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Found 3 results

  1. Wicked

    m/m Gym Buddies

    Hope you guys enjoy! "Ten... Eleven..... Grrrrrr...... Twelve," Alex grunted out as he forced the bench press barbell back into its rack. He looked up, admiring his form in the mirror. It had been a year since he had gotten serious about lifting. 6 days a week with 'supplementation' and it had made a huge difference on his frame. At 5’8, he was now 220, 16" biceps that peaked nicely, a thick hairy chest with 30" quads. He flexed his pecs in the mirror. He noticed so much change in himself lately that he was constantly flexing and checking himself out. He felt so vain but couldn’t help himself. The sight of his expanding growing muscles was always a turn on. He stared into his bright blue eyes, thinking to himself, "You need to get bigger Alex! Lift harder, eat more. Never big enough Alex! NEVER!" He was proud of how far he had come but he lacked the definition he wanted, and he still felt extremely small compared to the bodybuilders he would see at the gym. He was naturally thick and beefy, but he wanted more... No he needed more. He lusted after every muscle head in the gym. Not only wanting to be bigger like them but also to worship their muscle perfection. Ever since starting the 'supps' he was always horny, often having to leave the gym to go jack off in the bathroom thinking about all the meatheads pumping and flexing. That's why he started coming to work out late at night. Much less distractions, but there was one guy Alex always found himself staring at. His name was Matt. He was slightly shorter than Alex was. They had close to the same frame. Matt had better pecs than Alex did but Alex had him beat in the leg department. He wasn't a huge bodybuilder but there was something about Matt that drew Alex to him more than any other guy Alex had ever seen. Alex was pretty sure it was all because of his arms.... Alex was always drooling over Matt’s massive biceps, ever since the first time he saw him. He had first noticed Matt when he was curling on the preacher. His biceps were massive, like softballs trying to explode out of his skin. Alex was mesmerized by their size. Watching them expand as Matt pumped rep after rep made him instantly hard. Alex swore he saw them growing right in front of him as Matt pumped more and more. When he finished the last rep, Matt stood up and flexed in the mirror, staring at his pumped biceps as he admired his own body. Alex was so turned on by watching him flex that he couldn’t help but rub his throbbing cock through his shorts and accidentally came in his pants right there staring at him. Thank god it was late at night and no one noticed. Alex was able to sneak off to the bathroom with out being seen. He had since jacked off to the thought of Matt flexing more times than he could count. Matt always had his headphones on and was usually very into his work outs so Alex could admire him as much as he wanted without Matt noticing... Or so he thought. Alex had been trying to get to know him better so would ask Matt for a spot here and there and gradually they got on a first name basis, which Alex loved, but he couldn't admire him as much any more. Matt never asked for a spot but Alex would just because he loved staring up at Matt’s cute face pass those mounds of pecs sticking out into his sexy brown eyes. Alex always had to try hard not to get a boner while Matt spotted him. Tonight was no different. Alex piled more weight onto the bar. "Hey Matt, can you come spot me," Alex asked looking over at the squat rack. Tonight was leg day for Matt. Alex wasn't an ass man, but he wasn't complaining of the view either. "Sure bud," Matt said with a smile as he walked bench. "Fuck he's hot" Alex thought to himself as he laid back. He lifted the bar off and pumped out 6 reps easy. The last 2 were a little more difficult. "Come Alex, push harder!" Matt grunted at him. Digging deeper Alex finished and reracked the bar. "Hell yea man!" Matt shouted as he slapped Alex's pecs, gripping them. "One day you'll have pecs like this," he said as he flexed his pecs at Alex with a grin. Alex blushed. "A guy can dream can't he!" Alex joked back, "Now if only we could get you to stop skipping leg day!" "oh yea fucker!" Matt joked as he piled more weight onto the squat bar. "Get over here and spot me. I'll show you just how strong these legs are!" Alex tried not to look like a giddy school girl as he walked over to the squat rack. He could finally admire his body up close. Matt got in position and started squatting. Alex stared at those massive arms holding the bar in place. Matt was so fucking huge, even on leg day his biceps looked vascular and pumped. Alex heard him grunt which snapped him back to reality. "Oh yea... I'm suppose to be spotting him," Alex thought to himself. "Damn look at those lats." Alex had never noticed how wide Matts back was. He couldn't help himself. He grabbed Matt's lats like he was spotting. "Come on Matt, you got this 3 more!" Alex grunted out as he felt Matt's hard body, feeling lower and lower on his back. It was like there was a heat wave radiating into his hands from Matt's body or was it actually coming off his hand into Matt. He had never felt anything like it. And judging from Matt's face, he hadn't either. It looked like it almost felt good to him. It was sending shivers down Alex's spine. Matt was staring ahead directly into his own eyes. Suddenly he wasn't struggling with the weight as much as he was before. The reps became smooth. He kept grunting rep after rep out. "Come on Matt. One more. Two more. Never stop! Never big enough!" Matt