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Found 2 results

  1. RosieWorships

    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    “I just want to grow so fucking massive for you, babe,” you growl. “I know,” I reply, watching as you raise both arms into a massive double bicep. “I'm going to make all of your wildest dreams and fantasies come true. Become a fucking stud, and then your beast!” This time I just nod and smile as I listen. Focusing most of my attention on the needle that I had just plunged into the small bottle of experimental liquid. As the gear draws up into the syringe I hear you continue. “I'm going to be so fucking powerful for you,” you mutter. “I'll dwarf everyone at the next Olympia-- make them all look like toddlers standing next to me.” You look down at your already impressive body and bounce a pec before looking back up at me. “You're going to turn me into your massive roid bull, aren't you,” you ask. I see you lick your lips in anticipation as you wait for me to answer. I nod again before setting the full syringe down next to the other nine on the tray. The clear liquid just sits there, begging to be pumped through your veins. It taunts us silently as it stares back at us with the growth that's about to come. As I sit down in your lap I feel your hands gently encircle my waist. “Baby, you should know by now… I'm going to make you beyond massive,” I say. My hot breath fans against your neck as I pull back from whispering in your ear. Almost immediately I can feel your prick harden to full attention. The impressive bulge tenting your already maxed out boxers into briefs. “I love it when you say shit like that,” you curse. As your mouth hungrily devours mine, I reach back behind me and grab the first dose. You feel a slight pinch into the side of your neck even as my tongue and lips expertly distract you. With a hiss you suddenly pull back, your hands flexing around my waist. Your carotid artery pulses wildly as it pushes the drugs into your stream. “I can feel it already,” you grunt, then nod at the tray behind me. “Another.” I hop up obligingly though you reluctantly let me go. I can feel your intense gaze never falter from me as I grab up two more syringes. As I kneel down in front of you, you lovingly stroke my hair. “Do it, baby,” you say. You smile down at me before muttering, “you know I'm all yours.” I gaze up at you in return, gently placing one needle between my teeth before grabbing on to your left calf. I squeeze and massage the large muscle a moment before plunging the needle in. You give a deep grunt but I don't even look up before sinking the other into your right. “Fuck, babe.” You lean forward slightly, resting your hands on top of your knees. “You alright?” I question. You can see the concern lacing my features as you glance up. Your hands elongate, fingers thicken. I place a hand on your shoulder before cupping your chin. “Babe?” “I'm better than alright,” you finally smirk. Your strong hands growing frisky as they paw the length of my body. With that being all the encouragement I need, I grab two more doses off of the tray. I keep my body between your legs as I turn to the right. “Time to turn these into redwoods,” I say. My hand glides over the teardrop muscles that cause your knees to look sunken in when you stand. “I know how much you hate the leg shaking thing,” you tease. I give you a malicious grin before painfully stabbing the needle deep into your thigh. “Fuck!” You roar. I pull the syringe back out and massage the area where I had injected the drugs. “I don't hate it,” I say. “I just don't understand it.” I bite down on my lower lip as I glance at the muscle that begins growing before my eyes. Each vein bulges even larger as more and more fibers and veins appear. “Maybe your baby girl just needs a demonstration.” Without breaking stride I stick your left thigh next. You shift your legs further apart as the monstrous muscles fight for space. I don't get out of the way fast enough though, and with a deepening laugh of your own you trap me between them. “What are you going to do, baby girl, when I grow to big for you to handle?” “That's impossible,” I reply with a smirk. My hand lifts your arm as I point to the tattoo that runs along the underside of your bicep. “You belong to me, remember?” I tease, leaning in and kissing you deeply. “And no matter how big you get, I'll always have you wrapped around this little finger.” “Ain't that the truth.” You nod in agreement before placing your hand on the back of my head. As you pull me back in for another kiss, you murmur