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  1. So this is from a transcript of a RP I did a few years ago. Some sections are incomplete and will be posted as is. I'll be posting it in sections as the original text is 87 pages long. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. -- PART 4 Beams of sunlight shot through the window blinds as morning came by. Just my luck as the beams lined up directly with my eyes. Squinting, I sit up in bed and yawn quietly. It must be about 7:00, so that gave us 2 hours before our first class. I look down to see a tent in the blanket at my waist. Quietly, I make my way to the bathroom to shower. As I turn on the water, I soap myself up and begin to rub my morning wood. I toss and turn a bit, restless, and open my eyes. I smile a little to myself, thinking of the good dreams I just had. Making a dorm full of hot guys had given me some pleasant fantasies. I even got to make our RA a stud . I'm sprawled out on my mattress, buck naked, hadn't even bothered to pull up my sheets. I look over to your bed, noticing you're absent. Your towel and bath kit are gone too, so I assume you're in the shower. I'm not sure how long you've been gone, but I'm confident I've got a wide window of opportunity to jerk one out before you show up. This rooming situation was working out even better than I thought. I love the feeling of the hot water running over my muscles. Rubbing them as I soap up turns me on even more. One hand feels up my pecs while the other one is furiously pulling at my fat 12 inches of man meat. I groan as I pleasure myself. It wasn't quiet, but I don't think I was loud enough to be heard either. Grunting, my cum splatters against the shower wall in volleys. I can't waste too much water, so I don't bask in the afterglow and simply begin to clean up. Once I'm all clean, I dry myself off thoroughly and step out of the shower to pull on a pair of boxers before doing my morning routine. I curl my toes and shoot my load, slumping back no my bed satisfied. As I lay down, my hair falls over my eyes. I shake my head to flip my bangs out of my face. My hair's a tangled mess, it probably wouldn't hurt to take a shower too. I grab my soap and wrap a towel around my waist and stumble through the hall to the showers, still hazy from sleep. I step over by the shower stalls but don't hear any water running. Must have just missed you. I should make it a quick shower, so I wait for the water to heat up a little before removing my towel. I see your fine ass in the mirror as you pass by, but don't saw anything as my mouth is full of mouthwash. I felt my cock stir at the sight of your ass. "Down boy," I think to myself as I spit it out and return to our room to get dressed. I pull on another shirt without sleeves, but not cut down the sides. I don't think it's appropriate for me to dress in shirts like that for class. I pull on a pair of jeans that show off my studly legs and superb ass. I slip on my socks and shoes and wait for you to finish in the shower. Showering always takes longer than I mean it to. It's the hair, I have to wash it again, and again, and again... Well, maybe I don't NEED to, but I think it looks extra good that way. Plus, I was feeling extra horny this morning and needed to jack off again in the shower. Rubbing my pecs with soap kind of gets me off. I'm still pretty hard, I think, I could probably cum again... but nah, I should free up the stall for someone else. I step out of the shower, feeling pretty clean and smooth with my hair slicked back. I see you come out and smile, "Done doing your hair pretty boy?" I chuckle. "Hurry up. You don't want to be late for your first day of classes. We still have to get breakfast." I walk back into our room. "I'm only going to wait ten minutes. Anything longer and my sweet ass will be out the door and leave your sweet ass behind." I hope on my phone to check if any messages came in since last night. "I'll be right there," I call back to you. I just wanted to check myself out in the mirror a little beforehand. I grip my cock over my towel and stand at my side next to the bathroom mirror, admiring my profile a little. Were my pecs getting thicker? I flip my hair in front my face a little, loving how sexy it made my feel. How long was that? Five minutes? I should probably get back to our room soon before you lock me out. "Hold up, I'm gonna get ready," I push the door to our room open. I look up from my phone and give you the once over. Smiling I cheekily, "You got four minutes and forty four seconds. You better hurry." I put down my phone and grab my over-the-shoulder bag to check to make sure I have everything I will need for our first classes. Books, notebooks, pencils, a calculator, everything I will need. "Tick-tock." "Yeah, yeah," I drop my towel, and scramble for a pair of jeans. I slide on a tanktop next. It's kind