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  1. grUV

    So, this is my very first story. Thought I'd crack one out, while I'm waiting for my new job to start. Strangely it's more cock growth orientated than muscle growth, as muscle-growth was my original fetish. But there is muscle growth, and should it be worth continuing, there will be plenty more! So, please give constructive criticism and/or praise. Mainly praise. Basically just tell me it's awesome. But honestly, any feedback is appreciated, and should I have enough interest and then time, I may try to continue it. Title may be confusing: grUV - pronounced "groovy". Short for growth: ultra-violet. Which is a teaser for the basis of the growth. But enough waffle, here is: Chapter 1 Wow. What a night. I awoke with a slow grogginess that so often accompanies a night out clubbing down the bay with Dave. Thankfully we don’t have far to walk back, as he has a boat out in the harbour, docked out at sea. Nevertheless, the fact you have to use one of the numerous row boats to row out to it is always hilarious, especially when you’re as drunk as we were. “Ok?” What. I stared blankly, my eyes trying to focus, and take in what had awoken me. “I said, I’m rowing back into harbour to get some food for us all from town.” “Us all?” I croaked back. “Yeah, you, me and Brad.” “Brad?” “That guy I tried to introduce you to at the club. I’ve always said he can crash on the boat if he doesn’t feel like getting the last train back to his place. Looks like he took me up on my offer again, and rowed himself over at some point last night.” Dave explained. I had a vague memory of the cabin door banging open, and waking me in the middle of the night, and seeing a silhouette of a man, as he flopped onto some cushioning on the other side. I couldn’t remember meeting anyone specific at the club, we talked to a lot of people, and all I saw last night was a biggish shadow fall onto the bed near me, I couldn’t make out any discernible features. Nevertheless, I was in no mood to push for details, so simply responded with, “Cool”. “Yeah. He’s already up and gone for a swim. Maniac. Anyway, I’ll be quick as I can, but be nice. You were definitely too out of it to properly get to know him last night.” With that Dave went to the stern and hopped overboard into one of the two rowboats tied to his boat. I lay a while longer, grabbed a bottle of water, did a few stretches, and after a few minutes, felt well enough to venture out of the cabin and into the summer sun. I was just wearing underwear and shorts from last night, so I felt the heat of the sun immediately on my body. It was nice, but blinding. When my eyes adjusted, I looked out to the water, and caught sight of what must’ve been Brad swimming pretty fast back and forth. I took a seat at the starboard side of the bow, so I could face out to sea and watch him. After a few minutes he paused, and looked over to the boat. I gave a very unenergetic wave, but he responded, and began to make his way over to the boat. He heaved himself up onto the boat and for the first time I got a good look at him. The size of the shadow I glimpsed last night did not do him justice. The water trailed off his traps as his torso rose ever higher as he hauled himself up. He gripped the railings harder and pushed himself up, two triceps exploding to life as he did. He then swung a massive leg over the railing, and it landed with a heavy splash on the decking. He flashed me a smile as he began pulling himself to his full height. He had short dark hair which flowed beautifully into full stubble that lined his masculine jaw. His skin was a glowing olive, all of which offset a pair of blue eyes that sparkled like the sea that was still dripping off him. I watched a drop slowly begin descending from his neck. It travelled down the valley between two meaty pecs, and I continued to follow it as it meandered between his six abs. As it fell further, my eyes landed on his crotch. He was wearing just a red speedo. It was dark but shiny from having just been in the water. It looked a size too big for him, being quite wrinkly rather than hanging tightly on him. I assumed he was a bit of a modest fellow who didn’t want to draw attention, or maybe he lost weight recently. But I couldn’t dwell on my thoughts much longer, as he was standing fully upright now, had turned to face me, and said “Hey Stranger, the name’s Brad!”. I introduced myself and gestured for him to sit down just across from me on the other side of the bow. This gave me a great view of him as he sat down opposite me. He leant back against the railing, lying at almost 45˚, exposing his muscular torso to the sun. He brought up his left leg onto the cushioning and leaned his left elbow on it as he supported his head, commenting on how he was still feeling the effects of last night’s drinks. His bicep flexed and bounced up and down as he rubbed his head. His arms were huge, certainly the biggest I had seen up this close, I reckoned at least 18 inches. I empathised with his hangover, and we spoke about what we did remember from last night. He was quite a talker, but I was happy to listen. His pecs heaved when he laughed about the antics he got up to. The drips highlighted how defined and cut he was. I felt I was staring for ages. It must’ve been a while, because the sea water was beginning to dry, and left his body literally glinting in the sun. His speedos were also beginning to look lighter in colour, and I noticed also less loose. This caught my attention, but I wanted to be subtle. I kept directing open questions to him, and only answering with a yes or no to him, so he was soon lost in his stories again. I stole glances down every time he looked away, or closed his eyes to try and remember details of his night. I was right, his cock was definitely growing down there. The wrinkles of the suit began to disappear as a bulge began to form at his crotch. I could begin to see the shape of his dick as it slowly lengthened and filled the speedo out more. It also looked like his balls were expanding too, as the material of lower part also straightened out. As he rambled on, he continued to get bigger down there. His cock was lengthening and thickening; but now with the suit clinging relatively tightly to his new size, the material stopped any further advancement forward. I swear I could see the bulge kink and bend round as it still tried to thicken. This is when it suddenly dawned on me that he wasn’t getting hard. I theorised his genitals must have shrunk down a lot from his swim in the cold morning water. And now he was just warming up to his natural impressive size. However, the misshapen slowly growing bulge looked uncomfortable; and it must’ve been, as while he was still talking, he very nonchalantly pulled the waistband away from his body and bucked his hips. His cock lurched forward and down as it unfolded and grew into the new available space. As he let the speedo snap back onto his body, it now hugged a very impressive round sexy bulge, perfectly filling the perfectly-sized tight red suit. I figured he must be a healthy 5 to 6 inches soft, and pretty thick. Which was quite a pleasant unexpected growth from the initial practically non-existent bulge from his chilly willy I first saw. I was sure this was the case; nevertheless, I decided to test my theory. “How was the water?” I interjected when he finally wrapped up his current saga. “Not gonna lie mate, it was pretty nippy. Sun’s barely had time to warm it at all. Although an ice-cold blast does wonders for the hangover.” He replied. Well the sun had had time to dry him up nicely, and was now reflecting off the salt crystals peppering his chiselled torso. He was a sight to behold, and now that his crotch had stopped growing, I was finally appreciating the rest of him. And there were a lot of bulges to appreciate as they rippled from time to time soaking up the sun. “Why, you thinking of going for a dip?” He said as he stood up to get a bottle of water from the cooler Dave had on board. I watched as he rose to his 6’2” height. Turning sideways to walk across in front of me, I saw his big ass and quads tighten and marvelled as the big red bulge jiggled as he stepped. In profile it was clear just how sexily prominent his bulge was, its heft tugging on the material, showing it was in control, not the other way around. As he spun round to return to his seating position, again with one leg up, giving the bulge breathing space, I finally responded, “Perhaps I will in a bit. As you say, it might help with the headache”. “You a strong swimmer?” He continued. “Yeah, actually, in fact I was captain of my school’s swim team.” I said. “No way! Me too! Well when it wasn’t rugby season.” He replied. We began to converse about our various sporting endeavours at school. The conversation being much more two-way now that I wasn’t trying to ogle him. That being said, after several minutes, I did steal a glance down again. Seeing as he was almost displaying his bulge in that open position, it might seem weird if I keep avoiding it. My eyes quickly flicked back up to his, as I responded to his latest inquiry about which athletic events I preferred. My mouth ran off some generic answers, as my brain was pondering once again whether his speedo package was looking larger than before. I began stealing more regular glances. It was hard to tell. But when he went for a swig of water, tilting his head back, I decided to grab a longer look. I watched, it was hard to discern, but I swear I watched the whole round bulge slowly push the speedo further out as it enlarged. His head came back down, and I made sure to meet his gaze as he let out a refreshing sigh. Now, that I was curious again, I resorted to my initial tactic of getting him monologuing, so I could keep tabs on what appeared to be an ever-growing package. As he answered my barrage of questions, I was able to keep peaking down at his red speedo. I couldn’t stare long enough to visibly see any growth in action, but evidence came in another form. I started to note that wrinkles were beginning to reappear in the suit. Whereas before, the wrinkles suggested a speedo too large for him, these taut lines represented quite the opposite. Initially it was just two. Two lines stretching from each side of the suit to the middle, fading as they reached the flesh-filled pouch. However, with each glance, more wrinkle lines would appear. Four. Six. As the round bulge swelled bigger and pushed forward they continued to appear. Eight. Ten. Twelve! Again, as I was only glancing briefly, I could not see the growth, but on my most recent peek, I clocked that his bulge was almost in line with the end of the cushion now. There were soon too many wrinkles to count, and I noted that there didn’t seem to be any more room for more to form. Additionally, more of his legs were being exposed at the sides, as all the material was being pulled forward by the expanding bulge. He certainly seemed oblivious to all this going on, still chatting away about how much harder it is to play team sports outside of education. I didn’t know how much longer he couldn’t notice for though, the speedo seemed stretched to the limit. Then I heard it. It was hard to make out, as big Brad was still nattering on, but I heard what sounded like finger being dragged along the surface of an inflated balloon. I knew it must have been the fabric of the speedo straining after even more growth from his monstrous package. My theory was confirmed when my next cheeky glance down revealed that a space had been created above his muscular thighs where the material was now lifting away, pulled by what had to be about 9 inches of thick cock. I returned my attention back to Brad, had he not heard it? Apparently not, as he was still mid-sentence and continuing on like nothing happened. However, a few seconds later, I heard it again; and more prominently, as it fell between two words Brad was uttering. Brad continued speaking, but I saw a flash of shock appear in his eyes, and while talking he finally brought his leg down, and leant forward, trying to obscure my view of his bigger bulge. It worked briefly, my attention was now on his hefty pecs, making a muscular cleavage in this new hunched position, but I looked down again, and could still make out the bulge, which was now in line with end of the cushion on which he sat. Brad’s sudden fear and shift in posture must have meant he was aware of what was happening. I looked back into his eyes, waiting to see if he was going to acknowledge this weird occurrence. But he continued his story, finally finishing with a question to me. “Umm,” I murmured, then paused while I tried to actually think of what he had just asked me. But in that silence, the sound of the speedo stretching happened again. With no voice to mask it, it was clear, to us both, what had just happened. I looked to him, and we shared an intense eye contact, still in silence, still gazing into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, a huge, loud and long, fabric-wrenching sound was emitted from his crotch as the speedo strained ever further. I couldn’t help but stare down, as I was now able to clearly see the dreamy round bulge surge forth and begin to overhang the seat. It was growing so big, stretching the speedo, making it paler in colour. “Umm,” I began again, “Are you okay?” I naively asked. Brad slowly and simply leant back against the railings, and spread his legs, allowing me a full unobstructed view of his almighty size. He then grew again. I was unabashedly ogling his growing crotch. The sight, coupled with the sound of the fabric slowly losing its fight to his beastly dick, was such a turn on. “Yeah, I’m very okay.” He replied, almost laughing “You okay?”. I leant back too, “Yeah, maybe too okay!” I joked as my new posture revealed my tenting shorts. Brad laughed. “I wish I had known you were gay, I wouldn’t have been holding back otherwise!” His words were followed by three short bursts of rubbery stretching sounds as the tip of his bulge juddered bit by bit closer to the ground. “Holding back?” I questioned, “Wait, you’re not getting hard right now?” Brad laughed again. “Does this look hard to you?” He said cupping his giant package with his right hand. The round shape and way the bulge moved as its huge size overflowed his hand told me he was indeed still soft. “N.. No.” I stammered, “Bu…but, how?”. “Well, I’m guessing Dave’s suncream isn’t as water resistant as it claimed.” I stared blankly. Brad continued to explain further. “It seems when my body soaks up the sun and makes vitamin D, well, it really makes vitamin D.” His emphasis on the ‘D’ was complimented by another audible strain from his speedo, as his cock probably entered double figures in length. “Basically, when UV light hits my skin, it seems to make another hormone, as well as vitamin D, that goes to my dick and starts to make it grow. My balls too. The more light, the stronger the sun, the more skin exposed, the faster it happens. So, on a summery day like today, when I’m wearing only this, and haven’t got any protection on, well…” He trailed off, gesturing towards the now pinkish tight speedo barely containing an ever growing mass of meat. It grew again, this time the straining noise sounded a little different, almost as though a few of the fabric’s threads were beginning to snap. The change in tone made the tent in my lap bob a little higher. Brad smirked as he saw my cock trying to grow like his, but failing. He adjusted his position, rocking his hips slightly, and I gazed in awe, as the huge soft bulge continued to jiggle for a couple of seconds, which then reminded me, “Wait, you said you were holding back? …What did you mean by that?” “Yeah, you’re cute. I was trying to not get turned on. But seeing as you like…” He paused, and I heard a similar sound to the one just before, as I saw his cock jump a little, “perhaps I should stop resisting”. Suddenly a big straining sound was emitted, accompanied by some definite tearing sounds, as I saw a hardening cock shape surge forth. I could make out the outline of what was cock and what was balls now. Both hugely impressive sizes. Brad grunted and bucked his hips, and I could see the difference the erection was making to his genital growth. His cock was growing far faster than his balls as he got harder. The thick rod was pressed up against the ever-thinning material, so tight that I could make out the patterns of the veins on his dick. Especially as they continued to grow from both his arousal and his unique UV-absorbing condition. Brad moaned as another bout of rubbery straining and ripping sounds emanated from his crotch as the cock tried to lift away from his body as he got even harder. It was beginning to throb, and each pulse was accompanied by a ripping sound. I watched in lustful amazement as I saw holes beginning to appear in the speedo to the left and right of this mountainous bulge. Numerous ripping sounds continued as those strained wrinkle lines tore open into holes, allowing the speedo more slack. But it still wasn’t enough, as Brad’s cock quickly grew to fill the extra room. He was getting so big and hard, it looked around 14”. I could see most of it, as the base was exposed as his cockhead had pulled the waistband well away, and the speedo was more holes than material now. It was throbbing fast, and seemed to struggle to make that final growth it needed to burst free. Brad put both hands on the railings behind him, closed his eyes, leaned his head overboard, and then thrust. I watched as the base of his cock thickened substantially, the swelling then spread in a wave up his shaft, finally reaching his tip, which thickened too, adding that little bit of length so that a huge pop was heard as the speedo disintegrated into shreds, and a huge thick cock slapped up against his quivering abs. Brad was breathing fast, and I was dripping pre, having watched that sexy spectacle. But it wasn’t over. In fact, I guess even more skin was exposed now to the sunlight, which would only increase his growth. His cock pointed straight up and was thick and rigid, now at full mast. But as I suspected the growth continued. I watched as his two apple-sized balls seemed to fill, his cock was nudging up a little higher with each throb, hard to notice, but I could see. And very soon it drew Brad’s attention as the head dug into his pec shelf. He opened his eyes and looked down. Acknowledging the problem, he sank back down onto the cushion, and grabbed his shaft with his left hand pulled it away from his body. Fuck he was thick, his grasp not even close to encircling his cock. He then looked towards me, and pointed his cockhead in my direction and asked, “Want a taste?”. I didn’t even answer but simply moved across to him, took his monster in both my hands and pulled his cockhead into my mouth. It was a tight fit, but incredibly arousing. I slowly pulled my lips back off it, wetting the entirety of the head. I then used my tongue to lick all over his slit and glans, while my hands worked up and down what felt like a telegraph pole. I then eased the head back into my mouth, and began rhythmically bobbing my head up and down. I could feel him sliding past on all sides of my mouth as his fat head pounded the back of my throat. God, he was filling up all the space in my mouth. I then remembered he must still be growing, despite me shading part of his body. I decided to pause and hold everything in place, just so I could feel this miracle. At first, I couldn’t sense any growth. But I moved my hands together so they formed a ring around his shaft, and soon I noticed how his cock was slowly expanding, as my interlocking fingers were being pulled apart by this growing man meat. I then realised that his cockhead was now at the back of my throat, not because I had gone further down on him, but because he had grown another 2 inches in length. I noticed he was getting much thicker too, as my fingertips finally parted. His cockhead was no exception and was pushing against all sides of my mouth, allowing no passage of air. This realisation was such a turn on I almost came right there and then. But the need to breathe triumphed, and I jolted my head back, gasping, while pulling his mammoth junk from my mouth. “Well, well.” Said Brad, “Looks like you are enjoying. Perhaps we should move into the cabin before I become just too fucking big!” And with a smug grin, his cock grew up to halfway up his chest. Brad grabbed it, and began angling it down. “Open wide!” I looked at him confused and scared. How could he think that thing was going to fit in my mouth again after it just nearly choked me? “Your legs, silly!” He explained as he squatted down and slid his 18” dick under my groin. He slowly rose, pausing as he began to take my weight on his thick cock. I saw his quads bulge with dense striated muscle. After all this focus on his growing dick, I had forgotten just how hot and muscular he was. His thighs pumped up and his abs tensed, and he slowly stood up with me supported on his cock, balancing with my hands on his bulging shoulders. I could feel another dark spot of pre leaking onto my tented shorts, this was just so hot; but thankfully Brad wouldn’t have been able to see underneath his big pecs. Standing tall, Brad’s body was now fully bathed in sunlight. As he began marching me atop his junk, towards the cabin, I felt the rate of his cock growth increase, as the log supporting me thickened and rapidly lengthened, splaying my legs further apart. I let go of one of his shoulders, and felt the cock behind me as it grew to 20” and then 22”, each pulse lifting me higher as it gained more strength to take my weight. We made it to the cabin, and everything stopped. Out of the direct sunlight, and so the UV, Brad’s cock finally stopped growing. “Well,” he said, “I’m yours.” I stared into his handsome face, and again saw a smug grin come over his face. He throbbed his mammoth beast, and the rising cock angle made me slide down so that I faceplanted into his chest and stabbed him in the abs with my own boner. “Ooof,” He reacted, “That’s quite the weapon you’ve got there yourself. How about you free him from his prison.” I felt the same way, so swung my left leg over his huge cock and dropped to the floor. As I did so, his cock, now unburdened, swung up and the tip was level with the base of his neck. Having quickly whipped off my shorts and underwear before Brad saw the pre stains, I spun round to take in the view of him again. Gigantic. Everything. Pure masculinity. I had to service him. I grabbed the hand nearest to me, and began feeling and licking all the way up his arms; my tongue and fingers caressing every groove between the thick cords of muscle. On reaching his shoulder, I turned to face him, and had to stretch to touch each shoulder with each hand. His cockhead was level with my face, and was almost touching my nose as his broad chest pushed it out. I tried to ignore it for now, instead sliding both arms down to his biceps. He responded naturally, and raised both arms into a double bicep flex. Big boulders erupted forth, they split my fingers apart, and I tried to dig in, but the meat was just solid strength. I let my hands wander down to his pecs, and like clockwork, Brad started bouncing them, and my cock bounced in unison, tickling his balls in the process. I looked down and saw them. They were like two soft bowling balls, dangling down, halfway to his knees. I was so intrigued, I started fondling them, not noticing Brad begin to moan. I bent down and began to lick all around them, supporting their hefty weight in my hands, and watching as they overflowed from one of my palms to the other. As I licked them from bottom to top, I let my tongue run onto the base of Brad’s dick. He let out a louder deep moan, causing me to look up. I noticed now that his nipples had become sensitised, having thickened up, and were standing out a good half inch from his meaty pecs. I couldn’t resist, I jumped on his right one with my mouth, and began teasing and sucking at it, while ran my hands over his cobblestone abs, still trying to ignore the throbbing pillar next to my cheek. Brad moans only grew louder, he was loving this, and as I switched across to his left nipple, I saw a bead of pre run down his mighty shaft. While nibbling on his left nipple, I decided to reach across with my left hand and play with his right nipple simultaneously. In doing so, my arm was pressed against his 22” cock, and I could feel each throb, and just sense the power in it as it constantly vibrated with pure sexual energy. I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I left both hands twiddling at his teats, but began using my mouth to wet the beast before me. Round and round, up and down I went with my tongue, soaking his member, and causing Brad to start egging me on. When I was confident I had lubricated most of his shaft, I released his nipples and grabbed his cock with both hands, and began pumping his cannon. While continuing to wank him, I pulled the head towards me, at this angle, it was level with my mouth, and although too thick to fully fit in, I did my best to massage the glans with my lips. This was clearly appreciated by Brad, who began moaning and bucking. It was getting so hot, I had to pleasure myself too. One hand on my cock, the other on the largest one on the planet, while my mouth continued to suck its head. I accelerated the pace more and more, and more, until I realised I was close to cumming. “Fuck, I gotta stop!” I panted. “No worries,” Brad replied, “You certainly got me going good!” As I began to regain some composure, a thought suddenly crossed my mind. “OK, I gotta question… if it’s sunlight which makes… this… happen, then how come you don’t already have a cock as long as a road?” “Well, the effects wear off after I cum. I guess all the energy is stored as cum, and having it kept there causes my junk to grow. But once its released, everything returns to its previous state.” I must’ve flashed a look of slight disappointment, as Brad quickly continued, “But I never used to be this muscular, or have an almost 6 inch soft cock. Or even this tall. But a man gets curious; and I tried my own come once, and noticed it led to some permanent gains.” He said as he flexed a bicep up to my face. I grab my dick and slowly start stroking in response. “If you carry on as you did before, you might get a treat”. The idea that I could possibly grow larger, seemingly everywhere, was such a turn on that I was once again close to the brink of orgasm, and a large globule of pre emerged from my slit and ran down my quivering cock. Brad noted this and decisively spoke up, “Actually, I think you’ll like to watch this.” He walked over to the cabin door and stood in its entrance. I was wondering what he was doing, but then as I caught sight of the back of his hefty ballsack dropping down further towards his knees, I realised he was growing himself in the sun again. He was there for not even a minute, and then he spun round. Over 2 feet of thick meaty cock was advancing towards me, the tip bouncing around, now level with Brad’s luscious lips. He stopped inches from me. Bent his head a little down, and pulled his bloated cockhead into his mouth as much as he could. His lips moistened the slit as he used his bulging arms to forcefully pump the column before me. Brad began to moan as his actions became faster and stronger. I had subconsciously began wanking myself too. Brad’s eyes shut, and I could swear he was moaning ‘Fuck’ although his mouth was gagged by a head the size of a rugby ball. He let out one massive but muffled moan, and his stroking suddenly ceased. I looked down and saw his balls heave, and then watched his cock jerk as a torrent of cum ran up inside it and gushed into Brad’s mouth. The instant he began swallowing, I noticed him changing. I took a step back and watched as his whole body seemed to scale-up larger, keeping everything in proportion as he inched up, reaching now what must’ve been a towering 6’3”. He released his cock from his mouth, the spurts having finally ended, and I watched it lengthen an inch or two by itself so that the tip bumped against the bridge of his nose. I was on the edge, pumping like a maniac. Brad opened his eyes, saw me, and immediately placed his hands on his hips. And within an instant I saw his pecs puff out massively, expanding in size, weight and strength. His abs all swelled, fighting for space, and as he lifted his arms up and flexed, I saw his biceps grow larger and larger than before. His muscles were surging with much more energy than the rest of him, and that was my weakness. As his guns grew past the 20” mark, I blew my load and splattered his ripped torso, as his growth finally began to subside. We were both left standing there, catching our breath. I apologised for spraying Brad, and he laughed it off, grabbing a towel. I watched as he wiped my cum off him, and noticed his balls were back to normal, well maybe a slightly bigger size, but I had no reference point. His cock on the other hand was still looming towards me at an inflated size. However, I watched as it both began to soften and shrink, arcing down in the process. Brad cast the towel aside, and looked down at himself from his new height. After what I had just witnessed, his flaccid cock looked a sorry sight. But after glancing back at my own, and then back at Brad’s, I realised he must be 7 inches soft now! Plus Brad certainly didn’t seem unimpressed. “Fuck! Look at me, I’m massive!” He bellowed, as he struck pose after pose. It was true, his muscles had significantly grown. Dave might not pick up on the extra inch in height or cock, but Brad’s bodybuilder stature biceps and pecs were bound to give the game away. I wonder if Dave knows about this? “Damn,” continued Brad as he cupped his enormous left pec in his right hand, “This is incredible! …but we best get covered up before Dave comes back with the food.” I began redressing. Luckily the hot weather would dry my shorts out pretty quick from any embarrassing stains. I watched Brad rummage around the cabin until he found a pair of metallic blue speedos. He struggled to pull them up over his bigger legs. “Wow, I can’t believe how much my calves have grown. …Makes …this uuh..h. a bit difficult though, ..my quads too…” He wriggled about, his meaty muscles tensing and untensing in the process. They were just so big and defined now, I had never seen anything like it. Fuck I was getting aroused again. Brad eventually got the speedos on and over his genitals. They were super tight. And they made such a big beautiful blue bulge. It was shiny and massive, and I can’t believe I ever thought it looked small. Even framed by large cobbled abs and big quads, its size was unmistakeable. His thick 7 inch soft cock and balls already strained the material into a mouth-watering, big, round, shiny bulge. I couldn’t help but start boning up again. It looked so good. Brad caught sight of this, “Calm down now, Dave will be back any second.” I nodded, a bit disappointed and dropped my head. But instantly sprang it back up when I heard the now familiar sound of speedo fibres stretching. Brad was blushing, his arousal given away, and a glance at his package revealed some new taut wrinkles and a bit of delineation showing the outline of his chubbing cock. “No really,” Brad interrupted, resisting the moment, “let’s have you rub some suncream on my new muscles before I ruin another decent pair of speedos!”.
  2. I tend to like the larger than life kind of stuff, so if that's also your jam, feel free to PM me!
  3. The Uncontainable Hulk (Part 1)

    Finally getting to post my first real written story for the idea I brought up before. It's not so much a part one but rather a clip I'm ready to share now. It's about seventeen paragraphs long and features macro, hyper, muscle growth, which I'll hopefully be continuing into a limitless growth scenario! Enjoy reading. The Uncontainable Hulk A week of research had already passed for Bruce Banner. His time spent at a remote military base in Arizona had led to his recent discovery of reprogramming his hulk-like transformation, an experiment that Bruce had just undergone yesterday. Results seemed promising and so far, nothing seemed to push him to his destructive alter ego. Even when he was provoked, Banner remained level headed and completely unchanged. What Bruce did not expect was that the Hulk lurked in other places. Sitting in front of his computer, Bruce read through the notes and observations left behind by scientists who assisted in the test. The room was empty and quiet with only a subtle hum coming from the fluorescent lights above him. Switching the monitor off, Banner leaned back in his office chair, pondering at the outcome he was left with. Is the Hulk really gone? Am I cured of my condition? Will this be good? Questions kept forming in his mind. Although destructive, the Hulk had power that Bruce could never in his life ever experience ever again. It should be good that no longer he would fear the consequences of feeling such a natural and simplistic emotion yet Banner sat in his chair, unsatisfied by it all. He lived with his situation for so long that he found ways to keep the beast locked away. Going Hulk had benefits of its own and strength so desirable... His loins stirred. His time spent secluded and boxed in left him bored and tired. It had been so long since he had time for himself. Bruce leaned over to his side to look behind his office chair, staring briefly at the surveillance camera before switching the monitor on and undoing his belt. His time now was of little importance and with his chair blocking most of the camera feed, Banner got right to unzipping his pants. His hand gently caressed the brief clad bulge in front of him. His mind conjured images of his body undergoing transformation. His longing of strength and power had always stuck to him on such a primal desire, something he continuously imagines when he's alone. A lengthy mound soon emerged as the blood ran through him. Adjusting accordingly, his cock was finally out from his underwear, the welcoming cool air touching his shaft. He worked the length in his palm, still picturing the Hulk, still picturing the brawn, the size, the strength and dominance... Nearing his peak, Bruce's body suddenly stiffened with his arms jolting back and legs stretching from underneath his desk. He felt for a moment, a familiar wave of energy coursing across his torso and appendages. Banner could feel his buttoned up shirt growing tighter, his pants hugging across his legs, his feet and hands swelling slowly. He recognized this sensation and knew what was happening. The purple shirt he wore already had seams bursting in multiple spots across his growing arms. The mass of his biceps peaked through the sleeves first with his shoulders pulling apart the seams of his shirt. Buttons snapped off the tight fabric across his torso and landed on the ravaged fabric of his trousers. Rips formed across his back, thighs and forearms as the transformation kept a slow and steady pace. Banner watched in horror to see his body muscle more and more but what drew his attention was the dying erection right in front of him. He noticed his cock never discharged but instead, bloated, fattened and extended at a mesmerizing rate. The meaty member just kept growing up and up, as the veins vanished underneath the foreskin and soon after reaching it's full foot long length, fell flaccid on his keyboard with a noticeable thud. The growth had finally subsided. Bruce was left astonished and stunned. His transformation was different this time. Sitting himself at 6'6", the mass of his body was half that of the Hulk's original size. The definite green skin tone was replaced with a warmer shade of green that affected every inch of his muscled body. At this point, his clothes barely covered him. Rags were strewn across various parts of his upper body with his pants forming into ripped shorts which spilled out his massive manhood. The white briefs he wore were still intact but barely held the soccer balls that were his genitals. Bruce lifted himself from his cramped chair, standing barefoot as his cock slithered off the keyboard and slapped against his knees. The weight of his member was truly something to experience but Bruce couldn't help but notice his mental state. He was still sane, stable and not enraged in any capacity. He had full control over all his functions. Relieved and excited, Banner reveled in his new form, admiring the bodybuilder physique he now had. His large hands grabbed at whatever scraps were left behind of his work shirt as he pressed his fingers in between the chiseled crevices of his cut muscular body. Lifting his left arm, he flexed his bicep, watching the mass rise up with a thick vein peaking to the top. Bruce was never able to truly adore his hulkish qualities. His memories of the Hulk were always muddled, shrouded in a rage filled episode that left him with nothing but regret. His cock gave a throb, it's bulk calling to him from below. It's shape was so enticing, fat and folded, as if it was ready to start stretching to newer proportions. Although long, its form still remained short and stubby, the head of which largely taking up a third of its size. Bruce's hand slowly glided to the hairy base. His index finger pressed at the top of the shaft before his hand rested on the rest of his girth. Coincidentally, despite its new size, the cock was perfectly in proportion to his enlarged hands. His palm gently ran down the length and shivers of pure ecstasy rattled Bruce like he never felt before. The sensation felt amplified, the pleasure of which was almost intoxicating. He stroked his cock more and more and found himself shackled to the bliss his flesh delivered. The thick skin was dragged by his bulgy fingers as the meaty shape of his dick extended in sync with his masturbation, making each stroke longer than the last. Finger-thick veins reappeared across his hardening cock as its size gained an additional six inches. The climax was fast approaching. Banner's body stiffened in response as his legs locked straight up and his back bent backwards, leaving his junk elevated and ready to erupt. Just like before, his cock did not drain. The energized sensation coursed through him a second time and bulk was steadily packing onto his figure. Banner gave a guttural groan as his hairy chest ballooned into a shelf of solid muscle. Even his deep green nipples had their share of growth, thickening at the bottom of each slab. His broad shoulders pushed out in a horizontal fashion, crevices outlining the brawn, pumpkin-like both in appearance and size. Traps rose out afterwards, crawling closer to his ears. His jaw became square with a widening chin that wholly aligned with his massive vascular bull neck. His meaty brows protruded above his green eyes as his whole face was molded manlier and stronger, resembling less of Bruce and more of the Hulk. He grunted, appearing primal and powerful. He could feel his arms exploding in size. Thick cables of muscle amassing on his already mighty limbs, bulging and flexing uncontrollably into a width that compared to that of his washboard abdomen. His chiseled six pack swelled into a brick wall of eight lumpy abs. Below the waist, his calves and thighs expanded to newfound thickness. The newly made shorts soon split from the approaching beef into even small garments, hugging his waist and covering only a third of his enormous square glutes. The back pockets peaks out from the pants over the steel-hard boulder cheeks, both tight and tugging at the fabric that was wedged in between. And of course his cock, a sight to behold. Eighteen inches of thick, hulk meat began to swell monstrously. Each throb after the other juiced his shaft more and more as the member stretched and softened, fatter and thicker. Both testes pulled his briefs down further and further until the underwear snapped from the front. Passing two feet, his cock and the rest of his skin darkened into a noticeable shade of deep green. His body shot upwards, growing past the seven foot mark and stopping short of eight feet tall. The back of Hulk's neck now rested against the ceiling while his three foot manhood dropped to his ankles. Bruce had finally transformed into the Hulk. Hulk breathed heavily, his chest rising up and down as his head still spun from the rush of his transformation. He was still in control but just barely. Banner finally began understanding his situation. His rage was merely usurped by his lust, persuading him to change with a bounty in the form of sexual gratification. Every ejaculation would go to fueling the Hulk's power, his libido piling on more and more until it ultimately resets, like the turning of an hourglass. Bruce might have retained his free will but the pleasure was hard to fight off. The sensation from his loins only magnified more after each growth spurt. The cycle would remain endless. His sexuality alone was dictated by his size, his mass and his manhood. Growing made him aroused, which made him grow, which aroused him again. Already the very feeling of his legs, knees and massive feet being enveloped by his scorching hot sack turned the Hulk on even more. In his mind, he didn't just want more, he NEEDED more. Cramped inside the laboratory, Hulk hurried to exit through the door. His muscled legs constantly kept hitting against his monster junk as he tried to walk. Cock and balls bounced up and down in front of him with their added weight enticing Hulk more and more with each step. Knowing full well that he wouldn't fit, Hulk tackled at the metal door in a fit of lusty impatience, bursting through with ease as the frame and chunks of wall toppled over. Dust poured behind him as he was greeted by rows of men, clad in armor with automatic weaponry all pointed towards the green monster. The camera had already alerted the facility of his transformation. Every gun fired directly at Hulk, the bullets casually dropping off his rippling body and rigid cock as they clattered against the concrete floor. Although impenetrable, the rounds directed at Hulk left him enduring the sharp pain from the chattering rifles. Hulk reacted, turning away from the gunfire as to shield himself from the armed soldiers. If like anything in the past, it would be expected that the Hulk would rampage, enraged by the pitiful attack of the military and the certain destruction of the entire facility. Instead, Hulk refrained himself from taking action while his massive ass and mountainous back were absorbing all the blows. Hulk only stared at the giant hole he left from the laboratory, exciting him at the casual display of left over destruction. He left that room in a fit of hot lust and that same sensation was still lingering inside, not once dying down. His desire could never be extinguished. Once his arousal started, it could only grow from that point on until he achieved his climax. Hulk could feel his cock perking up. One hand grabbed firmly at the shaft while his other hand caressed the head. The pain he felt behind him could not compare to the pleasure he was feeling. Every inch of his palm fondled his nerves as he dragged his soft green beast higher and higher into an impressive erection. His low, breathy moans picked up volume as he worked himself further. Soon, even the soldiers could hear his bliss-filled wails over their deafening weaponry. Hulk's ass was seen, clenching and unclenching as his waist involuntarily swung back and forth, driving the veiny walls of his dick into the caress of his burly hands. Sweat began to crawl down the vast expanse of his back as well as the bulging mess of muscles that formed from his torso. Pecs and abs squeezed together tightly with his thick, tree-like arms pressing his muscles inwards as he fondled his length. The troops momentarily ceased their firing, standing bewildered at what they were witnessing. The green mass of the Hulk's body swelled at a constant rate, cramming him more into the shrinking expanse of the narrow hallway. Hulk turned himself around, panting in large heaping breaths as his whole body shook and throbbed. His stance fell to a kneel as his back pressed more into the ceiling above. His bowing posture showcased the rippling display of shoulders, traps, chest and back forming a wall of ever-growing beef. His broadening arms reached the walls at his sides while his juicy, hairy pecs bloated towards the leviathan cock, the cleavage hugging against the surface of his dick. The member started to rapidly bloat, fattening up and growing soft, expanding at an alarming rate towards the troops. One by one, each soldier began to flee at the enlarging flesh which threatened to engulf them in hot green cock. Hulk's already masculine face grew manlier in appearance. The squarish jaw and chin he possessed grew fuller and more stubbly while his protruding brow had shelved itself out more. Moans of ecstasy escaped from the vein-riddled expanse of his neck as his growing cock was fondled by the hairy surface of his beefy chest muscles. He could feel his bulbous ass entering the previous room he once dwelled. In just a short amount of time, Hulk had already filled part of the hallway, snugged firmly by the ceiling and walls. The remainder of the troops kept themselves at a safe distance, gawking in astonishment at the girth that laid out in front of them. The cock, soft once more, had grown to eight feet long, five feet wide, resting on the massive sack that ran from Hulk's hairy crotch. Behind the mass, Hulk was wedged in at sixteen feet, hunched over and on both knees with his face and breast laying on top of his supple endowment. It only took mere seconds before Hulk's libido was fanned yet again. Everything around him catered to his sexual cravings from the cold hard walls touching his firm muscled body to the dense musky scent that invaded Hulk's nostrils coming from the godcock he laid on top of. The odor was almost too good for him. Hulk breathed in deeply, panting as his open mouth lapped at the skin of his cock. One brush of his tongue was enough to overload his senses. The taste, the touch, the smell, one sensation piled on top of the other. He couldn't get enough. He swiped his tongue over and over, rolling his meaty chest up and down the shaft. His lower body attempted to hump the air making the columns of hard mountainous muscle shift in a display of virile captivation. Cracks formed around him as the slightest movement was capable of fracturing the walls and ceiling. The last of the men fled as the junk resumed its extension into a massive erection. Hulk's drive was almost subhuman. He drooled and slobbered, writhing completely stationary to work his cock harder. The tip had finally extended and risen enough to press against the ceiling. His enormous arms destructively tried to squeeze through, desperate to reach in front and seize his titan cock. Hulk was a beast in heat, his actions became more unruly with every passing second. Grunts and brutish groans echoed across the compound as the halls were thick with the pungent scent and heat emanating from the horny phenomenon. Every surface near Hulk trickled with droplets of condensation as well as web-like fractures that formed around the green monster. Hulk clenched his teeth, feeling the buildup rising inside his gargantuan member. Spit and sweat worked to lubricate his cock as both hands and pecs were drenched in his juices. The slick fondling of his veiny shaft sent waves of orgasmic ecstasy through the titan. Hulk roared, as loud as he could, shaking the facility with his low, beastly howls to yet another explosive climax. The walls barely held him inside before but now, had disintegrated by the slightest growth of his freakish body. Hulk stood in response to the uncontrollable muscle piling on to each of his limbs, crashing his entire upper body through the roof, colliding with concrete that barely stood against the rising force of his stance. Erupting out into the outdoors, another erotic roar signaled the rest of the compound to his presence. A display of continuous swelling green muscle emerging from the top of the building was in full view for any spectators outside. Hulk's chest was the most noticeable in growth as it rippled outwards, lower, higher, until each hairy, juicy pec overshadowed a fourth of his torso and collided against his burly jawline. From there, his shoulders continued their routine in broadening outwards, away from his thorax as to make Hulk appear wider, leaving room for his arms to swell next. His biceps received the most attention from the miraculous gains. Each bulbous round cutlet of muscle crashed against the pillowy bulk of his chest, jutting each body-wide arm out enough to triple the span of his proportions. Hulk couldn't help but smile as his eyes continuously wandered to every solid limb getting more and more monstrous. Although the fact that he couldn't see past his chest excited him, he wish he could view the size piling onto his cock. Hulk's bottom half was mostly concealed by the remains of the compound with dust and rubble strewn across his growing features. The hot green shaft ate up what room was left inside the hall, pressing firmly against the floor, walls and eventually the ceiling, its flaccid bulk causing even more structural damage, testing the limits of the enclosure. The constriction was already arousing Hulk more and the feeling only tightened as his mammoth sac and ripped legs started to push out with more muscle. A flat wall of veiny cock flesh started to emerge through the crumbling roof in front of Hulk. Its soft bulk atop his massive balls was enough to reach up to his hairy waist. Each growth seemed to make the member grow proportionally larger every time, now reaching a size that compared to the entirety of his lower body. From around the compound, a growing throng of people formed, evacuating the building to see the herculean monster. Hulk was left completely oblivious to the crowd, his one-track mind only fixated on sex and size. The outdoors was already an improvement from being inside the cramped cold space of his lab. So much of his green hairy exterior met with sunlight and arid heat, leaving Hulk relaxed and stimulated. Such stimulation however paled in comparison to the embrace the building had over Hulk's room-filling prick. As with each surge of size, Hulk's cock grew more receptive, more aroused, making every foot of his shaft overstimulate from any touch. Blood was quick to rush through his loins, the cramped interior only growing tighter as his cock hardened, stimulating him more, making him more erect, as the cycle continued. All he could do was feel the building work his shaft steadily, until he eventually heard more of the rooftop crumbling below, and finally his eyes could see the deep green head peaking past his monstrous chest.
  4. Lemme know if you guys like this story. I like the feedback Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9354-basically-a-god/ Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12786-basically-a-god-part-2/ Part 3 I groaned as I tried to lift the heavy weight over my body. The darkness didn’t help me find my grip but the form of Johnny’s arm alone gave me a mental map of where each massive, hyper lean muscle was. Johnny had fallen asleep over me as we were watching another cartoon superhero movie in the building’s massive cinema inspired theater between the upper and lower floors. Somewhere in the middle, I guess, the massive arm Johnny had put at the head of my seat had become dead weight and fallen on top of me, placing what felt like bricks made of steel on my lap. I wish I had more lighting to tell if Johnny was just fucking with me or not but Johnny was so insistent on a theater room identical to a movie theater that we had to sit at the very back of the theater to avoid Johnny’s big head and traps blocking the light directed at the large screen, now rolling credits. As I heard snoring several feet above me, it became clear that Johnny really had fallen asleep and this was not one of his usual pranks on me. I actually wondered if he really was sleep, though. Johnny’s enhanced brain functions probably made his sleeping much lighter and, therefore, he could very well be both in a state where he was both asleep and awake, watching over his own body and also having a dream about creating a nuclear reactor capable of fueling all of the world’s energy for the next century. At the realm Johnny’s powers had recently reached, nobody could really know. Johnny’s ability to bend the world around him with or without his will was daunting. Yes, he loved to appear the hero to people but I doubt that he’d be able to control the desire in people to want to watch him do his daily “chores”. Chores for him were the basics: blow out a few fires in the city, help with a bit of construction in a few spots around the block. “It’s all to keep my powers in check” he’d say as he would be lifting something like his magnetic weight set, set to a weight that he could keep an eye on and talk to me at the same time as we’d be watching TV on the leather couch on the top floor. “My powers are growing so fast, I’m coming too close to putting people in danger at this speed.” I was pretty much incapable of denying that logic (as usual). The last few years of Johnny’s ascent into an mighty superhero had led to many accidents along the way. I couldn’t count the number of doorknobs that needed replacements or the number of doorways that needed to be rebuilt. When he’d first reached at least some form of reasonable superhuman power, he’d lifted a fire truck over his head and had quickly gotten the hang of curling them on his daily workouts. He’d once almost broken a woman in half after catching her during a skydiving fiasco, a move he’d seen from one of the earliest Superman movies. The woman, now paralyzed from the waist down due to the impact of her body hitting two hyper dense arms, still sent postcards of her trips around the world, paid by Johnny’s financial advisor. These were only incidents from almost half a decade ago. Now it was more serious of an issue as we moved from our small town in the Midwest to New York. When we’d first arrived, Johnny wasn’t his “small” 6’4 height anymore. He was nearly 7 feet tall at that point, and almost 3 feet wide. People on the sidewalk jumped out of the way of him as he’d still not quite gotten used to having to maneuver not to knock people into walls and such. Cars weren’t like that though. Thankfully, Johnny’s brand of unnatural attraction made it very easy to convince the man that he liked his car better in the shape of a U. That’s the area where I realized Johnny liked to live, in the grayest area between hero and not. The reason I guessed he was sleeping now and using his arm like a paper weight on my comparatively feeble body, now exceeding my waist in width by 10 inches at 38 cold, was due to the fact that he’d taken me on his usual chores. I was beside myself as I’d watched him save a woman from getting mugged in the deeper parts of New York, saved a bank from a man attached to a bomb by throwing him into the sky upon detonation, and then mowed the lawns of a few old women in New Jersey. The last one’s key because he’d done it using nothing but heat vision, a power he’d said before had the heat intensity to burn several buildings and had leveled an old mountain pass owned by the doctors leading the “Johnny Project”. It had happened in a red flash, my momentary blindness only secondarily important as I started at Johnny’s work. Each leaf of grass had been trimmed perfectly, each one perfectly matched to its friends without a single trace of the expected burn marks. Johnny just rewarded me with a toothy smug grin as he’d proved how much control he had over his powers. He’d gone on to do this for most of the day, only stopping after his phone, tailored to his significant size and made extra durable, buzzed against his iron hard butt cheek, clad in only his everyday, spandex uniform. It was at that point that it was clear to me that he wasn’t at all like your text book superhero. It was a call leading to a PR event made to another one of the charities he supported with his deep, deep pockets. He fit right in with the mother millionaires and billionaires at the party naturally. After all, he was the richest man in the country, funded with more money than was given to half of your average state. I won’t call him corrupt like some of the others I met at that PR event. He spent an extremely large portion of his funds on charities inside and outside the country, a move coming from the justice loving side of him as he truly believed, as he said to me before, “rich people in this country need to worry about helping their own country as much as any other”. However, the other side of him was a lot greedier. I saw as Johnny’s eyes were quickly fixed on the tight dresses of many of the women at the event. I groaned as I quickly realized I’d be taking a taxi home when I saw him eye Sandra Daxon, the richest woman on the eastern border of north America. I groaned again when I realized he’d wrangled her and a group of women I saw quickly dislodge their engagement and wedding rings from their fingers before coming up to him to try and flirt. These realizations were the perfect backdrop for when I realized he wasn’t even going to stay for the whole event as he’d finished his speech, his deep voice making the women he’d flirted with coo and want him more. Meeting back at the present, he’d left the girl’s lying in his bedroom, tiring them all out after 3 hours of non-stop sex. I’d learned early, back when we’d still lived in the Midwest, that Johnny’s sex drive was a really unfathomable thing. He’d had sex with many of the young women in our town (maybe more than the amount he’d told me about) and practically had fucked them through the floor in the mansion he used to own before coming to New York and having his hulking tower built. I remember each night he’d brought a bushel of women with him, their eyes fixated on him and their faces almost zombie like as they’d come to be taken and conquered by the behemoth he was. Then, he’d gone for 6 straight hours of fucking, my bed room below his having been shaken by the movements and sounds above. I doubted he was ever really sated the way he vanished 50% of the day and just returned with a grin on his face, the normal hop in his step. I dared to look down at his muscles in the light of the movie’s projector reaching the end of its contents and flashing a white screen on the theater. Johnny’s white tee shirt and white shorts did nothing to hide the power his nearly 8 foot body coveted. Each ab was in bold and blocky relief as he lay on his lower back, the seats in the theater recently becoming too small to hold his big butt unless he sat straight up. His knees were bending the seats set in front of him like they were made of rubber and his legs were spread wide, making it difficult for me to find a way out from under his arm. I could feel his big lat pressing down on me as he stretched out. Defeated, I let the weight push me down, fastening me to my seat. I couldn’t see Johnny’s face past his massive shoulders and shelf like chest but what I could see made my cock bounce feebly against the weight Johnny’s massive forearm. With his bulging thighs spread, Johnny’s massive cock sat on his shorts, the space inside looking cramped as his cock stretched down between his legs. Was it always that big? My eyebrows raised when I saw a jump in his struggling crotch. The mound was like an anaconda, stretching bigger in search of an opening from its cloth prison. I was impressed the pants were able to contain so much of Johnny as his pants started to pop and tear. His cock straightened over time and pitched a tent in his pants that was getting taller and taller as he slept. I dared reach for my cock and try and cover it but it was useless, his arm was immovable and wouldn’t budge an inch for me. I was indefinitely pressed against the wall as Johnny began to move in his sleep. I watched he reached his opposite hand down to the bulge in his pants and began to massage it with his big hands, the comparison between the hand and the hidden beast becoming phenomenal as it stretched longer and longer. A foot and a half....... Two feet........... two feet and a half..............more! Johnny’s cock was a leviathan roaring out of its prison. The stretching shorts completely tore and the whole only widened as the godly endowment grew. I dared to wonder if it would grow bigger than me as it reached up to Johnny’s far reaching pectorals and continued to stretch and stretch. I quivered as I felt Johnny’s body becoming hotter as his cock reached higher and his balls hung lower. His lap was beginning to overfill with ball sack. I could see the veins on his balls as they looked overstretched yet they still pumped more and more inhuman cum to remain full and bloated. How big could this monster get, I wondered as my own cock continued to pointlessly move against Johnny’s might. When it finally reached its max size, it probably reached higher than his head. The massive cock was probably so thick that it was potentially impossible to fit through some doors. Johnny, rubbing against the 8 foot mark with his heat, probably could have poked the usual 9 foot ceiling easily with the monster hovering above the ground like a leaning tower of penis. It’s perfect form was graced with several veins that made its reddened surface appear vascular and intimidating. I couldn’t see Johnny’s face but the moaning vibrating through his body into me couldn’t be anything less than the power of his deep, baritone voice, shaking everything around him with its strength. I’d stopped moving as I realized that my fate was sealed the moment his cock began to drop what appeared to be the thickest pre-cum, dripping it down into the seat in front of us. I only had moments to admire the testament to manhood before I felt the limbs around me move. I kept trying to use the movement to get out from under Johnny but it took three attempts to realize three things. One, he wasn’t moving, Johnny was perfectly still. Two, there definitely wasn’t any chance of me escaping. Three, Johnny’s muscles were growing. I looked around my head and realized Johnny’s muscles were bloating and swelling, their hardness and weight the only thing to remain. I was pressed more roughly into the seat I was in and felt like I was having trouble breathing as his body swelled without getting taller. Muscles bulged and grew more veined, my strength becoming more pathetic as Johnny seemed to be revealing his true form. I raised my head in a direction that would give a chance to see as I continued to watch this godly event, the pain in my chest and legs seeming unimportant as Johnny’s hand moved. It moved slowly at first, moving up the terrifying large length of his cock. Muscles collided powerfully as his now bigger bicep collided with his now larger and more dominant chest. His perfect superhero like form had swollen to a beautifully grotesque form where, regardless of his impressive grace, he couldn’t avoid colliding muscles to muscles. His cock appeared angry and extremely volatile as, after each stroke, it oozed a little more of its clear honey like liquid, dripping down and soaking the seats further down as the closest one. I felt sorry for the cleaning ladies who’d have to wipe this up. Or was I? A mix of emotions were hitting me that I seemed to have no time to register as I felt suffocated by Johnny’s ill controlled muscles. I felt like he would crush me under his size and power at this rate as he continued to rub his monster cock undisturbed and unaffected by my struggling. I tried to scream or shout his name but it was useless. I had a feeling I’d die like this as I felt my mind ebb and my eye sight fade to darker colors. I gasped and breathed for air, thinking I’d die to him. Die to this god. Johnny had warned me that he had to train his powers daily to be able to contain all of this power and avoid hurting anyone. It had just taken his unconscious body moments away from crushing me to the wall for me to realize it. I was ready to die and sacrifice myself when the massive arm, how wider than my chest, finally moved and I took a deep breath. Johnny had switched to wielding his big meat with two hands, still not even coming close to wrapping around the godly weapon. Johnny’s arm muscles were colliding with his chest as his body was moving to please him, what I assume, unconsciously. My cock was now sticking from my jeans roughly and bouncing up and down trying not to react to the heat Johnny was emitting. I heard him grunt and each burst of deep vibration made me quiver in my seat. I rubbed the snake in my pants, ignoring the fact that I’d almost died to this supreme being, and watched as his rubbing became more rapid. It was then I noticed that the ground was shaking little by little. I worried if the building could handle this much power as the rumbling shook the room and the lighting that was coming from the lights in the wall began to flicker after only just coming on. “You’ve got control to level a fucking lawn but you can’t keep from destroying your own building in your sleep??” I tried to call to him but he clearly couldn’t hear me over the vibrating building. At the literal moment before the eruption, I thought I heard a ringing sound as though a bomb had gone off. Then, like a military tank’s cannon, a white burst of cum shot from his cock and hit the walls. The ground shook and Johnny’s groaning was now supernatural as I could still hear his unnaturally deep voice rumbling through my chest. His cock fired volley upon volley for what seemed like an eternity. Cum was dripping from the ceiling and dripping down the aisles as cum fired from Johnny. The thin fabric of the movie screen had torn and left gaping holes. Plaster was falling from the ceiling with the cum rain. Glass cracked, seats bent out of shape. Johnny was large but he was massive but his cock was destroying things from meters away. I could guess that his power was strong enough to shred a car to pieces as holes and craters littered the walls, dripping cum as well. It had taken a full 10 minutes before Johnny’s massive cock and balls had finally halted their assault and left the room silent except for my heavy panting, the dripping of cum from every surface, and his deep breathing before he returned to his snoring. Being behind him had rescued me from the onslaught of his cock as he lay there in his destroyed pants, his cock still massive and throbbing like a normal cock at 20 times the size. There was no doubt in my mind his cock was almost if not as big as I was. My fixation, however, was on the fact that I’d survived this disaster. With a popping snore, Johnny jumped awake and lazy looked down at me over his chest and raised his arm. “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” he asked before looking around. When he saw his cock and the destruction it had caused. “Oh.”
  5. Basically A God Part 2

