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  1. I took this pic last night. It was the first one of about 20. My brother-in-law just got back from the gym and he was really pumped, both physically and mentally, as I could tell he must have had a huge amount of testosterone coursing through him as he was in Extreme Alpha mode. He had said that one of the guys gave him a new injection supplement with 15 other syringes of the stuff to use later. He said that he only took one, but when he took it, he could feel the power of it coursing through him immediately and it made him have the most gains he ever had. He certainly did look more buff then he was earlier that day. My sister was gone for the weekend and I was staying with Jax at their place. It was just the two of us and he knew I was gay, but he neve seemed to care or talk about it and even though I had a super crush on the brute, I never acted on it either, out of respect for my sister. Still, when he got back, he was jacked more then I'd ever seen him. He just shucked off all his clothes expect his underwear and began walking around the house grunting and running his hands all over himself. Anytime he's get close to me, he would begin to pose right in front of me. He told me to, not demanded that I touch his muscles. I grabbed onto his biceps and they were hard as stone. It was so fucking hot and I tried my damnedest to keep my cool. Then he commanded me to get the camera and take pics of him. As I looked at him, I was certainly amazed at his larger muscles, but what got me really turned on was his authoritarian attitude. He was in complete Alpha mode. I eagerly did as I was told and got the camera. As I began taking pics of him, there was no doubt that both of us were getting excited by the whole scenario. His cock was definitely getting plump, but not really hard yet, while I was completely as hard as I could possible get. He barked orders to get close ups of his chest, then his arms. At one point he had me on a chair and he straddled it over me. I know he saw my reaction as there was no denying my hard on in my shorts. I did as I was told, he looked at me saying shit like “Yeah, boy. You think your gonna get it? I know you fucking want it...look at your hard cock in your little bitty shorts as my big fucking body turns you on!! It's fucking making you salivate, doesn't it?" I nodded in agreement. "Yeah fucker, get down on the floor and look up at me as I'm your new God. You're gonna be begging to worship me!! If your a good little obedient puppy, maybe, I'll let you." The front of his shorts started to show a wet stain as he cock got bigger inside. He flexed his right arm and I couldn't help but moan. By the time I got down on the floor to take the above shot, he was really barking orders at me and I knew it was turning him on as much as it was me, so I didn’t care if he saw how turned on I was. I started kneading my cock in my shorts as I took the pics. He loved it saying, "Yeah, pussy...get off on me, you fag!!" In fact, he lifted his foot up and pressed down on my hard cock saying, “Yeah, you little faggot, You’re really getting into me aren’t you…in fact, I know you’ve always had the hots for me. I've seen you sneak looks at me in the shower. I knew once you watched me fuck your sister...jerking off as you watched my ass going up and down into her pussy. You're nothing more than a muscle crazed cum slut and I think it’s time you earn my respect and put the camera down and lick my feet!” I quickly put down the camera and eagerly did as I was commanded as I confessed, “Yes, Sir. I am here to serve you, Sir!!” and with that I began to lick his feet and suck on his toes. As I serviced his foot and then up his leg, licking his calves, he began to grope his cock. I was becoming more turned on than ever as my cock was so hard that I was leaking precum for days and my underwear and shorts were wet as fuck. I began to go fucking crazy over his feet and, honestly, I had never in my life had a foot fetish, but I literally couldn't get enough of his. After a few minutes, he was starting to get really dominate with me as he pushed his feet down on my face. At one point he shoved four of his toes into my mouth and sucked on them like my life literally depended on it. I was leaking so much precum that my outside shorts were literally dripping and he saw this and barked at me to stand back up and disrobe in front of him, down to nothing. I did so, taking off my shorts and underwear as my 6 inch cock bobbed in front of me, pulsating with the blood that was pumping it. He glanced down on my crotch and said, “Yeah, pussy boy, I think we’ve both been wanting this. We’re gonna keep this between us, right? You're not gonna be a bitch and tell your sissy about our arrangement, yes?” I nodded yes, but inside I was still a bit conflicted about him cheating on my sister…even more so with her brother, but that feeling went away when he ordered me to go back down and continue worshiping him. Back on the floor, I began to lick up and down his legs and I looked up at him, pleading with my eyes to have him own me and make me his. Insane feelings of lust were overcoming me as I again began to worship his feet, legs and ass. He would bend over and smack my cock which only made me hornier and then he began to fuck my mouth with his right foot, telling me I was his fucking whore pig. I had never been so turned on in my life and I couldn't take it any more as my cock started convulsing and I came all over myself. He must've loved this because as I came, I heard the fabric begin to rip on his shorts and I looked up to see him not only getting bigger muscles, but I could see that his cock was literally pushing hard against the fabric so in one swift move he tore off his shorts as his cock shot out rock hard, leaking and throwing precum that showered over me. I opened my mouth and received a few drops, tasting their sweet goodness, and instantly, I couldn't explain it, but I felt better, hornier, sexier and with more energy. He grabbed my face, pinching my cheeks as he ordered me to lick up my cum off of him, myself and the floor, which I turned over and eagerly did. I felt him take his one foot and stick up between the crack of my ass and I moaned as his big toe entered my hole. Once I had licked up my own salty goodness, I turned around and noticed he was sweating like crazy. He said that he was burning up and told me to grab the camera for some shots while he took a shower to try and cool down. When we got to the shower I could see that his cock was literally throbbing as it was so fucking hard it...it was like a steel pole. I took some more shots of him and then I noticed his hair was beginning to grow all over him, especially on his head and beard. His once cropped head and face were turning into a bear of a man. His pecs were getting fuller and his traps were definitely getting bigger and he was getting more definition. He started moaning, a few octaves lower then I had ever heard him and then he began growling and he yelled at me to, again, drop the camera and begin to worship his body, starting with his bigger thicker pecs. As I sucked on his nipple, I was in complete ecstasy as I felt a bit of milk come out of them into my mouth. Again, instantly I had a new feeling come over me. This time, I had a feeling in me that I couldn't explain, but I had never felt anything like it before. I literally felt my asshole puckering uncontrollably, as I felt myself yearning for his cock to fuck me, more than I had ever wanted to be fucked from any other man. I couldn't control myself as I blurted out, "OH GOD, JAX, PLEASE FUCK ME!!" as I was sucking on his nipple, taking in more of his milk. Then I felt his hand reach around and he inserted 2 fingers into my ass with a force that brought me off the ground and off his nipple. His hand began fucking me hard as he held me up off the ground and as I looked at him, he said, "I will fuck you when I want too, not when you want it!! YOU are my bitch now and I'M the one in charge!!! Get on your knees, cunt, and suck me!!" I did as I was told, and got on my knees. His cock was wide and incredibly hard but I was able to get him inside me. He began to move his hips, impaling my mouth, and the longer he was orally fucking me the easier it was to take him all the way down. I looked up into his eyes and the look of lust was still there, but there was more...it was appreciation. He began to caress my head and face as he face fucked me and I could see he was still growing where his beard and hair were full and curly with his arms getting bigger and insanely pumped, as well. Then, I'm guessing, just before he was about to cum as I could feel it literally rising up his shaft, he pulled me off of him, pushing me against the shower wall, and I could tell he was holding back his orgasm. The he told me to get a towel. We both left the shower and he entered the bedroom. As I got a towel, he grabbed a hat and put it on. Then he leaned against a chair and he told me to lick and towel him dry. I did as I was told, only to have him shove his cock down my throat again. He bellowed, "You are one fucking amazing cocksucker. You sis has nothing on you, bitch. You're gonna suck me cock from now on!!" I sucked him for another 5 or so minutes and then he commanded that I take more pics. I had never felt so used and happy at the same time. The feeling of wanting to be fucked was stronger than ever now. He must have sensed it, because he took his hand again and inserted it into my hole. Then he told me to ride his hand and I did moving up and down on it as I continued to suck him. I could now see the veins in his arm becoming more pronounced as his muscles increased. I also noticed that it was getting easier for him to be reaching around me as he finger fucked me. He was actually growing taller as well. Curly hair covered about 85% of him now and as he did before, he picked me up by my asshole and flung me over his shoulders. As he did his hat came off and the camera got knocked over and the flash went off a few times. Then he said it was time to breed me. He laid me on the bed face down and stood in front of me. He ordered me to look at him and the beast that I now saw was not Jax, but some Superhuman Bear of a being that was now my new God. Any question of what I had about my sister, went right out the window. I wanted him in me. I wanted his cum shooting up in me multiple times. I wanted to be his bitch, pussy boy…and he wanted it too. He looked at me and said, "You are now mine, boy. Your sister will never be able to handle the new me. You and I will leave this town and go off and start a new life together. I have more of the supplement that the guy gave me and I'm sure that both of us will become Gods amongst men, but I will always be your master and you will always be my boy. Now it is time to change you as well" and with that he walked behind me and for the next 5 hours. he fucked me, cumming in me 4 times!! Each time both of our bodies grew and just shy of midnight, we had become bigger, stronger, hairier and more fertile then most any man.
  2. Caution: this story contains furry/kemono and muscle theft. If you don't like it, please ignore it. And I'm sorry to my poor English. XP **** - Elvin the black cat was born with a genius magic ability. His magic power surpassed that of adults, which grew stronger as he got older. Elvin was very proud of this, and people around him praised him. But the grandmother was very worried about her grandson. Essentially, the stronger the magic power, the harder it becomes to control, which means the side effects are also larger in scale. However, Elvin didn't listen to her warnings at all. On the contrary, he firmly believed that he could control it all enough. - But with or without talent, the wizard was a secret being. Therefore, Elvin usually pretended to be an ordinary person. It was a duty that must be kept to protect the magical world. This duty made Elvin feel strong belonging and superiority, but sometimes frustrated. The 'ordinary' Elvin was just a little smart and weak black cat. But there was one flaw in this duty. If he could hide that he was a wizard, he could use magic with the public. So Elvin secretly retaliated with magic if he was the target of bullying. The method worked until middle school. But things changed when he entered high school, because of Jonas and Simon. - Jonas the lions and Simon the tiger were capable athletes who paid attention to high school sports. Muscular bodies as big as bodybuilders, excellent sports skills and good looks. Besides, they were active and curious. Having all the things they needed to have as athletes, they were very popular with ordinary students. But at the same time, they were so arrogant that they would easily ignore others. Jonas and Simon naturally led the gang, bulling the "good" student. That included Elvin. - At first, Elvin used magic the same way as before, but strangely, magic didn't work properly. After five or six failures, he soon realized what the problem was. So far, bullies have filled their low self-esteem with bullying, but they were different. They based the idea of 'we are absolutely superior to others,' and showing off this was a bullying. Elvin's magic kept failing because it was wrong from the most fundamental problem. So what if I made a better student than them? Thinking that far, he stumbled upon a student. It was Ben, a student in the same class. - Ben the white bear was just an ordinary student. He was very nice enough to admit even Elvin, unexpectedly with a pretty cute face, and moderately smart. But he was too introverted and hated sports. On top of that, he was very fat. The children rejected Ben for being fat, whether he was good or cute, so Ben had no friends since he was a child. But still, he was so nice that he was sometimes bullied by bad guys. - Elvin changed his mind as soon as he saw Ben. Originally, he planned around himself, but using Ben, who was worse than him, seemed to be far more effective to them. He arranged the plan and approached Ben cautiously. Getting close to Ben was easier than he thought. Elvin used magic to easily gain favor, but most importantly, spending time with Ben. At first they went to the cafeteria together. Then Elvin took a walk with Ben from time to time and spent time talking to each other about games. Later, they went to school together every morning. - For Ben, who was lonely without friends, Elvin became the only haven. Elvin knew it, too, so he tried to make sure Ben could rely on himself mentally. But there was only one thing Elvin didn't expect: Ben began to love him. Then one day, Jonas and Simon began to bully Ben again. Realizing that the time had come to execute the plan, Elvin pulled them away from Ben and deliberately provoked an argument. He talks about a city festival in the middle of summer vacation and declares that Ben will also participate in the bodybuilding competition. He also says he can easily beat contestants Jonas and Simon. - Ben is very embarrassed. Elvin reassures him and encourages him, saying he can win if he tries. First, he makes a six-week work out and diet for Ben. Then, as his trainer, he teaches work out hard. It also uses fur from Jonas, Simon and Ben to secretly execute the magic that it had prepared. He gives all of Jonas and Simon's physical attributes (muscle characteristics, constitution, metabolism, etc.) to Ben and then distributes Ben's physical attributes to Jonas and Simon. This magic has a temporary effect and breaks itself after the competition. - The first week. Two weeks before the vacation started. Ben does a lot of training every day. At first Ben complained that he was really going to die, but contrary to his worries his body endured it all. In the first week, Ben lost more than half of his weight. That's how fast it was to get muscles. Jonas and Simon, on the other hand, worked out as they usually did, but somehow got tired easily. Eventually, they can't work out for a long time and rest. - Second week. A week before vacation starts. The amount of training has increased a little. Ben lost enough weight to reveal his abs. The face also hardens. The body as a whole becomes as firm as a swimmer. Jonas and Simon, meanwhile, had a little less work out. The muscles slowly lose weight and start to gain weight very little by little. - Third week. Summer vacation started. Ben is worried about working out too much, but Elvin says he's fine. Contrary to Ben's worries, his body grew rapidly. This was because the muscles quickly filled up the places where all the weight was lost. The body grew bigger and firmer, and the face gradually matured. Jonas and Simon work out far fewer times than before. They lost a lot of muscle and gained some weight. - Fourth week. All the useless body fat that remained in Ben's body is removed. Muscle shapes become clearer and more beautiful. And during this time, Elvin starts to give him supplements, which makes growth even faster. Now he's in the body between a fitness model and a bodybuilder, and he's the same height as Jonas and Simon. On the other hand, Jonas and Simon have not lost any more muscle, but they gain a lot of weight and become fat. - The fifth week. Ben's body no longer loses weight, but keeps the right amount. Now that his athletic ability and knowledge have grown rapidly, he works out himself without Elvin. He also grew taller than Jonas and Simon. He became a perfect amateur bodybuilder, and around this time he began to take an interest in various sports. There is no change on Jonas and Simon's side. - The sixth week. The competition finally started. The fat Ben is reborn as an elite bodybuilder who stands 6'9" tall. He has great athletic ability and knowledge, as well as physical strength to match. It also became a player with enormous potential that all athletes dream of. - On the day of the competition. Jonas and Simon were forced to head to the stadium with fat bodies. However, the employees who checked their bodies just kicked them out, saying that they were not allowed to participate in the competition. Then Ben came in there, and they were shocked. Ben had a better body than himself before! Eventually, the bodybuilding competition ended up with Ben's overwhelming victory, and Jonas and Simon, who were watching it, ended up bawling with tremendous shame. Elvin secretly watches this and thinks the plan is successful and likes it. Without knowing that problems would arise soon. - The vacation is over and the second semester has started. Ben quickly became the idol of the students. He was even more popular than Jonas and Simon because he had a good personality. It protected bullied students with strong physical strength and showed the best grades in physical education. Many coaches showed interest in him, the best athlete. Ben smiled brightly as if this interest were not bad. But Elvin thought it was very strange. Because he broke the magic he used on them. As he expected, Ben had to return to his fat body at the end of the vacation. But Ben's body reacted as if it still had the physical attributes of Jonas and Simon. - So the magic didn't break? No. Elvin shook his head. After the competition, he saw Jonas and Simon return to their original muscular form, working out again. Magic is definitely broken. So what happened to Ben's body? While investigating it, he somehow found that Ben's body still had the physical attributes of Jonas and Simon. No, it was copied. Ben's body copied their physical attributes! Moreover, it wielded powerful influence enough 'to erase' Ben's original physical attributes. Elvin was shocked. Yes, it was a magical side effect. That's also a permanent side effect. - And soon there was another "side effect" that even Elvin didn't expect. It was love. Ben, who had a crush on Elvin, began to express love to him little by little. On the day he decided to stay overnight to help Ben with his assignment, Elvin realized that Ben's love for him was abnormally huge. When Ben overwhelmed Elvin with a huge muscular body, he finally realized that his grandmother was right. The powerful magic was beyond Elvin's control. - Elvin the black cat was born with a genius magic ability. His magic power surpassed that of adults, which grew stronger as he got older. In the past, he was very proud of it. But not now. This time spent with Ben, the most handsome and powerful lover in the world, was the result of uncontrolled magic. He knew he couldn't get out of this. Any time, whatever it was, he had to be responsible for forever changing Ben's fate. That was the price of overconfidence in magical powers. END!
  3. Caution: this story contains furry/kemono and muscle theft. If you don't like it, please ignore it. And I'm sorry to my poor English. XP **** - There is a boy in a famous high school. He is a black and purple dragon. He is 7 feet tall and has a huge muscular body that even professional bodybuilders feel ashamed of. By contrast, he has a very soft and handsome face, which exudes mysterious charm. he is good at both studying and exercising, even very kind and righteous. He is the idol of other students. - And there is another boy in this famous high school. He is a black leopard. He is 5'2" tall and has a very skinny body. Also, there is no attraction to his ordinary appearance. Studying is medium, but he hardly exercises, and he doesn't even have friends. He admires the dragon, which is completely the opposite of him, and at the same time strongly envies him. He wants to be like a dragon. - Then one day, when he was studying in the local library, he finds dusty old books in quite a corner. It was an ancient spell book. The black leopard gets interested in it and starts reading. Then, he finds a spell that exchanges his physical characteristics(muscle, height, manly beauty, sports ability, and so on...) with the other person. The black leopard decides to do this magic to be like a dragon. - The black leopard starts to collect things quickly for this spell. Gathering and combining various herbs, mastering necessary skills, and finally barely getting underwear that is full of Dragon's "body fluid" from the school locker room. At last he is all set, and one full moon night he working the spell. Then he immediately feels connected to someone. He quickly realizes that it is a dragon. - The exchanges spell worked fast over a week. The black leopard gradually realized that his body was growing. His muscles and height have suddenly increased and his face is getting handsome. As reality changed accordingly, the number of people approaching him began to increase. On the other hand, the dragon’s body became shrinking. The black leopard notices it. - At first, the black leopard was very worried that the dragon, a magical species, could invalidate the spell. However, as time goes by, the worries are less and less, and the bigger the body gets and the more popular it becomes, the more confident it gets. Even the dragon seems not notice to magic. - In the end, magic is complete, and the dragon and the black leopard are completely reversed in position. The black leopard is now a famous student, and the dragon is just an ordinary student. He fascinates many people with his good looks and powerful muscular body. He was able to have everything he wanted, and he was content with this fate. He thinks everything will turn out the way he wants it. - But soon there was a problem. The black leopard began to immerse himself in 'his' talent and strength, and soon he began to be arrogant to people. Other students criticize his rudeness and bad manners, but he ignores them all because he thinks he is always right. After all, everyone who liked him leaves him. Also, his parents constantly began to interfere to raise him who was talented. Things are getting worse. - The black leopard is embarrassed in this situation. He was clearly of the same build as the former dragon, but he was totally different from when everyone liked the dragon. In a situation full of stress and worry, suddenly the black leopard wondered what the dragon was doing now. He is very surprised to find the dragon. Despite being in the same situation as former black leopard, Dragon was doing well with other students, unlike him. It was much brighter than ever! - The black leopard, who was confused by this, is getting more and more mentally weak. He is pessimistic about his situation, which is only getting worse. From where is something wrong? In the end, the black leopard once again envies the dragon, who stays in peace. Then the dragon appears in front of the black leopard and asks, "How does it feel to be in my place?" When the black leopard is surprised, the dragon answers that "I had already noticed but left it on purpose." He tells the black leopard that he thought this was the only way to convince you. - Soon the black leopard replies that he didn't want to do this. Then the dragon asks, "Do you want to go back to the original?" If he choose to get back to normal, everything that's happening now will be gone, but he has to give up his muscles and strength. If he doesn't want to go back, he can live with a strong body and strength. However, he has to suffer from a situation that will continue to deteriorate like a thread that cannot be solved. Eventually, the black leopard chooses to go back to its original form. Then the dragon breaks his spell easily. - A week goes on again. Having fully recovered original form, they return to their original position. Dragon became the school's representative student again, and the black leopard became an ordinary student again. The difference is that the dragon taught black leopards to study and exercise and helped him get along with other students. In particular, he was the best workout partner for a black leopard. They became best friends! END!
  4. hulk457

    furry moonshine

    there was a time and place where all the mythical creatures set war at our world. the question is " what kind of creature will save the day,life,and independense". the answer is " at the fullmoon the creature that we fear is actualy helping us, the one that we called half man half wolf". werewolf's are known as human eater's,now they have change. they actually help us like they were human again. there leader is the most generous wolf that we ever seen his name is lucario de fario. he was strong, kind, and sometimes the lady's think that he is hot by saying " i think he is a handsome for a werewolf" then he talk to the lady's and said " thank you for your honesty , surely i hope all of you will have a beutiful future". well for me thank's for one of the werewolf that accidently bite my arm because he think's i was the a living ghost. so i live my live as a werewolf now, because of that i change my name to mitropolos. i guess it's cool because it has the name of a zodiac called mitropholos. then when lucario see me building up my body he said " when i am no longer here you must take my place as the leader". after exercising i been thinking about his ofer i was like " why did he tell me this anyway?" then i went to bed and sleep. when i was sleeping somebody just pat my me in the head and said " you are so cute when you sleeping". then i instanly wake up to see who is the one did the pading and talking when i was a sleep , it was a litte girl smilling at me . when i look into the mirror i see my self as a werewolf but still me. then i ask her " what is your name little girl?", she said "my name is lucy". after she tell me her name i answered back " my name is mitropolos, what are you doing here little lucy" she said " i am trying to find some food , but when i saw you i want to pat your head because you look like a little pup sleeping" that actualy make me laugh, i say to this little homeless girl " you want to stay at my place to night?" the she said " i would love to !" chapter 2 love & war in the daylight, at my place lucy is still sleeping in my single cozy bed " so at the end i have to sleep at the sofa". but thats okey because i acctualy to love lucy as a kid of my own, infact we almost like all of the same stuff espesialy choclate
  5. Muscle Mice from Mars by Mr. Mouse The following story is a work of fiction written with no intention of deriving profit from it except for adding to the spank bank. All characters are copyright their respective characters in the Biker Mice from Mars universe and this story was written as an erotic parody. It should also be said that this is not a part of the BUST Club series and just takes place in the Biker Mice from Mars universe separate from anything that might go down in the BUST Club's Multi-Toon Universe. It was late at night and all the Biker Mice had been sleeping over at the Last Chance Garage in their stay-over cots. At least they were... As Vinnie stirred from his bed he wandered over to the fridge for a late night snack and then found himself unconscious on the floor with no explanation. The next thing the white-furred biker mouse knew he was strapped to a metal table. There were massive metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles that held him to the lab table with his arms straight out spread eagle. His tail had been bound down to keep him from doing anything untoward with it. He looked down over his bulging pecs to see he was still clothed in what he had worn to the fridge: Just a pair of blue pajama bottoms and a pair of pink bunny slippers. “Alright. Who's bright idea was it to try and kidnap the baddest motorcycle mamma jamma in the universe?” asked Vinnie as he struggled against his restraints. The huge muscles flexed over the seven foot tall biker mouse's frame but the three inch thick cuffs didn't budge an inch. The table shifted so that the mouse was rotated to a stand-up position with his arms still straight out to his sides. He had a feeling he should have worn his lucky neckercheif to bed that night but it was too late to worry about that now. He had bigger problems... much bigger. Strapped to a table just like his, but bigger, was a ten foot tall, blue scaled, muscular, dragon-like monster named Gorgonzola. He recognized the big blue naked monstrosity but noticed that his massive genitalia were no longer hidden but rather that his very human like and massive cock and balls were out on display at the given moment. “You know, Limburger, I agreed to give you this genetic sample willingly for moolah. I don't see hows all this is necessary,” said the blue-scaled monster of a man. Laurence Limburger then stepped out from the shadows as Carbuncle, his personal mad scientist followed with a massive milking machine tube over his shoulder. The Plutarkian smiled, “Necessity? Perhaps not. However, after our last few encounters I find that such precautions do provide a better peace of mind, as it were.” Carbuncle walked up with the massive tube on a hose and cleared his throat, “Ahem... for the er um... extraction... I will need your phallus to be erect.” “Sure thing bub,” said Gorgonzola. On command his massive foot long soft cock started to grow till it was a three foot long iron rod of destruction that pointed straight out from his groin. His massive balls swelled in anticipation while his giant dick leaked copious amounts of precum. The mad scientist placed the tube over the first half of the blue-scaled beast's cock and it immediately started to suck. Gorgonzola curled his toes and flexed his muscles. The restraints strained but held, “Oh yeah. This is the best cool million I ever did make.” Vinnie watched in awe at the massive cock that put his foot long hot dog to shame. Speaking of it had started to get harder in his very revealing pajama bottoms. The white-furred biker mouse blushed but then shook his head, “Hey! What's the big deal here? You kidnap me in the middle of the night for some freaky deaky sex show, fish face?” It didn't take long for Gorgonzola to erupt, flooding the tubes with a deluge of white juice fresh from the tap. While he was busy cumming, Limburger answered the mouse, “On the contrary my mouthy mouse nemesis. You see your being here is just coincidental to our plans. Some of our goons were breaking into the last chance garage to steal when the caught you off guard. They knocked you out and got out without notice apparently. It will be morning before the other mice notice and by then it will be too late for you will be a deceased member of the control group.” “Control group?” asked Vinnie, “Using mice in a medical trial, eh? How original.” “Not medical per say,” said Limburger, “You see as my associate here provides us with his copious volumes of seed, Carbuncle is extracting the essence that allows him to vastly increase his size and strength exponentially.” Carbuncle was busy working away at a computer console, “Speaking of which my most odious of leaders. I have isolated that component and am extracting it now.” A vial of glowing blue liquid started to fill next to the computer console as the monster finally finished cumming what must have been a thousand gallons of seed which had filled the containment tank to the bursting point. “Whew. Glad I held back a bit or your little container might have got destroyed by my load there. Good to know I still got it.” “And now that you have the money has been wired to your off planet accounts.” said Limburger. “So you're gonna give me his super strength increasing mojo? I mean... that sounds like a bad idea,” said Vinnie, “Not that I want you to stop but still...” Linburger chuckled, “Oh my dear biker mouse, no. I will be giving it to Greasepit who will then proceed to demonstrate his increased strength by ripping you in half with his bare hands.” “I gotta say I like that plan a lot less,” said Vinnie as he felt his boner subside completely. “Duh I gots ta say I kinda like the idea mousie,” said Greasepit as he walked out of the shadows to join Carbuncle and Limburger, “What do ya want me ta do now, boss?” “If you would be so kind dear Greasepit, take that vial injector and inject yourself with the serum please,” said Limburger, “Then after you get your new strength, tear that dear biker mouse apart.” “Duh you got it boss,” said Greasepit as he made his way over to the large injector vial filled with glowing blue liquid. He grabbed it but it slipped a little in his greasy hands. “I know I'm not part of this project any more but I gotta say that something seems off with your plan, big cheese,” said Gorgonzola, “Trusting that grease-handed goon with anything seems like a big step backwards in any plan.” “You're right you aren't a part of this project any more,” said Limburger as he pressed a button on their transport chamber and zapped the blue monster away, “And Greasepit may be many things but his loyalty is absolute.” “Duh you got dat right boss,” said Greasepit. He gave a salute to the Plutarkian but in doing so he slipped in some of Gorgonzola's excess precum and slid across the floor like he was on an ice slick. He tripped, stumbled and tossed the injector vial through the air. It landed in the worst place possible... Right into Vinnie's flexing bicep. The cylinder automatically injected it's contents in the blink of an eye then dropped to the floor and broke. Vinnie didn't know what to make of it. Had the crack pot scientist's vial really given him some kind of super strength? Only one way to find out. Tune in next time for all the sexy mouse parts! Just kidding. You can clearly see there is more story to scroll through. There was a tingling sensation throughout the mouse's body and soon he glowed with a bright blue light but then returned to normal. He flexed his muscles and felt different now. He felt powerful before with his increased martian strength but this was far and away much better. Real power. His muscles flexed, bulged and swelled bigger on his frame till he went from a professional body builder's build to something beyond when his muscle groups all doubled in size. He grunted as he looked down and could no longer see his feet over his top shelf pecs. He didn't know it but his five inch soft member went to a nine inch soft member that was thick as a beer can when totally unerect. His height remained the same glorious seven feet as before but his hands and feet swelled to keep up with his power packed body. Were he wearing his gloves the meaty hands would have torn free and his massive feet made short work of the bunny slippers as they ripped out. His legs packed muscle upon muscle that threatened to rip out of his now super tight pajama bottoms. “Whoa! Talk about a pick me up! That's more like a pick me up up and away,” smiled Vinnie, “Now it's time to show just what these bad boy mamma jamma muscles can really do!” He gave a flex and his restraints ripped from the table on both his wrists and ankles. That flex shredded his pajama bottoms and left him in a pajama cloth thong that bulged so obscenely with his massive package it could hardly be said to have kept him decent. Vinnie hopped down and noticed that the cuffs stayed on. Limburger chuckled, “Those cuffs are Monstrellian Steel, made to fit whoever they are upon no matter what size or shape they take so good luck getting out of those.” The powerful mouse looked at the cuffs then at his reflection in the shiny metal table he tore free from. He gave a few flexes and poses then kissed his bicep, “Who needs to get out of them? I think they go well with these,” Vinnie gave a mammoth flex and then said, “Now I know I had a bodacious bod before but this is ridiculous. Mouse babe extraordinaire is gonna tail whip this place to nothing... but first how about I add a little size the way that big blue meanie used to?” Vinnie put his thumb in his mouth and started to blow. He didn't gain much in the way of height but as he did his muscles gained size and mass, the stone floor cracked under the weight of his massive feet as the several tons of biker mouse exploded in muscular girth. He caught his reflection and looked to Carbuncle who was scanning him with some kind of device, “Yo! Science man. What gives with the gains?” “It a-a-a-a-appears that the serum vastly increases both mass, strength, and muscular density with every blow to the equivalent of what Gorgonzola did but with the subject remaining a more manageable height,” said Carbuncle. He put his fingers to work at the controls and started to convert the remaining monster semen into the muscle serum. The much more muscular mouse pivoted on his feet innocent like as he watched the scientist work. Two more vials filled and only just as the monster semen was deplenished, “Whatcha think you're doin there, sweetheart?” “We're making more serum and you are going to die!” said Limburger as he pulled a machine gun out from behind him. He unloaded on the massive mouse and at first Vinnie put up his arms, only to find he was bullet proof. The mouse chuckled and thrust his chest forward then started to walk towards the Plutarkian. Limburger panicked as the footfalls shook the ground and cracked the floor under the biker mouse's muscle weight. Vinnie blew into his thumb more and his muscles swelled even larger still. The remnants of his pajama thong fluttered to the ground as his now foot and a half long soft cock with massive balls ripped free. Limburger saw this as a point of vulnerability and fired his tommy gun at that massive package but the bullets bounced off it all the same. However, it did start to arouse the tremendous mouse. His height reached eight feet tall as the plutarkian stopped firing then said, “Uhmmmm heh. Look my good Mr. Van Wham perhaps I was a bit brazen in trying to fire a gun at you like that but can't we simply talk this out?” Vinnie kept walking up as the Plutarkian backed up, “There is a time for talk and a time for action... and speaking of action...” he looked down at the three foot long colossal pillar of mouse flesh that jut forth from his crotch as a monument of mouse cock, “I might need to get some action to get this baby to go back to sleep.” “Duh I'll give ya a little action biker mousey!” Greasepit shouted as he ran up to Vinnie. Vinnie stopped and held up a hand as the massive and greasy muscle man charged him. He flicked the man with his pointer finger to the chest and knocked him through several walls at incredible speed in the process, “Whoops! Heheh guess I don't know my own strength.” “Carbunkle! Do something!” Limburger shouted as he ran for the elevators. His scientist rushed to the elevator as well and the pair got stuck in the door side by side. The massive mouse looked over the pair then to the machine that could make more muscle juice. He saw the two vials then walked over, shattering stone under his powerful bare feet. He took the two vials that remained and held them gently in one hand while with his other hand he brought down a fist on the machine. That downward punch sent the machine through the floor, and several floors down, causing it to explode. The building shook but held together. “I don't think I'll ever get tired of that,” Vinnie said with a playful bouncing of his gargantuan pecs. The mouse watched as Carbuncle and Limburger made their escape in the elevator up and he shrugged, “Looks like it's time to blow this popsicle stand,” He walked up to a wall and then through it like it were made of tissue paper. He did this several times over until he found the wall that lead to outside. He looked down and was apparently on the 50th story of the 100 story tall building that was Limburger Tower. He grinned and hopped out casually, cratering the floor even with that small gesture. Vinnie relished the feeling of the air blowing over his massive naked body, clothed only by the metal cuffs that Limburger was so kind as to provide. He hit the ground with a crash that cratered out from his eight foot hyper muscled frame it flipped over several vacant and nearby cars and left him standing in a literal crater in the street fifty feet across and twenty feet deep. He set down the vials of muscle formula and carefully covered them with rubble for protection, “Be right back my little beauties.” The tremendous, naked, bulging, fully erect mouse climbed from the crater of his own making and then walked up to Limburger Tower while stroking his throbbing three foot pillar of mouse cock., “Time to rock Limburger's world in a way he never thought possible.” Vinnie blew into his thumb and kept blowing, swelling bigger and bigger, his muscle grown larger and stronger, more density added with each blow. His cock engorged till it was five feet long with beach balls for testes that swung behind impossibly muscled legs on his now nine foot muscled mouse frame, “Oh ho ho yeah! Let's do this!” The mouse went up to the side wall of the tower and thrust his invincible column of mouse cock into the side. He gave a powerful flex then lifted the entire building off it's foundation by his cock strength alone. “Oh baby where have you been all my life?” The biker mouse dug his beefy fingers into the wall of that building and held it up with ease as he started thrusting in and out of the building, quaking the few left inside and even the ground around him. His feet sank down up to the knees but the Plutarkians had replaced the building so often that they made the foundation he stood upon quite impervious to most damage, hence why he didn't sink into the ground instead of lifting off the building. The mouse neither knew about that nor cared as his precum exploded out with the strength of a dozen broken fire hydrants as he pained the lobby and started to fill the first floor up. Feeling the fluids splash and the building's stone mash against powerful dick drove Vinnie wild. It wasn't long before his balls began to swell and the ground trembled with the force he was about to unleash. Vinnie moaned, “Three...” then thrust again and groaned, “Two,” then pounded his hips to the building again, “One” and it was just one final thrust when his cock swelled and he felt the seed jet down it saying, “Blast off!” His massive cock exploded with millions of times the potency it should have been able to were he a normal martian mouse which would have only been a few dozen times more than the normal human but now he unleashed a torrent of white hot cum from his titanic cock that exploded up through the floors of that hundred story building as he filled it. His eruption filled all one hundred floors of that building with cum spurting from every window and exit door before the mouse let go and his second shot rocketed the building off like a literal rocket into orbit. He held his cock and kept spurting a rain of cum that drizzled down over Chi Town for a good twenty minutes. Better than the normal acid rain most would say. His muscles deflated to how he looked shortly after his initial injection which still left him far stronger than ever before by several dozen times. However, he was still naked except for the metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He walked up to the cars he'd accidentally flipped on his descent from the tower then flipped them back casually. The hood popped off of the last one and he took it in hand then looked to his nakedness and his foot long flaccid cock. He blushed a bit then stepped on the middle of the hood then pulled it up around him, ripping out the middle and then folded it down over his legs and his swinging junk to make a makeshift metal kilt for his own decency. The mouse went back to where he stashed the muscle serums and recovered them then started the walk back home as the sun started to rise on Chicago, “Man my bros are gonna love getting huge like me. But we're gonna need Charlie to help modify the bikes for a little added weight... among other endowments. I wonder how I'll find pants now... or boots... oh well...” Vinnie chuckled to himself as he playfully flexed his new found super muscles the whole walk home.
  6. Wild 8lue Yonder Part One: The Plot Thickens... Among Other Things... Ehlder is a creation of Mr. Mouse, all other primary and secondary characters along with the contents of the Universe of 8lue are creations of the ever wonderful Zhu. All other story elements and characters are original creations either by Mr. Mouse or Zhu. All participants in any sexual or erotic activities are over the age of eighteen and are willing participants. Any resemblance to any characters living, dead, living dead, ever living, undead, deadbeat or otherwise is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Please enjoy this collaborative work of fiction which has no basis on real events either through experience or heresay. Now without further delay... on with the show! The Universe is vast, beyond what most can comprehend, but the Multiverse is even moreso. This particular story takes place in one particular Universe, in a near endless Multiverse, and that Universe was classified as 8lue, though we would pronounce it as Blue. The story we are about to embark upon is one from a world that had similarities to our own but there were a few major differences. Within that universe, encircling a Blue Wolf-Rayet star, was the Earth-like world of Magnasia. Magnasia was a crossroads of sorts. A hub with traffic from other worlds across the Multiverse. There were mixtures of technology, magic, and people of every shape and size who came to that world and most of them got along peaceably. This particular world in the Universe of 8lue was one of magic. Magic was commonplace on Magnasia as cell phones were on Earth. It was used by a vast number of people for a vast number of things, but in the peaceful village of Canavar was one where the population consisted entirely of anthopomorphic animals. Canavar had a vast mixture of cultures spread throughout. The streets were a well-paved blacktop while the buildings appeared like a mixture of Chinese and Spanish origins with a hint of Art Deco and Dieselpunk thrown in for good measure. A rustic mix of red and cyan with a slight tropical feel. Some of the town was modernized and other parts were still running off the old clockwork tech of an age gone past. The buildings ranged from single story to some of as many as six stories in height, but most of the taller buildings were apartments. The people who walked the streets had a wide variety of outfits from all walks of life but this story focuses on one particular person in Canavar, his best friend, and the adventure that their lives were about to be thrust into by a falling mystery. Fehlix Morosov Orel, known as Fehl by everyone he encountered, was of a race unique to his part of the world called a cetacoon. The best way to describe his race would be to say it was a humanoid mix of bear, raccoon, and housecat. For the most part the lithe swimmers build of Fehl was covered in a gray fur, however he was accented with bangs off his semi-short white headfur that trailed down his sideburns, which whafted out sharply, as they met with the short-trimmed white beard that really framed his face in an almost diamondesque shape. That fur pattern combined with his white eyebrows and the white fur atop his nose truly accented his look with a haunting beauty that drew you in to his with his startlingly emerald and teal eyes. He had a nice feline bone structure to his face with his ears being an even mix of cat and raccoon. Sometimes spent a good hour just grooming his head fur to make sure it was pristine. That's not to say that he didn't have some interesting fur patterns further down. As stated before, the majority of his body was covered in a short gray fur, however, from his crotch, right up the middle of his torso, splitting into a Y shape at his pecs, there was white fur which reached out from his pecs to his shoulder's edges and tufted off for a much longer fur that protruded off his toned shoulders. From his large feet up to his knees his fur was white, as well as from the tips of his fingers up to his elbows. On his knees and elbows there were tufts of longer white fur that jutted out to give him a more stylized appearance overall. His mostly feline tail was more like that of a lion's which tufted in a sprig of gray and white fur. His pink nipples showed bare on his chest when he went shirtless but the part he loved most about his chest, other than the bulging, tight, musculature... was the thick tuft of white fur dead center. Overall he was five feet nine inches of drop dead gorgeous with a fur pattern unlike any other cetacoon he knew of. Fehl went down the streets of the city that fateful day, but wasn't naked. He wore black sandals that led into black wraps that went up his calves and led to the buccaneer's pants that covered his lower half. The blue pants were held aloft by a thick, black, cloth belt. He had round, thick, solid silver anklets on both ankles that were covered in blue runes and had similar silver bangles on both wrists. On his biceps he wore open ended silver rings that were pressed into place and held on by his lithe musculature. Around his neck he wore a long, flowing, black scarf... but then there was the favorite part of his outfit. Fehl had only just purchased it the other day and was on his way to show off to his best friend before they headed off for practice. He didn't want to cover too much of his torso and so he wore an under-sized, blue, crushed velvet vest that kept him decent and went shockingly well with his overall aesthetic. He glided down the street on an aeth-board which resembled a skateboard except it was made of stone and hand silver runes embedded in the rock. It hovered above the ground with a blue light from below like some kind of hoverboard. This particular cetacoon was one of the only people who could ride such a vehicle as only matter casters could control it. It was that particular magical discipline that let him glide effortlessly over the blacktop streets. Fehl finally came to his friend's apartment building so he kicked up the board and caught it. He pushed the buzzer for apartment 616 and spoke into the voice box, “Hey man, I'm here.” A deeper voice came back across the intercom, “Mmph... come on up, Fehl. I'm almost ready...” He heard a buzz and then opened the apartment door. He got into the lobby and saw an out of order sign hanging from the elevator, “Awww maaaaan...” he grunted then headed for the stairs. Despite his long trek up the steps he was still very excited to see his friend Vet. Vet was another anthropomorphic being, about an inch shorter than Fehl, only rather than being a cetacoon he was a creature known on Magnasia as a human being. Suffice it to say he was not as built as his cetacoon best friend but he was very skilled with his magics. Humans, while not native to that world, weren't uncommon necessarily and Vet was a human of the caucasian variety, with brown, semi-short, wavy hair that occasionally had a red sheen to it. The half Russian half Spaniard man often dressed either in a tribal manner or in shorts, an open bowling shirt, and flip flop sandals. Today Fehl found he really wasn't ready yet as he finally marched up the stairs to the sixth floor, getting a little sweatier and a little muskier on his march up the flights. He knocked on the door of his friend's apartment and heard the voice come from within, “I'll be there... mmmm in a minute... still getting ready!” Fehl waited a short while but then tried the doorknob. It was unlocked and so he walked in the small apartment only to see Vet, naked from the waist down and double handed stroking his thick, two and a half foot long, erection furiously, “No wait! Shit! Can't stop!” And then it happened. Fehl felt the wet spurts across his chest. He watched, practically in slow motion as his friend came on him from across the room. It was almost comedic how many spurts happened as he stood in the door way. He stood there in awe as it just kept happening for over a minute. Cum splashed on his chest, face, scarf, and on that brand new crushed velvet vest. “Ah dang it, Vet!” cried out the cetacoon as he looked at the mess. Vet panted, “I couldn't stop it...” Fehl slammed the door and ran off to the bathroom, “So you just jizz all over the friggin room?” Vet pulled a pair of shorts from behind the couch and slipped them on before following Fehl into the bathroom. He watched as the cetacoon was already out of his vest and scarf, splashing up water to wash the cum from his chest and face. Then he started scrubbing it out of his scarf and once it seemed out he looked to his vest but only just rinsed it a little before he saw the tag on the inside which read the ever infuriating: Dry Clean Only. “The new vest looks really cool though,” said Vet. Fehl held it up and said, “Congrats, you get to pay for it's dry cleaning bill. So that's where we're going now before magic practice.” Vet nodded and suddenly the clean shaven man suddenly became hirsute. A full beard and mustache formed on his face while his chest, belly, arms and legs grew a thick luscious coat of hair. He looked himself over and then got wide eyed as he stared at Fehl, “There's a breech about to happen in town somewhere.” “Can you tell where?” asked Fehl. Vet threw up his hands, “I just get this fresh coating when the dimensional breeches come through near by. My hair isn't a compass, just a warning.” That's when they saw a flash up in the sky just outside Vet's balcony window. They slid open the glass door and ran outside. Another flash came from the sky above, about a mile up. A purple flash with a resounding boom. That's when they saw a man pop in way up there. They heard him screaming as he plummeted towards the ground from a mile in the sky. “Dear lord, that guy did not know what he was doing,” said Vet. Fehl tossed his vest to the man and then put his scarf back on and Vet continued, “He should have gone in at one of the regular jump points... what are you doing?” The cetacoon stepped over the balcony edge and held out his aeth-board, “I'm going to save whoever that is, plummeting towards the ground.” “Those boards aren't meant to fly. They hover. You don't see matter casters zipping through the skies on aeth-boards all over the place,” said Vet. “I've got to try,” said Fehl as he stepped on the board and leaped off. His board remained at the height of the sixth floor, not falling to the earth. He shielded his eyes and saw the man that bright day, still screaming and falling, clutching a top hat to his head... and then Fehl was off. He focused his magic power to the board and soared up into the sky. The falling screamer was spinning end over end like some kind of firework while Fehl rose towards him at incredible speed. He focused trying to slow his impact and meet him half way between the sky and ground. He could see whoever it was wore a tan frock coat with rolled up sleeves, and matching pants, over a tweed sweater vest of green and gray. A turquoise scarf fluttered in the breeze but the man with a tail clutched a tall top hat to head head and prevented the rescuer from getting any kind of good look at his face. A face he met all too soon as the pair collided in the air. Fehl slowed his approach and started a fall himself to try and keep the man from slamming him too hard but collide they did and in the process Fehl grabbed the faller upside down and clung to him. He started into a freefall spin but thanks to his powers of matter control he was able to keep the board attached to his sandals and slowed the spin and fall. By the time the spinning stopped and Fehl was upright again. The ground was far closer than he would have liked. The cetacoon gripped the man tight and focused all his power down to his feet, the descent slowed as they started to zip past the roof of the six story apartment building from where he launched. Still they fell but not slow enough. They came down towards the roof of a single story restaurant next to the apartments when Fehl's green eyes lit up and he closed them. The roof of the restaurant changed just a moment before impact. It became like foam rubber and softened the impact to the point where the pair felt as though they had landed on a comforting cloud. They bounced back up ten feet and then landed on quite the regular roof with a mutual oof. Fehl let go of the man and he scrambled up to his feet, stumbling a bit as he dropped the top hat and the cetacoon saw that he had rescued a mouse man with light fur on his face but with ebony head fur, arm fur, and with a fantastic beard as well as a thick handlebar moustache. The mouse stumbled, his tail whipping about this way and that, then he locked eyes with Fehl, who finally saw that they had the exact same teal and emerald green eyes. The mouse only said, “I say...” just before he passed out. Fehl looked closer at the rodent man to see that his headfur, pulled back into a ponytail on the back of his head, had twinges of red to it he hadn't noticed before, while the rest of his ebony fur seemed to have a slight blue twinge. There was something strange about the mouse but he couldn't put a finger on it. He heard a whoo come from above and saw Vet celebrating and pointing down at the pair with lots of thumbs up being shot their way. It took a while but Fehl did manage to get that mouse off the roof. The day they'd planned was absorbed into getting the mouse from the street, up six flights of stairs, and then onto the couch that Vet had sprayed down Fehl from just earlier that day. The mouse was laid back on the couch with his top hat set on top of his chest. Fehl sat down next to him while Vet sat at a chair on the opposite side of the mouse. The cetacoon exhaled a bit exhausted, “Think I got my magical practice in for the day what with the flying and the transubstantiated roof top.” “How did you do that by the way? I didn't know you could do stuff like that yet,” said Vet. “You and me both,” said Fehl, “It was like a reflex. I drew from a power I didn't know I had but it saved us.” Vet looked to the mouse and poked at him a bit. The mouse stirred but remained passed out, “Any idea of who this is?” Fehl shrugged, “He didn't say anything except: AAAAAhhhhhhh, so no I don't know who he is.” “Ehldridge Ogden Langston the 3rd,” said the mouse in a transatlantic accent with his eyes closed still, “But my friends call me Ehlder.” The mouse opened his eyes and sat up Fehl smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, “Welcome back to the land of the living.” The mouse seemed that he would have stood at the same height as Fehl and had a similar build too as his lithe muscles bulged under his clothing when he reached up to rub the back of his head in embarrassment, “Sorry about that, chaps. Side effects of being a traveler as I am. It really takes the wind out of your sails after a successful jump. Have to admit my aim was off by a bit but I'm glad you were there to help with that landing bit.” “I tend to find it's better to remain close the ground unless you know how to fly,” said Fehl. “You seemed pretty good at it,” said Ehlder, “I say, it just occurs to me that I don't know either of your names, I don't know where I am, and I also don't know how the bearded human plays into any of this.” The bearded human raised his hand, “I'm Veter Wind but I just go by Vet. We brought you to my apartment after the crash landing.” “And my name is Fehlix Morosov Orel, but you can call me Fehl,” the cetacoon offered a hand to shake and was very happy the mouse accepted. He found the handshake somewhat electric and very firm, “Vet is a good friend of mine I was visiting. We were about to head to a dry cleaner when you popped up. I was the one who caught you up there. You are in the city of Canavar, on the isle of Sharzhvum, on the world of Magnasia, in Universe designation 8lue... with an eight.” Ehlder twirled the end of his handlebar mustache between thumb and forefinger as he nodded along with the information, “It is a pleasure to meet the both of you. Pardon me a mere moment, chaps,” he reached into a pocket and pulled out what appeared to be an old scroll but as he unrolled it on his lap it appeared to have a computer screen on it's page. There were several circles and lines that shifted around the page along with a runic language that neither of the Magnasians recognized. He snapped the scroll closed as he said, “This universe has the correct vibrational frequency I was looking for. You see long ago I received a communication from across the multiverse that led me here. I hopped around from place to place in search of the signal's origin and by jove I think I've found the place, ol' chaps.” “We carried you some ways from that rooftop,” began Vet, “I didn't see any kind of transport device in any of that time, or even now for that matter.” Ehlder smiled and pointed to his belt. It was a gold belt with many moving clockwork parts. Some behind crystalline glass, while a few were out in the open with toggles and switches. There was a small black and green display screen on the belt buckle. A tap of a button and the screen popped out on a mechanical arm in front of him and then expanded with a digital read out, “This is my transit-belt, chaps. A device of my own invention. Though due to my last landing it would appear that it's calibration is off somehow.” The mouse flicked the screen as he read out the display. The belt sparked on his waist and began to crackle. Fehl scooched back, “Um... is it supposed to do that?” Ehlder shook his head and looked concerned to the cetacoon, “Most assuredly not. I think that landing didn't do the belt any favors, Mr. Orel...” A small gold disk fired from one of the compartments on the belt and landed on the back of Fehls palm, eliciting an Ouch from the cetacoon as the belt spoke in a monotone voice, “Secondary transport subject secured. Initializing jump in ten... nine... eight...” “What is it doing now?” asked Fehl, “Also call me Fehl, not Mr. Orel.” Ehlder gritted his teeth, “Hold on then Fehl, we're going somewhere...” “Three... two... one...” said the belt. Then in a flash of purple light the two had vanished. Vet was left alone in his apartment, twice as hirsute as he was before. The very hairy human looked himself over then sighed, “What the hell was that?” Elsewhere on Magnasia, in the megacity of Dehnavra, there was a fifty story tall high tech office building. On the thirty ninth floor there was a studio where a photo shoot was in progress. The model in that shoot was an incredibly buff lion man who had a glorious mane that framed his face perfectly. He was wearing a pair of tight, black, athletic swimming trunks and an open, white, button up, tee shirt that was being blown by a wind machine. He did a number of poses as the photographer snapped a few final pictures. “Beautiful Mr. Lunardi! Simply beautiful darling!” said the photographer as he finished up. They turned off the wind machine and the six foot five inch tall, very muscular, very handsome model was tossed a bottle of water, “That's a wrap on today's session people. Good jobs!” The lion adjusted his prodigious, constrained, two foot long, soft bulge under the trunks and looked off set to a smaller canine man who was dressed in a tight suit with sand shoes. The canine walked up to the lion and said, “You did great today Fahr.” “You really think so Kahl?” smiled the lion, “I hope they choose one of my pics for the advertisement.” “Are you kidding? With a bod like that? How could they ever even consider anyone else?” smiled the canine man. The lion chuckled and felt his hair stand on end just a moment before there was a flash of purple light and suddenly there was a mouse and cetacoon standing between him and his friend. They stumbled about as Fehl said, “What the hell just happened?” “Lucky us,” said Ehlder, “We're still in the same dimension. That one felt like a teleport.” “What the devil was that?” asked Fahr the lion model, “Who are you two?” Before anyone could answer his question, the belt fired off another disk which landed on the lion's abs. He winced in pain as the belt said, “Tertiary transport subject secured. Beginning jump in ten... nine... eight...” “Whoa whoa whoa...” said the lion, “Jump? What does that mean? What are you doing? Get this thing off!” “Sorry chap... hold on to something...” said Ehlder. “Three... two... one...” and in a flash the trio were gone. Kahl the canine looked surprised as the water bottle that Fahr was holding hit the ground. His friend and the strangers were gone as quickly as they had appeared. He ran to a phone and dialed it up quick, “Hello, security? I think I just witnessed a kidnapping! Get someone up here fast!” Security was on the spot in no time but there was no trace of the trio of strangers as they crossed through space to another destination on the planet Magnasia. In a dimly lit basement apartment, two friends had just finished blazing up good. They were flying high as a kite and kicking back to relax for their night in. Both were dressed only in heftily packed thong underwear and silk bath robes draped over their frames as they laid back totally couch locked. “My dealer's new strain is a little heavy on the body high. What do you think, Gehn?” asked a rather buff anthropomorphic bear man. Were he standing he would have been a good six feet in height with blue fur over most of his body. He had gray fur atop his head and across his muzzle, gray fur over his abs and chest that led around his neck like a collar, and gray fur atop his feet as well as stripes of it just below his knees and elbows. He barely managed to reach up to scratch his hand over his chiseled abs when he looked to his friend. “I think I smoked too much, Hymn,” said the more draconic-looking Gehn back to his bear friend. He chuckled and said, “I forgot what you just asked.” While Hymn the bear was an impressive sight to behold, Gehn, while not quite as buff, was taller, he stood eight feet three inches tall but some of that was thanks to his very long neck. He was six foot three inches tall up to the shoulders but his neck set the top of his horned, draconic head a good two feet above the shoulder line. He was a forest green eastern dragon with a paler green underbelly that went up his neck right to his maw. He had alabaster horns atop his head that reminded many of antelope horns, cute ears that jutted straight out to the sides from under them, and long brown headfur that he kept combed back and went all the way down to his shoulders. He had brown eyebrows and a manicured brown goatee on his chin that really accented his longer snout. When he smiled you could see his lower incisors protrude a bit. That's not to mention that his huge package would have measured eighteen inches, down to his knees, just in it's soft state. On his opposite side he had brown hair atop his thick draconic tail. On his chest, forearms, calves, tops of his feet, and tops of his hands, he had thick brown fur as well. Most of his body was not at all concealed by his open robe as Hymn managed to get to his feet. The huge bear listened as a sensual song began to play from the play list that had been going in the background. He started to do a sexy dance, teasing the draconic man with shifting about in his silk robe, using expert thrusts and gyrations. Though couch locked, the dragon smiled and felt his massive member begin to stir. “You know I could really use a hot, huge, cock in my face right now, big bear,” smiled the draconic man as he eyed the thong that barely concealed Hymn's sixteen inches of soft tubular bear flesh. That's when there was a sudden purple flash of light. A huge, nearly naked lion filled his view, tripped over the small table in front of him, and fell atop the dragon face first. The lion braced himself against the wall behind the dragon but that meant that his huge, swimsuit covered, bulge thrust and pressed right into the dragon's face. The lion pushed off, “Whoops! Sorry. I um.. I don't know what to say or where I am even. Sorry.” Fehl was busy laying atop the bear, who he tripped into on re-entry, “None of us know where we are!” The dragon grinned widely and looked up at the lion, then to the huge bulge that was just jammed into his face and he said, “I could really use millions of sol coins right now.” “What?” asked the lion to the dragon, “Someone please tell me what just happened?” “Dude is this like... really happening right now?” asked Gehn. “What was in that weed, man?” asked Hymn. Ehlder stumbled out of the bedroom into the parlor and was clenching fistfulls of thongs as he shouted, “Good! I was able to find some undergarments! We are going to need those. How many of you have ever traveled by aether-wave before? What do you know of the side effects?” “Who are you guys?” asked the lion to Fehl. “I'm not doing this,” said Fehl. He pointed to the mustached mouse, “This is all on Ehlder. I don't know what his crazy belt is doing.” “Who or what is Ehlder?” asked Fahr the lion, “For that matter what do belts have to do with anything?” As if on cue the belt shot a disk onto Gehn's leg with a small ouch then another disk to Hymn that landed right on his chest. The bear clenched his chest in pain, “Ow my freakin' nipple! What the hell is this? Like a kinky alien invasion or something?” “If only it were so simple...” said Ehlder. The belt then said, “Quaternary and quinary transport subjects secured. Beginning jump in ten... nine... eight...” “Hold on everyone,” said Ehlder as he adjusted a few settings on his belt, “I think I fixed the issue.” “So we're not going to jump this time?” asked Fehl. “Oh, no. We're going to jump but we're going to stop after this up and coming one,” said Ehlder. “Dude, how high did we get? Asked the dragon. “Jump?” asked the bear just before everyone vanished from his apartment in a flash of purple light. The final jump coordinates were set just in time to give the landing party of mostly strangers a bit of privacy as Ehlder knew what was going to happen next. They remained in 8lue and even still on planet Magnasia. The landing was set for a ghost town, long abandoned and in the middle of the Baitang forest. It was a very secluded, small town surrounded by a beautiful forest canopy. The group appeared in the town square by a fountain that no longer flowed. A flash of purple light brought the five accidental travelers to land on the cobblestone streets that were a mere few hundred miles across the sea from Fehl's home town. Another island that dotted along but had all but been deserted by modern civilizations. Everyone collapsed exhausted, all except for Ehlder who moved with a purpose. He tossed down the thongs and removed his belt and frock coat, he put the belt in the frock coat along with the thongs and then wrapped them up nice and neat. He tied the bundle to a low hanging tree branch then made it back to the group as they regained their compsure. The lion grabbed the mouse by the shoulders and said, “You! Answers! Now!” The mouse took a deep breath and looked to the group saying, “My name is Ehldridge Ogden Langston the 3rd but I would prefer it if you called me Ehlder. I am a traveler from another dimension who came to the 8lue universe in search of this world. There is something bad making it's way through the multiverse. Something that brought great destruction to my homeworld of Luchag. This world holds a magic and power that is the key to stopping that horrid thing... RRRrrrgh... however. There is not much time to go into that now. Looking for special people and... Rrrrgh. Alright. So now it's time I explained something else. The side effects of jumping using a techeran quantonium drive, as we just did, are nothing to be ashamed of. It will cause a few temporary effects including but not limited to extreme increases in strength, cognitive abilities, sexual apetite, muscular size, hair growth, pharemone production and a few other things... Rrrrgh... Which is why I grabbed all those thongs. Things are about to get a whole lot more wild a whole lot sooner than later.” The stoners minds were cleared by the jump and everyone watched as the disks attatched to them fell off with little clinks on the ground. Gehn was the first to speak up, “I'm sorry for not understanding... What is about to happen again?” “RRRRRrrrgh,” said the mouse as he said, “We were exposed to a powerful energy. It's going to make us grow real big, get real horny, and we are not going to be able to stop having sex for a while now. It's taken a while for the energy to distribute evenly between us but as it reaches an equilibrium... we're going to start and just know that there is no shame in what is about to transpire. Perhaps we should quickly introduce ourselves first? Again my name is Ehlder and I'm a scientist from another planet. It is a pleasure to meet all of you.” The lion looked to the group as he felt a power welling up within him and he said, “People call me Fahr and I'm a professional bodybuilder and model.” The cetacoon wondered why the lion was suddenly so willing when he felt the power and coming changes so he spat it out as well, “I'm Fehl. I'm a magic student of matter manipulation at the University of Vehloss'tal.” The bear blinked a few times and felt his turn coming up, “My name is Hymn. I'm a musician and professional dancer who studied dance at the Aegohdor Academy for fine arts.” Then lastly the dragon introduced himself, “My name is Gehn. I am a computer programmer who lives with my best friend Hymn. We were working on some business proposals but... oohhh... that's an interesting feeling... I feel so... powerful...” That's when he looked down and saw his chest throbbing larger, along with his arms, legs, hands and feet. The eight foot tall dragon fell to the ground as his feet suddenly shot up several shoe sizes and threw him of balance. His massive butt cracked the cobblestone street as he landed with a greater density from his growing muscles. Gehn moaned as he looked to his bear companion, Hymn who was having similar troubles. The already buff bear swelled with muscles all over so fast that his robe exploded off his body. He fell to his knees in pleasure as his too small thong ripped from his body. He looked to his feet to see they were swelling out of proportion with the rest of him as the soles thickened to ridiculous proportions. His cock hardened and half hard it was already at the three foot mark with bowling ball testes that only seemed to swell with every heartbeat. His pectoral muscles became more of a shelf and then even bigger, more like muscle breasts. He gripped his nipples and squeezed them, milking them as they hardened and grew as well. Milk sprayed from his nips into his hands as Gehn watched in awe and his already tremendous cock tore free of it's constraints at the same time his robe began to shred. The green draconic man flexed his awesome musculature and saw his five foot hard cock kiss tips with Hymn's five foot hard member. Fahr the lion merely watched the display and wondered what would become of him. His eyes literally bulged out like a cartoon's and became huge staring rods as he observed his fellow furry men becoming more hirsute by the moment. Fahr the lion's two foot soft cock ripped free from his shorts, leaving him naked from the waist down with his regular four and a half foot long boner. He felt his feet grow thicker rather than longer, his soles boosting him higher as his already immensely muscular body just added on muscle on top of muscle. He was buff before but soon he was buff beyond belief and with a ten foot cock to show just how turned on he had become. He sat back on his ball sack like it was a beanbag chair and then massaged his massive pecs all while rubbing his massive soles on the cocks of Hymn and Gehn. The three moaned as the lion flexed his cock and started to give himself a pec job with his gargantuan chest. Fehl felt his normally fifteen inch soft member stir. He didn't know any of these people. This isn't how he would normally introduce himself. Why were they just giving in to this growth? Had they no decency? Then the spark hit him. The horniness in his mind became maddening and he felt it grow. Then he knew why. He needed the same release they were working towards a mere few feet away with their growing bodies. The height seemed to stop between thirteen and fifteen feet tall for the colossal trio as they turned grind on each other. The lion and the dragon drank the milk right from the tap on the bear's massive muscular man boobs and Fehl wanted to feel something just as special. That's when he saw the mouse. Neither he nor Ehlder had changed. The mouse pulled him aside, separating him from the group. He looked to the cetacoon as he said, “I feel something with you Fehl. I'm not going to lie. I feel something special and I know that this change is involuntary but I would like our first time together, strange as this situation is... to be just you and I. If that is alright with y...” he was interrupted by the cetacoon kissing him passionately on the lips. Fehl chuckled as the handlebar mustache tickled his nose, “I feel a connection too and I'm glad you said something first because this thing...” he pointed down to his thirty two inch erection which stretched down his leg, “...is going to bust free any time now and I'm gonna want help with it.” The mustached mouse gave into his pleasure at last as his heart swelled with joy and his whole body grew three feet taller, leaving his shirt more like a mid drift more than a proper sweatervest. His arms swelled in size and flexed free of his sleeves up to the shoulders without him even trying. His feet burst from his steel toed boots like a transformation scene from the incredible hulk. Then with a grunt and flex of a double bicep pose, his torso tore free from it's confines, leaving the mouse topless. The big hairy man's ponytail only grew in length as his hair thickened. He smiled down at the smaller cetacoon and with a flex of his legs and cock the pants were gone and he stood totally nude with a seven foot cock erected from his fourteen foot tall massively muscled, yet well proportioned frame. Fehl's eyes bulged out just as Fahr's had done earlier as he took in the massive form before him. His muscles swelled too, making him stand a good eight feet in height. His feet popped free of his sandals like he were pulling apart tissue paper from a present. The feet were four foot long, gargantuan planks off his nine foot tall muscled bod but then his cock ripped free. He was naked as the rest, except for his scarf which he undid and tossed aside. His ten foot member thrusted between Ehlder's legs and lifted him from the ground. Fehl took a great big whiff of the great big man and inhaled that manly musk as he ran his hands through that thick chest hair over the meaty pecs of the mouse god before him. As he sniffed harder his nose grew tremendous and a veritable tornado of wind gushed into his lungs to really draw in that scent. His nose returned to normal size as he began to lick and kiss over the massive man's hairy abs. Ehlder shuddered in pleasure with his cock over the shoulder of the cetacoon. They glanced over to the other trio to see things had escalated over on the other side of the fountain. Hymn the bear had Gehn the dragon on his back. A massive four foot long nipple was shoved into the dragon's ass to fuck him. The dragon has his massive feet in the air, one was rubbing Hymn's face as the bear sucked the precious toes, while the other foot stroked his other four foot nipple, milking it like another cock. His dragon tail was wrapped around the bear cock and furiously stroked it while his gargantuan dragon balls were swelling between their bodies. Fahr the lion was on the other end of the dragon, he was fucking the dragon's mouth with his colossal fuck stick bulging the dragon's stomach obsenely with it's mere length alone. His toes curled, crushing cobblestone beneath them as the massive dragon's cock was more than long enough to reach the lion's mouth over his belly bulge. The lion took full advantage of this, swallowing it down all the way into his belly while he jerked off the dragon's nipples as though they were cocks. The dragon was definitely not a slouch and was returning the lion's favor in jerking off his massive nipples as well. The lion's enormous balls trembled behind him, jiggling on the verge of unleashing as the pleasure overwhelmed the trio. They were too absorbed in their orgasmic pleasure to see the massive mouse perched atop the cetacoon's meat. The mouse pressed his feet to the cetacoon's face and pushed himself up to the top of the fifteen foot member, his rump resting on it with the end primed to impale him. Fehl smiled and grabbed the massive ankles of his lover in his oversized hands and pulled him down onto that barstool thick cock. The iron fuckstick doubled in thickness as Ehlder began to make his decent into the greatest pleasure he'd ever known. The cock doubled in thickness again and the cetacoon's balls swelled behind him till they were both the size of cars. Their weight alone crushed the cobblestone street beneath them as Fehl flexed his massive toes, digging into the rock to the dirt beneath as he rode the throws of orgasmic bliss. The magnificent beast of a cetacoon fucked his prey and the hair atop his head grew longer, thicker and more lucious as he did. His whole body became more hirsute as his fur thickened. Ehlder the mouse watched as he was yanked up and down, making his stomach bulge bigger and bigger, the cock going in further and further as his body contorted around the gargantuan monstrosity that had invaded him from behind. With one more massive thrust, Fehl's cock head made it's way out the masculine mouse's mouth. He brought both of the tremendous mouse feet up to his face and inhaled deeply. Then it came. Or rather he came. Fehl's gargantuan balls erupted with the force of a dozen old faithfuls and exploded out with such a volume that his eyes bulged out a second time as millions of gallons of his spunk rocketed out of Ehlder's mouth and blasted through one of the old houses that lined the street. It blew like a tidal wave that shot forth with such a force that the trees in his wake were cleared in a triangular path from before him. The deforestation was devastating and only drove him to cum harder. With the earth shattering kaboom that filled the nasal passages of everyone with the scent of Fehl's seed, the trio erupted themselves. Fahr came into Gehn so hard that he inflated like a waterbaloon hooked up to a firehose. The cum erupted out his nostrils, mouth and rump with such a force that the nipple jammed up his rear began to fill with the seed of that powerful and horny lion. As the bear Hymn watched his chest only expand and fill out to tremendous proportions with the filling he could hold his load back no further and fired off a spurt, aimed by the dragon tail, which blew apart yet another building on the long abandoned street. The foliage beyond never knew what was cumming it's way. Gehn's nipples erupted as his belly filled, spraying milk all over the trio, and Fahr was only to happy to unleash his milky pec goodness at the same time. Then Gehn let go of the lion's nipples and gripped his head. His member went totally rigid which lifted the lionstraight up and down atop him. It pulled the lion cock from his mouth only to douse the trio in the continually firing lion cock which exploded out with thousands of gallons of his potent seed in a constant stream. The dragon came so hard down that lion's gullet that the body of the lion inflated enough to engulf all three with it's impossible girth. The lion clenched his muscles hard and ensured that every drop of the delicious dragon juice remained within him, which resulted in his body overgrowing and crushing not only the fountain itself but a nearby building as well. It was quite a while as the orgasms erupted but for the four that had, it felt over all too soon. Fehl's was the last to taper off after destroying more acres than he could have imagined a deforestation company tearing through in a month. His cock shrank down and he was able to pull out of Ehlder, yet his soft cock slumped on the ground like an accordian, remaining eight feet long even when soft now. The mouse lay on the ground exhausted, only he hadn't orgasmed yet. One hand had an iron grip on his cock to hold off. Fehl smiled as he watched the other three try to manuver out from under the wriggling blob of a cum inflated lion. He walked over with his massive six foot long feet on his ten foot tall, muscular body and then he sat before his friend, his massive cock draped over his shoulder like a sash. His heels rested on the massive mouse's tremendous balls as his feet grew up along the length of Ehlder's ten foot cock. They engulfed it on both sides as they swelled and grew. The thickening soles caressing and surrounding the mouse cock's flesh like twin muscular pillows. The plush feet engulfed the whole cock till Fehl was able to flex his toes over the head. The massive feet would look out of place on most anyone but as Ehlder looked down over his pecs at the cetacoon, he thought they were a thing of beauty beyond compare. Nether of them had felt such passion before. Fehl felt is member hardening as it draped over his shoulder. It expanded as he held it in hand. The mouse caressed it with his large, yet comparitively smaller, feet. Soon the cetacoon was re-hardened at a full twenty foot mast of cock, spraying precum like a fountain down on top of him, the mouse and the three who were getting out from under the steadily draining lion. That's when it happned. The mouse came as well. His massive load shot through the loving, clenched, powerful toes of his lover and it sprayed in every direction. Through the streets, into the sky, all over everyone present. His eruption set Fehl off a second time who blasted so hard that his cumshot blew over the horizon and out to sea. Minutes passed before the trio finally made their way out from under the lion and the lion drained enough to stand with a bulging belly. He flexed down and crunched his abs, absorbing the cum and milk as fuel. Hymn continued to spray milk from his massive nipples while Gehn craned his neck to sniff the musk of his delightful lovers. The dragon smiled, “I think this might be the start of something wonderful.” The lion watched as Fehl and Ehlder's orgasms faded down. The pair lay exhausted on the ground. Everyone present began to return to their normal sizes once more. Fahr watched as he returned to his normal buff stature and said, “What? Over so soon?” Ehlder grinned as he licked some of the mutual cum from his mustache, “Nothing is over, my good friend. Now that we are all travelers, we have had an awakening. That power will spread through us whenever we need to call upon it. Other latent abilities will manifest in time as well.” “We can get freaky with our sizes whenever we want?” asked Hymn, “That's freakin' awesome!” “It is,” smiled the mouse, “I wonder if I might have a moment with you chaps though. Now that the initial lust has faded a bit, my mind is cleared and I have something to ask of you lot.” “What is it, Ehlder?” asked Fehl as he went over to lay atop his rodent lover. “There is something terrible. It is coming to this world. I came here to find special individuals like you that we might train and I could use your help to defend this world. That way it would not end up like my home planet,” said Ehlder. The four furries looked to one another and then back to the mouse with a smile. Fehl kissed Ehlder on the lips and said, “I think I speak for all of us when I say we're ready to start right away.” As they all celebrated with a few more orgasmic conclusions, elsewhere in the world, a top a castle tower on a floating island, there was a massive blue beast of a man, staring at a wall of computer monitors from a captain's chair. He wore a black suit that looked like it had been painted on over his muscles and he stared at the monitors from behind a pair of black-rimmed eyeglasses. An ogre with brown hair stepped into the monitor room, meek as a mouse. He also wore a suit but seemed very uncomfortable to be doing so. He approached the beast as he watched. The beast spun in his chair and addressed the ogre, “What is it this time, Rohr?” “S-sir, we have reports from several satellites of a number of unregistered teleports and trans-dimensional jumps occurring within the last few hours,” said the ogre. The blue beast of a man turned back to his monitors, “I know. I've been monitoring the situation.” “W-what should we do, sir?” asked the ogre. The beast of a man pulled a manilla folder out from his jacket, “We gather these individuals I've selected. They will be sent to meet with the jumpers and then brought back here for proper testing.” The ogre took the folder, “But sir. These just look like regular civilians. What do you intend to do exactly?” “That's for me to know and for you to find out,” said the beast of a man, “And you'll find out soon enough.” To be continued in Part Two: Of Gods and Men and Godly Men
  7. (Due to some time errors on my part, had to re-write this all today. Hope it's still good and do plan to do some chapter follow ups to it) Tony knew he was a dead man. Sitting across a desk from two federal agents, the slim man found himself mentally cursing out every deity he could think of, sinking into the chair as the two physically imposing men seemed to silently work out details. Tony instead found himself near shaking as he thought of what the Family will do to him, not only for betraying their beliefs, but for turning evidence over to the feds. But then again, he was already a dead man and had too much to lose. “Now Mr. Sammut,” The voice immediately pulled Tony from his thoughts, pulling his attention towards one of the suited officers who was looking back at him with a small smile on his face. ‘Probably trying to be friendly with me’, “with the evidence and witness testimony you provided, you make a good case for you to be placed into witness protection.” “Though I gotta ask,” The other agent began to say, one hand reaching up to scratch against his hair covered chin, “you’ve been raised in the Sammut crime family, why are you turning against them now?” Tony appreciated the agent’s tack, especially since the shock clearly evident on the better trimmed agent’s face signalled that this wasn’t something to ask since he might as well be giving Tony a reason not to turn in one of the largest crime families in the country. Sighing a bit, his lithe fingers tugged against the loose fabric of his shirt sleeve before looking at the agent. “Considering the Family doesn’t have the best reputation regarding same-sex relations. I figured it wasn’t worth risking my life for them.” The slim man admitted, glad to see a look of surprise on the more vocal agent. ‘Guy clearly didn’t read the file. Speaking of,’ “And about the witness protection?” “Do not worry, that includes the additional protection for your fiancé, Mr. Jack O’Brien and his son.” “Good.” Tony said, relieved to hear that Jack and Sean weren’t going to be left to the wolves. Running his hand through his close-cut hair, Tony looked back to the agents as the forms were being filled in. “So, is that it?” “Not exactly.” The well-dressed agent commented, putting down the clipboard to look at Tony directly. “You see, due to your close relation with the Family, and how according to our research, and your testimony, they have members all across the country. It makes putting you into protection rather difficult since most members would be on the lookout for you. Or at the very least, recognize you.” “C-Can’t you just send me to another country?” “You, yes. However, the requirements for relocating you along with Mr. O’Brien and his son would take up too much resources and unnecessary risks with word getting out.” Tony could feel his blood go cold at what the agent was implying, more than once wanting to curse out his luck with being born into his family as now it seemed like he was about to be separated by his greatest friend, his love, and the small family the two had started to build up. The thought of probably spending years separated from them felt like his heart was steadily being torn apart. “However, there might be a way to ensure all three of you remain in protective custody without excessive risk to any of your safety,” The scruffier agent began to explain, looking through some forms in his case, “though you should know this will come with some… changes.” “I’ll do anything.” With that sentence said, knowing he would do anything to keep Jack and Sean safe. Before Tony could ask what needed to be done, a pamphlet was slid before him. Looking at the front section, Tony couldn’t help but blink at what was on it, seeing rather imposing sized figures. Though what really took his attention was how the figures on the front were all animal men. “Are you familiar with the Beast program?” “Course.” Realizing that the agents wanted him to explain more, the slim man sighed before looking over the pamphlet again. “It’s a special program where guys are changed into huge animal men. Plenty of sports and high power work cropping up since the huge beasts are seriously strong, even the fat ones.” Tony said, recalling seeing a sumo match between two supersized boar men. “And if your gonna ask why more men than women take part, I don’t really know besides apparently the current way to change them causes about half the females to change into men.” “Impressive, besides the sports application most people don’t know much of the program.” “The Family did look into it to see about bulking up our forces. But with such a tight regulation and the few back alley doctors having a skewed mortality rate, it was decided not worth it… That and the price.” Tony explained, recalling how majority of the ‘Beasts’ were either the wealthy showing off, sports stars to get into a new mega sized league, and the lucky winners of random drawings. “Well, then shouldn’t be hard to hide you after you go through the change.” The scruffy agent said, causing Tony to mentally halt, looking back at the pamphlet and focusing on one of the hypermuscular animal men, a horse, and realized that could be him. “What we mean is,” the more straight laced agent began to add, glaring at his partner before looking to Tony with a more compassionate tone, “the agency has used this program to assist with relocating witnesses as it would see a complete change in physiology. Course, the changes are permanent, but this is only one option or a few.” Tony sighed a bit, looking between the two agents. The scrawny man thought back of the Family, knowing how far they’d go if they learn he had turned on them. And then he thought back to Jack and Sean. “And what about my family?” “As we said, The Family shouldn’t have any way to locate-“ “Not The Family, my family. Jack and Sean.” Tony interrupted the agent, his colleague looking to repress a smile on his face before answering the question. “They would stay with you of course. And due to Mr. O’Brien being a rather low component within the family, he wouldn’t need to take part in the procedure.” “O-Okay.” Tony nodded, before taking a deep breath. “I want to speak to Jack first since this’ll affect him too.” “Of course, we’ll bring him in and you two can speak to one another,” the agent ‘I really need to learn their names’, promised as he pulled a phone from his pocket. “Though, I wouldn’t take too long to decide on this action.” “So, you’ll turn into one of those… Beast guys?” “That’s the jist of it.” Tony sighed a bit as he kept his eyes on Jack, seeing the man he loves seem to look the scrawny man over. “I-If you’re not for it, we could try something else or-” “Are you okay with this??” “Huh?” Tony looked up to Jack, his pale complexion drawing attention to his dark eyes as he sat beside the still stunned man. “Are you okay with becoming… big?” The slimmer man froze, mouth open but no words coming out as he thought the question over. Sure, he’s seen videos and interviews of those who went through with the procedure, near all of them praising it and showing off. But still, “I’ll change.” “Physically. But You’ll still be the man I fell in love with, even when I was working for the Family,” Jack’s hand fell over Tony’s, covering the slender fingers. “You’ll still be the man I trust with Sean.” Jack leaned in and planted a kiss on Tony’s cheek, gently rubbing against him. “You’ll still be you. Just really big. But it’s your choice. If you don’t want to do it, we’ll try something else.” Tony relaxed at his fiance’s words, knowing they were true even without needing to look into Jack’s eyes. “Yeah… God I hope it’s not a unicorn.” That earned him a loud laugh from Jack as the two men embraced, knowing no matter what they would be together. So with one last hug, with Jack joking about it being the only time he’ll have his arms around the slimmer man, Tony informed the agents he was ready for the procedure . “You know, I didn’t expect this.” After seeing Jack and Sean off, Tony followed the agents to a separate section of the complex, only making a detour for him to change before depositing him in an expansive room. The room looked like it was a hollowed out warehouse, completely devoid of any furnishing or designs. The only thing of note in the room was a mirror on the far wall taking up the entire surface, and a lone scientist standing in the dead center of the room. “You must be Mr. Sammut. We can get started then.” The lab coat wearing man said with a small smile on his face as he looked Tony over, the smaller man feeling nervous as he had been forced to change into what could only be described as a jockstrap, and a loose one at that. “Y-yeah. So where’s the room you guys are gonna change me in?” “This one.” The scientist said before pulling out a briefcase and removing a vial and syringe from it. “Due to how big certain subjects get, we had to set up a room. Trust me there was one guy who outgrew the entire building, though he was a rare chimera beast I suppose. Still didn’t expect a cross of Polar bear, Lion and bull to cause that much damage.” The man thought out loud before turning back to Tony, still preparing the serum. “Now, any questions you got?” Shaken out of thoughts of changing into a literal building sized giant, Tony said the first question he had. “Will it hurt?” “Hmm, well you body is basically growing to immense proportions. However, all who’ve done it best described it as an arousing growth spurt. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t last too long.” “O-Okay, then what about- SHIT!” Tony cursed aloud as he was jabbed with the syringe, looking at it with the plunger being pushed down, sending the fluid into his body, which immediately filled him with a warm sensation, like hot water had been injected into him. “Sorry about that, just makes it easier. Now just stay there.” Before Tony could ask what he meant, he fell to his knees and clutched his stomach as his entire body felt like it was on fire. However, rather than needing to scream, Tony felt the urge to moan, the warmth in his body intensifying as he could feel his bones snap and reform, his flesh stretching out with an intense irritation spreading out. Panting out, Tony kept his eyes shut as the intense feeling overtook him. Unsure if hours were passing, he remained hunched on the floor, groaning and swelling. Until it stopped. With deep pants, Tony stayed as he was for a moment, he thinks, before trying to get up. Blinking his eyes a moment, He tried to adjust for a moment before he saw his arms and let out a gasp. His once pencil thin arms now hugely thick slabs of muscles. Though what really caught his attention was the vibrant orange and black fur that spread up from his hands, his slender fingers now thick sausages of muscles that dug into the concrete floor. “I-I’m a tiger?” He said, gasping as he heard his deeper voice, feeling a slight shiver at the base he now had. Sitting up, Tony tried to see all his body now, looking down only to be blocked view by his ‘muzzle’? And by the expansive wall that were his pecs, now a sea of white fur with thicker tuffs between the huge slabs. Getting on his knees, he lifted his hands to try and gauge his body, his stomach wasn’t the abs he hoped for, but a barrel sized belly that could have put kegs to shame. Below that, the large tiger couldn’t help but blush at the new size he had. “I take it you like it?” Tony was startled by the voice and turned to see who it was, needing to look past his thick shoulders. The tiger man looking down now, even though on his knees, he now towered over the scientist and agents, who gawked at his immense size. “I… Yeah… It feels good.” Tony found himself saying before grunting slightly as he shifted his immense body to stand up, towering even further over the smaller men, none of them coming passed his waist, which did little to stop his excitement he was feeling. “Huh, surprised it isn’t great.” One of the agents said with a chuckle before being elbowed by the other. The other agent, Ambrose-something, stepped up to the towering beast. “Now that you’ve been changed, you’ll have a few days to get used to this before we’ll send you and Mr.O'brien to your new identity.” A week. That was how long it took for the small family to be shifted off to a small town on the border to Canada. That was how long it took Tony to get used to his new body and strength, no longer worried that every time he tries to hold his husband, and he was so glad the agents had them married to make their story more believable, he might shatter his spine. “You okay in there, Tony?” Jack’s voice called from the cabin of their moving truck. Tony called back as he tried to adjust himself, pressing against the close confines of the truck as it bounced along the road. The tiger sighed a bit as he focused on remembering their new background, especially since Tony Robinson had a new job as an accountant for some local gym. After getting through the long drive, eventually the truck got to a halt before the rumble of the engine died. With the back opening up, Tony grunted and lifted himself up, trying to avoid punching a hole in the now heavily dented roof as he crawled out of it. Stretching out his immense body, Tony looked around, Rather impressed to see how normal the neighborhod looked, excluding the oversized houses and the occasional behemoth making their way down the street, it looked painfully idealic. "If you're done showing off for the neighbors, mind helping with the boxes." Jack's voice pulled the tiger from his thoughts, though the comment made him look down, realzing his tank top had ridden up and exposed his stomach. Blushing and pulling it down, Tony turned and went to the second truck, seeing Jack guide some of the movers with the small bundle that was Sean cradled in his arms. "Just seeing the the place hun. Not much view in the truck." Tony called before crouching down, giving both his husband, he will never tire of that, and their son a kiss before helping the movers unload the truck, effortlessly picking up boxes with one hand that the movers would have needed a forklift to pick. Still riding the high of his new body gave him at times, Tony walked to the house, careful not to step too hard and crack the pavement. Already thinking of how this second chance would affect his life. First things first, they had to set up their home, and then later he had to see his new place of work.
