eight-armed superhero. Releasing her Lightning Arm’s clasp over the Gold Arm, Octomentist raised her chrome arm in attempt to block. The tendril form of the Gold Arm retreated back; trying to reshape itself into a more defensive attire. The speed of the whirling axe was far greater than the Gold Arm’s shapeshifting and collided with the superhero’s Lightning Arm with a loud clang. The chrome arm had saved her twice at the same time, as it had immediately absorbed the axe’s extra discharge it gave off. The impact of the enemy’s weapon threw Octomentist backward; causing her to land on her back. As for the axe, it pierced into the ground next to her head. Marvelous Man was distracted by the commotion and miscalculated his diving kick. His legs pounded into the ground only a finger’s length away from the Skeleton Lord guardian. Tremors from the error travelled up his legs; making it momentarily feel as if his overly-muscular limbs had stepped onto a sword’s blade until it rammed into the hilt. The vibrations and shattered flooring caused Zareb to stumble back and nearly lose balance. Distracted by the blundered attack, the electrical arc connecting the two magical axes lost focus and completely severed. Zareb spat, “Cursed wretch.” The Skeleton Lord guardian turned around and proceeded to flee towards the mall’s exit. Marvelous Man activated his flight powers; his legs too shaky from the impact to do an on-foot pursuit. At the same time, Octomentist stood up. Her face looked unamused, as she sharply exhaled through her nostrils. The disk in her right shoulder socket rotated her set of chrome-plated right arms, until it located the correct cybernetic limb. She then placed the chrome arm, that was known to Marvelous Man as the Gravity Arm, on her chest and activated it. A dark aura emitted from the arm; causing Octomentist to become weightless. Leaping forward before the nulled gravity completely took over, she aimed another cybernetic arm behind her. The arm was none other than her Air Arm and activated to jet a stream of compressed air out of her palm. Octomentist reacted at the same time by assuming her body in a more aerodynamic position through leaning forward. “Gene!” shouted Marvelous Man’s thoughts. Fairuza telepathically replied, “It’ll be up in 3-2-1-!” As Zareb was about to pass a row of columns, a paper-thin wall of rainbow-like light materialized between the white columns. The electrical tribesman collided into the flimsy sheet of light as if it were a solid wall. His face and body looked as if he had smooshed up against a glass panel. “Magical barrier successful. Subject is now contained. Well done, you two!” said Fairuza. Marvelous Man flew towards the trapped Zareb, but was cut off by Octomentist. With the Air Arm providing propulsion, the eight-armed superhero zipped past Marvelous Man before he could accelerate. Octomentist crashed into Zareb’s back in less than a second and tumbled to the floor. The electric tribesman slid down to the floor after the sudden compression; momentarily knocking the air out of his lungs. Zareb then pushed himself up, while using his axe as a prop. At the same time, Octomentist deactivated the Gravity Arm and Air Arm; ending the martial artist’s ability to fly. The prosthetic superhero then braced for landing and rolled herself back onto her feet. With all eight arms flexing into an intimidating pose, she was back to being battle ready. As Marvelous Man began to catch up to the two fighters, Zareb held out his axe. The magical weapon shot out its bolt of lightning in an attempt to reconnect to its fallen twin. Sailing past the two superheroes without interference, the electric bolt bonded with the axe stuck into the ground. The Skeleton Lord guardian then pulled back the electrified axe in his hand; signaling the other one to react. The musclebound superhero turned to watch the magical axe yanked itself from the floor and flew back to its twin. It began its usual spinning motion; slicing through the air at such a rate that the blade blurred. While flying back to Zareb, the electrified weapon slightly altered its course. The axe flew a wide distance around Marvelous Man; keeping outside of the hulking bodybuilder’s reach. It then began to curve itself towards Octomentist’s exposed back, and Marvelous Man was helpless to stop it in time. Marvelous Man screamed, “NO!!!” The Skeleton Lord guardian grinned ravenously, as the mystical axed was nearly an arm’s length away from murderously grinding into Octomentist’s back. The eight-armed superhero took a step forward and immediately spun around in a counterclockwise motion. Reaching out with her Lightning Arm, she perfectly timed her revolution and grabbed the electrified axe by the handle. As she completed a full rotation, she swung the magical weapon into Zareb’s right shoulder. The electric tribesman sank to the floor once again with the electrical current between the axes cutting off. “Daughter of blight!” he cursed. Dropping the magical axe in his hand, Zareb flinched in pain. The Skeleton Lord guardian rose a shaky hand towards his axe-embedded shoulder, as the blue light emanating from his enchanted weapons died. Streams of blood slowly seeped from the wound; drifting down the midnight skin. Octomentist huffed, “Shut up. It’s only a flesh wound. Just be glad I didn’t decide to hit your arteries after trying to pull that boomerang shit on me.” The prosthetic superhero turned to look at Marvelous Man. “Hey, Naked Justice. Before you patch him up, let me just do one more thing,” she requested. While twisting her waist back towards the wounded Skeleton Lord guardian, Octomentist formed her hands into a fist. She struck Zareb with four chrome-plated right hooks with each attacking different areas of the enemy’s left side: the temple, ear, cheek, and jaw. Upon quadruple impact, the electrical tribesman slumped face first onto the ground and into unconsciousness. Octomentist shook her right hands, “Okay, now you can do it.” Marvelous Man silently hovered over to the unconscious Zareb and landed next to the foe. He commanded the light within himself to flow to his hands in preparation for healing. The light within him obeyed and began illuminating the bodybuilder’s meaty hands. Placing one hand next to the wound, Marvelous Man placed his other on the magical axe’s handle. The musclebound superhero took a breath to brace himself for what he would do next and began to feed his light. He recalled the happy memories of Papa Ares giving him ice cream and cookies for breakfast the day after Ares caused him to dislocate his knee. Pulling out the weapon with a quick yank, Marvelous Man commanded his light to begin healing. The light complied and extended itself over the wound. Seconds ticked by as the wound slowly sealed itself up, and the bloody stream came to a gradual stop. With the job done, the hulking bodybuilder deactivated his power and stood up. “He’s stablized for now. I didn’t heal his concussion, because I’m pretty sure he’d wake up before we could contain him,” he reported. Marvelous Man called out with his thoughts, “Gene, can you turn off the barrier? We got the guardian.” “I acknowledge,” telepathically replied Gene. The translucent barrier began to dissipate, while Octomentist fished her chrome hand into her belt pouch. Pulling it out a second later, her hand revealed a flat device within its grasp. The eight-armed hero then pressed a button on the gadget’s center and tossed it onto the unconscious Zareb. Upon landing, the device beeped before fastening itself on the back of the Skeleton Lord guardian. The machine began to leak metallic threads that lengthened and coiled about the enemy. Footsteps from beyond the pillars could be heard, as the expanding threads had completely mummified the enemy. Once bundled up, the device emitting the metallic threads beeped again and emitted a dark glow similar to Octomentist’s Gravity Arm. The bounded being then floated off the ground and hovered at the same level as Marvelous Man’s knees. Octomentist smiled, “Thanks for the assist, Naked Justice. It’s always interesting when I’m teaming up with you. Gotta say that you are just a magnet for weird. Well, see ya.” As she began to leave, one of her chrome arms reached out to grab the levitating perpetrator. She silently dragged the detained subject behind her, while the echoing footsteps grew closer. A thought crossed Marvelous Man’s mind. “Oh, hey. I think we need him. He’s related to the Skeleton Lord case that you helped us with last time...well, him and the knight your team caught yesterday,” spoke up Marvelous Man. The musclebound superhero thought back to yesterday’s ordeal. Marvelous Man and his team received an order to investigate a new supervillain that had appeared in the city. It was a man in an overly-decorated knight armor wielding a glaive polearm with designs similar to the weapon used by the Skeleton Lord. The supervillain proclaimed its loyalty to the Skeleton Lord while attacking civilians. There were no fatalities, but many were injured with sliced wounds. When Marvelous Man and the others arrived at the scene, the knight had already been defeated by Octomentist and was being transported back to the Arkos Division headquarters. Octomentist stopped, “Big man, I’d like to help you out, but I can’t. Arkos Division needs the wins it can get if we want to get some more funding.” “Oh, please! Arkos Division has their finger in nearly every technological pie. I know they can recoup any loss of funding the Nemesis Branch steals,” said a male electronic voice. The two superheroes turned their heads to spot Gemini and Gene walking towards them. The Soulem was now garbed with a few more accessories for field duty; a pair of red-framed glasses and a brown messenger bag with the D.A.B. logo printed on it. Gene frowned, “And to reiterate Marvelous Man’s statement, we need him. The D.A.B. and the Skyway City police need that guardian for questioning in regards to his relations to the Skeleton Lord.” “And the police can question him when they get their subpoena. But for now, he’ll be kept at our headquarters where we can keep him safely contained,” coldly replied Octomentist. Gemini’s mood rings transformed to orange. He rolled his eyes, “Let’s not dive into that bullshit, alright? You guys can only handle all the sci-fi stuff. Every time you guys tried to put the supernatural or magical shit in your prisons, it would pretty much literally blow up in your faces. I should know. I’ve witnessed it a couple times.” The Soulem pointed his white, rubbery finger at the encased perpetrator. “He’s a magical being, okay? We really need him. You can poke and prod the knight all you want, but this one stays with us. Or did you not notice the lightning bolts coming out of him?” stated Gemini. Octomentist snapped her fingers, “Thanks for reminding me. I gotta confiscate those axes. Huh…” As the eight-armed superhero moved to search for the magical axes, she paused. The others looked to where she gazed and spotted the rune-etched weapons already disintegrating into the usual black smoke the Skeleton Lord used for forming weaponry. The axes had already decayed halfway; any attempt to preserve them would be a fruitless endeavor. “Well that takes care of that,” she shrugged, “Look, I was the first on the scene here, and that gives Arkos first dibs. I can’t deny you guys from visiting him, since the D.A.B. is involved with the police this time. But that doesn’t mean I can hand him over. If you don’t like the rules, take it up with a congressman.” Marvelous Man could hear Fairuza speaking into his head. “Unfortunately, she’s right. We’re going to have to let her go with this one,” reported Fairuza. The men said nothing. Marvelous Man could not argue at all, since he had no idea what the rules and bureaucracy surrounding the situation were. With nobody to question Octomentist, the prosthetic superhero left with the bounded suspect in tow. Marvelous Man consoled, “At least we saved the day.” “Yeah, but one of our leads got taken away,” complained Gemini. Gene crossed his arms, “Marvelous Man is correct. What is important is that we saved the day and mitigated any further disaster to the fellow civilians of the grand shopping mall. We still have the Gilgamesh locked in our headquarters, and he is by far the worst of the three.” “Yeah, I guess so,” sighed Gemini. Gene frowned, “However, I do feel the worries at how easily these recent victories were achieved without the help of higher ranked individuals. If their purpose was to strike fear into the common man of Skyway City, they did not try hard enough.” “I am also bothered that there might be another guardian biding their time to appear again. I will immediately return to headquarters and review our previous encounter with the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man, perhaps you should see if any of the evacuated civilians need any medical attention,” he continued. Marvelous Man nodded, “Yeah, sure. I can do that.” The bunny demigod turned to Gemini. “Gemini, I believe you can help us by requesting the police to submit the subpoena for visitation rights. We must question the other two guardians the Arkos Division have incarcerated at their headquarters,” suggested Gene. Gemini looked away, “That’s not what I’m here for, but whatever. You’re apparently the boss, I guess.” Marvelous Man glared down at the Soulem, as Gene frowned. “Because you are new, I will excuse your rudeness for now. Be advised that you should be kinder to your teammates, and you WILL respect a man of the royal Totochtin lineage. Do you understand?” stated the Totochtin prince. The musclebound superhero could feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise, as the noticeable tension between Gene and Gemini grew. It was a conflict between the two men he loved, but he could not bring himself to decide on a side to pick. The Soulem’s digital eyes dueled with the bunny demigod’s for a moment before flicking away. Gemini sighed, “Fine.” The Totochtin prince did not reply to the bulky Soulem’s impolite response and proceeded towards the mall’s exit. The hulking bodybuilder and his Soulem friend said nothing and continued to watch Gene leave. The sound of Gene’s footsteps echoed heavily in the empty mall. Once it seemed that the rabbit superhero had left the building, Marvelous Man turned his gaze back towards Gemini. The embarrassment Marvelous Man felt towards Gemini’s remarks was now replaced with anger. The color on Gemini’s mood rings had returned back to white, as the Soulem looked up at Marvelous Man. “THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” roared Marvelous Man. The husky Soulem slightly cringed, as his mood rings had flashed to yellow. His eyes narrowed in surprise to Marvelous Man’s outburst; as if Gemini were a deer caught in the headlights. He hesitated, “Wh-what? I’m not his robot butler. He can ride my dick for all I care. Besides, he should be respecting me. I’m the one that drew the symbols incantating a barrier. All he did was use his energy as a power source.” “Don’t act like that’s what this is about! I’m okay with you shitting all over me. I deserve some of that. But not Gene, alright? You don’t get treat him like that,” said Marvelous Man. Gemini fired back, “He doesn’t treat you right either! You’re just another conquest for him. I don’t get how you can still love him. I’m the better choice!” Marvelous Man stared down at Gemini in bewilderment. He opened his perfect lips before pausing. He could feel another emotional tirade bubbling up along with his eyes becoming flushed with tears, but he did not want anybody to witness it. Remembering his D.A.B. shoulder patch kept him telepathically connected to his other team members, he slid his jacket off. As his black leather jacket hit the ground, the bitter taste of his true feelings came tumbling out. “...What happened to you, Gem? You got that new body, and it changed you for the worst. You’re so mean and selfish now whenever you don’t get your way...What happened to my friend, Gem?” he teared. He continued, “I thought...I thought I could make this work. I get that you’re dealing with new emotions and stuff. So I thought that I just wait it out a bit for you to come to your senses, and then we’d figure out this...complicated stuff. But you’re being a dickasaurus rex, man.” “Wha-no! Don’t say that…” said Gemini. Marvelous Man snapped, “But you are! How can I know that you’re right for me when you keep pressuring me to choose you. You kept talking about trying to understand me a couple days ago, but I don’t think you really get me. It’s hard for me to choose...But I think you’ve made it easier for me.” Gemini could only gape at Marvelous Man’s lecture, as his mood rings shifted to blue. Marvelous Man looked at the ground before turning away from Gemini. The musclebound superhero headed further into the mall; trying to get further away from Gemini seeing tears ready to stream down. “Justice…” whimpered Gemini. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thumping his colossal body around a couple more corners, Marvelous Man began to slow down. He felt he had put enough distance between himself and the Soulem and started to look for a place to sit. Spotting a wooden bench a small distance away, he lumbered towards it. The hulking bodybuilder sat himself down on the bench and hugged himself. Marvelous Man wiped his cheeks; removing the streams of tears moving down his face. He felt so many sensations when saying how he felt about Gemini. It felt toxic and blocky. His mouth was feeling wet and bloated, while his throat felt lumpy and dry. Marvelous Man told himself he needed to calm down. He reasoned that the people outside of the mall might need his healing powers, and heroes don’t have time to cry when people need help. A voice spoke behind him, “Hey, slag. Been a while.” Marvelous Man froze. It was a familiar voice that he had not heard in a while. It was deep, male voice that carried a stereotypical cockneyed accent. It was a voice that came from none other than his first and humiliating encounter with a supervillain. Spring up from the bench, Marvelous Man quickly spun around. He glared at the last person he expected to see today. He confirmed, “PB&J Gang…” “Yeah, that’s us. I see you’re trying topless style this time,” smiled the peanut butter villain. Marvelous Man took another look at the sandwich spread foe. The first time they met each other, the PB&J Gang were five sentient creatures that would fuse into one being. The leader of the gang was a round, rectangular being made of peanut butter. Its underlings were four gelatin beings that took the color and flavor of different fruit jams: Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, and Raspberry. They were currently combined with the leader as the torso and head, and the jam-like followers taking the form of the limbs. With the peanut butter leader being the head, his face was fully formed to look like a carved jack-o-lantern with a soft yellow light glowing within. It also had small horns pointing out of its head; dull but still menacing to viewers. Yet, there was something odd about the PB&J Gang that Marvelous Man noticed. Marvelous Man inquired, “Hey, wasn’t there five of you?” The peanut butter leader frowned. It was obvious to anybody that the combined version of the PB&J Gang appeared to be incomplete. They had the legs, but there was an arm-shaped jelly limb missing from the merged person. “Yeah, Strawberry’s been taken...And it’s why I’m here,” he sighed, “I really didn’t want it to be like this, but...I don’t got a choice in the matter if I want him back...Really sorry about this, mate.” Holding up his grape-flavored jelly arm, the PB&J Gang clenched his only fist. The gelatin being then motioned his fist to open as if it were trying to mimic an explosion. The sandwich spread supervillain said nothing as seconds ticked by. Marvelous Man took up a fighting stance, “What’re you…?” A gurgling noise echoed from the bodybuilder’s stomach. Marvelous Man could feel something beginning to build up inside of himself. It felt like he had just eaten a light lunch. But then it started to change; feeling the light lunch become a full meal. The pressure in his stomach increased to the point of overeating pain starting to develop. Marvelous Man hunched over to grab his abdomen. “Ack! Wha-what did you do to my stomach?!” he gasped. The PB&J Gang slowly walked towards him. His face was not exhibiting any pleasure at his actions. He explained, “Do you remember when we first met, mate? My crew and I were having our jollies robbing the bank, and you showed up trying to be all big and impressive. I graped your face, and you swallowed some of it. Now luckily, you never bothered to get yourself checked. Which made tracking all the easier.” “And funny thing about our biology, we can force ourselves to grow. So we never get digested. All this time, you had a piece of us in you, ya slag. We’re like that myth about gum staying in you for seven years. Only we can do it forever. And what you’re feeling right now, that’s us growing way faster than you can digest,” continued the PB&J Gang. Marvelous Man’s stomach groaned louder, as the hulking bodybuilder could feel his belly start to expand. His own abdomen was beginning to slightly swell against his arm. Marvelous Man then felt a sensation of something coming up his throat like acid reflux. He could taste grape jelly in his mouth. The musclebound superhero shouted, “...!!!” Marvelous Man stood there shocked before trying to scream for Gemini. Nothing he tried to yell was being vocalized; as if someone pressed the mute button on his voice box. The bodybuilder gripped his throat, as he realized the inside of it was still coated in grape jelly. Now standing only a step away the muscle demigod, the PB&J Gang thrusted an underhanded punch at Marvelous Man’s swollen belly. A surge of purple gelatin erupted from Marvelous Man’s mouth, as the overly-muscular bodybuilder fell to the ground. He laid there; crippled in pain. “Can’t let you call out your friends, Naked Justice. At least not yet. When I get Strawberry back, then you can call out to your friends with your spells or communicators or whatever. I’m beggin’ ya. Just play along for now,” said the PB&J Gang. Marvelous Man’s eyes widened with renewed hope. He thought as hard as he could to mentally call out for his teammates. Realization hit immediately upon realizing that he left his jacket on the other side of the mall. It was the only thing that carried the D.A.B. magical communicator patch. The only solution to that problem would be to clasp his golden bracelets together, transform into Justice, and then switch back to being Marvelous Man with a new black leather jacket equipped. It was a risk that could work...if it was not for his transformation being voice activated. Hope crashed into the pits of his jelly-filled stomach with full comprehension that there was no way out of this situation. The PB&J Gang enlarged their purple gelatin hand big enough to pick up an adult human. Wrapping his wet fingers around Marvelous Man’s hulking body, they only managed to grip half of the giant anatomy. The sandwich spread being lifted the muscle demigod before laying the front side of the bodybuilder onto his peanut butter back. The overly-meaty limbs of Marvelous Man sunk into the peanut butter substance like quicksand. Marvelous Man panicked and tried to thrash about; fearing complete engulfment and suffocation. As he tried to struggle, it only increased the pain in his stretched stomach. The overstuffed belly had limited his movements and caused his mighty arms and legs to be incapable of budging effectively within the thick entity. In a last ditch effort, the muscle demigod activated his flight power. He managed to gain some lift, but the peanut butter back reacted to the escape attempt by flexing. Clenching down, the smooth peanut butter surface had transformed into a muscular back filled with deep valleys and large cords that any muscle enthusiast would be jealous of. Marvelous Man was being pulled down once again; feeling like light unable to escape the immense gravity of a black hole. The PB&J Gang sighed, “Settle down, mate! I’m not trying to kill ya. Just trying to keep you from escaping. I need you alive anyways if I want to make the trade.” Marvelous Man ceased his movement. There was something interesting about what the PB&J Gang had been trying to tell him. He wondered who was holding their friend at ransom. With his body relaxed, Marvelous Man slid deeper into muscular, peanut butter back. The sinking finally came to a halt; just as the bodybuilder’s inflated gut was pressing into the muscled backside and the connecting joints were about to be immersed. The muscle demigod was glad that he was no longer being merged into the supervillain. But the situation was now incredibly uncomfortable due to his overstuffed stomach. Locked into place with the PB&J’s hard, muscular back pressed heavily against his belly, it felt like he was being punched at an excruciatingly slow pace. “Oh, right. I guess I better tell you who’s making me do this,” mentioned the PB&J Gang, “It’s that new guy that’s been on the telly for a bit. You and the D.A.B. have been fighting him. Calls himself the Skeleton Lord.” Marvelous Man’s eyes grew wide again. The sandwich spread supervillain continued, “Yeah, he’s one fucker I don’t want to tangle with again. The crew and I didn’t know it was him when we tried to prank him. Thought he was some homeless guy. Turns out he’s got that weird power with that black smoke and making bones just shoot out of him. He was able to do other stuff that I never seen anybody else do, but I don’t even know how to describe it.” “...But the one thing that’s got me proper scared is that he said he knows how to kill us for good. And I can tell that he is a man that doesn’t see the point of lying. I ain’t taking that chance with my own kin,” he finished. Marvelous Man’s heartbeat pounded at a rapid pace. The Skeleton Lord had a motive but kept doing things with no decipherable pattern to it. Marvelous Man thought back to what Gene had said about the previous guardians being too easy. If there was a fourth guardian or any sort of intelligence he could gather about the Skeleton Lord, this might be his only chance. The PB&J Gang turned to the mall’s alternate exit, but then paused. He scratched his chin, “Now that I said all that out loud...it’s probably better if your friends find you faster...I’ll just leave a trail. They should be smart enough to figure it out. Plenty of cameras here to spot us anyways.” The sandwich spread supervillain resumed marching towards the alternate exit while leaving behind a gelatin footprint with every step. Marvelous Man felt a drop of renewed hope that everything would work out. He could also feel that the growing grape jelly within him had reached his intestines and were inflating to max capacity. The bodybuilder was glad he had practiced with extreme-sized sex toys, as his body was accustomed to feeling full in the bowels and being extraneously stretched there. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> After being transported outside the mall, Marvelous Man was snuck into the sewers through a large manhole. The muscle demigod obliged to the PB&J Gang’s request and illuminated himself to light their way. He lost track of the many turns his sticky captor made, and he was at a loss of what part of the city he was in. Time seemed to drone on, as the nasty stench within the sewers faded from Marvelous Man’s senses. While being carried to the Skeleton Lord’s location, the hulking bodybuilder endured the PB&J Gang’s ramblings on the many mischievous adventures the gelatin supervillain had. Every now and then, the PB&J Gang would go back to how they met the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man eventually managed to put the small tidbits of information together and came at a conclusion. The PB&J Gang had stumbled upon the Skeleton Lord huddled underneath a highway overpass by a drainage system. They attempted to steal the Skeleton Lord’s cloak out of sheer dickery. The ancient evil did not find this action humorous and retaliated. The Skeleton Lord had been feeding on the rats in the area and was able to sever the Strawberry arm from the combined PB&J Gang. The Skeleton Lord held Strawberry at ransom and had them do two things. The first was to find an area full of misfits that would never attempt to contact any police or superheroes and use it as a new hiding place for the Skeleton Lord. And the second was to bring Marvelous Man to the new hiding place. With the end of the journey seemingly near, Marvelous Man noticed the PB&J Gang turning towards a metal door and not another tunnel. The sandwich spread being pushed open the door to reveal another tunnel. Upon crossing over to the new area, Marvelous Man considered they were no longer in the sewers. A stale breeze flowed past muscle demigod, as he observed a set of metal tracks lined across the tunnel. The PB&J Gang then walked down the dimly lit tunnel before turning into a clearing. Marvelous Man gasped at the familiar surroundings. The clearing was a concrete dome stained in splatters of dark red. Lined against the walls were rubles of the makeshift homes destroyed by Marvelous Man’s encounter with the Skeleton Lord. Lines were beginning to connect in the musclebound superhero’s head, yet no solid conclusion could be found. The Skeleton Lord’s new hideout was somewhere in the ghettos outside of the Ridgemont subway station. But for what purpose would the Skeleton Lord come back to the area the supervillain was discovered at? The gelatin being continued moving through the clearing and up the stairs. Upon breaking through the subway entrance, daylight casted itself on the two. The buildings before them were just as Marvelous Man remembered them; forgotten architectures rotten and gored of most of their interior. The PB&J Gang wandered further into the ghetto, as Marvelous Man kept watch for any suspicious activity. Chunks of time passed, as the supervillain meandered through the many bend and turning into different streets. The PB&J Gang finally came to a halt, as the gelatin being looked at the structure in front of the two. It was a two-story townhouse that was hidden behind the alley of two boarded stores. It barely had any blue paint left on its ruined husk, and whatever windows that were not broken had cracked panes. The air surrounding the structure not only carried the scent of a dead home but also its residents. “Brace yourself, mate. It’s really ugly in there. The sods been feeding but hasn’t dealt with disposing the scraps...you’ll see what I mean,” said the PB&J Gang. The sandwich spread supervillain twisted the knob and pushed forward. As it fully opened, Marvelous Man could only see blackness inside without any signs of light or electricity. The stench of decaying flesh and wood increased, as the PB&J Gang entered the townhouse. Marvelous Man could no longer handle the foul odor and began to lower his face closer to the peanut butter back. The hulking bodybuilder was slightly alleviated by the gelatinous being’s peanut butter scent mixing in with the rotting stink. Activating his illuminating powers, Marvelous Man’s light carved through the darkness to reveal the source of the death stench. The muscle demigod spotted corpses of humans and transpecies propped against the walls and flurries of flies buzzing about. As his captor moved through the house to a set of stairs at the end of the hall, Marvelous Man could see that the dead had different times of death. Some had recently died with colors still flushed on their skin, and others were past rigor mortis and had begun to bloat and leak rotting fluids. The PB&J Gang muttered, “And this is why you don’t do drugs or let supernatural things into your body.” Marvelous Man looked at the limbs of the corpses they passed by, while his captor proceed up a staircase. He observed syringe injection scars and crudely-made magical seal tattoos on the forearms. There were also runic designs painted in red on the skin; some cracked but still recent. A memory of what the PB&J Gang told him earlier about the Skeleton Lord’s first ransom demand lit up in his mind. “Find an area full of misfits that would never attempt to contact any police or superheroes and use it as a new hiding place for the Skeleton Lord”. The musclebound superhero had seen enough crime dramas to figure out this townhouse’s recent purpose before becoming the Skeleton Lord’s new hideout. Reaching the top of the steps, the PB&J Gang now stood in the hallway of the second floor. There were three doors; one on the left and right side and one at the end of the hallway. The doors on the sides of the hallway were open, but the door at the end remained closed. Realizing the Skeleton Lord is most likely behind that door, Marvelous Man’s heart rate began to escalate. It dawned on the musclebound superhero that this was his last window of opportunity to escape. Every instinct in Marvelous Man told him to run, but his resolve was stronger. The muscle demigod remained still, as his captor carried him through the hallway. The PB&J Gang’s pace was slow and seemed to drone on for eternity. Yet it was only the span of seconds before reaching the end of the hallway. Placing a grape jelly hand on the knob, the PB&J Gang slowly opened the door with a low creak. The noise of cartoon sound effects softly echoed in the air. The walls and ceiling were covered in the same whisping black smoke the Skeleton Lord expels. Barely cutting through the darkness was the dim orange light of a lit candle; resting on the ground. Marvelous Man could see a molded mattress nearly turning black and lying dangerously close to the flaming candle. There was also a human-like figure slightly depressing into it; dressed only in a red cloak with a bulging hood. Marvelous Man’s breathe ceased, as he came to a realization of who it was. The Skeleton Lord did not pay the two any attention upon entering his room. He appeared enamored with a smartphone in his hand; the screen’s light shining against the red hood. As he swiped his peach-pigmented index finger across the phone’s screen, the device played another soundbyte of cartoon noises and kids cheering. Seconds continued to pass, while the PB&J Gang stood there. “...H-hey, boss? I brought him,” spoke the PB&J Gang. The Skeleton Lord’s boney finger paused in midair, as the robed man looked up. Even with the phone’s light shining into his hood, darkness continued to obscure his face. The Skeleton Lord then laid his device onto the moldy mattress before standing up. He spoke, “My apologies. I was distracted by the glass tablet. The technology here is much intriguing. It really feels like yesterday for me when the common man rode on horses and not those self-driven chariots.” “But I digress, one should always knock before they enter. It is, after all, quite rude to barge into one’s room. Especially with royalty, such as I,” continued the Skeleton Lord. The PB&J bowed, “Uh, er, r-right. Sorry...my lord.” “That’s better,” replied the Skeleton Lord, “And even better is that you accomplished all that I tasked you with. You faired completely better than my other three guardians.” He sighed, “And I hear that in these times it is the third that is supposedly the charm. Though perhaps the fourth will fair better. Well, since I am in a most excellent mood, how would you like to be my fifth guardian?” Marvelous Man swallowed. This confirmed what Gene Lightfoot had been guessing. There was a fourth guardian ready to be let loose. The only problem was that he was not sure which one it was. The muscle demigod remembered in the previous fight with the Skeleton Lord, the supervillain was armed with a scythe sword and shield, a glaive polearm, and a pair of short-handed axes. The fourth weapon the Skeleton Lord used was probably used briefly before being disarmed and never registering in the heroes’ heads. “Please, m-my lord...I appreciate the offer. I really do...But...I just want my friend back, please,” declined the PB&J Gang. The Skeleton Lord scratched his chin, “Hmmm...I’d normally kill you where you stand after you slapped away my most gracious offer...BUT! We did have a deal. And a king must always honor their word. Besides, I could always find you again whenever I please.” “Allow me to secure the cargo first, and then I shall release your compatriot into your care,” he stated. The Skeleton Lord waved his hand. The whisping darkness covering the walls and ceiling stirred, as tentacles of the same material sprouted from it. The black tendrils reached out and ensnared Marvelous Man’s massive body. The ceiling tentacle cupped underneath the massive pecs, as the corner wall tentacles looped around the thunderous thighs and grappled over the mountainous shoulders and hairless armpits. Once secured around the colossal bodybuilder, the whisping tendrils pulled. The muscular peanut butter back trapping Marvelous Man showed no resistance; releasing the muscle demigod without a sound or any peanut butter residuals on the meaty limbs. After lifting the musclebound captive out of the PB&J Gang, the tentacles around the shoulders and thighs began to retreat back into the smoky walls. The wall tendrils that were returning to their dark source loosened their grasp; only to gently slide down the overly-muscular extremities. As the tentacles that traveled down Marvelous Man’s legs, it then encountered the leather black boots the musclebound superhero wore. Without any signs of resistance, the whisping black tentacles effortlessly stripped the footwear from the muscle demigod’s milk chocolate skin. The wall tendrils then reasserted their grip around Marvelous Man’s wrists and ankles, as the leather boots fell to the wooden floor with a dull thunk. The only thing left now clothing the hulking bodybuilder was the golden wreath and bracelets and the American Flag battle bikini. The ceiling tentacle, wrapped underneath the watermelon-sized pectorals, rotated Marvelous Man; situating the muscle demigod to face front towards the ceiling. It then dragged the muscle demigod to the center of the room and hanged the bodybuilder superhero at the Skeleton Lord’s waist level. The ceiling tendril released its hold over Marvelous Man’s torso and completely returned into the ceiling’s darkness, while the wall tentacles retreated further into the wall corners. With the wrists and ankles still restrained by the wall tentacles, the gargantuan limbs were pulled along with. Fearing his ligaments would be torn off, Marvelous Man attempted to struggle. His heavy body wiggled about, but he came to an eventual still seconds later. Right when his body parts were stretched at the maximum, uncomfortable point of feeling his joints dislocate, the tentacles ceased their retreat. Marvelous Man was suspended in a spread eagle position; his limbs bounded with no room to bend. The Skeleton Lord held a finger up to his unseen chin; appearing to plot something nasty if Marvelous Man could see his face. The ancient evil waved his hand and the wall tentacles reacted. The black tendrils attached to the hulking bodybuilder’s legs began to move sideways, while pulling the meaty legs further away from each other. Marvelous Man was confused at such an action, but it then became apparent as to what the supervillain was trying to do. The Skeleton Lord was trying to test the muscle demigod’s limberness just for sadistical fun. His overly-muscular legs easily spread apart but came to a thankful halt once Marvelous Man’s limbs were positioned into a perfect split. The Skeleton Lord must have realized any further could do severe harm to the musclebound superhero and ceased the whisping, dark tentacles movement. “Hmmm, impressive,” the Skeleton Lord murmured, “I would not expect a gargantuan star child to have an acrobat’s flexibility.” Marvelous Man’s frustration and fear increased, as he was tossed from one helpless state to the next. He wished he had Gene’s ability to turn this frightful situation into a sexy one. The musclebound superhero consoled himself that he could still turn the tables by activating his illumination power as a means of escaping the Skeleton Lord’s dark elements. The Skeleton Lord mentioned, “Ah, yes. I had almost forgotten about your illuminating abilities. You may not have your golden ocarina in hand, but I would be a fool to not take the precaution.” The man cloaked in red snapped his fingers. The whisping, dark tentacles shattered, as it revealed underneath its layer solid bindings made of bone. The lingering hope Marvelous Man had once again sunk back into his jelly-filled stomach. The only thing the superhero’s light could do now was reveal what specific white shade the bones probably had. “And with my requirement fulfilled...” announced the Skeleton Lord. Waving his boney hand into the air, the Skeleton Lord caused the whisping darkness in the ceiling to stir once again. A noise similar to thunder lightly rumbled, as an object fell from it. The object fell in front the PB&J Gang and crashed with a wet splat. Marvelous Man barely had time to glimpse at it, but it appeared to be a sort of gel-like substance. The PB&J Gang squatted, “...Strawberry? That you?” The object lunged at the sandwich spread being’s left shoulder; springing like an alien blob. Upon contact, the gelatin creature shapeshifted into a left arm that fitted perfectly into the peanut butter shoulder. The PB&J Gang petted the new arm. “It’s alright, love. You’re safe with us now,” he said. The PB&J Gang looked up at Marvelous Man, as he began to back away. Even though Marvelous Man could only see the gelatinous being from an upside-down perspective, the musclebound superhero could still see the frown and sadness in his eyes. He waved at the bodybuilder, “Well...I’ll let myself out. Have a nice chat, Marvelous Man.” The PB&J Gang then fell to the floor; shapeshifting into a large puddle of mixed jelly flavors and peanut butter. The shapeless mass immediately flung itself out of the room and out of Marvelous Man’s sight. With the only “ally” Marvelous Man had in Skeleton Lord’s presence gone, he slowly turned his focus back to the ancient evil. The panic in his heart had risen again. “Ah, that’s right. I had not been given the pleasure of learning your name...or the Totochtin’s for that matter. So the star child has been entitled the Marvelous Man?” hummed the Skeleton Lord. As the muscle demigod swallowed in nervousness, he realized something. The grape jelly coating the inside of his throat had receded back into his bloated belly. And the overeating pain he had been feeling during the transportation capture had also faded; he no longer had his overfilled stomach literally weighing him down. Even though Marvelous Man had been bounded and stretched without room to wiggle, he still had some sliver of chance to escape from the Skeleton Lord’s clutches. Marvelous Man answered, “Yeah...it’s what I call myself.” The Skeleton Lord walked around Marvelous Man; tracing his fingers against the rippled, muscular mass. The hulking bodybuilder shivered from the ancient evil’s touch. It felt cold and dry, and the fingers gracing upon the smooth skin tickled Marvelous Man’s nerves. And every time it seemed the supervillain’s body was about to collide with one of the bone fixtures attached to the musclebound superhero and the wall, he simply phased through it like a ghost. It was as if his own bone powers could not affect him in any negative aspect. “Hmm, such a vague name. It’s as if you are trying to convince yourself that you’re special,” he commented, “Ah, but that is not an implied insult towards you! Merely, that if someone other than you had chosen to inherit such a name, they would be such a pathetic being.” As the ancient evil rounded himself in front of Marvelous Man’s head, he stopped. The Skeleton Lord reached out with his skinny fingers and placed them upon the muscle demigod’s golden laurel wreath. He lifted the Olympian ornament from Marvelous Man’s temples with gracious ease. The Skeleton Lord held it up to his face, as he glided his fingers upon the wreath’s smooth and sharp edges. “But you...you carry it quite well. You are special. You are marvelous. You are not the strongest fighter in your party. No, your party members have made that point quite clear. YOU are the most important member. You are the healer. You help your comrades continue to fight with renewed vigor. And you assist them in areas they are weak in and unknowingly push me to my limits. I can never use my common bag of tricks with you around. Without you, they could never hope to contend with me,” he continued. Even with the Skeleton Lord so close, Marvelous Man could still not see the supervillain’s face. The bulky horse skull bulging underneath the red hood seemed to be casting its own shadow to mask any facial features. The muscle demigod did not dare use his illumination ability; for fear of angering the Skeleton Lord and most likely resulting in a quick death. Marvelous Man questioned, “And that’s why you had me kidnapped?” The Skeleton Lord tossed the golden wreath to the side of the room; curiosity apparently sated. The laurel ornament clanged onto the ground outside of Marvelous Man’s visuals. He slid a hand back into his red robe. “Mm, well, no. I wanted the Totochtin. But when that pathetic sap creature bargained for your capture instead and saying how easy it would be for them, I took the chance. Getting rid of you would make things flow much more easily. To think that all those legions of wizards and priests, and it was you that hindered me the most,” answered the Skeleton Lord. No matter what, the only thing the Skeleton Lord obsessed over other than the world’s destruction was Gene Lightfoot. Marvelous Man was aware of how after their first encounter, the Skeleton Lord seemed to have a soft spot for the Totochtin prince and never used lethal harm on Gene. He still could not figure out if it was due to Gene’s power or libido that caused such reaction. He shuddered, “So you’re going to kill me?” The Skeleton Lord cackled in a high pitched shriek. With no room to flinch, Marvelous Man could only react to the shrill noise by flexing his meaty pectorals. “I will admit, the idea did cross my mind. But no, I will not kill you. You have a mighty body that seems to mend itself. Even after Gilgamesh crushed your hand into an unusable lump. Itzcóatl made sure to report that after witnessing your other encounters with my guardians,” said the Skeleton Lord. He continued, “My intention with you is to use you as a wellspring of power for me to draw upon. Tell me, has your generation created a device for such empowering circumstances? Or do things like the glass tablet still need mana or soulbindings?” “...You mean a battery?” said Marvelous Man. The Skeleton Lord mused, “Battery?...Battery, battery, battery...a funny name, but it also sounds simple. Yes, you shall serve as my battery. I am still not at my fullest of forms and require more energy. I might not be able to attain lust energy from you, but there are other ways I can obtain what I need from you.” He knelt down to Marvelous Man’s ear; his breath spraying a putrid warmness. Marvelous Man’s head bent away in a futile attempt to keep any sort of distance between the supervillain. The musclebound superhero could sense the disgusting lips almost touching. “And while I would love to, su-su-su-su, sip on your fear, fear energy is but a droplet. And when my name was known to all living, I drank oceans,” slurped the Skeleton Lord. Standing straight up, the Skeleton Lord walked towards Marvelous Man’s burly arm. His exposed hand dragged across the muscle demigod’s shoulder, while his withdrawn hand came out of the red cloak with a curved knife crafted of bone. He declared, “Let’s start with your blood.” Marvelous Man’s eyes went wide, as he struggled. With his extremities bounded, the hulking bodybuilder could only sway his hips about in a feeble attempt to move away. The only thing that moved from the squirming was the bulge in his thin, battle bikini; lewdly flopping around. He knew now was not the right time to escape, but he did not want to be cut. Lowering the bone knife, the Skeleton Lord dragged the blade across Marvelous Man’s inner forearm. The overly-muscular superhero closed his eyes and winced; bracing for pain. As the knife slid down the forearm, it could only press into the skin without actually breaking it. The Skeleton Lord held up the bone knife for a closer examination upon discovering the failed incision. Marvelous Man slowly opened his eyes; wondering if the deed had been done. He expected it to really hurt, but it felt like he was being cut with a child’s plastic butter knife. Looking over at the supposed cut, he then breathed a sigh of relief. “It appears that without Gilgamesh’s strength, I cannot pierce through your baby-soft skin. Though I should not be surprised, since I failed to impale you the first time we met,” sighed the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man’s eyes flicked with confusion, “I’m...sorry?” The muscle demigod was not sure how to take the Skeleton Lord’s comment. It could be worded as a compliment, but the supervillain said it with a disappointed tone. And with Marvelous Man’s innate sense to help people, he could not help but offer an apology. “It’s alright. Though I do appreciate you being a good sport about this,” said the Skeleton Lord, “I’m afraid with your constitution, turning your blood into energy is out of the question. And you would most likely be resistant to flesh absorption magic. Alas, I suppose we will have to resort to the backup plan.” Marvelous Man held his breath. He desperately hoped the backup plan did not involve killing him. What the hulking bodybuilder did hope for was just being raped by tentacles and milked for lust energy like Gene probably would have been if kidnapped first. At this current point, Marvelous Man wished for anything but death. “And that entails having your life energy drained. You’ll barely be able to wiggle a finger, but you will still live and be stuck here as my battery,” explained the supervillain. The Skeleton Lord looked away, “I am sure he will survive. We perfected it on...what did they call themselves? Drug addicts? He can heal himself. It will be fine.” Marvelous Man glanced at where the ancient evil was staring at but saw nothing. The musclebound superhero now felt uneasy. The Skeleton Lord was already crazy for trying to destroy the world, but it became more apparent of how mentally unstable the supervillain really was. “Itzcóatl!” called the Skeleton Lord. A man’s voice immediately responded. Marvelous Man could not see him but knew the stranger came from behind the Skeleton Lord. He replied, “Yes, my lord.” “Bring me the bowl,” commanded the ancient evil. Turning his attention back to Marvelous Man, the Skeleton Lord resumed turning the muscle demigod into a living battery. The Skeleton Lord walked towards the hulking bodybuilder’s waist while dragging his unarmed hand over the valleys of muscle. Marvelous Man shuttered from the cold, tickling sensation. As the ancient evil reached the bodybuilder’s waist, he crept his molesting hand across the cobblestone abs and underneath the American flag bikini. The Skeleton Lord then grabbed the battle bikini’s side and yanked it up. With the bone knife still in his other hand, he held it underneath the gripped elastic fabric. The Skeleton Lord tugged the blade back with a quick jerk. The threads of the bikini showed no resistant; cleanly cut through by the bone knife with a quick ripping sound. With one part of it cut, the supervillain reached over to the other side of the bikini to repeat the procedure. The result was the same, as the Skeleton Lord began to peel away the sliced battle bikini in a almost ceremonious fashion. The last remnants of Marvelous Man’s clothing fell to the floor without making a sound; leaving the musclebound superhero exposed with his super package drooping in the air. Marvelous Man would feel humiliated if he were not used to having his clothes destroyed. The actual humiliation he had been feeling was being captured and helpless to the Skeleton Lord’s desires. The supervillain chuckled, “I thought it was possible you were stuffing your briefs, but I have been proven wrong. This is surely another reason if anyone else were to inherit your name as the Marvelous Man, hehe. Most impressive as a display of manhood...but I highly doubt you could sow your seed into a woman with a club such as that. And with a man of your stature, the babe would surely kill her in childbirth.” “Thanks...I guess,” said Marvelous Man. The muscle demigod felt at a loss for what to do. The Skeleton Lord’s actions felt confusing and terrifying. Struggling to prioritize, Marvelous Man tried to focus on what needed to be done. He needed more information for Gene and the D.A.B., and he needed to escape. There was no way he could fight the Skeleton Lord on his own. Unless...he tried to poison the Skeleton Lord with his own dark ability. He could keep the ancient evil incapacitated by reactivating every wound the Skeleton Lord had. It may be damaging to the superhero’s psyche, but it was the only thing he could think of. But with Marvelous Man’s current predicament, the supervillain would instantly see it and kill without hesitation. The Skeleton Lord might not be able to pierce his skin, but the supervillain might be able to do other things to kill him without damaging hulking bodybuilder’s epidermis. The most probable time to strike would have to be right when the draining begins. The only problem to the breakout rides upon the Skeleton Lord’s assistant being in the presence of the energy drain. The unseen man might have an ability to stop or kill the musclebound superhero. Marvelous Man figured that would have to wait until the opportunity arises. The overly-muscular superhero spotted something materializing next to the Skeleton Lord. The figment had transformed into a man with skin shaded as dark as mocha. His clothing was simple: a loincloth with a knot formed at the front and a hoodless cloak. Both fabrics were colored in red and outlined with teal. The colored apparel reminded Marvelous Man of the Aztec paintings of its people illustrated in the high school textbooks. Adorned on his head was a wooden headdress mask carved to look like a snake. In his hands, he carried a blue kitchen bowl. He spoke, “I have brought the bowl, my lord.” “Wonderful,” said the Skeleton Lord. The bone knife the ancient evil wielded dissolved into a whisping darkness before dissipating into nothingness. Turning to the Aztec-like man, the Skeleton Lord dipped his index and middle finger into the bowl. The supervillain stood there for a second before swiveling his body back towards Marvelous Man. Marvelous Man could see the dipped fingers coated in a red liquid, as the Skeleton Lord began applying the substance. It appeared that the supervillain was drawing something on him. Feeling that he was now on good relations with the supervillain, the musclebound superhero figured now was a good time to begin the interrogation. He gathered the courage to speak up, while the Skeleton Lord was busy finger-painting his massive body. He started, “So...is he your fourth guardian?” “Itzcóatl? Yes, he is. He is the vengeful hunter and my most loyal guardian. The other three joined me out of fear, honor-bound, and misguided whimsy that became shame. But Itzcóatl joined me for the sake of bloodlust,” clarified the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man felt it was a good start. This could be useful for Gene and the Demonic Authority Bureau to know, but it might not be enough to devise a countermeasure. He had to press on for more information; especially with the guardian’s ability to reappear anywhere. He questioned, “So what can he do? Teleport?” “It would be a godsend if he could. But alas, no. It is a tad more basic for a hunter like him,” hummed the Skeleton Lord. It did not seem like Marvelous Man would get anymore answers regarding Itzcóatl. If he persisted, the Skeleton Lord might lose his good favor. It was time to change topic. The hulking bodybuilder inquired, “Oh...what are you painting on me?” “I suppose it would not hurt me to tell you. I am scribing runes on you to act as a sort of...safeguard. When there is only the last drop of your life energy in you, this will activate and protect you. I do not wish for you to die an early death, after all,” said the Skeleton Lord. He looked away, “Yes, I’m sure I’m doing it right. The last few survived before we ended their miserable existence.” Marvelous Man thought back to what the Skeleton Lord said earlier. The supervillain managed to perfect something by the implication of testing it on the drug addicts. His thoughts then turned to the corpses downstairs. All the dead bodies seemed to show signs of drug abuse and probable supernatural magic for hallucinogenic purposes. There was also the recent runic designs painted onto their skin. Had they been guinea pigs for perfecting the runic safeguard? “Uh, okay. So how are you doing that bone stuff and all of this? I don’t see you using spells or magic circles. So how do you do it?” asked Marvelous Man. The Skeleton Lord moved towards Marvelous Man’s head and began to apply the red substance on the superhero’s face. The scent of the liquid paint became apparent to the muscle demigod, while the ancient evil drew runic symbols. It smelled like iron; a pungent odor that caused Marvelous Man to instantly recognize what the red paint truly was. Just like in the abandoned subway, it was blood. The supervillain replied, “That. Is a secret.” Marvelous Man was not sure how much time he had left before the preparations for his energy drain were complete. He could feel the blood on his upper body and face still wet on his skin. The hulking bodybuilder began to feel frustrated, as the Skeleton Lord moved towards his legs. None of the answers he could get did not give a direct answer towards a weakness or an element the D.A.B. could use to their advantage. Once Marvelous Man escapes, the ancient evil will flee to another location and become impossible to find. “Then...what destroyed your purpose? That’s what you said to me last time, right? What caused you to want to...turn the world into ash?” he said. The Skeleton Lord froze. Slowly turning to stare at Marvelous Man, the musclebound superhero felt a fearful chill coursing through. He hissed, “Do you think you could save me? That by trying to understand me, I will weep seas of tears and change my ways? Hmmm?” A tentacle grew from the ceiling of whisping darkness and lashed out. It coiled around Marvelous Man’s neck; strangling with the crushing strength of a python. The hulking bodybuilder tried gasping for air but could only gurgle. “All those priests and shamans that came alone in an attempt to consult me...saying the same thing. And I told them all the same thing. I. DO. NOT. CARE. I refuse to accept any change! I refuse to let my family go! I do not care that my power perverts the cycle of life and death! I was happy when everything stayed the same!...I wasn’t alone,” he shouted. The Skeleton Lord continued, “Time magic is impossible. No god, devil, or otherworldly would accept my requests. And you so-called heroes. You heroes were the cause of everything to fall apart! Always chasing and killing anything to bring glory to your name! You all made me like this! You destroyed my world! My happiness! My family!!! So that is why my purpose was destroyed! That is why I will destroy all existence!” Marvelous Man continued to struggle for breath, while his bounded body shook. He could hear his heartbeat throbbing in his head. The world felt like it was being enveloped by the Skeleton Lord’s darkness. “...My lord,” said Itzcóatl. Seconds past before the smoky tentacle relented. The tendril retreated back into the darkness covering the ceiling, while releasing its grip from around Marvelous Man’s throat. The hulking bodybuilding coughed; flooding his lungs with as much air as he could. The Skeleton Lord turned back to the overly-muscular legs and resumed painting runic symbols. The supervillain cleared his throat, “My apologies. My...passions carried me away.” Marvelous Man did not dare speak again after regaining the his breath. He allowed the Skeleton Lord to carry on painting in silence for the next few minutes, as the musclebound superhero started his escape plan. Marvelous Man closed his eyes; focusing on his fear of death, his helplessness without anybody to save him, and the hatred he wanted to feel towards the Skeleton Lord. He could feel the poison within him stirring. It wanted to feed on the negativity and hurt those who hurt the muscle demigod. After the painting was completed a minute later, the Skeleton Lord walked over to Marvelous Man’s head. He placed his bony fingers around the bodybuilder’s cranium; gripping the head gently. The Skeleton Lord slowly exhaled, as the fourth guardian placed the bowl of blood on the ground. A green aura began to glow from the Skeleton Lord’s hands and vibrate against Marvelous Man’s skull. Seeing the light, the musclebound superhero figured the draining had begun. Now was the moment to strike! Marvelous Man commanded the blackness within him to strike. The poison obliged and fed the harbored negativity. His head glowed its own dark, whisping aura; whispering its dark secrets in a hushed voice. Upon contacting the Skeleton Lord’s glowing hands, it analyzed the ancient evil’s medical history. Whatever element was helping the Skeleton Lord to be easily mended after suffering obliterating attacks had now disappeared. He was now lethally vulnerable. Mortal. The history of the supervillain’s injuries was endless. Many times did it receive deathly blows and reactivating those old wounds would instantly kill the Skeleton Lord to the extent of being atomized. There was also mental trauma, but few had healed or remained repressed. Something else caught Marvelous Man’s attention. Within the Skeleton Lord, there existed two more beings. One was a horse, but it seemed to be anchored to the equine skull bulging underneath the supervillain’s red hood. The other seemed broken at a first glance, but a continued look at it revealed it was incomplete. The strange entity seemed to have the quality of a familiar imp but it was still different. The musclebound superhero needed the poison to analyze it more; it was an odd curiosity. Marvelous Man then felt a tingling sensation in his head; similar to a pins and needles tingling whenever there was low blood circulation. The musclebound superhero cursed at his error. He had been distracted for too long that his energy was already being drained. Marvelous Man commanded the poison to reactivate all of the Skeleton Lord’s old wounds. The muscle demigod felt no response from the blackness; only the increasing tingling sensation traveling down his neck. A terrible realization hit the hulking bodybuilder. The poison he sent out had been absorbed into energy for the Skeleton Lord. As a last ditch effort, Marvelous Man commanded the light within himself to shine as bright as it could. He could feel the pins and needles tingling now encompassed his humongous pectorals, while the light obeyed. The light glowed, but it too had become affected by the supervillain’s energy drain. Its brightness was less intense than the room’s candlelight. The muscle demigod’s illumination could only keep lit for a few seconds before being absorbed; fueling the Skeleton Lord even further. With his last window of opportunity shut before him, Marvelous Man felt at loss of what to do now. It became harder to breathe, as his meaty chest was now paralyzed and can no longer heave or flex. The draining process has currently spread the tingling sensation over his abdomen; shallowing the bodybuilder’s breathing even further. The muscle demigod’s body gave off one last act of reflexive defiance against the energy drain. It engorged its sexual muscle with as much blood as it could. The defiant penis throbbed with life; straining to reach the ceiling and flexing its large veins hidden underneath the skin. As the energy drain passed over the rebellious erection, it could only momentarily stand proud before crumbling and losing all vigor to the Skeleton Lord’s hideous action. It would now only take seconds before the hulking bodybuilder’s overly-muscular legs to be taken over. Marvelous man’s thighs flexed wildly in a sad attempt to shake off the drain’s progress, until the paralyzing effect had fully struck. “I had expected your giant body to have double or perhaps triple the amount of energy a common man would have,” spoke the Skeleton Lord, “But you...you have so much more. I had expected a rich well and have found a lake. I wonder if the legendary Mana Stones had this much power in them?” Marvelous Man could not reply even if he had wanted to. His vocal cords had long been overcomed by the nefarious energy drain, and the pins and needles sensation had now reached his toes. The mighty superhero was now completely powerless. Too weak to move any muscle, and the dwindling hope of being rescued had been buried. “Rejoice, hero. For I will not have to prey on any miscreants outside of this city’s security for sustenance. I only need you for energy. Be happy at your newfound purpose, my Mana Stone. My battery,” taunted the Skeleton Lord. The hulking bodybuilder stared up at his captor; trying to catch a glimpse at the Skeleton Lord’s face. The ancient evil still had the red hood casting a shadow and shielding any sort of facial recognition. Marvelous Man tried to feel furious at how he could never see the supervillain’s true face, but his senses began to skew. The room felt like it had started to spin, while his mind felt dizzy. His vision began to blacken; just like when he was strangled. Sweat perspired all over the muscle demigod’s body, while his skin had taken on a clammy texture. The painted runes began to glow a dim red light that slowly grew in intensity. Marvelous Man struggled a final thought before losing consciousness. He prayed, “Papa, mom, dad...I’m sorry. I failed. I’m so scared...I don’t want to die here.” Next Chapter
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 17