    I thought this might help motivate me to finish the story properly __________________________________________________ Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9354-basically-a-god/ Part 2 Johnny was an anomaly to the human race. There was very little he couldn’t accomplish and anything that he couldn’t do, there’d always be a willing fan who’d be willing to do it for him. Not that there was a lot to begin with, of course. After the first year of superhero status, Johnny could already solve a good deal of the mathematical and scientific world’s problems. Being multilingual in many languages too, he was a worldwide commodity. That was an ability I think I was most dumbfounded by. He could generally read a truly thick book in about 30 minutes to an hour. After that, he pushed the envelope and started memorizing articles and web pages. When he learned how to hack, which took only about a flat 2 hours to memorize and 1 hour after to understand, he’d gone and hacked the dark net, which also took only 30 seconds on his part. That was the thing about Johnny, his sense of justice was pretty strong and after he became a “superhero” almost undeniable. He’d cracked down on every hacker, every drug dealer, and even every government official who’d dared to step foot in the secret compartment of the internet. Now, even the underworld knew to fear Johnny, an invincible creation unlike anything they’d seen before. Johnny’s heroics made him a god and an idol to everyone who passed him, He couldn’t walk the street anymore after he’d really gotten into the heroics of saving citizens from burning buildings and catching cranes falling from high buildings during construction. One day, he’d be in Hawaii saving the islands from a typhoon with his powerful breath. Another day, he’d be in India blowing clouds into their state to many from heat stroke. It was a terrifyingly wonderful thing for a Johnny to be so powerful and so fast that he could rapidly solve world problems with just a nod and a flight to another part of the world. When you’re flying around the world at twice the speed of the world’s fastest jet, Mach 13.9, you can’t expect people to not want to marvel at how your body pushes the limits of physics. Marveling was a key point of Johnny’s new career. Everyone wanted a piece of him and, as the days went by, there was more and more of him to go around. You’d see him on television shows, podcasts (some of which I listened to frequently), and magazines. Companies paid him billions to walk into their office and give a testimonial. Underarmour was a big one as Johnny’s clothes continued to shrink and he typically needed bigger equipment to hold the..... equipment. You could see the enjoyment on his face as they had him posing in their clothes on every social media. They’d tried their best to make stuff that could contain his godly gifts but, alas, none could do much to keep it below PG-13. His massive bulge was all over the internet, against his better judgement. Johnny openly admitted to me how he wanted to have some level of privacy and reservation as much as he loved showing off so he’d spent a lot of time analyzing the Poundstone Tower (built only several years ago) before we’d moved in to confirm there were any bugs or hidden cameras. He’d cleaned the 40 foot building from head to toe and it only made the public want to try harder to see him. Many were jealous that I got so much time with him but, to me, it was only a constant grim reminder. Living with a god was completely different from anything anyone else had ever experienced. Johnny was a very open person behind closed doors but the thing about closed doors is that he wasn’t fazed by them, after his last height measure of 7’6, it was a lot harder for him to get into the rooms that had been built for me so, to compensate the difficulty of door phrase, he’d just use his X-ray vision. I could hear his deep, powerful voice even when I was taking a dump. “Hey, when you’re done, you want to watch the new Civil War movie? I got it from the director as a gift!” “Dude I’m taking a shit!” Of course, being Johnny, he’d just laugh it off. I was slowly coming to understand that, as much as feared this guy’d eventually want pay back, he wasn’t like me. The way he used his powers and the way he was growing stronger by the day and becoming more enlightened as time passed, the more I realized he was slowly growing above what us humans experienced. I began to debate with myself if shame was in his vocabulary. The way he flew around the world in nothing but his tight underarmour or his even tighter superhero suit. The way he spoke down to government officials and rich business owners. Even the way he scoffed at the leaders in psychology for some of their conclusions on mental health. He didn’t meet them eye to eye in any way, especially literally. The way he fucked women all over the country and no one dared to criticize him for it. The world was slowly raising him above everything and everyone. The level of masculinity and dominance he could exert while still seeming like a big kid was dumbfounding. I couldn’t take too much of him all at once so I’d visit some of my old friends to pass the time. The ones who used to bully him. I pushed and twisted as I was under one of my buddies cars. Matt and I had decided that the weekend was a good time to fix his big truck. Matt had gotten a pretty good job and was making good money as a financial consultant for a large firm. With a 6 figure salary, his house was pretty well made and was in a gated community. His fiancé was a popular super model who he’d spent thousands of dollars keeping happy. Still, he had the same look that all my other old friends had. It was a mix of both fear and adoration. Expressions I’d gotten used to when anything was involved with Johnny. Many who had declared themselves straight had instantly gone gay for Johnny and it only got worse when the prospect of meeting him arose. My friends, however, were in a very particular situation. Each one was a jock who, in some shape or form, had the same fear of receiving payback from a figurative god. He was too strong to defy, too powerful to ignore, and worse, he was a walking tank now that got an upgrade everyday making everything about him all the more strong and powerful and intimidating. Still, they weren’t afraid to ask me the usual questions. “Hey, Sam, is true Johnny’s still growing even now or is it just a power play?” Matt said as he stuck his thick hand into his car’s hood. I groaned a little at the question but kept things moving. “Yeah, he’s actually growing. I don’t have to tell you how small he was before, shorter than me. I’m about as tall as the bottom of his chest now.” “Wow, man, that’s fucking crazy. Remember when we used to mess with that kid? His hand could probably palm my head like a basketball! His bicep looks bigger than my torso! He could lift you and me in this truck and probably throw it to the fucking moon!” I groaned silently as this kept going. People gushed about him all the time no matter how many times they listed his stats on the internet. It was easy to get bored of talk about his 67 inch thighs and his 40+ inch biceps if it’s all anyone ever wants to talk about. If they’d broadcasted his cock size, they’d probably have it as porn and make millions on the profits. Thankfully, I knew how to stamp out conversations like this. “Yeah, dude, he’s pretty much broke 900 pounds a few weeks ago. Whenever he takes me anywhere, we’ve got to make sure the ceilings are high enough and the doors will let him fit into buildings. Girls love it when he has to bend forward and show off his butt. By the way, you’re still straight, right?” Matt shut up at that point. I grinned. “Fuck you man” he said as he wiped his hands of dried oil as he came around the end of his truck. Nothing easier to bruise than a jock’s ego. Just as I came from under the car, the front door of his house opened, a large breast woman appearing. She came up to Matt and kissed him on his sweaty, beard covered cheek. “Hey babe, just came to check on the car maintenance” she said as Matt wrapped an arm around her waist. I couldn’t lie about how jealous I was of the guy. Henrietta was an astounding mix of beauty and brains as she’d graduated early from her university with a Masters in biomedical statistics. That, coupled with her amazing body and her popularity with the US made her an easy contender when it came to many if not any beauty pageants. I actually couldn’t describe her clothes if I tried as she truly was stunningly beautiful. “Yeah, us men do good work. You should know that better than anyone.” At that, he leaned into her neck and kissed it, producing a coo from her as she straightened her blouse. Mid kiss, a sound in the distance stopped everything. I recognized it and my shoulders tensed as I braced myself. A sonic boom shook the ground as something seemed to stop above us. The clouds had scattered in all directions above us as if they’d run away from something. As a small dot grew above us, I frowned as Johnny came into view. “Hey, buddy, you still fixing that car?” he asked as he slowly landed onto the ground with a soft thud. His large body filled a cardinal direction for me as he came near me and grinned down. Every time he walked up to me, I swear he’d gotten bigger than before. I turned to see Matt and Henrietta were open mouthed and speechless as Johnny had come from above. I imagined he looked even better to them up close than he did on a television screen. Muscles bulged all over in his super suit and bounced and shifted every time he moved or breathed. The sunlight added a holy effect to his shiny uniform and added to his presence, one that seemed to distort everything around him to make it appear ugly in comparison to him. “I see you and one of the shorties are having a blast” he said as he looked down at Matt’s truck. With it being around 6 feet and 5 inches tall with its large wheels attached, Johnny was still head and shoulders over it, making his glance appear almost condescending. Matt was still struggling to form words and sentences behind me. This was why I came alone to visit him. Once Johnny was in the room, I couldn’t get a coherent conversation from anyone I knew. Johnny walked over to the front of the truck, his girthy thighs swinging around each other, and he peeked into the hood. “Hey, Sam, could you turn the car on?” he asked calmly. I wanted to say no but I didn’t want anything unexpected to happen with one of my buddies watching. When I twisted the key in the car’s front seat, the truck chucked and groaned and wheezed before it just gave out. “Yep, thought so” he said. Suddenly, his eyes flashed red for a moment before they returned their blue hue. “This doesn’t look anything like it’s supposed to. What’s up with that spot underneath?” Johnny gestured for Matt and his wife to move out of the way as he brought his wide around to the side of the car. “Don’t move yet, Sam. Seatbelt’s on.” Before I could ask why, Johnny dug a hand underneath the car and everything around me moved to a 45 degree angle. Johnny peeked into the machinery underneath the car with his big hand holding the truck up and almost on its side. I had to hang onto my seat at this angle. I was struggling to maintain balance as everything was either leaning or falling to the opposite side of the truck. “Nah, still too deep in there at this angle.” I braced myself as I watched Johnny grab the lower half of the truck, digging his hand into the ground slightly, before lifting the entire thing, into his hands and over his head. Johnny was military pressing the car above his head. It wasn’t even being held at a good angle as he was holding up the car solely on its front, the truck’s bed in the back hanging with nothing underneath. I looked out from the open door of the truck to see Matt and Henrietta with still dumbfounded face. Neither of them could get a word out. I was shocked Matt wasn’t saying anything since he was a car fanatic. He was too busy with his hand in his pocket. Henrietta’s legs were crossed as if she was holding something in. “Here we go” Johnny called from below as he stuck a big finger into the machine and began to skillfully rearrange the workings. I could see below me well enough to understand that this wasn’t a challenge for Johnny at all. His thick biceps were hulking but they weren’t flexed in anyway. There wasn’t any sign of strain on them as he held the truck in his hands as if he were holding a large paper thin piñata. I couldn’t fathom how much power was hidden beneath those thick limbs as he must have been holding the truck on one side with one hand. The metal was bending as it wasn’t crafted for someone to hold it the way Johnny did. It was clearly bending to his will like wet clay. “Sam, turn the car again” he commanded. I spun in my seat and turned the key again, producing a loud neigh from the car. Johnny carefully moved to the side and slowly lowered the car before letting it bounce on its wheels. My jaw clenched as I heard his next words. I knew he was joking but it still stabbed me in the chest. “Seriously guys, is this your first time working a car?” At that moment I realized my cock was hard and had grown to its full 8 inches, something very hard to hide. Matt was bent over so I couldn’t tell what his expression was but a spot in his jeans was wet. Do gods even have limits?
  6. Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1510-belly-down/ Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1525-belly-down-part-2/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1530-belly-down-part-3/ Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3401-belly-down-part-4/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7002-belly-down-part-5/ Part 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7146-belly-down-part-6/ Part 7 “Good work, Hans, but watch yourself. 283” said Coach John as he confirmed the weight on the old scale. Normally, I would have stuffed my chest out at the proclamation of my name but, in all honesty, I was beside myself as I turned and aimed my big body toward the mats. No matter how much my big, veined arms pulsed or my rolling legs bulged or my abdominal muscles flexed, I still wasn’t truly satisfied. I wasn’t going to be satisfied until my training exceeded the progress I’d seen from the little red-headed pipsqueak. Speaking of the devil, I halted in my tracks as I nearly collided with something shorter than me but almost as wide. I scowled at the face not many inches below mine but quickly brushed past the owner as I continued my passage. Just as I left the exit, my minions in tow, I heard numbers I’d been dreading. “264, Kenny. Goddamn, you’ve gotten big.” “Yeah, sorry, Coach. I’ve been hungry for more like a beast” came the deep and booming voice of Kenny. I need to be stronger, more powerful, I thought with vigor. I grabbed my Powerade from one of the benches as I passed the doorway. “Hans, wait. That’s not yours! You had a red Powerade! That one’s—“ My comparatively tiny lackeys collided with my bulging back as I halted in my tracks. All it took was a single glare of my flaring blue eyes to halt them. They knew who was boss. No one beneath me was allowed to question my actions. Without breaking eye contact, I ripped the lid of the bottle and guzzled the blue liquid as if it were the victory I’d craved from my opponents. My chin dripped with the little I missed and trickled down my hulking bare chest like a river. Without thinking, I threw the now empty container at the trash can, uncaring of whether it made it or not, and pushed through the double doors to train. I am and will always be the best— “Ugh, Miststück” --- Kenny turned at the loud roar from behind him, turning from the coach. “Kenny! Attention!” Kenny quickly returned back to his standing position on the machine judging his weight. “You’ve got your info, you’re too big to shrink down to a lower class so you’re going in for heavyweight. Off my machine!” roared Coach John. Kenny leaped off, something that seemed pretty odd on someone with as much weight as he carried. It had only been a few months since he was a midget at almost less than 100 lbs. With 264 pounds on a 6’3 frame, he was definitely a big guy by most standards. The other team members often moved around him in fear of colliding with his meaty tonnage. The last person to do so slammed into him like a car collision and was sent to the floor 6 feet away. Proud of yourself? If half the things you thought were audio recorded, any Psychology class would think you’re a narcissist. We’ve got other things to deal with. Was that my imagination, I thought loudly. No, I felt that too. Something’s up. That felt….. familiar. What does that— Don’t worry about that, it’s late. We’ve got to go fight crime or else who will stop the meteor from hitting Tokyo?! Just shut up, Kenny said as he also left the room, his teammates still lined up to be weighed. Neither he nor Nick noticed the Powerade bottle, only the strange energy coming from the locker room’s exit. Had they noticed the bottle, they’d have noticed the strange coloring. Or the demonic energy coming off of it. Or the demonic ritual circle burned into the bottom. --- The gym was dark as the staff had left all but a few of the facilities open for one of the college athletes who’d insisted on remaining. Normally they would have insisted but it’s hard to deny 6 and a half foot giant like Hans. The German hulk of a man roared as he tumbled on the wrestling mat like a monster looking for prey. His mental imagery of his enemies was what pushed him through the grueling hours of training, his big sweaty body pulsing with strain and power. Each muscle was wrapped in tanned and bulging reddened skin that stretched the tight signlet with each movement. His proportions, especially for someone his size, exuded girth and power that most couldn’t acquire without as much genetic advantage and hard work as he coveted. Hans fell flat on his round butt cheeks as he exhausted himself practicing a grapple using a dummy the team liked to use for learning new moves. The plastic doll was mangled from use but definitely far more so after Hans exerted his power onto it. His thick knuckles squeezed and bent the object like a cobra. Hans had worked against the doll for hours, since the time his weight was recorded. Still he wasn’t satisfied. His eyes glazed over with the vision of Kenny taking down opponents over the months. The little wrestler had grown into a power house and rapidly chased Hans in strength and size. Hans had been doing his best to train against those weaker than him in his weight class but he was too strong for any one of them to be worth a challenge. His two lackey-friends were amongst those weaker members and, although they were good at throwing their weight around, both were easy to overpower with their bodies being mostly fat. Hans was against the wall now as all the odds were against his progression. He was too strong, too big, and too good for anyone to train with and the new rival to come out of his former bully target was fast approaching him. This frustration seemed to almost choke him and send tears to his eyes. His parents had sent him cards congratulating him no his success in America and hoping for him to continue to advance in the ranks until he was the best of the best. But he wasn’t just muscle, he used his brains like a scholar. He knew that, at the rate Kenny was going, he could and would approach his size. Where could this growth spurt have come from? He’d doubled in size and was quickly reaching the ceiling of weight class. Hans couldn’t afford to grow more than 2 pounds with the same restrictions. He wanted more power but his body was already giving him plenty and, with a few years, would give more but not at the speed he wanted. College was short and success was within reach. Hans sat up from his sprawled position, his veins bulging desperately to produce blood and his sweat dripping onto the mat. He lifted his hefty body up and quickly lunged for the dummy when something felt wrong. “Wha—“ I—Can—You------- Big------------ Hans’s brow wrinkled and his blurry, tear covered vision shook. Something was speaking into his mind like a voice over a radio. He hadn’t noticed his body was not only numb from the pain of training but from general lack of feeling. One moment he saw colors in view and the next, they all smoothened to over in blue, as if he put colored contact lenses on incorrectly. Hans roared a german swear word as his big pecs squeezed and his big biceps flexed and his hands reached as if grabbing a ball in the air. His body convulsed for a full minute and his face reddened with the strain before…… nothing. Hans felt as if he was between being awake and being asleep. He looked up at the ceiling, all of the color returned. He sat and looked down at his hands as if nothing had happened, his legs still entangled with the plastic dolls body. Suddenly, Hans felt his entire arm bulge and, as if a bomb were in his arm, his arm bulged out of proportion with the rest of his body. “What the—“ You don’t need to use another weird German swear for this, right? I honestly couldn’t handle it. Hans felt his body parts bulge in odd places as his portions distored to something other than human. The muscles grew like balloons, tightening against one another as each joint was quickly filled to capacity with power before being widened and stuffed again. You’re quite a specimen. I could just fill you full of muscles and you wouldn’t pop until you were tall enough to crush a freight train with your pinkie toe. Excellent! Hans couldn’t concentrate on what the suddenly loud and strangely proper voice said to him as he tried to control his body. The muscles coming into him were hot to the touch and filled him with as much power as there was weight. We’ll have to keep you on the minimal output for now though. You’ll get too big for belief at this rate. Then that red idiot will spot me instantly. I’ll have to take precautions to avoid his detection. Hans tried to scream but someone refused to allow him to do so as his muscles filled his huge body until even his height of 6 and a half feet tall was filled to the brim. It was only when his singlet tore down the middle of his chest and his now gigantic feet blew his shoes that the growing ended and he was able to breath again. Muscle filled his vision in almost all directions. His shoulders scrapped his ears and his traps pushed his head forward. Han’s square jaw couldn’t be lowered as two unnaturally round cinderblocks the size of watermelons swelled beneath and restricted his movement. He couldn’t see below but, feeling the difficulty moving his other limbs, he had grown terrifyingly big, too large for the clothes he’d recently bought at the Big & Tall store nearby. He felt power from his tight abdominals and round arm muscles that he’d never before felt. Every movement of his thick and colliding thighs was an orgasmic feeling of utter power unlike anything he’d ever experienced. His thick forearms were thicker than any bicep and were veined like an ant hill diagram. Just as he felt all the power and energy enter his brain, something long and thick slapped his stomach, both surfaces hard enough to make a thud audible throughout the gym. Hans gasped as he witness a big, drooling cock head glaring at him, the foreskin pulled back as it couldn’t contain such a leviathan. Don’t worry, I’ll make this ride equally enjoyable. Humans don’t have many needs. Sex and power, correct? Hans struggled to agree as the contact of skin made him moan and even moving his torso stroked the godly phallus. So, which do you think is appropriate to balance out this power? Take some power off the top or make you taller? Hans was close to orgasm as he felt his spine tingle and then snap as if it were stretching itself. To Be Continued…..
  7. First Chapter: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1131-transformation-part-i-mutation-chapter-one/ Previous Chapter: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6388-transformation-part-i-mutation-chapter-thirteen/ CHAPTER FOURTEEN The first rays of sun cut across the pale blue newborn sky as I strode, or rather waddled, purposefully toward Hudson Street. After my fall back into the basement, Hank and Matt ran down the stairs and peered into the gaping hole in the ground floor to find me motionless in the remains of the debris-filled gym. “You are okay, right?” Matt asked before his expression changed as he realized that it was a dumb, if perfectly natural question. “Yeah,” I said. “Frustrated as hell but okay.” “What happened?” Hank asked. “I slipped and fell through the floor.” “You slipped?” Matt asked, incredulous. “Let me guess - in your own cum?” “You weren’t this clumsy when you were human,” Hank deadpanned. This made Matt chuckle and I rolled my eyes. “What does a god have to do to get some respect around here?” In the end, it proved to be just the comic relief they had needed. My friends agreed to accompany me and quickly showered and grabbed a bite to eat. They were now locking the place up. Meanwhile, I stopped at the corner of Franklin and Hudson to gauge the public’s reaction to my presence. It was early on a Saturday morning, but in the twenty seconds it took Hank and Matt to catch up, I had already caused two accidents. Of the four pedestrians who had seen me, one passed out, two others who were in front of Sovereign Bank, catty corner to where I stood, dropped to their hands and knees and gawked, and the fourth, a young gay man, had curled into a ball on the sidewalk not ten feet away and was staring at me, eyes glazed over. He was mumbling to himself. “You’re gonna have to get used to this,” Hank said. My great cock grew harder as I saw more people happen by, see me and instinctively submit. I really am a god, I thought to myself. All of this in one week. The extent of my strength and dominance – my absolute dominance – made me drunk with power and my cum cannon fired several massive volleys into the intersection before I forced it to stop. How unthinkably powerful will I be next weekend? Next month? Next year? I looked down at Hank, who suddenly appeared insignificant and ephemeral. “I’m already used to it,” I said as my perfect masculinity and impossible strength again filled me with a rush of intense euphoria. My massive cock expanded still more and began to throb visibly, bouncing up and down, as if to demand that I acknowledge its magnificence. “It’s been happening for the past several days. I expect it now.” He looked up at me and gasped. “You’re doin’ it again, man. It ain’t easy to resist fallin’ to the ground.” I turned and saw that Matt was nodding with a pained expression. He grimaced and stood slightly hunched as if carrying an unbearable load. “What is it?” I asked. Part of me felt I should be concerned at their suffering, but another part knew that they simply needed to assume mankind’s natural position before me, kneeling and bowing in complete submission, and the discomfort would go away. “You’re too beautiful,” Matt said, almost gasping. “It’s painful, but I can’t turn away. Every time I adapt to how you look, you become still more beautiful. Awesome. Glorious. Godly.” Tears began streaming down his face and his gaze fell to my chest, his eyes wide in disbelief, then down to my cock and impossibly huge legs. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” he said as he collapsed to the sidewalk and began kissing my feet. “Yes,” I said as my great cock doubled its powerful throbbing and rewarded the slave by drenching it with pre-cum. “I am your god. The need to worship me is natural.” At that instant, I felt a flash of terror. Something in my consciousness had shifted, but as quickly as it started, it was over. I gazed dispassionately at the young blond slave at my feet. The time to wield my power over these creatures had arrived. “Jamal,” a male voice said. “You can turn this down.” Jamal? I regarded it as if seeing it for the first time, this red-headed slave that was talking to me instead of worshipping along with the others. I found its behavior curious but irrelevant and turned to survey the intersection, which was now clogged with abandoned vehicles as drivers and passengers alike knelt before me, many of whom were so overwhelmed with my extreme hyper-masculinity and beauty that they were weeping as well. Seven billion willing slaves. “Jamal!” the red-headed slave yelled. I turned back to look at it, again wondering why it remained standing before me, and felt its fear spike. It emptied its bladder and shrank to the sidewalk, its body quaking in terror. I was considering ordering it and its little blond companion to service my grapefruit-sized balls when the abrupt shift of consciousness repeated and I was seeing with two sets of eyes, one the absolute Master of everything, the other... My name is Jamal. Confused, I blinked. “Hank?” I asked. I felt disoriented, as if I had wakened in an unfamiliar room, and shook my head. I looked down to see him staring up at me with a face twisted with worry and wet with tears. Meanwhile, Matt was flat on his back a few feet away and gasping for breath. “You can turn it down, man,” Hank said quickly, as if I were about to swat him out of existence like a gnat. He wiped the tears from his face with the thick hair of his forearm. I furrowed my brow. “Turn what down?” “Feelin’ your oats,” he said. “Every time you start thinkin’ about how mighty you are, we end up flat on the ground.” I pulled him up and lifted him so that his neck was against my nose. Then wrapping my great arms around him, I closed my eyes and inhaled, taking in his familiar scent. My Big Red. I smiled to myself. “What you doin’?” he asked, still terrified. “Promise you’ll never leave me,” I whispered in his ear. “If anyone can remind me of who I am, it’s you.” He continued to tremble uncontrollably. A year had passed since the Twin Towers had fallen. America was fighting a complicated war against an enemy that was so difficult to pin down, it sometimes seemed as if we were going in circles. Three months had passed since I had stormed out of Hank’s life, yet here we were walking down West Broadway toward the gaping hole in lower Manhattan – where we had met, where his cousin Karen had died, and where America had changed – for better or for worse. I hadn’t seen him all summer and he looked as handsome as ever. Same Brooklyn accent. Same waddle. Same emerald eyes and copper hair. It still hurt. Badly. “I can’t believe you called me,” I said. “I can’t believe you called me back.” I stopped. “I can’t either,” I said, suddenly feeling cross. “I miss you, dammit.” “I miss you too, man.” “No. I don’t think you do,” I said. My eyes narrowed. “You just miss the sex.” “Well, that torpedo of yours is really somethin’ and you sure as hell know how to use it.” “Fuck you. I’m a man, not a fuck machine!” I stared at him, amazed that he still thought of me that way. It really was all I was to him; a good lay. “That’s exactly what Michael called you,” he said. “An amazin’ fuck machine.” I could feel my face flush with shame and anger. I had fucked Hank’s ex. I was desperate, I fucked him, and he convinced the judge to throw out the lawsuit against me. That he took advantage of me was humiliating enough without him telling Hank. “That was a mistake and so is this,” I said as I turned and strode back the way we had come. “Jamal,” he called after me. I ignored him. It had happened over and over and over. In the end, everyone just wanted me to fuck them and leave as if I were some kind of mechanical stud that could be kept in storage until needed again. I walked briskly northward, forcing him to run to catch up. I felt him grab my wrist. He managed to pull me to a stop before I yanked my arm free. “Don’t fucking touch me,” I said even as I realized that I still liked it. “You gonna stop me?” He pulled himself up straight and pushed his great chest forward as if in challenge. “YOU DON’T THINK I CAN TAKE YOUR RED ASS DOWN?” I yelled before remembering that we were standing on a busy West Broadway sidewalk in full daylight. I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed. I was completely on edge. Even as I fought with Hank and part of me hated him, at a deeper level I remained in love and that made me all the more angry. I could feel myself shaking and I rocked side to side, transferring my weight from one foot to the other in an effort to relax and hide my fury. I heard him sigh and opened my eyes to see him staring at me. “Could you dial back those emotions for just a minute?” He asked. “Could you show some emotion for just a minute?” “What do you want from me?” “I want you to love me for who I am!” I blurted out before immediately regretting it. Hank didn’t respond except to frown and look down at the sidewalk at his feet. I could tell that he wanted to say something, but he remained silent. “What are we doing here, Hank?” I demanded. “I can’t tell you,” he said softly as he took my hand in his and gently nudged me back toward Ground Zero. His entire demeanor had changed. Suddenly, he was very serious. “Really. I have to show you.” This time, I didn’t resist. Matt and Hank followed me up the sidewalk along the west side of Seventh Avenue toward Central Park. We had briefly considered taking the subway, but the idea of squeezing into such a tight, enclosed space made me think twice. What would I accidentally destroy next? Once again, both had expressed strong reservations about accompanying me to the park. It was only after much discussion that they agreed to follow me – at a distance – and once they cleaned up again. They remained afraid of me. I really couldn't blame them. I had “turned it down” as Hank suggested, and though he and Matt were able to function more or less normally around me, everyone else continued to kneel and bow to me on sight. I didn’t know if my friends had built up some kind of resistance or if it was simple familiarity, but I was grateful. Several more accidents had occurred as I began my march toward the park, but the resulting gridlock prevented any further incidents. Like the pedestrians, the occupants of the cars, buses and trucks all climbed out to get a closer look at me ... and submit. I carefully observed people – my slaves – as I passed them, and though no one was weeping or suffering, as they had been earlier, every last man, woman and child assumed a submissive pose. Even dogs, pet or stray, took a submissive posture. This I hadn’t expected and I found it unsettling. Hank is right. I am more than the ruler of humanity. I am the ruler of everything. I stopped and looked back. My friends were about half a block behind and approached slowly through the kneeling crowd. Further behind them, most people were back on their feet and following at a distance. Matt and Hank stopped about 20 feet back. “Jamal?” Hank asked. “Yeah.” I could still feel their fear. “Just checking,” he said. They slowly moved forward. Matt’s beautiful face glistened with moisture. He had been crying. “Why is my sexy boy crying?” I asked. He looked at the ground. “We love you, man, but you can’t do that again.” Hank said. “I'm sorry, guys,” I said. “I won’t.” Though it had felt perfectly natural at the time, right even, it had frightened me as well and certainly wasn’t what I wanted. Do I have so little control over my own destiny? What good is being a god if I can’t be the god I want to be? If I can’t still be myself? They looked at me doubtfully. “Please, guys,” I said. “It’s still me.” Matt reached over and took Hank’s hand. “But for how long?” he asked. They remained about ten feet away. Hank said nothing. It was a good question. Something had come over me barely two hours before, something that seemed natural and inevitable yet horrifying at the same time – something that pointed to my ascendancy as a god and the elimination of all relationships, even with those closest to me. I clearly remembered looking at both Hank and Matt without any familiarity. They were nothing more than two of billions of slaves that existed only to serve and obey me. If I had any say in the future dynamic between mankind and myself I would not allow such a bleak reality to occur. The mere possibility made me treasure the relationships I already possessed all the more. I would not let my friends go so easily. “Please,” I repeated and fell to my own knees, which shattered the sidewalk, which was pulverized further as the head of my semi-erect cock slammed into it. Shards of cement scattered in all directions and my companions jumped back. “I would give all of this up for you guys,” I said, unwilling to imagine spending eternity alone. “I can’t do this without you,” I said. Several minutes passed during which Matt and Hank continued to stand some distance away. I sat on my haunches on the shattered sidewalk while thousands of people filled the avenue and sidewalks, creating concentric circles around me, beginning just behind where my friends stood. I had resigned myself to the reality that I would have to meet my destiny without them, but just as I was about to stand and continue my journey alone, Matt sprinted forward and kissed me full on the lips. “I love you too much to abandon you,” he said. “You are still my favorite god no matter what.” I stood and smiled. “I’m the only god.” “Then it’s a good thing you’re my favorite.” His statement was nonsensical, but still made me laugh. The next thing I knew he was climbing me like a jungle gym until he settled on my mountainous traps, sitting with his legs around my non-existent neck. I was greatly relieved that he had changed his mind. “Feel free to make yourself comfortable,” I said, pleased that he did feel comfortable enough with me to ride piggyback. I heard him grunt. “Don’t make a mess in your pants,” I said. “Too late,” he said through clenched teeth. Still smiling broadly, I looked at Hank, who approached more cautiously. He stopped about a yard away, just short of the head of my immense tool, and looked up at me. His face was a mask. “Well?” I asked. “I can’t read your mind.” “Can I ride next?” * * * Traffic in Midtown was completely gridlocked as I led my followers through the tourist-filled, mega-sign-walled canyon of Times Square. Many of the huge displays that covered entire sides of buildings played live images of me as I walked through the parting sea of humanity. The images drove home how massive and hyper-masculine I was even compared to Hank, who walked to my right. Despite being only a foot and a half shorter, he seemed pre-pubescent in comparison. We continued north on Seventh and into the southern end of the park. I was tailed by thousands, if not tens of thousands, many of whom had abandoned their vehicles and buses along the avenue and adjoining streets. If I had learned anything, it was that my presence in public was, as expected, completely disruptive. Without exception, everyone submitted to and/or worshipped me on sight before trailing me as I continued north. Cops sent to investigate and disperse the growing crowd? Media sent to cover it? I owned them all at first glance. Matt remained on my shoulders and Hank at my side as I made my way along Central Drive toward the large clearing of Sheep Meadow. The few dozen people there dropped what they were doing – playing Frisbee, ball, or simply relaxing on the lawn – and knelt or bowed as I approached. Animals stopped and knelt as well. Horses, pets, squirrels – every creature, large and small, submitted to me on sight. The euphoric rush returned as I was reminded of the incredible power at my command. My dominance was absolute. My strength was beyond reason. My physical magnificence was beyond anything I had dreamed possible. Upon reaching the center of the clearing, I stopped and surveyed the meadow. The grass remained mostly green thanks to the long summer, but the trees that surrounded Sheep Meadow had finally begun to turn color. Beyond the trees, the buildings of Manhattan rose into a clear morning sky. Buildings that were now mine for the taking. In a city that was now mine for the taking. On a planet that was now mine for the taking. Seven billion willing slaves. I watched the sea of humanity as it poured onto the vast grassy clearing. Everyone crouched, surrounding and facing me, on hands and knees. Their movements seemed almost instinctive, natural, even rehearsed. Similarly, my own march to this very spot was instinctive. I didn’t know why this was my destination, I had just walked here. “They’re doing it again,” Matt said. “Organizing into concentric circles. It reminds me of photographs I’ve seen of hundreds of thousands of Muslims praying around the Ka’ba in Mecca.” I felt him shiver briefly. “Wow, I totally have goose bumps.” We watched as people continued to stream quietly, almost silently, into the meadow from all directions and kneel before me. I looked at Hank. “Why aren’t you joining them?” He looked hurt. “Do you want me to?” “No no no. Of course not. I’m just curious.” I turned my head upward a bit toward Matt. “How about you?” “I don’t feel compelled as they must,” Matt said. “I can’t say why.” “What do they want?” I asked as I lifted Matt from my traps and returned him to the ground. I already knew the answer, of course. “To demonstrate their submission just like everyone’s been doing for the past week,” he said with an isn’t-that-obvious tone. “To worship you, man,” Hank said. “Like we all do.” They want to worship me. At that instant, what felt like a wall of energy slammed into me from all directions. I was astonished by its power – a fraction of that at Indian Point, but intense nonetheless. It had a different flavor to it, however. Distinctly different. This energy was … alive. As I realized – it’s from my worshippers – my cock, which like my body was already by far the strongest, most dense material on the planet, thickened and hardened even further. Even being worshipped increased my strength and power. They want to be dominated by me. Again the euphoria of my godhood exploded through me and I closed my eyes to savor the feeling. Smiling, reveling in limitless pleasure, I tilted my head back slightly and raised my mammoth arms over my head, my fists thrusting into the sky. Even in my intense ecstasy, I felt my cock lengthen ever so slightly. My immense muscles expanded yet more. I came, my jism exploding from my great cock in a continuous and audible torrent, arching a hundred yards across the worshipping masses. At the same time, I brought my impossibly powerful arms into a double biceps pose and held it for some time, my cock thrusting into the world that was mine to rule, biceps flexed in a display of the dominance that my slaves so desperately craved, cum gushing forth endlessly like water from a hydrant. I managed to contain the roar that would normally announce one of my epic orgasms to save the hearing of the sea of worshippers surrounding me. Instead, I sensed tens of thousands of sympathetic orgasms, heard tens of thousands weeping at my glory, and much closer, something yelling the name “Jamal.” I opened my eyes. To my right, I recognized the young blond slave I had seen earlier. It was on the ground in a fetal position, crying and repeating the phrase “please stop.” Directly in front of me, the peculiar read-headed slave was screaming at me, “Jamal! I’m Hank! Your best buddy!” It jumped up and down before me, sweat flying from its body, clearly trying to get my attention. Like the blond, this slave was experiencing extreme stress and discomfort, yet resisted assuming its proper position. “This isn’t you, Jamal!” It screamed. The creature was puzzling – addressing its god as a familiar – and I wondered if it was defective. I will heal its mind when my power grows strong enough. “You do not worship me,” I said even as it resumed yelling. “Not until you come back to us,” it said. “Come back? I AM YOUR GOD!” I roared and it immediately fell to the ground and lay motionless. “I AM ETERNAL!” Satisfied, I turned to the young blond who remained curled up on the ground. I lifted it up by its shirt and held it suspended before me. “You two do not worship like the others,” I said. “Why?” “We are your friends,” it said in a broken voice. “We love you.” “Of course you love me. Everything loves me.” “But you love us too.” I laughed at its ridiculous claim. I could no more love a slave than it could love a virus. “Jamal,” it said, its face screwed up with pain. “I’m Matt, your sexy boy. Remember?” It was delusional as well, and I dropped it to the earth. “Lick your god’s massive cock,” I commanded. “I have a better idea,” the redheaded slave yelled. “Why don’t you pull your big head out of your sealed up ass!” It said as it leapt and slammed its fist against my cheek. I could hear and feel its bones shatter and it again fell to the ground, screaming in agony. I looked down and watched dispassionately as it writhed in pain. “You may drink your god’s cum and be healed,” I said. “FUCK YOU!” It bellowed. I blinked. “FUCK YOU!” I screamed as I stormed out of Hank’s apartment. And I was myself again. “Just kill me,” Hank said as he looked up at me. His face was wet with tears. “Hank,” I said. “I’m Jamal. I’m still here.” “Oh, great,” he said, his tone dripping with sarcasm. “Welcome back.” “I’m sorry. I don’t know how to stop it, but the important thing is that I’m back.” “I don’t care anymore. I can’t see you like that again. It’s too painful.” He managed to squat on his knees. He cradled his injured right hand. “Kill me. Please.” “What?” I asked. I heard him perfectly but could not believe my ears. “I won’t live as a nameless slave to you. We have too much history. Kill me,” he said. “Now.” “Me too,” Matt said as he squatted next to Hank and carefully examined his injured forearm, wrist and hand. He looked at Hank, his cheeks still wet with tears. “I love you.” Hank smiled. “I love you too.” Matt looked right at me. “We’re ready. Kill us.” I rolled my eyes. “C’mon guys. Can we lose the melodrama?” Hank somehow jumped to his feet and approached, scowling. “Melodrama? MELODRAMA? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU’RE LIKE WHEN YOU SLIP INTO THIS ‘GOD’ MODE?” I started to respond then realized that something else had drawn his attention. He stared blankly into space for several seconds. “Hank?” Matt asked. He held up his hand toward Matt. “Wait…” Hanks’s brow furrowed as if he was confused or trying to parse something he could barely hear. I looked at him closely and as I watched, his eyes began to grow cloudy, dark. What the fuck? I’m dreaming again? “We need your guidance, your rule, your protection,” Hank said under his breath. His words were barely audible. “What?” I asked, not expecting an explanation. The truth was, now that I was standing there, surrounded by thousands of followers, I had no idea where to start. “Guidance?” I asked. “Protection?” I looked at Matt. “I’m some kind of über-daddy now?” “Alpha Stud, Über Daddy, God,” he said. “Does the label really matter?” I looked at Hank. His eyes were normal again. “What Matt said.” I was about to ask Hank what was going on with his eyes when I became aware of the distinctive sound of a jet. The scream of its engines. The roar as it sliced through the air. It was Hank who saw it first. “Above the trees to the north,” he said, but by the time I looked, the enormous aircraft was nearly overhead, perhaps a few hundred feet to the east. American Airlines. “Looks like a Triple Seven,” Matt observed. “It’s way too low,” I said as I looked at him. “No way.” …the familiar roar of an approaching jet aircraft filled the air. Familiar, but much too loud. I instinctively looked up. A commercial jet was almost directly overhead and at an insanely low altitude. Goosebumps rose on my entire body and even as I watched, the jet slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, enveloping the upper floors in a ball of flame… Hank met my eyes and shook his head. “It’s headin’ right down Fifth, man. Oh no. Oh no. This ain’t happenin’.” A feeling of dread washed over me and for several moments all that could be heard was the diminishing roar of the 777 as it disappeared beyond the high-rises of Midtown. And then there was no sound at all.
  8. Trucker Muscle 4 with Epilogue