  8. UGH! sorry I disappeared. Just finished college and moved to another city. Also like, life happens. But my buddy @Zhucommissioned this! It's a story about muscles! and mountain men! and massive growth! y'all enjoy! Fall wrapped his massive arms around the boulder, rocked it back, onto his chest, and powered himself up to a full standing position with a mighty roar. The other men hooted and hollered, pounding their chests and flexing their muscles. “POWER THROUGH!” Zhu barked, pumping his fist into the air. The great blue beast, though the smallest of them, was powerfully built. Fall had never seen someone fly through weight classes so fast. In no time at all, he’d be the biggest freak of them all. Fall growled as he hefted the giant rock to his shoulder. He huffed and puffed as he adjusted his stance and pulled a rough paw back against it. When he was properly set, the other brutes’ screams grew louder in anticipation. And then he thrust it forward, hurling the rock with all his might, watching it soar through the air, clear across the picturesque lake. There was a loud, incredibly satisfying POW! as the boulder crashed into another on the opposite side of the rocky shore. Both stones split into smithereens. The mountain-man flexed a tremendous most-muscular and howled like a wild animal, locking eyes with Fjoll, his cousin. The mountain man stormed off, clapping Zhu on the back and nearly knocking him over. His massive cock was hard as a stone and longer than Zhu’s beefy arm. Zhu caught it with both hands and held Fall there, grinning, flashing his short bottom tusks. His shaft flexed so hard it was almost painful. Huge veins pulsed under his sweaty, soiled tights, like a second skin; he shuddered as Zhu ran his calloused mitts over the pulsing shaft. A deep, guttural sound escaped his lips. The heavy charm in his beard bounced against the great shelf of his bare, immensely hairy pecs. Every muscle in his body flushed red, musk oozing from his every pore. Then his knees buckled, but he quickly regained his footing and tore his cock from the beast’s grasp. “YOUR FUCKIN TURN, BRUTE!” He snarled furiously as he staggered away. Zhu strut over to the next stone he’d chosen, and as he set up, he grinned. Just on the edge of his vision, he saw Fall walking back and forth, panting loudly as he fought with the belt at his waist and the crotch of his dark green tights. There was a sudden jerk, and the muscles in his back twitched, and then he chuckled triumphantly. He turned around, and his now bare cock came sliding out from the hole he’d torn in his crotch. “Where is Mute?” He asked, pushing each of his balls through the hole, one after the other. They flopped onto his massive thighs, his pubes so thick they covered every inch of skin, reeking like a man in heat. “Probably playing with Johannes again.” Fjoll sighed as he stretched. At a glance, one might have thought they were twins. However, Fjoll was as dark as Fall was light. Fjoll was a perfectly proportioned giant, nearing eight feet tall, with perfect posture whereas Fall was all mass, thick and huge, almost hunched over from his own immensity. He filled out every last inch of his black tights, his balls reaching his knees in their custom pouch whereas Fall’s were just a bit shorter. His beard was a bit longer than Fall’s, darker, almost salt-and-pepper. Rather than a single, bulky charm at the base of his beard, Fjoll had two smaller, carved beads at either end of his thick mustache, and another just beneath his chin. His deep, dark eyes met Fall’s, his calmness countering his cousin’s pumped intensity. Fall stroked his beard, thinking. His hand absent-mindedly squeezed his angry hard-on. Fjoll smirked. They always seemed nervous to Zhu, whenever they lifted outside like this. He never knew why, they were never very forthcoming when pressed for answers. “Oh, just a little out of it today.” They would say. “Oh, the woods can just be creepy sometimes.” Was another one. Zhu had given up on the subject, but every now and then, when he came to visit, he caught them brooding as they stared off into the tree-line. It had never made sense to Zhu why they would be so creeped out by the woods, especially when they’ve lived deep in the middle of a huge reserve as long as he had known them. They said they moved out here so they could “be as huge as possible.” Then, one day they took in a lost and lonely young man named Johannes and poured all their energy into growing him as well. Being the mountain men, they were, they constructed a huge house all by hand and soon they had constructed another just for Johannes when he had outgrown what little space they could offer. From there, when Zhu returned to see his old friends after quite some time, Johannes was hardly recognizable. The young man had been slim and trim and a little scruffy when they had first met and each time they met, he looked more and more like his beastly patrons. After his most recent visit, he had outgrown the cousins and barely resembled the man he used to be. Now he hardly human, but he seemed happy and he was Fall and Fjoll’s pride and joy. Then came Mute, Fall’s long time, long distance boyfriend who finally took the leap and abandoned his life in the city to be with his mate. Fall pumped him and worked him, and grew his little man twice as fast as he had with Johannes, and together they had created their own little crew of mega meatheads way out in the mountains. “There’s my Mute!” Fall said, excitedly. He stomped toward the shambling figure stomping toward them. Mute had all the mass of Fall and Fjoll, with arms as big around as the average man’s waist and legs as wide as car tires, but he was sickeningly shredded. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on the man as he waddled down the path, practically naked save for a very improvised pouch he wrapped around the largest pair of balls any of them had ever seen. He actually had to drag them behind himself, which would have been quite difficult if not for the pouch which protected them from sharp debris. With each step, his quads rippled and shook, billowing with the impact of his extremely wide boots against the gravel. His short, reddish beard was brilliant in the noon sun, his bright blue eyes sparkled as he saw his new family lifting stones. A massive, semi-hard, leg-sized cock bobbed and swayed in front of him. Fall’s huge hand palmed the back of his head as he pulled the ginger hulk into a kiss. “Morning, stud.” He grinned. Mute smiled and ran a hand over his hairy pecs. He bit his lip, teasingly, and kissed him again. Both their cocks swelled to life and they playfully bat them against each other. “No sword fighting!” Zhu said. “Let them duel it out.” Fjoll said, putting his foot on top of the stone he’d chosen. “That is what the forest is for.” Fall purred in Mute’s ear. The woods were loud with the deep grunts and mighty roars of the two giants’ raucous fucking. They crashed through the trees, crushed stones with their bare hands, plowed each other into the earth, leaving craters. Fall’s beard bristled as he snarled, his eyes bulging, his massive cock thrusting in and out of his quiet hulk of a lover’s meaty ass. He actually used Mute’s obscene balls to support himself as he pinned the man to the ground. Mute was the quiet sort, shy and rather timid at times, but when they fucked, he howled like a wild animal. Fall bit into the meat of his traps as he plowed into him. “You fucking brute. You fucking hulk! I’m going to tear your ass open and fill you til you burst!” Fall snarled. “Oooh FUCK!” Neither of them noticed the figure prowling in the shadows, circling them, watching, waiting. When he had a window, he quickly and quietly slunk through it. Their backs were so broad, so hairy, so tough they hardly felt a thing. The smell of them was almost too much. Rohr was fast, faster than those brutes could ever be despite being as massive as they were. They hardly noticed as he buried his face in Fall’s taint, lolling his tongue over his balls, inhaling the ripe scent of his manhood. Fall simply moaned and fucked Mute harder. Rohr lost himself, but he didn’t care anymore. He would let it happen. He turned his attention to Mute’s sack, and dragged his wide tongue over the soft, hairy skin. Fall’s cock was so hard, he didn’t notice it was steadily growing. It throbbed painfully, every vein in his shaft bulging as if they were about to burst. When he began to notice it felt tighter, huger, he just thrust harder. He didn’t notice his muscles crowding in around his head, or the bones and muscles in his head growing larger and heavier. It was the most glorious pump he’d ever felt in his life. His movement slowed and became clumsy. He adjusted his stance wider to accommodate more growth, but his leg muscles were still pressed firmly together. Something pressed into his ass. Mute’s balls were so huge, sometimes he forgot and then they would some spilling into his lap or Mute would get careless and knock a piece of furniture over and their huge reality would come crashing back. Fall tried to reach back to cop a feel of those globes, but found he was too huge and pumped for such movement. Besides, his head was starting to feel funny. Then he came. Fall erupted into Mute’s ass, his entire body shuddered and quaked. “GRAAAAH!” They bellowed as Mute’s tight stomach bulged with gallons of cum. Mute lay there, sprawled out, his massive pecs heaving as Fall rolled over beside him. “So fucking good.” Fall chuckled as he rubbed his massive foot against Mute’s leg. That was all he could manage. He had never cum so hard in his life. He tried to look over at him, but something was off. It was actually difficult to turn his head, and when he did, he saw much more of his flesh than he was used to. His pecs and delts were so huge, when he looked down or sideways, he could hardly see anything except his own great, hairy mass. He tried to sit up but bending at the waist was hard. “What…” “Oh, more.” Mute moaned. “Don’t stop!” “I’m…I’m not doing anything.” Fall said. “What?” Mute looked down but could see even less. In fact, he was having a hard time bending his arms at all. Someone was blowing him, but apparently it wasn’t Fall. “Who is tha-oh!” His cock was growing. Soon, it was towering over him. Something small and blue and hairy was clinging to his shaft, lathering the head with a long tongue. Before he could get a good look, his cock erupted. Mute shuddered, and moaned, and screamed as his entirely body tensed and went limp. Cum spilled all over them in hot globs. He lost track of time as he gushed endlessly. When it was over, something was clamped to his nipples and sucking so hard he felt them stretch and stretch until the mouth that was stretching them pulled away to move to the other. The huge tube of flesh flopped against his body, hot and wet and slimy with saliva. Mute groped for it as the other was pulled to an equally incredibly length. “What’s happening?!” He cried as Fall rocked and swayed, trying to gain momentum to throw himself up. When he finally did, a handsome, bearded face with little orc tusks was right in front of his. Strong hands grabbed his head, and he clamped his lips to Fall’s He kissed and slobbered all over his face, but real panic didn’t set in until this stranger began to suck on his eye. Fall flailed and tried to grab the little orc but found he could no longer bring his hands together he had become so immense. And then his eye bulged out of its socket, and then it stretched and stretched and stretched until it was as long as Mute’s giant nipples. Vertigo set in as Fall’s vision changed. He lifted his eyestalk and rotated it around. The other tried to follow, but it was still in his skull where it should be. It was so confusing and disorienting, he could only splutter and whimper as he tried to understand what was happening. Then the orc moved to the other eye, and he screamed as it stretched to meet the other. Fjoll awoke irritated by the loud ringing of his phone. If this wasn’t an emergency, Fall and his boytoy would have some serious trouble. Zhu stirred beside him, and rolled over, groaning. Dohn, the scrawny blue mouse that Zhu had brought along with him was lodged snuggly between Fjoll’s tremendous thighs, his face burrowed in his warm, hairy sack. He pulled him off as if he were as light as a feather, trying to be delicate, but the little guy sat up the second he climbed up from the bed. “Come back, big guy.” He yawned, reaching for him. “One moment.” Fjoll gently swatted his hand and stomped toward his phone where it sat charging. Somehow, he already knew it was Fall who was calling. “This better be good.” The other line was full of groans and whimpers, deep grunts and lots of cursing. “Fall? What is wrong?” Fjoll asked sternly. “H-help…He’s back.” Fjoll’s heart sank. “What do you mean? Where are you? Are you alright?” “He…attacked us…can’t move…come help…” “I’m coming, stay where you are!” Johannes sighed when he saw big Fall lumbering through as big as a house. So he’s back, is he? He heaved himself to his giant feet, his toes digging into the meat of his footpads. They hadn’t touched the ground in years. The vampire orc had grown the pads of his feet into three long appendages that he could manipulate almost like fingers. They were strong enough that he could carry his entire body on them, and he’d become skilled enough to be able to hold small items with them. His massive shoulders brushed either side of the double-wide doors of the barn the cousins had built for him. When he saw them, he froze. Something was wrong. What the hell had happened to Fall’s eyes? To his body? He barely looked human! Fall came spilling out of the trailer Fjoll had hitched to his truck. He was easily three times as big as Johannes was now, and Johannes had thought himself the biggest freak in the world. His pecs made it nearly impossible to see anything directly in front of him, even big Mute could sneak up on him since he also couldn’t turn his head hardly at all thanks to his massive trap muscles which towered of his head. Johannes’ beard put the cousins to shame, but beneath it was a jawline wider than his own head. His gigantic, cleft chin often rested solidly against his thick pecs, making it so he had to really lift his head up to speak properly. Without his footpads, his cock would drag on the ground, instead it sat firmly against his giant feet as he crawled forward. And yet even with these monstrous proportions, Fall had him beat. The first thing anyone noticed were his eyes. Whatever Rohr had done to him had stretched his eyes into stalks that were several feet long that could move independently of one another. He still wasn’t used to this, and so tried his best to keep them pointed forward whilst he stumbled around, trying to make sense of things. His face was barely recognizable as the entire bottom of his face jutted out several feet in front of him. His beard had merged seamlessly with the dark bush that was his chest hair now, completely covering a pair of pectits that were starting to sag they were so thick and full. Then he tripped over his own nipples, great fleshy masses. If Johannes had not been there to catch him, there’s no telling what might have happened. Fall’s terrified voice rumbled deeply in his chest as his freakish friend struggled to bear his weight. “Thanksh.” Fall slurred. “Augh…muh…I can’t…” “You’ll get used to it.” Johannes said kindly, patting his thick lips with one hand. “Muh eyesh.” He whined. “You’re a monster!” Johannes said, a mix of amazement and horror. “It happened again.” He said, somberly. “I have to go get Mute as well.” Fjoll grunted as he helped Fall along. The pads of his feet were the same as Johannes. He couldn’t help but feel a little stoked to show his friend the ropes of their new state. “Johannes!” Fall growled. “Look what he did to me!” Johannes embraced him as best he could and felt the incredible strength of his friend’s new body. He couldn’t help it. He got hard just by the sight of him. His cock slid between his massive pecs, and he nearly lost his wits as it pulsated like a needy beast. Fall and Fjoll both got hard as well, Fjoll actually able to somewhat hide his by hurriedly turning around to get back in the truck. Fall had no such luck, and the great pillar that was his cock slid from the many tendrils and tubes of his body, huge and veiny and angry. He smacked huge lips hungrily and tugged at the massive, dangling nipples that reached his knees as they clapped together. Johannes hardly resisted as lust overcame him. Fall reeked of musk and power; he was covered in hair and sweat. Lips and a long tongue completely engulfed his cock and lifted him up so he could inhale his gargantuan balls as well. Fjoll pulled the truck over a little way down the road, nearly tore the button off his pants he was in such a hurry and jacked himself off furiously. When he came close to, he clamped his lips over his cock and guzzled it all down to avoid having to clean up after. He leaned back, panting, feeling his chest rise and fall. He loved the feeling of his calloused mitts running over his hairy pecs. He caught himself in the mirror and was amazed at the mountain man he had become over the years. If their fears were correct, this could mean trouble. They needed to get this under control fast. When he recomposed himself and got back to Mute, Zhu, and Dohn, they were smiling. Mute seemed to have been experimenting with his body and was walking with his foot pads with relative ease. “This is incredible!” Zhu said, feeling Mute’s muscles. “Mute said something about a vampire?” “Of sorts.” Fjoll said, not wasting any time opening the back of the trailer. “Alright, in you go.” They worked together to guide Mute to the trailer. Zhu and Dohn both took a hand while Fjoll, the biggest and tallest, held his pecs. Mute was dizzy as he felt how massive he now was. “His name is Rohr.” Mute said. The quiet giant had to really scrunch himself up to keep from spilling over the sides or falling over. He was so much heavier than Fall, Fjoll wondered if perhaps it would have been a better idea to move him first. Zhu pat his massive quad as Fjoll busied himself strapping the brute in, just in case. “Rohr is a vampire orc, an ancient creature that got lost from his people and has since gone wild. He is drawn to musk and masculine energy, which he feeds on and pumps men to massive proportions. Over the years, he has gotten more…creative. Johannes was one of his victims years ago, but after that he went dormant. It seems he is back.” “Is there anything we can do?” Dohn asked. “We as in myself and Fall certainly can, but you and Zhu must go home immediately.” “We can’t leave you guys like this!” Zhu argued. “I cannot risk you becoming like them.” Fjoll said sternly. “Wouldn’t mind that.” Zhu mumbled. Mute nudged him and grinned. “If you want to so bad, then by all means.” Fjoll huffed. “But do not come crying to me when you find yourself immobilized by your own muscles in the middle of the woods.” “Oh, we’d find our way back to you.” Dohn teased him, pressing his little frame against the giant’s powerful body. He smiled at the stirring he felt in the man’s pants. “Fine.” Was all they got. “So where are you gonna keep these guys?” Zhu asked. “Oh, Johannes will have to move into the house for a while until we can build another cabin. They may even want to share a place, since they cannot move very much.” “I wouldn’t mind staring at one of these hunks all day.” Zhu chuckled and pat him again, watching his muscles shake. Dohn nervously felt up the thick flesh of his footpads. Mute flexed them and tried to grip his arm playfully. “If you’d like, you are certainly welcome to stay and help. We could use some extra hands until they get used to their new forms.” Fjoll said, standing up to his full height now. “New forms as in…they’re stuck like this?” Dohn asked. “We do not know how to change them back. We know of the beast that did this to him, all we can do is hope we can one day catch him.” Mute moaned as he felt up his massive nipples. He gripped the tip of one with a meaty paw and squeezed it, feeling its thickness, and then passed it up to his bicep, which he used to push up, into his maw. The sounds of his sucking and happy coos were almost more than little Dohn could handle. Zhu said nothing but smiled to himself at the thought of his little buddy being so turned on by this. They all climbed into the truck. Dohn in the middle, bouncing back and forth between the brawny shoulders of Zhu and Fjoll. Fall was still outside when they got back, clumsily trying to pick up small things with his tube-like muscles. He seemed to have gotten the hang of his eyestalks and panned one around to watch their arrival while keeping the other trained on the rusty old dumbbell he was passing from one bicep to the other. It took him a while to turn his huge body around, but he had Johannes to help him. It took all their efforts to get Mute back on his feet. “Not to worry.” Fall said. “We’ll be masters of our bodies in no time.” Him and Mute pushed and shoved at each other, getting horned up in front of them. The smell of their sweaty bodies was so intense, all of them started to get hard. Fjoll and Zhu were able to clear their heads enough to walk the guys inside and get them settled in their new home for now. “Ah, yes, Johannes, this is Dohn.” Fjoll pat the little mouse on the back. “We have been so distracted, you two have not met.” Dohn was completely dumbstruck. He didn’t know where to look as the giant shuffled awkwardly toward him and extended the hugest, thickest, hairiest paw of a hand he had ever seen. The man could barely close his fingers around Dohn’s own slender wrist. His hands felt hard as rocks, ungodly powerful and calloused from years of lifting and working. He smiled down at the little guy; his face hidden by a forest of hair. “You’re huge.” He said, breathlessly. That made Johannes laugh. He started shifting his big body, it took a while for Dohn to realize he was flexing his arm. His biceps were the size of a fully-grown man curled into a ball. He looked back at his face and noticed that even his forehead stood taller as the meat around his skull was thick and swollen. Veins bulged noticeably even through his hair. Then he caught his smell. It was a deep, outdoorsy stench, like a man that had been working outside all day, like cut grass and sweat and it was so strong. He noticed long, hairy appendages extending from his pits and around the base of his cock. They were huge columns of hair that reeked of musk. “I may need some help getting acclimated to the living room. Would you mind?” He asked. “Nuh-no problem, sir.” Dohn stuttered. Johannes grinned, flashing a set of sharp, beastly canines. “Perhaps later you might like to explore all this mass.” “Oh…” Dohn clutched his scrawny chest, flustered. He took one of the masses of hair and used it to walk the giant into the house. Luckily, the doors were extremely wide given the giants that lived here, Johannes didn’t have any issue getting inside. “I think I will need to stay in the living room.” He said, lumbering over to the oversized couch. Dohn helped guide him in leaning backward to sit down, reveling in the opportunity to run his hands over more of his gargantuan frame. “I’ll need your help when I go to sleep.” He said. “I’m still learning how to control this body of mine.” “Oh, I don’t mind helping at all, sir.” Dohn said, feeling his long nipple, setting it in his lap. “Help me get my underwear off, they’re so tight.” Dohn gulped. He had on underwear? There was so much to look at, and he was so hairy, Dohn had hardly noticed. He cautiously reached for his waist, and sure enough, hooked the elastic around his finger. He pulled and tugged, careful not to pull any hair or pinch his skin, though he wasn’t sure if he’d even be able to feel it. He couldn’t call his legs the most massive pair he’d ever seen since discovering Fall and Mute in their new state, but the sheer size and feel of them was more than Dohn could handle. The seams of his briefs popped as he shimmied them down the widest sweep of his quads, but they held. They fell over his knees easily enough, but his calves presented a second challenge only slightly easier. They were like huge medicine balls resting on his ankles, but he got them over in good time before awkwardly pulling them over his foot pads. When he was free, Johannes spread his legs as far as he could, and sighed, spreading his arms over the back of the couch. The rank stench of his pits and groin was intoxicating. Dohn rubbed his crotch as he inhaled before coming to his senses and blushing. He looked down at the soiled briefs in his hands. If the handsome behemoth weren’t sitting right in front of him, he’d smother himself with them right there. “Smell something you like, boy?” Johannes asked. Dohn looked down. “Uh…” “It’s okay.” He said with a smile. “I like it too. Come here.” He reached for Dohn with his pads and pulled him close. Dohn thought he must be dreaming as muscles piled on top of muscles enveloped him in a sweaty embrace. Johannes held the back of his head and shoved his face into the mass of armpit hair. “Take a whiff, little guy.” Dohn moaned. He clung to the man’s chest and huffed his scent before dreamily sliding down to the floor. From there, he slid his head between the man’s legs and shoved his muzzle between his inner thigh and his cock. Johannes purred, and pat him on the head. “Dohn!” Came a familiar voice. The blue mouse shot upright, and looked around, mortified. Zhu and Fjoll were both standing there looking slightly irritated. “We could use your help.” Said Fjoll. “He is helping me.” Said Johannes. “I can see that.” Zhu laughed, patting Dohn on the back. “But maybe save that for later? Fjoll has some chores he needs done.” Dohn slouched, still embarrassed and nods at the smiling beast. Dohn hefted another load into the washing machine. He pulled out a soggy jockstrap, what little remained of Fall and Mute’s transformations on top of the clothes the guys had been wearing during their workouts. It reeked of sweat. The smell was overpowering. He couldn’t resist. Dohn pressed it to his nose and huffed a deep breath. He rolled his eyes, getting hard. He looked around, made sure no one was around, and tied it over his muzzle. Then he slipped a pair of Fall’s socks over his arms and another pair over his legs. They were so long they reached his hips and shoulders. His huge calves had stretched them out a bit, so for a moment they hung loosely. Then they compressed to his shape, or so Dohn thought. The little mouse went back to the laundry and started filling up the washing machine again, not noticing his slowly growing body until he started gaining serious size. By then, he had started the cycle and was about to take the socks off before anyone came by. He stopped. He had biceps…he’d never really had any kind of muscle definition before, but this was muscle! This was bodybuilder size mass he had on his arms as he turned them over and around, flexing them, feeling how big and powerful they were. He felt his chest, and looked down to see two huge, round pecs that twitched almost of their own accord. He gasped and saw his tight abs ripple. Then, suddenly, he felt his chin bump into those pecs. The jock was becoming tight, his face swelling inside, pulling the knot in the elastic he had tied even tighter. He couldn’t get it off. Dohn started to panic. He screamed. Zhu was jacking off when he heard it, overwhelmed by the memories of what Rohr had done to his friends. He felt a little bad for them, since this had happened so suddenly, but they were in good spirits. But then he heard Dohn scream, and immediately leapt into action. “What happened?” He asked, rushing into the living room completely and hard as a rock, his thick cock bouncing furiously. Fjoll came out, paused at the sight of Zhu nude and erect, but he kept his composure. “Is he near?” Fjoll was all business. In his big hand was a hunting rifle. Johannes looked worried. “No! No, I uh…” Dohn said as he waddled out from the laundry room. His voice was muffled by the jock stretched over his face. The socks were starting to split at the arms and his upper thighs. He could barely move. They gawked as he crab walked sideways to pass through the door. “Are those Mute’s socks?” Fjoll asked. “Oh…uh.” Dohn stammered. Zhu tugged at the jockstrap around his face. “Did you do this?” he asked. “I couldn’t help myself!” He spluttered. “I like underwear, but this was different. OH!” He moaned as the jock finally split, revealing the huge brick of a chin he now had. His fat lips came spilling out. He smacked them, tried to feel them but he could barely bend his arms. When he finally managed, huge holes burst open in his socks. “Pheromones?” Johannes rubbed one of his nipples as he stood up. “Perhaps our musk was too powerful for him to resist.” “You certainly primed him earlier.” Fjoll said, snarkily. Zhu pressed the sock to Dohn’s muzzle and held it there. Almost instantly, his face began to expand again. The shape of his heavy lips pressed against the material as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. His heavy cock stood at full attention, and then Zhu slipped another one over it to watch it swell several feet long as his friend moaned. “Looks like we might be moving in.” said Zhu as he swatted Dohn’s groping hands away from his cock. “The more the merrier.” Fjoll shrugged, sounding exasperated. “This gives me an idea.” Zhu said. “Come on!” Zhu barked. “Move those muscles!” The evening air was thick with the smell of musk and sweat as the brutes worked their freakish bodies. Oddly enough, despite being the smallest of the brutes, it was Dohn who had the hardest time. His muscles made him into a thick block with almost no range of motion whatsoever. His thick, heavy cock was not as dexterous as Fall’s or Johannes’ who had quickly adapted theirs to become almost fully prehensile. They could lift logs and boards, rocks, and even people. Zhu couldn’t stop laughing when Fall snaked his shaft around his waist and lifted him up, into the air. Then he passed him off to the massive columns that were his nipples and cradled him like a baby. Despite the difficulty of actually bending his arms and legs, Mute had quickly realized he was still fully mobile, if not more so than the average person because he could propel himself with the new shapes his muscles have taken. The tops of his feet were so long he could reach up and catch a branch, as long as it was strong enough to bear his immense weight. Then he was able to swing himself along or snag another branch with the tubes of flesh that were each of his individual muscle group. The only problem was that it was hard to make out where Mute really was amidst his many bulging tendrils and tubes of muscles. “Come on, guys! Work!” Zhu cheered them on. Fall and Johannes challenged each other to a race, galloping on their foot pads down to the lake. Fjoll and Zhu followed, making Dohn do lunges with huge weights strapped to his back. They had a feeling the weights themselves weren’t really doing much, but at least they were something. If anything, it was more the sheer effort of moving so much that had Dohn completely covered in sweat, wheezing as if he were about to die. “Keep going.” Fjoll barked at him. “All the way down.” Dohn couldn’t really perform a full lunge, but what little he could do was acceptable given the great effort he seemed to be exerting. Zhu and Fjoll kept their eyes peeled on the forest. Mute swung from tree to tree after his friends, hooting like a beast. He could move so fast like that, the only think they really noticed were the massive balls that swung behind him. “All this musk should bring him running.” Said Zhu. “Rohr is a cunning beast. He will strike when he sees a window of opportunity.” Said Fjoll, stroking his beard, nervously. “I think I’m gonna throw up!” Dohn heaved. “Keep going or I’ll climb on top.” Zhu threatened. “Keep going or I will climb on top.” Fjoll threatened as well. Dohn whined and kept on. “Guys!” Dohn called for them He looked confused. “I-I think something is wrong.” That was when they saw him. He wasn’t particularly tall or massive by their standards, but he was fit and strong looking. He was sprawled across Dohn’s front, just under his pecs where he couldn’t see, sucking on his nipple, pulling it out, making it long and huge. The vampire pulled it out of his mouth with a satisfied smack. Then he moved to the other. Dohn rolled his eyes and moaned, rocking on his feet as his muscles began to expand rapidly. Soon his nipples were longer than Fall’s. Rohr climbed up his pecs and planted a wet kiss on the mouse’s lips, instantly they exploded to massive proportions, practically hanging off his chin as he slurped back drool. He sucked the tip of his nose, and it shot forward so far Pinocchio would be jealous. He licked all over his forehead and up his head. His face exploded in a surge of muscle. His already heavy chin and jawline shot outward and thickened until it he nearly lost balance. Luckily, his muscles quickly caught up but he became so top heavy he fell backward, onto his steadily blooming ass. Dohn let out a deep, garbled scream as his head from the brow up shot upward in a massive pillar of veiny muscles. He widened his eyes in shock, and then they widened even farther until they were practically bulging out of his head. “AAAAUGH!” He howled as his eyes elongated into stalks, pulling out of their sockets like a deranged cartoon. They rushed him, but Rohr was too fast. He slunk down Dohn’s arm, opposite them, and sucked furiously on his fingers before dashing away. Dohn rotated his eye stalks and studied the damage. His fingers were long, hideous things that twisted around each other. “Wash he djoing choo me?!” He slurred, unused to his new mouth. Zhu got to him just as he began to fall over, and he was practically smothered by a forest of smelly armpit hair. Fall lumbered over and rolled the still growing mouse over, freeing their friend. Zhu felt strange as his body tensed and began to grow. It was slight, but he flexed his strong hands was amazed at the newfound power flowing through him. He chuckled and hardly noticed as a pair of hands wrapped around his waist. Then they tightened their grip, and he felt something kissing and sucking on his backside. Even before, he could never really reach his back, and as it began to rapidly expand, it became harder and harder to reach his waist. “He’s on me! He’s on me!” Zhu cried as he twisted and turned. It felt like he was giving Mute a piggyback ride as the vampire orc crawled around the swelling muscles, licking each group, sharp teeth gently passing over his tough skin. Soon Zhu had each part of his back muscles pulled so long they became short stumps that he could move individually. Before they grew too long, however, Fjoll came charging at him with his axe. “Stand still!” Rohr swung around to Zhu’s front, smiled wickedly at him, and began to suck on his horns. Amazingly, they began to grow and grow as Zhu panicked and tried to force the orc off him. “Hold him, Zhu!” Fall bellowed as he rushed toward him as fast as his huge body would allow. Then he felt an immense weight push him from behind. Then Fall was on them, and slammed his body into them, pinning them between himself and Mute’s massive body. Zhu laughed triumphantly as they had him pinned before he began to notice a sucking sensation on his neck. Only a few months later, and Rohr was free again, but this time, they had let him go. It hadn’t been easy, but after they had tied him up and given him time to calm down, they found him to be less of a beast than they originally thought. In fact, he was quite intelligent and very charming. He had simply been alone for so long, that he had given up on himself, on ever finding others like him, and thus had foregone the creeds and codes of his people. Finally captured, he had been forced to meet his victims, and they pitied him. They saw real remorse in his eyes, and he resolutely decided that he would do whatever he could to do right by them. And so he did. There was nothing they could to do reverse the changes, though after a while the guys started to enjoy their new forms. They had always had a passion for growth and strength, in freakish size and unnatural body proportions. Now they were the ultimate example of that state. Surrounded by so many happy, engorged faces, Johannes began envying the others. That said, he felt it would be better to work his muscles the old-fashioned way, well…as close to old fashioned as he could. He sure had plenty of space. The cousins were able to build him a forge as he worked on the dexterity of his hand pads. When he was ready, he was like a machine. “I’m so strong, I have so much energy, I can go for hours.” He said proudly, prowling along with the long, tough pads of his feet, hardly moving his legs at all. Soon they had become so muscular, even the muscles on top of his feet began to bulge and stack until they could move on their own as well. Fall and Fjoll’s house quickly became its own compound as the brutes all worked together to erect houses for each of them. Rohr showed them their pecs could be milked, and Johannes leapt at the opportunity to construct a series of pumps custom made to each freak’s nipples. They could lay there for hours on end, pumping themselves, filling huge vats which went back into them to fuel further growth. When they weren’t being pumped, they stretched massive socks and tight underwear over their bodies, allowing their sweat to soak through them. Then, when they were in the mood, they could dig through the filthy pile and stretch the huge garments over their bodies and grow their parts as much as they wanted. They were able to get back at Rohr this way. They pinned him down and stretched socks over every muscle group until the orc was a writhing mass of prehensile muscles. He took it all in stride and adapted quickly. He could even use his hair like huge ropes, and snag branches to swing himself along. The guys didn’t mind at all, as long as he kept his urges under control. But then, one a particularly hot and sunny day, Rohr was out exploring, and he came across a handsome couple out on a hike. One was a big lion, the other a slender little labrador. They paused to catch their breath in the shade, and that kinky little lab pulled down his boyfriend’s tight, worn shorts down to make him roar. He flared his huge fangs and bellowed like a wild beast. His smell alone made it easy to find them. Rohr figured the mountain brutes wouldn’t mind some new faces every now and then. There would be consequences, but he certainly didn’t mind.
  9. My Brother the Dairy Farm I was supposed to post this on a specific day but I forgot to do so... either way... here it is... This is a story of rescue, love, and quite a few adult sexual themes. There are young but NOT under-aged characters who engage in sexual activity in a variety of ways so if that sort of thing offends you then please stop reading as of this sentence. All characters who engage in sexual activity are over the age of 18 and while there are younger characters featured in the story they do not engage in sexual acts. Only characters of legal age engage in sexual acts in this story. All characters are original creations and any similarities to any existent characters is entirely coincidental and unintentional. There are a mixture of human and furry characters in the futuristic setting of this world and the laws on this planet differ from the laws of twenty first century earth. This story not only features sexual situations with young characters (not under-aged) but also features lactation, muscle growth, excessive cum, super strength, and quite a few other kinky themes. Consider yourself forewarned and if you are still reading after this paragraph then enjoy the ride! It is the year 2785 and mankind has reached for the stars. They have colonies all over the Milky Way galaxy. Some are on shared colony worlds while others are on planets that were terraformed by the Sol Alliance. This story takes place on the distant terraformed colony planet of Minos. A world so distant that the Sol government regulations were mostly lax. The planet, as all the other colony worlds, had its own government along with it's own set of laws and policing system. In this case the law enforcement was called the Minos Guard. It should also be mentioned that by this point in the future, gene splicing in the twenty-eighth century has become as common as getting a tattoo would have been in the twentieth century. So in other words, people have modified themselves to be better specimens of what they consider physical perfection... whether that means increased intelligence, enhanced strength, animal attributes, or most any modification they deem fit. Colonists all received basic intelligence, strength, and genitalia improvements prior to their arrival a century prior to help make their lives easier in starting the colonization. The way the world is now would resemble a twentieth century Earth with a few futuristic comforts. There were subdivisions that had ordinary houses, cities with giant buildings, vast farm lands with distant neighbors, and most regular folks lived in those places. Everyone has hover cars or jump ships for travel and some of the more rich citizens live in floating buildings or even floating cities depending on their preference. This story however takes place on a small farm at the end of Holenderry Lane. The farm had a house out front that sort of capped off the end of the street in it's sub division and behind the house was some farm land, quite a few silos, and even a few barns and other farm houses. This particular farm was the home of Zandros Northcott and his father Oliver, or Ollie as he was often called. Ollie was a single father and a gay man who had sex once with a woman and was then stuck with a child as the result. He and his son were both born mods on the world of Minos. At thirty eight, Ollie was an eight and a half foot tall wall of feline muscles. He was a lion with red and white fur and a face framed by a fiery orange mane. His chest and underbelly had the majority of his white fur, along with the fur of his face, but aside from his golden orange mane, and the treasure trail of fur that ran down his chest to his crotch, a tuft of the gold fur on the end of his tail, plus the gold fur on his forearms and calves, the rest of his fur was apple red. He had humanoid hands and feet, which were oversized even for his massive frame, and his genitalia was also decidedly humanoid and not sheathed as many who took the fur mods chose to be. Zandros, as a ten year old boy, stood a mere four feet six inches in height but was muscular for his age. One might say he had a lithe muscular build even at such an age. Although he had not reached puberty at ten, his head was still framed by the same mane that his father had thanks to his bred-in modifications from generations prior. The pair also shared another unique thing in that despite the red, white, and gold coloration elsewhere on their bodies they had the most brilliant hazel eyes. In point of fact, Ollie shared all the exact same colorations of his father and in public there would be no mistaking that they were father and son. They lived a happy and peaceful life in their two story home at the end of Holenderry Lane but as with many a story, their lives were about to change forever. It was a summers eve when the Vandervet dairy farm caught fire. No one knows the root of the cause but when the ash settled there was only one survivor. A young bovine lad named Henry. Henry was two years younger than Zandros but being that their farms were not far away they had played together and even became good friends at the local park over several summers. The impact on young Henry had driven the bovine male to silence. There was no question in Ollie's eye and he took in the young man without question. Within a week he was sharing a bedroom with Zandros and within a month it was as though he were a part of the Northcott family. The boys became best friends and spent all their time together. It wasn't until Zandros went through puberty that he began to notice his younger brother in a different light. Henry Vandervet looked relatively like a human with a deep tanned skin. Atop his head he had black and white hair and a small pair of bull horns that protruded from the sides. His ears were more like those of an elf than of a human and his eyes were twin cerulean blue pools. He often wore only tank tops and basketball shorts, both of which were almost always stretched over immaculate muscles that rivaled those of his older brother. He often either went barefoot or just wore a pair of sandals and his brother found that very attractive... but that was just the thing. Zandros didn't want those kinds of feelings. Not towards his brother. He loved him ever so and didn't want anything to come between them, much less his awkward fresh puberty driven boners. Zandros spent years hiding his feelings and in that time felt his attraction to his best friend and adopted brother only grow stronger but in his eighteenth year, after receiving a doctorate in molecular biology, the lion was to go on an expedition for the Ferios corporation to an uncharted world as chief science officer. The opportunity was impossible to resist and his time in that mission would bring him away for two years. With tearful goodbyes he left his family farm and departed to go to on his two year mission across the stars. While separated by lightyears, he still called his father and brother every day. They would talk for hours and their bond never wavered despite the distance. The time flew by Zandros made more than one discovery on the ancient world and some that he had to keep secret despite his desire to share. The years flew by and it was time to return home. He found that his family's business was booming and that they converted the farm strictly to a dairy now while he was gone. There weren't a whole lot of details but with the business doing so well his father was actually away on a business trip the day that Zandros was to return. There were many apologetic messages but he made sure things were prepared for a return into luxury. Zandros was particularly happy to get back to see Henry. Despite that time apart he felt that their bonds had only grown stronger. The desires he felt for his adopted brother and best friend only strengthened since his early days of puberty. He had tried to have other relationships but nothing ever felt right. He had never felt that same bond that he had with Henry and on his return he was going to tell his brother. It was going to be a part of his birthday present. The day he was coming back was the day of Henry's 18th birthday. A milestone of a day and Zandros felt the excitement building within him. The lion at twenty was now a bit bigger than his dad was the day they adopted Henry. He stood eight and a half feet tall of massive muscle and on his flight back he wore black tank top with a white vest, a pair of black cargo shorts that bulged obscenely with his muscles and package, a pair of gladiator sandals on his feet, and a multicolored bracelet on each wrist. The intergalactic ship zipped through the stars and he felt his comm vibrate. Zandros pulled out the small rod of a device and a screen popped open. He saw Henry's beautiful, youthful, smiling face appear on his screen, “Hey Zand! Are you excited? I'm excited. I can't believe it's been two whole years just talking to your face on screens... and now you're nearly back here!” “I know! I think I'll touch down planetside in fifteen minutes terran time,” said Zandros, “It's gonna be so awesome to see more than just your face on a tiny screen now. Sorry dad won't be there for your birthday.” “Eh,” Henry shrugged, “I'm pretty sure it was intentional...” Zandros quirked an eyebrow, “Huh? Why do you say that?” Henry chuckled, “Nothing bad. I just told him I wanted some alone time with my big bro and I think he came up with that flimsy business trip excuse so he could get out of our hair for a week while we got to spend some time together.” “Heh, yeah. That sounds like something dad would do,” Zandros smiled, “So I guess I'll just get a hovercab back to the old homestead after I get back.” “Whaaaaaat?! Are you kidding me, Zand?” Henry almost seemed hurt but he just couldn't stop smiling, “I'm waiting at this space port for you. We aren't going to lose a second together. I got a whole day planned for us together.” “Oh? Well I've got a few presents for you and something I wanted to say but I guess I'll just wait till we're up close in person to tell you all that and give you that and oh my gosh we are finally gonna hang out after two whole years and I can't wait any more!” Zandros went through a slew of emotions in a single run on sentence and then inhaled deeply afterwards, “Maybe I should just tell you what I got you now.” Henry shook his head, “Nuuuuuuuuuu! Don't ruin the surprise! I'm gonna hang up and I'll see you at the spaceport big bro!” “Okay okay okay. I'll see you in a few Henry. Love you!” he smiled. “Love you too, Zand! Bye bye!” the bull man stuck out his tongue in a very silly smile and the video call zipped to an end. Zandros smiled and tucked the com bar back in the pants of his cargo shorts. He pulled out a pair of sunglasses as they entered atmo and the sky went from the starry dark to early morning day in just a few moments time. The starship came to a safe landing. Twenty minutes in the baggage claim area and Zandros felt his pocket buzz again. He pulled it out to see a text from his brother that read, “Hey! Everything alright? Thought you'd have landed by now.” He texted back, “Waiting for my bags. Hope they didn't lose my stuff. I'll text on my way out.” As if on cue his bags came through right after he hit send on that text. He had four large suitcases filled to the brim but carried them with ease, one in each hand and one under each arm as the muscular lion made his way out of the baggage claim to the pickup area. He saw several hover cars but didn't recognize either his family truck or car anywhere. He walked past a massive hover limo when the window in back rolled down and he saw his brother's handsome face peek out. “Zand! Over here!” his brother called out. Zandros walked over and Henry smiled, “Just toss your stuff in back and I'll scooch over.” The trunk opened and the massive lion set his bags inside. He pulled out a couple of present boxes wrapped in shiny foil paper. He looked them over and took a deep breath for what he had to tell the man he knew for most of his life as his brother. He closed the trunk and saw the door was open, then he went inside and was engulfed entirely by something warm and amazing. “Oh I'm so happy to have you back! I've missed you so much. You have no idea,” Henry was practically sobbing. Zandros left when he was just sixteen but it appears that his brother had quite the growth spurt in their time apart. When he left, Henry was six feet tall and had muscles to rival his own. Now that he was back he saw that Henry's muscles had surpassed his... by a lot. He was a ten foot tall behemoth of humanoid bovine masculinity. He looked to see his brother wearing red sandals, a red kilt, and red a stretchy shirt that looked like it was painted on and left his arms completely exposed. In the middle of his pecs there was a hole open to expose the center of his pectoral cleavage. Zandros had never been turned on this much in his entire life. He sat quietly and just stared after they broke the hug. “Bro? Brother? Zand? Zandros? Hellooo? Are you alright?” Henry asked as he waved a hand in front of Zandros' face. Zandros shook his head and blinked a couple times, “W-wow... you got a whole lot bigger, Henry.” “Oh yeah,” he rubbed the back of his head, stretching his shirt to the max as his arm flexed to immense proportions, “I guess I should have warned you about that. Turns out my birth parents did a whole lot more genetic tampering than they ever let on... I think I would have to show you what I mean but not yet. Today we gotta hang out and just enjoy each others company.” Zandros smiled and nodded so happy to see his best friend after two years apart. He almost forgot he had gifts when the door closed and the limo took off. He saw the wrapping paper sparkle and he held them out for Henry, “Speaking of our hang out, I got these for you. Happy birthday!” Henry was almost like a little kid, his legs bouncing as he took both the presents in his massive hands. Zandros admired how he seemed to be pretty much hairless except for the hair atop his head, leaving his immaculately tanned skin exposed to the elements. He was definitely going to have to talk to his brother about that stuff sooner than later. Henry opened the first present and pulled out a small blue glowing rod... well... small in his hands at least. He pushed a button on one end and the small rod leaped from his hand and turned into a small blue dog made of light. Henry's eye's lit up, “Oh my goodness! What is this thing?” Zandros giggled, “This is an invention of mine. One of a few I made like this. I call him Synth. He has the ability to transform into a number of different animals on command, all made of light, and he can even turn into a musical instrument if you wanted.” The small glowing dog hopped into Henry's arms and he pet it happily, “Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!” “Don't forget your other gift,” said Zandros as he pointed to the other box. Henry set Synth on his lap and then tore open the paper on his other present and dumped the content in his hands. It was a small dog collar that had Synth's name on the front and Henry's contact information on back. Henry wasted no time in putting the collar on his new pet but then set Synth on the ground. He reached over and scooped up his brother into his arms and said, “Best big brother ever.” He hugged long and hard and Zandros hugged back when he felt himself start to get hard, he pushed off but couldn't get away without a kiss on the cheek first. The lion chuckled and wanted to tell his brother of his feelings but then instead said, “So where are we going first?” Henry didn't let his brother leave his lap and held him firmly in place, “First we are going to the movies for an early show. Then we are going to a restaurant for a late lunch and then we are gonna hang out at home for a quiet night in of board games... after I tend to some duties on the dairy farm that is...” “Sounds like a fun day,” Zandros smiled. They chatted and caught up about Zandros' expedition and the places he had gone among the stars. His brother told him of the goings on back home with all their neighbors and the local friends they shared. The movie came and went, but during it, Henry kept his arm around his brother and Zandros was all to happy to lean his head on his brother's massive pec like the most compfortable pillow he'd ever known. The sexual desires faded as he felt their bond strengthen to something more. Something in the silence shared between them as the pictures flickered up on that screen was more than words could say. They made their way to a buffet afterwards and between the two of them they nearly ate the place empty. Henry paid double for both of them and apologized for their heavy consumption. Afterwards it was time to head back to the farm. The automated limo dropped them off and then zipped off into the skies. It was good to be back at their house but on arrival, Zandros noticed Henry seemed a bit... fidgety. “Everything alright Henry?” Henry seemed nervous, “Uh... yeah... it's fine. If you go get your bags in the house I'll be along in a little while. Just need to check on some things in the barn first.” Henry sprinted off so fast that he left his sandals behind and ran barefoot to the back of the house. Zandros shrugged the strangeness off and then took his bags into his childhood home. He saw the familiar places that were all made bigger and heavily reinforced for his dad's weight and that of his two huge sons. Zandros took off his sandals and walked the halls up and down. He ran his hands over familiar bannisters and looked through some old family photos. That's when he noticed his brother had been gone for a long time. He checked his comm and saw the time. Henry had been gone over an hour. Zandros got worried and ran out the back of the house, leaving his comms behind. He got to the back yard and saw a sight that stunned him. He had been so focused on his brother that he didn't even notice the massive silos that went on for a mile back from the barn, each one standing ten stories tall. They said Northcott Dairy on the sides and he saw several automated hover tanker trucks that would park next to the silos, fill up, and then zip off over the horizon. Presumably they were going off to some kind of processing or packaging plant elsewhere on Minos. Zandros didn't have time to focus on that as he ran to the barn and heard the sound of fluids rushing fast through a series of pipes. Inside he heard the sounds of moaning and some kind of machine humming rhythmically. He opened the door and saw Synth run out to chase a rabbit through the field between the barn and the house... then he walked inside and saw something that made his jaw drop to the floor. It was his brother, stark naked, and hooked up to a machine. He was faced away from the doors but as Zandros walked around he saw there were two giant pumps hooked up to his nipples and an incredibly massive pump sucking on his gargantuan cock. The ten foot tall bull stood and his powerful toes flexed into the concrete under foot like it were sand. His nipples must have been six inches long and super thick, really filling out the milkers. His cock was another story. Four feet long and ten inches across from side to side, if Zandros were to guess. That was it. It was all his pants could take. His own twenty six inch long, incredibly thick, boner ripped free of his pants and alerted his brother to his presence. Henry started to cry and tried to cover himself with his massive hands to obscure the view his brother got, “No! Look away. I'm a freak... I didn't want you to find out like this... not like this...” “Find out that you make some of the milk on the farm?” asked Zandros, “Now I see what you meant by your birth parents doing more modification to you than we thought.” Henry cried as his brother stared, “I'm a huge hideous freak. I kept getting bigger and bigger and so did my mmmm orgasms... then I started to lactate... dad set this up to helpmmm me control it and keep from milking everywhere... then it turned out people liked my milk... And I kept making more and more... now I'm a freak who needs to get milked every day. I'm not part of the dairy farm. I am the dairy farm. I fill silos every day with my milk and cum. I'm a freak and I just wanted one perfect day with my perfect brother before he found me out and knew I was a freak just like the people that used to work the farm.” “Henry...” Zandros walked up to his brother and wiped his tears away, “I love you Henry.” “Like cause we're family and cause you have to sure...” said the massive bull man still sobbing a bit. “No!” said Zandros, “More than that. I think you are the sexiest, kindest, and most wonderful person I know. I've loved you for years. I should have said something years ago but I was too chicken. I love you and I will never hurt you. I realize seeing you now that not only was there never anyone else I could love like you but there never will be.” He hugged his brother, stradling the massive cock still being sucked by that machine, his own boner interrupting their caring moment when it accidentally wedged between his brother's pecs. Henry looked down and saw his brother's massive pink cock then said, “You... you really don't think I'm a freak?” “I think I've never been more turned on in my life than I am right now,” said Zandros, “I'm only sorry I never said something sooner. I love you, Henry.” Henry hugged his brother close and they kissed on the lips. It was long and hard and filled with years of repressed passion all coming out in a single blow. He felt and heard the milk production only increase faster and faster as they did. Henry pulled off only to say, “I love you too Zandros... I-I-I really do... I think I did even back when we were on the playground... When you left I never felt so much pain. I missed you so much.” “I'm never leaving you again. You are mine and I shall stay with you forever, my love,” said Zandros as he kissed his brother again. Henry flexed his massive pecs around the humanoid lion cock wedged between them and the lion let out a moan. He flexed again and again giving his bro the pec job of a life time. He grabbed Zandros by the rump and lifted him so that the massive lion cock met with his mouth and then he began to suck and lick over the leaking head. Zandros braced himself on the meatiest pecs he had ever had the pleasure of witnessing. His one true love was sucking his cock while cumming so much that his huge cock was filling silos of bull semen and milk. The whole experience overwhelmed him to the point where he got no warning. He just came and came hard. Not as much as his brother but still a few dozen gallons of lion seed pumped down that bull man's throat and into his belly, bulging it out. When the orgasm ended, Henry pulled the cock from his mouth and licked his lips, “You have no idea how long I wanted to do that... some times I would watch you masturbate and I would cum without touching myself.” The lion panted in his lover's arms and had no words. He kissed him again and then heard his brother moan loudly. Suddenly he felt the ground quake a bit and some of the milk and cum from his brother started spurting out from the sucking devices. A red light went off and so did an alarm. “What happened?” asked Zandros. “I'm putting out too much too fast. Didn't open enough silos... can't hold back... never this turned on... gonna burst a couple silos again...” said Henry. Zandros hopped off his brother and looked at the monitors of the silos outside and saw two of them start to bulge bigger and bigger. He looked over the controls, “What do I do?” Henry was rubbing his pecs as more and more milk erupted from him, “Hit the switches... Open some more silos... Save the milk...” He found some switches for the silo controls and opened a few more with toggles. The alarms stopped and the silos on the monitors unbulged. He breathed a sigh of releif and stayed with his brother. He knelt at the bull man's feet and started to rub and kiss them, working his way up the calves to his enormous and hyper productive balls. He sniffed, licked, kissed, kneades and caressed those balls for all he was worth, feeling them swell and contract as they continued their onslaught of a constant orgasm. He worshipped his bull brother for hours and finally he finished milking with several more silos full of their family product. Several more feline orgasms painted the walls of the barn before they were through. After they had finished they were both tuckered out. They took a shower together and then went to bed. They shared the same bed and slept naked with Henry on his back and Zandros sleeping atop him on the best muscle bed he could have asked for. Henry loved the feel of the soft lion fur on his body. The pair snuggled and cuddled close through the night. The next day was to be yet another milestone that neither of them would forget. The following morning Zandros was going to share another secret with his brother and hope for the best.
