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Found 1 result

  1. “What’re you trembling for, Coach?” the oversized college freshman asked, chuckling at the older man’s shaking body. “Is it because I just easily curled with one arm the weight you were using to do squats? Is that what’s got you so nervous? Or is it excitement?” “How?” the mustached smaller man asked. “I never skipped my vegetables,” the giant stud said, laughing. “Naw, truthfully, it’s the cum of older men that seems to make me grow bigger and stronger. Stumbled upon this interesting phenomenon about a year ago when I met this older dude in the park one day and I sucked him off in his car. Right there and then, my body started growing. I had been chaste up to that point – blame it on religion – but I’d always been drawn to older men. Thankfully, I gave into my desires and now, about a thousand men later, I have this huge muscled body you see in front of you and enough strength to punch an SUV into the next county if I chose to. The really strange thing is that I don’t grow if it’s a guy under fifty. It must be similar to liking only aged wine, I respond best to the sweet juice of older men. “No one can be that strong,” the unbelieving Coach whispered. “You mean this strong?” teased the young enormous muscled student. He picked up two Olympic plates and slapped them together hard. Big strong hands then started squeezing the edges of the iron plates together – the way a child might manipulate two pieces modeling clay. There was a light muffled crunching sound as the boy’s super strong fingers flattened iron together – making it become one compressed thing edge. “You have no idea how hot this feels, Coach,” the smiling behemoth said, taking a step closer to the older man. “Compacting iron like it’s cookie dough. Makes my balls ache for release when I do stuff like this. Makes me want to suck some old muscular man dry and fuel my hulking out even more. Hairy dudes seem to stoke my growth double, too. I guess it must be the extra testosterone zipping around the dude’s body making him fur-covered goodness. I’ve seen your hairy pecs, Coach. And your super furry arms and legs. I bet you got a forest around that cock of yours, too, don’t you old man.” “Jason, I’m not sure this . . .” the older man began, but was interrupted. “Oh, you know my name, Coach?” Jason asked. “I guess you’ve noticed me before. I mean, how could you not, right? But something tells me you also liked what you saw, Coach. Yeah, I think you liked all these big muscles a lot.” The rims of the two plates had been smashed together completely by this point. The muscle kid had made them into one plate, simply using the strength of only his fingers. The Coach could not even begin to wrap his head around what kind of power was in the young man’s body. He watched as the bigger man laid the newly made double plate on a bench and picked up an empty bar from a rack. The kid placed his fore finger and thumb about a foot down on the bar and squeezed. He pulled at the same time and the shorter end came screeching away as easily as someone might pull apart warm taffy. He then pressed his pinkie into the ripped end of the bar and pressed down in the center; making the two sides stick up like the arms of a football goal. The guy picked up the now doubled plates and put the thick end of the bar through the holes. He used the heel of his hand to easily smash the end to flatten it so it couldn’t slide back through the hole - ever again. Now there were two huge plates permanently secured to this short pole with two nubs at the other end. “My nipples are super sensitive, Coach,” the giant said looking over at the older man, but still working on his project. “I think it’s a side effect of my growth or something. I have to find ways to soothe the raging beasts.” The Coach gasped out loud as he watched the guy raise the two thin ends of the ripped bar, move the spaghetti strap of his tank with a thumb, and then squeezed them tightly into the jutting nub of his left pec. When he dropped his monstrous arms the weight stayed attached to his nipple. The Coach noticed that nothing sagged even slightly – neither nipple nor pectoral muscle – as soon as the full weight dangled from there. There was a pleased look on the giant’ face – clearly he felt a little pleasure. “You should see when I attach jumper cables from these things to the live engine of a sixteen wheeler. That usually gives me a jolt that I can feel. Sparks fly everywhere and I kind of feel like Shazam,” the kid said smiling, obviously pleased with his own reference. “You just . . . you just . . . demolished iron like it was nothing,” the Coach stammered, pointing at the other guy. “And you pulled steel apart like it was a wet noodle.” “Yeah, I did,” the kid laughingly shot back, “And it was easy.” The weight banged against the kid’s abs as his body shook with laughter. Two Olympic forty-five pound weights, crushed together, were banging into his torso and he clearly felt nothing. The Coach went a little dizzy and sat down on a nearby bench with a thud. He had to brace himself up with his hands, the sight before him was too hard to believe. “You okay there, Coach?” Jason asked. “I didn’t mean to freak you out.” “How the hell could you not, kid!” the Coach said loudly, “You’re lifting with one arm all the weight I find it hard to squat, you’re compressing iron plates together like it’s pizza dough, you’re easily ripping steel apart, and a heavy-as-hell homemade nipple ring is dangling from your chest banging into your abs and you barely notice!” “Yeah, I guess that would freak some guys out,” replied the muscled monster standing nearby. “I hope you’re turned on, too, Coach. It makes sucking you off so much easier.” “Wait, wait, wait, kid,” the Coach said. “You mean to tell me you’ve gotten big like this just from men squirting loads down your throat?” “Yes sir,” the guy responded, grinning from ear to ear. “A year ago I was a dweeb barely pushing a hundred and fifty pounds. Now, I’m a muscle freak pushing around two