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  1. “Who’s sneakers are these” Charlie called, holding one of the massive stinky shoes in his hands “Which ones” his mother called from the kitchen Charlie pulled back the tongue, the musky smell only stronger. “Size 22s” He shouted back “Oh, those are Reese’s” his mother called back These can’t be Reese’s, the 5ft6 fat ass didn’t have size 22 feet. “Reese is like 5ft6, aren’t his feet size 7” Charlie replied, burying his nose into the shoes mouth His mother chuckled lightly “Charlie are you alright” Charlie quickly dropped the shoe with a thud, he had no idea there this sudden fetish for foot funk came from. “Yea, I’m cool, a little tired” he yawned “Ok, go to bed” His mother ordered as he appeared with a pile of laundry “Take this with you” “Ok” he took the pile “But the shoes” His mother looked at him with confusion, she checked his forehead. “Mom” he stepped back She shook her head “You’re just tired” she rubbed his arm, comforting him “Charlie, Reese hasn’t been 5ft6 since he was 13, he’s got to be pushing 7ft by now” Charlie’s face went blank “What” “Honey, Reese has been wearing those sneaker for a month now, you were there when we brought them” she explained “He had just got back from football practice and you gave him a foot rub, I’m proud how well you support him” Charlie dropped the laundry. His mother scolded him, and they quickly put the pile back together. His mother dumped the last piece on top, a giant stretched out jockstrap, that had been hidden in the pile. “Now get to bed, and wake Reese up, he has practice in a few hours” she ordered Charlie’s brain worked overtime to process everything, his eyes glued to the fading name written on the jock, REESE. How could Reese with his baby dick fill such a large cotton tent. Charlie had seen that micro-dick enough times, Reese was always jacking it. The two boys shared a room, their beds either end and facing each other, so they’d seen a lot of each other. Charlie opened the bedroom door, noticing that it now was decorated with ‘REESE’S PAD’ in big colorful letters. The room was different, now dominated by a huge bed and the even bigger occupant. Charlie stared at the long wide feet near the end the bed. He could see that it was two double beds pushed together. The door swinging closed made Charlie jump, the pile dropping to the floor, the musky jock landing at his feet. The beast on the bed sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes with long heavy arms. “Reese” Charlie questioned Reese chuckled “Hey bro, like the changes” he bounced a pair of thick pecs “How” Charlie asked froze to the spot “The Chronivac finished downloading on your laptop” he smirked, a large hand disappearing under the blanket “But you wouldn’t know anything about that, I made sure of that” “The Chronivac” He questioned “What does that matter, you’re huge, mom thinks you’re on the football team….and my bed is gone” Charlie listed, his eyes stuck on a growing mound between Reese’s trunk like legs Reese’s free hand twisted a pierced nipple “Yea, I’m huge and I’m on the football team” he moaned suddenly, the mound rising higher “And your bed isn’t gone, it’s at the foot of the bed" Charlie looked down at the small cot, a pair of gym shorts stuffed with socks as a pillow and an old basketball jersey for a blanket. "You find my smell comforting” Reese explained “But sometimes you sleep up here with me” Reese suddenly threw back the blanket, and slapped a huge leaking meat-stick against his abs. Charlie licked his lips, his mouth full with saliva all of a sudden. “You want breakfast” he offered “I have a couple hours before practice” Charlie now settled into this new world tentatively climbed between Reese’s legs, spit dripping from his plump lips. Reese fell back onto the bed as Charlie spat a large gob-full of spit onto his hulking brothers horse cock.
  2. “How was your first day” Steve called to his son Luke He’d heard the front door open and slam loudly closed. He’d heard some muttering and the sound of Dan kicking off his new work shoes. The thudding from the smart black leather shoes was a lot louder then they should have been. It sounded like Luke hadn’t had a good first day. Steve had been proud of his son when Luke announced he’d finally found a proper job. He was 21, and has been bouncing between terrible low paid jobs from burger flipper to cashier in a gas station. But he’d gotten a nice secure office job for some big biotech firm. He’d just be doing filing and stuff from a desk, so it didn’t matter that Luke hadn’t been to college, or barely got out of high school. “It was fine” Luke called back as he passed the doorway to the living room His voice sounded hoarse, deeper even. Maybe the office was a loud environment, and Luke’s mousy squeaky voice had had to bellow to just be heard. Steve pulled his chunky form from the sofa, Luke had inherited Steve’s short stocky form. Steve himself had just finished a long day at the office, being a low level accountant for some big bank. He’d tried to get Luke a job there, but the boy just didn’t have the qualifications. Steve walked into the corridor, seeing the front door shut and Luke’s shoe on the floor. They were brand new, only brought a few days ago before Luke started work. Now they were ruined, the seams looking stretched out and torn apart. One of them having had the entire sole of the shoe hanging from the leader body by a few threads. “Luke, what the hell happened to your shoes” Steve shouted to his son, confusion and anger in his voice There was a few moments silence. Luke’s reply was muffed by a mouth full of food. But it sounded like he was claiming his feet were too big. Steve wanted to call out Luke’s bullshit, the boy was cursed with small slender girl feet. Instead he huffed and moved towards the kitchen, pushing the door open and gasping loudly at the sight of his son. Standing at the open fridge his hand buried in a bowl of cold potatoes from last night’s dinner stood Luke, just it wasn’t the short chubby boy Steve had waved off to work this morning. This was a man, a very tall, muscle bound man. The seat of his pants were skin tight over two overdeveloped glute muscles. The seams of the pants legs struggling over two thick quads and down to meaty calve muscles. The hem of the pant legs didn’t make it to Luke’s ankles, he must be half a foot taller at least, maybe even a foot. Like his shoes the socks on Luke’s feet were losing their battle with Luke’s flipper like feet, the toes forcing themselves out of the fabric. Luke was shirtless, this crisp white work shirt lay across the island in the centre of the kitchen. It looked torn in places, the sleeve arms looked like they had burst. It was missing a few buttons, mostly around the collar and the upper chest area. Steve saw why when Luke turned to face him, his widely build back fading from view to reveal Luke’s chest. Two immense slab like pecs, hairless with fat perky nipple hung from his torso. The strain of carrying these rock hard sandbags explained the rounded perfection of Luke’s cannon ball shoulders and meaty traps. Must be a workout from keeping them so high and perky. “Hey Dad” Luke said between mouthfuls of potatoes, his voice was deeper “What.. What” Steve started to splutter, his eyes tracing the ridges of Luke’s abs “Accident at work… first day too” Luke sighed, putting nearly empty bowl into the fridge He slammed it closed, his bowling ball bicep flexing with power. He obviously didn’t know his own strength. Steve just stood slack jawed as his new and improved son explained what happened. Luke’s face had changed a bit, mostly gained some muscle with his jaw squaring off and skin gaining a healthy tanned sheen to it. “So I got in fine, met my manager and stuff… you know got the login for the emails and that” he explained waving a large veined hand around “They took me on a tour of the campus, not just my building, but the labs and stuff too… was super cool. He then flexed an arm and bounced his heavy pecs. A sly smirk on his lips. “Then the accident happened” He chuckled “Some lab guy wasn’t following protocols and left some stuff out they shouldn’t” He laughed “And you know I’m clumsy” He stretched out his arms, his hand now able to palm the ceiling when fully stretched up. His lats flared outwards, Luke was so broad now. “I might of knocked a flask over and breathed in too much of the fumes” Luke muttered Luke finally noticed his fathers face, he raised his hands to calm his dad. Which only caused his big solid pecs to bunch up. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t fired… I mean I am in trouble” he laughed “I wasn’t fired though, I just grew… which they said wasn’t what they were aiming for, so they are gonna have to study me” “Stud…Study” Steve was able to blurt out before quickly saving himself “Yea study” Luke said “They are gonna pay me more, plus I don’t have to work at all, just come in everyday for tests and stuff” He clicked two of his thick fingers together “Speaking of which” Luke turned away again, giving his dad a good view of his thick ass again. Luke went to a cupboard and got out a large water bottle, it was Steve’s from when he used to go cycle to work. “They need a sample” Luke chuckled as he turned back Steve blinked a few times before seeing that Luke was cupping his bulging crotch with his free hand. The zipper of his pants near to bursting, the teeth of the zip barely keeping themselves together. Luke left the kitchen, laughing about being paid to jerk off. Last thing Steve heard from his son that night before his boy’s bed started to slam back and forth was Luke’s musing that he’d need a bigger sample cup.
  3. “Thanks coach, we couldn’t have done it without you” Eric boomed downwards Coach nodded dumbly, everyone on the team had reacted so much better to the medication than he’d expected. Who’d have known one small pill could do so much to a human body, he wondered what sort of biological magic it had done within his athletes. Not one of them was under 6ft10, not one of them below 270lbs, not one of them with more than 10% body fat. They were muscle beasts now, many of them had already been beasts before their coach had stepped in. The rugby match hadn’t been that important, which was why Coach decided to test out the pills during it. He didn’t want his boys to explode with size during a real match, or worst have some sort of horrible side effect. What if only their feet had grown into size 18 or above boats, or if they grew thickly muscled arms out of proportion to the rest of their body. None of that had happened, instead every single athlete grew taller, broader and heavier. Dwarfing the other team within minutes, their tallest player barely chest level with his tallest player. The blond twins, both promising and enthusiastic athletes had only been 6ft before, now they were an inch or so over 7ft and had piled on dense meaty muscle. Their uniforms were straining against their bodies, Coach was thankful he’d invested in some elastic uniforms. He feared that much tanned bulky muscle bursting out of clothes could have caused a riot. Which could still happened, their jerseys were tight over their bulking chests and taunt over their meaty muscle butts, any seam could split with one wrong move. Behind the three gods talking to him Coach could see Isaac the teams left winger fucking a couple of his thick fingers into the water-boy’s mouth, his monster cock straining painfully against his shorts. The water-boy looked both excited and terrified, and he should be. Those fingers being jack hammered into his mouth didn’t look anywhere near to the girth he was probably about to choke down. Coach hadn’t been paying attention and the three giants ahead of him were planning a nice way of winding down from their victory high. If only he’d been listening to them muttering to each other, he’d have heard them work out which two would tag team his plump round muscle butt.
  4. PART ONE It had been a few days since Drew had let his two straight friends turn themselves into cum hungry sluts thanks to his jacuzzi and he was worn out. The boys had been riding him constantly and while he was blessed with an elephant cock, his body was failing him. Drew gave his boys some chores with the promise of a fuck when they finished, so that he could get some free time. Finally he’d be able to test out the jacuzzi. He flicked it onto the setting he'd been planning on using all along and lowered himself into the bubbling water. The effects were instant, his skin prickled as it hit the water. It started with what felt like a deep wash, all faults in skin clearing. Then it started to burn, a deep pleasurable burn. Drew braced himself against the edge moaning as the water focused into a fierce torrent around his cock. The burn melted fat and filled Drew’s slender muscles with strength. It refined Drew, removed and corrected faults. It stretched his bones, his widening feet slid across the jacuzzi bottom. Drew felt his jaw broadening, stubble spreading across his face. The uneven dusty of hair on his chest retracted. The only body hair on his now athletic body was a small treasure trail running between his solid ab muscles, it was still more hair then Chris and Dan had. Drew let out a sigh as the burn faded and the bubbles slowed, his hand caught the setting button and flicked it back to jacuzzi. He smirked down at very above average bulge in his speedo, now surrounded by a body which matched it. “Wow” the soft voices of Chris and Dan chimed in unison Drew winked at the thong clad sluts, it was a rule the boys decided on, they shouldn’t wear clothes. They dropped their thongs and splashed into the pool. Drew gave his decent sized pecs a bounce and the boys giggled, their slender hands pulled at the speedo, fishing out his hefty cock. The two boys started jacking the fat monster, kissing and licking the fist sized head that rose from the bubbling water. Drew leaned back and let the boys work. He decided he’ll let them finish then see what another dose of subnami would do to the former jocks, hopefully it would make them a little more manageable. They were still pretty tall and built, though Drew’s new stud body was evening the odds, another dose of studicane should fix that.
  5. David watched as Logan climbed into the graffiti covered bus. His best friend flinging his skinny legs over one of the empty window frames and heaving his slender form into the guts of the old bus. The bus was an urban legend for their town. David’s parents had talked about it being around when they were kids, Logan had even said that his grandfather knew about the buried bus. The story was that the bus was an old red London double decker bus. A London bus which had somehow found its way across the Atlantic and then across the United States and found itself buried in a rocky valley in California. Everyone from drunk British sailors or aliens had been blamed for the buried bus, but for kids its was a place of horror. It was a place where you showed off how brave you were, a place where dares were made. “I dare you to touch the bus” “I dare you to sit in one of the seats” Logan hadn’t been dared at all, he was just curious, not that David wasn’t curious, he was just scared. Even though David was a senior in high-school and heading off to college soon the buried bus still scared him. Even beneath a cloudless blue sky with a bright sun shining the rusty colour strewn bus was creepy, there was just something about it. It didn’t seem to affect Logan, he wanted to know what was on the bottom deck of the bus. Not one of the stories about the buried bus explained why it was buried or what was on the bottom floor. No one had even seemed to have gone down the stairs to the bottom floor, no one even mentioned that it had a bottom floor beyond saying it was a double decker London bus. So David stood about 20 ft away from the bus as his best friend vanish into its interior. “You see anything” David called He could see Logan head of messy brown hair popping up from behind the rusty frame of a window. “Nothing, just graffiti and rusty seats” Logan called back While Logan had a very youthful voice, almost like puberty had skipped him, he was still able to throw a lot of authority into his voice. He always sounded confident even though a strong wind would blow him away like a plastic bag. “You see the stairs” David called He watched Logan’s messy hair move from the front of the bus down towards the back. “Yea, they are here” Logan called back There was a moment of silence and then the sound of a rock bouncing down the metal stairs. “Its not buried” Logan called, some excitement in his voice “I’m going to head down” —————————————————— Logan gently took his first step down to the lower deck of the bus. His small flip flop clad foot tested out the integrity of the rusty step. The step held and he descended down into the bus. He expected it to be dark, but it wasn’t. Sun light was pouring down through small holes in the upper deck’s floor. The entire lower deck was clear. While the glass from the windows was gone the ground hadn’t caved in. Instead flat slabs of rock covered ever window. It was like the bus was encased in cement. The rock had been covered in graffiti, but these weren’t the tags of artists or obscene images. They looked like cave drawings. Spirals and letters in foreign languages. With each aisle of rusty seats the drawings became thicker and thicker, new stuff drawn over older stuff. Logan’s confidence was fading with each step, the bus was beginning to scare him. He came to the drivers cabin. The drawings that dominated the areas where the windscreen should be all pointed towards the cabin, driving Logan to look inside. Gingerly Logan leaned forward to look into the cabin, his small skinny body shaking from fear. There was nothing inside the cabin. No drivers seat, no gear box, no steering wheel. Where wasn’t even a cabin, just an empty void. Logan tried to pull away, but he couldn’t. The void was pulling him in. His small hands gripped at the rusty door frame around him, the void now rushing air pass him as it sucked him into itself. The rust beneath his fingers gave away, crumbling into red dust and Logan fell into the void. Logan screams as he fell. His body twisting in the void, his arms and legs swinging wildly. He could feel air howling pass himself. He was falling, the void wasn’t just empty space, it went somewhere. His chest felt tight as he fell, like he was struggling to breath. Logan could barely see himself in the darkness, but he could see that his chest was growing. Expanding upwards and outwards with each breath, the void’s air growing his flat chest into a meaty pair of pecs that straining as his shirt. He moved his hand onto his chest, feeling the muscle, it was real. Logan’s eyes widened as he watched his hand widened and this fingers thicken. The change was running up his arms, his forearms exploding in size with thick veins appearing. He could feel his stomach crunching and just knew that his abdominal muscles had suddenly appeared. His biceps expanded, popping the short sleeves of his shirt opened. Logan’s skinny shoulders ballooned with muscle, tearing his shirt apart. The tattered remains fluttering into oblivion as they escaped into the void, only the neck of his shirt remained. It didn’t last long, it exploded as his neck grew into a tree trunk holding his tiny youthful head aloft. Logan shorts grew tight as his thighs grew, matching his now meaty calfs. His feet now overhung his flip flops. His thick toes gripping onto them so that they didn’t fly away into the void as he fell. Logan could see a light, a dim dot beneath him. It was growing brighter and brighter. He held his massive hands out to protect himself from the fall. His face cracking as he hid the light from his eyes. The bones rearranging themselves into a wide jaw and high cheekbones. The light was blinding as Logan hit it. He fell out of the void and into the rusty lower deck of the buried bus. His thick hands gripping the frame of a rusty chair. Logan was breathing heavily, his pecs rising and falling. He stood up to his full height, and had to duck a little as his head hit the ceiling. Logan slowly made his way to the stairs, uneasy with his new long muscled legs and huge clown feet. “Hey, you down there” David called “Ummm, yea…” Logan called in a deep voice His hand shot up to his thick neck, his voice was different. He went to explain to David why his voice was changed and what he found on the lower deck, but he didn’t need to. “Oh, ok, didn’t hear from you for a little bit” David said, nothing in his friends voice indicated he’d noticed anything different Logan went up the stairs, each step creaking loudly under his new weight. He continued to duck as he reached the upper deck. He now could see David clearly, his friend nervously waiting for him. Logan stepped over a window frame, his long legs making it easier. He hiked up his shorts as he did, his big hand getting a handful of enlarged balls and a slab like cock. “Fuck” Logan muttered quietly as he let his cock flop down the leg of one of his shorts Logan rose out of the bus, his head level with the top of it. He felt his chest flexing instinctively, each pec bouncing. “So” David asked eagerly, not noticing anything at all “What did you find” David stared up at Logan as the now bigger boy stepped up to him. David just smiling like nothing was different. Behind David was Logan’s car, they’d driven up to the buried bus in Logan’s rusty hand me down wreck, now it was a big red truck, just like the one that Logan had wanted for his 18th birthday. The void had changed him, he had the body of dreams, and now had the car of his dreams. Is that what it did, did the void grant you all your wildest dreams. Logan felt his heavy soft cock against his thigh, he’d always wanted a big dick, he used to pray for a bigger cock. It must grant wishes. “Come on, what did you find” David asked again staring up to his best friend Logan smiled down at his best friend and put a big muscled arm over his shoulder, turning him away from the buried bus and leading him to Logan’s new red truck. “Nothing, nothing at all” Logan lied as he wondered how much cement he’d need to block up the buried bus’ stairs
