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Found 27 results

  1. shawnkid

    Jocking Up - My Roommate

    Long time lurker - finally got my fingers down to write a story, and hopefully many more to come. Posted in WarpMyMind (leejhaw) and (shawnkid). -Chapter 1- Meet Charles "Sup," my roommate nonchalantly greeted me as he walked out his room. My eyes almost fell out of its socket. The reason is apparent - my body-conscious roommate is walking around half naked. Beneath his grey sweatpants, his VPL proves that he's freeballing too. That could only mean one thing - it worked. What I did actually work! It's true - some of us are more susceptive to hypnosis. And it comes in many forms, you have the usual suspects: binaural, subliminal, and the trance, which opens up a wide array of possibilities, especially for a closeted gay man like me. It's financially impossible to live in the city nowadays, especially when the rental is through the roof. Since I'm the only occupant in the one-room studio, it's natural to resort to renting out the room to another person to offset the cost to enjoy the convenience of the centrally-located apartment in the city. The first time I met Charles, he wasn't much of a looker. I blame it on his hair, which is in need of serious professional help. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt that did not do justice to a man of his size. He works at the local coffee shop down the road, which explains the coffee scent in his hair whenever he walked past me. I reckoned he's around 25 years old, though I did not actually ask. He promised to clean the entire place once a week, I couldn't be any happier. Truth to be told, I was kind of desperate, and he looked decent enough - at least he has a job - so we shook on a deal. When I stumbled upon the whole new concept of hypnosis, I was thrilled. But, how would I know if it truly worked if I have done so on myself? It wouldn't take anyone much to consider the case of convenience, right under the same roof. I went to the local hardware shop and bought some speakers and downloaded some audio software on my computer. It wasn't easy to get this figure out, but I was really eager to try. When Charles left for work at 7 am, I set my plan in motion. I equipped his room with speakers over the plastic ceiling and wired it across my working desk. So, it would play whatever I needed it to play for an extended period of time, albeit needing to run in and out just to check if the volume is optimal for subliminal tracks to play without causing any distress and potential fallout before the plan see the day of light. I move quickly, knowing that he will come back in the evening after dinner. And the rest will happen throughout the night. My moral conscience would reprimand me if I ruin one's life for my own pleasure. So I decided to start off my experiment with something light. After going through tons of hypnosis books, I attempted to write a hypnosis track that focuses on confidence and preferences. Charles would sleep naked because it's more energy efficient as such - less laundry and less electricity needed to keep cool. He would be more comfortable with his own body, and perhaps begin pay attention to his body more. That should be relatively fine and not qualified as manipulative? I have my doubts, especially on my ever-changing standards. Heh - oh well. I let the track run for a week until one faithful morning - I see my roommate walking out of his room with nothing over his bare torso. I must say, he definitely look better with his shirt off. Why would he hide his toned body over all the baggy shirts - and that would be the next thing to go. And now I know my proof of concept works. I sat back down on my computer and prepared the next script for my dearest roommate, Charles.
  2. muscledrain

    dominance Wesley and Master Ed

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story contains master/slave and hypnosis themes but no violence. Muscle growth is in the last third but I promise it's worth it. I've written dominance stories before but I think I worked harder on this than most. I set it in England because I think the Cockney accent is incredibly sexy. This is also a one shot from me, and it's a complete story. There will be no part 2. England, the 1980s Ed was always there alongside Wesley’s parents from as far back as he could remember. Ed was his father’s bodyguard and right hand man, and he also served as a sort of assistant, preparing meetings for his father and arranging schedules, driving his father around and other things. Wesley grew up adoring Ed. Ed was powerfully built, more so than any father of any boy at school. The few times Wesley saw him changing were always intensely remembered and savored. Ed had the biggest muscles Wesley had ever seen. Ed was taller than his father by six inches, and dominated any room he was in with his presence. He was hired muscle, and as Wesley grew older he realized that Ed was meant to be intimidating to anyone that met with John, whose life was all too brief. Throughout Wesley’s childhood, Ed was always there at his father John’s side, saying “Yes, Master John. Right away, Master John. Would you like some tea, Master John, sir?” Ed was a servant in every way, in spite of his size. His deference to John was unwavering. The level of respect he showed both publicly and privately was intense and absolute. When Wesley was ten, his father, who was a prominent member of government, suffered a stroke and promptly died. His mother vowed that she would never remarry and had a nervous breakdown. They had little in the way of other family members. Both of Wesley’s parents had been only children, and the grandparents were fond of Wesley, but two of them (one grandfather and one grandmother from different sides) were in constant need of medical care, one grandfather was a heroin addict (not publicly known) and the other grandmother had strict religious views that had alienated her daughter. Wesley’s mother put it in writing that Ed, who had been a trusted family friend for ten years and who had worked his way into her trust wholly, would assume temporary guardianship of Wesley, and the lawyers drew up the papers to make it fully legal. Ed would always say “You listen to me, lad. You always listen to Ed. You listen to me, you can’t go wrong. Your father’s gone but I’m here and whenever I tell you somefin’ it’s for your own good, understand?” Wesley’s mother recovered from her breakdown and by that time Wesley had already begun to think of Ed as his real father. John had always been largely absent from his life. There had been nannies and Ed had always been the one to give him guidance. When bullies teased him at school, Ed told him how to stick up for himself, and demand they stop. He taught him a little bit about fighting before his mother put a stop to it. He made sure that Wesley was involved in scouting and had the idea for him to go to a summer camp that taught real survival and military skills, something most posh elites wouldn’t dream of doing for their young boys. Wesley loved being around Ed, and felt slightly guilty that he missed his biological father less and less. His parents were largely insulated from the economic turbulence of the times, and there was constant talk he overheard about the working class and what would become of them. His father had been involved in large scale economic policies. ENGLAND, 1985 In school, Wesley always did exceedingly well. Even when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, Ed told him that nothing could affect his studies. His entire future was riding on what he produced in school. When his mother slipped away, Wesley was 16, almost 17. At this point, Ed had full guardianship and was Wesley’s legal father. But the man still referred to him as “Master Wesley”. He spoke in a heavy Cockney accent and had never talked about his past. Wesley knew he was working class poor a long time ago, and knew that he had to grow up in the streets fighting a lot just to make his way in life. And then the time came for Wesley to go to university. “There now, Master Wesley.” Ed held Wesley’s coat in the air for him to slip his arms into. Wesley was a pretty lad, and all the girls thought so. He had dark shining hair and a pixie face. He hated that he didn’t look anything like his now legal father, whose gruff features: bald head, graying stubble, 40ish appearance complete with craggy skin and a deep voice made him practically ooze masculinity. Not to mention his body, which he had always kept fit, far after his job as a bodyguard had transitioned to merely looking out for Wesley. Ed held the finances and the trust fund until Wesley was of legal age, and now that he had to hand it over, the time had come to tell Wesley. “You ‘ave to make a decision, Master Wesley. Regardin’ your finances. This is a rather delicate matter to bring up, but it ‘as to be brought up.” Ed stood over the boy, almost a foot taller and oozing power in his black suit and red tie. “As you know, you are inheritin’ a substantial sum, but it ain’t going to be enough to last forever. And you ‘ave to decide whether or not you want me to stay ‘ere with you.” “Of course I want you to stay! You’re my father! I mean, I know I don’t call you that. But you are. Aren’t you?” “I’ll always be there for you, and you’re the son I nevah ‘ad,” Ed began. “But the truth is, I need to make a livin’ and I ‘ave a bit of a confession for you. I have taken money out of the family fortune over the years and started a side business. I replaced what I took and made sure it’s all there for you. I want you to know because I love you, and have made sure you’ve done everything right to get ahead in life. That’s been my job. I’ve made your meals and I’ve not been able to protect you from grief and loneliness. I’ve failed because I’ve put a lot of time into my business dealings, because I knew the money wouldn’t last. You ‘ave enough to go to a prestigious university and then enough for maybe a few years more. It won’t last. That’s why I did this. So we could be a family. I know I’m a man of few words, lad, but you ‘ave to know that.” “I know. I always know. You’re my hero,” Wesley said, looking up at the proud face of his former servant, the man who had called him the rather elitist and pompous affectation of “Master” since his birth. “And one more thing. I don’t think you should call me “Master Wesley”. Ed laughed a gruff laugh. “It’s what your mother wanted, and I promised her before she died. She didn’t want you to call me father or dad. That’s why I never let you call me anything but ‘Ed’. But I always thought of you as my son and always will.” “So…what’s this business?” “You’ll find that out over time. I’m going to show it to you, but not yet. I want you to go to university. Make friends for once. You have a brand new start at this. Don’t fuck it up, mate.” Ed grinned and Wesley grinned with him. “I’m really proud of you. I didn’t know you were that smart. I mean I knew you were smart but-“ “I just felt you should know the whole truth. I’d never to anything to endanger you, lad. I want to make sure I’m every bit the provider your parents were.” “I love you, Ed.” “I love you, too, Master Wesley.” Wesley grinned. “Stop calling me that.” Ed laughed. Over the next few months, Ed took over the family estate, which was a rather nice house in the country and Wesley started going to school. Wesley came home for winter and summer breaks and would always do minor paperwork for Ed, who was creating the foundation for a business venture. And then after a year and a half, Wesley, who was 18, came home for Christmas. He was greeted at the train station by Ed, who was dressed in a really sharp blue suit (black was his usual color, so it was a nice change to see) and several men that Ed introduced as his employees, and both of them were bald like him, well muscled, and had firm handshakes. One of them was younger, though bald, his face was young. But strong. He wore a leather jacket and grinned like a Cheshire cat. He sized Wesley up with his eyes and smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. The other man was older and dressed in a dull brown suit and had graying hair on the sides he shaved, but had a look of danger to him that Wesley immediately sensed. Their names were Pete and Ian. They took Wesley out to dinner near a pub and had a good time asking him about school and hushed up when Wesley asked them about their jobs. “We’ll discuss that later, lad,” Ed told him. “Finish your dinner and we’ll continue this at home.” When they got home, it was just the two of them. “So do you ‘ave girlfriend yet?” “No. No, I don’t,” Wesley said shyly and blushed, trying to avoid the subject. “Wesley, I’m goin’ to ask you somefin’ very important. I want you to answah me ‘onestly. Are you gay?” Wesley wanted to run out of the room. “Look at me!” Ed commanded. Wesley looked up. “Yes. I’m sorry!” He wanted to cry and scream. “Hey. Hey. None of those tears here. You think I give two fucks? You’re my son and I love you.” Ed took his hands and cupped them around Wesley’s face. “Dad..” Wesley had never really used the word before. Ed hugged him and held him for a few minutes, comforting him with a strong hand running up and down his back.” “That’s alright now, isn’t it? You’re right as rain is what you are.” Ed clapped him on the back. “And I’ve known for quite some time, you know.” “How did you know?” “I knew when you were a little boy. You tried to sneak a peek at me whenever you could. All you wanted was to come into my bedroom whenever I was undressing. Your mother made me lock my door after enough times.” “I’m..I’m sorry.” “Don’t be sorry. Sorry is for lesser men. You’re the son of a great man who did great things and don’t you forget it.” “Yes, sir.” Ed grabbed a beer from the fridge and handed another one to Wesley. “I think you could use one of these, lad.” “I’ve never had beer.” “Never? How long have you been at college for? Should have gone to some parties by now! Don’t tell me you’re hiding away from everyone, still.” Wesley sipped his ale. “Oh! That’s um…wow.” “You’ll get used to it. You’re a man, now. To you and your future.” He clinked their bottles together. “I joined a gym. A few months ago.” “Did you now?” Ed had showed him how to lift weights a few years before but Wesley hadn’t been interested. Ed brought that up. “I was…embarrassed.” “Why were you embarrassed?” “Because I got…” “You got excited watchin’ me? Is that it?” Ed sipped his beer. “It’s alright. Lots of men at the gym like watchin’ me. One of the reasons I go.” Wesley sipped his ale delicately and nearly spit it out. “What, you think you’re the only bloke that likes dick, mate?” Wesley was so shocked he didn’t know what to say? “Yeah, I like men. I like fuckin’ their pussies ‘til they scream bloody murder. Course I could never do it here. Though I admit since you moved out I’ve had a few boys over.” “That’s…I…don’t know what to…say.” “Say what you feel. That’s ‘ow I raised you.” Ed said sternly. “I think it’s hot,” Wesley whispered out loud, barely able to get his words out. “Sorry, I ‘ad trouble ‘earin’ you. What did you say, lad?” “I said that’s very hot, sir.” Wesley said, much more loudly. Ed belted out a laugh. “Now that’s more like it. You think it’s hot for two blokes to ‘ave a go, eh? Come ‘ere, Wesley.” The older man held Wesley again and this embrace was different. Wesley finally felt like he could let go of whatever held him back. He couldn’t explain what he was feeling. “I’ve always liked looking at you,” he whispered. “Go on,” Ed said, rocking back and forth with Wesley in his embrace. “You weren’t like other dads, you were better. Stronger. More manly. Taught me things no one else did. Like how to find things to eat in the wilderness and make tents and traps. Even though we didn’t actually get to use them,” he stifled a laugh. “I looked up to you. I didn’t want you to think I was weak.” “I don’t think that. I think you’re a very smart young lad. I was always rubbish at school.” Ed noticed Wesley’s grip was becoming tighter. “You’re like me. You’re gay.” “Yes. Yes, but you always came first, you ‘ave to know that.” “I do.” Wesley could feel Ed’s hot beer breath on his cheeks and moaned. “Alright. I think I know what you want,” Ed whispered in his ear. “Do you want Dad to take you into his bedroom?” “Yes,” Wesley croaked out his answer. “God, yes.” “Oh, little boy you are about to make me so ‘appy!” And before he knew it Ed was scooping him up in his arms and casually holding him in his iron biceps as they made their way to Ed’s bed. Ed shut the door with his foot and laid Wesley down and took off his shoes. “Do you want your Dad to make you feel real good?” “Yes, yes I’ve always wanted that!” “Take your clothes off. I’ll make a man out of you, yet.” Ed took off his suit jacket and loosened his tie. Wesley slowly took off his sweater. He was shaking from excitement. His smile burst through suddenly, as he removed his shirt. “I’ve been working out a little. Not anywhere near as big as you, but…” Ed ran a hand over his son’s abs. “That’s nice. I like that quite a lot.” Ed got behind Wesley and seductively swayed his hips back and forth slowly, feeling his son’s bony frame. Wesley was his son now and was about to become much, much more. Wesley was half his size, but compact and not an ounce of fat on him. The muscle was so minimal as to be pathetic. If he didn’t know any better he’d swear the boy was part Japanese, he was so small. At best his dick was only two inches long, and he couldn’t have been taller than 5’2”. “Do you know what I want from you, boy?” he whispered huskily into Wesley’s ear. “I want you to suck off my big prick and eat up all of my cum.” Wesley moaned. “Now I’m warnin’ you, I’ve got a big ‘un so you better learn quick, son.” Ed firmly turned Wesley around and undid the boys belt and his pants dropped. He yanked down the boys underwear with a smirk on his face. “What an adorable dick you got. Want to see mine?” He took off his tie first, and wore an arrogant smile on his face as he did so. He took off the shirt slowly, and Wesley stood there shaking from the chill as he savored the outline of the only man he’d ever really looked up to, worshiped even, the muscles pushing out the shirt and filling it out as it strained against the large man’s frame. The shirt came off and there was more chest hair than Wesley expected on a frame of a much younger man, every inch powerful and muscular. Ed exuded power. His chest was mounds of solid muscle. His arms were like a gorilla’s and Wesley started drooling over the man who had always towered over other men and made them look weak in comparison, himself included. He’d been jerking off to the thought of Ed for years now. Ed shoved his pants down and stepped out of them with a hungry look, and every part of him oozed sexual confidence. He stood with his dick trying to break free from the jock strap he was wearing and rubbed the throbbing erection against his son’s stomach. He was much taller than Wesley and his dick was almost at Wesley’s chest. “Lick it. Lick it for me. Taste it with the sweat still there.” Wesley looked up at him with a twinkle in his eyes. The boy had never been so thrilled in his life and Ed was relieved. The minute Wesley ran his tongue against his almost too-big dick he instantly knew this kid was made to be a sub. He sucked on Ed’s balls through the mesh fabric for a while and licked the dick and moaned some before Ed delicately drew down his jock strap inch by inch until the lad greedily tasted his stepdad’s cock for the first time. It was heaven, that mouth. He looked down at the lad with his angelic features and wide eyes looking for approval, his dick head gently being sucked by the boy he’d raised. He moaned in pleasure. “That’s a good lad. What a pretty boy you are. What a pretty mouth for me to fuck. But now I want you to take it into your throat, lad. You’re going to gag but I want you to do it. It will hurt but you’re goin’ to learn to suck a real man’s dick tonight. Are you ready?” With his dick still firmly being sucked, Wesley nodded. “Good lad.” He positioned himself and Wesley so that Wesley was kneeling more and he slipped his dick further and further down the lads throat. “Breathe through your nose, little darlin’. Just through the nose. That feels right good. That feels proper nice!” Wesley felt the force of the man’s hands pushing him down onto the dick and it was heaven. He was finally with another man, and it was the man he’d spent his teen years dreaming of, even though he had hated himself for it. He started coughing but kept on. He was gagging on the dick as it had inflated to its full nine inch capacity and the tears flowed over his cheeks. It went on for an hour, with him sputtering, coughing, gagging, and he nearly threw up three times. Ed slipped his dick out every now and then to make sure his little darlin’ was doin’ alright. They moved to the bed where Ed could lie down to get some right proper sucking. He creamed so much so suddenly that Wesley didn’t know what hit his mouth and then when he realized his mouth was full of man cum he started swallowing it. It tasted like gel candy and sweat, the sweat of hard man labor. He could cry from the sheer pleasure of eating a part of Ed, the part of his manhood. He sucked and sucked until there was no more cum and Ed picked him up and held him and dry humped him gently for a few more minutes. “That was nice.” “I don’t want anyone else. No one but you.” “Hush now. We’ll talk about that later…” The next day, they got dressed and Ed wore the proud smile of a man who had conquered his conquest. Wesley felt in bliss when he had woken up with the much bigger man looking down on him, stubble rough and brown on the man’s face and he felt a sudden wish that he could grow facial hair of that kind, but he was 18 and still had never needed to shave. His own face was smooth as a 12 year old’s. When Ed had climbed on top of Wesley and brushed his stubbled mouth to kiss his own, he didn’t want it to stop, this feeling of a big strong giant with muscled arms as big as his head putting a rough hand on his face and giving it a gentle squeeze as he beamed looking at his new fuck toy. “Now today,” Ed said as he prepared some oatmeal. “I’m goin’ to take you to town and we’re goin’ to visit the business. Coz there are things you need to see. And I know you’re goin’ to make me proud.” The drive was largely silent as Wesley was still basking in the afterglow of sucking his new dad’s dick and emptying his balls. He could still feel the taste of Ed in his mouth and every time he thought about it exchanged a knowing glance with his new father. The building was non-descript and somewhat on the outskirts of town. Old, brick, three story. A bunch of pubs lined the street down the way. Between there were some cheap housing units. Ed was wearing a power suit and Wesley felt something was off when they arrived. Wesley looked up at the building and hadn’t expected it to be in this part of town. He gave Ed a questioning look and the older man just said: “Follow me.” Ed was so confident and strode into the place like a man who truly knows how to carry himself in the world. A woman in a lavender outfit came out to greet him. She had orange-brown curly hair that lustrously fell over his shoulders. “Why Mr. Bester. How lovely to see you, sir. And is this..?” “This is Wesley. Wesley, this here’s Anne.” “Wesley, lovely to meet you.” “Let’s have some tea, shall we sweetheart?” They took tea in a small room meant for visitors. The furniture was very nice and antique. The inside of the building was well decorated in Edwardian and Victorian aged furniture. Wesley sipped his tea and was brimming with questions, though he’d begun to suspect what was happening his heart was beating twice as fast.” “So, then. Wesley, this is my business. The money pays the rent and the business more than pays for itself. I have a staff of 8 girls and they’re all good at their jobs.” “You…have sex for money?” “Yes, dear. Do you have a problem with that?” “No, but I am incredibly worried you’ll wind up in jail.” Wesley turned to Ed who grinned like Wesley had just told a good joke and was holding back laughter. “Son, that won’t be a concern. The local police are some of our best customers. We keep things quiet. It’s a classy joint. We talk with any boys comin’ here that they’re on their best behavior. I have some big young scrappy boys I’ve hired to look after these girls. And it’s worked quite well. For three years now.” “What about the local government? What if someone gets wind?” “The mayor and practically every member of his immediate staff, that’s about four men all come here, though some are regulars and some only occasional visitors. They’ve all been compensated. It’s a small enough town so if you don’t make noise, you won’t get hurt. Of course, that’s just the beginning.” Anne smiled knowingly and exchanged a glance with Ed. “There’s another establishment I run ‘bout fifty miles from here. Once a month a bunch of lads meet for fights.” “Fights?” “Fightin’ is how I made my way up in the world. I was fighting underground since fifteen and made quite a lot of cash, well for then anyways, by beatin’ up lads older than me. I got out after a while to do construction. But I was muscle for some local gangsters. It’s time you heard this story as it concerns your father, lad. I know you thought the world of your dad but he used resources to keep this whole area, well, in balance you could say. Lots of crime in other parts of the country nearby but here there’s a balance. Over the last twenty years I have had ties with anyone underground. These are bad men that do bad things, but they kept their noses clean in this town because your dad paid them well to make sure they didn’t do anything serious here, and they did good things eventually. Helped out a few girls that were in a bad way from some other bad men, if you get my drift. Anyways. Your father and me, we took care of things on the side without goin’ through the law. But only when we had to. Things you don’t need to know about. But it bonded us together. And right now, well, I sort of run the show. The big boss handed the reins over to me so he could retire. I’m the perfect man for the job. I kept up ties with all your dad’s friends. I help them out and they help me out.” “You’re saying you’re…actually a gangster. Sir.” “Well. When you put it that way, yes. But you see, lad, the plan was always to get out. I’m an expert in protection services that are not entirely on the up and up, and I learned all about legal security with your father and his sort. In the next few years I’m going to invest in security services, form a security company and place men across the country who have ample experience from the other end of things. Well, some of them. A man who knows how that sort of thing works knows how to prevent it. We’ll provide bodyguards, guards for posh neighborhoods, guards for shopping areas. And that will be just the start…but what do you think, son?” “I think I trust you. And I won’t worry about you if you tell me not to. And I love you.” “Would you like to meet the other girls?” Anne asked sweetly. Ed nodded in the affirmative so they went upstairs. Each room had a different girl and Wesley shook hands with each one. He felt dirty doing so, oddly and blushed often. Ed’s plan had gone according to plan entirely. When Wesley’s father John died suddenly, Ed knew he could seize upon the opportunity. His original plan had been to seduce the widow and marry her, but not long after she began mourning she started having a lot of pain and not long after that the cancer diagnosis. It was at that point Ed had begun to notice how often Wesley conveniently came in to the bathroom while he was inside. He left the door left unlocked on purpose, just to catch a glimpse of the boy’s face. And he knew that puppy love would blossom someday, and that his rise would be instrumental in making Wesley his ultimate fantasy. A true proper son to be his loyal fuck and suck would be a dream! “Have you chosen a major yet?” he asked Wesley in a local pub over a pint a bit after midday. No one else was in the pub. “No, I’m afraid not. I’m not sure what to do with my life.” “You’ll major in finance and business. You’re going to be a money man. And you’re going to make money your bitch and the world with it.” “What about you? I mean, that is to say-“ “I’ll make you into mine. Would you like that?” Ed was so gruff and startlingly firm that Wesley wanted to sit in his lap and just be held. “Yes, sir.” “Good. It’s settled, then. Now, let’s finish this, and I’ll take you home. I’ve got some things to do with my men. You met them at the train station. They’re loyal and they know how to be smart about what we do, so just respect them if they ever come round. You don’t ever give them grief and they’re to do the same.” Ed was so much more powerful than Wesley ever dreamed. The man had orchestrated so many different levels of power it was mind boggling. The man had come with nothing and Wesley had been handed everything. It made him feel inferior to his new dad and he wanted to do everything he could to prove himself worthy and useful for him. He would not disappoint. He got near perfect marks all throughout school. He sailed through finance, though business was a bit harder. The double major was difficult but not impossible. Ed would invite him to come home once a month from university and they would have a sit down about some matters of investment, planning for the future. And then Ed would take him to bed. The first time Ed fucked him had been so massive. Literally, his dick hurt so badly that Wesley was glad he had all of winter break to heal. He was under orders to use a dildo every chance he could get, and luckily he had the resources to afford his own single room without bunkmates. Just feeling his dad’s wet cockhead sliding along his ass before deciding on the hole to enter and then being able to say “Oh, dad. Oh Dad dad dad dad dad…” It was his mantra while the cock entered him and truly made a man out of him. He cried out in sheer joy as his dad conquered him, a man twice his size but grateful for his son’s pussy. ENGLAND, 1989 By the time Wesley graduated, he did so with full honors and no one had been prouder or clapping as loudly as Ed. And then Ed brought him home and put him to work right away. By this time the security business was up and running. Wesley had helped him form all the documentation along with the lawyers Ed hired. He was on the ground floor of a business form the ground up and used it for ideas and inspiration for his classes. He was often one step ahead of other students because of the real world experience he was getting. Ed used the fighting ring to look for potential security men who could be motivated to go straight and a lot of them were so poor the crime they’d done was little in comparison to the chance to work for Mr. Edward Bester. Those boys he chose he also groomed. They would be good lads, or they’d regret crossing him if they chose to double cross their employer. There were government men that came to their home sometimes and Wesley was not privy to those conversations. All he knew is that they asked Ed to do things and he made them happy, and they were indebted to him for that. It made Ed trustworthy and also powerful. A contract was signed and suddenly his company was going to be one of the biggest in all of England. He would have to hire hundreds of men. Wesley became a very useful asset to the company as it grew, and it grew fast. Edward Bester, the boy from the streets who never went to school a day after the age of 12 was now CEO of a company where a dozen college-educated men all answered to him and called him “SIR”. He wore expensive suits and dominated any room he was in. If Mr. Bester looked at you with just one withering look, you knew not to cross him even slightly, and you performed your job with perfection. He was not unkind or sentimental, but the perfect serious man, unmoved by emotion with just the right amount of swagger. Wesley and he had shared a bed for several years. College had been difficult but now that his career had taken off they were able to be together the way they’d always dreamed. Things had gradually changed for the two of them as Ed made slight requests, one at a time, very carefully. The first request was that Wesley, in addition to calling him “Dad” began referring to him as “Boss” or “Sir.” “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot, Sir.” The next request was that Wesley start wearing women’s nightclothes on occasion and though he was reluctant, it made his dad very happy to slip a red bit of lingerie on his son and call him a girl while he fucked him with what was now a very well used hole. “Who’s a good girl?” “I am, sir. Thank you, sir.” “I’m going to ride your ass, girl. Like a woman. Would you like to be my woman, Wesley? Huh? Would you?” “Yes, sir!” Wesley never turned down a request. In fact he looked forward to them. Ed bought some leather daddy outfits, things he had had specially made. He would use Wesley in just about every position. One day he brought home a sling that he set up in one room so that he could hoist Wesley up by ropes and the fuck him while he hovered in mid-air. It was ecstasy for the both of them. One night, he took Wesley aside and asked him: “I’d like you to do somefin’ for me, little man. I’d like it a lot if at home you only call me one thing. Do you remember what I used to call you, when I was your dad’s man?” “You used to call me Master Wesley.” “Right. Like a proper gentulman from the old days. But what I really want is to be the Master of this House.” “Yes, Master.” “And I’d like to make some changes. Now, I know you work hard for the company, and you’re starting up the investment side of things, but…honestly I just keep seeing you dressed up and ready to serve. Would you like that?” Wesley was willing so that night he served Master Ed with a silver tray. Ed had a butler’s uniform he made Wesley wear. And then when Ed got horny he could easily access Wesley’s ass because the pants had a big hole in them for being fucked. “Not the rich little boy lord anymore, are you, boy? I’m the Master of this house, now, aren’t I? You like that don’t you? You like being a servant! Say it!” “I like being a servant. I want to be a servant, Master! You’re the Master of the House, sir!” And so on weekends, and also when they got home from work, Wesley would wear the butler’s uniform and wait hand and foot on Master Ed, or sometimes he’d wear a leather pair of underwear straps and he would start the day by waiting on his new Master by any means necessary. He was now sleeping on the floor on a small pallet, and then upon awakening would begin his new day as a practical slave. He would make breakfast and lay it out before Master awoke. He would satisfy Master’s sexual urges whenever Master asked. He would bow and worship Master if Master asked. He would buy presents for Master randomly to show him his affection. He would serve Master, taking his shoes off, his coat, and Master began snapping his fingers to command him. He knew in an instant when to kneel, when to bow, and when to start licking Master’s boots. Master would read a book or newspaper at the dining table while getting his massive dick sucked off. No matter how much he exercised, Wesley would only be fairly thin and toned and never ever have his Master’s bulk. Master would work out with big dumbbells in front of his boy, and demand worship. “Look how much bigger than you I am, slave! It’s pathetic, really. Lick that bicep, lad.” Wesley would lick all the sweat off Master’s body, he would clean the house in the nude, he would take calls and then go outside to run errands with clothing. Eventually when he did this it began to feel wrong. It began to feel wrong to wear clothes, even if it was cold. “Do you love me, slave?” Ed asked after several months of weekend slavehood. For that is what he now was, and Ed openly referred to him as a slave when they were at home. “Yes, Master, I do. I love you with all my heart, Master.” “Would you do anything I ask you to? No questions asked?” “Yes, sir.” “I’ve invited a few men over tonight. They are all gay men and all of them are powerful. They are all going to fuck you in front of me.” Wesley’s eyes grew wide. He had never been fucked by anyone but Master Edward. “These men will use condoms and lube. They will fuck you in the sling if they prefer, or possibly on the rack. We’ll see. You will do this and you will beg them for more. You will make them feel like real men, even though none of them look like me, none of them can hold a candle to me. I am still the only one you call Master. Do you understand that, fairy?” Master had taken recently to calling Wesley names. It excited Master and Wesley alike. “Yes, sir. I want to please them, sir.” And that night he did. A group of older men, all in expensive suits lounged in the dining room smoking cigars. The gangsters Pete and Ian were there, as well as some rich blokes. Master Edward joined them, though smoking was rare for him, he did enjoy a good cigar and brandy every now and then. Wesley stood naked as he was told while the men sized him up. “This is my son, and he will be your fuck toy tonight.” “You are the luckiest man in the world, I think,” said one. He was tall and balding and wore a large mustache. Another had short gray hair with sterling eyes, very stern looking, almost like an older military sort. The third was fatter and wore a beard. They ordered Wesley to sit down with his hands tied behind his back, fucked his mouth and his ass at the same time. By then he was in the sling. All night long dicks were in his mouth and ass as they took turns, both Master Edward and his three friends. Cigar smoke filled his lungs. “Have you ever smoked, lad?” Master Edward asked. “No, sir. I’m not the man you are, sir.” “Inhale this. Take a puff.” Wesley did so off the cigar and he felt his lungs burn with tobacco for the first time. He moaned with pleasure over doing something so dirty. “Do you think you’re a real man, then? Like us?” “No, I’ll never be the real man you are, sir.” “Little fairy cunt. Open your mouth, faggot. I’m going to give you another test. See if you can smoke this entire cigar while I personally fuck you.” Wesley did so and it was not easy to smoke without his hands but he didn’t drop the cigar while Master fucked his ass. Master’s muscles throbbed and his bald head shone in the dim light. His pecs shook as he pummeled his son and the three men watched in equal amounts disbelief and ecstasy. “What a good little slave cunt you are. Give me that cigar, cunt.” And so it began. At work, father and son were respected. Wesley was a vice president of operations and was kept busy by the ever expanding need for security. Men dominated the building. Almost everyone in the company was large, well-built, and dominant. More than a few would give him the look of a predator sizing up their prey. His father tended to surround himself with men who were secretly gay. He had a new house in London that he frequented on occasion and would approach men who used rentboys with opportunities to come work for him. He would use the owner to make connections. 90% of his staff were well educated gay men on the downlow. He never invited these men home to fuck Wesley. But he did invite them over for circle jerks. A few caught Wesley’s eye. It was important to Ed that no one knew about their Master/slave relationship from work. That was their domain and he wanted Wesley to command respect within the company. A few men did ask to fuck Wesley, though. He was a very pretty man and in his twenties he was much prettier than most. What he discovered through the gay paradise his new Master had created was that he was incredibly attractive to larger muscular men who wanted the chance to fuck a much smaller man. Two of them began to do so while others watched. Their circle jerk club had expanded to 15 employees. Pete and Ian were there, transitioning from gangster to office workers, though they were on call to intimidate at Ed’s whims. Anyone who discussed anything to anyone was certain to be fired, and have his legs broken. Everyone knew Master Ed wasn’t joking about that. Monthly orgies were common in their house. Men would fuck in every corner of their home, and it became a shrine to gay sex. Wesley had been fucked by at least ten of the staff now. Sometimes they would line up and beg him for his boy pussy. Everyone was very respectful of Master Edward’s only son. One day, he was at his Master’s feet when Master was reading his newspaper. “Fetch me a cigar, lad. And a whiskey.” Wesley did so. He cut the cigar carefully for Master and watched in delight as Master lit it up. Master had grown a beard of late, and it made him look even manlier and respectable. Smoke curled up and then a cloudbank of tobacco bloomed from his lips. “You know I have enough money to take care of you for life. If anythin’ were to ‘appen to me, you would be well kept, lad.” “Yes, Master. But-“ “Don’t interrupt me,” Master sternly rebuked. “I’m sorry, sir.” Wesley blushed. “Now, where was I? I think it’s time we changed your occupation, don’t you? You weren’t made to be a cutthroat businessman and we both know it.” Wesley’s heart started to fall. “Have I done something wrong?” “No, no. You haven’t done anythin’ wrong. It’s just…you’ll never command respect. You just aren’t that type of man. And you aren’t really happy doin’ any of this. I know what makes you ‘appy. What makes you ‘appy is servin’ men bigger than you, which is most.” “Yes, sir.” “I’d like to arrange for you to be my willing slave at home. I’ll be conductin’ business less, say four days a week. I’ll be here longer and when I’m not here, you’ll do projects from home for the business. And then when I find willin’ men who want a boy whore you will suck their dicks for cash like the faggot you are.” Master Ed said all of this calmly and efficiently. “Many of them know you already. And all of them are prepared to keep their mouths shut when they fuck you. Fuck you like a whore.” That weekend things had changed considerably. Master made his announcement that Wesley was no longer going to work for the company and that he was to become a permanent sub, and that his slavehood would extend to the entire company of gay men that took part in orgies. “So we can order him around, sir?” asked a tall blond man whose name was Carl. “Yeah, but you got to pay for that. There will be a slave fee for anyone wantin’ him on your own time.” And so it began that Master Edward began renting Wesley as a slave to the other men, all of them masculine, strong, big, and tall. The men mostly took to it very well for they had been acclimated to the idea of owning a slave in secret. Most of them got Wesley at least twice a month. He would come to their houses, clean up, do sexual favors, etc. A typical week would go: MONDAY – David David was a skinhead, with a Cockney accent much like Master Edward. “Oi. Are you done with the bathroom yet, slave?” “Yes, Master David.” “Well then get over here in the fucking living room and suck my cock like a good bitch!” TUESDAY – Carl Carl was 27, tall and blond and rowed a lot in university. “Hey slave, did you make my chips yet?” “Yes, Master.” “Good, serve them on your knees to me and grovel.” “Master Carl you are so manly, please accept my humble servitude. Please allow me to serve you and be your slave.” “Alright, I will. Lick the mud off my boots now. I want to see you do that. Fuckin’ slave cunt.” WEDNESDAY – Keith Keith was 40, graying hair and an aristocratic look. “Why hello, slave. Are you done ironing my pants yet?” “Almost, sir, Master Keith.” “Well when you’re done I want you to come over to my bedroom. I want my cock sucked. Don’t be too long.” “Yes, Master.” THURSDAY – Richard Richard was a smirking power hungry beast of a ginger. At six foot eight, he was one of the tallest men Wesley had ever seen up close. “I’m going to spank you, you dumb cunt. Would you like that?” “Yes, Master Richard.” Richard also liked to humiliate him. Made him bark like a dog and fed him out of a dog bowl. It turned him on so hard he nearly creamed himself just watching the slave lick his dinner out of a metal dog dish on the floor. FRIDAY – Gino Gino was half ItalWesley and half English and had olivine skin and a deep five o clock shadow, and wide laughter lines all over his face. His slick black hair was always perfectly combed and coiffed. “Hey, slave. Go get me a beer.” He grinned so widely. “Yes, Master.” “Hey, slave. Turn on the tell for me.” “Yes, Master.” “Jerk off for me, slave. Show me you think I’m hot.” “Yes, Master.” And on weekends he would come home and serve Master Edward. One day, though, he came home and found a young lad, around the age of 17 washing dishes in the kitchen, in an apron. The boy was flawlessly attractive, with rich auburn hair and stunning eyes. A clean face devoid of facial hair. “This is Devon,” Master Edward said, introducing them. “Devon is my new slave boy.” “What?” “Now I know what you’re thinking and he isn’t ‘ere to replace you. Don’t worry your pretty little head like a woman. I know you do.” Wesley blushed. “Devon ‘ere is just a beautiful addition to our family and ‘e’s goin’ to be makin’ us both very ‘appy.” “Hello, sir.” “Sir?” “It’s time for you to take your rightful place and ‘ave a slave yourself. Devon ‘ere will call you and me both as Master.” It was a shocking turn for Wesley, but he accepted anything his Master said as gospel. Edward helped himself to a cigar while the boys got acquainted. What a lucky man he had been. If only Wesley knew how good that luck was in reality. For Wesley had never imagined that Edward had been slowly over the years he had been raising him, giving him a chemical compound in his food. He had raised the boy from a small age to want to serve. He had procured the chemical from a scientist that Wesley’s father John knew. ENGLAND, 1979 He remembered the day well, when the man showed up in the pouring rain. He spent hours in John’s study and John related the story to him. A wet, homely looking middle aged man with glasses had come to the door. John and he went into his study. There were sounds of a scuffle. Ed had knocked on the door and asked if everything was alright. “Don’t come in! Just don’t!” John screamed. The door opened and the man calmly walked out and John followed suit. “What was that, sir?” “Long story. Come on. Have a drink with me.” John told him what happened. The man was a scientist of the highest echelon who had found a way to create a serum that would make anyone into a willing slave, but only over time. He had given John all his notebooks. “Why did he give you these?” “We’re…old friends. When he showed me the vial I don’t know what came over me. I just took it from him and looked at it and then I did something rather unspeakable. I lunged at him, pinned him down and made him swallow all of it.” “You did WHAT? Sir, you are in the House of Lords. You can’t afford a scandal.” “You don’t understand. It worked. You have to dilute it, he said. Said that in its pure form it could be dangerous. Well, I just didn’t think that anyone should know about it. He wanted M16 to have it, but I told him to never speak of it to anyone. Works like hypnotism, anyone who swallows it has to do what you tell them. I had to slam his arm on the floor so he’d open his mouth.” “And now?” “Now he has to obey my instructions. He will go about his life as normal and not ever tell anyone about this night ever again.” “Sir, and you think he will keep ‘is trap shut, sir?” “I do. He was never one to lie and I’m afraid I can’t let it fall into the wrong hands. The truth of what happened here tonight must never leave this house.” John poured himself a brandy. John put all the scientist’s findings in a safe. The incident blew over but a week later John had his unfortunate stroke and died. The first thing Ed did after everyone went home and the grieving widow went to stay with relatives was crack the safe. A bunch of gold was in there, as well as the notebooks. He took the notebooks. He was able to replicate the formula but it wasn’t easy and some items took some doing to find. Part of the way the formula worked was that whoever “imprinted” their voice onto you shortly after ingestion was going to be the only one the hypnotic suggestion worked for. In other words, if he was the first person to talk to you after you drank part of the solution, his voice would be the one you obeyed, but not anyone else’s. At least not if you didn’t talk to anyone within the timeframe of an hour. Ed had used the formula in only small amounts on Wesley over the years, gaining his following, his adoration. But part of the consequence of using it on it on a young test subject was that the puberty of said subject would be delayed quite considerably. Wesley wasn’t even able to cum until he turned 17, and was far mor underdeveloped than most boys. His dick was only 2 inches long for fuck’s sake. No facial hair yet and the lad was nearly 27 years old. He looked no older than the boy Devon he was talking to in the other room. Ed had felt no guilt in using Wesley as his test subject but had come to truly love the lad. He was his for life now, that much was certain, and he wanted to rectify certain things now. He had an entire company filled with gay men that did his bidding because he had dosed every single one of them with slave juice. He had dosed all the organized criminals in the area as well. It wasn’t really a very hard ascent to power. It took a very short time for him to dominate his world, and get dozens of men and eventually hundreds to worship the ground he walked on. He could snap his fingers at any one of them and they would jump at the opportunity to do his bidding. ENGLAND, 1997 One day, Ed decided to track down the original scientist who created the hypno formula that worked so well to create slaves for his enjoyment and well being. He couldn’t dose the man since he’d already been imprinted but he did find out where he worked. He had a detective put together a list of potential victims and eventually dosed a man with high clearance. This man was a biochemist. One of the smartest men in the world. Ed put him to work right away. He explained the slave formula and said he wanted to make an antidote. Even though the man had been dosed he understood his own predicament. He lived to serve Ed, but knew if he wanted a life of his own again, he would have to invent an antidote. Not just an antidote. With the notes of the original scientist, who had been told to never share those findings with anyone, they discovered the secrets of how to change the male human brain. There were a few “switches” and the slave switch worked quite well. But what about a “master” switch? As it turned out, there was one. But it wasn’t quite enough. The first formula worked mentally but also physiologically. Wesley was barely into the first stage of puberty even though he was 27 and Ed wanted to know if that process could be sped up, if it was possible to grow the lad. The new scientist slave admitted that muscle growth technology had existed for over twenty years but that it had been utterly repressed due to the side effects. Ed smiled. “What might those be?” he had asked. He ordered the scientist to never mention his name to anyone, ever, or mention any of their conversations. He then ordered him to create a batch of the serum. Ed had given Wesley a brandy to drink. The lad rarely ever drank alcohol as it was usually reserved for masters. Wesley’s transformation to submissive slave was based on Ed’s whims and they had grown stronger over the years. But now he had so many slaves that he wanted to shake things up a bit and create a TRUE son, a son that would be perfect to take his name. Any true son of his would have to be a born master. As Wesley drank the brandy, he noticed something happening with him and Devon. He was feeling very strange. All his life he had felt inferior to other men and had wanted nothing more than to serve them. But now that he was with Devon, and his master father had given him the go ahead, he couldn’t believe he was warming up to the idea! He had become so used to being a slave that the idea of domination was to him, unthinkable. He didn’t talk to Devon much. He sat in the armchair his master had usually occupied and surmised the boy. He was definitely a pretty boy, prettier even than Wesley. He looked like a model. His eyes were so deep and blue, his hair was so auburn brown it shone. His face so bright and happy and beckoning. Wesley sat in the chair and finished the brandy. “Get over here.” “Yes, sir.” “Strip your clothes.” “Yes, master.” Wesley felt a thrill he had never felt before. He took off all his clothes and stood there with his 2 inch dick hanging out. “Suck me off, slave.” Devon happily agreed to do so. That night, Wesley went to sleep in a bed for the first time in years. It was disorientating but he enjoyed it. Devon did sleep on the floor. When he got up in the morning and went to pee, he saw that his little dick had grown by as much as an inch. “What the fuck is going on?” He came downstairs. Ed was smoking a cigar and wearing one of his expensive suits. “Hullo, lad. Glad you’re up. We need to talk.” Ed told him about the formula and what changes he could expect. At least, he told him about the “alpha” formula. He neglected to mention he had stunted the boy’s growth throughout his life, which had resulted in him having a shrunken dick that could barely cum more than a trickle and never fully orgasm. And he neglected to mention he was responsible for the boy growing up to want nothing more than to be his slave. He let Wesley think these were natural things that Ed had managed to correct with the right contacts. “You wanted me to be like you,” Wesley said in wonder. “Do you ‘ave a problem becomin’ like your old man?” “No. It’s just…different. I’m going to grow? Actually grow?” “As big as a fucking house with the dosage I gave you.” Wesley looked at his image in the giant gold-framed mirror in the living room. He still looked very much like a boy with black hair growing fairly wildly. A boy who looked ridiculous in a grown man’s suit giving orders to other men. But soon no longer. Wesley started wearing his old clothes, the ones he used to wear to work or around the house before his father had declared he stop wearing them altogether. He felt suddenly that he had no desire to serve anyone. He felt amazed by this, and took to ordering Devon around with gusto. He had paid attention to all the other masters at work quite well and found he was capable of being quite harsh sounding when he wanted to be. And after a week his clothes started to feel quite snug. After ten days he barely fit into any of them. They bought new clothes for him. As he grew taller, he also grew in bulk. Whereas before, no matter how much he worked out always resulted in a look where he resembled a fourteen year old at best, now he was growing wider. His rib cage actually looked like it was expanding! He started to grow facial hair, and he realized it one day when he kept scratching at his face for some reason. He had never had any before and thought maybe he had a rash at first. But then he realized it was a thin line of peach fuzz. He was so excited he decided not to shave. By the next day it was a little bit more distinct and by day three it had turned into a full shadow, graphite gray smearing and adorning his once angelic cheeks. It was such a vast difference that for the first time in his life, people started to see him as an adult walking down the street. He had grown three inches and although he was only 5’5” it was still better than the practical midget size he had been. Women started to notice him. Another few weeks went by. His father had ordered him to work out every day and he developed muscles all over. His pecs were taut and visible, his biceps small but much firmer than before, his calves and thighs striated with veins. His dick got up to five whole inches. He ordered Devon around and took joy in making him cook and clean while naked. The boy smiled at him constantly and now that his dick was bigger he could finally cum like a man. He started fucking Devon in the ass now that he had a length where he could actually accomplish this! It was so hot for him to do so. The first time he penetrated Devon’s perfectly white and tight asshole was one of the best moments of his life. He actually could feel the liquid gushing through his dick and into the orifice eagerly awaiting it! The rush of it! He had never experienced anything like it before! The next week saw some pretty profound changes. He developed body hair, pubic hair, and had already begun shaving every day, which he took to proudly. He got a haircut and now looked like an average male adult in his early 20s. He had reached 5’7” He had to buy new shoes and new clothes again. He tried to just buy one or two outfits since he had no idea how far he would be growing and he made sure to buy them in areas far outside the town he lived in. No one recognized him at all and he realized that he was going to have a problem with identity. Who would believe he was himself? Ed told him not to worry, that after his transformation was complete, he would get new paperwork drawn up and give him a new identity. Ed had really saved him, he thought. No longer was he a quivering little boy drawn to servicing other men. Now he was his own man with his own suck slave! He began snapping his fingers and barking orders around the house. “Slave! Get me some tea! Slave! Run a bath for me! I’ve been working out and I need to relax! Slave! Get me a beer! Slave! Get over here and suck me off, I’m really in the mood to cum in your mouth, boy!” It was a drastic change in his attitude and he couldn’t stop himself. He didn’t want to. Another week saw him entering into real jock territory. His biceps became even fuller. His pecs and back were very visible. His nipples would strut out if he wore a T-shirt and he started to become very cocky in public. He began to give women a look that made them desire him. His back had wings now, and it impressed him to the point where he would study his reflection every day and admire his growth, sometimes for an hour or more at a time. Several times he had to jerk off at his new reflection. In just six short weeks after he got up to 6 feet. Ed was 6 foot 3 inches. He wondered if he could get to that level. It was a thrill to see his dad face to face now whenever they were together. He beamed all the time and when he worked out started to feel so empowered he felt like he could punch holes through walls. The testosterone rush was new to him and he felt the urge to punch things more. He thought about beating up his slave but since he never experienced that himself, refrained from doing so. He told his father how he felt one night. “You need to come to the fighting ring and get that aggression out. Trust me, you’ll thank me.” The first time Wesley fought another man was one week later. By that time he had reached 6’1” and weighed in at 180 pounds of solid muscle. He worked out like a maniac every day and thought about fucking and muscle and nutrition constantly. His father had been overseeing his diet and his slave Devon had been under strict orders to adhere to cooking a healthy regimen. It took Wesley a week of studying boxing and fighting. He would watch VHS tapes of it and absorb all of it. Suddenly he had the urge to do real violence and he thrilled over it. He was quick and efficient in the fighting ring. The ring was actually held in an abandoned warehouse and all the guys there were chavs, so he dressed the part. He was taller than a lot of them and he couldn’t wait to make them pay, make them pay for laughing at him behind his back, all the men over the years who thought they were superior to him. All these thoughts came to him in a rush. He was by far the least experienced fighter there but he learned quickly after just one punch to his face he beat his opponent to a pulp. He was quick and strong and he felt like screaming in primal lust after bloodying the first man he did. He circled his prey one by one and took three of them down before Ed called it for the day and clapped him on the back, congratulated him, and said he had become a true man among men. The other fighters shook hands with him and many asked him how long he’d been fighting and asked for some pointers. Wesley smiled mischievously. He grew and grew. His muscles were like temples now, holy and sacred. His pecs had become truly meaty slabs and he pleasured to the point of creaming himself with hundred pound dumbbells and the thought that he was actually becoming a fucking god. In two months after drinking the alpha serum he hit the 200 pound mark. He started getting his hair cut in a military style, and his face had changed considerably. His jaws were much bigger now and the stubble in combination made him look like a true warrior. He had gone from having a slightly oval face to a square one, and he commanded attention wherever he went now. His biceps were the size of small melons. He enjoyed intimidating other men in public just by walking past them, and looking down and smiling. He was now 6’3” the exact same height as his father and still growing. His dick had grown steadily and was now at 7 inches. “Hey, slave! Did you clean up my bedroom?” “Yes, Master Wesley. I did, sir.” Devon bowed to him. “Good. Get over here and suck me off. God, I love your throat, slave.” The jock god had on most days been wearing gym clothes and cheap T-shirts. He presented his dick and smiled arrogantly as the much smaller man sucked him off, like a good sub. His leg muscles were easily bigger than Devon’s head now. He felt like he could run for miles around the smaller man. Everything about being big was good. He looked like an Olympic athlete or better. He peaked finally at 6’6” and 240 pounds. He was an absolute giant. He looked nothing like his former self and intimidated practically anyone he came across with his now constant smirks or scowls. Just one flex of his arms told other men to back the fuck off. He would sometimes go to bars just to mop the floor of the place with some drunk asshole and humiliate him because the idea of embarrassing a lesser man excited him to the point of nearly cumming in his pants. Wesley had the drunk’s head in a headlock. The man was trying in vain to escape. “Now that was real stupid, wasn’t it? Are you going to be smart and back down? Are you going to apologize to the lady?” The beautiful woman crossed her arms and looked at Wesley approvingly, and repeated his sentence. “Yeah, are you going to apologize to me?” “I’m really sorry.” “You shouldn’t call women sluts if they don’t want to sleep with you, mate. Or a cunt. In fact, the only cunt here is you. Say it.” “I’m..I’m cunt.” Wesley dropped the man who landed on the floor with a thud. “Thank you,” the woman said impressed and delighted. “My pleasure,” Wesley said, grinning. His dick was a full 8 inches flaccid and nearly 10 when engorged. Devon was definitely having a harder time pleasuring him so they had upped the ante by using a hole clamp to extend the young boy’s asshole. Wesley changed his name officially to “Dominic Bester” and finally splurged on nicer clothes now that he had a body that wasn’t going to grow out of them. His perfect, charming smile won over everyone he came across. His voice had dropped considerably from that of a timid boy to a bass that made lesser men and women quiver in lust. Dom Bester made his first appearance as VP of the company to all the men that had worked there for years. And since they were all slaves to his father, none of them had a problem with the fact that they had never heard of this other son of Edward Bester. With his tall godlike appearance, deep commanding voice and winning personality that was almost a carbon copy of his father’s, Dom fit in right away and took to ordering around his subordinates with ease. And he seemed to know the business intimately well. It was uncanny to the brainwashed crew of gay alpha men. But when Ed told them that Dom was really more than an equal, that he truly was their superior, they believed it wholeheartedly. Ed announced he was leaving for a month and left Dom in charge while he was away in London. The orgies began again at home, and this time it was Devon that was on the receiving end of things. Dom enjoyed fucking his boy and then watching a line of men fuck him as well. When Ed had found Devon the boy had been homeless and eating out of garbage bins. Now he was in bliss getting fucked by a room full of muscle daddies… … “How are those reports coming?” Dom asked Keith and Carl. “Almost done, boss.” Carl replied. “Well it was due this morning. You two know what that means.” Dom said, snapping his fingers. The two followed the larger man in his expensive pinstripe suit. Dom adjusted his lapels and drew the blinds as the two men disrobed and presented themselves to suck his dick while he lit up a cigar at his desk. “Oh. Yeah. That’s right. Suck that dick, you cunt. That’s what a real man’s dick is like, in’t it, cunt?” Dom, formerly Wesley said, chomping on his cigar. Carl he wanted to make out with a little first. Though the blond hunk had no idea that the man who intimidated the hell out of him now used to be his own sex slave made Dom even hornier. He held the cigar in his hand and smiled in a primal, hedonistically superior way. “I want you to bark like a dog, cunt.” Carl did so. “Now stop. Now take this dog food and eat it out of this bowl, cunt. You too, shit for brains.” Soon his subordinates were eating dog food out of a bowl while he laughed. The new Dom Bester could choose between any of 15 men from work to come home and be his lover for the night. They were all overcome with lust for him and he topped them all. Sometimes two or three in a row depending on his mood, before dismissing them to go home. And he would not spare them his wrath at work. He would gladly reward good work and humiliate and berate the ones that fell behind. The new Dom Bester would reflect on his former status as he chomped his cigar while wearing his suits, walking around town so he could simply have the joy of looking down on shorter men he came across and smiling to himself in deep satisfaction. He would think of the short nerdy slave boy he had been and the true man he had become. Throughout this ordeal, Ed and his new son Dom had not engaged in sex. The imprint was gone on the former James and Dom had taken his place. They were like two different people and Dom smiled as he saw his now shorter dad come in one night as he curled 120 pound dumbbells in the living room. “Hey, Dad.” “Son. You’re looking amazing.” “Haven’t seen you in a month. Did you miss me?” Dom asked arrogantly and flexed. “I did, quite a lot. You’re just so fucking ripped now. So fucking big, I’m so fuckin’ proud of you!” “Thanks, dad. I’m up to 260 pounds now! That creatine you gave me has done wonders, wouldn’t you say?” Dom made his huge man pecs dance for his father. “Indeed! My god, the size of you! You really have outgrown me, and I’m proud to say it.” “You should be proud of me. I upped our client list this month by 3%.” “What? That’s amazing! What’d you do?” “I told people why they should go with our men and I’m very convincing when I want to be. Wouldn’t you say?” “I’m proud of you! We should have a drink to celebrate!” “Let’s go to the pub and have a pint, mate!” Ed blinked. It was the first time his son had used the word “mate” with him. That was new, but this was a new territory they were in. At the pub, Ed couldn’t believe how big his son was in comparison to other men, how he carried himself, how he strutted about like he owned the place, how he intimidated other men playing pool, how he challenged a few men to armwrestling only to smile arrogantly as they shied away. “Son, this is right fantastic is what this is. You’re going to be the man that can truly represent this company. You’re all man, son!” “Don’t I know it. Cheers!” Dom smiled as his dad drank his ale. “Let’s go outside. Now.” Ed blinked and complied. He followed his massive son, not believing how wide the man’s back had become. The back of a true warrior god! “Alright then, pops, here’s the deal. I want you to get in the car and I’ll drive us home. Then you’re going to get inside and take off all your clothes. And then you’re going to beg me to suck on my 10 inch cock.” “Right.” “Right, sir. I want you to call me “SIR” from now on, dad. Or better yet, Master. Master Dom has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say.” “It sure does, Master Dom. Sir.” “Mmm mm. You are a good looking motherfucker, still. I will say. Can’t wait to get you home. When was the last time another man fucked you again?” “Heh. I’ve never let another man go near my hole. I ain’t never been fucked yet.” “Well now, then it’s high time someone popped your motherfucking cherry, right lad?” Dom said, smiling as he drove. At home, Dom slammed the door as his father walked ahead of him, discarding all clothes as Dom positioned him to get fucked. He got one of his old dildos and shoved it deep into his father’s crack as the old man groaned. “Jesus Christ, that hurts!” “Well you should get used to it because you’re never going to fuck anyone ever again. You’re my new fuck slave, you stupid motherfucker!” He took out the dildo. His dick was at full mast. He began to tenderly shove it into his dad’s hole. “I love you and you are my father. But things are going to change a lot. Oh god that feels good! I’m fuckin’ my dad! Hell yes! Oh! Oh god!” Dom grunted and thrusted for a half hour, just breaking in his dad’s hole. It turned him on terribly that he was bigger than his father now. “You like that, old man? You dumb motherfucker. You didn’t think I’d find out your dirty little secrets, did you? Well I opened up the safe, FAGGOT. I found out what you did to me, making me a fuck slave all those years. Stunting my growth. Making me weak and servile!” He fucked his father to emphasize each word. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He came inside his father and soon the hold was overflowing with Dom’s cum, landing like pudding on the carpet. “Now lick that up. Lick up everything dripping out of your asshole. Lick my cum off the floor as it’s fucking precious, isn’t it?” “Yes, Master Dom.” “Stupid motherfucking shithead. I still love you, don’t get me wrong. But you’re going to be obeying me from now on, fuckhead.” Dom looked down on his father as he gathered cum out of his own asshole that his son had left there and cupped it into his mouth, tasting his own ass with the cum, then when that was accomplished licking the carpet of any precious liquid that escaped. Dom lit a cigar and was exhilarated by the nicotine rush. “You only gave me one of these once. You thought it was funny to let me try one, then you never did again. Well, now the cigars are all mine, pops. The house is mine, too. Everything is mine, the company, the whorehouse, the fighting pits. You’re going to give it all to me.” “Right, son. I mean, Master Dom, sir.” Dom smoked his cigar in deep satisfaction. He flexed before the father he’d had since the age of ten. “I’ve got to thank you for this body. It’s much better than the old one, don’t you think? I’m a fucking god now!” Every muscle in his body radiated power as he said those words. His every movement betrayed how superior he felt, and how massive. His every movement he could feel how heavy he was, how strong, how much stronger than other weaker men. “I can lift 400 goddamn pounds now, pops!” Dom blew smoke and sneered at his father. “Bow to me. Bow to your master.” “Yes, master.” “Say I’m a god.” “You’re a god, Master.” “And you worship me, don’t you, faggot?” “I worship you. I am a faggot.” “And for the rest of your life you’re going to continue to work out for me, and be my houseslave. Now get me a goddamn ale, shithead.” “Yes, Master.” … One week later, Ed announced his retirement. Dom would take over the family business. A few weeks later… Dom was on the phone being very forward. “No, I didn’t say it was alright for you to do that. Do what I tell you to do the first time or I find someone else. You have 24 hours to make this right. Do not disappoint me or you’re fired.” He hung up. “Johnson! Where are you? Johnson!” “Yes, sir. Right away, Mr. Bester. How may I assist you, sir?” “Those insurance forms,” Dom commanded. “For the new client. Did you fill them out yet?” “Uh..they are half-way done, sir.” “Half-way doesn’t pay our bills. Does it? Does half-way pay our bills?” Dom scowled at Carl. “No, sir. I’ll finish them right away, sir.” “See that you do, Johnson. Or I’ll find someone that can.” Dom put the cigar back in his mouth and shut the door to his office, walked back and put his feet up on the desk and his hands behind his dead. Life was good. This weekend the orgy had changed slightly. Devon, though he hadn’t taken the alpha serum, was happily fucking Edward Bester. He had never fucked anyone and it felt really, really good. “Am I doing good, Master?” “Oh, you’re doing fantastic, mate. Keep it up, keep fucking my dad.” The line behind him included about 9 different men from the company, all of whom were taking their turns with Edward, fucking his hole and making him scoop up the cum as it dribbled out of his recently devirginized hole and devour it like it was candy. “This is fucking great. Our boss one week, our cum dumpster the next!” “Mate, how you doin? You won’t more dick?” “Yes, masters. Please fuck me. All of you..please…OW! OW oh GOD this hurts, Master!” “Keep going, Devon. Don’t stop!” Dom commanded. Devon happily continued with a blissful look on his face. When he was homeless he was so scared and now he lived in a mansion with proper gentlemen and he was fucking a bloke for the first time. It was heaven! Each man took his turn with Edward and they all left a very happy group. “Did you enjoy that, pops?” Dom asked. “Doesn’t feel very nice, getting’ plowed by ten guys in a row, does it? Well, get used to it. Because I’m going to give you about, oh, ten years more. See, that’s when you started plowing me, from 17 to 27, so I figure I owe you ten years. And from what I read, you might shrink a bit.” “Oh. No, master! Please, anything but that Master!” Dom came over to the spot Edward was kneeling. “Stand up, slave!” Edward did so with a fearful look on his face. Dom slapped him across the face forcefully. “Don’t you ever presume to talk to me that way again! I own your pathetic slave ass, don’t I?” “Yes, sir. I’m sorry, Master.” “Mmm. I just can’t wait to see you after you shrink. I gave you a rather large dose so according to the projection analysis, you should be about 5’2” when this whole thing is over.” Edward began to cry. It was the first time Edward had ever cried in front of Dom, who had once been Wesley. “Stop crying, you baby!” Dom fished a cigar out of his expensive suit jacket pocket and lit it up. “Now, why don’t you hop into some red nighty negligee and wait in bed for me. I’m going to give you a nice long fuck like you deserve. Little man.” Dom said, slapping his stepfather on the ass as hard as he could. Edward wiped his tears and did as his son commanded. “Now then, how’s about a little muscle worship, Devon?” “Yes, Master.” Devon happily felt his master’s enormous Olympian muscles as Dom laughed. “You know, I used to be a lot like you. But I truly like you, Devon, and you deserve to be happy. How’d you like to get big like me?” He puffed his cigar. “I would like that a lot, Master. I would like that a lot…” THE END
  3. roboprobo

