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Found 10 results

  1. Shahrazad2

    A Couple of Hunks

    (Note, like a lot of my stories, the people in this are based on real people, at least in the beginning. I adjusting names and certain details to make the story more interesting, but I need to give credit where it is due. Let me know what you all think) Stewart and Henry were a married couple. Fortunately for me, their relationship was open, and they enjoyed inviting other guys to play with them. I was only an Italian-American college grad 20 something, kinda lanky, curly-haired and gangly, but 6'2" tall. While I'd been fascinated by twinks in high school and athletes in college, something about the settled, strong, somewhat chubby bodies and easy demeanor of Stewart and Henry drew me. Stewart was Irish-Scottish-American, and worked in some sort of number crunching company. He had bright, twinkling hazel eyes and buzzed hair and a round baby face with a boyish grin and stubble on his lips and chin. He was only about 5'7" tall, but he had a 7 inch long, thin dick that loved attention. His body was also nicely hairy all over, but his fair skin was marred by eczema, and though he said it was about the best it had ever been, he really loved it when I massaged him with the lotion to sooth his discomfort. I admit I was initially surprised, but once he explained the condition and I saw how much he loved being touched I thought of him as a lovable teddy bear, and several times I drove over to their townhouse just to massage him while he watched TV. Stewart's hairy body was fun to touch and play with, and he was very sensual. After a lifetime of being unable to touch anyone for fear of being seen as too gay, I loved caressing him. Stewart was also the more openly horny and the one who was more talkative, and it was he who initially invited me over when we were chatting on Adam4Adam. He liked trashy tv shows and dramas, and he also liked me. Henry was Cambodian-American, and worked as a manager for a mental health company. He had taken his husband's last name, and I was a bit in awe of him. He stood a bit taller than his husband at 5'11" and his body, though soft and smooth, was somewhat stronger from helping the orderlies care for patients. His dark brown eyes seemed to look deep, and he didn't talk much, but he would chat with me on facebook when his busy schedule allowed, and he was always polite and gentle. His skin was a rich bronze, and mostly smooth, except around his loins. His hair was longer than his husband, but only enough to flop neatly on his head, though he sometimes buzzed the sides and back. His dick was thicker than Stewart's, and its shape was sexier, too. Where Stewart got off quickly, Henry liked to take his time with me, both of us cuddling and caressing each other, stroking and sucking and and holding each other as we came, and then cuddling and making out afterwards. Sometimes, while Stewart would get off early and go clean up, Henry and I would spend longer and longer periods in bed, making out and exploring each other's bodies. I admit, if I found Stewart cute and playful and fun to take care of, I yearned for time spent with Henry. He was usually busy, though, and so I became more a friend to Stewart than a friend with benefits to both of them. One evening, though, Henry was working on something while Stewart and I reclined on the couch with his lotion, and while burly Cambodian was usually silent when he had a project, tonight he seemed especially focused on his laptop and some odd device, which looked like a combination of a tablet and a stereo and a whisk. "What's going on," I asked in a whisper to Stewart, who shrugged, and murmured back, "Some sort of mental health psychosomatic reinforcement subliminal message projector thing... there've been a few rowdy patients at Henry's job lately, and he's been trying to invent something to help them make breakthroughs, lower addiction symptoms, etc... doesn't seem to be working too well, if his temper is any indication. Poor guy has been beating himself up over trying to make it work, but I think his coworkers have written it off as a lost cause already. But the good news is he's made some progress on other stuff. He found a new experimental skin cream for me... it's supposed to work wonders... want to try it out?" I smiled. Stewart is cute when he wants something, though his condition can't be comfortable. "Sure thing... but let me wash my hands first... maybe make your husband take a break and start you on it," I reply as I get up, go to the restroom, and, out of habit, close and lock the door. It's not that I'd mind if either of them barged in on me if I was doing things far more private than washing hands, but it's just one of my quirks. Through the door, I heard the following: "Henry, hon, could you at least get me started before Mikey gets back?" "Ugh... I'll need to wash my hands afterwards if I'm going to be working on this piece of junk, but yeah, I could use a break, babe. I swear it is picking up kinky porn channels or something instead of projecting anything. If I could just find the right medium, I'm sure it'd work. Even now it is just loading." "You'll get it right eventually, hon." "Thanks babe. Oof... this jar is sealed tight." "C'mon, big guy, you're really strong... you can open it." "Grrr... I'll show you strong, sexy... finally!" I heard Stewart's mild, teasing applause, then, a moment later, "Ooo... thanks... that feels good, hon." "Yeah, it is nice and smooth... kinda tingly, though, mayb-" Henry was interrupted by a sudden electronic hum, which continued for several minutes. I was a little unnerved by their sudden silence, turned the sink off, and called out, "Guys, you ok?" In unison, both Stewart and Henry nearly moaned, "We ok," their voices sounding strangely flat over the continuing mechanical buzz. I finished drying my hands, opened the door and stood there in shock. Stewart and Henry were frozen in place, the new skin cream smeared over Henry's hands and Stewart's belly. But the skin cream was glowing with a strange golden light, and both men's expressions were blank. It was like they were awaiting something. At the same time, the device Henry had been working on was vibrating, the whisk-part shaking as electric arcs danced between the metal frame. I went over to examine the screen and saw the following message: Medium for personality and physiology alteration found. Connection made... suggestion waves interfacing with subject(s) physiology. Subject 2 has dermal errors... Medium can make repairs with heightened stimulation. Authorize? Y/N? I thought for a moment. Should I do this? Would it really help Stewart's skin? What if it made things worse? How long would this effect last? I took a deep breath, and typed "Y" The device flashed, and the gel flowed over Stewart, coating him entirely. I rushed over to try and pull it off his face, but in a moment, it seemed to have sunk into his skin, save for a few globs in the jar and on Henry's hands. But Stewart started to moan and lean back out of his husband's touch, running his hands over his body and writhing in what looked like pleasure on the couch. "Yeah... oh baby, yeah, yeah, I've never felt this good... fuck yeah!" he cried out. He opened his eyes and locked them with mine. "Mikey, fuck me, please fuck me, I need to get fucked! Fffffuck!" he growled out and yanked off his shirt, exposing his shoulders. I thought for a brief moment that he had snapped out of his earlier trance, but his eyes, though heavy lidded and sex-driven, were still unfocused. I noticed, though, that his skin seemed slightly more clear than before. I made up my mind. "Ok Stewart, I'll fuck you... pants off," I command, pulling off my clothes as I spoke. Something about Stewart seemed stronger, more alluring. No more the cute, sympathetic pup, now, physically tearing his pants and briefs off his legs and revealing a surprising bulge, long and slim and hardening. His neck and arms and chest all seemed thicker, more fire plug powerful, but he also seemed an inch taller. "Fuck yeah, Mikey! Only it's Stu, fuck, not Stewart. Stewart's a dweeb's name, and I'm... fuck... I'm all man." He really was changing before my eyes. His neck was thicker, and his biceps were flexing as he growled and cursed. I was surprised to see a tribal tattoo forming on his arms and shoulders, and his hair seemed to be reshaping into a military high and tight. His facial stubble was thickening. As I positioned myself, I noticed that Henry was still frozen in place, his eyes locked on the empty air where Stewart... Stu... had been when they first froze. But his pants are noticeably bulging, as if he can sense what is going on and can't help but be aroused. I took a deep breath, and slid into... Stu's hole. He felt tight, and he was flexing, his bulky body showing hard muscle underneath a daddylike meat. His cock flopped onto his gut, which was starting to show roid-abs, and he moaned loud and long, his voice deeper as his chest and neck muscles started to swell. His sweat smelled muskier, deeper somehow. I was finding myself lost in his body, seeing how responsive he was to each thrust of my dick. Then I noticed that he was actually getting a bit taller with each thrust. Where Stewart's rash had been, Stu only had flushed skin from the lust he was experiencing. His eyes were rolling back in his head, and nothing but profanity spilled from his now bearded lips as a newborn daddy hunk who lay on the couch beneath me. Eventually, I heard the device beep, and it seemed to trigger Stu's responses. He roared out, "Oh fuck... oh goddamn fucking FUCCCCKKKKKK!" Cum splattered from his dick and across his bulky, hairy chest muscles, and he seemed to pass out in a sexually satisfied stupor. I pulled out, but he didn't seem to notice, just began to snore. I noticed that his cum was soaking into his skin just like the lotion had, though. I went over to the device to see what it had to say about the situation, and saw the following message displayed: Medium for Personality and Physical Alteration suitable. Subject 2 responded extremely well. Save (rename) - Subject 2: __________ I began to type "Stu" into the blank, but autocorrect finished for me and saved him as "Stud." Searching databases... "Stud" qualities applied. Details downloaded from 34,768 pornographic films (see list). Increasing sex drive. Lowering inhibitions. Seeking open relationships or opportunities to spread genetic material. Intelligence shifting from academic to physical and socially and sexually driven. Subject 2 saved as "Stud." "Oh geez... I hope that doesn't make things worse." I mumble to myself, before the device beeped again. I looked to the screen and saw a new message. Medium for personality and physical alteration insufficient. Please apply greater quantities of the medium to Subject 1's epidermis. Failure to do so promptly could result in brain damage from extended halted mental operations. I looked at Henry, and saw that drool was starting to spill from his lips. "Oh geez oh geez oh geez," I yelped as I grabbed some dishwashing gloves from the sink to avoid getting any of the stuff on me, and yanked open Henry's button down shirt to expose as much of his golden skin as possible. I took the jar from his hand and began slathering the lotion onto his body, watching as it glowed brilliantly under the stimulation of the device's signals. When I'd practically emptied the container, I dropped, it, pulled off the gloves so they landed on Henry's bare feet, and returned to the device, where I was relieved to see a new message waiting for me. Medium for personality and physical alteration found. Connection made... suggestion waves interfacing with subject(s) physiology. Subject 1 experienced mild brain damage. Repairs must be made to allow continued functioning. Authorize? Y/N? Without hesitation I pressed Y. I wanted Henry safe and whole. The device flashed again, and the gel coated all of Henry's body, remaining for longer than it had on Stewart before sinking into the bronzed Cambodian skin. Henry showed signs of life, animating and moaning low and loud. Unlike his husband, he didn't say any words... in fact, it seemed like he was acting far more primal and animalistic than Stewart had. He began to growl, deep in his throat and belly, and flex his muscles... which were beginning to pump and swell, making his remaining clothes look that much tighter. Veins seemed to swell in his neck and torso, as if pumping with the gel. His gut seemed to be pushing towards me, but "roid gut" abs were forming on its expanse as well. Henry's shoulders seemed to be getting broader, and his breathing was louder as the changes swept through his body (and presumably his mind). His neck was getting thicker, more bull-like, and I heard his spine crack as he began to get taller. Soon, he was approaching my height! Henry's clothes seemed smaller and smaller, but he took a step towards me, reaching out with hands that spasmed as a response to his arm muscles starting to grow. I felt those twitching, throbbing hands grab me... and push me aside! Instead of doing anything with me, like Stewart... or Stu, or Stud, I suppose... had, Henry went straight for his husband's passed out form on the couch. He bent his knees and flexed with a grunt, and began to flex more seriously. Shockingly, his muscles seemed to bulge and pump and swell even more! In a moment, his shirt had torn off his broad, veiny shoulders, revealing a body that had grown into the muscle, massive gut bulging under pillow-sized pecs capped with erect nipples. As his body continued to flex and expand, soon his pants too started to tear off... and perhaps in preparation for my visit, he hadn't been wearing underwear underneath. His cock, now a solid, massive monster, thick and vein-covered, flew up and smacked his belly as the tattered remnants of his old life fell to the floor. Even his socks ripped off his now bigger bare feet. The newly naked beast of a man wasted no time, leaning forward to bury his face and tongue between the cheeks of his husband's new hairy, unblemished muscle butt. I could hear loud slurping sounds as Henry... or the man who'd been Henry... began to rim Stu's stud ass with long strokes of his tongue. Stu began to moan and wake up. With a string of dialogue that I was starting to recognize from certain porn movies, Stu left no doubt about that. "Oh fuck, hon, you're so big! Look at those muscles... yeah, eat out that tight ass. Our little friend didn't fill me near enough. I need your big meat. Give it to me, hon... give me that. Huge. Fucking. Dick!" Henry complied. It was really hot to watch his body move, his head rising from his partner's hole, his hard dick, now almost as thick and long as my forearm, dripping precum as he lined it up, then placed his big hands on his husband's hairy shoulders and thrust inside the smaller man. The couch, a well-weighted thing that had withstood a lot, actually moved with the force, and Stu's language turned, if possible, even more profane. There was no effort to make sense, just variations on the theme of fucking in between gasps of breath with each thrust Henry made. Until Stu did something that changed things... he renamed Henry: "C'mon, Hank, stop holding back and pound me! FUCK!" Henry... or, I suppose, Hank, now... froze, despite Stu's extremely vocal complaints. "H-hank..." he moaned, his voice rough. "I-I'm H-Hank..." "Yeah, you are, HUNK, now fucking fucking FUCK ME!" yelled Stu. He probably shouldn't have said that. Henry's face seemed conflicted. "Hank... Hunk... Hank... Hunk... Hank... Hunk." As Stu continued to scream profanities, I moved forward, stood on tiptoe (for Henry had inched taller over the last minute or so), and murmured in his ear. "Some people call you Henry or Hank... or even Hunk." Henry's huge, muscular body stilled at my words. "I call you beautiful and powerful and genius and brilliant and sexy and the greatest man I know." Henry's body was shaking as his mind tried to accomodate all the changes it was undergoing at the words I spoke. "You're... Stu's... husband. A hard worker. Really gentle and strong and understanding at the same time. I wish I could call you mine." The world seemed to stop. Was I really going to do this? If I said the right thing, I could claim this mountain of a man for myself, maybe more deeply than anyone else ever would. But... if he didn't choose me, then his only interest in me would be flat and mechanical, right? It wouldn't be real. Henry deserved better than that. Hank deserved better than that. I deserved better than that. I thought for a minute to choose my words carefully, my mind made up, as I blocked out Stu's grumbles, I took a deep breath. "... but you're your own man." He seemed to shudder and sigh, and a smile moved across his lips as he nodded, seeming more at peace. Then, he abruptly returned to fucking his husband like it was the only thing that mattered. Henry... Hank... picked up Stu and started fucking him in mid-air, smooth lips against bearded ones. The harder and faster Hank thrust into his love, the more weight seemed to melt off him. Hank went from bulky to more powerfully built, with greater and greater definition. Cut muscles were revealed across his back and torso, and his ass showed incredible striation as his hips sped up. Sweat gleamed over his body as his huge biceps and powerful legs flexed, and, still sucking face, both men came. I could hear Stu cussing against his husband's kiss, though the words were muffled, and Hank's whole body just shuddered as they coated each other in their seed... which also seemed to melt into their flesh almost immediately. Both men then sank to the ground, wrapped in each other's embrace and drifted off to sleep again. I went over to the device, and found that it had overheated and died, its internal circuits fried sometime during the events of the evening, leaving it as a useless molten piece of junk. The lotion container that Stewart had needed was likewise entirely empty. I tried to clean up, but the guys wouldn't be moved from their spot on the carpet, so I settled in on the couch to be there for them when they woke up. Everything's different now. Stu and Hank (or Stud and Hunk, as they sometimes refer to themselves) have a voracious sexual appetite now, especially for each other. They're the only ones they can really cut loose with, since they are so much stronger and more durable than other men. That hasn't stopped them from pursuing careers as rising stars in the porn world. The public loves Stu's rough and tumble Daddy Bear style, and he's taken to the leather world as well. Meanwhile, at 7'3," Hank is one of the tallest, most powerfully built men out there, and he's seen as the strong, stoic type. Their old minds and memories are hazy at best, and Hank especially seems to be a completely new man. Their sex drives are through the roof, though, and they seem ready to try new things, so they've moved across the country to settle in to new lives where they won't have to encounter their old friends and family. I get a Christmas card each year from them, usually with palm trees and naked guys on it. And, of course, I have ordered every film they've starred in. Nobody knows what went wrong with the weird device and the gel. No one was ever able to replicate the same results with either product. The doctors gave each man a clean bill of health, but their psychiatrists said it might be years before they mentally and emotionally recover from the changes... if ever. They said that Henry and Stewart's nerves must've been hijacked by the malfunctioning device's signal through the medium of the gel, and through those nerves, the rest of their physiology was similarly affected. But doctors and shrinks became compromised after I found one worshipping both partners. It seemed that people just couldn't keep their hands off Hank and Stu... including Hank and Stu. When they left, they were both too into exploring their new muscles and minds that they spent an increasing amount of time having sex and exploring their changes. They didn't even say goodbye. As for me? I'm just living my life, just a normal guy who had a brush with greatness. I'm hoping someday, someone or someones will love me that much.
  2. godofjurai

