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Found 2 results

  1. Do you like feet A LOT! Today is your lucky day! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a85ac1ece56f (Threesome) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a8fd3a77482c https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5aa0141d831bd (Interracial) https://www.xvideos.com/video963303/bare_foot_sex_by_greek_poustis (Barefoot Sex) https://www.xvideos.com/video963284/barefoot_dog_by_greek_poustis (Barefoot Dog) https://www.xvideos.com/video4567303/arpad_and_footjob_-_xvideos.com (with Arpad Miklos) https://www.xvideos.com/video9491558/rafafeet (with Rafael Alencar) https://www.xvideos.com/video6694025/hot_foot_action (Foot Action - No Cum)
  2. Abduction Part Five by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/8794-abduction-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9036-abduction-part-two/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9055-abduction-part-three/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9137-abduction-part-four/ Despite being tranqed, tased, and beat, Julian and Terry still managed to come in and out of consciousness starting about half way to the base the intruding commandos were heading. Glimpses of dimly lit corridors with sparks of light and heavy shadows, or of many camouflaged men standing next to them and doing something, and then there were the white coated people who also were doing things. Julian and Terry weren't sure what was up in their daze. Terry woke up first, feeling exceedingly uncomfortable. He was on a table of some kind, or something more like a cross of St. Andrew that was at about a forty-five degree angle from the floor. His hands and arms were up above his head and pulled slightly beyond their normal reach or extension point. Likewise, his feet and legs were the same but they were also pulled apart from one another while the arms and hands were close. This felt worse than being on the Syriegs' tables. There it was mind control or invisible force field that kept him and Julian immobile and pinned down. Here it was some kind of straps, possibly two kinds some of leather or Kevlar and some of metal. Trying to pop and rock his body a little bit Terry could feel the straps were on each wrist, each bicep, his forehead, his neck, his chest, just above his hips, above his knees, and his ankles. One could actually feel each and every thing that kept one pinned down. To make matters feel worse he had a breathing mask attached to his face. Although annoyed that once again he and Julian had been kidnapped and taken somewhere against their will, Terry found himself slightly aroused. Usually in a flat on your back position such as this, if looking down, and with an ability to suck in his abs and concave his chest a bit he could still manage to look down and see his feet, see a partial section of his ample cock. Now, besides the mask, he could see how his chest barreled out so far all his vision was blocked by nothing but chest ridge and the chest hairs that covered it like some kind of hedge or expansive moss. This caused a realization of how much muscle mass he had put on and even though it happened unnaturally, he felt fine, powerful, and so he was very turned on by it. The arousal was even worse when his mind went down the road that Julian was also the same height, build, strength, and genital size that he was. It didn't take long before his prick began to swell and snake further down his leg before attempting the ascent it couldn't physically reach anymore due to its incredible length, girth, and weight. "I see one of the genetic freaks is up in more ways than one. Good morning, sleeping ugly!" Terry turned his eyes towards a figure that approached. Terry would have once considered him a slightly tall man, about his original height of 6' 4", as well as his high school fighting weight of around 240 pounds or so. He had a buzz cut hair style, naturally, and a pair of steel eyes that looked cold, careless, soulless. It didn't help that there was a circular C shaped scar going around his left eye and eyebrow. "Yeah, I know. Not gonna win a beauty contest any time soon, but that's alright, momma didn't raise me to do that." Terry swallowed. licked his lips and dryly attempted to speak, "Whoo...whoo...who are...?" "Who am I? I am Major Grant Payne, United States Army." Terry let out a soft chuckle. "That's right, meathead, I am Major Payne and I'm going to be one for you if you don't fully cooperate; not that you have a choice. However, if you care to make light of my name and rank, I can make sure this goes extremely painful for even your giant roided self." "What.... what are you going to do with us?" "Oh... not me. I'm not the one you gotta worry about, impress, or kiss ass to. That pleasure falls to my superior, Colonel Delilah Sergeant." Terry began to chuckle again. "I would suggest you nip that laughter in the bud right now. Yes, we've got ironic names for military personnel, but she takes more exception to your laughter about it than I do, and