    m/m Bro Fam

    Eventually, you RELISHED your growth going out of control. Sure, you'd officially flunked out of your second year of college but economic analytics was harder than you anticipated... Thankfully, you were very lucky to have such a strong group of bros to support you. And they certainly did- when you initially told them you'd wanted to start working out more seriously, they actually gave you bags of supplements and 'lifestyle' tapes. The tapes were weird (all about 'motivation', working out, or dieting) and even when you always found yourself waking up towards the end of them you'd watch them religiously. Hell, the guys eventually started making your meals for you, too and it didn't take long for the gym to become second nature for you. You got BIG. Your confidence burst through the roof and you were cocky or even mean; you deserved it! Nobody could have gotten as jacked as you, nor as strong. Regardless, you were always kind to your bros. They were the ones making you big, too. Hell, after a while you started feeling like they worshiped you, in a weird, communal way. Each one would bring you a can of weird beer of a brand you couldn't pronounce and of course you'd end up shotgunning it as a challenge. At some point doorways were becoming a challenge due to your width- that's when the guys would laugh at your wide, stumbling gait but still help you get upstairs to bed. The side effects made EVERYTHING bigger. Some of the bros bought you new shoes every time your feet started getting cramped in your current pair. One day you'd dozed off again after a weird lifestyle tape, waking up with an excess of morning wood and one of your younger buddies sucking on your long toes. You felt embarrassed but there was something about when he asked you to flex for him that kept you laying comfortably on your increasingly smaller bed. He'd ask you questions about wanting your growth and if you liked it; you'd answer with honesty as you milked your fat cock, his chuckle making you smile naively as he moved to massage your huge feet and massive legs. You were getting massive and it felt awesome! All you could really think about was getting bigger and having fun with your bros. After a while it wasn't weird at all to find yourself flexing or working out in the basement, naked, and you consistently found yourself serving the guys however they asked. You almost cried when the school told you you'd failed all your classes; you couldn't even remember the last time you'd even gone. The guys told you it didn't matter, you could still live at the house and to not even sign up for another semester if you didn't want to. So you didn't bother with school. Hell, you used to consider yourself a rather smart guy but nowadays you could barely keep up with complex conversations your bros have at home. The guys would laugh when you gave a ditsy comment and tell you to show of your tits instead. You'd happily peel up (or ripped off) your shirt, showing off your massive pecs. You loved showing off, after all! They called you a good 'himbo' and directed you to administer twice the doses of supplements you were accustomed too. You explained to them your pectorals were seemingly increasing size even faster than the rest of your body, feeling sore almost every day. They gladly began giving you more thorough daily 'massages'. Nowadays you find yourself practically shaking the earth beneath your heavy steps, your quads and hams so wide you have to move in an awkward waddle. Your time is religiously spent in the basement gym or with your loving bros. Sure, they graduate and new ones come in, but you always find tight relationships with them. The guys worship your massive, sweaty body and always make sure you're well-taken care of. You've lost track of how many years have gone by and sometimes wonder if you're not really getting any older, either. You're fucking huge. Sometimes the guys are sweeter and love letting you strut around with a proper alpha male cockiness. Others are meaner, tricking you into tight situations or letting your huge pecs go without milking for days at a time, letting you murmur in discomfort like a proper bull in heat as your pecs start looking overdeveloped even for your massive frame. A rare few actually manage to fit your huge cockhead in their mouths. Some manage to fit you inside them (dangerously) but most often you enjoy feeling a bro sniffing and lapping your hairy, muscled pucker before stretching it out with their fat bro cock. For as much as you have to eat, absorbing protein through your bros' thick cocks is a benefit you gladly enjoy. There isn't often a party where you turn down a proper pose down, letting all the guys worship you as they pump you full of beer and cock.
  4. As we both sat in the Sauna, I could tell there was an attraction between us. Me, the gym rat, tight and fit with some sexy hefty mounds of muscle where they were needed most. Him, the huge hairy power lifter thick with muscle all over him, and a nice layer of bulk on top of that. There were about 5 other guys in the sauna with us, but they all seemed oblivious to what was going on, at first. I never had the hots for a bear or big thick guys. I always went after the tight, fit, cut gym rats like myself. Maybe it was the heat mixing with the testosterone in his sweat that was filling my nostrils with a pungent sent of desire and maleness. As we sat there, looking each other up and down, assessing what the other was all about, I got the sense that this was not going to go my way but I still tried to assert my normally irresistible hypermasculinity. Very quickly , there was no doubt from anyone in that steam room as we were not being very secretive about our posturing toward each other. The other guys in the small wooden room were getting quite a show of an animalistic courting, Most of them tried to avert their eyes as much as possible, but I could see that they would sneak in a look every now and then, some even adjusting their growing cocks. It was like a mating documentary of two Alphas from different packs. Secretly thought, even with my Gorilla like flexing and rubbing the engorged muscles of my chest and arms, hiding my actions with falsities of stretching, I couldn't help but feel like I was not "The" Alpha Male here in this game. Normally, I usually had the other little fauna eating out of my rough callused hands, causing them to swoon like the little muscle worshipers they were, but this grizzly was definitely not the subordinate in this forest of heat, wood, muscle and sweat. As I had said, I was quite the cut and muscular specimen, but even with all of my muscle, this bear titan dwarfed me. Sitting there, this guy towered over me at least a foot or more. His shoulders from end to end must have been about 3 feet across. His upper arms looked like it had swallowed a small basketball. His chest and upper torso, I could figure, was at least 55 inches around and his nipples were as large as half dollars with tips that were larger then a nipple on baby bottle. He was covered in a coat of fur over his entire super thick torso, forearms and back. Each strand of hair was coarse like mini trees on rolling massive mountains of muscle, When I looked at his face, all I could see was every picture of Paul Bunyan that I had ever seen. His lips, that were fuller than Jagger's, boar through the carpet of dark face fur. They glistened with the moisture of a combo of sweat and saliva, occasionally licked by a red python that would slowly emerge from it's liar smelling it's impending prey as it helped to re-moisten the cave entrance. Then, as I looked up his worn, chiseled cheekbones, I stopped at his eyes. The brows were super bushy and dark, but not in a uni-brow. Each thick caterpillar sat on it's roof of the housing of the most amazing Caribbean Sea deep blue eyes. The electrified oculars weren't only hypnotic, but endless in their depth and control over everything they looked at. A mass of authority blazed from them and even with all my self assurance, I was lost in their endless victory over my will and pride. In truth, there was no battle for dominance because this beast had his kill before his prey even knew it was dinner. Even as I knew I was killed and about to be eaten by this incredible victor, I never felt so alive and full of a harmonious peace, before. I was beaten, but in an orgasmic bliss from the battle. My inner desires were at the hottest blazing temperature and I welcomed the fire that was rising inside of me. I think that it was a combination of his size, smell and authoritative manner that was hitting every erogenous zone in me. Whatever it was, I couldn’t stop, my increasing desire with every breathe. There was absolutely no interference from me getting one of the hardest erections I ever had in my life. I tried to push it down between my legs and covered it with my towel, but he knew his power over me had fertilized my inner being of carnal lust and he toyed with it. I was so hard it felt like I was going to explode before anything physically would happen. I could see it in his eyes that he knew I wanted him. He almost smirked at how easy it had been for him to control me. Then, as if to taunt me even further, I watched in awe as he opened up his towel and I got my first vision as his cock began to thicken and lengthen. At first, he sat towards me so only I could see his cock as he gave me a private show. Because, I’m sure if the other men would have seen it, they would have either run for the hills or pounced on him, and I don’t think he wanted to share with them. This was for me. I was his target. His cock, soft, was as thick as screwdriver handle, but as it plumped up, it grew to the size of a small baseball bat. It was easily 7-8 inches long and probably around 7 or more inches around. Slowly, as if to show me it’s teeth, the head glistened as it emerged out from under it’s hood. I licked my lips uncontrollably and I could see his whole cock was actually pulsating with every gush of blood that ran into it. Amazingly though, I could tell that it wasn’t fully hard and that scared and excited me even more. The other men in sauna, seemed to show interest in the bear and I, but it was mostly out of curiosity. Some took off their towels and you could see that they were getting excited, some kept their towels on and groped themselves showing small tents. But, when they didn’t seem to get a response from either the bear or I, they would get up and leave. This happened a few times, but he never got fully hard as other men would come in and out of the sauna. Then, after about 20 minutes, when we had chased the last of the bystanders away, one of the employees and one of my faithful worshipers, Jordon, peaked his head in and said that it was closing time. He must have gotten a look at the bear’s cock, because his eyes jumped wide open and then he licked his lips, turned his head and smiled at me asking if I’d lock up. I said yes and gave him the look of, “Okay, you can leave now.” Jordon chuckled and threw me the keys and said he’d lock the door behind him. Since I was the owners son, I could stay as long as I wished. Shockingly, The Bear began to cover himself and get up as if he was going to leave and I motioned for him, to sit back down, telling him that it would be just the two of us left and he could stay if he liked. The light’s outside of the sauna in the locker room dimmed and we knew we were alone. That’s when this thick papa bear’s cock really sprang to life. He must have released any inhibitions of holding back, because like a fucking rocket, It grew and grew to be thicker than a one of those extra large “Monster” energy drink cans and longer than a coke bottle. It stood straight out and up even with it’s huge size. It looked way too heavy to be able to stand as straight up as it was....It was just sooo fucking massive!! Both my mouth and ass were watering and pleading to me to get fed. I don’t know if it was the heat or him, but I was feeling really lightheaded and I could literally feel my heart as it pounded in my chest to meet with the throbbing of my cock. As I removed my own towel to finally show him my own thick 8″ rod he smiled, and said, “Nice” and then he looked down at his 14″ long monster and said, “better”. As if on cue, a very large and thick pearly drop of precum jeweled up on the tip of his massive head. Instinctively, I threw my towel on the floor and knelt between this colossal beast’s legs. My hands landed on his rock hard powerful thighs and I could feel the power of him beneath my touch. I tried to squeeze them , but it was like squeezing a petrified log. I quickly opened my mouth and let his precum fall onto my tongue before it would be wasted on the hot wood slats below us. It was surprisingly thick as cum and as I tasted his salty goodness, I swear I literally felt electrified by it. Waves of incredible pleasure overcame me and my cock jumped as an incredible hunger rose in my entire body. I opened my mouth wider and took in the thickest man I have ever attempted to suck off. My mouth stretched to almost beyond it’s limits and I thought my lips would split at the sides, but I was able to take him in me. Little by little I was able to get more and more of him into my mouth and with each downward movement of my head I felt more and more passion course through me. I have never wanted a man more in my entire life. What the fuck had I been missing all these years? As I finally got down to fit at least 9 inches of him down my throat, I heard him to begin to growl and moan loudly. My eyes were wild with hunger as much as the rest of me and I happened to look down toward the floor and I saw that I had created my own large pool of precum. “It’s not gonna take much boy, but I’ve got loads and loads for ya…so are you ready for shot number 1?” I nodded and hummed an “Ah huh” and that’s when I felt his huge hands go around and under my arms as he lifted me effortlessly up, twisting me so I was upside down with his cock still in my mouth and my legs on his shoulders. He began to lower me up and down on his cock as he held onto my sides. The man was literally using my body and face like a Fleshjack to fuck me. The power in him was beyond belief and realizing such made me go over the edge as I lost all control and I began to erupt a torrent of cum all over his face, chest, belly and legs. It was literally the strongest orgasm I could ever have remembered having. Even after the cum stopped escaping my cock, I still was having orgasmic convulsions of my whole body. Then I realized, that my lips and oral cavity were numb and I was taking almost every bit of his shaft in and out of my mouth. That’s when the beast began to give me the first incredible orgasm that rose out of him. His whole body began to shake and I eagerly awaited the result. He screamed like an animal in sheer bliss and in a matter of seconds, I literally could feel the force of cum traveling through his cock and as it fired out like a cannon with blast after blast into me. An amazing warmth filled my throat, chest and stomach, but it only slightly ebbed my hunger for him. I had never had anyone cum as much as he did. It was as if the amount of cum that was coming out of that huge body of his was actually a natural thing. Huge body=Huge Cummer. I couldn’t swallow the massive amounts of cum that he was giving me as some of it flowed out of my mouth and down his shaft. When he finished his explosive orgasm, he got up with both of us, kicked open the sauna door and then straddled one of the locker room benches. He picked me up off of his cock, turned me around and sat me on his lap, pushing his huge still rigid cock beneath my balls as it pushed up against my taint and asshole. Then he pulled me to him in a bear hug and kissed me. We kissed long and hard and passionate for about 5 minutes as his frottage of my ass made me become even hornier if that were possible. When he could tell by my moans that I couldn’t take it anymore, he told me to get ready for him. He lifted me up and held me above his vertical rock solid tower cock and he slowly and gently lowered me to just slightly enter me, holding me up like i was nothing but a feather. Little by little he lowered me onto him and If I winced he eased up, letting me get used to his incredible size and then he’d lower me some more. This must’ve took about 10 minutes and the guy never looked like he struggled with my 262lbs of heavy muscle at all. In fact, he seemed to get even more invigorated and stronger. The reason I say stronger was because, as he was getting me acclimated to his cock, I was sucking on his hairy chest and nipples and his chest seemed to get harder and bigger. I’m not kidding. It was simply amazing and unreal at the same time, but I think the bear was actually growing a little. When he finally stopped lowering me, I realized it was because he was now balls deep into me. I literally had all 14 and a half inches of his super thick prick deep into me and there was no pain, only a complete bliss like I had never felt before. Precum was pouring like a faucet out of my own cock soaking both of us. He told me to relax and that he would do all the work!! So, I relaxed my body as much as I could and he began to lift me up and down on him. Starting slow so that he was sure that I was accustom to his size. As my moans got more intense and my ass loosened up to fit him, his speed increased. With every downward movement I began to actually shoot small amounts of precum all over us. Since his cock was so huge it was essentially past my prostate, but with every upward motion he would almost take his cock out, but then thrust down and it hit it causing me to scream in ecstasy and shoot the cascade of precum. I’ve never had a man as big as him in me and I’ve never had a man with so much strength use me as his sex toy. I was a willing but completely powerless participant for this behemoth. He could have done anything to me and I would have complied and realizing that made me to literally let go as I began to, again, uncontrollably cum after only a few more thrusts of his cock up into me. I must have looked in panic at him and he just smiled and said, “No Worries…You’re gonna cum more tonight than you have ever cum in your life…and so am I.” And with that, again I felt the rush of his orgasm travel up his cock and empty into me with so much cum that I literally could feel him filling me up. I know it wasn’t really going into my stomach, but I began to feel so full inside and warm. God, I was so warm with his juice. This beast of a man had completely opened me up to a realm of existence I never knew was possible and I loved every second of it. My eyes had been closed during my last orgasm, but when I opened my eyes to look straight into his and I felt it. It was pure. It was real. It was Love. I knew I loved him. I knew at that moment that He was everything to me. He was everything to all of us. As he gazed back at me, he said, “I know,…I know…I feel it too…We are meant to be. I felt it from you long ago, first when your were in the bassinet at the hospital. Then when I watched you play football, or when you tended to Dad's fields and finally when you first came to Flatbush.” “I love you...Sir” I said and I never had any doubt or worry when those words came out. It was the most natural expression I had every given. “I love you, too. I have for years…'names Matt....I have a little farm just outside of town. You're there now...." He said as he looked deeper into my eyes. "...and I'm your Uncle!!” Steve opened his eyes, sprang up in bed and looked around the dimly lit bedroom. Lying next to him was Lloyd and he was just as amazing as when he first pulled up in the truck. Steve, smiled, not only at the sight of Lloyd, but at the dream he had just had. He fondled his rock hard cock as got up and walked over to look out of the window to the morning that was dawning. He made it. Uncle Matt's Farm. He was finally here. There was a knock on the door. Author's note: I know it seems like a part of the story is missing from where Sam & Jake were about meet Lloyd & Steve out in the woods, but trust me, you will know what happened in that scene very soon. Please tell me what you think so far. I'd really love to hear your thoughts, comments and even wishes for what might happen next. Thanks, NY BEAR!! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. THANKS.
  5. Part One "Ah, Henri, just the person I was looking for!" As Henri bowed to his Captain, Treville bowed in reply and as he came up added "You have to be one of the most polite Musketeers it has been my honour to have in the corps" and when whispered in Henri's ear "Just lay off it in public otherwise people might twig that you are from England!" Henri smiled and he said that he would tone it down a little, knowing that the Captain was the only member of the corps who knew his true origin. "Now, down to business" continued the Captain, "I presume that you know the Duke of Buckingham is coming to visit next week as part of his, so called, diplomacy" Henri nodded and sighed to which the Captain replied "Yes, my feelings exactly. We both know what he is doing here. He wants to be alone with the Queen for as long as possible. There are times I wish he'd just leave her alone, but, well, you can't say no to love I guess, therefore I wanted to know if you could have a word with the Ultimates for me?" "All of them, sir?" asked Henri, "but sir, I really only know the Ultimate Musketeer" "True" replied the Captain, "but well, your skills at diplomacy are renowned, after all you are the person who delivered the King's Lights back to Phillip of Spain in perfect Spanish" "And what is the message that you would like me to relay to them, sir?" smiled Henri *** "Sorry?" asked Roger, later that evening as he and Porthos were gathered at Henri's digs, "the King wants the Ultimates to greet the Duke?" "That's right" replied Henri, "you see he's had some intelligence, and it's correct intelligence, that the Duke is bisexual at best and he thinks that if he were to see the Ultimates he might lose interest in the Queen and start paying more attention with them and therefore put the King's mind at ease!" "Well" chuckled Porthos, "I don't mind showing him what the Ultimate Titan can do!" "What is the Duke like?" asked Roger to which Henri replied, "Well, let's put it this way" and began a very detailed explanation highlighting the Duke's relationship with James I of England noting that "one letter from the Duke to the King said "whether you loved me now…better than at the time which I shall never forget at Farnham, where the bed's head could not be found between the master and his dog" so make of that what you will" but as he continued Roger started to lean in and said "And he's bisexual you think?" "I am certain of it!" replied Henri *** As the Duke of Buckingham entered the courtyard of the Louvre, he was greeted by the King and Queen in person and as tradition dictated he kneeled before the King, kissed his glove, stood up, kissed the Queen on the cheek and announced himself as "His Grace, George Villers, Duke of Buckingham" As they greeted each other, Roger, now in the guise of the Ultimate Cadet looked at the Duke and whispered "He looks nothing like a dog" which was met by a glare from Henri, as the Ultimate Musketeer, as the King brought the Duke to them. "Your Grace" said the King, "these three men are the strongest and most powerful member of my Musketeers" and with that he nodded to Henri who stepped forward, towering over the Duke by a good two feet, and announced "I am the Ultimate Musketeer, the most powerful member of the corps, this is the Ultimate Titan, the strongest man ever to live in the world" and with that Porthos, as his alter ego, stepped forward, "and this is the Ultimate Cadet, a man who desires to become what we both are!" As Roger stepped forward, the Duke's eyes opened wide and as he traced out the Ultimate Cadet's pecs, he moaned "Such a work of art" and as he was led away by the King towards the Palace, the Duke turned and blew a kiss to Roger prompting Henri to chuckle "Get your coat, Roger, I think you've pulled"
  6. Tattcub

    Second Chances

    Hi all you Embiggening peoples Here's a new story I'm working on. It's based on a classic Sci-fi Thriller starring Rock Hudson called Seconds. It's pretty dark and the transformations will come I promise. The First Chapter is expostion and setting the scene. Let me know what you think. I have wanted to write this down for a long time. I was unsure of where to start, unsure that anyone would believe me. Fear of ridicule and retribution were also a factor. There are people out there that I care for, I understand that now. People that can and will be harmed or worse if I breathe a word of this to another living soul. That is why I am writing this down. So you, dear reader can make your mind up, and maybe never make the same mistake I did. The organisation that I am involved with have such power, they are everywhere and could be anyone. Please be careful and more than that, be satisfied with the life you have, the life that you can control. Be the master of your own destiny. Disinterest and Boredom can lead to loathing. Not raging hate but a deep and slow loathing where you find that you care about nothing. My name is or was Elliot Shaw. I was the Assistant manager of a good-sized merchant bank downtown and was told I was the next in line for promotion when my current boss, a happily stolid man of 60 retired. I’d done my duty at the bank. Worked the late nights and did the weekend conferences. I’ve helped business and people achieve their dreams and grow for most of my working life and I had never had the satisfaction of having it for myself. I am a man, old before my time. I am in my late forties and look older, my hair has greyed and thinned earlier than it should have as if it’s reflecting the dullness and decay I have inside me. Average size and build with a typical middle age paunch from the same home cooked bland food every night. I left work on this mid-week night the same way I had done day after day, week after week, year after slow unending year. As I left the bank that evening and headed towards the station it started to rain. It was that slow annoying drizzle that manages to get everyone in it. It makes everything grey and blurry. Shades of grey amongst shades of grey. All the commuters in the city including myself trudged their way to their transport home. As it was the city centre I headed towards the main station as I always did. I had no umbrella, as usual. So I pulled up my collar and walked on through the rain. As I neared the station the rain seemed to ease a little. I put my collar down and grabbed an evening newspaper from the seller outside the station entrance and walked in and joined the throng of commuters, I was on auto-pilot. I had done this journey so many times before and didn’t really pay much attention to the world around me but as I headed to my platform I had a tap on the shoulder. I stopped and turned and there was a man in front of me. It could have been me. He was the same as me really, grey, indistinct and unremarkable. I was about to speak when he grabbed my hand and put a small piece of paper into it. “Go to this address. Use the name Wilson.” He said and looked around briefly. “Do not tell anyone about this or there will be consequences.” He warned. I was about to ask him what he meant but with that he turned into the flow of the crowd and was gone. I was a bit shocked for a second but as I looked at the paper the station announced the train was getting ready to leave. I put the small slip of paper into my pocket and boarded my train and found a seat for the 30-minute journey to my home station. I sat and made myself comfortable. I folded my paper and found it on the crossword page, for some reason I had never completed this crossword. It was a metaphor for my life. Incomplete. My thoughts wandered as I looked up from the paper out of the window and watched the rain spackled windows and the grey suburban landscape beyond pass by. I couldn’t concentrate, hadn’t been able to really since Monday night and the weird call I got. The guy with the slip of paper just added it’s ingredients to the general cocktail of weirdness. I really had this unshakable feeling that I was heading for a crossroads in my life. I took the little slip of paper out of my pocket and looked at it. It contained one line of writing on it, an address. I took out my glasses and read it. 135 Hanover st That was it. Nothing else. I felt a sense of weird expectation, I don’t know why. This one handwritten line was to change my life forever. I just didn’t know it yet. I was dragged out of my reverie by the announcement of my station. I was surprised, had it really been 30 minutes ? I gathered my things and left the train and trudged my way through the rain to my small house that was about 10 minutes away from the station. My wife was sat in the living room reading from a tablet, some novel or other. We both had our hobbies. She read romances and I usually went into the garden. We lived together in the same house and were fine as long as we didn’t have to actually interact much. “It’s still raining hard out there.” I told her, stating the obvious just to have something to say to her. She didn’t hear me, so engrossed in the 19th century bodice ripper was she. Either that or she was just ignoring me. I chose to believe the first one. I took my coat off and dumped the now sodden newspaper on the stand in the hallway. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and look away quickly. I was grey. It was like the rain had just leeched all the colour and life from me. It was the same look I had every day and had done for the last few years. I looked and felt old. I tried to shake the thought and entered the living room. She looked up then. She tried to smile in welcome but it stopped just before it reached her lips. Her eyes were still beautiful, as lovely as they were when I first met her all those years ago. They looked tired though. The last few years had been hard on her too. A loveless, dull marriage will do that. I did love her once, I loved her very much. Not any more. It’s hard to love anyone when you can barely stand to look at yourself. “It’s chicken for dinner.” She informed me. “It’ll be ready in about half an hour.” She said and turned her attention back to the kindle and the world of gardeners and ladies of the manor. We ate our dinner in silence. She was a good cook but it still tasted like paste to me. I still couldn’t shake this feeling of imminent…Something. “What’s wrong?” she said. “I..I had a weird experience on the way home.” I said. As I did the man’s warning came into my head. “What was it?” she asked. “Nothing. “ I lied “Just a bum asking for change.” I told her “Oh.” She said. I could tell by her tone she didn’t quite believe me. “I thought it might have been another call like you had the other night.” She said “No, nothing like that.” I said. The call had been weird to say the least. First of all it was on a land line that we kept purely because the internet service had provided one with their hub. Also it was one of the few things we had decided together as we had wanted to keep the old phone number we had. This had been done some time ago when we felt sentimental enough about these things. The rest of the night continued in silence as we both did our thing. She was watching some drivel on the TV and I browsed gardening ideas on the web. As I did a notification popped up on the screen. I opened my email and it was from an anonymous address and I wouldn’t have opened it if it wasn’t for the email address. It was from an old friend of mine. We went to school together and then were roommates in college. It was just a one line message it said. ANSWER THE PHONE. The phone, the house phone started to ring.
  7. Weremuscle

    growth The Ultimate Dream State

    Liam has always had a desire deep down to be big and strong, but didn't want to work out to get there. He has received advice from his friends that hypnosis might be a way for him to fulfill his lifetime dream. He heard from a guy at the gym that there is a specialized therapist that can help men with their mental blocks. When he goes into the office, he is greeted by the man who tells him to just call him Oliver. He points to his leather couch and wants Liam to lie down and just relax as he eases his way into his mind. He starts to listen to Oliver’s words as the therapist has him close his eyes. Liam begins to drift off as he speaks to him in a very calm manner. He tells him to visualize what his body looks like at the present time. As he lies there, he wants him to try and flex his arms and pump his chest. He is unaware of his state of mind as he continues to drift deeper into this new consciousness. Oliver lifts his arms up to make him flex as he positions them for him. His muscles are not toned since he never worked out before. He then lifts his shirt up to expose his skinny chest and tells him to contract his chest muscles. Liam visualizes this unconsciously and begins to smile as he feels something building up inside him. His chest muscles are reacting as the therapist sees his abs thicken up and stretch out. The growth is moving up to his pecs as they blow up to look like small pillows. His arms are swelling too as the therapist hears what sounds like helium pushing blood through his veins. Oliver tells him that he is doing great and to try and lift the weight sitting in front of him. Liam sees a barbell sitting in from of him in his mind loaded up with 400 pounds of plates. He goes to try and lift it. When he does, the therapist sees him stand up from the couch and lean down to lift the invisible weight. As he does so, his legs expand and shred his pants exposing his underwear which does little to hold his expanding butt and growing cock. The therapist moves over to a chair to watch him continue his transformation. His chest, arms, and shoulders are ripping his shirt to the point that they leave nothing concealed. He lifts the invisible barbell above his head before throwing it back down to the ground. He roars as he drops it showing the huge change in his voice too as it goes an octave lower. Oliver takes a moment before telling him to lie back down on the couch so he can rest. Liam appears spent and is soaked in sweat due to his massive growth. He doesn't want to wake him yet because he needs him to sleep for a bit. As he lies there in nothing but his underwear, Oliver starts to make him visualize what his cock looked like before. In his mind, he is naked with his new muscular body, but his cock is the same as it was before. He makes him focus his energy on his cock. He wants Liam to try and flex it so it will pump more blood. He begins to notice changes occurring down there. He sees his balls expanding in his undies as he smells the aroma of cum filling the air. His cock is slithering its way out of the top of his underwear now and sits on his thick abs. He moans as the feeling is unbelievable as it bounces with each beat. The therapist can’t help but to lick his lips as he talks to you staring at the beautiful piece newly formed. Oliver continues to talk as he slowly walks over to him to leans down to service it. Liam continues to moan in his gravelly voice as he is caressed by the therapist. He wants him to keep focusing on his cock. His balls are growing again as they tear his underwear. His cock moves further up your chest now. His crotch breaks free and his underwear rips off. Oliver pulls the remnants off of him and starts petting his cock. Liam goes to touch it, but he tells him not to move a muscle. As he keeps him calm, the therapist starts to lightly lick the cock head making him squirm. He tells him to just relax and go back to where he was at with the barbell in front of him. He wants him to load it up with more plates now. Liam walks over to where he thinks it is in his mind and grabs the invisible plates to put on the barbell. As he attempts this, the therapist stands back so the newly muscled Liam can stand like he did before. He sticks his thick arms out and makes motions similar to what bodybuilders do when they load up the bars. He thinks the barbell is at 500 pounds now and goes to lift it up. As he raises his arms above his head again, his muscles start growing again as the skin stretches, revealing more muscles on top of the ones he already has. Oliver tells him he is succeeding at his goal and he now needs to put the weight down so he can go sit and rest again. He growls as he makes a slamming motion and goes to sit on the couch again. As he sits down, the therapist takes his glasses off and walks over to sit beside him. He tells Liam to imagine his lover being there with him in the gym. He smiles and says his name Vince. Oliver says that Vince is on his knees and he is going to suck his cock after that hard workout. He moans a few times before the therapist moves down on his cock and starts sucking. He honestly thinks that it is his lover doing it so he pushes down on Oliver’s head to go deeper. The therapist moans as he tastes the precum going down his throat. He starts talking dirty to Oliver repeatedly using Vince as his name. He gets so turned on that he makes Liam stop for a moment so he can get on top of him and tell him to flex his arms for him. He growls as he flexes his huge 24" bis so Oliver can feel their power in his hands. He follows this up with a command to bounce his pecs so he does. He can feel the power raging through Liam’s entire body now. It gets him so excited that he unzips his trousers and pulls his throbbing cock out while sitting on the big man’s lap. All this is going on while Liam still thinks it is his lover Vince. He is imagining his beautifully hairy body sitting on his lap while his cock is out touching his leg. Oliver is stroking both of them at the same time as he leans up to kiss him. He manages to get a kiss in before the big stud pulls him in to him. He literally can't tell the difference between the therapist and Vince because they are about the same size. He reaches down and tears a seam open in the rear of his trousers and reaches in to rip his briefs open in the butt. He moans as Liam sticks his huge rod inside his hole and starts fucking him. Oliver is drenched in sweat now and his clothes are stuck to his body. His loud moans make him fuck harder because Vince always loved to be pounded. The power in his thrusts makes the therapist cum all over his chest. As he tries to pull out of Oliver, the therapist tells him to stay inside. It is at that moment that Liam questions Vince since that doesn’t sound like something he would say. He pushes Oliver off of him and appears to be waking up. He attempts to keep him under, but it doesn’t work. When he comes to, he notices that the therapist is completely soaked in sweat and his cock is out of his pants. He yells a few times and goes to confront him, but before he does, he realizes that he isn’t the same size he was. He looks down and notices how immense he is now and goes over to look in a mirror close to the office door. He can't believe such a thing could cause major changes like this. Oliver tries to make him understand that he needs his influence and control to maintain this kind of growth. Liam turns to laugh at him and proceeds to go out the office door, but he remembers that he is wearing no clothes. The therapist tells him he can get him some new clothes that will fit, but he needs to do something for him. He stops walking and turns to go sit down and listen to what he has to say. He tells him that he needs to put him back under so he can finish the process, but for that to happen he must be fucked before it can be finished. Liam laughs again and gets up to leave again. He tells Oliver that he will just walk out of the office naked since it doesn’t really bother him anyway. He pushes the therapist out of his way and leaves.
  8. expandingmuscle