  6. Owen pulled his coat close to himself, the rain pelting down onto the Danish street. Even though he’d lived here for over a year he still felt like a fish out of water. It was nice place, he just felt small. The average height here for men was much higher than back home in Britain, and 5′8 Owen was at least 6 inches shorter then the average blond Danish man. He rushed up the stairs to his apartment, where the feeling that he was tiny got worse. Owen lived with a German, a Dane, a Swede and an Asian-American. All of them were big guys, they all went to the gym together, leaving little redheaded Owen alone. Owen found Peter and Sven watching TV in their workout shorts, the German scratching at his abs, while Sven was tying his Swedish mane of golden blond hair into a bun. The TV’s sound was turned up very loud, and Owen could just about hear why. Lee’s bed was crashing against his bedroom wall, the giant Japanese hulk from San Francisco was ruining another poor Danish girl. Owen sighed, Lee was always at it, Asians were just sex gods, plain and simple. It still felt odd to him, like Asians didn’t fit the image. Owen just couldn’t place it, like something had changed. He always brushed those thoughts off, he was just jealous of the massive stud. Owen grinned to himself at his own stupid thoughts and started pulling off his shoes, when Noah the native Dane thudded pass him, knocking Owen off balance. “Shit… sorry Owen” he apologised pulling off his headphones Noah was oversized, and was more viking like then Sven. Overdeveloped pecs stretched out his shirt and long beard masked an amazing solid jawline. He’d got caught without a coat and his shirt was damp to his chest and thick meaty arms. Owen nodded in response to his apology and bit his lips as Noah’s pecs bounces involuntary. He headed to the kitchen, while Noah slapped both Peter and Sven on their beefy shoulders before vanishing into his room to change out of his wet clothes. “Anyone want a cuppa” Owen asked the two big blond men on the sofa “Nah” Peter called back “Owen, I haven’t asked, what is it with you Brits and tea” Sven asked Owen ran a hand through his short reddish hair and sighed. “I really have no idea” He grinned, something about India and the empire They all spoke english in the apartment, as all of them but Noah were learning Danish. Owen lifted a supposably clean cup out of the sink, only it wasn’t and cold tea splattered Owen’s shirt. He grimaced and pulled off his shirt, his pale lean chest on show, lightly freckled and with little to no fat. Thankfully his red sweats were spared, he wouldn’t have to show off his tiny bulge, damn his Irish genes. That was another thing he was jealous about, he remembered his grandad mentioning before Owen moved to Denmark that ‘Hung like a Viking’ was a saying, and it seemed to be true. All of his roommates were hung, and weren’t shy about it. He expected it of Lee, ‘once you go Asian’ was well known, but all his other roommates being hung like bulls, that was just unlucky. It wasn’t like stereotypes were true. Owen just shook his head, he was being stupid again, he was just a twinky ginger, he sighed. He tossed his shirt into the washing machine, finding some of the guys dirty clothes. What was it with these guys, they made a mess and wouldn’t ever clean, it was always Owen’s job. “Fucking vikings” Owen muttered ——————————————————————————————————————————— He stretched himself out after rising from the washing machine, his meaty wide hands palmed the ceiling. He let out a deep contented groan as his long vast muscled back cracked. “Owen can I get pass please” the small soft almost nervous voice of Noah asked He grunted and leaned back, letting the small Dane slip passed him, Owen’s own swollen rounded pecs blocked his view of the tasty looking blond. Owen stared at the cup of tea on the side, he knew he’d made it but why. It was germanic Peter who inherited his country’s stereotypical lust for tea. With a meaty hand he poured it down the sink and grabbed a bottle of water. Owen’s wide feet thudded with each step, his heavy swinging cock bounced wildly, level with Peter and Sven’s heads when he stood behind them. Both little vikings looked up at Owen, their eyes on the imprint of his hardening cock. Owen could almost hear them gulp, he gave it a scratch, hung like a celt he thought. He remembered when he showed each of the little blond northern europeans what that meant, even Lee was shocked when he saw it swinging when Owen swagged around naked. He stepped around and sat between his ‘reluctant’ fuck buddies, they loved it and half the time begged for it, but none of them wanted to admit they rode the cock of the ginger celt they shared a room with, especially as Noah liked to have Owen dress up like some shitty marvel superhero, Taranis or something, he was the celt god of thunder. Owen usually just forced his cock down Noah’s throat when the little viking tried to explain it to him. Owen was too busy eating, drinking, fucking or fighting to read comics, he was a pureblooded celt after all. Owen bounced his thick bicep, he could feel Sven’s pale fingers running along the celtic war band he had tattooed around the muscle. “Shit Owen, can’t get over how fucking big you are” the deep voice of Lee chuckled He swagged into the room, slick with sweat. Owen remembered when Lee moved in, the huge asian looked like he’d shit himself when he had to stare up at Owen, it was like the guy had never met a celt before. “I’m a celt, dumbass” Owen called back “Average height is like 6′4 back home” “And you’re way above average” Lee sniggered giving Noah a playful slap on his peachy ass as the little viking slipped pass the massive American “Hell yea” Owen laughed giving Lee the view of his back flexing as he hit a double bicep pose from the couch “I should visit Britain sometime, would be nice to be a shorty for once” Lee said “Oh yea” Owen said “And you boys too” he slapped his hands on Peter and Sven’s shoulders “I’m Iceni, we breed them big” Noah wrapped his little arms around Owen’s thick neck, kissing Owen’s traps. Noah while scared of how he’d be treated if people found out he loved getting pillaged by a celt like his homeland had been for hundreds of years was more open with his affection in private than Peter and Sven. Noah continued with the talk about Owen’s family tribe “And don’t Iceni boys share” Peter and Sven looked pass the rising tent stretching out Owen’s sweats with aroused but terrified eyes and gulped, both knowing Owen was one of 9 brothers.
  7. Strange thing were happening around the frat the last few days, the place was changing, the brothers were changing. Joe hadn’t been the first to notice, it had been Fred. His best friend in the frat, Fred has noticed they’d been partying a lot more then normal, that the girls who were turning up were a lot hotter then normal. Their frat wasn’t a popular frat, it wasn’t a jock frat, or at least it hadn’t been. Joe and his brothers were all nerds, or they had been nerds. Fred has tried to get Joe to notice, but he’d been too caught up in the hot chicks and wild parties to care. Then Fred changed and Joe took notice. Fred has been a chubby greasy olive skinned guy, he’d had one too many dinners from his Italian grandmother. Then one day he was different, like he’d jumped straight from the Jersey Shore. He still had his beautiful olive toned skin, but now he was tall and beefy. Not fat, just covered in thick muscle. He’d lost all interest in investigating the changes to the frat and while he was still Joe’s friend he was too busy banging chicks two at a time to notice anything anymore. Joe took up the gauntlet and started looking into everything. A few weeks ago the frat went from a run down near empty frat to the most popular frat house on campus, both for parties and for pledges. The collapsing building was suddenly a newly furnished mansion, it was like it had absorbed the neighbouring frats. An entire jock frat had vanished from the face of the earth, their had never been a chapter of that frat here and its members didn’t even seem to exist anymore. Joe thought he had worked it all out. A few weeks ago they had a sudden pledge. Some runty goth kid. He was nice enough and very eager to join up. Joe and his brothers has welcomed him with open arms as they did with everyone who joined. Craig, the goth kid, had joined up and then things changed. Joe had kept his distance from Craig since Fred turned into an Italian stallion, but he still investigated. Once Joe started investigating he worked out Craig had been the first guy to change. He was now taller, built and with the face of a model. He never went to class and there was a parade of girls and guys leaving his room throughout the day and night. The guys in the room either side of Craig were complaining about being kept up all night long with his relentless fucking. Joe was putting it all together, he found out that Craig had been unto witchcraft. He’d been warned about performing rituals in the campus woods, the last time it had happened had been two days before he’d joined the frat. Joe was certain that Craig was a witch... or wizard, what ever a male magic user was called. He was the reason the frat was growing and popular, he was the reason that the brothers were all turning into hunks. Joe was only one of a handful of brothers not changed. Joe had even been keeping track with a group photo from a party, a cross drawn through each face once they’d changed. Not that anyone would think the geeky guys in the old photo had any relation to the gorgeous muscle bound hunks that they were now. Joe was terrified of bringing any of his non-changed brothers into his investigation. Everyone liked Craig, he was the live of the party, even if he was dog and would steal a girl off your arm or fuck your best friend because he was hot. But Joe should of been more worried about whether Craig already knew about the investigation. One day Joe came down to the kitchen for breakfast and it was empty. No tall hunks eating fatty cereal from tiny bowls. Joe was nervous, it felt like the start of a murder mystery. He turned to leave and slammed his face into Craig’s sweaty chest. He’d either been out running or has just finished fucking someone. “Hello Joe, sit down please” Craig said, his voice oddly soothing Joe found himself doing as he was told. He wanted to run away. While Craig was smiling and looked friendly, Joe felt like he’d just been cornered by a predator. Craig sat down across from him. His pecs bounced slightly as he sat, and he ran his tongue over his amazing lips. “What have you done” Joe asked “Silence” Craig said, again in a soothing tone “I know you have been investigating me, I know you have worked it out” Joe was about to ask how, but Craig answered before he could ask. “Fred told me what he’d been up too before I helped him out” Craig said “I thought I’d leave you be for a bit, see if you’d work out” he sighed “Thought you might come around” He shoot his head, his tight black curls bounced. His hair had been dyed, but now it was a natural deep black. “You aren’t though” Craig said “So I’ll step in” Craig licked his lips again. Joe found himself drawn to them. They were perfect, with an amazing shape and just enough plump. Surrounded by designer stubble and sitting above a string squared jawline. “I’m sorry if you are scared, you shouldn’t be scared” Craig said and Joe was instantly calmed and smiling Craig smiles back. “You are tall, basketball player tall” Craig said and Joe had to move his long legs, he felt trap at the table with his legs pinned under the table top “with massive feet” Joe's size 22 socked feet rested across the tiled floor, Craig could see them jutting out from under the table. “You are very well built, beautiful fitness model level muscles” Craig said licking his perfect lips again Joe’s pyjamas were suddenly straining over his muscles. The sleeves having vanished to let his gigantic shoulders and biceps breath. His shorts stuffed full with thighs and ass. “You are very manly” Craig said with a wink A beard had spread over Joe jaw, which was now like an anvil. His eyes were crystal clear and his dirty blond hair was hanging down to his thick shoulders. A splattering of hair had appeared over his rounded pecs and his ripped abs. “You have a big dick, biggest in the frat” Craig said, he stood up to leave Joe pulled at his pyjama shorts, his inhuman horse cock was all bundled up. His heavy bull nuts swollen with cum. “So what you up too today Joe” Craig asked, licking his amazing lips again and raising an eyebrow Joe sat silent for a few moments, his mind coming to terms with his entire body being morphed into a towering muscle god. In that moment he decided that Craig was doing good work, it wasn’t weird that everyone was changing, that people were vanishing and reality was being twisted. “I’m gonna fuck someone” Joe said standing up He towered above Craig, his massive pecs bouncing intimidatingly. Joe cupped his massive bulge, it was too big for his hand, and his hands were giant. “You want to take it for a ride” Joe asked with a laugh Joe was joking, he wasn’t gay. He thought a joke like that would let Craig know he’s settling into the new world order. Craig licked his lips again, a glint of something in his bright eyes. Craig smirked and then flipped Joe world on its head again. “You’re gonna fuck me till those monster nuts are empty”
  8. Chad had just transferred to his new high-school and he was already confused by the student body’s fascination with Berty Williams. Berty was tiny, a speck of a person. Around 5f6 and as skinny as anything. He was spotty and sickly looking. Berty’s eyes were this abnormal green, but he hid them behind sunglasses all the time. Chad though was confused by how people treated him, the nerds acted like he was god. Girls sighed and fawned after him, and the jocks were terrified. Chad acted like he normally did, like the cocky jock he was. He’d made jokes about Berty and his odd rule over the school, his fellow jocks reacted with surprising horror and distanced themselves from Chad. He thought nothing of it till he found out that word about his disrespect had got back to Berty. The corridor cleared and Chad found himself alone facing Berty. The little nerd gestured to a restroom door. Chad snorted and followed Berty into the restroom. Berty smiled and started undressing, Chad laughed bemused as Berty revealed his skinny chest. Berty’s miniscule cock and balls got the loudest laugh from the much better endowed Chad. “What are you doing” Chad asked still laughing Berty just continued to smile, his eyes though flashed green behind his sunglasses. “I’m showing you why I’m in charge” Berty grinned Chad sniggered “Really…well all I can see is a baby dick” Berty’s face flushed red “You may regret that” “Oh, is this a you won’t like me when I’m angry sort of thing” Chad teased Berty grinned and groaned as his body started to ripple. His bones cracked as they inched taller, his muscles bloating with thicker fibres. Berty’s skin tanned and cleared. His greasy hair retracted into his scalp, leaving a short crew cut. Chad backed up against the wall as the nerd grew into a towering hulk. Berty’s feet flexed as they spread over the floor tiles. His legs rippled as the muscles pulsed larger. Berty’s tiny cock bobbed as it grew, more inches piling onto the measly manhood. His balls were pulled lower as they swelled and his hand gave them a quick squeeze. Berty stepped towards Chad as his body refined itself, his fat percentage dropped, his pubes grew thicker and stubble spread over his jaw. “This is why I’m in charge” Berty smirked, his voice deep and commanding Chad just nodded, his entire body shaking. “Whenever I want I can grow into all this” He brought his arms up into a double bicep pose “I get to be small little Berty and get to see how people really are, then I grow into Bert and teach then how they should act, usually I fuck their girl or give them a little beating…” Chad was sweating, melting under Bert’s gaze. Bert slapped his meaty dick against his big hand. “But you don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t want to break that pretty face…so I hope you understand how things are in MY school” Bert smiled “Or I may have to use this thing on you” Chad nodded and sped out of the restroom, Bert laughed to himself as his muscles began to deflate.
  9. “Remember if you want to see more, join my OnlyFans page” Robby said before ending his filming One hand holding the towel around his waist together. A thick thigh pushed out to show some muscle, his enormous donkey dick safely packed away in some underwear hidden beneath the towel. He quickly typed up a description and posted it to his instagram page, his 1.3million fans already descending on the latest posting. Robby turned off his phone and tossed it through the bathroom door and onto his bed. He bent his head back and sighed, his thickly muscled neck flexed. He lifted up his arms, his biceps flaring and his huge hands palmed on the ceiling. Robby sighed again as he shook out his muscled body, he was still stiff from the night before. A long night of living it up as a towering black stud. His DJing career had really taken off and the extra attention and money he made from shooting shirtless pics or doing live videos in just some bulging briefs weren’t hurting him at all. But it was all a lie. As Robby shook his muscled started to collapse in on themselves. His pecs deflating, his shoulders thinning. A sickly crunch sounded as his arms and legs shortened, followed by Robby’s torso shortening by several inches. With a sound like a basketball being deflated Robby’s elephant like genitals shrunk into a pathetically small set of cock and balls. Robby’s tailored facial hair fell away, a few whips of blond hair appearing on a softening jawline. His shortly cropped black hair lengthened into a mane of straw like greasy blond locks. Robby’s deliciously dark skin was coming out in patches of ghostly pale white skin. The last part of Robby slipped away, the tattoo on his upper arm fading into the ivory skin. It was a few moments of discomfort for Robby, but soon he was back to his normal self, short, skinny and white Robert. To the outside world Robert and Robby were roommates, both guys who were DJs, but both guys with insanely different careers. Robert had been struggling for ages while Robby just appeared with his skin tight shirts and bulging basket and was suddenly the hottest thing around. While Robby’s fans knew he had a roommate and Robby had spoken highly of him they never seen the two guys together. But then it was impossible for them to do that, they were the same person after all. Robert had found out one day after being fire from another club that he could turn into Robby. He had no idea how it had happened, he was just so angry about working so hard and continuously being rejected. The now familiar feeling of discomfort fell over Robert, his skin, muscles and bones all rearranging themselves. His first time as Robby had been shocking, Robert’s clothes were too small. His jeans turning into bursting knees high skin tight shorts. His shirt sleeves tearing and riding up his newly ripped abdominals. Robert wasn’t sure what came over him, but he was suddenly confident, suddenly more assertive. He marched back into the club, his sneakers falling apart around his stomping size 15s and demanded the DJ job. The owner didn’t even notice the massive black guy was wearing the same clothes as the little white dude he’d just fired, or that he’d played the same set as that white guy. But Robby got the job and now he was a up and coming DJ, and possibly a soon to be porn star if the fans got their way and finally got to see the beast Robby was hiding. Robert headed back into his bedroom, it was actually Robby’s bedroom if anyone asked. The room Robert was meant to sleep in was barely furnished and nearly empty. He wasn’t going to buy two lots of stuff to furnish two bedroom. The only time anyone came over was when they wanted to ride Robby like a mechanical bull, they had no interest in Robert. Robby’s phone buzzed, a message on Insta. It was an offer, $500 for a snap of what was in Robby’s underwear right now. Robert looked down to his tighty-whities and the flat front. Nothing in there was worth $500. He replied back, send me the money and you’ll get your pic. The reply was instant, a very happy yes. Robert threw back his head and his body started to grow into black stud Robby. It was always more painful to turn into Robby so soon after another transformation. Within seconds Robby was back and the tighty-whities were screaming with the strain of Robby’s immense horselike cock and cum filled bull nuts. His phone buzzed again, a $500 deposit in his PayPal, with ‘sneak peak’ listed at the payment. Robby smirked, pulling open his underwear and snapping a pic of the coiled donkey dick within.
