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  1. PART 11 I had just said good-bye to Reggie and the left the lockerroom when you came in. I made a joke about you being done already while I headed out to go work my arms. Reggie was dressed in a black tank top that hung off of his body and some gray basketball shorts. The only real pop of color on him was his bright red workout shoes, a present from his parents for fighting his eating disorder. While he had beaten anorexia, he was starting to develop anaerobic bulimia, meaning he burned as many calories as he ate, not realizing he was doing it. "Hey Reggie," Kyle said, placing his gym bag down on the bench. Reggie gave him a confused look, wondering how this guy knew his name. Kyle saw Reggie's puzzled expression. "Oh, I'm Lewis' roommate, he told be all about you." Kyle, of course, had been looking at Reggie through the Chronivac. It might've looked odd if he was just standing around the locker room, so Kyle pretended to change, hiking up his cutoff and tugging his shorts down a bit. "Cool. Nice to meet you. I'm Reggie," He said quietly as he took off his shirt, revealing his gaunt form. It wasn't as bad as when he was anorexic, but you could still see a few ribs. He stepped over to the old style scale and began to check his weight. He finished it at 145lbs. "Alright another pound," he said to himself. Then, he returned to his locker to grab a black t-shirt and slip it on. It appears he is done with his workout and planning on leaving. Kyle realized he'd have to keep Reggie in the locker room if he wanted to change him. "Hey Reggie--" he called out. Reggie was reaching for his shirt, paused, and turned toward Kyle. "I uh..." Kyle bit his lip. "I just wanted to say, you're making good progress man. Lewis says you're really bulking up. Keep at it." Reggie smiled meekly, "Oh. Thanks." His weight was going up, but Reggie felt his progress was so slow, he still needed a lot to gain to reach a normal weight. He looked at Kyle, a bit enviously, then back down at his sunken chest. His chest had started to gain a bit of mass, but the conditioning in his brain ignored it and said it looked as sunken as always. "Thanks dude," he half-heartedly smiled. He didn't know how to accept compliments too well either. Once he put the shirt over his head, his chest had some more mass to it. They just lightly pressed against the shirt, but weren't too noticeable to the untrained eye. He sighed again and reached for his backpack with his bony fingers. Recovering from his eating disorder, Reggie had begun to notice the size guys like Kyle and Lewis held, and strove to put on muscle mass as he gained weight. But his old habits didn't die easily, he was beginning to feel the opposite. Now being small made him feel weak, it made him feel vulnerable. Reggie sighed, why couldn't he be satisfied with himself? He gently grasped the strap of his backpack. "Wait, Reggie..." He turned again to Kyle. Reggie was getting impatient, even if he wouldn't show it. What did Kyle want from him? "Did you take a shower after your worked out? If you were just exercising, you should probably hop in for a second. Y'know, get yourself cleaned up before you leave..." Reggie paused for a moment to think. "Didn't I just shower?" He thought to himself. His skin felt moist still, but suddenly it became sweat. "Yes I guess so," he said as he put his bag back into his locker and pulled out an extra set of clothes and his now dry towel. He silently went past the open showers into one with a stall and began to strip, showing his bony physique, save for his fuller chest. Reggie twisted the shower knob a bit. First came a cold pelting of water, and he shivered, but then a warm mist covered him. Reggie closed his eyes and tried to relax under the warm stream of water. Kyle noticed the warm steam seeping out from under the stall and decided to take the stall neighboring Reggie's. Kyle got undressed in record time, pushing down his shorts and discarding his tank behind him so he dash into the stall. Kyle let the warm water trickle down him and leaned on the stall wall bordering Reggie's. Kyle's voice cut through Reggie's relaxation. "You know Reg, Lewis is always talking about how big you're getting. I think he finds it kind of hot." Reggie's face was turning red, but it might have just been the steam poking his cheeks. Kyle had to have seen how self-conscious he was, was he making fun of him? Even though he was in his own isolated stall, he tried to cover himself with his gangely limbs. Well borderline gangely, because as they moved under the hot water, they began to fill out slightly to match his meager chest. Water ran in the slight divot between them. "R-r-really...?" He hesitantly asked, his voice shaking. He always felt nervous in the gym showers, but talking with someone in them was never something he had done before. "Yeah, man..." Kyle purred. "We all see how much of a beast you are in the gym. And those sounds you make when you're lifting, they're so fucking hot." Was it the workout, or were Kyle's words making his heart thump? As his breath sped up, Reggie's little chest began to rise and fall, building a bit more with every intake of air, like a pump. The mass at the top of his chest grew, pushing his nipples down a bit. Then they grew on the sides, out towards Reggie's arm and then inwards, next to each other. Reggie turned away from the sound of Kyle's voice. "I make n-noises...?" He sounded extremely self-conscious. He didn't like the idea of bringing attention to himself, or his body for that matter. He got some soap from the dispenser and started to furiously rub his hair, trying to get clean quickly. Suds formed and fell onto his more plump chest and washed over his thin stomach. He didn't notice his arms bumping into his pecs more due to their increasing size. "Oh yeah. Those grunts are a real turn on. It's like you're sceaming, 'Come and fuck me!' Gets all the guys really horned up." The suds on Reggie's body began to rise as his chest developed sharp new contours. They no longer belonged to a thin young man, they were swelling to monstrous sizes, about as big as Reggie's head. His chest stretched far out from Reggie's body and made a sharp drop off. At the bottom of the drop was where Reggie's nipples hung, twice the size they were before and much more sensitive. "Hey bro, you must be pretty swole from that workout. It's getting kind of lonely over here. Mind if I come over and see those sick gains of yours?" The thought scared Reggie to the core. He was building his self confidence, but he was no where near being comfortable with someone seeing him without a shirt for more than five seconds. Instinctively, he held an arm over his pecs like a girl would trying to hide her boobs. "N-n-no! I'm fine. Please don't come in." His voice sounded very high pitched. He mistakenly brushed against a nipple and felt a moan rise in his throat, but he pushed it back down into his chest. "Don't... ugh..." Reggie caught an erect nipple between his index and middle finger, and like flipping a switch, Reggie's cock sprang to life. "Wuh-wuh--" he screeched. Reggie's endowment was only average before, at this point, he couldn't even see it over his chest, but his shaft was beginning to pull away from his body, out even further than his chest. His chest! Reggie struggled to keep himself upright, but his pecs were like sandbags weighing down in him. He had to bend over to relieve the weight. As Reggie knelt forward he stared face-down into his enormous cock looking right up at him, and watched wide-eyed as the head of his dick began to grow. The veins along the sides of his cock pumped as his dick grew thicker. The head of his cock was red and pulsing with his heartbeat. It was wet, but not because of the water running down it. Pre was leaking from the slit in a smooth, shiny stream. It traveled down the entire length before meeting with his balls. Balls that looked swollen than what they normally were. They were the size of larger eggs and stretched his scrotum lower. The prostate in his ass had grown bigger to accommodate all the pre he would produce. Reggie slowly began to lift himself. His shoulders and upper back were thickening up to accommodate the weight of his chest. Shoulders, traps, and delts flared upwards in tandem, working together to chisel out Reggie's new physique. His thin little stomach, ribcage still exposed, contrasted wildly with the V-shape his upper body created, starting with the oversized lat muscles peeking out on either side of his back and broading up and up and up to a bullish neck and shoulders of heroic proportions. Reggie planted his legs further apart in a wider stance to prepare for the huge muscles building in his thighs and calves, to support his new upper body. He could feel the surge in energy building in his feet and traveling up his thighs, which were swollen so large that, even in Reggie's shoulder-width stance, they rubbed up against each other. Reggie's feet crack and grew larger, taking up more and more of the shower floor tiles. Veins shot up from the strengthening base of his body. His calves surged in size, there didn't have the diamond shape anymore, but they were probably as hard as diamonds. His quads could put oak trees to shame with their girth. His hips had to widen a bit to make room for his thighs, but that didn't mean he was losing the six pack he was forming. His muscles radiated power from every sinew. Reg grit his teeth. His face, once shallow and pale, was beginning to look a little more radiant. Malnutrition had made Reg's skin kind of pasty, but now it had a healthy glow to it, fitting for the beautiful golden color it took on. His face, bony and weak, was beginning to look like an oval and more like a square. He swept back his stringy brown hair, and it turned a glossy black. A widow's peak dipped down into his wide forehead. He kept the high cheekbones, prominent from before when he was battling an eating disorder. With his heavy set eyes, pronounced brow, and rough stubble, Greg's intense new features began to swallow Reggie's sunken ones. A large hand wrapped around his beer can-thick cock as he moaned. "FuuuUUUck. Get in here," he growled sexually. His voice was deep and rumbling, it dripped with confidence and authority. He needed to get off now. He stroked his cock with fevor as he waited for you to come into the stall. Greg was a man of confidence now and loved to be seen naked. He was a sexual beast. The stall door jumped a little, and Kyle slid in. "You sure? I'm not sure I'll be able to fit in here with all of you." He looked Greg up from head to toe. The meek, bony boy from before was gone without a trace, and in his place was a stunning young man who radiated power all over. Greg swelled with pride as he noticed Kyle scanning every nook and crevice of the muscle that was packed onto his body. Greg smirked cockily and raised his left bicep into a flex that cause some of the water to jump off of it. Grinning he spoke, "I think you'll find a way to fit. Like what you see?" He brought his other arm up into a flex, causing his lats to flare out. "100% prime beef right here." His cock jutted forward and away from his body, his pre mixing with the water. "And it's juicy." --- This is where the RP ends. We may pick it up again sometime, but we are working on another RP now. Hope you enjoyed
  2. PART 10 After you came back to the room, I was already in my workout gear, a pair of black shorts that showed off my ass quite well and a tank top with the sides cut down, showing glimpses of my abs and pecs. I smiles warmly as I grab my bag, "Hey man how were classes? I was just gettin' ready to head to the rec center. Want to join me?" I sling my gym bag over my shoulder. "Sure thing man, just give me a second," I pulled through my closet for my workout gear, quickly changing out of my cold weather clothes into something a bit more revealing. You already looked so hot, I couldn't help but want to compete a little. I sling my bad around my shoulder. "Ready?" I nod, giving you the once over as you change and I adjust my crotch. "Yeah let's get going." I motion to the door. We leave and walked across the chilly campus towards the rec center. As we approach, I wave at Eric and Evan as they get into their car. Eric looking obviously sore from more than just leg day. I chuckle as we push inside. I get my wallet and take out my student ID card to swipe in. "Ey Craig. Hows it going?" I say to the guy manning the front desk. "Eh same as usual Lewis." He looks over at you, "You got a new workout partner?" I chuckle and step through the turnstile, "Yeah he's my roommate. You'll probably be seeing a lot of him. He's a kinesiology student too." I salute to Craig, taking out my own card so I can go through the turnstile like you. "Nice to meet you man, I'm Kyle." Craig greets me politely as I make my way through the turnstile. I push through to where you're waiting on the other side. "So hey, I don't know what you've got planned, but I've got my own routine for the day. But hey, if you need any pointers, I'll be around." I give you a playful nudge. I know you don't really need the help, the body peeking under from that cutoff makes it abundantly clear you know what you're doing in the gym. Although I'm not modest myself, I can't help but eye you with a little bit of envy. I nod and smile warmly, "Ok. I'm gonna drop my bag off in the lockerroom then hit some arms and maybe some cardio...ugh." I chuckle and head off towards the lockerrooms in the back. The weight room isn't packed and you can hear the cardio and light weight machines on the second floor. You aren't sure of what to work exactly, but something will be sure to come to mind, and if you get bored, you always have your chronivac. I watch you walk off, those tiny black shorts of your clinging to your ass. I squeeze my thighs together to prevent myself from getting wood. My mind is less focused on my training that it is the potential beefcake I can survey in the weight room, but it's pretty empty right now. I give a disappointed sigh, wishing I could have more of an audience. Maybe now was a good time to pull out the Chronviac and get someone else to the weights? Between the two floors, I'm sure there's someone here who needed my help. The chronivac pulls up for everyone in the rec center. On the first floor there is Criag at the front desk, Milton, Asher, and Randy at the basketball court, Reggie and I in the lockerroom, Austin and Alex on the bench press. Aaron doing deadlifts, and Travis at the rockwall. On the second floor there is Julian and Richard on the treadmills, Hector on the bike, Michael doing yoga, and Bill running on the track. I decide to head up the second floor and check on Hector. Aside from a few guys on the treadmills, the bikes are mostly empty. Even if they weren't, it'd be easy to pick out Hector, he's the largest guy on the floor by far. It's almost comical seeing a guy of his height and breadth hunched over the exercise machine. The pedals are stationary, and he's hunched over the handlebars, breathing heavy. Must be taking a break. I decide to slide in on the bike next to him, pushing the pedals at a casual pace. I'm watching Hector in the corner of my eye, trying to think of a good way to introduce myself. Might as well take the dive. "Hey man, name's Kyle. I study exercise science." "Hey man," he grunted. "The name's Hector." Sweat dripped from his brow onto the bike's console. His hands both red and white from gripping the bar and the heat he generated. You could see the stains through his gray t-shirt. His right leg dangled as his way to stretch it and let it rest. He didn't seem too keen on holding a conversation while he was so tired. I try to push through the conversation so I can get a better feel for Hector's personality. He doesn't seem to be in a talkative mood. I should be careful not to directly bring up his injury either. His stationary bike's display has the miles Hector has traveled. "You're pretty intense with the cardio. My friend Lewis can't stand it doing cardio! Do you like it okay?" He glances over towards you and shakes his head. "No, but it's the best I can do right now. Hate cardio in general." He grabbed his water bottle and chugged the whole thing in its entirety. His Adam's apple bobbed in his thick neck as he swallowed the cool liquid. It displayed 6 miles on the screen as he pressed the cool down button and began pedalling again. Dang, I thought, he's pushing himself pretty hard for something he hates. Whatever it takes to get in shape, I guess. I guess I could use the Chronivac to fix his torn ACL, but nah, that's not quite as interesting as what I had planned. I did the favor of writing up some changes for Hector while I was with my laptop, and sitting next to him, I had a front-row seat to the show. Hector stared intensely ahead, his biceps bulging from gripping the handlebars a bit too intensely. But little by little, the sleeve of Hector's tee, pushed up his arm by his bicep muscle, was slowly slinking downward over his arm. It was like his biceps and triceps were melting. Soon his arms were almost double what they were before, still huge for a big guy like Hector, and his sleeves were flapping loosely, smacking against his smaller arms. His shirt looked maybe a size or two too big for him. Compared to his larger torso, his arms did appear small, but were still above average for the moment. The fabric of his shirt was still weighed down by the sweat he was producing as he pedaled slowly, trying to cool down his body. His size seemed to drain away with his sweat, as if he was sweating his muscle away, every drop of sweat was a sinew. He failed to notice though as his legs pumped up and down. Hector's frame continued to shrink. The two mounds pushing out of the front of his shirt began to collapse. His chest was once so big it could his his biceps, but with his arms and upper body both losing their mass, it was no longer possible. The wide opening of the tshirt's neck, once held up by Hector's massive shoulders, was sinking downwards, revealing more of Hector's chest. Hector was practically swimming in his XXL shirt now, which flapped when he pedaled. His baggy training legs were riding up his leg, revealing Hector's calves and thighs. Hector arched his back and gasped, his concentration broken from his cycling, if only for a second, as his burning glutes pushed outwards along the seat, filling it almost as snugly as before. His body looked as if it were collapsing on himself and nobody but you would be able to see this. His shirt was beginning to look more like a robe, only his pants fit him, and even then they only fit him in the ass. His ass was so big that it was the only thing keeping his pants from falling should he decided to stand up. His pedaling began to become weaker as strength was taken from his frame. All the while, he kept pushing. Hector pushed onwards as best he could, his breaths were increasingly shallow, his chest and legs burned. Hector was a massive man before, filled with raw power. This feeling of weakness overtaking him, it was what he had feared since his ACL injury. Catching his second wind, Ector's legs began to wind up. The burning sensation, the harsh breaths, they were beginning to feel good. Almost erotic. His calves began to bulk up again. Genetically, Hector's calves didn't have much size compared to the rest of him, but Ector's were really growing, carved with lean muscle like his shins. His thighs grew gently, wrapping the legs of his shorts a little tighter. The veins criss-crossing his arms and legs hinted at a vascularity and definition previously not present. His body fat percentage had certainly dropped dramatically, tightening his skin. Ector's thighs began to run against one another as they pumped the pedals. He could feel some strength returning to him, but it was concentrated in his lower body. He definitely did not look like a man who ever skipped leg day. Veins pressed themselves against the skin of his thighs. It looked like a road map under his skin, completely with the valleys and peaks of his quadriceps. Soon enough his quads would eventually rub against his cock and balls on occasion, leading to another moan escaping his lips. Ector's tight blonde cut began to unravel in loose, black curls that framed his face. His overhanging brow pushed in, smoothing out, and his face pushed together, causing him to loose his massive jaw, but gaining a pair of killer cheekbones in the process. His mouth grew a little wider and his lips fuller, and his squat nose began to lengthen and pull dowards and his nostrils closed a little. The small scruff around Ector's lower face began to multiply, matching the silky jet black of his hair. Kyle could notice black hairs curling out from the neckline over his shirt too, over his previously smooth chest. The sweat caused his shirt to cling to his upper body, revealing a smaller, but still full looking chest. The hair grew in patches on his arms and legs as well. Hector never had much propensity for body hair, being naturally almost completely smooth, but now his body was tickling a bit from the hair. Ector stopped the pedals, his training complete, and hopped off the bike. As Ector stood up, Kyle was almost disappointed that his pants didn't drop to his ankles, but in place of his baggy sweats were a pair of incredibly small lime green shorts, which fit much more nicely on his new compact frame. Ector pulled up the leggings to keep them from sticking to his thighs, accidentally giving Kyle an eyeful of his legs. Ector's shirt was still that baggy XXL tee, and when Ector lifted the hem of his shirt to wipe his brow with it, he revealed his incredibly carved midsection, tight and lean and beautiful in a way Hector was not. He tied back his glossy, shaggy hair. With his hair managed he went to go get some wipes to clean his bike. He wiped the handlebars bars and console normally. When he wiped the seat and the rest of the machine, he had to lean down and his round ass stuck out as a result. Ector's pert ass was nearly irresistible in the green shorts. It cupped his ass nicely when he stood up and was stretched thin when he bent over. He wiped his brow again and went to the trash can to throw away the wipe and get some water from the fountains nearby, closing the lower one, causing his ass to be on display again. Ector broke from the stream of water and stood up. He rubbed his shoulders and neck, which were more slender than before, but the prominence of his adams apple remained, giving him a smooth, low voice. When he opened his eyes, they were a shimmering green. His eyes flashed, and in that moment, he was no longer Hector, but Eli. Eli was still over six feet, but a good 60 pounds lighter than before. His floppy shirt began to tighten up against him, as though it was being shrink-wrapped around him. The cotton material was turning into white spandex. He walked away from the fountain, his cock bouncing a bit in his shorts with each step. --- Travis sat on the bench over by the climbing wall with his belayer belt on. Though one on was using the climbing wall, nor had used it for the past 2 hours of his 5 hour shift. He ran a hand through his brown hair and sighed. It was boring waiting for someone to come along. Though most people wouldn't start showing up to do some climbing for another hour at least. He smiled when he saw you heading towards him. "Hey," Kyle stepped over to Travis. "I'm not usually over here by the rockwall. Is it just you here? Must be incredibly boring here by yourself." Kyle scratched his head. "Don't tell me it's always this slow." He stands up and sighs. "Yeah, just for now. It's never really busy during this time. More people will come in about a hour or so. Did you want to try climbing?" "Uh, not really?" He saw Travis slouch over, disappointed. "Sorry! It's just that I've got a lifting routine I gotta follow, and I've been wasting a lot of time already! I just wanted to stop over because I had never seen the wall before." He felt kind of bad leaving Travis like that, the guy must've been bored out of his mind. He nods and smiles. "Ah well. Nice meeting you. If you get the chance, stop by the wall. Climbing is tons of fun. And it works your arms too." He said trying to appeal to the lifter in you. He went back and sat on the bench, watching people go by. "Really? You're just going to sit there?" Kyle was trying not to sound too judgmental, after all he wasn't doing much himself. "What's the point of being in the gym if you aren't going to exercise? You shouldn't have to spend all your time here." Travis obviously couldn't leave his post, but leaving the kid to sit by his lonesome seemed to cruel. He sighed. "It's my job. I have to be here until someone comes to climb. I still have 3 more hours. Besides, I got my workout in this morning. It's boring, but it's what I get paid to do here." He rubbed the back of his head, showing the subtle bulge of his bicep. If Travis enjoyed rock climbing his physique might have been adequate, but it was nothing compared to the eye-popping bodies Kyle was busy creating. "So you do work out, huh?" Kyle was trying his best not to come across as too condescending. "Is it something you came up with yourself? I'm a kinesiology major, I can always help you with a routine if you don't think yours is challenging enough." The bench next to the wall was the perfect opportunity for him to fiddle with the Chronivac. He shook his head. "Nah man I'm good. Thanks for the offer though. Sometimes you just know what is best for yourself and what you do. I tailor mine specifically for climbing. I may be an ecology major, but I still know my way around a weight room." He looked over at you, "What are you fiddling with?" "Your exercise plan," Kyle gave him a half-truth. "I know you said that you know you're way around the weight room, but trust me on this one. It'll make you feel better. And it'll give you an opportunity to work out something other than your arms." Kyle was trying not to beat down Travis too much, but the kid needed a change, even if he didn't realize it. Travis wanted to object, but his was starting to feel tingly all over. The tingling in his muscles felt odd. He would rub them, but it didn't go away. "Excuse me for a sec. I'm gonna grab some water. Feelin' a bit dehydrated." He moved towards the water fountains and took the tallest one to get a drink of the cold water. It didn't soothe the tingling like he had hoped, but then he thought it might take a few minutes before wearing off. He returned to the climbing wall and sat back on the bench. "Yeah, you'll get use to the soreness. But I think you'll like the results." Travis wasn't sure what Kyle was talking about, but the tingling was a lot more severe now. More like a burning. He rubbed his arms. "How long have you been into rock climbing, Travis?" He rubbed his sore biceps, digging his thumb into the muscle like he was used to doing. "I've been climbing for 5 years now. Been a while, but I love it." The soreness intensified, he swore he could feel his biceps throbbing with his heartbeat. Travis's shoulders began to burn, it felt like his backside was tearing apart. In reality, Travis was very much in tact, but his back had widened significantly. Travis was so focused on the burning and throbbing that he didn't lift a finger when Kyle stepped behind him and lifted Travis's shirt to examine the thick knots of muscle bunched up there. He was about as broad shouldered as Kyle was, his upper back was rippling with strength, and veins were branching outward towards his shoulders. "Your back is crazy defined, man. You should wear a stringer to show off how big it is." Travis's shirt began to thin and dwindle until it was a tank top. His hands were gripping his kneecaps as he was hunched over from the burning sensation. He managed a grunt, "Really?" Then the shirt dwindled further in the back, showing off his sinewy backside. His back was like the mountain sides he would climb on, full of ridges, divots, and curves. It rippled as he began to move it once the burning in his back and shoulders died down. His shoulders had pushed farther apart to make room from such a wide and strong back. "Yeah, you look hot." Kyle gave his friend a pat