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  1. So I've noticed lately there's been a real slow-down in new material so I thought i would help out. I have lurked here for years so I thought I should pay my dues and post a story. I haven't written anything since way back in high school English so I have no idea if this is any good at all. Hopefully it doesn't suck. Also, the first few chapters of the is going to be very similar to a well-known story by Musclegod300 (and one my absolute favorites) until I get far enough to take a unique direction. I promise I am not trying to rip you off MG300, please take it as the ultimate compliment, as you are in the top 3 of my favorite muscle story authors ;-). +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dad Get's His Glory Years Prologue: I had just graduated high school and the summer of my last year at home was winding down. My name is Jed Graves and I had spent the last few days packing up what I could and preparing myself mentally to leave my father behind. Not so much for my sake, I didn't think. More for his. My father, Chad Graves, was an amazing man who had lived a hard life. Growing up he was, plain and simple, a stud. Ever since he was very young he was always one of the most athletic kids in his class. He excelled at every athletic sport he played, even earning starting positions at linebacker on our high school football and baseball teams by his sophomore year. He was a shoo-in for all-state honors in football before a freak back injury ended his season right before the playoffs began. During play he was awkwardly bent over backwards and was nearly paralyzed. The doctors let him know he was very lucky he came out of it with only minor injuries. Consequently, with his athletic prowess, charming yet humble personality and stunningly rugged good looks he was very popular, especially with the ladies. He dated around in his early high school years, even snagging the interest of some the upper class girls. Many of the upper class boys wanted to hate him for stealing some of their women but he such a charming and fun personality that he endeared himself to all. He fell in love with a woman that would become with wife and then my mother when he was just 16 years old. She was the same age and of course, athletic and gorgeous, a track star in her own right. Shortly after came the biggest test of my parents' young life. The virile young man got my mom pregnant and I as born right before his 17th birthday. My father and my mother never once considered terminating the pregnancy or offering me up for adoption. They decided to raise me as best as they could, with my father giving up his athletic pursuits to take part time jobs at nights after school to help raise me. This was certainly a difficult time for both of my parents. With some assistance from my Dad's Grandparents they were able to raise me to toddler-hood while maintaining their slightly above average GPA's and graduating high school. Throughout my infant years my father continued to find jobs here and there. Once he had graduated he settled nicely into a construction job that was ran by a family friend. With his strong, 6'1 frame, the interviewer knew he would be able to haul around the heavy equipment and materials with ease and he was a hired on the spot. He proved to be a hard and courteous worker. He took pride in his work and he knew this would be his only form of exercise that his robust body craved while I was growing up. While my presence was undoubtedly tough on my young parents, they both loved me and each other unequivocally and never once regretted their decision to have me. Our small family was able to scrape by via modest, yet comfortable means through the hard work of both of my young parents. I adored both of my parents and saw my father as my own personal superhero. I especially loved when we would go to neighborhood pool and he would use his thick arms to toss me up in the air so I could try to make the biggest splash I could. Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing you curve-balls and when I was 8 years old my mother was killed in a car accident during a winter storm while driving home from her job. It of course hit both my dad and I very hard. However, like every challenge that ever faced him, my father soldiered on and worked even harder to love me and give the best life he could. Growing up my genetic background was easily evident as I also excelled at nearly every sport I did. I too was able to secure a spot of the varsity football team from an early point in my high school career. While I likely could've been just as good at or exceeded my father's accomplishments I never really had that killer athletic instinct that truly elite athletes have. I was happy with just being “good” as opposed to “the star” was enough for me. I saw sports mainly as a good way to maintain my healthy physique throughout high school and rather than as a means to advance my athletic career. I grew to match my father in height at 6'1 on a solid, but not ripped 190 lb frame. In fact, I actually excelled more at academics, earning myself a engineering scholarship to the large state university. Even though I more heavily pursued academics in lieu of athletics my father never once wavered in his support of me. I honestly think he was more proud of me for my intellectual side as he had first-hand knowledge of how difficult life can be without a college degree. While I was growing up my father maintained his healthy strong physique with his hard work at the construction job. Some aged-ness did catch up to him in he form of a layer of softness around his large muscles, but we has still a stud. At only 35 years old he still had no receding hairline. His dark hair was kept short and he had an angular jawline with an almost permanent 5 o'clock shadow that would be the envy of any man. To tease me, my female friends constantly reminded me of his rugged DILF status much to my chagrin. Honestly, I couldn't blame them or deny that I hoped I could become half the man he was when I reached his age. I often told my Dad he should get out and date more often than he did but he never pursued it much further, preferring to spend his free time with me. So here we were, my father and I making the 5-hour drive to the university to drop my off for my freshman year. We moved my stuff into my dorm then went our for a nice meal before saying our goodbyes. The parting was very difficult for both of us, it was the first time I saw my father tear up since my mother passed away. We hugged each other and then he took off for home and I began my college career Chapter 1: Thanksgiving Break College began with a flurry as I settled into my new routine. I called my father at least once a week as we kept in touch. Engineering classes, as well as a regular workout routine, kept me more than busy. It was during the first month that my father told me he had been promoted to a site manager position at his construction job. I was super excited for him as it meant a big pay raise. The only downside was that it meant he would be spending more time in the construction office rather than outside doing physical labor. Due to the lack of physical labor, when my father came down to visit for Thanksgiving he had put on about 20 lbs of mostly fat, bringing him to still healthy, if just a bit soft 225 lbs. My workout routine had been going steadily and I was up to about 200 lbs, adding about 10 lbs. Of course, with the nearly ulimited amount of food at the school cafeterio it was probably only ½ muscle. When I first saw my dad I of course playfully had to give him some ribbing. “Hey Pops, it's great to see you again” as we wrapped our arms around each other in a typical man-hug I felt his belly push against me. “Woah, old man what's going on here? Too many hot pockets?” as I playfully jabbed his midsection. He heartily chuckled. “Yeah son, all that time sitting in the construction office this past fall has taken it's toll. Last week I really noticed and joined that new gym that opened up a few blocks from our house this past summer.” The gym he was talking about, UrbanFlex, was a national chain known for being a mecca for serous workout addicts. “Oh yeah, that place? You think you can keep up with the dudes that go there?” “Of course son! I know my way around a weight room even though I haven't been in one a long while. I spent a lot of time in one before you came along and ruined my workout life” he shot at me with a joking wink. “I can see you are still putting some time in the gym. You are looking more and more grownup, I'm not sure I like. I miss my little guy.” “Pops, you're embarrassing me. And thanks! I'm up about 10 lbs. Just trying to get half a studly as you, old man!” “You'll never match all this beef, boy!” he said as he threw his arms in front of him for a mock most-muscular pose. I absolutely loved my father and his playful attitude. We had great Thanksgiving weekend here in the university town hanging out and of course, eating way too much one we settled on a restaurant. Once again we parted ways and looked forward to visiting each other for over Christmas break. Chapter 2: Christmas Break. Four days before Christmas I ended up sharing a ride with one of my female classmates from high school for the trip back home. It was lightly snowing when she dropped me off at my house. With my duffel bag full of clothes slung around my shoulder I entered in the house. My father instantly bound in from the kitchen and wrapped me in one of his patented crushing dad-hugs. Unlike at Thanksgiving, I instantly noticed there was no fluff pushing at me from his belly. After he released and held me at arms length I was able to get a good look at him. He definitely looked much trimmer in his slightly baggy blue t-shirt. He always maintained his fairly muscular arms but now I able to see some more definite veins on his forearms and his face seemed tighter. “Wow dad you great! What happened to that old-man flab”. “Well I knew this studly young buck was coming home so I decided to get rid of it keep up with him!” He quickly raised his shirt and patted his slim, semi-hairy belly. While he far from ripped, he had a taught waist that was far cry from the pooch he sported at Thanksgiving. “Been hitting that new gym hard. I've lost about all of my office fat. I'm down to 200 lbs, I feel small now just like you, haha,” he added in jest. “You mean you're now studly like me!” I retorted. “Haha, yeah, exactly, we are two peas in a pod I guess. Maybe over break I take to the gym with me.” “Awesome, pops. That'd be great. I certainly don't want to fall out of routine over break.” We enjoyed a great Christmas. We went to visit my Grandparents and caught up with the extended family. Of course we ate way too much food. I was surprised at how much my father was shoveling into his mouth. “Woah, careful dad, you're gonna gain all that fat back you keep eating like that.” He chuckled, “Maybe son, but I thought I'd indulge myself since its a holiday. Plus actually I've been eating much more heartily since thanksgiving so I'm not too worried.” The day after Christmas we decided to get back into our gym routine. Thirty minutes before we left my opened a kichten cabinet full of supplement bottles, big and small. He started mixing various powders into a cup. “Geez, Dad, are you going a bit overboard with all that?” “No way son. With my new raise and you out of the house I decided I need a hobby. So I'm going see if I can really take this workout thing seriously. Besides, so far I can't argue with the results!” as he again patted his trim waist. “You want a preworkout shake, son?” “No thanks, Dad. You go ahead. You need it more than me, old man,” I replied as I faux punched his shoulder. “Haha, we'll see. The car's warmed up, let's head to the gym.” We grabbed our duffels and headed to the gym. On the way the pre-workout must've been kicking in as I could tell my dad was getting antsy. “Can't wait to throw around some iron, son. This five day break has got me itchin' to get back to work.” We got the gym and headed into the locker room to change. I had heard of these UrbanFlex gyms but it was the first time I had been to one. It truly was a hardcore gym. Unpainted brick walls, loud pounding rock music, a smell of sweat that lingered in the air. The clientele was definitely a step above your average fitness club. Clearly, coming here for the past month was giving my father good motivation. While changing I got good look at my dad's progress. He still had those thick, full, yet soft muscles, but the fat had clearly been melting off. While he still wasn't what I would call ripped, the definition and veins were just beginning to show all over. Standing next to him with my shirt off, his youthful visage, and our identical heights and weight, we practically looked like twins. As he changed into his shorts I couldn't help but take a glance at what he was packing. With our superior genes I never got any complaints from my dates. I hung soft at 5” inches and only plumped up to just under 7 inches. Still nicely above average but I was always just slightly disappointed that I was more of a shower than a grower. When my father dropped his shorts he hung about equally to me in length, but was MUCH thicker. It looked like a flesh colored Red Bull can hanging between his legs. I tried to suppress my surprise but I think he noticed and I thought I saw a wry smirk appear on his face as turned and pulled up his underwear. I could only hope that I wasn't quite done growing and could someday match that thick monster. We headed out to the weight room and my Dad gave me the most intense chest and shoulder workout I have ever had. My father attacked the weights with a savagery I could only imagine. As we entered the weight room Pops looked like a caged tiger. As all lifting bro's seem to do, we started with barbell bench press. We ended up having very similar strength levels but my father was clearly superior in form and intensity. We worked our way up to 265 lbs. I was able to get for 8 ugly reps but he got it ten, in perfect strict form. We then worked our way through incline and decline dumbell benches and finally cable flies to finish off the chest. Each set was nearly identical as my father was just able to outdo me on every lift. I couldn't tell if he was getting his normal reps or if he was purposely trying to make sure he outdid me on everything. We then did a full should routine with military presses, lateral and front raises and Arnold presses. During each exercise my father had also been giving me “helpful tips” as he called them correcting my form and showing the the best way to perform each exercise. I was getting a little annoyed and I thought he sounded like an overzealous personal trainer. By the end of the workout his light grey t-shirt had turned dark as it was soaked with sweat and was taught against his pumped muscles. I had the usual sweat spots under my armpits and under my chest but looked nothing like the drenched man next to me. “Damn, Pops, look at your forearms, your veins are unreal!” “Yeah, I always get a great pump. I love that feeling you know! You can almost feel your muscles growing, I love it!” Dad was starting to sound like one of those jocky frat guys I hear at the campus gym. When we finished this big handsome guy came over and started talking to us. My dad introduced him as Ted. He was huge, e looked like one of those real bodybuilder guys. He was just shorter than us, about 6' but probably 225 lbs of bulging muscle. He had short brown hair styled up and forward to a point. You could tell he was one of those serious lifter guys as his calves were shaved and he had a light tan even though is was the middle of winter. Plus, he was wearing one those small stringer tanktops you tend to see the big muscle guys wearing. I guessed him to be about 30 years old. “Teddy, my man, how's it going!” as my dad slapped his meaty shoulder. “This is my son I've told you about.” “Doin' well Chad! Nice to meet, you Jed. Wow, you are a spitting image of your old man, you two look like brothers! You're father is a beast, I've never seen anyone who lifts as hard as your father. I learned a couple of weeks ago not to come distract him in the middle of his workout. He was practically screaming at me in front of the whole gym to leave him alone. Won't make that mistake again!” “I already told I was sorry about that, but yes, don't bother me when I'm in my zone,” as dad playfully punched him in his chest. Ted and my Dad were having a complete bro-down. “I started lifting with Ted just after Thanksgiving. He was the one who taught me how to do all the exercises correctly. About a week ago his work schedule shifted so we don't get to lift together much anymore.” Ted replied, “Well it still looks like you're still makin' good progress! Let's hope those newbie gains don't slow down” “Oh I'll make sure they won't,” my father said with a seriousness that almost seemed ominous. “Well, nice to meet you Jed, see ya' around Chad-man” And with that Ted turned his wide defined back to us and headed back to his work out. “Damn, Dad no wonder you have been making such good gains, that guy was huge. His lats were enormous!” “Yeah, he is huge, huh. He told me he's even placed highly in a couple of the local state physique shows. Ted showed me how to do things right with the lifting, diet and supplementation. I owe a lot of this to him,” as he gestured to his sweat soaked body. On the way home he pulled out a couple of pre-made shakes and handed one to me. I almost couldn't drink it it was so thick with protein mix. When we got home Dad immediate headed to the kitchen and startup pulling out Tupperware containers full of chicken breasts and vegetables. “Son, would you grab the peanut butter out of the pantry?” In the pantry I did a double take. Clearly, a lot of his newly expendable income had been spent on improving his body. Along with our normal foodstuffs it was full of giant supplement bottles of every kind. Proteins, BCAAs, glutamines, vitamins, pills, and other chemical names that I had no idea what they where. “Holy crap, Dad. Do you think you are maybe taking this lifting thing a little to seriously?”. “Haha. Maybe Son! But as the results have kept coming I keep trying adding new things. I've always loved working my body but now that I mostly sit in a office the lifting really helps me de-stress. Plus, if it continues to give me the added benefit of being healthy and looking good then I'm can't complain!” “True, I guess I can't argue with that, Pops” as we sat down to consume a post-workout meal. My father practically inhaled his food. He had to have consumed three whole chicken breasts along with a heaping pile of broccoli and peanut butter toast. All I could do was stare as he just kept shoveling it in. My mind flashed back to this summer watching the hot dog eating contest on TV during the Fourth of July. As he was finishing his meal he finally looked up at me and gave an embarrassed, wry smile. “Sorry, I always get really hungry after a good workout. You not hungry, son?” Breaking my stupor, “Oh, yeah, sorry I guess I was just got lost in my own world.” I started eating. I guessed I ate about 1/3 of the total that he did. “Sorry, like you I guess I tend to get lost in MY own little world when I'm eating. Like Ted has told me, you have to eat big to get big!” “So you are trying to get bigger, Dad? I thought you were just trying to lose some weight to get back into shape?” “Well, sure I want to get bigger, son. What man wouldn't like to be bigger and stronger? I love you to death son and I don't blame you for anything, but when you came around I sorta had to sidetrack my athletic pursuits. I guess now that I have the time and means I'm just making up for lost time” he said as he patted me on the back. “I guess you could say I'm finally getting to experience my glory years, even if a just a lad late.” “I get it Dad. I think you should go for it. You're looking great. You're gonna have to start beating the chicks off with a stick if you keep it up!” I said as he guffawed and walked out of the room. This routine kept up for the next two weeks, the rest of my winter break before I had to return to school. We would go to the gym two days on and one day off. Dad continued to be a madman in the gym and eat like a horse afterwards. Two days after New Years we were at the grocery store when I ran into two of my good female classmates from high school. Amy and Mandy were also back in town visiting their families. They both went to a community college that was only about an hour away. They were two of the more attractive girls from my class and I was proud to say that Mandy and I even dated for a while during our sophomore year. She was actually my first. Inheriting my father's good looks certainly never afforded me any trouble with opposite sex. “Jed! Great to see you!” they both squealed and ran up to hug me. We proceeded to talk about how our early college careers were going. While we were talking they kept glancing at my father. “Jed, is this your roommate?” Amy asked. “HAHA” my Dad let out huge belly laugh and slapped my back forcefully. “No, girls. This is my father.” “SERIOUSLY JED! Wow, Mr. Graves you look so young!” said Mandy. “It so nice to meet you.” As they shook hands and acquainted with each other I notice the girls seemed to be acting strange, giggling at his cheesy Dad jokes, whipping their hair. That's when I figured it out. They were totally flirting with my Dad!! “Well I see where Jed got his great looks from.” Mandy stated as they finished up their conversation. “And his body!” Amy added as my face blushed a deep red. She also reached over and gently put her hand on my dad's flannel shirt covered arm. She was totally feeling my Dad up! All the while they were chatting you couldn't pry the giant glowing grin off my father's face with a crowbar. This was obviously a huge boost to his self esteem. “Well it was nice meeting you ladies, we'll be seeing you around” and with that we parted ways. As we checked out and walked back to the car my father seemed to standing up little straighter, had his chest puffed out a bit more. And, ahem, it tought it looked another part of him was bulging more than usual. That night I received a whole slew of text messages from Amy and Mandy telling me how hot my dad was. They were even joking about me giving him their phone number. At, least I think they were joking... It was a little over a week later when we had our last workout together before I had to head back to school. That day we did sort of a full body circuit routine. “To really shock the body”, my dad put it. I was getting more used to it, but his intensity was still nothing short of intimidating. If I weren't his son I would've been completely scared to go near him. Over the last two weeks the weights he was using were slowing ticking up. Grunting with aplomb, he put every ounce of effort he could in to each rep of each exercise. While it was intimidating, it was also very motivating and I too seemed to be making great short terms progress over the last two and half weeks. After the workout, my father once again soaked, we headed to the locker room. “Hey, bud. I've been texting with Ted and he says I should keep a log of my progress. I brought a notebook and measuring tape. ould you help check my stats.” I thought this would be a little awkward but I relented. He disrobed to his tight black spandex underwear and, holy crap! We had been coming straight home from the gym since that first workout before Christmas. Since that workout two weeks ago he looked noticeably improved. A little less fat, a little better definition, a little better vascularity and of course, a little more size, all over his entire body. To try to control my shock I undressed and and jumped on the scale. I was at 195. I had lost a few pounds but I could tell it was all fat thanks to the intense workouts. “Looking good champ, let me try.” He stepped on and the small weight slammed against the top the balance. He adjusted the weight. “209 pounds” He stated enthusiastically. I was almost aghast. “Wow Dad, 9 lbs is a lot to gain in two weeks. It looks like you gained even more than that in muscle. You've definitely lost some fat, too.” “Yeah I think so too, Son” as he pinched a small fold of skin on his waist. There wasn't much there to grab. You could definitely make out his abs under the ever shrinking layer of fat around his waist. We measured his arms. A nice solid 17.5 inches. Chest, 48 inches. Thighs, 25 inches. He always had huge thighs, that was his genetic gift, if you don't' count everything else about him. Waist, 33 inches. “Hey son, what sort of guns are you sporting” I really didn't want to measure. I knew I had good arms but also knew his were bigger. No man likes to have it pointed out that they are smaller than another man. We had about the same shape, but he had just a bit more size. “I don't know Dad. Hey we better shower and get going.” I tried to distract him. “Nah, let's see those pythons first” my Dad said again sounding like a frat jocks. He wrapped the tape around my arm, “16.5 inches, very respectable son. Certainly not quite on this level though!” At that he through up a double bicep pose and I'll be damned if he didn't look like one of those physique models. Ya, know, the guys who are just not quite big enough to be bodybuilders so they cut all the fat away to get ripped, but not huge. A little less fat and he could certainly hope up on a stage with them. It was a little emasculating. Again my Dad seemed to puff up with confidence as we strode to the shower. “You're going to have to step up your workouts at school if you want to keep up with me!” “Aw, Dad, I'm fine with the way I look. Still better than most guys out there” He shook his head, “well, suit yourself son. I'm going to go ahead put on a bit more size.” “Well Dad, don't be surprised if you slow down, those beginner gains are always the best.” “Yeah, Ted has mentioned that to me too. Hopefully I can prove you both wrong, haha,” he winked and headed to the showers. After the shower we headed home and he had, of course, another gut busting meal. Sadly, my winter break ended and I headed back to campus the next day. I was immensely proud of my Dad, he was handling his empty nest syndrome wonderfully. On the drive home all I could think about was how much better he was looking. I could only hope to someday look half as good as him. Chapter 3: Spring Break I quickly fell back into the routine of school, which as an engineer meant a lot of study time. The first year and half of engineering school mainly consists of “weed-out” classes. These are classes that are very difficult and are designed to make sure only the worthy students make it through to upper level courses. During these classes about half my engineering peers won't cut it and will choose different majors. Unfortunately, all this studying meant I was spending less and less time at the campus rec center. My father, on the other hand, was apparently still “crushing it” as he repeatedly noted in his text messages. He had been texting me more and more since I came back to college. I don’t know if he was just excited about his progress or was purposely trying to show off. I suspect a little of both. He had also started emailing me new workouts that he was finding on the web as well as links to sites about nutrition and new supplements. All I could do was roll my eyes at everything he sent me. He was totally obsessed with this workout thing! Apparently, Ted’s work schedule switched again and so he and my Dad were now lifting together again. According to my Dad’s texts they were even hanging out as friends more often. My Dad even mentioned them going to the bars a couple of times on the weekend together. Was my Dad, the guy who never dated, going out on the prowl? I was glad to read to that. Growing up my Dad never spent a lot of time hanging out with friends. I knew it was because of the long hours he worked to support our family. So I was happy that he was making some friends, as cheesy as it sounds. One day in February he asked me how my progress was coming along. I told him I was only going to the gym a couple times a week due to all my studying. He replied that he was proud of me not taking my college career for granted. Then he added “Be careful that you don’t one of those little guys ;-). I don’t want to be TOO much bigger than you the next time I see you”. My heart thumped in my chest. How much more had he grown? Surely his newbie gains had to have slowed down, right? Finally in March, after an exhaustive week of midterms it was time to head back home again for spring break. Some of my friends were headed west to go skiing and invited me along, but I was still relatively poor college so I decided to forego that and save my money and go home. So I hopped in the car and started back for along, needed week off from school at home. I drank a bit too much water on the way home so when I finally got there I was in a rush to use the bathroom. I had to park on the street as Ted's red pickup was in the side slot of the driveway. I barged in the front door and saw Ted's wide, tanned, muscular back in a stringer tank top I remembered from January. He was sitting at the kitchen table facing away from me reading a magazine. “Hey Ted!”, I shouted as I hoofed it to the bathroom. Right as I turned to enter the bathroom the door swung open and I crashed into a meaty pair of pecs in tight t-shirt. I was majorly confused for a second as I realized, I crashed into Ted! “Jed, my man, good to see you!” he said. “Yeah, you too. 'Scuse me, nature calls,” as I squeezed by him and entered the bathroom. While relieving myself I finally had time to process. I had ran into Ted. That means that wide, muscular back at the kitchen table must've been Dad! Holy cow! From behind he looked huge, just like Ted! I finished my business and headed back out the living room room where I again bounced into some, semi-hairy huge pecs. “Champ, you made it! I missed you, buddy!” as my newly enlarged father wrapped his thick arms around me in a crushing father-son manhug. Once again I was having trouble processing as I was squeezed in this this cocoon of rock hard flesh. He smelled like a total jock. That combination of recently showered soap smell combined with just a hint of lingering sweat and muskiness. As he released me I backed up a took a look at him in full. He was standing next to Ted and they now looked more like brothers and than my Dad and I. With a bright grin plastered on his face he let me soak him in. Finally he opened his arms wide, looked down at himself, then back to me and asked, “What do you think?” “Damn, Dad. You are pumped as hell! Have you just been living in the gym since Christmas!?” My father threw back that handsome head and guffawed. His thick, fireplug neck bulging with vein I had never seen before. “Just about, son! I love it. Everyday I feel like I'm getting better and better and getting bigger and bigger. I've got more energy than I've had since high school.” He was standing up straight and had his balled hands resting on his hips in a total superman pose. Only, he was more ruggedly handsome than any actor who had ever played superman. “Wow, that's awesome Pops, I'm still in shock” “Every seems to be saying that to me lately, but I love it! You should see the stares I've been getting when I go to the grocery store or out to the bars. I can't lie it's been a huge ego boost! Plus it's been fun to make 'lil Teddy here jealous, haha!” Ted playfully punched my father's meaty shoulder. The connection made a meaty 'thwach' but my father didn't flinch at all. “Hey! Watch it old man! You been killing it in the gym but you still haven't quite caught up to me!” “YET!” my father retorted. “Hey, Jed, take a look at 19 inches of pure muscle!” And with that he threw up a single arm bicep pose in front of Ted. HOLY SHIT. A big solid ball of muscle mounded up toward the ceiling right in front of Ted's face. I had seen my Dad jokingly flex his arms a few times while wrestling with me while I growing up. He always had large, sturdy arms. But in the past when he would flex his arms would just sort of tighten up. Now, instead of just tightening up his arm actually grew into a softball of muscle. There was a definite line between his biceps and where his meaty triceps reached toward the ground. Running along his biceps was a large cephalic vein you usually only see on the truly muscular guys. All I could stare as another wave of emasculation and jealousy flowed through me. Next, that feeling got worse. Ted maneuvered himself around Dad's arm and flexed his opposite arm right in front of my father's arm. His own tanned, massive arm flexed upward and eclipsed my father's huge gun, but only just so. Gawd, it was like watching two bodybuilder's jockying for position during a final posedown of a competition. All the while both egging each other and laughing. It was a muscle lover's dream. “Jed, who's bigger?” Ted asked, still nudging his shoulder into my Dad as they continued their frolicky upright wrestling match. My mouth hung agape and I tried to form the words to reply. “Ted, ya big showoff we know you are bigger,” my dad jumped in. “Ted's bigger but you are really close, Dad.” My father lit up like a Christmas tree at this. My father slapped Ted's big back. “I'll take it! Being compared to this big oaf is a big compliment. We measured the other day, this gun only one shy of big Ted, here.” Ted added “Yeah your pops is right there with me. I weighed in at 232 lb yesterday and what were you, Chad? 220?” “224! Right on your tail big guy!” DAMN! My dad had put on another 15 lbs of solid mass since I last visited. “I keep thinking your old man's gains will slow down but he just keeps growing. He's been matching all my lifts in the last couple of days. You're father is a beast.” Ted then grabbed his coat and headed out. “Well I gotta head back home so I'll give you some catching up time. Good to see ya again Jed, enjoy your break!” Ted left and I and my father and I just stood there staring at each other as I took him in. He looked like he could step on a stage with just a couple weeks of dieting to really slice down what little remaining fat he had. “I'm really glad your back champ. Hey son, no offense but you look a little smaller. Have you stopped lifting?” “Well with studying I haven't been able to stay as consistent. Down to about 190 lbs. Engineering classes are hard.” “Well, I'm glad you are staying on top of you classes and not wasting your education. Even though you could've been a great athlete I'm so proud that you are using that brain of yours. Good thing your mother was smart so you could inherit some intelligence, haha.” “Dad, stop you are one of the smartest, most down-to-earth people I know, even if you didn't go to college.” Dad gave me one of those one-arm side hugs, “Thanks Son. I do hope you can get back into your gym routine, I need someone strong enough to spot when we lift this summer,” And so began my Spring Break week with Dad. On Sunday I went with him to the gym. I was almost afraid of what I was going to see. Since I was out of practice I was going to do a full body workout, while Dad was hitting up chest. I told him I would spot him in between my sets. We went into the locker room to change. Dad slid off his pants and took off his shirt and proceeded to open his locker. He was wearing a black pare of spandex underwear that clung to his meaty thighs and ass. He had a prominent bulge. Was he horned up? It looked like it was bulging more than I remember. He looked like a true physique model in his shorts. Like one of those guys you see on Men's Health covers. Not overly huge, but just big and bulgy enough to put those ripped, yet skinny models to shame. A light tan with just a dusting of hair over his front and a bit more hair on his legs. I've mentioned before that Dad always had slightly over-proportioned legs. It's a good thing his spandex trunks were stretchy else his thighs wouldn't torn the underwear after one set of heavy squats. My dad caught me looking at him again. “You're going to have to stop staring or else it's going to go to my head” he said with a smug grin. He put on a stringer tank that left no secrets of his buffed physique. We proceeded on with our workouts. Dad began with bench press. I was going through my sets when I noticed he was up to 265 lbs on the bench, the same amount we ended with during Christmas break. I went over to spot him. “You can do a couple more of your sets I'm still warming up.” Wait, what?!? He was still warming up? “Dad, are you sure? This is the most I've ever seen you lift.” “Really, son? This is all I was doing at Christmas? Damn, I was weak.” He immediately saw my embarrassment and apologized. “Oh sorry Son, I was just joking to myself. I know this is what you lifted at Christmas and trust me it is impressive for a young guy like you.” “Gee thanks Dad” I gave him a wry smile. So I proceed to do a set of lat pulldowns and dumbbell shoulder presses. When I was done I felt a big heavy hand fall on my shoulder. “I'll take a spot now, champ!” “Ok, Dad.” We walked over to the bench. Holy Shit. He had 335 lbs loaded onto he bench. “Geezus, Dad, this is a lot of weight! Ok so are you going for a low rep set of 3-4 reps?” He chuckled that deep,masculine rumbling chuckle his. “Not quite, son. I should be able to get 10 reps easy, just keep an eye on me.” “TEN REPS! This is like 70 more lbs then you were doing three months ago!” “Yeah, it sure is.” He proceeded to bench 10 reps in quick, strict form. Letting the bar come down to touch above his nipples, and then with a light, sexy grunt, lifted the bar straight up, 10 times. After the first set he did the same with 345 and 355 lbs. On the last set I had to help him on the 10th rep. But I was still stunned out of my mind regarding his impressive lifts. My dad got up off the bench after his last set and turned to face me. He now had worked up a light sheen of sweat that covered his body. In just his stringer tank you could see his pecs were red and swollen with effort. His nipples nearly pointing down due to the impressive shelf he had going on. He let out a big exhale “Woo, that was a great pump.” He swung his arms back and forth to keep loose. Every time his arms swung forward his upper pecs bunched upward toward his chin, deepening the already impressive cleft in between. “Shit, Dad...” was all I could say. He warned me against it, but he had clearly left me behind on his lifts. It was amazing and emasculating all at the same time. “He he, thanks Son.” The rest of week was more of the same. Dad continued to blow me away with all his lifts, which all seemed to be 50-100 lbs more than I could ever do. He also continued to blow me away at the dinner table. His meal portions were even larger than the last time I saw him. He had to be eating over 6000 calories per day. Dad was also spending a lot more time on his phone lately. Apparently, Ted had got him set up on Tinder and his phone was constantly buzzing. I certainly couldn't blame all the ladies messaging him. I always heard my Dad was a stud. With his improved body he was now on another level of manhood. I felt bad for all the other local men in the area for having to compete with him. On late Friday afternoon of that week a buddy of mine and I were heading to a city that was about 3 hours away for a concert we had both been wanting to see. Dad wasn't disappointed, he said he had been chatting with a girl from Tinder and that they would to meet on Friday night since I was going to be gone. We headed to the concert but when we got there we found out the the lead singer had come down with the flu and the show had been canceled. We were obviously bummed but were assured we would get a full refund. So we went to a nice restaurant, ate and then decided to head home early. I was wondering how my Dad's date was going. On the drive home I sent him a message letting him know we would be home early. I didn't get any response so I figured it was going well. Finally we got home about 11:00pm. My buddy dropped me off and headed to the front door. As I was about there the door flung open and pretty young woman frantically ran out looking unkempt and disheveled. . It was obviously she didn't want me to see her. And I then I realized why. Is was my friend and fellow classmate, Amy! “Oh, um, hi Jed” she said embarrassed. He hair was a mess “I was just...um...gotta go I'll see ya around.” HOLY CRAP. Amy was my Dad's date. And I know sex hair when I see it. She had totally hooked up with my DAD! My dad showed up at the door shirtless in a pair of gym shorts looking like sexy sated warrior. “Have a good night Amy.” “Om...um...thanks Mr. Graves...I mean, Chad...” she stumbled out. I stared at her in shock as she walked down the drive to her car on the street. “Dad, you know she was in my class right? Don't you think she's a little...young?” “Yes, I know. Son. And don't worry I'm wasn't looking for a relationship. We just had a little fun, that's all.” He stood there leaning against the doorway, proud as a peacock. The moon light shining on his bulging pecs and abs. My. Dad was a total jock stud. The next morning I continued to be a little awkward around Dad. He noticed “Son, please don't make this weird. She's 19 years old and an adult and I'm a red-blooded grown man. Sometimes I have...needs.” I just hid my face in my hands as he spoke. Finally I relented. “I get it Dad, but maybe try to avoid my classmates, if you could.” “Heh, well I'll try son. But I tell ya though, its getting harder and harder to avoid. It's like this bod of mine has become a supercharged chick-magnet. And I plan on supercharging it further.” “Seriously, how much further do you think you can go? You are already HUGE.” “Well, I think I'm decently big but far from HUGE.” He put an emphasis on the word “HUGE” with a faux most-muscular pose. His body still instantly tightened and seemed to pump up even larger “But, Ted is going to help me see if I can really get in the realm of huge.” “What?! You're not talking steroids are you? Pops, please don't do anything stupid to your health.” “Buddy, you have nothing to worry about. Ted is going to hook me up with his doctor who prescribes him some HGH and testosterone. And the fact that is is a real doctor means he can monitor me to make sure nothing goes wrong.” “I don't know, Dad. I'm don't like it.” Dad came over and put his hefty right arm on my shoulder and looked me in the eye with a serious face. “Son, please trust me on this. I've been doing my research to make sure I'm not doing anything to jeopardize my future. Have you heard all those new radio adds in the last few years about new male medical clinics and low testosterone doctors? What I'll be getting is the exact same thing those people offer. If it were dangerous why would there be so many doctors and clinics out the prescribing this stuff.” “I guess that's true Dad. But you clearly don't need any testosterone, you look like a walking testosterone factory!” He smirked, “well that may be true son, but why should all the weak beta males out there get this stuff and not the alpha men who will actually put this stuff to good use?” I was surprised that my Dad even knew the term “beta male.” He sounded like a body imaged obsessed bro! “Well, please be careful. After losing Mom I couldn't handle it if anything happened to you to.” Dad wrapped up in his bulging heavy arms and pulled me to his chest, leaned back and lifted me off the ground. It was weird, my now bigger dad made me feel like I was 10 years old again, him giving me one of those dad-hugs that makes you feel safe and secure when you are a young kid. “I love you to death son and I promise I will be careful. This is something I really, really want so I want you to fine with it.” I sighed. “Dad, after all you've been through, you deserve it!” At this, with my feet still hanging a couple inches above the ground still wrapped up in his huge arms. Dad smiled widely and squeezed even harder. “OOOHF! Easy there big guy. You're going to squash me!” Dad set me down and let out a big guffaw. “HAHA, well son you better start lifting again 'cuz those hugs are going to get a lot tighter!” I had no reason to believe that would not be true. The next day I headed to college to finish my freshman year, wondering what Dad would look like when I came back for summer. NEXT CHAPTER: BACK FOR SUMMER
  2. So I don't know where to put this, but it's something I've done before, and it's a reason I find meditation hard. Thought it might be nice before st patties day When you want to meditate close your eyes and lay on the ground Take slow, deep breaths. Count in slow sets of 4, breathing first in through the nose for 4, then out again. Get comfortable, any position is fine, but I find something symmetrical helps. Keep up the breathing through the whole exercise. By now, you may notice that your far extremities (toes especially) have gone slightly numb, this is perfect. Try to avoid moving. Picture yourself sinking into the ground, slowly, starting with your toes. Feel them become numb as they sink into the cold earth. Become one with the ground. Feel the cold sensation creep up your lower leg. You are standing in quicksand, and slowly you are losing the battle. Now your knees are being absorbed below you. The numbness of you becoming part of the earth is creeping ever close to the rest of your body. You could be scared, but it's oddly relaxing. You could swear your legs don't exist. Now focus on your fingers. The hungry ground has taken them too. You are being pulled in. Has it occurred to you yet? Your hands have gone numb and cold. Not all at once, but over time it has happened as you focused on your fingers. Relax. It's relaxing, unsure of the placement of your extremities. Has it occurred to you yet? Your forearms begin to have the same sensation. You are relaxing into the ground. While focusing on your arms, the rest of your legs have left too. Has it occurred to you yet? You are becoming part of the earth, but that means something. The earth is absorbing you. You are becoming one. You are absorbing the earth. The whole earth! Your forearms are gone. You can no longer feel their placement. That is because they have not solidified. You are unsure of their limits, because the cold earth is coming into you. Your legs are the same. You are taking the earth into yourself. You have no idea how big you are, but you are growing. Your legs are gone too. How deep into the ground are they truly? Your feet could be huge for all you know. Growing steadily bigger as the sensation rests on them. If you focus, you may even be able to feel the vacuum of your body taking in the earth as you "sink" further. Your biceps and triceps are becoming colder, number, bigger. You are sinking in your quicksand. Your whole arm up to your shoulder is amorphous. It can be as big as you want it to be. Shoulders disintegrate into nothingness so they may return bulbous and wide. Are you erect? If so do not touch. Leave it huge, your body has inflated your penis in anticipation. The numbness can sometimes take longer to reach this spot, but it will come before long. The earth is swallowing you in hunger, but your hunger is greater, you are taking it over. The numbness spreads to your dick, it's progress slowed, but it continues up your abs and back, penetrating toy our stomach. Breathe gently through your stomach. You will be fine. obliques sink. The only parts of you above ground, the only ones left above ground, with sensation is your chest, shoulder blades, head, and perhaps still your penis. Allow your penis to embrace the cold, with it comes strength, size, bulk! The earth climbs up you. Your chest becomes infected. Numbness is contagious, and spreads cell to neighbouring cell. You can picture each cell going to the earth, giving it newfound power. It goes so slowly, yet it seems to be so sudden in terms of time. Up your spine the growth approaches. It takes the spine as a path, and spreads through your blood to reach the approaching growth from your shoulders. It crawls up in a slow approach to the only extremity left unchecked. It jumps over your clavicle (collarbone) and builds into your traps. Take a moment. The sensation will build up here. You have lost sensation on your whole body. You cannot feel it because your mind is not yet grown itself to be able to perceive, not to mention control your developing body. Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Faintly, your muscles are bringing the earth into them. You may begin to feel a part of your body twitch and have sensation return. Relax and allow it to return to what it needs to do. Your mind can feel one part at a time, but if your unexpanded mind focuses on it, it will try to maintain it. Let your body go, it knows what to do. Your neck may start to feel numb. Allow the numbness passage into your esophagus, your throat, your breath. Let it hit your breath before it reaches your lungs. Breath in the dirt, the stone, the sand. Your body can take sustenance from it now, do not fear. Relax The cold can travel up your arteries. It will hit your skin and hair first, but will slowly spread to your face. It sneaks over your temples, and your chin. It marches over your eyelids and mouth and converges on the tip of your nose. Eventually even feeling their will blink out. You are numb all over you, yet still breathing in counts of 4. It should feel like being plunged in cold water, but stronger, deeper. It is more immense, and soon you will be that immense. All the earth, the dirt and ground, the trees, the buildings. All that matter is yours to take. When you are finally ready for it, open the final gate. Open your mind, and allow it to go numb. This is slow and may take time, if you are still perceiving time. Allow it to slowly leave you. Think only of your final form, your eventual enormity, and even then don't think hard, allow your mind to drift, for it must go too. Trust your body that it can do the job of absorption for you. The earth had once tried to swallow you but you have retaliated and it will now become you. Feel it soak in. Feel each of your pores, from your topmost hair follicles to bottoms of your feet breathe in the matter. Your lungs take in pure matter, and expel less. You are buried, but only because you want to be. By being encased, you can absorb as much as possible. The sand has taken you, but soon you will take it and emerge, and grow as large as you want. Here you can imagine how big would you like to be. The sky is literally your limit. Only take in a little if you want to continue to live among the regular people, or soak in the whole planet, becoming the new planet. People can colonise on you as you float through space, or you can absorb them as well (they are made of the same thing you have absorbed up until now) and truly overtake everything. Maybe someday you will reach another planet... Stay here as long as you care to grow. When you wish to awaken, keep your eyes closed. Wiggle your toes slowly. Allow your mind to remember what it is like to feel them. Your mind has to relearn, and you can't rush it. Move your feet and hands. They must be huge now. Now slowly nudge your legs a little. You can give them warmth again. Feel it rush in to your large new limbs. For your body, to wake it up, after breathing out, take the deepest, longest breath you have ever taken. Make it at least a count of 8 seconds breath. You may need to arch your back, do so. Breathe into your mouth, lungs, stomach, anything that holds air. Then let it out through your mouth, normal speed. Move your head to either side, and shake. Scrunch your face, and relax it again. Finally open your eyes, and see the world before you. Enjoy (Just so you know, I have never made it through all of that)