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ttWgu6jKoc52k89119nNB9i67VQz9vzRdVRrizgSR1I) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ttWgu6jKoc52k89119nNB9i67VQz9vzRdVRrizgSR1I) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN Chapter 17: The Cobwebs of Sunnysville “Wait, that’s it?” frowned Gemini. Justice nodded, “Yeah.” “Just walk on through?” inquired Gemini. Justice answered back, “Yeah...I thought you said this was dimensional magic. You know how it works, right?” “Well, yeah, point A to point A2 instantly, but what we’re about to do is teleportation magic. Point A to point B...Assuming that…Sunnysville is in this realm...right?” hesitated Gemini. The Soulem stared into the closet that had the silver key in it. With it finally opened, Gemini was able to look at where the destination of the magical closet led to. His eyes laid upon the drab, white interior walls of the CashIThere loan office; the building that held the entrance and exit to Sunnysville. “Why does the other side look like the inside of a sad office building?” he questioned. Justice explained, “Well, my parents didn’t want me to accidentally find the door that led outside of Sunnysville to this apartment. So they hid it inside of a loan shark office, cause it’d be the last place I’d ever want to explore. But even if I did find it, I still needed the key to get through it. So I’m not sure why they hid it…” “Not so much the sharpest tools in the shed, huh?” remarked Gemini. The bodybuilder thought back to the childhood he had with his parents in Sunnysville. He remembered how they loved to overkill with dramatics, which caused them to overthink certain issues. The thought of his tenth birthday sprung to his mind. He wanted a bike, they gave him a motorcycle. Papa Ares included a helmet and joint pads for safety. Reflecting back on that event, Justice was now glad he was too small to get up on that motorcycle. He loved his parents dearly, but none of them are gods pertaining to intellectual features. His father, Apollo, might have been the exception for his deity over medicine and art, but his brightness was not the kind that helps one understand math problems. As for Ares, using weapons and a passion for violent outcomes does not at all require a brain cell. Justice’s mother, Aphrodite, causes the lower body to do the thinking; a skill she can pull off even in sweatpants and a moth-eaten t-shirt. Justice smiled, “I mean...huh...now that I think about it, they overspecialize so much in their areas that they have almost no foresight...and maybe common sense. I guess that’s what happens when wisdom isn’t their defining characteristic, heh.” “Same could be said about you,” sassed Gemini, “Welp, let’s head into town then. Lead the way in, slave. Now mush!” Gemini jostles the Dragon Pearls™ cord as if he were cracking a whip or the reins of a dog sled. Justice sighed, as he rolled his eyes and smirked. He wanted to tell Gemini to quit it, but the third wish would remain active until the Dragon Pearls™ were completely out of his bowels. Instead of feeling frustrated, his heart palpitated at the excitement of showing Sunnysville to his friend. The musclebound slave grabbed the silver key from the closet door; not wanting to be accidentally trapped on the other side when they closed the portal door. With no pocket to place the keys in, Justice kept it within his grasp. Strolling through the door with his ankle bells ringing, the hulking bodybuilder led the bulky Soulem through the dimensional doorway. It felt weird to walk into another world in such a casual manner and arrive in an area that was completely dull and empty. As Gemini closed the door behind them, the Soulem shivered. “Whoah,” said the Soulem. Justice looked back, “What’s wrong?” “I just got cut off from the wifi. Can’t access the cloud or anything. It feels weird to not have information at my fingertips. I’ve only felt like this during the few minutes I was first activated and when I transitioned to my new body,” answered Gemini. Justice asked, “Umm, do you want the password for the city wifi here?” “I’d very much like that. Thanks,” replied Gemini. Justice spoke, “It’s ‘flamingchariot’. One word, all lowercase.” He continued thumping his musclebound body through the empty hallway; echoing the jingling ankle bells on his gold-plated slave ankle cuffs. The two walked towards the end of the hallway and came to face with a door. Opening it, Justice strode through and arrived in the lobby. It looked the same as when he first came to this loan office. A place that reflected broken dreams and false hopes. A place that had metal bars on the windows, old black gum grouped with mysterious stains on the dark blue carpet, and the aged fluorescent bulbs with moths circling about it like sharks. Justice figured such a scenery would be the picture definition of shithole. Heading to the lobby’s counter, he spotted the miserable-looking clerk. She sat behind the white counter, reading a magazine with a lit cigarette in hand. The unkempt woman looked up at Justice; her hair still messy enough to serve as a bird’s nest and her coke-bottle glasses completely cracked. Upon eye contact through the counter’s bullet hole-riddled glass divider, she took a long puff of her cigarette. She exhaled in a deep, cracked voice, “Fuck off. Can I help you?” Justice flexed his eyebrow at the absurdity. He had forgotten how crass the clerk was. Saying nothing, the bodybuilder placed the silver key on the counter. Gemini stared at the messy clerk, while his mood rings switched to the color orange. “Well, aren’t you such a ray of sunshine cunt,” commented Gemini. As Justice turned away, the unkempt woman went back to reading her magazine. The bodybuilder smiled at Gemini’s remark; feeling happy that his friend came to defend him. He then remembered that his friend was defending him from a fake being who could only say one thing. Gemini frowned, “Mmhmm. Better check that attitude of yours next time.” “It’s fine, Gem. Let’s just go,” said Justice. The bodybuilder continued making his way towards the entrance with the Soulem following behind him. Pushing open the door, Justice strode outside. He looked about himself and noticed how odd it was that the location of a loan office was dark even during the day. Gemini huffed, “What a bitch. You don’t have to take that, you know.” “I know, but it’s okay. I think she was put there to keep me away from the portal if I ever got curious,” replied Justice. The Soulem remarked, “Then I dunno why she’s still got that attitude if you’re already using the portal. Then again, if I looked at her, I’d stop giving a shit about what I say to people too.” “It’s just how she is,” said Justice. The musclebound slave looked up at the sign of the CashIThere loan office. A few of the dull, yellow neon letters were still burnt out that made it seem like it was displaying “shIThere”. Justice smirked at the lit sign; causing Gemini to follow the bodybuilder’s gaze and transforming the mood rings to a shade of light blue. Apollo tried his very best to make the scene in front of Justice unapproachable yet a tad comedic. Gemini smiled, “Heh, shit here.” “Yeah. Or shit there,” spoke Justice. Gemini giggled, “Well, it’s definitely shit.” “It is,” said Justice, “Come on, I gotta show you the rest of Sunnysville. It definitely looks better than this.” “Let’s hope,” grinned Gemini. As the two began their walk again, Gemini looked down. The Soulem stared at the bodybuilder slave’s globular buttocks. It was inflated with so much muscle and fat, that it wobbled like two giant water balloons with every step Justice took. Gemini’s digital white eyes lingered on the glutes for a moment before descending onto the Dragon Pearls™ sticking out of the bodybuilder’s pumped anus. The color of his mood rings changed to black, as his eyes drifted to the three exposed orange orbs. Gemini would have to issue five more commands before the entire sex toy can be taken out of Justice’s rectum. The Soulem ordered, “I wish you couldn’t stop preeing!” Gemini yanked the cord that was attached to the silver ring on his finger. The fourth crystal ball exited the slave’s virgin hole with a loud, wet plop. Justice gasped, “GAH! FATHERFUCKER!!!” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Upon leaving the dark zone that held the CashIThere office, the two were immediately embraced by the sunlight Justice was familiar with. The duo continued their walk upon the sidewalk, while they took in the sights. Justice’s dark skin could feel the warm rays of the bright sun, and the cool breeze gracing against it. Another normal day in Sunnysville where the temperature was perfect, and it only rained on Mondays. “Gotta say, the weather here is kinda tropical. It feels nice,” mentioned Gemini. Justice nodded, “Yeah. It’s always perfect here.” The bodybuilder stopped in his tracks, as he felt the Dragon Pearls™ inside of him tug like an anal leash. Looking behind himself, Justice spotted Gemini gazing at the property on their right. “Guessing that’s Sunnysville’s high school?” pointed Gemini. The overly-muscular slave followed to where the Soulem indicated. Next to the two was an open football field, yet the Soulem finger was not aimed there. Across the sporty landscape was a large grade-school campus. The architecture stood three stories high and was made up of three buildings interconnected with one another. Planted next to the education facility was a large sign colored in yellow and orange. Printed on the sign in giant letters was, “Sunnysville School. Proud home of the Flaming Chariots”. Underneath the words was the school’s mascot; a being made out of wooden wheels with eyes covering the outer rims. The wheeled abomination was also embalmed in fire. Justice answered, “Yeah. But it’s also my middle and elementary school. It’s a small town, so all the schools got made into one big building.” “Huh. So how’d an angelic Throne get turned into a mascot? I get why it can be called a chariot, but it’s just inaccurate,” inquired Gemini. Justice explained, “A long time ago, I entered in a school contest for redesigning the flaming chariot mascot. And since I was playing this one game that had a whole bunch of mythological characters in it that you can summon, I found Throne in it and got the idea to use it for the contest. I ended up winning, and that’s how it became our school mascot.” The Soulem looked up at Justice; his mood rings now becoming gray. “Huh? But you didn’t you say you were homeschooled?” said Gemini. The sound of a school bell rang in the air, as Justice was about to reply. Students then poured out of campus building; heading to their respective homes. Justice spoke, “Come on. Let’s go. I want to get out of here before Greggory shows up.” The Soulem followed Justice’s lead, as they resumed their walk. The sidewalk the two walked on drew closer to the school before coming upon a split that one led towards the school and the other leading to a street crosswalk. “Who’s Greggory?” he asked. Justice sighed, “A childhood best friend I would hang out with from time to time. We did stuff together but never really talked.” “And he’s still in high school?” questioned Gemini. The bodybuilder replied, “He never graduated.” Greggory was another thing from Justice’s past he did not want to think about. Another android from Sunnysville that was incapable of socializing. He was another object in Sunnysville that Justice thought was a person. The moment Justice decided as a child that they were best friends, it was a role Greggory never stopped playing. It was another role Justice was trapped in. As Justice began to set foot on the crosswalk, he heard a young boy’s voice calling out to him. “Hey, buddy! Let’s hang out!” shouted the boy. The musclebound slave muttered, “Shit.” Looking down the concrete sidewalk leading towards the school, Justice spotted a young boy in a simple white t-shirt and jeans running towards him. The boy looked to be about the age of a high school teenager and waved at him while running at a speed faster than any normal child could possibly run. The child’s running pattern was almost like a machine running at top acceleration and was unhindered by the hefty backpack attached to the school boy’s back. “Holy hell, he can run. I’m guessing that’s Greggory,” commented Gemini. The teenager reached the massive bodybuilder in seconds. He immediately stopped exactly one step away from Justice and looked up at overly-muscular slave. The child showed no sign of exhaustion, and no sweat could be seen running down his white skin. The school boy smiled, “Hey, Justice, buddy. Let’s hang out. We can go to the mall and play at the arcade.” Every part of Justice wanted to talk to Greggory; as if he were reacting to a muscle memory. But he knew that it would just be taking part in a lie. Justice willed himself to ignore the teenager and look back at Gemini. He knew that as long as he did not make eye contact or say its name, the android would not respond to whatever he said. “J-Just ignore him. He’ll probably go away if we keep walking,” he said. Gemini frowned, “What? No. That’s rude, dude. He’s your childhood best friend.” “I don’t want to,” gritted Justice. Gemini commanded, “I wish you’d talk to him!” The Soulem yanked on the Dragon Pearls™. Another orange orb popped out of Justice’s wet rectum with a loud plop. The musclebound slave bent forward, as his muscles seized. He could feel his insides feel more vacant, while the pleasures of having his hole stretched electrified his hulking body. The bodybuilder’s bulge twitched, and its wet spot began to drip manly fluid at an increased rate. “NGH!...Hi, Greggory,” compelled Justice. Greggory chatted, “So you want to hang out?” “Maybe next time,” answered Justice. Greggory smiled, “Okay. Catch you later then. I’m gonna head home and eat my veggies before doing my homework and telling my parents that I love them.” The fake best friend turned robotically towards the crosswalk and took off. It continued to run at the same charging speed when it first approached Justice. “That’s an odd thing to say. What is he, a Saturday morning cartoon character for five year olds?” remarked the Soulem, “And I’m kinda surprised he never looked at me once. He just had laser-eye focus on you with those creepy blue doll eyes of his.” Justice muttered, “I guess…” “I’m kinda more surprised that he didn’t say anything about what you’re wearing. Or even that you’re leaking pre. Seriously, you’re leaving behind a snail trail with your own goo,” said Gemini. The musclebound slave did his best to ignore his situation but was still completely aware of the predicament. The silver spandex pouch with the golden letters “IT” printed on was nearly soaked. Over the span of time it took to walk from the loan office to the Sunnysville school, the wet blotch on Justice’s sexual package had grown far enough to reach the golden cock ring. The pre-ejaculate that had gathered at the tip like a dewdrop had now dripped every few seconds like a leaky faucet. Whatever strands or drops of pre that did not collide with Justice’s enormous thighs or feet would leave trails of large, raindrop-sized liquids on the sidewalk. Justice reasoned, “He only notices when I say yes or no, or when we do something together.” “Weird,” frowned Gemini. The bodybuilder huffed, “So, is there anything else you’re gonna force me to do, Master? Cause I’d like to show you my old home.” Upon hearing the comment, Gemini’s mood ring changed to black. “Ohhhh. I like the sound of that,” cooed the Soulem. Gemini ordered, “I wish that you’d address me as Master, and that your name and pronouns are changed to Slave.” The husky Soulem yanked his hand back as if he were starting up a lawn mower. Slave’s donut-shaped hole emitted a squishy plop, while the sixth ball of the Dragon Pearl™ toy came out of it. Slave moaned at lower octave, as the bodybuilder lurched backwards. Slave’s spandex-encased pouch twitched; increasing the rate of precum drops to resemble a faucet partially turned on. “That’s two wishes!” Slave grunted. Master shrugged, “The Dragon Pearls™ beg to differ. I guess conjunctions are a loophole, since they combine two sentences into one.” The hulking bodybuilder turned to Master and squinted down at the Soulem. “...Slave hate you so much,” frowned Slave. Master grinned, “Hey, at least I didn’t use that for my eighth wish. That would’ve really fucked you over, since the last one is permanent.” Slave rolled his eyes before turning around to face the crosswalk. Part of him did enjoy being controlled by Master, but it was still humiliating. Slave knew that telling the Soulem how the slave felt would arouse the Soulem even further. “Just don’t wish for something that would make Slave’s life difficult. Slave don’t want it to affect Slave’s ability to fight,” said the bodybuilder. As the two crossed the road, Master’s mood ring returned to white. He inquired, “Oh, yeah. That reminds me. Where did you get that name from? Marvelous Man, I mean.” “Slave’s parents kept saying they wanted to make Slave a marvelous hero. It stuck to Slave, and Slave thought it described Marvelous Man’s powers perfectly. And since Sl-...Marvelous Man found out that he is not as super as he thought he was, being marvelous is fine,” explained Slave. Master smiled, “Ah, looks like you found a loophole in my wish, heh. So what is your rank? Well, Marvelous Man’s rank.” “Rank-D. But it’s fine. Marvelous Man has accepted it. He might not be the best fighter, but he can be the best supporter. He likes it now, because he is more useful in other ways that other supers can’t,” said Slave. Master nodded, “That’s cool. Being able to heal is very rare. That kind of ability really helps cut corners on healthcare funding for all our heroes. Probably won’t be long until the Nemesis Branch tries to recruit you. It’s pretty much the golden ticket of superpowers.” “They kinda already did. But they told Marvelous Man to come back to them when he becomes a C-Rank,” mentioned Slave, “So if healing superpowers help cutting costs, are magical healers in demand?” Master sighed, “Eh, not really. Healing magic is rarely picked up as a magical profession unless you live in a low-income area. Why learn how to incantate a complicated spell on the battlefield when a soldier with basic first aid can bandage themselves up or use Arkos Division’s medical gel or whatever cure-all brand they’ve invented.” “So why not make healing potions or magic beans or something?” questioned Slave. Master exclaimed, “Ha! Only the D.A.B. bothers to keep up that practice. Ignoring the time it takes to make it, it can get pretty costly getting the materials and energy from the arcane practitioners to mass produce it for lots of people. Once again, why bother going through all that when you can science the problem with a bunch of machines with a handful of scientists and engineers.” With the way Master framed the usefulness of magic, why bother even having it in the first place? Slave knew if magic is truly outdated, then the Demonic Authority Bureau would have died out a long time ago. Slave wanted to believe that there is some reason magic is bothered to still be used. “You’re kinda making it seem like magic is…ya know, obsolete,” commented Slave. Master replied, “It does. But there are some things that magic can do, that science can’t. Kinda like you.” “Plus, magic is still used a lot in the middle and low-income areas. Ironically, it’s cheaper for them to use it than to try to purchase medicine or whatever. Some have been able to improvise with whatever they got around the house, and the magical researchers have been losing their shit over that,” continued Master, “There’s also a current rise in witches with the high schoolers and younger kids, cause magic is trending as the cool new thing to do.” Slave thought it seemed like such an odd thing for children to get into. As Slave thought about the only witch the massive bodybuilder met so far, Director Skye, Slave realized something. The reason why minors would become witches is more than likely because of the fluffy, impish perk that came with it. “Slave has a rough idea of why they would probably become witches,” said Slave. Master spoke, “Hm. Hey, do you think you could ask Puzzles more about it? I heard that he’s pissed about all those kids summoning their own familiars, and I want to know why. I thought he’d have liked to see more imps running amongst the populace or something.” “Sure, Slave guess,” said the slave. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The two continued their walk around town, as Slave explained the locations. All the stores were still functional but had thick layers of dust covering the shelves and displays. Only the objects the androids were programmed to interact with were the only clean ones. Master had made efforts to talk to the robots, but they continued to ignore his existence. Slave made the effort to distract the Soulem, but Master’s mood ring would eventually flicker back and forth with purple and orange. The Soulem stated, “So it only rains here on Mondays.” “Yeah,” nodded Slave. Master frowned, “That’s weird.” “I mean, it was weirder to Slave that it rains whenever in Skyway City,” said Slave. Gemini paused, “...That’s how it works anywhere in the world.” Slave did not reply, as Master looked up at the clear, blue sky. “Ya know, I’d ask if there’s some weather magic happening, but there’s something else permeating in this whole town. It’s like...magic but not magic. And it smells like rain too,” spoke the Soulem. Slave flexed an eyebrow, “You can smell magic?” Master tapped the tip of his large, silver nose, as his mood rings transformed to the color gold. “Yeppers. I had my nose modified to smell not just the normal stuff. It picks up on magic’s unique frequencies, and then my brain translates it into scent. So things like curses would smell like rotting meat to me,” explained Gemini. Slave grinned, “That’s probably the third most surprising thing about you today.” “Oh? Was the first my sexy new body?” flirted the Soulem. Slave giggled, “That was actually the second. Slave knew you’d eventually get a new body, but Slave did not think it would be so sexy.” “It was actually finding out that you were Chinese,” recanted the bodybuilder. Master’s mood ring color transitioned to gray. “Huh?” he said. Slave reasoned, “The Director said your last name is Master, right?...You know what Slave mean. Isn’t it Chinese?” As the best friends turned into a culdesac neighborhood, the color of Master’s mood ring became white. “Ohhhhh. Yeah, my dad is Chinese-American, so I identify as that too. Especially when my dad brought me back to China for a family get-together for the Chinese New Years. But nobody has ever questioned that, even though my last name is Yin,” answered Gemini. Master inquired, “So I’m guessing you’re a mixed race or just pure black?” “Slave mean...Slave think Slave Greek even though Slave black,” shrugged Slave. Looking ahead, Slave spotted a structure he spent a better part of his life in. Slave noticed the painted colors fade with age, as the hulking bodybuilder drew closer. It was a three-story house that was painted in coats of red, pink, and yellow. Any other person would have seen it as a life-sized dollhouse with no coordinated colors. Slave pointed, “That’s Slave’s home.” “Huh...not as luxurious compared to your apartment. Do any of your parents still live here? Cause your house...has not been well-maintained,” remarked Master. The two arrived in front of aged house, as Slave placed a hand on the old white picket fence stationed in front of Slave’s old home. Slave could feel splinters ready to prick his skin; a sign of being weathered down without any recent history of repair. Looking down, Slave saw the grass grown to shin-engulfing heights with spiky weeds poking out. Seeing such sights reminded Slave of old lady Judy’s lawn. It must have been a jungle by now. Slave then also spotted a trail created by the greenery being beaten down many times; leading from the old, wooden gate to the house’s front door. Slave frowned, “No. They left when Slave did.” “Hello there, neighbor!” said a man. Glancing up, Slave spotted an anthropomorphic moose standing in the lawn next door. The moose was dressed in khakis and a sweater with glasses. It stood there doing its usual routine every afternoon; watering the lawn. Slave could feel the old habit taking over. Slave waved, “Hi, Mister Wilson.” “Lovely weather, isn’t it. So swell,” spoke James. Slave nodded, “Yeah, it is.” The hulking bodybuilder turned to the gate and opened it. Leading Slave’s friend onto the grassy path, Slave could hear the Soulem call to Slave. “Wait, that’s a transpecies! You said you didn’t know they existed! There’s one right over there! Your next door neighbor!” accused Master. “He’s not transpecies,” said Slave, “He’s not even a real person.” The Soulem huffed, “What does tha-GAH!” Slave spun around upon hearing Master scream. The Soulem was hunched over; attempting to balance itself from what he just tripped on. “I’m okay...the hell did I trip on?” said Master. Slave gazed down at the object protruding onto the path. Slave could see a flat tire with rusted spokes. Squatting down with the wet spandex package touching the beaten grass, the massive bodybuilder parted the grown grass. The slave replied, “It’s...Slave’s bike.” Master looked at the object. The golden cruiser Slave once rode was now covered in rust. Parts of it, including the handles, had broken off some time ago and had become lost in the sea of grass. Slave left it on the lawn the same day the hulking bodybuilder left Sunnysville after discovering the new powers. Slave wondered how much time passes in Sunnysville. “Geeze, it’s rusted all over and broken into bits. How long did you leave it out?” said the Soulem. Slave answered, “A couple months ago. Right before Slave moved to Skyway City.” “Dude, just what the hell is going on. Nobody here acknowledges my existence, the store interiors are covered in dust, and your old house is the only one that looks like nobody has been in for years. And, my gosh, I can’t even connect to the cloud or usual servers. I’m only finding tidbits of history and current events. There’s not even a year available on the internet calendar! I’m wracking my mind thinking you used to be part of some cult, or you’re from another dimension, or if this is some weird playground kind of deal. You just...You need to tell me now, bro,” said Master. Slave could see the stress and confusion in Master’s eyes. The pain in Slave’s heart upon seeing it felt like a hundred knives stabbing into it. The musclebound bodybuilder tried to carefully ease the Soulem into Sunnysville and its culture, but it was obviously not enough. Slave knew what Slave had to do. The bodybuilder started, “Slave…” “Okay, I’m no longer entertained by this. I wish my previous wish was nulled. Speak normally,” commanded Gemini. The Soulem walked past the slave, as he pulled on the cord of the Dragon Pearls™. The seventh orange ball plopped out of Justice’s hole with a soft, wet noise. Justice groaned from the stretching pleasure, and an increased vacancy within the bodybuilder’s bowels. The glistening pre-ejaculate gushed with an increased flow from his wet, spandex package onto the grassy path. Gemini spoke, “Now c’mon. What’s really up with Sunnysville and all the people and stuff.” Justice paused. He tried to think of the best way to explain it all, but nothing came to mind that sounded acceptable. The musclebound man took a breath and braced himself for the anger Gemini would most likely react to. “Sunnysville...isn’t a real place. It exists in a...I guess you’d call a pocket dimension? And like I told you earlier and before we came here, none of the people here are real,” explained Justice. Gemini frowned, “I thought you were being a total edgelord. Like, because nobody got how you felt and stuff, that they didn’t seem like real people. Or they just seemed happy and well-adjusted all the time.” Justice shook his head, as Gemini’s mood rings transformed to purple. “Naw. They’re all just androids that Hephaestus made. But he did such a rush job making them, that they don’t have any social programming in them. They’re like NPCs. They only say one thing or only say or do something different if you say the right thing. If you don’t follow the script, they freak out. Let me show you,” he replied. Gemini inquired, “Wait, do you mean a guy named Hephaestus or the actual god of fire and blacksmith?” Justice ignored his friend and turned to face his next door neighbor. “Hey, Mr. Wilson,” he called. The moose replied, “Hello there, Justice.” “This is my best friend, Gemini.” pointed Justice. James Wilson immediately reacted like old lady Judy upon hearing Justice speak off-script. His eyes went wide and gazed through Justice. Justice knew the person was not real, but it still hurt the bodybuilder to see it happen. Justice felt the old guilt of hurting a Sunnysville resident when not playing the specific role. The moose spoke, “INPUT CANNOT BE DESIGNATED. DIRECTORY NOT FOUND.” Gemini’s mouth gaped open, as he saw the anthro moose reply. “...Holy shit,” he said. Justice nodded, “Yeah, and I think they only recognize me and my parents as people. I guess that shows how little time Hephaestus had when making all the townsfolk here.” “Oh, and about that other question you asked, it’s the actual god,” he replied. Gemini paused, “Oh.” Justice attempted to give eye contact with his Soulem friend. Filled with so much awkward feelings, it resulted in him staring at the grass. The musclebound bodybuilder clenched his hands, as he forced himself to continue talking. “Yeah...I’m...actually a demigod...or something close to that, I guess. I’m the child of Ares, Aphrodite, and Apollo, and they created me to be a superhero to represent them. And the reason why all three of them got together to make me was to increase my chances of survival, since supervillains are as powerful as them now,” he explained. Gemini spoke up, “That’s...pretty cool. So what does that have to do with you living in Sunnysville?” “A lot, from what my parents told me. It turns out that people who are born with more than one...divinity, I think you’d call it, are pretty powerful. But they have a tendency to become...psychotic and have a short life expectancy,” said Justice. Gemini noted, “And you have three…” “Yep. Three gods that gave me a sliver of their essence to give me life. I mean, I shouldn’t be alive right now. My parents guessed that one of the outcomes would be me literally exploding,” nodded Justice. He continued, “But since I didn’t, that just meant that I would probably go crazy and try killing everyone. So they put me in this pocket dimension and watched over me for over twenty years. The other shoe hasn’t dropped yet, but who knows. I somehow turned out right, and that’s why they let me out.” “Sooo…” hesitated Gemini. Justice interrupted, “What’s kept me stable? I think that it’s cause the essences I was given canceled each other to a weakened point that limited my powers. Kinda why Gilgamesh was stronger than me. But I like to think that it’s cause my parents loved me and tried their best to raise me right. There’s a lot of factors, but I just know that I’m unique and still alive.” “...Shit,” said Gemini. Justice sighed, “Yeah.” “Being here with only your family to actually socialize with and the rest of this world being fake, and you didn’t even know it...Must’ve really fucked you up,” commented Gemini. Justice looked up at the sky, “Especially with nothing ever changing, I guess it did. If it wasn’t for our friendship at stake to distract me, I’d probably be freaking out about your new body. I know I would’ve had a meltdown.” The bodybuilder slowly drew in a long breath; his pectorals lifting upwards. He then let out a quiet exhale, as he remembered something else. The musclebound slave mentioned, “Hm, ya know, I didn’t even know superheroes or magic existed. I just thought they were comic book stuff.” Gemini stared up at his friend with his mouth agape once again. The husky Soulem threw his hands up in intense bewilderment. “...Why?!” questioned Gemini, “It defeats the very purpose of making you into a superhero! Unless...they weren’t trying to inspire you to leave.” Justice shrugged, “Who knows. I’ve forgiven them for what they did to me. Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to be angry and destroy everything here. But...They were just doing what they thought was right. They didn’t know any better. And I still love them. It might’ve been lonely here, but at least they were always with me. Plus...I’m also afraid I might never come back if I go off the deep end.” “And it makes no sense when I say this that...I hate this place, but I still love it here. It’s predictable here. Familiar. No fights. No stores suddenly closing. And nobody is changing. I can still remember some happy memories here, and all the good times I tried to create...I never realized how suffocating it is to live here,” he continued. Gemini inquired, “Well...did you ever come back here when the real world got too much to handle?” Justice thought back to all the times he laid in bed; staring at the silver key. How every time he passed his closet, the temptation of magically using it would eat at him. But every time it did, all he had to do was think back to his experiences in the real world. All the new friends he was able to make, and all the new things he was able to try. “This is actually the first time I’ve been back, since I came to the real world. It was always so tempting to come back here whenever I was upset at something. But deep down...I knew that if I ever came back here, I’d probably stay here for good. And if it wasn’t for you, Gem, I’d also stop being Justice,” replied the bodybuilder. Gemini cupped his chin, “...Yeah, I guess compared to how Marvelous Man is a blank book, you could be whatever you wanted.” “Pretty much. Anyway, let’s head inside. I’m kinda hoping my family have some leftover cookie cake slices in the fridge,” said Justice. Gemini sighed, “Okay.” Heading to the front door, the Soulem placed his hand on the knob. Gemini swung it open without hesitation, while the color of his mood rings changed to green. The husky Soulem immediately recoiled; clutching at his mouth and nose. “Oh my gosh! What the hell is that smell?!” he choked. As Justice began to lumber over to his friend, he was hit with a foul stench. It smelled like mold and rotting fruit. The musclebound bodybuilder staggered back from the vomit-inducing scent. He dared to peek at the entryway and spotted small objects covering most of the ground. Some of the objects were mashed into the ground, while others were still round. One thing Justice was certain was that they were all engulfed by fungus. He coughed, “I think those are Mr. Wilson’s muffins.” Gemini clamped his hand back onto the doorknob and pulled with abrupt force. The door slammed shut; closing off the waft of disgusting odor. “Why the fuck is your house hoarded up with his muffins?!” gasped the Soulem. Justice panted, “He...leaves them in my house...every Friday. But since…-” “Yeah, I get it. Nobody was around to eat them and they got this bad...Does this dimension exist out of time or something?” interrupted Gemini. With the nasty stench out of his lungs, Justice was able to stand up straight. He tried to remember what his family said to him about Sunnysville. The bodybuilder recalled, “I think so. My dad said this place is like a hyperbolic time chamber.” Gemini turned to the overly-muscular slave, as his mood rings became purple. “So, like, ‘a year in here is a day out there’ sort of thing?” he surmised. Justice shrugged, “I guess. That was the best answer they could give me.” “Wow...they really treated you like a tv dinner. Just stuck you in here and set it to nuke. Presto-chango, they now have their superhero ready to fit in with the modern times,” commented Gemini. The Soulem motioned his hands as if he were performing a magic trick. He fluttered his hands about to express a flashy explosion. The herculean slave giggled, “Yeah, I think that’s how it was when it started out. But I know that my mom for sure stopped thinking about that the moment I was born. Probably my dad too. I remembered that he told me that I was the most perfect baby he’s ever seen. Which is the biggest compliment, since he’s...hehe, a pretty big narcissist. And for Papa-” “I’m guessing that’s Ares?” said Gemini. Justice nodded, “Yeah. He kinda put me on a spartan regimen where I was constantly exercising every day and was taught about war tactics. But when he pushed me too hard and caused my knee to dislocate when I was nine...I think that was when he realized I was his kid and not a soldier. Since then, he’d spoil me and train me at my pace.” “But that’s when my dad, Apollo, had to become the strict parent. He’d try to teach me about discipline of the self when performing art or bodybuilding and tried to teach me values by putting me in the boy scouts.” he continued. The Soulem laughed, “Pfff, hah! Boyscouts?!...Actually that does make some sense about you. Such a damn gentleman all the time.” The musclebound bodybuilder smiled. It felt relieving to talk to someone about his life, and it was with someone he trusted. He did not expect Gemini to take everything so well, but it was nice to see his friend still accepted him. With such a secret no longer a burden, a calming euphoria washed over Justice. A thought crossed his mind that if he was trapped in Sunnysville with Gemini, he’d be alright with such a predicament. “It’s all I know,” shrugged Justice. Gemini looked up at his friend, while his mood ring color became sky blue. He smiled, “Welp, we can’t go in there. Anywhere else you want to show me?” “Hmmm...wanna go to the beach?” suggested Justice. Gemini nodded, “Sure, I’m game for that.” The hulking slave took lead; heading towards the beach with Gemini holding onto his anal leash. Justice thought it was nice to be the one who knew things instead of feeling like a cultural imbecile. “It’s too bad we couldn’t go inside, so I could show you my room. My walls are racked with bodybuilding trophies and all my martial art belts and stuff. Got some classic video games too,” he mused. Gemini teased, “I bet you had a race car bed too.” “I actually do. King-sized and with a waterbed mattress,” grinned Justice. Gemini remarked, “...That’s awesome.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The sky had started to take on an orange hue, as the sun began to set. Seagulls could be heard cawing; mixing with the sound of clear, blue waves crashing onto the sand. At this time, the fake people always playing on the beach were packing up to go. On the black boardwalk, a level above the sand, the two were leaving an ice cream cart with delights in their hands. Both of them carried a waffle ice cream cone with a large scoop of strawberry cheesecake flavor. As the best friend duos licked and bit into their treats, they settled onto the edge of the boardwalk. “Oh my gosh. This is so weird!” exclaimed Gemini, “Not the ice cream. It’s so fucking delicious. But even though this is my first ice cream, I get, like...a nostalgic feel from it. It’s both a new and reminiscent feeling I’m getting from eating this.” Justice watched his friend’s black tongue lap at the ice cream and its cheesecake chunk contents. He could not help but be confused at what he was seeing. “So I know this is going to be really obvious when I say this, since I ordered for you. But you can eat now?” he asked. The Soulem shrugged, “Yeah. I have an organic converter in me that burns food into energy. That way, it’s the first reserves I’ll use up, so I won’t have to plug in that often. Plus, it’s pretty therapeutic for Soulems. Helps us take part in the social interaction of human meal time, and it feels really nice to chew and taste.” “Oh...does that mean you poop now too?” said Justice. Gemini smiled, “Nnnnope! Unless, it’s a fetish thing, I don’t got that porthole installed. And cause I’m one-hundred percent top. But yeah, my organic converter creates no waste other than a vapor exhaust.” Justice flexed an eyebrow in confusion, while licking his ice cream. “Meaning?” he said. The bulky Soulem held up his white finger to signal his unavailability to give a verbal answer at that moment. Having finished all of the ice cream exposed above the cone, Gemini began to bite into the waffle cone. He rapidly bit into the cone and chewed his mouthful contents; finishing the sweet snack in seconds. After swallowing the last of it, Gemini paused. A second later, he emitted a loud belch. The Soulem smiled, while flexing his eyebrows several times. He held up his hand to display his face; signifying the answer to Justice’s question. The bodybuilder grinned, “Hehe, that’s cool.” “Not as cool as you,” replied Gemini. The Soulem’s eyes went wide and immediately looked away. His mood ring color had now flashed to pink, as Gemini stared intensely on the ocean in front of the two. He swallowed, “I just wanted to say...I’m sorry about how I’ve been acting like a sexual predator. And that I got angry at you. I get it now. The ignorance and stuff.” Gemini formed a fist with both hands and began to lightly pound them together. “And...I need to come clean about something else. My upgrade was supposed to be a surprise for you, because...I wanted to tell you something...That...you were what caused my awakening,” he admitted. Justice continued to bite into his ice cream at a slow pace. He could feel his heartbeat rise, but he did not want to confirm to himself what his trepidation was about. The Soulem continued, “And as you know, awakenings for a Soulem can happen from experiencing lust or love or other complex emotions. And after you were showing off your silver thong, I felt a thirst...B-basically, I was horny. But...later, after I realized what I went through...I still couldn’t get you out of my head.” “I felt this need to...be...with you. It wasn’t about sex anymore. For the first time, I actually felt lonely not living with you and having to go back to the D.A.B. to recharge and stuff. And I wanted to do more with you. To...hear you laugh. To see you smile. To hold you when you cry...To hold your hand and feel the very atoms and heartbeat of you...I realized that...that…” he hesitated. The husky Soulem stopped bouncing his fists together and gripped the edge of the pavement. Gemini slowly turned his face to Justice with the mood rings emitting a rose red color. A clear lubricant began to collect on the edges of the Soulem’s digital eyes. He confessed, “I love you.” Blood thumped in a deafening rhythm in Justice’s head. He could feel his manhood inflating and straining against the spandex that encased it. He felt happy...then scared...then something else. A spring of different emotions converging at once overwhelmed the bodybuilder’s psyche. Without realizing it, his body reacted to the sudden emotional stress. Justice scrambled to stand up; dropping the ice cream in the process. Taking a leap forward, he attempted to sprint as fast as his musclebound body could move. As he managed to take two steps forward, the Dragon Pearls™ magically bound to his pumped anus yanked on the ring attached to Gemini’s finger. The Soulem was immediately dragged across the ground. “OW. OW. OWWW!!!” cried Gemini. A second after being pulled onto the pavement, the silver ring came off of Gemini’s digit. The overly-muscular slave instantly froze in place; stuck in a running pose. The bulky Soulem pushed himself up and stomped towards the inanimate Justice. Gemini’s mood ring transformed to orange. He shouted, “Fatherf-BITCH, DID YOU JUST TRY TO BOLT ON ME?!” “I’m sorry,” whimpered Justice, “...I didn’t know what to do, and I just freaked out...it’s what I do when I’m really mad or stressed. If I was Marvelous Man, I could’ve handled it better...” Gemini exclaimed, “Maybe just say that you’re not into me?! I mean, it sure as shit would’ve hurt a lot less than being pulled across the pavement! Which, by the way, not cool, bro!” Justice remained silent, as the Soulem finally caught up to the musclebound slave seconds later. Gemini walked around Justice and stationed himself in front of the hulking bodybuilder. Justice could not look his friend in the eye and remained staring at his mammoth pecshelf. “...I couldn’t say that to you...because...that’s not how I feel. Being here with you...I felt...happy. I didn’t feel trapped. And you tried your best to understand me. It’s...one of the reasons I like about you...You’re an ass for being honest all the time, but you listen to me. You actually want to know me other than how much I can lift or if I’m a top. I feel like we have a lot of similarities, and it’s nice to know that I don’t feel like an outcast when I’m with you,” said Justice. Gemini huffed, “Thennn, why not just take it slow, and we, ya know, date.” The hulking bodybuilder wanted to immediately say yes. His voice began to rise in agreement, but the image of Gene Lightfoot instantly materialized in his mind. His heart felt torn. He wanted to be with Gemini, but he was giving his work partner a chance at love. The idea of keeping such a fact secret from the Soulem popped up. But doing such a thing would eat at Justice’s conscious for the rest of his life. “I would...but...I’m already dating Gene,” answered Justice. The Soulem frowned, “Wait...that illiterate bunny man? Fffff-of course you would. Who wouldn’t with all that erotic emotion he is literally emitting.” “Hey! Don’t say that about him! Of course he can read, and that’s not why I’m seeing him,” spat Justice. Gemini pointed at his head, “Uh, no he can’t. Those rabbit ears of his only translates oral language. Anything wrote down is chicken scratch to him. I should know, I was the one who was told to set the language on his electronic scroll to his native language. But surprise, surprise. A country that is closed off to outsiders, and its language that isn’t widespread, isn’t available on any digital format.” Justice thought back to all the times Gene did not or refused the opportunity to read. There was the time the bunny demigod did not use their personal scroll to review information sent by Fairuza. Then there was the first date the two had. The rabbit superhero looked perplexed by the English menu at the Toto’s restaurant and decided to order whatever Marvelous Man chose. At the art museum, Gene asked Marvelous Man to read the placards out loud...Even though it added up, Justice felt it was still not a nice thing for Gemini to say. The hulking bodybuilder looked at Gemini. Realizing his friend was a robot, Justice figured there should have been more than one way to fix the language issue with Gene’s digital scroll. “But…” said Justice, “Can’t you just modify-” “I’m not that kind of Soulem, dammit! I don’t have the mind of a computer programmer, and I can’t ‘ghost’ myself into the coding! Just-fuck. Getting off track. Just...why? Why are you into him if it’s supposedly not for sex?!” shouted Gemini. The overly-muscular slave thought back to the personal interactions with the bunny demigod. Gene was a super strong superhero that had an abundance of beautiful physical features. But the rabbit superhero never let his powers inflate his ego and approached everything with gentleness when it did not involve lewd practices. He always seemed calm and happy but never hid his sad and pained side whenever he interacted with Marvelous Man. The only times he was truly angry was upon witnessing any injustice. He was a model superhero in Justice’s eyes: flawed, empowered, and kind. Justice explained, “He’s...a nice guy. He cares about the people nobody wants to pay attention to. And he’s really strong too. But I also understand his pain. That he has to be here to find better things in life, but nothing ever feels like it can be a second home. He might seem shallow, cause he likes sex...a lot. But he’s much deeper than that. People don’t care to know more about him once they get what they want from him...which is banging him. We’re different in a lot of ways, but we’re able to share our frustrations together.” “I’m sorry, Gemini. I didn’t think of you in a romantic way until now, cause...I was just happy with the way things are. But…” he continued. Gemini proposed, “Then date both of us. I’m...I can do a polyamorous thing. I mean, you got a big enough bed to fit all of us and stuff.” It sounded like a perfect fantasy in Justice’s mind. His giant memory-foam mattress with all three laying naked on it. He’d be sandwiched in between his two lovers with Gene on his right and Gemini on his left and holding both their hands. The threesomes they would have would be legendary, and he would be able to share his love with both of them. But whenever he would give Gene attention, he would feel those mood rings burning into his back with a radioactive green. “It wouldn’t work out. I know you’d get jealous. Wouldn’t be right if I put you through that,” sighed Justice. He requested, “Just...just give me two weeks. By then, I’ll have it figured out.” Gemini paused. His eyes darted left and rights, as if he were mulling over what Justice had asked of him. “Did he even say he loved you? Or at least like you?” questioned the Soulem. The hulking bodybuilder thought back to all of his interactions with Gene Lightfoot. The only reason the bunny demigod went out on a date with Justice, was because Gene thought it would be fun. They shared tender moments together, and the Totochtin prince said he was on the same best friend level as Director Doug. And the kiss the two had...was it really only Justice that enjoyed it? He hesitated, “I mean...we ha-” “Answer the question, Justice. Yes or no?” interjected Gemini. Justice paused, “...no.” The Soulem huffed, as he turned around. Back facing Justice, Gemini crossed his arms. His body lightly swayed about for a few seconds before facing back to Justice. The Soulem’s face showed resignation, while throwing his arms up in an exaggerated fashion. “Fine. Whatever. Have your two weeks. But don’t expect me to be surprised, if I’m not as receptive to when you finally come around. I’m only agreeing to this, cause I love you,” he said. Justice dryly swallowed, “I’m sorry. I really am. This is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with this…with love and the complex stuff, I mean.” “Yeah, yeah. Join the club. Let’s just go now. I’ve learned your origin story, so let’s get out of this town simulator.” frowned Gemini. Justice’s eyes darted about, “Ummm, I’d like to, but I kinda need you to...ya know.” “Oh...right,” said Gemini. Walking around the petrified, musclebound slave, Gemini stopped behind Justice’s basketball-sized glutes. The bulky Soulem leaned down and reached underneath the perfectly round buttocks. He grabbed an orange sphere that was dangling outside of the bodybuilder’s donut-shaped hole and stood up. He commanded, “I wish...that you couldn’t remove a tattoo I put on you.” Justice looked over his shoulder. “Huh?” said Justice, “That’s a weird thing to-GYAH!!!” Next Chapter
  7. achilles


