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Found 3 results

  1. KenAustin

    m/m Muscle worship - Ken Austin - Jeff

    Hi, My name is Ken Austin (Instagram: ken_austin_fitness). I am a young jock guy into fitness and have very healthy lifestyle. Bodybuilding is my passion, but I am only interested of building a perfect body the natural way. I talked with a lot of worshiper in my life. I met Jeff by Instagram. we talked a lot during those few days of Coronavirus. We life far away but we want to meet one day to realise our muscle worship fantasies. Today’s story will be a fantasy that I imagined with him. Jeff is sitting in the living room. I joined him on the coach with a bowl of fruit, oat, and protein. I am wearing my pyjamas, a tank top as usual. I always needs to see my arms and my beautiful chest that I work hard on it. He is looking at me and say, Jeff: “We just had diner, why are you still eating”. Instantly, I flex my left arms to show him my biceps and add Ken: “To build bigger arms like this”. Jeff was always excited to watch me flexing and showing off. He gave me a look of excitement. I put the fruit bow on the table and gave him a double bicep flex. Instantly he starts putting his hands on both of my biceps and start caressing them. I gave him my superman biceps flex; I am flexing my right biceps and my left arms is pointing on the air. Jeff was touching me; we were both getting very excited. Ken: “Let’s go into the posing room” Jeff: “fuck yeah, you mad me horny” We go into the posing room. There is a 2 big mirror, side by side and very warm lights to be able to pose and show every muscle in their best advantage. Ken: “Sit there, behind the mirror and let’s practice my poses” Jeff love watching me striping and posing. I am purely exhibitionist and have this needs to show off a lot, sometimes too much. Too much would be like last time we went at the restaurant and I was bouncing my pecs to turn him on and check his hard on under the table with my foot. Let us go back to the story. I slowly start getting rid of my tank top and my pant. Once I am naked, I am dressing up with the poser. We both love to watch me posing with my poser like a real bodybuilder. I start oiling my self. Usually jeff love to oil me while I am flexing but today, I want him to watch first. I oil up all my body with a LOT of coconut oil as I like. Jeff is obviously getting excited and cannot stop looking at me. He have a major hard on in his pants. Same for me in my poser but I want to stay focus. I start posing, double biceps front, from the back, most muscular, side chest, etc. Jeff always correct my pose. We both wants me to show my muscles in their best advantage. We are both very horny right now. I workout my chest today while he was at work and I workout very hard as always to get worship. Muscle Worship is like candy for me. As always, I really need to be worshipped. I got rid of the poser. I place myself just in front of Jeff. Ken: “get on your knee and start worshipping my chest!” Jeff quickly executes. He starts caressing my chest slowly and sensually. I can see my big chest all pumped from posing getting worship. The sensation of the oil on my chest and those hands moving always drive me insane. I am slowly jerking off, edging. Ken: “Come on boy, you like my big pecs? Worship it! They are so perfect, right?” Jeff: “they are the best pecs I have ever touch, they are my muscles, they are my everything” Ken:” come on worship me, I am half-human, half-god, am I right? I deserve it!” Jeff: “you are my god, you are my everything, your pecs have all power over me. I need your big muscles for coming. Without them I cannot cum for real” I always been into this verbal muscle thing. Love to talk about my own muscles and being dominant. I am edging and I am getting very close. Ken: “Fuck my pecs are so fucking pump and big right now, keeps rubbing them, keeps rubbing my big fucking jock pecs, fucks I’m cumin!” I come watching my whole body all oil up, my beautiful face and my pecs with 2 small hands compare to my chest rubbing it. Right after I finished coming, Jeff let his dick out of his pants, start jerking off. I bend over and put my chest right on his face. He instantly come and I felt his come splashing on my body. I kiss his face all oil up. Ken:” tomorrow it’s an arm day”
  2. MuscleLoverMG

    m/m The AntiHero