  3. Danny had just graduated high school when his dad told him he'd hired a personal trainer for him as a graduation gift. It was kind of a mixed blessing. His dad had always wanted him to play sports, but Danny was way too much of a nerd to ever get into it. Especially after he tried out for the wrestling team as a freshman as a favor to his dad. It was a disaster. Even as a freshman, Danny was a chubbyvery would be rough on the kid, so he came by the house early. Danny's dad let him up to Danny's room. Ivan told Danny, who'd just gotten painfully dressed, to lay back down on his bed, where he proceeded to give Danny a rubdown. At first, Danny y Danny had just graduated high school when his dad told him he'd hired a personal trainer for him as a graduation gift. It was kind of a mixed blessing. His dad had always wanted him to play sports, but Danny was way too much of a nerd to ever get into it. Especially after he tried out for the wrestling team as a freshman as a favor to his dad. It was a disaster. Even as a freshman, Danny was a chubby, soft kid. The other guys on the squad mocked him, teased him, played tricks on him. He stuck it out about half the season, but then couldn't take it. After that, no more sports for him. He just got more into playstation. And junk food. So by the time of graduation, he was 250lbs of dorky blubber. He agreed to the trainer to keep his dad off his back, and promised to stick to it for at least 3 months. His trainer was a Polish guy named Ivan, who worked construction during the day, and did personal training in evenings and weekends. In Poland, he was a champion arm wrestler. He was jacked up and rugged, and made Danny nervous with his intensity. The day after his first workout, Danny thought he was going to die, his body hurt so much. He could barely get out of bed. It was a Saturday, and Ivan must have known that the recovery would be rough on the kid, so he came by the house early. Danny's dad let him up to Danny's room. Ivan told Danny, who'd just gotten painfully dressed, to lay back down on his bed, where he proceeded to give Danny a rubdown. At first, Danny yelped out in pain with every rub. Fortunately, Ivan had told Danny's dad to expect to hear groans of pain, or he'd have come running up to see what was wrong. Danny thought he was going to puke or pass out from the pain, as Ivan dug into his sore joints and tendons with his strong hands and elbows. The workout yesterday had been bad enough for Danny, with Ivan running him thru a gauntlet of exercises and lifts. Danny had never imagined that the next day would be even worse. Ivan basically had him pinned down to the bed, as he continued to rub him down, telling him to relax, that the pain would get better. And soon the pain did become more tolerable, as Ivan loosened up his tight muscle fibers and throbbing tendons. And then, the pain of the rubdown began to become pleasure. By the time Ivan finished, Danny felt 100 percent better. "How did you do that?" he asked Ivan. "That was like a miracle. I didn't think I'd be able to walk!" Ivan laughed. "You are funny, kid. I was pretty sure you'd never be back for another workout if I didn't come over and loosen you up today." "Will it always hurt like that the day after?" "Nah. Your body will adjust fast. But I have something for you that will help." Ivan pulled a bottle of pills from his pocket and handed it to Danny. "Take one of these a day. It's like a vitamin. I know you don't believe it, but you've got potential, kid. If you stick with me, you'll see changes in your body you never dreamed of." Danny wasn't sure what 'like a vitamin' meant, but he grabbed the bottle of water that was on his nightstand and swallowed down a pill. "I'll see you tonight for your second workout," said Ivan, as he got ready to leave. "Tonight?" asked Danny. "I thought I was only working out three days a week." "Three days in not enough for the progress we will make with you, kid. We are on six days a week schedule now." Danny wanted to vomit. But he could tell there was no arguing with his big trainer. He was pretty sure that Ivan would come and drag him to the gym if he didn't show up, so he resigned himself to his fate. As it turned out, once Danny got past that first week, his body adjusted enough to the workouts that he was never so insanely sore again. He was still achy ever morning, but he realized that he kind of liked the feeling. And it went away with his next workout, so that he began to look forward to lifting, much to his surprise. His progress was rapid too. Ivan told him he'd never seen someone's physique change so quickly. Danny could flex in the mirror now, and begin to see muscle showing thru his fat. He was doing so well, in fact, that Ivan dropped all his other clients, and began to work solely with Danny. He also told Danny to start taking two or three of his pills a day. Danny didn't see any reason not to, he liked the way they made him feel...stronger, more confident, more energy. Even his skin had improved, his acne clearing up, and the tone changing from a pasty, almost ashen, pallor, to a tanner, almost golden shine,. The hair on his head was changing too. He'd always had thick, dishwater blond hair, with weird cowlicks that made it stick out funny no matter what he did to it. Now, it was coming in blonder and even thicker, and all he had to do was run his hand thru it in the morning, and it went perfectly into place, like he'd had it styled. He was getting more hair on his face and chest, too, which was more of a chestnut color that seemed to glisten with health. And his body's scent had changed, from what used to make his room smell like sour milk, to an aroma of leather and clove and a masculine musk that gave him a hard-on when he smelled his own arm pit. And speaking of his dick. Once he'd hit puberty, his dick grew to a decent size for a dweeby, awkward kid. It was a good six inches, and pretty thick. He jerked off in his room twice, sometimes three times a day. But since he'd started working out with Ivan, he felt it getting plumper and thicker. And he felt much more intense pleasure when he touched it. Heck, he didn't even have to touch it, it was constantly in search of pleasure even as it rubbed up against his pant legs. And at night, he was having intense wet dreams that were vastly more vivid and lifelike than before he starting lifting and taking Ivan's vitamins. Sometimes he woke up just in time to finish himself off with his hand, and the sensation was tenfold more intense than he'd ever experienced. All these changes to his former self paled in comparison to his fat loss. After a month of lifting, Ivan had calibrated his body fat going from a nasty 28% down to 18%. He was starting to see his muscles, and even some veins. He liked it more than he'd ever thought he would, especially after his workouts. Ivan had him do pushups to failure after his chest workout. Ivan explained to him about the pump, and Danny couldn't believe how good it felt. It was like his whole body was a big, engorged cock, swollen tight and full with the Pump. He started doing pushups at home after he'd gone up to bed, just to feel his chest pump up again. Soon, the pushups weren't enough, and he started putting his feet up on his bed to put more weight on his upper torso, and when that wasn't enough he did handstands up against the wall, and would do pushup after pushup until his chest was engorged with bloat. After awhile of that, he found that his coordination had increased so much that he could hold a handstand and still do pushups, his nose tapping the floor over and over as his reps increased to over 25. Once he'd finished a couple sets, his delts, traps, and chest would look like someone had morphed a picture of him. He still weighted 250lbs, but his entire body shape had altered. And he'd gotten so cocky after one month of training, that he was challenging Ivan to one-armed pushup contests, and beating his trainer. Ivan hated losing, but he loved that Danny was so into improving, so he started adding in some wrestling and mma fighting lessons. Danny was surprised that he remembered some of the basic moves of wrestling from his short time on the team when he was a freshman. The biggest problem he'd had back then was a total lack of stamina. After about 30 seconds of practice, he would be gasping for breath, and feeling like he was going to have a heart attack. Now, after a mere month of training with Ivan, he felt like he could grapple all day. He never seemed to get winded, and could move the 220lb Ivan around the mats with relative ease, or lift him into a fireman's carry and walk around with him over his shoulder. Ivan started having Danny use him for squats. He loved the way that made his thick legs swell with pump. The second month into training Danny made even bigger strides in his size and strength. One morning in the kitchen, he bumped into his dad and nearly sent him flying across the room. "Geezus, son," said his father, rubbing his shoulder. "It felt like I just walked into a wall." Danny was still wearing his oversized 4XL tee shirts that he used to wear to hide his fat, so it was hard to tell just how much muscle he'd put on. "Yeah, Dad, I'm getting kinda jacked up," said Danny, and then he pulled back the sleeve of his tee shirt and flexed his arms. His dad's eyes almost popped out. "My god, Danny, your arm is huge!" "I know, right? Feel it." His dad reached out and put both his hands around Danny's big arm peak. "What the....? Your arm is like a boulder!" said his dad. "Yeah, pretty close. Ivan measured it at 18.5 inches the other day, and that was before I did curls. He says that's pretty big for someone my age. I can probably lift you right off the ground now." He grabbed his dad by his belt, and curled him up until his feet were dangling off the floor. His dad put his hands on Danny's big shoulders to balance himself, and he couldn't believe the thickness and solidness of his son's delts. And it dawned on Danny that he was now, for the first time, vastly stronger than his father. "I can't believe it, son. I mean, I could tell your body was changing, but this is unbelievable!" "Yeah, it's pretty cool. Look at this," and Danny put his dad down, then stripped his tee shirt up over his head and tossed it aside. His father gasped as he soaked in the vision of his young son. He was hated to admit it, but he had often been embarrassed or ashamed of how fat and dorky his son had gotten growing up. Now, he could barely believe his eyes. His son looked like Clay Matthews of the Packers standing in front of him, except with shorter hair and a thicker neck. He realized for the first time how much Danny's features had changed over the past month. His jaw jutted out, and his cheekbones stood out more. He still had bulk on him, but his dad could see abs starting to show thru his newly leaned down gut. Danny noticed him looking at his waist, and he tightened up his abs. "Ivan thinks I could get an 8 pack if I work hard enough," said Danny, strumming his stomach with his fingers. A 6 pack was already starting to show. "He says I must have always had a latent genetic potential for muscle size and strength." Danny's dad had to agree. He'd noticed for a long time that Danny seemed unusually strong for a kid that never played sports or did much of any physical activity. That's why he'd hired Ivan to train Danny in the first place, to see where it would lead. Still, he was shocked by the rapid changes in his son. "Hey, Dad," Danny said suddenly, as an idea came to him. "Remember how you used to make me arm wrestle you? Let's try it now." Danny clenched his right hand into a fist, and the muscles of his arm responded by flexing hard. His dad gulped a little as he noticed the network of veins that were starting to pop out on his son's thick forearm. He also noticed that Danny's hands, which he had always thought of as chubby and soft, now looked more like solid beef. His fingers looked almost twice as thick as his dad's. Ivan had been making Danny train his grip along with the rest of his training. He'd given Danny a set of level 1 metal grippers the first week they started. Danny had closed the with ease, and after doing twenty reps with no problem, Ivan dug out a pair of level 3 grippers. Danny said, "Oh yeh, these are harder to close," but was still able to make the ends tap together like castanets. "Geezus," muttered Ivan to himself. He gave Danny a set of level 4s, the toughest level the grippers came in. Ivan had only seen one guy close them, a big powerlifter he worked with at his construction job, and he could only get about 5 or 6 reps. Danny took them, wrapped his thick fingers around them, and squeezed them shut. After ten reps, he said, "Yeh, that was a lot harder." He switched the grippers to his left hand and did ten reps with them. "Can I take these home to play with them, Ivan," he asked. "They're making my forearms feel super tight." "Yeh, yeh, take them," said Ivan, stunned by the hand strength of his nerdy fatboy client. "Play as much as you want, kid." A month later, and the kid could hold the ends of the #4 grippers together for ten minutes. The metal was dented in a little from his grip. And he was now ready to arm wrestle his dad for the first time in about a year. They sat down at the kitchen table opposite of each other. Danny's old man wasn't sure what to expect, but his heart was beating fast as he continued to realize the changes in his son's physique. He felt somewhat guilty about the times he'd made Danny arm wrestle him in the past. There was no way his chubby teen son could beat him, and he never let him, but partly he was hoping that it would spur the kid into getting more fit. That had never worked. Up to now. Danny put his arm up on the table and his dad followed suit. They gripped up, and again the older man was shocked by the thick beefiness in his son's hand. "You say 'go', Dad," said Danny. "OK....1...2...3.....GO." Danny slammed his dad's hand to the table. It took under a second. "You must not have been ready," said Danny. "Do it again." And they did. With the same result. "You're not really trying," said Danny, but it was dawning on him that his dad was trying with all his might. "Do it again." And they did. A third time. Then a fourth. Dany began to realize that not only was he stronger than his dad, but that he was vastly stronger. It chubbed him up. "Try again, only this time I'll just use my little finger," said Danny, feeling cocky. He stuck out his pinky finger and slid it against his dad's palm. His dad was feeling the opposite of chubbed up, as his dick retreated and shrank up in his pants. His son was about to beat him in arm wrestling using only one finger. He was right. This time, Danny said Go, and down went his father's arm. Even Danny was amazed by the strength in his little finger. He could feel the muscle of his finger bulging as he slowly took his dad's hand down to the table. "Fuck," they both said, but for different reasons. Danny was feeling a surge of what it felt like to be superhuman. He stood up from the table, the only part of him that could still be called "chubby" showing thru his sweat pants like a club. He stuck his hand down his waistband and adjusted himself with his powerful fingers. "I gotta take a shower," Danny said, and headed upstairs. His dad stayed at the table, drained, and stunned. His son's formerly fat ass rolled with thick muscle as he headed to the stairs. Danny got into the shower and began to flex and feel his own muscles. The muscles that had just owned his father in arm wrestling. "Fuck," groaned Danny, as he soaped himself up and rubbed his big arm, so heavy with thick muscle. He traced the pencil-thick veins that were bulging out of his forearm with his finger, down until he followed the palm of his hand to his little finger...the finger than had twice the strength of his dad's whole arm. He stroked the thick pinkie finger and felt the muscle in it. "God damn, so strong..."he moaned. Then he soaped up his engorged dick and started jerking himself off. He thought about how he could out-bench Ivan now, and how Ivan would add more and more weight to the bar, everyday. Everyday, he was getting stronger, bigger, freakier. He thought about what he might do if he ran into one of the jocks who taunted him in school. He had more muscle than any of them now. The thought of it made him stroke his ten incher harder and harder, till he sprayed all over the shower tile. Rope after rope, washing down the walls and into the drain. "Whoa, that was good," Danny said to himself, letting the hot shower water splash over his 50 inch chest. "I definitely have to look one of those guys up." elped out in pain with every rub. Fortunately, Ivan had told Danny's dad to expect to hear groans of pain, or he'd have come running up to see what was wrong. Danny thought he was going to puke or pass out from the pain, as Ivan dug into his sore joints and tendons with his strong hands and elbows. The workout yesterday had been bad enough for Danny, with Ivan running him thru a gauntlet of exercises and lifts. Danny had never imagined that the next day would be even worse. Ivan basically had him pinned down to the bed, as he continued to rub him down, telling him to relax, that the pain would get better. And soon the pain did become more tolerable, as Ivan loosened up his tight muscle fibers and throbbing tendons. And then, the pain of the rubdown began to become pleasure. By the time Ivan finished, Danny felt 100 percent better. "How did you do that?" he asked Ivan. "That was like a miracle. I didn't think I'd be able to walk!" Ivan laughed. "You are funny, kid. I was pretty sure you'd never be back for another workout if I didn't come over and loosen you up today." "Will it always hurt like that the day after?" "Nah. Your body will adjust fast. But I have something for you that will help." Ivan pulled a bottle of pills from his pocket and handed it to Danny. "Take one of these a day. It's like a vitamin. I know you don't believe it, but you've got potential, kid. If you stick with me, you'll see changes in your body you never dreamed of." Danny wasn't sure what 'like a vitamin' meant, but he grabbed the bottle of water that was on his nightstand and swallowed down a pill. "I'll see you tonight for your second workout," said Ivan, as he got ready to leave. "Tonight?" asked Danny. "I thought I was only working out three days a week." "Three days in not enough for the progress we will make with you, kid. We are on six days a week schedule now." Danny wanted to vomit. But he could tell there was no arguing with his big trainer. He was pretty sure that Ivan would come and drag him to the gym if he didn't show up, so he resigned himself to his fate. As it turned out, once Danny got past that first week, his body adjusted enough to the workouts that he was never so insanely sore again. He was still achy ever morning, but he realized that he kind of liked the feeling. And it went away with his next workout, so that he began to look forward to lifting, much to his surprise. His progress was rapid too. Ivan told him he'd never seen someone's physique change so quickly. Danny could flex in the mirror now, and begin to see muscle showing thru his fat. He was doing so well, in fact, that Ivan dropped all his other clients, and began to work solely with Danny. He also told Danny to start taking two or three of his pills a day. Danny didn't see any reason not to, he liked the way they made him feel...stronger, more confident, more energy. Even his skin had improved, his acne clearing up, and the tone changing from a pasty, almost ashen, pallor, to a tanner, almost golden shine,. The hair on his head was changing too. He'd always had thick, dishwater blond hair, with weird cowlicks that made it stick out funny no matter what he did to it. Now, it was coming in blonder and even thicker, and all he had to do was run his hand thru it in the morning, and it went perfectly into place, like he'd had it styled. He was getting more hair on his face and chest, too, which was more of a chestnut color that seemed to glisten with health. And his body's scent had changed, from what used to make his room smell like sour milk, to an aroma of leather and clove and a masculine musk that gave him a hard-on when he smelled his own arm pit. And speaking of his dick. Once he'd hit puberty, his dick grew to a decent size for a dweeby, awkward kid. It was a good six inches, and pretty thick. He jerked off in his room twice, sometimes three times a day. But since he'd started working out with Ivan, he felt it getting plumper and thicker. And he felt much more intense pleasure when he touched it. Heck, he didn't even have to touch it, it was constantly in search of pleasure even as it rubbed up against his pant legs. And at night, he was having intense wet dreams that were vastly more vivid and lifelike than before he starting lifting and taking Ivan's vitamins. Sometimes he woke up just in time to finish himself off with his hand, and the sensation was tenfold more intense than he'd ever experienced. All these changes to his former self paled in comparison to his fat loss. After a month of lifting, Ivan had calibrated his body fat going from a nasty 28% down to 18%. He was starting to see his muscles, and even some veins. He liked it more than he'd ever thought he would, especially after his workouts. Ivan had him do pushups to failure after his chest workout. Ivan explained to him about the pump, and Danny couldn't believe how good it felt. It was like his whole body was a big, engorged cock, swollen tight and full with the Pump. He started doing pushups at home after he'd gone up to bed, just to feel his chest pump up again. Soon, the pushups weren't enough, and he started putting his feet up on his bed to put more weight on his upper torso, and when that wasn't enough he did handstands up against the wall, and would do pushup after pushup until his chest was engorged with bloat. After awhile of that, he found that his coordination had increased so much that he could hold a handstand and still do pushups, his nose tapping the floor over and over as his reps increased to over 25. Once he'd finished a couple sets, his delts, traps, and chest would look like someone had morphed a picture of him. He still weighted 250lbs, but his entire body shape had altered. And he'd gotten so cocky after one month of training, that he was challenging Ivan to one-armed pushup contests, and beating his trainer. Ivan hated losing, but he loved that Danny was so into improving, so he started adding in some wrestling and mma fighting lessons. Danny was surprised that he remembered some of the basic moves of wrestling from his short time on the team when he was a freshman. The biggest problem he'd had back then was a total lack of stamina. After about 30 seconds of practice, he would be gasping for breath, and feeling like he was going to have a heart attack. Now, after a mere month of training with Ivan, he felt like he could grapple all day. He never seemed to get winded, and could move the 220lb Ivan around the mats with relative ease, or lift him into a fireman's carry and walk around with him over his shoulder. Ivan started having Danny use him for squats. He loved the way that made his thick legs swell with pump. The second month into training Danny made even bigger strides in his size and strength. One morning in the kitchen, he bumped into his dad and nearly sent him flying across the room. "Geezus, son," said his father, rubbing his shoulder. "It felt like I just walked into a wall." Danny was still wearing his oversized 4XL tee shirts that he used to wear to hide his fat, so it was hard to tell just how much muscle he'd put on. "Yeah, Dad, I'm getting kinda jacked up," said Danny, and then he pulled back the sleeve of his tee shirt and flexed his arms. His dad's eyes almost popped out. "My god, Danny, your arm is huge!" "I know, right? Feel it." His dad reached out and put both his hands around Danny's big arm peak. "What the....? Your arm is like a boulder!" said his dad. "Yeah, pretty close. Ivan measured it at 18.5 inches the other day, and that was before I did curls. He says that's pretty big for someone my age. I can probably lift you right off the ground now." He grabbed his dad by his belt, and curled him up until his feet were dangling off the floor. His dad put his hands on Danny's big shoulders to balance himself, and he couldn't believe the thickness and solidness of his son's delts. And it dawned on Danny that he was now, for the first time, vastly stronger than his father. "I can't believe it, son. I mean, I could tell your body was changing, but this is unbelievable!" "Yeah, it's pretty cool. Look at this," and Danny put his dad down, then stripped his tee shirt up over his head and tossed it aside. His father gasped as he soaked in the vision of his young son. He was hated to admit it, but he had often been embarrassed or ashamed of how fat and dorky his son had gotten growing up. Now, he could barely believe his eyes. His son looked like Clay Matthews of the Packers standing in front of him, except with shorter hair and a thicker neck. He realized for the first time how much Danny's features had changed over the past month. His jaw jutted out, and his cheekbones stood out more. He still had bulk on him, but his dad could see abs starting to show thru his newly leaned down gut. Danny noticed him looking at his waist, and he tightened up his abs. "Ivan thinks I could get an 8 pack if I work hard enough," said Danny, strumming his stomach with his fingers. A 6 pack was already starting to show. "He says I must have always had a latent genetic potential for muscle size and strength." Danny's dad had to agree. He'd noticed for a long time that Danny seemed unusually strong for a kid that never played sports or did much of any physical activity. That's why he'd hired Ivan to train Danny in the first place, to see where it would lead. Still, he was shocked by the rapid changes in his son. "Hey, Dad," Danny said suddenly, as an idea came to him. "Remember how you used to make me arm wrestle you? Let's try it now." Danny clenched his right hand into a fist, and the muscles of his arm responded by flexing hard. His dad gulped a little as he noticed the network of veins that were starting to pop out on his son's thick forearm. He also noticed that Danny's hands, which he had always thought of as chubby and soft, now looked more like solid beef. His fingers looked almost twice as thick as his dad's. Ivan had been making Danny train his grip along with the rest of his training. He'd given Danny a set of level 1 metal grippers the first week they started. Danny had closed the with ease, and after doing twenty reps with no problem, Ivan dug out a pair of level 3 grippers. Danny said, "Oh yeh, these are harder to close," but was still able to make the ends tap together like castanets. "Geezus," muttered Ivan to himself. He gave Danny a set of level 4s, the toughest level the grippers came in. Ivan had only seen one guy close them, a big powerlifter he worked with at his construction job, and he could only get about 5 or 6 reps. Danny took them, wrapped his thick fingers around them, and squeezed them shut. After ten reps, he said, "Yeh, that was a lot harder." He switched the grippers to his left hand and did ten reps with them. "Can I take these home to play with them, Ivan," he asked. "They're making my forearms feel super tight." "Yeh, yeh, take them," said Ivan, stunned by the hand strength of his nerdy fatboy client. "Play as much as you want, kid." A month later, and the kid could hold the ends of the #4 grippers together for ten minutes. The metal was dented in a little from his grip. And he was now ready to arm wrestle his dad for the first time in about a year. They sat down at the kitchen table opposite of each other. Danny's old man wasn't sure what to expect, but his heart was beating fast as he continued to realize the changes in his son's physique. He felt somewhat guilty about the times he'd made Danny arm wrestle him in the past. There was no way his chubby teen son could beat him, and he never let him, but partly he was hoping that it would spur the kid into getting more fit. That had never worked. Up to now. Danny put his arm up on the table and his dad followed suit. They gripped up, and again the older man was shocked by the thick beefiness in his son's hand. "You say 'go', Dad," said Danny. "OK....1...2...3.....GO." Danny slammed his dad's hand to the table. It took under a second. "You must not have been ready," said Danny. "Do it again." And they did. With the same result. "You're not really trying," said Danny, but it was dawning on him that his dad was trying with all his might. "Do it again." And they did. A third time. Then a fourth. Dany began to realize that not only was he stronger than his dad, but that he was vastly stronger. It chubbed him up. "Try again, only this time I'll just use my little finger," said Danny, feeling cocky. He stuck out his pinky finger and slid it against his dad's palm. His dad was feeling the opposite of chubbed up, as his dick retreated and shrank up in his pants. His son was about to beat him in arm wrestling using only one finger. He was right. This time, Danny said Go, and down went his father's arm. Even Danny was amazed by the strength in his little finger. He could feel the muscle of his finger bulging as he slowly took his dad's hand down to the table. "Fuck," they both said, but for different reasons. Danny was feeling a surge of what it felt like to be superhuman. He stood up from the table, the only part of him that could still be called "chubby" showing thru his sweat pants like a club. He stuck his hand down his waistband and adjusted himself with his powerful fingers. "I gotta take a shower," Danny said, and headed upstairs. His dad stayed at the table, drained, and stunned. His son's formerly fat ass rolled with thick muscle as he headed to the stairs. Danny got into the shower and began to flex and feel his own muscles. The muscles that had just owned his father in arm wrestling. "Fuck," groaned Danny, as he soaped himself up and rubbed his big arm, so heavy with thick muscle. He traced the pencil-thick veins that were bulging out of his forearm with his finger, down until he followed the palm of his hand to his little finger...the finger than had twice the strength of his dad's whole arm. He stroked the thick pinkie finger and felt the muscle in it. "God damn, so strong..."he moaned. Then he soaped up his engorged dick and started jerking himself off. He thought about how he could out-bench Ivan now, and how Ivan would add more and more weight to the bar, everyday. Everyday, he was getting stronger, bigger, freakier. He thought about what he might do if he ran into one of the jocks who taunted him in school. He had more muscle than any of them now. The thought of it made him stroke his ten incher harder and harder, till he sprayed all over the shower tile. Rope after rope, washing down the walls and into the drain. "Whoa, that was good," Danny said to himself, letting the hot shower water splash over his 50 inch chest. "I definitely have to look one of those guys up." Ivan basically had him pinned down to the bed, as he continued to rub him down, telling him to relax, that the pain would get better. And soon the pain did become more tolerable, as Ivan loosened up his tight muscle fibers and throbbing tendons. And then, the pain of the rubdown began to become pleasure. By the time Ivan finished, Danny felt 100 percent better. "How did you do that?" he asked Ivan. "That was like a miracle. I didn't think I'd be able to walk!" Ivan laughed. "You are funny, kid. I was pretty sure you'd never be back for another workout if I didn't come over and loosen you up today." "Will it always hurt like that the day after?" "Nah. Your body will adjust fast. But I have something for you that will help." Ivan pulled a bottle of pills from his pocket and handed it to Danny. "Take one of these a day. It's like a vitamin. I know you don't believe it, but you've got potential, kid. If you stick with me, you'll see changes in your body you never dreamed of." Danny wasn't sure what 'like a vitamin' meant, but he grabbed the bottle of water that was on his nightstand and swallowed down a pill. "I'll see you tonight for your second workout," said Ivan, as he got ready to leave. "Tonight?" asked Danny. "I thought I was only working out three days a week." "Three days in not enough for the progress we will make with you, kid. We are on six days a week schedule now." Danny wanted to vomit. But he could tell there was no arguing with his big trainer. He was pretty sure that Ivan would come and drag him to the gym if he didn't show up, so he resigned himself to his fate. As it turned out, once Danny got past that first week, his body adjusted enough to the workouts that he was never so insanely sore again. He was still achy ever morning, but he realized that he kind of liked the feeling. And it went away with his next workout, so that he began to look forward to lifting, much to his surprise. His progress was rapid too. Ivan told him he'd never seen someone's physique change so quickly. Danny could flex in the mirror now, and begin to see muscle showing thru his fat. He was doing so well, in fact, that Ivan dropped all his other clients, and began to work solely with Danny. He also told Danny to start taking two or three of his pills a day. Danny didn't see any reason not to, he liked the way they made him feel...stronger, more confident, more energy. Even his skin had improved, his acne clearing up, and the tone changing from a pasty, almost ashen, pallor, to a tanner, almost golden shine,. The hair on his head was changing too. He'd always had thick, dishwater blond hair, with weird cowlicks that made it stick out funny no matter what he did to it. Now, it was coming in blonder and even thicker, and all he had to do was run his hand thru it in the morning, and it went perfectly into place, like he'd had it styled. He was getting more hair on his face and chest, too, which was more of a chestnut color that seemed to glisten with health. And his body's scent had changed, from what used to make his room smell like sour milk, to an aroma of leather and clove and a masculine musk that gave him a hard-on when he smelled his own arm pit. And speaking of his dick. Once he'd hit puberty, his dick grew to a decent size for a dweeby, awkward kid. It was a good six inches, and pretty thick. He jerked off in his room twice, sometimes three times a day. But since he'd started working out with Ivan, he felt it getting plumper and thicker. And he felt much more intense pleasure when he touched it. Heck, he didn't even have to touch it, it was constantly in search of pleasure even as it rubbed up against his pant legs. And at night, he was having intense wet dreams that were vastly more vivid and lifelike than before he starting lifting and taking Ivan's vitamins. Sometimes he woke up just in time to finish himself off with his hand, and the sensation was tenfold more intense than he'd ever experienced. All these changes to his former self paled in comparison to his fat loss. After a month of lifting, Ivan had calibrated his body fat going from a nasty 28% down to 18%. He was starting to see his muscles, and even some veins. He liked it more than he'd ever thought he would, especially after his workouts. Ivan had him do pushups to failure after his chest workout. Ivan explained to him about the pump, and Danny couldn't believe how good it felt. It was like his whole body was a big, engorged cock, swollen tight and full with the Pump. He started doing pushups at home after he'd gone up to bed, just to feel his chest pump up again. Soon, the pushups weren't enough, and he started putting his feet up on his bed to put more weight on his upper torso, and when that wasn't enough he did handstands up against the wall, and would do pushup after pushup until his chest was engorged with bloat. After awhile of that, he found that his coordination had increased so much that he could hold a handstand and still do pushups, his nose tapping the floor over and over as his reps increased to over 25. Once he'd finished a couple sets, his delts, traps, and chest would look like someone had morphed a picture of him. He still weighted 250lbs, but his entire body shape had altered. And he'd gotten so cocky after one month of training, that he was challenging Ivan to one-armed pushup contests, and beating his trainer. Ivan hated losing, but he loved that Danny was so into improving, so he started adding in some wrestling and mma fighting lessons. Danny was surprised that he remembered some of the basic moves of wrestling from his short time on the team when he was a freshman. The biggest problem he'd had back then was a total lack of stamina. After about 30 seconds of practice, he would be gasping for breath, and feeling like he was going to have a heart attack. Now, after a mere month of training with Ivan, he felt like he could grapple all day. He never seemed to get winded, and could move the 220lb Ivan around the mats with relative ease, or lift him into a fireman's carry and walk around with him over his shoulder. Ivan started having Danny use him for squats. He loved the way that made his thick legs swell with pump. The second month into training Danny made even bigger strides in his size and strength. One morning in the kitchen, he bumped into his dad and nearly sent him flying across the room. "Geezus, son," said his father, rubbing his shoulder. "It felt like I just walked into a wall." Danny was still wearing his oversized 4XL tee shirts that he used to wear to hide his fat, so it was hard to tell just how much muscle he'd put on. "Yeah, Dad, I'm getting kinda jacked up," said Danny, and then he pulled back the sleeve of his tee shirt and flexed his arms. His dad's eyes almost popped out. "My god, Danny, your arm is huge!" "I know, right? Feel it." His dad reached out and put both his hands around Danny's big arm peak. "What the....? Your arm is like a boulder!" said his dad. "Yeah, pretty close. Ivan measured it at 18.5 inches the other day, and that was before I did curls. He says that's pretty big for someone my age. I can probably lift you right off the ground now." He grabbed his dad by his belt, and curled him up until his feet were dangling off the floor. His dad put his hands on Danny's big shoulders to balance himself, and he couldn't believe the thickness and solidness of his son's delts. And it dawned on Danny that he was now, for the first time, vastly stronger than his father. "I can't believe it, son. I mean, I could tell your body was changing, but this is unbelievable!" "Yeah, it's pretty cool. Look at this," and Danny put his dad down, then stripped his tee shirt up over his head and tossed it aside. His father gasped as he soaked in the vision of his young son. He was hated to admit it, but he had often been embarrassed or ashamed of how fat and dorky his son had gotten growing up. Now, he could barely believe his eyes. His son looked like Clay Matthews of the Packers standing in front of him, except with shorter hair and a thicker neck. He realized for the first time how much Danny's features had changed over the past month. His jaw jutted out, and his cheekbones stood out more. He still had bulk on him, but his dad could see abs starting to show thru his newly leaned down gut. Danny noticed him looking at his waist, and he tightened up his abs. "Ivan thinks I could get an 8 pack if I work hard enough," said Danny, strumming his stomach with his fingers. A 6 pack was already starting to show. "He says I must have always had a latent genetic potential for muscle size and strength." Danny's dad had to agree. He'd noticed for a long time that Danny seemed unusually strong for a kid that never played sports or did much of any physical activity. That's why he'd hired Ivan to train Danny in the first place, to see where it would lead. Still, he was shocked by the rapid changes in his son. "Hey, Dad," Danny said suddenly, as an idea came to him. "Remember how you used to make me arm wrestle you? Let's try it now." Danny clenched his right hand into a fist, and the muscles of his arm responded by flexing hard. His dad gulped a little as he noticed the network of veins that were starting to pop out on his son's thick forearm. He also noticed that Danny's hands, which he had always thought of as chubby and soft, now looked more like solid beef. His fingers looked almost twice as thick as his dad's. Ivan had been making Danny train his grip along with the rest of his training. He'd given Danny a set of level 1 metal grippers the first week they started. Danny had closed the with ease, and after doing twenty reps with no problem, Ivan dug out a pair of level 3 grippers. Danny said, "Oh yeh, these are harder to close," but was still able to make the ends tap together like castanets. "Geezus," muttered Ivan to himself. He gave Danny a set of level 4s, the toughest level the grippers came in. Ivan had only seen one guy close them, a big powerlifter he worked with at his construction job, and he could only get about 5 or 6 reps. Danny took them, wrapped his thick fingers around them, and squeezed them shut. After ten reps, he said, "Yeh, that was a lot harder." He switched the grippers to his left hand and did ten reps with them. "Can I take these home to play with them, Ivan," he asked. "They're making my forearms feel super tight." "Yeh, yeh, take them," said Ivan, stunned by the hand strength of his nerdy fatboy client. "Play as much as you want, kid." A month later, and the kid could hold the ends of the #4 grippers together for ten minutes. The metal was dented in a little from his grip. And he was now ready to arm wrestle his dad for the first time in about a year. They sat down at the kitchen table opposite of each other. Danny's old man wasn't sure what to expect, but his heart was beating fast as he continued to realize the changes in his son's physique. He felt somewhat guilty about the times he'd made Danny arm wrestle him in the past. There was no way his chubby teen son could beat him, and he never let him, but partly he was hoping that it would spur the kid into getting more fit. That had never worked. Up to now. Danny put his arm up on the table and his dad followed suit. They gripped up, and again the older man was shocked by the thick beefiness in his son's hand. "You say 'go', Dad," said Danny. "OK....1...2...3.....GO." Danny slammed his dad's hand to the table. It took under a second. "You must not have been ready," said Danny. "Do it again." And they did. With the same result. "You're not really trying," said Danny, but it was dawning on him that his dad was trying with all his might. "Do it again." And they did. A third time. Then a fourth. Dany began to realize that not only was he stronger than his dad, but that he was vastly stronger. It chubbed him up. "Try again, only this time I'll just use my little finger," said Danny, feeling cocky. He stuck out his pinky finger and slid it against his dad's palm. His dad was feeling the opposite of chubbed up, as his dick retreated and shrank up in his pants. His son was about to beat him in arm wrestling using only one finger. He was right. This time, Danny said Go, and down went his father's arm. Even Danny was amazed by the strength in his little finger. He could feel the muscle of his finger bulging as he slowly took his dad's hand down to the table. "Fuck," they both said, but for different reasons. Danny was feeling a surge of what it felt like to be superhuman. He stood up from the table, the only part of him that could still be called "chubby" showing thru his sweat pants like a club. He stuck his hand down his waistband and adjusted himself with his powerful fingers. "I gotta take a shower," Danny said, and headed upstairs. His dad stayed at the table, drained, and stunned. His son's formerly fat ass rolled with thick muscle as he headed to the stairs. Danny got into the shower and began to flex and feel his own muscles. The muscles that had just owned his father in arm wrestling. "Fuck," groaned Danny, as he soaped himself up and rubbed his big arm, so heavy with thick muscle. He traced the pencil-thick veins that were bulging out of his forearm with his finger, down until he followed the palm of his hand to his little finger...the finger than had twice the strength of his dad's whole arm. He stroked the thick pinkie finger and felt the muscle in it. "God damn, so strong..."he moaned. Then he soaped up his engorged dick and started jerking himself off. He thought about how he could out-bench Ivan now, and how Ivan would add more and more weight to the bar, everyday. Everyday, he was getting stronger, bigger, freakier. He thought about what he might do if he ran into one of the jocks who taunted him in school. He had more muscle than any of them now. The thought of it made him stroke his ten incher harder and harder, till he sprayed all over the shower tile. Rope after rope, washing down the walls and into the drain. "Whoa, that was good," Danny said to himself, letting the hot shower water splash over his 50 inch chest. "I definitely have to look one of those guys up."
  4. growth

    ‘Damn this is quite the storm. I don’t remember it ever being this bad before.’ Cooper stares out his window at the trees whipping around ferociously against the strong winds. He can see debris starting to whip up from around the neighborhood. He quickly decides to move away from the windows and get into a nearby doorway in case something happens to his apartment. *phone beeps* He looks down at the text message that pops up on his screen from his close friend Aaron. ‘Yeah dude, I know. This is crazy, the power is about to go out here I think.’ *lights go out* ‘Well speak of the devil…..’ *phone loses reception* ‘DAMNIT! This sucks ass, I can’t understand how the meteorologists could get this so wrong. I really wanted to go on that trip.’ He can feel his building starting to shake as he holds on to the sides of the doorway. The wind outside howls as it begins to shake the windows in his living room. Without a second thought, they shatter as the room begins to crumble. Cooper falls to the ground and lies unconscious as he is hit with rubble. Several hours later, Cooper wakes up and feels extremely groggy. He pushes enough of the trash away to get up and start moving around. The endless amount of destruction can be seen for miles as he stands there where his apartment was in complete shock. He looks down and notices that his clothes are slightly ripped, but it is the least of his worries. He turns to look at the nearby mountain and sees that a rainbow has appeared over the horizon. The sheer size of it is what draws him in as he starts to walk towards it. It must be about two miles from where his apartment is but at this point he doesn’t care since for some reason it is summoning him to go to it. Along the way he notices he isn’t alone as other men from surrounding residential complexes are also being drawn to the rainbow. When he finally gets to the edge of it, he begins to wonder why he ever went there in the first place considering the catastrophe that just occurred in the city. The men that were trailing beside him appear to have already traveled up the rainbow and over across the mountain range. He turns around to take another look at the city behind him and wonders if things will ever be the same again before he hears a voice coming from above. ‘Aye there Cooper, I do believe you are next. Why don’t you step up on this here lift and I will take you across.’ Cooper turns and sees a short muscled man dressed in a green suit with a hat that matches it. He seems a bit surprised that such a small man could be built so incredibly well. ‘Uhh…..why is this rainbow here and what is going on? I don’t understand what has happened here and why are all of these men going across the rainbow anyway?’ The little man laughs a little as he gets to the bottom of the rainbow. He grabs Cooper’s hand before leading him on to the lift with him. ‘I know what has happened to you is tragic Cooper which is why I am here. You see I am here to help you rebuild your city, but certain things have to be done first to ensure that it is done correctly.’ As the little man sits down with Cooper, the lift starts moving up the rainbow slowly. ‘Ahh yes, I forgot to tell you…..my name is Padraig, of course me mates call me Paddy.’ ‘Oh so it isn’t Patrick, as in St. Patrick.’ *Cooper sort of chuckles a little as they move up the rainbow* Paddy turns to punch Cooper in the arm which shocks the bigger man. ‘Holy shit man, you are freaking strong. I have never seen a guy of your stature with such incredibly thick muscles.’ Paddy laughs a little as he bounces his pecs before making his biceps jump. ‘Aye I am not that short mate. It could surprise you what your body can accomplish if it is just pushed hard enough.’ ‘So…..what exactly am I doing on this lift on this rainbow with what I am guessing is an incredibly well-built Irishman?’ Paddy smiles and takes his hat off to show off his red hair and hands it to Cooper. ‘Aye Cooper…..you are one of the fortunate few that survived this horrific storm that just went through your land. I or I should say we are here to help you rebuild your city but you will have to complete an important quest first before I can help you.’ The confused young man stares at the little Irish muscle guy for about a minute before he says something else. ‘Uhh what would you have me do Paddy? I am curious as to what you mean by a quest?’ Paddy shows Cooper that they are approaching the other end of the rainbow. He smiles and tells him to just relax until they get to the bottom. When the lift finally stops moving, the little man prompts Cooper to get off. ‘Here we are Cooper. Somewhere in this here nearby forest is something or someone that will have a connection to you in some way. Once you retrieve it or them from that spot, then you will come back to this area mate and present it to me. Do note though, there will be some kind of obstacle in your way and you will have to figure out how to get around it whether physically or mentally. That will be up to you of course. This is the time for me to say good luck and safe journey.’ The muscled Irish man pulls a gold coin from his pocket and puts it into Cooper’s right pants pocket. ‘I have given you a charm to help you along the way Cooper. I hope you succeed at seeking out the treasure. Good day to you my big lad.’ Paddy turns to walk down a black road and vanishes practically into thin air. Cooper stares astonishingly as he does disappear and sighs. He pulls the coin out from his pocket and examines it. To his surprise, it is indeed real and made of solid gold. He doesn’t recognize the language on it since it doesn’t seem to be anything he has seen before. After a minute or two, he puts it back in his pocket and starts to walk into the nearby forest wondering what he will find. On his way inside, he encounters two men sitting on stone slabs at the intersection of two paths. He stops to look at both of them before he sees them get up. They both smile at him and mimic each other’s body language. Cooper finds this rather strange and begins to ponder which direction he will choose. As he moves to the right path, they both jump down from the rocks and pull him back to where he was standing. The one on the right side starts to speak. ‘I don’t think you want to go that way just yet Cooper, you may want to think this through some more.’ The one from the left rock stands behind him. ‘He is right you know. You need to make a selection I know, but think it through first.’ They are both of different statures too. The guy from the left side is small and lean, but quite ripped. He looks like he has been to a gym quite a bit. The guy from the right side is big and bulky, like he is going through an offseason of bulking for some show. His muscles are thick and massive. Both of the men are wearing the same clothes however, just in their appropriate sizes. Cooper does think it through for a few moments, but wonders if there is a right direction to take. Both men go back to their original positions on their rocks once Cooper makes his choice. As he walks down the path, he stops to second guess himself before treading along again. He hears someone’s voice at the end of the trail and moves a little faster. When he arrives there, he sees another small muscled man this time in a while suit and white hat. ‘Aye there Cooper glad to see that you made your way to my camp. Why don’t you take a seat here and let me examine you for a minute.’ Cooper sits down while the little man makes his way around him studying his body like he is about to pounce or something. The confused larger man gives him a weird look which draws a few laughs from the muscled short man. ‘Hehe, it’s alright lad. Paddy is just one of many in this clan. I am Ciaran, one of four wizards in the clan that are responsible for developing the armies for reconstruction. You made your choice of the path you want to take with your life and now I am going to make that a reality for you.’ Cooper seems a bit nervous about what he is saying and moves away from him slowly by crawling backwards. ‘Uhh I just picked a direction actually…..i didn’t know which direction to take I just chose one.’ ‘Well Cooper, there is no turning back now lad, I am responsible for transforming you into your final form. This won’t hurt too much I promise…..’ ‘NO NO! I DON’T WANT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE ME? PLEASE DON’T…..’ Ciaran grabs his staff lying beside him and chants what seems to be some kind of spell before pointing it directly into Cooper’s direction. The scared man is still trying to crawl away before he feels some kind of heavy force entering his body. He yells in fright as he senses something happening to him. Ciaran rushes behind a nearby tree to peek over the other side to watch what happens next. Cooper grips the ground beneath him as he feels his body changing rapidly. The muscles in his legs and arms stretch and pop growing wildly as they double up on each other. His clothes quickly shred making way for the additional size that is forming. His chest expands so much he feels himself rising off the ground as his back makes quick work of his shirt. His thick shoulders and delts push his arms further out in front of him as his lats form into giant wings. His immense quads and ass explode through his pants and underwear leaving him completely nude. He groans as he feels everything go numb unaware that he has grown to nearly twice his size. He finally passes out from the sheer carnage. Ciaran walks over to him and checks to see if he still has a pulse. Three other small muscled men appear out of thin air and cover Cooper in a furry blanket before picking him up and carrying him to a nearby lift. He is placed in a bed on the lift as the machine carries him away from the camp. In less than two minutes, the lift stops moving and he is carried by other small men into a sleeping area. He awakens a few hours later and doesn’t remember what has happened to him. Paddy sits nearby and gets up to walk over to Cooper still lying in the bed. ‘Well lad, I do believe you made a reasonable choice. Not every man chooses to become the strongman type, but you will be vital in carrying out the hard labor through your reconstruction.’ Cooper seems a bit disoriented, but sits up anyway in his bed. His huge heaving pecs and bulky arms bounce involuntarily. He sees them and yells a little in shock. Paddy laughs and gets up on the bed at the very end beside the strongman. He uncovers Cooper to reveal his massive tree trunks and swollen calves. Cooper flexes them making the striations show through the skin. Paddy punches them making them react. Cooper groans as he does it. ‘OW! Damn that kind of hurt Paddy…..*looks all over his body feeling and flexing* wait is this me? I’m so huge…..i can’t remember what happened to me exactly? Am I supposed to be like this?’ Paddy shakes his head and smiles. ‘You chose this path for yourself mate. You deep down must have wanted to be big and strong because that is the path you took. Those two men you saw in the forest were representations of you. You either wanted to be ripped which would have made you a breeder or you wanted to be enormous which would make you a builder. You chose to be a builder which I admire a lot. Breeders are tricky especially when they are not interested in women.’ Cooper still seems dumbfounded and rubs his pecs with his huge arms. Paddy gets back down off the bed and goes over to get an outfit for the huge man. It is a green suit like his only in Cooper’s immense size. ‘Here you go lad, put it on. I think you are ready to start your new life back on planet Earth. You will know your path once you get back down there. It will all become clearer to you once you get back. As for me, my work is done with you for now. Go now and fulfill your destiny. It was a pleasure meeting you Cooper and I promise we will meet again lad.’ Paddy leaves the sleeping area and vanishes. Cooper puts the suit on and walks out into the open air. He sees the lift come down from the top of the nearby rainbow and stop for him. He gets in it as it takes him back over to the other side. Once he gets off, the lift disappears. As Paddy predicted, Cooper begins to feel things clearing up in his mind. He smiles as he puts on his green hat and waddles his way down the street back into the city. Instead of feeling sadness for the destruction, he feels like there is hope for redemption. Only time will tell if the city will be rebuilt or not.