    Symbiotic Bonding Part 06

    This part I am sure is one of the bigger parts of the Original RP people wanted... I hope I did this justice... There is a very ORIGINAL way I did the theft in this part, which was what I think people enjoyed the most. Also there's a bit of an easter egg to a few other theft stories. Enough chatter, I hope you enjoy this part. Previous Parts: -Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 05 - Part 06 Risk Takers Matt wraps his large arms around Andrew in a tight embrace. “You won’t lose me, bro. I’ll always be your big lunk of a gym rat brother.” He notices the warmth of Andrew’s body up against him; his size much bigger and solid than what he’s been used to before. Even though Andrew is still quite a bit smaller than him, Matt can feel the difference of his smaller twin’s body size. It felt so good actually he began go become a bit more attracted to Andrew’s new size. “You know…” Matt pauses a second, swallowing the lump in his throat. “If we used rubbers, the cum wouldn’t touch…” Matt takes a deep breath, proud of the thought but also nervous on Andrew’s overall reaction. “We know that it’s the cum itself that is making these changes – the cups proved that. So all we have to do is use some condoms, and we can fuck all we want without having to worry.” Matt chuckles nervously, squeezing Andrew a bit more firmly, pulling him in tighter into his body. Andrew looks up at Matt, a bit of a happier tone spread across his face at this new revelation that his twin has proposed to him. “That actually sounds like a great idea!” Before Andrew could even finish his sentence, Matt had his brother scooped up and in his arms. The effort he put into it was a bit of a struggle at their new sizes, but Matt made sure to get in a comfortable position for himself to carry Andrew; up the stairs to their room, where Matt gently places Andrew onto his bed. Matt runs his hands over Andrew’s body, taking note of the new muscle that has formed under his brother’s skin. “Gotta admit, Andrew, watching you grow like that was pretty fucking hot.” Matt smirked down at Andrew, groping his hardening bulge in his shorts, before pulling them down his thighs as they dropped to the floor which he kicks off of his feet and pushes them aside. Matt crawls on the bed between Andrew, his eight rock hard inches at full attention. Reaching out, gently gripping Andrew’s thighs, rubbing them up and down before slowly pushing them apart. Matt reaches over Andrew to his nightstand, pulling the drawer open and grabbing one of the many condoms inside. Smirking down at Andrew seductively, he puts the condom package to his lips, ripping it open with his teeth as he pops the latex sheath out of its wrapper and slides it over his hard dick. He takes note that it’s not quite as tight as he remembered it used to fit him. Matt shook off the unwanted feeling of his smaller self as he grabbed a tube of lube from the drawer, applying a generous amount to slick up his rubber-clad cock. Matt begins to tease Andrew’s hole, prodding it with his finger, applying a bit of lube to make sure he was ready to take him fully. “I’m gonna give you a good fucking, bro. Show you I’ve still got it, even if I’m a bit smaller than before. Andrew moans loud in pleasure as Matt’s finger probes his hole, opening him up for the incoming invasion. “Please be gentle… I haven’t done it before, bro.” Andrew’s hole was tight, and spasming; his ass clamping down tightly on Matt’s lubed finger. “I’ve wanted this for a long time though, bro. I’ve wanted you to Want Me, like this…” Matt feels a bit uneasy at those words, a chill running down his spine. He leans down slowly, kissing Andrew, removing his finger from his tight hole. His lubed up cock, covered by the rubber, is achingly hard. Matt leans forward into Andrew, making sure to press the head of his mushroom tip against his brother’s hole. The tightness of Andrew and the feeling of being opened up by Matt causes them both to moan in unison. With a soft moan, Matt slowly pushes his cockhead into Andrew’s very tight hole. He watches Andrew wince a bit in pain and grunts; Matt leans in to comfort him, pushing his lips onto his twin’s in a deep kiss. His mouth engulfing Andrew’s, tongue forcing its way between his lips and teeth. Matt growls into the kiss, pushing his cock in half way before feeling Andrew tense up more under him, his bro’s hole clamping down on the four inches inside him. Matt pauses for a moment, giving Andrew a chance to adjust to his size; even at eight inches, he’s still quite the hung stud. As he keeps his dick half inside he moves his mouth down Andrew’s face, to his jaw, then his neck, nuzzling against his brother’s ear before teasing it with his tongue. Andrew moans as his body is relieved of some tension, his hole relaxing a bit more, as he gives permission for Matt to proceed further. His hole opening up, Matt pushes in further, loving the groans and moans that escape Andrew’s lips. “Oh yeah,” Matt moans, feeling his thin pubes press against Andrew’s round muscle ass cheeks as he finally reaches the end, his cock fully pressed into his bro. “Fuck you got a nice ass, Andrew.” His breathing more labored as their bodies are pressed firmly together. Matt lifts Andrew up off the bed, letting his slightly smaller twin wrap his legs around his waist; Matt’s cock moving and shifting inside of him as they changed sexual positions. Matt moves over to his desk, sitting down on it. He places his hands on Andrew’s ass as he begins to lift his brother up and down on his cock in a steady rhythm. Andrew moans more and more with each thrust up and down Matt’s shaft in pure pleasure. Every time he is dropped to the base of Matt’s cock he gasps as he feels the large phallus leaving him as he is lifted back up the shaft towards the large head, just to start his long moan as he is lowered again. Andrew’s cock is rock hard and slapping firmly against Matt’s abs as Matt holds him close to his chest. Something then snaps in his own mind right then, the consequences if Andrew was to cum now without something blocking his spunk would be very bad. “Matt… Fuck… nnn… This….Is…A… Bad… Position…” Andrew manages to get out as Matt pounds into him, steadily speeding up his rhythm as he begins to go faster… and faster… “Mmm, Fuck no, Bro! This position is fucking amazing!” Matt growl’s holding Andrew steady as he slams his dick up inside of Andrew, roughly fucking his twin, loving the way Andrew’s lust is evident from his panting and grimacing facial expressions; the way Andrew’s cock hits his abs over and over as he fucks him hard, yet passionately. Matt’s own ass begins to rise up off the chair slightly as he tries to drive his cock in even deeper if it could even be possible; spreading his strong muscular legs wider, leaning back against the desk, driving his dick up into Andrew as he holds his bro in position. His balls begin to ache, he wants to fill Andrew up so much with his love, but they seem to tremble and swell as they begin to cause him pain. Matt snarl’s angrily, desperately wanting to cum as he begins to fuck Andrew even harder, roughly thrusting up into his twin, muscles tensing and flexing with extra effort as beads of sweat begin to form on his skin. Andrew continues to be tossed around, enjoying the pounding as he notices Matt’s face begin to turn red, as he finally cries out in agony, desperate for relief. “Ah, Fuck… Please Matt…” he moans into the rhythm. With a loud cry of pain and pleasure, but pure ecstasy, Matt explodes. “AH FUCK!!!!” Pushing deep inside, Matt feels his dick spasm wildly, the big rod rocking about wildly as his seed continues to erupt from his shaft, filling the condom. The reservoir tip beginning to fill… more… and more… There is so much cum rocketing forth, Matt feels like his cock won’t stop, but he realizes it’s not his choice, it’s something more. Matt’s Symbiote controlled balls are working in overdrive, filling the tip of the condom, making it swell larger and larger inside of Andrew as it continues to fill with Matt’s splooge. “Oh fuck, Matt…” Andrew’s eyes go wide as the rubber reservoir tip expands so much it ruptures inside of him, flooding the enhanced cock cream throughout Andrew completely. As soon as it breaks and flows into him, it’s immediately absorbed, but this time Andrew isn’t warmth spreading over his body; heat begins to fill him, a fire. Every muscle in Andrew’s body begins to tense up all at once, flexing hard against an unseen resistance. “FUCK! THIS…IS… HUGE!” Andrew’s height shoots upwards, almost instantly he is four inches taller, his shoulders broadening wider to provide new space for the muscle that is pumping out from under his skin. Every fiber of his being tensing as he gets bigger everywhere, the veins making a road map to every part of him as they pump with blood and begin to be seen without even a flex. Fifty pounds of solid mass was just added to him in mere minutes, and the show was just starting. Andrew’s own cock, six and a half inches of rock hard meat expands upwards and outwards, throbbing madly as it added one more inch of length and bloated thicker to accommodate his new size. As Andrew’s growth begins to subside, his body bordering on close to Matt’s size now, their bodies even closer than ever, his cock begins rubbing against the ridges of Matt’s abs. As it grew longer and thicker, his body becoming closer to perfection like his larger twin, he begins to gaze at himself in awe from these new changes, the pressure in his own balls begins to come to a head and spill out. As Andrew tries to move up off of Matt’s cock, his body has it’s own desires as his now perfect muscular bubble butt ass latches down on Matt’s cock, “FUCK!!!!” Andrew’s cock explodes! The load firing up into the air as it lands across Matt’s face, chin, and chest. There is nothing else he can do now, but to wait. Andrew wraps his larger arms around Matt, as his cock fires again, his brain going into protective mode, as all he wants to do is hold onto Matt, not realizing his cock is still firing off between their bodies as Matt begins to shrink a bit more. “No…. no no no no no!” Andrew holds Matt tightly as he sits on his cock still balls deep. Their eyes meeting for the first time since they were kids. Matt looks straight across, eye level to Andrew. But it seems a bit off, his eyes may be even a bit lower, but that’s not really surprising since Andrew is still impaled on his dick. Before he came, Andrew had to tilt his head down to look at him, this new status change had him slightly tilting his head up. “Damn Andrew,” he croaked, words a bit slurred. Matt reached up and tries to pull Andrew off of his tool, but Andrew is now too big, too heavy. 200lbs of pure beef sitting on his lap. Matt’s ass touches down on the chair, his trembling legs no longer able to hold up his brother’s weight as easily as he was able to before. “Fuck… you look good…” Matt finally takes in the full size and weight of his twin. His larger muscles, his masculine rock hard hairy chest, his powerful shoulders, and his vasularly huge arms. Andrew lifts his ass up off of Matt’s cock, pulling the obliterated latex condom out of his hole. “Look at me, Matt.” He walks over to Matt’s large mirror that he had installed to check his own perfected body out in. Andrew lifts his right arm up, flexing, watching the ball form of his bicep. He brings his other arm up and shows off a most muscular for Matt. Seeing the tightness of his six pack and much larger pecs. Andrew in a matter of minutes has went from a jock built to something more like an amateur athlete. Andrew moves his hand down his furry chest, crossing his hairy covered abs till it meets his cock, which now looks much more adequate with his thick pubic bush. He gives it a squeeze, as he notices Matt looking at him through the mirror. Andrew spins around to face his twin. “No more, Matt…” Matt shivers with desire as he watches Andrew flex and pose and feel up his bigger body. He slowly stands up, walking up to his twin. He’s still taller, but only barely. One inch at most. He also has a slight bit of muscle still on his once tiny bro, but maybe only about twenty pounds if that. Matt brings his own arms up and flexes, his biceps rising up proudly under his skin – he’d still be impressive to anyone who hadn’t seen him flex a few days earlier. His arms are clearly still a bit bigger then Andrews. Their cocks, on the other hand, look exactly the same size. While Andrew’s dick is more obscured by his new full bush, it’s clear that the two were hanging equally low. “Damn, Andrew. You look good.” Matt purred as he looked his twin up and down. “I’m almost glad that was a defective rubber. Andrew smirks at his bro, crossing his larger muscular arms in front of his newly firm pecs. “Control yourself bro,” his voice has lowered more drastically with this new change. “Another mishap and I’ll probably be the same size as you.” He stretches his arms over his head, feeling his new size. “Well, we wasted our day with experimenting. All this growth sure is making me tired.” Andrew lets out a deep yawn as he goes to sit on his bed. Matt’s eyes never leaving his body. Matt walks over and joins Andrew on his bed, reaching out, massaging Andrew’s newly thick shoulders and traps. “Having a twin who’s the same size as me wouldn’t be the worst thing,” he tried joking as he rubbed Andrew’s thick neck. “Who knows, Bro? Maybe you’ll become a gym rat like me!” Matt laughs, as he throws his head against the pillow on Andrew’s bed. Matt pulls Andrew back into him, until they are both prone and laying in each other’s arms. “Remember how we used to do this, as kids? Sneak into each other’s beds, just stay awake for hours at night, talking to each other? Well, whispering back then. We didn’t want our parents to hear us awake.” He chuckled. “Those were good times, weren’t they?” Andrew lays against Matt’s arm; its smaller then he’s used to with his new size and the lack of size Matt once had as he reminisces about those great times they shared. He grins, turning to face Matt. “Yeah…” Andrew leans in and tries to get a whiff of Matt’s underarm, but when his nose nuzzles Matt’s inner arm, there is no longer that manly masculine scent that he loved so much. He sighs, “Don’t you miss being big, Matt?” “A little. Okay, more than a little. I do miss it. It’s weird, you know? One day I’m the big man on campus and the next, well, not so much.” Matt pauses for a few seconds, gathering his thoughts. “But it’s not all bad, you know? I’m, uh, learning to look at things differently. A Different perspective or whatever. Maybe I wouldn’t have chosen this, if you’d asked me a couple days ago. But hey, lemonade out of lemons right?” Matt turns his own body to look Andrew right in the eyes. “And you’re finally getting some meat on you! For me, that’s definitely a big plus!” Matt grins back at Andrew, running a hand over his brother’s hairy chest, feeling the contours of the new slab of Andrew’s pecs. “Could be worse, right?” Andrew pushes himself up on his elbows. “You’re right. It could have been worse. What if we were complete strangers, or even some stupid roommates?” Andrew bursts out laughing. “At least it’s happening between us, two close brothers.” Andrew moves in to kiss Matt, this time much deeper as the wall between them begins to break, most likely due to the recent surge of Andrew’s confidence from the recent growth. “If I get bigger then you, Matt, I will be there for you like you have always been for me all these years.” “Mmm..” Matt murmurs, surprised and pleased by the force of Andrew’s affections. “I know you’ll be there, Andrew. I know you’ll look out for me. I want you… too…” Matt’s voice catches as the words “Want You” escape past his lips. Like something deeper inside him is triggered. Matt can’t quite figure it out, but it makes him feel safe pressed against Andrew; their hard bodies mashed together on Andrew’s bed. His dick slowly starts to stir again, but Matt wills himself to behave. After all that’s gone on so far, he’s not entirely sure he can take much more, even though a deep part of him desperately wants it. Andrew yawns again, exasperated from the events of the day. “Well… I’m just gonna… sleep…” Andrew crashes out on the spot, his head hitting the pillow as he begins a deep snore. His body needing to recharge from today’s dramatic growth ordeal. As Matt pushes himself off the bed to move over towards his own, Andrew begins to mumble words in his sleep… To Be Continued... Coming Soon Part 07: While You Were Sleeping
  3. MuscleNexusTF