    growth Mass Hose, Parts 1-4 repost from old forum

    Mass Hose by Infinite Muscle Part One Ever since I was a little kid I’d wanted to be big and muscular, and when I hit puberty, that desire increased drastically. In middle school I imagined growing to be the biggest bodybuilder in the world. I looked at pictures of bodybuilders in magazines and pictured myself looking like them. I made a scrapbook that had photos of my head pasted onto different bodybuilders’ bodies. I made drawings of myself with big muscles. I found pictures of bodybuilders on the net and photoshopped my head onto them. I spent hours envisioning myself becoming a future Mr. Olympia. I wanted to grow to be the biggest man ever to hold the title. Even that wasn’t enough. I began to think about impossible size, beyond the range of human scale. I was fixated on images like the Titans and ancient Greek and Roman gods, the Incredible Hulk, Conan the Barbarian, the Parasite from the Superman comic books, and Colossus. I dreamed of being like one of them. At thirteen, I was 5’9” and weighed 120 pounds. I got a cheap weight set from K-Mart. I began to lift weights two or three times a week in my bedroom. I gained a little muscle, and that made me much more confident when I got to high school, but the idea of being a real bodybuilder lingered in my mind. I kept working out, but not really heavily. I really didn’t know what I was doing. Near the end of tenth grade, I found some bodybuilding magazines at a garage sale in my neighborhood. I bought the whole box of them for four dollars. I’d seen some of them at the drug store before, Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Muscle Mag, but never actually read any of them. I had never seen Muscular Development or Planet Muscle before. The bodybuilders in MD looked HUGE! The diet and workout info in Planet Muscle was a revelation, at least to me. I decided to go for it that summer. I was just turning sixteen. I started to work out six days a week on a split routine, and my appetite shot through the roof. On My sixteenth birthday I’d put on twenty pounds of muscle since turning fourteen. I weighed 148 pounds at 5’10.” By seventeen I was at 165, pretty good for my small bone structure. By eighteen I was at 178, and looked like a boxer. When I went to college, I kept at it my freshman year, although a little more slowly, since I was busy with a double major and figuring out how to live on my own. By my nineteenth birthday, I’d hit 190. I had big biceps, decent lats, and shoulders like softballs, but my chest lagged a bit, and my legs were a little thin compared to my upper body. I was getting more and more enthralled with the sensation of my muscles bulging and pushing against each other, and I was determined to make it happen more and more, to amplify the feeling of mass and power. Sophomore year I picked up the pace a lot. I took a weight training class, and the coach was a powerlifter. We spent the first two weeks doing nothing but squats, deadlifts, and bench. I had never done deadlifts before, and had only played at doing squats. It was just as well I hadn’t done many squats, because my form would have injured me if I’d kept at it. But Coach Delaney made sure we were doing them right. I started to grow like mad. By Christmas I weighed 202. I was getting really big, my legs were caught up for the first time, and I felt awesome! I ate five or six times a day, and got stronger every workout. I kept with the routine I’d had in the class, and kept getting bigger. By the time I turned twenty at the end of that following summer, I weighed 215. I felt huge, like a real bodybuilder, for the first time in my life. I figured I’d just keep getting bigger and bigger, and end up looking like Branch Warren or Markus Ruhl. After that though, my gains slowed dramatically. It took me three years to put on another ten pounds. I graduated, and got a job as a proofreader at the newspaper. It paid well enough, and I didn’t need a lot. I had a one bedroom apartment, an old Dodge Neon, and three gym memberships. I worked on proportion and staying ripped. I thought about competing, and went to some local bodybuilding contests. I was one of the stronger guys at my regular after-work gym, the Lifelong Fitness Center, but when I had time, especially on weekends and leg days, I went to Powerhouse, the gym most serious bodybuilders in town preferred. If I needed an ego boost or wanted to swim, I went to Bally’s, where I could pretty much count on being one of the best built guys in the place. I liked my life, but I would never be satisfied as an average bodybuilder. I dated, had a lot of casual sex, never found a serious relationship, and had the chance to cover a few bodybuilding and powerlifting contests for a Musclesport blog on the paper’s website. I was feeling complacent and resigned. I thought sometimes about what I might do if I ever won a lot of money in the lotto. Normally I didn’t even buy lottery tickets. It was just an idle fantasy I played with in my mind if I couldn’t sleep, or had to miss a workout because of traveling or work. I played with ideas about traveling, buying big houses, more cars, more drum sets, eating out in restaurants every day, and all the usual things people think of. But one thing that always came to mind was having the resources to improve my bodybuilding. When I actually won $728 Million in the Ultra Power Lotto (the biggest jackpot ever!) after casually buying a ticket at the gas station, I was stunned, all my imaginary interests started to flood my mind. I bought three new cars, a truck, a McMansion, a highrise condo in the Chicago loop, a house boat in Sausalito, and started to get a sense of how I could control my life and get some focus. A few weeks after I won I began looking more seriously into ways to improve my body’s ability to gain muscle and overall size. I’d already filled all my refrigerators with food, stocked up on protein and supplements, and got a lifting coach. But I wanted to find the most cutting edge advantages. I wanted to get huger than I already was as fast as possible. I looked over all of the various chemical and drug based enhancements, nutritional tweaks, and different kinds of workout schedules and exercise regimens. There were many useful and helpful ideas out there that were suitable for making improvements within the range of natural ability and even for extending it by manipulating hormones with drugs. I had already tried most of the natural methods, and I had flirted a bit with some chemicals, back before the government banned anabolic hormone precursors like 1-AD and lumped them in with steroids. I was looking for new ideas that had never been tried. I’d often dreamed about ways to acclimate the body to megamassive eating through the use of a feeding tube down the throat, but it was impractical, because repeated insertion and removal of a conventional feeding tube would cause inflammation, and damage to esophagus and vocal cords, and the risks involved with a surgically implanted tube in the abdomen were unacceptable. Yet, I needed a way to make it easy to push my nutrient intake beyond the 6500 - 7000 Calorie level that was the most I’d ever sustained for more than a few days. (Even that had practically bankrupted me, but at least my food budget was never going to be a problem again.) The calorie and protein barrier had kept me from growing past 230 pounds. Pretty big for a 5’10” recreational bodybuilder, but not even half as much muscle as I had always wanted. It was while pondering this that I found a research summary on Google that surveyed the numerous ways nano materials fabrication were being adapted. One of them was for less disruptive medical procedures, including injury repair and dressing, and even more interestingly, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and nutrient delivery tubing. The article went into some detail about the flexibility and pressure tolerance of the tubing materials, and their ability to transmit genetic and diagnostic information, so I was immediately excited. If this was what I thought it was, it would mean fast and painless continuous delivery of large amounts of food into the body, along with instructions telling the digestive system how to make the most of it. I arranged to meet with some researchers and small scale nano-manufacturing entrepreneurs. My ideas were mostly confirmed, and we started developing prototypes. They were ready with a usable version of a massive nutrient delivery hose within just a few weeks (It’s amazing how motivating money can be!). At the same time, I had a team working on fully predigested high density protein and liquid nutrient formula. I tasted some of it and I was not thrilled, to put it mildly, with the flavor, or the pasty viscous texture , but since it was designed to go straight through the tube into the stomach, palatability wasn’t really a factor. They quickly set up a facility to produce the stuff in quantity as needed. While all of this was going on, I had a new 140,000 square foot building put up with a super sturdy I-beam frame and a 50 foot ceiling. It would become a gym with 20 duplicates of each of the usual free weight benches, hammer strength machines (freeweight loading), static contraction stations, and just about every other thing a serious bodybuilder or powerlifter could want, plus a steel fabrication shop to make customized equipment. I hired eight of the biggest, strongest guys I could find around the region to run the gym. I paid them each a nice 50K a year, but the use of the gym and free bodybuilder-friendly apartments on the same property, and limitless food and supplements were also pretty enticing perks. My original plan was to wait until I had gained 70 to 80 more pounds over a period of six months, and then have the grand opening of MEGAHULK GYM for 75 guys who either were or wanted to be freaky-huge bodybuilders. I figured I’d be able to find at least that many guys at other local gyms, and on the university and area high school football, wrestling, and weightlifting teams. Then I would have the grand opening and my huge employees and I would blow everybody away and sign them up on the spot. I would run it as a non-profit, and offer free memberships to 25 more guys, beginners who were unable to afford memberships (men with families to support or working shit jobs, high school and college guys) who I figured would follow through. I would interview them to find out how serious/committed/obsessed they really were. Any guy who wanted the free membership would have to sign a binding contract requiring him to gain 50 pounds of lean muscle or more every year for at least five years to keep the membership. Pretty extreme size goal, but since memberships would come with unlimited food and supplements, and 24/7 access to one of the best equipped gyms in the world, with unlimited protein shake drinks at the smoothie bar, I figured it was an attainable goal for any guy who was determined to get huge. I envisioned 100 guys blowing up into the worlds biggest bodybuilders, high school students going from 125 pound freshmen to 350 pound behemoths by the time they were seniors, dads inspiring their sons to become bodybuilders by piling on 250 pounds of extra muscle just as their boys reached high school age, university guys becoming literally Big Men On Campus, their school totally dominating all the power sports. But before all of this, I had to get started on getting huge myself. I got The Mass Hose and swallowed its internal terminus. Once it was in my stomach, The nanotube technicians who supervised the procedure (after all I was the first human ever to have this kind of apparatus installed in my body- good idea to have the experts on hand) zapped the external end with a small series of low voltage electrical blips in a preprogrammed variable voltage sequence. Then they input the activation command. Suddenly it seemed as if the whole tube had just disappeared, except for the connector, which felt like a small mint in my mouth. When I swallowed The Mass Hose it had felt surprisingly minor, more like a piece of spaghetti than the gaggy string feeling I’d been expecting. But once they electrically treated it I couldn’t even feel it at all. Great, but how would it deliver enough food to my stomach? how would it allow me to breathe and still continuously push huge amounts of nutrition into my body? I shouldn’t have worried. The Mass Hose was smart. They explained that It could time delivery of the nutrient liquid in phases that decreased when I was inhaling and exhaling more vigorously, and it could pressurize the stuff and then depressurize it enough to deliver large quantities of it into my stomach with little or no discomfort. I stayed at the lab for two days, Thursday and Friday, while they monitored my first stage of feeding with the system, and made sure that I was acclimating to the Mass Hose, and that its nanotechnology was individuating to my needs. When my Mass Hose was first hooked up to the nutrient supply, and the flow initiated, I quickly began to feel the effects. The thing was suddenly filled with nutrient and I felt like I had a huge amount of food in my neck, as if I was guzzling a 70 gram protein shake. Then it shrunk down a bit, but my stomach kept filling up just as fast. “Wow, I feel really full!” I typed on my noteboard after only about a minute. (They weren’t sure if I’d ever be able to vocalize while my Mass Hose was feeding me. So I got a notebook computer that I could text on. It had a special display screen on the back so I could let other people see my typing.) “Well,” Todd, the project’s nanochemist replied, “the system has already delivered over 600 calories. It should slow down a bit now and work on getting you adjusted to a constant stomach reserve of 750 calories. After a while, maybe eight hours to a half day or so, it should start slowly forcing you up to a reserve of 1000, then 1250, then 1500 calories.” “Your Mass Hose should keep replenishing that 1500 calorie reserve in your digestive tract whenever you attach it to the supply for the first week or so,” he continued. “When it has worked up to that level, you’ll be taking in 17,000 calories for every 12 hours of Mass Hose hookup. After that it will increase the rate as it detects your body’s increased ability to absorb the stuff, in other words, when you grow bigger. The more hours a day you feed with your Mass Hose, the sooner you will gain greater absorbtion power. And it will not fall behind– the more you can digest productively for muscle gain, the more it will deliver. It won’t let you grow any excess fat, bacause the genetic and metabolic monitoring system will keep you as anabolic as possible as long as you lift heavy at least two or three times a week. However, you’ll probably be able to have productive workouts as often as twelve times a week, because the Mass Hose will use its neurological interfaces and genetic monitoring system to accelerate your recovery.” By the time I left the lab on Friday night, 48 hours later, it began to dawn on me how I could gain muscle almost effortlessly. I’d worked out twice in those two days, and really worked hard, but I felt like it was inevitable and automatic. I didn’t have any sense of difficulty with the huge amount of force and energy I expended. I thought I could have done it in my sleep. (I dreamed about lifting and growing all night long.) I kept my Mass Hose hooked up 21 hours both days. I had piled four pounds more muscle on me in two days! I spent the weekend and the next week connected to the Mass Hose throughout my sleeping hours and every waking moment except for 90 minutes split into two workouts each day. I had a portable pump with a small computer controller and a 25-gallon tank of nutrients made that could be wheeled around on a hand truck, so I could travel around and still eat. I could even eat while working out except when squatting, deadlifting, or doing low rep heavy sets. There is nothing like the feeling that your muscles are building up even while you lift, when they would normally be breaking down. I could actually feel my body feeding my muscles while I was curling and pumping up my biceps. I don’t think any drug or even sex could make me feel as awesome and invincible as I felt while pumping up and staying gorged on muscle food simultaneously. Another amazing thing that I quickly discovered was the sensation of my body feeling different, bigger, heavier, and stronger, when I woke up each morning. I was dreaming every night about lifting and eating and instantly blowing up with hundreds of pounds of muscle, and then when I’d wake up, I’d find that my dream was reflected a bit in reality. I’d walk over to the mirror wall (the long tube that connected the Mass Hose to the nutrient tank dragging along the floor behind me) and look to see how much new muscle I’d grown overnight. I could see some progress every morning, but more than that, I could feel big changes. My whole body was constantly resonating with power. I felt the pressure of power building inside me, my body constantly filling with more fuel to turn my workouts into more muscle. The Mass Hose was forcing more muscle size onto me, making my body respond to everything in whatever way would grow the most possible muscle, and feeling it happen all the time was almost overwhelming. It was the fastest I’d ever grown, but it was still slow enough that I was feeling mesmerized by the endlessness of the sensation. I just walked around my new house and deck attached to the 1000 foot retractable external tube, feeling my body grow all day long. When I got ready to leave for the gym, I just put the other tube in my mouth, and the Mass Hose automatically switched to it, and signaled the house tube to shut off. The switch took about three seconds. Same thing once I got to the gym if I needed another tank, or went into the private areas of the gym. Both my house and the gym had multiple tanks with a total of 25,000 gallons of capacity each. Although the nutrient mix was stored cool, the system warmed it up to the perfect temperature for my stomach. So far, I had not filled any of the system tanks with more than 200 gallons, but I was prepared for the most extreme developments, including large scale feeding of dozens of guys, or maybe my own most extreme growth fantasies. By the end of the next weekend, my acclimation to the system was complete, and the week of automatic megamassive eating had had a profound effect: My stomach was already accomodating a 2000 calorie constant reserve, 500 calories more than anticipated, so my ability to absorb nutrients had increased dramatically. In seven days, I’d grown from 229 pounds to 248 pounds. My overall physique had grown enough that it wasn’t just enhanced size, it was a transformation. My body had a shape that was much more massive and powerful in appearance, wider, thicker, yes, but not just that. My body was now covered over with muscle that made it hard to tell what the bone structure beneath was like. My frame was completely encased in muscle–nineteen pounds of new muscle in seven days, and no end in sight! The next week I continued the same routine– 22.5 hours a day using my Mass Hose, two grueling workouts a day, 10.5 hours of sleep per night, although neither the workouts nor the sleep were anything like normal lifting or sleeping. My lifting was so much fun it was nearly orgasmic. I was able to put forth work-to-failure efforts set after set on every lift, twice a day, and I ended every workout with drastically exaggerated pumps on the muscles I’d worked. Every time I worked my legs my thighs were like barrels by the time I was done. Back workouts left my arms spread out at 60-degree angles because my lats were so inflated. For the first time ever, I could see pumped lat muscles rounding way out before they began to curve down and then cram back in to my torso, and bulge back from the rest of the hemispheres of muscle covering my back, even more than the thick paired ridges of muscle jutting out over both sides of my spine. Shoulders, chest and arm muscles responded with similarly exploded pumps. If I happened to work arms and pecs on the same day, I could forget about doing anything that required touching my hands together in front of my chest, like washing my hands, cutting food on a plate, or typing on my noteboard, for at least four hours. So if I wanted to communicate with my staff or anyone after that, I’d have to hunt and peck with one hand on the noteboard or write on the chalkboard doors of one of the freezers or refrigerators. I was constantly carrying over 2400 calories of protein shake in my belly, which looked a little distended, even more so since my abs were over three inches thick at that point. I was resigned to having something that looked like a roid gut, just because I was so full all the time, even though I never had the sensation of chewing or eating. I constantly felt the protein forcing its way into my muscles; my arteries almost throbbing with the feeling of nutrition distributing aggressively throughout my body. My brain hummed. I was always on the verge of getting an erection. My thoughts were totally consumed with my body’s relentless growth. I was high on my body. My muscle gains–the sensation of my muscles increasingly pushing against each other– made me feel high. My muscular gut crammed with protein made me feel high. Seeing myself in the mirror made me feel high. By high, I mean it made my brain fixate even more on my bodybuilding process. It was the perfect combination of entrainment into being a musclehead. The differences in sleep were the most unexpected. I don’t mean the fact that my body’s size and shape could no longer be comfortably accomodated by a normal bed. Other big bodybuilders’ accounts of that problem had prepared me for that. I had custom nine by nine foot body contoured mattresses made with sculpted space foam and other adaptations. What was really different was that at a time when the body is usually catabolic because it can’t take in food, I was getting 26,000 calories and over 2750 grams of protein, and waking up bigger, stronger, and heavier. I never did dream much before I started the Mass Hose. I had had dreams as a kid, but once I moved out and started working as an adult, they pretty much stopped. I always hoped I’d have dreams about growing huge and muscular, but it never happened, except for short glimpses, which were not really vivid dreams. With the Mass Hose that changed abruptly. I dreamt constantly it seemed. My new dreams were wild orgies of impossibly huge growth and grew more vivid every night. In a typical dream, I was at a park near my old high school, it was 78º F and a constant but gentle wind was blowing . Other people were going about their business, roller-blading, pushing babies in strollers, eating ice cream and popcorn, sitting on benches. I was waiting in line for pizza at a pushcart at the edge of an open area surrounded by trees. I was wearing jams, flip-flops, and my favorite tee-shirt, an old dark red Gold’s Gym Shirt that was a little tight, an XL, getting a bit threadbare with the logo fading, but it was one of the shirts I wore while I was turning into a bodybuilder. I bought it when I was at 180 pounds (up from 150 when I started lifting three years before), and starting to get comfortable with identifying as a bodybuilder, and confident enough to wear a bodybuilding logo on my chest. At the beginning of my dream I was at 225 pounds or so, like I actually had been up until a two weeks ago. I ordered two large pizzas, sat down and started eating them. I started to feel hot so I took off my shirt. I kept eating and eating until I finished two whole pizzas, then I took my protein shake I’d been saving for later out of my backpack (which was suddenly there, even though I didn’t have it before. When I took the bottle out it grew to a two gallon jug, and I started to chug it. In a couple of minutes I finished the whole thing. I burped , and stood up. My stomach was stretched to the limit, but I felt great. A couple of kids, boys about nine and six years old, who were walking by stopped and looked at me. “Wow, mister, your muscles are huge!” the older one said. “Yeah, really huge,” his little brother agreed. “When I grow up, I’m gonna have big muscles just like you mister,” said the nine year old. “Yeah, me too. I’m gonna be the Incredible Hulk!” said the younger kid. “My name’s Jerry,” he added. “I’m Danny,” his brother said. “Well guys, eat lots of good food, no junky snacks, and when you’re about twelve, start lifting weights. You’ll grow muscles just like this,” I did a double biceps pose, and then a most muscular. “And keep on doing it. You’ll grow bigger and bigger.” “I know, I read bodybuilding magazines at the library,” Danny said. “and I’m already lifting weights, I weigh almost 80 pounds” he went on. “Look!” He pulled his shirt off and flexed his arms. I could see good muscle development on his torso, and His biceps popped up as he flexed, a lot bigger than you’d expect from a nine year old. “Wow, your arms are already starting to get pretty big, Danny. Keep it up, and eat as much as you can.” He kept flexing as I spoke, and I could see veins on his biceps and forearms. “Wanna split a protein shake with me guys?” I asked, pulling another two gallon jug out of the (bottomless protein shake) bag. I took a big swig and passed it to Danny. He turned it up and started to guzzle it . He kept drinking it and drinking it. His stomach was sticking out more and more. He kept guzzling. Thick abs started to appear on his stomach as he drank. Then his muscles all over his body started growing bigger and thicker. His lats widened out, his chest bulged up and out, his shoulders started to look like softballs, and his arms were like a kid version of Lee Preist’s. He finished the whole bottle, and then flexed and roared. “I’m HUGE!” “Got any more shakes?” Jerry said excitedly. I pulled out three more, but this time they were each five gallons. I handed one to each of them, and opened my own. As I lifted my bottle up it kept getting bigger until it was the size of a fifty gallon drum. We all started guzzling down our protein and growing like wild. We started getting taller and wider and heavier. Before long we were all ten feet tall, and nearly as wide, crammed with bulging muscles that kept pulsing and bulging bigger. They were the hugest kids ever, but I was just getting started, I kept expanding, blowing up, bigger, thicker, stronger, taller, 20 feet tall, gaining hundreds of pounds a minute, feeling more and more powerful . . . That’s about the point in any one of my dreams when I would usually wake up, and realize that I really was bigger and thicker and stronger and heavier, though not taller. By the end of the week two, I had gained another 22 pounds, and weighed 270. The sensation of all that new muscle mass was almost overwhelming. I had entered the realm of the superheavyweights. I was shaking the floors with every step. I had no idea how much weight I could lift, because my strength was increasing so fast. My body felt unfamiliar, voluminous. I could slow down, get familiar with my huge physique, become comfortable in my body. But no, this was never about comfort or familiarity– it was about growth and exploring new territory. I would continue to grow as fast as possible, as big as possible, at least until I’d done it for a month. So, I continued with the same routine, and at 270 pounds I was now carrying over 2650 calories in my stomach all the time, and gaining over three pounds of muscle a day. Part Two Every muscle in my body seemed to pulse with power. I constantly had the strong sensation of each muscle growing bigger, my body being flooded with muscle building nutrients. I felt my arms expanding, swelling with power even while they were being pushed further out to the side by my thickening lats and pecs. My legs were swelling and bulging bigger by the hour, my shoulders inflating like beachballs. My mind was on fire with excitement from all the physical sensation, and knowing that I was growing muscle faster than any man ever had. I was nearly overwhelmed with the pleasure of it. I kept lifting like a demon and absorbing nutrients faster and faster. At the end of week three I weighed 294 pounds. At 5’10” that made me one of the most muscularly developed bodybuilders on earth, and I was growing faster all the time. Although my stomach was crammed with over half a gallon of nutrient all the time, I had gotten so used to the fullness that I barely noticed it anymore. Although my stomach stuck out from my groin over seven inches, it didn’t seem to stick out, because my thighs jutted even further forward, and my pecs were so thick that it seemed proportional, and between my superdeveloped serratus and the fact that my whole front torso was framed by my lats, traps, and arms, my gut looked normal, at least normal for a superheavyweight bodybuilder. That night, I had the most intense dream I’d ever had. I was a teenager, fifteen again, and it was the fourth of July. Everyone was celebrating Independence Day, and there was a neighborhood cookout at the rec center. People were swimming in the pool and eating barbecue, drinking beer and sodas. It was eleven o’clock in the morning, and already really hot, close to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. I was walking back to the pool area from a clearing in the oak grove. I was on my way to the weightlifting pen. I felt extra-jacked, totally psyched up to lift. I had just gotten an orange glass marble from someone in the grove. This marble was supposed to make me bigger and stronger. I had it in the key pocket of my swimming trunks. I wasn’t wearing any flip-flops, or a tee-shirt. Normally, at fifteen years old and 135 pounds, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere public without a loose tee-shirt, but since I had the orange marble, I didn’t care. The girl who gave it to me said that I should keep it near me while eating or working out, such as in a pocket or something, so it could work its magic. She said it was tuned to my personal aura or something like that. In my dream the rec center weight room was outside like the one at Muscle Beach. It was in a big fenced area adjacent to the pool deck (The rec center in my hometown actually had an indoor weight room, because cold weather would make it useless outside for at least half the year). I was walking at a comfortable pace, but purposefully. I strode across the pool, past all the hot girls in my class who were there, past all the older boys and guys in their twenties who were big and buff. Nothing could deter me from going to the weight pen. My determination and energy were like nothing I’d felt before I got the orange marble. It was working already, I could tell. I walked into the weight room and walked toward the benches. Two Seniors were there benching. They were two of the biggest guys in school, Jeff and Alan, both varsity wrestlers. “Can I work in with you guys?” I asked as I came to a stop next to the bench they were using. Any other time I’d have just used the old Marcy machine until they were done, but I didn’t want to. I never got a good workout on that thing. Even if I asked they usually would have said no. Today was different. I had the orange marble in my pocket. “Uh, uh, sure, I guess, but we’re working heavy, so it’ll take some time to strip and load plates. It’s cool though. We’re not in a hurry.” We started doing sets. I was able to do nine reps with 185, something I could never have done before that day. I felt great! After Jeff and Alan each did sets with 225, I tried it too. I had never benched more than 175 before that day. Amazingly, I did 11 reps at 225, the same as Jeff, and one more rep than Alan. My pecs were pumped up far more than ever before, but not a bit tired. I was ready for more. Alan loaded a pair of 25s on the bar and we did a set with 275. I was able to do 10 reps. Then we loaded the bar to 315. I did 8 reps, just like Alan and Jeff. Then we did a set with 365, I did 8 reps at 365, two more reps than either of the huge seniors. “You’re really strong for a kid,” Jeff said. “How long have you been lifting?” “Two years,” I answered, “but only about nine months seriously. But I’ve gained 10 pounds in the last two months,” I continued, exaggerating a bit. “I’m ready to start piling on some mass. I’ve been getting a lot stronger the last few weeks.” “Well,” Alan said, “You should start getting a lot bigger, most guys your size can’t lift half of what you do.” We continued lifting together, doing flyes and cable crossovers, and then a back workout, which was Bent over rows, T-bar rows, lat pulls, and alternating dumbell rows. When we got to the dumbell rows, I had kept up with both of them throughout the workout, and they were getting tired and slowing down. I was not. The orange marble was keeping me going. I was loaded with energy. We started with an 80 pounder, then a set with 100, then 120. Finally we got a 130. Alan and Jeff were each barely able to do five reps each side with it, barely forcing out the last ones. Then it was my turn. I picked up the dumbell casually with my left arm. (For some reason I always want to do left side first on dumbell rows. Same thing in a dream I guess.) I started my set. I did 12 reps on each arm, and put the dumbell down. “Are we doing another set?” I asked. “Are you nuts, kid?” Alan said. “I can barely raise my arms up to my face. Damn, how do you do it? I weigh 195 pounds, and Jeff is 210, but you ran us into the ground.” “I dunno, just naturally strong I guess,” I smiled. We hit the showers, and when no one was looking, I took the orange marble out of my pocket and held it up to my chest. I could feel its power feeding me. I was looking bigger all over after the workout. I walked over and stepped on the scale. I weighed 150, I’d actually gained fifteen pounds in just a couple of hours. I looked at the marble, and that’s when I got the idea that changed everything. I popped the marble in my mouth and swallowed it. I felt fantastic! I felt the marble lodging itself in the base of my stomach and becoming bonded inside me. Then I downed my protein shake. When I did I literally saw my body grow bigger in the mirror. I was expanding before my own eyes. I looked down at the scale, it said 167, and then 168, 169, 171. Then 174, 180. . . I started blowing up with muscle. The workout and protein combined with the marble being inside me started a chain reaction. In a couple of minutes I was bigger than Alan or Jeff, I started to look like a bodybuilder from a magazine. Then I was even bigger. I started to grow taller too, 5’10”, 5’11”, 6’0” , 6’2” and upward. Within ten more minutes I was 6’6” and weighed 450 pounds, and I was accelerating, inflating, exploding with size and power. I continued to grow bigger and bigger, faster and faster. Quickly I grew to eight feet tall, and was blasting past a full ton of muscle. This was the point in one of these dreams when I would usually wake up, but not this time. I kept going and going. In a way, I knew I was dreaming, but I willfully ignored that and kept feeling the dream more and more intimately. Jeff and Alan walked into the locker room. They saw me blowing up with size. “Dude! That is awesome, keep going! Make yourself bigger!” Jeff said. “Yeah! Bigger, bigger, bigger!” Alan shouted. “Bigger! Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!” they started chanting over and over. The Marble made my power extend to everyone around me. “Here man, drink my shake,” Alan offered. “Yeah! Mine too!” said Jeff. I quickly downed both shakes. Then I started to grow huger faster than ever. I was blowing up into a giant hulking great wall of muscle. In a minute after I finished the two protein shakes I was fifteen feet tall and weighed over 5000 pounds, and I was growing faster and faster. I just kept getting bigger. I was a mountain of muscle, and gaining faster and faster. In a couple more minutes I was outside by the pool, and I was 25 feet tall, 30,000 pounds. “MORE!!!” I roared. I kept exploding. I had a huge erection that was spewing jizz like a fountain by the gallon. I kept exploding bigger and bigger, 30, 40, 50 feet tall, and thicker and wider by the second. “MORE!! MORE!! MORE!! MORE!!” I kept trying to shout. I was awake and I was still shouting more, but the tube was hooked up. I was tense all over, and felt pumped up beyond belief. I’d gotten pumped in my sleep! Wow, I wanna do that every night. I feel like a god, I thought to myself. And I grew much more than usual last night. Over the next week my gains accelerated even further, and my dream was starting to come true– I could literally see muscle growth right before my eyes sometimes. During that week, I gained, on average, over four and a quarter pounds a day, and by the end of the week it was closer to five a day. By that Sunday night I had expanded to 324 pounds. At 5’10” tall, that much size, especially on a relatively thin skeletal frame, was so much that I was nearly engulfed in it. My range of motion was significantly limited by the masses of muscle bulging over every part of my frame. I could stand up, although my feet couldn’t touch while I was doing so ( I couldn’t get them closer than about 20 inches without bending my knees because of the mass of my quads). I could lay down, although if I lay on my back the peaks of my calfs and hams, glutes and lats were the only things touching the surface. Sleeping with any comfort was only possible on my customized bed, which was about due for a reworking, because I was too wide for its contours; the hollows weren’t really wide or deep enough any more. There was talk among my orthopedic guys of creating a liquid sleeping environment for me, but the complications had to be worked out before that could be seriously pursued. What I could not do at all was sit. I could not put my thighs at 90 degrees to my spine (a 55 degree angle was the most I could fit myself into, because my abs and quads got in the way. My abs were eight inches thick and my stomach was always full of over 3000 calories of protein and nutrients, so my stomach was over eleven inches thick. My quads jutted straight out from my thigh bones at the upper insertions, and were beginning to actually bulge up toward my torso. So, I could use a special recliner, or I could use a special extra large kneeling chair. I had some special upholstered furniture made up in the gym’s fabrication shop to work around the problems my immense mass was causing. I had to confront the facts, either stop growing muscle or face being unable to move at all. I already had an involuntary and greatly exaggerated bodybuilder swagger, which felt fantastic, and constantly kept my huge muscles in the front of my mind. I couldn’t forget, even for a second, that I was hulked out beyond belief. I was running out of room to put on more muscle. It was the next morning that I got a note from the nanotech lab, something about an integrated nanosystem improvement. When I first saw it, I was not really focused on reading it, because I was going through the painful process of tapering down from 65 thousand calories a day to 27 thousand, so I could acclimate to maintaining my mass instead of continuously increasing it. I was jittery, feeling constantly hungry, and distracted. And I was trying to plan the grand opening of the gym. I‘d had systems put in where guys who would have mass hoses could connect to the nutrient tanks. My plan was to have every gym member who wanted one get a mass hose and feed themselves after workouts for three hours. Although they wouldn’t get what I got, I could make sure that they developed megamassive eating capacity while getting crammed with nutrients. These connection systems were in small rooms in six rows of five perpendicular to the back of the gym building. with comfortable recliners and surround audio-video. The computers on the systems had subliminal audio, as well as visualization components, in addition to individual hose feeding programs designed to hugely extend the nutrient absorbing capacity of any bodybuilder who used one regularly for a three weeks or more for at least two hours a day. My eight employees were the first to try out the new systems. The visualizations were very exciting for the guys who were spending time on the mass hoses. The walls and ceilings were filled with video displays that showed the men their own physiques from various distances and angles, and progressed through time lapse extrapolations of their muscles growing bigger based on the nourishment and entrainment from the hose itself and the subliminals that went with it. The longer the session, the further the projected growth went. Each man was given discs to reinforce the subliminal audio, and to review the projected growth on video later at home. The system designers assured me that once any bodybuilder, no matter how inexperienced, used the system long enough to gain substantial physical advantages from it, the ability to do megamassive eating and ten or more pounds of added muscle, he would become irrevocably obsessed with gaining as much muscle mass as possible, and would pursue muscle relentlessly until it was impossible to gain any more. I was about to enable a degree of muscle growth, and acheivable desire for muscle growth, that had never existed in bodybuilding. It had never existed in men at all. I thought about what might be possible to achieve for a boy who began using the system early in adolescence, at around twelve or thirteen. The degree of mass enhancement possible for someone who started with the mass hose at such an early age would have to be profound. The growth that a young bodybuilder with that amount of nutritional, ergonomic and neurological reinforcement throughout his formative years might achieve would be huge beyond belief. A couple of bodybuilders I’d talked to had already signed their sons up to start at eleven years old! One of them, a 6’0,” 275 pound nationally rated NPC amateur named Jerry, was openly gushing about how huge he expected his son Tommy, who was going to be eleven in two weeks, might grow. “I didn’t start ‘til I was almost seventeen,” Jerry enthused, “and I didn’t have anything like this mass hose. With his genetics Tommy could weigh over 500 pounds in a few years, maybe even more! And then he’ll just keep blowing up. This thing will make him want it even more than he already does. He already runs around the house flexing and yelling ‘I’m gonna have the biggest muscles in the world!’ He wants to get super huge already and he’s not even using barbells yet. His mom made me promise to wait ‘til he turned eleven. I can’t wait to see Tommy blow up into a gigantic muscle-freak! I bet he’s over half a ton when he’s in his twenties. And maybe even eight feet tall!” Another guy, Justin, who had only pursued bodybuilding intermittently before joining MEGAHULK, and weighed around 220 pounds lean, brought his son Jacob in on his eleventh birthday and introduced him to the mass hose. His son had played with dumbbells a bit but wasn’t really serious about it. “I want to look like dad someday, I guess,” he said when asked about his goals. “Jake, son, you’re gonna be way huger than your old man in a few years. You’re gonna be one of the biggest guys in the world, SUPER muscular, huge and way taller than me too!” “But mom said that my body is made like yours and I shouldn’t worry about trying to get really big” “Your mom doesn’t know about the Mass Hose, and she doesn’t need to know yet either. We’re gonna make it a surprise.” he told Jacob. He confided in me that he wanted to make sure his son was irreversibly obsessed with huge growth before his wife knew anything. In less than two weeks, the deed was done. Jake had spent all his days at “fitness camp” feeding on the mass hose eight hours a day, and lifting two hours with a trainer. In those two weeks, he had already grown two inches and seventeen pounds heavier (over a pound every day), all lean muscle. By then he was endlessly gushing about how huge he was determined to grow. “I’m gonna be a GIANT! My muscles are just gonna grow and grow and grow! Bigger than a gorilla! Bigger than ten gorillas! Look how big and strong I’m already getting. I’m gonna grow a thousand pounds of muscle before I’m even a teenager!” I gave extensive thought to the potential my gym offered. I could see it becoming a Mecca for muscleheads from around the country and the world. I could see the members of the gym growing bigger and bigger, the younger ones even gaining exceptional height throughout their teenage years, and filling their frames with huge mountainous masses of muscle beyond anything ever seen before. I imagined this spawning a whole culture of megamuscleheads, and hundredfold increase in the number of men who would pursue bodybuilding. This was the beginning of a new order of magnitude in human muscle size. I was going to turn my gym members into the hugest muscleheads ever. I knew that this was true for me. I was still gaining muscle mass, even though I only used the system five or six hours a day now, because I found myself involuntarily and automatically eating pretty much all day long, and waking up at night to eat as well. I couldn’t stop building mass even though I tried consciously to limit it. In the two weeks since I had curtailed the previous round-the-clock mass hose hook up down to six hours a day, I had still gained over a pound a day, and had now reached 346 pounds at seven percent bodyfat. I felt like a god, but I was worried that I would grow literally musclebound if I didn’t stop gaining mass. At the same time though, part of me wanted to feed through the mass hose 23 hours a day and adjust it so it would stay on the maximum edge of calorie and protein increases, and just see how far it would go, how far I would go. Part Three As I was flexing and posing in front of the mirror, contemplating opening day at MEGAHULK, I got two new briefings from my research team. These were the details about the nanosystem improvements the earlier note had mentioned. One was about ways that the Mass Hose could be thoroughly integrated into the human nervous system through stimulated growth into the body via programming commands. The second one was about ways that this cybernetic symbiosis could be directed through programming. The team had developed a program that would optimize the process to meet whatever physical results were described in the program’s variables. This new system could activate growth plates and grow bone to enlarge the body’s frame and accommodate more muscle mass with less restriction of movement. It could make me taller! So, I would have a larger amount of room to accommodate more mass. The new system was able to learn and respond so that it would identify and prevent problems to keep the effects of the symbiosis healthy and sustainable. This didn’t mean that there would be any artificial limits placed on growth, merely that it would have to cause growth in ways that wouldn’t hurt body functions. The programming team was ready to begin controlled trials. I reviewed the research data and decided to go ahead with the trials. I would be spending as much time as possible hooked up to an extended version of the mass hose that had a vast computer network operating it. It would allow the Mass hose to grow extensions within my body that could directly feed every single muscle cell, and ones that could gradually adapt every part of my body to support continuous increases in muscle mass. Within a couple of hours after I hooked up to the new system, I began to feel very unusual. I could directly sense the inclusion of nano-support into every part of my body. I also felt something going on in my head that was different. My thinking processes were becoming greedier for muscle, something I wouldn’t have thought was possible because I was already relentless about it- at least I’d thought so. I felt the desire in my bones. I mean literally. I felt my bones growing thicker, and I felt like my whole body was conscious, and trying to grow. My breathing became like a bellows, I was taking in more air. My lungs were getting bigger. My ribcage was getting bigger. I could feel all of my bones thickening. The monitoring system showed a huge uptake in minerals through the Mass Hose. It also revealed something that was alarming to some of the lab staff. The nanotechnology had grown into my brain and was interacting furiously with my whole nervous system! The research team was panicked. They said we had to shut down the system, because I was in danger. I wasn’t. I knew exactly what was happening. The system was helping my nervous system grow more efficient at building me. “But it has invaded your brain!” Jay Foster, one of the programmers, yelled. “It could damage you permanently!” “No,” I said, “It is giving me exactly what I want, and helping me to want it even more! It is reprogramming my mind so I can focus even more on building myself ever huger, ever faster, without limits!” I gushed gleefully. The voice synthesis part of the new program worked very well. I could think and it would talk for me. “This new integration might be scary to you, but to me, to me, its everything I started this for. I’m going to grow unfathomably huge! That’s what I want, why do you think I wanted to do all of this? It is so I can grow massive beyond human conception, So I can literally become a muscle giant.” I shouted at them commandingly. “I want you to leave this thing on, permanently. That’s an order. Furthermore, I want you to make sure that it can transform my body more dramatically. I want this thing to make me taller and wider. I want to be at least seven feet tall, and I want my frame to widen out enough to support far more muscle comfortably than it can now. Get started, I want this to happen faster.” Jay looked shocked, and frustrated. He was worried about the dangers he thought came from having my brain interfaced with the computer. “Of course, sir. I’ll monitor the situation closely and let you know if anything goes wrong.” He left the lab room and headed back to his office, carrying his open computer and staring at it as he walked. “Sir?” one of Jay’s assistants said to me. “Can I talk with you?” It was Chris, a 23 year old computer science guy who I’d hired myself because he showed a lot of enthusiasm. Chris looked different than he had a few months ago when we started the first phases of the project. He had been 5’10” and weighed a lean, muscular 215 pounds six months ago. By the time I finished initial set up of my Mass Hose lab he was forty-five pounds heavier, 260 pounds, and had shaved his head. He had grown much more committed to his own bodybuilding efforts. He had continued growing even faster the last few weeks, and was now at 282 pounds. “Of course Chris, What’s on your mind?” “Sir, I know Jay is afraid the system could control you and take away your free will. I don’t share his fear. The system has two way communication. You can make it make you do things. You’re making it increase your lust for size and power. That seems too extreme or perverse to someone like Jay. He doesn’t understand bodybuilding, but I do. Jay thinks you’re too big already. I’d love to be as huge as you, and I can’t wait to see you grow twenty times bigger.” “Twenty times? “Yes, sir. I mean that literally. If you stay on this system, you will literally gain TONS of muscle. There’s no limit to what this thing can do physically, and no limit to how much your muscle lust can expand either, thanks to my metaroutine.” “Your metaroutine? What did you do, Chris? Is this thing safe? “Hell yeah! All it does is potentiate the growth of your lust. It makes your brain and the system synchronise to optimize growth. It makes it so your mind can grow more desire for muscle the same way your body grows. However much you want to get huge, it amplifies it. It all starts with you. You are driving. The system just lets your brain grow a more powerful ability to generate greed for hugeness.” He was getting audibly more excited. “You can become hundreds of times more intelligent, and devote all of that ability to getting more massive. I wanted you to know, so you can consciously exploit its potential. You’re not gonna be just a muscle giant, you’re gonna be a muscle GOD!” “Aren’t you afraid I’ll bust you and put a stop to this?” “I was for about an hour and a half, but you’re past that now. Its irreversible. I was right about you. Your lust for size knows no limits. You’ll never stop expanding yourself. Never, because the program reverses aging too. You will grow bigger than you can possibly imagine now, but your imagination will grow. You’ll find ways to envision yourself huger and huger, and then you will achieve each vision, time after time. Right now, as I speak, your body is completely rewiring, replumbing, reconfiguring, into the greatest muscle size growth factory ever conceived, and you’ll keep transforming more and more into a bigger and more powerfully motivated, more efficiently expanding musclehead.” “Chris, I’m curious, why didn’t you do this to yourself? I mean, you obviously want to grow far huger than nature allows. Why not try this on yourself and grow into the giant hulk you want to be. I’ve noticed that you’ve gotten a lot bigger very quickly. You must want more, or you wouldn’t have worked so hard on it. Most guys could never grow as fast as you have without technological help. You rewired me in a way that most people would never willingly allow to be done to themselves. I can’t see how you could have known that it was just what I’d have wanted even without my brain getting invaded by your program.” “Well, Yeah! I do want to have what you’re gonna have- to be what you are becoming, but first I want to keep improving the potential of the system. Because once I do it to myself, there will be nobody to do the research. I’m the only one on the team that is fully committed to your goals, because they’re also my own goals. Once I start on the journey myself, I’ll be too busy expanding to think about anything else. I want to make sure we never have to do anything but will ourselves huger and huger, without any kind of complications or distractions. I want to make sure that the final version will automatically and unpreventably propel me to muscular infinity. You and I will both be able to grow endlessly huger, and we’ll be unstoppable once I get all the variables just right- but for now, you’re my excuse to do the research. No one would allow this to go on if you weren’t paying for it. The world doesn’t want godlike giant muscle freaks that use massive amounts of resources to make themselves keep growing even more gigantic. We have to make it irreversible, invincible, inevitable, before we turn it over to an automatic process.” I could faintly grasp the implications of what Chris was so enthused about, how irresponsible it was in the normal scheme of things. But underlying all my thoughts was a new understanding, an imperative that was essential to my existence. It superceded all of the other concerns that might pop up. It was that I could and would continue to accelerate my muscle growth. It might sound simple and unimportant to someone who is not inside my awareness, but as I think of anything and everything, my muscle growth becomes the lens through which all of reality refracts. It is the most profound thing imaginable. My expansion trumped all other considerations. More accurately, it obliterates them. Whatever thoughts I’d had that might slow me down or make me think critically about my lust for, greed for, invincible grasp and internalization of, expanding size and power, I didn’t remember them. They were gone, and I was growing. “Well, what do you need to make it happen faster Chris. We’re gonna be huger than anyone can even think about in their wildest dreams.” “Put me in charge of a lab. Give me an independent budget. I’ll find more and faster ways to grow cosmically huge muscle before you know it!” “Done. You’re the head of New Musclegods Laboratories.” By the end of that day, I was nine pounds heavier. I stayed hooked up to the system as much as possible over the next few days. The next day I grew another sixteen pounds, reaching 371, although I didn’t feel constrained at all. A good part of that increase was bone growth. I was now a good four inches wider, and my bones were growing thicker. The third day I put on 21 more pounds. I was six feet tall, over an inch and a half taller than before, and nearly a foot wider in the frame. The fourth day the muscle began to pile on like never before. The system could grow muscle faster than bone. In one twenty four hour period I grew 38 pounds of muscle. I ‘d reached 430 pounds. I could feel my body expanding like wildfire, always pushing up and out, muscles pulsing with growth no other man had ever experienced, becoming more engulfed in the sense of my size and power increasing. On day five, the system made a breakthrough. It had learned from the feedback since it came online. At about seven a.m. I was awakened by the sound of my bed frame creaking. My body was blowing up, and I was getting too heavy for the bed. The monitor showed that I had started a major growth acceleration at about 3:30 in the morning, and that I was still accelerating. I was 6’4”, and I’d gained 78 pounds in less than four hours. I was 508 pounds at 5:15. I could really sense that there would be no limit to my growth now. I would just keep getting bigger and more muscular. By the end of the fifth day, I was 6’9” and had gained another 390 pounds, totalling 898 pounds. I was near the upper end of every measure of normal human potential. I was taller than all but a percent or two of humans, heavier than all but a few thousand people, and had far more muscle mass than anyone else on earth. I was, by any measure, the strongest man who’d ever lived. And I wanted more, a LOT more. My mind was a cognitive cyclone of lust for growth, and ideas of how to get more of it faster. That night when I went to sleep I knew that I’d weigh well over half a ton by the time I woke up. I fell into a deep sleep. Instantly I was dreaming. This was not like the dreams I’d been having, it was just me growing and growing, expanding beyond anything possible, miles high, planet sized, swallowing stars. It went on all night long, bigger and bigger and bigger, and I could feel every bit of it in a wash of physical sensation that isn’t usually found in dreams. During that first week, Chris had developed several improvements. First, an improvement in the overall system, more processing power, a better communication and realtime feedback network, and more precision in targeting the localized delivery of various nutrients within my body, so it could send just the right things to make every part of me grow bigger and stronger at the fastest rate possible. Second, improved ability of the system to modulate sensation, so I could feel my body in more detail and feel the sensation of growth more thoroughly. This also allowed me to direct my growth; to make certain muscles grow faster, to make hair grow or disappear, to consciously change my brain and internalize desire at greater levels consciously. I was beginning to gain the ability to sense the computer and the software while I was hooked up to it. These improvements were the keys to accelerating my growth beyond human scale, which was now my constant fixation, which Chris was determined to make happen, and which he had now turned loose in my mind. I was ready to go on an endless rampaging orgy of growth to superhuman scale and power. Another improvement was the ability of the nanotech system to create the sensation of food flavor and texture whenever it was desired, so I could feel like I was eating when I wanted to, instead of just staying crammed full of nutrients all the time without tasting anything. This was fairly good, but it still made me want to actually eat, what I wanted was to be able to get direct feeding and still eat simultaneously. Chris told me he was working on ways to give my muscles a progressive overload workout without actually needing a gym, by having the nanotechnology modify my muscles to create the effects of lifting at exactly the right intervals and to the optimum amount to maximize the benefits of progressive overload. He was also working on ways to allow my body to build cell size and the number of muscle cells almost at will. Both of these were necessary improvements, because I had surpassed the ability of the gym and its weights to provide enough stimulation for maximal anabolic effect. When I woke up on the morning of day six, I found out that some tweaks had already been applied to the system during my sleep. I was 7’2” tall, and had blown up to 1261 pounds. I’d gained 363 pounds in just ten hours. I woke up feeling the muscles in my body pushing my legs further apart and forcing my arms out further from my sides. When I opened my eyes, I could see my pectorals rising gradually higher into my field of vision. The sensation of growth filled my brain like a giant ball of lightening. The lightening kept intensifying. I had an expanding orgasmic blast of consciousness totally fixated on my body as it kept inflating with mass. After about twenty minutes I got to the point that I could begin to function while the sensation continued and grew more powerful. I wanted to get up and move around, to feel the new power I was gaining. It occurred to me that one day soon, I’d wake up in the morning and my growth would be so compelling I wouldn’t be able to gain any perspective on it at all, but just be overcome permanently by the feeling of my exploding muscles. That might sound scary, but I actually felt excited by the prospect of a permanent out of control intensifying muscle growth orgasm. YEAHHH!! I walked around the lab, glorying in the visible thickening of my muscles, the ramping up of testosterone and the electrifying sense of power that was relentlessly growing. Then I began to feel the automatic workout kick in, my muscles began to ripple and contract, even as they bulged thicker. A sense of being more and more pumped up gradually swelled over my body. I looked at the mirror. My body was slowly swelling bigger and bigger, all of my muscles undulating and bulging. I could feel my frame adapting to the new mass by thickening as well. I began to notice that my perspective on the room was slowy changing, within a couple more hours, I’d grown noticably taller. I was 7’5” and weighed 1394 pounds. Chris was shooting video of me and feeding it into the computer. He had a robot manipulating the camera so he could lift, and eat and guzzle supplements all day. His excitement at the success of the new system was palpable. Chris was already committed to this more than I was, and he didn’t have the system installed in himself yet. Chris had grown huge in a very short time. He told me that when he’d started working out, only five years earlier at eighteen, he’d weighed 155 pounds. By the time he was nineteen he was over 200 pounds. Then he put his workouts on the back burner to go to college and learn cybernetics. During college, he slowly inched up to 210 pounds, and then took a month off and put on an additional five pounds before coming to work for me. He took the job because he was interested in the project, but even more because I guaranteed all my employees the chance to grow into world class bodybuilders. Many of the guys at the lab had put on muscle, and some of them had grown enough muscle to look like bodybuilders, but Chris was the only one who had really committed himself to getting huge. He had spent every waking moment other than work on bodybuilding since he started at my lab. He had spent months forcing himself to eat continuously all day long, constantly pressing himself to consume more and more, and had taken immense advantage of all the free food and supplements that came with the job. With no nanotechnology at all, Chris was taking in well over 12,000 calories every day. He slept five hours twice a day, and worked out five days a week. Chris had put on another 28 pounds of muscle in the last three weeks, reaching 310 pounds. He was, as far as anyone can determine, the only natural bodybuilder of normal height over 300 pounds. Without using the mass hose or any drugs, he was gaining over a pound a day. Chris was already bigger than Branch Warren, and his gain rate was increasing constantly. He had become a bodybuilding superman, a force of nature. The amount of growth Chris’ body would achieve when he hooked up to a mass hose was a mindblowing prospect to contemplate. Chris was alternately flexing and inching his way down the counter of the lab, slamming down quarts of protein shake alternating with weight gainer drink that his assistant Mark had lined up all the way down the lab counter for him. By the time he got to the other end of the counter, he had consumed 28 quarts, seven whole gallons. “I’m prepping for when I swallow the hose!” He enthused, grinning. “I’ve never been so gorged in my life, I hope the enzymes I put in it will help me keep it all down and digest it. If this works, I’m gonna start doing it four or five times a day. That will triple my calories!” “Why don’t you lay down and relax so you can be sure to keep it down,” I advised. Chris was determined however. “No, I have to keep eating in between, and flexing. Its part of my entrainment, building the connection between bigger muscles and constant engorgement. If I puke, then I’ll re-evaluate.” He didn’t puke, his body just absorbed it all and was soon ready for more. He kept snacking and flexing. He told Mark to set up 32 more quarts in three hours for the next round. “If I can keep this up, I’ll be gaining five pounds a day within a week. I feel strong and huge as hell, like I’m turning into a wall of muscle!” When I saw how fixated on gaining more muscle he was, I urgently felt the need to increase my lust for muscle even more. I began to concentrate on it as much as possible. I could feel the urge penetrating even deeper into every part of my body. I wanted to explode with size like a star going supernova, like the big bang, like billions of big bangs! I felt a wave of growth orgasm overcome me again. It was all encompassing. I was uncontrollably high on my growth again. “Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!” I started roaring. “Huger! Bulge! Expand! Explode!” I bellowed as I stared at my body growing in the mirror. I was gone into the muscle-gasm. All sense of time and surroundings left me as I flexed and pumped and zeroed in on the expansion of my body, my muscles pulsing, nutrients gorging my gut and cramming through my circulatory system to force-feed every muscle cell in my body at an accelerating rate. I was in myself completely, feeling my muscles grow, feeling my muscles grow, feeling my muscles grow . . . By the time I returned to some kind of conscious baseline, several more hours had passed. It was four o’clock in the afternoon. Chris was still videoing me with his robot. He said that I just stood in front of the mirror and grew the whole time I was out. God, I’d grown fast! I was 7’10” and had exploded to 1680 pounds. I had done it! I was a muscle giant. I was beginning a trajectory of growth acceleration that would take me to unimaginable size and power. “Chris, I’m so huge! Does the musclegasm high accelerate my growth?” “It should. I set the system up to take fullest advantage of musclegasms when they are generated.” “Generated? What does that mean? How are they generated?” “Well, when you get very excited about your gains, it triggers a hormone release. The system detects that and amplifies it, so you can get the most pleasure and growth out of it. This is a fairly recent development in your brain, so you are being overwhelmed by it. But the more it happens the better you’ll be able to remember it, and the more you’ll be able to control it and extend it.” “But I can’t even remember it. It’s like that time is totally gone” “After a few occurrences, the system will be able to keep you alert through a musclegasm. It has to do some rewiring so your brain can withstand them. Once that is done, you’ll have more control. You’ll be able to experience them fully, and intensify them willfully. Then you can use them to grow bigger faster. Eventually, you’ll get to the point when you’ll enter an endless musclegasm that will just keep intensifying and permanently enabling your growth to accelerate exponentially. Then you’ll totally transcend human scale, and grow to be the biggest most powerful thing that ever lived!” “How soon can we make that happen?” “Well, I am trying to create a program to become self writing in ways that conform to our goal but which is endlessly expandable to keep expanding our potential and rate of growth safely and endlessly. I want it to tune perfectly into every conceivable acceleration of our growth processes. I’m writing in language to potentiate contingent pathways for gains that are literally cosmic in scale.” “What do you mean by cosmic?” “Its for when we get literally bigger than planets!” “When? Not if?” “When. We will grow that big eventually, once we have seized control of the energy resources we need to get there. This system is designed to attack and co-opt every grid on earth, and convert all of it into a single system that is solely commited to making our bodies expand without interruption. It is also designed to implement economic activity to generate technology to support us once we outgrow the planet.” “Man! That is awesome!” I heard myself say. I was totally uncritical of the idea of converting the earth’s resources into a system to make my body expand. This was a new level of lust. I overrode any socialization I had that might have restrained me. I was a pure monster of infinite muscle lust, and it felt great. “Wow, that metaroutine has really kicked in!” Chris enthused. “We are gonna be infinitely HUGE!” “How long do you think it will take me to grow as big as the earth?” “My calculations are not very precise because of the enormous number of variables involved, but I can project less than two years, and maybe in just a few months if we catch all the breaks.” “When are you going to swallow a Mass Hose and turn yourself into a megahuge musclehulk?” “Whenever any one of three things happens, either the system indicates literally infinite potential has been projected, or I weigh 500 pounds, or you reach 35 feet tall.” “Thirty-five feet tall?! Wow, at the rate I’ve been growing, that might not take very long, I’ve gotten almost two feet taller in just the last few days.” “Yeah, and it’ll get faster every day. Hey man, why don’t you go pose in the mirror again, you’ll probably be having another automatic workout within a few minutes.” Chris intoned in a low even voice. It sounded like a great idea. Chris was probably triggering a musclelust loop he’d found while monitoring my subconscious through the nano system, because I instantly wanted to stare at my body in the mirror and flex and flex and flex and flex. Part Four I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my physique. I was like no man who had ever lived. I was gigantic. I stayed relaxed for a minute and surveyed my muscles. I had muscles in my face, that made my jaw look even more powerful than it had actually grown to be. I had huge bulbous muscles in the front of my neck where mere bodybuilders had thick cords. These were nearly engulfed in trapesius muscles that swelled up and out from the bases of my ears, forming giant egg-shaped masses that bunched against my deltoids. My delts were like the rock spheres strongmen would lift during strongest man competitions. My Biceps were similar, but deeply bifurcated. My pectorals jutted up and out from the clavicle area, partially obscuring those bulbous neck cords even if I arched my back as much as possible. They formed a rough, vein covered shelf that was always in my field of vision when I looked straight ahead. My lats were also like huge globes, but distorted by all the other muscles of my torso. The video screen of my back revealed a massive mountain range of hemispherical muscles crammed against each other and against my lats. There was no way to see my spine, because the muscles around it were out and over it completely. The “Christmas tree” area was similarly covered over, and only a tiny peek at it near the base of my spine was possible. Soon my back muscles and glutes would totally cover it. In the mirror, I could see my abs, but I had to be at least fifteen feet away from it to look over my pecs at the rest of my torso and my legs. This was the only way I could see my legs, because I was unable to look down at them. My chest was just too huge. No problem though, My legs and abs were plenty big enough to be seen from a distance in the mirror. The abs gave the over all impression of a hemisphere, but not in the sense of a belly. My stomach was a gigantic block made up of smaller rounded blocks. At the base, it jutted straight out horizontally from the groin about a foot and a half, where it curved up into a wall of muscle that bashed into the bottom of my pecs. If I flexed that huge mass of ab muscles, I could push my pecs straight up in front of my eyes. I started doing it, bouncing my pecs up repeatedly, blocking my vision over and over again. When my pecs were all the way up, They were all I could see. I could see literally nothing but my own muscles. Every time that happened, It was like a trigger, building me up toward another musclegasm. Then the autoflex workout started. All of my muscles were pulsing and bulging. I began to feel my body swell faster. My body was telling my brain to acquire more food. I reached out into the system with my mind. CRAM MORE OF EVERYTHING INTO ME! MAKE ME BIGGER FASTER! BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER! MORE MORE MORE! My growth started to accelerate like never before, and I was still conscious. I was consumed with the sensation of my muscles blowing up with mass. My body was gaining muscle so fast! No living thing had ever grown muscle so fast, and it was getting even faster. I was already over eight feet tall, and the system was giving me a running total of my gains. Within five minutes after the musclegasm started I was 8’4” and weighed 2440. It kept accelerating. I kept growing up and out, towering over things, wider and thicker, heavier and stronger. I was having a simultaneous autoworkout and musclegasm! My gains reached a whole new order of magnitude. At the ten minute mark I was 9’4” and had reached 4000 pounds. Wow, TWO TONS! Before I could totally grasp the idea that I weighed over two tons, though, I was flying past it at a rate that was suddenly and dramatically even faster. My mind was starting to get overwhelmed by it, I was unable to keep any sense of awareness of the world around me. My head was totally in my body, feeling the huge masses of muscle pulse and bulge and swell. “BIGGER! BIGGER! BIGGER!! MORE! MORE! MORE!!!” I roared. I wasn’t even trying to say it, it was just happening. Like all of me was just happening more and more, bigger and bigger. I was struggling to stay conscious, to experience more of the musclegasm and not pass out. I felt my body growing beyond belief! My awareness being swallowed up in the experience. “Just enjoy the ride, man, don’t worry about anything at all” I heard Chris saying. He was speaking through the system input microphone. “You are a muscle GOD! Nothing can stop you! You can just grow and grow and grow without any limit at all. You’re going to be the biggest thing that ever lived, VERY SOON.” He was helping me to stay conscious. “Don’t worry about capturing the feeling, just feel as much as you can comfortably feel, try to get comfortable with more, and let the rest flow into you faster and faster. You can feel it all later. Now, start roaring again man! Say it with me: GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!! GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!!” I was bellowing over and over again, “GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!!” I was looking intently at my body in the mirror, trying to see it all happening, but then suddenly I didn’t have to any more. Chris was feeding multiple digital video feeds directly into my brain. I could see myself in ways that had never been possible before. God, I was so immense! And blowing up faster. When I started getting the video, I was 11’8” and weighed 6390. I nearly blacked out. Then I heard my own voice in the system. “Stay awake. Make it happen even faster. This is the beginning. You’re turning into a God. Keep going. Be tougher. Learn to tolerate more and more musclegasm intensity. Make it happen even faster. GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!! Stay awake. Make it happen even faster. You’re turning into a God. Feel it more and more. GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!! Stay awake. Make it happen even faster. This is the beginning. You’re turning into a God. Keep going. Be tougher. Learn to tolerate more and more musclegasm intensity. Make it happen even faster. GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!! Feel it more and more.” I was using the system to hypnotize myself. I was not fully alert, but I was not blacking out from the pleasure overload, My body and brain were learning to take it, and to amplify it even. Then Chris started talking again. “Go ahead man, make yourself hundreds of times bigger, thousands of times bigger, millions of times bigger!! You’re riding the wave now, nothing can stop you, just EXPLODE! Like a supernova, man! You’re just getting started. GO for it. REACH in there and grab more size, more muscle, more power! Grab it all!” I could feel the truth of what Chris was saying. The potential of the system was barely being tapped. I could get much huger, much faster. I felt the system integrating more intimately with my body and synchronizing more with my mind. I heard my voice again: “Let your body open up totally to endless accelerating growth. Build your lust for infinite muscle. Open the floodgates. Let more and more size flow into you. It is effortless. Just let it happen.” “Stay awake. Make it happen even faster. This is the beginning. You’re turning into a God. Keep going. Be tougher. Learn to tolerate more and more musclegasm intensity. Make it happen even faster. Build your lust for infinite muscle. You want all the size in the universe. Turn it all into you. Blow yourself up. It is effortless. GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!! Let your body open up to more and more mass. Gain. Expand. Bulge. Swell. EXPLODE! DO IT NOW!” Then it started. I was growing faster and faster, My size was increasing faster than I’d ever even dreamed of growing. At twenty five minutes into the musclegasm, I was 21’ 8” tall, and weighed 42,380 pounds, for a second. But then I was bigger, and bigger. At half an hour in, I was 26 feet tall, and up to 65,100 pounds. That was over twenty thousand pounds of muscle in five minutes. I was totally conscious, and totally in control. I was directing more and more power and mass into myself as fast as I could. I was trying very hard to amplify my lust even more, drawing more and more from the system. In five more minutes, I was 33’ 6” tall, 102,800 pounds. “Ed, this is it!” I heard Chris say, “You’re in the permanent musclegasm!” He gushed breathlessly. “Man, your body is so fuckin’ huge! Its incredible! This is it. I’m swallowing my mass hose, man!” I saw him stick the terminus in his mouth and punch in the program. Within seconds, he was growing visibly bigger. “How are you starting out so fast?” I thought aloud. “Ed, my body is plugged into your musclegasm mode. Oh my god! This is AWESOME! I’m going to be infinite! I’m awake. This is the beginning. I’m turning into a God. I can tolerate more and more musclegasm intensity. Make me grow even faster. GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!! ME! ME! ME!! MORE OF ME!! MORE OF ME!!” He was expanding like wildfire. In less than five minutes he was already over eight feet tall, and weighed over half a ton. In another five minutes he was 15’ 2” and weighed over 35,000 pounds, 12,000 more than I had weighed at that height. “BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER! MORE! MORE! MORE!!” Chris bellowed triumphantly. He looked up at me with a gleeful smile on his face. “Now I’m going to catch up with you.” He pushed a button on the control panel. INSTANTLY, he began to accelerate more and more, visibly engulfing the space around his already gargantuanly thick body. In one minute, he was 21’4” tall and weighed 80,000 pounds. He was almost as wide at the shoulders as he was tall. In another minute he had done it, and more. I had grown to 35 feet tall, and 144,200 pounds. Chris was also 35 feet tall, but he weighed 210,800 pounds. Then he continued to accelerate even faster, blowing up and out. He was expanding by orders of magnitude. He ambled outside, dragging part of the thousand yard cable behind him. Five minutes after he pushed the button, Chris reached 484 feet tall and weighed 12,925,300 pounds. He was over 50 times bigger than me, and still exploding. “Chris, can you plug me into this? I’m not growing nearly as fast as you are.” “I’ll get back to you in a while, Ed. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you behind.” That sounded a little reassuring, but soon, Chris was oblivious to me, booming out his Mantra again: “BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER! MORE! MORE! MORE! I’m turning into a GOD. I’m building more and more musclegasm intensity. I will grow even faster. GROW BIGGER FASTER! MORE! MORE! MORE!! ME! ME! ME!! MORE OF ME! MORE OF ME! ME, ME, ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!” By the time he finished saying it, he was huge beyond belief. I had reached 60 feet tall and weighed 440,650 pounds, but I had to look almost straight up to see him. I couldn’t tell exactly how tall he was by looking, because the muscles of his torso totally hid his neck and head from my perspective, but he was mountainous. The system indicated that he was 2550 feet tall, and weighed 101,410,200 pounds. “Ed, I’m the biggest thing that ever lived on this planet. There’s only one goal left, and that’s to be bigger than the whole planet itself. But I need YOU to get me there. My growth just now was just a preliminary test. To calibrate the system so to speak. But now it’s your turn. I’ve built a transmission system that doesn’t need a hose to feed us. You just swallow a terminus and it receives nutrients and system connections that are broadcast into our bodies. We can go anywhere in range of the Earth’s satellites and it will feed us. The computer is gearing up to run it right now.” “Where is it?” I shouted desperately. “Its in the blue bin alongside the building there behind you.” Chris said, pointing down at it. I turned around and saw the bin. I quickly opened it. Inside were four orange marbled spheres, each about the size of a large grapefruit. “Take two of those and swallow them now.” Chris intoned. I remembered the dream I’d had about the orange marble. I greedily gulped down the spheres. “This will be overwhelming for a few minutes. You’ll probably pass out, so maybe you should just lie down. You’re about to experience power that no human other than you and I ever ever even dreamed was possible. Are you ready?” “Yes!” I roared. “Give it to me!” Chris held his hand down to the bin and touched the other two spheres. They clung to his hand as if they had static electricity. “Okay, when you catch up to me, I’ll swallow mine! GO!” I heard his mind issue a command to the system, and I started to transcend the scale of life on earth, as Chris had a few minutes earlier. My body felt like a giant meat manufacturing machine. I kept billowing out and up with height and mass that was unbelievable. I was transforming into a cosmically huge muscle colossus. My ultimate fantasy was coming true. I felt the mass building by megatons all over me, thickening my physique even as I soared taller and taller. “MORE!” I bellowed, shaking the ground with my voice. I was already 250 feet tall and weighed over eight million pounds. “MORE! MORE MORE MORE!!!” Two minutes later, I was 1000 feet tall, and weighed 72,823,500 pounds. I was a living muscle mountain, and accelerating like mad with more size. In another minute my growth was almost unfathomable. I was hanging on to consciousness by a thread. I heard Chris in my head. “Faster, man! Concentrate on sucking in the power. Up to now, you’ve been just letting the system blow you up. Now you need to focus your mind. Reach out and feel all the ways you can absorb more power. Draw on the system as hard as you can. Think of the hardest set you ever did, how you pushed yourself to the limit. Do that now. Pull on the energy flow. You are a gigantic muscle God. Your muscle growth engine has now established access to all of the power grids on the planet. It is your power. Take it, take MORE of it, Take it faster, Take it ALL! Go Supernova man!” I was reeling. Chris had already tapped into the power of the whole world, and I didn’t even know he’d started on that yet! I was blowing up like a hydrogen bomb explosion. My brain was scrambling to grab hold and control the system, reaching out, feeling all the places power could come from, dragging it back into me. I was working as hard as I could to create cycles that would move power from everywhere I could connect to and bring it all into my body. It was starting to work. I could feel more and more nutrients and energy coming on line, accelerating my body’s expansion. My brain was developing a huge amount of processing power that was totally locked in to the process of slamming more mass into myself. I was the world’s most powerful and dedicated musclehead. Five minutes had passed. I was 4750 feet high, and my body had expanded to muscular proportions I could never have conceived of even an hour before: 677,258,550 pounds. “BIGGER! MORE! TAKE MORE! GROW FASTER!!” Chris commanded. I nearly swooned, realizing that it WAS possible to get more efficient and grow much faster yet. “Get ten times bigger every SECOND!” Chris was screaming encouragement. “Turn as much of everything as you can into more of you as fast as you can!” Chris was directing me, helping me gain far more than I ever would have on my own. He was making sure that I really would grow as big as a planet. I was already well over a mile high, and at nearly two billion pounds, I felt like I was making a dent in the earth’s crust. That was not literally true yet, but it would happen soon enough. “GROW! SWELL! ABSORB EVERYTHING!” Chris intoned. I didn’t care if it was his will or mine that was driving the process, I just got off on my body exploding with size faster and faster. I had abandoned all critical thinking, and was drenched in infinite muscle lust. I kept finding more and more ways to force my body to expand faster and faster. I had vast mental power at my disposal as most of the planet’s computing grid connected to my extended brain. I could feel every individual muscle cell, and all the new ones I was growing by the millions every second. Each cell felt like a fully pumped muscle, gorging on more and more power, pulsing and bulging with constantly exponentially increasing mass. My body was in a state of ever expanding musclegasm, and my mind was relentlessly finding more ways to increase my will to grow , and my ability to indulge my desire for endless gains. “GrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrow GrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrowGrow GrowGrowGrow…” There was a constant background loop running in my head with both my voice and Chris’ voice urging me on. It just kept happening faster and faster. On top of that, I heard Chris gushing: “Ed, in a few minutes you’re gonna be bigger than the Moon! Do it man, Consume everything!! Fill the world with your muscles!” This was perfect. It was the best thing ever. I was going to do exactly what Chris said, as fast as possible. “Ed, become the whole universe! Become the whole universe! Do it!! Faster!” I didn’t know if I was really close to the size of the moon, because doing the comparison would take away from my absolute concentration on making myself bigger, and I wasn’t about to allow that to happen. I didn’t care. I knew that ultimately, the Moon would be like an atom compared to me. I felt my body in more detail than I ever had before, every muscle cell, every movement. There was constant movement, even though I wasn’t intentionally moving. I was moving just by growing so fast. The visual feed showed me images that were astounding, awe inspiring, orgasmic. I could see myself growing beyond the whole scale of life on Earth. My body towered over the landscape, bulged out with muscular development never before imagined. I had grown into a force of nature. My mental processes were gleefully acquiring more and more of the planet’s resources. I suddenly could reach into Chris’ mind. I began to take inventory of everything that had been going on inside his head. His lust for cosmic orders of muscular growth was unbelievable. He had been consciously building his desire since childhood. My programs told me to take all of that in. I began to duplicate his motivation and fuse it to my own consciousness. I suddenly had a level of greed and lust that would have been unfathomable to me only moments earlier. New loops began playing in my mind by the hundreds. They were like heavy metal orchestras extolling my expanding power: “I will grow infinitely huge. I am growing into a star-eating God. All the matter in the universe will become part of my body. The cosmos is turning into my muscles. Everything will be ME!” It was intoxicating, even to my hugely expanded brain. I couldn’t resist it even if I’d wanted to. I just embraced it, engulfed it into my innermost psyche. Then Chris revealed something he’d been holding back somehow, the broadcasting matter converters. They were machines that could consume and convert any matter into energy that would then broadcast to designated spheres or other receptacles. He tuned them into my orange spheres. My spheres began to replicate and enlarge inside my body. Then he switched them to run mode. The converter/broadcasters started consuming everything around them and broadcasting it into my body. My body began to explode almost instantly by orders of magnitude. He had created a system that was forcing my body to consume the planet. I was happy to do it. I wanted to absorb the whole universe. The loops were getting louder. “I will grow infinitely huge. I am growing into a star-eating God. All the matter in the universe will become part of my body. The cosmos is turning into my muscles. Everything will be ME!” I felt great! I felt the matter streaming into me, pouring in, flooding in. My nanotechnology was directing the absorption perfectly. I was growing mountains of muscle, continents of muscle, moons of muscle. My body really was now as big as the Earth’s moon. I felt lust for more and more size. The Earth was being hollowed out and converted into my muscle mass. I wanted it all. I wanted the planets and the Sun, and I was confident that Chris had made sure they would be consumed into me. I was going to consume all the stars, all the galaxies, all of space, EVERYTHING. It was speeding up. Within ten more minutes I was already bigger than the Earth. The converters were dissolving the mass of the solar systerm and shoving it all into my body faster and faster. My mind could feel the cosmic vastness of each muscle in my body, exploding thicker and huger by the second. Chris had set up the system so that we could consume matter merely by looking at it and thinking about it. I looked at the sun. I was now literally becoming a Star-Eating Muscle God. The Sun began to turn into me. More and more of its huge reserves of energy were cramming into my muscles. My mind was exploding with orgasmic pleasure. “I am consuming a whole star! And when I’m done I’ll be big enough to start consuming the rest of the Galaxy!” “Eat it all, soak it up! Fix your gaze as far away as you can, so more matter is encompassed by your view. CONSUME EVERYTHING YOU SEE!! Turn it all into your body. Feel everything turning into your muscles!” I knew then that Chris had sublimated his lust into my own. He had gotten so huge just to give me a sense of scale. Once I could see it I could conceive of it as a reality in myself. Chris stopped talking. He knew nothing else needed to be said. He knew that I was accelerating my lust and my growth exponentially each second. Now there was infinity laid out before me. I was ready to become everything, to convert the universe into my infinite, hormone-drenched muscle mass. There was no other possible outcome. I was building my body and my lust beyond cosmic hugeness, and would continue doing so throughout all eternity. I reveled in the immensity of myself, of the sensation of unlimited mass and power constantly flowing into my body, the growth of my muscles by orders of magnitude, my mass thickening by light years.
  9. I am hoping there are other fans of the IFNB out there… It is, in my opinion, one of the best, consistent and intensely erotic muscle fiction series out there! I have been VERY in to the ongoing muscle fiction of the IFNB for a few years. It is a unique work, because it is not told like a traditional story but is told via "reports" from the world of the IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding). Every post is coverage of a contest, backstage or personal profile of huge, hung, alpha-aggressive athletes. Over the course of the short posts, story lines and themes emerge and it becomes VERY hot. The creator(s?) clearly know the real world of competitive bodybuilding yet also have broad-ranging imaginations. Everything from vanilla muscle worship to hardcore gang rape and everything in between! Old-young, coach-jock, hetero and homo, extreme sex and basic showing off . . . it all seems to happen in this world. The cool part is that they acknowledge in clever ways how this has been going on in real life and why none of us are familiar. They are tethered to real life (even if the muscle growth stuff is sometimes pure science fiction), so it makes it hotter. I also like how they RESPOND TO OUR COMMENTS and the storyline follows the fans' interests. The hot discussions and sub-fantasies that emerge are sometimes as hot as the posts themselves. I really get into chatting IFNB with other fans, so thought I'd post here and see who else loves these stories?
  10. Chapter 4 - Hypersexualmetaphysicalmophosis With his massive hands he lifted my up and held me like an action figure for him to play with. As he looked into my eyes, Lloyd overtook my thoughts. I was now his puppet and I was his to manipulate, mold and shape into whatever was to be my destiny. My vision started to get cloudy and my body felt limp, but I continued to stay erect. I didn’t slump over or feel like I was drifting off to sleep. I was still aware and conscious of what was happening to me, but it was like I was in a dream state. As soon as he knew that I was completely under his spell he started transferring the information I needed to start my change. First, He showed me visions of what looked like a manufacturing plant. No…not really a factory of sorts, but more of what looked like a greenhouse with machinery. There were hundreds of men, from teenagers to elderly, all in some sort of individual clear pods. Each pod was the shape of an oval cylinder with see-through flexible plastic tubes going into the top of each tube. Those tubes all seemed to be going up to the center of the greenhouse and up into one giant tube that led up onto the roof. I couldn’t see what exactly was on the roof of the greenhouse, but it looked to be like a much larger pod, all by itself, that was at least 5 times larger than the pods below. Of the pods in the greenhouse, each one was upright, banked backwards at a 30 degree angle and there must have been 20 tubes in each row and 30 rows of pods. Each subject was lying naked, face up with smaller clear tubes that had tapered down for the larger outside tubes entering different areas of their bodies. There was a tube going into each ear, nostril, mouth, belly button, cock, and one that went behind their body, which could be assumed that it was in their asses; basically, every orifice except the eyes. If that wasn't a bit bizarre and James Cameron’s “Aliens” like enough, each person was wide awake and completely aware. They seemed to be unable to talk, or move very much at all, but you could tell that they knew what was going on and they didn’t seem horrified or upset about what was about to happen to them. They actually looked happy, almost blissfully anticipating something. Then from, what I assumed was the pod on the roof, came a rich auburn liquid down the giant tube and as it slowly forked off from tube intersection to tube intersection to tube down to each individual pod and you could see that the subjects were getting excited even more. They began to slowly gyrate their hips and act as if they were in a sexual bliss of sorts. Their eyes were wild with passion and all of them were getting rock hard, as if they were anticipating sex for the first time. When the liquid had reached each pod, it seemed to pause for a moment in a clear cylinder and then from a tube that connected from somewhere else, a blue liquid emerged into the cylinder and mixed with the auburn liquid, cause the two liquids to change into another color, that of a pearl white or the best way to put it, it looked like cum. Then everything went blank and my eyes were looking back at Lloyd’s massive body in front of me. He was still holding me in his hands and he was playing with my crotch with is one ring finger, rubbing me, causing me to moan. Then, just as suddenly, my vision changed. This second vision I was standing on a large wrap-around country porch of a big beautiful southern style mansion. There were other very muscular, attractive men on the porch with me. I had the feeling we all knew each other and we were all attracted to each other as well. We all were talking about something but I couldn’t make out what we were saying. I couldn’t make out the faces of the men either, just their incredible bodies. All of us might as well have been naked since we all just had on soaking wet, very tight white jogging shorts and skin tight white tank tops. All of our bodies, cocks and balls were very prominent and very over-sized. I knew that they were all like me and I could feel the mutual lust in all of us. The house itself sat up on a hill and it was overlooking a vast farm land with acres and acres of vegetation that I couldn’t quite make out. It seemed to look like corn stalks, but there was something very different about them. First off, the stalks themselves weren’t green, but rather a beige/tan color, like the color of wheat and then the fruit, or corn like pods were a reddish brown and they seemed to have movement coming from inside of their husks. It was almost as if some of them were pulsating. In the middle of each field, which there seemed to be about 15 huge fields, was the greenhouse building from my prior vision. Each field had a greenhouse: 15 fields, 15 greenhouses. Hmmm, so 20 pods in a row of 30 rows were around 600 pods per greenhouse. 600 pods times 15 greenhouses made 9000 pods total. As I was looking out over the land, I felt a hand on my shoulder and voice whispered in my ear, “Not yet, young man. All will be shown in due time. Don't be so eager to know everything too fast. For now you should begin the HypersexualMetaphysicalmorphosis into your true self!” Then as before, everything went blank and I was looking back at my massive master, Lloyd. With his free hand, he put his fingers on my forehead and slowly trickled them down my face closing my eyes, taking me into the beginning of my physical transformation, or Hypersexualwhosawhatsametahumanmusclemorpheiousadocious, or something like that, as my mystery man said. Lloyd showed me, in my mind, how he was going to begin the transformation of me with images of his cock down my throat and up my ass, sharing his god-like life-force with me. The images that I was seeing were inhuman and completely unbelievable. There were scenes of him, filling me up with his cum in constant and forceful flow into my mouth and ass that were stretched to an inhuman capacity to receive him. It looked as if it was almost like Gay Porn mashing up with a Loony Tune. Our bodies were doing insane things that were exaggerated to cartoon status, but were going to be in real life. Then, I saw how he and what looked like to be an officer of the law, training me to change my body and schooling me to continue to become what I needed too. I began to understand that I was to be in training-like state of change for a period of time. I still would be massively strong, but Lloyd and this other man would have to change my abilities to suit me until I was in control of my power. With the strength he would give me I would be able to lift anything that was over 500 times my own weight. If I would be small, even as tiny as an ant, I would still be able to lift a car or large animal and when I would be in human form, I would quite literally be the one of the strongest men on the planet. But the real power would be when I was full Titan, like Lloyd was now; I would literally be able to lift buildings and the heaviest items on earth. In my mind, he told me what I needed to do. He told me to empty myself of all of my human reproductive fluid. That any of my own “human” sperm would be useless and hold back the change in me. I was to completely empty myself until I had only dry orgasms. After that, that was when he would have me drink from him, swallowing all of his sperm and when my stomach could take no more I was to let him enter my ass where he would complete the replacement of my sperm with his. He said that his “advanced” sperm was the life-force brought from my Uncle that gave us the power of our new lives. He said that his sperm wouldn’t become my sperm, but it would be absorbed into my body and get me ready for the next steps of my change. He told me he would fill me with more than I needed and that any that was left over would be reserves for me for more changes later on. As he was feeding me this information in my mind he had total control over me and my body. He told me to look back up at him and look again into his eyes and that’s when he set off the trigger to make me cum. At that point, he stopped talking to me and let me enjoy my continuous orgasms. Wave after wave of orgasms came over me. As soon as one would ebb another would hit full force. After about 5 minutes of completely emptying out my “human” body, I regained my composer as my cock dissipated to empty spasms without liquid results. I looked back up at Lloyd and he then continued to tell me that when he entered me that I would feel little to no pain and my body would start to change naturally with the process itself. He said I would drink some of his precum before he would even enter my body and that would help in my elasticity. He said that I would have no control over the change, but that after I had completed this part of the change, he would help me to adjust to my new self and when I was finished with my process, I would be able to change every part of myself at will with almost instantaneous results. The only time that it would follow an uncontrollable pattern is when I was in the mode that he had been going through now, with me. He said that after I drink his cum, there would be no going back, ever. I would be a permanent “advanced species” of muscle and a loyal member of “Uncle Matt’s Farm”. For the final time he asked me if I was ready, but I think it was more of a statement of my new beginning, than a question. I was feeling the best I ever had in my life and it was all because of this man. Then he told me to drink. He lowered me back onto the ground and I stood with the head of his colossal prick dangling about 5 feet above my head. Slowly oozing out of his cock, long thick strands of precum covered my face and body as it sent shards of electricity through me. I could feel my skin and muscles begin to relax. He bent his knees slightly and I knew what I had to do. I opened my mouth as wide as I could onto his cock and took in as much of it as I could, which at first was only the piss hole of his cockhead. I licked the head and stuck my tongue into his piss hole. It fit perfectly and I started to tongue fuck him. This must have felt really good to him as he began to moan. I made my tongue as rigid as possible, grabbed his cock with both hands and I began to bob my head as I fucked his piss slit. Very soon, I was instantly rewarded as I could feel rivers of cum flowing into his shaft to come down to me. I pulled out my tongue but held my lips firmly against his head just in time as the sweetest and most pungent tasting cum flowed into me. This time it wasn’t like a fire house, but rather a strong faucet tap. At first I wasn’t able to keep 1/3 of his juice in me long enough to swallow it, but that soon changed. In a matter of seconds, my body began to change as he said it would. My mouth took more of him inside of it and there was no need to swallow as he started to shove the entire head into my mouth completely filling it. Again, the amazing elasticity of my mouth was accommodating his immense size. At first I started to choke and gag, because I was unable to breath, so Lloyd eased up a bit. Then every few seconds the flow would stop long enough for me to take a breath and then it would start all over again. I would occasionally get a taste of his cum as it would pass my taste buds and it was the saltiest and sweetest taste I’ve ever had. It felt like gallons of it were pouring into me. My stomach started to grow as the juice filled me up. My stomach looked as if I were pregnant. There was no pain as my stomach stretched beyond normal proportions. Then it was as if something had opened up the drain and my stomach started to spasm and empty like crazy as almost all of his semen started to absorb into my body. This process repeated about 5 times before I actually had the feeling of being so full as if I had just had the biggest Thanksgiving dinner of my life. On the last absorption, my stomach continued to decrease in size to even smaller than it had been all along. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it as a 4 pack of abs started to show. Then 2 more abs above those came quickly into view. Soon I had a super hard, cut 8-pack of chiseled granite. I let go of my oral grip on Lloyd as I started feeling a heat rise inside of me that was radiating outward. I looked at my body and I could see the definition cutting through my body as his muscle juice spread throughout me. I was turning into a chiseled work of art. Of course as had been the case since this all started a few days ago, with my new life, this change made me incredibly hornier than I already was and opened my mouth and shoved more of his enormous shaft into it. I could feel it stretching my esophagus with every upward thrust of my head. My mouth felt completely elastic and my jaw actually dislocated. There was no pain only complete joy and pleasure. That’s when the same feeling of growth I had before started up again. Only this time as I looked at the parts of my body that I could see, I noticed that my body WAS expanding. The definition was already there, but now I could feel my muscles building at an incredible rate. I held up my right leg to see it balloon up to the size of a tree trunk. I was so excited that I didn’t even noticed Lloyd’s cock was lowering further down my throat but not because he was pushing it there, it was because my body was making me rise further off of the ground. At the same time it was snaking down in me I could feel my throat expanding to accommodate it and soon I was actually able to breathe freely as well. I got on my feet to stand up and I had grown almost tall enough that I only had to tilt my head back a little to take all 3 feet of him in. Then I must’ve stopped growing because I no longer needed to tilt my head; in fact his pelvis was now in perfect position. I was now about 15 feet tall as my body slowed down for a moment. I felt as charged up with life and strong as hell. I glanced down at myself and was shocked. I was fucking HUGE!!! I must have had a 70” chest and 30” biceps and I was at least almost 16 feet tall. In fact my chest was so large and my arms were so strong that I had unconsciously picked Lloyd up off the ground and was holding him in midair as he filled me up and I kept growing. I was literally holding a 45 foot man up off of the ground. Then, I felt larger growth spurts in my own cock and lower body. I was in awe of my own massive amounts of strength. This man must have weighted over a ton and I picked him up like he was a twig. I was literally holding up a giant that weighed tons. I could tell this was turning on Lloyd more than ever because he was literally face fucking me by this time and I was helping him by grabbing the sides of his massive ass and pushing and pulling him out of my mouth. He had grabbed a tree branch over 50 feet off the ground for stability as he fucked my face. With each thrust of his cock, I could feel him literally fucking my throat. His blasts of cum in me were getting stronger and I could feel the circumference of his cock increase with every shot, too. He was now pumping his cock almost completely out of my mouth and shoving it to the hilt every time, just like he had done with his finger in my ass. Since I was getting huge and taller, his 3 foot cock was seemingly shrinking. Over and over he came for what seemed like hours and then he abruptly stopped. He pulled his beat red cock out of my mouth, letting go of the tree branch and dropping it to the ground with an earth-shattering thud and turned around behind him to grab a small dogwood tree uprooting it. He brought it around and told me that when he asked me to, I was to bite down on it. After he laid it in front of me, he told me to bend over and get ready. This giant man moved with amazing swiftness as he grabbed my head pushing me down on all fours, causing the ground to shake beneath us and then he took a hold of my hips. When he got into the position he didn’t wait for an okay. I knew he had been waiting for this moment, since we met and he wasn’t about to prolong it any more. He verbally yelled, “NOW, BOY, BITE DOWN ON THAT TREE HARD” My mouth was on the way down when I felt his enormous shaft literally ram my ass like a rocket. I felt only a small amount of actual pain, but more of an intense pressure, like that of the rush of bullet into its target, being pushed in at an incredible speed. My ass immediately clamped around him in a joyous viselike grip and he began fucking me so hard that I had to grab onto a couple of trees to steady myself and to give him something immobile to ram his huge cock into. Foliage and limbs of the forest were being shaken off for over 50 yards around us as we fucked. The whole time he was fucking me, he was still cumming in huge amounts. It wasn’t like there was a build up to climax. He had been in a God-like Climax the whole time. He ended up picking my legs up and was pulling me into him as he was thrusting. Now, a few of the weaker trees began to fall to the ground. I grasped at trees and I finally found a big 100 foot oak tree to grab and hold onto. Leaves and branches were showering us from the violence the trees and I were receiving. There was so much cum that he was still pumping in me faster than what my body could absorb, that with every thrust of his cock, massive amounts of cum was shooting out of any escape area of my ass that it could find. Lloyd and I were both soaked in his cum. After about ten minutes of this he stopped ramming into me and slowly began to almost completely go out of me and slowly right back in up to his balls, as his cock was still amply flowed his muscle cum into me. Because he fucking was slower, it gave it more time to absorb into the lining of my ass. This whole time I had continued to grow. I was now over 25 feet tall, if I would have been standing I would have been almost as wide as the side of a house. Lloyd had grown more too and was now over 60 feet tall and his truck could have sat very comfortably on his chest. It seemed that he was calming down, but then he said. “Here comes the last of it, son. Hold onto to something…” He bellowed as an incredible final surge of cum shot so hard into me that it caused me to begin to shot a large volley of cum myself, soaking a hundred feet of the forest in front of me. Along with that final shot, both of us radiated a bright blinding shockwave that blew out from our epicenter, lying flat every tree in the forest for about 100 yards. The shock wave was felt as far as Uncle Matt’s Farm almost 5 miles away and when the wave went through Uncle Matt, he just smiled and new it was time for him to go and meet his nephew. That must have been when Lloyd knew I was full of what I needed. He pulled out of me and I let me back down onto the ground. I was around 25 feet high and even though Lloyd had shrunk down to about half his height, to 30 feet, I still able to look up into my master’s eyes and was ready for the next command, when he grabbed my face and gave me the most sensual and romantic kiss I have ever had. This in turn, broke the spell and I was able to feel the effects of his work on me. I was in shear Muscle God Heaven. Lloyd grabbed me again and hugged me in the most sensuous bear hug, I had ever had. We held each other for what seemed to be forever. Lloyd took me by the waist and we kissed and felt each other all over. I could tell that Lloyd was just as incredibly turned on as I was. His moans and grunts were causing the ground below to rumble, again. He stopped kissing me to ask, “How do you feel?” as his mammoth cock ground against my hard as rock body. I wasn’t sure how to answer him, because of all the different feelings I was feeling at that moment, but I tried my best. “Fucking invincible, HUGE, erotic, I’m a God…I’m a Fucking GOD! There’s so much power and strength running through me continuously that I feel like I’m going to explode. I feel fucking powerful as hell! And Lloyd…I am proud to be an eternal member of Uncle Matt’s Farm and my loyalty to you and our family is complete and pure.” He smiled and hugged me. “I also have this insatiable need to show off my strength.” I said as I released him and I bent over and literally lifted his pickup and held it with ease over my head. “Whoooaaa, careful there, boy, that’s not paid for just yet,” as he laughed and playfully grabbed my aching and hard cock. “It feels so fucking light. Jesus we must be the strongest men in the world.” As I set the “toy” truck back down I straightened back up and he slapped my chest hard, grabbing my nipple and pulling me close to him so he could kiss me hard and deep some more. Now that I’m thinking about our tongues intertwining, I can safely say that his tongue was probably about a foot long whereas mine was about 10 inches. He broke our kiss to say, “Be Proud, Steve of who you are. You are special, even amongst Gods. You still have much to learn and you have much to teach. Always care about the family. You should care, because you’ve been giving the best gift in the world. And it’s a gift that is actually from your Father.” “My Father, what do you mean? My father couldn’t have done this.” “Not your human father. He was only a surrogate. Your real father…is…your Uncle Matt!” “WHAT…but…but you did this to me?” “But who do you think, did this to me? It was your father, Matt. And he got it from…Well; who do you think gave it to him?” “Um..Grandpa?” “Yes, Steve. Your grandfather is the source. He is the Alpha. He is our leader… …And he is still alive…” I shook my head in shock, since I had gone to Grandpa’s funeral. “But..but…” “It’s okay Steve. Don’t’ worry…all your questions will be answered. This has been planned for you for quite some time and your Grandfather and Uncle were gracious enough to let me do the honors. They knew how I felt about you and thought you might take this easier coming from someone that wasn’t as intimidating as they are.” “Intimidating?! MY GOD, if they are any more intimidating then you then I would have lost consciousness at the mere sight of them...Hehe” I chuckled as I remembered how I fainted at the sight of Grandpa, when I was a child. “You probably would have, most all do. That’s one of the reason’s Grandpa is not out in public anymore, but anyway…Now remember, you will always stay super humanly strong, but you have yet to learn the ability to change your height from 1 inch to over 100 feet. This height and elasticity that you now exhibit is just part of the process of the change. Soon you will go back to normal height, but you will always have the body of a God: Muscular, Virile and Immortal. But as a safety measure, since I am the one who started your change and until you are ready, you’re change can be overridden by me, your uncle or your grandfather and we can make you as big or as little as we feel until you can control it yourself.” With that he placed his hand in mine and we both shrank to our previous human heights. Both of us were still hugely muscled, even larger than the largest of bodybuilders. Our wet bodies still glowed in the moonlight from the sheen of our glazing of cum. We were, of course, still naked and both still rock hard. We began to talk some more as we walked back to the truck. “So Lloyd, I noticed that you said that Uncle Matt and Grandpa let you do the honors, because they knew how you felt about me????” I said with a smirk on my face, “Soooo, stud….How DO you feel about me?” “Does this answer your question?” He said as he lifted me over his head, and started to press my body up and down over top of him. Every time he lowered me toward him my cock dove deep into his gapping mouth. I did not need to hold onto anything as he had me face fuck him in midair. It was pure euphoria for both of us. He brought me back down to the ground and we began showing off our strength to each other, by lifting large trees and the truck over and over and sucking and fucking all over the forest floor and in the truck and holding each other in midair. We were so heavily into each other that we didn’t see what was coming toward us down what was left of the dirt road. Although, Lloyd knew from the beginning what was going to happen next. The patrol car, or what was left of it, rolled slowly toward us.
  11. Chapter 3 - The Gift of My Re-Birth The second the warm glow of the headlights hit my face, I felt better. I was so glad that he was here and I could just hop in and tell him to “go, go, go”. I didn’t want to see my father anytime soon and the sorrow and loneliness that would be on my mother’s face was going to be a little too much to bear. My clothes felt tighter. My gym shorts were literally hugging my ass with skin tightness due to the pulling of my hardening cock. My tank shirt was slowly tearing at the seams, centimeters at a time, as it was straining to hold me in as well. God this felt so fucking good, but I had no control of it at all. Even though I was still so angry at my father, I felt like a million bucks. My body did whatever it felt like doing. I wondered that if my intense emotions inside had triggered this new growth spurt, and if calming myself down, would make me return to normal, just like David Banner? I tried to think of anything neutral, but my clothes just felt tighter. I ran around the front of the truck and I peered into who was driving the Ford F150. The figure behind the wheel was huge and he literally filled over half of the front seat. My god, this was my Uncle? The door opened from the inside and pushing it was the most massive hand and arm I had ever seen. Some fear, more over an intense desire took over and my shirt tore a little more. “Come on and get in and let’s start this thing right, little man,” the extremely deep bass voice said from inside. “Sure, let’s get outta here, I’m done with this place. They’re driving me nuts and I’m not little.” I exclaimed with a renewed confidence, as I threw my stuff in the back bed and jumped in the passenger side. As I stretched to get in the big 4x4 I heard and felt a larger tear in my shorts. This time the cool night air snuck in the opening of the tear and it gave me an added pleasure-jolt. I shut the door as his massive arm shifted the gears and we were in reverse and on the road in a flash. I was somewhat afraid to look at much more than the arm in fear that I would either scream in fear of the “Monster” that dad had called him or cream myself immediately as I’m sure I would explode out from my clothes, all from just being in his presence. Only as we would pass a streetlight would I get a quick glimpse of this mammoth man. God, my uncle was HUGE! I knew that having feelings for a relative wasn't looked upon with affirming eyes of the public, and I know how wrong it was that I was excited about my grandpa, and how my anger turned me on in front of my father, but I didn’t care if the man seated next to me was related to me or not. I wanted him. I wanted him so much my heart was racing and my body was starting to react even more so. Hell, he was only related by marriage, I thought. So Fuck It. I felt two more tears in my shorts. Then he laid his hand on my lap and said, “Steve, I’m not your Uncle. The Name’s Lloyd. I’m you’re Uncle’s…a…partner at the farm. We are really looking forward to getting to know you out there. We have a lot planned for you and it should be a lot of fun and good times, but it’s not gonna be easy either. I’m sure you’ll be leaving there a changed man.” He squeezed my leg. “Hmmmm, very nice quads there. Your uncle said you played football?” Any feeeling of apprehension of him being my relative was now gone and this boosted my arrogance level, “Yes, sir I do. I’m 1st string, All-State and now one of the top ranked centers east of the Mississippi.” The back of my tank ripped along my lats. “Center…aaay…. well that sounds just about right. With those quads…I mean. You have to be really strong in your legs and all. But you could plow through just about anything, huh?” “I sure can, sir. Really strong, see, “ I said as I flexed them as he squeezed. The left leg of my shorts instantly shown more skin as my shorts ripped some more. Even though I could tell he was holding back his strength, the pressure of his squeeze was like a vise. My cock got harder yet. “Wow, very, very nice. I bet your ass is rock solid too, huh. The girls must love that ass.” I chuckled and said, “Yeah they do sir. But I’m not too sure they’re ever gonna get a crack at it.” I put my hand on top of his and gave it a squeeze of my own. I’m usually not so brazen about my come-ons, but there was something about this man that made me feel very comfortable around him and besides that, ever since the encounter with Billy the night before, I had been horny as fuck. Not even my massive orgasms in the morning had calmed my urges. Hell, for even a moment, when I had him in my face, I probably could have fucked…well…you Thinking about what he had said, about not being able to take it again, made me wonder about my Uncle Matt. Did my Uncle and my dad have a go at it? Then flashes of my father's tight little ass, zipped through my brain and felt my shorts rip under my balls. I shook my head to get the images out and I looked back at the monster of man next to me. Even though I could see him only in shadows and glimpses, I was getting completely rock hard for him and I’m sure he could see my cock making quite a tent out of my gym shorts. I continued my forwardness, “With a grip like yours, I bet you could have a crack at it.” With that he took his hand off my leg. "Hmmmphff," he said and then he shoved his hand under me, literally picking me up off the seat with just that one hand squeezing my ass so hard it pushed my cock through my torn shorts, shredding them, springing it out into fresh air. I almost immediately came thinking about the Hulk. “Oh yeah, really hard ass and muscular too. OH, what do we have here, what a fucking nice piece of boy cock too. You think I could handle that, too?” “God, I fucking hope so, sir.” I said as I started to buck my hips. “The thing is boy; I don’t think you could handle me.” Lloyd said as he pulled his hand out from under me and flexed his huge bicep instantly ripping the tight tee shirt he had on under his overalls. His bicep kept getting bigger and bigger the longer he held the flex and as it did, my cock got harder and harder. God I wanted to feel him growing. I involuntarily put my hand up to feel his growing muscle. My eyes must have been huge looking at him, because I could see his teeth as he smiled really broadly. I turned toward him in the seat and started to lick his massive gun. I have no idea, how Lloyd was able to keep the pickup on the road. I would have put us in a ditch by now. As I held it, I could’ve sworn that it continued to grow just like Billy did last night and I did today. Now I knew there was a connection with Billy, Lloyd and Uncle Matt and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was. I heard him moan and he put me in a headlock and pulled the truck off the road skidding to a halt. . “GET OUT” “What!!?” “You heard me, get out and get in the bed of the fucking truck, RIGHT NOW. I can hardly fucking drive with this going on. Get in the back and I'm going to take you somewhere that will be more private. Steve, it's time to show you something.” “Okay,” And I did as I was told. I didn’t want to piss him off; I just wanted to obey the huge muscle animal. “Also, you better not touch that cock of yours and get off, boy, or I’ll fucking tan your fucking hide. You hear me?” He started the truck back up and pulled back onto the road. “Yes, sir, I promise, sir.” God, was this really happening? We were only on the road for less than a mile when we came upon a gated dirt road that went into some of the thickest looking forest I’ve ever seen. Lloyd turned off the pavement and told me to open the gate. I did, as I was told, not so much that he told me too, but that I was hoping for my fantasy to come true. Still, being ordered around by this behemoth was very erotic and enticing, maybe even a big turn on, since my cock was still half hard. As I opened the gate I noticed a sign that had been grown over, but I could make out, "erty of Mat ew Trah ne" I got back in the bed of the truck and we went down the long dirt road. About 3 miles down he turned left and we stopped at a small clearing next to a pond. I had no clue where we were, other than I had a sneaking suspicion. Still, I knew that there was no one for miles around. With his massive size he could beat the shit out of me and leave me for dead and no one would ever know, but I knew deep inside his intentions were totally on the up and up. Growing up, I hoped. I stood up in the truck as he got out of the truck. I stared amazed as he just kept getting out of the truck; more and more of him slowly coming into sight and by the time he had squeezed himself out of the cab, he stood about 8 feet high and about 3 feet wide. With a swiftness, he grabbed me under my shoulders and lifted me effortlessly out of the truck bed and over his head. As he lowered me down he stopped where my cock was right as his mouth and he engulfed my entire prick down his throat. He had suction like an industrial Hoover and I became instantly hard as a rock and then with a loud POP, which almost made me cum, he released my cock. Laughing, He set me on the ground and said, “Follow me, son. You’re going to get a birthday present you’ll never going to fucking forget. Young Billy was only the beginning.” BINGO, I fucking knew it. This was all connected. God, this is too much. As we walked toward the water, I was now able to see just how huge this man really was. He was by far the largest being on earth I had EVER seen. I think I was initially wrong with my estimated measurements, because, he actually must’ve stood almost 9 ft. tall and was completely packed with muscle. He was as massive in muscle or more than Jay Cutler or any other bodybuilder that I could recall. I could see him involuntarily flexing his ass muscles with ever step he took. His shoulders must have measured about almost 4 feet across and his thighs were as large as an oak tree. His chest looked completely ripped under that white t-shirt and it spread across him like two humungous mounds of granite pillows. Billy would have looked like a mere weakling compared to this man. Quite honestly, only my grandpa came close. Lloyd stopped and turned around. His face was the most beautiful face I had ever seen. He had dark hair that was long and flowing and the finely chiseled features everywhere. He had a scruffy, but manicured dark brown beard. I could tell his eyes were Dark Ocean blue and his lips were full and pouted a little. He put his hands on his hips and motioned with his head, for me to come closer. I did so and when I got about 3 feet in front of him he said to stop. He didn’t say anything for about 2 minutes. He just looked at me with such an incredible lust in his eyes that I felt totally drawn to him. My whole body was excited at the prospect of even being within a few feet of this God. I started to walk towards him. To look into his eyes I had to hold me head up as if I were looking at the sky. “STOP, DON’T MOVE ANY CLOSER. Stay right where you are. I’m getting a good last look at you. You are going to be one of the best, I’m sure of it. WOW! You Uncle said you were a sight to behold and you’re really beyond that.” “Thank you, sir. But I’m nothing compared to you." Lloyd chuckled, "Actually, you will be so much more than me. Your Uncle knows this. He's been with you your whole life." I must have looked a little bewildered because he followed up, saying, "You probably don't remember or maybe you never even saw your Uncle, but he would sit in the stands, disguised to look normal and watch you play your games. All the way from little league to your high school games. He is so proud of what you have accomplished. He would come back and tell us all about some of the great plays that you would make. He's really your biggest fan. And now I can see for myself, why. You are magnificent Steve. Perfection. I can see just what you are going to become and it's colossal. I hunger for you." "God, I just want to touch you; to feel your magnificence. What do you want me to do for you, sir?” “Steve, I want you to see, feel and be something that’s beyond your wildest fantasies. Today you’re a man and it’s time you know why your father thinks your Uncle Matt is a freak or monster. Your Uncle is not the type of freak that your father has made him out to be. He is a giving, generous and loving man who only wants the best out of this life. I’m about to show you the most amazing gift that I have ever been given, and that gift was from your Uncle. I am not of your bloodline, but because of your Uncle, I am now a part of him and as well a part of you. I am chosen by him to become part of the bloodline. He has chosen me and others to reap the benefits of your family's gift. He sent me to get you and begin this gift to you as well. But before I could I had be sure that this is something you have wanted all your life. Billy was the test; the beginning to get you acclimated, so you would be able to really get your gift from me if we thought you could handle it. I now know you can. Your Uncle can’t do it himself, at the moment, because he is tending to other men to be in our bloodline, just like you. He will meet us back at the farm, when we get there and then you will get your final gift from him. The rest of us, non-Tranherne's, will never get the final gift. Only those that are born into the bloodline, like yourself, will get the final gift. Now this next bit is very important so listen carefully.” “I am, sir.” Lloyd literally shivered and said, “I fucking love it when you call me sir. It shows respect and you are definitely going to respect me for the next 2 ½ hours. You will do whatever I want and you will be obedient. Do you understand this and do you agree?” “Yes, sir.” “Good...nevertheless, it really won’t matter, because once we begin because you won’t have a choice. First off, whatever you do, I’m telling you that the most important thing is that you don’t move or say anything unless your told or made too. Second, whatever happens to you, go with it. Do not resist it, even if you are in uncomfortable or in pain. It will make things that much easier on you if you totally give in to what is going to happen. Don’t fucking fight this, OKAY!” “Yes SIR. I want this, sir. I want whatever you have to offer me.” “Good boy!! Now, you’re going to witness something that you have never witnessed before. What happened to you last night is minuscule compared to what you’re going to experience now. Then you’re going to go through something that only a very few men on this earth have ever felt before. Billy gave you your first stage last night. I’m sure you’ve noticed some BIG changes in your body?” “God, yes, sir. It’s been amazing. I feel so big and powerful and turned on all the time.” “I know that feeling well. I must've cum over 100 times when I first went through the change. But now you’re going to go through the second phase with me and the third stage with your equal, which is someone, in your bloodline, who has been predestined to go through this with you. You’ll find that out later. Then you will have the final stage with your Uncle. Remember, you’re going to change, Steve. You’re going to become something you’ve always dreamed of. I’m also sure that you have figured out that your grandfather was one of us, correct?” “Yes sir, I knew he was someone special and now I realize just how special.” “Well he is a very special man. You’ll soon find out just how amazingly special he is. I want you to remember how you feel about him, and how badly you want to be big, because it’s not going to be all fun and games, either. You’re going to feel massive amounts of pain, but even higher amounts of pure pleasure. Don’t scream or run, because there is no one around that will hear you. I’m not saying that to scare you, but this will be quite a shock. Are you ready?” “I…I guess...Yes...Yes I'm ready, sir!!” Inside I was saying to myself. ‘If it’s what I think and am praying for, then HELL YEAH I’m ready.’ My cock was again on its way to becoming hard as a rock and it was beginning to poke its way out of the new hole that Lloyd had made for me, in my shorts. He looked down and noticed my growing cock. “Yeah, I think you’re ready, son.” I was ready for anything. I’ve wanted to be with a mammoth muscle man all my life and I was finally going to have my dream come true. Little did I know that it was going to change my life forever and cause me to never see my Mom's loving face again? Lloyd smiled and closed his eyes. His put his hands on his hips and started to softly chant a dialect that I couldn’t understand. I immediately noticed that the birds and insects became silent. I couldn’t hear the crickets anymore either or any noises at all except what sounded like a low rumbling. Very soon, I started to feel the ground shake all around me. I thought Kentucky was experiencing its very first large earthquake. My first instinct was to run for cover but I remembered what Lloyd had said about not running and then I saw Lloyd’s eyes open and I realized where the shaking was coming from. It was coming from him. His eyes were no longer blue, but had completely gone white. I could see no iris or pupil, only the clarity of white. Then, Lloyd’s body started to tremble. This must’ve been turning him on too as I noticed a huge bulge snaking down his right leg underneath the overalls. It stopped for a moment just below mid-thigh and I thought to myself, “Dear God, He must be over 15 inches long.” Then it started back up again. The thickness was over one-third as big as the thickness of his massive leg. His body started to shake and vibrate even more. Then I noticed a dark trail of wetness coming from wherever the head had been and his flowing precum was accenting the shape of his leg even more. The ground was really shaking now as he began to vibrate intensely. His cock finally stopped growing, just below his knee. My mouth watered and my asshole puckered for his jean snake. The vibrations were so intense that his body was actually making a humming sound. I know what you’re thinking and your right. His body and the ground weren’t shaking with a violent type of sensation but more of a continuous vibration, like a vibrator. It made me snicker when I thought about it, but I quickly became serious again, when I saw that the lower half of his right leg was now soaked with all the precum pouring out of him, making a pool of it under his foot. The ground was vibrating so much it started to tickle my feet. I felt a strange sensation go up my legs to my pelvis, hitting my cock and balls, causing my own cock to begin precumming like crazy, just like Lloyd was doing. Then the feeling went up my torso till my entire body was vibrating almost as much as his. The sensation was overwhelming and I felt completely relaxed and invigorated at the same time. My cock was more rigid than I had ever known it to be and as it stood out of my shorts it was flinging huge amounts of precum all over the place. I couldn’t resist the feeling and I was just about to cum when he yelled the word “TRAHERNE” and I realized my prayers might be right, as my all-time fantasy was about to happen. The vibrations slowed and stopped but the will to cum in me was stronger than ever. I took a couple of deep breaths, trying to relax and the feeling of an explosive orgasm slowly went away. Then I saw Lloyd start to actually pulsate. His entire body was beating like a heart would, pumping itself up like a bodybuilder did before the big contest. It was really strange though, because Lloyd wasn’t actually flexing his body; his body was flexing itself. Lloyd hadn’t moved his legs or arms at all since all of this had started. Larger and larger his muscles became as they filled with blood like he was going through a massive workout, but all he was doing was standing there with his hands on his hips. He wasn’t actually growing taller, but it really looked like he was getting a massive pump. I noticed that Lloyd had closed his eyes and I could tell he was in some sort of trance. His breathing increased with every breath and his inhales were becoming so powerful that I could feel the pull towards him with every breath, but amazingly his exhales were only normal size. Where was all that air going? As I looked closer I could see that he was actually using the oxygen to inflate himself. “But that’s impossible.” I thought…or was it? The more oxygen he brought inside him, the more the blood would flow into his muscles, and the bigger those mammoth muscles would become. I noticed that his cock was getting thicker too, as well as the bulge in his crotch was showing more and more as his balls must have been increasing. The fabric of his overalls was straining like crazy trying to hold in his massive tool. Again the earth around us rumbled, but this time it was due to the incredibly low bass sound of Lloyd’s moans in between his awesome breathes. His moans became louder and louder to the point of massive growls. Even the sound of the man before me was effecting me and my body. If were even possible, my cock was harder than ever in my life. I was actually in a sort of blissful pain that my cock had reached such a rigid state. Never in my wildest fantasies, I thought that I could be more turned on then I was with Billy, and then I surpassed that this morning when I was satisfying my own self-indulgence. But now, my cock literally ached with a sexual magnitude and insatiability that was growing beyond a normal realm of erogenous pleasure. I could feel the cum in me raising and filling up my cock, but nothing came out. Still, no matter how much I wanted too, needed too, had too, my cock would not release any fluid other than precum or give me what was the normal meaning of an explosive orgasm. Instead of shooting loads of cum, I was bound by my desires and in a constant state of a euphoric orgasm. I heard myself screaming as the pressure in my cock intensified. Even with all that I was feeling now, my anticipation of what I was hoping was going to happen was only taking me further on my journey and everything I was experiencing so far was beyond my wildest fantasies already. They say that there are levels of consciousness that some are lucky enough to achieve when in a certain metaphysical state. I had not only reached that, I was well on my way of surpassing those levels of almost God like feelings. In fact, I no longer thought about only myself because at this moment, I was so completely enthralled with this being before me that I was becoming something else. I started to get dizzy from the colossal surges of power I was experiencing and I had to close my eyes for a second. With my eyes closed, I could feel the sound of his booming voice hitting me on my chest and actually feeling his voice as a physical thing, sinking into my flesh. My cock felt like a balloon that was being filled with water to the breaking point, but ,God I felt more fucking alive than ever. When I felt sturdy enough again, I opened my eyes back up as Lloyd s massive arms suddenly rose sharply above his head and there was a type of an invisible shock wave that blew out from his body which knocked me on my ass as well as toppling over a couple of 30 ft. trees. It was definitely loud enough to produce a huge, long echo that bounced off the valley walls. The blast of energy felt like a Mack truck had hit me. It didn’t hurt me, but as I stumbled back to my feet I could feel the actual energy from the shock wave start to radiate through me. It felt like my own body was expanding but I couldn’t see any physical changes. My balls began to pulsate just like Lloyd’s body had been. It felt like I was having the most intense workout and sexual experience of my life. Every muscle in my body was tightening and becoming harder and harder, to match the hardness and fullness of my cock, though I still wasn’t growing bigger. My arms felt like they were going to explode in size and even my face felt tighter. I could feel my skin tightening around the follicles of each strand of hair. My legs were becoming as strong and hard as tree trunks and my ass literally felt like a rock. I felt my abs tighten and I pulled up my shirt and looked at my stomach, but other than feeling tight and hard, there was no optical change. In fact, there was no change, other than my plump cock, anywhere physically on me, but the feeling inside of me was exploding with power and ecstasy. Then, if was even fathomable, stronger feelings of lust came over me. My mind went blank and was instantly filled with visions of hugely muscled giant God-like men. But unlike the dream I had after being with Billy, every image of every man was a version of Lloyd. I didn’t care about anything or anyone else in the world at all. Not my Mom or Dad, not Billy, Grandpa, or even Uncle Matt. All I knew at that point was Lloyd. I wanted to be huge like him. No, actually, I wanted to be a complete part of him. My entire body literally ached to be like him and to have him. My cock started to pulsate like crazy and even stronger and more intense huge waves of pleasure over took me, completely. I had to be a part of this man. I had to feel him. I yearned to be him, to touch him, to experience all that he was feeling. I could feel an even larger buildup of an explosion in me and I embraced it. I gave myself freely, remembering what Lloyd had said. I lost myself in him. I was no longer Steve; I was a part of Lloyd. Then, my body started to become as hard as I was feeling inside. Not only was my cock like a rock, my body became very rigid and as I relinquish any control that I had of myself. The energy blast from Lloyd had taken complete control over me and I had no choice whatsoever to fight it. I didn’t want to fight it. I only wanted it to take me over and I was more than eager to let it happen. Levels of ecstasy were building one on top of another. My whole body, no my entire being was in a state of orgasm. Wave after wave of sexual intensity filled up so much inside of me that I couldn’t control myself, nor did I want to. I welcomed the impending result, whatever it may be. I watched helplessly as Lloyd’s arms fall back down by his sides and then to shoulder height. As he outstretched them towards me, a blinding electrical current shot from his fingertips and targeted my crotch. The electricity hitting my balls sent then into another sort of overdrive. They weren’t only pulsating, they moving around in my sack and I could tell they were growing. Again, there had been the intense pain of being shocked, but it quickly went away. It was replaced by a feeling that was amazingly even more powerful, like it was energizing me more than I already was. Now I had come to a point that there is no way possible to explain what I was feeling in my entire body. There are no words and it was beyond any comprehension of our human psyche of explanation. I looked down just to see if, like the non-optical changes of the rest of my body, the same thing was happening to my balls. To my joy, it wasn’t. I could see my balls getting larger. I felt them against my legs pushing them apart, as they needed more room to grow. Bigger and heavier they became, filling up with so much pressure I could feel it turning and boiling inside. The pressure that was already on my cock was now matched to the pressure in my balls. Then all of the lust and euphoria I was feeling through the rest of my body went straight to my balls. I started to scream in pleasure, and with each shout, my voice seemed to get lower, till I was shaking the ground myself with my own moaning and groaning. I couldn’t contain the new intense feeling and I let out a type of sonic boom scream as I started to finally have a physical shooting orgasm. Although, it was not in a normal way with shot after shot; it was more like one continuous flow of cum coming out of my cock like a fire hose. I was hitting and pouring it all over Lloyd’s body over 6 feet away. Whatever he had done to me, I was in the purest possible form of euphoria, being his concubine of muscle and power. I involuntarily arched my back, throwing my arms back and I embraced what was happening as I let my seed stream out from my body and soak the wall of muscle in front of me. Up and down his body my white cream flowed soaking his clothes against his body, showing me every curve and mound. My body moved around like an unmanned fire hose that was spraying everywhere. My cum was soaking not only Lloyd, but also 20-30 feet all around us. After a few minutes, I regained my stability and instinctively aimed back at him as he opened his mouth and inhaled again as my large stream of cum was sucked into it by the incredible vacuum force. His inhalation was so strong, that my entire body started to be pulled toward him and by the time he closed his mouth to swallow I was only about 2 feet away from him. He let out a huge growl and then he began to actually glow. His entire body underneath his clothes was actually radiating a dull soft auburn light. It was getting brighter and brighter, but not blinding. I was being enticed by him like being a moth to the flame. Since his sonic boom of energy hit me, nothing that I did or thought of differ from what Lloyd had wanted me too. He had completely entranced me as I was only a pawn in his endgame. It was also still his will that I was now seemingly able to freely move my body. So therefore, I or rather, I should say, HE raised my hand to touch him on the arm and the millisecond that our skin met I felt additional continuous bursts of energy, which started the most amazing transformation I had yet to see. First, his groans and growls became louder and he began to grunt like a wild animal. He actually snarled and gnashed his teeth together almost biting me. I pulled, or rather was commanded to pull my hand away as I started to notice his shirt beginning to quickly shred from his body exposing, in a matter of seconds, inch by inch of golden moonlit skin and a huge and sensuous chest that I yearned to touch. But for now my arms were locked at my side. As his t-shirt quite literally exploded off of him, it hung out of his overalls. He must’ve known how much I wanted to touch him, to feel his immense body, because suddenly within in instant, I felt his hand behind my back as he pulled me into him, burying my face between his massive mounds of what was his chest. I hadn’t really noticed so much with my eyes before, other than seeing his shirt rip off of him, but he wasn’t just growing, his body was multiplying. Muscles on top of muscles were getting larger, longer and fuller. I could feel him getting larger and larger under me. A few moments after my face was buried in his chest, I felt my feet leave the ground. My mouth tasted my own salty cum as licked the mounds of his open chest. When my tongue found one of his succulently enormous nipples I felt a huge growth spurt that caused me to almost suffocate as his nipple extended and filled my mouth. His overalls no longer had any room in them for his body either. Both straps broke without hesitation off of his shoulders. As they popped off, one of them had so much force that it shot out one of the trucks tires over fifteen feet away. The rest of the jean fabric of the overalls became as tight as a drum skin as it pulled across his growing body. Then, the overalls begin to dig into his flesh as if his body was the muscular dough in a Croissant roll can. Very quickly, the overalls weren’t able to contain him anymore and the fabric exploded and shredded like cheesecloth. The tightly woven material ripped apart with strands of white and blue threads flying everywhere. It literally was an explosion. His entire chest heaved around my head as I clung with my teeth to his giant sized nipple. In fact his whole body seemed to engulf mine. I felt as though I would smoother in ecstasy. When his body finally rebounded he had instantly grown larger than Billy had been. His large hand that was holding me against him went down under my ass and as the last bit of overalls fell to the ground, the man was completely naked and still growing beneath me. I licked everywhere I could reach my mouth. His massive arms, his chest, his stomach and his armpits all were licked clean of the mixture of my cum and his sweat. Next I felt his other huge hand on my back again, grabbing what was left of my shirt as it was ripped from my body. Then in just as swift a move, off came my torn shorts. It was completely effortless for him to strip me, shredding my clothes in the process, instantly, while he held my now 282lbs body up with his one hand under my ass. The cool night air added yet another tingling sensation to my naked body. As I felt us skin-to-skin, it was becoming too much for my senses to handle. I felt as if I was going insane with so much elated power, divine lust and an exuberant hunger for more, but amazingly I knew that this was my destiny and that I was made to become this…this Mighty Omnipotent of Power that was before me. With all the God-like awareness and titillation that I was experiencing, I was still ready for more and I instinctively knew that more was yet to come. Lloyd’s hand that was under my ass wasn’t just to hold me up. There had been another serviceability that he had in mind. Suddenly, I felt his middle finger begin to play with my hole. He rubbed my taint back and forth putting the perfect amount of pressure to make it feel so good. Then he began to softly vibrate his finger as he brushed in a circular motion around my bud as to entice me into what was inevitably coming. I began to moan, biting my lower lip, which was his invitation to enter me. With a force that was instantaneous and to the hilt, I screamed in pleasure and pain as his already 8” finger shot up inside me, invading my ass, sending me further and further into a frenzy of an animalistic magnitude. He finger fucked me with such force that he would sometimes exit my ass entirely and then plummeting his appendage to the hilt, literally punching my butt. As he continued to grow, his finger became over 12 inches long. He was now well over 20 feet high and his finger-cock pushed so hard against my prostate that I almost passed out from the intensity. The pleasure was cosmically more overflowing than the pain was excruciating. His massive finger continued moving in and out of me with an increasing, ferocious pace and without even touching myself, I was helpless to resist as I started to cum in huge violent bursts that were soaking most all of me and more of Lloyd’s enormous torso. With every internal thrust deep into me a huge volley of cream would cascade out of my piss hole. After about a minute of completely soaking us to the bone and muscle, my orgasm finally stopped, but Lloyd didn’t stop growing or fucking me with his expanding fuck tool. I was in such a state of enraptured awareness that I didn’t realize that he had inserted 2 and then 3 fingers up my ass as he was opening me up for larger things to come. I was no longer in a normal state of consciousness. In fact, I was quite literally a rag doll that Lloyd was playing with. My state of utopia was so much so that, any coherent thoughts were gone and there was no ebbing of my pleasure. My orgasms hadn’t even phased out any of my insatiable lust. If this was what it felt like to be a god, it was completely incredible. He grunted some more and as I looked down below I noticed the ground getting further and further away. I thought that he must have now been almost 25 feet tall. By the feel of his 3 fingers, the middle one must have been over 14” now, my asshole was now going to be able to accept the huge size of him. The electrical shock, the vibrations, all of it, must have been him priming me for this process since the moment we stepped out of the truck. I never had a man in me as big as Billy up my ass and I now realized how I had even managed him, before Lloyd was doing his invasion of my ass. These men, no…these Gods, had the ability to change not only their own bodies, but others as well, and all by a means that was still uncultivated to me. But now all I wanted to was to be completely filled by him. I shuddered at the prospect of that main appendage of his. A cock that was now well over 3 feet in length and by all plausibility, completely negate of being able to enter me in any way. Still, he continued to ram his finger in me with such force my cock was getting a hand job from the muscles on his torso. Then in one huge thrust to his knuckles, I shot a single huge glob of cum straight up and over his head. This must’ve been the right signal for him, because he exited his fingers from me when the middle was about 16” long. I was beginning to become somewhat frightened at the thought of his cock. I didn’t even want to look down at it, just yet. He was now bigger than some of the surrounding trees but there was no one for miles so any passersby wouldn’t notice him. He not only was getting taller, but I could tell that he was getting wider and bigger everywhere, because the next thing I felt was something hard and large as a tree trunk against my right leg. I looked down and saw his 3 and a half-foot cock rising and pulsating under and beside me. There was enough precum coming out of it to fill a large mortar bucket. In fact the puddle it was making on the ground looked large enough to fill a kiddy pool. My cock was still pulsating and hard as a rock and the need for more was still as strong as ever. I looked up at Lloyd’s face and his eyes were open and looking down at me with the same intense lust as before, but something else that made me to continue to look into them. He spoke in a low giant’s size voice. “NOW IT SHALL BEGIN FOR YOU. YOUR NOW WILL BEGIN YOUR NEW LIFE.” I was unable to look away as the power Lloyd’s piercing eyes looked deep at me, no rather into me. At first I didn’t realize it but he was actually hypnotizing me to be ready for what was to come next. As Lloyd later told me, he had to “hold me” as he put it, which basically was his way of saying hypnotize me, otherwise I never would have been able to carry through with everything. Also that my encounter with Billy was to begin the process of giving my body the elasticity I would need now. If I wouldn’t have been hypnotized and made unaware of the excruciating pain and changes that my body was about to undergo, I probably would have died. As I looked into his eyes, his mind control on me was amazing. He spoke with his mouth for the last time, “YOU MUST WANT THIS WITH ALL YOUR WILL AND SOUL. DO YOU MY BOY?” “I do sir!” “GOOD, NOW WE WILL TALK NO MORE, JUST LOOK AT ME, SON. LOOK DEEP INTO MY EYES AND HEAR MY THOUGHTS…YOU ARE NO LONGER OF YOU OWN BODY, BUT OF MINE. YOU SHALL HEAR, THINK, SMELL, TASTE, AND BE ONLY FOR ME RIGHT NOW. YOU MUST BE SUBORDINATE TO ME, STEVE; YOU MUST HEAR WITH MY THOUGHTS AND OBEY THEM. YOU CANNOT AVERT ME. YOU ARE MINE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I nodded yes, not so much that I was answering his questions, it was that I had wanted this all my life and I did not want resist him, in any way at all. Still even if I had wanted to resist this, the power he had over me right at that moment was so strong; that I was completely useless to deny what was about to happen next. The feeling of yearning for this was more than I could bear. I felt my eyes begin to water and a tear of joy run down my right cheek, as I was able to hear him even though his mouth did not move. “TODAY, YOU ARE MINE TO CHANGE; MINE TO OWN. YOU ARE TO BE REBORN INTO YOUR NEW LIFE FOREVER. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I never once thought about trying to look away or escape what was happening to me. All I saw was a paradise there that I had never known before. My entire body was exploding with pleasure. I longed to be there, to be a part of this God; of my family of Gods. My Grandfather, my mother, my uncle and Lloyd were my family. I had found my true calling. I was beginning my true life. Lloyd eyes were all that I could look at and I felt a complete peace within them. This was my creator and my lover. We were connected. Somehow, all of us, were connected. And it was now my moment to find out how...
  12. NYBear