on his wide, wide back, digging his thumb into the ridged of his traps. He knew he was being handsy, but he usually wasn't able to get this close to his subjects. "I'd get you to wear less if I could," Kyle teased. Up front, Travis's chest was beginning to take shape. It only peaked out slightly before, but now it had risen to new heights, and the divide between his pecs was more noticeable. Travis felt underneath his tank, amazed at his square his chest felt. Its shape was much more masculine that before, and it gave Travis a feeling a power he was unused to. The front of his tank top began to dwindle away too, leaving more and more of his chest exposed. The taut muscles bulged forward and pressed at the strings in the front as the neckline plunged deeper towards his sore abs. His chest had a sparse covering of hair. Even without modification, his nipples were large, and they only grew larger as they stretched to keep up with his thickening pecs. New nerves formed in them as they grew more sensitive, registering the scant AC in the gym. Travis couldn't help but rub himself all over, exploring every nook and cranny of his taut physique. He wasn't huge, but one look at his muscles and their power was impossible to deny. Travis was a bit short, but his limbs were beginning to stretch, and his muscles grew in proportion, propelling him to six foot three. Travis gripped the edge of the bench while he grew, and his deltoids, biceps, triceps, and forearms began to pop, each muscle large and distinct. His neck was thick, and when he grunted, he low out a primal-sounding howl that Kyle couldn't help but be a bit turned on by. The look in Travis's eyes were much more dominant than before. Travis's muscles looked flexed even when they were relaxed. They were just that cut, they radiated strength. If he were gripping any harder, he would probably crack the bench, if not break it. The muscles in hand were even defined. His neck tensed with the grunt, pushing his Adam's apple forward, distinct just like the rest of his muscles. Each ab underneath his shirt took the hint and squeezed into six perfect bricks of sinew. His eyes darkened and became just a bit deeper set into his head. They took on a predatory gaze while his lips darkened and turned into a cocky sneer. Kyle stepped away from the bench and was taken aback at how Travis stared at him. That look, like he was a piece of meat, was a gaze Travis often gave the men he created by was rarely treated to in return. Travis's skin was so tight, even the slightest movement caused his muscles to ripple and come alive. Travis's jaw was getting as wide as his neck. His hair swept upwards, short at the sides but longer on the top. His eyebrows thickened and his forehead creased slightly, adding to the intensity. Travis seemed conscious of how good looking he was becoming as he gave himself a satisfied smile. Even in a relaxed state, he radiated power. His rapidly inflating and hardening ass pushed him forward on the bench. His thighs quickly followed suit and began pushing at the seams of his pants and belayer's belt until it became constricting. His calves molded themselves into the coveted upside-down heart shape and his feet obliterated his shoes. On the opposite end of his body, his tongue ran along his teeth, which had become perfectly white. His skin took on a natural sun-kissed tan. that complemented the tone of his muscles. He looked competition ready all the time because of it. Kyle was amazing at how Dravis's tan made his muscles pop and his teeth look even whiter. His feet had grown as much as the rest of him, and grew so big, so rapidly that his old sneakers practically exploded off his feet. Davis grunted to himself a bit and adjusted himself, he loved feeling his cock grow. It began to bunch out in front at the crotch of his pants, but grew so big it hung down his pants leg and stayed there. He stood up from the bench to his full 6'4". The average, slightly gloomy Travis was looking more and more like the hunky, cocky David. The belayer's belt looked incredibly tight on his lower half, but it really accentuated his thighs and ass beautifully. Davis swaggered over to Kyle, "So yeah, I think my workout plan is fine." He stood over Kyle and flexed a carved bicep for emphasis. His voice was low and had a slight growl to it. Whenever he spoke, it would almost always sound seductive thanks to his new tone. As he walked, his package swayed in his basketball shorts, he was freeballing and it showed. Davis was a stud and he knew it, so why hide it? His pants adjusted and got the slightest bit tighter. "Y-yeah, no kidding." Kyle couldn't help but feel intimidated, Davis was so effortlessly sexy, a man who in everyday life looked like a physique model. The man who was once alone at the rockwall would now have no problem attracting the attention he desperately craved. New gym shoes were lacing themselves up Davis's massive feet. --- Michael Arya came down from a headstand and into child's pose. Being half-Indian, he learned yoga from a young age from his father. He liked that it kept him in good shape and helped him relax at college. He heard someone come into the group exercise room, but chose to ignore it to focus on his stretches and posturing. His breathes were deep and calm. Being half-Indian also gave him a bit of an exotic look, even if he was confused for being Hispanic sometimes. Kyle kept his distance, watching Michael change positions. Michael's frame was lithe, but it was clear he had quite a bit of strength. He had to admit, the guy was kind of cute, even if it wasn't really his type. Kyle usually like approaching his targets beforehand, but Michael seemed intensely focused, he decided to step back for a bit. It was kind of strange to be standing in the middle of the group room, watching the guy, but he wasn't even sure Michael noticed what he was doing. The noise of tapping on a keyboard annoyed him, but a few deep, calming breathes later, the noise was pushed to the back of his mind. He moved up from child's pose into a cobra position, his back cracking slightly as it adjusted. He relaxed and closed his eyes, moving into his next position of downward dog, his shirt becoming untucked and falling up his chest. Kyle caught a flash of Micahel's abs as his shirt fell up, only half covering his chest. Michael's chest, once slight and toned, was beginning to bud. The muscle began to build, his nipples pushing further down the pectoral mounds as they grew. gravity began to point them downwards. As they grew, Michael's shirt was pulled up over them. His pecs were growing so big that they now pushes at his arms while he was in downward dog, the top of each pectoral so wide he could probably rest his hand on them. And that he did before raising his hand and moving into a side plank position. His pecs stuck out from his body and one stray move of clothes could rub his exposed nipples and make him shutter. He pushed the sensation out of his mind and continued on and switched to the other side. He caught a glimpse of you in the corner of his eye, but did not care enough to see who you were. His stomach growled and he remembered the tofu he had prepared at home for dinner. As Michael's stomach gurgled, his abs began to build. His midsection was already tight from physical activity, but now his abs were beginning to take on size, so large they began to develop a slight curve to them, each of the eight individual cobbles wrapped so tightly around his skin it looked like shrink wrap. Michael was beginning to sweat, and the droplets traveled over his chest and onto his abs, making them glisten. It was odd for him to sweat, since the group exercise room had better air conditioning than the rest of the rec center, but he didn't mind. It felt cool and refreshing on his torso. He twisted around and went up into a bridge position. The definition of his abs was suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Each divot glinted in the waning sunlight sunlight beaming in through the windows. His pants slid a little to reveal the carved Apollo's belt he had that was a perfect compliment to his ripped abdominals. After Michael entered the bridge position, his manhood thrust outwards. Michael's cute little bulge was beginning to take on a much more masculine shape. His shaft darkened as his balls swelled. The sudden sexual stimulation caught Michael off guard, and he could feel his shaft tingle as it grew straight upwards, poking up to his waistband. The circumference of his cock was beginning to widen, and he began to feel the heat building in his head, which had grown to almost twice its original size. He reached up with one hand, easily maintaining balance, and pulled his shirt forward to quickly cover his cock. He knew it had made its way out in the open because he felt the cool air on it. It still could be seen as the cloth draped over it. He cursed how horny doing yoga could make him sometimes and the fact he wore clothing that could be considered revealing by some. Michael's thighs grew, and his hamstrings became just as thick as his frontside, hugging his pants. As Michael's muscles grew, the more impressive it became that a man of his size could be so flexible. As his backside grew, his asscheeks spread further apart, splitting his boxers. Michael was now freeballing it underneath his pants, drawing further attention to the girth of his new appendage. He felt a sharp pain travel up the small of his back into his shoulders as his posture began to broaden. Michael relaxed his position as he rubbed his back. "Maybe I bent too far," He thought to himself as he stood and moved into the lunge-like Warrior 1 position. One arm was in front of him and one behind him, outstretched. He had to turn a bit more as his lats began to push against his arms and his triceps began to push against his pecs and lats in return. If he could notice, the tips of his fingers seemed to stretch further and further from his as his arms caught up with his extra few inches in height. Michael's entire frame began to widen, as though he was being stretched like putty. His chest and ribcage widened and his bare feet stretched outwards. Michael's wider skeleton made his muscles look larger. Michael's hair kept its black sheen, but cut itself a little shorter, and his hair gained a more feathery texture. Michael's lips were some of the thickest and beautifully shaped that Kyle had seen on any man. His eyelashes curled outward. Black stubble upper lip, chin, and jaw until Michael had a short, trim beard carefully cut around his face. A soft caramel color swirled its way into Michael's pale skin, giving him a healthy golden glow as his heritage shifted from half-Indian to a fully Indian man. Not Michael but Mahir. Mahir Arya was a man of stature, pose, and sexuality. He stood up straight and with his palms pressed together he whispered, "Namaste." Then he gave his thick cock a little grope, thinking of going back to his dorm as sucking himself off after teaching his yoga class. It was very popular, many girls came even though he was gay. To them, he was some exotic eye candy. His physique and flexibility combined with his smooth, deep voice could make many knees quiver with excitement. He rolled up his mat and headed for the door. Kyle caught Mahir's intense gaze at him. Mahir had such big, beautiful brown eyes. But the two said nothing as they passed. Kyle watched Mahir stride confidently out of the room, his shoulders back and chest pushed outward. He thought of stopping by one of Mahir Arya's famous yoga classes, but decided against it, realizing there was more work to be done in the gym.
  3. “Damn, what is taking that nerd so long,” Thomas grunted as he paced the front of their dorm’s suite. Thomas had been on his computer looking at porn, trying to rub one out before his buddies came over because Jessie blew him off to go study. He often went to more of the ‘free’ porn sites and did his best to ignore the pops ups to avoid getting a virus. Today was not his day though. He wasn’t watching where he was clicking and got some bug called Chronivac on his computer. It wouldn’t go away and it seemed to get info on him immediately. Luckily his suitemate was a computer science major. Jordan was one of those stereotypical pasty white nerds with thick glasses. The guy rarely went out of his room, which really didn’t bother Thomas. Their relationship as roommates was not bad. Sure the guy was a bit of a neat freak, but Thomas would just roll with it. Between trying to pass classes and the football team, Thomas really didn’t bother to argue with Jordan. Once Jordan got back to the dorm from what Thomas expected to be a day spent studying at the library, he explained to the nerd what had happened. Jordan seemed excited when he mentioned the bug being called “Chronivac.” So excited he tossed his bag and said he would need the room to himself to concentrate. Thomas shrugged it off, just thinking what a nerd Jordan sounded like. Thomas guessed the bug must have been difficult because he grunts of what he assumed to be frustration come out of the room every now and then. Thomas’s footfalls came to a stop with a huff. He thought Jordan was taking too long. Darryl and Jack were going to show up any minute and he was getting impatient. Finally, he pushed the door open to tell Jordan to hurry up. Thomas stared into the room at the massive black man laying on a large bed, the only one in the room. The computer he was typing on looked almost too small for his massive, thick hands. Thomas thought it was his computer for a moment, then a headache hit him and he wondered why he would need a computer. “Jordan?” Thomas asked, uncharacteristically unsure of himself. The black behemoth smiled, his pearly white teeth contrasting with his dark skin, “Oh Tommy. Back so soon?” Tommy? No one called Thomas that since grade school. “Oh um yeah. I was just wondering if you were going to be done soon. Darryl and Jack are coming over. I’d like to have the room.” Jordan’s grin just widened as he pressed a button on the computer, “Oh sure. I bet you want some private time with them, but first…” He set the computer aside and swung his huge legs over the side of the bed. Two massive feet, looking to be about size 19, thudded on the floor as he stood up. Thomas didn’t remember Jordan being so tall, let alone being taller than him, yet standing right in front of him was this 6’9” roommate. “… I think we could have some time to ourselves too.” Jordan reached into his pants and pulled out the biggest cock Thomas had ever seen, not that he could remember seeing many of them. Thomas felt something strange was going on, but he could not figure out what it was. Instead he found himself focusing on the big head of Jordan’s cock that had a pearl of pre forming on top. He felt the need to lick it off. Getting on his knees, he looked up at Jordan’s face past his huge pecs. Jordan just had a wicked smile on his face and gave him a nod. Thomas started to lean forward to start sucking Jordan’s cock when a knock at the door froze him in place. “Darryl and Jack are here! Maybe they will help me figure out what is going on,” Tommy thought to himself. “Come in,” Jordan’s deep voice rumbling, making Tommy feel weak. Thomas turned his head to see Darryl and Jack come in, only to see two huge black men enter, only just a little smaller than Jordan. “Ah Tyrell, Hakeem. Glad you finally decided to show up!” Jordan boomed, followed by laughter from all three. “It looks like you got started without us.” One of the dark hunks replied, eyeing Tommy. Jordan just shrugged his massive shoulders, “Can you blame me? With an ass and mouth like Tommy’s, who wouldn’t want to fuck him every time you see him?” That got a laugh from all three giants. Tommy felt like a piece of meat being dangled in front of some hungry panthers. He reached back and pulled his briefs out from his bubbly cheeks to try and get more comfortable. “Well it looks like you already have dibs on his mouth. I’m sure Hakeem and I can share his ass.” All three now had an equally wicked grin. “Sure bros, let’s start!” Jordan declared, and Tommy gulped.
  4. Note, this is an incomplete scene from the RP. ----- PART 9 You got into the "Hot food" line that changed every day. A student worker with the nametag "Wilson" gave you a helping of green beans and when he asked if you wanted the potato wedges too, you politely declined, not wanting to ruin your own diet, even though you could fix it with the Chronivac. His greasy black hair was kept under a black baseball cap with the food company's logo on it. Down the line, you got two pieces of pork loin from a man who looks like he used to work construction. He had strong looking arms and a rounded belly. His name tag read, "Vernon." He had a cheery smile beneath his white mustache and wished you a good day as you took your food. Kyle couldn't help but eye Vernon a bit. The guy was jacked for an old dude, if you could get past the gut. As he stepped out of the line, he studied the two hot food workers, Wilson and Vernon, making sure to remember their names. He grabbed his tray and circled back over to where Hwan and Vince were sitting. "Thanks for watching my stuff guys." Hwan nodded his head, "No problem man." Vince, who had gotten back in line for another plate of veggies, was leaning deep into his plate and only gave Kyle a thumbs up. "Mind if I work on a few things while I'm here?" Kyle asked, pulling open his laptop. The two upperclassmen gave him an approving nod. Kyle clicked through the Chronivac. Since the dining hall was packed, several names showed up, but he was able to locate Vernon and Wilson easily enough, they were the only two guys with those names in the building. I should have those two pay me a visit, he thought. I'd love to get to know them better. A large, rotund man, suddenly called for Wilson to start cleaning the tables. Wilson too off his apron and grabbed a spray bottle and rag to go work on the tables. The uniform he wore was a black polo on black pants. He wasn't allowed to wear long sleeves indoors to hide the burn scar he got years ago from a camping accident. Vernon was given a break and he meandered out into the lines to grab some food himself, sitting a table down from where you and the two upperclassmen are. WIlson eventually made it to your table, "You guys was me to wipe this down?" "Sure thing, man." Kyle's upperclassmen nodded in approval. Vince pushed his plate away, having finished his second course. Wilson put his rag down and started wiping the table back and forth. As Wilson moved his arms back and forth, Kyle noticed the burn scar on his arm, so naturally he had to bring it up. "Cool scar, man." Wilson wrung his rag a bit tightly. "Oh. Yeah. Camping accident." He tilted his head downward slightly, the brim of his hat obscured his face. "Oh, so you're an outdoors kind of guy." But Kyle had touched a sore spot, Wilson didn't respond. He tried changing the subject. "That Vernon guy you work with seems pretty cool. Wouldn't expect someone with arms like those to be a cafeteria worker. "Y-yeah," Wilson's voice trembled a little. It wasn't because he was upset about his scar though, he wasn't used to being talked to on the job, so Kyle was throwing him off a little. Wilson was a tough nut to crack, so he leaned over to the table next to him, where Vernon sat, and called him over. "No use sitting by yourself, man. We've got a free seat over here." He gave a jolly smile and shook his head, "You sure that won't be crampin' you kids' style? An old man sitting at the table with the jocks?" You nodded and waved him over he hefted himself up and took his plate over to your table. Hwan and Vince introduced themselves cordially. Vernon nodded and introduced himself kindly to the group. "The name's Vernon. Vernon Laketon." He turned to you, "Nice to meet you, kid." "Sure thing, Vernon." Kyle stretched out his fist for a bump and Vernon awkwardly returned the gesture. "I hope you and Wilson are getting along, this kid's a chatterbox." Everyone at the table laughed except Wil. The stringy haired kid lifted his rag off the table, ready to head to the next one. "Hey man, don't leave just yet. Why not sit down with us for a while?" Wilson fidgeted with the brim of his cap. "I can't, I'll get in trouble." Besides, Wilson wasn't sure he wanted to stick around these guys. Wilson reached for his spray bottle, and that was when he noticed something unusual with his scar. He tried not to look at his burn too much, his complex over it was bordering on obsession, but it looked different. The way it twisted around his arm was different from before. Wilson was gaining thickness in his forearm, and his newfound muscularity was warping the burn mark a bit. He studied it, confused. He was so used to wiping the tables all day, maybe it was beefing him up a little. "Where'd you get those arms?" "--Huh?" Wilson looked up, only to realize Kyle was talking to Vernon. Vince and Hwan leaned in, as if expecting the old man to reveal some secret fitness technique. Vernon's rosy cheeks turned even brighter. "Oh, these tired old things? Hard work! I've been working construction since I got outta high school. Well, used ta. Body can't take the heavy lifting anymore, so I decided to work at the University here after I retired." Vernon chuckled heartily and took another bite of his food. Wilson, despite his apprehension and fear of being reprimanded, stuck around the table, cleaning the ones nearby, going back to the same spots and working slowly. He could feel the new weight in his arms as he worked. His scrubbing became harder as his forearm, and later upper arm, thickened with mass. He even almost knocked over the table with a wobbly leg. Wilson almost broke the spray bottle with his grip as Vernon recalled working in the construction industry. Wilson could feel the spray bottle crunch in his hands, and was more than a little surprised. He didn't know his own strength, apparently. Wilson looked at the muscles his arms were now making and his eyes popped out of his head. The spray bottle felt out of his grip and clattered to the floor, but none of the guys seemed to pay attention, they were getting pretty invested in Vernon's life story. Curious, Wilson looked at the muscle his arm made and squeezed his fist in an attempt to make his bicep pop out a little bit. He poked his finger at the muscle it made and felt the resistance against his touch. It was rock solid. Both of his arms were like that. How did he get so beefy? Such arms on an otherwise thin body made him look a little lopsided. It was kind of weird that he hadn't noticed before, but it wasn't important at the time. He needed to get back to cleaning, else some passerby saw him checking himself out. Wilson bent over to pick the spray bottle up off the floor and heard an embarrassing ripping sound from the seat of his pants as it split open. The growth had suddenly taken root in his glutes. As he felt for the tear in his pants, he couldn't help but notice how firm and round his ass felt. He even gave it a firm grip with his new strength and was able to dent it. And that grope felt good. He found the hole, but didn't care or notice that his boxers had changed to some sexy briefs. He just enjoyed the feeling of someone squeezing his ass. As his fingers moved away, the hole mended itself so his pants would permanently cup his gorgeous ass well. How strange, Wilson thought. He rubbed his backside. Following the groove of his back, he traced upwards, at least he tried to, but his new arm muscles were limiting his mobility a bit. He could feel his back was much wider than before. And as he moved his hands up his lats, which were wide like a cobra's hood, he felt... hair? Long hair. It went far down past his shoulders. He tugged on it a bit too see if it would fall off, like somebody had placed a wig on him. No luck. It was incredibly straight and tangle free too, maintaining hair like this had to have been a pain in the ass. He took off his work cap and shook his face, and more long strands fell down the sides of his face, parted at the center of his head. "This is weird," he grunted, delicately picking up a few strands of hair between his meaty fingers and bringing it in front of his face for a better look. It was this dark, golden, honey-soaked color he found breathtakingly beautiful. He tossed his hair a bit, finding it difficult to believe such stunning hair was attached to him. He was used to hiding his dark, greasy clump of hair underneath his cap, but this was hair he wanted to show off. The flip of hair was like a Loreal commercial for men. It fell and cascaded down his knotted back and over his arching trap muscles. Some stray hairs fell onto his cannonball like shoulders. His chest suddenly thrust forward as his pecs rapidly inflated. Much like his pants, His collar tore down the center of his shirt, but it quickly reformed into a deep V-neck style shirt to show off his manly cleavage. He stuck a thick finger in there to rub his sternum and feel the divide between his pillowy pectorals. Except these muscles were only like a pillow in shape, they were strong, firm. "Huh?" Wilson was expecting than to come out shrill, but it was more like a forceful grunt. When he he spoke, his pecs quivered a little, he could see his cleavage bounce in his v-neck. He could see some blonde hairs, a bit darker than the honey color he saw before, creeping up underneath the deep cut of his collar. Wilson's face twitched. His doughy face was gaining a little more definition. His cheekbones were sharp as glass. He touched the tip of them curiously. He could feel a small dimple being pushed into his wide chin. Wilson cooed a little to himself, thinking this must be what being handsome feels like! But Wilson's stunning new features would quickly be obscured by the huge amounts of hair poking out of his cheeks and chin. Straw blonde hairs twisted around his lips as well, and grew outwards, bushier and longer, until Wilson found himself with a full, bristly new beard. He tugged on it, incredulous. No way it could be real, but it was, just as neatly trimmed as his hair was. He was beginning to feel quite manly. As Wilson was preoccupied with his new beard, the honey-colored hair spread down his abdomen. Any bit of fat that was there disappeared and was converted to either hair or muscle. He let out another coo as the hair spread into his crotch, He was beginning to feel warm as his balls began to swell. His body was meant for testosterone and his balls gave it to him. Just as quickly, his cock began to reel out like a fire house into a fine 11 inches soft. And it was thick too. He was looking more and more like a man's man by the second. Hair spread into his pits to give him a musk when he decided not to wear deodorant or worked out hard enough to overcome it. His chuckle became a rumble as his continued to stroke and examine his beard. Wilson loved how thick his thighs felt. Thick was power to him. He loved being naked and watching his cock bounce off them. Not that Wilson had any recollection of doing that before, but it sounded hot. His legs were more like hairy tree trunks, and Wilson sprung up like a tree too, tall and steadfast. Wilson's calves were almost as thick as his thighs were, giving his legs large, dramatic curves. He tried curling his feet in to prevent them from bunching up at the toes of his shoes as they grew, but a man as large as Wilson had become needed large feet too. His flimsy converse sneakers were no match for them, splitting apart like a candy wrapper. The musk wafting around his crotch and armpits stirred in his large nostrils. His shirt tucked itself into his pants, emphasizing the size of his pecs and width of his shoulders. His pants were still black, but less uniform, just black jeans that showed off his fine assets. His hairy feet lay bare on the floor for a few moments, taking up almost two floor tiles, before a pair of sandals wrapped around them even though it was winter. He didn't care though, he focused on his scent and breathed it in deeply, happy that he decided to forgo the deodorant today. His cock pulsed in approval. A large hand reached down to grope it in response, and he didn't care who was looking while he did it. He was a man and he had to do what he needed.