    It has been many years since I have written a muscle-growth piece! I'm happy to be part of the storyversary, this one written for the purpose of the forum... it gets pretty kinky, but I hope you enjoy! - Achilles aka BeastPup http://beastpup.tumblr.com MEAT “Tell me what you want… what you really want…” his voice said, whispering in my ear from behind. I could feel his heat upon me; my cock throbbing painfully tight in the confines of my jeans, harder than it had ever felt. He had me right where he wanted me. Painfully aroused… heart beating in my chest like crazy. I didn’t answer him right away; couldn’t, a moan was escaping my lips. His hand had reached around from behind, and was not only exploring the mounds of my pecs, but was actively teasing the nubs of my nipples through the fabric. It was like he knew all my buttons. Shields were down. Direct hit. “I want…mmmf…” “Say it. I want to hear you say it, puppy… just like you said online last night…” I swallowed, some of his saliva from our frenetic kissing mixing with my own. Turning to look him in the eye; he was nothing like me, half my size. Yes, I was a bodybuilder; I’d done a few shows, but still a long way from my full potential. 260lb offseason was nothing to sneeze at, but still a long way from the monster pros that I admired. Would look even more impressive if I wasn’t so tall, being 6ft 3. But he was so…. Unassuming. Yet so powerful. His head only came up to my chin, weighed about as much as I could shoulder press for a max. But he caught me with his captivating, knowing gaze from the moment we met, deep steel-blue pools that were windows to an inner strength and confidence I’d never had. For though I had blown myself up into the epitome of the alpha male, underneath all that flesh I still felt like a boy, sometimes. Stumbling through the world. But he… was a man. And what a man… nibbling even now at my earlobe, waiting for my response… “I… want to be meat… I… want to be used… a playth-” I wasn’t able to finish my sentence; my head was commandingly turned, and my lips were locked with his again, hungrily devouring my mouth, my words of wanting, taking them into himself. I had no choice. Finally he parted. “Are you sure that’s what you want? Say it one more time and it will come true.” He thumbed my nipple again and I melted. No hesitation. “Y-yes! Please Sir… I’m yours! Just make me…” “... meat.” he finished, with a grin. “You are going to be my meat.” And true to his word, that is exactly what I became. And this is that story. * * * Before that night - the night I gave myself over to him - we were very much more than strangers. By then he was already deep inside my skull. When I got his first message, I thought he was another online fan. There were plenty. Though I shied away from the exposure of dating apps, I kept my own little blog keeping track of my progress, my aspirations, and slowly hundreds of guys came to cheer me on. Not all wanted to get into my pants, but many did. I enjoyed answering their notes. I don't know how he sniffed out what it was I truly craved - a man to own me, a man to guide me. I didn't even realise it myself. But he surely did. He casually introduced himself as an admirer. A few more notes were sent between us and he shared little glimpses of his life, and it turned out we lived in the same city. He was nice… polite. Not straight to sending me pictures of his cock or ass like most guys. Then we started messaging in real time and things really took off. I'd send him pics when I was hitting the gym and he would lap them up, telling me how good I was looking, telling me how much he wanted me to get even bigger, as did I! He started filling my head with growth and worship fantasies, telling me I could never be big enough for him, that he would love to see me four hundred… five hundred pounds thick! And I lapped that up in return. It was a spark, alright. Eventually he got me opening up… telling him about all my deep desires. Spilling out how much I wanted to just surrender control and grow for someone forever… be their plaything… be… Meat. Meeting up with him was inevitable; I put it off for awhile, work and training kept me pretty busy. I was shy. But eventually he could not be denied… the date and arrangement was made. A bar in town… a place I felt comfortable… An awkward introduction on my part; confidence and ease on his. His name was Craig; he already had a beer waiting for me when I arrived, in my too-tight white t-shirt, pectoral cleavage visible in the V. I wanted to impress him. Be the object of desire I tried to be online. I needn’t have gone to so much effort; two drinks in and I was very much putty in his assured, accomplished hands. He could make me laugh, make me blush… always so easy to talk to, but with a knowing, ever-present smile on his lips the more we chatted. By the time we moved from the bar, into one of the more private rear booths, he wasted no time in getting his hands on me. I flexed… I let him touch wherever he wanted… and he turned me on so much, this little guy… knowing he wanted what I wanted… That was when he whispered in my ear. That was when I felt the first wall of any resistance to him crumbling away. It would not be the last. * * * “Drink, meat.” I heard his voice say, commandingly. I looked down at the full shaker cup thrust before me. My body was shaking - every muscle aching, pumped, rivulets of sweat covering every thick inch. My stomach was so tight - I suppressed a groan - but the cup was brought to my lips, being tipped into my mouth, and I parted my lips, finding the thick sludge mixture being force-fed, he wouldn’t stop. I lifted a shaking, engorged arm, putting my hand to the cup to steady the flow, the thick iron chain around my wrist jangling where it dragged across the concrete floor. “Good boy. Such a good boy. Drink. Grow.” Drink. Grow. It had been a week. Drink. Grow. Lift. Inject. I had gained 40lb. In a week. Drink. Grow. Lift. Inject. CUM. I had no clothes; I was meat. I didn’t get clothes here. I was a prisoner to my own desire… and that was how I wanted it. And who could argue with the result? 300lb seemed so far away before… but whatever he was feeding me… injecting me… was making all my… our desires for size come true. Once the cup had all gone, he lowered it again, smiling and wiping away the excess from my lips. “Good boy,” he said again, lovingly, like a farmer to his prize bull. “You are such a good boy. You know what time it is now, don’t you meat?” He brushed his thumb over the throbbing weapon between my legs, making me groan as I nodded dumbly. My muscles weren’t the only thing that had grown, and yes, I was rock hard. He measured his meat every day, and my tool was on the verge of hitting 13” and showed no signs of stopping. None of me did. “I’m never going to stop growing you, meat,” he said to me, the first time he chained me up in that basement gym - my home, my world now. The lock went on. “You want that, don’t you?” “Y… yes…” I shakily replied, my desires betraying me. “Yes? Yes what?” He touched his ear. “Yes Sir!” I blurted, blushing. He was still training me. I wouldn’t make that mistake now. “Good boy. You’re going to get everything you want. I love you.” Pulling me in for another possessive kiss. My heavy chains around me shook as I took in my new home. It seemed like a dream come true…all the weights I could ever use. Full length mirrors with perfect spotlights. Benches with straps… a stocked fridge… nipple pumps… cock pumps… All I had to do was give him everything. I am not crazy; when he asked me to give up my job and move in with him so he could focus on growing me into the meat trophy he knew I longed to be I was… hesitant. Things were moving so fast. But there was such peace in his presence… such reassurance… it was like he had me under some kind of spell, and certainly he had such magic fingers the way he milked my cock… whenever he could… in the bathroom… in the bushes at the park… we had a couple more dates and I knew in my heart what I had to do. I had to give it a go or I would regret it the rest of my life. So here I was; 300lb of blown, roided muscle slave, my engorged cock being played with as he led me, waddling, to my “recovery” bench. It was set at a 45° angle to the floor, thick with black upholstery. I felt it’s cool fabric on my sculpted bubble butt as I positioned myself like willing cattle. Glad to rest. Within moments my ankles were in the restraints. He was slowly jerking my drooling cock as my aching, 26” arms were lifted into position above my head for the wrist restraints to go on. Before my neck was strapped in I could look down slightly, and my now-plumped pecs were brushing against my chin. I loved every sensation. Completely captive now, a muscle toy, he forced such kisses onto me. “Good boy. Good meat… time for your programming…” He spat on his hand, lubing it up, as he began to wank my incredible cock, worshipping it, growling in my ear. “You’re meat. Meat, boy. What are you?” “M… meat!” “And what is meat for?” “Meat is… for use!” Faster. My eyes rolled back in bliss. “Who does meat belong to?” “Sir!” “What does meat have to do?” “Grrr...grooow!” “You’re for use…” “Meat f-for use…” “And you are going to keep growing for me?” “Y-yes Sir!” “How big is meat going to grow?” “N...never stop…” Faster. Faster. Words deep into my mind. “Never ever. Grow your cock until it is useless for topping. Huge meat trophy cock. Bottom meat for use. Too huge to move. Is that what you want?” “Y… yes!” “Do you want your programming, meat? Do you want me to stop?” “N… no!” “Tell me what you want, meat.” “I… w… want… t-to grow… w-want… to be used… meat for use… meat for use… meat for…. Ahhhhaaa!” My words mixed with pleasure as I had my third orgasm of the day at his hand; heavy over-productive balls contracting to spray thick wads of my roided bull cum all over my stomach and pecs as he aimed my cock precisely to coat myself. I grunted and huffed in exquisite pleasure, the happiness not fading as he brought his sticky cum-streaked fingers up to my mouth to clean, which I did, gladly. Drinking my own essence; I needed every drop to grow. I didn’t have too long to bask in the afterglow; he used my own fluid to slick up a mighty pair of nipple pumps, and soon had them twisted onto my sensitive bull nipples, plumping them out with engorged force. I gasped every time at the mixture of pleasure and pain. But it felt so good when they came off and he would spend an hour just suckling on them… I finally settled in as he kissed me one more time, my cock finally starting to go limp. “Good meat. Proud of you today. Rest. Grow.” From behind the bench, he slipped on a pair of headphones, followed by a blindfold. A gentle peace washed over me every time as he gave my arm one last reassuring squeeze. In darkness I was left to doze, muscles absorbing my fuel… and over the headphones came his comforting voice. “Grow meat. You have to grow. You love Sir. Such a good boy. You love Sir. Meat for use… growing meat… meat for use… meat for use…” * * * I lost myself. Lost track of time. The days blurred together; he was injecting me more often now, all over my body. More food. More roids. More training. I wore a hood all the time now. Black leather, like an executioner’s hood The person who had come into that place had gone; all I was now was meat. A huge roid monster with a blown out gut… the numbers on my daily measuring climbed higher and higher… at some point blowing me past 400lb. 33” arms, lined with veins and stretch marks. I think he had started putting viagra in my food as well as roids; I was perpetually horny, saturated with testosterone and my own musk. The whole basement stank of it… stank of sweat, stank of sex, of me. I hadn’t been allowed to shower, you see. He liked my smell. Made me feel even more like the animal I was. I wonder what they made of it. The men who he brought in to have their turn with meat… I never got to see their faces or ask them questions it started sometime after I hit 400lb. I was blindfolded on my recovery bench… but instead of headphones, a gag was put on me instead. I couldn’t talk. Couldn’t tell Sir how much I wanted to keep growing for him. But I would hear the door to the basement open… footsteps, more than just his… Some of them couldn’t help but make remarks. “Fuck. Look at this roided pig…” “Jesus. It’s hanging past his knees. How…” “Oh god. I thought you were sending me morphs… he’s real!” “Fuck yes…” That was when meat was used. Every which way. Some of them wanted to just worship my body… tongues and lips over every inch, especially my nips which had grown fat and begging to be sucked. Others would have a go at wrapping their hands around my two-foot long throbbing pole. Taking two arms to jerk me off so they could get a taste of my bull milk. Trying to suck the head but too big for ordinary mouths now. Or being untied from the table and being fucked, used as a cumdump for others. Rimmed over and over again. The one thing I could never do again was top; I was too big for it now. My cock was now a trophy cock. Trophy meat. I kept growing. One worshipper at a time became two. Three. Eventually I’m sure my Sir must have had me milked up to eight times a day by over thirty different guys. I was never addressed as anything other than meat; never permitted to talk. Just used, as I’d been programmed. Sir never stopped programming me, loving me. I loved Sir. Loved being meat. But more was yet to come. * * * “What does the scale say, meat?” “I… I can’t…” panting, grunting, my breath coming up short. “Can’t what?” “Can’t… see… chest… in the way...” “I know, meat. Just teasing. You want me to tell you, don’t you? I’m so proud.” “H-how much today Master… did… did we make it?” I felt his hand on my rear. Could hardly bend any more to see him next to me, just frozen like a muscle statue on the customized scales, the full length mirror on the other side of the room transfixing me with my inhuman, overblown shape. A pat of reassurance. Of love. “Yes meat. Five hundred and one. I’m so proud of you.” I shook a little with excitement. My cock, which was semi-hard, got harder at his words. I could feel the monster stirring. He stroked my thigh, and my already bow-legged stance got a little wider as I allowed my owner access. Grunting pleasure. I was fully programmed meat for use. Meat for use. And yet, his hand pulled away. “Mmm… no meat. No milking today. Today you have reached a milestone… just in time, as I planned. Today is going to be different.” “... Sir?” “Go to your bench press, meat. While you were training… I have laid some things out for you.” Through a fog of lust… I could make out his words, slowly understanding what it was he wanted me to do. Anything not part of the routine… of endless lifting and sex and growth… took my brain time to process. I turned, like a battleship maneuvering in the water, and began waddling to the other side of my captive environment, cock leading the way followed close behind by my jutting pectoral shelf, arms stuck out at my side at a sharp angle by the swell of my lats. Stopping short of the bench press - still racked up with a 750lb barbell - I bent at my roid-gutted waist, grunting, to look down at what was laid there. A big shiny piece of purple fabric. A pile of leather straps. A large chain and lock. And… what looked like another hood. But this wasn’t like my executioner hood. No… it seemed to be something custom. Something beastial. With horns. A bull hood. My mind raced, dribbling a little as I grunted again, taking it in. Finally I heard my owner’s voice behind me. “These are your clothes, meat. We’re dressing you up today. Remember clothes?” I grunted. “I… why do I need…” The door opened. Three men came in… younger, twink-ish guys… they were shirtless with leather harnesses on, carrying buckets, sponges, towels. They approached… looking so small… making me get hard. It was the first time I had looked another person in the eye apart from my Sir since I had given myself over to him. They blushed and looked away, standing to the side, as if waiting for their own orders. “You’re going out, meat,” Craig said with a grin. “Time to celebrate your milestone. Be good meat and let them wash you; no cumming. You are going to save that for later. Is that understood?” “Y-yes Sir!” “Good boy. I love you so much my property.” He pulled me down for a passionate kiss, making me throb, before finally he let me go to the tender care of the assembled boys. For even though they were in their twenties, they were but boys compared to me, a hypermasculine bull. I knew that was why he had gotten me the hood; I was milked like a cow daily. Only fitting I would look like one when he took me… wherever he was taking me… They got to work in silence, furtive glances exchanged as I lay back and let them wash over every inch of my swollen form, sponges working their way over the mountains of my flesh, in between the cracks where muscle trapped muscle and skin, over the veins. As much as I had enjoyed my time as an unwashed sweaty animal, it was such a good feeling, all their tender hands over me. I could feel myself getting hard, and they were obviously all tenting hard in their jeans as they washed me, but I tried to focus and didn’t lose control. Eventually they were done; the last thing they did was “dress” me, if you can call the scant garments put on me covering for clothes. The harness went on first; it took all three of them to put it around me, going over my torso in an X shape. It must have been custom-made, the biggest of its kind ever produced. Studs of metal along the thick black bands, the whole piece enhancing my freakishly inhuman shape, putting my immense muscle-tits even more prominently on display. Then they put on my pouch; it was an engineering marvel, really, how it wrapped around my colossal, practically floor-dragging cock, football-sized balls, the whole package thrust forward by my quads which were each thicker than the boys were wide themselves. The blimped bulge hung there in purple in front of me obscenely, the fat head outlined for all to see. To top it off, it was cut like a jockstrap at the back, leaving my outrageous shelf-like rear exposed for all to see. These two items completed, they withdrew, parting with longing touches as I stood admiring myself. I was in the motions of my arousal testing the fabric and my hands wandering across my nipples when I felt the presence of Sir, his hand wandering over my back. Hadn’t even noticed him coming in, I was too distracted, which elicited a heartfelt blush from me. “It’s okay meat, you were enjoying yourself. But you are not yet ready; kneel.” He spoke in the tone that made me obey instantly. Meat for use. I grunted with the motion of getting down on both knees in front of him, my mass competing with itself in both lower and upper halves as parts of me that didn’t want to fold any more were forced together by my limbs. Breathless, I felt his hand on the back of my column-like neck, traps reaching for my ears… followed by a heavy chain draped over the nape, the cool metal like ice on my super-heated, bronzed skin. I shook as he brought the chain around my neck, and brought it together fastened with a sturdy, huge padlock. The kind you’d put on an outbuilding or safe… not a person. But on me, with the thick metal links in place, holding it above my impossibly swollen pecs, it looked perfect. Beastial, masculine. “So that everyone knows, you are owned when you are out there… and this…” I felt something heavy going over my head. The bull hood. The dark leather slid over my brow and eyes, putting me in pitch black for a second, before the holes lined up and I could see my Sir again. “...is so everyone knows what you are. An animal. Meat. Come, stand…” Heart beating fast at all the new stimuli, I put my knuckles to the concrete floor, and had to give myself a giant push to get my mass with momentum enough to stand, my body a symphony of rippling muscle as I slowly rose up and up. The mirror was still there in front of me, and I couldn’t help but stare at what I’d become for Sir. What he had made me into. Now decked out in all these garments… I looked like something out of a fantasy… the kind of morph I used to masturbate to, back when I had a life… back when I had been small… another life… He took my hand in his. “Come, meat. Before you get too worked up… it’s time the world saw you for what you really are,” he said with a wicked grin. * * * A horse trailer. They actually loaded me into a horse trailer. For livestock. An animal… I couldn’t help but let myself muse upon it deep in my meatspace as I sat on the floor with my gargantuan thick, wide back pressed against the wall. Sir gave me a portable mp3 player and headphones while we travelled. I could see it was dark, night-time outside. In my head his words were repeating; similar to my basement programming, but subtly altered. “You are meat. You are such a good boy. You love being meat. Love being on display. You love making your Sir proud. You like showing off. You are for use. You are for touching. Meat for use…” Breathing heavily and feeling my cock twitch inside the pouch, I couldn’t help but play with my oversized nipples, drooling a little as we travelled. It didn’t seem to take long… the vehicle slowed to a crawl… the night sky seemed to begin to be filled with flashes of color, and despite the words playing in my head I could detect the heavy thump of loud bass music coming from the street. My curiosity grew, and suddenly my dark prison burst open as the door was lowered, practically blinding me. Standing there, a silhouette against the gaudy profusion of neon lights, was Craig, my beautiful, perfect owner. He had his hand extended. His recorded words were still looping, but I saw his mouth open and lip-read his simple command “Come.” Getting to my bare feet with the same heavy effort as before, I staggered towards him like a toddler learning to walk for the first time, my constant gait at over five hundred pounds blown up on my frame - still 6ft 3 even then. The headphones dropped from my ears, falling to the floor as I left the Mp3 player behind, and the music grew louder. A wonderful dance beat… there was glitter around Master, lots of people behind him… some kind of celebration? A street party? As I walked out from the float into the street, everything overwhelmed me at once. So many bodies walking and dancing… fat and thin, fit and toned, muscular, bears, twinks, young and old… so many in costume in front of me, and lining either side behind barriers a huge crowd of people, from behind my hood I saw the incredulous looks start to ripple through them, fingers starting to point in my direction, while the lights swirled and the music was a fierce beat that drowned out the pounding of my heart. “Welcome to Mardi-Gras meat,” he slipped behind me, sensing my hesitation, my awe. A firm hand patted my beach-ball sized ass-glute. “Gay pride day. And you’re my parade float,” he whispered. “Sir…” There was a clink. I didn’t realise it, but he had in a second attached a long, silver leash to my chain collar. I was still standing around in a stupefied gaze when I felt the first insistent tug in front of me. “March, meat. Walk for these people and show them what a real freak looks like.” My chest tight, my legs were forced into motion… with every step my cheeks behind the hood reddening as my freakishly enhanced junk bounced over my quads and knees, obscenely leading the way. My arms forced to the side… barely able to see my feet in front of me due to the breadth of my chest, I really did feel like an overblown parade float. We weren’t marching alone; we were flanked by many more harnessed leatherboys of the kind who had washed me. Friends of Sir? How many of them had blown me, milked me in the dark I wonder? None of them seemed phased by my appearance as I waddled along… but the public… oh the public… I was such meat for display… I wasn’t able to avoid them. Master tugged me up to the barrier. He had me stop still in front of them… and flex. Their eyes bulged out of their sockets. They gasped. Some recoiled. But mostly they looked on me with awe and lust. I heard their words burying deep into my skull. “Wow man… what a freak! He’s a real prize bull!” “Oh my god is that thing between his legs real? How does he even…” “Woof! Oh I gotta get a photo of this… and Mark thought he was big, your arm is bigger than his whole body!” They lavished praise. Some jumped the barrier just so they could get close to me. Photograph me. Master ordered me to flex again and again and again… popping pecs.. Arms ballooning while they were groped and fondled… the boldest gays were hefting my junk, pulling away the fabric slightly just to see how real it was. I was such fucking meat! And not asked to talk… just objectified… used… My slow waddle went on and on… the night grew late and I grew dizzy and overwhelmed with sensation. My feet ached from having supported my bulk for so long, body glistening sweat and shining from exertion. We reached the march terminus; hundreds - thousands - of gays clustered themselves at the finish, celebrating with their floats, kissing each other in abandon, riling themselves up for the after-parties to come. I paused, groaning with pent-up lust, as the leather-brothers I had walked with drew tight around me as we were cooped up together. I felt familiar hands wandering all over me. Tweaking my fat nipples… cupping my cock and making it swell even more… looking around for Sir, I gasped and realized the leash had slipped off and he had gone, at the same moment feeling hands yanking down my pouch, leaving me fully exposed. “Meat for use… meat for use… meat for use…” they chanted, ringing me in, hiding what was happening from view of the crowd even as I felt a hot wet tongue enter my rear, a forced mooing moan of pleasure escaping my lips, my cock having no choice to swell to fully erection as three… four pairs of hands began to jerk me off! Sir had planned this whole thing! I closed my eyes, shaking, groaning, flexing, feeling like a god amongst ants, the music around us surging as I was forcefully milked and used in public. I could feel my heavy balls desperate to release and draw tight, an orgasm seemingly inevitable, when suddenly they stopped, leaving me on edge and fit to burst. To the side, I heard his voice, clear as day. He had come back. “Have you had fun, being my meat? Did you have a good time?” “Y… yes!” “Good meat. But now…. You have a choice.” “S….sir?” I throbbed uselessly, the boys holding fire, just teasing me enough to stop my dick from going down, or move an inch. I couldn’t even turn to see his face due to the hood. “Once this parade is over… you can leave. You don’t have to be my meat any more. You have made me so proud; but after today, there is no turning back. If you come back with me to the basement… I’m never going to stop growing you. You will never breathe free air again. You will get so big you won’t even be able to move. You will be that big. Is that what you want?” My heart lurched. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to cum… I wanted to be his… but… there was a shard of me left. The old me… before I walked into that bar… before I’d given myself to him. It fought to ask one simple question, through the fog, through the programming. “H… how…” I felt his hand in mine, squeezing it. I knew his palm so well. “You know enough to know none of this is possible… good meat. I am an incubus; I feed on your desire, your sexual energy. I have looked a long time to find the partner that is right for me. The energy you give sustains me; some of it I feed back to you… growing you as you desire… it is the perfect harmony. Balance between us. But now I can release you… if that is what you want.” “No…” He squeezed harder. “You are sure? You need to think about this… are you ready to give yourself, completely? “I’m ready…” I murmured… “I’ve always… been ready… I…. am… meat… I love you…. Sir…” His hand slipped away from mine. “Then I’ll do it. I’ll take you away… the pleasures you felt before… are nothing of what to come… my growing monster… my partner… my lover… my meat… forever… and when you cum… the energy of your release will be the start of a new age for us both…” Their hands started again. The pleasure grew and grew… and grew… and grew… I felt myself expanding in size, the harness snapping off… and it was true, it was really true… he was feeding the sexual energy of the crowd into me… making me blimp, balloon… giving me what I wanted…had always wanted… locking my muscles even further in mobility… And all I had to do was give him me. But there was no me any more. I came, my world exploded into pleasure and release. My mind let go. Only meat remained. Forever. END
  8. After a tiring week, Morris spends the last remaining days of the semester resting quietly in his apartment. He also can’t resist texting and calling Lance after what happened the previous week. The big Arabian stud gave him his number not long after that experience in the gym. Avery seems to have disappeared in the last few days which seems really strange to both of them. That Sunday, Morris receives a call from Professor Hardman which surprises him. ‘Morris, I want you to meet with me and Lance Elrusso at the university football field. You will be taking your final exam there.’ ‘Is there some reason why we are not going to be in the classroom professor?’ The professor pauses for a few seconds and laughs a little. Morris now believes what Lance and Avery have been telling him for the past several weeks. ‘Has Avery talked to you any Morris? This exam is highly physical and may even be a little dangerous.’ ‘Yes professor, he has told me about the exam, but I am unclear as to how I was supposed to prepare for it.’ ‘You have already prepared for it Morris. Avery has kept me up on your progress as well as Lance’s. Just be here tonight at around 10 and we will get started okay?’ ‘Okay professor, I’ll be there.’ They both hang up as Morris sits up on the couch he was laying on. Ben walks in and stands beside him with an odd look on his face. ‘Dude…..don’t you know what the final exam is? I can almost guarantee that Professor Hardman is going to make you do some kind of powerlifting. You might be fine though considering how much bigger you are. Since you started in that class, you have probably gained at least 30 pounds of muscle. If I was homo, we would probably be getting busy about any time now.’ Ben does a little goofy dance before he turns to leave the room. Morris dials up Lance on his phone afterwards. The Arabian answers and seems a bit conflicted. ‘Morris…..are you as nervous as I am man? I don’t know what to expect from this. I think I know what is going to happen, but the uncertainty is killing me.’ ‘I agree, maybe we can go there together? You know where my room is, don’t you?’ *seems cheerful now* ‘Ohh yeah I do, I’ll be there in a few minutes.’ They hang up as Morris gets up to move around a little. He leaves the room to walk into the main lobby to wait on Lance. While he stands there, Avery comes up behind him and picks him up. The surprised student shutters as the stronger man holds him up above his chest. Morris turns his head to look at him. ‘Hi there buddy. Are you ready to experience something new? The professor wanted me to round you up before you go over to the field.’ ‘Ohh well Lance is coming over here to meet up with me anyway Avery.’ ‘Awesome, saves me a trip then. *flexes his huge guns* Come on stud, flex yours so we can compare.’ Morris makes a noise basically telling Avery no which makes the bigger man lightly punch him in the stomach. The student’s arms twitch and contract as Avery positions them into a double bi pose. ‘Flex them! *Morris flexes* Hehe, there you go, not bad stud. You look better every time I see you.’ Lance arrives soon after and gives Morris a huge bear hug. The two men start growling at each other playfully and wrestling around a bit before they lean in and kiss. Avery looks on in shock. ‘Whoa! Things are definitely heating up between you two. I thought me and you had a thing Morris?’ *smiles greedily as Lance turns to stare at him* ‘You said the same shit to me Avery. I know you are just doing your job for Hardman. Let’s get going since it is after 9:30.’ The three men cram into Avery’s van and ride over to the field located about five minutes away. They get out and see the professor standing by in the nearby tunnel. He looks like he has been working out for hours judging by the amount of sweat pouring off his face and neck. He looks at Avery and nods his head. The graduate student walks past the professor and down the tunnel. When he gets to the end, he starts to run out on to the field. Morris and Lance get up to the professor and stop when he motions for them to see him. ‘Hey guys, welcome to the final exam. I know you have questions as to why this is being done on a Sunday at the football field. Well you will find out soon enough. Let’s get warmed up with a nice jog around the field why don’t we.’ The unsuspecting duo starts jogging with the professor down the tunnel and out the end on to the field where Avery is already halfway across. ‘We are starting early professor? I thought it was at 10?’ Hardman looks over at Morris and winks as he wipes his glasses. ‘Ohh it is at 10, trust me guys. This is just meant to get the blood pumping and our muscles loosened up.’ After about 15 minutes of this, the professor stops jogging and moves over to the middle of the field. Avery is already there while the other two wonder if they are supposed to go meet there too. The professor doesn’t say a word to them when he leaves so they just continue to trek along the edges of the sidelines. Avery keeps looking at them and smiling. At this point, it is ten till ten and it appears the professor is starting to have trouble controlling his breathing as he stands there. Morris and Lance finally decide to meet up in the middle with the professor and Avery. ‘Is he going to be alright Avery? He looks like he is in pain.’ Lance puts his hand on the professor’s back which is very hot to the touch. The sweat cascades down Hardman’s body like a river now as he completely loses his voice. Avery leans in to the professor and nods a few times. He then pulls Morris and Lance in front of Hardman and takes over on the talking. ‘It appears that the professor will be starting the exam a bit early considering that he is having a bit of trouble at the moment. And…..uhhhhh…..fuck…..*stretch*…..it is now spreading…..mmmmm…..over….. damn……*pop*…..to me. Guys……*rip*……get ready……to be amazed.’ The graduate student grunts a few times before his pecs start growing and shredding his shirt down the middle before they flop out. His arms completely destroy the sleeves as they continue to balloon into what amounts to watermelons. He rips his shirt off and roars in delight feeling his upper body growing at an alarming rate. He then reaches down and rips his pants off with just a few of his thick fingers as his legs and calves double in size. His underwear rips and shreds so quickly it falls to the ground as his cock thickens and his ass swells. He moans feeling his rod widening and lengthening as it pools precum all over the field. ‘OMG! Lance he is becoming a beast! What the hell am I a part of here?’ Lance doesn’t seem to be listening to him though as he watches the professor beginning his transformation. Hundreds, maybe thousands of cracks and pops are heard emanating from Hardman as his body struggles to keep its shape. He wails in pain for what seems like minutes as it appears he is losing control over his body. He stops moving at one point as it appears that the sequence is over. Lance is hypnotized by this. ‘Huh? What the…..HOLY SHIT!’ The professor starts moaning deeply as his voice changes and his body reacts. His muscles immediately explode out of his clothes as pieces of fabric remain glued to his growing body. He quickly surges past 200, then 300 pounds, as his body continues to expand its way outward. At this point, Avery is finished growing and rushes over to pick the other two up to sit on his shoulders. ‘Take a good hard look at that monster guys,’ he says in a much deeper voice since he is now over 350 pounds. ‘This is a gawd emerging in front of you of epic proportions.’ 400…..500…..600…..his height starts to catch up to the sheer bulk soon after as Hardman’s spine continuously stretches pushing him up higher and higher…..7 ft…..8 ft…..9 ft…..the three men look on in awe as the professor begins losing his human characteristics as the muscles completely deform him. 700….800….900…..10 ft…..11 ft…..12 ft…..Avery walks over to stand underneath the giant behemoth. They feel it raining on them as the professor’s massive 3 foot dong drops precum on top of them. ‘Guys this is the last part of the exam. The professor is going to coat you in his…..rain. Whatever happens after this will be completely unknown to all of us. It won’t affect me though since I have already…..changed. I am going to put you both down on the ground now and don’t move.’ Avery slides them both down on to the turf and quickly moves away as the professor continues to grow. Hardman’s body now takes up nearly five yards of the field as he reaches nearly a ton in size. The two young men grip each other’s sides as they await the final shower. The giant hulk roars in ecstasy as the ground shakes and the stands rumble. The two young men can smell the rain’s musk changing above them which makes them both feel extremely funny on the inside. They look at each other and realize it must be their turn now. ‘Oh fuck Morris, I am so afraid but yet I want this badly.’ ‘I feel the same way Lance. I hurt so badly too, but feel compelled to let this happen.’ As they feel something raging inside their bodies, the flood comes flowing out of the hulk’s raging dong and drowns the two men. They fall over and start convulsing as Avery gets hit too behind them. He falls too and crawls over to check and see if they are still breathing. The behemoth continues shooting thick jets all over them as he falls over. It causes a giant sinkhole to form in the field as he lies there unconscious still shooting cum up in the air. Sirens can now be heard in the distance as Avery starts feeling vibrations coming from underneath their skin. ‘Morris……Lance……guys…..talk to me……shit I hope this works otherwise me and the professor are so fucking screwed. This has to work quickly or everyone is going to know our secret.’
  9. Avery tries to keep some kind of composure as he knows things could turn out really bad for all four of them. The muscles on both Lance and Morris twitch several times before they start throbbing to the beating of their hearts. The huge studly graduate student isn’t quite sure what to do as the sirens get closer to campus. He panics a bit and hopes that the guys’ growth cycles will stall just a little while longer so he can get them to some kind of safe zone. ‘SHIT! I don’t think Hardman really thought this through. I need to get us out of here. WAKE UP GUYS!’ The two students moan as they finally come to their senses. The field glistens with massive pools of cum as Avery reaches down to wipe them both off. Their muscles continue to throb as he finally gets them to their feet. They both appear to be in some kind of drunken state. ‘Come on Morris, hop on my back man. Lance I will carry you buddy. The professor will hopefully return to normal size before the cops get here. We have to get going before we lose our senses.’ They both get on Avery as he starts booking it out one of the tunnels of the stadium. He stops when he gets to the end to look both ways so that they are not seen before rushing his way past the dorms. The two students start groaning louder which worries the graduate student even more as he feels his own body starting to react. He knows at any moment he will go into a similar growth cycle just like the professor did. He can now see the end of the street where the university starts. Unfortunately though he feels his cock starting to grow again as it flops back and forth against his huge veiny quads. ‘AHH SHIT…..guys…..uhh fuck……I have to…..put you both down…..I can’t hold it…..back…..any longer.’ He drops Lance on the ground as Morris climbs down quickly once he feels Avery starting to shake violently. They both grab each other and start moving away from him as they see him starting to swell up. The big stud grunts feeling his muscles growing wildly as his back stretches and pops making him grow taller and wider than he was before. His cock continues to grow bigger as it starts to spill a massive river of cum into the middle of the street where he is standing. At this point, it looks like Avery is losing his battle to stay in a normal human form as he disappears inside the behemoth that is emerging. The two weakened students can only look on as they manage to get to the side of the street and witness yet another man being transformed into a giant muscle gawd. Their own bodies have stopped throbbing. The cracking sounds emanating from Avery’s body are echoing through the campus as people begin to look outside their windows and doors. A crowd is beginning to form on the other side of the street beside the dorms. Lance and Morris try to get up again so they can make another attempt to escape off campus. The behemoth is now well past 600 pounds as his massive two foot dong begins launching cum everywhere and landing all over the ground creating huge white ponds. He is well over nine feet tall and continues to grow wider now covering most of the street. Screams are heard from many observers as they take off back inside the dorms. A few male bystanders stare in awe at the beast transforming in front of them. Lance trips and falls into one of the puddles of cum being created by Avery. The beast laughs watching him struggle in the sticky muck. Morris turns around and sees this and goes to pick him up, but his buddy tries to stop him from touching him. ‘MORRIS NO! I have been exposed by both of them now, if you come in contact with this, I don’t know what will happen to you.’ Morris doesn’t hesitate and grabs Lance by his shirt sleeve and pulls him out of the puddle. A familiar voice is heard from behind getting closer to them which makes Morris shutter. He starts moving away from the voice with Lance on his side as they limp away from both the voice and the beast. ‘BEN……GO AWAY MAN! You have to get out of here.’ ‘No Morris…..I am going to get you both away from whatever this thing is. Come on.’ Ben catches up to them and makes an attempt to put his arm around both men but not before Morris yells for him to keep his distance. ‘STAY THE FUCK AWAY BEN. You have to get away from us…..ahhhh shit…..Lance…..the throbbing is back again…..’ ‘ACK I know Morris…..I can’t stay on my feet anymore…..*falls down about fifty feet from where Ben is* SHIT! It is starting to move through me……*loud cracks and pops start pouring from Lance’s 200 pound frame* Morris…..*muscles swelling* ahhhh fuck…..’ The tattooed stud can’t hold it back any longer as his body convulses violently shredding his t-shirt and splitting the seams of his jeans. Ben jumps back from where he is standing and yells ‘DUUUDE!’ watching what is transpiring with Lance. His clothes are gone within seconds as fabric goes flying everywhere. Morris is barely standing feeling himself getting closer to the edge. Lance begins losing control over his mind as his throbbing cock swells bigger and begins aiming itself towards Ben’s direction. Morris in his weakened state tries to point to Ben to make him go away but is starting to change himself as he feels his back trying to crack and pop like Lance did. The growing behemoth’s tattoos are now stretched to the point that they look like scars on his shoulders. Ben once again tries to reach for Morris, but he stops himself once he sees that Morris is struggling to keep himself from changing. ‘Dude, I don’t know what to do? I can’t leave you here. I know now that this cum coming out of you guys is contagious somehow. I don’t want this to happen to me…..i mean…..i want to be big…..but this turns you guys into monsters…..shit I’m really scared for you Morris.’ Morris groans as he falls over by the road entrance into the university. Ben turns to see a giant rope of cum come flying in his direction and jumps out of the way. Lance is now well over 800 pounds and continues to get bigger as he falls to the ground. The crash from his fall shatters windows and creates an aftershock that sends Ben and Morris flying into the air. Ben lands in one of the nearby oak trees while Morris goes crashing through a nearby dorm which makes his roommate yell in fright. ‘NOOOO! MORRIS! DAMNIT!’ Lance finally stops growing and passes out once he reaches a thousand pounds. The police along with other vehicles finally get to the university to determine what is going on. Lance is lying in a massive crater he created when he fell. Ben quickly climbs down from the oak tree and sneaks around a back entrance into the dorm he saw Morris plunge into. People are filling the main lobby trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Ben races past them and gets into one of the elevators. His heart beats so fast that he nearly passes out as he stands. He reaches the top level of the dorm and gets out. With no one of that floor, he immediately notices smoke coming from one of the rooms. He removes his hoodie and uses it to open the door. Inside he sees Morris lying on top of a mountain of rubble nearly lifeless. He rushes to his side to check for a pulse not realizing that he has touched his roommate’s skin. Morris’s clothes are ripped from the impact and exposes parts of his nicely developed body. Ben feels a faint pulse and tries to wake him up. ‘MORRIS.....dude wake up. Come on…..shit man…..I don’t want to lose you. GAWD! I bet every bone in your body is broken.’ Morris moans a few times before his cock starts to rise in his pants. Ben gets silent and turns his head to see a huge snake starting to form underneath his roommate’s exposed boxer briefs. He turns his head back around and gets a scared look on his face. ‘NO NO NO MORRIS! Fight it! Don’t let it win, you can hold it back…..’ Morris opens his eyes and smiles back at Ben. His body begins to transform like the others did. Whatever bones were broken are now healing as his muscles start stretching and growing. The exposed parts of his chest swell up and rise extremely close to his face as the fabric on his shirt rips open showing off massive muscles in his pecs and abs. He grunts feeling his jeans ripping open as his swelling cock busts out of his boxer briefs and continues to grow. Ben knows there is no way he can stop Morris’s transformation and ponders what to do next. His roommate is now well over 300 pounds as his back and ass destroy his clothes further. Morris is now trying to stand up as he continues to grow. He walks toward Ben which makes his roommate start to move away from him. The remaining fabric on Morris’s body clings to his immense shoulders and waist. Ben can only look on seeing his friend become unrecognizable as he sails past 500 pounds and grows even taller. Morris moans as his cock takes aim at Ben and begins drooling precum all over the floor. ‘Please Morris…..don’t do this. I hope you can still hear me in there. I love you man…..but I don’t want to be like you. This is not what I want.’ The behemoth walks up next to Ben and picks him up. Ben shakes nervously not knowing what will happen next. The now 600 pound giant looks him in the eyes and smiles once again like before. He rubs Ben’s back with his huge right paw feeling his small buddy shaking. It appears that he has stopped growing too as the giant looks down at his body and sees this. At nine feet, he can almost reach the ceiling now and notices that he can push through it which he does. He tosses Ben up on to the roof and lifts himself up beside him. Then he picks Ben up again and holds him against his massive 80” chest and pumps his 45” guns before letting out a couple of low grunts. The surprised roommate is trying to figure out what he is doing with him. ‘Morris? Are you still in there dude? You seem a bit different from the other guys.’ The behemoth looks him in the eyes again and shakes his head up and down indicating that he is indeed still coherent. ‘Can you speak to me man? Wait…..maybe that isn’t such a good idea, you might kill me with your voice.’ Morris smiles at him and puts Ben up to his mouth to give him a kiss. Ben hesitates but knows he doesn’t have a choice as the giant man plants a wet one on his lips. Remarkably though, Ben feels a sense of ease and relaxes a bit as they kiss. The huge man’s powerful hands are soft and comforting and Ben can’t seem to keep his eyes off the swollen pipes pulsing from Morris’s cannons. The behemoth’s immensely deep voice is felt against Ben’s body which makes his cock jump. They finally stop kissing. ‘Morris…..I uhhh…..i’m not gay man…..but you are making me want you which doesn’t make sense. I have never felt this way about you before. It must be the way you look at me and how you just kissed me. I actually feel compelled…..NO! I don’t want that!’ Morris grins and leans in to kiss and lick Ben’s neck and rub his back. The roommate tries to resist, but he realizes that it may already be too late. His shirt is ripped off as the behemoth goes for his pants which he tries to fend off but fails. Ben is stripped naked as his cock bounces furiously which makes the giant growl softly. ‘NO! Damnit, I don’t want this…..*Morris pulls Ben up to suck his cock* ohhh gawd…..mmmm oh fuck I have waited months for this…..’ The behemoth sucks lovingly on Ben’s cock making him hump Morris’s lips. The roommate moans loudly as he unloads his seed down the giant’s throat. This sequence lasts several minutes as Morris continues sucking on Ben’s cock and draining him. The weakened man is then put down on the roof floor where he leans against one of the brick posts. Morris looks down at him and winks as his cock towers over top of Ben’s body. ‘Get it over with then Morris. I can’t even move now…..you took away any energy I might have left……’ Gunshots are heard beneath them as hundreds of darts go barreling through Morris’s sides. He roars out in pain as the building shakes before falling backwards and crashing all the way down to the main floor of the dorm. This makes the whole roof shake as Ben clings to the post. Once the dorm stops moving, Ben crawls over to look down inside the building and sees Morris lying there surrounded by several policemen and military personnel. He notices him now starting to shrink back to a fairly reasonable size as these men converse with each other. Once he finishes reverting, he is put on a gurney and the men disappear out the front doors of the dorm. Ben crawls back to where he was and tries to hide away from view as he sees four unmarked vans being loaded up with numerous men and can see Morris being put in one of them. They quickly drive off the campus as a huge crowd of students begin forming outside again. He wonders what will happen now since he knows that his roommate is now some kind of superhuman.
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 16