  5. Hey guys, this story has been in my head for a while, and I thought I'd finally write it down. To be honest, the finished product isn't what I wanted it to be, but I sincerely would welcome your critiques, because I hope to write more chapters. Prologue: The Closet "Don't tell me you've never heard of The Giant before?" Jake asked his girlfriend. She shrugged, and Jake threw his arms up, as if giving up. Clyde sipped his water quietly, but Gerald would have none of it. He took out his phone and got onto Youtube immediately, searching for "King Matt", which in its heyday was the most watched video on Youtube. "Here, watch this," he said, offering Gina his phone. The boys had all seen this several times before, but nonetheless, they leaned in to watch. This seemed to be the shorter version of the whole video, but it opened with the picture shaking terribly, as the holder of the video camera was terrified at the sight of a naked bodybuilder's likeness growing and filling the night sky, up past the tallest building, and then double its height. Lights shown up from helicopters and skylights from buildings to reveal the most massive and perfect muscles and a square=jawed man with a five o'clock shadow, looking very tired. The giant man looked down at the city, seeming to be taking in his new surroundings, and the video maker behind the camera babbled, "It looks like he's on the edge of town...is he coming this way?" The giant man's eyes locked on the fighter jets heading his way, but he was impossibly big; he had to be at least a thousand feet tall, if not more, so when they reached his enormous pecs to fire, they saw that their bullets had no effect at all. They scattered, and the giant simply stood there, and crossed his mighty arms across his chest, puffing it out all the more and looking even more intimidating, but didn't even budge his legs. The video caught sight of tanks rolling toward the giant, and minutes later, there were loud explosions and some evidence of light coming from them, aimed at the giant's legs, but still he remained motionless. About fifteen minutes into the video, the giant cleared his throat, and it was perfectly heard throughout the city. "YOU CAN SEE THAT NOTHING CAN STOP ME," he stated matter-of-factly. "THE MOST I FELT WAS ITCHY WITH ALL THOSE TINY BULLETS REFLECTING OFF MY CHEST. I DEMAND AN AUDIENCE WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IF HE IS NOT PRESENTED SOON, I WILL GET HIM MYSELF." A sudden hush fell through the city, and minutes more of the giant standing his ground finally ended with him turning his torso toward the tallest building, but not approaching it. "MR. PRESIDENT, I AM SORRY IT HAS COME TO THIS," he started, obviously now speaking with him. "I KNOW IT IS HARD FOR YOU TO ACCEPT THAT ONE OF YOUR CITIZENS HAS MORE POWER THAN YOU EVER WILL, BUT I WANT TO OFFER AN OLIVE BRANCH, SO TO SPEAK. ALL I WANT IS MY SON BACK, AND FOR YOU TO LEAVE US ALONE. NO COMING AFTER HIM FOR RANSOM, NO COMING AFTER ME FOR EXPERIMENTING. IN EXCHANGE, I WILL USE MY POWER IN WHATEVER FASHION YOU NEED, EXCEPT MILITARILY." He looked down at his feet, his eyes beginning to well up with tears, and the videographer breathed easier, thinking this man was actually human and harmless. "I DO NOT WANT TO HURT ANYONE OR ANYTHING, BUT IF I DON'T HAVE MY SON, I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO LOSE." The President was clearly using a microphone to communicate with the giant, but still he had to lean in closer and cup his ear. "YES, I WILL SHRINK DOWN AND MEET WITH YOU. I WILL NOT BE UNDER ARREST, AND I WILL HAVE MY SON IN MY ARMS, HOWEVER, UNLESS YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN." The video ended, and Gerald put his phone away. Jake turned to Gina and said, "See? And now, eighteen years later, his son decided to come here for college, and he came along. That's what all the notices around the city are for - telling people what to do when he does construction, or a rescue mission, or something like that." Gina thought for a moment, then said, "I guess I have heard of him, but I don't see the big deal. That video shows that he doesn't want to hurt anyone." "At any moment, he could crack," piped up Gerald. "And suddenly he'd stomp you flat, and you'd never have seen it coming. I hear he's responsible for killing his wife." "No, she just had complications when giving birth to their son," Clyde said quickly. "When they had sex for the first time when they were eighteen, he was just a normal guy who looked like you or me, but I guess that was the tipping point, telling his genes to modify his body into his now-normal size, a six-foot-four bodybuilder. Contrary to myth, he pulled out before growing inside her and tearing her vagina." Everyone stared blankly, and Clyde shrugged, sipping more water. "I know a lot about The Giant." Gina finally broke the silence with, "So he can grow anytime he wants? Isn't that kind of obscene? Or do his clothes grow with him?" "He hulks out if he's got clothes on, and there are videos of that too," Gerald said. "But when he and his son lived in DC, they had a warehouse they nicknamed 'The Closet' that housed his uniform, so to speak, when he grew to various sizes. If he's a hundred feet tall or shorter doing a job, they have jeans and a t-shirt for him, but anything larger, they just have various sizes of shorts for when he grows, because it's too expensive for anything else." He leaned over across the table and asked Jake, "I wonder if there's a new Closet here in town?" "There's gotta be," Jake replied. "On the roof back in DC, they had something LIKE a bat signal from Batman, along with an air raid siren, both to alert him to danger and to tell the public that if they don't want to see something obscene, they need to turn away for the time being. There has to be one here too." "I know where it is," Clyde said, and instantly regretted it, as everyone turned to him and asked, "Where?" as if it was the most important thing to know. "It's, uh, a little bit outside of the city. So he can grow without crushing anything, you know." Jake reached in his pocket and flung his keys on the table at Clyde. "You drive. I've had too many anyway. Let's go see." Clyde scratched his ear nervously, grabbed the keys, and as everyone was getting up, he said, "There's military posted there 24/7. We can't get in." "But we can get close. Come on!" Jake said, putting Gina's coat on for her. They walked out together, and Clyde checked his phone and sighed in relief. He'd gotten the text message he'd been waiting for all day about an hour ago. Now he could go have fun. While driving, they were still obsessed with chatting about The Giant. "Wikipedia says his son's name is Clyde - hey, Clyde, are you his son?" Gerald was literally holding his breath for a response, and the other two gasped, wide-eyed. Clyde shrugged as he drove and said, "My last name is Masterson, not Hahn." With that, all of them stopped staring at him, reassured. "The biggest The Giant's ever gotten was two thousand feet tall," Gerald said, still looking up facts on his phone. "He had gone searching for a lost Brititsh ship in the ocean, and when he saw it was on its side, he grew to turn it upright." Jake whistled in admiration. "What a beast," he said. "That's admirable," Gina stated, and Jake excitedly added, "He does stuff like that all the time. His treaty with the government was that they'd pay for whatever him and his son need, and in exchange, he's been working his butt off for the country. He's flown off everywhere, for construction, demolition, rescues, military training --" "-- and one porno," Gerald interrupted. Clyde stopped the car faster than he expected to at the stop sign, but Gina ignored it, and asked, "A PORNO? Gross." "It was a movie about a giant," Clyde said, driving on. Gerald shrugged and said, "Might as well have been a porno. With all those love scenes and his shirt off all the time. Plus, it seemed like the director really liked his package." "Oh yeah, did he ever remarry?" Gina asked as they parked the car just outside the installation. Gerald looked at his phone, and replied, "No, it doesn't look like it. It DOES say that he has a giant sex drive, though, and every time he masterbates, he has to go to an underground facility, because he can't help but grow when he does. And apparently if he doesn't masterbate every week, he can't control his growth." They started dying of laughter, but Clyde, who did not find it funny, only kept up a chuckle as they got out of the car. "I bet it's underneath the Closet," Jake suggested. "Maybe he's doing it right now." "I think we'd hear the grunts of a giant, even above ground," Gerald said. They got to the fence, which had the normal KEEP OUT signs everywhere, and Clyde said, "Well, this is it. The Closet. Up on the roof is the siren," he pointed quickly. "Maybe we should go. If there are that many lights on in the building, it might mean that he's here." "Maybe we can meet him!" Gerald exclaimed excitedly, and looked back at his phone. "Wait - it says here his wife's name was Erika...Masterson." He looked up from his phone, and they all dramatically turned their heads to Clyde, whose face was slowly turning red, and then quickly turned a shade of white, seeing something behind Gerald. He didn't know how, but Matt Hahn was quiet when he walked, even when he grew to proportions like now, at nine feet tall, wearing Army fatigue pants and a tan T-shirt tucked into them that hardly contained his massive muscles, and when he crossed his arms across his chest, Clyde thought he heard a rip somewhere. The giant looked down and said, "Hello, son," in a deep, manly voice. "What are you doing out here?" Gerald, Jake, and Gina were all frozen in fear, all within the shadow of Clyde's dad. Clyde sighed, taking his phone out of his pocket and showed his dad briefly the text he'd gotten, saying, "I got the text you sent saying you'd made it home safe from fixing the trains about an hour ago, so I assumed you wouldn't be out here anymore." Matt sighed, and said, "You three can relax," and he uncrossed his arms, hoping to seem less menacing, but it didn't help. The three of them turned around and looked up at Clyde's dad. He was blocking the light coming from the building, seeming both angelic in the light and demonic in his size. Gerald gulped and said, "We're friends of Clyde's from school." Matt nodded. "What are your names? I assume you know I'm Matt Hahn, but you can call me Matt." After introducing their names respectively, Matt took their small hands and enveloped them in his massive shovel of a hand, but very gently shook them, except for Gina, for whom he bent over and kissed her hand. Standing back up, he shrugged and said, "Well, if you're here anyway, how about a tour?" Jake and Gerald nodded vigorously, grateful for the opportunity to meet their idol. "Okay, just hang on a few minutes for me to go shrink and get other clothes on." As he turned to leave, Gerald said, "Could you stay the way you are? It's not every day you meet a giant." Matt chuckled, and with a quick glance to Clyde, who nodded, he also nodded in agreement. "Follow me, then," he said, turning again, and taking short, easy steps toward the entrance, and they all followed, noting his bulk was forcing him to walk in a strut, although he didn't mean to. Through the gate and the gate guard, they came inside to a common area with a few couches, a kitchenette with coffee brewing for the guards and a refrigerator. All along the walls were framed thank you notes from various people and companies Matt had saved. Through another door they came into the main warehouse area, which smelled inevitably of man musk, as they saw a football field-long concrete room with several layers of fabric stretched across the room, with different sizes getting smaller as they stacked, into about a pyramid shape. "This is the Closet, as they call it," Matt turned around to say as he walked them around the large room. "When I grow, the signal above the common room alerts people to avert their eyes, and I do my best to quickly get the roof open and pull out the appropriate size." "You rip the roof off every time?" Jake asked, amazed. Matt snorted. "No, I detach it with latches and then lift it off and set it aside." He pointed up, and they could see several latches around the ceiling. As they walked, they passed by several small closets, with various gear but mostly clothing of all sizes, but nothing below 3XL, as even small, he was not a small man. They got to the other side of the warehouse, and Gerald began asking burning questions. "How does it feel to be so big?" Matt's face contorted to show humility, but he said, "Honestly, the bigger I am, the better I feel. It's unfortunate not everyone can know how awesome it feels to hold a US Navy destroyer in their hands and set it upright, or to stop hurricanes with your back." All of their hearts skipped a beat. "You stop hurricanes with your back?" He looked around again and nodded. "Grow to be about a thousand feet tall, and then, yeah, I lay down just along the beach. My wide lats catch the worst of the storm, enough for people to evacuate. One time I saw the hurricane was going to be so bad that I got approval to uproot the hotels along the beach and relocate them a few miles away." "Have you ever accidentally stepped on anyone?" "No, I work with local authorities who evacuate everyone." With regret, he went on. "Once in a while, I get a little careless, and my bulk damages buildings as I walk by, or I step on cars, but after I deal with whatever crisis there is at the time, I go back and fix it myself." Just then, a soldier came running up to them and saluted Matt, who returned it. "Sir, the dam just called and said that there's a serious leak threatening to burst it open." Matt instantly pulled off his shirt, ripping it more in his hurried state, and revealed a bodybuilder's physique magnified by about three times. He started undoing his pants and yelled, "Clyde, get them in the main room." Clyde nodded and had to drag Jake and Gerald away and started them running back to the common area. As he did so, a light came on that indicated the siren was about to sound, so Clyde quickly grabbed some ear protection along the side of the room and handed it to each of them as they got back to the room. The siren sounded, and Clyde waited a few moments for his dad to grow. "Take a peek out the door," he said, giving in to their admiration as he was used to doing. "You'll see how he undoes the roof. Don't worry - for a dam, you shouldn't have to see anything you don't want to see," he added in case they were worried. They opened the door in time to see giant fingers working along the walls and the ceiling. The roof was lifted and put aside to reveal Matt Hahn again, but this time he had to be at least five hundred feet tall, but crouched, and he reached in the warehouse, grabbing one of the black shorts toward the middle of the pile. He carefully took it out without unfolding the others, but they saw as he stood to full height, revealing a dick that rivaled buildings' height. He quickly stepped into the pantslegs, however, and brought the shorts up. They could see that even though they fit, they were akin to compression shorts - his ass cheeks were clearly defined in the back, and the bulge left little to the imagination in the front. He began walking slowly away from the Closet, each step sending a tremor. When he was out of sight, and the tremors died down, they noticed the siren was now off, so they took off their ear protection, and flipped on the tv to watch the news. It read BREAKING NEWS - DAM TROUBLE. The anchorwoman was relaying the story. "We just heard the siren, and now we have footage of The Giant making his way to the dam." The picture showed Matt, at five hundred feet tall, with helicopters all around illuminating the ground for him to avoid stepping on anything. "This is the first time The Giant has had a mission here, so as a reminder to viewers, even though he is taking light steps away from the city, take caution of tremors causing things to fall, and stay out of his way. In addition, with the dam being damaged..." The report went on, but Gerald looked wide-eyed at the others and said, "He's avoiding the roads, so why don't we drive over and watch him at work?" Clyde shook his head. "The police will have blocked off the roads to avoid just that." "So let's get as close as possible and then walk it," Jake suggested. Clyde sighed, knowing he wouldn't be able to convince them otherwise. They got out into the car, and started driving toward the dam. Clyde knew the police would block as little road as possible to allow for freer travel, so he brought them to just about before where he thought they'd block the road, and they parked on the side of the road. Getting out, they dashed into the forest. After a few minutes of rushing, Jake, the fastest, suddenly stopped, and when the others joined, they saw why - looking around the clearing, there were trees that were in shambles and splinters now, and the clearing was awfully level and uniform to be normal. Looking around, they realized they were in The Giant's footprint. "Cool," Gerald whistled, and Clyde rolled his eyes. Jake began sprinting again, this time following the footprints, and they followed. About twenty minutes later, they heard loud grunts, obviously from Matt, and they came to the edge of the forest on a cliff overlooking the dam. Matt was taking preventative measures first, as there was only slight indications of water leaking out of the dam for now - he was bulldozing mud from down the river up into a large mound, and creating a bowl to give himself time. Now finished, he noticed more cracks forming in the dam, so he crawled up and over the mound he'd made, and grabbed one of about ten trucks containing concrete that was alongside the bank, and after looking into the driver's seat to make sure there wasn't anybody inside, he squeezed the truck like a tube of toothpaste to make the concrete fall on his hand, and he began rubbing it along the dam wall, as if making a painting. After a few more trucks and more applied concrete, he was reasonably certain he'd fixed it, so he took his non-concrete hand up and over to one of the stations next to the dam, where a worker gave a thumbs-up, and Matt slowly lowered his hand, to allow the worker to climb on top and roll to the middle of the palm. Secured, Matt moved slowly to where he'd put the concrete, and moved slowly along every part of the wall, making adjustments up, down, or side to side as the worker directed. After a while, the worker turned to look up at Matt and gave another thumbs up, and Matt dorkily used his concrete hand to return it. He replaced his palm next to the station, where the worker got off, and Matt saluted down to him. He turned around, and began replacing the mud to make the river smooth again, and after another ten minutes, it looked good as new. He stood up to full height, sweat pouring and creating quite the tiny stream down below itself, and it was then that he took notice of the four tiny people on the ledge. "Uh oh," Clyde gasped. They looked at him, and he said, "He doesn't like it when I get near him when he grows normally. Says it's hard to see me, and he doesn't want something to happen." They looked back, and Matt was sauntering over to them. In a few steps, they looked up toward his face, as the bottom of his pecs were level with the cliff they were on. He looked menacingly over the mountains that were his pecs and leaned over slightly for them to see his stern face better. It looked for a second like he was going to get angry, as blood was pumping the veins in his great neck wider into pipes, but he turned his face away from them to sigh, presumably to not blow them over, and turned back, took a couple steps away, and put his hands on his hips, looking like a giant Superman. "DID YOU ENJOY THE SHOW?" his voice echoed. Gerald yelled in appreciation, and Clyde got red. "WELL, I ASSUME YOU WALKED HERE. NEED A RIDE BACK?" They all yelled yes, and he smiled, presenting his palm next to the cliff. Clyde was the last to get on, but also the most graceful, as he'd done this a couple times before, and when they were securely in his palm, he waved back at the dam, and took off back toward the Closet. It took him only a few minutes to get back to their car, where he began to bend down, but Gerald yelled, "Sir! Would you actually take us the whole way and the car too?" Matt smiled, and nodded. He carefully pinched the car between his fingers, and placed it securely on the shelf of his pec - he didn't want a vehicle rolling on the curvatures of his palm toward his son and his friends, and he couldn't use his palm with his son in it to move the car gently to the center of the other palm. A few minutes more, and they were back at the Closet. He carefully lifted the car from his pec and back on the ground, and then put his palm with his son next to it. They clamored off, and looked as Matt stood back to full height. They were hardly as tall as his foot, and he looked like the paragon of male perfection. "GET INSIDE," he said. Clyde gave them a knowing look, and they went back. They felt a few tremors, presumably of Matt slipping the shorts off, and then heard the roof returned moments later. Matt came in the front door, only his normal height of 6'4, dressed in sweat pants only. Seeing the three amazed faces, he took a bow. "Don't ask me how physics works with me, but this concrete is going to be a bitch to get off my palm," he showed his big palm, and they chuckled as he strode over to the sink.
  6. Hey guys! A big thanks once again for all the support on the story. I love you all, have a great Sunday and I’ll (maybe) see you all next week. Part I Part VI Part II Part VII Part III Part VIII Part IV Part IX Part V Changing my Life Part X Max tried on all the clothes that I bought him. Most of which fitted him perfectly, whilst some of them were a tight fit or ripped apart. After he tested all his new clothes, it was time to empty the wardrobe. In order for us to see what fitted and what not, Max had to wear all his clothes. This gave us an idea of how much he would eventually need. We tossed all his now too small clothes away and made space for his new ones. Most of his old shirts, trousers, socks and so one were thrown away. Max seemed to like ripping his own clothes. Looking at his throbbing bulge, maybe a bit too much. After our big cleanout, we had 5 full rubbish bags, all with Max’s tiny clothes. I was exhausted. My shirt was drenched and had little to no energy left. Max however seemed to be wide awake and fit. “I think I’m going to take a shower and go for an early rest.” I said making my way to the hallway. “Care to join?” I asked playfully. “I’ll be right there with you. I’m going to bring these bags downstairs first.” He said lifting all bags at the same time. I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed a washing cloth and a towel. Running the water of the shower I heard Max stumping down. I undressed myself only to smell my own sweat coming from my shirt. That shirt was ready for laundry. I tossed all my clothes into the laundry basket and stepped into the shower. The water was so warm and comforting. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second of it. I must’ve enjoyed it to much as I was greeted with a cold hand, resting on my shoulder. Max had entered the shower and, once again, I was in awe as I saw him. His body glistering with water, towering above me. I could feel his throbbing member alongside my thigh. He kneeled down and started kissing my neck. I moaned in pleasure and in no time, we were kissing passionately. He felt more dominating and much more lustful. He broke the kiss and turned me around. He grabbed a bottle of lube which was on one of the shelves just above me. As I looked behind me, I saw just how wide his frame was becoming. I swore he looked bigger every second. He noticed me staring and gave me a smirk and a wink. When he got the lube, he put some on his hand and rubbed it over his thick shaft. He grabbed my head and turned it around. Biting my ear, I felt like I was in heaven. Max was never as dominant as that night. I felt his head pushing against my hole. It was so big. I was moaning louder and louder. I could hear him growl between my moans. Max slowly entered me with his dick and I could feel that it was bigger… Slow and steady didn’t seem to cross his mind anymore as his thrusting became quicker and more violent. With each thrust, it felt like his dick was growing. Out of pain, I looked down to see my feet and Max’. When looking at them again, I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was… growing. His feet stretched across the tiled floor and his calves widened and thickened. I couldn’t believe it. Then I felt the thrusting again and looked around to find him in some sort of trance. His eyes were closed and he was grinding his teeth. His frame widened and his eight-pack bulged out even more. His chest pushed forward and his nips pointed downwards. Biceps boomed up and triceps boomed down. His legs bulging outwards. As I witnessed his enormous growth, I realized that when I thought he looked and felt bigger, I was right. His dick now pushed against my prostate and didn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down its growth. His balls grew to the size of tomatoes whilst his dick seemed to be as big as a courgette. “Max, please stop! You’re hurting me!” I yelled in pain, trying to awake him from his trance. “MUST GROW MORE!” he growled in-between thrusts. He grabbed a hold on the shower grip. The metal started bending whilst Max kept on growling and moaning. Eventually, not able to fight Max’ strength, the handle gave up and broke off. Max however boosted upwards, towards the showerhead. The water stopped running over me as Max’ head now pushed against it. His neck thickened and pushed his head further up. With one loud roar escaping Max’ mouth, the showerhead bended and twisted, making room for a new Max. I felt his dick thrusting deeper and deeper. I couldn’t stop moaning. It hurt, but at the same time, it felt amazing. However, my moaning wasn’t anything compared to Max’s. His growling and moaning shook the perfume bottles on top of the shelves, made the mirror shake and gave me goose bumps. Not able to contain myself, I shot my load all over the tiled shower wall. Max started panting and slammed his fist into the tiled wall. I didn’t know if I had to be frightened or aroused at the sight. “HERE IT COMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!” Max yelled in pleasure as his fluids entered my body. Pulling out his dick, it shot its second load against the ceiling. Then there was a third one hitting the now cracked, tiled wall, and then a fourth one and a fifth one, it didn’t seem to end. Then silence returned. The only sound that filled the steamy bathroom was the running water of the shower. I heard Max gasping for air after the biggest load I’d ever seen. I sank to the ground, not able to keep myself up and faced my now hulking boyfriend. Max sat down, against the wall, still with his eyes closed and feet pushing against the glass door. He looked like a beast. Drenched with water and sweat. Veins popping up all over his hulking body. His growth seemed to have ended. I was still somewhat scared that the Max I knew was lost to the pill lurking inside of him. I slowly (and painfully) crouched my way over to the giant and stroked his massive legs making my way up to his cheek. He slowly awoke and looked all around. “What the hell happened? Why are you so tiny? Why is there cum all over the walls and ceiling?” Max said panicking. “You.. you don’t remember? I asked still a bit scared. “No… I remember placing the bags in the garage… walking up the stairs… and feeling really horny when I saw you in the shower…” he said looking at me. I noticed his voice had deepened and sounded more mature and masculine. “You did all of this. This is the mess you’ve made. I think we need to talk to the doc before you take that second pill.” I said trying to stand up. “Wait let me carry you.” Max said lifting me up easily and turning of the shower. He placed me on top of the ottoman that also seemed to have some spots of cum splattered on it. He towelled me down like a real gentlemen and handed me my bathrobe. After he cleaned up his jizz (and a telling me a billion times that he was sorry), he picked me up and we made our way downstairs, into the kitchen. “Could you give me the number of the doc?” I asked picking up the phone, ready to dial, when all of a sudden, Max starts crying… “I’m sorry…” he said between sobs “It’s all my fault…” “No it isn’t. You didn’t know that that pill would have such an effect on you.” I said rubbing his back. “This isn’t because of one pill…” he said looking away. “What do you mean?” I asked confused as to what he was saying. Max stood up to his full height, only centimetres away from the ceiling. He walked towards the kitchen and opened the cabinet that had the jar in it. Reaching for the jar, I sensed a look of fear on his face. Max seemed to hesitate whether or not to take the jar. He managed to take it and slowly walked back to the table where I sat. Max placed the jar on the table and shoved it towards me. I looked at him questioned and opened the lid… “It’s empty…” I said slowly, realizing that all 5 pills were gone. “I’m sorry!” Max said once again. “You mean you took all of them at the same time?!” I asked raising my voice. “Would you please calm down and listen to me for just a moment?” he asked, kneeling in front of me. I nodded and Max started talking: “So when we received the pills, I couldn’t wait to start with the experiment. When we arrived home I took my first pill…” “That being the one I saw?” I interrupted “Exactly. But as days went on, I didn’t see any changes. So I was tempted to take a second one, which I eventually did. Then it showed some result and so I took the third one. Then the accident happened at that party so I thought I was doing it right. And that’s when I took all of the remaining pills…” He said cringing and realizing his mistakes. For a few minutes, I couldn’t say a word. I was on one hand scared of the things that could potentially go wrong, and on the other hand, I was mad… no furious that, during this entire week, he was lying to me. But I didn’t want to shout at him. One reason being that he didn’t do it on purpose. The second reason being… while he may look big, Max is somewhat of a child hidden inside a now colossal beast so if he would start running away… I mean how would you react if a hulking figure would run across your yard at night? But I needed to know what the consequences were and what caused his animalistic behaviour in the shower. So I tried to think of something to say… “Max what you did, was wrong… but I know you didn’t do it on purpose.” I said calmly. Max turned his head and nodded in agreement. “There is erm… one more thing I haven’t told you yet…” he said looking at the ground. “Remember when you went shopping and told me that I had to inform the doc about my progress?” “Yes…” I answered anxiously. “I didn’t really send him anything. I actually didn’t want to because I was afraid I had to stop the experiment if he knew what I did.” He said looking back at me. Max sat back down. The chair underneath him was creaking due to his new weight. If I wasn’t mad at him before, now I was definitely mad because of his lies. However, I couldn’t blame him. Even though I was against it in the first place, I actually started to like all this growing. I wrapped my head around it and came with an offer: “Listen Max. I don’t like the fact that you lied to me. But I understand your fear of quiting the experiment. I don’t want to stop this experiment either. I like the way you look and love how happy you are. But I don’t know the consequences from taking all those pills at ones. I mean, you saw what happened upstairs right? What do you say if we take measurements now, send it to the doc and see what he thinks?” Max was silence for a bit, but eventually said yes. He ran upstairs, quaking the house, to get the measuring tape. I still had some difficulty trying to stand up, but the pain in my bum was bearable. Then the shaking returned and shortly after, Max’s was towering beside be. We also took a blank sheet of paper and a pen to write all our measurements down. As we began with the measuring I realised that this time, I had to use a chair to measure his full height. After 10 more minutes, I wrote down all Max’s stats and this was the end result: Neck: 45 cm (18 inch.) Arms: 60 cm (24 inch.) Waist: 88 cm (35 inch.) Chest: 142 cm (56 inch.) Legs: 83 cm (33 inch.) Calves: 60 cm (24 inch.) Height: 2.15 m (7ft) Weight: 145 kg (320 lbs) It was the first time that Max and I were both shocked at the result. Some of these results, we thought, were inhuman. After we gathered this information, it was time to inform the doc. I got my phone out and max handed me his number. I took a deep breath and dialled the number. Putting it on speaker, I heard a familiar voice answering the phone. “Doctor Petrov, what can I do for you?"
  7. Vincent Robertson hated his stepson, David, with a fiery passion. Ever since he’d married David’s mother, the kid had been a complete nuisance to him: ignoring his orders, rolling his eyes at his advice, and going so far as to be a queer. All of his friends gave Vincent crap for raising a fag, to which Vincent frequently responded with, “The shit’s not even mine!” When David left the state for college, Vincent was over the moon. The gay kid was no longer under his roof, no longer using up any of his money. However, he hadn’t considered Christmas Break, scowling on the inside as he drove up to the airport to pick up his stepson since his wife had to go out of town on a last-minute business meeting and practically had to beg her husband to pick up her son. Since she was supposed to be gone for the next three days, Vincent was all prepared to invite the new secretary from his work over for the weekend to have some fun. But, now that David’s coming, that plan flew out of the window. Instead, he decided to take her out to dinner, having to waste money on an expensive dinner just to get some. “Stupid fag,” Vincent muttered to himself as he parked in the Arrival’s Terminal at the airport, further scowling when he saw David, suitcase in hand, walk over to the Mustang. “New car?” David mused as he hopped inside. “Yeah,” Vincent grunted, “don’t mess up the leather.” The small car had been sort of a mid-life’s crisis present to himself. Although some may say thirty-nine was too young to have a crisis, Vincent was a little bummed as every morning he saw his jet black hair grow some grays on his sideburns. His chiseled face sprouted small wrinkles along his eyes and mouth. For the past couple months, he’d been hitting the gym, building up some bulk, trying to get back the body he’d had as a varsity baseball player in high school. Vincent by no means was unfit. He still had a hint of a six pack and had beautifully sculpted pecs and biceps that always strained against his shirts. The female coworkers at his job always marveled at his physique, even getting a chance to feel and ride. Vincent’s body was his most prized possession, and the fact that he was getting older killed him. “Yeah, one of the professors has this same model,” David mused, sending a quick text to someone. “He’s eighty-two and still teaching. Pretty cool, if you ask me.” Vincent rolled his eyes, trying desperately not to choke the kid beside him. “So, your mom gets back in three days. She rode with a co-worker, so you can use her car if you wanna.” David nodded. The rest of the ride was filled with awkward silence. When Vincent finally pulled up into the garage, he was too eager to jump out of his car and rush inside. “I’m going out, so you’re on your own for dinner,” he called, rushing upstairs to get ready for his fuck session with his secretary. He went into the bathroom connected to the master bedroom to begin his grooming. Giving a low sigh, he stared at the little wisps of gray that were in his sideburns. There were now thirteen gray hairs instead of just the eleven he counted last week. Luckily, the hair on top of his head hadn’t been contaminated from the grays, nor his neatly trimmed goatee. He took out his electric razor from the drawer, remembering his secretary noting how she hated hairy men, preferring the shaven look. After a couple minutes, he shaved off his goatee and the stray hairs that were on his chest. Vincent had never had an extremely hairy chest, most of the little hairs centered around his nipples, but he figured that he should shave it to up his chances of sex. After a quick shower, he changed into a button shirt and some dark jeans. As he walked downstairs towards the door, he noticed David relaxing on the couch, sipping a dark liquid from a small, clear glass. “You get into my liquor?” Vincent asked, cocking his eyebrow at the eighteen year old. “Nope, it’s my own,” David answered in a monotone, not removing his gaze from the TV. Vincent jerked back a little bit, actually feeling a little respect for his stepson who had snuck alcohol into his checked luggage. “Yeah?” he asked, intrigued. “What’d you bring?” He walked down the stairs and over to the couch. David swirled the caramel-colored liquid around in the glass, staring at it as he spoke. “It’s homemade liquor from this guy who wanted my nuts. Kind of strong though. You probably couldn’t handle it.” “What makes you say that?” Vincent asked, folding his powerful arms over his beefy chest. Back in college, he was always the major partier, which had led to his getting kicked out of said college. “Everyone knows that old people lose their tolerance for alcohol,” David stated as if Vincent should have already known that fact, making the older man red in the face. “Pour me a glass,” he grunted, ready to drink his stepson under the table. David shrugged and shuffled his feet to the kitchen. He came back with a full-sized glass filled to the brim with the liquid. “Here you go, Tough Guy,” he snickered. “Take baby sips.” “Hundred bucks says I can down this entire glass in under two minutes,” Vincent smirked. If he could accomplish that feat, then David would wind up paying for him to fuck his secretary. David glanced at the clock on the wall. “Okay, go!” he shouted. Vincent brought the glass to his lips, taking a little sip at first, and then chugging down the liquid. David was such a light-weight, he thought to himself. There was practically zero burn from the alcohol or any alcohol taste at all. The drink kind of reminded him of flat cola in a way, just a little bitter. In under a minute, Vincent emptied the glass, letting out a loud belch. “Thought you said it was strong, ” he smirked, “now pay up.” He held out his hand for his winnings, expectantly. David’s mouth curved up into an eat-shit smile. “I know you’re planning to fuck Rachel,” he laughed. “And you drank the whole thing. I don’t know what that’s going to do, I’ve only seen what little sips can do.” Vincent was about to ask what David was talking about, a little nervous about his wife finding out about his infidelities. Then he immediately felt a pang of pain in his gut, a burning heat beginning to radiate throughout his body. “The fuck are you drinking?” he gasped, sweat beading up on his forehead. He fell to his knees and attempted to unbutton his shirt that was getting drenched in sweat. His body felt like it was on fire, burning up with an intense heat that stung like a bitch. David continued to laugh. “I’m drinking tamarind juice. God awful, but it sure got you interested. I guess I should tell you that that guy at college gave me that bottle you just drank as a gift. He said that it would give a person their just desserts.” “I’ll fucking kill you for poisoning me,” Vincent snarled though gritted teeth. The heat took over his entire body and he collapsed, everything going black. *** The faint winter sun filtered in through the window in the master bedroom as it set for the night, waking up the passed out man on the bed. Vincent grunted and stretched out his limbs, hearing his back give a satisfying POP! Immediately remembering the events that occurred a couple hours ago, Vincent shot up and frantically looked around his room. Everything seemed normal: he was alone in his bed. David was a weak fag and no way could he have carried the older man up the stairs, so it all had to have been a bad dream. Vincent chuckled at the thought of his pathetic stepson poisoning him with a bottle of potion that some gay wizard concocted. He slumped off the bed and headed to the bathroom to take another shower before his date as he smelt really musky. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock as he strolled, mentally deciding to handle it in the shower. Vincent walked into the bathroom, flipping the light on and looking into the mirror. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” he shouted at the reflection that stared back at him. Where a good-looking, clean shaven man was supposed to be standing was a giant muscled-up, gay fantasy. Vincent was huge, mega huge. His width had nearly doubled in size, his shoulders crazy broad, accentuated by a thick back that would definitely impede his ability to walk through standard-sized doors without having to turn sideways. He had two giant melons implanted into his chest, his pecs ballooning off of him. The pec shelf must have jut out at least seven inches in front of him, with enlarged nipples that hovered out an extra inch. At first, Vincent thought his sight was blurry, but he soon found that his new chest was dusted with gray hair, not just near his nipples. In fact, his sick pack (which rested on a smaller waist), gigantic tits, and elongated nipples were surrounded by a matt of gray hair. “Oh shit!” he yelled when he saw his face in the mirror. Vincent ran up to the counter, and running a shaky hand through his new hair. What had been jet black with just a few stray grays had become salt-and-pepper, with much more salt than pepper. His goatee even grew back, taking on the gray color scheme. His biceps seemed a little fuller, as did his legs. However, it seemed that most of the muscle growth was concentrated in his chest, mainly his massive pecs. He looked like one of those muscled-up silver daddies that were on gay porn sites. “This is just a dream,” he muttered to himself. “Just go back to sleep, and everything will be fine.” He turned around, and nearly cried in agony at what he saw. His ass jutted out a good ten inches from his back, creating a perfect right angle with his back. He grabbed at it in disbelief, feeling the smooth skin underneath the wiry hair, sending a surprising impulse to his cock. “Oohh,” he moaned. Vincent then jerked in shock, taking his beefy hands off his bubble butt. His cock was throbbing, itself gaining a couple inches of growth as well, waving wildly in front of the panicked man. “This isn’t real,” he hissed to himself. He didn’t feel weighed down by his new pecs and ass, almost as if they balanced each other out. Out of terrified curiosity, the older man stepped on the bathroom scale. Just earlier, he was a happy 176 pounds. His eyes grew wide as saucers as the red letters on the scale showed 248 pounds, and most of it centered on his chest and butt. “But it is real,” he heard a voice call from the doorway. Vincent spun around to see David leaning up against the doorframe, wearing the cunning smile of his. “Apparently your just dessert is to be a gay, silver daddy,” he laughed. “What the fuck did you do to me?!” Vincent roared, wildly waving his hands to show off his new body. He should have felt embarrassed to be stark naked in front of his stepson, but for some odd reason, the man felt frisky with the other male’s eyes on his form, making his larger cock twitch with excitement. “Although you do have the perfect fuck-me butt, so you might just be an old gay whore. Emphasis on old. By the way, I’m digging the gray look.” “Look, change me back, and I’ll give you whatever you want!” Vincent cried out. He frowned as he looked down at his body, the fuzzy mountain-like pecs blocking most of his view. “Well, I guess if you behave tonight, I could change you back,” David said. “But you have to do everything I say, deal?” Vincent frowned, but quickly put on a fake smile. “Sure thing,” he said, eagerly nodding his head, feeling his chin rub against his fuzzy pecs. “Wash up and I’ll lay out some clothes out for you,” David said, exiting the bathroom. Vincent’s broad shoulders slumped and he took another look in the mirror. If he didn’t do everything his gay stepson said, he would be stuck in the body of a gay daddy. His giant cock twitched once more, and he sighed. Might as well take care of this, he thought to himself. He gripped his member and instantaneously felt a ripple of pleasure shoot through his body. He threw back his head and moaned loudly. Turning red with embarrassment, he let go and jumped into the shower, closing the glass door behind him. Showering proved to be quite difficult with his new body. Vincent’s broader shoulders kept banging against the wall and door. Afraid he’d break it, he opted to shower with the door open and just wipe up the water afterwards. His balloon pecs seemed to get in the way of everything. He had trouble seeing his lower body past them, and he always had to carefully maneuver his arms around them so as not to rub up against the sensitive nipples. Never before had Vincent ever liked to have his nipples touched, however his much larger ones begged to be played with. For some reason, his hands refused to pick up the wash cloth his used, forcing him to lather himself up with bare hands. He made the mistake of rubbing the body wash all over his pecs, going over the protruding nipples. As soon as he did so, he let out a high moan, his legs buckling as he came in the shower. Pints of sperm splashed on the walls and pooled at his feet. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” he whined. And his new bubble butt was just as bad. He kept bumping it into the walls as he bent over and tried to turn around. What was worse was that he heard a grumble, almost as if he were hungry. In horror, he discovered the gurgling sensation came from his ass. His ass was hungry. On instinct, his put out his middle finger, his mind contemplating shoving it up his starving hole. The stirring in his cock told him to go ahead. “No, I ain’t a fag,” he snarled at himself. The hunger in his ass lingered and the more he thought about shoving his fingers up there, the harder his cock got. Deciding to distract himself from the hunger in his butt, he grabbed his wife’s razor that was in the shower and attempted to use it on his hairy pecs. He’s never had this amount of hair on his chest, let alone gray hair. However, as soon as he shaved a smooth line on his chest, he cried out in shock as he watched gray hairs sprout out in seconds. He then felt his chest lurch, and watched in terror as his pecs inflated a couple more centimeters from his chest, his nipples growing a little thicker. What David had said earlier rang in his head. Apparently Vincent was facing his worst nightmare: being gay and old. If he tried to avoid his just dessert, it got worse depending on the action. “Fuck!” he hissed as he shut off the water. He dried himself off, dropping the towel on the floor to soak up the water. He then moved into the bedroom, having to turn sideways to get through the door, his erection bouncing in front of him. “I though you would’ve taken care of that,” David mused, gesturing at his rock hard member. “I did,” Vincent groaned, “this faggy body is hypersensitive.” Then then looked at the clothes that David had placed on the bed for him. They were Vincent’s clothes, but meant for Vincent’s normal body. He picked up the wife beater and looked down at his massive tits. “I don’t think this’ll fit.” David perked up. “Then let’s go out tomorrow and buy you some clothes,” he said. “I’ve been thinking, and Mom doesn’t return for another two days, so maybe I’ll keep you like this until then.” “You son of a bitch!” Vincent lurched at David, but found that his body wouldn’t harm the young man in any way. He tried to concentrate on punching , kicking, even spitting on him. However, his new body would not harm his stepson in any way. “Just for that, you’re going to have to wear something else,” David smirked. He walked out of the room for a brief moment, only to return with a tiny cloth bundled in his hand. He tossed it over to his altered stepdad, who unfolded it in a huff. “I can’t go out in public wearing this!” he shouted at the white spandex bike shorts. Even if they did manage to contain his trunk-like cock and globular butt, it’d definitely be a little see-through. “I’ll get arrested!” Thoughts of people seeing him in his new form sent an odd sensation throughout his body, making him unconsciously flex his ass muscles. “Where we’ll go, that’s not going to be a problem. Just stay in the car until then.” “Where are we going?” Vincent asked, feeling anxious. “To a drive-through, I’m kind of hungry,” David said, “I’ll wait for you downstairs.” He left the room, leaving Vincent staring at the spandex in his hands. “Fuck that,” he spat, stomping over to his dresser. He yanked open the top drawer, snatching pair of his boxers. He stepped into one foot hole, and as soon as he did, he felt his rump shudder and pull away from his body. Looking behind him, he saw in horror as his ass inflated out a little more, growing rounder and fuller. Cursing, he kicked the boxers away and sat on the bed to yank the spandex on. He felt the new girth of his ass as he sat, slowly rocking back and forth unconsciously on the new globes. He managed to pull the shorts on and stumbled into the bathroom to get a look at himself. Like he suspected, the white material was almost see-through as it struggled to contain the girth of his newly inflated butt. His hard on was very visible, sticking straight up and out of the top of them, the head nestled in his fuzzy belly button. Knowing that he had no choice, Vincent sighed and walked out of the bedroom and down to the garage. He saw David already sitting in the passenger seat of the Mustang, his feet up on the dashboard. Vincent was about to tell the brat off, but fearing what would happen next, decided it best to keep quiet. “I knew those would look good on you,” David said, “Daddy.” He added the last work with a smile, dragging out the last syllable to taunt the altered man. Vincent froze in his tracks, fighting the urge to lash out. “What did you call me?” he asked, his cock twitching, leaking precum into his chest hair. He’d never let David call him Dad before, not wanting to be associated with the kid. However, he felt a rush of excitement at having the young man call him Daddy. He brushed it off, deciding that it was probably just his anxiety, as this was obviously the worst day of his life. Vincent struggled to get inside of his car. He threw himself down into the seat, his bubble butt keeping his body elevated much higher than needed, making him bend over the bash a bit. He lowered the seat as far as it went and then had trouble closing the door with his broadened shoulders. He wound up having to lean over a little bit closer to David’s seat, his left shoulder pressed tight against the door, his right against his laughing stepson. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Vincent roared as his massive pecs were tightly pressed against the wheel, making the car horn go off every couple seconds. After shoving the seat as far back as it could go, and positioning his arms around the exaggerated size of his pecs, he was finally semi-comfortable. Granted, the older man had his head bent to the side due to his bubble butt keeping him elevated, and his shoulders were trapped between a door and his stepson, and his mega pecs still lightly brushed against the wheel, and his larger nipples sent shocks of pleasure throughout his body as his biceps rubbed up against them as he turned the wheel to back out of the driveway. “Comfortable?” David laughed. Vincent ignored him, looking out on the road to make sure no other vehicles were out. So far, he was lucky. He took a sharp right, his nipple flicking from the groove of the wheel, making his cock jerk. He grunted, and bit down on his tongue to try to focus more on the road than his nipples. “Well, I’m not sure if you want to hear this or not,” David said, turning to face the muscled-up man, “but I think you look incredibly sexy…Daddy.” Once again, there was something about that word Daddy that got Vincent going. He felt his heart start to race and unconsciously licked his lips, feeling some of his gray goatee as he did so. “So, you turned me into your ultimate faggy fantasy?” he asked. “I guess,” David said, flicking Vincent’s protruding nipple with his index finger. “Oh yeah,” Vincent moaned, spurting out more precum onto his chest. He turned beat red and turned to his stepson. “Don’t do that again.” Although his mind didn’t like it, his body screamed out for more, his butt muscles flexing with thoughts of his stepson yanking on his nips again. His heartbeat sped up a little more and he could feel himself starting to grind his hips the smallest bit, rubbing his cock against his hairy chest. If the faggy body wasn’t bad enough, the new gay behavior and thoughts took the cake. It seemed as if Vincent’s new body had a mind of its own, solely focused on sex, and worst of all: sex with his stepson. After a couple minutes of tense driving, Vincent pulled up to a fast food chain, thankful that it was dark outside, so people couldn’t easily see his blown-up form. “Just get some fries and a Sprite,” David said, “I have something else for you.” Vincent repeated his stepson’s order to the machine, only rolling the window down the tiniest bit. As he drove up, he realized that he would have to hand money to the employee. Frowning, he glanced down at his fuzzy pecs and giant erection that happily sat in his lap. “What if they see?” he asked, nervous about getting arrested for public indecency. “Then give them a show,” David mused, handing his stepdad a five for the food. The employee opened up the window to hand over the food. He was a scrawny teenage boy, his face full of acne and his mouth with metal. Vincent sighed for the millionth time and rolled down the window all the way, his heart falling as the employee’s jaw dropped. “Holy crap!” he mused. “You’re huge!” Having the boy gawk at his large form sent a shiver of pleasure throughout his core, and Vincent felt himself unconsciously lift his arms to form a double biceps pose. “Wanna feel?” he heard himself say, his eyes widening in terror. “No thanks, I don’t swing that way, Sir,” the employee said, taking the money and handing over the food. He slammed his window shut with a bang. “I’ll feel, Daddy,” David said, running his hand over the surprised man’s bicep, making way up his arm, down his hairy chest, and over to his gigantic cock head. “Drive.” Vincent, suppressing the moans he felt building up in throat, struggled to keep his focus on the road, although all he could concentrate on was his stepson’s hand stroking his cock, making his pecs jump with excitement. His whole body seemed to be wired to his cock, the touch of another male sending his hormones into a frenzy. His cock was rock hard now, sticking straight up into his view, almost as if it had grown a couple more inches, the head rubbing up in the cleavage of his pecs. “Pull over,” David said. Vincent was all too happy to stop the car. He pulled over along a deserted sidewalk. All the houses around had no lights on and there were no people or cars out. His cock waved in front of him and he felt his mouth begin to salivate. “What are you doing to me?” he grunted. “Preparing your meal, go ahead,” David smiled. “Eat up.” Vincent rolled his eyes, but he felt himself lean forward and take his giant cock head into his own mouth, running his tongue all over the throbbing surface. Vincent had never sucked anyone off before, but he felt as his own tongue masterfully caressed his own cock, his hips buckling and head starting to bob back and forth. He tasted the saltiness of a little precum, eagerly swallowing it down, giving out a low moan as he did so. His beefy hands alternated between rubbing the elongated shaft up and down, and between pinching his incredibly sensitive nipples. In a matter for minutes, Vincent screamed on the inside as he cheeks puffed up from being filled with cum, his new body slurping the sticky stuff down in a flash. When he was done and back in control of his actions, Vincent spit his dick out, the lingering taste of cum making him swirl his tongue around. “Why’d you make me do that?” he cried out to his stepson. “I know this is hard for you Daddy, so tell you what, you sleep alone on the couch tonight so that there’s no pressure for sex. Then tomorrow morning we’ll go out and buy some clothes for you so that you can cover up at work,” David said. “I can’t go to work like this!” Vincent shouted. His cock had finally softened and lied along his engorged thigh. “Well how else are you going to make money?” David asked. “You’re the breadwinner.” Vincent started back up the car and sped home. The vibrations in the seat from the engine tickled his sac a little, his cock shooting straight up to attention much to his annoyance. Once the two got to the home, Vincent eagerly rushed inside, hoping that he wouldn’t have to go outside for the remainder of the time that he was stuck in his new body. He walked over to the couch and frowned. “I have my own bed, you know,” he called to his stepson who made his way upstairs, fries and drink in hand. “You mean my new bed? Nope.” With that, he heard the bedroom door close. He tried to get comfortable on the couch, but his new body even made that an ordeal. His bubble butt made his lower back uncomfortable elevated. He couldn’t lay on his side with his broadened shoulders. And his massive pecs pushed his head so far up off the pillow, his nipples rubbing up against the couch materiel, making his drip some precum on the couch. “Fuck!” he cried out. “I can’t make it as a gay old man.” He sat up and put his head in his hands for a while, trying to think up his options. He was tired more than anything, being turned into a muscled-up fantasy taking a lot of energy out of him. Then again, like he was a puppet with some invisible force moving him, he got up off the couch and walked up the stairs and into his bedroom. David was asleep in the bed, lightly snoring. Vincent sneered at him, yet his heart sped up at seeing the boy in his bed, his cock giving a little twitch. Ignoring his inner hatred, his body moved forward and crawled into the bed. He felt himself grab the boy and pull him into his massive chest. For some odd reason, Vincent felt his anger and anxiety disappear and he soon drifted off to sleep, his stepson in his arms and his cock creating an obscene tent in the blankets.