    MaxoVision Men

    Hey guys! Started this story a loooong time ago. Finally decided to finish it. It's weird and I like that. Hope you do to. To see more of my stuff (and to show your support!) please consider following my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MuscleNexus. Enjoy! In a small dark room on the forty third story of MaxoVision Tower, Henry woke up. His asthmatic coughing echoed around the dorm as he pushed his wiry frame out of bed. His feet slapped on metallic flooring, instantly chilling him. He crossed his arms around his hairless torso as he approached the aluminum sink in the corner. He wetted his hand under the tap and smeared the number ‘3’ off his smudgy mirror. Without much attention to detail, Henry lifted his tube of toothpaste and made strokes to write a ‘4’ on the surface in its place. 24 days, that’s how long he had been in the dank little room, and he was no closer to finding out the reason for his imprisonment than the he was when he had first woken up there He rinsed the toothpaste resin from his hands and cupped them under the facet. He was jolted to alertness with the chill of water splashed onto his face. He regarded himself with a furrowed brow. He was 18, had just graduated from high school, and was looking forward to beginning university in the fall. His perfect grades had netted him a place in Harvard. All that had been dashed however, when he found himself in this mysterious dark dorm. Self proclaimedly, Henry was ‘one for books and not for looks.’ His body had been entirely nondescript when he was kidnapped. Kidnapped… “Is that what happened to me?” He wondered aloud. The past 23 days had not seen it change at all. He was provided consistent offerings of food from a slit under the door that seemed to keep his weight at exactly the same spot. While his weight remained the same, he did notice one odd change. He pulled at his side and his skin stretched miraculously far before snapping back into its original position. Henry frowned once again, he had never heard of any disease that could do this to someone, but he was pretty sure it was not a sign of good health. At any rate, it didn’t actually change his appearance and didn’t bother him for any other reason than its oddness. A loud and deep grunt echoed through the hallway beyond Henry’s metal door. He gulped. There was something else that was unusual about this place. He lived with giants. Once a day for the past 23 days, his door had swung open, and Henry was forced to leave and hide, or be found by one of the hulking beasts that roamed the dimly lit corridors of his prison. So far, he had been successful. He knew that there were others like him in there, normal people. He heard their yells and cries of fear when the doors were unlocked and the beasts were allowed to roam free. He had also known one for a brief ten minute before he was taken by one of the creatures. He had only captured glimpses and glances at the creatures that terrorized him for one hour during the day. He was able to evade them, but if they couldn’t see them, he couldn’t see them. Hiding was key because they could any normal man and take him in an instant if they wanted to, and that seemed to be all the mindless things wanted… He had always been able to make it back into his room shortly after the warning bell that announced that their doors could once again be shut and locked. But there had been one close call… On one of his first days in the mysterious institution (what else could it be called), Henry allowed fear to overtake him and sprinted for his door after hearing the warning chime. His light but loud footsteps had attracted the attention of one of the beasts, bringing it around the corner to come face to face with Henry just as he was turning into his room. He heard it and smelt it before he saw it. Great slapping thuds of footsteps that instantly struck panic into Henry’s heart. And the smell of sweat and musk, overpowering to the point where Henry felt lightheaded and nauseous. He only had about two second to observe the charging creature before he lept into his room and slammed the door. Those two second were all he needed. It looked like a half-naked man, but muscled beyond compare. Henry had time to register thickly corded legs that pumped their way ever closer to him and two globular and hairy pecs heaving in the dark. Henry’s last view before slamming the door was a comically broad stubbled jaw and empty, hungry eyes. Henry vaguely knew what happened if they caught you. He had seen it happen to another unlucky runner. The man had been outrun by one of the creatures. The beast had pinned him down and positioned his massive tool over the small man’s ass. Henry didn’t have time to see the rest, but he saw the results days later in the halls. His friend had become another mindless creature, a fate that was almost more terrifying than death to Henry. “Brraahhhh!” The chimes echoed as his door clanged open. Henry was immediately roused from his memories by the roar of the creatures in the dark. He knew he couldn’t stay in his room long, so he slipped into the dark along his regular route. 23 days later and his feeling of horror still hadn’t subsided from the situation. He inched along, wall to wall. Listening intently for the sign of laboured breathing and heavy footsteps. His heart lurched as he turned a corner and spied one of the men’s mammoth backs, glistening with sweat, lurching through the darkness in the distance before darkness shrouded it from sight. Henry counted to ten before slowly turning to go in the opposite direction. Ten minutes later and there was no sight or sound of the creature, and Henry was beginning to relax. He was nearing his door and he knew the chimes would sound soon. As if on cue, the loud buzz filled the hallways and then left Henry in silence once again. He quickened his pace as his door came into view. And then, his worst fears were realized. One of the muscle creatures appeared out of the darkness opposite him, and infront of his door. He could see its intense gaze and tensing muscles as it prepared to charge. Henry broke into a sprint towards the creature and his door. “Damn!” He thought. The beast smiled in the dark as he watched his prey barrel towards him! Henry’s mind raced as he evaluated his options. Turning around and running wasn’t an option, he’d be caught. He just needed to get to his door. He held his breath and braced as he neared the incoming wall of muscle at breakneck speed. At the last second he dropped down to the ground in a skid as two vein-corded arms swiped the air inches above his head. He could smell the beast as he passed underneath it, his nostrils filled with the thing’s musk. Henry skidded into his room and turned to see the door slide shut and then an impossibly loud thump as the creature slammed into it. He grimaced as the creature roared in frustration. Propping himself against the door, henry shut his eyes and let out ragged gasps, he was safe. He waited a moment to catch his breath and calm his beating heart. There had been at least a minute of silence. He opened his eyes and groaned at the site of his crotch. He was sporting a modest tent in the black briefs that he had found himself in 24 days before. This wasn’t unusual, running in the hallways was the only time that he really did anything physical, and well, he was 18. Henry always felt disgusted with himself for his body’s untimely urges, it reminded him too much of the hungry things outside his door. Nonetheless, he realized he would be done with that business sooner if he just dealt with it then and there. He fished his modest cock out of the briefs and began stroking. The wave of pleasure was immediate and intense. He gasped as a small stream of precum erupted from his swollen manhood. He used the extra lubrication to begin stroking faster, his dick felt hard and sensitive. He unconsciously brought his hand to his sweat drenched chest and began rubbing. He looked down at himself. His daily escapades in the hallways had done him well, the two modest pecs and the hint of abs that he sported now were more muscle than he had ever achieved before. His legs showed the same amount of development, decent quads jutted to the sides above thick diamond calves. Henry groaned as he stroked. He no longer wanted to just get it over with, he couldn’t remember the last time he was so turned on! He instinctively wiped the sweat away from his lips and roughly stubbled jaw with a hairy forearm. His mind only had a second to be confused by the odd appearance of hair on his forearms and stubble on his jaw when he realized that he had wiped more than sweat away from this face. He stood up to look at his pale and sweaty reflection in the mirror. A line of gooey liquid ran across his face as well as over and in his mouth. His eyes widened in renewed horror. Had the creature leaked precum on him? In him? Would that be enough to turn him into… Panic welled in Henry’s tightening chest. He rubbed it instinctively, barely noticing the appearance of soft hair on it. A new form of lust gripped him as he cupped a meaty pec in his hand. He began squeezing the muscle and flexing it. Squeezing and flexing. Squeezing and flexing… He broke his gaze from the blurry growing image in the mirror to look down at his body. It almost looked the same as it had that morning. A little more muscle, a little more hair, but certainly nothing like the hairy behemoths that chased him in the halls. Henry shook his head and took a few small gulps of air, reassuring himself that he wasn’t actually growing. Feeling ridiculous, he pulled the briefs back on and sank onto his bed. He stared at the ceiling and listened to the muffled noises coming from outside his room. That night Henry dreamt of hallways, running, and muscle. Every now and then he would catch a glimpse of a bloated, veiny quad or ham-like forearms swinging into view. His? The next morning Henry tossed himself out of bed immediately after waking. He took a few resolute steps to the mirror and studied his reflection. A breathe of relief escaped his lips-he hadn’t changed. Henry plopped back on his bed and waited for the alarm that would signal another day running from beasts. Henry started from the scrape of his food tray sliding across the concrete. He realized he wasn’t very hungry. He felt his belly and thought he was bloated even. The thought of more food made him grimace so he pushed it back through the slot. Nobody seemed to care that he wasn’t going to eat, so he continued to wait for the alarm. He estimated only half an hour until go time… He listened as his stomach gurgled away. He was feeling fuller and fuller by the minute. “Ugh,” he groaned. He sat up and sighed, the uncomfortable feeling wasn’t going anywhere. “How am I supposed to run like this?” He thought. His brow ruffled in concern as the tightness around his abdomen worsened. ‘Riiiiip.’ Henry gasped as he felt his shirt give way. He looked down at a hairy, blocky gut. The sight was totally foreign to him. “What…” Was all he was able to mumble before more of his body was wracked with more cramps. He doubled down onto the floor, letting his palms and new-grown belly slap onto the cold concrete. “Urgh.” He could feel beads of sweat rolling down his face and the back of his neck. He watched in panic as they splashed on the concrete. Horror gripped him as he began to suspect the worst. Glancing to his left he noticed veins practically pulsing on the back of his hand, and rising up his sweat-slicked arm… “Oh god,” he breathed as he stared at his arm. His gaze rose along a bulging ham-like forearm, to a hose sized bicep vein, and then to a mass of vascular skin and muscle that was his biceps and triceps. “No no no no no,” he mumbled to himself, the syllables coming out deeper than he intended. It was becoming harder to think. He pushed himself over onto his back and lay panting at the ceiling. He desperately pawed at his shifting body. His widening hands gripped even wider pecs. He could feel a new covering of sweat-matted hair and the crevice in the middle of his chest becoming deeper. He felt the weight of his pecs pulling to each side of his body as the muscle seemed to pile on quicker and quicker. He let his massive hands fall down to his abdomen. The hairy gut was still there, but now it was textured with blocks of hard muscle. His thickening fingers (they would never be able to use a smartphone properly again) fell in and out of the trenches of his abs. Henry groaned with resignation for what he was becoming as his hands felt striated quads under the straining fabric of his briefs. He used his overdeveloped abs to prop himself into a crunch. His eyes widened with wonder and horror as he watched his lower body transform. The briefs stretched to translucency as his quads sweeped ever wider. He noticed his vantage point rising as his ass grew thick with muscle. He gingerly traced his now brutish fingers along the veins that webbed his thighs. His calves were covered in dark hairs that were slicked down with sweat, allowing criss crossing veins to be visible under the fur. Like his hands, Henry’s feet were stretching and thickening, becoming practically beast-like. He grimaced and began to groan as the briefs became overloaded with muscle and, he noticed, a rapidly growing package as well. “Urrgggghhhhhhhh,” he groaned deeply. The groan turned into a gravely growl, and then a full-blown roar when the briefs finally gave way as monstrous quads, dick, and balls spilled out. Henry was cemented in place on the ground as all human thoughts receded forever. He sniffed the room, smelling the musk baking off his body. An alarm rang out and he tossed his bulk onto his monstrous feet. The beast’s hairy, gargantuan body met a gust of cool air as the door slid open. He sniffed once. Twice. And then lumbered into the labyrinthine hallways. Every now and then he would catch a glimpse of a bloated, veiny quad or ham-like forearms swinging into view. His. The beast stopped. Did he hear a footstep? He grunted and swung his head to see a tiny man at the end of the hall. The beast didn’t recognize the man’s fear, he only smelled his sweat and felt lust swell through his own body. He began walking towards the petrified man, and then broke into a lumbering run. With meaty slaps echoing in the hallway, the smaller man’s hesitation was broken and he dove away from the incoming behemoth. He cringed from a thunderous crash, a roar, and what sounded like falling debris. He looked to his side to see a hole in the wall with bright light streaming out. “Fuck that,” he thought before splitting off into the darkness of the hallways. The beast looked out into a vast white nothingness. As his eyes adjusted to the hot glare of a morning sun, he began to make out the vision of a sprawling cityscape. He rose to his feet, letting pieces of plaster slide off his body. A blur of motion caught his eye as drones laden with video cameras twirled and swooped in front of his vision. Henry resurfaced long enough to know where he was. The beast hung his head and pounded softly on the glass with meaty fists. He was in Tokyo, and the newest member of MaxoVision’s infamous transformed pornstars. A billboard floated past his window confirming his thought, ‘The company that brings you the porn of the future, MaxoVision!’ Find more stories like this and other muscle growth art on my Patreon page.
  4. godofjurai

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 05

    Please don't hate me! This one is a bit shorter then previous parts, but Part 6 will be a much longer installment. Also the hate me part will prob come from where I stopped, but if you guys read the original transcript, I'm pretty sure your going to be begging me for the next part! Previous Parts: -Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 5 The Experiment Matt continues to feel weak for several minutes. His mind drifting in and out of consciousness as Andrew’s apology rings throughout his head. He slowly comes to his senses; eyes popping suddenly wide open. Matt sits up, groaning, feeling completely awful. “What the hell just happened?” Matt muttered under his breath. He slowly pushes himself off the floor from between Andrew’s legs. Standing up on shaky legs, Matt staggers away toward the bathroom, having to reach down several times to pull up his shorts. When he finally reaches the sink he hesitates at first before looking into the mirror. What he sees makes his blood run cold. Matt is clearly shorter then what he was before, and his muscles, while still large, are no longer the huge size they were minutes ago. Where his head used to reach to the top of the mirror – now it’s a good four inches lower. He snorts in aggravation, walking over to the scale. As he steps onto it the hand flies to the right, landing on 250lbs. He couldn’t believe it; just last week he stood at 300 lbs. Matt closes his eyes for a moment, trying to think. Something sparks. His mouth dropping as he opens his eyes and spins around heading back to where his brother sat on the couch. “Andrew, I think I know what’s going on. But we need to test it to see if I am right. Andrew looks at Matt confused. “Umm, Ok?” “Something in our cum is doing something to us… Something weird…” Matt turns from his brother, walking into the kitchen, coming back with a pair of cups. He hands one of them down to Andrew. “I want you to jerk off into this, and I’ll do the same with my cup. And when we are finished, we’ll each drink the cum and we will see what happens.” It’s an insane plan, beyond ridiculous actually. But something in the back of Matt’s mind tells him he needs to know if this is what is really going on between them. Andrew continues to look up at Matt from the couch, confused. He’s still shirtless and just in his boxers from the previous encounter, his cock pulled to the left and held tightly in place when his cock begins to twitch a bit in excitement. Andrew also has a feeling that their cum is the cause what is happening to them too. “I don’t think that is a good idea, Matt. I mean, I think this might cause another change.” “I think so too.” Matt looks a bit nervous, but he doesn’t care. “That’s why we need to test it. We have to know if it’s the cum or something else. I have a very good feeling it is our cum that is doing this to us… As crazy as that sounds.” Matt takes his cup and pulls out his cock right in front of Andrew, holding It right above the lip. Closing his eyes he strokes his large piece of meat. Matt can feel it is smaller then what it was, and Andrew notices just by looking it isn’t the massive 10 inch monster he used to be so proud of. Matt’s Legendary 10 inches has been reduced to a generous 8 ½. Matt pumps it slowly methodically, holding it in one hand and the cup in the other. As Matt strokes himself off, Andrew takes notice of other things. His brother’s shirt is no longer as tight as it used to bel the oversized garment hangs loosely off his still-muscular, but significantly-smaller frame. Andrew hesitates at first, but slowly peels the front of his underwear down. His 5 ½ inch cock popping out free, along with his new, massive forest of dark pubic fur. He reaches down, wrapping his hand around his cock, putting the plastic cup between his legs. The head of his cock over the top of the cup as he begins to jerk off his own member. It feels so good in his hand; it’s the first time he has really taken notice to his new size. It’s the first time he’s actually got to handle his own cock this much since this whole ordeal started. Andrew looks up at Matt, noticing his brother looking right at him intently working his own cock over. “Are you ok, Matt?” Matt begins to stroke his dick harder as he looks on at Andrew. Both of them gazing at each other in a somewhat lust and desire. Matt pumping his meat with gusto. With a loud grunt, he exhales, shoots, pumping his load into his cup. Matt breathes heavily as he strokes the remaining dollops of cum from the inside of his shaft, squeezing it and making sure he got every last drop out of it. “Doing just fine, Andrew. Just studying your body. I want to see how you do when you drink this. I’m guessing you’re going to do very, very well.” Matt smiles ruefully down at Andrew. Making magic cum is fine and all, but if his balls churn out this magic growth-cum, why does he keep shrinking? His suspicion, of course, but it’s about to either be confirmed or proven wrong. Andrew continues to look over Matt as he too continued to stroke his own dick. He begins to feel his balls churn, pull up. Andrew leans forward, grabbing the cup between his legs. “Oh FUCK!” He grunts as he shoots, and shoots… and SHOOTS… Andrew begins to pant between his grunts as he doesn’t feel his cock stopping until he fills the cup a bit more then ½ way full. Andrew looks back up at Matt, a quizzical look on his face. Matt’s cup doesn’t have nearly as much as Andrew’s contained. “Uh, you don’t have to drink all of it, Matt.” Matt takes a step forward, handing his brother his cup of spunk that he just produced, taking the cup that Andrew was holding and just filled up. “No sense being a wuss about it now,” Matt said in his old cocky voice. Placing the cup at his lips, he tips it back and chugs the entire thick fluid down. Matt winces, feeling his body react to the bitter substance. The familiar feeling of weakness coming over him again and making him feel… less… than he was before. Andrew just sits back, watching in horror. The cup of Matt’s cum still in his hand as he watches on as Matt begins to shrink right in front of him. For the first time, they can both see what effect Andrew’s cum has over his brother. Andrew puts the cup of cum on the coffee table, getting up, wrapping his arms around his shrinking sibling. “Fuck Matt!” His arms shifting around his brother’s body as Matt’s lats collapse inward slightly. He begins to descend slightly in height. Matt’s body is wobbly as he leans into Andrew for support as his muscular legs feel weaker as he compacts an inch all over his entire body as his body mass loses 10 more lbs of muscle. And his cock, slowly retracting to 8 inches. He clutches onto Matt’s body more tightly. “I can’t drink it, bro!” Matt trembles for a moment, then wraps his own arms around his twin. He’s still bigger, still stronger then Andrew. But he’s quite a bit smaller than he was before. “You’ve got to, Andrew. We need to know. And hey, it’s not so bad, right? If my cum works like I think it does, you’ll get bigger, not smaller. That’s not so bad, is it?” Matt smiles down at Andrew, sadness in his eyes as he knows there is no going back, the only thing they can do now is move forward as he bends his neck down and places a soft kiss on Andrew’s lips. “Come on. Just drink it. It won’t hurt you. A hundred bucks says you’ll feel better afterwards.” He looks at Andrew seriously, and Andrew can see that Matt really wants him to drink down his seed. Andrew hesitates, moves over to the table, and picks up the cup. He lifts it up to his lips, his eyes never breaking contact with Matt as he pushed the cup back and feels the warm salty cocktail that Matt made produced from his manhood slide down his throat. Andrew’s eyes open wide as he drops the cup. A feeling of warmth washing over his entire body as he begins to breathe harder, grunting in pleasure. His body tingling as Matt’s seed begins to fuel his muscles. Andrew’s entire skeletal structure shifts and pops, growing upward and broader as his bones grow to accommodate the incoming new size. His body gaining another inch in height. Andrew’s muscles tense all over, throbbing gently, growing bigger with each pulse of his heart beat as 10 pounds of muscle packs onto him. A moan escapes his lips as his cock and balls tremble and jerk as they bloat a bit larger, fuller, more potent. His dick becoming rock hard, looking a bit over 6 inches now, jutting a bit further out from his forest of pubes he’d grown. “Fuck, it does work!” Matt watches in awe. His clothes even looser as he sees the boxers around Andrew’s thighs pulling even tighter. “We can’t do this anymore,” Andrew pants, breathing hard after this new dramatic growth that they now both know what the actual cause is now. “You’re going to keep shrinking, Matt. And it just feels like the world is changing. I can’t get bigger then you, Matt.” The look in Matt’s eyes though seems to tell Andrew more of what’s going on in his brother’s head. If it wasn’t for his facial expressions, Andrew could easily tell what Matt was thinking by his brother’s growing cock after seeing him change a bit. “Are you fucking kidding?” Matt said, finally back to his normal demeanor as he tossed his empty cup aside. “I have the power to make you bigger, stronger… tougher. Why wouldn’t we do that? I don’t need to drink your cum. Fine. No reason though why you can’t drink mine though!” He looks down at his dick, noting it has boned up to its full hardness again. Matt steps closer, pulling off his shirt and tosses it aside. His torso is still beautifully-muscled, but no longer has its prior impressive size. It’s also completely smooth, missing the carpet of masculine fur that once covered it. He tenses his pecs and abs slowly, making the muscle bulge under his skin. Slapping his flexed abs, striking them like a drum. “Come on, Andrew. You saying you don’t want to get a bit bigger? A bit stronger? A bit sexier?” Matt’s voice trails off into a seductive growl. Andrew places his hand on Matt’s smooth pec, not having to look up as much anymore to see his brother’s face. “I don’t Matt. You make me feel comfortable. I don’t want to lose what we are gaining back after all these years.” Andrew wraps his arms around Matt in a hug. “We need to stop this all together. No more blow jobs. No experimenting. No fucking. If our size difference continues to shift, I won’t see you as my big lug of a hunk brother anymore.” Andrew shifts his eyes downward, looking a bit depressed. “I just wish there was a way we can continue to play without the risk…” To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 06: Risk Takers
  5. garrix