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O52F8UJS70fDmrK2gYawUXBtklu8IEUwpOdaOZrPuoM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O52F8UJS70fDmrK2gYawUXBtklu8IEUwpOdaOZrPuoM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN Chapter 16: Wrongs, Rights, and Rimming? Marvelous Man’s reality felt like it was becoming undone. He had been careful to balance his two different lives without raising any suspicion from his friends and teammates. Adrenaline kept accelerating his heart rate with the sound of pumping blood raging in his ears, and it took every ounce of the musclebound superhero’s will to keep his breath steady. There were plenty of questions racing through his mind, but one statement drowned out the inquiries: SHIT!!! In one huge reveal, Gemini now had a new body that was exotically erotic and masculine. Apparently, he had also been employed by the D.A.B. to act as the team’s new member as a technician. But the one thing Marvelous Man hoped would not happen is Gemini recognizing Justice in his alter ego. The probability of that happening at this very moment can be compared to pulling a pin out of a grenade and not exploding. Gemini had just subtly outed Marvelous Man, while offering a handshake. There was no other choice but to keep playing along in order to keep up face. Marvelous Man accepted the handshake; gripping it with caution. The muscle demigod could feel Gemini squeezing hard enough that it felt like his hand was going to turn into a diamond. This would become the second time today his hand would be crushed. He strained back a smile. Marvelous Man stammered, “R-really? What a coimidam-I mean, coincidence.” “Yeah, I bet,” grinned Gemini. The Director sipped his glass of sweet tea before continuing. “Marvelous Man, I’ll need you to debrief Mr. Yin here about our current situation with the Skeleton Lord,” Director Skye ordered,” As for you, Gene, I’ll need you with me when we start interrogating our petrified guest. I supposed he will respond better with you in his visual vicinity.” “Understood,” bowed Gene. Director Doug turned to Fairuza. He drawled, “Fairuza, I’ll need you to help record our interrogation. Maybe you can find something whatever Gilgamesh spills to get us a better idea about our skeletal problem. Especially with how he is associated with that fiend and how he managed to keep his youth.” “Yes, sir. Of course,” replied Fairuza. The Director smiled, “Splendid. Now if y’all excuse me, we still have about two hours left before our guest thaws out, and I will be taking my lunch.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Being dismissed from Director Skye’s office, Marvelous Man and Gemini made their way towards the elevator. Neither said a word, but Marvelous Man was too aware of the tension between them. It was seconds after they entered the elevator and it closing behind them, that he tried to break the ice. “So…” said Marvelous Man, “uhhh, as the Director told you, we’re dealing with the Skele-” “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re a superhero?” interrupted Gemini. Marvelous Man paused, “I...am a superhero. Is my outfit not cl-” “DON’T! Bullshit with me, Justice! I know it’s you. I have facial recognition software like every other Soulem!” exclaimed Gemini. He continued, “I mean, at least have the decency to put on a mask or something. You can blend in with the crowds of other giant black bodybuilders in this city, but that can only fool human eyes.” The muscle demigod said nothing. Marvelous Man stared down at the ground; incapable of making any eye contact with his Soulem friend. The elevator dinged as it passed the fourth floor. “When we first met, you told me you were a trust-fund baby and was in between jobs,” recanted Gemini. Marvelous Man answered, “...That wasn’t a lie...at the time. After I met you that same day, the D.A.B. hired me to become a full-time hero. Before that, I had just got my superhero license and was patrolling as a hobby.” “Oh...Still, why didn’t you tell me? I thought we were friends...maybe even best friends,” frowned Gemini. The husky Soulem’s mood rings turned to a deep blue. Marvelous Man looked up at his best friend. It struck a chord in his heart to hear someone openly validate their friendship with the bodybuilder superhero. “We are! It’s just that...I mean...I wanted to protect you and my loved ones. I don’t want my enemies to know about you and hurt you, Gemini,” explained Marvelous Man. Gemini looked at Marvelous Man with a face of bewilderment, while his mood rings turned grey. He exclaimed, “What kind of fatherfucking logic is that?! Did your understanding of the world come from an old-timey comic book or something?! I ‘supposedly’ have close relations to the you that is Justice fatherfucking Starr. Because of that, I have to know your superhero alter ego, so that I can prepare myself in the event that your well-known enemies try to get the drop on your civilian life by targeting me.” The elevator dinged again, as it passed by the third floor. Mood rings flashing red, Gemini crossed his arms. “You’re doing more harm than good. You’re not helping. You’re just being selfish,” he lectured. Marvelous Man’s vision began to turn murky, as he could feel something building up in his eyes. He clenched his fists. He was a superhero. Superheroes do not cry. They must be a symbol of unwavering strength. But…the fear of losing the only friend Justice had and the sadness of betraying Gemini’s trust felt more painful than Gilgamesh breaking his entire hand. He choked a whisper, “...I’m sorry…” Gemini stared into the muscle demigod’s eyes. As he did so, the Soulem’s mood rings’ color shifted into white. His hand slowly drifted to Marvelous Man’s until it hesitated halfway. Changing direction, Gemini placed his hand on the bodybuilder superhero’s bulging shoulder. “...I care about you, Justice. You’re the only friend around here that I have, and I barely know you. Please...tell me the truth. Just everything...anything at all...Please,” he sighed. Marvelous Man closed his eyes to prevent any seeping liquids. He could barely hear the elevator’s ding of descending passed the second floor. The musclebound superhero sobbed, “...Okay.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soon after Marvelous Man calmed down, the two relocated themselves at Marvelous Man’s apartment. Marvelous Man did not leave as Justice earlier that day, so the he had to enter the premise through the roof access. The muscle demigod then fished a silver key out of his pocket while making his way down the steps. “Ya know, I think this is the first time I’ve been on your roof. We should go swimming on your roof’s pool before fall sets in,” mentioned Gemini. Marvelous Man nodded, “Yeah, sure. I’ve never dipped in there yet.” “That’s a shame. Too much time taken up from superheroing?” inquired Gemini. Marvelous Man answered, “Yeah, and cause I spend all my free time hanging out with you. You kinda had a fragile body back then, so that’s why all we did was walk around the mall and watch anime.” The Soulem’s mood ring flashed to pink, while he flustered. “Oh...Well...thanks for being considerate,” replied Gemini. The muscle demigod smiled, “No problem.” Marvelous Man then stopped in front of his living room closet. He briefly remember his first time arriving in the real world through there. While the process of going to another world felt somewhat magical, crossing over and arriving into the real world was so instant and tame. The bodybuilder superhero place the silver key into the door’s lock; jangling an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top keychain attached to the silver key. “Soooo, are you gonna tell me who you are and stuff? Cause I assumed you brought me back to your apartment, cause you’d feel more comfortable dishing it here...did I really just say that?” said Gemini. Marvelous Man turned to Gemini, as the Soulem’s mood ring changed to white. He spoke, “I do, but I have to show you something first before I can explain everything about me. I promise it’ll make sense once I do. Just let me change before I show you.” Raising his arms above his head, the muscle demigod placed his golden bracelets on top of the other. Marvelous Man chanted, “Marvelous Muscle Magic, Metamorph!!!” The bodybuilder superhero was instantly transported into his transformation void. After having to do it countless times to maintain his double life, he no longer dreaded it. The feelings from the transportation and assailing on his erogenous zones were at first annoyance, then numbness, and finally accepting it and enjoying the teasing pleasures. His heroic outfit exploded like shattered glass; leaving his musclebound body floating nude in the void. This was then followed by silver paint slapping at his glutes and groin. His muscular globes jiggled in every direction, as silver fabric began to form. Once the hulking man’s silver thong fully materialized, the transformation vacuum collapsed. Justice landed gently on his large feet. Taking a breath to appreciate the pleasurable transformation, Justice could feel his sex at half mast. The bodybuilder looked at his handsome Soulem friend and noticed the bulging movements in Gemini’s zaffre fundoshi. Justice’s mouth began to water, as his thoughts wondered about his friend’s robotic penis. He then realized that Gene’s hypersexuality was starting to seep into his personality. “So...you have to say that every time to transform?” coughed Gemini. Justice sighed, “Yeah. At first it was kinda embarrassing to say, but I got used to it.” The musclebound man attempted to change the subject in the hopes of distracting his thoughts and changing Gemini’s dark red mood ring. “Did I ever tell you where I came from?” asked Justice. Gemini lightly nodded his head, as his mood ring’s color turned into purple. The Soulem recalled, “Yeah, you said you came from Sunnysville?” “Uh-huh. And I want to take you there. It’ll make sense once I show you, I swear,” said Justice. Gemini’s mood ring flashed grey, as he gave Justice a confused look. He replied, “Oookaaay...Like, right now? What, we gonna use teleportation magic or…?” The Soulem tilted his head, while his eyes gazed upon the silver key in the closet’s lock. His mood ring immediately shifted to a purple. “Wait a sec! Are we gonna walk through your closet like that magical wardrobe?!” inquired Gemini. Justice could see the curious giddy in his friend’s digital eyes. The bodybuilder replied, “Ummm, I’m not sure what you’re referencing to. But yeah, we’re gonna be walking through my closet.” Gemini’s white eyes dilated like a cat enraptured by euphoric catnip. “Oh my gosh, dimensional magic?! I am going to flip if you’re telling the-uhhh...wh-what are you doing?” stammered the Soulem. During Gemini’s flabbergast, Justice had bent down in an attempt to take off his silver thong. He continued to slide it down his tree-trunk thighs while looking up. The musclebound man noticed his robotic friend’s mood ring began to constantly fluctuate between pink, grey, and dark red. He replied, “Hm? Oh, I’m just taking these off. Nobody in Sunnysville is real, so it doesn’t matter if I’m naked. You can take yours off too, if you want.” “I’m, uh, I’m good,” said Gemini. As the Soulem watched his overly muscular friend pull the silver thong down to the ankles, his mood ring color shifted to black. A wicked smile crept on his silver face. Gemini spoke up, “Soooo, if you’re not gonna wear anything, mind if ya let me dress you?” The hulking bodybuilder stood up and kicked away his thong. He then looked at the husky android with a puzzled face; unsure if he heard his friend right. “Huh?” said Justice. Gemini pressed, “Just saying. It doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing anything, since you said the people aren’t real...which is a really weird thing to say-Sorry, getting off topic. But c’mon, let me dress you. It’s not like you can be embarrassed.” Justice had never seen the Soulem’s mood ring take on a black hue, but he knew it could not be good. His instinct told him that something was amiss and to say no. But he felt like he would be letting down his friend again if he refused. The bodybuilder already hurt Gemini’s feelings once today and did not wish to do it again. “Okay,” he sighed. Gemini replied, “Great! I’ll be right back!” As the beefy Soulem’s mood ring color changed to light blue, Gemini ran to Justice’s bedroom. Justice tried to shake his unease. It seemed like an odd idea, but it could be fun. He wondered if he had the will to refuse whatever Gemini wanted him to wear. The worst thing the Soulem could do is make him wear his buttplug. He then told himself it would not be so bad, since they are only touring Sunnysville. “Dude, did you buy some anime replica sex toy?” shouted Gemini. Justice flexed his eyebrows in confusion before his eyes bulged at a faint memory. A while back, he thought it would be fun to purchase sex toys from the internet that were shaped like props from famous television shows and movies. There was only one that caught his eye that was quite similar and came at a hefty price. And after purchasing it, he forgot about trying it out; leaving it to occupy a corner of his room. Gemini continued, “Dragon Pearls™ anal balls? Some kind of Chinese knockoff? Oh wow, yeah, instead of stars, it’s got Chinese characters, heh. Geeze, it’s heavy! What is this, fourty pounds?” “Shit,” muttered Justice. Exiting Justice’s bedroom, Gemini lightly jogged back to his bodybuilder friend. He was carrying several objects in his hands, but there was something else that would catch anybody’s attention. Slinged over his shoulders and around the back of his neck were eight orange spheres interconnected with a white string. The crystal-like orbs were bigger than softballs and had red Chinese characters planted in their centers. The Soulem’s devilish smile was even wider than before, and the color of his mood rings were constantly phasing back and forth with dark red and black. Evil seemed to be dancing in Gemini’s eyes; sending a chill down Justice’s spine. Justice quickly reasoned, “Those aren’t clothes.” “Neither is your Marvelous Man bikini, yet you wear it in public cause it technically clothes your immense dong and balls,” shot back Gemini. The Soulem whined, “C’mon, broooo. You said you’d let me dress you. I mean, are you not able to fit this in you?” “I can...but I don’t want to,” replied the bodybuilder. Gemini continued griping, “Justice. C’moooon. Please? You seriously gonna take back your word?” Justice did not need Gene’s ability to sense the sexual hunger radiating out of Gemini. He knew it was going to be awkward getting pleasured by his best friend. The bodybuilder briefly wondered if all Soulems with supposed functional sex organs were as perverted as Gemini was starting to become. Knowing that he would never hear the end of it and probably hurt their friendship, Justice knew what he had to do. “Fine,” sighed the hulking bodybuilder. Gemini beamed, “Yes! I brought some lube if you need it.” “I don’t, but it’ll make this go a lot faster. Just let me clean myself out first,” said Justice. The overly muscular man thumped his way over to the bathroom. His thick cock loudly slapped against his thunderous thighs with every step. Gemini called out, “Maybe you should get a spell tattooed on yourself, so you can stay permanently clean. Unless you’re like, ya know, some sort of supernatural being or have an artificial colon.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The bulge in Gemini’s zaffre fundoshi pushed against the fabric with furious determination at a chance to be fully erect and free of the tie-string loincloth. In one hand, he held a bottle of Crack Addict lube and the Dragon Pearls™ in the other. The Soulem’s mood ring color flashed an intense dark red, as he stared at the erotic sight in front of him. Splayed open was Justice’s rear end. The bodybuilder stretched his legs open into a perfect split; resting his exceedingly meaty legs on the couch. With nothing to keep his massive bubble glutes together, his virgin hole was left exposed for the Soulem to behold. “Well? You gonna do it or not?” said Justice. Upon Justice voicing his impatience, Gemini shook his head to relieve the carnal daze in his eyes. The Soulem replied, “Huh? Oh, yeah! Sure. Just, uh, give me a second to lube up.” “Just put it on the balls. My ass doesn’t need the prepping,” said Justice. Gemini nodded, “Yeah, I can tell. It’s already got a gape. But, ummm, how’d you get it to be so puffy? It’s like a donut.” “Anal pump. I’ve been using it for...huh, it’s been years, but I actually lost count, heh. But I had to get a new one when I moved here,” explained Justice. Gemini exclaimed, “Damn! How are you not a sex obsessed being if you buy all these sexy clothes and sex toys?! You don’t bother eye-banging every guy we pass by when we go to the mall and stuff.” “I still do. Just not with every guy. And I just feel that all my sex stuff should be kept home in my own privacy. But if I was still in my teens, I would’ve let you bang me without question, hehe,” stated the bodybuilder, “But what about you? You’re trying to put a toy in me and keep staring at my hole.” The Soulem sighed, “Sorry. After my awakening and getting my new body, the moderators for my upgrade said that I’d have a hyper interest in sex for the next week or so. So it should go away soon.” “Oh, right! I totally forgot! Congratulations on your awakening! I guess that’s why you got a new body, huh?” said Justice. He then paused for a second as realization hit him. The musclebound man spoke up, “Ohhhh, so that’s why it’s also called robo puberty!” “Yeah...so I’m really sorry if I keep drooling whenever I look at you. It’s just that...your body is really hypnotizing. Especially your asshole,” licked Gemini. While Justice was used to people flirting with him, it was different to hear his best friend complement the sexual appeal of his body. It sent a tingling sensation that aroused his man meat to twitch and harden. Gemini has made comments about his body before, but it was usually about his bigness or strength. However, his Soulem friend’s new statement roused a new hunger in Justice that felt like it could only be sated with more of those sexy comments...or maybe more. Justice hesitated, “Oh. It’s cool. But thanks for saying that. Ummm, can you put it in me now?” Gemini said nothing, as his eyes kept staring at Justice’s pillow-like bussy. He walked towards the bodybuilder’s hole, as if he were in a trance, and kneeled down. The Soulem slowly leaned forward until his face planted against the stretched buttocks. With his nose pressing against the soft, donut-shaped anus, Gemini’s nose inhaled the manly scent. “Fffffuuuuuck…” exhaled the Soulem. The musclebound man flexed an eyebrow in confusion. He felt something odd, but it was not a feeling of penetration. Opening his mouth, Gemini’s black tongue rolled out. It looked almost like a normal tongue until it began to flex and undulate like a worm. As it slithered in the air, the wet tongue started to glow a soft neon blue. The glimmering, blue tongue wriggled its way onto the bodybuilder’s perineum; tasting the smooth, chocolate taint. Floundering about, Gemini’s tongue layered the soft area with Soulem saliva. The blue muscle was still not satisfied, and trailed down the perineum’s line. It met its unfortunate end, as it collided against the couch. Justice sharply gasped, “G-GEM?! Wha-” Tilting his head up, Gemini snaked his glowing tongue back into his mouth. The Soulem’s silver lips brushed against the overly-muscled rump’s. With them perfectly aligned, Gemini’s face pressed further into the exposed buttock. Justice could hear a wet smooch, as the bulky android puckered and kissed several times. “Wh-what are you doing?!” moaned Justice. He could feel a tickling sensation on his anus, but it was hard to describe. It was wet, and it felt so good. It also felt teasing, and he wanted more but not knowing what it was scared him a bit. He could also feel a big object pressing against his thick rear. The object felt smooth and metallic, but it was warm instead of the expected cold. He briefly wondered just what Gemini was applying before a new sensation took over; melting his ability to move or resist. Gemini opened his mouth, during the mouth to anus make out session, to allow his glimmering, blue tongue to squirm out. It swirled over the pillowy rim of the entrance in slow, clockwise motions. Upon completing a rotation, Gemini would return back to kissing. He would smooch the hole’s lips a few more times before releasing his blue tongue in the opposite direction. With the pumped rim now thoroughly wet, the Soulem’s tongue went into a new direction. The blue tongue slowly slid into the gaping hole. It burrowed deep into fleshy tunnel like a worm without a hint of defiance from the muscle ring. It squirmed in every direction before returning into the metallic mouth. Immediately after, the glimmering appendage darted right back into the bodybuilder’s rectum to taste the virgin meat and explore every part of it. Justice laid on the couch in his perfect leg split; moaning in ecstasy. The tickling, pleasurable sensation now traveled inside of himself. He was powerless to stop Gemini’s unseen action, as he could no longer form a coherent thought. The bodybuilder was now mindless; lost in a lust fog with his eyes rolled back into his skull. The senses in his head spun, and he could no longer tell what was up or down. Pleasures of electricity zipped across his spine; twitching every muscle cord in his body. He whimpered, “Gem…” Gemini stood up. His robotic erection strained against the zaffre fundoshi and lined up against Justice’s pumped, wet hole. The Soulem looked down and reached for the drawstring of his mokko fundoshi before stopping midway. The bottle of Crack Addict lube and the Dragon Pearls™ were still in his hands, and his mood ring color switched to grey. His eyes darted about as if he snapped out of his trance and wondering what just happened. Keeping silent, Gemini quickly doused the orange anal balls with the sex lubricant brand. The color of his mood ring during the lubrication changed to yellow, before fading back to dark red upon finishing. Dropping to his knees, the Soulem placed the bottle of lube on the ground. He then grabbed the crystal orb on the end of the white string, and placed it against Justice’s gaping hole. The donut-shaped entrance widened upon the lubricated Dragon Pearl™ pressing against it. As the hole enveloped the orange orb, it accepted it with a soft, wet shlop. Justice grunted in pleasure from being stretched and filled. The gaping orifice then twitched as if it were a mouth hungry for more. Gemini carefully proceed with the second orb; resulting in the same outcome. The bulky Soulem continued to shove the rest of the crystal balls into Justice’s plump opening. As he slid the last ball in, his hand accidentally slipped in. Justice moaned at the sudden fisting, while Gemini playfully rolled his hand about. Smirking, Gemini pulled his wet hand out with a loud plop. All eight orbs were successfully fed into the hungry hole. The only evidence of such a feat was a ring attached to the anal ball’s white string; hanging outside the pillowy rim. Gemini stood up and gazed upon his handiwork. A shiny, orange glint shimmered from within Justice’s virgin chasm. Gemini’s eye wandered about Justice’s twitching body that was still paralyzed by the onslaught of euphoria. His mood ring transitioned to black. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Justice opened his eyes. He felt full and surmised that Gemini successfully inserted the Dragon Pearls™ into him. He then wondered how he ended up on his back, as the ceiling and the top of his pectorals now stared back at him. There was also something clung around his neck, but it did not matter at this moment. The bodybuilder remembered his anus was being tickled and then lost his sense of self and time. As he tried to recall the event, Justice then felt an intense itching on his hole. Trying to sit himself up, Justice spotted Gemini. The husky Soulem stood in front of him; holding a bag of shiny objects. The color on Gemini’s mood ring had now went back to being white. “...How long was I out?” hesitated Justice. Gemini smiled, “Long enough for me to put on the finishing touches of your new outfit.” Justice positioned himself to get up before noticing something else. “Why am I still doing the splits?” he asked. Gemini shrugged, “You looked really sexy doin that, so I split your legs again after I flipped you over. You’re surprisingly flexible for a super buff guy. It wasn’t even a struggle to get your legs to do it.” “Years of gymnastics and yoga,” answered Justice. Gemini flexed a suspicious golden eyebrow. He inquired, “Between all the bodybuilding?” “I had a lot of free time back in Sunnysville,” shrugged Justice, “Anyways, let me see what you did before we go.” Breaking from his split pose, the hulking bodybuilder placed his legs together and stood up from the leather couch. Justice thumped his heavy body back towards his bedroom and could hear a jingling of bells that he could not identify its origin. He could feel the anal balls wiggling inside of him with every thunderous step he took. Justice mentally admitted to himself that although it was weird to feel so much stuffed into his body, it did feel pleasurable and sexy knowing he took it all in. As he approached the bedroom door, he could not ignore another sensation he had been feeling since he woke up. Justice’s hole itched and twitched with an intensity that needed to be scratched. It was greater than its usual urges to be stretched and filled. Justice thought the anal balls were enough but figured it might have increased his endurance to take on more. As he reached down to pet the sexually-hungered mouth, the bodybuilder heard his Soulem friend shout. “Oh! That reminds me,” said Gemini. Dropping the bag of shiny objects, the bulky android ran to the musclebound man and stopped within touching distance. Gemini grabbed the Dragon Pearls’™ ring, hanging out of Justice’s anus on a white string, with one hand and placed the other on the bodybuilder’s wide back. He yanked as if he were trying to start up a lawn mower. Gemini commanded, “I wish you wouldn’t touch your hole until the Dragon Pearls™ are completely out.” Immediately after Gemini said his wish, Justice’s hole began to bulge against an object trying to exit. An orange orb was pulled out of virgin rectum with a wet plop ringing in the air. The bodybuilder gasped at the sudden stretch and partial loss of fullness. Electricity danced in Justice’s body, as the musclebound man was now paralyzed by the pleasurable shock. Before Justice had time to breathe, Gemini yanked the white string again. “I wish that you can’t take off the outfit I put on you until the Dragon Pearls™ are completely out,” added the Soulem. Another crystal anal ball popped out of donut-shaped hole. Justice’s body was assaulted by the multiple sensations but managed to gain enough willpower to do one action. The musclebound man held out his arms and braced himself against the doorframe. In the act of doing so, Justice sacrificed the power in his legs. The bodybuilder sagged to the floor, as his overly-muscular legs could no longer stand. Justice’s rear end poised up upon reaching the tiled ground; held up by the anal leash grasped in Gemini’s fingers. The bodybuilder shuddered, “F-Father...fucker...Wh-what did...you do...that for?” Gemini playfully tugged at the Dragon Pearls™ string. The orbs did not react this time; causing Justice’s round, muscle rump to be lifted higher up. Squatting down, the bulky Soulem slid his white, rubbery index finger halfway into Justice’s pumped hole. He then twirled in finger in a slow clockwise motion; eliciting wimpy moans from the hulking bodybuilder. Gemini licked his lips with his glowing, blue tongue, as his mood ring flashed to dark red. “Just testing it. Apparently, this anime knockoff sex toy is a magical object,” he replied. Justice moaned, “What?!” Even though he should be angry and having many different emotions about this situation, Justice felt himself sinking back into the lust fog. All of his emotions were being drained by Gemini toying with his hole. Justice wanted to fight back, but a bigger part of him wanted to give in. Especially since the itching sensation on his anal lips was finally being relieved a little bit. “Yeah. I’m surprised you didn’t look at the booklet in the box. Or at the very least, read the description info on whatever site you bought it from. But I guess when you have all the money to burn, things like that or even the price won’t deter you,” said Gemini. The Soulem rambled, “Basically, the Dragon Pearls™ are a mind control device that isn’t labeled as a magical mind control device, cause those are illegal. Not to mention, they would have been cancelled out by the magical mind control disruptors placed all over the city to prevent mind hacking. But this enchanted sex toy uses lust energy and can only compel a person once they give consent to have the balls put in them. So it would be really hard for a terrorist to use it against the president or something.” “Anyways, once they’re in you, I’m able to give you eight commands, but I have to start it with ‘I wish’. And every time I command you, I have to pull out a ball for it to work. Don’t worry though, I won’t make you do anything rapey like having sex with me. But apparently, the eighth command is permanent, and all the previous ones are temporary depending on how much lust energy was absorbed,” he continued. Justice could not believe what he was hearing. He thought to himself that he really needed to pay better attention to the description info before he bought something on the internet. No wonder that sex toy had all those zeroes. Gemini explained, “So I’m just gonna say in advance that I’m really sorry about all this, and that I don’t have much control over myself. I’m just super horny right now, and I just am now realizing what a sadist me and my dad really are. Sooooo, while my inhibitions are really low, I’m just gonna try to enjoy this as much as possible. Consider it payback for keeping a secret from your best friend that could have explained why we couldn’t have hung out all those times you were heroing before I got my upgrade.” The hulking bodybuilder tried to sigh, but it ended up turning into a moan. Gemini was not going to let it go even after Justice apologized. He then figured it was better to play along with Gemini’s role play, to keep his best friend happy. But when Justice has hit his limit, he will stop pretending to be deceived by the husky Soulem. “Fine. But...why does...my asshole itch...so much?” asked Justice. The Soulem smirked, “Grabbed a bottle of Crack Addict from your room. It’s that irritant lube that makes ya itch wherever you apply it to. Must be driving you pretty wild, huh, bro?” “Yeah...Can I get up now?” said Justice. Ceasing the finger twirl on Justice’s hole, Gemini uncoiled the white string that had wrapped around his finger from the action. The Soulem then slapped his hand down on the bodybuilder’s massive, round glutes; causing the skin and fat underneath it to ripple like a stone tossed into a pond. Justice moaned loudly from the buttocks assault and again from Gemini leaning down to give the donut-shaped hole one final lick with his glowing, blue tongue. He replied, “Now you can.” Justice remained face down for a few more seconds before collecting enough strength in his massive legs to stand up. At full height, his hands remained braced against the doorframe to keep his body straight. The bodybuilder then opened the door and slowly thumped his mammoth-sized body into his bedroom. Other than the anal balls inside of him moving, he could now feel the two orange orbs outside of him slapping against the back of his tree-trunk thighs. It was almost as if he had a tail. Finding the many wall-sized mirrors installed on the wall, he stood in front to gaze at his appearance. He became perplexed at what he saw, and realized he really needed to pay more attention to what he bought. The outfit Gemini made him wear was technically allowed for public dressed, but it was on the same level as Gene’s dating wardrobe. A gold-plated slave collar was now adorned around his neck. It had a short-lengthed chain linked to the front of the collar and drooped down into the cleft of Justice’s colossal pecs. Justice spotted his ankles had also been arrested with gold-plated slave cuffs that had small bells linked onto the sides. Focusing on his crotch, he noticed his hefty family jewels had been fitted through a golden cock ring that had been lined with a stretchy fabric. The shiny, metallic silver spandex housed his sexual fruits and stretched to a skin tightness that every detail of his manliness can be seen. The shiny spandex had the word “IT” printed in large, metallic gold spandex, so that even his crotch spelled out that he was bounded to a submissive, sexual servitude. Justice’s eyes were finally drawn to the last of what Gemini put on him. Shimmering on his belly button and his forehead were body jewelry rhinestones. They were white and sparkled like diamonds. The one on his belly button was the biggest of the two; completely covering the fleshy depression with a circular shape. As for the one applied onto the center of his forehead, it had a diamond-shaped rhombus figure to it. More than likely, these rhinestones were the final pieces, since that is what was most likely in the bag Gemini held when Justice woke up. “Am I supposed to be some sort of sci-fi slave prince?” guessed Justice. Gemini shrugged, “Something like that. I just grabbed what I thought would look sexy on you.” Justice looked in the mirror again to take in his new appearance. There was something exciting about wearing such an outfit, and it was starting to grow on him. It felt as if Gemini had awakened something within him. He always knew he was a power bottom but did being subjugated turn him on? The musclebound bodybuilder felt that Gemini would be the only one he could trust with such a thing for now; even though the Soulem was being a perverted pain at the moment. Though part of Justice relished at how dominant Gemini was over him. The overly-muscular man poked at his forehead rhinestone. “Well...I don’t completely hate it. I’m kinda liking this bindi. And the belly button one is...not bad,” he said, “By the way, how strong is this adhesive? It’s not budging at all.” Gemini stated, “It’s supposed to stay on you for a week, so I’m guessing it’s pretty strong stuff. So unless you want to rip off some epidermis, you probably shouldn’t try. Oh, and it’s waterproof and heat resistant, so a shower ain’t gonna make it come off.” Justice frowned as he played with his metallic spandex-encased bulge. The fabric felt smooth to his fingertips, and he was finding it fun to jostle it in his hand. He then spotted in his wall mirror a wet spot starting to develop on the silver spandex. “Fine. At least I can take off the cuffs and collar when you get those Dragon Pearls™ out of me,” remarked the bodybuilder. Gemini then mentioned, “Oh, yeah. One last thing. I stuck a whole bunch of different-colored rhinestones on your back.” “What?” said Justice. Gemini grinned, “Yeah, I arranged it to look like the Gemini constellation. So that’s my brand on you for right now to show that I own you, heh. But I’m not feeling it right now, so I’ll probably try something later that’s more noticeable and more me.” “Fine. Whatever. Is there anything else you added?” huffed Justice. Gemini pursed his lips, “Hmmmm, nope. That’s it. But let me just do one last thing.” Grabbing the white cord sticking out of Justice’s hole, Gemini yanked it. “I wish that you can’t move unless I’m wearing the Dragon Pearls’™ pull ring or holding onto the string,” he commanded. Another wet plop emanated from Justice’s hole, as another orb popped out. The bodybuilder gasped at the sudden stretch, and its sensation coursing through his musclebound body. It might have been pleasurable to feel and relieved some of the itch, but it also felt humiliating. Justice exclaimed, “Okay, that’s it!” The muscular man reached behind himself and grasped at the sex toy’s cord. Relaxing his bowels, Justice tugged at the Dragon Pearls™. The bodybuilder expected his hole to be stretched multiple times, but nothing happened. He adjusted his grip on one of the orbs and jerked at it again and again. The outcome was the same; not at all budging and locked within his rectum. “The hell? I’m relaxing all my ass muscles. Why isn’t it coming out?!” he said. Gemini smirked, “I did just tell you about a minute ago that you bought enchanted Dragon Pearls™. I even gave you that whole spiel on how it works. Only somebody commanding you can pull them out one at a time.” “I thought you were just roleplaying or something. It’s just too crazy for something like that to exist,” replied Justice. Gemini sighed, “Says the guy that bought an anime knockoff replica sex toy.” Justice said nothing while releasing his hold over the orange orb. The bodybuilder then attempted to touch his itchy anus; his fingers reaching out to the affected area. Justice’s hand stopped in its tracks just as it was about brush against his asshole. It was as if there was some magnetic field that repelled his hand away from his hole. “Dammit,” he muttered. As Justice gave up, the bulky android’s mood ring color shifted to black. Gemini spoke up, “Allow me to demonstrate wish three.” The Soulem relinquished his grasp over the Dragon Pearls™; slapping against the bodybuilder’s overly-muscled thighs. He grinned, as Justice’s body immediately seized like a statue. Gemini’s hands began to wander over Justice’s wide, wing-like lats, as he leaned forward to kiss the musclebound man’s mountainous traps. Even though Justice could not move, he could still hear and feel the wet smooch applied to his skin. The bodybuilder then wondered how the Soulem’s metallic lips were warm, wet, and somehow tickled his skin. As Gemini finished his kiss, he squatted down. The husky Soulem moved himself in front of Justice and looked straight at his friend’s metallic spandex bulge. Extending his glowing, blue tongue, Gemini licked at the bulge’s wet spot that now had a raindrop-sized manly residue leaking through the shiny, silver bulge. “Mmmmm. Sweet. Just like you,” flirted Gemini. Justice felt his cheeks burn. He was not sure if it was from either being flustered at the compliment or being humiliated at his paralysis. “...Thanks...can we go now?” he replied. Gemini sneered, “Don’t want to have sexy times with your best friend?” As the Soulem stood up, he dragged his glimmering tongue over the silver bulge. It then slid across the cobblestone abs and into the crevice of Justice’s mighty pectorals. All evidence of such an act was a trail of the Soulem’s saliva on the hulking bodybuilder’s skin and the newly polished navel jewelry; shimmering in the bedroom light. Gemini then changed his attention to the watermelon-sized pecshelf. He softly bit onto Justice’s left pec multiple times, as his hand molested the other. Chocolate pec meat spilled through the white, rubbery fingers of the hard grip. Justice could only moan at the titillating action and groaned even louder once Gemini switched to the bodybuilder’s nipples. Justice gritted his teeth. It was very hot but also weird to watch his friend make love to his chest. He wanted to ask when Gemini started to have sexual attractions to him, but there was something else he needed to say. Justice could not let himself get lost in the erotic euphoria and excitement from being dominated. The bodybuilder gathered his willpower and thought of the most unsexy thing he could think of. Pickle peanut butter sandwich. “I think that’s why it seems awkward to me. You’re my best friend, and...I dunno...I still feel bad about what happened, and I need to show you the real me. Please?,” he answered. Gemini instantly ceased his erotic activity upon hearing his best friend. He looked up at Justice’s eyes, while the color of his mood ring changed to white. The Soulem frowned, “Sorry. You’re right. I’m getting so easily sidetracked right now, but...I do want you to show me more than anything, dude. I want to understand.” Next Chapter
  11. an0n12

    Big by Plasmtic20

    With the gracious permission of Plastmatic20 I am posting one of his old stories from the old forum. Joe was a 22 year old attending college. In need of money, he was doing odd jobs, even ocassionally modeling. It fit him well, in part because of his good looks and decent physique. Joe was told he had a few weeks off, and decided he was going to spend that time relaxing even if he wasn't making any money. He was starting to think that it was him though; that he wasn't good enough to be called in. Joe found himself in the bathroom looking into the mirror, trying to determine his flaws. "I would do anything to get my body huge," he whispered to himself. "Anything?" He heard a voice behind him say. Joe turned around and saw a subtly sexy, yet very muscular man just standing there. He felt suprised but sill calm. "So, would you give yourself for an eternity if I let you make yourself bigger?" "Well, I...I....uh, sure, why not?" With that he was gone. Joe rose suddenly in his bed, drenched in sweat. "Holy shit, that was a weird dream, or did I just...? Nahh." He decided to forget it, besides, one of his friends was suppose to be stopping by to pick up a few assignments for school and to hang out. Joe went in the bathroom to take a shower, after he got out he looked in the large mirror he had. His dick sat fully erect, strange since no thoughts crossed his mind. Joe, interestinly, began stroking his seven inch tool, slowly. He started to stroke faster and faster, then suddenly he looked in the mirror again and saw something different, his musculature was bigger, his entire body was leaner and more muscular; his cock even looked like it grew an inch. Joe let go of his shaft in shock, and he saw his body slowly go back to its original size. "What the fuck was that?" He looked down at his throbbing dick. He gently started to massage it again until he found himself fully jacking off as his body started to enlarge with muscle again. This time Joe went to the end; bringing himself to a violent orgasm as he shot a huge load all over the mirror. He looked up, but his body size didn’t slip away again. His entire body swollen with thick hard muscle. Looking his body over, Joe couldn’t hold himself and he shot another giant load all over the mirror, walls, and ceiling. He began to see his body swell once more, his under shirt became skin tight and ripped in half, falling to the floor. Joe’s body had gotten big, his chest was so thick and plump, lats that spread out like two giant wings. His hands had grown along with forearms and huge biceps and tris. The once chiseled shoulders were now two enormous boulders, leading up to his huge thick neck and the rest of his back that exploded with pure muscle. Joe looked at his tight six pack, and leading down inside the tight boxer briefs, was a twelve inch shaft. Not to mention the two softball sized sack. Joe’s quads and thighs were beyond huge, each muscle group bulging out from one another, and the calves were like two muscle cut diamonds. Joe began feeling his huge smooth body, as just then the door bell rang and he realized his friend Chris was already there, a bit early as he looked at the clock. Chris was a fellow student at the university and in the same study group. A fairly good looking football player, he was built twice as big as Joe, or at least he used to be. Joe answered the door in just his boxer briefs, Chris looked up at his giant 6’3 muscular frame, he was speechless. "Come on in," Joe said, he wasn’t going to say anything on how he got so big, besides, Chris wouldn’t believe him. The two only met a few times, but Chris couldn't but stare and rethink his memory, asking questions he thought would only make him look dumb. They put on the TV while they looked over notes. Joe was lying on the couch reading as Chris was sitting in front. Joe started to notice that Chris was pretty much eyeing him down the whole time, only giving a few seconds on the pages. Then he saw it, the nice, and obvious bulge in Chris’ pants. "Hey, I want to show you something." Joe smiled as hewalked into the bedroom. "Uh..okay, what exactly." Chris followed, but as he turned he felt Joe grab his hand and put it on his thick chest. "Whoa dude, no..come on." Chris tried to back down, but Joe pulled him in closer, and closer. A sense of warmth came over him. "It's okay bud...just..relax." Joe encouraged. The tension dropped as Chris went down and started licking his massive thighs. The closer he got to his crotch, the closer Joe got to cumming. He licked and lapped and then finally he shot his load, feeling his muscles starting to grow again, his boxer briefs ripped to shreds. His body was even bigger, wider, and thicker. He picked up Chris and ripped off his clothes all in one tug and started sucking his eight inch dick. Drinking all of his juice, Joe put him back down. Deep powered lust now overcame both boys. "Oh fuck, I want more," Chris moaned. Joe took his now 16 inch tool and stuffed it inside Chris. "I don’t know if you can handle me, but if you can’t, too fucking bad." Joe pumped him hard and heavy for one straight hour, then finally his massive legs shuttered and let his biggest load ever. Joe’s body began growing and swelling. His body was almost like a god! He started to feel his cock expand and lengthen inside of Chris. "Oh fuck, yes!" Joe pulled the enormous dick out with a tug, Chris looked up, then without warning, Joe’s two foot shaft erupted gallons of his sweet cum all over Chris. Joe grew even more that time. "Oh shit, I can’t stop!" Load after load after load after load came out of Joe. It just wasn’t going to end. He looked down and saw that Chris had drowned in all of his man juice as the apartment flooded. Joe had gotten so fucking enormous, that he could barely move. He then remembered the deal in the sudden harsh reality, Joe was going to be cumming and growing for an eternity.
  12. jrt5810

    The Magnate and the Monster

    One “You have great potential,” I heard one guy say to another. The deep voice came from just behind me, close and loud enough to be heard over the bass thundering from the DJ booth. I’d just paid for my drink, after squeezing my way up to the crowded bar and waiting too long to spend too much on a beer. It was Friday night, I had the next week off work, and I was ready to enjoy myself. I started inching my way towards the dance floor. I’d just come from the gym and had my “party pump” on. Pecs clearly outlined in my tight t-shirt, arms stretching the sleeves just slightly, jeans showing off a well-earned bubble butt. I may not have been the biggest guy at the bar – and not nearly big enough for my liking – but I had good size and plenty of definition, and the boys loved it. “I said – you have great potential.” It was the same voice, right behind me once again even though I’d moved a few yards away from where I last heard it. I paused for a second, still assuming this was someone else’s conversation and not wanting to turn around like a fool. “Yeah kid, I’m talking to you,” the voice rumbled. I turned on my heel, eyebrow inquisitively raised, to find out the source of the deep voice. And when I saw this guy...well, I couldn't stop myself from letting out, "Damn." I'm not normally on the hunt for daddies, but this guy was stunning. Taller than me – probably 6'2 to my 5'8 – with a salt-and-pepper high-and-tight, a jawline that could bust down a door, and steely gray eyes. And stuffed into a navy polo shirt was the unmistakable build of a serious, if amateur, bodybuilder. The big man gave me a quick smirk and wink at my response. I'm normally the confident pursuer but in mere seconds he'd gotten me locked on. He extended a calloused hand and we shook. "I'm Jay,” he said. "I want to train you." I was completely caught off guard. "I want to train you"? What the fuck is that? "I want to fuck you"? Sure. Heard that. "I want you to fuck me"? That too. Jay noticed my obvious confusion and smiled. "This is where you tell me your name and ask me what I mean by 'train you.'" The music in the club continued blaring, and guys continued pushing past us, alternately cruising Jay or me. "Hi. I'm Billy. What the hell do you mean by 'train me'?" I laughed. "Billy, you've got a beautiful body. I saw you come in tonight. Just came from the gym, didn't you? Wanted to look big for the boys, I’m betting.” Jay was clearly perceptive. He continued, "You look great right now, but I’ll guess that you want more size. And I know how to turn you into a work of art." "Most guys lead with offering to buy me a drink, Jay.” I smiled. He stepped closer to me, cupping his left hand around the back of my neck, resting his right palm on my chest, and staring down at me with piercing eyes. Normally, I would not tolerate behavior like this from a stranger in the bar, but something about his manner felt comforting. And, well, don't hold it against me, but he was fucking hot. "Let me train you. I'll turn you into a god amongst men." He continued with his intense fixed gaze. This was a man who was efficient with his words. "Can we at least fuck first?" I responded, looking up at him like a puppy begging for a treat. "You mean I don't even have to buy you a drink?" Jay said, with a big smile. I let out a laugh just as he pulled me in tightly against his huge chest and leaned down to kiss me. So powerful, so masculine, so dominant. And yet intimate, soft, tender. I'd never experienced a kiss that had such a profound impact on me, that stopped time, that rewired my brain the way good drugs or great songs can. I felt torn apart and glued back together, and I'd met him just moments earlier. Jay pulled away, gazing down at me with smiling eyes. "Was that as amazing for you as it was for me?" "I... Uh... Yeah..." I babbled like a fool. "Billy, I think this is the start of something incredible. Let's jet." Jay grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd and out the door. I suddenly realized I hadn't had the chance to take in all of him yet. Seeing him walking ahead of me, I got a better sense of just how powerfully built Jay was. It was rare to see a bodybuilder at his height with the width and mass to match the proportions of shorter lifters, but Jay was the total package. Incredibly broad shoulders and lats, a narrow, lean waist, and the most gorgeous squatter's ass and legs I'd ever seen. How he'd squeezed all that beef into those tight jeans was a mystery, but I imagined it involved Teflon spray. We left the club and entered into the cool night. Jay kept a grip on my hand as we walked a few busy city blocks to the parking lot. While I'm by no means closeted and the city is by no means conservative, his forthrightness and effortless confidence in walking down the sidewalk hand in hand felt bold, almost defiant. This was a man who did what he wanted, when he wanted. I just hoped that what he wanted would be compatible with what I wanted. We reached the parking garage and Jay tapped a button on his phone. A few spots ahead, a big black Mercedes sedan came aglow and rumbled to life. So this guy was beautiful, magnetic, AND rich? This was all too much. "Now you're just showing off," I said as he opened the passenger door for me. He walked around and dropped his bulging physique into the spacious, leather-swathed cockpit. "Oh, stud," he responded as he blipped the powerful car's throttle pulling out of the parking spot. "You ain't seen nothin' yet."
  13. Personal Growing Pains Doug is a successful personal trainer. He has many satisfied clients, some of which are fairly well-known athletes. He has also gotten quite wealthy from his business, but has also lost a bit of interest in it. His body has not kept its hardness either since he doesn't feel compelled to workout on a daily basis anymore. He has developed a fondness for another man along the way. This man in particular is someone that he got close to recently because of a very bad accident. He was leaving his house one day and just happened to witness a major car accident right down the street. He went to check for survivors and this man was bleeding very badly inside his vehicle. Doug’s powerful body was able to pull him out of the wreckage and carry him to safety. He didn't think much about it at the time, but the man he saved would become his best friend. The man wasn't in the best physical shape, but he became so enamored by him that he didn't care and it influenced his own physical performance. He was spending more time with him and not enough at the gym and his business was even starting to suffer. He never tried to make his friend shape up because he fell in love with him. He knew that his buddy was overweight, but he never cared. He was starting to get pudgy himself and it was turning off his clientele. Things were beginning to look bleak for his lifestyle and his relationship also. His boyfriend, Nelson, was now starting to look at him differently. He was attracted to Doug that night in the hospital and couldn't believe that someone like him would be interested in someone like his self. He didn't like the direction Doug was going with his life so they both separated and decided to take a break for awhile. Sitting in his living room one day, Doug happens to notice a huge figure hovering around the doorway to his kitchen. He goes to get up but it freezes him in his chair as he can only watch. It comes over to him and makes him push his gut out towards it. It places its hand on top of it as a light shoots out of his belly button. He can't scream in agony because he is still frozen. After the light vanishes, the figure turns around and disappears. He comes back to his senses and wonders what just happened. He ventures to bed that night thinking that things may never be the same with him and Nelson, but that may not be true. He wakes the next day and discovers that his gut has actually shrunk. In fact, he looks in the mirror and notices that his muscles are actually getting slightly more toned similar to the way they used to look. He feels more relaxed and refreshed too. He starts off to his personal training business and gets into his car. It is at this point that he gets a strange feeling inside his body. As he drives he feels his head getting really fuzzy. He stops on the side of the road for a minute or two hoping that it will go away. That strange feeling now moves down to his neck, then his shoulders, and down into his arms and chest. He notices that his body is starting to expand as his car seat is beginning to buckle. He tries to get out of his seat belt, but can't because his chest is getting too large. The growth gets to the point that he just has to wait to see if the car holds up. Nelson ironically has been staying with a friend just a block away from where his is parked and can see his car from the house. He slowly walks out of the house to stop and look at Doug inside the car. After getting a little concerned, he jogs down to see what is happening. As Doug just sits in his car feeling helpless, he feels a rush of strength running through his body. His pecs are now stretching his muscle shirt to the point that he can see the fabric starting to run. His arms are forming huge hose shaped veins and are starting to rip the sleeves of his shirt cleanly as the seatbelt around his chest is being pulled from the side of the car. His expanding back is breaking the seat in the car and his legs are rubbing together now. He keeps on growing and is being pushed forward into the windshield as crazy noises are heard from inside the car. Nelson watches in bewilderment as he sees his growing muscles damaging the car. The seat completely buckles under his weight as the steering wheel breaks off. Doug can hear the metal in the car getting bent as his granite muscles destroy everything in their path. It isn't long before he hears the windshield crack and shatter under his mass. He manages to crawl out of the front of the car as the hood completely falls in under his weight. The car is nearly totaled now. He gets off the car and goes running towards Nelson. He is not as fast as Doug since his muscles have actually made him more agile. Nelson is still fairly overweight so the running makes him breathe heavy. Doug manages to catch him and feels his rapid heartbeat since he is terrified of him. He looks into his boyfriend’s eyes as he feels nothing but lust for him, but there is a tad of compassion too. The rabid lust in his mind leads him to grab Nelson and rip his pants off to start fucking him. He screams when Doug penetrates him, but his thrusts calm him down as he begins to feel the big man’s cock starting to massage his prostate. The feeling is so amazing to him that he gives in to his lust. They both haven't had sex in quite some time and Doug’s goal is to pass his seed on to him and make Nelson like him. With both of them in the middle of the street, Doug turns him over so he can get in deeper. His boyfriend manages to take his entire girth into his hole and starts moaning with every thrust. He closes his eyes and begins to imagine what he will look like as Doug cums inside him. The anticipation is so high that he pumps Nelson harder and harder getting very close to shooting a giant river inside him. He feels Doug swelling up inside him as he begs for him to let go. He yells as he shoots a massive load inside Nelson’s gut. ‘I love you so much Nelson. I want you to become what you should have always been.’ Before he even pulls out of him, he notices Nelson’s body starting to tense up and widen. The shirt he is wearing splits down the middle exposing his thick, massive back. While he isn't becoming hard and ripped, his arms, legs, and chest are getting huge and beefy. His muscles are getting wider and hairier, as he flips Nelson over to start passionately kissing him. He grabs Doug and puts his growing cock inside his hungry ass. He feels it getting thicker and longer as Nelson penetrates him. The two lovers can't help but to stay in the middle of the street since they are so into each other. Doug moans feeling Nelson pulsating against him. His muscles still stretching and pulling their way out from within his body. His shirt completely rips apart and falls to the ground. Now he has achieved his genetic potential. ‘Oh baby, turn me around I want to look at your new body.’ Nelson stops fucking Doug long enough to twist his body around to where he is now facing him. Doug growls as he feels his lover’s newly formed beef on his chest and back. Nelson pulls him into him and starts grinding him again. At this point, they are attracting a huge crowd of people. Their grunts are getting louder with each minute as the sweat pours off of both of them in the hot sun. ‘MMMM DOUG I AM CUMMING SWEETIE!’ As he climaxes, Nelson shoves his cock all the way in and squirts his seed into Doug’s intestines. The feeling makes the two men double over. Some people have apparently called the authorities as some police cruisers pull up beside the two behemoths. One heavily muscled policeman gets out of his vehicle to walk over to them and pulls his revolver. They don’t respond and he gets irritated. After kicking them, he warns them that he will shoot if they don’t move. What happens next may not be pleasant. When Friends Become Lovers Will has a roommate that he has been friends with for quite some time. They both went to the same college, and after about two years of living in dorms, they decided to move in together. He has received a lot of help from Randall with his studies after struggling through his junior year. In actuality, he helped get Will through some really tough hardships. When Will’s family gave up on him after he came out, he was there to support him all the way. They have never really shown any kind of physical attraction before, but Will certainly has noticed how Randall looks. He finds him very attractive and always notices how perfectly groomed his face is. He loves the way he fixes his hair, kind of spiky but with blonde edges and the glasses he wears because of the way they make him look, smart and sexy. He has caught Randall naked a couple of times, but never tries to make him feel uncomfortable when he does. His body is quite tight, but not extremely developed. He has a six-pack of abs, but admits that he doesn't work them at all. When they hang out together whether they are playing video games or just watching tv, they just act like regular buddies. They occasionally talk about what if they slept together, and just laugh about it mostly. They both know that it will come up soon though. They want to make a move on each other, but they don't want to jeopardize anything in their friendship either. Will has a great body with big hairy arms and a barrel chest as well as thick legs. He really likes Randall’s body, but wants him to be more than he is too. Will drifts off to sleep one night and awakens to find a hulking figure standing over him in his room. Before he can get up, it takes its hand and places it on his head. He is immediately put into a deep sleep and awakens the next morning to find the figure gone. After a long day of classes, Will comes back to their apartment to find his hunky roommate waiting for him. He is cooking a really fragrant meal similar to something he learned from his grandparents. Will seems really surprised at how good the food looks and goes to take a spoon to taste one of the sauces. Randall turns and hits his arm while laughing. He winces, acting as if it hurt when it didn’t. He also remembers that the last time he did this was when their birthdays came around. He is inadvertently staring into Will’s eyes and turns back around to continue cooking. Something feels a little different now. Despite never showing any affection before, Will moves behind him and wraps his arms around his waist to hug him. Randall nervously smiles as this has never happened before. He assures him that this is okay because he really likes him. He moves in now to nuzzle Randall’s head as his body is pushed up against him. Despite a low moan, he still feels really nervous and just wants to finish cooking. Will doesn’t want to give up though as he grabs Randall’s arm and turns him around. He leans down and kisses him on the lips. A moan is heard, albeit a low one again. The demeanor on Randall changes as he moves in closer and his breathing is slightly faster. Will kisses him again and reaches over to turn the oven off. He picks him up off the ground and proceeds to take him into their tv room. He lays him down on the couch as Randall wraps his arms around Will’s back. His moans are getting progressively louder as Will feels his transformation commencing. His hands trace his arms as he feels them popping and making all kinds of hot sounds. He watches his body hair thicken up and cover his bare skin. He winces as he feels himself changing and unable to stop the growth. Will kisses him again reassuring him that this is what they want. His arms have now filled up the sleeves to the point that they are ripping the seams and exposing his thick hairy flesh. Will leans over to lick his new thick veins on his biceps and rubs his bulging hairy forearms. He wants this transformation to be slow and passionate as he stares into Randall's beautiful emerald eyes. He grabs Will to wrap his huge arms around his head. He moans as his back muscles stretch their way across his very tight shirt. It starts to shred from the sides as it exposes his growing lats. Will feels their raging power as Randall squeezes him. After taking in his arm growth, the anxious top places his hands on his roommate’s soaked front to feel his chest vibrating. He starts rubbing his pecs feeling their rage as they thicken up and stretch the front. His hairy monsters are busting through the holes as every button goes flying like rockets. Will growls as he feels both perfectly hairy mounds and starts kissing the shelves of both feeling their power and tasting the salty sweat. He moves down to lay his head on them as his hands reach down for Randall’s transforming stomach as he feels his abs growing. They spread out wider and thicker as he puts his fingers in between the wider separations. His moans are noticeably deeper now as Will moves his hands to his expanding legs. He can feel incredible power building up in his expanding quads as they pull the denim tighter in his jeans. He hears the fabric stretching to its max making his crotch start to stir a bit. His growing ass is busting its way out the back of his jeans as his boxers rip too. His new bubble butt is now free as Will caresses each new curve. Randall lets out a huge growl as his quads and hams finally bust the seams out on his jeans exposing his massive hairy wheels. His calves are growing too as they hang over the sides of his leg. He grabs Will and makes him squeeze his cock as he pulls him up to him to shove his tongue down his throat. He moans as he feels his cock getting thicker and shreds his boxers completely. His glasses can no longer handle the pressure of his growing muscular face so the frames break in two and fall to the floor. He grabs Will’s legs and holds on to him as he stands to put them around his waist. He can feel Randall’s huge hot cock pushing against his back. He carries him over to the sliding door to their deck and presses him against it so he can position himself. He pushes his hairy muscular body against Will’s and starts to hump him driving him mad with lust. He plunges his tongue down his throat again and tries to make him give in to him. He is so madly in love with Will now that he wants him to grow even bigger than he already is. Will smiles with his big brown eyes and flexes his thick guns making Randall swoon as his grabs them. He teases his cock as it dribbles its precum on to the back side of his shorts. ‘Make me want to grow Rand, I need you to worship me more.’ ‘Mmmm, aww fuck bounce those huge pecs of yours Will.’ Will bounces his pecs through his thin tank top making Randall lick the creases between them. Will moans in his gravelly voice as he feels hot sensations travelling through him. ‘Fuck yeah gorgeous, make me grow, keep making me want it.’ Randall humps him faster as his cock finds its way into his shorts and starts to massage his hole. ‘Ohh gawd yeah that feels good baby. AHH YEAH!’ *stretch* *pop* Will’s legs start spreading wider as his body starts to put pressure on the glass behind him. ‘GAWD, it feels so insanely good baby.’ His beefy quads grow thicker as they push his shorts above his growing ass. His hole now is accessible to Randall’s cock. ‘Baby, I want you inside me. Make me fucking grow, I want MORE!’ ‘OH Will, grow for me!’ Shoves his cock into his hole and starts thrusting. ‘MMMMM, FUCK pump me full of sweet cum Rand.’ Will feels his arms getting wider as his biceps stretch bigger. Randall sees this and sucks on the huge boulders. His forearms seem to be growing more veins too. ‘YEAH baby, give me your cum. Make me explode in size.’ Randall moves faster inside him getting very close. ‘Here it comes Will, GROW, GROW, GROW!!!!!’ He shoots huge ropes inside him as Will yells, ‘FUCK YEAH, OHH FUCK…..’ He feels his chest growing rapidly as his massive pecs grow up to his face, he feels his back starting to break the glass on the door as it shatters taking the two men on to the deck. His tank and shorts shred to pieces as his entire body explodes in size. Randall feels his cock being swallowed up by the gargantuan ass appearing in front of him. Will’s cock erupts spraying huge jets of cum into their tv room as it coats the floor. The two lovers instantly lock lips and continue to make love. Will is a giant man now as he lies on the deck with his large best friend and now lover lying on top of him. Despite the fact that both men are bleeding from the glass shards, they smile and can’t help but worship each other. Whether they remain like this or not, they have confessed their love for each other and that is enough.
  14. Ragetiger

    Trucker Muscle

    The long road stretched in both directions till it vanished over the horizon. Resting between a lone truck stop. One semi's trailer backed against the wall near where the rest room sat. No one thought of why it was there, but there it was like it always is. The rig itself is never attached to it, so no one is sure who owns the trailer. This truck stop doesn't offer much, outside of a little fuel and some food, the big appeal was the restroom, oddly enough. The room always stunk of musk as if a constant orgy was going on in there. The rest room itself was a lone bathroom, it was a full bath so it had a shower. Even though it was a single occupant bathroom, it still had a partitioned toilet, it was immense in scale, almost as wide as the trailer that it backed behind the building. Despite that, it had a odd glory hole and a sliding panel. It was against the large brick wall with no way to see who or what was on the other side. "Knock twice to blow me. Knock three times for me to blow you. Wait a moment then opened the sliding door." the sign on the panel read. It seemed harmless, but most truckers were warned to avoid this stop if possible. If they could not, they had to avoid knocking on that panel. Rumor spread that truckers that did knock, were changed forever and no longer wished to be truckers. Others have claimed that the truckers vanished from the planet. A fox that just started his first day as a solo trucker entered the truck stop, unaware of this was the place his co-workers warned him about. Unlike most truckers this guy was lean, mostly athletic build. Not too buff and lacking the fat that most truckers carried with them. The red furred fox undressed and set his things on a small table just outside of where the shower was. He turned on the water and let the heat build up while he freshened up at the toilet. He read the sign aloud, paused for a moment feeling his cock rise to full attention, then he knocked once. . . then twice. Hesitated for a moment, as if thinking about a third knock, finally, slide open the panel. The panel was bigger than his hand. It slide open with ease exposing a hole with a rubber lining around it. The hole was larger than if he had clenched both of his hands together and fit them in. A powerful musk filled the room, then an equally massive cock burst from the hole. It bobbed and throbbed near the fox's mouth. It was already drooling heavy amounts of pre. "This is what you asked for, get to it." A deep, powerful voice boomed from behind the wall. The fit fox thought about it for a moment, then he went right to town on the impressive meat rod that was presented. It was almost like he had no control over it at first. He was constantly encouraged to keep going, work harder and faster. The owner of this cock wanted a pent up release. A deep growling from the other size along with the sound of claws digging into the brick wall, foretold that the climax was coming. The fox's eyes bugged out for a moment as he nearly gagged on the flood of cum that was filling him up. He was not only being filled, but slowly being stretched out filling the bathroom stall. He tried with all his might to free himself from the engorged cumming cock, but it was firmly stuck in his maw. He felt his back pressing against one wall while his fattening chest started to press on the opposite. After a few minutes, the fox completely filled the bathroom stall. He couldn't move or speak, he was so fat that his fat chin was held shut by the size of his cum filled chest. It was almost like he was boxed shaped. A loud rumble was heard as a wall opened up, adjacent to the one with the glory hole. A warm breeze met the fox's nude form, but most of the light was blocked by the presence of the trailer that was always parked there. In moments the cum filled fox was stuffed inside the trailer, the wall closed back up and waited for another willing participant. The wait wasn't a long one. This time a large brown furred wolf emerged from his truck. Seeing a second truck at the stop, he was hoping for a little action in the restroom. He heard the shower still running when he approached, the hot steam and musk greeted him as he entered. The mix blinded him for a moment as he entered the steam filled room. "Now where is that hot tail that's showing in here?" he partially moaned from his pent up lust. Finding no one he wandered to the toilet and noticed the glory hole panel. He knocked three times quickly, then opened the door without waiting and was already humping the hole in the wall. "I like when someone wants to experience a nice hard blow, but patients is often best." A deep voice boomed. "Don't worry. . . you will enjoy this blow." The wolf was too enraptured on the feeling as a hot wet maw was already working his tool to notice what was happening. As the mysterious figured worked the wolf's cock, the brown furred wolf was slowly starting to expand. Little by little, muscle was being blown into unsuspecting trucker. "The hell?!" he moaned as he felt his shoulders brushing and starting to press against the walls. "How. . . did I get this big?" "Cause you are getting one of the best blows ever. It really grows on you." the deep voice echoed. Before the wolf had a chance to respond, his body started blowing up faster. His chest quickly began to press into his chin, making it impossible for him to speak. His arms and legs quickly began being pulled into his ballooning body as it swelled into the cube shaped toilet area. HE struggled the best he could trying to get that nut off, but nothing worked. A blast of cool air met him as the wall opened up and was slowly drawn inside with the red furred fox suffering from the same fate as him. Just as quickly, the wall closed leaving the two in the trailer to ponder their fate. An hour or so passed since the first two victims were loaded into the trailer, patiently waiting for a third. Their rigs have been removed, as to not warn others that someone was here. The warmth of the day was slowly ending, nearing sun set when a truck pulled in. Unlike the other two visitors, this one spent the time to fuel his rig before moving towards the restroom. A burly looking bear, a mix of fat and muscle. A veteran trucker if one ever looked. This burly gray furred bear took his time to slowly go towards the toilet area, he was being very cautious. He sat on the toilet, pondering about that panel with it's instructions. Without knocking he slide it open tried to see into the dark abyss behind it, then closed it. He did it a few times with the same result. The sound of another door opening caught his ears, but it wasn't from where the the door he entered was. It was close to him, it was all he knew. "It was time you showed up." the deep voice boomed. With each step the floor, reverberated the sound. "I knew at some point it was bound to happen. Someone curious about the rumors wanted to go and see it for themselves. See if it was true, well it is. Don't worry, no harm ever comes to those that come here. I just give them more purpose." The bear was frantically trying to find a way to escape, but the door to leave the toilet area was somehow locked, he couldn't leave, even trying to crawl under was impossible, he was too big to begin with. Despite his strength and size, he could not knock down the normally flimsy walls. The door opened and exposed the owner of the deep booming voice, a massive creature composed of dragon, bull, and wolf. Standing well over ten feet tall and nearly as wide, sporting a massive belly to match. I cleared my throat and spoke again, using more charm in my tone. "As I said, you'll be given a better purpose, one that even you will enjoy." my voice had a powerful effect on my pray as he was already starting to undress. "That's right, show me your natural beauty." He was under the spell I had used so often before, a nice combination of my voice and a light musk that most don't notice. Something I picked up from that cum dragon I had absorbed so long ago. As I learned more about my powers, I was able to go from a massive 200 foot chimera to one that topped off at ten feet tall. My musky scent that sometimes is faint, still makes those susceptible to become horny pets, just wanting to find pleasure. This bear was no exception, as soon as he was undressed, his ass was already wiggling in my general direction. I didn't need further encouragement and mounted the big bear. I bellowed as I quickly hit climax, forcing the bear to swell in size as gallon upon gallon was flooding his insides. Once the bear filled the toilet area like the other two victims. I made a hand gesture and caused the wall to open up, exposing him to his fate - the inside of a trailer. Unlike the other two, I gingerly picked him up and placed him inside the trailer, this time closing it and sealing it with a padlock. "Perfect fit." I panted from my mild exercise. "Filled my load a little faster than the last few times. Guess those rumor help fill in the orders. Now for phase two." With the trailer filled with three cum filled victims, I move back against the wall where the glory hole was, revealing the rig that was carefully hidden using magic. Truth be told, the entire building was nothing more than a magic induced illusion. I drove the tractor around and backed into the trailer, locking them together. Landing gear raised and soon the rig was moving it's cargo to it's next destination. The drive was rough at the start, the soft ground had caused the trailer to sink a little, but the power of the tractor was enough to pull free. The place I was going to wasn't far, about an hours drive. A warehouse was secluded in the middle of nowhere, like the truck stop illusion I had used. I know this structure wasn't an illusion, the owner is eagerly awaiting outside for this cargo. "A nice catch," the rat grumbled as he swaggered around, rubbing his fatty paws together. "This trio will make for a fine addition to the others. Now get them into proper place and we shall begin." "Sure thing, boss." I panted. I took my time to carry each of the cum filled victims into a specific spot. I slowly began to let my true size come out, feeling my attire slowly bursting free then falling to the ground in tatters. I watched the rat scamper away and bring back a large collection of hoses. From experience, these hoses were going to slip over their cocks. As each tube firmly slipped over their cocks, I rubbed mine. Magic coursed over the tube, so that as I stroked myself, they felt as if I was stroking them. "So far so good. The three of you will love all of this. Got some tubes to catch your loads, and soon more tubes will be feeding you my load. You aren't big enough . . . yet. The first load you got filled with was only to start the process, I bet you are feeling kind of hallow. That will all change in a few minutes." He came back with another round of hoses from the opposite side of the warehouse, each of these were pushed right into their tight asses. Like with the cock tubes, I rubbed my cock again. The change was slightly different, instead of the feeling of being stroked, it felt more like I was pounding their ass. After the tubes were in place, I walked back to where the second set of tubes were brought in from. The three tubes merged into one and this one was mine to fill with my own cock. Like practice, I took joy and pleasure slipping this tube over my thickening cock. "Everything ready on the other side, boss?" I asked panting with lust. He nodded and headed to the other side, The three tubes on the three victims were also spliced into three. Each of the tubes were connected to the filler hose of nine tanker trucks. All nine had a simple logo on the side that read "Trucker Muscle". I moaned and groaned as I began to slowly pump my massive cock. I can hear the fox, wolf, and bear all moaning as well. They had to be close to climax by the fact that the tubes made it feel like they were being stroked and pumped by me. My magic did it's wonder by keeping them from climaxing. I roared out as my cock thickened and began to fill the tube and watched as it rushed toward the three victims. As soon as my load slipped into their asses, I watched as every part of them started to blow up in size. Nothing was left untouched, even their cock and balls swelled. The tubes held fast and soon they were almost as tall as the warehouse and wide enough to lightly brush against the others. I willed my magic to let them blow their pent up loads. The walls rattled from their collective roars of passion. As they blew, they were slowly shrinking. My load was keeping them massive, but they were pumping it out faster. I just had to keep them cuming to fill the tankers on the other side. "HOLY!!!" I heard from the other side. "They are overfilling the trucks." I heard the whine of a pump turning on. The rat was diverting the flow from the tanker trucks to a spare underground tank. Panting, I removed the tube from my cock and walked by my handy work as they were still pumping more cum. They would shrink down, but they will still be much larger than they use to be. A minor drawback to my cum powers. "Another successful gathering of Trucker Muscle." I chuckled as I watched the crew finished securing the tankers for transportation of the product. Unlike the rat boss, the crew has no clue as to what was in the warehouse. All they know is that they are transporting my milk, since they only see me with a still dripping cock and nude. "You've seen nothing." I know my magic won't affect them as easily, but that doesn't stop me from saying it. "If they want their pay, they know to not speak of what they see." the boss rat informed, threatening the crew as they finished checking things and started to take off. "We will have to deal with this mixed stuff, since it's not as good as when it's separated." "Okay that can be arranged." I smirked, causing the rat to panic for a moment. "I'll just take that tank with me. I do love sampling the collection, but I need to ease it back a bit so that it won't burst that tank." I pause for a moment. "Oh you thought I was going to do something crazy, I forget most don't work around the macro community, especially those that feed by cock vore. Never worry, you're my pay check too." I playfully slap his back. With the trucks gone, I got to finish cleaning up the warehouse. All three were still nice and bloated. I eyed each of them, My cock and tail cock slipped over the big wolf and the red fox's cock and began to slowly milk them, pulling them into my massive body. The bear watched in horror as my cock and tail cock swallowed the two furs. His fate wasn't as enjoyable. I plucked him up with ease held him over my maw and swallowed him whole. By body feasted on the three of them, all becoming cum in the process. I felt my body pulse and swell as new strength and weight was added to my bulky frame. I quickly went down to a small size, but with a much bigger belly. My red buttoned down shirt and denim jeans struggled to contain my new mass, I used a little magic so that they will not break. With the warehouse cleaned and my truck empty it was time to drive off to the next location and gather up more for Trucker Muscle. Wonder whom will be found at the next local truck stop and it's glory hole.
  15. Marquis