  10. Hello all! Here is my next story, commissioned by the wonderful Bahamut6sic6 and his friends Nex Anima Canis and Frank. I was given permission to post the story here for your reading pleasure. It is very much a departure from my previous work, but it was very fun to work on any way. This one wound up being about forty pages long, so buckle up. Warnings in the tags. Hostile Takeover Frank stepped out of his Hummer and inhaled deeply. The wind in the cool night air wouldn’t have seemed too special to the average human, plagued as they were with inferior noses. But Frank was no average human. At seven feet tall, and almost seven hundred and sixty pounds, he towered over every other human left on the continent after the advent of the furs. There were only ten other humans in the city, and that was how Frank liked it. His own kin were too weak for him. He inhaled again, taking a long drag of the air as if it were a drug. The almost imperceptible aroma of testosterone and sweat filled his head. Frank turned and looked across the street. A bright pink neon sign glowed in the early evening, announcing in bold letters: BONECRUSHER GYM. Frank smiled. If the stories he had heard were true, he was in for a very interesting night. He crossed the street, not bothering to look for oncoming traffic. What was the point? He was more of a danger than any car ever could be. Not even the freight trains that ran across the southwestern deserts could have put a dent in him. “I can smell him in there. God… this is going to be fun.” Ignoring the closed sign on the door, he pushed his way in. Clang…fffff…clang…ffff…clang… the unmistakable sound of someone bench pressing floated across the gym to Frank. Tall as he was, he could see over almost all of the machines and soon found his prey. He licked his lips, slightly stunned by what he was seeing. There, in the corner of the weight room was an absolute monster of a wolf, standing facing the mirror. His broad back made it impossible to see his reflection, or even the ends of the barbell that was clearly in front of him based on the sound. “C’mon, ya little punk. You’re only benching 225 right now, two plates on either side. This is light weight. You want the other bears at work to make fun of you? You’re a fucking grizzly, for Wolf Christ’s sake. Fucking act like it!” Frank could feel his ten-inch cock start to plump up. This guy was every bit the muscle monster he expected. He heard what sounded like a whimper from the bench. “What? You’ve only done five sets. You weakling. I guess we’re done for the night.” Bang. The weight was re-racked unceremoniously in the stands on either side of the bench. “And who might you be, to come to my gym so late?” The huge, black wolf turned to face Frank. He was eight feet tall if he was an inch, looking over the human’s head by a fair margin. The red stringer that he was wearing left very little of his torso to the imagination. Pecs like concrete pillows stretched the straps, bulging out on the sides. A whistle on a neon yellow cord dangled between them, stuck in the deep crevice. Huge nips, the size of silver dollars, jutted out from his pecs. His thick abs were also visible, looking deep enough to lose a few fingers in. Frank could see now that the wolf wasn’t totally black. His chest and stomach were covered in white fur that came up to the underside of his muzzle. There were also thick patches of brown fur on his chest and his chin. His massive arms would have put the grizzly behind him’s thighs to shame. They outclassed the bears legs by at least eight inches. His legs also strained his khaki shorts to the breaking point. Frank could see where they were already starting to split along the seams. Then there was that massive bulge, jutting out from between his legs. Frank was practically salivating. The wolf put his hand on the barbell behind him and curled his massive paw around it. “The name’s Frank. I just moved here from quite a way away. I heard there was a big man’s gym here in town that stayed open late for…ah… personal training.” Now the wolf was looking him up and down. The human in front of him was massive compared to others of his species. Seven feet tall, and almost shrink wrapped in a button-down shirt and a pair of cream-colored slacks. The striations on his pecs were visible, even through the cotton and the vertical stripes. Frank grinned, catching the wolf scanning his torso. He felt his cock throb in his slacks, and he gave his pecs a little bounce. The rubbing fabric stimulated his nipples, causing them to harden and poke out of his shirt. Frank gestured at his body and said “I mean, I need a pretty tough workout partner to keep up with me. What’s your name, big dog?” “Nex Anima Canis.” said the black wolf. Then, faster than almost any eye could follow, Nex jerked the barbell from the stand, one-handed, and threw it at Frank’s chest. Frank’s arm snapped up and he stopped the flying weight, straight armed and one-handed. The wolf cocked an eyebrow at this. Nobody had ever passed that test before. There was still a stain on the far wall behind Frank from the last guy, who had been about six inches shorter and much more delicate. “But you can call me Nex. Gotta say, man, I’m impressed. Not too many humans left and you coulda died. Shouldn’t you be avoidin’ risking your life?” Frank just smiled and grabbed either side of the barbell, his massive wingspan enough to reach either end with no trouble. Then, slowly and almost effortlessly, Frank began bending the bar into a knot, looping the ends past each other. “Pretty impressive, Frankie boy. You’re gonna be replacing that though, Olympica bars don’t come cheap.” The bear behind him was salivating. It was obvious that Frank was getting aroused by showing off his strength. With his amazing hearing, Nex listened as the teeth of the zipper on Frank’s slacks began snapping apart. The human dropped the bar with a clang on the concrete floor, chipping it. “So, puppy, interested in a little competition? I need a real big guy to actually work me out any, and there’s never been any one that can really help me. I’ve literally blown through eight workout partners in the past six months. It’s part of why I left home.” Frank sighed and began unbuttoning his shirt. Tailored clothes like this were expensive, and he had already heard some threads snapping along his lats when he pulled that barbell stunt. “I want to have somebody I can use my freakish strength on, somebody that’s not going to break the first time we arm wrestle.” He shucked his shirt, exposing his godly torso. Though not as tall as Nex, he was proportionally almost the same size. The bear’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw the marble, paper-thin skin on Frank’s torso. “I’m a lot denser than most guys, which makes it hard to play any real games with them.” Nex nodded, knowing exactly what he meant. “I propose we have a bit of a power competition. Some lifting, some wrestling, some…” A malevolent light danced in his eyes. “…other stuff.” Nex perked up at that, his tail wagging right to left. Frank eyed the bear on the bench. “What do you say, cub? Want to help us out? We need someone to start us off.” The bear nodded slowly. These two gods wanted him to help! Frank looked back at Nex. “Any other guys here about his size? I already know what I want the first event to be in our little competition.” “Yeah, hang on. There’s one other guy on the third floor doing his weekly cardio. HEY, JOEY! HOP DOWN HERE! WE NEED YOU FOR SOMETHING!” The shout from the massive wolf shook the rafters, dust falling from the ceiling. “Four floors, no intercom. I don’t fit in the elevator anymore, so I only go up to the fourth when I’m ready to sleep or bed somebody. I ain’t goin’ up to the third floor when my lungs work just as well.” Frank nodded appreciatively. Watching Nex expand his lungs in preparation for that shout had been a real treat. His whistle was now lodged perfectly between his massive pecs. “You should know, if you’re as strong as I think you are, nothing in this gym is going to even give you a pump.” Nex walked over to the huge multi-station machine, ducked under it and began to shoulder press it. “See? I have to go to the railyard just to maintain the mass I’ve got.” A pounding on the stairs started to get louder and louder. A kangaroo, about ten pounds heavier than the grizzly, burst through the door, chest heaving. “Jo-jo, this is my new friend, Frankie. He and I are gonna have a little competition. You and cubby here are gonna help us with the first event, which is…?” Nex turned to Frank. “Here’s the deal. We’re going to see how well we can dominate not just these two wimps, but the whole town. We just need a starting point, and I think these bois…” You could hear the I in Frank’s voice “…are going to help us out with that.” Both Joey “Since you already belong to both of us, we both get one point.” Frank fished two counters out of his pockets and clicked them. “Each guy we dominate can give us one point, or five points if we can do it creatively. We’ll score each other. We can start at one, because both of these guys are really into us.” “L…let’s get s-st-started…” said the bear. Frank hadn’t asked for his name. He knew he was just a plaything to these gods. Frank looked at Joey and the bear. “I think I’ll take the bear, and you can have the roo. He’s more taken with you than he is with me, anyway. Our first event is going to be something to relax us a bit, to release some tension, before we really let loose. Measure their waists. Our game is ‘pump the punk.’ We’re going to take these two and show them a bit of heaven. Whichever has a thicker gut when we finish wins an extra point.” Frank looked at the roo and the bear. “Both of you, on your knees, NOW.” Unlike Nex, the human didn’t yell. His voice was a deep growl that made both Joey and the bear quiver. Their knees buckled under them and they fell to the ground on all fours. They faced away from one another, ass to ass and opened their mouths. Frank’s cock finally broke his zipper fully open and had popped out of his briefs. The huge wolf, on the other hand, had zipped his khaki shorts open and fished his cock from the confines of his underwear. Neither was fully hard, a mercy for their two victims. Where Frank’s cock was long, Nex’s was thick, like a 40 of beer. “I’m a grower, by the way.” said the wolf. “We’ll start together. One… two… three!” They shoved their cocks into the muzzles of their victims and began pumping with wild abandon. Thrust after thrust, they face fucked the two mammals. The bear reached up and began stroking Frank’s balls. Frank growled down at him, a sound that didn’t seem like it could come from a human. Nex thought he heard Frank whisper ‘You haven’t earned those’ before slapping the bear across the muzzle. The bear coughed, gagging on the human’s cock. Mucus and blood flowed from his mouth, followed by two teeth. Frank had knocked out two of the bear’s sharp, tearing teeth. Nex raised his eyebrows. Maybe this was what Frank meant by creative. He decided it was time to stop being gentle. He shoved his thick cock further down Joey’s throat, saying “Ya like that, you bitch? Open wide!” Even with his long kangaroo muzzle, Joey was having a lot of trouble taking Nex in. Lockjaw begin to set in, but Nex kept pounding. This just meant he had a tighter hole to fuck. The black wolf looked up at Frank, who was smiling in bliss. The bear was still working his cock as hard as he could, choking on the length of meat. “Hey Frank…” The human looked up at the wolf, just in time to see him crank out a massive most muscular. The coach’s whistle got lost in between his pecs and Frank was overcome with joy and lust, knowing he had found someone as strong, or stronger than, him. He screamed, a window rattling yell flowing from him as he released into the bear’s gullet. What had once been abs were now distending as his toy’s stomach filled with cum. “Fuck, that’s too much…” Nex moaned as his cock throbbed harder and bigger. Crack! He was cumming, suddenly noticing the lack of pressure on his cock. Joey’s stomach too began to swell up, filling with his manly essence. “Wow, Nex, look what you did to the poor kid.” said Frank as he extricated himself from the bear’s throat. He looked down at his cock, covered in blood and juices and said, “Lick it off, slave.” The bear’s tongue slid out and began tenderly cleaning his new master’s cock. “You really did a number on him.” Nex looked at Joey and saw his lower jaw hanging loosely. “You dislocated his muzzle with just your cock… fucking amazing. That’s worth five points, at least.” Nex reached under Joey’s armpits and hoisted him back to his feet with ease. His massive cock had snapped the roo’s jaw open. Solid food was out of the question for at least a month. It was also obvious that Nex had filled Joey’s gut up much more than Frank had done for the bear. The roo whimpered as the bear stood up to look at him. “He’ll be okay, slave.” Frank wrapped his arm around the bear’s shoulders as he tucked his cock back into his pants. “Does it hurt, Joey?” The kangaroo nodded at Frank and Nex, whimpering. “I’m so sorry buddy, but I had to win. You understand.” Nex grabbed his lower jaw and twisted it back into place. Joey screamed. “Now, come give daddy a big hug.” The kangaroo’s arms didn’t make it to the wolf’s back as his lats were too broad to wrap around. So, the wolf returned the favor. His massive arms and pecs enveloped the smaller kangaroo. Then he squeezed the littler guy in a tight hug. It was easy. He had heard that we all had a desire to squeeze cute things, ingrained deeply in our DNA. Tighter…tighter…tighter… CRRRRRACK!!! Like stepping on a box of matches wearing his work boots, Nex heard as the ribs of the kangaroo slowly shatter, followed by the unmistakable SNAP of his spine. The huge black wolf released the roo, looking at his ragdoll upper body. The destroyed ribcage must have liquified the organs in his torso, because Joey sputtered and coughed. A mix of blood, cum, and phlegm surged out of his mouth as he looked up at the black wolf. As his own eyes lost their luster, the wolf’s seemed to spark up, glowing with surprise and joy at what he had done. “Fuck yeah!” Frank cheered. “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Ten points, easy, big dog!” He tightened his own grip on the bear and pumped his free hand in the air. “That was fucking hot as shit!” Nex held Joey’s body in front of him and looked at the boi that he had just fucked to pieces. A soft hiss came out of his muzzle and he licked his chops, salivating. His cock, which had softened as he hugged the roo, was hard again. It throbbed insistently, leaking precum on the gym floor. “You can’t eat him right now, we have to keep a good body count, Nex.” The wolf looked at Frank and back down at his prize. He knew the human was right. He flung Joey’s limp body at the concrete wall, where it burst open like a balloon. “That’s going to be a mess to clean up, puppy.” “Don’t call me ‘puppy’, bitch. I’m a wolf.” Nex growled. “Yeah. I know. But I’ll domesticate you eventually.” Frank purred. Nex actually quivered at the deep voice coming from Frank’s throat. For a human, his voice was deeper than any other mammal the wolf had ever encountered. Even tigers didn’t really compare. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be savage, big dog.” He squeezed the bear in a tight headlock. The grizzly whimpered. “I mean, you’ve got to totally dominate the guys around you. You have to keep your grip…” crackle… The bear whimpered more, obviously in pain. His eyes were bugging out and turning red, blood vessels rupturing from the effort, as he clawed at Frank’s huge arm. His massive paws that could have scooped the flesh from the bones of other humans like a melon baller from a ripe cantaloupe weren’t even leaving scratches on the corded muscles of the big man’s forearms. “…tight.” Frank ratcheted the hold even harder and his captive’s eyes fluttered. Nex’s tail was wagging wildly behind him, making it easy to see through the big wolf’s calm façade. He was obviously excited at the prospect of totally dominating someone else. He reached up and scratched his huge, furry pecs. He felt something stuck in the dusty brown hair that covered the white of his torso “What the fu…” His nails hit something hard and cold in the cleavage, and he hooked it out. It felt flat, but light. A bit like a keychain. Slowly he came to realize... “My whistle! That was my favorite one too!” The brilliant yellow rope made it all the more obvious that this was indeed his whistle. The wolf had crushed it between his pecs doing a most muscular when he had dislocated the roo’s jaw. The shiny metal whistle had been flattened, curving to match the striations of his gigantic pecs. Everywhere, that is, but where the small metal ball in the whistle’s body vibrated to make the sound louder. Here the metal was spherical, enveloping the little ball. “Damn it! That thing was steel! Now I have to go find a new one…” POW! The sound of snapping bone and something much more sinister refocused Nex’s attention to the man in front of him. He was breathing a bit harder than the black wolf expected, the bear’s head having completely separated from his body. Blood sprayed freely for a moment from the headless torso, covering Frank in a film of gore. “Shit… I broke my toy.” Frank looked at the wolf. “But it was all your fault cub. That trick with the whistle… fucking hot.” The human reached up and painted the wolf’s nose with blood from his destroyed victim. “Get a good whiff cub. That is what power smells like. Everyone, every single fucking person in this town, would be at our mercy. More mine than yours, but…” Nex growled and started to roll the whistle in between his fingers. The metal formed around the ball, tightening up into a bright sphere. “So… how many points do I have so far?” “That headlock probably got you five and the knocked-out teeth another five. I’d say we’re pretty even for now. But then again…” Nex cocked his hand like he was getting ready to launch a marble. “…this is already my town. Home team advantage.” With his thumb, the wolf took aim with his newly forged bullet. Looking out the window, he could see a bird and fox pass by. With one swift thump, the steel ball flew from his hand through the window. The fox had chosen just that moment to turn and look in the gym’s windows, toward the bird. The piece of steel barreled through the tempered glass, leaving a perfectly round hole. Not a single crack. It was as if a diamond cutter had drilled through the glass, taking only what he wanted. The bird’s beak shattered, leaving behind a bloody mess of a face. The fox, however, was not so lucky. The projectile hit him squarely between the eyes. As if in slow motion, the two gods in the gym watched the front of his face cave into his sinuses as the steel orb blew through him. Like a twisted flower, his face bloomed red from the front as an explosion of blood and gray matter surged out from the back of his skull. As if he didn’t know he had died, the fox reached up to the gaping hole that was his face and crumpled. “I know where all the best targets are. I know when they’ll be around.” Frank was hard again. This wolf was new to the crushing scene, but he obviously took to it like a duck to water. This was going to be the best competition he had ever had with another man. “Lead the way then, mister twenty-five points. I want to see all these good targets.” Nex was panting. Not from exhaustion, but from the smell. Even at four stories tall and more than three thousand square feet, the gym was full of testosterone and musk. It had to be driving the wolf wild. Frank knew it was driving him nuts, and his superhuman sense of smell was nowhere near Nex’s. The wolf looked at him, taking heaving breaths. Looking resigned, he reached up and grabbed the straps of his stringer tank top. With one swift motion and a ROOOOOAR, he tore it in two, leaving red fabric pieces on the floor. The human was amazed that Nex’s shorts remained intact. He knew that his own zipper had given up the ghost the first time he got hard in the gym. “Super shorts. They don’t tear unless I really work at it.” Nex answered Frank’s question without it needing to be said. “I’m a bit like the Hulk that way.” Frank raised his eyebrows, puzzled at how the wolf knew. “Your eyes asked the question for you.” Their attention was drawn back to the window at the sound of a shriek. The bird was looking at his dead fox friend and screaming. “Shit… he’s gonna go to the cops, ain’t he?” The wolf looked a little disheartened. “I don’t want our fun to end so quickly.” The bird looked in the window and saw the two muscle gods. His eyes widened and he pointed, still screaming. Then he ran. “Yeah, there’s no way he doesn’t know it was us.” “So? Screw the cops. You saw how those two guys gave in to us, they barely struggled. Taking down a whole platoon of the national guard wouldn’t be a problem for one of us, let alone two. Let’s go have our fun.” Frank strode towards the automatic doors and watched as they slid open. All the accumulated musk from the gym rushed out, like a gas bomb that would blanket the town. Soon, all the little sub bitches would be coming to him and Nex. And they were going to crush them all. “We’re going to have as much fun as we want. Nobody can stop us.” He squatted down in front of his Hummer, wrapping his fingers under the front bumper, and lifted. The four-ton truck left the ground easily as Frank hoisted it into an overhead shoulder press. “I’m going to pump up a little bit with my car. No offense, but those light weights in your gym wouldn’t be able to even get my blood flowing.” Nex nodded. He understood. The big wolf went to the local junkyard and lifted cubed cars himself. He had surpassed his gym a very long time ago. The wolf watched as Frank’s shoulders engorged with blood, his sweat mingling with the gore on his torso. Slowly, his cock began to harden again. “Its fucking hot to watch you manhandle that truck, Frank.” Nex licked his lips and tasted the blood from Joey and the bear on his muzzle. Frank was doing overhead shoulder pressed with over four tons of weight. This kind of impossible power had never presented itself in his town before. The giant black wolf got on all fours and crawled under the truck to the human. Even though he seemed to tower over Frank normally, right now the littler human was totally in charge. “I’m gonna stand up now and take the thing from you. It seems like our little show here has attracted some admirers.” Frank turned his head and saw that there were about twenty males in the street watching him and Nex. Not a single human in sight. A huge rottweiler was breathing deeply, looking at Frank’s crotch. About six foot four, the dog was built like a Mack truck. His nubby tail was frantically shaking in his pants, huge roidgut protruding from his body. If Frank and Nex hadn’t have been there, he would easily be one of the biggest animals in the area. Frank looked at the rottweiler’s shirt. The logo for the bar in front of the gym was stretched across his chest. “What do you do at that bar, puppy?” Frank asked casually. “I-I’m a bouncer sir.” The dog was openly panting now, tongue lolling in the night air. “Oh yeah? Think you could bounce…” Frank flexed an enormous bicep right in the dog’s face “…me, if I decided to get rowdy?” Slowly, Frank began to bounce each of his pecs, rolling them in such a way that every single fiber seemed to flex and relax. The rottweiler shook his head. “Didn’t think so. I like an honest boy. Good thing for you, puppy. Come here.” The dog hesitated for a fraction of a second. “Do you think my friend is going to drop my car on you? I said, COME. HERE. NOW.” Frank didn’t have to raise his voice. The depth of it made sure it carried to every ear there. The dog jumped and ran to Frank. Nex smiled. The rottweiler had no idea what was coming. When the big dog got over to the human, Frank grinned and put a hand behind his head. With a swift pull, Frank jerked the rottweiler’s muzzle into his armpit. “Now, sniff.” The dog inhaled deeply, several times. Nex knew that apart from the gore on Frank’s body, the human had his own powerful aroma. The dog had no chance. “So, puppy… did you like that?” Now the dog was actually drooling. His eyes were lost in a dreamlike state of bliss, unfocused as if he was still searching for Frank’s scent. The rottweiler shook his head vigorously, tongue flapping in the air and flinging slobber everywhere. “You want a treat, puppy?” More nodding. The dog started to kneel, reaching for Frank’s exposed bulge. “No. Not remotely what I meant.” He looked up in disappointment. “Come here. It’s okay.” Frank put his huge hands on either side of the dog’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss, overpowering even the rottweiler’s huge, flat tongue with his own. The dog and Frank both gasped for breath as they kissed with wild abandon. Snatches of “you like that” and “harder” floated to Nex’s ears. Something else though piqued his sensitive hearing. The slight crackle crackle of something like straws snapping. Then he knew. Frank was squeezing the dog’s head as they kissed. The bones on the side of his skull were making that noise. Suddenly, in an explosion like a red water balloon, the rottweiler’s head exploded and Nex hear the clap of Frank’s hands coming together. The human spit out the dog’s tongue and looked at Nex, face covered in blood. He said two words that brought the wolf to full mast almost instantly: “Your turn.” The big black wolf scanned the crowd for a willing victim and soon spotted one. One of the only males taller than both of the powerhouses was eyeing him with wild eyes: a giraffe. Tall and thin, the giraffe looked to be about fifteen feet tall. Nex’s forearm was thicker than the thickest part of the tall mammal’s neck. “Hey, tall, spotty, and lanky.” The giraffe pointed at himself. “Yeah, you. Come here.” As the giraffe came over, Nex widened his stance a bit. “Get on your back on the ground and put your face between my legs. I wanna do some squats and need a good marker of where ‘ass-to-grass’ is. Your snout looks about right.” He nodded, complying immediately. He slammed onto his back and scooched in between the wolf’s tree trunk legs. “Now, four tons of steel is just a warmup weight for me to squat. I max about fifteen right now. You have nothing to worry about from the truck.” The big black wolf began to squat deeply, bringing his huge bubble butt to the tip of the giraffe’s nose. The heat from the wolf’s balls and crack blazed through the khaki shorts, making the giraffe acutely aware of his male scent. He opened his mouth and inhaled deeply, drawing Nex’s musk into his lungs. The giraffe’s face cracked a wide, dumb smile. He said to himself in his deep-ish voice, “Oh my god… that is such an amazing smell… I wonder…?” His long, black tongue slid out of his mouth and slowly found its way to the wolf’s crotch. Using piercing at the tip of his very flexible tongue, the giraffe hooked the wolf’s zipper. As Nex squatted and stood back up, the zipper slowly opened up, exposing a red covered bulge. The huge wolf moaned as the tall mammal’s long tongue wrapped slowly around his thickening cock and rubbed it through his cotton underwear. Frank smiled, as he knew that Nex was really enjoying himself while he dominated the thin giraffe. “Remember, I told you…” huff… huff… huff… Nex was incredibly turned on by the ministrations of the giraffe, hardening and stretching out of his now open fly. “…you didn’t have to worry about the truck. You should be more concerned about the ass moving it than the four tons of steel and plastic hanging over your head.” With that, Nex dropped the lowest he had yet, forcing the snout of his victim into his deep ass crack. His massive glutes surrounded the face of the giraffe and the huge black wolf gave a slight squeeze. The tall, thin mammal moaned, his deep voice vibrating Nex’s ass slightly. “Fuuuuck… that’s amazing.” The wolf’s glutes tightened again, as did his massive thighs. A faint ripping sound came from the legs of the khaki shorts, where it soon became apparent that they were tearing at the seams. “Moan again, little man. Your face is just right for getting in there and tickling my fancy.” The giraffe’s tongue was still sliding around Nex’s huge cock, all twenty inches of the giraffe’s muscular appendage now also sliding along his crack and the bottom of his balls through the cotton of the wolf’s briefs. “Gooood yeah. Feel the power of this massive muscle wolf’s ass.” With another squeeze, Nex felt a crack in his crack. He looked down between his legs just in time to see the tongue go limp and stop rubbing his red briefs. With a shrug, Nex went down even further, almost bringing his massive ass to the ground. As he lowered himself slowly, he could feel the shattered snout of his giraffe victim crumpled beneath the irresistible force of the massive weight of the Hummer and Nex’s muscles. Looking to his left, he could see Frank rubbing himself through his slacks, hard and leaking. The shattered giraffe head beneath him was oozing onto the pavement. “Damn, I bet the back of my shorts is just covered in blood and it makes it look like I shit myself. Might as well…” With that, the huge black wolf exploded back up to a standing position. The sudden movement proved to be too much for his shorts and the exploded off of his body, falling away in tatters. Frank licked his lips at Nex’s exposed legs and briefs. “I like the briefs, puppy. They are just the right type of cheeky.” Nex blushed deeply enough to tinge the white fur on his muzzle pink. One of the tinies whistled his appreciation and the wolf turned to face him growling. That shut the little man up pretty quickly. Nex’s briefs had been fully exposed, jammed up his crack by the giraffe’s long face. His ass was revealed in the first half of the banned full-moon pose that so many sexy bodybuilders had done so long ago. The wolf quickly slipped them out of his ass. His massive glutes had protected them from staining, revealing that they were not solid red as the crotch would lead onlookers to believe. Instead, only the front panel was red. The rest was a brilliant white, which contrasted with the wolf’s dark black fur. Nex huffed and bent over to lower the Hummer to the ground. This time it was Frank who whistled. The white briefs were stretched over his massive glutes to reveal not a solid white panel of fabric, but a gigantic decal of what appeared to be two cherries that seemed to perfectly mirror the ass beneath them, albeit in miniature. “Do those sweet cherries mean what I think they mean, puppy?” asked Frank. His cock was hardening even more in his slacks, slowly making its way to the ruined zipper. “I don’t know, little man.” Nex stomped over to the bald human and loomed over him. The wolf bounced his pecs. They were so heavy that onlookers could hear them slamming back down into Nex’s abs. The wolf flicked his tongue out, grazing the seven-foot tall monster human’s ear. “What do you think it means?” Frank hooked his thumbs into his waistband and gave a huge tug. To hell with it. These pants wouldn’t last too much longer anyway at the rate his quads were blowing up. His hairless body was a sharp contrast to the densely furred wolf. He shaved everything, from the tops of his feet to the crown of his head. His entire, smooth alabaster body was now on full display, save for a square covered by a struggling undergarment. Frank was wearing boxer briefs under the tan slacks that were wrapped tightly over his thighs and prodigious package. The were dark black except for the seams and the stitching, which were yellow and white, respectively. The human smiled at the wolf and stepped back, turning around. The globes of Frank’s ass were splashed with the image of a half-peeled banana. “I think it means the exact opposite of what my underwear are trying to suggest.” Frank bent and the banana bulged obscenely with his glutes. “I’m a dominant, hard fucking top. I am guessing those cherries mean your ass is ripe for the picking, as a submissive bottom.” The massive human looked over his shoulder at his partner in crime. The wolf’s face had cracked into a lopsided grin, showing glittering white teeth and a set of sharp, long canines. He was chuckling at the human’s suggestion. “You’re only half right, little big man. While the cherries do mean I am a bottom, I should think my display over there with our giraffe friend should show that I am by no means submissive. I get fucked, yeah. But I get fucked for keeps.” Nex’s tail was lifted and swaying gently right to left. “Any cock that gets between these cheeks…” He slapped his ass for effect, making a resounding crack! echo through the street. “…will belong to me until I am good and damn ready to let it go. That lanky man’s snoot, however, was not as pleasing as I had hoped it would be. That’s part of the reason I kept going down. He needed to be a lot strong to eat me out.” Nex clapped his hand together, knowing the road dust from the Hummer off of them. “So, with your rottweiler crush and those overhead presses…” The wolf began tallying up in his head. “I’d say you’re up about another twenty-five points. That would bring you to around fifty-five. If turning me on counted, I’d give you another ten.” Nex reached around Frank and groped his impossibly thick pec. With the claws of his forefinger and thumb, Nex tweaked the smaller man’s right nipple. “So, Frankie boy… where does that put me?” “Do not call me a boy, puppy. I am a man.” Frank growled. Several of the onlookers actually recoiled a bit, hearing the deep and frustrated noise that issued from the thick neck of the massive human. “I’m bigger than a lot of members of your species even.” “Yeah, you are boy. Yet…you still haven’t been able to domesticate this big wolf enough to call him puppy.” Nex lapped at the top of Frank’s bald head, dragging his thick tongue over the shaved dome. “So, man… how many points do I get?” Frank considered this for a moment. Watching the wolf squat his truck and subsequently blow out of his khaki shorts had been impressive, but what had really driven Frank wild was watching the wolf dominate the giraffe with just the flexing of his glutes. “I hate to say it, you big wolf, but you are at about sixty points with that little stunt you pulled with your underwear. I do not like admitting that anyone is beating me at anything.” Nex smiled behind Frank. He liked the idea that this huge, dominant man was starting to warm up to him. He had probably never seen anyone anywhere near the wolf’s size, let alone anyone that could maybe be stronger than him. Those extra five points were a real motivator to the black wolf. His massive cock twitched in his briefs. He was going to dominate this man and get him to fuck him hard. Maybe… just maybe… the human would be enough to sate his incredible sexual appetite. “So, what do you want to smash next wolfie?” Nex looked up into the crowd. He inhaled deeply, smelling the musk from his partner and smiled. Soon, both of their scents would attract much more challenging prey to their little show. But for now, they would keep going with what they had. “I think… we’d do better if we moved toward downtown. There’s not really enough men to crush here right now…” A groan came from the audience and several cellphones blazed to life. Snatches of “get to my location” and phone cameras and “I don’t care if you think you’re straight, you gotta see this!” floated to the ears of the two muscular giants. The crowd mobbed the two bodybuilders, making the street seem like it was full of molasses. The giants moved slowly, but unstoppably, forward through the mob. After about forty second of slow progress, Nex started to become impatient. He lashed out with his right arm and grabbed the head of a deer. “Move, dammit!” With a swift yank, the cervine left the ground and snapped to the right in the air. His neck cracked, broken from the force of the wolf’s furious yank. However, his body was just heavy enough that it tore from his neck. As if pulling a stem from a bunch of grapes, with a series of cracks the deer’s spine separated from his ribs as pelvis, sliding out from his neck. Nex was left holding the antlered head and spine of his quarry as the body flew across the street and through the window of a nearby restaurant. Like the Red Sea, the crowd in front of him and Frank split, coalescing behind them like ripples on the waves. “Sixty-five.” The broken window from the restaurant should have set delightful smells of dinner wafting into the street. Instead, the odor of the muscle gods overpowered the food and filled the establishment. Couples looked up from their meals, covered in the blood of the deer that had just flown in through the window. Frank stomped over to the newly made hole, his scent going before him. His pecs were covered in the blood of the bear and rottweiler he had recently crushed, leaving a sticky film of gore. Once he reached the window, he could see that the patrons were eating various types of pasta. Most likely this was some kind of chain Italian eatery that had been dolled up a bit. The massive human smiled and licked his lips. Then he took his finger and drew a heart in the gore that covered his pecs, smiling at the patrons. The herbivores and the women… they panicked out of instinct. Screams erupted from the Italian place as the scared made their way toward the emergency exits. This was a beast that could crush them, devour them, in an instant. However, many of them came to a halt and turned around as the musk from Frank, now standing at the destroyed window, flooded the place. Only the animals with the weakest sense of smell were able to resist the scent of the alpha male and run. They still wouldn’t get too far. A cow came up to Frank and pressed her breasts into his burgeoning cock, obviously in heat. He looked down, scowling. He coiled his finger back and thumped her right between the eyes, shattering her frontal bone immediately. She was dead before her body hit the floor. “No women.” He growled. “They break much too easily.” All of the female animals present sighed dejectedly. This man could mate, give them strong offspring. But they knew that they had no chance of surviving him. So, the women left. A small fennec fox started to follow until Frank cleared his throat and asked, “Where are you going?” The fox turned and looked at the monster human and pointed to his own chest. “Me?” He was dressed in the uniform of a waiter: black slacks, white shirt, black tie. He even had on an apron that did little to conceal his arousal. “Yes, you.” “I thought that…since I’m so thin and weak…” “Do not think. You are a male. I do not care how small you are. Dominating males is more challenging and fun. Come here.” The fox was shaking and slowly moved toward Frank. “Well? Do not keep me waiting, little one. Come here Füchschen. I’ll make it well worth your while.” At that, Frank lifted his arms, exposing his deep pits to the fox. His manly scent wafted over to the fennec, who gulped and moved closer. “That’s it Füchschen, come closer.” While Frank might not admit it, it was obvious to Nex that the human got off on the size difference between him and the little fox. The wolf sniggered a bit. He didn’t think Frank had noticed he had slipped into German when addressing his prize. Must be a habit, or something from his culture. Either way, it was endearing. The fox got to Frank, making the difference in their sizes all the more apparent. Where Frank was seven feet tall, this fox was barely four. Just a little higher than the waist of the big man. Without thinking, the fox raised his arms, as a child would before his father. “How much do you weigh?” “105 pounds, sir.” For a fox, he was pretty well built. Short and compact, about thirty pounds more muscle than one would expect on such a small man. “Light weight.” Frank ignored the outstretched arms and slid his hand under the fennec’s groin, cupping his entire undercarriage with his meaty paw. He lifted the fox up to face level and they began to kiss. Frank stretched his long, think middle finger up to the hole that the fur’s tail came out of. Inserting it, he worked it until the stitching became loose, ripping along the seam that held the back panels of the fox’s pants together. With his other hand, Frank popped all of the buttons on the fox’s shirt open, exposing his dust and white belly. He ran his fingers through the fennec’s fur, finding his nipples. The small fox went rigid with pleasure, moaning loudly. Frank smiled. “You see that big, black wolf over there?” The fox nodded, lost in a haze of bliss. “He and I are having a competition to see who can dominate and destroy the most of the city. Would you like to help me win?” The fox began to nod his head vigorously, ears flapping. “Good Füchschen. I want you to give us a good show. I have to earn lots of points or that wolf is going to win. Get ready.” At that, the massive human guided the little canine’s hand to his thick pec. His middle finger had found the fox’s rosebud and was gently going around it, feeling it twitch. He flexed his pec and the fox opened up slightly. Frank jammed his thick finger into the fox, spreading his anus open. The gigantic human felt a warm liquid ooze down his forearm. He looked and saw that his quarry was bleeding. “I’ve torn you open. I bet it hurts, Füchschen.” “YES!” The fennec screamed out in pain and pleasure. “Do you want me to stop?” “Fuuuuck… FUCK NO!” Even though the finger was much larger than any cock the fennec fox had taken before, even though it hurt like a motherfucker, no one had ever managed to hit his prostate like this. “Pleeeasee… keep going…” His voice had become little more than a whine. “Do you like this?” Frank began slowly pistoning his finger in and out of the fox. Each move brushed the little canine’s prostate, sending him into throes of extasy. The fox was hard as a rock. Nex didn’t want to admit it, but he was rock hard too. Watching this display of power, where Frank held and finger fucked another man with one hand, made him very excited. This monstrous human was the only man he had ever seen that could come close to his own power. With a smooth gesture, the human lifted the fox up high enough to put his little cock at mouth height. Licking his lips, Frank took the average member into his mouth and began to suck. In no time, the small canine came, pumping just a few teaspoons of jizz into the human. “Good Füchschen. I needed a little protein to refuel.” The fox’s chest was heaving. He looked down at the bald crown of the muscle god holding him. He reached out and grabbed the sides of Frank’s head, trying to pull his body down to eye level. Frank lowered him. “You know what comes next, do you not?” “I do. But it’s worth it. I knew from the moment you singled me out.” the fennec said, leaning in. “Good puppy. It’ll all be over soon though.” Frank jammed his finger up the fox’s ass, creating a seal. He then kissed him, letting his tongue fill the fox’s muzzle. Then, the giant did something totally unexpected. He began to blow. Like a balloon, the fox’s chest began to swell with air. Frank did not stop, however, when the fox moaned in pain. He kept blowing. With a muffled pop!, the fennec’s lungs burst in his chest. He coughed up blood, the rich, irony taste filling Frank’s senses. With a CRACK! the fennec fox’s ribs separated from his sternum, allowing his torso to expand. The fox looked about four times thicker than he had been before, filled with air and blood. Suddenly BOOOM! The fennec’s upper torso burst open, heart, stomach, and deflated lungs flying out and coating Frank’s torso and face with the gore of his viscera. The giant human threw the mass from his finger to the ground, reveling in the blood that covered his body now. “That was fun.” “Hot too. I think you’re up to seventy points now, big boy.” Nex said looking at the bloody human. Frank growled at the renewed use of “boy.” “It’s not fair. All the blood shows up on your skin, while my black fur just hides it.” Nex looked around and spotted the local leather bar down the street. Its doors had flown open and several big men came swarming out. Lastly came the two lions that Nex had seen walk in his several times. They were kind of hot when he had seen them in their gym clothes, but now… Steve and Allan had been dating for several years. Both extremely proud lions, they had been competing with one another longer than that, probably since high school. One of their biggest competitions had always been to see who was bigger, who could get more massive and powerful. No drugs or workout program were off limits. No gym was too hardcore. That was how they had found the Bonecrusher Gym. They spotted the massive black wolf, walking around the place like he owned it and decided that if they could get close to that wolf’s size, they might be happy. Steve was the smaller of the two, and he was tired of it. Nex knew this. At four hundred pounds and six foot three, the lion was nothing to sneeze at. Tonight, he had gone to the bar in his best gear. His huge pecs and lats were straining the leather harness that wrapped around his upper torso. With every breath he took, you could hear the leather creak. Allan, as the bigger male, had put a collar around his thick neck. Really it was two collars strapped together, as they didn’t make collars that big. His tight, black jeans were filled to the breaking point. His generous package, the one place he outclassed his boyfriend, was cupped and thrust forward by the fabric of his pants. His thick mane cascaded around his head, just long enough to rest on his traps. It was the color of burnt honey, just a few shades lighter than the fur that covered his magnificent body. Allan, on the other hand, was not as tall as his beau. At five foot eleven, he was quite a bit shorter. But what he lacked in height he more than made up for in size. At four hundred and thirty pounds, he outclassed Steve by a fair bit. He was thankful to have found that tiger and bull testosterone dealer at the gym. The biggest members of the feline and bovine worlds had helped him bulk up massively in the past years. They had also helped boost him in… other ways. His mane was thicker than Steve’s, as well as being a fair bit darker. He was almost a black lion, with darker fur than normally seen on other members of his magnificent species. Tonight, he had foregone a shirt, leaving his huge, heaving torso exposed to the elements. He was also wearing leather chaps and a G-string, which was filled to the bursting point. As the alpha in the relationship, he could advertise a bit more than Steve. The massive cats stood next to each other, watching the men from the leather bar flood towards some unseen thing down the street. But they could feel it, watching them. Nex knew that Allan and Steve were uncannily aware of their surroundings, like so many other big cats. He knew that long before the lions saw him or Frank, they would feel their gaze on them and smell their powerful musk. “Move, ants. I finally spotted a real challenge.” the wolf growled at the crowd worshiping him. They spread out, putting the massive black wolf in the line of sight of the two lions. Allan looked simultaneously awed and furious. Nex chuckled. He knew what was going through the massive feline’s mind: There’s a canine bigger than me? Nex’s massive eight hundred pounds of bulk shook with his laughter, every contour of his massive body highlighted in the streetlamps that he and Frank were slowly destroying. His cock, already so hard from the night’s activities, throbbed in his underwear. A wet patch started to spread out from the precum he was leaking, adding to the overall scent of masculinity filling the town. He cocked an eyebrow. He could not fathom how the two felines were resisting the aroma and the sight of he and Frank totally destroying the other men in town. He lifted his massive paw and beckoned to Allan, calling “Here kitty, kitty. Come to daddy.” Allan saw red. Maybe it was his competitive nature, maybe it was the hormones he pumped into himself every day, but Allan charged at the massive black wolf with reckless abandon. As he ran, his claws slid out of the pads on his hands and his lips curled back, revealing sharp teeth. He was going to kill that cocky son of a bitch for calling him “kitty”. No one makes a lion his size sound cute, no one. As he ran, through the bloody haze he slowly noticed that he hadn’t quite come to grips with just how big Nex was from a distance. He could tell the wolf was large, but he had no idea he was almost three feet taller than him and nearly double his weight. The black fur also hid Nex’s size in the darkening streets. But Allan was committed. He was going to slash that wolf’s throat. What happened next happened in the space of a tenth of a second. Only Frank was able to fully appreciate it. Nex twisted his hand, moving it from an upturned position to a gripping one. His forearm made an almost imperceptible snapping noise as his hand curled around the lion’s throat. With one swift motion, he yanked the lion off of the ground and smashed him into the pavement. Asphalt is deceptively soft, especially if you slam a rock-hard mass onto it. Allan sank into the street, leaving a lion shaped outline. He started coughing, the air knocked out of him. Eventually, he began to hack up a little bit of blood. “Looks like I ruptured something, kitty.” growled the wolf. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have more fun. Just let me…” Nex laid down on his side, legs near the lion’s head. “I’m gonna have a little bit of fun with you. Do you and that boyfriend of yours ever wrestle?” Meanwhile, Steve watched the man who had dominated him in nearly every way known be manhandled like he was a boy. His dick was hardening in his jeans, straining at the zipper. Frank had found his way over to the big cat and stood in front of him, blocking his view of his boyfriend. “Well, hello there kitty cat. Are you feeling left out? I think I can play with you while your boytoy is otherwise…occupied. Would you like that.” Stunned Steve unsheathed the claws on his right hand and swiped at Frank’s massive pecs. “Be careful, kitty cat. You might break a nail doing that.” Stunned, Steve looked at the human’s chest. Instead of seeing four lines of open flesh, like he would on almost any other animal, his claws had only wiped away four parallel lines of blood, exposing the alabaster skin of the giant before him. “This is how you scratch something.” Frank moved his hand into a claw like pose and swiped in front of the lion, just millimeters from his flesh. Steve was tempted to laugh by the absurdity of the situation. How could a human scratch with the same power as a cat? All the same, he looked down at his chest. What he saw made him jump back. “Did you like that, kitty cat? I might not have the same claws as you, but I can still scratch things up.” The huge lion’s chest was now completely exposed. Somehow, the human had slashed through the leather of his harness, causing it to drop away. “That was what, about a centimeter thick? You are luck cat. I could have taken much more that just your harness.” Frank draped his huge arm over the broad shoulders of the lion. “Now, we are going to watch your boi have some fun with my wolf. Watch carefully, because we are going to do some things once they finish.” Nex now had his right leg under Allan’s head and his left leg on the lion’s throat. This slight differential pushed the big cat’s head up enough to see his boyfriend watching. He wanted to cry out, to ask him for help. Together, they might be able to stop this beast. The black wolf gave his legs a quick squeeze, cutting off Allan’s air. “I know what you’re thinkin’ kitty. It wouldn’t help. Imma lot stronger than I look, and I look pretty fucking strong. There ain’t no way that you and your fuckboi over there would ever put a dent in me.” Even though he was almost whispering Nex’s voice carried loud and clear to the lion between his legs and to Frank. Allan could feel the wolf’s balls throb over his head. He knew that Nex was aroused by this, by knowing that Allan could never get away. “It would take a fuckin’ army to take one of us down, and you’ve gotta deal with two. So, just lay back and enjoy it.” Allan began to panic, his face darkening from the lack of oxygen. Soon, he was clawing at Nex’s meaty quads, trying to get them off of him. His lower body flailed around, fighting against the massive wolf. The lion even tried to pummel the wolf’s hard cock. This only elicited a sharp intake of breath from Nex. Not in pain, but of pleasure. “You ain’t doin’ nothin’ unless I say you are, kitty cat.” Allan arched his back using his legs, forcing his body off the ground. But the might of his four hundred and twenty pounds, which would have dwarfed almost any other animal, was no match for the wolf’s legs. “I’m really gettin’ tired of you fighting like this. If you’re gonna fight, break out and fight. Don’t just flop around like a trout on the riverbank.” The lion watched as the world around him began to blur. “Aw, fuck it. I’m gonna end this right now.” There was a snap and Allan was suddenly able to breathe. But the world had reversed itself. He tried to turn his head but found that he couldn’t. He moved his eyes and saw that the problem wasn’t the wolf’s legs, but his own head. His head had been severed from his body by that monster of a wolf’s thighs. “Thicc thighs save lives, but thick thighs can take ‘em.” He could see his body flailing in his last moments of consciousness. He tried to see if he could see Steve, to say goodbye. But the dark swallowed him whole. “DAMMIT! I thought lions were supposed to be tough as nails.” Blood was gushing from the decapitated body between his thighs, covering Nex’s legs with red. Now it was visible on his black fur. The wet made it glossy, made it shine in the moonlight. “I might as well keep squashing this thing…” He moved his thighs down to the thick chest. Rigor hadn’t set in yet, but Nex wasn’t patient enough to wait to add that element to this challenge. He squeezed his legs, feeling the ribs and spine in the headless corpse start to turn to dust. Even the arms, which he had trapped too, snapped and were ground into ever smaller fragments. The missing head, though, added and extra element to the crushing. Everything began to flow out like toothpaste from a tube, blood and gore filling the hole that had previously held the lion’s body. The blood gave a beautiful luster to the black fur on Nex’s legs. The previously white panels of fabric on his briefs were now stained a deep red as well. His cock twitched, spurting precum. He was so glad that Frank had turned him on to this. Destruction was the purest form of domination. “Did you see that, kitty cat? He just juiced your boyfriend like an orange with his huge, meaty thighs.” Frank looked at the lion, who was staring agog at the bloody pulp that used to be his boyfriend. He wasn’t weeping, just stunned. Frank called out to the wolf “Ninety-five!” then turned back to the lion. “Now…” Frank tapped the side of Steve’s face to bring his attention to him. “…it is our turn.” The massive human smiled at the slightly shorter lion, his white teeth sparkling through the gore that covered his face. Steve looked down and saw Frank’s erection, angry and red, throbbing above the waistband of his boxers. His huge balls still filled the pouch. It was then that Steve knew that he was going to be a broken toy too. “You look pretty big, kitty cat. Pose for me.” Steve was stunned out of his reverie by Frank’s sudden request. His torso being the only thing exposed, he began to bounce his pecs and tighten his abs. “No, no, little cat. The arms.” Steve lifted his thirty-inch arms. He was proud of his huge biceps. While three inches smaller than those of his now former boyfriend, they were much larger than those of any other man he knew. He flexed slowly, methodically, to bring the peaks of his arms to the hugest they could be. He pumped so hard that the veins began pulsing, showing through his thick fur. Steve shook his head, making his mane wave in the air. But the lion’s musk was nowhere near powerful enough to be distinguished from Frank. “Those arms are pretty big kitty cat. You should be proud of them. Who knows? If you had been like me, you could have become a powerful muscle god as well.” Frank was standing in front of Steve, sizing him up. “Hold that pose for me. I want to feel that.” He lightly touched the massive peak on the feline’s arm. With his fingers, he traced the veins that covered the massive arm like a net. Frank spread his hand out, pointing his thumb downward and his fingers up to the peak. The lion had no idea that this monster of a human could be so gentle. “Do you like them?” A tiny bit of the cockiness from Steve’s life before meeting this god crept back into his voice. His lips curled into a smug grin. “I do like them, kitty cat. But…” “But?” “They are a bit… soft.” The lion was stunned until he felt a massive pressure on his huge arm. This human was squeezing his biceps, denting them with just his grip. The bicep, though hard and muscular, was mostly liquid in its chemical makeup. It would act like a liquid with enough pressure. Steve whipped his free hand over to his covered bicep and whimpered weakly. He was no longer able to hold the flex and relaxed his arm. “Yes. Soft, kitty cat. Your arms are nothing compared to my grip strength. I can crush a pomegranate with two fingers. What do you think I can do with my whole hand, I wonder?” Frank kept squeezing and Steve’s biceps seemed to flow out on the side of his hand. The lion’s whining had escalated to nervous screams of “Ah! Ah! Ah!” as he pounded on Frank’s hand. “You saw what Nex did. If the bigger kitty couldn’t stop him, what makes you think you can stop me?” A small cracking noise came from the big bicep, as individual muscle fibers began to snap under Frank’s ever tightening grip. Soon, the monster human’s huge hand met almost no resistance. Blood oozed out from between Frank’s finger like juice from an overripe tomato, gushing down his forearm. His hand eventually closed around the lion’s humerus. “Soft.” SNAP! The lion’s arm split from his body; the bone broken like a toothpick. Blood flowed freely from the hole in Steve’s shoulder. “You need more calcium in your diet, kitty cat. Now these…” Frank flexed his own massive, forty-two-inch arms. “These are strong arms.” The stunned feline looked at the massive, bloodstained arms flexed in front of him and opened his mouth, salivating. “Get a better look. Get closer.” Frank put his hand behind Steve’s head and pulled it as close as possible to his bicep. “Get a good whiff.” The scent from Frank’s pits wafted into the lion’s nose, turning his hormones up to maximum. “Do it.” Steve opened his mouth and began licking the gory human, cleaning the blood off of his pale skin. His rough feline tongue cleaned the skin very effectively. “Get in there, kitty cat. Clean it all up.” Frank relaxed himself a little bit so that the lion could get his head between the massive bicep and meaty forearm of Frank’s left arm. Blood and gore had pooled there, congealing into a mess that would require quite a bit of work to fully cleanse. Steve leaned in, fully immersed in Frank’s power and masculinity. His mane rubbed and stuck to the blood on Frank’s skin. Suddenly, the familiar feeling of tightness began to increase on his head. His mane, now plastered to his skin, was held so tightly in the crook of Frank’s arm that it was ripping individual hairs out of his head. Steve continued licking even though he knew he was not far from death. Frank’s bicep and forearm were pushing on the jugular veins on Steve’s neck, slowly cutting off the oxygen to the lion’s brain. In spite of his failing faculties, the feline never stopped licking the human’s arm. “Ooooh yeah, little kitty. Keep licking, there’s still plenty to clean up…” Steve’s head began to crack under the pressure, finally exploding like a red filled water balloon. The bang from the skull made Nex shiver a bit. Looking down at Frank’s crotch, the wolf saw that he had cum, coating his abs with white spunk. Nex’s ass twitched a bit, his bottom nature coming out a little. Maybe once this was over, he’d ride the alabaster human like a stolen bicycle, dominating him like the powerbottom he was. “Ninety-five points, little man. We’re all even now. The next few conquests will decide who wins.” The big black wolf ran his claws through his fur, dragging the congealing gore with them. Frank relaxed his bicep a little, letting the blood and gray matter drip off of the basketball sized muscle little by little. The human nodded in agreement. The last crush had made him cum. He wanted his next load to go down the wolf’s muzzle, totally owning him. “So, Frank… we never said what the winner of our little competition of strength and crushin’ would get. I’d say it’s about time we decided on a prize, don’t you?” “Yes, I believe so wolfie. We have already destroyed so much, so many… I do not think another crush would be a good prize. Perhaps we should consider each other as the prizes.” Nex’s ears perked up a bit at this. “Should I win… I am going to hold you down and fuck your face until I cannot cum anymore. That should only take about fifteen loads.” Frank was positively growling, his cock an angry red that was actually stretching the elastic band of his boxers to the breaking point. “If you win, little wolf…” “If I win, I’m gonna ride your cock until you think it’s gonna fall off. Then… once you’re good and fucked out…” Nex flexed into a most muscular, swelling hugely in front of the slightly smaller human. He growled back at the human, much more impressive with his canine vocal cords. “I’m gonna ram my huge cock up that tight ass of yours. You’re gonna bottom for me, boy. I’m gonna turn you out, make you my toy. I’d ruin you for any other man.” Frank’s cock twitched. He had never bottomed before, and this wolf might be fun. Suddenly, a sobbing filled their ears from over by the restaurant. The two of them looked over and spotted a cassowary knelt over the exploded fennec fox, crying. Nex’s face darkened. “Look at that…” The cassowary was thickly built. In a racerback tank top, his pecs spilled out of the sides of his shirt. His stomach, rather than a tight set of abs, was a huge and thick roidgut. Pushing out like a tortoise shell, his brick like abs were apparent through the thin fabric. His powerful legs were wrapped in shorts, exposing the scales on his calves. His thick, blue, featherless neck led up to a red wattle. The top of his head had a thick, bony crest that looked like it had been shaped a bit. “Birds shouldn’t look like that.” Nex growled. “Firstly, they shouldn’t be big like that… then they should have feathers all over. Birds should be light. Unless they’re maybe an eagle, or a hawk… But, then again… you can’t kiss something with no lips.” Tears ran down the bird’s face, dripping onto the corpse of the fox. “Oh… sweetie… You’re gone…” Sniffling, the cassowary rubbed the head of his dead lover. Strangely, he didn’t seem to notice the look of absolute bliss on the fox’s face. “Mikey… I heard that there was something going on downtown… I had to come down here to make sure you were okay. Oh Mikey…” The bird felt the eyes of something on him, watching what he thought was a semi-private scene of mourning. He lifted his head and turned to find two bloody giants watching him. “YOU! YOU DID THIS! I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” The cassowary stood to his full height of six foot ten inches, muscles flooded with adrenaline and testosterone. Nex knew that their musk wouldn’t affect his bird like it had others. Cassowaries didn’t have good senses of smell compared to the mammals they had destroyed up to this moment. As the giant bird flew at them, the long nails of the middle toes on his feet gouging lines in the asphalt, Frank smiled. His smile said, “All yours.” to the wolf. Nex stepped in front of the bird and held his open hand in front of him, like a bumper. The big bird slammed into his hand, much like the barbell Frank had caught at the gym so many hours ago. The wolf curled his hand in the cassowary’s shirt, tightening it. “You know, birdie, your boyfriend there begged my friend Frank to sex him up. He saw that man over there and knew he was gonna be bigger and stronger than any man he’d ever had.” The bird struggled against the wolf’s huge hand, clawing at his forearm. “Didya see the look on his face? He died after having the best fuckin’ orgasm of his life. Somethin’ you could have never given him. And Frank did that with his finger. Imagine if he had used his cock…” “BASTARD!” The cassowary lashed out with his massive legs at Nex’s cock and balls. When he connected, Nex sucked a breath in through his teeth and moaned. The bird couldn’t believe it. His kick had actually aroused the wolf further. Nex’s burgeoning cock pushed out of the fly of his briefs, swelling harder. “Ooooh yeah, birdie. I love when tiny men like you resort to the rough stuff. Weaklings like you have to pretty much pummel my dick to get it up. You’re weak and, as Frank is showing me more and more, worthy of only being playthings.” The bird kept kicking and swinging his arms, fighting against Nex’s iron grip. “Yeah, you’re not getting away. Keep fighting like that and you’re gonna make me cum.” With his free hand, Nex ripped the shorts off of his victim. “You’re gonna enjoy this, bird brain.” Gripping the Cassowary on either side of his abs, the gigantic wolf directed his cock upwards towards and rammed it into the cassowary’s ass. The bird suddenly stopped fighting as he was overtaken by the pleasure of Nex’s huge dick brushing against his prostate. He began to moan and grind on the huge wolf’s cock. “That’s right, and I’m bigger than Frank. I’m gonna have so much fun with you birdie.” The bird was still leaking tears as he bounced up and down on the wolf’s cock. He loved Mikey, but this wolf was giving him more pleasure than the fox ever had. Mikey had been his boyfriend for years though, since they graduated high school. Why was this so pleasurable? “Aww, poor little birdie. Are you sad about your boytoy? Or are you more frustrated that a bottom is topping you, making you doubt that whole dom persona you built up in the bedroom?” His grip on the bird’s roidgut tightened and he began moving the cassowary up and down. The bird came, coating Nex’s gory abs with his sticky jizz. “No wonder Mikey liked Frank better. He lasted a whole lot longer than you.” The bird was still sobbing through the orgasmic bliss. Nex asked, “Do you need a hug, little bird?” The massive black wolf wrapped his arms around the bird’s thick torso, pulling him in tightly to the gory brown fur that sprouted from his white chest. His pecs swelled around the cassowary, trapping the bird in the deep crevice between the massive muscles. The cassowary buried his beak in the pecs. Nex pushed his arms down behind the bird’s torso, forcing his victim further between his gigantic chest muscles. As the wolf squeezed his pecs, the bird’s head disappeared more and more. Suddenly, there was a loud crack and the pieces of the cassowary’s hard crest and beak fell out of the fur on Nex’s pecs. “AHHHHH!” The bird screamed out as his face was opened up to the elements. Nex moaned and shivered at the sight of the bird’s destroyed face. The fear in the cassowary’s yellow eyes faded as they clouded over with lust. The shattered bony structures on bird’s face had opened up his sinuses and, although they were filled with blood, this increased his olfactory abilities by quite a bit. Nex’s powerful musk overwhelmed any and all instinct the bird would have had. He forced his bloody face back into the deep valley between the wolf’s huge pecs, gore running down the fur and into the deep crevices between Nex’s abs. The wolf moaned as the bird pushed deeper and deeper into his brown chest fur. With a hard flex, Nex dragged the bird deeper into his pecs. Remembering the whistle that the wolf had so easily destroyed, Frank licked his lips and watched with obvious arousal. He gripped his cock and jacked, watching Nex totally dominate the bird. The wolf’s dick throbbed inside the bird and popped out, tearing the flesh of the lower rectum with it. He squeezed his arms together into a crab pose, crushing the cassowary’s head between his huge pecs. Blood and brains spurted out from between the wolf’s chest, like juice from a lime. The spray made a long line of red on Frank that went from his bald head to his waistline. “Shit, wolfie… that was hot.” With a thud, the dead bird hit the ground. “I think you are up to at least one hundred and fifteen points. That destruction was just… delicious.” Frank wiped the blood from his face, smiling at Nex. “We have killed at least ten men and one woman so far. I wonder how long it will be before…” The sound of police sirens began echoing off the skyscrapers as a huge police car skidded around the corner into the downtown area. It had to be three times the size of the average cruiser and the reason became immediately apparent. The driver side door opened, and a fifteen-foot tall elephant stepped out. He was massive. Not muscular, just hugely fat and tall. His body may have been powerful when he was when he was young, but years of sitting in a car and behind a desk while eating donuts had taken their toll. At more than twice Frank’s height, he had to weigh at least fifteen hundred pounds. His long, curved tusks framed his trunk and his huge ears flapped in the breeze. His gut bounced with every step, like jello. “Look what we have here… police. They are going to try to stop us. They will not be so lucky.” “Wha’s goin’ on here?” The massive elephant was feet from Frank, gesticulating with his trunk at the gory human and blood-soaked wolf. “What’n blue blazes do y’all think yer doin’?” He jabbed the shorter human in the chest with his trunk. Frank could tell that this massive specimen was used to being in control, to throwing his weight around and getting what he wanted without too much trouble, just by virtue of being huge. “This is a safe town! How can you think you can jus’ walk in here and start fuckin’ with folks on the street, rippin’ ‘em to shreds, jus’ cuz you feel like it! The hell is wrong with y’all?” His prehensile trunk was placed firmly on Frank’s chest. As patient as the huge human was, he did not take kindly to this kind of intimidation tactic. In a swift motion, Frank grabbed the trunk of police officer and yanked down, forcing him to his knees. “Never… put your…fucking trunk…on me…” Frank spun around, like a decathlete throwing a discus, pulling the massive elephant with him. “AGAIN!” Unlike the deer, the elephant had tough skin and his head did not come undone from his body. Instead, Frank released the trunk and the elephant flew away in the direction of the squad car. He landed behind it with a heavy thud, shaking the surrounding city blocks. The whipping motion would have broken his neck and the crash his spine. Frank was sure he wasn’t coming back. “Officer down! The two perps are massive! Send the big guns! One of ‘em just threw Kowalski like he was a toy!” The shouting coming for the cruiser belonged to the junior officer, a gorilla. Frank was not sure how big he was, as he was barely visible over the dashboard. The cruiser, having been built for an elephant, didn’t help him gauge this new target’s size. The door of the police car flew open with surprising force, and with a thump a six-foot-eleven gorilla hopped out of the car. One look at this junior officer told Frank that he was much younger and took much better care of his body that his elephantine partner. Built like a bodybuilder, he looked to be about six hundred pounds of solid muscle. His huge feet pushed into the asphalt as he stomped over to the gargantuan destroyers, leaving small indents behind. He drew his gun and shouted “GET ON THE GROUND! NOW!” He made the critical mistake of being within arms’ reach of the monsters he was trying to subdue. Nex reached out and yanked the Glock out of the gorilla’s hand, and Frank grabbed the gorilla by the wrist. The huge human pinned the ape to his chest, facing the wolf so he could observe every move that he was going to make and pay attention to every word he said. “Alright, ya big ape. Didn’t they teach ya at the academy that waving guns around is dangerous? Ya coulda shot somebody’s eye out with this thing.” Nex looked at the barrel, careful to point the end at the ground. With two fingers, he pinched it shut. He then began crumpling the sidearm like a piece of paper, wadding it into a ball. As he compressed the steel, the gunpowder in the bullets exploded under the pressure. But, with nowhere to go, it just felt like a vibrating ball in Nex’s hand as each round went off inside the weapon. When he had rolled it into a small ball, he dropped it to the ground and walked up to the now quaking gorilla. “It’s okay monkeyshines, you just did that cuz you were scared, didn’t ya?” The gorilla nodded vigorously at this, hoping to Wolf Christ he was making the right choice in agreeing with this monster of a wolf. The human holding him and the canine in front of him were like gods when he compared himself to them. They might not have shapeshifting abilities, or mystical powers, or be macros, but they were massively strong. He knew that there was no escape for him. “Aw, wolfie, I think our little monkey friend needs a big hug. Like you gave your birdie friend What do you think?” Frank’s deep voice rattled the inside of the gorilla’s brain. The smell of pheromones and the vibrations from Frank’s chest had driven his libido into overdrive. His dick was now rock hard in his uniform pants, bulging out for all on the street to see. Nostrils flaring, he watched as the wolf approached him and wrapped his arms around the human, sandwiching him in. “You know, little man, I think you and your one hundred and twenty points might be right.” The gorilla was firmly stuck between Frank and Nex, trapped between their massive pecs. He felt Frank’s massive schlong rubbing up against his ass crack, poking at his slacks. Meanwhile, Nex’s huge boner was pushing into his stomach, leaving traces of precum and gore all over his blue shirt. These massive men had him stuck in their pumped-up pecs. He could honestly feel the veins underneath throbbing. “Let’s give him a real good squeeze.” At that, Nex and Frank wrapped their arms around each other and began to squash the ape officer in a tight bearhug, moving closer and closer to one another in a vice-like embrace. The ape moaned as the unbeatable forces of the muscle gods pulled against one another. His ribcage collapsed in on itself as Frank and Nex pulled closer, bones snapping like dry branches in a thunderstorm. The ape’s last word, the last thing he would ever say, was a whisper of ‘tighter’ to his captors. In an explosion of blood and gore, the two giants’ pecs met, and they kissed each other deeply. “If we did that together…” began Frank. “I’m not so sure we should keep keeping score.” He leaned back, bone fragments falling from his blood covered chest. “I think you’re right, little man.” Nex answered, smiling. Pieces of the gorilla’s uniform were stuck to the blood and viscera in his fur, slowly peeling off in their embrace. “I shoulda told ya though. The big gun… his name is Stan.” BOOM The buildings around the pair trembled as something that sounded suspiciously like the rhythm of footsteps moved closer to the two muscle gods. “He’s the city’s one and only macro.” BOOM “He’s also on the police force and weighs about eight tons of solid muscle. So…” BOOM “We’re gonna have to take him on now.” BOOOOOOOM A massive paw wrapped around the side of a skyscraper, shattering the plexiglass windows on about three stories of an office building. A massive German shepherd’s muzzle came around the corner, looming over everything. He could see two blood covered beasts in the middle of the street and knew that these must be his targets. His ears flicked back, and a low growl began in his throat. At one hundred and fifty feet tall, the monstrous police hound thought he would have no trouble in subduing his quarry. “What’re you two doing here on this street?” Stan inhaled a little, puffing out his chest and tightening his abs. Dozens of smaller furs ran screaming from the massive officer. Looking at the two blood-soaked males, he knew that, proportionally, the wolf was even bigger than him. Despite his sharp hearing, the German shepherd could not pick up on exactly what the muscle beasts were saying. He smoothed his uniform, a custom piece of tailoring provided by Macrose and Biggs, associates, and knelt down. His massive calves took up most of the street, pushing cars and trucks up onto the sidewalk. He then placed his huge hands on the street, leaning in closer to the beastly wolf. His massive torso loomed over everything, casting the street under a darker shadow than a cloudy night ever could have. “I said, what’re you two doing here?” His tie was hanging down, lightly brushing the street like a silk marquee. Without warning, Nex grabbed the tie and gave it a solid yank. Stan’s arms, massive though they were, were not prepared for the force that Nex suddenly exerted on them. His shoulders slammed into the ground, followed by his chin. Now the massive officer was lying down, ass in the air, slightly dazed. “See Frank, I knew I was strong enough to do that. Good thing we ain’t keepin’ score any more, huh?” “That would only count as one!” Stan’s ears snapped back. The second voice had come from around his right nipple. He suddenly felt a massive pinch, exciting every single nerve ending in his nip, making Stan moan loudly. Every building in the neighborhood shook with the force of his moan. “Did you like that, you big puppy dog? How about this?” He felt a scurrying under his pecs and then another sudden heavy pinch on his left nipple. “Oooooooh gooood… Do it again. Please…” Stan’s huge, ten-foot-long cock was hardening in his pants. The little man under him was twisting his nipples like a real pro, harder than the giant German shepherd would have ever thought possible from something so little. “Fuuuuuck, little man, that feels so good…” Stan reached down to his pants and opened the zipper. His monster cock had already escaped his jock strap and now pushed into the street, flooding it with precum. Opening his eyes, Stan saw two males on his snout. The black wolf and a human, both covered head-to-toe in blood and guts. “You said…” He was panting now, positively whining. “You said something about keeping score. What was that about?” Like massive satellite dishes, Stan’s pointed ears turned to face the front as Nex and Frank explained the details of their little game that had claimed at least fifteen lives tonight. Maybe more. The more Stan heard, the more his tail wagged from right to left. This, too, shattered windows with the sheer force of wind behind him. “Even though you aren’t keeping score anymore, can I play?” Frank and Nex looked up at him and shouted, “FUCK YES!” simultaneously. If two slightly bigger than normal guys could do all this damage, what would a macro be able to do? Stan’s ears perked up and he wagged his tail even harder. Careful not to dislodge the two males from his snout, Stan returned to his full, impressive one-hundred-and-fifty-foot height. He was going to do something worth a whole lot of points to impress these two guys. Somehow, they were smaller than him but stronger. They could pleasure him in a way he could not please himself. Stan jogged further into town, Nex and Frank holding on to the brown fur on his muzzle. The breeze felt good on his exposed boner, which throbbed in the night air, swelling with each step. Suddenly, he spotted his target. Across the street was a bus depot, packed despite the late hour. A long-haul bus, destined for who knows where, had just finished loading in front of the sad little station. “People that take the bus like that… I think they need some more excitement in their lives.” Stan stomped over to the bus and lifted it, with all forty-three of its passengers. Facing the motor away from him, Stan lifted the vehicle and inspected the rear. Satisfied, he pushed his thumbnails into the bus rear. This open it up like a one ended tube. “Hey, look guys…” Stan lowered the bus and positioned it in front of his throbbing erection. “I made a masturbation sleeve!” He jammed his massive cock into the bus, filling every inch of its circumference. His member was so large that the square bus began to take a round shape, forming around his cock. “Something’s…ooooh… missing though… Oh, I know!” With a twist, Stan crushed the front end of the bus, squishing everyone inside. Blood oozed around his cock, flowing out of the bus-fleshlight. “Flavored lube!” He dipped his finger into the blood and brought it up to taste. “Meaty!” His tail wagging, Stan resumed fucking the bus. The huge piece of steel molded to his cock as he pushed, moaning. “I’m…oooohh… gonna cum… Oooooh Wolf Christ, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna…ooooRAAAAAA!” With a primal yell, Stan came. The bus exploded in his hand from the pressure of the cum and blood, blooming into a twisted steel flower in his hand. “How was that guys?” Stan got no answer. “Guys?” Crossing his eyes, Stan looked at his muzzle. There, panting and breathless, were Nex and Frank. Nex was on the human’s dick, looking incredibly pleased with himself. Frank was covered in a thick layer of spooge, turning the dark red blood into a pinkish paste. Observation proved that Frank had just cum too, filling Nex’s ass with his jizz. Both of the massive men looked up into Stan’s eyes. “Well?” Stan’s ears twitched, half annoyed and half in anticipation of the answer he hoped would come. The two smaller men looked each other in the eye, the back up at the giant German Shepherd. They then answered in unison: “YOU WIN!”