grunted to himself. Alex stared in amazement as he looked at Matt. He was grunting so loud with a strange look on his face, half determination half ... Pleasure? It looked like every muscle in Matt's body was pumped, bulging out as he lifted. Alex couldn't take his hands off him. It was like electricity was flowing between them. Alex swore he felt Matt's lats slightly expand when there came a loud rip snapping both of them out of the trance. "What the fuck!?" Alex yelled as he jumped back. As Matt stood up and racked the bar, they both looked down to see that Matt's shorts had ripped up the side of this thighs, which were now filling the shorts past their capacity. "Fuck! Now that's a quad pump!" Matt grunted out. Flexing his expanded quad in the mirror. It was bigger than it was before for sure, Alex was certain. He couldn't take his eyes off the thickness and definition. The shorts looked shorter too. He looked up at Matt's face and realized he was looking eye to eye with him. "Did he get taller!?" Alex thought. That's impossible. Alex stared dumbfounded at Matt in the mirror, barely being able to look over his shoulder. Matt's eyes were trolling up and down his body. He pulled up his tattered shorts and flexed his quads. He smirked as he continued to check himself out in the mirror. Alex moved closer to study his body. Even Matt’s shirt seemed like it was stretched tighter across his back than it was before. But nothing looked as inflated as his thighs. "Damn man! I've never squatted that much before! I thought I'd only be able to get 4 reps max out! Need to get you to spot me more often," Matt laughed unable to look away from his own reflection, "I can't believe my shorts ripped like that." He stood there flexing in the mirror like he couldn’t take his eyes off his own flexing muscle. He didn't care Alex was standing right there. Alex was as mesmerized as he was. Alex felt his cock growing in his pants but he couldn't look away. Matt went from flexing his quads to his arms to his chest and back to again his legs. "Fuck yes Alex, look at this!" Matt grunted as he did a double bi flex, then into a most muscular pose with a loud roar. Alex couldn't stop looking. It took everything he had for him to not drool over his crush flexing like this right in front of him. "Wow Matt. . . . You're getting huge," he said with a smile. "I want to be bigger man. Never satisfied. Always lifting bigger and harder. Never big enough. NEVER!" Matt yelled as he flexed yet again. He was in a trance, staring at his own engorged muscles. Alex was taken back by him saying that. It was a familiar thought that was always running through his head as well. "That's crazy. . . I was literally just thinking the same thing when I was doing the bench press," Alex said as he checked out Matt still flexing as he mindlessly rubbed his hard on. Matt looked down at Alex's crotch and smirked. "All this time I had no idea you wanted to grow.... To get bigger, just like I want," Matt said with a smile. "That's awesome bro. We should hang out some more now that I know you share the hunger." Matt was rubbing his crotch too. Alex could tell Matt was getting as turned on by whatever just happened as much as he was. "Well I got to run bud. See ya tomorrow." Matt said as he rubbed his tented shorts. He smacked Alex on the arm and headed to the locker room. Alex sat down on the bench in utter disbelief, trying to wrap his head around what just happened. Matt was always hot but damn, something had changed. His legs were never that thick before. And how did his gym shorts rip with just a good leg pump? Alex had been staring at his ass earlier and there was plenty of space in those shorts when he started. He had never seen anything like it. Matt's whole body looked swollen with veins popping out all over. And what was with that feeling of electricity going between them while he spotted Matt? Alex had never felt anything like it. Alex couldn't get the image of Matt in that flexing trance out of his head. He was stroking his throbbing cock mindlessly, not noticing the wet spot forming on his shorts. The way Matt was mesmerized with his muscles, flexing like that for all to see. It was like he had suddenly turned into someone else. Cockier. Showing off. Flexing so intensely. Alex had never seen anything like it and he was so turned on, his cock continued to pump more pre through his jock and shorts. He needed to cum, badly. He grabbed his water bottle and towel and walked into the locker room, rubbing his throbbing cock just thinking about Matt's huge flexed biceps. He turned the corner into the locker room when he heard grunting that stopped him in his tracks. "Fuck yes! Look at how powerful you are" Alex crept along the hallway and peeked his head around the corner. Matt was standing in front of a full length mirror, completely naked and covered in sweat. Alex stared in amazement as Matt stroked his fat cock. It look so hard it could cut glass and was leaking a huge amount of pre cum onto a towel on the floor. It had to be 7 or 8 inches long and so thick Matt couldn't get his hand around it completely. Alex watched as Matt flexed his other arm, making that glorious bicep peak. Alex let out a moan, staring at that bicep he loved so much. He instantly had his hand down his pants, jerking his swollen cock, right in the locker room hallway, to the site of this perfect muscle man getting such pleasure from his own body. Matt lowered his arms and started to bounce his hairy swollen pecs. They were amazingly defined and thicker than Alex remembered, but this is the first time he ever saw Matt without his shirt. It was more than