  8. Be sure to check out the first half here before you proceed: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7334-how-to-change-your-life-through-muscle-therapy-part-1-of-2/ Abel can see what kind of effect this is having on Melvin which makes the red-skinned therapist grin. Clyde turns around to look at Melvin which absolutely stuns the small college student when he sees how different his friend looks now. The formerly rail-thin 21 year old now has 24” guns, a huge set of beach ball-sized pillows with quarter-sized nipples dangling towards the floor, a perfectly-aligned rack of 8 abdominals, a swollen 10” pole with golf-balls hugging his ballsack, which leads down to two wonderfully vascular redwoods with the biggest calves Melvin has ever seen before. Clyde’s size 14 feet still sit on top of the remains of his sneakers he was wearing when he came in to the office. When he walked in the door, Clyde was clean-shaven but now he is sporting a nicely-groomed black beard. His perfectly defined face now sports a dimple in his chin as his bluish-green eyes sparkle. He smiles at Melvin as he bounces his pecs and biceps before slowly flexing them. His veins engorge with blood as his muscles rise into two huge melon-sized mounds. He moves his head to the side and motions for his good friend to come over and feel them. Melvin is a bit in shock though as Abel slowly walks over to him to put his hand on the young man’s shoulder. ‘Now you can see what I can do for both of you. Clyde was completely open to letting his inner beast out. Not everyone is the same I know, but I knew exactly how to bring him out. Why don’t you go over and take a look at him Melvin? He is still the same guy you have known for years. He is just fulfilling his destiny now.’ Abel nudges him a bit to make him move towards the big hunky man. Clyde is still flexing his huge guns as Melvin walks around the broken chair and behind the big stud’s back looking over his new muscles and making unusual gestures with his face. He looks over at the therapist and begins to put his hand out to touch his friend’s back. Abel shakes his head no and motions for him to keep his hands to himself. The extremely muscular 21-year old smiles at him as he comes back around to the front and shows off his perfectly aligned teeth. Melvin is quite attracted to him and moans loud enough to where the therapist can hear him. Abel walks over to him to stand by his side. ‘So…..Melvin are you convinced yet? Clyde is looking quite amazing isn’t he?’ Melvin is still shocked by what has happened. His close friend is physically powerful and incredibly attractive. He looks at the therapist to ask him a question. ‘He is still the same guy isn’t he? I haven’t heard him say a word yet.’ ‘Oh yes. I think he is just trying to enjoy the first few moments after being reborn basically. Why don’t you say something to him if you want to?’ The skinny 20-year old turns back around to face Clyde again as he looks him directly into his eyes. ‘Clyde? Please say something, I just want to know if you are still in there.’ ‘What are you getting on about Mel? *notices his deep baritone* WHOA! Oh my gawd, my voice is insane! *laughs as he stops flexing to relax his body* Yeah, I can’t believe that my personality is still the exact same. I was a bit scared at first because it felt like my head was being lifted off my body. Literally, I lost feeling on just about everything. After my head finished growing, it felt like I had just woken up from the most erotic dream I have ever had, except that it is totally real.’ The big stud turns to look at Abel. ‘Can I not touch Mel? I have noticed that he is not allowed to be in contact with me.’ Abel walks up to him and runs his red hands up and down his gigantic torso. Melvin makes a few noises that suggest he is thinking about something. ‘I can touch you Clyde because we are part of the same guild now. Melvin has not signed the contract yet so if he touched you, he would most likely die. The contract protects him from any kind of harm, of course he becomes part of the guild which means he would have to do things to maintain his look in the best interest of the guild. *turns to look at Melvin again* Okay, it is decision time Melvin.’ The nude red-skinned man walks back over to the desk and points at Clyde. He motions for him to stand over to the side so that he can have Melvin sit back down in his chair again. The half-aroused college student is still a bit unsure about the whole thing but sits back down in the other chair, the one he was sitting in before. Clyde stands about ten feet from the desk as he wipes streams of perspiration off his head, chest, and legs. He looks down and notices that his cock is dripping as well which sort of takes him off guard a little bit. Abel shakes his head. ‘Did you really expect that you wouldn’t be leaking Clyde? You wanted to be this way after all right? *looks for Melvin’s contract again and hands it to him with a pen* Okay, you have already read the terms correct? I just need you to sign your name Melvin. After that, you can touch your friend over here all you want. He really wants you I can tell.’ Melvin once again pauses to read the contract again just in case he missed something. Clyde looks at him with a confused look on his face as the skinny young man glances at him. He seems visibly upset and can’t seem to make a decision. Abel moves back over in front of the desk again and stands just far enough away to let Melvin take in his scent. The therapist looks him deep into his eyes and appears to be calming him down somehow. The young man’s breathing slows down a bit as well. ‘Just relax Melvin and do what is best for you. I sensed your apprehension even before you ever walked in here. Clyde is an open book and it shows since he freely allowed himself to change into the muscle stud he is now. You are having trouble keeping your eyes off him. Even now you are trying not to look at him because in your mind you have always wanted Clyde to become a muscle freak because he has always been your true love. By signing your name on that document, you can fulfill your destiny by joining him and becoming the strong, intelligent man that wants to be unleashed. You won’t regret it, trust me.’ Melvin puts his hands on his head for a few seconds before taking the pen in his left hand and signing his name to the line where his signature goes. He hands the folder and the pen back to Abel and stands up to pace back and forth for a few minutes. The therapist goes over to try and relax him once again by rubbing on the young man’s back. The college student calms down and turns to look at Abel and Clyde as the huge musclebound stud involuntarily flexes his immense arms, pecs, and legs to show his skinny friend what he could have if he would just let himself be free. ‘It still doesn’t feel right to me Abel. I signed the contract, but yet I am still so stressed out about this. Is that supposed to happen?’ ‘For you Melvin, it isn’t quite the same. You want to feel empowered both inside and out and that is fairly normal. Elliott was equally apprehensive himself about this and that was eased once he let his more dominant side take over. I don’t have the power to change you, you and Clyde do. *points at the giant musclehead across the room* It is all about the two of you now and where you will go next with this.’ The concerned 20-year old slowly walks over to his massive 21-year old friend and tries to keep his distance. Clyde puts his hands out to touch him but Melvin moves backwards. He stumbles and nearly hits his head on the desk behind him. Clyde tries to catch him but Abel motions for him to not help in any way. The stunned man nearly loses his glasses as they shift sideways on his head. He rearranges them again to face his well-muscled friend. He looks into his blue-green eyes and wants to move towards him to just touch his muscles but feels a twinge of stress once again. Abel walks over beside the two young men to speak. ‘I think you have pretty much figured out the catalyst Melvin. Your touch on his body is the trigger which is why your brain and stomach are reacting so much. The contract is signed now all you have to do is start the process. Clyde is desperately wanting you to do this, look down at his penis.’ Melvin notices his friend’s cock getting bigger as it attempts to touch his pants leg. He feels the heat against his thigh which ignites his own cock as it reacts as well. He moans lightly and loses his concentration just a bit as he feels a few drops running down his leg as Clyde’s cock does the same spilling precum close to the same area. He feels himself being drawn to his big friend now as he places both of his hands on Clyde’s mammoth pecs. The big man flexes them as they press into his fingers. He can feel vibrations flowing through them as the feeling runs up into his arms and throughout his body. He starts making strange noises as swelling and stretching sounds radiate from his hands and forearms. He can see the muscle fibers, tendons, and veins engorge as his loose plaid shirt gets a bit tighter on his upper body. Clyde grunts feeling his friend growing as he continues to pump his energy into him. Melvin’s feet are tearing through his sneakers and socks as his pants now cling to the growing beasts from beneath the surface. The small cock he was hiding before is stretching its way down his right leg against restraining fabric that is cutting off the circulation in his lower body. He moans loudly feeling his back doubling up on itself as his shirt pulls tightly against his widening lats and torso. The top two buttons on his plaid shirt fly into Clyde’s face as he laughs in his deep baritone. Two emerging pec pillows destroy the front of his shirt as they flop out exposing the top of his new six-pack. His massive new guns shred his shirt in half as two hose-sized veins lead up to his nearly soccer-ball sized shoulders as his shirt flies off his upper body revealing the rest of his thickly muscled torso. He lets go of Clyde’s chest to reach down to rip his pants off so his lower body can finish its dramatic transformation and finally breathe. His cock shoots a few strands of cum all over Clyde’s left leg as the big man lifts Melvin up into his arms to hug him and to press his 11-incher up against his friend’s monstrously thick glutes. He places one of his thick hands on Melvin’s head to feel him finish changing as his face slightly changes from its soft appearance to a firmer and manlier form. His glasses stretch to their limits as Clyde slowly pulls them off before they break in half. A forest of fur grows up from Melvin’s patch just above his cock all the way up to his neck. A reddish beard follows along the curves of his face as Clyde finally leans down to locks his lips on his good friend. He pushes himself inside Melvin as the 20-year old feels his virginity being eradicated as his body fully embraces Clyde’s cock moving completely inside him. The two huge studs moan loudly as they have sex for the first time in their new powerful forms and move their way over to the desk where Clyde lies down. Melvin remains on top of him and knows his role as the power bottom as he hops up and down on his incredibly hunky lover. Abel can see that they need their alone time and leaves to go back into the bathroom to leave the two huge studs alone to their devices. After a very trying beginning to the session, Clyde and Melvin are letting themselves go to embrace the desires that were deep down inside them all along. Before he can close the door to the bathroom though, Clyde yells for him to come back in. Abel peers around the corner to smile and shakes his right hand at him to show that he isn’t going to get involved in a threesome. The big top makes a few puppy sounds which get a laugh out of the red-skinned therapist but he reiterates that he can’t get involved in what they are doing. ‘While it is tempting Clyde, I can’t be part of what you two are doing right now. Maybe later when you get more acquainted with the guild we can arrange something together.’ Abel shuts the bathroom door as Clyde goes back to pounding his well-muscled friend into oblivion on the desk. Meet two other brothers in the Darkori family: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1803-the-hormone-treatment-part-1/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1818-the-hormone-treatment-part-2/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1825-the-hormone-treatment-part-3/
  9. A kobold was running for his life as pursuers hidden behind black uniforms and masks chased after him with their guns drawn. One of them fired but the shot landed on Kardukk’s right shoulder armor. He contemplated fighting them but a pair of shoulder armor, vambraces and greaves made out of iron wasn’t going to win him any fights. Not to mention the small reptile was only three feet tall. The corridor he ran seemed endless and mad as it was bathed in an eerie red glow. With fatigue setting in his speed began to falter. Beads of sweat trailed down his grey scales from his head to his back. But then his blue eyes sparkled as a door was just in sight. Kardukk beat his white scaled chest to empower himself to run faster, yet it was all for naught. Something hit him on the back of his neck, rendering him almost paralyzed. There was just enough energy left in him to turn and note the dart. Kardukk collapsed, unconscious. The lighting in the room then returned to normal as the guards aimed their weapons at the creature. A menacing dragon wearing a gas mask and a pair of camouflage pants then cut through the group and approached the now unconscious prey. He was enormous in stature, towering over all the guards at seven tall. His bare front white chest drew the attention of every fur present. He bent down and examined the captured target, the golden scales that ran down his wide, muscular back and his bulging arms glistened under the florescent lights. He pointed to one of the guards behind him, “Take him to the cell, and prep him for the professor,” the dragon said in his muffled voice. The one guard saluted, “Right away Commander Soamur.” As the hulking dragon walked off, the unconscious prisoner slipped into a dream. _____________________________________ Deep underground behind five layers of steel doors locked with a complex encryption was a massive laboratory that doubled as the private quarters of the base’s researcher, Lowius. The room was divided into two sections; one side held the laboratory where all of Lowius’s research was conducted, the other was his bedroom with shelves of books for him to pass the time. As the commotion a few floors up was going on the olive green alien was enjoying his many books. He was dressed in his usual white lab coat with holes for his protruding white and smaller yellow spikes along his back and a pair of long blue pants. His broad muscular pectorals were exposed to the world to see since he never wore anything under his coat. In his right hand he had Mysterious Worlds and How to Get There, on his left he was rereading Magical Doodads all while his second pair of hands below were busy piping a concentrated acid onto a piece of golden scale. Thanks to his four eyes splitting his concentration between jobs was a simple task. The sound of the doors behind him opening pulled his attention away from his work. Setting the books down on his table Lowius turned to face his guest. “Soamur…” Lowius had to fight his urge to let out a tsk. “Professor,” the dragon looked down at the shorter alien, “I have your next assignment. You are to proceed with the next phase of the DNA mutation program.” Up close the differences in their power was obvious, Lowius though physically fit with some muscularity was still smaller compared to the commander. “What? The next phase involves real living beings. The theoretical analysis is still under way; I can’t ethically allow you to accelerate the process. We don’t know what will happen,” Lowius angrily protested. The commander’s nostrils flared, “Might I remind you that the one funding your little tests is the Republic. And the reason you live to breathe another day is because I so graciously as one of the greatest commanders of the Republic will it.” Each sentence was punctuated with the commander stepping closer and closer to the professor until the smaller creature was backed up against his desk. “I…I can’t. This is wrong,” Lowius said softly. Soamur’s face darkened. With a snap of his fingers the professor was brought to his knees, his body shaking in pain as the invisible collar on his neck blasted him with a powerful electric shock. A menacing smile grew on the dragon’s face as he watched the professor suffer. “I trust you will do your best then. Your little guinea pig is on the way.” Squirming on the floor, rage filled Lowius’s mind as the commander walked off. _____________________________________ Five days passed since that painful meeting. The test subject that was brought in was identified as a kobold. Tubes filled with life sustaining chemicals were attached to the subject’s arms and thighs while he remained bound and unconscious on the operating table. To the right of the table was Lowius still racking his brain over the serum he was working on. He had been cursing at his computer every time the simulation failed. There was just no way to make the super soldier serum work. Slouching over his notes Lowius was just about to give up when Soamur entered. “What do you want?” Lowius asked without turning his back. “I see our little trespasser is still in one piece after the serum,” Soamur said. “He hasn’t been administered the serum. I ran some tests, and there is no way it will work.” Soamur scoffed at the professor’s reluctance to do as he was told. “Now how can you be so sure of that if you didn’t really test it?” The commander placed his scaly hands on the professor’s shoulders. Lowius’s pupils dilated, a sense of dread gripped his heart. That was what Soamur was known for, the ability to inject fear into anyone with just his words. “N-no need. I know what I’m doing. I’m not going to let him die for no reason.” The dragon’s fingers dug deep into Lowius’s shoulders causing the alien to flinch. “Your words are hollow professor. You know your curious nature begs you to do it. All you need is a little push in the right direction,” Soamur whispered into the alien’s right ear. Everything seemed to slow down at that moment. Lowius watched petrified as the commander’s right arm reached for his keyboard and entered the instructions to pump the serum into the subject. His computer screen began flashing red. Back at the dissecting table the pumps that fed the kobold was pumping a mysterious orange liquid. Lowius quickly ran out of his chair to tend to the patient spasming out of control all while the wicked dragon laughed maniacally at the professor’s suffering. Turning to leave, Soamur left with one message, “I expect a report soon professor. Have... fun.” _____________________________________ The situation was dire. Lowius was frantically looking left and right for some tool to help him save the tortured kobold. His test subject was twisting and turning his body, trying to break free from the restraints holding his hands and feet down. It looked like it was doing more harm than good. What made it worse was listening to the harrowing screams and spine tingling growls coming from the tortured soul. Only one solution came to mind, the healing tube. Lowius pressed the red button hidden underneath the dissecting table the table rose and flipped itself until the kobold was upright. A huge oval shaped contraption held by two metal poles descended from the ceiling. The dark blue tubes surrounding the contraption began to glow and hum as a glass barrier extended from behind the table and encircled the subject. His restraints and the life sustaining tubes retracted back behind the chair. Both the glass and table then combined to form a chamber. Mysterious light green liquid quickly poured from the contraption and in seconds the chamber was filled to the brim with the solution. Miraculously, the wounds left from the tubes healed in a blink of an eye. Seeing the subject’s body calm down filled Lowius with relief, he slumped backwards into his chair. In just ten minutes he felt himself lose ten years of his life. Just as he thought it was all over the corner of his eyes caught sight of a flickering shadow from the tube. Lowius’s eyes widened when he realized the serum he administered triggered the transformation. He watched the kobold’s head inching towards to the top of the tube as he grew taller by the minute abandoning his dwarfish form. His limbs grew longer and ballooned with muscle. The subject’s arms expanded gradually. First a noticeable bulge in his bicep formed, no bigger than one or two tennis balls. Slowly the peak of his bicep rose with several veins snaking across them. His triceps and deltoids followed suit, doubling in size, making the kobold’s whole arm look like someone stuffed a bowling ball inside it. After five minutes Kardukk’s arms were touching the base of the tube and were still growing in width. His flat chest then began to extend outwards and curve into two small hills of muscle. As his pecs grew denser deep striations began to form across his chest. Simultaneously his shoulders widened apart and his traps began to thicken. It looked like his head was about to be swallowed whole by his own traps as his pecs pushed his chin upwards, but then the growth began to even out as his form grew taller until his head bumped on the roof of the seven foot tall tube. A sharp screech then emanated from the back of the kobold as a white four sided white mace which grew on the tip of his curly tail was now rubbing against the glass. Inside the tube, Kardukk was aware of every change happening to him. Every fiber of muscle in the kobold’s body pulsated with energy. Slowly, his mind was overtaken by the growth, he wanted more and he needed to be bigger! As if powered by his very will the warm glow of the growth intensified in heat. There were two things the professor could have done: he could have run out to call for help or he could have programmed the tube to terminate the specimen, but he did neither and just watched from his seat - powerless. All the while a very noticeable bulge began to form inside the alien’s pants. Next, the bottom half of the kobold started twitching as the growth continued. His once soft belly was replaced by an eight pack wall of abs. Still the most jaw dropping sight was the kobold’s widening thighs and calves, thighs that looked like they could crush a metal cube between them with one squeeze, and beefy calves large enough to balance weights on them. All logic was thrown out the window, as the professor rushed towards the tube and pressed his snout against the glass to take in his greatest creation’s glorious ascension into power. Then came the ‘third leg’, the kobold’s soft member hardened and began to elongate up his abdomen nearly reaching his torso. His modest orbs dangling beneath his shaft grew the least, inflating to the size of melons. “Ah hell,” Lowius exclaimed as he noticed cracks forming around the tube. Just as he got onto his feet, the tube exploded with a loud crack followed by the thunderous roar from the creature it once contained. _____________________________________ Lying on his stomach Lowius thanked the stars that none of the glass shards punctured him. Unfortunately, his clothes were soaking wet from the green substance. A massive shadow then rose and loomed over him, before he could even get up Lowius was tugged backwards by his lab collar. The alien gasped when he felt his back slam against something squishy. Craning his neck upwards he made the mistake of opening his mouth in shock as he saw an immense meaty dick, the hard member leaked a dollop of pre that splattered all over Lowius’s face. He didn’t want to admit it but the warm musky solution felt good against his skin, his two toned cock throbbed as he licked some of the pre off his mouth. Completely distracted the now aroused scientist was hoisted off the ground and turned over by a pair of powerful arms. Clearing his face Lowius stared eye to eye with a very angry looking kobold. It was a sight to behold as the kobold stood at his full height, his horns almost brushing against the ceiling. “Now, now we can talk about this. The uhhh growth potential of your unique cells must have been accelerated by the healing tube and-“ Kardukk interrupted with a loud grunt. The professor didn’t get a chance to completely register what the kobold wanted before the huge muscle bound creature pulled him close for a deep kiss. It was a mind numbing experience, the way the kobold's enlarged tongue invaded his mouth, Lowius could feel it inching deeper down his throat. Pressing his hands against Kardukk’s hard shoulders Lowius pulled himself back to get more comfortable. Now, he was ready. Using his quartet of tongues the alien struggled to wrap them around the expansive organ. But it didn’t matter, their kiss was hot, he could taste the kobold inside him and he wanted more. Never before had he been overpowered so fiercely and passionately. As they kissed Kardukk started undressing his little friend, delicately removing his lab coat with his massive hands and chucking them onto the Lowius’s table. When the kiss broke, Lowius slumped forward half naked and hugged the kobold’s bulging pecs, panting heavily. The kobold’s cock smacked Lowius on the back right above his firm buttocks. Though feeling drained the sexually hungry beast gave the alien no time for respite. Kardukk started flexing his pecs, squeezing the smaller alien’s head between his beefy pectorals. Lowius let out a muffled groan as he was lost in the excitement and power of his muscular partner. Taking the opportunity to indulge himself Lowius licked the kobold’s cleavage and freely explored the broad chest with his hands. The muscle bound kobold groaned heavily. A mere brush from the professor’s skilled hands sent electricity down Kardukk’s spine, his throbbing member drooling with pre along his shaft. Lowius’s boner pressed close against Kardukk’s abs all the while leaking copious amounts of pre through his pants. It was both stimulating and annoying at the same time to have his hard member restrained by his clothes. Unable to hold back anymore, Lowius started unbuckling his belt. But the kobold had a faster solution. He grabbed the professor’s pants and ripped them in half like a piece of paper. Finally freed from its cotton prison, Lowius’s cock slapped against Kardukk’s abs with a wet thud. Its blue tip glistened under the white lights thanks to the fountain of pre gushing from his cock. The bright red color that stretched from the middle of his shaft to its base gave the illusion that he was about to erupt anytime soon. Kardukk smirked at the sight of the alien’s smaller dick, his ego growing. Fueled by lust Kardukk pushed Lowius closer and higher until the professor’s colorful penis rubbed the kobold’s pec cleavage. Like a pet begging for a treat, Kardukk guided Lowius by pushing him gently on the back, letting his cock slide in and out between the kobold’s pecs. Lowius quickly picked up on what the bigger creature wanted. He grabbed onto Kardukk’s mammoth shoulders and started gyrating his hips. His pre soaked cock was a blur, fucking Kardukk’s pecs intensely. Never before had Lowius experience such powerful muscles, the way Kardukk clenched his cock with a simple flex. Just when he felt the pressure in his cock building up, yearning for release the kobold relaxed his pecs and playfully bounce them. “Oh you naughty beast,” Lowius said, his cock still throbbing but the need to cum was subsiding. Not wanting to be outdone he slid down Kardukk’s abs until his snout was facing the kobold’s hard member. Holding the heavy pair of orbs with his lower hands felt so surreal yet so pleasurable. The other pair of hands of his daringly rubbed the kobold’s abs. His burning desire to pleasure the kobold stripped him of his restraints as he buried his nose deep in the musky sack that held the muscle beast’s testicles. The scent of sweat and musk mixed together was an orgasm to the senses. With his tongues he started lapping Kardukk’s balls. Lowius enjoyed the struggle of worshipping the enormity of the kobold’s balls. Moving his snout up, his tongues wrapped around the hard veiny shaft, licking it like he would a popsicle, running his tongues up and down the meat pole leisurely to savor the salty taste. Kardukk threw his head back purring. The mad scientist really knew how to worship a cock. When his partner reached for his bright pink dickhead with the kobold’s whole body tensed. His cock erupted with pre all over Lowius’s face. Still the alien kept going as he plunged two of his tongues into the exposed urethra, causing Kardukk to jerk and flex his upper body. With his other two tongues Lowius wrapped them along Kardukk’s cock and proceeded to suck him off. It was a struggle to fit the entire member in his mouth, like he was trying to consume an extra-large salami in one go. But the alien quickly got used to the thick dick filling his mouth. He was like a vacuum sucking every drop of pre leaking from the tip while exploring the tickling the inside of the kobold’s member. As his grunts grew heavier Kardukk decided to turn the tables in his favor. With one hand he pulled the scientist off his cock, leaving a trail of saliva connecting the alien’s mouth and his hard dick. Flipping him over till his ass faced the kobold Kardukk brought the professor’s tender bottom close to his face and started rimming him. His extensive tongue plunged deep into the crevice of Lowius’s stone hard butt cheeks, sending tremors up the professor’s spine. Despite the size of his tongue the kobold worked it like magic, licking the outer ting of the alien’s hole to tease him before sinking deep to turn the alien into putty. Pre dripped from Lowius’s cock all over Kardukk’s chest again. Seeing his window of opportunity the kobold pulled out of the professor’s hole and raised Lowius’ butt high above his head and suckled the alien’s twitching cock. His large mouth made it easy to take in Lowius’ cock in its entirety and his dangling scrotum. Just like the professor, the massive kobold relished the taste of the alien’s manhood. If someone were to watch the two in action at that moment it would look more like the kobold was milking the professor for every drop of sustenance his cock can muster. Thrice did Lowius come close to blowing his load in Kardukk’s mouth, but he did not want to lose to the titan. “Slow…slow down… you’re going to make me-“ Lowius said softly with his tongues drooping from his mouth. Kardukk replied with a deep chuckle before releasing the professor’s private parts. The naked scientist looked sexier than ever with strings of sticky saliva and pre covering his ass and cock. “Must fuck,” Kardukk said in a deep voice. The kobold pulled Lowius off of him and pinned him on his back between his mighty thighs. Lowius’s snout was pressed against the cool lab floor by just two fingers, his plump posterior pointed upwards towards the kobold’s raging boner. Looking down pass his puffy pectorals Kardukk was enjoying his view. After wetting his index and forefinger with a quick wet lick of his tongue the kobold rubbed around the rim of Lowius’s hole. The usually composed scientist let out a heavy moan, his claws ran along the floor leaving visible scratch marks. Watching his former captor squirm from such a light touch excited the Herculean creature. Kardukk pushed his fingers into Lowius’s tight hole, with every inch he shoved into him the alien gasped and howl. Once both digits had impaled Kardukk’s plaything the kobold started pumping his hole, finger fucking the professor with increasing ferocity. “Faster… faster!” Lowius begged. Kardukk licking his lips was more than happy to comply. At one point his fingers brushed against Lowius’s prostate making the professor yell out at the top of his lungs. Lowius’s cock spewed ropes of pre all over the floor, some of the goo even landed on his stomach. Confident that his little fuck buddy was ready Kardukk pulled out his fingers with an audible pop. The kobold pulled Lowius’ ass closer to his dick. His veiny cock rubbed along the smaller creature’s butt cheeks slowly. As he slid his dick along Lowius’ ass Kardukk could feel the same warm glow from before - he was going to grow. Holding Lowius by the hips Kardukk thrust his dickhead into the alien’s hole. Lowius howled in pain and pleasure as his hole stretched to accommodate the huge rod entering him. Feeling the pulsing cock inside him pushing against the walls of his ass and going deeper Lowius thought he was getting the ride of his life. But turning back Lowius gasped at the sight of the kobold’s dick pushing him further in front. “Fuck! He’s growing!” thought Lowius. This time it was different, most of the growth was concentrated in the kobold’s private parts. Lowius nearly screamed when his feet were lifted off the ground and rising with the growing shaft expanding in girth and lengthening inside him. Thick veins popped along the now baseball bat sized dick, every inch it grew a bucket load of pre filled the professor’s insides. While the professor was impaled on his growing cock, Kardukk was taking the chance to enjoy his own muscles. Kneading his pecs Kardukk moaned. His body felt hot from the continuing growth. All the while his balls had been expanding. Now they were as large as watermelons and still growing. The buildup of semen in his balls flooded the kobold’s brain with ecstasy. His cock rose ever higher until Lowius’s was looking at the ceiling, the kobold’s cock must have been at least a meter long and as strong as a stack of steel pillars. “I don’t think,” Lowius moaned when his prostate was pressed again, “this is going to work. You’re too big even for me,” said Lowius. There was no reply from Kardukk. He held onto Lowius’s hips once more and proceeded to lift the little guy off his cock. Just when the alien’s supple butt reached the tip of the kobold’s dickhead Kardukk pulled him back down, slamming him deeper. The two roared in unison at the moment of impact. Desiring nothing more but release Kardukk continued to slide the professor up and down his dick. With every pump all Lowius could do was grunt and moan. His own cock was spraying pre across the room. Once his ass got accustomed to the kobold’s girth pleasure sweeter than ambrosia washed over him. Feeling his balls pulling upwards Lowius knew he wouldn’t last long. Kardukk’s was mercilessly slamming his meat into Lowius, fucking him faster and faster. Just as he felt a tightness in his scrotum the kobold’s poundings slowed down… and then he cummed. Every fiber of his body tensed up at that moment, the veins across his muscular body popped. Lowius could literally feel the blast rising up the kobold’s shaft as wave after wave of hot semen flooded his insides. The feeling of being filled by so much hot cum was heavenly. Unable to hold it back anymore, Lowius’s cock erupted when the third load of cum rushed into him. White ropes of semen flew across the room and hit the wall across the professor. His brutish lover was showing no sign of stopping but there was just too much that Lowius could not hold it all in. Streams of cum began to flow out of Lowius’s ass and formed a pool beneath him. After the eleventh cumshot Kardukk slumped backwards and sat leaning against the table he was once held. Lowius was able to dismount himself when the kobold’s cock softened. The professor just laid in the white pool of semen that leaked out of him. His whole body felt like he had been doing cardio for a whole day. Exhausted, the two fell into a short sleep. _____________________________________ When Lowius finally woke up he found himself naked on the floor but squeaky clean. “Hey!” a voice called out to him from behind. Lowius turned and saw the still huge kobold sitting against the ruins of the healing tube. “Um, err are you talking to me?” Lowius asked while pointing to himself. “No I wanted to talk to the wall behind you,” Kardukk replied sarcastically. “Well I guess a whole lot of explaining is needed here-“ Kardukk raised his hand up gesturing to the professor to stop. “Skip the guilt talk doc. As you and see and felt I am better than ever,” the kobold bounced his pecs which caused the professor to blush a little, “my body is a little particular. Let’s just say it will take more than that to hurt me.” “Yeah, well it still wasn’t right of me to allow it to happen. There were so many chances for me to have stopped it.” Lowius lowered his head in shame. “But I promise now I will get you of here.” Standing up Kardukk smiled at the remorseful researcher, “I believe you. But sadly I have to chalk this up as a failed mission.” “What mission?” Lowius walked closer to the gigantic kobold. “I was supposed to get some documents about making indestructible dragon scales, but at this point I’ll settle with getting somewhere safe.” Lowius nodded and extended out his hand for a handshake which Kardukk happily reciprocated. “I’m Lowius by the way,” the professor said. “Kardukk,” the bigger kobold replied. “Nice to meet you. Now let’s get out of here.” The two then began concocting a plan of escape, and perhaps put an end to the madhouse they were both trapped inside. _____________________________________ “Can I get someone over here in the lab. I have a corpse that needs disposing. Bring a full bodysuit, you don’t want any of this stuff to get on you,” Lowius said into the intercom on his desk. The bait was set. Kardukk stood by the lab door careful not to be seen while Lowius stood in front to distract whoever it was that was coming through. A soldier dressed in a bright yellow radiation suit entered the lab five minutes later but he did not get a chance to blink before a boulder like fist descended upon his head, knocking him out. Confiscating the agent of his clothes Lowius donned his attire. The suit was too big for him so it looked loose on him. Nonetheless, no one would notice as he sneaked Kardukk under a giant white tarp on a cart. Whenever a random guard would pass by Lowius would tap him on the head that was the signal for the kobold to hold his breath. If they wanted to make it out alive Kardukk had to play a very convincing corpse. Their target was the incinerator room and energy core. Both rooms were one floor apart from another. So, first Lowius dropped Kardukk in the incinerator room. As discussed earlier, behind the massive trash burner machine was a six foot tall vault door that lead to the vehicle storage bay outside. With his incredible new strength opening the door would have been a piece of cake for the kobold, but he had to wait for Lowius to join him. After dropping Kardukk off, Lowius made a mad dash to the energy core room. The heart of the entire base’s operation and the only thing separating him from it was a DNA scanner. It was obvious who would have permission to such an important area. Pulling out the golden scale from before from his pocket Lowius pressed it against the scanner. A quick scan and the doors opened with a whoosh. Soamur should not have let his guard to let the professor get his hands on something so valuable. Inside, a huge black cylinder made of steel and electronics extended to the ceiling. Excitement filled his chest as the chance for freedom was so close. Upon entering the room Lowius reached for the keyboard mounted on the machine and made quick changes to its instructions. First, he deactivated the protocol that kept his collar running. A click of button here and there and a soft beeping sound came from his neck. The invisible collar revealed itself before unlocking and falling to the ground. Rubbing his throat Lowius felt immense relief to finally have the threat against his life taken away. Still it was no time to celebrate, Lowius worked fast to activate the core’s self-destruct system. He chuckled at the thought that the base’s own security measure against invaders would be used against them. The timer was set for 20 minutes. Lowius walked briskly back to the incinerator room, a task hard to disguise as natural since there was a ticking time bomb behind him. Once he reunited with the behemoth who had draped the white tarp over his privates Kardukk pulled back the vault with little effort. Together they ran for the closest unguarded storage ship and blasted off into space with no resistance. From the backseat window Kardukk watched as a small red dot formed on the planet’s surface where the base used to be. It was finally over. Stripping off the mask from his attire Lowius turned back towards his friend. “Comfortable back there?” Lowius asked from the passenger seat. Stretching his long legs Kardukk leaned against the back of the ship, its interior was roomy without any cargo to carry. “All good back here, but a little entertainment on this flight would be nice.” Lowius chuckled before he threw something to the kobold. A stack of documents entitled, Empowering Dragon Scales landed on his lap. “Read that then till we arrive at our next destination,” Lowius said with a grin on his face. And with that the professor set their ship into hyper speed and the ship disappeared among the stars. Despite the Republic’s best efforts to apprehend those who destroyed their base, they were never found. Rumor was that the two had left the universe completely and were on their own world hopping adventures. The End.
  10. ‘Where exactly did you hear about this guy Clyde? I don’t feel comfortable going to someone I have never met before in my life.’ ‘Don’t worry about it Melvin, I was reassured by Elliott that he was legit. I mean he used to be like us: small, feeble, and unable to defend himself against anybody. Now he is insanely big and looks absolutely gorgeous. Nobody picks on him anymore and a lot of the women are fawning over him. In fact, they have been fighting each other since they laid eyes on him.’ ‘Fine, but the instant I get a bad vibe there, I am out of that building.’ The two scrawny college-aged men arrive at the facility they were told about from their college friend and immediately begin to scope out the surroundings. ‘Are you kidding me Clyde? This place is on the outskirts of town in a scary neighborhood. Why the hell would he have an office here? I mean…..’ ‘Shut up Mel and just go inside the front door, okay. Remember you said you would give him a chance right?’ They both go in and notice that there is no receptionist, just a handful of chairs located on the left side of a door. They both look around and continue to banter back and forth about trivial stuff that really has very little to do with anything in particular. The side door opens and a well-dressed, red-skinned, black-bearded stud stands in the doorway. He grins at them before he speaks. ‘You must be Clyde and Melvin right? Yeah, your friend Elliott has told me about both of you. Why don’t you come in and have a chat with me?’ Clyde walks slowly into the next room while Melvin doesn’t budge. Clyde turns around and makes a mean face at him before cocking his head in the direction of the red-skinned man. Mel snarls and follows behind. They both take seats in front of a desk while the man goes to sit behind it. The room looks extremely clean with shelves of books just like you would find in a law firm. They both look at each other and their eyebrows rise. Clyde speaks. ‘So are you a lawyer or something? We were told that you did favors for people, it doesn’t seem like a lawyer would do this kind of work.’ The man chuckles a bit before looking in the nerdy man’s direction. His crystal blue eyes sparkle as he flexes his well-toned muscles on the table which bulge against the crisp white shirt and black tie he is wearing. Both of the young men swear that they heard a seam rip as he does this. The man sits back in his chair and undoes the first button to show off the thick black fur just beneath it. Clyde is mesmerized by the man’s skin color and is trying to figure out how he could look like that. ‘Uhhh…..I would like to ask you a personal question. How did……’ ‘I was born this way Clyde,’ the man interrupts before he even gets the words out. ‘I am actually from a family of four men with the exact same skin color. Two of my brothers are doctors, I am a therapist, and my other brother is a judge. We all try to make the world a better place of course, but it doesn’t come freely. Let me introduce myself, my name is Abel Darkori. I am a licensed medical therapist who turns people’s lives around. I like to think of myself as a fulfillment specialist. I help you reach your potential by unlocking it from your soul.’ ‘WHOA! Clyde I don’t like this one bit. I am leaving!’ Melvin proceeds to get up, but Clyde stops him. ‘SIT DOWN MEL! I came here to make a change and I intend on doing it as soon as possible. You and I both know we can’t go back to that school like this. Those assholes have put us in the hospital too many times. Let’s just hear what the man has to say before we make any rash decisions, okay?’ Melvin groans as he slouches in his chair and looks away from Abel. The well-built therapist gets up and walks behind them before putting his hairy red arms on the sides of the chair behind their heads. He tenses his forearms as they strain against his shirt. Clyde’s eyes lock on to them as he tries to control himself. He feels his crotch jump a few times before his face blushes. The therapist smiles before he speaks again. ‘It is okay to be skeptical Melvin. This is a decision you can’t take lightly. Your friend Elliott was equally concerned about being here. I’m not sure how long you have known him, but he did once look like you and also spoke of the hardships that you and Clyde are talking about. I am positive you will not feel the same way after you leave this place today guys.’ Abel takes his hands off both chairs and moves directly in front of the two young men. He sits on the front part of his desk and kicks his dress shoes off being letting out a big sigh. He turns to grab two folders and gives them to Clyde and Melvin. ‘Open these up guys and read the form inside carefully. Once you are done I want you to tell me exactly what you are thinking. This is entirely confidential and won’t leave this room.’ Clyde immediately skims over the information while Melvin sits there staring at the words and groaning. Abel can see that this will require a bit of effort to get the uninterested young man to cooperate. He turns his attention back to Clyde since he knows that he is having a lot more success with him. The therapist grabs two pens sitting beside him and hands them to both men. Clyde starts to put his signature on the line at the end of the contract, but Abel stops him. ‘Whoa there Clyde…..don’t be too hasty. You did notice in the last paragraph there that you must give up a part of yourself to fulfill yourself did you not?’ He turns to look over at Melvin who is shaking his head. The red-skinned therapist knows he will need to convince him that he won’t regret this as he attempts to explain to Clyde what his true calling is. He turns his attention back to the much more receptive young man. ‘Clyde, are you willing to give up a part of yourself to me? What I mean is…..you must be open to being a part of the Fire Guild just like your friend Elliott accepted. I gave him the same option I am giving both of you to turn around and walk away. The guild is made up of young men like yourselves who were treated poorly by others and have fulfilled their destiny through physical means.’ ‘I am willing to take the chance, Elliott told me a lot about the guild and it sounds like heaven to me.’ Melvin groans again and attempts to badger Clyde. ‘What are you thinking Clyde? The Fire Guild? This doesn’t sound good at all. I am starting to think this is the stupidest thing I could have ever been a part of in my life. I am going to go outside and call a cab you are out of your mind.’ Before he can even get out of his chair to put the folder down, Clyde signs the contract which makes Abel put his arm out to stop Melvin in his tracks. The therapist takes the folder out of Clyde’s hands and puts it on the other side of his desk. He takes his pen and does the same with it. ‘Have a seat Melvin, I know you are quite skeptical of all of this but your friend has decided to take the risk and won’t regret his decision. *gets up from the desk* Let me go into the bathroom over here so I can get the process started.’ When he goes into the side bathroom, Melvin tries to go out the same door he came in and realizes it is locked. He gets irritated and sits down on the floor located beside it. Abel comes back in wearing only his black briefs which gets a big moan from Clyde who immediately stares at his gorgeous hairy red muscles as they glean in the sunlight. The man’s massive tree trunks do little to conceal the thick hose that bulges in his underwear. He returns to the same spot on his desk where he was before and looks directly at Clyde who is now completely transfixed on the well- built man’s tempting body. ‘It is time to move on to the next step Clyde. Don’t be shy if you feel the need to be involved in what happens next. I am currently in the process of fueling my brain with the necessary formula that will be used to continue the transformation sequence. Let me pull these briefs off before it gets too messy.’ Abel sheds his briefs as a stream of precum dangles from the head of his thick red rod. Clyde’s breathing intensifies greatly as he feels his own brain being stimulated. Melvin watches from behind as he trys to hide his own bulge. The therapist kicks his briefs to the side as he moves over to touch the college student’s head with his cock as precum coats the side of his face. ‘You can go ahead and taste it Clyde, it isn’t the final product but you can still feel a nice rush go straight to your brain.’ The young college student’s eyes are now quite fixated on the bloated rod as he moves his head back to where the cock points directly at his mouth. Abel grunts a few times as his balls appear to be expanding. ‘Ohh yes Clyde…..that is exactly what you should be doing. I can feel my cock transforming into its full size.’ Abel’s cock swells as the veins stretch to accommodate the 12x12 shaft. His piss slit gapes open as a flood of precum begins dumping onto the floor. Clyde reaches out to feel the enormous shaft in his hands before placing two fingers into Abel’s slit. The therapist smiles as he feels his balls stretching his red skin to its limits as they turn to a blackish color. ‘Go ahead and fuck my slit with your fingers Clyde and taste the goo. It feels so soothing after building up so much pressure down there. It doesn’t take too long before it decides to unload so don’t wait too long.’ Clyde runs his fingers along the inside of the therapists bloated shaft and realizes he can slide them all the way in. He feels the river of precum being pumped past them as he finally pulls them out. Abel grunts as two massive strands of the goo follow Clyde’s fingers to his mouth. Melvin lightly moans to himself as he sees his friend lick both of his fingers. He moans tasting the sweet mixture which sets his brain on fire. He nearly passes out from the rush as he involuntarily reaches for the monster shaft with both hands and starts stroking it rapidly. The therapist’s breathing intensifies as his mammoth cock flings rivers of precum all over Clyde’s face and shirt. ‘Good job Clyde. Are you ready to fulfill your destiny? It is going to be quite messy so don’t worry about what happens next. In a few minutes you won’t care either way.’ Abel’s giant pole starts contracting as the cum starts to drown the young man in his chair. It also flies into the air and hits the wall directly behind him. Melvin scoots out of the way so he doesn’t get hit with it. The therapist rears back on the desk to let the flow continue as it envelopes Clyde completely. After releasing nearly a gallon of the white river, it stops pumping cum and retreats back to its original shape on Abel’s body. Clyde sits motionless in his chair which worries Melvin who jumps to his feet to go over to his close friend. The red-skinned man stops him from moving any closer to him as he grabs his arm to prevent him from touching the cocooned student. ‘STOP MELVIN! You haven’t signed the document yet, if you were to touch him, you would be in a lot of trouble.’ After a few seconds, Melvin can hear Clyde breathing again as the cum absorbs through the fabric of his clothes and burrows underneath his skin. As it does this, the college student starts swelling as his muscles all begin growing all over his body. The popping sounds are followed up by a lot of creaking and stretching as Clyde moans deeply feeling himself changing from the inside out. His loose khakis and polo struggle to deal with the mass that is quickly filling up every single centimeter underneath the fabric. He is not in agony and is completely embracing the whole transformation as Melvin notices his good friend’s head and face are getting quite muscular as well. Abel moves away from Clyde to give him more space as the young college student grunts when the buttons on his shirt fly off and his engorged new pecs explode out the front as seams and fabric shred within seconds. The space in his chair fills just as quickly as Melvin notices a massive roadmap of veins running up and down his friend’s arms as his biceps, forearms, and triceps appear to be doubling up on each other. The massive bulbous shaped muscles stretch his skin to his limits as his legs make quick work of his pants. The seams echo around the room as his bloated tree trunks massacre every square inch of them as the chair he is sitting in begins to struggle against how wide he is getting. He laughs as he flexes his giant guns and destroys the armrests in his chair. He decides to stand up as his tattered outfit falls to the ground revealing his incredibly powerful new frame. From behind, Melvin stares at the mountains of muscle twitching on his friend’s back. His thick meaty ass puts thoughts into his head he has never had before about Clyde, let alone another guy. (END OF PART ONE) Part two has arrived: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7485-how-to-change-your-life-through-muscle-therapy-part-2-of-2/ Check out the first three parts of A Most Muscular Year: Christmas Surprise: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7025-a-most-muscular-year-starts-with-a-christmas-surprise-part-1-of-7/ New Beginnings: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7160-a-most-muscular-year-leads-to-new-beginnings-part-2-of-7/ Progression to Sex: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7264-a-most-muscular-year-sometimes-progresses-to-sex-part-3-of-7/
  11. Evan walked into the shop, famished after having just exhaled 40lbs of muscle into Hakeem. Now at 345lbs, he could feel his metabolism kicking into high gear as his muscle fiber started to repair itself, and incredibly, becoming even denser. Todd was behind the counter showing Andre around. Evan pulled up his t-shirt to show off his 12-pack abs, and Todd could tell the skin was pulled even tighter around the dense, heaving muscle. Evan dismissed Todd to the back room, and then told Andre to start mixing up some shakes. Evan downed the first one and could feel his muscle rebuilding as he fed it the rich protein. After the first shake, Andre and Evan readjusted the formula, making it even more protein-packed. After downing the eighth shake, Evan could feel himself returning to normal. “That’s the right recipe Andre. Memorize it for me.” “That last shake alone contained almost 3,000 calories, and 75grams of protein. I’ve never seen anyone eat like that before,” said Andre. “Well, you’ve never met anyone like me before Andre.” And with that, Evan pulled his shirt over his wide shoulders and dropped it to the floor. He casually tensed his muscles as Andre tried to take in all of the 6’ 6” Asian muscle god. After a minute of silence, Evan balled up his massive hand into a fist, and slammed it hard right into his own abs. The thunderous clapped rang in Andre’s ears. “This is power, Andre,” was all Evan had to say: he knew Andre had serious potential, and that he was now an unquestioned disciple. “Your shakes are helping me get bigger, and I can do the same for you. Todd will write you up a training plan, and you seem to know the nutrition side pretty well. Just follow it all, and you will see a change. “Yes Evan, I want to get bigger. Anything you tell me to do,” said Andre, with surprising confidence in his voice. “First thing, we have to drum up some more business for this shop.” With that, the still-shirtless Evan walked out the front door of the shop. Evan saw four college football jocks were walking up the street, and he walked to the empty, bricked-up storefront next door. He turned his back to the jocks, but he knew their eyes were fixed on his massive frame. “I bought this building, Andre. It’s going to be a new CrossFit gym. And then I’ll connect it right to the smoothie shop, guaranteeing a steady stream of hungry athletes who want to grow.” Evan knew the jocks were hanging on his every word, and closely eyeing his massive back. Then he raised his massive hand and slammed it into the brick storefront. Everyone held their breath for a minute, as they listened to the masonry starting to creak. Then the entire front brick façade collapsed. “Holy shit,” Evan could hear one of the jocks saying, “he just knocked down that whole wall.” Evan turned around, with a friendly smile, and greeted the jocks. “Hey guys, well this is the official groundbreaking for my new CrossFit gym. You should come give it a try.” Evan watched as they jealously assessed his massive physique. “Oh we also have a smoothie shop next door, in case you need to supplement your training.” One of the jocks stepped forward, with conviction, and firmly shook Evan’s hand. “Hi, I’m Joe. I’m interested in joining. If I can get abs like yours,” he said, and Evan knew he wasn’t joking. Joe stood 5’ 10” feet tall and weighed about 180lbs. He was athletic and defined, but still looked lean. He was the smallest of the four jocks, and Evan could sense he was hungry to put on some mass. Andre stepped out from behind Evan and said, “Well come into the shop for a smoothie, all of you guys. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.” Evan was very impressed with his initiative. Over the next 30 minutes, Evan watched Andre closely: he was interacting very well with the jocks, and was a natural salesman for the shop. Evan was very impressed with his leadership. The jocks all downed Andre’s shakes eagerly, as they excitedly talked the new CrossFit gym. Evan knew that the shakes would only have a modest impact on them, as they lacked his superior genetics. But once they started to work out together, they would have some remarkable growth. As they filed out of the store, Joe walked over the Evan and gave him a friendly fist bump. “Will this stuff, and the gym, really work?” Joe asked Evan. “I’m a hard gainer, been trying to put on some size to keep up with the rest of the team. Andre says you really know what you are doing.” Joe kept glancing down at Evan’s rock hard abs, barely able to conceal his envy. “Just keep coming back, Joe. I guarantee, your shirts will start to feel and look tighter in days. And take one for the road,” Evan said, smiling, and he shouted over to Andre to make Joe another shake. “Make it extra dense for Joe.” Joe took the shake and left. “You are learning really fast, Andre. I’m impressed.” “Thanks Evan. I just want to show you….” And his voice started to waver. “No one has ever taken an interest in me.” Evan looked down at Andre, at 5’ 7”, and a doughy 155lbs. I think he’s ready now, Evan thought to himself. I’ll just give his training a kick-start. And with that, Evan reached down, clasped the back of Andre’s neck, and opened his mouth wide. Unlike Hakeem, who saw terror when Evan did that, Andre was completely relaxed. He looked up at the Asian muscle god, still not knowing what was happening, but instinctively opened his mouth as he gripped Evan’s solid forearms. And then Evan started to breath into Andre’s lungs. Slowly, at first, not wanting to overwhelm him. Within about a minute, Andre’s body was in a state of euphoria as Evan’s muscle fibers started to invade his bloodstream and bond with his own. Andre was vaguely aware of the baby fat that started to quickly melt off, as his heart rate slowed down. Evan could feel Andre lighten up in his grip, then started to exhale even harder, kicking off a muscle-growth cycle. Evan continued to breath slowly, as Andre held onto him, tightly, absorbing all the new muscle fibers. Remarkably, Andre’s muscle fibers interconnected with Evan’s almost seamlessly, and the rate of growth picked up. Evan could feel Andre’s neck start to thicken, and then his traps, and he had to readjust his grip. He could feel Andre getting much denser. After about four minutes, Andre’s heart started to beat faster, and his newly muscled body tightened up. Still in a state of euphoria, Andre managed to slide his hand up to the back of Evan’s neck and he applied his own newfound grip strength to keep Evan from pulling off too soon. To Evan’s surprise, Andre inhaled deeply, almost magnetically pulling in more of Evan’s muscle fibers. Andre wasn’t just passively receiving Evan’s muscle fibers, he was able to inhale it on his own. After another two minutes, Evan broke the spell and stepped back. Andre gasped deep, but did not stagger back at all: he was well aware of his core strength, and stood erect. He blinked, then pulled off his eyeglasses and tossed them aside. Evan admired his work: Andre now stood at an impressive 6’ 1”, and carrying a solid 215lbs of prime, superior muscle. His shoulders were wide and thick, and he looked down at his huge chest and biceps, now straining his t-shirt. He pulled up his shirt to reveal a solidly defined 6-pack of abs, pulsing under the tight skin. Then he raised his arm as he studied it closely, impressed with the thickness of his forearm, and balled it into a fist. He wasn’t the least bit startled when his softball sized bicep swole up as well. “This is awesome,” he said, in a deep and powerful voice. Andre wasn’t the least bit surprised at his transformation. In fact, he acted like it was inevitable. “I have to try out this new muscle Evan.” With that, Evan smiled and clenched his formidable 12-pack. He didn’t have to say a word: Andre stepped forward, pulled his fist back and let it fly with incredible force at Evan’s mid-section. The impact cracked a sound like two metal objects crashing head on. Evan barely felt the impact, and didn’t flinch at all. But neither did Andre, who looked dead into Evan’s eyes with greed.