    This is my first story I've ever posted on here! Let me know what you think and what you think I could improve as I move forward with writing this! If you have an suggestions on where the story should go, don't be scared to leave those too! I'm still brainstorming where this might go! The AntiHero Chapter 1: Frankie no more... Frankie was just your ordinary lad. He wasn’t too muscular, not too athletic, and not at all coordinated. In fact the only thing he had going for him was his devilishly handsome face and his charming grin. Other than that Frankie was the definition of average at best. This was a big difference compared to Quinn, Frankie’s longtime rival who consistently one-upped everything Frankie tried to do. Quinn was a lad’s lad. He had the good looks, fit body, and boyish charm to get any girl swooning. He knew it too. Quinn exuded confidence and always walked around like his shit didn’t stink. He’d consistently take sexy shirtless selfies with a seductive grin for his Instagram and other socials. Day by day, Frankie could do nothing but watch his rival get all the attention and praise. Frankie was sick of living as the “average at best” kinda guy. But he didn’t know how to change it. For months he went to bed wishing every night that something would change. That he could become the better man. A real “man” among the “men”, if you know what I mean. Halloween was quickly approaching, and for once Frankie wished he could be the hunk at the costume party that was strutting around in a seductive getup. But alas, once again it would be Quinn who would most likely come dressed up as some sexy superhero, a spartan warrior, or a chippendale dancer. At least…. this is how it was supposed to be. But sometimes plans change and people change too. In fact, Frankie’s wishes may just be coming true after so many months of hope. Soon he’ll be this “man” among the men. And soon he’ll be the one strutting around the costume party in a sexy head turning getup. It was on Halloween morning when the mysterious package that would do all this arrived at Frankie’s door. Frankie was sitting and watching TV just like he does any other day, when the doorbell rang. He wasn’t expecting anyone or anything, so he was quite off-put when he opened the door to a package at his feet. He looked around for a few moments before picking up the box and bringing it inside. “Maybe it was dropped at the wrong address” Frankie thought. But alas, his name and address was on the box. Curiously, Frankie began slicing open the taped up edges with a box cutter. “I wonder what’s inside” he pondered under his breath. As he flipped open the cardboard lids, Frankie was not only taken back by what he saw, but also beginning to feel a pit of rage in his gut. “Fucking Quinn’s such an asshole” Frankie snarled through gritted teeth as he pulled out the contents. He held up what looked like a military vest and then threw it aside. His face became redder and redder as he went in for the second item in the box. He wrapped his hands around the leather straps and metallic clasps. He instantly knew what this was. “The prick thought it would be funny to get me a bane costume.” Knowing it would look awful on his slim frame, Frankie was infuriated and humiliated at the same time. There was no way he could go to the costume party now. “I bet Quinn is probably gonna wear the same costume too, just to show me up” Frankie internally sulked. He threw the mask aside, not noticing the note that was sitting at the bottom of the box. Hours passed as Frankie sat defeated, stuffing his face with junk food. The annual Halloween party was in just 45 minutes, so at this point Frankie couldn’t even think about getting another costume ready. He felt every negative emotion in the book. He was ashamed with his physical form, but also loathed the fact he was gonna miss the opportunity to attend this event. That’s when something strange happened. His phone began buzzing to a mysterious text from an unknown number. “Put the mask on Frankie, we will be one soon. Just be patient.” “What the fuck is this shit. Is he really texting me from a fake number now?” Frankie growled. “You know what fuck Quinn. I’m going to go to the party dressed as bane and be perfectly confident. That will show him.” Frankie stormed over to the box and grabbed the mask. He began to pull it over his head, and it immediately fit quite snugly around his jaw. As Frankie squeezed the mask over the back of his head, he felt a several slight stings, almost as if he was being pricked by several needles in the back of his skull. “Must just be my hair getting caught” he thought to himself. But Frankie was quite wrong. The second Frankie put the mask on, his fate was sealed and forever changed. Almost immediately, Frankie began to feel an enormous amount of pressure in the back of his head and temples. At first he thought he was going to pass out, but this sensation was quite different. Frankie felt buzzed, and quite energized. Without warning, the pain began shooting down his spine and then out towards his lats. As the pain wrapped itself around his rib cage, Frankie could feel a heat flooding his body. It went down each arm into the fingertips, through his legs, and even into his groin. “What the fuck is happening to me!” Frankie squealed in a high pitch scream of terror. He grabbed the back of the mask and attempt to pry it off his scalp, but it was just too tight. Even more, it felt like the back