    A Big Cheater

    Hey everyone, I've long sort of wanted to create a forced growth story that involved these kind of themes, but never had time to do it before. I thought about breaking it up into chapters, but I decided to go with one long story since this is a one-off anyway. I hope you guys enjoy! _______________________________________________________________________ My boyfriend Aaron cheated on me. I found out the night before our one-year anniversary. I mean, I understand why he did it. He’s been complaining about my new size and my “excessive” body hair, for months. You see, Aaron wants a male model, and I am no longer anything like that. I am “grotesquely” muscular now (I mean, is 250 lbs of muscle on a 6’ guy that huge? I don’t think so) But for Aaron, that’s way too big. I’m way too big for him. He likes men smaller, more submissive. Aaron is a smart man. He’s extremely sharp, witty, funny. He works in corporate giving and has been able to climb a steep career later quickly. All these things drew me to him when we first started dating. The fact that he wasn’t exactly my type didn’t bother me much. He’s very handsome, naturally tanned thanks to his half Mexican ancestry, and after a day or two without a razor, he gets this nice thick designer stubble. The guy totally grabbed my attention when we first started dating. It wasn’t until later I realized how controlling he really was. Aaron likes those Anglo-looking smooth chested Abercrombie model types. He would practically show disdain for other Latino gay guys. He must have had some sort of complex involving his Mexican family. Personally, I don’t understand why. Maria, his mother, is an incredibly loving and caring woman, but he always seemed to act embarrassed by her. For a time, I almost fit the bill for the kind of white boys Aaron fawned over. I used to be pretty thin, 180 or so pounds. I didn’t know this about Aaron at first, but his attempts to control my appearance, to keep me and mold me into his type, became more and more apparent the longer we dated. I’d always been pretty hairy, so I had often been described as an “otter”, which didn’t bother me any. There are some hot guys that identify as otters, but Aaron wanted me to stay shaved and smooth. So I shaved for him. What dope I was. So back to me- I like all kinds of guys. I like big hairy bearish men or thinner handsome guys like Aaron from all kinds of backgrounds, but the type I’ve always really liked the most are those huge weightlifters. Even as a kid I’d lust over those super heavyweight bodybuilders in the muscle mags. Especially the offseason type guys- Big hairy, beefy, powerfully built men, and muscle bears. But who doesn’t like a big muscle bear? Obviously, these kinds of guys are pretty rare in the gay community and they’re thankfully not the only kind of men I am into. I had never actually even dated a big lifter (and I do like them really big). Everyone I’d been with up till then was pretty normal, generally athletic. Roughly same age. In fact, I never really expected to date some bodybuilder either. But eventually, with the ability to make changes in my physique becoming easier, with the certain, shall we say, abilities that I had been blessed with and practiced (as limited as they actually are) I decided to start making changes. The little tricks I could pull, the levitation of small objects or changing the color of cloth, I billed as a magic trick and it made me pretty popular at parties. I enjoyed my reputation as an occasional magician (even though the powers of the council frowned on it). But Aaron never found out about the real spells I could weave into my life, to him it was just parlor tricks. Which is just as well. I had recently began learning and expanding my repertoire, and with much excitement I was getting to the level where I could make the kinds of changes I really desired. Actual changes in the matter and size of an object, and then, of a person. I was starting to learn the spells that for so long had eluded me. I was gaining the technical ability that was going to allow me the body I had always wanted. The kind of body I had always lusted after. First I started to change my appearance with the simple things. Non magical things. I grew out my beard, which I liked a lot, and Aaron didn’t seem to mind at first, but he kept telling me “it’s getting long, you should trim it”. Then, like I mentioned, I let my body hair grow out. Aaron didn’t like this. He said I should shave it or “at least keep it trimmed”. Good lord could he be an asshole. He was so charming most of the time it was easy to forget how obsessed with appearances he could be. His constant preening in front of the mirror should have been my first clue. “you’re getting prickly” he would complain. Once my body hair really started getting thicker after a few weeks I started getting real complaints from Aaron. I told him I was tired of shaving and trimming for him and I liked it and it was my natural appearance and he would get used to it. He didn’t take too kindly to my comments. He thought it was “gross” and needed to be trimmed. Well screw that. Then a month later I began the most serious of grievances. I started my big bulk. With my aforementioned abilities, I’m now able to make physical modifications that can be… rather dramatic. I’d done smaller transformation spells periodically. I’d changed hair color, even dabbled in minor spells that changed weight before. But all that was preparation for bigger things to come. This was going to be the most intense spell I had ever tried to cast, and really stretched me to try something I never thought I’d be able to do. Under the power of my body modification spell my physique began to slowly change. Each day after the spell had been cast I could see my muscles grow fuller, thicker. The gains I made were just slow enough that it might possibly be viewed as steroid induced, but fast enough to provide me with the results I eagerly waited for. Aaron certainly accused me of doing a cycle, which I didn’t mind. Watching my muscles inflated rounder, fuller, thicker day by day turned me on. It was such a rush, and I was getting so much stronger in the gym. In less than three months I grew from 180 to 225. I outweighed Aaron by 30 lbs, and was definitely outlifting him. It bothered Aaron a lot. It’s definitely a power thing, as a top he didn’t care for me becoming bigger and stronger than him. “You’re getting too big” he complained. I got big fast and it freaked Aaron out. He quickly went from being the bigger man to being smaller than me, less muscular and weaker than me. That really upset him, though he tried to hide it. At first he was competitive with me in the gym, but after I started out benching him and out lifting him, he lost interest in working out together and started going in the mornings instead. I know that was because he was embarrassed by how much stronger I was than him. Part of me was sympathetic. Aaron is a control freak and he must have felt like he could control his boyfriend before I started growing. I thought for a time of turning the spell on him and have him grow, but then I figured…He probably wouldn’t want to get that big. It wouldn’t be ethical to change someone without their permission, right? We stopped having sex. I know it’s because I had gotten too big for his taste. I grew to 240 and then some. I loved it. I was benching 275 with ease and with all my chest hair I was looking like a big muscle bear. My muscles budged in all my shirts. My arms were 19” inches around. I began to notice that I was (and am still) getting attention from a totally different set of people, and boy was I getting a lot of attention. The attention was also starting to come from kind of people who I also favored. Other big gay lifters. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe to fit my new size, but I was happy. I couldn’t keep all of my gains totally lean, so my midsection thickened a bit. My face filled out some too, but not too much. I just sort of bulked up into a big guy everywhere. My arms, my chest, shoulders, back, butt, thighs grew beefy and strong. I looked like the offseason bodybuilder, the kind I always wanted. I didn’t care if my abs were defined. My stomach was so hairy I couldn’t really see them anyway. Though, to be honest, I really only feel that big when I see a picture of myself. That’s the only time I really realize how large I am now. And that reminds me of when, a month before our anniversary, Aaron decided he didn’t want me in a facebook photo with him. He said with a half-joking smile “No one is going to recognize you anyway, now that you’re a roided out Sasquatch”. He told me I was “turning into a muscle freak” and that I “needed to stop juicing” so I could look normal in pictures again. I guess part of me knows I should have dropped him right then, or he should have dropped me, but part of me still had this attachment to his charms, which are numerous. And again, he’s also really handsome. For all of his apparent self-hate, I think it’s his mixed ancestry that provided him such stunningly good looks. So then Aaron cheated on me. Apparently he had been cheating on me since I had started bulking up. He was cheating on me before I even really got big! And then, a day after we broke it off, that asshole had the nerve to flaunt his new blond boy-toy in front of everyone on facebook. He didn’t give a shit about me. Now he could bring Elliott out in the open and show him off. The picture he posted of the two of them, with Elliott grinning like an idiot was the last straw. That dumb blonde twink and my idiot ex had really poked the bear, so to speak. He was going to get it. What it was, I wasn’t sure. So I was angry, feverishly thinking about what I could do. I could turn his stupid twink boyfriend into a toad (the council would never let me do that if they found out about it) or maybe I could make Elliot fat, or I could shrink his dick… (again, the council would notice) In actuality, I really couldn’t do any of those things. For one I didn’t know how to and for another, the council monitors the use of spells and especially, especially the use of curses. I think, to be honest, the regular spells don’t receive any attention, but using anything that can qualify as an actual curse lights up their screens like a Christmas tree. It would be seen. And I could get into big, big trouble. So what could I do, then? Something to fuck with Elliott and Aaron, but nothing damaging or hurtful. If I got audited, it would have to be something I could spin as a blessing, as harmless. It also had to be something I knew how to actually do. Something I had experience with. Muscles and hair, naturally. That's what got him to dump me, and well, everyone likes muscle, right? The council could overlook me giving some stupid gay man gigantic muscles, right? What if I made Elliot so big Aaron would be disgusted by him? What if I made Elliot so hairy you couldn’t even see skin on his chest? Or so huge he could barely move? Well , that is exactly what I decided to do. I will be honest, I sort of stalked Aaron and Elliot that week. By the time I cast the spell I had been observing them from afar for several days. I felt like I had to do this to perfect the spell. The greatest thing about my spell, if I do say so myself, is how layered it is. I really did my homework on this one, because Elliott would be oblivious. He wouldn’t notice a hair of his out of place, so to speak. Now that was my masterpiece. That took a hell of a lot of preparation too. Part of me was sure it wasn’t going to work. But sure enough it did. Elliot Zimmerman was soon going to turn into a gigantically overblown muscular furball. ____________________________________ Elliott and Aaron had gone to Palm Springs the weekend the spell took hold. As Aaron drove that Friday evening the first changes began. Dark hair began sprouting underneath Elliott’s shirt. His thin blonde treasure trail began to grow wider, darker and thicker. Oblivious to any changes, Elliott just scratched mindlessly as a fan of short, dark hair began to spread and first over his stomach, then over his chest. Aaron, concentrating on the road, didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The sun was setting, it was getting dark in the car anyway. Elliott’s beard began to sprout, growing high up on his cheeks where no hair had grown before. It came in thicker and darker than ever, contrasting with the light hair on his head. In the dark car, Aaron didn’t even see his boyfriend’s new stubble. The same dark hair began to spread over his forearms and on the top of his hands. Elliott’s body hair spread rapidly and grew long, soon completely covering Elliot’s thin torso. It rapidly formed a forest on his chest and stomach, all the way to the base of his neck. Black hairs began to poke out from under his collar. The growing fur began wrapping around to his back, spreading out into a striking pattern. It continued to lengthen and thicken until his entire back was covered in the same thick carpet of hair as his front. His chest hair had grown so bushy and dense that it began to poof out his shirt ever so subtly. Soon there was unbroken thick coverage from his beard all the way down to his toes.. Elliott had in the course of about an hour gone from a fairly hairless guy into an exceptionally hairy young man. At the same time, Elliott’s shirt started to get ever so slightly tighter around his lean frame. By the time he stepped out of the car in Palm Springs, Elliot was nearly 10 lbs heavier. He didn’t know that was the amount at the time, but it was apparent on his thin body that his muscles had grown. Aaron, upon stepping out of the car and seeing his boyfriend, suddenly became aware of the changes. First and most obvious was the thick stubble, which Elliott never had had before. Secondly, his arms were completely covered in thick black swirls of hair and his collar showed a thicket of long chest hair. “What the fuck is this?” Aaron exclaimed poking at the hair at the base of Elliot’s neck. “And when did you start growing a beard?” Elliot just shrugged. Nothing really seemed different to him, he didn’t feel any different. “I dunno” he replied This seemed to infuriate Aaron even more. “What do you mean you don’t know? You didn’t look like this when we left LA! Is this some kind of prank? Did someone put you up to this?” With his long fingers, Aaron grabbed some of the long hairs at the base of Elliot’s neck with his hand and pulled hard. “OW!” Elliot cried. “That hurt!” Aaron looked at the almost two inch long chest hairs he had pulled out that were now between his fingers. “Disgusting!” he exclaimed. “What kind of prank is this? Did you glue this on? Where’d you get this hair? This is disgusting Elliott, this is really gross.