  10. You Can Stop - Part Two (with a big thanks to ShreddedFreaksLover and FitnessBel for their assistance in the couple of statements I needed in Spanish. And to Phoenix27 who also offered to help.) by F_R_Eaky Part One: Part Two [rattle rattle rattle crattle rattle POP hsssssssssssssss] "No... no no no no no no nooooo NO!..... DAMN IT!" Ted pulled his car over to the side of the road but let it coast for as long as it could, including a turn off onto a slightly smaller street. "Why... WHY?! Why didn't I take a flight? Why did I decide that a two week trip across the U.S. would be a relaxing vacation?" It was the middle of June, just before summer started, and Ted was taking a couple of week's worth of vacation to celebrate his birthday, abroad on a scenic car trip of the United States. Truth be told, however, he was actually taking it to avoid contact with Cris, his best friend in the whole world. Over the last couple of years his friend has gone through some physical changes. Radical changes to say the least: a drop of 150 pounds of fat that his body seemed to then turn and inflate into more and more muscle that just seems to keep piling on and swelling ever thicker and harder, he's become just over two feet taller, his feet have grown up twenty-eight and half sizes, and he has a cock that appears to be growing out of him like some kind of natural, flesh made fire hose. "Awww fuck!" Said Ted exasperated. Shakily one hand went to his forehead while the other went to the waistband of his pants. He needed to undo them quickly to allow some room as just the quick thought of Cris made him spring wood as hard as the petrified forest. "I'm a top.... how can I be a top when I know someone who's almost two feet taller than me and is growing into the hulk?!? And how is it happening to him? Even late bloomers just don't suddenly grow two feet...OVER two feet in just over two years. It's not done.... it can't happen that way. It's medically impossible! His organs can't develop fast enough. He should've collapsed. The human heart doesn't function well anymore once you get past a certain large size. He was my best friend... my little best friend. I enjoyed being his protector....his guardian.... his close fantasy. I know I was. I was the closest thing he had to a really big...BIG! MAN!..... When we had friendly good-bye hugs, I could feel him twist and squirm so I wouldn't feel his growing erection in his pants. He was Cris.... he was Crisito! I was the big man. I WAS THE BIG MAN!" Ted shook even more violently. He was dealing with conditions and emotions he didn't like, he didn't want to face, and his plan to run away for his birthday, he now realized backfired completely. "Oh....SHIT!" Looking around, he realized the little stretch of road he was on, he vaguely recognized. His car's check engine light having come on, he got off the highway at the nearest exit and hoped that problem would be a quick fix. But now, now something as popped and he could smell the radiator fluid leaking out. Where was it he pulled off and into? He originally wasn't sure. He wasn't exactly paying attention. Recognizing the street and area he's on, however, made him understand he's pulled off near Cris' town. Getting out of the car, he popped the hood open , looked, and confirmed at least one of his fears, He'd blown a hose and possible the cap to the radiator. Even if he could get replacement fluid, there's probably a good guarantee that it will leak and he'll need to replace the radiator, if not something else as well. Leaving the hood open, Ted opened the car door and sat back down inside, after rolling the windows down. Pulling out his Android he started to look up local towing and repair shops. [toof toof toof... toof toof toof.....toof toof toof....] Ted began to hear a sound. He wasn't sure what it was at first. In fact, he shook his phone and cursed at it, thinking it might be trying to go out on him like his car was. [Toom Toom Toom.....Toom Toom Toom....Toom Toom Toom...] "What the hell is that noise?" [THUMP THUMP THUMP!] This time the sound was not only right upon Ted, but went right past him, and suddenly, as he turned his head around to look out the back window, the hood came slamming down, his car's front end rose up, and poor Ted was nearly tossed into the back seat. "Auuuuuh!.... Not quite the right grip!" a somewhat deep and sexy voice said. Ted looked out the front window as the car went back down, only to see the backside and bubbled ass of a giant bodybuilder, power lifter, or some such. The man's back and shoulders stretched out wider and wider than his tiny string tank top. His traps threatened to pull the straps off and away from the main fabric of the shirt. The sides were stretched out and pushed down by a thick flaring set of lats which were pushing a pair of arms sporting the largest tricep muscles Ted had ever seen. Those tris were above a massive set of forearms that looked as big as most men's upper arm. Well, that would be if the man attempting to hoist up the car was the size of an average man. Framing the lower back, the forearms only served to accentuate how tiny the man's waist came down to from that expanse of back and then back out wide again from the two granite boulders that made his ass, and the columns of pure tightly strung power that were his thighs, the pair of which stretched and strained the nearly paper thin workout shorts hidden underneath a very large pair of basketball shorts that would probably be pants on average sized men. This giant squatted down and grabbed the front of the car once again and then stood up, every muscle of his arms, shoulders, traps, back, butt and legs, moving in harmony, bulging in use, becoming larger by the second as the veins that fed them became engorged with blood. The bellies getting bigger and bloated, beefier and harder, defined and denser. Letting out a primal kind of scream as he got the front of the car raise up off the ground, the man's neck suddenly flared out thicker and wider, threatening to become as wide as and take over his head, and pushed his traps, delts, and back, even wider out. Turning his head to the side in order to call out behind him the giant stated hushed in deep rumbling tones, "It's okay, sir. My name is Cris. Put your car into neutral and I'll pull it down and off the road to my house. Then I can offer you the use of a directory, phone, and something to drink, if you've been out here for a while." It took Ted a couple of fumbling tries to get the car out of gear and he was erupting in his pants. The sound, the registering of Cris' rich, honey coated, but firm and strong voice into his ears sent a jolt from them down his spine, around his ass, and drove straight into his balls, the touch of which took his breath away and caused him to fill his underwear to capacity. It took about fifteen minutes to jog the car down the road, turn onto the next, and then into the driveway of Cris' home. Along the way, Ted marveled at how easily this seemed to be for Cris. There were a couple of small breaks, some heavy breathing to be sure, but still, no other man could do this without popping a vein or snapping his back. What's more the amount of speed Cris could generate while towing this car. As they were now in his driveway, Cris squatted down and put the front of the car onto the ground, and then turned around to address the driver. "There we go. Now you can rest in a shaded and air conditioned pla....Oh my Gawd! Ted! How are you?" Ted got out of the car and then turned to face Cris, his jaw going slack as he did so. Looking straight on, Ted knew he was looking about where the second row of abs would be. This meant that his head, the head that topped his six foot three inch frame, only came up to somewhere between that second row of abs and the bottom of Cris' chest, which was hanging, rounder, wider, fuller, thicker than ever. Ted slowly raised his head up and up in order to his friend's face, but it was becoming slightly blocked by his friend's own pectoral muscles. "It so good to see you! What a surprise!" and Cris pulled Ted into a big old bear hug, engulfing Ted in his oversized arms and planting Ted's face into the valley crevice of his chest. Ted began to fight back, to kind of punch Cris' arms and obliques trying to break free. "OH....MY....GAWD!" "TED! TED? Ted, it's me.... it's Cris." Ted backed off a moment and stared at Cris. Then he shook his head as though to clear his vision. "Cris..... CRIS! Oh my gawd.... this... this you!?" "Yeah.... are you okay? You seemed to be fighting for your life there and all I was doing was giving you a hug." "Just I didn't physically recognize you....right off the bat that is. You've....it.....growth..... Happened again did it?" "Uhm... haha.... yeah. I'm getting huge... HUGE!" "Uhhhhh." "Ted, are you okay?" and Cris stepped forward to catch his best friend. "Yeah... must be...the heat." "Out there a while were you?" "Yeah, you could say that. And uhm, sorry... part of recognizing you now is by voice and...." "I KNOW, RIGHT?!" "OOhhhhh" "Whoa! Better get you inside, you're looking very faint." "....that voice...." "Yeah, I know. A few more steps down and I'm going to be wallowing in the depths like James Earl Jones, Alan Rickman, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Sam Elliot." and Cris laughed deeply. "Oh auuugh huh huh huh auuuuugh huh huh huh huh...." "Ted? Ted?" Cris slightly bent over and with ease picked up Ted, two handed, and draped him over his shoulder and held him like one would a small child. After carrying him into the guest bedroom, Cris went and got a wash cloth, ran it under cold water, and applied it to Ted's forehead. This brought Ted too almost immediately, albeit a bit groggily. As his vision cleared from coming to, he looked up and could see the great torso and head of Cris' body looming over him from the side of the bed. He knew part of it was due to the angle of his vision from laying on the bed, but still, even taking that into consideration, Cris looked absolutely huge. He filled the room, with sheer presence if not physical actuality. "so....friggin'....big...." "I know, right?!? I'm getting huge, Quick rundown of the usual stats so you have an idea of where I am right now. So.... prepare yoursel.... well, that's kind of stupid as you're already laying down. Alright.. whoooooooo..... okay, so get this..... I am.... eight feet five inches tall. My upper arm measures twenty-nine inches around, which if I was your height would be twenty-one and half inches. Can you believe that? I mean look at these arms...." and Cris stood up and did a front double bi pose. "I'm becoming like an Olympian! My arms both in real numbers and ratio wise have gone over the twenty inch mark! It's fucking incredible! And with the rest of my muscles as strong and developed as my upper arms, it means that I weigh in at a 636 and a fourth pounds, or just over 260 pounds if I was only 6' 3" tall." "You're too...." "I know, Ted. I know I've grown absolutely huge and all, and there is a lot to be worried and scared about, but I keep coming back from every test healthier and healthier, bigger, broader, thicker, denser, harder, taller, stronger.... I'm feeling better and looking more defined and cut as well as larger every day. Seriously, what's wrong with this?" Cris did a most muscular pose this time. "Too big... Cris you're...." "And get this... things were becoming too small for me at work. Neither a desk nor chair to fit my frame. Hell, even the cubical was becoming too small, so I had to quit that job. I wondered what I was going to do to earn money, and then I get approached by of all people, the manager for the Harlem Globetrotters. They're the ones who gave me my latest height measurement. I'm going to be working as one of the giants on the team. And get this, they wanted to come up with something better for me as a nickname, because when Paul Sturgess was playing for them he was known as 'Tiny.' I'm nine inches taller than he was. Can you believe that? Just the other day I was only an inch taller than him and now I'm nine inches taller." "Just an inch...taller..." Ted hoarsely whispered. "What's that? Well, at any rate since, I'm nine inches taller than 'Tiny' was so my name had to be worse so to speak, so as part of the Globetrotter's roster I'm now Cristóbal 'Mini' Espino Maclérigo, Cris Espino for short. They're the reason why I was out jogging on the road. I'm in training. I needed it. They couldn't believe someone my size had no basketball experience. When I told them what was happening, they explained they had good insurance and would help me get connected to the world's leading authority on growth issues. As long as I'm with them, they're helping me find doctors, furniture, clothes.... SHOES! Shoes, because a twenty-two inch long, nine and a fourth inch wide foot needs a size US Men's 44 shoe. And I get to hang around a bunch of guys that doesn't quite seem like ants to me. Plus I get to train. I get to work out and lift and train my body to maybe even get bigger. Think about it? With my voice lowering, and my body developing thicker hair and hair in more places than I had it, they think I'm going to stop growing soon, but it is possible I could match Robert Wadlow or at least come in at a close second." Those last few words rang in Ted's ears and head. He'd be a close second almost as tall as or as tall as Robert Wadlow, the world's ever tallest man recorded. "You can stop. YOU CAN STOP!" Cris got that tingly feeling all over his body again, twice, but he took no notice as he was wondering about his friend's reaction. Ted was now sitting up on the side of the bed, then standing up to approach Cris, only a step away. "You should stop! You keep thinking this is great and wonderful but you're doing it all wrong. You're still with doctors who told you one, two, three spurts ago you were almost done. Now you're almost three feet taller than what you were. THREE FEET TALLER, CRIS! Your internal organs can't be developing fast enough for this to support your ginormous body, yet, but you decided to go out and do work outs and running, cardio exercise when your heart could be too small to support your body doing things like just waking up, let alone a work out." "Ted! What the fuck?! Where is this coming from?" "I'm just worried about you and you don't seem to be taking true care of yourself. Look, I don't mind you getting all huge and powerful on me here, but you can't go out and start flexing all that muscle until you're sure you're done growing. It's great being the big guy, the strong man. I get it. I understand. It's also one of your biggest fantasies. But if you don't really think about what you're doing, it could all be just an instant, a flash of a life that's taken away forever." "Dios mio, Ted!" "Cris...Cris.... .....ito" whispered Ted under his breath. "Look, what I'm saying is just slow down a bit. You don't know if you're done growing outwardly or inwardly yet and you need to be cautious until you do. For the now, relax, take supplements, do light workouts, save the super human, super-hulk acts until you know your insides have caught up to support this body. Don't cause it to burn out so quickly after becoming this. Let yourself slowly develop into it so you not only get all this size you like, but can enjoy it for many, many years." "Oh!...oh..oh...hahahahahahaha...Ted...." and Cris reached out and bear hugged Ted again and held him, cradling him. Ted's body pressed against his torso and between his mammoth thighs and super boat feet. "Ted....Ted....mi amigo...hermano....my Tedito. Are you this scared for me?" Ted breathed a heavy sigh. Cris just called him Tedito. Diminutive suffix. He appears small to Cris now. Yet, as he is engulfed in the arms, chest, and legs of this giant man, as much as it makes his blood boil that to Cris he is the small and ever shrinking man, part of him, is becoming more aroused towards Cris. The bigger Cris gets, the hornier Ted becomes and the deeper his desire is developing for his once short, small framed, high school friend. He knew he'd need to act the part right now, his car needing to be repaired. He'd tell Cris his reaction was due partially to the heat, partially to being exhausted from the drive. He would tell him that his company realized they made an error and allowed him the time off to be with either family or friends. He would then leave when the car was finished, saying he needed to leave to ensure he was able to get home and back to work on time. **************************************************************************** Six months later Ted was sitting in the living room of his family's home in Spain for Christmas. He was having problems sleeping so he got up and went to his Grandfather's study and turned on the television to see if he could catch the broadcast of some US late night show from the night previous. Finally he settled down upon one. [applause] "Alright, welcome back, welcome back. So if you weren't with us before the break, you missed seeing a small demonstration of regular and comedic basketball skills by the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. They have freshened back up a little and changed and we'd like to welcome them back now. Please welcome, Cristóbal 'Mini' Espino, Alishia 'Jupiter' Joiner, Stephan 'Slapshot' Terrence, and Eirik 'Velocity' Van Laren." [applause] Ted sat up in the couch a little upon hearing his best friend's name. He was quickly placed into shock however as soon as the team members came out, receiving not only applause but cat calls and whistles from the audience members as well. And it was no wonder why. Although they were in their public speech or interview uniforms, the fact of it was they were all not only tall and good looking, but Cris' shirt barely came over any part of his shoulders and the hem stopped half way down his abs. Even without that visual done on purpose to help strike up conversation, Ted could clearly tell Cris was not only taller, but even bigger and buffer than before. The quartet of players allow Alishia to sit in the chair closest to the host while the other three sat on the couch, Cris actually squatting down upon the arm rest, which had the audience members oohing, awing, and laughing. Even sitting up on the raised arm of the couch, it was still low enough that his knees were up and away from the couch about twice as much as any of his teammates, his tights bent upward. The audience, now, also got a glimpse of Cris' pants, not only nearly looking painted on, but coming up short, stopping at mid calves. If that wasn't bad enough, one look at him and one could tell his back and him could take up about three fourths of the couch width himself. His thighs pushed one another and made him sit in an exceptionally wide stance. His lats were taking on a w appearance and pushed his upper arms, which looked like bowling balls, up and out at an angle almost parallel to the floor. "Welcome, players, welcome. I guess the first thing I should help state and explain is that you four are just representatives to the program here this evening. That is, you do indeed play for the team, but that there are many more of you than just you four." The players looked at one another before Eirik smiled and said, "You take it Alicia." "Uhm... that's right. The roster for the Harlem Globe Trotters is actually enough to field about three teams so that we can cover and show support for more events across the country and the world." "And with just you four we have not only a tremendous amount of diversity of athletic prowess and skill, but also of various backgrounds. Within you four there is Caucasian, African-descent, and Hispanic-Latino race, there is not only male but female players, and not only American born players but African and Dutch players as well." "That's right. Obviously of course, I am one of the female players." [OOOOW!] "Yeah! GIRL POWER!... hahahaha.... and Cris here, despite his looks and what folks think Hispanics and Latino's look like, he's one of the Hispanic-Latino American players we have, and he and I are from America, while Stephan is from Trinidad, Eirik is from the Netherlands. And our larger roster for the three teams are all just a diverse. The organization originally started to help out and encourage minorities to get out and be active, take pride and part of the community, strive to do something, and we still do. The roster has grown and changed over the years to reflect the various things and statements we stand for. The Globe Trotters men and women of all races, country of origin, language spoken. We recognize the game is being played and watched by humanity, not just a few select or chosen people." [applause] "So you go around the world and you play, you entertain, you give speeches, why? What after all these years are the Globetrotters trying to achieve?" "Well, the Globetrotters over the years have sponsored and supported several outstanding charities and camps for children and families. It's all about one having a good, clean, fun filled time of entertainment, and two, bringing various causes to the front of society's mind to support and help them. One of the newest one's is the B.I.G. campaign, B.I.G. standing for Battling Inaccurate Growth patterns." "And how did you guys come to support that organization?" "Well... " and Alishia looked towards Cris, "I would again think that obvious." [hahahahahahahahahahaha] "I'm thinking there might be a tie in here. First let me ask you, it's said that the Guinness Book of Records is helping sponsor and promote the upcoming year's worth of scheduled events. How come they're doing that?" "I think that should be state by my teammate down there, Cris." "Alright, Cris, can you tell us about this sponsorship? And I should mention at home for some of the folks that some of you player's nicknames are meant to be oxymoron's, such as is the case here with Cris whose nickname is 'Mini.' Why is that, Cris?" "Ah haaaa.... well I'm kind of the answer to all three of the questions. My nickname is mini because I'm not only the tallest player on the current roster of the Globetrotters, but I'm also the tallest player of all time in the Harlem Globetrotters." "That's right the tallest was Paul Sturgess, and you are nine inches taller than him. How tall was he." "He was seven foot- eight inches tall." [whoooooa, wow, oooooh, aaaaaahhh] "But I should say that fact about me being nine inches taller isn't true any longer." "Isn't true, what did you grow?" "Yes." "You've grown since you joined the Globetrotters?" "Yes." "How old are you?" "I just turned twenty-five last June." "And so you're now how much taller than seven foot-eight inch Paul?" "I'm one-foot three and a half inches taller than Paul now." "One foot.... woha ha how.....That makes you..." "It makes me Eight feet - eleven and half inches tall." "Wow that's half a foot since you joined!" "Right, and that's why we're supporting B.I.G. and Guinness Book of World Records is supporting most of our events this up coming year. I originally started out three years ago at five-foot eight inches tall and have grown three feet three and half inches since then. I've had doctors looking at me, testing me, doing research, but they've not come up with a reason as to why I'm just growing and growing. I just happen to be lucky that everything is growing at a decent, constant, and proportionate rate." "I...let me tell you, I'm not sure about proportionate there. Your feet are huge. What size.... you know, they joke and say people with big feet have boats for shoes but yours would have to be..." "They'd pretty much be equivalent to the world's largest cruise ships." [hahahahahahahahahahaha] "So do you know if you've broken that record?" "Yes... At the start of the year they're going to take my measurements, confirm, and present me with certificates for breaking the world's tallest man in history, because I beat Robert Wadlow by .4 of an inch, the