against me. “Don't you dare forget, I own this little pussy though.” I give a giant shudder as I feel your hand stroke the wet spot between my legs. I reach back and grab yet another two syringes, but I know you're right. And soon enough you'll have me submitting to your growing power. As I inject the left side of your chest and then your right, your entire body suddenly surges with growth. “Oh fuck, baby! This feels amazing!” I take a step back, just watching as every inch of you seems to swell and bulge. You double over for a second, panting heavily. But I can see how your lats spread as your shoulders and traps seem to rise. “Maybe we should stop,” I suggest. But as your head shoots up, a glare quickly spreads across your face. “We aren't fucking stopping!” Your deepening roar sends shivers down my spine. “It feels so good to grow!” As you sit back I drop the empty syringes. Your body hanging off each side of the chair, somehow seems to dwarf the room even more. I gasp and nearly fall back on my ass, but with the greatest of ease you catch me in a single arm. The chair groans in protest to your growing mass as you shift back, and I realize then that even sitting you tower over me now. “Look at me, baby,” you smirk. “Look at how fucking huge you're making me!” My jaw drops as you raise your other arm eye level with my face. The bicep and tricep fight against each other as the enormous muscles in each bulge and flex. Without warning you suddenly rip my leggings from me, your big hand wasting no time in testing the slickness between my thighs. “So this is what my big, powerful body does to you, huh?” I feel your middle finger push in deeper and you seem to smile with pride as my body trembles in your grasp. “Such a horny little thing for all this muscle, aren't you?” I can barely nod my head as your thick fingers continue to pump in and out. “Good girl,” you rasp. Your voice oozes with desire. “In a second, I'm going to pound you straight into a coma,” you pause. “But I don’t think we’re quite done growing me yet.” As you set me down and my head clears from its lust drunk state, I saunter over to the tray and try to regain some of the control. “Without me, you'd still just be floundering about in the bodybuilding world,” I say. “I've spent months meal prepping and researching the right supps. Organising your home gym, waking you for three am feedings. I’ve spent hours measuring you, and documenting your growth-- all the while oiling you down twice a day to make sure you didn't get any stretch marks.” You nod your head as I say all of this, but I can see the confusion on your face. As I grab up the last three doses of gear you look down at me longingly. “Please, baby. You know I need more.” I struggle to push one of the last three needles into your arms. Your skin and muscles have just grown so immensely packed and dense. As the thick, heavy vein that snakes across each bicep pulses larger, I can’t help but to think how I’m going to fuck myself on the top of that massive peak by the end of the night. “Fuck, yes.” You immediately grunt as the juice hits your bloodstream. Your biceps creak even larger, forcing your pecs to shove into each other before you seem to realize that your arms will never lay flat again. “More!” You growl. “Baby, I need more!” I violently shove the second to last syringe into your other arm but you don’t even seem to notice. As your hands reach out to grab my waist again, I give a soft moan at the feel of your power. “I love being this big,” you rumble. “I love it too.” You handle me with such ease as you lean forward to kiss me deeply.”I’m going to fuck you now,” you say, but I quickly explain that you’re not. As I lift up the final syringe I can see the wheels turning in your head. “For my back? Or the other side of my thick, bull neck?” You ask. I give a simple shake of my head as you set me back down. “I’ve been waiting for someone like you all my life,” I begin. “Someone who’s wanted to grow.” You start to cut me off till I lift a finger to your lips. “Every morning you tell me how much you need me, but I will always need you more.” As I start to lower the needle, I cup one of your massive balls. You wince painfully as I slowly drive the last needle into your body. My thumb presses down on the top and I watch as the last drops begin making their way into your system. As your muscles tense and flex, I grip your chin in my hand. “And just so we’re clear, I’m going to milk every last drop from these big, testosterone filled balls. It’s going to be you, babe, who gets fucked into a coma.”
  2. Pumpedupmusclemike