    growth Uncle Matt's Farm (Revisited)

    (A while back I began to write this story and I only got to Chapter 3 and it was never finished. Lately I have revisited the story and made a few minor changes to the first 3 chapters which I'm going to post here, chapter by chapter. Then after those are posted, I'm going to finish the story. I think there will be 5, possibly 6 chapters in all. I hope you all like what I've come up with so far and that you continue to join me on my journey to Uncle Matt's Farm. Please comment and let me know if you like it so far!) Chapter 1 - My BIG Birthday It was a cool August evening the night my parents got in a huge fight and my dad hit me. He said it was an accident, but how accidental can a fist be? I had just turned 21 and had been home from college for a about week. It was the end of my summer vacation. I went to Ohio U in Athens, Ohio, but my family lived in Flatbush, Kentucky. I was there to spend my birthday with old friends and my family. College was great, but home was home. Or so I thought. As I tore out of my parent’s home, the crisp night air slicing through my enraged body felt ice on a hot stove. I loved my father, don’t get me wrong, but the pain on my left cheek begged to differ. Let me start a little earlier in the day. I had spent my birthday morning with a hangover. My friends took me out the night before and poured alcohol down my throat like water through a hose. In fact, at one point there was a huge hose down my throat, belonging to the local “straight” quarterback, Billy Jeffries. But I digress and I’ll have more on that in a second. Let’s go back even a little further; back to the beginning of when I started wanting what I was about to finally receive. I’ve always had a big body, not really fat, just big and bulky. Ever since I was a kid, I was always bigger than most all my classmates. My mother said it was from her side of the family. She said that the men were always large and strong as an ox. I do remember visiting my grandparent’s farm every now and then, and I remember how large and solid my grandfather was. He used to put his finger out and instead of telling me to pull it, he told me to grab on as tight as I could, then he would lift me, effortlessly, up and onto his shoulders, never wincing or even struggling in the least. He did this all with just his index finger. The first time he did that I was 7 and weighed 84lbs. Through my childhood it seemed that he kept growing bigger just as fast as I did. I could never seem to gain any height on him. For years I never saw him without his clothes on. He was always a very private type of man when it came to that. When I was 12 he took me back out behind the barn to help him fix one of the walls that was starting to sag outward. It was an extremely hot July day and the humidity was so strong that you could literally sweat just standing still. When we got back there, he looked over at me, bitched about how incredibly hot it was and he told me to get comfortable. Then he began to slowly unbutton his shirt. Grandpa’s clothes were always pretty loose fitting, which only made him look like he was bigger yet. With every inch of skin that came into focus, more and more muscle tried to escape. Finally, after what seemed a lifetime, he took off his shirt and for the first time I saw what my mother talked about. He was massive. The man was 62 years old and had a body larger and more virile looking than a bodybuilder I have seen to this day. Veins snaked down over every inch of him, winding through the peaks and valleys of his titan like form. His arms were as thick as a large coffee cans and harder looking than concrete. His chest…My god, his chest stuck out well over 6 inches from his body. It was gigantic and you could see the muscle strands through his deep rich tanned skin. His pecs were so heavy with muscle they curved downward to meet two of the largest and hardest looking nipples that looked as if they could be milked like a cow. Each nipple was well over an inch long and his sweat from the hot summer day, caused droplets to hang off of them like raindrops on edge of a tree branch. His back was as wide as I was tall and he literally had an 8-pack of rock around his abdomen. With every movement you could see the power and god like strength that coursed through him. With men as old as he was, I should have seen some signs of age, like wrinkles, but his skin was tighter than the most virile athlete and it there wasn’t an age spot or blemish on his torso. As he bent over to lay his sweat soaked shirt down on the woodpile I actually could not take my eyes off of him. I only had my shirt halfway over my head as I used it to sneak staring at him. Feelings began to swell inside of me that I had never felt before. Suddenly in a split second, he was no longer my grandpa, but an idol, a hero, and a God for me to worship. I knew that it was soooo wrong for me to feel this way, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted him to show off for me, to hold me up high above him, to let me touch his magnificence. I wanted to be close to him, to honor and obey him completely, to be a part of his body. Yes, that’s it, I wanted to BE him. As he started to stand back up erect, he was facing away from me as he called for me to come over where he was. I didn’t move, but I had managed to get my shirt all the way off. “Steven, get over here and help me, will ya?” I didn’t budge. He turned around and saw my awe and began to laugh. “It’s okay boy, I know what you’re going through. I did the same thing, the first time I saw my father’s body as a young tike just your age. You don’t have to be afraid; this is who we are and what you will become, someday. You just need a little help from you’re Uncle. He’ll make it so good for you, just like he did for all the men in our family. Come over here and touch my arms.” I was immobile. “It’s okay, son. I want you to feel what only another man in our line can feel. Come here my boy and I’ll take you to a place you’ve never been, but someday you’ll never return from: A place of Gods.” With that, he struck a most muscular pose and I blacked out, fainting at his feet. That’s all I could remember from that day. It was never discussed and he never took his shirt off in front of me again. Sadly, 2 years later, my grandpa died in a boating accident late at night. His body was never recovered. Since then I have worked hard at becoming just like him and my passion for being a huge muscle beast has been my secret lover. My fantasies to become a huge muscleman with massive bulges and pure Herculean power and strength increased daily. I fantasized about being big in so many different ways, growing up. Starting the day after being behind the barn, I would fantasize that I was a huge muscle giant walking through a town of villagers, crushing houses made of Popsicle sticks, and occasionally stepping on a Fisher Price figure or army man. I loved the height factor, but my real fetish was to have muscle and power along with height. As a kid, I never really worked out, because I was always big. In high school, some would say that I looked like a football lineman for a pro team or a big time wrestler. I was, at that time, 5’11” tall with a wide chest and big arms, thick legs, a tight round plump ass, and a pretty solid stomach without abs. I played football in high school and lifted weights daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day, which helped me to be as big as or bigger than any of the other guys on the team. I just looked “thick.” My problem was that I just couldn’t seem to cut any definition, so it looked like I was overweight. All through my upper teenage years I was becoming obsessed with growing and lifting. Because of my insatiable desire, I did grow and daily I felt myself getting stronger and bigger. Sometimes I’d cum just by lifting, feeling the power and strength of my muscles and getting off on it. My sexual awareness was going through the roof. I knew that I had feelings for men, but I never had the guts to follow through with it. Now in college, I wanted to be bigger than anyone I ever knew: Even bigger than Billy Jeffries. He was our star quarterback, and at over 6’7” tall, packed with massive muscle, and the looks of a god, he was the biggest any college had ever seen. He should have been a linebacker, but he threw the pigskin with such precision and strength that he was one of the biggest quarterbacks I think that ever lived. All I could say about him was he was completely massive. Most quarterbacks are more slender and wiry enough to dodge an oncoming lineman, but not Billy. He was quick, but he would have 2 or 3 bruisers hanging off of him and they still couldn’t put him down. And with his fantastic 21” guns, the man could throw the ball from one end zone to the other. Billy told me that he was from Covington, Kentucky and that we had played against each other in high school at an All State Game. I said I would have remembered him, but that I just couldn’t place him. He said a lot had changed over the last year. He said that he visited a friend of his in Flatbush every now and then, since he started at Ohio U. Billy and I became pretty close friends and since I didn’t have a car, Billy was usually my ride back home. He never stayed with me, but would travel out into the country and visit his friend. Billy was a huge fantasy of mine since I began at Ohio U. He had always joked around in the locker room with me and made fun of how big I was all over. Yes I did have a bigger than average cock at 5” soft, but hard it was 9 1/2“ long and 5 3/4” thick. I was proud of my cock, it was the biggest that I knew of, except for Billy’s. He was even larger than me and I think the only one on the team that was. So he had a right to tease me I guess. Sometimes, his fat jokes hurt a little, thought. But I knew he liked me as a friend and teammate. We were becoming as close as brothers. But since he wasn’t my real brother, the desire I felt for him wasn’t as shameful as the desire I had felt for my grandpa. And yes, Billy’s body was completely flawless. I mean there wasn’t a mistake or imperfection on him. He reminded me of a much younger version of my grandpa. At first, I actually had to turn away from looking at him naked in the locker room, for fear of not only getting rock hard, but awestruck like I was with grandpa. Slowly, though, after about a year of being friends, he became my secret fantasy man to lust over and over with my fist around my cock. Then just before this last time we came home, things seemed to change some. I was beginning to wonder (or hope) that he might have liked me a little more than just friends, but I would denounce it as me projecting that he liked me that way. Although, there were many times that I would catch him staring at me. Once, I was sure that I saw his cock start to get hard but he covered it up quickly with his towel. Then, one day, two weeks ago, after I thought everyone had left the locker room, he caught me alone in the large community shower whacking off, I immediately covered up the best I could and said I was sorry; that I was just really horny. I was mortified that he would make fun of me, but instead he said it was cool and he would give me some privacy. But he didn’t try and leave the shower area, at first. I could see that he seemed just as uncomfortable as I was. I thought DAMN he was embarrassed too, then he sighed really heavily and turned around, but as his massive naked frame left the tile, I thought I saw his tree vine start to harden. God I was so horny and after seeing him getting hard again, I stroked myself to my full mast again. I couldn’t help myself. Just like that day with behind the barn, again that huge muscle god of a friend was my idol, my secret lust. It took a little while though to get off, since there wasn’t much privacy, especially since he kept walking by naked and what looked to be “over semi hard” status. With every pass he made, he’d smile at me. Then, when I hadn’t seen him pass by for a little while, I thought he might have left and my inhibitions left with him. I stroked my cock so hard and I could feel my orgasm mounting like a volcano about to erupt. I tweaked my big nipples and played with my balls. I was just about to shoot when I felt his hand grab my ass and I lost it. I shot all over the shower wall with an orgasm that must have lasted 30 seconds long. Billy just stood there and watched me convulse and cum over and over. He cheered and congratulated me on my load and then started to laugh, calling me a “cum exploding freak”. I was hurt at first but then he took his one finger and lifted off some of my cum from the wall and spread it on my chest like the letter “A”. He said, “Now you’re a marked, bitch,” and again he started laughing with his half hard cock bouncing up and down with every chuckle. What I didn’t realize till later, now thinking back was that he was semi hard the whole time. Anyway, I felt really embarrassed and I grabbed my towel and left in a hurry. As I turned the corner to go out of the shower I thought that I saw him lick his finger, but I was too ashamed of myself to take a second, more direct look. I exited the shower, and got to my locker. I was amazed that I was still rock hard and I felt no ebb in how horny I still was. My heart was pounding a mile a minute, but over the thumbing of blood in my head and the blood causing my cock to pulse, I swore I heard him jacking that huge monster a midst the echoes of the shower walls. I leaned back against the locker and as I listened to the sounds of my fantasy seemly jack off, it was the last straw and without even touching myself again, I began to cum all over the locker room floor. I grabbed my towel, cleaning up my spunk and I got dressed. All the time thinking of how I knew I had to have this stud, somehow, someway. After that day, though, just like my grandfather, he seemed more aloof than ever before. He didn’t talk to me as much out of football practice and on the way home this last time, we hardly spoke or looked at each other. That was until he came into the bar bathroom. As I said before, I was taking a much-needed leak, with my piss-hard cock out when the bathroom door opened. It was Billy, with a really big smile on his face. I was shocked to see him since the only thing he said when he dropped me off at my parents was that he wasn’t sure he was going to go back to school anytime soon and that I probably should find another ride back. My heart sank then and I thought I had lost my friend, or worse yet my secret lust. For the next 5 days I never saw him anywhere around town. I figured he was staying with his friend in Flatbush. But now here he was locking the bathroom door (it was a one urinal, one stall type of room with a lock on the door). He lifted his hand way back and smacked my ass, saying Happy Birthday as he walked into the stall next the urinal I was at. I heard him unzip his pants but, thought it was strange since there was no sound of him peeing. I looked down at the glossy black tile floor and notice a distorted reflection of him in the stall. It looked like he was jerking off. Even though, I was still peeing, I instantly became rock hard. I thought I heard him start breathing heavier. “Where have you been, bro?” I asked hesitantly. “At the farm…with my friend. He says he knows you, but he doesn’t think you know him. He’s a great guy and he’s taught me a lot.” Billy answered, but his voice seemed to be raspy and lower. “I’d like you to meet him. He told me that I should apologize to you for that day in the shower. I shouldn’t have gotten you all worked up like that. I’m sorry, dude. I…I was having some fun with you. I like you.” “I like you too, Billy.” “Call me Bill, now.” His voice was definitely lower and his breathing was getting louder. “I need to ask you something.” “Sure, what?” “Don’t panic when I ask it, okay?” “No problem. What’s up?” “Did you get a boner when you saw your grandpa behind the barn?” The breath in me was gone and the world closed in around me in that instant. Images, questions and chaos poured through me. ‘How the fuck did he know about that?’ ‘What was he getting at?’ ‘I was only 12, but…’ ‘Oh my god, I do remember. After all these years, it finally came all rushing back and I remembered what happened. Oh my God, I remember, I was rock hard with my first hard-on when I saw grandpa. I remember him noticing my hard-on. I remember touching his massive arms and feeling electricity course through me. I remember feeling like something new, that day. I remember being changed.’ Without even hesitating to deny it, I answered Billy. “YES. OH MY GOD…YES” It felt so natural to admit it. I felt alive and free. I felt amazing. He chuckled, “Good, then it’s time you know all about me and what’s in store for you.” “What the hell are you talking about?” I said as I remembered that that was how my grandfather talked that day. I started to step back to look into the stall, but Billy commanded. “DON’T LOOK. STAY THERE.” I looked down at the reflection of him again, and I was sure he was jerking his cock. It looked huge. So without shaking the last drops of beer-induced piss out of my shaft, I started to jerk my meat too. A fire was building inside me, like I had only felt once before. The bathroom was getting really warm and I was tired of pussy footing around, so I got bold, turned around and flung open the stall door. I almost came immediately. There stood Billy and he was fucking HUGE. He must’ve been over 7” tall and wide and muscular as fuck. His body, literally barely fit in the stall. He had a lustfully crazed look in his eyes and he was visibly larger and taller than I had ever seen him. He was enormous and god like, just like my grandpa. I realized that all the time he had been in the stall next to me; I hadn’t ever looked up because if I would have, I would have seen him looking over the stall wall down at me. His cock was well over a foot long and thicker than a 20 oz bottle of pop. His entire frame was causing the walls of the stall to buckle outward. He smiled at me and waved his massive schlong at me, saying, “It’s time we do this, Steve. I’ve wanted you for soo fucking long. Now it’s your birthday and I want to give you your present.” With that he grabbed me, lifting me up off the ground and kissed me hard. I felt his long tongue probe the entire cavity of my mouth. It was incredibly long and I felt it lick and tickle the back of my throat. As he held me I felt him to begin to grow bigger. I was in ecstasy. Then there was a knock on the door, with Terry Gilroy yelling, “Are you done in there yet? I’ve really gotta take a shit.” Billy released his hold on me and in a few short amazing seconds was back to his normal height and his cock had lost 2” to its normal hard length. I rubbed my eyes and thought I must’ve been really drunk and imagined him that big. “Yeah, were done for now.” Billy said as we tucked ourselves back in and he opened the door. Before we unlocked the door, Billy wiped the precum off of his cock and fed me his soaked finger. It fucking tingled. Billy unlocked the door and Terry came flying in and gave us a weird look as we both exited the bathroom. Then he slammed the stall door closed and we quickly heard why he was in such a hurry. I hope he had the decency to clean up in there. Billy grabbed my arm and said, “Let’s go outta here. I know somewhere else, close by, where we can go.” “I’m so excited to be with you, Steve that we have to move quickly, ‘cause I can’t hold myself down to this size very much longer.” He literally pulled me out of one of the back doors of the bar and into the alley. He looked quickly to see if there was anyone there and to our luck it was deserted. He grabbed me around the waist and picked me up like rolled up sleeping bag under his massive arm and carried my into a cubby hole area that was dark but not too dark enough to not be able to see each other. I looked around and there was no way that I could see where anyone could come up on us or see us. Then I turned back to Billy. He bent down, kissed me, and started to grow again. He stood straight up and I knew he was now over 7 feet tall, probably a little over 8 feet. His cock had torn through his pants and by the time it stopped growing I knew it was at least 14” long now. As he grew every bit of his clothing stretched to its limit till every garment shredded off of him. He must have stopped at about 10 feet tall. His crotch was almost right in front of me. I looked up at him and just the awe and size of him made me cum in my pants. He laughed in a deep brooding way and he said. “Take it. Take it Steve. I want you to know what it’s like. You want to be a muscle god.” I opened my mouth as wide as I could as I struggled to gobble down his huge musclemeat monster. It was really difficult and painful at first but eventually I was getting all of the head passed my teeth and as more precum exiting his giant cock hole I was taking more and more of him in, till my mouth no longer hurt. Instead it felt amazingly elastic. More and more of his cock slid in with incredible ease. Then I plunged down on him to the hilt and smelled the musky odor of his crotch as my nose pressed against his pelvic bone. My throat, like my mouth, felt elastic and tight as his thick rod stretched me completely. It must have looked like some type of cartoon the way my body was stretching to accommodate him. His cock was filling up my throat as it went deeper and deeper in me. With his hands on the back of my head he held me there for a couple of seconds and I started to feel even better as it was less of a strain. Then he started to fuck my mouth like a pro. I was amazed at myself for being able to take him, but I figured that since I started college I had learned to work my mouth and throat muscles as well as control my breathing. Little did I know that may cock sucking abilities weren’t the case and Billy loved that. My hands traveled all over his body. Every single inch of him was solid granite. I grabbed his silver dollar nipples and tugged and squeezed as hard as I could. His moans told me how much he was pleased. Visions of my grandpa kept invading my thoughts, but I now, I somehow was welcoming them. Billy grabbed my torso, lifting me off the ground and held me there in mid air as he pumped his thick monster in and out of my hungry mouth. The strength on this guy was incredible. While he was still fucking my face, he turned me over so my cock was aimed at the sky and he brought me up to his own mouth so we could 69 vertically. I could taste large amounts of precum squirting from him and the more I tasted it, the less my mouth, throat and for that matter, entire body hurt. Eventually he was able to pull his cock almost completely out and then shove it back down my throat with it not being a struggle at all for me. My face was covered in a mixture of my saliva and his precum and my whole head was tingling. That’s when I felt the burning in my stomach. It started light and built in intensity like a rushing river heating up my entire body. My own cock was going in and out of Billy’s hungry mouth, too. And with every suck of him, it felt like my cock was filling more and more of his mouth up. At one point he engulfed my balls and I did everything I could not to cum because I wanted this to last forever. Billy started to grow some more and I could feel him gaining size against my skin. I was so far into a euphoric state that I grabbed his ass and shoved his cock so hard down my throat that his balls stung as they smacked my forehead. This was it for him. He buried his face down on my cock and then in rapidly huge and violent bursts that were so strong and intense I felt him cum like a rocket blasting off, with strong shots after shots of cum smashing into me for about a full 2 minutes, filling my hungry stomach with his hot cum. I didn’t need to swallow since his cock was halfway down my throat and I took every drop he had. Immediately, the burning heat that was flowing through me stopped and I’m not sure what happened next but right before I passed out, it felt like my body was expanding and hot as hell with my cock exploding in the most intense orgasm I had ever felt in my life. When I woke up, only about 5 minutes later, I was completely naked and my clothes were torn and lay shredded on the ground around me. Billy was even larger than before at almost 15 feet high and with a soft cock as large as he was when hard earlier. The giant football star had a 14” SOFT cock. He was completely naked, as well, since he had totally ripped his clothes to shreds and he was taking a tattered blanket to wrap around his massive frame. Billy told me that that was the very best blowjob he had ever gotten and asked if I could help him out whenever he really needed it. I told him of course but next time it would be 10 times better. He said, “You have no idea, Cousin” and gave me a kiss as he knelt down, giving my uncut cock a tug. Then he said something that I know I will never forget. He told me that I was in for some great times and that a whole new world was going to be opening up, because of my Grandfather and my Uncle Matt. I had no idea what he was talking about. The next day on my birthday, He said I would find out.
  13. Chapter 5 – The Recruitment of Gods. October 5th (Today): Sam smiled broadly at seeing the two massively thick men that stood up ahead. The anticipation in him was overwhelming. He had been waiting for months to see this day come. As he drove the patrol car closer, he was able to make out which one was his brother, Lloyd. He was so happy that Lloyd had completed his task as well; really well in fact as Steve was such an amazing specimen of his new self. The broken up cop car splashed through the white glowing puddles of liquid as if the clouds had just burst uncontrollably, only it had not rained in over a week. The intensely strong smell of sweat and sex in the air was so overpowering that with every breath Sam took in, his cock lengthened and rose up toward his chest. He looked over at his 2 hour old, new lover, Jake, who was fast asleep, resting from the incredible excursion that he had just gone through. Sam smiled even broader at the beauty of Jake. He remembered how only a few hours ago, everything was different since Jake and Steve hadn’t come into their own. He remembered when he himself first had the change and how much he wanted to have his partner by his side. He remembered how Uncle Matt had told him and his brother, Lloyd, that they were the ones who would bring the “New Breed” (as he called Jake and Steve) to life and begin a new colony. Both men were not only changed, but had become their lovers. He remembered all of Jake’s feelings and thoughts and all that he and Jake had gone through to get to this point. He looked at his watch…8:28pm…yep right on schedule. 6:14 pm, (the same night): It was just after dusk when Jake and Sam had pulled behind the bush-covered guardrail to set up their radar. Their little speed trap had become quite successful. Lately there had been a lot of traffic on the old country road of 35 mph that was going well over 50. The mayor and sheriff had ordered the speed trap in hopes that it would slow everyone down, by the quick word of mouth that always was around town. But to Jake it seemed that it wasn’t the town folk that were doing the speeding, it was only a few travelers. Most of the time, the partners would just sit there and talk about their lives. Every now and then they would get to pull someone over for speeding and Jake really enjoyed it when they would pull over a huge hulking man from that farm over the mountain and across the county line. Their body frames were enormous and positioned on bikes that could barely contain their massive weight. Jake loved pulling these huge men over and always would be semi hard, by the time that he would walk up to these gladiators of steel. Some of them would check out Jake’s own nicely worked out body and flirt with him. He loved their attention and he LOVED men that had huge thick muscular bodies. Lately he had been hitting the mother load; especially with his partner. March 4th (7 Months ago): Jake was new to the town and the job. He had moved from Louisville about 6 months ago. Right before moving, or rather part of the reasons for the move, his now ex-girlfriend left Jake for some trucker she had met at the diner she worked at. Thus, Jake had just graduated from the Louisville police academy and had seen that a position for a cop had opened up about 20 miles out of city, in the town of Flatbush. He also found only one apartment that was available in town. He immediately called for the apartment and talked to a guy named, Zach. Zach told him the place was only a small one bedroom place with not even a full kitchen, but Jake told him he’s take it. Then Jake called the station’s Captain to talk about the job. Without even much effort, Jake got the job. So he packed up his stuff and headed for a new adventure. Jake had always thought himself to be bisexual. He had had sex with guys and girls, sometimes at the same time, but he realized that they guys that he wanted always seemed to be huge and muscular. Even as a child, Jake had always felt a certain…closeness to bodybuilders and superhero types of men. Women were okay and basically were safe in a conservative town as Louisville was, but Jake always knew that huge muscle was what he desired. When Jake arrived in Flatbush, he noticed how everything was really neat and tidy in the town. He noticed that there was no trash in the streets and everyone there looked happy and healthy. Some actually looked “Really” healthy, like fitness models. No one seemed overweight and if they did look big, it wasn’t because they were fat. Everyone was very friendly and when Jake stopped at the local bank, he asked the teller if there were any places that he knew of where he could get a good workout. The teller told him that there was a gym in town, next to the barber shop and that is where most everyone went to stay fit. He also mentioned a farm on the outskirts of town, but that not many people went out there, since it was a little far out. When Jake arrived at the apartment building, which was above the gym, the teller told him about, he met the landlord, Zach at the door. Zach was a small skinny, pre-Captain America Steve Rogers type of guy. Even though he was small and thin, he looked very healthy and Jake couldn’t help notice the enormous bulge in Zach’s pants. Oddly, this stirred up Jake’s hormones. Zach had not only owned the apartments upstairs, but he owned the whole building, including the gym. They went into the apartment and it was perfect. Just the right size and it was just as neat and tidy as the rest of the town. Zach invited Jake to his place, down the hall for some coffee and they could go over rent and stuff. Zach and Jake talked about the rent and the town some, but then the conversation shifted to their personal lives and family. Jake told Zach about his ex and Zach said what a shit ass punk she was, which made them both laugh. Then Zach started talking about his family and he said that all he had left were two brothers. One of them had left the town and he thought that he was living out on a farm of one of his friends. The other brother, Sam, just happened to be one of the cops that Jake would be working with. The police force for the small town was very small itself as there wasn’t much going on in the town of Flatbush. But, that there always seemed to be a lot going out on the outskirts of town. After about an hour, Jake got the car and trailer unpacked and he was moved in within a few hours. That night, Jake had the most restful sleep that he could remember in a long time. The next morning he was to report to the station and start his new job. The first time Jake saw Sam, was at station when the captain introduced Jake to the officers in the department. There were only 15 total including the captain and Jake. Jake noticed, though, that he only counted 14; 12 guys and 2 girls. He also noticed that almost every male on the force looked as beefy as most men in the town, but none of them were huge, just built a little bigger than most, like a cop should be. That’s when another figure came into the building from outside. Jake’s mouth went dry, his knees went weak, and his cock started to involuntarily grow. Sam introduced himself in a low commanding voice and walked…no swaggered over to shake Jake’s hand. Sam smiled as he could see that Jake was visibly shaken by his size. Sam was all cop, with his jargon and lingo and the way he was so hyped up about “catching the bad guys”, but physically, he looked like he had played for a professional football team all his life. He stood a little less than 6’8” and was enormously proportioned. His whole body was thick and big. He looked like a cross between a Viking and Scottish Highland Strongman. When Sam and Jake met face to face…rather, face to chest, Jake could hardly think straight. Sam noticed Jake’s staring but to him it was only admiration in his new partner’s eyes, instead of the lust that Jake had felt. Being a straight guy, Sam took it was one Hell of a compliment coming from a good-looking guy, like Jake. Sam had a girlfriend that he loved and they had plans to get married. Even though he loved his fiancé, it didn’t stop Sam from being a chauvinistic jerk as he was always talking about how much she loved his super thick 10” cock ramming her wet pussy. When they were on patrol, just the two of them sitting in their cruiser, Sam would get as graphic as a porn novel telling Jake his escapades with Lucy. Jake could tell that Sam would also get turned on by his own stories. Sometimes as he talked about it, Jake would notice Sam’s huge pant snake start to burrow down his partners leg. Scared of Sam noticing his own impending 9”er making a pants tent, Jake would cover his lap with the ledger for the day. Then after every shift, he would go back to his apartment and beat his cock for hours imagining Sam’s huge body pressed against his and causing him to have some of the most powerful orgasms of his life. Lately, it was becoming almost a daily ritual and Jake really never thought about girls much anymore. It was beginning to be all about Sam. Jake and Sam had been partners for about 3 ½ months now and Jake was feeling his way with his new partner. He fantasized doing that literally, feeling all over Sam’s big muscular, thick body, but he knew Sam was homophobic, so he had to take it easy with any hints or allegations. Sam was always talking about how disgusted he’d get seeing two guys kiss. He said that he would never let some guy kiss him. He’d rough ‘em up good. Make them pay for being such a pansy. Once he talked about how he’d fuck the hell out of em, just to teach those “fags” a lesson. The idea of Sam fucking Jake to teach him a lesson, made Jake almost cum in his pants. As their time together on the job progressed through the months, Sam’s stories of the past chicks he had banged, plus his girlfriend’s ability to deep throat him and getting his cock so wet she never needed lube, seemed to get more intense, and more off the straight and narrow. Sam seemed to be getting turned on more and more every time he’d talk about it. At first it was all about the girl’s breasts and tight asses, but slowly the details of the girl’s bodies changed as it got less and less about their bodies, and more about how he loved watching his cock, seeing it growing and cumming in buckets when he was filling up the bitches. Once Jake thought he heard Sam almost cum in his pants, as he was really getting into it, talking about his muscles, body and cock so much that his breathing became heavier and heavier, till he seemed to moan under his breath. It was really dark in the car, that night, so Jake only was able to hear Sam, which actually made it worse for Jake, since he almost came himself at the lusty sounds of Sam right next to him. God, he wanted to touch his godlike partner, so bad, but he knew that it was impossible. August 5th: Then it happened, Sam came into work that day and he looked like something was on his mind, but he also looked relieved. As they were changing in the locker room to get ready for patrol, Sam told Jake that he left Lucy. He said that she wasn’t satisfying him like she used to and that he needed something…more. He said that after he told Lucy, she freaked out and went ballistic. He pulled down his pants to show Jake his thigh, where he said that Lucy had taken a salad fork and tried to stab him with it. Jake looked at where Sam said she stabbed him, but he didn’t see a mark. All he saw was the biggest most scrumptious thigh he had ever laid his eyes on. He asked Sam, where did she stab him and Sam quickly pulled his pants back up and said that she was such a weakling that she didn’t even give him a scratch. He said that for the past month he had been getting stronger and stronger and that he had no use for her pathetic ways. As a matter of fact, Jack thought that Sam actually did seem to be getting larger every day, growing from that thick mass to a chiseled muscle god. They both worked out together at Zach’s gym, but Sam seemed to take off like wildfire, getting all cut and growing even bigger, so much so, that it made his uniform skintight and strained the fabric to the point where you could see every nook, mound and crevasse of his tightly muscled frame. At the gym, there was a height tape against one of the walls and one day Sam happened to be standing next to it. Jake’s eyes bugged out as he saw that his partner was over 7’ tall and barefoot, nonetheless. In fact he was 7’ 3”. Most men increase their size slowly, but Sam was packing on 10-20 pounds every week. He had to get several new uniforms. This growth spurt started about a month before, after Sam went camping up in the mountains with his other brother and two of his buddies from out of town. Jake also noticed how different Sam acted around him since the camping trip. It was almost like he was flirting with Jake at times, but that was impossible, with Sam being such a homophobic dick. Jake had met Sam’s other brother, Lloyd and he was just a big as Sam was when they first met. Lloyd lived on a farm with a few of his friends. In the past month or so, Sam’s brother, Lloyd, seemed to be gaining a lot of mass too, as did their two buddies, Carlos and Penn, both of which were smaller than Jake a month and a half ago, but now they were visibly larger than him. All of them seemed extremely touchy-feely with each other as well. It was getting to be more than Jake could take. He wanted Sam so bad, that he started to bone up every time he saw the man. There were days that Jake would jerk off 2 or 3 times, just to get his hardon to go back down. September 20th: Then two weeks ago, the two of them were at their normal “speed trap” spot when Sam had an idea. He said that they should bust a bunch of those “fags” at the local rest area on the other side of town. He said he knew that men frequented that place a lot at night and there never seemed to be any chicks. The thing that was strange to Jake was that Sam was the one to come up with busting the place in the first place. Sam knew right where it was and what took place there, but Jake hadn’t ever heard of the spot being cruisy, much less had been there for some cock, himself. The only time Jake ever got sucked off in public was in the local Wal-Mart restroom. Sam seemed actually excited at the prospect of rounding up some “faggots”. At first Jake thought that maybe Sam had been propositioned there and wanted to get even, but he questioned that later, too. The two of them caught about 6 guys there, that were fucking and sucking, but as they were handcuffing them, 2 of the purps got away. Sam ran after them. Jake finished cuffing the other 4 and strangely he knew every one of the 6 guys, a couple were from the gym under his apartment. After Sam took off after the 2 escapees, Jake apologized to the other 4 and “accidentally” let the men go free. One of them was one of Jake’s best friends from the big city. He told the guys to stay away from there since the cops were on the hunt. The men thanked him and took off, leaving Jake alone. While he waited for Sam, he heard what sounded like trees snapping and the ground seemed to shake. Then there was the sound of what he thought were animals attacking the men, but it was over too quickly to warrant him to chase down the sounds. Still, Jake still was worried about his partner. So what if the guy was a muscle god, he could have still gotten in some type of trouble. He started to walk into the woods just as Sam started showed up with the two purps over his shoulders. Their pants were around their ankles and each had huge hard-ons with bodies that were all red and appeared swollen. Neither one looked upset, but rather content and satisfied. Their bodies were almost thick, which was strange since one of them, Joshua was the local barber and had always been quite thin. Jake saw Joshua, just about every day, since the barber shop was right next to his building. Sam set them down on the ground and without a word; both men pulled up their pants, gave Sam a strange look and freely got in the back of the patrol car. What shocked Jake even more was that Sam himself looked bigger, everywhere. His uniform was slightly torn and tearing more, since it was so extremely tight on him. The men had a fluid of some type that glistened in the moonlight, all over their faces and bodies and the inside of the car smelled like sweat and bleach. Sam told Jake that he had caught them in the act and that they put up a good fight but of course they were no match for him. Jake pointed at Sam’s crotch as he looked at his partner huge wet mound of fabric around his cock area. Sam replied, “Hey, since I dumped that bitch, I guess I need to get somewhere. Heh. Oh well.” Then Sam finally noticed something was missing and quickly changed the subject. “What happened to the other 4?” “Oh they got away. I guess I didn’t have them restrained as well as I thought?” “Oh well, at least I got two more of them for my trophy case.” Sam laughed hard and loud. “Yeah, I guess so? Bet you want to mount em, huh?” Sam threw Jake an evil look that told him to take that back. “I’m sorry dude, I was just kidding.” “No harm, let’s get these two back to the station.” Both men got in the car and Jake suffered a massive hard on the whole way, smelling the mixture of sweat and what he now realized was cum. The rest of the night was surprisingly uneventful and Sam kept pretty much to himself, which certainly wasn’t like him. After the two were released from jail, Jake never saw them again. It was if they had just disappeared. That was only two weeks ago. 6:14pm, October 5th (Today): Tonight though, just like clockwork, they had set up their speed trap and were anxiously waiting the night’s “kill” as Sam would call it. Strangely though, they hadn’t seen a car for over an hour. The only passing vehicle was a pickup truck that had Sam’s brother Lloyd, driving and a kid in the passenger seat that Jake thought he recognized but wasn’t really sure about. Still there was something about the young kid that made Jake’s cock jump and throb. There was something strange going on in Lloyd’s truck as they passed. It was all too quick, but it looked like the kid was rising up and down as if getting fucked from underneath. It was really weird but extremely erotic looking at the same time. In fact, there was something about tonight that had Jake’s libido supercharged. It was almost like the air that he breathed could turn him on. The patrol car was getting really warm inside and as usual, Sam started talking about getting his big cock getting wet, but this time, he never spoke of a girl; his girlfriend had moved out back in early September. No...all Sam would take about if he was referencing someone other than himself was that they were just a “hot hole”. He was getting into such detail this time; visually describing his horse cock to such extend that Jake was so hard and in pain from the pressure he had to physically hold down his clipboard to his lap to hide his excitement. Sam kept hinting to the fact that his story telling to Jake was making himself really horny, causing Sam to constantly and blatantly grabbing his crotch. Jake began to sweat as his own hormones raged for his partner. The sexual tension in the car was becoming completely overpowering, more-so than ever before. Sam began to slowly and erotically rub his massive legs, going down toward the knees on the outside of his giant quads then rubbing even slower up his inner thighs brushing his lengthening cock like it was a magic wand of power and lust. Over and over he did this as he very descriptively told Jake just what his cock could do to a person. He talked about the power it had like a mighty warlock’s scepter that caused anyone it gets in contact with to do his will. The more Sam talked about his cock, the more Jake’s breathing became incredibly deep and strong. Jake was starting to lose himself in Sam’s story and the scene that was playing out. Then, just as Jake thought he could take no more, Sam started to tug on his massive cock. Harder and harder he began to grab it and move the fabric of his pants over his cock. With every squeeze and pull Jake could see it thickening and slithering down Sam’s muscular thigh almost to his knee. At this point, Jake figured that if Sam was going to put on a show, who was he not to sit there and watch in enjoyment, but he was still very worried that this was a trap and Sam would beat him to a pulp if he found out how much in lust Jake was for him. His barrier was breaking down very quickly, though. “God this fucking feels good. I’m sorry dude, but I just can’t stop it. You can join in if you want. Go ahead and work that pipe of yours, partner. I know I got to work mine. Mmmm yeah…God I’m so fucking horny!” Still hesitating, Jake started to involuntarily rub his rock hard cock in his pants, but he kept the clipboard over it as he stared, mesmerized by Sam’s blatant display in front of him. Sam switched on the interior light and he looked up from his own lustful indulgence of his cock and over at Jake, “Look at that thing buddy, what hole wouldn’t love having that huge pipe opening it up. Tearing into it and filling it up with my fantastic spunk.” Sam squeezed his rod hard and almost instantly there was a huge wet spot where precum shot out from the piss hole soaking his leg and pants. He shook it some as if to wave it at Jake. “Damn, I’m so fucking horny tonight, I think this cock really does have a mind of own cause it wants to fuck and get sucked anyway it can. I really want to get off tonight. I’d let anyone that wanted it, have it.” Jake knew words out of Sam’s mouth were like that of a bad porno, but it seemed natural coming from him, since he loved to always talk about his sexual life. Jake looked up at Sam’s face with that last comment and Sam was looking straight at him, licking his lips and motioning with his eyes, for Jake to look back down and marvel at his God Cock. “So Jake, do you think I could make a cave outta someone’s tight hole? Make them never want to stop having me fuck them and give them a gift like no one has ever given them before?” With that comment Jake noticed Sam’s pants start to rip apart slowly where the wet spot was as if his cock wanted free from its prison. In fact most of his pants were straining to start ripping apart, ever so slowly as this God of a man began to grow. Jake couldn’t hold out any longer as he blurted out, “Damn, Sam you are the most impressive man I’ve ever met. You’re like the fuckin’ Hulk. I…I bet anyone would love having your ramming them. I know I…” Sam interrupted Jake before he could finish what they both already knew, but Sam wanted to play with Jake a little longer, “Probably any guy, too. What do ya think? You think some faggots ass could take my super dong. I bet a man’s rock hard muscle ass could take my giant cock easier than any nasty pussy could, huh? I'd make him cum without even touching himself, don't ya think?” “I…I dunno. Maybe, it could.” Jake was still playing along as well, even though he didn’t consciously want too. “Because right now; I just want to get off. I don’t care who I’m with. I just want a warm body with a tight hole to fill with my super cock and its special sauce. Like I said, I’d let anyone do me right now. Whattya think, partner? You know of any takers, or maybe you think you’re up to it…” Sam toyed with him. Still guarded, Jake said, “Why are you asking me?” “No reason, just thought…well…you might want to…at least…see it…maybe I can show you something even more amazing with it?” In a last ditch effort to hide his true desires, Jake said, “What are you crazy? I think I’ve seen plenty, already. I’m done with this, I’m no fag!! I’m sure some girls gaping gash would be just fine…” As Jake said the words out of his mouth, he turned away and grabbed the door handle, hoping to make a quick escape, before he gave into the lust that was inside of him. His heart started pounding as hard as his cock. His head was reeling and reality was dreamlike. He was fighting his desires as best he could, but deep inside, he knew it was a losing battle. For a moment, Sam was alarmed. “HOLD ON, DUDE!! It’s okay, seriously. I don’t think you’re a fag, man, but I know you’ve got to be curious. I know you are, everyone’s always curious. Lately, there have been a lot of people that have wanted to see it. Even some of the other guys on the force have seen it and almost all of them that have seen it were glad they did. They all said the same thing that you just said, but once they saw it, they knew they had wanted to see it all along, even if it was just for the penis envy and curiosity alone. Hell, until a month ago, I would’ve said no fucking way and kicked the piss right outta them, but lately I’ve seen a new outlook and it’s fucking awesome. Come on Jake; it’s cool. No one’s going to know. Hell, you should know by now, how much I enjoy the attention from you. I’ve noticed how you look at me with admiration and longing, but tonight...tonight buddy, you have a hunger in you, I can tell you are just full of desire and that's cool. That's totally cool. We’re just two horny guys showing off what we’ve got. I’m sure your cock is really nice, too. By the looks of your pup tent, I’ve noticed that you have a pretty big package as well, especially when you try and cover it up when it gets hard during my stories. Yeah, I’ve noticed it all the time. And in some weird way, it makes me even hornier when I see that you are all horned up over me. You always get really excited when I talk about fucking and all the sex I have. It’s cool, dude. I bet you jerk off thinking about me. I do. I fucking love myself and I love getting off on myself. I love you getting off on me too. So....let’s just show off what we’ve got to each other and get all this chicken shit out of the way” Sam could tell, Jake seemed a little more at ease. He tried a friendly challenge next. “Still you’re no match for my monster, but you look really good all hard and shit. Hell, I bet other guys are jealous of you too.” Jake looked embarrassed and turned his gaze away. Sam continued, still afraid that he almost lost Jake for a moment, “I know you’re not a fag, man. Anyone would get hard listening to my porn stories. Besides, you’re a guy, and guys love to see what someone else has, don’t they? Hell, I've had guys ask to suck it, too. And I don't judge, I just love getting off. Here, just take a look at how big, thick and long it is already here in my pants and I’m only half hard.” “HALF HARD!!” Jake thought and he turned back to look at it and he could clearly see that Sam’s cock must have been well over 10” now. “What does he mean only half hard.” The two words and the sight of Sam’s growing cock made Jake even more intrigued and horny. The voice in his head said, “I thought he was only 10” long, period.” Jake was embarrassed but kind of relieved that Sam knew he got hard during the sex stories. He was happy that he wouldn’t have to hide his rock hard cock anymore, but he still was extremely leery that this was a trap that Sam had set to bring him out. So he apprehensively said, “I don’t know, Sam. This is pretty weird. But…” “But what?! What’s the big deal, bro? I know you’ve GOT to be curious. You have to be. It's okay...I wanna see yours too.” “Well, maybe…” “You want to see my big shaft, don’t ya? Everyone does and I’m happy to oblige. They’re always very satisfied after they see it. I make sure of that. All I need is for you to tell me that you want to see it in all its glory.” Sam’s voice deepened and softened to the point of a low grumbled whisper, “Tell me, Jake. Tell me that you wanna see my huge cock. I know you do. Let go of your fear, Jake. Let go and give in to me. Listen to my voice...Listen to my cock telling you to want it. I’ve known you’ve always wanted too, haven’t ya? I’ve known that for a while now. My brother showed me a better way and now I want to show you. I know you love my massive muscles and I can feel your desire for it. Your body's on fire for me. Look at your own cock. It’s going to bust through your uniform, you want it so bad.” Sam pointed down to Jake’s throbbing crotch that was now wet with his own precum. “I…I guess I am. Maybe it would be cool to see what you’ve been talking about for the past 6 months. You always cover it up in the lockeroom.” Both men chuckled. Jake’s mouth was dry, but his lips and jock strap were soaked. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He was finally going to get to see what Sam had been teasing him with for the past 6 months. He knew he had to keep his cool, though, but he wanted to see that cock in “all its glory” as Sam put it. Hell, he wanted Sam in all his glory too. Jake’s asshole began to throb and pucker. His cock ached in his pants. He was so hard that Sam was right in assuming that it felt like it would bust through his uniform. God, what he wouldn’t give to be able to do that. Still, he was embarrassed that Sam had seen his trouser tent, but he thought, maybe it’s for the best since Sam was clearly interested in Jake seeing his monster. He knew he wanted to say yes. Yes, to see Sam’s incredible body, Yes, to Sam’s incredible cock. Yes, to whatever may happen. Maybe Sam would let him play with it, he thought. God, that would be a dream come true. Just the thought of that made Jake’s cock jump and shoot some more precum into his already drenched pants. He wanted that huge cock in his hands or better yet in his ass, which was puckering up even more. But he was still unsure if Sam were testing him and that he would kick his ass, if he tried anything. But now Jake’s passion had gone over the threshold. His inhibitions left him like a new morning. He felt free and clear of the barrier that was holding him back. Sam had got the best of him and he blurted out, “Yes, Sam, show it to me. Show me your big fucking cock. I want it!! I fucking need it!!! Give it to Sam. Give me your huge cock!!!” Sam heard the words he longed to hear from his partner, which caused a burst of energy inside him and suddenly there were more rips in his pants, not only where his cock was, but in the thighs, calves and ass. Sam’s whole lower body seemed to be expanding inch by inch. Soon Sam would not be able to control the growth in him and it would take over his mind and body and he would only be able to go along for the incredible ride. Since his change at the farm, he would long for the growth to hit him every day; sometimes 2-3 times a day. His training was finally over and he was able to finally control his body and its growth. There were times, such as now, that the growth would begin to get away from him, but he would regain his hold on it as best he could. The growth was like a drug and he was hooked. Now he was about to have the ultimate high, since he was going to feel the growth but as well, he would have the love and lust he had felt for his partner. It was time to bring Jake into the family. Jake’s mouth dropped open and began to moisten as he could clearly see his partner growing. It was as if Sam’s body were a balloon of muscle that was slowly getting blown up, expanding and the muscles getting larger under the stretching skin, becoming more pronounced as they grew. His shirtsleeves began to rip. A few buttons popped off. One cracked the plastic glass covering the speedometer. Sam slowly worked the split open in his pants, but instead of using his hands, he let his cock control itself as it tore through the fabric like a wild animal slowly escaping its cage. Jake could see that the naked monster pushing itself free as it was actually pulsating now, expanding and contracting through the confines of its imprisonment. He was in awe of its ability to tear through Sam’s trousers. It shimmered with all the precum and sweat that had enveloped it. Yes, it was huge, but he thought that it was the most perfect and beautiful thing he had ever seen. Envy and curiosity were true understatements for what Sam said other men must have felt, for Jake was in complete admiration and yearning. He knew it needed his worship. Thoughts ran through his head as if it seemed to call to him, telling him to want it, to treat it as an Idol or a God’s tool for which he was to serve and please. He started to become hypnotized by it. Inch by inch he could see the beauty of it come into view. He started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. His palms were sweating, as was his forehead. He felt a hunger for it in his stomach and his asshole started to twitch uncontrollably. His cock was almost continually leaking precum in his jockstrap, soaking it. His eyes were wide and his chest heaved as his breathing become increasingly deeper and stronger. He developed a thirst in his mouth and throat to coincide with his mounting hunger. Jake was completely enthralled now, but he still had his wits about him. He knew, or rather quietly prayed that this cock that grew before him was going to be his to play with and to serve as was the growing man before him. Sam was right, it WAS bigger than 10” now, and in fact it was almost 14” and still growing. It was incredibly thick, too; like a baseball bat. There was a thick vein snaking all the way from Sam’s thick forest of pubic hair to under the hood of the massive cock head that looked like a fully ripened, delicious apple. It was as if a snake was crawling out from the bushes to engulf the forbidden fruit. Jake could see the movement of life fluid through the massive vein, giving Sam’s super monster all the nourishment it needed to grow and extend into its God-like status. As the huge appendage came more and more into Jake’s view, more and more of the real world melted away and all that Jake could think or want in this life was Sam and his giant cock. With every deeper breath of air into Jake’s lungs, he could smell the pungent aroma of Sam’s fuckpole; sweat mixed with pre-cum and Sam’s pheromones. With each whiff, Jake felt more alive and went deeper under Sam’s spell. His own way of thinking was gone, now and all Jake could think and pay attention to was Sam’s humongous cock and body expanding for his own private show. The lust in him rose with every thread of fabric that tore away. He had never in his life been more turned on. He began to hit a constant state of euphoria. Sam could tell that just as all the others, Jake was almost completely conquered to be his disciple of servitude and to become a muscle god himself. Sam knew he had to start the process of sealing the deal that Jake was unknowingly starting to sign. So, in one swift move, Sam took his hands and quickly tore his pants completely off and down over his huge column causing it to spring up to an almost 90 degree angle standing straight up at over 22” long and 9” around. This happened in just a matter of seconds and it was fully hard enough to stand more rigid than a steel pipe. There was so much precum already spurting out like a fountain from the nickel sized piss slit that when it sprung up, it shot large globs all over the car and one in particular flung over onto Jake’s face partially covering his right cheek, chin and lips. Jake felt it tingle on his skin and he left it there as he was now completely under Sam’s power. There was a large vein on top of Sam’s cock that was almost ¾” thick and pulsating with waves of a dark purple fluid flowing through it. The precum flow began to slow as it came out like a leaky pipe cascading down the shaft, completely covering it like posing oil for a bodybuilder. Jake felt his own cock jump hard in his pants and he had his first orgasm as it shot so much cum that it felt like he’d pissed himself. His voice cracked, “Oh God, I’m Cumming. I can’t help it…Jeeeezzzzus. Holy Shit!!! God, you’re so fucking huge and beautiful.” Sam let Jake have his orgasm and after it subsided he said, “It is, isn’t it? It feels so good to let it out. It loves being free from the confines of my uniform, where it can breathe. So what about you, Jake? Let’s see your cock buddy.” “I’m…I’m nothing like you, man. I’m just a little over average.” Jake moved the clipboard away from his cum soaked pants and pulled down his zipper. Normally he would have never been so blasé about showing his cock, especially since he had just filled his pants and he imagined he would begin to go soft, but not tonight. Tonight, he stayed rock hard and he was too far under Sam’s domination now. He dug down and fished out his normally impressive 9” cock, but, like he said, it was rather insignificant, when compared to Sam’s snake. To another normal man, though, Jake was very ample in the cock department. He began stroking it while looking at Sam’s anaconda that had consumed him. The pleasure running through him was so strong he began to softly moan. Only a few more strokes and Jake would have his 2nd orgasm. “STOOOOOOOOOP, DON’T CUM AGAIN,” Sam commanded. “I want this to last. Take your hand off your cock and close your eyes.” Jake did as he was told. He could feel his cock pulsating and pleading for the release of an orgasm. In fact, he was stalled at that state of euphoria just before your sperm comes rushing out of your cock. Sam knew that Jake was completely his now, but he still loved to play the game and in order to take over Jake and help him start the change; Sam had to get Jake into complete submission, first. He slyly spoke, “So Jake, very nice piece of meat there, buddy. You’re doing really well. I want you to keep your eyes shut and remember what my cock looks like in your mind. Remember its sheer beauty and size and tell me what see? Do not, I repeat do not hold back. I want your true feelings: Your true desires.” “I see something more beautiful than anything I have ever laid my eyes on. I see sheer joy and ecstasy in your cock, Sam. I see an Idol of worship attached to a God of a man that I have longed for and needed and wanted to worship and be with since the very moment I met him walking into the police station. I see my complete longing and desire for you. I see a life dedicated to you and I see that I WANT YOU.” Those last three words came out of Jake without any remorse or fear of being outted. Jake, finally gave Sam all he needed to hear. Now it was time for the “kill”. “Open your eyes and look at me.” Sam commanded. Jake opened his eyes and looked over at Sam. Every fiber in his body longed for the Man-God and his gaze showed every facet of complete submission. “Go on and touch it if you want, partner. Don’t worry about it. I don’t care. Everyone wants to touch it. Once they see it, they have too. It calls to them, just like it’s been calling to you. Don’t fight it, Jake. It wants you to feel it, to worship it, to make you one with it. Take it in your hand and feel its awesome power. It wants to give you its power and strength. It wants to make you huge.” Jake shook his head in agreement, casting his gaze back from Sam’s dark blue eyes to his giant pole and Jake was thrilled that he no longer had to hide his feeling for Sam and he would never again have to deny how bad he wanted the man of his dreams. A tear slowly crept down his cheek. He would never have to forgo his primal desire again: A desire that he was no longer in control of but it was now in control of him. He was happy to be completely in Sam’s control. In fact he was getting off on it. “You want it. You want to feel how heavy and huge it is. I know you do. In fact, Jake, I know you always have. I knew even before the night my brother and I changed your friends at the rest stop. Yes, you were right in suspecting me. They hardly put up a fight when they saw my cock. It called to them, just as it is calling you now. At that time I wasn’t fully able to change them myself, so my brother had the honors and they are reaping huge rewards for receiving our gift unto them. They are well on their way to becoming more than just great men; they are becoming GODS, like me. Go on and give in to it. It needs your worship. It needs your lust. It needs your hunger. I want you to be part of it. I want you to be a part of me. I want you to become a God, Jake.” Wide-eyed and trembling, Jake looked up from his gaze at the huge fuck pole due to that last comment and looked into Sam’s eyes. Tears were now streaming down his face. He was completely happy and relieved. He was more turned on then he had ever been in his life: Mainly he finally felt, free. That was the last moment that Jake would ever remember being a normal human. He was on his way to being one of Uncle Matt’s Godlike men. His hand trembled as it moved toward Sam’s giant cock. The monster glistened in the moonlight as Jake touched “glory” for the first time. He wrapped his large hand around Sam’s cock and still his fingers couldn’t touch due to the thickness of it. He began to slide his strong hand up and down feeling the power of it. Jake could tell that its weight was well over 15lbs. It was rock solid and throbbed of life. The precum covering it was like sheer seethe of thick oil that actually made Jake’s hand tingle and become increasingly warmer. Saliva escaped out of the side of Jake’s mouth. Then he realized how hot the side of his face was remembering the glob of precum that had hit him just moments before. He rose up his other hand, collecting some of Sam’s incredible potion mixed with his own tears and licked it with his tongue as he brought it into his mouth. He swallowed and a bolt of electricity immediately shot through him. Waves of a powerful new feeling and sexual highness more intense than he had ever felt before poured through him like an internal orgasm and he lost all control as he lunged at his idol of worship. With a deep breath, Jake took the entire head of the monster in, stretching his mouth to its limit. His lips cracked at the edges and started to slightly bleed. Sam yelled out. “FUCK YEAH, JAKE, SUCK DADDY’S HOT POLE. I’M GONNA MAKE YOU AMAZING. I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU A FUCKING TITAN.” Jake swallowed as much of Sam’s mammoth rod as he could, which at first was only a mere 2 inches, but with every push of his mouth down, it seemed easier to go further. Sam’s endless supply of precum was mixing with Jake’s own bodily fluids of saliva and blood causing his change to begin. Soon he had over half of Sam’s gigantic cock down into the back of his mouth and beginning down his throat. With every suck he swallowed more precum, energizing him even more and helping his body become more elastic to take the huge prick in him. His entire body was warming up and feeling more energized. “Yeah, Bitch, Dammit Mother Fucker, swallow my cock. I’ve been waiting for over a month for this. You are going to be my best. You are going to be colossal.” With that, Sam grabbed the back of Jake’s head and simultaneously rammed his hips up and his partner’s face down shoving all 20 inches of God cock into the back and then down into his new bitches’ throat. “Fuck yeah, bitch, you are going to make Matt one very happy man.” Jake was so into Sam’s cock; he thought Sam had said ME instead of Matt. Little did both of them know that this was just the beginning of Uncle Matt’s master plan. You see, Jake and another of Uncle Matt’s men were to meet later and change mankind. But good things come to those who wait. Jake was amazed at how easy it was to take all of Sam down his throat and how good it felt. He felt that god cock pulsating in his throat as it continued pumping Sam’s muscle juice into him. His body took over, beginning with his throat as it massaged Sam’s huge cock on its own. Jake felt consumed with lust and the need for more from his partner was becoming overwhelming. Just when his mouth seemed to stretch wider and his mouth cavity was even fuller of cock, something more began to happen. Was it his imagination or was Sam getting bigger, AGAIN? Another large stretch and Jake noticed that even though he hadn’t moved up or down on it, there was an added 4 inches from his face to Sam’s pelvis. Then Sam screamed and the whole car jumped as Sam’s orgasm began, flowing huge amounts of cum deep into Jake’s gullet. So much cum was pouring into the smaller man’s body that it began to flow out of his mouth and all over them and the inside of the care. Sam’s massive cock seemed to continue to grow inside and down Jake’s throat as his body seemed match his cock growing at a fast rate as well. Jake held onto Sam’s cock the best he could and then he began to realize that it wasn’t only Sam’s body that was increasing. Wave after wave of Sam’s cum flowed into Jake, continuing the process of Jake’s transformation. His body was on fire and his skin felt like it was soaked in sweat and cum. Suddenly, his clothes felt extremely tight. So much so that he felt the ass of his pants rip with force up the center and continue to rip completely around the waist and down the right side first and then the left of his legs till they fell onto the seat below him. His socks and his boots started to rip off of him. Then his shirt and the rest of his pants literally exploded in the car, shattering the passenger window with his holster. Meanwhile, Sam was accelerating in his own growth and beginning to lose control as well. He realized that if he didn’t maintain himself that they would both grow to insane proportions and quite literally be unable to function, let alone return to a normal human like size. In a desperate attempt to stay in control, Sam quickly unbuttoned his shirt before he ripped through another one. He usually was able to control the speed and mass of his size, but this time even he was almost out of control as his new subject was. He had been yearning to get his partner to join him as a huge muscle god since the day after he had become one himself. That was when Lloyd, his brother, took him by surprise one evening after they had closed up the gym. He had been working out extremely hard that night in anger and frustration, due to his girlfriend’s cold, rigid attitude toward sex with him. She said he was getting to rough and when he fucked her it hurt instead of arousing her. Lloyd took Sam’s frustrated body to the message room to “calm” him down. Sam was so horned up that even his brother’s touch got him hard. Lloyd told Sam to hold on for a moment as he made a call and in about 15 minutes later, there was a knock at the gym garage door. Lloyd answered the door and Sam saw what looked to him like a human wall. Within seconds, this beast had Sam’s cock in his mouth causing Sam to go into overload and the next thing he can remember from that night was waking up the at Uncle Matt’s farm with his huge hard cock and his body completely massive beyond belief. The next day he learned how to control his morphing and began his training as well as helping to recruit others for the farm. Within a few weeks he had recruited more men than anyone else, combined; over 57 men were given a new life because of Sam. Now, 2 months later, his lust for turning Jake was so much that he, again, was going into sexual overload and knew he couldn’t control himself much longer. He got the shirt off just in time as his chest and arms expanded to Herculean proportions, causing the roof of the car and the driver’s door to bend up and outward. He knew he had to move quick or his already 8 foot high massive frame could inhibit Jake’s newly developing body if they stayed in the police cruiser much longer. Since his partner was over the top of his pants with his growing cock filling him up, Sam just let them rip to shreds. He loved the feel of shredding his clothes; his favorite moments were the initiation of a new member and exploding out of his clothes with his massive body. There wasn’t much room left for Sam and Jake to grow in the car so he tore off the car door and pulled his cock out of Jake’s hungry mouth leading him out of the car like a dog to a bone. Jake had already grown over a foot everywhere and was shredded from his own clothes. Sam was almost completely naked too, with only tattered pieces of fabric hanging off of him, but he knew they were too close to the road and would be noticed, so he led his prey into the woods. The car on the other hand, looked totaled. It wasn’t going to be easy to explain that to the captain, but he shouldn’t mind, since he went through the change last weekend. Once he felt at a safe distance from the road, Sam grabbed Jake’s expanding body by the ankles and pulled him up so they were at a vertical 69 position and Sam inhaled Jake’s own throbbing and growing 11” cock. It had grown 2 inches in a matter of minutes. For a moment Sam let go of one of Jake’s ankles and realized that due to both of their incredible strength, they were able to sustain this position without holding on to each other by their arms, hands and legs. All they need to use was their super strong suction and jaws. Both men were well over 10 feet tall now and Sam decided that he himself was tall enough, but to let Jake continue to grow. It took almost all of his concentration to stop his own growth. They held on like this long enough for Jake’s expanding body to grow well over 12 feet tall, causing Jake’s head to reach the ground, Sam’s eyes widened in awe as Jake’s massive growing frame lifted Sam off the ground as it continued to gain height and mass. Jake’s cock had now also surpassed his mentor and was a good 22” long and over 9” around. Sam began to gag some and again was in awe at this since he had never gagged on another cock. Just when Sam felt that he either would need to begin to grow himself or die from suffocating on Jake’s humongous cock, Jake stopped growing. His body immediately started to convulse and thick gushing streams of cum poured down Sam’s willing throat. Sam drink and drink for what seemed forever until Jake’s giant orgasm’s finally subsided. Sam could hold out no longer and he erupted so much cum out of his cock that Jake felt as though he were drowning. This was the point when Jake passed out and both men fell to the ground causing a minor quake to rip through the forest. As they were unconscious, they proceeded to change back to their normal states, but for Jake his normal state was now that of one of the largest bodybuilders in the world. Twenty minutes later, Jake woke up in the arms of the man he had secretly loved for over the past 6 months. He looked over at Sam, who was still out and kissed him on the cheek. He realized that they were both naked and then every memory of his change came rushing through him as he saw his new “normal” body. His new massive godlike body was somewhat equal to his partner’s but his cock was noticeably larger. He quietly released himself from his sleeping lover, standing up and began to feel what yearned to have his entire life: A God’s body. Sam woke up shortly after and both men kissed. They walked back to the car. As soon as they reached the car, the ground began to shake and from over the hill that was part of Uncle Matt’s Farm, they saw a shock wave barreling toward them. Both men instinctively knew the cause of it and instead of shying away or hiding from the impending burst of energy, they embraced it and faced it head on with their arms outstretched behind them and the welcomed the approaching blast. As it leveled trees and most everything it came in contact with, the two men were in their instinctive trance and ready for the next phase of Uncle Matt’s plan to begin. The shock wave hit them both head on, causing the patrol car to overturn and the billboard sign along with most of the trees around them to be mowed down. Neither of their super strong bodies flinched, all that they felt was what was needed for the continued genesis of the evening. Both men instantly came as the rush of euphoria unlike anything they had ever felt passed through them. Visions of two colossal men who they both recognized as Sam’s brother Lloyd and his passenger, changing into God’s even larger than they had become. When the shock wave passed, each of them walked over to the car, Sam picked it up and turned it back over as Jake watched in amazement. Sam told Jake to try and lift the car, which he easily accomplished, sending a rush of sexual excitement through him. With the roof torn off the car, the both got it, started the car to their amazement and drove to the epicenter of what would be the beginning of a new race on Earth.
  14. You can check out the first hypnosis story here: Hypnosis II: "Come on in boys and let’s have a chat for a few minutes." Richard Steiner invited two of his closest friends from his gym to attend a hypnosis seminar that is supposed to help you unlock your body’s sixth sense and allow you to fulfill a lifelong dream. Both of the men read the brochures carefully before they responded to his invite to make sure that it was something that they both wanted to do. Wayne, who is the beefier of the two men, admits that he is a big nerd when it comes to anything that can help him learn how to enhance his brain in any way possible. His partner Lyle is the more cerebral one who thinks that this is a bit of a gimmick, but he loves Wayne tremendously and is willing to give it a try if needed. They both ended up arriving at the hotel where the seminar is being held a bit early to get a few things done. They both spend the afternoon together at a local restaurant for a little while before Steiner calls one of them to come back to the hotel to meet up with him to hang out before they all go to the event. They get to his room a few minutes later and both enter after he invites them in. They take seats in chairs located directly across from where Steiner is dressing. The fifty-something year old is someone that Wayne and Lyle never imagined they would become so close with. They first met him a few years prior when he was just a newbie in the gym. He was thin and discouraged and kept thinking that he was too old to start thinking about bulking up in any capacity. Wayne, who is a few years younger than Lyle, immediately saw him as a fatherly figure and wanted to help him achieve the body that he always dreamed about having before he ever met either of them. As he continues to dress for the seminar, Wayne grunts a few times as he studies the older man’s sculpted chest and roidy abdominals and stares at all of the nicely formed peaks and valleys in his shoulders, back, and along his neckline. Steiner notices that Wayne is looking at him and smiles as he adjusts the glasses on his face and lightly rubs his grayish colored beard that he has had for years. He walks over and kisses the younger man on the lips while Lyle watches and shakes his head. "You two have always had this communication thing going that I have never quite understood. If you were anyone else Richard I would probably beat you up." Steiner looks over and grins before he walks over to kiss Lyle on the lips as well before rubbing the thirty-somethings defined chest which tightly hugs his dress shirt and jacket. The older stud moans as he does this and looks into his deep brown eyes. "You know I care deeply about both of you Lyle. You both have changed my life in more ways than you will ever know. I have had equally stunning men want to have sex with me for months." Lyle chuckles before shaking his head and looking over at Wayne who is also shaking his head but in a different direction. The twenty-something gets up and walks over behind Steiner to help him adjust his tie and to help him button his shirt up. The older stud leans back against his thick hairy chest which strains against the fabric in his dress shirt and sighs loudly. Steiner’s hands wander towards Wayne’s crotch but Lyle motions for him to stop doing that. "Ahhh man, Wayne and me were just going to flirt a little bit that’s all. *He winks at Lyle* It isn’t my fault anyway, big W here is trying to get a rise out of me which is obviously working." "Yeah I know how Wayne is. He is horny 24 hours a day with all of that pent up testosterone. I have told him that he needs to do something about that since he never runs out it seems." Wayne runs his hands up and down Steiner’s shirt feeling his rock hard abs and firm pecs as he gives the mature stud a few kisses on his neck and face. The older man moans deeply as he turns around to kiss Wayne on the lips again. Lyle gets up and makes them both stop before it escalates into an all-out sex fest between the two of them. "Knock it off Beastman. Knowing you, you have already ruined the inside of your boxers. That cock of yours has a mind of its own and it has never stopped leaking since I have known you. I’m right, aren’t I?" Wayne giggles in his incredibly deep baritone and shakes his head yes. Steiner rubs Wayne’s beard which sends shivers up the beefy stud’s spine as he tries to behave himself. Lyle knows that he can’t stop them from going any further since he has seen this happen more than once. The two horny studs grunt several times before they tear each other’s shirts open and start massaging each other’s chests with their tongues. Lyle sits back down in one of the chairs to watch them get even more personal as Steiner unzips Wayne’s pants and pulls his boxers down to free his monster from its prison. He immediately gets down on his knees to gulp on the smaller beast and works it over vigorously. Wayne grunts loudly as he massages the bald-headed stud’s cranium feeling his balls straining against Richard’s beard. It is obvious that Steiner is hungry for his young friend’s sperm as he continues to work it over with a tremendous intensity. He feels the flood moving up into Wayne’s huge uncut cock very quickly and opens his mouth. "MMMMM FUCKING GAWD…..I can never get enough of your cum Wayne. You always taste so fucking incredible. You have to feed me that hot cum gorgeous I am so hungry for it." Wayne flexes his thick body as he showers Steiner with his load hitting him in the face and coating his glasses in the process. The older man locks his lips on the pulsing rod and gulps down every drop he can muster as Lyle watches his throat guzzle his lover’s cum. Steiner grips his young friend’s big furry ass as he lovingly sucks slowly on the big pole to get every single drop of cum out. He looks up at Wayne as he pulls his cock out of his mouth to kiss it a few times before letting it go. He then takes his glasses off so he can see as the beefy man leans down to pull his mature friend’s pants down to return the favor. Wayne then pushes him down on the bed before positioning himself in front of the rigid pole which is pulsing wildly in front of his face. He slaps Steiner’s cock on both of his cheeks before he slurps on the precum that is now dangling from the cockhead. Next he slowly gulps on it which sends shockwaves through the older man’s body as he makes the mature stud’s ballsac jump while he massages his pole. After a few minutes of licking and teasing it, Wayne can sense the volcano building up in his close friend’s balls as they swell up until they turn a deep purple color. Steiner grunts down at him to finish him off as his beefy partner works his cock with both of his hands and his mouth. The sweat pours profusely down the lean muscular man’s chest as he sprays Wayne with several jets of his manly cum. Wayne tries not to swallow any of it since Lyle doesn’t think it is too wise but his well-trimmed beard is entirely coated in it as it continues to drip off his face and chin. Lyle gets up and walks over to both of them to pull Wayne away from Steiner’s cock. "All right you horn dogs, you had your fun can we please finish getting ready for the seminar now?" They both laugh and agree that they are going to be late if they don’t move this along. Wayne puts his pants back on and makes sure that he isn’t too dirty from all of the cum and goes to wipe his face off in the bathroom. The completely drenched older man though will have to shower again since he is very dirty. Steiner tells both of them that he will see them later probably. As they leave, Lyle gives his partner a look that doesn’t look too promising as Wayne takes his dress shirt off and prances down the hall shirtless and smelling of musk. "Did you have fun beastie? I know you probably made Richard’s day memorable. You are still going to have to find a new shirt in our room so you might as well shower again yourself." Wayne giggles in his deep voice again as he finally stops fooling around. Lyle pushes him back into the hotel room and closes the door before they bother anyone else on that floor. The beefy beast strips naked and rushes into the shower to wash up again. Lyle goes over to the window and looks down at the line for the seminar. He comments that it looks like it is going to be a long wait if they don’t get moving which promptly gets Wayne to rush out of the shower to dry off. Lyle helps him get dressed quickly as they start to jog down the hall and into the nearby elevator. Wayne grunts each time he takes a step since his heaving pecs bounce up and down constantly. Lyle punches him in the gut as the elevator doors close behind them. Once they get to the bottom floor, they notice that the line into the auditorium is the length of the whole lobby. Lyle turns to Wayne and shakes his head no which immediately draws a sad look from the beefy stud’s face. "Ahh come on Lyle, Rich invited us here. The least we can do is stay for a little bit in case he sees us." Lyle shrugs his shoulders and agrees so they get in line. It takes nearly an hour for them to finally get into the auditorium which is packed with tons of hot guys, some of which Wayne can’t seem to take his eyes off of. His smaller, yet well-muscled partner notices his big cock tenting inside his pants as they sit in their seats. He slaps it several times making Wayne grab it as he grimaces in his direction. The lights go dim a few minutes later as a man walks out to the main podium located in the center of the stage in front of them. He makes a few comments before introducing the special guest for the event. As the guest comes out, you can hear people in the audience talking amongst themselves as they see that he is a red-skinned man wearing a black dress shirt and gray pants. Wayne and Lyle look on in disbelief as they have never seen such a sight before. The man grins for a few seconds before he introduces himself to the audience and proceeds to start his presentation. Someone in the gallery stands up and asks the man a very personal question about how he came to be of that skin color. The speaker laughs and point blank tells them that they wouldn’t want to know because it might scare them. Some of the audience laughs including Wayne. After going over the basis of the whole seminar the man steps away from the podium and walks over to the edge of the stage. He points directly at Wayne and motions for him to come forward as he will be part of his next segment. Lyle shakes his head and smiles as Wayne jumps up and starts walking towards the stage. The speaker motions for Lyle to come up as well as he figures out that they are a couple. Lyle reluctantly follows behind as they both get on stage with the red man. His powerful arms strain heavily against the black fabric on his shirt as he undoes the buttons on his forearms to peel the sleeves back. Wayne moans a bit as Lyle shoves him in his side while grinning at the same time. Some of the audience chuckles as they do this. The man leans over and whispers to both of them that he already knows how to proceed with the exercise so they should just go along with whatever happens next. Wayne and Lyle stare at each other as the man instructs them to both look directly at his face and not to move at all. He tells them to try and communicate with him without moving their body or their mouth. Wayne gets a bit frustrated after a couple of minutes of this because this isn’t something that he is used to doing. The presenter whispers his name Abel to them since it is also a part of the exercise. He smiles at Wayne and tells him to just calm down and to relax his body. He can pick up on Lyle though who is calmly breathing in and out while staring into the man’s brown eyes. Abel turns to look at the audience. "One of the volunteers up here is following the directions perfectly. It isn’t easy to attempt communication with each other without uttering a word, but he is surprisingly receptive to this method. Now, I am going to attempt to do something with you Lyle that might scare some people. I am going to hypnotize you, but you will still be able to function normally as you are right now. Do you want me to proceed?" Lyle seems a bit apprehensive at first but Wayne grabs his left hand and shakes his head yes. Lyle admits that he is enjoying this exercise a lot since he is a bit of an intellectual anyway so the red-skinned man lets the audience know that they are moving on to the next phase. He directs Lyle over to a stool which is just a few feet from where they are standing and has him sit on it. He tells Wayne to get behind Lyle so he can be involved in the exercise as well. He looks into Lyle’s eyes and starts talking very slowly making the fit doctor get a bit sleepy. After only a few seconds, he drifts off to sleep as Wayne puts his hands on his back to hold him up. Abel now looks up at Wayne and stares into his eyes. The beefy stud goes into a trance as well as the presenter continues to talk slowly making Wayne struggle to stay upright himself. Abel walks over beside him and grabs a hold of the big man’s waist as he continues to speak softly into his ear. Wayne closes his eyes and appears to be falling asleep as well. The man holds him up in place for about thirty seconds and slowly moves away from Wayne. The beefy stud doesn’t move from that spot which gets a few gasps from the audience before they start clapping. Once the gallery finishes applauding, Abel moves back over beside them and tells the people out in the auditorium that Lyle and Wayne will wake back up after he counts to three. After he finishes counting, both men open their eyes and look around trying to remember where they are. Wayne has a grin on his face as he looks over at the speaker before he starts talking. "I uhhhh……I feel a bit different man. I have this strange urge to……uhhhhh *pop* *stretch*…..MMMMMM…..ohhh shit! I thought I was…..*fabric strains*……oh shit……" Wayne feels his back expanding as his shirt underneath his jacket splits down the middle. His wool jacket follows directly after as his entire body starts growing. His pant seams shred as well since they unable to contain the massive tree trunks as they emerge victorious from their confines. Abel hears him grunting as he gets bigger destroying his entire outfit as his huge hairy upper body exposes itself within seconds as well as his huge rod which explodes out the zipper in his dress pants. It rubs up against Lyle’s head as he lets the growth completely take over. The horny giant moans as his attention turns to his lover Lyle who can feel it building up within his body as well. "NO, WAYNE NOT HERE! Oh fucking damnit……*stretch* “pop*……it shouldn’t feel this good should it?…..ohh my gawd my cock is going crazy now." Lyle feels his body straining as it tries to prevent what is happening to him from occurring. He is sweating profusely as he grabs his dress shirt and tears it open. His lean hairy pecs swell as the buttons on his shirt and jacket fly off and end up in the audience. Some of the people in the audience gasp as they see both of them transforming into muscle giants. Lyle jumps to his feet and puts his head in his hands as his clothes are quickly obliterated under the size and power of the incredibly round and shapely muscles that are expanding onto his frame. Wayne is now nearly 400 pounds as he growls with excitement. He turns to look over at Abel who seems a bit surprised by how strong this man’s lust for muscle really is. Some of the audience is really frightened as they start to shuffle out the back doors. Some though are getting quite turned on and can’t help themselves as they start to stroke their cocks and rub their clits. Wayne notices that Abel is changing himself now. His cock bursts through his pants as it swells to twice its size. The giant beefy beast can’t take his eyes off of it as the red-skinned man destroys his clothes within seconds as his muscles double up on themselves. The man’s huge cockhead gapes open as he shoots several massive streams of cum into the audience. Wayne and Lyle feel their cocks swelling as well as their balls stretch to their limits. Both of them yell in ecstasy as they spray the audience as well with multiple streams of thick spunk. Without even noticing that he was there, Richard Steiner had managed to move directly into the path of all three cum streams and was getting completely drowned in all of it, coating his face, clothes, and the few people that were around him. They immediately feel the effects of the cum as their clothes start ripping apart. Richard roars in delight as his lean frame reshapes itself as his chest and arms blow up making his suit explode into pieces as he grows to twice his size. He feels a surge of energy he hasn’t felt since he was a teenager as well as his glasses snap in half. He continues to get wider as he grips his thick hands on two chairs that are behind him and rips them completely out of the floor. He grunts as he feels the power raging throughout his body as he eclipses 350 pounds and launches the chairs up into the air as they land close to two other growing studs nearby. The few women in the audience are growing as well as their feminine frames transform into Amazonian proportions as their tits double up in size as well as their arms and legs. Wayne bends his lover Lyle over to plunge his massive rod inside him while Abel jumps down off the stage to start walking up the main aisle towards the back of the auditorium. He stops once he gets to the end of the walkway as his cock shrinks back to its original size. The rest of his body follows as well after as he sees the destruction around him unfold. The couples that stayed to watch the carnage are getting the aftereffects of a growth cycle they never thought they would ever be a part of. Men and women have started having sex with each other while others like Richard Steiner are so hyped up on adrenaline that they are tearing up whatever they can get their hands on. Wayne and Lyle finally stop growing once the hairy giant reaches 600 pounds and his intelligent partner stops at around 450 pounds. The sheer force behind their fucking shakes the stage to the point that the walls crack around them and the floor nearly buckles. Richard stops growing once he gets to 500 pounds and is entirely unrecognizable. The grey body hair and aging skin is all but a memory as he looks more like his two friends now rather than their daddy. After getting a lot of his aggression out, he decides to hop up onto the stage to join his close friends to plug his cock inside Wayne’s mouth. The extra weight finally makes the stage give way as the floor crumbles and falls in taking the three giants down with it. Abel smiles and shakes his head in disbelief as he exits through the back doors. The owners of the hotel called the police once they began hearing strange things happening through the walls. When the cops finally do show up, they end up becoming victims themselves as the swarm of muscle behemoths tackle them on the ground and start humping and pumping their seed down the cops’ throats. The escalation of the whole event continues as it passes on the policemen who can do little to avoid destroying their uniforms as their giant muscles appear within seconds. Abel successfully managed to hide in a nearby bathroom long enough to get past them and rushes out the front lobby without getting caught. Nobody notices him leaving in his car as well as he drives off fulfilling the mission that his congregation had set up for him in the first place. Here are other Body Good installments: Sex Parts 1 and 2: Achilles: The Protein series: Protein (original story): The sequel trilogy: Prelude: Boys to Men: Men to Gods:
  15. belabarbell

    growth Peter (2 parts)

    This is one of my first creations. A short story in two parts. First part: The sign outside read "Help Wanted"; and as Peter was looking for a job to pay his way through school, he rang the doorbell. A buzzer sounded and he walked through a stately marble parlor and into an open reception area. A very handsome secretary greeted him, handed him a clipboard after he'd stated his reason for being there, and bade Peter to the waiting area, to fill out the forms he'd been given. After filling out the forms, Peter returned them to the secretary, who briefly looked them over, and then bade him wait again, for his "screening". After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Peter was called back into a set of corridors that looked much like a Doctor's office, and was placed in one examination room. He was told to take off his shirt and shoes, and to sit on the table. After a short wait, a man in an overcoat, who introduced himself as "Doctor Terry" entered, and looked briefly over a clipboard. "Ah, I see that all the release forms have been signed, so we can begin the screening, to determine whether you can be of use to the firm", he said, raising his eyebrows and hesitating at the word "use". He bade Peter to breathe deeply, and removed a stethoscope from the wall, with which he proceeded to listen to Peter's heartbeat. After nodding appreciatively a few times, Doctor Terry proceeded to scribble something on his pad. He then bade Peter to open his mouth, and say "Ah". Peter did, and he felt a metal rod on his tongue. His "ah" was cut short when he felt a liquid hit his tongue, and he reflexively gagged. The doctor said sympathetically that it was some disinfecting gel that he had forgotten to remove from the rod, and that it was harmless. He bade Peter to swallow it. The liquid had a metallic taste, and was bitter. The doctor removed the metal rod, and then shone a light in each of Peter's eyes. "Very good", said Doctor Terry reassuringly. For some reason, this pleased Peter very much. That Doctor Terry was happy made Peter happy. The light made Peter happy, too. Peter began to feel very sexy. With the light dancing back and forth in front of each eye, Peter began to fumble with his belt buckle. It was a puzzle to him. Everything was a puzzle to him at the present, except the feeling of hotness that overwhelmed him. He felt incompetent. He was also drooling. "Yes, those pants are restricting, aren't they?" said the Doctor, which of course was true" "Shall I help you get them off, Peter?" the Doctor offered. "Yes, please", Peter said indifferently, apparently only focused on the light. The doctor pocketed the light, and quickly retrieved a spiral, and, planting it before Peter and turning on its blue light, proceeded to help Peter out of his pants and underwear. With Peter undressed, the Doctor lead him through a number of induction rituals that tied pleasure to trance in Peter's mind, and also increased the level of trust and devotion to Doctor terry and the firm. Doctor Terry additionally sucked Peter's cock, and proceeded to lubricate his asshole, all the while coaxing him away from orgasm. As the point of no return seemed imminent, Doctor Terry summoned an assistant, who entered the room promptly. The assistant was an enourmously muscular man who wore just a pair of boots and sunglasses, entered the room with his ramrod cock pointing the way, approached the prostrate Peter, and proceeded to enter him, while the latter moaned. No sooner was the assistant to the hilt, did Peter's dick proceed to spurt shot after shot of cum, mostly against his own stomach. The muscular man pulled out with a plop and immediately left the room. Doctor Terry allthewhile was commenting "very good" and scribbling furiously in his notebook. *** Peter awoke with a start. He was in his own bed. The previous day was a blur to him, and he wasn't quite sure when and how he'd gotten back home. In any case, he felt quite horny, and his dick was hard as a rock. He looked down at his dick and saw a note tied on a string around it. He was surprised, and fumbled with the note, which was written in his own handwriting. "Appt. today at 11:30 at RD" it read. As it was close to 10:30, he thought he'd better make his way quickly to the appointment: perhaps he'd get the position! The receptionist smiled a devilish grin as he entered the office, and somewhere he felt he recognized that superlative build, but maybe it'd just been from his visit yesterday. For some reason he couldn't remember leaving the office yesterday, but Peter pushed that thought aside as the receptionist handed him a box and lead him to an examination room. He told Peter to take off his shirt and pants, and to wait on the table again. Peter did so, setting the box on the table beside him. As soon as the Doctor entered, Peter felt immediately relaxed and obedient, and a faint air of sexiness overcame him. The Doctor congratulated Peter and suggested the company could use him, and then said that one of his immunizations was not current, but the Doctor would handle that. "First, though", said the doctor, "I need you to open the box next to you and put on its contents". Peter grabbed the box, and, opening its lid, pulled out a pair of very stylish sneakers. "Without socks?" Peter asked. "Sure, there's a special fluid absorbing coating on the insides of the shoes, no worries", said the doctor. Peter put on the shoes, and, feeling a slight prick on his heels, bent to take them off. Doctor Terry stopped him, saying, "don't worry, they're special custom designs. They'll adjust to your feet." Peter's feeling of sexiness increased, and he stretched out to his full stature, somehow feeling fuller and manlier than ever, and feeling very open and receptive to Doctor terry. "Here, try these on", said the latter, handing Peter a black rimless pair of sunglasses, the aviator kind. Peter put them on, and was immediately greeted by lovely spirals that would occasionally change to pictures of big hulking men, apelike save for their hairlessness. Peter, who never considered himself gay, moved to protest as he saw these images, but each time he moved his feet, he felt the pleasure travelling up from his heels increase. Then the heat began. The doctor was telling him how pleased he was to have Peter on the team, and about his new role at Rainbow Delights, but Peter was barely able to focus his attention. All over his body, he felt extremely hot. It was as though ants were crawling under his skin. He also felt swollen. "I see you're beginning to feel the process" the Doctor smiled at Peter, whose shoulders had begun to noticeably broaden. "Yes, it happens very quickly", the Doctor continued. "We perfected in recent years a special formula, which completely inhibits Myostatin, a hormone which limits muscle growth in humans. Your shoes have been equipped with mini-syringes that inject a small amount of a serum containing this compound, and a number of muscle enhancing drugs we've produced directly into your bloodstream. You see, we here at Rainbow Delights specialize in providing extremely muscular male companions to a growing market." At this point, Peter's lats spread, blossoming like flowers, and his pecs ballooned outward and drooped. "The market is booming so quickly, in fact, that we're in constant need of new recruits. It's a convenient relationship: we offer our boys extraordinary bodies, and they offer their improved and enhanced bodies to our clients for a fee. Since we don't have the time to invest in watching our boys grow over a period of months and months we've actually been able to speed up the process, so that we can give a man a superb build in a matter of hours. No part of the body is spared." As the Doctor said this, Peter's dick began to visibly lengthen and thicken, much beyond its former stature. Peter was unable to speak, in part because of the pleasure coursing through his body, and in part because he wouldn't be able to find the words were the former not the case. He began to mumble something. Doctor Terry cut in: "Yes, Peter. you're well on your way to being an absolute muscle stud, one among many in our team. You like that, don't you, Peter? You want to be a huge man with big muscles, right?" Peter moaned, and nodded. His new and improved body was hard everywhere. His biceps were huge peaks, crowned with impeccable delts, and an impossily thick neck. His legs were cords of muscle, and his stomach a rivetted pool of obliques and abs. "You like working for your team, right Peter?" the Doctor asked. Peter, the big drooling new ape, nodded dumbly. "Peter, your new body makes you incredibly horny, hornier than you've ever been in your life. Thinking about the things you're going to do for the firm with your new body gives you a painfully hard erection." Peter groaned, the exam table straining under his new bulk. His fat new tool, adorned with a shiny helmet head, stretched to his belly button. "Peter, when I count to five, you are going to cum, and you are going to realize it is the best orgasm you've ever experienced, and that all the orgasms to come from your work for the firm will continue to be better and better, and that you were made for this, to work for the team. Is that right?" Peter just moaned, and a spout of precum dripped onto his hard, ripped belly. "One…" "Two…" "Three…" Peter moaned loudly. "Four…" "Five" Peter, the newest addition to Rainbow Delights, erupted in a fountain of cum and muscle. He was going to enjoy his new job… Part 2 (shorter): Peter quickly grew accustomed to his new lifestyle. If he had any reservations before about sleeping with men, they disappeared when he saw his reflection in the mirror, a stunning image of a colossus of a man, with mammoth traps and delts that looked like armour. Fucking a man's love chute for possessing such a cannonball body was a small price to pay. His back was enormous, with wing-like lats that spread farther than he would've thought possible before his job and his transformation began. He turned himself on, and he had plenty of time to do so as his uniform consisted of his boots and shades. As the team members were always driven to clients, they had no need for clothes, and this gave him plenty of time to inspect his and other team members' bodies. As the muscle building serum injected through their heels also kept their obscenely large members constantly erect, they resembled a stable of stallions, and conversations between the guys was usually restricted to "Can I fuck your face with this?" Peter recounted his first John, a voluptuously muscled police officer who had a fetish for muscled guys. Peter had had reservations in the car ride over. He'd never consciously been with a man before, and he didn't know if he could get it up. His conditioning and the serum helped, however, and, by the end of the night, one might be troubled not to ask the reverse question: could his virility find its limitations? The answer seemed an assured "no", and the police officer eventually collapsed on top of Peter, with Peter's python still in his back door. Peter, of course, soon gave up his studies to focus on his fucking for Rainbow Delights, and on improving his body. The latter he did by working out twice a day in a state of the art gym on the campus of RD.. where he soon moved. This latter option was only available to the highest-earning stallions, and Peter's short black hair, burning gray eyes and his dedication to building the most exquisite body on the planet -- in part reinforced through the flurry of images of huge, muscular and big-dicked men that accompanied his every waking moment via the sunglasses -- garnered him a place among the select studs within the firm. Of course, all the stallions were completely hairless, except for on their heads, and most of this was kept short. Each man underwent a laser procedure, in which the follicles were burned out. Peter's procedure was preceded by weeks of continual presentation of images of muscular, smooth men via his shades, and the association of arousal with touching his smooth skin. Peter enjoyed the feeling of jerking himself with one hand on top of his head in front of the mirror, so he could see his bulging biceps and his hairless armpit. All the time he didn't spend eating, sleeping or fucking willing clients, was spent working out his huge muscles. In this particular instance, Peter was just returning from a crushing shoulder workout, when, upon returning to his suite and, after showering and moving to rest a few moments on his huge bed, he saw a tiny silver sliver on the bed, with two antennae protruding in a ramshackle way from it. Looking closer, he saw it was an MP3 player. Doctor Terry often made tapes for his most prized studs, especially as rewards after particularly outstanding client sessions or muscular development in the gym. Peter figured, in his case, it must be both, and he rested on the bed and stuck the plugs in each ear. The next thing Peter knew he was experiencing an earth-shattering orgasm, his prostate buzzing and his cock shooting out volley after volley of cum. He looked down, and thick ropes covered his chest and a puddle had formed in the corrugated patchwork of his abdominals. These grew denser as he continued shooting, every muscle in his body tense and covered in a sheen of sweat. The cum even covered some of the veiny expanse of his thick, brawny bicep. He looked and saw his hands resting at his sides: the Doctor had made him experience this without once touching himself! This realization increased his devotion and submission to the Doctor, and he felt he'd do anything for Doctor terry, especially after he'd given him this amazing body. He looked down at his chest, now covered in sweat and cum, and began massaging the cum into his thick and meaty pecs. His nipples were incredibly sensitive, and he shot one or two more labored volleys as he fondled them, the stimulation sustaining his orgasm a few more moments. Doctor Terry was good to him in that way. He could keep his orgasms going forever, if he wanted, and as long as Peter was obedient to Mr. Terry, he would keep growing bigger and stronger, and he would keep feeling pleasure.
  16. NYCBlackMuscle