Alex could take. He exploded in his jock, having to bite down on his arm to stop from screaming out in pleasure. His cock was still pumping out cum when Matt let out a primal roar and began shooting stream after stream of hot cum all over the mirror. Alex stared in wonderment as Matt's cock kept coming and coming. All Alex wanted was to dive in and lick up every drop. The craving was so strong, Alex didn't know what to think of himself. Sure he loved cum, but this was beyond that, it was a primal urge to have Matt's muscle seed, to drain his fat member of every last drop. He licked his lips as Matt finally started to slow down. More cum than Alex had ever seen was all over the mirror and tripping on the towel. Matt's whole body was shaking as he finished. It seemed that it snapped Matt back to reality. He suddenly looked around nervously. Alex hid from sight as Matt grab his clothes and them back on. He looked down at his body, seemingly shocked his clothes were so tight on him. He moved toward the towel full of cum to clean it up. Alex gathered his courage and stepped into the locker room. "Hey Matt, I thought you left," Alex said visible shaking from the violent orgasm he just had. "Oh yea... I just... Ummm... Gotta go man. Thanks again for your help today. See ya around." Matt muttered as he gathered his things and hurried out of the gym. Alex was left alone, standing next to the cum covered mirror and towel. Alex could smell the strong manly scent of cum and sweat. It smelled so good. He had to have a taste. With a shaking finger, he reached out and collected a huge glob of sweet muscle cum from the mirror. "What the fuck are you doing!? Why does it smell so fucking good!?“ He thought to himself as his shaking finger moved closer and closer to his mouth. He couldn't stop himself... He needed to taste it. His finger entered his mouth as Alex sucked the cum onto his tongue. It was fucking glorious! The best thing he ever tasted and sent a rush through Alex’s body! He instantly got hard again as he dropped to his knees and began to lick every drop off the mirror. He picked up the towel soaked in cum and rolled onto his back jerking his throbbing dick hard and fast as he smeared Matt's cum all over his face and under his shirt onto his chest. It smelled so fucking manly and powerful. He had to have it all. Alex had never been this turned on in his life. He was intoxicated by Matt's cum and he didn’t care why. He smeared it all over his abs and chest, neck and face. His muscles began to feel warm as he rubbed the towel over himself, smearing the muscle cum all over him. He couldn't explain it but he could feel the cum soaking into his muscles. The power was overwhelming. His muscles were on fire but it only made his cock throb harder and harder. It only made him hornier. Alex laid on the floor covered in cum feeling his cock expand to a size he'd never seen before. He was hard as a rock and pumping his cock like a mad man, he didn't care if anyone walked in on him, all he wanted was more of Matt’s cum. He looked down and saw his huge mushroom cock head expanding past his grip. His six inch cock was now much more of a hand full and at least 7 if not 8 inches long with a fountain of pre cum pouring from it. Alex stared in amazement. It looked just like Matt's cock had. More pre than Alex had ever seen. He was moaning uncontrollably. He didn't care if someone saw him, it was actually the furthest thing from his mind. All Alex could think of was Matt and his flexing muscles. His massive muscles. That huge throbbing cock. All that cum. It was more than he could take. Alex began shooting another load all over himself. His cock shot cum over his head. It emptied string after string onto Alex's face and chest. It was the most intense orgasm Alex had ever had. He was breathing hard and fast as though he had just run a marathon, lying naked on the locker room floor. He looked around. There was cum soaked towels and clothes he didn’t even remember taking off all around him. He just laid there wondering what had come over him. He smeared his cum into his hairy pecs and licked the excess off his fingers. "Damn that tastes good... Much better than normal," Alex thought to himself. He mindlessly wiped up some more and licked it off his fingers. As he stood up, he picked up his shirt. "When did I take this off!?" Alex thought to himself. "I've never been blacked out from horniness before." He joked to himself as he smirked and shook his head. He pulled the tank top over his head and pulled it down. He struggled to fit his body into it. "Is this even mine!? He thought to himself, looking around on the floor for another. That's when he saw his reflection in the mirror. His pecs were well defined and bulging out of his now tight tank. It looked more like a stringer now as the shoulder straps strained to hold his chest in place. His nipples were both showing out of the sides because he was now too wide to fit in this tank top. His shoulders and neck looked thicker too. He lifted up his shirt to find a faint 6 pack where a small belly use to be. He ran his hand over his pecs. They felt amazing. Thick, full and powerful. Alex also swore there was more hair on them now too. He played with his exposed nips. It sent electricity through his body and straight to his cock. His nipples had never been that sensitive before. "What the fuck just happened!?" Alex muttered out loud. He flexed his bicep. Looked about the same size but slightly more defined. Alex was so confused. He gathered his clothes and Matt's cum rag and shoved it all in his bag. He needed food. He was starving and had no clue what else to do.