let me tell you, that woman is to be feared. She's not the tallest or biggest built woman I've ever seen, but she is one hell of a bitch. If you're out in the dessert with her, you could survive, if you could take her out. Puncture her veins and you'd have an endless supply of ice water to drink. I mean she has no problems in deciding, quickly, what your worth is to the team, to the military, and if it's not much, she'll leave you behind to fend for yourself or die in order to achieve the goal. It will be up to her whether we treat you well or exceptionally poorly. Whether you and your giant fuck buddy there lives or dies." "How did you...find us?" "Oh that was easy. We've been watchin' you. Oh, not you specifically, not originally. You think we haven't known about those fuckin' Syriegs all this time? Once mankind developed radar equipment it was only a matter of time before that technology progressed for us to see and monitor any ET's that were stopping by for a visit. We know about them for decades. They're doing minimal damage to humanity, so we let them study us and while they're abducting folks like you, we can observe and study them and their technology. No sense in causing worldwide panic and let everyone know. There'd be mindless rioting in seconds. "However, this time they broke pattern. One of their shuttle crafts went haywire and we decided to see why. Might as well, as we have a hidden base here. Oh, don't look so surprised. We have hidden bases everywhere in the world, whether the country is friendly with us or not. Thus, last night as we hid in trees and bushes looking in through your windows, besides seeing to guys get each other's rocks off, we could see you. Two giant, roided, muscular giants of men. We ran a photo recognition of who you two were and then we found out.... .... .... Terry Mikicia, once a big man on college campus, sights set on achieving a career in the NFL. You weren't ever as big as this before, but you were a big fella, just a bit more muscled than I am. But that just could be a simple matter of augmenting your genes somehow. Not worth a lot of our attention, just our curiosity. Hard to find naturally built guys like you, let alone find them and augment them. "But your buddy there. Julian Dealag... ... ... now there... there was something to take notice of. Short shit to average height sized male with a body the size and durability of a pipe cleaner. Yet here... Here he is a nearly ten foot tall behemoth of mounding muscle. Now this....THIS... we could use. How did they do that to him? If we could find that out, we could create the biggest, largest army that no one could stand up to. Fuck those shits creating religious wars. We could be an army tall enough to kick in their front doors and actually bring the house down on top of them! So that's why we're here. We're gonna find out what they did to ya boy, and then we're gonna duplicate it to make the world's strongest army." Suddenly the doors burst open and in walked Colonel Delilah Sergeant. She was around five foot six, athletic, jet black hair which cut in a bob style framed a pair of eyes that looked almost as black as the hair. Her lips were thin, pierced, and below a thin and straight as an arrow nose. Terry shivered when he saw her not because she herself looked cold or formidable, but because her face and eyes almost reminded him of the Syriegs in appearance. "And we're gonna get started on that right now, Major. Is all in preparation?" "Yes, ma'am!" "Alright, those of us that need to be out of the way up to the observation booth. The rest of you to your stations." Although the teams looked surprised at her entrance and a bit shocked at her announcement of the procedure to start and start now, they did as they were told and walked to prepositioned areas. There were several minutes which felt like hours that went by of people checking machines that hummed and whirred and beeped, while people looked at screens and dials or checked the tubes going into Julian or Terry or that their masks were on straight. But then there was an announcement, a nod, and suddenly Terry felt as though his bloodstream were being invaded. He could feel it. Not like when they inject one with some sort of chemical and one felt either a burning or chilling sensation that coursed through ones veins, no this was more like a worm had penetrated the skin and was slowly swimming through one's veins. Yet that still isn't enough to describe it. In order to describe it correctly one would have to say that said worm had a drill bit head made up of a dozen saws that all focused to a point and was somehow boring one's veins wider and cleaner than before. Terry let out a moan as if he was going to be sick and Major Payne stepped up, smiling at him and said, "Don't worry. It won't hurt for long and the rewards will be great. You'll have served your country, and you won't be standout freaks any more. We'll figure out what genetic mutation and markers they did to you, replicate that with some fine solders, and whenever they're on leave you'll have some buddies your size to play football with." Terry was just thinking of how glad he was that Julian seemed out of it, but then Julian seemed to groan a bit, louder and louder until finally his body spasmed and twisted as though it intended to sit up, although it could not due to the restraints. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "We've found one of the organisms that helped cause the growth!" Colonel Sergeant's voice echoed coldly over the intercom. "Proceed with capture and analysis from the nanobot." Terry then let out a scream as well, and wished at this moment more than anything that he could rip his veins out from his body. He began to twist and control a little as well. "We found one in subject two!" "Proceed with same orders as with subject one!" There were several minutes of excruciating pain, as though there was some kind of war going on inside the veins of Julian and Terry. "Nanobot is collecting more of the cell samples used to cause the mega growth." "Steady and be observant." Suddenly there felt as though the worm like bots were shooting streams of ice water ahead of their drills and Terry's head began to swoon heavily as though he had stood up too fast. "Both subject's blood pressures are rising and rising fast." "What is the problem?" "It's like the nanobots have somehow blocked the arteries in front of them?" "Look deeper find the cause!" There was much whirring and beeping going on, none of which sounded positive. Terry was finding it hard to breathe and his heart felt as though it was having an incredible time just to beat. "Sir! The nanobots, the cells that they have collected seemed to have changed shaped. They're forming together, elongating like a tube of some kind and sending out one of their own cells far ahead of the nanobot." "Look ahead and see what it's doing!" More clicks and hums, throbs and whirs. "Sir... we're looking at some of the cells... the one shot off is meeting others ahead of it and their turning green?" "What do you mean they're turning green?" "They're not... they're not turning green themselves, but they are achieving a green glow." "Analysis!" One scientist ran over to another station and began looking at data that was scrolling up at an incredible rate. "Sir! These aren't cells of the subjects, Sir!" "Then what the hell are they?" "They're much more advanced nanobots than what we have. They were in the process of dying, but our nanobots capturing them has apparently reactivated them...." "What are you saying?" "Luminescent glow in over 45% of the subjects' body." "Forty-five percent! I thought this just started?" "It did... I'm not sure how they're communicating or..." "Anyone know what these hyper nanos do when activated?" In answer to her question, Terry let out a cry of pain followed by a long and low moan, which was again followed by a series of short, yelped gasps. Suddenly all the excessive facial and body hair that both Terry and Julian had either fell off their body or receded back into their body. And with each time he made Terry or Julian made their utterances, their feet suddenly swelled and grew, elongated and became denser, longer, wider, bigger. "ABORT! ABORT NOW! Command our nanobots to let theirs go!" "Luminescence throughout 79% of subjects' body." "Inject the omega bots!" A series of frantic clicks and whirs, button pushing and lever yanking and soon robotic arms with needle extension were heading towards the elbow crooks of Julian and Terry. However with a few gasps and groans, Julian and Terry's limbs began to lengthen, their shoulders began to broaden, their hands and feet got larger, their muscles began to thicken, even their cock and balls were inflating and swelling once more. At the point and time of injection, the needles now met the elbow end of the giants' inflating biceps and it being now to dense for the needle caused it to snap instead of penetrate. "Automatic hypodermic have been sna...." "I can see that! Get in there and do it manually you dolt!" The lab assistant ran for some prepared syringes, but by the time he returned it was too late. The young men had swollen and grow to the point that the bonds holding them were cutting deep into their skin, but the skin and muscle and bone were growing at such a phenomenal pace that the straps of leather and metal were creaking and groaning and stretching beyond their capacity to hold. Up and up the numbers on the monitor went as the boys began to outgrow the cross like tables they were on length, width, and weight wise. "Reaction is happening. Subjects have increased in height up to 11' 1.5!" The assistant with the syringes came running up to Julian's bed and attempted to inject him manually, but with another surge of growth the left hand straps holding Julian's arm in place snapped allowing a full twitch to affect his arm. This in turn caused Julian's arm to put enough force on the wrist strap that it gave way and Julian's arm lashed out striking the assistant in his chest and knocking him back several feet from the table. "Subjects have grown again. 