    As the weeks and months slowly ticked by, the orders from the minowolf also kept rolling in. I had to order a few dozen tanks just to house all the Trucker Muscle that was being produced. They weren't big or massive orders, but the effects were very pronounced. Leon has been slowly growing more massive each time now. He's gotten so big that his compressed form is still towering over two hundred feet and wider at the shoulders. He even given up on clothes since his oversized balls are just churning all the time, like his boss. "When will Leon have turn to be in Boss?" his voice boomed even when he whispered. "It shouldn't be much longer, my massive Leon. You've gotten so big now. . . so big that it's growing hard to not have you in me already." I was always drooling at his size, my body is just craving having all that hot lion pulled into my balls and become part of my mass. It was at this moment, he bathes me in thick ropes of cum, making me surge in size till we are even in height. I cannot help but start to grope his impressive body. "So tell me, Leon, what would you like to have in your perfect, godly body?" I moaned into his ear. As I played with his body, I could feel it growing as it reshaped and expanded. "Bet you would love even bigger, more powerful muscles." I was instantly rewarded with feeling his body unleash another powerful orgasm. "Oh yeah, that's what big lions need, don't they. Even bigger balls, just like their boss."I rub and caress his swollen balls, feeling them surging in size, churning ever louder. They grew till they were touching his calves and almost as wide as his chest was. Then I began to play and fondle his cock. "With balls so big and heavy, they need a big massive cannon to fire." I slowly stroke his growing cock till it was just short of being right up against his muzzle, so thick that it wouldn't be able to fit into his muzzle. "Just like that, long and thick. So thick, it cannot be pushed into the ass or mouth, and just long enough that you can kiss that tip. You can really stimulate this monster with just bouncing your meaty pecs." I can feel his entire body rumbling as it was getting close to another powerful orgasm, but I wasn't quite done with him. "Balls this massive won't be able to pump it all out of his the one cannon, it'll need a little help." I began to tug and play with his nipples, which swelled to my touch. "You going to be just like your big boss, with nipples so fat that they look like cock tips. Plus they be able to pump out cum as well, just like you big boss." Leon pants heavily, feeling his entire body trying to contain the powerful orgasm that's steadily building. "Leon wants to be more like his boss." "Oh I know you do, which is why you need just one last thing." I began to rub and stroke his tail, wrapping it around me and pushing the tip deep into my tight hole. "A nice, big, thick tail cock. With your cock so thick and long, it won't be able to fit into my ass. This way you will always be able to satisfy your boss." I began to pant as i felt his cock reshaping itself deep in my ass, already leaking heavy cum, making me grow. "Now, cum as hard as you can. When you do, you'll lose these gifts. . . for now. Know this, you will be remade into this godly beast so that you'll always be able to satisfy your boss." Leon roared with unbridled lust, his massive cock giving him a full thick blast right to his face. His nipples erupting in twice powerful geysers of cum. His newly formed tailcock flooding me with thick power cum. "FUCKING CUM MORE" I roared as my body began to surge in size and power. I also began to cum from the same locations as my big godly Leon was. My cum was bathing him and making him grow all the more till we both ended up three times the size of the planet. "Leon. . . spent." he huffed and puffed, exhausted from the experience. His super sized cock and balls, fatten nipples, and tailcock have returned to normal. I chuckled, holding him close as we shank back down to about five hundred feet tall. We both needed a rest to recharge from that. It wasn't long after that, the final order arrived. Leon couldn't contain himself as his thunderous footfalls shook the ground. He was holding a large box that he use to have me help him with to carry. "Leon's day has arrived. Leon gets to be part of Boss now." he roared with glee, his massive cock already cumming everywhere as he literally skipped. As soon as the box was set down, I went to work on the contents and the order itself. The box held a series of tubes that needed to be hooked up to all of the tanks. There was also a second, smaller box. This held more capsules than I cared to count. A set of instructions stating to put in three of them in each tanks, the rest I could discard. As Leon was connecting all the tubes to the tanks; I went to each tank dropping three capsules in them. Thirty-two massive tanks in total, all connected down to a single tube, which was good for me. Since I know that tube will be firmly in my ass filling me in just a few moments once everything is ready. "Leon ready for what is about to become the most epic growth ever?" I asked him as I pushed the tube deep into my ass. "You're going to be so massive by the time I get done filling you up, that you will have to pump me up with your load." Leon only moaned in delight, knowing that he was going to be turned into my cum. Such a loyal pet he has become - something I grew accustomed to. Secretly I didn't want this ending for him, I want him to stay with me so that I would have that special someone with me. I looked at the last of the capsules, only six of them were left. I didn't get rid of them, I decided just to swallow them and see what would happen. It didn't take long before I felt the effects or my balls starting to enlarge. I was instantly went right to work on Leon's tight, firm ass. "Fuck," I quickly panted as I went to work. "Damn pills are driving me crazy, balls so full already." It didn't take much before I began to unleash torrents of hot cum. Another effect was instantly spotted as Leon started to quickly grow from my cum. It was potent before, but the pills must have increased the potency of my loads. I couldn't stop myself from cumming thick powerful blasts into Leon, forcing his body to grow rapidly. His muscles seem to take the bulk of the growth. "Leon feels so powerful." his voice boomed as it grew deeper. He kept surging in size, muscles outpacing his height. His big massive chest starting to push up against his muzzle, his nipples seem to thicken as well. "Getting. . . really big, Leon wants more." "More is what you shall get, my sexy Leon." I moaned as I grew with him, cumming all the more. Soon he was already bigger than the planet, which was my max size and kept going. I felt the tug as my ass started to pull in the massive array of tubes that Leon had hooked up. . . then i realized they were never turned on. "Uh. . . this will be interesting, Leon. I forgot to turn on the tubes before starting. You are about to get super sized." Wasn't long before all thirty-two tanks were pulled in all at the same time. I gasped as soon as I felt my balls exploding in size; my cock also followed the maddening growth. I bellowed as my whole body throbbed as I pumped more cum than ever before. Leon doubled in size, then doubled again and again. "Leon. . . too. . . " I could hear him muffle before his massive chest pushed his muzzle shut. I kept cumming thicker and thicker cum. Leon was growing so massive that any galaxy would be tiny to him. His massive muscled up ass had grown so massive that he was able to free himself from my gigantic cock. It was easily twice my body length and just as thick and it was still pumping out more and more cum. His body was still swelling up from him just absorbing the cum coating him now. I couldn't help it but there was still one spot that I was fast enough to get to - his massive cock. Still coating his body with potent cum, I pushed my throbbing cock into his. His cock clamped around mine and began to milk it for all its worth, even my oversized balls were pulled in. I looked up at the galactic muscle god I have created, his head was long sucked into the mountains of pecs. His arms were so thick with muscle they were locked straight out. His nipples were so thick and fat, they did look like cock tips and pointed right towards me. Looking down, his legs were suffering the same fate as his arms, so packed with muscle they were locked in place. All the cum I was now pumping into his cock was now making his cock grow thicker, but not any longer. His already tight sac was being further stretched as his balls were rapidly becoming more massive than he was. After a long while that felt like an eternity of sexual bliss, my tanks were finally empty. His fat cock released its hold onto my package. "I know you cannot do much, but now it's your turn to pump me full of your cum." I panted as I began to push my muzzle into his cock slit. I stuffed my muzzle till my horns brushed against the very lips of his cock slit. My tongue was doing all the work, licking the walls inside. I was instantly being bathed in his thick cream. His balls so massive that he was already in a constant state of over production, so he was no longer able to leak pre, it was all mass inducing cum. No cum could escape me, my body was absorbing it as quickly as it washed over me. I was also drinking it all in. Slowly I pulled my muzzle further and further out till I was sucking heavily on the slit itself. As my body swelled so did my hunger. My gut was filling out as I kept feasting on Leon's cum and he hasn't reached a climax yet. It didn't take long before I was pushing the head of his cock into my muzzle. Slowly I was taking more and more of his fat length, it was still bigger than I was; that was slowly changing as I kept swelling in all directions. Though Leon couldn't speak, I could feel his body vibrating and his cock pulsing and throbbing as I went further and further along the length of his cock. It wasn't going to take much more before I was going to get flooded. As soon as I was able to fully take his length into my maw, that was when his cock thickened, completely preventing me from backing off. I didn't have time to react as soon I was being force fed a massive blast of hot cum. My gut swelled out greatly, making it the main feature as his climax first hit. My muscles were doing their best to catch up to the hot protein drink I was being pumped full with. Even my cock, tail cock, and balls pumped up and enlarged. I was stuck firmly onto his cock as my body kept swelling out of control. I could feel every part of me starting to fight for more space as I was quickly approaching Leon's size. As quickly as I reached Leon's size, I blew past him and kept blowing up even bigger. I was still being force fed all of his cum. My gut was still massive, but now my muscles have caught up with the growth. My massive hands start to fondle and caress his massive balls, trying to milk them for all their worth. I did notice that as I drank, they were slowly shrinking. Once I was three times Leon's size I was finally free from his cock. My body's ability was still pulling in all his cum so nothing went to waste. I forced his cumming cock down into mine. I howled in lust as I surged in size. My mighty mass pumping and swelling all around me, but was still able to move my jaw for the time being. I couldn't see over the galaxy size pecs, I was able to feel my massive cock pumping up thicker and my balls growing heavier. Bigger and bigger I grew, unable to stop or slow my growth. Then I felt the obvious growth in my cock as Leon was now being pulled in. His balls had finally drained and now his mass would be added to my own. I was sad and happy at the same time. Happy that he was getting his wish to be part of me, but sadden by the same thing. As soon as he was completely cock vored and turned into cum. I opened my maw and every part of me began to suck in everything. My mouth, ass, tail cock, cock, and nipples began pulling in stars, planets, dust, gasses, dark matter, and even the anti-matter. Nothing was escaping me, it will all be inside of me. I could feel my massive balls rubbing along my thighs, before they were doing the same to my calves and even brushed under my feet. I was surging and pulsing bigger and bigger. My mouth was the first to be forever shut as my mighty pecs finally grew so thick and massive that it was able to push it shut. My tight ass was the next to stop feasting on the universe as my balls and tailcock grew so immense that they were able to block it. My massive gut grew and rested along the fat length of my cock till it stretched out and barely brushed the very edge of the flared head. Arms and legs were so packed with mass that they were completely locked. Tail cock so thick that it also pointed straight out away from my body, unable to even move. I had to be as big as the universe itself if not bigger. The thought caused my cock to throb, jiggling my gut. I wish I could moan, but I was so big that it was impossible. However, another chain of events were starting and I was completely helpless. As my cock throbbed and jiggled the belly, I was becoming aroused making my balls churn, which stimulated my thick tail cock. There was no stopping it, I couldn't stop it. I was being sent into pure unconstrained, unrestricted sexual bliss. I was so immense that this climax will be the end of all climaxes - the Grand Climax. My entire body pulsed and throbbed, trying to pump up even bigger as the Grand Climax was building to it's apex. Everything kept happening faster and faster as it got closer and closer. Time froze for what felt like an eternity. Then the Grand Climax began. Epilogue I roared out as I became cumming hard, Leon's roar overpowered mine. Two massive godly bodies pumping thick power ropes of hot sticky cum from three massive cocks, four massive nipple cocks and a pair of tail cocks. Leon was restored to match the form he dreamed of. Wider than he was tall, so much muscle that movement was challenging. His lone cock was long enough to rise over the massive mountains range of his pecs. His cock can arch towards him or away at his control so he can spray his face or mine with his powerful cum. His fat nipples looked more like cock tips and produced as powerful of jets. His new tail cock plugged firmly into my ass. The only massive change I made for myself was sporting two massive cocks, parallel to each other. Spaced perfectly so that Leon's cock fit snugly between them. They were just enough thick enough that when we are frotting they would barely brush against our nipple cocks. The universe, as well as the world, was completely remade. For the most part no one knows what had happened. The giant minowolf turned out to be a god, which Leon and myself were transformed into. Some of the males now had to deal with the possibility of being able to reproduce. Leon and I are not immune to this, but both of us produce an egg which is pushed out though the tailcock. Our "god-spawns" do not survive for more than a few days, tending to our needs, until they return to one of our cocks. It's one of the two times that our tailcocks ever leave the other's tight ass. The other time is when we have to produce Trucker Muscle. Truck Muscle truck stops now started to show up, all showcasing the line of products. Our feature product was slightly adjusted so the growth benefit only lasts a few days or until they climax. To add to the changes, there is a limit to how big they can get. The stops also include a hotel designed for macros so that they can be nice and big without breaking the building. No truck stop was ever complete without the massive showers, perfect for either starting the action or cleaning up afterwards. The two of us now live in a little secluded area, but well known, Trucker Muscle Mountain Range. The mountain tops aren't snow covered, they are cum covered! Our powerful blasts go practically everywhere. Those that try to climb them are met with the incredible presence of the god-spawns we produce, which take them to us for "punishment" - normally being cock vored. Just the two of us, forever bound to producing Trucker Muscle as well as being sex crazed muscle gods of the universe.
  9. The Olympia Bar - Chapter 2

    https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11631-the-olympia-bar/ - Chapter 1 The Olympia Bar Chapter 2 – Discoveries (Sexual and Otherwise) Mr Malone released his grip on Jack, who fell to the floor with a loud thud due to his newly increased muscle mass. The bodybuilder sized teen was about to walk up the stairs when he smelled an alluring scent, seemingly coming from down the hallway. Following his nose, he stumbled across the source of the incredible smell on the kitchen counter. “A whole box!” Jack beamed as he saw a cardboard box of the mysterious Olympia Bars. “Help yourself stud,” Mr Malone smirked as he entered the room, his enormous biceps flexing as he leaned against the doorframe, the sheer size of his body practically taking up the entirety of the space within said doorframe, “I’ve found they can have quite an addictive quality, I’ve had to hold back and use all my willpower to stop me from wolfing down the whole box myself. I’ve only had around 3.” “Well, if they do what I think they do, it would explain your size sir,” Jack winked, walking over to his sexy muscle teacher and wrapping his arms around his thick, vascular neck before pulling him down into another deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues battled and intertwined in their mouths but all the time nothing but moaning sounds could be heard. After what seemed like an eternity, Jack and Mr Malone parted lips. “Go on Jack, help yourself to some of the bars, I’ll just occupy myself,” Mr Malone smirked. As Jack stepped back over to the counter and un-wrapped one of the Olympia Bars, he felt a warm, lapping feeling around his OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD! His teacher grinned before he continued to lick and tongue fuck Jack’s sweet hole, darting the wet tip partially into his tight sphincter and moaning due to the musky scent. However, Mr Malone was not moaning anywhere near as much as Jack was, who’d dropped the bar back into the box as he had to lean forward onto the counter to prevent him from collapsing to the ground from the pleasure. “Fuck sir, no one’s ever been as good at this before!” he called out in a breathy, lustful tone. Wanting more, Jack backed his ass onto Mr Malone’s mouth, hoping to drive his hot professor’s tongue deeper inside of him. Although he knew there was something he wanted inside of him even more… Turning around, Jack stood Mr Malone up before getting down on his knees himself, slowly running his tongue up the underside of his teacher’s huge, bulging 19” cock. Swirling his tongue around the head, Jack savoured the few drops of sweet pre-cum he was coaxing out of the large throbbing length, enjoying the taste of his professor’s viscous nectar. Then he wrapped his lips around the head before lowering his mouth and throat lower down the enormous shaft. Mr Malone groaned as his massive member was enveloped by the glorious, moist warmth of his student’s mouth causing intense and ecstatic feeling to travel from his crotch and all over his body. This only intensified after Jack seemingly opened up his throat and supressed his gag reflex as he swallowed more and more of Mr Malone’s cock, slurping and moaning around the monstrous length and seemingly loving every minute of it. Sooner or later, Jack was bobbing his head furiously up and down his teacher’s dick, sloppy and wet just how he loved it, covering the cock with his saliva as he worked the shaft with his tongue and the head with his throat muscles. All the time, Mr Malone gasped and grunted, before becoming overcome with lust, grabbing Jack’s head and fucking his throat relentlessly. Jack just took the face fucking with no issue, his transformation seemingly making it easier for him to worship and serve huge cocks, such as the one he was quite happily sucking on right now. Suddenly, the face fucking stopped as Mr Malone slammed his entire length into Jack’s throat and left it there. Jack gagged but held it, inhaling his teacher’s immensely manly scent as his nose was buried in his crotch. Mr Malone smiled as he could see his 19” shaft bulging in Jack’s throat, forcing it to twitch inside the teen purely for the pleasure of being able to see how big it was even inside someone, he could even see that the head was bulging prominently near his chest cavity. However soon Jack had to breath, and as Mr Malone removed his huge cock from his student’s throat, Jack gasped for air, still lightly licking the tip of his alpha teacher. “Get back up and bend over the counter boy,” Mr Malone growled, voice laced with lust and arousal “I want that ass. Now.” “Yes sir,” Jack smiled before doing as he was asked, bending over and spreading his muscular cheeks without another word. “Mmmmm, good boy Jack,” Mr Malone smirked, rubbing the bulbous head of his cock against Jack’s tight, still wet hole. Then without another thought, he pressed forward and popped the head inside of Jack, who moaned loudly. “Fuck sir, and that’s just the head? What’s the whole thing going to feel like?!” “Let’s find out stud,” he responded before slamming forward, forcing all 19 huge inches into Jack, practically tearing his ass open, and with no complaints. “Fuuuuuuuuck!! Holy fuck sir!” Jack cried out “god your cock is huge!” “Yeah take it Jack, you little slut!” Mr Malone growled again, gritting his teeth due to the intense pleasure he was getting from Jack’s tight (well, previously tight) hole. “Fuck I’ve not had an ass this tight! I should’ve bedded you that first time you walked into my class!” “Oh…FUCK!” Jack shouted in pleasure with every thrust. The sexual pleasure was palpable in the air, along with the sound of slick, hot, muscle man sex as Mr Malone’s dick slid in and out of Jack’s hole with more ease, using only their collective spit as a lube. The sound of his meaty, muscular, diamond cut thighs slapping against his studly student’s muscular butt turned him on even more, making him pound him ever harder. Jack just screamed out his professor’s name in response as waves of ecstasy took over him. For what seemed like hours, Mr Malone pounded and fucked Jack’s muscled ass in doggy over the counter before flipping him onto his back laying on the counter with his legs over his bulging shoulders, ploughing him in a whole new way. The harder, quicker and deeper he fucked, the more they both moaned and cried out in ecstasy. Before long, both of the men groaned as their orgasms finally arrived, Jack launching a huge volley of cum all over his own body and up Mr Malone’s kitchen wall, whilst Mr Malone shot deep inside of Jack’s ass, a warm, almost searing sensation blasting inside of him with each individual shot his teacher released into his bowels. “Oh….fuck,” Jack said panting as Mr Malone pulled his still huge soft cock out of him, the torrent of cum that had been pumped into him leaked out slowly and all over the cold kitchen counter. “Grab some of those bars and get upstairs stud,” Mr Malone demanded, recovering his breath and energy ridiculously quickly “I think it’s time for you to get your turn on me now.” Steven jumped up out of his bed as he heard a knock at the door. After what had happened to his little brother he didn’t really know what to do, he was just completely lost in thought. How had that happened? Heck, what even was that? And why did his brother suddenly come onto him after ‘that’ happened? Fuck today was a strange day? But these thoughts had to be dismissed as he went down the stairs. Having forgotten to put his shirt on, Steven opened the door to find a rather knackered looking Caleb panting on his doorstep. “Oh erm…hey Caleb. What’s wrong?” Steven asked feeling slightly awkward. He obviously knew Caleb due to him being Jack’s closest friend but he wouldn’t say he knew him well enough or felt close enough to him to hold a conversation alone, and especially not to be stood half naked in front of him. “Have you seen Jack? He stormed out of gym class earlier and was pretty upset,” Caleb opened up instantly, clearly concerned about his friend. “You need to talk to your old coach Steven, he’s way too hard on Jack because of your success, and it isn’t fair on him.” Steven sighed. He was aware that his success at sports in school had reflected badly onto his younger brother but it didn’t realise it was getting him down so much. “Yeah…I know. I’ll have a word with him. But I have a question I need to ask you. Earlier, Jack kind of…erm…hulked out I guess you could say. He basically turned into an amateur bodybuilder right before my eyes. How? Did he eat something funny at dinner? Or has he mentioned anything to you about taking some drugs or feeling ill? I’m worried about him man.” “Well it’s funny you should mention that,” Caleb smiled feebly “that was kind of my fault, I think.” “What? What do you mean?!” “My mum gave me a new brand of energy bar in my lunch today but it contained nuts, which I’m allergic to so I gave it to Jack. But when I got home I came across an article that said there’d been bizarre, consistent side effects seen in multiple people who’d eaten one of them, most notably…growth: muscle, cock, height, everything. Except the interesting thing was that all of these effects only occurred in males; like there’s something in our genetics specifically that reacts with a compound in the bar or something like that.” “Ok…I’ll go with you for a moment. Did you think about taking this to one of the chemistry professor’s?” “Of course I did, I’m not an idiot. But here,” Caleb answered, pulling one of the bars out of his coat pocket “I brought one for you to look at. I wondered if you could talk to your dad and see if he and his colleagues could do a more in depth analysis in their lab.” “Oh, well I guess so. Did you only bring the one? It would probably be helpful to have a few more for my dad to analyse.” “There’s a whole box in my house if you want to have them, I can’t have them after all.” Caleb smiled, stepping off of the door step and back onto the driveway. “I’ll drop by in around half an hour with the box?” “Sure thing man, see you in a bit,” Steven said politely as he shut the door. Once it clicked he turned around to look at the innocent looking energy bar he held in his hand. “So, muscle growth huh? This is how Jack because a stud before my eyes? I guess there’s no time in trying it,” he wondered aloud before tearing into the wrapping and taking a bite into the bar. “Oh wow this is good!” Steven beamed with surprise at the delicious, sweet, almost caramel flavour with a crunchy hint of nuts. I gobbled the rest down eagerly, almost forgetting the whole reason why he ate it in the first place… Upstairs in Mr Malone’s bed, Jack was thrusting meticulously as he slammed his throbbing foot long cock in and out of his teacher’s tight, hot ass, both of them moaning loudly as the bed rocked and creaked relentlessly. “Oh fuck me Jack, just like that! God that cock feels amazing stud!” Mr Malone grunts in pleasure, twitching his ass around the huge dick buried inside of him. “Oh god sir,” Jack groaned, feeling his second orgasm of the night coming over him “I think I’m going to cum!” “No you don’t boy!” his professor snapped, clamping his ass so tight that Jack couldn’t move before he grabbed multiple of the Olympia bars, tearing them out of their wrappers and forcing them into Jack’s mouth one by one. Left with no choice, Jack bit and chewed the energy bars, grinning as a similar euphoria entered his taste buds, as well as his mind, making him crave more. An hour later, Jack was pounding Mr Malone on his back, shoulders propping up his huge tree trunk legs as he slammed his cock into his hot teacher, pulling out just as fast before smashing back inside again, clearly managing to slam into his prostate as he heard his professor cry out, unleashing a torrent of cum all over his ridiculously huge, ripped and bulging body. “Oh fuck sir! I can feel it happening again!” Jack roared as he collapsed on all fours to the floor in agony. “FUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!” he screamed as his back burst upwards with muscle, and his pecs exploded down with size, huge and bulbous chest muscles, a brick like 8 pack surpassing his already impressive six pack. He flexed his arms one at a time as they too grew and swelled, veins snaking around his body almost seeming tighter, striations cutting all over his muscles as they grew, fuelled with new strength and power. “Fuck…this feels…fucking amazing!” Jack roared again before slamming his lengthening cock back inside of his teacher who screamed due to the increase in size, easily matching Mr Malone’s cock and still growing with no signs of stopping. Mr Malone’s face contorted as he and Jack could see his burgeoning cock growing inside of his previously alpha professor, the head visible under his cut 8 pack, throbbing and huge, the entire length must be tearing through his bowels by now and Mr Malone was loving every minute of it. “FUUUUUCCKKK!!! YOUR COCK IS HUUGEE!!” he yelled in ecstasy before cumming again, Jack’s cock clearly visible near his diaphragm now. “Holy shit sir!” Jack’s newly deepened voice bellowed in a sexy bass tone, practically rumbling the furniture, just another way for Jack to assert his new extreme manliness. Jack continued to pummel Mr Malone, his enormous legs cracking the floor beneath him as his feet gripped to pound violently, his enormous muscle granting him the ability to destroy his ass as a blinding speed. “AAAARRRRGGHHH OH FUCK!” Mr Malone cried out again, almost in tears it was so pleasurable before cumming once again. Jack unleashed one final roar as he fired a flood of his seed deep inside his lover’s body, the volume so much so that it bloated his stomach slightly before he pulled out. Like popping the cork of a champagne bottle, the cum spurted out of Mr Malone’s ass with extreme force, showing just how much had been pumped into the hulking man. Jack stood catching his breath, easily near 9 feet tall and a tower of bulging, rippling muscle. Like the hulk, only not green and infinitely sexier. His cock even limp was around 18 inches long, it must’ve been well over 2 feet hard. Fuck, no wonder Mr Malone’s ass felt like it’s been demolished. “Wow sir…” Jack spoke softly (well as softly as he could with his new booming voice) “that was…wow!” And with that the pair of them collapsed onto Mr Malone’s ridiculously undersized bed to hold the 2 muscle titans, both of whom could simply just breath to make the bed creak under their enormous weight. Still, the lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms, Mr Malone using Jack’s giant pecs as huge muscle pillows. As the sun rose in the morning, the sun shone through the blinds and curtains of Mr Malone’s bedroom, once again waking Jack up who found himself being the little spoon to his professor’s big spoon…wait. How? Last night he’d been much bigger than Mr Malone, much bigger. Wait, last night he’d been muscular! Jack realised the change, and looked down to see his body back to how it had been before his first growth, slim and average once more, his 9” cock hard with morning wood. He looked over to Mr Malone to see that he had also shrunk back to his original (admittedly rather toned) size. But there was something odd. There was a taste in his mouth, one particular taste in particular. A craving he felt inside for something…familiar. Jack got out of the bed gently as to not wake up his lover. It was only 6 am after all, best not make his professor grumpy. God knows what he’d be like when he woke up and remembered what had happened the previous night. He shuffled over to the box of Mr Olympia bars that Mr Malone had carried upstairs for them to eat the night before. “What are you?” Jack asked them, obviously knowing they couldn’t answer. “Who made you…and why?!”
  10. The Olympia Bar

    Hey everyone. This is my first story for the site as I finally plucked up the courage to write it. I've had this idea for a while. I apologise that it takes a little bit to get into the good stuff but I like to at least have some kind of set up for characters and scenarios for anything I write. I have some ideas where I want the stories to go but I'm not certain, so any ideas for what you think would work, or any sex scenes you'd like to see happen just put in the comments and i'll happily oblige. Chapter 1 – The Test Batch Jack awoke as the sun shone through the gap in his curtains, creating a streak of sunlight on his bed and annoyingly, right on his eyes. He lifted himself out of his bed groggily, trudging over to his window to pull the curtains rather violently back together before flopping back down onto his mattress and wrapping himself in his warm, comfy duvet. “Jack!” he heard his brother, Steven yell “Jack get up! You’ve got school today haven’t you?” Jack mumbled something incoherent and rolled over, pulling the duvet over himself tighter. But when the alarm clock blared to life, he gave up his fight to catch a few more minutes of sleep, slapping the alarm clock to shut it up before standing up and stretching properly. He walked onto the landing and bumped into Steven, who stumbled backwards startled. “Oops, sorry bud,” he smiled pleasantly “I was just coming to make sure you were awake.” Jack looked at his brother, stood shirtless in just his pyjama bottoms. Why did he have to have a hot stud brother? Steven and Jack were practically opposites and had little in common so it was always a wonder how they got on so well. Steven was 21, 6’2”, sporty, active and a gym rat, complete with a ripped body and admittedly gorgeous toned muscles to compliment his sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked like a model, to be frank. Jack on the other hand was 18, 5’7”, nerdy and slim, played video games, watched anime and sung. A lot. In fact he studied musical theatre in college. Far from the sporting icon that his brother had been as college, Jack was an average theatre geek. Granted he luckily had his brother’s deep blue eyes which they’d both inherited from their mum, but had his dad’s brown hair, which he kept medium length and messy, the typical ‘twink’ hairstyle. And yes, he was gay. “Don’t worry about it, I’m just jumping in the shower so if you need the toilet, I’d go now,” Jack responded to Steven. “No bother, just be quick. Mum said I have to drive you to college today and I don’t want to miss my Monday workout.” “Ok, I’ll be quick,” Jack sighed before walking into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door before he stripped off his boxers and sleeping t-shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror for a moment, sighed and proceeded to step into the shower. He wasn’t unattractive per se. Some people would like him being the twink he was, but it wasn’t what he wanted to be. He wanted more than just average. His mental health wasn’t exactly helping either. Having being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, Jack didn’t look upon himself too highly. Just as he thought this he came to soaping up and lathering his junk, which in all honestly was rather beyond average. At 9 inches hard, Jack would go so far to say that he had the biggest dick in his year, at least as far as he knew. It was one of the only things he assumed he’d inherited from his Dad and he wasn’t complaining. After he finished playing with himself a little, he washed and conditioned his hair, taking care to really rub the product into his scalp. Finally he rinsed off and stepped out, towelling himself down the dry. “Hurry up Jack!” Steven shouted, much to the irritation of Jack. Choosing to ignore his brother, Jack went to his room to dry his hair and get dressed at a leisurely pace, just to annoy Steven. Finally, he knocked back his anti-depressant pill with some water before he headed downstairs. Lunchtime at college. After three boringly long lessons (mathematics and Computing respectively), Jack was looking forward to his theatre lesson after dinner, however dreading the gym lesson he had afterwards. “Hey, Jack,” the athletic looking boy next to him spoke “are you ok? You look a bit lost in thought.” “Oh, I’m fine,” he replied, still not looking at his friend as he spoke “just not looking forward to gym later. “How come?” the boy asked inquisitively. “I just don’t enjoy it,” Jack sighed “I’m no good at it, and I’m stuck in a class with you and all the other jocks and athletes, just because my brother was THE star athlete a few years ago. I get too nervous and terrified to do anything.” “You need to control that anxiety mate,” he advised “besides I’m always there to help. Just partner up with me like you always do.” “Thanks Caleb,” Jack smiled reluctantly. Jack knew he was only as close with Caleb as he was, was because their brothers were best friends. If that were not the case, Jack doubted he’d have given Caleb the time of day. He’d had too many bad experiences with athletes. “Hey, you say you struggle with gym and you tire out too easily, try this!” Caleb suggested, offering Jack what appeared to be an energy bar, still wrapped and untouched. “Huh? What is this? Why are you giving it to me?” “It’s a new energy bar. Olympia they call it. It’s a new product that my dad bought a trial box of for us to have during workouts, but they contain nuts which I’m allergic to.” “Erm, ok. I guess it can’t harm me.” Jack accepted the gift with a smile. He looked Caleb up and down discreetly. He never could quite understand what Caleb liked about him, but he wasn’t complaining. He was a great best friend regardless, and it wasn’t bad that he was easy on the eye too. Bordering on twinky and athletic, Caleb wasn’t that buff but very well-toned, which complimented his modern quiff styled black hard and green eyes perfectly. He was often the subject of Jack’s late night masturbation sessions, along with Mr Malone his theatre professor. “Jack? Jack!” Caleb shouted, clicking his fingers in front of Jack’s face and drawing far too much attention to the pair of them for Jack’s liking “you zoned out again bud. What’s wrong with you today?” “I’m fine,” Jack responded “seriously. I should probably head down to the theatre though so I’ll see you in gym!” And with that, Jack up and left the cafeteria. “C’mon Jack! I know you can hit that note!” Mr Malone said, clearly disappointed but trying to be encouraging. “You seem so lost in thought today, what’s wrong?” “Trust me sir, you’re not the only person to have said that to me today,” Jack chuckled lightly, jumping down off of the stage. “Can I have a word with you?” his professor asked kindly, picking up what looked like one of the same energy bars that Caleb had given him earlier. “Sure sir,” Jack smiled. “Everybody, please work on the factory scene, I’ll just be a few minutes,” Mr Malone told the rest of the class before he walked Jack outside of the door. “You know you can talk to me if something’s troubling you Jack. If there is then please do, I can’t have you being distracted. You’re playing one of our lead roles, and if you can’t hit the notes I’m going to have to re-cast Marius.” “I know sir, I’m sorry. I’m just going through a lot,” Jack said calmly, looking at his teacher in the eyes. He didn’t want to say exactly what it was, but he hoped that the tone in his voice and look in his eye got his point across just as well. Mr Malone breathed lightly, letting silence fall over the pair before he unwrapped his Olympia Bar and took a bite. “Oh damn…” he moaned as he chewed “that’s tasty!” “Where did you get that?” “Oh it’s a new product! I ordered a trial box as I get too tired at this place. I’m here ridiculous hours during the weekdays, and I’m marking all weekend so I need all the energy I can get!” “Oh, it’s just Caleb gave me one just like it earlier, I’d never heard of it until then.” Finally Gym class had arrived, and Jack was halfway through this week’s set workout routine, the coach barking orders at individual students and typically barking insults at Jack for being so ‘pathetic’ and ‘unworthy of sharing his brother’s name,” which of course did wonders to his self-confidence. “God…this is…nngh…heavy!” Jack grunted, sweat coating his brow and forehead as he struggled to complete 10 reps on the bench press with a disappointingly ‘light-weight’ in comparison to the weights some of the other students were lifting. "Oh hey guys, look at the wimp trying to be like us!" a rather large, intimidating boy sneered teasingly, flexing his impressive teen muscles to show off. “Leave him alone Damien!" Caleb snapped "oh c’mon, you’ve got this Jack,” Caleb encouraged him while he spotted his friend, worried he was going to have to grab the bar just to save Jack from dropping it and choking himself. “Urgh…no I haven’t!” Jack exhaled as he put the bar back on the rack in defeat, huffing as he stood up to head to his locker. “Where are you going?” Caleb called after him, concerned. “There’s no point in me being here,” he yelled back, fighting back tears. Jack sat underneath his locker on one of the uncomfortable benches and held his head in his hands. He was knackered, drenched in sweat and none the fitter for it, broken if anything. Fed up, Jack took the Olympia Bar Caleb had given him earlier for an energy boost so he could make the walk home without feeling like he’d collapse at any moment. “Hey,” Caleb spoke softly as he walked into the room, Jack halfway through eating the bar “it’s ok. So you’re not a gym rat, but you’re great in the theatre! You know you are.” “I don’t know,” Jack replied after a moment’s silence, swallowing the last of the bar before he dabbed his brow with a towel, picked up his bag and headed for the door to walk home. Jack collapsed onto his bed, a welcome feeling after the stressful and strenuous say he’d had. To top the day off, he was feeling a little funny in his stomach too. Just what he needed, an illness. Granted it was probably just his anxiety playing up again, he often suffered stomach pains in times of constant worry. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Without waiting for an answer, Steven opened Jack’s door slowly, popping his head into the room almost comically as he checked on his younger brother. “Hey buddy, what’s wrong?” he asked comfortingly, walking towards Jack’s bed and taking a seat next to him. “I…” jack tried to say through sniffles and tears “I’m a failure.” “No you’re not,” Steven patted his shoulder in a loving way only a brother can “you’re just having a bad day. You’re going through a lot, but we’re all here for you. Have you taken your tablet today?” “Yeah, I have.” “Oh, ok. I have no idea how to help make you better then,” Steven answered honestly “but I’m here if you need me.” “Thank you,” Jack muttered quietly before he felt a deep burning spreading throughout his body. “What the?!...” He jumped out of bed as a sudden burst of energy shot through him and he keeled over, his stomach searing in pain. The energy he felt turned into something stronger…power almost. Then the impossible happened. Jack felt his body growing. His pecs popped out and pressed against his shirt as his arms swelled in size, biceps balling and growing into large lumps of solid muscle, striations cutting through to define the bicep and tricep. His back burst out and tore the back of his shirt due to his pecs already bulging, the increased mass making the shirt ride up to show his stomach which had become a rock solid, cut six-pack in moments. His legs flexed and grew, his skinny jeans standing no chance of surviving the sudden increase in size. With legs cut like diamonds and strong to match, all that remained was his already large crotch. Jack groaned in pleasure as the feeling entered his cock, which was already rock hard, and lengthening slowly. Balls swelling to the size of snooker balls and dropping even lower, cum swirling and pumping inside them, an excess amount ready to launch from Jack’s growing dick, now at least a foot long and as thick as his wrist, veins bulging and pumping blood into the engorged member. Suddenly, as the growth ended, Jack roared out as he came, shooting an enormous load all across the bed and his own brother. As Jack came down the intense feelings he’d just experienced, Steven looked on in shock, after wiping his brother’s cum off of his face. “What the…what just happened?! Jack are you ok?” “Oh…fuck Steven. Better than ever!” Jack growled lustfully, stroking his new abs with one hand and the other arm flexing to show off his engorged biceps. “Jack, you just turned into an amateur bodybuilder, right in front of me. And you’re hung like a horse. And you just exploded your load all over me. What the fuck?! How did this happen?!” Steven shouted, taking off his cum-drenched shirt to reveal his own ripped torso. “I…I don’t know! But I don’t care, I’m bigger than you!” “I know! But how?!” “As I said Steven, I don’t know and I don’t care. Fuck I’m horny…” Jack grabbed his still rock hard 12 inch cock, jerking slowly before looking at his brother. “Care to help?” “What the fuck?! NO!” Steven snapped before he stormed out of the room, slamming the door. Shrugging as if nothing had happened, Jack slumped onto his bed which creaked at his new weight. Cock in hand, he slowly jerked his newly grown python as he searched up some hot bodybuilder gay porn, moaning as he watched two big muscle studs kissing passionately as one pounded the other’s hole. However his porn was interrupted when he received a phone call. Checking the caller ID, Jack was surprised to see that it was Mr Malone. “Sir? What’s wrong?” Jack asked “it’s 8pm why are you calling me at this time?” “Jack, did you eat the Olympia Bar Caleb gave you?” Mr Malone’s raspy, panting voice responded over the phone. “Erm yes why…” suddenly it clicked in Jack’s mind. “Sir, have you by any chance experienced some kind of…erm… changes?” “Yes, and from you asking that question I assume you have too,” his professor explained, his voice obviously slightly deeper than it had been before. “Can you come to my place?” “I guess, I’ll head out now!” Jack was barely fitting in the clothes he’d put on. He’d sighed when he realised he was going to have to buy basically an entirely new wardrobe, but it was a small negative to a huge positive, and he meant huge. As he approached Mr Malone’s place he could hear the grunts and groans already, and what sounded like tearing clothing. His cock instantly rock hard, he ran up his professor’s driveway and knocked on the door, impatient to see what his professor looked like now. “It’s open!” a surprisingly deep voice growled. Jack stepped inside and looked into the living room only to nearly cum there and then. Mr Malone was still growing, nearly 7 feet tall where he’d been 5’11” before, and was a wall of bulging muscle and veins. Brick like abs and enormous pecs visible as he reared back and flexed, shredding his shirt completely, jeans and underwear tearing too as a monstrous 19 inch cock flopped out and sprung up past his abs. “Fuck sir…” Jack stated, eyes glazed over with lust as his arousal took over. Before he had a chance to do anything, Mr Malone picked him up by his neck in one, ridiculously strong arm and slammed him into the wall. “Thank god you’re here Jack,” Mr Malone grinned before planting his lips on Jack’s a deep, passionate, manly kiss as his 19 inch monster and Jack’s huge 12 incher grinded against each other. “We’re going to have a wild night,” his professor promised as he broke the kiss, rubbing his leaking cock head all over Jack’s ripped torso before dropping him onto the floor. “Go upstairs…” ___________________________________________________________________________________ Well i hope you liked it guys. Feel free to leave comments, feedback and suggestions on what you'd like to see in future chapters, and i can't wait to continue this story. Thanks for reading studs.
  11. Trucker Muscle 3

    Business continued to be a success. Production was more or less stable. Ever since my cock was fused with that cum bull, I was more than capable to keeping up with the steady demand for Trucker Muscle; I still had to drive out and fetch a "volunteer" here and there. My body wasn't growing too much bigger each time I cummed, couple pounds and a inch every fourth or fifth day of "milking". The cum bull did talk to me for a while after he was fused with my cock. Seemed that each cum beast had a different power or ability. That would make sense, the cum dragon gave me the tail cock; the cum bull created the "cum magnet" - I could draw in cum from a distance around me. Though each time I absorbed a cum beast, my body surged even bigger than before. "Boss, it's nearly time to go find another or two. A special order arrived today, client wanted something specific for a 'minowolf' - what ever that is." The large lion nearly roared. He was already a massive brute of a cat, thanks to him sampling some of my Trucker Muscle. Like most, they stay close to me, as if drawn to my potent product. He stood well over forty feet tall and much wider than that and growing every time I get milked. "They are kinda like me. A mix of minotaur and wolf." I chuckle deeply. "Only difference is that I have dragon added in." turning my attention to the job at hand. "So, how when does this guy want the product?" "Didn't give a time frame, just saying 'the sooner the better'," grunted the lion as he lifted and carried the milking tube towards my giant girthy cock. "Guess, he's not real sure how fast you are capable of filling the order, but the amount is purely massive. I would judge it to be three to four times the normal." I pant heavily as the lion slides the milking tube over my cock. "I bet he's already as big as you are or even bigger, if he's after that much." I start playing with my nipples a little. My nipple play caused the brute lion to nearly forget to turn on the machine. I could hear the slight change in his voice, much like a child being jealous. "He won't be bigger than me." he turned on the machine and then started to tend to my nipples. Moans deeply as I reward the kitty with some potent nipple cum, I could feel him gaining a few pounds as his mass slowly expanded. I cannot help but enjoy toying with him like this, plus it's always nice to have someone to grow. My hips buck a few times before I started unloading thick cream into the tube. My nipples also pumped more nipple cum into the lion's belly, which he wasn't expecting. He drank it all down, his body pulsed and puffed from the sudden surge of cum flow. He managed to free himself from my nipple, licking his lips then the nipples. "Wasn't expecting that, Boss. Cannot complain about the results." he flexed for me, showing off his newly swollen muscle. He was also a couple inches taller now. "Boss like how Leon grows and shows." "Leon, I certainly do. Just have to make sure I don't make you too big, if such a thing exist." I grunt as I come down from off my orgasm. "Still need some help around here and you do such a wonderful job at keeping the place nice and clean." Leon's crotch visibly swelled in his tight short shorts. He quickly pulled them down and stroked off his massive cock. My constant encouragement always excites him to the point he has to masturbate. He cums in thick ropes arching high into the air while he roars out in passion. Thanks to the cum bull's power, his cum was being pulled towards my body, being absorbed and converted into some extra mass for me. It was something I could barely control, some days I cannot pull in Leon's cum even if I wanted it; other days I cannot help but draw in even the cum that was in the tanks stored far away. Finished with the milking, I easily compressed down to my shorter form so that I could drive the truck to gather my potential "volunteer" to fill the minowolf's order. Looking over what he wanted in his mixture, it seemed easy enough. . . almost too easy. The first species I had to find was a powerful bear. I kept tabs on a few of the bigger ones, even gave some free samples here and there. Got to keep them wanting more and buy more. The one I had in mind was perfect, a massive grisly named Rex. Kept to himself and lived out of his own gym. The gym he owned was an older warehouse, completely rebuilt to be even higher than it use to be. It had to be big, he was just enormous. Standing well over thirty feet tall and almost just as wide, he needed a massive place. He was one of the first people I sold directly to, just to test out the markets. There was no shortage of big beef in his gym. Rex instantly spotted me as soon as I walked in, . "It's good to see you again. Come to deliver more Trucker Muscle in person, I see." He stood taller than me, which I didn't mind. His big bear paw resting on my shoulder. "I came here for more than just that." I said. "I wanted to invite you over to the Warehouse to see Trucker Muscle being produced. I'm going around getting a few choice clients together to show off how it's all made." I nearly chuckled at the thought. "Plus you'll get a fresh batch to enjoy." His eyes grew wide and nearly sparkled with joy as I explained everything. The bear knew how good the product was and the fresh batch was the tipping point. He gave a powerful bear hug, almost forgetting his strength, lifting me off my own feet. Didn't have to worry about locking up or shutting down, his gym was pretty much self ran. He gathered a couple things and we were out the door. The truck's trailer was a converted flatbed, designed to seat up to five giants with ease. Luckily I didn't need to fill all five seats, just two more to fill. The extra weight from the massive bear wasn't too bad for getting the truck moving. My second stop was quick and easy, once again bringing in a box filled with Trucker Muscle. This time I was picking up a lynx, he wasn't as big as the bear but made up for it with just pure mass. Unlike Rex that was full of muscle, Lux was sporting a bigger muscle gut than I have. He also stood shorter as well, just barely eighteen feet tall. He wasn't getting taller off Trucker Muscle, as it went mostly to that growing gut of his. Lux didn't lift as often either, spending most of his time gaming. It was easy enough to get him to come with me to the Warehouse. The third pick up was a little harder to do. I only knew of one cheetah and he was constantly on the move. Could never find this twenty five foot powerhouse in the same place twice. Titan, as he constantly called himself, was a mover and a shaker. Between part of a moving company and showing off the goods at one of the strip clubs, he was hard to pin down when you want to find him. Luckily, giving him a call was easy, today was a slow day at the moving company and he was there for the time being. "What's with the others?" his deep voice purred. It was an odd sound to say the least, it was like he was constantly purring so when he talked it created a unique sound - almost erotic. "Bringing in a few for giving a nice tour of the Warehouse. Wanted to show off how Trucker Muscle is made and to give everyone a fresh batch to take with them." was my reply, trying not to give too much of a tell of what was in store. It was getting really hard to not want to start making them so much bigger right here, but needed them at the Warehouse first. The hour drive was short, but felt like it was much longer. I was fighting to keep my cock from trying to burst right out of shorts, though it was already soaked with pre. Pulling in, I was greeted with Leon running up, hauling a few tubes. "Leon, perfect timing. Everything is ready to go, I hope." I spoke quickly. He nodded. Keeping my voice down, "Perfect, but I'll be needing a little more help to fill the order. I'm sure you saw that the order needed some lion, so I'll be having you join in on the fun." I turned to face the group. "Welcome to the Warehouse. The home of Trucker Muscle. As all of you have known and felt the power that is given, it's time to learn exactly how the product is actually made. It's a trade secret so no one shall speak of what you see here, or you shall lose the right to have this product. All understand how important this is?" Rex nodded, followed by the other two. Something I liked about Rex, he seem to have a unique ability to get others to follow his lead. Doubt that Lux and Titan would say anything, but the fear of not having Trucker Muscle was enough to keep them quiet. "Good. Well the first thing I will have everyone do, myself and my associate Leon included, is to strip down completely. The one thing about the potency of fresh Trucker Muscle as that the rate of growth is much higher, most of the time your clothes won't fit afterwards." For a moment there was slight hesitation from the three, though once they saw Leon undressed and myself completely in the buff, they went ahead with doing it as well. While they looked back at me, they say me slipping one of the tubes over my cock. "Now one of the tubes provided will go over your cock, like how Leon and myself have done. This is to make sure that the place remains clean. Cause let's be honest, you're going to cum a few times when you experience this." The one fact I left out was that my tube wasn't connected like theirs were. Mine split into four lines, Leon already had his plugged firmly into his ass. Once they saw what he didn't they mummer again. "Now what Leon has done is perfectly fine. There's actually two methods of enjoying Trucker Muscle, either from drinking it or actually pumping it deep into your innards. It's printed on the bottle, but I bet most just thought it was simply a joke. I mean the cock shaped bottle kinda added to the illusion, if that was your thing. Results are the same, none the less." "Oh, I have done that more than one."Rex laughed heartily. "They thought it was crazy, but when they saw me gain another hundred pounds of pure muscle, there was no denying it." He grunted a little as he plunged the second hose deep into his ass. The other two went for sucking down the tube, so that it would go right into your bellies. I pushed mine into my ass, but knowing that this tube would be filled with the completed product. "Alright, everyone is now set for enjoying the process of making Trucker Muscle - by being part of that process!" I panted heavily as I started to expand to fill the Warehouse. The ceiling opened up as I surged to over one hundred feet and growing. I instantly came hard, my tube quickly filling and the lines linking to the four will filled with a constant flood of hot cum. The results were instant. Rex surged with muscle, Titan boomed in size, Lux's gut rolled out further, and Leon's body swelled. They couldn't control themselves as they started cumming hard as well. Under our feet the lines they cummed into split into two, one leading to the processing tanks, the other plugged into my tight ass. As soon as their mixture reached my innards, I felt the rush of more power than ever before. My previous max height of five miles was blown away as I quickly exploded into a thirty mile mountain of muscle. All the while my cum load is increasing as well, forcing them to keep growing into massive balls of muscle mass and fat. Leon was the only one that was still mobile and show how managed to get on top of my massive cock. The excitement of seeing the curvature of the planet sent me over the edge again. Though the tube had split open some time during my rapid expansion, it didn't stop my cum from washing over everything and growing anyone and everyone that touched it. Then I felt the rush hit me once again, this time more powerful than before. Even though the four of them were so massive, their tubes were still intact! I roared as my body exploded even bigger. I gotten so massive that I was able to lift off the planet without any effort. The tubes were still attached to the three of them, Leon managed to free his cock from the tube. I felt even more cum rushing inside of me, making me grow as massive as the planet. The tubes were still holding onto Rex, Lux, and Titan as we floated in space. Their tubes were slowly being pulled as my tight ass began to draw them in. They were as big as moons but didn't save them from being anally vored, adding to my overall mass. I felt the change washing over me, I roared out once more, "CUM!" All the cum that the world just produced from my command was also pulled into me; some washing over Leon, making him grow even bigger. Leon had watched as the three were helplessly pulled into my being. Then grew from the combination of cumming and having cum wash over him. "Is it my turn, Boss?" "No, not yet, my little lion." I low growl, sounded like rolling thunder. "We have to finish the order for the minowolf, remember." I recalled what that cum bull told me about cum beasts, I did pick up new powers as a result. My guess was that Rex, that hulking grisly, was a cum beast. I could feel that anything I command would be instantly met. another potent power I had was I create my own atmosphere, which was great since Leon and myself were just floating over a planet as big as I was now. "Leon, I want you to compress yourself, like I do, to fifty feet tall. I'm feeling like rewarding you by being even taller than before." I watched as he instantly complied with the command. I started to shrink down as well, slowly returning to the planet's surface. Seemed that nothing was destroyed or even damaged from my latest growth explosion. The only odd thing was now circling the planet, a ring made of cum. "Leon follows orders correctly, Boss?" he asked as he went to work on his cock once more. With a snap of my fingers, I had magicked up a new pair of short shorts for him. Had to make the pouch a lot bigger to accommodate how massive this equipment grown. "Yes, you followed them perfectly. Now get dressed, we have to get the ordered completed." Leon rushed to slip on the new clothes then dashed away towards the housing tanks. Another order completed and another will soon to come, though I fear the next one might also be the last one.
  12. Bar Buddies (Furry)