of the mask was latched inside his skin where the pinching feeling was felt. The pain was rapidly increasing and that’s when it began… Frankie heard a loud crack as an unbearable pain shot down his spine. He let out a blood curdling scream as his spine began stretching his frame taller. “No! Make it stop, please!” Frankie whimpered as he fell on his hands and knees to the floor. “I don’t want this anymore!” He slammed his hands into the floorboards as the unbearable pain shot to his lats and ribcage which began cracking and spreading wider apart. To Frankie’s surprise, his hit caused the wooden board to crack and splinter. “So fucking strong” Frankie moaned animalistically. There was an evil gleam in his eye for a second, but he quickly snapped out of it. “No! Did I just fucking do that.” He winced. “This isn’t me. I’m a gentle guy.” He sat on those words for a few seconds before beginning to snicker to himself. “I’m not gentle. I’m fucking powerful and dominant” he growled sadistically. As he said this, the pain moved into his chest and biceps. Interestingly, the pain wasn’t bothering Frankie as much. He actually liked how it was beginning to feel. Every second he was feeling more and more manly. More authoritative. More godly. Frankie snapped back into reality when he saw the veins in his forearms begin to plump. As they pulsed in rhythm with his heartbeat, they grew green in color and began to push against his tightening skin. Frankie watched in horror as his forearms and biceps grew thick and solid. A spider web of veins entangling around them. With his voice trembling, he whimpered “please no more!” He stood up and once again tried to rip the mask off. Despite his arms being much stronger, the mask still wouldn’t un-latch itself from the back of his skull. Frankie was beginning to feel angrier than ever. But with this anger came a feeling of power and an even greater desire for more power. He began puffing his chest out, giving his pecs room to expand into big, veiny globs full of muscle sinews. Frankie’s Black T-shirt was stretching to its limits. Any onlooker would have just assumed he was wearing an athletic compression shirt if they didn’t know it was once quite loose fitting on his frame. “Fuck this feels so good” Frankie growled while throwing his head back, letting his pecs and lats extend to their full size. At this moment, his shirt snapped open and slid off his arms. In one swift motion Frankie threw his fist at the wall, creating a crumbling crater in the cement and wood barrier. Frankie cackled and sneered a cocky grin. Frankie moved to a nearby mirror to see the god... - I mean “man” - he was turning into. Upon seeing his reflection the real Frankie suddenly came back. “No! This isn’t who I’m supposed to be. This is a monster. I’m not…” He stopped talking, transfixed on his expanding legs, which he now didn’t even notice were in a great deal of pain. In a deeper octave than just seconds ago he muttered “I AM a monster.” The hulking beast emphasized the word AM. As the last of the masks venom spread through his body, Frankie let out a guttural and baritone growl raising his biceps into a double bicep pose. “Fuck ya! I am a monster! I am fucking bane!” Bane felt an instant urge to use his strength… to break something. The first thing that came to mind was the couch his former self was sulking on all night. With a single hand he lifted the 900lb object over his head. “I’m so strong... So powerful. This feels fucking fantastic!” As he said this, Frankie… -I mean Bane - brought the couch down onto his knee, cracking it in two. He no longer feared the beast he was becoming. In fact inside little Frankie was beginning to lose himself to the power that he felt. He loved that he had become an inhumanly strong god among men. He loved that his muscles were absolutely bulging with striations and chiseled beyond belief. And most of all, he loved that he was going to show Quinn what a real “man” is supposed to be. Frankie grabbed the vest that was sitting in the box and tried to strap it over his shirtless torso, but there was no way it was going to fit. “Fuck it, I look better shirtless anyway” he snarled. Then he noticed the note sitting in the bottom of the box. He picked it up and read it aloud with his dense, baritone voice. “Frankie, I’ve chosen you to become the next King of our beings. Just put on the mask and you will be Bane. Attend the party as Bane and I will find you. Then we’ll merge and become strong enough to rule this world and force everyone to bow to our power! I know you want this Frankie. You always have, so just put on the mask.” The note was signed “Venom.” Bane’s bloodthirsty growl said it all. Deep down, the last bit of the innocent Frankie faded. “You’re right Venom. I was born to be a fucking god! I may have been Frankie, but from now on my worshipers will know me only as Bane!!!!” And with that… little Frankie was no more.