137.38 inches or just over eleven feet five and fourth inches tall!" More groans and moans from Terry and Julian as their bodies swelled ever longer and broader, taller and wider, thicker and harder. Their veins pulsing up to the top caressing every hill and dale of their mounding muscular frame. Suddenly there was a large hiss and the tables sunk down and tilted even more forward than usual. "Table hydraulics have been compromised. Tables cannot support the weight." "SOMEBODY WITH MEDICAL SCIENCE DO SOMETHING HERE!" Again groans, moans, the eerie sound of bones snapping and breaking, mixed with stretching noises of sinew and ligaments and tendons growing and snapping and increasing along with muscle fibers breaking down and increasing in size. "Subject proportionately are gaining in muscle density and strength, not just proportionate to new height but actually adding weight!" More moans and screams as the feet got larger, the hands more massive, the heads stood taller. "Subjects are now 145.16 tall or twelve feet one and almost one fourth inches tall and still growing!" Julian and Terry's heads both rolled to either side and then began sit straight up and slightly rock from side to side growing further and further up as their shoulders began to broaden wider and wider. "Subjects gaining in height again. One hindered forty-six inches, forty-seven, forty-eight-forty-nine, one hundred fifty, one fifty-five, one sixty!" Suddenly the x shaped tables that Julian and Terry were now leaning on instead of strapped to, began to bend and fold over backwards. Everyone began to watch as the musculature of these to giant men became even larger, harder, stronger. Their muscles bulged and popped, mounded and rose, ever higher and denser, thicker and stronger, not only become so much bigger, but more defined, cut, their striations and fibers becoming individualistic as well as working and become one. Overly developed medical drawings of the humanoid muscular system in full blown, swollen, color. "Subjects body mass is increasing, muscle mass taking over greater percentage of weight. Starting weight of three-thousand two-hundred forty-five pounds after last growth spurt. Three-thousand two-hundred fifty.....two-hundred sixty.....two-hundred seventy...." "Try to initiated the blood transfusion and cleaning system!" "Two- hundred ninety, three-thousand three-hundred ten, three-hundred-forty, three-hundred seventy! Muscle mass increasing in greater amounts.... three-thousand four-hundred even.....four-fifty....five-hundred.....five-hundred forty.....five-hundred sixty ....five-hundred seventy-five..... five-hundred eighty....five hundred eighty-five....eighty-six....eighty-seven....eighty-eight....eighty-nine.....ninety.... Subjects leveling off at three-thousand five-hundred and ninety pounds." "I don't care if they are leveling off get the cleaning system running on them now!" "We've already initiated that back when you...." Suddenly Julian and Terry began to shake wildly and convulse. Their skin began to take on a slightly blue tint. Their mouth bobbed open and closed as if they were desperately gasping for air." "WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE!" "The subjects aren't getting enough oxygen! They're suffocating!" "How is that possible with the masks on!" "Their....their hearts have reversed their beating pattern. They're circulation is going backwards!" "Pull everything out. PULL EVERYTHING OUT OF THEM NOW!" But soon there was the sickening sound of blood hitting the upended bottoms of the automatic syringes. The army's nanobots were pushed out of the young giants' blood stream. Shortly thereafter the needles themselves seem to have been pushed out or pulled out due to the giants' growth. They looked more like the incredible hulk now than ever. Arms hanging in mid air. Back and lats all hooded and broad underneath. Shoulders that looked like they would raise up at any minute and pinch off the head via the neck, if it weren't for the fact the neck looked like some Doric, ionic, or Corinthian marble columns Thighs that looked bigger than most men's chest. Calves that looked bigger than most men's waist. Forearms that if looked at too closely might be mistaken for a bicep they were so huge and developed. Chests that seemed to barrel out more and more and more threatening to tip the men over if they stood up. Meanwhile the air began to be heavily scented with a strong musky and teenage boy smell. Several of the scientists gagged, other sprung a instant hard ons and began to cum, causing them to collapse to the floor. Julian and Terry's body hair began to grow in again, covering partially their feet, their entire legs, up their crotch, scrotum, chest before stopping there. Then it moved on to a spot about half way down their upper arms, filled up their arm pits, and continued down to cover their forearms and part of their hands. While on top, five o'clock shadows came growing to a day's growth, two days, three days, a full beard, slightly long beard, while their head hair grew longer and longer around their faces and down to their