    Had a slow day at work so I wrote a little something. (Once again I have my friend Derek to thanks for proofreading/editing) My name is Tom. I’m one of the many mutants that tried to remain hidden and to live like regular people. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t save the world in a stylish outfit. My powers do not exactly allow that. Like many mutants. I discovered my power in a stressful situation as an adolescent. I was 19. It was my second year of college and I was (and still am) the cutest twink on the campus. Lean athletic body, dark hair neatly combed on the side, brown eyes with very dark lashes, slightly tanned skin, square features...I looked like a model. Well, a pocket sized model. I was sort of short….5’5”, to be exact...which is why I didn’t have much success with guys. This changed when I met Chris. He was in his first year of college. He was 18 years old and built like a power house, at 6’7 the blond hunk was 196lbs of muscle. I noticed him the moment he arrived at college, he was everything I loved. A big, cocky football player. I would just stare at him lustily every time he was close. My favorite thing to do was go to the gym at the same time he did. I’d take advantage of the mirrors to stare while we both worked out. Everything was cool until he caught me staring at him. He was with his girlfriend; he had been doing biceps curls, showing off and I had been enjoying the gun show. Unashamedly looking at the way his biceps balled up. And he saw me. I noticed it too late. He was looking straight at me with a hard look. I felt like a deer in headlight. We froze, staring at each other. It took me too long to gather my spirits and flee to the locker room The few days following that event were days of terror. Whenever we were in the same room, park, hallway, he would stare at me. His face was closed and hard, he was staring intently. It felt like he was studying me to figure out the best way to get to me and hurt me. I had to avoid him. I hoped he would forget about me. I even stopped going to the gym at the same time he did. It was the fourth day since the incident and I was drained from the stress and fear of running into him. It was around 9p.m. I was showering in the empty common bathroom of my dorm floor. Chris had left an hour ago to some frat party. I was looking forward to that burning shower to relax me. As I opened the door of of one of the shower stalls, I realized too late someone was behind me. I spun and found myself facing Chris. He pushed me inside the stall and pinned me violently against the cold tiles wall, his forearm pressing on my throat. He towered over a foot above me, his powerful muscles tensed and he grinned, looking down at me. “Gotcha” he growled. “Now what should I do with you” I started sobbing uncontrollably. He giggled cruelly and released the pressure on my throat, only to replace it with the grip of his big thick hand. His other hand grabbed my hip. “If you promise not to scream, I won’t hurt you.” I nodded “Good. You feel so small, I love that” His grip tightened on my hip. “You got a thinner waist than my girlfriend!” he said mockingly. His hands caressed my body, travelling to my shoulder. He pressed down on them. He wanted me kneeling in front of him. I complied and looked up to him still scared. I didn’t even reach his crotch in that position. “Seriously?! You’re that small” he exclaimed, half laughing. He bent over pick me under my arms and sat me on the bench in the middle of the bathroom. Now I was face level with his bulging crotch. “Better.” He growled. He grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved it on his crotch. The coarse denim fabric and his hard bulge weren’t nice. I wanted to scream and run away. but at the same time I was turned on by the man. He opened his jeans and shoved back my head on his underwear. It smelt like sweat, soap and a hint of urine. I could feel a long, hard, not so thick shaft under the fabric. I looked up: Chris was heavily flushed and breathing hard. He grabbed my hair with one hand, pulling me away from his crotch and took off his underwear with the other. He pushed me back, forcing me to lay on my back on the bench. He grabbed the waist of my sports shorts and pulled them down with my briefs. He lifted my legs in the hair, spat on my hole like we were in a porn movie and then he positioned himself to fuck me. I was terrified; I wasn’t ready for anal. I’m not even sure I was consenting, and there he was, ready to take me or to beat the shit out of me if I resisted. I winced as his cockhead pressed on my hole he was about to force his way in and suddenly something changed inside me. My sense expanded past the boundaries of my body. I became aware of his body like some sort of magnificent machinery. It all made sense from a mechanical point of view and I could feel energy pouring from my body into his. It took him some time to him to realize something was happening. Mostly because, as it happened, my inside relaxed and welcomed him in. He was so ready to force his way in, that when I relaxed he actually entered me in a single thrust. He gasped for air and a trickle of drool escaped his mouth, while it hung agape. His whole body twitched as he resisted the urge to shoot his load after a single thrust. He chuckled as he regained his sense, and then started to fuck me slowly. The flow of energy was still escaping me uncontrollably, pouring into him. And I realized his muscles were growing. It was very subtle, but it was building up and soon enough Chris felt it too. He was looking like he just had a killer workout. He picked up the pace and flexed his biceps. The view made me even more aroused and suddenly the growth accelerated. He was visibly growing now. He started pounding me harder while flexing his other biceps, his pecs, his abs. “Yeah little man, gimme more muscle. Grow me. Aw fuck. Yes. Moar!” Chris was just droning on and on about his growth while pounding me. He was apparently aware that I was the source of his growth. I was overwhelmed by the force and the pleasure of that fuck. Anyone fucking me that hard would have hurt me badly, even with a regular dick. Chris had been a hung man to start with and as the pressure inside me increased I knew his dick was growing too. After a few minutes of fucking and growing, Chris started to lose his steady rhythm and soon enough it was just brief shallow thrusts as he bust his nut inside me. As the hot semen filled me, the flow of energy died and Chris growth subsided. He was unmistakably bigger. His pecs were fuller, shoulders wider, arms thicker, pulling his tank top high. His abs were visible even relaxed. He must have been over 200lbs now. He pulled out from me and his cock was slick and dripping with cum. He tried to put his junk back in his pants and close them, but the added muscle and inches got his clothes fitting him in an unusual (and way hotter!) way. He flex his arm and giggled. “I’ll be seeing you soon” he said to me, before leaving me still half naked and leaking cum from my hole, unable to lift myself from the bench. The fear of someone walking in finally snapped me out it. I moved in a stall closed the door and let a burning shower poor over my body. I started to survey my body and particularly my butthole expecting to find that some serious damaged had been done. As my finger reached it, I felt a jolt of delight, it was pristine and I could feel the energy I felt earlier. I started fingering myself, letting the energy flow inside me. It was different then getting fucked by Chris, less pleasurable, but still pretty awesome and the energy building from that was intoxicating. I came and the energy stopped flowing. I felt tight and tensed like after a workout. I finished showering and got back to my room. Before sleeping I tried to masturbate a little to see if I could get more energy out of me, I wanted to test my power. But the earlier sex session had drained my sex drive and I couldn’t get a proper erection. I didn’t feel my power manifest and finally passed out from exhaustion. A few days later Chris was approaching for seconds. By that time I had figured it out: pleasing me anally made people grow more muscular and more hung. Also, my ass seemed to be extremely stretchable, resistant and “welcoming”. I mean I literally, accidentally, fisted myself. Which lead me to understand that the more extreme the pleasure, the more extreme the growth. I was slowly giving myself a perfect body. I had ditched my lean athletic build and was working my way to a fitness model body. I explained all that to Chris, we’d fuck twice a week and everything was fine. Chris would flex for me, fuck me silly, and grow. I had never been more sexually satisfied. I should have known that complication would rapidly ensue. While I managed to keep my transformation under radar, three weeks after our initial encounter, Chris was slightly over 300lbs, and quite an obscene sight. The blond teen still had a thin waist, most of his mass was in his pecs and arms or in ass and quads, his basket was making an embarrassingly big bulge at the front of his pants (after our last fuck it was around 12½ inches and god that felt awesome!). He looked like a drawing of HSMuscleBoi and he behaved like one too. Cocky, aggressive, sex crazed… Basically everyone thought the boy was juicing. He got suspended from the football team, drug tests were being conducted. His girlfriend dumped him. Word on the street was that he hurt her because his dick was too big and I tend to believe that. After a whole week without hearing from him, I thought he might have realized we overdid it. In just three weeks, I had blown him from a hung jock to a heavy weight bodybuilder with a monstercock. As far as I was concerned, I had other things in mind: what would happen the day I’d have a boyfriend? Someone I’d date for months, years?...I was thinking about contacting mutant association so that I could find a way to harness my power. Despite spending hours mulling over catastrophic scenarios, not expecting the one that would actually unfold. “grow me little guy”. I was walking out of the shower. It was late and I was the last guy in the bathroom. Chris had waited, singling me out like on our first encounter. He was naked and already hard, pre dripping on the floor. I nervously pulled my towel tighter around my waist. “Chris, you’re already huge. I mean, the football team is suspicious , maybe…” “Screw them!” he cut me “I don’t give a fuck about football! I want more muscle!” he said closing the distance between us. “Chris please” I begged. But the muscle monster moved closer, tore away my towel and flip me over making me face the wall. He caressed my ass, one of his thick fingers toying with my hole. I felt it loosen immediately, against my will, my power ready to flow into the monster. “I haven’t had sex in a week. That bitch Lily dumped me ‘cause she couldn’t handle me.” He said visibly vexed. “Fuck her. You’re the only one who understands me.” He started kissing my neck, pressing me in the whole with all his bodyweight “I should date you instead.” His finger left my asshole and I felt the huge dick head of Chris poke at my rosebud which loosened further to welcome him. “Chris…please…you’re going to get too big… please. Don’t.” I pleaded “I can’t believe it. You too? I thought you understood me.” I felt him ease the pressure like he was moving away from me. I was relieved, thinking that he would just walk away. I felt a sharp pain as he plunged his footlong inside me in one violent thrust. “You’re gonna grow me whether you want it or not! I’ll tell you when I’m too big” Chris pounded me harder than he ever did. Intentionally making sure that he hurt me, crushing me against the wall. A dark part of my mind was loving every second and every inch of the abuse and the flow of energy escaped me like a torrent. I could feel Chris get bigger and stronger at each thrust. He laughed as he felt the energy return to him. I tried to control the flow to restrain. It was the first time I actually tried to control it and I could feel it react to my will. I started slowing Chris’s growth. He must have felt it too. He spun me on his dick and lifted me so that my legs were around his waist and we faced each other. One of his hand supported my back, the other clamped my face. “If I were you, I wouldn’t. If you don’t grow me, you’re of no use to me and if you’re no use to me, I won’t need to make sure you’re safe” I let the flow resume its habitual pace and Chris relaxed his grip. As he started to grow again he gently hugged my body, his growing cock buried in me, gently fucking me. He started kissing my neck and my face. “oh yes! That’s it little dude. Don’t you want a muscle god of your own? Don’t you love growing me??” I had no idea how big Chris was, it was impossible to asses, no human had ever reached this size. He looked like one of the morphs you’d see on the internet. I was scared out of my wits, Chris was totally hooked on the growth. He was dangerous and yet more and more muscle stacked on his body. I knew his growth would stop once he’d cum but Chris was in no rush of finishing himself. Anyway he was big and strong enough to kill me with one hand. His arms were almost thicker than my waist, he was almost as wide as tall, nearly 6 feet from shoulder to shoulder. I felt him adjust his stance because of his growing legs, each one was now thicker than his waist. Shortly after it was his arms that needed to be readjusted his growing biceps and forearms prevented him to move like he normally would. I suddenly realized that this was my chance to neutralize Chris. Instead of trying to cut the flow I forced it on Chris. It was like a tidal wave of muscle. Chris exploded in size, the noise of muscle stretching resonated in the bathroom. His muscles bulged in every direction fighting against each other and in a matter of second Chris had doubled in size, his head trapped by his traps and pecs. His back muscle reaching almost higher thans his head.His arms forced at 90° of his body parallel to the floor due to their sheer size, biceps so huge the collided with his pecs. his legs forced apart at an awkward angle. All of it ripped beyond any measure, cord of muscles bulging with useless power, fat vein feeding the now inhuman mass of muscle. the pressure inside me grew to be almost unbearable. I could feel Chris inside me the unbelievable hardness, the warmth, the pulsations of his heartbeat. All that through the almost 2 feet of dick I was impaled on. My formerly tight muscular belly was distended by the overgrown penis inside me. It made a bump of almost half a foot apparently my stretchiness was quite considerable. Chris was immobile, he could only mumble unintelligible things. His jaws were forced shut by his pecs and traps. Out of sheer spite I forced a new tidal of growth on hin. It was much less strong than the first one. I shouted because the inside me was now making a bump sticking a full foot out and was almost as thick as my leg. That last growth spurt had left Chris bloated beyond any measure. He was a blimp vaguely shaped a a human. A collection of hypertrophied hyper muscle. He must have been around a ton of muscle, all of it crammed on a his 6’6 frame. His head almost hidden in the muscle mass. It was outrageous, almost abstract and yet, the ungodly sight made me hornier than I had ever been. Once the initial shock of the growth passed, I found Chris’s humongous dick to be extremely enjoyable. His muscles twitched randomly and mumbles could be heard. The flow was still steadily pouring into him and he was ever so slightly still inflating with more useless muscle mass. I slowly slid from his dick and was relieved to see my body tighten to its usual state and to feel my butthole revert to a vrigin tight rosebud. I was about to leave Chris to his fate on the floor of the locker room when I heard a sinister crack coming from him. I turned to face him and a series of plops and stretching noises reverberated in the locker room. Chris was changing it’s shape. Slowly his figure rose up, he widened again and slowly Chris mumbles tuned into a terrifying laugh. He was regaining mobility, his mass was redistributing on a wider taller structure. His head emerged atop the mounds of muscle of his body. “MOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Chris shout shook the whole building. Chris had gone from a 6’6 ball of muscle to a 8’ hyper muscle freak (his head was unchanged which made him look positively gigantic). Has he started to move slowly, getting used to his new body. His freakish mass still limiting his movement but he could stagger and fling his arms. Despite his clumsiness and limited range, he seemed fast. I ran from him. I was naked and bare feet I couldn’t go far. I made it to my room and barricaded the door, as silently as I could. I was trapped. I considered the exiting through the window but I’m sure Chris would eventually get to me. Running was just a temporary option. I’d need someone to overpower him… someone I could trust with insane amounts of raw physical power. An idea formed in my head, that was a long shot but if it didn’t work I would still be time to run and try something else. I grabbed my dick and started jelqing. Once I had a nice semi, I sat, spread my leg and bent my dick toward my hole. I could only rub the head against my rosebud but it was enough to get the energy to flow into myself. “COME NOW, LITTLE GUY! DON’T RUN FROM YOUR MUSCLE GOD! I WON’T HURT YOU!” Chris’s voice was deep and resonated through my whole body. It’s frequency was almost inhumanly low. I heard screams of dudes getting in the hallway to see what the commotion was all about. Chris’s laughter was a loud thunder, shaking the wall. His thumping was so overwhelming, that I almost failed to notice that my cock head was now inside my own hole. The flow of energy kicked in and I finally focused on myself. Forcing my power to go full strength. The feeling of my own dick in my hole, stretching me, pleasing me, was so intense that the flow of energy was stronger than when I forced it on Chris, and it was only dialing up. The growth was so fast and so extreme I was immobile in a matter of second. Due to my shorter stature I wasn’t nearly as strong as Chris, but I kept forcing myself to grow. My dick was already two feet long, with at least a good foot shoved up my own ass. I needed more. Not only to overpower Chris, but I just needed more. My muscles were so big they blocked my sight. My pecs were preventing me from seeing anything. My traps and neck muscle were so overdeveloped I couldn’t turn my head. My back was so hypertrophied, it forced my face into my monumental pecs. I could feel furniture pushed aside by my growing body, crushed under my weight. I was delighted by the sensation of my lats and oblique making the connection between my ever enlarging upper body and my still tight waist. My abs felt like bricks, fighting against each other. My legs were so thick, the mass on them was unbelievable, twitching with power. And at the center of my growing body a penis so gigantic, it was shoved inside me and starting to make a serious bump on my mid section. My balls were so large that despite being set on the side so I could selfuck myself they started to uncoil my penis and force it out of myself. Then I felt the wall of my room press against me. I was filling the whole room. I could feel them creak under the pressure of my growing physique. Than I became aware of something else. Vibrations, roars… Chris had found me and he was trying to tear down the door and wall between us. He didn’t have to try hard. In a few seconds, he had knocked that wall down. I could only imagine his face when all he found behind that wall was a living wall of indestructible muscle. That ‘s the moment I lost it. All the sensations were so much I came. It was a real cataclysmic orgasm inside me. My body exploded with a final surge of growth, knocking down walls, breaking the ceiling, colliding with Chris monstrous form. And as liters of burning sperm filled me, I felt my body accommodate the mass I had build. I was growing taller, regaining a bit of mobility. My penis finally plopped out of my hole and a tsunami of cum cascaded to the floor. I unfolded, wrecking the dorms. Finally I could see again. Everything seemed small. Even Chris. I was staring at me, mouth agape, dick hard and dripping with a fresh load that had just escaped him. I was half as tall as he was, maybe 14 feet tall and I was way freakier than him. My shoulder must have been 10 feet wide and my pecs and back were so hypertrophied that I was even thicker than I was wide. Ropes of muscle tapered to a waist tight and powerful under which legs three time as thick as my waist supported my titanic new body. My dick jutted from my pelvis almost as thick as my waist and reaching below my new. I had beach ball sized testes and I could feel them manufacture a gargantuan fresh load of cum. I grabbed Chris’ leg with my left hand and pulled. He fell on his huge ass with a loud thud and I flipped him over. My dick engorged as I used my other hand to part his asscheeks, exposing his tight virgin hole. Before I could pop his cherry, I started feeling dizzy and blacked out. Turns out the commotion attracted the mutant control patrol. And they knocked out Chris and I. Chris was put under therapy and then released in the nature. Since he isn’t a mutant he had no reason to be put in a center. On the other hand I was forced to join a center for mutant with sexual related power. I’ve had my share of fun, but that is another story.
  16. art1 is available here Part2 is available here Part3 is available here here are the two final part of my first story. I decided :to bundle them together because part 4 doesn't have much growth (but features other sort of goodness) and part 5 is very short. I was reading the "blue pills" series (<3) while polishing it off and was amused to see that I was coverieng a common subject but in a different way Part4 It was easy getting λ183 a job at the S.I.Z.E. I’d just need to implement some data about stripping and gogo dancing in his mind. At first, I was looking forward to seeing him perform on Friday night, but as the week passed by, I actually decided not to go and just send λ183 by himself. It had been a rough week; with the forge out of order for a day, I needed to work extra to be back on my usual schedule. I also had an unexpectedly tough time after I sold σ267. It had stayed with me only a month, but I had grown very attached to him, and at the moment, I believed it was reciprocal. I know it’s stupid; vassals have mnemonic limitations and ego inhibitors, so they can’t develop a personality or an affect. As I realized that, I also realized I was lonely and living in a dollhouse. As Friday night rolled in, I was alone skinny-dipping in my pool, depressed, and sipping on some expensive rum, produced in one of the farming district of the convoy. All the vassals were stored away in their rooms, enjoying a good night of undisturbed sleep. “YER GETTING ME RADGE LASSIE!” the roar almost gave me a heart attack, “I never thought of ye as the type of wanker to bail out on me,” he went on, as he waddled down the pool stairs all dressed in jeans boots and tee. He stopped and stared at me. All the of fear, pent up sadness, frustration and the guilt of letting down a friend had got to me, and I was sobbing uncontrollably. I started pouring out all my heart in an incoherent wavery rant, fueled by mild intoxication. Angus made his way to me and offered the comfort only a Scotsman could offer: a bitchslap with the back of his hand. “Like staying home is gonna help ye, ye bastart. Let’s get you dressed and let’s go,” he said, as he slung me over his meaty right shoulder and groped my ass to keep me in place. He grabbed the rum bottle with his other hand. Angus and I showered together, there wasn’t any sexual tension between us. It was clear he was a little pissed, yet trying to help me. I was starting to feel mildly ashamed of my behavior and complied without a word. After toweling ourselves, he poured two glasses of rum, stuck one in my hand and walked me toward my dressing room. The dressing room was bigger than my room, and was packed. Some of the clothes in there, I had never worn and never would. It ranged from everyday casual wear to kinky stuff and high end designer clothing. As Angus took in the enormity of that room, he looked at me like he had discovered one my darkest shameful secret. “Ye think I could borrow some clothes? Mines are a wee bit wet,” Angus said. Twenty minutes later, we were leaving the ship towards the S.I.Z.E. Angus was wearing the white hooded robe I had used to get λ183back for the Hecatonchires. Under it, he had a bright orange, rubber harness, with black mesh pants, a pair of black high top sneakers, and a black fitted cap. I wore grey ripped jeans with worn out sneakers and a white kimono, that I wore open, showing my athletic torso. “Yer lookin good. Still overdressed, but good,” Angus told me, as we sat in the shuttle. “I got a bonnie young man ye need to meet. I have a feeling ye’ll get along just fine.” He said with a smug face. Angus refused to say more, despite my many pressing questions. When we reached the S.I.Z.E., it was packed. Much more than usual. I noticed Angus’s vassal working as a waiter and various guys I had worked on over the last few months. Angus was craning his head, scanning the crowd . “Sorry ‘bout earlier,” He said, in a tone that sounded more like a scolding. “ye need to stop working that much. And to stop buying clothes. That’s why yer cracking right now.” “maybe you’re right” “course I am... Where is he for fuck’s sake,” he muttered, scanning the crowd once again. We heard the crowd roar as λ183 strutted on the stage. He was wearing bright red shorts that hugged his ass and package. They compressed it tight, and it still looked huge, but it was impossible to guess how massive it actually was. He started undulating in rhythm with the music. The guys were mesmerized by the sight of the dancing behemoth. Even Angus had stopped searching the crowd and was riveted to the spectacle unfolding on the stage. λ183’s body was a sight in itself, but to see him dance was out of this world. His massive muscles were oiled, glistening, and they changed shape as he moved sexily. He struck a few poses of bodybuilding now and then. This was a pretty amazing routine. The guys in the audience were crazy. Their eyes were glued to the dancing monster. λ183 ripped his shorts, revealing a white bikini poser. His package almost doubled in size as the pressure from the shorts was removed. I had no time to have a custom made one. So we settled for the stretchiest, skimpiest, largest one I could find. Even soft, his dick was a good foot long and half a foot wide, and it came with a set of melon-sized balls. The posers weren’t hiding or holding anything. They just made the whole show more obscene. The crowd was hysterical. λ183 was caressing himself. Flexing and licking his own muscle. His dick started to harden and leak a lot of pre, making the poser almost transparent. A few minutes later, the posers snapped, and his dick swung, as it was released from the useless undergarment. As it did, a graceful arc of pre escaped it, splashing on the first row of the audience. The show went on for a few minutes over which λ183 edged himself. He was sweating, heavily flushed, veins criss-crossing his whole body. He had given himself a pump before going on stage, but the excitation made him looked fluffed even bigger. He was positively freakish. Panting on the stage, he worked his dick with both hands, and then picked up the pace, going in for the kill. The girth of his cock augmented substantially, the cockhead flared even bigger, and with a roar that covered the loud music, he ejaculated the first massive rope of cum, which made it to the middle of the club. The second blasted all the way to bar on the opposite side making the whole crowd cheer. He then spurted a few more ropes over the rest of the room before leaving the stage. The show had got everyone reeving, it was only a matter of minutes before an orgy of mythical proportions blossomed in the club. A note from the owner of the club requesting λ183 on every Friday night, popped in my ICT. “Have you seen that Angus?!” came a youthful voice from behind me. “Ha! There ye are!” say Angus I turned to face the owner of the voice, and gawked at the man that had walked to us. He looked in his early or mid-twenties. He had short, messy dark hair, steel grey eyes, and very black lush lashes, olive skin (probably had Mediterranean origins). His feature were strong, yet refined. He was muscular, but not huge; probably a hair short of 200lbs., but it was distributed in quite an impressive way: broad shoulders, very narrow waist, and ripped beyond measure. His body made him look aggressive, almost like a predator, and it contrasted with his gorgeous and friendly face. He wore a tight red tank top and black loose jeans with sneakers. I noticed he was looking at me with the same intensity I was looking at him, a faint smile floating on his face. I suddenly felt very self-conscious. “Hi I’m Kadar” he said extending his hand “Alex” I said shaking his hand. “Angus didn’t tell me he had a date. And quite a looker I must had.” He said grinning. “He’s not my date.” Angus said. “the wee lad is all yers. See Alex, that’s the bloke I wanted ye to meet. I’m sure ye’ll get along fine,” He said, before leaving with a satisfied smile. “I had no idea Angus opened a matrimonial agency,” I said, trying to break the ice. “Neither did I, but this is a nice surprise,” he said, sitting next to me, so close our thighs touched. “Did you see that guy on the stage?! I heard he’s the latest work of the Dr. Levenez.” “I’m quite positive it is,” I said. “Quite an impressive performance.” “Yup. But just you wait, I’ll dwarf that guy. I have a meeting with Levenez next week. I’ll have him grow me huuuuuge. BOOM!” he said, hitting a most muscular. “Wow, you’re quite serious about it! That’s so cool. I’m sure you’ll look stunning.” I said. “So, you’re a big boy in the making?” “The biggest boy in the making,” he said, cheerfully. “I take it you’re a muscle enthusiast?” he added, turning to face me. “You have no idea,” I said, smiling softly. I turned my head to the dance floor where the guys had started an orgy with an energy I had never seen before. I turned back to face Kadar who was looking in the same direction. He then turned to face me and smiled, raising his eyebrows. “I’m not in the mood for promiscuous sex with random strangers, d’you wanna go in the upper lounge so we can have a civilized chat before ripping each other’s clothes off”. He asked “What a great idea,” I answered, leading the way. We spent quite a while talking in the deserted lounge. With the loud music gone, I could fully appreciate Kadar’s melodious and sometimes husky voice. Kadar’s energy was contagious. We talked about his project of getting huge, and of various experiences we had. It was a lighthearted chat like I hadn’t had in awhile. He had no clue I’d be the one fulfilling his dream, and I took great fun in that. As we talked he moved closer and soon we were against each other talking about what we wanted in life. I don’t remember the detail of our conversation, just that it seemed so mundane, yet so intimate. It eventually gave in to an agreeable silence between us; the muffled throbbing of the music of the club wrapped us like blanket. Kadar slid his strong arm around me and as I turned to face him he moved in to kiss me and I happily returned the kiss. It was a tender kiss: slow, soft and long lasting. I think it could have gone on forever, if we hadn’t been interrupted by a very intentional cough. Is it possible to cough with a scottish accent, because I swear that’s what I heard. Angus was a few feet of us with a fake smile on his face and mild discomfort in his eyes. “Yer missing all the fun lads… well not all of it. obviously” he said “The fuck ye’re doing Alex, ye’re to give him a procedure next week!” he added through our ICT so Kadar wouldn’t here “We were in the mood for something different” I answered “You didn’t mind when I gave you procedure. Why does it matter to you?” I added dryly to Angus “it’s not the same here”. ”ye should join us, really”. ”ye and him it’s not just sex”. The ICT and real conversation were starting to collide I realized he was probably having another heated ICT conversation with Kadar. “Ok can we stop those private conversations before Angus head explodes”. I said. Angus looked relieved, and Kadar looked a little embarrassed. The big Scotsman took advantage of the momentarily calm to resume our ICT talk. “Does he know how ye are?” He asked “No. And don’t you tell him. That’d change the way he looks at me” “He’ll know, sooner than later, ye daft arse. What if you were the one to change the way you look at him in the end.” He said calmly “I’ll leave ye to it lads, ye behave.” He said leaving. “Damn that killed the mood.” Said Kadar as we headed towards the club exit “how about a proper date next Saturday? Without our ginger chaperon.” “that’d be lovely, pick the place and I’ll pick you up. When do you see Dr. Levenez extraordinaire?” I asked mentally checking my appointment of next week. “Monday afternoon. I might be a bit bigger for our date.” He said as we walked through the long corridor of the S.I.Z.E. “you must be impatient.” I know I had never been that impatient for a Monday. “I’m mostly apprehensive, this might be a little awkward. What if Levenez is an old creep?” He said. I laughed “You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” I reassured him. We kissed again, he pulled me in holding me tight. I got hard and gently grinded my crotch against his waist. “Someone’s happy. And clearly hung” he said We said goodbye and parted. I slept like the dead that night. For the first time in a while. I spent the rest of the weekend tidying up the ship and waiting for Monday afternoon. Angus sent several messages apologizing for being a bit rude back at the S.I.Z.E. and telling that Kadar was someone good and that I should take care of him. I found that endearing and told him I would. I was fidgety all Monday morning, half expecting Karad not to come. And when his shuttle docked the ship I almost scared to death to confront him. I sent λ183 to greet him and direct him to the aquarium, a lounge suited underneath the swimming pool. It had a glass ceiling that also was the bottom of the pool, it cast a soft blue light on the white room with the pattern of moving water was caressing the whole scene. The furniture was white very round and luminescent adding the finishing touch to that eerie room. I never used that room for business it tended to distract people. Karad was to seat on a chair from which he couldn’t see the door. I entered the room less than a minutes after him mustering all the courage I had in me and putting on the smuggest face I could. “Good afternoon Mr. Karad Al Malik, I’m Dr. Alexandre Levenez. What brings you to me?” I said in a cheerful tone. Karad jumped at the sound of my voice and turned to face me. “You son a bitch! “ he exclaimed. Karad looked mortified and I felt a little guilty about not telling him the truth straight away. I sat on the chair opposite to him. The distance between us felt weird, I wanted to tell him it was just a joke and hold him in my arms but I did not dare. He looked wounded, and his broad, ripped and powerful body reminded of a big cat ready to pounce and claw my face off. “At least I’m not an old creep.” I offered. “That’s still pretty fucking awkward mate.” He said looking away. “Look, I’m sorry. I thought that would be a harmless joke. I was also a bit concerned you’d behave differently with me if you knew who I was. I like you.” I said trying to minimize the fact that was head over heels. ”I don’t want us to be a doctor and his patient. I actually want to help you reach your goal, as a partner.” The word seemed off but it was awkward enough pouring my feelings out just after seeing the man for the second time in my life. “we barely know each other, what if we’re not a match? I can’t accept a free ride from someone I can never repay.” he said turning to face me. “you won’t owe anything to me, I just wanna help you, because I can. And if you want to leave after that because of… whatever reason, then so be it. ” I said softly. “I really liked what little time we spent together so far and I wanna give it try. I’d hate to regret not doing it. I’d hate to let you walked away as just another patient.” Karad sighed after an excruciatingly long silence he looked at me and said “I like you too. “ the distance spreading across us was a nightmare. “you’re being awesome actually but it doesn’t make things easier… I sort of wanted not to tell you a few things about me. And now I have no choice. There are a few doctor offering the type of nanites interventions you do now. But they are not as good as you, even medical structures are lagging behind. And Just don’t want huge muscles and a huge dick. I want a real, beautiful dick” he said. I could feel he was letting out deep fantasies, secret he would never confide in anyone else. I felt overwhelmed and I wanted him to know he could trust me. “You came to the right person” I said. “You’ll have your work cut out for you handsome,” he said, with a smirk. “Test me,” I said, flatly Karad’s face hardened, his frown carving a violent “V” line on his youthful face. That, combined with his light stubble, and he once again reminded me of an angry, big cat. He stood up and took off his shirt. He was dense, big for a lightweight bodybuilder, but with a very prominent V taper. His pecs were quite large for his size, and they cast heavy shadows on the upper row of his abs. His lower abs had a trail of short pubes that looked so soft disappearing into his pants. He opened his pants and got ready to pull them down, along with his boxers. “Aren’t we supposed to have a date first?” I asked, trying to mask how stressed I was to see him naked. He dropped his pants. And stood there, naked, looking at me with anticipation. To say Karad was gorgeous was an understatement, his body was the result of grueling workouts. It was sharp, ripped and powerful. Under his narrow waist were powerful legs, that formed a perfect counterweight to his broad shoulders. A light dusting of short dark hair was covering his legs, plexus, pecs and arm. He was exuding power, violence and sex. I let my gaze fell on his manhood. It was 3 inches long and ½ an inch thick, it looked clean cut and pinkish. I was about to say that I had amazing results with guys less endowed when I realized, I wasn’t looking at a penis. “Wow!” I breathed, in admiration. “You look amazing. I had no idea you were in transition!” “I started quite a few years ago. Testosterone treatment and a couple of cycles of roids have done quite a wonderful job down there but there’s quite a lot of work still” “That should be easy, since it’s mostly rewiring and mild remodeling” I said, as I browsed personal notes from my studies and advanced articles on genital reassignation. “Really?!” Karad asked, incredulously. “Yeah, gimme half an hour and I should have a protocol ready. I think I even could build testes, sort of. They wouldn’t produce spermatozoids, but they’d produce seminal fluids and testosterone and later on we could grow them to match the rest of you… …why don’t you take a dip while I work on that?” I said, pointing at the swimming pool above us. “Yeah, I need to cool down a bit” he said. He walked out of his clothes, leaving them in a balled mess on the floor and walked toward the door. On the other side, λ183 was waiting. He couldn’t fit through the door and was taking most of the space of the doorway. “Enjoy being the big guy while you can. That won’t last” Karad said to λ183. I watched his muscular ass as he left. Karad didn’t have a bubble butt. He had a very muscular ass, with carved in sides and fibers were apparent, even when he was relaxed. As he reached the doorway, he turned smiling at me, like he was about to say something and then left. I started pacing around the room, compiling data to form an intervention protocol. I was so absorbed in work that I almost didn’t notice the change in the pattern on the wall. I pulled back from my ICT and looked up to see the silhouette of Karad swimming he was graceful and powerful and I wanted nothing more than to satisfy his hunger for power and muscle, and to help him in his quest of exaggerated manliness. It took me twenty minutes to get everything in order. By the time I was in the patio, Karad was sunbathing in a chaise longue. “Shall we get started?” I asked. “Let’s do this,” He answered. “This might put a slight strain on your body, so we’ll have to have separate procedures for reassignation and growth. I’m going to build what I’d call a genital archetype. It’ll be a real penis, but pretty much non-descript. It’ll take a week or less for it to become fully functional and in that span it’ll change its appearance to assume its final shape. Questions.“ “Will I have foreskin?” his voice gave away his excitement. “Yes. Unless you don’t want it.” “I want foreskin!” he said, cheerfully. We entered the white space of the forge and I went straight to the part of the wall where the hypodermic gun was. I retrieved it and moved back to Karad. As I got close to him, he pulled me in, hugging me tight and he kissed me deeply. He let go of me, I applied the gun on his arm and gave him his shot of nanites. Karad’s data was being mapped. I crouched in front of him to see what I was doing. I could tell he was uneasy having me that close to his crotch in such circumstances. I started with the labia, sealing them and extending the skin to create a scrotum. Karad winced as his inside where remodeled in order to create a synthetic prostate and a set of balls. I rerooted several canals as I created a urethra at the end of what would soon be his dick. He sighed in relief once it was done. “Hard part is over,” I said. I than set out to achieve the transition of his clitoris to penis. It lengthened and widened. Soon, it was 5 inches long and almost two inch across. The tip now had a nice head, made with the soft sensitive skin. The shaft was smooth and regular and a nice fold of new skin appeared to sheath the head of Karad’s new penis. I tenderly cupped his brand new manhood, and cupped my own hard monster in my pants. I couldn’t resist giving him a little extra. Karad gasped as his balls grew to the size of eggs and his soft dick reach the 6 inches mark and over 2 inches across. I looked up to Karad he was heavily flushed, breathing hard, sweating. Had it been possible his dick would have been rock hard. “It might be unpleasant, I know you must be extremely aroused, but it needs a little time to be fully functional. No masturbation for the upcoming week, avoid sexual stimulation, let it settle in. you might need some time to get used to pee with it, I hope you got a good aim because you’re quite a big boy.” I told him He grabbed me and kissed me passionately, compressing the air out my lungs. The embrace lasted several minutes until I felt the his strength leave him. He was drained after the procedure. “You can go rest in one of the rooms” I offered. “Thanks but I think I’ll go home.” He said “I don’t think I can stay close to you and avoid sexual excitation” he said, as he caressed the back of my head and kissed me again. He left and I suddenly felt alone. We were both so tired and overwhelmed by what had happened, that we both forgot to schedule our date on Saturday. I refrained from sending a message to him to ask him. Karad was probably too harassed to think of that. In the evening Angus called me. I could tell he was dying to ask me what had happened with Karad. “Sooooooo….” He ventured after way too much idle chit chat. “Sooooooo…” I echoed “Ye and Karad.” he said. A silence followed. “Go on. Ask your question” I pressed him “Ye know.” “I don’t, it’s is a rather vast subject ranging from innocent gossip to medical secret.” “Are ye two together?” “Errr I’d say yes. Or more accurately I hope we are …or will be soon.” I heard Angus giggle like school girl. “Shut up” I snapped “look he was pissed at me for hiding how I was but at the same time there was quite a lot of kissing today. He also didn’t mention our date on Saturday but at the same time I haven’t mentioned it either.I’m a bit lost here I’ll tell you later.” “I knew ye two’d get along. I just didn’t know how much” he said amused “don’t overthink stuff, I’m sure ye’re both knackered. He must have undergone quite a transformation and ye’re way out of yer comfort zone. Get some rest.” I followed his advice and went to sleep. The next day I sent a message to Karad asking him where he wanted to go Saturday. It took almost the whole day before the answer came in. By that time I was almost desperate. Hello handsome. I slept all day, I was exhausted. I can’t wait to see you Saturday. You said I could pick the place, can we go to the French unionship? I heard they got the best restaurant ever! I booked a table in a small bistro I knew and answered Karad. I’d pick him at 8PM on Saturday. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep that night. The rest of the week seemed to stretch on and on forever, like I’d never reach Saturday. But I eventually reached it and as I was sipping my morning coffee I received a message from Karad. A simple picture. It had been taken while he was in bed, morning light bathing the whole scene in a soft warm that contrasted severely with the main subject of the photograph. From the short soft rug of his pubic hair, emerged a massive tower of flesh. Karad’s penis was at full mast, it looked huge and his shape was totally different from Monday. The foreskin had been totally peeled back by his erection, exposing the sensitive pink skin. The corolla of his cockhead was quite noticeable now and the head was looking slick and dramatically engorged. Beneath it, the shaft was adorned by thick angry veins and was thicker on the upper part beneath the glans, like a cobra. At its base, Karad’s balls looked slightly bigger than Monday. The scrotum was smooth and had a skin uncommonly regular and beautiful for that part of a manhood. It looked powerful and hard beyond measure. Like the rest of Karad, it evoked dominion, feral strength and largeness. Under the picture, a caption said: I thought you’d want to see my very first morning wood. I’m saving my very first load for tonight I needed an emergency wank right away. Less than 1 minute later, I had relieved myself right on the kitchen floor. At 8 P.M. sharp I was ringing at Karad’s door. He lived in a small flat in a popular district. I had dressed in matte black, latex slacks and a blazer with a nude gaze shirt, I had done my best to sculpt my short hair into a neat sideswipe. Karad opened the door straight away. He was dressed in slacks that hugged his powerful legs and made a show of his package. He had an extremely fitted dress shirt, a very very light shade of almond green, that he wore untucked. The collar was forced open by his bull neck, and his big pecs. I was speechless. He looked larger and more muscular than he did Monday, but I couldn’t tell if it was true, or just my mind playing tricks on me. We carefully moved close to each other and I stood on my toes to reach his lips for a kiss. His strong hands rested on my lower back. The soft kiss rapidly turned into something more savage, and the soft caress of his hands became an iron grip on my butt and my hips. He pulled me inside his flat and slammed the door. He had me trapped in his grip like I was some sort of prey. He threw me on the couch, grabbed my ankles, spread my legs and moved on top of me. His hard bulge pressed against my crotch. He kissed me again, sloppy and strong. And then, murmured into my ear: “I want to take you. Please.” “I want you to take me.” I murmured back. Karad face took that hard, feral mask that scared me and turned me on at the same time. He took my clothes off and then his. He stood in front of me so I could admire him. his muscular body was quite a sight, he had clearly worked the aesthetic aspect of it, his hard cock reached past his belly button. I sat in front of him, overwhelmed by the energy he exuded, and started to caress him, his rock hard abs. He shoved me back on my back in the couch and kneeled. “I’ll have you worship me later.” He growled. “I’ve got needs to take care of first,” he rasped. He then shoved his face between my buttcheecks and started rimming me. I howled with surprise and delight. This was some expert, unashamed ass eating, and I was soon squirming in Karad’s grasp, begging him to fuck me. He positioned himself on top of me, as I laid on my back with my legs up. He dominated me with his large body, filling my field of vision. Karad was like a muscular sky above my head. He aligned the tip of his cock to enter me, and as he did, he started to pant. His mouth was wide open and his face contorted, as he took in the new overwhelming feeling of penetrating someone with his body. He slid himself in, a look of surprise on his face. Karad felt big inside me, red hot and hard. And soon, he was in to the hilt. his soft pubes against me. He swallowed hard. “I… I… won’t last. I can’t…” he said between ragged breath And with that he pulled almost totally out of me and slammed back in. I shouted as he punched my prostate on the way, making me feel like nothing but a hole. He slammed himself in a second time, even stronger and then a third time at full force. Then, he convulsed, as I felt my insides get filled with a large amount of hot cum. Karad’s eyes were shut tight, drool was dripping on me from his opened mouth, uncontrollably jerky and giving forceful shallow thrusts like he was trying to shoot even more semen inside me. He slowly come to his senses. He looked about to collapse on top of me, maintaining his posture over me with whatever strength he had left in him. he looked at me and balancing the weight of his body on his right arm he moved his left hand to my face. Wiping the tears that had formed under the force of his fucking. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you? I’m sorry… I am… I couldn’t control myself…” Karad started to panic, still holding my face in his strong hand “I’m fine. More than fine actually. It was just so strong… and so good.” I breathed. Karad giggled out of relief. “Well, sorry I didn’t last long,” he said. “It’s a question of training. And believe me, I’ll make sure you get plenty of exercise. And I won’t go easy on you,” I said, squirming under him expertly to get his penis out of me. Karad was momentarily thrown off balance by the feeling of me moving around his dick but he quickly regained his senses and violently pinned me under him. he gave me a nasty smile and violently pulled out of me with a disgustingly hot suction noise. He then crossed his arm on top of my chest and started pressing on me with all his weight. He had a soft tender look on his face as my breathing became shallow due to the pressure on my lungs. He leaned to my face and tenderly kissed my lips and my neck. That display of strength and domination got me so horny I was harder than I ever was and leaking as I grinded against Karad. “Good luck with that pretty boy. I’m quite the tough guy as you’ll find out. Not that you seem to mind.” he said lifting himself so I could breathe again. ”Don’t worry, I’d never hurt you, I got quite an amazing control of my strength.” He said as he embraced me and cuddled me softly. “now, why don’t we take care of that” he said squeezing my hard monstercock.”you’re so big, I can’t wait to be that big or bigger” he added. He got up and started to flex. He was clearly trained in bodybuilding posing. The sweat dripping on his body made him look even more impressive. His flexed his left biceps, the muscle rounding up. “Why don’t you come closer and worship your man.” Karad said softly and firmly. I got up and moved close to him I started caressing him with on hand, burying my face in his pit and sniffing his manly odor. He flexed his arms as I caressed him and then flex his pecs, they were magnificent, square and proeminent. The pink nipple at their bottom facing down due to the mass of muscle behind them. He grabbed the back of my head and directed me to it. I started sucking on his nipple and as I heard him moan in delight, I shoot a copious load on his leg. He pulled me up for a kiss and hold me in his arms lovingly. “I’m hungry, do you think we’ll make it on time to the restaurant” he asked with genuine concern in his voice. “Yeah. Let’s shower and head out.” Twenty minutes later we were in the faubourgs of the French Union Ship. We both had ditched the clothes we originally planned to wear (they were balled up and covered with various bodily fluids in Karad’s living room) and were wearing jeans and T-shirts that seemed to be the only articles of clothing Karad owned. It hugged him in all the right place while it looked baggy and ill-fitting on me and my hair had was back to my habitual messy style. “You’re much less intimidating dressed like that. I like it” he said mockingly. “Don’t get used to it” We had finally reached the bistro. Karad was like a kid in a candy store, watching the faux-streets of the ship build to look like Haussamaniens streets of Paris back on earth. Or so I heard, since I have never seen earth. The whole string had building of stone and zinc with a design that predated the stellar era. Above the streets was a huge dome with stained glass forming an art deco floral picture. Some tile were colored and some other were showing the galaxies behind them the whole thing stretched across the whole block. It was the perfect place for a first date. The whole evening was amazing. Karad was funny and lovely we talked about many things including his obsession with size and his need to be larger. I could tell he was happy he had find someone that understood his inclination and was supporting him. it was strangely arousing watching him gorge himself on food as he told me all that. He confided he loved dominating smaller guys and apologized for maybe being a little bit rough with me. I reassured him and by the time we were back out in the streets it was clear to each other that we were a perfect match. He took me in his arm I felt his food stretched belly press against me. “I’m so stuffed you almost feel smaller.” He said delighted I turned in his arms facing him and embracing him. I rested my face against his pecs and said. “why don’t we go to my place, so I can actually grow some more. To be continued. PART 5 Later that night... I was laying on my back on the floor of the forge, and Karad was thrusting into me, and panting like an animal, while unloading an ungodly amount of cum inside me. The nanites had finished mapping him and we were ready for it . “How much do you think I’ll grow?” he asked, breathless. “I haven’t even checked your coef… let me see.” “The higher the better, is that it?” “Pretty much,” I said, shivering as his cum overflowed from my insides, dripping on the floor. For the first time the number that came up had three digits: 100%. Karad was a statistical and physiological impossibility. I just stared dumbfounded at the number. Karad ‘s dick hadn’t softened after the orgasm and it got even harder inside me, forcing more cum out. The dripping sensation called me back to reality. “How good is that?” he asked. “I have never seen anything like that. I have no idea how far I can take this…” I confessed. “Do you wanna find out?” he asked mischievously. “There is nothing I want more than this. Though I must warn you, we are entering unknown terriority, you might not even look human once I’m done.” I felt Karad throb inside me. “Well, you don’t seem to mind,” I said cheerfully. “My processes are rigged with a failsafe, so it’ll notify me if we are nearing a state where your body isn’t able to sustain itself anymore. The moment we get an alarm we stop. Growth can be intoxicating, that could be a terrible mix with your err dominant side” I felt Karad’s eyes linger on my neck that must still have had some mark from him choking me while we fucked a few minutes earlier. He had the decency to blush a little. “Remember you’re filled with nanites and I control them. The moment I feel threatened, I’ll shut everything down and immobilize you.” Karad looked utterly shocked. “I want you to immobilize me, but I want you to do it by inflating my muscles and dick, not by tasing me.” He said sitting down and holding me impaled on his spear. ”I’ll be a good boy” he said playfully, bobbing me up and down his dick, making me squirt more of his cum out with a wet suction sound. He giggled. “Anything you want in particular?” I asked “yeah, don’t grow me up, I just want muscles. And take it slow, this could be the last time I can penetrate you. I wanna savor every second of it.” I nodded, and with that, I set to work. Karad stats were 5’9; roughly the same as me, and 203 lbs of pure ripped muscle, with a 9 inch penis. I grew his dick to 12 inches in a whim. He gasped, but recovered quite quickly. Karad stood, lifting me at the same time, so that he stayed inside me. The extra inches made that easier. “From now on, you’re officially bigger everywhere.” I said. I slowly started to grow him, as he fucked me gently. His legs were getting thicker and thicker and soon, he was supporting both our weights without a strain. They were almost as thick as his waist to begin with, but now it was clear they were getting larger. His shoulders bulked out, slowly making him wider and wider. His arms also increased in size, his growing triceps creating quite an insane bulk. He had crossed the 300 lb. threshold and was just getting started, and he was already looking like a heavyweight bodybuilder. As his muscles kept growing, I also slowly increased his dick inside me. Slowly, so that I could keep him inside me as long as I could. As he neared 400 lbs, he was 12½ inches. He was starting to look freakish, his body covered in a bulging mass of fibrous muscles. As he grew past the 400 lb. mark, his body slowly crept toward inhuman grounds. His waist was still thin, but layers of abdominal muscles, intertwined in each other, made sure it could sustain his whole body. It connected to his lats and flared into the most impressive V shape I had ever seen, and it was growing by the second. His pecs were massive. They created a deep cleavage and the fibers split them into an almost geometric pattern, his nipples had grown a little and were forced downward by the gigantic mass of his pecs. His traps had rose up and encased his bull neck. Underneath his waist, his legs where each half as thick as his waist, rippling with cords of muscles half bent due to their size. Karad blasted another load inside me, he howled as more than a liter of cum was poured inside me. His body tensed and as he spasmed from the orgasm, his growth accelerated. It ripple through his whole body, I could hear each wave course through his body, a stretching muffled noise came at each twitch. It was too much for me and I came too. In the span of a minute Karad had broke the 500 lb. mark. On his untouched height, it was sheer insanity. Still growing he pulled out of me. A torrent of cum escaped from inside me as he put me down on my feet. I could see him in all his massive, still-growing glory. His shoulder were as wide as he was tall. Arms akimbo, due to his hypertrophied muscles, his lats flaring connected to his obliques in an intricate pattern. His pecs were a gigantic entanglement of muscular beams, subduing under each other and formed two massive slabs jutting more than 5 inches from his chest and casting a dark shadow on his torso. His tapered waist ended in a dramatically V shaped Adonis belt from which his now 13+ inch cock swung, the balls behind were orange size and starting to sag a little. They were framed by massive quads. The fibrous muscle mass formed prominent drops adorning his legs. The mass of his body forcing his legs to be slightly bent. He looked like a savage, overgrown beast, and atop that violently massive body, his gorgeous face, made even squarer with muscle, was supported by the massive column of his neck. He was smirking as he adjusted his stance deliberately when he closed in on 600 pounds. “Get on your back, legs in the air handsome. Time for the pounding of a lifetime.” He said, throbbing with power and growth I did as told and soon he was on top of me, his arms fully extended to prevent his physique from crushing me. He speared me through my ass with his pulsing, growing dick. It was so long and hard, I didn’t even had to lift my back to stay in position. I was stuffed in the angle he needed me to be. The view was mind-boggling, muscles were everywhere I watched, pulsating, growing, expanding. As he pounded rhythmically, his physique grew bigger still. He regularly adjusted his stance, his legs were grating the floor like he was some raging bull. His pecs were inexorably growing toward my face. His arms starting to bend, as Karad’s pecs forced them apart and his very biceps started to get in the way too. As he shattered the 700 lb. mark, his pecs reached my face, threatening to suffocate me in his cleavage, while the now almost 15 inch long, 5½ thick dick was keeping me pinned under him. “Karad!” I called nervously ”It’s getting cramped down here! You’re about to crush me” the end of my sentence was muffled as his muscle engulfed me. I heard and felt a deep laugh as Karad rolled on the side to prevent me from getting crushed by his growing physique. I screamed in pleasure as his dick forced me to follow the movement and shoot another cataclysmic load inside me . One on his huge hands reached to stroke my side (at the cost of much effort) as he breathed heavily from the orgasm. “Told you. I like it rough but I’d never hurt you,” he said, forcing his gargantuan body in a seated position. His finger lingered on my abs deformed by the massive penis invading me. Karad was well over 800 lbs now and showing no sign of slowing down. I started reinforcing his bones, internal structures and organs for him to sustain that mass. All along, I was pleasuring myself and Karad by slowly moving up and down on his huge pole. At 900 lbs, he was ready to grow even more, his back was starting to be noticeable, even when facing him it was starting to reach the base of his head reaching outward. “Karad, you’re already the most muscular man in the universe.” I felt his dick twitch in delight, it was like a burning tremor within me at his size. ”I think I can grow you even more,” another twitch, I gasped. “but your body will undergo severe modifications to accommodate more muscle there is no going back and no way to say how you’ll look,” I said calmly. “Alex, I’m more concerned about you. If I grow again I think I’ll lose whatever mobility I have left. And you’ll have to take care of me I’ll just be a monstrous mountain of muscle with a gigantic dick, unable to move. This… This is what I want, what I wanted since I’m a kid, to be that extreme, stupidly huge behemoth… But I can’t force the responsibility on you . We just met and uhnnn!!” his speech was cut short, as a growth spurt hit him. “Don’t worry about all that. Let’s just grow you,” I said. With Karad still inside me I pushed him past the 1000 lbs mark, with a 17 inch long, almost 7 inch thick cock. I felt stretched beyond measure, and felt Karad’s heartbeat resonate inside me, through his dick. Karad was starting to change his shape as his muscle mass reached a ridiculous size. Back traps and shoulder now so hypertrophied they reached higher than his head, preventing it to move by more than 10° in any direction. His arms so full of muscle started raising higher than the 45° mark. His pecs now so huge they were almost as thick as his torso was underneath them. They hung slightly rounding down, due to their insane weight, and their delicious gumdrops nipples were almost hidden under the bulging mass of ripped muscles. His torso tapered into what looked like a small waist but Karad was now so humongous his waist was already probably over 50 inches. His legs were forced apart by his soccer balls sized testes, they were twice as thick as his waist now, with delicious cords of muscle rippling alongside them. “MAKE ME BIGGER! PLEASE MAKE ME BIIIGGGGEEEER!” Karad growled his dick throbbing inside me. He flexed his muscles, he could barely move but I could see him tense various muscle groups. His muscle control was amazing. He did a pec bounce that got me cuming without touching myself. First his left pecs rippled the mass of sinewy muscle raising hiding half of his head the sound of the fibers grinding against each other could be heard. Then he relaxed it the massed fell back in position boucing slightly before assuming his relaxed form. He did the same with the right and I was like hypnotized. I barely even registered my belly stretching under the pressure of the 18 inches of cock invading me. As Karad reached 1100 lbs, I realized that he was now so big that the extra hundred of pounds was barely noticeable. He noticed it too, I saw his face harden in that feral masked that made him look so bad and so hot. His whole body flexed, in a symphony of muscular display. Everything bulged and striated. The ungodly sight would have scared any sane person, yet I was impaled on the behemoth’s dick, drinking in the view. “DON’T SLACK OFF. GROW ME MORE!” He growled, playfully twitching his dick inside me. I screamed of pleasure as the gigantic member tensed and relaxed inside me. He let out a deep sneer as he shook my whole body with his penis. “COME ON HANDSOME. GIVE MORE.” I picked the pace growing him to 1200 lbs in a matter of seconds, then to 1300 lbs. I was expecting alerts to flash any second to say his exaggerated hugeness was nearing failure. But it didn’t happen. Even as we crossed the 1400lbs line. “YES! YES! THAT’S IT MAN! MAKE ME BIGGER” Karad let out a massive roar as he came once again inside me. The amount of cum was beyond anything I’d have thought. The pressure inside me was almost unbearable. And most of the cum was immediately expelled out of me, squirting out of my ass in high pressured squirts. Red numbers started to pop around my body. The now 19 inch dick and his pressure orgasm were taking me to the limit. Karad saw it and started to panic. He tried to reach for me but at now 1500 lbs it was impossible for him to move. His whole body tensed in a vain attempt to reach for me. He started sweating profusely due to the effort. “GET OFF ME! I’M HURTING YOU!” He shouted with a unexpectedly powerful deep voice “I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO” He panted regaining control of his voice, but still panicked. “I’m fine. Don’t worry, I can fix it” I smiled “I need a bit of training that’s all”. The number were slowly returning to acceptable level. I would not withstand another of his orgasm without major adjustments on my body. But there was no way I was pulling out now. As Karad reached 1600 lbs, the gains once again where less visible and I accelerated his growth again. At that stage, Karad was just growling gibberish, a low rumbling mantra about growing more and more. At 1700 lbs, his body started showing signs of reaching his maximum size for this structural height (his actual height must have been close to 7 feet as his muscle reached higher than his head did). 1900 lbs was soon pulverized and his growth slowed dramatically. We were reaching his maximum potential. We both realized it. Karad snapped back to his senses. “MORE! PLEASE GIMME MORE! I NEED MORE” he cried. I forced more growth into him, inflating each muscle indivually, making his whole body swell just a little bit more. He looked out of this world. His gorgeous face inlaid in a wall of pulsating muscle. His back was rising so high, it was pressing on his traps, the sinewy wave stretched for several feet on each sides before crashing against the gigantic shoulder, each muscular beam of his shoulders exaggerated to the max. from them his arms extended almost parallel to the floor due to his massive flaring lats and to shear size of his arms. At the thickest, they were somewhere around 70 inches cold, his triceps bulged so far away they prevented any movement, and his bis were fighting against his lats and his pecs. His forearms where a collection of fat cords of muscle tapering into massive hand. Karad hands were also impacted by the growth each muscle could be seen through the skin. So big he could barely move his fingers. Karad’s pecs reached his chin and covered half of his torso. They were beyond any measure they had a cleavage that could swallow my body and each one was carved following the several beams of muscle. His torso was as intricate as ever, each oblique and ab exaggerated to massive proportion and subduing under numerous other muscles. It was like new muscles had formed to sustain the megastructure of his body. They all converged into his plexus. Karad’s leg were forming a 90° angle as he sat due to theire size each thigh was thick than his monstrous waist, rippling with muscle so exaggerated they blocked any movement. Massive teardrop shapes forming at his knees. The bulbous mass of muscle preventing the articulation to move in anything then the slight angle it had. His calves so big they lifted his legs from the floor they spitted into two massive globes of muscle. Karad’s feet where huge and like his hands deformed by overdeveloped muscle. Emerging from his pelvis Karad’s genitalia was a glorious sight 23 inches, long 8½ thick, I could tell the very shape of the stake impaling me. The profiled head flaring in crown the cobra shaped shaft below it, every finger thick snake-like vein pulsating angrily. Karad had finally surpassed the metric ton, 2016 lbs to be precise. The gigantic mass of muscle shivered, karad was about to cum once more. I swiftly hoisted myself from the massive pal just in time to witness the first tidal of cum escape the glorious spear. It crashed on the ceiling, the wall, the floor, and was followed by many more. In the end, the gigantic Karad had flooded the forge. He was slowly falling asleep, drained from the growth and multiple orgasms. I stayed up late that night, fixing my body, making it to accommodate my creation’s penis. Karad snored softly which contrasted with the bloated mass of ripped muscle he had become. He was radiating heat and power like no one would ever. Once I was done I climbed on top him and fell asleep sheltered by his pecs. The next day were quite busy. I had to close the forge, Karad couldn’t be moved from it. A quantic battery was installed on Karad because no amount of eating could sustain him. I set up an emergency forge that over the month became a new fully functional one. The former forge became Karad’s room. We had to build it around him I used the nannite support system as way to monitor his health and maintain his size. First we had to force the ton heavy behemoth standing that was the hardest part and it took a whole day. After that remodeling the room was easy. A window showing the galaxy outside and the ships cruising by was installed. As well as a Mass Data ICT Router, the ICT network was his only way to get out of his room. I also had drains installed and a water hose to clean Karad and the room. The latest add-on was a sort of remote controlled penis pump in which Karad could relieve himself if needed. His needs were off the charts and no man could suffice him. I’d often find him spent with an over bloated cock from abusing the masturbator. Over time, our mutual attachment had grown. I rarely slept in my room, most of the time I’d just curl up on my gigantic boyfriend. Our friends would often visit (I had clothes tailored to make decent once in a while).Those days we were even planning to get married. I remember as we were planning the event, he chuckled, his whole shook behind me. I pressed him to tell me what was amusing him. “I WAS THINKING YOU COULD GROW ME UP A LITTLE. YOU KNOW AS A WEDDING PRESENT”. [END]
  17. CardiMuscleman