seventy-five – I’ve just become so fucking dense.” “Holy hell, this can’t be for real,” the Coach said. “Here, I’ll show you how real it is, Coach,” Jason said and walked to where the older man was sitting. The behemoth kid put one of his giant hands on the Coach’s chest. He then grabbed the front of the older man’s shorts, making sure he got the underwear too. With one simple tug, Jason ripped every stitch of clothing below the waist from the Coach’s body. The coach’s ass came off the bench because of the force of the tug, but Jason’s powerful arm easily kept the guy’s torso in place. It clearly had taken only a slight amount of the kid’s strength to accomplish the task. Jason’s excited face looked down at the Coach’s crotch. A huge hard daddy cock poked up from a heavy forest of dark fur peppered with streaks of gray. “Aw fucking hell, Coach,” exclaimed Jason excitedly, “That’s a real man’s cock and all that thick fur tells me you’re just swimming with testosterone. My gains are going to freak you out! Hell, they’re probably going to freak me out.” Hands with the strength of Hercules and the Hulk combined grabbed the Coach firmly at the waist and lifted him into the air without Jason even needing to use his back. The arms were strong enough to lift the grown man with little effort. Within three seconds of straightening up, Jason had his mouth around the Coach’s enormous cock and was sucking like there was no tomorrow. Apparently, if you had the strength of a thousand men in your arms that meant you had the same kind of sucking strength, as well. A super power vacuum used in giant factories wouldn’t have come close to the intense suction of Jason’s throat. It took only two mighty swallows to make the Coach offer up the biggest balls tightening cum blast of his life. There was no way he could have prevented the explosion even if he had wanted to. Jason, indeed, was sucking him dry. The older man let out a deep guttural scream that sounded like the mating call of some wild animal. Jason’s chiseled cheeks caved inward and his throat worked on overdrive in order for him to quickly swallow the copious amount of sweet man-juice being shot out of the man he so easily held up in the air. Jason started walking around the gym and he looked like a guy slurping down a protein drink with a straw. The Coach’s back stayed arched for a long time – clearly the stream of cum was continuous. Jason pulled the smaller man’s body into his face even more tightly, just so he could quickly get more of the man-nectar inside of him. Even in the midst of the biggest orgasm of his life, the Coach was aware of how easily Jason manipulated a grown man’s body in his big hands. It made the Coach feel small and insignificant. After about seven minutes of walking around and intense sucking – the face bucking from the Coach’s crotch stopped. His body immediately went limp – spent like it had never been before. Jason swallowed one last time, clearly intending to make sure there was not one cum drop left in the Coach’s body. He then pulled the man’s dick from his mouth and let out the loudest burp anyone has ever heard. It was clear the giant man had sucked down an incredible amount of hot lava-like cum. The big boy walked over to the bench and dropped the coach onto it – like a discarded rag. He then wiped his mouth with the back of his arm and hand. Jason was clearly only focused on one thing now as he continued to walk around the gym tensing his arms, his chest, his legs, and his abs. “Aw fuck, Coach, that was more cum-shake at one time than I’ve ever had before,” the kid screamed. “I knew you had that kind of load inside that hot body of yours. And I can taste your jacked-up testosterone. It’s like I sucked all the manliness from your body. This is going to be huge, Coach. I can feel it. This is going to be bigger than anything that’s come before. You’re a fucking hulk-making factory, Coach, that’s what you are. I’m going to be the size of a . . . AWWWWW FUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!” Jason immediately doubled over. He turned his face up towards the Coach and it was bright red – veins popping out on his forehead. His entire body was becoming frozen – like he was petrified or something. His breathing stopped as he grunted loudly. Suddenly, there was a break in the obvious strain and he stood back up straight, taking in a huge deep breath. The break was short lived, however, and the mighty force taking over his body hit again. This time Jason was ready for it. He was standing facing the Coach who still sat dumbfounded and worn out on the bench. When the powerful wave hit the big boy this time he threw his body into a most muscular pose that made the Coach revive immediately. The older man actually jumped back a little from the shock. Jason also let out a growl that sounded like a hundred lions attacking at the same time. Every muscle in the dude’s big body slammed into super tense mode. The Coach had never seen anything more incredible . . . that is, until Jason’s body started to grow. “I’m fucking grrrrowwwwinnggg Coach,” Jason roared through gritted teeth, flexing his entire body the entire time. “HELLLL YEAHHHHHH!!!” The kid watched the Coach’s face go from extreme fear to utter shock to lustful desire as the older man clearly feasted his eyes on what Jason felt was happening to his body. Severely tensed muscles were expanding like balloons being filled with quick drying cement. It was like layer after layer of hard skin was suddenly appearing on top of each other at every part of Jason’s body. The kid immediately knew that this time the growth was extremely different. It was happening quicker and he knew it felt thicker and thicker than ever before. His body would not let him release his most muscular pose. It was like the growth would last as long as he could hold his body in that extreme tensed state. “Feast on the powerrrrrrr, Coach!” Jason roared again. The Coach saw the kid’s humongous biceps growing first. What were clearly already over twenty-inch guns started to inflate even more – muscle