  11. Since it was the first week of college I, of course, found myself wandering the aisles of the campus bookstore hoping to find all of the items I needed for classes. It was strange being at a new place and not knowing a soul. I had traveled across the U.S. to attend this specific establishment of higher education and I was the only person from my hometown to ever be accepted. Certainly a boost to my self-esteem, but at the moment it just seemed lonely and depressing. I was having a bitch of a time finding the textbook for my philosophy class and was beginning to panic. A deep voice suddenly broke my concentration. “Need some help there, sport?” I turned toward the sound and froze immediately. I was gazing at the face of Stack Winston, the most popular guy on campus. He was the quarterback, linebacker, or some kind of back for the football team and had a body that made you immediately think of sword and sandal films, Greek statues, or a very young and huge Lou Ferrigno. The guy was leaning against the row of books to my left and looking me directly in the face. He was wearing his letterman’s jacket, but I could still see the distinct bulges of the huge muscles in his arms, shoulders, and chest underneath. My eyes dropped to the straining buttons of his shirt and would not move back up to his face – no matter how much I told myself it was bad manners to stare. I was too mesmerized by the way his jacket heaved up and down as the guy merely breathed. “My eyes are up here, man.” “Um . . . I’m sorry. It’s just that . . . well . . . I mean . . .” “Don’t worry about it dude. I get that a lot.” “I . . . uh . . . I guess . . . you would.” I was speaking without thinking – something I never did. I was usually a thoughtful introvert who only spoke after contemplating an answer. I was so caught off guard by the fact that the senior that graced all brochures and advertisements for the school was standing just a few feet from me. I had certainly taken a second look at the college mainly because of his beefy picture on the cover of the introduction packet the recruitment office had sent me. “What’s your name gorgeous?” For most of my life I had been called beautiful and handsome. I knew, on some level, that the compliments were true – I was about six foot tall and I had curly blonde hair that always seemed to fall perfectly. I also had an attractive swimmer’s build that seemed to cause lots of people to notice. But no comment up to that point in my life had ever had the impact of Stack’s words. The reality that he called me gorgeous made my face turn red and my cock begin to swell. I lowered the books in my arms to crotch level. “Um, I’m Michael. Michael Thomas.” “Nice name. Meeting you has just renewed my faith in the freshman class, Mr. Thomas. Here I thought there was no hope of anything worth writing home about and then I bump into all this deliciousness. Whatcha looking for?” “I . . . uh . . . need, um . . . a book for my . . . philosophy class.” “Philosophy? Wow, brains to go with all the beauty. I just got all tingly inside. I bet you have old Dr. Horan. He’s tough, but a damn good teacher. I think I still have that book from freshman year. How about I drop it by your place tomorrow?” “Well . . . um, that would be . . . you know . . . swell. I could buy it from you.” “Do people actually say ‘swell’ anymore? Don’t worry about money Mr. Thomas; it will be my gift to you. I like the fact that it will give me a reason to see you again. We might even find other ways for you to thank me.” “Um . . . no, Stack. I insist that I pay you.” “Hey, you know my name.” I didn’t realize he had not shared his name by that point. I was too busy focusing on the fact that the biggest and most studliest of guys at my school was planning to lend me a book. His attention was also a little too much for me to handle. I could feel my legs getting weak and I was becoming a little disoriented. I simply shook my head in affirmation. The big man smiled and lifted his hand to his face – using the big thumb and forefinger to caress the manly mustache this dark-haired angel had grown above his lip. It made him seem so much older than a senior in college. My head began to spin a little more as I stared at his beautiful features – enhanced by the manly handlebar shaped fur. “Where’s your room Michael?” “Um . . . Atlas Hall. Room 203.” “Nice digs for a freshman. Your family must know someone. Appropriate dorm name for a big guy like me to visit, don’t you think?” “Yes.” “See you tomorrow, Michael. Damn, you are one fine looking man.” With that comment, the big hulking muscleman backed up the aisle, never taking his eyes from mine. When he got to the end he winked at me, blew me a kiss and then disappeared. I stood there in shock – doubting any of this had just taken place. I reached up to grab hold of the shelf at my right – hoping it would help to give my body some much needed support. It was a good ten minutes before I was able to move from my place in the bookstore. I could sense people moving around me, but my mind was solely focused on the interaction that had just taken place. I also needed a few minutes to let my raging erection subside – it simply wasn’t used to being so close to so much muscle. My evening of studies the next night was interrupted by a sudden loud knock. My heart skipped a few beats as I stood and walked to the door of my dorm room. I glanced in the mirror attached to my closet as I passed by. I had spent half an hour trying to figure out what kind of outfit would please the man now standing out in the hallway. I had decided to go for a preppy look and now I second-guessed my choice. I took a deep breath and then exhaled. At the same time I opened the door. The behemoth of my dreams stood before me. “Hey bud, what’s happening?” “Um nothing, Stack. I mean . . . nothing. Um . . . what’s um . . . How are you?” I found it difficult to speak. Stack was wearing a gray t-shirt emblazoned with the name of our college and the material was stretching way beyond the expected limit – trying desperately to cover the big dude’s muscles. It was like the guy chose the shirt to intentionally make me come close to passing out when I beheld his body. My eyes could again not stay focused on his face. I quickly took in the expanse of his massive chest and bulging arms. I clearly saw small gaps appearing at the seams of the shirt – simply because the triple x shirt was not big enough to contain all of Stack’s hugeness. My breathing completely stop, I had no power over any part of my body. I was lost in a moment of lust. “You gonna invite me in, handsome?” I could see that his lips were moving and I heard his voice, but northing registered - it sounded like I was two feet under water and he was attempting to tell me something from above. I was finding it hard to move my gaze from the clear outline of his gigantic pectoral muscles bulging underneath the material of his shirt. I had never seen a chest so wide and pumped. Well, not this close and all personal – that’s for sure. I guess some of the guys online or in magazines were this big, but I was sure they were morphed in some way. What appeared before me was the real deal and it was causing me to have dry mouth and become speechless. I just stared at the guy as I moved to the side, giving him room to walk by – but the guy could only fit because he turned his body sideways. Stack purposefully chose to let his chest face me as he slid into the room. I took a deep breath and licked my lips as his hardened nipples – poking the shirt out like some kind of pornographic teepees – passed in front of my eyes. I fell against my door when I got a glimpse of his incredible back, which pulled the material of his shirt so much that it was thin as tissue paper. I knew instantly that if the guy chose to flare out his lats, even slightly, the flimsy cloth would surely completely rip down the middle. I quickly regained control of myself and followed the big man. “Nice room, Mr. Thomas.” “Um . . . thanks.” “What did you do to get in this dorm? Blow the president?” “No, I . . . um . . . I mean . . . my father kind of paid for the new gym.” “No shit! Wait a minute. The whole fucking place is called the Thomas Center, isn’t it? That’s for your dad, right?” “Um . . . yes.” “Cool. Aw, wait! The weight room is called Michael Hall. Is that for you?” “Yes.” “Damn! I spend half my life there. You mean to tell me that every time I throw around some heavy weights and grow bigger I’m standing in a place named for you.” “I guess so.” “That’s sweet. Your gym has certainly helped me to get huge, man. I owe you a lot.” “Well, not really. You don’t . . . um owe me anything. It was my dad . . . really.” “I’m sure your dad would feel that any thank you gift I give to you would be like giving one to him, don’t you think?” “Yes . . . I think he . . . um . . . would.” “And I think I’m gonna need to be thanking you for a long time – to make sure I show you how grateful I really am. After all, I’ve grown pretty big.” Stack was tensing his huge chest as he spoke – clearly teasing me. I watched as the heavy meat rose slowly on the right side and then on the left. It was clear the guy had total control over every possible muscle in his body – both pecs rippled beautifully to prove the point. My tormentor was staring at my face; as if he wanted to make sure his body entranced me before he moved the evening forward. This all registered in my subconscious and I smiled because I thought how impossible it would be that anyone would not be spellbound by the guy’s muscles. My gaze, however, stayed locked on the show being produced underneath his t-shirt. I was a huge sucker for mammoth slabs of beef and Stack was blessed with a chest beyond my wildest fantasies. His voice shook me from my intense gawking. “I brought the book.” He held up the exact text I was looking for and I nodded my head in silent thanks. He tossed the heavy volume on the bed and then grabbed my desk chair with one hand – easily lifting it to the middle of the room and sitting down to face me. He glanced around the room again and then turned his gaze back to me, clearly knowing that my eyes had stayed locked on his giant body the entire time. He let his own eyes move up and down my entire frame – meticulously, as if he were a doctor giving me a complete physical and I was totally nude. “I hope you don’t mind me making myself comfortable, man. I thought you and I could spend some time getting to know each other. So, I’ll start. I like hot men and you’re the hottest thing to step on this campus in a long time. I get the distinct feeling you like big guys and I’m sure I’m the biggest man you’ve ever met. That means we’re like a match made in heaven. I think you should come over here close to me and we’ll see where the evening takes us. You’re like the honey this huge bear has been hunting for all year long and I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get a taste of you soon. At the same time I think you might enjoy exploring all the muscled parts of me.” Stack’s words seemed to echo off the walls of my dorm room. I was trying desperately not to faint. I knew there had been a connection between us in the bookstore, but his honesty and forwardness still caught me off guard. The fact that he had nailed me as a lover of muscle was not a surprise – he clearly saw the lust in my eyes and the outline of my hardened cock at my crotch. I walked across the room and stood in front of the huge man. It was like he was a giant magnet and I was a small piece of metal – there was no way I could have denied the control he had over my body. We were staring into each other’s eyes and I got the feeling it was my time to speak. “I . . . um . . . see you’re the master of the direct approach.” “That doesn’t scare you, does it Michael?” “No, I find it flattering and refreshing.” “Is there anything else that might . . . refresh you?” I said nothing. I reached up and ran my forefinger across his thick mustache – marveling at how hard even short strands of hair could feel. It was simply amazing how power seemed to ooze out of such an ordinary part of a human being. But I was quickly learning there was nothing ordinary about this particular human, he was definitely beyond normal. My finger moved slowly and deliberately, allowing me to fully comprehend the intense masculinity that produced the beautiful love forest above his upper lip. The giant purred softly as my finger stroked his face. I sensed that both of us were fighting a profound urge to pounce on each other as if we were foxes let loose in a hen house. We were intent on making this moment last, fully intending to let the morning sun come up finding us fully awake and having lost count of our numerous orgasms. It was hard to imagine how I would be able to delay gratification being this close to so much muscle, but I knew instinctively it was the unspoken wish of the man beneath me. I continued to stare into his dark eyes, but my peripheral vision registered one of his huge hands moving to his crotch and adjusting what I knew was a growing substantial piece of meat. I smiled at the realization that caressing his facial hair could cause the big guy to shoot hard, but then I remembered that my own cock had turned to something similar to stone as soon as I felt the dense bristles. For the life of me I could not grasp why a little bit of stubble and upper lip fur coating made me so weak at the knees. Stack, of course, could sense how I had lost control of my entire body, just from sensations shooting through my one fingertip. This, in turn, sent the insides of his huge frame into a state of frenzy, as well. It was a vicious lust-filled cycle of exciting each other beyond our wildest dreams and we were quickly moving beyond the point of no return. “Hmmmm, feels good.” Even though Stack whispered, his voice seemed to fill the room like a fifty-piece orchestra playing a dramatic symphony. He could have simply read from the phone book at that moment and my cock would have still leaked pre-cum. My head got a little fuzzier as I began to fully grasp that I was exciting this huge beast in the same way he affected me. A sense of power began to well up inside of me – a feeling that was completely foreign. The thick legs parted before me and I slowly moved forward, never taking my finger from his face. “You like my ‘stache, don’t you?” I merely nodded my head. I was so focused on the feelings rocketing through my body that I could not speak. I felt his solid heavy thighs press into the sides of my legs. I knew he wasn’t applying much pressure, but it still felt like I was wedged between two mountains. Even through both of our jeans I could feel the heat his beefy body produced, causing my own internal temperature to shoot up about ten degrees. I felt beads of sweat instantly burst through my skin - down my back and at my temples. All of this caused my stroking to pause momentarily and Stack took advantage of the hesitation. He parted his lips and lifted his chin slightly, causing my finger to pop into his mouth. His teeth clamped lightly on my knuckle and his tongue began to teasingly circle around my tip. My own mouth fell open a little and a faint moan escaped. The big man’s eyes never left mine. I watched his already chiseled cheeks indent even more as a powerful suction pulled me deeper into his mouth, even though I used all of my strength to fight its force. Stack was showing me that even his throat had strength beyond comprehension. I briefly worried that my entire arm was going to be sucked into his warm mouth. The pressure suddenly released and I knew what to do. I pulled my finger back slowly, making sure to run the tip back and forth across his bottom lip after passing his teeth. “Just imagine all that suction on another part of your body.” Part Two The sensation of Stack’s warm mouth and its powerful suction still pulsed through the finger I rested on his bottom lip. He had encouraged me to imagine how that same feeling would affect my hard cock, but I couldn’t let my mind stay there very long. I was worried that my throbbing piece of meat would erupt merely from thinking about this huge man sucking me off. The entire evening was still so surreal. I was standing in front of the largest human being I had ever met and he kept reiterating how much he wanted me. Doubts and uncertainties were trying hard to pop into my brain, but something inside of me shoved them away. I knew in my core – at the most basic level of my being – that the mountain of muscle sitting in the middle of my room desired me in the same overwhelming way I craved him. This knowledge somehow empowered me and freed me in a way I had never realized was possible. To put it in plain English - it made me cocky. “And what makes you think you deserve another part of my body in that beautiful mouth, Mr. Stack?” My comment sent a wave of euphoria through the big guy’s body – I actually felt it rush across his bottom lip, where my finger rested. I also saw his entire huge frame shiver from the excitement. This caused me to swell even more with self-assurance and I could feel some kind of new life coursing through my body. It was like my blood had been infused with a dose of super testosterone. I had the urge to lift the back of a car or bend a metal bar. It crossed my mind that this is how Stack felt all the time, but the intense pleasure pulsating from beneath my skin made me want to continue to explore what was happening within me – instead of focusing on the big man. Without taking my eyes away from Stack’s, I moved my hand from his lip and dropped it to his mega-sized chest. It took mere seconds for my fingers to find his jutting right nipple. I pinched it hard between my thumb and forefinger – squeezing as if my life depended on it. My other hand quickly found the target on his other massive pec and it copied the previous action. “Ahhhhhh!!!” Stack cried out in pleasure and all of his enormous muscles tensed harder than concrete. I showed him no mercy. I immediately began to twist my hands back and forth like I was trying to find a radio station using his thick man-nubs. The giant sat straight up in the chair and closed his eyes. He was being shot into a land of utter ecstasy and this, of course, only fueled my desire to tease him more. As I twisted his big nipples I also pulled them toward me and jerked them up and down at the same time. I watched Stack’s jaw tighten and his lips quickly parted. He spoke through clenched teeth. “Aw fuck!” I then reversed the motion and pressed his nipples into his chest, realizing I had to press even harder than I imagined because his pec meat was so tight. I let my thumbs push his dense plugs far into the beefiness and Stack leaned forward to make the erotic pain even more intense. I moved my thumbs up and down and felt the muscle underneath start to undulate in the same rhythm. Again, I was beyond amazed at the control this guy had over his massive muscles. I latched on to the nipples even firmer than before and started to jerk the thick meat in different directions. This seemed to send Stack over some unseen edge. I’m not sure he had total control over what he was doing. “Come here, boy!” Stack’s giant hands suddenly shot around me and seized hold of my ass cheeks. He squeezed tightly and the thrill that pounded through my body caused me to pull on his pec meat even harder than I thought was possible. This action made the two big hands attached to my rear pull me quickly into Stack’s waiting crotch. My stiff cock slammed into his hardness and we both gasped loudly from the painful bliss that registered below our waists. We both froze completely – obviously worried that any further movement would make our dicks spew like soda bottles that have been shaken for hours. My fingers were still tightly secure on his nipples and his big paws were gripping my plump ass cheeks so tightly that I knew bruises would noticeable tomorrow. We stayed motionless for a good thirty to forty seconds. Neither of us was breathing and I could feel his hard beef stick through our jeans beating in rhythm with his heart. I was sure he felt the same from mine. We both finally exhaled at the same time and my hands dropped from his aching nipples. He moaned out loud as my fingers released their prisoners. Stack, however, continued to hold on to my ass, but he did, thankfully, lessen the pressure. He also began to knead my bubble butt with his fingers. The feeling was fucking amazing. “My nipples are going to hurt for days.” “Something for you to remember me by.” “Oh I don’t think I could ever forget you, gorgeous. And I certainly won’t forget how awesome your ass feels.” To emphasize his point he squeezed my cheeks harder and lifted his arms at the same time. My feet left the ground and the big man held my large body in the air as he shamelessly let his forefingers press my jeans further up into my crack. His massive thighs were still against my legs and this helped to keep my body balanced, but I had a feeling that his arms were strong enough to hold me in place all by themselves. I gasped out loud as he used little effort to raise my body upward. Even though I clearly understood I wasn’t going to fall over in any direction, I took advantage of the moment and reached out to grab his colossal shoulders, acting like I needed to balance myself. As soon as my fingers landed on his wide traps I got my first real understanding of how hard and big Stack actually was. My hands instantly looked like those of a two-year old because they were lying on top of this part of his monstrous body. My mouth flew open in awe when I saw that the expanse of my entire hand did not come close to reaching across his thickness. I was pretty sure two talented gymnast could use his shoulders simultaneously as pommel horses or for vaulting. I was reminded just how immense Stack Winston truly was and it was a little unnerving. My previous bravado dissipated as I let my hands move across his muscled traps – amazed that they seemed to go on forever. “My god, it’s like somebody attached two thick slabs of concrete to either side of your neck!” I balled up my fists and started to pound on his shoulders, to see if I might be able to dent them even a little, but it was like I was hitting heavy metal cylinders that were wide enough to rest saddles on. Stack’s big hands continued to squeeze my ass as he easily held me in the air. He also chuckled at my comment. “Easy there, tiger, you don’t want to hurt your hands.” I ceased my pounding and felt a slight pain in my hands. I went back to just resting my palms against his hard skin – easily felt even through the thinly stretched t-shirt. The big man lowered my body back to the ground and released my ass cheeks – but I knew I’d continue to feel his grip for at least an hour. He interlocked the fingers of his hands behind me and then pulled my body into his. Our hard cocks were throbbing against each other once again and my tight stomach was pressed against his bulging chest. He tilted his head back to look up at me – even though his forehead actually came up to my eyes and he was still sitting down. I gazed into his face for a few seconds – it was long enough for much of my previous self-assurance to return. I brought my lips down to his and pressed in hard. He gave his mouth completely to me. I turned my head slightly and pushed my tongue inward, exploring every part of his warmth. Neither of us closed our eyes. It was clear we wanted to savor every moment of our first kiss. We stayed lip-locked for a good five minutes, filling the room with just the sounds of our wet smacking and frequent moans of joy. I consider myself a great kisser, but there was something about kissing a man as muscled and handsome as Stack that caused me to even step it up a few more notches. I sensed immediately that he also rated my abilities off the chart, but he clearly understood that what he brought to the kiss also made it special. I finally pulled my face from his. He began smiling like a child that has just gotten the gift of his lifetime. He spoke in a falsetto, pretty humorous for a guy with a body like his. “He likes me, he really likes me.” “Of course I do. What’s not to like? You’re huge, beautiful, and nice.” “Some say I’m stuck on myself, I’m too big, and way too bossy.” “Really? Let’s see. If by stuck on yourself you mean you really like what’s on the inside and outside, then I’m all for that. I like a guy that’s not shy of flaunting what he’s got. And I think you’ve got a lot. As for too big – is there really such a thing? Sure you could easily cause me much pain, but that’s part of the attraction – I love a huge man that can be gentle, but there’s always the knowledge that he’s very powerful. What a turn on! Oh and then there’s the complaint of being too bossy. That kind of makes me laugh. I’ve realized tonight that we both have much power in this blossoming relationship. You can certainly get me to do many things – and your strength and size can certainly intimidate, but I have the distinct feeling that you want to please me in a big way. I can sense that one disparaging look from me will send you into a tailspin. Am I correct, Mr. Winston?” The big man looked into my eyes intently. I saw a clear look of adoration in his gaze. I had hit the nail on the head – but I knew that before I even spoke. There was an understanding between us that needed no words. I could see that Stack wanted me at the same intense level I wanted him. I didn’t try to figure out why he felt that way - there was no need. I just accepted it as fact. It was 2012 for god’s sake and two men – even two men that were physically very different – had the right and the opportunity to lust after each other in the way that we did. I could see that my words had somehow taken our relationship to a new level. Stack was definitely smitten on a level that could not be reversed. I loved the idea that a huge muscled god could be easily overpowered by something as simple as love – it was certainly something like an erotic David and Goliath story. “I want you as my boyfriend, Michael Thomas.” “Wow, Mr. Winston, there are so many men at this college – why should I pick you as my boyfriend?” I was toying with the big guy and he instantly recognized it. We both knew that this evening was cementing something beautiful and beyond words, but we also realized we were going to milk it for all it was worth. I was his and he was mine – plan and simple. We both understood that within the first two minutes of meeting each other at the bookstore. For some reason he seemed to like smaller fit handsome men and we both knew I lusted after heavily muscled men. Like he had said earlier – Stack and I were definitely a match made in heaven. “Well, first of all, if you choose anyone else I will crush them like a little grape. Second of all, you’re into muscle in a huge way and I’m definitely sure you’re not going to find anyone bigger than me. This body, I’m sure, is way beyond even your jerk-off fantasies. But more than any of that, I don’t think you’ll ever find a guy that wants you more than I do.” It was the final statement that stayed in my head. I knew, instinctively, that this guy could beat into a pulp any guy that challenged him. I also realized that he fully understood and accepted my lust for huge muscles. He clearly got the fact that I needed more than just a huge body – but also that, in my mind, it was a great starting point for any relationship. And yet, it was the fact that he desired me in such an intense way that really made me fall in love with him. I know the word love is pretty strong – especially after only two meetings, but it was the most obvious thing ever in my entire life. We loved each other. I was completely aware that Stack felt the same way. I moved away from teasing comments and suddenly went serious. “This is really intense, Stack. I’ve never felt this way. It’s a little overwhelming.” “I feel the same way, Michael. You kind of hit me like a shot out of the blue. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, but then I saw you in the bookstore and I was smitten.” “Does anyone really use the word smitten anymore?” We both smiled at each other. The sexual intensity that had existed just a few minutes ago was now gone. We had moved to something much deeper and more satisfying. I knew we both still had cocks as hard as telephone poles, but the need for immediate gratification was gone. It was clear to both of us that this relationship was for good and we knew that meant we could get our rocks off any time we wanted. It didn’t lessen our desire for each other – it only made us less desperate. I moved my hands up to his impressive chest, which immediately caused him to tense it so hard that I could only rest my palms against it – there was no way I was going to push the meat inward. “You’re a chest man, aren’t you, Michael?” “I’m a muscle man, Stack. Yes, a big chest is beautiful, but all huge muscles impress me. I think you’re an ass man, aren’t you?” “I like a firm butt, of course, but it’s not the only thing I get into. I like a beautiful face and a tight little body. You seem to fit that bill perfectly. Your fantastic ass is just icing on the cake.” “And do you like to lick the icing, Mr. Winston?” “Not only do I like to lick it, but I also like to plunge my hard cock into the icing, as well. Is that okay with you, Mr. Thomas?” “You know the answer without even asking the question, sir. You can dip into my icing any time you like.” “Shit, man. You’re getting me so hot and bothered I’m ready to rip a car apart with just my hands or bring a building down with a few punches. I’m not sure I can hold out much longer.” “Is that so? Well, I’d like to see what those arms can do with that flimsy t-shirt for a start, sir.” My request made the big man grin like a child that just won first prize in some contest. He grabbed me at my waist and easily lifted my body up in the air. He then moved me a little distance back. I had to remove my hand from his body and I immediately felt the loss. I was still close to the man, but we weren’t touching at any part of our bodies. He reached up and grabbed the collar of his t-shirt. I swear what came next was like a slow motion camera had caught all of his actions and I was watching it in replay. He pulled his hands apart methodically and teasingly. The room was filled with the sound of ripping material and I watched his massive chest plop out as he pulled his shirt apart. My mouth dropped open at the beginning and a big glob of saliva slid down my cheek as soon as the rip reached the bottom of his pecs and began to reveal the perfectly chiseled abs below. My eyes stayed glued to every inch of skin that was exposed as the shirt was easily pulled away. Stack’s chest was covered with the same kind of heavy fur that was found on his upper lip and that made my cock squirt pre-cum like a volcano teasing people before the final eruption. “Fuck, you’re beautiful.” “Spoken like a true student of philosophy, Mr. Thomas. I’m certainly glad you approve.” “Approve? What’s not to like? Your chest is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. Just look at how the mounds of muscle stick out like an erotic 3-D movie. I haven’t ever seen a pair of pecs so big and full of muscle. I already know what those babies can do – I’ve seen you ripple each part of them with control that’s unimaginable. The added bonus of abdominal muscles that look like they have been cut in marble only intensifies my reaction. Just look at that fucking eight-pack covered in a dusting of fur that makes me want to lick every inch of your stomach.” “I don’t think any other words have ever turned me on so much. You are a true muscle worshipper, my friend.” “You have not idea.” “Well, that’s why we’re so perfect for each other. You like muscle and I’ve got lots of it.” “So I see.” By this point the big man had completely ripped his shirt down the middle and was straining to pull the remnants from his massive arms and shoulders. When the material finally fell to the floor and his entire torso was revealed I immediately became silent – mainly because I had not prepared myself for what I would see. Stack’s upper body was more than a work of art – it was beyond description or reproduction. First of all, there was muscle everywhere. It was certainly in all the places you would expect, but then he had other muscles that seemed to be a surprise. He had muscles on top of muscles. His uncovered shoulders seemed to be an intricate pile of sinew and thickness placed on top of each other and then covered in skin. It was multiple mountains of muscle that rippled when he moved his body. Stack knew I was looking at his shoulders so he started to tense up his trapezius muscle and the big boulders on either side of his neck rose even higher. I moaned out loud as I gazed at all the power in just that one part of his body. “Shit, your traps flex up higher than your ears.” “Not quite, Michael, but it’s nice of you to say. And what do you think of the work I’ve done on my delts?” The big guy rolled his shoulders forward a little and then pushed them back, his chest pushed out so much further that I could have easily leaned forward and found total support form his monster pecs. My eyes, however, were locked on the giant solid mounds that had somehow been implanted underneath his skin at the top of both of his beefy arms. The man’s delts looked as big as basketballs. I knew immediately that my hand would not cover even a fraction of the freakish muscle he had built at this part of his body. It didn’t just look like the guy was wearing skin covered shoulder pads; the deltoid muscles were much bigger than that. No, it looked like someone had attached tractor tires above his biceps. My mouth was still wide open and I finally realized that I was gurgling like a little baby – that’s how unbelievable Stack’s delts were. “Look at this, man, I can even tense up my delts something hard.” Striations suddenly appeared up and down the mounds of muscle at the edge of both of his shoulders. I swear both bulging masses ballooned up a lot more than before. I easily saw that I could have placed a bunch of quarters all up and down the grooves in his hard meat and they would have stayed in place – hell, they probably would have been squeezed so hard they would have been unrecognizable. I reached out and slid my hand up and down his right deltoid muscle. It was like I was feeling the trunk of some petrified tree – ridges of muscle that seemed harder than anything humanly possible. “No fucking way.” “I can see that Mr. Michael is pleased. Are you ready for the gun show, sir?” “No, please don’t!” I yelled loudly and quickly – raising both hands up in the air. My heart was beating so fast and my cock was so pumped that I knew if he flexed his massive arms I would either have a heart attack or blow a giant hole through my underwear and jeans from just because of one look. Even relaxed the monster biceps were peaked like Mount Everest and looked thicker than a Hummer. Seeing those arms swell up even larger was going to need some building up to – I had to have a hell of a lot more stamina. The enormous tease of a man chuckled at my reaction, but I could tell he completely understood. It was clear he had caused this kind of reaction before in many other guys. I was glad he was sympathetic. He could have easily sent me beyond the point of control. Stack tensed his massive pecs and made them ripple as before. This time I was seeing muscle directly and not covered by a thin t-shirt. I marveled at the beautiful heavy dusting of fur across his colossal mounds of meat and it somehow seemed to enhance their size and beauty. Stack’s hairy chest was exactly what any artist or muscle pig could wish for. He was beyond huge, but everything was beautifully proportioned. His thick neck looked natural placed atop his giant torso. His chest and arms easily matched the enormity of his shoulders and his stomach looked like a perfectly plowed field of muscled abdominals. By this point I was beyond cohesive thinking or speaking. I was lost in Stack heaven. I could tell he loved my adoration, but there was something more. I sensed that he was looking at me in the same way – with the same level of lust. This turned me on even more. “How about you get naked for me, Michael.” Part Three It briefly puzzled me that Stack wanted to see me nude – mainly because, compared to him, I was a toothpick standing before a redwood. Normally, I would have become very self-conscious and found some reason to not take off my clothes, but today was different. It had dawned on me earlier that Stack found my body, not to mention my size, a big turn on. Now it hit me fully that the big man liked my body as intensely as I lusted after his. Instead of freaking out about that revelation, I simply accepted it as fact and relished in the power it created within me. I knew instinctively that I should prolong the gratification of him seeing my uncovered nicely proportioned build as long as I could. We were caught up in some mind-blowing type of foreplay dance that would probably last the rest of our lives. I reached up to my shirt and undid a couple of buttons, allowing my smooth hairless chest to be slightly revealed. “Yeah, buddy, that’s nice. You’re so less furry than me and look at that swimmer’s chest, nice and muscled. That fucking v-shape you got going on is messing with my cock something awful. Let me see your nips, I’m begging ya, Michael.” I reached down and slowly pulled the shirttail from my jeans. I then began to undue the rest of the buttons – never taking my eyes off of Stack’s face. He tried to return my gaze, but he was too distracted by my striptease act. When I pulled the sides of my shirt back to fully reveal my chiseled torso he became extremely silent and I swear his eyes got twice as big as before. The giant wasn’t breathing. He was moving his eyes quickly up and down, taking in my tight thin stomach, my nicely molded pectoral muscles, my broad shoulders, and then, what he really wanted to see, the wide dark skin that circled around my hardened erect nipples. All my life guys had been surprised by the expanse of my areolas and the thickness of my guy teats. I paused for a while and gave Stack some time to let this special treat sink in completely. He was biting his bottom lip without even thinking about it – obviously excited by what he knew would eventually be a mouthful of my sweet meat. “Damn, those things are beautiful and huge. What do you do to get them so big – dangle hundred pound weights attached by some kind of modified jumper cables? Those hefty plugs are bigger than mine. Shit, I can’t wait to suck on those things.” “I’m glad you like ‘em, Stack. They’re all yours. And I don’t need to do anything to get these nubs so large – they came this way. I guess I was just blessed.” “I’ll say, Michael. And I’ll make sure I treat them so nice you’ll feel blessed twice. Man, I’m salivating like a rabid dog dreaming of spending quality time on those nipples. Come here and let me taste ‘em.” “Not yet, Mr. Big. You wanted me naked and I’m not moving until I’m down to my birthday suit. I want to please my admirer like he’s never been pleased before.” “You already have, man, you already have.” I laughed out loud and then slid the open shirt off of my shoulders. I could tell I was standing taller than I ever had before – fully charged with confidence and proud of my body. I shook out my arms and then stood there, frozen like the statue of David. I watched Stack’s eyes roam around my entire upper torso. He had no idea where to let his gaze rest – but he always paused when he went past the thick nipples perfectly framed in dark circles on my pecs. After a few minutes he finally locked his eyes on mine and I could tell he was pleading with me to continue and to make it quick. I, however, had other plans. I undid my belt and pulled it from my jeans slowly. I was teasing him mercilessly and he knew it. “I think you want my body as much as I want yours, Mr. Winston.” “More.” “I doubt that is possible.” “You can think what you want, Michael, but I’ve never met a guy that turns my crank as hard as you do. It’s taking every ounce of strength to prevent myself from bursting from this chair, tackling you on the ground, and having my way with you.” “I have a feeling that’s a hell of a lot of power then – if it’s every ounce of strength in that big body of yours.” “You have no idea, sir. No idea.” By this point Stack was breathing hard and his massive chest was heaving up and down. He did, indeed, look like a raging animal about to charge. I fantasized for a few seconds about having a red cape and standing in a big stadium – a toreador about to fight the largest bull in the world. This led to the idea of wrestling my mammoth admirer and that thought made my cock twitch. Even though I knew the match would be heavily one sided, the thought of having his large body on top of me caused a jolt of electricity to shoot through my body. I think my nipples actually poked out further because of my daydreaming. “I think you’re having a little trouble controlling your own gorgeous body, aren’t you Mr. Thomas. I think those plugs just grew bigger.” “I’m just thinking about all the things I want to do to and with that big body of yours, superman.” “I like the sound of that. Copying a phrase you said a few minutes ago - all these big muscles and whatever they can do is now just for you.” “And I like the sound of that.” We had once again been carried away on a wave of lust and presently teetered precariously at the edge of some unknown orgasm cliff – desperately wanting to take that little step and be consumed by overpowering ejaculations, but our desire for more foreplay caused us to silently call a truce. We stood in silence, only staring at each other’s face because we had a feeling that one glance at the other’s naked torso would cause the impending tsunami presently dammed within our cocks. My own dick was throbbing so much that I could feel it had become a little raw from all the friction against my tight jeans through the underwear, but the pain felt so good. “I’m ready for you to continue, Mr. Thomas.” I needed no more encouragement. I undid the button of my jeans and pulled the two sides apart slowly, letting the sound of the opening zipper fill the room. Stack could not keep his eyes on mine with this kind of action going on. He quickly dropped his gaze down to my crotch and it was clear that the sudden view of my white briefs caused the kind of reaction in him that was usually saved for watching cum shots in porn videos. My underwear was turning the giant on in a way that made me chuckle. I pushed the jeans down over my hips, purposefully leaving my briefs untouched. The removal of the thicker material made me aware of the large damp spot at the front of my underwear and I remembered how much pre-cum had gushed from my cock so far. Stack must have noticed the same thing and his large tongue crept out and slid across his thick mustache. He looked like a huge lion preparing to eat some captured smaller prey. The heavy bristles above his lip glistened from his spittle and I began to fantasize what it would feel like to have that bushy facial hair prickling different parts of my body – my earlobes, my balls, and way up between my ass cheeks. My legs actually wobbled from the imagined pleasure. “I see something just made you happy, Michael. A penny for your thoughts.” “I’ll share anything with you, good sir, for free – no need to pay anything. I was just thinking about how that dense ‘stache is going to feel slammed way up in my ass crack.” “Whoa, slow down there tiger. If you throw out visuals like that without any warning I’m going to explode like an overheated nuclear plant. I may be a big man, but I can’t control my cock from spewing when I’m turned on more than I ever thought possible. Now I’ve got to calm down - I must put new images in my head before I shoot my load. Let’s see: dead puppies, my grandmother’s underwear, Martha Washington, wet noodles . . . there, much better. We’ll have no more talk of your tight bubble butt, agreed? Let’s just leave that as your secret weapon, to be revealed only when you finally want to bring this big man to his knees. Fair enough?” “And what will you hold off on in return – it’s only fair?” “I promise not to flex my massive guns until you tell me to. I think that’s a even trade, don’t you think.” The mere mention of his giant arms caused a little whimper to escape from my mouth. I held my gaze level with his face and used all of my will power not to behold the mountainous peaks that exploded insanely below his shoulders. I knew the same detonation he had alluded to for him earlier would have happened at my own crotch – from just one glance. Stack instantly recognized my struggle and the incredible fortitude I showed by not looking down. I saw that my inner strength impressed him. For now, me exposing my ass or him pumping up his arms was off limits. It was clear we both wished to show mercy. “We have a deal, sir.” “Thank you, Michael. A tight hole and flexed guns can be the final prize for both of us. That way we can prolong this newfound teasing as long as possible – maybe even all night. I don’t want this feeling of power and powerlessness to ever end.” “It doesn’t have to, Stack.” My comment made the colossal man smile. He understood I was inferring we could be together forever. He stood up, undid his jeans, and pushed them down over his own briefs – and I thought about how I could have fit my entire body through just one leg opening. This thought pleased me very much. We both kicked our pants away from our feet after slipping off our shoes. Without even discussing it, each of us chose to keep our socks on, somehow getting more excited by the decision. I could not hold out any longer and I let my gaze fall first to his legs. “Aw fuck!” My reaction was instant and impossible to hold back. When I got my first glance at Stack’s gargantuan thighs, I simply had to express my shock in the first way that came to my mind. Their size was unfathomable. I swear it looked like someone had taken two large kegs and covered them with skin. To say his thighs ballooned out was an understatement. I was surprised human skin could expand so much. I couldn’t begin to count the thick long veins that stretched in every direction across his bulging legs. They disappeared in deep crevices and pulsed with power everywhere. It was clear his legs were relaxed but they appeared more tensed than a nun in a whorehouse. I was sure that when he flexed his leg muscles I was going to hear noises like rubber stretching or metal scraping against metal. I didn’t have any fetishes that involved me being a child, but the idea of riding on one of those muscled stallions turned me on in a big way. I wanted to try and wrap my own legs around one of his monster thighs and hold on as he bounced my ass and balls up and down until I shot off so hard my cum hit the ceiling. I would certainly be more exciting that a real bucking bronco. “Those two legs come with saddles?” “No, but I guess I have gotten them pretty big, huh?” “Big? Hell, they aren’t big - they’re monstrous. I’m surprised this entire dorm doesn’t shake when you take a few steps. One of those trunks is wider than some pro bodybuilder’s backs. You usually need a special license just to move things that big from place to place.” “Well I’m certainly glad you’re not disappointed.” “Disappointed? Hell no. I want to wrap my arms and legs around one of those things and go for a ride across campus – but I’m damn sure I’m not big enough to reach around such thickness.” Just to tease me more, Stack tightened his leg muscles. The bulkiness below his waist flared out even wider than before and suddenly his legs blocked the view of half the room behind him. It was a true testament to what was possible in muscle growth. Stack had created the true definition of thighs of steel. I had a feeling that an arrow shot from a cross bow at close range would have simply bounced off his tensed thighs. On second look I figured a speeding car would probably bounce off, as well. The striations were not slight indentions – they were more like mini Grand Canyons. I had never seen muscles bulge so much. I found myself suddenly getting very dizzy. I moved my gaze back up to his face to prevent myself from passing out. I was amazed to find Stack staring at my body in the same lustful way, as I was his. “Your body is beautiful, Michael.” “Thank you.” I accepted the compliment and was amazed that I didn’t try to deflect it in any way – or turn the focus back to his enormous body. I was, again, empowered by his honest desire for me. I didn’t try to second-guess anything. This was such a new and liberating feeling. My blood seemed to pump more powerfully than ever before through my body and I began to view myself through the gaze of Stack. I found much pride in my tanned face and thick golden brown hair. I could feel the warmth of the room enveloping my tight body, my erect full man nubs, and especially my firm round ass. Knowing my body gave this superman so much pleasure brought me unending joy and a self-assurance that made me feel incredibly potent and alive. I could tell I was radiating a kind of confidence that was intoxicating to Stack. He moved toward me and I took the opportunity to watch his massive thighs battle each other for space as he walked – shoving the heavy meat on the opposite side back and forth as he came forward. He slid his big hands under my arms and I instantly realized his forefingers and thumbs probably met above my shoulder, but I didn’t have time to contemplate that thought for long. Stack’s massive arms lifted me off the ground like I was as light as a towel. As a matter of fact he slid my body against his own huge torso like he was trying to dry himself off or something. It quickly dawned on me he really just wanted to feel my hot skin against his – and I certainly wanted the same thing. When my face was even with his he pressed his lips against mine and this time his tongue ravaged my mouth like this was going to be the last kiss on earth. I could feel the rigid log in his briefs pressing against my semen-charged balls, while the tip of my cock – which had snuck past the elastic band of my underwear – was smashed into his marble-like furry abdominals. My dangling feet kicked slightly back and forth with scrunched up toes as Stack sucked on my tongue in the same expert way he had my finger earlier. I was lost in his kiss, but mainly I was focused on the way his bushy mustache tickled my upper lip. It was odd how something so easily grown by a testosterone-laden muscleman could cause such unbridled erotic joy in a lesser human. His mustache turned me on as much as his muscles. We kissed for an eternity and it never once entered my mind that I might ever become heavy to Stack – I knew instinctively it wasn’t possible. He finally pushed my easily held body from his and our mouths popped when pulled apart. “Michael, I’ve got to let loose some of this built up super energy or I’m going to self combust. This is all just too much for me to handle.” “Then drop and give me a hundred push-ups, but let me ride for a little added weight and a lot of added fun.” Stack moved so quickly that I almost didn’t know what was happening. He gently placed me on the ground and then he dropped forward catching himself on the carpeted floor with his big arms. He squeezed his immense back and I gasped when I saw it burst into unimaginable mounds of muscle. His ass also tensed up within his underwear and I clearly saw those giant bodybuilder butt dimples that came with being able to control your body in ways that seemed inhuman. The big guy was stock-still and I could tell he was waiting for me. There, of course, was room for a small army to sit on his substantial torso and I hesitated briefly, trying to decide how I would ride the huge stallion. “Lay on top of me, buddy, and play with my nips as I crank these reps out for you.” The giant man had turned his head to look up at me and he did not need to ask twice. I climbed on top of him, noting that it felt like I was getting into a queen-sized bed. I slid my body down his slightly, mainly because my arms could not have possibly reached around his wide back, thick lats, and huge pecs to latch onto his nipples, but also because I wanted to rest my hard cock between the two round globes of beef that was his ass. I was able to reach around and up to his hard plugs from this angle. My chin rested on the space between his two giant rhomboid muscles and both of my legs lay comfortably across one of his massive thighs. Touching his body in this way made my cock start to twitch noticeably and the big man squeezed his glutes, just to tease my aching rod. He was somehow able to tense his butt cheeks in a ripple effect, which, in turn, felt like heavy hands stroking my cock. I pulled down hard on his nipples and moaned out loud at the same time. He knew his ass manipulation was about to make my dick explode. “Sorry, sorry. I couldn’t help it. Your cock just feels so right stuffed into my crack. It’s a natural reaction for me to want to please you.” “The only way to please me right now, big man, is to show me what those arms and this chest can do. Let’s see a little less talk and a lot more action. Pump out those push-ups! Now!” Part IV Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve always been considered quite handsome. I even did a little modeling in high school. But true to human nature, I always dreamed of being something other than what I was. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? I wanted to be a huge muscleman, but I didn’t really have the right body or the drive to get big – I mean really big. I was a well-built guy that attracted the gaze of both girls and guys, so that seemed to help me accept myself on some level. There was, however, an ingrained lust for big musclemen and it dominated many of my dreams and fantasies. The moment I felt Stack lower his huge body toward the ground and then crank out his first push-up with me laid out flat on his massive back my whole world turned upside down. It really is wild to have one of your biggest desires in life come true in a matter of a few days. I was holding on to two monster pecs as my cock was squeezed teasingly between powerful ass cheeks – and all as we started moving up and down, slowly and methodically. The big man was now showing off, easily pumping out perfect reps with a decent sized guy on his back. Somewhere in the back of my mind I counted each push-up even as I pulled hard on his man-plugs and tried to knead his stone-like chest with my hands. “Like the ride, Michael.” My body purred in response. It was a mixture of moaning and speaking, but it seemed to come from deep in my chest, crotch, and even from the tips of my toes. I knew Stack could feel the vibration as my body shivered in pure delight. We had already hit thirty reps and the brute wasn’t showing any signs of strain or even slowing down. I could not – no matter how hard I tried – get my mind around how strong this beast must be. He started shooting one hand out to the side as he went down, just to make my cock grow even harder between his cheeks, merely from the knowledge that he could easily do one-arm push-ups with my entire body on top of him. “What number are we on, sport?” “Fifty-two.” I whispered my answer, mainly because I was too carried away by the feeling of his warm stone-hard back beneath my chest and the fact that my hands could no longer grab any meat off of his chest – it was simply too tight from the exercising. I realized immediately that we were going to be here for a while. Stack needed to work off some built-up sexual tension, caused – of course – by me. His nipples were still erect and hard as small anvils. I had a feeling his cock was the same, but the push-ups seemed to be helping a little. I could tell his heartbeat was moving back to normal – even though he was pumping out numerous reps in the fashion most people breathed, easy and calm. I squeezed his teats even harder when he hit eighty push-ups; his form still impeccable and he wasn’t sweating even a little. “I can tell by the super stiff rod pressing into my ass that Mr. Thomas is pleased with my work.” “My cock reacts to muscle the same way Superman reacts to the sun. The closer I am to it the stronger it gets. And the thing’s never been so hard - let me tell you. I think I could easily press through a wall of metal – that’s how stiff my pole feels right now.” “Now that would be fun to watch. You know just how to turn a big man on, Michael.” “Right back at you, Stack. Right back at you.” At this point we were way beyond a hundred repetitions. The man was still breathing calmly and now held an arm out to the side for five push-ups in a row and then did the same with the other arm. I was getting dizzy from the up and down motion, but mostly from his display of raw power. My cock throbbed noticeably within Stack’s muscled bubbled ass. He kept squeezing my stiffness – sometimes with so much strength that I would holler like some schoolboy being teased on the playground. The huge man had more might in just his cheeks than I did in my entire body. I was getting scared that my shaft was going to shoot a major load just from the workout his ass was giving to that part of me. “You got to quit teasing my cock, big guy. I am about to blast a wad and slather up your crack something good if you don’t watch it.” “Okay, I’ll show some mercy, but just for now. I can’t wait until I finally get the chance to make you empty your sweet juice all over me. I want to see what you taste like. I bet you’d like to see me covered in your cum, wouldn’t you?” “You are an evil man, Mr. Stack. By the way, we’ve gone beyond two hundred reps, maybe we should stop. I’m a little light headed. Has this . . . um . . . lessened the intensity of your impending combustion?” “No sir, it’s only made it worse. Feeling your hard dick in my ass crack has gotten me jacked up beyond belief. I could crank out about five hundred more of these things before I even began to feel some relief. How about some presses? Here, let me turn over.” Stack lowered his body down to the ground one more time and I rolled myself off of his huge frame. I immediately missed the warmth and hardness of him. I stood up beside him and watched him turn over. Seeing his muscles from above was breathtaking. I was kind of dancing around – like a puppy that needs to pee – because I knew what was coming. I was going to lie across his hands and he was going to push my entire body up and down with just his beefy arms. This was one of my deepest fantasies and I loved all the videos online that featured this act. I was slightly leaning over as he situated himself. He looked up at me and smiled at my excitement. “Well, are we a little happy about what’s to come or what, Mr. Michael?” “You have no idea.” “I think I’m getting a pretty good picture of what this is going to do for you, but I’ve got a surprise. Turn around and sit on my right palm.” My face immediately showed disappointment, but then the light went on in my head. I turned around and watched as Stack flattened his right hand and lowered his arm so I could easily fall back and sit squarely on his giant paw. My ass was just a little wider than his hand, but it was still quite comfortable. I kind of let out a squeal of glee when he tightened his fingers and thumb around my butt meat, enabling me to feel completely safe in his grasp. I didn’t need to hold on to anything. Without any warning my body was pushed into the air by just one of his giant arms. I could tell it was a simple act for him, like he was pushing a folded shirt up to a high shelf or something. I weighted nothing to him. Stack quickly got into a nice rhythm of pressing my body fully into the air and then lowering his arm until his elbow grazed the floor. I wrapped my legs around his thick forearm. Again, the man breathed and spoke normally, as he basically tossed my body around like it was some kind of small rubber ball. After fifty reps with one hand he merely moved my body over his wide chest and switched hands – like it was no big deal to transfer a full-grown dude so easily. “This is helping a lot, Michael. I can actually feel your weight a little when I use one hand. It’s still pretty simple, but, at least, I know you are there. It’s also the best win-win for both of us, because you love being lifted and I adore getting to feel your nice tight ass.” “Next time I can put some weights in my lap, if it will help.” “Yeah, that sounds good. Can you hold a few forty pound plates on your legs, man?” “Depends on how many.” “Let’s say three or four.” “Four would make the total weight over three hundred pounds!” “You’re right. What was I thinking? Can you hold six in your lap?” Stack started laughing and his arm shook a little. It didn’t matter to me, though, because the beefy hand was clamping my ass in a way that made it clear I wasn’t going anywhere, even if he stood up and turned his palm upside down. There are moments in your life when you feel completely satisfied and at peace – maybe it’s the first time you get embraced by someone you love, maybe it’s the first time you experience a night in a hot tub, maybe it’s the first time you feel the perfect warmth of expensive sheets and thick comforters on a cold night – well, being held by this big man in one hand was all of these feelings combined. It was almost indescribable. I could actually hear his biceps expand when he lowered my body and the sound of the enlarged muscle rubbing up against his giant forearm was sending me over the edge. By this point, the strong man had lifted my body up and down over a hundred times in each hand. This experience was better than any ride at any amusement park, but it was also the biggest turn on I had ever experienced in my entire life. My cock was pressing into my stomach hard, its almost purple mushroom head sticking way past the elastic band of my briefs. Stack actually started tossing my body into the air with one hand and then catching me easily in the palm of the other. That’s what finally made me lose control. I sputtered words quickly as I went over the orgasmic edge. “I’m sorry Stack, I just can’t hold out any longer, man. You’re just too much, man. I gotta cum! I’m going to explode.” I could tell my words caught the big man off guard. I think he was enjoying tossing my body around as much as I did. My warning, however, made him spring into action immediately. He brought his other hand up to my ass and rolled my body easily around in his big paws. The enormous man then lowered me toward his face and nudged his nose into my stomach and then in a flash pushed the band of my underwear down beyond my balls. Before my cock had even contracted inward in preparation of shooting harder than ever before, his warm mouth engulfed the head and then slid down my entire long shaft. I could tell Stack opened his throat completely to take my entire geyser-like offering to his body and strength. My cock plunged deeper into the opening at the back of his mouth from the force of my ejaculation and I screamed as if I were trying to pass something as big as a truck through my dick slit. My body was as straight as a board and Stack easily held me in place, with just his two hands. The giant beneath me moaned loudly as a mouthful jism shot into his throat. I could tell he was impressed with the size of my first wad explosion and then all hell broke loose. I started bucking in his strong grip and that forced my rod to thrust in and out of his deep throat, which, in turn, sent me into even deeper euphoria. The mixture of feelings from his strong hands, his warm mouth, and his tight throat around my fat dick head sent me into some other pleasure universe. “Aw fuck, yeah!” Stacks words were muffled because my cock was still emptying what seemed like the entire insides of my body deep into his throat. I could tell he was as stimulated by the experience as I was and that’s when I felt his giant arms begin to tremble beneath me. At first I had no idea what was happening, but then it became clear that his big body was bucking on the floor as hard as mine – maybe even more. He held on to me tightly and I continued to pound his throat hard, but Stack was shooting a powerful load of his juice at the same time. I had simply sent the big man beyond his control point, as well. He easily held my body in the air as his crotch pushed up off the floor from the force of his orgasm. Stack had to stop sucking for the duration of his ejaculation, but left my cock plunged in his throat as he cried out in ecstasy. I could tell by the way our bodies scooted a few feet across the floor that his cum explosion had registered higher on the Richter scale than a small earthquake. We were both experiencing lust that was much more intense than we thought was possible. As soon as my cock had pelted the last squirt of juice it had churned slowly over the last twenty-four hours from fantasies of Stack, my stiff body collapsed and my chest fell to the floor above his head while my legs fell on his muscled torso. The giant still held my body so my cock stayed nestled in his warm mouth. He had resumed sucking on my meat gently, obviously loving the taste of me. I was breathing so hard it seemed like I was having an asthma attack. The mixture of soothing sounds coming out of Stack’s mouth – slurping and moaning – helped to slow my heart rate down. Finally, the big man pulled my body downward, allowing my still-hard cock to pop out of his tight throat. He pulled my briefs back up with his teeth and then he licked my stomach and chest as it passed across his face. Stack latched his lips on to mine when they were finally even with each other. My smaller frame molded into his massive upper body and one of his huge arms wrapped around my back, securing me in what felt like a blanket of muscle. We stayed lip-locked for a few minutes, just enjoying the warm wet softness of each other’s mouth. The bristles of his mustache made my body ache for some unknown pleasure, but I knew, instinctively, it involved his face buried in my ass. Stack finally spoke, but he kept his lips on mine. “That was the sweetest tasting stuff I’ve ever swallowed. I think that’s the only dessert I’ll ever need for the rest of my life. There certainly was enough for a giant boy like me, too. Have you been saving yourself for big Stack, Mr. Michael?” “You know it, but the combination of your lifting me up in the air so easily and that powerful mouth of yours also made my body produce about a gallon of juice just in the last thirty minutes. I’m like a cum making machine and your body is the only switch that can get me going at some unimaginable super speed. It’s almost as if I know your body needs a hell of a lot more protein than normal people. My cock merely wants to please its muscle master.” “Damn, boy, you know just how to get me rock hard again – even after I’ve blasted off harder than ever in my life and my body is craving some much needed rest.” I could feel his throbbing piece of thick meat stiffening against my thigh. It actually felt like a normal guy’s arm was pressing into me. My own worn out cock started to stir again, confused because it desperately needed more time to recover, but it couldn’t be near all this hard muscle and not react. I started grinding my crotch into Stack’s lower abdominals, allowing my thigh to rub up and down Stack’s hardening rod. The man started to purr softly and shivers were sent through my body because I could feel the sound reverberating through his enormous chest. Within seconds we were both fully erect again. “Shit, I believe you are going to be the first person to ever wear me out, Thomas-man. It’s like you should win a gold medal for cock teasing or something.” “Maybe you don’t have an Achilles heel, Stack, but your cock is actually your weakness. It’s the way this little David can bring down the big Goliath. I’ll control you by your thick stick!” “I bet you don’t find my cock weak when it’s pounding your ass in a little while. There’s not a vulnerable part to this big body, Michael, but there is a defenseless spot in my heart when it comes to you. I haven’t ever felt something this powerful and this quick. I’m serious. It’s a little frightening, you know. I have this urge to squeeze you so hard that you become one with my body. It’s taking a lot of stamina not to bear-hug the life out of you.” “Well as nice as that sounds, I’m glad you’re controlling that impulse – seeing how you could probably manipulate my body easily like a tube of toothpaste and force all of my insides out with just a slight cuddle. Hell, it already felt like you sucked everything in me out of my cock earlier. I have a feeling I lost five pounds down your throat.” The big arm around my body crushed me teasingly as Stack laughed out loud. I loved saying things that made him chuckle – it was like I attained some goal or crested a mountaintop. I had never desired to please someone as much as I did this big man. The feelings were all so new, but they felt so right. “Let’s not go overboard there, mister. I’m big, but I’m not Superman or anything. Besides, I wouldn’t hurt you for anything in the world. I just want to do things that make you stay hard all the time. If I can make you cum again as hard as you did a few minutes ago, it will be the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Making you horny gets me going in a way that I’ve never experienced before. I don’t understand it, but I certainly like the way it makes me feel. It’s like I desperately need your affirmation and the best way to get it is by making your cock spew. Does that make sense at all?” I pressed my lips into his to give him his answer, but also to shut him up. My dick was ready to erupt again and I had a feeling any more of this conversation was going to make me explode without even touching myself. Stack’s body shook as he laughed at my actions. He knew exactly what I was doing and I got the feeling he was thankful, as well, since his body seemed poised for eruption, too. Part V There’s that old saying about kissing a lot of toads before you find your prince, well I had kissed a lot of princes in my life, but nothing could have prepared me for the intense toe curling lip lock with the muscle king who had just sucked me completely dry. The huge arm that was wrapped around my upper torso was pulling me so tight it was causing all of the air inside to be forced out of my mouth – I was stunned by how Stack even kind of controlled my half of our kiss. I was like his squeezebox and he could determine how much lungpower I could give to our intimate exchange. The guy’s tongue began to massage every nook and cranny in my warm mouth and a feeling of surrender shot through me just because of the guy’s natural dominating abilities. I still couldn’t get over how unbelievably massive and sexy this senior classman was – even though I had been with him for a while now. It also thrilled me beyond belief to realize he was turned on as much as me. Without any warming, Stack pulled his face from mine and let it fall back on the floor with a loud dramatic sigh. “Damn, man, we’ve got to take a break or I’m going to need to destroy something big just so I don’t ravage your body uncontrollably.” “Ravage away, sir.” “No, Michael, I mean it. I haven’t ever felt this way. What is it about you that drives me so fucking wild?” “My winning personality.” “Is that a code name for a tight ass and a fucking unbelievable face? Cause that’s what’s making me so out of control.” “I think I’d love to see you really out of control. I bet you can create some serious damage. Just thinking about it makes me bone up even more” I had begun to run my finger slowly over his mustache again, knowing with each caress his cock would harden that much more. He closed his eyes and let out a gurgling sound as he licked his lips, making sure to get a taste of my finger. It was like he was a huge lion and I had found a way to calm the beast by petting this part of his body. I brought my face closer to his, kissed him softly, and then caught some of the hair on his upper lip between my teeth and pulled on it. At the same time I reached up and latched my right hand onto his left nipple, twisting and pulling hard. Stack’s back came up off the floor as he arched with pleasure, a loud moan sounding through the room. My body rose, too – easily forced up by the man’s enormous frame beneath me. “You’re the devil, Mr. Thomas. Just when I get my heartbeat back to something close to normal you have to crank my body back into overdrive, don’t you!” The big man whispered through gritted teeth – mainly because he was again having trouble controlling his body and his breathing. I had easily found two ways to please the giant this early in our relationship – abusing the hard tough plugs on his chest and teasing his ‘stache. I was again seeing how perfectly matched we were – just as he had said earlier. He needed someone to fully appreciate all the hard work he had done – shaping his body, as well as the hair on his face. He wanted the unpretentious admiration of a man who really understood what muscle men liked and deserved. It was clear Stack had realized instantly I was the perfect man for the job. I’m pretty sure he understood my potential even while we stood in the university bookstore – at our first meeting. I’ve heard people talk about “gay-dar,” but I think this was more like “muscle appreciation-dar.” Stack craved me because I easily equaled his lust for muscle. He needed a partner to share in his desire and need to be huge – surely for inspiration, but also for loving affirmation as he reached new heights; surpassing what others thought was impossible. He also yearned to reward such a dedicated worshipper and I was beginning to understand it was part of the process – giving back to the guy that inspired the growth. I was happy to oblige the colossal man. I knew I had the ‘right stuff’ to help Stack reach even more massiveness than he could imagine. After the initial wave of uncontrollable lust for what I was doing to his nips and mustache, Stack’s body fell back down to the floor with a loud thud. It was like riding a bunking bronco in slow motion. “Your mustache tastes good, big boy - like what a man should taste like. Salty and sweet - it must be your sweat mixed in with your muscle body’s natural flavor. And by the growing mound I feel down below it looks like I’m not the only one that needs a break, dude.” “Shit, Michael, I’m so fucking crazy right now that I can’t think straight – I’m pretty sure all your taunting is causing me to go slowly insane. I’ve never been so completely under someone’s spell. It’s like you’re some kind of addictive drug and I can’t get enough – I’ll never get enough.” “Well, don’t plan on going to rehab Stack, I like you this way.” “Around you, I don’t think I could be any other way. Studies show that I’m at my prime right now – a college stud able to easily pack on pounds of muscle and churning out more of my thick cum than any other time in my life. I have a feeling you may be the impetus for both of those things going way beyond my wildest fantasies. Being around you, Mr. Thomas; makes me want to grow to some freakish size and blast copious amounts of my juice at the same time. I can’t stop fantasizing about you sitting on my hard cock as I lay across a bench and press enough weight to equal an SUV. I’m sure that as I unload a geyser into your ass I’ll be able to crank out enough reps to blow up my chest into the size of small mountains. You could then think of my pecs as a playground for your little body, buddy. Shit, it’s great to be a fucking horny college stud and have someone like you to motivate me! This kind of talk gets me as excited as when I lift something really heavy.” “Right now, I believe you’re so horned up that a slight breeze could cause you to explode.” “Please don’t say ‘horned up,’ it’s just too overpowering coming from your perfect sexy mouth.” “Horned . . . up. Horned . . . up. Horned . . . up.” “I think someone needs to be punished for disobeying orders.” “And does Mr. Stack think he’s big enough to do the punishing?” “This man is not only big enough, but right now he’s feeling powerful enough to punish an entire battalion of men without any problem. Care for me to give that beautiful ass of yours a pounding, Mr. Thomas?” “As incredible as that sounds, Stack, I’d really like to see you show off a little more. That is, if you don’t mind.” “If you kiss me again, handsome, I’ll bring this entire dorm down without any problem.” “Let’s not get into trouble with the law or draw too much attention just yet, big guy. I want you to myself right now. I’m not into sharing big things. There’s plenty of time to unleash your massiveness on the unsuspecting public later on.” “I see Mr. Thomas is a greedy little bastard, but he doesn’t have to worry – I only have eyes and muscles for you, man. Only for you.” Stack brought his big hand up behind my head, his thumb touching one ear and his pinkie touching the other – it was a feeling that made me suck in air. He then pulled my face into his; purposefully rubbing his mustache across my lips a few time to make me purr with delight. Again, his muscled tongue pried my lips and teeth apart and darted down my throat, making sure to caress all parts of my mouth in a manly and forceful way. I marveled at how powerful his tongue was and got shivers across my body when I realized his cock was going to be even stronger and much bigger. I was now lying fully on top of him and we were grinding our heated crotches into each other with a savagery that seemed almost inhuman. My hands went everywhere – one moment they were holding on to his chiseled cheeks, the next moment they were latching on to the guy’s protruding nipples, and then they made their way to his massive biceps, which he would flex to give my body an adrenaline rush that was almost too overwhelming. Stack’s hands, in between flexes, were groping my ass with enough strength that it caused some glorious, cock-stirring pain – but the feeling was somehow so enjoyable that I craved even more. Grunts and the sounds of heavy kissing filled the room so loudly that I was sure my neighbor in the next room thought I was watching porn with the volume turned all the way up. Not missing a beat in my adoration of his body or in our mutual face sucking, I started propelling us closer to eruption with some intentionally muscle related questions. I staggered them between kisses. “What’s . . . the heaviest . . . thing . . . you . . . uh . . . you ever . . . lifted?” “One handed or two?” “One.” “Back of a . . . Jeep Grand Cherokee . . . weighs . . . mmm . . . about 4,800 llbs.” “Aw fuck that’s . . . so hot. Best strength feat when you were younger?” “There were a few . . . mmm, even your tongue is getting harder from all this talk . . . in junior high I held three hardbound encyclopedias in my hands and ripped them in two. Made two of my friends so excited they shot for the first time. Shit, it’s hot now knowing I forced those guys into early puberty. My father was so fucking mad about the books, since I kind of used some of the thickest ones. Another time, in high school, I pressed a bench overhead a bunch of times while four of my friends sat on it. Got one lift out with six guys on it.” I pressed my lips into his with additional force, trying to connect our bodies even more, but also intending to stop the conversation I had initiated. Just thinking of Stack as a junior high kid ripping huge books apart and later lifting some of his buddies during gym class in high school was enough to make me have a heart attack, not to mention spew a heavy load of man milk from my throbbing cock. I could feel cum boiling so hot in my balls that I knew I had to cease all crotch thrusting to prevent a tsunami-sized release. I froze all motion of my body, but kept my lips planted on Stack’s mouth. It was clear he had no intention of stopping the conversation, although he did refrain from continuing to jack his lower body up against mine. Stack spoke from the corner of his mouth, so our lips could stay together and he continued to push his mustache into my upper lip. “In the ninth grade I grew larger than my father – about two inches taller and outweighing him by almost fifty pounds. I used to come up behind him, grab him at the waist, and lift him up into the air. He’d flail his legs wildly and yell at me, but I could tell he was actually really proud of my growth. I caught him boasting about me to his friends all the time – even encouraging some of them to see if they could beat me at arm wrestling. It was a wild feeling – to slowly force a grown man’s arm down to the table – when I was just in 9th grade – and watching the guys having to adjust their hardened cocks after I easily beat them. My parents wouldn’t let me play high school football because I was too big. Only in college could I join the team, since the guys were all much larger. I walked onto the field the first day of tryouts my freshman year here and the coach’s jaw fell open almost to the ground. When I told him I had never played before he warned me that probably there wouldn’t be a spot on the team for me – since he needed experienced players. But when I easily plowed through six other players to lead the quarterback into the end zone, the guy made me a starting linbacker on the spot. I’ve played every position possible, but it’s the ones where I get to shove my big body into other large men that makes me happiest.” I could actually feel the man’s nipples getting harder as he spoke. They pushed into my smaller frame and felt like someone was poking me with a big finger. All this talking about himself was obviously getting Stack turned on even more. I wasn’t sure how long my cock was going to be able to hold out, but I didn’t care. I wanted to urge this behemoth’s jog down memory lane on for his sake, as well as mine. I wanted to test a little theory that had popped into my head just minutes before – I now believed Stack had reached a point in his life where his size and strength were just taken for granted. He had been huge and powerful for so long that he was trying to figure out how to live out his own version of “happily ever after.” It was a wild concept to grasp – trying to imagine what big studs did after finally reaching their goal size and becoming as powerful as they had always dreamed. It made sense that two things naturally happened – they started setting the bar higher, deciding to crave more size and strength even though they had already met their fantasies and then they also looked for men who could equal their intense lust for all things that come with large muscles. This way, they could start seeing themselves with fresh eyes. Stack desired me so much not only because I was the kind of guy he desired physically, but I also helped him to see his body as I viewed it – I reminded him of how fucking huge and mighty he had become. He realized that I would never tire of his stories about strength, not to mention his actual displays of brawn, and that meant he could begin to re-live them again, as well. I helped to keep Stack’s desire to grow larger alive in his heart by my lust and my appreciation for his enormous body. In short, I fueled his desire to keep getting bigger. A flood of awareness of and deeper appreciation for the man was released into my body. I was going to be the flame that continued to ignite Stack’s fire for a long, long time. “More stories, big man. Make me cum just by sharing tales from your younger years.” “Aw fuck, Michael, that would be so incredibly hot to have you gush without touching yourself in any way.” “You’re almost there, dude, you’re almost there. Now finish me off.” “Okay, okay. Let me see . . . after freshman year in high school I invited five of my best friends to my house for a sleepover on my birthday. My best friend, David, decided the theme of the party was going to be ‘testing the limits of Stack’s strength.’ I knew David had a thing for me, but I also knew he would never admit it. My family had about seven acres and we were camping out on the back part of our land – far away from the house. It was summer, so I was wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off and some cut off blue jean shorts. The other guys were dressed similarly, but no one filled out their shirt and shorts like me. They were pretty big guys, all on the football team, but I was still bigger than any two of them put together and I was confident that I was stronger than all five guys at one time. It was late afternoon and I could see that David’s fat cock was already hard as hell as he announced the competitions would begin. It seemed that the five guys had gotten together and come up with a list of tasks for me to perform – they called them the ‘twelve labors of Stack’ in honor of Hercules. We had studied Greek Mythology that year. I was pretty embarrassed by all the attention, but my desire to show off overpowered my self-consciousness.” “You are making all of this up, aren’t you – just to excite me more.” “No, Michael, it’s all true. I promise. The tests started pretty tame. They had drug out an old weight set with them and they loaded it down with all the plates they had and made me lift it. I remember it being very light, but no one else was able to lift it overhead like I did. I think two of them were able to lift it in the air when they did it together, but I could press it up and down many times with not help. Next came arm wrestling, something I had come to love. I defeated every guy with both of my arms and then started taking them on at the same time – one guy challenging my right arm at the same time someone took on my left. I really got excited when I easily beat two of them challenging one of my arms as a team. It was hard, but they did finally defeat my left arm when three of them were allowed to take me on together. I can’t remember all of the tasks, but we did end up wrestling at one point – the five of them against me. The goal was for them to just knock me to the ground. At one point I had three of them hanging onto my upper body and the other two decided to run up and knock my legs out from under me. Right when the two guys dove at my calves, intending to send me flying to the ground I jumped into the air – yep, even with the three guys hanging onto me – and the two guys went sliding on the ground past me. I landed on my feet with a thud and the impact sent the three other dudes falling to the ground. There I was standing tall while all five of them lay on the ground. It was such a thrilling moment for me. I reached down and grabbed two of them by their belts and started lifting their bodies up and down, finally tossing them onto the other guys to create one big heap. That’s when I noticed a big wet stain at the crotch of David’s shorts and knowing my feats of strength had caused him to shoot what looked like a bucket full of cum made my body lose control. I started ejaculating uncontrollably. Seeing my pumped up body jacking wildly sent the other four guys into their own muscle induced orgasms. It was a turning point in the sleepover. Let’s just say that was the first time I learned about the thrill of muscle worship and the enjoyment I could give other guys. I had certainly felt my own muscles to give me much needed release, but feeling five guys run their hands all over my body and seeing the lust in their eyes was the greatest moment of my life up to that point. Later, as we all stood there in the woods totally nude and I flexed for them – causing them to come numerous more times – I fully accepted my destiny as a huge muscleman.” “Damn, I wish I could have been there, Stack.” “That would have been cool, Michael, but now you have the bigger and stronger version of that young man all to yourself. And we can think of some labors for this big Hercules any time you want – don’t you worry Anything to make you happy.” “I’m so close, Stack. All this talk is taking me so close to the edge.” “Then let’s finish you off, shall we, Mr. Thomas. I’ve been saving the best for this moment. My senior year in high school one of my best friends, Tanya, was dating an asshole named Dustin who didn’t treat her very well. Dustin was a big dude, but nowhere near my size – I had grown a lot more by this point. He also didn’t lift weights at all, so he had no body strength. One day, towards the end of final period, I found out that the jerk had punched Tanya in the face during a fight at lunch. I got myself excused from class, pretty easy since Senor Hawley, my dweeby Spanish teacher, was scared shitless of my size. I went and found Tanya to see what had happened, but the swelling around her right cheek was all I needed. I always remember that she didn’t try to stop me when she saw how angry I became before stomping away. I’m pretty sure she wanted me to do some serious damage to Justin. Anyway, I started tormenting the guy by first going to his locker and punching in the door with one quick thrust of my fist. It looked like someone had taken a sledgehammer to the thing. I hit it so hard that the bolt of the combination lock ripped apart and fell to the ground. It would have been cool to wait around and see the look on his face when he got there, but I had other plans. Someone told me later that Justin actually pissed on himself when he walked up to his locker. I can’t lie, causing that much fear in that particular asshole kind of turned me on. I don’t usually like to make anyone scared, but I felt he deserved it.” “A good thing for me to note.” Stack looked at my face and smiled. He had his huge hands behind his head and that caused his arms to be bent and his biceps were bulging. He made them bounce up and down just to taunt me. He then lifted his head forward and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back and felt his cock twitching with excitement. I knew I could kiss the guy for hours and not get tired, but my desire to hear more of the story was much stronger at that moment. “I would never hurt you, Michael. Please know that. And now back to the story. Well, I moved from the locker to the parking lot outside. I knew Justin’s brown Camaro and decided it would be nice to have a little fun with it – everyone knew it was his pride and joy. Every day he parked the thing diagonally across two spaces, even though it was against school rules. I was alone in the parking lot and I knew I had about forty minutes before the final bell. I walked around the car trying to decide what I wanted to do. I finally landed on the idea that I could trade a bunch of punches – to his locker and his car – for the one and only punch he was ever going to give anyone at our school. I took off my letterman jacked and wrapped it around one of my fist. I went to the driver side and with a light punch I easily busted out the window. I went around to the passenger side and repeated the damage.” “Fuck me, Stack, I am so close and I’m not doing a damn thing to my cock.” “Hold out buddy, while I finish the story. Anyway, I became really jacked by how easy it had been to destroy part of his car that I kind of lost control. I reached down and unlocked the passenger door, opening it wide. I bent down and placed my big right palm up against the inside of the door and continued to push it open, until the thick curved bar holding the thing to the rest of the car basically snapped in two. The door flew into the front side of the car and then fell to the ground. I looked down and saw that my efforts had actually caused my right biceps to rip through the sleeve of my polo. My arm now looked so massive and it had felt like nothing to fuck up the door that way, I was so stoked that it barely registered I was using so much power. I went to the driver side door and decided to try something different this time. I brushed away broken glass and then grabbed the shut door with both hands. I looked at my bulging gun, now totally freed from my short sleeved shirt and again marveled at how huge it was – and then I jerked both hands toward my body at the same time and the locked door was ripped from its frame with one loud screech. My body was on fire with adrenaline. I lifted the easily demolished piece of metal over my head and then slammed it down into the top of the Camaro, causing the entire left side of the roof to cave in. I released the door and it stayed standing up, wedged into other dented piece of metal.” “I’m sorry Stack, I can’t take any more. Here comes the tidal wave!” “I’m right there with you, man!” As soon as I began to spew my giant load of cum, I could feel Stack’s cock twitching uncontrollably and his warm juice shot out, as well - mixing with mine. Both of our bodies were rigid from the intense explosions and we cried out like we were in pain, but it was, again, one of the most enjoyable orgasms I had ever experienced. As I ejaculated I suddenly realized that Stack’s storytelling had brought him to the point of no return just as it had me. It was clear we were destined for an intertwined life of mutual muscle lust forever. I allowed my semen to squirt all over the big man’s torso, even as I felt his warm liquid spurting up even higher between us – obviously because it had much more muscle power behind it. I let my body melt into the large man that carried all of that strength, knowing a bond that could never be broken now tied me to him. I could feel the excitement pulsing through his body as he realized the same thing. Part VI The post cum-eruption rest was just as blissful as the moments leading up to my synchronized orgasm with Stack. Hearing so many strength stories from the big man’s past and groping all of his hard muscles as he sucked me off was just too much for my body to take – as well as his. Stack’s huge arms were wrapped around me and our legs were intertwined – my little twigs among his redwoods. The heat radiating off his body was causing me to drift in and out of a sleepy haze. I could feel the college jock’s heart beating intensely – even through his massively thick chest, as he kept brushing the hard bristles of his mustache across the back of my neck and below my ear. I had just ejaculated what seemed like every drop of liquid in y body, but my cock stayed rock hard because of the giant stone-like muscles surrounding me and his expert ‘stache massage. “Did big Stack make you happy, Michael?” “Doesn’t the river of cum drying all over your beautiful huge chest answer that question, my big man?” “Yeah, but I like hearing you say it.” “I have never been happier on any day in my entire life and I doubt I’ll ever be this happy again.” “Oh, I think you will Michael. Just wait until you see all the things I have planned for you. I’m going to make so many of your muscle dreams come true that your dick will be perpetually raw from constantly beating off. Your gorgeous face and body turn my crank so hard that I won’t ever get tired of showing off for you. This big man is going to grow fucking huge because of all the adrenaline you cause to explode inside of him – and all this will happen just from being around you. Shit, I’m as hard as hell again. See, you make me churn out juice like a cum machine on turned up to overdrive.” “You’ve got to shut up, dude, or I’m going to have a heart attack when my dick starts trying to spew again and ending up only able to dry heave painfully. I’m like some raw nerve exposed to the elements and your chit-chat is going to set me off.” “My big muscles and muscle talk is like some kind of addictive drug for you, aren’t they, Mr. Thomas.” “Yes! Now shut up and kiss me, superman, before I have an overdose.” “I like the sound of that. You want me to be your superman, Michael. You just request it and it’s done. But the only kryptonite that’s going to make me weak will be discouraging words from you. There’s not anything that’s going to get through this superman to you unless you ask for it. You can count on that, man. I’d battle the world for you – and you know I’d win.” I plastered my mouth on to his to get him to be quiet. My dick had started jerking wildly in an attempt to cough up some more cum, but the big man had already caused me to unload everything I had. The best my cock could do was to twitch dryly like a robotic dancer. I needed him to shut up so my body would have a few minutes to recover and hopefully rejuvenate a little. Stack’s mouth was one of the most incredible feelings I had ever experienced – warm, wet, masterful, and the mustache only added to the pleasure. It was clear this man had developed his oral abilities as much as he had developed his body. As we kissed hard I found my hands wandering back down to his giant biceps, which he quickly started to pump just to give me a thrill. Stack knew perfectly what to do to excite me on multiple levels. His tongue probed my mouth like a pro, feeling his flexed arms made my body tingle all over and the big man grinded his hard cock into mine in a way that made it clear he was definitely ready to go to town again. I, however, still needed time to recover. I pulled my mouth from his. “Remember, Superman, your Jimmy Olsen isn’t a superhero like you. He needs a lot more time and rest before he can shoot off again like some kind of pornographic roman candle. You may be able to rip apart a tank and then go right into twenty-four hours of sex, but normal men aren’t built that way.” “Ummmm, fucking you for twenty-four hours sounds so good. Getting fucked by you for twenty-four hours straight sounds even better. What about it sailor, you want to plug my ass with that hard pole?” “Right now my pole just wants a little rest, admiral. You and your huge muscles have plum tuckered the thing out!” “Well then let’s get cleaned up and go out. I’d love to show you off!” “You, the massive college jock that looks like he was carved out of the most expensive marble ever created – the one that can lift the back of a Cherokee with one hand – and the one with more muscles than all the guys in my geeky classes put together – wants to show me off? Where’s the hidden camera, Stack, cause this must be the moment when someone comes out and says I’ve been punked.” “Nope, dude, you’re hotter than any other guy on campus and, besides that, you can throw down head to toe with me when it comes to muscle lust, so that makes you the best thing to happen to me since my arms blasted beyond twenty-five inches my junior year in high school. When I’m around you we might have to use some heavy-duty duct tape to fasten my big cock against my hard abs so I don’t poke holes in doors, people, or heavy machinery, since I’m probably going to be at full mast the entire time. Even the bristles of my ‘stache are shooting harder because you turn me on so much. Come on, Mr. Thomas, I’m going to make sure everyone on this campus and beyond knows that you are mine and mine alone. If anyone even bumps into you the wrong way they’re going to be twisted so tight by my bare hands it’s going to take a team of ten men to untie their limbs. Shit, just the visual of me wrapping some guy’s body into a knotted mess gets me hard, but doing it all just to show off for you makes me fucking harder than I’ve ever been before.” “But what if some of your friends don’t like me, Stack? What are you going to do – bend their body into a ball of jumbled limbs? I don’t think so.” “Everyone’s going to love you, Michael. I promise. You’re the most powerful man on campus now, because you’ll have the strongest guy in town standing right behind you. If someone doesn’t like you they’re not going to say a word because they know they’ll have to answer to me. And trust me, Mr. Thomas; no one has fucked with me since that doctor spanked me right after I was born. I punched back, by the way, and he went flying across the room. Let’s take a shower. I want to soap up that gorgeous body of yours so much that I’m about to shoot off again right here and now.” Stack’s cock was actually twitching and the slit was gaping open like a fish’s mouth out of water. A big gob of healthy pre-cum oozed out and the big man dipped his finger into it and then streaked the think juice across the hair above his upper lip. It looked like Stack now had a hairy milk-mustache – bristles poking through the whiteness of his powerful cum. “Looks like I need someone to clean my fur, boy. You up for the job?” “Very ready and very able, sir.” I leaned into the huge man and pressed my lips against his thick mustache, sucking in between my lips. Immediately my mouth was full of the sweet and salty taste of Stack’s man-milk. It felt like I tasted the actual nectar of life. I ran my tongue up and down his manly hard bristles and gathered every delectable molecule of the hot lava that had gurgled up from his throbbing cock. I then pressed my lips into his firmly and let my tongue share some of the saltiness that remained with his taste buds, causing the big man to purr loudly. I also reached up and pinched his protruding nipples with all of my strength – knowing that most people would certainly feel pain, but all Stack felt was pleasure. I could have chewed on those nubs with all my might using my sturdy molars and it would have done nothing but turned the college’s stud crank to an even higher level of delight. I could have played with the man’s body for a week non-stop and not even care about resting, but I also knew how much fun it would be to go out on the town with such a gorgeous man. I pushed my body away from Stack’s and looked into his eyes, which were full of desire. “Care to take a shower, Mr. Stack?” “Yes, but not with you, Mr. Thomas. I’m afraid that would lead to things we aren’t ready for at this moment. I’m going to head back to my place so I can get a new shirt – something seems to have happened to the one I wore over here.” “I don’t think I can manage not being wrapped up in your arms for more than a few minutes, sir.” “Ah, that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me since the last nice thing you said a few minutes ago. You could definitely become a habit with me, Mr. Thomas. I’ll make sure I bring my toothbrush and my barbells with me when I return – so I can stay for a few days. I won’t need any clothes if you don’t mind going out to get food when I’m working out. That way we can stay wrapped up tightly for seventy-two hours straight. How does that sound?” “So heavenly that I’m not so sure I want to go out now.” “Well, you said your cock had to have some much-needed rest and I could use a few mugs off beer – the food of the muscle gods. I know a hot little bar in town – a place where we can get into trouble.” “Well, then go ahead and go, sir, but hurry back. I’ll miss you very much.” “How about I show off a little to give you something to keep you hard as you shower?” “That sounds like a good plan, Stack.” Without any warning, Stack jumped up off the floor and then grabbed my body and basically tossed me into the air. He carried me above his head and then stepped up on my bed. This made him tall enough to press my body against the ceiling of the dorm room. He took one hand away, but kept me shoved against the plaster above with one hand against my stomach. I looked down at his beautiful face and he flexed his other arm, making sure the biceps was right under my face. The tip of my growing cock pressed against his hand and this made the big man smile. Again, without any warning, Stack dropped his hand and jumped off the bed at the same time. My body fell the seven or eight feet to the mattress and bounced wildly. I turned my head and watched Stack put on his jacket, blow me a kiss, and then leave my room. I lay on the bed for a few minutes of rest and to daydream about my new huge boyfriend. I had a feeling Stack was having the same kind of thoughts about me as he ran to his own dorm. I knew he wanted to get back as quickly as I wanted him to return. And sure enough, by the time I was stepping out of the shower, a newly refreshed Stack was coming into my room – wearing a obscenely tight t-shirt. I quickly dressed, choosing an outfit that highlighted my eyes and my ass. Stack whistled in approval and then stood beside me. He gave me a deep, masculine kiss and then pulled away – obviously fearful of what our embrace might lead to. “Let’s go have some fun, Mr. Thomas.” “Lead the way, sir.” Soon, we were standing at the bar of one of Stack’s favorite watering holes drinking two beers. I could tell my boyfriend was starting to get a little tired of looking down at me. Stack lifted what to him was my almost weightless body and sat me on the edge of the bar’s smooth top. He then wedged his muscular but unbelievably thin waist between my legs, leaning into me with a ferociousness that was almost frightening. The big man needed a kiss and he needed it right then. I found my mouth invaded savagely by his tongue and felt his sturdy lips pressing into me hard. It was definitely the kiss of a big man and a powerful big man, at that. My toes curled up in my tennis shoes and I felt my cock pushing into his crotch with enough force that he could feel it even through both my pants and his. I knew that Stack’s own huge pole was equally as stiff and he pressed it up against the lip of the heavy oak bar – I actually heard the wood creaking in submission to his powerful thrusting. At the same time Stacks’ beefy, muscled arms enveloped my smaller frame tightly and it felt like a blanket of skin covered stone. I had tasted and felt many parts of the man by this point, but I was still shocked at how his warm, wet mouth made me giddy with excitement and at how the wall of muscle surrounding me caused me to shoot close to ejaculation so quickly. We stayed lip-locked for a while and then Stack suddenly pulled back and let out a loud rebel-like yell. “Shit, Mr. Thomas, there’s nothing in the world that feels better than a kiss from you. I feel like I could rip a massive chunk out of this bar just from the strength you cause to well up in me from just one kiss. My cock is also about to start splintering the front of this big wooden bar like it was made of toothpicks.” “Um, Stack, we have some visitors.” There was a group of five guys standing in a semi circle behind the big man. When I revealed the information about our little welcome party a devilish smile crept across my big boyfriend’s face. I realized instantly that Stack had chosen this bar on purpose and had purposely given me a deep throat kiss just to draw attention. The guy turned around slowly and draped his bulging arms over my legs, letting his back lean into my chest – so my head could rest on his shoulder. I sensed immediately that Stack was going to toy with these big gentlemen and found myself feeling sorry for each of them. I knew they had chosen the wrong guy to mess with – even though nothing had happened yet. “Howdy gentlemen. Did you come to play?” “Depends on what you mean by play . . . Stack-man!” Suddenly, my boyfriend and the group of big men started whooping and hollering like a bunch of sailors on leave for the weekend. It then hit me that these were Stack’s football buddies from school – not some group of guys looking to pick a fight. I had no idea what the group of men meant when they used the word play, but I had a feeling I was going to like the outcome. I had certainly reached a comfortable place with my new man and I was sure his friends were only going to only add to the pleasure. Stack looked back at me as he talked and I could see that he was proud to be introducing me to the guys. He pulled my face down into his and we kissed again. He made sure his mustached scraped against my face hard.