  3. Austinevenson42

    Ryan Finally Gives it to His Friend

    Ryan Finally Gives it to His Friend Please feel free to tell me what you think! I am planning on writing other stories, and maybe a sequel to this one if people want it. Hope you enjoy it! Mike and I had always been friends since as far as I could possibly remember. From when we were kids to now in college at the age of 20, we did everything together, from doing homework to going to parties. But, there is one big thing that we don’t do together…well we did at first. We started working out at around the age of 15, but Mike could never really get into it. I kept trying to push him into going to the gym, but in the end I kept going and he didn’t. Periodically when he saw my results he would try again, but nothing, it just wasn’t for him. I’m not going to lie though; my muscle growth has definitely turned me into a cocky bastard. I’ve always loved the fact that Mike has become increasingly jealous of my ever growing body. It all started with random little jokes about my incoming abs and pecs. Then, as my muscles really started to get massive, I could tell that he definitely hated it. We use to be on the same level, but now with my god-like physique we both knew who was in charge. But I soon realized that there was something more than jealousy…that little fucker so has the hots for me now. I think I first noticed it one time when I took him to the gym and I was finally confident enough with my sculpted muscles that I went shirtless. I loved showing off my body, and when I looked at Mike’s face, he definitely liked that I did too. We had walked over to the bench press where I had asked him to spot me—or at least try too—so I could work on these sexy huge pecs. By this point we were long into the workout so not only were my muscles pumped to the max but the sweat made them glisten and shine. If we’re being honest I probably looked like a fucking porn star, which Mike must have noticed. As I lifted the massive amount of weight up and down I realized that Mike couldn’t take his eyes off my flexing body. You could just see that he was so turned on and practically drooling over the body I had worked to so hard to craft. Ever since then I have seen him continually sneak a peek at my body whenever we hang out or do something. It’s kind of sad how much he wants to play with my ripped muscles, but a part of me completely understands his need to worship a god. Skinny little bitches like him aren’t my type, but maybe I should make his day, who knows it could be fun. I’ve been looking for a regular fuck toy anyways, so it could probably work out. When I’m not growing more and more muscle, or ripping apart some hot ass, I do get bored. What the heck, let me play with him a little when he comes over later… “Hey Ryan! How’s life man?” He said as I opened the door to let him in. “I’m doing alright just got back from the gym you know,” I said as I flexed my right bicep as hard as I could. As he walked in to sit down on the couch he couldn’t take his eyes off me…I had to stop myself from laughing. But I was honestly surprised that he didn’t faint right then and there as I started to flex my left bicep. “How’s my body looking by the way I feel like I’m getting bigger and bigger every fucking day man,” I said as I did a side chest pose that almost ripped my shirt open. “Umm…uh…yeah you do look bigger…maybe…I guess” he said nervously, almost trying to put on a smile while trying not to stare for too long. “Maybe huh…,” I said chuckling preparing to push this little guy even more. Before he could say anything I proceeded to take my shirt off to flex and bounce my pecs. Fucking Mike couldn’t even handle what was going on, all he could do was look at my body in complete amazement. Then I walked up to him and flexed my bicep right in his face. “Want to touch it?” “What…” Mike said shyly. “Yeah come on, tell me how hard it is,” I said as I grabbed his hand and placed it around my bicep. That’s when I noticed it, as he began to play with my bicep I could see a boner starting to grow in his pants. Now we were getting somewhere… “Wow Ryan,” he gulped. “You really are big.” “You fucking know it,” I said, “bet you wish you had a body like this, but something tells me you’ll settle for worshipping me instead.” Mike immediately looked at me with a shocked appearance on his face, “what, what are you talking about?” That was when I quickly moved my hand to grab his growing