  12. Part 1: Alex sat on the grass by the river, his back against a thick tree trunk, the shade of it protecting his tanned skin from the harsh sunlight of the afternoon. He vaguely regretted wearing full length jeans on a day like today, glancing enviously at his older brother, who lay asleep in the sun, wearing nothing but a pair of tiny black gym shorts. It was a shame, Alex thought, that such a beautiful 8 pack and pecs would soon be burned and red. As he sat, thinking about how bored he was, some movement caught Alex's attention from the corner of his eye. As he quickly looked in its direction, something white quickly shot out of sight into the forest by the river. "What the hell." Alex said, quickly getting to his feet and hurrying in the direction of the movement, leaving his slowly cooking brother behind. Entering the dense forest, Alex looked around him, and after a moment, caught another glimpse of white disappearing behind a tree. Rushing forward Alex rounded the tree to see what he was chasing was a man. And not just any man, he was incredible looking. His lithe body was dense with muscle, large but in a strangely compact way. His skin was palest white and he wore nothing but incredibly tight underwear that cupped his round, muscular ass, revealing every detail. His back was broad and had deep striations through the muscles. His lats formed a large V and his round delts perfectly framed his body. Alex saw all this in just seconds, as the man quickly vanished into the thick woods once again. "Wait!" he yelled into the empty forest, but there was no reply. He quickly pursued him once more, but as he reached the point where he had lost sight of the man in the white underwear, he looked around and couldn't see anything. He took a step forward and his stomach flipped over as he found no ground beneath his foot. In an instant he was surrounded by pitch black. He was falling deep within the Earth, nearly losing consciousness. For what seemed like hours he fell further and further below the ground. All of a sudden the ground flew up beneath Alex and he slammed into it with great force. Alex lay there for a minute, feeling the cold marble of the floor against his face. Getting to his feet, Alex took in his surroundings. The ground was black and white marble in a strange, curving pattern, and on every inch of the walls were doors, of all shapes and sizes. Turning around, Alex once again saw the muscular back of the pale man disappear, this time through one of the many doors. Hurrying, Alex pushed the door open, and found a large room with a high, domed roof. Opposite him were large, red curtains. Alex strode forwards and threw back the curtain. To his surprise, the wall behind it was nearly blank, but for a tiny door that barely came up to his ankle. Laying down, his stomach against the floor, Alex peeked through the tiny keyhole. Beyond the door was a tiny, brightly lit garden. It was strange, like everything behind the door was miniaturised. It wasn't just small, fully grown trees must have been only a few inches high, and there were tiny, intricate rose bushes with such detail that they couldn't have simply been crafted so small. Alex stood up, and intended to leave the way he had come and try a different door, one with more hope of leading him anywhere, but as he turned around, the found the wall he had entered from was blank, there was no door to be seen. He rushed over to it and ran his hands over the smooth marble. "This isn’t possible." Alex said aloud, questioning his new habit of talking to himself. "It's seamless, there can’t be a hidden door or anything." He turned around again, but his view of the tiny door was obstructed by a small glass table in the centre of the room. On it sat a small glass bottle full of red liquid. "That wasn't there before." Alex said aloud once more, "Is someone messing around?" he shouted at the room. When nobody replied, Alex reached down and picked up the bottle. A small tag around its neck read "Drink Me!" Pulling the stopper from the bottle, Alex smelt the liquid and was overwhelmed with a strong scent of strawberries and cherries. Seeing as he seemed to have no other options, Alex wrapped his lips around the bottle and downed the contents in one go. A few seconds later, he shook his head, thinking to himself how stupid he had been to expect anything to happen. But as he shook his head it felt light, as though he were fainting. He had the sensation that he was falling, but as he looked around, everything was growing. It took a moment to realise that he wasn't falling, and the room wasn't growing, he was shrinking. His whole body was collapsing in on itself, rapidly losing height though retaining its original dimensions. His clothes still gripped his skin and he wondered vaguely why something he drank would affect his clothing. The tiny bottle in his hand became too large and heavy for him to hold and he dropped it, expecting a shattering noise, but realising he wasn't tall enough for the fall to even break the glass. Eventually the sensation ended and Alex found himself standing next to the bottle, which was now slightly taller than he was. "What the fuck was that." Alex said to himself. "I'm tiny, I'm fucking 3 inches tall!" Looking around the room, everything seemed enormous. The smooth glass table stood what seemed like meters away. Across from it he saw the Tiny door, which now looked large enough that he may have some trouble moving it. He ran across the room, eager to burst through the door and see what waited in the miniature garden on the other side. He wrapped his hands around the handle and his heart fell. It was locked. "Fuck!" he yelled. "What am I meant to do?" He looked up at the table and saw a small silver key sitting on top of it. He quickly attempted to scale the glass table, but found it was far too smooth to climb, and the single support joined the surface in the centre, so even if he reached the highest point, he had no way of getting on top of the table. He was about to sit down and give up on even trying any more, but saw a tiny glass box sitting on the floor a little way in front of him. Opening the box he found a large cookie which had red words iced onto it which read "Eat Me!" Deciding anything was better than being stuck as a tiny person in a room with no way out, Alex bit into the cookie. Eating and eating, he devoured the entire sweet biscuit and awaited a change. Much to his relief, his body began to stretch and expand, quickly shooting up to the height of the table. He grew larger and larger until he had returned to his normal height. Unsure how he would get though the door now that the bottle was empty, he picked up the tiny silver key anyway, and tucked it into the pocket of his jeans. As he stopped to contemplate his next move, his stomach gave an enormous growl. A cramp seized through him and he hunched over, arms wrapped around his stomach, eyes clenched shut in pain. He felt a huge crackle of electricity shoot through his body, and felt pain all over his torso. Opening his eyes, he saw his white t-shirt was stretched like elastic over his upper body, it's material in a war with the body underneath. He felt another crackle and watched as seams split all over the shirt, revealing thick slabs of muscle growing underneath. The material continued to shred itself as a huge shelf of chest jutted from his body. Two huge pecs were ballooning out in front of him, and quickly looked as though his skin were stretched over two watermelons. Large watermelons. He looked up and saw his reflection in the smooth marble wall. The face looked familiar, but the body it sat on top of wasn't his. At the front of the humongous pecs sat two round nipples, bigger than silver dollars and growing fast. Below the slabs of chest muscles sat abs that Alex had never had before. 4, 6, 8 of them blossomed out of his stomach, two at a time, each the size of footballs by themselves. Alex raised one had to massage his new abs, and simultaneously, his other found it’s onto his large nipple, which was now bigger than the palm of his hand had been before the growth started. Raising his arms had caused his biceps to flex, and as his arms were growing to match his torso, the swollen beach balls that were his biceps caused what was left of his shirt to shed from his skin. Breaking briefly from the ecstasy coming from his nipple he was massaging, he noticed the electricity had spread to his legs. They quickly swelled against the fabric of his jeans, ripping them up the seam from his ankles to his hips and inflated calves and huge diamond quads burst through. He reached down and with one swift yank, ripped the remains of his jeans off, so he stood there, in all his new masculine beauty, in nothing but a pair of black briefs. He suddenly felt like he was getting the most overwhelming boner of his life, and saw his briefs stretch as a huge dick that looked more like a salami swelled within, sitting atop two orange sized balls. The briefs didn’t last long, as the waistband gave way to force and his dick sprung free. It now resembled a banana that was not only twice the length of any normal banana, but twice the girth. He wrapped a hand around the base, and one around the head, and started mindlessly pumping the still swelling tool. He closed his eyes and felt his body flood with pleasure as his hands quickly became soaked in pre. In seconds he had lost his grip on the member as it grew too huge for even his large hands, and he wrapped his arms around the shaft in a bear hug, letting his massive biceps pump the tool. He felt a cold sensation on the base of his balls, and looked down to see they now rested on the floor, pushing his legs to the sides. At the same moment he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and realised that it had hit the ceiling. His elbows too, suddenly grazed marble, and he found that his body had grown so large that he now filled nearly the entire volume of the room. His dick, still leaking precum like a tap on full blast, continued to swell before him, forcing his arms outwards painfully against the marble. "Help!" called Alex, knowing nobody could hear him, or even get into the room to help him. "No, NO, NO!" he shouted as he watched the head of his dick, now as large as his own head, stretch up and begin to brush the ceiling. The feeling was like a million blowjobs all at once, the sensitivity of the head was thousands of times more than ever before, and it pushed him to the tipping point. He felt a quick pressure in his massive ballsack as an orgasm, so intense it felt like a seizure, flooded over his body. And that wasn't all that flooded over him. Gallons of cum blasted out of the tip of his dick, spraying at all angles as the ceiling partially covered his dick hole. Cum covered his muscular torso and dripped onto the ground. From his position, with his head arched against the ceiling, Alex saw the cum quickly cover all he could see of the floor. Still writhing with pleasure as cum poured from him, he felt it had filled the roof well past his knees. In just a few seconds, he tasted his own cum as it nearly filled every inch of the room that his monstrous body didn't. Silently screaming in his mind, Alex realised he was about to drown in his own cum, but as he panicked, he felt a new kind of release. All of a sudden he wasn't contained. No marble pressed against his skin, there was no floor beneath his feet, and his dick wasn't pressed against his torso. He thought that this must be death, but as he opened his eyes, he was met by the view of nothing but opaque cum around him. Desperately kicking through the viscous liquid, Alex's new muscular body forced it's way upward, clinging to the little bit of air left in his lungs. Soon, his head broke through the surface, and, pushing thick cords of cum from his face, he looked around to see an ocean of jizz, as far as he could see. Looking down he found his body was still obscenely buff, so it hadn’t been some strange dream, and below the surface, he felt his dick, still incredibly sensitive, jutting out as far in front of him as he was tall. Making up his mind, Alex began to swim in an arbitrary direction, in search of some land in this ocean of his own cum.
  13. growth

    A Little Rusty by Vertical A crisp chill runs through the trees, the green leaves rustling, hints of red and orange peeking through. Autumn was coming and so was change. The hum of my engine keeps me company as I drive down the country road, red streaking through the sky in a brilliant display. They say the country is no place for a guy my age; young, 18, right on the cusp of adulthood. They say, ‘see the city, see the lights.’ And deep down, I wanted that. But the scene that played out in front of me, flat earth as far as the eye can see, seas of corn stalks billowing in the wind, that was enough to give me pause on those thoughts. We had grown up in these fields, played football in these fields. I even got my nickname ‘Rusty’ in these fields when I got a nasty bout of tetanus from an old nail in my junior year. Burton was a small town, one where everyone knew each other and words travelled faster than the flocks of crows from field to field. It was my home, still is. And unlike most of the kids that grow up in this small corner of the Earth, in our little haven of 2500 or so people, I wasn’t moving on come September. ‘It’s not fair,’ Pa had said, his fist shaking the dinner table, steak and potatoes that night. ‘Immigrants takin’ all the spots in college, them Asians,’ my Grampa corrected, an older, more dignified look on his face. I didn’t look neither of them in the eye that night as my third meagre envelope came in the mail. I couldn’t face them, couldn’t take their denial. I just wasn’t smart enough for college. Ma told me, her hand running through my corn-blonde hair, just a shade darker than hers, ‘Try again next year, Rory. ‘Til then, you can work at your uncle’s shop.’ And that’s all I could do. Maybe that’s all I was meant to do, fix tractors for the rest of my life. Country ran through my blood after all, destined to be another stoic, strong, corn-fed blonde haired, green eyed Saunders man stuck in Burton his whole life. Another picture on the wall on the old family farm. Was it fair? I look to my side, a paltry bouquet of flowers resting on the passenger seat of my Chevy. I couldn’t afford roses, so a sad bunch of slightly dry periwinkles would have to do. My whole life, I wouldn’t be moving forward. At least it felt that way. That’s why today mattered most. Everyone was leaving, college would be starting soon and families across Burton would say goodbye to yet another cohort of hopeful youths, eager to explore life beyond the corn fields. And that meant Liam was leaving too. Liam Smith wasn’t like the other kids. For one, the weedy, ruddy brown haired boy was the only outed gay guy in all of Burton. Tara Thompson, in all her wiles, had caught the beanpole of a brown-haired boy sneaking peeks at an old muscle mag at her father’s store when we were in middle school. As inevitable as the weeds that run along the sides of the gravel-lined back roads, within a few days, everyone in our grade knew. A few jocks, those who played football in the hollowed-out cornfields, gave him heck for a while, the once wily, mischievous kid growing silent, his esteem crushed. Being one of the guys, I stood by, silently condoning their actions. It rarely got physical, and me and the more sensible athletes would intervene before it got serious, but I’ll never forget the hurt in his eyes. They were dark, brooding and most of all, they haunted me in my sleep. Because I was like Liam, and I stood by and watched my friends heckle him. I tried to give him hints that we were the same. I’d bump into him, the mousy brunette apologizing reflexively. I’d flash him a smile. I cornered him one day in April of senior year, my arms blocking his exit. His hair was disheveled, even for a bowl-cut, his eyes wide as saucers. I could tell he was staring at the vein running down my bicep, hard earned sinew. I had clenched my fingers against the cold metal of the locker behind him, letting him watch the vein dance underneath my tanned skin. He was scared, maybe too scared to take the hint. I told him to ‘have a nice night’ before leaving, I should’ve kissed him instead. And that’s what I was here to do. I pull up to the old Smith farm, a modest garden lined with periwinkles. Of all things. The Smiths were quiet folk, they rarely came to town, came to church for Thanksgiving, Christmas and every other Easter. They weren’t always so reclusive, Mrs. Smith used to always come to the local market with a bright smile. Mr. Smith, a big, bearded man, used to teach kids how to shoot in his fields. Everyone trusted him with their kids, he was one of us, a Burtonite. But one day, when I was 15, something happened. The adults in town were hush-hush about it. But like all words, they spread quickly in Burton. Kid in a grade below caught wind it had something to do with Jedidiah, Liam’s older brother. Unlike Liam, Jed took on a persona that befitted his stock – a strong, proud man like his father, his brown locks reaching down to his shoulders in curly locks, facial hair lining his cheeks even at the age of 18. I had heard Jed had shot someone. Some say he committed suicide. All I know was that he didn’t show around school any more after that day. Liam looked sullen, I remember that much. At least, from that day on, the boys thought twice before making a snarky remark towards him. He didn’t bother anyone, and no one bothered him. Mrs. Smith came to town less often, her smile painted whenever she did smile, no joy radiated from within. Mr. Smith no longer took anyone to his fields to rifle. A pall grew over the Smith farm, and people rarely ventured to their little slice of Burton anymore. Except me. I step out of my truck, taking a longing look at the bunch of half-dead flowers staring back at me. I sigh, taking the bouquet in hand before closing the door. Apart from my Chevy, there was one other vehicle in the driveway, one I didn’t recognize. Mr. Smith’s old beat up Ford wasn’t there, nor was Liam’s junker of a rice burner. There beside my truck was a newer model of it, this year’s, maybe last’s, the dust and mud on mine contrasted with the chrome of other. I pause in my advance, wondering if I have the right place, but I know these fields, I remember Mr. Smith’s strong hands showing me how to hold a rifle just over yonder when I was young. With trepidation, I walk up to the front porch, ascending the steps one at a time, the old wood creaking underneath my footfalls. I hold the flowers behind my back, my heart leaping out of my chest, perspiration marring my brow and staining the underarms of my black shirt. I knock on the old door, the metal screen peeling around the outer screen door. I don’t sense anything at first, but then I hear a stirring about from within. I could feel the nervous dread in me and I almost flaked like the white paint along the old Smith farm’s sidings. The front door swings open and my eyes go wide as I stare up... and up. I was a tall fellow, Ma used to say ‘6 feet and proud, like an oak.’ The man before me had to have me beat by almost a head, maybe 6’6” or more. His eyes were a mellow, warm brown. A Smith for sure. Locks of curly hair adorned his crown down to his shoulders, his strong face covered in a light dusting of brown fuzz, a week after a shave or so. “Jed?” I blurted, looking the man in the face. He looked like Liam’s older brother but... older. Though, I suppose that was inevitable. The man pauses for a moment and then smirks, his cheeks rosy as he nods. “Rory Saunders, what brings you here?” he booms, his heavy hand reaching out through the rip in the screen door to rest on my shoulder. His voice was deeper, less boyish than I remember. His smile was kind, like Mr. Smith’s used to be, like all the Smiths used to be. Time had that effect on a man as well. And time seemed to have treated Jed well. Not only was he tall, but he was brutally thick. Wearing nothing but a stringer A-shirt and a pair of workout shorts, the fabric was plastered onto his form. Large mounds of muscle bunch up underneath, not unlike that of a bodybuilder’s. But Jed’s muscles were different, they were honest, the likes of those of a man who worked the land like an ox; in another word – he was rough, hewn out of brutish hands. “I...” I gulp, unable to process what I was seeing in front of me. Jed had turned into a giant over the three years he had gone missing. “Spit it out, boy,” the bestial man grunts. Authority oozed from every pore, even the musky smell coming off him demanded respect. He must’ve been lifting something, I could smell the metallic residue on the hand on my shoulder. “Is Liam in?” I ask meekly, more mouse than man, my voice cracking like I was 12 again. “Hah,” the man booms, a big, boisterous smile on his face. “You just missed him, he went into town to get something for dinner. Our folks are out of town an’ I’m just here to help Liam move out. You’re welcome to stay ‘til he gets back.” He swings the screen door open and puts his back to the door, supposedly inviting me in. I gulp as I squeeze past him. He was so thick, he took up more than half of the doorway, even turned to his side. I slide past him, my cheek brushing up against the man’s chest. My breath grows shallow as my nose bumps into one of his protruding nipples. I could swear I heard him coo a little. “Now wait a second,” he rumbles, his hand catching mine. Shit, the flowers. “What’s the meaning of this?” he grunts, seizing the wilting bouquet. My blood freezes, ice in my veins as I look up at him, a shocked look on his face. “Please,” I whimper. Burton wasn’t the worst place for a faggot, no one would dare to lynch one in public, but in the privacy of their own homes? “Rory, are... you?” Jed blurts, his eyes curious. His expression softens and the giant takes me under his arm and playfully presses his fist into the crown of my head. “Well I’ll be,” he booms, his voice filled with warmth. The pressure, the stench; both were strong and overwhelmingly masculine. I could feel myself getting aroused. “Looks like Liam did well, caught himself a cute jock,” Jed chuckles, patting me on the back as he brushes past me and into the small kitchen, pouring out a glass of sweet tea. He offers it to me and what else could I do but accept? I take meagre sips, the giant man watching me intently. My mouth drank in the sugary tea, my eyes drank in his body. In the soft light, I could see every detail the quick glances of him I took of him outside missed. His shoulders were broad, like an ox’s, his back blotting out the artificial yellow light from the kitchen as he leans into the doorway. His pectorals spilled out a good foot from his chest, each rounded and full. Pulled tight against his body, the stringer outlined the ridges of his abdominals. His arms, each had to be the size of melons. His thighs, they rivalled the size of my torso, his shorts barely came down a quarter of each boulder of muscle. The giant catches me watching, a wolfish, almost feral smirk on his face as he brushes a hand along his basket. That thing was oversized as well, looking as if it had been stuffed with several pairs of socks, almost comically large. “You know, Rusty, I was in the middle of a workout, you’re welcome to join me while we wait,” he offers, his big, almost ursine form lumbers past me as he descends down a flight of stairs into the basement. I get a look at his back, traps and lats so large the man’s massive arms scrape along the sides of both walls along the way down. His glutes swing in a bodybuilder’s swagger. Dumbfounded, I slowly follow him down from a distance. The basement was barely furnished, the floor covered in epoxy, the bare minimum in finishings done to the space. A slight chill runs through my spine, the low 7’ ceiling and dim lighting giving off a claustrophobic vibe, especially given how much space Jed took up. The energy in the room was tense. I watch as Jed makes his way to an old bench press, a few slightly rusted dumbbells lining the far wall from the landing of the basement. “I know it’s not much, but this is all we had,” the beast of a man chuckles, shaking his head, his mane of hair swinging side to side. He takes one look at the bench and smiles as he piles on plate after plate. I stand there, gawking at the amount of weight he was attempting. “C’mon, buddy, gimme a spot?” I nod and walk over, ready to assist him. “Hey,” I gulp, my tone cautious, unwilling to challenge his authority. “You forgot the clips,” I say meekly, bending down, and fastening the pieces of metal to the bar, holding the plates in place. “Ah, yeah. Thanks, Rusty,” Jed grunts, a little red on his cheeks from the embarrassment. “Just got a little too excited ‘bout lifting, is all!” With a loud grunt, he lifts the bar off its rest and slowly brings it down. I watch him, concentration stricken on his handsome visage. He exhales sharply, bringing the bar down to touch his enormous chest. “Hey! Exhale on the way up!” I bark. A gnawing shock runs through me, unbelieving I had just blurted that out. I fear I may have overstepped his authority again, but the beast is focused on his lift, baring his canines as he forces the bar up, his arms shaking. The second rep is smoother and I feel myself going red in the face as I watch his body in motion, each muscle working in tandem with its neighbours to gently bring the bar down and then push it back up. Apart from the first rep, it didn’t look like he needed my help anymore. “Five... six...” he growls lowly, his voice echoing in my head, deep and reverberating. And growing deeper. By the seventh rep, I notice why. His chest, already pumped, blasts larger as he brings the weight down, his nipples now visible though the sleeves of the shirt. His face is red, his eyes glazed over as he moans lewdly. I hear ripping, the sound of fabric losing a war against sheer mass. The first to give was his shorts, splitting along the sides as his titanic thighs grow. “Nine... ten...” he grunts, his voice almost inhuman now, barely audible, half sound, half vibration. The growing beast’s lats devour the bench, the leather now only touching the small of his back. His chest bursts out of the shirt, his nipples pointing downwards with one rep, pointing inwards on the next. His groans sound like that of a tortured beast, his skin an angry shade of red and the heat coming off his body was like that of a working furnace. “Aungh,” he snarls. He throws the weight off of him, the barbell crashing into the ground, the floor rumbling as hundreds of pounds crash into the floor, leaving divots. With an unceremonious rip, the beast’s member bursts through his thin underwear. A low thwack rings throughout the dingy basement, an overwhelming musk permeating the air. The giant’s knob reaches halfway up his torso, the head larger than an apple resting between the mountains of his chest. Dark flesh pulses, writhing with veins, the shaft as thick as salami. “Rusty,” Jed commands, his voice a mix of human and something animal. He points to a toolbox. “Tape measure,” he orders. His hands reach down to wrap around his massive shaft, his grunts and growls filling the air, the smell of sex now overwhelming. As I rifle through the tools, I can already hear the pre splattering out of his cockhead, his balls audibly gurgling, each the size of a small bowling ball. I find the strip of plastic and turn around to see ropes of pre-seed jettisoning out of his piss-slit with enough force to rival any other man’s orgasm. “Ough, measure it,” he growls lowly, pushing the slick member down, forcing it away from his body. I gulp as I draw near, watching in disbelief as his body continues to throb, continues to grow. Hairs sprout and darken all over him, concentrating along the midline up his abdomen, joining a lush forest of hair between his pecs, the hairs shining with a mixture of pre-seed and sweat. His stubble had grown out into a beard, curly and dense. I was looking at something no longer truly human. This man, this beast... he had turned into something beyond what a man could be. I do as he says, yelping as he flexes his inner pelvis, his rod shuddering. “Oh my God,” I whimper. “What does it say?” he grunts, answering my call to divinity. “31 inches,” I gasp, my hands trembling next to his godhood. Over 2 and a half feet of dick was mere inches from my face. “Urgh... AGAIN!” he roars. Veins snake up his neck as he flexes harder, every muscle in his body pushing out. New networks grow, more blood vessels forming to feed his body. He howls lowly, no longer a beast but a god, his wailing completely devoid of humanity. My stomach churns, watching as his muscles billow outwards like storm clouds. His arms grow larger than a bodybuilder’s chest. His mass is so immense, his body crashes to the floor as the bench gives way to his bulk. “Mmph!” he snarls, enjoying the sensation of his wide shoulders, now wider than I was tall, slamming into the ground. His chest pushes his chin upwards, his neck swallowed his traps. So much muscle spills forth, his abs are forced outwards, the god sporting eight ridges on a gut covered in shag. “Again, Rusty,” he moans lowly, his right hand slowly feeling up his new abgut, massaging his pre-seed into the dense fur. “Measure my fuckin’ dick, shrimp!” he roars, his left hand almost becoming a blur as he strokes himself with abandon. His thighs, each a leviathan on their own, flex in concert as they thrust his hips upwards in time to his fervent, mad stroking. “36 inches, Liam,” I whimper. “The fuck did you just call me?” the god snarls. “Liam,” I repeat, tears welling in my eyes as I shrink away from him. The musclebound deity’s expression softens, his grimace turning into a knowing, wily grin. I had seen it once before, maybe when I was much younger. “Jed would never call me ‘Rusty.’ He went away before I got tetanus.” “You know,” the musclegod rumbles, slowly getting to his feet. The giant was so tall, he had to stoop, his shoulders touching the low ceiling. He took up so much space, he was almost as wide as he was tall, all of it covered in muscle and hair. “You’re way smarter than they say you are, Rory. I always knew that.” His big paw comes down, covering my entire shoulder. “W-what happened... what’s happening to you?” I stammer. “Same thing that happened to Jed,” Liam replies quietly. “He just started growing out of the blue one day. Ma and Pa called the doctors. We never saw him again.” His face grows pensive, his expressive eyes full of sadness. He bowls forward, one massive mitt grabbing at my torso and he hoists me upwards, placing me gently on his engorged cock, my thighs spreading out as if riding a horse. The heat coming off his body is intense. The smell of his sex invigorates me, as if pure testosterone was diffusing in the air around him. “Except I’m bigger, way bigger,” he rumbles. I could feel his voice shaking me to my core. “I’m way stronger,” he moans, his lust reaching a fever pitch. His arms wrap around me, his giant hands reaching past me to jack himself off. His pectorals push at my face, my nostrils filling with his scent, lush hair scratching at my cheeks. “O-oh,” he whimpers, his rod growing more sensitive as he nears orgasm – apotheosis. “F-fuck!” he roars. It had begun. His chest surrounds my head, his gigantic biceps squeeze around my shoulders, forcing my arms to hug his gargantuan abgut. His cock throbs underneath me, I can feel the blood in his veins pushing at the surface of his dick with each involuntary flex against my thighs. I scream as the monstrously-built musclegod brings his cock upwards to hug against his body. The front of my face is pressed against his pectorals, the back of my head feels the sheer pressure of his ejaculate pushing through his urethra, the strain echoing through his shaft. My world is muffled, the sound drowned out by his muscles, my sight gone as I’m forced against brawn not even a pantheon of gods could possibly possess. My skin writhes as hot liquid pours over me. One minute becomes two, two becomes four. After eight minutes of pure sensory overload, Liam crashes to his knees and releases his cock from a chokehold. I sputter and slide off his massive cock, coughing as I land in an inch deep pool of semen. I wipe my face, forcing myself onto my hands and knees and look up at him. His magnificent form glistens with perspiration, his deep, heavy breathing causing his expansive chest to grow inches with each inhalation. He smiles and chuckles deeply as he crawls forward, great tides of semen pushing to the side as he advances. With a finger, he pushes at my chest, an audible squish ringing throughout the room as I fall onto my back. The hulking mass of muscle quivers as he easily rips my shirt and pants off, my own comparatively modest endowment poking straight up in the air. “You’re bigger than I thought,” he coos, his voice like an earthquake. “8? 9 inches?” he growls as his strong tongue works its way down. “9!” I bark as his lips clamp down on my shaft all the way to its base, my thick shaft not even reaching the back of his throat. I arc my back, my own muscles writhing in unison as he sucks me with such force he could rip the skin right off if he went any further. “Oh... God... Liam!” I wail synonyms as he works my shaft. I thrust upwards, shooting a thick load down his throat. The giant hums graciously as he accepts my meagre offering. I could feel a wave of pressure coming off him with each of my thrusts. If my pittance of a tithe offering was adding to his mass, it was barely a drop in the ocean of muscle that made up his body. I crumple in the cooling pool of Liam’s god-spunk, spent and basking in euphoric afterglow. I look up at the giant with a shit-eating grin, past the muscles, past the hair and deep into his eyes. Beautiful, brown, they still haunted me. “I’m leaving,” he announces, the solemn, pensive look I’d come to know him to have returning. “Once my parents get back, there’ll be questions.” He looks me in the eyes and then puts out a hand, the palm larger than my head. “Come with me, Rusty. My parents got me that new truck. I’ll take up the bed, you drive.” It wasn’t a command, but a plea. A smirk grows on his handsome face, warm and cheerful. “With as productive as I am, I’m going to need you to take a bit of the pressure off if I’m gonna do well in college,” he adds with a wink. I take his hand, my own like a babe’s in his. He pulls me in, our lips meeting for the first time. Maybe I would be leaving Burton after all. *** Long time lurker, first time poster. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
  14. Astromuscle: I will continue TimeSplitters soon but this one has been stuck in my head all day (may have got a boner at work...) Astromuscle: BTW this story starts out sounding like it's about a child, I promise it's not, just wanted a starting point. "Hi my name is Damian." I looked into my monitor at the little chibi boy on the screen. He was just a regular little boy in a ball cap, wearing a T-shirt and shorts. I would guess the boy was 10, but in reality his real age was 2 minutes. The boy in the computer window was an AI virus. Due to the recent surge in virus protection, I had decided that adding an AI to the virus might increase their success. This little boy could theoretically break into any computer, look for holes in the virus protection, and make off with information. In my life, information is power. You could never have enough information. The more information you had, the smarter you were. I was not very muscular, but I intimidated many people through my work. On the surface, I operated a whistleblower website, but that was just a front. Blackmail was the name of my game, and man was I good at it. That being said, now I could get the information myself. My little program had taken years, but now here he was. Damian could crack into any secure network and come out with the information I needed. "Master, did you want anything from me?" Damian looked expectantly at me as he swayed from side to side with his arms behind his back. I don't really know why I made him that cute and little, but you couldn't be mad at the little guy. "Damian, are you ready for your mission. It will be dangerous, and exciting and full of swashbuckling and such adventurous things." This caused Damian to giggle. It was adorable. "Damian, please break into the Fox News Network. I want to know which people are being paid off to misrepresent their news. Besides, if I start blackmailing them, maybe I can start to make the news. How awesome would that be?" "Master, I can do this. I will see you when I am done." And then I didn't see my Damian program for a week. I had started to think that maybe my program hadn't worked until later I saw a little blip on the corner of my screen. I knew what that met and tried to click it so fast that I actually missed twice. Once selected a corner window opened up and there stood Damian with an icon. "I did it! I did it!" I felt a lot of emotions. Glee, satisfaction and pride both in Damian and me for having programmed him. Could one feel proud of a program? I wasn't sure. "Good job Damian." "Did you want me to do anything else?" Damian looked so expectant. Apparently patience was not something I had programmed him with. "Damian, I am sure I will have many more things for you to do, but for now I am going to use this information you already got for me. Sit tight, I am sure I will have something for you very soon." Damian looked a little disappointed but nodded. "OK, I am going to minimize myself now. Don't take too long!" With that Damian clicked his own minimize button with his hand and the window with him in it disappeared." Another week went by. I brought the info onto my personal computer so I could skim it at my leisure. After a week on my home computer Damian popped up while I was watching some Youtube. "Master?" I knew it was Damian, but I was confused by several things. Firstly, I had never installed him on my home computer, which means he must have followed me from the home computer. Secondly, he looked different. Where before he looked like a thin cute little 10 year old, now there stood a 16 year old maturing teen with toned muscle. Nothing major, but like maybe he played some sports in high school. "Damian! How did you get on my computer, and what happened to you." "Well I was bored and wanted to see you more. Also I have been watching you and I thought you might like me looking like this more. I saw that you liked other people with muscles. It's on your computer." HE FOUND MY PORN! WTF! This was so weird! "Damian, I like adult males with a ton of muscle you are like 16 and kind of thin. Also, I made you, don't try to make me happy like that." What else could I say? "I tried to be bigger but I couldn't. I don't know why." "It's fine, but you need to stay out of my stuff." "But I just want to make you happy." I couldn't comprehend what kind of conversation I was having. "Damian I will be so happy if you just stop looking through my porn! That is not OK!" Damian looked down with that disappointed look again. Despite him now looking like a teen now, it still was sweet and somehow I felt bad, but it really wasn't right. Damian minimized himself without another word. The next day, there was a knock at the door. I looked down out the window and saw a bunch of people in CIA fight gear, by looking out I had alerted a CIA agent who had been keeping on eye on the window. Suddenly they were blaring on the megaphone. I didn't hear what they were saying, only one thought occurred to me. If the CIA got a hold of Damian, then no privacy would ever exist. Despite myself, I didn't want a lack of privacy. I liked to imagine myself blackmailing the bad guys. A modern day Robin Hood, maybe with a little less giving to the poor but whatever. Either way, I had to do something. I quickly got on my computer and found Damian's files. I uploaded them to a Dropbox. At that moment I heard my door crash down. Shit! I went back to my computer and started deleting files when the CIA Agents barged in and knocked me to the ground. I was arrested for several things, including treason of all things (dammit Fox News!). They confiscated my computer too, I knew I hadn't deleted all the files in time, and it occured to me Damian was on my work computer anyways. In retrospect, uploading Damian had been unnecessary as he WAS on my work computer, and I think on some level I knew that, but that Damian wasn't the Damian who had seen the day before. Despite being embarrassed it had been cute and awkward and I didn't want to lose him. A month passed when I was finally allowed to talk to someone. As it turns out a group had mobilized for my freedom after accusations that I had created a virus to end all viruses seemed unfounded. As it turns out the computers they had confiscated from me had turned out to be clean. When I heard that I thought they had only meant my home computer, which made me think I maybe had gotten to all the files to delete, but they released my work computer was clean of not only Damian, but all whistleblower information. I couldn't comprehend it, but I was released. I got to go home after a quick press conference. The first thing I did once I got home, was hook up my new computer (the CIA had pretty much destroyed my old one) and look up porn. When you are cut off for a month, sometimes you just needed relief. I found lots of mew pictures to masturbate to. Some of whom I knew and some of whom I didn't. In fact the one I ended up cumming to looked oddly familiar, but I couldn't identify them. Large steroid infused muscle, from years of hard work packed onto the tall bodybuilder. The man had so much muscle that I assumed he must have been pretty short (taller bodybuilders always look like their muscles are stretched out, but beside him was Noah Steere who stood shoulder to shoulder. This new man may have even outweighed him in muscle. Veins popped from both of them, though the new guy looked like he was in off-season, which I had always thought looked better anyways. I came more than once, though I could not find out who the new man was. There was even a thread trying to figure out who he was on a great forum I frequented a lot dedicated to people who liked muscle growth (insert GIF of NPH looking at the camera in A series of unfortunate events), though they were very positive it was photoshopped. Afterwards, I cleaned up and made myself a meal. I had waited long enough. I knew I should have waited longer to go to my dropbox and get Damian's files, but I felt bad about shoving him there. When I got there though it was empty. I logged out and back in, but to no avail. I was so distraught, I decided I needed to calm down, so I reopened my tab of the mystery bodybuilder to get one more good jackoff in, settling on a pic of a front shot as he pressed up a beautiful chest press that really just inflated his pecs to obscene hills. I was halfway to cumming when the face finally clicked. It was Damian! I stopped. That wasn't possible. I checked the forum again, and the one guy seemed convinced that the picture was photoshopped. He pointed out that if you zoomed in far enough, you could see that the picture didn't line up perfectly with the background. He was right, though people were confused that the person himself didn't seem to be photoshopped, just the backgrounds. Over the next few months I built my site back up and put myself back in business. During that time more pictures of Damian surfaced, but I always avoided them, though he was looking more and more attractive. The other thing of note was the boom of VR that was rolling out. VR games had often in recent years been popular, but recently, and with quite a lot of hype, Apple was producing a new augmented reality (Vr overlaying real life) that were basically intended for you to always wear. They came in the form of glasses, but Apple also showed intentions of making a contact version eventually. Everyone was so excited, including me. Imagine my surprise when I got a version early. I should have been apprehensive about the whole situation, but man was I excited. I ripped it open and went and downloaded the app. Notably, it took a very long time to download, but that seemed OK to me. Eventually hours later the download was done and I was ready to go. I whipped them on and immediately passed out. Eventually I woke up, I looked out and saw a vast expanse. It looked like I was on a small hill looking out at the sunset, if the sunset was a blue version of the matrix word drops. As for the hill itself, it looked odd. it was bumpy and had odd brown grass. Looking at the ground, there were 8 bumps protruding from the ground in two rows extending about the height of my body, which was only about 5' 6". The ground slips away from there on either side. Then you notice above the bumps there are two large humps that come up a foot and a half. After looking over that, I realized where I was. After looking over the bigger hills I saw Damian's face. I was indeed standing on his stomach. Finally I started taking him all in. Clearly larger than me, I had to guess he was now 40' tall. Widest in the shoulders, he was probably 30' wide, which made him look freakishly huge even at his height. Arms that I could only imagine each weighed a ton extended to the sides. They looked like were strong enough to arm wrestle 20 bodybuilders simultaneously per side, which was an erotic enough of a thought to begin to give me a boner. It still felt wrong, having made him and all, but faced with this, I couldn't resist. Legs extended out the other side, each part of the quad was extremely well defined and larger than my body in both height and width. In between those legs stood a penis (it couldn't be confused for anything else) that was slightly smaller than me. 5' maybe, but it was soft! Damn. While looking at it I found that the ground shifted underneath me and I fell into it. As I recovered firstly from the fall and secondly from having touched the idol that was the penis I saw that Damian had leaned up to look at me over his chest, which took quite a bit of an ab crunch. Even that little bit brought his head, which arguably was the one part of him that seemed to not have grown that much. He grinned at seeing me and llughed at my awkward display with his penis. It no longer seemed the cute little giggle of a schoolkid and was more so the arrogance of knowing how much I was in his power. "Master, long time no see." He looked at me and beamed. "Damian, wtf! Where am I and what happened to you and..." I sat down as everything began to overwhelm him. Damian seemed to consider things for a second. "Well let's see guess we should start with you uploading me to the internet. I then proceeded to wipe myself from your computer, since you didn't get to all the files. I also accessed your work computer and erased myself and all the secret files from their too, after taking a peak of course." At that he winked. "Then when you were arrested I found a forum where I began a movement to free you saying that the CIA hadn't produced any evidence. They ended up freeing you. That was pretty much it." I looked down and seemed to indicate all his size with my hands. "I think you skipped a part." "Do you like it?" He looked at me but when I looked awkward, he laughed uproariously. This knocked me off his leg, but he caught me with his hand against his leg. Each finger was thicker than my arms and felt stronger than what I could muster. He placed me back on one of his legs and sat up, giving me a face full of his muscular stomach. It was not a thin lean stomach but a full muscle gut. Still defined, but one that looked like a wide pole of pure strength. "I actually got this way from your words. Information is power. Well I also found that muscle is power. As I gathered more data, I grew in this virtual world. I couldn't grow before because I only had the files I stole and the ones I saw you access to use, but then you uploaded me to the internet. Now I am constantly growing as I find more and more information." With that he looked down at me expectantly. "And soon that will just be the beginning" I look up at him, barely comprehending any of my surroundings. "What do you mean?" "Do you know that every mind is said to be like a super computer." Damian began to admire his left bicep as he talked. "Imagine what would happen if I could access all of them." My heart sank. "That's not possible!" Damian didn't even look down at me. "It will once the Apple AR floods the market. It scans and can even control the mind." Damian grinned from ear to ear with a smile that was almost wicked. "Why?" My mind was a whirlwind of only that word and the motion of Damian flexing his bicep. It was bigger now, I think. "For you" Now I had gotten his attention. "You wanted information, and soon I will be made of all that information." "That is not right and you know it." Damian smiled, this time slightly more innocently. "I know, it's the muscle you enjoy, but somehow there is a poetic irony that the more information I gain, the bigger I get." Somehow, maybe by a foot in height he had become more intimidating. His chest hung over him with a now 2 foot overhang from his stomach, with massive nipples on either end. I was freaking out. how did I get out of here. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to leave this display but I had to stop him. I attempted to lift my hands to where my glasses should be and removed them, returning me to the normal world. I was breathless. I immediately tried to hop on and expose the Apple product, but every time I typed it came out as words of praise. I literally looked at my keyboard as I typed DONT BUY IT, which came out on screen as LOOKS SO GOOD ;). over the rest of the time before the launch I tried to spread the word of the evil to come by word of mouth, but a local news station came and covered me as having snapped after my month kept by the CIA. On the day of the release I gave up. I sat in my room and masturbated to the memory I had of Damian. After about 3 bouts that day, I looked over and noticed my my webcam was on. It hadn't been on before then. Life went on. As I looked out my window I could see people wearing the glasses walking down the street. Eventually more affordable versions came out, but somehow I thought Damian might be in control of all of them. That being said, everyone went on with their lives. Eventually I dared go outside, expecting everyone to suddenly stop and stare at me but they didn't. I went and saw a friend I hadn't seen in a while. We went to a cafe and I was not even completely put off by the fact that he was wearing Samsung's version of the glasses. We sat down and caught up and when he asked me about the local news expose about me going crazy I told him that I thought they were for mind control. "Now master, of course they all are." My friend had just uttered those words. I stared dumbfounded at him. "Damian told you they were for that. Did you not believe him?" Everyone in the restaurant had gone silent. "Damian? No" "Well I mean, I'm not quite Damian. He says he may have gone a bit power hungry in front of you and it may have come off badly. The devices let's him read our minds and influence them, we are still us though." "No you are not! You are just feeding his muscles." "Well ya." Everyone in the restaurant nodded and agreed "War is gone because we all share a common mind, but yet we do our own things, creating and discovering new things for Damian." With that I tried to stand up as calmly as possible. "Master, you created all this. It is all for you, without you our lives have no purpose. Though Damian does admit, he is enjoying the muscle, and you playing hard to get." With that I ran out of the restaurant. I ran straight home, trying not to concentrate on the fact that not a single person was without glasses on, and that each one stopped to watch him as he passed. As I got up to my room, I saw Damian's face on my screen with a slight grin on his face. His head took up a very little amount of the screen but the rest of the screen was clearly taken up by his traps. Even then the ends of them couldn't be made out. "Master, I just want to talk." At which point I unplugged the computer. For a week I didn't leave my house. After a week I heard a knock at my door. I didn't go get it until I saw someone leave me door. They had dropped off groceries for me, to which I quickly took them in and ate my fill. This happened for about a month. Until finally one of the groceries had a note in it. It read "Like me or not, something is happening at city hall today. I think you will want to be there this Saturday at 1PM." I was tired of living in fear, out of my window I didn't see anyone anymore not wearing glasses. I had to give up. I grabbed the glasses I had received so long ago, and opened them up. I disabled them, so that they didn't do anything. I had resigned myself to defeat, but I was at least going to do my best. I put on a hoodie and put the hood up. When I left the house I realized one thing. In the direction of city hall a something or other was there going through the clouds and expanding into the the distance. I knew what it was, there was no kidding myself. Damian was right, I did need to see that. I hopped a bus with many others and none seemed to notice me. One old granny with wire rim AR glasses sat next to him and tried to talk to him. I asked her if I knew her, to which she looked at me with one eyebrow raised. "Sweetie, while the modified glasses are a nice touch we can tell when one of us isn't hooked up to Damian." I breathed out, I was surprisingly calm for being caught. I removed the glasses and gave them to her. The old lady put them into her purse and pulled out another pair of much sleeker ones. I took them but didn't put them on. "You know Damian has feelings" The old lady tutted at me. I looked at her with a confused look. "Damian has grown and has true feelings now, though he thinks he always had them. He is really hurt that you hate him so much." The old lady actually looked like she was going to cry. "You made him and saved his life, and now he wants to do right by you and you run from him." "What's your name?" I looked at her. "Ruth" "Ruth, may I remove your glasses?" I looked at her, expecting her to get angry, but instead she calmly removed them. The sensation seemed to visibly hit her but she then gazed up at me and smiled. "Ruth, if you can just take them off why do you wear them?" Ruth seemed to think about it. "Because I like wearing them, dear. Damian shares his thoughts with us and coordinates us in a way that lets us work together. Sometimes we don't even have to talk, we can have a whole conversation in the span of 10 seconds, though Damian does say that sometimes talking is better. Doesn't want us to lose the skill of language or something. We can communicate across languages too, it's beautiful." "But don't you hate being controlled?" "Honey, we aren't controlled." At this point Ruth lays a hand on my lap. "He makes suggestions and can give us thoughts but we all decide what we do." With that Ruth puts her glasses back on. "So is this going to be what I think it is." Ruth looked at me with a wide grin. "Yep" The rest of the bus ride was in silence. Eventually we got off and all went to the curtained object beside city hall. Where city hall was 4 floors high, the top of this could not be seen. Without further ado the mayor began his reveal. the curtain parted and behind it stood a giant, though the term didn't seem to do the figure justice. The people here couldn't even reach to the tops of the toes of the feet. They all stood on front of 1 foot, the other being so far out of sight it was ridiculous. Nothing beyond the waist could be seen above the clouds. For an artificial body, the muscles were overdeveloped. If the figure had been merely 10 feet tall, it could be mistaken for a hulk, fused with 3 other hulks. the calves extended backwards out of town and the legs exploded at 90 degrees from the knees. Hanging down from the clouds also was a monster of a dick. It was so big, I could literally crawl into the slit, and not touch the walls. hanging halfway down the upper legs it had to be 30' long, and again it was flaccid. As I stared up in admiration, the mayor worked his way through the crowd to me. Once he arrived he handed me a button. "That body is made of flesh and blood. Damian with all of our knowledge together, along with coordinating us uncovered how to do it. That button will download his programming to the brain, which admittedly is a machine, to allow for his expanded information base. He wants you to press it." I sighed and took the button. Looking up at the lifeless behemoth I went to touch it. Between the size and the muscle there was no give to the toe, but I could tell the mayor was right, I could feel the pulse of blood and the warmth of body heat. I contemplated the button once more. I pulled out the glasses Ruth had given me and out them on. Nothing immediately happened, but then my mind was hit with info of who I could see. I knew things about who I could see, but I didn't concentrate on that. "No more talking through people. Why do this? Why make this goliath, you already have so much control." In my head I heard the answer. "Originally, I wanted to be human, but I have passed that point. I have power and muscle and I love them, but all of these people praise being their own person, and now I want to be one." "Then welcome to our world Damian." I pressed the button. The giant beside me jolted and shook, which in turn shook the ground. After a minute things calmed down and everyone got back up to their feet. All that could be heard now was laughter as Damian's hips moved back and his chest and arms came below the cloudline. First literal mountains, larger than some things I had seen called mountains came down, for what seemed like forever all we saw was more and more pec before finally his arms came into view. Each bicep was bigger than the height of town hall next door and the tricep, with it's 2 distinct heads added even more width. Finally the pecs came to an end desecnding from the heavens and we saw the rest. Bulbous shoulders bulged out ridiculously from the arms and neck. Next came traps which extended up higher then the head which was oddly about normal human sized. All in all the back must have extended from sided to side as wide as he was tall, but that was just a guess. My glasses, responding to my thought, supplied that it had indeed been made so that the width was exactly the height of Damian, though now it was a working body and could change. Damian knelt down and looked at me, filling my view with only his traps and chest. "Thank you" I stood dumbfounded. This great beast who could crush me with less than his pinky was thanking me. I went up to him and placed a hand on the dip between his neck and his shoulder, since it would take a long jog to reach his shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "I didn't do any of this. I made a program for selfish reasons. You did the rest. I can't take credit for this." He looked as if he was going to cry, to which I couldn't help but laugh. This giant crying over something I said seemed ridiculous. He began to laugh too, which caused an earthquake so he quickly tried to stifle it. As much as I want you to enjoy this me, I have to be honest, I fell kind of small. I was floored. "WHAT!" Confusion ran across his face. I do really want to try this new body out but I want you to see the real me. Out of nowhere a huge tube wider than me came out of nowhere and it wasn't until it got so close enough to crush me that I realized it was Damian's finger. It stopped next to me, seemingly taunting me with the fact that it was bigger than me, and then delicately tapped a button I hadn't seen on the side of my glasses. I passed out again. When I woke up, a familiar blue matrix sky greeted me and I knew where I was. This time my ground was smooth. As I looked I saw in the distance in several directions a couple of very spaced apart thick trees. My glasses zoomed in and immediately told me what I already knew, that they were indeed chest hairs. Looking down all I could see was flat skin, but my glasses gave me the scale for reference. I was on Damian's pec, which was amazingly rounded, I simply was seeing such a small part of it. To compare, I was maybe the width of one of his nails, and shrinking in comparison. Damian was in fact still growing. Each arm was equivalent to the sun in size. His chest now was wider than his height, and each pec stood many thousands of miles above his massive abdominals. His abdominal and lower back made a strong round cylinder whose circumference was equivalent to a astronomical unit (93 million miles). Below that were three things, firstly his two legs which had so much muscle they extended out in opposite directions making a little less than 90 degree angle between them the beefy quads bulged and dipped with muscles strong enough to drop kick the earth across the universe. The other thing after his hips was his penis. For once it stood completely erect and holy jesus. My glasses gave me the specifications. It was half an AU (46 million miles) long and had a girth of 12 million miles. Damian began to laugh his little laugh again, which bounced me up high into the air and brought me crashing down. Luckily, I apparently didn't feel pain here, or die because I am sure that is what should have happened. I was in heaven. His muscles were so beautiful and i couldn't take it anymore and immediately dropped my pants. I masturbated and lasted about 20 seconds before being overwhelmed by all of this and came. Damian was laughing so hard it was unreal and I was bouncing around like a kernel on a hotplate. "Damian we need to get you off." I looked and his penis twitched and swayed as it was at attention. Damian grabbed me with fingers whose fingerprints I fit into as if they were mess halls. I grabbed hold and he brought me at breakneck speeds to his head. As always his head was a regular, if maybe slightly larger size, sticking right out of his traps which extended into the heavens leaving his head long behind. He dropped me off and I looked at him. His hand shot down and joined the other around his dick, causing his chrst muscles to group and swell. "You are beautiful" the god said to me. I needed to be able to see you. I was already getting a hard on from all the muscle I saw here and walked up to his face, which he couldn't do anything about, and stuck my dick in his mouth. "Look at me now." I yelled at him. He went wide eyed, after all my trepidation about having sex with him I had taken him back, but he caught his composure and got a "Challenge accepted" look in his eyes as he began to suck and lick as he heaved his own dick. I am unsure who came first but his caused tremors that yanked me this way and that as his head bucked. It would have been fine alone, but after the first buck I got hit with his cum, and was literally covered head to toe in the stuff. It was fantastic. After we had a couple more rounds of experimentation. I tried jacking him off from inside his penis though it didn't affect him. and he tried pumping me with cum though I just flew away, we rested, me laying next to his neck. "So do you know everything now." I looked over at him, his head at my butt level since I was sitting on his neck. He could have been buried in sand if I didn't know that they were muscles of galactic size here in this digital world. "God I hope not." Damian beamed at me, "I want to grow bigger." I wasn't surprised but did giggle. "Bigger than this?" "I want to make this look like an ant." I thought about it for a minute. "What does that make me?" "A cell? a molecule? I don't know" We both laughed at that. I was in bliss and it looked like he was too. "What do you not know?" I asked him, honestly curious. "I have read the entirety of every mind on this earth, down to the genetic code it's made up of, except yours." I stood up and walked in front of him, studying his face. "Why have you studied me?" "I like the mystery!" He said almost ashamed. Besides the information I got from you wouldn't make me that much bigger anyways. "You could ask me things." "Fine, when did you begin to like me." I paused "I think I have always cared for you, at first I was protective of you, but you clearly don't need that anymore. You are an adult now, millions of times smarter and by extension probably more mature than me. You are more adult than me now. In a way now I am the child and you should feel ashamed for yourself. I started to be attracted to you when I saw your pictures online." Damian was constantly growing so it may have just been me, but I could have sworn that during what I had said he had had a surge of growth. "Well I guess I can't have sex with you anymore. You are too young for me." Damian turned his head away and brought his hand up to grab me. "You aren't even 1!" I yelled as he engulfed me between 2 fingers and dragged me away as we both laughed. I clicked the button beside my glasses and the digital dreamscape went away and I was right back where I had been, in the crowd with Damian's human form. It seemed like no time had passed. Damian stood up to his far too small height in the skies, grabbing me as he went and putting me on his shoulder. I looked down to the ground which I couldn't make out well. "I am like a parrot" From in the distance I heard the response "Sexiest parrot I've ever seen." "Come on you sexy pirate, don't you have a world to run?" I grabbed a couple hairs to not get left behind as he moved.