shoulders and mid back. Major Payne however, stood up, grabbing gun and syringes in hand, and smiled, with a raging hard on under his camouflaged pants. "Power..." He smiled through gritted teeth and droned. "Pure power....... and STRENGTH!" He started to stride across the room ready to take command and charge of the situation. But the table, completely bent under the young men's weight, now snapped into two while the last remaining buckles and straps snapped off from the giants or the table itself. "Monitors still working. Subjects height is increasing again!" Julian and Terry now assumed a horse stance: feet shoulder with apart, hands at sides - in as much as their upper arms, back, and lats allowed, and their heads and neck standing straight and getting taller by the minute. They threw their arms, back, and shoulders back, clinched their fists and flexed their arms, their chests continued to just jut and barrel out forming a pec shelf any mountain precipice desire to have and be. Growing longer, thicker, and wider, the giants' torso and legs grew and grew sending their growing heads ever higher and higher to the approaching Major Payne. "One-hundred sixty-seven point six six six inches tall and it looks like there is still another spurt to grow!" "We don't have the ability to keep them at this point. Take the down and out, NOW!" But Major Payne wasn't thinking clearly, nor through the steam and the heat and the distance could he estimate nor judge the size of the situation clearly. Not paying attention to the one lab assistance constant updates, Major Payne was too careless and too cock and approached a threat that was beyond his scope and growing larger by the minute. Standing currently at just over thirteen feet tall, Major Payne just barely came up to either Julian or Terry's knees and when Julian saw him, his mind in total instinct and survival mode, he back handed Major Payne and sent him flying across the entire room and up into the observation room window. Still the lab assistant called out stats as the young men's bodies continued to grow and soar. Their muscles were swelling and inflating, vessels were rising to the top and snaking all over their bodies. Their testicles were swelling larger, firmer, hanging lower, and producing such a copious amount of cum they could fill a pitcher full with one volley, while at the same time their colossal cocks just oozed and snaked out of their groins ever longer, thicker, veinier threatening to become a third leg. "One-hundred seventy inches....one seventy-five......one seventy-eight....one seventy-nine.... one eighty....one eighty -one....one eighty-one and a half....... one eighty-two. Subjects are one-hundred eighty-two inches tall and weigh in at five-thousand two-hundred and sixteen pounds!" And suddenly and in great awe another staffer commented right next to the first...."with a thirty-six inch flaccid cock?" The growing stopped, the young behemoths stood there bobbling a little on their feet before suddenly their pricks rose and swelled to full concrete hard erection "Thirty-seven....thirty-eight....forty.....forty-two.....forty-six.....fifty.... good lord.....fifty-one....two... three..... four.....and a fourth.....and a half.....and three-fourths." Then both giants snapped their heads back and thrust their hips forward as their titan testicles pulled themselves up and they spewed cable sized ropes of jizz across the entire room. One volley....two.....four......eight......twelve......sixteen.... The whole room stood there in stupor before someone screamed at the Colonel who had been watching all from the observation window. "Colonel we have to do something!" Proving her hardness of mind and possibly heart, despite the fact that a change had come over her, slightly, she turned exposing her dampened shirt, coat, and skirt that showed tremendous leakage from her nipples and crotch, and gave the order coldly, "Gas them. GAS THEM NOW!" "But we have people down ...." "FOR THE SAKE OF SECURITY GAS THEM ALL! WE CAN WAKE THEM UP LATER!" On the order suddenly there was a large amount of sleeping gas that piped in and flooding the chamber below. The two giants tried to back off from it, but it was coming from everywhere. They went to try and hold their breath, but they were still weak from the massive growth spurt that they had. Finally in frustration, Terry picked up part of his table and flung it across the room towards the observation area. Striking somewhere and something beneath them, there was a large clunk heard followed by the hiss of escaping steam or gas. "What did he hit? SOMEONE FIND OUT WHAT HE HIT!?" Suddenly there was an explosion from one of the walls. As the gas and dust began to clear out of the room or settle to lower levels, one could suddenly see five people standing at the hole in the wall. Three of them wore something that looked like futuristic police uniforms, two respectively built men with a glowing golden aura around them, one fairly normal looking but buff female. Another male wore something that looked almost from Earth's period