  12. Song of Mizurai by Mr. Mouse The following story is a work of fiction. All characters in this story are of legal age. Mizurai is a character copyright Giant_Ardryn and Song is copyright Cavram Mouse. Any similarity to any characters, living, dead, living dead, evil dead, undead, ever living, deadbeat or otherwise is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Only the needle has been changed to protect the record. A voice of the long slumbering called out in the darkness and found it was alone once more. The voice was one of beauty, strength, and power but found that those who had listened to her were lost to the ages. The voice could not believe the echoing silence and so she called out again but there were none left to hear. Those who worshiped her were truly gone. The voice was truly sad and so she sang a song in the hopes that one day someone might hear her call once more. She sang for a very long time until someone heard her from across the mortal realm, beyond the edge of dreams and he was drawn irresistibly to the sound of her voice. It resonated in him every night. The voice of a goddess filled his dream and drove his desires ever since he found the blade. Who was the man who sought the source of the voice? What was the blade that guided him? To answer that one has to first know where he came from. Tuimer-La was one of the tribes of snow leopards that resided in the northern most provinces of the Arslan Empire. The anthropomorphic leopard people who resided there were among the finest warriors the Empire had ever known and were often called to fight their wars, defend the people from monster attacks, and to police their province against the more serious of crimes. The mightiest warrior that the tribe had ever produced had a name that literally meant: Powerful. Powerful he was. He didn't really tower over anyone in the province at a respectable six and a half feet tall with a lithe swimmers build of toned, tight, rippling muscles. The only articles of clothing he ever wore were black buccaneer pants with wraps around his calves, silver chains wrapped around his forearms, a silver chain belt, a series of chains he donned as a scarf, and nothing else. He was so confident in his skills that he never wore armor and no weapon he'd ever wielded ever knew defeat. Everyone in the province knew the name of Song. He was so skilled, in fact, that he found himself often bored with his regular work for the empire and province. One day he decided to leave his tribe of the permasnow plains and set out into the world. He started wandering, a pack over one shoulder and a miaodao sword on his silver chained belt. He made his living here and there as a monster hunter, mostly helping smaller villages on his way in exchange for room and board at local inns. Over his years of wandering, he never found anyone who was his match in a fight. Never a monster he couldn't best. It was one fortunate day in the Yi Deng Kingdom, just out side the village of Yumao when he found a target he was being paid to take care of. The Chief of Yumao was offering a handsome reward for a particularly nasty monster to be slain in the neighboring forest and Song fully intended to claim that reward. It was when he saw the piles of bones on the ground that he knew he was getting close. He sniffed the air and caught the stench of the beast long before he saw it. Song walked calmly into danger. He didn't hide, sneak, or even draw his sword but rather seemed disinterested by the whole affair. The lumbering beast let out a roar that shook the trees as it stomped on approach with footfalls that trembled the ground beneath Song's feet. The beast resembled a shaggy bull that stood twenty feet high. It had six horns as wide as it's shoulders and a jaw that ended with a jagged black beak instead of a bovine jaw. It stared, with glowing red eyes, down at the snow leopard man while drool dripped from it's blood soaked mouth. Song still didn't draw his blade. That was when he heard it. A faint song carried on the winds, yet he couldn't quite make out the words. He was quite distracted when the beast lunged beak first with intent to kill the snow leopard. Song was having none of that and ducked to the side at the last moment, bashing the beast in the head with his chain-wrapped forearm, cracking it's beak in the process. The monster swung it's head to the side to gore the white-furred man but he simply grabbed it by the horn, swung up atop it's neck, and held on for the ride. The monster rose to it's full height and shook back and fort to try and jostle the man loose from it's back. Song was busy trying to listen for the voice he heard. The beast roared and brought him back to the world. He unwrapped the chain scarf from around his neck and with a swing it double wrapped around the creature's neck. The monster brought up a cloven hoof to try and scrape him but the snow leopard dodged without any trouble put to him over anything the monster did. In a last ditch effort to be rid of the thing on it's back, the monster flung it's body backwards to slam him into the ground, crushing the snow leopard under it's tremendous weight. Just before impact, Song leaped from the creature's back and landed on his feet just in front of it as the monster hit the ground hard. Song took the chains in his mighty hands, gripped them hard, and flung the beast by it's neck into a massive rock with a crash. He pulled the chains loose and with a quick flourish they were back to loosely hanging around his neck by the shoulders. The creature writhed as it began to recover groggily, but it never had a chance. Song was atop it in a flash and with a single swipe of his miaodao sword, the beast was beheaded. After the monster was silenced he was able to listen for the singing voice once more and found that the sound was coming from the belly of the beast. He drew his sword once more and cut the monster open along it's belly. Song plunged an arm inside and once he touched the source of the sound, he felt an instant joy from the vibrations that resonated within him. He pulled out the metal object only to see that it was a silver, ancient, nandao sword inscribed with runes he didn't recognize. He sheathed his old sword and fell to his knees. He drew the ancient blade from it's scabbard and marveled at it's beauty. There and then in the guts of the beast nothing else seemed to matter but the song from that blade. He felt something inside and then marveled as the runes on the blade glowed blue. Suddenly water washed from the blade and cleaned him off from the guts and bile. Afterwards the feline man coughed as he wasn't expecting a small flood to splash upon him. He shook off a bit, blinked as he regained his composure, then sheathed his new blade, wrapped a chain around the beast horns and dragged it back to the village of Yumao for his reward. Sure the monetary compensation was nothing compared to the singing sword but Song had to admit it was nice to eat well. As further compensation, he sold off his old miaodao sword for a few coins as he knew that the nandao was the only weapon he would ever need again. It was later that evening, while sitting alone in the public bathhouse with his new sword by his side, that he had an altogether new experience. The singing began again and resonated in the water of the bath around him. He gripped the sword by the hilt and he felt an inner warmth he'd never known before. That was when he heard the voice clearly speak for the first time. It resonated through him as a feminine whisper: “Find me.” The snow leopard was caught off guard and wiped water from his face only to find he was inexplicably crying tears of joy. He looked to the sword and said, “I'm holding you. I have you now.” The whisper returned, “The blade is my blessed sword, the Kovad. A vessel to carry my voice through the nightscapes to your realm that I may be found once more.” Song hugged the sword to his chest and held it tight as he felt the singing fade, “Please don't go. Tell me more. How do I find you? Who are you?” “I haven't much time,” said the voice in a fading whisper, “Go to the East. Let my Kovad guide you. Find me.” The singing and the whispers stopped as Song kept the shethed blade held tight to his chest. For the first time in a long time... he felt a purpose. He felt a spark of desire. He knew of something more than himself and this existence hunting vile creatures and so he vowed to the one who whispered through the Kovad, “I will find you. I promise.” Song didn't sleep. He barely got his pants and belt on before he was out of the bath house in back of the inn. He gathered his things from his room and set out into the world that very night. He had a purpose to serve but with very little direction... that is except for the direction East. East he went from the village, donning his outfit as he went and securing his satchel as he hurried. He wasn't one who normally felt the need to run but he ran through the woods that night with a speed that surprised even himself. East was the only thing he knew. It was five days of constant travel, in the end he rode into Da Shui village, by the Zui Yu Lake, on the back of a hay cart. He managed to stumble into an inn and paid up front for a few days stay. There was no more singing in all that time but something he couldn't describe had driven him onward. The need to sleep, however, drove him to a soft bed in a small room. He kept the Kovad next to him on the bed as he drifted off and the sword did sing him a lullaby. He had the most vivid dream he had ever had that night. There was something large. Something blue that kept him pinned. He sensed a shape. A person that was a red panda in species but the red was replaced with a deep blue. She was surrounded by the dark but it wasn't her that pinned him down. He couldn't move and didn't understand why. The blue where she should have been red form of an anthropomorphic red panda held his sight but there was so much dark. The only light he saw seemed to come from behind him. Or perhaps he was the light. He could not tell. He saw her speaking but he couldn't make out what she was saying, there was only the faintest of flickers that graced her form as she reached out for him. He fought everything that was holding him back but as he reached out for her... she vanished. In place of her he saw a mountain. A light shined from his hand at that mountain and it illuminated a point at the base. It shined like a shimmering star. He saw the mountain base was near a lake but he didn't recognize the landscape. Before he could make sense of anything, Song awoke with a start. He was sopping in sweat and panting. The singing of the Kovad faded as Song caught his breath. He forgot where he was for a short while after awakening but then found himself at one of the inns in the rather large village of Da Shui. He sat on the edge of his bed and thought. The dream was still fresh in his mind. The blue furred red panda, the mountain, the star and the lake. He never had such a vivid dream before. The snow leopard would have gone on thinking about that but was interrupted by a pang in his stomach. Song's belly growled and he found that he was rather starving. He fished a coin pouch from his satchel and headed down to the inn proper. He looked at a calendar on the wall by the stairs and saw the days marked off. According to it he had slept not only the night away, but the next day and night as well. He'd reawakened early in the morning of his second say at the inn. No wonder he was so hungry. He exited the inn with a stretch and a yawn then made his way to a food stand where he procured some steamed buns and fried dumplings. It was a while before his hunger had been sated but with a full belly he was able to think again and in turn he took a better account of his surroundings. Looking out over the lake, from the opposite side of the village, he saw the mountain of his dreams. It was there in all the detail of his memory. Song wondered if he had made it to his destination at last. He settled up at the inn, gathered his things, and made his way to the docks where he sought to charter a boat. He met a few of the lake folk who appeared to be otterfolk. He walked up to one laid back on a small sampan boat. “Excuse me,” said Song, “I would like to rent your boat please.” The otter on board chewed a sprig of straw but never lifted his straw hat to see who was talking to him, “I bet you would, stranger. Got some fishing to get back to in a bit. Not sure I wanna take anyone out.” Song pulled out a coin purse and jingled it, “I could make it worth your while.” The otterman tilted back his straw hat and looked up at the snow leopard, “Ah jeeze. Yer one of those ice tribe fools. Why do you wanna get out on the lake for anyhow?” “Well actually I don't want to get out on to the lake so much as I want to get to the other side of the lake,” Song pointed to his destination, “I want to get to the base of that mountain there.” The otterman looked where Song was pointing and sat up, “You want to go to the old temple?” “Temple?” asked Song. “Yeah. You know. The temple at the base of the Mountain of the Fallen Kings?” the otterman spoke as though the feline should have known what he was talking about, “You mean you want to go there and you don't even know what's over there?” “I mean I know what's over there now,” said Song, “You interested?” “It's your money,” said the otterman, “What's the name of the ice triber who wants to go across the lake for reasons unknown to even him?” “Song of Tuimer-La,” said the snow leopard as he tossed the bag of coins to the otterman. The otter on the ship checked the contents of the bag and said, “Welcome aboard Song of Tumor Land.” Song hopped aboard and with a few scant preparations they were off. Getting out on the water, the Kovad hummed in it's scabbard and let off a light blue glow. The otter thought it was a tad odd but then again he just didn't care. It took while to get all the way to the other side and the small boat stopped before reaching shore. “We're here,” said the otter. “We're three hundred feet out from shore,” said Song. “Yeah we don't get to close to those ruins,” said the otter, “Bad luck curse and all that stuff.” Song sighed, tucked his scabbard in against his pack, then looked to the otter, “Thanks for the ride either way.” “Good luck on whatever it is you're doin'. Try not to die I guess,” said the otter just as Song jumped into the water. The snow leopard had not come this far to be deterred. He swam through the water with his cumbersome pack and weapon but did eventually make it to shore. He walked to the pebbled beach and to the grassy clearing just behind. Song saw an old, overgrown, stone path and followed it to what looked like the ruins of a city. The wind worn stone had gone a very long time without the care of a soul. He passed through destroyed buildings but still had no sign of where to go till the Kovad began to glow again. Song pulled his blade from the scabbard and saw it glow with a singing voice that resonated till water began to pour from the blade and made a path on the ground that lead the feline further into the ruins. He walked along the path till he came to a large domed building that was carved out of the side of the Mountain of the Fallen Kings itself. He walked into the entryway, a massive doorway, with long missing doors, that must have been two hundred feet tall. Inside the building really opened up to a massive cathedral-like structure. Tree roots had grown through the stone walls and there was a hole in the roof that let the sunlight in to shine on a podium at the far side of the temple. The snow leopard approached the podium as that was where the water path ended. The sword stopped glowing and Song saw a slot in the middle of the podium that looked as though the blade would fit nicely. Behind the podium was a massive golden ring that was fifty feet across and gold filigree went from it's edges up to another ring at the base of that podium. Song held his sword with both hands and said, “What do I do now?” The whisper returned a bit louder now, “All you have to do is light the way. I will do the rest.” Song held the sword and saw it glow blue once more. Sparks of blue electricity began to fire from the blade but he was not afraid of it. He trusted the voice as though it were something that was meant to be. He didn't know why but he was compelled to press the sword into the slot of the podium. Shortly after he did so the golden ring at the podium's base sparked with electricity that only served to light up the fifty foot ring at the back of the temple. Song found after inserting the sword he was unable to let go of the handle whatsoever, not that he would have wanted to. The voice returned but was not a whisper any longer. It had changed to a sweet, sultry, and delectable feminine voice who spoke to Song, “I can see you. You are a candle flickering in the winds over a sea of darkness. I'm coming back. After all this time I can finally return.” A wind kicked up over the mountainside and blew through the temple. Dark clouds rolled in to block out the sunlight and soon only the light of the sword and the golden rings was the main light of the room. That is until the lightning started to flash outside. The weather took a severe turn ever so fast and heavy rains began to fall over the mountain and surrounding countryside. “So bright. So warm. I can nearly touch it,” said the voice. A billowing wind blew through the temple as a shimmering blue light glowed from the space in the golden ring. All went silent except for the voice, “I'm here.” Out from the shimmering blue portal stepped a massive black and blue furred leg. The tremendous foot wore a silver sandal encrusted with sapphires. The being that walked forth wore a dress of silver and sapphires that clung to her immense form. Apparently she was the blue-furred red panda from his dream, except now he could see her for what she was as a thirteen foot tall hermaphrodite goddess with incredible musculature. On her ankles she had large silver anklets with sapphires and had matching bracelets on her wrists. She had massive breasts that the dress was practically painted on to. Her arms were otherwise bare except for large silver rings on her biceps. About her neck was an ornate necklace of silver and sapphires that were practically engulfed by her impressive cleavage. Speaking of her cleavage, there were definitely hoop rings that pierced her massive nipples but were concealed by the goddess' dress top. Her ears were pierced by silver studs and she had a blue rose by her left ear. Her headfur was a complimentary blonde to the otherwise black and blue fur over her body. The last thing Song noticed was that her massive cock, even when soft, was only just barely covered by the dress that went down past her knees and then the lights went out. The sudden dark after the portal turned off left the feline temporarily blinded before his eyes could adjust. A lightning strike later and he saw the silhouette of the blue-furred red panda once more. She raised her arms and the room was illuminated by a few floating orbs of light that blinked into existence at her whim. She smiled to him and said in the voice he had been following, “Hey there, handsome.” Song took a moment to realize that the thirteen foot tall hermaphrodite amazon was speaking to him, “Hello.” “It's been a long time since I've been able to walk amongst the mortals,” she said as she sauntered over to him with heavy footfalls from massive, sandaled, goddess feet, “I have missed it a great deal.” Song had not thought to ask before that moment but then looked up at her as she loomed over him, “I never did catch your name.” She rested one forearm under her massive breasts while placing the pointer finger of her other on her lips in thought, “Well. I'm actually older than names. Though when this place was still a kingdom they would call me Mizurai.” The snow leopard practically melted as her sweet voice vibrated through him with her every word. He fell to his knees at her feet and began to kiss her toes, “I had this feeling,” he managed to say between kisses, “I had a feeling you were something fantastic, Mizurai. From the first moment I heard the sword... I knew I had to find you at all costs.” She chuckled and squatted down in front of the small man, “You are the first person in a very long time to flatter me my dear.” Squatting down, her massive cock and balls rested on the ground between her feet as she got down closer to the mortal. Song looked up and up more, blushing all the while even when looking into her amazing eyes, “It is an honor to flatter you, my goddess. Rest assured that every word is true. You are truly amazing. I can't believe that anyone would ever abandon worshiping you for any reason...” She smiled at him and ran a few fingers gingerly over his cheek. He leaned into her palm as she pet him, “Well they didn't mean to. There was a war and all the people who used to worship me died. I was across the realms when it happened and with no light to guide me back... I couldn't find my way to this world again among all the others out there... that is until you found my instrument. I would love to show you my gratitude.” Still on his knees, Song bowed deeper and said, “Anything you wish of me my goddess and I will do it for you. Anything at all.” She rose to her feet and quirked an eyebrow, “First things first. Tell me your name.” Song thought for a moment as he got up and stood before her in awe, “I was Song of Tuimer-La... but seeing you I know I have a different name. I am Song of Mizurai.” The goddess reached down and picked up the smaller man with both hands then hugged him to her breasts so that they could look eye to eye, “I'm so glad you found me, Song. I'm happy to finally meet you.” He didn't realize till he was picked up but her muscles really were that of a god. While she was immense in stature, her muscles were colossal even for one at her size. The snow leopard was quiet as he looked over her frame from his elevated view. She adjusted so that he was held up by a single hand under his rump and said, “I can see by your darting eyes that you like the way I look.” She hugged his crotch against her breasts' clevage and said, “Ooh and I can feel from down there that you must really like how I look. How do you like this?” Mizurai brought up her free arm to flex, the silver band encrusted with sapphires creaked from the strain of a light flex. She then flexed in earnest and the muscle swelled like a mountain growing from the plains. The band didn't stand a chance and exploded off with a pop like a twig stepped on in the forest. Most of the silver and gems flew off in all directions but one lucky sapphire flew right at Song's forehead. It hit with great force and embedded there. It was so fast and he was so distracted that he didn't even feel any pain as he was knocked out. He did recall later hearing Mizurai say, as he drifted away from the conscious realm, “I always forget how fragile mortals can be... every time I come back I have to remember that all over again...” Song had never been knocked out before. Not in a fight nor from any other means. His constitution was so great. But a sapphire of the gods in the realm of the mortals was a heck of a first way to experience that. As he slept, he dreamed only of his goddess. He dreamed of embracing her and being held in her strong arms with the warmth of her bussom comforting him more than he had ever known. He awoke and found himself in just that embrace. She cradled him like a small child against her bussom with both arms holding up his body. The snow leopard hugged to her breast and she smiled down at him, “Ah there you are awake now. You know, even though it was accidental I kind of like your new look.” She waved a hand and a small mirror appeared before Song to show him his own face. The sapphire embedded in his forehead right where his third eye would be. It looked as though it had been placed there on purpose and went quite well with his black spots. He rubbed the sapphire and said, “It doesn't hurt at all, my goddess.” “I know,” she smiled, “I made sure that it would not.” He realized that she was walking and that they were out in the open. It was late in the day. The storms had passed and the skies were spotty with clouds now. The crisp scent of the lake water permiated his sense of smell. He looked around to see that the goddess was carrying him across the lake. She walk walking on the water as easily as though it were solid ground. Song looked up to her, “Where are we going my goddess?” “I have been out of the mortal realm for far too long,” she replied, “I seek mortal pleasures and to see the world as it stands now in the modern times. I want to explore this world with you by my side.” Song smiled and nestled in against her bust as she held him up single handed, “It would be and honor to walk with you, my goddess. I don't know that a warrior, even one as strong as I, would be worthy of your grace.” The goddess knelt down then flexed her free arm, the other silver band popped off as she was freed of it's constraint. She then gently set Song down on the water. He was wary at first but found that he could stand on it just as she was able. He stood beside the kneeling goddess as she spoke, “You are a brilliant light that shines in the darkness and I would have it no other way,” she rose to her sandal covered feet and offered him a hand, “Come. Walk with me, Song.” He took her hand and she led him onward to the otter village across the lake from the Mountain of the Fallen Kings. Boats went by and the people aboard stared at the pair as they walked across the lake to shore and then into the village streets. The goddess gave a bit of a stretch and looked around at the little people. Some cowered at her immense and intimidating size. Furs of every shape looked upon her. The native otter people were one species but there were visiting felines, rabbits, horses, bovines, and canines of every sort. They all gazed upon her awesome form as she walked hand in hand with a snow leopard companion. “Do not be afraid,” Song assured them, “Everyone, this is Mizurai. Goddess of the ancient kingdoms. She is not here to harm anyone.” “How can we know that?” asked a meek looking rabbit woman, “She looks rather intimidating to me. Never seen no one that tall. Looks like a tried warrior.” The goddess spoke, “Looks can be decieving. But know this. No matter what any of you do to me, so long as my worshippers remain unharmed then I will bring no harm to anyone. I promise and the promise of the gods is unbreakable.” “What are you the goddess of?” asked a bare-chested, coolie, horse man. It seemed that on witnessing her and hearing her voice, the aura she radiated made it far easier for any who had to believe in her. To truly know she was a goddess. She thought for a moment, “I am a goddess with many powers but one would say that I am of thunder and water... and also of power, strength, and most importantly... love.” “What do you want?” asked the otterman who originally took Song across the lake. Mizurai took in a deep breath and smelled the delicious food of the numerous food stands that lined the streets, “Well first I think I would like to try some of your food. It smells very good and I haven't had food in a very long time.” The goddess sat before one of the outside tables and people filled the benches on either side. It seemed the whole village had gathered around to see her and hear her stories as she partook in a meal. Song sat on her lap and pointed out various foods to try as the villagers kept bringing more to the table for her. Everyone found her to be friendly. She was easy to talk to and answered everyone's questions without hesitation. The big important ones came first. Where had she been? In the realm of the Gods. Why did she leave? Her sisters wanted to destroy in the mortal realm and so she had to keep them at bay and make sure they couldn't reign in blood among the mortals. Why didn't she return? There was a war between the kingdoms who worshipped her and with no worshippers left to light her way back, she couldn't navigate the space between the realms. How did she come back? She found a worshipper. Song lit the way for her return and brought her back to their realm. All were merry and carried on conversing with their goddess well into the evening over a delightful meal. The inkeeper asked her where she would be staying for the night to which Mizurai replied, “I'll show you.” The goddess scooped up song and set him upon her shoulder then walked down the street to the edge of the village. Many of the villagers followed her. Some touched her incredible body just to make sure that she was real but all watched in awe as she pointed back to the lake. Her hands glowed blue and water erupted from the lake and rippled in the moonlight. She pointed to the lands just outside the village and the water crashed down into the woods. The water crashed into the ground and soaked in. She clasped her hands together and focused as her whole body glowed in a bright blue light. Storm clouds swirled overhead to block out the moon and lightning struck where the water was streaming from the lake. Mizurai extended her hands out and raised them to the sky slowly as though she were pulling up something heavy. The ground rumbled and quaked. Trees fell in the forest. Then a massive spire began to rise from the ground along with several others. Mizurai held her hands up with her muscles flexing and straining as a literal palace of immense proportions rose from the ground. It was a beautiful structure that looked as though it had been grown from crystal, gold, marble, and silver. It was as big across as the biggest stadium and with towers that reached twenty stories high. The crystals of the palace lit with a blue light that lit the night landscape. Walls extended from the sides of the palace and around the lake to the mountains as a protective barrier for the worshippers of Mizurai. The buildings of the town changed. The ships and vehicles became nicer. Streets became marble and gold while street lamps erected along every walkway. The whole of the village was transformed into a city that would be the envy of every kingdom. When she was done, all stood and marveled at their goddess. She turned to face them, “I am going to stay in my palace which now stands to guard our city. Once your hearts began to worship me it gave me the power to grant you your desires for safety and security. I love you all, my worshippers and I will keep you safe from any who would ever think to do you harm.” She gave the crowd a nod and everyone cheered for her. Song hugged her head from atop her shoulder and said, “You are the most magnificent, my goddess.” She looked to him, “You made it all possible, my pet.” “Pet?” asked Song, “I am your willing slave, my goddess.” She grinned to him then looked to the crowd, “Go forth my worshippers and enjoy yourselves. You have earned it through your kindness. I and my herald are going to retire for the evening and will see you all again once we have finished tending to my godly affairs.” Many people were all to happy to explore their upgraded homes and places of business. Some stood and pouted with an awwww as the goddess walked up the stairs to her palace with the snow leopard on her shoulder. She whispered to him as she had through the sword, so that only he could hear, “You and I are going to have some fun my pet. I wouldn't count on sleeping tonight.” Song grinned, “I wouldn't have it any other way, my perfect and beautiful goddess of power and love.” “Peeeeet,” she said back quietly, with a big grin, as the massive doors to her palace opened. She walked inside to the main chamber, “You're gonna make me blush.” The doors closed behind them and she moved Song to hug him against her breasts. She ran at supersonic speeds up the stairs to the highest tower and then reached her godly bedchamber. It was a massive room with a ceiling two hundred feet high. Her bed was gargantuan, as was the furniture therein. The foot of the bed must have been fifty feet off the ground. He noticed there were no stairs to lead up atop the massive bed or even a ladder anywhere. “That's quite the large bed, my goddess of love,” said Song. Mizurai set him down gently and said, “Well I'm quite a big girl.” The goddess flexed and moaned a bit as she started to flex her tremendous, muscular body. However, her godly garments did not grow along with her flexing muscles. Her massive feet popped the straps of her sandals like they were threads of tissue. Her flexing chest undid her top as though it were nothing, her hoop ring pierced nipples made short work of it and the rest of the dress began to rip up the side of her powerful legs. She cooed softly as her clothing and jewelry began to leave her incredible body. Her tattered dress remnants hung off her hips like a loin cloth that did nothing to hide her two foot long soft cock. A flex of her rump and the dress was gone. Her neck muscles popped off her necklace and it slid between her breasts only to be swallowed by her massive cleavage. She walked up to her pet and the floor shook and trembled, cracking under her immense weight. The giantess, amazonian, futanari, goddess strutted her stuff sexily as she flexed a few poses before her willing slave, “What do you think my pet? Is sexy, no?” Song stared with his mouth open wide and nodded slowly. He gulped as he was lost in thought just staring at her body. He got to see her cock in earnest and realized that not only was she hung like a horse but that she had the cock of one as well. A literal horsecock mixed with a touch of canine as it was knotted at the base. He also took note that her weight was crushing the floor under them and he said, “My goddess. How is it that you now weigh enough to crumble the ground beneath your feet, when earlier you were able to walk around without such destruction?” Mizurai smiled to Song, “It is because before I was exerting some of my power to float and make myself lighter. The weight of my muscles is often too much for the floors and ground of the mortal realm to survive without crushing. I had no intention of frightening my worshippers but now that you and I are alone. I feel that I can let loose a bit more, as you can now see. Speaking of seeing. I think you need a bit of a better view and I would like one as well.” She knelt before the snow leopard and waved her hands over him. The chains that wrapped around his arms, torso, and waist unwrapped and floated away. Then the wraps on his calves undid themselves and before he knew it his pants were at his ankles. Song stepped out of them, now naked before his goddess. She smiled, “Much better.” The six foot six inch tall feline walked closer to his goddess, his ten inch humanoid erection jutted out from him and he was glad to present himself to her but didn't know where to begin, “What would you ask of me my goddess?” She lifted her arms to a powerful flex, swelling the muscles to gargantuan proportions as she said, “Worship me, my pet. Start by worshiping my muscles.” He didn't need to be told twice and immediately walked up to feel over her flexing arm, rubbing it over and then bringing his face up to rub against the bicep. He kissed and licked her tremendous arm muscles. The goddess gasped a bit at the intimate touch and her whole body swelled in a powerful flex as she remained knelt down to give him easier access for worship. He looked up to her face as her eyes squinted with her mouth agape in pleasure, “It is truly an honor to be allowed to please you my perfect goddess.” She blushed and he saw her cock throb at the compliment, “Your worship is not complete. There is still quite a bit of muscle for you to cover.” Song saw her flex her abs and then shifted over and down to kiss and lick those muscles, unintentionally resting his hand on her massive member. That small touch made her grow to her full hard length of three and a half feet long of pure goddess steel. It had been so long since she had an intimate touch that it didn't take as much as she thought for her engine to get revved. The smaller man rubbed her legs and began to kiss the muscles when the giant goddess scooped him into her arms, wedged him between her breasts, and kissed him passionately on the lips. His arms were pinned to his side as she held him effortlessly, her cock throbbed under his feet and he was all to glad to rub her immovable rod. She moaned and kept kissing but then withdrew as the pleasure flooded her mind. She threw her head back to moan further as he rubbed her massive cock flesh with his feet and it was only then that he noticed they were no longer on the ground. They were floating on air. She had lifted off the ground during their kiss and had shifted over the massive bed to the tremendous pillow at the head of that bed. He hadn't noticed because during that kiss his goddess drove him to heaven and she was all that mattered. He smiled to her and rubbed that cock with his feet as she spurted copious amounts of precum beneath him, “It seems my goddess has one special muscle that needs some worship more than the others.” She smiled to him and gazed into his eyes, becoming lost for a second before she said, “That I do and that will be quite a bit of fun... but first... there is something else my pet should worship.” Before he could as what she pushed him from her cleavage and he landed on the massive pillow. It was the softest and most comfortable thing he had ever touched in his life, outside of his goddess' body of course. He landed on his feet but wished he had let himself flop onto his back, if only for the feel of it. Mizurai floated down and landed before him saying, “Lay back my precious pet. I have a treat for you.” Song gave a small bow, “Yes my goddess.” He happily squatted down, laid back, and looked up to her as she walked closer on the giant pillow till she stood with her cock dripping precum down over his body. A foot to either side of his body, till she lifted a paw and brought it down slowly atop him. His cock pressed under her heel and pinned to his stomach. Most of his chest was under her sole and his face pressed against her toes. Mizurai spoke one word and Song complied: “Worship.” He sniffed to take in the scent of his perfect goddess and that alone made his eyes roll back in pleasure. She scrunched her toes over his face as he involuntarily thrust his cock against her heel. The goddess smiled down at her herald and began to massage his body by moving her foot up and down over his body from the top of his head to the brunt of his balls. Song had never felt anything like it. There was no warning as his cock erupted on her sole. She didn't think he would pop so fast and had perhaps underestimated his attraction to her despite his willing worship and silver-tongued wordplay. She waited for his orgasm to die down then pressed down a little harder on her worshipper, really pressing him into that pillow and eliciting a small mew from the feline. She pulled up her foot and held it over him, saying “Lick it clean.” Song got on his knees and began at the heel then worked his way up to lick over the entire underside of her foot. He was very thorough and didn't stop till every drop was cleaned off his goddess. Once done she rested her heel on the pillow and then he held her foot with both hands and sucked on each of her toes in turn. Mizurai chuckled at the tickling of his tongue till he began to suck on her toes... then it became some serious moans in response to his actions. The feline was still incredibly hard after just having orgasmed. Song loved that she moaned at his sucking but then she withdrew her foot from his mouth and used her toes to push him to lay back down on the pillow. She sat before him and then brought both her feet up to wedge the smaller man between them, rubbing his whole body over with both of those incredibly strong stompers. Mizurai didn't know that leopards could purr but she found out that night as he felt like a vibrating massager between her feet. It didn't take long of her caressing before Song orgasmed for the second time since in her care. She looked over her sticky feet and said, “My but you certainly are an excitable little pet.” “I'm surprised that I was able to hold off so long. It has been difficult to hold back but you bring it out of me like no one I ever thought could have,” said Song. He went to work cleaning off both of her feet then she saw he was still hard after cumming so hard twice. Her own harder-than-steel rod throbbed while looking and feeling her worshiper worshiping her form. The moment he was finished, she pushed him back again then lay atop him. She kept from putting her full weight on him as she pinned him to the pillow and as her breasts pressed to his chest, she kissed him, her cock throbbing between their bodies. “I need to take you my pet,” she said, “I think I need to take you more than I've ever needed to be with anyone.” “I am yours to do with as you so please, my goddess. Take me. I would love that so much,” said the infatuated snow leopard. Mizurai held Song down with her incredible breasts, pinning him to the pillow as she lined up her massive dick to his tight, way too small, asshole. She used her weight to prod and poke his ass with her flare, not getting much at all inside, just managing to bend her dick and slide off target. She smiled to him and said, “You're so fucking tight.” Song found he was unable to move under her weight but his wiggling under her only managed to turn her on more until he said, “I want you inside of me so bad my goddess.” “Oh... I intend to use you,” she said with a girlish grunt she pressed her flare forward, slowly, stretching his ass wide around her girth. She could hear his hips creaking as she entered her pet. Already a fat throbbing bulge formed in the tummy of the kitty. The snow leopard was all but helpless pinned by his incredible goddess. He moaned and mewed as he was stretched in ways he never thought would have been possible. His cried out in pain and a tear streamed down his cheek, yet despite the pain he would not have it any other way, "I..." he panted heavily, "I've never felt anything like this my goddess." Mizurai stopped for a moment to stroke away the tear on Song's cheek then ran her thick fingers through his hair, "Well you are are about to feel a lot more," she grinned slyly then thrust half her dick inside her pet, lodging that flare up into the snow leopard's chest. A combination of the pleasure and perfection of being entered by Mizurai and from the pain of being entered by that goddess drove his face to the moans and shuddering that his whole body engaged in. The cock going up into his chest forced the air from his lungs but he flexed. His lithe muscled contracted and he worked by flexing over and over to massage that massive cock with the super warrior body that encased it. He reached around and took a hold of the nipple rings so that he could have something to hold on in preparation for the ride. "For you my goddess? Anything." Mizurai crammed in to the medial ring before she stared to thrust repeatedly in and out. Her flare stretched the skin and fur of the leopard's chest, past the cute muzzle, with each heaving thrust. The snow leopard thought he had taken all she was going to give him... and then it went in further. He felt the pain start to outweigh the pleasure and his body convulsed in a pain he'd never known around her cock as she thrusted in more and more. The massive muscular goddess might kill him with her lust. "I... my goddess... it... it hurts... too... big..." he says as he convulses, tears streaming down his face as for the first time in his life he feared for said life, "I don't... think I can... take that much... too... big..." his moans of pleasure became grunts of pain. Mizurai got even hornier hearing her pet worry he wouldn't survive the brutal fucking the goddess was giving him. Her knot wasn't even swollen to full size at that point, not to mention there where a few more inches of fat cock to squeeze into her slave before that bulbous monster would be a problem. She quieted him, "Shhhh pet... You will be fine. Many men have died on my cock, but you are not even near that point. You will get used to my size day by day. I wont kill you. I'm not going to lie though. It is going to hurt you a bit until you are trained," Then she drove her dick in until that swollen knot smooshed against his sore asscheeks. The massive knot was wider than Song's hips. Song still cried from the pain as the goddess took him. He felt her voice soothe him but that didn't mean his tears were drying. His face was wet as he clenched his eyes and moaned under the goddess. He opened his eyes to gaze into hers and found solace in that view. There were worse ways to die and if this was his time there would be no other way he would rather go. He bit his lip to stifle a cry of pain as the goddess only swelled and flared larger within his body. He kept his gaze locked to hers, "I trust... you my... goddess..." he managed to say through the pain, "The pain... being torn... didn't know..." The goddess decided not to give her pet the knot that night. She figured that as durable as he was, he didn't look like he was ready to handle it. Either way she was happy and horny. She looked at his adorable face and a feeling overwhelmed her godliness. Soon her cock grew much thicker and blasted her massive load of sticky panda cum up the leopard's throat and out his mouth and nose. She kept cumming and cumming, all the while speaking to him through the blasts of super powerful god cum, “Mmmph. I love you, Song. My rather durable warrior. Any lesser man would have died if I tried to penetrate them this deeply. I can see now it must have been destiny that you found me and not some lesser man.” The snow leopard felt something running up his throat like he was going to throw up, so he covered his mouth as the cum rushed through his entire digestive tract and then out his mouth. It gushed everywhere. Even as she spoke, he was busy, as cum kept gushing from his mouth and nose. He beamed at the compliments but cum still fired from her cock. Shot after shot after shot with gallons and gallons of god seed. His eyes rolled back in pleasure as he came again himself. Convulsing around the cock that came inside him. He couldn't speak as the cum kept cumming. It was several minutes before her geyser stopped erupting. Slowly and carefully, Mizurai slid her softening cock out of her pet, from his chest down to his ass that bulge went down until she had to yank her flare out of that ruined ass. With a plop and squirt of cum her flare came loose from that pulsing doughnut. The snow leopard drained as he panted, finally able to breathe again. His body was wrecked and were he a lesser man he would already be dead. He had to fight just to keep conscious. He looked to Mizurai and said, "You truly are a goddess. No man nor beast has ever defeated me but you held my life in your hands and could have ended me... yet let me live... I've never felt anything like that nor like what I feel for you... you are the only one I ever want to be with." he rubbed his sore rump a bit with a grimace, "And after that probably the only one I ever could be with." Mizurai giggled and and scooped him up into her arms to give him a loving musclehug, “Hehe. Sure looks like it. I really did a number on that ass." The mix of pain and pleasure still coursed through his body as he was held by the beautiful goddess. He looked up at her, his face still wet with tears as he said, "Yet I am still here and there is no where I would rather be." Mizurai sat back and flopped her well fucked kitty over her massive thigh, letting him drain and recoup while she tried to sooth that stretched asshole with her handpaw. She gently rubbed over it and those well used buttcheeks. She looked at her pet as he drained onto the massive pillow and gave a bit of a frown, “I'm sorry, pet... didn't know it would be that bad for ya. I'll go slower on ya next time.” Song cooed as his goddess held and caressed him. He smiled a big smile as the massively muscular Mizurai rubbed him tenderly, "It was worth it, if it pleasured you my goddess. As you said we just need to practice more. I'm sure that I will be stretched and ready to take you in no time." as her finger went between his cheeks he showed his recovery by flexing down on it harder than most mortal men could ever hope to, "See? I'm already almost ready for round two. Gotta keep stretching me so you can really let loose." “Round two you say? Hehehe. I still doubt you are ready to take my knot... let alone my true size,” she giggled more after she let out one of her secrets. "True size?" asked Song, "What do you mean my goddess of beauty?" Mizurai sighed, “Well, my true cock size. I did shrink my tool down as small as I could but it's hard to contain all this power in such a teensy frame, but I did so because I wanted to make love to my pet.” The snow leopard's eyes went wide and he said, "I want to be worthy of taking you at your true size. I want to give you every pleasure possible." Mizurai blinked and was both flattered and glad that her orgasmic delights didn't scare off her worshipper, “Ooo kitty we have LOOOTS of training to do before you can even begin to THINK about taking that size.” Song hugged to that massive goddess frame, "I say we train as often as possible then because I want you to not have to worry about hurting or killing me as you take me, my goddess." Mizurai nudged her lover and said, “I quite like to have to hold back. It's hot to me. Mortal life like a massive panda ain't all a dance on roses. It's a struggle here in the mortal realm. If I unleashed all my power and just did me sorta saaay... there would be no planet left... or star system... or galaxy I think...” Song nodded as he imagined her full power. She was truly awesome. He purred as he hugged against Mizurai and just snuggled her a while she cooed softly and stroked a hand across his back. He looked up to her after a while of snuggling and said, “Still I'd like to be able to take that massive knot. That hurdle is going to take a bit.” “Oh, you will most definitely take it, one way or the other,” she smiled deviously. He stuck his tongue out cheekily and said, “I'd like to take it every which way.” A giggle slipped out and she poked her pet, “Oooh I highly doubt I could knot your mouth.” Song meeped at the poke then came back with, “Perhaps you could use some goddess magic and help me become a little more... stretchy? With that I could swallow you whole if you wanted.” “I mean I couuuld,” Mizurai began, “But that's no fun for me. I like to hear and feel your mortal body creek and crack as I squeeze my girth into you. Watch you bulge. Watch you and hear you struggle, conflicted with feelings of pain and pleasure. The snow leopard worked his hand idly over Mizurai's massive, cum slickened, member, "I have to admit it was very frightening after while but... I would do that again in a heartbeat. It was still the most amazing experience of my life." “Don't worry. We will do it again,” smiled Mizurai, “Just get me going again and we will train that ass. I hope you know how to arouse your goddess.” "I think it goes something like this..." He scooched on her legs as she held him on her lap as he recovered during her butt massage. Song sat back on his rump, which was feeling better already due to his heightened healing factor, and then began to rub his feline feet over that massive cock. He started at the balls, caressing them as though he were kneading dough before working his way to the shaft. The snow leopard began to stroke the massive goddess cock with his feet using expert stepping techniques and toe flexes on the slickened goddess rod. She cooed as her member did begin to thicken a bit but then said, “That's nice..but it wont make me steel hard. You know what I need, my precious Song.” The Snow leopard stood, knowing what she needed, he stepped atop the massive cock, rubbing his feet over it, then he said, "This." first he kissed her on the lips just to taste them. Next he moved to her left arm and started to rub the bicep. He used his tremendous strength, nothing compared to hers but greater than most every mortal, as he really worked into the unflexed muscle. Then Song started to kiss and lick over that massive arm, worshiping it. His cock got rock hard despite orgasming at least six times already that night already. His ten inches pressed against her forearm as he thrusted lightly against it during the worship of her, "You are the most beautiful and glorious, Mizurai. I have never felt this way about anyone and I cherish every moment by your side. You are my heaven." He went back to worshiping her arm and the gargantuan muscles. Mizurai flexed her bicep against her slave's face, her cock stirred and started to grow into a solid steel boner from him kissing on her muscles "Well... Now I am ready for round two." Song shudders as his heart skips a beat. The deadliest monster he had ever encountered was now protruding at full strength from the waist of the woman he loved. He found it intoxicating and despite the recent pain he leapt right back to it, hugging it with his whole body and licking it from base to tip before riding atop it and sucking on the head, "Thank you my goddess." The goddess lifted up her slave and put his rump down on her flare. A little shifting later and she grabbed Song's shoulders tightly "You ready? I am not gonna hold back as much anymore." Song gulped hard and looks to her with a nod, "I'm ready Mizurai, my sweet. I've used my internal skills to shift my organs so that I can take you better... if only a little." Mizurai nodded at her pet and with a flex of her biceps she drove her arms down and immediately sank a good foot of horse dick inside her slavecat, gripping those shoulders harder to pull him up and press him down on her throbbing man-destroyer time and again. The snow leopard cried out in pain as the horse cock penetrated him again. He relaxed but still it worked his insides around more than he could have anticipated. His stomach bulged with the thick widowmaker. He found himself weeping as the mixture of pain and pleasure returned ten fold, "Oh... my goddess..." he fought through the pain to remain conscious. The massive blue-furred red panda pushed her arms lower sinking her white cocksleeve down further onto that throbbing spire of fuckmeat. Cramming in to his chest again till the midal ring popped in. She leaned in and nosed Song's neck to give a sloppy lick on the side of his face, "Mine." she said with a domineering, yet lady like, half whisper. Then she gave him a hard thrust right up, slamming her knot against his asscheeks and forcing her flare up in his throat. The snow leopard swallowed around that cock as the goddess flared within himm only getting bigger and bigger. Song shuddered and orgasmed from having the goddess inside him, bringing the tally up to seven. It still hurt but the pain was lesser so, now that he had a chance to adjust to the cock within him. He wanted to tell her that he loved her too but the cock filled his body, prevented him from doing so. She felt his insides twist and contort as the feline wiggled in her grip to make sure that her cock was accommodated by his insides which flexed and convulsed around that massive horse cock. Mizurai pumped her pet up and down, pistoning the cat down on her leaking cock, a flood of pre streaming from around her shaft out of that ass and onto the silky pillow below. Soon her balls and the insides of her bulky thighs were coated by her precum as well. Her breathing got heavier and heavier as she is built up to a firehose level blast of an orgasm, "Oooh fuck... I hope you can handle this, pet. I am gonna cum so fucking haaaard!" "Give..." he says between thrusts, "Me..." his own cock throbbing, unable to go down while she is within him, "everything..." his body flexing over that cock, tears streaming down his face, "Mizurai..." The goddess crammed him down against her knot, but she didn't want to force it too hard. It went in just a slight bit but ultimately stayed on the outside. Her blast of cum expanded her urethra so much it was visible through Song's bulging front. Cum shot from his mouth and nose, spraying so far it hits the ceiling and walls of her palace. There was so much gooey panda jizz that it back washed into his mouth, around her flare, and into his stomach. It pooled up and inflated him even while his face was a cum fountain. The pressure inside him was so great that seed found its way to squirt out around her knot and spray paint her lower body white and sticky. Her cumming lasted for a good half hour before the stream slowed down but it wasn't fully done even then. While the spurts slowed and came out with less force it still spurted forth for a further ten minutes. The snow leopard went limp in her grips and finally passed out from pleasure after his eighth orgasm. Once the orgasm ended she would find that her cock could support his entire weight all on its own. Mizurai smiled and tilted her head to look at her limp slave sagging on her steel beam cock. She loved it, even after such an orgasm, Having her slave passed out limp cock kept her cock rock solid within him. She felt her orgasmic remnants still dripping and pouring from her slave and breathed deep while relaxing and letting her goddess cum soak up into her pet both inside and out. It was a while before he awoke. His body healing with her goddess cum being ingested by his body, revitalizing him as he had slept. When he came to minutes later he saw the cock bulge within him as he looked down and felt much better, "My goddess, you are the greatest of all time. I love you so much and you are the only deity I will ever serve." Mizurai grinned so big her eyes squinted. She was so happy to see her pet all better. She gave a handsfree thrust, bouncing him on her knot playfully, "Good cause you are the only servant I will ever need." Song smiled and tears of happiness came to his eyes at her words, "Thank you, my goddess. You honor me." he squeezed her cock bulge through the wall of his belly as she stayed rock hard within him. “Mmmm you feel so good on my cock, Song. It's like you were made to take it,” said the goddess. “I think I could live here quite happily,” Song pat his belly quite content and filled with invincible goddess cock. The goddess smiled and kissed the back of his head then said, “Tell me, my pet, how pretty do you think I am?” “That would be impossible, my goddess,” said Song, “If the sky were a parchment and the ocean an inkwell there would not be enough space to describe you beauty beyond all others who have ever or will ever exist in all the universe my one true goddess of whom I love infinitely and forever no matter what.” Those words sparked something in the goddess and she felt her balls lurch up, she held onto song as her cock swelled larger than before and she cried out, “Oh shit! Can't stop it. I'm cumming again... ooohhhhhhhhhh...” Another hour passed before the orgasm ended then she pulled her pet from her cock and hugged him to her massive chest as she lay back. He swore he saw a sparkle in her eyes before she pulled him into another kiss. It was nearly morning before they finished their orgasmic sessions and fell asleep with him laying atop her body in a deep satisfying slumber. The next day he awoke laying atop the torn up giant pillow and didn't see his goddess... at first. Then he heard her sweet voice as she called out to him in a sing song way, “Song, come to me my pet. I need your skilled hands to assist me.” He looked off the edge of the pillow to the giant bed then saw the goddess by a large wardrobe and mirror, she was trying to pull on a massive thong, meant to help conceal her giant package but was having trouble with the tucking herself. Song slid off the pillow, still fully nude and rushed to her side. It was only after arriving next to her that he was surprised he could still move. He didn't realize that she had used a few healing spells during their play to keep him from hurting to bad afterwards. Durable though he was, sex with a super strong, super hung, goddess would be hard on anyone's body after a whole night. “Wearing some exciting garments, my goddess and one true love?” asked Song. She smiled to him, “Not quite. I was trying to slip this on to wear under a dress to help conceal my more private parts from my adoring public. I want to save those views for only those who are worthy, my dear pet. Wait. Did you just say that I am your one true love?” “I do love you, Mizurai,” said Song, “I've loved you since the moment I first saw you. You are kind, giving, smart, easy to talk to and you have a sparkling personality that outshines everyone I have ever met. You are amazing and fantastic with a body like none I have ever encountered.” She rolled her eyes a bit at what she assumed was a cheesy comment, “That and I'm a goddess, right?” “I don't care about that. I love you for who you are not what you are,” said Song very matter of factly, “Goddess or no. I never want to be with anyone but you just because you are a wonderful person.” Mizurai had a happy tear fall from her eye without realizing then her cock shot out rock hard in an instant. It ripped free from her thong and slapped between her breasts at rocket speed. She looked down and wiped the tear from her eye, “Whoops. I um... wow. I think I need to give you something, my pet.” “Is it something between your breasts?” Song asked cheekily. She pushed her cock out from her breasts so that it just bobbed directly out from her body instead saying, “I mean we'll have to take care of that before I go out but no. This is what I want to give you.” She picked him up and hugged him to her naked chest. That's when she looked him eye to eye and asked, “What would you say to being with me forever? Would you want to be with me till the end of time and then some?” Song didn't need to think over his answer, “That would be my definition of heaven.” She kissed him and began to glow in a sparkling blue light. The light passed over to him and his body was engulfed with a warmth he had never known before. Not during any battle. Not during any kiss. Not during any love making before. When the kiss broke the light faded and he breathed heavily and gazed into her eyes. Song seemed confused as he asked, “What was that?” She smiled to him, “I passed on a fraction of my power to you, so that you can walk with me through eternity.” He didn't seem less confused, “Huh?” “I've made you immortal, my dear... I love you too, Song. I love you like I've never loved anyone before,” she said. He blinked and grinned then hugged her so happily. The massive cock throbbed under his feet and he looked down, “I suppose we should take care of that.” “We should indeed and now that you can't die... we can get down to some serious love making,” Mizurai smiled. Song was going to ask her what she meant by that comment but then the goddess started to grow...