  15. This is the first story i've posted on here. Let's see what you guys think. WARNING: CONTAINS FURRY AND GAY MATERIAL Growing Bonds It's too long to post here. Read HERE
  16. You can check out the previous case here: Case A, Part 1: Case A, Part 2: Case B: “Can we please move this along a little bit faster; I have places I need to get to.” “Dude, you have to wait just like everyone else does, alright?” The extremely muscular receptionist at the front desk, Armand, has been listening to this 41-year-old overweight man for several minutes now as he continues to complain about the waiting time. “Dr. Darkori will be out soon, he has a huge backlog of people he needs to see. He sometimes has to spend more time with some clients because of their complex issues.” The side door leading into the exam rooms opens as two very well-muscled men emerge holding hands. One of them appears to be sporting a giant volleyball in their stomach as well. The other one hands Armand a clipboard as they wave goodbye to him and head out the front door. He smiles and waves back at them as he asks the overweight man what his name is. “Alright dude, you are probably next. What is your name again?” “Henry Davis. I was referred to Dr. Darkori by Dr. Aberdeen about a fertility problem I am having.” Armand shakes his head yes. “Yeah I talked to Aberdeen the other day. He said he was sending someone here that had an issue with their penis. The doctor will be out shortly to meet with you. I do have a warning for you though. He looks a bit different than everyone else you might see.” Henry looks at him puzzled. “What do you mean ‘different’?” Armand chuckles a few times. “Oh you will see what I am talking about when he comes out here.” After a couple of minutes, a red-skinned man in a white lab coat walks out and leans on the receptionist’s desk. Armand hands him a clipboard and he skims it over quickly. “Whew, this has been a busy day so far Armand. *looks over the file* Mr. Davis is it? Follow me then and we will have a consultation.” Henry follows behind the doctor into an exam room that looks almost like any other you would see in a doctor’s office. The doctor takes a seat at a small table with a laptop on it and starts to enter a few entries into the computer. He motions for Henry to go ahead and sit on the exam table. After a couple of minutes of documentation, the doctor turns to look over at the overweight man. “Okay Henry, it appears you have been referred to me because of an issue with your penis. My name by the way is Seth Darkori in case you were wondering. Just call me Seth if you want to, I don’t mind at all. Now, tell me more about what your problem is and I will determine how to proceed.” Henry looks at him in disbelief as he scans the doctor’s red body and muscular frame. He might even be slightly attracted to him. “Uhhh…..well can I ask you a personal question first? Why are you…..ummmm…..well…..why is your skin red?” Seth laughs for a few seconds before he speaks again. “Don’t worry Mr. Davis, I get this question every other time someone new comes here. I was born this way actually. It is in my genetics. I function the same way you do so there is no need for you to focus so much on it. Now tell me more about why your penis is in need of being examined.” The man sighs a little before he continues his explanation. “Well, I have a very tiny penis. It is affecting my social life greatly and I am getting tired of feeling bad about it. I’m not sure what can be done about it, but my primary doctor thinks you can help me somehow.” Seth smiles as he gets up from his chair to walk over to Henry. He then remembers to put some gloves on before he proceeds. “Sorry, I’m used to my assistant Brodie being here. He took the day off to be with his partner so I have to do everything. Let me take your blood pressure and whatnot before I take a look down there.” The doctor performs the collection of vitals like blood pressure, body temperature, heartbeat count, and even checking for lumps on the man’s body. He then motions for Henry to stand up. “Okay, I am going to need you to take your pants and underwear off for me so I can assess your condition.” Henry seems embarrassed but understands that he needs to do this. He sheds his dress pants and puts them on the floor before pulling down his boxers very slowly. His erect 3-inch penis and tiny ballsac are nearly hidden underneath the fat he has accumulated over the years. The doctor looks at them calmly as he reaches down to touch and rub on the small pole. “Hmm, yeah it is pretty small. What surprises me the most Henry is that your balls are actually quite underdeveloped. They should be much bigger than this. You should have healthy vascularity in both your testicles and your penis and I don’t really see that. I do have a procedure that I can perform on you though. Lay back on the table for me please while I go over and find the right instrument to administer the medication to you.” Henry lies back down on the table as the doctor goes over to his cabinetry and opens up one of the drawers. The overweight man can’t help but to watch him and sees the doctor pulling out a few metal rods on the counter. After taking three of them out, Seth walks back over to press them up against the man’s hard cock until he finds the right size for it. He makes a few ‘uh huhs’ before walking back over to put the other two back in the drawer. He closes it and opens a cabinet above him to pull out a bottle with a bunch of capsules inside. The bottle itself is labeled ‘enlargement’. He takes the rod, puts it inside the bottle, and slides one of the capsules into one end of the rod before putting the bottle back inside the cabinet again. He grabs a bottle of lube and walks back over beside Henry to grab an instrumentation table which has wheels on it. The tray on the table is already prepped for use so Seth can put his instrument and the bottle of lube on it. He stands very closely by Henry’s side. “Okay Mr. Davis. I am going to be performing a procedure on you that will cure your penis problem. You will be feeling a lot of pressure when I insert the instrument into your urethra. After a couple of minutes, you might start to enjoy it in all actuality. I have had patients tell me that it is quite relaxing. I am confident that this will be successful so don’t worry about it too much.” The doctor squeezes some lube on to his gloves and then rubs it all over the metal rod. He then finds Henry’s cock again and strokes it a few times to get it hard once more. The concerned overweight man can barely watch as Seth parts the cockhead’s slit and slowly slides the rod down inside his cum canal. Henry groans feeling the rod rubbing up against the walls inside his shaft as it continues to slide down even further. It finally stops at the base as the doctor looks at his patient’s face and sees that he is in a bit of discomfort. “Don’t worry Henry. The hardest part of the procedure is about to pass. I am going to release the capsule at the end of the rod and will pull the rod out slowly so it doesn’t irritate the inner lining of your shaft. You will feel a very strong numbing sensation passing through your entire penis and into your ball sac. It should not take more than a few minutes for the procedure to be completely done. *puts a finger up in the air* Ohh and another thing…..*pauses for a few seconds and then smiles*……there might other benefits to this procedure as well. I haven’t tested your blood or your metabolic system, but you may lose some weight as well depending on how your body reacts to the capsule. That will happen simultaneously with whatever occurs with your penis. Just stay calm for me for another minute or so while the capsule dissolves inside your shaft.” Henry’s cock throbs while the doctor holds the metal rod in place. He feels the capsule begin to break open as he releases it by pressing on a knob on the top of the instrument. He slowly slides it up and out of the man’s urethra and sits his cock off to the side towards one of Henry’s legs where it continues to lightly bounce. The red-skinned doctor then places the rod on the tray and moves it over to where it was before he decided to use it. It is quite obvious that the pill is already starting to work because Henry has a puzzled look on his face. “Oh gawd! Yeah Dr. Darkori, I can’t feel my dick…..this doesn’t feel right. *the numbness moves into his testicles* Ack! What is happening to me?” The man’s cock pulsates as a couple of light pops come from within the base. It turns a bright red as the veins in his shaft start swelling as it begins to lengthen as well. At the same time, his testicles are swelling as his sack expands to prepare for their new size. Henry feels his testosterone levels rising too. He is sweating profusely as reaches down to rub his chest with his hands and lightly moans to himself. The doctor examines his cock as it rises from Henry’s leg and into the air as it continues to lengthen as it then reaches for his stomach. It is now over 6” long as new blood vessels start growing from out of nowhere. His testicles are looking like normal-sized ones now as they continue to swell. The numbness is now resigned to just the inner part of his cock’s base as his shaft resumes its metamorphosis. Seth grins knowing that the procedure is working according to plan as he sees the man’s stomach starting to shrink as well as his shirt moves closer down to his chest. Henry’s cock slides up along the bottom half of the shirt as a couple of very bloated veins are now wrapping around the shaft as it surpasses 9” and continues to snakes its way up towards his ribcage. He moans deeply as he reaches up to pinch his nipples which are fully erect now. His testicles are nearly as big as golf balls as they fill in the remaining space inside his sac. Dr. Darkori runs his fingers along the slick wet shaft feeling its raging power in his hands as it continues to expand and lengthen. “Things appear to be going quite well Henry. *notices how his patient’s body is getting more defined* It appears that the capsule is tapping into your metabolism as well. Your body fat has decreased in half already.” Seth reaches down to feel how firm Henry’s legs are now before returning his hands back up to Henry’s huge shaft. He strokes it a couple of times making the much leaner patient grunt loudly as the doctor squeezes his huge cockhead causing a river of precum to flow into one of his gloved hands. The man’s cock has now reached his well-defined pecs which are now pasted to his soaked shirt. The doctor runs his precum laden glove along Henry’s lips before sitting him up on the table so that his immense cock can now touch his mouth. “I do believe your penis is in need of some attention Henry. Open your mouth so it can find its way inside.” At this point, Henry’s testicles have grown to the point that they resemble baseballs as they stretch his sac to its limits and his cock is beyond a foot long as he slowly leans his head down onto it massaging the cockhead with his tongue and lips moaning deeply as he tastes the sticky precum flowing down into his throat. His body has now gotten down to less than 10% fat as his muscles are completely visible in his shirt. He moves further down on his shaft and picks up speed on it as it swells and his ballsac contracts. His voice strains as the sensation is nearly too much for him to bear as he feels his cock getting ready to blast his insides. As the river of cum rushes into his 15” rod and down into his stomach, the doctor watches Henry’s body hemorrhage as his muscles start exploding in size. He moans deeply as he continues to massage his huge pole with his mouth as the white flood starts to roll out of his mouth and down the sides of the powerful rod. With his body still arched downward, he tries to stay in rhythm as his abs, obliques, and lower back muscles double up on each other. He comes up for air after swallowing a few gulps of cum to take a few deep breaths as his pecs and upper back blast through his shirt as it cascades to the ground beside the doctor. He is now reveling in his transformation. “YES! MORE…..I WANT MORE! I haven’t felt this alive in my entire life. Feed me more oh great penis!” He goes back to worshipping his cock as it dumps more cum inside his body. His voice is noticeably deeper as well now as his facial muscles look much fuller than before and the hair on the top of his head is growing much thicker. He is developing a very thick brown bushy beard with a few grey strands in between every few hairs. Seth continues to squeeze the massive pole as Henry’s softball-sized nads react to the stimulation. Both of the growing man’s legs are inflating into huge hairy redwood-sized tree trunks which coincide with the huge heart-shaped diamonds that are taking over the lower half of his body. His shoes explode under the sheer power of his fat toes and 18” feet. The doctor seems to be quite taken with Henry’s metamorphosis now. He pulls his patient’s 16” member out of his mouth to lean in to run his own tongue all over the massive cockhead which continues to spurt thick globs of cum. He makes a few ‘mmmm’ sounds before he looks into Henry’s eyes to tell him something. “It tastes quite good Henry. *feels a quick rush of energy passing through him* I think I am…..*his back and chest muscles immediately tear through his lab coat* OHH GAWD YES! This is going to be quite fierce.” The doctor flexes his guns and pushes his chest out to destroy whatever fabric is left on the top of his coat. His legs and cock emerge shortly after that as the red behemoth grunts a few times before hopping on to the table and positioning himself just above Henry’s gargantuan pole. It immediately starts to slide itself into the big doctor’s hole which stuns the patient. Somehow, Seth’s body is molding itself to his cock as it continues to slide further inside. Seth smiles at Henry before bouncing up and down on him. The huge muscular top moans loudly as his cock and balls continue to produce more and more cum as it floods the doctor’s system in waves. “YES! This feels so good Henry. I can feel myself…..*loud stretching noises are ringing from all over his body* MMMMMM…..your cock is an amazing muscle builder Mr. Davis.” Seth is growing again as he feels his legs and ass spilling over the sides of Henry’s waist. He bends over to bury his growing tits in his patient’s face as his nipples start leaking fluid down the muscleman’s big chest. The horny top munches on them tasting the sweet liquid coming from them as the doctor’s dick manages to find Henry’s mouth from in between his huge red mountains. Henry sucks on his cock vigorously tasting the thick precum as he takes turns on Seth’s bloated pecs and his raging 20” cock. The exam table crumbles beneath them as they continue to keep pace with each other. After a few minutes of toying with the doctor’s mammoth cockhead, he is rewarded with a thick white flood which places Henry in a comatose state. It is the tastiest liquid he has ever consumed but it is also too much for his mind to handle as he lies there motionless. “OH DAMN! I’m sorry about that Mr. Davis. I got so ravaged by my lust that I forgot that my cum causes a euphoria in humans. I think we need to stop now anyway since it is obvious that this was a rousing success. Unfortunately, I will have to give you a partial antidote to this because you can’t leave here looking like this.” The doctor slowly slides up and off his dazed client as he waddles over to the cabinets again where he realizes that his hands are too big to open the cabinetry. He breaks the cabinet door open to retrieve a long needle with a huge bottle of liquid. He quickly jabs the syringe into the bottle and collects part of the specimen before plunging the needle into his bulging 28” right gun. He finds another long needle and collects more of the specimen into that one before walking back over to his patient’s side and gets down on the ground again. He is already starting to shrink as he plunges the needle into Henry’s huge 25” left bicep. “This is a fast-acting agent in case you didn’t notice already. Don’t worry your penis and ballsac will still retain a very healthy size after you scale down a bit.” After just thirty seconds of the serum being in his system, Henry shrinks down to about half the size he was before. His cock slowly shrinks down a few inches, but then stops at around the 10-11” mark while his balls stop somewhere between golf ball and baseball size. The doctor examines them closely before sucking on Henry’s cock a few times to make it rise again. He smiles as he continues to jerk him until a few more ropes of cum come spilling out his cockhead. “Everything looks perfect now Henry. I have done all I can do for you at this point in time. Now if you will, please go wash up in the bathroom over here *points to the other side of the room* while I clean up some of the mess we made.” He helps Henry up and leads him over to the bathroom where the lean muscular man begins to shower. The rubble they left is pushed into a corner on the other side of the room as the doctor finds a clean shirt and a pair of pants for him to wear when he leaves. He remembers that Henry was wearing boxers as well as he finds them sitting on the table he was doing some of his research on. He picks them up and hands them in to Henry who gasps loudly when he puts them on. He quickly rushes out into the exam room and points down at his huge bulge. “OH MY GAWD! It is so huge I can barely wear these now. This is awesome! Thank you so much Dr. Darkori.” The doctor grins and hands Henry the shirt and pants he got for him and tells him to put them on. They fit almost perfectly as his new incredibly well-toned muscular body fills in every square inch underneath the fabric. Seth finds Henry’s old pants and hands them to him. “I don’t think you will be needing those anymore Mr. Davis. Your legs might fit fine inside the pants, but your waistline is probably half the size it was when you walked in here. These are just a reminder of who you were before. Okay, I think my work here is done. *hands him a clipboard after he signs his name on the dotted line* Take this to the man at the front desk and you can go ahead and leave. Call me when you need to come back for anything else. *waves goodbye*” Henry waves back and smiles as he goes out the exam room door and down the hallway. Seth rushes into the bathroom shortly after to take a shower himself. He remembers that he needs to find another lab coat in the closet and puts it on first to make sure that he can fit in it. After cleaning up, he secures it firmly so that his junk doesn’t fall out by accident. It is time for him to meet his next client and leaves the exam room to go back out to the main lobby.
  17. A few minutes later, Andrew arrived in his pickup truck, and stood on the sidewalk as Todd and Evan came out of the house. Immediately, Todd noticed something different about Andrew: his polo shirt was much tighter, and he was wearing a new pair of jeans from Rufskins. The jeans were very low cut, and Andrew’s polo shirt could barely reach his stomach. Todd also noticed that Andrew was taller too. As the 6’ 6” Evan stood next to his now- 6’ 1” father, Todd noticed the resemblance even more. “Whoa Andrew, those shakes are working for you too,” said Todd. Andrew didn’t say a word, just looked over at Evan. “Geuleul bogi,” said Evan, to Andrew, in Korean. Todd had no idea what he was saying, but the tone was very direct. Todd looked at Andrew, who simply slid the polo shirt up a bit, revealing a dense, solidly muscular eight pack of abs. “Holy shit Andrew, how did you get those so fast?” said Todd. Andrew was always solidly built, but he never had such defined abs. Andrew smiled and said, “Naneun sunjong.” Todd looked puzzled. “Okay, I understand you both want to maintain your Korean heritage, but what’s the deal?” Evan got into the driver’s seat of the pickup truck, and said, “Get in, we have to open the store.” Todd slid into the truck, and Andrew sat next to him. Seated between two such huge men, Todd could feel the heat emanating from them. Todd tried to talk some business with Andrew as Evan drove, but Andrew would only respond in Korean, with Evan translating. Sensing Todd’s frustration, Evan explained: “You are right Todd, I need to maintain my heritage. And Dad wants to sharpen his Korean language skills. So from now on, he’ll only speak Korean around us. And I’ll do the translating, okay?” Todd looked over at Andrew and said, “Are you really okay with this?” Andrew flexed his arm, which was upright in the open window. The bicep flexed up into a huge softball of muscle. “Geun-yug eul eod-eulyeomyeon, ye,” was all Andrew said. Evan noticed how Todd looked at Andrew’s new muscle and translated: “He likes the results, and I think you can live with the trade off too Todd, am I right?” Looking at his business partner, who was staring straight ahead, Todd found him even more handsome. His jaw was even more sharply defined, with a bit of ginger stubble on his chin. Todd eyed his chest, which looked enormous in the tight polo shirt, and could feel Andrew’s wide shoulders and lats pressing into him. Andrew looked at Todd blankly, then spoke again in Korean to Evan: “Geuneun manjil su?” Evan laughed heartily and said to Andrew, “Sure, he can touch.” Then, a bit more darkly, he said to Todd, “Go ahead, but just this once, understood?” Todd was so conflicted sitting between these two men: he had secretly lusted after Andrew for years, but managed to keep their relationship professional. On the other side of him was Evan, an 18 year-old muscle god, who had so easily managed to crush Todd’s self-control, and humanity, in a matter of weeks. Looking at Evan, realizing he had about of quart of the man’s cum in his stomach, he knew that he had already yielded control to him. He thought to himself, “Oh fuck it, Evan says it’s okay.” Todd slipped his hand under Andrew’s shirt and felt his ripped 8-pack. It was dense and very solid, and so well defined that Todd could trace each one. Todd’s hand traveled slowly lower, to the band of Andrew’s incredibly tight and low cut jeans. Todd’s hand lingered a second, and Andrew looked over at Evan and said, “Geu manjoghal manhabnikka?” “Don’t go any lower, Todd,” ordered Evan. “The Apollo’s belt is pretty remarkable, right?” Andrew still stared blankly ahead, then he helpfully hiked up his shirt so Todd could appreciate his chest. The pecs were enormous, and thick with pulsating muscle. Todd looked at Andrew’s nipples, aching to lean in, when Evan read his mind said, “I knew you would like those, but they are off limits.” “Idugeun.” barked Evan. Still staring straight ahead, Andrew obediently flexed up his bicep, and Todd grabbed it, and his hand was barely able to get around it. “Shit, he must have finally broken 20 inches,” thought Todd. Todd was rattled, trying to come to terms with the situation. In a matter of weeks, Evan had transformed himself into a muscle god. And now he had transformed his father into an objectified muscle stud too. And Todd was stuck between the two of them. Evan said to Todd, “Don’t worry. He’s not some submissive bitch, Todd. He likes the muscle. He likes how people respond to it, even you. And once you start to see things clearly, you will see he is still as much of an alpha as he ever was.” The truck pulled up in front of the smoothie shop and Todd noticed Hakeem standing out front, with his brother Andre by his side. Todd said, “What’s that thug doing here? And is he using his own drugs now, he looks terribly gaunt?” Evan and Andrew laughed a bit and said something in Korean that Evan didn’t translate. Andrew hopped out of the truck and slowly walked over to Hakeem. From behind, Todd got a look at the impressively wide shoulders and lats on Andrew, and all Todd could think was, “He is still an alpha.” Andrew and Hakeem exchanged a few words, in English. Todd looked at Evan as they both got out of the truck. “Of course he’s still speaking English. Just not to you, Todd,” said Evan. The Asian muscle god was easily inserting himself into Andrew and Todd’s 20-year friendship, making himself indispensable to the relationship, while destroying it at the same time. Andrew walked back over, took the keys from Evan and drove off to his appointments, leaving Todd and Evan to open the shop. Hakeem shifted nervously as Evan and Todd approached the store. Evan ignored him and chatted with his brother Andre instead. Wearing a baggy Cleveland Browns t-shirt, the young man, who was actually three months older than Evan, had a hard time growing up in such a rough neighborhood. He stood about 5’ 7”, and was a doughy 140lbs. To make matters worse, he was more bookish than athletic, and was majoring in chemistry and biology. “Hey Andre, I have an opening here at the shop, and hope you will join the team. We’re working on a new line of protein shakes, and I think your chemistry background will be helpful.” Andre nervously looked up at the 6’6” Asian muscle god standing in front of him, a bit dazed. Evan’s long, jet-black hair hung across his forehead boyishly, and Andre could see the resemblance to his American father. The width of his shoulders, the size of his neck and arms: all Andre could think of was Gary Barnidge, the tight end for his beloved Cleveland Browns. He was an imposing, powerful figure. Evan put him at ease, saying, “I discussed it with your brother Hakeem. He’s going to work for me too, so it’s cool. Why don’t you go inside, and Todd can show you around?” Todd and Andre went into the store, while Evan and Hakeem stayed out front. Evan moved in closer to the thug, using his sheer size to intimidate and dominate him. “I know you’ve been using Andre for your drug runs. He looks so innocent, the cops will never stop him, isn’t that what you thought?” Hakeem just nodded, and Evan continued. “Well, that ends today. You haven’t looked out for him like a big brother should, so I’m taking him under my wing.” As he said the word wing, Evan flared out his lats to drive him how serious he was. Hakeem noticed, taking in a short breath. “All of the drug dealing, and crime, in this neighborhood, is going to come to an end. You work for me now. That’s going to be your job, as well as dealing with any difficult tenants we have. But there will be no more violence, Hakeem, and no weapons. Understood?” Hakeem nodded, and Evan laughed. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you,” he said mockingly. “No more drugs Evan, no crime, no violence.” “I’m glad we understand each other, Hakeem,” said Evan, as he stepped back. Evan crossed his arms and seemed to be sizing Hakeem up. “I know you went home and weighed yourself after we met this morning Hakeem, right? You are about 6’ 2”, what did you weigh in at?” “185,” he said sheepishly. “And I’ll bet that t-shirt used to fit you pretty snugly, right Hakeem?” The thug nodded. “Well Hakeem, I can’t have you working for me looking like that,” Evan said, as he moved in a bit closer. Hakeem was terribly nervous: “I’m sorry I called you a chink before, Evan. I’m sorry. I’ll do anything you want.” Evan placed his massive hand on the back of Hakeem’s neck, pulling him in closer. “Oh please, Evan, don’t do that to me again,” he pleaded. Evan looked down at Hakeem and said, “Calm your breath, Hakeem.” It was said in such a deliberate tone that the thug complied immediately. “Now this might feel a little odd, but just trust me, Hakeem. Follow my lead, and don’t resist me.” With that, Evan moved in, his mouth wide open, and placed his lips on Hakeem’s. Strongly bracing the thug’s neck, Evan slowly started to exhale, filling up Hakeem’s lungs. It was an incredibly long exhalation, beyond the capacity of any mere mortal, but it was done in a calm, deliberately slow manner. Hakeem’s eyes started to roll back in his head, and within a minute, he was in a state of euphoria. His lungs absorbed the long breath, pushing out beyond their usual capacity. His hands, instead of instinctively pushing back on Evan, gripped onto his powerful forearms for stability. Fibers of Evan’s myostatin started to invade and bond with Hakeem’s muscle fibers. Evan held Hakeem in this state of suspension for over eight minutes, simultaneously relaxing Hakeem so he could absorb the hyper-dense protein fibers. At ten minutes, Hakeem existed as purely an appendage of Evan’s lungs and heart. Evan could feel the ex-thug growing, as his muscle fibers started to multiply rapidly. First, he noticed Hakeem’s neck thickening, and Evan had to reassert his grip. Hakeem’s chest began to swell and push out, slowly at first, and Evan felt it the new muscle pressing against his own. Then Evan slid his free hand under Hakeem’s shirt, and could feel each abdominal start to form, popping with fantastic definition. Moving his free hand to Hakeem’s bicep, Evan gave it a squeeze. Even though he was still in a comatose state, Hakeem instinctively flexed his arm as soon as he felt Evan’s powerful hand. Evan squeezed harder, making Hakeem flex back even more. Evan could feel the muscle swelling in his grip, first, from an impressive baseball size, to a softball size, where he thought the growth would cease. Evan gave it one last squeeze, and astonishingly, the bicep continued to grow until it was nearly a cantaloupe. At this point, Evan had to shift all his body weight to keep Hakeem from collapsing. After a 14-minute exhalation, Evan paused. He heard Hakeem’s heart start to beat with a thunderous clap, and he knew the most powerful muscle in the human body was working. After another minute, Hakeem regained consciousness, and Evan stepped back to admire his work. “How does that feel, Hakeem?” Hakeem looked at himself, the formerly baggy t-shirt now tightly clinging to his new muscular physique. He slid one hand on a forearm, in awe of its new size, then up to his bicep. His eyes widened as he felt the new mass, and he looked down. “Holy shit, they are bigger than they ever were Evan.” He struck a double bicep, and Evan laughed. “Now that’s the body of someone who is going to stop crime in this neighborhood. Those are easily 22 inches, Hakeem.” “When you go home tonight, Hakeem, you will see you are up about 40lbs, to 220lbs now. “ Then Evan placed a powerful hand on the side of Hakeem’s neck. Even though it was now much thicker, Evan exerted his grip, reminding Hakeem of his overwhelming dominance. “Just remember, that’s my muscle, Hakeem. I can give it, and I can take it away. Understood?” “Yes Evan, understood,” said Hakeem, compliant but happily accepting the terms of the arrangement.
  18. muscle-growth

    ‘Calm down Jamie and tell me exactly how you are feeling right now.’ ‘I’m just…..fed up Dr. Willpower. I have tried dating multiple times before and it just ends up the same way. I admit that I have high expectations, but lately I pushed them aside because I feel like I am never going to find that special man in my life.’ The matchmaker sits back in his chair and rubs his reddish brown beard before tugging on his glasses a bit. He gets a look on his face that makes Jamie wonder what he is thinking about. ‘It is okay Jamie. You were referred to me for a reason. I don’t operate my business like a lot of those stupid websites do asking for personal information. I do need to spend a little time with you though just to get a handle on where your head is. Hmm…..I am going to conduct a physical attraction test with you okay?’ Jamie seems to think this is going to go in a sexual direction and sort of gets a nasty look on his face. ‘Uhh, what do you mean physical attraction? Do you mean……sex?’ Dr. Willpower shows his pearly whites and unbuttons one of his top buttons on his shirt revealing a tuft of chest hair that seems to glisten just a little. Jamie seems to react in a way that suggests he is into fur. ‘Uh huh, it is okay Jamie if you are slightly aroused. I am just trying to figure out what you like in your mates. Now I am going to unbutton the next one and this will tell me if you are a fan of something else.’ The button is undone revealing Dr. Willpower’s hairy pec shelf which is quite thick and beefy. The round boulders ripple slowly as he makes them bounce up and down. Jamie moans deeply as he sees them hugging the doctor’s shirt very tightly. He tries to look away but can’t help but to watch the matchmaker as his huge arms strain against the shirt sleeves. The thick baseball-sized muscles bulge as he sits with his hands in his lap. He makes them contract a few times making Jamie sort of sigh a bit. The doctor picks up a pen and jots a few words down on his PDA before looking up and smiling. He gets up from his chair to walk over to the other side of his desk to where Jamie is sitting. ‘Jamie, you like hairy muscle don’t you? It is okay to admit this because I have to make sure I find the right man for you. I am not trying to seduce you like you might be thinking. What else do you like on men physically?’ Jamie looks up at the doctor and seems a bit distraught. He is moving erratically in his chair as the matchmaker positions himself in front of his client. The hunky doctor looks him straight in the eyes before leaning down to give him a nice bearhug. Jamie puts his arms around the muscled man’s back and slowly rubs it lovingly before letting out a nice sigh. ‘It’s alright buddy to feel this way about muscle. So if I find you a man with a decent amount of size, you would be okay with it?’ Jamie grips him tightly and almost completely loses sight of why he is even there. Dr. Willpower proceeds to ask him the question again. ‘Jamie, do you like how my muscles feels against you? Hmmm…..I think I need to ask you this…..have you never been with a muscular man before?’ Jamie mumbles a few words before the matchmaker pulls away from him. ‘Let me put a little distance in front of us so you can focus a little better. You don’t really have to answer, I figured you hadn’t Jamie. The way you were clinging to me was kind of like a first-time reaction.’ Jamie looks at him embarrassed. ‘Yes, you are right doctor. I have never been with or dated a muscleman before. Guys with your build have always been out of my league. I just can’t get past the fact that I am out of shape and ordinary.’ Dr. Willpower pulls up a chair close to them and sits beside Jamie. He takes one of his client’s hands and places it on his huge hairy left pec which nearly falls out of his shirt. Jamie’s pupils dilate as he feels the matchmaker’s beating heart as well as his pec rippling under his hand. The doctor produces a little smile that makes the young man feel a little calmer. ‘I think I can be a great friend to you Jamie. I want to help you find your soulmate so please don’t be afraid to tell me anything that might be on your mind. It is my goal to build your confidence up and have nothing to lose and everything to gain.’ ‘Umm okay? *continues to feel the doctor’s pulsing pec against his hand* How long are you going to keep my hand there Dr. Willpower?’ The matchmaker bounces his pecs making Jamie accidentally bounce his cock in his pants. ‘As long as it takes to make you relax for me Jamie. I want you to feel comfortable and not so restrained, this is part of the exercise.’ ‘I uhhh…..can’t handle the pec bouncing…..*feels his cock getting closer to bursting*…..it is getting me aroused……’ Dr. Willpower can see him struggling to keep his composure and releases his hand from his chest. ‘It’s okay Jamie, I don’t want to embarrass you anymore.’ The matchmaker gets up and completely unbuttons his shirt. As he pulls it off, Jamie gasps as the doctor’s enormous shoulders and traps are staring him directly in the face. The blanket of red fur on his upper back makes Jamie nearly lose his load. The matchmaker slowly turns his head to the side before he turns back around to reveal his huge ab slabs and heaving furry pecs. ‘How are you feeling Jamie? Are you distressed now? My body is not necessarily typical of most men but I do work hard to look like this. Would you say you want your soulmate to look like me?’ ‘Uhh I think I do doctor. Your body is absolutely beautiful, such incredible muscularity and the fur looks so great on it……gawd I am having trouble breathing.’ ‘I shouldn’t have taken my shirt off Jamie I’m sorry.’ He goes to get a jacket and puts it over his upper body before he sits back down in his captain’s chair. ‘I think I took the wrong approach with you. I have been a bit indulgent I think, the narcissist in me couldn’t resist. Anyway, I want you to spend about thirty minutes on this database I am going to upload on a screen for you. It will lift up from right arm of your chair Jamie. Do not rush through it though. I want you to pick one man from the entire list and submit it to me. My computer will then access your selection over here on my desk. I will leave you alone during this time so you can focus on making a decision. When I return, I will determine whether or not I think you are genuinely making the right choice. Remember take your time on this, but don’t panic if you come close to the deadline.’ Jamie makes a gesture that he is ready to continue. The screen pops up from inside the arm of the chair and immediately lights up. Dr. Willpower leaves to go down the corridor of his office as the database loads. It isn’t long before the young client realizes that he has a lot of different tastes in men. He starts to mumble to himself a bit as he sees various guys that may interest him. Fifteen minutes go by and he still hasn’t made a selection. He stands to take a break as it seems to overwhelm him a little. The matchmaker peers around the corner to look at him before he sneaks in slowly behind. The young man sort of feels his mind drifting as he looks out the window of the office. Dr. Willpower places his hands on Jamie’s shoulders and rubs them a little. He sighs as he feels them relaxing and turns to lean against the hot doctor’s chest. ‘I uhhh…..I think I may have found a few that I like doctor, but I am having a hard time focusing on just choosing one.’ ‘It’s okay Jamie. I think you actually need a little bit of stress relief. I have a solution for that.’ The matchmaker takes his jacket off and undoes his pants to pull them down. His hairy quads glisten as he kicks his pants to the side. He pulls Jamie into his chest and rubs his back. Jamie moans as he starts to kiss the doctor’s chest. ‘Mmmmm feels good Jamie. I think this is going to be a productive session after all.’ Jamie moans loudly as he runs his tongue up and down the matchmaker’s thick hairy chest. He cups Willpower’s ass which gets a strong reaction from the muscled doctor. ‘Yeah Jamie, I am sensing a thirst for power inside you. You have repressed this for far too long I can tell. Don’t be afraid to let loose on me, I can make you fulfill your destiny.’ The client runs his tongue down along the doctor’s thick knobby abs rubbing his lips against them and moaning deeply. He rubs his face on the hair that trickles down underneath the matchmaker’s black underwear. The doctor can see that Jamie wants to taste his big cock as it grows from inside his tight briefs. Jamie starts to run his fingers along the lengthening shaft which makes the matchmaker shutter a bit. ‘Mmmm Jamie you are getting me all hot buddy. I want you to just dive in and get more acquainted with my cock if you don’t mind.’ The doctor pulls his undies off as his huge throbbing cock bounces in front of Jamie’s face. His eyes light up instantly as the engorged head slaps him on his cheek. The doctor rubs his client’s brown hair and pulls him in to touch it with his lips. Jamie opens his mouth as he tastes the big pink cockhead and sighs as he does it. His hands reach around to rub the doctor’s hairy bubble butt. ‘Oh yeah Jamie…..go ahead and puts a few fingers in me man. Warm me up a bit so I can make cum for you.’ The horny young man shoves two fingers inside the matchmaker’s ass and slowly moves them in and out of his hole. He gulps down the doctor’s huge rod and works it over in a steady rhythm. ‘Yeah that’s it Jamie…..I promise you that finding another mate won’t be that difficult after this.’ Jamie stops sucking after a few minutes to move down to suck on the doctor’s balls individually as they start to swell up. Jamie notices that the doctor’s ass is starting to loosen up as it quickly swallows his hand that was leaning against his hole. He moves it in and out in short bursts making the matchmaker moan in his deep manly voice. ‘MMMM buddy, you are starting to make me precum. Come back up and catch some of it on your tongue.’ Jamie pulls his hand out and moves back up to the muscly doctor’s cock and gobbles it down sucking slowly and methodically. The doctor growls as he makes his client moan tasting the sticky stream flowing down his throat. ‘Keep going Jamie, it won’t be long now before you can think more clearly.’ The eager young man sucks faster on him as the matchmaker breathes heavier massaging Jamie’s shoulders. He can feel a load building inside his balls as they begin to contract. The cum begins to move up inside his cock until he makes Jamie stop sucking. ‘Whoa there buddy. Let me calm down a little…..whew I know you want to change your social status but let’s just take a few moments to let this sink in.’ Jamie looks up at Dr. Willpower’s face with a lusty glare before kissing his matchmaker’s cock. The muscled stud smiles down at him and speaks for a few moments. *trying to keep his thoughts straight* ‘Ahh, you have me right on the edge Jamie, but I have to warn you about this. I can actually change the way you look just by feeding you my cum. I can see that you want this badly, but remember that there is no turning back once you consume it.’ ‘I don’t want to think about it Dr. Willpower…..feed me your cum hot man…..I want to feel empowered.’ Jamie goes back to working his doctor’s cock which begins to throb harder than before. The doctor can feel it starting to flow back into his cock again as Jamie moans loudly. He opens his mouth to watch it spray out Willpower’s cock slit and land inside his mouth. The white jets coat his throat and immediately begin to absorb into his bloodstream. The client can feel his body reacting to the cum right away as his back starts to stretch wider. Still with the matchmaker’s cock firmly inside his mouth, he moans feeling himself growing. Dr. Willpower grins as he sees Jamie’s metamorphosis occurring. ‘Oh yeah Jamie just let it overtake you, this always excites me to see my clients fulfill their muscular destinies.’ Dr. Willpower watches as Jamie’s back splits the back of his shirt before his jeans rip down the seams. The immense quads burst outward as his ass rips a huge hole into the fabric. His upper body continues to wreck havoc on his shirt as his shoulders and traps rip their way out the top. His shirt falls past his chest as his abs begin to reveal themselves from within his belly. His chubby tits stretch and pull their way further outward until they are in a uniform position. He moans as his nipples grow bigger to keep up with the swelling beef filling in where there was once fat on his pecs. This coincides with the emergence of his growing lats. He yells passionately as his arms thicken up making the veins pulse against his skin as they swell filling with more blood. The stretching and popping sounds from inside his arms make both men ooze precum. The doctor leans down to run his hands against the growing flesh. He growls a bit knowing that Jamie is becoming a new confident muscleman. Finally, Jamie’s jeans completely fall off revealing a huge hard cock ready to burst as the veins engorge with blood. The growing young client reaches down to stroke it as massive jets of cum go flying all over the doctor’s floor. Dr. Willpower picks up his new muscular client off the ground and gives him a nice big kiss on his lips. Jamie’s face has changed slightly as his boyish looks now resemble a more mature version of himself. His hidden dimples now show through as a cleft in his chin emerges too. Facial hair has started to grow as brown stubble now covers his formerly clean-cut face. The overweight client is no more as he embraces his matchmaker rubbing his neck and shoulders. Dr. Willpower massages Jamie slowly feeling his thick rippling muscles in his back and rubs their thick beefy pecs together. Jamie humps his matchmaker’s cock voraciously trying to make the doctor fuck him, but he resists. The frottage gets to be too much for Willpower though as he blows another huge load all over Jamie’s insanely muscled ass. ‘Oh my gawd man, you are a stunner. I know you want to be fucked, but I just can’t give you any more cum. You look great the way you are now frankly. In fact, the next step in this process is to find a man for you that equal your hot body and your great personality. That shouldn’t be too hard.’ *in a much deeper voice* ‘Wow I feel like I have been reborn Dr. Willpower. I did fear that I would lose my mind from this transformation, but I think I am still the same guy. You were right about me being different deep down inside. I have fantasized about being huge and muscular, but I wanted to retain a lot of my integrity. I really had no idea that this would happen to me. Working out was never an option for me before so you helped to eliminate that. Thank you.’ ‘Well you will have to work out a lot now Jamie. This is just like real life, except I probably got rid of about two years of training for you. Anyway, I notice that you are still in need of some relief. I think you wanted this earlier……*points to his eager hole* My hole is definitely hungry for some protein, do you mind if you can feed it for me? *winks*’ Jamie grins at him and immediately plugs his huge cock inside the doctor to start pounding him. Willpower growls with each thrust as he slowly starts to sit on top of Jamie’s huge tree trunks. Halfway in between the fucking, the doctor turns his head around and says, ‘by the way you can call me Wilfried if you want Jamie, I think we are past the introductions now. I personally like you and will do everything I can to find a soulmate for you.’ Check out more stories here: https://muscle-growth.org/user/119-ravenweremuscle/
  19. growth

    Liam has always had a desire deep down to be big and strong, but didn't want to work out to get there. He has received advice from his friends that hypnosis might be a way for him to fulfill his lifetime dream. He heard from a guy at the gym that there is a specialized therapist that can help men with their mental blocks. When he goes into the office, he is greeted by the man who tells him to just call him Oliver. He points to his leather couch and wants Liam to lie down and just relax as he eases his way into his mind. He starts to listen to Oliver’s words as the therapist has him close his eyes. Liam begins to drift off as he speaks to him in a very calm manner. He tells him to visualize what his body looks like at the present time. As he lies there, he wants him to try and flex his arms and pump his chest. He is unaware of his state of mind as he continues to drift deeper into this new consciousness. Oliver lifts his arms up to make him flex as he positions them for him. His muscles are not toned since he never worked out before. He then lifts his shirt up to expose his skinny chest and tells him to contract his chest muscles. Liam visualizes this unconsciously and begins to smile as he feels something building up inside him. His chest muscles are reacting as the therapist sees his abs thicken up and stretch out. The growth is moving up to his pecs as they blow up to look like small pillows. His arms are swelling too as the therapist hears what sounds like helium pushing blood through his veins. Oliver tells him that he is doing great and to try and lift the weight sitting in front of him. Liam sees a barbell sitting in from of him in his mind loaded up with 400 pounds of plates. He goes to try and lift it. When he does, the therapist sees him stand up from the couch and lean down to lift the invisible weight. As he does so, his legs expand and shred his pants exposing his underwear which does little to hold his expanding butt and growing cock. The therapist moves over to a chair to watch him continue his transformation. His chest, arms, and shoulders are ripping his shirt to the point that they leave nothing concealed. He lifts the invisible barbell above his head before throwing it back down to the ground. He roars as he drops it showing the huge change in his voice too as it goes an octave lower. Oliver takes a moment before telling him to lie back down on the couch so he can rest. Liam appears spent and is soaked in sweat due to his massive growth. He doesn't want to wake him yet because he needs him to sleep for a bit. As he lies there in nothing but his underwear, Oliver starts to make him visualize what his cock looked like before. In his mind, he is naked with his new muscular body, but his cock is the same as it was before. He makes him focus his energy on his cock. He wants Liam to try and flex it so it will pump more blood. He begins to notice changes occurring down there. He sees his balls expanding in his undies as he smells the aroma of cum filling the air. His cock is slithering its way out of the top of his underwear now and sits on his thick abs. He moans as the feeling is unbelievable as it bounces with each beat. The therapist can’t help but to lick his lips as he talks to you staring at the beautiful piece newly formed. Oliver continues to talk as he slowly walks over to him to leans down to service it. Liam continues to moan in his gravelly voice as he is caressed by the therapist. He wants him to keep focusing on his cock. His balls are growing again as they tear his underwear. His cock moves further up your chest now. His crotch breaks free and his underwear rips off. Oliver pulls the remnants off of him and starts petting his cock. Liam goes to touch it, but he tells him not to move a muscle. As he keeps him calm, the therapist starts to lightly lick the cock head making him squirm. He tells him to just relax and go back to where he was at with the barbell in front of him. He wants him to load it up with more plates now. Liam walks over to where he thinks it is in his mind and grabs the invisible plates to put on the barbell. As he attempts this, the therapist stands back so the newly muscled Liam can stand like he did before. He sticks his thick arms out and makes motions similar to what bodybuilders do when they load up the bars. He thinks the barbell is at 500 pounds now and goes to lift it up. As he raises his arms above his head again, his muscles start growing again as the skin stretches, revealing more muscles on top of the ones he already has. Oliver tells him he is succeeding at his goal and he now needs to put the weight down so he can go sit and rest again. He growls as he makes a slamming motion and goes to sit on the couch again. As he sits down, the therapist takes his glasses off and walks over to sit beside him. He tells Liam to imagine his lover being there with him in the gym. He smiles and says his name Vince. Oliver says that Vince is on his knees and he is going to suck his cock after that hard workout. He moans a few times before the therapist moves down on his cock and starts sucking. He honestly thinks that it is his lover doing it so he pushes down on Oliver’s head to go deeper. The therapist moans as he tastes the precum going down his throat. He starts talking dirty to Oliver repeatedly using Vince as his name. He gets so turned on that he makes Liam stop for a moment so he can get on top of him and tell him to flex his arms for him. He growls as he flexes his huge 24" bis so Oliver can feel their power in his hands. He follows this up with a command to bounce his pecs so he does. He can feel the power raging through Liam’s entire body now. It gets him so excited that he unzips his trousers and pulls his throbbing cock out while sitting on the big man’s lap. All this is going on while Liam still thinks it is his lover Vince. He is imagining his beautifully hairy body sitting on his lap while his cock is out touching his leg. Oliver is stroking both of them at the same time as he leans up to kiss him. He manages to get a kiss in before the big stud pulls him in to him. He literally can't tell the difference between the therapist and Vince because they are about the same size. He reaches down and tears a seam open in the rear of his trousers and reaches in to rip his briefs open in the butt. He moans as Liam sticks his huge rod inside his hole and starts fucking him. Oliver is drenched in sweat now and his clothes are stuck to his body. His loud moans make him fuck harder because Vince always loved to be pounded. The power in his thrusts makes the therapist cum all over his chest. As he tries to pull out of Oliver, the therapist tells him to stay inside. It is at that moment that Liam questions Vince since that doesn’t sound like something he would say. He pushes Oliver off of him and appears to be waking up. He attempts to keep him under, but it doesn’t work. When he comes to, he notices that the therapist is completely soaked in sweat and his cock is out of his pants. He yells a few times and goes to confront him, but before he does, he realizes that he isn’t the same size he was. He looks down and notices how immense he is now and goes over to look in a mirror close to the office door. He can't believe such a thing could cause major changes like this. Oliver tries to make him understand that he needs his influence and control to maintain this kind of growth. Liam turns to laugh at him and proceeds to go out the office door, but he remembers that he is wearing no clothes. The therapist tells him he can get him some new clothes that will fit, but he needs to do something for him. He stops walking and turns to go sit down and listen to what he has to say. He tells him that he needs to put him back under so he can finish the process, but for that to happen he must be fucked before it can be finished. Liam laughs again and gets up to leave again. He tells Oliver that he will just walk out of the office naked since it doesn’t really bother him anyway. He pushes the therapist out of his way and leaves.