  2. DPump

    A Thing Called Curiosity

    Hi, this will be my first story posted on here, this is my story called 'A Thing Called Curiosity' which i had originally posted on a couple of years ago It involves forced muscle growth and absorption, the story also contains a few images in order to help with the visualisation, please tell me if the images add or take away from the story. I hope you guys like it and any feedback would be appreciated! - A Thing Called Curiosity - It was a late Autumn day, and it was a particularly cool day, about 27 degrees Celsius, and quite dry wind a lot of wind so it felt like 24 degrees, Cameron liked going out on jogs in the morning, and it was a perfect day for it with this nice cool weather, so he put on a hoodie and just compression shorts and headed out, since it was still 4am he guessed there wouldn’t be many people on the street so he could wear whatever he wanted, especially on a holiday and in the weekend, everyone would be sleeping in anyways. Cameron was a 19 year old young man from a town called Willemstad in the country of Curaçao, Kingdom of Larousse, it was a very small country, only about 150.000 inhabitants, and it was a generally hot and a very humid place since it was an island surrounded by water, but during the Autumn and Winter seasons it would rain a great amount and it would make the island a generally quite cool place. Cameron was still in High School, he was an average boy in every sense, average grades, average at sports, had normal friends, but he was quite a handsome lad, he was mixed race from having both side of the mother and father coming from already mixed lineages, which gave him a very unique look, he looked Iranian but with golden tanned skin, jet black semi-wavy hair, great eyebrows and grey coloured eyes, he had those naturally pink full lips. He had no facial hair whatsoever, but he did have medium/long hair with a slight wave, it was jet black but with a few patches that grew brown naturally and he kept it in a simple pompadour hairstyle, he also had a generally hairy body, but it looked good, he had long thin soft jet black hairs on his arms and between his pecs, the rest of his pecs were hairless naturally, he also has a treasure trail that started just above belly button and went down to his crotch, and his legs were covered with long semi-wavy long black hair that was thicker on the lower legs and thinned out as it went up to the crotch area. His body was athletic, nothing too special but he certainly didn’t need it, he was tone and was 175cm tall (5’7”) and weighed a decent 68,9kg (152lbs) so he was quite the eye candy but he was humble so he never became the arrogant type of dreamboat in High School although it didn’t stop girls (and a few guys) from wanting him. One thing he was always fascinated by were the physique of world class body builders though, he wanted to be one, or meet one and be able to touch those incredible muscles but he didn’t know why, he didn’t have a particular desire to be one except he just felt like he needed to, but with school, family, job and etc. he didn’t have the luxury to invest time in body building, besides he was content with body as it was, or so he told himself, with the images of body builder physiques always in the back of his mind at all times. Back on the jog, it was 4:59am, you could barely start seeing the sky on the horizon turning orange/red as the sunrise was approaching, he had been jogging for almost an hour, when he decided it was time to start heading back, he quite sweaty and his hoodie and compression shorts were soaked, so he decided to take off the hoodie to try and dry off a bit. He decided to take a short cut through the wilderness, he was by the beach and going up back through the jogging path would take too long, so he just cut through the wood to get home faster. As he was walking through the plants after about 20 minutes the sun was almost out and the light made everything much clearer when he noticed a tiled rooftop over the plants to his right, he was a curious boy who liked exploring so he couldn’t resist and decided to go check out the old building. As he approached the little house he could clearly see it was 17th century house, Curaçao had many old colonial buildings and some smaller ruins were still in the wild lost and forgotten to time, but this one seemed in decent shape but the doorway was bricked up. “Strange,” he thought, “if it’s bricked up, then someone used it not too long ago.” That only sparked his curiosity even more, so he looked for a way in, the windows were also sealed shut except for one where it seemed to have given away, so jumped on the ledge and then stepped inside the little house. It was dusty and smelled like it had been closed off for a while but with the little light that entered through the window he could see a bit of furniture, and a bookcase filled with books, he saw a kitchen but not pans and dishes but beakers, so he thought, “Maybe a doctor lived here.” It certainly looked old, at least 30 years, so he grabbed one of the books from the bookshelf, and read, it was about genes, hormones, tissue transplants and drugs. “Hmm, it seems more like a biochemist then a medical doctor,” he thought to himself when he heard some creaking and the rotted old bookcase he took the book from sank into the floor on the right side, it surprised him since the floor seemed like it was made from concrete covered with tiles, but he noticed that only under the bookcase it was a wooden plank floor “so there’s something more under the house?” again curiosity got the best of Cameron and pulled the bookshelf out the hole and moved it to one side. “If i take out 3 more planks I should be able to fit through there,” he thought to himself as he shined a light from his phone down the hole. After taking out the needed planks before he jumped in the whole he heard some voices, it were people and they were near, he didn’t want someone to find him and ruin his fun since he doubted he should be in the, so he jumped in the hole where a staircase awaited him to his surprise, he shined with phone and the staircase seemed to go down a few more steps, he couldn’t see far since the phone’s screen isn’t as bright as a flashlight would be, then he turned back and peaked out the hole and he heard the voices of the other morning joggers and decided to just drag the small cabinet against the wall over the hole, the cabinet was bigger and hid the entire hole so if someone also got curious of the house they wouldn’t find this secret passageway. He then turned his attention to where he was, it seemed the little house had a basement, so he walked down the stairs, it was about 16 steps which lead him to steal door. “This door doesn’t look 30 years old, it’s dusty but must be 15 years old at best,” he said out loud as he examined the door with his phone. “The plot thickens,” he said as he found the 2 latches