  5. PART 8 The ambient noise of people talking with each other as they packed their bags filled the room. The clock read that it was now noon, so the dining hall was serving lunch now. You got packed up and went to the dining hall to get a good place in line. Dean was there with his heart-melting smile, to swipe your card. The lines look long, so you decide to grab a seat instead of standing and waiting in them. You sit at and open booth and within earshot you hear, "You activated my trap card." Curious, you look over to a few tables down where two guys are playing Yu-Gi-Oh. One fit the stereotypic Asian nerd archetype to a T. He was short, about 5'5", slightly pudgy, and wore glasses. His friend stood about 4 inches taller and looked a bit more like the average Joe. They were a little loud, but did not seem to be bothering anyone. After a few minutes though, two larger men approached, "Well what do we have here?" He said menacingly. "Are you guys playing cards?" The other large man asked with mock enthusiasm. The average-looking young man kept his head down and stared at the cards on the table. The glasses kid said something but didn't look the two bullies in the eye. "Just leave us alone, man, we're not doing anything..." The first large man reached for one of the cards on the table. Kyle sprang up and quickly pulled a seat to the table where the card-playing men sat. "Hey guys, how's it going?" Kyle greeted the two nerdy looking men warmly. Both pairs, the nerds and the bullies, looked at him, confused. The black jock's eyes narrowed into a glare at you. He straightened up and puffed out his chest, "Come on Tony let's go. These losers aren't worth our time." The Italian-looking jock swaggered behind the other jock. Both nerds let out a sigh of relief. The average-looking one was the first to speak once the two jocks had gone down to their own table. "Thanks man. I thought guys like that were supposed to only be in high school. They never leave us alone. I'm Chester by the way." He looked over to his Asian friend. He still avoided eye contact with you. "And I'm Alvin." "Hey Chester, hey Alvin," Kyle outstretched his arm. He was hoping Chester would reciprocate with a fist bump, but their hands tangled together into a half-hearted handshake. Kyle studied the cards on the table. "Yu-Gi-Oh? Cool game you've got there." Chester gave him a sharp glance, and Kyle jumped. The guy must have confused his genuine enthusiasm for teasing. "Really, man!" Kyle assured them. "Uh, hey, those two don't give you a hard time often, do they? They shouldn't get away with treating you like that." Chester sighed, "They give all the nerds a hard time. I swear they are comic book bullies brought to life. The college won't punish the star running back or star baseball player. The privilege of being an athlete I guess." The two had taken their cards back and were shuffling their decks. "Thanks again. Hopefully they won't bother us for a little while now." Alvin nodded in agreement. "Yeah. Thanks." "Hey now, don't talk bad about jocks!" Kyle told them firmly. "Maybe those guys gave you a hard time, but most of us are good guys! I'm being cool with you, aren't I?" He looked at the cards in Alvin and Chester's hands. "And we're always busting our own asses. Your game probably has just as much strategy in it as sports do." Kyle wasn't really sure of that, having never played cards games, but he felt he delivered the line convincingly enough. Both of them sunk back down, obviously intimidated. "Sorry. We didn't mean to lump you in with them." Alvin said quietly. They both looked down at the cards in their hands. "It's just a card game. Anyone can play it if they learn how. It doesn't require that much concentration or anything." Chester replied just as quietly. "Besides, this isn't for a trophy or anything. Just fun." "Hey man, I wasn't trying to be harsh on you guys!" These guys were so weak willed! They needed a little confidence. Kyle gave Chester a reassuring pat on the back, probably a little harder than Chester would have liked. "Sports can be fun too! Competition is fun, whether you're up against another team or yourself." He eyes the clock on the cafeteria wall. The delayed changes on the Chronivac should be starting any second. "And like I said, you two have strategic minds. You probably even have a competitive nature, it just needs a little coaxing. Have you two ever thought of joining a sports team?" The two nerds chuckled nervously. "No way man. We are NOT cut out for sports. I can't even run a mile without having to stop." Chester said then Alvin piped in, "And I'm legally blind without my glasses and am about as coordinated as an octopus trying to rollerskate." Both were wondering why you would inquire them about doing such a thing. They were obviously out-of-shape nerds and the jock trying to cajole them into a sports team definitely seemed weird. "You sure about that?" Kyle grinned. "I'm sure you guys would love being jocks! Just like those two meatheads back there. They gave you a hard time, sure, and I bet they pissed you off. But I bet deep down, you also thought, 'Woah! I wish I could be as big as they are!' Or like me, right? Well, I'm here to let you know you can be the athletes you've dreamed of being, I just need to give you a little push in the right direction." Alvin pulled away his glasses and wiped the sweat from underneath his bangs. His bangs were straight and evenly cut across in a neat but unflattering bowl cut. He began shaking a bit. "Oooh..." Alvin clutched his stomach, concerned. "You hungry, Alvin?" Kyle asked. The Asian man locked eyes with Kyle for the first time since he came over to their table. "Maybe I can get you something on me? What would you like? Grilled chicken? Whole wheat? How about a nice big bowl of greens?" Alvin clutched his pudgy stomach, and if anyone had been able to see below the table, it would have looked like he was pushing his stomach into himself, the fat melting away. He never thought much about what he ate before, but the question resonated with him in the depths of his mind. He began thinking of what he has eaten today and what he has done, which wasn't much. Finally he said, "A salad. No dressing." He said with a grunt. "Good man!" Kyle have Alvin a pat on the stomach. He could feel the guy's stomach tightening in his hand. It felt less like touching a plate of jello than it did a second ago, tightening, and then growing against his touch he could feel small grooves competing for space. "One salad coming up for my bro Alvin!" Kyle cheered. Alvin had never been touched like Kyle was touching him now. He blew through his nostrils. His face felt red, but was it because of Kyle or because he felt like he was burning up? His cock was bunching up in his undies. It was av average endowment as six inches, but it was growing larger than he was accustomed too. Growing too large for his briefs, his shaft pushed it's way down his pants leg for more room. He began groping it underneath the table, breathless at how obscenely large it felt. Alvin's black graphic t-shirt was looking a little baggy on him, but his pants were now embarrassingly tight. He had to suppress a moan as he kneaded the thick tube of flesh that was now his cock. It felt so sensitive and he didn't know why he was feeling so turned on at the thought of just eating healthy. As he began to sweat more, the fat continued to melt off of his body, making him look less pudgy and more skinny. His smooth skin looked shiny in the cafeteria lighting. "Oooohhh." He grunted again. "Here's your salad, big guy." Kyle said, massaging Alvin's back. He could feel the deep crevices and firm mountains of muscle rising out from Alvin's back. Alvin looked down, and saw a large cafeteria plate of dark green foliage sitting where his deck of cards used to be. "Huh?" He grunted in confusion, before Kyle dug his fingers deep into Alvin's back, causing him to moan a bit. "Eat up, man. I'm just giving you a nice, deep massage, feels good for your sore muscles!" Kyle laughed. "Chester, you wanna help me over here? This back is big enough for two people!" Chester just looked down into hand while he shuffled his cards, turning a bit red. Alvin looked down at the plate of greens. This was what he told Kyle to get, right? He picked up his fork and poked at it, apprehensive. He really had wanted a burger from the cafeteria, but a salad didn't seem so bad. "Have you thought about what kind of jock you want to be? The school's got a promising new lacrosse team! But I guess you don't have to join a team, I just like seeing you grow big!" "Oooo...ooooh..." Was all that Alvin could manage to muster out. He, Alvin? Big? His legs were spread far apart, a conscious decision to make room for his strange, sudden cock growth, but the gap between his thighs, which had vanished due to his lightning-fast weight loss, was beginning to fill up again, but not with fat, but with hard, lean, pulsing muscle. He could feel his butt beginning to grow. But it was more like inflating a tire, it was so flat and soft before but now it was so tight, that when he touched it, he cold feel a firmness resisting his grip. Alvin curious began groping himself, not paying much attention to what anyone else thought. As he groped himself, he got plenty of sideways glances from the passing crowd, even Chester who just kept shuffling his deck. New nerves seemed to fill his glutes, giving him just the chemicals needed to feel more pleasure from groping it. His cock grew hard, pulling it his pantleg until it was pressed against it by his growing thigh. Also filling the space between his legs were his balls, which where inflating into massive factories of testosterone production. Those fat orbs pushed at the crotch of his pants while his ass pushed at the seat of his. The legs of his pants were becoming tighter and tighter by the second. Alvin grunted as his enormous ass began spilling out of the seat of the chair, too big for it to contain. It was a bit of a tight fit before, but now brimming with muscle it seemed even smaller. Alvin leaned back, his back now reaching over the back of his seat. Alvin had suddenly shot up 4 inches of height, putting him even level with Chester. The two exchanged confused glances as they locked eyes. Something was unusual, they just weren't sure what. Suddenly Alvin spasmed and grew another four inches, putting him from 5'9 to just over 6 feet. "W...woah..." Alvin didn't like heights, his new orientation was making him a little dizzy. Alvin clamped his face with his right hand, trying to steady himself. When he removed his hand, it was as though someone had wiped the fat from his face. Gone were his chubby, round cheeks, now with deep, high cheekbones. Kyle wondered if Alvin actually had handsome featured buried beneath his chubby face, or if that was the magic taking place. His nose developed a more pronounced point and sloped outward. His eyes were smaller and didn't carry the distinct almond shape of his Asian heritage. At 6 foot 1, the hem of Alvin's shirt hung above his midriff, showing off his tight, lean core. Slowly, gently, his chest began to push outward, stretching his shirt with it. The cone-shaped layers of fat around his chest began to smooth out and take on a heavier, more aesthetically pleasing shape, and as the fabric tightened around the increased mass in his chest, it exposed his chiseled midriff further. "Woah..." Chester murmured, his attention finally broken away from his deck of cards. "You look... you look..." "Hot?" Alvin finished his sentence, looking up from his improving body towards Chester. Chester nodded shyly, noticing a flash of green mixing into Alvin's brown eyes. Alvin's brown/green eyes looked up from his impressive chest towards his smaller friends. "Thanks bro." He found himself saying, the words just tumbling out of his mouth. Each syllable deeper than the next. His hair grew out a little longer and had a slight wave to it. It had a sheen that even showed in the fluorescent lighting of the dining hall. The edge of his jaw darkened as hair pushed their way through his skin, poking out just enough to give him a five o'clock shadow. It surrounded his lips, which where turning a more pink-ish red color. The fat drained from his neck, which showed off the cords of sinew it now had. A prominent bump was in the middle, being the source of his deepening voice. "Ngh..." Alvin began to squirm in his seat, which was difficult because he wasn't give much space to move around. "Something doesn't feel right, bro." He scratched the bristly texture sprouting on his jaw. It was wide. His neck was thick, and it was just as big as it was. He bit his lower lip in confusion. Although his lips were thinner, but the took on a more curved shape. "Like..." He looked down at his bare arms. They had wiry, copper hairs growing over his forearms. Alvin was not a naturally hairy man, but he was feeling a bit more itchy than usual due to the growths on his hair and arms, and although he couldn't see under the table, there was a trail of reddish-brown hair traveling up to his navel. The lighting of the dining hall made his hair grow even lighter, until it was revealed not that it was a trick of the lighting, but Alvin's hair was actually lightening in color, a slightly lighter reddish-brown than the hairs on his body. His bangs grew wavier still, parting down the center of his face, and framing his gorgeous jawline with two whips of copper hair. "Oh God! Wait!" Alvin gasped. "I'm white! My skin..." His skin wasn't as pale as before, a result of Alvin spending all his days indoors. It had taken on a healthy glow and deepened into a natural tan that complemented the coloring of his hair. "Skin... Foreskin!" He pulled both of his arms in front of him and down his pants, a motion that was not very graceful. Alvin his the bottom of the table as he moved, and his pants were already tight as it was, he couldn't fit either of his big gorilla arms down the front. Alvin grazed the tip of his cock, squeezing the head. Sure enough, his foreskin was gone. "I'm telling you man, something's weird!" He grunted. "This ain't right! I'm not... this!" He raised his arms. It was a gesture that was meant to show humility, but it just brought attention to the statuesque physique that Alvin had now grown into. As he lifted his arms, his sleeves, once down to his elbows, now pulled against his delts. Chester raised an eyebrow at the balled-up bicep. "Then what are you supposed to be?" Alvin kept the arm flexed as he thought. Meanwhile, some hair grew in the exposed pit, the same color as on his arms and chest. Unseen by all of them, Alvin now had a tan line in the shape of a speedo. His shirt grew longer to cover the extra acreage his muscles gave him. His pants followed suit, becoming form-fitting and cupping his round ass to perfection. While he was undergoing the cosmetic changes, Alvin had to think. What was he supposed to be? He had the muscles, the clothes, the voice, and the cock of a total stud, but that still didn't seem right to him at all. He closed his eyes to try and concentrate but could not seem to. It was like his thoughts and memories were fighting with each other. When he opened his eyes, they were a deep, sparkling green. "I'm Al!" He shouted. "I mean, Vin? Vin... Vin...ce..." He clapped his hands together. "Vince!" His low, gruff bark sounded like thunder. It made Chester jump a little. Chester was wondering what had gotten into his friend to make him shout his own name like that. "Uh, Vince, you okay?" Chester asked, his tone an equal mixture of confused and concerned. "Yeah bro," Vince nodded leaning into his salad. Chester watched his big friend's pile of greens quickly disappearing. Vince didn't say anything else as he ate, seemingly feeling normal again. Chester still felt a lingering doubt, something still wasn't quite right. But the weird behavior was coming from him, not Vinny. Why was Vince eating, but not him? Hadn't they come to the dining hall for some other reason? "You want something to eat man?" Kyle asked Chester. "Uh, no..." Chester sunk into his seat a little. "I, uh, I brought my own food." The deck he was shuffling in his hands had now become a fork. He looked down at the table and poked at the chicken in the plastic container placed in front of him. "I don't really care for any of the options at the cafeteria, so I just make my own in the dorm kitchen," but as he spoke the words, Chester wasn't convinced. The meal set out in front of him didn't seem very appealing. It didn't look good, but he felt he had to eat it because it was good for his body. After poking and prodding the piece of meat for a few minutes, he finally cut off a piece of it and placed it in his mouth. It didn't taste bad, it was actually familiar. Another piece and he knew he liked the taste of it, even though it was a bit bland. Much like his friend, he began to quickly eat the chicken. One could see the lump it formed in his throat and descend into his chest, where the lumps seemed to gather. Every bite cause his pecs to jump out further as if the chicken was being converted right into pec muscle. Chester leaned forward to take another bite. As he lifted the fork to his mouth, his lips curled and revealed an astonishingly white set of teeth, two perfectly straight and shiny rows. As he opened up, he could feel his jaw drop lower and his cheeks tighter as his mouth and face grew larger. He chewed on it gently for a bit, and as he swallowed, the lump in his neck seemed to grow bigger, pushing out to his sides. The lump seemed to remain in his throat, pushing outwards. His adam's apple grew more prominent and his lengthening vocal chords were beginning to deepen his voice, although Chester wouldn't notice until he spoke again. Meanwhile, all the nutrients were making Chester's chest incredibly pronounced, so pronounced that he could practically rest it on the table. Chester didn't know his pecs were bigger, but he did notice the unusual strain in the top of his shirt. He curiously prodded at the shape beneath the fabric, feeling the smooth, hard mound that was beginning to nudge up against his armpits. This was a strange feeling to Chester, and he began to explore more, feeling their underside and working up over them. The new weight of Chester's pecs pushed his nipples downward. Chester couldn't tell, but underneath the fabric they had grown darker too. Chester cocked his head as he rubbed his thumb and index finger against his nipple. Had it... grown larger? He didn't have time to think about it as his nipple sent shockwaves to his cock. He loved the feeling of it. He couldn't help but play with them a little more. A deep moan left his lips, but no one seemed to pay attention, not even Vince who was still munching on his salad. Twisting his nips was like turning a dial on his body fat. Each twist knocked it down a few digits. Soon enough rippling serratus muscles flanked his pecs followed by six shredded abdominal muscles. His skin became to look like it was vacuum packed around all of his muscles. As Chester played with himself, he bit the side of his lips, which were now a softer pink color. "Ngh..." he twitched. His body was so sensitive, he didn't remember when touching himself had felt this good. He wasn't even touching his cock, he was just playing with his nipples. He never paid to much attention to his chest before, since it used to sink in, but now it was prominent and had a beautiful curve to it. The new Chester was very much into playing with his nipples, even if playing with them in the middle of the dining hall was an inopportune time. Nobody paid attention to Chester playing with himself any more than the noticed the other gradual changes happening to his body. Chest twisted his nipple again, like a knob, but this one was connected to his hair. Chester's hair was once a scraggly mess, hanging loosely over his eyes and sticking in all directions on the sides. As Chester twisted himself, the sides of his haircut pulled inwards. His bangs disappeared as his hair seemed to defy gravity, pulled upwards with hair gel into a point. Chester's hair was much shorter and neater now, and while before it had been a limp, pale brown, it was now a deep black. The tips of Chester's glossy hair shimmered in the light hanging above him. Just as the hair on his head pulled inward, so did the hair on his body. Each follicle retracted until he was completely smooth, everywhere. Every inch of skin would be on display, not hidden by a single hair. Had he been shirtless, the lack of hair would have made his pecs look bigger and his abs more defined. One hand finally migrated from one of his nipples back to his fork. He took a whole piece of chicken and shoved it in his mouth, which he swallowed with ease. Suddenly his arm spasmed and was wracked with growth. His bicep and tricep once shadowed by his sleeve now strained the piece of fabric. His forearm now had a thick curve down to his wrist, which had thickened as well. His palm widened and his fingers lengthened. As Chester chewed softly on the piece of meat, his face began to contort. As his cheeks moved up and down, they froze at the top of his face, rising higher and staying there permanently, cutting sharp diagonal lines to his full lips. It was impressive how angular Chester's face was starting to become, it gave him such a distinct handsomeness. His jaw stuck out to his sides and cut a straight line to his chin, which was just as flat and straight as the sides of his face. Chester's eyes grew a little larger and darker, the outside edges of his eyes pulled upwards while the inside corners pointed down to his smaller, flatter nose. As he swallowed, he smiled to himself. His tighter, bigger physique was filling him with energy, and that surge of power was greatly improving his mood. He sat a little straighter in his chair then before, no longer slouching over his food container. His skin began to take on a natural smooth tan, not quite like a sun tan, but a bit lighter. As he sat up straight, his head seemed to inch higher into the air. He wasn't growing taller but the improved posture plus his rapidly bulking ass added inches in a matter of minutes. The hem of his shirt was just pulled up from his waistline to expose his Apollo's Belt and, from behind, the striations of his lower back. His back, which due to the new width of his shoulders, gave his body the coveted reverse Christmas tree shape. The definition of Chester's muscles continued. Lines wrapped around the small of Chester's back to his midsection, and then carved down his pelvis. His hairless crotch stirred a bit, as if being woken from a slumber, and got to work, stretching outwards. Chester's plump, tan, hairless cock inched forward like it had a mind of its own, pulling towards the edge of his seat. Lean, hard muscle began to case around it as his thighs built up from years of training. Chester's wide back and shoulders fit his clothes differently than before. They tapered down to his midsection, and then his body grew again, with his large ass and legs. He couldn't help but find the sudden tightness distracting as he ate, but the more he grew, the more comfortable he felt with it. It felt sexy, something average, plain Chester wasn't familiar with. He was quickly getting used to the new sensations his body was giving them, even enjoying them. And judging from the stares he was getting from passing students, they were enjoying the new Chester too. The now more-than-average Chester looked like he belonged in Vince's friend group. Much like his friend, he was looking like a super-stud. He was ripped and lean to unbelievable proportions. His hazel eyes began to darken to a warm, dark brown. They grew darker and one would get lost looking into them. His check bones pushed and shifted under his smooth, tan skin. His lips grew thinner, but still had a sensual look to then, especially when he gave a cocky little smirk. Chester was anything but ordinary now. Chester looked up from his meal for a second to exchange glances with his friend across the table. Vince and Chester exchanged smiles, with Chester flashing his pearly teeth and batting his beautiful brown eyes. Chester didn't quite have the sheer mass of Vince, but Chester didn't want to. He was still pretty big himself, but prided himself in having lower body fat and more definition to his muscles than his friend, something the two often teased each other about. Chester always did the bulk of the ribbing. Chester... Chester... he thought about his name for a bit. He didn't really feel like a Chester, it was kind of a geeky name, and Chester was a far cry from a geek. But if he wasn't Chester, who was he? The young stud thought it over a bit. Was it ...Chever? ...Cheven? No, of course. It was Hwan. Hwan finished off the last bits of his chicken with a satisfied burp. He chuckled and rubbed his six pack abs. "Excuse me." The two chuckled and high-fived. Vince turned to you and smiled, "Anyway dude, you'll fit in fine in the Kinesiology crowd. Most of us are jocks anyway." Hwan piped in. "Yeah, you'll make a great addition. Good to see freshmen like you already in shape. Most of the guys like to do sports, but we don't compete in those types of competitions. We prefer tests of strength and endurance." Vince looked at the empty space in front of you, "Aren't you gonna get something to eat, bro?" "Yeah, I think I will." Kyle was rocking back and forth in his chair while Chester was changing into Hwan. He planted the legs of his seat on the ground and stood up, looking at his new friends. He was glad to have some cool upperclassmen in his major. Guys with bodies like Vince and Hwan's were sure to know a thing or too about Kinesiology. "Hey, do you mind watching my stuff while I grab something to eat?" Kyle pointed to his books. "Sure thing," Vince gave him a thumbs up. Kyle passed Dean, waving his card to let him know that he actually remembered it this time, and Dean gave him an affirming nod. Kyle scouted the lines forming through the dining hall in front of him. Grabbing a bite of eat did sound appealing, but he also needed fresh faces to sate his appetite for turning unassuming students into hunks.
  6. PART 7 As you walk into the classroom, you see professor Alexander McGuire standing at the front of the classroom. He was young for a professor, only 28. He stood 6'0" tall and seemed to take care of himself. He wore black rimmed classes, a white button-down and navy slacks. A dark red tie was around his neck. His hair was a straw-color and looked a little dry. You take an open seat next to a guy with a blonde coif who seemed rather effeminate and a burly red-head. "Ok let's get roll and start class. You can read the syllabus on your own time." As rolled commenced, the effeminate man answered to Wallace Brighton with a British accent, and the red head answered to Rory O'Brannigan. Kyle was surprised how young his professor was, there couldn't have been even 10 years between them. He looked kind of plain, but still cute, as were his classmates Wallace and Rory. Literature wasn't Kyle's best subject, but he was being forced to take the class to graduate. "Hey Professor, is my laptop okay?" He asked, setting it up. "I want to use mine to take notes for class." He nodded, "Yeah that's fine. You can use electronic copies of the books too if you'd like." He pushed his glasses back up on his nose and cleared his throat. "Ok so today we will begin reading Shakespeare's MacBeth." He pulled out a book filled with sticky notes and slips. "I hope you all bought a copy of it. If not, see if a neighbor will let you borrow it." The classes shuffled around getting their books out, a few whispers were heard asking to borrow some. "We will be reviewing the characters and the traits that Shakespeare gave them." Kyle peeked over his laptop at Professor McGuire, typing something at his computer occasionally. The professor was surprisingly dry for someone so new to the job. Maybe he was just nervous because he was a newer professor? Regardless, he already has a few ideas for changes brewing. He wanted to get to know the classmates around him as well. "By the way, Wallace, Rory," he looked on either side of him. "If you guys need to look over at my desk for a textbook, go ahead. He pushed back his laptop and propped up his textbook on the desk, smiling at both of them. "Don't be shy." Wallace turned to you and waved his hand. "Oh thanks hunny, but I already got a book. I appreciate it though." Rory simply answered with a deriding grunt, looking down at his own book, which had notes scribbled in the margins. He hunched his bulky shoulders as he looked through his book. Meanwhile, Wallace hummed happily while flipping through his book with his delicate fingers. Up front, Professor McGuire was describing Macbeth and his wife to the class. He didn't particularly like this play, but he senior staff had told him it was required for his lesson plan. Professor McGuire spoke out loud to the class, most everyone was trying their best to follow along. Many had their eyes half-closed, propping their head up with the hands as to prevent falling asleep. As he spoke, his voice seemed to project, filling up the room. The professor, unused the the sudden depth of his voice, talked a little louder than he intended, stirring some of the students awake. It was bit reedy before, but as it became deeper and more textured as he went on about Lady Macbeth. When he spoke, the words were clear and resonant, partly in due to developing a larger mouth, the words came out with more force. Professor McGuire's throat and windpipe expanded much like his mouth did to account for the greater expulsion of air to project his voice. His teeth grew whiter, and just that bit straighter that any dentist would call them perfect. The change in teeth did not affect his speech at all, nor did the lengthening of his tongue. His lips plumped up a little, hiding the white beauties unless he smiled. Which he didn't do as he talked about Lady MacBeth's symbolism. Professor McGuire's voice sounded like it belonged on the radio. Deep and commanding, yet clear and resonant. It was incredibly sexy. The professor's frame began to take on a dramatic change. He shrunk a bit in height, but as he sank, he became wider, as though someone was stretching him out. Despite a momentary loss of balance, Professor McGuire continued his lecture undaunted. Although he looked broader, underneath he was still toned, he just had a naturally wide frame, including a larger ribcage that allowed him to suck in more air and project more powerfully. However, he was beginning to lose that tone as well. His stomach pushed out a little further, his thighs began to stick together. He butt became a bit rounder and softer. Had he noticed his gradual weight gain, he probably would have started to panic, but he continued to speak on about MacBeth as though his current physique was completely normal to him. As Alexander's body lost its tone, the tone of his voice strengthened. It was still smooth, but had a bit of a commanding aspect to it. He took a wider stance to leave more room for his thighs. The start of abs that he had began to fade behind a layer of fat, the same went for his calves and biceps. His ass took on a more bubbly shape, while the added weight actually made his shoulders look broader. Alex McGuire's body began taking on strength as well. Raw, bulging muscle began to develop all over his body. It began with his neck, wider than his jaw, pulsing and throbbing, veins popping. Build around his bullish neck were two trap muscles, round like two halves of a circle, and next to those, on the ends of he shoulders sat two deltoid muscles, round and solid like cannonballs. The young man was brimming with strength, and with it came the confidence to match his voice. His stomach curved outward. Beneath a thin layer of fat was a large set of abs, so thick and large that it was difficult to contain them within his shirt. Alex's back swelled with power. Although it didn't have the deep crevices of a fitness nut, it projected Alex's raw strength. Professor McGuire's skin took on a more weathered look as some years were added to his age. Callouses formed on his thick digits and meaty palm from years of doing deadlifts and benchpresses. Despite the deepness of his voice, he seemed to speak more eloquently as he talked about Lady Macbeth's nightmares and their symbolism. His shirt and pants were let out in some areas to make room for his growing bulk. Every time he bought a new shirt, pair of pants, or suit, he needed to go straight to the tailor to get it fitted properly. As the Professor settled comfortably into middle age, the creases in his cheeks and forehead grew. Lex was unmistakably older, but strikingly more handsome than before. His face seemed "strong", thick, pronounced brow, heavy-featured, with shallow cheeks and a thick neck. Les stroked his chin and thick, straight hairs sprouted, as though he was pulling them out. The hairs hung down the sides of his lips like a curtain, growing and growing until he had reached a full beard. Les MacMahon looked out at young faces staring back at him. He wasn't sure if they were gaping at his enormous size, or if the symbolism in Macbeth was just that interesting. Maybe if it was delivered by him it was. It was hard to believe Les, with all his size, was once a thespian, but as his muscles grew they overshadowed his acting, limiting the number of roles he could take. Not wanting to lose mass, he settled nicely into his career as an English professor, seemingly like a natural fit. He closed his book. "If it seems like we're going through a lot on the first day, don't be discouraged! All of you a very intelligent young men and women, I'm sure you'll be able to do fine." He smiled. "And with that, we are done for the day. See you Thursday."