of cold, a sweatshirt seems appropriate, I just wish it was a little tighter. "There, all dressed!" I comb my hair back. "Happy? Let's get going." I step towards the door but freeze, retracing my steps back to my bed to grab a notebook and textbook. I think about giving you a hard time for your lack of sleeves, but I'm afraid one of these days you'll actually take my advice and cover up. We head out into the hall and start to head for the exit. When we passed Eric and Evan's room I nudge your side. We could hear a distinct grunting coming from behind he door. "Seems like Evan had some morning wood again. Maybe Eric too judging by the noise." I snicker as we pass and head down to the dining hall. The winter cold not bothering me at all. I only notice it because my nipples make themselves known through my shirt. "Eric and Evan, those two. They're made for each other!" I joke, but I slowly realize it's truer than I think. The Chronivac's changes in reality occur so naturally, I have to stop and remember that not even a day ago these guys were completely different people. I can't help but stare at your chest, displayed so prominently in your sleeveless shirt. "Hey, cover the boys," I laugh, poking at your nipples. "I swear, those things could poke through steel." I give them a quick bounce and stick my tongue out playfully. "Oh? You not enjoying the view?" I puff my chest out as we reach the dining hall. Opening the door, I wait for your to go in, just being polite. I can feel my face burning from embarrassment. "View's fine, man. I'm just jealous I can't keep it all to myself." I walk through the door as you hold it open. "I'm famished, need to recharge." I pat my stomach. "First one done getting their meal should grab a seat. Same spot as usual," I instruct, picking up the pace so I can grab a food tray of the rack. I grab your shoulder. "Hold up. You gotta swipe your card. You remembered it right? Your student ID." I pass mine to the guy behind the counter. "Hey Freddie, how's it going?" I say to the guy behind the counter. His smile revealed the braces on his teeth. "Good morning Lewis, ready for another semester?" I smile back kindly, "Just as ready as you are. The boss treating you well?" Freddie shrugs, "Eh same ole same ole." I tense up. "Yeah, ID. 'Course I got my ID. Just a sec..." I pat my jeans searching for my card. No dice. "Oh, uh..." I put my elbow on the counter and lean towards Freddie, running my fingers through my hair. "Hey Freddie. I actually don't have my student card on me, but we can let it slide this time, right?" I give him a wink. "Just this once! Promise." I roll my eyes and Freddie turns to look at me. "Is this guy for real?" I close my eyes and nod. "Yeah. He's my new roommate, Kyle. Kyle this is Freddie. Think you can let this slide just once?" He glances around to make sure none of his coworkers or boss is looking. "Yeah just this once. Only because it is the first day and you are friends with Lewis." He waved you through. I pout my lip in front of Freddie, a little upset my charms didn't work on him. Well, I got what I wanted anyways. "Thanks Freddie, you're cool." I give him a slap on the back as I walk past him. I turn to you, "Well you're just friends with everyone, aren't you? I'm kind of jealous. You're Mr. Charisma." I try ribbing you in the stomach playfully. "What's the story with Freddie, you guys in the same class or something?" I go over to where the salad area was last night and they had fruit slices out. I grab a bowl and start filling it with apple and peach slices and a banana. "The guy has been working there since my freshman year, so about 2 years. You just learn to chat with people you see almost everyday. Paying his way through college, I respect that. He's an accounting major, so working while in school looks good on a resume too. He's a nice guy." I grab a fork and head for a booth. "Yeah, nice guy." I sort through the books I brought. Nestled between them is my laptop with the Chronivac installed on it. Success! I sit across from you on the booth and turn my laptop on. "Don't mind me, just wanted to check some emails before class." The hall is pretty crowded, so many different names pop up on the Chronivac's screen. Fortunately there's only one Freddie. "You should ask him to hang out sometime. Maybe he can come sit with us during his break." I shake my head. "Nah. If the kid isn't working, he is studying. Funny I call him kid. He's older than me, a fifth year senior I believe." I raise my eyebrow as you pull out your laptop. "You know the wi-fi in here isn't the best right? Besides, aren't you going to grab something to eat? Those muscles of yours need their fuel." I start eating my peach slices. "Fifth year senior?" I echo back. "Could of sworn the kid... guy... was a freshman. Is he a good student?" I start typing away at the laptop. "Anyways, I'll grab something in just a second. I want to finish something on my computer first. I bite my lip and scroll down Freddie's profile, editing his stats as I see fit. I wince as I feel my head aches. 