    Part 1: Let's Drink! Scratching his dark-brown ears, Iron the coyote was looking at the piles of documents that he would sift through today, a task no longer new to him. For someone who was just twenty-five, he looked older thanks to the varying streaks of grey around his fur, though mostly he was brown and white all over. If the grey fur around his eyes got any darker, one could mistake them for eye bags, which wouldn't be surprising with all the stress he had experienced doing office work day in and day out. And thanks to his fur constantly having a ruffled look, he exhibited a rugged charm around everyone. Despite his somewhat unusual appearance, the only bit of excitement he could ever experience at work was during lunch breaks, where workers would only talk about the spiciest office gossip, or who had the grandest-looking lunch today. He looked like he was busy working but Iron's mind was elsewhere. Every few minutes his hazelnut pupils would dart down to the smartphone he laid on his lap, waiting for 6 p.m. Even his clothes had begun to send a message that he was done with working for the day; the sleeves on his white long sleeved shirt were pulled back past his elbow and his long black pants were beginning to wrinkle from sitting for too long. It was the shrill voice coming from across his table that caught Iron's attention. The voice belonged to a female sheep dressed in a light brown pantsuit that waved to him and said, "Hey Iron, everyone was planning to hit the karaoke place after work, you want in?" The coyote's first thought was, "What was her name again? I think I should know this. I want to say-Jenny?" But he never did remember, and instead dodged the whole issue altogether. "Umm, I kinda have plans already...Tell everyone else next time perhaps," he replied with a forced smile. His colleague didn't seem surprised; it was the same every Friday for Iron that he would be the first out the door to who knows where. It had even become an in office joke that Iron prowls the city limits at night hunting down roadrunners. Come 6 p.m. Iron was out the door so fast he nearly knocked the sheep off her feet when she was walking towards the exit. The coyote grabbed a cab and was off to the downtown district. Through the backseat window Iron took in the view as the streets turned from plain grey brick buildings to brightly lit stores and towering office buildings with their lights still on. There were bars and restaurants opening their doors to hungry patrons, high end bookstores and the same branch of coffee shop every few blocks. Groups of furs filled the streets. Iron caught sight of a group of gorillas in suits walking into a restaurant, and he found it adorable how they tried to use a small smartphone with their oversized hands and right behind them three young peacocks in tight dresses stepped out of their ride as they cheered on one of their friends, probably a celebration. Iron's tail wagged softly as he relished the city ambiance. Leaning back against his seat he pulled out his phone and sent a text to his friend Mark, "On the way now." An orange text bubble appeared below Iron's message, "Cool, ordering a beer now." After a half hour of travelling through the city traffic at a snail's pace, the cab slowed to a stop at its destination. Iron paid his fare and stepped out grinning ear to ear. The neon blue signboard above the glass entrance read "Anything Goes". Glass walls covered the building, giving the outside world a peek into the bar's unique interior. Iron loved coming here ever since the bar opened two weeks ago, the beers were cheap and they treated their customers like VIPs. The coyote made his way through the crowd of customers while poking his head high up to try to find his friend. As he searched he could not help but stop and admire the bar's interior. It was reminiscent of a medieval pub straight out a storybook. Wooden barrels were used as tables and small chests acted as chairs. Finally, he spotted the German shepherd's wide back in a green and blue striped t-shirt. "Coming through," Iron repeated as he squeezed between a whole flock of sheep standing around the bar trying to take pictures of themselves posing around it. He couldn't blame them; the bar was extravagant with a counter that looked like it was carved from real cobblestone, a crest depicting a blankshield with two sword sheathed behind plastered in the middle of the counter. Behind the counter were shelves housing wine bottles with various colorful glowing liquids, purely for decorative purposes. To add to the authentic medieval feel the bartender, Mr. Kane, always wore long purple robes to play the role of a wizard. It was a job that suited the tiger very much as he had a flare for the theatric while serving up drinks. "Bang," Iron said as he placed his two fingers on the dog's back like a gun. Mark turned and replied, "Oh hey, if it isn't the hardworking salary man." Iron punched his friend playfully on his chest, only to have its impact softened by the German shepherd flexing his pecs. The two laughed and bumped fists to celebrate their usual Friday meeting. "Just in time, I just called another round of beer for two," Mark continued. "Well that's pretty good timing." Iron took the free seat to Mark's left side. "Actually they're both for me, but you know since you're here..." Mark's bushy brown and tan tail wagged as he joked. "Oh. Hahaha..." Two young female leopards then walked pass by while giggling and whispering to each other. Both of the canine's dark brown ears' twitched and caught the faint whisper of one of the leopards. "He's jacked isn't he? So cool!" one of the leopards said. Mark's bright blue pupil sparkled with glee. The dog puffed his chest out further and bounced his melon-sized pecs. The girls blushed and laughed before disappearing into the crowd. "Think they liked my muscles," Mark continued. "I think you scared them away BB," Iron said. Mark's back fur stood on end at the sound of the name. "BB" was a nickname that followed him throughout high school that meant bowling ball. He was made fun off back then just for having a birthmark in the shape of the holes of a bowling ball on the side of his right eye. And that was how the German shepherd dedicated himself to growing bigger and stronger so he would never be picked on again. Still, he allowed Iron to use it because of their enduring friendship. The two then broke into a laughing fit, their tails wagging to and fro with such vigor they could have swept the entire bar floor. It was moments like these that Iron cherished the most; Mark had been his friend since high school, and despite their differences they managed to stay close. Physically, Mark was always the bigger one since he indulged in the field of bodybuilding since thirteen. Now his arms were like mole hills made of rock hard muscles. Under his straining shirt were thick barrel pecs and hard washboard abs. Mark's tight jeans left little to the imagination as his tennis ball sized bulge sat prominently between oaken thighs. So, the hours flew by as the two downed bottle after bottle of beer while exchanging jokes and the silly things that happened in their respective workplaces. Slowly the crowd began to thin away until all that was left were the two inebriated canines struggling to stay awake. Iron was resting his burning head on the counter top with his tongue sticking out. He could only produce inaudible whines and groans at that point. "One more!" Mark called out. He too was in no better condition, the German shepherd was struggling to maintain his balance on the bar stool with his head bobbing up and down every few minutes. The barkeeper ducked down and pulled out two red bottles. Their labeling was strange as only the words "Crescat" was printed in bold Calibri. "Alright boys, this is your last call. It's 2:30 in the morning and I want to clean up," the barkeeper said as he placed the bottles in front of the duo. Mark picked up his bottle and stared intently at it, mostly to try to pronounce the label. "C-chest cat? Wh-what happened to the regular beer?" Mark fumbled out his words while shaking the bottle. "I figured you two could use a little pick me up since you out drank everyone else from here. Try it, it's a new brand from an upcoming brewery that just opened up somewhere in the city, and it's on the house for my first two guinea pigs" Kane said with a smirk, but the two friends were too wasted to notice. Iron suddenly pulled himself up and grabbed the beer with his right paw, shoved it into the air and declared, "Well free is free." The coyote chugged down the odorless beer and let loose a hearty burp. "Excuse me," Iron said. "Now there's an alpha. Here, you can have the last bottle," Kane replied as he passed another bottle to Iron. Iron felt the effects of the beer quickly as his mind cleared and his whole body was energized like he could leap across a canyon. A wave of heat began to spread from his tummy like his whole body was being caressed by warm paws, almost like an erotic experience. The coyote took another swig of his beer with such gusto he could have swallowed the bottle itself. As he lapped up the last drop of beer his attention turned to his arms that started trembling. In a blink of an eye, Iron's sleeves exploded off of him as his arm widened and thicken with muscle. The bottle in his paw broke into tiny pieces in the coyote's growing grip yet he felt nothing. His flat chest began to expand forward, getting fuller as they grew into thick bulbous pectorals. One by one the buttons on Iron's shirt flew off; the first one hit a bottle on the shelf and the second one ricochet off the shelf and hit him square on his thick pecs. The coyote's powerful arms started moving apart as his shoulders magnified in length, and most noticeably his head was growing closer to the ceiling. Next, his bushy tail elongated until it pressed itself against the glass wall behind him. "What the fuck?" Mark yelled from Iron's right. He was so surprised he knocked himself off the stool. The German shepherd searched frantically for Kane for answers but the barkeeper was nowhere to be seen. Lost in the confusion all Mark could do was sit on the floor and watch his friend grow. "Feels... so good!" Iron said between pants, his voice dropping in tone with each breath. Loud creaks and the sound of wood splintering then emanated from beneath Iron's now massive ass. Iron's pants were fighting a losing battle trying to contain his enlarging steel like thighs. The leg openings of his pants gave out first as his diamond hard calves bulged out, followed by his bare feet growing longer with visible veins popping along the bridge of his feet. "Shoot!" Mark made a mad dash to a nearby table and flipped it over to shield him from the oncoming barrage of splinters. With one loud cracking sound the stool gave in to Iron's increasing mass and broke under his butt. The coyote made a huge dent on the wooden floor with his fall. The coyote grabbed onto the bar with his right paw for support. He pulled his hefty frame up but in the process left deep indentations in the shape of his paw on the bar desktop. Iron's body was burning up like a high fever. He needed to cool himself down the only way he knew how. His meaty paws grabbed onto the tattered remains of his clothes and ripped everything off of him, there he stood growing and butt naked. Two massive orbs the size of a four wheel's tire nestled within the confines of the coyote's musky scrotum wrestled for space between the canine's legs. His flaccid penis was as long as Mark's entire arm and as thick as the columns that held the roof of the bar up. Mark stared with a dropped jaw as he saw his friend's testicles expand to the point they were just inches away from touching the ground. He never felt more emasculated before in his whole life. Gradually, the growth slowed to a halt. And not a moment too soon since Iron's head was brushing up against the eight foot tall ceiling. His head was spinning like he had been riding a mechanical bull for hours. From his height, Mark looked like one of those toy soldiers. "Dude," Iron said. "This is fucking awesome! Check out my pecs!" The oversized coyote brought his arms down and squeezed his meaty pecs together. Standing up, Mark was befuddled by Iron's actions. "Who's the big fur now huh? Come on feel my legs. They're the second thickest thing I have on me." Iron brought his right leg forward with a loud thump and flexed, his ample tri-colored thigh hardened with deep striations running along the whole thigh. "What? This isn't the time for that," Mark said, concerned for his friend. "Aww, someone's just size envy now that there is a bigger fur in town," Iron raised his arms to perform a double bicep pose. "Yes, look at these arms. I think I can bench press a tank easy." From the corner of his eye the self-indulging coyote noticed the bottle in Mark's possession. "Hey are you going to drink that?" Iron asked. Mark realized then that it was the beer that made the coyote grew. He was hesitant to give anymore to his hulking friend, and a large part of him wanted to be just as big if not bigger than him. Before he could decide though, a massive light brown paw reached for him and grabbed the bottle with great dexterity. "Hey!" the German shepherd exclaimed. He tried to stop the giant by climbing up his abs, but his still drunken state was not strong enough to reach the bottle in time. "No fair," Mark complained as the coyote started sipping on the bottle that appeared microscopic against his enlarged paws. He was so frustrated he started kicking the coyote in his balls though it didn't do any good since it didn't look like he felt anything. Seeing his buddy's frustration made Iron laugh, which was strange since he never was the type to be so cocky that he took pleasure in the struggles of others. "Ok ok, I'll share you a little squirt," Iron said. The giant grabbed the struggling dog with ease and set him back on the ground with the Crescat. Without hesitation Mark downed the rest of the bottle. "Oh dude, I hope yours kicks in soon. Cause here I..." Iron could not finish sentence when the growth overcame him again. Every part of his body stretched out further, growing in length and musculature. The building never stood a chance as the ceiling collapsed and Iron's giant ass and arms burst through the walls, every table and chair inside reduced to scrap wood under the heavy force of his body. In all the destruction and excitement of growing, Iron forgot about Mark. When the dust finally settled, Iron's growth had stopped at a hundred feet. Shaking his head free of his dazed state Iron looked down at the pile of rubble, "Mark? Where are you bud?" he called out. One of the piles of broken furniture and debris then started shaking, and out sprang a naked Mark howling into the night sky. "I feel the power," the wolf bellowed. Like Iron, his body doubled up in muscles, every part of him bulging up with veins running across his entire upper body. His cock stood erect and even his balls were engorged, hanging low between his thick muscular legs. The only down side was that he had only grown to reach Iron's belly button. The coyote laughed out loud clutching his stomach. "That's so cute," Iron said. "You're like a little He-Cat action figure I had as a pup." Mark looked up at his taller friend, "Oh please! You had a running start! Besides, you may be big, but not where it counts." The German shepherd then performed a most muscular pose while grunting. It was a sight to behold as the veins on his arms and neck grew more prominent. True enough, Iron may have been larger but there was a kind of seductiveness in Mark's veiny muscles. Watching the dog do pose after pose stirred feelings in Iron's loins, the wolf's member rising to full attention, almost the size of a car carrier truck. A dollop of pre fell from the coyote's piss slit to the right of the posing dog. Surprised by his buddy's response, Mark concocted a plan in his head, "Well looks like someone is enjoying my show," he said with a sly grin. "I just have a thing for muscle furs. You should be honored you got me hard," Iron replied. Mark stepped closer and started massaging Iron's humongous balls, "You know, I might know how to make you grow more." "Oh how?You going to pull another bottle of beer from your ass?" The two chuckled. "Nope, hear me out. We both drank the stuff right? So it's inside us, I think if you drink some of my cum the beer particles can get passed on to you, Tada! Instant growth." Iron's right eyebrow arched upwards, he wasn't a chemistry buff but what the half sized giant was proposing sounded logical. The coyote stared at his friend, and then picked him up with both paws, his right supporting his back and his left was massaging Mark's balls. Mark groaned at the touch. It was like all his senses were intensified with the growth. The coyote opened his maw and sucked his friend's hard dick intensely. But due to their size difference to the coyote the dog's dick felt like he was sipping on a straw. His tongue lapped along the shaft and poked the piss slit a little. Mark moaned loudly in response as he clutched Iron's cold wet nose with both paws. A small smirk grew on Iron's face - he literally had Mark in the palm of his paw. Iron himself was enjoying the moment immensely. While one paw he rubbed the dog's nipples, the other was rubbing his own erection with increasing speed. But it was too much for his friend; the dog's brain was being flooded with euphoria. Grunting wildly, Mark released his load inside the giant's maw. The coyote pulled Mark away from his mouth, drops of cum falling onto the ground. Arching his head upwards Iron swallowed the salty liquid. It was amazing how much cum his little friend could make. With his tongue flopping out, Mark panted heavily as he rested on Iron's paw. His dick softened, limping against his balls. They waited for two minutes for something to happen but nothing did. "Your idea didn't work," Iron said, his breath smelling like semen. "Yes it did. I got you to suck me off," Mark said with a cocky expression. Iron was at a loss for words for a moment. "You're so lucky you are my friend or I'd have trapped you between these pecs right here for that til' next year," Iron said, followed by him bouncing his pecs to make his point clearer. "Ok ok. Put me down now, no more tricks." Satisfied that he got his message across Iron set his friend down and said, "Now you just stay here. I might accidentally step on you if you follow me." Mark was instantly annoyed, his tail standing erect as his fighting instincts kicked in. "Oh please, stop babying me just cause you're bigger. I'm going to catch up to you or even outgrow you. We'll see who the bigger muscle fur is then!" "Bring it on shrimp. You'll be no bigger than my toenail once I find the brewery, then I'll be growing out of this city," Iron said while crossing his arms. With their rivalry inflamed the two sprinted off on their own paths. Mark headed off to the shopping district while Iron bounded towards the business area. Every step the heavily muscle bound coyote took made the surrounding buildings tremble, and in his wake footprints that could shadow a car were left behind. Part 2: Filling the Gym At three stories tall, the German shepherd was enjoying his stroll past the shorter shops and malls. For the first time he could see the roofs of almost every building. Mark was walking with an added confidence, swaying his bare bubble butt side to side to purposely slam into buildings. He would playfully go "Oops, looks like they need to build wider roads for this buff dog!" in his head just to feed his ego. He wished there were some furs around so he could put on a hot steamy flex show for them, or at least have some cars around to lift or smash. It was then that his eyes caught sight of one building still awake with its lights on. The building was only two stories tall, but its signboard was huge as it came up to Mark's eye level. He had to back away a little to read the sign which showed a neon buff squirrel in blue speedos lifting, and the words "Barney's Gym" next to it. A sly grin grew on the dog's face. Inside, a naked brown squirrel sat on a weight bench drying his pecs with a light blue towel. The six foot tall bodybuilder was Barney, the owner of the establishment. Ever since he set up shop, it became a routine for him to work out in the nude before the sun even came up. He figured there was no harm done. It was his place, nobody could see inside, and it just felt good to let his fat dick and balls hang loose. The squirrel had just complete a few reps of chest exercises after opening up; the entire time he was completely unaware of the commotion that occurred several blocks behind him. While he wiped himself dry his attention turned to a bottle of Crescat on the right side of the bench. The bartender of a nearby bar gave it to him the night before just when he was closing up the gym and forgot to take it home. He was about to grab the bottle when the earth started rumbling again. Barney's right eyebrow arched upwards to give a confused expression. Was there construction work going on nearby, he wondered. No sooner when he held the bottle in his paw that the entire gym shook, as if the earth beneath was about to open up and swallow everything whole. The entire area above the squirrel was ripped off. His arms went up to shield himself from the incoming debris. Several pieces of tiles and cement hit him, but it was no big deal. When he finally dared to look up, the squirrel's jaw dropped at the sight of the colossal German shepherd towering over him, the remains of his gym in both the giant's paws. Mark tossed the upper half of the gym aside with a thundering crash. "What do we have here?" Mark said with a playful tone. He was expecting to find a regular old fur. Instead he stumbled on a very delectable piece of meat. The dog's dick rose and poked through the remaining wall of the gym, knocking several bricks down. "Holy fur! Stay back!" Barney made a mad dash for the back door with the bottle still in his grasp. Alas, the macro's right paw swept him off his feet and brought him face to face with the dog's big wide eyes. The squirrel struggled with all his might, his muscles tensing up fighting against Mark's grip, but it was useless. "Aww, don't you like me little guy?" Mark brought the squirrel close to his throbbing erection, "'cause I like you." Barney struggled even harder to escape what unspeakable acts the giant would commit unto his body with that monstrous tool. What's worse was that being fur handled by a larger more muscular figure was turning the squirrel on. Barney's hard dick was poking the giant's palm. Mark noticed the squirrel's boner as he released his grip on his little play thing, and licked his lips at the sight of the twitching cock pressed up against his abs. With his other paw the giant started rubbing along the bodybuilder's body, feeling the bumps and grooves that ran down his chest all the way to his stomach. Mark loved the idea of muscle worship, more towards being worshipped but who could satisfy his immense size now? The canine was enjoying making the squirrel blush and squirm. The tip of his finger was doused with the squirrel's pre. Barney felt helpless yet he loved every second of it, feeling his cock about to erupt. The macro dog started to pant as he watched the squirrel's hot body squirm with every touch. He needed release too. Turning his paw over Barney was dropped right on the base of Mark's cock. "Jerk me off," Mark commanded. Barney was hugging onto the hot member for safety. In the heat of the moment Mark didn't realize the gym owner was holding onto what he was looking for. "No! Wait." Mark's right paw came down and confiscated the bottle with no resistance. It was so tiny compared to when he first started. Mark chewed off the top of the bottle and spat out the piece through the window of another building. Chugging down the magical liquid down his throat Mark felt a rush of adrenaline flowing through his veins. The growth was coming. Barney, still confused about what was happening, got the shock of his life when the boner beneath him started jerking wildly. A dark shadow began to extend above him, looking up he was at a loss for words. The German shepherd was growing! His pecs extended out further, his nipples grew thicker to the size of barrels. Mark grew taller gradually with his muscles engorged with pipe sized veins pulsing along them. His thickening cock was leaking torrents of pre onto the ruined remains of the gym like a waterfall; it grew until it penetrated the back side of the gym. When the growth subsided Mark was finally the same height as Iron but twice as muscular and wide. He resembled a walking wall of muscle blocking the entire street with his thighs and ass. "Fuuuuuccckkk!" Mark yelled into the night sky. So much power coursing through his veins, he felt unstoppable. Panting heavily, the dog was filled with only one thought - to grow more. "Looks like we'll have to put the jerk off session on hold buddy," Mark said as he reached down and grabbed the panicking squirrel. "Wh-what do you want from me?" Mark placed Barney on his pecs. His chest was so wide and dense that he could support a whole football team on his chest. The dog's bulging traps gave the illusion that he had no neck which made him look even more like a muscle giant. "Just tell me where I can find more of that tasty brew?" "I can't remember, the fur that gave it to me just mentioned it briefly." Mark rolled his eyes and made a sudden 180 degree turn. His erection swung with a mighty force that rammed through the coffee shop across the gym, destroying the top half of the shop. On the pecs of the giant dog, Barney had to cling to the giant's chest fur for dear life to not be flung away. Mark laughed while he raised his arms to perform a double bicep pose. "I can do this all night." He proceeded to bounce his pecs sending the bodybuilder squirrel in a screaming fit as he fought to not fall off. "Ok! Ok! The brewery is at the industrial district. Next to the factory with the three chimneys," Barney screamed at the top of his lungs. Satisfied with the squirrel's response, Mark turned back. He grabbed Barney and placed him back down on the precum-stained remains of his former gym. "And here's a little bonus just 'cause you're so nice'." The German shepherd grabbed his dick with both paws, positioned it to point towards the gym and started jerking off. Mark's cheeks flushed red and his whole body rumbled. Barney knew what was going to happen, his brain was telling him to run but his heart wanted to see it happen. "Here I cum!" Mark's balls pulled upwards followed by the thickest, and muskiest cum shot he ever experienced. Hot semen flooded the gym and continued to rise until it spilled out of the broken rooftop. For two whole minutes Mark's cock just spewed wave after wave of cum. Some of the cum that over spilled trickled onto Mark's feet carried with it Barney on his back and covered in the giant's seed. The tiny fur was dazed out from the shock and awe of what he just experienced. Panting heavily, Mark's cock finally softened after the fifth cum shot. He chuckled as he admired his handiwork. The gym now looked like a cake overstuffed with white frosting from the inside. Waving goodbye, Mark continued headed off for the industrial district - the growth was calling out to him. Part 3: Strong Arm of the Law At the same time Mark was terrorizing the gym, Iron was too absorbed in his reflection on the surface of one of the many buildings that were still taller than him. Every building in the business district looked alike. The only differences between them were the signboards that hanged above. He enjoyed posing for himself, the definition on his abs, the way his serratus bulged and the bulkiness of his pecs kept his dick hard. Distracted with his own reflection, Iron did not notice the incoming police cruiser. Two Dobermans in identical dark blue police uniforms stepped out of the vehicle with their tasers drawn. The driver had a heavy set build with a visible gut showing under his shirt. His partner was a fresh young graduate from the academy. What a night he was having on his first week! The junior turned to the older Doberman with a worried expression. "What are we supposed to do? They didn't teach how to subdue a macro during training!" He turned back to look at the coyote's brown wrecking ball sized butt and gulped at the thought of being smooshed by those buns. "Calm down, can't say I have dealt with this before either," the larger Doberman said. "We should call for backup." The rookie rushed through his words in his nervousness. "And risk getting others hurt? We'll talk to the giant. Maybe... maybe he can be reasoned with." Though uncomfortable with the idea of facing the giant with only a taser, the rookie reluctantly followed the other dog's plan. Facing upwards, the leading canine yelled out to Iron, "Hey, big guy!" Iron's ears perked up at the sound of the new voice. He turned away from his self-worshipping session and squinted to take a good look at the tiny cops in front of him. The cop continued, "Mighty fine night for a walk, but you do know public nudity is illegal right?" Iron placed his paws on his hips and flaunted his erection proudly. "Sorry officers, but I just can't find anything to fit this these days." "That's ok, now we don't want to hurt you." The Doberman turned to his anxious partner who had one finger on the trigger, ready to shoot. "Just come with us and we'll get you some help." Iron shrugged. "Okay, guess I get to sit in the back seat then!" Instantly the two knew what the coyote was about to do. They ran off quickly in opposite directions away from the cruiser. The muscle bound coyote made one big leap and slammed his thick derriere onto the car, turning it into a flattened metal pancake with ease. A loud crashing sound that could be mistaken for a volcano's eruption echoed throughout the city. Iron's jump also left a crater in the shape of his butt cheeks and cracks running up the nearby buildings. Iron laughed maniacally, relishing the power he had. Both officers were brought to their knees by the force of the impact. It was painfully obvious that they were outmatched by the gigantic coyote. Their only hope was to escape. The older Doberman tried to run pass the coyote's thighs but Iron quickly caught him from the corner of his eye. One swift swoop and the officer was trapped in the palm of the giant's paw. He screamed at the top of his lungs. "No! No! No! Don't kill me," he begged. However, Iron was not interested in the minuscule pleas of the tiny dog. The other Doberman was quaking in his boots; it was getting difficult to aim his taser right. When the giant caught sight of him he yelled and fired his weapon, its probes flew an amazing distance and struck the coyote's triceps. "Ahh, the pain." Iron grimaced before he started laughing again. "Just kidding. Come here you." His target jumped just in time to dodge his pursuing fingers. The Doberman then ran into the building behind him - an office of some insurance company. He kicked himself in his head for running into a deathtrap of his own design. Either way he had to at least hide. Once he reached the first floor the dog kicked the door down to get inside. Bathed in moonlight through the windows, the officer could see that the room stretched far to the other side of the building. Four rows of desks filled up the entire space. He quickly dropped on all fours for fear the giant would see him; slowly he crawled under the first table he saw and covered his snout as he hid. Meanwhile outside, Iron rose to his full height with the older dog in one paw and the flattened remains of the police cruiser in the other. The captured canine was getting dizzy from being moved around in the air a lot. Iron then placed the tired officer on the remains of the car and wrapped him up like a piece of sushi. He had to take precautions to avoid the tiny fur from running around and getting accidentally squished by him. Sure Iron was huge and strong enough to crush the whole city, but he still was a nice fur at heart. He placed his capture on top of the building across from the one the other Doberman ran into. Now he was ready to flush the little pup out. The coyote stretched out his pumped up arms and wrapped them around the building, his hips pushed back to let him position his throbbing erection properly. "Last chance bud, come out with your paws up or things are gonna get musky!" Iron said loudly towards the building. He waited a whole minute but there was no response. "You asked for it." Iron slammed his dick into the structure. His whole member crashed through the fifth floor like a hot knife through butter. The coyote's fingers dug deep into the side of the building as he moaned heavily. His dickhead burst through the back of the building and squirted a copious amount of precum all over the streets below. He never experienced such an intense fucking before; it was like his cock was fucking the tightest hole in the world. It took all his willpower to not continue attacking the building with his cock until it turned to dust. Instead Iron pulled his dick out leaving a gaping hole with crushed tables and damaged pipes. He called out again, "One more time come on out Jack or this giant is going to shove his beanstalk up your butt." Iron moved his hips a little to the left and spread his legs further apart. Now his erection was on par with the fourth floor. With one mighty trust he plunged his doghood inwards, leaving a trail of precum in the second hole he made. This time the coyote grunted and winced as he tried to hold back the pressure building up in his balls, demanding release. Meanwhile inside, the Doberman was at his breaking point as was the building. Parts of the ceiling started crumbling since the first impact, and the cracks were forming on the walls and pillars. Panting heavily, the cop's eyes darted left and right as he considered his options, either he gets crushed to death by the falling building or be impaled by the macro's cock due to his bad luck, or he could take his chance and try to run again. Choosing the lesser evil the dog made a mad dash out of the office and was back on the streets in a matter of seconds. Simultaneously Iron was just about to pull out of the building when he saw his target on the move. The coyote flexed his arms and chest to bear hug the building with all his might, causing it to crumble and crash onto the ground in a huge dust cloud, freeing his burning red member. In just two easy steps the coyote had caught up to the K-9, his left paw swooped downwards and captured the tiny fur with ease. Despite his unfortunate capture, the rookie managed to pull out his taser again and aimed it at his captor's bright hazelnut pupils. Iron scoffed and flexed his other arm. His bicep rose and hardened into a mountain of steel. "You're really going to try that again? Kid this is a real gun," Iron mocked. He brought the cop closer to his bicep and rubbed him in a circular motion all over the mound of muscle with a cocky grin. While the officer was plastered against the musky arm Iron spoke. "Now, I'm going to let you out and ask you a question. If you behave I'll let you and your partner go. Don't and it's a snout full of biceps for you again. Understood?" Only a soft muffled sound came from the cop, Iron took it as a definite yes. Once freed, the Doberman gasped for air. Iron then asked, "Now tell me where the Crescat brewery is." The officer raised his shaky right arm and pointed to a factory in the far right. Iron squinted in the same direction and was surprised to see a more muscular Mark heading in the same direction as well. If Iron could see him for so far it only meant one thing. "Shoot, must have gotten his paws on another bottle." Dumping the dog with his partner on the roof Iron instructed him to get the other dog out of the city. He then ran towards Mark at full speed smashing through every building in his way. Part 5: Big is Better A pair of mighty feet came down on the sides of the factory. The macro's ball sack rested on the roof. Across the factory were three buildings of equal height. Mark stood with his thick arms flared out to the side and a confident smile. Among one those buildings was his ticket to beating Iron in the growth race. Just thinking about eclipsing Iron made his cock fill with vigor and stood erect. But his chance to relish in his advantage was cut short when he saw the giant coyote running towards him like a bullet train on steroids. Panicking, he was not sure which among the three buildings in front the brewery was. The signboards on the buildings were now too small for the gargantuan dog to see. He then grabbed the roof of the first two buildings and ripped them off effortlessly. Luck was on his side as in the middle building where two large barrels label and the words Crescat was plastered on the wall. Engrossed in his find, the German shepherd didn't question how odd that a so called brewery only had two barrels of beer and nothing else. Mark reached out for one barrel and ripped the top off ready to consume its contents. He had just managed to take a sip when his eyes caught sight of Iron jumping from two streets over into the air. The coyote came crashing down right in front of Mark, he was so close the dog could smell the musk radiating off Iron. Mark was caught off balance as the coyote's jump made the ground shake. "Whoa, whoa. Dude don't!" Mark exclaimed while wailing his arms around. Grinning mischievously the coyote took the small window of opportunity and pushed his friend back on the chest. Mark fell hard right onto the factory behind him. In an act of great coincidence, his ass was directly above the long chimney. The phallic structure plunged into the dog's hole sending a wave of stimulation all over his body. It was a mix of pain and pleasure as his virgin ass was suddenly filled. There was no holding back; his hard cock fired a thick stream of cum into the air. Iron managed to dodge by stepping to the left to avoid getting creamed in the face. Instead the cum rained all over the buildings with their roofs ripped apart. As he orgasmed, every fiber of Mark's body tensed up, causing him to accidentally crush the barrel in his paw in one powerful grip. Streams of beer leaked between his fingers onto the tarmac below. Iron gripped his stomach as he laughed. "Hey if you need a smoke you can use your 'dildo' too. Get it? Cause it's a chimney." Mark just responded with a grunt without moving from the bed of rubble, the chimney was still lodged deep in his rectum. A few seconds later the growth kicked in. Mark's entire body began to grow upwards in height, this time he didn't feel himself adding anymore muscle but his third leg thickened and lengthened to the size of two train carts. Standing up, the chimney slid out of Mark's expansive ass. Growing hard again, his cock slapped against his chest and rested within the space between his mighty pectorals. Not wasting any time as Mark grew to four hundred feet tall, Iron grabbed the remaining barrel, brushed off the layer of cum on the lid and downed its contents upon opening it. "I feel it!" Iron felt the same rush as the first time his lips touched the Crescat, the heat spreading from his chest to the rest of his body. This time the growth was in hyper drive. In a split second Iron shot up in height quickly surpassing Mark, whose growth had slowed to a stop. The German shepherd was not prepared for what happened next. Just as quickly as Iron grew, the coyote's endowment extended out and cast a shadow over the dog and the surrounding buildings. Iron's erection was now the size of three silos stacked together. Mark stared with his jaw hanging downward as Iron's face soon lost behind his chest. "He must be at least a thousand feet tall," thought Mark. Despite only reaching up halfway to his friend's muscular thighs, a new feeling began to stir within the K-9. No longer jealousy, it was lust. How he wanted to see the coyote use the power of his muscles and cock to dominate the world. Iron started to crouch downwards, bringing his tail down with him, smashing it onto the ground and breaking anything underneath it: lamp posts, signs, even smaller buildings. "Looks like I win bud!" Iron said in his new deep, almost godlike voice. Mark was staring at the coyote's bulging light brown chest. He wanted so much to jump into it and just be lost in all the muscle. An even more remarkable sight was how the German shepherd's dickhead dwarfed in comparison to Iron's. Both of them were leaking precum onto the ruined streets below. "You know I think I deserve a reward for winning our little contest. Why don't you help get me off this time?" Iron grabbed his dick and wiped the tip all around Mark's face, smearing pre all over him. Licking the translucent liquid with his tongue Mark responded with a playful grin. "I have a better idea. What if I told you I knew a way to help you get off and make us the new landmarks of the city? Interested?" The twitching response from Iron's cock was all the confirmation Mark needed. Iron lifted Mark up and rested him on his shoulders like he was giving him a piggy back ride. Iron didn't mind the feeling of Mark's dick pressing up against the back of his head. What would have taken an hour's drive took only five easy steps for Iron to reach the heart of the city. There stood the two crowning achievements of the city, the tallest skyscraper in the country at one thousand five hundred foot tall and to its right the egg shaped, enclosed Blue Bull Stadium home to the city's well-loved football team. Mark jumped off Iron's back and started caressing the stadium, his hard cock rubbing against the roof that was caving in under the giant's weight. On Iron's side he had the skyscraper all to himself. Holding onto the building gently like how he did before with the insurance office, Iron applied a little pressure and his dick pierced the tower with ease. Iron howled and wagged his tail excitedly. Fucking a building never felt so good. Overcome by the urges of his loins the coyote pulled his member out halfway before slamming it in hard. His hips gyrated with such speed and power it was amazing that the skyscraper was still standing. Watching his partner destroy the skyscraper drove him hot with euphoria. Mark's humping escalated in speed and strength until his cock smashed through the stadium's roof. His powerful arms dug deep into the sides, causing cracks to form on the walls and spread throughout the bleachers inside. The two were approaching climax, groaning heavily they tried to hold back their cum. Their thrusts were slowing down, but they were slamming harder than ever into their respective structures. Finally, with a powerful roar Iron bear-hugged the skyscraper, breaking the top part off from the rest of the building, the bottom half exploding into broken steel and stone as he unleashed his pent up cum. Ropes of thick white seed blanketed the rest of the city behind the skyscraper. No building was spared from the wide breath of the giant coyote's cum shot. At the same time, Mark yelled out Iron's name while blowing his load into the stadium. A torrent of cum flooded the inside field, the stadium just barely holding in the gallons of semen that filled up its insides. Lethargy then took over both of the giants. Their dicks softened and they both fell back next to each other panting and laughing. "Best night of my life," Iron said. "Ditto. Sad it has to end," Mark replied softly, beginning to feel sleepy. "Who says it has to end? I say we find another brewery in the next city and do it all over again. " Their eyes lit up with excitement, reinvigorated with new energy at the thought of growing again the two friends got up and stomped off into the sunrise, all the while deep underground a certain tiger was happily taking notes on his two successful test subjects. The End.
  13. Trucker Muscle 2

    The near overnight success of the new product, Trucker Muscle, created a huge cash flow for me. However, it also created a minor issue. I couldn't keep up with the demand. I had to keep finding more and more victims to mix with my own potent cum to become the now famous Trucker Muscle. With each victim I had to vore, either by cock, anal, and traditional swallowing them whole, my body kept growing in size. The truck had its suspension system completely rebuilt on more than one occasion. Even with all of my power, I could only keep myself compressed for shorter and shorter time frames, making transport a rushed job. Transporting the victims were becoming as issue as well. Since I had a smaller window to stay compressed, I had to go from moving three at a time to just one. It made using my magic a little more interesting, I went from creating the room and the trailer right behind to actually using the magic to disguise the trailer as the building. I will admit that I enjoyed being more visible as I turned the helpless victim into a massive cum filled immobile version of themselves. I just had to clean the trailer after each haul cause of the amount of left over cum that was sprayed all over. "Damn no matter how much we produce it's not enough." the rat boss growled. "You taking too much time to get them here and fully processed." I grunted as I scrubbed the inside of the trailer, "Have to find a way to make the operation more mobile. The same hunting grounds aren't producing many victims. Most truckers and other motorists are learning to stay off the road we use." "Keep that mouth running like that and I'll have to dock your pay," he warned. "And you got that gut from doing that last time. This time I won't be as kind," I quickly threatened. "Just get them so we get paid. Cannot get paid with no product." the rat huffed off, rubbing his gut. I smirked as I watched him leave. I still recall how massive I filled him before letting him deflate. Was the best way to get the job, I was able to provide something that no one else really could. Still being with big bull balls had a great advantage, they never really run dry. The bigger they get, though, the more attention they need. I kept my mind off that as I finished cleaning and headed out for a fresh victim. I had to drive for more than two hours before I used my magic on the truck to transform it into a nice little truck stop. Luckily it wasn't more than half an hour before a big beefy bull arrived. Except for the creamy white patch of fur that was visible around the top of his chest, he was almost a copy of my old bovine self. I couldn't help but feel more aroused than normal at the sight of him. "Seems it's my lucky day." I moaned. "Been a long while since I seen such a beefy bull." I was practically ripping off my trucker outfit as he was doing the same. "We are both lucky then. Been wanting to find this place, heard great things." he grinned a nice toothy grin. "Wanted to see if the rumors were true." "Oh, it certainly is." I panted, running my paws over his body, enjoying the curve of his gut and the mounds of muscles. "Already so big already, will be very interesting to see you even bigger." Before I even asked, he already turned around and presented his ample ass, "Don't wish any longer, ride this big bull into hugeness." I could barely contain myself as I mounted him and began to thrust into that tight ass in a lust-filled bliss. I was slowly growing bigger as I worked his body over. My big hands rubbing and tugging his firm nipples, my hot breath over the nape of his muscled neck. IT didn't take long before I was filling him with thick globs of cum. Even as I was cumming I was still pounding his ass, my swelling balls slapping harder and harder as I kept going. Both of use were taking up more space; he was growing faster than I was, but I didn't really notice even when i felt my back and horns pressing against the roof of the trailer. The growing bull managed to push my body free of the trailer as he now completely filled it. I had to pull myself off him before I made him burst from the trailer - I still needed to get him to the processing center. I had a hard time using my magic to remake my clothes, they gotten really small since the last time worn. My throbbing cock and swollen balls didn't make the pants fit any better either. The drive back was even rougher on me. I could hear him moaning as he was likely pleasuring himself from the vibration of the road. The pants were tearing apart as my balls swelled bigger with each passing moment, I could feel not only my cock leaking but my nipples as well. My gut pulled the shirt up and my chest burst all of the buttons. By the time I finally arrived, the tractor was leaking cum as well as the back of the trailer. My gut was pressed and spilled over the top of the steering wheel. I nearly was trapped in the tractor but the steering wheel finally snapped, freeing my bloated gut. As soon as the rats had managed to open the door, a flood of hot sticky cum washed over them, making them bloat up with muscle and fat. The ones that were still mobile did the best they could to get the hoses. I was already mounting the bull again, making him outgrow the trailer. Watching the ballooning bull bursting from the trailer was one of the hottest things I ever watched. I nearly blew my load into him. I was using all the strength to keep the bull from reaching his orgasm long enough for the rats to try to place the hose over that gigantic cock of his. It was becoming harder and harder to do so as watching him grow was turning me on more and more. I was also keeping my orgasm back as well forcing me grow bigger and bigger. The rats had just enough time to finish putting the hose over the massive bull cock as my pent up load started to stuff the bull. The magic broke free letting the massive bull to unload in thick blasts that the hose was barely able to contain. Out in the distance was a row of four massive silos. One by one each one burst its top as they were being overfilled. Cum was washing over everything as it just kept coming. I couldn't stop myself from filling that bull with more of my cum. He was already more massive than the warehouse was that use to house three at a time and yet he kept ballooning even bigger. His climax finally ended but I couldn't stop mine, he just kept growing bigger. This forced the boss rat to arrive and started to panic as he saw how massive both of us were. His protest was cut short when my tail cock swished around, voring him, then doing the same to all the rats in the area. "You give the best rides, so that deserves a reward. I'm going to become part of your enterprise." he moaned as he kept being filled. His growth stopped though I was still cumming. I could feel my cock throb and pulse as it grew inside the mountain of bull. However the bull kept moaning deeply as he was being stretched by my cock, or that was what I thought. It took a few minutes to notice that the bull's features were slowly morphing into something else - he was becoming my cock! Somehow he was merging with my massive cock, making it grow to the size I pumped him up to. The rest of my body began to surge and grow out of control as the process took effect. To further fuel my body's rampant growth, all the cum around was being pulled into my body. My head was literally in the clouds as I surged to over five miles in height, and wider than that at my shoulders. My gut bounced and heaved with each breath I took, it stuck out almost as far as my meaty pecs did and was slightly wider than my chest. My massive bull fused cock now stretched to over three miles in length and a mile wide, sporting balls each over a mile across. So wild with lust, my cock just leaks cum. As the process finished, I roared out as I started cumming hard once more from my cock, tail cock and both nipples. After a few hours of making it rain cum, I was able to calm down. I was able to compress myself back to my twenty foot height, but the proportions with the new bull fused cock still made the monster cock stand out, magicking up normal clothes was impossible for now. I was able to make use of the spandex attire, though the bulge was massive - least I was clothed. Patting my massive cock, "Well looks like we need a new location. Bet you might know some place big enough for this business. Don't think we need too much, just some drivers to move our product - for now." I spread out my massive dragon wings and took to the skies, gliding almost effortlessly towards where the future home of Trucker Muscle might be found.
  14. Trucker Muscle