  7. PART 6 Kyle and Lewis parted ways at the front of the science building. Lewis still had classes to attend, but Kyle had the new few hours free, so he decided to spend it in the student center playing around with the Chronivac. His last changes in class earlier than morning had gone well, Kyle was eager to get his creative juices flowing again. The student center was fairly crowded, full of excited students sitting together, killing time between classes, but almost prophetically, there was a lone one-seated table off in the corner of the main lobby. He walked sat down and opened up his laptop, letting the familiar jingle play. "And this is the Harrison Student Center. Students like to sit here and do work, socialize, and grab a meal at one of the restaurants or the kiosk." You could barely hear over the ambient noise of the crowd. There was a college aged man gesturing to the area around him with a guy that looked a few years younger and a kid next to him. The older of the two kids was here on a high school tour, but he seemed to be the only one in his group, save for the youngster than stood next to him, playing on a phone. Kyle looked at the three and studied them. College tours around campus were common enough, but with the power of the Chronivac he could easily turn them into three unwitting test subjects. Kyle decided to get up and introduce himself to the group and see if he should try the program on them or not. "Hi there, I'm Kyle!" The student giving the tour quickly turned around to face him. He casually hung his arm around the tour guide's shoulder. "Welcome to the college, nice to meet you." He extended his hand to the youngest kid, who ignored him, and then to the older one, who grabbed Kyle's hand with both of his and shook it firmly. "My name's Kyle. Are these two on a *college tour*?" He smiley coyly. The guide smiled, "Yes they are. I'm Sawyer. This is Allen and the one on the phone is Brant. Are you a student here?" He asked genuinely. He was wearing a red polo with the school's emblem on it and jeans. Allen was wearing a red sweat shirt and jeans, while his little brother wore a t-shirt with an Adventure time character on it with his jeans. Allen seemed to brighten up a bit as you made your appearance. "Why yes I am. Name's Kyle Phillips, I'm an exercise science major, gonna go into physical therapy." He locked eyes with Allen, nodding as if to acknowledge is presence. "What about you Allen? Do you know what you'd like to study in school?" He smiled and nodded back, "Uh probably the same thing. But not the physical therapy part. Is there a lacrosse team here? That's what I want really want to do is play lacrosse. You look like you might know." He sounded more excited than he looked. "Uh, well...." Kyle scratched his head. "I mean, not exactly, but there are a lot of other cool sports here! Like football, basketball, baseball, swimming, soccer, wrestling, rugby... You could probably start an intramural team, I bet lots of people would sign up for that. And the exercise science program here is really good too." Kyle was oddly flattered the young man was interesting in the same major, even if it didn't really have anything to do with him. The young man's smile deflated quickly. "Oh," was all he said. The disinterested look appeared back on his face. Sawyer spoke up again, "Well I have to continue the tour. Nice meeting you Kyle. This way please." Sawyer motioned towards the stairwell. Allen tugged his brother's shoulder to get him to move towards the stairs to the upper levels. "Wait!" Kyle looked back over at his laptop, carelessly left alone on the table. "I've got something for you! Like a welcoming present. Just give me a sec." Sawyer and Allen exchanged confused glances. Kyle went back over to the table and hunched over his laptop, typing away, occasionally looking back to the trio of young men standing there. He pressed the enter button and closed the laptop case shut, sweeping it up under his arm and rejoining the tour with it in tow. "Mind if I tag along on the tour?" He asked, surprised Sawyer had the patience to wait for him this long. "Just for the student center. Allen's interested in the same major I am, so maybe I could answer any questions for him." They began to walk up the staircase. "Sure. Just don't interrupt me please. I got to do this tour on time and all." Allen continued his disinterested look, just trying to keep Brant from tripping over the stairs as his eyes glued to the screen. Once they reached the top of the stair case, he motioned to the rows of computers. "This is one of the computer labs on campus. In case you don't like carrying around your lab top, you can come work here. They are usually open until 2am. The printing isn't free, but it is two cents for every page." Brant, who hadn't said a word the entire time, let out a sharp gasp, as if struck with sudden pain. The phone in his hand dropped to the floor. Allen quickly knelt by his side, his face wrought with concern. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Did you hurt yourself?" Brant just shook his head. Allen rubbed Brant's head affectionately, and the young kid was obviously embarrassed. He pushed his way out of his brother's hand. "Come on, Allen," Brant protested, "I'm not some little ki--" Brant was cut short by another gasp of pain, and his limbs began to grow upward and outward, shaking violently in the process. Brant's sudden sprouting knocked Allen backward. Allen landed square on his butt, his neck craned upward to see his former little brother still growing upward, taller than he had ever been. "I'm not a kid anymore." Brant finished his sentence as Allen stood up, his eyes level with his brother's chin. Allen looked up at his little brother's face, "Well you have to watch where you are walking next time. Lucky you accidentally knocked me down and not some stranger. That would have been even more embarrassing." Allen scolded his brother and turned to follow Sawyer as he explained the computer lab's time and hours. Brant's longer gait actually put him ahead of his brother as they walked, his stick-like legs carrying him a few inches more ahead of his brother with each step. "It was an accident!" Brant protested, his voice always got a little higher when he was upset, close to a screech. "You don't have to snap at me! You're just mad that the school doesn't have a lacrosse team. That's not my fault!" Brant's cartoon shirt had miraculously stayed on his body. He had grown longer, but not wider, so the shirt was comically undersized, covering little more than his chest and shoulders and exposing his scrawny little torso. Nobody seemed to pay much attention to an unusually tall eight year old, though, but Brant noticed his new height. The family doctor said to expect a growth spurt, but he didn't expect something so dramatic! Before he could huddle under his brother like a safety blanket, but he was taller than Allen now. And when Brant started to argue with his brother, he could feel the eyes in the lab looking up at him. The way the students at the computers watched them with the sides of their eyes as they passed made him shut his lips tight. "Brant. You listen to me. You are embarrassing me. Shut up and play on your phone." He turned away from his brother and listened to Sawyer drone on. He hated that he had to babysit his brother. His dad was called away on business suddenly and had to go to this one alone. The tour was boring enough, but having to babysit Brant was annoying. Sawyer motioned to the other end of the hall. "And over here is the post office." Brant stopped away, something that was childishly amusing when he was below five feet but now terrifying now that he was six feet and counting. He thought he could break away from the group while Sawyer was talking. Allen would probably be pissed at him, but he he didn't care, he was pissed at Allen too. He just wanted to get away from the group, he was tired of being dragged around to these boring buildings. Brant began to fill out slightly, looking less like an oversized child and more like a kid's head stuck on an adult body. His stomach began to broaden, wider and a little thicker, his ribs no longer exposed. His shoulders began growing wider than his waist was. Brandt was still lean, at least for the moment, but there was a mass building up in his arms and legs. No longer thing and wobby like pool noodles, his legs developed a solid foundation, with thicker calves and thighs to hold him up. Brant's face looked like it was going through puberty in hyperspeed. His jaw visible grew wider with each passing second, it was crackling like rice crispies. His head seemed to grow in size to catch up with his maturing body. Cheekbones became more prominent, but it size and not definition, much like the muscles his body was building. His chin and upper lip itched as hair started to push out from new follicles that were not there moments before. It was like he could feel the rush of testosterone into his system. "Whaaaat?" Brant's face was itchy, and he gave it a scratch, surprised to find it coated with a dense, thin layer of hair. He had hair on his face! Not even his big brother had hair on his face. "Huh?" Brant felt strange, is this was adults felt like, he wondered? He didn't know if he liked it. Brant's back grew wider and his Adventure Time shirt split along with it. He tried to pin the two flaps of fabric together with his fingers, but his back was only growing wider, and the distance beween the left side of his shirt and the right side of his shirt was only increasing. It looked like Brant was wearing a vest backwards. "Itchy... Why am I so itchy!" Brant hollered. The feeling on his lip spread to his chest, stomach, arm, and legs. Now Brant could finally see the hairs, they weren't a dirt blonde like the pyramid of hair on his head, they were a copper color. He was powerless to prevent more and more follicles from sprouting over his body. He stuck out his tongue "I look like dad! Ugh..." He tried reaching a finger into his armpits to get at the twists of hair growing in there. As hair grew in on his body, it didn't do the same on the top of his head. It either receded back into his head or fell out of it. His hairline receded, but only by an inch or two. It groomed itself into a neat, swept over style, and took on a glossy sheen as a hairspray magically coated it. He reached up and felt the hardened strands in his fingers. "Woah" he muttered before taking his hand down. "Wait I shouldn't touch it. It will get messed up," he murmured to himself. "My shirt is already bad, don't need my hair to look bad too." As he thought of his shirt, a few holes finally gave way in his pants as his hardening calves and thunderous thighs tore through them. Brant's chest began to grow into mounds, inflating like a tire full of air, and just as hard to the touch. At first the front of his shirt got caught in the cleavage, but as his chest began to fill out at the sides, pushing up against his arms, the shirt burst, revealing a broad, swollen chest covered in a red pelt of hair. "Huh?" Brent cupped the underside of his chest and pushed upwards, feeling their wait. They began to grow further, spilling out of his hands. His thighs grew further, splitting the sides of his jeans, which were looking more and more like a pair of cut-offs. His calves grew alongside them, they were similar in size to his thighs. Brent has heard of "legs like tree trunks" before, but these wheels were so monstrously thick and veiny, two solid pillars of mass, they really did look like hairy tree trunks! "What am I going to do about my clothes?" Brant began to whimper. His facial hair curled outward, growing thicker and fuller. He didn't like the way his mustache tickled his lip. Brant struggled to pull the two scraps of fabric around his chest together in a failed attempt at modesty, but they wouldn't fit back. Frustrated, Brant gripped both sides of the shirt with his growing mitts and squeezed them together best he could, and miraculously, they stayed! But just barely, Brant could feel the strain against his chest. It still only covered his pecs, like he was wearing half a shirt. But that wasn't his only surprise, it wasn't his blue Adventure Time shirt any more! It was completely monochromatic, a bright red. He was sure the knitting was different too, it felt different on his skin. He cupped his left pec and squinted at the strange symbol hanging above it. His shirt has a strange logo on it, where had he seen it before? Oh yeah! It was the logo he had seen hundreds of times already this morning. The school emblem, it was like the shirt Sawyer was wearing. The emblem was stretched and distorted over his meaty pecs. He looked at it in surprise, not even realizing he let the edges of his shirt go. His shirt did not snap back to the sides, instead they were held together by buttons, barely. The top two buttons remained unbuttoned. The second button was missing thanks to a too large of a pump and a flex. He scrunched his brow together. Brant didn't remember putting this shirt on in the morning or working out ever. His head was starting to hurt. Many things did not make sense to him. He had to find Allen. He took one step forward and his shoe burst from his foot, another step and the other one followed suit. Two big, hairy feet sat on the ground. "Whuuuh?" His voice box shook in his throat, as did his Adam's apple. It was deep, rough, commanding, like he remembered his dad's to be. Brant stepped out of his tennis shoes, which had been reduced to scraps. He continued on barefoot, trying to retrace his steps. His new mass was making him uneasy as he swayed side to side. Creases dug into his forehead, under his eyes, and at the sides of his mouth, aging over 30 years in an instant, and he was growing older still. Where was Allen supposed to be? The mailroom? He had to get back to the mailroom. He winced a bit has his butt began to swell, his undies digging between two giant ass cheeks. The seat of his pants, miraculously did not give in, and grew alongside his huge, hairy ass. His pant legs were getting longer and straighter too, turning into a pair of neatly-pressed khakis that adjusted to the shape of his thighs. The fabric of his legs rubbed against each other as he walked, swish swish. "The mailroom..." Brant gasped, his voice low and husky. A pair of grey-blue boatshoes slipped onto his feet while he wasn't looking. "The mailroom," He repeated. He turned the corner at the computer lab. He could see Allen and the others in his line of sight. He studied the mail cubbies on the wall, each one labeled. He finally reached Allen, towering above him. "Excuse me," he said softly, shuffling past him and Sawyer, and turned to to the wall, running his hands down the cubbies. "Mail... mail..." He repeated under his breath, looking for the one labeled "Turner, Grant." With Grant's large backed turned to the cubbies, Sawyer spoke up. "Oh, this is great timing! Allen, this is Mr. Turner, he's the coach for the lacrosse team we started last year. He must be getting ready for the spring season." "Huh?" Grant grunted, turning around to the group. "Oh!" He raised his bushy eyebrows. "Is there are tour going on?" Allen looked up at the giant man with awe. Sawyer put his hand on Allen's shoulder. "Allen here is interested in the school's lacrosse league." "Oh, is that so!" Grant puffed. Allen extended his arm and Grant swallowed it with his. Allen was trying not to look at the vein popping from the coach's bicep as the shook hands. Grant's grip was firm and his voice was confident. Allen could not believe this mountain of a man was the lacrosse coach. He had to stand at least half-a-foot taller than Allen and looked like he would be more at home coaching the defensive linemen of the school rather than the lacrosse team. He nodded and tried to return the strength of the handshake, but it felt like he was gripping warm iron. "Yes sir. I'd love to join the lacrosse team. I've been playing since last year and I want to keep doing it. My coach says I have a lot of potential." "Potential, eh?" Grant unclasped Allen's hand and rubbed his beard, sizing the boy up and down. He gave a soft chuckle, "You know, you remind me of yourself a little at that age. Don't let the size fool ya, I was pretty lean up until I graduated from college. It's a good thing you ran into me... Allen, was it? I'll look into your name for recruitment." He smiled broadly and nodded. "Thank you sir. Though I won't be attending for another two years. I'm only a junior right now." He coach nodded sternly and stroked his beard more. "Ok boy. Keep me updated when you apply then. You can find my email on the school's athletics page. Now what high school did you say you go to?" Allen answered, "Oakwind High. The Oakwind Warrior is our mascot." "Oakwind..." Grant repeated. Why did that sound so familiar? Grant spasmed again, his traps building up around his neck, making him look even broader. He flexed his chest, almost as if by habit, and the bounce didn't go unnoticed by Allen. "Oakwind! No kidding! Coach Numan still teach Warriors lacrosse there? We're pretty good friends." Grant was bending the truth a little, the two were closer than just friends. "Well tell him Coach Turner says hello. Running into you was quite the surprise, Allen. If Numan says you've got potential, I believe it." Allen nodded respectfully. "I'll be sure to tell him that sir." Sawyer decided to butt in. "Thanks Coach Turner. We have to continue the tour now. Thank you for your time. I'm sure Allen will keep in touch." He ushered Allen away as the high schooler said his good byes. Sawyer guided him up another staircase, "Up here we have the Great room, auditorium, and some offices. Let's start with the Great Room. Students love to come here to get some rest or work in silence." They entered a large wooden room that looked like it belonged in a mountain lodge, complete with a fireplace. Kyle hung in the back, uncharacteristically silent until now. The run-in with Coach Turner had left him speechless. Not because of coach's mass, he was the one who created those muscles. He just gave them to the wrong person. Kyle intended for Sawyer to become the school's giant lacrosse coach, not young Brant, who he was supposed to receive a different batch of changes. But he was in a hurry using the Chronivac to catch the tour, he probably wasn't paying attention to the names very well. He decided to hang back in the lounge to see how the rest of the changes played out, keeping his eyes on Allen and Sawyer. "I can't believe something like this exists in a school," Allen exclaimed. It was vast and empty, but it warmly lit and looked comfortably lived in, giving it an air of hospitality. A few of the students that were enjoying the silence looked over at Allen due to his sudden voice. Sawyer kept his voice low, "It's like a library without the books. And it looks grand enough that a lot of dances and socials are held in here, including the Orientation social for incoming freshmen. Some people like to call it the Harry Potter room because of how it looks." He gestured to the fireplace, "This is obviously only used in the fall and winter when it gets cold. It heats up the room surprisingly fast. "Yeah, no kidding. I'm feeling kinda..." Allen looked in the crackling flames. "Hot." Allen's body was searing with an internal heat. He panted slightly. He was burning up, did he have a fever? He wiped his brow. "It's this darn blazer," he huffed. A row of buttons had appeared on his sweatshirt. As he undid them one by one and slid it off his shoulders, it had turned into a crisp-looking, narrow cut blazer, colored so dark blue it looked almost back. Allen casually slung it over his shoulder. He let out a sigh of relief, already feeling a little cooler. Sawyer pointed to the side of the doorway. "If you want, you can leave it there. I'm pretty sure it will be safe and not stolen. We'll come pick it up after finishing the floor." The t-shirt underneath Allen's sweatshirt had been exchanged for a white button-down without him knowing and a turquoise tie appeared around his neck. He nodded quietly and placed the blazer on the rack. "Thanks. I'd be a pain to carry it around everywhere. Where to next? Maybe someplace with AC?" Allen chuckled and so did Sawyer, "Right this way." He lead Allen down the hall across from the Great Room. "Here is our small gallery where we host some of the art student's works. It's a photography one right now." A cooling breeze fluttered over Allen, but it did not seem to cool him one bit. "Interesting stuff," Allen cocked an eyebrow. As he strolled up and down the gallery of photos, he seemed a bit taller as well. By the time he walked back over to Sawyer they were about the same height, with Allen having a slight edge over him. Sweat was soaking his collar, Allen tugged on his necktie. Why was he so hot? He strained and panted. "God, I feel so..." Horny, he thought? Turned on? Allen was battling with a surge of hormones, and not just because the kid was smack in the middle of puberty. In fact, puberty seemed to be accelerating. A black shadow was cast on Allen's cheeks, a permanent stubble that suggested a certain masculinity a cute, bright boy like Allen hadn't yet achieved. His eyebrows looked a little heaver as well, subtle changes that would slowly piece together the full portrait of manhood Allen was slowly becoming. He felt a square in his pants pocket, and curious reached in and pulled out a phone. Brant's phone. Who was Brant? He slid it back into his pocket. The flash of a silver Rolex watch wrapped around his left wrist. He felt the weight of it on his wrist and he had to look at it, admire it. It glinted in the gallery lighting. Had Allen been paying attention to his wrist instead of the watch, he would have seen it noticeably thicken. "Are you alright sir? Do you need me to get you something?" Sawyer saw that Allen looked distressed, and as the tour guide he felt obligated to offer some help. Allen shook his head. "No. No. I'm good. Just a little spell is all." He coughed, "Really. Where to next?" Sawyer nodded and led Allen out of the room. "The auditorium we have here. It has brand new sound equipment and lighting for speeches and performances. Allen stopped in his tracks just short of the auditorium entrance. A sharp pain in his stomach. It burned, was he hurt? Curious, Allen undid the bottom three buttons of his dress shirt. What he saw was unexpected, six delicately carved abs taking up his midsection. Allen, a lacrosse player, had developed quite an athletic physique himself, but this was different. These abs looked like they had taken years of training and careful diet to maintain. He curiously poked at them. They were large and smooth and freshly waxed. His shirt was already undone, so he decided to peek a little further, looking at his Adonis belt and the veins branching out from underneath his waistline. He tried his best to discretely button himself up and catch up to Sawyer. The abs looked so out of place. He had "skinny abs" beforehand, but these looked like they belonged on a gym rat, not a lacrosse player. And he was sure he had hair there, but it was smooth. "Much like the day room, student's come in here to study, sleep, or relax in quiet. It's empty today though since it is the first day of classes." Sawyer droned on. The pain radiated to his lower back. Reaching behind him, Allen could feel the ridges of muscle his back had through the shirt. It caused him to change his posture just slightly to make him look like he was walking more confidently. As Allen walked, he held his head up and his back straight, pumping his arms. He stuck out his chest, but it was still flat. He had learned early on in the business world that looking confident was a huge part of being successful. He was getting tired of this stuffy tour. "It's okay, Sawyer, you can break from the tour for a while." Allen's tone was direct and brisk. He leaned on one of the chairs next to the aisle. He looked at his Rolex again, this time not in admiration, but as though he was expecting something. "What about you, Sawyer? You seem like a nice young man, tell me a little about yourself." As Allen gripped the aisle seat, the knuckles in his hand popped, twisting larger. His fingers were long and slender and neatly manicured, with a thin coating of black hairs on the back of his hand, and slowly up his arm and underneath his sleeves. He stretched his shoulders and they stayed in that position, wider. His slim cut dress shirt was great for showing off his narrow waist and broad upper body. "Well sir this is my junior year. I'm a Marketing major with a minor in Psychology." Allen's biceps and triceps slowly filled out their sleeves as Sawyer spoke. They rounded out into firm cables of muscle. They didn't pull the sleeve taut unless they were flexed. "Aside from doing campus tours I also am on the entertainment committee and I volunteer as a referee for the school intramural league." It looked like someone was slowly pouring ink over Allen's hair, the brown steadily darkening to a pure black, matching the hair that was now adorned his hands. "I thought about joining a fraternity but the time and money commitments weren't for me." "Uh huh, uh huh," Allen rubbed his chin. He wasn't really that interested in what Sawyer was saying, but he was good at faking it. He eyes were directly locked with Sawyer's. They were this intense, steely-blue that Sawyer didn't like look into, he felt he was being sized up like a cut of beef, but he couldn't tear himself away. Allen's shag seemed to move up his scalp, his dark hair taking on a glossy shimmer, and pulled tight. His lips grew out a bit and pushed slightly inward. Those narrow cheekbones thinned out Allen's round, young face. His face looked a little longer than before, and the ends of his chin squared out a little. Allen's face developed light creases that started at his nostrils and moved down his cheeks. "I just assumed you were an athlete, you looked like one." He coughed into his hand and as his chest spasmed, it grew. Allen's firm as began to grow, larger and even more firm than before, big like a shelf. His tiny little waist made it look even bigger. Sawyer shook his head, "No. I mean I play ball or frisbee with some of the guys every now and then, but I'm not on any teams or any clubs." Allen's ass rounded out the seat of his pants. Since he was leaning on the chair, it gave him an almost seductive pose. His skin began to take on a tanned tone, like had spent days out in the sun, or some time in a tanning bed. It gave him a healthy glow, even in the terrible auditorium lighting. It contrasted nicely with his crisp white shirt and styled black hair. A gorgeous silver wedding band wrapped around Allen's left ring finger. "You know Sawyer, if you need the money, I can give it to you. Why don't you come intern at my company?" He batted his eyes innocently. "I'm always on the lookout for young men such as yourself to help run things for a couple months." He pushed himself forward a little, leaning into Sawyer a bit. Sawyer smiled politely back. "Thank you sir, but I don't think I would have the time for it right now. But I appreciate the offer. Would you like to grab your blazer and head out? I'm sure the missus must be worried." He said, nodding to Allen's wedding band. Allen stepped forward, his shoes suddenly changing to brown, leather shoes. He stood over Sawyer and looked down at him. "Are you sure? It would be good on a resume." Sawyer forced a smile, "Thank you sir, but really--" Allen rested a hand on Sawyer's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. " Look Sawyer, I'll be as straightforward as I can-- did you not look at me and think, 'God damn, that is the most handsome man I have ever seen'?" Allen used the force of his arm to push Sawyer down into one of the auditorium seats. "I know you did, I saw the look you gave me when we got here. You haven't been able to keep your eyes off me since we started the tour. Well Sawyer, I think you're a gorgeous man too and I'd like to spend more time with you. I do internships all the time, we have lots of young men in and out of the office, nobody suspects a thing. I'd want you in my office early every morning and late after closeup, but I will pay you *very* well." Sawyer looked up into Allen's chest. "But if that's too much for you, Sawyer, I understand. You said nobody comes here the first day of class. We can always fool around a bit before I have to meet back up with the family." "I-I don't think that's very apro-propriate sir." Sawyer stuttered, intimidated by the large and handsome man before him. Had he not been so nervous, he may have noticed the front of Allen's pants begin to inflate and make a more prominent bulge. He began to sweat nervously as his eyes darted around the room, looking for a way to escape. He was worried someone might walk in any minute. "Sure thing, Sawyer," Allen cooed, "whatever you say. I understand if you're not comfortable with it. Just know I'll be offering the internship to someone else, I have handsome young men like yourself in and out of the office all the time. You're the only one here who's losing out here." Allen tried playing it cool, but he was pissed. The kid rejected him! People didn't say no to Allen Greer, it just didn't happen. Llen patted his pockets. Oh well, he left the condoms in his jacket anyways. Llen started to fondle himself, not really caring if Sawyer was paying attention or not. He was horny, and if the kid was being a