2 years of getting to know the guy reduced to one semester. "Yeah, a good student. I'm sure he made all A's, if not mostly A's last semester. Then again those are all the intro classes. Unlike biology, accounting has their 'weed-out' class in the sophomore year." I muse as I start working on my apple slices. Meanwhile, a some acne showed on Freddie's face as he regressed five years to 18 years old. "Cool, I'm going to grab an orange." I shut my laptop closed. On the way I stop by Freddie's station to check his progress. "Hey Freddie." He looks even younger than before, and the spots and braces are not a good combination. Fortunately both would be gone in a matter of time. "Hey Freddie." I dig a finger into my orange, peeling back the skin. "You're looking pretty lonely over here. Would you like to sit with Lewis and I?" He shook his head, "No. Sorry dude, but I can't. Even though not a lot of people are coming in, I can't miss anyone. My boss is really strict." A pair of girls approached and they handed their cards to him and he swiped them in. When he turned back to you, his acne had once again cleared up. "So you are Lewis's roomie huh? What's your major?" "Exercise science." I say, popping an orange slice in my mouth. Muscle fuel. I grab hold of Freddie's wrist and pull him off his seat. "Come on, you're not even on duty right now." Freddie turned around, and sitting in the seat he was stationed in only a second ago was an attractive young woman with silky platinum blonde hair falling down her back. "Now come down with us! We're waiting for you." The apron wrapped around Freddie's waist had fallen off, he had only just noticed it was missing. Where it had gone was anybody's guess. As I clasp my hand around Freddie's wrist I can it thicken up ever so slightly in my hand. Freddie's face was so smooth and soft now, and a bit handsome too! His hair had tightened into soft curls, traveling up past his ears and resting high on his forehead. The curls bounced as he was pulled by you through the cafeteria. He shook free of your grip, "Dude chill out. I'm coming. You don't have to make a scene about it." He blushed embarrassedly, though the red from his remaining acne had merged with the blush and disappeared when it did. "What is so important you had to drag me to your booth?" He huffed as he followed you back to our booth. "Hey man, no big deal. Lewis and I just wanted to see you before you headed to class." I resume my seat across from you. "Besides, you were trying way too hard with that girl checking IDs. You would have talked her up all morning if I didn't step in." I winked at Freddie. I turn towards you. "You should have seen this guy, real stud here." I laugh with a mouth full of orange. Freddie was getting progressively more handsome. His cheekbones were insanely pronounced, sharp enough to cut glass. He had this cute little dimpled chin and small, square face that really emphasized his youthful charm. His shoulders firmed up a little, pushing his polo a little tighter, and Freddie's neck thickened considerably, showcasing a prominent adam's apple that gave him a really smooth, low voice. Not exactly the voice you would expect to come out of Freddie's mouth. He takes a seat next to you and shoves you playfully. "Shut up dude. I was just trying to get to know my new coworkers. I'm still kinda new. They changed up a bunch of people's shifts this semester, so I want to get to know some of the new workers or the ones I haven't met yet." He put his hands on the table and stood up, "I'm going to go grab some cereal for breakfast. God only knows how you live on fruit for breakfast, Lewis." I smile and take an exaggerated chomp from my peach slices. "Delicious." "I don't think you're supposed to get into your coworkers' pants. That's too close," I shout back at him, but he just ignores me. As Freddie walks away I can't help but admire his perky ass, and the way it moves when he takes a step. Freddie had a great body that was hinted in the way his clothes fit -- his broad shoulders, tight ass, and they way his biceps shoved up his sleeves.. Freddie wasn't quite the monster Lewis and I were, but his body was equally impressive. Get his shirt off and you'd see just how shredded that tight little body of his was. As he walked away, Freddie's chest began to round out slightly, developing more of a fullness. Freddie tucked his polo into his khakis, and as he did so all the fat around his midsection disappeared without a trace. His tight little abs were impossibly ripped, a genetically flawless sixpack. The crease in Freddie's back deepened as it began to thicken slightly. But the real impressive part about Freddie's back wasn't