    The long road stretched in both directions till it vanished over the horizon. Resting between a lone truck stop. One semi's trailer backed against the wall near where the rest room sat. No one thought of why it was there, but there it was like it always is. The rig itself is never attached to it, so no one is sure who owns the trailer. This truck stop doesn't offer much, outside of a little fuel and some food, the big appeal was the restroom, oddly enough. The room always stunk of musk as if a constant orgy was going on in there. The rest room itself was a lone bathroom, it was a full bath so it had a shower. Even though it was a single occupant bathroom, it still had a partitioned toilet, it was immense in scale, almost as wide as the trailer that it backed behind the building. Despite that, it had a odd glory hole and a sliding panel. It was against the large brick wall with no way to see who or what was on the other side. "Knock twice to blow me. Knock three times for me to blow you. Wait a moment then opened the sliding door." the sign on the panel read. It seemed harmless, but most truckers were warned to avoid this stop if possible. If they could not, they had to avoid knocking on that panel. Rumor spread that truckers that did knock, were changed forever and no longer wished to be truckers. Others have claimed that the truckers vanished from the planet. A fox that just started his first day as a solo trucker entered the truck stop, unaware of this was the place his co-workers warned him about. Unlike most truckers this guy was lean, mostly athletic build. Not too buff and lacking the fat that most truckers carried with them. The red furred fox undressed and set his things on a small table just outside of where the shower was. He turned on the water and let the heat build up while he freshened up at the toilet. He read the sign aloud, paused for a moment feeling his cock rise to full attention, then he knocked once. . . then twice. Hesitated for a moment, as if thinking about a third knock, finally, slide open the panel. The panel was bigger than his hand. It slide open with ease exposing a hole with a rubber lining around it. The hole was larger than if he had clenched both of his hands together and fit them in. A powerful musk filled the room, then an equally massive cock burst from the hole. It bobbed and throbbed near the fox's mouth. It was already drooling heavy amounts of pre. "This is what you asked for, get to it." A deep, powerful voice boomed from behind the wall. The fit fox thought about it for a moment, then he went right to town on the impressive meat rod that was presented. It was almost like he had no control over it at first. He was constantly encouraged to keep going, work harder and faster. The owner of this cock wanted a pent up release. A deep growling from the other size along with the sound of claws digging into the brick wall, foretold that the climax was coming. The fox's eyes bugged out for a moment as he nearly gagged on the flood of cum that was filling him up. He was not only being filled, but slowly being stretched out filling the bathroom stall. He tried with all his might to free himself from the engorged cumming cock, but it was firmly stuck in his maw. He felt his back pressing against one wall while his fattening chest started to press on the opposite. After a few minutes, the fox completely filled the bathroom stall. He couldn't move or speak, he was so fat that his fat chin was held shut by the size of his cum filled chest. It was almost like he was boxed shaped. A loud rumble was heard as a wall opened up, adjacent to the one with the glory hole. A warm breeze met the fox's nude form, but most of the light was blocked by the presence of the trailer that was always parked there. In moments the cum filled fox was stuffed inside the trailer, the wall closed back up and waited for another willing participant. The wait wasn't a long one. This time a large brown furred wolf emerged from his truck. Seeing a second truck at the stop, he was hoping for a little action in the restroom. He heard the shower still running when he approached, the hot steam and musk greeted him as he entered. The mix blinded him for a moment as he entered the steam filled room. "Now where is that hot tail that's showing in here?" he partially moaned from his pent up lust. Finding no one he wandered to the toilet and noticed the glory hole panel. He knocked three times quickly, then opened the door without waiting and was already humping the hole in the wall. "I like when someone wants to experience a nice hard blow, but patients is often best." A deep voice boomed. "Don't worry. . . you will enjoy this blow." The wolf was too enraptured on the feeling as a hot wet maw was already working his tool to notice what was happening. As the mysterious figured worked the wolf's cock, the brown furred wolf was slowly starting to expand. Little by little, muscle was being blown into unsuspecting trucker. "The hell?!" he moaned as he felt his shoulders brushing and starting to press against the walls. "How. . . did I get this big?" "Cause you are getting one of the best blows ever. It really grows on you." the deep voice echoed. Before the wolf had a chance to respond, his body started blowing up faster. His chest quickly began to press into his chin, making it impossible for him to speak. His arms and legs quickly began being pulled into his ballooning body as it swelled into the cube shaped toilet area. HE struggled the best he could trying to get that nut off, but nothing worked. A blast of cool air met him as the wall opened up and was slowly drawn inside with the red furred fox suffering from the same fate as him. Just as quickly, the wall closed leaving the two in the trailer to ponder their fate. An hour or so passed since the first two victims were loaded into the trailer, patiently waiting for a third. Their rigs have been removed, as to not warn others that someone was here. The warmth of the day was slowly ending, nearing sun set when a truck pulled in. Unlike the other two visitors, this one spent the time to fuel his rig before moving towards the restroom. A burly looking bear, a mix of fat and muscle. A veteran trucker if one ever looked. This burly gray furred bear took his time to slowly go towards the toilet area, he was being very cautious. He sat on the toilet, pondering about that panel with it's instructions. Without knocking he slide it open tried to see into the dark abyss behind it, then closed it. He did it a few times with the same result. The sound of another door opening caught his ears, but it wasn't from where the the door he entered was. It was close to him, it was all he knew. "It was time you showed up." the deep voice boomed. With each step the floor, reverberated the sound. "I knew at some point it was bound to happen. Someone curious about the rumors wanted to go and see it for themselves. See if it was true, well it is. Don't worry, no harm ever comes to those that come here. I just give them more purpose." The bear was frantically trying to find a way to escape, but the door to leave the toilet area was somehow locked, he couldn't leave, even trying to crawl under was impossible, he was too big to begin with. Despite his strength and size, he could not knock down the normally flimsy walls. The door opened and exposed the owner of the deep booming voice, a massive creature composed of dragon, bull, and wolf. Standing well over ten feet tall and nearly as wide, sporting a massive belly to match. I cleared my throat and spoke again, using more charm in my tone. "As I said, you'll be given a better purpose, one that even you will enjoy." my voice had a powerful effect on my pray as he was already starting to undress. "That's right, show me your natural beauty." He was under the spell I had used so often before, a nice combination of my voice and a light musk that most don't notice. Something I picked up from that cum dragon I had absorbed so long ago. As I learned more about my powers, I was able to go from a massive 200 foot chimera to one that topped off at ten feet tall. My musky scent that sometimes is faint, still makes those susceptible to become horny pets, just wanting to find pleasure. This bear was no exception, as soon as he was undressed, his ass was already wiggling in my general direction. I didn't need further encouragement and mounted the big bear. I bellowed as I quickly hit climax, forcing the bear to swell in size as gallon upon gallon was flooding his insides. Once the bear filled the toilet area like the other two victims. I made a hand gesture and caused the wall to open up, exposing him to his fate - the inside of a trailer. Unlike the other two, I gingerly picked him up and placed him inside the trailer, this time closing it and sealing it with a padlock. "Perfect fit." I panted from my mild exercise. "Filled my load a little faster than the last few times. Guess those rumor help fill in the orders. Now for phase two." With the trailer filled with three cum filled victims, I move back against the wall where the glory hole was, revealing the rig that was carefully hidden using magic. Truth be told, the entire building was nothing more than a magic induced illusion. I drove the tractor around and backed into the trailer, locking them together. Landing gear raised and soon the rig was moving it's cargo to it's next destination. The drive was rough at the start, the soft ground had caused the trailer to sink a little, but the power of the tractor was enough to pull free. The place I was going to wasn't far, about an hours drive. A warehouse was secluded in the middle of nowhere, like the truck stop illusion I had used. I know this structure wasn't an illusion, the owner is eagerly awaiting outside for this cargo. "A nice catch," the rat grumbled as he swaggered around, rubbing his fatty paws together. "This trio will make for a fine addition to the others. Now get them into proper place and we shall begin." "Sure thing, boss." I panted. I took my time to carry each of the cum filled victims into a specific spot. I slowly began to let my true size come out, feeling my attire slowly bursting free then falling to the ground in tatters. I watched the rat scamper away and bring back a large collection of hoses. From experience, these hoses were going to slip over their cocks. As each tube firmly slipped over their cocks, I rubbed mine. Magic coursed over the tube, so that as I stroked myself, they felt as if I was stroking them. "So far so good. The three of you will love all of this. Got some tubes to catch your loads, and soon more tubes will be feeding you my load. You aren't big enough . . . yet. The first load you got filled with was only to start the process, I bet you are feeling kind of hallow. That will all change in a few minutes." He came back with another round of hoses from the opposite side of the warehouse, each of these were pushed right into their tight asses. Like with the cock tubes, I rubbed my cock again. The change was slightly different, instead of the feeling of being stroked, it felt more like I was pounding their ass. After the tubes were in place, I walked back to where the second set of tubes were brought in from. The three tubes merged into one and this one was mine to fill with my own cock. Like practice, I took joy and pleasure slipping this tube over my thickening cock. "Everything ready on the other side, boss?" I asked panting with lust. He nodded and headed to the other side, The three tubes on the three victims were also spliced into three. Each of the tubes were connected to the filler hose of nine tanker trucks. All nine had a simple logo on the side that read "Trucker Muscle". I moaned and groaned as I began to slowly pump my massive cock. I can hear the fox, wolf, and bear all moaning as well. They had to be close to climax by the fact that the tubes made it feel like they were being stroked and pumped by me. My magic did it's wonder by keeping them from climaxing. I roared out as my cock thickened and began to fill the tube and watched as it rushed toward the three victims. As soon as my load slipped into their asses, I watched as every part of them started to blow up in size. Nothing was left untouched, even their cock and balls swelled. The tubes held fast and soon they were almost as tall as the warehouse and wide enough to lightly brush against the others. I willed my magic to let them blow their pent up loads. The walls rattled from their collective roars of passion. As they blew, they were slowly shrinking. My load was keeping them massive, but they were pumping it out faster. I just had to keep them cuming to fill the tankers on the other side. "HOLY!!!" I heard from the other side. "They are overfilling the trucks." I heard the whine of a pump turning on. The rat was diverting the flow from the tanker trucks to a spare underground tank. Panting, I removed the tube from my cock and walked by my handy work as they were still pumping more cum. They would shrink down, but they will still be much larger than they use to be. A minor drawback to my cum powers. "Another successful gathering of Trucker Muscle." I chuckled as I watched the crew finished securing the tankers for transportation of the product. Unlike the rat boss, the crew has no clue as to what was in the warehouse. All they know is that they are transporting my milk, since they only see me with a still dripping cock and nude. "You've seen nothing." I know my magic won't affect them as easily, but that doesn't stop me from saying it. "If they want their pay, they know to not speak of what they see." the boss rat informed, threatening the crew as they finished checking things and started to take off. "We will have to deal with this mixed stuff, since it's not as good as when it's separated." "Okay that can be arranged." I smirked, causing the rat to panic for a moment. "I'll just take that tank with me. I do love sampling the collection, but I need to ease it back a bit so that it won't burst that tank." I pause for a moment. "Oh you thought I was going to do something crazy, I forget most don't work around the macro community, especially those that feed by cock vore. Never worry, you're my pay check too." I playfully slap his back. With the trucks gone, I got to finish cleaning up the warehouse. All three were still nice and bloated. I eyed each of them, My cock and tail cock slipped over the big wolf and the red fox's cock and began to slowly milk them, pulling them into my massive body. The bear watched in horror as my cock and tail cock swallowed the two furs. His fate wasn't as enjoyable. I plucked him up with ease held him over my maw and swallowed him whole. By body feasted on the three of them, all becoming cum in the process. I felt my body pulse and swell as new strength and weight was added to my bulky frame. I quickly went down to a small size, but with a much bigger belly. My red buttoned down shirt and denim jeans struggled to contain my new mass, I used a little magic so that they will not break. With the warehouse cleaned and my truck empty it was time to drive off to the next location and gather up more for Trucker Muscle. Wonder whom will be found at the next local truck stop and it's glory hole.
  15. Finjen's Fantasies

    Hi guys, So decided to finally start a thread to post works on here as I know a lot of guys don't have a deviantart account which is required to access some of my more muscled related stories. First up a new one about how a husband decides to hide in an inflatable for halloween to scare his wife but it backfires with some unforeseen consequences.... Huge for Halloween Hayley had thought about nothing all day other than the text she had gotten from her husband Marv. About how a large package had arrived for her in the mail. Hayley knew exactly what it was. With Halloween fast approaching and Hayley wanting something extra special to show off, she had bought a giant, inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters to loom in her front yard. Admittedly Hayley had wanted to buy the Greek giant inflatable, which had rippling muscles and also stood at nearly 20 feet tall. However, Marv was a little man in stature and frame and had been visibly uncomfortable by how animated and excited Hayley had become at the prospect of purchasing the giant. It was become of him that she had had to settle for Stay Puft, which admittedly didn’t bother her that much. “Marv?” Hayley called, entering the front door but there was no response. Going into the dining and lounge room Hayley found the Stay Puft Man already out of its box and slumped over one of their black, leather lounge chairs. Stay Puft’s massive, crumpled form sprawling over the couch and across the room in a heap. Even in its crumpled and deflated state it was a sight to behold. “Marv?” Hayley called again looking around but still no response. Part of Hayley thought about calling Marv to tell him off for opening her package but she shrugged the thought off as he was undoubtedly off having a walk which meant she probably had time for a test inflation. Hayley’s heart raced in her full chest at the thought of seeing the inflatable at full size. It was something Hayley’s girlfriends always found amusing, how Hayley was totally obsessed with size yet she married Marv. Hayley admittedly wasn’t unhappy with their marriage, Marv was a good looking man with a square jaw, short, dark hair, hazel eyes always framed by glasses, a toned body and a good sized cock. Marv hearing Hayley call his name again, stifled a giggle as any sound would give him away. Marv knew that when Hayley came home if she could she’d try out the inflatable. So taking advantage of his small size Marv had unzipped the back of the Marshmallow man and crawled inside, hiding amongst the folds of the fabric until the perfect moment to pounce. Marv was grinning ear to ear as he heard Hayley connect the pump to the wall, turn it on and begin to approach with the hose. Tensing Marv waited and waited as Hayley came closer. Marv wanted Hayley close enough he could wrap his arms around her slender, tanned shoulders and tussle her black bob haircut. Would scare the hell out of her and be hilarious to him. Marv was ready to lunge up, when Hayley jabbed the hose down into the plug with so much force the tip went through the plug and deep into Marv’s belly button making him freeze, knocking the air out of him in shock. He could feel the air pouring through the hose into him. Tightness was welling up from his abs, working its way into chest, down to his crotch, his butt, then out to his limbs, the tightness blowing up through his neck making him pant. Hayley stood back watching the little bit of motion inside the inflatable and waited patiently, but nothing was happening. Deciding that it must take some time to fill up such a large inflatable, Hayley decided to go have a shower and get changed out of her work pants suit. Hearing Hayley walking away, Marv tried to call out as he still couldn’t move and the sensation was only getting worse. His boxers felt so tight, pinching his tightening, throbbing body. Marv getting a hold of himself called out, but Hayley had already walked off to the bathroom and could not hear him over the shower and the sound of the generator pumping air into him. I should’ve worn a shirt, thought Marv miserably looking at the hose plugged into him. As he stared at the hose Marv’s eyes grew wide as slowly but surely he was watching his pecs protrude further and further obscuring his view of the hose in his belly button. Marv even felt movement even though he still couldn’t move his limbs. Looking over his shoulder Marv’s jaw dropped seeing his athletically toned shoulder and arm ballooning into something you would see on a body builder. All the while his arm was stretching, growing longer and bigger as well as thicker. Marv realized he could also feel his socked feet slowly descending down the legs of the inflatable. He was growing! And not just growing, he was swelling up! Marv wanted to call out again to Hayley but a sudden popping made him stop as his thickening middle and thighs at last caused his boxers to tear free allowing more circulation. The air immediately begun to plump up his butt into a bubble butt and Marv moaned as the air engorged his cock making it not only the hardest erection he’d ever had but the largest and he could feel it snaking up his abs as it continued to swell and swell and swell. Marv wanted to see the sight but he not only couldn’t see over his pecs anymore but the enormity of his shoulders, traps and neck muscles had his head locked in place as though his body was becoming huge his head was remaining the same. Hayley toweling off her hair, dressed in her pajamas, padded back into the living room with a squeal of delight seeing the inflatable slowly filling up. She couldn’t help but let out another squeal of delight as one of the legs swelled over to the coffee table before flipping it over. Marv feeling his leg flip a table just from its growth made him moan and twitch feeling more powerful than he had ever felt in his life, but Hayley couldn’t hear his moans over the sound of the motor. Standing there transfixed, Hayley watched as the growth only seemed to go faster unaware of Marv’s situation as his middle was now rounding out like that of the marshmallow man as his body was forced to swell and stretch bigger and bigger and bigger. Marv was almost delirious from the shuddering tension that was stretching every ounce of his body. His socks, strangling the lower half of his feet as they were slowly being stretched off his inflating form. Looking at the size of the inflatable and wondering how long it would be until Marv got home Hayley decided the inflatable was probably big enough even though it still evidently had a way to go before reaching maximum size. However, with a grimace Hayley turned just in time to see one giant, growing leg block access to the power plug as the inflatable was slowly filling the room. Already the broadening, huge back of the inflatable was stretching over the kitchen bench behind it and the head of it was slowly being forced into the kitchen. Marv moaned, with the new sensation and realization that he now enveloped so much of the living room he was being forced into the kitchen. However, there was also a new and recently familiar sensation that returned. The was a pinching and a constriction. Marv realized he had now inflated and grown so much inside the marshmallow man inflatable it was now struggling to be stretched bigger by his still expanding body. His mind raced with possibilities as his body kept growing and growing, the fabric cocooned around him becoming unbearably tight. Hayley watching, could see the inflatable was warping and with horror realized it was at risk of bursting if she didn’t do something. Clambering over one of the tree trunks for legs she stumbled to reach up the hose jutting out the inflatable’s middle, but just as she reached out she heard the first creaking pop, which was followed by another then another. Hayley turned in bewilderment as the seams of the feet of the inflatable were being forced apart by some kind of fleshy looking thing. Hayley could only stand there as the feet were blown apart by what looked like giant feet! The tears immediately snaked their way up the legs around her as more seams came apart revealing impossibly muscled legs, then with a shearing rip a cock reared up from the center of inflatable dislodging the hose. However, the damage was done as the entire inflatable begun to unravel. Revealing a muscled, bubble butt that filled the couch, a pair of balls the size of gym balls stretching the sac taut, arms that looked like they could move mountains if their huge bulk hadn’t rendered them immobile. Climbing over the mountain of a man, that was warm to the touch and haired just like a normal man, Hayley crawled over to the top as the last of the fabric of the inflatable fell away revealing the head of a moaning, panting Marv. “Thank god.” Marv moaned with relief that he wasn’t going to grow any bigger or thicker. The only thing he could move were his fingers, toes and cock. His cock having a mind of its owning, bucking as Marv’s body was stretched so tight it was super sensitive to the sensations of Hayley crawling over his body. She was even smaller than his cock, which made it only begin to ooze precum threatening to unleash what no doubt would be the biggest and best orgasm of his life. “So this is where you’d gotten to.” Laughed Hayley, amused but also intensely aroused by her huge husband. Now free from the confines of the inflatable Hayley could smell the musk of Marv’s colossal cock and she couldn’t help but squirm on top of her husband, groping at his thick mounds of inflated flesh making him moan all the more. “Sorry for breaking your new toy.” Marv moaned, apologetically, his mind at risk of being lost in the ecstasy of feeling his wife on top of him, poking, prodding grinding. “It’s alright big man, I think I found myself a better one.” She cooed, leaning down to kiss Marv’s tiny head atop his blimped out body. “What now though?” Marv asked, becoming all the more sexually frustrated as Hayley pulled away a devilish grin on her face. “You’ll see,” she winked, sliding over the mounds of muscle to where the hose lay still going since Hayley still couldn’t reach the power point it was plugged into. Hoping her plan worked, Hayley plunged the hose into the yawning slit of Marv’s massive cock. The burgundy head bulged and grew, filling more of Hayley’s vision, the cock soon poking her and pushing her back as it expanded up her husband’s chest. Marv cried out in pleasure and shock, his vision swimming with pleasure and disbelief as he felt his wife being edged up his chest by his growing dick. “What… are… you…” Marv stammered, feeling his balls and his body joining the inflation and growth filling up even more of the already cramped space. Hayley with a smirk slide down to where Marv’s head jutted out from the mounds of muscle about it. “Just wanted to make sure you could pleasure me as I pleasure you.” Hayley winked, removing the hose of the gargantuan member. Removing the bottoms of her pajamas, Hayley positioned herself so Marv could use that great tongue to work her yearning clit while she worked simultaneously on the commanding cock that screamed for release filling her vision. Hayley didn’t care at the moment how they were going to get Marv down to normal size or how he’d even inflated and grown the way he did but she didn’t care she just wanted to enjoy the moment or moments. Seeing Marv so massive had gotten her the horniest she could remember. It wasn’t long before Marv had her moaning with his tongue and the thought that was becoming louder and louder in Hayley’s mind as she buried her face in Marv’s cock… How big could Marv balloon? Hayley cried out thinking of Marv filling the room, the house. If he could swell until towered over the neighborhood being the ultimate image of manhood and strength which all belonged to her, even if he grew so the whole city or the whole world would see him, he was still hers and perhaps that’s would she’d do one she got Marv outside and see how big her man really could be.
  16. Columbus Gym Project

    Part I Just after September first, I won the Power Ball. It was the largest payout in the history of lotteries, one billion, six hundred and eighty-one million, six hundred and five thousand dollars. I gave fifty million each to my sister and my brother. There were a lot of things I wanted to do, but the one thing that I wanted to do first was devote myself to bodybuilding while I was still young enough to get really big. At that point I was down to about 185 pounds at five foot ten inches tall, twenty pounds less than when I’d been fully engaged in a workout and diet regimen ten years earlier I bought a big warehouse near the Powerhouse gym on High Street, in the Ohio State neighborhood of Columbus, and had two floors of it outfitted as a bodybuilding and powerlifting gym. I hired two Ohio State students as trainers/workout coaches, one a bodybuilder named Colin Doyle, one a powerlifter, Doug Van Dyke. I also hired nutritionists after interviewing several and finding two guys who were knowledgeable, capable, and willing to adhere to my massive eating agenda. I hired my friend Ronnie as a full time paid workout partner. I knew Ronnie had always wanted to get really huge but had had to sort of give up on the idea once he had to work to support his family. Ronnie was already a big guy because of all the bodybuilding he’d done when he was in his teens. At his peak of muscle and leanness, he’d been about 225 at six foot two. He had lost some muscle and put on some fat from too much beer, about 230 and not nearly as strong or cut. Now he would be able to pursue his goals from when he was in his twenties again. His son Rocky was still in school in Bluffton, so I told him he could start after Rocky’s senior season of high school football was over. That would give him the fall to finish projects on his current contracting jobs and be at home to see Rocky play. It would give me time to gain some mass and get fully entrained into bodybuilding again. It worked well with my two trainers. They were getting paid really well to help me grow as fast as possible, and they also had a free gym to use 24/7, and all the supplements they wanted. We were lifting four days a week at first, until I could acclimate enough to work out more without overtraining. I found that I could work out seven days a week after only two weeks if I cycled between volume workouts and high intensity workouts, slept ten hours a night and ate constantly. By constantly, I mean literally every resting moment I was awake. The nutritionists had me eat a quick huge meal right after I woke up each morning, and then I’d begin taking one bite every forty-five to sixty seconds the rest of the day, and chewing each bit until it disintegrated, and an ounce of water every three minutes. I was also given a digestive aid every hour, and every three hours I would start sipping an Isopure instead of water to push protein levels higher. The food was all reasonable, designed to maximize muscle gain with minimal fat, but the only time I could really chow down was when I woke up, and right after working out, when I would need to “re-engorge” as they put it, since I’d gone ninety minutes without solid food. Even though I ate REALLY slowly, I was constantly stuffed with food, because I never stopped eating except to sleep or work out. I was also taking in lots of supplements to help with workouts. NO2, creatine, glutamine, and corvalen before lifting, and a huge protein shake with lots of simple carbs after, then right back to my day- long eat-a-thon. In two weeks, I was already back up to 195, and feeling strong. I was lifting seven days a week after that, and sleeping ten and a half hours a day. At that point, the nutritionists started waking me up twice during each night to guzzle protein shakes. It was irritating at first, but after a few days I was barely even conscious for them. They just roused me, I sat up in bed, downed the 80 grams of protein with digestive enzymes and fiber drink, and laid straight back down. Once I was used to it I hardly noticed it at all, and usually couldn’t even remember having been partially awake. Even with this, I still got a re-engorge meal every morning, so I was happy. I was taking in well over 15,000 calories every day, and lifting like a demon. Colin and Doug were perfect trainers, They pushed me just the right amount to promote strength and hypertrophy adaptations, but not enough to over-train. Doug also had a technique he’d learned from one of his coaches. We hypnotized each other before peak sets to block out all distraction and doubt. It was very effective. In the second two weeks, between the ramped up eating and training I gained over a pound a day, 15 pounds, nearly all muscle. I was now at 210 pounds- leaner and heavier than ever, and I’d only been at it four weeks. That Sunday, Ronnie came over to check out the new gym and start preparing to move him and Amy into the building. When he saw me working out he was stunned. Colin, Doug and I were doing what we called two-on, one-off sets. We were working legs so it went like this: one guy spotting, another guy squatting, and the third guy doing leg curls or leg extensions. Then we rotated. That way even though there were three of us, only one was ever resting. This was a volume phase obviously. “Wow,Dan! You’re already getting huge!” Ronnie enthused. “Twenty-five pounds this past month,” I said with a big grin. “And I’m just warming up, Ronnie. It’ll get faster, a lot faster, I hope!” “I can’t wait to join you!” “Well, I look forward to it too Ronnie. I think you could be carrying well over a hundred and fifty pounds of extra muscle in a little while. “Wow! I’d be close to 400 pounds!” “You WILL be that big, Ronnie, and BIGGER. I’m not just going to grow us muscular, We’re gonna be the biggest bodybuilders in the world, man! We’re gonna be superhuman muscle monsters.” I gushed openly about my goals. “I mean think about it. I’m already gaining a pound a day, Ronnie, and this is only my first month on this regimen. How big do you think I’ll be in six months at this rate? Or in a year? Think of it. I’m gonna be gigantic!” “Well, if you can keep growing that fast” Ronnie said doubtfully. “If? Man, I’m just warming up. This method is getting more effective the longer I keep doing it, and the experts I hired keep working on ways to make it even better.. We’re gonna grow and grow, faster and faster, bigger, Huger! GIGANTIC! We’re literally gonna be giants Ronnie, the biggest, most muscular guys who ever lived, just wait!” Ronnie was grinning from ear to ear. The idea excited him. It was what he’d been dreaming about since he was in junior high school. He was psyched about joining me at the end of Rocky’s football season. “Four more weekends, man. Then I’m here.” “I look forward to it Ronnie, Get ready to grow huge beyond what any man ever has, to cram your body with superhuman muscle mass. In the mean time, start picturing yourself growing huger, huger, huger. See how big you can envision your body growing. Try to push your vision further and further into the realm of gigantic superhuman monster muscle mass. Focus on feeling your body expand bigger and bigger in your mind. Force yourself to want more and more and more and more and more muscle. Start right now, Ronnie. How huge can you see yourself growing?” “Pretty fucking huge, Dan. Like Incredible Hulk huge!” “Yeah, you’re on the right track, now think even bigger! Imagine yourself bigger, thicker than the hulk, bulging more and heavier and stronger! Keep that in your head all the time while you plan to start here with me. Fill your mind with muscle lust. Get greedy for endless mass gains. Power and size beyond anything that ever existed, cramming into your body.” Ronnie left to go home that Sunday totally psyched and impatient to start. Every day after that he’d email me about his visualizing and eating and lifting, He was already gaining and getting stronger while he bided his time. Meanwhile, my own gains were accelerating even faster. I was gaining well over a pound of muscle every day. In two more weeks I was 232 pounds. I looked like a competitive bodybuilder finally. But I was not even close to satisfied. I’d been focusing my mind on perpetual mass gains, and nothing else would do. I was eating more than ever, and my lifts were getting prodigious. I could bench 495 for three reps, squat 585, deadlift 565, and curl 315. All I wanted was to make myself even stronger so I could pile on more and more mass. I was doing it. My gains were skyrocketing. At the end of month two I weighed 270! I’d gained 38 pounds in 15 days. You could see veins everywhere on me. I was lean and huge– and wanting much, much more. No more slow eating- from then on I just crammed food in as fast as I could all day long. It was glorious how much I could eat. When Ronnie arrived to move in he was so excited he could barely contain his emotions. He’d been working out and eating fairly heavy to get ready, and had put on twelve pounds of muscle and lost eight pounds of fat, weighing in at 234 pounds on the first day. He was ready for the workouts we were doing, but not the eating. Colin had recently read about a supplement that was supposed to give you an unlimited appetite by preventing you from ever feeling full. We decided to try it. All of us started using it that same day. Within two days, all the guys were cramming down almost twice as much food as they’d been able to eat before. Colin and Doug were each eating over 8,000 calories a day on a single dose of grehlin, and Ronnie pushed his intake to over 10,000 on a 150 percent dose. I was taking a double dose. The supplement, called Gorge, caused limitless endless hunger, so we ate constantly as fast as we could all day long. For me, It pushed my already huge appetite to a level that had never existed in humans before. I replaced my water with protein shakes, and was soon slamming down eighteen of them a day, on top of the over 20,000 calories I’d already been eating. This put my intake at 33,000 calories a day, more than what Ronnie, Colin, and Doug were all three eating, and I was still feeling hungry all the time. The nutrition team added more enzymes to my food and increased the amount of pureed foods. By the end of the week I was consuming 40,000 calories a day. We had our workouts divided up into three forty-minute sessions per day, spaced four hours apart. We worked out seven days a week on a five way split routine: legs, chest, back, shoulders, and arms. Even between sets I guzzled protein. I had gained nineteen pounds that week, and was poised to gain even faster. Ronnie gained six pounds in seven days, reaching a lean 240. Colin and Doug were each over 250 by then. Ronnie decided to take a double dose of Gorge. The results were dramatic. The next week he gained fourteen pounds, two pounds a day, and got a lot stronger. He was tuned in to the process. My growth was phenomenal! I gained twenty-six pounds, almost four pounds a day, growing from 289 to 315 pounds. I’d become one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world in two and a half months. All I could think about was that I wanted a huge amount more muscle mass. I wanted my body size to explode beyond anything ever possible before. I talked with Ronnie about it and he was psyching himself up to the same degree of muscle lust as fast as he could. “Ronnie, we’re gonna grow superhuman! We’re gonna be muscle giants, the hugest, most physically powerful men who ever walked the Earth! We’ll just keep expanding our muscles, huger and huger and huger. Think about weighing a ton, a full ton of muscle. We’ll be ten times the size of other men. And then we’ll get even BIGGER! Imagine the power our bodies will have when we’re carrying thousands of pounds of steel-hard muscle- heavier than cars, stronger than industrial machines, bigger than trailers.” “Wow, Dan, the more you talk about it the better it sounds- I never even thought about being that big, even as a fantasy, but now I want it! When you describe our bodies getting that big it makes me desperate to be even huger, bigger than a house, BIGGER, BIGGER, BIGGER!” “We’re gonna do it, Ronnie! We’re gonna grow and grow and become superhuman muscle giants.” In the next two weeks, we all blew up like maniacs. Colin and Doug each gained over twenty pounds, Colin was at 274 pounds, and Doug at 272 pounds. Ronnie gained 36 pounds, reaching 276 pounds, and even leaner than before. My own mass gains were astronomical. I’d gone to two and a half times Gorge doses, and pushed my weight up to 366, a fifty-one pound gain in fourteen days! I announced that we would hire more help so Colin and Doug could devote themselves more to gaining. I also began using a feeding tube during my sleep, to keep the engorgement up around the clock. I urged the others to do the same, but only Ronnie was willing to consider it. He said he’d think it over. After only one week, he started tubing at night too, because he saw the results I got from it. In seven days I gained forty-three pounds, almost double my previous rate. By the end of those two weeks, I was ninety-six pounds heavier, 452 pounds. Ronnie gained sixty-six pounds, now tipping the scales at 342 pounds. Colin and Doug still managed to each reach 310 pounds. While we were lifting that day. Ronnie was gushing about the power and mass we were growing. “Damn,Dan I never thought it was possible to be this big, and you, YOU are way ahead of even this! You’re twice the size of a pro bodybuilder!” “I’m close anyway, and I’ll definitely be there in a few days. You’re gaining like mad yourself. There’s over a hundred pounds more of you than there was a month ago, and its just going to get faster and faster. Where’s your fantasy mass at now, Ronnie?” Stay tuned for Part Two when things will take off in a much bigger way.
  17. Bear's Cub Part 14