world's biggest hands, feet, and shoes, and I'm also going for the world's largest arms." "Wow....Your whole body is just busting out and breaking all kinds of records. Are you getting used to all the attention your height and size brings?" "It was a little difficult at first, but uhm....OOOOOoooooooomphhhhhha!" and raised his left arm in front of his teammate Eirik's head and did a biceps pose. "I'm getting used to it." "Good gawd! Look at that! I think... can we get a play back on that? I think your arm just obliterated your teammate, Eirik's head from view! You look freakin' incredibly built, for a tall man, of any height of tall. How large are those upper arms of yours and how much do you weigh?" "Well to answer your previous question, first, my shoes are a size 46 quintuple D which means my feet are twenty-two and two thirds inches long by just over nine and half inches wide." "Good knight! It must be murder finding shoes!" "They're all custom made. As for my weight and arms.... my arms are thirty-three and fourth inches around, which to put that in perspective, if I was only six foot three inches tall, my arms would be just over twenty-three inches." "Good....gawd....Why aren't you competing in bodybuilding? I bet you'd take that title as well." "Actually I am, but I'm announcing that on a separate program than the Globetrotters." "And what was your weight?" "Eight-hundred eighty-three and a half pounds." "WHOA! I could just ask questions of you all night, but I need to head to commercial break. Anything you and the rest of the teammates would like to say? Alishia?" "Shout out to my lil' girl, Tanya. Merry Christmas and Momma loves you, now mind your daddy and go to bed!" "Stephan." "I'd like to say hello to my fiancée, Rhonda. Love ya, baby. See ya soon. Happy Hanukah" "Eirik?" "Hello to mum & dad and the whole family as well as everyone in the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam! PROOST!" "Finally Cris...haha aka hahahaha 'Mini'." "I'll shout out to all my family in Puerto Rico and Spain - Quiero mandar un gran saludo a toda mi familia en Puerto Rico y España. A mis abuelas y abuelos, mi madre, mi padre, mi hermano mayor, Mateo, que cada vez está más pequeño y pequeño , y a mi hermana Catalina. Os quiero, ¡Feliz Navidad! And one more shout out to mi amigo mejor, Ted. Hermano, que esta cada vez más pequeños, tambien. Saludos!" "Ok! What he said. We'll be right back with the band, Madrigal!" Ted sat there breathing deeply, shaking, trembling. Cris' voice was lower. He was even bigger and bigger built. Cris just told him via television that Cris' brother was getting smaller and he was getting smaller, as well. His vision started to white out. His hand holding a glass began to shake and spasm. His cock sprang up and down, inflating and deflating, becoming hard and soft. His free hand quickly grabbed the remote control and began flipping through the stations looking for something to calm him down. "......and welcome back to the Howard Stern show. So if you're just joining us in the last spare minutes of our program... SHAME ON YOU! You're too fuckin' late. Or perhaps not. We had a big guest on the show today, a very big guest, in fact in about a week's time he's going to be declared the biggest fucking man of all time by the Guinness Book of World Records. It's Crystalball..." "haahahahahah Howard!" "I can't say it all. It's your name. Introduce yourself, and you know what, if you don't mind go ahead and throw your middle name in. For Christ's sake, the American government is so dense with all its forms and ignorance of other name practices in the world it's not like your people even have the chance to actually put your entire name down without having some unworldly senator looking at you like your some kind of freak, so go ahead, say it all and say it proud!" "Cristóbal Eduardo Espino Maclérigo." "My gawd! What a name. I couldn't get that all out. I'd sprain my tongue. Wouldn't I, Robin." "Hmmm that's right. True that." "But let me tell you, it sounds so fuckin' sexy. Almost all Latino names are like that. They sound so exotic...so....... hawt! I tell ya, if I had a name like .... Espiritus Sancta there...." "Howard! ahahahahahah!" "Well whatever it was, my plain Anglo tongue can't wrap around it, but I tell ya, if I had a name like his, my tongue would've have wrapped around four times as many women in my life as it did." "So a total of four then. hahahaa!" "Robin! Ouch.... do you feel the love, Cristóbal. Do you see what I have to put up with every day at work? And she's not just a coworker, she's a friend! But any rate before we wrap up the program... I warned you I was going to do this, Cris. You're getting honored for your body breaking several records: world's tallest man, world's tallest bodybuilder, world's biggest feet, world's biggest hands, which if you didn't catch earlier, Cris is eight feet eleven and half inches tall - that's .4 of an inch taller than Robert Wadlow whose record height was recorded the same year as his death, 1940, so subtract that from this year and that's how long this record has been held by Robert and not broken. Anyhow he's 8' 11.5" tall, he wears a size 46 quintuple E because he feet are absolutely fuckin' huge 22.66" long by like 9.25" wide. His upper arms are 33..25" thick, as in big around. That means his upper arm is as large as most average height men in America, or in other terms it's only two and three fourths inches shy of being exactly three feet thick. Because of this incredible super human build on him he weighs and astounding 883.5 pounds! But we've got one more tale of the tape to do. One that the people of Guinness World Records won't touch..." "Oh nooo..... nooo.... Howard...." "No... no... I warned you I was going to do this. I've asked this of all the men who taller and bigger than I am and you are the biggest out of all of them. I've seen pictures of you, your outline of IT, running down your pants or shorts leg...." "aaaauuuugh, come on...." "No... no... you're the biggest man in the world, soon to be proclaimed, and I want to know, American wants to know." "Not all, America...." "Oh come on, Robin. You know they are. You are!" "I'm different... I'm a woman." "Yeah? Well I know something about Crystalball here that you don't. It won't matter how much woman you are because Cris swings the other way. But the question is, 'Exactly how much IS he swinging the other way?' Americans are perverts at heart. They want to know deformity either for intellectual, curiosity, or shock factor. So we've got the people who officially measured Jonas Falcon's penis here, as well as Mr. Falcon himself, wave hi, Jonas..." "Hey..." " and we want to know, World's Tallest Man, World's Tallest Bodybuilder, World's Tallest Homo... are you also the World's Biggest Man Down Under?" "Auuuugh...." "Are you willing to let these people measure your dip stick?" "I...I don't ...." "I'll haunt you forever. No matter where we are, where you go, and you're going to be a hard man to hide, you know this, I will hound you and ask you until you reveal all. My listeners want to know." "Alright...alright I'll do it, but to paraphrase Susan from the TV show Coupling, 'I present this penis as a protest.'" "HAHAHAAAAAAA Presents his penis a protest! Nowhere else in the Radio world will you hear a proud and sanctimonious penile statement like that, folks." "It makes a great tongue twister for warm up before you go to work on one too.... present penis in protest...present penis in protest...present..." "HHAAHAHAHAHA ROBIN! AW GAWD! We're all goin' to Hell as soon as the broadcast is done folks. Into the basket, press down, no passing go, no two-hundred dollars. Ok... so, Cris... if you step right over here. This'll stop anyone from seeing it if they walk in. And can you give us an idea of what we're going to see? Do you have a teeny average size penis on an giant body, do you have a fairly large sized cock on a giant body or do you have a giant cock on an average size body?" "Uhm.... I kind of have a cock that's almost the percentage bigger of the average penis as my body is bigger than the average body." "Really? You're not shittin' me?" "Nope." "You're that fuckin' hung?" "I'll let your experts measure and see." "Ok...first... are you completely soft? Totally flaccid?" "Yep." "Ok... then if you're willing, drop trou!" "Hmmmm ok...get my shorts over my bubble butt.... and ....." "OH MY GAWD! JESIS H.... The man is the first bipedal donkey folks. You....well.... I we'll need to see what it is in a second here.... team what you got for Mr. Softy?" "Thirteen and one fourth inches long." "Good...night....Cris! Cris! Do you have any boyfriends who live to tell others what you're like in bed? I mean you only have to grow during erection one fourth of an inch before you tie Jonas Falcon in size! Jonas, I think you're goin' to have to pass the crown over. Ok...Cris, now I want you to put on those headphones there. Yep..... ok thumbs up if you can hear the things playing on the computer monitor in front of you." "Sure I can....OH MY!" "I hope they're the kind of guys you like, Cris." "Oh...no...not here in pu....OH!....OH! OH! OH!..." "We've got something on all monitors, Cris. Just sit back and enjoy the show.... Because we're goin'.... holy shit! Robin, are you seeing this?" "How can you not help but see this." "Folks his penis is stretching and inflating rapidly to a much larger size. Cris, how the hell do you not pass out during sex? Still rising...still growing..... Someone needs to go back to the timer controls on the recording and playback to see how long it takes to stiffen up. Wow. That is just... out there! It'd be a third leg when it gets done, folks. It's so fuckin' long and thick. It's tryin' so hard to rise up, but the length of it and the weight of it is causing it to instead just stick straight out and hover and bob in the air like some kind of flesh made crane arm. Ok... I think that's it... good night the amount of blood needed for this..... Even before I hear the results I must stand and give you and mother nature an ovation for this DNA combination. Team do we have the results?" "Yes...21.25" "Good night... twenty-one and a fourth inches long! He's just shy of having a two foot penis! What the hell would that be if he were my height?" "About fifteen and a fourth." "Fifteen and a fourth inches! And what if I were as tall a Jonas there. How much more would he be packing than his thirteen and a half if he was hung like Cris?" "He'd be just under thirteen and three-fourths." "Just under... well Jonas it seems like even proportionately Cris has got you beat by almost a fourth of an inch. And what if he still is growing? Good gawd, Cris. You make love, you're going to kill someone with that thing. You have a boyfriend?" "Not right now, no." "Well, if you did, I wouldn't know to say if he was a lucky or an unlucky son-of- a bitch. HAHAAHA... anyway, thanks for sharing, and over sharing per my request. Good luck to you with your time with the Harlem Globetrotters and in finding clothes and everything that fits. Speaking of... God Bless in you finding a partner that can handle THAT thing. It'd be like that horror movie Anaconda right there in your own bed! Alright, alright, we need to get out of here for today. Thanks for listening to the Howard Stern show we'll....." [CLICK.... ..... ...... ..... .....Crrrrrrack crash!] The glass Ted was holding in his right, shaking hand began to crack and fracture and finally shattered in his hand. He remained there almost all night, his vision blanking out to white noise, his hand bleeding into what was left of the cup and milk he was drinking, his penis going back and forth between extremely limp and flaccid and exceptionally hard and spewing cum. ************************************************************************** It's June. It has been just past a year since the last time Cris and Ted have seen each other, which was suiting Ted perfectly. Despite Cris having once been his best friend, it was becoming far too confusing whenever he was around him. It was too confusing with just the sight of him. The crash of emotions ripping through Ted's mind he simply couldn't handle in his life right now. Fear and worry over what was happening to his best friend of so long. Would Cris be alright physically or would these growth spurts suddenly turn on him? Jealousy over the fact that Cris was becoming far taller, stronger than he could ever hope to become, which then lead to feelings of inadequacy about his masculinity, his able to protect, his dominance. He's never wanted to dominate Cris before though. Why did it seem so important now that he should be on top? It was because despite the fact of them never showing an interest in each other beyond friendship before, despite having had tons of relationships with other men, it meant within Ted there was a yearning to be with Cris for every part of the day. A passion to be with him that keeps growing as much as Cris was physically growing and more the bigger, the stronger, the more virile Cris gets. A lust to feel that power whether it would be being able to take it for himself, or feel himself physically over come and engulfed by it. Too many new emotions. Too many old emotions changing. Ted has keep his head buried in work all this time, only being out and about now because he won a competition without meaning too. The corporate heads not only gave him the vacation trip, they ordered him to take it. Luckily for him his flight to Las Vegas was already arranged with the trip, there would be no need to drive through the Midwest where Cris lived. He spent the first couple of days exploring a few of the various casinos, actually managed to win one-thousand dollars at one table. Today however he decided to make a day of shows and this afternoon's fare was going to be Cirque du Soleil's new show, Variations (Toutes Choses Grandes et Petites), Variations (All Things Great and Small). The show was a wonderful display of acrobatics, trapezee, rope, and silk artistry, as well as fantastic side show acts, songs, and dance. It occurred to Ted that the title and theme for the show, Variations, had to be because the settings of each act took the audience all over the world: Japan, the United States, Ireland, Italy, Norway,... However he soon realized, the names of the places were all connected to fictitious or mythological stories from Lilliput and the Pryor Mountains to Brobdingrag and Jötunheimr. Ted's heart began to race. They had everything separated into little people: gnomes, fairies, leprechauns, and big people: giants, Cyclopes, and the like. He began to get the shakes. "No!" Thought Ted to himself. "He is not here, and even if he is, I will keep control. I will remain composed. He won't know that I'm here. No need to be near him." He breathed much easier when Cris didn't show up through the whole program. Traveling back to his hotel, Ted managed to spy a sign advertising a charity wrestling event to support cancer prevention research, being held by and between the American, Wrestling International Foundation and the Mexican, Loco Lucha Libre, in which a team from each group would fight over a charity belt and title. Ted thought "What the hell. why not?" to himself and when he got back to his hotel called the number on the posters to see if there were any tickets left. There were and he ordered one and even placed a bet for the Loco Lucha Libre team when asked if he cared to place one. "This should be interesting." Ted chuckled to himself. "These things are more drama than a soap opera than athletic competition." After dinner, Ted made his way to the Arena and waited in his seat surrounded by rowdy, raucous, people who were chanting and screaming for their teams. Soon the arena lights dimmed except for the center, the spot lights came on, the loud, blaring into music came on, and the announcer came down from the ceiling with microphone in hand. "ARE WE READY TO THRASH AND BASH?!" The crowd roared extremely loud in high anticipation. "The let's welcome, first, the American team, The American Eagles!" Again the crowd roared such as to nearly drown out the announcer's words. "Member number one standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two-hundred and fifty one pounds.....Jack Necca!" [RAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!] "Member number two, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two-hundred and sixty-seven pounds..... Jameson!" [RAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!] "Member number three, standing at seven feet even and weighing in at three-hundred and fifty pounds.......Joe Nathaniels!" [RAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!] "Member number four, standing at six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two-hundred sixty-five pounds....... Reg Romany!" [RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!] "And now let us welcome to arena, the team for Loco Lucha Libre....but before I introduce, I should let everyone and the American team know.... as this is a charity event, the boards of both organizations decided to make it a challenging and special event. The four man American team will be fighting a one man Lucha Libre team. Worry not, those of you who have placed bets, it will not be as one sided as it may seem. Introducing to the ring, standing at a towering nine feet six inches tall and weighing in at a staggering one-thousand fifty-three pounds, El Oso Masivo, The World's Tallest Man and World's Tallest Body Builder ...Cristóbal... Eduardo... Espino Maclérigo!" Ted suddenly sat up and forward in his seat. The audience became a mixture of laughter, boos, and chatter of disbelief over the stats listed by the announcer, but then Cris came walking in ducking everything used to make the contestant archway as he stood at least head and chest above it, and the crowd fell silent. Striding in wearing black wrestling briefs that did nothing to hide his enormous bulge, so it was assisted to cover by a Roman gladiator skirt of leather straps, his feet were covered in a modern twist of the Roman sandal and a boot. He was popping and bouncing his exceptionally hairy, mounding pectorals as he walked down the aisle, occasionally doing crab shot poses and growling loudly. Walking up the ring steps sideways so his huge feet could fit on the steps he hit the top and then without thought simply stepped over the ropes of the ring. No assist, no push down or pull down by him or any other person. At his height he could simply step over them as though they were toy size to him. As the American team balked and stammered, Ted could hear the ring side announcers begin commentary. "I don't think the American team is liking this, and why not? Look at the size of this guy! He had to turn sideways for his feet to be able to go up those stairs." "True, but the real question is why didn't he just step from floor to ring top? I'm pretty sure this guy can do it. He's a giant!" "And imagine if he does a kick to one of the other guys? I've just been handed some other stats on him... his shoe size is a US size 46 quintuple E, which means his feet are twenty-two and two thirds inches long. That's almost a two foot, foot!" "And not just the size of his feet, but remember and imagine it being powered by those legs.... I mean the man's thighs, no a single thigh, looks like it is bigger around than any of his competitor's waists, maybe even their chest!" "Those thighs are apparently fifty-two and half inches around. That is just slightly bigger than Necca's chest measurement. Ungodly!" "And just think about getting arm slammed or picked up or choke held by the arms of that man. Those upper arms are almost thirty-seven and three-fourths inches around!" "That...that... is hard to put one's mind around." "Well let's bring him down to our level, so to speak. If he was say a moderately tall guy, say six foot three inches tall, his upper arm would be just over twenty-four inches around. He's got the build of Mr. Olympia competitors." The match started and it was clear that the American team was going to have to gang up on Cris in order to have any chance at winning. This was made apparent when as seven footer Joe Nathaniels squared up and off against Cris he only came half way up Cris' abs! Jack, Jameson, and Reg all hovered around Cris' navel. What an odd show. Joe bounces off the ropes to perform a clothes line to the front of Cris' things and just goes bouncing and flipping off as Cris' thighs were immoveable. Two of the guys jumped Cris' arms who then stood up to full height and proceeded to flex his massive guns as high as he could form the peaks. Between the increase in muscle/arm size of the peaks and the hair on his arms wicking off sweat, it didn't take too long before each wrestler had to break their hand or arm hold on Cris' arms and drop to the floor. There were a couple of times where it looked like numbers might have the advantage. Joe and Jack providing a distraction, Jameson and Reg clasped wrists and bounced off the ropes to deliver a two man clothes line to the abs of Cris. It knocked the wind out of him, a little, but didn't really stop him. Joe turned at one point and kicked the back of Cris' knees bringing him down on one knee. However things soon turned back in favor of Cris, who showed he could easily throw off the four men, even if all were on top of him. In fact, a couple of times it almost looked as though the breakaway shrug had sent one or two of the American team over the ropes. The crowd was thoroughly entertained and spent a lot on donations, food, drink, programs, anything they could get their hands on for this most excellent match. After an hour and a half, with an intermission, of roaming and bouncing around that ring, the team signaled Cris it was time to end it, and they agreed to end it with him as the crowd was just going wild over him. Cris managed to let them know he'd studied some wrestling moves and could do this spectacularly, if they let him. Agreeing, Cris had them fly off of him after a four man pile up that came to a possible pin and count of two. Then one by one Cris got them to bounce off the ropes, take a clothes line from him, which practically knocked them out cold, but then he picked them up, hoisted them above his head, and body slammed the first one onto the floor, the other three on top of the first guy and then each other. One hand however remained under the American member's back so it took the brunt and shock of the slam, not the member's back. The crowd going wild after Cris placed a finger tip onto the chest of Jack Necca and held him and the other three under him down for the count and the ring of the bell, they began to shout out "OSO! OSO! OSO!", "CRIS! CRIS! CRIS!" or a combination shout of "CRIS...TÓBAL.... CRIS...TÓBAL.... CRIS...TÓBAL...." The ring announcer pulled up a ladder and stood on it to help raise Cris' hand in victory and was still pulled off of it by Cris' hand. The four American members left by various means: Joe was carried off in a stretcher with an oxygen mask, Reg was supported and quasi carried by his usual two teammates in regular wrestling matches as he stumble-walked out of the arena, while Jameson and Jack were assisted to walk off by their wrestling wives. They had waited for Cris after all had left the arena, but due to what happened next, contacted him later to thank him for a great match and show, as well as blush and nervously exclaim how wild and thrilling it was to actually be picked up by someone, without having to do a choreographed jump assist, and flipped over to their back. They were mind blown to say the least. But the reason why this happened days later was because the broadcasting company had an idea that went slightly askew. They decided to pull out a supporter of Cris' from the audience and interview him while bringing Cris up from behind to stand for pictures and sign autographs for the fan. Fate decided to throw