    hypnosis Tit for Tat

    Here's part one of a new idea I had. The growth starts small but I plan on having the morphing continue as our hero(?) deals with the results of his actions. Please let me know what you think. -------------------- The following work of fiction portrays men in sexual situations. Please do not read if you are not interested in stories written for erotic purposes, if you are not of legal age, or if it is illegal for you to read sexually explicit material in this format or through this medium. All characters in this work are fictional. As such, they are immune to any and all types of infectious diseases, including the AIDS virus. You are not fictional and therefore you are not immune. Follow safer sex guidelines or risk having some brainless disease write the ending of your life story for you. Copyright 2014 by [email protected] Tit for Tat Mickey was dead tired but arguing did that to him. That was one of the reasons he never argued with girls – it was exhausting and you were never gonna convince them of anything, so why bother? He unlocked the door to his apartment, stepped inside and kicked the door shut with his foot. His arms were full with his briefcase, tennis bag and dry cleaning but he just tossed them in a heap on the sofa. Glancing at the clock he saw it was almost 10 PM already – fuck, a whole evening wasted. He hadn’t even had time for the gym. The girl’s name was Amy and when he saw her standing outside a coffee shop in Oldtown a month ago he had whistled to himself and pulled his car over into an advantageous parking spot. It was summer and she wasn’t wearing much – a beautiful girl with long hair, long legs and an amazing rack. She was just his type as long as it didn’t take a huge investment to get her in the sack. It usually didn’t take Mickey long to score. He’d graduated from Notre Dame two years earlier having coasted through school on a baseball scholarship. He never kidded himself that he was good enough to make it in the majors but baseball got him a degree and more tail than even he could shake his dick at. Girls at school were already primed to go for baseball jocks but with his blue eyes and the dirty blonde hair on his head and chest he hit a homerun every time. He was all smooth muscle everywhere else with broad shoulders, thick arms and a tight waist, not to mention his own long, strong legs and a fat dick between them to complete the package. He wasn’t exactly huge down there but definitely bigger than average. He got the job done. And he was nice too, or seemed so when he was trying to get their panties off. He was very nice to Amy that July afternoon, nice and polite and didn’t mention her tits once even if he stole a glance or two when she was looking down bashfully. They ended up going into the coffee shop and he had her number before the barista finished making their lattes. Turned out that for all her blushing and shy looks Amy was a kick in bed. It took two dinners to get her there and Mickey was justifiably proud when he was able to sidle into her apartment after the second date, a smooth move that ended up with them naked on the hallway floor outside her bedroom. And those tits – they were everything he knew they’d be. After the hallway they managed to make it to her bed for the second fuck and then he kissed her goodnight and went home. It was a school night after all. The truth was he didn’t like staying over. He was convinced that girls spent the time when a guy was asleep next to them in bed planning out weddings and marriage and all the other shit he had no time for. Better to keep things a bit more casual by ending up back in his bed at night. It was part of the reason he preferred to fuck at the girl’s place since it was easier to escape than it was to convince her to leave his apartment. They fucked around for three or four weeks and it was all fun, at least the sex part. It didn’t take long for the dinners and earnest conversations to get boring. Amy was a beautiful girl but God could she talk. He couldn’t remember half of what came out of her mouth; a mixture of romantic idiocy, liberal crap and uninteresting details about the thesis she was writing on American folklore. Pretty soon their dates turned into hookups with minimal interaction prior to jumping in bed. But girls like Amy couldn’t be happy without all the stuff advertising and romantic comedies told them should go along with great sex. After a month he realized the sex wasn’t gonna make up for all the hoops she wanted him to jump through to get to her tits. Still, there was no reason to be a complete dick about it. He handed her a story about not being over his last relationship and needing time to himself to sort things out – that kind of bullshit. Problem was her university wasn’t far from his office so when she appeared at the side of his car in the parking garage one evening after he’d left the office he had no choice but to agree to a latte to discuss what had happened. She did her best to talk him into working things out but not even her rack could convince him to keep going. He spent most of the time mentally going over his fantasy football team. “You never really wanted this to work, did you?” she asked and that got through to him. Maybe it was the tone of voice, which was much colder than usual. “Babe, that’s not true,” he said with a sad note in his own voice. “I really thought I was ready but I guess I’m not. And I know that sucks, I really do, but I’ve got to be honest with myself. I just need space right now.” She crossed her arms over her chest and they rested there on those two big mounds of support. For just a moment he was tempted to… but no, he’d regret it. “I think it was just about the sex, that’s what I think. You just wanted to fuck.” She wasn’t trying to be quiet now and a couple nearby heads in the café swiveled in their direction. OK, Mickey thought, time to shut this down. “I’m sorry you think that, Amy,” he said standing up from their table. “It’s really sad that your mind works that way. I thought so much more of you.” He gave her a sad shrug before heading towards the door to the street. She followed him outside. “Just fucking admit it, Mick. For once just be honest. It was just about sex wasn’t it?” He stopped on the sidewalk and turned back to her. She wasn’t cute anymore, she was just annoying. He hated girls who couldn’t accept the facts of life. He was man, she was a woman, they had some fun – that’s all there was to it. He decided to give her the honesty she asked for. That was his big mistake. “OK, fine, you’re right. I wanted to fuck so we fucked. I thought you were cute and had amazing tits so we fucked. Are you happy now?” From the look on Amy’s face she was anything but happy. Even Mickey could see that she was hurt but overlaying that was very obvious anger. He was suddenly glad that she had never been to his apartment. “Yeah, I’m great,” she said in a low quiet voice that was almost lost in the evening murmur of city traffic. “I’m just dandy, Mickey.” “Glad to hear it,” he replied though by now he didn’t care in the least. “So then we’re all done here.” Her eyes glinted in the fading twilight and for a moment he thought she was about to cry but then she smiled a rueful smile and seemed to get herself under control. “Yeah, I think we’re pretty much done,” she answered and then stepped forward, going up on her tiptoes. It looked like she was going to give him a goodbye kiss but at the last second she averted her face so that her lips slid up next to his right ear. She whispered something then, something long and complicated that he was never able to recall, and he stood there frozen until she was done. Then she stepped back and he caught a glimpse of her now triumphant smile before she turned and walked off down the sidewalk, never once turning back. “Crazy chick,” he muttered to himself and then glanced at his watch. Damn, he was running late. Now he was finally home trying to forget everything that had happened. She was just one more girl who couldn’t handle a grown up relationship. Life sucked for guys like him who knew what they wanted and, more importantly, what they didn’t want. Sure, someday he’d settle down with some beautiful, young lady and start a family out in the suburbs but that wouldn’t be until he was at least thirty. Maybe even forty. By then he’d be making big money and there wasn’t any reason he couldn’t snap up some young coed looking for a handsome father figure. But right now he was beat and it was all he could do to drink a quick protein shake before crawling into bed more than an hour before his normal time. Stupid, exhausting girls he managed to think before falling into a deep slumber. He felt better in the morning. Much better as a matter of fact. He whistled as he got ready for work and tried out a selection of dazzling smiles in the mirror while shaving. He felt happy, giddy even, and the events of the previous evening only lightly touched at the periphery of his mind. Life was good and he was going to go out and enjoy it. After wiping the shaving cream off his face he stopped and looked at himself once more. There was no denying he was one hot motherfucker. Yep, everything was just about perfect. Just about. Then an idea came out of left field, something he’d never considered for himself and had always thought was pretty ridiculous on other guys. Despite the strange nature of the impulse he didn’t hesitate and picked up his shaving cream again, releasing a large dollop of cream onto his hand and then rubbing into the hair on his left pec. It only took ten seconds to completely cover his chest and the treasure trail of hair that led down his abs to his groin. It was a couple minutes more work to completely denude his torso leaving it as smooth as, well, as a baby’s butt so the saying goes. He wiped off the cream and stood there a little nonplussed. Never in his life had he considered doing the manscaping thing. It certainly made is chest stand out more, made it more sensitive he thought as he ran his left hand over the smooth skin. The hand stopped on top of his right nipple and he couldn’t help tweaking the hard nub which had grown erect in the cool air of the bathroom. He shivered then but more from the sensation coming from his nipple than the air. He exhaled a breath he didn’t even know he was holding and quickly stepped into the shower. Enough playing around or he’d be late for work. On his drive to the office he couldn’t help noticing how his undershirt felt sliding across the smooth expanse of his torso. It was erotic in a strange way, enough that he had a chubby most of the way into work. Truth was his suit pants and dress shirt seemed to be rubbing him in a lot of strange places too. He wondered if the dry cleaner had shrunk them both. Mickey worked in sales at an advertising firm. It was good job for someone with self-confidence and a winning personality, and he wasn’t lacking in either. He shared an office with a fellow jock named Doug who had played football for Michigan and had graduated a couple years before Mickey finished school. They got along pretty well except for the couple weeks before the Notre Dame – Michigan game. As soon as he got into the office Mickey had to hustle to make it to his boss’ weekly sales meeting. He slipped into the conference room just as Mr. Wilhite was getting started, sharing a nod with Doug who was sitting in a chair near the end of the conference table. Mickey took a seat across from him and flashed an apologetic smile to Wilhite who droned on without noticing. The meeting was as boring as ever and didn’t take long for Mickey’s mind to wander. He began to daydream about how the rest of his day would go. Work, of course, but afterwards he’d hit the gym hard to make up for missing last night. He had a feeling that today’s work out would be killer. Might even start that mass building program he’d be thinking about, put on some real muscle like Doug on the other side of the table. It was easy to see that the linebacker back had kept up with his workouts after leaving school. His arms filled his sleeves and when he stretched, like just now, the buttons on his dress shirt looked like they had a tough time keeping his chest contained. It was difficult to say whether his chest was smooth or hairy but maybe if he–. “You have something on your mind, Mr. Rose?” a voice said cutting through his thoughts and Mickey literally jumped in response. He caught a glimpse of Doug giving him a puzzled stare before whipping around to see Mr. Wilhite with a much less friendly expression on his wrinkled face. “Uh, I’m sorry, what sir? What was that?” He felt warm and flustered like he’d be caught with his pants down. Shit that might actually be a good thing; they felt so fucking tight in the butt and thighs. “I was hoping you could fill us in on your sales progress this week,” Wilhite said in a very cold and measured voice. Mickey did his best though he still felt out of sorts. After he’d gone over his account book they continued around the table, Doug calling out two major wins he’d pulled off in just the last few days. Mickey listened but kept his eyes on the table, trying to concentrate but finding it difficult. His mind suddenly seemed to be floating a bit, wandering in and out of focus. What the fuck was wrong with him? Was he coming down with something? Doug asked the same thing when they were back in their office after the meeting ended. Mickey shook his head and told him he was just a little tired, inventing a late night with some girl in his apartment complex to explain his spacy attitude. Apparently that made perfect sense to Doug who launched into a more detailed story about a hook up he’d had with a woman on the client side, something that was strongly discouraged at their company though all of the guys flouted the rule whenever they had the chance. Mickey listened to his hunky officemate describe the torrid scene in the empty coat check room of a downtown restaurant and couldn’t help slipping away into another dream state as he imagined Doug going to town on some faceless broad. She truly was faceless, a mere shadow in his mind though Doug was displayed in intimate detail; so much so that when dream Doug dropped his pants Mickey’s mouth fell open and he leaned forward to get glimpse of his huge–. “What the fuck, dude?” Doug said and Mickey once again had to shake himself awake. Mickey found himself pitched forward in his chair staring up at the former football player who was leaning back against the edge of the desk on the other wall of the small office. He gulped and quickly sat back, trying to say something, anything, to explain his odd behavior. “Quit staring at my junk,” Doug laughed and then dropped down into his office chair to get back to work. After a silent moment Mickey swiveled around and did the same. By the time lunch rolled around it seemed his missteps had been forgotten so he and Doug went out to grab something to eat at a food court in a nearby building. Mickey’s head was clearer now and as he stepped out onto the sidewalk he took a deep breath of the clean, summer air. It felt amazing. Lunchtime in the city was always crazy so they weaved their way through the crowd, dodging tourists and other office workers also out enjoying the weather. They crossed the street and walked across an open plaza before passing into another building. Just inside Mickey caught site of men’s room and waved Doug on ahead to the food court. “Gotta drain the main vein,” he joked and headed into the restroom. “Great idea, me too,” he heard Doug reply behind them and a moment later they were standing at neighboring urinals. Mickey unzipped and started taking a leak, his eyes looking off into the depths of the tile wall in front of him, following the grout between the square tiles and making invisible patterns. He could dimly hear Doug going on about something next to him but it didn’t seem important and soon his head lolled around, his eyes glancing down at his own dick and then sliding over to his neighbor’s. Doug was big, just like he imagined. It also looked like he trimmed down there so maybe that’s why he looked so large, cuz it wasn’t covered up at all. He was cut too, just like Mickey, which was good. It’d be easier to work on a dick like his own, at least the first time. “Guess you like what you see,” Doug said in a low voice and Mickey’s looked up to see his work buddy staring right into his eyes, grinning slightly. No, not grinning. Sneering. A part of him quailed at that look which signified that Doug wasn’t looking at him as another dude but as something much less. Some sort of pervert, a fairy. He opened his mouth to object, to deny such a sick thing, but he couldn’t say a word. Instead he just stuck out his tongue and ran it around his lips, moistening them, making them shining and inviting. Doug just shook his head in disgust and zipped up, exiting the restroom without washing up. It took a moment for Mickey to get control of himself but when he did he slowly zipped up as well and staggered to a sink. God, he really was sick. Something was wrong and he had to get out of here before it got worse. Outside the restroom he saw Doug waiting but with his eyes on his cell phone. Mickey made a break for the doors back to the street. It was still sunny and beautiful out on the plaza but he ignored all that and made a beeline back to the office. In the elevator on the way up he found himself sandwiched behind a delivery guy in a brown polyester uniform. He looked down at the guy’s large thighs which were only half covered by the shorts he was wearing. The calves below looked strong too and he could imagine fondling them, kneeling down and running his cheek over them, the coarse hair scratching the soft skin of his face. When the elevator doors opened on his floor he shoved his way past people towards the front to escape but couldn’t stop himself from turning his head to catch the profile of the delivery guy, from his strong chin down past his thick chest to the bulge in his shorts. He thought he might have seen the guy’s eyes flick his direction but then he’d escaped into the reception area of his office and made a dash for his office, ignoring the looks he got from the receptionists and the people on the office floor. Alone in his office he took a moment to collect himself. He had no idea where all these crazy thoughts were coming from but he knew he had to get home where he could clear his head and get everything back on track. That whole weird thing with Doug would be hard to explain but he’d take care of it somehow. He was good at coming up with explanations for the shit he did – he could manage this one too. Doug might be back at any moment and he knew he had to avoid that so he gathered his stuff and casually went back out onto the office floor. He told reception he’d be out for the rest of the day on sales calls but to email him if anything important came up, then he took a mercifully empty elevator down to the parking garage and his car. The drive home was uneventful. He woke up several hours later sprawled out on his bed, a bit groggy but otherwise OK. He stumbled to the bathroom and took a piss but on his way out glanced in the mirror and did a double take. He stared for a moment then quickly stepped to the full length mirror on his closet door. “What the fuck?” he muttered. His body had changed. He knew the body he washed and clothed and worked out and this wasn’t it, not quite. At first he thought it might just be because the hair was gone on his torso which was really the only hair he had except for that on his head, pits and groin. And yeah, his chest did definitely look different, looked larger, but his waist looked smaller. And his ass – it had been uncomfortable all morning in his suite and he could see that somehow it was fuller and rounder. It stretched the fabric of his boxers to the limit. His chest was… well, it was amazing. He’d never been one of those big body dudes like Doug but then it was never a look he wanted or needed, not for baseball. Now his pecs looked bigger, like he’d gotten some sort of super pump at the gym. Just as earlier that morning he slid his hands over the smooth mass of them and ended up on both nipples, nipples that looked much more pronounced than normal. It seemed so natural to grab them between his thumb and forefinger, to twist them hard and hear the low, sensual moan that escaped from his mouth as the sensation hit home. The doorbell rang at that moment. Mickey’s eyes widened and a guilty look washed across his face as if he’d been interrupted doing something not quite right. He stood there frozen, hoping that whoever it was would just go away. He couldn’t see anyone right now, not before he figured out what was going on, what virus or hormonal issue had caused all this. He needed to get to a doctor, some kind of specialist–. The bell rang again and was followed a few seconds later by a heavy knocking on the front door. It sounded like whoever it was wasn’t in the mood to come back. He slowly walked to the door and peered through the peephole to see Doug’s distorted image. Jesus, what was he doing here? “I can hear you, asshole,” Doug called through the door and Mickey knew he was caught. He took a deep breath and then cracked the door, hiding most of himself behind it. “Hey man, what’s up?” he asked trying to sound normal. “You tell me – why’d you ditch me?” “I’m really sorry, I felt like I was gonna heave or something. I just needed to get home and get some rest, so I’ve been-.” “Dude, what the fuck? “ Doug interrupted looking annoyed. “I came here to check on you and I gotta stand on the fuckin’ porch?” Mickey hesitated and then stepped back from the door, letting Doug come inside. His visitor looked him up and down making Mickey feel very vulnerable in his too-tight boxers in contrast to Doug’s business suit. He mumbled an apology and headed to the bedroom to grab some clothes, his mind once again whirling. Something about his coworker’s presence had once again put him off kilter, like he was half-drunk or something. Maybe this all had something to do with Doug and not some sort of hormonal thing. Things had been kinda strange since this morning when he woke up but they definitely got worse at work when… His thoughts trailed off as he realized that Doug was watching him from the bedroom doorway, the same smile from earlier on his lips. Mickey was still in his boxers and still felt vulnerable but somehow it wasn’t a completely bad feeling. Part of his mind was confused and jumbled but another deeper part almost liked the feeling that came over him when he saw his officemate stand there, so strong and commanding. He couldn’t help the coy, inviting look that stole over his face, which seemed to be just what the other man was waiting for. Doug stepped into the room and crossed over to him, his big body coming to rest mere inches away. “So what really made you run away?” he asked in a low voice as one oversized hand slid up the side of Mickey’s torso. Mickey could only sigh in response as Doug’s touch made his skin come alive. He arched his back, throwing his chest forward in stark relief. The big man chuckled and placed his other hand on the smooth expanse of Mickey’s pecs, kneading the muscle in his strong grip and setting off fireworks in the baseball player’s brain. Suddenly he was in cradled in Doug’s arms and the big man’s lips came down hard on his own. Mickey couldn’t fight it anymore and didn’t want to, grabbing the other man around the neck and kissing him back. He felt Doug’s leg come between his own and instinctively he began riding the other’s muscled thigh, grinding his crotch in wild abandon. Doug’s hands slid down into Mickey’s already strained boxers and cupped the globes of his ass. When a thick finger moved between them and rubbed at his asshole Mickey felt a charge shoot through him that he’d never felt before. How was it even possible for something to feel so good, so completely right? He didn’t know or care and when Doug slid the boxers down his legs and past his knees Mickey hopped out of them to stand nude in his coworker’s arms, at least for a moment. Doug pushed him back until Mickey was forced to drop down into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. He looked up at the big man, mouth open and eyes wide with lust. One of Doug’s hands cupped the side of his face. “Damn, baby,” he growled, “you shoulda told me you were down for some fun.” Doug slid his thumb in to Mickey’s mouth and watched him suck it, the lower man’s eyes still glued to those of the man above him. After a moment he pulled his thumb out and gripped Mickey’s head tightly with both hands, forcing his face into his crotch and against the thick tube that arched to the left under his suit pants. Mickey moaned again as he felt the heat of that throbbing dick through the fabric, aching to feel it free and rubbing him skin to skin. If there was any part of him that objected to Doug’s rough treatment it was hidden away, screaming in some dark corner of his mind. Something new had taken over, something that commanded him to give himself to Doug, to do whatever the other man demanded of him. It was what he needed more than anything, to submit to the bigger man’s desire. Whatever he wanted Mickey knew he would do. Doug shrugged off his suit coat and threw it on a nearby chair. His tie and dress shirt quickly followed leaving just a tight t-shirt covering his upper body. He pulled this up over his head and Mickey drank in the sight of Doug’s corrugated stomach and expansive chest as they were displayed. Apparently there had been no new grooming habits for Doug this morning because his torso was covered with a short carpet of dark hair that swirled in a pattern around his nipples and then led down to the packed mound of his groin. He leered down at Mickey as he unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor revealing a pair of red boxer briefs that were molded to mass of his erection. Mickey dove for the other man’s dick, mouthing the thick tool through the briefs while his arms circled around Doug’s big thighs. The bigger man threw his head back and reveled in the sensation. God he loved desperate little pigs like this. He’d never have guess that Mickey was one but it was a damn good thing he’d finally found out. He looked back down at Mickey just as the other man slipped off the bed and onto his knees. Mick attacked Doug’s dick with renewed ardor, slobbering through the cloth that covered the huge pole as if hoping to actually eat through the briefs. Doug decided to help him out by pulling down his waistband and letting it swing free to slap the face of the subservient slut. A moment later Mickey opened wide and slid his mouth down Doug’s dick, gagging himself as he attempted to take it all in. “That’s it baby,” Doug growled grabbing the back of Mick’s head and forcing him to take another inch. “You’re gonna take it all on both ends.” An hour later Doug pulled on his and pants then stood up from the bed and slipped into his loafers. He looked down at Mickey who lay on his stomach, his ass still raised as if in invitation. With a grin the big man slapped it hard, the sound ringing out in the bedroom and mixing with a deep moan from Mickey. “Fuck me again,” he breathed, his eyes fixed on Doug’s crotch. “Damn, you’re a little slut aren’t you,” Doug laughed in response. “Sure, I’ll fuck you again but right now I got work to do.” “You can come back. Anytime you want you can have it, I swear.” “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be back,” he assured the eager bottom while his hand went to Mickey’s ass again, this time to grab and fondle it. Doug turned away to continue dressing and Mickey watched him while unconsciously pulling at one of his sore, distended nipples. His body hurt in ways it had never hurt before but he still felt a deep need and craving to get fucked again. It made no sense but he didn’t care – he just knew he’d have to get it again and soon, if not from Doug then from some other man. “Don’t get it twisted though,” Doug said from the bedroom doorway, completely dressed now and ready to leave. “I’ve already got a girlfriend and I’m not looking for another one.” “I don’t care,” Mickey replied with a lazy smile, “I just wanna fuck. That’s all I ever wanted.”
  17. Part Three (of Three): Black By: Jman250 Archive Link: Aaron stood with his back towards Robert and me, looking down at his truly massive frame. He left us there to watch him, discarded and used, for what seemed like hours. “Fuck, this is amazing.” His voice was so deep. It made me shiver when I thought about what he had become -- what I had allowed him to become. He had positioned himself in front of my inadequate mirror, rising several inches above its seven-foot frame, admiring himself thoroughly. Each immense muscle group fascinated him as he rubbed and explored his new body. I watched each fiber on his expansive back flex and bulge with round hard balls of muscle, more than I knew could exist. They each rolled and contracted as he moved his arms in an exploration of his body. He stood fixated on his image. Nothing of the mirror was visible from my view on the ground; his mountainous back blocked my view. Even so, with what I could see I was in awe. He brought his arms into a double bicep, making his back even wider as his shoulders pushed upward and outward. He flexed both arms, causing peaks to form so large they would dwarf a basketball. “Fuckin’ A,” he was lost in his own admiration. His ass clenched and unclenched as he watched himself, causing those huge globes to bunch up higher than I thought possible, supported by legs that were, in a word, epic. Aaron’s legs had always been his best feature. What had started as thick, meaty thighs now looked more like thick, knotted tree trunks. His overly large feet, that had obviously grown to keep up with his evolved height, stood just wider than the massive expanse of his back, his stance pushed apart by those inhuman thighs. His calves were long and hard, covered in veins. They had taken on a truly impressive teardrop shape that pushed out so far they seemed to defy gravity. I just stared. He had become massive and I was to blame. My now much smaller cock ached at the sight. For an eternity, we watched, Robert and I. I didn’t dare move from my spot; I didn’t want to lose sight of the body Aaron now possessed. And yet, I knew his size should be mine. At length, Aaron turned around. I nearly came at what I saw standing before me. His expansive back turned to reveal globe like pecs the size of beach balls rising and falling with his breath, with two perfectly shape nipples forced to point down. His abs reminded me of cobbled sidewalks, row after row clenching with deep cuts and valleys. Somehow, his waist had remained comparatively small. And to complete the picture, a mesmerizingly long and thick phallus extended straight out from atop melon-sized balls. Aaron grinned down at us. “Pretty damn impressive,” he said, the deepness of his voice sending another shiver down my spine. “All this from the two of you.” He watched us from our prone position. I didn’t dare to move. “Robert,” Aaron continued, startling him by his address, “go get the box out of my room. ” My eyes went instantly wide. What more could he take from us? After a moment of hesitation Robert managed to find his feet and got up to fulfill Aaron’s request, his own two-inch cock at attention. He had no idea what had caused his new situation, and I had no way to warn him about the mysterious box. He seemed to move awkwardly, unfamiliar of his new smaller stature. As he left the room, Aaron looked me over. “Looks like I’m the big man again,” he said, flexing his cock, causing it to bob up and down. Dozens of memories flooded my brain, memories of how much Aaron liked to show off his cock. Before his growth, he had an impressive eight inches. I thought back to the first time I saw it. Even back then, he made sure I knew whom the bigger man was. I thought back to morning showers interrupted by his sudden entrance, and to him strutting about the common area before bed butt naked. “Thought you could out-size me, huh?” He flexed an arm, causing my own cock to jump. “So tell me, little man, where’d you get that box?” I didn’t know what to respond. I had no answer for him. “I found it,” was the only thing I could think of to say. “Found it, huh?” he didn’t believe me. “Come on, who gave it to you?” He flexed an impressive arm. “Where’d they get it?” He tensed his awesome eight-pack. “I got all this size from somewhere,” he emphasized his point by bouncing his pecs. “Fuck you, Aaron, you already stole what you wanted.” I was feeling bold. “You can tell me.” He flashed a grin, grabbed his cock and pointed it towards me. “No.” We never really got along, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. “Pretty stupid of you to leaving it laying around for me to find.” “My door was locked.” “Eh, whatever,” he shrugged his big, round shoulders. They glanced his ears. “I’ll find out where you got it. When I do, there’ll be more of this!” He raised his arms into a solid flex once more and my mouth went dry. I thought back to those last moments in the gym with Adam. Adam must have felt so helpless. He must have felt like I was feeling right then. No, I wouldn’t tell Aaron anything, even that I had no idea where the gods forsaken box had came from. Robert stammered back into the room. He looked unsure of, well, pretty much everything, like he was still in a daze. He must have retained some sense of togetherness though, because he came in following his charge, carrying the oak box between his hands. “Robert, don’t ...” I tried to stop things from going any further, but Aaron would have none of my interference. In a split second and with a quick swipe, the box had been transferred. Aaron’s desire showed on his face -- the same desire I felt when I betrayed Adam. “Let’s go,” Aaron commanded. “Go where?” “Where else? The gym.” Aaron opened the box to pull out its precious contents. As he handed it back to Robert, I could see the inside was pitch black. He left the note unread. Aaron held something in his hand and gazed at it longingly. Without a moment’s delay, he popped it in his mouth and swallowed. Just like that, my hopes of fixing the score were gone. ---- Soon after, we arrived at the school gym. It was late and only the most dedicated gym-goers were still there. Robert and I had been told to get dressed. I avoided going anywhere within range of Aaron’s touch, which was difficult given his size. Aaron had usurped Adam’s old posers, the bright green posers I had borrowed earlier that day. They were stretched past their limits. His enormous thighs ripped the basket slightly as he pulled them on. Good thing too, because without the rip his package wouldn’t have fit. Even so, his massive cock and balls strained the material, their weight pushing the cloth away from his body. The rear fabric was nowhere to be seen -- it bunched together and hid, pulling tightly between the two globes that made up his glutes. Every eye fixated on us as we entered. How could they not be? A massive seven-foot plus behemoth with two tiny runts like us? As we advanced, the four guys still working out stopped what they were doing to watch. They ranged from track athlete to bodybuilder, and Aaron transfixed them all. His body was the envy of everyone. He had a glow about him, something desirous. “Let’s see how strong I am,” he said to nobody in particular. He walked to the preacher bench, already loaded by one of the larger guys, and sat down. The guy nearest, wearing a red tank, gloves and sweats, started to protest. “I’ve got one more set.” “Oh. Sorry,” replied Aaron as he started to lift the weight. There must have been two hundred pounds on the bar, and Aaron banged out ten reps without breaking a sweat. “Too light anyways. You mind adding more?” The guy in the red tank looked shocked. When he didn’t move, Aaron got up and loaded two more forty-fives on each side. “No way.” The red tang guy folded his arms, covering his sizable chest, bunching his pecs considerably; he didn’t seem amused. Aaron ignored him and started to lift. His first two reps went fine, but by the fifth and sixth, Aaron was noticeably fatigued. He got up looking annoyed. “I’m impressed!” His attitude took on a quick change. “Thanks,” Aaron did a quick flex. He looked huge. “Mind helping me out a bit?” “Sure, with what?” the guy looked flattered. “Can I borrow your gloves?” The guy in the red tank looked a bit confused, but seemed to think it was alright. He started undoing his gloves and moved to hand them to Aaron. As he handed them over, Aaron grabbed his hand. Robert and I just watched. There was no point warning him, he wouldn’t believe us. Besides, Aaron must have him under his influence by now. They stood there for a moment, grasping hands. The guy made no attempt to free himself, he just stood there, happy to be of service. I knew Aaron was growing. The smile on his face told me everything. It was happing so slowly that the only sign was the slow shrinking of the other guy. Once I noticed it though, there was no mistaking Aaron’s growth. His arms had expanded a good half-inch within moments, and just kept going. After a short while, Aaron let go. “Thanks.” He took the gloves and proceeded to sit down once again. This time there was no hesitation. He finished ten reps in a heartbeat and, just for good measure, did a few more. “Wow,” the red tank guy was surely impressed. I could see a sizeable bulge forming down one leg of his sweat pants. By this time, two other of the larger men had come over to watch, with the smallest guy in the gym disappearing into locker rooms. I wanted to leave -- I couldn’t watch him take hard work and time from innocent people. These men had no idea why they were so enchanted with this huge Adonis. But I had no place to go. Aaron had commanded me to come, so I was stuck. Next, Aaron found a bench. “Load it up,” he instructed to those around him. Only the guy in the red tank moved, but in a short time the bench press was loaded with 540 pounds, all the available large plates in the immediate area. I looked at Aaron’s shirtless torso. His massive, beach ball sized pecs would surely have no problem lifting that. Two of the larger men moved to spot him, but Aaron protested, “No need guys, I got it.” He got into position and started to push. At first I thought I saw him shake, but he must have been getting his balance because he quickly pushed out eight reps. “Add more.” This time, all three onlookers were inspired to help. They each went in search of more weight. The guy in a baggy green shirt and shorts came back first, loading up each side with forty-five more pounds. Aaron struggled with his first rep. It was clear he wouldn’t make it to eight. His big chest shook through the next few lifts. After four reps he threw the weight back onto the rack with a deafening *bang*. “Fuck! Not strong enough.” In a fluid motion he reached over his head to the guy in green and grabbed his legs. It happened much faster this time. I could see his whole body expand outward. Everything expanded quickly: pecs jutting farther from his body, the crevice deepening between them; neck thickening; thighs bulging, pushed farther apart on the bench; feet expanding. The tight confounds of his posers started to rip more and Aaron must not have wanted to burst out just yet, because he let go of the guy’s (now slightly smaller) legs. Just as he prepared himself for another few reps, the other guys appeared carrying a plate each. They slide one on each end and looked expectantly at Aaron. He was happy to oblige. My jaw dropped at the sight of Aaron pushing out four solid more reps. “I feel pumped!” he shot up and bounced his chest. His pecs looked gigantic as they flexed, making him look truly unstoppable. And he wasn’t done yet. He walked to the leg press machine, his posse following step. Two of the guys were painfully hard, and the other, dressed all in black, looked to be impressed by the show. They were all pretty big and that made me shudder at how big Aaron would become with those three offering what they had. Plate after plate got loaded onto the machine until there was no more room for more, definitely past its max. The machine creaked slightly as Aaron reclined back on the pads. He started to push. One, two, three reps without issue. I’ve always thought legs were Aaron’s best feature. The machine was really starting to groan at the weight as he pushed out a fourth, fifth, and sixth rep. “Aargh!” Aaron let out a yell at the weight, but still he continued. Seven, eight, nine! Then something unexpected happened. Something inside the machine snapped and one of the bars supporting the massive amount of weight fell! The weight crashed to the ground. Aaron, obviously surprised by the sudden change in weight, pushed too hard and crashed the footrest against the frame, cracking it into two. “Fuckin’ A!” Aaron let out a roar of laughter at his feat of strength! He could overpower the machine, and he could get bigger. Robert and I moved back in fear! For the first time since any of this started, I was afraid of what Aaron was becoming. Two of the men stood mesmerized but the third started to stumble backwards to escape. Within seconds Aaron leapt from the broken machine to grab hold of the man in black before he could escape. He would have more! He wrapped his arm around the man’s torso and pulled off his shirt. Though he was no bodybuilder, this guy was definitely well sculpted. Aaron pulled him into an embrace and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of energy coursing through his body. The sight was amazing and horrifying all at once. Aaron’s growth seemed to accelerate with each passing moment. Within seconds, the confines of Adam’s green posers burst apart, freeing Aaron’s monstrous manhood to press against his captive’s thighs. It started to grow hard as it dangled there. I watched it fill with blood, pushing its way between the man’s sculpted legs. With each beat of Aaron’s heart it rose higher, until at last it stood straight out with a foot of cock jutting out behind the man’s ass. Aaron moaned as his growth continued. He reached down and grabbed hold of the smaller man’s gym pants and pulled in two directions. Aaron’s biceps swelled larger as he tore the pants into strips, revealing the man’s average size cock straining in his underwear. Opening his eyes, Aaron looked down at the shrinking man. He pulled at his underwear until those too split into pieces and he pulled the man in closer, pressing his slightly dwindled cock between their torsos. All fear had vanished from the man’s face -- it was replaced with pure ecstasy. Aaron grew outward in all directions! His back was growing wider, more balls of tight muscle formed. His glutes pushing up higher and expanding outward. His legs were thickening. And he was beginning to inch upward. The man straddling his dick moved higher and higher off the ground. Aaron leaned back slightly, causing his obliques and ten-pack abs to tighten into a magnificent display. He let go of the now much smaller man supporting him with his cock and torso, and brought his arms into a stunning double bicep. His peaks flexed so large I thought they might burst through the skin! “Strip and come feel my size,” he instructed to those standing watch. Robert and I stood rooted to the spot. His voice was several octaves deeper than it had been an hour before, but I did not feel compelled. We watched as the two other men, one in green and one in red began to remove their clothing. I glanced at the box in Robert’s hands as the scene in front of me unfolded. One of the guys removed his green baggy shirt to reveal tight, hard muscles. He looked to be about Robert’s size, or his old size before Aaron took all his strength. His cock was bigger than mine, and thick. It stood hard at attention just below his belly button. The man in red was a sight to behold. His pecs bunched and bounced as he removed his shirt, revealing a solid cobblestone of eight-pack abs. And when he removed his sweats, I gasped out loud. Aaron’s cock was gigantic already, but with what this guy had to add, it would become something entirely unthinkable. His already hard cock sprung free and bobbed above his abs, nested just below his round pecs. They both moved forward and began grabbing hold of Aaron’s behemoth body. One walked around and began stroking Aaron’s expanding cock, still half supporting and pushing the first man’s thighs farther apart. Aaron let out a moan that could be heard for miles. I watched, unable to move, as his growth redoubled! His head was inching upward as his cock pushed outward. His balls were already bigger than melons, and they rested against his redwood thighs, visibly churning. “We have to get him off!” I whispered to Robert. “That will stop the growth, if he cums!” He just gawked. He look terrified beyond belief, petrified beyond movement. I ran forward and began stroking and licking as best I knew how. Aaron let out a deep moan. His voice was so deep it almost threw me off guard, but I continued with my task. I looked up as Aaron grew higher and wider still. I could feel my mind begin to cloud. Aaron looked Godly. Surely, the Gods would find a place for him amongst them. No! I had to finish! The mass of muscle in front of me was amazing. Three muscular men, all feeding Aaron. His arms expanded larger, growing larger than my waist! His calves were inflated like balloons! I felt myself tremble, tremble for joy. I was giving Aaron more muscle, more size than I had ever known. It felt, in a word, orgasmic! Then without warning, I came. My mind cleared and I let go, falling to the ground. Without realizing it, I had been lifted off the ground. He must have passed fifteen feet tall! His cock was now thicker than my leg! “Can’t. Cum. Won’t. Cum. Not. Until. More.” A titan voice boomed from above me. It sounded like pure sex. He looked down, his shoulders totally engulfing his neck, and smiled an evil and knowing smile. I backed away and stumbled into Robert, who was now surprisingly taller than me. My plan had failed. The smallest of the three fell off Aaron onto the ground, spent. He blinked dazedly and gazed up at the magnificent creature he had helped to create. He looked small and weak, but retained a look of health, just like Robert and me. Both men left were caressing Aaron’s legs and balls. As I watched, his dick began to tilt upward. Every day that I’d seen it Aaron’s dick had pointed straight out, but he was becoming so muscular and massive that his dick was no exception. It rose slowly, angling first to forty-five degrees, then stopped when it pointed straight up. It obscured the middle of his ten-pack abs, that stretching longer as he grew. It reached past his exercise ball-sized pecs. The pulsing head came to a rest right below just his chin. “Aargh!!” Aaron let out another massive moan that shook me to my core! The second man collapsed the floor, drained of his strength. As Aaron felt his growth ebb, he reached for the last man standing. He had started out the largest and still looked like a sports athlete, his dick still hard and hovering slightly above his belly button. Aaron’s growth had plenty left on which to feed. The first man down must have been awaken by this late exchange because he scrambled to his feet and ran for the door, still buck-naked. Aaron, so lost in the energy still feeding his body, had no care of the fallen people below. Then something happened that I did not expect. As the smallest of the men ran out the door, he ran *smack* into Adam. My heart dropped as I looked at the kid I loved. He surveyed the scene with his mouth wide, tilting his head back to fully see the true titan Aaron had become. His height had increasing several feet below the twenty foot ceiling, but he was still expanding, taking every ounce of muscle the last man had to offer. Adam swooped in, grabbing me by the arm. I couldn’t leave, it would take too much for me to leave. I had to stay. But Adam gave me no choice. As Adam dragged me from my place, I reached for Robert. Reluctantly, the two of us were pulled to safety before Aaron could finish. To this day, I have no idea what became of Aaron. He appears in my nightmares as if he still wants to feed from what little strength I have left. Adam says we’re healthy. We can get something back, if we work hard. I believe him. I have to believe him. We didn’t go far, but we’re safe. Robert never comes out of his room. He never got over that first encounter. He keeps the box by his bed with its note: “Run and grow.” Adam says he’ll recover too. I believe him. I explained everything to them both once we had all recovered enough to talk. ---- One morning, Robert rolled over in his bed, his tiny frame getting comfortable on his twin mattress as the sunlight streamed through the blinds. As he opened his eyes, he glanced at his nightstand like every morning before. This time, though, something about the box caught his eye. He uncovered it and looked inside. There, surrounded by a brilliant shade of purple, were four odd somethings. And a note: “Eat and grow.” - End -
  18. Part Two (of Three): Bright Green By: Jman250 Archive Link: The clothes left behind, once loose on Adam, were now incredibly tight on me. Nobody seemed to recognize me on my way back to the dorms, but everyone looked. I had the look of a professional bodybuilder and was damn tall! I didn’t look as big as the last guy etched on the box, but my size was impressive. Walking had definitely changed. I had a swagger, and my arms had to hang down at an angle. As I reached to open the door of my dorm’s common room, I thought back to the look on Adam’s face after my growth. It was heartbreaking to say the least. I felt a sense of loss and wondered if he’d ever forgive me. At the very least I wanted to talk about what had happened. Hearing Aaron inside broke my train of thought. All thoughts of Adam pushed aside, I grinned. Imagine Aaron’s reaction. Just the thought made my cock jump in their tight confines. Aaron had always bragged about his cock size, but now I knew I was bigger than him by at least two inches. And fuck! with this new, erm, ability, I could make the size difference even bigger (I chuckled at my own pun). I let myself in. Aaron was lying on the couch watching TV. He heard me come in. “I ate your leftovers. I was hungry. You can grab something else later.” He said out loud, not even look up. “Yeah, whatever,” I shot back. My newly deepened voice must have caught him off guard. He sat up a bit before replying, “Do you have a cold? Don’t get me sick.” “No. Just a good pump at the gym.” That got his attention. He swung around on the couch to look at me. Where he was obviously expecting to see my face he found an eyeful of my pecs. He looked up my full six foot seven inches of height and fell backwards off the couch. I chuckled at the spectacle. “W.. w.. what happened to you?” he managed to sputter out. I flexed one of my arms. “Twenty inches. It was a good workout.” He seemed unsatisfied and just stared. I walked slowly around the couch; I wanted to get close and see what his toned soccer muscle would do to my size. Not wasn’t like Adam. He was an ass and he deserved what was coming to him. “T.. t.. that’s impossible!” He looked at me in awe. “Oh, it’s possible alright. Look at me!” Sixty-five inch chest, solid eight-pack, thirty-two inch waist, thirty inch thighs, twenty inch calves. I lowering my gym shorts, releasing my now semi-hard cock. It wasn’t fully hard but still must have been a good eight inches. I bragged to him like he did to me many months before, “eleven inches.” I needed to show him what I had become. He just stared. “It’s huge!” he finally relented. I just nodded. “Touch it,” I urged him. Cautiously, he put both hands on my dick. The warmth made it plump more in his hands, getting harder still. It slowly grew to its full size, pushing his fingers and hands apart. The thought of sucking out his muscles and growing more in size was making me horny. But nothing was happening. No energy yet. I bent down and grabbed him by the arms. With little effort, I lifted him to straddle my cock. “Feel my muscles,” I ordered as I pulled off Adam’s shirt and brought him into a tight embrace. His groping hands were playing with my back, neck, ass, anything within reach of his hands. Still, with all this contact, there was no energy. I was starting to get angry. Here I was, having this guy who I hated get off on my body with nothing in return for me. I could feel his dick completely hard in his pants as we embraced. Maybe I was doing this wrong? I pushed him back onto the couch and unzipped his pants. His eight inch dick sprang out, completely hard. I used to think he was big; not anymore. Aaron was in complete lust over my huge body. With little effort I lifted his weight and took his cock into my mouth. After seeing him hard wood morning after morning, I secretly wondered what it would be like to suck him off, but that was before… before Adam. Now I felt nothing but greed. I wanted his size. There was no energy. “It must have been a one-time thing,” I thought to myself. “Why did I have to take from Adam?” I sighed to myself at the thought. Before I could pull off Aaron’s cock, he came down my throat. “Ugh!” I dropped him on the couch and spluttered back at him. “It didn’t work!” A look of terror filled his eyes. Before I could react, he was up off the couch and out the door, pulling up his pants on the way. This was all too much. I looked at Adam’s gym shorts stretched half way down my thighs and I fell back onto the couch. I was feeling the guilt of what I had done to Adam. “First I get huge from Adam, and now nothing from Aaron?” I thought out loud. “Where’s that damn box?” I went back into my room and retrieved it from the trash bin. Something was different about it. I took off the lid and looked inside. It was green. Not just any green, but a bright, neon kind of green. Left inside were two somethings and the note: “Steal and grow.” I thought about what had unfolded earlier in the gym. “That’s it!” I mused to myself. I put the box on my dresser where I had found it only an hour or two before. “Here I come Adam.” I locked my door, pulled on his shorts, and left in search of my boyfriend. I left several message on his phone, urging him to return my call, but no luck. After an extensive search of the gym, his apartment (he lived alone), his favorite places, my favorite places, and everywhere I could think he’d be, I returned to my dorm defeated. It was much later in the day, and the sun had begun to set. I walked into the common room and surveyed the area. No sign that Adam had been there. I walked to my door and reached down for the handle when I heard Aaron’s door open. I spun around to look at him, still angry about this morning. The look on his face surprised me. He had a mischievous look in his eyes. I was used to that look by now. It was the look he always used before putting me in my place. And there was something else -- lust. He looked different, almost radiant. A thought entered my head and my eyes went wide. I grabbed and I turned the handle to my room. It was unlocked! Aaron leapt after me and grabbed my leg as I crossed into my room! No box. Rage began to fill me as I looked down at my suite mate! But I found myself unable to respond. There was a foreign energy filling my soul. I could already see his growth. Even as he held my ankles, he cowered, obviously afraid I would take revenge. I didn’t move. My mind was split. I felt rage, but also joy -- a joy willed from somewhere outside myself. I found myself thinking, “He would look good with more muscle.” He was very attractive, after all. So this is how Adam felt? After a moment, he looked up at me with malice in his dark brown eyes. Snap out of it! I tried to resist. He had easy access to my shorts from his prone position. He hefted them down and kneeled in front of me. “Gods, I forgot it was that big.” No! He can’t do this! I couldn’t resist. My dick was already hard, eleven inches bobbing before my cobblestone abs. He looked at it guardedly, and then took the plumb-sized head into his mouth. As if struck by a sudden surge, he grabbed my ass cheeks and clenched with his fingers, digging in hard. Feeling the hard globes of my ass made him push more of my huge cock into his mouth. It felt good. I could see his muscles inflating within the weak confines of his clothes. “Those won’t last long,” I thought to myself. This was wrong. From this angle, I could see his traps pushing outward. His shoulders were quickly filling his shirt. Both arms seemed to strain the material. “He’ll look hot when he’s as huge as me.” Images of the supreme muscularity he would soon contain filled my mind. It made me moan. Why did I moan? This isn’t right! My sound seemed to awaken him. He pulled off my cock and started up at me, calculating. A large wry smile crossed his lips as he stood up. “You can’t hurt me, can you?” he sneered up at me. His voice was already starting to deepen. It sounded so sexy. “Can you even move?” He pushed me a little. The force surprised me and I fell back into my room, making a loud *thud* as my ass hit the hard floor. It must have surprised Aaron too, because he let out a single laugh as I fell. I never realized he had such a cute laugh. I needed to resist! His face lit up. “This is perfect!” he said, more to himself than to me. “He’s right,” I thought to myself. “I can’t wait for him to become perfect.” I smiled up at him. Still looking at me, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He walked out of sight, but I could hear him: “Hey, Robert, dude, you’ve got to get over here. “No, I mean it! Like right now! “It’s unbelievable! Dude, really! “Ok, cool! I’ll see you in a bit.” The conversation ended and he returned to me. I could already see his pecs pressing against his previously baggy shirt. “I should get you on the bed,” he thought out loud. I was all too happy to oblige. I got up, stripped down (anticipating his desire) and stretched out on the bed. I wanted to hurt him! My cock stood tall, though slightly smaller than before, as a tribute to my amazing body. I wanted to watch him grow. Aaron’s face lit up again, looking like he’d just won the lottery. He stood in my doorway, calculating. After a short while, there was a knock from outside my view. “Come in!” Aaron shouted, not taking his eyes off me. The door opened and closed. “Dude, what’s so impor…” Robert had obviously seen Aaron. How could he not be speechless? Even from his short contact, Aaron was already gorgeous! Must resist! Robert was Aaron’s team captain – one of his favorites team members too, or at least I gathered by his past visits and the repeated bangings of a headboard on the wall while I would try to sleep. Not many of the soccer players were as hung as Aaron, and not many players were as buff as Robert. He wasn’t huge, by any means. Certainly not as large as even Adam used to be, but he filled out his clothes well. Robert, with his short blond hair, entered my field of view. I could see him through the doorway, eyes not moving from Aaron. “How …” he trailed off. Aaron, with his gave still fixed on me, pulled off his shirt. I felt a shudder move through my body as I looked at him. He had a six-pack when all this had started, and now he had the most solid six-pack I had ever seen! His round, firm pecs jutted from his body with perfectly round nipples pointed perfectly straight. His arms had grown to at least fourteen inches already. “Dude, you look amazing! Like a model!” Robert was clearly impressed. “And you’re getting buff! How’d this happen?” Finally, Aaron took his rust brown eyes from me and turned to fixate on Robert. “Here, let me help you with that.” Aaron reached under Robert’s shirt and pressed firmly on his abs. Aaron’s body flexed ever so slightly. After a moment, he seemed satisfied and lifted the shirt completely off. “Strip,” was all Aaron had to say. Robert’s blue eyes gazed longingly at Aaron, and he seemed more than willing to oblige. He took everything off. His body was well kept. Aside from the hair on his head, he was completely clean-shaven. The gods had blessed him with a strong body, but sadly his dick was less than impressive. It was hard and obviously shorter than six inches. “Shame,” I thought, “Aaron won’t steal much from that.” Must fight back! Aaron, though, seemed pleased. “Go lie down with Chad.” It seemed the first time Robert realized I was there. It didn’t seem to matter much. Aaron was the only thing on his mind. “Ok boys, let’s have some fun.” He looked so beautiful. He came into the room and pulled off his pants. With a quick glance at me, he tore his underwear from his body. “Friggin A!” was all he could say. His previously eight inch dick was already slightly bigger. He started stroking it. It must have been nine inches already. “Ok Robert, you in back; Chad, you in front. I want my dick in that beautiful ass.” Robert practically leapt from the bed! I can’t imagine Aaron let him top much. All to happy to oblige, I got up and moved to position myself in front of Aaron as requested. I was still taller than him by a good foot, but he’d already grown an inch or two in height. He positioned me so I could see him in the mirror, his dick pointing straight out, floating less than an inch from my hole. He leaned forward slightly, standing on his toes to get close to my ear. Without touching he whispered, “I figured out what you were trying to do to me earlier. I read the note. Now you’re gonna pay. Watch me get huge.” He flicked my cock and I shuddered with pleasure. I could see him pull Robert closer. Without moving or shifting from his stance, he encouraged Robert to enter. Robert looked elated. Aaron closed his eyes as Robert pushed into his hard ass. I could see the growth almost immediately. Aaron’s legs -- those amazing legs with massive calves, already huge and toned -- started to grow. “Harder!” Aaron shouted back. Robert pushed harder, pumping his not quite five incher in and out. He looked to be in pure ecstasy! All the while, Aaron stood immobile. He fixated on me, staring into my eyes through the mirror. No matter how hard Robert pumped, Aaron stood still. His expanding legs kept him, and his quivering dick in place, half an inch away from me. He was torturing me. His abs grew harder. I watched two more ridges appear to complete his massive eight-pack. His pecs inflated like balloons, the cleft between then growing ever deeper. His shoulders and back widened as he took on a definite V shape from his former narrow soccer player appearance. And still Aaron did not move. He stood there with hard concentration, eye locked, massive legs holding him in place. I could see Robert loosing muscle. “Aaron will be huge.” I thought to myself. Resistance was useless at this point. He grew wider, inching quickly to match the huge expanses of my frame. A smile crossed Aaron’s face. He realizing his time had come. Though he hadn’t moved an inch, Aaron’s dick began to push on my ass. It was growing too. I could feel it pushing past the globes of my ass cheeks, hard and impervious as they were. Then slowly, very slowly, it hit my hole. I felt the strange foreign energy fill my body. My dick was rock hard! His legs grew harder and more massive, filling with power faster than the rest of his growing body. He held firm as his growing cock pushed, millimeter-by-millimeter, against my tight hole. I could feel the mushroom head expanding thicker too, as it pushed my rock hard cheeks apart. “Gonna get huge,” was all he said. After what seemed like an eternity of ecstasy, the head of his enflamed cock grew into my waiting hole. Just the tip at first, as my ass stretched to accommodate his growing, thickening mushroom head. Finally, and with an audible *pop*, it finally pushed past my sphincter. Aaron let out a massive moan in victory. “Huge!” He had the hard look of a small bodybuilder now; his already lean body seemed devoid of fat, his skin vacuum-sealed to his expanding muscles. Aaron’s moan sent a shudder though Robert. He was much smaller now than Adam now. As he came in Aaron’s ass, a consciousness seemed to return to his eyes. Exhausted, he fell to the floor. With just his cock in my ass, Aaron started feeding on my size. Not only was he growing huge and buff, he had dominated me completely. Though he hadn’t moved an inch, I could feel his dick expanding, pushing into me as my own still significant member slowly receded. “Bend over,” Aaron said. I grabbed my ankles. His growth had slowed when Robert fall, but I felt the strange energy inside me increase and renew as he started to push further into me. The feeling was incredible! I was being dominated by a man that would soon be massive! Truly massive! He continued pushing in, and in, and in. “Ahh! My cock must be as big as yours by now. And it’s going to be even bigger!” Indeed, a glance at the unconscious Robert confirmed this as Robert’s previously meager endowment was down to almost nothing. I would be there soon. I felt his pubs brush against my ass. “Picture it,” he said through his panting, “my arms growing huge. Bigger than they are now!” He raised them into a double bicep. “My pecs will be monsterous!” he bounced them in triumph. “My legs,” he ran a hand along those truly massive thighs, “can crush anything.” He pulling out in a long stroke, “and my cock,” he pushed back in, “biggest in the world!” With that he started pumping fast. Faster and faster as he grew. He had to continually re-adjusted his stance as his thighs ballooned larger and larger, first past thirty, then thirty-five, then forty inches. His abs grew longer as he grew taller. His pecs must have passed the sixty-inch mark, but stayed round and perfectly shaped, as his body grew wider. His nipples continued to point straight out. Arms past twenty-two inches. Forearms ballooning and flexed as he held me in place. “I’m getting so huge!” All the while, I could feel his weight increasing behind me. With every thrust I began to wobble. I couldn’t support his weight. “You’re getting so weak,” he was panting hard, “feel me grow!” Just as I felt I would fall forward and be crushed by his weight, I felt him lift me off the ground! I let go of my ankles so he could bob me up and down on his massive member. “So friggin’ huge!” His head started disappearing over the top of my seven-foot mirror. My once impressive cock was dwindling to near its old size. I could feel him growing bigger inside my ass, stretching out my hole and shoving ever deeper into me with each thrust. My chest and abs looked like they had before Adam. And yet he continued, growing ever bigger. “Massive cock filling your ass!” He thrust harder still, throwing me around like a rag doll! My own little cock looked smaller than ever before, shrinking past the six-inch mark. “A LITTLE BIT MORE!” he screamed out, taking every bit of strength I had. His shoulders were wider than a doorframe. His massive legs were so huge his stance was several times wider than his impressive chest! “NOT YET!” His eyes were closed tight in concentration! His massive body was in solid relief as his rock hard muscles flexed and grew. “JUST A BIT MORE!” My dick continued to detract as his thickened in my ass! “Ahrg!” he finally screamed! His dick pumped load after load of cum into my ass. I could feel massive amounts of seed slosh around my insides. His face was in ecstasy. It was amazing! He had finally become massive, taking all that I could give. His balls grew bigger with every load! Larger than tennis balls, oranges, melons! He pulled out of my ass and continued to shoot in every direction! Finally, unable to hold out any longer, I came. As my small load dwindled, my mind cleared and I looked down at Robert, then down at myself. Aaron looked at us, towering above. Finally he spoke, “this will do, for now.”