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about babe. Let's get inside the hotel.” Elliott replied calmly. The two made their way inside and into the hotel room. Aaron kept looking over his boyfriend, shocked to see his bushy forearms, covered in thick black hair. The hair continued up his arms and on the other side of his collar, he saw a thick fan of hair extending down his neck towards his back. Aaron could only guess what hairy mess lay underneath that snug tee shirt. And was it his imagination or did Elliott look bigger too? He couldn’t be sure. When they got into the room, Elliott, not keen on revisiting the strange behavior Aaron was displaying, just calmly set his stuff down and started the shower. Aaron looked on in horror as Elliot stripped of his shirt, unveiling what had to be the hairiest torso he had ever seen. Completely covered in swirling masses of black hair, from his stomach up over his chest and shoulders to his back. Everything was covered in a nearly equally thick distribution. Not only that, but the short beard he sported was looking longer, growing farther down his neck and totally merging with his chest. Aaron was beside himself. “Jesus christ, you’re like a fucking monkey! What the hell has happened to you? This can't be, this isn’t real!” Elliott just looked at him puzzled as he continued to prep himself for the shower, pulling off his socks and taking his braclets off. “I mean, this has to be glued on” He continued. Aaron walked up close, reaching out and touching the thick hair with his hand. It felt real, it looked real, but all that was impossible. How could a blonde guy have sprouted a total rug of black hair all over his body in the span of a few hours? Aaron looked up, in the light Elliott’s hair appeared brown, not blonde. “What is going on?! Is this like hidden camera or something?” Aaron continued. “It’s super gross. You’ve got to take this off.” “OK, I’m jumping into the shower now” Elliott said, ignoring the hysterics of his boyfriend. Aaron watched his boyfriend, now the hairiest man he had ever seen, turned his furry back to him and walked nude to the shower. “I think I’m going to hurl!” Aaron yelled back, full of hyperbole. Aaron started poking around the room, looking for a camera or some sort of indication that this was a prank. He tried to figure out if he was on something, maybe he was high? Maybe they were both high and he was hallucinating. Aaron splashed water on his face and then went to bed. He tried not to think about whatever was happening too much. He dozed off only to woken up a half hour later by the feeling of a beard rubbing up against his neck. Elliott was cuddling with him. Aaron could feel all this hair, pressing up against him as his boyfriend snuggled up close. “Off!” He protested “Off of me until you either take that nasty costume off or shave it off” He protested. Elliott again just shrugged his hairy shoulders and turned to face the other way, cuddling with a pillow instead. The next morning Aaron woke up, having nearly forgotten about the night before. Until he looked over and saw the large, dark haired, heavily bearded furball next to him. The man still had the face of Elliott, but his beard looked to be three inches long. Every inch of his muscular body was covered in a carpet or black hair. Even though he was still laying down, there was no mistaking that Elliott was bigger. “Jesus, Elliott, what has happened to you?” Aaron asked loudly. Elliott’s eyes flickered open and he stretched his long, powerful arms “Wha?” the man groaned in response. “Elliott, wake up. I know this can't all be real. Take this disgusting costume off, stop trying to pretend… “ As Aaron said this he pushed his hands into the powerful hairy expanse of Elliott’s newly muscular back, feeling the rippling cordes of solid muscle. There was no mistaking the feeling of pushing into muscle like that. Aaron moved his hands around to Elliott’s larger shoulders. this wasn’t fake, this wasn’t a costume. This was real hair and real muscle. Aaron’s eyes grew wide as he realized that the man he was in bed with was indeed Elliott Zimmerman. Overnight 40 lbs had piled onto Elliott’s frame. The man had rapidly grown from a twink to a superhairy musclebear. Aaron felt like he must have been losing his mind. He had to be dreaming. His boyfriend looked like he was just inflating with muscle. The man half asleep next to him was over 220 lbs of sculpted, hairy, muscular beef. Elliott groaned again: “I’m starving. Can you get me something to eat?” Aaron decided he’d probably need some fresh air. “I’ll get something.” Aaron said, throwing on a shirt and heading out. He tried to clear his mind, figure out a rational explanation for everything. He tried to reason with himself, figure out why he might be hallucinating or dreaming. By the time Aaron return with some coffee and a bagel, Elliot was up out of bed, a shirtless hulking beast hunched over the table in their hotel suite. He was busy cramming food into his mouth. The man looked absolutely massive now. “Goddamn, what has happened to you?!” Aaron exclaimed again Elliott looked up doe eyed. With food in his mouth. “Huh?” He muttered. “Oh, sorry, I got hungry and you took so long… I ran downstairs and got some stuff.” Elliott had now surpassed 250 lbs and was growing just a little larger with each bite. Aaron stood there, mouth agape. He was watching his now dark haired boyfriend grow beefier by the second. With eat bite there would be a slight swell of his rounded shoulders, or a flex of his thickening traps, or a little twinge on his meaty forearms. Aaron stood there silently, able to see his boyfriend blowing up into a furry behemoth right in front of him. Elliott didn’t seem to mind the changes . He seemed actually to not really be aware of them, except for in the sort of most vague terms. He knew his shirts didn’t fit him anymore, but he didn’t really seem to know why. Even when he looked in the mirror, which now reflected gigantic bodybuilder with enormously broad, bowling ball shoulders and massively meaty, extremely hairy pecs, Elliott didn’t seem to process it. Elliott continued to stuff his mouth full of the pastries, sandwiches and snacks he had found downstairs. He had virtually stockpiled food in the hour that Aaron had been away. And soon he was pushing past 270 lbs of offseason fur-covered muscular beef. Something about his heavily bearded face also made him look different. He looked even darker. “There’s a taqueria next door we should go to!” he said with a near perfect accent. “Stop it! Stop it!” Aaron exclaimed. “You’re turning yourself into a monster! Stop eating!” Elliot stopped, but he just stood there, puzzled. Neither of them really knew what they could do next. As the day wore on the growth continued, it slowed down, but it continued throughout the rest of their Palm springs vacation. Aaron was shaking though, the changes put him on edge. Nothing seemed right. Even Elliot’s face was becoming harder to recognize. His hair was black, his skin was tan. His nose, something about his nose looked different. He sounded the same, he was the same height, but everything else was so totally transformed that Aaron hardly couldn’t believe it was real. Much to his own disgust Aaron had to track down a big and tall shop in town to find clothes for Elliott to wear. At his new size, nothing he owed would even come close to fitting. “Gracias mi amor” Elliott said when Aaron returned with his new clothes. “Te quiero muchísimo”. Aaron just sat there puzzled by his flawless Mexican accent. Elliot didn’t ever speak to him in spanish. Part of Aaron wondered what it would be like to parade around with a huge 300 lbs slab of muscle freak on his arm. It might come with a certain cache to be seen with a giant gay muscle freak who could be seen as “his” boy. At the same time, Aaron was still disgusted by how overly hairy and large he was. In his mind, it was beyond disfiguring. Complete excess.Totally gross. He has never been with a man so big, but at least Elliot seemed as placid and under control. Maybe he could turn out to be a giant muscle slave of his afterall. Watching Elliott walk now would almost be comical if he wasn’t so baffled and shocked by the transformation. The huge man now sauntered with his legs apart, thighs bulging so thick that they inevitably rubbed against each other, his back so broad that it forced his hefty arms up from his sides. Later that day Elliott wanted to go to the pool, but no longer owned swim trunks that would even get past his bulging calves, so regardless of the rules, Elliott went skinny dipping behind Aaron’s back. Staying at a gay establishment proved beneficial for the enormous muscle man. They were quite tolerant of his rule breaking. Elliott attracted a huge amount of attention from the gays around him. Aaron was beyond embarrassed. To him, Elliott looked totally deformed from too much muscle. A body warped into a ridiculously unattractive size, covered in so much hair that he looked more animal than human. Elliott’s beard was wild and untamed, growing down to the top of his overgrown chest. Nonetheless, somehow this huge hulk was attracting choruses of “woofs” from the older men around the pool, all of whom were impressed. “Is that your boyfriend?” one older bearish man asked Aaron poolside. Aaron nodded sheepishly. “Man, you latin boys sure can grow nice and big. What are you feeding him!?” Aaron didn’t even know how to respond. Latin? Was Elliott latin now? Sure enough, the dark tan he had developed, the excessive black hair, the strong prominent nose...long gone was that blond waspy look. Elliott could definitely pass for latino now. As he stood there, disapprovingly watching the whole scene unfold, he heard Elliott use the kind of slang his gay cousin would say. “Aye, papi...” he said to one of the 40 something bearish men flirting with him in the pool. What had happened to his boyfriend? Aaron cursed himself internally. He now had an overblown latino gorilla as a boyfriend. Had Aaron been with this freak the whole time? Had the small twink he had envisioned actually been some massively overgrown hairy cholo? Whatever was happening, this wasn’t for him. How was he going to get out of this? Aaron had enough of the gawking and attention from the rather rambunctious older gay crowd. They wanted a piece of his now enormous boyfriend. Elliott liked the attention, flexing his now 25” inch arms and getting a chorus of ooos and awws. Aaron stormed off, something Elliott didn’t fail to notice even in the crowd of his adoring fans. Elliott went out with his new “friends” from the pool, eating and drinking that evening. Even some fooling around. By the time Elliott returned to their room at midnight, he was shirtless, bigger than ever, and drunk. How 350 lbs man could get that drunk was a mystery. They left palm springs the next morning. Aaron didn’t say a word to the overblown muscle bear next to him on the car ride home. He was passed out anyway. There was hardly room to move in that car, with Elliott's shoulders pushing right over the seat into Aaron. It made for a cramped driving experience. Aaron kept looking over with disgust at the overgrown freak next to him. At least he had trimmed his beard back. He was still so gross though, his muscles so bloated, so covered in sweaty, nasty body hair. And his face- he wasn’t even handsome anymore, with that big nose, huge black eyebrows and beard. Aaron said to himself. A disgusting, ratty mess of hair everywhere. And all that enormous disfiguring muscle. He looked totally deformed to him now. How could any man find this pile of meat attractive? Some guys must be into the missing-link look, he reasoned. Aaron heard his soon-to-be ex mutter something in spanish in his sleep. ‘And now he’s Mexican, of course’ Aaron thought to himself. He had the face of some nasty gay cholo like his cousin and his friends. He cringed at the idea of dating one of them. _______________________________ 10 days after I had laid the spell down on Elliott, I gasped at the beautiful,freakishly large muscle hulk my work had created. He was walking in WeHo, crushing the sidewalk and getting stares from every passerby. His thighs rolled around each other, fighting for space. His shirt and shorts were barely containing all his hairy mass. Dark hair, dark eyes and the biggest muscular build I’d ever seen. Every inch of him bulged with extreme mass. I really didn’t even recognize him. He was like a dream. Gone was that twink I hated, here was a overgrown, hirsute latin mass monster I had created. He really did look latin too. Extremely handsome. I was quite proud of my work. The sheer freaky size and furriness factor was the only way I could be sure I was looking at Elliott. 400 lbs superhairy muscle freaks don’t exactly come along every day. And he was far inconspicuous everyone was staring at him as he sauntered along, his huge mass flexing and bouncing with each step.. And clueless Elliott knew no different. It was as if he had always looked this way. He imagined being 400 lbs of rippling muscle was just as natural for him as having black hair and a furry chest. Although now he found himself single again. After Palm Springs Aaron had stopped talking to him all together. He wasn’t even responding to his texts, even the little love notes he had sent in spanish. Elliott was truly a sight to seen. Every muscle bulged and flexed with just the slightest movement. His traps, his massive rounded delts, his huge furry chest and thick, hair-covered cobblestone abs. The man’s massive back was even covered in a carpet of hair. There just were no bodybuilders who compared to him in size now. XXXL shirts were struggling to hold together on his massive frame. His arms were pushed out far to his sides because of the sheer size of his lats. God, he just exuded testosterone. He just exuded a hyper-masculine, overblown sexiness. So much muscle. So much to flex. And Elliott was totally clueless about why he was so special. Our eyes met on the street. Fuck, I wanted him so badly. I wanted that gorgeous, huge muscle beast. And damn it, I was going to have him. ____________________________________________________________ Aaron was still shaken by the weekend with Elliott. How could anyone transform like that over a few hours? He kept looking at pictures in his phone of the smaller blond man he had dated before Palm Springs. A total opposite of the mexican muscle freak he had left with. He wasn’t crazy, he couldn’t be. There was something going on that caused Elliot and even his previous boyfriend, Kevin, to grow into huge bodybuilders. He couldn’t say how, but it must have connected back to Kevin. Aaron had a new man that weekend. Some hookup from Grindr named Spencer. A cute, shorter recent grad from UC Irvine. Spencer had the lithe little build of the white guys he usually went for. It was in such dramatic contrast to the monster he had just parted ways with, not hairy, not dark, not overgrown. The two jumped in bed together the first chance they could. As Aaron lifted Spencer’s legs up in the bed and began pounding his ass, something strange started happening. The few hairs on Spencer’s chest started spreading, growing a little thicker and fuller. With each thrust Spencer’s body inflated ever so slightly larger, growing more muscular, more defined. Aaron looked down after a moment to see a now hairy chested, athletic looking man who was starting to visibly grow in front of him. He stopped pounding him immediately, freaked out by the noticeable developments. “Ay, No terindas!” Spencer said in effortless spanish. Aaron’s blood ran cold. “Fuck!” was all Aaron could mutter as he watched his Grindr hookup’s dark chest hair grew visibly thicker, spreading over his shoulders. At the same time, Spencer’s muscles started to balloon, becoming heavier, thicker and larger right in front of him. This time, the whole thing was happening even faster.
  6. godofjurai