in an irritating ripple into this part of the event for the fan supporting Cris that they chose, was Ted. Actually Ted had taken bets on and was originally only supporting the "lucha libre" team, but as the switch was made, he wound up thus supporting Cris. An unaware Ted was pushed towards an interview area, interview holding his back, while stuffing a microphone into his face. "This is Mandy Kinpata here at the epic Wrestling International Federation and Loco Lucha Libre's charity event where we've just seen that massive giant, Cristóbal Eduardo Espino Maclérigo, who chose the ring side name of El Oso Masivo, take on four men to win this champion charity title. We're here with one of his fans. Tell me, sir, what is your name and why did you support Cristóbal this evening?" "My name is Ted, and I didn't support Cris this evening." "But we have your winning ticket stub for betting on him to win the fight." "No, I was betting on what I thought was going to be a representative, Latino-Hispanic team for Loco Lucha Libre." "Well, aha...even though the team turned out to be only one man, Cris, it was still a spectacular match, and him coming down here to help support such a great cause, that has to make you a great fan of hi....." "Nothing has to make me a fan of his, Mandy. Look he has a big heart for charity causes, but in real life he doesn't look out for the important things, he's irresponsible with his health, and he doesn't think abou....." Before he could finish what was probably going to be a long tirade against Cris, Cris had come from behind and hearing him, reached out with an arm, grabbed Ted, and hip carried him back to the locker room. "Well.... apparently Cris has an enemy of some kind and the world's tallest man didn't take kindly to it. He's drug the non-fan off to the back. We'll see if we can get in and cover what's happening." Most of the fan crowd and then the arena administration crowd made space and made it quickly as Cris stormed through with Ted on his hip. He stopped briefly to open one of two double doors to his room, which was a grand viewing box hurriedly turned into a dressing room as the regular dressing rooms were all too small for Cris. Shoving Ted inside, Cris the unhitched the other door, twisted, bent, and turned to get his massive frame through the double doorway before standing up to full height, puffing his chest up, and addressing Ted while closing the doors behind him. "What the hell was that about?" "About you. About all ... all this! What the hell are you doing? It's obvious that you've still been growing and you need to be careful how much exercise and exertion you put on your body until they stop your growth or can ensure you're healthy enough to compete regardless thereof." "Oh come off it! There has got to be so much more to it than you're worried about my welfare, health, and safety. You were fuckin' giving me a character assassination out there!" "No.... not really.... I'm talking to abs here. Do you realize I'm talking to abs? YOUR abs? I used to talk to the top of your head. A few more inches I'll be able to do that again, except it's going to be your lower head not your upper one." "Dios Mio! Lay off about my cock..." "No! You fucking looked obscene out there in those trunks, and those strips of leather only highlighted that you're packing a five foot soft cock! What kind of message is that to send to kids?" "I don't have a five foot cock. It's only three feet." "THREE FEET!?!" "Well, thirty-six and half inches, but only when fully erect. It's a bit smaller when soft. Proportionately, I'd only have a two foot long cock if I was your size." "ONLY A TWO FOOT..... FUCK YOU, CRIS! You just don't see.... you're so blind at how you're body is growing and morphing into a freak of nature! At my height or at your height, who the hell are you going to fuck with a two foot cock?!" "Ted!" "You've not taken this seriously. You're not being cautious. Hell you've thrown caution to the wind. And you don't even think of the safety of others. What would've happened if your heart wasn't able to support this gigantic body while doing all those moves? Forget you dying alone, what if you died while falling on top and pinning one of the other wrestlers? One thousand pounds of dead weight resting on top of him. People can't survive under that, Cris. You could kill a man without wanting to like they did in old days to torture confessions out of them by being pressed under weight." "For fuck's sake, Ted...." "You should go to the doctors and tell them they needed to remove your pituitary gland or something. There should be hundreds of treatments but you really haven't sought them have you. Now you're so big, you really can't live in this world. You're a foot and half taller than most rooms, you're like two-thirds the maximum amount of weight most elevators can carry, not like you could stand up in them. Your toes can't even navigate steps your feet are so big. And these muscles.... getting ripped is one thing.... achieving a trainer's or gymnast's type of build is great, but this.... any more muscle mass and you won't be able to bend your arms. You won't be able to jack off that giant flesh tube of yours. You just don't seem..." Cris interrupted Ted suddenly by stepping in his way. Flexing his left arm slowly right in front of Ted's face, Cris made sure to cause his bicep to rise and peak very slowly, showing off its definition, its size, its hardness and density, its squirming veins. "Madre de...!" "You like it don't you?" "Grow up, Cris!" "I am. I am growing up. Bigger... Hmmmmmph....Stronger.....rrrrrrrrrrrrr.....taller.... oooooooooh......and more hung every day. And it's killing you, isn't it?" "Shut up!" "You just can't take it that I grew up to match you and then surpass you. That your once small, weak friend, is now suddenly so big he can not only take on a man your size, but take on two...three....four.....five.....maybe six or ten.... AT THE SAME TIME! HOOOOOOOOMMMMMMPH!" Cris was performing a series of classic bodybuilding poses as he said this. It made Ted blush and flush hot, so he turned away, but not before there was the sound of fabric lightly tearing and then fully ripping and suddenly from under the leather straps of the gladiator skirt shot out Cris' three foot cock. "MY GAWD!" "You can't take it that I've become more virile than you. That with one load I've probably got enough cum to impregnate a town...... a metropolis!" and Cris flexed and bobbed his erect cock. "I've got enough cum to blow up a man's ass and make it spew out his mouth! .... ..... ..... And you actually....secretly want it....don't you?" "You...." "I what? Say it..... SAY IT! It's what you've wanted me to do, supposedly, all this time since I first grew two inches! You don't really care about me and my health, otherwise you'd be hearing what I've told you. I'm getting checked out by doctors. They've tried several treatment options. They can't tell why I'm growing or what will stop it. They only know that I am growing and that everything, despite what medical knowledge and examples and testimony says, is working fine and normal on me. No deformations....no break downs....I'm healthy as a horse...." "A TROJAN HORSE! YOU'RE TOO FUCKING BIG! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!?!" "Yeah.... I'm a Trojan horse...a big huge vessel with no real substance inside me. You want me... you know you want me.... You're own fucking cocks gives you away. It's tenting your pants, right now. As we scream at each other. I'm going through something I can't explain. It's scaring the hell out of me. It really is. As I watch the world around me get shorter and shorter, smaller and smaller, tinier and tinier and then I realize, it's not getting smaller, I'm getting bigger. But then the question becomes will I become too big for most of it...any of it....all of it? Am I doomed to become this man that eventually grows off the face of the earth and my force winds up pushing it off its axis and orbit? "I could've used a friend during this time. Someone to stand beside me and tell me things would be alright. And if that friend of so many years found himself attracted to me...he could've told me. Let me know, so that maybe.... just maybe....I would've told him I had been falling for him. Falling for him years ago. And even if there were problems trying to figure out the physics of how to make love between a now supposed six-foot three inch runt and whatever I became.... .... ....I could've had the chance of having a love during this time. A love to support me. A love that once was and could still be at the same time my best friend. Be he couldn't admit that could he. He couldn't submit to being the smaller guy, even though he could still act the top with me." "You....can....." "Knock it off, Ted!" "NO! YOU CAN STOP! YOU.....YOU CAN.....stop..... you just need to listen to yourself, hear what you're saying. You need to take care of yourself better. You need to visit the doctor's more. Quit telling me I'm on a binge here. You can get your feet bound... there are drugs for your bones, shots for your organs and muscles, to get this under control... you just need to..." "Ted...." "YOU CAN STOP! YOU CAN STOP! YOU CAN STOP! YOU CAN STAHHHAHAHAOP!" "You're right Ted. ... ... ... I can stop. I can stop trying to deal with you. I can stop trying to get you to accept me. I'm just trying to live my life while they figure this out. You don't want me to do that. As such... I can't live my life with you involved in it." Cris felt that odd tingling sensation he frequently got around Ted the last few times they met and hung out. This time however the sensation felt about six times stronger and as it coursed through his body he turned with a primal yell and kicked the metal double doors open and off to his make shift dressing room. "rrrrRRRRRRRRRAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!" SLAM - CRASH! "You can stop, Ted. I don't want to hear any more of your denials and bullshit. As a friend I've prevented the door from hittin' ya where good Lord split ya. There will be no photo opportunity, no autographed pair of trunks for you. Get out, and if you ever find yourself somehow in my moving circles...keep quiet and don't let me know you're there. You've shrunk while I've grown, in more ways than just physical size, and you've become too small for my attention." With that Cris took out his android phone and very easily snapped it two, symbolizing that he was getting rid of Ted's phone number and contact information. Ted shook and trembled for several minutes and finally exploded. "YOU ASSHOLE!" WHAP! Cris' hand flew out backwards and smacked Ted not only across the face but face down through chest as well, Up he sailed a few feet into the air, across the room, and out the open doorway. It took him a couple of minutes to regain his composure. Everyone in the hall, the reporters, the camera men, the other wrestlers waited allowing him to do so while they shook off the shock of the bursting door and then Cris' anger. Then, Ted got up, stumbled, regained balance, and quietly left the building. The reporters' nose for news kicked in and they began to attempt coming through the empty doorway and bombard Cris with questions. He turned rose to his full straight as could be height, puffed out his chest and lowly and slowly commented. "Ladies and Gentlemen, of the press and otherwise, despite my breaking the door down, that was a private moment. If you really feel the need to find out about it, you will have to ask later. You can see where this is a good idea because right now...." He picked up the metal bar that was originally between the two double doors and bent its ends as though tying the bar into a bow. "I don't feel like discussion right now." And he dropped the metal bow in the doorway. **************************************************************************** "Awwww cmon' man. Itsh the middle of the night...und itsh gotten fuck-(hic) cold here in Orlando." "It's not the middle of the night, ya bum. It's cold here because it's February, and this ain't Orlando. Closest fucking metropolis is across the river, St. Louis. Get out of here. You're stinking up the place and pissing off my customers." "But I need shomethin'...jush a little d'nashion to get shomething t' eat?" "I know what you'll eat. I know why you sound the way you do. Because Martha two doors down has pity on you like she always does and gave you twenty to go get a hot meal and instead you walked into Sparrow's Liquor and bought a bottle. For Pete's sake, man. It's only noon!" "Well shen, I could ushe shome lunsh." "That's it... I'm done. Gary! Walk him out of here." A man that was about six foot five, three hundred pounds, filling out a t-shirt and black suit jacket beyond capacity, walked over to the man, stated, "C'mon buddy. It's not happy hour as of yet, and even if it was, you're not making the boss happy.", and pushed the man out the back door and into the alley. The man stumbled and fell, then picked himself up and walked right up to the back door, put his face on it and yelled, "BASHTARDO!" He walked away mumbling to himself, "Esh moo...moo...moouy grande bashtardo.....no....bashtarda...." and then sung in a high pitched voice, "My llamo es Gary y soy una bashtardita! hmmmmaaaa fucks you!" This was Theodore James Wentworth the Fifth. A man of great renown and respect, via his fancy sounding name only, now. After his last encounter with his best friend, Cris, things did not go well. He still couldn't wrap his mind around what had happened to Cris, how Cris was going to live, what his place could ever possibly be in Cris' life, and how it would fit in with his desire to be like he was in most of his relationships, a dominant top. He still couldn't accept his growing feelings for his friend. He couldn't accept the humiliation he received from Cris at their last meeting, especially the fact that the beginning and ending of that story was caught on digital recorders and broadcast all over t.v., cable, and the internet. It cause his mind to wander, his work to suffer, and thus his life to degrade. Eventually he lost his job, any money he had saved, his house, his car. He took to begging and wandering here and there, hoping he could once again make it if he hung around where his old job was in Orlando. Problem was he took to drinking and being in such a constant state of inebriation was prone to pranks of high school and college boys who played the practical joke of getting him snookered and then driving him to a town two hours away. Thus began his life of traveling across the United States. Only one group had some pity on him and did him one slightly good favor. Knowing his mind and life was pretty much gone, and that perhaps family lived where he once was based, after finding he did have his ID in a coat pocket, they took him to an all night tattoo parlor and got that ID information tattooed on his left shoulder. Was a good thing too, as he lost the ID two pranks after. Now he was somewhere in the Midwest, although his mind told him that he was still in Orlando. But the town he was in had a wonderful park that contained several structures for extreme biking and skateboarding, as well as miniature golf. Finding that the door to the windmill was unlocked and that the inside of the windmill was large enough for storage, he crawled in for his evening nap, praying that the structure would keep him warm enough to survive the night at least. ... .... .... ..... ..... The next morning Ted woke up in a luxurious, four post bed with satin and silk sheets. The sun light streaming through the window not only blinded his eyes but made his head feel as though a street jackhammer was working inside his skull. His head began to bob as his stomach began to complain and gurgle and soon he was over the side of the bed and puking directly into a prearranged, plastic bag lined, waste basket. Within minutes of the dispelling of the last amount of liquor in his system, a butler came striding through the door, looked down with his eyes only, at the waste baskets, and then stated in an eloquent, perfect pronunciation, Southern drawl, "Ah.... I see sir is up." He then walked briskly and floating like, as if he were being dragged on wheels, to a wardrobe where he got out a bathrobe and some clean clothes. Holding the bathrobe out to Ted he announced, "His Honor, the Mayor of Fallen Brooke, will be with you for lunch. He is currently in his study working off several items of business before he will see you. Until then, you are to make yourself available for use of this bathroom here, and then you may change into these clothes. We had them tailor made for you. ... ... .... As well as one can for such an emaciated form." "Were are my clothes?" "Those rags were properly disposed of; burned faster than Sherman did Atlanta." "I want my clothes!" "You can wear them again come Ash Wednesday! You are to go take a bath right now." Ted said in exasperation under his breath, ""Escucha, bastardo. En mi ropa estaba mi credencial, así que tráemela antes de que te rompa la cara, capullo!" The butler looked at Ted and cocked his right eyebrow at him. "I said, 'I need to have my clothes searched for my I.D. and I would prefer to choose my own replacement clothes, please.' For those who don't understand Spanish.'" Turning and opening the door to the bathroom, the butler looked sternly at Ted and replied, "Entiendo perfectamente español : mexicano, puertorriqueño, panameño, y español en ambas formas formales y coloquiales. Mis padres estaban casados en el momento de mi nacimiento, por lo que no soy un bastardo. Conozco varias formas de artes marciales, manejo de armas , y mi último trabajo fue en el servicio secreto, por lo que definitivamente no se vas a romper la cara. Puede que sea un agujero de culo, pero usted es todo un culo." "That last phrase doesn't make any sense in Spanish." "No, but it makes perfect sense if you speak English." "But I do and that makes no..." "I might be an ass hole, but you are a whole ass. As in all, total, completely encompassing...ass. Você compreende? Comprenez-vous? Ti comprendere? Vy ponimayete? Begrijp je dat? ¿Comprendes? ” Ted said, looking down at his feet. "Yes..." "Y en español." "Sí,... ... ... totalmente." "Es muy bueno. And might I suggest, sir, that when you pick up the soap to wash, you begin with your mouth. Any language is best spoken...cleanly." Ted took the towels from the butler very red faced and proceeded to walk into the bathroom. "Well... aren't you a knowledgeable...." "I have no problems in punching you in the mouth and addressing you as 'Señorita Puta' during your stay here." "...person...." Ted walked into the bathroom and shut the door. After about two hours in the tub, the first hour used to soak all the dirt and grime off, Ted put on the set of clothes. It is amazing how much an attitude can change after washing a couple years of dirt and grime off of one's body, and the booze out of one's system. Opening the door the bedroom called out to the butler. "Uhm....Butler? Sorry, I don't know what to call you as I was kind of mouthy and didn't allow you to tell me. ... ... ... Hello?" Looking around the suite he saw no one was there and so he went to the door he saw the butler come through and opened it up. "Hello?.... Mr. Butler....whatever your name is? I'm all clean and done....and uhm a little less sassy right now. Hello? Jeeves? .... well, okay, maybe a little bit of sass left." Stepping out he saw a magnificent foyer that was probably two maybe three stories high. It was interesting architecture. Sure there were columns and such but there were so tall, so big, for a home foyer, but the thing that drew most attention was the odd front door entrance. There were two double doors the opened in to show off the front porch, but the area they were built in looked like another giant set of double doors. The bottom two inside corners we made up on the real doors people use. At the top of the wall that was made to look like the two smaller doors were a set a big huge windows that mimicked the shape of the windows in the proper doors. The difference was the small windows in the proper doors were heavily frosted while the replicated ones above were crystal clear letting in as much sunlight as possible. Being the afternoon now, the windows flooded the foyer with sunlight. Ted stood there basking in the warmth, closing his eyes and breathing in deeply. "I don't know who this mayor is..." thought Ted, "But I need to thank him greatly. It has been a long time, too long, since I have been sober. This is all like I'm waking up from some nightmare and into a golden world. HUH!" Ted opened his eyes for just a moment thinking maybe he had died and this was Heaven. Growling from his stomach let him know this was still Earth and that he was not dead. He wasn't sure where to go from here and figured he'd wait for the butler to come get him. Closing his eyes again, he bathed in the light of the sun beam and continued to breathe deeply. PAD PAD PAD PAD PAD PAD "hmmmm" thought Ted. "Something is making a decent thump. Must be some kind of machine going off somewhere." THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP Ted swore he might have felt vibrations that time with whatever the noise was. The instinct of fight or flight was beginning to well up in him. He made the decision he should make a break for it and run back to the bedroom. DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! It was too late. Whatever it was had come up behind him, almost right behind him. It was close enough the vibrations through the floor nearly knocked poor Ted down. He was glad he was still standing in case he needed to make a break for it, but for now fear held him and he closed his eyes tightly and thought to himself, "Perhaps if I stay still, whatever it is will not see me or will mistake me for statuary." The next thing Ted heard was a laugh and a voice that was so deep, yet full and mellow, it sent ripples of vibrations running over his brain, down his neck, and into his chest and lungs where they continued to bounce for a few minutes after he stopped talking. The tone of this voice just dripped masculinity, virility, sex appeal and poor Ted's cock, despite his malnourishment as of late, sprung a full, rock hard, woody in his new pants. "Ted?!... Ted is that you? Dios mio, Ted you look so freakin' thin! I'd say I should get you some water, but I think you should have a soda of some kind, help add the pounds back on you. Well, compared how I'd look to you know, you'd probably expect me to hand you a Pepsi." Ted turned around slowly and his straight on gaze was met with nothing but thigh on either side. These thighs just bulged out massively from the knees, their size and weight making it impossible to walk straight. The legs would have to be kicked out to the sides, damn near split walking from how Ted figured it. Each tear drop shape of the front of these thighs were large enough that Ted could place his hand on one of them and it wouldn't be large enough. The cuts of definition were so large and deep Ted though he could stick his hand into them like an actual crevice on a granite mountain. Hell, the striations looked nearly that deep. And then running over them, all these mighty tubes just under the skin. "My gawd!" Thought Ted. "The sculptor of this statue got so detailed. The work on these veins is breathtaking." But then Ted had to shake and quiver a bit, remembering as he followed a plumping vein down the thighs, across a cable car strand for hamstring and down into hard diamond shaped calves that this wasn't a statue, it was a person that had walked into the room. He lingered on the calves because they were so big they nearly looked the same size as the thighs... perhaps. Then he saw the feet at the bottom... the huge, massive, meaty, thick, strong and slightly hairy feet. Realizing the shins, calves, and thighs were hairy as