  19. Baring Bones: A Halloween Story - Chapter 4 (and Bestiary Notes) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 ------------------------- Can I just state, for the record, that this really wasn’t how I’d hoped I’d be spending the evening? Is it too much to ask that I go to a party, hang out with friends and coworkers, show off my costume, and maybe meet a hot guy who doesn’t turn into a huge brute possessed by the ghost of a puritan witch hunter who decides to murder me in a clearing full of the bones of monsters? Before my eyes, Gosser was transforming Kellan’s body with the life force of over a hundred party guests. The green light illuminated his muscles so that they gleamed slickly, and every so often, like cartoon electricity, it caused his skeleton to blaze visibly through his skin, looking dark and monstrous. His muscles pumped and burst and grew again, almost seeming to froth. His costume tore off his powerful new body, revealing his warped physique to the world and finally revealing that tattoo that had been teasing me all night: the words “To The Bone” written in interlaced gothic script, stretched from just beneath his right clavicle, dipped across the tops of his pillow-sized pecs, and ending beneath his left clavicle. For some reason, even when the eldritch fire revealed his skeleton, the words stayed there, hovering grimly in front of his uppermost ribs and sternum, only to re-attach themselves to the skin when it re-appeared the next moment. His pants also burst, the black fabric charring in the green energy as a naked and increasingly erect, thick cock spilled out, stretching over a foot long! His balls also bulged, dangling heavily beneath his erection, but while Kellan had been a stunning and enticing figure of a man, Gosser’s possession only made his endowment seem threatening and repulsive. In body shape, his physique resembled some cross between a bodybuilder on the cover of FLEX magazines and the oversized physique of comic book ‘tanks’: enormous muscles, but gleaming with sweat and ectoplasm, and sharply defined, with noticeable veins and heavy striation. My enhanced vision noticed that the red lights had been flashing back at the manor, but now they’d gone dark, and as they died, so did most of the emerald flames around Gosser/Kellan, now standing over eight feet tall and looking down on me with a sickening grin that occasionally flashed the horrible rictus of Kellan’s bare skull. Horribly, Gosser took his massive hands, every inch of tightly-packed muscle in his huge arms flexing as he did so, and began to slide them over his new form, caressing and stroking his stolen skin in a blasphemous form of self-worship. “AT LAST,” he moaned, as he continued to feel his own horrific muscles. “LET ME SHARE SOME LAST WISDOM BEFORE YOU TAKE MY PLACE IN THE GRAVE, YOU UNCLEAN THING,” he snarled at me in that creepy dual voice. “WHEN I WAS ALIVE, I SPENT MY LIFE PROTECTING THE PITIFUL HUMAN RACE FROM ITS OWN DARKNESS… THE PURSUIT OF CORRUPT MAGIC, THE WORSHIP OF FOUL ENTITIES, THE REANIMATION OF DEAD TISSUE, THE BEASTS AND MONSTERS THAT LIVE IN MAN’S SHADOW… BUT IT WAS ALL FOR NAUGHT. AS THE YEARS PASSED, FEWER AND FEWER ALLIES JOINED MY SIDE, AND THOSE THAT REMAINED BECAME AS GRAY-HAIRED AND WRINKLED AS I. MEANWHILE, THOSE QUAKERS PLAYED THEIR LITTLE WELCOMING GAMES, PUSHING FOR ACCEPTANCE OF ALL NEWCOMERS, NEVERMIND THEIR ORIGINS AND POTENTIAL THREAT. I WAS RIDICULED, AND MY TRAINING CAMP SHUT DOWN, ONLY TO BE TAKEN OVER BY BRAINLESS BIBLE STUDIES AND WHINING CHILDREN! FINALLY, A DESCENDANT OF MY USELESS YOUNGER BROTHER BOUGHT THE PROPERTY AND BUILT HIS HOME ON IT, BUT HE AND HIS DESCENDANTS WERE ONLY INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY, AND LACKED TRUE FAITH AND TRUE DISCIPLINE. FORTUNATELY, I HAD ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY. I TURNED TO MY NOTES ON THE VARIOUS WITCHES AND SORCERERS OF WHICH I RID THE WORLD, AND FOUND DETAILS ON AN INTRICATE SPELL THAT WOULD ENABLE ME TO LIVE AGAIN… AND THIS TIME, INSTEAD OF BEING A VIRGIN DEFENDER OF THE FAITHFUL, HOLDING MYSELF PURE, I WOULD REVEL IN ALL THE PLEASURES AND POWER I HAD DENIED MY BODY IN LIFE. AS LONG AS ONE OF MY GODLESS RELATIVES CONTINUED TO LIVE, I COULD USE THEM AS A HOST AS LONG AS THEY HADN’T LET THEIR BODY GO TO SEED. HOWEVER, IN ORDER TO REMAKE EVEN A HEALTHY BODY TO MY IDEAL, I WOULD NEED THE LIFE FORCE OF AT LEAST 250 ADULTS. YOUTH IS WASTED ON THE YOUNG, AND I SHALL TREASURE WHAT THEY WERE THROWING AWAY. EVEN WITH A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE HERE, I NEEDED SOME WAY OF HARVESTING THAT ENERGY AND CONVERTING IT INTO ECTOPLASM TO FUEL THE BODY. SO I ARRANGED FOR SPOTS THAT WOULD DRAW A NUMBER OF PEOPLE AT THIS PAGAN CELEBRATION TO BECOME SINKS OF VITALITY: THE WOODS WHERE THEY WOULD DRIVE BY IN THEIR HAY-FILLED CONVEYANCE, THE BONFIRE WHERE THEY WOULD TRY TO DRIVE BACK THE NIGHT’S CHILL, THE DANCE FLOOR WHERE THEY’D CAVORT SHAMELESSLY, THE BAR WHERE THEY DOWNED THEIR DEVIL BREWS, THE PLACE WHERE THEY DEFECATED, AND THE CHAPEL… WHERE MY MORTAL REMAINS WERE SAFELY INTERRED, BENEATH THE STONE FLOOR BEHIND THE ALTAR, FROM WHICH I COULD BEGIN THE RITUAL TO FILL MY HOST WITH THE ECTOPLASM TO REMAKE HIM AS THE MAN I SHOULD HAVE BEEN! FINALLY, WITH THE DOORS BETWEEN WORLDS STILL OPEN FROM ALL HALLOW’S EVE, I WAS ABLE TO ENACT MY PLANS!” While Gosser monologued, absorbed in feeling up his stolen body, I’d been surreptitiously flipping through the journal, hoping that I could find the details about the spell and some way to break it. Knowing where his body was hidden was great, but I couldn’t escape him now, much less get all the way across the property to the chapel and break through the concrete floor, and then concentrate on the music of the Choir enough to summon the Helpful One and send Gosser to the Great Beyond. I’d managed to find rules for how to trick Kappas into bowing and spilling the water from their heads, how to protect yourself from native American curses, and how to wear clothes inside-out to confuse fairies (and most normal people, I’d suspect), as well as a spell to raise the dead to fight on your side against their killer (which would’ve been nice, but I didn’t have “The Bloode of the Innocent,” “The Bloode of a Dragon,”or “The Bloode of Godde’s Servants”… though there was certainly enough “Ectoplasme” around Gosser/Kellan). None of them seemed likely to work. Then the book fluttered from my hands and floated into Gosser’s waiting hand! I realized belatedly that even in a body, he’d retained ghostly powers like poltergeist activity! “THEN, HOWEVER, SOMETHING INTERFERED WITH MY PLANS. I COULDN’T SENSE ANYONE, COULDN’T DETECT ANY FOREIGN MAGIC, COULDN’T EVEN SEE A PERSON I KNEW HAD TO BE THERE, EVERY TIME I TRIED TO CONVERT THIS WHELP INTO MY HOST! I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT ONLY A CREATURE NOT INTENDED AS PART OF GOD’S PLAN FOR THE WORLD COULD SO EVADE MORTAL MAGICAL AND SPIRITUAL SENSES… WHAT IS YOUR NAME, HELLSPAWN?” I found myself suddenly forced to speak, as if the words were being drawn out of me. “Angelo Chiaro Alinero,” I stammered, revealing my full name to monster. I wondered if knowing my name would give him further power over me, but if he could force me to talk, I’m not sure there’s much he couldn’t do already. However, as soon as I spoke my surname, he smiled with wicked satisfaction, and the book levitated in front of my face, the pages turning of their own accord. A flicker of green ectoplasmic flame illuminated a particular passage, listing the family names descended from the Grigori Armaros, “Who Taughte Men The Resolving of Enchantments”. At the bottom of the list was a name, underlined in green: Alinero. “YOU ARE A NEPHILIM, THE DESCENDANT OF A UNION BETWEEN THE SONS OF HEAVEN AND THE DAUGHTERS OF EARTH. YOU ARE SO WICKED THAT GOD HIMSELF SENT THE FLOOD TO WIPE OUT YOUR KIND. AND LOOK… HE DOES SO AGAIN!” Waving his powerfully-muscled, green-glowing arm at the sky, I saw that the full moon had been replaced by storm clouds, and dimly remembered the weather man talking about a hurricane making its way up the coast. With a howling laugh, Gosser continued. “FORTUNATELY FOR YOU, I SHALL TAKE CARE OF YOU, SO YOU NEED NOT FEAR DROWNING LIKE SOME OF YOUR ANCESTORS… YOUR DEATH SHALL BE QUICK, AND AFTER THAT, YOU SOULLESS THING, THERE WILL BE NO PARADISE FOR YOU, JUST EMPTY ETERNITY!” With that, I felt my body lift from the ground and float towards his grasp. I tried to struggle, but I couldn’t move a muscle. I felt his hands wrap around my torso, and waited for the pull, when a woman’s voice echoed through the clearing, and Gosser froze in shock. “So… it looks like someone has some pretty dramatic plans. And it looks like you’ve already killed some of my descendants, Quincy Gosser. I would rather you not harm another.” Tossing me to the bone-strewed ground, giving me a number of bruises and small cuts, Gosser turned to face an exotic older woman, dressed as Marilyn Monroe, and holding Claudia’s empty husk. “YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? AND YOUR DESCENDANT… HE IS SPAWN OF THE GRIGORI, NOT YOUR DEBASED BROOD, WITCH!” ‘Marilyn’ smiled condescendingly at him and wiggled her finger teasingly. “Now now, Quincy, do remember that Armaros hasn’t been seen since the Flood. That’s plenty of time for his descendants to mate with mine, as well as many, many, many other people. Time DOES fly, after all.” Gosser curled his fingers into fists. “I WILL DESTROY YOU BOTH, THEN!” ‘Marilyn’ laughed, a rich, throaty chuckle that almost sounded like a purr. “Oh, that was a good one, darling! You just slaughtered about 280 people in Halloween costumes, just so that you could pose in a speedo and live out the boyish daydreams you never actually indulged in life. You haven’t the vision, the wisdom, or, frankly, the balls, to face me.” She then winked at me. “Unfortunately, I am unable to actually interfere with someone of fully-human descent without provocation, and though you have descended further than most, you still… barely… qualify, Quincy. However, I am allowed to tip the scales in favor of my family.” She pulled a long, thin dagger from somewhere in her billowing skirts, held up Claudia’s gray finger and pricked it, then shouted, “YOUR LEFT POCKET, ANGELO,” before vanishing in a puff of smoke. I found myself able to move and reached into my pocket as commanded, pulling out a small vial labeled “Dragon Blood.” Before Gosser could stop me, I threw it to the ground, enjoying the satisfying sound of the glass shattering and wiping my own blood from my arms as I repeated the small, nonsense chant from the journal. My voice seemed to echo in the clearing, becoming more pure and powerful as the bones began to rise, cloak themselves in blood-red skin and muscle and assemble themselves as a collection of monsters, who immediately turned against Gosser with a vengeance. I saw harpies, trolls, ettins, lamiae, satyrs, and more wade into combat with the enormous hunk, whose green fire charred their reformed flesh, and whose punches and kicks sent them flying. The monsters were relentless, but Kellan’s body and Gosser’s powers together were unstoppable. As more and more of the monsters started to fall and turn to dust, one of them, a hugely-muscled creature with the horns of both a ram and a bull, lifted me up and said, in a voice that sounded like the ruined throat it used to speak, “Thhhhank yooou, brotherrrr. Weeee wellllcommme vennnnggeannnnce agggainnnsssst ourrrr killllllerrrr. Gooo annnnd ennnnd hiimmmm forrrr usss!” With that, the creature threw me high into the air, well over the tree line, back towards the fields. As the storm rumbled around my hurtling body and the rushing wind pulled tears from my eyes, I felt resigned to crashing into the earth and dying, when the costume wings on my back suddenly unfolded, fanning out behind me. The plastic and fabric warped as my body seemed to catch fire, blazing white like a shooting star. As swiftly as they’d begun, the flames went out, and I found that I wasn’t cold, the wind now seemed to caress me instead of blowing at me… and that I was no longer wearing the wings…. they’d become real, and fused with my back. I remembered The Helpful One giving them to me and realized this had been its plan all along! What’s more, I felt powerful… running my hands down my body, I realized that my shirt had burned away, and I now possessed the sculpted powerful body of an Olympic athlete, with curly hair-covered gymnast-like chest muscles to power my new wings, which were clawed at the top like a bat’s but covered in ravenlike feathers that shaded from black to blue, purple, green and red at the tips, with an iridescent oily sheen. I flexed my chest and found that doing so caused my wings to beat, sending me soaring upward! With a cry of exultation to answer the thunder of the storm, I beat my wings, feeling my body pump as I sped towards the Manor. As it came into view, I realized that there was no motion. Gray husks from the party guests littered the grounds, and I remembered that I was now the only living person on the grounds (though I technically was over the grounds at the moment) unless you counted Gosser in Kellan’s body. Far behind me I heard a terrible roar of fury as the sounds of the fight between the dead monsters and the tremendous Gosser continued. They wouldn’t be able to buy me time for much longer, though, and I still had to break through the stone in the chapel to reach Gosser’s real body. My wings fanned out, pulling me up before gently dropping me to the ground and folding up against my back. Then I felt a chill at my back. I whirled around, fanning my wings out aggressively to make myself look bigger, and stared at the sight in front of me. A hazy, transparent version of Claudia, still dressed in her costume, hovered behind me, looking nervous. She parted her lips, and a voice like the whisper of a fall breeze said, “I’m sorry… he took me over and used me while I was asleep. He thought he could get close to Kellan through me. And he did… but you brought me back once, and the lady using my blood for that spell snapped me out of the shock of having my life taken from me. I think she wanted me to help somehow, but what can I do?” I shook myself. “No, I’m the one who’s sorry… I’ve got a crush on your boyfriend, and if I’d been focusing on actually solving this mess instead of how tight his costume was, maybe we’d have been able to keep you alive.” Claudia’s shade moved closer, but her face had a rueful smile. “I’m not entirely comfortable with you and Kellan, together, but he still cared for me… at least before that monster too him over. And I have to say, you look pretty amazing now,” she continued, giving my new musculature a once-over. “If you can somehow manage to save all of us, I think I’d be up to try sharing Kellan.” Before I could respond, behind Claudia (or through her, actually), I saw a sudden burst of green flames exploding from the woods. “That’ll be the end of the reanimated monsters,” I groaned. “He’s coming. We need to get into the Chapel, and we need to get his body from underneath the altar. Maybe we can do it together, or between the two of us, we can get inside Kellan’s head and break him free. Let’s go!” Her face lighting up (literally glowing) at the thought of defeating Gosser and rescuing Kellan, Claudia drifted through me and inside the doors of the Manor. I opened them and followed her, only to be slowed down when I realized that my head was scraping the top of the door! I’d grown in height as well as musculature, and I remembered the stories of the Nephilim had described them as giants. Ducking carefully, I entered the main drinking room, which was eerily silent with no one talking and the dj’s music turned off, and found Claudia’s path blocked by a bunch of ghosts dressed in old-fashioned attire. One of them, a skinny, bearded man, moved forward and said, “We are the soldiers of God and the slayers of monsters. Our brother, Quincy Gosser, has called us back to stop you, Abomination… and you shall be stopped!” Immediately, torches, pitchforks, and other makeshift weapons formed in their hands and they menacingly waved them at me. Claudia ducked through me to avoid getting stabbed by a spectral musket blade, but I’d had enough. “Your time is long gone, and your crusade, while noble, was misguided and callous. Your current goal is foolish and in defiance of both natural and supernatural laws, and I have seen far more frightening things tonight than a group of colonial spooks. What’s more, I’ve BECOME a more frightening thing than all of you. I am alive, and this is my world… your world passed away with you, and you are not welcome here. BEGONE!” To emphasize my argument, I flexed my ripped chest, and my wings unfolded behind me, causing a draft of wind that knocked over more than a few bottles of cheap alcohol and spilled dozens of plastic cups on the lifeless party guests. I stared them down, my eyes never leaving the ghost’s, and my rage at their idiotic temerity caused white flames to lick my skin and dance among my hair and feathers. The ghosts quailed before the sight, and though some looked indignant, they all faded away. The flames died, and I folded my wings behind me, and took off at a run towards the chapel doors. I pushed them open with a cacophonous BANG that echoed through the chapel, and Claudia and I raced to the Altar, only to stare at the unmarked floor. Without being asked, Claudia did a swan dive into the floor, passing through the concrete, only to emerge a moment later, as if rising from a pool. “There is an old, worn coffin with a body down there… about six feet under… but I can’t turn it ghostly and bring it up with me or anything! What do we do? Kellan will be here any moment!” “I’ll have to break through it,” I said, hoping I wasn’t making a big mistake. However, the power of my muscles, and the warmth of the white flames filled me. I focused on Kellan’s kiss, on his attitude, the way he was protective of me, how he insisted I never risk my life again, and all the other moments we’d shared that evening… and the thought that Quincy Gosser, all-around useless member of society, had used Kellan as if he didn’t matter at all filled me with a terrible wrath. With a furious battle cry, I leaned over and slammed my fist into the concrete. I didn’t feel anything when my knuckles connected with the cold stone… but cracks began to form as it crumbled, revealing another layer beneath it. Again and again and again I punched, sifting aside rubble until I reached soil and began digging with my bare hands until they reached wood. “ARTEMIS,” cried Claudia, almost in my ear, and biting back a curse both at the lack of time and Claudia’s inability to remember my name, I looked up to see the glowing, monstrous, skeletal form of Gosser striding into the Chapel. He saw what I was doing, and with a wave of his hand, sent a blast of telekinetic force at me… it knocked the altar backwards, and only a quick beat of my wings sent me upward, dodging it just in time, and giving me the chance to form a blade of white flames. I descended on Gosser like a stooping falcon, and crashed into his billowing chest. Green flames coiled against white ones. My own enhanced physique and fiercely buffeting wings countered Kellan’s much greater musculature. But I had trouble dealing with his poltergeist powers, and once, when I was about to land a punch, he phased through it, becoming insubstantial for a moment, only to solidify enough to take a swing at me! If I was caught up in fighting Gosser/Kellan, I couldn’t get back to the body and call the Helpful One. “I’ve got this,” murmured Claudia in her whispery voice, and I felt her melt into my body instead of passing through it. My white flames blazed around us and I suddenly felt everything slow down… except me. Winding back, I landed a perfect punch straight at Kellan’s “To the Bone” tattoo and, filled with Claudia’s spirit, Gosser couldn’t phase away. I felt Claudia speak through my lips: “Get. Out. Of. My. BOYFRIEND!” As soon as my fist connected, I suddenly found myself, no longer a warrior angel, but my normal body, wearing costume wings, floating beside Claudia in a vast room filled with green mist. Hovering in the center of the room was a naked, skinny Kellan, looking very much like he had when we first met. He looked up at us and his eyes widened in shock. “Did… did he kill you both? I felt him take me over, but I can’t remember anything else. I’m so sorry! I thought I could protect you both, but those muscles were useless! And now I’m stuck like this forever and you guys are gone!” “Um, baby,” Claudia interrupted as Kellan began to tear up, “I don’t feel any different besides being here. I think we’re no more dead than before. We’re in your mind or soul or something. I think that if we can clear out this mist, you can fight back against that creep. And we need you to fight back… otherwise, even Armand here won’t be able to handle him.” I forced myself not to rise to the bait… no one could be that hopelessly awful at names, could she? “She’s right, Kellan. I might be able to take him on, but I can’t fight you… especially if there’s a chance we can get you back. And a really powerful witch and a… an archangel seem to think there’s still that chance. So come on… it’s time to use your muscles and show Gosser that he’s got no clue what he’s meddling with.” I reached out my hand to him, and Claudia did the same. When Kellan tentatively wrapped his agile, musician’s fingers around ours, the three of us began to glow, and the mist turned white and faded away… and then a blinding flash of light filled the room. When my eyes cleared, I found that I was in my angelic form, again, and Kellan was still roiling with Gosser’s energies… but he seemed paralyzed. Claudia’s wraithlike form appeared swirling around them, and she shouted, “We’ve got him! Go!” I turned and sprinted for the unearthed grave, but with each step I began to hum, then actually sing, making up the words. At first it was just my normal baritone, but then I started hitting notes that were well beyond my range, both extremely low and shockingly high. Then I started singing in multiple voices at once! Then some of them were singing different songs in different languages, the words and pauses, the breaths and echoes intertwining. I felt like my chest was swelling, the muscles in my throat vibrated as impossible harmonies poured from my lips. After I worked my fingers into the wood of the coffin and lifted it off with a flex of my muscular arms, I ripped the lid off and revealed the dried bones resting awkwardly inside. I distantly heard Gosser scream in despair and frustration, but those pitiful wails were drowned out as the many voices coming from me were joined by countless other voices… including one that was much deeper and richer than the others. The many separate songs blended together into one, and in a language that sounded more like birdcalls than human speech. I placed my hands on the sternum and the skull, and ended the song with a single word that I intuitively knew meant “Return/Release/Undo/Let Go.” Whatever that language was, speaking it involved more than just saying a word. As I was speaking it felt like a tremendous pressure weighed me down. Some measure of myself went into the song, and I felt like screaming… but I had no more breath to speak after the word left me. I felt the feathers and skin shed themselves from my wings, and the accompanying pain felt worse then when I had my wisdom teeth removed, when I fell off a slide and broke my arm, and when I got sun poisoning combined. I gasped for air, feeling weak and helpless, as my muscles shrank… but not all the way back to normal. I could tell I was still and inch or two taller than I had been, and my muscles retained some of their lithe definition… and a fraction of their strength. My vision felt darker and my hearing felt muffled, as both senses adjusted to the loss of supernatural power, but I could still see a glow and still could hear the Chorus. For all that I was losing, though, I could see that Gosser was similarly afflicted. Kellan’s body broke free of Claudia’s grip, but didn’t do anything except widen his stance, pull his fists back, and then begin punching the air. Seeing an 8’2” guy with rippling muscles shadowboxing was pretty impressive, but as he continued to do it, I realized that there was something odd about his sweat. I pulled myself out of the deep hole in the chapel floor, feeling like all of my muscles were screaming in agony, and shakily made my way towards him, in time to see that his sweat was a rusty red, blood-like shade, and that it seemed to cling to his muscles. However, his skeleton was permanently concealed beneath his skin, which started to look less green and more healthy, though still fair. Gradually his features became less monstrous and twisted, and more determined and handsome. The red ooze formed into a ball, then an actual humanoid figure, rolling back each time Kellan punched, and I realized that he was deliberately sweating Gosser out of his system! I watched as more of his naked body rid itself of the ghost’s corruption. Gosser seemed powerless to fight back, as if my song, touch and word had paralyzed him. Finally, Kellan’s body was coated with nothing but clear sweat, and the slimey Gosser had congealed into a jell-o like consistency when Kellan raised his foot and slammed it down on the ground, sending out another shockwave! Gosser tumbled backwards by about three yards, flipped over the altar and fell into his own grave with a sickening squelch. Unfortunately, without real wings and as drained as I’d become, I wasn’t able to leap away, and toppled over as well… only to be caught by a pair of invisible hands. “Don’t worry, Augustus,” came Claudia’s cheerful whisper. “I’ve got you. This poltergeist thing isn’t that hard.” Meanwhile Kellan was glaring into the grave. “And that’s for hurting my friends, family, and loved ones, and using me to do it, you sick fuck!” He turned and saw me hovering in thin air, and ran over to help me to my feet. “Are you ok, Angelo?” I was about to respond in the affirmative, when I saw that something was stirring from the grave. “Guys, I don’t think Gosser’s quite done yet,” I exclaim as a limb formed of red muck and bone pulled a horrific body from the pit. With sightless eyes and a dripping maw, it hissed at us: “All wassss innnn my grasssp, and you ruinnned it allll… for what? A fewww paltry, spoiled lives, drinking themsellllves senseless? Rommmances that will be forgotten in a fewwww yearrrs? Whhyyyy are theirrrr goals and purrrrsuits morrrre valuable than mine?” “Because,” Claudia retorted. “You have no idea what any of us might accomplish in our lives, and what our futures might be like. You simply took away all of that possibility because you didn’t make the changes you really wanted with your own life, and underestimated and dismissed all of us as unimportant compared to your own goals… to have sex and look attractive and be in shape and party… everything that you accused us of doing.” “Because,” Kellan responded. “You manipulated people, lied to them, frightened them, and tried to control them rather than admit that you might be wrong or that you could have pursued your goals differently. And you betrayed everything that was supposed to matter… your faith, your goals, your family, your friends.” “And because,” I finished, letting the tones of the Chorus flow into my speech. “You died over a century ago. Your time to be in the world is long over. Isn’t that right… Azrael?” The others turned to stare at me, but that deep, rich voice echoed through the chapel. “SO, YOU REALIZED MY IDENTITY, NEPHEW? I AM PROUD OF YOU.” The stained glass window behind the altar blazed with rainbow colors as a figure with four thousand wings, a body consisting of enough eyes and tongues for every human living on Earth, and four floating, masklike faces, one of which was identical to my own, appeared above the altar. “The Angel of Death? You did hint at it after we saved Claudia,” I replied. “And once I got over your appearance and this creep spilled that angels were involved, at least through me, the it was pretty easy to figure out. You called yourself ‘The Helpful One,’ and Azrael means ‘Whom God Helps.’ Besides, he wrote about the different archangels in his journal. I skimmed over the passage the first time, and I was pretty distracted when we met, but it just made sense, in the end.” All four of Azrael’s faces smiled. “OF COURSE. NOW THEN,” his fourth face flipped over, going from my own appearance to a bearded, old-fashioned face that I realized must’ve been how Gosser had looked in life. “QUINCY GOSSER, MANY YEARS AGO, YOU LEFT THIS LIFE. I AM PLEASED THAT YOU ARE FINALLY RETURNING TO YOUR RIGHTFUL REST.” Gosser’s fluid face somehow conveyed an expression of hope. “I’m… I’m going to Heaven? After everything?” Azrael’s voice replied. “THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION. SOME SAY THAT ALL SOULS END UP IN HEAVEN EVENTUALLY, BECAUSE GOD IS MERCIFUL AND LOVING AND HIS SON SACRIFICED HIMSELF. OTHERS SAY THAT YOUR ACTIONS DETERMINE YOUR ULTIMATE FATE. YOUR ACTIONS IN LIFE AND DEATH HAVE BEEN GREATLY GOOD AND UNFORGIVEABLY EVIL. PERHAPS YOU WILL FIND THAT ALL SOULS HAVE THE CAPACITY TO REACH HEAVEN… BUT SOME OF THEM TAKE LONGER TO GET THERE THAN OTHERS.” With a fanning of Azrael’s many wings, and a faint hum of music that I suspected only I could hear, Gosser turned to dust and faded away. The fourth face of Azrael flipped again, this time becoming Claudia’s. “CLAUDIA WILLIS, YOUR TIME, AND THAT OF EVERY OTHER VICTIM OF QUINCY GOSSER’S, HAS NOT YET COME. RETURN TO YOUR BODY, AND THESE TWO WILL BE ALONG SHORTLY WITH MY DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO RESTORE YOU ALL TO YOUR MORTAL FLESH.” Claudia nodded, shooting us a nervous glance, and walked through the walls of the chapel, back towards the clearing where ‘Marilyn’ had left her. That reminded me… who was she? I was about to ask, but Azrael’s face flipped to mine, and its four heads shook in disagreement. “I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO ASK, NEPHEW, BUT I AM FORBIDDEN FROM TELLING YOU MORE ABOUT THE WOMAN DRESSED AS MARILYN MONROE, OR YOUR HERITAGE, SAVE THAT I WAS THE ONE WHO ALERTED HER TO YOUR NEED HERE, AND THAT YOU WILL SEE HER AGAIN SOMEDAY. PERHAPS SHE WILL FEEL MORE OPEN TO CONVERSATION THEN. NOW, WHEN WE SAVED CLAUDIA’S LIFE HOURS AGO, SHE BECAME A LINK BETWEEN THE LIVING AND THE DEAD… AT LEAST FOR THIS NIGHT. THAT IS WHY HER SPIRIT ALONE, OF ALL THE PEOPLE QUINCY GOSSER LEECHED OF THEIR LIFE FORCE, WAS ABLE TO MANIFEST AS A GHOST. YOU WILL NEED TO SING HER BACK TO HER BODY WHILE YOU…” The angel’s face flipped again, becoming Kellan’s. “WILL NEED TO COMPLETE ANGELO’S EARLIER USE OF THE LANGUAGE OF THE BIRDS TO RETURN THE STOLEN LIFE FORCE TO THE GUESTS. I BELIEVE YOUR FAIRY TALES WOULD SUGGEST THE BEST METHOD OF DOING SO. I SHALL ARRANGE FOR THE DAMAGE DONE TO THE PEOPLE AND PROPERTY TO VANISH, AS IF IT HAD NEVER HAPPENED, AND I SHALL SEE TO THE REMAINS OF THE VARIOUS CREATURES ANGELO REANIMATED. NOW, GO AND ENJOY YOUR LIVES… BECAUSE I WILL SEE YOU BOTH AGAIN… SOMEDAY.” With that, the archangel of death vanished. I looked at Kellan, and he actually blushed and scruffed his bare foot against the cracked floor, and tried to cover his crotch with both huge hands (and wasn’t entirely successful). Looking away to spare him some embarrassment, I murmured, “We’d best go meet up with Claudia.” He nodded, and we stepped out into the cold November morning, trudging down the fields towards the clearing. Along the way, he picked up the hayride driver and put him back in the cab of the tractor, but before we reached the clearing, Kellan held up a hand. “Wait… before we go in… I need to do something.” Facing him, I saw his features struggle for a bit, as he tried to decide what to say, before letting out a sigh. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I still need to be filled in on some of the events of tonight while Quincy took me over. I’m kinda worried about giving everyone back their lives. It feels creepy to have them in the first place, but you look like whatever you did put you through the ringer… and I like being a supermuscular, super horny guy with superpowers. It’s been just about the only good thing about his whole night… aside from meeting you. But if I give all that back, I’ll go back to being just another skinny indie guy in a band. Will I feel the same way about you… about guys in general… or will my memories change like Claudia’s did? I can’t just say I can work out or something, because there’s no way that I’d get these muscles through normal exercise… and there’d be no extra height or superpowers either.” He took another deep breath, then let it out, before continuing. “But I have to do it. It’s not right that Claudia and the others die just because I want to be superman. So before I go and restore everyone, I want to do this.” “Wha-,” I started to say, only to have his lips on mine, his tongue seeking entrance, his warm breath a sharp contrast to the cool night air, and his massive biceps and triceps wrapped around me as he lifted me up and held me against his rock-hard, marble smooth chest, the “To the Bone” tattoo warm beneath my fingers. I could feel his groan of satisfaction vibrating through his torso as the kiss became more hungry and fierce. I slid my hands up his pecs to rest on either side of his thick, bull-like neck, caressing the hard mounds of his shoulder muscles. God, could the guy kiss! All too soon, however, he broke away and gently lowered me to the ground in front of his magnificent naked (and hardening) body. “Thanks… even if I forget that and go back to my normal sexuality, it happened, and it happened when my mind and hormones weren’t being messed with. Let’s go break this spell.” It took me a moment to snap out of my kiss-induced stupor, but I nodded, and tried not to stare at his perfect ass as he loped through the undergrowth. I did notice that there were a variety of burns and ashen sticks left over from Gosser’s fight with my monsters, but if I looked closely, I could spot places where shoots were rapidly sprouting and re-growing. I didn’t see any lights, but I could hear the faintest strains of might have been music sung by a choir of angels. Claudia hovered above her lifeless body, and Kellan reached down to pick her up, before turning to lock his blue crystal eyes with mine. “Are you ready?” I nodded, unable to speak at this point. If he did forget and shrink back down, I’d be the only one who remembered anything… since I wasn’t entirely human. That knowledge, while wonderful to know while I was flying through the stormy sky, now made me feel like even more of an outsider than when I’d been the only sober person at a Halloween party. Drawing my attention back to the matters at hand, I cleared my throat and tried to sing. It came out as a croak. With Kellan’s expectant and worried eyes (not to mention Claudia’s translucent ones) on me, I tried again. It was like my throat was filled with silly putty; I struggled to get a reasonable sound out. Eventually I held a long note and was able to clear my throat enough to blend it with others. I drew on memories of flight, white fire, Claudia’s righteous smackdown, Kellan’s growth spurts, and his kisses, and I felt the song echo across the property, collide with the thunder, and seep into the drained bodies of the party guests… right as Kellan placed his lips on Claudia’s. Have you ever mixed a bunch of different paints together, especially in a cup of water? It usually ends up as a gray mess. Watching Claudia return to life was not unlike seeing that process in reverse; her gray pallor began to shift and flicker, and then her skin, hair, lips, and eyes took on their natural hues. To my second sight, however, her aura returned in a blaze like fireworks, or the glow of a summer afternoon when you’re just about to drift into a nap. She took in a deep breath, and Kellan, squeezed her gently, before she began to hungrily return his kiss. He now looked only a little smaller than he’d been a moment ago, but it was hard to tell with him leaning down to make out with his girlfriend. I turned away to give them some privacy and to look in the direction of the Manor, and I could hear the music start back up, along with the sounds of voices as the party returned to life. I could faintly see a blaze of lights from the returning auras of over 250 people registered on my ESP through the trees and walls of the building. The next thing I knew, I was pulled into a hug… not by Kellan’s huge arms, but by Claudia’s skinnier ones. “WE DID IT,” she squealed, almost directly into my ear. “This is awesome, Achilles!” Sigh. “Yeah, you’re right, Claudia… want to go check out the rest of the restored party?” She shook her head. “Nah, we’ll leave that to you. I’m feeling like I need to get my hunk here home and in bed. Have a good night!” Kellan looked like he was delirious that Claudia was back to her normal self (and the prospect of sex with her was a sure thing), so he waved at me and followed her to the car, presumably to avoid being spotted buck naked by anyone else. I stayed in the clearing, watching as the grass and trees re-grew in record time, and stones (actual stones, not fossils of a variety of monsters) emerged from the ground to decorate the space between the foliage. The night was almost over. Claudia was back to life, and the damage was undone. Quincy Gosser would never haunt the world again. Kellan was still in spectacular shape, and his relationship with Claudia seemed as strong as ever. I knew some more stuff about myself, and maybe had some talents I could use in the wide world. I should be happy, right? Except that I’d basically gotten a goodbye kiss from one of the hottest guys I’d ever seen, and I wasn’t sure how to take that. Claudia’s ghost had seemed open to sharing him, but if he was already shrinking, would he retain those feelings for me? And then I smacked myself in the forehead, realizing that I didn’t have Kellan’s number, email, anything! Groaning at my own stupidity, and realizing that Kellan and Claudia would be long gone by now, I began to leave the clearing to begin the long trudge uphill to say my goodbyes to my few remaining friends and coworkers at the party, when my foot kicked something that wasn’t a stone or a plant. I leaned down and picked up Gosser’s journal. And wondered… maybe there could be something in here that I could use. Gosser himself had failed in his mission to keep people safe from the supernatural, but that was because he was going about it the wrong way. Maybe I could learn from his mistakes and take what knowledge there was in the book and do some good with it. Tucking the journal under my arm, I began to follow the path that the hayride had been traveling all night, and reached the party. People were still moving around, shifting from the bonfire to the manor and all about. I decided that one lesson I could take from not following Gosser’s example would be to actually enjoy life as it was… so I went inside, poured myself a soda, and hopped to the dance floor to sway to the music as the dj played a couple of classic songs. And if I was dancing with myself, it didn’t matter. Honest. That goofy couple came around and asked me to flap my wings again, so I humored them, and I spotted Mack dancing drunkenly with another of my coworkers. I went over to them, said goodbye, and headed out. The drive home was uneventful, and I stripped off my costume, hung up my wings carefully, and collapsed into bed. I dreamed, of course, of flying. The next morning, I slept in, slowly pulling myself awake by reading a gay erotic romance novel on my kindle. I got cleaned up, did the laundry, and began the draining hunt for a new job, since I wouldn’t be able to rely on the Halloween Hayride position anymore… or at least, not until next year. As I was applying for an Administrative Assistant position nearby, my phone buzzed. I didn’t recognize the number on the screen, but when I opened it and said “Hello,” the deep, exuberant voice of Kellan filled my ears. “Angelo! How are you feeling?” “Kellan? Dude, I’m fine, but how are you? And how’d you get my number?” “Hahaha… remember when you conked out after singing Claudia back on the dance floor? And you woke up in my car? I went through your phone while you were sleeping in case I had to call your parents or something if you didn’t wake up, and I saved your number. But man, what’s your address… we need to meet up and talk about last night.” “Um… ok,” I murmured, before rattling off my address. I was trying not to get my hopes up, but Kellan had saved my number, even if he’d thought I was dying, and he wanted to meet up… I’m not too proud to take that. In a few minutes, the doorbell rang, and I went downstairs to find Kellan, dressed in a tight band t-shirt and jeans that accentuated his new musculature, while still looking non-mainstream. I let him in, looked him over and asked, “Did you have to go shopping for that outfit?” Kellan nodded. “The jeans, yeah… though I had to wear an uncomfortably tight pair of sweat pants to get into the shop. Nobody ever mentions “No pants, no service, but I didn’t want to risk it. The shirt I got at a show, and accidentally got the wrong size, so it was hanging around. But anyway, I’m too new to this gay thing to talk about clothes, so you might want to ask someone else if that’s all you’ve got to say.” I did a double take. “You’re still interested in guys after last night? I thought with the Sleeping Beauty true love kiss thing and Claudia said…” He flashed me a shit-eating grin. “Oh, Claudia kept me very busy this morning. I really do need a lot more sleep before I’m all caught up. Fortunately, I have a lot more stamina now… and someone else I want to sleep with. So, what’d you say? Want to show me what I’ve been missing?” “Far be it from me to turn down sex with a… what, 7’7” tall, hung, professional bodybuilder guitarist,” I reply, “but…” “I actually sing and can play drums and bass, too,” Kellan interrupted. Then he paused. “Ok, maybe I can’t sing as well as you, but I’m not an angel.” “Demi-semi-hemi-and-whatever-comes-after-hemi-almost-infinitely-back angel, actually,” I retort. “Besides, I’m not sure what I’ve actually got left. You heard me croak this morning, and weakening Gosser enough to break you free took a lot out of me… including my wings and all.” He looked me over, smiling at times, frowning at others. “Huh… You still look more… athletic? Toned? Maybe a bit taller than you already were, too. Maybe you just have to give your singing a rest for a bit, recover, and then practice more… maybe sing normally to build up your vocal skills. If you want to guest star at one of my band’s shows, I’m sure we’d be lucky to have you, even without magic songs.” I did a double take at that announcement. “Are you serious? You’d want me to sing with your band?” “Hell yes,” he said, then looked quizzical. “Can I say ‘hell’ around you? Don’t want to get struck by lightning or something.” I chuckled. “I’m pretty sure we can let it slide. At the most, you might get a static jolt from someone as far removed from the angel family tree as me… besides, I’m pretty sure that my… ancestor… didn’t end up on the best of terms with the Almighty.” “Why’s that,” he asked, a curious expression spreading across his features. “Well,” I hedge. “I’m here, aren’t I? I’ve been doing some research all afternoon. Apparently, Nephilim aren’t supposed to exist, which is why Gosser couldn’t sense me until he’d possessed human eyes, and why I was immune to the draining he used on everyone else.” His curious look morphed into an expression of shock and then anger. “Dude, never say that God’s mad at you for existing. That’s stupid! I think God sent you to that party just so that you could save all of us. Without you, Claudia and I, and everyone else there would be wiped out, and Quincy’d have his perfect body and be loose on the world. Besides, you helped out the Angel of Death… they fucking owe you, man, particularly since he used to be a man of faith that they let get out of control. Besides, I shouldn’t be the one to tell you that ancient Biblical scrolls written by a tribal scribe in the desert over two thousand years ago aren’t always God’s honest truth, gay boy.” I was speechless at first, but then I closed my mouth and nodded. He took that as assent and changed the subject. “So, you need to rest your voice, and you might or might not have wings anymore, but you’re immune to magic and spooky spying, you can cast spells, you can see and hear stuff that other people can’t, and you’re more fit than before, right? Well, I’m not as big and strong as I was last night, but I noticed something… this morning I reached for the fridge door, and it opened on its own… I think I’ve got Gosser’s poltergeist ability, and some of his other powers. Not sure how to fog people’s minds… and not sure I want to know after all that he did to Claudia, but I’m still super strong and fast, my senses are overcharged still, and I’m probably still pretty hard to hurt, and I might be able to absorb ghosts’ ectoplasm if I work at it, so why don’t we do some ghost busting, on the side? Maybe I’ll grow stronger, and you’ll get your other powers back, and we can continue to clear up other spooky messes. It’ll be awesome… and we can spend more time together and get to know each other better… and then have some hot, superpowered sex!” I had to laugh at his final statement, but then I thought about it. “Just the two of us?” He nodded. “Yeah. Claudia’s talking about how nice you were at the party… though she still keeps calling you other names beginning with A, even when I correct her. I think that maybe normal people’s minds naturally fog over around the supernatural… and she did die twice last night. It’s probably a good thing that she is blocking the memories out… besides, she hasn’t shown any supernatural powers. I don’t want her to get hurt, and unlike us, she’s not able to defend herself against things that go bump in the night. She did wink at me and told me she wanted all the dirty details later when I mentioned I was going to see you today, though, so I think she’s ok with sharing me, though… and honestly, now that I’m this strong, I need to hold back in sex with her… you, on the other hand, are a… napalm? Nefertiti?” “Nephilim.” “That’s it. You’re stronger… supernaturally strong… and if you’re not quite powerful enough to take on a crazed ghost in my body at the moment, my body’s not over 8 feet tall anymore, either. And you’re a dude. Can we at least try? My hormones are still amped up, and I’d rather not find out I have to be mostly celibate for the rest of my life.” “Poor guy,” I reply, laughing. “Oh, who am I kidding? There’s no way I can resist you, Kellan. C’mon over to the dark side!” In a flash, Kellan was kissing me, hungrily, his powerful hands tearing off my clothes with a loud RRRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP, exposing my skin to the cool air. Not wanting to damage his new clothes, I slip my hands under his shirt, feeling the warmth of his hard abdominal muscles before sliding the shirt up over his head. He pulled off his jeans, and I was treated to the sight of his naked body, his huge cock growing erect before my eyes. “Going commando,” I ask, raising an eyebrow. “I couldn’t find any thing that looked good and fit me… I’m kinda… gifted, you know” he replied with a shrug of his mountainous shoulders, before pulling me off my feet and pulling me into an embrace, his hard pecs against my face, while his thick cock filled and stretched towards me. “God, it feels sooooo good just to cut loose,” he groaned. Then he looked down at me. “Can… can we fuck? I don’t think I’m going to last long, and I want that ass. I mean, I want everything… I even want you to fuck me in the worst way, which is kinda messing with my head, you know? But I really, really want to fuck you.” “Sure,” I say. “Lube and condoms are upstairs in my room, in a bag under the bed.” Still holding me aloft, he headed towards the stairs. “Which way?” “Uh… all the way down the hall, to the right,” I manage as his muscles flexed against me with each step up the stairs. He deposited me on the bed with surprising gentleness (but also with haste) and dug under the bed, pulling out the promised bag. “Hold on,” I say. “Lie on your back and let me do it.” Taking the bag from him, digging out the magnums and several packs of lube, tearing them open, and sliding the condom down his huge shaft. It fit… barely. I then slathered the lube up the enormous cock, feeling it twitch with surprising force and eliciting throaty moans from Kellan as he tossed his head back against my pillows and writhed. With a liberal helping of lube, I readied myself, noting that my butt did feel a lot more… muscular… than I remembered, and straddled his hips, gently lowering myself onto his shaft., wincing as I did. With painful slowness, I worked my way down, driving Kellan increasingly wild, his breath heavy and his bodybuilder’s chest heaving, his fair skin flushed to a rich rose hue and his dark hair tangled and framing his perfect face, until I was able to rest my thighs against his flanks, feeling his balls against my ass. Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I slid up, and then immediately back down, groaning deep in my throat as I felt Kellan filling me again. After a few more trips up and down his shaft, I felt like I could handle it and said, “OK, Kellan… take me!” A growl almost scarier than Gosser’s creepy rasp emerged from Kellan’s throat as he rolled his hips and slid into me, then rolled back out, then in again. “OOoooohhh, FUCK, YES,” he exhaled. “God, this is so tight! I’m not gonna last… ooooh… long!” “Oh wow! Uh… me neither,” I gasp, shocked, as I usually take awhile to get off when using anything but my hand. But I was fully erect (and was it my imagination, or was I bigger as well?) and dripping precum onto Kellan’s sculpted abs, which were gleaming with sweat. He reached up and slid his hands down my shoulders to the back of my arms, as if feeling my smaller, sleeker (but still mystically enhanced) biceps, and raised his head to lock his bright blue eyes with my dark brown ones. His expression was tender and wild and happy, and then I felt it… his cum gushing inside me, straining against the condom, somehow hitting me in just the right spot, triggering my own burst. I watched in surprise as my cock fired across the expanse of his torso, splashing onto his face and then over his head, against my wall, while I felt his juices slide down his shaft and pooling in his wiry dark pubic hair. He pulled me down, still riding his cock, holding me against his chest, and then kissed me long and deep, the motions of his tongue languid and graceful and sated as those of his new body. It took me awhile to pull myself together after being so thoroughly fucked, and I was enjoying just being held in Kellans muscular arms, when he shifted and said, “I don’t know how I feel about this…” Worried, I looked up at his face, and met his cyan gaze again, worried that he’d somehow gone from having a great time to having gay sex guilt, only to see a smile break over his face. “Do I want to fall asleep snuggling with you like this, do it again, or shower together and feel your hot hairy body all slick and soapy?” Deeply relieved that he wasn’t panicking, I pretended to think about it, stroking my chin, frowning, and narrowing my eyes. “Hmmm… all three?” “Works for me,” he rumbled, sending pleasant vibrations through his chest and cock into my body. “By the way, thought you should know something…” “What’s up?” I asked, stretching out on his hard body. “When we came, I could’ve sworn I saw some of your white flames fanning out behind your shoulders… and they were kinda sorta shaped like small wings.” Elsewhere, a woman who had been dressed as Marilyn Monroe the night before finished her ministrations on a couple of the monsters that had been reanimated to fight Gosser/Kellan the night before. They now looked like fully-living creatures, one with neon green scales and fins, one with scarlet feathers and a beak, and one with thick brown fur and tusks. She planted a kiss on each of their humanlike heads and announced, “There! All better!” If it was possible for the three monsters to blush, they would’ve, but at that instant a Barbie-sized androgynous creature with bat wings and a scorpion tail and tiny horns fluttered into the room. “Madam,” it said with all the formal air of a butler, “The spells you set up to watch your newly-discovered descendant show that he and the revenant from last night were successful in delivering the specter to the angel of death, and that they have formed an alliance to explore the supernatural… and a sexual liason, of sorts. You asked to be kept informed.” The woman flashed a perfectly white smile at the creature. “Thank you, imp. Yes, the boy will bear watching, especially if he can sing and attracted the attention of the archangels.” The three repaired monsters, exchanged a look, when the scaly one asked, “Um, Great One, we consider ourselves in our brother’s debt. Had he not possessed his Grigori ancestor’s talent for spells, we might not all have been brought back. Is he safe with the revenant? Even with the ghost gone, such creatures are…” “Problematic?” Finished ‘Marilyn’, with a wry smile. “I am aware. I do not share your debt… my gift of the dragon’s blood was sufficient reward for coming into his heritage, and he hasn’t shown any features of our side of the family just yet. Still, he could prove useful. And I am sure that if we continue to monitor his actions, we might find a way to bring him into the fold.” The feathered monster ruffled its winglike arms, and asked, “If it is just the two of them, are they likely to encounter much of the supernatural? I thought that their powers were both weakened by getting rid of the ghost. More experienced and sophisticated teams have sought out nonhuman intelligences before… there are whole television shows about them, after all.” The woman nodded. “True. Nevertheless, like calls to like. They two of them are already unable to stay away from each other… and together, they will draw the attention of others.” Her smile turned sharp, showing unusually pointed canine teeth. “Besides, I have it on good authority that things will get interesting for them next Halloween.” BESTIARY NOTES: These files are compiled from Quincy Gosser’s journal, independent research, and my own first hand experience with various paranormal and supernatural entities. I figure that if we are going to seek out the supernatural, we should leave a record of them so that others can learn from our experiences. The following creatures were encountered at the Higgins Manor. Sincerely, - A *Ghosts: Ghosts are some aspect of human LIFE that left such a powerful impression on the world that, at least a portion of the dead soul was unable to actually pass on. Ghosts are unique among undead in that they do not haunt places where their bodies are buried so much as places where they had a vivid emotional experience. This experience is often a complicated and tragic death, or some place that they loved and made their own in life, or a particular conflict or declaration that left echoes through time. It seems that ghosts are not actually creatures of death, per se, but of life. There is some debate about whether or not ghosts are actually the spirits/souls of humans, or whether they are just memories and recordings. In support of the latter theory, ghosts do not change, ever. They are as focused on their goals, their “unfinished business”, or their emotional moments fifty or a hundred years later as they are the moment after they died. Many ghosts have powers that would be described as “psychic”: telekinetic “poltergeist activity,” manipulating the minds and senses of others, possession, etc. When they do create illusions and phantasms, it is usually of their defining event in life. These illusions can be particularly vivid, with some people reporting cases not unlike time travel, experiencing some historical moment that shaped the creation of the ghost as if they’d actually been there. Ghostly possession is usually not as serious as demonic possession. Ghosts, however, show a peculiar ability to pick up greater power the longer they exist and are recognized. Some of what we consider pagan gods or elementals might actually have been ghosts at some point… ghosts who finally changed themselves, or gained some supernatural power and a lasting legend beyond their human identities. However, just as not every elderly individual lives to be 100 years old, not every ghost is remembered beyond the lives of their immediate descendants. Ghosts gain power from human energies and attentions, which is why they are so concerned with haunting humans, particularly if it furthers their goals. Ghosts can be reasoned with, however, and logic does work on them. They also seem to be weakened by the presence of people who don’t believe in ghosts (but strengthened by those people who do believe… and ghosts are possibly the most believed-in paranormal entity out there, second only to God). Many ghosts are essentially harmless… but ghosts, like people, are individuals, and they can be fearsome if roused to action. Many ghosts, it should be noted, do not know or accept their deaths, being far more concerned (or obsessed) with their lives. Fortunately, there are a number of rituals, sounds, prayers, and natural elements that can be used to exorcise or calm ghosts. Unfortunately, such things are considered superstition among many modern societies. With a ridiculous number of fake psychics and mediums out there, finding something that works against ghosts is very difficult. Note that ghosts are only ghosts in the mortal world. If you somehow find your way to an afterlife, the spirits there are often referred to as Shades, Saints, and Ancestors. *Revenants: Straddling the border between ghosts and vampires or liches (which are primarily a convention of fantasy rather than folklore), Revenants are undead spirits that manifest in some form of body, usually their own (though sometimes that of someone else). Revenants tend to have many powers similar to ghosts, as well as an effect on the life around them. Such effects include manifestations of plagues in formerly healthy villages, unusual behavior in animals and people, and a certain inexorable threat to the safety of a large number of people. Attacking or destroying the original body of a revenant, especially with the same rituals used against ghosts or vampires, can be a surefire way of both destroying the revenant and cleansing its influence from the area (miraculous recoveries all around are common afterwards). Kellan is a special case, in that, though he is definitely a revenant, the ghost that possessed him wanted to improve his physical health instead of detracting from it. His system has been permanently marked by the dark ritual and the huge amount of ectoplasm Gosser flooded his body with, though, and this has resulted in some unusual powers, even for a revenant. His connection to me, stemming from my interference in the ritual’s progress, might have muddied the waters as well. Since he has been rid of Gosser’s influence, we’ve primarily noticed that these powers, like my own, tend to be stronger around other supernatural influences, rather than being consistently present. Also, Kellan remains alive, though I have suspicions that he might now have a much longer lifespan than most people… assuming he doesn’t antagonize any paranormal entities too much. Besides, I’ll be watching his back. *Angels: “Do not be afraid.” The traditional image of angels as winged people, or little flying babies is very popular, but not exactly accurate. Angels are often depicted with wings to indicate their spiritual nature, but that rule holds true for fairies, pegasi, and many other entities as well. In fact, if angels do have a presence in the world, popular legends suggest that they look like, or disguise themselves, very much like humans. The true forms of angels are probably difficult to perceive from our limited senses, and are usually described as intricate chimerae, with features of lions, eagles, oxen, snake, humans, wheels, and more. For instance, the word “Seraphim” derives from the same root as “Serpent,” and these “burning ones” might possibly be the celestial dragons of the Far East through another cultural lens. The origins of Cherubim actually describe creatures like the Shedu or Lamassu or sphinxes of other legends, with the bodies of beasts like lions and bulls. Angels are often described as having many eyes, being sources of light, and having an unusual number of heads, wings, and mouths. It is uncertain if they work through humans (possessing them, perhaps) or create human bodies and identities for themselves from thin air. What is known is that the main body of angels has been split at least twice. The angels that followed the Adversary (the devil… it is somewhat confusing as to what he was called when he served God, since sources disagree) have been thrown into the mix of creatures collectively known as demons, and instigated a major conflict in heaven itself. They are now banished to Hell, and are generally not considered “angels” any longer. The rebellious Grigori, on the other hand, are a bit more ambiguous, since they didn’t actually fight with the other servants of Heaven. Angels seem to be constantly linked to the Chorus, which some Nephilim can perceive and join as well, and in this sense, they are working to uphold reality in some fashion that is appropriate to their roles as God’s servants. That said, angels seem to be responsible for a number of religions, but they don’t seem to have any actual preferences (Gabriel is supposed to have heralded the founding of Christianity and Islam, for instance). Also, Angels serve as a buffer between the world and God… such an effective one that even most of the supernatural creatures I have encountered since the night at the Higgins Manor have no idea if God, Heaven, and Hell exist or not. Angels seem to have a number of roles. Attempts to classify angels and assign them a hierarchy have been conflicting and confusing at best. The Seraphim are the highest rank of angels… or the fourth highest. The archangels are only the second lowest rank, but they somehow command all the other angels. None of the Powers have ever fallen from grace, but the devil might have been chief of the powers. It might be easier to describe angels by their actions in general rather than assigning one type to particular roles. Angels are Messengers. They are Guardians. They are Warriors. They are Healers. They are Guides. They are Psychopomps. They are even devil’s advocates and tempters, testing people at times (and there are some suggestions that the devil’s fall is actually orchestrated simply for the purpose of testing humans, and that the supposed War in Heaven is an act). Beyond anything else, angels are inscrutable. They are also powerful. Nothing says “beware” like an entity that is really on a mission from God. Their unusual features and vast abilities are likely why many of them are depicted as telling humans to not be afraid. But if they are fearful and maddening to view in their true forms, it puts legends of certain ancient gods and H.P. Lovecraft’s insane horrors in a very different light. That said, angels are not infallible and they are not perfect. Too many of them have fallen or rebelled for that to be the case, and they have since been strictly limited in what they are and are not allowed to do, particularly in the world of the living. They are vulnerable to pride, lust, and envy, and possibly other sins, and their role in upholding reality means they can’t create too many ripples. Angels much prefer to work through other agents unless demons are involved. *Nephilim: “Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:1-4 Nephilim are the descendants of Angels (mainly the Grigori, or Watchers, an entire choir of angels who were supposed to guide, teach and protect humanity) and Humans. Apparently, the Grigori found human women attractive, and abandoned their divine mission to have lovers among the human population. Each of the Grigori supposedly shared divine secrets with humanity, perhaps secrets which mankind was not meant to know. Their offspring, the Nephilim, were usually described as giants (Goliath, for instance, is supposed to be a nephilim), and many of them lived in Canaan. There is some suggestion that the demigods (Heracles, Helen of Troy, Gilgamesh, etc) of other cultures were also nephilim, but records are scarce. Supposedly, the vast majority of Nephilim died out in the biblical flood, which was sent to wipe them from the earth after their culture had become corrupt and spread its influence to the surrounding human tribes. The Grigori themselves were “bound in the valleys of the earth, under darkness, until Judgment Day.” Without the Grigori to support them, and with their population almost wiped out, the Nephilim never really recovered as a civilization, though there is some suggestion that both royal bloodlines (especially those that espoused “Divine Right” to rule) and some of the more outrageous mutations in the human population are a result of lingering nephilim lineage. I find the theory that all gifted and talented people have Nephilim blood to be rather dismissive and belittling of the true gifts of humanity as a species, as well as grossly overestimating the number of nephilim that remain. According to the journal, only a few families remain that have even the potential to manifest nephilim genes, and of those that do, few every realize that potential. Many people in nephilim families go their entire lives without a clue that they are in any way different. Abilities-wise, Nephilim are gifted. They possess the human capacity for free will, and have no real weaknesses (though some have individual fatal flaws) aside from a tendency towards corruption and a feeling of discomfort with their status between humanity and angels (leading many to pursue apotheosis). Nephilim are stronger and have greater endurance than humans, and their lifespans can stretch for hundreds of years. Nephilim have a surprising presence that they are often not fully aware of, which might manifest as good looks, hideousness, charisma, leadership, or fading into the background. Nephilim also tend to have some sort of talent that is extremely powerful. All nephilim are immune to both human magics (many of which were originally taught by the Grigori) and other supernatural senses. Some scholars claim that this invisibility to scrying derives from nephilim being unnatural creatures who were never part of the Divine Plan. I wonder if perhaps, as links between both the physical and spiritual world, we somehow blend in. Nephilim also inherit some ability related to their ultimate angelic ancestor. For instance, my ancestor, Armaros taught men “the resolving of enchantments,” so I was able to alter and break some of Quincy Gosser’s spells. Another nephilim, descended from Chazaqiel or Azazel, might have some talent for manipulating the weather or weapons and armor and cosmetics and jewelry, respectively. Nephilim can sometimes manifest the natural powers of their angelic ancestors, but usually only if they encounter angels who unlock those powers. These powers include second sight/ESP, wings, a boost to strength and endurance, and heavenly fire and light. Nephilim also have the potential to hear and join the Chorus, a musical representation of reality itself, maintained by the angels. Those that can sing in this fashion are capable of altering the rules of the world around them, however, singing for unimportant reasons can draw negative attention from angels, and sometimes the rest of the Chorus opposes an individual song, rendering changes to reality impossible. Overuse of the Chorus is also possible, especially for beginners, and can make it difficult for a nephilim to sing without extensive periods of rest. Generally, alterations of the Chorus are subtle and temporary, and tend to involve changing the rules of a situation instead of raw creation or destruction (though such effects are possible). For instance, an angel using the Chorus to rescue a human from a burning building could rule that the inhabited parts of the building are fireproof and cool to the touch and smoke free for the duration of the human’s escape, only to collapse behind him once safely outside. A nephilim using the Chorus to create a vast fortune for herself would probably find the attempt exhausting and pointless (all the money might be monopoly money, or obvious counterfeits, or it might be stolen almost immediately). *Marilyn Monroe: ? I have my suspicions about “Marilyn,” but whatever she is (aside from related to me, somehow), there are currently too few clues to be certain. Sure, there are hundreds of supernatural women, witches, demons, goddesses, and spirits that assume female form out there. About the only thing I know about her is that she knows Azrael, has access to dragon’s blood, somehow knew what I’d been reading (or manipulated luck to cause me to read that reanimation spell), and can teleport both herself and other things. She seems to have some limitations involving how much she can influence people, so maybe she’s a fallen angel or demon of some sort? I admit I am somewhat loathe to go asking around, both because she is powerful enough to spook Gosser and I’d rather not antagonize her, and because I already found out I’ve got one of the Grigori in my background… I’m not sure I want to know just what else is hidden in my family tree. This post has been promoted to an article
  20. Weremuscle