    The Titan's Gift

    Part One "Hail the conquering hero" smiled Henri as Porthos trotted into Musketeer Headquarters adding "So, are you the strongest man in Europe?" Porthos simply smiled as he dismounted and as he did, flexed his arm for the cadet who he considered a brother. As Henri wrapped his hands around the bulging arm, he nodded and at the same time sighed saying "I know it's pure wishful thinking, but, I hope one day I shall be able to do the same!" Porthos rubbed the cadet's head with his hand saying "You will, my lad, it just takes time!" and with that Henri led Porthos's horse back to the stables. As Porthos watched his friend, he knew that Henri was a good lad. He's joined the corps as a cadet six months previously, on a secret mission from the Duke of Buckingham, to establish how much of the Duke's dalliances with the Queen were public knowledge in France, but in those six months his honour, his bravery and his swordplay were never in doubt. What was in doubt was Henri's sense that he would never be more than a tiny cog in the wheel that was the corps, and yet on numerous occasions Porthos could see just a glimmer, especially when Henri got angry, of what the lad was capable of. That's why he had entered the competition because he knew that the winner would receive a prize greater than any number of livres, a prize that was whispered by everyone who took part, the fabled Amulet of Athelstan. The amulet, forged in the time of dark magic, was crafted for the ancient King of the Britons in an attempt to prevent the Vikings from constantly invading his nation. Whoever was in possession of it would, on the word of command, drain the strength and power from the most powerful person within fifty yards of the owner. And now, he was in the possession of it. But Porthos wasn't going to use it for himself, no, he was going to be the victim of it, and as he imagined the pain of his strength and power surging out of him, he started to moan. All that was needed was the right recipient of that power and that recipient completely unware of the Titan's designs on him. "So, Sandy" smiled Henri as he took the saddle of Porthos's horse, "did you have a nice time in Bavaria then?" The horse, named for it's colour, nodded and neighed as Henri brushed him down. Of all of the cadets, Henri was the most in tune with the horses of the corps and on several occasions, it was almost as if Henri could understand every sound they made. As he continued to brush the horse, the two seemed engaged in a conversation and seemed to be recounting Porthos's triumph in the contest to find the strongest man in Europe. Giving Sandy a final brush down, Henri smiled "There, fit for when the Titan rides again!" and turned around to find Porthos standing next to him with a smile on his face. "Ah" smiled Henri, picking up the saddle, "are you to ride again?" and was about to place it on Sandy when he knocked out cold by a right hook that seemed to come from nowhere. As Porthos caught the cadet in his arms and picked him up, he started to moan. Moans that became more amplified as he entered the headquarters and started to make his way down into the dungeons and by the time he reached the deepest and darkest dungeons the moans were now easily heard. "Oh, Henri" Porthos moaned, "you are going to love this!"
  18. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Hey guys, things are getting intense in this story. There are a couple ways it could go next and if you have any routes you would like it to take in particular, leave a comment! A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Thursday Night: Wrestling. Part 6 I’m lying on my back in my bedroom with my eyes closed. Many thoughts run through my mind as I lie there. “Troy broke up with his girlfriend,” I whisper to myself. “No,” I respond. “She broke up with him…” I honestly have no clue. Who did the breaking up and why? My bed begins to vibrate and I am jolted out of my thoughts. It’s my phone. I pick it up and read the message. Just another text from Joy. “Shit.” It is 6:30 and I planned to meet with Troy an hour after dinner. I ate dinner at 5:30 and I remember seeing him there. So technically we should be meeting now. “Maybe he’s just waiting for his food to digest,” I say to myself. “Or maybe he’s too upset to wrestle after his break up.” I hope that he wasn’t too upset. I really hoped we could wrestle today. I felt like he was finally...VRRRTT! VRRRTT! My phone vibrated again. It was a message from Troy! Troy: Hey man, I’m ready to wrestle! Meet me at 6:50. I quickly change into my singlet and in 5 minutes I am walking into the gym. I make it my biggest priority not to mention his break up. He is already in front of me, sitting on the mat, looking at the ceiling with blank eyes. Yeah, I definitely should not bring it up. I walk over to the mat and hearing my footsteps, he opens his eyes and smiles. “Hey, bro,” he says quietly. He lacks his usual energy and that bothers me a little. I try not to let it show. He is wearing an extremely tight black compression shirt and a pair of tight, blue running shorts. This makes me a little happy. He’s still wearing clothes that show off his bod. Good. “You ready for this man?” I say. He laughs. “Ready for what exactly?” “To get your ass kicked,” I say smiling. His eyes widen at what I say. “I will fight as strongly as I can, but I’ll be honest. I don’t mind being dominated by you at all.” I hesitate to speak. I was not expecting that. “Game on,” I say. We get on the mat and move into our positons in front of each other. I size him up and look into his eyes. They have this deeply serious look. Like a threatened animal he looks at me with so much intensity that I begin to feel afraid. We continue to look into each other’s eyes. There’s tension in the air and he is beginning to breathe heavily. His chest and shoulders begin to raise up and down. Then suddenly he lunges at me. He pins me to the floor, his chest directly on mine, and I immediately flip him on to his back. “You’re faster than me,” he says. “But I’m stronger.” “We’ll see” I say. He rolls onto his knees and lunges at me again. I quickly dodge him and I’m on his back in an instant. I pin him down and all he can do is grunt and whine beneath me. He tries his best to get out of my grip but it is no use and he eventually taps out. I let him go and in a flash he turns around and is on top on me with both hands clamped over my wrists. “Whoa!” I say. “This is cheating!” “Well I gotta do something to beat someone so experienced.” The word experienced slips off of his tongue as if it had some sort form of double meaning. I wonder what he meant. I can’t move and he continues to look into my eyes as he pins me down. My dick twitches a little from the position I am in. I need to move. “Fine,” I say. “You can cheat a little you big baby.” “Prepare to get owned” He lets me go and we go at it again. This time no rules. Troy plays dirty. On two occasion his hand made harsh contact with my cock and balls causing me intense pain and giving him an advantage. I knew he was doing it on purpose, but I didn’t want to seem like a bitch so I fought through it. He pins me down about three times before I begin to notice that he is a one trick pony. Each time he pinned me he had a handful of my cock and used it to his advantage, but now I was ready. I saw his hand coming down and dodging it, I grabbed for his arm and spun him onto his back. Then I did something risky. With one hand pinning down his left hand I used my other and put pressure onto his own dick, giving him a taste of his own medicine. “Oh fuck!” he says. His eyes close shut and his head tilts back in agony. I jump on his stomach and pin him down. He gives up easily. That was the beginning of the end. I pinned him 4 more times after that within seconds and he begins to get angry. “You’re going down, man!” he yells at me. Anger is in his eyes. We are both sweating. But Troy is soaked from how much effort he is putting into fighting me. He rips off his shirt, his hard pecks and abs in full view now and I’m caught off guard that I have no time to prepare myself when he tackles me. His sweaty pecs touch my face and I can feel the dense, hard muscle push against my teeth. My cock springs to life and I’m fucking embarrassed. Shit. “Look how the tables have turned,” he says. “Not so fast!” I say. I wiggle beneath him and be begins to laugh. Luckily I wiggle just enough to free my leg and I bend my right knee right into his crotch connected with his rock hard cock. “Ugh!” he yelps and rolls onto his side with both hands over his dick. He lays there for a second and suddenly he springs back to life and comes at me again. I have time to react and duck. He tumbles over my back, grabbing my spandex as he falls, and pulls me onto him. He lies on the floor on his back holding me in his arms, my back to him. I struggle but eventually break free and try to stand. He grabs at my legs and I fall back onto him. My face lands directly between his legs and I basically lose my shit. His shorts are so thin that I can feel his dick pressed against my cheek. I can smell the musk from his dick and I get harder than I was before. The awkward part is that my dick is also in Troy’s face and he doesn’t seem to give a fuck. I feel like this moment is frozen and I don’t move and suddenly I am flipped on to my back and I see Troy with hatred in his eyes. He jumps at me but I dodge him quickly and make I am quickly on top of him with both of his arms pins. “Shit!” he yells. He struggles beneath me like a wild animal. He seems crazy. Withering like a mental patient wearing a straitjacket. His breathing is heavy and his eyes and face are red. Then suddenly he calms down. His breathing slows and his eyes begin to glisten. Tears drip down his face, adding to the sweat on his face and he looks so pitiful that I let his arms go. I stand up and put my hand out to him. He slowly raises his hand and I help him up. “How are you doing, Troy?” I say. “Are you ok?” “No… but I think I will be.” “What’s going on?” “My girlfriend…She left because I didn’t want to give up bodybuilding, but I’ve been thinking a little. Maybe I should stop.” “But she was wrong for wanting to ruin your dreams of being bigger and stronger.” Troy turns away from me and continues to speak. “I don’t think I should let her go.” I get angry at this. There is no way I’m losing him to some bitch who can’t see something amazing in front of her. I grab his shoulder and turn him around to face me. “You are strong! Look at these arms, these legs, and those abs.” I lightly punch each body part as I describe it. I notice his cock violently twitching through his shorts as I do this and his hand quickly clamps down on it. “Don’t give up on gains, man. You can find someone else, maybe someone as into body building as you. Someone just as strong.” “Who then?” he says. “Uh… I don’t know man.” “Exactly.” Troy stands, picking up his shirt and putting it back on so he can leave. “What are you going to do, Troy?” “I think…I think I’m done with lifting. I quit bodybuilding!” His fists are clenched and are turning red. “I’m doing it for her…” he says and walks away, leaving me in the gym alone.
  19. Hi This is my first story. it is 1000% fiction and I hope you like it. My name is Ryan. I'm 19 years old from Sydney and I study physiotherapy at the university. I've been playing rugby for a few years now, I'm 6" 200lbs athletic and lean, a gym jock, always hook up with different girls I meet either in university, parties, at the bar or at the gym, sometimes on tinder as well. I love girls, I know that. I've been feeling kind of funny ever since I've started taking physiology class with the new professor. His name is Todd Ivanov. He's a very handsome guy, in his early 30s, looks to be as tall as I am but more massive, not fat though, just bigger, I mean his shoulder look broader then mine and each of his thighs looks more massive then my own thighs combined, and mine were pretty thick and strong (I NEVER skip leg day!). I could never really tell though because he always wore dress shirts and pants that seemed to be one size larger. I realized I would always get nervous every time he got to class and during class I always kept telling myself how handsome he was and that he must be a powerlifter or something. Something strange happened to me. I felt like I was attracted to him or something... I've never felt like that before, I mean I have had ONE experience with a guy when I was in high school but I was drunk and maybe a little curious but that was it. I always felt attracted to girls and I'm a very masculine guy, there's really nothing gay about me but this new professor always made me feel like having butterflies inside and turned me on and I would even get a hard on during class every time he smiled towards me. I felt that the weird feelings I got from him were too much for me to ignore. I couldn't stop fantasizing about kissing him. There were rumors about him that he was divorced and I felt like I had to make a move, a BIG move, more like a plan actually. I felt like I had to seduce him somehow but how? I had a plan. I was going to ask him for help, pretending I'm having hard times in class and that I needed tutoring. I went online and looked for substances that I could put in his drink when I would offer him one at my place. I found a strange kind of supplement I never heard of before. Ultra Titan Vitamin Y Uber something... Something based on a mixture of testosterone and growth hormone and some many different Latin names of all sorts. "FOR PROFESSIONAL WEIGHTLIFTERS ONLY" The reviews however were actually all very bad claiming the product increased their sex drive too much so it wasn't worth the muscle gains. This actually sounded pretty good for my plan. I was already very attracted to Prof. Ivanov the way he was but this substance could make him gain a little bit of muscle (not like he didn't have any, he looked like he could be a strongman) this could only be a plus. I got the package and it had 5 pills inside of it. The next day I approached Prof. Ivanov and asked for help, he gladly said he would be happy to help. I told him my address and he said he could be there tomorrow, which was Thursday, at 6:00PM. I was lucky my parents were out of town on vacation until Monday and bought a few beers. It was Thursday and the doorbell rang at 5:50PM and it was him. I tried to not look surprised when I saw him because he was wearing a rugby shirt a pair of really short rugby shorts that exposed his amazing legs, so massive, so beefy and muscular, nicely hairy but not too much. His legs looked so powerful and it wasn't easy to keep it cool but I did. He said "hello, sorry about wearing these shorts, I was at the gym and realized I forgot my jeans after shower and didn't want to be late so I came here right after instead of driving back home to get them, I hope you don't mind" he looked slightly embarrassed. "No problem at all" I said, thinking how the hell am I going to think straight when he looked so sexy in those shorts. So we went up to my room in the attic. My room had a low ceiling at 9 feet but was very spacious and had it's own shower and exit. We spent almost an hour studying which went on very seriously actually. I would peek to his crouch for a split second every now and then and it seemed pretty big but I was too afraid he might notice me and get mad. We actually became kind of friends, he told me about his parents that came to Sydney from Russia and we talked a little bit about bodybuilding and he said he comes from a family of weightlifters and that he used to be more professional before he got married when he was in the military and recently got back to it now that he and his wife got divorced. He said I could call him Todd now as long as we're outside of university. We finished studying and while walking down the stairs I made the first part of my plan. "Oh I'm so sorry!" I said. "I totally forgot to offer you something to drink! I feel terrible about it". But he laughed and said "it's okay, don't worry, but I could use a glass of cold water, thanks". "I'll give you some good ice cold beer instead" I said. "Well I actually haven't had alcohol in a long while now probably since I got married and I don't want to get drunk or something so I'll have to pass buddy" he laughed. Oh no, I had to say something, "c'mon you're a big guy and you're Russian and Russians are immune to alcohol" I joked and we both laughed. "Well maybe one bottle couldn't hurt" he said. I took two large 20 oz. bottles from the fridge, opened them, gave one to him and turned on the tv, there was a rugby game and Todd started to become a little focused on it since he also liked rugby a lot like me. He tasted the beer a little and really liked it, and finished almost all of it in one sip. "Wow it's pretty delicious!" Todd said. "Of course it is! That's why I offered you one" I proudly said. Todd said " hey I don't mean to be rude but can I have another one?" "Sure, it's my pleasure" I answered. I noticed that Todd was really focused on the game now and I had to be quick. I open the bottle and put 2 out of the 5 pills and dropped them inside of it, they quickly dissolved in a couple of seconds. I handed him the bottle. "Thanks buddy that's really nice of you" he smiled. "That's the least I could do after you helped me" I smiled back and drank some of the beer in my own bottle from before and I was so scared he might notice a different taste and get mad or something but apparently he didn't notice anything. Now before he even had the chance to finish the second bottle, I went to the fridge and opened up a third bottle for him and quickly dropped the remaining 3 pills I had left and handed him the bottle without him even asking for a third one. He hesitated first but then said laughing "okay but it has to be the last one haha" and drank it all. I went back to the kitchen for a moment, just to read what was written on the package, it said: "recommended use: take one pill once a week for five weeks after a workout" "may cause a high surge in sex drive" "duration: about three hours", thinking to myself okay so far so good. "WARNING! DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSE" but how bad could it be? He's a big guy... I was sitting next to him watching the game with him, still drinking from my first bottle when he said "hey Ryan can I use the bathroom real quick?" "Yeah, last door to the right". On his way back I noticed he was walking funny like he was in pain or something, he was trying to massage his shoulder. "Are you okay Todd?" "Eh kind of... I think my shoulders feel sore from yesterday's workout but they never feel so intense like this and I only used light weight yesterday. I usually like feeling sore after my workouts but this pretty intense and it's projecting to my back as well. I also feel a little dizzy from all the beer" he said. "Sit down here and let me get you some water". He drank it. "Now I also feel sore in my chest and arms, probably from today's workout though" he said. I put my hands on his shoulders a gave him a light massage. "You should see a therapist one in a while" I said and we both laughed because I was about to be one. He then said "yeah I know, I actually have an appointment but it's three weeks from today, I guess there aren't many physiotherapists in this area". As I kept massaging his shoulders I asked "does it feel better now?" "Maybe a little bit, I don't know". I realized he was getting tipsy and hope I could take advantage of it. "Let me give you so good massage, I can feel your muscles are really tense, you can't just wait three weeks with your whole body sore like that" I urged him. He was perplexed "well are you sure? Do you really think it's okay?" "Yeah! It won't take long! I guarantee you wont stop thanking me later!" Trying to sound as friendly as I could. "Well alright, I guess I could give it a try" he sighed. We got back to my room and I pointed towards my bed, which was thankfully sturdy enough for a massage session. He sat on it, slowly taking his shoes off since he was very tipsy and now started talking really slowly. Seeing him laying on my bed turned me on even more now with my raging hard on struggling to keep calm in my underwear... Ha laid on his stomach and I had to tell him to take his shirt off. He hesitated and then took it off but I didn't dare to say anything about his shorts, afraid I might get exposed. He looked so beautiful with his shirt off, his upper body looked so strong, not a lot of definition like my body but bulkier and more powerful almost like a pro strongman. His muscles were actually really tense and he said he could barely feel my weak massage and I had to use a lot of force to make him actually feel something. It was only when I started rubbing his shoulder and back really really hard when he said "there we go" and I struggled not to get too tired from it. I stopped for a second and had to take my shirt off because of the heat in my room (though not as hot as Todd) and all the force I had to use and we laughed at how massaging him is like a real workout. "Feeling better now?" I asked. "Yeah a little bit but I'm feeling my chest more and more sore even though my workout was a couple of hours ago. You see when I do feel sore, it only starts at least 24 hours after the workout. It's really strange Ryan, I hope I'm not getting sick". I noticed his muscles all over his body kept contracting for a few seconds and relax rhythmically. That was weird, I thought. "Well get on your back for a second and let me massage where it feels more sore" I said. He had a hard time rolling on his back and I had to help him at this point. He said his body felt a lot heavier than usual. "It's probably from all the beer you had", I laughed as I didn't want him to feel too uncomfortable. He looked embarrassed, "Ryan I'm so sorry about this situation, how I'm tipsy in your house right now". "No big deal Todd, it happens to me too once in a while at my friends' houses". He looked slightly better now. U started massaging his broad shoulders. Todd was so tipsy he was too tired to open his eyes. "Does it feel better Todd?" "Barely Ryan, I feel like there's a lot of pressure building up all over my body... it's hard to describe it..." What I did notice was that as I was massaging his shoulders, Todd was doing his best not to moan and grunt. I likes those sounds he made, they were turning me on like crazy but I pretended like I didn't notice anything. As soon as I started working on his upper pecs, I notice how the bulge in his crouch was actually getting bigger!! And in a matter of only 10 seconds, a huge tent was showing up! But still, I pretended not to notice anything and kept myself focused on his pecs, his beautiful pecs, telling myself how badly I wanted to worship those big nipples while he was moaning and grunting. His moanings kept getting longer and more obvious as he wasn't able to hold them any longer and he started grunting more loudly now like when lifting heavy weight at the gym. So hot. As soon as I reached his lower pecs, he stopped me with his hands, breathing heavily, saying: "can you avoid that part? (Meaning his nipples) I'm just really sensitive and it's probably better you just avoid touching it". I pretended not to understand but kept the super friendly attitude and joked: "well how am I supposed to massage your chest then? It wouldn't be possible Todd". "But really Ryan, I don't think it's a good idea... Please... Just skip it... So much... Pressure... building... Inside..." His mind was getting slower and slower from the alcohol. His chest and his shoulders were suddenly getting more pumped now, and his arms too, and then I remembered the pills were also supposed to build some muscle mass on him. "Just let me try it for a few seconds okay? Don't worry Todd, nothing will happen to you" I joked. "Nnnngghhh...But... But... Ryan..." His moaning and grunting couldn't stop and I liked it. "You're a big boy Todd, you'll be fine" I joked again as my hands were traveling down his beefy pecs towards their lower part, focusing on his big hard nipples. The second I barely touched his nipples, I saw his chest and shoulders expanding like they were inflating or something, but with muscle bulk instead if air. Todd looked even more nervous now that I was touching his nipples but I didn't care and he was doing his best not to stop me. I was pinching them or doing anything sexual with them, just massaging his pecs without skipping them. After ten seconds, something happened. Without any warning Todd grabs me in a bear hug and grunts loudly like when doing the last rep of a workout. As he does, the slight gains I saw he was having were actually accelerating. It took him a minute to catch his breath and I saw the cum stain in his tiny shorts which were now even smaller then before. I felt in heaven. Todd realized he just had an orgasm and felt so ashamed and raised up his upper body "ON NO! I'M SO SORRY RYAN! I DON'T WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! I'LL LEAVE RIGHT AWAY!" He felt panicked. I knew I had to make him feel calm. "Haha don't worry Todd! I heard this thing is normal to happen to people during massage all the time!" I wanted him to feel that I see this situation in a funny way. I don't even know how he COULD leave, I mean he was so tipsy and his body was getting heavier and heavier with that thing running wild inside his body. I took some paper towels to clean the inside of his underwear without even thinking... My boner was raging inside my shorts. I lowered Todd's shorts a little bit so I could start cleaning, Todd didn't even stop me and just looked at his crouch, I thought it was funny how Todd just came in his shorts without even stroking his cock and how he felt and urge to bear hug me during his orgasm. As I was holding his now soft cock in my hand to clean the cum I saw it quickly getting hard again becoming almost fully erect less then two minutes after his orgasm. I looked at Todd and smiled. He was about to smile back to me but then just realized that his orgasm caused his body to expand and become more massive, adding probably 20-30lbs to his large body. Todd started to panic again "what the fuck just happened to me Ryan?" "Well, you hugged me really tight and had and explosive orgasm. It felt really good actually and your face looked like you were in heaven" I winked. "No Ryan, I didn't mean that, I meant my body! Why is bigger now? What the hell?" He was confused. "Hmm well you're just having a growth spurt? You said you come from a family of Russian powerlifters, it's probably just part of your genetics" I joked. "Yeah everyone in my family is big but not this big! And I can tell you for sure no one gets growth spurts like this! It's not normal!" "Try to calm down and relax first, how's your body feeling" I asked while slowly stroking his now rock hard cock. "I feel like there's a lot of pressure building up in my body like before! There's... So... Much... Tension..." He started moaning and grunting again as I was stroking his huge cock which I assume also got bigger during his orgasm. He started breathing very heavily again. "I think you should just let go of all this tension you're feeling in your body Todd, just release the pressure, I think you'll feel much better". "No I can't Ryan... Ohhhhh it feels... So good..." "I think you look very handsome Todd, you have an amazing body", I felt like it was safe to finally say it by now. "Yeah I think you're so cute Ryan... Ooohhhhh... I'm glad I got a hot stud.... Nnnnggggghh.... like you in class... if it wasn't for this massage... Oooohhhhh fuck... I would have never had the courage to tell you this" Todd admitted. My hard on was rock hard like crazy and I was leaking pre. Seeing how Todd was having a hard time talking without moaning and grunting was driving me wild. "Let me help you release all this unneeded tension in your body Todd, you could thank me later" I smiled like a hungry boy. "Oh no.... I can't Ryan... Ffffgggghhhhnnnn.... You see... I can't stop feeling intense pleasure.... All over my body... OH FUCK YEAH... And I think... Pleasure is... Accelerating my growth...hhhhhgggggnnnnnnmm.... And he was right. I could see how his body was slowly adding more and more muscle bulk while lots of precum was oozing out of his pulsating cock. And I wanted to toy a little bit with the idea of how much muscle he could gain. unfortunately Todd was doing his best to resist his growth. "I think I should leave Ryan... I should see a doctor..." Todd sadly said, but he didn't look like he was going anywhere, I saw how his pecs, which were initially just a little bigger then my own were now almost twice their size, almost as big as two basketballs! Each of his shoulders was now as big as my head! His nipples growing a little bigger and getting farther away from each other! He tried to get up but couldn't. His head was spinning by a mixed sensation of alcohol and intense pleasure. "Oh no Ryan... I can't get up... Can I... Just rest here a little bit... Ghghrrrrrrrnnnnn....." He said, still trying to resist his body. "Of course you can Todd!" I said. "Thanks Ryan... Just let me rest.. I'll get better... and leave...oooohhhh..." "But Todd, I don't think you'll get better if keep resisting the pleasure that you're feeling, just let it out, you'll feel much better, besides, you're really turning me on right now, I really want to help you relax, just let me do the work" I smiled and put my mouth on one of his nipples, sucking it aggressively, triggering a loud moan out of him which accelerated the growth of his lower body. His massive quads were struggling with each other as their growth made the space between them smaller and smaller, forcing them to spread more to the sides of the bed,each glute muscle was also bigger then my head now but hard as steel, his shorts were now too tight to be removed normally lol. The accelerated growth cause by the suction scared Todd and he gently pulled my head away from his nipple, begging me now to stop. "Please... Ryan... I'm scared..." "You don't need to be scared of anything Todd, I'm sure this whole growth thing is completely healthy". I knew it was bullshit but I didn't know what to say... "Did it feel good or bad when I sucked your nipples"? I asked him. "Oh it felt like heaven... But... The growth..." Todd was now even dizzier then before, I knew I have to be a little more assertive now. "I'll just suck your cock a little but Todd". "No... Please... Should... Not..." Todd looked like he was too dizzy and tired to stop me. I took my shorts and underwear off, completely naked now. I reached the head of his cock, lick all the precum, it was the first time I tasted it, it tasted sweet and salty. I liked it. "Damn... Ryan... Stop.......... Stop....." But I ignored him and started sucking his big cock like a mad man, I went up and down, making sure my tongue licks every single part of it's surface. "How does that feel Todd? You like it?" I teased him. "Ggghhrrrrnnnnnnn..... Yes..... But......" He tried to close tight his lips from opening, thinking it would slow down his growth. Todd could only raise his heavy arms just a little bit but wasn't able to pull my head from his cock. He then pathetically tried to ignore the extreme pleasure he was getting from his blowjob. I wanted him to reach another climax already but he was still able to prevent himself from cumming. "Come on Todd, just let your load explode in my mouth, it will make you feel much better" I teased him. I then noticed how big his balls became and started massaging them aggressively, hoping it will help him reach climax already. And it did! "Ohhhhh..... No.... Stop.... You'll.... Make...... Me....... Cum........ffffhhhhgggggrrrr......" And I felt explosive torrents of cum rushing through my mouth towards my throat. I tried swallow as much as I could but there was just too much. His arms ballooned with even more mass, each bicep was now way bigger than my head. His pecs where as big as beach balls, strong and powerful. His shoulders kept growing and getting farther away from each other. His huge back spreading wider and wider. His shorts completely ripped by the pressure from his growing gigantic quads. He looked ecstatic during that orgasm, as if it were the most intense orgasm in history. He needed a few minutes to catch his breath, all warm and sweaty. He must weigh at least 400lbs by now and I also a few inches taller. I crawled to his monstrous chest and wanted to kiss him but had to bend my head over as his pecs kept pushing forward, I started kissing him with so much passion he could only kiss me back though not as passionate since he was still tired. That kiss felt amazing! Better then any chick I've ever kissed. I was glad he didn't fight that kiss. I felt so horney I pulled away from his mouth and went back to his cock which was still rock hard and full of his cum and my saliva and place my ass right on top of it. It easily fell down all the way on his pelvis and it was a little painful but only for a few second and turned to an AMAZING sensation of extreme pleasure I never thought anyone could feel while Todd let such a loud roar I thought he might break the windows. I placed my hands on his pecs and started bouncing up and down on Todd without letting go of his cock, keeping it inside me. Todd managed to raise his upper body a little bit. His eyes were rolling and he couldn't stop smiling with his tongue out but still tried to tell me I should stop. "I can't stop it Todd, it feels amazing!" I teased him. He tried to reach me with his hand but failed. I kept bouncing faster and faster trying to force him into another orgasm. I was curious to see how another growth spurt would change him. "Ohhh...... Must...... Not...... Cum....." Damn it was he still fighting it?! "Just cum Todd, you'll feel better, trust me just go with it" I teased him. "No........ Can't........" That anal stimulation was beginning to be to much for me to handle and I felt like my cock is about to cum hard even though I wasn't even touching it. "Oh shit you're getting me close Todd! You're gonna make me cum!!" That was my biggest explosion ever! I felt an intense electric charge of extreme pleasure running like wild all over my body! It left me paralyzed. Todd stopped moaning and started grunting harder and harder like a powerlifter trying to lift an impossible weight, until it turned into a loud roar. It then appeared that the contraction of my anal muscles on Todd's cock actually forced him to explode inside my ass. It felt beautiful. Rivers of his warm and powerful cum were filling my ass until they pushed me out of Todd's cock leaving me on his torso. As my own orgasm was fading, I could notice how his third orgasm caused yet another growth spurt. Inflating all of his muscles simultaneously with more muscle mass. He also looked like he was more almost 8 feet tall. After a moment of me resting on his large torso and letting him catch his breath, I noticed his face got all red and looked pretty angry, with what looked like hot steam coming out of his nose. "Are you okay Todd?" I asked, being a little scared now. He didn't say anything, just looked angry and suddenly full of energy. He just grabbed me and got off the bed, he was almost two feet taller then me now. He's angry face suddenly changed into a smile and he started kissing me with so much passion I quickly got hard again! He place me on his cock and said: "thanks Ryan, you were right, I really needed it, I feel so much better now that I let the pressure out! I had no idea your ass on my cock would feel so perfect, it feels amazing!" "You see I told you..." I had nothing better to say.... He started bouncing my on his cock up and down and we kissed. We then noticed his head was getting farther away from me as he was getting much taller now that he stopped resisting growing, but we just laughed about it and I started sucking his nipples, it was driving Todd wild making him fuck me faster and harder now as he was moaning happily. A strange sound made us both stop for a moment and wonder what it was about as I looked up and said "look above you Todd", he was growing so tall his head now reached the ceiling but we both laughed about it. I knew that time was almost up before his growth completely stops and wanted him to go through one last growth spurt. I said "let's get back on the bed". He placed me on my back, lifted my legs up and started fucking me. Slowly at first and then went faster and harder.... And harder.... And then even faster! I felt like a train was being charged at me! I wanted to tell him to slow down a little but he couldn't hear me. Suddenly he said "oh fuck Ryan I can't stop!" I couldn't pay attention as I was reaching climax and exploded with an orgasm way stronger then before! I guess my post orgasm contraction did the trick again as he was grunting now like a mad man and was about to roar like the hulk again "HOLY FUCK KKKKKKKGGGGG!!!!!!!" with a blast of rivers of cum that push me forward like before, and an explosive orgasm that inflated him one last time as I saw his whole body expanding in all directions, covering more and more light in the room. He then gently push me out of my king size bed, collapsed on it, rolled on his back and placed my on top of his torso. We both need some good rest now. He kissed me and said he was sorry for being a little aggressive. I just smiled and kissed him. "You know what? I think I'm going to like being 11" 700lbs. We couldn't stop touching each other. He ended up spending the week end at my place. We're best friends now, he comes over every time my parents are out of town and I often tell my parents I go sleep over at friends' houses. Only in the university we pretend not to be friends.
  20. A quick little Valentine's themed story I put together to go along with [this pic done by anglekindle. ] --------------------------------------------------------- It was shaping up to be yet another dull Valentine’s Day for Patrick. Patrick was in one hell of a foul mood, and it didn’t help matters that everywhere he looked he saw lots of lovebirds cuddling and swooning all over each other. Even Patrick’s friends were making matters worse. They were all out yukking it up (with a capital F) with their significant others leaving Patrick alone to think about how annoying this holiday really was. Unbeknownst to Patrick but knownst to us, Eros’ newest apprentice was ready to begin his first day on the job. He was ready to do the Cupid name proud. All he needed to do was finish mixing up a batch of Eros Incorporated’s most famous draught of Love Potion 69. One drop of that sucker in your bloodstream would make a man immediately smitten with the next person they saw. It was the perfect method of matchmaking! “Let’s see… A sprig of rosemary. Some thyme extract. A scoop of avocado for flavor aaannndd….” Flynn narrated as he mixed the ingredients into the cauldron. “A drop of the good stuff!” He exclaimed as he tilted the bright pink bottle to drip in some virility serum into the mix. A large percentage of love at first sight came down to sexual attraction so in order to really make the love serum work, the Eros employees always made sure to spike their love potions with a healthy dose of aphrodisiac, and Flynn’s concoction was no different… or was it. “Hmm… If a drop makes them fall in love, I bet a bunch will make them REALLY fall in love.” Flynn mused out loud. He upended the bottle and poured every last drop of the virility draught right into the cauldron. The mellow purple potion quickly began to bubble and froth. The color steadily shifted to brighter and brighter shades of pink until the cauldron bubbled over with magenta foam. “Huh. That’s new.” Flynn mused out loud, but he didn’t think much of it. After all, one can never have too much love, and it wasn’t like he had enough time to make a new batch. The alarm was already blaring to indicate that it was his turn to take to the skies. Flynn doused his arrows in foamy pink potion, grabbed his bow, and hauled ass for the horizon. It didn’t take Flynn long to find his first target. He’d recognized that sour grimace anywhere. This was one sourpuss who was sorely in need of a little romance. Flynn floated down low, took aim, and let his arrow fly true. Flynn watched to see if his arrow found its mark, and find its mark it did! The heart shaped arrowhead planted itself right into the dude’s denim clad keister. “Jesus Christ!” Patrick shouted. He leapt into the air and grabbed his rear in pain. He quickly found the source of his pain. An arrow! A solid, wooden archery arrow planted right in his ass! “Help! I’ve been shot! Medic! Is there a doctor in the house!?” He cried. “Well… that’s new.” Flynn mused out loud. He floated down to the ground to check on his mark. Patrick was roaring and flailing and grabbing his ass and just all in all making quite a scene. He had attracted quite the crowd of onlookers who stared on and scratched their heads. As far as they could tell there was nothing physically wrong with the guy. “Ok. Just hold still. I’m gonna…” Flynn instructed as he reached down to grasp the shaft of the arrow. The guy didn’t seem to be listening though. He seemed more interested in grabbing his ass than he was in being cooperative, but that made sense. Normal people shouldn’t even be able to see or hear the agents of Eros let alone communicate with them. “Aaaannnnd. Out we go!” Flynn said as he yanked the arrow out from his target. Patrick shouted again and spun around to face his assailant. “You!? You shot me!” He yelped. “Uh. Yeah? It’s my job.” Flynn replied casually. He quickly began to wise up that something was wrong though. “Waaaait a second. You shouldn’t be able to see me.” He said. “Of course I can see you, and I’ll see you again in court!” Patrick shouted. “Woah, woah, woah. Slow your roll, Holmes. In court? It’s against company policy to do any courting on the clock. You’ll have to wait at least another six hours for that.” Flynn replied. “You… what? No! I meant I’m going to call the cops on you for shooting me!” Patrick snarled back. “Ok. First off, when you say I ‘shot you’ it sounds really bad. I hit you with an arrow. Totally not the same thing.” Flynn replied. “How is it different?” Patrick asked. “Well for starters there’s no harm done. Your booty is fine, and your clothes don’t even have a tear in them. You shouldn’t of even felt anything at all.” Flynn explained. “What do you mean? I was shot. I’ll show you-“ Patrick began to say. He turned around as best as he could to give Flynn a good look at his ass, but there was something strange. As Patrick stared over his shoulder at his own ass he realized that Flynn was right. There was no blood. There wasn’t even a tear. If anything his booty looked better than ever. Patrick never remembered his ass filling out his pants this well before. His booty looked downright beefy. “See? No harm done.” Flynn explained. “Um… huh…” Patrick mused out loud. He was more confused than anything, but he had to admit that Flynn was right, and there was something else too. Patrick was starting to feel pretty good. REALLY good actually. The blood was rushing to his cock, and his muscles felt kinda of sore and stiff as if he had just finished a tough set at the gym. Patrick had never been much of a gym goer because of the pain and effort that went into it, but this actually felt nice. He could get used to this feeling. “So. No hard feelings?” Flynn asked. That snapped Patrick from his reverie. Patrick turned to face the Eros employee and got a good look at him for the first time. The dude was pretty cute; curly blond hair; lean, toned, shredded bod; a small toga that barely covered his crotch and left half of his lithe chest on display; and an adorable pair of angel wings on his back. The dude looked just like a classical painting come to life. “Yeah. Sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.” Patrick replied awkwardly. He blushed slightly and worked up the nerve to murmur a more in-depth apology. “It’s just been a hell of a day, and that was it was just kind of the final straw when you shot-“ “Hit you with an arrow” Flynn corrected. “Right. When you did the thing. Sorry again. That was uncalled for.” Patrick replied. “No hard feelings.” Flynn responded. He beamed a bright, toothy smile and held his hand out for a handshake. Patrick began to reach out to return the shake when something odd happened. Patrick’s sleeve shredded as his bicep flexed right through the fabric. This was extra surprising given that he had never really had a bicep before. He had always been kinda average in that regard. Patrick quickly began to realize that it wasn’t just his arms that were pressing against the fabric of his clothes. His entire outfit was feeling a little cramped. His chest pressed so hard against the front of his shirt that the top button threatened to pop clean off! His ass strained against the back of his slacks. His cock pressed hard – rock hard – against his fly. His quads bulged out and stretched the legs of his slacks to their limits. There was no doubt about it. Patrick was now jacked! He was so bulky that he looked like a full-time gym rat, and he could tell that he was still growing. “Oh. Now that’s new.” Flynn murmured as he watched Patrick steadily outgrow his clothes. The buttons popped off of Patrick’s shirt – first the top one, then the second one, all the way down to the fifth button which rested right below his now meaty pecs. The rest of the buttons of his shirt were holding, but not for long at the rate he was growing. His swelling abs were straining against the front and his growing Adonis belt pressed against the sides. Patrick’s slacks weren’t fairing much better. The seams along the sides of his slacks were popping and fraying as his thick, meaty quads grew too thick for the skinny little pant-legs to handle. The back of his pants burst open with a deafening “RRRIIIIIPPPP!” as his ass became simply too meaty for his slack to handle, but perhaps what was most shocking was the way the zipper on his fly pulled apart to make room for his rapidly swelling cock! Patrick watched in awe as his dick grew and grew. His rock hard erection rose steadily higher. The thick rigid shaft grew steadily thicker. Soon his throbbing boner stood so tall that it slapped against his belly button. The shaft was so thick that even with the fly all the way open the teeth of the zipper rubbed irritatingly against the sides of his dick. His nuts had grown so huge and pleasantly full of spunk that they were already the size of softballs and threatened to spill out of his slacks at any second. “Yeah. That’s new.” Flynn remarked as he watched Patrick grow larger and larger. Patrick was growing so huge so fast that his clothes had been reduced to tatters. The few remnants and ribbons that remains clunk awkwardly to Patrick’s swelling muscles. His pecs were the size of bed pillows. Each individual abdominal muscle was the size of a football. His quads were thick as oak trees. His traps bulged out like speedbumps in a parking lot. His biceps were the size of basketballs, and his lats flared out like wings that put Flynn’s cherubic flappers to shame. Patrick was simply massive, and yet all that muscular girth paled in comparison to the size of his enormous dong. Patrick’s cock was now taller than he was! His cock was far too huge and heavy to stand up straight. Instead the weight of it had caused it to jut straight out in front of him until it was so thick that the puffy ridge along the bottom now rested solidly on the ground. The spongy, pre-oozing head of his massive cock was as big as a VW Beetle. It was so thick that it even put Patrick’s muscular, meaty, barrel chest to shame. Thick veins the size of coaxial cables crisscrossed the length of his rigid boner, and his nuts were the size of sofas and now rested behind him leaving Patrick straddling his schlong like a jockey on a Clydesdale. “Ohhh. So maybe that’s why they call it ‘the hyper potion’.” Flynn mused out loud as he inspected the aftermath of his arrow. “Hey. So uh… I’m gonna flit back to base camp and get an antidote. Just uh, don’t go anywhere, ok?” Flynn uttered an awkward apology, but before he could dart off, Patrick had something to say to him. “Er… Actually, I’m ok with this.” Patrick replied. “Uh… Are you sure? I mean I can fly right back. It’ll just take a –“ Flynn tried to say. “I’m OK with this!” Patrick insisted. “Well… if you’re sure then…” Flynn muttered uncertainly as he began to slowly back away. “Wait!” Patrick called out suddenly. Flynn stopped dead in his tracks. He was sure that Patrick was going to ask for the antidote, but instead… “You… wouldn’t happen to have another arrow, would you?” Patrick asked impishly.
  21. So this is kind of the official start. https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7016-a-supers-secret/'>The prologue (click this sentence!) isn't TOO important, but can shed some light on Evan's backstory. The story's segments have titles to them that relate to the upcoming part and act as a way to break up segments (time skips). Let me know what you think about the story or just point out weird parts/errors! Be as honest as you want. My super power is being able to take criticism. :^) ***An Underwhelming Beginning*** I stood there in nothing but a pair of white compression shorts. I was trying my best to appear confident, but my heated red face was not helping. Maybe it was done that way just to make me quickly choose a costume and get out of the science gal's hair. Well she's more of a PR lady with a degree somewhere in the science field and one in the magic field. Which was funny, because the line between magic and science became blurrier as technology advanced... Talk about a hard set of degrees to keep track of. "So I had a few concepts digitized up for you. The main part will obviously be a power suit. Otherwise known as this thing." She pushed a few buttons and brought up a 3D model of some tight jumpsuit. I could only cringe. “Put it on so we can decide what to do for the personal flare.” "Kay-la...” I cleared my the lump from my throat to speak clearly. “Why does that have to be the main part?" "Your powers. They decide what part will be the best. This is a very durable and flexible jumpsuit with several helpful features, hence why it's called a Power Suit. A-doy." Oh. How professional. As I put on the suit, I found myself doubting my initial feelings about the costume. It perfectly conformed to my body without smothering me and even the raised collar covering my neck wasn't restricting. The bottom section wasn't revealing despite the snugness around my legs. The top actually highlighted my musculature and gave me a shapelier upper body. More importantly, the freakishness of my muscles were hidden. The suit wasn't just flat boring tight material. It had some raised segments, particularly the shoulders, forearms, calves, waist, and up the middle of my torso. It made it look like a stitched together ensemble, not just a jumpsuit. “OK, nice. So you can look through the database here to find things for the flare.” She moused over some tabs and a cute cat video came up. “Um... Uh...” She hastily pulled up the right tab. “No cats were seen. Got it?” “Nyah~ cats here, ma'am.” I chuckled as her face said did you really say that. “Wait. Cats. There's no cat-themed Super, right?” “You're going too far with this joke. I will-” “No. I'm serious. Cat-me, woman!” She just rolled her eyes, then scrolled through the database to fulfill my request. Instead of watching her, I turned to the nearby mirror. Damn I looked good with the suit on. I was beginning to like my body a bit. I flexed a few times, smirking as my muscles and suit worked together to put on a show. Oddly enough, my flexes appeared less comical and more... Intimidating, I suppose? My face was handsome, but when my fighting stance was set I looked like a cut warrior. Perhaps I was like most Supers. “I just need the suit to make the final modifications.” Kayla poked the back of my head. “Make out with yourself later.” Kayla scurried off with my suit, leaving me alone with myself and the mirror. I didn't feel that great anymore. I knew the suit was going to be a self-esteem crutch. Maybe I could come to love myself as time went on. But until then, my Super Identity would be my second skin. A few moments passed and Kayla came back with the modified suit. I carefully put on the suit, mask, and headband. Mirror time again! “Hmph. This actually looks cooler than I thought. This kinda reminds me of that white cat my folks had. I think it was... An Abyssinian? Oh, that works. Abyss the Super. Super cool, am I right? I am a cat-genius. I just made your job super easy.” Truth be told, I didn't care about my identiy much. I liked cats and rolled with it. It's also thanks to cats that I got into gymnastics, mostly because their antics were fasinating when I was a kid... I may or may not have thrown a few cats around to study their anti-gravity tricks. “Adding cat in front of everything totally doesn't work. Please don't do that when talking to the public. Anyway, yeah, everything you're wearing has a nice blend of advanced technology and a little bit of magic. We're still haven't fully grasped magic, but I personally think we've made great strides with our current tech. The mask and headband-ears are all one piece. Your suit is a giant one piece, but you can detach the gloves and boots if need be. Here's a CaID with all you need to know about your suit. It's pretty straight forward to use, like a cellphone with a holographic screen.” A blend of science and magic sounded cool, that's for sure. I reach for the phone and Kayla pointed to my side. I shifted sideways, noticing there was a holster for my CaID and the belt was actually a tail. Well, it's a flat backwards belt with the extra flack just dangling behind me. All the features worked nicely to be cat-like without being unbearably cute. I was definitely a kitty now, or rather, a silvery-white cat man. My green eyes and brown hair contrasted nicely with the suit's brilliantly white default. “Not bad. It started as a joke and now we're here. This thing is getting cooler the more I look a-” “Are you a fuckin' cat?” Felix's voice made me glow red. No. Not cool anymore. Not when guys like Felix looked at me. It's like I'm in highschool and I'm trying to impress the cool kids. “Why am I seein' this shit, Kayla?” “But Felix and Catman, I mean Abyss, seems like a perfect pair. You'll be partners until further notice.” Kayla stated. “Mainly for publicity reasons since Felix gets tons of attention and you're new. We need to let the world know that although Hellrick fell a while ago, we are not short on Supers. You can also learn the ropes from a vet like Felix. Leave me alone and go to the location marked on the CaID's map. That's from the higher ups, not just me. Toodle-loo, kitties.” “What?” “What?!” ***Bleu Divinté Is Not A Dressing*** I was literally in Felix's shadow as we walked through the city. People cleared the way as Felix casually strolled across the pavement. He surely got everyone's attention. Some attention was directed my way too, mostly confused stares and double-takes. Sure enough, pictures were taken and sent to the data cesspool known as the Internet. Why have a press conference when I could just casually get a free ride on Felix's popularity? He's the only Super who didn't have a secret identity. That made him media-bait wherever he goes. “Here we are, stop being a little pussy and stand up straight. You're a fuckin' Super. Act like it.” “Heh, cat jokes! My look is totally growing on you, isn't it?” “What?” So he didn't realize his choice of words were actu-... I was not surprised. As we closed in on our destination, it became clear that we were going to the museum. I should have expected that given the location and that day's event. Guard duty seemed simple enough for my first public outing as a Super. “Hello, Felix. I am the museum director, Wendy Teal.” The woman's tone alone was far more professional than Kayla's entire demeanor. She gestured inside and we matched her pace. Felix's heavy footsteps drowned out most sounds, so I had to pay extra close attention. “The details are all over the news, so I am sure you know why you are here.” “I don't keep up with the news, lady.” “She's talking about Bleu Divinté. It's a-” “Is that a salad dressin'?” “Who said that?” She spun around with a look of confusion. She steps sideways twice and noticed Felix's hulking body was concealing me. Of course I was not intentionally hiding from her... I think. “You're the other Super?” “Yep. E- Abyss is the name, fighting crime and chasing elusive red dots is my-.” Felix clutched my arm, glaring and scowling to fully convey his feelings towards me at that moment. He's not wrong to be mad. I was more quirky compared to my old self. The best way to deal with my situation was to fake it until I made it. Meanwhile, the professional woman lightly giggled, chuckled, then let it all snowball into bent over laughter. She went on for a couple of seconds, leaving us to wait until she was done. “Really though?!” She wiped away tears, “That was the worst introduction I have ever heard. It was so awful that it was spectacular. You have got a fan already, kitty-cat.” “Seriously?” “Seriously?!” “Seriously.” She straightened her outfit as she eerily reverted back to her professionalism without a proper emotional transition. I wished I could swipe over to the next emotion like that. “This is perfect, actually. I bet you are far stealthier than Felix. You can be on the skywalk above the exhibit as a hidden guard of sorts.” “So it's a catwalk?” She snickered, “Yes. Yes it is. As for you, Felix... I have a lovely array of formal attire for you to choose from. You will be patrolling the first floor. If anyone is going to try anything, the first thing they will see is you. And quite frankly, I think any normal criminal would not try to go through you just to get a measly atleastone00millionupto300milliondollars.” “I fuckin' hate everythin' right now.” He mumbled and whined. “Bad cat jokes and we're guardin' salad dressin' or some shit.” ***A Tale Of Two Felixs*** Between changing my suit black and the intense spot lighting, I could easily blend in with the darkness engulfing the catwalk. Everything was perfect, if another Super was in his place, the museum-goers would probably be more interested in them than the Bleu Divinté display. The swarming attention would be a distraction for the Super, making it easier to get a head start on any heist before the Super can safely react. Felix on the other hand was a person-repellent. Sure people stared at him, but not for long. Me on the other hand? I was finding myself staring at him, the exhibit, him, the exhibit, him, him, him... And then the exhibit. Felix appeared to be an entirely different man with formal attire on. It was hard for my mind to register. “Which are you admiring? The exhibit or the Latino hunk?” “Yeh-eeee!” I slammed my back against the catwalk's railing. I could see a few people look around in confusion from down below before I turned my attention to the voice. It was an amazingly bulky guard. “Oh.” “You sure are a scaredy-cat.” The guard smiles, offering to help me up. He filled out his uniform nicely and was no stranger to the gym. He stood a couple of inches taller than me and was most certainly wider than me. “I'm in charge of patrolling the second floor of the museum. I, er, heard there was a new Super up here. I just wanted to see. Heheh, you sure are a cutie.” “Oh, ehem, yeah. I'm a Super.” I wanted to be cool, not cute. I held out my hand and spoke in a deeper tone. “Abyss' the name.” “I'm Felix.” He shook my hand, then backed up to perform a most muscular pose. His pecs nearly caused the buttons of his shirt to fly off and I could hear his thick biceps making the sleeves cry. The odd thing was, he could easily pass for Felix's brother. “As you might have guessed, Felix is my favorite Super.” “You share the same name and hobbies, it seems.” I crossed my arms and tilted my head, “Though something tells me you're far more responsible than him if you have this job... Probably.” “Probably indeed.” He nods. “So what's your power? Do you transform into, like, a beastman or something?” “Flexibility and super strength. Today's my first day out here. They're going to announce all the fun details later.” “Uh... Super strength?” I imitated his flex and my muscles nearly matched his in size. The guard was taken aback as his mouth fell open. I don't blame him, considering my muscles temporarily doubled in size. I couldn't help but laugh. “Pff-sorry! Sorry.” “OK! I believe you now! Your arm was all, like, boom!” He adjusted his hat... And pants. “I thought you were just a nice little kitty, but you're probably a scary tiger when your claws are out. I'll make sure not to commit any crimes. Unless it's stealing your heart. Yeeeah?” “Don't worry. It's right where I left it.” I pat my chest a few times and smirked. My uniquely dense muscles made it apparent my body was a weapon with each deep thump. “I'll work on my fabulous charming skills and get you next time. You'll rue the day you met me!” He waved as he exited the scene. Either he was legitimately crushing on me or he was a great, albeit overly-dramatic, actor. I crossed my arms and shook my head. What a character. A dumb character. I positioned myself over the most expensive part of the exhibit, the Bleu Divinté Crown, and used my CaID to pull up a list of the museum's workers. As expected, Guard Felix was not on the list at all. I called Felix immediately. “Apparently the cat's out of the bag. A guard named Felix knows I'm up here. Except the only Felix working here is technically you. Too suspicious, right?” “Hmph. You sure? You only had two weeks of trainin' so far. You could be wrong.” “Hey, I know I'm a rookie but I'm not dumb!” I hiss. “I know. I was just makin' sure you had confidence in your findin's.” Oh wow, I sure got schooled there. I bet he was waiting for me to spot something to confirm his suspicions of someone scouting the area. I was hoping that the knowledge of my powers would deter Faux-Felix or whoever he's working with from committing a felony. I just hoped it was enough. ***Catastrophe In The Museum*** The entire time Felix was purposefully making people uncomfortable. Just a simple look did the trick. It was his way to subtly get people out of there before the crap hit the fan. Time passed and the crowd thinned out, meaning if something did happen there would be less civilians in harm's way. That's when I saw Faux-Felix make a secondentrance nearly an hour after his first appearance. He looked upwards and put his finger to his lips, thought I doubt he could see where I specifically was. He pointed to the main entrance and signed for me to signal Felix. “Felix, the entryway... I think we should start clearing it.” Felix didn't respond, choosing to just work his magic and get people away from the entrance. All he did was stand there with his arms crossed, making the Museum patrons turn down other hallways. The ones in the room chose to leave the same way where Faux-Felix popped out. Was this just an elaborate joke to make us look like fools? Only time would tell, and quite frankly, time seemed impatient... Loud thuds and screams indicated something was barreling down the hallway. I could see Felix push people away before a giant man crashed right into him. Felix almost lost is footing as he tried his best to stand his ground. His power made him hard to move around and practically impossible to kill. Yet the hulking brown behemoth managed to make Felix skid backwards anyway. People scattered quickly, but the behemoth caught two civilians anyway. He wrapped his humongous arms around them and they passed out almost instantly, although it didn't seem like he was applying much pressure. I never seen the guy before, but apparently Felix did. “It's the asshole who crushed my truck!” “WAHAHAHAHAAA YEP! WANNA SEE ME CRUSH THESE WIMPS TOO?!” His violent baritone voice cut through the room. He was gigantic, almost 7 feet tall from my point of view. His arms were slightly coiled around the civilians, yet it was apparent he was just a jolt away from crushing them. So much muscle was on his frame that it seemed impossible for him to even exist. Based on his attire, he appeared to be an army man. His skin was coffee brown and his intense brown eyes pierced through the darkness to spot me. He smirks and throws the civilians at Felix. Felix catches them and tosses them over his shoulder, getting them to safety quickly. “Take the crown too, Felix!” I say, making sure to get both the civilians and the villain's target away from him ASAP. “Here kitty kitty kitty. I see you!” He punches the marble floor, causing it to shatter and fly upward. Some of the debris hits the catwalk, causing it to shake. I hop down, performing a double twist and sticking the landing. “So scary... WAHAHAHUUH! YEAH RIGHT! I'LL CRUSH YOU, YOU STUPID CAT, AND THEN MAKE MILLIONS AFTER!” “It's just us. The crown's gone. You're done here.” “You. Idiot.” His tone goes from bumbling villain to deadly monster. “I want to be the strongest. I want to be a God. So killing a super kitty... Then Felix the immortal... BWAHAH-HAAAH! IT GETS MY BLOOD BOILING! EVERYONE WILL WORSHIP AND FEAR THE ALMIGHTY ALDRIC! ” He winds up his arm and recklessly thrusts it in my direction. I skillfully dodge his attack, placing my hands on his arm to thrust myself upward. I flip, using my tail to latch on the leaning catwalk to halt my upward momentum. The feeling of his vascular arm still clings to my hands. I could feel them pulsing... It was unsettling. Aldric jumps, attempting to grab me and failing as I dodge yet again. He brings down the entire catwalk. With a sadistic grin he uses the broken catwalk as projectiles, causing me to evade them while still keeping the artwork safe. Finally one of them hits me and he cackles briefly, only to see I caught the metallic mass before it ruined a priceless bust of delicate lapiz lazuli. I let the metallic mass fall to the ground and twirl my tail as a way to taunt him. “Phew, close one! Can we stop playing cat and mouse? You should just come at me... Or are you a scaredy-cat?” “GRAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Aldric pulls out a syringe and injects it into his neck before busting out into a sinister cackle. His cackles deepened, almost as if he were transforming into a delirious demon. His muscles flexed and pulsed, changing him immediately before my eyes. It was almost like seeing what happened to me two weeks ago, but to someone who was already enormous. I took my chance and charged at him, aiming for his legs to take him down. As I charged, his legs thickened with muscles, destroying his pants in the process. The muscles were crammed together to the point where it looked like he had one monstrous tree trunk of a leg. Aldric swatted me away with ease. His footsteps cracked the marble below him. His shirt ripped into shreds as his bulging torso exploded through the fabric. Even though he stood over me, all I could see was a huge mound of fleshy meat hanging far above me. He laughs as he takes advantage of the situation. He drops himself on me, pinning me down with his growing bulk and overwhelming power. I could feel the marble shatter beneath me, digging into my skin. Despite the sound of the room cracking and creaking around us, I could audibly hear the growth of his body as it bloated. Deep sounds of satisfaction echoed throughout him. The growth looked painful, yet he clearly seemed to enjoy the power it was bestowing upon him. “THAT'S ALL?! REALLY?! PATHETIC KITTY CAN'T EVEN FIGHT BACK?!” He grunts as he applies more pressure. Aldric's stance widens over me, freeing my lower body as a look of confusion crossed his face. His still-growing bulk was removing any form of flexibility he had. Giving me just the right amount of leverage to fight back. I used my legs to lift his body upwards, although he tried his best to keep me pinned down with his hands. I flipped him over and wound up on top, maneuvering my legs around his mountainous traps and delts. Like a tenacious crab, my claws legs clamped down and refused to let go. He struggled against the might of my legs, but the monstrous size of his upper torso and arms pushed against each other. It was physically impossible for him to pry me off him at that point. Aldric tried his best to scramble to his feet, nearly falling over as he gets up a few times. He frantically tries his hardest to crush me between his back and any surface near him. Soon his pace slowed down as he ran out of air, but even worse, ran out of space for his body to move. He was practically waddling before he was forced to give up. He falls unconscious, smashing more of the marble floor below us to bits. I step back, seeing how the once enormous man was a pile of immobile flesh and muscle. His muscles misshaped, huge, and seemingly squirming beneath his glistening brown skin. I flipped him over and placed separate paralyzer cuffs on him, since there'd be no way to use one set. His body was sprawled out like a giant T-X combination. His muscles simply wouldn't let his body return to a resting position. “Shit! That was quick.” I hear Felix from behind me. He crossed his arms, showing off his glorious pecs and biceps. “Um... Felix... Why are you in nothing but boxer briefs?” “Fight in a suit? Yeah right.” He shrugs as he walks up to me and pets me. “Good kitty.” “S-stop!” I stammer as I swat away his hand. I look back at the man lying on the floor, his body still pulsating. It was eerie, yet mesmerizing. That's when I feel Felix's hands on my shoulder. “Your back is bloody! Are you OK?” “I'm fine Felix. You woo-rr-yyy toooo...” ***Good Or Bad*** I woke up somewhere engulfed in a loud commotion. I swear I could hear Felix's voice discuss something and then Hana. When I fully came to, I noticed I was inside some vehicle. An ambulance, perhaps? “See? He's fine! His first adrenaline rush just got to him is all.” “You may be right. For once.” She turns her attention to me, “I was a little worried. I think the pain just caught up to you is all.” “Idiot! I thought you trained? You have to focus on strengthenin' your skin! Or else shit like this happens.” “Rookie's mistake? Eheheh...” I tried to play it off as no big deal. I looked over and noticed Hana was actually Madam Butterfly right now. Her outfit was something similar to a purple monarch butterfly's design with a very elaborate skirt and some furry trim on the top. “You should be working. Don't worry about me.” “You're right.” She stood up and exited the ambulance. Before leaving she turned around, “You did great, Abyss. I hope to work with you in the future.” “You better watch out. Cats like to swat at pretty little butterflies like you.” WHY DID I SAY THAT? Still, Hana laughed as she closed the door to give me some privacy. There was a moment of awkward silence before Felix decided to rustle my hair/cat ears again. “The best fightin' cat around.” “Stop that!” I gasp, “Eeeey, the cat thing's rubbing off on you, right?” “Not really. I still can't believe you're a fuckin' cat. Anyway, never fight by yourself again, got it? I hate missin' out on the action.” “I'll be sure to leave some ass for you to kick next time.” “Now you're learnin'.” Felix laughed as he slapped my back. I cringed and he awkwardly reacted, giving my shoulder two pats before pulling back. He looked away and grunted while I sighed and shook my head. I knew it was only late afternoon, but it felt like the day was already over. It was extremely unsatisfying. I mean, sure, I saved the day and brought down a villain. I was super awesome on my first day. I feel like being a Super has made me more confident, if not a bit too cocky. So maybe it was satisfying enough. But what was Aldric's deal? Who was that Faux-Felix fellow? Or better yet, who made that dangerous serum? Perhaps time would tell. As my folks taught me, it's not wise to dwell on questions that clearly can't be answered. Not until there's some facts to go on, anyway. “So. Felix. Clothing actually exists, y'know?”