  13. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30295186/ The sleepy town of Quickermore was in disarray as the sounds of police sirens filled the streets. Groups of furs part of the Special Canine Unit (S.C.U.) circled around an individual on the street with their guns pulled out. It was serious business when the S.C.U. were involved. The cop cars and the armed forced circled around their target, a Golden Retriever in a red plat shirt and blue jeans. Strangely, the S.C.U. members were wearing white hazmat suits rather than their usual black uniform and bullet proof vest. "Stay down! You move, we shoot!" One of the officers shouted through a megaphone. He signalled with a wave of his hand and one of the other officers ran up to the Golden Retriever with a pair of rubber green gloves and handcuffs. "Hold out your hands," the officer standing over the dog said. His command was met with an angry scowl from the Golden Retriever. "Do it, dirtbag!" There was trembling in the officer's voice. He was afraid. The dog raised his arms upwards. The crowd of officers took aim and were ready to fire. The officer in front flinched back but nothing happened. The dog kept his hands held upwards. "Well? You going to cuff me or just stare?" The startled officer qu-300-0ickly placed the gloves on the dog and cuffed him. "Eliot Mcframe..." Eli drowned out the voice of the officer as his charges were read. It didn't matter what they were charging him, they were as real as the existence of the tooth fairy. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 6 p.m. in the town police station an Officer Barry, an overweight black panther and Officer Clemens, a slender hedgehog dressed in matching brown police uniforms entered a brightly lit room. To their left was a large two-way mirror from which they could see the captured Eli sitting quietly in his chair, the gloves and handcuffs still restraining his hands. “Alright, let’s get this over with, what do we know about the perp?” Officer Barry asked. His partner jumped at the sound of his superior’s deep baritone voice. “Err, Eliot Mcframe, age 30, Golden Retriever, single, he was a former scientist in the R&D division of Steel Corps,” Clemens replied as he read from a file he carried. Barry stepped closer to the window and glared at the unaware Eli. “So a former egghead for that new company that sprang out of nowhere, and why are we dealing with him? If he attracted the attention of S.C.U. isn’t he their problem now?” “That I don’t know. Something’s shady about this whole thing, they just told us to get information from him about the missing furs, no questions asked.” Barry’s glare turned into a scowl, he faced his partner with a huff, “Typical asshole up top thinking they can boss us around whenever. Don’t they know how much stress we got from our own work?” Clemens closed the file and patted Barry on the back, “Having trouble with the Mrs. again Barry?” The older panther sighed. “She’s just unhappy all the time. It’s like every little thing triggers her. Doesn’t help that she hates this,” Officer Barry pointed to his large gut, “been a year since we last had relations, you know what that does to a guy?” “I can only imagine. Look the sooner we get this done the better. We just need to find out what that guy did with these three people. Their information is in the file. Good luck man.” “Yeah, luck,” Barry pulled up his pants and grabbed the file from Clemens as he headed into the interrogation room. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The silver steel door of the interrogation room swung open and in came Officer Barry. He dragged the chair and slammed the file on the table as he seated himself in front of Eli. Neither were phased by each other’s presence. Officer Barry flipped open the file and without looking at Eli said, “Mr. Eliot, I’m Officer Barry. I have some questions to ask you about a few townsfolk that you may have come in contact with.” The officer laid out three pictures from his file. From the left a picture of an obese white mouse in a wearing a white lab coat with the Steel Corp insignia on his right chest, and pair of large round framed glasses that seemed too big for his own face. “Let’s start with this one first, an intern at your workplace- Shawn Roulo. A student from New Tech University, studying to get his degree in new age technology. Then, there is your lab assistant Paul Rushmore. There were reports by neighbours, in the last two months he had changed physically dramatically but there were lesser and lesser sightings of him for the past two weeks, and a recent investigation found his home abandoned for some time. What do you know about him?” “…” Eli looked away towards the mirror in the room, “You have someone on the other side watching right?” “That’s not important Eli. Can I call you Eli?” Barry didn’t give the dog a chance to answer before continuing, “This will make our lives so much easier if you just cooperate and answer the questions. Whatever you are involved in now’s your chance to strike a deal before the shit hits the fan.” “You don’t really know why you are interrogating me do you?” Eli asked. The panther’s heavy fist slammed onto the table, “Answer the god damn question, or it’s into the slammers you go, you-“ Barry had to hold his tongue, the last thing he needed was to be charged with maltreatment of the suspect, “Just answer the question.” “Ok… I’ll tell you what you want to know, but I want something in return.” “So you’re confessing? You want to strike a deal now?” Barry’s left eyebrows perked upwards. “I just want to use the washroom after this interrogation. Fair enough?” “… Fine. Now talk.” Eli smiled. “Paul and I were…” ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Steel Corps built their new research and development center in Quickermore three months ago. The massive structure was almost the size of an entire football stadium. Eli and Paul went way back to their college years as roommates, before they worked together to develop nano technology for the company. Paul had always been big for his species, he always blamed it to a glandular problem that cause the mouse to be overweight, but Eli always teased him that it was because of the cheese pies he had daily. They had been working hard on new nanobots that could restore and multiply the muscle cells of a fur at a rapid rate, and were capable of making minute changes to the brain to instill healthy behaviours to the user, making failed diets and broken gym routines a thing of the past. On that day Eli and Paul had just finished testing the latest nanobots and were about to return them back to their specialized vault. “It looks like the nanobots are really working,” Paul said between huffs as he tried to keep up with Eli’s pace. “I know right, just a few more test runs and we finally may have completed this project. Bring on the sweet sweet bonus,” Eli said as he rubbed the metal cylinder filled with the hundreds of nanobots inside against his cheeks. “You know if these things really work, I’m thinking of using it on myself,” Paul said looking at the ceiling. “What?” “Come on man, I’m tired of always being the fat one in the lab, and I don’t want to keep buying my pants from the Big, Extra Wide shop every time. I think the cashier there is silently judging me every time I go there.” “Then find a new shopping place, you don’t need bots in the brain.” They had approached the entrance to the vault, “Hmm, ah crap I forgot to bring my access card. You?” Paul shook his head. “Left mine at home. Why don’t I call the intern to bring yours over from the lab?” So, they waited for 15 minutes whereby a slender green parrot came running to them. “Woah, easy there Shawn,” Eli said as the young bird stopped to catch his breath. The parrot had beautiful blue beads tied to several feathers on his head, a tradition of his race. His lab coat was the smallest the company had but it still looked like he was wearing a coat three sizes too big for him. Shawn held out Eli’s access card while he continued to pant. The Golden Retriever couldn’t help but smile at how adorable his intern was. “Sorry, to keep you waiting Mr. Eli.” The parrot coughed. “It’s ok kiddo, relax, you did good.” Shawn smiled and blushed slightly. He was never used to being complimented. “Now, you two,” Eli turned to Paul, “You two should go to the gym together, then you guys can help each other reach the goals you want. You to lose weight, and for Shawn here to pack on some muscle.” Paul just chuckled, “Hey Shawn, you trying to bulk up for the boys?” “No, not that. I just want to be tough enough to put my jackass of a cousin in his place. He’s staying with my parents for a few months and he is being an ass about me being gay. God, my own cousin!” Shawn threw his hands up in defeat. “Well it takes more than just muscle to get people to respect you, you got to know the right key to capture their heart as well.” Eli swiped the access card and the vault door opened. The three of them stepped into a room made of numerous storage lockers that resembled a morgue. It was even as cold as one. In the centre of the vault was a peculiar machine the shape of a giant shard, but it was made of wires and various computer components. Its function was to deactivate the nanobots completely before they could be kept away. “Alright charge it up Paul.” Eli stuck the canister into the claw like holder. The shard began to hum as Paul keyed in the appropriate instructions. “Hmm, seems like someone used this before us today,” Paul pointed out. “What? We’re the only ones in this section. Who used it?” Eli was worried. Suddenly, the shard’s hum turned into loud clanks and beeps. “What’s going on? Shawn asked, panic washed over his face. “Shut it down!” Eli yelled at Paul. “I can’t, I’m locked out of the commands. It’s overcharging the nanobots!” “Run!” Eli pushed the other two towards the entrance, but it was too late. An ear-splitting explosion erupted from behind them. The shock wave from the explosion them all onto the ground. Red lights washed over the room and alarms blared loudly as the trio picked themselves up. Eli was still dazed from the explosion. Through blurry vision he saw several figures in bright yellow hazmat suits pulling them off the ground. Everything happened so fast Eli couldn’t process what was going on. They were all rushed into a large shared bathroom and were forced out of their clothes. Blasts of cold water hit them before someone with a long brush scrubbed their naked forms. “Woah-hey, watch the tail jerk!” Paul yelled. “Paul?” Eli turned to look for his friend but was smacked in the face by a wet cloth. “Ahh, Mr. Eli, what’s going on?” Shawn complained. Eli couldn’t tell where they all were, but managed to yell out to the rest to remain calm until the detoxification session was over. Before he knew it, they were separated from one another and Eli was brought into a room with just a table and two chairs sitting across one another. The hazmat team had left him a pair of plain white t-shirt and shorts to wear. “Wait here, Mr. Smith will be with you soon,” the fur in the hazmat suit said to him before closing the doors behind him. He wondered where they took Paul and Shawn. The door opened and a black bunny dressed in a dark suit with a white tie came in. His eyes were crystal blue, beautiful, but they looked at Eli with a cold calculated stare. He motioned to the dog to sit as he took his place on the right side. “Mr. Eli, I heard about the accident that just happened. Care to explain yourself why a million-dollar research project suddenly went up in smoke before the day even ended?” Smith asked in a flat tone of voice. As he spoke, he wrote with one hand on a piece of paper without even looking. “Not even a hello Smith?” The bunny just looked back without saying a word. Eli sighed. “ We think someone messed with the shard before we used it. Paul said he saw a record of someone using it before, and it couldn’t have been one of us.” “Interesting, considering that no one has access to the equipment in this section of the facility but you and Mr. Paul… unless did you give your intern a card to the vault?” “What? What are you trying to say? Shawn is a good kid, he has nothing to do with the accident.” Mr. Smith continued to note what Eli said. “Alright, then about Mr. Paul he said he saw a record of someone had used the machine before you two. Did you confirm this?” “I…” Eli paused and his eyes darted left and right as he looked at his hands, trying to find an answer, “I didn’t.” “I see, and I was just informed that the shard itself was destroyed by the blast. No data can be retrieved from it. Very convenient for Mr. Paul don’t you think? He claims someone else has tampered with the tool.” “No! He wouldn’t do that. Why are you trying to make everyone sound like they want the explosion to happen? I’m telling you-NONE OF US DID IT!” The bunny stopped writing and pointed his pen at Eli. “Mr. Eli I am simply doing my job of trying to rule out all possibilities about what has happened. The higher ups don’t want to make a big deal out of this, but the stake holders want answers as to where their investment went. And a mysterious figure tempering with the machine is not an answer they want to hear.” “What do you want me to do? I can’t make the guy who did it pop out of nowhere!” “And I am not asking you to. I am just asking which on your team jeopardized your research?” The bunny cupped his hands together and for the first time had a smile on his face, a disgusting sly smile that Eli wanted to punch away. “No… one,” Eli responded. “Well, then I guess this is all I can get from you today, the investigation will continue, “Mr Smith stood up and approached the door, he turned back to Eli and said, “but effective immediately your team is suspended, the receptionist will inform you about what you will need to do next.” And the bunny left, leaving a stunned Eli sitting alone and hoping that his friends were alright. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… By evening time Eli had returned to his one-bedroom apartment with his belongings. He didn’t get a chance to meet Paul or Shawn at all. Eli heated up one of his frozen dinners and sat it in front of his laptop. He kept looking back at his phone hoping that either of them would respond to the dozens of chat messages he sent right after Mr. Smith left him. Eli almost gave up all hope when the phone buzzed. He swiped the phone open and the first message was from Paul, then Shawn. Paul wrote, “Hey, sorry to have kept you waiting. That Smith guy just wouldn’t let up.” Turning to Shawn’s text “Mr. E, I’m just with the fam, having dinner. Crazy day huh?” Eli’s face lit up, knowing the two of them were ok. He combined their three chats into one group. Eli: Finally, what happened? I was worried sick, are you guys hurt? Paul: I’m fine. Shawn: Ditto *smile emoji*, but that was crazy Mr. E. We made it out ok, but what about the nanobots? Paul: They probably blew up with the canister. Shawn: *a sticker of an otter crying* Damn man, you guys were working on it for so long. Eli: It’s ok. The important thing is that no one got hurt. Paul: That’s true, but sucks about probation until they figure out what happened. Shawn: I can still find another place to work but what about you guys? Eli: I rather not think about it for now. There’s just so much going on today. Paul: Well I know what I am going to do, I’m going to sign up for gym tomorrow. Shawn: What a coincidence, I got my dad to dig out his old weight set too. Eli: Guys, we just nearly blew up. Why are you not more worried about this? Someone could be trying to hurt us for real. Paul: Eh, if they really wanted us dead, I think they choose a more efficient way of doing it. Shawn: Yeah, besides worrying about it, won’t get us anywhere until the investigation is over *wink emoji* Eli: … I guess you’re right. Paul: Eli, you should join me at the gym. Shawn: Or me, I could always use a spotter. Plus, then I can introduce you to the fam. Eli: Guys, guys. Thanks for the offers, but I am satisfied with what I look like. Shawn: *crying face emoji* Eli: Anyways, I’ll talk to you guys later. My body’s really exhausted. Do we want to meet up anytime soon, just to talk? Paul: We’ll have to see, I’m trying to figure out my workout regimen for the week. Shawn: Me too, but I know this awesome bar you’ll love Mr. E. *a link to the bar’s home page* Eli: I’ll check it out Shawn, guess I’ll call you guys when I have it planned out. Shawn: Aight *kissing face emoji* Eliot placed his phone back on the table and breathed a sigh of relief. Tomorrow would be another day. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Eliot kept himself busy with his reading and unsuccessfully tinkering with some projects in his own home. He was fortunate to have his savings to live on as the last thing he needed was going about looking for a new job. The continuing chats with his two co-workers were interesting to say the least. Both Shawn and Paul spoke abundantly on their routines and new diets. Shawn was very active in sending pictures of himself to Elliot, saying it was to track his progress. In each one he was wearing a bright pink tank top and a dark blue denim short. He would always pose with a single bicep flex. Eliot found it strange that by the fourth day the parrot’s arms had visible bulges in his biceps and triceps. The bird’s shorts were also appeared to be shrinking as they revealed thicker thighs. Even the tank top was fitting him better. Eli: Shawn. Shawn: Sup? Mr. E. Just caught me in the middle of my workout ses. Eli: Sorry to bother you, just wanted to check up on how things are on your end. Shawn: Aww, that’s sweet Mr. E. If you’re that worried you can come over and check me out. *flex sticker* Eli: Yeah, that sounds good, see you tomorrow? Shawn: Totally, come by around 12. Eli: Ok, see you then. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. The next day, I came by to Shawn’s place as scheduled. It was a simple suburban house that blended in with their neighbours. Eliot brought over a tub of whey protein as a gift, hoping to humour Shawn’s newfound interest in working out. “Ding, dong!” The door was answered by a burly looking light blue parrot. He wore similar beads on his head like Shawn but they were red in colour. His ample size barricaded Elliot from the inside of the house. His black football jersey barely covered his pudgy gut, but he wasn’t all fat as his brawny arms and pecs made his presence more intimidating. “What do you want?” he asked with a piercing glare. “Err, I’m here to visit Shawn?” The parrot grunted back. Elliot couldn’t tell from the parrot’s half opened eyes if he was even listening to him. The bird turned back inside and yelled out, “Hey, Dick Su-“ he paused, seemingly regretting his words, “Shawn, your friend’s here!” “Working out!” Shawn replied. “He’s in the basement. Just follow me,” the fat bird turned to the side to make way for me. “Thanks. I never caught your name though.” “It’s Jet, I’m is cousin.” “Oh, I see.” The living room was neat and decorated with numerous photos on the wall of many family members. Shawn was easy to spot in all of them being the smallest and thinnest bird in the family. Jet pointed to a door to the right of the living room. “Thanks,” Elliot said, to which Jet replied with a grunt before he walked away. Through the door Elliot was hit by the stench of musky sweat. Down the flight of stairs, he could hear the clank of metal and Shawn’s voice muttering to himself. “Ten… eleven…twelve…” “Shawn?” Elliot reached the foot of the stairs and he saw Shawn shouldering a barbell and squatting. He was impressed by the former intern’s musculature, especially in the ass. Elliot never noticed how full and voluptuous Shawn’s behind was. With each squat the ample flesh widened and flexed. Beads of sweat dripped along the parrot’s back, giving his feathers a nice shine under the dim basement lights. “20.” Shawn backed up onto a rack and released the barbell. He turned to Elliot and grinned ear to ear, “Mr. Eliot, checking me out, huh?” He blushed as the young parrot stepped closer to him. Eliot avoided looking at Shawn but found himself more flustered when he focused on what the bird was wearing. He had on a bright pink shirt worn over one shoulder why the other hung loosely on him. The shirt only covered his chest which had developed a decent pair of pectorals. In fact, his whole body looked like he had been working out for a few months. His abs had become more visible and Shawn looked at least 10kg’s heavier with the added meat on him. “This is for you.” Elliot passed the tub to the parrot. “Sweet, protein! You’re so considerate Mr. Eliot, that’s why I like you so much!” The parrot beamed as he took the gift, “Give me a sec to put this away.” Eliot looked around and was impressed by how much equipment Shawn had. A fully equipped barbell rack and bench, a shelf full of dumbbells with varying weights, and other machines he’d only seen in TV shows, but Eliot never bothered to study them. It felt like a real gym. “So, what you think?” Shawn asked. “Nice set up, looks like you’re really serious about this whole gym thing.” “Well yeah thanks, but I really meant what you think about this?” He raised both his arms and flexed, his biceps bulged slightly. “Wow, not bad.” Eliot’s tail wagged. “Come on, feel it Mr. Eliot.” Shawn grabbed his mentor by the hand and placed it on his arm. Gaining some courage, the Golden Retriever had both hands on his apprentice’s biceps, rubbing them, feeling the hardness of the youth’s hard work. “Damn, can’t wait to see you bigger Shawn,” Eliot said. The bird groaned. “How much bigger you want me to get master?” Eliot didn’t hear what Shawn called him, he was too engrossed with feeling the bird’s pecs. “Hmm, I would want you to be big enough that you’d have a hard time fitting into clothes anymore, heh.” “Yes, master,” Shawn replied.” “What?” Eliot’s finger began to spread apart as he felt Shawn’s pecs expand forward. He thought himself hallucinating, but the longer his hands held onto Shawn’s chest the wider and firmer it got. “Mmm- more” Shawn said. Eliot was rendered speechless. “Feel me master,” Shawn guided Eliot’s right hand onto his abs. The more the dog rubbed the parrot’s stomach he could feel rough bumps forming, first two, then four , then six. Elliot’s face flushed and the front of his pants grew tighter. “Master, I’m growing for you,” Shawn let out. His shirt finally gave in and ripped to shreds as his shoulders widened and his pecs continued to balloon out in size. Shawn’s breathing was becoming shallower. His biceps and triceps swelled up in size forcing his hands apart from his hips as the mounds of muscles grew. Shawn pulled Eliot for a hug and the dog felt something thick and warm poking against his stomach. There was a loud ripping sound coming from below and the warm sensation was quickly replaced by wetness. “Fuck, I’m so big master. Feel me!” He pressed Eliot between his pecs, and flexed, putting pressure against the dog’s head. Shawn’s dickhead met Eliot’s bulge, coating his pants with his warm bird pre. Eliot never felt so much pleasure before, the force of his intern’s muscles on him felt so right, so perfect, and he never wanted it to stop. Eliot stretched his hands to try to hug Shawn but struggled to cover Shawn’s expansive chest. “Yes, lick my pecs master, lick them hard, they are all for you!” Shawn released Eliot and proceeded to hold by the hips and raised him upwards until they were seeing eye to eye. “Fuck, you’re taller now!” Eliot said. “You like?” Shawn winked. “I love it!” The muscular parrot smiled. “You think I could try something?” Eliot asked. “Anything you want master.” “Just do some poses for me while I explore a bit.” Eliot said with a sheepish smile. “Like this?” Shawn curled his fingers into fists, placed them on his hips, and thrusted his shoulders out. His chests tightened revealing the thick bundles of muscle beneath his feathers. Eliot licked his lips. The dog reached out and squeezed Shawn’s pecs as hard as he could they felt hard like granite. Shawn gasped. The bodybuilder sized bird then raised his left arm and flexed it. “How about this master?” Eliot turned his attention to the bulging bicep. He needed both hands to cover the massive bicep. It was as big as a bowling ball. Bringing his snout close Eliot licked and kissed Shawn’s bulging arm. The parrot moaned and a drop of pre escaped his dick. “Gosh, just a bit more and your bicep will be the size of my head!” Eliot said. “Yes, master!” Elliot then felt Shawn’s arm heat up and throbbed. Eliot’s jaw dropped as the bicep he held onto expanded in his hands are grew several inches. “Now, it’s as big as your head.” “This is amazing! We have to figure out what’s causing this!” Eliot said. “But master, don’t you want to play around a bit more?” Shawn bounced his pecs with a devious grin. Eliot’s eyes sparkled. “Well… can you bench press me like those strongmen on TV?” “I think I can bench press ten of you by now.” Shawn flipped the dog onto his stomach and held one hand one his crotch and the other on his neck. Eliot made a sound that was between a gasp and a laugh. “That tickles.” “You mean when I do this?” The parrot’s thick green thumb rubbed against Eliot’s dick. He shuddered. For a muscle-bound bird his hands were surprisingly delicate and careful. “Ngh, not that.” Eliot began to pant as a wet spot grew on his pants with every stroke. “I live to pleasure you master.” Shawn bent his arms down lowering Eliot closer to his head until the bird’s beak nuzzled against Eliot’s hardon. Eliot groaned again. With a mild grunt Shawn raised Eliot back up until his back nearly touched the ceiling, and the cycle of lifts and falls continued without the bird even breaking a sweat. “This is amazing, you’re so strong now!” Eliot said. “Heck yeah!” Suddenly, they heard the heavy footsteps of someone heavy coming down the stairs. Shawn turned to the foot of the stairs only to find Jet staring back at him. His presence instantly killed the warm erotic mood in the air, deflating their members. “What the fuck?” Jet pointed at his naked cousin, “What the hell you fag heads have been doing down here? You? Did you drug up my cuz, you turned him into a freak of nature to get your rocks off?” Jet stormed forward and grabbed Eliot by the collar. “Hands off!” The larger green parrot pushed Jet back with one swing of his arm. He didn’t have a chance to collect himself before Shawn stomped his way forward, forcing him to back off until he hit the wall behind him. Shawn rammed a fist into the wall just inches away from his cousin’s head. Eliot ran over and grabbed the muscle-bound parrot by the hip. “Control yourself Shawn. Don’t hurt him.” Shawn made a wild shriek at the trembling cousin. His bulky frame was no match against the seven-foot-tall titan in front of him. Jet raised his hands to cover his face. “I should pummel you into the dirt for all the shit you made me go through. You’re lucky master’s kind of enough to hold me back!” Shawn threatened. Eliot tried to pull the bird back but he was too heavy to budge. “Shawn, listen to me!” Shawn turned to the dog. “Look,” Eliot motioned towards Jet’s legs. His cousin was tenting through his pants. “I think you two need to go up and have a talk. No fighting,” Eliot raised his voice and looked sternly at his former intern. “Fine.” Shawn pulled his fist away from the wall, “Come on cuz, I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t disobey my master.” Jet refused to budge or put his hands down. Shawn rolled his eyes. He then grabbed the frightened bird by the arm and leg and cradled him off the ground. Jet screamed, but Shawn ignored him and walked off upstairs. Eliot tried to follow them but they entered their bedroom and didn’t look like they were coming out anytime soon. “Ok… guess I will just go,” Eliot said to himself as he exited the house. He hailed a cab and sat in silence the whole way back. Being alone made him realize that he had so much to process, and nowhere to begin. “Paul… driver, change of plans, take me to 53, Oak Street.” Paul might be able to help him figure things out, and if possible, find a way to revert what had happened to Shawn. To be continued… …………………………………………………………………………. If you have a FA account, a fave and comments would really be appreciated
  14. A commissioned story, this contains a bit more furry than muscle, but still enough that I feel comfortable posting it here. Hope you enjoy! “Another day, another dollar…” Shu sighed heavily, blowing a stray black hair out of his eyes as he picked up his coat and started to leave for the day. “Just like yesterday and every day before…” Another heavy sigh escaped Shu as he looked over the rows of cubicles that surrounded his, all belonging to his fellow office drones. Day in and day out, it was the same routine for all of them. Punch in, file reports, call customers, file MORE reports, and do the same thing again the next day. There wasn’t anything wrong with it; it was just so… routine. How much could Shu really blame his job for that, though? He was hardly the definition of exciting or adventurous outside the workplace either. An exciting night for him involved picking up something for dinner on the way home instead of cooking something; if he was feeling REALLY crazy he might stop at a bar. That was about as wild as his nights ever got. Even on a purely physical level, Shu was the antithesis of exciting. Thin black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, a little overweight but not obese; nothing about him stood out. Neither good nor bad, it felt like most people viewed him as indifferent. Hell, his boss couldn’t even remember his name despite the fact Shu had been reporting to him for nearly a decade now. “I really need to do…SOMETHING.” Shu said to no one as he entered the elevator and pressed the button for the lobby. What should that something be, though? Going to the movies wasn’t anything new and different(plus he’d already seen anything worth seeing at the moment). Pulling out his phone, Shu punched in, “Exciting places locally” into a search engine as the elevator doors began to close. “Dance club, no…hibachi restaurant, no… strip club? No!” Shu felt himself blush at the thought of setting foot into one of those kind of establishments. He’d barely even dated since college and hadn’t really thought about it much since. He did want to meet someone one day and have some kind of serious relationship, but it never seemed to be the right time or the right person. DING! Shu stepped forward at the sound of the elevator doors opening, still desperately searching through his phone for something, anything that felt right. So absorbed was he in his search that he ran straight into a wall, or at least what felt like one the way he bounced off it. The object was so solid it didn’t yield a bit to him running into it at a not insignificant speed. More out of shock than anything else, Shu stumbled back into the elevator, dropping his phone onto the floor as he gripped the railing in the elevator to keep himself from falling on his butt. “Whoops. Sorry about that; didn’t see you there.” The, “wall” apologized as Shu tried to compose himself. Given how the man’s broad shoulders seemed to fill the wide elevator doors, Shu could probably be forgiven for that mistake. The golden-brown haired man smiled warmly at him, squatting down and picking up Shu’s dropped phone before holding it out toward him. “This is yours, right?” “Um, right…” Shu gulped a little as he saw how massive this man’s hands were; the phone looked like a child’s toy as it sat there in his hand. He looked like he could crush the phone and probably a couple more with ease, or every bone in Shu’s hand if he so desired. He may have been beastly in size, but his kindness was equally massive; his smile was so warm and bright that Shu couldn’t help but be at ease as he gently took it back. Heck, the guy had apologized even though Shu was the one who’d bumped into him. “T-Thank you…” “No problem.” The gentle giant of a man smiled warmly as he shifted his hand, extending his suit covered arm for a handshake and making the smart but tight looking outfit strain even more around him. “I’m Jason; what’s your name, friend?” “Friend?” This was happening rather fast for Shu, though despite himself he couldn’t help but smile a little himself and return the handshake. Even his blue eyes looked warm and friendly, making it easier for Shu to relax despite Jason’s intimidating figure. He felt like he had the strength to rip Shu’s arm right out of its socket with ease, though his grip was gentle and almost reassuringly firm. “I’m Shu. Nice to meet you.” “And you as well, Shu. Sorry to bump into you as you’re heading out for the night; I was just getting in myself.” Jason explained as the two continued to shake hands. Shu’s arm was starting to get a little tired when Jason finally released his grip. “At this hour? Mind if I ask what you do?” Shu asked as he flexed his fingers to try and restore some of the feeling in them. At the mention of that, Jason produced a business card from the pocket of his suit coat and presented it toward Shu. The card had the basic information you’d expect on any business card; address, phone number, all the like. “Leonine Counseling?” “Indeed. We help you take pride in who you are by accepting you into our pride.” Pride? Like in a grouping of lion’s kind of pride? Well, that would explain the smiling lion icon that served as the company logo in the corner of the card. “If you or anybody you know could use a little boost in confidence, call and make an appointment. That number on there is a direct line to my office.” “Thanks…” Shu took the card from Jason’s hand, though his attention was drawn toward the large ring on Jason’s hand. It was a thick silver band with an amber gem set in the middle of it, though it was its placement on Jason’s index finger instead of his ring finger that drew Shu’s attention more if only for the unusual placement. He’d never been much of one for jewelry, but Shu couldn’t help but find himself drawn to the gem for some reason as he studied it in detail. It was only when Jason spoke again that Shu snapped out of his trance. “It’s a company perk, provided by Maste… I mean, the master chief of staff.” Shu was shaking off his brief trance and didn’t notice the slight change in phrase used by Jason. “Come visit me in my office and maybe you can take a closer look at it if you’d like. Just make sure you call for an appointment first so I can block out the proper amount of time.” “Huh? Oh! S-Sure!” What the hell’s the matter with me?, Shu thought as he tried to gather his thoughts. He was acting so weird, and Jason was being such a nice guy about it to not mention anything. Shu hurriedly stuck the card in his coat pocket before slowly edging his way around Jason out the elevator. “N-Nice meeting you, Jason!” “And you as well, Shu…” Shu was too far away to hear the soft purr that slipped out of Jason’s throat as the elevator doors closed. “I’m certain we’ll meet again very soon, as long as Master approves…” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After his encounter Shu decided to just head home and try to forget about what happened with Jason. He was nice and friendly, but something about him seemed… off to Shu. He couldn’t put his finger on what exactly it was; it didn’t seem like anything necessarily bad or wrong. He just… Shu couldn’t even explain it to himself, but something just felt different about Jason. Maybe that unexplainable difference was what kept Shu tossing and turning that night as he lay in bed, trying and failing to put the big man out of his mind. Maybe it was just because Jason was so different from Shu in almost every way; Jason practically glowed with confidence and strength, whereas Shu barely even seemed to register to most people when he was standing right in front of them. It must be nice to be so positive and confident in yourself, Shu thought dejectedly as he tossed and turned in bed. If only he had half, or maybe even a quarter of that himself he could really do something with his life. Thoughts of Jason continued into the next morning as Shu sat at his cubicle desk. Using the company computers for anything other than company work was forbidden, though Shu was the only one who seemed to take that seriously. Everyone else would sneak some time browsing social media or playing games, though even that minor act of rebellion was something Shu would never feel comfortable with. It showed how badly Jason was still stuck in his mind that Shu ended up doing some research on Leonine Counseling on company time. The site presented itself in being a large company with offices around the world, though prior to meeting Jason last night Shu had never even heard of it before. Apparently that was intentional according to the details on the site; despite their world wide success, the company wanted their clients to know that every individual was important. They didn’t advertise anywhere, and new clients were only taken on by referral by other clients or counselors. The site even made note that by finding their webpage that Shu had been selected as a potential client, referencing him by name in several sections. It was a little creepy in a way to think the website seemed to be almost talking to him and knew his name, though it wasn’t impossible to imagine it was just designed that way. Shu figured that they must have had some sort of feature that pulled his name from somewhere in the computer and just placed it in the right spots. While it did make him a little concerned, it did also feel nice to imagine that the site had been designed personally for him. It was probably just a trick of the site design trying to lure me in, Shu thought as he clicked on a tab called, “Your Growth Plan”. “Spiritual and physical growth through submission?” Shu raised an eyebrow at the description that followed. The Leonine path, as the site titled it, involved making once better by submitting to the guidance of another. It was quick to point out that submission didn’t mean slavery or surrendering oneself like in a cult, but rather allowing someone to guide them and ultimately remake them into something better than they were before. All that was asked for in return was trust in the process(and a small fee). Shu glanced around nervously as he clicked over to the testimonials of former clients. All spoke highly of their time using the Leonine path, many of them speaking to how nervous they were when they first signed up but ultimately were amazed and thrilled with the process. They all said how they’d happily refer any male(that was another weird detail Shu noticed; not anyone or any person, but any male specifically) that they thought would be deserving to joining The Pride. That was the first time Shu heard that term mentioned, but every testimonial mentioned how proud they were to be a part of The Pride. Shu was really on the fence about his; a part of him was screaming at him to call Jason right now and set up an appointment, while another part of him was getting seriously weirded out by the whole thing. The site didn’t go into much detail about what exactly would be involved in this, “Growth Through Submission” thing, and the testimonials could just be fake. That same oddness was also intriguing to Shu; for someone who was getting fed up with his humdrum life, this was something new and intriguing. He shouldn’t do this, though… no, he should!... No, he shouldn’t… Shu waffled back and forth for what felt like hours, Jason’s card feeling almost warm in his wallet as he pondered whether to make the call. He had been selected by Jason; it would be rude to not at least follow up with him. Maybe this is exactly what he needed to break out, to do more with his life. Gah; why was this so hard?! He’d barely gotten any work done by the time his lunch hour came around, still wondering what he was going to do. It was just a simple invitation, and yet it was weighing so heavily on his mind it was making it hard to concentrate on anything else. Shu pulled Jason’s card out as he walked toward the cafeteria, still unsure about whether he was going to call him or toss out the card and wash his hands of all this. Standing near a trash can outside the cafeteria entrance, Shu turned and rotated the card in his hands as he continued to wrestle with his decision. Shu was leaning toward tossing the card away when he saw something on the back of it. It was a handwritten note, one that he was certain hadn’t been there a moment ago given how long he’d been turning it over. Yet there it was now, clear as day and filling up almost the entire back of the card in a way that would’ve been impossible for Shu to have missed earlier. “I’ll be there with you every step of the way -Jason” Pulling out his phone, Shu made the call to Jason. He’d picked up on the first ring, and thanked Shu for calling him before Shu could even get a word out. They’d arranged to meet that night right after Shu got out of work at Jason’s office on the top floor. Jason told Shu to hurry up before his lunch hour was over and to eat well; he would need his energy for tonight. “O.K; thank you. See you tonight…wait; how did you-“ Jason said his goodbyes and hung up before Shu could finish. “-you know I was on my lunch break?...” Maybe he’d just assumed; it was a common lunch hour for most people, after all. Anyway, Shu was committed now. This would be a fresh start for him, though he wondered what exactly was involved in the Leonine path. It mentioned growth both spiritual and physical; did it include an exercise program as well as therapy? Well, he’d find out soon enough… The rest of the day seemed to drag even worse than the first part as Shu previous nervousness was now mixed with anticipation at what was to come. Throwing himself into his work did little to alleviate that stress as the minutes seem to crawl by. He made up for his slow start and then some; by the time he’d finished the day’s tasks he still had over an hour left. He felt like a kid watching the clock on the last day of school before summer vacation, and when it was finally time to leave he was so full of nervous energy he nearly exploded out of his chair toward the elevators. Shu had never been to the top floor of the building before; he’d never had a reason to, after all. He knew generally that the top floors of high-rise buildings were usually reserved for executives and the well to do, though as far he knew this was just a basic office building for various corporations. He expected it to be a little nicer than the basic white walls and carpeted floors of his own company, but nothing too fancy. What he hadn’t expected was pearl white marble floors and fine wooden walls when the doors opened to the top floor. “Welcome, Shu.” Neither had he’d been expecting a pair of men right outside the elevator speaking in perfect unison. They wore matching blue suits, and while they didn’t seem quite as large as Jason they were also significantly buff looking individuals. They stood with their hands clasped in front of them, almost showing off the rings that looked identical to Jason’s(and also on their index fingers). The moment of intimidation Shu felt evaporated as the two stepped away and motioned him to come forward. “Please; Jason is expecting you.” “Um, thank you…” Were they bodyguards? Shu couldn’t imagine what else these two gentlemen could be, though why a counselor would need bodyguards in the first place was equally confusing. Still, despite the initial surprise they were quite welcoming just like Jason had been. Gulping and shoving down his fear, he slowly stepped forward toward the door at the end of the hall. The two men returned to their previous position as Shu made his way toward Jason’s office, reinforcing Shu’s initial body guard impression. Shu noticed several office doors with golden name plates on them; apparently there were several counselors who worked in this office. None of the other counselors seemed to be in, but all mentioned how they were proud counselors of Leonine Counseling. Assuming they weren’t just for show, they must have been very prosperous indeed. Shu wondered in the back of his mind if he would meet any of the other counselors in the future, though right now he figured he’d best focus on his upcoming meeting with Jason first. Shu had barely bought his hand up to knock on the office door when it opened up, Shu greeted by Jason’s warm, smiling face. Jason ushered Shu into his office, which cemented the prosperous, exquisite vibe that the hallway started. If Shu thought Jason was friendly before, the firm hug that Jason gave him really cemented that impression in his mind. The hug was strong and firm, and yet Shu also felt himself wrapped in a gentle warmth that seemed to evaporate any of Shu’s nervousness. “Please, sit.” Jason’s warmth seemed to linger even after he let go, Shu taking a moment to shake himself back to his senses. His eyes lingered over the beautiful designed office as Jason made his way behind his desk, motioning toward the plush chair that sat across from him. Shu eased himself into the chair, nearly sinking into the wonderfully comfortable chair as Jason continued. “I’m so glad you decided to join us.” “Well, your website looked promising, and I really could use a change.” Shu thought it was a little fast to say he was joining them, but he figured that was just Jason’s way of welcoming him. “I’m just glad you’re willing to have me.” “It’s you who’s doing us the favor, Shu. I’ve already received confirmation that you’re to be welcomed with open arms.” Jason reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a small felt covered box, gently placing it in front of Shu. “In fact, your ring is already prepared.” “Oh?” Shu gently opened the box, revealing a ring identical to the one on Jason and the men outside wore. “Thank you, but isn’t this a little fast? Our first meeting wasn’t even 24 hours ago.” “Perhaps, but when someone’s right, we know. Please, try it on.” Shu slowly eased the ring out of the box. This was weird and way too fast, but in a way that made it more exciting. Besides, it was just a ring; it’s not like rings were given as a sign of commitment to something. Shu was about to mimic Jason and the men outside when Jason spoke up. “Place it on your middle finger, please.” “The middle?” Shu was confused, but did as he was instructed. The ring slid on easily, tight but not too tight. Ring sizes didn’t exactly offer a lot of wiggle room, how did Jason get hi- *Hello, Shu.* “W-What the?!” Shu looked around frantically for the source of this new voice. Jason didn’t seem at all alarmed, leaning back in his chair and smiling gently as he watched the alarmed Shu glancing frantically around the room. *It’s alright, Shu. I’m not physically there; it’s the ring that’s providing the link between us. It’s how I keep in constant contact with you and all my other pets. It’s alright if you’re a little frightened; this is a new experience for you, after all. Alister bought you to my attention after he met you last night, and I agreed with him that you would be perfect to join us.* “Pet? What are you talking about?! And who’s Alister?!” Shu attempted to tug off the ring but found it firmly locked around his finger. *Why, he’s sitting right across from you… oh; silly me. You haven’t been introduced properly. Jason, if you’d be so kind…* “Of course, Master.” Shu didn’t know if it was shock or surprise that kept him from just running out the door as he watched Jason slide his own ring off his index finger, quickly sliding it down onto his middle finger. A deep rumbling sound, almost like a purr emanated from Jason’s chest as he leaned back in his chair. “Just watch, Shu; you’ll understand soon enough.” “Understand? Understand what?!” Jason closed his, seemingly ignoring Shu’s questions as his body started to go limp. A moment passed, then another. Shu was finally about to start running when Jason’s eyes shot open, his soft blue eyes suddenly glowing the same amber color as his ring. *There it is, Shu. Alister is starting to awaken now.* The Master’s voice continued to speak as Jason gently licked his lips. His slight smile was getting bigger… no, it wasn’t his smile; it was his mouth that was getting larger! Or at least longer, his jaw stretching forward in a way Shu could only imagine was uncomfortable at best but if anything seemed wonderful to Jason. Despite having been completely clean shaven when he first sat down, Jason was also showing signs of thick stubble along his mouth that seemed to be getting thicker by the second. “W-What’s happening to you, Jason?!” Jason just smiled in response, slowly standing up from his chair and beginning to undo the top button of his white collared shirt. “Showing you the benefits of being a good pet for Master, Shu.” Jason undid the top button of his shirt, then suddenly paused as his hands slid down to the next one. His head tilted as if he was listening for something, though what it was Shu couldn’t hear. Another purr slipped out before he nodded knowingly. “Of course, Master; as you wish.” *As you may have guessed, Shu, I can speak to my pets individually or as a group. Jason was just concurring with my suggestion; he loves doing it anyway, though it can rack up the new clothing bills quickly. Like most things, it’s best enjoyed in moderation.* Shu had no idea what this, “Master” was talking about as Jason stood before him, breathing in a slow, steady manner. His chest rose and fell gently with each breath, his tight shirt straining to contain his formidable frame. The buttons around his chest look especially tight… and was there that much of a gap between the buttons a moment ago? It was almost as if Jason was getting… bigger? *Yes, my pet; he is, and so will you. The Leonine way involves improving you spiritually, emotionally AND physically, remember? Being held by one of my fully changed pets is like being wrapped in a warm blanket, one that you just can’t help but feel safe being with.* “It’s true, Shu. I was frightened at first as well, but once you let Master’s influence effect you, it feels amazing.” Jason smiled as he flexed his arms in a double biceps pose, the sleeves of his shirt looking strained with the muscles bulging within. The bottom of his shirt pulled up as well, revealing a hint of Jason’s abs covered with a fine lair of hair. “More than amazing…” The desk suddenly jumped a little as something slammed into the underside of it. Jason stepped back a little to reveal the culprit; his growing erection. Though still contained in his pants, it too was yearning to break free and seemed like it would do so soon. Shu could already see the head of the bulge starting to grow damp with precum, Shu’s eyes following the bouncing bulge as Jason took a moment to slide out of his tighten shoes before they burst under his growing feet. Did the transformation really feel that arousing? *It does, my pet, as you’ll find out soon enough. It may not be something you thought of at first, but deep down you know watching him grow and transform is hot. You’ve always associated size and power with confidence, and while not a universal constant there is more than some truth to that statement. You may deny it in your head, though the head below your waist is telling me otherwise…* “What?!” Shu blushed and tried to covered his own erection as though it would help. He hadn’t really thought about if he was bi, gay, straight or anything in between much before, though watching Jason now he wasn’t in much of a position to deny he had at least some desire for other males. The way his cock surged as his hands brushed across didn’t do him any favors concealing that fact either. *There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Shu; in fact, I’m sure Alister approves of it very much. Don’t you, my pet?* “Yes, Master.” Jason, or Alister now, smiled as he relaxed his arms. It relieved a little bit of the strain on his sleeves, though not by much as another loud purr made his chest rumble and shirt strain even more. “I can already see it now, the lion in Shu straining to come out. He’s going to look so beautiful, even more so than he does now…” “M-More beautiful?” The compliment made Shu’s face flush; no one had complimented him on his looks before, or at least not for a very long time. The heat of his blush also helped to conceal the small pin-prick like feelings of his own fur starting to push through the skin of his face. “I-I…” *You are beautiful, Shu. So many men have such beautiful, powerful beasts inside them that they just don’t know how to set free. That’s what I do; I help them unleash themselves, let the lion inside them come roaring out. All I ask for in return is loyalty, to me and to The Pride.* “Exactly, Shu. Look at what Master has done for me.” Alister’s brown hair was starting to lighten in color, his sideburns growing thicker as they also grew down the sides of his face. The rest of his face was taking on a tawny yellow coat, and along with his growing mane was making him look more and more like a proper lion. Though he was a lion, the way his tongue hung from his muzzle as he panted was almost canine-like as his body began to quiver. “Here it comes…” Alister flexed again in another double biceps pose, though it looked like his entire upper body flexed along with him. The buttons on his chest probably would’ve shot across the room if the back of his shirt hadn’t given out first, the cloth tearing with an audible, “SHRRRIIPP!” before the remains hung loosely around his arms. Grabbing the remains of the sleeves in fur covered hands(well, they did look closer to a paw, though he still had five fingers), he tore the remains of his shirt away as if it was tissue paper. His white undershirt fluttered to the floor in front of him until another, “SHRRRIIPP!” sound occurred before the shirt got caught up around his waist. *As you can see, Shu, the change can be quite intense.* Shu watched in stunned awe as Alister removed the shirt from his cock that had torn free of its own confinement. It had to be a least a foot in length, and even from across the table Shu could see veins visibly bulging across the massive tower of flesh. Shu was having trouble taking his eyes off it, his hands slowly sliding across the desk before he caught himself about halfway there and stopped. “I-I…” Shu watched as Alister slowly made his way around the desk toward him, his fur covered muscles rippling with each slow step. His legs were also thick with powerful muscle and fur, a long ropey tail also waving slowly behind him as Alister stepped close to him. His pants must have been destroyed while he was behind the desk considering he was now completely nude, and was he STILL getting bigger?! His cock certainly seemed to be, the head dripping a small amount of precum that barely missed landing on Shu as Alister stood before him. “This is all thanks to Master, Shu. You’ll need to support The Pride, but he’ll never ask of you anything you aren’t comfortable doing. He’ll give you so much in return, like he has me.” Alister’s paw looked like it could engulf Shu’s head as it gently stroked the thickening white hairs on his cheek. “You’ll accept his offer, won’t you?” “I-I…” This was all so strange and happening so fast, and a more logical part of Shu told him to rip the ring off his finger and make a break for it even if that meant having to break his finger to get the ring off. Another much more primal part of him was telling him to accept this, to just surrender and take what was being offered. His heart was going a million miles an hour in his chest, his thoughts fluctuating between fear, anticipation and arousal. “I-I… accept…” *Very good, Shu.* The ring around Shu’s finger felt incredibly warm for a moment as the pact was sealed. Alister smiled as he lifted Shu from the chair and wrapped his massive arms around him tightly, wrapping the smaller male in a cage of fur and muscle that felt quite comfortable. Shu found himself joining in with Alister’s purrs, though they were mostly lost under the bigger man’s much deeper purrs. *Now, we must complete the ritual to properly introduce your new form. Repeat this mantra until instructed otherwise.* Shu listened to the words as Alister thrust his cock against his scrawny body. The anticipation of seeing a new pet being created was extremely arousing, though Shu would need to be changed first before the two could truly interact; Alister was libel to hurt Shu in his current state. Instead he merely held Shu by his rear, closing his eyes and enjoying the sound of Shu chanting the mantra Master was feeding into his mind. “With this ring, I submit. To Master, I commit.” Shu’s eyelids felt heavy as he started to chant, his mind more than his body starting to feel tired. Alister gently nuzzled the thickening wisps of white fur that were dotting Shu’s cheeks as he held his soon to be lion brother. “Mane grows wild, body builds brawn, as I turn to lion.” Shu wanted desperately to watch his transformation, especially as he felt his shirt starting to pull tightly across his shirt. Feeling actual weight and firmness in his pecs was amazing, and imaging how this would only be the beginning was making him squirm in Alister’s paws in anticipation. Alister’s cock rubbing against his own straining bulge was making it even harder to concentrate, but Shu kept himself together. “Confidence hardens strong. To Master, I belong.” A warm wave of energy washed over Shu as he finished the mantra. Belonging to someone, being cared for and loved; it just made him feel so happy and content. His Master would love him no matter what, and he wanted to make himself better to serve his Master better. It was a feedback loop that would make his Master happier and himself better; what could possibly be wrong with that? Shu began to repeat the mantra as instructed, body and mind continuing to change. By focusing on the mantra, it let Master work inside his mind past mental defenses that would normally resist such influence and his body to change him into a proper pet, more so when Alister began to chant along with Shu. Hearing his brother lion’s voice joining his own was making Shu’s affection for Alister grow along with his body. Shu slipped his hands around Alister’s neck, making Alister purr as they slowly stroked through his thick mane. *That’s it, Shu. Just relax, and chant, and grow.* Invisible hands began to tickle along the top of Shu’s head, gently playing with the rounded lion ears that were beginning to emerge. Being touch by Alister was amazing, but feeling Master’s invisible touch made Shu spurt a small load of precum. Shivers began to work its way down his spine as Master’s stroking continued, covering the sensation of a small nub of flesh beginning to form at the base of his spine. It began to swish back and forth as it started to grow out into a proper lion’s tail, a silver and white tuft at the end of an otherwise snow white furred tail. *Looks at Alister, my pet.* Shu’s eyes fluttered open slowly, his eyes looking glassy and distant as he looked over his brother lion. *Look at how powerful, how massive, how happy he is. You’re like a child in his paws now, but soon you’ll be almost as big as him, perhaps even bigger. You want that, don’t you?* Shu nodded dimly without breaking his chant, even as his tongue and teeth began to feel a bit wrong for his mouth. His stretching muzzle made a few words come out a little off, but apparently not enough to break the chant as he continued to change. So deep was he in a hypnotic haze that it took him more than a few moments to recognize when a deeper, more powerful voice repeating the same mantra was now in the same room. It took him even longer to recognize the deep baritone voice was his own, though the smile on his muzzle showed he quite enjoyed it. *Show me how much you want to be loved, to be my pet. Grow out of those clothes. Shed that old, weak self, and show me how powerful a beast you can be.* Alister was thrusting his cock against Shu’s stomach, the head of his shaft rubbing over the hardening bumps that were his abs that were being slowly revealed as his thickening back and tightening arms made his dress and undershirt pull up. Shu’s own shaft was almost painful trapped in his pants, what little space that had been in there originally rapidly filling up between his throbbing erection and his swelling testicles. Even his butt felt firmer as Alister squeezed it, making Shu moan and the button of his pants bulge dangerously close to bursting. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but there couldn’t be growth without some growing pains. *Yes, my pet. Let your body grow as your submission to me grows. Feel strength in my guidance, and in the warm embrace of your fellow pet* “Master is right, Shu. I can see what you really are, and it’s amazing.” Shu pulled himself tightly against Alister, giving Alister the perfect chance to bury his nose in Shu’s thickening silverly-white mane. The weight of his thick mane resting against his expanding shoulders felt quite nice, even if it did tickle a little as it brushed against his upper back. It felt almost like a collar reminding him that he was owned by Master, but with something much nicer and fitting than a piece of leather wrapped around his neck. A loud, “SHRRIIPP!” followed by a deep gasp slipped out of Shu as his cock finally burst through his pants, making his pants tear all the way down to his knees as the remains of his underwear fluttered to the ground. His orange-sized testicles were nestled comfortably in his fur covered thighs, the corded pillars of muscle flexing as he wrapped his legs around Alister to better support himself. His chanting didn’t drop for an instant even as he felt his cock rubbing against Alister’s, each frotting thrust making his cock and the rest of his body surge more and more. The sleeves of his shirt were wrapped around his forearms at this point, the buttons of his sleeves starting to quake as they tried and failed to contain the growing columns of muscle within. Shu was so close to finalizing his transformation; he could FEEL it. *You’re right, Shu. The ritual is all but complete now. There’s only one thing left for you to do; cum. Fall to your knees and cum with Alister. That will seal the spell and make you my pet.* Alister let Shu go out of his grip, Shu only vaguely noticing how the floor seemed further away than it did when he was first picked up thanks to his increased height. He felt to his knees almost instantly, the remains of his pants giving up the ghost as his thick, rounded calves flexed. His shoes were still holding on despite everything, the constricting pain being over-ridden with all the pleasure of growth and submission. Alister joined his brother lion in kneeling as the two continued to thrust against each other. “Join me, brother. Join us in our service to Master. Join The Pride.” Shu looked up toward Alister just in time for Alister’s lips to meet his own in a kiss. The touch was brief, though it felt like it had hit Shu with the force of a lightning bolt. Every hair on his body stood on end(and given how he was almost completely covered in white fur now, it was quite a lot of hair) as the touch seemed to work its way down his muzzle and across the rest of his body. An explosion of power, of size, of submission, of lust; all of it hit Shu at once, and with more force than if he’d been caught in an actual explosion. Shu threw his head back, clenching his fists as the surge hit his cock first and hardest. Having gotten to a little over ten inches now, his cock began to spurt against Alister as each spray add a little more length and width to his member. Shu let out a massive roar that seemed to shake everything in the room that wasn’t nailed down as every muscle fiber flexed in response, drowning out the slight cracking and popping as his bones shifted to support his furry, bulky body. His shirt finally gave up its futile resistance, the buttons shooting off his chest and hitting Alister square in the face as his pecs surged forward. Alister was too busy coating Shu’s new fur coat with his own seed as he came to be bothered by it. *And with that, the ritual is complete. You still have some growing to do, but you are now my pet. Welcome to The Pride, Ajani.” He was getting more powerful, more furry, and thrusting his cock against a similar handsome beast, but the former Shu getting his new name was the hottest thing of all. He was properly owned now, properly loved by his Master. Everything else came second to Master’s approval. That being said, if Master’s approval meant becoming a furry muscular beast with a massive cock Ajani was certainly not going to complain. Alister seemed quite happy with it too as he practically tackled Ajani to the ground, his paws roaming over the powerful back of his fellow white furred pet as his cock continued to dribble its seed over him. The two rolled about playfully on the floor, both their cocks still as stiff as steel even as their orgasms died down as they explored each other’s bodies. Neither noticed the bursting sound of Ajani’s shoes finally giving way to his big paw like feet; by then their attention was focused elsewhere mouths as they nuzzled and licked up bits of their own seed off the other. “Ajani, you look so amazing!” Alister smiled up as he was rolled onto his back, Ajani straddling his thighs as he smiled down at his golden-brown furred companion. “Master did such a good job with you.” “Yes he did. I only wish there was a way I could thank him more directly for it…” Ajani’s brief look of disappointment was quickly replaced with a smile as he felt Master’s invisible hand stroking his mane. *You will soon, my pet, although not today. Though I am always with you in spirit, I can only physically be in one place at a time… for now, at least. Although, there is something you could do now that I would very much like.* “Oh? And what would that be, Master?” Alister seemed to already know the answer to Ajani’s question as one of his paws began to stroke along Ajani’s cock, getting his shaft nice and slick with some of their previously spilled seed. *I love it when my pets make me happy, but also watching them make each other happy. Why don’t you take that sexy new body of yours and have some fun with your brother lion there?* Ajani let out a big, sarcastically exaggerated sigh as he looked down at Alister. “If I MUST, Master, I will take on this burden for you…” Alister smirked before Ajani’s lips locked around his for a deep kiss, made a bit easier now that the two were almost physically equal. The two continued to stroke and caress each other as they began to shift upward into a sitting position. Their rough feline tongues danced and pushed against each other before Alister broke the kiss to start moving his mouth down along Ajani’s body, nuzzling briefly into his mane before moving to his chest. Ajani gasped when Alister began to gently nibble on his nipples like a hungry kitten looking for milk, his cock starting to throb again in response. Ajani’s paws traced over the thick knots and bumps of muscle in Alister’s shoulders as he switched to his other pec while also enjoying how his thick arms bulged and rippled with even those slight movements. Ajani couldn’t help but flex and grope his upper body as Alister continued to suckle, his mind running wild with feats of strength he could perform for Master with biceps that seemed to bulge almost as big as his head when he flexed. His paws replaced Alister’s mouth as his golden brother started working over his brick-like abs, the sight of his ring(which had been the only piece of clothing to survive the transformation and had grown along with his bigger hands) making him feel a wave of pleasure on top of his paws and Ajani’s work. Ajani eyes shot wide open as Alister’s tongue flicked across the head of his cock, already sensitive from his first orgasm. Ajani’s paw worked through his brother lion’s mane as Alister slowly worked over every inch of his shaft, Alister’s paws roaming over his thighs as his muzzle slowly worked its way down his shaft. Another orgasm was quickly approaching as Ajani braced himself, and was quite confused when Alister suddenly pulled off of him. Standing up, Alister helped Ajani to his feet. “Let’s show Master how strong you’ve gotten, Ajani.” Ajani was still confused until Alister practically leapt into his arms, forcing Ajani to hold Alister under his thighs to keep them from tipping over. It finally started to dawn on him what Alister was aiming for as he shifted around, maneuvering himself so Ajani’s cock was pressed against his rear. Alister wrapped his paws around Ajani’s waist while he got a better grip, sliding his paws under Alister’s arms so he could lift him up before slowly pushing himself into Alister’s tailhole. The strain on Ajani trying to hold up his fellow lion was tough, especially when Alister went mostly limp, though the fact that he could bear such strain turned him on even more. Alister going limp also meant he sunk deeper on Ajani’s cock, the warmth and tightness making both lion men purr. The previous work Alister had done with his muzzle meant that Ajani could move him up and down with relative ease, his arms getting a good workout while his cock did the same for Alister’s rear. Now it would simply be a test to see how long each could hold out before orgasming again. Ajani tried to keep his thrusts slow at first to prolong his orgasm, though feeling Alister’s cock thrusting against his chest and abs was making that rather difficult. There was a moment of concern that Master would be upset if he came too soon, though almost as soon as the thought entered his head he dismissed it; Master understood this was his first time. He didn’t hear Master’s words anymore, but Ajani could still feel his influence and appreciation for what Ajani had done already. That was good, considering it wasn’t long before Ajani felt the familiar churning of his testicles as another orgasm was preparing. Though Alister was making a decent mess on him with his precum, Ajani could sense he would cum ahead of his brother lion if he didn’t do something. With a mighty heave Ajani tossed Alister into the air, just high enough so he could hold Alister by his sides and reach his cock with his muzzle. Whether it was the sudden display of strength or the quick work of Ajani’s muzzle as he engulfed his shaft, Alister was quickly on edge himself a few seconds later. Both lions went over that edge when Ajani dropped Alister onto his cock, thrusting nearly his full length into the golden pet. Both lions roared as they came together, Alister’s cock spraying wildly over them both as Ajani’s seed shot deep into Alister. They knew Master would approve of their display of raw strength and sexual energy, and if the floor hadn’t been soundproofed said display might have been witnessed by the entire building. They may have been owned by Master, but they were by no means domesticated. They were wild and passionate beasts, and they reveled in it. Ajani leaned up toward Alister for another kiss once their roars settled, though a knock at the door pulled his attention away for a moment. “Alister? We’ve called for backup.” Was that one of the guards? He sounded different to Ajani’s ears. “Backup? Are we in danger?” Alister smiled and gently kissed Ajani before answering his question. “A side effect of being Master’s pet is that it can affect other pets nearby to change as well when they start getting passionate. They’re informing us they’ve called for backup to replace them.” Alister purred as he looked toward the door. “They wish to join us.” “Well, only if Master orders it…” Ajani smiled as he kissed Alister again, Master confirming what Ajani had expected would be his answer. *I do, my pet; I do.*
  15. Author's Note: So this is just a very self-indulgent story I wrote for myself, hope you all enjoy it! (Also, characters in this story are anthro, as a side note!) It was a cold, lonely night for me. I had decided to drive down to the bar for a few drinks to try and forget a few things for a little bit (never a good idea, I don't know why I never learn). The bar was about 10 minutes away, located in a back-alley, a place where no one really bothers you if you drink alone. I had been drinking for several hours, scrolling through "dating" apps on my phone, hoping for at least someone to take notice. Of course, they didn't. They never do. No one even responds to some scrawny guy like me. Before I knew it, it was 2am. I knew I was in no condition to drive, so I started drinking some water and headed out at around 3am. I usually sobered up pretty quick, and I was feeling alright. As I was walking out the door, I felt a strong hand land on my shoulder. "You ok there, boy?" a deep, baritone voice rung out in the silence of the night. I turned my head to look over my shoulder, seeing the bouncer of the bar sitting in his metal foldable chair. He was a powerful bull, reaching eye level with me despite the fact he was sitting down. His horns were always perfectly polished and sharpened, no matter what day it was. He always wore a nose ring as well, a look I always thought was cliché, yet sexy. He held a thick, lit cigar between his teeth, puffing it occasionally. I had heard he was a retired bodybuilder, and he looked like it. His traps climbed far above his head, and the rest of his upper body was beyond wide. So wide that whenever someone was causing problems outside, he just stood in front of the doorway to block entrance to the bar. His lats were expansive enough to completely block the door, and the musclegut he had nearly matched his lats in width. His pecs jutted out at least a good foot from his body, with that belly of his sticking out another foot. It was impressive he even found a tanktop to fit him, even if it was stretched tightly across his pecs and gut. His arms were probably as thick as my entire torso, though I had never really asked for a formal comparison. And his legs, well, let's just say you have to have some powerful legs to support a body that huge. As I was inadvertently taking in this bull's marvelous body, he waved his free hand in front of my face. "Hello? You ok?" he asked again. "Oh! I, uh, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just about to head home for the night," I spoke as confidently as I could. The bull frowned, taking his cigar out of his mouth as he looked me up and down. "How much you been drinkin' tonight, boy?" Was it really that obvious? I didn't think I had seen the bouncer walk in the bar at any point in the night, so I was pretty sure he couldn't have known just how much I was drinking. "Oh, you know, enough haha..." I laughed nervously. "I was drinking water afterwards, and I honestly feel fi-" The bouncer cut me off. "How far away do you live?" he spoke sternly, setting his lit cigar in his ashtray on the ground. "Just ten minutes away, really not that far! I'm feeling fine to dri-" My sentence was cut off by the bull forcefully shoving one of his thick fingers into my mouth. I must have been a little more tipsy than I thought because as soon as that finger passed my lips, my eyelids lowered halfway and I managed to give it a slight suckle before he pulled his finger back out. Luckily, I didn't think he noticed my submissive instinct. He sniffed the finger that was just in my mouth and stared me down. "You lyin' to me, boy?" He definitely smelled just how much alcohol I had been drinking that night. "N-no, sir! I-I honestly feel fine! I-" Once again, my sentence was cut short. The bull grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and stood up, lifting me into the air. He must have been at least 6'5", a true behemoth of a man. My feet dangled as he spoke to me. "Listen, boy, I don't appreciate liars. But yer cute, so I'll give you one free pass." Cute? Did he actually just say that? I couldn't believe my ears. He continued, "Yer in no condition to drive, so how about you stay here with me for a lil while? I promise ya, daddy'll keep ya safe." I could feel the blush spreading across my face. It was probably even showing through my fur. I gulped, my only answer being a slight nod as I looked him in the eyes. He smirked as he brought his free hand up, gently caressing my face as he slowly pressed his thumb into my mouth. I closed my eyes and suckled, feeling a sense of security around this bull. "That's a good boy..." The bull sat back down in his chair, gently lowering me on top of his large, round gut. The arm he had been using to hold me up by the collar was now draped over me, holding me close to him. I continued to suckle on his finger, his strong hand rubbing my back. "So what made a lil guy like you drink so much tonight, hm?" I paused my suckling, pulling my mouth off his thumb. "I...I..." The truth is, I felt embarrassed to admit it. I felt ashamed. "I'm just...so lonely, daddy..." I hadn't planned on calling him daddy like that, but he was the first one to take notice of me in months. I guess you could say I was pretty desperate. But he didn't seem to mind, thankfully. He wrapped his other arm around me, leaning down to give me a kiss on the forehead. "Well you got me now, boy." I let out a soft moan in response to that statement. A huge hulking behemoth of a man actually wanted me, probably the scrawniest guy in the city. I couldn't believe my luck. He released his arms from around me and bent down to grab his cigar again. He chomped on it and gave it a good, long drag. He pulled the cigar back out of his mouth and turned his head away from me, exhaling all the smoke out through his nose. I shivered at the display, always having fantasized about a man like this. The cold breeze of the night air blew the smoke back in my direction, and I coughed a bit. It was clear I wasn't used to thick cigar smoke like that. The bull chuckled, sitting there as he held the cigar near his lips. "Sorry, boy, I tried." He spoke with such a genuine tone, yet I could tell he enjoyed that little moment. He raised his free arm and put his hand behind his head, revealing a forest of armpit hair. I had never seen such hairy pits in my life! I felt like if I had buried my face in there, my muzzle would actually completely fit within that deep, sweaty pit of his. And then, it hit me: his musk. I took in a deep breath through my nose, and I got a lungful of his musk. I instinctively let out a quiet moan, unable to control myself. The bouncer smirked, turning his head towards his open pit and taking a good whiff, himself. "Ahhh...sorry, boy. I never wear deodorant. Hate the fruity smells of it. I'm a man, and I wanna smell like one." He stared at me for a few moments, waiting to see if I was going to reply. I didn't. I was too flustered to say anything. "Though, it doesn't seem like you mind, do you?" I simply shook my head. "Didn't think so." He took another whiff of his pit, grunting as he took it all in. "Damn, I smell good." He looked at me again. "Though, I can never get a second opinion, it seems. No one's brave enough to get a full whiff of this manly scent. I've offered, but no one's taken me up on it. Shame...they don't know what they're missing out on." I was shaking by this point, trying desperately to control myself. I didn't want to scare him off. "You know, they say if you enjoy each other's musk, it makes you good breeding partners..." Oh god. "But I haven't had a chance to test that theory..." He was actually doing this on purpose. "What's wrong? You're looking a lil light-headed, boy. Maybe you should drink something..." He actually wanted me t- Before I could finish that thought, my face was deep in that cavernous pit of his. I huffed his musk. I licked his sweat. I did it all like my life depended on it. I needed this, I didn't care how the scent burned my nostrils or how salty the sweat was on my tongue. This was a man I had been waiting for, and I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass me by. I huffed until I felt like I was going to pass out. I licked until I could taste no more sweat. Several minutes passed before he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me out. I wore a dazed, stupefied smile on my face, looking like someone who had just been hypnotized. "Feeling better, boy?" he asked me. "Yes, daddy," is all I had the energy to say. "Good." He took a puff of his cigar, this time blowing the short puff of smoke into my face. I coughed, but I didn't tell him to stop. I must have looked like I enjoyed it because he took another drag, smirked, then snorted the smoke into my face through his nose. I coughed and moaned as the smoke cloud enveloped my head, my cock rock-hard in my pants by this point. It was pressing through my pants and against his stomach. It was the first time I really noticed how turned on I was, but I imagine he noticed the entire time. He continued his onslaught of smoke, turning me into a coughing, blushing mess. My thoughts were quite literally clouded with his smoke. The only thoughts running through my head were of how I could serve him, how I could please him, how I could make him happy. He neared the end of his cigar, looking like there was one long drag left in it. He grinned at me and said, "Say good night, boy." I didn't know what he meant at first, but he took the final drag of his cigar, his chest inflating with the deep breath he took. Then, he tossed the remainder of the cigar aside and wrapped his powerful arms around me. He bearhugged me tight, squeezing all the air out of my lungs. Then, as he released and I thought I was going to get a breath of fresh air, he kissed me and forced every bit of his smoke inside of me. The feeling was harsh, yet passionate. I could feel every bit of his breath inside of me, claiming me as his. My eyes rolled back in my head as I came right then and there, soaking the front of my pants with the biggest load I had ever shot in my life. A combination of the pleasure and lack of oxygen led me to pass out. I dreamt of that studly bull for as long as I was passed out. I dreamt of his musk, his smoke, his size...he was everything I had ever wanted in a man. I woke up in my bed the following afternoon, my head killing me from the night before. I didn't remember how I got home. In fact, I didn't even remember leaving the bar. All I remembered was the dream I had about how the bouncer of the bar took me and- I sighed. It was a nice thought, but it'd never happen, no matter how real that dream felt. I reached for my phone from the end table and was about to check my messages. That's when I noticed a piece of paper under my phone. I picked it up and read it. 'Hey boy. I hope you don't mind, but I drove you home last night. It was a tight fit to get into your car, but I made it work. I also had to check your license for your address and use your keys to get in the house. I felt real bad snooping around your wallet and going into your house like that, but I wanted to make sure you were safe. I hope last night was everything you were looking for and more. A boy like you deserves a strong daddy to take care of you and keep you happy. If you ever want to do a bit more, you know where to find me. P.S. Check under your pillow. I left something for ya. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to wash it in about a week, but I don't think you'll mind.' I stared at the note curiously for a couple moments before turning around and picking up my pillow. I went wide-eyed at what I saw. It was his tanktop from the night before. It wasn't a dream! I tossed the note aside and picked the tanktop up, burying my face into it and huffing up his musk. It was perfect. I smiled as I kept huffing his scent. I knew where I was going tonight, but maybe I'd drink a bit less this time.
  16. My name was Barnaby Tabs or Berry as those closest to me call me. We were the only Rottweiler family living on Talon Street. There was nothing really special about us, my dad worked as a pilot so he was never around much, and we lost mum long ago after the twins were born. Although we were all Rottweilers we did not conform to the expectations that our kind were big and muscular with a tendency to pick fights with anyone. For one thing, I could never survive a fight being of average height and build; I barely qualified for my high school soccer team. Even my little brothers who were younger than me by 2 years could easily overpower me, but I would attribute their victory to their 3 years of being in their school’s wrestling team too. Fortunately, they know how to behave when dad isn’t around, they know I am pack leader, that and they would get no desserts for dinner if they tried anything. I never minded my school life, although I didn’t get to become the king of the school I got to spend time with my best friend Zack. He was a bright orange fox with white fur running from the bottom of his muzzle and throughout his chest. Unlike me, Zack was his own kind of rebel, sporting long head fur that he dyed streaks of purple which drooped over his left eye giving him a brooding appearance. Every day he would wear a black sleeveless shirt not that he had any muscles to show off, he was as skinny as a stick, but he thought it made him look tough. The shirt would always have an obscure band’s name on it or some smartass antiestablishment statement on it. At least he wore regular jeans to class. He and I started our friendship ever since we got partnered up in science class, probably because everyone else avoided him like the plague. He did come off as a show off know it all but I enjoyed listening to his ideas, to me he had a very mature perspective of the world. Sadly, his parents didn’t find him as intriguing as I did. Even at home he tended to be ‘rude’ with his sarcastic remarks and sharp comments. They were worried for their son, they didn’t want him to grow up into an antisocial troublemaker. Like any loving and overprotective parents they enrolled him into Camp Build Em’ Up for half of his summer vacation, hoping the group physical activities could bring a positive change to Zack. It was upon Zack’s return that my life would be turned upside down. “Jerry, Tom stop punching each other! Or so help me-“dad said assertively without taking his attention away from the road. “Tom started it first,” the twin sitting closest to the car door interrupted. “That’s cause you were drooling all over my shoulder in your sleep, you dick,” the twin sitting in the middle spoke with an irritated tone. As for me I was twiddling with my plain green shirt and thinking if it was right to match it with a pair of dark blue shorts. “Watch your muzzle young pup! And Jerry I told you to sleep earlier last night. You knew you were going to Camp Build Em’ Up today.” Dad continued driving but his stern eyes would look at us through the rear view mirror every few minutes. It was a coincidence that my brothers would be going to the same camp just a week since Zack got back from there. But, did that mean that dad thought the boys were in need of some discipline? There was never any issues before. Even they looked excited to be going as they started talking about the possible outdoor games they could take part in. Well I didn’t think much of it. I was itching to jump out of the car at the sight of Zack’s house in the distance. His parents were on their second honeymoon so we planned a week long sleepover. The moment the car stopped in front of the driveway I grabbed the handle on my backpack and sprinted out while saying my goodbyes to everyone. “Bye dad, bye guys. See ya when you get back,” I said hastily. The twins replied in unison through the half opened window, “Bye big bro.” Dad chimed in last, “Don’t get into trouble, just cause you two are 18 doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.” “We won’t,” I yelled from the porch as I waved goodbye to them. Turning back to the door I was just about to knock on it when it swung open and my paw hit a wall of abs. My brain went blank for a second, I was staring face to face with the skull t shirt Zack always wore, but that wasn’t right Zack and I were the same height. What more, this fur’s arms were huge and long, his thick melon sized biceps blocked off the rest of the doorway. My pupils trailed downwards and I saw something I shouldn’t have, 2 mammoth sized thighs straining against a pair of blue jeans and an obvious bulge the size of two baseballs. Looking upwards I saw Zack’s usual hairstyle and bright blue eyes looking down at me past his beefy pair of pectorals. “Um…Zack?” I asked dumfounded. “Uh duh, did you hit your head on your way here or something?” Zack asked like I was the one who just turned into jock in less than 3 weeks. The fox turned sideways to let me through the door. I was still taken back by Zack’s sudden transformation but before I could ask he grabbed my backpack from my paw and slung it over his shoulder. “Come on dandelion, the room’s this way. Really dude you’re out of it today.” How I wanted to say something but I figured it wasn’t the time to argue with a muscle bound teen fox. Following his wide back up the stairs we entered Zack’s room. It too had changed slightly like its owner. The walls used to be covered with posters of the fox’s favorite band and artwork, but now some of it were replace with pictures of bodybuilder furs and workout motivation posters. The shelves of books and Blue-Ray discs that covered an entire wall were removed to make room for a workout bench equipped with barbell and dumbbells. “You just caught me near the end of my workout, give me a few minutes, just relax on the bed.” Zack said as he pointed to the bed across from the workout equipment. I took my bag from him and my way towards the bed while he grabbed a pair of dumbbells. Those things looked heavy, with four large plates stacked each side. “How heavy were they?” I wondered. Before I sat down I the fur on my back stood on end and my ears perked up at the sight of how the bed sort of collapsed in the middle. It probably struggled to manage Zack’s new weight. Taking out my laptop I sat at the edge of the bed to avoid sinking it further. I was halfheartedly starting up my Roarwatch game to hide that I was staring at Zack working out. He was doing that chest workout routine I saw on the infomercial channel, a dumbbell fly. A weak gasp escaped my lips as I saw his powerful arms in action, raising the dumbbells close then pulling them away. His pecs were in sync with his breathing, every time his exhaled his pectorals rose. My cheek started to burn so I quickly looked away and was soon engrossed in my game. I wasn’t sure how much time passed but aside from the occasional grunts and clanking of metal Zack didn’t make a peep. When I finally reached my thirteenth dungeon I was exhausted, I closed my laptop and just lied down on the bed and slowly drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I saw it was 7 p.m. on the digital clock next to the bed stand, I was asleep for at least an hour. Pulling myself up, my tail ached; I shouldn’t have slept on it. I scratched my head and felt the weirdest sensation from my groin, it felt slightly sore. As I touched my crotch I suddenly had remember a weird dream I was having earlier. I dreamt Zack was standing over me, panting heavily. He pulled me by the legs closer to him before he unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. He lapped at my soft member like a hungry wolf, taking it all in and lapping it up with his tongue. My cock hardened in his mouth but he kept on sucking it. In the dream he was massaging my balls with one paw while the other went up my shirt and rubbing my chest. It didn’t take long for me to spray my load inside his maw, Zack drank every last drop eagerly. I remember feeling so drained that I was about to fall back asleep. Then the most extraordinary thing happened, I saw the fox grow. Zack stood up growling and rubbing his chest. I didn’t know whether he was in pain or ecstasy. His pecs protruded further causing his shirt to hug tightly against his chest. He must have grown taller too because I saw his shirt rise to expose his bellybutton. And his arms, his already muscular arms thickened until they looked like they could crush an apple between his biceps and forearms with ease. My vision became too blurred by then to see what happened, but I remembered hearing clothing rip before everything faded to black. I was walking down the flight of stairs heading to the kitchen when I thought of that dream. My heart felt uneasy yet excited at the same time, was it all really a dream? It didn’t help that I was turning myself on thinking about it. Shaking the thought out of my head I waited for my boner to subside before entering the kitchen. I caught whiff of bacon and waffles being made from the top of the stairs, and I couldn’t wait, Zack was always a good cook. The moment I entered I stopped dead at the entrance, across the kitchen desktop was Zack, but like in my dreams he looked bigger than when I saw him earlier. A noticeable tent extended out from my groin area. His back was half as wide as the desktop now, and the poor fabric looked like it would rip if the fox moved. “Z-Zack?” The huge fox turned with a dying pan with three slices of bacon in it, “Oh hey there sleepyhead. Hope you didn’t mind the smell, thought I make us breakfast for dinner,” Zack dropped the bacon over a stack of pancakes and served it on the counter, “eat up.” I hesitantly approached the delicious smelling meal. In my mind I decided that before I finished this meal I would get some answers. “Zack, I got to ask. What happened you at that camp?” I poked a piece of bacon with a fork nearby. “Ugh that place was the worst. They had us wake up at 5 in the morning to run laps. Then after breakfast it was the usual ‘team events,” Zack did a quotation sign in the air with his fingers when he said team, “so I was forced in with a bunch of other sweaty furs to do useless repetitive tasks.” I listened attentively while stuffing my face with food. “No I get that…” I had to pause to swallow a big piece of pancake, “but how did you get so buff? You’re like twice the size of the jocks at school.” Zack made a pff sound while rolling his eyes, “I am nothing like them. This is physical fitness. I admit the camp was dumb but the counselors really convinced me that for a smart ass like me I should have the body to match it.” “That still doesn’t explain how you grew in such a short time!” “Just proper nutrition and good genes I guess,” Zack grabbed a piece of bacon off the plate and ate it. My shoulders dropped in defeat this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. Deciding not to pursue the topic anymore I asked, “Where’s your plate?” Zack walked pass the counter and I saw that he was in his boxers now, his very thin and straining boxers. It did nothing to hide the python between his steel thick thighs. That cock was snaking along his right thigh and I swore I saw the dickhead poking through the leg hole. “It’s cool dude. You finish up, I had my protein shake and a ‘snack’ while you were asleep. Take your time I’m gonna go set up the Y box,” Zack said. Something about the way he mentioned snack sent shivers down my spine. Was he there when I had that dream? I watched he strut out of the kitchen and I blushed when Zack suddenly stopped at the doorway and flexed his glutes. Shit, he knew I was staring. After the meal I dropped the plates and utensil in the sink before entering the living room. There was no chance for me to take a good look at it when I arrived but now I saw that the living room became even simpler, there were no decorations whatsoever, just a white sofa across the big screen TV with the Y box attached to it. The TV was already on and set to a racing game. I walked over to the sofa and said, “Where am I supposed to sit?” Zack had taken up most of the sofa by lying on it. “Quit your whining, there’s room here,” Zack beat his chest and patted the small gap of sofa in front of his abs. “I think I’ll take the floor.” “Dude-lie here,” Zack said in a commanding tone. My short little tail rose on attention and my body moved automatically following the fox’s instructions. It was amazing what pounds of muscle could do to a guy’s dominating presence. So, I tried to squeeze myself in front of Zack’s might frame, my head resting on his thick right pectoral. Sure enough I barely fit but it felt surprisingly good. His body radiating warmth. Zack then pulled out a controller from behind him and gave it to me. The fox’s left arm draped over my shoulder to allow him to reach his. I was trapped in the muscular arms of my best friend and I liked it. The game then started and we raced three rounds while throwing playful insults at each other. That moment felt like the good old days, he and I laughing and just gaming without a care in the world. By the fifth round however, I had to call for a pause. “Hold on dude, I think my joystick is busted. It won’t move right,” I said pulling the right joystick back and forth trying to ge tit to work. “Oh, well I think you have a substitute joystick right here,” Zack said softly almost like a whisper. “Where?” I asked. “Here,” his left paw reached down my pants and grabbed my cock. I yelped, which must have scared Zack cause he was quickly pulling his paw back, but then I stopped him. “No,” silence filled the air, I looked up into his face, “umm… it feels good, but I don’t think that will help me play better.” Zack smiled and sunk his paw back into my shorts, “Well why don’t we stop and play something else.” His paw started to rub my cock softly. I gasped. “You know, I’m getting pretty hungry. I was wondering if you could feed me,” Zack said as he licked his lips. “Wh-what?” “All these muscles need lots of protein Berry,” the fox raised his right arms and flexed, his veins snaked up all over it, “ that’s what the camp thought me. They made us stronger with some special juices just so that we all could keep up with the games, but I learned a secret from the camp counselors one night, cum makes the growth faster.” The fox rubbed my rock hard cock faster as he bit onto my neck. My breathing grew heavier as my brain fogged from the waves of pleasure taking over my body, what Zack was saying was like something from a B movie horror film. One of Zack’s long feet grabbed my shorts and tugged it all the way down, exposing my tender behind. He wasn’t slowing down for a second, pumping my cock with increasing vigor. Zack stopped biting and pulled back, his breathing was escalating as well. I could feel something stiff poking my butt. “Do you want me to grow Berry?” Zack asked excitedly. “Yes, yes.” I answered passionately. “How big do you want me to grow?” His paw was like magic, rubbing the tip of my dick with his thumb, smearing the pre along my shaft so he could jerk me off faster. I moaned heavily, “Grow…grow out of your clothes!” My body shuddered, I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Just as I was about to cum Zack pulled his paw on my cock, back grabbed me by the hips and tossed me back until my upper body was leaning over the sofa. It all happened so fast I didn’t have time to scream. My still throbbing cock then bumped against something cold, it was the fox’s wet nose. Clutching the sides of the sofa with my claws I groaned when I felt Zack hot tongue lapping around my cock. This was the feeling in my dream, the heat of his breath and the power of his tongue dominating my cock. In just a few second I came hard in down his thick throat. The rush of ecstasy was powerful as I cummed at three times. Zack then patted my butt, and I pulled myself back to face him. There was a line of white goo on his lips. I chuckled and was about to go in for a kiss when I felt his stomach beneath my butt shake. The fox grit his teeth and his whole body started expanding and twitching. His shirt ripped in half as his shoulders broaden and his white pecs ballooned up into two thick watermelons. A rich web of veins then spread across his chest and arms, it almost looked painful to me. I held on to his wall of abs that suddenly morphed from a six pack to an eight pack. “Whoa!” I exclaimed. I wanted to back away but then my back hit some fleshy and wet from behind,. Turning my head quickly I gasped at the sight of the largest dick I ever saw, it was longer than my arm. The dickhead was leaking precum at an alarming rate, drenching the back of my shirt. His legs and testicles then grew thicker until his left leg was forced off the sofa due to the lack of space taken by the bulging scrotum. Loud creaking noises came from the sofa, it probably wasn’t designed to hold up so much weight. “Fuck!”? Zack yelled when he grabbed me with his titanic arms. They looked like someone stuffed a pair of bowling balls in his triceps and biceps. “Z-Zack? What’s wrong buddy talk to me,” I said nervously. His eyes were wild, his usual calm golden eyes now shone like a hunter that had just caught its prey. “Must.Fuck.Berry!” He said. I screamed and struggled to get away but it was no use, he was too strong. “No, no. Zack no. Don’t do this. I’m your friend you’ll rip me in half with that thing!” My ass was floating right above the tip of the muscle bound fox. I closed my eyes, not wanting to cry from the oncoming impact. But it never came. Instead I heard laughter, playful laughter. Opening my eyes I eyes I saw Zack laughing heartily at me. “Good grief, you should have seen your face. It’s hilarious,” Zack said with a stupid smile on his face. A fiery rage then build in me when I realized I had just been pranked. I kicked in the air trying to nail that mischievous fox in the chin but he was holding me too high up. “Woah, woah. Ok, I’m sorry dude. Chill,” Zack apologized and place me safely on the ground. But I still punched him in the pecs repeatedly, not that he felt anything. “You ass. I thought you turned into some kind of a fuck muscle monster!” “Sorry, sorry. It just seemed so right.” He sat up and held his wide arms open for a hug. His boner was pointing at me and dripping pre on the floor. I sniffled and reciprocated his hug from the side. Zack didn’t control his strength and held me so tightly he could have broken my back. We looked into each other’s eyes lovingly, and then I sneaked a kiss on his chin. The fox smiled and went in for a deep French kiss. His enormous tongue wrestled mine as he explored the inside of my mouth. I didn’t want it to end but Zack broke the kiss and whispered into my right ear, “Want to continue this in bed?” Blushing like a red stop sign I nodded. The huge fox lifted me off my feet and carried me like a newlywed bride. He had grown taller too as his head was closer to the ceiling than before. Snuggling against his chest my muscle fox carried me into his room for the most wonderful night of my young life.Then a troubling thought came to my mind, if Zack grew this much from the camp...what was going to happen to the twins? The End?