cocktease, he might as well finish the job himself. Llenn loved fondling his thick cock and big balls, and the way people stared at them when they were propped up against his pants leg. He was always a bit of an exhibitionist, even well into his 40s, a tendency that only got worse as he grew wealthier and more powerful. Glenn, full name Glenn Gordon, was a businessman who, despite being married, had an insatiable appetite for college-aged men. Glenn's son was overjoyed at the idea of having his busy dad take the day off of work to tour the school, but he was more or less looking to hook up. But things hadn't gone as he expected. Meanwhile, back in the "Harry Potter Room", Kyle had a chance to pull open the Chronivac and check on the changes he made. Sure enough, he made another mistake. Allen had become Glenn Gordon, a change originally meant for his bratty little brother Brant. Allen becoming the father left the tour without a student to go on it, a little hiccup that neither Glenn or Sawyer had noticed. Kyle originally didn't have any plans for Sawyer, but Kyle was already in to deep, he'd have to make changes to the tour guide too. He started typing away. Glenn shamelessly groped himself in front of the tour guide. He had been watching his fine ass all day and hoped to be put with his group. His thick cock was evident through the fabric of his pants. Sawyer found his eyes drawn to it. It was so big and the groping only made it more erect, and thus larger. Glenn's large body was blocking his every exit, but slowly Sawyer found himself not wanting to leave as much. There was a scent in the air he could not describe, but he liked it and it seemed to be coming from Glenn. It sure wasn't cologne. "Oh, you like what you see?" Glenn gave Sawyer a smug grin. "Well, you had your chance kid. Gimme a second to finish up and we can get out of here, promise. You ain't going to tell the school about this, are ya?" Sawyer just shook his head quickly. Sitting in the auditorium seat, not too far from Glenn's crotch, it was hard for Sawyer to look away from the man's huge erection, it was like it was pointing straight at him. Sawyer shuddered a bit, but he didn't understand why. It was more like a spasm. And unbeknownst to Sawyer, these spasms were causing growth spurts. His hands hung over the arms of the chair a little more than before. His legs pushed outward, sliding against the floor and nudging into Glenn a little. Did he always take up this much space, he wondered? Glenn felt Sawyer's legs against his. "Mmmm you like the feel of those? Those took years to perfect." One large hand traveled up his shirt and gripped his nipple through the shirt. Sawyer was attributing his spasms as nervous twitches. Inches added to bones, tendons, and muscles. His back slid up the chair as his butt pushed closer to the edge of it. He felt himself almost slouch as he looked up at Glenn. His shoes hit the next row of seats as they started to become really tight and bulge. Sawyer's legs rubbing up against him made Glenn leak a little. He was still a little pissed at this kid for rebuffing him, but the contact felt pretty good. He was surprised how firm Sawyer's legs felt for a non-athlete. He was a sturdy build kid. Glenn closed his eyes a bit and tried to imagine Sawyer's firm legs, dusted with those black hairs of his, calves razor sharp. He imagined Sawyer's thick thighs wrapped around him. He looked down at the kid, still firmly planted in his seat. He was watching Sawyer, but Sawyer wasn't watching him, he seemed a bit spaced out. Sawyer could feel Glenn's body heat radiating onto him. Glenn's shirt was a little soaked, his powerful scent filling the small gap between them. Sawyer took in a deep breath of Glenn's musk, which hadn't gone unnoticed by Mr. Gordon. "Oh yeah, you like that? That's what a man smells like." Sawyer just took another deep inhale, his black pompadour was sinking into his head like it was deflating. His slick, straight hair was developing little crinkles to it. Glenn wasn't sure if it was the auditorium lights, but he could swear Sawyer's hair was getting brighter. Sawyer could feel himself get hotter and hotter. He could not focus at all as the smell of musk seemed to overload his brain. His crotch stirred and started to grow to its usual hard length of 6 inches, but began to push past it to 9 inches, causing a massive pent in his pants, his zipper straining. As Glenn fantasized back Sawyer having thick calves and legs, those muscles grew in response, and so did hair on top of them. Meanwhile the hair on Sawyer's head was now a deep brown instead of black and still lightening by the second. The pompadour was quickly no more. Sawyer's hair, minus the pompadour, remained about the same height it once was, but developed a wavy texture to it, hanging just a little bit looser than his usual tightly combed look. It shimmered to a chestnut brown, then shades lighter again to more of an auburn color. A small sprinkling of freckles pinched his cheeks and button nose. He was starting to thicken up a little, his chest pushed out a little more prominently, his upper body a little broader, a little more confident, and his abs, so gracefully carved into his soft, smooth skin. The olive hue to Sawyer's skin began to lighten a little. Bright cheeks, dimpled chin, gorgeous hair, he was beginning to look very boyishly handsome. The heat was beginning to fog up his glasses, so he put them aside on the chair next to him. His gorgeous emerald eyes remained the same. His chest stuck out a little more, and then as if in competition, so did his ass. It grew wide, taking up the seat of the chair, touching from chair arm to chair arm. He was a broad, sturdily built young man, and only becoming more gorgeous by the second. His lats pushed at the sides of his shirt, not to the point of bursting, but they definitely made themselves known. His shoulders rounded out and followed the lats' lead. His pale skin almost glowed in the auditorium lighting. It was smooth with the exception of some light hair on his arms, legs, pits, and slight treasure trail. His boyishly charming face contrasted with his growing musculature. His rib cage broadened to support his meatier chest, and resulted in given his body a V-shape that most men envy. Freckles appeared on his forearms and hands, but they only enhanced their appearance. His breathing deepened, making his chest strain at his shirt with every breath. The bottom of his shirt laid on his abs and would always do so as his waist pulled in 2 inches. The hem of his shirt rested just above his waistline, causing his developing Apollo's belt to barely be seen. Just below, his ass pushed out with muscle, and a little fat to make it look bubbly. Glenn looked down at Sawyer. The kid had a taut body, brimming with strength. Not quite at his level, he thought, but the he certainly had potential. Sawyer was roughly the same age, slightly younger at 19 years, but this Sawyer was so energetic and handsome, pulsing with life. His shirt remained an embroidered polo, that hadn't changed. But Sawyer was no longer on the school's tour staff. In fact, he didn't even go there. But he was planning on transferring in the upcoming fall. Gone was the droll, timid Sawyer, replaced by the dashing Seth Gordon. Glenn exchanged glances with his son. "We should probably get back to the guide." He thought back to Kyle waiting patiently in the lounge. He couldn't even remember how he and Seth had gotten to the auditorium in the first place. Seth looked up at Glenn with a glint in his emerald eyes. "Oh come on dad. They said this was a hook-up spot on campus and I want to hook-up with the hottest guy here." He grabbed his father's waist and pulled him closer. Rubbing his face into his dad's crotch. he pulled the zipper down with his teeth. "And it looks like you want to hook-up too." He breathed onto Glenn's cock which responded with a ball of pre forming on the front. He ran his tongue along the length of the shaft and took the pre from the tip. "I've missed your taste," Seth always had a thing for older men, and his dad was at the top of that list. "Woah there!" Glenn bucked his hips, catching himself on the seat behind him. Seth ran his hands up Glenn's thighs, squeezing them a bit. Seth stroked the underside of Glenn's shaft a little before grabbing hold of the shaft and licking the tip of his head. "God, Seth, you're really polishing your technique. Is this what you've been learning in school?" As Seth leaned foward, his polo rode up his back a bit. He flickered his tongue along the head before looking up at his father's proud face. "You know it dad. How else did you think I got an A in Music Appreciation class? It wasn't be listening to classical music." He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the head of Glenn's cock. His tongue played with the glands. Then without any difficulty, he took the whole cock down with throat. "Just be sure to swallow it all, I don't want any stains on my work clothes." The massaging suction of Seth's mouth was doing wonders on Glenn. Even a man like Glenn, who prided himself in feeling powerful, was beginning to feel weak and light. He was surprised how quickly Seth had slipped the entire thing in his mouth. He was edging closer to orgasm. He found himself tousling Seth's hair a little like he was used to doing. Seth was sure to suck hard and work his dad's cock like a pro. He even took breaks to licks and massage his father's massive balls. The flow of pre became more steady, so he knew his father was already close to cumming. He played with the cock, keeping Glenn on edge. He was doing everything his Music Appreciation professor had done to him. "Come on dad. I need my protein for the day." "Oof," Glenn finally came. He clenched his ass and he could feel the load spilling out, traveling down his long shaft and dribbling outward. Seth could feel it rising up his throat. It was a big load, but Seth kept up, sucking it down rhythmically and licking the traces off the tip. "You were a really thirsty boy today," Glenn purred. "Lucky Dad was here to help you out." He nuzzled up against Seth's face. "You're such a stud. Look how big you've gotten!" Their lips found each other and after a tender kiss, Seth smiled. "I came from the best." He patted his father's slowly deflating cock. Glenn smiled back and tucked his python away. "You sure did bud. Now I think we should get back to that tour group before anyone gets suspicious." He ruffled his son's hair and zipped up his pants. "You were right though, It is a hot hook-up spot." Kyle looked up and saw Seth and his dad walking back into the lounge. They didn't greet him, though, another student walked up to them. Kyle had to make one of the studying students into a volunteer to replace Sawyer, who was now Allen's son. It wasn't exactly what Kyle had in mind for each of them, but they certainly seemed happy. Kyle watched Glenn pinch his son's ass as they walked by. He hoped Seth would decide to transfer, he'd like to see the two again. Maybe he could intern for Mr. Gordon. Kyle's free time was just about over, he had to get ready for his next class, a literature course, and he was going to be late if he didn't book it across campus. He swept up his supplies of the desk and took off.
  8. PART 5 I pick up my bowls and head for the depository for dishes, stashing the banana in my bag for later. I motion for the door once I return, "Well I hope that orange filled you. Let's get moving so we can pick our own seats." I usher you towards the door and guide you to the biological sciences building. It's the newest building on campus and certainly stands out. We go up to the second floor, people eyeing us along the way. When we get to the classroom, only a few other students have taken seats. "Where do you like to sit? The front, middle, or back?" The back would be perfect for using the Chronivac in the middle of class, but... I sigh. "I'd like the back, but we really should sit up front. I'm kind of lagging behind in this class so I want to make sure I can focus." I wasn't very bright, intelligence didn't come naturally, but I was a damned hard worker. My body was a testament to that. Class probably wasn't the right time to start changing people either, but maybe I'd get some inspiration for my free time. We took our seats towards the front of the classroom. As we sat, an Asian kid a few seats from us huffed and got up, moving further away from us. The room began to fill up with students as the remaining minutes dwindled. We were each flanked by a student to our left and right. It looked like a full class. About a minute before class began, the professor walked in. He looked like a relatively healthy old man with white hair and a receded hairline. He smile shone through. On the board he wrote, "Professor Arnold Roster." "Professor Roster," I contemplatively tap my chin, trying to summon my knowledge of the biology professor. If I remember correctly, he's one of the longest-standing members of the faculty. The way he smiled at the class made it seem like he was friendly enough. He face seemed bright despite his age, if he was tired it didn't quite show. "Good morning class. I'm Professor Roster. This is Intro to Biology 1108. If you are in the wrong room I suggest you leave now before you learn something." A few chuckles were heard across the small classroom at his joke. "Now I see some familiar faces from last semester's 1107 class and some fresh faces as well. For those of you that don't know me, I was a biology major here myself and went on to earn a PhD in Human Physiology, which I also teach a class on for those of you looking to get into medical school, physical therapy or nursing school." He cleared his throat, "And now I'm obligated to do roll, so please correct me if I mispronounce your name." Professor Roster went through the roll call without problem, save for a few odd pronunciations. But he tackled many of the more difficult to say names with accomplishment. It was clear he had done this several times before. With role call done he gave a stack of syllabi to the front of the class and instructed them to the back of the class. It was pretty short, only one page front to back. Clearly he wanted to jump into coursework as soon as possible. He booted up the computer and projector and brought up his first power point. "Now, most of you know I'm very open with technology in my classroom. You are allowed to record my lectures, voice only though. But please no texting on your phones. If you have a tablet or computer you want to take notes on you are welcome to use them as well, but make sure they stay silenced. Now before we begin, any questions?" Perfect opportunity to use my Chronivac in class! I know I said I wanted to focus, but maybe I can get away with using it the first day. I slide it out from underneath my seat just in case. I lean back in my desk and raise my hand. "Is there a chance you could record your lectures yourself and post them online? I think that might be a good idea for students who can't record it themselves." I shrug. He chuckles, "Unfortunately no. Some of the material I use in my powerpoints is copyright so I can't just post it out to the public. There are several free apps and recording programs I believe and I know some of you share recordings among each other. I would suggest asking your classmates, Mr. errr Kyle right?" He looked over at you as you pulled out your laptop and turned it on. "Yeah, Kyle Phillips." As the laptop is taken out of sleep mode a familiar whirring sound starts up. The Chronivac logo flashes on screen. "I'll probably be visiting your office a lot, Professor Roster." He nodded. "Ok then, any other questions?" The room remained silent. "Ok then. If you look at your syllabus you will see we will begin discussing taxonomy today." He flipped to the first slide showing some single celled orgasm and described its traits. Then he switched to a photo of a whale and described it as well. I had my notebook out and was diligently taking notes through the lecture. Meanwhile, I was busy on the Chronivac, looking up at Professor Roster every so often. Sure enough, I had him up on the program. Feeling confident, I pressed the enter key and the professor was hit with a sudden surge of virility he hadn't felt in years. He seemed to have been caught off guard, cutting off his lecture mid-sentence to let out an audible groan. His cheeks turned rosy. We couldn't see it from where he stood behind his desk, but Arnold's dark dress pants were soiled with a spot of cum, which was currently dripping down his leg. He coughed into his hand. "Ahem. Sorry. Now where was I? Oh yes..." He continued on about how a virus can evolve through reassortment, leading to new strains, but not species. Meanwhile the cum dripped down his leg and he could feel it, but some force pushed it to the back of his mind. Still, he wanted to stay behind the podium in order to prevent any chance of the wet spot to be seen by his students. Arnold Roster's body began to shake. He bones, brittled by age, were beginning to regain strength. He started by correcting his posture, standing straighter than before. Standing at his full height, Arnold seemed much taller than he was before. The skin around his face began to tighten slightly, as if held up by an invisible force. Tiny white hairs began to sprout over the professor's forehead, filling in slowly until his hairline began to recover. A widows peak dipped down below his straight hairline. His snow white hair darkened slightly into an ash grey. Professor Roster's voice seemed to project better across the room. The people sitting in the middle didn't have to try as hard to hear him, but those in the back still hard to try and make sure to catch his voice. He could feel the cum hang on the hairs of his leg, but he couldn't be bothered by it, he had a class to teach. Now he moved onto the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates. "Right, invertebrates," He cleared his throat, speaking a little louder than he intended to, "and... vertebrates... invertebrates and vertebrates..." Professor Roster came again, soaking his pants. Why was he so horny? He needed to concentrate. He rested the palm of his hand on his forehead, and as he did, his hand began to grow, his fingers stretching through his newly-sprouted locks of hair, which was slowly turning from a ashy grey to a chestnut brown. Professor Roster didn't have much hair, so it stuck up all over the place. He tried combing it down with his fingers, and miraculously it stayed. The threads of Professor Roster's favorite loafers began to split as his toes grew larger and larger within the confines of his shoe. Soon they wouldn't be able to fit. Professor Roster's cock twitched again, and another spasm of cum dribbled downward. He grit his teeth. His balls were swelling, full of sperm, and his cock felt so alive. It burned with pleasure. "You ok Professor?" The kid sitting next to you, Madison Langley, said, his voice sounding concerned. Arnold looked back up and smiled, "Ah yes sorry. I must be catching a cold today. That won't stop today's lecture. I haven't taken a sick day in years." He smiled pridefully. Clearing his throat, he began to lecture again as more hair burrowed out of his scalp. Right, he thought, no sick day in over a decade, and I'm not going to start now. Professor Roster spoke up, carrying through his lecture the best he could, and as far as he could tell, he had the student's attention. The professor's shoes had finally reached the bursting point, but he continued on teaching, the rubber soles of his shoes making a thwacking sound against his feet every time he shuffled around behind his desk. Professor Roster pushed up the sides of his scalp, pushing his bristly new hair upwards, and it stayed. The length of the told of his scalp matched the length of his edges, resulting in a tight flattop that ended in 90 degree angles. It was incredibly neat. The professor tugged at his collar and tie as his neck began to thicken. He unbuttoned the collar to give himself room to breathe, and his voice boomed even louder, really filling up the room. Students had to pay attention to that voice even if they didn't want to, it forced attention. He didn't want to have any slackers in his class. The veins on Prof. Roster's body, his arms, his legs, his forehead... even his cock, began to throb as they changed into veins no created from infirmity, but from the vascularity of an athletic physique. His upper body broadened, pulling his shirt upwards across his chest, but it remained firmly and neatly tucked into his pants. His veins pumped as they fed his body what it needed. The top two buttons of his shirt went airborne as they flew off, unable to continue the pecs suddenly beneath them. Though, they vanished before they hit anyone and reappeared as if he had simply unbuttoned his shirt. His tie came undone as it would look ridiculous given his unbuttoned shirt and simply disappeared into oblivion. His pecs in the meantime surged forward with veiny strength. His nipples pressed into the fabric of his shirt, causing another surge of masculinity to hit him and cum into his pants again. Professor Roster's forearms began to beef up. As his net of veins criss-crossed over his arms, swelling them larger, the size of his forearms began to force his sleeves up his arm. But as they rode upwards, they did not tear or rip, but instead began to fold, neatly and tightly, until they reached his elbows. Professor Roster crossed his arms, showcasing their thickness and deep definition, an impressive display of his masculinity. His chest began to grow against his arms, and they way his chest bunched up against his forearms showcased a fullness to them that was apparent even in his dress shirt. As this skin in his face began to pull tight, the wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes and mouth began to iron out. His cheeks had almost a youthful glow to them, and feeling sexy for the first time in years, Professor Roster began to smile even wider. Thick, dark eyebrows began to sprout over his thin grey ones. His eyes were a similar color, beady and piercing. But the changes to the professor's height continued still. His body, already considerably taller than before and compact with muscle, stretched upward like a weed. The previously large muscles of the professor's body began to even out in proportion to his new height, close to 6'8 now. Although the professor's muscle tone was still visible, he didn't quite have the proportions of before. One consistent was how athletic his arms remained, which were split into three separate mounts of muscles -- forearms, biceps, and delts. The professor sighed, he didn't normally enjoy wearing shirts with sleeves, but he needed to dress the part of a professional. If all eyes were not on the powerpoint, they were on the professor's towering intimidating form. Once glance from the professor and they eyes would dart back to the powerpoint and scribble down notes to look like they had been paying attention. Unseen to those in the front, Professor Roster's back got rid of any creases or wrinkles in the shirt's back. It became tailored to his tall and broad form, sticking to him almost like a second skin. You could almost see the veins beneath the cloth it was pressed so tight against Arnold. Granted to a man his size, any piece of clothing would be pressed tight against him, even his briefs which just received another fresh load. As Arnold came again, he could feel his shaft springing to life. It felt so sensitive against the thin fabric of his dress pants. He adjusted his dick, and it grew again, this time upwards against the waistband of his pants and against the etchings of his abs. As Arnold came again, his cum filled the bottom carvings of his abs and down his pelvis. He was a tall man, so it was important for his dick to reach similar proportions. He had to bite his top lip to keep himself from smiling, the pleasure just felt too good. It was a rush after nearly decades of no action. "Sooo," the professor cleared his throat, and when he resumed speaking, his voice was even deeper. But its usual thin and weary tone, natural for his age, was much clearer. His skin took on a rich brown town, suggesting that Professor Roster had been staying somewhere sunny over winter break. His crisp white dress shirt displayed his long, impressive body magnificently. Arnold was not an incredibly muscular man, it was hard for him to maintain mass at his height, but the mass he did have was impressive. His body had grown tight and lean from years running up and down the court since he was a kid. Decades of memories dropped from Arnold's head as he went back into his 20s. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a remote. Pressing the button, the slide changed, but this was not a slide for biology. General information on the class appeared, office hours, a schedule for the upcoming weeks. "So that's all the general information for the course!" He concluded. The class nodded the heads, but couldn't help but feel they had just heard all this information minutes before. "When the professor gets here the lesson will begin." He looked at the leather-banded watch wrapped around his wrist nervously. "Which should be any minute now..." Everyone's notes dwindled down to just some information they all wanted in case they wanted to contact the professor. Arnold looked down and sighed. He took a seat to the side of the classroom as the TA. "I'm sure he will be here soon. Don't leave yet. I will take note if you do." Some students shuffled in their seats. Others doodled or laid their heads on their desks to catch a quick cat nap. Many pulled out their phones, Madison was one of them. Andy laid back in his seat, spreading his legs apart, but when he saw the massive bulge clinging to his leg, his discretely closed them back up. He was no longer any professor, or anyone named Arnold, but now Andy Rutger, a basketball player with a double major in biology and education, and was currently looking into grad school so he may become a college biology professor himself. "Late on the first day of class, what bad luck." He gave a hollow laugh. "I'm not sure what the hold up is, he didn't explain when he called me." He pulled out his phone to check on the professor's progress. Students are getting antsy, you close? He texted. The second he hit the send button, Madison's phone buzzed. He read over the text message, "Students are getting antsy..." What did that mean? "Who is this?" He texted back. "Andy. You're late for the Bio 1108 class. It's in room 269." The text quickly came in. He stared at his phone screen. He hasn't known anyone named Andy since the 10th grade and they sure weren't friends. His fingers danced across the screen, "I'm in class already. I think you have the wrong number." He pushed send, wondering who it was on the other end. It was odd someone in the class had his number since he just transferred in. Andy looked up from his phone and across the room. No sign of the professor. "You sure you got the right room?" Andy sent back. Madison sighed. "I'm telling you, you have the wrong number," he typed, and then pressed Send. It took a split second for his text to show up on screen. "I've been teaching in 269 for years now, I know the building," it read. "Just pulled into the lot, be right up." Madison cocked his head, confused. That wasn't what he wrote, did someone else send it? He looked at the top of the screen, only one other number was included in the conversation. Man, auto-correct was really off today. He tried typing it again, this time slower "You... have... the... wrong... number..." and pressed send. The message took another moment to load. "BTW, you left your underwear at my place." It read. Madison turned deep red and almost fell out of his desk. That definitely isn't what I wrote, he thought. Several students, myself including, looked over at Madison as he caused a small commotion at his desk. Madison blushed and furiously typed away at his phone. "I did not mean to send that." He typed, but when he sent it came out as, "You should be more careful with your things." He groaned. He decided it would be best not to text anymore to avoid any further embarrassment, but another text from Andy, which was now in his contacts, showed on the screen. "Are you late because you were jerking off in it?" Madison's face went beet red. Madison's thumbs, still pressed against the screen, began to twitch. It took him a second to realize I was writing up a message, as thought it was automatic. His hands were moving like they had a will of their own. "They were nice and damp too. Took a big whiff of them." To his horror, Madison's thumb moved over to the send button and it showed up in the chat box. His fingers moved again. "Smelled just like you. Got me so hard. I had to jerk one out before class." He pressed send again. "No.... nonono..." Madison shook his head. He looked up at the screen, greeted by his classmate's puzzled faces. "I need to go to the bathroom," he gasped, incredibly flustered and leaped out of his seat. Andy looked up from his phone to see Madison zooming across the room to the doorway. "Hey, the professor's going to be here any minute!" he called back to him, but Madison was already down the hallway and pushing the bathroom door open. The moment his hands touched the door, he felt something in his crotch. His cock felt tired, sore, and sensitive. The way it moved in his boxer briefs made him grunt. He went over to the sink and