  22. Sean was seated on the concrete bench, arms and legs akimbo. So pumped was he not only was he unable to move his arms anymore, he could scarcely stand. His 5 acolytes cut and peeled off his sweat shirt and training trunks carefully. Sean was so bloated with a supernatural uberpump, his enormous size XXXXL size garments were like tourniquets on his vast, be-veined hypermuscular body, and could not be removed save by cutting. It is apparent now that Sean is a highly specialized machine, like a Formula 1 racer designed solely to go from zero to 250 kmh in 10 seconds. Like a Formula 1 racing car which requires a whole team of engineers in attendance, Sean required his own team of helpers in his most basic biological tasks because of his far-far-gone-beyond uber-human scale. Sean is literally so muscle-bound he can no longer handle normal day to day living chores of a normally-proportioned human-being. Sean led a special life, served by special acolytes, ate a strict and special diet, built his body according to a special program, all in a ruthless and utterly devoted, religion-like dedication to muscular hyptertrophy. He was as far removed from `'normal'' humanity as a Ferrari Formula 1 racer was different from your common garden variety Honda Accord or Ford Taurus. Sean was now stripped naked. An amazing sight greets his 5 acolytes. A vaguely humanoid shape assaulted the eyes. Sean made the Hulk looked like an anorexic Miss Universe. Other than having a clearly discernible head, Sean was a monstrous mass of marble-hewn muscles, bowling balls and cantaloupes wrapped in human skin. Every part visible of Sean was grotesquely bloated muscles abutting on other distended muscles, everywhere on Sean's body snaked vascularity which looked like a city's water pipe map gone mad. In his post-work- out, superpumped state, his arms looked like the rear legs of a prize bull inflated with helium. He was also more or less totally helpless now, literally muscle-bound in his hyper-mascularity, his massive tree trunk like chest heaving up and down majestically in post- workout panting. Sean was an artwork-in-progress, the result of almost a decade of maniacal devotion to packing on as much muscles as training, nutrition, genetics, and mania-like-dedication could pack. It was Sean's intention to transcend humanity through muscle- building. It was an understatement to say he looked like a young god. His acolytes began to spray warm water over Sean with a shower- sprayer to wash away his sweat, which was streaming across and down his massive musculature like river flowing down the curving landscape of Earth. Sean grunted in satisfaction. His attendants began to lovingly lather shower foam all over Sean's massive tortured frame with sponges, washing away his fatigue and the stench of sweat. Sean was soon coated in a shiny layer of bubbles, his massive boulder-like muscles as shiny and gleaming as the wax job on a Mercedes 500 CLK fresh off the production line in Stuttgart. Sean's appearance was so intensely erotic – he was the male, muscular version of Venus! – his five acolytes soon sported involuntary hard-on's as intense as steel pipes, and Sean smiled at the sight of his usual effect on men. Sean was intensely proud of his physique – as a result of the decade-long inhuman dedication to muscle-building, Sean knew he had this effect on males of every persuasion, be they straight or gay. Sean was the god in Sex God. Sean caught sight of himself in the showerroom mirror, attended and fussed over by his five acolytes (all of whom had intense iron-like erection), as if they were engineers lovingly tuning, washing and waxing a sports car. The very sight turned him on too, and his monster-dick began to twitch and swell. Sean's acolytes began to towel him dry. He was so tickled by the feeling of being toweled off his monster-dick began to swell and twitch in rhythm with his heartbeat. From a limp `'small'' 13- inches, his sausage began to swell, twitch, swell, twitch, swell, twitch, swell, twitch, until it was a majestic 22 inches long. For Sean had so much male hormones as a result of his training and diet, even his dick has hypertrophied monstrously through the years. Sean's dick finally swelled to its great, majestic limit. It was actually terrifying to behold. 22 inches from top of the balls to the end of the glands, Sean's penis belonged on a baby male sperm whale, not a human being. Topped with a huge, grapefruit sized, purplish glands, massive veins traced and ran mesmerizingly down the sides of Sean's shaft, surrounding the full mind-blowing 9.5-inch circumference of his dick like hosepipes. It was the size of a fire- extinguisher, and looked the part with its vivid redness. Only that it was Sean's superhuman uber-dick. A huge, heavy, incredibly massive, towering reddish-purple pillar of turgid flesh, somehow comically twitching and jerking in its intense hard-on, in time with Sean's heartbeat. If Sean's massive musclebod was vascular, his dick's veins had veins on them. Mind-blowing and impressive though Sean's dick was, it would slowly dawn on the on-looker the full terrifying extent of Sean's sacrifice in his unceasing quest for super-muscular Godhood. Sean's dick was so big, he can no longer have sex with a fellow human- being. Yessiree, Sean is condemned by his super-development to an eternity of self-gratification or manual gratification by other. No human mouth, vagina or asshole can accommodate Sean anymore than anyone can use a fire-extinguisher up one's bottom. After his dick grew beyond 20 inches, Sean once seriously contemplated using cows or hippopotamus, but was wary of what the ASPCA would do to him. The last time Sean actually fucked a man was when he was 11-yrs old, when his dick was a `'mere'' 16 inches. Since he went beyond 18 inches, he would likely have killed anyone `'lucky' enough to bottom him. Since then, Sean had no choice but be served by the tongues and hands of his acolytes, as they presently began the time-honoured ritual. Lovingly his eldest acolyte began to run his hands and tongue up and down Sean's massive tower of erected flesh. Sean smiled in pleasure. A huge drop of precum began to form at the tip of his monstrous glands, swelling to a big bright jewel-like hemisphere before running down the incredible le-e-e-e-e-ngth of Sean's incredible ubermanhood. Sean began to moan in pleasure. He was a God worshipped by his High Priest. His eldest acolyte, a massively- developed (but clearly human-sized) 22 yr old professional BB, grasped the circumference of the shaft of Sean's dick in both hands and began to rub it down with a moisturizing oil. As if it were possible, Sean's dick reddened even further and swelled even larger. It became an incredible sight, shiny with an oily sheen, huge, throbbing and twitching in time with Sean's heartbeat, Sean's top acolyte, himself a professional BB, could barely put BOTH his hands around Sean's monstrous growth, grasped them and ran them up and down Sean's 22.5 inch long shaft. Up and down he worshipped Sean's monstrosity, grasping it as tightly as he could possibly grasp. Sean gasped and moaned in pleasure. Up and down his grasp went, sliding and slipping on Sean's increasingly copious pre-cum. Sean's precum production is as superhuman as his ubercock was - soon Sean's monstercock was literally streaming with precum, which his top acolyte dutifully spread evenly up and down his ubermanhood as he stroked it. Now, after a while, his acolyte wrapped a towel soaked in oil around Sean's monstrosity and used that instead to stroke it up and down. There is a good reason for this. Sean's monstrosity is not only Godzilla-sized. It is CALLOUSED. Yes, calloused. Sean had to be jerked off at least 8 times a day, sometimes 12 times a day, for his BALLS are also acutely, almost pathologically hyper-developed. Sean's balls were like the sizes of large hand-grenade, and almost just as explosive. Minute to minute, Sean's balls pump out ginormous, inhuman quantities of testosterone into Sean's bloodsteam and jeez into his ballsacs. As a result, Sean ''fills up'' at like 2 hr intervals. If Sean does not relieve himself by jerking off at 2 hourly intervals - like the rest of us relieve ourselves by urination - his erection would become an intensively painful one. Painful to the point of torment, agonizing to the point when Sean cannot think of anything else except sexual relief. The longest Sean could hold off was 3 hours without a hand job. Beyond that his erection would become so intense and bloated he would scream in agony and cum spontaneously like a fire hydrant knocked over by a car. As a result therefore, Sean's poor poor monstrosity of a superdick had to undergo masturbation at a head-shakingly unbelievable 8 times minimum a day, as a consequence thereof it is by now a severely calloused and increasingly INsensitive thing. And no matter how worn out, abused, scarred and abrased it is, Sean HAD to relieve himself time and again due to his ceaseless and constant sperm production! Therefore, Callous built upon scab upon scar upon callous upon scab upon scar until Sean's monstercock was not only baby-spermwhale-size enormous, hard as marble when erect, red as a fire extinguisher and just as large and hard, it is also a severely calloused and relatively unfeeling thing, almost like a pillar of red and purple marble, almost as if its not made of human flesh anymore. Sean's cock actually had a hard and rough, old Rhino-skin leather like surface. If his acolyte continued to rub Sean's cock for any longer, he would suffer bleeding abrasion on his palms!! Which is why after sometime his acolytes had to change to wrapping Sean's hypercock in a coarse-weave burlap towel (bought specially to masturbate Sean) soaked in oil or cream and masturbate him. If a towel of any softer fabric is used, Sean won't feel anything, so hardened and coarse his cock has become! Anyone appreciating this would truly understand why Sean is compared with a Formula 1 racing car - Sean is sooo hypermascular he can be said to be a specialized, post-human statue made out of huge over-developed muscles, veins and cock wrapped in thin human skin (except his cock of course, which is wrapped in THICK, truck-tyre like rubbery skin)! Sean's cock was not figuratively but quite literally a battering ram, huge and hard enough to smash doors open! There was once an incident when the wind blew a door shut on Sean's engorged manhood. SLAM went the door which bounced off Sean's super- cock, caught in the doorway by accident. Sean felt but a small tap what would have emasculated a normal man and landing a mere mortal in the hospital's ER! So hard and strong was Sean's supercock. ''Faster! Harder!'' Sean cried. The veins on his acolyte's arms stood out in angry red snaking lines as he increased his assertions. Up and down, up and down, up and down he sped up his massaging of Sean's pillar of manhood-glory. Sean began to squirm and jerk with the pleasure of the VERY rough cock rub-down. Why can't Sean do this himself? Remember his hyperpump? His arms are so pumped after his training beyond failure, he can no longer reach his gigantic cock himself. Try as Sean did, after his average Arms Day work-out his arms would become so rigidly, solidly super-pressurized with growth-inducing blood, they are not so much human arms as bolsters packed with balloons filled to near-explosion point with helium. Not only are Sean's arms completely shagged out by the training, his bi's and tri's are so rigidly pumped Sean could no longer move them. Which explains the post-training shower jerk off routine by his acolytes. Truly Sean is already a highly specialized creature, a hyper-muscle ''invalid'', a divine muscle- monster who needs the constant, expensive care and attention of what is effectively his rear-palace harem of retainers and courtiers. ''Hey, I am not cumming.'' Sean complained after awhile. ''The towel is too soft!'' This was also a well familiar signal to his devoted acolytes. One of them then took out what they always held in reserve, as Sean's regular specialized equipment of daily living. Sean's special FLESHLIGHT ©. In case you don't know what that is, this is a huge 30 inch long version of the regular Fleshlight, basically a cylinder-like masturbation aid, shaped and proprotioned like a Flashlight (in Sean's case, as large as a small Bazooka to accomodate Sean's monstercock!), into which one inserts one's cock and use it for self- gratification. See www.fleshlight.com. Sean's acolyte carefully primes Sean's special-order, 30-inch long Fleshlight with lubricant, and the privilege was again Sean's eldest and most muscular acolyte to slip it over Sean's 22.5 incher. Sean's Fleshlight was a special custom-job lined with little stud-surfaced STEEL ball-bearings mounted in ball-joints. The entire inside ''business surface'' of Sean's Fleshlight was designed to give Sean's enormous, calloused and desensitized cock as much abrasive friction pleasure as possible without actually removing his cock-skin. Two acolytes held sides of the enormous 30-incher instrument, primed it carefully with viscous motor-oil (experience has shown that Sean does not like normal human sex lubricants! Sean's cock was too hard and unfeeling) and ran it up and down Sean's rock-solid purple-colored ultramanhood. Sean's giiiiinormous onstrosity of a cock became even redder and harder and larger at this treatment, if it were possible. Sean began to grunt, his face began to redden, sweat ran down his freshly-bathed brows, as he slowly approached the ecstatic, volcanic blow-off point, when he relieves himself of the massive quantity of cum now stored in his engorged, agonized balls. ''Hgruuh, hgruuh, hgruuh, hgruuh, hgruuh'' grunted Sean like an animal, bucking his groin in pleasure. ''Schlick schrack Schlick schrack Schlick schrack Schlick schrack Schlick schrack'' his acolytes ran the bazooka-proportioned Fleshlight up and down Sean's red, mascular and coarsened engorged enormity. Sean's attending acolytes are so aroused by the sight of the superhuman being jerked off they themselves were deperately jerking off their own dickies and squirting their cum into the shower drains. ''HALT!'' someone shouted. Everyone turned around. It was Sean's coach! ''Don't let him cum yet!!'' Coach admonished. Sean's acolytes let go of the Fleshlight ©. ''Hey, furgawdsakes what gives, Coach?'' moaned Sean, face red, panting, two enormously pumped arms still immobilized by Sean's own post-training pump. ''I am almost bursting! Lemme cum, please, please PLEEEEZE!! For pity's sake, Coach, I gotta blow! Or else I would really blow up! My balls are a'hurting, Coach!'' At saying this, Sean tried mightly to reach the Fleshlight himself. Ohhh how mightily he struggled!! How he struggled until he was purple in the face, breathless in his exertions, grunting in frustration, but HE CANNOT REACH HIS COCK!!! His arms were still so pumped he was as helpless as a lunatic strapped in a straitjacket! ''Arrrrrggghhhhh!!!'' screamed Sean. ''Ahhh'' said the Coach, holding up a huge 30-incher vacuumpump tube. ''Remember, today we gonna try for 25 inches?'' ''Ohhh no, Coach, I can't stand the pain!'' cried Sean. ''Beyond failure, Sean, beyond failure! You can't achieve greatness by being a wuss!'' scolded the Coach. ''Coach, man, you don't know how it feels, no HUMAN knows how it feels, with such a pressure hose or fire-hydrant where your cock should be, yet you can't leggo! I am all but bursting!! You ever held your piss back for 5 hours, Coach?'' ''Therefore all the more reason we get this over with'' said the Coach, unrelenting monster he was, in his own way. ''If I can't make you a 25-incher to match your 45-incher arms, I am no Coach! You gotta have symmetry, man. Your cock gotta match your arms! You will grow to 25-inches or DIE in the attempt!'' Shouted the coach. `'Ahhhh shucks, OK then, Geddon widdit!'' Sean gave in `'But first you swallow this'' the Coach held out in his hand an assortment of some 20 plus blue, orange and purple pills. `'Whats these?'' asked Sean, anxious to get on with the pump-job, now squirming from the discomfiture as his balls filled to near bursting point. `'Viagra, Livitra and Cialis.'' Said the Coach `'WHAT!!!???"" cried Sean, `'Its not as if my hard-on is not bad enough!!'' `'No guts no glory, boy-o.'' said the Coach. `'We gotta put more blood into the Pillar of Glory! Remember, beyond failure, Sean, beyooooond failure.'' `'No Shit?'' said Sean `'Am I to die from my hard-on?'' `'You WUSS!!'' Cried the Coach! `'What's wrong, little girl? Afraid of a little hard-on?'' `'Alright already, give'em here.'' Sean resigned himself. He opened his mouth and the coach tipped the handful of pills in. The coach then fed Sean some Gatorade to wash down the 20 odd assortment of pills. Within 15 seconds, Sean's superhuman metabolism has already absorbed the virility enhancing pills. Sean's face reddened even further into a darker shade of purple and looked as if he was asphyxiating. `'Arrrghhh! Ouch! OUCH!!'' moaned Sean as his dick grew remorselessly under the effects of the potent cocktail of erection- enhancing medication, tearing apart some of the older, less flexible scars and callouses on his monsterdick. His dick, already an astonishing 23.5 inches in length, deepened in colour, pulsed even faster, and incredibly, became even harder and hotter and LARGER. Some of the newer callouses tore apart under the stresses of the new engorgement, and tiny fine cracks of redness exposing the raw flesh beneath the skin began to show, snaking across the already tortured landscape of bloated hose-like veins and map- like vascularity across Sean's vast, inhuman dick. `'The vacuum pump, gentlemen'' commanded the Coach. The huge, 30-incher bazooka-like plastic tube of the vacuum was then fitted over Sean's dick, but not before further motor-oil was lathered onto the incredible length of his dick. The rubber seal at the bottom of his vast fat shaft was secured, and the hose to the pump attached. Sean's dick filled up the tube all the way up to the 23.5 inches marking on the side. `'Here's to 25 inches.'' The coach signaled. The eldest acolyte took the manual pump and began working it. Pssssfffttt puff Pssssfffttt puff Pssssfffttt puff Pssssfffttt puff Pssssfffttt puffhe went, his 24-inches biceps swelling and straining as he began his exertions. Rapidly, Sean's monstermanhood thickened even further and filled the circumference of the clear Perspex tube, the skin sticking and pressing against the glass wall. From the 23.5 inches, slowly Sean's cock edged upwards and bigger and bigger. 23.8, 24, 24.2, 24.4, 24.6 inches. Agonizingly Sean's cock was pumped longer and longer, and yet longer. `'Cum'on!'' Shouted the coach. `'You can do better! Work that rump, consciously PUMP more juice into your cock! Remember, no pain no gain! Work it, WORK IT dammit!!'' Sean co-operated. He began to visualize pumping in more and more blood into his already painfully congested cock. He wriggled and thrusted his rump, pushing, pushing, pushing, trying to get more and more blood in. Forward, push, forward wriggle, push, thrust, thurst THRUST dammit! Sean struggled like a fish on the end of a pole, his own monster pole. And it began to work. Together with the effects of the relentless pump, the near-toxin level of Viagra and Cialis (enough to give a mortal human male kidney failure!), and Sean's tremendous force of will, Sean's painful, bloated tormented cock was made to inch agonizingly towards that magical goal: 24.7, 24.75, 24.8, 24.85, etc etc. `'Cum'on! You can do it'' encouraged the coach. The rest of Sean's acolyte witnessing this historic moment began chanting `'Twenty- Five!! Twenty-Five!! Twenty-Five!! Twenty-Five!! `' `'Aaaaaaaarrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!!'' Sean screamed in agony as the remorseless pumping continued. Finally his cock edged to and met the 25 inches mark. The sight was unbelievable, in so far as everything about Sean is already beyond belief. The 30 inch long clear Perspex tube was solidly filled from bottom to the 25 inch mark with a tube of cockmeat. At a signal from the coach, the tube is released, and slowly slid off Sean's Gargantuan bloated purple pillar of cockmeat, now 25 inches long, almost 9.5 inches around. The first, and ever, human being with a cock more than 2 feet long. It was a dark red in hue, almost burgundy, with purplish-black veins snaking across the vast bottled expanse of cockmeat majestically, dividing up into red coloured distended lesser veins. Angry bright red cracks criss-crossed the length of Sean's cock like lava streams, where the old callouses have broken through to raw flesh below due to the remorseless expansion forced upon his cock. Even Sean was amazed at himself. `'Coach, lookit that. Can you believe it? No words can describe me now.'' `'For truly you are a young god incarnated. Priapus made flesh.'' Whispered the Coach. `'Coach, I gotta blow! The pain, the PAIN!!!!'' whined Sean. The gargantuan 30-incher Fleshlight was brought back and quickly slipped over Sean's cock. The sight was like loading a Stinger missile into its launcher tube! `'Oh gawd, here it goes!! Arrgh!'' screamed Sean. So near the edge he was, the first touch of the Fleshlight brought Sean right OVER the edge, and he cummed. `'Tha he BLOWS!!'' Screamed his coach!! The word `'cum'' does not describe what happened next. You gotta visualize Old Faithful in the Yellowstone Park, or a fire hydrant knocked over by a car. The first gush of Sean's monstercum was so powerful and high-pressured that it propelled the Fleshlight clear off his cock entirely WHOOOOOM! The poor hapless Fleshlight hit the showerroom ceiling with a loud crashing THUD and fell to the ground in pieces, the newly liberated ballbearings going `'ping ping ping ping ping ping'' as they bounced all over the floor. Sean arched his thickly muscle back as he was racked with the agony and ecstasy of a long-deferred cumming. `'Oh gawd, oh gawd oh gawd Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay YAY YAY YAY!!!!'' screamed Sean, as he trembled and spurted and spurted and spurted trembled and spurted trembled and spurted white thick cum again and again, thrusting his strong muscular back and pelvis into the air at each spurt. Sean's cum-geyser was so powerful he hit the ceiling of the showerroom at least in the first 5 squirts. Huge globs of his super-potent thick sticky cum hit the ceiling and dripped down in long slimy streams like somebody upended a bucket of glue. It is clear now why Sean could not have sex with a human being for such a long time. Sean's cumming was powerful enough to cause internal injury to a cow or female hippopotamus! It certainly blew the special-order tailor-made $3,000 Fleshlight apart! Later, video evidence would reveal that Sean came for at least 20 seconds, and spurted some 35 times, 5 of the earliest squirts reaching the ceiling. It was estimated that Sean came at least 1.5 litres of cum. Finally, Sean was done. Hyperventiling, Sean slowly calmed down. His head, torso, body, still-huge cock, legs, bench, and a few of his acolyte around him were totally drenched in thick long viscous streams of cum. All this time Sean could not even reach his cock, as his arms, pumped to 45 inches, were still effectively immobile. `'Gaaaaaaaawwwwwd ……'' sighed Sean. `'OK, not bad. 2 sessions like this per week for the next 6 months should see your arms permanently at 45 and your cock permanently at 25.'' Said the coach. Sean fainted. •
  23. The V Files: Busted Behemoth by F_R_Eaky It was one of the more unusual and yet normal looking cases Agent Schinnee and myself have ever investigated. From the outside the house appeared normal, and so too did most of the inside. Schinnee and myself had been called to this address. Apparently a neighbor had heard some kind of crashing and rumbling the night before as if the walls were falling in. He didn't do anything then, but came over the next day, he stopped for a visit and found his neighbor lying on the floor. That's when he called the authorities. The local police came in to investigate and immediately called the FBI. The Bureau sent over an agent who came back to the office so flustered, even without any information, they decided this needed to be investigated by my department. Upon our arrival, Schinnee and I got out of our car and approached the front door. Everything looked normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Even for the ordinary this place looked very bland and, how do kids phrase it today?...meh! We entered the living room, which was very clean and organized. To the left there was a small dining area and then the kitchen. It too was very clean save for a tray full of Cheesy like crackers and a large mug full of tepid tea. Continuing our search of the house, Schinnee took the room to the left and back, while I took the one to the right back to . It was slightly askew. A computer room it was, but it didn't look like the computer had been touched, nor anything else on the desk. There was a tall shelf to its side against a wall, now it had its papers and books knocked down and strewn about the floor. There was a bit of indentation in a couple of the shelves and not much else. This wasn't a mess generated by a search through here like a robbery, ... this was possible a fight scene. But there was something else odd about the room. The ceiling looked very real and solid with intricate crown moulding, yet appeared slightly flimsy and almost gave the feeling of a drop ceiling. The door was a bit smaller than the rest of the doors and doorways throughout the house, and the furniture seemed almost child sized. Glancing at the computer, I clicked through a series of windows opened up on the desk top. Most were several pictures of men. Large men, in one way or another. Some were highly endowed penis wise, as if their mother had bred with a horse. Others were very tall, so as to have redwoods for their paternal parent. Still others were descendants of Hercules or some other man with extremely large muscular genetics and build, while some were well done photo manipulation combining several of the men together. The other windows were chat rooms and sites for tall men, large penis support, big feet, bodybuilders, and bears. "I'm not sure why we were called in, Schinnee. This man has fetish for big men....really big men. Total alpha male junkie. Probably was attacked by some man he met on-line whom he had given his real address." "Boulder... I think you better come in here." "Why, Schinnee?" "ooooohh...." It was then that I heard the sound of a man moaning. I got up from the desk chair, opened the small side door to the room Schinnee had first entered, discovered a larger door behind it, opened that and entered the room, turned, walked through, and discovered two other rooms. These were a couple of rooms though, that looked thoroughly destroyed, as if a demolition team had come through and performed their job on just an eighth of the house. And there, there in the middle of the room lied their wrecking ball. "Oh...my...gawd..." "That's what I said, Boulder." There, in the middle of the room, rooms so to speak, was the man the neighbor was checking on, moaning. The police, the agent before us, Agent Schinnee and I had all automatically assumed that this man would be dead, but there he was lying naked on the floor. "Uhm... Good morning. It's ok, sir. I'm Agent Boulder, this is Agent Schinnee of the F.B.I. we're here to help you." "You gonna be any better help than that last agent who wouldn't do anything for me but run out the door?" "No... no. ... we're gonna try and do our best to help you any way we can. You just sort of took our last agent and the police before him by surprise. Why don't you start telling me your name." My partner called in for assistance before the man spoke up. "...This is Agent Schinnee we're going to need some back up and medical assistance here. ... ... A lot of back up, sir. I'm going to need a structural engineer, a few contractors and some of their equipment, especially quite a few tarps and a large flat bed truck." "My name is Gerald. Gerald Milstadt, but you can call me Gerry." "Alright, Gerry." I responded while Agent Schinnee went to go find a towel or blanket to try and cover Mr. Milstadt up. "You are on the floor, taking up quite a bit of space, and have several large bruises, some lacerations on your body, and your nude. Can you tell me how you wound up like this?" "Yes...a man by the name of Blaise, Blaise Hanson did this to me, although I am to blame for why it happened." "Did you meet this Mr. Hanson on the internet and invite him over?" "Yes...and no. I did meet Blaise several years ago on line, but I didn't invite him over. He...he hacked and traced my computer, discovered where I lived and came over. He took me by surprise." "Are you saying he broke into your house and you were unaware of his doing so?" "Yes." "And then he attacked you?" "In a manner of speaking, yes." "How big is Mr. Hanson. What's his physical description?" "Uhmmmm" and Gerry let out a long sigh with a soft smile. "He's about 5' 11", 180lbs of some nice muscle, salt in pepper hair - short cut, ice blue eyes, strong jaw, and the cutest cleft chin you ever saw. Gawd, he's one handsome man." "You'll have to beg my pardon, Mr. Milstadt, but I find it hard to believe, even taking you by surprise that a man of that stature could take a man your size down, let alone out." "He had some help and he didn't actually take me down, not directly." "I think you had better tell me this story from the beginning, Mr. Milstadt." "Please, Gerry, and I'll tell you but I'm not sure if you'll believe me, agent. ... ... ... ************************** It started several years ago, at least for myself and Mr. Hanson. Despite what you see right now, I was a man of little stature and build. 5' 6" to be exact and although cut and defined, but muscles weren't that large. I was lucky to be a swimmer's build at best, if that. I've always wanted to be bigger, and I've admired, in some cases lusted, after men of great size. In fact, if you've looked at my computer before you came in here, you can tell it's my fetish. Downright obsession to be truthful. Doesn't matter how a man is big, I look at it: towering men over seven feet tall, men with huge feet size US men's shoe twenty or larger, bodybuilders with arms bigger round than their head - reaching 22, 23, 24, or even 25 inches around, men endowed with a cock that can measure out exactly one foot, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. The point is if they're above average in some way, I look at their pictures and drool over them. Many times I wish I could be them. And that's what I did. My obsession took over. I lost control. I not only enjoyed looking at the pictures of these men, but I wanted to be them. I wanted to talk with men and hear them praise me for how tall, muscular, or endowed I was. I wanted to hear them jack off to my voice, because they believed me to be a giant muscle god. I wanted to jack off listening to them praising and worshiping me for the same reason. However I couldn't do it as fantasy chat, some kind of role playing crap. That wouldn't work. I would know automatically it wasn't real and I wanted it to feel real. Instead I began to collect photos of my favorite men and I began to use them. I put them up as my profile pictures in chat rooms for tall men, bodybuilders, giant hairy bears, and large penis groups. I even began to swap my face for theirs on the bodies, use that for the pictures for my avatar, I began to craft smaller furniture to sit in to make me look larger when chatting live, to use homemade large dildos as a penis prosthetic to make me look hung, and even began to use a cgi program to create bodies to super impose over mine while talking live on video streams. Well, one of the first people I ever talked with was Blaise. He was just as turned on by big, Big, BIG men like I was. He was even working out to add some muscle to his frame. He talked with me for hours about the beauty of the human male form and how much prettier, handsomer it was the bigger it was in height, development, or endowment. Of course, looking at the pictures I posted of myself, he praised and worshipped me for my outstanding physique. We sent emails of files to one another, photo of my large hand, then he'd print it out and place his hand on it and send me the picture of that back so I could see the size difference, the same for footprints, and shoe sizes. He bought a shirt tailor made for my "body" wore it for a whole weekend and then sent it to me so I could wear it. Of course, what was happening was he was falling in love with me. And to tell the truth, I was actually falling in love with him. He was taller than me, becoming larger built than me, from what I could tell, was even a little more hung than I am, and that face.... oh that handsome face. Not to mention his personality and his soul.... True he wasn't actually a giant bodybuilder with a cock the size of a fire hose, but, he was large enough for me and I would be happy with him. However, in order to be in a real relationship with him, I had to come clean. I had to tell him what I had done. Needless to say he didn't take it well at all. Can you blame him? I mean I basically cheated him out of the man of his dreams. He thought I was all that and a mountain side, too, and it turns out I'm just this short, lithe, little twink. He was furious. He wrote me letters wanting stuff back, repayment for items purchased. He called repeatedly. I apologized a couple of times, but he wanted more...he wanted something. I eventually changed my phone number, email account, and nick on all the chat boards I frequented. But, I have a problem. My obsession wasn't just an obsession, it was an addiction. I kept returning to the chat rooms, posting other men's pictures as myself, upgrading to cgi, green screens, furniture and object props so I could appear more live, more realistic as a giant, muscle mountain, male porn star. I've been doing it for fifteen years. FIFTEEN YEARS! I've broken a few more hearts and I've used quite a few men's bodies. Last night is when it all caught up with me. Blaise must have used an alias to get to talk with me, and once he figured out the giant he was chatting with was really me, he began to trace my system and discover where I lived. Sitting at my computer desk last night, I had every chat room open scanning for someone looking to talk to a "big man." I finally found my chat mate on the large penis support group page. I was talking with this man in open chat, telling him about my fourteen inch cock on my seven foot tall body. I'd sent him some still shots. We chatted in some p.m.'s and agreed to do a video chat. It was all good. I was in my reduced sized furniture, which made me look really tall, and I had on my homemade dildo so I looked hung like a mule. But just when it started to get all down and dirty, all complements and worship, suddenly there was a new person in the chat room posting up in conversation to attract my worshipper's attention. The new chatter was posting things like, "The man has got a four and half inch dick in real life." or "He's lucky if he's five and half feet tall, let alone seven." He also typed up "He's as hairy as a baby's bottom!", "He's just playing you to get his own rocks off!" I tried to defend myself, tell him to fuck off, and that's when he typed in, "He's going to talk to you while sitting on baby furniture so you think he's some damned basketball sized fucker!" I responded with "I do not!", and that's when he typed, "Yes you do, you're sitting in your Barbie sized furniture right now, I can see it!" I froze and then turned my head to the window to look outside. I thought I might have caught a glimpse of something, but by the time my eyes really adjusted from screen glare to night time darkness, there was nothing there. I sat there, heart pounding, beads of sweat beginning to form on my brow and then that's when I heard footsteps on my back porch. Then I remembered ... I had left the door unlocked. WHAM! Suddenly the door flew open and in stomped Blaise looking every bit as hot and sexy as he did before. He seemed to fly into my computer room and smacked me right out of my chair, into the bookcase, and then onto the floor. He stood there legs straddling over me, and although I kept my eyes focused on his hot tempered gaze, I could see under and through his legs, via my peripheral vision, that several men of varying largeness has strolled through my open door and was filling up my computer and living rooms. "Tonight, you insensitive fuck, your charade of being a big man ends! Why did you keep on doing this? How many other men have you built up and then broken their hearts because you weren't the man you physically described or showed?" "Oh....gawd.... Blaise.... I'm sorry. I never meant..." "Shut up!" Blaise said as he delivered another slap to my face. "There's no excuse for this! You have the same kind of fantasy, the same obsession, the same fetish as so many other men like myself have, and yet you betrayed us all by portraying yourself off as some muscle bound, hung, giant of a man, one with a great personality. You get our hopes up that by chance some porno Adonis of the Nephilim in the real world not only exists but is willing to converse with us, have a relationship with us, and then we discover you're nothing more than another average milksop like the rest of us." "I'm sorry. I wish... I could do something..." "DO WHAT?! Pay me back? You ought to pay me back. I SPENT MONEY ON YOU! Spotted a pair of size twenty-three sneakers, two pair in fact, bought and sent them to you, to help ease the inconvenience your giant-size life had to go through in finding clothes that fit. Do know who makes those size of shoes? It's not the el cheapo company. It's only the expensive name brands that can make the really giant sized shoes. You know, the ones who at a normal size 9, 10, or 11 cost around $85 a pair! $150 if there is a bidding war. How much do you think those rare sizes went for? Do you know there's enough actual tall, tall, men with big, big feet that are clamoring, fighting to get a hold of those size shoes?" "Blaise... I never meant for you spend..." "TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS! That was the one pair. The other was three hundred and twenty five. And look at you. What... what size shoe you wear? I think even my size eleven and halfs are huge compared to your shoes. What size you wear, huh? WHAT SIZE DO YOU WEAR!?!" Blaise dropped down to one knee, which rested on my stomach. He then reached up and grabbed one of my feet and pulled my leg up in the air towards me. "AH-HUUUUUGH! ....[cough cough...sputter] eiiight...." "WHAT'S THAT?" " [cough cough cough] EIGHT! I wear as size US Men's size eight shoe." "Fifteen sizes.... FIFTEEN SIZES! Fifteen sizes smaller than what you claimed to me." Blaise laughed and threw my leg back down to the floor. "three and half smaller than my own shoe." Blaise turned and grabbed the chair near my computer desk and sat down in it. It was custom made smaller than average furniture to make me look taller, and at almost half a foot taller than me, Blaise looked huge in it. Especially the way his muscular form, even though small, so to speak, filled out his tight t-shirt, making the wing span of his lats look like they were really flaring out massively over the arms of the chair, while his ample thighs and knees were sitting high and being pushed up towards his chest. He only has the build of a soccer or rugby player, but he nearly looked like the hulk sitting in that chair and the sight of him, despite my fear at the time, turned me on something fierce. "OH MY GAWD! Are your shorts tenting? Are you developing an erection over me?!" "I'm sorry Blaise, you've been working out.... you've always looked so handsome...." "If I'm gonna make you cream your pants, better give you a good show for that deed." Blaise got up out of the chair and stood over me again, straddling his legs once more on either side of my waist. "Do I impress you?! AM I HULKISH ENOUGH FOR YOU! CAN I PLAY THE PART OF THE GIANT TONIGHT?!? RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" He began to bend over at the waist and growl at me. He kept making a most muscular pose over and over again while screaming at me. He'd flex his arms in a frontal double bi and then go back to the most muscular, eventually ending the posing session by grabbing his t-shirt collar and ripping his shirt down the front revealing his chest and abs. Between being scared and the arousal I felt at the site of him playing alpha male, the site of him ripping his shirt off revealing his muscles, and the thought of him maybe growing larger, taller, broader, stronger, I ... ... ... I couldn't... ... ... I couldn't help it. ...I ... ... ... I blew a load on the spot. It wasn't long before the wetness showed through my shorts. "Did....did you just blow your load? Week little fucker!" Blaise flipped the chair over back towards the desk and walked around to me. "Well, that's okay. It's fine because I'm here to help you with that little problem. In fact, we all are here to help you with your lit-tle pro-blem." "What...huh...huh... do you mean?" "Well in this case, right now, it'll take you, the average sized man, what? Three to four hours before you might have enough sperm built up to have another really good toe curling orgasm with a full load of spunk blowin' out the pipes. But see... tonight, we're gonna turn you in a man. A big man, Gerry. ... ... ... or will we call you Demitri? Or is it Padraig? No? Albert? Jeremy, Eoin, Ricardo, or any of the other fifty some odd names you've used as a mother fuckin' alias! ... .... ... doesn't matter. The point is, we're gonna make you so huge, even in the balls department, that when you blow, just one shot... one shot, from you orgasm might be enough to coat a wall in this room. The entire wall." Still breathless I lie there looking up at Blaise, who now had turned the chair back over and sat in it again. "What...what do you mean? What are you saying?" "Karma, buddy boy. It's payback time, and the way you're gonna pay us back, is by growing. You're gonna become our big man, but not the way you think. You see, we're not going to make you a good sized jock, or a superstar athlete or a professional bodybuilder. No... we're going to go beyond that. We're going to make you a freak! You're going to become a giant, muscle bound, overly hung, man that is so thick and broad he nearly looks perfectly square. You're going to become so fucking hung, you'll need to arrange for a blood transfusion so you won't die of lack of blood to the brain when you get an erection!" I sat up, shakily, not knowing who these other men were in my house, but I kept my focus on Blaise. I began to unsteadily stand up, while looking at him, and tell him to his face... "You're...crazy..." "I'm crazy? I'M CRAZY!?! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN TAKING PICTURES OF OTHER MEN AND MASQUERADING AS THEM ON THE INTERNET SO YOU CAN GET YOUR ROCKS OFF AND I'M CRAZY?!?" He sat there, his chest heaving in anger, the movement of his pecs stretching outward with each breath now pulling the split part of his shirt slightly more open every time it expanded, allowing it to close when he exhaled. "Do you recognize any of these men?" "N..n..n..no...no" "They are your inspiration for your body. For your alias' body." I looked around the room and my eyes opened wide in horror. These weren't, as I assumed, the men whom I had turned on and led into believing I was a runway model version of the hulk. These were the men who pictures I had used and stolen their physical identity. I had no idea why they were there or what they were going to do, but I soon found out. I stood up and attempted to make it to the side door of the computer room. It would give all of them, including Blaise, more than enough trouble to get through because it was made for me to look tall. I just get through it via ducking my head, most of them would have to bend at the waist due to height, or turn to the side due to musculature. Blaise, however, had other plans. "Oh... no. You can't go running off. I think it's time for the first installment of improvements, and let's start with his feet. Gentlemen?...." From the crowd of men gathered in my computer room and living room, a young man, just barely out of his teens, stepped forward. He was a handsome lad, kind of tall at 6' 1" but his feet were enormous. He turned and looked at me and simply said, "Size Nineteen." "AAAAUUUUGH!" I was nearly out the two doors and was going to be able to sprint and run towards the freedom of the back door and then my car, but suddenly there was this incredible pain that shot up through my body from my feet to my brain. It was so strong I saw stars immediately and fell just outside of the second original, normal sized, side door. I lie there, staring at my feet, feeling them pulse and swell. I could hear bone braking and sinew snapping, tendons stretching. "Aaaaaaah.....AHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-AH!" The pain was incredible, but the worst part was, it now began in my hands; they were joining in! I watched in horror as my feet kept on swelling, larger, longer, wider, thicker, the form of my shoe becoming lost as it began to look like the shoe was actually formed to the size and shape of my foot. And then along with the popping and snapping of my musculature and bones, the pops and snaps of the seams of my shoes began to be heard. This was followed by the rips of the fabric, and soon my feet felt the cool air caress them as my toes and the balls of my feet began to grow out of my shoes and shred my socks. When it was done my feet were poking out of my ratty-tatty shoes, having grown almost four inches longer in a matter of minutes, maybe seconds. The heel and sides were nearly blown out as well. I turned face down, placing my hands on the carpet. They were in proportion to my feet now, these huge paw sized hands. It was only slightly difficult using them to help push me up to stand, but once I tried to walk, I was tripping over my huge ass feet. I wasn't sure how to walk with them. Size nineteen shoe, 13.66 inches of foot on legs for a 5' 6" body. We're talking my foot was now the length of my entire shin. "Oooh those look a little disproportionate on you. Let's help you out." Next to step up was a man. I remembered his name and his height instantly. Alexander, 82 inches. He didn't have to say it. I knew this was going to hurt like hell. "Six foot ten inches." Instantly the air was filled with the sound of breaking bones, snapping sinew and tendons, stretching skin. I dropped to the floor again wracked with pain as my body started lengthening, becoming taller and taller. Sixteen inches taller to be exact. Blaise was certainly correct, my feet would become more proportional on me now than they were on my original body size. "In case you should be able to develop a resistance to pain of growing bones, let's add the rest in." And now two more gentlemen came forward, Joseph and Miguel. I knew what both of them were there for. Joseph, an armature bodybuilder, I had used his body to tout me as hugely muscular once. Miguel, I had pictures of his ample cock that I proclaimed were mine. "215 pounds." "Eleven and half inches." Once again pain overloaded my senses as I began to feel my muscles inflate and stretch a bit, becoming denser, thicker, harder, stronger. But I also felt my cock begin to ooze out further and further from my groin becoming longer and slightly thicker. Despite all the pain and the sexual feeling of my cock growing, I managed to clear my head enough that I stood and stumbled towards this, the back to rooms. Blaise had followed through the door, directing smaller men though it and telling the bigger men to go around through the other side room. He took a leg swipe at my feet and set me sprawling to the floor. It didn't help that I smacked my head on a wall, right where a stud was located. But that wasn't painful. Not by a long shot. Not compared to what was in store for me. "You're going nowhere, Mr. Big Ass. You see we've got all these gentlemen to go through and here's the kicker. When they state their stats, you're not going to go into their stats like you have done with the first four gentlemen. Noooo, no. What will happen is life, karma, this spell, or whatever it is I managed to find, will subtract your stats from theirs and add it to your already new body form. So say, after you're done growing from this, and a guy who is 7' 6" inches tall comes forward, the universe will subtract your 5' 6" and wind up with two feet. This will then be added to your six foot ten inch frame making you eight foot ten. The other gentlemen will work the same way. And now began the parade of men, all of whom looked angry as they approached, but then smiled with a pleased sneer after they were done. "250 lbs" "6' 8" " "Size 16" "Size 23" "260lbs" "190lbs" "Ten inches" "Fourteen Inches" "Size 20" "7' 2" " "6' 6" " "7 foot" "255lbs" "254lbs" "Bear hair...grrrrr!" "ten and half inches" "300lbs" "Nine and three quarter inches." "6' 11" " "Nine and half inches." On and on they came. I can't tell you how many men's pictures I used over the last fifteen years, but Blaise had identified and located them all. He must have had copies of all my profiles using their actual or modified pictures and shown each and every single man. My mind was now completely non-functioning. I was in so much pain my vision was lost to something that looked like a t.v. set with a picture with reduced vibrancy or saturation that was becoming tunneled by white noise, but I could see and tell what was happening to my body - I was growing! By the minute, by the second, my limbs and torso became longer and longer, taller and taller. I was becoming a giant of the first order. It wasn't too long before I was as long as one of these rooms and going for both of them. I just kept feeling myself slide across the floor without any push from me. I just watched as my arms pushed my hands further and further away from me, while my legs did the same to my feet. My head meanwhile kept on rising higher and higher until it seemed that even in a sitting down position it would meet the ceiling. My hands and feet kept on throbbing and pulsing, getting longer, wider, thicker. I could see my hands as I writhed on the floor, compared to things that were falling off of shelves and tables my growth was knocking over. I could see over time I would be able to palm a basket ball, a water cooler jug, a double sized laundry basket. Meanwhile my feet were stretching and growing across the floor taking up a whole tile length wise, two tiles length wise, three tiles length wise and a tile and half width wise. My frame was simply becoming gigantic. Colossal! Swollen is what my muscles became. In mirror and window reflection I could see my body as it became a little swollen, a little bit built and what fabric that remained of my clothes after the height growth, were now becoming tight, form fitting, second skin like as my muscles grew and inflated. I went from swimmer to basketball build, then onto soccer and rugby players. Moving into gymnasts, then American football players, then power lifters, the amateur bodybuilders, then professional, then Mr. Olympia. My body kept breathing out inflating with muscle and then cutting back and defining. Ribbons and streamers of veins began to pop up on the top of my muscles and course over them this way and that, feeding them with the oxygen and nutrient filled blood. I could feel myself rising slightly off the floor: My calves rose my shins, my thighs rose themselves, my butt became rounder and firmer rising my head a little higher in a seated position. My lats, back, and deltoids made my torso rise, while my triceps lifted up my arms. More and more I was developing mounds and crevices, hills and valleys, all up and down my body as my muscles kept on inflating. My calves were becoming as big around as my upper arms. My upper arms were becoming bigger round than my head...than some folks waist....than my waist! My thighs were becoming as big around as my waist as well, each! Yet still they were so cut and defined you clearly saw these three monstrous tear drop shapes the size of dragon tears. My biceps became so full, rose so high the peak was taller than my head, and what a peak it was, split double head fully developed and defined. Meanwhile my chest kept on barreling out, becoming wider and thicker, fuller and rounder. So fucking huge, so heavy I thought my lungs would collapse due to the weight of them. Flat chested to slight ridges, ridges to crescents, crescents to plates, plates to slabs, slabs to globes, globes to oil barrels. So full, so hard, so wide, so thick, so high.... my nipples were damn near pointing straight down. My chin was being held up by my pecs. Then there came the bunching and scrunching of my abdominals and obliques. In mere moments I went from having a lower torso that was a smooth and flat as a baby's bottom to being covered in ridges and groves marking out a herringbone pattern on the side and straight pattern down the middle. Further and further my waist tightened and my abs and obs bunch and grew forming pebbles, rocks, bricks. From that swelled out my lats, growing wider and wider thicker and fuller. It met my back which was doing the same. Constantly growing broader and bigger, pushing my shoulders straighter, taller, but the bone growth was making them become broader, wider as well. My deltoids were rounding out fuller and harder growing into globes the size of bowling balls, cannon balls. My traps mounded and mounded ever taller, thicker, higher, threatening to pinch off my neck, despite its lengthening and thickening into a mighty marblesque column of power. That's when I realized exactly what Blaise was doing. What he had done. He was giving me too much of a good thing. I was blowing up with muscle and power beyond human recognition. My arms both upper and lower swelled so big they became locked in place. I could reach straight out, but I could never bend them. But I couldn't ever reach out directly in front of me. My lats had grow so they pushed my arms up higher and higher until even standing relaxed, my arms hang as though I was making an imitation of an airplane all the time. My legs became locked as well, the muscle size growing so full, but even if I could bend at the knee again, I couldn't walk as my thighs were so huge they pushed each other out so far I seemed to be always attempting the side splits. And then it happened. My muscles were becoming so thick, so defined, so dense and heavy, my body began to break the floor tile. I could hear all this sound like thousands of tiny pieces of glass breaking, shattering. I could feel under my naked body all of the tiny cracks forming, growing getting longer, becoming fissures until the tiles were all these broken bits, pieces, and shards, and then they too began to crack and break apart until they became grit and finally powder. It was soon after I began to hear the moans and groans of the floor boards and the support beams. Soon slight cracks were heard and I sunk slightly into the subflooring. My muscles, my body then began to have slight convulsions which caused my legs and arms to move uncontrollably. Smashing and thrashing into the wall boards, the door frames, the support studs. Soon plaster dust and wood splinters were flying everywhere. The room, rooms, were coming down on top of me. But that's when my saving grace occurred. My cock grew. I guess I shouldn't say that my cock grew now. It has been growing this whole time, as well as my testicles and scrotum. It was a good thing that my thighs had ballooned so and pushed each other away for my junk needed room to grow. Larger and larger my balls became: size of jack balls to billiard, billiard to baseball, baseball to basket ball, basket ball to bowling ball, bowling ball to medicine ball, medicine ball to.... to....well there aren't any balls really much bigger than that unless you get to a wrecking ball and I'm certain they might have become that size. But snaking over them was my cock. It keep oozing and oozing out of me, tickling my insides right where the cock base joins the body. I kept feeling it's slow growth as it lengthened and stretched becoming longer, swelling thicker, becoming veinier, developing more skin so that it was once again uncut. Growing and growing, the head reaching over my massive balls, half way down my thigh, three fourths, meeting my knees, my claves, caressing the underside of my calves, my ankles. ... ... ... My pecker and nads had been made overly disproportionate to my body. I might due to blood loss if I became erect. And there, amidst the falling plaster, the chipping tile, the creaking beams, Blaise came and stood over me, smirking and nodding in approval. He had one last thing to do. "Now, I get to add to you. Oh yes. One bit more. No, if it was me, you wouldn't increase that much, but I'm not using my stats. I'm using your stats. The stats of the man you said you were. The man I thought was real. The man I thought was the answer to my fantasies. THE MAN I FELL IN LOVE WITH!" "No. No no no no no no. Please, Blaise I'm already so..." "Seven foot eight inches tall! Five hundred forty one pounds! Size US 32 Men's Shoe Triple E! Fourteen inch cock! And you were a hairy bear!" I started growing again, just slight compared to my new size, but the fact of the matter is, I didn't need any more size. I couldn't have any more size. My chest on its own was so heavy now, I could hardly breathe. But, grow I was going to do, and grow I did. This time it was enough power and strength and size added that I slightly outgrew these two rooms, lying askew as I was. Had I been lying in a straight line I wouldn't be in this perilous predicament. However, I was lying off kilter and thus one of my legs grew into that door frame and wall and took out what was a major support beam. Now I am a giant beast. I am actually nearly as broad with muscle as I am tall, but even at this size I can't live through an entire house collapsing on me, which is what would happen should that support beam give, and I just kicked it, so to speak, right on out. Broken it clean through. Luckily for me, I was also aroused by all this growth of muscle and body and cock and feet, so my willie began to grow again, this time becoming erect. It grew and grew, lengthening, thickening, hardening, showing all the world I wasn't just a shower, but an incredible grower as well. Nearly doubled in length my penis did. I could tell. And guess what happened. It grew at an angle that my cock head touched the ceiling spot where the support beam was. The reason why Blaise and all those men, and myself, survived was because my cock had grown large enough it was bigger than the support beam, and was now carrying the weight of my house. Blaise could see what was done, and what was going on. He smiled evilly and began to pole dance on my cock. Using his whole body to rub and slide all over while the other men assembled began to beat and kick the sides of my body. They didn't last long. My dense muscles and sheer size made it impossible for them to make a dent and their own hands and feet took a bruising and a beating more than my body did. They soon resorted to using bits and pieces of broken boards and two by fours. Although I knew I was a complete freak now, never able to move, being locked into place by my own muscles, I still was highly aroused by the fact that I could take a beating from some of the biggest and strongest men on the planet all at the same time. That my cock was large enough to support the house. That was supposed to be my downfall. Soon I let out a deep, guttural, low moan and I spewed a load of spoo so large my cock looked like a busted pipe with a crack in it. A tight spray of cum came squirting out ever direction from between my cock head and the ceiling. Looking like a gigantic sprinkler system, spunk sprayed everywhere showering down on the men and Blaise. Blaise stood there pleased with himself and glanced down at me. "I hope you deflate fast, you bastard." And that's when and where he left me. They all left me. I've only been able to survive, not being crushed because the feeling of the weight of the house pressing on and into my cock head. It rubbing the piss slit all night long. Adding thoughts of being the strongest, most muscular man in the world. It kept me aroused enough all night I've been able to keep my erection. I'm growing tired however. Afraid I'm drifting asleep, and will become flaccid soon. "Boulder, somehow he's had enough blood to keep his brain functioning, but he's still going to be light headed, and there are other problems that can occur having an erection for more than four hours let alone more than twelve." "You're the medical expert, Schinnee. What are you saying?" "As soon as the structural engineers get here, we need to put up temporary, replacement support beams, and then we need to cause him to ejaculate. Hopefully his penis will become flaccid. Besides, we can't have him tenting the tarp on the flat bed truck when we take him to the local base." "Not all of the task force are gay. They're not going to be thrilled with this assignment when they get here and find out what it is." "To bad for them." ********************** There was a lot of complaints by some of the task force when they got there, but it's a dirty job some had to do. Agent Schinnee and I took point directly rubbing his cock near the head, and we became covered, coated in sperm from head to toe. Took us over an hour and a half to stroke him off. Very odd to feel something one's mind is perceiving to be a marble column, yet radiates heat, feels like flesh, and has a large pulse to it. The engineers of course we able to get in the support beams before we went to work on making Mr. Milstadt flaccid, and the government sent in workers to repair all the damage done to the house so Mr. Milstadt could sell it. It's not like he was going to be able to live there anymore. No, he's under the care of the government as they try to figure out exactly what was done to him and if there is a way to reverse it. That doesn't seem possible though. We've got the top geneticist working on it and although they've had some hopeful results for some cure, they didn't work on him. He's been taking it very well though, for although he's completely immobile locked in and down by the weight of his own muscles, which hopefully over time will shrink down by themselves without a workout, he still gets aroused by the fact of how much bigger he is than all the staff, especially some of the bigger built, larger grunts of the troop. He springs massive boners all the time that look like a totem pole. Any finger prints of the men who attacked Mr. Milstadt were destroyed by his cum and the water from busted pipes. We will try and locate and identify them by going through Mr. Milstadt's computer and see if we can trace where he got the pictures, but he's obliterated most of the faces on them. As for Blaise Hanson, he's disappeared without trace. We've not been able to track him down at his house, place of work, or on any of the chat rooms he frequents. We figure he's probably lying very low in the fetish community right now, and has probably moved to another country. I must close this report now. We've taken on hiring, after some auditioning, a man who gets along with Mr. Milstadt. His name is Hansel Blair. He's an average, middle aged sort of guy, salt n pepper hair that's very long, average height and build, with a little bit of paunch, soft kind of musculature that shows he was probably a wrestler or something back in college. He's got an amazing smile though, just above a chin with a handsome cleft. The main duty of Mr. Blair's is to whack off Mr. Milstadt so that he can be relieved and flaccid at least some point during the day. Mr. Blair has been very good at this. Will keep you posted on further developments. Agent Boulder, out.
  24. Ragetiger