its size, it was how deep the ripples went. Freddie's naked back was impossible to peel away from, the way it rippled with every slight movement Freddie made, as though it was alive. Freddie licked his teeth, smooth and pearly white, now completely free of braces. His nose, once hooked, began to shrink and straightened out as it sunk into his face. Unlike most who preferred blue eyes with blonde hair, Freddie's warm hazel eyes were so inviting, people's opinions would change right away. Combined with his blonde hair and facial features, Freddie looked down right angelic. He returned with a bowl of cereal in his hand. When he sat, he rubbed against you, tricep-to-tricep. "Sorry," he said as he started to eat his cereal. As he ate, I took note of how manicured his hands looked. "You know Freddie, I don't understand how you can eat like this everyday and still maintain that tight Apollo's belt. Must be your metabolism." "Freddie's a freak of nature. Check this out." I grab Freddie forearm and turn it over. The twist of veins on Freddy's arms were eye-popping. As I held Freddie's arm down, his pale skin took on a light golden tan that accented his angelic appearance. It looked a little unusual given the chilly weather, but Freddie's rich skin tone was completely natural. The hairs on his arm were incredibly light-colored, if you didn't squint, it looked light he didn't have any at all. The hair all over Freddie's body was incredibly light colored. Even his package, which he shaved completely. "Those triceps too," I pat the underside of his arm. It feels like I'm gripping a softball. "Sorry to embarrass you, man." I let go of his arm. "It's just insane how good you look." The hunk smiles kindly, "Thanks man. Though try to keep your voice down some. I already get enough attention just working the desk. Sometimes I wish I could take a break from looking like this." He blushed and continued to eat his cereal. Even such a mundane activity looked nice as Freddie ate his cereal. He looked over to me, "So when is your first class?" I look at my phone. "In about 30min, but it shouldn't take us more than five minutes to get over there. Kyle and I actually have class together." Freddie's pink lips curled into a smile, "Aw how cute. The roommates having class together." "We're having breakfast together too!" I grin. "We're inseparable. But you're the real cute one, Freddie. A real superstar of the freshman class. You're smart as hell to boot. I'm so glad we get another year with you." The kid was full of potential. It takes all my willpower not to tousle his hair. Freddie was actually an inch shorter than before, but it just added to his boyish charm. As he ate, Freddie's changes continued. His balls began to swell, and his cock gained girth, adding to how impressive his appearance already was. He smiled softly as he looked at you. "Thanks dude, but I'm sure there are plenty of guys better than me in the freshman class." He lifts the bowl to his lips to drink the rest of the cereal milk, causing his shirt to strain over his impressive triceps and lats. It also causes it to become untucked revealing his Apollo's belt and first row of abs. When he feels a cool breeze on them, he quickly sets the empty bowl down and grabs the hem of his shirt to shove back into his pants, blushing. "Modest too!" I give Freddie a wolf whistle to indicate I saw his exposure, and he turns even redder. "I don't know Freddie, I heard you graduated at the top of your class in high school, that's pretty impressive." I check the time on my phone. "As much as I enjoy teasing you, we should probably get going pretty soon. Do you have a class in the morning? You can walk with us if you want." He shook his head, his locks of hair swaying with it. "Nope. I don't have class until 1:00. I got a shift starting probably right as you guys start class. I'm going to go ahead and get ready for my shift. The changing rooms are empty around now." He got out of the booth and stood up to his full 5'8" height. "Thanks for letting me eat with you guys. Cya around." He waved as he turned and headed for the back of the cafeteria. Many people along the way stared or glanced at him in admiration, jealousy, or lust. As Freddie walked to the back of the cafeteria, he pulled his nametag out of his pocket. It read EDDIE. Wait, that wasn't right. He shook his head in disbelief and checked his tag again, now reading DIEN. No, that still wasn't right. He held it between his thumb and index finger and gave it a good rub. Finally, it read DEAN. Satisfied, Dean grabbed an apron from the back room and tied it around it waist. The shape of his pecs were faintly visible underneath. Dean clipped his nametag on his pocket and got ready for work. Meanwhile, Lewis and I were just about ready to head to class. It was about a five minute walk, but we had ten minutes before we had to get there.