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 04

    Previous Parts can be found here: - Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Now here is the long awaited Part 04... Part 04 Want Me, Want You Matt pulled Andrew’s warm body into his larger frame. He felt the need to be protective over his much smaller twin. He stared at the TV blankly, not really interested in what was playing on the screen, but more interested in what happened at the gym. After his workout. That shower encounter with Dan. It was frightening and the thought of Dan getting his large paws on him after he grew to epic proportions was making Matt even more fearful. Matt looked down at Andrew, noticing the new muscles on his smaller twin brother. Even thin, the muscles definitely stuck out with great curves and definition for his smaller size. The muscle on Andrew though, just thinking about it gave Matt a feeling of comfort. He slowly closed his eyes and drifted slowly to sleep. *** Dan and Andrew appear before Matt as he stared up at them from his spot on the couch. Both his brother and rival stood in front of him, but Andrew looks much different. He is massive, built like a tank. Both of them with huge giant cocks that were fully hard and being stroked over him. They are so large they literally cast a shadow over the tiny Matt. Matt tries to stand up. He’s fearful of what is about to come, but his legs won’t move. With a smirk on their faces, both large men reach down for Matt and grab him around the throat… *** Matt suddenly jerks awake from the nightmare that was about to unfold. He looks around the room for a moment before looking down and seeing his smaller twin still sleeping by his side. He also notices his own cock is once again tenting visibly in his shorts. Things begin to click in his head; something very strange is going on. If it wasn’t for his cock being a huge distraction, he might even be able to figure out what it might be. Andrew begins to stir awake, stretching his arms out, noticing the hard cock pressing out underneath the fabric of his brothers shorts. They were stretched out into a very large tent. “Hey there, big guy,” Andrew looked up at his brother, sleep still in his eyes. Andrew’s own cock was hard as well, its 5 inches pushing against his tight bathing suit trunks. “You look worried still. Something is not right with you.” Andrew reaches out to touch the highest point of Matt’s tented shorts where a big spot of pre-cum was beginning to form. He moves his hands across the top, making Matt moan a bit before moving his fingers into his mouth to taste his larger bro. Andrew noticed there was nothing to taste, Matt noticed the spot was completely dry where his brother was just touching. Matt looks over his brother. His mouth opening in shock and awe as the blonde hairs on Andrew’s arms and legs began to darken, more and more, until they took on a black color like the hair on his head. Andrew grunts a bit, clutching his stomach for a second. When he moves his hand Matt sees another change, the deep cuts of his 4-pack have now taken on a much more cut look. Four true bricks popped prominently out of his smaller brother’s skin and he wasn’t even flexing them. “You can tell me anything, Matt,” Andrew gazed back up at his brother. “We’re twins. You protected me when you kept on growing. Can’t I protect you, Matt?” “I just had a weird dream, that’s all.” Matt looked down at Andrew bashfully, not sure if he really should say just how weird it was. He felt a bit awkward after Andrew pressed his finger against the wet spot on his shorts, taking his pre into his mouth and watching it completely disappear. Matt noticed his smaller bros own tenting swimwear. Reaching over and grabbing the waistband, he slowly pushes Andrews’s shorts down slightly, just enough for his five inches to bounce free and straight up. “Right now, it looks like you’re the one who could use some help, Andrew.” Matt reaches down and rubs his brothers balls gently, the small orbs rolling around in his finger as he watches Andrew’s cock rise a bit higher as his arousal increases. He slowly moves his and up the shaft, pinching the cockhead, causing a bit of clear pre to seep out of it. Matt brushes the pre off with a fingertip, bringing it to his own lips, before pushing his finger into his mouth. Andrew looks up at Matt. Seeing the finger go into his brother’s mouth was a turn on, but something else was happening. As he continued to watch, Matt’s beard was beginning to get thinner. The hair on his arms and legs began to get a bit less dark. Andrew watched and began to get a bit excited at the sight of this. He reached out to Matt’s shorts, pulling them down, watching his brother’s huge cock finally emerge, free and hard. He was being drawn to the bubbling hot cum emerging from his larger brother’s piss slit and could practically taste the sweet pre-nectar. Matt continued to stroke Andrew, and although Andrew was so fascinated with Matt’s impressive display, the attention Matt was giving him still brought his attention back to himself as he let out a moan of pleasure. Andrew reached forward as his brother continued stroking, touching Matt’s cock juice and scooping up a good amount, bringing it to his lips, tasting it. As soon as it touched, hair began to push out of the pores of Andrew’s underarms; large tufts of hair erupting out of his pits, thickening more and more. Going south down his body, a trail began to grow out of his pubic bush, going straight out of his waist line and attaching itself to his belly button as the start of a treasure trail formed on his body. Andrew lifts himself up a bit, pressing his lips to his brothers as he kissed him as best as his smaller body could with a strong hand still gripping and stroking his cock tightly. “I fucking love you, Matt.” Andrew rubs the side of his cheek against Matt’s bull neck, a slight bit of course skin from him makes Matt shudder and excited as he realizes Andrew has the beginning of stubble forming on his face. Matt growls, pulling Andrew against his body with one hand, using his free hand to continue to grip Andrew’s hard dick. “I love you too, Andrew.” Matt takes one long breath, letting out a low groan of pleasure as Andrew’s stubble continues to rub against his thick neck, driving him even wilder. Matt’s dick surges in Andrew’s hand, rock hard and throbbing; yet it’s not as big as it was before. Although it could be that Andrew has a bit of a better grip on his cock. Matt bends down a bit, bringing his lips down to his brother this time; they slowly kiss, letting the passion smolder hot and low. Matt begins to slowly make his larger hand rise and fall on his brothers cock, feeling Andrew quiver from the hand job he was giving him. Matt reaches over and grabs Andrew by the hips with both of his hands, pulling his smaller brother up onto his lap. Both of their dicks rubbing together; the pre cum from both of them mixing as they kissed. A weird sensation begins to fill both of them as they look on at each other, both of their bodies begin to show differences. Hair begins to rise out of Andrew’s skin more, traveling up his small set of abs and beginning to branch up to his chest. The hair begins to swirl across each pec muscle; its light, but he more contact he has with Matt, the darker and darker it begins to change as the precum continues to flow from each of their hard dripping cocks. For Matt, the changes are the opposite. It almost looks like he has begun to start shaving his fur to make his muscles look bigger. The hair begins to thin out and starts retreating in some places right back through his pores as if the hair was never there. As he continues to watch his chest hair disappear, he gives another glance at Andrew and notices wisps of hair beginning to sprout on his twins chin. Andrew feels the sensation too, scratching at his face, feeling more and more tiny hairs begin to sprout outward and get coarser. Andrew looks up at Matt, seeing his brother’s facial hair begin to slowly retract away as well. “We need to stop, Matt.” He tries to pull away, but Matt is almost entranced by his brother’s changes, holding onto Andrew even tighter. “Mmm… Fuck no, Andrew,” Matt growled, wrapping a huge arm around him, keeping his brother in place as he looks on at the new developing beard thickening on his smaller twin, growing denser and more noticeable with each passing second. Matt is getting more and more turned on watching Andrew becoming increasingly more manly and studly. “I want you so bad, Andrew.” Matt rolls both of them over so that Andrew is on the couch and he is right on top of him, his huge body pinning his twin in place, still much more massive then him. Matt leans down, kissing Andrew’s neck… his collarbone… his chest… and his abs, slowly sliding off down off the couch to kneel in front of his smaller brother. Matt rubs his jaw against Andrew’s thighs, and Andrew notices how Matt’s course beard and stubble are almost none existent; there is no rough and bristly sensation like there should be with a man that has had some kind of beard growth before, they are almost soft by comparison, Matt leans in and gives Andrew’s shaft a few experimental licks, then pulls down Andrew’s swim trunks down a bit further to get access to his balls. Matt licks at them a few times, kissing them, sucking on them, pressing against them with his tongue. Matt takes a quick look up at Andrew and breathes in his scent, sitting there with his legs spread, a new musk permeating from his brothers loins and races up into his nostrils. Matt’s eyes open wider with aroused delight. “Stop? Why would I stop? Are you telling me you don’t like it when I do this?” Matt kisses one of Andrew’s testicles, “or this?” he licks the other one, “or even this?” he runs his tongue up the sensitive underside of Andrew’s shaft, then kisses the cockhead, his tongue darting out to lap up a bit more of the pre-cum bubbling out of the tip. Andrew watches on as the last traces of beard retreat away from Matt’s face. All that remains is his sideburns. Andrew watches, more shocked than ever. The guy who was once the manliest looking man he had ever seen was almost now completely hairless from the nose down. Andrew reaches over and grabs Matt’s jock strap; it’s completely soaked with pre-cum. Or it was, as in a matter of seconds, it’s completely dry. “Oh, fuck!” Andrew looks down at Matt, as Matt gazes up at him. A new lust bleeding out of Matt for Andrew as Andrew’s masculine identity intensifies and it begins to almost pulse off him and pull Matt right back into him. Andrew’s cock begins to get harder than it has ever been. “Well, that answer’s that, doesn’t it?” Matt smirks, moving forward. He engulfs Andrew’s cockhead with his mouth, moving slowly down the hard shaft, until his face hits the new forest of pubes around the base of his brother’s cock. He continues to push forward, not stopping until the tip of his nose touches Andrew’s torso. He then begins to bob up and down on his dick, his huge muscles tensing under his shirt as he blows Andrew as if his life depended on it. Matt runs his hand along Andrew’s thighs, massaging them gently, noting that they seem just a bit sturdier than he last remembered. Andrew just sits back as Matt sucks on his hard shaft. He reaches a hand shakily toward his brother. Matt looks up and sees his arm moving, and he grabs it, placing Andrew’s hand onto the back of his head. Matt smirks a bit like ‘Fuck yeah, little bro! Take charge!’ Andrew swallows the lump in his throat, a bit more at ease as he watches Matt’s head move back and forth along his cock and his own hand rubbing along the top of his brother’s head with the motion, his fingers moving through Matt’s hair as he felt himself getting closer and closer to climax. “Matt… Nnnn…” Andrew begins to grunt a bit. “Fuck, it feels so good…” Andrew reaches his other hand out and places it also on the back of Matt’s head, assisting him a bit more with his blow job. As Matt begins to pull back, Andrew pulls him back towards his deep musky bush of pubes. Matt enjoys the feeling, Andrew pulling him downward onto his dick as he continues to push and thrust his hips up to meet Matt’s face, driving his dick right down his throat. Matt relaxes, letting Andrew guide him, move him, use him as a tool for his own pleasure. The whole time, he wants Andrew to do all of that, to fuck his face with his blossoming manly cock. Matt distantly realizing that’s a very submissive thing to think, and not at all like how he usually is. But right here, right now, at this moment, it seems like the most natural and perfect thing imaginable. So he maintains his suction on Andrew’s dick as best as he can, while letting his twin pull his head back and forth, forcing him down on his cock. Andrew moans deeply, feeling something inside of his ball sack, unlike anything he has ever felt before beginning to build up and radiate from within. He looks down at Matt, moving his hands away from his head for a second to let Matt get a glance at him. Matt still continues to suck though, waiting for his reward. “Matt…. Ahh Fuck… You want this right?” Andrew’s balls begin to churn and ache, but he can’t release just let; something inside is holding it back. “Please Mat…” They begin to pull up; he feels as if the cum is beginning to creep and pump into his shaft, ready to explode outward into his brother’s waiting throat… “Want… Me…” Matt breathes for just a second, just long enough to say, “Want you so bad, Andrew,” before plunging back down onto his brother’s dick, taking the whole five inches in one go, pressing his nose deep into his bush, into the flesh of Andrew’s torso. He can feel Andrew’s dick shaking, quivering, and trembling. He knows his twin is about to explode. Using his tongue, he teases the underside of the shaft, sucking stronger than ever, eager to pull Andrew’s cum right out of his shaft if he has to. Andrew’s hands go right back to the back of Matt’s head. He pushes himself forward, almost leaping off of the couch and knocking Matt over, but Matt makes sure to hold on tight as Andrew presses his pubic bone as far as he could up against Matt’s face. His cock lurching round Matt’s lips, in his mouth, down his throat as he fires the first salvo down into his brother’s waiting belly. Matt has no time to swallow as a second blast fires into his mouth, coating his tongue, followed by a third, a forth… Matt loses count, not knowing when it will stop as he continues to try to swallow it all. In the meantime Matt’s body is undergoing another de-metamorphosis. His muscles begin to shrink in size at a steady rate. Andrew’s cock becoming a bit harder to suck as his body shifts on the floor, losing another inch in height, and then another. Matt begins to see what’s going on, and pushes Andrew off of him. His body shifting more and more laying on the carpet, yet he’s not even moving at all. Matt looks up at Andrew, finding his twin’s eyes. He’s just as scared as Andrew is now. Things are different, and will continue to be from now on. Matt feels weak, and right before he blacks out he hears the calming sounds of Andrew’s voice. “I’m so sorry Matt…” To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 05: The Experiment
  7. FREaky