well, Ted, began to follow that trail back up stopping and taking a quick breath when he realized, near the knees, floating just above them, but hanging in between like the pendulum of some giant clock, was the head of a penis that was ginormous, and it was connected to a shaft that was just as impossibly huge - and it was soft! It curved slightly at the top, or more correctly its base as the colossal cock had to hang over and ample set of balls, the size of which Ted thought for sure he could bowl with and might give a strong man trouble to lift. Continuing to arch his head and neck backwards, he saw the thick yet feathery bush of hair that covered the crotch area and spread up and out over the swelling eight pack of abs that looked like it was so stacked and hard that it could actually serve as an old fashioned cobblestoned road with horses trotting on it. The obliques of this giant man were the same, and together with the abs they would provide a surface for a quartet of ladies to scrub wash clothes on. Up and up this stacked column of cobblestones Ted looked until his vision was blocked by two excessively large and round capstones that blocked out all view of the ceiling. Damn, did these fuckers still out and past the abs. Like it might be an actual foot or more from ab wall to the edge of the chest. It was so thick and full, so broad and wide, it barreled so large and heavy, for a moment Ted thought it might cause the man to topple, or that again, perhaps this was a sculpture and the chest part of the torso had broken way and rolling off the top of the abs. But there they stayed swelling just a little and then receding, in and out, in and out, as Ted took very large and long deep breaths. Ted could see something that looked like small stalactites, one each hanging off of one or the other pectoral, nearly pointing down and enticing him to come suckle and drink. Attempting to bend to the side to look around the great chest precise, Ted found his vision blocked on either side by the thick, massive lats that now had the appearance together of creating not a v, not a triangle or an inverted pyramid, but something more akin to a w, trapezoid, or a bracket. Combining with the man's back and shoulders, they made his mega man's backside a wall, literally a fuckin' walking, moveable solid wall. But it wasn't these thing that impeded Ted's vision as much as it was what they held up. Pushing them up and out at angles that were more parallel to the floor than hanging and pointing down to it, the lats held up the giant guys arms making them practically stick straight out. "If this was a statue...the structural support need to hold those arms in the air would need to be...." So full, so tight, so dense and large were the bellies of the biceps and the triceps that they weren't the simple curve of something ball or oval like. No they were more like an elongated and squared circle or oval or a rounded cornered rectangle. Until the giant flexed them. Whenever he moved his hand inward, that bicep popped with power and began to rise and rise and rise, so high Ted thought that when fully flexed and held the biceps peak could surely have snow form upon it. But no, those rivers of hot blood crossing here and there, making the biceps look like sacks of basilisks or great sand worms, would create too much heat and melt that snow away. The veins snaked and extended their way down into forearms that Ted was certain was larger round than his waist...his chest! Both his thighs put together! Who was this man? Who was the person who drug him while asleep out of the golf windmill? Who was this god like being that was so muscular Hercules himself would cry in fear upon meeting him? This giant, hairy, muscular, manly, musky, hung, virile, alpha supreme male... "Oh gawd... I'm too close for you to see me." said this mega mayor and the form began to move and pad his freaky feet in order to back up a few feet. Ted looked up and up and up and waited and waited. Slowly, eventually, cresting over the chiseled chest with the forest of hair, came the man's face and then Ted saw...Ted knew.... the face was, the mammoth man was his former best friend Cris. "AH! AH!" Cried out Ted as suddenly his body began to spasm and shake uncontrollably. "Ted? Are you alright?" Cris said as he bent down to be closer and more eye level to Ted. Once there Cris could see that in almost one split second, Ted had not only become aroused, not only achieve full, maximum stiff, erection, but that he was already spewing copious amounts of cum in his new pants. The sudden rush of arousal and climax at nearly the same instant moment was a little too much for Ted and he dropped to his knees and into the waiting hands of Cris. Looking up at Cris he hoarsely whispered, "Cri....Cris.... Crisón,... mi Crisito..." and then passed out. ************************************************************************** It was several hours before Ted woke up, and he didn't want to when he did. Dreaming he was out on a beautiful sunny day, he was laying down in semi-tall grass and he was enjoying the smell of it and the feel of it on his face, in his fingers, surrounding his torso and through his feet. He was running his hands through this grass and inhaling deeply when he came too. There was a bright light as he actually opened his eyes and his vision adjusted from sleep to awake. Looking out he could see a couch just on the other side of very odd coffee table. It looked more like a set of two tiered steps, except they were made of glass and iron metal. The higher side is what faced him, while the lower side was on the side closest to the couch. The couch also appeared odd, or at least it did to point of view. The couch he was on was huge...really huge, especially compared to the couch across the way. Ted couldn't even feel the end of the couch, which at six-foot three inches tall he was usually used to feeling if laying stretched out on one. After closing his eyes again, Ted rolled over onto his back and ran his fingers across the couch cloth. Again, there was the feeling of being able to run his fingers through something. "Hmmmm must be a couch covered in shag rug material." Thought Ted to himself and he laughed as he ran his fingers through it and rubbed his arms up and down and then rubbed his feet over it. Opening his eyes to look down at his own feet, Ted suddenly took in a sharp intake of breath. He saw his own feet, but there...several feet away from his own feet was another pair of feet that looked nearly gigantic. As his depth perception changed focus he realized looked down, the middle of his vision was blocked by something tubular and mounding , like a fairly large pipe, rising out of the shag fur of the couch and heavily flopping over an end. It was then that Ted realized he wasn't lying on a couch, but on the torso of a man. Another gasp and Cris sat up and then turned around to look up towards the head. He immediately fell forward and propped himself up on one elbow firmly planted in the rich deep brown "grass" he had been lying on. "Easy," said Cris. "Don't sit up too fast. You're still a little too weak and you may pull your I.V. out. You were really quite malnourished. They've been giving you loads of I.V.'s with vitamins and other nutrients in them." Ted looked across towards the fairly large face of Cris and began to quiver. Finally tears welling up in his eyes he buried his face into the crevice of Cris' protruding pectorals while attempting to hug them and hug Cris. "I am so sorry...Cris... I've been.... I've been...." "Estúpido?" "Yeah...." The two lay there for a moment with Ted looking up several times, mouth open, attempting to say something, before grunting in frustration and looking down or away again. Finally he just began to blurt out. "Cris.... I am so sorry. I've been the world's biggest jerk. I... I had begun to develop feelings for you, my friend....my brother. I've had them for a while and I didn't know how to tell you. And then you started growing and growing....and growing. I was so scared for you, but at the same time I kept picturing us being an item as slipping away. I'm a top man. You know I am. I love to take the lead and to be rough, but with you getting bigger and bigger, taller and stronger, I just could be the top to you. I couldn't dominate you. The bigger you got the more distant I figured you would be relationship wise. It was even worse given the fact that you were developing a cross between donkey and horse genes down there." Cris laughed a small, low chuckle. "At the same time, the bigger and larger you got, the more it turned me on. I can't hardly look at you right now without blowing a load. You are just so mind blowingly huge! So fucking sexy! I wanted to be with you, but I also still wanted to dominate you. And then I also had to try and balance out those emotions with the fact that my friend was growing and growing without any knowledge why. I knew you needed support, but your body was changing so fast I thought I was losing my best friend, you just looked so different after each growth spurt. And I was so scared for you, but I didn't know how to show support, because I didn't know how to handle it. Then you were becoming more confident, more aggressive, more out there personality wise, the man I fell in love with seemed to be disappearing personality wise as well. "All these emotions thrashing inside me, all the changes you were going through. I was just in panic mode. It doesn't give me an excuse for how I was acting. I was an ultimate jerk. I should call my own self a pendejo. I needed to be there for you, as your best friend, whether I ever expressed my love to you or not. You needed me and I failed." The two sat there for about another fifteen minutes in silence, staring but not actually staring at each other. Finally Ted began to speak again. "I nearly died when you threw away my phone number and kicked me out, but I don't blame you. I don't know how you found me, and I don't deserve this treatment, but I will find a job and pay you back. I.... I really appreciate this." Another poignant pause occurred before Cris spoke. "As the mayor of Fallen Brooke, I have quite a few connections. When the mini-golf owner called for the police to come in and remove you from his windmill, I was called by the police chief. They identified you by a tattoo on your left shoulder and I told them to bring you to my house." "I don't have a tattoo on my left..." "You have been out of it a while. ... You have one of all your personal information ." "Oh my gawd." "You've really been messed up, haven't you." Cris wrapped his arms around Ted and pressed him into his chest for a huge bear hug. "So....obviously you're still growing. Hopefully, despite all my negative predictions otherwise, everything is growing normally, just extremely large?" "Yes. Everything about me is huge, but functioning normally, and I am no longer growing. I stopped growing about six months ago and the last check up shown the plates fused, so there is no more growth. I have stopped at this tiny, short, little height." and Cris laughed. "Short little height. You do realize I only come up a fourth of the way up your thighs when we both stand up. So... out with it.... how big has my friend.... we are still friends aren't we?" "Tedito.... we're still best friends. I wouldn't have told the police to drop you off here and paid for doctor's and medicine if we weren't." "I'm glad. So how big has my friend grown? Do you fit in anything anywhere anymore?" Cris belly laughed. "No.... no, not really. Let's see.... I'm twelve feet six inches tall." "Twelve!..." "Yep. I am exactly twice as tall as you are. My monstrous dogs down there are almost three feet long, thirty inches to be exact and twelve and one-third inches wide, so I now wear a US men's size 68 6E shoe. I weigh three-thousand six-hundred pounds, which if you make proportionate for comprehension, if I had the same build at your height, I'd weigh four-hundred fifty pounds. I weigh this much because my muscles have grown as though I have the muscle disorder where their growth and development isn't inhibited. My upper arm for example is Seventy-four and one fourth inches around. That is my upper arm is almost as big around as you are tall." Cris raised up one arm and slowly flexed it causing the extremely full and flat belly of his biceps grow and rise up higher and higher until it filled Ted's vision. Ted quickly developed a raging hard on seeing an upper arm that was roughly like three feet tall. "If I was your height, it would mean that my upper arm would be just over thirty-seven inches around." Ted swallowed hard. "Dios mio.... and... how..... how big is.... is... is your?" "If I was your height my cock would be three feet long." "Three feet long?!" "Yes but on me that means it is six feet long." Ted leaned forward again, his hands out to support himself on Cris, but he began to absent mindedly run his fingers through the thick and fluffy hair over Cris' chest. "I see you're really liking the hair." Ted smirked. "You've become like a god, my friend. So big, so strong, so dense, so tall, so hung, so hairy, you're just the ultimate man. The prime alpha male. That alone turns me on beyond all belief. Add to it that I know you... your personality... and it just....I want you so bad right now. I'm burning inside with so much desire for you, I feel like I'm going to explode. I know... we can only be friends." "No... not friends." "Yeah... I know.... my brother from another mother. Mi hermano." "No...." "No?..." said Ted looking up with a look of fear in his eyes and panic on his face. "Mi amor." Ted flushed hot and was starting to shake a little and to faint upon hearing those words, but he kept himself awake. "All this time we've dated other people because we thought since we grew up together we were too much like brothers to have a relationship. The truth though is that I've been falling in love with you for years. It killed me to snap my android and throw away any chance of recalling your phone number when I kicked you out. I took a trip out to Orlando to call upon you, but you had lost your job, your house by then and I'm guessing was already in a drunken stupor, because I put out a notice to look for you, to have you contact me, but no answer came." "Yeah... I had a really rough patch with a lot of travel apparently. ... ... ... But.... how can we even try this? Even if I decide to compromise and be your 'bitch bottom', hahahaha... how are you going to make love to me? I'm only three inches taller than your cock is?" Cris thought about this for a moment. "Maybe we don't have to compromise your favorite roll?" "How?" "Well....if my cock is only three inches shorter than you are tall, my cock head should be as big as someone's ass to you. Why don't you fuck my cock?" "You're pulling my leg." "No... I'm serious. Here...get up." Cris had Ted hop off of him and he stood up next to the couch. "Go ahead and grab it. Work the head. You can ride it up as it becomes erect." Ted marveled as he began to stroke and pat and smack Cris' penis head as though it were some guy's ass in front of him. A penis that already looked so huge and gigantic to Ted began to swell and lurch and grow in length and girth. Ted moaned as he could feel the blood pumping up into the shaft, the heat rising through it all. He felt the life sized anaconda grow thicker and thicker, swelling harder and harder in his hands while it's length increased and kept pushing him further and further back. Grabbing a hold around the shaft, Ted rode Cris' cock as it rose up and up until it hoisted Ted up off the couch and surprisingly he pulled himself on top to set on the head. After catching his breath, Ted balance himself and stood up on Cris' cock and proceeded to take his pants and shirt off and throw them to the floor. He then walked down to the base where he held onto Cris' abs and obliques as though he were rock climbing and attached his mouth to Cris' right nip. "OOOH!" Cris cried in surprise, but adjusted his stance to stand firm. After performing that action, along with kissing every little muscle belly of the obliques Ted could find, he then sat back down at the cock base, his feet dangling over the sides and resting upon Cris' goodly sized balls. Rubbing as sensually as he could muster, Ted drug his hands up and down Cris' prick's shaft and base, while his feet rubbed across and over Cris' nuts. "Oooooh wow....that's nice..." moaned Cris. Several minutes later, Ted turned and lay down length wise down Cris' cock, head facing into Cris' thick bush of crotch hair. He then shimmied his way out to the head and once there began to balance himself and get himself ready to enter Cris' slit with his own throbbing member. Ted caused the schlong to droop down so he could get his feet onto the couch, then grabbing behind the head as though it was someone's waist, Ted pushed Cris' member down and then slowly and gently pushed his way into the slit. "hoo HOOO!" gasped Cris in excitement as he staggered back a step. "Yeah.... you like that, doncha? My big fat cock going into your slit." Ted began to buck his hips while making his hands caress the helmet all over. He shuddered all over for surprisingly the piss slit was just as tight for him as any hole would normally be. Cris on the other hand was having a problem with the sensations that was travelling up his shaft through his crotch up and over his abs, chest, neck, chin and lower lip, or down through his balls, down his thighs, over his knees, past in his calves, into his feet and curling his toes. "oh OH! OH! OH!... .... .." he gasped several quick breaths. "The sen-SA-tion...huh huh..... all those nerve endings being stroked like.... oooughhh! stroked.... gawd! Stop.... STOP!" "Hmmmfff.... NO! You're tight slit feels too good. So wonderful! Take it! Take my cock! Non stop! Humping like a fuckin' bunny!" Ted doubled his efforts and began to plow double time in and out of Cris' slit. "AAAAAUGK! OH! OH! YOU HUH HUH HUH YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP! OH OH!...." "NO! Take it! TAKE IT!" Cris began to shake uncontrolably. His footing began to give and stumble stood back and forth. He kept trying to push his cock forward and herky-jerk his groin and cock from Ted or cause it to yank Ted off the couch. "Ted TEAAAUUUUUUUUHFFFFFFFFFFFUCK! HUH HUH HUH STOP! STOP!" On either side of the giant couch were two huge metal sculptures. Cris reached out and individually pulled them closer in between convulsions created by Ted's mad non-stop drilling into his piss slit. When they were finally only arms length on either side of him, he used them to help support himself and keep from buckling whenever the sensation of Ted' cock rubbing shot across his body. "YEAH....C'MON! MY GIANT BITCH! MY LOVER! EXPLODE! EXPLODE FOR ME..EE...EEEEE AH! AH! AH!" "OH! AI! AI AIAIAAIAIAIAIAAI HUH HUH HUH GRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNN O! NO! NO NO NO! NOT HUHUH HUH YET!" The next growl Cris made he brought his arms down in front of him making the most muscular of crab shots of all time. His neck swelling, his traps rising, his delts flaring, his biceps popping, his fore arms swelling, his abs and obliques contracting, and his chest barreling and tightening. Problem was Cris was still holding onto the statues at his side and with a great sound of stressing and stretching metal he bent them down. Eventually there were pats and smacks of flesh upon metal as Cris' violent tremors began to become more violent and he was forced to relieve his shaking by smacking the ruined metal sculptures with his hands when the energy hit his finger tips. His hips were gyrating and bucking, his thighs were swelling and straining, his calves were becoming swollen with blood as the balls of his feet began to be in charge of his balance and keeping him standing. His head was snapped back and his face was contorted in ecstasy. He cried out and he pleaded with Ted. "OH! ooooh gawd...stop...please.... stop I can't .... I can't take it.... Ted.... TED!" But Ted who was also beginning to lose his sense of balance and control, looked up to see the giant twelve and half foot tall, supremely muscled body of Cris straining, flexing, rolling, popping to keep balance, to keep stance, becoming covered and drenched in sweat like some competitor upon the Mr. Olympia stage. Ted reached out with one hand and began to stroke up the hard under ridge of Cris' penis. This in turn made Cris scream out in pleasure and kick one leg out to the side and slam the foot down onto the floor for extra stability, causing the marble in the floor to crack and crumble. "you fuckaaaaauuuuugh YOU FUCKER! OH! BASTARDO! HNNNNNNNNNNGGGFFFF" Ted now began to caress the ridge of the helmet from the underside where the sides come together out and around to the top. Start and the slit and down and around. Slit and then down and around. All while still pumping, humping, and fucking away at the new hole that was his favorite. "You're gonna cum... and you're gonna cum....NOW!" Ted rammed his cock in slowly this time, while taking the thumbs of his head to press in at the slit and the firmly rub out to the head ridge at the same time. "OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH NO OH NO OH NO NO NO OH OH AI AI AAAAAAACK UUUUUUUUUUH AI?!" With a sudden most guttural sound, Cris' body shook like he was having a grand mal seizure, then his left knee gave out and he dropped to it as his head and back snapped back, his colossal chest and muscle gut extended forward and his super schlong thrust Ted into the back of the giant couch. "AAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" The sound was said to be heard a few miles away. Cris' chest caused his arms to contract and the metal statutes groaned and snapped in two. He fell back, his taught bubble butt landing on his left foot. And then the stream came.... Ted could hear it. Feel it. Like the sound of a torrent of water gushing out of a much smaller pipe it filled Cris' dynamic dong and suddenly spewed forth like a geyser. The blast was so powerful it knocked back into the couch and then kept him pinned down as several volleys that would've been a couple hundred feet long, had there been room, struck him, and splattered against his chest. One couldn't tell that Ted was having his own orgasm. One wasn't sure it his face was contorted in pleasure or if pain from the blast of his lovers orgasm hitting him in the chest. And even though he had an ample amount of cum himself, it lost in the massive pool left by Cris' rapids of spunk. Cris grabbed Ted, and then flipped himself over, butt on the floor, back resting against the giant couch. He placed Ted onto his chest. Trying to gasp out something to say in between several extremely powerful after shudders and minor orgasms, Cris finally passed out, not noticing that Ted had already done the same. It was said that it took nearly an thirty minute soak in a tub to be able to release Ted from Cris' cum soaked chest hair. The cleanup of the living room took a number of hours, of which the butler complained and threatened to quit his job if he wasn't invited to at least watch the next time Cris and Ted chose to go at it one of the more public rooms of the house. Ted managed to heal up and regain some weight, muscle weight under Cris' tutelage. He eventually found work, in the area local to Cris' home and the two have been insaparable. They have celebrated more and more anniversaries together, and Ted has remained the top by jumping up and clinging to Cris' cock whenever he wants it, or by staring hard at Cris and his muscles and whispering at him "You can stop." Cris has never started growing again, but the phrase now causes him to nearly rip out any underwear whenever he is wearing a pair. In fact, Ted will tease and drive Cris so nuts with the phrase, making him so horny, the public now has to cry out and remind Cris of his mayoral duties, "You can stop!"