  17. A continuation of my Bracers Of Greed story. Part 1 is here: Not as much muscle growth in this one, but there will be more in future installments. In the meantime, hope you enjoy! So my grandfather had given me some kind of magical bracers that turned me into a giant, muscular bull monster. I smashed the floor, destroyed the couch, and blew a load big enough to hit the ceiling. I should be calling him asking what these were, how to get them off; SOMETHING before my mother or somebody else stumbled in on the disaster I made or the thing I was. The last thing I needed right now was another person seeing me like this. “So…” I asked of the terrified mailman I’d just grabbed and hurled from the front door to the couch, “…What’s your name?” The poor guy looked about as white as a sheet, or at least as close to it as someone of African American descent I loomed over him, thick hoof-like hands on either side of his head. Couldn’t really blame him for being terrified, though. Considering how easily he’d been thrown, it was no wonder his brown eyes we locked dead on me, and I had to give him credit that he hadn’t screamed or pissed himself in fear or anything like that. Course, if he’d seen what this place had looked like a couple of minutes ago he might not have been so calm. I don’t know if it was just the sheer amount of pleasure or too much blood going to my cock and not enough to my brain, but eventually I must have blacked out. It was roughly an hour later when I came to a living room smashed to bits and covered in my cum, myself included as my fur unglued itself from the floor as I sat up. First things first; I needed a shower. Perhaps the weirdest thing about all of this was how NOT weirded out I was. My body, the destroyed living room, the bracers that I couldn’t remove; any of that should’ve been freaking me out. I didn’t know how to fix myself or anything I’d broken, and the strongest concern I could muster was a solid, “meh”. I was more upset when I banged my horns against the doorway trying to squeeze into the bathroom for my shower than anything else. In front of a mirror for the first time, I got a proper assessment of myself. I stood about 6 and half inches tall now, up a little more than half a foot from my previous height, with thick brown fur covering pretty much every inch of me. My hair was a very dark shade of brown and flowed down over my shoulders to about midway down my back. I had a short bovine like muzzle and thick pearl white horns on either side of my head, about an inch in length emerging perpendicular to my head before turning upwards and becoming mostly straight save for a slight curve in the middle of each horn. Finally I made note of the firey red eyes, which I could swear were almost glowing slightly. What really stood out(Well, besides all the non-human stuff) were my muscles. Every inch of me looked like it was practically bursting with power and size, and damn if it didn’t feel amazing. Though the fur blocked it a little, only an idiot would fail to miss pecs that felt like slabs of concrete, or shoulders thick enough that it looked like I was wearing pads underneath them, or biceps that peaked like a mountain top when I flexed. My cock started to stir as I ran my hooves over the stone-hard abs while I admired the rippling cords of muscle on my back as I turned my back toward the mirror. Speaking of my cock, it had gone down in size quite a bit from when I last left it. A bit disappointing, but considering how I passed out beating it off earlier I could see the downsides of it being that big constantly. It was still bigger than normal in its flaccid state, roughly six or seven inches, though it was starting to reach about a foot in length especially as I gripped my tight, firm butt(and also noticed the thick brown tail that ended in a tuft of fur that I’d somehow missed earlier). It had taken some real effort not to start pumping my cock right there, and I could feel it starting to stir now as I looked over the mailman in front of me. “What’s your name?” I asked again. “R-Rod…” The frightened mail carrier finally stammered out. The guy looked like he was in his late 30s or early 40’s, with a bit of a belly to boot. “Hi Rod. I’m…Sirbeus.” Giving him my real name seemed like a bad idea, and the only one that popped into mind was an old online handle I used to use when I was a teenager. “How’s your day going?” “O-O.K., I guess…” I could hear his massive gulp as he looked around nervously. “T-This is a nice p-place here…” “Thanks. You should’ve seen it a couple of minutes ago, though; it was a disaster.” I glanced back at the living room, which looked pristine and not like I had just destroyed it a little while ago. I first noticed some other abilities I had while I was in the shower earlier. The shower head was barely high enough to hit me when I was my normal human self, and now the stream barely made it up to my chest. The shower was too small and I was too bulky to get my body any lower, and I was rapidly getting annoyed. With a snort, I grabbed the pipe behind the shower head and twisted it. I could feel the metal yielding to my grip like clay, and despite that the pipe remained undamaged. The metal screeched and protested as it moved, but the water flow was never interrupted. I was even able to stretch the metal and treat the shower head like it was a hand held one despite clearly not being one. When I finished washing off and let it go, it snapped back into place like nothing had happened. I was able to repeat the same repairing process on the floor and even the couch once I’d grabbed the two pieces and held them together. I also noticed a dull red glow each time, on the shower head pipe, the cracks in the floor, and the gap between the broken pieces of couch while I was manipulating them. The bracer on my right arm, the one with all the red jewels in it, seemed to be reacting as well. The one gem that had been glowing slightly was growing dimmer with each use; clearly there was some connection. My cum evaporated like steam when I concentrated on removing it, but the glow in the gem faded out entirely just as I finished. I knew that was bad; I wouldn’t be able to change back without repowering that gem. I didn’t know HOW I knew, but I knew for certain, and even if I didn’t understand how, I knew I needed another person to help me recharge it. Rod knocked on the door with a delivery soon after, and the bushes that surrounded the front door kept anybody from seeing as I yanked him inside. “You look tense, Rod.” That was putting it mildly. “Tell you what; let’s make a deal. You promise to calm down and talk with me a bit, and not tell anybody about what you saw here today. In exchange, I promise I won’t hurt you, kill you, or lie to you. Deal?” “D-Deal…” Something happened when that word came out of Rod’s mouth. There wasn’t some big explosion or alarm or anything like that, but something felt different. Rod seemed as confused as I felt as his breathing started to come in a more normal, controlled manner. He seemed to be calming down, almost to his surprise. For my part, I felt kind of weird. I didn’t really have any desire to hurt, kill, or lie to Rod anyway, but now it felt like I simply couldn’t even if I did. I understood Rod as a person, and I understood how to punch, kick or otherwise injure people and lie to them as a separate act, but when it came to combining him and any of those ideas, it was like my brain just didn’t understand the concept. I just…couldn’t do it. Not that I showed it as I sat on the easy chair across from him. Rod straightened up on the couch as the chair protested under my bulk. Keeping up the appearance of control and certainty was important in this situation if I was going to get what I needed, but I also couldn’t push him too hard or I’d scare him off and lose my chance. Where all this knowledge was coming from and what was happening I wasn’t entirely sure, but I was finally starting to get an idea. “Wow. I feel… weird.” Rod sounded much calmer as he looked me over, seemingly unbothered by my nude form or anything else. “I feel like I should be terrified, but I’m just… not. What ARE you?” “A demon. Or at least, partly one.” That was the best explanation I could come up with; the strange red glow on everything I did earlier, the small wisps of smoke that continually came off the bracers, the deal I had just made, all this strange knowledge that seemed to be at my fingertips… it practically screamed demonic. “You’re a demon? Like, from Hell?” Rod shifted a little in his seat but otherwise didn’t seem too distressed; the deal we just made was probably binding his panic like it bound my ability to do any of the negative things I said I wouldn’t do to him earlier. “Maybe? I haven’t been at this too long. I don’t feel evil or anything. Different, definitely, but not evil.” That was true; whatever had happened to me, I didn’t feel like making sacrifices to Satan or burning the world in hellfire or anything like that. I was more concerned about getting things for myself than I was sacrificing myself for others, yes, but not at the expense of ruining others just to get it. I was just a bit more… greedy, maybe? “Rod, I’d like to make you another offer. Is there something that you want? Something that you’d desire more than anything else? Something you’ve tried forever to obtain and keep falling short? I can give you that, Rod. All I need from you in exchange is a little bit of your soul.” I held up a hoofed hand as his eyes shot up in surprise. “Relax; it’ll grow back.” “But it’s my soul! I kinda need that!” Rod remained still on the couch, and though his voice still had a hint of alarm he didn’t make a break for the door or anything. “You need some portion of it. Technically any encounter you have with an individual is an exchanging of souls, though the level of the exchange varies depending on the interaction. Saying hello to someone involves quite a bit less of soul expenditure than if you had sex with them, for example, and any interaction can be positive or negative depending on the circumstances. That’s how it works for humans, whereas demons work a little differently.” Souls are sources of power, one that demons can use a source of fuel for their own abilities. While stealing souls isn’t impossible, the trauma and damage caused by doing so makes the hassle of doing so not worth the effort. That’s why demons make deals with people to give up parts of their souls willingly. It felt like someone was whispering this in my ear as I explained it to Rod, and confirmed that I was probably dealing with some kind of demon myself. I had to wonder a little how much of what I was doing was by choice and being guided by someone else, but that didn’t change the fact I still needed Rod to help me get back to normal. “The more you give the more side effects you’ll see, but as long as you don’t sign over your whole soul in a single shot you’ll recover in time. And I agreed not to lie to you, so you know I’m telling you the truth. Now, tell me; what is it you desire?...” Rod remained silent for what felt like ages. I had to remain strong and confident looking as I gently folded my arms over my chest and leaned back on the easy chair, though internally I was starting to sweat a little. What if he was still worried about the consequences? What if he had no desires? I didn’t need a demon in my head to tell me that mentioning we needed to finish this up before my mother got home would put a dent in the brave face I was putting on. “I want a better body.” I felt a smile curling on the edge of my lips as Rod spoke. “I’m tired of always being tired. I want to be able to run again without needing to catch my breath after a couple of steps.” “I think that could be arranged.” I rubbed my muzzle as I mulled over how to play this before coming up with an answer. “How about this; I’ll give you the ability to modify your own body at will, with some limits. In exchange, you come by here once a week and let me take a portion of your soul. Think of it as buying something on credit, only you’re getting something that money just can’t buy. We’ll keep it small; say, 5% of your soul over the next 12 weeks? We can arrange meet up times and set conditions later, but under no circumstances will I leave you a soulless husk of a man. Deal?” Yes, this was good. A small but steady source of soul power would be perfect to keep me going, and hey, maybe it might lead to further deals down the line. Rod could spread the word, and I could use him to show other potential customers that making deals with me would be perfectly safe. Everyone’s a winner then! …I REALLY feel like I should be bothered I’m thinking about the exchanging of souls in terms of networking and marketing... The word, “Deal” had barely left Rod’s mouth when he suddenly began to look glassy-eyed. Before I could ask what was wrong, a small mote of white light emerged from his chest, probably no bigger than a baseball. I held out a hand and watched as the mote slowly floated into my palm. As I rolled it around in my palm, I felt images and memories from Rod’s life flashing through my mind. I was learning all about him, his life, the good parts and the bad; it was frankly amazing. All of that paled in comparison to when I closed my hand around the portion of his soul and absorbed its power. Every muscle in my body surged as the power ran through me, pumping slightly larger before reverting down to their normal size. The feeling was orgasmic to the point that my cock went from soft to over a foot long in an instant, a small bit of precum shooting out onto the floor between us. Fuck, I could get hooked on that. One of the red gems was glowing brightly again, but for what was next I needed the blue gems on my left arm. Holding out my left hand, another mote of light like the one I just absorbed sprung to life in my hand. This one looked like a small fireball in both color and the intense heat coming off it, and I half expected it to burn Rod as it floated toward him and entered his chest. Rod started to come around again as the fireball entered him without harm to either him or his clothes. “How do you feel?” I asked Rod as the glassy look left his eyes. “A little dizzy…and hot…” Rod started to pant and fan himself rapidly; within seconds he was sweating up a storm. “Fuck, why is it so hot?!” Rod tried to stand, only to have his legs buckle under him as soon as soon as he tried to straighten up. He managed to get his hands out in front of him to keep from face planting onto the floor, though I couldn’t help but notice the odd, “CLOP-CLOP!” sound his hands made as they landed. Rising off the easy chair to kneel next to him, I noticed the hoof-like hand structure like my own. His hooves were a deep charcoal black color, though my eyes were drawn to a much more distinct transformation. At first I was worried something had gone horribly wrong when flames started to grow along the back of Rod’s body. The fire burned in a straight line from the top of his head to slightly down behind his shoulders, with another geyser of flame erupting from just above his ass. His clothes ignited and fell to the ground in a pile of ash and burnt cloth, soon joined by the hair on his head. The small hairs on his back were burnt away as well, though oddly his skin seemed undamaged nor did Rod seem to even notice the fire that burned on its own accord. His skin did look like it was bubbling a few moments later, his shoulders starting to look fuller and rounder. It took me a few moments to realize it was new muscle forming in the same way as my own had earlier. It was clear he wasn’t getting the same size as I had as the transformation moved down his shoulders and into his arms and chest, though what he lacked in sheer size he made up for in leanness. I could make out veins on his biceps as they started to bulge larger, looking as though his skin was almost shrink-wrapped around them. Rod’s breathing had been coming in kind of rough since he hit the floor, but soon it started to take on a new level of deepness as a cracking sound started emanating from his face. His lips were pulled back, and I couldn’t help but notice how his teeth looked wide and flat. It looked like his canine teeth had simply disappeared, something that only seemed to become more obvious as his mouth cracked and started pushing out from his face. His nose was pulled along for the ride, the ridge of it shrinking down as his nostrils started to flare larger and larger. The way his mouth was shaping, the snorting sounds, and the hooves were feeling to me like Rod was turning into a horse morph of some kind. That feeling became fact when the muscles that had been filling out down Rod’s arm reached his hands; true black hairs started to grow back up along his arm in a reverse of the muscle growth. They covered him rapidly, though the flames that seemed to encircle his wrists held my attention for a while. Again, Rod seem unbothered, and in fact seem to be getting better he pushed himself up to a kneeling position. The hair and muscle was spreading about evenly across his chest, his man-boobs spreading and shrinking back into his skin as they became a pair of slim, solid pecs. His abs came in an odd manner; the top of his stomach started to form a set of abs on top of his belly, then the abs seemed like they were pressed flat as they banished the fat underneath to…somewhere. Once one set came in, the next would follow the same pattern. He was developing a solid eight pack, or at least I thought so until his cock started getting in the way. My own penis had been largely untouched save for the size increase; Rod’s rod had a bit of a different reaction. The head of his cock was a solid ring of flesh with his cockhead square in the middle, his shaft purely pink save for the occasional spot of black in odd places. There also seemed to be a sheath of some sort at the base of his cock, covered in more black hair along with his nuts. Without getting in an actual dick measuring contest it was hard to say for sure, but he did seem a bit longer than I was now. Before I could really think about that, Rod just…disappeared. Well, that wasn’t quite right; he wasn’t on the floor anymore, but the front door had suddenly slammed open and I caught a glimpse of something red and black running outside the living room window. It felt like my brain barely had time to process the thought, “Wait, did he just run outside like that?” when he reappeared, the front door slamming behind him as he re-entered, tongue hanging slightly from his equine muzzle. “I just ran around the building!” He exclaimed. Seriously? He had the build of a really buff runner, but that should’ve been impossible. The building was a collection of over a half dozen apartments like this one. Even a championship sprinter would probably need a good thirty seconds to make a lap around the building; Rod had been gone maybe ten seconds max. “Sorry about running out, but I just felt like I had to move! I just felt so light, so full of energy like a spring that just had to be uncoiled!” Rod continued to pant slightly, though it seemed less from exertion and more from arousal as his hands roamed over his body, squeezing and groping occasionally. “Well, you certainly look like you’re made out of steel.” I smiled as I rose up and approached the anthropomorphic horse as he felt the tense, pulsing muscles of his quads. “Fuck, I feel so hot…” Well, he WAS kind of on fire. The flames on his head and neck did look sort of like a mane, and the column of fire above his butt did look a bit like a horse’s tail as it flicked and moved about behind his butt. Or maybe he was referring to something else as his now red eyes looked up at me, looking a bit surprised and confused. “Fuck; YOU’RE hot…” “Rod?...” A small gasp of surprise escaped me as I felt one of Rod’s hand slowly stroking the top my already erect cock. His own started to press against me as he stepped closer. “I never really thought about other guys before… well, never did anything with other guys before, at least, but you…” Rod’s other hand slowly slid over my chest as he continued to stroke my shaft with the other. “Did you do this to me?...” If I had, I hadn’t meant to. Rod didn’t seem too bothered by it as he fell to his knees in front of my cock, looking curiously at the slightly smoking bit of precum that had formed at the tip. A groan escaped me as he took a slow, cautious lick. His eyes went wide, and a second later his hands were gripping my ass as he wrapped his muzzle around my foot-long member. “Whoa! Sucking my cock wasn’t a part of our deal!” Rod’s mouth started pull off my member before I gently gripped the back of his head, the flames of his mane doing little more than tickling me as I slowly pulled him back onto me. “That was NOT a complaint; merely an observation.” Fuck; is he SURE he hasn’t done this before?! I’m sure having the longer than normal tongue is helping, but he doesn’t look like he’s hesitating or seems unsure of himself. He seems almost desperate for my cum the way he was slurping up every bit that was coming out, and between his tongue and his hot breath there was quite a bit for him to swallow. My cock didn’t seem to be getting any larger, much less to the size where I could’ve sucked myself off like I was earlier; maybe my deal to not hurt him earlier extended to not accidently doing so either. I hadn’t really thought about my sexuality that much before now; I had to spend too much time just getting through life to worry much about that. Did this mean I was gay now? I mean, obviously this felt amazing having Rod do this to me, and judging from how one of his hands left my butt to start stroking his own cock he’s enjoying himself quite a bit too. It feels like he’s worshiping me, addicted to me, and the thought of that was making me thrust my hips against him as I felt my nuts start to clench. If there was a woman, I’d have some breasts to grab, but then there’d only be my cock involved. But what if I got a woman AND a guy together? Or two women or two guys? More and more sexual scenarios raced through my head, and that’s why I realized; it didn’t matter the gender of the other individuals involved. It would still be sex, just sex in different ways. “More…” That word was filling my head again as I closed my eyes to bask in the pleasure. There was certainly an element of lust to it, but it was the idea of having more partners, more people desiring me, giving themselves to me, giving me pleasure that was starting to push me over the edge. Rod would just be the beginning of a long line of people giving me more of what I wanted. THAT’s what I really wanted; the sex was just a very, very nice bonus. The feeling of something hot and wet splashing against my leg caused me to open my eyes. Rod’s cock was spewing quite the load all of me and the floor, his own eyes half open in his pleasured haze. He was hot, horny and spewing his load like a firehose all thanks to me, and he’d be eternally grateful for it. He’d be just as grateful as I threw my head back, letting out a deep moan as I unleashed my own load into him. Rod’s eyes went from half-open haze to fully open surprised as the first blast hit, feeling like it shot straight down his throat. His tongue worked quickly to get the second spurt, his own cock still making a mess on the floor. My own seed soon joined that mess as Rod tried and failed to fully keep up with the floor, bits of my cum dribbling out of his muzzle and down onto the floor as he desperately tried to slurp up as much as he could. My cum continued to come to the point Rod’s abs seemed to be doming a little trying to take it all in, though he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he looked almost disappointed when about a minute later my orgasm finally started to ebb. I was still as stiff as stone, though. Rod seemed to approve as he stood up, our cock rubbing against each other as his hands started to roam over my big arms. Sure, I should probably stop this now. My mother would be home soon, and I still had to show Rod how he could revert between this and his human form. Still, I also just had to know if his butt would stay as tight as it was now once I rammed my cock into it a few dozen times. Maybe I was becoming a greed demon, but I only had one thought as I licked up some of my own sweet cum from what I imagined was the first of many customers. Greed was good.
  18. As we both sat in the Sauna, I could tell there was an attraction between us. Me, the gym rat, tight and fit with some sexy hefty mounds of muscle where they were needed most. Him, the huge hairy power lifter thick with muscle all over him, and a nice layer of bulk on top of that. There were about 5 other guys in the sauna with us, but they all seemed oblivious to what was going on, at first. I never had the hots for a bear or big thick guys. I always went after the tight, fit, cut gym rats like myself. Maybe it was the heat mixing with the testosterone in his sweat that was filling my nostrils with a pungent sent of desire and maleness. As we sat there, looking each other up and down, assessing what the other was all about, I got the sense that this was not going to go my way but I still tried to assert my normally irresistible hypermasculinity. Very quickly , there was no doubt from anyone in that steam room as we were not being very secretive about our posturing toward each other. The other guys in the small wooden room were getting quite a show of an animalistic courting, Most of them tried to avert their eyes as much as possible, but I could see that they would sneak in a look every now and then, some even adjusting their growing cocks. It was like a mating documentary of two Alphas from different packs. Secretly thought, even with my Gorilla like flexing and rubbing the engorged muscles of my chest and arms, hiding my actions with falsities of stretching, I couldn't help but feel like I was not "The" Alpha Male here in this game. Normally, I usually had the other little fauna eating out of my rough callused hands, causing them to swoon like the little muscle worshipers they were, but this grizzly was definitely not the subordinate in this forest of heat, wood, muscle and sweat. As I had said, I was quite the cut and muscular specimen, but even with all of my muscle, this bear titan dwarfed me. Sitting there, this guy towered over me at least a foot or more. His shoulders from end to end must have been about 3 feet across. His upper arms looked like it had swallowed a small basketball. His chest and upper torso, I could figure, was at least 55 inches around and his nipples were as large as half dollars with tips that were larger then a nipple on baby bottle. He was covered in a coat of fur over his entire super thick torso, forearms and back. Each strand of hair was coarse like mini trees on rolling massive mountains of muscle, When I looked at his face, all I could see was every picture of Paul Bunyan that I had ever seen. His lips, that were fuller than Jagger's, boar through the carpet of dark face fur. They glistened with the moisture of a combo of sweat and saliva, occasionally licked by a red python that would slowly emerge from it's liar smelling it's impending prey as it helped to re-moisten the cave entrance. Then, as I looked up his worn, chiseled cheekbones, I stopped at his eyes. The brows were super bushy and dark, but not in a uni-brow. Each thick caterpillar sat on it's roof of the housing of the most amazing Caribbean Sea deep blue eyes. The electrified oculars weren't only hypnotic, but endless in their depth and control over everything they looked at. A mass of authority blazed from them and even with all my self assurance, I was lost in their endless victory over my will and pride. In truth, there was no battle for dominance because this beast had his kill before his prey even knew it was dinner. Even as I knew I was killed and about to be eaten by this incredible victor, I never felt so alive and full of a harmonious peace, before. I was beaten, but in an orgasmic bliss from the battle. My inner desires were at the hottest blazing temperature and I welcomed the fire that was rising inside of me. I think that it was a combination of his size, smell and authoritative manner that was hitting every erogenous zone in me. Whatever it was, I couldn’t stop, my increasing desire with every breathe. There was absolutely no interference from me getting one of the hardest erections I ever had in my life. I tried to push it down between my legs and covered it with my towel, but he knew his power over me had fertilized my inner being of carnal lust and he toyed with it. I was so hard it felt like I was going to explode before anything physically would happen. I could see it in his eyes that he knew I wanted him. He almost smirked at how easy it had been for him to control me. Then, as if to taunt me even further, I watched in awe as he opened up his towel and I got my first vision as his cock began to thicken and lengthen. At first, he sat towards me so only I could see his cock as he gave me a private show. Because, I’m sure if the other men would have seen it, they would have either run for the hills or pounced on him, and I don’t think he wanted to share with them. This was for me. I was his target. His cock, soft, was as thick as screwdriver handle, but as it plumped up, it grew to the size of a small baseball bat. It was easily 7-8 inches long and probably around 7 or more inches around. Slowly, as if to show me it’s teeth, the head glistened as it emerged out from under it’s hood. I licked my lips uncontrollably and I could see his whole cock was actually pulsating with every gush of blood that ran into it. Amazingly though, I could tell that it wasn’t fully hard and that scared and excited me even more. The other men in sauna, seemed to show interest in the bear and I, but it was mostly out of curiosity. Some took off their towels and you could see that they were getting excited, some kept their towels on and groped themselves showing small tents. But, when they didn’t seem to get a response from either the bear or I, they would get up and leave. This happened a few times, but he never got fully hard as other men would come in and out of the sauna. Then, after about 20 minutes, when we had chased the last of the bystanders away, one of the employees and one of my faithful worshipers, Jordon, peaked his head in and said that it was closing time. He must have gotten a look at the bear’s cock, because his eyes jumped wide open and then he licked his lips, turned his head and smiled at me asking if I’d lock up. I said yes and gave him the look of, “Okay, you can leave now.” Jordon chuckled and threw me the keys and said he’d lock the door behind him. Since I was the owners son, I could stay as long as I wished. Shockingly, The Bear began to cover himself and get up as if he was going to leave and I motioned for him, to sit back down, telling him that it would be just the two of us left and he could stay if he liked. The light’s outside of the sauna in the locker room dimmed and we knew we were alone. That’s when this thick papa bear’s cock really sprang to life. He must have released any inhibitions of holding back, because like a fucking rocket, It grew and grew to be thicker than a one of those extra large “Monster” energy drink cans and longer than a coke bottle. It stood straight out and up even with it’s huge size. It looked way too heavy to be able to stand as straight up as it was....It was just sooo fucking massive!! Both my mouth and ass were watering and pleading to me to get fed. I don’t know if it was the heat or him, but I was feeling really lightheaded and I could literally feel my heart as it pounded in my chest to meet with the throbbing of my cock. As I removed my own towel to finally show him my own thick 8″ rod he smiled, and said, “Nice” and then he looked down at his 14″ long monster and said, “better”. As if on cue, a very large and thick pearly drop of precum jeweled up on the tip of his massive head. Instinctively, I threw my towel on the floor and knelt between this colossal beast’s legs. My hands landed on his rock hard powerful thighs and I could feel the power of him beneath my touch. I tried to squeeze them , but it was like squeezing a petrified log. I quickly opened my mouth and let his precum fall onto my tongue before it would be wasted on the hot wood slats below us. It was surprisingly thick as cum and as I tasted his salty goodness, I swear I literally felt electrified by it. Waves of incredible pleasure overcame me and my cock jumped as an incredible hunger rose in my entire body. I opened my mouth wider and took in the thickest man I have ever attempted to suck off. My mouth stretched to almost beyond it’s limits and I thought my lips would split at the sides, but I was able to take him in me. Little by little I was able to get more and more of him into my mouth and with each downward movement of my head I felt more and more passion course through me. I have never wanted a man more in my entire life. What the fuck had I been missing all these years? As I finally got down to fit at least 9 inches of him down my throat, I heard him to begin to growl and moan loudly. My eyes were wild with hunger as much as the rest of me and I happened to look down toward the floor and I saw that I had created my own large pool of precum. “It’s not gonna take much boy, but I’ve got loads and loads for ya…so are you ready for shot number 1?” I nodded and hummed an “Ah huh” and that’s when I felt his huge hands go around and under my arms as he lifted me effortlessly up, twisting me so I was upside down with his cock still in my mouth and my legs on his shoulders. He began to lower me up and down on his cock as he held onto my sides. The man was literally using my body and face like a Fleshjack to fuck me. The power in him was beyond belief and realizing such made me go over the edge as I lost all control and I began to erupt a torrent of cum all over his face, chest, belly and legs. It was literally the strongest orgasm I could ever have remembered having. Even after the cum stopped escaping my cock, I still was having orgasmic convulsions of my whole body. Then I realized, that my lips and oral cavity were numb and I was taking almost every bit of his shaft in and out of my mouth. That’s when the beast began to give me the first incredible orgasm that rose out of him. His whole body began to shake and I eagerly awaited the result. He screamed like an animal in sheer bliss and in a matter of seconds, I literally could feel the force of cum traveling through his cock and as it fired out like a cannon with blast after blast into me. An amazing warmth filled my throat, chest and stomach, but it only slightly ebbed my hunger for him. I had never had anyone cum as much as he did. It was as if the amount of cum that was coming out of that huge body of his was actually a natural thing. Huge body=Huge Cummer. I couldn’t swallow the massive amounts of cum that he was giving me as some of it flowed out of my mouth and down his shaft. When he finished his explosive orgasm, he got up with both of us, kicked open the sauna door and then straddled one of the locker room benches. He picked me up off of his cock, turned me around and sat me on his lap, pushing his huge still rigid cock beneath my balls as it pushed up against my taint and asshole. Then he pulled me to him in a bear hug and kissed me. We kissed long and hard and passionate for about 5 minutes as his frottage of my ass made me become even hornier if that were possible. When he could tell by my moans that I couldn’t take it anymore, he told me to get ready for him. He lifted me up and held me above his vertical rock solid tower cock and he slowly and gently lowered me to just slightly enter me, holding me up like i was nothing but a feather. Little by little he lowered me onto him and If I winced he eased up, letting me get used to his incredible size and then he’d lower me some more. This must’ve took about 10 minutes and the guy never looked like he struggled with my 262lbs of heavy muscle at all. In fact, he seemed to get even more invigorated and stronger. The reason I say stronger was because, as he was getting me acclimated to his cock, I was sucking on his hairy chest and nipples and his chest seemed to get harder and bigger. I’m not kidding. It was simply amazing and unreal at the same time, but I think the bear was actually growing a little. When he finally stopped lowering me, I realized it was because he was now balls deep into me. I literally had all 14 and a half inches of his super thick prick deep into me and there was no pain, only a complete bliss like I had never felt before. Precum was pouring like a faucet out of my own cock soaking both of us. He told me to relax and that he would do all the work!! So, I relaxed my body as much as I could and he began to lift me up and down on him. Starting slow so that he was sure that I was accustom to his size. As my moans got more intense and my ass loosened up to fit him, his speed increased. With every downward movement I began to actually shoot small amounts of precum all over us. Since his cock was so huge it was essentially past my prostate, but with every upward motion he would almost take his cock out, but then thrust down and it hit it causing me to scream in ecstasy and shoot the cascade of precum. I’ve never had a man as big as him in me and I’ve never had a man with so much strength use me as his sex toy. I was a willing but completely powerless participant for this behemoth. He could have done anything to me and I would have complied and realizing that made me to literally let go as I began to, again, uncontrollably cum after only a few more thrusts of his cock up into me. I must have looked in panic at him and he just smiled and said, “No Worries…You’re gonna cum more tonight than you have ever cum in your life…and so am I.” And with that, again I felt the rush of his orgasm travel up his cock and empty into me with so much cum that I literally could feel him filling me up. I know it wasn’t really going into my stomach, but I began to feel so full inside and warm. God, I was so warm with his juice. This beast of a man had completely opened me up to a realm of existence I never knew was possible and I loved every second of it. My eyes had been closed during my last orgasm, but when I opened my eyes to look straight into his and I felt it. It was pure. It was real. It was Love. I knew I loved him. I knew at that moment that He was everything to me. He was everything to all of us. As he gazed back at me, he said, “I know,…I know…I feel it too…We are meant to be. I felt it from you long ago, first when your were in the bassinet at the hospital. Then when I watched you play football, or when you tended to Dad's fields and finally when you first came to Flatbush.” “I love you...Sir” I said and I never had any doubt or worry when those words came out. It was the most natural expression I had every given. “I love you, too. I have for years…'names Matt....I have a little farm just outside of town. You're there now...." He said as he looked deeper into my eyes. "...and I'm your Uncle!!” Steve opened his eyes, sprang up in bed and looked around the dimly lit bedroom. Lying next to him was Lloyd and he was just as amazing as when he first pulled up in the truck. Steve, smiled, not only at the sight of Lloyd, but at the dream he had just had. He fondled his rock hard cock as got up and walked over to look out of the window to the morning that was dawning. He made it. Uncle Matt's Farm. He was finally here. There was a knock on the door. Author's note: I know it seems like a part of the story is missing from where Sam & Jake were about meet Lloyd & Steve out in the woods, but trust me, you will know what happened in that scene very soon. Please tell me what you think so far. I'd really love to hear your thoughts, comments and even wishes for what might happen next. Thanks, NY BEAR!! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. THANKS.
  19. Check out the previous four parts here: Part 5: The Changes Are Everywhere “No…..no…..stop moving…..I will have to kill you…..I warned you…..uhhhh” Before the dream goes any further, Valentin always wakes up. He has had to revisit it over and over again for weeks, maybe even months at a time. Those few crazy weeks from a couple of years ago where he had to vanquish Domino, Carlos, and a few others keeps being replayed in his mind for some reason and he can’t quite figure out why. He is breathing heavily from where the dream ends and has once again soaked the bed in Bulgarian sweat. A cool breeze is flowing through his Canadian apartment but it isn’t enough to stop the steam emanating from his naked olive skin. He jumps to his feet and walks over to the bathroom light to turn it on. He stares into the mirror and places his right hand over top of the scars he received from that day. Sometimes he wonders if having an immunity to all were viruses is a curse rather than a blessing. He hasn’t spoken to his wishmaster in several years and thinks that maybe he should go visit him in the near future to show him what has resulted from the gift he gave him. For now though, he needs to focus all of his energy on not only stopping the new lycanthrope invasion, but also to build himself up physically. He is scanning his hairy wet body with his hazel-colored eyes and is noticing how much bigger he is now compared to where he was before he started taking the serum. It was formulated for him by Dr. Genesis, a man he met last year after making the move to Canada. The man was given a book that was found at the company where the original lycanthrope massacre occurred. It was discovered by Nathan and Roman after most of the dead bodies were taken to the morgue in a false wall. It appeared that Domino and the organization he worked for were trying to hide their scientific secrets from the Bulgarians fearing that it would end up in the hands of someone in Sofia. The three men managed to get out the facility before the emergency personnel got there. At the time, nobody could understand why the van was completely destroyed, but later on they would get their answer. They ended up having to hide in a nearby storage facility by breaking into one of the units. They stayed there until morning when Valentin told the other two men that they needed to find a way out of the city before they would be sought by the authorities. They agreed and went their separate ways from the Bulgarian. That would be the last time he would see them. He also thought it would be a good idea to keep a low profile for a while so he disappeared. He however also realized after that ordeal that he would need to focus more on matching up with his opponents and not letting them overtake him anymore. He immediately started a new training program shortly after in solitude. He was decently built from when he had to deal with Domino’s wolfy side since he knew that he would probably have to protect himself if something were to go wrong through their interactions. He is now rubbing his left hand along each of the other scars he has earned since the massacre located on his thick, furry pecs and the huge slabs beneath them. He is amazed that he has been able to transform himself into the man that he is now. “I am still learning more about myself every day it appears. I wonder how much further I can go with this serum.” He takes his right hand off of his wide neck to do a few flexes in the mirror with his arms. He leans in to stare at the huge garden hoses bulging from his softball-sized forearms as they stretch all the way up to his furry bloated shoulders. He stops flexing to look down at the sink and picks up a vial full of a clear fluid. He unscrews the dropper from the top and sticks it up to his mouth. He opens and lifts his tongue to place two drops of the fluid underneath before closing his mouth and screwing the dropper back on to the top of the vial. He puts it down back to where it was sitting and stands back about a foot from the mirror. He is completely nude as he turns to his side and then turns slightly to take a look at his backside as it is aimed at the mirror. He starts flexing again, this time to make his back flare outward. He still can’t fathom how he got this big so quickly. He has seen a few bodybuilders up in Canada pose like this so he wanted to know how it felt since he is getting to their level. He can feel his lats pushing his arms out even further to his sides as his delts and traps swell even bigger than before he took the serum just now. He can feel the hormones starting to flow through him and it is making his cock expand and lengthen as a result. Before he started taking the serum several months ago, he was never able to precum, but that all changed after just a couple of doses. A small ribbon of the sticky goo is slowly rolling down the side of his shaft and it is coating his swollen golf-ball sized testicles. He is feeling pretty good now. He is now flexing his furry quads and hamstrings, watching the thick striations in both legs ripple and glisten in the light. The layer of dark-colored Bulgarian fur is much thicker than he remembers, but he loves that he is able to cover what used to be barren areas of his body. The sensations from the serum are now traveling from his crotch all the way down to his feet. He loves the way the serum makes him feel after having a stressful dream, and it is more pleasurable than using his own hand on his cock. He is proud of growing his huge ass from all of those grueling squats he has endured over the past several months as well. He rubs both glutes with his hands and caresses the fur that is over top of them. He checks his anus and makes it wink a couple of times and chuckles to himself. He found out that he preferred being a bottom back when he was with Domino, but with his thicker frame now, it has opened the door to new possibilities including overpowering bigger lovers. He grunts feeling his balls filling up with fresh cum and it is now making his ass ache. He really needs to be with someone at that moment that can put him over the edge and not let it be a complete waste of time. Posing in front of a mirror is nice once in a while, but he is feeling pumped and exceptionally horny after taking this dose for some reason. He knows exactly who he needs to call. He stops staring at himself and leaves the bathroom to go find his cell phone. His hard 9-inch cock is slapping his hairy six slabs of granite with each leap he makes through the room making them contract as they sling precum through each abdominal gap all the way up to the underside of his meaty pecs. He takes one of his fingers to lap up a bit of it and places it on his tongue. He sighs briefly before reaching down to get the phone from his end table and dials up a close Canadian friend that he knows. “Lenny…..what is wrong? For you to call me at this hour, it has to be important eh?” “You could say that Wilson, I am feeling the need for some company. If you know what I mean baby?” The Canadian grunts a few times and laughs. “Ohh, I know exactly what you are telling me. I will be there in a bit, don’t you dare spill any of that cum while I am not there. It is always better to share, right?” Val’s entire body is glistening with sweat as he hangs up the phone and puts it back on the end table beside his bed. His balls are swelling now making his ballsac stretch and hang further down in between his immense legs. He can feel his asshole pulsing in anticipation of being penetrated. He decides to walk over and stand beside his apartment door to wait for Wilson. He is rubbing his hands on his massively veiny 22-inch guns and flexes his giant horseshoe triceps to trace his fingers on them. He can’t remember the last time he has been entranced so much by his own body as he continues to preoccupy himself. He remembers that Wilson hasn’t seen him for a while and will be surprised to see how much bigger he has grown since their last outing together. After ten minutes of standing there entertaining himself and leaking a puddle of pre on the floor, there is a heavy knock on the door. An incredibly deep masculine voice rumbles a few words on the other side. “Your savior is here man. Let this beast in and we can get the show started, don’t you agree?” His voice alone sends sensations up and down Valentin’s well-muscled back as he cracks the door open just enough to take a look at the Canadian lumberjack, who has his enormous left arm sitting on the door frame and his right boot is tapping the ground. Wilson is even bigger than he remembers him. He is wearing a plaid top with just three buttons on the top of it, beneath the longest mane of hair Val has seen on a man. He can tell that the top button is undone and quite frankly it would have been launched airborne anyway if it had in fact been buttoned. His chest is so wide that the two other buttons are struggling to stay intact. His breathing is labored which isn’t unusual for him because he has a tendency to make “errs” and “rrraahhhs”, even when he isn’t talking. He again notices how well-groomed the Canadian’s mane is and how it stretches halfway down his bloated pecs and thick muscle gut. Wilson immediately notices that Valentin has cracked the door open and is laughing. He walks over to him and reaches in with his right arm, where his bloated right bicep is literally starting to break the chain on the door. He is petting the wet Bulgarian’s huge ass and sighs in his ridiculously deep Canadian accent. “EEERRRRMMMMM, I will break this door down Val to get to you. You are making me FUCKING HARD as a tree trunk right now. RRRRAAAAHHHH!” Wilson feels the right sleeve on his shirt rip all the way up to his traps and he loves every second of it. Other tenants are now opening their doors to see what is going on. The volume of the big hulk’s voice is attracting unwanted attention now. He turns to look at all of them with a mean look on his face. “Go back into your rooms. This has nothing to do with any of you. Me and the gentleman are together, you got it?” The latch on the door finally gives way as it flings open. Wilson’s beautiful green eyes enlarge seeing Valentin and his even more incredibly huge muscular body. He walks in and quickly closes the door before locking it behind him. He then reaches down with his bloated right hand and starts slowly ripping his shirt off. The Bulgarian knows how much his Canadian friend loves to savor his power and why clothing is no match for him. It only takes a few seconds before he manages to tear it completely off his insanely huge, hairy, hulking upper body. He motions for Valentin to come to him. “Come over here and let’s compare. I want to know what it feels like to have our chests pressed up against each other.” Val wastes no time as he walks over to him and tries to line up his pecs with his Canadian counterpart’s. Their erect nipples are pretty close in alignment barring a few pounds of course since Wilson’s chest is probably a few inches larger. The nips meet a few times sending ripples through both hulk’s bodies. The Canadian moans deeply feeling their pecs pressing up against each other feeling their heartbeats align as he marvels at how much his friend has grown since the last time he saw him. Their faces are nearly a foot apart and it is really starting to heat Wilson up. “FFFUUUCCCKKK! ERRMMM….” He looks down and notices how tight his pants are and wonders how much longer they can withstand the beast throbbing within them. His cock is being coaxed by his partner’s, which is touching the flap that leads to his zipper. He smirks a little and looks back up at Val. “I would tear these pants off right now, but I rather like them. It isn’t easy to find comfortable clothing to wear over top of these giant logs, you know?” He slowly undoes his well-worn pair of jeans to make his beastly monster flop out to smack the Bulgarian’s own meaty tool. He then pulls them down below his thick ass and hamstrings, while at the same time, kicking his boots off into different directions, before finally tossing them to the side. He moves back up into the same position again and is rubbing his 11-inch rod up against Val’s slightly smaller one. He lets out a grunt as a stream of pre shoots out of his slit and runs down both of their cocks. The sensation on Valentin’s cock is enough for him to spill a bit too as they begin mixing fluids together making both of them moan deeply. “I haven’t been this turned out in months Lenny. Let’s not waste another moment eh?” He immediately reaches down to pick up his partner around the waist with a giant bearhug and has to stabilize his back a bit to adjust to Val’s noticeable weight difference. The excited Bulgarian lets out a loud sigh which makes his Canadian counterpart respond with a deep growl. They are staring into each other’s eyes while Wilson moves his giant hands down to Val’s immense ass to cup both glutes. “RRRRAHHH! You are FUCKING beautiful Valentin, never more so than at this very moment.” For a few seconds, the huge musclebear feels a bit lightheaded from the extreme rush he is experiencing and realizes that the beast inside him is probably trying to surface so he closes his eyes to try and keep from showing his anxiety. “OHH SHIT…..I can’t let him out right now. I will end up destroying…..” Valentin stops him from continuing his train of thought long enough to slide himself over top of the Canadian behemoth’s bloated cock, teasing it along his hole for a few seconds, making the big hulk grunt deeply, before slowly pushing it inside his aching hole. He gasps feeling the raging power of the beast swelling inside him as he tries desperately to get the behemoth to stop worrying. He reaches up to yank on Wilson’s thick brown mane and stares directly into his big green eyes. “Focus on ravaging me, you big hunky bear, and he won’t come out. I can handle anything you do to me now, but you are right, the inner beast probably would hurt a lot of people if he decided to make an unexpected entrance.” After making several deep growls, Wilson quickly wraps Valentin’s legs around his mammoth torso and begins to deeply thrust inside him. Their eyes remain transfixed on each other as they move their way over to the bed. The Bulgarian turns his head around to look at it and smirks. “I don’t really want to buy another bed again beast, it will cost me…..” “SHUT UP Lenny, I will get you another one, okay?” Wilson quickly hops onto the bed as it crashes to the ground before getting down on his knees still holding his partner. He positions Val’s lower body to sit on his heaving chest while he continues to pound his lover into oblivion. The energy is intensifying now that they are finally in a place where they can concentrate on pleasuring each other, even though Valentin wants to be able to feel Wilson’s muscles. The lusty bottom looks up at him and wants to feel his partner’s face, but he can’t reach it in that position, so he motions for the Canadian to lean down to plant a kiss on his lips. “I would kiss you Lenny if I could, but I can’t reach your mouth. *laughs deeply* However, I can compensate by pumping you full of so much cum that you won’t be hungry for days. Does that sound like a good alternative, eh?” He decides to slow his rhythm down so he can keep pulling out to watch Val’s gaping hole pulse and his own power tool throb wildly. The synchronicity between them is almost trancelike as this continues for what seems like eons. He has finally found another man that can keep up with his endurance and he doesn’t want to waste it so he keeps promising that he will cum soon only to make his partner moan again when he plugs him for several more jabs. He finally feels the flood moving from inside his balls to his shaft after about thirty heart-pounding minutes of power fucking. Val own cock is a deep purple and it is making him lose his mind from the abuse his prostate has been enduring. Wilson yells out a few “rrraaahhhs” before shoving his thick rod as far in as he can possible go. The volume of his cum floods Valentin’s insides and makes the equally impressive bottom spray himself with his own violent load. They are both absolutely spent from this session as both of the behemoths lie in place breathing heavily as they remain locked together. The bald-headed Canadian starts to pull his cock out, but Val stops him. “No, leave it in there beast. It will keep the other you from trying to come out. You remember the last time we had a round like this don’t you?” Wilson’s thick mane and veiny head is lying on his own heaving pecs as he starts laughing and grunting at the same time. “HA HA HA! You have a point there stud. *has trouble catching his breath* I have to stand back up though Lenny. I’m sorry. I wish I could sit here for a while longer, but I am having so much difficulty with my breathing that I need to get up.” He quickly pulls out of his partner’s hole and tries to lift himself off the ground on his own accord, but fails. Now both of the hulks are trying to help each other up to their feet, flexing their arms to balance their weight so they can get up at the same time. After about a minute of struggling, they finally manage to get up and rub each other down a few times. Their eyes lock on each other once again. “Pick me up big lug so we can finally kiss. I have wanted to lock my lips on yours since I have seen you tonight. I know we don’t have much time if you are feeling “him” coming along.” Wilson grins and his eyes widen as he wraps his arms around Val’s thick and veiny waist and lifts him just above his pec shelf. They lean in to each other and match up with each other’s mouths, which is more difficult than you would imagine. The Bulgarian has to part a few strands of hair in the Canadian’s bushy beard before he can do so. The beastly man shoves his tongue down his partner’s throat as they finally kiss each other. It is a passionate and rewarding kiss as they both moan deeply into each other; while holding each other’s heads with one hand and their other hand on each other’s pumped necks. This lasts for about another two minutes before Val finally motions for Wilson to let go so he can climb down off of the hairy behemoth. “I have missed you beast. I had to show you what the serum has done for me over the past few months and I knew that you would approve once you got a look at my results.” Wilson is still sweating like a fiend despite the fact that the room has cooled even further from when he got there. Valentin has seen his partner do this more than once and knows what will happen if the Canadian doesn’t get out of there soon. “It is FUCKING awesome what it is doing for you baby, I want to see you BLOW UP into something that barely resembles a human. Don’t you want that, eh? I mean…..you might actually get there if you continue with these treatments. We really need you to get as MASSIVE as possible because we need you badly in the were community.” He can now feel “him” at the pit of his stomach as he reaches down to clutch his wet, hairy, distended eight-pack. Val quickly rushes over to open the doors to the balcony so he can get his partner outside. The air is even colder now as they both make their way to the edge of the bannister on the seventh floor. Wilson is gripping the rail with his huge hands as he leans his head over towards the ground. Val has positioned himself to be about three feet away from him to keep his distance in case there is a problem. He can hear his friend growling under his breath, and in a weird way, it is exciting him. The Canadian hulk is looking over at him and shakes his head a few times. “I sometimes wonder if the real reason why you are so interested in me is because of the other me. *shakes his head and does a few more “errs”* SSHHIITT….. *stomps his big feet a few times* It shouldn’t feel like I am about to have a full body orgasm, but it does…..” Val’s cock is bouncing up and down because it can sense the changes that are about to commence inside the Canadian behemoth’s body. He is aware how dangerous Wilson will be once the transformation is complete, but he also hopes that his massive lover can rein in the beast better than in previous instances. He has been attempting to merge with the monster from within his skin for quite some time, and hopefully this time it will happen without his friends getting hurt in the process. Wilson’s beard is gradually falling off his face now as his hands and feet start cracking and popping loudly. He is growling and groaning yanking on the balcony railing until it nearly comes off its hinges. Valentin is transfixed on what is happening to them as his partner’s fingers and toes are being broken off his body as four dark, hulking, paws quickly push forward to replace them. He is in agony, but still manages to get a few words out. “RRRRAAAAHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK! Ahhh, I don’t even feel pain anymore Lenny. I don’t want to look at them…..I know it has to be a FUCKING mess, eh? I felt all of them break off and yet I didn’t…..” He stops moving to arch his huge back as vast amounts of dark brown fur start to accumulate just beneath his skin. He almost laughs as his already immense muscles in his back begin growing even larger as they start to double up on each other. He is trying to brace himself feeling the werebear taking over his entire body. He is still staring at his lover, frothing at the mouth now as it struggles to stay in its human form. His teeth are breaking off revealing his growing incisors and fangs as they tear his face apart. His flesh is being decimated as all of his muscles are barely visible beneath his new covering. The crunching and stretching of his gigantic muscles is making the balcony unstable as his human form finally surrenders to the more ferocious beast emerging. His new paws have grown to twice their original size now as the skin that is remaining on his body completely rips completely off, exposing the newly formed brown carpet that is now covering his entire gigantic growing frame. The huge cock that was dangling between his legs has been completely covered over by a thick sheath that now resides beneath the hulking bear gut he is growing. His thickly muscled paws are growing claws that probably measure nearly two feet long. The shape of his skull is the final area that is changing as it cracks and pops several times to make room for his newly formed ears and the thick muzzle that is growing outward to accommodate the giant teeth that now reside within his mouth. He has never stopped looking at Valentin throughout the entire process which has made the mesmerized Bulgarian both terrified and horny. The balcony’s bannister is breaking off under the weight of were Wilson’s giant bear legs as it falls down to the sidewalk underneath them. There is barely anything that is even remotely human about the Canadian now, as he tries to stand up on two of his four monstrously huge hulking tree trunks that have just finished transforming. Val is quite dazed after seeing his partner change from being a giant hairy hulk into a larger, furrier, and much more dangerous version of his self. He can still see Wilson’s beautiful green eyes from inside the beast’s head, which does give the Bulgarian some pause because he doesn’t remember that ever happening before. He moans feeling a giant load in his balls building up as the massive, 12-foot, 1,500 pound behemoth that is in front of him attempts to lunge for his body with its claws. He jumps out of the way though and lands back inside the apartment as the werebear loses its footing and goes over the edge of the balcony and falls onto the ground beneath them. Val spills his load all over the floor and loses consciousness as the sounds of cars being smashed to pieces and sirens going off in the distance are heard everywhere throughout the city. End of Part 5
  20. I've been spending a lot of time lately taking care of others, saying how I'm being such a good person by giving up so much. Well, I decided to make a story where the protagonist can be a little greedy... Another day, another time where somebody else besides me gets taken care of. A heavy sigh escaped me as I tossed my bag onto a nearby chair, having just returned home from yet another shift looking after my grandfather. It’s not like I don’t want to help, don’t me wrong. It just get frustrating when it seems like everyone and anyone wants me to take care of stuff for them at the expense of any kind of concern for my health and well-being. It’s bad enough when I have to do it at work; at least there, I’m getting paid to spend most of my time cleaning up my co-workers messes. Not nearly enough, of course, but I am paid. No, what’s worse is all the uncompensated work I have to do when I’m off the clock. Running chores for my mother/landlord, having my niece and nephew dumped on me by my brother, friends always expecting me to chip in equally for group purchases that I barely get to use; it sucks. It feels so often like all I do is give and give and give, and get nothing back in return. I’m not asking for a reward or compensation every time, but to never get it at all is quite annoying. Really, what probably bothers me about it more than anything else is that it’s rarely ASKED if I’d be willing to help/do someone a favor. It’s just assumed I’ll put up with it without question, even if it’s at the very last minute and interferes with my own plans. On the rare instance when I push back, I get crap and made to feel like I’m a monster for turning them down no matter how unreasonable the request is. It’s hard not to feel like an afterthought even when what I’m asked to do is important. Take last night’s request for example, the reason I was walking in the door so early in the morning. My grandfather, who I’ve always known as Pop, is over 90 years old now. My mother(his daughter) wants him to feel as independent as possible despite dealing with severe memory loss and early dementia. His wife passed away long ago before I was even born 26 years ago, and despite most of his other children living closer than us, they always have a reason that they can’t help with his needs or even keep him company. She does a bulk of my grandfather’s caretaking, but she also expects me to pick up shifts looking after him as well, often with barely a moment’s notice. I sorta can’t blame her, but I really can’t blame Pop despite him ultimately being the source of my frustration. It’s not like he asked for his current condition, and taking care of him isn’t really difficult either. All I really have to do is make sure he takes his medicine, make him some dinner and breakfast, and stay overnight in case of an emergency. Otherwise, all he wants to do is watch TV and tell stories of dubious levels of truth and ever changing details, something everyone’s owed in large part to his dementia. He did have a new story for me yesterday, though, and one that came with souvenirs. Shifting through my overnight bag, I pulled out the long wooden box Pop had given me. It was about a foot long on each side and a little more than that in depth. From one of the pockets of my bag I pulled out the small metal key that matched the lock on the front. Pop said it was something special, something I deserved. I wasn’t sure about that, but the whole exchange in which he gave me this box was just plain weird. “You’re a good looking guy, Xavier.” I never really thought of myself as that, being a bit over 200 pounds and not much of it being muscle. The fact that he was also bringing this up out of nowhere in the middle of the string of game shows we were watching on TV also caught me off guard. “And you’re a good person, taking care of an old man like me when you should be out there, living your life.” Lately Pop only responds when he’s spoken to, so him talking to me at all without prompting was weird enough. My blue eyes followed him when he rose out of his easy chair and wobbled over to a nearby brick wall and stared very intently at it, I was worried he was having a mental episode. He knew what he was doing as he pulled on one of the bricks, which slid out with ease. Reaching his hand in, he pulled out the box I was holding now and motioned for me to come over. He said it was an artifact he’d gotten when he went overseas during WWII(Mom said he never actually got deployed, so this claim seemed dubious at best), and was something he’d keep for safe keeping. “You’ve been giving a lot of yourself to others. I think you’ve earned the right to be a little greedy.” With that, he handed the odd box to me. The whole time he sounded oddly lucid, at least compared to how he’s been lately. Soon after the box was in my hands, he seemed to go back to normal(or his version of it), asking where the box he’d just given me came from. I figured it was best not to tell him that he was the one who’d handed it to me and guided him back to the chair before storing the box away in my bag. The story was weird, but the box did have something in it judging from the sound it made when I shook it gently. I had the place to myself for the moment, and Pop did specifically give it to me. If it was something valuable, I could always ask Mom what she thought we should do with it. Might as well see what this is, I thought as I stuck the key in the lock… …and my next conscious thought was noticing the golden, jewel adorned bracers around my forearms. “…Wait, what the hell?!” The box was on the floor, though I didn’t remember hearing it hitting against the hardwood as it feel. Nor did I remember taking out or putting on the strange things now on my arms, but there they were. And around the edges of my arm around them…are those burns?! And smoke coming up from under the bracers?! “What the hell?!” I repeated, looking over my arms. Both forearm bracers seemed to be made of solid gold, with a set of 4 large jewels spaced roughly an equal distance around each bracer. Each of the gems were roughly the size of a golf ball, the ones on my right arm a deep red color and the ones on the left were all deep blue. And the bracers seemed solid to a point that I had no idea how they got on or how to get them off. There seemed to be no seam or anything that I could use to open it, nor when they move when I tried to slide them off. It seemed like they had fused to my skin judging from the burns and smoke, but weirdly I felt no pain from them either. I supposed the nerves could’ve just been fried to the point that I couldn’t feel pain, but my hands and arms felt and moved normally, and I could feel the muscles of my forearms moving under the bracers without pain. So they were smoking, had apparently burned my skin, and yet I felt no pain…again; WHAT THE HELL?! Well, whatever was going on, I needed to get these stupid things off. No amount of physical force was making them move, so maybe there was another way? Maybe one of these jewels activated a mechanism that opened them, somehow. How about this one here on my right arm; this one jewel seems to be a little differently colored than the others… Uh-oh; that did something, though given how the bracers began to glow it wasn’t what I wanted to happen. Soon the glow started to turn into an intense heat, the smoke coming off the bracers starting to grow thicker as well. The heat surged downwards into my hands, and though still not necessarily painful it definitely didn’t feel good either as they started to go from normal pink skin to boiled lobster red in a matter of seconds while swelling like an overcooked hotdog. Just as they felt like they were about to explode… well, they kind of did, but not in the way I expected. I could only stare in numb shock as thick brown hair suddenly burst through my skin, covering both of my hands instantly in a thick coat of brown fur. My fingernails were lost under the new fur coat, replaced with the end of each finger becoming hard, flat and coarse. My hands looked almost hoof like, though despite their increased size and thickness I hadn’t lost any kind of dexterity. It looked like I was wearing the gloves from a sports mascot. The thought, “Is it over?” had barely crossed my mind before I realized that it was nowhere near over as the heat started working its way up my arms. The same reddening and heating up feeling that had gone through my hands was being matched on my arms. It wasn’t content to stop when it reached my shoulders, spreading to my chest and core quickly thereafter. The heat was becoming unbearable as I tried to make it to the nearby couch before my legs gave out, only able to get behind the couch and grip the back of it before I felt too dizzy to move. I heard the wooden frame of the couch creaking as I gripped it in my hoof-hands, growing louder as my forearms starting to swell. The bracers seemed to enlarge and swell along with them, remaining about the only part of my body that wasn’t feeling like it was submerged in boiling water. I assumed the bulging veins along my arms were what was making it look larger, but no, my arms weren’t just growing in proportion to my hands. There was a noticeable increase in their definition and thickness, and that was before the explosion of fur and size hit them like they did my hands. When they did… CRUNCH! That was the sound of the couch frame crumbling to splinters in my hands, sending me crashing into the back of the couch as my arms suddenly surged with muscle. Even the new fur coat that stopped just below my shoulder did little to downplay the size of my biceps, the bulge seeming as big as my head as I flexed. My triceps looked equally powerful, and somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered how ridiculous I must look with the massive furry arms on my human body as I struggled back to my feet. Even aware of my strength, the unbroken parts of the couch I gripped when I tried to get back to my feet felt like they would snap with just a little more effort. “AH!” A sudden spasm down my spine made me arch my back, almost breaking the couch again at the shock. The feeling almost, but not entirely drew my attention away from the bubbling sensation that was building along my upper and back and shoulders. The sweat pouring off my body made my t-shirt cling tightly to me, though my shirt was the least of my concerns now. My heart was pounding in my chest in a way I never felt before, each beat pounding in my ears. What happened next occurred in a few seconds, but in my mind it felt like it had taken an eternity. The first was the, “SHRRIP!” sound of my t-shirt splitting down my back as my shoulders and upper back exploded with size, my neck feeling like it was trapped between a pair of fur covered boulders. The second was the, “SHRRIP!” of the couch being torn in half as my newly expanded back forced my arms and hence my grip further apart, holding a half of the broken couch in each hand. The next was the, “BOOM!” of what felt like a bomb going off in my chest, drowning out the sound of the couch remains getting tossed aside as more changes occurred. I couldn’t tell if the noticeable flabs of fat on my chest disappeared or simply blended in so deeply with my filling pecs that it looks that way as my chest pushed forward. As fast as my chest was bulking up, my gut was slimming down and tightening as the heat seemed to boil away all the fat around my belly and sides. Soon the size of my pecs and the thick mat of fur made it impossible to see my abdominal development, though I could still feel the solidness and firmness I’d never known before in them as they flexed. If I had any means of conscious thought I might have been ecstatic with them, though nothing compared to the feeling as the heat reached my groin. The changes hadn’t been painful, but they hadn’t exactly felt good either until the heat started to permeate my cock. As soon as the heat touched it I was hard, the jolt of pleasure combined with my heavy upper body and normal human legs finally causing my knees to give out and send me crashing toward the floor. I couldn’t tell if it was just my hardening cock that was making the seat of my pants feel tight, but in the time from when my butt flexed as it started to head toward the ground and the moment it made contact with the ground, my jeans had split at the seat and my fully exposed ass was hitting the floor. The firmness made me bounce up a little at first, and in the milliseconds between bounces my butt was cushioned by fur on the second hit My cock surged again, and it might have been painful if my quads hadn’t quadrupled in size to split the denim even more to relieve the growing stress on my cock. O.K; quadrupled may have been a bit of an overstatement, but my thighs were two thick pillars of corded muscle that were now rubbing up against each other. The changes continued further down my legs as my calves were starting to feel closer to cows, though I barely noticed. My attention was instead fully locked on what had happened to my groin. What had happened was surprisingly little; yes, I was hard as hell, but other than that my cock and balls had escaped the changes that had hit the rest of my body save for my head. It was almost disappointing that my normal 6 or so inches was still just so, and I felt like I could go off at any moment. When I prodded it with one of my hoof hands, the familiar feelings of an approaching orgasm started to rush through me. My butt clenched as the orgasm hit… and then things got weird(Well, weirdER). My cock started to throb and pulse like normal, but instead of my seed shooting out of my dick, my cock just… grew. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me for the first few pulses, but by the forth my cock was noticeably bigger. My nuts also started to feel heavier as they rested against my thighs, but no cum seemed to be coming. Soon my cock seemed to be pushing double digits while being about as thick round as a bratwurst. For the first time in a while, a conscious thought passed through my mind. It wasn’t why this was happening, or how I could stop this strange transformation. It was just one simple word that went through my mind as I wrapped my hands around my member. More. “More.” I gave voice to my desires as I started to pump my dick, the rough hoof structure of my hands feeling weird but not unpleasant as I stroked. I pulled my cock against my body, feeling the head rubbing between the ridges of my 8-pack under the fur as it continued to creep its way up. A piece of my shoe flew past my face as my feet changed, though I didn’t see nor care what was happening there. My cock was the only thing that mattered now. “More!” My cock started to reach the bottom of my pecs, my hands slowly being prevented from fully encircling my cock as it continued to grow wider and longer. I could feel the bubbling feeling of transformation at the base of my neck, but it wasn’t my cock, so it wasn’t important in the slightest. I had to use both hands together on the same spot to continuing beating myself off, my legs kicking and squirming as my nuts continued to grow. It felt like a pair of oranges were stuffed in there, and yet I still didn’t feel like I was done. “MORE!” My voice sounded deeper that time, most likely owing to whatever was happening to my face. Another mini-explosion hit at the base of my neck, the fur seemed to grow up from my thickening neck in an instant as I went from clean shaven to full beard and mustache to coat of fur in seconds. Even my mouth and nose started to push out from my face, soon giving me a short furry muzzle. I should’ve thought it was awful that I was definitely no longer human, but the extra length of my mouth meant I could get the head of my cock into my mouth now, so it was the greatest thing in the world. “MPPH!” My muffled demand for more was not met this time, though perhaps that was for the best as my cockhead filled my muzzle. Even with the increased width and length of my mouth I could barely fit it in my mouth, the flesh so thick I had to use my teeth to even make a dent in the thick column of flesh. I still continued anyway to stroke the underside of my cock with one of my hands while the other slid down to my balls. Each of them were about a big as a softball and covered in the same fur as the rest of me. I was a virgin, inexperienced with either sex. Still, I was pretty sure men’s semen didn’t take like… well, the closest I could imagine to was thick, gooey honey that started to finally form at the tip of my cock. Neither was it supposed to be so hot that I probably should’ve been worried about burning myself as I eagerly lapped up the ambrosia. The heat continued to persist as it slid down my throat, down into the pit of my stomach, and fuck, did I need more. The more I drank, the more my cock seemed willing to provide. This was so, so wrong. I was some massive, muscular bull thing, who was becoming more bullish by the second if the strange itching sensation emerging from either side of my head. I was growing pointed horns that continued to push out from my skull with every passing second. My normally short and neatly trimmed hair was becoming a wild, thick mane that was flowing down my back. And somehow without even being able to see them, I knew my eyes were now a deep blood red, wiping away pretty much any trace of the human I once was. This was on top of the small puffs of smoke coming out of mouth from either my strange seed or something else. This was so, so wrong, and I was loving every bit of it. I was a monster, with a monster’s strength and size. I felt like my muscles could bend steel and break blades if someone were to strike me, and that was if said blade could even make it through the thick coat of fur. I felt so masculine, so powerful, so fucking STRONG! And not to mention my massive cock; how could THAT be really be so wrong? “FFFFUUCCCK!!” A sudden swelling of my cock forced my member out of my mouth lest I choke on it, letting my three foot length that was about as big around as a 2-liter soda bottle jut straight into the air. My hips bucked as my cockhead swelled again, slamming my fists into the ground and splintering the wood underneath them. The massive balls that were now my testicles clenched, the veins of my cock throbbing angrily and visibly underneath. And finally, I came. The windows rattled with the roar I let out as my cock exploded, seed shooting like a geyser from my monstrous member. The living room ceiling of the condo had to be at least 12 feet or more from the floor, and the first burst of my seed nearly hit the ceiling. The second one did reach as gravity took hold of the first burst, making it drop back on me and the surrounding floor. The seed felt warm as it covered my fur, small wisps of steam coming from the puddles that were forming around me. Thirty seconds in, and it showed no signs of slowing down. The seed covering my fur made my muscles seem even larger, and I couldn’t help but rub and squeeze my muscles as my cock continued to spew. As I flexed my left arm and licked my bulging bicep, I noticed in the corner of my eye one of the blue gems on that bracer were glowing softly. Something had changed, though what had made it happen or what it meant I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure of really anything at this point, except for one thing as I looked at my still spewing cock and bought my hands to it again. “More…”
  21. The Janitor’s Secret    The sound of feet stomping and clawing against the floors mixed with the murmurs of the students passing by the college hallway. Henry the newly hired intern watched the students passing by his window office with envy in his eyes. How not too long ago he was one of them, a fresh eyed bunny going class to class thinking that after graduation he would be doing something meaningful with his degree. With a heavy sigh he turned his attention back to the outdated computer in front of him. He clicked his mouse furiously but to no avail, the computer was hanging again.    “Ughh! Come on don’t do this to me now. I got to finish tonight or I’m screwed out of my bonus.” Smacking himself in the forehead for not saving fast enough, the ash brown bunny had enough and decided to get away from his desk.    The other students and faculty members didn’t pay much attention to Henry as he walked towards the vending machine down the hall. It was just how he liked it, they didn’t bother him and he could hardly careless about them, though sometimes he wished he had someone to talk to while working, it would make the hours more bearable. Just as he reached the bright orange machine, he scanned through the displayed snacks and drinks only to be disappointed by one empty B5 slot. His favourite peppermint cola was sold out. Cursing the machine Henry grumbled to himself and made mad gesture to the air like he was punching some invisible force.    “Hey, bunny boy,” a deep gruff voice called out to Henry from behind.    He turned to face an older brown rabbit walking towards him, his hands behind his back like he was hiding something. It was the college’s janitor dressed in his dark green jumpsuit, a white patch on the right of his chest wrote “Jeff”. Henry was instantly drawn towards the thick light brown moustache covered Jeff’s upper lips giving the illusion that the bunny spoke through his moustache.    “Looking for these?” He pulled out from behind two bright pink cans with a green mint tea design plastered on the centre.    “Peppermint Cola!” Henry leapt into Jeff’s arms and hoisted the older bunny into the air by the hips, spinning him around as he celebrated his knight in green jumpsuit. As they spun the excited bunny missed a step and nearly tripped.    “Woah, careful, careful. I don’t want to end up in the E.R. for getting tossed by a coke addicted bunny.”    “Sorry.” Henry gently lowered Jeff back onto the ground. “Did they set up another vending machine in the college?"    “Nah, I just passed by this one during my route and noticed there were only two cans left. And guess who I thought about right away.”    “Aww, shucks you shouldn’t have. Hey, let me grab my sandwich from the office and I’ll meet you and at the usual spot.”    Jeff nodded and walked away with the drinks in hand. Henry skipped back to his office with a song in his heart. His computer’s screen flickered for a few seconds before projecting a completely blue screen, but Henry didn’t have time for it. Just as he was about to step out the office again a shrill female voice called out to him. “Henry! Henry, I’m talking to you!”    Chills ran down the bunny’s spine. He was so close to getting away. Turning back there was no one there, but that was nothing new. The head clerk had her own room while Henry worked the desk job where all the students can come and go. “Henry, where are the test results I asked you to key in for the new semester?” She asked again.    “It’s a work in progress. The dumb computer is acting up again, I can’t do anything about it.” Henry yelled back towards the door of the head clerk.    “That’s no excuse Henry, get IT to check,” her voice answered back.    “I did. They came in earlier and said they can’t do anything about it, and we don’t have any spare computer’s left.”    “Well, I hope you figure out a way out of this Mr. Henry. It’s your head on the line if you don’t fix this mess.”    Henry growled on the inside, his ears stood up and his bunny tail did an unnoticeable swish. Still he managed to hide the rage in his voice. “I’ll get to it when I’m back Ms. June. I’m just out to get my lunch.  “Make sure you do.”    He grabbed the brown paper bag he stuffed into his drawer and headed back to meet Jeff.    Henry was rummaging through the bag making sure he did have the ham and cheese sandwich he made for Jeff earlier in the morning. It was a weird experience for the bunny to cook a piece of meat, usually the bunny kind were vegetarian, not that there weren’t a few omnivores in the crowd. When Henry first saw Jeff eating a whole hoagie he was only mildly surprised. Having an odd diet seemed to fit Jeff’s already odd long ears and the fact that he had a Ph.D. in Genetic Engineering but ended up working as a janitor.    From a distance Henry could see Jeff sitting in their usual spot, a metal table and two chairs tucked in the corner of an empty hallway. Two plastic plants blocked the window behind the seat giving their place a nice cool atmosphere. The older bunny had unzipped his jumpsuit down the front middle, exposing his firm and fit body hidden under his thin white t-shirt he wore underneath. Henry gulped, his eyes widened at the sight of the mature beefcake in front of him nonchalantly browsing his phone, not noticing the growing tent in Henry’s pants.    Henry quickly took a seat. “Sooo, here’s the sandwich I promised” He pulled out the aluminium wrapped snack and placed it close to Jeff.    Jeff tapped a few buttons on his phone before putting it away. “Thanks man,” said Jeff as he unwrapped his meal, “so you catch the documentary I recommended last night?”    Henry was caught off guard with a bite of the sandwich in his mouth. “Mmm,” he swallowed, “not really, I got home pretty late and by then I just wasn’t in the mood for another lecture.” “Really? How tiring can it be to sit behind a desk and type long boring reports?” Jeff asked with a sarcastic tone.    “Pff, well not all of us can have an easy job wiping off paint from the lockers.” Henry took another bite of his sandwich with a sly smile.    “Don’t remind me, the thing still won’t come off, and I know for sure there is a pool right underneath the locker that I have to deal with all on my own, it’s going to take the whole night!”    “Better you than me,” Henry replied, “is that how you stay in shape? Cause seriously how do you keep up that bod?”    “You really want to know?” Jeff pulled his seat closer to Henry, he leaned close, their face just inches away. Henry nodded. “Then you got to watch that documentary,” Jeff announced to a confused looking Henry, “You’ll understand once you see it. Anyways here, these are for you.” Jeff placed the two cans of cola on the table.    “Wait, you don’t want one?” Henry asked    “Nah, I got them for you. One of your two favourite things in the world, this and, “Jeff leaned in close to whisper, “huge muscular guys.”    Henry blushed, “You make it sound so dirty.”    “Well muscle fetish is rare but not the oddest fetish in the world. That’s why I told you to watch that documentary?” Jeff ate up the rest of his sandwich.    “No way, you mean it’s a documentary on muscles?” Henry asked, his eyes widened with excitement.    “Well no, but it’s related,” Jeff replied, “anyways I got to head off, my lunch break got cut in half today anyways. I got a massive spill up to clear courtesy of the Cullinary club. See you later kiddo.”    “Bye,” Henry waved as he watched the janitor head off. He looked at the two cans of cola and thought to himself, “Jeff is so sweet. Would he… would he ever want to be with me?” The young rabbit had long developed a crush on the older custodian, but never had the guts to tell him about it. What with the age difference, and how wise Jeff was, Henry never thought himself good enough for him. But still, he found peace with just imagining one day being with the older bunny.    The rest of the day passed by at a breakneck pace. Henry ran up and down trying to find someone who had a spare computer he could use, but to no avail, so he had to beg the lecturer that needed the report and managed to buy himself another few days at least.    His shirt was a mess with sweat stains and the wrinkles of the day. Henry stared blankly at the ceiling having just completed a stack of invitation letters that his superior so graciously forgot to tell him to do earlier. His eyelids felt heavy. His stomach growled angrily. “What tine is it?” he pulled out his phone. “8:20 p.m. Yeah I think that’s a good time to head back.”    Henry turned off the office lights and started his march down to the ground floor. The escalators were out, so they were practically overpriced stairs. To make matters worse, every floor was dimly lit with the most minimum of light possible, so half the time Henry was walking through darkness. Fortunately, he had his phone’s flashlight to guide him. When he came upon the first floor he heard the sound of metal clanking, it came from further within the hallway-near the student lockers. The bunny wondered if that could be Jeff still working on the locker clean-ups, if so he would want to say goodbye to the old guy first. Henry turned towards the hallway on his left and noticed Jeff facing the entrance under the orange light. The janitor bunny didn’t seem to notice Henry hiding behind the side of the door. To the right of Jeff was his bucket and mop leaning against the wall.    “Hey Je-“” Henry’s voice faded into silence when he saw Jeff grimacing, his hands formed into fists. His first thought was to rush over and help Jeff, he looked like he was in pain. Then the weirdest thing happened, he saw Jeff slowly growing taller and taller. “What the hell?” Henry whispered.    As Jeff grew closer to reaching the 8-foot-tall ceiling. The sounds of fabric stretching and tearing echoed through the empty hallway. Henry’s jaw dropped when he saw Jeff’s chest expand and fill until they were the size of two huge watermelons. The sudden shift in size caused his zipper to fall all the way down releasing his heaving pectorals. Even his white shirt underneath gave in and tore down the middle exposing the juicy, muscular pecs and his large erect nipples. The sleeves of his jumpsuit tried keep up with his growing arms, bulging and stretching as his biceps and triceps engorged with size, slowly getting bigger and bulkier causing holes to tear on his sleeves. Jeff moaned, and kissed his right bicep now larger than his own head. “Fuck, yes! More!” he erotically said, his voice now deeper. With a guttural growl Henry watched as Jeff’s shoulders grew in length, blocking out the back of the hallway. Jeff’s eyes were mad with power, he threw his head upwards showing his thickening neck, with one deep vein visible even under his fur. Henry nearly yelped when he saw the janitor’s traps suddenly enlarge and even encompass the rabbit’s neck, until he looked like he had no neck at all.    Then came his legs, ballooning with thickness. The growth spread from his thighs down to his calves, which literally exploded off the lower part of his jumpsuit. His shoes followed suit, breaking off into pieces of fibre as the bunny’s gargantuan paws burst free. Down the older rabbit’s right thigh it looked like a snake was slithering down. Jeff dug his meaty fingers into his jumpsuit and pulled out his hefty melon size balls and the ‘snake’, a long pink member with an exposed tip. “YES!” Jeff let out. The growth was complete.    Henry didn’t understand was going on, but the stiffness in his groin kept him watching. His hand reached down and started to grope his hard dick through his pants.    The janitor was a hulk of his former self. With ever movement the top of his head would graze the ceiling. The muscular janitor turned towards the row of lockers. He stretched his arms out and managed the grab both sides of the stack of lockers. Jeff spread his legs out, letting his balls dangle freely, and with a grunt he lifted the lockers into the air. Henry gasped. The gigantic muscle rabbit shifted a bit and placed the lockers further away along the hallway. He turned his now V shaped back, with deep groves running down them towards Henry, still oblivious to his adoring fan. The janitor clapped his hands and grabbed the mop.    Henry wondered what other feats of strength would the senior rabbit do? Will he break the mop? No- he just dipped it into his bucket and started mopping the floor. An anti-climatic ending to what Henry had witnessed earlier, he smacked himself on the forehead in disbelief. A slap so loud that it perked the ears of the overgrown janitor.    “Who’s there?” his deep voice commanded to know as he turned to face the door.    Thoughts of fleeing and surrendering himself to his friend raced through Henry’s horned up brain, and in that horned up manner he made the stupid choice-to run. Henry ran the opposite direction, and with each step he felt the ground shook, Jeff was after him!    Henry made a quick turn to the left into the men’s room, and hid in the first stall. He placed a hand over his mouth and cursed himself for trapping himself. The shaking grew stronger with every passing second. He shuddered at the sound of the toilet door slamming open followed by the frustrated grunt of Jeff. “Fucking hell, why didn’t they make bigger toilet doors,” Jeff complained.    The walls shook with the sounds of Jeff slamming himself through the doorway. If he wasn’t scared shitless Henry might have enjoyed seeing that. With one final push Jeff broke through, and some pieces of the doorway too. “Make it easy on yourself and come out! I can rip these stalls apart with one hand. Now show yourself, I know you saw the whole thing…Henry!” Jeff said, his back against the doorway to prevent another escape attempt.    Henry opened the stall door and stepped out slowly. He held his hands together, and his shoulders caved in like a nervous high schooler about to ask the girl of his dreams out to the prom. He took a quick peek upwards and saw the tip of Jeff’s nose past his pecs. “Shit, that’s hot!” Henry thought. The front of his pants was in full mass, but there was no point in hiding it anymore, he probably was going to be killed off for knowing too much.    The scared rabbit looked up again and started to speak. “Before you kill me- I just have one thing to say-“    “Henry,” Jeff tried to interrupt.    “I am more useful to you alive than dead. For one thing if I die, you have a bigger mess to clean up-”    “Henry,listen to-“    “And, it’s not like I am going to tell anyone. I mean a janitor turns into a muscle giant, who would believe that-“    “Henry!”    “And I will do whatever you say. I’ll be your loyal slave, Igor, sidekick, whatever. Please just don’t kill me-”    “HENRY! I’M NTO GOING TO KILL YOU”    “Ok, just butt fuck me to death at least! Err, what?”    The colossal bunny laughed, and pushed Henry against his titanic chest, practically suffocating the tiny guy. “I’m not mad ok. I’m actually glad you found out about my research,” Jeff said.    Henry pulled his head up and looked into his giant captor’s eyes. “This was your research? Oh my gosh, it’s so cool.”    Jeff had a cocky smile plastered on his face. He signalled Henry to wait. And in a blink of an eye grew again, ripping apart his jumpsuit into tiny pieces of rag on the floor. The muscle bunny was naked like a new born baby.    “Yeah you like it? Instantaneous muscle growth,” Jeff released Henry and pulled his arms up into a double bicep pose, “I can control how big I get just like that. You like?”    “Hell yeah! You-you’re like my muscle wet dream. Those arms!” Henry said leaping with joy as he pointed as Jeff’s arms.    “Oh yeah, these babies can lift a house if I try to, give it a feel,” Jeff crouched down and Henry happily accepted the invite and pressed his fingers deep into Jeff’s bicep but it barely moved.    “Fuck,” Henry exclaimed.    “What do you think of these?” Jeff placed his hands on his hips and jutted out his chest.    Henry buried his face between Jeff’s pecs and moterboated them. “They’re perfect” he said though muffled by fur and muscle.    Jeff laughed heartily and stood back up in his full height. He turned his back and gave the largest lat spread Henry very saw in his history of watching porn. “What about these buns?” Jeff shook his bubble butt and cotton tail.    “I could eat them all day,” Henry said as he approached and cupped the firm glutes in his smaller hands. He also noticed that Jeff had a white patch on the middle off his butt.    Jeff could Henry’s boner poking against this ass, the bigger rabbit then wiggled his ass until Henry’s boner stuck between his ass cheeks. Henry moaned and his face turned a deep shade of red. “Jeff, what are you?”    The muscle rabbit placed his thick hands against the doorway and started riding the trapped dick as best he could. Jeff’s body craved it, every fibre of his body wanted to pleasure Henry and to have his warmth inside of him.    “Jeff, stop!” Henry pulled his dick out, now with a big wet spot on the front.    “What?” Jeff turned back, looming menacingly over Henry. The older rabbit’s dick was hard as a rock, and came up to his stomach. A thick odour of musk washed over the smaller rabbit, and he could feel his dick ready to burst at any second.    “You still don’t want me? What’s wrong? I did this for you! Am I not big enough? Cause I can get huge!” Jeff was coming closer and closer to Henry, forcing him to back away to the back of the wall. The older rabbit’s dick shuddered as Jeff moved forward.    “TELL ME,” Jeff bent down his face a mix of rage and sadness. Henry never saw him like this before.    “No, no. You got it all wrong. I like this, I like you. Just I pictured our first time would be a bit more romantic?”    “Oh,” Jeff retreated back, he wiped the back of his neck. “Sorry, I, err this form kind of makes me more easily aroused and aggressive.”    Henry nodded. The larger bunny then took Henry’s hands and held them. “I would really like to try again if you would give me the chance.”    “Of course, and well… I wouldn’t say no to the bigger proposal,” Henry replied.    “You size queen. Now come on, I think you had a bit too much excitement for one night. I’ll message you soon, and yeah, let’s go on a date,” Jeff said.    “Totally.” Henry beamed with excitement. He broke their hand holding moment and was off.    He still could not believe what had just happened. On the bus ride home, he expected to suddenly wake up and everything would reveal itself to be a dream, but it didn’t happen. Just as the bus pulled over he received a text from Jeff. Henry blushed and ran quickly inside his home, running past his sleeping big brother on the couch.    Inside his room, he opened the text which had a picture attached. It was Jeff all muscled up with a his hardon. In his hand he was holding a trash can next to his member just for comparison. The dick was almost of equal length to the container. At the bottom, the caption read, “This can be in you if you just ask.”    Henry sank back into his bed and smiled. He knows what he will be jerking off to tonight. To be continued… Do comment
  22. Dad’s Growth In a quaint suburban town lived a family of muscle heads. They were the Brooks. The father who went by Big B was a black Caucasian Shepherd dog. He was a towering figure in person and as the owner of the only construction company in their town. Ever since high school Big B was an avid sports fur, more specifically a star in the wrestling ring. Till today the local high school display his award for bringing home the trophy in the wrestling championship on his own, a feat that no one had ever accomplish ever again. Sadly after graduation and starting a family at 18 the dog did not maintain his physique. Once a prime example of physical prowess, the shepherd had been reduced to a bear like build. His once hard washboard abs was replaced by a soft gut. What used to be a dense barrel chest and powerful titanic thighs were now soft and smoother a little. Even his once powerful grapefruit sized arms that could carry half the cheerleading team had grown weaker. He was fortunate that his long fluffy fur made it hard for others to see what had become to his body. Still the other furs respected Big B for his work and effort as a single father. One drunken night after the prom with the captain of the debate team resulted in a shotgun marriage and the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. Big B’s wife wasn’t satisfied with being forced into the role of a mother at such a young age so they filed for a divorce in less than a year, but the baby would stay with him. He worked hard to build a proper home for his boy, started at the construction company as nothing more than a grunt worker but he worked his way up and rubbed elbows with the right fur until he could set up his own company. Soon he moved from a run-down apartment to a proper terrace house where his son could grow up well. The pup was named Benny. Like his father the pup was tall, by 15 his head was the same level as his old man. His fur was jet black from head to toe with patches of orange on his back and forehead. He also inherited his father’s love of sports as he led the school’s football team, and after joining college he continued the sport he loved. Big B could not deny that he felt a pang of jealousy watching his son reach the same level of musculature he had at that age. It reminded him that he was getting old. Determined to make a change for himself while his son was away in college he would do everything it takes to build his muscles again. In now times, Benny was due to come home for his 2 week semester break. Sporting a plain blue t shirt and jeans the 19 year old dog slept throughout his bus ride home as the weeks before was crammed with finals and overdue assignments. He could not wait to crash on his old bed. By the time he reached the bus stop his phone showed that it was 6:30 p.m. His dad promised to pick him the night before, but he never showed up. Another reason for Benny to be concerned, already on the phone his dad sounded weird, he kept breathing heavily into the phone and weird groaning sounds came from him. After waiting for an hour with no dad in sight Benny decided to lug himself and his backpack on foot. The young pup reached home at 7:30 p.m. Panting heavily with his tongue out he really wanted to give his dad a piece of his mind. As he approached the door his ears perked up to weird sounds coming from the inside. Pressing his ear against the wooden white door he could hear odd squishing sounds like someone walking through a puddle. Then he heard his father’s gruff voice grunting and saying “Fuck”. Was something wrong? Was his dad in danger? Benny had to find out. Unsure of what to face if there was an intruder he planned to tackle them on sight, and if his dad was injured he had to run fast to get help. His heart was racing, ready to burst out of his chest as he knocked on the door loudly. It was when he heard his dad’s reply that all the tension within him was sapped away. “H-hold on,” his dad’s voice said. The door flew open and Benny was left speechless at what he saw. His eyes were staring straight at the largest pair of pecs he had ever seen. They were large enough to be mistaken for watermelons. Benny had to take a step back to see the massive creature taking up the entire door frame. The creature’s feet were massive with thighs so wide and thick that it could crush an entire bike. Hard 8 pack abs lined its stomach area. It wore a yellow jockstrap that did nothing to hide the thick semi hard dick the size of Benny’s forearm and two massive globes that hung beneath the member. And still that wasn’t all of it, the rest of the creature’s arms and head was hidden away by the small door frame. He didn’t want to believe it but the creature had to be his father. “D-ad?” Benny called out softly. “Son?” The creature ducked under the doorframe and true enough it was his dad. The older dog’s fur on his head was messier than usual. Benny just stared in awe at his now 7 foot tall father. Questions ran through his head but before he could speak, two thick hands grabbed him from under the armpits and pulled him into the tightest bear hug he ever had. His snout was buried deep in the cleavage of his father’s pectorals. “Son! So good to see you. Look how big you are now,” Big B said. The older dog was swinging his son’s body left and right excitedly without realizing that his son was beating on his chest with all his might, trying to get his attention. It was when benny’s foot accidentally rubbed against his dad’s dick that Big B looked down between his pecs and realized his son wanted to be put down. Benny gasped and coughed. The scent of his dad’s musky and sweaty fur was stuck on his nose. “D-d-dad. What the fuck?” Big B chuckled. “You like it son?” the older dog raised his right arm and flexed, the thick arm bulged up to the size of a bowling ball. “Daddy’s been working out!” he said before bringing his arm close to his snout and licked it. Benny was unsure of what to say, but he had to get his suddenly sexy dad inside. “Dad No! The neighbors will see,” the younger dog pushed his dad on the stomach but the larger dog did not budge. “Pssh, it ain’t something they haven’t seen. Heck Bob next door saw me naked yesterday. I’m sure he enjoyed it,” Big B replied. “DAD!” The humongous dog then started backed away inside just to satisfy his embarrassed son. Benny thought things would be better inside but he was wrong. The entire living room was empty of all other furniture except for the old couch which looked like it was on its last legs-literally. Bottles of protein powder and unknown supplements littered the corner to the left of the door. A lifting bench with barbells and several dumbbells took up most of the living room space. Gone were the family photos and the flat screen TV. Benny noted what looked like wet stains on the ceiling, there were more all over the floor. His nose twitched and he nearly recoiled upon realizing what the stains were-his dad’s cumshots. “What did you do to this place dad?” Benny asked, concerned. “Just moved some things here and there, the TV is in your room now and the pictures are well anywhere that isn’t my gym,” Big B said. The hulking dog walked over to the sofa and dropped his heavy frame on it. The poor sofa creaked and bended itself to support the dog’s weight. “I just can’t believe this. I go away for 2 semesters and-and you trash the house, and you turn into a muscle monster.” Benny started pacing while trying to avoid looking at his dad’s almost naked body. Big B scratched his bulge and replied, “Son relax. So your old man went to the gym and grew a bit. I thought you’d be proud of my gains. “ The two just looked at each other for a minute. Benny was still half dazed by what was going on and his dad didn’t seem to care. Even now when he was trying to have a serious conversation with his old man the Big B was bouncing his pecs with a cocky grin. “Dad…” Benny extended the word. “I need some rest. We’ll talk about all of this tomorrow.” Benny made his way upstairs. “Sure son,” Big B said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. Once inside his room, Benny dropped his backpack on the floor. His room was basically unchanged. His bed still faced perpendicular to the entrance with the TV now in front of the foot of his bed. To its right was his closet. The pup locked his room door and collapsed on his bed. He stared at the white ceiling wall and started thinking about his dad. The way he lifted him with such ease, the way his muscles smelt when he was pressed up against him. Covering his eyes with his right arm Benny unzipped his jeans to release his throbbing boner. Another trait he inherited from his father was a thick fat dick with huge swollen balls the size of golf balls. It paled in comparison to his father’s enlarged furhood now. All the questions were just a façade to hide his true feelings. He loved how his dad had grown so huge. He never told anyone before, but he was gay and his dad was now the fur of his dreams. Stroking his leaking cock, Benny imagined growing into his dad’s size as well. He imagined ripping through his clothes in public as his pecs balloon out and eventually blocking his view from the rest of the world. Benny moaned loudly. How he wanted his arms to expand and grow in strength so that he could lift an entire car with ease. Pre-cum continued to ooze from his dick, lubing the entire shaft. Then he would outgrow his dad and be able to pin him to the ground. He would then shove his giant dick between his dad’s hefty pecs and pec fuck him till he came. The last thought sent Benny over the edge causing him to blow his load all over his shirt and snout. “Fucking dad…” Benny whispered to himself. Stripping his shirt off, Benny sneaked out of his room not wanting to be seen. The bathroom was right beneath his room but he would have to go through the living room to get to it. Benny tip toed slowly, his tail was erect just to avoid making a sound with it dragging on the floor. As he was walking pass the hallway to the stairs he saw his dad’s wide black furred back facing him. His dad turned to the side to face the sofa and Benny saw him hold a vial full of glowing neon blue liquid. Benny crouched down to get a better look. He wondered what was that his dad had. Then the older dog downed the entire concoction without letting a single drop spill. Big B started staggering backwards with his arms locked into a boxer’s pose. He started growling and his entire body shook. Benny could not believe what he was seeing his dad’s entire body began to swell. His already huge pecs extended out further. Benny gasped as he saw his dad’s shoulders stretch further to the sides, he was wide enough to take up three quarters of the sofa. His arms ballooned up to the size of Benny’s head. Deep veins began to snake around Big B’s arms and legs. The change in height then soon followed slowly but it was very noticeable that the older dog was growing several inches taller with each passing second. “Argh…Must Grow! Bigger!” Big B said followed by a deep growl. The growing dog’s bulge began to grow as his enlarging dick grew harder. Big B’s jockstrap was beginning to rip at the seams struggling to contain the thick pole growing to the size of a traffic cone. With a guttural roar his dad’s cock fired its load, splattering the sofa with white spunk and the torn remains of what used to be his jockstrap. He cummed for what felt like minutes, completely covering the sofa with a new coat of paint. Finally when his orgasm completed the muscle bound dog just stood there panting heavily. Benny was feeling a mix of emotions at what he saw, awe, fear, lust, and disgust all at the same time. The young pup walked slowly downstairs never taking his eyes off his gargantuan father. As he approached he saw another change, that his dad was losing back his gained height. “D-ad? Are you ok?” Benny asked. “Son?” Big B was surprised by his son’s presence. He looked at his shirtless child and walked closer to the frightened pup. Towering above the smaller dog, his cock sprang to life, slapping against his hard abs with a wet thud. “You saw something you shouldn’t have boy,” he said menacingly. Benny gulped and thought to himself, what did he get himself into this time?