little hard on, which caused Mike to let out a loud moan. “Let’s stop kidding ourselves,” I said, “I know you’ve been into me for a long time now. But, hey, I’m feeling generous today, so why don’t you just fucking enjoy it?” As I continued to stroke his cock over his pants, Mike started to play with my bicep again and actually started to lick it. “At a boy Mike, at a boy. Look at you, god, it’s like you can’t help yourself.” I was right…giving Mike free rein he started to lick my sculpted abs as he felt up my massive pecs. As he did so I continued to stroke his tiny cock, which by this point was as hard as it was going to get. I also made sure to flex each and every one of my muscles for him—it was funny to see that Mike was easily in Heaven having the time of his little weakling life. But it looked like I had finally found someone to worship these muscles like they were meant to be. Mike just couldn’t keep his hands and tongue off of me, and even though I stopped playing with his dick that little bitch kept moaning louder and louder. “How are you liking this body Mike,” I said as I pushed him back onto the couch. “Oh my god Ryan,” he said breathing heavily, “you’re a fucking god, a muscle beast, a sex machine, and I need you, I need your body, please…” I laughed as I let him get back to playing with my muscles, but before I knew it that little nerd started to cum. He laid back onto the couch as the wet spot on his pants started to grow bigger and bigger. But I wasn’t done yet, it was time for me to have some of my own fun. As his dick finally started to finish I ripped my pants and underwear off. Not only could you now see my amazing ass and huge muscular legs, but I also revealed my monster sized cock to Mike. As I did this Mike’s jaw dropped to the ground as his eyes almost popped out of his head. I don’t think the little guy had ever been in the presence of such a real fucking man. I wanted to see what I was fully working with so I easily grabbed him off the couch and ripped his clothes off of him. This time I actually couldn’t control my laughter as what I was looking at was the skinniest little nerd I had ever seen, it was honestly pathetic. As I laughed I could see that Mike had gotten super self-conscious, but his cock didn’t lie, he was enjoying every minute of this. Our size difference was incredible…while I looked like a god among men ready to fuck anything and everything in sight, Mike looked like a kid next to me. “This is crazy,” Mike said embarrassed as he tried to cover himself up a little. “You look like a sex god Ryan,” he said breathing heavily, “I’ve always dreamt of this, I meant that…your body is massive, I look like a twig compared to you…show me how powerful you are, make me the bitch you know I am.” Laughing to myself, but kind of getting hard and turned on by what he was saying, I grabbed his head and rammed my giant cock into his mouth. Holding him in place I was skull fucking his little mouth as hard as I could without breaking his jaw. I was in such pleasure as my cock went in and out, in and out, over and over again. Mike was definitely enjoying himself as he also started to play with my balls and rub my abs. When I looked down I could also see that his dick was hard again and close to exploding. “Damn Mike…looks like you know how to suck some dick,” I said as I started to moan with my cock getting really close. All I could do was fuck his pretty little mouth harder and harder as he worshipped all of the muscles on my body that he could get his little hands on. Before I knew it my cock started to let out stream after stream of cum in his mouth, with Mike’s dick starting to cum shortly after. I removed my cock from his mouth after he was having some trouble swallowing the cum and proceeded to finish off on his face. “Wow that was…incredible,” was all Mike could say as he was breathing heavily. He then started to lick up the rest of the cum that he fallen to the ground from his mouth and face. That little fucker was having the time of his life worshiping my body, but we were just getting started. “Get that ass ready Mike,” I said smiling, “looks like you’re going to be my fuck toy for the rest of the night…and for the near future.” I could see how turned on he was by what I had just said, so I eagerly picked him up off the floor ready to have some more fun with him in the bedroom. I’m pretty dumb for not having thought of this sooner, but I was ready to make up for lost time.