of the 1970's, like the jumpsuits worn by either Elvis or the Osmond Brothers, except it had no fringe and was much more open in the front revealing the symbol of Mercury tattooed across his decently developed chest. The other man looked like a Norse human and was instantly recognizable by the two giants. "Hey!.......DRIESSSSSHH!" "DRIESSSHHHHHHHHHHMYHEWWO" And with that the two giants went down to the floor. "OPEN FIRE!" screamed Colonel Sergeant. The two glowing men immediately put their hands up and a large yellow but somewhat transparent construct formed between them, their team and everyone else. The bullets that were shot at them seem to either hit the construct and then just fall to the floor or bounced off. "HOLD YOUR FIRE THEY'RE RETURNING THE BULLETS! HAND TO HAND! NOW!" With that Colonel Sergeant took out her gun and blew out the observation window, them flung herself over it and began to charge after the intruders. "Al-Elameph, Dries, go after the two we came for. Merc, tackle the gun-ho bitch, I'm betting she's the leader. Drixos and I will take care of the grunts. MOVE!" With that the constructs became scoops and the two glowing men began pushing soldiers and lab techs across the room to the other side. Meanwhile Merc turned to face and stare down Colonel Sergeant. "You have no right to be in this facility. This is a facility of the United States Government. You are trespassing, and you specifically are weaponless. I strongly suggest you leave." {"I am far from weaponless, my dear."} "UGH!" No one saw any movement from Merc and barely some out of Colonel Sergeant. For that matter no one heard anything either. They simply saw the Colonel train her gun on the bare-chested opponent and then falter in her stance a bit. {"As far as trespassing goes, I believe according the treaties and laws of your planet, this base would be considered a trespassing violation to this nation, which is not your own. You are also in violation of interplanetary article number three section b sub section eight of the keeping and...."} "GET OUTTA MY MIND!" The Colonel fired of two shots, although in extremely slow fashion. Merc managed to dodge one and move the other just before he refocused his attention on the Colonel and mind whipped the gun out of her hand then lifting her up, placed her back into the observation room before moving the car doors off their hinges and placing them in to the observation window area while placing something against the entrance door. Meanwhile Al-Elameph was easily bulldozing and then flying her way across the room to Terry. She easily picked him up and flew him out the door. This was unlike Dries, who although exceeding strong was finding the new size and weight of Julian to be somewhat difficult to manage. He was just barely able to grab a hold of Julian's wrist and get him slide across the floor. "I am so liking how I feel on this planet's atmosphere, Dries. I could learn to like this. Since I've got it, might as well flaunt it. Take it easy and I'll return to help you with him." Unfortunately before Al-Elameph could return, the item that Terry had punctured with his table toss exploded sending Dries flying and landing in a spot where the building gave way and began to crumble. "Dries!" "Leave him. He blends in here on this planet better than we do, and reinforcements plus the law for this country are coming in. Let's get the alien hostages out of here so they can be treated and sent back to their home worlds." And with that Al-Elameph flew over picked up Julian and brought him close to Terry, where upon Nixos and Drixos formed a bubble around Al-Elameph and Terry and one around Merc and Julian and proceeded to fly up high in to the sky. In orbit there seemed to be hundreds of ships engaging each other in a bit of a battle. An intergalactic police force had come checking on the Syriegs and did not like what they saw. They were in the middle of shutting everything down and fining the Syriegs when the Syriegs let them know they were not happy. Boarding their own ship, Nixos, Drixos, Merc, Al-Elameph, put Julian and Terry into a medical bed and began to get their ship powered and programmed. "Someone got that Nord'oks message all screwed up I believe." "How so, Drixos?" "I know it said about being altered and the government taking them, but did you see the size of those guys?" "Yeah I did. Huge kerfers that's for sure." "Only kerfers I know that grow that big and strong are..." There was a slight pause between Nixos and Drixos before they turned to one another and said, "Calcryans!" "Worry not, Drixos. We'll speak with the council. They'll order us to take them home, but before that, they'll go through to proper training to have their humanity removed and they'll be proper Calcryans again." "Better not let them wake up until the corrective surgery is done. One thing you don't want to do to a Calcryan is remove his body tattoo. These two are going to go ballistic if they wake up to see theirs have been due to the Syriegs' experiments."
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