  2. Scroll down for the videos! Videos List: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5990e7fbe622b (with Alexander Volkov) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5aa4f7fbe0f32 (with Jacen Zhu) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59efb6f187e7b (with Matthew Bosch) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a320e811b19b (with Bruce Beckham) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bb3a92a639d0 (as a Teacher) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a0f3d207697e (being barebacked) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5726d323daf61 (given a handjob) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5726d38fbcc8e (jerkoff from Legendmen)
  3. At one time, he was considered a frontrunner to play Superman in a film. He is still known for being a fitness icon to this day.
  4. One of the biggest influences in my life. I live more authentically because of his example. My little humble tribute.
  5. So, I was talking with my friend the other day. She is a very direct girl, who doesn’t hold any secrets - perfectly blunt, in every way - and she is like that when she approaches men. She can afford to be because she is 26 years old, average height for a girl, intelligent, funny and hot - the full package. I will not name her here. One day, at a gym that she frequents with her boyfriend, with whom she is in an open relationship, she decides to approach this incredibly handsome guy, who also is a devoted gym-goer. He too seemed oh-so-very much like a good deal. Young, witty, but also very tall (198 cm, or 6'6 in retard units) and, clearly, quite strong. Through her telling, my friend recalled the ease with which he did pull-ups. This is his Instagram pic, I was told. At some point my friend started up conversations with the guy, whose name is Philip, she tells me, and through the weeks of getting together at the gym and through Facebook comments, she saw that she has a lot in common with Philip, especially when it comes to their preferences for genres in movies and books. She also noticed that he is into her. One day, they decide to get together after the gym. With my friend there is no beating around the bush. They went straight to his place - no dates, no romantic walks. She had already learned his humor, likes and dislikes. She wanted to know his primal side now. What is he like when passion takes hold of him? She got more than she bargained for. “Can you imagine what he must’ve looked like after the gym that evening? All that testosterone brimming inside him…” my friend recalled. She remembered him being larger than ever before due to the pump he was having. Veins were jumping out of him. Probably looked like this other pic from his Insta account. When they got into his bedroom, my friend couldn’t help but marvel at how the entire place was well organised and tidy. The bedroom was spacious, so he had set up a pull-up bar and a heavy-looking punching bag. There were also quite a number of large mirrors, which made the room appear bigger than it actually is. Another set of mirrors was near the bed - one on the wall on the side of it, and the other stuck to the sealing above the bed. By the time they got to the bed, their clothes were shed. This is, by the way, where she finally got a good look at his beautifully shaped ass. At first, he was being very gentle with her as they were starting foreplay and kissing. However, at some point, my friend said that she started to goad him, so that he would become more rough with her. I think she likes it that way. After a slap here, a wicked laugh there, he grew increasingly - and visibly - annoyed… He wasn’t amused at all. He grabbed her by her arms and forcefully picked her up with great ease, as if to correct her behaviour. Then, he laid her back onto the bed with some frustration. She described his face as barely containing anger and remembers his loud breathing. He got up, nude, with every muscle and every vein visible on his large tight body, and he walked furiously across the room in circles. The muscle mass on him, combined with his imposing height, makes him weigh at around 115 kilos - nearly twice her weight. His steps were booming. He then took a sturdy metal chair from a corner of the room and placed it in front of the bed. Still annoyed, he said to her “come here.” She could tell from his tone that he was in no mood for hesitation, so she got up from the bed and walked up to the chair. He impatiently turned her away from himself and picked her up off the floor onto the seat, so that her behind would face him. It looked to her that this was his version of foreplay, so she was still looking forward to what may come out of this all. He entered her vagina with his decent-sized dick and thrusted strong enough that her knees were no longer touching the chair, which was there to support them in the first place. It felt good, albeit a little violent. While she was moaning, she looked up into the mirror by the bed and saw that Philip was focused solely onto himself in the reflection. She said that she thought at the time “Fuck, I’d be looking at myself if I were as gorgeous as him”. He was staring into his own eyes and into the glistening muscles of his own large and powerful body while practically holding her 60 kilos constantly in the air. He was going like that for several minutes. When he finally turned his focus to the girl he was thrusting, she felt that he was getting a bit flaccid. Not too much, for he was still a clear presence inside of her. Philip leaned over her back and stretched his arm down, next to her head. He was again gazing at their reflection in the mirror, but now he had a renewed hardness