that held the door closed, he pulled one back and then the other, and he opened the door so a very dark room, the room felt hot, about 29 degrees but very humid so it felt like 31 degrees or a summer day. “Good thing I took off my hoodie,” he said. He couldn’t see anything and he guessed the room was quite expansive since he couldn’t shine at anything with lights except an industrial looking steel pathway that lead forwards, so he touched around the sides of the door looking for a switch but couldn’t find one, so he decided to walk forward on the pathway, albeit carefully, which after a few steps he found a stand with switches on it from what he could make out and he could barely see something a little more ahead, so he went for and said, “What the hell, hope this is it,” and flicked 1 switch then the second one, and third, and fourth and fifth switches up, he heard the flicker of an old light then one grid of lights from behind him turned on then another over his head and so on towards the front, and he saw what he had discovered. “this is incredible!” he yelled out with a grin on his face. The lights showed the pathway that lead to a central octagonal shaped part which looked like a research or control station for something, and there was a bundle of pipes that lead to it and then a huge amount of different wires and pipes then lead out of it so another part further in front which he could somewhat see but it was still in the only dark part of the room. He walked over to the control station where there was a ring of monitors that turned on in the inner circumference of the octagon, and in the middle and tower where all the pipes and wires lead in and the back out. The screens slowly booted up one by one. He looked at the largest monitor and saw different buttons and controls. “I guess this one controls other things,” and he looked at one that read ‘illuminate tanks’ he couldn’t guess what that could mean so he pressed it because the only places still needing illumination was the dark unclear part further back from the octagon. What he saw made his jaw drop, it was an area a staircase down from the octagonal platform where he was standing, and there is where he saw 5 large glass vessels filled with a transparent liquid, they were each illuminated by individual internal lights and a central large overhead lighting system over the central floor area with the glass vessels in a circular array around it. But the truly shocking thing he saw was the contents of the glass vessels, it was 5 enormous men, it was 5 men with the physiques he always admired and craved, it was 5 body builders with incredible muscle size, one in each tank. Cameron was awestruck and walked down the steel stairs that lead to the tank area, he managed to get his head to come back to earth as he started to analyse the area where the tanks were situated. There were large wire bundles and various tubes that lead from the control platform over to the tank are which split overhead and came down over each of tanks. “I guess they feed power and that liquid to the tanks and I guess transport information to, and from the tanks to the computers up there,” he said speaking out loud. But there were other wires and tubes that lead other places, like from each of the tanks a tube went overhead and converged into a single pipeline which lead overhead to the middle of the area and then had a different tube that came down and it had an oddly shaped nozzle. There were also tubes that come from under the floor and up to 2 stands, one had 1 tube and the other held 2 tubes about 3meters (10ft) apart from each other and in between them on the floor there was a part of the floor made from metal and was an odd shape, kind of like the silhouette of a dolphin seen from above or the reclining dentist chairs but this was just flat so just the contour. And there were 3 little openings on the metal plate on the floor, one at the top, and two, one on each side about halfway down. His attention shifted to the men in the tanks so he approached the first one to the right, he read what a plate on the glass read “Subject number 5  –  NEN code: 300977  –  Height: 179cm (5’10”  –  Weight: 106,2kg (234lbs)  –  BF percentage: 11%  –  Age: 31” “Wow that is enormous, and so heavy.” Cameron found it even more appealing when a body builder wasn’t just big but also quite heavy for their size. He further examined the man in the tank, he was naked and suspended in the liquid in a limp posture like he was just floating under water, and he had two tubes probing his body, a thin one went inside his mouth which he guess provided life support, a very large one just laid on the bottom of the tank, and there was one that came down his back and went into his anus, the tube was transparent and rather thick, the diameter must have been about 4cm (1.5inches) or 14cm circumference (5inches), Cameron didn’t know why but looking at the huge pipe enter the body builder anus made him feel warmer and his heart started racing, and he also got quite the hard on and since he was wear compression shorts, the hard on was quite evident, Cameron never really felt any attraction to other men, but then again not much towards a woman either, the only that made his heart race was thinking about muscled physiques, he confused as to what he was feeling and how to interpret it but one he was sure about is that he liked it. Still with a hard on Cameron looked around him to see that all the men also had the same tubes probing them in them in the same places and the one at the bottom of the tanks, and all of them had information plates describing their weight, age, size etc. He really wanted to know what this place was so turned around and went back up the stairs to the control platform. He researched and looked, he went to books, papers and file after file on the monitors, he saw formulas, designs for machines, plans, schematics, theories and read document after document. He figured out that this place was built by a doctor L. J. Andrews privately and he was obsessed with ever larger muscular physiques, and he was designing a machine that could take muscles from one person and give it to another person, namely himself, and he went through a lot of research and development to design the method to achieve his goal, but ultimately although he finished successfully his research a couple of years ago he had to abandon it, even though the machine and formulas were done and correct, and he had “acquired” the donators for the muscle (acquired here meaning he kidnapped the 5 body builders) there was a major downside to the experiment, no matter how much he crunched the data and recalculated, there was only a 0.7% chance a subject could survive the muscle impregnation “there is less then 1% chance of survival?” Cameron muttered, a chill running down his spine. “There is more than 99% chance of dying if someone used this machine, no wonder the doctor abandoned