placed his hands on either side. As he did, his hands began to take up more room on the sink and grip it tighter. He looked in the mirror and saw how flustered he was. He turned on the water to splash some in his face to help bring him back to Earth. It felt like a bad dream to him. He rubbed his face with a paper towel and looked up at himself in the mirror. "What the..." his face was slightly different than before. Madison's brow was wider and stuck out further than before. His eyebrows were a bushy mess and there were heavy creases in his forehead. On the right face it might have looked masculine, but on Madison it looked ridiculous. "What theeee..." he could feel his voice drop deep into his chest, where it landed with a thud. The second his voice dropped to bass, two pectoral muscles punched their way out of his shirt, left, then right. "Oh my Gooood..." he elongated his vowels, testing the strange new voice that came out of his mouth, a complete mismatch. It was deep, rich, and smooth like honey. "Heeeey, this is kind of sexy! --No, this is no time to be thinking about--" his cock stiffened up and he bucked his hips a little. An electric jolt traveled up his spine and Madison arched his back. The change in posture made him lose his balance, and Madison fell towards the bathroom mirror, catching himself at the last second. He held both hands firmly on the glass to keep himself from falling over. He looked deep into his reflection, his face only inches away from the mirror's surface. He was so close his heavy, rapid breaths were fogging up the pane. Madison's hands gripped as best they could to the mirror's smooth surface, and their area began to grow larger, covering the back of his hands with coarse hair. His panting picked up speed, and he could feel a pressure in his upper body as his pecs expanded, spilling even further out of his shirt and pressing up against the glass. Tiny little hairs were sprouting up in the crevice between these two globes of meat. The hairs traveled down beneath his shirt to merge with the happy trail that had been growing up from his crotch. They spread across his pecs into his pits were they turned into bushes of hair. So humid that sweat spots appeared on his shirt under his pits. He pushed himself away from the mirror and felt his back crack. It wasn't just a feeling of relief, it was his back adjusting to his new size. "Sexxxyyyy..." He heard himself purr. The words just rolling out of his mouth, He could almost feel his chest rumble as he spoke. A powerful voice for a powerful man. As Madison pulled his chest off the mirror, they made a peeling sound. He could see two large, sweaty imprints where his chest used to be. He studied himself in the mirror. His midsection was thick with muscle. His stomach was flat and his Adonis belt sharp, although his abdominal muscles weren't very defined, which was fine because his upper body was growing to such impossible proportions that it made up for his lack of abs. Madison's mammoth traps squeezed and built around his neck, feeling like a chokehold. In retaliation his neck began to grow out too, pushing against his traps, which were still rising high in the air. The widening of his back push his shoulders apart. His deltoids looked like they were the size of watermelons, in silhouette his shoulders must have looked like a mountain range. This was an upper body so incredibly overtrained he had no idea how a shirt was supposed to fit on him. The nice crewneck his mother had bought him for Christmas was destroyed the second his pecs had developed. He groaned as his waist expanded. It had such girth to support his tank-like torso. The seat of his pants echoed the groan as it struggled to contain his increasingly meaty ass. It pushed out and away from his body like someone cut a globe in half and shoved each half on his butt. Suddenly, he felt something tight around his waist. A black leather belt had wrapped itself around the waist of his pants with his struggling shirt tucked into it. "Classy," he thought to himself. Another odd sensation caught his attention though. He felt something pressing up against his leg in his pocket. Reaching his mitt of a hand inside, he felt some sort of cloth. Pulling it out, he saw it was a pair of skimpy briefs. "Underwear!?!" he said in a surprised tone. Madison clamped the underwear in his meaty paws and brought it up to his face, taking in a deep breath. The scent of Andy's musk filled his nostrils, he could taste it in the back of his mouth. His cock made a huge indent in his pants. Madison's sudden lack of boxers made his erection even more visible. As his legs began to bulk up, his pant seams went from a straight line to a seductive curve that revealed the shape of his muscular legs. His thighs were blowing up like a balloon, and just as round, leaving his cock smashed between a hairy lat and the inside of his steam-pressed dress pants. Madison's cock girth had to have been at least double what it was beforehand, so unbelievably thick. He winced as his balls began to grow along side it, pinching against the fabric. Madison continued to rub the damp fabric on his face and take deep breaths, and when he pulled the underwear away from his mouth, there was a sprouting of facial hair where the undies had touched his face, cheeks, and neck. It grew out only slightly. more like manicured stubble than a full beard, but his facial hair was much thicker and darker than it had been before. Madison was so used to his facial hair growing so thin and slowly, it was only necessary for his to shave once a month. This was no longer the case, as the dense layers of hair on his body suggested it grew quickly and in abundance. As he ran his fingers along the jaw, it jutted out to the side. Hard, craggy features formed on his face. A lantern jaw that looked like it could chew leather like a hamburger. Red lips that seemed to rest in a confident smirk. A hard nose that looked like it had been broken once. His eyes were deep set into his skull, which gave him a commanding glare. He was too busy looking at his face to notice the bottom half of his pants grow tight around his massive calves. They didn't have the distinct heart shape, but were just balls of pure power attached to the back of his shins. The hard lines in Madison's face suggested he was past 40 now. Gone were his bright eyes and rosy cheeks as any traces of boyhood melted away from his face. The man that remained was incredibly handsome. The corners of Madison's hairline receded slightly, His hair moved upwards into his scalp, cropped much shorter from the shag he had before. Madison's hair parted slightly to the right, his gelled hair creating a crinkly, wavy pattern. He balled up his underwear and rubbed it against his hard dick, breathing heavily. Madison whipped out his phone and snapped a picture of the undies. "Look what I've got," he teasingly wrote to Andy. His phone quickly buzzed again, "I bet you got another boner too." He smirked and the kid was right. His thick log of a cock was cock hard as he felt the material rub against it. He knew he was late, but he couldn't walk into class with a boner. He took the underwear and began rubbing his cock with it. Moaning, he was thankful the bathroom walls were thick. His toes curled in his too tight shoes as the sides gave away. "Oh yes..." he hissed. Madison fingered at his belt pulling his pants to his thighs. His cock sprung out, and he continued massaging himself with the underwear, rubbing it up and down his shaft and across his thick cockhead. "God, I'm so hard..." he winced, his giant chest shifting up and down. He pinched the end of his cock and gripped his balls, pumping out a thick layer of semen into the soiled undies that were wrapped around his cock. He wiped his erection up and down with the dry side and took another deep sniff of Andy's cum-stained garments. His cock began to soften, his dick none smaller but at least it was easier to fit into his pants. He checked his wristwatch for the time. Christ, he was really late for class. And on the first day too, not good. He pulled up his argyle socks and tied up his shiny black oxfords. He shoved the underwear back into his pocket and made his way to the hallway. Meanwhile, back in the lecture room, Andy sat cross-legged trying to conceal the hard-on he was getting from Madison's texts. The door to 269 swung open. "Sorry I'm late, car troubles," he laughed. "First day of class too, what rotten luck." I look over at the source of the deep voice. "Fuck..." I whisper. I think I heard several other students echo my opinion. Madison swaggered into the classroom and up to the podium. Everyone's eyes followed him every step of the way. Andy bit his lip as Madison got closer. "Thanks for keeping an eye on the class Andy. It's that dang car. Always makin me late." He laughed as he turned to the class. "Well this isn't the best way to start the semester, so I won't keep you guys here much longer. I'm going to introduce myself and fill in any gaps Andy left. Then you can be on your way." "It's on the syllabus but I'm going to tell it to you anyways. I'm Professor Maxwell DiNapoli. But you can call me Max, or Maxwell, or Professor DiNapoli." Or Daddy, Max thought, watching Andy in the corner of his eyes. He pulled up on his belt adjusting his bulge. He talked with the class a little. He was afraid the class would be a little pissed at him for being so late, so he put all his energy into his first meeting with the class. If they were angry, it didn't show. They laughed at all his jokes and kept his eyes on him at all time. Of course, keeping your eyes off of Professor DiNapoli was impossible, and he was well aware of it. Once he finished up, he clapped his mitts that he calls hands together. "Ok that's it for class today. I will see you on Wednesday hopefully. You can meet me for office hours in about an hour. Until then, I wish you all the best with the rest of your classes. Andy, please come meet me in my office. We need to discuss some things about the future of the semester." He subtly winked at his TA who continued to struggle to hide his growing erection. The rest of the class picks up their bags to leave.
  9. So this is from a transcript of a RP I did a few years ago. Some sections are incomplete and will be posted as is. I'll be posting it in sections as the original text is 87 pages long. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. -- PART 4 Beams of sunlight shot through the window blinds as morning came by. Just my luck as the beams lined up directly with my eyes. Squinting, I sit up in bed and yawn quietly. It must be about 7:00, so that gave us 2 hours before our first class. I look down to see a tent in the blanket at my waist. Quietly, I make my way to the bathroom to shower. As I turn on the water, I soap myself up and begin to rub my morning wood. I toss and turn a bit, restless, and open my eyes. I smile a little to myself, thinking of the good dreams I just had. Making a dorm full of hot guys had given me some pleasant fantasies. I even got to make our RA a stud . I'm sprawled out on my mattress, buck naked, hadn't even bothered to pull up my sheets. I look over to your bed, noticing you're absent. Your towel and bath kit are gone too, so I assume you're in the shower. I'm not sure how long you've been gone, but I'm confident I've got a wide window of opportunity to jerk one out before you show up. This rooming situation was working out even better than I thought. I love the feeling of the hot water running over my muscles. Rubbing them as I soap up turns me on even more. One hand feels up my pecs while the other one is furiously pulling at my fat 12 inches of man meat. I groan as I pleasure myself. It wasn't quiet, but I don't think I was loud enough to be heard either. Grunting, my cum splatters against the shower wall in volleys. I can't waste too much water, so I don't bask in the afterglow and simply begin to clean up. Once I'm all clean, I dry myself off thoroughly and step out of the shower to pull on a pair of boxers before doing my morning routine. I curl my toes and shoot my load, slumping back no my bed satisfied. As I lay down, my hair falls over my eyes. I shake my head to flip my bangs out of my face. My hair's a tangled mess, it probably wouldn't hurt to take a shower too. I grab my soap and wrap a towel around my waist and stumble through the hall to the showers, still hazy from sleep. I step over by the shower stalls but don't hear any water running. Must have just missed you. I should make it a quick shower, so I wait for the water to heat up a little before removing my towel. I see your fine ass in the mirror as you pass by, but don't saw anything as my mouth is full of mouthwash. I felt my cock stir at the sight of your ass. "Down boy," I think to myself as I spit it out and return to our room to get dressed. I pull on another shirt without sleeves, but not cut down the sides. I don't think it's appropriate for me to dress in shirts like that for class. I pull on a pair of jeans that show off my studly legs and superb ass. I slip on my socks and shoes and wait for you to finish in the shower. Showering always takes longer than I mean it to. It's the hair, I have to wash it again, and again, and again... Well, maybe I don't NEED to, but I think it looks extra good that way. Plus, I was feeling extra horny this morning and needed to jack off again in the shower. Rubbing my pecs with soap kind of gets me off. I'm still pretty hard, I think, I could probably cum again... but nah, I should free up the stall for someone else. I step out of the shower, feeling pretty clean and smooth with my hair slicked back. I see you come out and smile, "Done doing your hair pretty boy?" I chuckle. "Hurry up. You don't want to be late for your first day of classes. We still have to get breakfast." I walk back into our room. "I'm only going to wait ten minutes. Anything longer and my sweet ass will be out the door and leave your sweet ass behind." I hope on my phone to check if any messages came in since last night. "I'll be right there," I call back to you. I just wanted to check myself out in the mirror a little beforehand. I grip my cock over my towel and stand at my side next to the bathroom mirror, admiring my profile a little. Were my pecs getting thicker? I flip my hair in front my face a little, loving how sexy it made my feel. How long was that? Five minutes? I should probably get back to our room soon before you lock me out. "Hold up, I'm gonna get ready," I push the door to our room open. I look up from my phone and give you the once over. Smiling I cheekily, "You got four minutes and forty four seconds. You better hurry." I put down my phone and grab my over-the-shoulder bag to check to make sure I have everything I will need for our first classes. Books, notebooks, pencils, a calculator, everything I will need. "Tick-tock." "Yeah, yeah," I drop my towel, and scramble for a pair of jeans. I slide on a tanktop next. It's kind of cold, a sweatshirt seems appropriate, I just wish it was a little tighter. "There, all dressed!" I comb my hair back. "Happy? Let's get going." I step towards the door but freeze, retracing my steps back to my bed to grab a notebook and textbook. I think about giving you a hard time for your lack of sleeves, but I'm afraid one of these days you'll actually take my advice and cover up. We head out into the hall and start to head for the exit. When we passed Eric and Evan's room I nudge your side. We could hear a distinct grunting coming from behind he door. "Seems like Evan had some morning wood again. Maybe Eric too judging by the noise." I snicker as we pass and head down to the dining hall. The winter cold not bothering me at all. I only notice it because my nipples make themselves known through my shirt. "Eric and Evan, those two. They're made for each other!" I joke, but I slowly realize it's truer than I think. The Chronivac's changes in reality occur so naturally, I have to stop and remember that not even a day ago these guys were completely different people. I can't help but stare at your chest, displayed so prominently in your sleeveless shirt. "Hey, cover the boys," I laugh, poking at your nipples. "I swear, those things could poke through steel." I give them a quick bounce and stick my tongue out playfully. "Oh? You not enjoying the view?" I puff my chest out as we reach the dining hall. Opening the door, I wait for your to go in, just being polite. I can feel my face burning from embarrassment. "View's fine, man. I'm just jealous I can't keep it all to myself." I walk through the door as you hold it open. "I'm famished, need to recharge." I pat my stomach. "First one done getting their meal should grab a seat. Same spot as usual," I instruct, picking up the pace so I can grab a food tray of the rack. I grab your shoulder. "Hold up. You gotta swipe your card. You remembered it right? Your student ID." I pass mine to the guy behind the counter. "Hey Freddie, how's it going?" I say to the guy behind the counter. His smile revealed the braces on his teeth. "Good morning Lewis, ready for another semester?" I smile back kindly, "Just as ready as you are. The boss treating you well?" Freddie shrugs, "Eh same ole same ole." I tense up. "Yeah, ID. 'Course I got my ID. Just a sec..." I pat my jeans searching for my card. No dice. "Oh, uh..." I put my elbow on the counter and lean towards Freddie, running my fingers through my hair. "Hey Freddie. I actually don't have my student card on me, but we can let it slide this time, right?" I give him a wink. "Just this once! Promise." I roll my eyes and Freddie turns to look at me. "Is this guy for real?" I close my eyes and nod. "Yeah. He's my new roommate, Kyle. Kyle this is Freddie. Think you can let this slide just once?" He glances around to make sure none of his coworkers or boss is looking. "Yeah just this once. Only because it is the first day and you are friends with Lewis." He waved you through. I pout my lip in front of Freddie, a little upset my charms didn't work on him. Well, I got what I wanted anyways. "Thanks Freddie, you're cool." I give him a slap on the back as I walk past him. I turn to you, "Well you're just friends with everyone, aren't you? I'm kind of jealous. You're Mr. Charisma." I try ribbing you in the stomach playfully. "What's the story with Freddie, you guys in the same class or something?" I go over to where the salad area was last night and they had fruit slices out. I grab a bowl and start filling it with apple and peach slices and a banana. "The guy has been working there since my freshman year, so about 2 years. You just learn to chat with people you see almost everyday. Paying his way through college, I respect that. He's an accounting major, so working while in school looks good on a resume too. He's a nice guy." I grab a fork and head for a booth. "Yeah, nice guy." I sort through the books I brought. Nestled between them is my laptop with the Chronivac installed on it. Success! I sit across from you on the booth and turn my laptop on. "Don't mind me, just wanted to check some emails before class." The hall is pretty crowded, so many different names pop up on the Chronivac's screen. Fortunately there's only one Freddie. "You should ask him to hang out sometime. Maybe he can come sit with us during his break." I shake my head. "Nah. If the kid isn't working, he is studying. Funny I call him kid. He's older than me, a fifth year senior I believe." I raise my eyebrow as you pull out your laptop. "You know the wi-fi in here isn't the best right? Besides, aren't you going to grab something to eat? Those muscles of yours need their fuel." I start eating my peach slices. "Fifth year senior?" I echo back. "Could of sworn the kid... guy... was a freshman. Is he a good student?" I start typing away at the laptop. "Anyways, I'll grab something in just a second. I want to finish something on my computer first. I bite my lip and scroll down Freddie's profile, editing his stats as I see fit. I wince as I feel my head aches. 2 years of getting to know the guy reduced to one semester. "Yeah, a good student. I'm sure he made all A's, if not mostly A's last semester. Then again those are all the intro classes. Unlike biology, accounting has their 'weed-out' class in the sophomore year." I muse as I start working on my apple slices. Meanwhile, a some acne showed on Freddie's face as he regressed five years to 18 years old. "Cool, I'm going to grab an orange." I shut my laptop closed. On the way I stop by Freddie's station to check his progress. "Hey Freddie." He looks even younger than before, and the spots and braces are not a good combination. Fortunately both would be gone in a matter of time. "Hey Freddie." I dig a finger into my orange, peeling back the skin. "You're looking pretty lonely over here. Would you like to sit with Lewis and I?" He shook his head, "No. Sorry dude, but I can't. Even though not a lot of people are coming in, I can't miss anyone. My boss is really strict." A pair of girls approached and they handed their cards to him and he swiped them in. When he turned back to you, his acne had once again cleared up. "So you are Lewis's roomie huh? What's your major?" "Exercise science." I say, popping an orange slice in my mouth. Muscle fuel. I grab hold of Freddie's wrist and pull him off his seat. "Come on, you're not even on duty right now." Freddie turned around, and sitting in the seat he was stationed in only a second ago was an attractive young woman with silky platinum blonde hair falling down her back. "Now come down with us! We're waiting for you." The apron wrapped around Freddie's waist had fallen off, he had only just noticed it was missing. Where it had gone was anybody's guess. As I clasp my hand around Freddie's wrist I can it thicken up ever so slightly in my hand. Freddie's face was so smooth and soft now, and a bit handsome too! His hair had tightened into soft curls, traveling up past his ears and resting high on his forehead. The curls bounced as he was pulled by you through the cafeteria. He shook free of your grip, "Dude chill out. I'm coming. You don't have to make a scene about it." He blushed embarrassedly, though the red from his remaining acne had merged with the blush and disappeared when it did. "What is so important you had to drag me to your booth?" He huffed as he followed you back to our booth. "Hey man, no big deal. Lewis and I just wanted to see you before you headed to class." I resume my seat across from you. "Besides, you were trying way too hard with that girl checking IDs. You would have talked her up all morning if I didn't step in." I winked at Freddie. I turn towards you. "You should have seen this guy, real stud here." I laugh with a mouth full of orange. Freddie was getting progressively more handsome. His cheekbones were insanely pronounced, sharp enough to cut glass. He had this cute little dimpled chin and small, square face that really emphasized his youthful charm. His shoulders firmed up a little, pushing his polo a little tighter, and Freddie's neck thickened considerably, showcasing a prominent adam's apple that gave him a really smooth, low voice. Not exactly the voice you would expect to come out of Freddie's mouth. He takes a seat next to you and shoves you playfully. "Shut up dude. I was just trying to get to know my new coworkers. I'm still kinda new. They changed up a bunch of people's shifts this semester, so I want to get to know some of the new workers or the ones I haven't met yet." He put his hands on the table and stood up, "I'm going to go grab some cereal for breakfast. God only knows how you live on fruit for breakfast, Lewis." I smile and take an exaggerated chomp from my peach slices. "Delicious." "I don't think you're supposed to get into your coworkers' pants. That's too close," I shout back at him, but he just ignores me. As Freddie walks away I can't help but admire his perky ass, and the way it moves when he takes a step. Freddie had a great body that was hinted in the way his clothes fit -- his broad shoulders, tight ass, and they way his biceps shoved up his sleeves.. Freddie wasn't quite the monster Lewis and I were, but his body was equally impressive. Get his shirt off and you'd see just how shredded that tight little body of his was. As he walked away, Freddie's chest began to round out slightly, developing more of a fullness. Freddie tucked his polo into his khakis, and as he did so all the fat around his midsection disappeared without a trace. His tight little abs were impossibly ripped, a genetically flawless sixpack. The crease in Freddie's back deepened as it began to thicken slightly. But the real impressive part about Freddie's back wasn't its size, it was how deep the ripples went. Freddie's naked back was impossible to peel away from, the way it rippled with every slight movement Freddie made, as though it was alive. Freddie licked his teeth, smooth and pearly white, now completely free of braces. His nose, once hooked, began to shrink and straightened out as it sunk into his face. Unlike most who preferred blue eyes with blonde hair, Freddie's warm hazel eyes were so inviting, people's opinions would change right away. Combined with his blonde hair and facial features, Freddie looked down right angelic. He returned with a bowl of cereal in his hand. When he sat, he rubbed against you, tricep-to-tricep. "Sorry," he said as he started to eat his cereal. As he ate, I took note of how manicured his hands looked. "You know Freddie, I don't understand how you can eat like this everyday and still maintain that tight Apollo's belt. Must be your metabolism." "Freddie's a freak of nature. Check this out." I grab Freddie forearm and turn it over. The twist of veins on Freddy's arms were eye-popping. As I held Freddie's arm down, his pale skin took on a light golden tan that accented his angelic appearance. It looked a little unusual given the chilly weather, but Freddie's rich skin tone was completely natural. The hairs on his arm were incredibly light-colored, if you didn't squint, it looked light he didn't have any at all. The hair all over Freddie's body was incredibly light colored. Even his package, which he shaved completely. "Those triceps too," I pat the underside of his arm. It feels like I'm gripping a softball. "Sorry to embarrass you, man." I let go of his arm. "It's just insane how good you look." The hunk smiles kindly, "Thanks man. Though try to keep your voice down some. I already get enough attention just working the desk. Sometimes I wish I could take a break from looking like this." He blushed and continued to eat his cereal. Even such a mundane activity looked nice as Freddie ate his cereal. He looked over to me, "So when is your first class?" I look at my phone. "In about 30min, but it shouldn't take us more than five minutes to get over there. Kyle and I actually have class together." Freddie's pink lips curled into a smile, "Aw how cute. The roommates having class together." "We're having breakfast together too!" I grin. "We're inseparable. But you're the real cute one, Freddie. A real superstar of the freshman class. You're smart as hell to boot. I'm so glad we get another year with you." The kid was full of potential. It takes all my willpower not to tousle his hair. Freddie was actually an inch shorter than before, but it just added to his boyish charm. As he ate, Freddie's changes continued. His balls began to swell, and his cock gained girth, adding to how impressive his appearance already was. He smiled softly as he looked at you. "Thanks dude, but I'm sure there are plenty of guys better than me in the freshman class." He lifts the bowl to his lips to drink the rest of the cereal milk, causing his shirt to strain over his impressive triceps and lats. It also causes it to become untucked revealing his Apollo's belt and first row of abs. When he feels a cool breeze on them, he quickly sets the empty bowl down and grabs the hem of his shirt to shove back into his pants, blushing. "Modest too!" I give Freddie a wolf whistle to indicate I saw his exposure, and he turns even redder. "I don't know Freddie, I heard you graduated at the top of your class in high school, that's pretty impressive." I check the time on my phone. "As much as I enjoy teasing you, we should probably get going pretty soon. Do you have a class in the morning? You can walk with us if you want." He shook his head, his locks of hair swaying with it. "Nope. I don't have class until 1:00. I got a shift starting probably right as you guys start class. I'm going to go ahead and get ready for my shift. The changing rooms are empty around now." He got out of the booth and stood up to his full 5'8" height. "Thanks for letting me eat with you guys. Cya around." He waved as he turned and headed for the back of the cafeteria. Many people along the way stared or glanced at him in admiration, jealousy, or lust. As Freddie walked to the back of the cafeteria, he pulled his nametag out of his pocket. It read EDDIE. Wait, that wasn't right. He shook his head in disbelief and checked his tag again, now reading DIEN. No, that still wasn't right. He held it between his thumb and index finger and gave it a good rub. Finally, it read DEAN. Satisfied, Dean grabbed an apron from the back room and tied it around it waist. The shape of his pecs were faintly visible underneath. Dean clipped his nametag on his pocket and got ready for work. Meanwhile, Lewis and I were just about ready to head to class. It was about a five minute walk, but we had ten minutes before we had to get there.