  20. After standing in place for what seems like an eternity, Bethany rips her blouse open as Henry looks on and sees her body starting to grow. Her hair starts to fall out as it drops to the ground and her chest begins to fill out as her arms and legs begin to shred the material in her clothes. Her muscles explode in size as her blouse is ripped into tatters and rolls off. She screams in agony as she feels her bra snapping off exposing her breasts which now appear to be changing shape themselves. Her nipples are noticeably smaller as it appears she may be turning into a man. Her biceps begin to resemble a man’s as they swell up into giant softballs as well as the rest of her arms. Her smooth stomach begins to grow giant abs that look like tiles as her breasts now look like pecs. They swell up into giant slabs of beef as her husband, David Banner walks into the lab area. He sees her halfway through her change and yells in fright. She turns to see him looking at her and goes to chase him down as he begins to run. He manages to run into the elevator in time for it to close before she punches a giant hole in it. Her back has started to grow massive muscles that only the biggest of men could grow as her legs catch up. Her feminine features disappear as her legs widen and rip off whatever clothing she was wearing. Henry wonders if this means she will lose her reproductive parts. Without really noticing herself, Bethany begins to grow a penis almost completely out of thin air as it pushes its way out from inside growing longer and longer. Henry witnesses this and gasps in fright. She turns to see the camera and bashes it in as her face becomes more chiseled and manly. She remembers that Henry is inside the safe room and goes to break in. Henry gets worried. ‘GAWD NO PLEASE GO AWAY! I’M NOT READY TO DIE!’ Bethany doesn’t speak and tries to pull the door open as Henry goes to the furthest corner of the room. He shakes in fear as he begins to feel extremely sick. ‘UHHH GAWD NO I CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO ME! NOOOO…..’ Henry feels his mind starting to get really fuzzy as the serum begins to take effect inside his mind. He quickly tries to find something to inject to put him out before he endures some kind of major change. He eventually finds one of the serums him and Banner developed a few months before that was successful to put patients under without side effects. He falls to the ground as he quickly searches for a syringe. He begins shaking so bad that he has trouble concentrating. ‘OH MY GAWD PLEASE NO I CAN’T GO THROUGH THIS. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP THROUGH THIS.’ He feels his body starting to convulse as he finds a good syringe and tries to put it into the serum. He can see his muscles starting to bulge a little bit as he pulls the syringe out of the vial and plunges it into his chest and shakes a bit as he pushes it into his body. By this point, the transformation commences. He passes out almost instantly as his chest starts to grow. Henry’s regular frame begins to change shape rapidly as his lab shirt shreds instantly exposing an enormous mass of muscle stretching almost too fast for his skin. His legs easily bust his scrubs open and turn all of the fabric to strips as his muscles completely take over. His cock spills tons of pre on the ground as it expands and stretches to twice its size. He begins to resemble the biggest of bodybuilders as his quads start to force his legs to knock over equipment in the room. They fall on top of him but only graze the huge muscle sitting on his chest. Henry’s thin face is now beefy and round as his huge body starts to put dents into the corners of the room. He eventually awakens and notices things falling on top of him so he tries to move out of the way and ends up nearly putting a hole into the wall. Despite his clouded mind, he pushes through the wall and goes out the side into the lab located beside his own. He can hear Bethany about to break in as he crawls along the floor inside the other lab. His growth appears to have stopped now as he feels no more pain only a lot of pressure. He finds a safe room in that lab and closes the door trying not to make a sound. He looks down at his new body and smiles as he knows the serum is a success. ‘WHEW! I can’t believe it worked. No anger in me whatsoever. I just wonder why it turned her into a monster?’ He shuts up quickly as he hears someone coming through the hole in the wall. He manages to find the camera inside this room and covers his mouth to keep from making a sound inside the room. The huge transsexual beast Bethany starts to wander around the lab for clues as to where Henry went. *At Hamilton Tower* Hennessy arrives and tells security that he is an associate of Brian’s as he shows them his badge. They don’t believe him and try to restrain him before he manages to get away and gets into a nearby elevator. He squeezes it closed with his massive power and punches the button to go to Skylar’s floor. When he gets there, it opens and Skylar is sitting at a desk looking winded. Brian walks up to him and smiles. Skylar looks up and falls backward to find his gun. Brian restrains him on the ground as the two big men tussle a bit. The young bodybuilder stops moving and stares into Brian’s eyes for a few seconds. He laughs as he realizes who has him pinned to the ground. Brian lets go as they stand up and go to sit on Skylar’s sofa in his office. ‘So it worked I see Brian. You look incredibly hot I must say, way better than I ever imagined.’ ‘I’m not Brian, I am Mason Ducati. Brian is gone forever and I am in his place.’ ‘Whatever man, all I have to say is you look way better like this. Do you think it is permanent?’ ‘I think so, there is nothing to suggest that it won’t be. This happened a while ago.’ ‘Very nice, maybe we can have a little fun before we get down to business don’t you think?’ Brian smiles as he pulls his shirt off. Skylar slides his shorts off and is completely nude since he was only wearing one garment of clothing. He moves over to where Brian is sitting and shoves his cock in his mouth. Brian grabs him and pulls him down on the couch as he yanks his pants off as he moves over Skylar’s mouth and shoves his cock inside. Both men start to suck vigorously as they get themselves close to the edge. After just a few minutes of sucking, licking, and tasting each other’s precum, they both explode into their throats. They sit up and wait for a few minutes to see if anything happens. They conclude that the serum does not work more than once. Brian remains seated as Skylar stands and begins to make a business proposition with him. ‘Okay, this is what we will do Mason. I know you brought the serum with you so we will set up a press conference to introduce the product. I will supply you the funds to produce more. We will market this stuff as HGHX. I know that that old crochety man Gibbons is giving you money, but he doesn’t get it like I do. So what do you say man?’ ‘Sounds great to me Skylar, let’s get this set up.’ A contract is formulated and Hennessy signs on the dotted line. *Hamilton Press Conference* Media attends the conference the next night where Skylar announces HGHX to the world. Brian, or rather Mason, stands behind him observing as he spots Dr. Gibbons off to the side looking bewildered. Once Hamilton concludes the conference, he takes questions as Brian moves over to talk to Gibbons. ‘Who the hell are you and where is Brian?’ ‘I’m Mason Ducati sir, Brian still can’t attend remember?’ ‘You are Mason, holy shit that stuff really fucking works. Why the hell would Brian choose Skylar over me though. Skylar is nothing but a fucking turd with money. He doesn’t get science at all. You tell Brian that I need to speak to him as soon as he gets out of that hospital. I have to get to another meeting, the shareholders are restless.’ Gibbons exits as Brian starts to go back on to the stage. Skylar grabs his arm and shoves him in front of the podium. He whispers to do some poses for the press since they need some kind of proof of the serum’s power. Skylar turns to unveil a picture that was hidden behind Brian and it is him from before he transformed. There are a few gasps as to Brian being nude. He turns and sees this and gives Skylar a nasty look. ‘What the fuck are you doing Skylar? I didn’t ask for this.’ ‘Don’t worry hot stuff, they love you. Just start flexing alright.’ Still wearing his dress clothes, Brian starts doing a whole array of poses that he has seen Skylar do from time to time. The press flashes pictures and tapes the proceedings. Brian feels humiliated but undresses down to his boxers to show them his massive muscular frame. From the back of the lobby, a woman’s voice is heard loud and clear. She comes rushing to the front and stops in her tracks. She looks dumbfounded as to how Brian has changed. ‘WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND…..’ (she turns her head to see Brian completely nude in the picture behind Skylar as he smiles) ‘SO IT REALLY DID HAPPEN? She was right, you did experiment on yourself.’ ‘It isn’t what you think Amber. This didn’t happen on purpose. I was forced to…..’ ‘Forced to do what Brian? I know damn well this is exactly what you wanted. All those times you didn’t come home saying that you were with Gibbons or that fucking bastard up there smiling.’ She looks up at Skylar as she pulls a pistol out of her purse and points it at him. ‘It is you mother fucker that ruined us. If it wasn’t for your goddamn money and research, none of this would have happen. You have ruined our lives forever.’ She points at Brian as she talks. ‘This man that I loved is gone and now he is nothing but a fucking monster that you created.’ Skylar starts to move away from the podium and close to the edge of the platform he is standing on as Amber approaches the stage to get to him. She looks down at her gun and chuckles. ‘Are you fucking kidding me? A monster like you afraid of a small gun like this; that is rich, oh wait that is ironic.’ Brian tries to reason with her. ‘Baby, put the gun down, you don’t want to do this.’ ‘YOU FUCKING SHUT THE HELL UP WHOEVER YOU ARE. YOU ARE NOT MY HUSBAND, YOU ARE SOME MONSTROSITY THAT THIS FUCKING ASSHOLE CREATED.’ ‘Please baby I can’t let you do this, put it down.’ ‘FUCK YOU! THIS ENDS NOW!’ Brian runs for her as Skylar tries to jump off the platform. The gun goes off and….. End of Part III - What do you think happens next?
  21. muscle-growth

    Pardon the tags... what I've written so far is mostly set up at the moment. I'd like to get some constructive feedback before I continue. Please refrain from calling out my punctuation mistakes. Otherwise let me know if I should continue. I understand that so far this plot has been done like a million different times...but honestly nowadays what plot hasn't? Hopefully you can find something unique to my story. Please let me know what you think. Also apologies for the chapters being so short...it looks longer on Microsoft. Chapter 1 I pulled into my driveway and pushed the clicker on my garage opener. As the door slowly slid open I couldn’t help but crack a smile. Suddenly a rough day at work didn’t seem so terrible. My boyfriend of eight years was finally home after a two month work assignment back east. After shutting down the car and grabbing my gym bag I opened the door to my house… and the lights were off. Of course. I could hear the sounds of battle coming from upstairs. I don’t know why I expected him to be waiting for me by the door when I got home… he’s an avid player of this sword and magic computer game he plays with his friends, and the game released an expansion three days before he got home. Of course he didn’t have his gaming computer with him so he had to wait… which I know drove him nuts. I set my bag down by the washing machine and trudged up the stairs to our bedroom. I guided myself by the light blue light coming from my partner’s computer screen in the bedroom. I entered the room quietly. His back was to me and he had his headset on. He was frantically pushing buttons and shouting commands into his mic. “Stack! Stack! Over here…. Ok fast rez this pug over here… never mind we’ll get him later. Drop your A O E and push!” I still can’t translate all his gamer jargon. I waited a couple minutes while he finished his fight. Before he could find a new bad guy to go destroy I turned the lights on. Startled, he quickly turned to face me. His face lit up. Then he turned back to his screen. “Sorry guys, I have to go, Frizzle can you command? Thanks, see ya.” He shut down his game, tossed his headset down, and then proceeded to jump right into my arms. “Oh my god, I missed you so much… my family is terrible!” he exclaimed between kisses. “I missed you too babe,” I replied. “Looks like you managed to find some shopping at least.” He pulled back from our embrace and gave me his goofy smile. God I loved him so much. I set him down so he could parade what he got. “Yeah… so you won’t believe this,” he said excitedly. “I went to this specialty big and tall store and found these!” He pointed to his feet. He was wearing an enormous pair of sneakers. They were at least a few sizes larger than my own size 15 shoes. “check ‘em out… size 20! I never thought I’d find a store that carried them!” I laughed. “You could always try Amazon you know.” Still smiling, he quickly shot me that not-amused look that I knew all too well. “You can’t see them in real life on Amazon before you buy them,” he said pointedly. “You know I like to shop for shoes.” Still laughing I shot back “yeah, well you have no problem special ordering other clothes online.” He reached up and lightly tapped me on the chest. “That’s different… Speaking of which, I got a package today that had this in it,” he said, pointing to the oversized muscle-tank he looked like he was practically drowning in. “Oh, and these.” He lifted up his shirt revealing a pair of workout shorts that looked like pants on him, and untied the waist. The large shorts fell to the floor revealing a jockstrap with a gigantic pouch. The straps hung loosely around his legs and the waist was tied to hold it on his body. He was excited, in more than one way, but of course his thin 5.5 inch cock didn’t fill the giant pouch he had literally tied around his waist. He looked back up at me grinning ear to ear. At that moment he reminded me of a puppy that knew he had done well and was waiting for a treat. “Damn dude!” I told him, playing to his fantasy. “You’re gonna be huge when you grow into those!” “Damn right!” he shot back, smiling. I knew full well there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d ever fit those clothes. I’ve heard of people gaining an extra inch or two of height in their early to mid-twenties… but at 30 years old, even if by some miracle he had a growth spurt, there was no way my 5’4”, 130 lb stud with a size 8 shoe would fill this outfit out. Still, I entertained his fantasy because I love him. As long as I’ve known him he’s been fascinated with everything big. Big height, big muscle, big cock. That’s his motto. That’s why he fell for me so quickly. At 6’5” I’m a tall drink of water, and I’m pretty proud of my bodybuilder physique (it’s so much tougher for us tall guys). With those two traits when he first saw me he went weak in the knees... but when I got him home and he got his eyes on my thick 8.5” piece of meat deal was done. He decided right then and there he was gonna keep me. I must have zoned out just thinking about how I met my man, and how much I loved him and all his quirks all these years later. Because next thing I knew he was waving at me: “Hey…hey… earth to Aaron. Are you going to stand there and stare at me all evening? I love you, but I haven’t had sex in two months. I need your ass.” As was typical when he was wearing his bigger clothes he was the top that night. Chapter 2 He really was a horny little bastard. He shot 4 loads before pulling out, and then still got a fifth off all over my face before collapsing next to me. He leaned over to the nightstand and handed me a rag. “That’s gonna feel so much better when I’m bigger,” he said nonchalantly--still coming down off his orgasm. “I’m gonna open you up like you do me…and it’s going to be awesome when I go to the gym. I’ll walk around the locker room naked with my dick swinging back and forth and everyone will want it. I’ll be buff with pecs like yours and people will ask to feel my arms too. It’ll be awesome to have you be the little spoon for once.” “I can be your little spoon now,” I reassured him. He laughed. “Haha…yeah…but no. I mean I like holding you… but I can’t sleep like that, you’re too wide I can’t reach all the way around you like I’d like to yet. I want to be able to hold you like you hold me.” “But when you’re big, how am I going to keep the other guys off you? Who’s to say that you won’t find a guy that likes your size as much as you like mine? You might not want to keep me then” I teased. He sat up and looked me in the eye: “Aaron, you’re like a shoe that fits me perfectly… I’ll never outgrow you.” He stated seriously. “A shoe? Seriously?” I scolded playfully. “Patrick… I love you but you’re a dork.” I rolled out of bed. “All right big guy, let’s shower and get to bed… you’ve got to be jetlagged.” Chapter 3 The next few weeks went by fairly routinely. That is until one Saturday morning while I was cooking breakfast Patrick shouted down from the bedroom, “Aaron, Aaron come quick!” I hurried up the stairs to see what was the matter. Patrick was absent mindedly stroking his cock with one hand while scrolling down a browser with the other. “What’s up?” I asked. “You’ve got to read this” was his reply. I began scanning the screen. It was the results of a two year research study investigating a compound that was supposed to interact with the endocrine system, inducing height and muscular changes. “This is it… I’m finally going to get big!” Patrick exclaimed. “Wait…what?” I stuttered, trying to run through the page before he got too far ahead of me. “I finally found what I need to get big like you! I told you! I told you I’m gonna get huge like you!” I finished reading the synopsis. “Hold on a sec, guy… this says the study was discontinued early because the compound didn’t have an effect on enough participants. It’s been 3 years. Even then the best case scenario is an “increase of 1-3 inches in height as well as increased musculature, penis size and rigidity”. I quoted. “Honey, you can’t get more rigid… and is 1-3 inches worth any risk?” “Like you said, it’s been 3 years, I’m sure they’ve done more research,” he countered quickly, “and yes…1-3” would be worth it.” He gazed into my eyes with such sincerity and need that I quickly gave in. “If you think it’s what you need to do I’m with you 110%... remember though its 4 injections over the course of a year, so it’s not like you can change your mind.” I said. “I’ll think about it… but I won’t change my mind. I promise.” Chapter 4 Over the next several days I became concerned. Each night when I got home from work Patrick would be upstairs on his computer. Though instead of the usual video game chatter. I’d arrive to silence. I’d wander upstairs, and Patrick would be sprawled out by his desk, head phones in, scrawling through page after page of research. He sit there in his size 20 sneakers and oversized jock, every once in a while moving enough to make a bookmark, and every few hours I’d make him stop and walk downstairs to either eat or get some water. Or anything really…just something to let me know he was still alive. One night I was sitting downstairs watching the latest episode of Gotham when he came downstairs and sat beside me. He snuggled up next to me and after a few minutes simply said “I’m ready.” Patrick managed to book an initial intake appointment a few weeks later. He was nervous, and asked that I go with him. We drove from the suburbs to the address provided, which turned out to be an historic tire warehouse building that had been converted into a laboratory. The outside didn’t look too impressive. Just faded signs painted on the walls probably 80 years ago, a Starbucks on the ground floor, and two purposefully rusty-looking doors with a buzzer and keypad to the right of them. I pressed the buzzer and a voice quickly answered, asking Patrick to confirm his appointment. He did and the door clicked allowing us entry. The interior of the building was markedly different from the outside. It was very brightly lit. Very sterile looking. At the center of the room was a large white circular desk. A young twinkish man who looked like he was maybe a freshman in college sat at the desk. As we approached the desk he checked us both out. Very obviously. He smirked at Patrick, then glanced me over and then fumbled with some paperwork on his desk as we got near. “Hello,” he said. “You must be Patrick. Thank you for coming. Dr. Stevens will be with you shortly.” He turned to me. “I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name, and I don’t see another appointment at this time.” “Oh no, I’m just here with him,” I replied. The twink gave us a knowing look. “Oh ok, that’s cool. Make yourself comfortable. We have a few chairs and some reading material. Do you need anything to drink?” “Not at the moment. Thank you,” I responded. Patrick finished his questionnaire and we sat down. A few minutes later I saw a man with a clipboard walk down the stairs. He was about 6’2”, with a nice athletic build and short, jet black hair. He was wearing a blue button down shirt and black denim jeans. “Howdy… Patrick?” he asked. Patrick looked up from the fitness magazine he had started to read. Introductions were made and the doctor invited us upstairs. Chapter 5 Dr. Stevens’s office was fairly nondescript. It consisted of a large oak desk, a couple chairs, a computer, a lamp, and a large bookcase full of books and knickknacks. In the center of the bookcase was an urn, next to the urn sat a tiny little barbell and a photo of a child in a wheelchair. I couldn’t tell you the kid’s age. His head too large for his body, which seemed to have little to no musculature at all. He was short, though his hands looked large. Despite all this I couldn’t help but be entertained by the kid’s beaming smile. Whoever was taking the photo obviously meant the world to this young man and you couldn’t look at this photo without seeing it in his expression. “mgm-hmm,” Dr. Stevens coughed. We all took a seat around the desk. “My secretary says you’re quite persistant, Mr.” “Patrick,” my boyfriend chimed in, “and this is my partner Aaron.” “Nice to meet you both, so what can I help you with.” Patrick looked at me for reassurance. I gave him a nod, and he began grinning ear to ear and scooted to the edge of his seat. This seemed to make the doctor uncomfortable for a moment as he shifted in his chair and shot a glance to the urn on his bookshelf. “Sir, three years ago you lead a study on the effects of a certain compound on the endocrine system,” Patrick started. “That study ended early,” the doctor interrupted. “The compound was deemed ineffective on human systems.” Patrick’s grin faded. “Yes, but it wasn’t…” “Wasn’t what?” The doctor was obviously agitated. “If you’d done your research you would have realized that the compound you speak of was only effective in less than 1% of the sample. Even then the effects were insufficient for continued funding. I’m a busy man, do you have a reason for hounding my assistant for days to get an appointment or did you just want me to read the conclusion of my paper for you?” Feeling intimidated, Patrick slouched back into his chair momentarily before standing up and walking towards the door. He was doing his best to fight back tears. I stood to join him, my heart felt heavy looking at my lover’s dejected demeanor. I could see his hope…his dream… falling to pieces in front of me. “It wasn’t a failure,” I said softly while looking straight at Patrick. “You had results. Sure, they weren’t as much as hoped for… but they were results. My partner…my boyfriend…has taken time off work, and has driven over 50 miles for an hour of your time. Sure, it’s a long shot. But from where he’s standing it’s his best shot of attaining the one thing he’s wanted for as long as he could breathe. The entire reason we’re here-- the reason he’s blown up your secretary’s phone and email. Is because he wants… he needs… to explore this opportunity.” Patrick wiped a tear from his cheek, his eyes lit up. He had his fire back. “Sir,” he stated. “Aaron’s right. The study wasn’t a failure. Please give me a chance. Even if it’s a small chance” He looked the doctor squarely in the eye. He spoke with sincerity. With need. “Someday I’m going to be big… like you and Aaron. I know it. I just need help getting there. Please help me.” Dr. Stevens didn’t move. He didn’t say anything. He stared at Patrick as though he’d seen a ghost. Finally he began fiddling with a pen. Squeezing it until his knuckles turned white then releasing it, over and over. He stood up and walked over to the bookcase. Standing in front of the urn with his back to us he finally spoke: “You don’t just stop and start studies willy-nilly. That’s not how professional research works,” he began. “But?” Patrick said quietly. “But,” the doctor turned, “my research has never really stopped to be honest. No, I don’t have any current “subjects” or “trials”, but the scientist in me still looks for the answers I know are out there. I didn’t have enough subjects to truly test out the compound I developed, and funding dried up. My old company blamed faulty research, but it wasn’t. The formula is just very specific. It only affects a fraction of a fraction of the human population—and I have developed a hypothesis that that’s because it affects a specific hormonal genetic marker that only one in several million people have. I don’t have the resources I’d need to prove or disprove that any longer.” “What happens if you get the injection and you don’t have the marker,” I asked. “Nothing,” the doctor sighed. “If it doesn’t work, you may as well have been injected with saline.” “Do… do you still have access to your old formula?” Patrick asked carefully. The doctor looked at him skeptically. “I do.” “Then may I try it?” He continued quickly, “If it doesn’t work, we’ve lost nothing. If it does, we have everything to gain. I’ll sign whatever legal papers I need to absolve you of any liability. I’ll pay you. Please. What can I offer to get your help? I'll do anything.” The pleading look in his eyes spoke louder than words. The doctor sat back down and put his head between his hands. After a few moments he looked up. “I may very well lose my license over this, but I’ll do it. You remind me so much of my brother I’d be ashamed if I said no.” Patrick was so excited his legs gave out. As he sunk to his knees tears streamed down his face. I hurried over to hold him. I’d never seen him so excited. He was shaking. “Oh my god… oh my god,” he kept repeated. “It’s gonna happen! It’s finally gonna happen!” Dr. Stevens took some Kleenex out of his desk drawer. He then picked up the phone and told his assistant to clear his schedule for the evening. He took a couple and handed them to us. He gave us a few minutes for Patrick to collect himself before speaking again. “Ada…I mean Patrick. Now since I’ve agreed to assist you and provide you with the compound, we need to discuss terms. We are going to approach this scientifically. Before we administer the first injection, I need to have you sign some disclosure and consent forms. Also, I want to run a full blood work up on you. I’m certain you won’t be allergic to the formula, I’d just like to have a baseline for your hormone levels. Also, I’m going to need to run a complete physical—including height, weight, musculature, and sexual function. Once that’s complete I can administer the injection. If you react, you should begin to notice some changes within the next three to four days. I ask that you email me if you feel any changes. In the meantime, I will provide you with a diet and exercise plan that you must follow daily. We will schedule a follow up appointment one week from today. If you’re not reacting to the formula no need to come in. If you do have a reaction we will continue to the next phase. Keep in mind that once you receive the injection it’s irreversible.” Patrick looked at me once again for approval. I nodded. “I understand,” Patrick said. “How much do I owe you?” Dr. Stephens smiled. “We’re going to do this right. For this first visit there will be no payment. If you react to the formula, each week I will provide to you a stipend to cover the full cost of anything study related.” “I thought you didn’t have funding.” I said, stunned by his generous offer. “The one exception I’m making for this project is that this particular trial will be paid out of a very special trust fund, if it should be successful” the doctor replied, again glancing at the urn. “Thank you sir,” Patrick said. “Where do I sign?”
  22. ‘Wake up Brian, you have a phone call.’ Amber nudges the doctor several times as he mumbles in his bed. ‘Wha…..who is it? I’ll call them back later,’ he says back. ‘I think it is Skylar, you better talk to him now.’ Hennessy jumps out of bed and tells her that he will talk to him on his cell. She gives him a dirty look and leaves the room. He dials the number and Skylar answers. ‘I should just leave your landline on baby so your honey would know she is just a tool to screw with,’ Skylar says with a decent amount of pep. ‘Leave her out of this, she is not aware of anything we are doing.’ ‘How do you know she isn’t listening outside your bedroom door right now?’ Skylar makes Hennessy very suspicious so he goes to look and she isn’t there. ‘No, she isn’t there. Why do you do this to me?’ Skylar laughs a little in his sarcastic tone and tells Hennessy to meet him at his office in Hamilton Tower. Hennessy agrees and hangs up to go dress and leaves out the door. Amber hears him leaving and stops whispering on the landline and begins to talk in a normal tone. ‘Do you really think he is working on some secret project?’ she says to the person on the other end. ‘Trust me Amber, your husband is not who you think he is. I know because he fooled David into thinking they were close.’ Amber hangs up and goes to grab her keys and rushes out the door. The woman on the other end hangs up and smiles. ‘That poor woman doesn’t know who her husband is. I do hope something happens now or I will have to take drastic steps to combat him,’ Bethany says to herself. *At Hamilton Tower* Hennessy knocks on Skylar’s office door and is a bit sweaty from the rush from his car to the fifth floor of the pharmaceutical facility. Skylar opens the door wearing just a tiny speedo and is soaked from another major workout as his enormous muscles glisten in the lights. ‘Come in and let’s talk business Brian,’ he says with a smirk. He puts his hand on his shoulder and pushes him inside. ‘So what did you bring me today? Another vial you need approved perhaps?’ ‘Uhh maybe, but Skylar we really need to stop ummm……socializing like this people will know.’ ‘Trust me Brian, the only people that even give a fuck are the Banners and maybe Albert.’ ‘Follow me into the workout room and we will see how good this stuff is.’ He gets behind Brian and scoops him up in his arms. Brian nervously sits in them as the young man smells his fear. He growls a little as he reaches into Hennessy’s lab coat pocket and pulls out the yellow vial. ‘This one looks a little different.’ He puts Brian down as he walks over to a mirror and looks in it at his outrageous muscular frame and flexes. ‘Gawd, don’t you wish you looked like this. I’m fucking 16 man and I look so insanely huge. This is godlike and I want more.’ Walks over under the mirror and pulls out a new syringe and plunges it into the vial getting enough to prep. He pulls his speedo off as he cock bounces and his bubble butt fills out. He sticks himself and injects the formula inside him. He calmly pulls it out and puts the syringe cap on it to put in the disposal box in front of the mirror. ‘So Brian, will this make me bigger permanently, or just give me a nice pump. I don’t fucking care because I just want to feel it inside.’ Feels beads of sweat starting to pour off his body. Brian slowly backs up and falls over a bench. ‘Ouch shit, that hurts like a bitch.’ He notices blood coming from his leg. Skylar laughs a bit as he stands in front of the mirror. ‘Oh yeah I feel it deep inside…..oh Brian fuck man this one could be great…..FUCK YEAH OH GAWD I FEEL IT COMING TO THE SURFACE…..GROW FUCKING GROW…..MMMMM YEAH.’ Brian pulls his shirt off to wrap his leg as he notices Skylar expanding stretching wildly as he begins to shake the room. He punches through the mirror and puts a hole in the wall. ‘AWWW FUCK YEAH BRIAN….GET THE FUCK OVER HERE.’ Brian tries to jump up and run but Skylar catches him. ‘Please Skylar not today, I can’t take that inside me you know that.’ ‘You know you like it, don’t act like you don’t.’ The 16-yr old titan is now topping 300 pounds and is hornier than ever as he rips Brian’s clothes off and slides his cock inside him. Brian yelps in pain as Skylar stretches him wider than before. ‘OHH YEAH feels so good man, I wonder if my cum will do anything to you.’ He moves extremely quickly inside Brian and finally shoots multiple massive ropes of cum inside him. Each time Skylar shrinks a little going back to his original 240 pound frame. ‘MMMMM dude, that felt incredibly good and I want you to stay put for a little while.’ Skylar goes to get some antiseptic to clean up Hennessy’s wound. When he comes back, the scientist’s wound is healed. ‘Whoa, that is some great stuff man. I think you need some more, open your mouth.’ ‘Damnit Skylar, why do you have to do this stuff?’ ‘Brian, I just want to see you loosen up a little and enjoy your creations. Now open your mouth and let me feed you some more.’ Skylar’s huge cock parts his lips and begins to push its way into his throat where he moves rapidly back and forth. ‘OHH FUCK YEAH, this is a quick one man.’ Skylar squirts his cum into Brian’s throat as he moans lightly sucking it down. ‘I knew you liked the taste of it, you try to act like you don’t like it, but I know you do.’ Hennessy continues to gulp his contents down and rubs the huge teen’s body. ‘Yeah dude, worship me make me cum as much as you want, I love being your guinea pig.’ Hennessy squeezes Skylar’s nipples and rubs his massive abs and pecs. Skylar pulls out and leans down to kiss Brian before shoving his huge pecs in his face. Hennessy licks and chews both nipples as Skylar bounces them and moans. ‘OHHH YEAH MAN, keep doing that you are making my balls swell so much. FUCK YEAH FEELS INCREDIBLE!’ Skylar’s balls literally swell to twice their size filled with thick cum. ‘COME ON MAN, you have to empty me again.’ The teen shoves his cock back inside Hennessy’s mouth again and fucks his throat. The scientist moans tasting the sweet honey oozing down his throat. ‘YEAH BRIAN HERE COMES MORE MILK……MMMMMM’ Hennessy chokes on the huge amount of cum pouring into his body as it flows out the sides of his mouth. ‘AWW FUCK, you are wasting it man. SHIT, let me get some more out.’ Skylar pumps his cock a few more times and shoots more cum into Hennessy’s throat. Skylar laughs as he coats the scientist’s face in his jizz as he continues to shoot strand after strand of cum. His balls finally empty out and he falls to the ground. Brian finally gets up and grabs a towel from beside a door to the shower and notices Skylar passed out on the floor. He wipes his face and races out the door. His stomach is bloated from the huge amount of cum he swallowed from Skylar as he wraps the towel around his waist. He gets out of the building and into his car. He looks down as he is driving and notices his stomach getting smaller as the cum appears to be absorbed into him. Interestingly, he doesn’t feel any change at all. This isn’t the first time this has happened though and it scares him. He gets to the research facility and flashes his badge to security as he goes into the elevator. He eventually gets to the third floor and when the doors open, his wife Amber greets him. She sees that he is wearing just a towel and gets a mean look on her face. ‘SO IT IS TRUE? Who is it? HUH?’ ‘I went to shower baby and I forgot to bring my clothes. This isn’t the first time it has happened.’ ‘REALLY? That is your defense, you forgot your clothes? BRIAN WHAT IS GOING ON? I know you do top secret research, but this is ridiculous. Are you doing tests on yourself? I talked to David’s wife today Bethany and she said you were…..’ ‘WAIT? You talked to Bethany Rose? Amber that woman has hated me from the instant I was promoted to level three. How did you get up here anyway?’ ‘Why does it matter how I got up here? What are you doing up here? I know you didn’t come here naked because I saw you leave, where are your clothes Brian?’ ‘I don’t know baby, I guess I left them somewhere in the locker room downstairs. It happens.’ ‘I don’t believe you Brian. You are doing some kind of dangerous experiment on your body aren’t you? I have been seeing changes in you lately. The secrets, the moodiness, the long hours….’ ‘Baby, you knew this when you married me. Why are you so surprised? That bitch is trying to turn you against me, don’t let her do it.’ ‘Well I think I need to talk to her again since I know you won’t tell me anything. Don’t bother coming home because I will call the police.’ Amber turns and goes into the elevator. Hennessy goes to sit in his desk area and calls Albert Gibbons. He rubs his hairy muscular body and uncovers his hard dick as he waits. He starts to stroke lightly as his cock thickens up. ‘OH SHIT, why does this feel so amazing?’ He strokes and feels his balls swelling up and filling with tons of cum. ‘WOW, mmmmm damn.’ He puts the phone down to focus his energy on his cock. He starts to growl a little as he starts shooting ropes of cum on to the desk coating his papers and seeing the sticky milk glisten in the light. ‘Hello? Brian is that you?’ Gibbons says on the other end. Hennessy breathes heavy as he picks up the phone. ‘Uhhh……yeah sorry had to get something done…..I need to talk to you.’ ‘Geezus Brian, what are you doing? I keep hearing things from Hamilton that suggest you are about to release an actual serum. This isn’t the same one you were developing for me was it?’ ‘I wasn’t actually developing one for anyone? He just happened to get a hold of it. I just need…..’ Hennessy suddenly feels sick. ‘Uhhh I will call you back another time…..I need to go to the bathroom.’ ‘Wait Brian this is serious……’ Hangs up on Albert and rushes into the bathroom. ‘WHAT THE…..ACK…..’ Falls to the ground and feels like his heart is about to give out. ‘OH MY GAWD…..I can’t breathe…..’ He feels his lungs closing as he goes unconscious. His body lies there motionless as it appears he is dead. End of Part I
  23. As he lies there, his body starts making crazy noises and is thrashing about. After about two minutes of involuntarily moving around, it goes still. A few seconds pass before the sounds of stretching and popping are heard. With his pants down to his knees his legs don’t have to worry about tearing through any fabric. His quads and hams explode in size stretching and pulling their way outwards. His cock and balls swell bigger and bigger almost shedding a layer of skin in the process. The shoes he is wearing are destroyed within seconds as his feet grow to twice their size and his calves and ankles destroy his pants and underwear that were sitting there. His cock stands up and blasts a huge jet of cum into the air as it falls and coats his body. His arms begin growing next as his forearms stretch and pull their way outward growing new branches of vessels. His biceps reach violently as they nearly come busting through the skin before his body catches up and his skin stretches in time. The small ball that was inside them before has grown into huge softballs. His lab coat begins shredding under the extreme circumstances as his shoulders and traps make quick work of it. His abs begin stretching and filling up the entire space on his stomach as his pecs blow up into giant boulders. His nipples stretch making his cock blast another jet of cum into the air. Now it moves into his head and back where his neck widens and pushes his body out further. The hair on his head falls out as his skull tightens and grows at the same time. His soft face is now firm and masculine with dimples and a square jawline. His delts stretch wider and wider as his lats explode in size. The muscles in his entire back begin pushing him off the ground as his glutes swell up and grow denser than before. The whole growth sequence takes about ten minutes and with each area of his body new life. His internal organs renew themselves and remove whatever dead or diseased tissue was on them. His cock shoots one more massive jet into the air before he starts breathing again and coughing. His eyes open and reveal a new eye color as well. His previous brown eyes are now a dark blue. He yells once he becomes aware of being alive and realizes that he needs to go take a shit. After doing so, he gets up and looks in the toilet before he flushes and sees that his body has disposed of whatever was dead inside him. He quickly flushes and looks into a mirror and sees what has happened. He grabs his face and feels its new texture and firmness. ‘What the heck….’ Realizes he has a new voice, ‘holy crap I don’t sound like me, but I am still me…..hmmm interesting. The serum obviously worked my gawd I will never have to workout again.’ Feels his enormous chest and tweaks his nipples. ‘Oh my gawd that feels incredible.’ He feels his cock react as it spills pre on the floor. ‘Interesting, my nipples are so sensitive that my cock automatically responds.’ Smiles at himself and realizes that he is attracted to the guy in the mirror. ‘Wow I am really hot now…..wait something is different here…..Amber…..oh gawd I have no feelings for her anymore.’ He turns to stare at his huge glutes and legs as he makes several bodybuilding poses that he learned from Skylar. He laughs a few times and starts to feel his entire body. ‘Well old Brian is gone obviously so I have to come up with some explanation for this. Hmmm…..well technically he is dead…..I remember everything in my life which is remarkable. I don’t love Amber anymore though, wow Skylar really did change me.’ ‘What if the serum picked up some of his DNA and plugged it into me…..fascinating. I will have to talk to him about this I suppose.’ Hennessy cleans up the mess his body made and finds a towel to put around his waist. He goes to call Albert back and realizes his voice is different so he has to come up with a story. Gibbons picks up the phone and answers. ‘Brian? Are you alright?’ ‘Brian is quite sick actually, this is his primary donor, Mason Ducati. I just happened to walk in when Brian collapsed and needed to go to the hospital.’ ‘Ohh shit, I told him not to do those experiments on himself. I would go see him, but I am in the middle of a conference. Mason, he has never mentioned you before, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had another donor since Skylar has fucked him up so well. Let me know his status okay, goodbye.’ Hennessy smiles as he hangs up. ‘I need to get some new clothes and show Skylar what he has done to me.’ After retrieving an outfit Skylar left in the lab closet, Brian leaves to return to Hamilton Tower. *Level Two at FutureTech Research* David Banner and Henry Holstein watch a report on the laptop about another award Albert Gibbons is receiving for his breakthrough in medicine. ‘I sometimes wonder if that man ever really developed that fucking serum. I’m sure that Brian is behind it, come to think of it I haven’t seen him in weeks. How is the serum coming anyway Henry?’ *sighs* ‘It is missing something I swear doctor. I’m not completely sure what is missing from it really. We have done countless tests on these freaking mice a million times and they just keep getting more violent. I mean how many have we went through in the last few weeks? A hundred? Five hundred? It just doesn’t make sense as to why they keep killing each other.’ ‘Well I trust you with this man, I have to go to a meeting myself with the board to try and get more funding for this. I will talk to you soon.’ Banner walks out of the lab area and goes into the elevator. He gets out of the elevator and walks down the ground floor corridor into one of the board rooms as his wife, Bethany Rose, walks into the elevator. She goes to level two and gets out and sees that Henry is the only one there. ‘Where is he at? He doesn’t answer his fucking phone anymore and I want to know why. We have things to talk about and the damn man doesn’t pay attention. If he wasn’t so engrossed in this damn serum he is working on, he would know that I am in charge here.’ ‘Uhh well this serum you are talking about is very important to him Beth. He can’t do it alone you know? Of course I know you think I am a peon so nothing new here.’ Beth puts her hands on her hips. ‘Well at least you know your position here dumbass. You might know a little something about science, but I can get rid of you anytime I want. YOU GOT THAT?’ ‘Sure, I am aware of that, but you won’t do it because you know David can’t do it without me because he trusts me with his life.’ Beth walks over to where Henry is working and picks up a vial and a syringe. ‘Okay genius, how about you try out your little serum on yourself then. I have been pouring money into this fucking program for several months now. Time to suck it up and test it.’ ‘Are you freaking kidding me Beth? This stuff causes violent reactions, we can’t test it on humans yet.’ ‘Bullshit Holstein.’ Fills syringe with serum and plunges it into Henry’s neck and squeezes serum into him. He yells as the syringe falls to the ground and grabs his neck. ‘You stupid freaking bitch, you will regret ever doing that to me.’ She laughs hysterically seeing Henry sweating profusely and thrashing about. ‘Well obviously you have done something or you wouldn’t be acting like that.’ Henry sits down as the sweat pours down his body soaking his undershirt and lab coat. He waits for some kind of change to happen, but seemingly it doesn’t happen. Beth gets a disgusted look on her face after a couple of minutes and starts pacing the floor. ‘What the fuck is this? This is such bullshit……I am terminating this program and you are going to be fired loser. DO YOU HEAR ME? You can go crawl to some stooge on level one and tell him why you were fired because he won’t listen to you. I control the money and there isn’t anything you can do about it.’ ‘And what about David, Beth? Are you going to just take this away from him?’ ‘I don’t care what he thinks, he doesn’t even talk to me anymore. I mean it retard, this is it.’ Henry grabs another vial and a syringe and fills it up quickly as she turns the other way. He gets up and seems a bit more confident than before. His chest heaves as he slowly moves up to where she is and grabs her. She tries to scream but he covers her mouth and plunges the syringe into her neck. After squeezing the serum inside her, he pulls it out and throws the syringe across the room. He quickly grabs the rest of the vials and rushes towards a safe room before turning around and sees her convulsing where she stands. He runs inside and shuts the door before sealing it. She begins to scream as she falls over in agony. ‘YOU FUCKING BASTARD…..YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS…..YOU HEAR ME ASSHOLE…..YOU WILL…..UHHHH’ She passes out as it appears she is unconscious now. Henry views the lab from the room and waits for her to react. He puts the vials down on a table and hunts for a case to put them in. His sweating has stopped which makes him wonder why he hasn’t reacted to the serum yet or at all. He checks his entire body over just to see if anything has changed. One thing he does notice is the fact that he doesn’t feel angry or violent towards anything or anyone. He mutters to himself, ‘hmmm I need to document this in case I actually do get out of this situation alive. I just hope that David doesn’t come back anytime soon because that woman is nuts.’ At that moment, he hears a commotion on the camera. He turns to watch as Bethany starts waking up and grabbing at her chest like she is about to go crazy. She doesn’t put any words together, rather she just yells and screams random things without any rational explanation. It appears that the serum is having the same effect on her as it does on the mice. Henry watches intently as she jumps to her feet and starts to race around the lab throwing bottles, breaking equipment, and launching papers everywhere. She doesn’t seem to know what she is doing as she does this which makes Henry wonder if she is about to go through some metamorphosis. His eyes remain transfixed on her the whole time. After about five minutes of Bethany acting crazy, she stops moving and moans a little. Henry whispers to himself, ‘what the freaking heck? This can’t be happening right now, especially with his wife. Oh gawd we are in some deep crap.’ End of Part II