it, I guess I should leave this buried away as I found it.” With that Cameron decided to leave that place. As he put the books and papers back into their places and closed the files on the various monitors, as he was closing the last file on the monitor next to the staircase that lead to down to the tanks, he accidently opened a control panel as he looked down at the tanks and pondered what it would be like to have a physique like that. Then as he was turning around he slipped on a patch of grease on the floor that he didn’t notice before, lunged his had forward to grab anything to keep him from falling down the stair, and he grabbed the screen he was working on but his hand slipped off of it and he tumbled down the stairs and rolled onto the floor below, he was dazed and disoriented from the bumps his head took and he didn’t notice he was laid out over the metal plate on the floor, as he was recollecting his thoughts and trying to figure out what happen he heard an audible *beep* and he felt a cold band stretch over his forehead and adjust tightly, he didn’t understand what was happening, suddenly two other cold bands also stretched over both his wrists and tightening down holding his arms in place just as the forehead band held his head down. As this was happening he finally came back to his senses, and then it hit him “fuck!! I must have pressed something when I grabbed the monitor!!”. He realised he might have turned on the machine with a less then 1% survival rate, and now he was stuck in it with no way to escaped! As he came to this morbid conclusion he felt something else happening which he directed his attention to. The plate on the floor he was strapped to started rising from the ground, it stopped at about 1m (about 3ft) above the floor, then one of the two tubes in the direction his feet were, started moving, it was the slender tube and it had a needle attachment, Cameron was scared but there was nothing he could do, he struggled and struggle and fought with the bands restraining him as the needle got closer to his body, but they wouldn’t come loose, so he had no choice but to resign himself to the situation and hope that he somehow makes it out alive as he laid on the cold examination table-like thing he was strapped to. The tube and needle reached up to about halfway to the side of his right thigh and pricked him and inject a small amount of a liquid with a blue hue to it and then receded back to its original position, the prick didn’t hurt too much and he was feeling drowsy or drugged Cameron wondered “well what is it going to do?” just as he finished that sentenced he felt the bands on wrists and head loosen up, and then they receded as well into the table. “Maybe the process takes place in stages, maybe I’ll be okay if I leave right now,” but after saying that and trying to get off the table he found himself unable to move his limbs. “What the fuck is going on here? Move. Move!” he yelled at his body but it didn’t he could only move his neck freely, his extremities seem to have been numbed by the injection, they felt normal in every way except they felt incredibly weak, like when your muscles are fatigued after you have worked them out extensively and you can’t even lift them up afterwards, that’s how they felt, and so he started worrying again and he remembered. “I forsake myself to it, guess I was just too happy that it stopped but I guess it’s not done yet with me yet,” he laid there for about a minute before something else happened. The second tube that was next to the one with the needle started moving, it was a much bigger tube, it was a dark grey colour, and it was as thick as the ones in the tanks that went in the anus of the body builders, and it had a strange attachment, and as it got closer he could make out what that attachment was, it was in the shape of a penis head, and the rest of the tube was ribbed with lines and bumps, making the whole length of the tube resemble the shaft of a penis, as it got closer to his body Cameron felt the table shifting, it moved his legs up from under the calves, into a position that resemble the position of sitting on a chair but on his back, and he realised the tube really was meant for his anus, he was scared just like before for the needle but a little voice in the back of his mind told him he wanted to try and know what it felt like, and his penis became erect in a second as he remembered what he felt when he saw it inside the bodybuilder, he was afraid but he wanted to feel it, the desire to experience it grew and grew, and before he knew he felt the cold tube shaped like a penis touch the outside of his anus, it was cold and sent shivers down his body. When the tube reached the outside of the anus it secreted a little bit of liquid that felt like gel so Cameron assumed it was lubrication, and then it really started, the machine started apply more pressure to open up the sphincter muscle, and it did, it finally reached the point where the anus couldn’t stay closed and the head popped right in and Cameron felt like something he never knew he could feel, it hurt a lot as it worked its way inside but it felt so good at the same time, it pried open his hole because of how wide the tube was but Cameron was enjoying and for a moment even thought, “Maybe this isn’t so bad,” a thought that quickly vanished as he felt the tube go deeper and deeper, it only hurt at the anus but he certainly felt it in his insides as it straightened the curves in his colon onto it until he was shocked to see it start to show as it protruded through his abs, and it protruded more and more till it finally stopped, it was pushing out onto his skin a full inch if not a little bit more, it didn’t hurt or feel like it hurt him in any ways but it was very incredible, Cameron sighed a sigh of relief since he thought the worst was over, but how wrong he was. A few minutes went by and nothing happened, but then out of nowhere he heard a machine start to make sound, it sounded like a pump to be exact, and he felt a little vibration inside from the tube he had in his abdomen, he knew something else was going to happen. And that’s when it really started. He saw body builder number 2 to his left side twitch slightly, and then the calf of the man suddenly shrunk down to just skin and bones! He gasped, it was unbelievable, the man’s huge left calf muscle, which looked to be at least 54cm (21inches) suddenly deflated, but then he noticed the tube that went into the man’s anus engorge at the anus, it was carrying a lump and transported it up until he couldn’t see it anymore, after a few seconds suddenly a lump appeared at the base of the tube that went inside Cameron “what is that?