  10. So this is from a transcript of a RP I did a few years ago. Some sections are incomplete and will be posted as is. I'll be posting it in sections as the original text is 87 pages long. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. --- PART 3 I carried Bitman down the hall dutifully. He peacefully snored away as he passed out. His dirty blonde hair was disheveled and the green long sleeve shirt he wore definitely had vomit on it. "The guy really needs to learn how to clean up." I thought to myself as I lugged his 150lbs 5'8" body around. His jeans were loose and his cheap leather belt was undone. You'd think after failing several classes last year, he would learn to get his priorities straight, but obviously he had failed to learn that too. A strange jolt of energy jerked Bitman awake and he stumbled out of Lewis' grip, falling to the floor with a graceless thud. Lewis turned around to pull Bitman up, but Bitman, barely conscious, was able to scrape himself off the floor. "I'm (hic) sorry man, I'm jusss really..." He wobbled in place. "Heeeey, you should come out with me sometime, man! We would have a good time together, jus.... jus you 'n' me!" He wrapped his arm around Lewis' shoulder, moreso to keep himself from falling again than any display of camaraderie. I lift him up to help him stumble down the hall and not fall on his face. "Nah man. Drinking ain't my thing. And it shouldn't be yours either. You aren't a freshman anymore. The binge drinking has got to stop." I huffed as we hobbled down the hall. I was sore from working out that day and carrying him was not helping at all. "Oh come *urp* on man. I bet you could do keggers at parties easy." I rolled my eyes. "I could, but I don't feel like getting blackout drunk like you." "Hey, come on man! Just lighten up a little," Harry Bitman laughed. As he leaned into you, you could smell the alcohol on his breath and you grimace. You initially had to lean over on Harry to accommodate for his shorter height, but unbeknownst to you, Harry was getting a little bit more taller than usual, and as he leans into you, you're now more or less the same height. "You right though," he sighed, in a rare moment of self-reflection. "Partying honestly doesn't feel so great. And I'm always like, 'Next week I'll get my shit together, next week I'll hit the books.' But it's always next week, ya know?" I stand straighter with more ease to carry him. "Yeah I know. So how about starting this week? No more bottles or shots. I mean do you like waking up with a hangover everyday?" Harry chuckled and hiccuped some more, "Pffft. I drink cause its fun. College is supposed to be fun." Sighing, I stop to look over at him, "College can be fun, but its meant to be work. You can't party all the time." Harry was quick to reply, "But classsses are so hard and booooorrrinnnngggg." He laughed. Harry was too drunk to see you roll your eyes. "It's so much easier to talk to girls this way too!" He gives you a shit-eating grin. "I know girls aren't your thing, but believe me..." He tries to wink but just squeezes both eyes together. "Ah, who am I kidding? They can't stand me. I'm too sloppy." Bitman adjusted his height a little, and started picking at his ass. Was it just him, or was the seat of his pants a little tighter than usual. "Fuck, I think I'm getting fat. All those beer calories." His dirty blonde hair seemed a few inches shorter than usual, as if in the space of 30 seconds, Harry had gotten a quick haircut. I chuckle, "Calories huh? Good job. Three syllables not slurred." I didn't notice him picking at the seat of his pants and continued to move down the hall, eager to get him off my hands. "Maybe girls wouldn't be so disgusted if you took care of yourself more. Or weren't completely drunk when you try to talk to them." He burped again, "Nah they look better when I drink. Plus they know I'm an animal when I drink." Lewis said nothing out of politeness. He was pretty sure Bitman was a virgin, no way any woman would come within fifty feet of him. Harry tried shaking his bangs out of his eyes, but there was nothing there. Harry's bangs had disappeared completely, the front of his hair neatly gelled upwards. Harry felt the upwards sweep of his hair curiously, but didn't pay it much attention. Harry's stance became a little firmer as his legs thickened, yet his butt continued to swell, larger and tighter and more pert than before. His feet pushed outwards but his shoes remained in tact, they were a pair of dirty sneakers he should have tossed out years ago. Harry tugged on the front of his shirt, and the nasty vomit stain on front seemed to disappear. His shoes actually tore in the front from being dragged on the floor causing his growing toes to touch the tile. Neither man seemed to acknowledge that it happened. Meanwhile as his butt bubbled up and his boxers started to bunch up in his crack, sticking to his skin. He tried to pull it out to no avail, it felt uncomfortable. The smell of BO came out of his shirt and instead his deodorant took place of it. Harry pulled on his belt, making it a bit tighter. All his beer consumption had given Harry a little pudge, but now Harry's midsection was significantly tighter. As he inhaled, his stomach seemed to vanish, and six clean, sharp abs rose from his midsection. Harry exhaled and his abs maintained their perfect shape. The way Harry's shoulders dramatically rose from his tiny waist was impressive. Harry rested his hands on his belt, which was once peeling and cracked leather, but was now a thin, black strip. His loose, baggy jeans began to tighten up around his quads and ass. The round shape of his thighs and calves and how large they were in comparison to his overall lean physique made him look almost cartoonish. Soon, Harry's jeans were no more and had become a pair of form-fitting dress pants. Harry was now feeling much heavier to me as I dragged him down the hall. The squeaking sounds the remains of his shoes man stopped. His sweaty socks turned black and thinned into a silky texture. Then a pair of black dress shoes reformed around his now size 16 feet. His boxers contracted into a form fitting pair of briefs. Meanwhile his shirt grew tighter and tighter. Each breath caused his pecs to surge forward until the shirt could stand it no more and it ripped right down the middle, revealing his amazing torso. Once again, neither man took notice of it for a second. Harry nudged and broke free of Lewis' grip. "Really, it's alright, I can carry myself, thank you." The voice that came out of Harry was much clearer than before. Each syllable was pronounced clearly and sharply, no sign of the slurred speech that usually made Harry so incomprehensible. Harry looked at the two torn halves of his shirt, and opened them slightly, looking at his chiseled midsection. He rubbed his chest, smooth and waxed. Curious, he reached upwards and felt his broad shoulders. They flared out so dramatically from his body, most men would have killed for Harry's v-taper. Harry himself didn't think they were anything special, all he had done was create a diet and exercise plan and stick with it, and he was rewarded handsomely for it. Harry grabbed the two halves of his torn shirt and pinched the top together. A button appeared. Then he pinched an inch further down the shirt, and another button appeared. This continued until Harry found himself not in a ratty old t-shirt but a neatly pressed button-down dress shirt, folding it inside his nice pants. I let go of Harry and looked over the new man before him. "Ah yes sorry. You sure you are okay?" I couldn't remember why I was carrying him at all. It was so odd. Harry filled out every piece of clothing he wore to the T. Harry dusted out his clothing and straightened it out. His chin and jawline were sharper but were clean shaven. Much like the rest of his body, his face lacked any fat either. His Adam's apple struck out prominently from his neck. Harry was keeping to himself, brushing off his dress clothes. It was a pain, but he had to get all his clothes custom tailored. He liked something tight-fitting, it looked neater, but it was difficult getting a man like himself tight-fitting clothing. But no amount of alterations to Harry's clothing could hide that massive ass of his. It was a bit of a complex for Harry, he could always feel it bouncing behind him with each step, the guys always teased him for having such a bubble butt. "Oh, Lewis," Harry beamed, looking up at Lewis as though he had just noticed him standing there. "I just got back from the job interview, huge success! They haven't made me an offer yet, but I'm sure I made an excellent first impression." He gave Lewis a playful wink. Lewis couldn't help but notice the throbbing erection slinking down Harry's pant leg. Maybe he wore his clothes a bit too tight. I chuckle and pat his cannonball shoulder, "Awesome job man. I'm sure you'll get it. You know how to advertise yourself well. Where were you applying again?" I was genuinely curious. I didn't get to talk to Harry much since he was usually so busy trying to get into the business world. He was always at a dinner, meeting, internship opportunity, you name it. I've seen Harry in normal clothing, but I definitely have to say he looks better in dress clothes. As a last few touches, a tie formed around his neck and an expensive looking watch wrapped around his right wrist. "Oh, they're called Tri-Search, they're a marketing company. They're looking for recent graduates to develop software for them, and I just might fit the bill." Haric gave a nervous chuckle, tugging on his tie. He tried to keep himself from popping a boner when Lewis pat him, he had always had a bit of a crush on the guy. Eric, formerly Harry, always seemed a bit too busy for romance, but he had the normal sexual appetites for a guy his age. Lewis squeezing his delt was enough to get the blood rushing to his cock. He had a long and stressful day, and wanted to relieve himself. "Anyways, I... need to make sure I'm hung -- I mean, jacked --I mean, jacket hung up... properly. Thanks for the encouragement, we'll talk soon!" I smile broadly, "Yeah man, no problem. Glad to hear it went well. Good luck!" I give him a congratulatory slap on the ass before I start heading back to the day room where the guys are waiting. I take a glance back at his jiggly ass and snicker before jogging back to the room. "Hey guys. Just wanted to catch up with Eric. Seems the interview went well." I sat back in my seat. The game was in the last quarter. "Oh, hey," I'm the only who greets you enthusiastically, the three other guys are intensely fixated on the tv screen. "It must be a pretty close game, or something. I don't know man, I haven't really been paying attention." So Eric's good, I make a mental note to myself. And for good reason too, the guy was a mess. "Did Eric keep it in his pants this time? I swear, every time he looks at you it's like he's about to cream himself." I move to sit across the table from you. I rest my thick forearms on the table, "Yeah. Though I'm sure he was ready to rip them off like a stripper at any moment. Gave him something to spank it to in the room. You know with how he diets and trains, it's kinda strange that his ass is so bubbly and just not a block of muscle. I'm not complaining though. Though I hope he doesn't disturb Devin. They might get separate rooms because he is rooming with an RA, but I bet he could can be quite loud." I snort. "I think you're the only one on this floor who actually cares of Devin. Poor guy had to get up at three in the morning the other night to clean up puke off the bathroom floor. Didn't even write the guy up because he begged him not to. What a pushover." I bring up Devin on the Chronivac. I shrug, a look of pity on my face. "You can't blame the guy. He is barely over 5 feet tall and I don't think he could even hit the triplet digits in weight soaking wet. Not to mention he is on a hall with several giants. He's a nice guy though and he works hard at his job." I rest my arm on the table and rest my cheek on my fist. "Word is because he's a legacy. His dad played on the football team years ago and I think his brothers wrestle for the college." "What really?" I blink, incredulous. "Guess he's the runt of the litter, huh? Sucks he's got all this power in his family and he's stuck like that." Well, he might not stay like that much longer. "If he's not making rounds, maybe you should invite him to the dayroom to hang out with the guys. Besides, if Eric is as loud as you say he is he probably won't want to stay in his room anyways." Before I even have the chance to open my phone, there is a knock at the hallway opening to the room. A boy with curly black hair peeked into the room. He looked like he couldn't be more than a high school sophomore. "Oh hi Devin. Speak of the Devin and he shall come I guess." I laugh at my terrible pun. He smiled meekly, "Hey Lewis, mind if I sit with you guys? Eric is... well... celebrating. And he's being kinda loud." I wave him over, "Sure, the game is almost over but come on. Take a seat." "Hey Devin," I give him a smile. "So glad you can join us. Please, take a seat! Devin made his way into the dayroom cautiously, one step, then another. "It's just the guys here, nothing to be afraid of. But if Eric annoys you too much, you should probably say something. You should speak up for yourself more, ya know?" He shook his head as he took a seat, "It's alright. A guy like him needs release. It's not like I haven't seen him naked before. I'm no biology major, but I can bet his sex drive must be through the roof." He blushed as he mentioned sex drive. "It's not like he was interrupting me anyway. He's usually more considerate during the week." He glanced towards the television, "So who is playing?" "Whaaaat? You've seen Eric naked?" I'm giving Devin a hard time, but I'm actually a little jealous. "Well, if Eric's really loud, you should just bring someone over to your room and be really loud too, see how he likes it. Eh, Devin?" I start typing away at the Chronivac again, cooking up some ideas for Devin. "You're a guy, you need release too, right?" He shook his head again, "Nah man, I'm not that kind of guy. Not to mention I would have to get someone to come back to the room with for such an... activity. Plus as an RA it would be highly inappropriate for me to do so and I'm not that petty. I just wait until he is done usually. No harm done. I would do what I normally do and listen to music, but my earbuds broke." He sighed. "Ooooh, come on Devin! You can find someone, you just lack the confidence." I pressed the Enter key on my laptop. Devin's tiny body began to tremble, I wasn't sure if it was an effect of the Chronivac taking place or because Devin was such a naturally skittish guy. "Even an overachiever like Eric has his vices. Cut loose a little, man! You're with the guys, there's nothing to worry about." Devin's feet started making this sick cracking sound that none of the other guys seemed to pay much attention to. I could see the binding of Devin's shoes star to burst, revealing his tiny white socks. Toes began pushing outwards, making holes on the fabric of his tube socks as they grew over the soles of his shoes. Devin's feet spread along the floor like someone had poured molasses and let it spread out. Not only longer, but they grew wider and thicker too. They looked incredibly disproportional on his 5'1" body. Not even clown feet could describe how they looked right now. Due to their sudden growth, it looked like he was wearing a pair of tight ankle warmers. He tried to shift in his seat, but his feet held him down in place, and he didn't care. Devin's growth was working bottom-up. In order to balance out his comical-looking clown feet, his legs started to shift as well. Devin was rail thin, always wearing baggy clothing to hide it, so when Devin's spindly legs started showing underneath his pants legging, the contrast between his baggy clothing and rail thin frame was just as odd-looking as the clown feet. Devin's arms, resting patiently in his lap, started to grow alongside the rest him. They slid out of his lap and hung loosely at his side, reaching towards the ground. For the first time, Devin's legs were able to hit the floor while he sat in a chair. Devin's chair got pushed back after his legs grew taller so he could comfortably sit. His feet formed the sturdy base that would carry the rest of his body. It started with his calves, as they were exposed from the retreating jeans, they began to expand with pure sinew. The cords of muscles running up and down the front and back of his shin. His kneecap popped as it increased in size to properly move and adjust the lower knee with the stronger ligaments they now required. Devin's upper body began to take on a similar ripped appearance. Devin's bony little ass began to beef up, sinewy and thick, it was like he was sitting on two bricks. Probably not the most comfortable analogy, but with legs as thick as Devin's were becoming, it was difficult to find a comfortable sitting position. His quads were too thick for him to cross legs. His toned butt jutted out a little further, and two dimples appeared on his lower back, just above his incredibly tight ass cheeks. Devin's hamstrings were next, just as big and round as his glutes were, with a deep crease running between his hamstrings and calves. The front of his pant legs were straining in order to accommodate his growing quadriceps, the back of them were having their handful with his hamstrings and glutes. The seams along the sides of his legs audibly groaned, but no one in the room heard it. "Nah man. I'm the RA on duty. It wouldn't be professional for me to be partying or away when someone might need me." He grunted as his hips widened by 2 inches, not from fat, but the bone structure, allowing his torso to grow with the proper support. "You're always using your RA duties as an excuse! What do you tell people when you're not making rounds?" I laughed. "Forget about being an RA for once! What about what Devin wants?" Devin spread his mammoth legs far apart. His torso started to lengthen this time as well, his ribcage widening slightly much like his hips did to support his musculature. As Devin's spine lengthened, the hem of his shirt lifted to reveal his midriff, and it was not a pretty sight. Paper white and bony, with each of his ribs prominent. His core began to widen slightly, muscle mass becoming more prominent, but not yet near the level of his legs. Soon Devin's midsection had widened enough to keep his shirt from draping off of him. If he were five inches shorter, it would have been a perfect fit. A crease began to form in Devin's midsection, and his core began to burn. The creases spread out like branches from a tree, a strong oak. His shoulders began to catch up to his arms as they jutted out to the sides. His body seemed to be building a frame before the muscle packed on and from the looks of it, Devin was going to need it. The creases in his abdomen deepened as any remaining fat was sucked out of them. They weren't soft abs, these were hard, strong abdominal muscles meant for work, not just look. "I tell them I'm doing homework or in the gym. I'm very busy." It was Devin's pecs turn to pucker up. The way his shirt had clung to him amidst all these changes was a miracle, it was clinging to Devin's skin for dear life. But when Devin's pecs were up to grow, the poor thing didn't stand a chance, shredded to pieces almost instantly. His pecs grew out so quickly and with such force that they force Devin to bend forward a little. But as Devin's back began to ripple, a roadmap of veins so brawny and detailed, the support allowed Devin to sit straight again. Devin's pecs were so heavy that his nipples completely dropped off, facing straight downwards to the floor. Following his shirt, the seam on Devin's pants crotch split, and with his groin tightening, Devin's baggy boxers were beginning to fit more like tighty whities. Kyle was amused that Devin was already reasonably hung, packing much more than you'd expect someone of his height, but Kyle was sure Devin wouldn't mind the extra inch or two to his endowment. Kevin's dick was forced out of the opening of his boxers and flopped on top of his thighs. Fortunately, with the Chronivac's powers, nobody noticed the sudden indecent exposure. Devin's cock pulsed and grew along his thigh, but it wasn't getting hard yet. It was already a reasonable 6 inches soft, but it was approaching a 9 inch monster territory, thickening along the way. Unlike his dick, his balls were unable to escape their prison. Instead, the fabric of his boxers bulged as his balls grew into testosterone factories befitting of a man his size. Thick veins appeared underneath his skin to feed his massive muscles. Much like his pecs cast a shadow over his abs, his traps grew into a muscular bridge and cast shadows into the divets they created. Devin's face, once round and boyishly smooth, began to stretch into a more rectangular shape. His chubby cheeks thinned out and and traces of his boyishness were beginning to fade. Thin lips, narrow eyes, a pronounced brow, and that strikingly handsome lantern jaw of his. Devin's curls began to shrink. It was a cute look on the old Devin, but the new one didn't have any time for a mop of hair, it'd only get in the way. A neat, tight cut replaced Devin's shag of hair, and brightened into a striking blonde color. Similar darker blonde patches of hair began sprouting over Devin's body, along his chest, legs, arms, and pits. Devin's newfound masculinity made him feel so virile and mature, a far cry from the timid boy he was only moments earlier. Most of the other guys had more narrow waists, but Devin was build more like a wall. He had little interest in those pretty boy physiques of his peers. He wanted to be jacked, he wanted to be huge. Huge... Devin's mouth twitched as his teeth began to grow larger. His entire mouth was wider than before, carrying a deep, booming voice that commanded attention. Devin's features began to harden. Thick, menacing eyebrows, a round button nose, and the sides of his mouth pointed straight down to his massive chin. But he also had bright baby blue eyes that offset his harsher features. Devin was becoming quite handsome, in a rugged sort of way. His neck began to throb, veins popping outwards, thick as ropes. His bullish neck only added to his intimidating presence, His jaw and the top of his skull squared off into two sets of right angles. "I don't have the luxury of fucking around most days. I take this job very seriously," His voice boomed. Devin used to never cuss, but the f-bomb rolled right past his lips naturally. Each syllable would cause his Adam's apple to vibrate in the column of muscle he called his neck. Even though his eyes were a baby blue, they held a steely and intimidating gaze. He had resting-intense-face syndrome. As Devin's features solidified, he completed his change into their new RA, Evan, the youngest of his father's sons, but by no means the smallest. Evan's father had made a reputation for himself as one of the school's best football players. His other brothers attended the college too as legacies and were valuable members of the wrestling team, so Evan had quite big shoes to fill. But Evan embraced the pressure placed on him, growing into a confident, hard working young man who had the respect of many of his peers. Evan had held onto Devin's strong work ethic, but now found himself physically blessed as well. And he filled the shoes nicely, not just his size 17.5Es, which just reformed around his feet. He didn't wrestle like his brothers or play football like his dad, Evan was a weightlifter. He started the school's weightlifting club and runs it along with being a RA and business major. All of which he was successful at. "You boys better not make too much noise this late. Quiet hours are almost about to begin." He stood up, his cock slapping his leg. I nodded. "Of course, Evan. Thanks for stopping by, always good to hear from you." A little strict, I thought, but at least he's not afraid to speak his mind anymore. He and Eric probably made pretty good roommates too. Evan wore a grey tanktop that clung to his chest, a pair of athletic shorts and a pair of moccasins. Evan practically lived in the weight room, so he was usually seen wearing casual clothes. Evan on his was back from the gym was a sight to behold, glistening with sweat, shorts riding up his beefy legs, his brick-like abs clinging to his top. And the way his cock bounced with his step, it was pure bliss. And bounce it did, with every echoing footfall. Evan was just a walking wall of muscle when he moved and most people knew to steer clear as he would sometimes not notice people as he was walking and knock them over. Of course he would be apologetic and help them get back up and gather there things. That was the gentler side to this giant of a man. Out attention was snapped away by our three friend simultaneously going. "Damn it! Shit they lost." As the game came to an end. I hold my finger to my lips, "Shush guys or Evan will get onto us." I chuckle. "Yeah, alright. The last thing I want is to be written up by Evan." I close my laptop. I'm just about ready to head out for the night. "It's been going hanging out with you guys, but I'm done for the night." I look over towards you. "Mind knocking before entering? I need a little alone time before bed." I scoop up the laptop off the table and carry it with me out of the dayroom. "Night guys. Ronan, Daquan, Claudio..." The other guys give their assorted farewells as I enter the hallway. I nod, "Sure man. Since they lost I might be a while anyway." I hike my thumb towards our group of friends who are discussing the game. I move over to start talking with them as you head out. DaQuan seemed to be the most perturbed by the loss, and Claudio seemed to be the least interested out of the three. I didn't root for either team personally, just like watching the games with my buds.