    A few days ago, I figured out how to end this story. Funny this has still been left unfinished for atleast 2 years. I wrote this pretty fast so apologies for the mispelling. Part 13: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5864-the-bears-cub-part-13/ Part 14 “Happy Birthday!” “Hmmmm….. huh?” “Happy Birthday, Bear!” Hare said with a cheer as he slapped Bear’s muscular stomach. Hare quickly grabbed his hand as they reddened from the impact. Regardless of their growth, Bear’s muscles were still like uncompromising granite. “Oh yeah, I forgot” he said almost nonchalantly but it was written on his face how excited he really was. Donut and Slugger came around with a large cake with a large protrusion sticking from it that looked pretty familiar. Bear smirked and giggled a little as they tried to place it on his big muscle gut. “Sit still!” Slugger demanded as they balanced the silver platter before letting it go. All of Bear’s pups stood around his bed as they waited for him to speak. He looked at each one of us with a loving flare in his eyes. “You are the best pups I could have ever asked for. I wish you’d untie me so I could hug all of you.” I saw a grin on Taker’s face at that comment. “Hey, that wouldn’t be fun. It’s your birthday.” I honestly was impressed with Bear’s resilience to speak on the issue when there were signs all over that gave away our plans. There was the fact that the large protrusion in his cake was an extra large dildo with a cake coming out of the cock hole. The fact his big forearms were tied fast to his bed with thick, heavy-duty chains to compensate for Bear’s great strength. There was the face that we’d all come into his room wearing nothing but what he said to be his favorite uniforms on all of us. I was originally against it since the suit he said he’d liked on me the most was my birthday suit. I’d had my hands covering my crotch for the last few hours. I realize it was ridiculous since we all were having sex together every weekend and we all often wore little to nothing anyway but it was different coming to Bear pre-exposed. Bear could see the shyness in my eyes and going by the bounce in his shorts, he clearly reveled in it. “Mmmm, I see Cub’s looking quite tasty today” he said, licking his lips. “Haha, glad you said it exactly like that” Donut said as grabbed me around the waist. We’d talked about this stunt over and over but, no matter what, all the pups insisted that I be the one to do *that*. I felt my body tighten as we walked up to Bear’s bed side and Donut grabbed my waist with his big, muscled hands and lifted me onto Bear’s mattress. The amount of surface area left on the bed that didn’t have a healthy portion of Bear was rapidly shrinking these days. After our last few growth spurts, we couldn’t find a big enough opening down in the den to fit Bear inside. It was like an impending conclusion when all of us had grown so quickly in the last few months. Bear had to crouch in every part of the house and even when he went to his new room in the Hibernation Room, we had to struggle to slip him through and not destroy the walls. We couldn’t let Bear try by himself as, thanks to the growth, he’d gotten way too strong to do most things without destroying something. Doors broke, walls were given knew “openings”, ceilings were instantly decimated with his hard head. Even the hibernation room’s door was removed so that Bear didn’t tear the whole second floor down with his massive shoulders. These were signs that we were going to hit the max size of the two story house soon and it was clear Donut wasn’t too far off. Already his head was closing in on the tall ceilings and I could see his red headed Mohawk scrapping plaster. Still, as we’d grown in the house, we’d become closer than ever. Bear loved us all equally but he was starting to become more of a monster in the sack as our growth seemed to spur him to have longer and longer periods of sex that left us all weak and panting on the floor in heaps of sweat and euphoria. I felt closer to each of my brother’s than I had with my own parents. Donut was like the big brother I always wanted to teach me and make me a better person. Taker and Balls were my pals and loved to rough house with me, ruffling my hair and slapping my butt to congratulate me when I succeeded and to comfort be when I failed. Slugger and Hare were my support system when it came to getting me through my classes that I struggled on and loved to push me to try new things and work to refine the old. Even Toxic was a ball of kindness when he wasn’t and took me to the places the other bears were too nervous to take me. I’d gotten my first lap dance with Toxic. It was almost like he knew what I was most uncomfortable doing and would go out of his way to push me into them so that I’d gain better street smarts. What sucked, however, was that the closer we got, the more I realized something was wrong. Something in me knew each one of them was hiding something from me that they weren’t ready to be open about. That didn’t matter right now though as I stood over the bed and climbed over Bear’s massive limbs. Since he’d gotten blocked from going downstairs to his “contraption”, he tried to do more work outs and lift to compensate for his lack of sexual release while we were all in classes or off supporting our individual clubs. Bear’s concern with our future’s is probably what let us all know he cared the most. That didn’t, however, help me climb over all of his massive, bulging limbs as I kicked a leg over a bicep that was probably a match for my own chest measurement. Bear’s massive body was a lot to take in with people who didn’t know him. When they saw him, many stared and gasped at how they’d seen their first giant. Having an almost 12 foot tall man pass you was like watching a tree with legs take walk. Not just a big tree but a beautiful tree. Bear’s body features were amplified like all of ours. His legs got thicker and his stance got wider. His torso was a mountain of curves and mounds that were each probably further from his body than any furniture one could sit on. It was nearly impossible to get him through our new double door entrance at the front of the house but it was only made worse when he tried to pull his big, hulking arms through. I actually had to climb a little onto his adamantine wall of abs and looked down over a mountain rage to his big, grinning face. I saw his teeth appear as he realized what we’d planned. I took a deep breath and tried to think loose before I moved the candle away from the cake and lowered myself onto his stomach. The cake we’d set on his stomach wasn’t too big but it was made to hold in place a LARGE dildo. Slugger had produced a massive 2 foot dildo from somewhere he wouldn’t say. Before we knew it, ideas were flooding out of him on what to do for Bear’s birthday. I was thinking about how strange that was for an instantly but I couldn’t keep it in my head as my muscular ass cheeks were spread wide by the warm, rubber cock filling my anal cavity. It was sliding in with some difficulty but I was prepared. For weeks, the other pups had been prepping me to take on Bear’s gargantuan crotch anaconda and I’d almost gotten big enough to take all of Donut or Slugger. I couldn’t believe how their growing cocks were able to enter my ass but it was even more impressive that I was making it past the first foot so easily. It was only until last week that I struggled to make it to the 2nd foot. I kept thinking in my head ‘Think of Bear. Think of Bear.’. Donut had taught me that trick when he explained how he’d come into the fraternity as he was the first to take Bear’s cock and was also the one who could take it the easiest due to his size. On the weekends it was an amazing size as Donut, already a massive man, took on Bear’s cock again and again as they both grew and grew through the weeks. They were reaching superhuman levels the way Bear was roughest with him and Hare. A few times, Bear had cracked the walls trying to fuck Donut into oblivion. I thought of how Donut got pounded by the long log of man-god that was Bear as I felt myself get filled with the singular pillar. With a last groan of ecstasy, I was rewarded with a cold feeling as the white icing had covered my butt and I felt a few seconds to relax. I struggled through the waves of pleasure to see Bear’s face and I was happy to see he was giving me the most intense bed-eyes. “Mmmmm, such a good Baby Cub. You’ve almost prepped that tight little butt for me, haven’t you?” he said as he licked his dry lips. He looked like a man who hadn’t had water to drink in years. I felt my muscular chest swell a little with pride as I saw that look of pride. I lifted myself up slowly and my ass made a loud plop at the release of the dildo. “Alright, pup, finish him off” I heard Taker say. I proceeded with the plan as I began to climb Bear’s wide torso and felt the bed fall away as Bear’s body widened with my climb. As I reached his big, cushion like pecs, I looked down between them to Bear’s big face and I think I blushed as I turned around and sat on my stomach. “Oh, good, dinner” I heard and felt rumble through his big chest before a big, wet and long tongue moved over my bubble butt. I groaned and moaned with excitement as Bear moved his tongue artistically over my vanilla cream covered butt cheeks and hungrily ate it off me. “Mmm, my favorite. Cub flavored.” I screamed as he shoved his massive tongue forward like a dagger and I felt myself pierced by what simply couldn’t be just a tongue, though it was. The other cubs began to move into their sectors and began to rub Bear’s big muscles. Rarely did they get a chance to ravage Bear like this so each one went at it like an animal as they tried to please themselves and their big fraternity leader simultaneously. Bear was livid and I could tell as I heard chains rattle and his tight XXXXXXL underwear stretched. I was still receiving a savage lashing from Bear but I could still appreciate a growing pillar in his underwear as he grew hard. Toxic had taken the opportunity for what it was and had climbed between Bear’s big legs to sit on top of his watermelon like nuts. He watched playfully as Bear’s cock reached higher up and was beginning to length between Toxic’s legs. He actually had to move further back as he felt the big man cannon beneath him start to lift his body. The way it moved powerfully, I instantly wondered if his cock was strong enough to lift people and even heavy duty weights. “Uh oh, Bear’s coming to play, pups” Bear said as he felt his cock stretch his sweaty briefs further. His smell was getting stronger as I felt his muscles get sweaty and his hairy chest was starting to glisten from his heat. Toxic looked as excited as I did as we watched the tower grow and reach taller than our sitting positions and finally outgrew Bear’s remaining clothing with a powerful RIP. His cock was a beautiful and powerful piece of architecture as it bobbed with arousal. It couldn’t have been shorter than 3 feet and was veined from top to bottom, the head red with rapidly pumping blood. Each inch looked as thick and intimidating as the rest and we feared that it could rip me or Toxic apart if given the chance. Still it was in Toxic’s eyes that I knew we were in agreement; that wasn’t a bad fate in order to atleast try once. That wasn’t our goal today, though, as Toxic leaned in and I watched his handsome face release a long tongue of its own. He was red too as he closed in on the hot piece of meat that towered in front of him. I was actually pretty jealous even as I felt Taker and Donut reaching up and grabbing my ass cheeks to spread them even wider for Bear’s tongue. Toxic had Bear’s cock all to himself and I saw the desire in him to keep it that way, his resting place on top of Bear’s balls like a throne. I didn’t have time to worry much about it, though, as Hare and Balls had moved to Bear’s big and hairy nuts and were licking it as Slugger looked to be preparing something at the end of the bed. “Got a big present for you bear!” I heard Balls call before he looked over at me and snickered. “Aww for little ol’ m--- FUCK!” Bear roared as he shook in his chains and I was rocked back and forth on his massive, convulsing body. Slugger grinned as he pushed the longest dildo I’d ever seen underneath Bear’s balls, pressing into what I’d always assumed was sacred ground. “Oh you little *groan* fucker” Bear groaned ferociously as his big and powerful cheeks were pulled apart by the truly gargantuan rubber tool. It was beyond human comprehension as it looked almost as big as my big arms in thickness. Bear convulsed and roared with pleasure as his anal cavity was stretched by more cock than he’d ever taken. Bear had done a lot of new things with us in the last few months but we’d had yet to reverse the roles till now. I’d never heard him make such a deep squeal as he was penetrated. The pups were all working more ferociously than before as our exploits reached a fever pitch. Taker and Donut nibbled and kissed each of Bear’s muscle, each one tensing to the touch to rock hardness and practically hot enough to melt stone. Balls and Hare were now trying to suck Bear’s massive balls into their mouths, each one larger than their heads. Slugger was probably having the most fun besides me and Toxic as he quickly pushed his rubber weapon in and out of Bear. Suddenly, Bear’s entire body tensed. “Ah fuck!” he cried as his large and veiny muscles all flexed enormously. Bear’s cock was slowly growing as he felt himself on the edge. I gasped at its size and appearance as it glistened and even turned a bit purple. Before we knew, Bear moved in a blur. His massive biceps pushed Taker’s and Donut’s faces to him. With perfect precision, he gave each aggressive kisses that pushed them both over the edge. Bear knew just how to give each of his pups their high. I watched as he used every tied body part to release an orgasm for each of us. As cum from Donut and Taker rained down over us. Bear tightened up his stomach and roared ferociously. Taker and Donut were more easily influenced by feeling and intimacy rather than power but the rest weren’t so lucky. Bear’s leg shackles came undone as his big muscles bulged. He used his long legs to pull both Balls and Hare into his crotch, pressing their faces across Toxic’s back. “GRAAAAH!” He roared as his cock and balls grew and gave all of them a front row seat to his power. Just the force he exerted caused all 3 to cum simultaneously, Hare and Balls shouting at the top of their lungs into Toxic’s back and Toxic crying as he felt the cock in his arms rock like a volcano and finally spewed cum with the rest of the pups. So much testosterone and energy was enough for Slugger to also cum, who felt he couldn’t move the massive dildo anymore with Bear’s powerful ass cheeks laminating it. Before I knew it, I wasn’t left out as I felt Bear at it again, his tongue penetrating quickly and had me shouting as well. All heard was chains as Bear effortlessly shredded his bonds and began to sit up, grabbing me with an arm and holding me upside down as he came, his tongue going deeper and deeper until finally I came too, firing toward the floor with an unbelievable orgasm. Every muscle was flushed with the greatest feeling that I could never get enough of as I joined the other pups in a white burst of cum. Muscles, cocks, and handsome faces were tangled on Bear’s bed as they all experienced simultaneous ejaculation. Bear was still at it, still hard, and still firing jizz that hit the walls, the ceilings, and the lights, darkening the room as he and his pups coated the room white. Still too small and too weak to do so with them, I still launched a hefty load onto the floor. The others were still lying on the floor weakly, their bodies convulsing as they basked in the afterglow of this last escapade. Bear’s head was firmly placed against the 9 foot ceiling as he playfully licked me and kissed each of my cheeks as I came down from my high. I felt myself surrounded in muscles and warmth as Bear smacked his lips. “That was fun, guys. I’d recommend stronger chains though.” I tried to tell him that the chains were made of stainless steel but I was interrupted by a cracking noise. We all forced ourselves up at the sound of a tree falling down. It was only in the last moment that we were freefalling. A crash came as we all fell and collapsed into the kitchen, cum still raining from the ceiling two stories up but was now accompanied by plaster and dust as the floor wasn’t capable of holding of our weight in the same spot anymore. Bear landed on his big butt but he’d made sure to wrap me tight in his arms for the landing. It was like I’d fallen in a big mattress that had cushioned the fall. Groans could be heard as the guys all felt pains from falling several feet. Bear had a shocked expression his face too and looked at Slugger. Slugger only sighed. “I know, I’ll let them know. This place was getting cramped anyway.” To Be Continued….
  18. I'm going to be steadily cross posting this story here. It's a pretty long-ass piece so it will take me a while to get it all up. I know it doesn't show it from the first chapter, but this story is heavily focused on muscle growth. By the time it gets to chapter 5 that should be suuuuper obvious. [Next Chapter] || [Current Chapter] ------------------------------------------------------- Alan was as perfectly average as they come. He had perfectly average short brown hair which nicely complimented his equally average brown eyes. How skin was lightly tanned, which was average for someone his age. His height and build could only rightly be described as average. He was even average downstairs; his perfectly average dick was five and a half inches long; which as it turns out, is spot on with the national average. Even his life was average. He got decent enough grades in high school which got him into a decent enough college. Now that he was well into his second year in college he was doing well enough there, too. He was holding down Bs and Cs in all his classes; which as he had been told by is friends and classmates, was pretty much average. On an average Friday or Saturday night he would be down with some of his buds at one of the frat houses near campus getting completely blootered. He typically held his liquor well enough, but last night was the first time he had ever been full on, black out drunk. Incidentally, last night was also the first time he was legally able to purchase his own alcohol. Yesterday had been Alan’s twenty-first birthday, and like you’re average college guy, he had spent it making a whirlwind tour of all the bars on and off campus with his buds. He could only really remember the first bar; it got to be a haze after that. Alan groaned loudly as he stirred awake. His brain felt like someone had stuck it in a blender and then poured the sloppy pink slurry into a waffle iron and burnt it. His eyes hurt so bad that even the light against his eyelids seared his retinas. The normally soft ticking of his dorm room ceiling fan as it swung back and forth sounded like someone was firing a magnum off right next to his ear. Alan could proudly claim to have officially had his first hangover, and he had to admit, it was just as shitty as he was lead to believe. He reached one hand blindly to his night stand and began fumbling around for something to drink; his throat was dry, and his mouth tasted sour and sickly. His fingers bumped painfully loudly against various empty beer bottles before settling on some unknown solid object. He ran his fingers along it and managed to deduce its approximate shape. It certainly felt like a bottle, and it was heavy, which meant that it was probably full. Alan wrapped his hand around the object and tried to pull the cap off with the other hand. Try as he might he couldn’t find any lid to pull off. He begrudgingly opened his eyes to try and see what he was doing. The extra light burned about as much as he expected, but he was surprised to see what it was he was actually holding. The object was not a bottle at all. In fact, it appeared to be a small stone statue. It appeared to be very old and worn, but the features on the grey figure were fairly unmistakable. Somehow in his drunken revelry he had managed to find an ancient cock statue. He hoped that while he was out painting the town last night that he didn’t steal it from some museum or curio shop, or worse yet, actually spend money on such a piece of junk. He chucked it haphazardly over his shoulder and reached for a half empty bottle of water instead; he really was not in the mood to survey the intricacies of some ancient dildo. The statue bounced once on his mattress and then rolled off the side, lodging tightly between the side of the mattress and the wall. Now that he had a drink, it was time to find something to take for his headache. He staggered over to the little sink on the far side of the room. He was in the cheapest dorm on campus, and the rooms were little better than prison cells. Prison cells might even be better, he thought wryly. His bed felt like a stone slab; he couldn’t imagine prison beds being any worse, and at least in prison he had a toilet in his room instead of having to use the communal restroom down the hall. Alan pulled open the combination mirror/medicine cabinet that hung over the sink and grabbed a bottle of aspirin. He poured an indeterminate number of pills into his hand; it was definitely more than the recommended dosage, but he needed some serious relief from his pain. He tossed the whole handful of pills into his mouth and washed it all down with every last drop of water that remained in the bottle. As he strolled back to his bed he reached a hand down the front of his pants and mindlessly adjusted himself. The front of his boxers seemed a little more snug than he was used to this morning. It wasn’t enough to bother him, though; he just pulled his respectable dick to one side and faceplanted back into his pillow. He was out cold the second he hit the mattress. He awoke again a few hours later. His headache had all but faded, but now he had to piss like a race horse. Alan didn’t even bother getting dressed; plenty of other students liked to roam the dorm completely naked, and so being clad in just boxers was hardly going to cause any issues. As he stumbled down the hallway, he passed one the guys on the level that never seemed to be clothed. Ever. John was a pretty typical jock, but a nice enough guy. John’s blond hair was buzzed short. John said he did that because it felt more comfortable when he had his football helmet on. Alan thought it was kind of a shame, though. John looked a whole lot cuter when he had the long, shaggy, surfer bro haircut going at the beginning of the year. Alan secretly liked that he was able to get a free shot of that hot jock muscle and sexy dick on a regular basis. John’s cock wasn’t particularly large, but it was a bit above average and plenty thick. Alan could feel the front of his pants getting tighter as his own cock started to stir to life. He was pretty sure everyone on the floor knew he was gay by now, but he still didn’t want to be caught popping a boner in the middle of the hallway. For starters, it just wasn’t polite, and there was always the risk that the other guys would be weirded out and actually start wearing clothes when Alan was around. Alan slipped into the restroom and made a beeline for one of the open urinals. There were plenty open, but only one that fit the criteria for basic urinal etiquette as dictated by the bro code. He let out an audible sigh of relief as his sizeable salami log flopped free. Alan didn’t think anything of it as he wrapped both hands around the shaft to aim it while he relieved himself. He closed his eyes and quietly hummed some annoying pop song that had been stuck in his head all morning as he went about his business. He didn’t even notice the large frame occupy the urinal right next to him. Now that his headache was pretty much completely gone he was feeling pretty good about the day. Once he finished up, he shook his large floppy dick a few times to take care of any residual liquid. He was just about to slip it back in his pants when he was startled by a deep voice booming beside him, “Woah! That’s huge!” Alan jumped and turned to look at who had been watching him, and was surprised to see John standing right next to him. This was the first time that Alan had ever been so close to the hulking wall of muscle, and it was more than a little disconcerting. At well over six feet tall, John was one of the biggest people on campus. There were one or two basketball players that could top John’s 6’8” height, but none of them could rival his sheer muscled mass. The hulking freshman had almost a full foot of height on Alan. Alan certainly didn’t feel huge. If anything he felt tiny and insignificant next to what he assumed to be around three hundred pounds of solid muscle. He looked up and up until he finally was looking John in the eyes. Alan was surprised to see the gigantic jock was still staring straight as his exposed cock; Alan had forgotten to put it back in its pouch when he had been startled by the booming voice. “Look who’s talking.” Alan replied while rolling his eyes. “No. I mean it, man. You’ve got a great dick.” John responded, looking a little embarrassed and somewhat sheepish. “I’m perfectly average in every way. I’m like a frickin underachieving Mary Poppins.” Alan replied flatly as he turned to go wash his hands. “That’s certainly not average.” The huge, muscled dude continued as he followed Alan. “Hey, uh… So, I know you’re gay, but have you ever… you know. Done oral?” Alan spun around and glared right into John’s clear blue eyes. “Yes. I’m gay, but don’t think for a minute that I’m just going to go down and the first hot guy who flaunts his dick in my face. If you want to get your rocks off go flag down one of those floozies who hang out around the locker rooms looking for a quick score.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” John sputtered; his cheeks were turning slightly pink. “It’s just. I mean… I was actually asking… Would you let me? I mean… can I… um… blow you?” To Alan’s surprise, the hulking jock was grinning bashfully. The rookie of the year fully intended to go down on him. He could already feel his hefty dick struggling to burst free of the plaid boxers which were quickly becoming much too small to hold it all in. “Here?” Alan yelped in surprise. “Maybe someplace a little more private?” John responded with a sheepish grin. Alan was surprised that someone so huge and hot could be such an awkward goof. It seemed like the more nervous John got, the more of his southern drawl would slip out. “You don’t have a roommate, right? How about your place?” Alan said while a nervous smile played at the corner of his mouth. He had had John pegged as a typical jock, but now that he was actually taking the time to speak to him for more than just the typical “’sup” he was finding the giant blond to be quite sweet, and John’s good ol’ boy southern charm was something that Alan was going to have to be careful not to fall for. “Right! … um. Lead the way.” John replied; his face was completely red. A quick look down south revealed why. John’s respectable six inches were fully rigid. Alan and John made their way down the hallway back to John’s dorm room. The hulking youth stayed awkwardly close to Alan the entire time; John was using Alan to cover his hard-on. John was following so close behind, in fact, that his cock would occasionally bump into Alan’s back. John was so much taller than Alan that when his dick hit, it hit dead center on the brown haired dude’s back. Alan stepped aside to allow John to unlock the door, but John just turned the knob and the door flung open with ease. Alan rolled his eyes. It would make sense that his door would be unlocked. It’s not like he had any place to put the key. “You can sit on the bed if you want.” John said, gesturing towards the bed at the far side of the room. Alan was surprised how neat the room was. He had expected a college football player’s bedroom to look like the site of a constant party; bear bottles everywhere, underwear hanging from all the furniture, a broken light here or there. In other words, he had expected John’s room to look a lot like his. He was also surprised by the number of books stacked neatly on shelves and the substantial movie library that lined the rest of the shelves. Alan stood at the foot of the bed and put his thumbs in his waistband. He was ready to drop his drawers right then and there, but John stopped him. “Wait… Can I?” Alan nodded and grinned in response. This lumbering jock was constantly surprising him with just how cute and innocent he could be. John got down on his knees and placed his hands on either side of Alan’s hips and slowly pulled the boxers down. He gasped in awe as Alan’s well above average boner sprung free. Alan gasped as well, but for much different reasons. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was currently sporting the biggest dick he had ever seen and had no idea how or why. He wasn’t going to argue with it, though. His miraculous growth spurt downstairs had just gotten him into bed with the school’s up and coming star athlete. Alan sat down on the edge of the bed and moaned as he felt John’s lips wrap around his dick. While it wasn’t the best blowjob he had ever received, John was certainly the hottest guy Alan had ever hooked up with, and the hulking blond’s enthusiasm more than made up for his lack of experience. John’s mouth slid up and down Alan’s shaft as he continued to suck and run his tongue along Alan’s dick. John was trying to take more and more of Alan’s cock in his mouth with each pass, but he gagged a bit as Alan’s huge cock poked down his throat. “Sorry.” John said sheepishly and then returned to his sucking. “Don’t be. You’ll get the hang of it. You just need to do it more.” Alan replied with a reassuring grin. John lifted off of Alan’s cock and beamed with joy. “Does that mean we can do this some more?” He asked. His eyes seemed to twinkle with anticipation. “Sure. Whenever you want.” Alan replied, giving John a sexy wink. His voice was a little unsteady since he was so close to blowing his load. John’s face lit up like the fourth of July. Alan had never seen anyone so excited at the thought of sucking him off. Hell, he’d never seen someone so happy to get the chance to hang around him at all. John’s prize winning smile melted Alan’s heart and broke his resolve. Alan let out a long low moan of bliss as he creamed all over John’s smiling face. Both guys were surprised by the volume. Alan’s large nuts seemed to seize upwards and unload, then refill and unload again. Jet after jet of warm spunk splashed against the jock’s face and splattered into his hair. “Shit. I’m sorry, man.” Alan managed to say between gasps for air. He felt terrible for cumming all over John like that. “Don’t be.” John replied with a huge smile. “But next time, try to actually get some in my mouth.” John shot Alan a sexy wink as he wiped off clumps of jizz with two fingers and then sucked the spunk off. Alan was rock hard all over again after seeing such an incredibly lewd and amazing sexy act. John noticed his still rock hard dick and looked nervous all over again. “Um… So… have you ever tried… You know… Anal?” Alan grinned happily at John. “Man, after that blowjob you deserve it.” Alan flopped back in the bed and lifted his legs for John. John silently mouthed “Wow.” as he stared at Alan’s cute butt. Alan may not have had much muscle definition, but he was by no means fat. To top it all off, he had a naturally round and full bubble butt that just served to make his ass look huge and sexy. “Thanks, but… I meant for me…” Alan sat back and looked at John in shock. “What? But man. You said it yourself. I’m huge. This isn’t exactly something you take on your first try.” “It’s not exactly my first try…” John responded; his face turning more and more red by the second. “But I really want to do it with you… so please?” Alan could not say no to those soulful blue puppy eyes. “Ok. Fine, but have you got any lube?” Alan sighed in defeat. John perked up and smiled even wider than before. “I sure do! It’s right there in the top drawer.” John nodded to the little desk which was set up right next to the bed. Alan reached over and pulled open the drawer. Sure enough there was a bottle of lube in there and an impressive looking dildo. Alan pulled both the bottle and the toy of the drawer and playfully lined up his dick with the black, rubber faux cock. The King Dong XXL had him beat, but not by much. He had seen this model at the sex shops before. It was supposed to be fourteen inches long, and since Alan almost rivaled it, his dick had to be over a foot long. “This should be a cakewalk for you.” He teased as he rolled his eyes jokingly. John jumped onto the bed like an excited puppy and lifted his legs for Alan. “Roll over, man. Let me get you warmed up properly.” Alan said with a playful smirk. John wanted to get right to the reaming, but he was curious about what Alan meant. John nodded and rolled over so Alan could work. Alan took one huge, muscled cheek in each hand and began kneading. He had checked out John’s amazing ass on numerous occasions throughout the semester, but never once imagined that he would be able to get so up close and personal with it. He spread the glorious mounds wide and buried his face between them and began kissing and licking anywhere his lips and tongue could reach. As Alan flicked his tongue against the jock’s eagerly twitching hole, the muscled blond tensed up and let out a high pitched half gasp half moan sound that could only rightly be described as a squeak. Alan slowly shook his head as he chuckled silently to himself. The blond dude seemed more and more adorable by the second. It was a shame they couldn’t actually be boyfriends. There is no way that this jock would ever commit social suicide and actually come out. Alan just had to live with being fuck buddies for now. He was sure he could live with that arrangement. Alan poured the lube liberally across his gigantic cock and slowly guided the tip in towards John’s waiting ass. His dick slid in surprisingly easily, but then again, John did have some practice in this regard. Alan was amazing at just how great John’s ass felt. Alan was usually on the one taking and not the one giving, but the star wide receiver was living up to his title. Alan could feel the stud’s insides wrap around his dick as he continued to thrust in and out. With each thrust, John moaned loudly and breathlessly. “These are thin walls, dude. People will hear you.” Alan whispered sharply. “Let them hear!” John screamed between gasps. “I’m being fucked by the biggest dick in school! I’m being ridden hard and loving every second of it!” John’s deep voice boomed. The walls seemed to rattle with the force of his outburst. There was probably no chance that anyone on their level would think John was straight after this. John’s coming out shriek had been one of the hottest things Alan had ever witnessed. John’s declaration had been emphasized by him completely taking control. Alan was no longer setting the pace; John was now rocking back and forth as he greedily rode Alan’s massive schlong. Alan didn’t last much longer after that. Within moments he was blowing yet another load; this one deep inside John’s huge, muscular ass. John could feel an impressive amount of spooge pumping into him. The volume of cum was so much that he even began to feel a little bloated and cramped, but it was a mild discomfort compared to how amazing he felt all over. His ass had been torn up and now ached with a dull, pleasant pain. He felt so full and fulfilled that he was a little sad when he felt Alan’s now soft cock slide out of him. Alan pulled his huge dick out of John and hopped up on the bed next to the massive athlete. Even on a king size bed, there was barely enough room for the two of them. As Alan lay back e felt something hard under him. He reached back and realized he had lain down on the fabled King Dong XXL. He chucked a bit to himself as he noticed how strangely small it looked next to his own massive, soft dick. He absentmindedly dropped the outdated sex toy off the side of the bed and sidled up against John. To Alan’s amazement and excitement, John wrapped both beefy arms around him and pulled him in tight. Alan quickly dozed off, surrounded by pillows and muscles. ------------------------------------ [Next Chapter] || [Current Chapter]
  19. OmniGro