….” he thought to himself and the lump moved up the tube and it went inside him and he saw it then come the head that he could clearly see through his abdomen and the lump moved down his left leg and where his calf was and then suddenly engorged to four times the size of the lump in an very painful wave which made him cringe but he noticed suddenly he had developed calves that were about 41cm big (6 inches) and that’s when it hit him, the lump was the man’s calf and it transported it to his own body, albeit some of the size is lost in the process, then he noticed 4 other lumps consecutively show up moving up the tube and into his ass, which aroused him more as each one penetrated him, then he saw them come out the head of the tube into his abdomen and he watched as they started moving towards his left leg again under his skin, when he raised his head and looked at the legs of the other body builders he noticed they had all lost all the muscle mass in their left lower legs, and when he turned his view back to his left leg it was just as the 4 lumps merged and with a wave of pain started fusing and becoming his own muscle, the pain was like that of having a bone broken but localised to where the muscle was being absorbed only while at the same time feeling like having multiple orgasms one after another. It made Cameron grind his teeth and arch back with a tear flowing out of his eye, and his cock so hard and going wild ripped right through his compression shorts to full mast! And as the wave of pain and arousal subsided after about 6 seconds (the longest of his entire life) he was left breathing heavily and sweating profusely, then he looked down to be amazed at what happened, there was his left lower leg, with a 76cm (30inch) mass of muscle, he was amazed, awestruck by the sheer size, the striated muscle fibres visible through the skin, and the large bulging pumped up veins that covered it, it made his cock rage like a wild animal. It was beautiful. But as he was preoccupied admiring the beauty that had become part of his body the machine seemed to pick up the pace and started working faster. The sound of the machine working faster finally got Cam’s attention, as he looked up at the men he saw body builder 1 through 4 had deflated left upper legs, and as he reached body builder 5 he saw his left upper leg suddenly deflate too, all his thigh muscles just disappeared and he noticed the lump again exit his body through the tube, then he saw it start happening to the man’s right lower leg, then upper leg, and as he turned around it had happened to the other men as well, he knew what was coming next and he feared it yet desperately wanted to go through with it, the voice in his head that told him he wanted it had grown louder and louder and was overpowering the fear. Then the lumps started appearing, 4 of them in a file came up the tube and flowed into his asshole, arousing him and making his cock jerk, he saw them then protrude through his abdomen and start making their way to his left upper leg where they merged and again a surge of pain and pleasure flooded his system driving him wild as the muscle expanded and became part of his body, but Cam’s desire for the muscle was making him bare the pain so he could watch the wonderful thing that was happening to his body, his fear almost entirely subdued by the erotic desire to have those muscles. Cameron’s eyes were marvelled at what he saw, the muscle expanded and became his now 109cm (43 inch) left thigh, the sight made him reach orgasm and he cummed all over himself with more cum the he had ever seen before, then even though still partially lost in the pleasure more lumps appeared and started making their way to his right lower legs, then more lumps and at a faster rate started appearing, going to his upper legs, lower legs, left glute, right glute, each of his 8 individual abs, Apollo’s belt, left then his right pec, forearms, biceps, triceps, lats, delts, traps, each time making the muscle, or arms or legs contract with the expanding muscles. Every single individual muscle group, one after another, he saw as the muscles disappeared off of the bodies of the once body builders around him and come into his body and start being absorbed by him, every surge of unbelievable pain, every wave of erotic pleasure, he came again, and again, and again as the pleasure was unbearable as he saw his body parts engorge with monstrous mass, the muscle inflating like balloons, the muscle fibres showing through the paper-thin stretched skin, the veins growing, engorging and spreading all over his muscles, thickening with blood and testosterone from those 5 men, it was a sight to behold. When Cameron finally managed to came back to his senses after the thrill ride of pleasure he took, he was, needless to say, overjoyed by his body, muscles with size beyond what any mister Olympia could ever dream of achieving, veins as thick as ropes spread all over his muscles protruding and pulsating with blood, feeding them, all glistening from all the cum he shot over himself which only made his body more attractive, and the compression shorts you ask? Nowhere to be seen, they had exploded off of his engorging muscled body with only a few tatters stuck under his enormous glutes. Cameron was more than amazed and he was especially enjoying the huge veins that appear all over his muscles, he was covered in them, and they were massive and pulsated with testosterone, and the clearly visible muscle fibres that were clear as day to the eye, he loved it with all his might, but the ride wasn’t over just yet….. While Cam appreciated his new given body he noticed something weird start happening, the five tanks holding the now anorexic looking men that were once beautiful examples of muscle at its best. The five men started dissolving into the liquid and the liquid changed from transparent to a really thick-looking white almost gel-like substance. Then he heard an automated sounding voice from the computer say ‘DNA impregnation complete, beginning stage 2’ “WHAT? I’ve only gone through stage one yet, after all of this?!” he exclaimed, when he saw two much larger bulges move up the pipe that went inside of him, they were coming together in a pair, one next to each other and he felt them stop right at his anus, he then turned his attention up above his head where he heard rattling and as he turned his eyes upwards he saw the pipe dangling from above with the weird attachment, which was just like the cock head attachment the one inside him has, start moving down. He was again afraid yet again uncertain of what might happen next, his heart racing, and him body sweating profusely yet again. He tried to move his head since the pipe was coming straight down at his face when the band which had previously retracted appeared again and held his forehead firmly down, there was no avoiding it. The cockhead shaped nozzle of the tube touched Cam’s lips after it made its way down next to Cam’s head then up again to meet his mouth which he refused to open and allow it to enter, so the pressure increased more and more and his lips finally gave way, the long, thick, rubbery tube