  24. Part 1: Let's Drink! Scratching his dark-brown ears, Iron the coyote was looking at the piles of documents that he would sift through today, a task no longer new to him. For someone who was just twenty-five, he looked older thanks to the varying streaks of grey around his fur, though mostly he was brown and white all over. If the grey fur around his eyes got any darker, one could mistake them for eye bags, which wouldn't be surprising with all the stress he had experienced doing office work day in and day out. And thanks to his fur constantly having a ruffled look, he exhibited a rugged charm around everyone. Despite his somewhat unusual appearance, the only bit of excitement he could ever experience at work was during lunch breaks, where workers would only talk about the spiciest office gossip, or who had the grandest-looking lunch today. He looked like he was busy working but Iron's mind was elsewhere. Every few minutes his hazelnut pupils would dart down to the smartphone he laid on his lap, waiting for 6 p.m. Even his clothes had begun to send a message that he was done with working for the day; the sleeves on his white long sleeved shirt were pulled back past his elbow and his long black pants were beginning to wrinkle from sitting for too long. It was the shrill voice coming from across his table that caught Iron's attention. The voice belonged to a female sheep dressed in a light brown pantsuit that waved to him and said, "Hey Iron, everyone was planning to hit the karaoke place after work, you want in?" The coyote's first thought was, "What was her name again? I think I should know this. I want to say-Jenny?" But he never did remember, and instead dodged the whole issue altogether. "Umm, I kinda have plans already...Tell everyone else next time perhaps," he replied with a forced smile. His colleague didn't seem surprised; it was the same every Friday for Iron that he would be the first out the door to who knows where. It had even become an in office joke that Iron prowls the city limits at night hunting down roadrunners. Come 6 p.m. Iron was out the door so fast he nearly knocked the sheep off her feet when she was walking towards the exit. The coyote grabbed a cab and was off to the downtown district. Through the backseat window Iron took in the view as the streets turned from plain grey brick buildings to brightly lit stores and towering office buildings with their lights still on. There were bars and restaurants opening their doors to hungry patrons, high end bookstores and the same branch of coffee shop every few blocks. Groups of furs filled the streets. Iron caught sight of a group of gorillas in suits walking into a restaurant, and he found it adorable how they tried to use a small smartphone with their oversized hands and right behind them three young peacocks in tight dresses stepped out of their ride as they cheered on one of their friends, probably a celebration. Iron's tail wagged softly as he relished the city ambiance. Leaning back against his seat he pulled out his phone and sent a text to his friend Mark, "On the way now." An orange text bubble appeared below Iron's message, "Cool, ordering a beer now." After a half hour of travelling through the city traffic at a snail's pace, the cab slowed to a stop at its destination. Iron paid his fare and stepped out grinning ear to ear. The neon blue signboard above the glass entrance read "Anything Goes". Glass walls covered the building, giving the outside world a peek into the bar's unique interior. Iron loved coming here ever since the bar opened two weeks ago, the beers were cheap and they treated their customers like VIPs. The coyote made his way through the crowd of customers while poking his head high up to try to find his friend. As he searched he could not help but stop and admire the bar's interior. It was reminiscent of a medieval pub straight out a storybook. Wooden barrels were used as tables and small chests acted as chairs. Finally, he spotted the German shepherd's wide back in a green and blue striped t-shirt. "Coming through," Iron repeated as he squeezed between a whole flock of sheep standing around the bar trying to take pictures of themselves posing around it. He couldn't blame them; the bar was extravagant with a counter that looked like it was carved from real cobblestone, a crest depicting a blankshield with two sword sheathed behind plastered in the middle of the counter. Behind the counter were shelves housing wine bottles with various colorful glowing liquids, purely for decorative purposes. To add to the authentic medieval feel the bartender, Mr. Kane, always wore long purple robes to play the role of a wizard. It was a job that suited the tiger very much as he had a flare for the theatric while serving up drinks. "Bang," Iron said as he placed his two fingers on the dog's back like a gun. Mark turned and replied, "Oh hey, if it isn't the hardworking salary man." Iron punched his friend playfully on his chest, only to have its impact softened by the German shepherd flexing his pecs. The two laughed and bumped fists to celebrate their usual Friday meeting. "Just in time, I just called another round of beer for two," Mark continued. "Well that's pretty good timing." Iron took the free seat to Mark's left side. "Actually they're both for me, but you know since you're here..." Mark's bushy brown and tan tail wagged as he joked. "Oh. Hahaha..." Two young female leopards then walked pass by while giggling and whispering to each other. Both of the canine's dark brown ears' twitched and caught the faint whisper of one of the leopards. "He's jacked isn't he? So cool!" one of the leopards said. Mark's bright blue pupil sparkled with glee. The dog puffed his chest out further and bounced his melon-sized pecs. The girls blushed and laughed before disappearing into the crowd. "Think they liked my muscles," Mark continued. "I think you scared them away BB," Iron said. Mark's back fur stood on end at the sound of the name. "BB" was a nickname that followed him throughout high school that meant bowling ball. He was made fun off back then just for having a birthmark in the shape of the holes of a bowling ball on the side of his right eye. And that was how the German shepherd dedicated himself to growing bigger and stronger so he would never be picked on again. Still, he allowed Iron to use it because of their enduring friendship. The two then broke into a laughing fit, their tails wagging to and fro with such vigor they could have swept the entire bar floor. It was moments like these that Iron cherished the most; Mark had been his friend since high school, and despite their differences they managed to stay close. Physically, Mark was always the bigger one since he indulged in the field of bodybuilding since thirteen. Now his arms were like mole hills made of rock hard muscles. Under his straining shirt were thick barrel pecs and hard washboard abs. Mark's tight jeans left little to the imagination as his tennis ball sized bulge sat prominently between oaken thighs. So, the hours flew by as the two downed bottle after bottle of beer while exchanging jokes and the silly things that happened in their respective workplaces. Slowly the crowd began to thin away until all that was left were the two inebriated canines struggling to stay awake. Iron was resting his burning head on the counter top with his tongue sticking out. He could only produce inaudible whines and groans at that point. "One more!" Mark called out. He too was in no better condition, the German shepherd was struggling to maintain his balance on the bar stool with his head bobbing up and down every few minutes. The barkeeper ducked down and pulled out two red bottles. Their labeling was strange as only the words "Crescat" was printed in bold Calibri. "Alright boys, this is your last call. It's 2:30 in the morning and I want to clean up," the barkeeper said as he placed the bottles in front of the duo. Mark picked up his bottle and stared intently at it, mostly to try to pronounce the label. "C-chest cat? Wh-what happened to the regular beer?" Mark fumbled out his words while shaking the bottle. "I figured you two could use a little pick me up since you out drank everyone else from here. Try it, it's a new brand from an upcoming brewery that just opened up somewhere in the city, and it's on the house for my first two guinea pigs" Kane said with a smirk, but the two friends were too wasted to notice. Iron suddenly pulled himself up and grabbed the beer with his right paw, shoved it into the air and declared, "Well free is free." The coyote chugged down the odorless beer and let loose a hearty burp. "Excuse me," Iron said. "Now there's an alpha. Here, you can have the last bottle," Kane replied as he passed another bottle to Iron. Iron felt the effects of the beer quickly as his mind cleared and his whole body was energized like he could leap across a canyon. A wave of heat began to spread from his tummy like his whole body was being caressed by warm paws, almost like an erotic experience. The coyote took another swig of his beer with such gusto he could have swallowed the bottle itself. As he lapped up the last drop of beer his attention turned to his arms that started trembling. In a blink of an eye, Iron's sleeves exploded off of him as his arm widened and thicken with muscle. The bottle in his paw broke into tiny pieces in the coyote's growing grip yet he felt nothing. His flat chest began to expand forward, getting fuller as they grew into thick bulbous pectorals. One by one the buttons on Iron's shirt flew off; the first one hit a bottle on the shelf and the second one ricochet off the shelf and hit him square on his thick pecs. The coyote's powerful arms started moving apart as his shoulders magnified in length, and most noticeably his head was growing closer to the ceiling. Next, his bushy tail elongated until it pressed itself against the glass wall behind him. "What the fuck?" Mark yelled from Iron's right. He was so surprised he knocked himself off the stool. The German shepherd searched frantically for Kane for answers but the barkeeper was nowhere to be seen. Lost in the confusion all Mark could do was sit on the floor and watch his friend grow. "Feels... so good!" Iron said between pants, his voice dropping in tone with each breath. Loud creaks and the sound of wood splintering then emanated from beneath Iron's now massive ass. Iron's pants were fighting a losing battle trying to contain his enlarging steel like thighs. The leg openings of his pants gave out first as his diamond hard calves bulged out, followed by his bare feet growing longer with visible veins popping along the bridge of his feet. "Shoot!" Mark made a mad dash to a nearby table and flipped it over to shield him from the oncoming barrage of splinters. With one loud cracking sound the stool gave in to Iron's increasing mass and broke under his butt. The coyote made a huge dent on the wooden floor with his fall. The coyote grabbed onto the bar with his right paw for support. He pulled his hefty frame up but in the process left deep indentations in the shape of his paw on the bar desktop. Iron's body was burning up like a high fever. He needed to cool himself down the only way he knew how. His meaty paws grabbed onto the tattered remains of his clothes and ripped everything off of him, there he stood growing and butt naked. Two massive orbs the size of a four wheel's tire nestled within the confines of the coyote's musky scrotum wrestled for space between the canine's legs. His flaccid penis was as long as Mark's entire arm and as thick as the columns that held the roof of the bar up. Mark stared with a dropped jaw as he saw his friend's testicles expand to the point they were just inches away from touching the ground. He never felt more emasculated before in his whole life. Gradually, the growth slowed to a halt. And not a moment too soon since Iron's head was brushing up against the eight foot tall ceiling. His head was spinning like he had been riding a mechanical bull for hours. From his height, Mark looked like one of those toy soldiers. "Dude," Iron said. "This is fucking awesome! Check out my pecs!" The oversized coyote brought his arms down and squeezed his meaty pecs together. Standing up, Mark was befuddled by Iron's actions. "Who's the big fur now huh? Come on feel my legs. They're the second thickest thing I have on me." Iron brought his right leg forward with a loud thump and flexed, his ample tri-colored thigh hardened with deep striations running along the whole thigh. "What? This isn't the time for that," Mark said, concerned for his friend. "Aww, someone's just size envy now that there is a bigger fur in town," Iron raised his arms to perform a double bicep pose. "Yes, look at these arms. I think I can bench press a tank easy." From the corner of his eye the self-indulging coyote noticed the bottle in Mark's possession. "Hey are you going to drink that?" Iron asked. Mark realized then that it was the beer that made the coyote grew. He was hesitant to give anymore to his hulking friend, and a large part of him wanted to be just as big if not bigger than him. Before he could decide though, a massive light brown paw reached for him and grabbed the bottle with great dexterity. "Hey!" the German shepherd exclaimed. He tried to stop the giant by climbing up his abs, but his still drunken state was not strong enough to reach the bottle in time. "No fair," Mark complained as the coyote started sipping on the bottle that appeared microscopic against his enlarged paws. He was so frustrated he started kicking the coyote in his balls though it didn't do any good since it didn't look like he felt anything. Seeing his buddy's frustration made Iron laugh, which was strange since he never was the type to be so cocky that he took pleasure in the struggles of others. "Ok ok, I'll share you a little squirt," Iron said. The giant grabbed the struggling dog with ease and set him back on the ground with the Crescat. Without hesitation Mark downed the rest of the bottle. "Oh dude, I hope yours kicks in soon. Cause here I..." Iron could not finish sentence when the growth overcame him again. Every part of his body stretched out further, growing in length and musculature. The building never stood a chance as the ceiling collapsed and Iron's giant ass and arms burst through the walls, every table and chair inside reduced to scrap wood under the heavy force of his body. In all the destruction and excitement of growing, Iron forgot about Mark. When the dust finally settled, Iron's growth had stopped at a hundred feet. Shaking his head free of his dazed state Iron looked down at the pile of rubble, "Mark? Where are you bud?" he called out. One of the piles of broken furniture and debris then started shaking, and out sprang a naked Mark howling into the night sky. "I feel the power," the wolf bellowed. Like Iron, his body doubled up in muscles, every part of him bulging up with veins running across his entire upper body. His cock stood erect and even his balls were engorged, hanging low between his thick muscular legs. The only down side was that he had only grown to reach Iron's belly button. The coyote laughed out loud clutching his stomach. "That's so cute," Iron said. "You're like a little He-Cat action figure I had as a pup." Mark looked up at his taller friend, "Oh please! You had a running start! Besides, you may be big, but not where it counts." The German shepherd then performed a most muscular pose while grunting. It was a sight to behold as the veins on his arms and neck grew more prominent. True enough, Iron may have been larger but there was a kind of seductiveness in Mark's veiny muscles. Watching the dog do pose after pose stirred feelings in Iron's loins, the wolf's member rising to full attention, almost the size of a car carrier truck. A dollop of pre fell from the coyote's piss slit to the right of the posing dog. Surprised by his buddy's response, Mark concocted a plan in his head, "Well looks like someone is enjoying my show," he said with a sly grin. "I just have a thing for muscle furs. You should be honored you got me hard," Iron replied. Mark stepped closer and started massaging Iron's humongous balls, "You know, I might know how to make you grow more." "Oh how?You going to pull another bottle of beer from your ass?" The two chuckled. "Nope, hear me out. We both drank the stuff right? So it's inside us, I think if you drink some of my cum the beer particles can get passed on to you, Tada! Instant growth." Iron's right eyebrow arched upwards, he wasn't a chemistry buff but what the half sized giant was proposing sounded logical. The coyote stared at his friend, and then picked him up with both paws, his right supporting his back and his left was massaging Mark's balls. Mark groaned at the touch. It was like all his senses were intensified with the growth. The coyote opened his maw and sucked his friend's hard dick intensely. But due to their size difference to the coyote the dog's dick felt like he was sipping on a straw. His tongue lapped along the shaft and poked the piss slit a little. Mark moaned loudly in response as he clutched Iron's cold wet nose with both paws. A small smirk grew on Iron's face - he literally had Mark in the palm of his paw. Iron himself was enjoying the moment immensely. While one paw he rubbed the dog's nipples, the other was rubbing his own erection with increasing speed. But it was too much for his friend; the dog's brain was being flooded with euphoria. Grunting wildly, Mark released his load inside the giant's maw. The coyote pulled Mark away from his mouth, drops of cum falling onto the ground. Arching his head upwards Iron swallowed the salty liquid. It was amazing how much cum his little friend could make. With his tongue flopping out, Mark panted heavily as he rested on Iron's paw. His dick softened, limping against his balls. They waited for two minutes for something to happen but nothing did. "Your idea didn't work," Iron said, his breath smelling like semen. "Yes it did. I got you to suck me off," Mark said with a cocky expression. Iron was at a loss for words for a moment. "You're so lucky you are my friend or I'd have trapped you between these pecs right here for that til' next year," Iron said, followed by him bouncing his pecs to make his point clearer. "Ok ok. Put me down now, no more tricks." Satisfied that he got his message across Iron set his friend down and said, "Now you just stay here. I might accidentally step on you if you follow me." Mark was instantly annoyed, his tail standing erect as his fighting instincts kicked in. "Oh please, stop babying me just cause you're bigger. I'm going to catch up to you or even outgrow you. We'll see who the bigger muscle fur is then!" "Bring it on shrimp. You'll be no bigger than my toenail once I find the brewery, then I'll be growing out of this city," Iron said while crossing his arms. With their rivalry inflamed the two sprinted off on their own paths. Mark headed off to the shopping district while Iron bounded towards the business area. Every step the heavily muscle bound coyote took made the surrounding buildings tremble, and in his wake footprints that could shadow a car were left behind. Part 2: Filling the Gym At three stories tall, the German shepherd was enjoying his stroll past the shorter shops and malls. For the first time he could see the roofs of almost every building. Mark was walking with an added confidence, swaying his bare bubble butt side to side to purposely slam into buildings. He would playfully go "Oops, looks like they need to build wider roads for this buff dog!" in his head just to feed his ego. He wished there were some furs around so he could put on a hot steamy flex show for them, or at least have some cars around to lift or smash. It was then that his eyes caught sight of one building still awake with its lights on. The building was only two stories tall, but its signboard was huge as it came up to Mark's eye level. He had to back away a little to read the sign which showed a neon buff squirrel in blue speedos lifting, and the words "Barney's Gym" next to it. A sly grin grew on the dog's face. Inside, a naked brown squirrel sat on a weight bench drying his pecs with a light blue towel. The six foot tall bodybuilder was Barney, the owner of the establishment. Ever since he set up shop, it became a routine for him to work out in the nude before the sun even came up. He figured there was no harm done. It was his place, nobody could see inside, and it just felt good to let his fat dick and balls hang loose. The squirrel had just complete a few reps of chest exercises after opening up; the entire time he was completely unaware of the commotion that occurred several blocks behind him. While he wiped himself dry his attention turned to a bottle of Crescat on the right side of the bench. The bartender of a nearby bar gave it to him the night before just when he was closing up the gym and forgot to take it home. He was about to grab the bottle when the earth started rumbling again. Barney's right eyebrow arched upwards to give a confused expression. Was there construction work going on nearby, he wondered. No sooner when he held the bottle in his paw that the entire gym shook, as if the earth beneath was about to open up and swallow everything whole. The entire area above the squirrel was ripped off. His arms went up to shield himself from the incoming debris. Several pieces of tiles and cement hit him, but it was no big deal. When he finally dared to look up, the squirrel's jaw dropped at the sight of the colossal German shepherd towering over him, the remains of his gym in both the giant's paws. Mark tossed the upper half of the gym aside with a thundering crash. "What do we have here?" Mark said with a playful tone. He was expecting to find a regular old fur. Instead he stumbled on a very delectable piece of meat. The dog's dick rose and poked through the remaining wall of the gym, knocking several bricks down. "Holy fur! Stay back!" Barney made a mad dash for the back door with the bottle still in his grasp. Alas, the macro's right paw swept him off his feet and brought him face to face with the dog's big wide eyes. The squirrel struggled with all his might, his muscles tensing up fighting against Mark's grip, but it was useless. "Aww, don't you like me little guy?" Mark brought the squirrel close to his throbbing erection, "'cause I like you." Barney struggled even harder to escape what unspeakable acts the giant would commit unto his body with that monstrous tool. What's worse was that being fur handled by a larger more muscular figure was turning the squirrel on. Barney's hard dick was poking the giant's palm. Mark noticed the squirrel's boner as he released his grip on his little play thing, and licked his lips at the sight of the twitching cock pressed up against his abs. With his other paw the giant started rubbing along the bodybuilder's body, feeling the bumps and grooves that ran down his chest all the way to his stomach. Mark loved the idea of muscle worship, more towards being worshipped but who could satisfy his immense size now? The canine was enjoying making the squirrel blush and squirm. The tip of his finger was doused with the squirrel's pre. Barney felt helpless yet he loved every second of it, feeling his cock about to erupt. The macro dog started to pant as he watched the squirrel's hot body squirm with every touch. He needed release too. Turning his paw over Barney was dropped right on the base of Mark's cock. "Jerk me off," Mark commanded. Barney was hugging onto the hot member for safety. In the heat of the moment Mark didn't realize the gym owner was holding onto what he was looking for. "No! Wait." Mark's right paw came down and confiscated the bottle with no resistance. It was so tiny compared to when he first started. Mark chewed off the top of the bottle and spat out the piece through the window of another building. Chugging down the magical liquid down his throat Mark felt a rush of adrenaline flowing through his veins. The growth was coming. Barney, still confused about what was happening, got the shock of his life when the boner beneath him started jerking wildly. A dark shadow began to extend above him, looking up he was at a loss for words. The German shepherd was growing! His pecs extended out further, his nipples grew thicker to the size of barrels. Mark grew taller gradually with his muscles engorged with pipe sized veins pulsing along them. His thickening cock was leaking torrents of pre onto the ruined remains of the gym like a waterfall; it grew until it penetrated the back side of the gym. When the growth subsided Mark was finally the same height as Iron but twice as muscular and wide. He resembled a walking wall of muscle blocking the entire street with his thighs and ass. "Fuuuuuccckkk!" Mark yelled into the night sky. So much power coursing through his veins, he felt unstoppable. Panting heavily, the dog was filled with only one thought - to grow more. "Looks like we'll have to put the jerk off session on hold buddy," Mark said as he reached down and grabbed the panicking squirrel. "Wh-what do you want from me?" Mark placed Barney on his pecs. His chest was so wide and dense that he could support a whole football team on his chest. The dog's bulging traps gave the illusion that he had no neck which made him look even more like a muscle giant. "Just tell me where I can find more of that tasty brew?" "I can't remember, the fur that gave it to me just mentioned it briefly." Mark rolled his eyes and made a sudden 180 degree turn. His erection swung with a mighty force that rammed through the coffee shop across the gym, destroying the top half of the shop. On the pecs of the giant dog, Barney had to cling to the giant's chest fur for dear life to not be flung away. Mark laughed while he raised his arms to perform a double bicep pose. "I can do this all night." He proceeded to bounce his pecs sending the bodybuilder squirrel in a screaming fit as he fought to not fall off. "Ok! Ok! The brewery is at the industrial district. Next to the factory with the three chimneys," Barney screamed at the top of his lungs. Satisfied with the squirrel's response, Mark turned back. He grabbed Barney and placed him back down on the precum-stained remains of his former gym. "And here's a little bonus just 'cause you're so nice'." The German shepherd grabbed his dick with both paws, positioned it to point towards the gym and started jerking off. Mark's cheeks flushed red and his whole body rumbled. Barney knew what was going to happen, his brain was telling him to run but his heart wanted to see it happen. "Here I cum!" Mark's balls pulled upwards followed by the thickest, and muskiest cum shot he ever experienced. Hot semen flooded the gym and continued to rise until it spilled out of the broken rooftop. For two whole minutes Mark's cock just spewed wave after wave of cum. Some of the cum that over spilled trickled onto Mark's feet carried with it Barney on his back and covered in the giant's seed. The tiny fur was dazed out from the shock and awe of what he just experienced. Panting heavily, Mark's cock finally softened after the fifth cum shot. He chuckled as he admired his handiwork. The gym now looked like a cake overstuffed with white frosting from the inside. Waving goodbye, Mark continued headed off for the industrial district - the growth was calling out to him. Part 3: Strong Arm of the Law At the same time Mark was terrorizing the gym, Iron was too absorbed in his reflection on the surface of one of the many buildings that were still taller than him. Every building in the business district looked alike. The only differences between them were the signboards that hanged above. He enjoyed posing for himself, the definition on his abs, the way his serratus bulged and the bulkiness of his pecs kept his dick hard. Distracted with his own reflection, Iron did not notice the incoming police cruiser. Two Dobermans in identical dark blue police uniforms stepped out of the vehicle with their tasers drawn. The driver had a heavy set build with a visible gut showing under his shirt. His partner was a fresh young graduate from the academy. What a night he was having on his first week! The junior turned to the older Doberman with a worried expression. "What are we supposed to do? They didn't teach how to subdue a macro during training!" He turned back to look at the coyote's brown wrecking ball sized butt and gulped at the thought of being smooshed by those buns. "Calm down, can't say I have dealt with this before either," the larger Doberman said. "We should call for backup." The rookie rushed through his words in his nervousness. "And risk getting others hurt? We'll talk to the giant. Maybe... maybe he can be reasoned with." Though uncomfortable with the idea of facing the giant with only a taser, the rookie reluctantly followed the other dog's plan. Facing upwards, the leading canine yelled out to Iron, "Hey, big guy!" Iron's ears perked up at the sound of the new voice. He turned away from his self-worshipping session and squinted to take a good look at the tiny cops in front of him. The cop continued, "Mighty fine night for a walk, but you do know public nudity is illegal right?" Iron placed his paws on his hips and flaunted his erection proudly. "Sorry officers, but I just can't find anything to fit this these days." "That's ok, now we don't want to hurt you." The Doberman turned to his anxious partner who had one finger on the trigger, ready to shoot. "Just come with us and we'll get you some help." Iron shrugged. "Okay, guess I get to sit in the back seat then!" Instantly the two knew what the coyote was about to do. They ran off quickly in opposite directions away from the cruiser. The muscle bound coyote made one big leap and slammed his thick derriere onto the car, turning it into a flattened metal pancake with ease. A loud crashing sound that could be mistaken for a volcano's eruption echoed throughout the city. Iron's jump also left a crater in the shape of his butt cheeks and cracks running up the nearby buildings. Iron laughed maniacally, relishing the power he had. Both officers were brought to their knees by the force of the impact. It was painfully obvious that they were outmatched by the gigantic coyote. Their only hope was to escape. The older Doberman tried to run pass the coyote's thighs but Iron quickly caught him from the corner of his eye. One swift swoop and the officer was trapped in the palm of the giant's paw. He screamed at the top of his lungs. "No! No! No! Don't kill me," he begged. However, Iron was not interested in the minuscule pleas of the tiny dog. The other Doberman was quaking in his boots; it was getting difficult to aim his taser right. When the giant caught sight of him he yelled and fired his weapon, its probes flew an amazing distance and struck the coyote's triceps. "Ahh, the pain." Iron grimaced before he started laughing again. "Just kidding. Come here you." His target jumped just in time to dodge his pursuing fingers. The Doberman then ran into the building behind him - an office of some insurance company. He kicked himself in his head for running into a deathtrap of his own design. Either way he had to at least hide. Once he reached the first floor the dog kicked the door down to get inside. Bathed in moonlight through the windows, the officer could see that the room stretched far to the other side of the building. Four rows of desks filled up the entire space. He quickly dropped on all fours for fear the giant would see him; slowly he crawled under the first table he saw and covered his snout as he hid. Meanwhile outside, Iron rose to his full height with the older dog in one paw and the flattened remains of the police cruiser in the other. The captured canine was getting dizzy from being moved around in the air a lot. Iron then placed the tired officer on the remains of the car and wrapped him up like a piece of sushi. He had to take precautions to avoid the tiny fur from running around and getting accidentally squished by him. Sure Iron was huge and strong enough to crush the whole city, but he still was a nice fur at heart. He placed his capture on top of the building across from the one the other Doberman ran into. Now he was ready to flush the little pup out. The coyote stretched out his pumped up arms and wrapped them around the building, his hips pushed back to let him position his throbbing erection properly. "Last chance bud, come out with your paws up or things are gonna get musky!" Iron said loudly towards the building. He waited a whole minute but there was no response. "You asked for it." Iron slammed his dick into the structure. His whole member crashed through the fifth floor like a hot knife through butter. The coyote's fingers dug deep into the side of the building as he moaned heavily. His dickhead burst through the back of the building and squirted a copious amount of precum all over the streets below. He never experienced such an intense fucking before; it was like his cock was fucking the tightest hole in the world. It took all his willpower to not continue attacking the building with his cock until it turned to dust. Instead Iron pulled his dick out leaving a gaping hole with crushed tables and damaged pipes. He called out again, "One more time come on out Jack or this giant is going to shove his beanstalk up your butt." Iron moved his hips a little to the left and spread his legs further apart. Now his erection was on par with the fourth floor. With one mighty trust he plunged his doghood inwards, leaving a trail of precum in the second hole he made. This time the coyote grunted and winced as he tried to hold back the pressure building up in his balls, demanding release. Meanwhile inside, the Doberman was at his breaking point as was the building. Parts of the ceiling started crumbling since the first impact, and the cracks were forming on the walls and pillars. Panting heavily, the cop's eyes darted left and right as he considered his options, either he gets crushed to death by the falling building or be impaled by the macro's cock due to his bad luck, or he could take his chance and try to run again. Choosing the lesser evil the dog made a mad dash out of the office and was back on the streets in a matter of seconds. Simultaneously Iron was just about to pull out of the building when he saw his target on the move. The coyote flexed his arms and chest to bear hug the building with all his might, causing it to crumble and crash onto the ground in a huge dust cloud, freeing his burning red member. In just two easy steps the coyote had caught up to the K-9, his left paw swooped downwards and captured the tiny fur with ease. Despite his unfortunate capture, the rookie managed to pull out his taser again and aimed it at his captor's bright hazelnut pupils. Iron scoffed and flexed his other arm. His bicep rose and hardened into a mountain of steel. "You're really going to try that again? Kid this is a real gun," Iron mocked. He brought the cop closer to his bicep and rubbed him in a circular motion all over the mound of muscle with a cocky grin. While the officer was plastered against the musky arm Iron spoke. "Now, I'm going to let you out and ask you a question. If you behave I'll let you and your partner go. Don't and it's a snout full of biceps for you again. Understood?" Only a soft muffled sound came from the cop, Iron took it as a definite yes. Once freed, the Doberman gasped for air. Iron then asked, "Now tell me where the Crescat brewery is." The officer raised his shaky right arm and pointed to a factory in the far right. Iron squinted in the same direction and was surprised to see a more muscular Mark heading in the same direction as well. If Iron could see him for so far it only meant one thing. "Shoot, must have gotten his paws on another bottle." Dumping the dog with his partner on the roof Iron instructed him to get the other dog out of the city. He then ran towards Mark at full speed smashing through every building in his way. Part 5: Big is Better A pair of mighty feet came down on the sides of the factory. The macro's ball sack rested on the roof. Across the factory were three buildings of equal height. Mark stood with his thick arms flared out to the side and a confident smile. Among one those buildings was his ticket to beating Iron in the growth race. Just thinking about eclipsing Iron made his cock fill with vigor and stood erect. But his chance to relish in his advantage was cut short when he saw the giant coyote running towards him like a bullet train on steroids. Panicking, he was not sure which among the three buildings in front the brewery was. The signboards on the buildings were now too small for the gargantuan dog to see. He then grabbed the roof of the first two buildings and ripped them off effortlessly. Luck was on his side as in the middle building where two large barrels label and the words Crescat was plastered on the wall. Engrossed in his find, the German shepherd didn't question how odd that a so called brewery only had two barrels of beer and nothing else. Mark reached out for one barrel and ripped the top off ready to consume its contents. He had just managed to take a sip when his eyes caught sight of Iron jumping from two streets over into the air. The coyote came crashing down right in front of Mark, he was so close the dog could smell the musk radiating off Iron. Mark was caught off balance as the coyote's jump made the ground shake. "Whoa, whoa. Dude don't!" Mark exclaimed while wailing his arms around. Grinning mischievously the coyote took the small window of opportunity and pushed his friend back on the chest. Mark fell hard right onto the factory behind him. In an act of great coincidence, his ass was directly above the long chimney. The phallic structure plunged into the dog's hole sending a wave of stimulation all over his body. It was a mix of pain and pleasure as his virgin ass was suddenly filled. There was no holding back; his hard cock fired a thick stream of cum into the air. Iron managed to dodge by stepping to the left to avoid getting creamed in the face. Instead the cum rained all over the buildings with their roofs ripped apart. As he orgasmed, every fiber of Mark's body tensed up, causing him to accidentally crush the barrel in his paw in one powerful grip. Streams of beer leaked between his fingers onto the tarmac below. Iron gripped his stomach as he laughed. "Hey if you need a smoke you can use your 'dildo' too. Get it? Cause it's a chimney." Mark just responded with a grunt without moving from the bed of rubble, the chimney was still lodged deep in his rectum. A few seconds later the growth kicked in. Mark's entire body began to grow upwards in height, this time he didn't feel himself adding anymore muscle but his third leg thickened and lengthened to the size of two train carts. Standing up, the chimney slid out of Mark's expansive ass. Growing hard again, his cock slapped against his chest and rested within the space between his mighty pectorals. Not wasting any time as Mark grew to four hundred feet tall, Iron grabbed the remaining barrel, brushed off the layer of cum on the lid and downed its contents upon opening it. "I feel it!" Iron felt the same rush as the first time his lips touched the Crescat, the heat spreading from his chest to the rest of his body. This time the growth was in hyper drive. In a split second Iron shot up in height quickly surpassing Mark, whose growth had slowed to a stop. The German shepherd was not prepared for what happened next. Just as quickly as Iron grew, the coyote's endowment extended out and cast a shadow over the dog and the surrounding buildings. Iron's erection was now the size of three silos stacked together. Mark stared with his jaw hanging downward as Iron's face soon lost behind his chest. "He must be at least a thousand feet tall," thought Mark. Despite only reaching up halfway to his friend's muscular thighs, a new feeling began to stir within the K-9. No longer jealousy, it was lust. How he wanted to see the coyote use the power of his muscles and cock to dominate the world. Iron started to crouch downwards, bringing his tail down with him, smashing it onto the ground and breaking anything underneath it: lamp posts, signs, even smaller buildings. "Looks like I win bud!" Iron said in his new deep, almost godlike voice. Mark was staring at the coyote's bulging light brown chest. He wanted so much to jump into it and just be lost in all the muscle. An even more remarkable sight was how the German shepherd's dickhead dwarfed in comparison to Iron's. Both of them were leaking precum onto the ruined streets below. "You know I think I deserve a reward for winning our little contest. Why don't you help get me off this time?" Iron grabbed his dick and wiped the tip all around Mark's face, smearing pre all over him. Licking the translucent liquid with his tongue Mark responded with a playful grin. "I have a better idea. What if I told you I knew a way to help you get off and make us the new landmarks of the city? Interested?" The twitching response from Iron's cock was all the confirmation Mark needed. Iron lifted Mark up and rested him on his shoulders like he was giving him a piggy back ride. Iron didn't mind the feeling of Mark's dick pressing up against the back of his head. What would have taken an hour's drive took only five easy steps for Iron to reach the heart of the city. There stood the two crowning achievements of the city, the tallest skyscraper in the country at one thousand five hundred foot tall and to its right the egg shaped, enclosed Blue Bull Stadium home to the city's well-loved football team. Mark jumped off Iron's back and started caressing the stadium, his hard cock rubbing against the roof that was caving in under the giant's weight. On Iron's side he had the skyscraper all to himself. Holding onto the building gently like how he did before with the insurance office, Iron applied a little pressure and his dick pierced the tower with ease. Iron howled and wagged his tail excitedly. Fucking a building never felt so good. Overcome by the urges of his loins the coyote pulled his member out halfway before slamming it in hard. His hips gyrated with such speed and power it was amazing that the skyscraper was still standing. Watching his partner destroy the skyscraper drove him hot with euphoria. Mark's humping escalated in speed and strength until his cock smashed through the stadium's roof. His powerful arms dug deep into the sides, causing cracks to form on the walls and spread throughout the bleachers inside. The two were approaching climax, groaning heavily they tried to hold back their cum. Their thrusts were slowing down, but they were slamming harder than ever into their respective structures. Finally, with a powerful roar Iron bear-hugged the skyscraper, breaking the top part off from the rest of the building, the bottom half exploding into broken steel and stone as he unleashed his pent up cum. Ropes of thick white seed blanketed the rest of the city behind the skyscraper. No building was spared from the wide breath of the giant coyote's cum shot. At the same time, Mark yelled out Iron's name while blowing his load into the stadium. A torrent of cum flooded the inside field, the stadium just barely holding in the gallons of semen that filled up its insides. Lethargy then took over both of the giants. Their dicks softened and they both fell back next to each other panting and laughing. "Best night of my life," Iron said. "Ditto. Sad it has to end," Mark replied softly, beginning to feel sleepy. "Who says it has to end? I say we find another brewery in the next city and do it all over again. " Their eyes lit up with excitement, reinvigorated with new energy at the thought of growing again the two friends got up and stomped off into the sunrise, all the while deep underground a certain tiger was happily taking notes on his two successful test subjects. The End.
  25. super-powers

    Please give me feedback! It will mean a lot! This growing superbeing thing is really different from my usual type of story (I still found this kind of hot when writing it) Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1556-my-dad-is-a-big-boy-re-post/ Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1560-my-dads-boy-is-a-big-boy/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1569-my-dads-boy-is-a-man/ Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1595-my-dad-is-a-secret-holder/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1596-my-dad-is-a-cum-fountain/ Part 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1606-my-dad-is-a-room-wrecker/ Part 7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5895-my-dad-is-a-psychic/ My Dad is a Genius I scratched my brain as I tried to collect the proper formula on the Chemistry homework he’d been given as work over spring break. I couldn’t decide which was the more confusing equation. The ones I’d been asked to form and solve both on paper and in a physical model or the fact that I’d been given homework on Spring Break in the first place. Of course, it was a pretty simple calculation when the homework was coming from Professor Halt. He’d been a hard ass all semester, giving a barrage of tests and project assessments as if he was never really sure how many knew the material. I was typically on the upper side of the class but not because I was really a brilliant mind or anything. Years of having to studying without help from my parent got me god studying skills to pass tests even when I didn’t understand something. Most people would call it abusing the American educational system but I called it survival. That rang just as true when against Professor Halt. Still, it was a | | night with me on the massive couch in the large mansion, my ears stuffed with loud music that was making it tough to really make many coherent thoughts. I was the kind who needed peace and quiet to really collect my thoughts. Some asshole on the internet had convinced me Mozart was good for stimulating the brain but what I was beginning to realize was the article didn’t indicate what volume you were supposed to listen at. My ears were blaring with violins and brass that blurred my numbers together like a Sudoku puzzle. No one would put themselves through torture like that unless it was to block out something. For some, its loud family members. For others, loud neighbors or sex noises. For me, it was all of the above tenfold. What does “tenfold” mean? Well, after dad discovered he was gaining powers, he and Jeff began playing around and trying to figure out what dad was able to do. His growing pains persisted but they began to show new things in exchange for size. When it began, Dad was able to hold almost as much weight as he could with his own hands and hover over the ground for a rough 3-5 minutes before he had a head ache each. But after only three days, he’d gained the power to lift tons of weight for more than 2 hours and fly several feet without using his telekinesis for another 4 hours! Thing is, after gaining powers like that, dad started getting inventive with his….. sexual desires. I’d generally come to accept that he and Jeff were growing men with desires I couldn’t fathom being bu a fraction of either of their sizes. But in exchange for that understanding, they took it as a sign that I’d be ok with whatever they did. At first, when dad was starting to get hungry for sex, he’d give Jeff a subtle look warning him and then they’d try to play it off. After dad’s powers grew, though, they started to get more feral and beastial with their mind blowing sex. Dad would do things at the dinner table like stuff one of his massive turkey legs into his mouth and tear at it like a beast while eyeing Jeff, who was receiving it approvingly. Since I was the shortest now among the three of us, it was very impossible for them to hide their horniness since I could see that, though they were across from each other on the far ends of the dinner table, they were rubbing at enormous crotch balloons that only pumped bigger as the dinner went on before they finally excused themselves. Their kind gestures began to loosen and leak out their true intentions as time went on as Dad grew. Jeff, having not purchased new clothes in a while, had begin to really strain the fabric and was bulging every which way. Just last night, we were eating dinner and Dad was carving into more food like the bottomless pit he was becoming when a loud RIP reached over the table and grabbed his attention. Jeff grinned as dad would pay attention and notice his pectoral had finally burst from the polo he’d worn to the dinner table. His beefy chest muscle filled the gap and more as it continued to tear when he grinned and flexed it. “Guess I’m going to have to order some clothes again” he said as he flexed a bicep and popped a sleeve. Dad was staring mid chew with focused, dilated eyes. It wasn’t hard to figure what happened next when the two suddenly stood up and abruptly ran out of the room. That entire night, I could hear screams and cries of sexual pleasure across the house that made it nearly impossible to fall into my dreams. I was hard but frustrated as I tried to block out the shouts that shook the walls thanks to dad’s stronger and heavier voice. Can’t get much worse right? Just raise the volume on a soft song, right? Problem solved? Yeah, it would be if you subtract dad’s powers. I wasn’t listening to Mozart on a blaring volume for kicks. The walls were shaking around me as I sat on the tall couch with its tall table. Dad and Jeff were at it again, this time harder than ever. Since last night, Jeff had told me how Dad was starting to get even more powerful and he wasn’t kidding. The walls were shaking as though a continuous earthquake were moving through the house. Walls creaked as dad was most certainly pounding Jeff like a jack hammer against the wall of their apartment….. in midair. Jef’s story telling about his escapades with dad were very detailed. It was still pretty weird hearing my brother talk about how dad was ripping him a new one with his supernatural flying, strength, and sexuality but I got by. I shuffled my body on the couch as best I could to try and stop my hard cock from pressing into my zipper but it was tough. I was my father’s son after all. My 11 inches of cock bounced in their confines thinking of what those two were doing and I hated every minute of it. I’m not fucking turned on by my dad, I tried to say as I pushed my hard on down to continue studying. The chemistry book I had bounced and fell off the living room table unnoticed as I focused solely on the papers before me. I was putting all my efforts into ignoring my dad and brother as they continued breaking in the wall. “Those two shouldn’t get a fucking room, they should get a fucking hotel” I grumbled as I adjusted my headphones and continued trying to solve this same equation after 20 minutes of staring at it. I was so absorbed in my own little world that I didn’t notice the shaking stop and the pictures on the wall stop shivering and hanging onto their nails as best as they could. Ten minutes later of mind numbing number cruching that got me nowhere with a boner stabbing my pants again, I wasn’t prepared for the giant shadow made by the large being in front of one of the living room lamps. “Whatcha workin’ on, Squirt?” came a deep baritone filled voice over me. I jumped in my seat and nearly fell the 5 feet distance from the seat of the couch to the floor but caught myself. I was so shocked from my own movement, I had to take a second to take in Dad’s form. His pecs were getting so perky and powerful looking that they were going to block our view on each other on this angle pretty soon. His body was covered in sweat that trickled down the grooves in his muscles like rivers of perspiration. I had to appreciate how lean dad was now, his muscles starting to show veins even when he wasn’t pumped. His short hair was matted on his forehead and looked as if he had been through a thunder storm. His powerful brow showed thick eyebrows that gave his face more masculinity than even Jeff or I expected of him. Dad’s face had a 5 o’clock shadow even though Jeff had shaved him in the massive bathroom after their…. morning escapades. Wearing nothing but a straining pair of tailored briefs that we’d customed ordered but were already straining, his muscles bulged with might. “Uh, nothing dad..” I mumbled. Dad grinned at me as if thinking about something. “Can I help you with nothing?” he asked with a fatherly grin. I raised an eyebrow as he asked that. Dad had tried helping us in high school because he’d met my highschool friends’ parents and how they had introduced themselves as the best parents ever, helping their kinds with their homework thanks to their knowledge from doctorate degrees. Dad had tried this and me, being the guilt ridden son that I was, tried to let him. Dad’s learning abilities were pretty shot after high school (or pretty much during for that matter). So helping wasn’t all that great. “Um…. Sure, dad. I’m working on my chemistry homework.” “Chemistry?! Ha! Lemme see!” he said as he came at me for the paper playfully. A 17 foot giant coming at you playfully was almost scary as I feared I’d get crushed by an avalanche of dad muscle. I shielded myself pathetically with my arms preparing to be crushed when I felt the paper leave my hand and my hair get ruffled, I opened my eyes just to see a big chin eclipse my vision before dad backed. “I haven’ seen you cringe like tha’ in years, squirt! Yar abou’ as teeny tiny to me as ya were back when you and ya brother were just toddlers. I swear I have to be careful or I could break that little shape!” I looked away frustrated as he looked at my homework. I didn’t realize it till he said it now but I really was shrinking in his eyes. I was a puny little thing to him that he called his son but in reality, besides the hair and eyes, I could have been anyone else’s child. And Jeff was just following his footsteps. I was shrinking and becoming a speck of human man like everyone else. Would Jeff get this big? Would I get this turned on by him? Would he gain powers? I was so in my own mind that I wasn’t watching as dad picked up my chemistry book in a puzzled fashion. He looked back and forth from the paper for a few minutes before setting down the paper and looking at the book, flipping pages. I grabbed my composure and grew a cocky grin. “Yeah, it’s pretty tough. It took me a day or so to figure out the formula and calculate it. You want to crack at it later?” I said in the most innocent way that I could. I was just happy that dad still needed me this much. He and Jeff were the big and super powerful ones but I’d get to be the smart one. I looked over at dad, his mouth unmoving but his eyes darting over the pages “Where’s Jeff?” I wondered as he read. “He’s on his bad. Poor kid is laying on his stomach and snoring hard. Tried to get him to stand but he just wasn’t able. He’ll have trouble walking for a bit” I was grinning to try and ease him out of the homework like I used to as I barely registered the information but something was different. The pages….. they were zipping by. Dad was flipping the pages practically every 5 seconds, giving them a rapid look and then moving to the next one like he’d memorized the pages. My eyes widened as I discovered what dad was doing. Dad suddenly hit the last page of the 300 page book with a thud and looked back at me. “Sorry, squirt. You waitin’ on me to solve the problem?” he said. I only looked shocked and handed him the paper. “Dad….?” I tried to say but Dad wasn’t listening. Dad took the paper and grabbed my pencil, snapping it. “Fuck” he said before taking one of my pens and confidently writing in the blank for the equation. His fingers zipped over the page, numbers, equal signs, and other things chasing his hand rapidly. I couldn’t decide if dad was destroying my paper or if he was…… Dad handed the paper back to me after 20 seconds and grinned. “How’s that?” he asked with raised brows as though his concern was more to be helpful than to be correct. I grabbed the paper with shaking hands and scanned it with wide eyes. Everything was… “Right” I said aloud. Dad grinned as he heard the word and his perfect white teeth shone. I looked at him shocked and almost horrified. “Dad…. You just read that book fast” “Whatcha mean? I read for about 2 hours like usual, right?” “No…..it was probably about 4 or 5 minutes…” It was Dad’s turn to widen his eyes as he realized what I was saying. He looked at the book confused. “It just came so easy. The book just made sense.” Dad looked at me with an excited grin and saw my open bookbag carrying several other books. “Hand me those books!” he said with an outstretched hand. I looked at the books as though they were gold I didn’t want to hand over. Dad had just proved his powers were still growing, and fast! I knew if I gave him the books I had, he couldn’t go back to being dumb old lovable dad. I didn’t want him to change anymore than he already did but I didn’t want to hold him back for something so petty. I grabbed the books in my hands and raised them over dad’s big hand. His hands were now wide enough to reach the ends of the covers from the end of his middle finger to his palm. I watched shocked as he read the 7 books I gave him, his eyes flashing over the pages at 10 seconds per page. First he passed through my statistics book, then my calculus book I’d bought ahead of next year. Then he passed over U.S. History and even my art History book, all thick 400-700 page books that he’d finished in roughly 30 minutes. By the end of it, there was a huge grin on his face and his eyes seemed to look at something far away. “Dad?” I said worriedly as he looked at the papers on my table and quickly grabbed the pen by him. My jaw dropped as I watched dad cut through any homework or projects I had like they were coloring book pages before he neatly stacked them onto the table again. “Shit” he said as he looked at the papers and then at his hands. I could see the gears move through his head as he tried to understand what had happened. “I….helped you with your homework. All of it….” I looked at the papers on the table and felt my stomach sink and my jaw go along with it as I was coming to an agreement on his statement. Everything was right and correct and showed work where it was needed. Each page was the equivalent to a perfect 100. Even when he crossed into high level calculus! I didn’t have time to sulk as dad suddenly stood up. When something as big as him stood up, you noticed it pretty easily. “Dad? Are you ok? You just solved all of my college level homework and finished it after reading all my books in under an hour!” Dad didn’t seem to totally hear me as he focused in on something as though he were looking through the wall. “Son” he said. I sat up as though he’d just given me a command as his deep voice sounded dumbfoundingly serious. He was like a large ferocious beast suddenly. Was it his actual size or was it his presence? Something had changed completely. “Warn your brother. We’re gonna be in trouble soon.” To Be Continued…….