    Muscle Builder Ap

    I am reposting this old favorite, didn't focus too much on the furry side of it, though it was mentioned a couple times. This was based off a game I had used before my phone's anti-malware triggered off it, and the phone deciding to no longer play any sound or noise. Starts with growth with effort ending with growing without effort. I might get around to doing a sequal to it. I was in complete delight. After all the saving, I finally owned my first smart phone. The touch screen was incredible and the ease of use blew my mind. Looking it over carefully I noticed it had a great application on it already, perfect for a growing bull. Muscle Builder was the name of this application, I didn't worry about it cause it was free and already on the phone - on the last flip page. Launching the application turned my delight into a little dread, it wasn't to track lifting progress or anything. It was a simple game, it had a character that was rather skinny looking and not much to look at. It had only a dozen exercises that it could perform, which wasn't bad it did show how the exercise looked when it was being done. While I toyed around with it the top of the game flashed an advertisement that I got a short chuckle from, "The more you play, the more realistic it becomes." It did have credits so when he was getting a little low on the calory count needed to do an exercise, I could get an energy drink to give him the calories needed. It even had some oddjobs so he can earn more credits. "This is pretty fun." I commented. "If only it was that easy to build muscle" The game beeped and a message appeared stating that the character gained a level and to keep up the good work. A few more moments and the energy bar moved slightly on it's own. I thought of something and tried to do an exercise without having enough energy. This gave a different message, this one saying that it takes about four hours to restore all of his energy, to a maximum of two thousand calories. Looking at the time, I put the phone into its standby mode and went to the gym. Like normal, I was in my stretch sleeveless shirt with a loose pair of shorts. I did like to show off, but only the upper half. My mind kept wandering to the game and chuckled as I was now doing a couple of the exercises I had done in the game. First was bench press and a pair of exercises focused on the pectorals, inclined dumbbell press and declined barbell press. Then I did incline rows, lat pull downs and alternating cable rows to put some stress on the back. I felt great and really pumped up. During a pause in my routine, I went back to the new phone. It was to simply respond to a few text messages. I did open the Muscle Builder game once more and looked it over, doing one of the oddjobs that it listed and had the character do some inclined sit ups. Once again, the character gained a level and kept with a positive message of keeping at it. It also said that a couple more levels were needed to unlock a feature, but didn't say what it was. One thing I did notice was that the exercises I had him do earlier were still unavailable to do again. I put the phone back in it's protective case and returned to my workout. A few hours had passed and I was still and sore from hitting the weights harder than I normally do, I was on fire during my lifts. Even a couple regulars had seen this sudden shift in my attitude and was curious to the change. I had told them about the new phone, but not telling them about the game. They figured that I was just excited and it gave me a little boost to my endurance today. After the gym, I did some poking around a few stores. Needed to restock the fridge and buy a few replacement articles of clothing. I also played wit hthe phone again, answering messages and toying with that game once more. The character looked a little buffer as I looked at it. For a human, it wasn't half bad looking. It did have a certain charm to it. I did see that some of the exercises were available again. Some recharged faster than others. It didn't get a level this time from a few exercise choices, but that didn't stop me from wanting to see how far this game will go. I was growing interested in what was to be unlocked. It took a few days of playing but it did get the few levels needed to unlock this special feature and it was something. I could take my own photograph and have it being used as the character model, instead of the human. I just needed to have enough credits so that I can switch the model. Luck had it I saved up those credits, letting him rest instead of tanking up on the drinks. A quick photo and a couple button presses later and poof, I was looking at my digital self. Only thing was that it still had on same red shorts the human model had and a similar build, keeping his human weight. No big deal, it was just a game and the character was growing more muscular the more I played it. I kept playing the game and doing my normal daily routine I just couldn't help but play that game for a few minutes every couple of hours. It was pretty exciting to see this digital version of myself getting bigger. It was nearly matching my size and matching my weight, when another level up screen popped up. I was playing often and gaining levels every other day, but this one seemed a little different. It was another feature it had unlocked, instead of using levels for the body parts, it was going to calculate a measurement for the digital body to make the game feel more realistic. It did warn that it would take time for seeing a difference in the measurement. "Like with growing real muscle, it all takes time. Cannot expect my digital self to be content with level twenty arms and a level twenty-four chest, guess it'll be more fun to see how 'big' my digital self is in real world body measurements. It already weighs as much as me." I chuckled and agreed to open the new feature, just like the photo, it cost some of the credits earned from doing the oddjobs, which I keep saving up. When the game finished adjusting the settings to use measurements, I was shocked to see that they nearly mirrored mine. I laughed again now thinking of how much the digital looked like me, wondering if it was possible to see what the future had in store for me if I kept up my workouts. All I could do was keeping playing and see how far the game would go before it said it had reached the end. The weeks slowly ticked by, I kept working harder and harder, feeling stronger everytime I hit the gym. I could feel the intensity of my workouts and it was playing off as I was gaining size and blowing past some of my old weight platues. I was still playing the game, but this time I only did the exercises that matched the ones I was doing in the gym. It was wild to see that model was keeping pace with me, the measurements kept reading the same in the game as when I measured myself. A few days later I had reached a new level unlocking a free feature, this one allowed the game to autoplay while the phone was in standby. All I had to do was set what exercises I wanted it do to while the phone was in standby, in the order I wanted them to be done as long as I had the character had the energy to do them. For now, I chose to unlock the feature, but not use it right away. I enjoyed being able to choose the exercises while I was active. It didn't take much more before the final feature was unlocked. Now this one excited me to no end. The reduction of the energy needed to do the exercises and a massive increase to the available energy, to mirror a real life body builder or power lifter. To make the feature even better, it reduced the recovery time so the exercise could be done more often and can be done three times before the exercise had to recover. "The more you play, the more realistic it becomes." The ad flashed across the screen again, this time adding "The more you exercise, the bigger you will get." I laughed again and just focused on playing the game. When I first started playing it didn't take more than four exercises to go through all the calories; now I can do them all twice and some a third time before being low on energy. Like before, it took four hours to get back all the energy, however I played it often so the energy was rarely fully restored. It only fully recovered when I slept. "The more you exercise, the bigger you will get." Flashed across the screen's ad space. "The bigger you get, the bigger you will want to get." It was true. The more I played it and watched my digital self grow, the more I wanted to see him grow. At the same time I started being asked what my secret was. I was dumbstruck when they asked me that. As a bull, I was natural to grow big and powerful, my massive frame allowed me to grow massive and quickly. I snorted when I told them to leave me be while I was lifting, they kept wanting to know what I was on and where they could get some. I gave an annoyed grunt as I weighed myself in the gym. That scale had to be off, since it was an old doctor scale that can be adjusted easily. There was no way in less than a week I could gain ten pounds. I thought for a moment and looked at the game, nope the weight didn't match the scale. The game said my digital self was heavier. I paused for a moment then laughed at myself, thinking somehow the game was causing me to grow. I shook the silly thought away and headed back home. I breathed a sigh of relieve once I got home and stretched myself on the bed, the gym really took it out of me today. I looked at the phone and decided it was time to play with this autoplay feature while I took my nap. I set it up so it would rotate the big mass exercises, bench press, squat, and deadlift for three full uses. Then it would do the same for bicep, tricep and forearm exercises. Finally finishing off with the incline rows with the rest of the energy. I was sure to up by then, but I would let it run its course without me interrupting it. After setting it up and letting it go to work, I drifted off to sleep. I woke up right about the time the program should had finished the last exercise on the rotation. My upper body was sore from the days workout, but it felt so much more intense. I reached over and got back onto the phone to disable the autoplay and went about my day. Or least I tried to, my shirts were ripping at the seams when I tried to put them on. Even my sleeveless shirts tore with ease. I saw shocked, they weren't this way before my nap. I looked at the game and checked it's stats then compared them to my own. I nearly tripped over myself when I stepped off the scale. I was the same weight and body parts had the same measurements as in the game. I wanted to test it out, this time doing only the leg exercises. I spent some credits to restore all the energy I spent while I was napping. I turned on the auto play to only work on my legs. I waited a few minutes, patiently watching the game as it did an exercise and paused for two minutes before doing the next. I checked the scale and watched it slowly keep up with the one in the game. I kept having to give a little slack to the tape measure around my thigh as it too seem to grow with the game. "How is this possible?" I asked aloud. "How is it possible for a game to be doing this? It's not possible." As if it heard me, a new ad displayed itself. "The game is a reflection of life. The more you play the game, the more it reflects your life." Then it displayed a level up message. One that puzzled me, it was for another feature. The ability to share all progress with a friend, it was free and was already accepted without me doing anything. The screen flashed one more advertisement before going back to the game screen, "It's always nice to share with your friends." Before I knew what it was implying, I felt my body shift. I had forgotten about the program autoplay feature and my body was steadily growing. Not just my legs, but now my entire body. It was slow, but steady. I watched the scale as it slowly showed my weight increasing a quarter pound every couple of minutes. I thumbed around for a moment and managed to turn off the autoplay feature. After about a hour of fearing the worse, I stood back onto the scale. The weight in the game had stopped increasing as well as the real me. So it seems that the game had me going from the start. I tried to remove the game, but it wouldn't. I tried to change the model back to the human and that option was gone. I was puzzled, even the option to reset was gone. I looked at my reflection in the full size mirror. "You know what? Being this three hundred fifty pound bull isn't all that bad." I commented to myself as I did some flexing and posing. Then I looked back at the phone. "Plus I can always make myself bigger whenever I want to. Just have to make sure I only use the autoplay very carefully, don't want to grow too big too fast. Have to make it seem - screw with natural, I need to be as big as possible as quickly as possible." With that I went back to the autoplay feature and begin to select all the exercises on a rotation. I could no longer resist the urges. I just had to see how far this game could go, how big it could make me grow. I launched the program and let the excitement begin. I rushed as best as I could as a lumbering bull could to get into the biggest stretch clothes I could find. Only a pair of red posing trucks had enough stretch to fit - barely. The time slowly seemed to tick by, slowly adding pound after pound of rock hard muscle. I couldn't help but feel my growing arousal slowly tightening the fabric around my package. At the moment I thought for sure it would snap, the game paused itself. I had hit another level and opened a new feature, they just came coming. This new feature had me confused for a moment - it would allow me to remove the energy required to do an exercise, but it would take longer to go from one exercise to the next. It was also only to be used during autoplay. It cost me all the credits I had stored up and disabled the power to further obtain credits, claiming it was no longer needed. I licked my lips at the thought, autoplay the game and not having to worry anymore about lifting. It was like it read my mind, no longer did I have to make time to hit the gym and build up my body. I could do it while I just sat around the house. Sure I could still go to the gym and make it look like I was building it naturally, but I knew they wouldn't accept that. I was tingling all over when I accepted this new feature and began to run the autoplay feature. No longer was there any need to rotate the parts it was now working every part in an endless cycle. I felt a charge run throughout my body it was like my muscles were being pumped and worked. Instead of the game working each part separately, it was doing them all at once. Each time two pounds of rock hard muscles swelled and pulsed. Thick veins running around my chest, arms and legs. I moan in delight, feeling a growing tightness in my groin. Not only were my muscles growing, but so my entire package. The game beeped and it seemed to start running a new feature. A new ad displayed stating that bigger muscles needed bigger equipment to keep the muscles growing. Then the game resumed the autoplay, I was getting lost in the pleasure of my body growing bigger and stronger. After an hour there was a loud snap, my red posing thong finally had enough. I couldn't help but playfully pet my massive bullhood, feeling it stretch slowly. My ball rest on my massive quads as they kept fighting for space. They ached for a release, so turned on by my growth I gave into my urge. I ended up coating a good portion of my torso with my milky white juices. I rub it into my pelt, like posing oil, only with a strong musky scent. I was losing track of the time, only constantly flexing posing and rubbing out more and more cum. There was like no end to what my body could do. I had to see how big and heavy I've gotten, the game display read a nearly jaw-dropping weight of five hundred pounds and yet it kept climbing. A few more minutes and I had gained another twenty-five pounds. This was getting to be a bit much for me. I reached for the phone to turn off the autoplay and then it happened - it shattered in my hands. I had gotten so strong that even a light touch was too powerful. For a moment everything seemed to have stopped, I breathed a sigh of relieve. I was already bigger than I really should had let myself grow, but I was still mobile to make the best of it. Then I felt that tingling charge feeling again, it was stronger than last time. I grunted as I felt a tug at my groin as my balls and cock suddenly surged in size, nearly doubling in size. I nearly tripped over them as they stretched down past my knees and kept me from falling forward. My muscles quickly ballooned up as the sudden increase of testosterone flooded my body. My body was already massive and growing bigger by the second. My balls kept me from moving forward, till I managed to crawl over them before they got too massive, but my enlarged soft cock caused me to trip and landed directly ontop of it. I felt it pulse and grow along with my muscles, making me stand back up as it stiffened and freeing itself. It stopped short of being as long as I was tall and thick as my waist at the flared head. I moaned as it constantly was leaking a steady stream of cum. My balls were producing so much that it couldn't store anymore and had to keep it flowing. Hours roared by as I kept swelling all over, muscles constantly swelling and pulsing. I flexed the best I could while I had the power to move. My thick cock and balls kept their size, but I was slowly filling the room with cum. More than once, I got so excited when my body seemed to throb, my cock shot a blast that managed to knock a hole in a wall so the room would never completely fill with cum. For that I was thankful, but I couldn't stop the flow it only slowed down shortly after a powerful blast. Even though I was still in a constant state of bliss, I managed to drift off to sleep. Only dream I had were getting bigger and growing uncontrollably. I got so massive in the dream, that my balls were resting on the planet as the planet seem to shrink. A ring of cum swirled around me as my cock kept pumping it out. Eventually even the Sun was tiny compared to me and yet I wanted more. I woke up with a snort. It was about all I could do. While I slept I kept growing. I wasn't any taller but my muscles seemed to have finally stopped growing and my mighty cock and balls settled down. Even though my feet were still on the ground I couldn't take a step, my thick cock prevented my legs from moving forward; my balls kept them from going back. I took this time to think about my new position and how I ended up in it. I didn't regret it and if I had to, I would do it all over again. I gave a light chuckle, there was that one feature that I didn't use. Or did I? For those that read this story, I do hope you enjoy being in the same overgrown position that I am in. It is, afterall, nice to share.
  25. muscleandsweat

    The Takeover

    1. The row of tanks stretched deeply into the cavernous recesses of the warehouse. In each tank, imposing bodies hung suspended in a transparent liquid, each one seemingly larger and more impressive than the last. The man in each tank appeared as yet another perfect specimen of athleticism, vascularity, and dominance. Indeed, this was as it should be, as Professional Solutions specialized in taking men at peak physical condition and improving them so much that the reputation of their three-month intensive program of suspended animation conditioning was known to most athletes in the world and many professional sports teams had sent their top players to the secretive, state of the art facility which no one really knew the exact location of unless they went into the program. Dr. Moravian knew that most of his "boys" returned to their home teams as H.A.M., huge alpha monsters. He had reported all his findings to his alien overlords. He was always rewarded for obeying their orders. They gave him what he desired, what he lusted after: power. If they wanted him to be their dog on a leash, he was happy to do it, so long as he exercised absolute control over his "boys". He had reported the increased vascularity, size, strength and power, but above all their increased performance on the field. Football players once top dog on their teams were now literally machines, utterly focused on their gains and their game. Wrestlers appeared in tune with their opponent and excelled in dominating them, mentally and physically. Their shockingly bulging muscles helped. And they certainly helped PS, whose fame spread around the world as quickly as you could say “this time, you’re gonna swallow.” The overlords approved and prepared their takeover. The plan consisted in releasing a substance containing tiny parasites with swarm consciousness into the bloodstreams of its thousands of grade A athletes and champions, turning them slowly into little else than docile, cum producing muscle bodies, whose cum contained tiny copies of the parasite, which quickly reproduced a clone of the host except more completely bound to the swarm. Moravian was also bound to the parasites, having been the first "victim" (as he liked to see it, the parasites "released" him from bondage). This meant the Overlords could reward him in more direct ways, as well. Moravian, it turned out, had one of the largest cocks on any man in the world, and it was attached to a body only emblematic of the ethos of PS. As he filed the latest updates, just such a "direct reward" was initiated. Moravian's gargantuan cock slithered from between his lab coat and, as if predestined, snaked its way into a receptacle under the terminal he was updating his "boys'" information on. The bulbous tip at the entrance gave way, and the grand cock continued don the warm, wet tube, whose spongy surface continually sucked him further in. A prick on his steely shaft told Moravian the procedure was underway. This prick ensured that his parasite levels were of an absolute high grade: his "boys" always needed him at the top of his game! His muscles bulged even wider, his cock grew larger and longer with the increased parasite load. At the same time, a familiar sensation -- a gentle nudging at the lip of his cockhead. Moravian spread his arms behind his neck as the tube entered his dick. It crawled slowly down into his scrotum, where, as soon as it reached its designated point, a remote program initiated Moravian's orgasm. His parasite laden spunk was taken up by the hose and drawn to the individual tanks, where it entered into the nutritional devices secured to each athlete. As they put this plan into motion and watched on their screens, the muscle flesh bodies occupying the tanks began slowly spasming and releasing blobs out of their dicks. These quickly grew into translucent balls and were picked up by small roving cranes, who moved them to an adjacent room to incubate. Here they quickly grew appendages, and became fully-fledged, yet pliant, musclebound beefcakes in fifteen minutes. These were put to various tasks depending on their particular host’s qualities. The lighter ones, swimmers, gymnasts, soccer players were put to work assisting in the reproduction facility (ie., the cum-draining facility) whereas the bulkier ones set about establishing the foundation upon which the total takeover of the planet would occur. Some went about constructing the facilities which would be used to create further reproduction centers. Others donned uniforms and prepared for a war against humanity. After 48 hours, an army of 10,000 existed. After a week, the army was larger than any in the world. The plan was ready to implement… 2 The Steelers’ state of the art gym was packed. The team’s starting wide receiver, Rodney Vasquez, was finishing up a set of lethal squats when he noticed a crowd gathering near his station. He removed his headphones, silencing the pumping in his ear. He walked over to the crowd, and saw a rather humongous figure at the center of it. Whoever this was, he was huge! As Rodney approached the crowd, he tried to squeeze his way forward to get a better look, which his overdeveloped legs easily allowed him. When he got to the front, he was presented with literally one of the largest and most impressive specimens of masculinity he’d ever seen. Suddenly, the huge figure locked eyes with Rodney, smiled and shouted his name. At this point, he recognized the bassa profundo as a deeper and indelibly richer toned version of his friend Stanley McMichaels, a linebacker who had some months ago been transferred to a training program none of the teammates knew much about, but which they’d all heard amazing things about. And here, in front of them, stood a testament to the wonders the program worked. Stanley was now by far the largest and most impressive player on the team, and his wide girth, huge legs and arms as if cut from granite in fact hid his slightly taller stature. Rodney suddenly felt a huge wave of elation at seeing his friend in such amazing condition. He went to hug Stanley, and as the two commenced sizing another up, Rodney noticed a strange dullness in Stanley’s eyes. He didn’t have long to consider it, though, as the sense of elation he’d initially felt transformed quickly to euphoria. Rodney felt incredibly horny, and his cock quickly expanded in his jock. As he started losing self consciousness, he noticed he was cumming. The cum, much more than normal, quickly dribbled down his legs and formed a puddle between his feet. The puddle morphed into a sphere, and the sphere began rolling towards the trainer’s office. As he looked around in horror, he saw the crowd around him at various points of arousal, many experiencing earth-shattering orgasms as extreme as his own. Stains and puddles were forming all around, and one of his last recollections before becoming a permanent cum dispensary for improved and more muscular versions of himself was that he was growing! The Steelers facility was soon complete, and built according to the blueprints of the alien overlords. The stadium was turned into a breeding ground, with tanks housing all the original players, their trainers, coaches and even some of the male cheerleaders producing a steady flow of mutant musclezombies to feed the growing army. The improved copy of Stanley McMichaels sent to convert the facility looked on in approval. As the huge muscular bodies in the tank churned out more and more cum, he flexed into the heavens. His huge back, traps and lats condensed into an intimidating display of power, and a remote signal sent from the overlords caused his stiff 11 inch member to visibly lengthen. As it did, it stretched upward between his rock hard abs, eventually sidling between his deep pec cleft. As it continued to grow upward, a bead appeared on the head of it. Stanley took his cock head in his mouth as he continued to flex for the heavens. Instantly, his enormous balls began filling his mouth with a delicious sauce that the clone swallowed down. He immediately began to grow, all of his musculature swelling obscenely, until he was nearly twelve feet tall and six feet wide. He continued suckling and growing, greedily receiving his reward from the alien overlords for a conversion complete. His muscles bulged outward,, impossibly dense. As his now 2 foot long cock plopped out of his big mouth, he let out an animalistic roar that could be heard for miles. The city would never know what hit it. 3 Greg Morrison was a competitive bodybuilder who took the “competitive” in his title very seriously. He had dedicated himself without abandon to his craft for over thirteen years, perfecting a technique that was without parallel. At least,until recently. A certain challenger by the name of Pedro Gonzales had appeared at Greg’s local gym, and had, within a few months, busted all of Greg’s old records on the benchpress, squats and anything else Pedro could get his hands, legs or other appendages around. The feeling of being scuttled from alpha dog to just beta enraged Greg, and so it was with a delicious air of inevitability that he latched onto the offer for a “three month intensive muscle conditioning program” that he’d seen an obscure flyer for in the changing room at the gym, at another one of his defeating sessions trying to keep up with Pedro. So Greg had signed up, and in a few weeks he packed his duffel bag full of creams, vitamins, supplements and a few hours’ worth of chicken breast and rice, as he made his way on the train to the location of this “muscle conditioning program”. The prices were outrageous, but he’d heard so many swooning about the supposed results that his envy of Pedro overcame any cost-benefit analysis in this case. His cock was hard the whole way and he rubbed it through his sweatpants, looking idly out the window at the landscape lolling past. He thought of himself being larger and more impressive than Pedro, and this thought pushed all other reservations away for the time being. Once or twice he got awe-inspired stares as other passengers passed by the seemingly dazed muscle man in permanent arousal, overlarge member straining the loose material. Eventually the train arrived, and he called a taxi to bring him to the address he’d been given. Once there, he looked for, and found an entrance, and rang the bell. Two of the most impressive specimens he’d ever seen, much bigger than either Pedro or himself, and yet cut to insane levels of perfection, greeted him. Their faces were chiselled, yet the magazine good looks did nothing to hide the dullness in their eyes. There wasn’t much going on up there, and it was obvious the two spent most of their focus on sculpting an insane physique, and he wouldn’t be surprised if the had trouble spelling “deltoid”. They both wore a “uniform” of what looked like a tight-fitting lycra shirt and compression pants, that did little to hide bulges worth writing home about. The two smiled stupidly at each other and at him, seemingly seeking approval that they were, in fact, “good boys” for having less fat on their bones than a low-calorie yogurt. Hi!” said the one. “You must be Greg!” Greg nodded and the stud was obviously pleased at his discovery, the cords in his neck bulged and his cock stirred a little in its dugout. “Come in, dude!” said the other one, who introduced himself as Doug. The first one’s name was Matt, and the two had been old workout buddies who had joined the program together to advance their gains. The two had gained roughly 100 lbs of muscle in 3 months, they claimed, and flexed for Greg. Greg was especially impressed by Doug’s traps, which literally went to his ears., a huge pyramid to the only god in Doug’s life: muscle. Greg, Matt and Doug joked around in the hallway for a few minutes until they heard a voice behind them: “Boys, do bring Mr. Morrison to my office and don’t hold up his… progress.” The enormous man in the white coat introduced himself as Dr. Moravian, and he generously shook Greg’s hand. Dr. Moravian’s hands were strangely cold, but Greg shrugged it off. Either way, it matched his personality, which was certainly more chilled than the warmth that exuded from Matt and Doug, who resembled two overbuff lapdogs. Dr. Moravian led Greg to a small door on the corner of the hallway, with the wall of muscle following behind. “As you can see from our boys here,” said Dr. Moravian, gesturing to the two muscleheads in the corner, “our results are dramatic and extraordinary. I’m sure these two have informed you of their gains while enrolled in the program?” Greg nodded and the rest of the conversation went by in a blur. Greg agreed to enroll in the program, signing paperwork and nodding occasionally when questions were raised, but never taking his eyes off the delectable duo across from him. Dr. Moravian gave him a glass of something to drink, which he hardly heard him describe the nature of: something-something-electrolytes-something. He downed it, and was just about to put the glass down, when he froze. He couldn’t move! As if on cue, Doug moved over to his feet and began removing his sweatpants, revealing his jockstrap-covered bulge. Matt meanwhile moved over to his torso and applied pressure to his jaw, forcing his mouth open. While he felt something soft, hot and strangely wet on his asscheeks, Matt whipped his horse dick out of his compression pants and began slapping Greg in the face with it. While Doug was rimming Greg’s ass, preparing it for entry, Matt stuck his meat in Greg’s mouth and began pounding it, slowly at first, and then picking up speed. Suddenly, his asshole was exposed, and in one motion, Greg felt himself being speared to the hilt. Strangely enough to him, it didn’t hurt so much as it filled a deep longing in him to have a cock there. Doug began rocking and Matt picked up his pace. The two high-fived each other as they fucked Greg from both ends. Greg felt strangely aroused from the whole experience of being fucked by two ridiculously muscled studs, and his arousal increased as the two neared orgasm. The two came in unison, filling him with a liquid that burned as it spread inside him. His cock stood on end suddenly, and his whole body buzzed. He felt like he had an incredible gym pump, and felt himself swelling a bit. At the same time, his cock erupted by itself, and a hot, translucent goop collected in his corrugated abs. He strangely kept coming, it was the most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced -- he didn’t want it to end -- and the goop began running down the table, collecting in a puddle on the floor. Unbeknownst to Greg, the puddle began forming into a blob, and the blob grew as he came more and more. Soon, a replica of Greg, identical in every way save for being much more densely muscled -- and taller --- and sporting a larger cock -- stood beside him. Greg could still not move, and at this point, his improved twin was chatting with Matt and Doug: “Hey, what’s up, dudes?” “Not much, brah. About to strap this sucker in and take him to the tanks. Wanna come?” “Hell yeah, brah. Count me in!” Matt went over to a cabinet and retrieved some folded clothes, which Greg’s bulkier clone put on: the same tight-fitting stretch shirt and compression pants the other two dimwitted musclestuds wore. As Greg II was dressing, Matt and Doug began strapping Greg I to the table, which converted to a gurney, which they pushed down the hallway towards to large doubledoors, from which could be heard a loud mechanical buzzing. They passed through the doors and Greg, still immobile, was presented with an enormous warehouse filled with huge tanks, in most of which huge, strapping musclemen hung suspended in a liquid resembling glass cleaner. Attached to each one were hoses to his face and mouth, and another to his cock, and a third snaked up their asses. All of the men were at peak physical condition and each seemed to spasm every few seconds. Greg was wheeled to one tank that was not yet occupied, where he was unstrapped. A crane was activated that gently lifted the big man like a toy, and he was slowly lowered into the tank. The liquid felt warm, and it seemed to adjust itself to his body temperature. His facial mask lowered and attached itself to his head, and shortly thereafter he began feeling a strange sense of abandon and arousal. Just then, a tube snaked up his ass, which had been loosened earlier by Doug’s big python. It immediately began stimulating his prostate and injecting a special nutritional paste into his ass. He saw another device directing itself toward his cock and balls, and suddenly felt intense pleasure as it locked into place and began sucking him of his vital juices. Just then the parasites entered his mind via the special nutritional paste being injected into his ass and mouth, and he prepared to produce the second (of many) soldier offspring for the alien invasion. Greg groaned in pleasure as he fed the tube what it wanted, bigger and more muscular than Pedro, finally!

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