  11. Home of the Gods Part Five by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13486-home-of-the-gods-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13487-home-of-the-gods-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13490-home-of-the-gods-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13502-home-of-the-gods-part-four-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Five: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13527-home-of-the-gods-part-five-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Six: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14012-home-of-the-gods-part-six-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Seven: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14350-home-of-the-gods-part-seven-by-f-r_eaky/ Morning. Fabian had trouble sleeping for a couple of reasons: slight coughing or whispering to himself out loud had him hearing how his voice had dropped in pitch what felt like three, maybe four, octaves than what he normally spoke, and the other was that he was sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor with Reid so there wasn't quite enough room to be comfortable. Coming home in the dark, without Reid having been there for the great voice transformation, put Fabian in the position of Reid being confused and thus in protection-attack mode when a hidden in shadows Fabian spoke to him. To stop his 6' 7" 270 pound muscle bound lover from punching him, the only thing the 5' 2", 90 pound Fabian could do was bark with his new voice an order to cum and cum instantly to Reid who did immediately blow a load on the spot, but in doing so left him stunned and very weak. As such, collapsed to the floor, Fabian was in no position to move his boyfriend to the appropriate bed for recovery. Fabian eventually pulled a futon mattress to the floor, barely managed to roll Reid onto said mattress, put some pillows under Reid's head, cover him with a comforter, and attempt to lie down next to him on the floor. Unconscious habitual movement by Reid had him pulling Fabian close to him in his sleep so that Fabian had to sleep engulfed by Reid and hanging off the edge. Eventually Fabian got flipped over, back into Reid's chest and abs, a more appropriate and comfortable spooning position, which allowed him to be a bit more secure on the futon mattress. Come the early morning, Reid's hand began to explore Fabian's body: caressing the shoulder, down the slim lats and obliques, across the waist and ass, back up the hands, arms, shoulders, neck, then feeling the face. Fabian felt he was being more frisked than caressed and decided to ask the question. "Uhm... What...." "Shhhhhh. I've kept my eyes closed and I am feeling your body to see if it feels like how I remember you. Your voice sounds so different it's making my brain go wonky with conflict. Such a powerful voice out of my little man. It's hard to believe it's you." "Is my voice really that powerful and manly now Rei..... ... ... .... Reid is that your cock?" "uhmmm.... ye...ye...yeyeye....yeah." "Reid that's like soft to erect in like ten seconds!" "uh-uwuaaaaah! oh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh." Fabian lie there motionless for a number of minutes. A warm, sticky wet spot growing around his ass and lower back. He spoke in as soft of a whisper as he could. "R....Re....Reid? Is....is that pre-cum?" "N....n nnnn nnnn nn n n.........no." "It's not pre-cum? It better not be piss." "No... no...it's just my morning load." "Morning load? You just woke up. We haven't done anything. We've..." "We don't have to! It's your voice, Fabian. I can't help it." Reid pulled Fabian close and began to kiss Fabian's neck and nibble on Fabian's ear lobe, grope Fabian's body. "It's so big, so deep, so manly. You talk and it rumbles in my ears and goes straight down through my whole body and into my cock and testicles and rolls and resides there. I hear your voice and my mind thinks there should be this like 7' tall, muscle, power house, horse hung man there. I'm already in love with you... this is just turning me on more. My lil' 5' 2" tall Fabian with the vocal power of a....a.....god! You say it I have to do it. Auuughhhhhhhhhh." And with that yelp, Reid emptied another load onto Fabian's back and buttocks. The morning went quickly and playfully for the pair as they got ready for work. Reid was weak in the knees. The way in which he came the night before plus how it happened this morning was so powerful and so much it left him weak. Fabian kept his mouth shut most of the time, but occasionally had to be playful like getting very close to Reid's ear from behind and in as soft and low of a voice he could muster ask for things in a seductive way like the hot......buttered.....toast. By the time the pair set off for work, poor Reid was leaving looking like a love drunk pup, falling in love, again, with Fabian and his basso profundo voice. Things went well at work for Fabian, except there was much ribbing by his dispatch and coworkers. Upon hearing his new voice they all commented on how low it was, but then it was followed up by comments like, "Whoa! You goin' through puberty this late in life? You suddenly gonna hit a growth spurt on us?" or "the local lighthouse called and want their foghorn back." Comments were also made by some of the people Fabian delivered to, and an occasional accident or two almost happened when some driver would nearly cut Fabian on his courier bike off and Fabian would bark an order, "HEY, WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" and it would startle the driver this huge, gigantic voice coming out of such a diminutive man. At the end of the day, Reid pulled up in his delivery truck meeting Fabian at his last delivery stop of the day. He put Fabian's bicycle in the back of the truck and told him to get in, that he was treating his man as the last couple of days were pretty harsh on him and he was certain a lot of folks probably all went "weird" on him today given his new voice. Fabian did as Reid instructed and Reid took Fabian home, then they hopped a cab to go to a local Chinese place to have dinner. Reid was able to be a bit more calm hearing Fabian speak now, although towards the end of Reid did ask Fabian to read off a number of Chinese fortunes from cookies he had cracked open. Fabian did so, and then was surprised to reach over and discover just doing that had Reid and full mast in his pants. He smiled at Reid and then blushed. Reid in turn reached over and felt Fabian's inner left leg and sure enough Fabian's cock was at its fullest and hardest. After paying for dinner the pair walked out holding their coats in front of their crotches. It being a crisp winter night and not being too far from their apartment, Fabian & Reid decided to walk back home. After putting their coats on, they took off, holding hands, smiling, at one another. They were walking over a bridge at one point when suddenly Fabian uttered an exclamation of being hurt and stumbled forward to the sidewalk. Reid turned to look at Fabian and then doubled over in some pain as a blow to his stomach was made. There was Michael, the power lifter with the huge hands and feet. "Surprise, boys. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's the undeserving out having a good time. Especially when it's a man out having a it out with a boy! I believe that's illegal, isn't it?" "I am not a boy!" Fabian said defiantly on the ground. Michael looked a bit shocked back at him. "Well.... someone's voice lowered. I think it sounds lower than Fazzah's. But no matter voice doesn't affect....." With a growl, Reid was fast approaching Michael ready to attack. Michael was relatively ready for him, dodged and delt a blow again to Reid's stomach. There was a loud thud, but only a small sound of "huff" from Reid. Michael looked up to see Reid smiling. "Taller than you and built just about as big. Not gonna be so easy to take me down when I am aware of your attack." Reid then slugged Michael across the chin sending him staggering back a good number of paces. He then ran to attack Michael again, but Michael was also able to shake off first blows rather easily, as well. Stepping off to one side, Michael stuck his large size 16 men's foot out and tripped Reid forward. As Reid tripped to his knees, Michael then turned to catch the charging Fabian and back hand him across the mouth. Fabian reacted nearly as well as a ball to a bat's hit, flying backwards in the opposite direction. Michael spun around again and made to punch Reid who was charging at him once more, but as Reid slowed and tensed his abdominals and obliques, Michael lowered his stance and brought both fists into place striking Reid right in the groin and balls. Reid doubled over seeing stars and upon his bending over Michael sucker punched him right across the chin and jaw again which cause him to stumble backwards and over the bridge railing. "NO!" cried Fabian causing a boom to fill their air and windows to vibrate as he ran to the railing to try and help Reid. Reid had a hold of a lower rung the railing but just barely and he was slipping. Not sure what exactly to do Fabian braced his feet against the railing and reached over to grab a hold of Reid's wrist. His diminutive size with small hands and feet of course made this a difficult task. He couldn't get one hand around the thick wrist and forearm of his lover who was just an inch under being a foot and a half taller than him. Lurching over he grabbed a hold of Reid's wrists with both hands, trembling to the over taxing of his strength and limbs, crying as he didn't want Reid to fall. Michael laughed. "Ha ha ha ha.... if the fall doesn't kill him, the freezing temperatures of the water below most certainly will. It'll take any form of help at least thirty minutes to get dispatched and either flown or driven to this location. And you can't go and calmly tell someone to help out, and screaming it.... well your voice bellows to loud now, by the time it reverberates off of all the buildings would folks be able to tell from where you're screaming?" Michael walked away leaving the pair to make a decision of either both of them plunging into a winter chilled river or just letting Reid drop and Fabian survive. There could be a possibility of saving Reid if Fabian could get a decent hold of him and Reid could then grab a hold of Fabian and try to swing up enough to get his other hand on the bridge railing. That, however, would also require Fabian to become locked and stable in his position and at his size and weight verses Reid's size and weight it wasn't going to happen. As the pair struggled the air suddenly began to fill with the sound of pounding drums. Fabian was crying out of fear and despair and now in the back of his mind thinking "not now for a change. I can't change in the middle of this." Steam began to rise off the bridge. The slight side trough began to unfreeze and have free flowing water and filling up. A manhole cover blew off its hole and a pipe underneath sprung a leak and began to spew hot water in the air and onto Fabian. It ran down his arms, his legs, his hands, his feet, causing his grip either to stabilize onto the bridge or firmly grasp Reid's hand to become slick and loose. That's when the voices began to chant. " Ke'atutelvae.... Ke'atutelvae.... Ke'atutelvae.... Ke'atutelvae.... Ke'atutelvae...” As the voices chanted the name, Fabian began to feel his fingers and his toes tingle and eventually feel them itch and burn. He wailed for it to stop as he tried to keep a firm hold of Reid which was slipping more and more. Eventually the fingers and toes felt burning hot and the rest of the hands and feet were tingling, itching, and burning slightly. That's when Fabian began to feel it. There was not only pain in his hands and feet, just emanating from them, but that his feet were being pinched, squeezed, almost like clamped down on. It was his shoes. Tighter and tighter they became crushing in from the sides, pushing from the front and cutting from the back. He was trying hard to ignore this pain because he had to keep adjusting his grip on Reid's wrist. Every few seconds suddenly his finger tips would stretch out and they began to touch tips with one another. Meanwhile his cycling shoes were pressing down so hard on top of his feet and toes it felt as though they were pressing his toe nails inward, making them cut his poor small toes. He could feel individual toe ridges forming on the top of his shoes instead of one smooth top. His ankles were being tied off by a ring of cloth, the opening for the shoes that was getting smaller and smaller. His heal was screaming at the back of the shoe that was digging in, clamping around trying to contain the heel from escaping. Just under his cries and pleas for help, the sound of small tears and rips were heard. In a series of a couple of short rips! and then a long strip! The sides of the shoes gave way allowing the icy air to waft in and caress Fabian's feet. A few more rips and Fabian's toes burst through, their red hotness getting cooled by the water and winter air. Soon a few pops were heard and the laces on Fabian's shoes snapped and allowed the tongue to rise up and the opening of the shoe spread out wider and wider to accommodate Fabian's growing feet. "WUAH!" Fabian had to lurch forward, re-establishing his footing and his grasp. The sole of the shoe finally separated, torn free due to Fabian's good sized feet, and thus slid away causing Fabian to now stand barefoot, except the tops of his every shrinking size 5.5 men's shoe now laying on top of his much larger feet like some ill fitting pair of sporty looking spats. Feeling the new length of his feet, he managed to get them hooked in between to rungs of the railing and anchor himself in the bridge. His two hands having grown matching the increase in size of his feet, he now adjusted to a better hold onto Reid's wrist. "Reid.... I'm not strong enough to pull you up.... but I have a better hold of you and the bridge..... I need..... I need your help, babe..... Help me.... help me swing you..... so you can grab the railing. My hands and feet are getting ice cold now..... and numb.... c'mon... help me swing...." The pair managed to get Reid swinging and after a few tries Reid did get up high enough to allow his long arms and fingers grab a hold of the railing and together they eventually got him pulled and lifted up over the railing. After managing to find and hail a cab, the rode back the rest of the way home and proceeded to take a hot bath to soothe their freezing bodies, Fabian's hands and especially his feet in particular. Reid had Fabian face him and lay his legs on top of his, and in this position, in the hot soapy water, took Fabian's feet in his hands and began to massage them. "Hmmmmmm that feels sooo good, hon." "I imagine it does, Fabe. All that growing they did, and then the bruising they took with you trying to come up the stairs and the hallway. You should've let me carry you." "It's another freakin' change, Reid. I'm gonna have to get used to walking with these....flippers now. They feel so heavy, and seem so long....." Reid took up the tape measure and laid it along the underside of Fabian's feet. "Ten and two-thirds inches long. What size shoe did you wear before?" "Five and half in men's." Reid did the calculations in his head. "That means your feet were 9.133 inches long, so they've grown one and half inches longer.... or four and half sizes to a US men's size 10." "That's like ridiculous on me isn't it? I've got clown feet now...." "No.... it's not quite so bad. Proportionately if you were my height your feet would be thirteen and a half inches long for a size 18.5 shoe. I wear a size 17 as my feet are 13 inches long, so it wouldn't be that bad. Just means you have big man feet." "But my hands... they're just as bad. Most people won't see or notice my feet, my hands however they'll all see as I deliver packages. I now look and sound like a freak." "You're not a freak, and even if you were, there's not worry because... you're my freak. I'm here, Fabe. Through all the changes that may be coming. I've fallen in love with you and your personality and even though I imagined guys as big or bigger than I am, I still loved you at your small size. If you wind up growing big, I'll be all right with that so... you will have someone who loves you no matter what." The pair sat there for a while in the silence, except for the occasional sound of some soap bubbles popping. Eventually Fabian slightly smiled at Reid. "What am I gonna do with this huge hands and feet. I can barely walk or grasp things properly." "Well, you're gonna fumble and stumble with them for a bit?" "Fumble and stum....... I don't want to do that I want to walk and handle things normally." "And you will, but you'll have to get used to this first." "And you speak like that's so easy to do." "I do. I wasn't always 6' 7" you know. I entered high school as a weak lil' Freshman standing 5' 10" tall. I remained that way until the middle of my Junior year." "What? What happened?" "That was when my hands and feet exploded. I was going, and growing, through a shoe size like every three weeks. By the end of my junior year, I was fumbling, stumbling, and bumbling my way around everywhere trying to get used to my new huge ass hands and feet. Even some of the taller guys still only had a size fourteen shoe, so I got teased about having boats and flippers." "But you don't look that out of proportion now." "Of course not. The second half of it all started my senior year. I started out 5' 10" by then end of the school year I stood 6' 4" and by my Sophomore year of college I was another three inches taller at 6' 7"." The pair sat in silence again for a while until Reid smiled. He motioned for Fabian to sit forward a bit and just stared at him eye to eye for a moment. Suddenly there was a small splash and Reid's prick sprung up from under the water. Fabian kind of went to scoff at Reid, but then Reid took one of Fabian's hands and placed it on his member and wrapped it around it. "Look it what you can do one handed now." said Reid smirking. "And with your other hand you can then..." and he took and placed Fabian's other hand down in the water and to his balls, which Fabian then made Reid jump and shake a little as he took his other hand's fingers, cupped Reid's balls and then firmly took his thumb and stroked them across. Reid pulled the plug, stood up, wiped down with a towel, raised Fabian up, dried him off, lead him to the bedroom, and after turning on the heater, proceeded to show Fabian what all he could do or experience with his larger feet and hands.