    Abduction Part Five

    Abduction Part Five by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/8794-abduction-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9036-abduction-part-two/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9055-abduction-part-three/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9137-abduction-part-four/ Despite being tranqed, tased, and beat, Julian and Terry still managed to come in and out of consciousness starting about half way to the base the intruding commandos were heading. Glimpses of dimly lit corridors with sparks of light and heavy shadows, or of many camouflaged men standing next to them and doing something, and then there were the white coated people who also were doing things. Julian and Terry weren't sure what was up in their daze. Terry woke up first, feeling exceedingly uncomfortable. He was on a table of some kind, or something more like a cross of St. Andrew that was at about a forty-five degree angle from the floor. His hands and arms were up above his head and pulled slightly beyond their normal reach or extension point. Likewise, his feet and legs were the same but they were also pulled apart from one another while the arms and hands were close. This felt worse than being on the Syriegs' tables. There it was mind control or invisible force field that kept him and Julian immobile and pinned down. Here it was some kind of straps, possibly two kinds some of leather or Kevlar and some of metal. Trying to pop and rock his body a little bit Terry could feel the straps were on each wrist, each bicep, his forehead, his neck, his chest, just above his hips, above his knees, and his ankles. One could actually feel each and every thing that kept one pinned down. To make matters feel worse he had a breathing mask attached to his face. Although annoyed that once again he and Julian had been kidnapped and taken somewhere against their will, Terry found himself slightly aroused. Usually in a flat on your back position such as this, if looking down, and with an ability to suck in his abs and concave his chest a bit he could still manage to look down and see his feet, see a partial section of his ample cock. Now, besides the mask, he could see how his chest barreled out so far all his vision was blocked by nothing but chest ridge and the chest hairs that covered it like some kind of hedge or expansive moss. This caused a realization of how much muscle mass he had put on and even though it happened unnaturally, he felt fine, powerful, and so he was very turned on by it. The arousal was even worse when his mind went down the road that Julian was also the same height, build, strength, and genital size that he was. It didn't take long before his prick began to swell and snake further down his leg before attempting the ascent it couldn't physically reach anymore due to its incredible length, girth, and weight. "I see one of the genetic freaks is up in more ways than one. Good morning, sleeping ugly!" Terry turned his eyes towards a figure that approached. Terry would have once considered him a slightly tall man, about his original height of 6' 4", as well as his high school fighting weight of around 240 pounds or so. He had a buzz cut hair style, naturally, and a pair of steel eyes that looked cold, careless, soulless. It didn't help that there was a circular C shaped scar going around his left eye and eyebrow. "Yeah, I know. Not gonna win a beauty contest any time soon, but that's alright, momma didn't raise me to do that." Terry swallowed. licked his lips and dryly attempted to speak, "Whoo...whoo...who are...?" "Who am I? I am Major Grant Payne, United States Army." Terry let out a soft chuckle. "That's right, meathead, I am Major Payne and I'm going to be one for you if you don't fully cooperate; not that you have a choice. However, if you care to make light of my name and rank, I can make sure this goes extremely painful for even your giant roided self." "What.... what are you going to do with us?" "Oh... not me. I'm not the one you gotta worry about, impress, or kiss ass to. That pleasure falls to my superior, Colonel Delilah Sergeant." Terry began to chuckle again. "I would suggest you nip that laughter in the bud right now. Yes, we've got ironic names for military personnel, but she takes more exception to your laughter about it than I do, and let me tell you, that woman is to be feared. She's not the tallest or biggest built woman I've ever seen, but she is one hell of a bitch. If you're out in the dessert with her, you could survive, if you could take her out. Puncture her veins and you'd have an endless supply of ice water to drink. I mean she has no problems in deciding, quickly, what your worth is to the team, to the military, and if it's not much, she'll leave you behind to fend for yourself or die in order to achieve the goal. It will be up to her whether we treat you well or exceptionally poorly. Whether you and your giant fuck buddy there lives or dies." "How did you...find us?" "Oh that was easy. We've been watchin' you. Oh, not you specifically, not originally. You think we haven't known about those fuckin' Syriegs all this time? Once mankind developed radar equipment it was only a matter of time before that technology progressed for us to see and monitor any ET's that were stopping by for a visit. We know about them for decades. They're doing minimal damage to humanity, so we let them study us and while they're abducting folks like you, we can observe and study them and their technology. No sense in causing worldwide panic and let everyone know. There'd be mindless rioting in seconds. "However, this time they broke pattern. One of their shuttle crafts went haywire and we decided to see why. Might as well, as we have a hidden base here. Oh, don't look so surprised. We have hidden bases everywhere in the world, whether the country is friendly with us or not. Thus, last night as we hid in trees and bushes looking in through your windows, besides seeing to guys get each other's rocks off, we could see you. Two giant, roided, muscular giants of men. We ran a photo recognition of who you two were and then we found out.... .... .... Terry Mikicia, once a big man on college campus, sights set on achieving a career in the NFL. You weren't ever as big as this before, but you were a big fella, just a bit more muscled than I am. But that just could be a simple matter of augmenting your genes somehow. Not worth a lot of our attention, just our curiosity. Hard to find naturally built guys like you, let alone find them and augment them. "But your buddy there. Julian Dealag... ... ... now there... there was something to take notice of. Short shit to average height sized male with a body the size and durability of a pipe cleaner. Yet here... Here he is a nearly ten foot tall behemoth of mounding muscle. Now this....THIS... we could use. How did they do that to him? If we could find that out, we could create the biggest, largest army that no one could stand up to. Fuck those shits creating religious wars. We could be an army tall enough to kick in their front doors and actually bring the house down on top of them! So that's why we're here. We're gonna find out what they did to ya boy, and then we're gonna duplicate it to make the world's strongest army." Suddenly the doors burst open and in walked Colonel Delilah Sergeant. She was around five foot six, athletic, jet black hair which cut in a bob style framed a pair of eyes that looked almost as black as the hair. Her lips were thin, pierced, and below a thin and straight as an arrow nose. Terry shivered when he saw her not because she herself looked cold or formidable, but because her face and eyes almost reminded him of the Syriegs in appearance. "And we're gonna get started on that right now, Major. Is all in preparation?" "Yes, ma'am!" "Alright, those of us that need to be out of the way up to the observation booth. The rest of you to your stations." Although the teams looked surprised at her entrance and a bit shocked at her announcement of the procedure to start and start now, they did as they were told and walked to prepositioned areas. There were several minutes which felt like hours that went by of people checking machines that hummed and whirred and beeped, while people looked at screens and dials or checked the tubes going into Julian or Terry or that their masks were on straight. But then there was an announcement, a nod, and suddenly Terry felt as though his bloodstream were being invaded. He could feel it. Not like when they inject one with some sort of chemical and one felt either a burning or chilling sensation that coursed through ones veins, no this was more like a worm had penetrated the skin and was slowly swimming through one's veins. Yet that still isn't enough to describe it. In order to describe it correctly one would have to say that said worm had a drill bit head made up of a dozen saws that all focused to a point and was somehow boring one's veins wider and cleaner than before. Terry let out a moan as if he was going to be sick and Major Payne stepped up, smiling at him and said, "Don't worry. It won't hurt for long and the rewards will be great. You'll have served your country, and you won't be standout freaks any more. We'll figure out what genetic mutation and markers they did to you, replicate that with some fine solders, and whenever they're on leave you'll have some buddies your size to play football with." Terry was just thinking of how glad he was that Julian seemed out of it, but then Julian seemed to groan a bit, louder and louder until finally his body spasmed and twisted as though it intended to sit up, although it could not due to the restraints. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "We've found one of the organisms that helped cause the growth!" Colonel Sergeant's voice echoed coldly over the intercom. "Proceed with capture and analysis from the nanobot." Terry then let out a scream as well, and wished at this moment more than anything that he could rip his veins out from his body. He began to twist and control a little as well. "We found one in subject two!" "Proceed with same orders as with subject one!" There were several minutes of excruciating pain, as though there was some kind of war going on inside the veins of Julian and Terry. "Nanobot is collecting more of the cell samples used to cause the mega growth." "Steady and be observant." Suddenly there felt as though the worm like bots were shooting streams of ice water ahead of their drills and Terry's head began to swoon heavily as though he had stood up too fast. "Both subject's blood pressures are rising and rising fast." "What is the problem?" "It's like the nanobots have somehow blocked the arteries in front of them?" "Look deeper find the cause!" There was much whirring and beeping going on, none of which sounded positive. Terry was finding it hard to breathe and his heart felt as though it was having an incredible time just to beat. "Sir! The nanobots, the cells that they have collected seemed to have changed shaped. They're forming together, elongating like a tube of some kind and sending out one of their own cells far ahead of the nanobot." "Look ahead and see what it's doing!" More clicks and hums, throbs and whirs. "Sir... we're looking at some of the cells... the one shot off is meeting others ahead of it and their turning green?" "What do you mean they're turning green?" "They're not... they're not turning green themselves, but they are achieving a green glow." "Analysis!" One scientist ran over to another station and began looking at data that was scrolling up at an incredible rate. "Sir! These aren't cells of the subjects, Sir!" "Then what the hell are they?" "They're much more advanced nanobots than what we have. They were in the process of dying, but our nanobots capturing them has apparently reactivated them...." "What are you saying?" "Luminescent glow in over 45% of the subjects' body." "Forty-five percent! I thought this just started?" "It did... I'm not sure how they're communicating or..." "Anyone know what these hyper nanos do when activated?" In answer to her question, Terry let out a cry of pain followed by a long and low moan, which was again followed by a series of short, yelped gasps. Suddenly all the excessive facial and body hair that both Terry and Julian had either fell off their body or receded back into their body. And with each time he made Terry or Julian made their utterances, their feet suddenly swelled and grew, elongated and became denser, longer, wider, bigger. "ABORT! ABORT NOW! Command our nanobots to let theirs go!" "Luminescence throughout 79% of subjects' body." "Inject the omega bots!" A series of frantic clicks and whirs, button pushing and lever yanking and soon robotic arms with needle extension were heading towards the elbow crooks of Julian and Terry. However with a few gasps and groans, Julian and Terry's limbs began to lengthen, their shoulders began to broaden, their hands and feet got larger, their muscles began to thicken, even their cock and balls were inflating and swelling once more. At the point and time of injection, the needles now met the elbow end of the giants' inflating biceps and it being now to dense for the needle caused it to snap instead of penetrate. "Automatic hypodermic have been sna...." "I can see that! Get in there and do it manually you dolt!" The lab assistant ran for some prepared syringes, but by the time he returned it was too late. The young men had swollen and grow to the point that the bonds holding them were cutting deep into their skin, but the skin and muscle and bone were growing at such a phenomenal pace that the straps of leather and metal were creaking and groaning and stretching beyond their capacity to hold. Up and up the numbers on the monitor went as the boys began to outgrow the cross like tables they were on length, width, and weight wise. "Reaction is happening. Subjects have increased in height up to 11' 1.5!" The assistant with the syringes came running up to Julian's bed and attempted to inject him manually, but with another surge of growth the left hand straps holding Julian's arm in place snapped allowing a full twitch to affect his arm. This in turn caused Julian's arm to put enough force on the wrist strap that it gave way and Julian's arm lashed out striking the assistant in his chest and knocking him back several feet from the table. "Subjects have grown again. 137.38 inches or just over eleven feet five and fourth inches tall!" More groans and moans from Terry and Julian as their bodies swelled ever longer and broader, taller and wider, thicker and harder. Their veins pulsing up to the top caressing every hill and dale of their mounding muscular frame. Suddenly there was a large hiss and the tables sunk down and tilted even more forward than usual. "Table hydraulics have been compromised. Tables cannot support the weight." "SOMEBODY WITH MEDICAL SCIENCE DO SOMETHING HERE!" Again groans, moans, the eerie sound of bones snapping and breaking, mixed with stretching noises of sinew and ligaments and tendons growing and snapping and increasing along with muscle fibers breaking down and increasing in size. "Subject proportionately are gaining in muscle density and strength, not just proportionate to new height but actually adding weight!" More moans and screams as the feet got larger, the hands more massive, the heads stood taller. "Subjects are now 145.16 tall or twelve feet one and almost one fourth inches tall and still growing!" Julian and Terry's heads both rolled to either side and then began sit straight up and slightly rock from side to side growing further and further up as their shoulders began to broaden wider and wider. "Subjects gaining in height again. One hindered forty-six inches, forty-seven, forty-eight-forty-nine, one hundred fifty, one fifty-five, one sixty!" Suddenly the x shaped tables that Julian and Terry were now leaning on instead of strapped to, began to bend and fold over backwards. Everyone began to watch as the musculature of these to giant men became even larger, harder, stronger. Their muscles bulged and popped, mounded and rose, ever higher and denser, thicker and stronger, not only become so much bigger, but more defined, cut, their striations and fibers becoming individualistic as well as working and become one. Overly developed medical drawings of the humanoid muscular system in full blown, swollen, color. "Subjects body mass is increasing, muscle mass taking over greater percentage of weight. Starting weight of three-thousand two-hundred forty-five pounds after last growth spurt. Three-thousand two-hundred fifty.....two-hundred sixty.....two-hundred seventy...." "Try to initiated the blood transfusion and cleaning system!" "Two- hundred ninety, three-thousand three-hundred ten, three-hundred-forty, three-hundred seventy! Muscle mass increasing in greater amounts.... three-thousand four-hundred even.....four-fifty....five-hundred.....five-hundred forty.....five-hundred sixty ....five-hundred seventy-five..... five-hundred eighty....five hundred eighty-five....eighty-six....eighty-seven....eighty-eight....eighty-nine.....ninety.... Subjects leveling off at three-thousand five-hundred and ninety pounds." "I don't care if they are leveling off get the cleaning system running on them now!" "We've already initiated that back when you...." Suddenly Julian and Terry began to shake wildly and convulse. Their skin began to take on a slightly blue tint. Their mouth bobbed open and closed as if they were desperately gasping for air." "WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE!" "The subjects aren't getting enough oxygen! They're suffocating!" "How is that possible with the masks on!" "Their....their hearts have reversed their beating pattern. They're circulation is going backwards!" "Pull everything out. PULL EVERYTHING OUT OF THEM NOW!" But soon there was the sickening sound of blood hitting the upended bottoms of the automatic syringes. The army's nanobots were pushed out of the young giants' blood stream. Shortly thereafter the needles themselves seem to have been pushed out or pulled out due to the giants' growth. They looked more like the incredible hulk now than ever. Arms hanging in mid air. Back and lats all hooded and broad underneath. Shoulders that looked like they would raise up at any minute and pinch off the head via the neck, if it weren't for the fact the neck looked like some Doric, ionic, or Corinthian marble columns Thighs that looked bigger than most men's chest. Calves that looked bigger than most men's waist. Forearms that if looked at too closely might be mistaken for a bicep they were so huge and developed. Chests that seemed to barrel out more and more and more threatening to tip the men over if they stood up. Meanwhile the air began to be heavily scented with a strong musky and teenage boy smell. Several of the scientists gagged, other sprung a instant hard ons and began to cum, causing them to collapse to the floor. Julian and Terry's body hair began to grow in again, covering partially their feet, their entire legs, up their crotch, scrotum, chest before stopping there. Then it moved on to a spot about half way down their upper arms, filled up their arm pits, and continued down to cover their forearms and part of their hands. While on top, five o'clock shadows came growing to a day's growth, two days, three days, a full beard, slightly long beard, while their head hair grew longer and longer around their faces and down to their shoulders and mid back. Major Payne however, stood up, grabbing gun and syringes in hand, and smiled, with a raging hard on under his camouflaged pants. "Power..." He smiled through gritted teeth and droned. "Pure power....... and STRENGTH!" He started to stride across the room ready to take command and charge of the situation. But the table, completely bent under the young men's weight, now snapped into two while the last remaining buckles and straps snapped off from the giants or the table itself. "Monitors still working. Subjects height is increasing again!" Julian and Terry now assumed a horse stance: feet shoulder with apart, hands at sides - in as much as their upper arms, back, and lats allowed, and their heads and neck standing straight and getting taller by the minute. They threw their arms, back, and shoulders back, clinched their fists and flexed their arms, their chests continued to just jut and barrel out forming a pec shelf any mountain precipice desire to have and be. Growing longer, thicker, and wider, the giants' torso and legs grew and grew sending their growing heads ever higher and higher to the approaching Major Payne. "One-hundred sixty-seven point six six six inches tall and it looks like there is still another spurt to grow!" "We don't have the ability to keep them at this point. Take the down and out, NOW!" But Major Payne wasn't thinking clearly, nor through the steam and the heat and the distance could he estimate nor judge the size of the situation clearly. Not paying attention to the one lab assistance constant updates, Major Payne was too careless and too cock and approached a threat that was beyond his scope and growing larger by the minute. Standing currently at just over thirteen feet tall, Major Payne just barely came up to either Julian or Terry's knees and when Julian saw him, his mind in total instinct and survival mode, he back handed Major Payne and sent him flying across the entire room and up into the observation room window. Still the lab assistant called out stats as the young men's bodies continued to grow and soar. Their muscles were swelling and inflating, vessels were rising to the top and snaking all over their bodies. Their testicles were swelling larger, firmer, hanging lower, and producing such a copious amount of cum they could fill a pitcher full with one volley, while at the same time their colossal cocks just oozed and snaked out of their groins ever longer, thicker, veinier threatening to become a third leg. "One-hundred seventy inches....one seventy-five......one seventy-eight....one seventy-nine.... one eighty....one eighty -one....one eighty-one and a half....... one eighty-two. Subjects are one-hundred eighty-two inches tall and weigh in at five-thousand two-hundred and sixteen pounds!" And suddenly and in great awe another staffer commented right next to the first...."with a thirty-six inch flaccid cock?" The growing stopped, the young behemoths stood there bobbling a little on their feet before suddenly their pricks rose and swelled to full concrete hard erection "Thirty-seven....thirty-eight....forty.....forty-two.....forty-six.....fifty.... good lord.....fifty-one....two... three..... four.....and a fourth.....and a half.....and three-fourths." Then both giants snapped their heads back and thrust their hips forward as their titan testicles pulled themselves up and they spewed cable sized ropes of jizz across the entire room. One volley....two.....four......eight......twelve......sixteen.... The whole room stood there in stupor before someone screamed at the Colonel who had been watching all from the observation window. "Colonel we have to do something!" Proving her hardness of mind and possibly heart, despite the fact that a change had come over her, slightly, she turned exposing her dampened shirt, coat, and skirt that showed tremendous leakage from her nipples and crotch, and gave the order coldly, "Gas them. GAS THEM NOW!" "But we have people down ...." "FOR THE SAKE OF SECURITY GAS THEM ALL! WE CAN WAKE THEM UP LATER!" On the order suddenly there was a large amount of sleeping gas that piped in and flooding the chamber below. The two giants tried to back off from it, but it was coming from everywhere. They went to try and hold their breath, but they were still weak from the massive growth spurt that they had. Finally in frustration, Terry picked up part of his table and flung it across the room towards the observation area. Striking somewhere and something beneath them, there was a large clunk heard followed by the hiss of escaping steam or gas. "What did he hit? SOMEONE FIND OUT WHAT HE HIT!?" Suddenly there was an explosion from one of the walls. As the gas and dust began to clear out of the room or settle to lower levels, one could suddenly see five people standing at the hole in the wall. Three of them wore something that looked like futuristic police uniforms, two respectively built men with a glowing golden aura around them, one fairly normal looking but buff female. Another male wore something that looked almost from Earth's period of the 1970's, like the jumpsuits worn by either Elvis or the Osmond Brothers, except it had no fringe and was much more open in the front revealing the symbol of Mercury tattooed across his decently developed chest. The other man looked like a Norse human and was instantly recognizable by the two giants. "Hey!.......DRIESSSSSHH!" "DRIESSSHHHHHHHHHHMYHEWWO" And with that the two giants went down to the floor. "OPEN FIRE!" screamed Colonel Sergeant. The two glowing men immediately put their hands up and a large yellow but somewhat transparent construct formed between them, their team and everyone else. The bullets that were shot at them seem to either hit the construct and then just fall to the floor or bounced off. "HOLD YOUR FIRE THEY'RE RETURNING THE BULLETS! HAND TO HAND! NOW!" With that Colonel Sergeant took out her gun and blew out the observation window, them flung herself over it and began to charge after the intruders. "Al-Elameph, Dries, go after the two we came for. Merc, tackle the gun-ho bitch, I'm betting she's the leader. Drixos and I will take care of the grunts. MOVE!" With that the constructs became scoops and the two glowing men began pushing soldiers and lab techs across the room to the other side. Meanwhile Merc turned to face and stare down Colonel Sergeant. "You have no right to be in this facility. This is a facility of the United States Government. You are trespassing, and you specifically are weaponless. I strongly suggest you leave." {"I am far from weaponless, my dear."} "UGH!" No one saw any movement from Merc and barely some out of Colonel Sergeant. For that matter no one heard anything either. They simply saw the Colonel train her gun on the bare-chested opponent and then falter in her stance a bit. {"As far as trespassing goes, I believe according the treaties and laws of your planet, this base would be considered a trespassing violation to this nation, which is not your own. You are also in violation of interplanetary article number three section b sub section eight of the keeping and...."} "GET OUTTA MY MIND!" The Colonel fired of two shots, although in extremely slow fashion. Merc managed to dodge one and move the other just before he refocused his attention on the Colonel and mind whipped the gun out of her hand then lifting her up, placed her back into the observation room before moving the car doors off their hinges and placing them in to the observation window area while placing something against the entrance door. Meanwhile Al-Elameph was easily bulldozing and then flying her way across the room to Terry. She easily picked him up and flew him out the door. This was unlike Dries, who although exceeding strong was finding the new size and weight of Julian to be somewhat difficult to manage. He was just barely able to grab a hold of Julian's wrist and get him slide across the floor. "I am so liking how I feel on this planet's atmosphere, Dries. I could learn to like this. Since I've got it, might as well flaunt it. Take it easy and I'll return to help you with him." Unfortunately before Al-Elameph could return, the item that Terry had punctured with his table toss exploded sending Dries flying and landing in a spot where the building gave way and began to crumble. "Dries!" "Leave him. He blends in here on this planet better than we do, and reinforcements plus the law for this country are coming in. Let's get the alien hostages out of here so they can be treated and sent back to their home worlds." And with that Al-Elameph flew over picked up Julian and brought him close to Terry, where upon Nixos and Drixos formed a bubble around Al-Elameph and Terry and one around Merc and Julian and proceeded to fly up high in to the sky. In orbit there seemed to be hundreds of ships engaging each other in a bit of a battle. An intergalactic police force had come checking on the Syriegs and did not like what they saw. They were in the middle of shutting everything down and fining the Syriegs when the Syriegs let them know they were not happy. Boarding their own ship, Nixos, Drixos, Merc, Al-Elameph, put Julian and Terry into a medical bed and began to get their ship powered and programmed. "Someone got that Nord'oks message all screwed up I believe." "How so, Drixos?" "I know it said about being altered and the government taking them, but did you see the size of those guys?" "Yeah I did. Huge kerfers that's for sure." "Only kerfers I know that grow that big and strong are..." There was a slight pause between Nixos and Drixos before they turned to one another and said, "Calcryans!" "Worry not, Drixos. We'll speak with the council. They'll order us to take them home, but before that, they'll go through to proper training to have their humanity removed and they'll be proper Calcryans again." "Better not let them wake up until the corrective surgery is done. One thing you don't want to do to a Calcryan is remove his body tattoo. These two are going to go ballistic if they wake up to see theirs have been due to the Syriegs' experiments."
  8. FREaky