made its way into his mouth, reach the back of his throat, but before his gag reflects could even kick in it made its way down his throat and it kept going down, more and more as he saw more of it disappear in front of him into his mouth, he guessed he had swallowed about 30cm (1 foot) of it before it stopped, then like in unison both machines started doing something…… The one that had violated his now rock hard bubble ass and protruded through his now steel cut solid 8-pack abs started retreating from his ass, he was relieved thinking the approximately 40cm (16 inches) of tube that was inside of him was finally leaving his body, but as the head was just about to leave his hole, the machine re-adjusted itself to a more pronounced 90° angle and started making its way back inside, until it reached the base of Cam’s hard cock with a painful pressure, then the pressure increased and it hurt more and more, then he felt a really hot sensation in his crotch like he was in a hot bath, and although in pain he saw something amazing, the tube’s cockhead started expanding and entering the base of his cock, his eyes couldn’t believe it, as he bit his lips from the pain, but he wouldn’t stop looking at what was happening, it made its way painfully up the shaft stretching it to the 14cm (5 inch) circumference of the tube, and he saw the thicker and wider head leading the way, stretching and engorging it until it reach and stretched the 7inch cockhead of Cam’s penis, then the pain increased as it started stretched longer, and longer, it went on and on but it did so while sending waves of pleasure to Cam’s brain, it was delicious, it stretched to a full rock hard, massive length of 40cm (16inches) then stopped when the two large bulges, each about the size of an orange, were absorbed into the ball sack, and as it was absorbed, ropes of veins grew onto them and he started feeling the breeze on his stiff hot dick, it had become part of his body as well Cameron realised in a disbelieving yet still joyous shock. This huge, thick, hot, hard piece of man meat, was all his, he jerked it to see if it was true and it jerked, it was more than he ever dreamed off. The rest of the tube that was behind the huge bulges that became his balls, retreated outside to their original position next to the needle. That’s when a different noise caught Cam’s attention “There is still more?” he thought to himself, but without any fear now, he was now determined to see this through, this accident had given him the muscles and the cock he could only ever dream off, he wants it all now and he going to thoroughly enjoy it. It seems the muscles and cock not only enhanced his body but also his ego had been boosted up, and he liked it. Then he noticed the white liquid that formed from the men who were once in the tanks starting draining, the level was going down inside the tanks, when he felt the tube that went down his throat start vibrating a little and so he looked up. He saw through the transparent tube a white liquid moved downwards in the tube and it went into his mouth and he felt the flow of the liquid through his throat and as it pumped out into his chest, and he felt something strange, but in his pecs, so he looked at them and saw them swelling and pulsating and it plunge him into an orgasmic thrill ride of pleasure, it was a magnificent sensation, and he arched back from how erotic it felt while his mammoth dick jerked up and down. The tube kept pumping the liquid inside of him and into his pecs and the pecs swelled to twice their size then stop swelling but kept contracting with every massive pump into them, and Cam’s from the corner of his eye even though he was barely able to think from the pleasure he was in could see the tanks slowly drain empty, which took he could only guess was around half an hour, half an hour of toe curling, orgasmic bliss, when it started to subside he was surprised he managed to stay sane after en experience like that, and slowly the pleasure started dying down and the pumps became less intense, which is when he finally noticed that his pecs did not shrink down, but stayed at the doubled size, and looked gorgeously tight and hard, but his nipples had grown to almost triple their thickness and protruded more than 2 cm (1 inch) now and were as stiff as a hot cock. As he admired them he felt the tube retreating from him and as the head left his mouth the last bit of the liquid that was left in the tube, about a litre, pour into his mouth filling it up and then pour all over his face, and it tasted like warm, deliciously sweet and salty honey as he swallowed it down, and he recognised the smell and knew it right away that it was steamy cum, he never tasted it before or anything that tasted as delicious, it was all over his rosy lips and felt good on his face. At the same time the part of the table holding his legs up in the air lowered back down, and as it did he was regaining the feeling back in his legs and arms, and he tried to move, and he did, he managed to get off of the table and the first thing he could bring himself to do was touch himself, touch himself all over, feel the muscles up, grasp his beastly pecs and dig his fingers into the solid flesh, slide his fingers over the striations on his legs, to pas his hand over his marble abs, to feel up the ropes of veins on his 40 cm (16 inch) cock, to grope his massive balls bigger than a baseball each. All of this massively aroused him which is when he felt his chest and abs start getting wet and he looked down at his shelf-like pecs and saw something fantastic, cum was coming out of his nipples in a stream, and grabbed his left pec and squeezed and a long squirt came out of it, more than 10 times as cum in that squirt then in a regular man’s ejaculation. He squeezed again this time catching the cum and he doesn’t know why but an almost euphoric hunger came from within him for that cum and licked it all clean off of his hand, and it was delicious, so he squeezed again, and again, and again, licking it up each time, and each time the quantity increased until every squirt released about half a cup of cum, yet his pecs didn’t shrink down, nor did it feel like it was running out of cum, it just kept producing more until it satisfied his hunger. As he finished up his meal Cameron looked to the stairs for a way out, to go out into the world as a new man, and enjoy every moment of his new life. His new life of monstrous muscles, that no man would ever be able to match or surpass again, and to be the epitome of lust, beauty and strength. The End........ ?
  3. tereshky

    m/m Tales From a Muscle Cum Cartel

    A five part series that I wrote about a guy named Jack and his cum fueled muscle growth cartel. This is a story about greed, addiction, betrayal and above all, lots and lots of uncontrollable growth. The final chapter in the series dropped this week on metabods so I thought I'd share the link.