  12. Abduction Part Two by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/8794-abduction-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Gregorian chant. Something that sounded like Gregorian chant was playing, filling up Julian's ears. But it wasn't like that at all. It was not quite as hot? Cooler sounding, more logical feeling. It was flowing smoothly like Gregorian Chant did but with a brighter sound of electronics. It was as though Julian was at some holistic fair performing meditation, but on the set of some alien planet. Struggling to look around, Julian found he couldn't move his head, nor the rest of his body for that matter. Only his eyes could look and leer about. But everything at the edges were so bleary as if he was looking at the world through a TV. camera's fog lens. No matter how many times he blinked he couldn't clear his vision, and if he could would he be able to see anything? The area was so dark with only a bright light shinning directly above him. "That's it." He thought to himself. "I'm being operated on. The trip I took exasperated the blow to the head my abductor gave me." He kept blinking trying to wake himself up so he could ask questions about what was being done, what had happened to himself, but the blinking must have made him sleep, for he began to notice the pictures in his mind's eye weren't connecting as a living or film like experience. It was more like stills of the same room at different times with different folks. There were a couple of times he saw some people whom he didn't know. Two women and one man. They were very plain looking with very generic features, straight hair styled straight down and pulled back or cut very short and professional in the man's case. They were in straight lined, blue gowns or shirt and they spoke, but not to him. Looking across Julian they said things he couldn't understand or make out clearly. Still other times they looked down at him and said something, but Julian couldn't make it out and he couldn't tell if he was responding back. He didn't think so. Thinking to himself in one of his more semi-lucid states, "That must be a doctor and two nurses. I hope the man is the nurse. He looked cute... better chance of him touching me then." Julian smiled himself to sleep with that thought and then began waking up to someone or some people else. These were all men. All very big men. They all stood very tall between six feet four inches to seven feet tall. And were they ever muscled! Naturally thick bodies that looked they had each been training a number of years, but with white washed skin and hair that was the color of fire to strawberry blonde to platinum. It was like a convention of Norse people. As though all of these folks were descendants of the Vikings. The moved about him their arms raised at times as though they were carrying trays or something. Sometimes they came and stood by him and he could feel their large hands on his arms or legs and they would stare down at his face. They were all in some kind of wrap around sleeveless shirt. It was light grey in color with the edges trimmed in heavy piping. The front part of the shirt wrapped around from the left and tied on the right hand side. It gave a low v cut to the neck and head opening. Most of the men, their shoulders pulled the fabric up and out, as well as their chests barreling out and over pulled at the shirt opening as well. Each of their bodies pulling the top of the shirts open to reveal their great pectoral valleys. Their bulging delts and arms hung out and angles from their sides and the openings near the shoulders. Julian wished he could see further down, see if these shirts were all synched tightly at the bottom near these people's waistlines. He was developing a crush on these Viking reenacting orderlies or whomever they were. But then flashes of the occurring visions began to scare Julian. Much shorter men appeared to him, bent over him, looking at him as though he was under a microscope, and there were times he felt as though perhaps these men were poking him, prodding him, maybe even carving into him or...or... poking around in his brain! And then he began to realize these short men were not a pale skin white like the Viking styled men were, but they were a colorless, flat matte kind of white or ashen grey. And their eyes...their eyes! They were too large, pointed oval, slanted, and completely black. What did they want with him? What were they doing with him? Why was it with them he felt like his head was open! "Auuugh! Auuugh!" Julian began to thrash and move, quiver and shake, his head twisting to this side and that. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUGH!" Julian screamed as loud and long of a scream as he could ever do, and might ever do in his life. He had never felt as violated and as mortal as he did now. Not even the man, the supposed acquaintance who abducted him made him feel this unsecure about his safety or his life. He woke up from any kind of sleep and lie there on a table panting heavily and sweating profusely. "Ju...Ju...Julian?!" He heard a calm and deep voice say somewhat timidly. He knew he knew it but he couldn't quite recognize it. He found he could turn his head and so opened his eyes and attempted to look around and peer into the darkness that surrounded him. There on the other side of the room he was in was another table with a bright light directly above and shinning down on it. Filling up the slab was a man of goodly size and really grand build. The man had his head turned towards him and he could see his very handsome face: square jaw and chin that blended beautifully in very full and slightly chubby cheeks that sat atop very high cheekbones, soft and full pillow like lips underneath a square, slightly bulbous but very straight nose, and a pair of eyes that although slightly droopy on the outer corners, were big, full, and the richest kind of brown one could ever see. They were puppy dog kind of eyes that could at glance cause one to completely melt away and move the hardest of hearts. On top a thick mane of jet black hair ebbed and flowed down the sides and back of this man's head, pooling around his shoulders. Julian stared down the rest of this man's body, long, wide, thick with an incredible set of muscles, almost all of which were covered with a patterned of beautifully feathered, but somewhat thin jet black hair that all seemd to lay in pattern with the muscles they were covering. Julian looked back into the man's face which was slightly obscured by the dimness of the room but stared hard. "Julian!" the man hoarsely whispered. "Are you alright?" Julian just continued to star at the great muscled man and his face, Deep down he knew he recognized this man, and his voice. That rich deep bass that if spoken loudly just rolled and rumbled through one's ears and chest. Suddenly it was almost as if his vision came into focus, his mind became quite clear thinking. "Te...Terry?.... Terry Mikicia? Is that you?" "Yes. Yes. Julian. It's me. How are you doing?" "Good... I guess. As well as one could be while strapped upon an operating table in the middle of a....where are we? "I... I don't know, Julian, but I am so sorry." "Why?" "It's my fault you're here." "What do you mean it's your fault I'm here? I.... I don't understand." "Oh gawd.... let me.... let me explain." Julian wasn't sure how he wound up kidnapped with Terry Mikicia, his high school's star football quarterback. The boy who had everything: decent grades, killer looks, freakishly built body, and from all the locker room talk, had the longest cock and biggest balls any one, male or female, had ever seen. The young man should be at another university far away from where Julian was, participating in his Junior year of college hoping to start impressing scouts and decide on which professional National Football League he will sign a contract with after graduating a year later. "I don't understand. What do you mean? How did we get kidnapped by...by....whatever this is? Did they pick you up or before me?" "No.... auugh gawd.....No...Julian... they.... they....they picked us up together." "They didn't pick us up together, Terry. I was with another guy, kidnapped. Just escaped out of a barn in the middle of nowhere on some farm somewhere. I was nowhere near a major college football town. Just in that barn with this....huge....freakishly built....and....hung.....man...." "Oh gawd, Julian. I'm so sorry." and Terry began to break down and sob. "That was you?! It was you, wasn't it? Why? Why Terry? WHAT THE FUCK!" "I'm so sorry, Julian.... I had no idea we'd be kidnapped by... whatever... I guess... aliens. I didn't mean for anything like this to happen. I didn't mean to really hurt you either." "The blow to the back of the head kind of put a dent in that plan from the start, dickweed! Why? Why the hell did you need to kidnap me to have me... have me... what the hell do you call it? You forced me to make love to you so you can't really say I was raped...no wait you did eventually. You did eventually plow my ass! I called out for it! You got me to call out and beg for it, you son of a bitch!" "You don't understand. I had to know... I had to find out. All these mixed up feelings I had rolling around in my head. My heart. I didn't want to deny who...what... what I was, but I had to make sure it wasn't a fad before I acted on it." "What do you mean before you acted on it?" "You know I'm trying to go for a professional football career. I can't come out and truthfully hope to succeed, but if I really was gay, I didn't want to be an example of one of those men that stay hidden for years. What kind of example does that set for hundreds, thousands of struggling teens? I needed to make sure that it wasn't some kind of fad that I would grow out of. That my emotions, my arousals were really triggered by just men, or men and women, or just women. That way I could plan what my next course of action would be, how I prepared for attempting a professional career after school, not to mention how I continued my dating and searching for someone to be with the rest of my life. I've been so feed up at coming to the threshold with a woman and then...then....finding that I can't get it up or feel comfortable inside making love to her." "Why me? Why did I have to be the one to help prove whether or not you fly the great rainbow flag out of the pink triangle stand?" "Because you're gay..." "I figured that much out. There were a few dozen other homosexual guys from our class let alone our school." "I knew you liked very muscular men..." "Yeah yeah and how did you know that? It's not like I got to date any of them in high school. All the muscled boys were jocks who just as soon put me into my locker for the weekend." "We kind of did an experiment on you in gym class." "You did what?!" "When we noticed that you kind of stared at the more athletic guys of the class, we began to plan who was showering under the center showerhead. The one that stood across from the doorway to the showers. Which was directly across from the place you stood and hid while waiting for everyone else to be done with showering before you ran." "What...." "The more muscular the guy was the longer it took you to snap out of your daydream state and realize when the showers were empty." "You fuckers! So you chose me just because I'm gay and liked muscular men. You arrogant prick!" "No.... that's... that's not the only...uh....the only reason." "Oh great. So tell Dr. Phil here, what other possible psychological reason that you could have for choosing to fuck me against my will?" "You...ah.... you....you remember our tutoring sessions." "What you're getting back at me for failed grades or something? I did my best with you, but sometimes you never got it. Not because you couldn't comprehend it. Gawd....you are an exceptional smart man, besides being good looking and built, but sometimes you would wander off in day dream land thinking about the next great play on Saturday's game and you wouldn't pay attention to the lesson. It's not my fault that you di..." "I wasn't day dreaming about the next Saturday game." "Oh really? Then what was it? The next cheerleader you had to screw to prove your heterosexuality to the coach or your teammates?" "It was you." "Wha........ih....it was....what?" "It was you, Julian. I had a massive crush on you. You were so strong." "I wasn't strong. I was a skinny shit with thirteen inch upper arms that couldn't lift a twig!" "Not that kind of strong. You were strong of mine, of heart. You sang, you danced, you acted, you stated you were gay and were proud of it. The other jocks bullied you, punched you, threatened you, and yet even though there was no way you could physically ever win a fight against them, you stood your ground. And at the same time you still provided tutoring for some of them despite how they treated you. You showed real man colors by not only caring about those you loved and liked, but those who were cruel to you as well. You were brave, so brave and strong of character and mind. I was a weak sheep that just went with the herd. I so wanted to be like you and as such, wanted to be with you as well." "Oh....come on....you're....teasing me now....this is just a line of simple b. s." "No.... There were times in high school, especially around our senior year, I would fantasize about us being together. Sometimes I thought of ways to talk with you so we could be together after graduation. I didn't want to move away from you." "And that didn't let you know you were gay?" "No...my parents, the Church, pamphlets from other groups said it was just phase that young men go through. Something due to overactive hormones while going through puberty, and of course the church said it was wrong. Just a lie implanted into my brain by Satan himself." "And what brought you around to disregarding that?" "We're taught that anything we ask of God he will grant us, right?" "Well, anything that is as long as it goes with his own will." "So then if homosexuality is truly wrong, asking to have those feeling surprised forever or removed should be in his will, shouldn't it?" "I would guess so." "Well, he hasn't answered that prayer for me since I was eleven. That means that either it's not a sin to be homosexual or..." "It's a lie that God grants his followers anything." They lie there in the semi-dark and silence for a few minutes until Julian broke it again. "So... ... ... you really had a thing for me?" "Yeah." Terry laughed. "I had a major crush on you. You're still the man I kind of picture in my fantasies." "Well... that's...uhm....interesting...." "Why's that?" "You were the nicest of all the jocks to me. Not to mention the biggest built. I mean you were a fucking wall. Watching you develop in college via the news, it was just so hard to believe how much bigger you've become. I didn't think it was possible." "It wasn't easy." "I'm sure, but the point is, back then and now... you're in my fantasies. I used to fall asleep at nights rubbing an extra pillow, pretending that I was laying next to you tracing your abs with my finger and running my hands through your chest hair." "You like my chest hair? Most girls usually asked me if I'd shave smooth." The two laughed and allowed the silence to descend in the room once again. After a long time Julian turned to look at Terry. "Terry, you still awake?" "Yeah." "So this is it, huh. What an alien abduction feels like?" "I think so. I think this is what that is. You know with those short, "almond eyed" guys running around." "So, what do you think they wanted with us? What are they hoping to explore?" "Can you think of anything you said to them?" "Not sure. I'm starting to recall, but it's too fuzzy." "I might be able to help. I kind of figured I might help give you a gift so to speak." "A gift? How?" "I remember parts of one conversation. They were all concerned about your size, proportions, wondering why I was so much bigger than you. They mentioned something about you saying something about wishing you were bigger. ... ... ... Any rate, I agreed with that statement, saying you were supposed to be as big as me, equal in every size. I figured if they did any scientific experiments on us, if we ever got let go, maybe at least you'd have the kind of bod that would attract more muscular men you liked. If not, maybe at least it'd allow you to develop some kind of musculature on your cute little bod." "Well, I don't think that's happened? How do I look to you?" "Still that same cute average guy that I had a crush on." Julian smiled, Terry giggled, and the two sat in silence again for a while. Eventually Julian figured out the pitch of the humming sound the room was making and began to hum and sing songs that were in tune with it. Terry even joined in on a couple of choruses. They joked and laughed and wondered if any other abductees ever sang while being held and would the aliens flip out wondering if they had gone insane. They were about to start on one more song when Julian stopped and commented. "I've got to rest for a moment. My throat is a little dry. Man, they turned up the heat in here. Did they think we were raised in the tropics of the Earth?" "Heat? It still feels a little cool in here. I've still got goose bumps." "I'm beginning to burn up, I think. I'm breaking out in a sweat. I feel like my skin is on...AUUUUGH!" "Julian?!?" Julian moaned low, "auugh...it felt like I was just kicked in the balls, and I mean that's a man your size was a soccer playAUUUUUGH!" "JULIAN!" Terry turned to look at Julian. He saw Julian turn his head towards him, but his eyes were slightly rolled back and his mouth was agape. "HUWAAAH!" Julian let out another gasp and his eyebrows rose up in the center as his face registered nothing but pain. He would have doubled over but being strapped down on the platform. Suddenly Terry could see movement around Julian's groin. His cock was rising up, but not as if it was swelling to an erection, but like something was lifting it up. Squinting through the dimly lit space, Terry finally could see that Julian's balls were swelling, growing becoming a bit large on his frame. Maybe even a bit large on anyone's frame, but yet they didn't seem too out of proportion for some reason. "Oh shit!" "What?" said Julian. "Nothing... just breathe. Take slow and long, deep breaths." "Why? Why? What's happening." "I'm not sure, but I have an idea. Just lie back and breathe." "Ok but I don't know if I just re-AUUUUGH!" Another moan and Terry saw Julian's balls expanding once again. This would happen several more times until Julian had a most ample set of balls. Testicles whose shape and size were all too familiar to Terry. "OOOOOOH!" Another low and shuddering moan and suddenly Julian's cock began to just ooze out of him like a snake slithering out of his hole. The head moved forward, wriggling, squirming, as the body, or in this case the shaft continued to extend and extend out of Julian's groin, growing longer and longer, and thicker by the second. This too was a shape that Terry knew all too well. Another series of grunts and groans and a few glances from Terry, he could see that Julian's hands and feet were pulsing and lengthening, becoming thicker, wider, meatier, stronger and more sturdy. Out and out they grew until Julian began to look like one of the odd, lanky alien species as seen in Star Trek or Star Wars, the ones with thin bodies and extremely long feet and fingers. Soon his contortions and stretches began to spread out all over his body. Twisting and turning he kept edging out to either end of the table; longer, taller, higher. His body growing to match his feet and hand sizes, but still maybe not quite his cock and ball size. The shackles began to chaff and cut into his wrists and ankles now as they moved up or down away from the anchor they were tethered to. The air began to fill with the sounds of breaking and knitting bone in an eerie din. Meanwhile, the straps that went across his chest and knees began a migration inward towards the center of his body. The chest straps moved down to the top of the abs while the knee straps moved on up the thigh. Then Julian's body began to rise slightly, having some kind of spasm that looked as though as his body was being given one of those shocks for restarting someone's heart beat. Up and Up, over and over again, Julian's body lurched and rose and each time it did so, his body swelled out that much larger. His muscles were growing - all of them! All of them were inflating at once. The air was now filled with the sound of stretching as the skin got tighter and tighter across Julian's body, while the muscles inflated more and more, grew denser and harder, bulged and creviced, throbbed and pulsed. Like so many scenes from superhero cartoons, or descriptions in muscle growth stories that Terry - and Julian - had secretly read or watched, Julian's body was now mimicking the hero and swelling more and more with greater and greater power. Soon Julian's moans began to change from grunts of pain to moans of ecstasy. His cock began to grow again, but this time was rising in erection. Terry could see Julian's nipples begin to stick out hard and firm as well as his new mammoth schlong rising and rising up into the air and eventually smack and point to his abs. Fuller and fuller Julian's muscles grew, more defined with deeper crevices, swelling mounds, and interstates of blood carrying veins criss-crossing his body, covering the muscles, the crannies, the striations feeding them, accentuating them. Shortly thereafter hair began to appear and coat Julian's body. Not so thick as to look almost matted, but enough to decently cover most parts of the body, to feather out into patterns that lay with the shape and contour of the muscle it lay upon. A few more swells and the straps and shackles began to snap and pop, unable to contain the hulking figure that lie there, equal in mass, strength, size, virility, and stamina to Terry. "Oh! OH! OOOOOOH! HUGGGGGGGGGGH!" The sounds coming out of Julian were those of someone about to experience sexual climax. Terry stared at Julian, trying to study his face, but he couldn't help looking further down to watch Julian's prick bob and shake and swell just that much larger. Something that had begun happening to him the moment he saw Julian begin to swell with newfound muscular power. Then Julian suddenly awoke out of the unconsciousness the pain had put him under, he shouted a few exclamatory "ohs!" and then practically growled in a new bass voice that equally matched Terry's and caused such a rumbling in not only Terry's chest, but his balls as well, that at the very moment Julian released a load that looked like it came from two men, Terry's back arched, his head snapped back and he gushed for a load of equal size. The two men lie there, chests heaving, cum running in rivulet's down all sides of their chest and their abdominals. Julian fell unconscious again, while Terry lie there in a erotic stupor, their chests rising high in the air, such huge swelling slabs of beef.
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