    Abduction: Part Two

    Abduction Part Two by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/8794-abduction-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Gregorian chant. Something that sounded like Gregorian chant was playing, filling up Julian's ears. But it wasn't like that at all. It was not quite as hot? Cooler sounding, more logical feeling. It was flowing smoothly like Gregorian Chant did but with a brighter sound of electronics. It was as though Julian was at some holistic fair performing meditation, but on the set of some alien planet. Struggling to look around, Julian found he couldn't move his head, nor the rest of his body for that matter. Only his eyes could look and leer about. But everything at the edges were so bleary as if he was looking at the world through a TV. camera's fog lens. No matter how many times he blinked he couldn't clear his vision, and if he could would he be able to see anything? The area was so dark with only a bright light shinning directly above him. "That's it." He thought to himself. "I'm being operated on. The trip I took exasperated the blow to the head my abductor gave me." He kept blinking trying to wake himself up so he could ask questions about what was being done, what had happened to himself, but the blinking must have made him sleep, for he began to notice the pictures in his mind's eye weren't connecting as a living or film like experience. It was more like stills of the same room at different times with different folks. There were a couple of times he saw some people whom he didn't know. Two women and one man. They were very plain looking with very generic features, straight hair styled straight down and pulled back or cut very short and professional in the man's case. They were in straight lined, blue gowns or shirt and they spoke, but not to him. Looking across Julian they said things he couldn't understand or make out clearly. Still other times they looked down at him and said something, but Julian couldn't make it out and he couldn't tell if he was responding back. He didn't think so. Thinking to himself in one of his more semi-lucid states, "That must be a doctor and two nurses. I hope the man is the nurse. He looked cute... better chance of him touching me then." Julian smiled himself to sleep with that thought and then began waking up to someone or some people else. These were all men. All very big men. They all stood very tall between six feet four inches to seven feet tall. And were they ever muscled! Naturally thick bodies that looked they had each been training a number of years, but with white washed skin and hair that was the color of fire to strawberry blonde to platinum. It was like a convention of Norse people. As though all of these folks were descendants of the Vikings. The moved about him their arms raised at times as though they were carrying trays or something. Sometimes they came and stood by him and he could feel their large hands on his arms or legs and they would stare down at his face. They were all in some kind of wrap around sleeveless shirt. It was light grey in color with the edges trimmed in heavy piping. The front part of the shirt wrapped around from the left and tied on the right hand side. It gave a low v cut to the neck and head opening. Most of the men, their shoulders pulled the fabric up and out, as well as their chests barreling out and over pulled at the shirt opening as well. Each of their bodies pulling the top of the shirts open to reveal their great pectoral valleys. Their bulging delts and arms hung out and angles from their sides and the openings near the shoulders. Julian wished he could see further down, see if these shirts were all synched tightly at the bottom near these people's waistlines. He was developing a crush on these Viking reenacting orderlies or whomever they were. But then flashes of the occurring visions began to scare Julian. Much shorter men appeared to him, bent over him, looking at him as though he was under a microscope, and there were times he felt as though perhaps these men were poking him, prodding him, maybe even carving into him or...or... poking around in his brain! And then he began to realize these short men were not a pale skin white like the Viking styled men were, but they were a colorless, flat matte kind of white or ashen grey. And their eyes...their eyes! They were too large, pointed oval, slanted, and completely black. What did they want with him? What were they doing with him? Why was it with them he felt like his head was open! "Auuugh! Auuugh!" Julian began to thrash and move, quiver and shake, his head twisting to this side and that. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUGH!" Julian screamed as loud and long of a scream as he could ever do, and might ever do in his life. He had never felt as violated and as mortal as he did now. Not even the man, the supposed acquaintance who abducted him made him feel this unsecure about his safety or his life. He woke up from any kind of sleep and lie there on a table panting heavily and sweating profusely. "Ju...Ju...Julian?!" He heard a calm and deep voice say somewhat timidly. He knew he knew it but he couldn't quite recognize it. He found he could turn his head and so opened his eyes and attempted to look around and peer into the darkness that surrounded him. There on the other side of the room he was in was another table with a bright light directly above and shinning down on it. Filling up the slab was a man of goodly size and really grand build. The man had his head turned towards him and he could see his very handsome face: square jaw and chin that blended beautifully in very full and slightly chubby cheeks that sat atop very high cheekbones, soft and full pillow like lips underneath a square, slightly bulbous but very straight nose, and a pair of eyes that although slightly droopy on the outer corners, were big, full, and the richest kind of brown one could ever see. They were puppy dog kind of eyes that could at glance cause one to completely melt away and move the hardest of hearts. On top a thick mane of jet black hair ebbed and flowed down the sides and back of this man's head, pooling around his shoulders. Julian stared down the rest of this man's body, long, wide, thick with an incredible set of muscles, almost all of which were covered with a patterned of beautifully feathered, but somewhat thin jet black hair that all seemd to lay in pattern with the muscles they were covering. Julian looked back into the man's face which was slightly obscured by the dimness of the room but stared hard. "Julian!" the man hoarsely whispered. "Are you alright?" Julian just continued to star at the great muscled man and his face, Deep down he knew he recognized this man, and his voice. That rich deep bass that if spoken loudly just rolled and rumbled through one's ears and chest. Suddenly it was almost as if his vision came into focus, his mind became quite clear thinking. "Te...Terry?.... Terry Mikicia? Is that you?" "Yes. Yes. Julian. It's me. How are you doing?" "Good... I guess. As well as one could be while strapped upon an operating table in the middle of a....where are we? "I... I don't know, Julian, but I am so sorry." "Why?" "It's my fault you're here." "What do you mean it's your fault I'm here? I.... I don't understand." "Oh gawd.... let me.... let me explain." Julian wasn't sure how he wound up kidnapped with Terry Mikicia, his high school's star football quarterback. The boy who had everything: decent grades, killer looks, freakishly built body, and from all the locker room talk, had the longest cock and biggest balls any one, male or female, had ever seen. The young man should be at another university far away from where Julian was, participating in his Junior year of college hoping to start impressing scouts and decide on which professional National Football League he will sign a contract with after graduating a year later. "I don't understand. What do you mean? How did we get kidnapped by...by....whatever this is? Did they pick you up or before me?" "No.... auugh gawd.....No...Julian... they.... they....they picked us up together." "They didn't pick us up together, Terry. I was with another guy, kidnapped. Just escaped out of a barn in the middle of nowhere on some farm somewhere. I was nowhere near a major college football town. Just in that barn with this....huge....freakishly built....and....hung.....man...." "Oh gawd, Julian. I'm so sorry." and Terry began to break down and sob. "That was you?! It was you, wasn't it? Why? Why Terry? WHAT THE FUCK!" "I'm so sorry, Julian.... I had no idea we'd be kidnapped by... whatever... I guess... aliens. I didn't mean for anything like this to happen. I didn't mean to really hurt you either." "The blow to the back of the head kind of put a dent in that plan from the start, dickweed! Why? Why the hell did you need to kidnap me to have me... have me... what the hell do you call it? You forced me to make love to you so you can't really say I was raped...no wait you did eventually. You did eventually plow my ass! I called out for it! You got me to call out and beg for it, you son of a bitch!" "You don't understand. I had to know... I had to find out. All these mixed up feelings I had rolling around in my head. My heart. I didn't want to deny who...what... what I was, but I had to make sure it wasn't a fad before I acted on it." "What do you mean before you acted on it?" "You know I'm trying to go for a professional football career. I can't come out and truthfully hope to succeed, but if I really was gay, I didn't want to be an example of one of those men that stay hidden for years. What kind of example does that set for hundreds, thousands of struggling teens? I needed to make sure that it wasn't some kind of fad that I would grow out of. That my emotions, my arousals were really triggered by just men, or men and women, or just women. That way I could plan what my next course of action would be, how I prepared for attempting a professional career after school, not to mention how I continued my dating and searching for someone to be with the rest of my life. I've been so feed up at coming to the threshold with a woman and then...then....finding that I can't get it up or feel comfortable inside making love to her." "Why me? Why did I have to be the one to help prove whether or not you fly the great rainbow flag out of the pink triangle stand?" "Because you're gay..." "I figured that much out. There were a few dozen other homosexual guys from our class let alone our school." "I knew you liked very muscular men..." "Yeah yeah and how did you know that? It's not like I got to date any of them in high school. All the muscled boys were jocks who just as soon put me into my locker for the weekend." "We kind of did an experiment on you in gym class." "You did what?!" "When we noticed that you kind of stared at the more athletic guys of the class, we began to plan who was showering under the center showerhead. The one that stood across from the doorway to the showers. Which was directly across from the place you stood and hid while waiting for everyone else to be done with showering before you ran." "What...." "The more muscular the guy was the longer it took you to snap out of your daydream state and realize when the showers were empty." "You fuckers! So you chose me just because I'm gay and liked muscular men. You arrogant prick!" "No.... that's... that's not the only...uh....the only reason." "Oh great. So tell Dr. Phil here, what other possible psychological reason that you could have for choosing to fuck me against my will?" "You...ah.... you....you remember our tutoring sessions." "What you're getting back at me for failed grades or something? I did my best with you, but sometimes you never got it. Not because you couldn't comprehend it. Gawd....you are an exceptional smart man, besides being good looking and built, but sometimes you would wander off in day dream land thinking about the next great play on Saturday's game and you wouldn't pay attention to the lesson. It's not my fault that you di..." "I wasn't day dreaming about the next Saturday game." "Oh really? Then what was it? The next cheerleader you had to screw to prove your heterosexuality to the coach or your teammates?" "It was you." "Wha........ih....it was....what?" "It was you, Julian. I had a massive crush on you. You were so strong." "I wasn't strong. I was a skinny shit with thirteen inch upper arms that couldn't lift a twig!" "Not that kind of strong. You were strong of mine, of heart. You sang, you danced, you acted, you stated you were gay and were proud of it. The other jocks bullied you, punched you, threatened you, and yet even though there was no way you could physically ever win a fight against them, you stood your ground. And at the same time you still provided tutoring for some of them despite how they treated you. You showed real man colors by not only caring about those you loved and liked, but those who were cruel to you as well. You were brave, so brave and strong of character and mind. I was a weak sheep that just went with the herd. I so wanted to be like you and as such, wanted to be with you as well." "Oh....come on....you're....teasing me now....this is just a line of simple b. s." "No.... There were times in high school, especially around our senior year, I would fantasize about us being together. Sometimes I thought of ways to talk with you so we could be together after graduation. I didn't want to move away from you." "And that didn't let you know you were gay?" "No...my parents, the Church, pamphlets from other groups said it was just phase that young men go through. Something due to overactive hormones while going through puberty, and of course the church said it was wrong. Just a lie implanted into my brain by Satan himself." "And what brought you around to disregarding that?" "We're taught that anything we ask of God he will grant us, right?" "Well, anything that is as long as it goes with his own will." "So then if homosexuality is truly wrong, asking to have those feeling surprised forever or removed should be in his will, shouldn't it?" "I would guess so." "Well, he hasn't answered that prayer for me since I was eleven. That means that either it's not a sin to be homosexual or..." "It's a lie that God grants his followers anything." They lie there in the semi-dark and silence for a few minutes until Julian broke it again. "So... ... ... you really had a thing for me?" "Yeah." Terry laughed. "I had a major crush on you. You're still the man I kind of picture in my fantasies." "Well... that's...uhm....interesting...." "Why's that?" "You were the nicest of all the jocks to me. Not to mention the biggest built. I mean you were a fucking wall. Watching you develop in college via the news, it was just so hard to believe how much bigger you've become. I didn't think it was possible." "It wasn't easy." "I'm sure, but the point is, back then and now... you're in my fantasies. I used to fall asleep at nights rubbing an extra pillow, pretending that I was laying next to you tracing your abs with my finger and running my hands through your chest hair." "You like my chest hair? Most girls usually asked me if I'd shave smooth." The two laughed and allowed the silence to descend in the room once again. After a long time Julian turned to look at Terry. "Terry, you still awake?" "Yeah." "So this is it, huh. What an alien abduction feels like?" "I think so. I think this is what that is. You know with those short, "almond eyed" guys running around." "So, what do you think they wanted with us? What are they hoping to explore?" "Can you think of anything you said to them?" "Not sure. I'm starting to recall, but it's too fuzzy." "I might be able to help. I kind of figured I might help give you a gift so to speak." "A gift? How?" "I remember parts of one conversation. They were all concerned about your size, proportions, wondering why I was so much bigger than you. They mentioned something about you saying something about wishing you were bigger. ... ... ... Any rate, I agreed with that statement, saying you were supposed to be as big as me, equal in every size. I figured if they did any scientific experiments on us, if we ever got let go, maybe at least you'd have the kind of bod that would attract more muscular men you liked. If not, maybe at least it'd allow you to develop some kind of musculature on your cute little bod." "Well, I don't think that's happened? How do I look to you?" "Still that same cute average guy that I had a crush on." Julian smiled, Terry giggled, and the two sat in silence again for a while. Eventually Julian figured out the pitch of the humming sound the room was making and began to hum and sing songs that were in tune with it. Terry even joined in on a couple of choruses. They joked and laughed and wondered if any other abductees ever sang while being held and would the aliens flip out wondering if they had gone insane. They were about to start on one more song when Julian stopped and commented. "I've got to rest for a moment. My throat is a little dry. Man, they turned up the heat in here. Did they think we were raised in the tropics of the Earth?" "Heat? It still feels a little cool in here. I've still got goose bumps." "I'm beginning to burn up, I think. I'm breaking out in a sweat. I feel like my skin is on...AUUUUGH!" "Julian?!?" Julian moaned low, "auugh...it felt like I was just kicked in the balls, and I mean that's a man your size was a soccer playAUUUUUGH!" "JULIAN!" Terry turned to look at Julian. He saw Julian turn his head towards him, but his eyes were slightly rolled back and his mouth was agape. "HUWAAAH!" Julian let out another gasp and his eyebrows rose up in the center as his face registered nothing but pain. He would have doubled over but being strapped down on the platform. Suddenly Terry could see movement around Julian's groin. His cock was rising up, but not as if it was swelling to an erection, but like something was lifting it up. Squinting through the dimly lit space, Terry finally could see that Julian's balls were swelling, growing becoming a bit large on his frame. Maybe even a bit large on anyone's frame, but yet they didn't seem too out of proportion for some reason. "Oh shit!" "What?" said Julian. "Nothing... just breathe. Take slow and long, deep breaths." "Why? Why? What's happening." "I'm not sure, but I have an idea. Just lie back and breathe." "Ok but I don't know if I just re-AUUUUGH!" Another moan and Terry saw Julian's balls expanding once again. This would happen several more times until Julian had a most ample set of balls. Testicles whose shape and size were all too familiar to Terry. "OOOOOOH!" Another low and shuddering moan and suddenly Julian's cock began to just ooze out of him like a snake slithering out of his hole. The head moved forward, wriggling, squirming, as the body, or in this case the shaft continued to extend and extend out of Julian's groin, growing longer and longer, and thicker by the second. This too was a shape that Terry knew all too well. Another series of grunts and groans and a few glances from Terry, he could see that Julian's hands and feet were pulsing and lengthening, becoming thicker, wider, meatier, stronger and more sturdy. Out and out they grew until Julian began to look like one of the odd, lanky alien species as seen in Star Trek or Star Wars, the ones with thin bodies and extremely long feet and fingers. Soon his contortions and stretches began to spread out all over his body. Twisting and turning he kept edging out to either end of the table; longer, taller, higher. His body growing to match his feet and hand sizes, but still maybe not quite his cock and ball size. The shackles began to chaff and cut into his wrists and ankles now as they moved up or down away from the anchor they were tethered to. The air began to fill with the sounds of breaking and knitting bone in an eerie din. Meanwhile, the straps that went across his chest and knees began a migration inward towards the center of his body. The chest straps moved down to the top of the abs while the knee straps moved on up the thigh. Then Julian's body began to rise slightly, having some kind of spasm that looked as though as his body was being given one of those shocks for restarting someone's heart beat. Up and Up, over and over again, Julian's body lurched and rose and each time it did so, his body swelled out that much larger. His muscles were growing - all of them! All of them were inflating at once. The air was now filled with the sound of stretching as the skin got tighter and tighter across Julian's body, while the muscles inflated more and more, grew denser and harder, bulged and creviced, throbbed and pulsed. Like so many scenes from superhero cartoons, or descriptions in muscle growth stories that Terry - and Julian - had secretly read or watched, Julian's body was now mimicking the hero and swelling more and more with greater and greater power. Soon Julian's moans began to change from grunts of pain to moans of ecstasy. His cock began to grow again, but this time was rising in erection. Terry could see Julian's nipples begin to stick out hard and firm as well as his new mammoth schlong rising and rising up into the air and eventually smack and point to his abs. Fuller and fuller Julian's muscles grew, more defined with deeper crevices, swelling mounds, and interstates of blood carrying veins criss-crossing his body, covering the muscles, the crannies, the striations feeding them, accentuating them. Shortly thereafter hair began to appear and coat Julian's body. Not so thick as to look almost matted, but enough to decently cover most parts of the body, to feather out into patterns that lay with the shape and contour of the muscle it lay upon. A few more swells and the straps and shackles began to snap and pop, unable to contain the hulking figure that lie there, equal in mass, strength, size, virility, and stamina to Terry. "Oh! OH! OOOOOOH! HUGGGGGGGGGGH!" The sounds coming out of Julian were those of someone about to experience sexual climax. Terry stared at Julian, trying to study his face, but he couldn't help looking further down to watch Julian's prick bob and shake and swell just that much larger. Something that had begun happening to him the moment he saw Julian begin to swell with newfound muscular power. Then Julian suddenly awoke out of the unconsciousness the pain had put him under, he shouted a few exclamatory "ohs!" and then practically growled in a new bass voice that equally matched Terry's and caused such a rumbling in not only Terry's chest, but his balls as well, that at the very moment Julian released a load that looked like it came from two men, Terry's back arched, his head snapped back and he gushed for a load of equal size. The two men lie there, chests heaving, cum running in rivulet's down all sides of their chest and their abdominals. Julian fell unconscious again, while Terry lie there in a erotic stupor, their chests rising high in the air, such huge swelling slabs of beef.

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