    macro Hypnosis Does A Body Good

    A C has been pumping iron for years and is pleased with his progress. He started out as a skinny 18 year old and continuously grew from that point for about 6 years. His strength tripled with the help of a lot of supplements and hard work, but he has to work on his diet too. His stomach is an eyesore and doesn’t like to go shirtless despite the fact that he has 22” arms and a colossal barrel chest. He has been working on his legs extra hard lately to get them up to the size of his upper body. They don’t look ripped, but the thickness of them makes him feel really good. The redhead doesn’t shave his body hair either and likes to stay au natural despite a lot of the ladies opinions. He admits that he doesn’t have time to date to his friends on occasion because he wants to focus on growing even more. He recently added hypnosis into his routine to see if it would help him work harder on making new goals and to possibly help with his diet to reduce his gut. He heard from some guys at his gym that it could actually help him grow bigger after taking the class, but the results would vary depending on how much he wanted it. A C has attended every class over the last several Mondays and is about to finish up. He isn’t as tired anymore after he leaves the gym from an intense two-hour workout since he started taking the hypnosis course. His muscles feel pumped to the max and he can get an erection from the sight of seeing himself in the mirrors. His energy level has increased since then too. The instructor always does one-on-one sessions with the athletes to customize their needs and wants. With the last session this Monday night, A C is extra motivated. He decides to get his workout in before the class in case afterwards he wants to do something else to celebrate. For the last session, the instructor puts him under and asks him very specific questions about his goals and why he feels the need to get bigger. A C tells the instructor that it is his destiny to be huge and powerful and he won’t stop until he gets there. After this admission, the instructor wakes him from his coma and the session ends. A C feels like a ton of stress has been lifted from his conscience and leaves the facility to return home. Still feeling pumped from his earlier work out, he rubs his hairy chest and flexes his thick biceps feeling the soreness running deep inside. He almost feels horny from the touch; he loves being big and only wants to be bigger. He has never been satisfied with his 6’1 height, but to be wide and powerful would more than make up for it. He gets home a few minutes later and walks into his bedroom. Every morning he would always get up to walk over to his body length mirror to examine himself and flex. Now for the first time ever, he would do it at night. When he stands in front of it, he is wearing a white tank with Labrada Laboratories on it. He still has on his grey shorts and black boxers. The flip flops he is wearing are black with a green stripe on the sides. He starts to smile and do his normal posing routine: double bi, back, crab, and whatever else he learned from his trainer a few months back. The posing actually makes him feel more confident than before since he can’t keep his eyes off of his pumped chest. He pulls the tank off to stare at his huge hairy pecs bouncing up and down and getting all pumped. He feels them jumping around in his hands and it gets his juices flowing throughout his entire body. He starts flexing his biceps and can feel the testosterone starting to increase. The overwhelming sensations make him want to dominant someone and tell them to worship him. Since no one is around though, the only person he can do that with is himself in the mirror. He starts to trash talk his reflection making himself feel incredibly powerful. Now dripping with sweat and getting a lot warmer, A C strips off his grey shorts to check out his huge quads. He flexes them taking in their diamond-shaped beauty and attempts to make them ripple. As he does so, he starts to implore his body to react to his demands. The tingling sensations he has been feeling for the last twenty minutes have now moved deeper into his body as he feels the soreness in his muscles beginning to subside. He can’t get over the fact that he isn’t sore anymore, but his muscles are remaining so pumped. A C feels his heart pumping harder than before as the blood starts circulating through every inch of him. He looks down at his hands hearing an odd sound coming from them. Are they growing? The sounds they are making are actually the fingers stretching and making more room to accommodate the added weight. It is not a painful feeling, but rather it itches. He laughs at what is transpiring. He feels his blood inching up to his wrists making them swell exposing the veins that will start the trail up his arms. He moans as he feels them pulsate and grow larger under the skin. The sensation gets stronger as he notices his forearms thickening up and making all kinds of stretching sounds. With the feeling now moving up to his biceps and triceps, A C begins to roar in anticipation as he watches intently as he 22” guns shine in the light. The big vein sitting on the peaks of both biceps begins to stick further out and appears to be growing larger. He feels the blood rushing through both of them making him bounce his biceps. He starts to agonize as the decent sized horseshoe in his triceps pulls wider and bigger taking up more space than before. The veins grow from what were straws into small garden hoses. The pleasure he is getting from his growing arms is sending his cock into a euphoric state as he starts to leak precum in his boxers. He laughs as he watches his biceps popping not once but twice growing larger, thicker, and wider. It has now moved to his shoulders making him go absolutely wild. He has cannonball sized shoulders to begin with, and can now feel them filling up with blood. He looks from side to side as each fiber expands and stretches bigger and bigger growing into his delts pushing higher than before. His blood has now made its way into his neck where his carotids begin to stick out further than before. The huge veins start making more space inside for more blood to flow. A C can feel every single change occurring. While he has some hair on his head, what is there is starting to fall out as he feels his head literally swelling up and getting thicker. He moans in agony as not only the sound is overwhelming but the feeling of the muscles in his head thickening up makes him nearly fall to the ground. He manages to keep staring into the mirror to watch what happens next. His neck continues to stretch and widen making bull necks look tiny. He knows now that it will start moving down his chest. After finishing its trip inside his neck, his blood starts to travel slowly down the ridge above his huge pecs all hairy and soaked with sweat. He loves the feeling of his pecs all swollen and sore, but this is unlike anything he has felt before. The sensation is beyond ecstasy as his chest heaves in and out with anticipation of its growth cycle. He feels his pecs expanding outward pushing his massive arms out further than before. His nipples drape even further down with this change. He squeals in delight as his nipples are being manipulated, growing wider. The hair on his chest is falling off because of his excessive growth. His cock shoots a thick white load into his boxers as his nipples expand. The thickness of each pec creates shadows under each curve. Tears stream down his face as he feels his gut starting to morph. The fat around his middle is beginning to dissipate as he feels his waist tighten to a level he has never felt before. It frightens him at first until he feels every single muscle in his abdominal cavity start to thicken and harden. He watches as his obliques, stabilizers, and abdominals start popping growing with each sound. He rubs each individual ab feeling the fibers swelling up into thick marble slabs. His legs are unable to support his weight and they buckle on him, making him fall to the ground. This makes his house shake to the point that it leaves cracks in the floor. He laughs and wants so much more. His blood starts to move to his back. He can feel his lats starting to react so he spreads them. The tingling sensation makes him squirm as he hears them stretching, growing bigger, thicker, wider. His back cracks making his spine stretch. He can feel himself getting taller. He yells as his traps make an explosive sound and start growing bigger and bigger making him have to put his hands on the floor to handle the extreme changes. He hears multiple pops moving down his back as the muscle fibers around his spine swell and stretch growing massive. The area at his lower back stretches tighter making his waist look smooth and fibrous. The blood is now moving further down into his pelvic region. He tries to stand up, but the weight of his upper body prevents it so he just stares into the mirror while on his knees. He rises up enough to pull down his boxers to where he can see his pelvis. The fat pocket that was there before has disappeared revealing tighter almost veiny muscles that are pulling his pubic hairs out. He feels his ass starting to thicken even more. His hard butt is stretching further away from his body. He turns to his side and sees his boxers being stretched to their limits. Each individual seam is literally being pulled apart by his growing ass cheeks. His boxers eventually fall off of him revealing his throbbing cock now engorged with blood. It is hairless now with his transformation. He can feel more blood moving down insides his legs into his quads, hamstrings, and calves. The anticipation makes him start growling uncontrollably. He loves the feeling he gets when he works his quads anyway and this will heighten his pleasure. Each individual muscle fiber in his quads have started to pop and pull their way up and out swelling up even more. He feels both quads stretching, growing further outwards getting thicker. His cock immediately points up at the mirror and squirts a huge rope of precum on to the mirror. He moans as his hamstrings swell bigger and bigger pushing him further off the ground. He is able to stand now and take in the rest of his changes. Now his calves have started to react, stretching further beyond his fibulas. They grow to nearly twice their size and glisten in the light. It doesn’t stop here as the blood finally meets up with his feet while he is still wearing his flip-flops. He looks down to watch his toes swell thickening up and crushing his footwear. The change is almost complete as he growls staring at all of his new equipment. He feels incredibly horny after this incredible experience and feels all kinds of tingling sensations starting at the base of his cock. A C was decently equipped to begin with, but with his massive growth, his penis suddenly looks smaller. The tingling moves into his ballsac making him squeal in delight. It feels so good that he wants to cum a thousand times, but can’t do so. He watches in the mirror as his testicles start filling out and growing bigger making more veins and capillaries to accommodate their new size. His sack is now stretched tight where it was loose before. He can feel the overwhelming sensation of his prostate being stimulated by his testicles creating more cum. He shoots another rope of precum coating the mirror again. He wipes it with his huge hand and gives it a taste before moaning. The blood inside his penis finally makes its move and begins to transform it. After hearing it pop, A C agonizes as his cock starts to stretch and thicken getting wider and harder than before. He can feel it lengthen from the inside added several inches. He was never hung before, but after this change, his cock can now bob up and down with each contraction. Raging with sexual lust and power, A C wants more as his mind intensifies its need for additional stimulation. He continues to leak more precum into huge puddles on the floor in front of him. The sequence he just went through must have added at least 50 pounds to his 260 pound frame. While he has been able to channel his emotions well, his need for more muscle is stronger than ever. He manages to get back into position in front of the mirror and does a most muscular. The veins and arteries on his entire body start to bulge and fill up with extra blood. He senses the hair on his body beginning to grow back. It starts on his head and moves its way all the way down. The bristling sound it makes sends him into another round of ecstasy. His reddish brown body hair comes back in thicker than ever covering everything. He strokes it lovingly as he looks at the dark reddish brown facial hair forming a beard on his face. He smirks noticing how perfect it looks on his chiseled face. His eyes have even changed to a golden brown color which he admires. He feels the short stubbly hair on his head and glides his huge hands across it looking at its red tinted tips. He finds himself incredibly attractive at this point, but he can’t help but to want more. He rubs his hands together to prep himself for the next phase. A C takes a deep breath and tenses his body. He flexes his neck and chest like he is trying to lift a car and looks up in the air. His 6’5 frame starts to make sounds that he has never heard before. He yells in pain as he feels himself growing taller again this time moving faster than before. His huge back pops multiple times making him rise higher and higher. His voice is now getting ridiculously deep as it rumbles the walls in his bedroom. They shake to the point that anything on them falls to the ground. His pain goes beyond what he is feeling now and instead is replaced by constant tingling. His normal human proportions are going to end if he doesn’t stop. He goes past the 7’ mark and realizes that he no longer cares if his house exists anymore. He reaches his hulking arms out to touch the side walls that are now getting closer and closer. His hunger makes him shoot the load sitting in his growing balls on to the mirror. It falls and shatters into hundreds of pieces. His muscles continue to stretch and pull their way out further from where they were before. He laughs as his growing frame runs into his bed pushing it towards the wall. He knocks over the lamp on his side table and puts his fist through it. It is like paper crumbling as the drawers disintegrate and the underwear inside it just goes flying everywhere. His bed finally reaches a wall and starts to buckle making the wood start to split. It finally breaks as his immense chest goes through it. He feels himself getting close to the ceiling which means he has to be close to 8’ now and nearly 600 pounds. The floorboards in his bedroom start to break under his weight. He can’t help but to shoot another massive load hitting the back wall and putting a giant hole in it. Incredibly he is still coherent inside his gigantic muscular head. He wants desperately to bust through a wall or maybe the ceiling. His growth seems to have stopped too as the strange sounds have ceased. A C is practically immobile since he is now underneath the floorboards. He tries to climb out of his trench, but just breaks more in his path. This makes him a tad irritated even though he wanted this more than anything. He starts making his way over to the corner of the room busting up every floorboard and piece of furniture in his way. A C grabs a hold of the bottom edge of the corner and starts lifting up. His 35” cannons flex making beach balls look small. He feels the side of the room starting to creak as he pushes the house away from the foundation. The walls begin to fall apart as he hears his bedroom windows starting to break. This makes him start to precum again as his two foot schlong lies in a giant puddle of goo. He roars as he launches the wall up into the air sending debris everywhere in his yard. His bedroom is almost nearly destroyed except for the closet on the other side of the room. He attempts to run towards it making a path all the way there under the floor. He manages to get underneath the carpet beneath his entire closet to get his gargantuan back into position. When he is ready, he moves up on it like he is using his closet as a press. The sound of wood and nails breaking and flying is heard through the neighborhood. He growls as he is able to detach the entire closet and throws it down. The feeling is enough to make him moan as his cock sprays the grass now in front of his massive feet. He remembers that his house is not on the foundation anymore and attempts to push it completely off. A C manages to get free from under the floor and waddles over to the corner where his kitchen is on the outside of the house. He puts all of his strength into it and starts moving it. The sound of stuff crashing through the house is enough to make him growl as he watches his one story house crumbling with each inch he moves it. He can’t help but to be aroused uncontrollably by this. He shoots multiple ropes of hot sticky cum all over the siding showing his dominance. He wonders what will happen now though since he just destroyed his own house. What will the neighbors think? Check out the sequel story here:
  21. Okay, gang, here is the second story casting Michael Fitt as a super-hero. If you want to a look at what the real Mike is like, visit this thread: Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Internet is certainly filled with guys who like to flex for cameras. Streaming video and rippling muscles seem to go together like few things ever had. Of course, to all but a very few, Michael Fitt seemed just another hot guy who liked to bounce his pecs and flex his biceps for the members of his site. A few trusted longtime members knew exactly how special he was and helped him keep that secret. One evening, during his regular chat, Mike's only chatters were these few. Mike thought it odd, but didn't say anything other than how glad he was to spend time with his VIPs. The next week, it was the exact same folks. Even stranger. As he was signing off, he asked one particular member if he would mind instant messaging him after the chat ended. To save time, Mike used his telepathic powers to contact that VIP. The VIP didn't know for sure what was going on, but kind of suspected something about a guy who called himself Todd The Muscle God. He had been a big sensation, coming out of nowhere to have over a million followers on YouTube. The VIP said he thought this Todd person was hot, but didn't understand why everyone seemed hypnotized by him. “Thanks, man, I appreciate your help,” Mike told him. What he didn't tell his VIP was that his protection was reason he didn't give in to Todd's charms. He couldn't let anything happen to them, but he could only protect a few people that way. “This is definitely a job for Super-Fitt,” Mike said as his Super-Fitt costume appeared on his body. A check of Todd's page confirmed everything. He was a very handsome dark-haired young man with a very buff, well-defined body, not unlike Mike's, but with more hair. He had videos posted on his main page where he flexed his muscles and commanded people to give him money. Now, there was nothing wrong with this in theory, if the person doing the “hypnotizing” was merely using suggestion, giving a show and playing cocky. On the other hand, this guy needed a little investigation. Clicking on the “Members” link, of course led to a dialog box asking for a user name and password. That's what mortals would need for access, but Super-Fitt has his ways of doing things. The members page showed that a chat was in progress. There was Todd The Muscle God, sitting before the camera, bouncing his pecs and dreamily saying, “That's is, slaves. Show tribute to your master. All your money, everything you own, everything you have is mine!” Todd was hardly the first Internet muscle guy to say this. But this seemed different. Sure enough, he looked at his screen “Ah, ten thousand dollars from ILoveToddFlexing.” You're a good little slave. You get to live and serve me another week.” Then Todd looked up from his screen. “There's someone else watching. Someone who is not a slave.” He grinned. “Inferiors, I'm going to cut this short tonight. I have someone I need to talk to.” He tapped his keyboard. Super-Fitt's screen went blank, but a voice came in his head. “If you're who I think you are, you can hear me just fine right now. And you shouldn't have any trouble finding me.” In the next instant, Super-Fitt teleported himself to Todd's room where he was still sitting by his computer. “Super-Fitt,” Todd smiled evilly, “Or should I say Michael Fitt? I knew you'd come looking for me.” “What's your story, 'Todd The Muscle God'? You're not just acting cocky and demanding money. You're controlling these guys!” Todd smiled more evilly. “And why shouldn't I? You of all people should understand that?” “Oh?” asked Super-Fitt. “I can control people's minds, but what you can do! I don't think I could begin to understand your power.” Todd shook his head. “But you're all Boy Scout about it! Always trying to help people. What a waste!” “That guy you were just talking to. You told him he could live to serve you another week. What was that about?” “My slaves are mine to do with as I wish. If they don't give me what they want, then they do as I command them. If that means sacrificing themselves for me, so be it.” “You have them kill themselves?” Super-Fitt was incredulous. “Oh, I haven't had anyone do that yet, but they need the discipline. If they don't please me, they need to be punished. They're mine.” “You are sick, man!” “Oh, come off it!” Todd fumed. “You could do the same if you wanted! I have a proposition for you!” Super-Fitt was taken aback a bit. “You have a proposition for me?” “We could rule this world together! With your powers and mine together, we could have every nation on Earth groveling within a few hours!” “Why would I do that?” A yet more evil smile appeared on Todd's face. “I'm sure you know that I've got several of your members under my control. With a thought, I could have every one of them walk into the middle of the nearest freeway.” Super-Fitt thought a moment. “No, you couldn't.” “What do you mean by that?” Calmly, Super-Fitt said “I saw how you work. They need to see you or be near you for you to command them. That's why you bother with the cam shows.” “So I'll summon them and have them come back right now!” “Not on that thing you won't!” Super-Fitt bounced his pecs toward at Todd's computer, which promptly exploded in a hail of confetti. “You dare...” Todd began, full of rage. Super-Fitt smirked. “I dare! You love making people feel small,don't you? Maybe you need to know what that feels like.” With that, Super-Fitt, bounced his pecs again and then opened his index finger and thumb and slowly brought them together. As Todd began to shrink, he started screaming. “Hey! You can't do this to me! I'm Todd The Muscle God! My slaves are loyal to me!” Within a minute, Todd was three inched tall. Super-Fitt, now appearing to be a giant before him, picked him up in his right hand. “Are they now?” Super-Fitt brought Todd up and held him against his left pec and bounced it. “Not any more they're not. I've taken away your powers!” “What?” cried tiny Todd. “I can't hear the voices! They're all gone! What do I do now?” “Well, what I'm going to do is go home and undo every one of those financial transactions the guys you had under your control made so they all get their money back. As for you, I'd say just watch out for your cat.” He nodded toward Todd's grey tabby who had just entered the room. As Super-Fitt teleported away, he heard tiny Todd saying. “Nice kitty! Nice kitty!”
  22. Baring Bones: A Halloween Story - Chapter 3 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 4 (and Bestiary Notes) ------------------------- I gradually regained some sense of self, feeling suspended in darkness. It was like being under water, except it lacked the joy I’ve always experienced swimming in pools or riding the waves in the ocean. Instead of that buoyancy, the weightlessness I was experiencing felt heavy, immobilizing me instead of enabling me to move in three dimensions. Nothing was visible except my own body, drifting helplessly. A sudden fear struck me. “Am I… dead?” Instantly the darkness boomed with a strangely familiar voice… the deepest and richest of the voices from the chorus earlier. “NO, CHILD, YOU ARE NOT DEAD… THOUGH NOT FOR LACK OF TRYING. YOUR BLOODLINE’S FIRST ATTEMPT AT JOINING THE CHOIR SINCE BEFORE THE DAWN OF HISTORY, AND YOU TRY TO REVERSE… WELL, ME? I KNOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT NOTHING OF YOUR GIFTS, AND ARE ONLY LEARNING IN RESPONSE TO THE IMMEDIATE THREAT OF THE SPECTRE, BUT TRYING TO UNDO DEATH IS A LAST RESORT. LITERALLY.” My head pounded, both from the thunderous voice and my own condition. “So, you’re death, but I’m not dead? Is Claudia ok? Is Kellan?” “I AM… COMPLICATED. MY KIND DO NOT HAVE NAMES, ONLY TITLES. YOU MAY CALL ME THE HELPFUL ONE. YOU HAVE ASKED FOR HELP, AND IT HAS BEEN GRANTED. PART OF THAT ASSISTANCE IS THAT I WILL HELP RETURN YOU TO THE WAKING WORLD… BUT DO NOT RISK YOURSELF SO GREATLY IN THE FUTURE. CLAUDIA WILLIS IS ALIVE THANKS TO OUR INTERVENTION, BUT I WOULD NOT SAY SHE IS WELL. KELLAN IS CURRENTLY FREE OF THE SPECTRE’S CONTROL, BUT HE IS STILL A TARGET… AND THE LOST SOUL IS VERY CLOSE TO ACHIEVING HIS GOALS. YOU MUST LOCATE THE SPECTRE’S PHYSICAL REMAINS AND USE THEM TO SEPARATE HIM FROM HIS STOLEN POWER, AND SUMMON ME THROUGH THE CHORUS.” I was about to ask more questions, like “where are his physical remains” and “will this restore the drained partiers” and “what’ll happen to Kellan’s new muscles,” but suddenly the darkness lit, and I saw what I was talking to, and the sight was impossible, horrific, and strangely eye-catching! Hovering before me in the formerly lightless void was an enormous monster, whose body was made of billions of… eyes and tongues! Behind it, thousands of wings whirled as swiftly as a hummingbird’s, but I could somehow see all of them if I focused, making out every detail of red, green and silver feathers. An ancient-looking tome floated in front of it, and even as I watched, new words blazed onto the pages, as if being burned there by some unseen magnifying glass. Instead of a head, the monster had four faces, like floating masks. One was that of a child of indeterminate gender with faintly Asian or Native American features. The second was elderly and Caucasian, but so wrinkled with age that, again, I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. The third looked like an African or mixed heritage woman, with long hair that was braided on one side and cascaded loose on the other. The final face was my own, with a knowing smirk spread across his (my?) lips. All four faces opened their mouths, and the powerful voice spoke yet again, despite seeming to boom around me and not emerge from any of the lips. “TIME GROWS SHORT. YOU CANNOT REMAIN IN THIS STATE BETWEEN DEATH AND LIFE ANY LONGER WITHOUT PASSING ON PERMANENTLY, AND THERE ARE OTHER PLANS IN STORE FOR YOU. YOU WILL NEED THIS.” It began to sing, the music washing over me, and I found that I was wearing my costume wings, undamaged by the fishhooks, and that they spread, bearing me aloft on the river of sound, leaving the creature far behind. The next moment, I found myself in darkness again, but feeling something warm and hard cushioning and supporting me. I finally worked my eyes open, and found myself being held, bride-style, and nuzzled, by the new and improved Kellan, who was sitting in the passenger seat of his car. I twisted my head around and saw Claudia dozing on the back seat, but smiling, a healthy blush spread across her cheeks. Kellan shifted, and murmured as he came awake. “Heeyyyy… you’re awake. Feel ok?” He mumbled in my ear, making the hairs on the back of my neck raise in excitement. I couldn’t speak, but blushed and nodded. “Good.” He breathed in deeply, his beautiful face an inch from mine. “Thank you for saving Claudia and helping me yet again. I was out of control. But… you can’t hurt yourself. Whatever you just did, it nearly killed you… you weren’t breathing and didn’t have a heartbeat. I had to use CPR and rescue breathing on you until your chest started rising again. I brought us here to take a breather. But don’t you dare put yourself at risk like that again. What the hell happened? I thought I heard you humming and then you seemed to go into a trance. Then Claudia was healed and you came back for a moment before toppling over. Don’t do that to me again, man! I only just met you, and I want to keep you around for a looooong time.” I gulped at that last statement, but managed to nod in agreement. I then filled Kellan in on the out-of-body experience, the overwhelmingly beautiful chorus, and the insanity-inducing monster that helped me return Claudia to the world… and then did the same to me. At that point Kellan frowned. “Huh… I dozed off for a bit here in the car, and just woke up when you started stirring, so I didn’t notice it ‘til now… but your wings WERE tattered when I carried you here… and now they aren’t.” I froze at that revelation. “Really?” Kellan nodded, making the dark, wavy layers of his rock-star hair flop back and forth over his blue eyes. He reached out with his newly-muscled arm and pulled the door open, letting me slide out of his arms and stand (shakily) on my own two feet. The way he’d cradled my 6’2” frame in his football player’s arms was a bit weird, as I wasn’t used to being the shorter guy, much less being held by someone. However, as he stepped out of the car after me, I found myself looking up at a 7’1” hunk. He stretched, his biceps bulging in his torn black sleeves, his huge pecs warping the image of his costume’s ribcage, his nipples visibly erect through the fabric in the cool November air, and his shirt riding up to reveal his sculpted abs and a dark treasure trail showcased between his iliac furrow by his marble-pale skin. Once he finished stretching, he bent over, showing me the square shape of his muscle butt, while reaching into the car to retrieve my wings… good as new! “Weird,” I commented, running my fingers over the undamaged fabric of the black wings. “Just one more strange thing to add to an already bizarre evening.” Kellan nodded. “For sure. But hey man, it’s getting kinda chilly. I don’t think I’m feeling it as much as I should now that I’m supercharged with ghost lightning or whatever, but I bet you could use some more warmth. Lemme just get Claudia comfortable.” With that, he popped the trunk and grabbed some extra blankets, and quickly wrapped them around his girlfriend, making her shift and wake up, smile at him, and murmur something I couldn’t hear, before snuggling into the blankets as he closed the car to keep the cold air out. Kellan and I then headed up towards the bonfire. As we trudged uphill, I tilted my head and frowned, before asking, “You didn’t feel any drain, and Claudia was fine in the car? She didn’t get… sucked dry… like the other partiers?” Kellan shook his head back and forth, affirming that the instant-lifelessness effect I’d spotted earlier hadn’t occurred. “No… I didn’t feel anything, and Claudia’s fine. You didn’t see anything, did you?” After I confirmed that everything seemed fine when we were at the car, he relaxed. “I admit I was more focused on you and Claudia, so I wasn’t really looking around at anyone else… but now that you mention it, I didn’t hear any engines start or see any car lights. Maybe it’s just the fact that I was the one who opened the car, not Claudia, and this ghost thing needs me? Or maybe you burned it out back at the dance floor?” I shrugged, but then grimaced. “I wish… but you said you didn’t notice anyone leaving… I’d think that if the white flames had gotten rid of the ghost for good, they’d be back to normal. Besides… the big eyes-tongues-wings-faces creature said the ghost was still a threat.” As we approached the campfire, I could see the filaments of otherworldly light moving about … and somehow, I could hear them, like the hiss of the devil’s fiddle strings as he challenged Johnny for his soul. “And the threads of light are here, too… whatever’s going on, it’s not over,” I concluded. Kellan’s impressive shoulders slumped and he groaned in frustration. “Right. So, what’s the next step, besides getting toasty by the fire?” I blushed at the suggestion of “getting toasty” with the big guy, but tried to ignore it, hoping the darkness hid my reaction. “I’m not sure… the journal I found includes some descriptions about various supernatural effects and creatures, but aside from ghosts, I’m not really sure what to look for, and it’s not like this thing was written as an encyclopedia. Having to search through it… in Latin… is going to be time-consuming.” The bonfire’s warmth soaked into my skin, though the tinny noise of the glowing strings sent chills down my spine. Getting this close to the cords and knowing that I was the only one able to notice them was even more frightening than their deadliness. Kellan glanced in my direction, and he frowned, slinging a muscular arm over my shoulder, letting me lean back and rest my head on the curve of his bicep. “Hey, Angelo,” he asked in his richer, more resonant voice “Are you ok? If you’re still out of it from singing for Claudia or whatever it was you did, we could go to the main house instead and get you a couch to lie down on or something.” “Thanks,” I replied. “But I’m ok… it’s just creepy to see what I’m seeing, with the strings and all. I’m ok… just uneasy.” Kellan nodded, and squeezed my shoulder. “Ok… we can work with that.” He then shot an oddly mischievous look at me, and grinned. “Wanna hear what making out with Claudia felt like?” Assuming that non-sequitur was Kellan’s somewhat hearty, boyish way of distracting me with a change of subject, I shrugged and nodded. He seemed to take an almost puppylike glee in his new body and increased sexuality, and that excited energy seemed odd coming from a guy as big as a horse. I wondered just how greatly his personality and attitudes and even language had changed over the events of this evening. They way he was currently acting was a far cry from the terse, unwelcoming indie guy earlier. If we couldn’t figure out what was going on, how much more would he change? If we did solve the mystery, would he even want to go back? Before I could ponder these questions further, he began to speak, and I focused on his deep voice. “It was WILD, man,” the big guy enthused, his pale cheeks becoming slightly flushed, his eyes fluttering shut as he sank into the memory of his powerful body pressed against his girlfriend. “They were playing our song… ‘Beyond’ by Butterfly Three-Way. It was booming from the speakers and the air was hot as people danced around us. Claudia leaned against me and tossed her hair back, and my hands slid down her shoulders, feeling how fragile and tiny they seemed under my big hands. She smelled soooo good… shampoo with violets and cherries, perfume with I don’t know what in it, and all that.” As if being drawn back to that moment, he breathed deeply, his huge boxer’s chest inflating, the black fabric with painted-on ribcage stretching to try and accommodate the bulging muscles as they expanded. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that his muscles weren’t the only things expanding. In the glow of the bonfire, the black lycra of his pants shifted, and his already visible bulge started to grow larger and thicker as it stretched towards his right thigh. His voice, now sounding huskier than before, picked up again. “She pressed against my body, man, and she cooed… she actually cooed… when she felt how hard I was… I am. She said that she wanted to drive me over the edge right then and there… purred it into my ear, and then she raised her arms as if she wanted to be picked up. I could never do that before, but now, it just seemed right, like I’d always been able to do it… and like I’d done it a hundred times. I reached down, felt how light she was in my arms, and lifted her up to my chest. Feeling her body clinging to mine… it was soooo fucking hot, dude! Almost literally… I felt like I was on fire, or in a desert, or something, and every nerve was alive! It was freakin’ intense!” Now his stance had widened, and his package (still barely wrapped) was straining away from his body. Some of the girls (dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, Mad Hatter, Sweeney Todd, and Willy Wonka) seemed to have noticed, and were gossiping behind their hands and occasionally pointing at him, while others were fanning their faces and blushing, or looking longingly at it. Kellan took no notice, though his breathing was heavier, his face was flushed, and a trickle of sweat was running down his forehead. I also noticed that, despite the heat of the bonfire, his nipples were erect, and clearly visible as they pressed against the fabric of his costume. He reached up a big hand seemed to almost caress his pecs for a moment, before sliding his long, thick fingers down over his abs, brushing them over the fur of his treasure trail. Then, his hand froze and he went still. Kellan took a deep breath, then another, and then a third, before he was able to speak. “I… I think that’s when the thing… the mist, ghost thing… I think that’s when it struck. I just found myself unable to stop. It’s like nothing else mattered except feeling good and getting off… as hard as I could. I think I forgot Claudia even existed, except as a fuck toy or something. I’m… I’m not like that… I’m not!” Then he paused, before asking, “… am I?” Taking a deep breath to bring myself back from watching Kellan actually turn himself on, I collected my thoughts before speaking. “No… I don’t think you are someone who treats others as… uh… fuck toys. I think that, while you do like yourself this way, mostly, and you do like growing… that the ghost is trying to use you somehow… and its selfishness is overwhelming your normal personality while it tries to remake you. I think that if we can get rid of the ghost, you’ll be no more of a danger to society than… well, anyone else.” Kellan’s face broke out into a gentle grin. “Thanks Angelo… just hearing you think things through makes the whole situation a lot better. I’m glad I’ve got you watching my back.” He pulled me into a lingering, if one-armed, hug, and then leaned back. “So, what should we do first? Any other spots on the property you want to check out that might be haunted?” Just then, one of the guys by the fire, well into his cups and dressed like Super Mario, pushed his friend (dressed like Wayne from Wayne’s World), who pitched forward dramatically, almost knocking into me and spilling unidentifiable alcohol everywhere. I saw “Wayne” coming towards me, drops of liquid from his cup moving through the air in what seemed like slow motion before falling into the bonfire and making it blaze upward in a sudden burst of flames. At that moment, though I was off balance and leaning precariously towards the fire, I felt powerless… there was no music, no altered consciousness, no change in the sinister ribbons of light… just me, a mere mortal. However, if I was a mere mortal, that couldn’t be said for Kellan. His powerful arms slid down me and gripped my hips, lifting me up in the air and back from the flames… and a good two feet off the ground… without raising a sweat, before placing me on his shoulder. His skin was flushed, but not with exertion… he was angry! “WHAT THE HELL,” he roared at the drunk guys, so loudly that I thought for a second that the flames cringed and blew in the opposite direction, as if from a strong wind. “YOU’RE PLAYING AROUND A BONFIRE? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS? MY FRIEND COULD’VE BEEN BURNED!” The guys visibly quailed before the force of Kellan’s ire, but tried to drunkenly bluff their way through it. “C’mon mannn… we were jus’ havin’ fun. No harm meant,” slurred the one who’d done the initial pushing. His friend, however, wasn’t quite so smart. Filled with liquid courage, “Wayne” retorted, “’Sides, you may be big, but if you’re an ass bandit, you should get out of the way of a real man, fucker.” The conversation and laughs and exclamations of shock around the bonfire went silent. The “Mario” went white and tugged on his homophobic pal’s shoulder, trying to pull him back. But it was too late. Kellan took in a deep breath, the only sound besides the cackling of the flame to pierce the leaden silence. When he spoke, his words were measured but echoing, as if it was taking all of his musician’s eloquence and impressive restraint to speak calmly and not simply punch the guy… which, given the fact that he’d cracked a wall when he was less built, would be a very bad thing. “One. Gay people are real men and women. Two. They do not have to get out of the way of anyone, just because he thinks he’s hot stuff. Three. I’m not just big… I’m stronger than five of your drunken asses. Four. I’m not gay, but I have responsible, sober friends, including my pal here, who are. My friends are important to me. Five. If I see or hear of you mistreating anyone else at this party, it’ll go badly for you. Very badly.” “Wayne” clearly didn’t have a clue (or had pickled his brain cells) because he actually dared to retort, “Oh yeah? This’ a free country, you freak. What’re you gonna do about it? You lay a finger on me and I’ll make sure everyone knows you’re throwing your weight around.” From my perch on Kellan’s brawny shoulder, I could actually see his handsome face stretch into a smile that could’ve come from the same grave as his costume. “I don’t have to touch you, asshole. I’m stronger than that.” I felt his sinewy frame shift under me, and looking down, realized that he was raising his foot, almost in a bizarrely muscular parody of Captain Morgan… and then he slammed it down! Resting on his broad shoulder, I felt only a momentary shift of hard muscle beneath me, and Kellan had been braced for the force by his own power. Everything around us fared much worse, as a shockwave appeared to spread out from Kellan’s thunderous footstep, causing the logs of the bonfire to collapse in on themselves, sending sparks blazing high into the night sky and knocking Wayne, Mario, the assorted female Johnny Depps, and the other people around the fire to the ground. Squeals and shouts of shock and outrage, spilled drinks, and a cloud of dirt fill the air, though not high enough to reach me, perched on top of Kellan’s 7 foot body. “Now,” boomed Kellan’s voice. “Apologize. Or. Get. The. Hell. Away. From. US!” The drunken jerk from earlier scrambled, almost crab-walking, to back away from my new friend as if the hounds of hell were after him, and his friend split as well. The conversation picked up again as Kellan reached up and gently lowered me to the ground, and looked me over, as if examining me for any damage. “Hey, sorry about that, Angelo…” he murmured, leaning down to bring his face closer to mine. “I’m sure you could’ve handled that punk, but he got on my nerves. Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you when I picked you up or something, did I?” I finally got my tongue to work, and stammered, “ Uh... n-no, b-but, GEEZ! When did you figure out you could do that with one stomp of your foot?” My “hero” frowned, looking throughtful. “Huh… I don’t know… I mean, obviously I’m way stronger than I should be, even with these muscles,” he continued as he flexed one of his biceps, showing off the veins snaking across the muscle. “But I just suddenly knew I could do that... creepy!” The sight of the hunk shuddering at his uncanny knowledge of his abilities broke the image of the furious Hercules from a few moments ago, and I had to smile even as I thought about the possibilities. “Huh… the monster I encountered said that the ghost had goals involving you, and that’s why it keeps going after you… maybe it’s trying to prepare you for something it wants you to do? So it’s giving you these abilities and the knowledge … muscle memory, maybe… to use them? Can you think of anything else that you can do with your strength?” Kellan closed his eyes and seemed to take a moment of thought, before shaking his head. “No… I don’t think I even knew I could do that foot-stomp thing until I was angry enough to do it. If I can do other stunts like that, I don’t think I’ll know about it until they come up somehow.” Then we were interrupted, as one of the ladies (dressed as Victor from the Corpse Bride) came forward, blushing through her pale makeup, and said, “That was pretty awesome, the way you stood up to that jerk. He’s been hitting on my friends and I all night, and it’s cool that your friend has someone like you to look out for him.” Kellan smiled down at her, and chuckled. “Nah, you got it all wrong… this guy’s my guardian angel… he looks out for me. I just try to return the favor when I can.” He then nodded to me, “Hey, Angelo, do the wing thing!” Always willing to show off my costume, I tugged the strings that caused my dark wings to unfold and fan the air, and the girl clapped enthusiastically. “That’s incredible! Can you guys take a picture with my friends and I?” Kellan laughed this time. “Sure… though I gotta warn you, I’ve got a girlfriend, and my pal here appreciates the, uh, less-fine sex, as you might’ve overheard.” There was a lot of booing and teasing and pouty faces (seeing Captain Sparrow pout through fake facial hair was somewhat unnerving), but we all lined up and the girls roped a passing witch into taking pictures of the whole group, facing the fire. The light hurt my eyes a bit, and I had to force myself to keep from squinting, holding my face in a wide, fragile-seeming smile. Surrounded by the enthusiasm of the girls, with Kellan by my side, I felt glad that I’d come to the party, even if it’d been one weird event after another, and began to relax… a moment too soon. As the girls dispersed, the fire abruptly blazed green, and from their depths emerged a spindly, wraithlike figure of emerald luminescence. With long, wickedly taloned fingers and skeletal features, it reached out towards me… or towards Kellan. Its claws poured jade fire towards my new friend, and I tried to deflect them, only to see the streams separate and slide around my outstretched arm, like a river moving around a stone! I looked around, hoping that the ghost’s public actions would attract some attention from the others, but the Johnny Depp Girls had all gone inside to get new drinks, and the new people standing around the bonfire didn’t seem to notice anything awry, going about their business and joking, drinking, and huddling by the unnatural flames as if this happened all the time. Kellan moaned throatily as the flames poured into him, so deeply it was almost like the rumbling growl of a lion. “Oh yeah… feels… so fucking gooood!” As I turned towards him, I could see his skin crawling as the muscles underneath swelled and shifted, faster than before! Slices of his black shirt began to tear, showing glimpses of pale skin underneath that became more and more striated with muscle. “C’mon Kellan, last time I couldn’t free you because you were into it… don’t lose me here. I need you to resist it if we’re going to stop it,” I murmured, trying to build up my rage and direct it at the green energy. Kellan just shook his head and looked down at me as he began to grow taller. “Angelo, I don’t want to stop it. God, this feels fan-TAS-tic! Look at me. LOOK AT ME,” he crowed as his muscles rippled. He now stood about two feet taller than most of the other party guests, and was about twice as thick as any of them, with huge muscles that resembled those of a massive football player, with some elements of powerlifter from the sheer size of his muscles thrown in as well. Looking down, I saw that his crotch was noticeably growing erect… and Kellan was now massively hung, if the imprint of his cock as it strained against the costume’s fabric was anything to go by. As my poor brain tried to wrap around the concept that my new friend was turning himself on as his body grew, Kellan seemed to come to a decision, heralded by another shuddering groan. “That’s it. I can’t stand this. I need to act on my horniness… and I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile!” His hands were larger than they’d been when he’d lifted me out of the way earlier, but they were at least as fast. I found myself lifted off my feet again, clasped against the biggest, tallest, most muscular guy I’d ever seen or heard of, and felt his lips press against mine. I swear I saw fireworks. His strength was tremendous, and his muscles were hard, but his lips were… teasing, gentle, playful, sweet, exploring, caressing, warm, soft, and inviting. His entire body as he moaned with satisfaction, almost purring as he deepened the kiss. He was supporting my weight with one hand clasped over my butt, clutching my black jeans between the folds of my wingtips, while the other hand stroked through my curls, cradling my skull. The kiss was powerful and unasked for… but it certainly wasn’t unwelcome, just unexpected. It was clearly driven by his changing hormones, but it was an act that was filled with emotion and intimacy as well as hunger. I began to kiss back… and surrendering my higher thoughts to make way for my increasing attraction to Kellan finally broke through the block keeping me from converting the ghost’s energies. Instead of wrath, I drew on the passion, the lust, the connection between the two of us, and I could hear a higher, flutelike music trickling from the Choir’s realm as I felt the white flames blaze through our embrace, while the ghost’s howls (sounding faintly like “What continues to thwart my efforts to possess this host?!) faded away around us. Kellan slowly lowered me away from his lips, his eyes still shut. His breathing was heavy, but he didn’t seem to be as crazed as before. I placed my hand over his huge chest, and felt his heart pounding. “Kellan,” I murmured. “Are you ok?” He nodded, then murmured. “I’m sorry, Angelo. That was… it was… I…” He stopped and gathered his breath, his huge lungs inflating and his sculpted chest rising in response. “Ok… let me try that again. I could tell you were interested in me from the moment you complimented my costume. It’s just a skeleton suit… nothing special except that it’s skintight. You have moving wings. You complimenting me is like a bonfire complimenting a candle flame. The only appeal was my body. And yeah, it was a bit creepy of you, but you were cool about it. But before this spook started messing with my body, I hadn’t really been attracted to guys… or at least, not enough to ever want to act on it. Then… I started growing, and you were always there. My senses are stronger now… more vivid, I guess, and I can always tell where you are anywhere on this property. Now I’m the creepy guy, because this whole situation is creepy, and you’re there for me, and god, do I ever need to get off badly… you look and smell sooo good, and your voice makes my heart speed up when you talk, even if you’re getting all cerebral or goofy. I’m still just as into Claudia… god I want to fuck her… but I’ve reached the point where I’m so horny I’m, looking at guys and going ‘Why not? He’d be a good lay’ … and I’m sure you’d blow my mind. And when those girls were around us, I wanted to get naked with them as well… and you… I just wanted all of us to go off somewhere, strip out of our costumes and go crazy! Heck, I was even curious about getting with those drunken jerks earlier, even when I was yelling at them.” As he trailed off, I wondered about those ideas. “Hey, do you think your personality and mind is changing? You seem to be more interested in me, like you mentioned, but how about your memories and other interests? Claudia seemed to have her memories of what you looked like when she first met you altered. Claudia said you met in Econ class, you still remember your band and the songs you play, the chords and all that?” He frowned and closed his eyes in concentration, before nodding. “Yeah… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my memory, though I’ll need a bigger, more resilient guitar if I’m going to play with the band anymore. I can still picture where my fingers need to be, play the songs in my head, etc. And we did meet in Econ, but I wasn’t built at all, despite what she said. But as for my personality… yeah, maybe. I always figured myself for a one-woman guy, but now… I guess I’m bisexual, and I’m not sure I’d be satisfied sticking with just one person… at least, not for sex. I feel like I still want to spend the rest of my life with someone, but maybe it should be more than one someone.” He took that moment to meet my eyes. “I should be embarrassed by showing off all this skin, and wearing clothes this tight and tattered, but I’m proud of it… I want to show off. I barely want to wear clothes at all.” In the echoing silence from Kellan’s last statement, I realized that it was weirdly quiet. “Uh… is everyone staring at you holding me in the air,” I asked tentatively. He tore his gaze from my face and went still, his eyes wide. “Uh, no… it’s worse.” He lowered me to the ground and I turned around… and saw that everyone around the campfire was slumped over on the ground, drained of their lives. I felt like I was going to be sick, and the ripples of red light centered on the flames continued to dance menacingly across my vision. “Oh Angelo,” Kellan murmured, his powerful voice throaty and wobbling from shock and regret. “I-I did this? I hurt everyone here just so that I could grow bigger and get hornier?” “No,” I insisted. “This isn’t your doing or your fault. You’re just as much a victim as they are… and it’s time to stop being victimized and get proactive about saving them! It sounds like there’s music going on inside, and I can see people dancing by the windows, so not everyone’s gone… and look, the hayride’s coming around, so obviously it’s still being piloted by someone and still has living passengers. I think that means we still have time. We need to find the body of this jerk ghost and send him to the monster, and hopefully he’ll be able to help us return everyone to normal… ok?” Kellan nodded, still looking shaky, but with increased determination in his eyes. “Can… can we check on Claudia first? I need to know if she’s still alive. I know my new… urges… make me not the best boyfriend ever, but I still love her.” Geez, the guy had to be going through a rough time, what with all of this going on. Who’d have thought that having a superhuman body would come with so many awful strings attached? I nodded, saying, “Sure, let’s go. She probably shouldn’t be left in the car for so long, even if she was sleeping.” We didn’t have to go far, however… Claudia met us halfway. “Oh, there you guys are,” she said, yet again seeming to not notice Kellan’s new growth spurt. “Thanks for letting me get some rest… I needed it. How’s the party so far? Everything I’ve seen seems like it’s quieting down.” Kellan and I exchanged a glance, and then I said, “About that… there’s something you should know.” Before I could spill the beans, however, the hayride pulled up, letting off its (thankfully mobile) passengers and looking for others to get on. “Ooooh, hold that thought, Alfredo,” Claudia said, holding up one skeleton-painted nail on her index finger while I ground my teeth at her inability to remember my name. “Kel, can we do the hayride? It’s been too crowded all night, and I wanted to try it out… it’s finally thinned out… looks like we’re the only ones who want to do it now.” I was going to interject by describing how the hayride was really just a boring ride around the edges of the property which had some Halloween decorations hanging from trees… no monsters or chainsaw murderers jumping out at you, no cool displays, just a ride in a tractor-pulled wagon. However, with an apologetic look at me and a shrug of his huge shoulders, Kellan said, “Sure, babe. Angelo, you want to come with? We can fill her in on the weird stuff going on during the ride.” Claudia was shooting a death glare at me (I did feel like a bit of a jerk for making out with her boyfriend a few minutes ago) and switching it to a pout when Kellan turned to look at her, but this nightmare was really more important than giving her time to get busy with and possibly drive my new friend to put her in a coma again, so I nodded my assent, and we all climbed onboard. The hayride had wooden planks as a floor, with a metal frame around it. Bales of hay lined the middle, but the sides of the hayride had some pews taken from the chapel. The top of the metal frame was lined with interconnecting black ropes, designed to look like a spider’s web, and spiders, bats, and pumpkins of various sizes were hanging from the railings or the web. As the engine started and the hayride took off, rumbling down the dirt path, towards the road, past the cars draped with drained bodies, a sense of foreboding began to fall over me. I was missing something… but I wasn’t going to leave Kellan (and Claudia) alone to figure it out. Kellan was filling Claudia in on all the supernatural events, but it was slow going. It seemed like the ghost had really messed with her head. “So…” Kellan was saying. “Do you remember the day we met?” Claudia smiled. “How could I forget? I went to the gym with my friends and there you were, pumping away. I spilled my water bottle all over myself just staring at you, and you were so nice and offered me your towel to dry off… along with your number. When I found out that you were a musician as well, it just made you seem even more amazing!” Kellan and I gaped at Claudia as she blithely related all this stuff about them that apparently had never happened, while the hayride rumbled past the fields and towards the tree line. Then a searing flash of red light struck the front of the tractor, and the hayride rumbled off the front of the path straight towards the trees! Claudia screamed, I gripped the railing to brace myself, and Kellan… suddenly wasn’t there. With a speed that defied the eye, he leapt from the hay bale, tore off the spider web ceiling, somersaulted out of the wagon and over the tractor, and took the entire machine straight into his prodigious pecs. The entire ride rocked, and I just managed to grab hold of Claudia before we hit. “GUYS,” Kellan roared, his voice booming. “I’VE GOT THIS, BUT CAN YOU COME AND SHUT IT OFF? I CAN’T BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE!” Making sure Claudia was unhurt, I climbed out and clambered up into the tractor wagon, fiddling around with the switches and levers (hey, I’ve never driven a tractor… I’m a suburb kid) while I tried not to be distracted by the sight of Kellan’s muscles flexing and throbbing beneath the tattered remnants of his costume, which now barely covered his crotch and upper chest. The sleeves had ripped off, letting his thickly muscled arms bulge as they held back an entire tractor, and his enormous height made him almost eye level as I was sitting in the tractor seat. Finally, I managed to shut it off, and my huge friend released the tractor, while we all paused to catch our breaths. “What happened,” he finally asked. “I saw a red light, like back at the manor, lash out here,” I replied. “But I have no idea where the driver’s body is.” “Back there,” came the strained, frightened voice of Claudia from behind us. We turned and saw her, shivering and rubbing her arms nervously. “He was all gray and dead-looking… I… I think he rolled out of the tractor when he died.” She then ran into Kellan’s arms, and he lifted her into a comforting embrace. I noticed more of the red lights, rippling in the darkness. “Guys, I think there’s something over here causing the red light… stay back… we don’t need you growing out here, Kellan, and Claudia, it could target you next. If anything comes for you, call out, and I’ll be there ASAP.” Before they could object, I stumbled through the underbrush, eventually emerging in a clearing filled with rocks. In the moonlight, the rocks seemed oddly shaped and oddly white. I leaned forward for a better look and gasped, scrambling backwards until I collided with something warm. I looked up and saw Kellan there, steadying me. “What’s wrong, Angelo?” I mutely waved at the clearing. “It’s bones… it’s full of bones!” He looked up and stepped forward. “I’ve never seen this stuff here, and I used to explore these woods with my cousins all the time,” he said. I looked around and asked, “Could the recent storms have washed away the soil?” He shrugged, then crouched down, showing off his v-shaped back and his perfect muscle butt, but his words stopped me from salivating too much. “I don’t think these are human bones… or not exactly.” He waved me over, and, taking a closer look, I could tell what he was getting at. One of the skulls had short horns. What I’d taken for hands appeared to be oddly-shaped claws. I saw some structures that resembled the wings of bats, and others that looked like elongated horse or canine skulls, or long snakelike tails. The skin and organs were all long gone, and they’d clearly been there longer than I’d been alive, but they also seemed oddly well-preserved, like some sort of elephant’s graveyard for supernatural creatures. Then it clicked for me. “The journal… it said that this place, the church camp that used to be here, was actually some sort of witch hunting inquisition thing. The author, Quincy Gosser, claimed to have killed all kinds of monsters… maybe this is where he buried them?” Kellan shuddered. “I kinda wish he was still around. I bet he’d be able to handle the ghost.” Then he caught sight of an extremely large humanlike skeleton. “Or maybe I’m personally better off with him in the grave.” Then the cold became bitter, as if the heat was sucked out of us. I saw the red lights begin to dance around us, and heard footsteps. Kellan and I turned to see Claudia walking towards us, smiling… with glowing green eyes. “’Tis funny that you shoulde say that,” she said with a weirdly dual voice, both her own, and one that sounded male and older and old-fashioned. “Because I am sore tired of the grave, lad, and your body will be my ticket out of it.” With that, dark green flames poured from her body and washed over Kellan. They seemed to burn endlessly, and I couldn’t get close… until the flames left Claudia, lying in a gray-skinned, lifeless heap, and pulsed across Kellan’s body. His eyes took on that green glow, and he turned to me, a wicked smile spreading across his face even as his muscles began to swell again. “There you are… finally, I have human flesh again, and actually perceive you, Abomination. I am sure that your sacrifice will give me the power to extend my abilities across the world, just as the lives of every drunken fool on this property have enabled me to possess one of my descendents and remake his form. Let the world welcome back the great Quincy Gosser!” This post has been promoted to an article
  23. Baring Bones: A Halloween Story - Chapter 2 Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 (and Bestiary Notes) ----------------- “I’m just a guy who wants to make a name for his band, date his girlfriend, and pay off my college loans. I’ve never gone to a gym in my life. I’ve never been a big guy and always thought they were seriously uncool. But I feel… I feel great!” Kellan had been venting his conflicting emotions into the cold, dark night, his new voice just as strong as the rest of his new physique, but thankfully everyone else had either shifted inside or were riding the hayride on the other side of the Higgins property. The formerly 5’10.5” indie guy now looked like he’d spent years making sure his 6’3” body was as strong and flexible as it could be, when he’d started the night as a slim, almost delicate looking young man. Everything about him, from his broad chest to his thickly muscled arms, his washboard abs to his protruding package, screamed Alpha Male. He was, however, not a happy one. “Now I can’t even piss in peace! I keep going into trances and I’m growing out of my clothes! There are hundreds of people around and none of them realize anything’s going on and my girlfriend’s memories are changed! I’m thinking all these weird thoughts and getting turned on all the time and… I just wanted to come to this party and relax!” He swung his hand back and, before I could stop him, punched the brick wall of the Manor. Then, instead of yelping in pain as I expected, he looked confused. We both stared, astonished, as he pulled his fist away… completely unharmed, with only a bit of dirt on the knuckles. The wall was not so fortunate. A small crater of cracked brick remained where Kellan had slammed his fist into the wall. I stared at it, and at his hand, and my eyes revealed a brief green glow emerging from his fingers before fading away. Uncertain of what that meant, I turned my attention back to his face, in time to catch his expression: wonder. That look was swiftly replaced by one of exhaustion. “Whoa man… I feel beat!” He leaned against the wall and took deep breaths, while I pondered this new development. I was standing next to a guy who could potentially count as a superhero, with some amount of super strength and invulnerability… but using that power wore him out… and maybe used up some of the green energy that had inundated his body moments ago. My thoughts were interrupted when Kellan stood up straight, dusted off his hand, looked at me and said, “Look, Angelo, thanks for coming to get me back there. I appreciate it… even if you did track me to the toilet.” Before I could protest that I had actually not expected him to be there, he held up a hand to stop me and continued. “I’m going to try and act normal, though… my friends didn’t notice anything different the last time, so I’m going to try and go with the act. Hopefully, if anything else weird does happen, I’ll be able to resist it now that I’m so strong. Have a good night, and nice to meet you.” With that, he stomped off, leaving me alone and unsure what to do. “Well, so much for my short career as a green-glowing-light slayer,” I complained to the night as the hayride pulled around and let out its passengers, who dispersed to other sections of the party. I stepped aside as a drunken ghostbuster lurched into the restroom, and then froze. I was staring at the restroom’s entrance and could now see the red ripples head-on, but they hadn’t been there a moment ago. Whatever it was, it seemed to be centered on the men’s room… or was it? I squinted in the dark, and could somehow tell that the weird red glow was pooling around the general spot of the wall between the men’s room and the ladies’ room. I turned and saw another ripple centering on the bonfire… and I remembered seeing others in the dance room and the main entrance/drinking room. Was there one in the chapel? I turned around again and, yes, I could make out the same rippling effect emerging from the stained glass windows. I stepped back to get a better look at the full manor, but whatever my new ESP involved, it apparently didn’t count as X-ray vision. Just my luck. Still, if there were any more of those… rippling vortices in the building, I couldn’t tell from out there. When the ghostbuster guy came out again (walking slightly better and not any more muscular than before, I noted), I tried to focus my vision on him. The effect was clear. Ghostbuster seemed to give off a natural illumination… could I be seeing his aura? Whatever it was, the closer he got to either the men’s room or the bonfire, the more of the lights turned red and drift away towards those places. Nor was he the only one, I realized. Everyone around the bonfire was leaking energy into it, and when the Manor’s door’s opened, and partiers spilled out, I saw that they too seeped red light that either drifted back inside or glided over to the fire. I looked down at my body, squinted, widened my eyes, even tried going cross-eyed, but try though I might, I didn’t see any sort of light, red or not, around me. I moved towards the bonfire and watched. The red light drained from everyone standing in front of and next to me did pass through me like a wave… but nothing of me was caught up in that tide. It was like I wasn’t even there, as far as the ripples were concerned. Was I the strange one, not Kellan? The green electricity flowing through him had turned white and made me feel sugar-high-ish when I touched him, and the wisp/shadow had seemed upset by that, but the shadow hadn’t even noticed me when I first walked into the restroom. I’d felt the unearthly chill from the wisp before I’d been zapped, though, and after the first time I’d been able to see the red ripples out of the corner of my eye AND I’d not fallen under the “guys growing muscles is perfectly normal, he’s always been this way, nothing to see here, these are not the droids you’re looking for” spell that had affected Claudia and Kellan’s other friends and relatives. Experimentally, I tried to concentrate on a fallen twig, willing it to float, skitter across the ground, twitch, anything. No such luck. “Sure, the hot straight guy gets all the useful powers. I see living people. Ooooh, spooky,” I grumbled as I turned to head back to the party. Inside, I could tell that the red ripple effect was definitely centered on the drinks. “But that doesn’t make sense,” I mumbled under my breath. “Those drinks came from many different people… how could someone spike or enchant them all as a whole?” I spotted Kellan and Claudia and their friends sipping from glasses, and realized that while Kellan did have that natural aura, his seemed to be shot through with green sparks. The red glow wasn’t draining him… was it? I watched a wave of red pass through him… and then not continue on to the rest of the drinks. Somehow, these ripples were collecting life energy from the guests at the most common places for the people to congregate at the party (the restrooms, chapel, bar, dance floor, bonfire, etc), and depositing it in Kellan! All he needed was the green light to let him use it… or for something to use him. Just then, the clock turned to midnight. Costumed partiers started cheering, toasting, and generally kicking things up a notch. Having people making out drunkenly all around me sent my spirits plummeting again, reinforcing that I’d arrived alone and would be leaving alone (probably fairly soon). I moved to say my goodbyes (and was unable to find anyone I knew besides Kellan), and headed out the door, down the steps, and towards the grassy field being used as a parking lot. I was surprised to find that there weren’t any ripples there… but what I did discover was much worse. I got to my car, and was about to shrug out of my costume wings, when I noticed someone sitting in the driver’s seat… someone with pale skin that didn’t come from any makeup or mask. Someone who was sitting very still. The guy didn’t seem to be breathing. I was about to call for help, when I noticed that the next car had a young woman in a goth witch outfit leaning against her car’s passenger door… and not moving. Getting closer to her revealed that her skin was similarly discolored and she had neither breath nor a heartbeat nor any warmth to her skin. Over by the driver’s side, her friend (or possibly girlfriend) was actually in a similar state, lying on the ground in a playboy bunny outfit. I started to run, but all around me, the scene was the same… people were dead… but strangely so, as if they’d just stopped being alive the moment they reached their cars. My eyes revealed that they all lacked any sort of aura. I finally spotted a pair of guys (dressed as Na’vi from Avatar, since their costumes were largely blue body paint, they looked extremely chilly) headed to their car, reaching for the handle. “No, STOP,” I shouted, just in time to see them both turn gray and slump over. A moment later, their auras reappeared, like shining, multicolored ghosts hovering next to their bodies, looking confused. Then, from the borders of the property, a red thread of light snapped towards us. It passed through me harmlessly, but the aura-ghosts stuck to it, spinning and wrapping around it like someone was rolling them up, their glow turning red as they formed a ripple and slithered back towards the Manor, like some deadly aurora. After a moment of sheer gut-wrenching terror, I was able to get a grip. I was somehow immune (undetectable? untouchable?) to the ripples. They couldn’t hurt me… for now. Then I got angry. Someone or something was behind this… hurting people and stealing their very essences without even a warning, for no reason, and it was using Kellan for something as well. Well, it wasn’t getting away with it. I was going to get rid of the thing, make it stop messing with Skeletal Boy, and hopefully, find some way to return all those people’s auras to them. Heaven help anything that got in my way. I’m not sure if it was my wrath or my growing ability to sense supernatural forces, but I felt the ghost about to make its move early this time… like a faint shiver instead of the chill of the void. I left the drained bodies of the partiers at their cars and sprinted up the hill to the Manor, my costume wings smacking my shoulders with each step. I dodged the hayride, gasping for breath, and made my way through the lurking guests to the door, opening it to the increasing otherworldly cold, and the sight of Kellan doing a solo keg stand to the applause and cheers of his friends! His arms were groups of bulges encased in tight black lycra, his shoulders were flexed, and his legs stretched out to either side to help him balance. His pants only stretched down to his muscular calves, and his sneakers looked small on him. A little farther down, his thighs strained against the fabric, and… oh geez… he was rock hard, his erection stretching halfway down his left thigh (and the girls certainly noticed THAT, if their raucous squeals were anything to go by). His chest was flexing impressively as his gymnast’s build supported his body, and it astounded me that his costume hadn’t torn. But while the sight was definitely worth charging uphill to get back here, and it was cold as the grave, I couldn’t see a single spark of green lightning. Where was the thing? I deliberately thought back to my determination by the cars, and my temper started to flare at the memory of the helpless, lifeless guests. The angrier I got, the brighter and clearer those vile red vortices around the drinks became, as if my rage gave me greater visual clarity. There! The red ripples sped up and become more jagged, shifting to their complementary color: green. Arcs of neon green flew towards Kellan… no… towards the keg! As I tried to slide through the crowd, the green lightning flowed from the keg up to Kellan’s “kiss me” lips, across his smooth cheeks, coiling in his eyes which immediately took on a dazed look, and down his wide neck, his adam’s apple bobbing as he continued to suck beer (and lightning) thirstily. The green glow continued to whip across his shoulders, down his powerful arms to his hands, with each finger glittering brightly, before the energy surged up his chest, outlining each of his abs, temptingly revealed since his shirt had rolled down. It danced up, appeared to stroke his bulge, and slithered up his long legs. This time, though, it wasn’t getting away unscathed. I didn’t even have to touch Kellan. Instead, with the lightning blazed around him, I simply approached and thought of the playboy bunny, the goth witch, the na’vi guys and everyone else out there with the cars, and somehow willed the lightning to morph into white fireworks, cascading down into the keg. An agonizing, echoing scream emerged from the metal barrel, but only I noticed it. My white flames fanned out from the keg, driving out what looked like a disembodied, bearded head formed entirely of green smoke, looking about in anger and bewilderment, but somehow never seeming to turn in my direction. I stared it down, and the white radiance bent to my will, scorching the… ghost… and it disappeared in a puff of sickly emerald smoke. As the flames died, I felt a rush of triumph, but sensed that the thing wasn’t done yet. As evidence, Kellan was growing again. Still suspended upside-down, Kellan went from gymnast to pumped-up mixed martial artist. I could tell that his body was getting taller because his feet inched higher into the air. His legs throbbed, and I watched as his calves swelled, pushing his black lycra pants farther from his feet and closer to his knees, while his thighs grew steadily larger and more powerful. The waistband of his pants started to slide down, showing off more of his treasure trail, pulled by the growing erection straining to be free. I tore my gaze from his groin and almost whimpered at the sight of his torso. Kellan’s abs protruded more, while retaining (even enhancing) their impossible definition. I barely resisted the urge to push my face into his abs and lick down to his belly button while it was suspended in front of me. His chest also grew, each pec now cushion-sized and capped by large, visible nipples, which looked strange against the stretched fabric with the wide painted-on skeletal ribcage. The neck of his shirt dipped low as the pecs pushed out, and more of Kellan’s goth-thug style script tattoo was visible, but still not enough to read. His shoulders looked broader, and he had to shift his grip on the keg with his thickening arms before executing a perfect flip to his feet (showing off his sculpted ass… I noticed a girl dressed as a bumblebee actually swooned out of the corner of my eye). He turned around, caught my gaze, and sent me a smile that went straight to my balls. Ignoring his friends, he wrapped his huge arm over my shoulder (carefully not bending my wings). He murmured directly into my ears, with a voice like an avalanche of caramel, “When I felt it coming over me, I couldn’t resist… but I didn’t try… I knew even if I’d acted like a jerk, my guardian angel’d be there to help me out. Thanks buddy… sorry for earlier.” I’d stopped breathing, and my cheeks were burning. Was this amazingly hunky straight guy actually flirting with me, and calling me his buddy AND apologizing? I finally managed to gather my wits, and asked “How are you feeling? Sorry it took so long to figure out how he was getting to you.” Kellan grinned at me. “No worries… you’ve got my back… even if my back is bigger than it used to be.” Meanwhile, his friends were drunkenly shouting “Get a room, you two” among other, less friendly statements. “Don’t mind if we do,” retorted Kellan with a shit-eating grin before tugging me out the door into the chill night air. “Um, not that I object to being tugged along,” I said, “… but where are we going?” He stopped, seemed to think, and then shrugged. “Honestly? I just wanted to get away. I mean, I’ve known those guys forever, and I could tell you everything about them, but at the moment, I feel like four things matter to me. The first’s figuring out what’s happening to me tonight, because ignoring it wasn’t working. The second thing’s Claudia. God, I just can’t stop thinking about her tonight. It’s like my libido’s pumped up along with everything else about me. The third’s you… somehow, things are less crazy and more deal-able when you’re around, and I don’t miss Claudia so much, either.” At this point, he inhaled deeply and audibly, and his eyelids fluttered shut in delight. “MMMMmmm… you smell good, too. Hold still.” Enforcing that command (though I’m sure he meant it as a request… didn’t he?), Kellan reached out, placing his large, warm hands on my arms and holding me still as he leaned forward and breathed in, almost nuzzling me. The November night’s cold was driven away by the heat of his body and his warm breath on my neck, though goosebumps of a different kind spread across my skin in anticipation. Was Kellan… attracted to me? How? What sort of ghost would make a straight guy into my ideal gay man? It didn’t make any sense! Then, before I could be paralyzed by thoughts, I asked, “And the fourth thing?” His cyan eyes met mine, and he pursed his lips. “The fourth thing is that I’m… having fun looking like this, GROWING like this. I want to explore it… I want to stay this way… or maybe even feel my muscles grow again. I don’t want to ignore it anymore. When I was hanging out with Claudia, and she was paying attention to me like she hasn’t since we first started dating, I realized that I feel better than I did when I was skinny. My skin’s strong but so sensitive. My senses are stronger... I can taste shades of flavors and age and intensity in my beer now that I never noticed before. I can tell you the natural hair color of everyone on the hayride all the way over in the woods, in the dark. I can hear conversations through the music back in the dance room. And I can smell… well, lots of stuff,” he finished with a surprisingly bashful smile. “And did you see me back there with the keg stand? I could never have balanced myself like that before, but now I could probably lift the keg one-handed when it was full. And the people’s reactions… Claudia’s, her friends, the guys, you… it’s a rush. I want to see how this goes.” I took a deep breath. “There’s a problem with that, Kellan. You see, people can’t leave the party… alive.” That was enough to shock him out of his building love of his new body, and cause his rapturous expression to shift into an angry frown. “Huh? What do you mean? Someone died? And people are still partying back there? What’s wrong with those sick fucks?” I held up a hand to interrupt. “I’ve been seeing these weird ripples of light in different parts of the manor. They seem to be sucking up the stray… uh… life force of people who get near them. It doesn’t seem to do them harm, and if I had to guess, I’d say they’d probably be shedding that same energy partying as hardy as they are anyway. But if they go to leave, and get near the cars, they go unconscious, turn gray, stop breathing, and lose a heartbeat… and those ripples pull out their whole… souls, I guess.” Kellan looked horrified. “Dude, that’s terrible! You think this has something to do with my muscles?” I nodded and continued, “There’s ripples in the restroom, the chapel, and by the bar, along with some other places. I think that the green entity is some kind of ghost, and that every time it makes you grow, it’s hooking you up to those stolen life energies. That’s how you’re so big so fast, and maybe why your emotions are going so wild… you’re plugged into the life of everyone here.” Kellan shuddered. “Ugh… I thought this was awesome, but now I feel… dirty. I’ve got people inside me? Is there a way we can give it all back to them? And how can you see all this stuff?” I filled him in about my own abilities, and how they got stronger each time he did. “Huh… wonder why? You don’t look or act any different than you did before… except maybe a bit less shy and nervous.” I wasn’t sure how to take that, so I shrugged, before chiming in. “I know that the garage, behind the dance room, has all kinds of stuff in it… there might be scales or something we can use to measure how you’ve changed. And hopefully they’ll have a flashlight there or something… your cousin, Mack, mentioned that there were some old books and stuff upstairs... I thought that we might find something about this ghost, maybe.” Kellan beamed his rock star smile at me. “Measuring my muscles AND finding out what’s going on? I like the way you think… why didn’t we meet ages ago?” We exchanged high school and college details (I was a catholic school boy all the way until college, when I went to a Big 10 university, he went to public school his whole life and stayed at one of the local colleges) until we reached the garage. The music from the DJ’s speakers one room over boomed and covered the sounds of the two of us rummaging around (and Kellan hadn’t quite gotten used to his new mass, and would accidentally knock something over with his more bulky muscles every so often), but eventually we found the flashlights and a scale. Kellan wasted no time kicking off his shoes (which seemed to have grown with him, somehow, but only partially, and were getting tighter even though they now read size 12.5, when he claimed to have been a 10 earlier) and climbing on top of it. “Holy fuck! Angelo, it says 256 lbs! I weighed only 137 this morning,” Kellan exclaimed, with something like shock and something like glee spreading over his face. “I’m nearly double my original weight… this is crazy!” We next located a tape measure. “Man, the Higginses keep everything in this place,” I murmur before sliding one end under his foot and raising it to check the tape. “Wow… 6’7”! You’re huge!” Kellan flexed and posed at the praise, making his skeleton costume ride up (and down) in a few places. “Aren’t you cold in that thing,” I ask him, nodding to the flimsy costume. “Heh… earlier I either stayed inside or near the bonfire, dude… but now? I don’t even feel the cold… it’s like I’m built to withstand worse, so this chill doesn’t even register.” That immediately killed the mood, as we both remembered it hadn’t been Kellan who was building his body, and he was right, the chill I felt in the presence of the ghost was much worse than anything November could throw at me. Suddenly the light flicked on. “Hey hon,” said Claudia as she leaned against the garage door, hips and legs displayed provocatively despite being decorated with fabric bones. “What are you guys up to back here?” I turned to see Kellan looking at Claudia and her curves like dog hungry for a… well, bone, so I chimed in. “Um, Kellan mentioned wondering how big he’d gotten, and I recalled there being a scale and tape measure back here, we were going to see if there was anything else upstairs, though…” I trailed off, realizing neither of them were listening to my handy (and nearly truthful) explanation. Claudia looked at Kellan like she really wanted to help him the rest of the way out of his costume, and if Kellan looked at Claudia any harder, he’d probably burst out of his pants, at least. Claudia finally gathered herself together and said, “Mr. Higgins, would you like to join me on the dance floor for our song?” Kellan nodded eagerly, then visibly remembered my presence. I mimicked a smile and waved them off. “Go on, you crazy kids, I’m going to do a bit more exploring… I shouldn’t be far and I’ll let you know if I find anything.” Claudia wrapped her hands around Kellan’s bicep-laden arm and blew me a kiss. “Thanks Andrew, you’re a dear,” she cooed as the two of them headed to the dance floor. I took a deep breath, counted to ten and resisted the urge to growl, “It’s Angelo, you twit.” I then grabbed a flashlight and started the long trudge up the road to the second floor. The manor’s odd construction made it so that there was a dirt road around the back, sliding up the hill and opening into a large entrance on the second floor, presumably for the church camp to store supplies. When I got there, I saw that it was left open, as always, and I carefully walked in, searching the piles of dusty junk for something that looked helpful. I made it into the third room before I came across some books with what looked like solomonic symbols on their weathered leather covers. I flipped one open, and tried to make out the flowing inked script in the light of the flashlight. “Of course the guy who can see in the dark is downstairs dancing… I’m only in luck if this book is written in invisible ink…” I paused, realizing the script wasn’t in English, and grinned, “… or if it is LATIN… thank you, private school education!” I tried to remember how to conjugate the verbs, but for the most part, it came surprisingly easily to me. The book turned out to be a journal and guide written by one Quincy Gosser, Witch Hunter, one of the founders of the “Church Camp” that used to be held on the grounds. Mr. Gosser’s writing initially gave the impression that he considered temptations of the flesh a mere distraction from his work of riding the world of “witches, monsteres and other abominations against God.” Following that were a number of descriptions of various monsters and spells and how to ward against them. Towards the end, though, the writing got scratchier and talked about how the people in the predominantly Quaker-populated region were unimpressed by witch hunts that had gripped the states farther North, and were more accepting of things Quincy considered “uncanny.” “Soone we shouldst be surrounded by beasties and witches and thinges most terrible, women shouldst wear the foul raiment of the grave and men shouldst lie with men and the spawn of the Whore of Babylon and the Fallen shouldst walk amongst man unknown,” was perhaps the most understandable passage in the final letter, thankfully written in English (or close to it). Finding nothing else in the room, I picked up Gosser’s journal, and began to stand up, when I felt that eerie cold emanating from the floor beneath me… the dancing room! I struggled to run out, but my wings got caught on a group of old fishing poles. I struggled to get free, feeling the cold increase, and finally hearing my fabric wings rip apart, leaving tattered black folds hanging from the plastic frame. I tore down the hill as quickly as I could, burst through the main door, and ran to the dance room, only to be lost in the shrouded darkness and dizzying lights. People milled and sifted around me, still dancing, while I tried to use my second sight. I could tell that the ripples here were active and that the ghost was nearby, but with the disco ball, rainbow flashing lights, and various patterns and darkness in the rest of the room, I couldn’t distinguish the electrical lights from the supernatural ones. Finally, I spotted them, back against the wall in the darkened corner, behind one of the fake monster displays. Out of the darkness loomed the body of huge man, the illustrated bones of his costume catching the black lights, and what looked like a storm of green lightning clashed around him. Kellan and Claudia were making out savagely, even as the Ghost whirled around them like a jade vapor with the suggestion of that same bearded face from before, only larger, reconstructing Kellan’s body while they ground together. Claudia’s legs were wrapped around Kellan’s hips as he lifted her off the ground, thrusting in time with the music, shaking her entire body, and their heavy breathing seemed to be sucking in the green vapor of the ghost. Kellan’s physique was now more like that of a boxer and a wrestler combined than a gymnast, but he had to be at least 7 feet tall, and his sleeves had begun tearing along the seams as his arms grew too powerful to contain. His pants rode low on his hips, rolled downwards as he grew taller and broader, but he obviously was past caring. So was I, for that matter. I tried to draw on that power and anger from before, but even though I managed a few white flames, it was like trying to put out a wildfire with a water bottle. The green lights were resisting the conversion… probably because Kellan was going wild with lust for both his girlfriend and his own muscles. I realized that as strong as he was now, there’d be no chance he’d even feel it if I toppled the nearby wolfman mannequin on him, much less tapped his shoulder. He was moving faster, grinding harder and harder against Claudia… and then he went too far. With a loud moan, he slammed her against the wall, and dust and chips of stone visibly dislodged over the couple as her breathless gasps cut off abruptly. Immediately I felt Kellan’s panic, and somehow he instinctively mimicked the rippling effect, sending out ripples that searched for me… and were able to find me, this time. I felt the white flames billow from me, wash over him and burn away the green lightning, while the ghostly mist howled in rage. I vaguely heard a scratchy voice whisper “jussssst a litttttllle bitttt morrrreeeeeeee…” before the ghost retreated from the white light that flared around Kellan. The light then abruptly spilled back to me, and leaving the big guy cradling Claudia, his shoulders shaking and whimpers of sorrow emerging from his throat. I got closer, saw the blood on his fingers as he held the back of her head, her aura gone, and immediately felt like a heel for ever thinking an angry thought about Claudia and coveting her gorgeous guy. I placed my hand on Kellan’s shoulder (and had to reach up a bit more than before to do so) and he turned to me, tears in his reddening blue eyes. “I-I’m so sorry… it felt so good, and I wanted more, and she… she did t-too, and… and… PLEASE! Angelo… you… you’ve saved me every time that thing messed with me in this whole, fucking terrible night, and… please… can you do anything for… for her?” I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders… in a physical sense. It felt like everything slowed down, and my helpless reply of “No” was ground to a halt before I could even utter it. In that moment I wondered… could I? How did I know I couldn’t? Keeping one hand on Kellan’s shoulder, I reach out and lift my fingers just over Claudia’s heart, close my eyes, and concentrate on whatever the opposite of the red ripples would be… something to fill her with life. Sweat formed on my brow, and I concentrated on Claudia as I’d seen her earlier in the evening, vivacious, flirtatious, full of life and eager to experience more of it with her friends and lover. That’s when I heard… a new sort of music, not the dj’s piped and played-with pop tunes, but something pure and sweet and elusive, deep and lofty at once. All other sounds and sensations died away, and I felt strangely adrift, as if borne aloft by the melody. My lips parted and I felt my voice, initially soft, spill out with a resonant baritone, joining in with the music. There were other voices, ones I could just barely make out, and they seemed to intertwine with mine, welcoming me somehow. I could easily lose myself in the song until my throat gave out, but I felt something propel me with dizzying speed through the chorus, hearing voices come and go until I reached one that was deeper and richer than any of the others I’d heard before, and so heart-stoppingly beautiful that I was entranced. My song felt like baby’s wails in comparison, though the song itself reminded me of a dirge, full of loss and acceptance. Then our two voices blended together, and the song seemed somehow more… optimistic. I felt lifted up and moved with more of that incredible velocity, the deeper voice accompanying me past the rest of the chorus until they faded into the distance, and the faint sounds of the dj’s booth were audible again, growing louder as we got closer. The song crescendoed and then ended, rapidly drowned out by a popular rap song remixed to death. Abruptly, I found myself back in my body, my eyes open… and seeing Claudia’s chest rising again, hearing Kellan’s sobs of relief as he hauled me into a crushing one-armed hug, my face pressed against his pecs as he held his unconscious girlfriend with the other. And that’s when everything blacked out. This post has been promoted to an article