    This is a bit of a collaborative story between whatinsomnia from FA and I. A lot of the kinks and transformation ideas, but I did all the writing and characterizations. This series has been in the works for ages. As such the first chapter is not quite as polished as my newer stuff, but it's pretty interesting to see how my style has changes in the past year. [Next Chapter] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "There we go. A full nine inches. Congratulations, babe." Eli said proudly. The slender, blond man smiled broadly as he compared his lover's thick, olive skinned rod against the tic marks on the soft, fabric tape measure. "Finally..." Marco grumbled. He furrowed his brow and ran his fingers through his short, wavy dark brown hair and rubbed his scalp. "We've been using this stuff for six months now and I've only added an inch." "These things take time. You've already shown much better progress than most of the testimonials." Eli stated matter-of-factly as he pulled off his tight, latex gloves and dumped them into the garbage. "The only reason it works so slow is because they want to make us buy more. It's a big scam, I tell ya!" Marco grumbled as he chucked the now empty tube of MetaGro into the trashcan. "Hell, I bet you could make one that works a hundred times better than that crap." "You seem to give me quite a bit of credit." Eli replied playfully as he stroked his lover's thick cock. "Just saying what I think, babe..." Marco cooed between gasps. "You're twelve times as smart as any of those eggheads at MetaGro." Marco let out a gasp and shuddered as he felt his boyfriend masterfully work over his respectable tool. "Flattery will get you everywhere." Eli replied seductively before wrapping his lips around the impressive dick. He could feel Marco shuddering and his lover's sizeable dick twitching as he rubbed his tongue against it. "God... you're so good at that..." Marco murmured between gasps. Eli lifted off of his lover's shuddering dick and flashed the lean, olive skinned beauty a sultry glance. "I'm even better at this." He said saucily as he climbed up into his lover's lap. Eli slowly lowered himself down upon his lover's eagerly awaiting cock. Marco shuddered in ecstasy as he felt his boyfriend's tight hole swallow his cock. Eli definitely knew how to ride dick like a pro. The pale, slender man rocked his hips back and forth, causing his lover's dick to slide back and forth inside of him. Eli could feel Marco shuddering beneath him and his lover's cock shifting and twitching deep within him. "You can't be ready to cum already, can you?" The blond asked incredulously. "Sorry babe... you're too good." Marco muttered between gasps. "That's no excuse. Come on. I'm not getting off until I've had my fun and neither are you." Eli teased as he began rocking his hips even harder and faster. Marco grunted and groaned but still kept his load down. "That's it... just a little more." Eli moaned as he ramped up the pace even more. Marco had one of the biggest cocks Eli had ever ridden, but Eli still couldn't help but daydream about bigger and better things. Eli's private stash of monster dildos were all at least fourteen inches long and twice as thick as the rod that Marco was sporting. These plastic replicas lacked the warmth and passion of a real dick, but they certainly split Eli wide. He couldn't get enough of the sensation of being stretched out by such amazingly thick tools. At the rate the special gel they were using was working, it would be years before Marco's dick got truly huge. Marco was right, and Eli knew it. The slender blond was a whiz at chemistry, and MetaGro was most likely stifling scientific discoveries that could increase the potency of their serum in order to sell more doses. Eli's mind drifted to thoughts of his hot Latin lover of two years sporting well over a foot of rock hard cock. Eli's cock began to shudder and dribble pre just from thinking of impaling himself upon such a glorious specimen. He could almost feel himself getting split wider and wider as the beast ravaged him senseless. Eli moaned sensually as his cock lurched and spewed forth thick wads onto his lover's chest and stomach. Marco let out a sigh of relief and sexual bliss as he too allowed himself to finally cum. Eli could feel the thick wads spurting inside of him. Eli collapsed onto his lover's chest and threw his arms over Marco's lean shoulders as he waited for his heart rate and his breathing to normalize. "That was great, babe." He cooed into his lovers ears in between deep breaths. "Now go get cleaned up. You've got work in the morning." Eli softly instructed Marco as he got to his feet. Marco managed a weak nod and grunt of understanding but continued to lie back on the couch as he basked in the afterglow of being ridden in such an expert fashion. Eli scooped up Marco's discarded shirt and slipped it on as he sauntered off back to his personal lab. Eli liked to think of himself as a freelance researcher, although mad scientist was probably a more accurate description. He made a very nice living by performing experiments and studying fields of science that the big businesses didn't deem profitable enough to foot the bill for. He had made a number of startling breakthroughs and had sold the patents from his discoveries to fund his hobby. In the few years since college he had amassed a small fortune as well as built his own private, top of the line science facility. He took a moment to admire himself in the mirror as he entered his lab. By all accounts he was a good looking guy. His slight, slim features and long, straight blond hair could even be described as pretty or even feminine. He didn't mind these words though. In fact, he secretly enjoyed them. He picked a hair tie up from off the desk beside him and pulled his long hair back into a ponytail, leaving just the bangs loose to frame his delicate features.Other than his hair, he didn't bother getting cleaned up at all. One of the beauties of working at home was that he could show up at the office clad in just his lover's oversized, white button up shirt. Eli hadn't even bothered to close the front of it. His smooth chest and clean shaven cock and balls were left exposed to the elements. He enjoyed the cool air against his skin, though. The only reason he was wearing the shirt was because the scent of his boyfriend's cologne helped to calm his nerves and harden his dick.Eli couldn't get what Marco had said to him out of his head. There really was no reason why he couldn't solve this issue, and who knows? He might even turn a nice profit out of it. What really motivated him was the thought of his lover sporting the cock of his dreams. Eli kept the image of Marco sporting a foot and a half long, rock hard boner seared into the forefront of his mind as he worked feverishly. The image caused Eli's own perfectly average five inches to stand at attention, but he did nothing to attend to it. The constant state of arousal just helped spur him on in his scientific pursuits.Eli didn't come up from his lab for almost a week. Marco was used to these long absences by now, but he still got a little lonely during the times that Eli was in hardcore research mode. The only times Marco even saw his boyfriend were during the times when he went to the lab to bring meals or a fresh change of clothes. Eli didn't even come up to shower or sleep since he had his own small living quarters built into the lab.During the week Eli worked feverishly running simulations, testing isotopes, comparing genetic data. He approached the problem from every possible angle, but he still made little progress. He had been so focused on his work that he hadn't even bothered to take care of his more basic needs. As he got into day six, his more primal desires began to override his scientific mind. He popped up one of his simulations and stared at the 3D rendered image of his lover. The render was completely nude and sporting a cock that stretched up to his chest. Eli reached down with one hand and slipped his pointer and middle finger into his ass. He almost came right then and there. It had been almost a week since he had gotten any action and he was feeling painfully pent up.He fought a battle with his scientific drive and his sexual urges as he jacked off and tenderly fingered himself. Part of his mind refused to abandon his projects even in the midst of such base pursuits. He was very close to cracking this case after all. The only stumbling block seemed to be finding the perfect base for his serum. He had a theory, and his theories were usually right. He figured he could make a gel similar to MetaGro that, when rubbed into the soft tissue of the body, could spur rapid growth in that region. He just needed a core ingredient... something that contained much of the genetic data that he needed... something that also contained all the basic proteins needed for growth.Eli sighed contentedly as he felt the warm goop splatter against his exposed chest. He slid back in his chair and took a moment to bask in calm and relaxed feeling that washed over him after a nice good wank. He slowly lifted his messy hand up to his face and was just about to lick it off when he had the scientific epiphany of the century. His contented grin broadened into a huge, toothy smile of manic glee as he stared at the thick, sticky mess that was dripping from his fingers.Leaping into action, Eli gathered the materials and loaded them into the mixer he had prepared for such an occasion. He was positively giddy as he ran the calculations in his head again and again. This had to work. The science all checked out. He was never wrong on such things. He stared happily as the small wad he scraped off his chest got mixed in with various chemicals and compounds. The mixture changed from white, to green, to purple, and finally back to white. By the time it was done, the formula had taken on a gelatinous state.He picked up the beaker and stared into it excitedly. He just needed to test it. He almost ran upstairs and forced the newly christened mixture onto his boyfriend, but as sure as he was, he would never risk something so untested on someone he cared so much about. He pondered for a moment and decided that this best course of action was to test it on himself.Eli slipped on a pair of skin tight, latex gloves and stuck two fingers into the goop. He scooped up a small gob of it and eyed it suspiciously. Sure, he could apply it to his dick, but where was the fun in that. Not that he didn't want a bigger dick. Even bottoms love having huge cocks after all, but he had a better idea. He would be needing a lot more spunk to make further batches. That was assuming that this current batch worked, but he already knew it would.Eli began gently kneading the gel into his nuts. He had always had pretty meager balls, and he was excited at the prospect of soon having larger ones. He wasn't sure how much larger yet, but if this substance worked like he theorized, he could soon make them as large as he wanted. The murky gel vanished into his skin almost instantly. It absorbed into his skin so cleanly that it didn't even leave behind any residue.Eli sat in his chair, waiting patiently for any sign of change. It took but a few seconds for the first tingles to begin to course through his nuts. He grinned slightly as the sensation intensified. His grin grew into a broad smile as his nuts began to swell visibly before his very eyes. His previously marginal nuts swelled to the size of golf balls in a matter of seconds.After the initial surge, the growth seemed to taper off altogether. Eli wasn't disappointed, though. He still had a beaker full of the stuff with which to really ramp up his size. He stuck his hand into the container and scooped up a large glob of the compound and rubbed it into his nuts. Just as before, the tingling sensation followed soon after. The much larger dosage had the effect that Eli had predicted. His already decently sized balls swelled before his very eyes. They quickly grew and grew until they were the size of chickens eggs, and then small apples, and then finally the size of baseballs before the growth ground to a halt. Eli smiled broadly as he scoped out his newly enhanced nuts. The growth had abated, but they still tingled pleasantly. He wrote this off as a mere side effect of the increased dosage.He was so excited by his new and improved nuts that he was already rock hard. His eyes drifted over to the last little bit of the growth gel that was sitting inside the beaker. He knew exactly what he wanted to do with that. He reached his hand in and scraped up the last bits of the serum with his fingers and then rubbed the mixture along his rigid dick. He was so giddy about the prospects of increasing his mediocre dick that pre was already dribbling out of the tip of his painfully erect cock.The gel vanished into his skin much the same as before, followed soon after by the warm tingling sensation. He watched with bated breath as his dick slowly began to expand before his very eyes. He wanted to just sit there and stare in awe at the steady growth of his own dick, but his scientific mind needed numbers to corroborate what he was seeing. He turned in his swiveling chair back towards his desk and fumbled through his drawer for something he could use. He had no rulers, but he did have a small protractor that had the first six inches marked off on it. He quickly lined the flat edge of the plastic semi-circle up along the side of his swelling cock and stared. He could barely stifle his giggles of manic glee as the tip of his dick crept up along the tic marks. His dick was already five and a half inches by the time he had begun measuring. That was a gain of half an inch in a matter of seconds, and it was showing no signs of stopping. By the time the growth finally had! tapered off, the tip of his dick was well past the edge of the protractor. Eli couldn't stop grinning like a goof even if he had wanted to. He was now sporting over six inches of cock. He had put on well over an inch in under a minute. That was more than Marco had grown in six months using MetaGro.He was so worked up from watching his cock and balls grow before his very eyes that he didn't even manage to get his hand around is cock to jack off before it erupted like a volcano. It was the single most powerful orgasm he had had to date. Thick, heavy ropes of jizz flew trough the air, coating his exposed chest and even splattered into his face and hair. Just one spurt of jizz would have dwarfed any load he had ever shot, but again and again spooge launched forth from his dick. It wasn't until after the eighth heavy wad that his spurts finally began to taper off.Eli collapsed into his chair and gasped for breath as the post-wank bliss fogged his brain. He could feel the warm, thick spunk rolled down his face and chest as he lay there. He felt so amazing that he wanted to just lie there basting in his own spooge, but his scientific mind refused to let such a wonderful sample go to waste. He forced his sluggish body to get up and get to work. He staggered awkwardly around the lab as he scraped off as much salvageable spunk as he could into a beaker. There was so much cum that he filled the beaker to the brim and still had plenty left over.With the raw materials successfully gathered and loaded into the mixer, Eli finally allowed himself to slump back into his chair and bask in both the afterglow and the pride that came with such an impressive scientific discovery. His lethargy vanished instantly upon hearing the telltale ding from the machine though. There were far too many possibilities to explore with a brand new batch of gel for him to be sitting around goofing off like that.Eli hopped to his feet and skipped over to the mixer. The latest batch was several times larger than the previous one. He had an entire vat of product with which to work with now. His mind was already racing on ideas of what to do with it. Of course he knew he was going to get Marco to use it, but the question was, where would Marco use it? Obviously he would grow his boyfriend's dick, but why stop there? Marco had long lamented his inability to really bulk up. Eli theorized that this new compound would allow for Marco's muscles to swell in a matter of minutes, and of course, Eli's theories were always correct. The possibilities were endless.Eli was just about to load up the vat of gel and take it upstairs when he got a brief glimpse of his backside reflected in the glass. The blond frowned as he scoped out his own flat, boney ass. What he wouldn't give for a truly rockin' caboose. He got halfway through his sigh of disappointment when he realized that he had the answers to his prayers quite literally within his grasp.Eli quickly slipped on a fresh set of gloves and scooped up huge gobs of gel into each hand and began rubbing it into his flat butt cheeks. He could already feel it working as he reached into the tub and started a second couple of handfuls. He moaned sensually as he felt his ass swelling against his fingers while he rubbed in the second helping. He bit his lower lip to stop himself from giggling as he daydreamed about how truly gigantic his badonk would be in a matter of minutes.Eli was so happy that he sashayed over to the mirror to scope out the changes. He wished he had someone on hand that could give him a drum roll as he slowly lifted up the oversized, white button up shirt that he had been wearing. His rump was already huge and still swelling. Eli was ecstatic. He had a big dick, huge balls, and now a massive ass. He had seemingly everything he had always wanted, but something still seemed off. He turned slightly to scope out the view from various angles, and it hit him. His butt looked ridiculously out of place without hips to match. His huge, round cheeks were spilled over the sides of his slender frame. It looked like he had a couple of flesh colored playground balls glued to his backside. He knew there was only one solution for him. He had to grow his hips, too.Eli hopped giddily back to the vat and slathered on another couple of handfuls of gel onto his boney thighs. If his calculations were correct, which they always were, he would soon have amazingly wide, sensual thighs. His hips would look positively feminine by the time he was done, but this didn't bother him at all. He had secretly wished to have a more effeminate build. His slim, lanky body made him look too much like a twelve year old boy for his tastes. The only one who really knew about his effeminate side was Marco, who had often encouraged Eli to express this side of himself more. Eli had always been a bit too nervous about flaunting his femininity in public, but now that he would have the body to match, he was thinking it was time he changed all that.Eli peeled off his gloves and jogged back over the mirror to check out his new and improved physique. What he saw made him overjoyed and more than a little hot under the collar. He was absolutely stunning. His narrow, lanky frame was now wide and luscious from the waist down. His was now sporting wide, sensual hips that any girl would kill to have.It wasn't just his waist that was looking amazing, though. His cock was simply wonderful. The rigid shaft now stood over seven inches tall and was as thick as the TV remote in the living room. His impressive dick was topped off with two huge, low hanging balls that were the size of softballs. Each hefty orb felt so heavy and full of cum even though Eli had just jacked off a scant few minutes ago. He reached down and gripped his nuts with both hands. He was slightly surprised by just how huge and full they were. It was obvious that they had grown a bit more since he had administered the dosage, but he wasn't worried. They looked and felt even better than before. His nuts were now so huge that just one turgid orb could fill his entire palm. They were so huge and heavy that he could barely even hold his nut with one hand.Eli took his hands off his wondrously huge nuts and turned to scope out the changes to his backside. His ass was beyond phenomenal. The previously flat, bony cheeks were now so huge and full that each cheek was as wide as his hips used to be. He slapped one of his round, supple buns and watched in the mirror as it jiggled slightly. His ass was huge, but gravity didn't seem to be impacting it in a negative way. His cheeks managed to stay pert and perky despite their size. Each cheek was bigger than a basketball and had just the right curvature to it to really accentuate their size without looking flabby. He turned sideways to scope out his profile and was pleased to see that his ass jutted out several inches behind him. He was definitely going to be needing bigger pants, but that was a small price to pay for looking fabulous.The only downside, if one could call it that, was that his cheeks were now so large that they were bunching up against each other. Eli shifted his weight around and quickly found that spreading his legs wider gave his copious buns more room to spread out. The new stance took some getting used to, but he couldn't argue with the results. His new pose accentuated his luscious hips even more, drawing even more attention to just how wide and sensual his butt and hips were now.Eli could have stared at his glorious ass for hours, but he was roused from his reverie by the sounds of a car pulling into the driveway. He glanced quickly over at the clock and, for the first time in almost a week, realized just how late it had gotten. Marco was due to be home from work already. Eli quickly put a lid over the vat and hauled the awkwardly heavy tub of goop up the stairs and plopped it on the dining room table. Marco was sure taking his time getting in from the car, but Eli was actually relieved since it meant he had plenty of time to get everything perfect for his lover's homecoming.Marco grunted as he hoisted the several bags of groceries into his arms and smacked the car door shut with a quick jut of his butt. He got about halfway up the steps before he began to wonder if maybe he should have made two trips instead of trying to manhandle all the groceries into the house in one load, but he was enough of a male egotist that setting one or two of the bags down to lighten the load was simply out of the question. He fumbled awkwardly with the door handle using his left knee and shifted the bags in such a way that he could pull the door open using his right pinky. Once the screen door was open it was just a matter of rubbing his butt against the knob until the solid, wooden door granted him access.Marco heard the latch click and felt the door begin to slide open. He quickly regained his balance and turned to enter the house, but what he saw caused his jaw to drop. The bags he was carrying followed right after. There in the doorway was his sweet, slender, blond boyfriend, but Eli was much different than Marco remembered him. Everything above the waist was the same, but as soon as Marco's eyes reached Eli's waist he could see the blond's hips had broadened considerably. Eli's hips were now almost twice as wide as his slender waist.That wasn't even the biggest change. Eli's state of total undress left his now almost eight inch rod openly on display. He already rivaled Marco's old size and had Marco's new size outclassed in terms of girth. Eli's cock was almost as thick as a beer can now. Dangling below his lover's impressive shaft were two, hefty nuts that were closing in on the size of cantaloupes."You got the formula to work, huh?" Marco replied as casually as he could muster. He was hoping to come across cool and collected, but the cracking of his voice and the red hue of his face gave him away."You don't know the half of it." Eli said happily before leaning forward and planting a kiss square on his lover's lips. Eli was quite a bit shorter than Marco, but there was a bit of a step up to the doorway which placed Eli's large cock at the perfect height to grind against his lover's bulge as they made out in plain sight of the neighbors. When they finally broke apart from their passionate embrace, Marco had a large wet spot towards the bottom of his shirt where Eli's rigid cock had leaked pre all over him, and Marco's own sizeable cock was straining visibly against the fabric of his pants."Come on, come on. In with you. Off with them." Eli muttered hurriedly as he pulled his boyfriend into the house."What about the groceries." Marco asked innocently."Fuck the groceries." Eli muttered as he hastily pulled open the front of his boyfriend's shirt, popping a few buttons off in the process."I tried that once with a cucumber... it wasn't as fun as I was led... oh...." Marco tried to make a quick quip, but the feeling of his lover's mouth against the bulge in the front of his pants quickly derailed any form of witticism he could have attempted. Eli continued to suck on the front of his lover's pleats even while awkwardly fumbling with Marco's belt and buttons. They both held their breath in anticipation as Eli pulled down on the waistband of both Marco's pants and boxers. They both watched in silence as his warm, olive toned cock sprung free from its cloth confines."Oh, we can do so much better than that." Eli remarked lasciviously as he stared at his boyfriend's rigid nine inches. "Come on. Step out of them." Eli commanded his dark haired, Latin lover. Marco silently complied, stepping up with one foot and then the other, allowing Eli to pull Marco's pants and shoes off his feet one foot at a time. Marco was left standing in the entryway clad in just a tattered blue dress shirt, which he promptly pulled off and added to the rest of the pile of clothes."Come on. Have a seat. Over there." Eli jabbered giddily as he pointed over towards the dining room table. Marco smiled and silently complied. It had been ages since he had seen his boyfriend this happy, and judging from the changes the slender blond had gone through in just the course of one afternoon, Eli had every reason to be. The blond scientist was hopping around the room like a kid on Christmas."Huh? What's this?" Marco asked as he prodded the giant vat of what appeared to be murky white gelatin. The goop in the gigantic bucket jiggled slightly in response to his poking."Try not to get any on you. It's very powerful stuff." Eli explained as he rounded the corner from the pantry. Eli finished pulling on a fresh pair of gloves that he had just grabbed."Do you need me to do anything?" Marco asked politely. He was pretty used to dealing with Eli now and so he was pretty sure he would be asked to sit back and shut up, but he still felt the need to ask anyway."Just sit back and watch the magic." Eli replied giddily as he scooped up a huge handful. Eli got down on his knees in front of his boyfriend's still fully boned rod and began rubbing the huge gob of gel into the shaft. Marco was surprised at just how quickly the substance disappeared into his skin. In a little more than a second after application he looked like he had never come in contact with the goop at all.Marco stared at his hard-on suspiciously for a second. He was just about to ask how long it would take to feel anything when the tingling set in. It felt surprisingly nice and warm, almost as if a million tiny fingers were rubbing his dick. He moaned softly, but he didn't take his eyes off of his cock. In a matter of seconds after the tingling set in, he could already see the difference. His dick was swelling before his very eyes. His jaw went slack as he saw his dick get bigger, and longer, and thicker. He wished he had something to gauge his size off of, but Eli has been thinking ahead. Less than a second after Marco thought about the need for measurement, Eli already had the ruler in place. Marco stared in awe at his dick as the tip slowly crept past the ten inch mark and then the eleven inch mark. He had put on over two inches in less than a minute, and it was still growing.Eli tossed aside the ruler and grabbed two more heaping handfuls of gel. He immediately began rubbing these giant gobs of the compound into his lover's nuts. "H.. Hey, isn't that a little much?" Marco tried to ask, but he was quickly silenced by a stern glare from his blond lover. Marco decided to just go with it. He could stand to boost his balls anyway. The previous mixture he had been using had only increased the size of his dick a bit. His balls were still at their old size, and the bigger branch was definitely making the berries look smaller. Marco was just a little worried that his boyfriend might be getting a little carried away.Marco's apprehension faded away when he felt the tingling course through his balls. Even before he looked down to watch his nuts growing, he could feel them getting fuller and heavier by the second. The sensation of raw virility and sexual power that came with his balls swelling was exhilarating. He had to hold his now foot long dick back so that he could watch his balls swelling uninterrupted. He could have sworn his dick was even bigger than it was a minute ago, but that was not the most important issue on his mind at the moment. He stared in awe as his previously medium sized balls swelled up to the size of baseballs in a matter of seconds. He was so fascinated watching the two softball sized balls pull up and then descend that he was barely even aware of his boyfriend grabbing another couple handfuls of goop until Eli was kneeling before him and slowly reaching in to dose Marco's already hefty balls once more."Again...?" Marco sputtered as he stared as he stared into Eli's eyes. He recognized that lascivious glint in his lover's eyes, but he also knew Eli well enough to know that he would never do anything that Marco would object to. Eli sure loved to push the limits, though."That depends. Are you asking me to dose you again or are you asking whether or not I am going to dose you again?" Eli teased playfully, wiggling his laminated fingers as he spoke."I..." Marco's initial reaction was to tell Eli to stop. His balls were plenty big already. His balls were inhumanly large in fact, but his heart skipped a beat and he felt some fluttering in his stomach as his eyes drifted down to Eli's melon sized nuts. The enlarged cum factories looked so amazing and sexy, and Marco's own enhanced balls felt so wonderful that he just couldn't help himself. The words were out of his mouth before he even realized what he was saying. "I want more... Bigger... please." He pleaded breathlessly. He silently chastised himself, but it was too late. He could already feel his lover's gelled up fingers rubbing against his tingly balls.The second round of growth began just as suddenly as the first had. Marco actually grinned as he watched his nuts go from the size of softballs, to the size of grapefruit, and then swelled up even more until they were the size of cantaloupes."That's just the start of the fun." Eli said with a sly grin on his face. Marco looked up to see that his blond lover had another couple of heaping handfuls of the gel, but Eli didn't appear to be interested in Marco's nuts this time. Eli sidestepped his boyfriend's now thirteen inch dick and straddled his lover as he leaned in for a kiss. As the two kissed passionately, Marco could feel Eli's over ten inch, rigid dick and huge melon sized nuts sandwiched between them and Eli's deft hands gliding across his pecs.Eli leaned back and watched his handiwork as Marco's pecs swelled up before their eyes. Marco too was staring down at his chest with rapt fascination. In less than a minute he had gone from a completely flat, boyish chest to having two toned, well defined pecs. "It works on muscles?" Marco asked in awe as he rubbed his newly christened pecs."You don't know the half of it." Eli said playfully. A smug grin was plastered across his face.Marco's stomach felt like it had butterflies in it before, but now it felt like those butterflies had invited all their friends and were having a vibrant butterfly rave deep in his gut. This was literally a dream come true for him. He had always wished to have muscles, but his metabolism was such that he could never seem to gain nor lose weight no matter what types of diet or exercise he had tried. He had gone so far as to contemplate steroids, but ultimately chose not to for fear of shrinking his already meager nuts. Now that they had this gel, though, he never had to worry about his balls being too small ever again. Although, he never had to worry about taking steroids either so it really didn't matter."How big can you make them...?" Marco asked unsteadily. He couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. He had seen the results of the new concoction firsthand. His moderate balls had multiplied in size in a matter of minutes. It was obvious that this stuff could make him grow exponentially. With such power, why would he even worry about the max size... unless he secretly wished to reach it? Marco swallowed hard to ease the dryness in his throat. He couldn't believe he was actually even considering such a thing."How big do you want them?" Eli asked playfully as he dipped his hands into the gel and made a show of getting huge, thick gobs of the goop for use on his lover.Big... Huge..." Marco pleaded hoarsely. On some level he realized how ludicrous what he was asking was. He was giving his boyfriend free reign to turn him into a hulking muscle freak, but he wanted it. He desperately wanted it.Eli chuckled seductively as he gathered up two huge handfuls and leaned in close to his lover. Their faces were so close that their noses were all but touching. Marco could feel Eli's hot breath against his neck. "Say hello to the new Mr. Universe." He heard Eli's voice reach his ears in a hoarse whisper that sent chills down his spine, but these were not chills of fear or anxiety... No, Marco was trembling in anticipation.Eli once again sat down in Marco's lap and planted a deep passionate kiss on Marco's lips as he rubbed the mixture into Marco's olive skinned chest and over his shoulders. While the two continued to make out, Eli would continually scoop up handfuls of the mixture from the vat on the table and slather it all up and down his lover's torso and arms.Marco felt too amazing to complain or even question what his boyfriend was doing to him. His boyfriend was effectively giving him a full body massage. Eli's plus sized booty was so huge that his gigantic, supple cheeks were effectively jacking off Marco's massive dick while Eli was grinding against him. By this time Marco's entire upper body was tingling from the copious dosage of the gel that had been applied to him. He could actually feel his muscles beginning to swell all over his body.By the time they broke apart, Marco was gasping for breath, but this was more a result of his arousal reaching critical levels than because of an inability to breathe during their passionate kissing. Eli looked a little flustered as well, but he didn't let it slow him down at all as he grabbed another couple of handfuls of gel and kneaded it into his lover's pecs."A... Another?" Marco cooed softly as he stared at his lover. Not even he was sure if he was questioning Eli's actions or egging the blond on. Marco's chest was already looking very well defined, but Marco was obsessed with pecs; a fixation that he had shared with Eli on numerous occasions. In that regard they were very much alike."I know how much you've always wanted nice, big pecs." Eli responded coyly as he rubbed the remnants of his last handful into his lover's chest. Eli flashed his boyfriend a playful grin and grabbed a couple small gobs of gel. "I think you're gonna really love them when I'm done." With that Eli reached in and playfully tweaked his boyfriend's small nipples, effectively slathering the tiny nubs with yet another dose of the growth serum in the process.Marco's nipples were never all that sensitive, but somehow the small pinch sent shockwaves up his spine. It felt surprisingly good. He wondered what effect the gel would have on them, but he was already having a hard time seeing over his steadily expanding shelf of pectoral muscles.Eli grabbed a few more handfuls and went to work slowly rubbing the mixture into the regions of his boyfriend's body that he had previously been unable to get. The effects of the first dosage were already becoming very apparent. Marco's previously lean, dark skinned body was swelling up on all sides. His previously inconsequential muscles grew and swelled before their very eyes. His previously flat gut began to form small bumps as his abdominal muscles grew enough to become pronounced. His sinewy arms swelled and gained definition as his biceps, triceps, and forearms grew and swelled. The muscles on his shoulders and along the sides of his neck slowly grew and bulged out as his traps and delts slowly took shape. His legs went from wirey stalks to being pillars of thick brawn. Each bulging quad was as thick as his narrow torso had been just minutes before.Eli stood back and surveyed his handiwork. His lover was already looking like a fitness model, except for his pecs which were far larger than any other muscle on his body. Marco's massive pecs were like two massive, extra firm, king sized pillows of pure masculine brawn. His previously tiny, dime sized areolas were now the size of a milk cap and puffed up an inch above his burly pecs. Marco's impressive physique was augmented by his absolutely massive cock and balls. His huge dick was steadily creeping closer and closer to fifteen inches and was already thicker around than Eli's arms. Marco's gigantic nuts were already passing the size of basketballs and were hanging so low past over the edge of his seat that they dangled halfway the floor. Each of his massive balls was heavily laden with thick, pent up cum.Eli looked down at his handiwork with a lascivious grin. "Hmm... You look about ready to blow." He mused playfully. "Let's have some real fun." He added with a devious glint in his eyes. Marco was too wracked with pleasure to even muster a comeback. All he could do was lie there and soak up the intense pleasure of his steady expansion. He became vaguely aware that Eli was gathering another couple of huge handfuls of the formula, but it didn't dawn on Marco what Eli was planning until Eli's hands were already sliding against Marco's massive cock.Eli didn't rub the mixture into Marco's cock, though. Instead he spread it around just enough so that Marco's dick was completely coated in a white, glistening layer of gel. Marco already knew that this was going to make his dick absolutely massive, but it was far too late to turn back now. He was also secretly excited by the prospect. He had always half-joked with Eli about having a cock that was as big as the rest of his body. At the time, Marco had hoped that Eli had just taken it as a joke and had not caught on to the underlying truth of his statement, but the glint in Eli's eyes made it all too clear that his blond lover was in on it from the start. Marco slumped backed in his chair and stared on in awe as his boyfriend climbed up on top of him and began to slowly lower himself down upon the humongous shaft.Marco's gigantic cock split Eli wider than anything he had ever ridden. The blond was in a state of enhanced ecstasy as he slowly took more and more of the massive shaft deep inside of him. It shouldn't even have been physically possible for him to take such a beast, but once again, it seemed his theory was correct. The constant rubbing of Marco's huge dick against his insides was causing the thick laminate of gel to rub into Marco's cock and Eli's insides. As the gel continued to soak in and absorb into his body, Eli could feel his insides shift and adjust to make room for Marco's steadily expanding cock. The added dose was causing Eli's lover's thick Latin cock to grow and swell rapidly. Eli was so lost in the sensations that he couldn't even speak. He could barely even grunt in raw feral passion as he repeatedly shifted himself up and down along his lover's gargantuan cock.Eli was cumming hard by the third thrust. Huge, thick gooey wads of spunk spewed forth from his nearly foot long cock and splattered against his lover's broad, burly chest. The vast quantity of spooge stored in Eli's large, basketball sized nuts was flooding from his cock at hitherto unheard of rates. Each gush of jizz was enough to coat much of Marco's massive pecs. Eli stared intently at his lover's phenomenal pecs as the thick wads of cum dripped off of them. The blond had never been hornier than he was in that very moment.With every passing second, he could feel Marco's already massive dick growing larger and larger. Finally it got to the point where it felt like Marco's dick was in danger out outgrowing Eli's entire body. Eli reluctantly lifted himself off his boyfriend's enormous cock and collapsed into a well-fucked heap atop Marco's massive, brawny, olive skinned chest. He listened to his boyfriend's heavy breaths as he felt the steady rise and fall of his lover's burly chest. Eli was soaking in his own cum, but that just made the moment all the more tender.Marco had been struggling to hold back what was sure to be the biggest, messiest orgasm of all time. Even with his brain as addled by lust as it currently was, he couldn't shake the fear that he could seriously hurt his boyfriend if he unloaded inside the slender blond's amazing ass. Marco was overjoyed when he saw Eli finally lift off of his cock and collapse against his chest. The true extent of his most recent growth finally became apparent to him. His cock was simply massive. It was already over two feet long and was as big around as his thick, burly forearm. It was a miracle that Eli had even been able to take that inside of him without any serious pain.Now that he no longer had to worry about the safety of his boyfriend, Marco's mind was overloaded by the sheer size of his cock. He was filled with a sense of pride and something else as well. Something about the sheer magnitude of his tool brought him over the edge. He just couldn't get over how amazing his gigantic cock looked or how wonderful it felt as it blasted cum all over the ceiling. Thick gobs of jizz rained down on the pair of lovers, quickly coating them both from head to toe, and still Marco kept cumming. His globe sized nuts showed no sign of stopping. That was alright with him though. He was in such a state of pure, unbridled sexual bliss that he didn't care if he never came down from it. Again and again he shot massive, heavy ropes of jizz into the air. Even after the sixth and seventh eruption he was showing no signs of slowing. It wasn't until the thirteenth shot that his torrent of jizz finally began to taper. By that time both he and his boyfriend were th! oroughly coated in his spunk.The two of them laid there for almost an hour just basking in the afterglow and enjoying each other's company. Finally it came time for them to get cleaned up. The cum that covered both of them head to toe was getting so dry and crusty that it actually was beginning to be painful to leave it on. The two lovers said a few parting words and staggered off to their own personal shower stalls. They wanted to stay together and even shower in the same stall, but they both knew there was no way they would fit. Marco was so massive by this point that they weren't even sure if he could get just his own bulk into one of the stalls.After his shower, Eli took a seat on the couch to wait for his lover to finish up. It felt so nice to sit upon his massive, cushiony ass. His butt had grown even more since he had used the serum the first time. He couldn't be sure how much, but his butt now provided so much extra padding that he was sitting almost a foot above the couch cushion. His hips had also gotten much wider. A cursory glance made them appear to be well over twice as wide as his narrow waist.Eli's dick had mostly stabilized in terms of size, but it was already capping out at a foot long and as big around as his fist. His nuts had even grown some more since he had finished making sweet, passionate to love to Marco in the dining room. They now hung down to his knees, and each engorged nut was nearing the size of a medicine ball.Marco couldn't keep his hands off of himself in the shower. He just kept feeling up each and every massive, bulging muscle in his body. All of his muscles in his body had swollen even more since the last dosage. What had been a very well defined six pack set of abs was now a deeply trenched eight pack. His quads which had previously rivaled Eli's waist for sheer girth now were as thick as tree trunks. Each bulging bicep was as huge as Eli's head and Marco wasn't even making an effort to flex them. The real prize winning changes were Marco's pecs, cock and balls, though.Marco's nuts were the size of beach balls. They were so huge and hefty that they hung down past his knees. His massive, thick cock draped over his huge sack still dangled past his balls. The shaft was almost as thick as Eli's narrow waist. The beast had to be at least three feet long and was looking like it would hit the four foot mark in the near future.Marco's pecs had swelled up so much that each individual slab of brawn dwarfed Eli's entire torso. The huge, dense muscles protruded over a foot in front of Marco's dark skinned torso. Marco's areolas had increased in size to the point where each dark, puffy circle was now the size of a CD, and the rock hard, erect nipple protruded out a couple inches. Each enlarged nipple was so thick that it looked like the top of a baby bottle. There was even a definite trickle of white liquid dribbling out from Marco's nipples.Marco couldn't help but confirm his suspicions. He cupped a hand under the flow of liquid from his nipples and lifted it to his lips. He was surprised by the taste. It tasted wonderful. It was obvious that he was leaking milk from his nipples, but it was the most rich, full bodied milk he had ever drank. He wasn't sure why this was happening, but he wasn't particularly worried. The only thing on his mind was finishing up and getting back into the company of his beautiful blond lover.When Marco finished his shower, he found Eli passed out on the couch. He couldn't help but smile at how cute and beautiful his blond boyfriend looked. Eli had a habit of not sleeping much when he was in full scale research mode, and there was no telling how sleep deprived the little scientist was. Marco crept has silently as he could with his now bulky body and tenderly scooped up the slender man. He was surprised at just how light Eli was now. Even with his vastly enhanced butt, balls, and cock, the scientist was light as a feather. Marco felt another rush of exhilaration at his newly enhanced muscles as he gingerly carried his sleeping boyfriend back to their bed.Marco left Eli there to sleep as he went to work cleaning up the mess he had made. The kitchen was easy enough to clean up, but he still had to clean up the groceries off the front steps. He fumbled awkwardly through his wardrobe for a bit and eventually found an outfit that almost fit. His old open sided muscle shirt fit him like a glove now whereas before it had been so loose that it looked like he had a tent wrapped around his neck. He also had a pair of workout shorts that used to be extremely loose which now hugged his beefy waist and bulging quads perfectly. The only problem was that his cock and balls were simply far too massive to hide. His junk strained against the front of his shorts and pulled the front of the waistband down almost a foot. Almost half of his cock was openly on display for anyone to see as was the top of his sack. The added weight up front also caused the top half of his massive, beefy ass to stick up over his waistband as well, but it was still be! tter than going around naked.He was glad that it was already dark out as he fumbled around in his state of dubious dress. He just hoped that none of the neighbors happened to look out and see him. His humongous package was making bending down an interesting task. He had to actually squat down to pick things up as opposed to just bending over, but with his new and improved physique, squats proved to be extremely easy for him. He didn't even break a sweat. He actually enjoyed it, especially since his huge nuts would touch the ground each time he squatted down. Each and every item he picked up was a reminder of just how huge and hung he was now. What Marco wasn't aware of, though, was that each squat caused his shorts to ride down a little lower, giving the entire neighborhood a full view of his glorious ass. By the time he had finally cleaned up the mess in front of his house, he had attracted quite a few admirers.With the house cleaned up, Marco decided to join his boyfriend in bed. It had been a long day, and all the growth was so exhausting that he felt like he could sleep for days. Marco peeled off his awkwardly fitting clothes and tossed them on the floor as he approached his and Eli's shared bed and quickly realized that he was far too large to crawl in beside his boyfriend. He wasn't about to be so easily put off, though, and Eli was quite a sound sleeper, especially when he was as exhausted as he undoubtedly was tonight.When Eli finally awoke, he was immediately surprised by just how firm his bed was. Once his vision cleared, he quickly realized why. He was sleeping atop his hulking boyfriend. What he had thought had been his pillows were actually his boyfriend's massively swollen pecs. It was obvious that Marco had bulked up even more during the night, and Eli could only assume that he had grown some more too. Eli had to shake and shimmy his way out from his boyfriend's thick, brawny arms, but he managed to crawl out of bed without waking the hulk. Eli took a look back at his now massive lover before leaving the room and was shocked and more than a little aroused at just how huge he was all over.Eli staggered into the restroom and scoped out his own changes in the mirror. His cock hadn't grown much since the night before. It had only added another inch, and was closing in on thirteen inches, but his nuts had grown quite a lot. In the hours that he had been out cold they had almost doubled in size. They were now the sizes of beach balls. His hips had grown too, although the changes there were less pronounced. His hips were now closing in on being three times as wide as his narrow waist.Eli heard the sound of the bed and floorboards creaking and he knew that Marco was awake now, too. He wasn't sure just how well his lover would take having grown as much as he had, but there was no sense in stalling. Eli walked back into the bedroom and was floored by what he saw. Marco was beyond massive. His upper body had swollen up much more than his lower body, and now his broad, muscular chest was twice as wide as his buff hips. Each and every groove and contour of his muscles was so deep that the light could not reach the bottom. The deep shadows just served to accentuate his astounding musculature even more.Marco didn't seem upset, though. Far from it. He was too enamored with his buff physique to even acknowledge Eli at first. He slowly ran a hand over his swole arms and his ripped torso as he moaned and cooed softly. He was absolutely smitten with his now even buffer body. "You really know how to make a guy feel great, babe." Marco murmured softly without even looking up at his lover.Eli couldn't bring himself to say anything. He just wanted to bask in the sheer size of his lover's muscles and cock. Marco's junk had grown considerably overnight as well. His now beanbag chair sized nuts hung so low that they dangled around his ankles, and his massive, three foot long cock was easily thicker as Eli's torso. Eli's own thirteen inches rose to attention just from being in the presence of such raw, masculinity.Eli would have jumped Marco's gigantic bone right then and there, but he was feeling extremely weak and faint. He was absolutely famished, and judging by the audible rumble from behind the solid wall of Marco's deep cut, eight pack abs, Eli's massive, swole lover was in the same boat.Eli looked over at the clock beside the bed and noticed that it was already mid afternoon. They had been out cold for over twelve hours. "Want to go get some dinner?" Eli tried to ask as casually as he could, but his raging boner and flushed face gave him away."Sure. We don't have much in the house anymore, anyway." Marco concurred. "I salvaged what I could, but most of the frozen stuff spoiled before I got to it." He added sheepishly. The sight of such a huge, beefy man looking so apologetic and gentle made Eli's heart flutter. He was reminded of just why he had fallen for Marco in the first place. Marco's growth hadn't diminished his gentle nature at all, in fact it seemed like it even enhanced it.The two of them quickly threw on some clothes and set out for the little diner around the block. Eli was able to dress more or less normally. He threw on an old pair of Marco's sweatpants which had been extremely loose on him before, but now hugged his ample butt and hips tightly. His massive balls strained noticeably against the front. The top half of his body was the same as it ever was, though. Eli opted to complete the set and wear one of Marco's old hoodies. It was huge and baggy on him, but he loved being wrapped in his lover's scent.Marco wore the same outfit he had worn the night before when he cleaned up the spilled groceries, but today it fit him far worse. The muscle shirt didn't even completely cover his massive, swollen pecs. The bottom of the shirt stopped right above the bottom of his pecs. His torso was now so wide that his bulging lats spilled out the huge armholes. The shirt barely even covered half his pecs. His now huge, salad plate sized, puffy areolas were left completely exposed. His nipples were now so huge and thick that they stuck out quite a few inches from his chest and were as thick around as a Wiimote. His nipples were dribbling large amounts of liquid, but Marco tried his best to ignore it. Eli, however couldn't take his eyes off of them.Marco's shorts were stretched so tight across his ass that they appeared to be little more than low riding speedos from the back. From the front, though they were completely indecent. His nuts didn't even fully fit into the front of his shorts, and his cock was left to completely fly free. Marco had tried to cover this up by tying a sheet to his waist like an apron, but the massive outline of his huge cock was still painfully obvious to anyone who looked in his general direction.The couple received several looks as they made their slow, steady stroll towards the diner. No one said anything, though. It seemed that they had just barely managed to remain in dress code, but it was obvious that many people, especially those that had seen them on a regular basis were surprised by the sudden changes they had undergone. When they finally arrived at the diner, they were shown to their seats by a waitress. The waitress had known them for over a year now and said nothing, but it obvious that she too was shocked, concerned, and even a little aroused. She took their orders, but other than that she let them be."Can I feel your chest?" Eli asked suddenly. He hadn't been able to take his eyes off his lover's massive pecs throughout the entire walk."When do you ever need to ask?" Marco responded pleasantly. He flashed his little lover the biggest most heartwarming grin he could manage.Eli couldn't help himself. He had to confirm his suspicions as well as satisfy his more carnal desires. He leaned forward so that he practically lying across the table and began sensually kneading his lover's pecs. To his surprise Marco's chest wasn't feeling as firm as he had expected. Both massive pecs had taken on a slightly squishy, almost spongy consistency. He dug his fingers in and squeezed Marco's brawny chest. Eli was only partially surprised to see small trickle of liquid from Marco's nipples turn into a full fledged squirt.Marco moaned sensually in spite of himself as warm, fresh milk shot from his nipples. Eli grinned devilishly as he noticed this and moved in to experiment with this new development. He already found Marco's massive pectoral muscles phenomenally sexy, but the flow of milk somehow made them even hotter. Eli crawled up onto and over the table as he continued to sensually knead and rub his lover's chest. The blond moved his mouth closer to one of the enlarged nipples and began to passionately suckle it. He immediately felt a wash of warm liquid flood into his mouth. He was surprised at just how sweet and deep the flavor was. He had never had anything quite like it in his life.Eli found himself with a bit of a dilemma. He was so enamored with his lover's newly enhanced pecs that he wanted to worship every inch of them, and yet, at the same time he felt it would be a shame to let this wonderful nectar go to waste. He ended up working out a compromise where he would slowly travel from one nipple to the other, licking and nuzzling a trail back and forth as he basked in the glory of Marco's gigantic, burly chest. When he reached the midpoint, Eli found that the small strip of fabric was getting in the way."Lift your arms for a sec, babe." He commanded sensually as he slowly peeled his lover's skin tight muscle shirt up over Marco's bulging pecs. Marco was soon left with his arms stuck lifted straight up while his shirt pooled around his neck. Eli buried his face between the two brawny slabs and deeply nuzzled into the crevasse, soaking up every sensation he could about his lover's new body.Eli was so overcome with passion and hormones that his cock quickly became completely hard all over again. His rigid dick began to leak and dribble pre all over the front of his tight, grey sweatpants as Eli continued to worship his lover's glorious chest. It wasn't long before Eli was so overwhelmed with passion for his boyfriend's amazing pecs that his cock spurted thick, creamy jizz all over the front of his pants.Marco was getting worked up from the passionate nuzzling and suckling his lover was giving his pecs. The more and more attention his lover gave to his chest, the harder and harder Marco's cock became. He was streaming pre like a fountain long before Eli creamed his pants, but Marco didn't dare let loose in public. He struggled to hold back, but in the end, Eli's passionate sucking and nuzzling proved to be too much. Marco let out a long, low, sensual moan as his cock began spewing forth jizz like a geyser. His huge load crashed against the seat on the opposite side of their stall. Marco wrapped his huge, powerful arms around his slender lover and hugged Eli passionately as his cock lurched and bucked.Marco's gigantic hail of jizz quickly coated the entire seat and dripped down onto the floor. There just seemed to be no end of spunk stored in his massive, beanbag chair sized nuts. With each powerful gush he felt like his legs would turn to jelly. When the massive torrent of spunk finally subsided, Marco slowly sank down in his seat with his little boyfriend still clutched lovingly to his chest. He could feel the deep pool of spunk pooling around his feet. He figured everyone else in the diner could see the giant puddle of jizz that was slowly spreading out across the tile, but he couldn't bring himself to care. The two of them stayed there for some time, enjoying each other's company and enjoying the afterglow until finally their food came.The waitress gave them a confused look, not because she didn't know what had happened, but because she was surprised that these two long time costumers would act in such a way. The hefty tip that Eli left more than made up for the inconvenience of having to scrub down the lake of spooge, though, and just about everyone in the restaurant that afternoon had enjoyed the show.A few weeks later, Eli came back home from a business meeting. His stylish pants hugged his now amazingly curvaceous hips. His massive hips were easily three times as wide as his slender waist now. The growth had tapered off substantially after the first couple of day, but they still had not stopped altogether. Eli wasn't even sure if the growth would ever stop, but he was enjoying his new size so much that he wasn't too interested in running the necessary tests to determine when or if they would stop growing."I'm home, babe." Eli called to his lover as he stepped through the doorway. It was a tight fit for him now due to his massive ass, but he was used to it. Eli's butt was now so huge that it protruded a good two feet behind him, yet despite its size, it remained as firm and shapely as ever. He was the proud owner of the biggest, roundest, bubble butt the world had ever seen, and he was sure to wear clothes that drew as much attention to it as possible. These pants styles often looked effeminate or girly, but that was just fine with Eli. He was beyond worrying about hiding his girly side by now, and no one really gave him any grief for it either. Then again, few people would dare call his masculinity into question when the massive bulge caused by his fourteen inch long, milk jug thick cock and his two enormous beach ball sized nuts was plainly visible to anyone who saw him."Hey, El! How was the meeting?" Marco called excitedly from the living room. The enthusiasm was apparent in his voice, but his voice sounded somehow strained and breathy. Eli stepped into the front room to see his boyfriend sitting exactly where he had been since this morning. Marco's gargantuan five foot long, perpetually boned cock was hooked up to a giant pump that was draining the spunk from his seemingly infinite reserve of spooge. Marco's balls were so massive by this point that they filled the entire space between his feet and his crotch and then some. Each mammoth orb was almost three hundred pounds of sloshing cum."You took your pumps off." Eli responded. A slight hint of concern was audible in his voice as he glanced at his lover's exposed chest. Marco's chest was now so broad that it was as wide across as Eli was tall. The massive, brawny slabs of muscle extended over three feet out from his torso. His enormous areolas were now getting close to the size of dinner plates. The gigantic nipples were as thick around as a coke bottle and stuck out several inches from his chest. A steady stream of milk flowed from either of his engorged nipples."I wanted to make sure there was plenty left for you when you got home." Marco replied, giving his chest a soft squeeze for emphasis. His voice still strained and unsteady from the perpetual state of orgasm he was in. The squeeze caused his nipples to spurt forth milk like a fountain."Oh, that's so sweet, babe. I'll be over there in just a minute to help myself to some of that." Eli responded, flashing his boyfriend a sly wink as he did so."But first tell me. What did they say?" Marco pleaded once more."The investors loved our product pitch." Eli explained with a huge smile forming on his face. "But that means you're going to need to really step up your production to meet these new demands." Eli added with a devious glint in his eyes as he set a giant jug of their new product "OmniGro" on the table in front of his boyfriend. ------------------------------- [Next Chapter]
  20. I did a re-write on Part 2 so it would match with the ending. Part 1 https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4854-outgrown-by-dad-tax-man/ Part 2 Patrick felt like he was swimming through water. Every so often he would see a light and some moving shadows in his view. Time seemed to stand still as he floated in complete silence until a deep muffled voice resonated through his "zone." When the sound reverberated all around him, he felt like time was scooping him up and taking him away to somewhere unknown. The light brightened and the figured in it began to take a sharper shape. The fuzzy lines filling in with more defined borders. Those borders composed the frame of a man's face. The more definition that was revealed, the handsomer and stronger looking the face looked. More and more as the face was unveiled by the foggyness. The lines showed a look of concern then the mouth curled up into a gentle smile. The man said something he couldn't understand but at that moment he felt as though he were on a plane and had just landed. The sudden feeling jolted him a little but he recovered enough to see the handsome man again in full clarity. Taking him in his sight he saw how big and strong the man really was, but his brain didn't register any threat from him. Patrick knew there was something wrong, but he had no energy to react to it. Ignoring that feeling made him feel better then and was much less work. "It looks like he's waking up. We better make sure he's secure," a deep voice said looking off to the side before looking back down at him. The face had a small smile that showed relief. "Mr. Branson, I am Officer Hoff. You are safe and you will remain so under the care of the Metro Police." Officer Hoff said softly to him. Patrick got a clearer look at Officer Hoff. He was pale white with fiery red hair mixed with a brilliant grey spiked in a military cut. His face reminded Patrick of an old Scotsman. The Officer's face was weathered and aged but his featured were distinctly chiseled showing off his strong lantern jaw. Officer Hoff's face was so defined that every expression caused his face to bulge and flex dramatically enhancing his expressions. The muscular face was mounted on a head which was mounted on a neck that looked almost twice as wide and bulged with every slightest movement. Veins pulsed all over the neck and face. Hoff's neck was surrounded by gigantic bulging trapezius muscles that bulged up to his ears. The Officer's blue uniform shirt audibly strained as he moved them. Patrick's vision was still slightly blurry as he was still coming to, but it only confirmed to him that he was in the presence of a very large man. "We have to make sure that he's willing to go through with the testimony. He may be our only chance," A deep but jovial sounding English voice sounded. The Brit's voice was very loud and very posh. Other words were exchanged but Patrick but he was too busy trying to figure out where he was. Patrick was able to feel his surroundings. He felt like he way lying in a bed. The large man's head moved out of his line of vision and Patrick was able to focus on a smoke detector on the ceiling. He was reminded of a hotel room. Patrick turned his head to the side. When he did his view was filled with the sight of an extremely large man. It was the same man who's face he had seen before. But now, Patrick had the complete picture of just how collossal this officer was. The blue uniform barely contained the bulging mountains of sinew beneath them. It was also no wonder why the officer chose to wear shorts and a short sleeved uniform. The man's arms and legs bulged out so dramatically that any flex would have ripped apart any sleeve or pant leg. It was bad enough the buttons on his uniform shirt looked like they were going to pop off at any moment. Patrick found himself mentally sizing up the man. The man had to be at least 8 feet tall and his hairy bare arms were bigger than Patrick's own chest. Patrick could practically curl up on the massive man's chest and use it as a bed. The officer's hairy legs were as big as his torso and seemed to explode with size as they made the slightest movement. The bulge on the massive officer strained his shorts to the limit. Patrick couldn't see the man's calves but he had to assume they were as big if not bigger than the close to watermelon sized forearms. The big man's face was smiling at him when Patrick gazed upon it. It was then that Patrick also realized that he was getting hard looking at the massive officer. The officer's smile continued as Patrick tried to cover his embarassment. "It's okay man. We're all men here." The officer said with a small laugh. The officer's voice was soft and comforting in contrast to his masculine alpha maleness that oozed from him. Patrick felt comfortable around the officer. Sighing in relief, Patrick laid back on the bed and turned his head the opposite direction. Patrick jumped when he got a view of another wall of muscle man sitting off to that side. The massive man jumped as well which caused him lean back a little too far in the normal sized chair that he sat in. The chair collapsed and soon the man crashed to the floor on his butt and deep resounding "Oh dear!" Patrick was astounded and the officer started laughing really hard. When the dust settled, the large man looked around somewhat dazed before shaking his head a bit and looking straight at Patrick. The huge man's face morphed into a goofy grin. "Hullo there!" The huge man bellowed in a deep posh English accent that belied the disheveled look that the big man sported. Patrick sized up the huge Englishman with lustful eyes. He had to be about nine feet tall and twice as big and wide as the officer. Every muscle exploded even more dramatically with the slightest movement. The weirdest thing about the guy was the fact that he looked like he had attempted to dress nicely in a tweed suit and tie which had long since lost the battle to contain the mountainous masses of muscle. The suit jacket and dress shirt underneath were split wide. All the buttons had long since popped off. The jacket's sleeves were ripped off, probably after the Englishman realized it was hopeless to keep his arms covered. The pant legs fared no better. They had obviously been cut off above mid thigh, most likely to try and contain a growing tear in a seam. The sight was ridiculous yet extremely manly at the same time. Patrick looked between the two massive men on either side of his bed. "Patrick, this is Alfred Tingle of the London labratory that makes the V supplement." Officer Hoff motioned toward Alfred in introduction. "Please, do call me Alfie." Alfie said softly with a huge grandpa-like smile. His balding head with a ring of silver white hair was framed on a set of traps and shoulders so massive Patrick felt he could definitely use them as a bed. Alfie stretched out a massive hand attached to an arm that looked bigger around than Patrick's chest. Patrick took the hand and shook it noting that the hand not only engulfed his, but also his wrist and part of his upper arm. The man could likely palm one of those exercise balls like a basketball. "What am I doing here?" Patrick asked tentatively. "You're now in the witness protection program." Officer Hoff said. "Your testimony is needed by two entities." "Testimony?" Patrick wondered. "Yes, you see, my lab needs information regarding your father. We have been recieving reports of V'd men going insane. Obviously, this is alarming and we need to figure out why as soon as possible." There was urgency in Alfie's voice. "You are also needed by the IRS." Officer Hoff added. "The IRS?" Patrick gasped. "I made sure all of those books were bala...." Patrick stopped himself. "He didn't." "Oh yes he did. He's been dodging the IRS for a long time. We've gotten some word about some illegal buisness practices as well. So the IRS is the least of his problems. All they ask is for him to pay his taxes. He still has to deal with the SEC and the many banks he ripped off." "Oh no!" Patrick sighed and put his head in his hands. "I bet I'm gonna take the fall for it too, that's usually how it ends up now a days. He gets all the glory, I get shit on." "Not this time. The government sees no evidence of you being involved in any of this at least for now. If something does come up, the government is willing to provide you immunity for your testimony." Officer Hoff offered. "But... I can't testify against my dad! He'll kill me!" Patrick sat bolt upright, his words fearful. "Calm down. You'll be fine. I'm your security detail and judging by what London sent, I assume this guy is also part of your security detail." Officer Hoff surmised looking the massive Englishman up and down. "I'm actually a scientist, although I can assume why they sent someone like me from what I hear. I'll be happy to protect you." Alfie's words were almost endearing. Patrick paused and tears were welling up in his eyes. "Thank you. Thank you! Thank you so much!" Patrick nearly tumbled off the bed only to land in Alfie's giant muscular arms. Alfie arms instantly hugged him securely but gently. Patrick began to cry. "My life has been a nightmare! Please tell me it's over!" Patrick cried, his voice muffled against Alfie's jacket. "I will guarantee you, your nightmare is over Patrick." Alfie said quietly. Alfie looked at Officer Hoff with mild concern. Officer Hoff's face hardened and became determined. "What do you think would cause a man, no less a father, turn on his own son like that?" Officer Hoff asked with some disdain. "Our techs don't know yet. Were doing some testing and stats to find out. There has to be something in the brain that causes such a dramatic change in behavior." Alfie wondered before turning his head down to the now calm and content Patrick. "Patrick, I'm gonna have to ask you some questions about your father's past. Do you think you can answer them?" Alfie asked quietly sounding a little condecending which he didn't intend, almost sounding like he was trying to talk to a child or pet. Alfie cringed after he said it but no one seemed to pick up on the unintended tone. Patrick nodded without a word. "Okay then, we'll work on this a little later. You've been through a lot. You're probably hungry and tired. I'm gonna go get us some food, Alfie's gonna stay with you." Officer Hoff said nodding to Alfie before getting up and leaving the room.
  21. The Cure for Muscle Dysmorphia: A MasterThanatos Fanfic Part 1 of 2 “So tell me why you’ve come.” “I’m not big enough,” said the 18-year old hunk, adjusting his glasses. “You look pretty huge to me.” “Yeah but compared to the guys in Mr Olympia I’m a bloody toothpick.” “Alex – can I call you Alex? You’re certainly no toothpick.” Dr Glish read off at the bodybuilder’s impressive stats from the sheet on the desk between them. “8% bodyfat, 200 pounds, 16 inch arms…I’d say you’re pretty massive, Alex. Certainly one of the biggest teens around.” He paused, noticing an extra detail on the sheet. “And you just turned 18 today? You must admit, you’re pretty incredible for your age!” Alex's other stats - IQ, academic achievements - were equally staggering, but Glish's gaze skipped over them. After all, this meeting wasn't about brains. This was about MUSCLE. Alex snorted. “Yeah well, normal guys like you…like my little worshippers on muscle-growth.org…well, you see guys like me and think, fuck you’re big…but when I compare myself to some of the guys out there, all I see is a skinny little runt.” He held up his arm and flexed his bicep. The enormous muscle instantly swelled into a vast peak of thickly veined striations. He pumped his engorged arm a few times for good measure and the muscle seemed to respond by growing even more massive. The doctor was speechless (not to mention having a raging hard-on.) “See,” Alex sighed. “I’m skinny as hell.” Glish tried to regain his professional composure but it was difficult. After all, his lust of huge muscular men was what had led him down this path anyway. He had graduated from Cambridge with a PhD in bodybuilding psychology and had gone on to research the phenomenon of muscle dysmorphia. It gave him the opportunity to interview lots of enormously muscular young men under the subtext of helping them with their problem. Some of the young men would flex for him, as Alex was doing, and a few had even let him feel their muscles. His job was to make them feel more positive about themselves and their bodies, so his natural inclination for worship served him in good stead. “You’re enormous…a ripped musclegod…” He gasped, his mouth dry. He desperately hoped that Alex would allow him to get his fingers around the steely mountain, but to his disappointment the teen titan lowered his arm again. “Look doc, I know you’re only trying to make me feel better by saying such nice things about my muscles. That’s your job, right? But I’m not looking for praise.” He smirked. “I mean, I bloody LOVE getting told how huge and ripped I am by little guys like you, I can’t get enough of it, don’t get me wrong…but at the moment I don’t need a confidence boost…I just want to stop feeling this way. Do you know how depressing it is just wishing you were as big as someone else?” Trembling, the doctor snatched up his mug of tea and took a quick gulp to rehydrate his mouth. Alex – or MasterThanatos, as he was known to his worshippers – had such an earnest look on his brutishly handsome young face that Glish couldn’t help but feel a little pity for the muscle stud before him. He knew first-hand what it was like to live with an obsession. “It’s my worshippers’ fault,” Alex admitted with a shrug, a move that caused the striated masses of his deltoids to strain against the flimsy material of his t-shirt either side of his square jaw. “And mine too I guess. All that talk about getting massive, you know? It’s taking over my life.” He took off his glasses and cleaned them on his t-shirt. “I have A-level exams in a couple of months. Then uni after that. Having this constant desire for muscle…this need to be bigger and bigger…it has saturated every fibre of my being, and everything else – even my own studies, my own academic successes – just seem pale and insipid in comparison.” He huffed, big chest contracting, warping the logo on his t-shirt, and slipped his glasses back on. “I know I should be happy with the gains I've already made...but I'm just not, you know? Not while there's someone else out there who's bigger than me. So anyway, one of my worshippers gave me your details, so I looked you up. A bodybuilding psychologist, right? So...you can do something to cure my condition?” The doctor had been dying for Alex to ask about that, he practically squealed with delight. “Yes, that’s right my muscular friend. A few months ago I realised that, while psychology can help ease the mental condition of muscle dysmorphia in bodybuilders, it can never truly eliminate it. But, after painstaking work, I can assure you that, through science, I have developed a cure. A guarantee that you will never again feel depressed when you see a bigger bodybuilder than you. And you are the very first person I would be trying the cure out on.” “Oh doc,” the teen bodybuilder said, rushing around the table and giving the older man a huge hug, “that sounds great. You don’t know what it’s like, living my life through my muscles, feeling like shit just because my thighs aren’t the same size as the current Mr Olympia or feeling suicidal just because some power lifter down the gym outdoes me on bicep curls! A cure for this unhealthy mental condition sounds like…a dream come true!” Speaking of dreams coming true, Glish was feeling the same way about being pressed up close to the hard muscles of the handsome teen. He loved the crushing muscle embrace, loved feeling the insane, bone-breaking strength of the hyper-teen all around him. His boner poked painfully into Alex’s chiselled abs. He only hoped the muscle-bound stud was too stoked to notice! Alex lowered the doctor to the ground. “Sorry ‘bout that, doc! Guess I got a little excited. So…how does this cure work?” “Come next door with me and I’ll show you.” The doctor led the strutting stud into his back room. It looked a bit like a high tech laboratory, except that there were pictures of morphed bodybuilders all over the walls. “Geez, doc, way to make me feel bad again,” said Alex, eying up the nearest picture, a godlike bodybuilder with biceps that must have been nearly 50 inches around lifting a car above his head, and instantly feeling like a weak little pipsqueak in comparison. “Say, who are these guys?” The doctor was busy filling a syringe full of a silver liquid. “Those guys? They’re what you could be…given time, and a little imagination” “What?” The doctor plunged the syringe into the teen’s arm. His anatomy was a roadmap of veins so it wasn’t exactly difficult to find one. “Ouch!” Alex yelped. “A little warning next time!” The doctor injected all of the silver liquid into the muscle stud’s blood stream and pulled the needle out. “So that’s it?” Asked Alex, wincing and rubbing his arm. “That’s the cure? That’ll help me get rid of my crazy obsession with muscle?” “Well…yes, but not in the way you think,” said the doctor. “You see, what I injected you with were nanites.” “Nanites?” “Microscopic robots designed to respond to your mental commands.” “Whoa! You weren’t kidding when you said you’d said my cure lay in science…though it sounds more like science fiction! So what do these nanites do?” A gleam came into the doctor’s eye. “They build tissue.” “I don’t get it. How’s that supposed to stop me from getting depressed when I see guys bigger than me?” “Because now you will be able to command the nanites to grow you just as big! You’ll never again feel inferior to anyone!” Alex was thrilled. “Doc – this is…amazing.” He had written some pretty weighty scientific papers himself, but his studies had never come close to Glish's amazing discoveries! “Just imagine giving this cure to everyone out there suffering from muscle dysmorphia. They would never again have to feel small or weak…they would never again feel depressed…” The big teen was grinning. “Doc, I’d pick ya up again but I might squeeze you even harder than last time, I’m so happy…” The doctor knew that he would be quite happy to be squashed between the powerful teen’s steel-plated torso and his insanely muscular arms, but didn’t say anything. “So…how does this work then?” Alex asked. “Just give them a mental command. Think how big you want to grow, and the nanites will make it happen.” “Ok, doc,” the teen said, suddenly serious. He adjusted his glasses one final time. “Stand back. It’s GROWING time!” A look of intense concentration appeared on his handsome face.
  22. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Raf asked as I stripped. "I have to. I plan to seduce Mesh and get him to forget your agreement." I answered handing Raf my shirt, "And to seduce him, I have to get massive." "You don't have to. I can live with being your slave, Miguel. I can even live with being his as well." Raf said as he folded my clothes, "But I don't know if I can share you with him." "Raf, it's you I love. And it is you I want as my lover and equal." I confided to him, "But there are two things stopping that. The first, you're a slave, I could accept that if it was your choice to be one rather than you being pressured into it. Second, as long as you are pumped up like this, we can't be equals. This would eventually cause problems later because you got to experience the fantasy we both share and I didn't. Besides, there's a part of you that wants to see me big and freaky like you are now." "Okay, I admit it. I want us both to be like this and fuck each other's brains out. But to share you with him when you're all big and freaky..." Raf moaned, "I don't know if I can stand it." "Easy, big fella." I cautioned him, "I promise you that you'll be my first. After that, it'll be like it has been the last few months. We both are free to see and bed other men. Neither of us really happy about it but the jobs require it. And that's what I think of this as. Just know that's it you that is my strength and it's you that I'm going to spent my life with. Just remember that." "Miguelino." Raf whispered as tears steamed down his face. Hearing his love-name for me, I knew then that my lover was back. But now was not the time for this. "Raf, wipe your face." I told him, "It's time for the show. Just hold on to our love and you'll make it. And remember, you're supposed to be my slave." "I'm already that in the most important way. If you have to do this, lets get it over with quick." Raf said as he wiped away the tears. I handed him the cylinder and we walk back across the locker room. As we headed back to the Room, I mentally prepared myself for the biggest sales campaign and con of my life. The door to Room opened and in we went. I just hoped Raf could play his part. Time to brace the dragon. "Alright, Gil, lets get big." I said when approached Mesh. "Yeah, time to get pumped." Mesh responded, "Mike, take your cylinder in there." Mesh pointed to a glass booth with pedestal inside. "Stud Raf." I commanded and held out my hand. Thankfully Raf played his part perfectly. "Your cylinder, Most Worthy Master." Raf said humbly as he handed me the cylinder. With the cylinder in hand, I stepped into the booth. I turned around and waited. Mesh pointed to the pedestal. Raf made a motion as if he putting something into the pedestal. I looked at the pedestal and saw an opening on the top. I put the cylinder into the opening and then looked back to them. Mesh indicated that I should place my hand in the opening on the side and I did so. A few seconds later, I felt an itching all over my hand. The doctor was busy beind his console, tapping away furiously. He reached behind him to flip a few switched on panel. Lights started flashing from the console. The doctor continued to tap away, every now and then he'd throw a switch on the panel behind him. Suddenly, all the lights on the console turned green. I watched all this activity in a nervous swaet. When will it start? What would feel like? Has it already started? I kept asking myself. The itching in my hand had stopped. Was that it? I didn't feel any different. Looking at Mesh and Raf, I saw that they were still waiting. When Mesh looked over to the doctor, Raf gave me a thumbs up. I caught the movement of Mesh's arm swinging down in a deliberate motion. I gasped involuntarily when it hit me. At first, it felt like I had jumped into an icy river but then a syrupy, sweet warmth flowed through my body. It was very erotic. Next was the pins and needles all over me, penetrating me. I could feel every part of my body very intently, feel how totally seductive it was. I didn't know it the time, being lost in the sensations, but the growth hadn't started yet. It announced itself very profoundly and flowed from muscle to muscle. The start felt like a great pump you'd get from working out with total intensity. The muscles all full and tight stretching the skin taut. Then the muscles began flexing hard and relaxing on their own, I couldn't move if I had wanted to and I didn't. An orgasm of pain and pleasure washed through me as each muscle flexed and an euphoric high followed as them relaxed. It went through each muscle rythmically and systematically until every muscle had been flexed and then it would pause and begin again. During the pauses, I caught my breath and began to feel the changes in my body, the increasing strength, the heaviness and fullness of the muscles and the feeling of growing mass and power. It was intoxicating, the world no longer existed outside of me. I don't know how long the process had been going on, seconds, minutes or even hours, when I got the first evidence of kind mass I was gaining. My lats pressed against my arms forcing up and out; my thighs pressed my knees and feet into wider stances; and during the pauses I could see the thick shelf of my pecs without tilting my head down. I could see how this could be addictive, I didn't want it to stop. But all too soon, it stopped. My vision cleared. I could feel the immensity of my body. I could feel the power and strength of my superhuman muscles I could feel the raw sexual and seductive aura ozzing from me. Damn, all these sensations were sending me reeling. I was losing control of myself. I looked about wildly trying to find something to anchor myself. My eyes found Raf's awe-strucked eyes. 'Raf. That's Raf there. Raf's my lover and I'm his. Yes.' I thought, focusing my mind, regaining control. I regained control of my senses. Looking at Raf, I saw he was kneeling and his 18" cock was fully hard, leaking a river of pre-cum. His arms hung loosely on his lats and his face a vision of rapture. Looking over to Mesh, I saw that his cock had ripped through his silk pants. He was still standing and breathing heavily as he stroked his cock. The hunger I saw before burnt fiercely in his eyes now and that hunger was directed at me. I pulled my hand out from the pedestal and looked at it. It looked like it was covered with the measels, tiny red spots all over my hand. Holding my hand up to light, I got a good look at my foearm. Shit! It was almost as big as most guys thighs and had really thick veins snaking across it. I brought up my right arm and found the same freaky muscle mass there as well. 'If my forearms were this big, how big was I?' I wondered. I had an urge to start flexing right there, just to catch a glimpse of this freaky muscled bod of mine. I fought the urge and started out of the booth. That first step sent a wave of orgasmic pleasure through me, the feel of my rolling wide around each other and brushing against each other at the mid-step was incredible. I forced myself to keep moving. It took six orgasmic steps to reach Mesh and Raf. I was half-hard when I stood in front of them. I felt something thick and wet impacting against my huge quads. When I looked down, I saw Raf that was cumming and his hands were at his sides. Then I felt a hard 'thrack' between my massive pecs. My cock was now fully hard and its head, the size of a large grapefruit, rose above the shelf of my pecs. I was about to grab hold of this majestic fuck-scepter when I heard an agonizing groan from Mesh. When I looked, I found that he had popped his cork as well. I had to see myelf. If I could make Raf shoot without touching himself, I had to been hot and huge. I looked around and spotted a mirror off to the side. Over at the mirror, it was my turn to be shocked and awed. I was beyond huge. Looking myself up and down, from the side, and what I could see of my back, I checked out each freaky muscle. Starting with my calves, or rather my bull elephants, out habit. Damn, I could rent them out to the MLB, they seemed to be that mammoth, even the flexors for my feet were massive. Next, my thighs, they had to be six feet arond each. The definition between each muscle must have been an inch deep. I was surprised that my legs didn't tear out of their sockets with each step. My package was breath taking. My cock was about two and half feet long and over a foot think with inch think veins snaking over it. My balls hung halfway to my knees. Each ball looked to be a foot in diameter. From what I could see of my ass, it made me wish I could fuck myself. Checking out my abs, I saw three inch crevices outlining my eight-pack, intercostals, serratus, and obliques. My pecs were mindblowing. Each pec was at least three feet across and over nine inches thick. My pecs were so thick that my nipples didn't point down, they pointed back towards my body. My delts held the impression of being able to topple maountains. Each head had to be six inches thick. My traps rose from my delts and disappeared somewhere near the top of my head. I could live with not being able to look over my shoulder. My arms were being pushed forward and lifted upwards by my mile wide lats. My arms rested at a sixty degree angle from my shoulders. My biceps were mountainous and I haven't even flexed them yet. I was about to start flexing to see how big these bastards could get when Raf placed his hand on my arm. "Miguel, please fuck me now." Raf pleaded, "I need to feel you inside me while you smother me with those wonderful muscles." It had beem over a month since the last time Raf and I had sex so his request sent me into sexual overdrive. Instead of speaking to him, I picked Raf up by his thick lats and pressed him against my hard cock where rode between his pecs and mine. Sliding him up along the length of my cock until our pecs were pressed firmly together, the head of my cock sat between our pecs. With Raf's face level to mine, I kissed him fiercely driving my tongue deep into his throat and he responded after a moment of surprise. I didn't realize unitl a short time later that I was now taller than Raf. I lowered Raf to the floor and soon had him on his back. Raf placed his feet under my pecs as I lowered my cock to line up with his hole. I traced the crack of his ass with my cock which sent shivers through Raf. I teased his hole by pressing the head of cock against it and then moved along his ass, Raf waited until I was pressing against his hole when he tweaked my nipples with his toes. This caused me plunge into Raf. It seemed foreplay was over. So, I began to slide further into Raf then pull back only to slide a little farther in. I continued this process until I was fully buried inside Raf. There, I rested, pressing my full weight on Raf. "OH MY GOD!" Raf panted, "YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, HARD!" Never one to disappoint a lover. "You got it, stud." I told him as pull back about a foot and drove into him with my full weight behind it. "YEAH! FUCK THAT ASS!" Raf snarled as I pounded his ass, "RIP ME OPEN WITH GIANT MUSCLECOCK! OH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, YEAH!" "Fuckin A'! Stud I'm just warmin' up." I grunted. I grabbed Raf's lats and stood up straight. Raf was pulled up into the air with half my cock still buried in his ass. I thrusted up and forward with my hips as I stopped holding Raf in the air. Raf gasped for air as my thrust and the force of gracity combined to drive my cock even deeper into him. Raf grabbed hold of my biceps to steady himself. With just the power of my hips and legs, I began to thrust up and forward continuously. Raf slid up and down a foot on my cock. Raf was panting and rambling as I gave him the fuck of his life. I varied the speed of my thrusts, faster and slower, to make this last as long as possible. Raf came violently, covering our pecs and abs. His ass spasmed around my cock almost causing me to cum as well. I held off but knew I was too close to hold off for long. I began to accelerate my thrusts faster and faster until my cock was burning inside Raf's ass. I couldn't hold off any more, I CAME. Raf was forced upwards for about six inches from the force of me shooting. I continued to shoot for several minutes. As my cock finished shooting, Raf slid down to its base, his whole body limp. I wrapped my arms around him and sank to my knees. Our hearts beating wildly, I laid us both on the floor to recover, my cock still hard and buried in Raf's ass. We remained there for several minutes. "Mighty, fine fucking display." Mesh said, "Can't wait 'til we're alnoe together, my giant stallion." Mesh, damn, I'd forgotten he was here. I raised myself up off Raf and looked over towards Mesh. I was shocked at what I saw. Not only had Mesh stripped out of his clothes and jerked off but Dr. Soong-Yang was standing there holding a video camera hold me and Raf. My first impulse was to rush the doc and smash the camera but that would interfer with my plans, besides I could get the tape later. I lowered myself down a little and whispered into Raf's ear, "It's show time again." I eased out Raf and his ass became a fountain of cum. My sex-crazed mind was clear now and I wondered how much damage I had caused Raf just now. Unfortunately, I counldn't show my concern. There was a job to do and it was time to do it. "Stud Raf, on your feet, NOW!" I commanded hating myself while doing so, "I did not gave you permission to cum." "S-s-s-sorry, M-m-master." Raf replied as stood unsteadily before me. "Too late for that." I growled at him, "Now, go clean yourself, thoroughly, and get back here and clean your mess off me and the floor. You'd best not make me wait too long and you'd better be clean, I shall inspect you thoroughly to be sure. NOW, MOVE!" Raf jumped and left the room. It was just the three of us now. I stood there waiting, silently. I was forcing Mesh to make the first move and commit himself. The doctor was a non-player in this game, all brains and science now, he hadn't even wondered why Mesh didn't use the process to match me. I knew why he didn't and knowing who he was, I knew why he was fixated on me. "You command like an the ancient warrior-kings." said Mesh appraisingly, "Just right touch of hard command mixed with soothing speak." "Self-made businessmen such as yourself and I are the modern day warrior-kings." I replied. "True." He said, "Never before have I met my match." He was trying to seduce me with flattery. As a salesman, I had run into quite a number of people who'd try to sweet talk their way into better deals so this particular track wouldn't work on me. I decided to play along. "I doubt that." I stated, "Certainly, there had to be one but since you are standing here, you must have brought him low." This comment disturbed him but he seemed to take it as an off-hand compliment. Further conversation was stopped as Raf returned. He sort of hobbled as he walked, carrying soap, water, and washclothes. I assumed the flexed 'relaxed' stance I've seen bodybuilders take during competitions. Under my breath, I told Raf to take his time and try to be erotic as possible. The look in eye told me that he was going to enjoy it. Raf soaped up the cloth. He began working on my pecs. After working up a good lather, ran the cloth acorss each pec then in circles around my nipples. He did this for quite some time, long enough to get me really horny again. When my hardening cock brushed against his quads, he began working his way down. But he didn't rush the washing of my abs, taking time to scrub each crevice. As he worked his way down to my crotch, I glanced over at Mesh and saw that our display was having the results I desired. Mesh was getting really hot and bothered. I had to breathe deep as Raf began soaping up my cock and balls. His loving attention brought me back to full hardness. Raf was doing his damnest to get me to shoot again, probably wanted to bathe me. I had to order him to finish the job. Raf rinsed me off, with his back to Mesh he silently asked 'later?' and I gave him a wink. Raf went to work cleaning the floor while I stretched seductively and arched my back. My hard cock remained vertical. Mesh was enthralled while the good doctor kept filming. I turned slowly as if I were looking around just to give Mesh a chance to see the full package. When my back was fully to Mesh, I stopped and made an audible 'um' as if a thought had just occurred to me. It was time for another piece of the plan to come into play. Again I started stretching, pretending to test my flexability to allay his doubts. I continued testing body parts until I got to my waist. There I made my stance wider and bent over pretending to touch my toes. Watching from between my legs, I saw Mesh's eyes bug out and his breathing get heavier. I moved over each leg as if I were totally unaware continuing the stretching routine. I finished stretching and continued to check out my surroundings, still maintaining the pretense. Raf had finished cleaning the floor by the time I got done baiting Mesh. I decided it was time for a show of strength and Raf would be the perfect one to help me demonstrate it. I called Raf over to me, telling him that it time for his inspection. Raf stood before and presented himself for inspection. I grabbed him by the waist and tossed him onto my shoulders then began inspecting his feet. I continued the inspection but instead of having Raf present the part of the body wanted to check, I moved or tossed him around as if he were a small boy until the area I wanted see was in view. Frightened at first, Raf soon began to enjoy this treatment. Then I recalled something I had read in a few stories, I moved Raf around until he sitting in my hands. I slid my right further underneath Raf until his tail bone sat in the palm of my hand. I, then, removed my left hand and began curling Raf with my right arm. Raf got hard at this display of strength and began leaking pre-cum again. I set Raf down after losing count somewhere around fifty. I had to Raf out of the room. "Stud Raf. You are not clean as I ordered." I growled at him, "Return to the showers. Wash yourself again and continue to wash until I get you. NOW, MOVE!" I watched Raf leave the room. He didn't need to see what was going to happen next, it would just hurt him. I turned my attention fully on Mesh. I strutted ove to Mesh, no I was more blatant and exaggerated than that. I flexed my muscles hard with each step, flaring my lats out to their widest point as stepped in front of him. "So, Gil." I said, "See anything you like?" "Everything looks great. Can't wait for the test drive." Mesh replied. Before Mesh could make his move, I made mine. I grabbed him by his arms and lifted him so that we were face-to-face. While Mesh was still surprised, I pressed him against me and kissed hard. It took him a few seconds to respond and respond he did. Mesh was like an animal, kissing me savagely. This was not simple passion or lust, it was two supremely masculine men striving for dominance over the other. We stayed that way for quite a while neither gaining the edge over the other. After what seemed an eternity, we broke apart, Mesh pushing away first. 'Score one for the hero.' I thought. "Damn, if you make me that hot by just kissing then fucking that ass of yours is going to be explosive." Mesh stated. Didn't think he'd roll over and play dead. Mesh still was trying to prove he was the alpha male here. Part one of my plan was working, his animal brain was in control. Time to put salt into the wound and up the ante. "Only if I fuck your ass first." I demanded. "Never! I fuck. I don't get fucked!" Mesh steamed. "Then, great warrior-king, you'll have to conquer me. So, unless I fuck you first, that is the only way you'll get my ass." I told him coldly, "Now, if will excuse me, I've some important matters to take careof." I turn and started walking away from him. Mesh stood there fuming, anger and lust boiled inside of him. He took the bait now to set the hook. "Where do you think you are going?" Mesh demanded in a deadly voice. "I'm going to check on MY slave to make sure he doesn't drown himself. I only bought him today and I would like to get more use out of him than just a single fuck." I said as went through the door leaving Mesh shaking in rage. I waited outside the door for a few moments and when Mesh didn't come storming through, I breathed a sigh of relief. I wanted Mesh hot, bathered and off balance, not a killing frenzy. Fighting for my life isn't what I'd call a successful seduction. Now, it was time to check on Raf. I walked back to the showers and found him lathered up and lovingly stroking himself. I leaned against the wall and admired his new muscled body. Even though I was bigger than Raf now, I still found him incredibly sexy. "Need a hand with that, stud?" I said to him. "What do you have in mind?" He asked breathing heavily. "Quite a number of things actually but we don't have time for all of them right now." I answered, "Do you remember Chet?" Raf and I had met Chet and his boyfriend, Brad, almost a year ago. Chet had a thing for Raf, more specifically Raf's ass. Chet considered himself a macho top, he believed tops only fuck and get sucked and never the other way around. But according to Brad, Chet secretly wanted to be on both sides, giving and receiving. Funny how people screw themselves with how they think things have to be. So, Raf and I basically ambushed Chet. Raf let Chet fuck him while I snuck in and fucked Chet when they were going at it. Chet fought hard at first but he began to enjoy it. After we came and cleaned up, I apologized to Chet for raping him and explained why. Fortunately, he understood and remained our friend. I believed we faced the same thing with Mesh as we did with Chet. That's why I brought up the subject. Unfortunately, with Mesh we were to have a bigger fight on our hands. "So, you're going to fuck Mesh while he fucks me." Raf replied also remembering that time. "No." I said, "You are going to fuck him." "Me?" Raf said in surprise, "Why me?" "Because it's my ass he wants so it has to be you." I replied, "We're going to be breaking several mindsets at once so this is going to be very dangerous. Even pumped up as we are now, we may not be able to finish this." "We can do it. We're bigger and stronger than he is. Plus, once we start, he'll give in." Raf said confidently. "We can only hope but be prepared for him to fight fiercely, anyway." I said. "So, what's the setup?" Raf asked. "Oh, you get to shove this up my ass." I told him as I grabbed his cock, "But, first, are you alright? I forgot how big I am now." "I'm fine." said Raf as he massaged my glutes, "I've been getting fisted for the last two weeks. You're not much bigger than the guy's arm." "Looks like you've got some stories to tell when we have more time." I said as I laid down on my back, "But, for now, fuck me." Raf's answer wasn't in words. Slipped down in between my legs and plunged his face between my cheeks. Raf soon had me squirming as he rimmed my ass with long muscle-tongue. My cock got hard and rested on my granite abs. My cockhead throbbed as nestled in the canyon of my pecs. Then Raf began tonguing my prostrate. It took a moment to realize just how much Raf had changed, his tongue had been long enough nor strong enough to reach my prostrate before. Raf stopped tonguing my ass and raised my legs as he got to his knees. "Ready to have your muscle-ass fucked? Cause here it comes." said Raf as pushed his cockhead into my ass. I had relaxed my ass muscles as much as I could to handle his, now, larger cock. I was surprised when he slipped in easily. I experimented a little and tighten uo my ass muscles a little. "Um, that's better." Raf cooed as I tighten up some more, "I know he's not hung as I am but I was afraid he had fucked you too loose for this to be really enjoyable." "We didn't fuck." I told him as continued give his cock little squeezes with my ass. "What? I thought that was why you sent me out." Raf responded as sank the rest of his cock into my ass. "Nope. I cock teased him and came to you." I said running my hands over his thick muscles, "I left him standing in a rage." "Surprised he come after you." Raf said as he began to slow fuck me. "He will. But lets have some fun before he gets here." I told him as I tweaked his left nipple. Raf gasped and then began to fuck me with long, slow strokes. You don't know what heaven is until you had at least 10 inches of hard throbbing cock rubbing against your prostrate. I pulled Raf's head down to mine and kissed him deeply. Raf kissed me back without missing a stroke. Soon Raf was pistoning in and out of my ass with pleasurable regularity. Just as we were starting to get real hot and heavy, Mesh made his presents known. "So. I have to conquer you but this slave can do you at any time." Mesh ranted, "We'll see about that!" Mesh rushed into the showers with a raging hard-on. He grabbed Raf's left arm and pulled him out of me then threw him back. He quick took Raf's position between my legs and plunged his cock into my ass. He began to fuck me with hard, violent thrusts. "I teach you to deny me. You're going to be my bitch." He ranted on. I saw Raf standing behind Mesh. It was time to hold Mesh down for Raf. I entwined my legs around Mesh's and pulled them wide, at the same I wrapped my arms around his torso and pressed him into my chest. To ensure his staying put, I clamped down hard on his cock with my ass muscles. Raf then did unto Mesh as he had done unto me. Mesh thrashed around like a madman. When he couldn't break free, he screamed out in a long dead language. His body began to vibrate and then his muscles began to grow. I yelled for Raf to hold on to him tight. He continued to grow until he was larger than Raf, his growth stopped shortly thereafter. His size was somewhere Raf and me. Again, he began to thrash about, trying to break free. It took all our combined strength but we held Mesh. I told Raf to start stroking slow. Mesh tried to resist but surrendered when I began sucking on his nipples and massaging his cock with my ass. Soon Mesh was enjoying it as was Raf and myself. I found from the bartender later that the sounds of our little orgy was clearly heard below and started an orgy there as well. Soon we all reached that joyfull and inescapable conclusion and we separated. "To be taken by a mere slave," Mesh moaned, "How can live with this?" "For one thing, Gil. Raf's not a slave, he's a man." I told Mesh, "Raf's my equal and lover, always has been and always will be." "Fine for you, you've got each other. I'm alone as always." Bemoaned Mesh. "You don't have to be." Raf said. "Yes, I do. I don't have an equal or a lover." Mesh responded. "You do, now." I replied. Both Raf and Mesh looked at me questionly. "Raf and I are lovers so in a sense we are one." I explained, "And tooked the two of us to take you so that means we're your equal. So, the three of us are equals." "That makes sense in a weird way." said Raf. "I grant that you are my equals but I am without a lover unless..." Mesh replied. "You guess it, my great warrior-king." I answered. "What?" Raf asked confusedly. "You know who I really am, don't you Mike?" Mesh asked staring at me accusingly. "Yes." I stated simply. "Miguel, who is this guy, anyway." Raf asked. "Raf, may I introduce to you." I said as I bowed grandly, "The great warrior-king, Gilgamesh the Warrior Eternal."
  23. A quick little Valentine's themed story I put together to go along with [this pic done by anglekindle. ] --------------------------------------------------------- It was shaping up to be yet another dull Valentine’s Day for Patrick. Patrick was in one hell of a foul mood, and it didn’t help matters that everywhere he looked he saw lots of lovebirds cuddling and swooning all over each other. Even Patrick’s friends were making matters worse. They were all out yukking it up (with a capital F) with their significant others leaving Patrick alone to think about how annoying this holiday really was. Unbeknownst to Patrick but knownst to us, Eros’ newest apprentice was ready to begin his first day on the job. He was ready to do the Cupid name proud. All he needed to do was finish mixing up a batch of Eros Incorporated’s most famous draught of Love Potion 69. One drop of that sucker in your bloodstream would make a man immediately smitten with the next person they saw. It was the perfect method of matchmaking! “Let’s see… A sprig of rosemary. Some thyme extract. A scoop of avocado for flavor aaannndd….” Flynn narrated as he mixed the ingredients into the cauldron. “A drop of the good stuff!” He exclaimed as he tilted the bright pink bottle to drip in some virility serum into the mix. A large percentage of love at first sight came down to sexual attraction so in order to really make the love serum work, the Eros employees always made sure to spike their love potions with a healthy dose of aphrodisiac, and Flynn’s concoction was no different… or was it. “Hmm… If a drop makes them fall in love, I bet a bunch will make them REALLY fall in love.” Flynn mused out loud. He upended the bottle and poured every last drop of the virility draught right into the cauldron. The mellow purple potion quickly began to bubble and froth. The color steadily shifted to brighter and brighter shades of pink until the cauldron bubbled over with magenta foam. “Huh. That’s new.” Flynn mused out loud, but he didn’t think much of it. After all, one can never have too much love, and it wasn’t like he had enough time to make a new batch. The alarm was already blaring to indicate that it was his turn to take to the skies. Flynn doused his arrows in foamy pink potion, grabbed his bow, and hauled ass for the horizon. It didn’t take Flynn long to find his first target. He’d recognized that sour grimace anywhere. This was one sourpuss who was sorely in need of a little romance. Flynn floated down low, took aim, and let his arrow fly true. Flynn watched to see if his arrow found its mark, and find its mark it did! The heart shaped arrowhead planted itself right into the dude’s denim clad keister. “Jesus Christ!” Patrick shouted. He leapt into the air and grabbed his rear in pain. He quickly found the source of his pain. An arrow! A solid, wooden archery arrow planted right in his ass! “Help! I’ve been shot! Medic! Is there a doctor in the house!?” He cried. “Well… that’s new.” Flynn mused out loud. He floated down to the ground to check on his mark. Patrick was roaring and flailing and grabbing his ass and just all in all making quite a scene. He had attracted quite the crowd of onlookers who stared on and scratched their heads. As far as they could tell there was nothing physically wrong with the guy. “Ok. Just hold still. I’m gonna…” Flynn instructed as he reached down to grasp the shaft of the arrow. The guy didn’t seem to be listening though. He seemed more interested in grabbing his ass than he was in being cooperative, but that made sense. Normal people shouldn’t even be able to see or hear the agents of Eros let alone communicate with them. “Aaaannnnd. Out we go!” Flynn said as he yanked the arrow out from his target. Patrick shouted again and spun around to face his assailant. “You!? You shot me!” He yelped. “Uh. Yeah? It’s my job.” Flynn replied casually. He quickly began to wise up that something was wrong though. “Waaaait a second. You shouldn’t be able to see me.” He said. “Of course I can see you, and I’ll see you again in court!” Patrick shouted. “Woah, woah, woah. Slow your roll, Holmes. In court? It’s against company policy to do any courting on the clock. You’ll have to wait at least another six hours for that.” Flynn replied. “You… what? No! I meant I’m going to call the cops on you for shooting me!” Patrick snarled back. “Ok. First off, when you say I ‘shot you’ it sounds really bad. I hit you with an arrow. Totally not the same thing.” Flynn replied. “How is it different?” Patrick asked. “Well for starters there’s no harm done. Your booty is fine, and your clothes don’t even have a tear in them. You shouldn’t of even felt anything at all.” Flynn explained. “What do you mean? I was shot. I’ll show you-“ Patrick began to say. He turned around as best as he could to give Flynn a good look at his ass, but there was something strange. As Patrick stared over his shoulder at his own ass he realized that Flynn was right. There was no blood. There wasn’t even a tear. If anything his booty looked better than ever. Patrick never remembered his ass filling out his pants this well before. His booty looked downright beefy. “See? No harm done.” Flynn explained. “Um… huh…” Patrick mused out loud. He was more confused than anything, but he had to admit that Flynn was right, and there was something else too. Patrick was starting to feel pretty good. REALLY good actually. The blood was rushing to his cock, and his muscles felt kinda of sore and stiff as if he had just finished a tough set at the gym. Patrick had never been much of a gym goer because of the pain and effort that went into it, but this actually felt nice. He could get used to this feeling. “So. No hard feelings?” Flynn asked. That snapped Patrick from his reverie. Patrick turned to face the Eros employee and got a good look at him for the first time. The dude was pretty cute; curly blond hair; lean, toned, shredded bod; a small toga that barely covered his crotch and left half of his lithe chest on display; and an adorable pair of angel wings on his back. The dude looked just like a classical painting come to life. “Yeah. Sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.” Patrick replied awkwardly. He blushed slightly and worked up the nerve to murmur a more in-depth apology. “It’s just been a hell of a day, and that was it was just kind of the final straw when you shot-“ “Hit you with an arrow” Flynn corrected. “Right. When you did the thing. Sorry again. That was uncalled for.” Patrick replied. “No hard feelings.” Flynn responded. He beamed a bright, toothy smile and held his hand out for a handshake. Patrick began to reach out to return the shake when something odd happened. Patrick’s sleeve shredded as his bicep flexed right through the fabric. This was extra surprising given that he had never really had a bicep before. He had always been kinda average in that regard. Patrick quickly began to realize that it wasn’t just his arms that were pressing against the fabric of his clothes. His entire outfit was feeling a little cramped. His chest pressed so hard against the front of his shirt that the top button threatened to pop clean off! His ass strained against the back of his slacks. His cock pressed hard – rock hard – against his fly. His quads bulged out and stretched the legs of his slacks to their limits. There was no doubt about it. Patrick was now jacked! He was so bulky that he looked like a full-time gym rat, and he could tell that he was still growing. “Oh. Now that’s new.” Flynn murmured as he watched Patrick steadily outgrow his clothes. The buttons popped off of Patrick’s shirt – first the top one, then the second one, all the way down to the fifth button which rested right below his now meaty pecs. The rest of the buttons of his shirt were holding, but not for long at the rate he was growing. His swelling abs were straining against the front and his growing Adonis belt pressed against the sides. Patrick’s slacks weren’t fairing much better. The seams along the sides of his slacks were popping and fraying as his thick, meaty quads grew too thick for the skinny little pant-legs to handle. The back of his pants burst open with a deafening “RRRIIIIIPPPP!” as his ass became simply too meaty for his slack to handle, but perhaps what was most shocking was the way the zipper on his fly pulled apart to make room for his rapidly swelling cock! Patrick watched in awe as his dick grew and grew. His rock hard erection rose steadily higher. The thick rigid shaft grew steadily thicker. Soon his throbbing boner stood so tall that it slapped against his belly button. The shaft was so thick that even with the fly all the way open the teeth of the zipper rubbed irritatingly against the sides of his dick. His nuts had grown so huge and pleasantly full of spunk that they were already the size of softballs and threatened to spill out of his slacks at any second. “Yeah. That’s new.” Flynn remarked as he watched Patrick grow larger and larger. Patrick was growing so huge so fast that his clothes had been reduced to tatters. The few remnants and ribbons that remains clunk awkwardly to Patrick’s swelling muscles. His pecs were the size of bed pillows. Each individual abdominal muscle was the size of a football. His quads were thick as oak trees. His traps bulged out like speedbumps in a parking lot. His biceps were the size of basketballs, and his lats flared out like wings that put Flynn’s cherubic flappers to shame. Patrick was simply massive, and yet all that muscular girth paled in comparison to the size of his enormous dong. Patrick’s cock was now taller than he was! His cock was far too huge and heavy to stand up straight. Instead the weight of it had caused it to jut straight out in front of him until it was so thick that the puffy ridge along the bottom now rested solidly on the ground. The spongy, pre-oozing head of his massive cock was as big as a VW Beetle. It was so thick that it even put Patrick’s muscular, meaty, barrel chest to shame. Thick veins the size of coaxial cables crisscrossed the length of his rigid boner, and his nuts were the size of sofas and now rested behind him leaving Patrick straddling his schlong like a jockey on a Clydesdale. “Ohhh. So maybe that’s why they call it ‘the hyper potion’.” Flynn mused out loud as he inspected the aftermath of his arrow. “Hey. So uh… I’m gonna flit back to base camp and get an antidote. Just uh, don’t go anywhere, ok?” Flynn uttered an awkward apology, but before he could dart off, Patrick had something to say to him. “Er… Actually, I’m ok with this.” Patrick replied. “Uh… Are you sure? I mean I can fly right back. It’ll just take a –“ Flynn tried to say. “I’m OK with this!” Patrick insisted. “Well… if you’re sure then…” Flynn muttered uncertainly as he began to slowly back away. “Wait!” Patrick called out suddenly. Flynn stopped dead in his tracks. He was sure that Patrick was going to ask for the antidote, but instead… “You… wouldn’t happen to have another arrow, would you?” Patrick asked impishly.
  24. Big by Plasmtic20