    A memorable visit to the doctor ;)

    When i was 16 years old i went to my doctors for my pre school year physical. My doctor was a very attractive mid 40s woman of lithuanian desent. I think she was into either fitness modeling or very lightcore body building. She had the most amazing legs which she usually had exposed by wearing a skirt every time i ever went there. She also usually wore strappy leather gladiator sandals or leather thong sandals. Anyway, by that age i would go into the exam room by myself for my physicals. When she came into the room i was sitting on the exam table and she greeted me as usual. I was wearing short silk running shorts with briefs under them and i had on a tank top. I also had on no show ankle socks and my nike running shoes. She had me undress with the exception of my socks and underwear. She took my blood pressure and as she looked down she noticed my huge stiff cock pushing against the inside of my underwear. I blushed but she just smiled and kept pumping up the blood pressure cuff. She then listened to my heart and lungs with her stethoscope and then hung that back around her neck. She turned around and walked over to the counter to record the info on my chart. With her back to me i could not stop staring at her perfect thighs and calves. She turned back around quickly and caught me staring down at her perfectly toned legs. She just smiled and scrunched the bridge of her nose. Then she had me lay on my back on the exam table and at this point there was absolutely no way to hide my hard cock. It stood straight up from inside my underwear and a wet precum stain was forming where the tip of my cock was pushing out against the inside of my underwear. She told me to put my feet on the table and thrust my hips up off the table a bit. When i did she slid my underwear off my ass and then down to where my feet were at on the table. She had me pick up my feet and she slid my underwear completely off me. She told me to scoot my butt to the end of the exam table and she pulled out the stirrups and had me put my feet in them. By now i was so horny that a small breeze would have made me cum. She picked up my medical chart on her clipboard and jotted down a couple notes. Then she asked me if i had any questions about my body, masturbation or sex. I hesitantely brought up the subject of masturbation and she just smiled and began explaining that it was normal and healthy. She asked me how often i masturbated and i told her. As a medical professional im sure she wasnt surprised by my answer of several times a day. Then she said. You know what this gives me an idea. Would you like to try an experimantal treatment i have been developing?. I asked her what it was and she told me it was a testosterone booster for young men that helps with quicker and easier muscle growth and development. I quickly agreed and she made me sign a paper which i truthfully did not read. Still laying naked on my back with my legs in stirrups she swabed my arm with an alcohol wipe and gave me 2 shots. One i assume was a vaccination booster and the other i assume was the experimental drug i signed off on. Then all of a sudden my allready rock hard cock started to throb as precum trailed down my shaft and pooled on my abdomen. She placed a blood pressure cuff on my left calf and pumped it up. She told me to flex and i did. Then she deflated it. She turned aroud and wrote something on my chart. She turned back around and in her hand she had a jar of vaseline. She dipped her middle finger in and came out with a good amount on her finger. She worked it into her hand and then much to my surprise she gently grabbed my cock and started stroking it ever so gently yet in a very professional manner. My breath deepened and my eyes rolled back in my head as she continued to stroke me. She told me to just relax and dont be afraid to let go if the feelings get to be too intense. Little did he know that i was very practiced at eging myself and had very good control over my body and its reaction to stimulus. She began stroking me faster and gripping my cock harder and working the head. I was panting like a dog by now and i looked her in the eyes and told her just how fuckin sexy i thought she was. I told her that i have always fantisized about her perfect legs and feet. She smiled again and did the scrunch of her nose bridge which totally drove me nuts. She stood between my legs facing me and she told me that w had to measure my percentsge of flex again. I looked at her confused but she just said try to relax your legs. She pumped up the blood pressure cuff on my calf again and she told me to flex my calves as hard as i could which was not a problem because i was flexing them all along until she made me stop. I was using the flexing as a means of coping with the pleasure i was encountering. She looked at me with a very cocky glance and said. Oh yeah its working. I looked down to see what she was talking about and noticed that since she started edging me that i had actually started to grow larger and more muscular. My calves were much more muscular than they were just 20 minutes before. She explained that she was using the blood pressure cuff to measure my growth. I was almost overcome with pleasure at this point and i could feel my face flushing a shade of red that is not natural. Just then i felt her sliding a lubed finger along my ass and then she gently and swiftly slid her middle finger in and quickly located my prostate. Immediately it felt like there were 1000 small fingers inside the head of my cock tickling it. I arched my back and grabbed the edges of the exam table as i yelled so loudly that i swore there is no way the people in the waiting room didnt hear me. "Oh fuck im gonna cum" i shot a huge load of cum that hit the wall behing the exam table. She wiped the vaseline and cum from her hands and once again pumped up the blood pressure cuff on my left calf. She made me flex it again and she then deflated it and removed it. She smiled and told me that it is working. She wrote something else on my chart and said. Ok good, the treatment is going to work.  from that day forward everytime i masturbated or had sex i would temporarily grow bigger and more muscular.

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