multiplying like rising dough. The dude’s nipple suddenly grew so big that it forced the homemade weighted ring to fall off – clamoring loudly to the ground. The Coach gazed upon the massive chest as it started expanding like multiple hot air balloons being filled at the same time. The once swollen chest became something bigger – something clearly more colossal. The powerful dude squeezed his pecs harder, as if willing them to grow even more. Jason’s already bull-sized neck expanded thicker and thicker, but mostly disappeared as his traps and shoulders became monstrous morphed copies of what they had been. “I want MORRREEE!!!” bellowed Jason in a deep voice that now sounded like a summer thunderstorm. His quads quickly obliterated the lower seams of his shorts – they solidified into even more intensely muscled mass as the striations deepened and widened into something akin to the Grand Canyon. Jason looked down in time to see his tennis shoes explode. His feet simply grew too quickly for the pathetic material to hang on. That’s also when the kid realized the floor was further away. Coach, meanwhile, had realized he had to tilt his head back further to look Jason in the face. The boy was getting taller, too. It was clear that he would surpass seven foot. The Coach also started to feel smaller than he already had. The kid was now wider than doorways and thicker than the bodies of small cars. He looked like four of his old selves put together. And then it all stopped. Jason released his most muscular pose with a loud exhale and stood to his new incredible height. A giant smile was on the giant’s face. “Fuucckkkk Yeahhhhhh,” came the newly super bass voice of Jason. “I’m freaking mammoth.” The Coach stared at the behemoth in front of him. Jason had clearly shot up beyond seven foot, judging by the machines dwarfed nearby and the ceiling – especially the lower part in the distance. The words huge and muscled did not come close to describing the monstrous beast this man had become. He clearly weighed somewhere in the area of five hundred pounds. Every single part of him was ballooned out to insane proportions and, yet, he still seemed symmetrical. His height helped a lot, but also the fact that every muscle possible had grown titanic, so he looked enormously even. Pecs as wide as sofa cushions and as thick as double mattresses hung from shoulders so wide he could hide an entire truck by standing in front of it. Traps shot up into the air – muscled masses as big as a normal bodybuilder’s thigh. His arms looked like someone had covered huge kegs of beer in fucking hard vein-covered skin. The once oversized spaghetti-strapped purple tank was now so tight it was clear that one deep inhale would send it falling to the floor – totally decimated. The guy’s hands looked like he could easily palm wide barrels. His thighs popped out so thick all the way around he had to stand with his tree-trunk sized legs far apart. And barely concealed under the shredded material of his shorts was the outline of a cock that could have easily passed as a large fire extinguisher trying to be concealed. “Sweet fuck, Coach,” Jason said, bending his arms and tensing up his flesh-covered kegs. “You have no idea how incredible this all feels. I’m a fucking muscle freak. I gotta see if the power matches the body.” Jason sauntered over to the squatting rack nearby. His legs were so huge it would take him a while to get used to operating them. Coach had been squatting an impressive weight of four hundred and fifty pounds when Jason had arrived. Earlier, Jason had curled that bar with one hand. He wrapped his giant right pinkie around the bar – noting its size made the bar look thin – and then he easily lifted the entire thing into the air. With just his pinkie he raised it over his head, as well. Coach let out a big moan at the sight. “I’ve got more power in my pinkie than you do in those two strong furry legs, Coach,” Jason said as he lifted the bar up and down with one finger. “Just imagine what the rest of me can do.” As if to prove his point more, Jason took his other pinkie and wrapped it around the bar a few inches away. He then turned his fingers inward causing the weighted ends of the bar to move upward toward each other. When he had bent the bar completely in on itself and the weights met at the top with a clank he dropped the thing on the floor. It made a loud noise as it landed. Jason then walked over and stood in front of the Coach. His body towered over and dwarfed the older man. The Coach looked like a child beside a huge muscleman. Jason reached down and grabbed both ends of the bench the Coach was sitting on. He easily lifted the thing and the man into the air. Immediately, the sound of screeching metal filled the gym as Jason effortlessly started bending the bench into a V-shape with the Coach in the middle. Soon, Jason had the sides of the bench touching the Coach’s shoulder and trapping him. He grabbed the bottom of the V with one hand, turning it around and holing it up in the air. Jason then walked over to the mirrored wall behind the barbell racks. He was holding the Coach in the air with one hand – as if the destroyed bench and the older man were some kind of trophy. “Aw Coach, you’ve made me the hugest and strongest fucker in the world,” Jason said, smiling, as he lifted the Coach up and down in the air. “I could hold you up in the air all day. I knew your sweet juice would do this to me. I know that cock of yours is spent right now, but I’m about to put on a strength show for you that’ll get that big man tool hard again. I need you churning out more cum so I can suck you dry soon. Just imagine me bigger and stronger than I already am, Coach.” This thought proved too much for the older man. His eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out. It was good Jason had him caught between in the bench – his body stayed exactly where it was and the giant muscleman continued to lift him up and down, staring at their reflection the entire time.
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