  23. pentazel

    Forged Anew

    Farniro pumped massive bellows. The chain belt powering them was exhaustively resilient. He had to hang on it, just to get things started. His fur glistened with sweat and soot. Gebis kept calling for more and more, every sentence another demand. The young feline never seemed to reach the expectation. Either that or it kept rising. The youthful warrior had come to this forge and its master, for the sake of Sanguis. His precious weapon had taken a mighty beating against that golem. He’d arrived with its blade chipped and pitted. The next swing might have snapped it in two. And as precious as Farniro’s tool was to him, it wasn’t something he could forge personally. Gebis was happy to help. The renowned artisan had supplied some of the land’s greatest swords, both magical and mundane. He’d admired Sanguis and gotten to work in short order. He’d delicately fashioned his wonders on the metal, avoiding the actual smelt of its blade. Edges were softened and brought back to shape. Enchanted oils infused the seams, making them vanish without the slightest trace. The smith returned to Farniro, sword gleaming in the sun. That’s when all the troubled started. “Amazing work, nya! It looks as good as new! How’d you do it?” “You should know better than to ask for such secrets, squirt.” Farniro laughed with awkward embarrassment and an emphatic nod. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I just got carried away with the sight of it. How much do I owe you?” “Five-hundred should do it.” “Wow! That’s really kind of you. I wasn’t expecting it to be so cheap.” “Most wouldn’t think so, but who am I to argue with such a deep purse.” The two shared a spell of laughter as the feline rummaged for coins. A bit it had to be the silver requested. The majority condensed with the last of his gold. He was sorry to see the last of that haul go, but it was worth it for Sanguis. When Farniro looked up to hand his pile over, he found a disgruntled mustache twitching in disapproval. A few blinks didn’t dispel an illusion, so the cat opened his mouth to ask what was up. Gebis didn’t wait for the question, asking a rhetorical one of his own instead. “Well aren’t you the hopeful little dreamer?” Farniro tried again, only to be cut off once more. “Five. Hundred. Gold. My work isn’t as cheap as you seem to think.” The feline’s mouth dropped as eyes bugged wide. You could buy out a village for that; feed an army for a month’s march. “Why didn’t you tell me it would be so much?!” “You never asked. I figured you just had deep pockets. Now I come to find out you’re a fool instead.” “But I can’t pay that! I’ve barely had that much to my name in my whole life. I mean, I guess I could focus on finding some hordes and taking some jobs to pay you over time,” Gebis interrupted with a mocking laugh. “I doubt you’ve got what it takes without a sword.” The blacksmith smiled at the swordsman’s sunken expression. Then he clarified, “I get paid or you don’t get it back. I don’t work for pittance.” Farniro clutched his ears and let out a long, “Nyaaaaaaaa!” of frustration. Gebis let the cat squirm, holding back his schadenfreuden chuckles. “Isn’t there something I can do for you to make good on this?” “Tell you what,” the blacksmith let hope build in the yellow eyes before finishing, “You work my bellows and play houseboy for a month, we’ll call it even.” Joyous hope erupted within Farniro and made ready to spew its exuberance in words. Once again, Gebis cut him off. This time it came with savage undertone. “Don’t go thinking you’re getting off light squirt. If you don’t last the month, then the sword is mine. No wining or asking for a second chance either.” The feline gulped in dreaded anticipation, having yet to see the workshop’s interior. Still; he couldn’t abandon the only chance given. “Okay then. It’s a deal.” Gebis’ hand thrust out like a glaive, making the cat jump back at first. Then the latter realized, it was meant for a binding shake. As one hand met the other, Farniro felt the grip and weight of a bad deal. The swordsman wasn’t wrong in his assumption. The room appeared more dungeon than smithery’s workshop. Hung blades reeked of savage intent. The anvil at center was huge and broad, easily mistakable for an altar. The massive furnace eclipsed one wall, chain pulleys edging like decretive columns. Gebis interrupted the awful exploration; with the explanation, “That forge is meant for a man on either side. I’ve been working its bellows by myself for years. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping up.” Farniro looked back to see a swindling smile, frowning an acknowledgement of con.” “You giving up already? Feel free to walk out any time.” “I said I’d do it so I’ll do it. I’m getting Sanguis back.” “We’ll see. Far be it for me to frown at free labor.” Three weeks later, the cat’s ears drooped with exhaustion. On and on the smith bellowed for bellows. They’d only had two days of rest since starting, but even that wasn’t fully true for his laborer. Gebis filled the quiet days with chores, pushing his serf at every turn. That cruel smile became nearly omnipresent. The smith could see his victory in sight. Now Farniro felt the end nearing. He still had a week to go, but so long felt endlessly out of reach. Still he refused to give up. Nothing short of collapse would stop him. Gebis struck and tapped at a new commission. It was a mage blade that baked with red corona, even before putting it to flames. They, or rather Farniro; had needed to douse their coals in a syrupy red goo. His taskmaster had explained it as getting the fires hot enough. The feline had needed to stir both fuels together, straining his arms with weight and thickness. It wore him out before even starting on the chains, making the metal loops feel more like shackles. As the cat shoveled in the first load of drenched coals, he had to pry piles free. Thick tendrils of the goo, stretched in resistance. It layered the shovel and made it impossible to throw loads. Instead, the swordsman had to scrape it free on the open hatch. A hiss came from the wetted fire within a few loads. Wisps of crimson silk began to trail from the opening. It quickly thickened to a haze, which had the cat coughing inside a few minutes. “Work the bellows and clear that stuff out the chimney. I don’t want to start sucking it down. If you were a real man, you could do both at the same time.” Farniro grimaced and kept from showing his sneer. Another cough banished the worry, as he staggered over to the chains. Hands dragged him up the large links. They wanted to slip, but pride and need refused to let them. When chain loosened and the cat found his feet again, he couldn’t help but gasp with the strain. It rushed the cloud deep into lungs, starting him in a hectic fit of coughing. The feline scrabbled his way free of oily smoke, crawling along the floor on knees. Refuge hand him breathing deeply of the cleaner air. No sooner had the serf reached sanctuary, than bidden to return. “Back to it runt.” A scrap of cloth landed next to Farniro, drawing his eyes up to Gebis’. There he found the raised cheeks of a smile, hidden behind another tatter of cloth. The bastard had known and prepared himself already. “If you can’t manage, I’ll take this as a forfeit.” “Nya.” The swordsman uttered between stifled hitches. The cloth pressed loosely against his mouth. Air was still too precious for such restriction. It took about a minute, before he could fasten its ends in place. The feline found strength in anger, forcing a stand and tying the rag. Eyes squinted against the malicious smoke, as he hurried his way back to chains. He forced breath low and kept a steady pace. Another gasp or panting would start it all over. This was hardest in getting the bellows turning again, but that first loosening appeared to help. The cruel-hearted blacksmith was pounding away behind, sparks flying and at the cat. His back and hair were singed, from all the burring metal they’d already caught; meaning Farniro paid them little mind. Blackened holes peppered his sleeveless shirt. The world began to fade for the swordsman. It narrowed to task and strain. The sense of it dulled with every pull. His vision blurred. Time became abstract. Life emptied its meaning. The cat found distance relieving, letting him drift away from the effort. Even the chain's resistance felt lighter, far away in uninhabited lands. As time passed, relief turned to embrace; then to surreal optimism. At least this trial would build up his fortitude and resilience. The feline had faced hectic and strenuous training before, but nothing as taxing without the cuts and bruises to encourage. His only pain was the ache of callused fingers and palms. Even that was starting to fade. The outlook empowered him more than expected. Farniro could barely feel the effort he poured in. The bellows lightened with every tug. The weight of body vanished with his dawning paradigm. Advancing acceptance had more power than dreamed. A muffled voice began to encroach. The swordsman couldn't make it out at first, too lost in reflection for the external. His head shook and thoughts cleared a little, trying to pay attention to the tyrant. It took him far longer than expected, volume rising before he could clarify. "Hold, hold!" were the first clear words. Farniro ended the meditative cycle, turning to face the voice's source. He only made it half a step, before his balance ended precariously. The swordsman teetered and nearly fell over, grabbing the chain to regain equilibrium. The world returned in a rush of disorder, bringing with it a wealth of awareness. The first nuance to register was angle. The feline looked round and upward, finding nothing but roof. He heard Gebis shout from below and looked down in surprise. There the smith was, looking furious and finite. Farniro began to question his memory, remembering the artisan much taller. That left him scrambling for answers within, losing tack of the other's continued rants. Next a register of strain, tightness spread along chest and leggings. The swordsman looked down and answered sight with gasp. His shirt was tattered, ripped across his bulging chest. The crest of pectorals obscured his vision lower. Folded seems at shoulders had degraded to frayed bands. Threads and tatters of cloth, protruded outward like the spokes of a mangled bicycle. With attention rushing away from thought and back to body, elation stuck as a brick to head. Farniro hadn't dared to lean forward and inspect further yet, but he could feel the same decimated fabric below. Now it pressed tighter, centering efforts singularly. Arousal embraced him with all the furnace of homecoming. Cheeks heated beyond forge's power, sprouting from the rivaling sensation below. A region of cloth sundered entirely, freeing the urgency of a mammoth erection. The bulging shaft towered beyond recognition. Its twitching pulse screamed for attention. Farniro returned to ignoring the smith, as rippling arms reached for the prize. He pulled it close and moaned at the feel. Bending it against him brought waves of delight, the head nestling within solar plexus. Its tip graced along the underside of chest, summoning a growling shutter from its owner. Farniro began to stroke himself, unable to resist its call. The heated flesh throbbed in hand, eager to answer the call. Each palm moved slowly, finding their way along every lengthy surface. There was so much to explore. He couldn't fully encircle such manhood, even with both hands parallel; but damned if he wasn't going to try. Gebis looked on with fear and regret. He'd pushed things too far in a quest for victory. Caution took backseat to spite. Vicious provocations were no offset to risk. His cruel smile was gone. It was replaced by rage hiding dread. The enchanted oils had certainly worked their magic for the forge. They'd also pressed the cat to its limits. However, the artisan knew better than to write off this tragedy there. The world hadn't twisted from true, till he'd begun work on the blade. Sentient metal had howled in hand, yet the smith carried on. The resistance was normal enough. The tyrant equated it to shoeing a horse. Any weapon of such caliber, would try to kick and buck just the same. Gebis wore the protections needed, but had limited thought for fallout upon the serf. The ember blade was old and wise. It'd learned of people and their ways though various wielders. Knowing attack was meaningless against the smith, it sought refuge in the only answer left. The dynamic between both men was clear, a servant and master. So the sword had decided to tip those scales, in the most effective method it could. Seeds of enchantment had leapt with shed sparks. They'd worked their way in, layering with every blow. Nevertheless, such results were far beyond expectation. Gebis roared for the feline to halt. He ranted with insults and demands, trying to intimidate the mistake into submission. All of his wailing and wining fell on deaf ears. There was nothing he could do to stop this obscene act. Anger kept the smith from consideration of worse. The idea of reprisal stayed locked behind angst. Farniro cared nothing for murmurs barely registered. He was enthralled by the swelling enjoyment. The few remaining tatters of cloth; snapped and flew free in succession. The bulge in hands expanded ever larger. Every twitch and rush of blood pumped into the mammoth, widened and expanded beyond limit. The feline's head crested ceiling, forcing wood to creak and neck to bend. The newly formed Goliath attempted to sit. He could only spare one hand for the task. The other redoubled its effort toward front, unable to leave arousal unattended. The whole endeavor was lost from the start. Farniro couldn't maintain a balance of his new and ever-expanding form. Too much shifted and proportions went well past acclimation. The mere act of a crouch sent him rocking back. The bracing arm had no grasp of distance. Thus the cat landed with an earth-shaking thud, lanced several cracks along the stone flooring. That's when his tail graced upon the furnace and all hell broke loose. Farniro yowled as the appendage tried to broil. He shot his body upward and away, widening cracks with weight and force. He'd never wielded the power of such legs. Nor could he prepare for the might expelled. The massive cat shot up and through the roof, sundering wood with no more resistance than twigs. He was too focused on the sudden singe for realization, leaving the forge and workshop far behind. Understanding hit in unison with ground. Towering trees broke, flattened under muscular weight. The forest canopy dimpled as it made way for a behemoth. Farniro felt it no more than falling back. His attention and interest were still ruled by other sensations. He didn't spare time or thought over what happened, only returned hands where they were needed. Gebis looked up in marvel. His shop was in shambles. Forge and anvil kilted towards the creator left behind. He stood frozen and held by dismay. The swordsman moaned with impending release. His hands flew faster as excitement clamored. Birds and beasts all flew and ran clear. None dared encounter the monstrosity it hailed from. The feline roared as ecstasy culminated. The world went white, in far more than figurative. Farniro panted, exhausted by it all. He and the surrounding trees were coated, sticky with layers of thickly dripping seed. It took several minutes for the numbing of delight to fade. When it eventually did, a single thought chimed its attention. "I forgot Sanguis!"
  24. The first three parts are here: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: The Secret Lair After another raucous romp in the sack with his new plaything Carlos, Domino finally decides that maybe he should get back to focusing on his most important business. After both of the wolfmen revert back to their fully human selves, the hunky latino gets up from his master’s fancy bed they were tearing up with their claws and whatnot and starts running his newly-formed human hands all over his heavily-muscled frame. He immediately notices that he is even bigger all over his upper body from the start of his thick and veiny forearms all the way up to his bulbous brown-skinned shoulders. He has a perfectly formed set of bloated pecs now with dime-sized nipples that are positioned symmetrically with each other. He turns around to show off to his master and flexes his thickly formed marbleized abdominals as well to show Domino how he looks now. “Whatever you are doing to me master, it seems to be growing me every time I change back to myself.” He notices his lower half as well and how his quads glisten with a perfect proportion of darkly lit body hair that runs all the way down to his ankles. The veins are thick enough to where they are all visible just beneath his skin. His huge nine-inch cock dangles freely as it dribbles a very light amount of precum which can be seen in the dim lights just above both of them. The shadow of the latino wolfman’s ass does little to hide how thick it is as well. Domino grunts a few times noticing that his new favorite lover is maturing a lot quicker than even he thought was possible. “What’s happening to you Carlos is proving that the serum we are developing here is successful. Just think about it, a whole world full of musclebound studs that are also hiding secret identities that all come out at once during the peak of their hormonal cycles. You don’t need to wait for the full moon either because it can be summoned any time you please.” Carlos is now sweating profusely with all of the extreme talk of changing again, but Domino jumps to his feet from their bed to calm his young lover down before anything happens. The mature wolfman is looking remarkably well himself with a well-developed muscular frame unlike most 45-year-old bodybuilders. His thick furry pecs are still glistening after having tremendous sex with his young pup. He reaches in to squeeze Carlos up against them. It appears to be calming the furry latino down as he reaches around to feel his master’s incredibly round behind. He squeezes them both at the same time which gets a strong reaction from the dominant top. “Carlos, I have to admit to you that I wasn’t going to pursue a relationship but you have grown on me over the past few days. *there are a few chuckles from both of them* Yeah, I realize what I said. We have both experienced that multiple times over the past few days haven’t we?” There is a desk across the room from the bed. Domino hears his cell phone vibrating like crazy which forces him to let go of his hunky wolfpup and walk over to pick it up. He notices that there is a text from one of the board members from the meeting the other night. He looks over at Carlos and motions for him to go into the bathroom and shut the door. He dials the number on the phone and listens to the voice on the other end. “So…..they are in the building right now? I will meet with them in the testing area then. Thank you for letting me know Aras.” He puts his phone back down on the desk and walks over to the bathroom door and knocks. He can hear Carlos humming in the shower so he decides not to bother him. He grabs an unmarked bottle and begins squirting a clear solution all over his huge chest and runs it up and down his thick beefy upper body as well as his lower half including his big cock and balls to dissipate the smell of sex since he can’t take a shower himself at that moment. He puts on a clean black button-up shirt and tan khakis which isn’t his normal attire, but he doesn’t see a need to go all out for the situation. Carlos opens the door and sees Domino dressed. “Is it something important? I can feel several of our kind down the hall. They seem familiar to me for some reason.” Domino walks over to him and plants a huge kiss on his lips and holds him one last time. “Yes, I think we are about to move forward with our agenda here Carlos. I want you to go to the meeting room and see if Aras is in there. He will likely be awaiting my orders after this meetup with the others.” “Okay Domino. *rubs Domino’s thick beard with his fingers one more time* I care greatly for you master and I hope this will turn out well for all of us.” Domino lets go of Carlos and quickly puts his shoes on before going out the office door and down the hall. He can hear several voices echoing across the corridor as he finds the testing area. He sees two black-furred men and another that he is not too familiar with. They are all completely naked and seem to be a bit distracted for some reason. One of them turns and notices that Domino is walking in. “Master Luminov, we have brought you someone you might want to meet.” Domino pats the man on his thick shoulder and walks over to the man he is talking about. He suddenly realizes that this is the man that they converted just a few days back. He looks the man in his eyes. “So you must be uhhh…..*looks at Petr and is told the man’s name* Nathan…..Nathan Roberts. Okay well yes, I have wanted to meet you for quite some time. We have been waiting for you here. Let me have one of my assistant’s take you to get dressed.” Petr motions for Georgi to escort Nathan into another room while Domino finds a robe in a nearby medical cabinet. He hands it to the Bulgarian to put on. “Could you not find any clothes for all of you to wear Petr? I mean it is nice to see all of my clansman looking big and powerful, but if you are seen by anyone outside of this facility, it is going to create so much trouble…..well I don’t think you have an idea.” Petr shakes his head yes as he closes the robe and they both go to sit down in two chairs that are located almost directly in the middle of four holding areas that are meant for their test subjects. Domino starts to interrogate the Bulgarian. “So…..how did you end up with your pup and a man that we have been monitoring for several days at the same location? I have been caught up to speed by one of my people on your situation, but I do find it quite unusual that you would all be in the same place at the same time.” Petr agrees as he shakes his head yes. “Myself and Georgi were both playing around with each other in my office and we got carried away obviously and ended up finding dinner out in the city. *he smiles* We must have run into Nathan along the way and he just followed us perhaps. I think maybe Georgi was teaching him how to hunt…..I mean I think he was since things were a bit blurry.” Domino reaches over and puts his hand on Petr’s shoulder. He looks into the Bulgarian’s eyes and appears to be very unhappy with him. “Listen to me you have exposed us to the outside world with your little episode. I am hoping that this won’t get out of…..” Before Domino can get the word ‘hand’ out of his mouth, sirens begin blaring above their heads. A horrible scream can be heard in the distance as it immediately starts to affect Petr. He clutches his chest and head with both of his hands as he looks down at the ground. Domino can feel the beast within him starting to come forward as they both stand up. Petr is sweating profusely as he feels himself being taken over by his beastly side. He mutters, “Georgi…..NO…..please not him…..*body pops and crunches* UHHH…..HE IS VERY ANGRY!” Petr’s transformation is fairly quick as the wolf immediately emerges from both his robe and his skin in seconds as blood and gore is thrown all over the testing area. It is as if Petr just disintegrated beneath the huge beast. It takes a few seconds to stare over at Domino, who is still mostly in his human state, and jumps through a wall close to where the screams are coming from. The dazed man stumbles over to the destroyed wall and peeks through the opening and down the corridor just as wolf Petr is pierced with a silver staff. The animal’s screams are almost too much for Domino to bear as he feels his back cracking forcing him down to the ground. His hands are now transforming into huge claws as he sees the person down the hall pulling the staff out of Petr’s dead body. His black shirt and khaki pants are unable to handle what is happening to him as they shred in multiple places. He sees the skin peeling off of his arms and legs as thick black fur starts to cover his entire body. He feels both of his knees snap as his lower legs and calves reshape themselves to accommodate his newly forming dewclaws and claws. His face is also changing as his muzzle breaks his teeth off and protrudes from his head. His human ears fall off as well as his wolf ears quickly replace them. Normally his muscles would have already grown beneath his fur, but this time they expand last as each area of his body is popping and expanding. His stress level is forcing more testosterone to be produced and it is changing the entire transformation process. The remnants of his clothes fall off of him as his cock struggles to stay in its current shape. Domino’s eyes have turned a deep brown as he feels his ballsac growing to twice its size and his penis goes erect. He can’t understand why he would get so horny at such a terrible time, but it appears that the beast that was waiting inside him is now in control of his senses. Domino is trying desperately to stay in control of his mind so that he can somehow communicate with whoever it is as the person walks right up to the werewolf. They lean down to approach the hugely muscular wolfman and slowly caress its thick fur making the musclebeast shudder just slightly. The man starts talking to him. “Domino…..can you hear me in there? I don’t want to hurt you sir, I really don’t. *sees Domino’s thick wet cock spurting precum all over the ground* So you do recognize me?” The wolf growls several times and even snaps at him making the man show him the silver staff which has a thick blade on the end of it. It is also covered in chunks of flesh from its other victims. The animal can feel its energy and starts to whimper. The man puts the staff behind him as he looks into the wolfman’s brown eyes. It is the first time that he has ever noticed that Domino in his wolf form is following his own eyes. “Domino, give me a sign that you know me?” The wolfman’s giant left claw reaches out to grab a hold of the man’s right arm and slowly pulls him into it. It is now trying to talk as its tongue attempts to mouth words through its muzzle. “Vuuu…..Vaaaa…….Vaaaallllll……Vallllennn…….tttttiiiiinnnnn……pppppplllllleeeeaaaassssseeeee don’t kill me. IIIIIII looovvvveeee you. I promise I won’t hurt you. He likes you now, can’t you tell?” A loud bang is heard down the other end of the corridor. Before another word can be uttered, another huge muscle-bound werewolf races towards them as Valentin quickly scoots away from wolfy Domino. The staff is skidding beside him as he tries to keep track of where it went. The crazed wolfman jumps on top of Valentin and pierces his neck. He screams in agony as the animal’s sharp teeth attempt to reach for his jugular. Before it is able to do so, it is met up by two more equally powerful wolfmen, both of which are covered in tattered fabric as they attack the aggressive werewolf. Valentin tries to move into the next room as he attempts to get back up onto his feet. The animal has barely missed any major arteries, but he is weak from the blood loss and has to sit back down onto the floor to try and control his breathing. The commotion between the four werewolves is now dying down as he tries to find something to cover up the huge bite marks in his neck. He knows if he can just keep his breathing under control he will be fine. He can’t lose consciousness or it will be all over because he doesn’t have his staff and he doesn’t know what the others will do to him. He keeps thinking, “please don’t pass out, please don’t pass out” as he finds something to stop the bleeding. He takes a few breaths before finally standing up and staggers back into the hallway and sees that there is total carnage everywhere. There are four nude bodies lying on the floor, but one of them is not breathing. He immediately knows that it is Domino that is the dead one and has a feeling that it is entirely intentional. He recognizes Nathan and Roman and thinks that the other man is Carlos. At first he is surprised because he is aware that Nathan must have converted Roman when he went to rescue him earlier. Without making too much noise, Val attempts to retrieve the silver staff, which is just a few feet from Domino’s body, so that he can use it on possibly all three of the remaining wolfmen. As he gets a hold of it and stands above one of them, they all start grunting before they come to and immediately sense the deadly metal within their vicinity. Valentin lets out a yell as Nathan and Roman roll out of his way before the Bulgarian plunges the silver blade into Carlos’s hairy chest. The latino wolfman screams in agony as he feels his lifeforce being destroyed. He is now dead as well as Valentin falls to the ground unconscious which makes his staff bounce several times down the corridor. Nathan and Roman clutch each other closely so they can compose themselves before finally moving over to help Val up. They notice that his neck has several pieces of fabric stuck to it. It takes numerous tries to pull them off and notice that his wound is completely healed. “Roman who is this guy, he is nothing like us.” Nathan looks over at him and checks the huge gashes on his partner’s right pec before leaning in to kiss and lick them. Roman rubs his lover’s head a few times as they continue to stand over the Bulgarian. “I don’t know Nathan, but I have a feeling this won’t be the end of this ordeal. Valentin obviously knows a lot about this place and we will need him to help us deal with the beasts within our bodies.” Inside the Van Gilbert is lying down on the gurney that is in the back of the van and is experiencing a very vivid dream where it feels like he is running through the city like he did earlier in the day with the other wolfmen. Unlike in that situation though, he reaches the end of a street. There is a forest directly in his path. The other wolfmen vanish into thin air as he sees a set of eyes staring back at him from just inside a dark path between the trees. It walks towards him and reveals itself to be another werewolf, only it is one that he doesn’t seem to recognize. It stops once it reaches the point where the street and forest meet to say something to him. “It is your time now Gilbert, mine has now ended. Come forward to accept your gift and I can promise you that you will be the strongest wolf in the world.” Once he walks up to the well-muscled creature, it grabs a hold of his muzzle and opens it up and start climbing inside him. Gilbert’s eyes are now as wide as ever as the beast continues to slide inside. The weird part is that he cannot feel anything beyond his throat as the animal finally gets all the way in. Somehow he feels as if he is gaining strength now that the werewolf is within his confines. He can now hear the animal’s voice inside him. “You are not alone anymore Gilbert, now there is two of us. You must wake up now and fulfill what was always meant to be for you.” Immediately, the sweaty man awakens and rolls off the gurney and onto the floor of the van. He can feel something is completely different as he attempts to keep his composure. The sweat is rolling off of him now as his towel falls off. His cock is getting hard which surprises him greatly. “UHHHH…..what the fuck is…..happening to me. *feels his hands and feet starting to crack as they start to lengthen* It feels different this time. *the skin is peeling away from them* OHH GAWD, it burns…..SO MUCH!” His muscles are expanding greatly in his arms and legs and it feels incredible as the density in both of them grows exponentially. His cock is spilling a great deal of precum beneath him. It is also struggling to maintain its shape as the foreskin grows thicker and furrier than before. The expansion is moving through his chest and torso forcing his back to crack as well as it arches upward. His lats and delts blow up to twice their size as his pecs and abs follow suit. His skin is now tearing itself apart as blood spurts all over the van. A stream of blood emerges from just above his ass as a thickly-muscled tail flares outward nearly three feet and points downward as his glutes swell into two giant beach balls before losing the skin falls off as well. He is growing a thick layer of black and brown fur all over his continuously expanding frame. He yells in delight as he closes his eyes and feels his face cracking multiple times. “AHHHH…..I can’t feel my face…..*can sense his mind being influenced as his sight starts changing* Uhhh…..yesssss…..I want it all…..give me what I am destined for…..” His human ears fall off as two hugely-muscled wolf ears blast through his skull as his teeth break off revealing a well-developed set of wolf canines and incisors. A very well-muscled muzzle quickly stretches out in front of his face as several slabs of skin melt off his face and onto the floor. He continues to expand as he manages to fill up every single square inch of the van. He can no longer speak, but he is feeling a surge of energy he has never felt before. He opens his newly formed brownish-black eyes and howls as he lifts his immense frame into the air making his newly-developed bloated wolfcock blast several jets of cum into the windshield. The force behind the load is enough to crack the glass multiple times before it shatters. He is stretching the steel frame of the van as it starts to pull itself away from the wheels. The sheer power flowing through his wolf veins turns him on greatly as well as hearing the van struggling against his massively muscled wolf frame. He takes his huge claws and paws and peels back the ceiling like it is nothing but paper. He grunts several times knowing that he has been given the gift that every werewolf has craved for eons. It is the alpha ability that used to belong to Domino, except that man wouldn’t use it to its full extent because he simply didn’t have the dark heart that this man has. Wolfy Gilbert is enjoying this far too much to hold back as he continues to swell feeling himself bursting through the top of the van. All he wants to do now is rebuild the wolf army bigger and stronger than they ever thought possible. End of Part 4
  25. I’m Bigger! The air in the gym was humid and thick with the smell of sweat in the air. Believe it or not the heat was being pumped out from the gym patrons themselves. There were five of them: a Rapidash on the treadmill, a Typhlosion working on the dumbbells, an Infernape on the bench press and a Blaziken and Incineroar chatting while entering the workout room. Radiating heat off their bodies, the fire Pokémon turned the small gym into an oven capable of cooking an egg on the workout equipment.Their combined heat wafted into the registration room to the right. Poor Pete the sheepdog was sweating bullets behind the reception counter. His thick light grey and white fur coat was not helping him survive the heat. He considered taking off his white polo shirt and just blow his fur against the stand fan he kept on his desk since there wasn’t anyone else coming in. He had just pulled his wet shirt half way up when the sound of the front door opening caught himoff guard. “Crap!” Pete furiously pulled his shirt back down. “Err welcome to…ha...gym…” Pete’s voice trailed into an inaudible whisper as he stared dumbfounded at the large Arcanine looming over his desk. The fire canine was almost shirtless, clad in only a black stringer hoodie but didn’t cover his head. Pete was enthralled by the heaving black pectorals so wide and thick that they look like they could balance a water bottle on them. What enthralled Pete more was the thick bush of cream colored fur covered his chin and ran down his chest like a furry blanket. A tent rose in the middle of his light blue shorts when he caught sight of the Pokémon’s bulgingbiceps and triceps pushed to their sides by the widest lats Pete ever saw in the gym. The orange limbs with black stripes across them made the Pokémon’s muscles look fierce and powerful. He felt a warm sensation building in the pit of his stomach as his eyes traced down the Arcanine’s pecs to the two juicy nipples standing erect calling out to the receptionist to lick them. Blushing deeply, Pete focused on the customer’s deep brown eyes. “Hey,” the Arcanine said with a deep and gruff voice. “H-hi! Welcome to Bulk Up Station. I’m Pete. How can I help you?” the sheepdog asked as he extended his paw out for a handshake. The Arcanine replied with a grunt, releasing a tiny puff of black smoke from his nostrils before reciprocating the hand shake with a tight squeeze. “Max. I’m here about the Friday Fire type Special,” Max said. Something like a switch in Pete’s brain turned on at the sound of the Arcanine’s request. His duties came first over any of his personal desires. The sheepdog pulled out a form and proceeded to ask for the Arcanine’s details. “It’s our gym’s policy to register any new members for security purposes. And you qualify for our Friday Fire Type Special so your entry fee today is fifty percent off, so it’s five bucks. But for twenty you can sign up for an annual membership and every Friday you’ll get access to our gym’s special sauna. One of a kind. Won’t find it anywhere in town.” Pete unloaded his sales pitch with great confidence. All of which Max was half listening to while he filled out his form, he replied the receptionist with a flat “I’ll think about it.” “Ok, but before you start your workout let me give you a quick tour of the place and assign you your locker.” Pete rushed out from behind his desk. He gulped when he noticed the Arcanine’s hefty legs. Max’s black shorts only covered a quarter of his tree trunk thighs; the fabric hugged his legs so tightly it looked like it was painted on him. Trying to play it cool the dog commented on how the Pokémon’s white duffle bag looked good on him and proceeded to lead the way inside. Upon entering the workout area all eyes fell on the tall imposing Arcanine. The Typhlosion who was the closest to them nearly dropped his dumbbell in shock.Pete was aware of the attention the new patron was getting, and was getting uncomfortable with the stares in his direction and the intense heat inside the room. “So this is the workout area.To my right are the tread mill, across is the dumbbells, barbells and benches.And further right of that we have the leg press, pull down and rowing machines.” Max did not respond and simply followed the gym receptionist through the workout area. He passed by the Rapidash standing on the treadmill pretending to look behind the Arcanine while covering the front of his pants;a failed attempt at hiding the fire horse’s cock as his dickhead was already poking through the pants right hole.But Max just pretended he didn’t see it. After the workout area the two entered the locker room. It was equally as large as the workout area.The only difference was that the room held three rows of lockers, two on the side of the walls and one in the middle. Between each row of lockers were wooden benches for the patrons to sit on. “So if you keep heading straight you’ll find the shower stalls.And behind that is the members only sauna.” Pete walked ahead to the fifth locker on the left. “And this is your locker.” The receptionist handed Max the key and left the room in a hurry painfully aware that being alone with the muscle bound Pokémon alone was stirring back feelings in his loins. Alone the Arcanine opened the locker to find a piece of paper inside. Max brought the paper closer and felt his blood boil when he realized it was a photograph of a familiar dingo. “Booker,” Max said with disdain in his voice. Memories of that faithful day began flooding in. It happened three years ago in Max’s community college hall. There was a bodybuilding competition in the Canine frat house.The fraternity was organizing it to raise money for charity. Only a male category was held and there were only four participants at first. Each of them represented a charity of their choice and whoever won would receive a thousand dollars for said charity. It was planned for there to be just the compulsory poses and an encore solo session for the winner. As they were playing by their own rules the judges were made up of a panel of three of three senior members: two German Shepherds and a husky.The rest filled up the audience seats. Max was just twenty-two when he entered that competition. Back then he had more of a middleweight’s build since he just started bodybuilding. He was around 170 pounds. Not as meaty as he is today but he had the puffy pecs, the cobblestone six pack abs, the steel like arms, the wide back with deep grooves running down, and the thickest legs in the whole frat house. He remembered that it was the most exciting moment of his life.It was his first competition and no matter how small it was, it was still something he wanted to win. An hour before setting up,he ran around the frat house just to try to lose some water in him. Thirty minutes before judging time the Arcanine was in his blue posing trunks with the number 33 pinned to his side. He could hear the cheering audience behind the curtain. Some were cheering louder than others-probably they were drunk on beer, he thought. Max took this chance to do a little light curling with the five-pound dumbbell provided backstage.This way, he could get his veins to pop more and it helped him psych out the competition. Sure enough the other competitors were feeling the pressure. A Dalmatian and a wolf had to turn away to face the wall to protect themselves from Max’s intimidation game. Now they were decent competitors, Max admitted.They all look ripped but the Arcanine had the height advantage. His toughest competition that he saw was the giraffe who was practicing his poses in the right hand corner of the backstage. That fur was massive, thick with muscles but not as vascular as Max. Five minutes remained to show time. Everyone was getting into position for the curtain to rise when suddenly one of the competition organizers came in from behind. The wolf wearing a red jumpsuit yelled, “Wait, wait! We got one more.” A dark and large shadow behind him shifted and moved.From the shadows came the largest dingo anyone ever saw. He was at least seven feet tall as his head reached halfway of the giraffe’s neck. He had thickly muscled arms like someone shoved a cantaloupe in there and his shoulders were so wide he took up the entire doorway when he came in. Max stared gawking at the behemoth approaching him, a response he believed everyone backstage had when they saw the dingo. The dingo had a handsome face almost like a new born pup with big bright hazelnut eyes. Light orange fur ran down his arms, back and thighs, but from his bottom chin to his upper chest, as well as his paws and feet was covered in snow white fur. Max had to crane his neck upwards just to get a glimpse of the tip of his snout. The dingo’s pecs and were so thick it had blocked out most of the dingo’s snout when seen from below. Max’s hands started to tremble when he saw the humongous bulge stuffed inside the straining blue posing trunks. “Is that allowed? The dog looks like he stuffed a backpack inside there,” thought the Arcanine. His mind went blank while he stared at the powerful jackhammer-sized legs. All hope of winning the competition vanished in that instant. “So where do I stand?” the dingo asked the organizer. “Oh over here.To the right of Max.” The dingo moved to his place and Max snapped out of his daze as the competition was about to start. “Break a leg Booker.All of you too.”The way the wolf said the second part sounded like everyone was doomed from the start, and Max was starting to believe it. Rock music started to play from the other side of the curtain. The announcer started his opening speech so all the contestants had to line up. “…Here are our contestants!” said the announcer as the curtain rose quickly, bathing Max in the warm yellow spotlight above. A loud unanimous gasp came from the audience; their eyes were fixed on the massive dingo. It was then that Max felt the heavy weight of hopelessness. No one in the audience was paying attention to him. They all just sat there with mouths agape staring at Booker. Keeping his eyes on the crowd Max struggled to keep a smile up as he moved from pose to pose.Deep down he just wanted it to end. He swore he saw the front row audience groping at their crotches-their boners rose in excitement as they watched the dingo flex. The whole compulsory posing lasted for fifteen minutes but then the solo pose dragged on for an hour just because the crowd couldn’t get enough of the titanic dingo. Eventually the other contestants joined in on celebrating the winner. Not Max though.The Arcanine watched from afar, glaring at the dingo flexing his muscles without a care in the world. “Someday… Someday I’ll beat you,” Max vowed with fury. Those feelings of being so small were creeping back to Max, fixing his eyes at the photograph of Booker holding a bodybuilding championship trophy while performing a double bicep pose. The picture was recent according to the date, and just as Max feared-the dingo was bigger. Cursing under his breath, the Arcanine chucked the picture back into the locker along with his bag. Now that he was getting agitated he walked off to the workout area in a huff. Max needed to blow off some steam, and the only way he knew howwas to lift. The warm up session was a good starting point for him.Even at the height of his growth endeavors the Pokémon never skimped on the little things. Starting with the elliptical rowing machine and ending with some bodyweight exercises he was ready for the real deal. As he made his way to the dumbbell rack it dawned on him that the other Pokémon were leaving the gym. The Blaziken and Incineroar held their backpacks close to their groins while trying to avoid Max’s gaze. “Horndogs, all of them,” thought Max. Turning his attention back to his weights he stacked four forty-four pound plates onto the bar and began curling. With each raise of the dumbbell Max felt the tension in his biceps. His biceps bulged and thick veins popped out along his arms. He loved the way his arms felt heavier with every curl.To Max that meant his muscles were being pushed to the limits. Finally done with the twentieth rep Max lowered the dumbbell back down, panting with his tongue out. Beads of sweat ran down his face. His ears then perked up to the sound of the door behind him opening. “Another customer?” he thought.Deciding that it wasn’t any of his business he picked up the dumbbell again ready to move on to his pec exercises. But then he heard that too familiar voice, playful like there wasn’t a care in the world but deeper now. “Hey there small stuff, lifting light I see. Need someone to sport you?” The voice came from behind Max. Annoyed by the fact that he was called small, Max turned to face the speaker only to have his snout slam into a wall of fur. Surprised, the Arcanine tried to push the fur back but he just wouldn’t budge.It felt like he was pressing against a wall of bricks. Instead Max was forced back against the dumbbell rack.When he got a good look at the other fur he swore that he got goose bumps all over his body. “Booker?” Max said with a surprised expression as he took in the dingo entire stature. There stood Booker broader than before.His humongous muscles gave the illusion that he was taller. He looked like he could cover half a whiteboard with his immense size. His blue full body workout clothes were stretched to the limits. Everything about him was bigger. His biceps and triceps now bulged to the size of a bowling ball. Deep ridges formed his six pack abs; they were so well defined one could shred cheese on them. Even through his clothes his huge and shredded obliques was clearly visible. Max gulped when his eyes looked down and saw the gigantic bulge resting between thighs as thick as a stack of three steel beams. “Oh hey nice to meet a fan,” Booker said as he extended his paw for a handshake. Max begrudgingly returned the handshake. His eyes widened when he felt the dingo’s strong grip. “I’m not a fan. We met before.We competed in college. Don’t you remember me? I’m Max,” said the Arcanine breaking the handshake. Booker cocked his head to the right with a quizzical expression, “College…hmm…college…oh you mean the frat contest. Yeah now I remember there was a smaller Arcanine there. That was you? Small world, buddy.” The dingo slapped Max in the back with such force it pushed him closer to the dingo’s stomach. Feeling a little claustrophobic Max moved out of the way. “Yeah, well. I guess you workout here too then?” he asked. “Eeyup, my mate owns this place. Helped him build it up and now I provide coaching services for new members.” Booker crossed his arms. “So the offer still stands for some coaching.” “No thanks.Do I really look like I need coaching?” Max raised his arms up and performed a double bicep flex. His body radiated heat as though to mimic the pride he felt inside for the muscles he had grown for years. “Woo! We have a Machoke in the house,” the dingo teased with a sly smile like he knew something Max didn’t. Slightly annoyed by the lack of response he got, the Arcanine turned and said, “Like you can do better.” Booker smiled and walked over to the dumbbell rack to set up his own weights. “I’ve got nothing to prove buddy. It’s all good.” The Arcanine rolled his eyes at the dingo thinking that he gave his competition too much credit. Through the corner of his eyes Max saw that Booker was lifting a measly 88lbs dumbbell. “Weak,” thought Max. Watching Booker curl those weights made a cocky grin grow on Max’s face. His once powerful rival looked like he was struggling with such a light weight puffing and huffing after only three repetitions. Desiring to show how much he had surpassed Booker the Arcanine let loose a menacing growl while he curled. “Come on. Look at me, look at how huge I got! Who’s the runt now?!” thought Max. Then he heard the unmistakable sound of cloth tearing. His ears perked and his head turned to the right just in time to watch the right side of Booker’s clothes stretch and tear away from the shoulders and across his chest. Another rip was heard and this time it was across the dingo’s chest. “Ah... yeah... more,” Booker said. Standing in disbelief Max watched the dingo’s upper body balloon up in size slowly. Every time Booker curled the weights more of his shirt tore away, exposing his growing arm with veins snaking along the peak of his biceps. Right before his eyes Max watched the dingo’s arms continuously expand until it was the size of a beach ball. “Ugh, they don’t make clothes like they used to,” Booker said with a wink. The dingo dropped the weights and proceeded to tear away what was left of his shirt off of him. He now stood half naked with a ‘shelf’ large enough for four furs to rest their heads on. “Enjoying the view doggy? I ain’t even serious yet. Imagine how much bigger I can get with more heavierweights,” Booker said with a cocky smile. He proceeded to bounce his pecs before grabbing the weights again. Max gulped. All the energy in his legs were drained as he stood there watching the behemoth’s dancing pecs now inches away from his snout. He had to fight the urge to stick his tongue out and just lick every inch of Booker’s massive chest. “Wait a minute, what was I thinking? It’s leg day,” Booker suddenly proclaimed. Without giving Max a chance to respond, the dingo holding a dumbbell in each paw squatted down. A loud tear echoed through the empty gym as he went down. Max didn’t need to ask to know what happened. Rising back up to his full height Max felt smaller than ever. More tearing followed as the dingo’s thigh exploded in size. The canine’s quads grew so thick it could overshadow an entire fireplace log. With an earth-quaking grunt, Booker’s pants flew off past Max’s head, setting free the anaconda growing between his powerful thighs. A wave of hot musk wafted from the dingo’s erect cock. His hefty balls hung low, each the size of a full grown Marill. The sexual tension building inside Max was too much to bear. Inside him the part of him that wanted to pounce on the muscle giant was duking out with his sense of self control. In the end there was a clear winner. Max craned his head upwards and let loose a Flamethrower blast onto the ceiling. He then ripped off his shirt with one might pull. Lost in lust Max forced himself onto the towering stud and planted a deep kiss on Booker’s lips. Max’s tongue struggled for dominance inside Booker’s mouth. The larger dingo’s tongue was just too wide and strong. Their kiss felt like it lasted an hour before they finally broke off, a thin line of saliva still connecting their lips. “Why don’t you get a little more comfortable, hmm?” Booker asked as he stripped Max of his shorts, freeing his throbbing hot boner. Overwhelmed with the desire to kiss and lick every inch of the muscle fur’s body, Max jumped onto Booker, causing him to topple backwards from max’s immense weight. The two crashed onto the matted floor. Whimpering like a dog begging for his treat, the Arcanine buried his snout between the dingo’s heavy pecs. Their members pressed against one another, throbbing and wetting each other’s abs with the pre leaking from the tips. Booker grinned with glee but lifted the Arcanine off of him with ease. The fire dog was dangling in the air as two powerful paws held him by the shoulders. Max was panting heavily, his eyes staring at the dingo with a mix of lust and weakness. “Slow down fire hound. I appreciate the attention, but this ain’t how you service muscles,” said Booker. The dingo grabbed his two dumbbells and made his way to a nearby bench. “Spot me,” he said. Max nodded and stood behind the dingo’s head, his erection hovering over Booker’s snout. Its musky scent was starting to get to Booker, how he wanted to suck on the Arcanine’s thick meat. “Grab on to my pecs,” Booker said sternly. Just when max pressed his paws against Booker’s pecs the dingo lifted the dumbbells closer to his chest to perform a dumbbell fly. Max whispered “Wow.” His paws felt every fiber of the dingo’s muscle flex and bulge. But it didn’t end there.His fingers were suddenly being spread apart as the wall of pecs began to grow, stretching further to the side and feeling fuller in his paws. Aroused by the live muscle growth Max’s cock twitched and started dripping hot pre on Booker’s face. The dingo happily lapped every drop. Booker decided to make the first move. Extending his head up Booker’s lips managed to reach the warm hot member above him. His tongue lapped Max’s dick eagerly, spreading the pre along the Pokémon’s shaft. “Aaah, not the dickhead,” Max said with a shudder. The dingo was teasing his tip like a pro, his tongue twirling around the tip and occasionally poking into his slit. All the while Booker was still lifting albeit at a slower rate, slower and slower until the dumbbells were just left on the ground. Max was close; the bombardment of stimulation was too much for him to bear. Loudly he yelled, “Gonna cum!” A hot wave of cum shot out, bathing the dingo’s pectorals in their creamy heat. “Fuck yea, got lots of protein in ya.” The dingo scooped up a finger full of cum and licked it off seductively. Booker stood back up, his monstrous back flared, reigniting the Arcanine’s loins once again, and as impossible as it was, Booker was thicker and harder than before. He turned towards the naked Arcanine and proceeded to raise his arms into the air. In a blink of an eye his whole body tensed as he performed a double bicep pose. “Come get your treat boy,” Booker teased. Eager to comply, Max grabbed onto Booker’s right bulging bicep, squeezing it with all his might. “Fuck, it’s so big,” Max said. “Mmm, damn right,” Booker replied. Max kissed the mountain-like bicep before lapping it hungrily with his hot tongue. The taste and smell of Booker’s muscles sent shivers down Max’s spine. He regretted ever suppressing his insatiable lust for the muscle dog’s body. Blushing deeply, Max gripped tightly onto the engorged bicep when his cock shot a wad of pre into the air and landed on Booker’s right nipple. “Aww look at the mess you made.” Booker said as he brought his arms down to his hips. Thrusting his cock forward, the dingo moved to a front lat spread. His pecs flexed and hardened into a wall of steel. “You got some cleaning to do Max,” Booker said with a cocky smile. Obedient to his muscle overlord, the Arcanine pressed himself closer and began suckling on the nub of his pec. The salty taste of his own pre was so familiar since he had cum many times into his own maw when Max pleasured himself at home. Booker groaned loudly.His nipples were his greatest weak point. While he enjoyed the tongue bath he got Booker ran his right paw down the Pokémon’s back. His fingers traced the deep grooves down from Max’s soldiers all the way to his hips. The sensation of a thick rod suddenly penetrating his butthole made Max yelp and shake. “Oh fuck,” Max let out as Booker’s huge middle finger invaded his hole further. Booker enjoyed watching the Pokémon squirm so easily. Another finger entered, stretching Max’s insides further. Max’s face tensed as he struggled to accommodate the thick meaty fingers inside him. Unconsciously, his mouth latched onto Booker’s right pec again and continued to suckle at it harder. All the while Booker was finger fucking Max until the Arcanine came all over the dingo’s thigh. Booker grunted before saying, “Don’t think it’s over yet. My dick needs servicing too.” With a loud pop Booker pulled his fingers out of Max’s ass. The Pokémon still hard dropped to his knees and began to rub his snout against the big dog’s warm musky balls. “Ah fuck yea. Lap it up,” Booker said between shallow breaths. The Arcanine got down and licked Booker’s balls. Slowly his tongue moved upwards, bathing the hard shaft with saliva and pre from the tip. Max only managed to take in half of the meaty pole in his mouth before he started gagging. Using his free paws, the burning hot Pokémon stroked the remaining exposed part of Booker’s cock with one paw while the other groped his heavy balls. Booker was blushing intensely as he relished the hot moist touch of Max’s mouth on his cock. Copious amounts of pre gushed out, bathing the horny Arcanine’s face and naked body. “You know you’re a lot more fun when you’re not all about trying to best me in something,” Booker said playfully, draping a shoulder over the naked Pokémon, pulling him close for a hug. Max turned his head away to hide his shame. In all the commotion he had lost sight of what he set out to do, and now he was putty in the muscular dingo’s paws. Booker was quick to notice Max’s reaction. He surprised Max by suddenly pressing the Arcanine’s head into his armpit. Caught off guard Max struggled for a minute to push himself away. His nose burned with the smell of the sweaty dingo. “What the hell was that for?” Max asked. Booker laughed. “You got time to daydream, you can have a little jerk off competition with me. First one to cum loses.” “That came out of nowhere,” thought Max, but he was never one to turn down a challenge. Still sitting side by side, the two grabbed each other’s cock with one paw and slowly jerked the other off. Max’s body shuddered at the dingo’s touch. He expected it to be rough and almost painful considering the amount of muscle that made up Booker’s arm. But the dingo was surprisingly firm yet gentle. He knew when to grip Max’s shaft tightly and when to let go just to tease him, build the pressure inside his balls. His thumb caressed the tip of Max’s dick, sending waves of euphoria up the Pokémon’s spine. Streams of pre gushed from Max’s tip. Overcome by the sensations flooding his body, Max’s will to win began to waver as his paw was slowing to a stop on Booker’s dick. “Oh yeah, cum big boy. Cum for Booker,” his rival whispered. Hearing those words reignited Max’s desire to win. The Arcanine forced himself to concentrate. While he gasped he jerked Booker off with increasing speed. Booker growled, his own cock was reacting to Max’s skilled paw. Twitching and pulsating Booker’s cock released a heavy load of pre wetting Max’s paw in the process. Both of them were close to climaxing. Max needed something to give him an edge. He struggled to hold himself back from cumming. Booker’s massive dick was even tiring his arm out. Then from the corner of his eyes Max noticed Booker’s right paw flicking back forth from his protruding nipple, as if he was trying to hold back from pulling at it. The Arcanine acted on his hunch and latched his mouth onto the dingo’s left nipple. A loud howl filled the workout room followed by a geyser of cum erupting from Booker’s cock. The dingo’s cumshot seemed endless as it went on for a solid minute, coating the gym floors in gooey white cream. Max wanted to cum right there and then, but held back with all his might. Breathing heavily, Booker collapsed onto Max’s shoulder. “That…was…dirty,” the dingo said. “No, it’s strategy. You showed your ‘underbelly’.” Max smiled. “And a win is a win.” Booker chuckled. “I’ll take that win off you one day.” With that said Booker raised his head and planted a kiss on Max’s lips. Max was happily surprised but returned the kiss, only longer. Locked by their passion for one another the kiss filled them with desire again for one another. Booker’s rested member rose to attention once more while Max’s still hard cock continued to drip pre. “Looks like someone’s ready for the real thing,” the dingo said. He gestured to the blushing Arcanine to turn around. Instantly understanding what was to come Max got on all fours and raised his bushy yellow tail, exposing his eager virgin hole. Licking his lips, Booker, on his knees, grabbed Max by the side and pressed his massive dickhead against the Arcanine’s butthole. “Augh, you hole’s too tight. You got to relax a bit,” Booker said while his dickhead struggled to push through. “Ouch, slow down. I’ve never done this before,” Max replied looking back with concern at the dingo. “Hmm, maybe a little more lube will help.” Booker held his dick with one paw and stroked it. He could feel his balls filling themselves with cum again. With a soft grunt he shot a wad of pre all over the Arcanine’s exposed bubble butt. The dingo wasn’t able to control how much pre he made which resulted in an excess dripping down Max’s butthole. Ignoring the mess, Booker pressed his thumb around Max’s hole, smearing the pre all around the deep crevasse. Slowly, he pushed his first two fingers inwards causing Max to yelp and moan in pleasure. “I’m never going to get used to how big your digits are,” Max said without turning to the dingo. “I can make it bigger if you like,” Booker teased as he trusted his digits deeper. Max instantly pictured a gigantic Booker smashing through the gym room with his hard dick impaling Max at the tip. “Oh fuck…yes more muscle…” Max said as he panted. “Heh, then you have to earn it.” Booker pulled his fingers out and proceeded to push the tip of his cock into Max’s ass. Max growled and felt his body tense up a little from the sudden penetration, but it felt easier now to take in Booker’s entire girth. It literally felt like he was shoving an entire baseball bat up his ass. Soon the tension in his ass melted away into pleasure as his ass became accustomed to Booker’s dick. Booker grinned as he slid his whole log inside Max before pulling it back out midway, and slamming back in hard. “Ugh.” Max’s whole body felt like jelly. Bliss enveloped his body and he wanted more. “Faster…please,” he begged with blushing cheeks. The huge dingo didn’t need to be told twice, grabbing tightly on Max’s hips. Booker started slamming deeper and harder into Max’s ass. Every pounding squeezed another groan or moan out of the Arcanine. Max’s cock was going crazy, spraying pre all over the floor. “Harder…more…more,” Max kept chanting his desire to be fucked. Eventually Booker got into the rhythm and was fucking Max with increasing speed. His own dick felt like it was melting inside of Max’s hot ass with his pre flooding the Pokémon’s insides. There was so much pre that it could not be contained inside Max. Streams of the semi translucent fluid began to leak out of Max’s hole and added to the already sticky gym floors. “Ah fuck I can’t keep this up for long. Your ass is so tight,” Booker said. The dingo bent over and bit onto Max’s neck, his thrusting grew faster and stronger. At that point Max was speechless as his prostate was ravaged by the thick dick inside him. “I’m close,” Max screamed. “Fuck. Not yet, turn over!” Booker commanded. He pulled out his pre covered dick from Max’s hole with a wet pop. Breathing heavily and drenched in sweat, it took all of his energy to turn over. Even the muscular dingo above him was beginning to slow down but they both needed to cum first. Booker shoved his dick up Max’s ass once more and continued humping slowly till he found the rhythm again. “Oh fuck yeah, I love your pecs Max. I fucking love a Pokémon with huge pecs. A little bigger and I can fuck you in ways you never thought possible.” Booker grabbed Max’s left pectoral and gave it a good squeeze. Max screamed and shot a wad of hot pre all over himself. “This is too much,” thought Max. His dick looked like it was overly bloated and felt like it would explode at any second. “Oh yea…it’s cumming!” Booker exclaimed. His thrusts were slowing down, his knees felt like they were going to give way at any second. “Me too!” With a powerful howl Booker came intensely inside the Arcanine’s ass. Wave after wave of hot white cum shot out and spilled out of Max’s ass. The Pokémon’s face looked like he was knocked out by the tidal wave of cum. There was just so much of Booker’s seed in him that he felt numb to his own cumshot. Max’s dick stood erect facing the ceiling and rained semen all over the duo. Booker finally stopped cumming after two whole minutes. After which the big canine collapsed on top of Max. Max struggled under the immense weight and struggled to push the pair of pecs suffocating him. When Booker noticed what was happening he apologized. “Oh sorry dude.” With a soft groan the dingo rolled to the left of Max. Once he caught his breath, Max snuggled up close to Booker’s right arm and hugged it tightly. “I…err… thanks for that,” Max said as he purposely looked at Booker’s pecs rather than his face. “Eh no big deal. Everyone needs a good fucking once in a while.” “No, not that. About letting me win in the jerk off contest just now, you purposely showed me how to beat you. And that’s ok…” Max held Booker’s arm tighter, “I know you were just trying to be nice.” A moment of silence then felt like forever then took over. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just needed to cum and I couldn’t hold back. You might not consider it a win, but I will get back at ‘cha lil’ dog.” Booker turned over slightly and kissed Max on the forehead. Max smiled back and was said, “Heh, by then I’ll out muscle you for sure.” “Bring it on! Heck I’ll workout with ya just to keep you on your toes,” Booker replied confidently. At that moment when he heard those words Max was glad he had a rival. The two looked lovingly into each other’s eyes when the sound of doors opening from the other side of the room broke the moment. “Oh my… what the hell happened here?” the receptionist yelled. “Oops,” the two thought to themselves. THE END
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