    With the gracious permission of Plastmatic20 I am posting one of his old stories from the old forum. Joe was a 22 year old attending college. In need of money, he was doing odd jobs, even ocassionally modeling. It fit him well, in part because of his good looks and decent physique. Joe was told he had a few weeks off, and decided he was going to spend that time relaxing even if he wasn't making any money. He was starting to think that it was him though; that he wasn't good enough to be called in. Joe found himself in the bathroom looking into the mirror, trying to determine his flaws. "I would do anything to get my body huge," he whispered to himself. "Anything?" He heard a voice behind him say. Joe turned around and saw a subtly sexy, yet very muscular man just standing there. He felt suprised but sill calm. "So, would you give yourself for an eternity if I let you make yourself bigger?" "Well, I...I....uh, sure, why not?" With that he was gone. Joe rose suddenly in his bed, drenched in sweat. "Holy shit, that was a weird dream, or did I just...? Nahh." He decided to forget it, besides, one of his friends was suppose to be stopping by to pick up a few assignments for school and to hang out. Joe went in the bathroom to take a shower, after he got out he looked in the large mirror he had. His dick sat fully erect, strange since no thoughts crossed his mind. Joe, interestinly, began stroking his seven inch tool, slowly. He started to stroke faster and faster, then suddenly he looked in the mirror again and saw something different, his musculature was bigger, his entire body was leaner and more muscular; his cock even looked like it grew an inch. Joe let go of his shaft in shock, and he saw his body slowly go back to its original size. "What the fuck was that?" He looked down at his throbbing dick. He gently started to massage it again until he found himself fully jacking off as his body started to enlarge with muscle again. This time Joe went to the end; bringing himself to a violent orgasm as he shot a huge load all over the mirror. He looked up, but his body size didn’t slip away again. His entire body swollen with thick hard muscle. Looking his body over, Joe couldn’t hold himself and he shot another giant load all over the mirror, walls, and ceiling. He began to see his body swell once more, his under shirt became skin tight and ripped in half, falling to the floor. Joe’s body had gotten big, his chest was so thick and plump, lats that spread out like two giant wings. His hands had grown along with forearms and huge biceps and tris. The once chiseled shoulders were now two enormous boulders, leading up to his huge thick neck and the rest of his back that exploded with pure muscle. Joe looked at his tight six pack, and leading down inside the tight boxer briefs, was a twelve inch shaft. Not to mention the two softball sized sack. Joe’s quads and thighs were beyond huge, each muscle group bulging out from one another, and the calves were like two muscle cut diamonds. Joe began feeling his huge smooth body, as just then the door bell rang and he realized his friend Chris was already there, a bit early as he looked at the clock. Chris was a fellow student at the university and in the same study group. A fairly good looking football player, he was built twice as big as Joe, or at least he used to be. Joe answered the door in just his boxer briefs, Chris looked up at his giant 6’3 muscular frame, he was speechless. "Come on in," Joe said, he wasn’t going to say anything on how he got so big, besides, Chris wouldn’t believe him. The two only met a few times, but Chris couldn't but stare and rethink his memory, asking questions he thought would only make him look dumb. They put on the TV while they looked over notes. Joe was lying on the couch reading as Chris was sitting in front. Joe started to notice that Chris was pretty much eyeing him down the whole time, only giving a few seconds on the pages. Then he saw it, the nice, and obvious bulge in Chris’ pants. "Hey, I want to show you something." Joe smiled as hewalked into the bedroom. "Uh..okay, what exactly." Chris followed, but as he turned he felt Joe grab his hand and put it on his thick chest. "Whoa dude, no..come on." Chris tried to back down, but Joe pulled him in closer, and closer. A sense of warmth came over him. "It's okay bud...just..relax." Joe encouraged. The tension dropped as Chris went down and started licking his massive thighs. The closer he got to his crotch, the closer Joe got to cumming. He licked and lapped and then finally he shot his load, feeling his muscles starting to grow again, his boxer briefs ripped to shreds. His body was even bigger, wider, and thicker. He picked up Chris and ripped off his clothes all in one tug and started sucking his eight inch dick. Drinking all of his juice, Joe put him back down. Deep powered lust now overcame both boys. "Oh fuck, I want more," Chris moaned. Joe took his now 16 inch tool and stuffed it inside Chris. "I don’t know if you can handle me, but if you can’t, too fucking bad." Joe pumped him hard and heavy for one straight hour, then finally his massive legs shuttered and let his biggest load ever. Joe’s body began growing and swelling. His body was almost like a god! He started to feel his cock expand and lengthen inside of Chris. "Oh fuck, yes!" Joe pulled the enormous dick out with a tug, Chris looked up, then without warning, Joe’s two foot shaft erupted gallons of his sweet cum all over Chris. Joe grew even more that time. "Oh shit, I can’t stop!" Load after load after load after load came out of Joe. It just wasn’t going to end. He looked down and saw that Chris had drowned in all of his man juice as the apartment flooded. Joe had gotten so fucking enormous, that he could barely move. He then remembered the deal in the sudden harsh reality, Joe was going to be cumming and growing for an eternity.
  25. Sean was seated on the concrete bench, arms and legs akimbo. So pumped was he not only was he unable to move his arms anymore, he could scarcely stand. His 5 acolytes cut and peeled off his sweat shirt and training trunks carefully. Sean was so bloated with a supernatural uberpump, his enormous size XXXXL size garments were like tourniquets on his vast, be-veined hypermuscular body, and could not be removed save by cutting. It is apparent now that Sean is a highly specialized machine, like a Formula 1 racer designed solely to go from zero to 250 kmh in 10 seconds. Like a Formula 1 racing car which requires a whole team of engineers in attendance, Sean required his own team of helpers in his most basic biological tasks because of his far-far-gone-beyond uber-human scale. Sean is literally so muscle-bound he can no longer handle normal day to day living chores of a normally-proportioned human-being. Sean led a special life, served by special acolytes, ate a strict and special diet, built his body according to a special program, all in a ruthless and utterly devoted, religion-like dedication to muscular hyptertrophy. He was as far removed from `'normal'' humanity as a Ferrari Formula 1 racer was different from your common garden variety Honda Accord or Ford Taurus. Sean was now stripped naked. An amazing sight greets his 5 acolytes. A vaguely humanoid shape assaulted the eyes. Sean made the Hulk looked like an anorexic Miss Universe. Other than having a clearly discernible head, Sean was a monstrous mass of marble-hewn muscles, bowling balls and cantaloupes wrapped in human skin. Every part visible of Sean was grotesquely bloated muscles abutting on other distended muscles, everywhere on Sean's body snaked vascularity which looked like a city's water pipe map gone mad. In his post-work- out, superpumped state, his arms looked like the rear legs of a prize bull inflated with helium. He was also more or less totally helpless now, literally muscle-bound in his hyper-mascularity, his massive tree trunk like chest heaving up and down majestically in post- workout panting. Sean was an artwork-in-progress, the result of almost a decade of maniacal devotion to packing on as much muscles as training, nutrition, genetics, and mania-like-dedication could pack. It was Sean's intention to transcend humanity through muscle- building. It was an understatement to say he looked like a young god. His acolytes began to spray warm water over Sean with a shower- sprayer to wash away his sweat, which was streaming across and down his massive musculature like river flowing down the curving landscape of Earth. Sean grunted in satisfaction. His attendants began to lovingly lather shower foam all over Sean's massive tortured frame with sponges, washing away his fatigue and the stench of sweat. Sean was soon coated in a shiny layer of bubbles, his massive boulder-like muscles as shiny and gleaming as the wax job on a Mercedes 500 CLK fresh off the production line in Stuttgart. Sean's appearance was so intensely erotic – he was the male, muscular version of Venus! – his five acolytes soon sported involuntary hard-on's as intense as steel pipes, and Sean smiled at the sight of his usual effect on men. Sean was intensely proud of his physique – as a result of the decade-long inhuman dedication to muscle-building, Sean knew he had this effect on males of every persuasion, be they straight or gay. Sean was the god in Sex God. Sean caught sight of himself in the showerroom mirror, attended and fussed over by his five acolytes (all of whom had intense iron-like erection), as if they were engineers lovingly tuning, washing and waxing a sports car. The very sight turned him on too, and his monster-dick began to twitch and swell. Sean's acolytes began to towel him dry. He was so tickled by the feeling of being toweled off his monster-dick began to swell and twitch in rhythm with his heartbeat. From a limp `'small'' 13- inches, his sausage began to swell, twitch, swell, twitch, swell, twitch, swell, twitch, until it was a majestic 22 inches long. For Sean had so much male hormones as a result of his training and diet, even his dick has hypertrophied monstrously through the years. Sean's dick finally swelled to its great, majestic limit. It was actually terrifying to behold. 22 inches from top of the balls to the end of the glands, Sean's penis belonged on a baby male sperm whale, not a human being. Topped with a huge, grapefruit sized, purplish glands, massive veins traced and ran mesmerizingly down the sides of Sean's shaft, surrounding the full mind-blowing 9.5-inch circumference of his dick like hosepipes. It was the size of a fire- extinguisher, and looked the part with its vivid redness. Only that it was Sean's superhuman uber-dick. A huge, heavy, incredibly massive, towering reddish-purple pillar of turgid flesh, somehow comically twitching and jerking in its intense hard-on, in time with Sean's heartbeat. If Sean's massive musclebod was vascular, his dick's veins had veins on them. Mind-blowing and impressive though Sean's dick was, it would slowly dawn on the on-looker the full terrifying extent of Sean's sacrifice in his unceasing quest for super-muscular Godhood. Sean's dick was so big, he can no longer have sex with a fellow human- being. Yessiree, Sean is condemned by his super-development to an eternity of self-gratification or manual gratification by other. No human mouth, vagina or asshole can accommodate Sean anymore than anyone can use a fire-extinguisher up one's bottom. After his dick grew beyond 20 inches, Sean once seriously contemplated using cows or hippopotamus, but was wary of what the ASPCA would do to him. The last time Sean actually fucked a man was when he was 11-yrs old, when his dick was a `'mere'' 16 inches. Since he went beyond 18 inches, he would likely have killed anyone `'lucky' enough to bottom him. Since then, Sean had no choice but be served by the tongues and hands of his acolytes, as they presently began the time-honoured ritual. Lovingly his eldest acolyte began to run his hands and tongue up and down Sean's massive tower of erected flesh. Sean smiled in pleasure. A huge drop of precum began to form at the tip of his monstrous glands, swelling to a big bright jewel-like hemisphere before running down the incredible le-e-e-e-e-ngth of Sean's incredible ubermanhood. Sean began to moan in pleasure. He was a God worshipped by his High Priest. His eldest acolyte, a massively- developed (but clearly human-sized) 22 yr old professional BB, grasped the circumference of the shaft of Sean's dick in both hands and began to rub it down with a moisturizing oil. As if it were possible, Sean's dick reddened even further and swelled even larger. It became an incredible sight, shiny with an oily sheen, huge, throbbing and twitching in time with Sean's heartbeat, Sean's top acolyte, himself a professional BB, could barely put BOTH his hands around Sean's monstrous growth, grasped them and ran them up and down Sean's 22.5 inch long shaft. Up and down he worshipped Sean's monstrosity, grasping it as tightly as he could possibly grasp. Sean gasped and moaned in pleasure. Up and down his grasp went, sliding and slipping on Sean's increasingly copious pre-cum. Sean's precum production is as superhuman as his ubercock was - soon Sean's monstercock was literally streaming with precum, which his top acolyte dutifully spread evenly up and down his ubermanhood as he stroked it. Now, after a while, his acolyte wrapped a towel soaked in oil around Sean's monstrosity and used that instead to stroke it up and down. There is a good reason for this. Sean's monstrosity is not only Godzilla-sized. It is CALLOUSED. Yes, calloused. Sean had to be jerked off at least 8 times a day, sometimes 12 times a day, for his BALLS are also acutely, almost pathologically hyper-developed. Sean's balls were like the sizes of large hand-grenade, and almost just as explosive. Minute to minute, Sean's balls pump out ginormous, inhuman quantities of testosterone into Sean's bloodsteam and jeez into his ballsacs. As a result, Sean ''fills up'' at like 2 hr intervals. If Sean does not relieve himself by jerking off at 2 hourly intervals - like the rest of us relieve ourselves by urination - his erection would become an intensively painful one. Painful to the point of torment, agonizing to the point when Sean cannot think of anything else except sexual relief. The longest Sean could hold off was 3 hours without a hand job. Beyond that his erection would become so intense and bloated he would scream in agony and cum spontaneously like a fire hydrant knocked over by a car. As a result therefore, Sean's poor poor monstrosity of a superdick had to undergo masturbation at a head-shakingly unbelievable 8 times minimum a day, as a consequence thereof it is by now a severely calloused and increasingly INsensitive thing. And no matter how worn out, abused, scarred and abrased it is, Sean HAD to relieve himself time and again due to his ceaseless and constant sperm production! Therefore, Callous built upon scab upon scar upon callous upon scab upon scar until Sean's monstercock was not only baby-spermwhale-size enormous, hard as marble when erect, red as a fire extinguisher and just as large and hard, it is also a severely calloused and relatively unfeeling thing, almost like a pillar of red and purple marble, almost as if its not made of human flesh anymore. Sean's cock actually had a hard and rough, old Rhino-skin leather like surface. If his acolyte continued to rub Sean's cock for any longer, he would suffer bleeding abrasion on his palms!! Which is why after sometime his acolytes had to change to wrapping Sean's hypercock in a coarse-weave burlap towel (bought specially to masturbate Sean) soaked in oil or cream and masturbate him. If a towel of any softer fabric is used, Sean won't feel anything, so hardened and coarse his cock has become! Anyone appreciating this would truly understand why Sean is compared with a Formula 1 racing car - Sean is sooo hypermascular he can be said to be a specialized, post-human statue made out of huge over-developed muscles, veins and cock wrapped in thin human skin (except his cock of course, which is wrapped in THICK, truck-tyre like rubbery skin)! Sean's cock was not figuratively but quite literally a battering ram, huge and hard enough to smash doors open! There was once an incident when the wind blew a door shut on Sean's engorged manhood. SLAM went the door which bounced off Sean's super- cock, caught in the doorway by accident. Sean felt but a small tap what would have emasculated a normal man and landing a mere mortal in the hospital's ER! So hard and strong was Sean's supercock. ''Faster! Harder!'' Sean cried. The veins on his acolyte's arms stood out in angry red snaking lines as he increased his assertions. Up and down, up and down, up and down he sped up his massaging of Sean's pillar of manhood-glory. Sean began to squirm and jerk with the pleasure of the VERY rough cock rub-down. Why can't Sean do this himself? Remember his hyperpump? His arms are so pumped after his training beyond failure, he can no longer reach his gigantic cock himself. Try as Sean did, after his average Arms Day work-out his arms would become so rigidly, solidly super-pressurized with growth-inducing blood, they are not so much human arms as bolsters packed with balloons filled to near-explosion point with helium. Not only are Sean's arms completely shagged out by the training, his bi's and tri's are so rigidly pumped Sean could no longer move them. Which explains the post-training shower jerk off routine by his acolytes. Truly Sean is already a highly specialized creature, a hyper-muscle ''invalid'', a divine muscle- monster who needs the constant, expensive care and attention of what is effectively his rear-palace harem of retainers and courtiers. ''Hey, I am not cumming.'' Sean complained after awhile. ''The towel is too soft!'' This was also a well familiar signal to his devoted acolytes. One of them then took out what they always held in reserve, as Sean's regular specialized equipment of daily living. Sean's special FLESHLIGHT ©. In case you don't know what that is, this is a huge 30 inch long version of the regular Fleshlight, basically a cylinder-like masturbation aid, shaped and proprotioned like a Flashlight (in Sean's case, as large as a small Bazooka to accomodate Sean's monstercock!), into which one inserts one's cock and use it for self- gratification. See www.fleshlight.com. Sean's acolyte carefully primes Sean's special-order, 30-inch long Fleshlight with lubricant, and the privilege was again Sean's eldest and most muscular acolyte to slip it over Sean's 22.5 incher. Sean's Fleshlight was a special custom-job lined with little stud-surfaced STEEL ball-bearings mounted in ball-joints. The entire inside ''business surface'' of Sean's Fleshlight was designed to give Sean's enormous, calloused and desensitized cock as much abrasive friction pleasure as possible without actually removing his cock-skin. Two acolytes held sides of the enormous 30-incher instrument, primed it carefully with viscous motor-oil (experience has shown that Sean does not like normal human sex lubricants! Sean's cock was too hard and unfeeling) and ran it up and down Sean's rock-solid purple-colored ultramanhood. Sean's giiiiinormous onstrosity of a cock became even redder and harder and larger at this treatment, if it were possible. Sean began to grunt, his face began to redden, sweat ran down his freshly-bathed brows, as he slowly approached the ecstatic, volcanic blow-off point, when he relieves himself of the massive quantity of cum now stored in his engorged, agonized balls. ''Hgruuh, hgruuh, hgruuh, hgruuh, hgruuh'' grunted Sean like an animal, bucking his groin in pleasure. ''Schlick schrack Schlick schrack Schlick schrack Schlick schrack Schlick schrack'' his acolytes ran the bazooka-proportioned Fleshlight up and down Sean's red, mascular and coarsened engorged enormity. Sean's attending acolytes are so aroused by the sight of the superhuman being jerked off they themselves were deperately jerking off their own dickies and squirting their cum into the shower drains. ''HALT!'' someone shouted. Everyone turned around. It was Sean's coach! ''Don't let him cum yet!!'' Coach admonished. Sean's acolytes let go of the Fleshlight ©. ''Hey, furgawdsakes what gives, Coach?'' moaned Sean, face red, panting, two enormously pumped arms still immobilized by Sean's own post-training pump. ''I am almost bursting! Lemme cum, please, please PLEEEEZE!! For pity's sake, Coach, I gotta blow! Or else I would really blow up! My balls are a'hurting, Coach!'' At saying this, Sean tried mightly to reach the Fleshlight himself. Ohhh how mightily he struggled!! How he struggled until he was purple in the face, breathless in his exertions, grunting in frustration, but HE CANNOT REACH HIS COCK!!! His arms were still so pumped he was as helpless as a lunatic strapped in a straitjacket! ''Arrrrrggghhhhh!!!'' screamed Sean. ''Ahhh'' said the Coach, holding up a huge 30-incher vacuumpump tube. ''Remember, today we gonna try for 25 inches?'' ''Ohhh no, Coach, I can't stand the pain!'' cried Sean. ''Beyond failure, Sean, beyond failure! You can't achieve greatness by being a wuss!'' scolded the Coach. ''Coach, man, you don't know how it feels, no HUMAN knows how it feels, with such a pressure hose or fire-hydrant where your cock should be, yet you can't leggo! I am all but bursting!! You ever held your piss back for 5 hours, Coach?'' ''Therefore all the more reason we get this over with'' said the Coach, unrelenting monster he was, in his own way. ''If I can't make you a 25-incher to match your 45-incher arms, I am no Coach! You gotta have symmetry, man. Your cock gotta match your arms! You will grow to 25-inches or DIE in the attempt!'' Shouted the coach. `'Ahhhh shucks, OK then, Geddon widdit!'' Sean gave in `'But first you swallow this'' the Coach held out in his hand an assortment of some 20 plus blue, orange and purple pills. `'Whats these?'' asked Sean, anxious to get on with the pump-job, now squirming from the discomfiture as his balls filled to near bursting point. `'Viagra, Livitra and Cialis.'' Said the Coach `'WHAT!!!???"" cried Sean, `'Its not as if my hard-on is not bad enough!!'' `'No guts no glory, boy-o.'' said the Coach. `'We gotta put more blood into the Pillar of Glory! Remember, beyond failure, Sean, beyooooond failure.'' `'No Shit?'' said Sean `'Am I to die from my hard-on?'' `'You WUSS!!'' Cried the Coach! `'What's wrong, little girl? Afraid of a little hard-on?'' `'Alright already, give'em here.'' Sean resigned himself. He opened his mouth and the coach tipped the handful of pills in. The coach then fed Sean some Gatorade to wash down the 20 odd assortment of pills. Within 15 seconds, Sean's superhuman metabolism has already absorbed the virility enhancing pills. Sean's face reddened even further into a darker shade of purple and looked as if he was asphyxiating. `'Arrrghhh! Ouch! OUCH!!'' moaned Sean as his dick grew remorselessly under the effects of the potent cocktail of erection- enhancing medication, tearing apart some of the older, less flexible scars and callouses on his monsterdick. His dick, already an astonishing 23.5 inches in length, deepened in colour, pulsed even faster, and incredibly, became even harder and hotter and LARGER. Some of the newer callouses tore apart under the stresses of the new engorgement, and tiny fine cracks of redness exposing the raw flesh beneath the skin began to show, snaking across the already tortured landscape of bloated hose-like veins and map- like vascularity across Sean's vast, inhuman dick. `'The vacuum pump, gentlemen'' commanded the Coach. The huge, 30-incher bazooka-like plastic tube of the vacuum was then fitted over Sean's dick, but not before further motor-oil was lathered onto the incredible length of his dick. The rubber seal at the bottom of his vast fat shaft was secured, and the hose to the pump attached. Sean's dick filled up the tube all the way up to the 23.5 inches marking on the side. `'Here's to 25 inches.'' The coach signaled. The eldest acolyte took the manual pump and began working it. Pssssfffttt puff Pssssfffttt puff Pssssfffttt puff Pssssfffttt puff Pssssfffttt puffhe went, his 24-inches biceps swelling and straining as he began his exertions. Rapidly, Sean's monstermanhood thickened even further and filled the circumference of the clear Perspex tube, the skin sticking and pressing against the glass wall. From the 23.5 inches, slowly Sean's cock edged upwards and bigger and bigger. 23.8, 24, 24.2, 24.4, 24.6 inches. Agonizingly Sean's cock was pumped longer and longer, and yet longer. `'Cum'on!'' Shouted the coach. `'You can do better! Work that rump, consciously PUMP more juice into your cock! Remember, no pain no gain! Work it, WORK IT dammit!!'' Sean co-operated. He began to visualize pumping in more and more blood into his already painfully congested cock. He wriggled and thrusted his rump, pushing, pushing, pushing, trying to get more and more blood in. Forward, push, forward wriggle, push, thrust, thurst THRUST dammit! Sean struggled like a fish on the end of a pole, his own monster pole. And it began to work. Together with the effects of the relentless pump, the near-toxin level of Viagra and Cialis (enough to give a mortal human male kidney failure!), and Sean's tremendous force of will, Sean's painful, bloated tormented cock was made to inch agonizingly towards that magical goal: 24.7, 24.75, 24.8, 24.85, etc etc. `'Cum'on! You can do it'' encouraged the coach. The rest of Sean's acolyte witnessing this historic moment began chanting `'Twenty- Five!! Twenty-Five!! Twenty-Five!! Twenty-Five!! `' `'Aaaaaaaarrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!!'' Sean screamed in agony as the remorseless pumping continued. Finally his cock edged to and met the 25 inches mark. The sight was unbelievable, in so far as everything about Sean is already beyond belief. The 30 inch long clear Perspex tube was solidly filled from bottom to the 25 inch mark with a tube of cockmeat. At a signal from the coach, the tube is released, and slowly slid off Sean's Gargantuan bloated purple pillar of cockmeat, now 25 inches long, almost 9.5 inches around. The first, and ever, human being with a cock more than 2 feet long. It was a dark red in hue, almost burgundy, with purplish-black veins snaking across the vast bottled expanse of cockmeat majestically, dividing up into red coloured distended lesser veins. Angry bright red cracks criss-crossed the length of Sean's cock like lava streams, where the old callouses have broken through to raw flesh below due to the remorseless expansion forced upon his cock. Even Sean was amazed at himself. `'Coach, lookit that. Can you believe it? No words can describe me now.'' `'For truly you are a young god incarnated. Priapus made flesh.'' Whispered the Coach. `'Coach, I gotta blow! The pain, the PAIN!!!!'' whined Sean. The gargantuan 30-incher Fleshlight was brought back and quickly slipped over Sean's cock. The sight was like loading a Stinger missile into its launcher tube! `'Oh gawd, here it goes!! Arrgh!'' screamed Sean. So near the edge he was, the first touch of the Fleshlight brought Sean right OVER the edge, and he cummed. `'Tha he BLOWS!!'' Screamed his coach!! The word `'cum'' does not describe what happened next. You gotta visualize Old Faithful in the Yellowstone Park, or a fire hydrant knocked over by a car. The first gush of Sean's monstercum was so powerful and high-pressured that it propelled the Fleshlight clear off his cock entirely WHOOOOOM! The poor hapless Fleshlight hit the showerroom ceiling with a loud crashing THUD and fell to the ground in pieces, the newly liberated ballbearings going `'ping ping ping ping ping ping'' as they bounced all over the floor. Sean arched his thickly muscle back as he was racked with the agony and ecstasy of a long-deferred cumming. `'Oh gawd, oh gawd oh gawd Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay YAY YAY YAY!!!!'' screamed Sean, as he trembled and spurted and spurted and spurted trembled and spurted trembled and spurted white thick cum again and again, thrusting his strong muscular back and pelvis into the air at each spurt. Sean's cum-geyser was so powerful he hit the ceiling of the showerroom at least in the first 5 squirts. Huge globs of his super-potent thick sticky cum hit the ceiling and dripped down in long slimy streams like somebody upended a bucket of glue. It is clear now why Sean could not have sex with a human being for such a long time. Sean's cumming was powerful enough to cause internal injury to a cow or female hippopotamus! It certainly blew the special-order tailor-made $3,000 Fleshlight apart! Later, video evidence would reveal that Sean came for at least 20 seconds, and spurted some 35 times, 5 of the earliest squirts reaching the ceiling. It was estimated that Sean came at least 1.5 litres of cum. Finally, Sean was done. Hyperventiling, Sean slowly calmed down. His head, torso, body, still-huge cock, legs, bench, and a few of his acolyte around him were totally drenched in thick long viscous streams of cum. All this time Sean could not even reach his cock, as his arms, pumped to 45 inches, were still effectively immobile. `'Gaaaaaaaawwwwwd ……'' sighed Sean. `'OK, not bad. 2 sessions like this per week for the next 6 months should see your arms permanently at 45 and your cock permanently at 25.'' Said the coach. Sean fainted. •