to his dick. My friend said that she was enjoying the feel of his strength imposed on her, and said that it was even more than she had hoped for. He certainly knew how to move down there, not just simple thrusts. She was genuinely enjoying it, but she was still able to see that Philip was actually focusing now on the monstrous size of his own arm when put next to her significantly smaller body. He flexed it so that the peak of his bicep would be right next to her head. She remembered how she rubbed her head against his bicep and feeling that rock-like hardness. Then, she told me, something unexpected happened. He got out of her, then proceeded to put her back on the bed. He placed the chair on the bed too, so that it was above her head. Now he was above her, and she was facing him, and their sex organs reunited. He was straddling her like a mighty lion, and he appeared inhumanly large above her. All she could see were his stone-hard abs and huge pecs as they were thrusting up and down, along with her entire body. Here comes the weird part. He looks down into her eyes. She was feeling a mixture of ecstasy and fear in that moment. He was insanely hot, even in this moment of bestial mindlessness, yet everything that was going on escaped even her wildest fantasies, and I can tell you, my friend has some wild imagination. It was in that moment when he grabbed ahold of the chair and, while looking into my friend’s eyes, proceeded to crush it! It was here that fear completely took over in my friend’s mind. Crushing that chair is no small feat. According to my friend, it had a steel frame with elements of hard wood and was quite heavy and solid. Philip squeezed it with his powerful hands while relentlessly looking into my friend’s eyes. Soon, the chair’s frame gave way to his pressure and started to grind and crack loudly. By this point my friend was petrified with terror at what she was seeing. Philip was practically turning from a prince into a savage monster before her very eyes. He groaned with his deep and booming voice as he was distorting and destroying the chair. He was looking with his cold unyielding eyes deep into her while he was doing it. He pinned the frame of the chair next to the girl’s petrified naked body and ripped the bars towards himself. She could do nothing but watch silently this monstrous display of power because she was helpless. The strength that was needed to pull and rip the steel outward was bordering inhuman. Looking at those dark, cruel eyes of his, she was actually afraid… that he was going to switch the chair with her at some point. Philip got off of her and violently launched the remains of what used to be a chair onto the wall, shattering it into bits that scattered on the floor. His wrath wasn’t subsiding, though. He then furiously launched hits at his punching bag. The whole building was shaking at the shockwaves that his punching produced. His precise movement and enormous strength with which he was hitting made it evident that had the bag been human, there would be no more life left in it. During this unbelievably intense moment, my friend’s wits came back to her, and she thought of a way to prevent things from escalating. She got off the bed to her feet and silently said his name in a calm manner. “Philip?”, in response to which he stopped his punching and looked at her. His chest was heaving from deep breaths, and his pumped up muscles were covered with sweat. She approached him carefully, barely containing her shivering, knowing full well that he might lunge at her. This time, however, she had gotten to know him a bit. She took his large hand and brought him to one of the mirrors. The blood was coming back to his cock at the sight of his own reflection. In that moment, he was a personification of power - a god of strength and beauty. Every muscle fiber was bursting on him. He was enormous, bigger than life. He wanted to turn around towards her, but she stopped him from doing that, lest he get some new ideas. She stood behind him so that his frame would completely eclipse her from the mirror. Only her hands were visible because she was caressing his muscles gently. He realised that it felt good that his god-like body is finally receiving some worshiping. His dick was insanely hard now. He looked at himself as the petit female hands were passing over the massive landscape of his sculpted V-shaped torso. He flexed his arms and allowed my friend to feel the enormity of power emanating from his hard lats, triceps, and biceps. He knew that nothing could stop him in this moment if he went on a rampage, but getting some love and appreciation for the body he had painstakingly built over the years felt much more rewarding. He could no longer contain himself. His breathing and his twitching stiff cock became a signal of the fact that he could no longer fight his sexual urges. My friend realised that, so she jerked him off. When he laid down on the bed, she gladly sucked him because she was relieved. He came in a torrent of sperm. My friend told me about this with clear fear and disbelief at the events she was describing, but I, for whatever reason, felt like it was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. She says that they are still friends, and I still see his comments on her posts, but she said that that day’s experience is something she is not eager to repeat… I barely contained my breathing as she was describing all of this to me. What did you feel? This is based on true events that happened more than half a year ago. Here is another picture of “Philip”. I hear that he finally understood what a beauty he is, so now he took to modelling.
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