  11. So this is from a transcript of a RP I did a few years ago. Some sections are incomplete and will be posted as is. I'll be posting it in sections as the original text is 87 pages long. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. ---- CHRONIVAC UNIVERSITY PART 2 "Don't any of these shirts have sleeves?" Casey wondered. The voice that came out of his mouth, it was deep and dull, without a trace of intelligence to it. He looked at his naked arms and pulled on the straps of his tanktop. What was this feeling he had right now? Modestly? It didn't feel right. What were he and Lewis doing in the first year dorm anyways? Neither of them were first years? But this great sense of confusion he had was nothing new to him, he felt that way all the time. He stepped out into the hallway and took a few steps before coming to a quick halt. "So, uh, where are we going again?" I looked over my thick shoulder at your tapered form. "Dude to introduce you to some of my buddies. Is your memory that bad? I've repeated it like three times now. Did you go drinking before moving in or something? Not cool man. Not cool." I returned to walking towards the dayroom where my buddies were, leaving you to follow or get left behind. "Hey, I didn't..." But Casey had stop himself. Was he drinking before? He heard his friend's footsteps getting closer and closer away, and quickly turned around to catch up. But when he and Lewis got to the room, he didn't recognize any of the faces in the open area. Were these Lewis's friends? They didn't look familiar. But Lewis had so many acquaintances, it was hard to keep track. "There he is. Guys, this is Casey. My new roommate." I gestured to your form in the doorway. "This is Greg." I gesture to a man about 5'9" with pale, freckled skin and ruddy red hair. "He is a history major. And this is Drew." I indicated the 6'0" man in the corner with buzzed black hair. "He studies physics. And lastly, Claude is over there." He indicated the platinum blonde dude wearing a jersey. "He is a soccer player from France." I run a hand through my hair, scoping out the three guys. They seem nice enough, but it's hard to believe they're friends with Lewis. I'm not even sure what they have in common. "Nice to meet ya," I grin, extending a hand. Greg's the closest, but when I approach him he tenses up. His cheeks turn a bright red not unlike his hair. He's not sure what to do with my hand sticking out in front of him, and gives it a light tap in some sort of half-hearted high five. I turn to the other guys. Drew only gives me a nod, as if to acknowledge my existence. Doesn't seem like much of a talker. Claude seems friendly enough, he comes up to my warmly and takes my hand in his. "It's nice to meet you!" His accent is thick, but his words recognizable. "We were just watching TV," he motions to the other side of the room. "TV?" I repeat, cocking my head to the side. Some of my hair brushes over my eyes as I tilt my head. "Is this what you do on a weeknight?" It's hard not to recognize the judgmental tone in my voice. I don't mean to be rude, I just don't know better. "Yeah." I answer. "What? You think all we do is party during our free time in college? Most of us just like to hang out. These guys were on my hall the past few years and we usually like to watch sports or something on TV when we get the chance. Just nice to spend time with friends." I pat the cushioned chair next to me, "Come on grab a seat. The game is about to start." "Oh, alright. If this is what you like do to, it's cool," I lean back into the chair next to you, spreading my legs apart. Claude and Greg grab the seats next to you. I can feel their stares digging into me in the corner of their eyes. Drew's sitting back at one of the tables in the back of the room, though, he hasn't moved since we got there, typing away on his computer. The game? Do these guys even like sports? Well, Claude's a soccer player, but the other two didn't seem quite as sporty. They seem pretty happy just to be around you, though. Meanwhile, Drew was cradling his head in his hand with one hand and using the other to scroll through his emails. A familiar jingle started, he had a new email. "FREE TRIAL OFFER" The title read. Drew only have an annoyed grunt, how'd something like that get past the spam filter? But as he tried to delete it, the attachment opened without warning. The word CHRONIVAC flashed on his screen. Before Drew could minimize the window five separate tabs began to load, each titled the name of one of the five people in the room. The words on the screen suddenly flashed, "Another registered user detected in area. Aborting..." And the screen went blank. "Son of a bitch!" Drew cursed as he slammed the laptop shut. I looked over my shoulder at my friend. "The damn thing crash again? Dude you need to get a new computer." Drew sneered and joined his friends on the couch. "Yeah yeah. Save it. I somehow got a virus. I'll take it to tech support tomorrow. Never heard of it before though. It was for the chroni-something. Hopefully it isn't a trojan." My ears perk up at that name. 'Chroni-something...' My eyes light up, beginning to signify some sort of intelligence within me, no matter how scarce. It's coming back, sort of. The Chronivac. It's why Lewis is that way. And me too. "Oh, uh..." I get up and walk over to Drew's laptop, still resting on the table. The others don't seem to even have notice I got up. "Chronivac..." I look over to the couch, all four of you have your eyes glued to the screen. Curious, I open Drew's computer and rub my finger on the trackpad, waking it up from sleep mode. The Chronivac starts up again. "User recognized. Welcome back, Kyle!" I scroll through the options a little. These sort of look familiar to me, it's coming back a little. Drew's tab is open by default. I look over his stats on the screen a little. If I remember how this goes, I just need to click a few things there, enter a few numbers here… Drew, who was normally a bit possessive of his computer, sat brooding, looking at the screen. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Something felt off, but he couldn't place it at all. As he shifted in his seat, I looked over it him. "Drew you ok?" He looked over at me, "Yeah man, I'm good." He said not to worry his friend. But as much as Drue tried to downplay that prickling feeling on the back of his neck, he couldn't help but feel eerie. He slouched, trying to relax, and began to scratch his neck. As his hand met his shoulder, he could tell something was still off, but he knew what it was this time. There, connected to his thick, bullish neck, was a round, swollen mound of muscle. He continued his hand down his shoulder. He felt a dip downward into a crevice, and then his hand moved upwards again to another large muscle, his deltoid, Alarmed, he reached up his hand and felt the same two large mounds on the other side of his neck. I looked back over with concern on my face. "You ok bud? Cold? Sore from shoulders day? I got some icy hot packs back in my room." I begin to reach into my pants to grab my card key. "This is what you get for not stretching properly." I didn't even wait for Drew to respond before getting up and heading for my room to grab the icy hot pads. Drew opened his mouth, as if to ask you to come back, but he couldn't find the courage to speak up. As you disappear from view, he defeatedly slouched back into his seat. He was beginning to get a little alarmed about his grossly out of proportion his shoulders were compared to the rest of his body, but didn't say anything. Greg turned to him and smiled. If there was something obviously wrong with Drew, Greg hadn't noticed. Drew was curious about his strange new proportions. How was his shirt staying on his body? Barely, according to the straining he felt on his upper back. Drew was always stick-thin, he had to buy large shirts because of his height, but they always hung off of him, he couldn't hide how gangly he was. But now was a different story. He neck was so large and thick, he couldn't even keep his collar buttoned. Collar... buttoned... Drew's shirt didn't have any buttons. He looked down at the row of buttons dropping straight down his shirt. Drew felt his stomach gurgle, and the straight row of buttons across his stomach began to curve outward slightly. Curious, Drew unbuttoned his shirt a little near his stomach and pulled the fabric apart. Staring up a Drew were several large abdominal muscles, so thick and swole that they had grown against each other and then outward. Not as massive as his shoulders, but that wasn't saying much. Drew himself was becoming a very muscular man, but as his body began to widen, his mass pushing the friends sitting on either side of him further away, but Claude and Greg said nothing, studying the game. When Greg and Claude felt Drew's muscles on them, they simply scooched against and left him more room, not saying anything. His muscle gut gurgled again, but nether of his friends seemed to hear it. He wondered if Kyle had notices anything at all, but he didn't really know the guy so he decided not to ask. The room was silent except for the game until I returned and handed Drew the patches. "Hereya go bud." "Thanks," Drew smiled, applying the patch immediately to his left shoulder. "Coach has really been kicking my ass lately," he gave a hearty chuckle, but the way his abs pushed out was a strange feeling. And who the hell was 'Coach'? He shrugged his shoulders and pushed out his chest. Was he this sore before? As he arched his back and pushed out his chest, it began to grow as if on cue, as the line of buttons curved once again, outward, and then apart. Drew unbuttoned the top two, hoping he could get his chest to breathe. What a day! First practice, then study, then practice again, and finally his part time job at the school's tech support office. The moment Drew remembered tech support, he felt a pressure on the bridge of his nose, and squeezed his eyes shut. When he opened them, he the world looked a little different, like he was looking through a window. He touched the side of his face and felt the temples of the pair of glasses now wrapped around his face. He pushed them off his face and examined them curiously, they were a stylish pair of frames, but as he brought them closer to his face for further examination, they began to grow blurry. Feeling his sense of balance slipping, Drew quickly put them back on his face. "Yeah man. That's what you get for being the best linebacker on the team. He has high expectations for you and you know he will make you meet them." I say as I return my attention to the screen. He applies several of the patches over his shoulders to help soothe their soreness. He unbuttoned a third button to let his expanded pecs breathe. "Much better," he muttered as he turned to me. "Thanks for the patches man." I smile. "No problem man. Anytime." Drew gave a content sigh, finally relaxed. He began to focus on the game with the guys, after a busy day, he deserved a break. He didn't notice a shortly cropped mustache and strip goatee spout on his face, framing his fuller, sexier lips. The bridge of his glasses widened slightly to make room for a broader nose. His skin began to take on a rich caramel hue, and then darkened further. The familiar bulges shaping his ab-gut and chest began on his lower body as two huge thighs, more massive than defined, began to curve the seams of his navy blue, neatly pressed dress pants. A third bulge began to develop, rising out from the crotch of his pants, and Drew patted it familiarly. Drew, himself circumcised, began to feel a sudden sensitivity as his foreskin regrew over his elongated shaft. He shifted his firm, round ass slightly in his seat. The last memories of Drew began to slip away and out came Daquan, one of the school's most impressive student athletes. An accomplished linebacker, Daquan was also at the top of his class with his computer science major, working tech support for the school in his spare time. He was still dressed for his job at the tech support desk, dress pants, checkered dress shirt, a tie loosely strung from his massive shoulders. Daquan loved dressing up, it was just too bad it was such a pain finding dress clothes in his right size. Daquan looked over a Kyle, clicking away at his computer. "How's the computer?" He asked. Kyle jumped in his seat a little. "Uh, it's working fine now man, thanks for looking at it," Kyle said. The response had come naturally for Kyle, but the more he thought about it, the most confused he felt. This was Drew's computer, wasn't it. But Kyle didn't remember knowing anyone named drew. Curiously, he turned his laptop around and looked at the top of the case. A sticker with the words KYLE was plastered on top. Kyle just shrugged, accepting it. "Good. Let me know if it gives you anymore trouble. You really should think about upgrading it sometime. That laptop is a bit out of date. I'm sure you can find a more recent one at a more reasonable price out there." His voice rumbled in his chest as his gaze locked back onto the screen. He focused on the defensive linemen to analyze their technique and tactics. His bulky shoulder hunched as he leaned forward intently. I had to chuckle to myself as I saw how focused DaQuan was. "You sure you don't want to watch the game with us Kyle?" I shout back to you. "I'll join you guys on the couch in just a sec, I just need to, uh... finish my homework?" Kyle groaned to himself, what a lame-ass excuse. Nobody would believe Kyle was doing homework on a Saturday night. But none of the guys seemed to care what he was up to, Kyle was saying stupid shit again, what else was new? Kyle looked over at Daquan, his latest creation, and felt an odd sense of pride. DaQuan was a very large man, but while Kyle and Lewis had all shot up in height, Daquan hadn't budged an inch, he had just gotten wider. Kyle decided to move over to Greg's screen in the Chronviac and began to type away. "So Greg, you enjoying yourself over there?" Greg was confused over the thick smugness carried in Kyle's voice as he spoke to him. It was as though Kyle knew something Greg didn't, but Kyle knew very, very little. "Uh yeah sure Kyle. I'm fine." Greg answered meekly. He wondered why Kyle was acting so smug, but he didn't know the guy. He was a friend of mine, so that was enough for Greg to give him a chance. He settled back to watch the game. He placed his hands in his lap to make sure there was enough room between the arm of the couch and the equally large arm of DaQuan. With his thin frame, it was an easy task. Greg could hear Kyle pecking noisily away at his computer. Was he the only one who found it annoying? The other guys seemed pretty glued to the game. Even Claude, the soccer player who hadn't grown up with American football, seemed pretty interested. Greg himself wasn't much for sports though. But still, the clack, clack, clack of Kyle's keyboard. What was he even doing over there? Then Kyle pressed the Enter key, finalizing Greg's changes, and he could feel his body begin to heat up, and squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. Greg balled his fists in his lap as he grew more uncomfortable, both with the heat and the constant clicking. He sucked it up though. He didn't want to cause a scene or seem rude. He just hoped that the heat would pass soon so he could feel a bit more comfortable. He tried to focus on the game to hopefully take his mind off of how uncomfortable he was feeling right now. Greg began scratching at his chest. It was this darn sweater his mother bought for him as a Christmas present, it was just so hot, and itchy, and uncomfortable! He began to roll up his sleeves, and as he pulled them up, underneath them were not his bare arms, but ...another sweater. Greg pawed at it. No, not a sweater, but a thick patch of hair that covered his forearms. A bit darker than the hair on his head. Hair! Greg was growing hair! He could feel it blossom on his chest and stomach, and down his legs, and he began to scratch at it frantically, is if he could rub hard enough and the hair would fall off. But it only seemed to get thicker. The dark red hair grew out in thick patches all over his skin. Thick follicles burrowing their way out from the pale skin. As he scratched his itch, he released even his hands were beginning to feel itchy as well. He rested his palms on his thighs and watched as the red hair grew on the back of his hands. Some even grew on the middle joint of his fingers. He felt hotter, and to his surprise, not just in temperature, but also in sexiness. Greg's height began to shoot up dramatically, but instead of being reduced to scraps, his clothes were kept in tact, He could feel his muscles strain and stretch within the constricting confines of his sweater. He began to scratch his chin. Stubble? But he knew he shaved this morning! He could feel his face growing wider and broader, and the stubble began to thicken. Hair all over his head began to grow. His eye thickened up considerably, and began to point downward, giving him a more intimidating presence. His unflattering bowlcut of hair began to part at the bangs and continue growing down past his ears. Greg's emerald green eyes stood out from the dark red of his hair that fell just to the side of them. With his height, long hair and stubble, he looked like a hairy, ginger, Brock O'Hurn. Annoyed with his strands of hair falling into his vision, he naturally swept it back behind his ears to continue to watch the game. His glare looked intense as he stared at the screen playing the game. Greg's chest and shoulders grew thicker and rubbed up against Daquan. The two nudged each other playfully, competing for space. But Greg was beginning to grow up past Daquan's six feet of height, gaining one inch, then another, stopping at about 6'5 before, as though as an afterthought, he quietly sprang up another inch, putting him at a full six feet and six inches. Greg had began as the smallest of the group, and was looking to end up the tallest. Greg kicked his much longer legs out in front of him, thick, brawny tree trunks of legs covered in a rusty hair. The hair spread to his toes and feet too, which were now somewhere around a size 15. Fortunately, Greg's shoes had grown alongside his feet, so nothing had seemed quite out of the ordinary. Greg fidgeted a little as his lower body began to grow more mass. His upper body and lower body were so thick, yes his stomach was unbelievably thin. As if the amount of mass one could put on at Greg's height wasn't already impressive, his proportions were borderline superhuman. Yet Greg continued to focus on the game, somehow blissfully unaware of how impressive his body had become Due to Greg's increased mass and wider shoulders, it was DaQuan's turn to shift over a bit to make room for the tower of masculinity Greg was becoming. This cause Claude to have to press himself against the arm of the couch to try and still fit on there without having to use DaQuan's muscles as a cushion. Greg shifted, a little uncomfortable as well, having his arms press against DaQuan's shoulder. His now size 17 feet shifted as well, his shoes making an audible slapping sound on the floor as he did so. As he grew bigger, he found himself watching the game more intently, like his friends. Greg gripped onto the couch's arm with one of his huge, rough, hairy hands. As he squeezes it, the veins in his arm began to pop and his bicep began to grow. The way Greg's elbow was positions, his bicep grew so large it began to bump into his forearm and chest. Meanwhile, the shaft of Greg's cock began to snake outwards, traveling down his pant leg and rubbing against his large, furry thigh as he grew. Greg began to rub his face again, and his stubble grew outward, thickening beyond a bit of fuzz and into a full beard. The muscles in Greg's back began to thicken this time, becoming so wide that part of it stuck out way further than than the seat of the couch did. Greg reached under his sweater to scratch one of his beefy pecs, stopping at his abs halfway. Greg now only resembled Brock O'Hurn from the beard up, below he was looking more like Chris Bumstead. His sausage-like fingers pushed aside his red hair over his abs to feel their defined ridges. His hand wandered up further to his pecs, before having to suppress his moan as his thick wrist brushed against a now gumdrop sized nipple that seemed to be directly wired to his cock. The stimulation caused his to have to shift to hide his thickening erection, which began to press against his tightening pant leg. Greg took a long lock of his hair and swept it backwards. His face began to change more dramatically, gone were his chubby freckled cheeks. His face was much more angular than before, making him look at bit older than a college student. Although much of it was covered in hair, there was no hiding how strikingly handsome Greg had become. Both of his nipples began to perk up, making visible indentations in his shirt. The boys are cold, thought Greg, who began to rub his chest affectionately. He reached under his shirt and pinched a nipple between his thumb and index finger. The pleasure that came from it made Greg's cock twitch. He crossed his legs best he could, not wanting the other guys to see his erection. They didn't really enjoy it when Greg played with himself around them, but with a body like Greg's, he found it hard to keep his hands off himself. Precum was leaking from his cock. I looked over to see Greg cross his legs. I knew what that was a sign for. I pulled out my wallet and handed him my card key. "Dude if you need to go unwind, use my room. You know which one it is. Just be quick and clean up. You probably won't miss anything here." Greg blushed, which was unnoticeable under his red beard, and took the card. He got up to leave and his footsteps echoed down the hall. I had to chuckle about his situation. Once in his room, Greg unzipped his pants and wrapped a towel around his massive cock. As Greg began to tug, he could feel his memories begin to alter. What was his name again? He thought Greg, but as he rubbed his shaft he was Reg, then as he pinched his cock head he was Ron, and finally, as he came. he finally remembered himself as Ronan, one of the school's exchange students from Ireland. He let out a contented sigh, and the voice that came out of him was not Greg's nasally, almost childlike shriek but Ronan's husky, heavily-accented grunt. He has to mind himself to keep the cum off of his new sweater. God only knows how much she had to spend on yarn for a sweater that size. Ronan cleaned himself up and met back with the other guys in the dayroom, giving Lewis a meaningful nod before sitting back on the couch with the boys. I nodded and took my key back. Ronan traditionally played rugby, but football was close enough for it to interest him, though he viewed it to a lower standard than his home sport. He had a body that was built for either sport, but he preferred rugby the most. A scar on his forearm showed it. He squeezed back into the couch and went back to watching the game, "What'd aye miss?" His Irish accent pushed through. "Nothing special," I replied. Kyle looked over Ronan, rough, beefy, handsome as hell, and gave himself a pat on the back for the good work he had done. He loved how much more comfortable Ronan seemed around the boys than Greg had. All that left was Claude, the French exchange student. Kyle tapped his keyboard, brewing up ideas. Claude himself seemed fine enough, he himself was an athlete, and was very cute, in a boyish sense. But next to freaks of nature like Daquan, Ronan, and himself, Claude couldn't help but be overshadowed by them a bit. Claude was literally overshadowed by the behemoths he sat next to. The light from the hall caused their massive forms to cast a shadow over him. He didn't mind. He's always been a skinnier guy, but that served him well in soccer. It made him more agile. He didn't exactly 'get' the excitement behind football, but after watching it for a few years with his friends here, he found himself enjoying watching it with them. Kyle pressed enter on the Chronivac once again and Claude's cock stiffened in response. Claude was a bit shocked at his sudden arousal levels, but tried his best to focus on the game instead. Claude's balls began to swell, pressing up against his thighs. Claude had an athletic pair of legs, built from years of running up and down the soccer field, but they were still rather thin. But by the second, Claude's chicken legs were beginning to look more like slabs of beef. Veiny and cut, and his calves, so freakishly large and angular. As they grew in length, Claude's knees began to rise until they started hitting him in the gut. Then, his torso began to grow upwards too, in proportion with the new height of his legs. While his legs were certainly thickening up, Claude's upper body was still rather wispy. making him look comically bottom heavy. His legs and feet were coated with a fair dusting of his platinum blonde hair. Claude was getting very uncomfortable being squished in the seat. He wondered why he decided to try and sit there when the two behemoths obviously needed the room. He got up to grab a chair, but walked rather awkwardly. His legs carried more momentum than his upper body, which swayed with every step. At least his package slowly stopped bouncing noticeably as his pants grew to accommodate his growing manhood. His thighs and calves were looking so big, they seemed to be photoshopped onto Claude's body. For the first time in Claude's lift, he skinny little legs began to rub up against each other, and poor Claude was unsure how he felt about the increased friction in his legs. Claude did his best to steady his strut, slowly adapting into a bit of a swagger, swinging one leg ahead, then the next before finally making his way to a chair. He quickly sat down, but a bit too quickly. His massive ass slammed against the seat, and the chair gave a little creaking sound, but miraculously stayed in tact. He wasn't quite used to moving around with so much mass, and Claude was only getting bigger. As he sat, he rested his hands on top of his thighs. He could feel the muscles move, thicken, and lengthen beneath his fingers, but his mind processed it as normal and thus he failed to notice any change to them. He began to inch higher in his seat, not because of his bones lengthening, but due to his ass swelling in size and power. Sitting with his legs together, he felt cramped. He spread his legs apart to allow his junk to breath and he gave a sigh of relief as it bulge forward. Claude began to scratch at the light dusting of hair on his chest and legs. As scratching his chest, it felt someone unusual. Claude stuck his thumb in the center of his chest, and felt a deep valley, with two large mounds rising up on each side of it. Curious, Claude placed his right palm on his left pec, and felt its perfect circular shape. Claude moved downward and felt a deep crease in his abdomen that wasn't there before, and on each side of the crease were four large, shredded abdominal muscles that were growing in side, matching his chest in prominence. Claude was a little confused, he didn't remember having large muscles before. He flexed his shoulder blades and his back rippled with strength, muscles visible against the thin cotton fabric of his shirt. Claude bit his bottom lip suggestively, and it began to puff out. His upper lip began to curve into a bow shape and grew much like his bottom lip did. A pair of thick, sexy lips that admittedly looked out of place on Claude's boyish face. His chin stuck out a little further than his face, his more rounded, youthful features solidifying slightly. His wide, bright eyes narrowed slightly, making his gaze deeper and more intense. His thin, dark eyebrows began to arch themselves upwards. With his friends' eyes glued on the TV screen, Claude did not mind feeling over his new muscles. When looking down at his pecs, he had an idea. A cocky smirk crossed his face as he began to bounce his pecs. At first he did both at the same time, but quickly learned to alternate the two individually. He loved how the muscles tugged at his shirt, his pectoral jiggling each bounce. They didn't jiggle like fat though. They moved smoothly in quick motion. He was almost in a trance as he watched himself bounce his pecs until he remembered that other people where in the room. As Claude began to bounce his pecs, he could feel their increased weight. They seemed to push out in front of him, pulling the rest of the body with it. As his biceps grew, his sleeves began to ride up them, each one of his rippling muscles showcased in his thin, white tee. The hair on top of Claude's head began to change, usually straight and blonde, it took on a slightly wavier texture, looking a bit more styled than before. His bangs moved up his head, and the side of his scalp were cut much thinner than before. Claude's pale skin began to take on a rich natural tan that made the creases in his muscles look even deeper. For once, Claude began to feel sexy. He was always told he was sexy because of his accent or his boyish charm that made him look like a boy band member, but he never felt truly sexy. With newfound confident, he sat up straighter with his chest puffed out. His shirt was pulled taut in every direction by his shoulders, pecs, and lats. It looked like it was about ready to burst. He bit his lip again in an unintentionally sexy fashion. Brilliantly white teeth shone even in the dim room from behind his lips. Claude ran his fingers through his hair and swept it back, and the hair stayed in that slicked-back position. Claude played with his hair a bit, a habit that would soon become an obsession. His gorgeous natural tan began to darken, and Claude wondered to himself how a man with hair as light as his could have skin so tan. Then, as if to answer him, the hair on his body a head began to turn pitch black, as though someone had dipped it in ink. Claude swept back his hair again and stuck out his chest, as if preening himself, but there was nobody around to pay attention. Silky stubble gently poked out of his cheeks, accenting his masculinity. He shut his eyes, and when they opened, they were a beautiful brown. Within a few short moments, the French exchange student Claude had transformed into Claudio, the American-born Latin hunk. Although Claudio didn't have the sheer mass of Daquan or the height of Ronan, he made up for it with his stunning beauty. Muscles of Claudio's proportion and symmetry were not easy to come by. Gone were the fresh-faced, boy-next-door good looks of Claude, replaced by Claudio's brooding beauty. Claude was cute, but Claudio was stunning. The football game went to commercial break. The room was now filled with five studs instead of two. Each had their own distinguishing feature. Claudio leaned forward as an underwear ad came on for Jungle Vine Men's Wear. I recognized it and turned to the Latin hunk. "So Claudio, how did your audition for the underwear line go? When will we see your abs and package plastered over every wall in the mall and in magazines?" Claudio and I chuckled, his a little deeper and mine a little louder. He leaned back in his seat, "I don't know guys. They haven't called me back yet, so I don't know." but deep down, Claudio definitely knew he nailed the audition. Kyle looked over at the Claudio. Always with the tight, thin shirts, even in the wintertime. Standing out among a group of guys this gorgeous wasn't easy, but Claudio had easily carved a niche for himself. He was much more comfortable in his skin than Claude was, as an underwear model it was necessary. And the young man's career as a model was really blossoming. "Oh please man. You are a shoe in for that deal. I bet the judges were droo-" I was cut off as the door to the dayroom opened from the outside, causing a cold wind to blow through the room. An obviously intoxicated student leaned against the door and stumbled into the room. "Hey- *hick* Heya guuu---eeeeez..." He slurred before he fell to the floor, passed out. "God damn it Bitman," I curse as I stand up. I go over to him to check his pulse and breathing. "The idiot is passed out. You think he would have sobered up after nearly flunking last year. I'll take him to Devin. Think our trusty RA is up?" I tossed Harry Bitman onto my shoulder and began to carry him out of the room. The rest of our group shook their heads disapprovingly. "I'll be back in a minute after I drop his drunk ass off at Devin's room." Claudio pouted a bit, of course Bitman had to show up. What shitty timing, he really liked it when the guys complimented him like that. The mood had soured for everyone but Kyle, whose eyes lit up the second Harry Bitman had walked in. He pulled up Harry's tab on the Chronivac, deciding that the young man would be the perfect new test subject.
  12. So this is from a transcript of a RP I did a few years ago. Some sections are incomplete and will be posted as is. I'll be posting it in sections as the original text is 87 pages long. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. ---- CHRONIVAC UNIVERSITY - NEW ROOMMATE Lars is laying in bed and playing around with a few games on his phone. He's wearing a plain red t-shirt with some sweatshorts. He's been expecting his new roommate to come in at anytime. As if on cue, I give a knock at your door. Not waiting for your response, I open the door a creak and slip my head in. My face lights up when I notice you on the bed. "Lars Emory?" I smile and hop off the bed. Walking over to you, I extend my hand, "Yup. and you must be Casey right?" "That's right!" I forego the handshake and close in for a bear hug, wrapping my short, pudgy arms around you best I can and squeeze hard. "Finally, I have a roommate! This is so exciting!" I laugh awkwardly and walk backwards. "Hehe yeah nice to meet you dude. My old roomie moved out cuz he transferred. It was feelin a little lonely while I had to wait for you to move in. Need help with any of your boxes?" "Boxes are fine, I started stacking them in the hallway to save time. Gee, I hope they aren't in the way..." I disappear behind the door and come back with only a small cardboard box. I pull my laptop out of it. "But if you could hook me up with the wi-fi password, that'd be great!" "It's just your student ID, and then the password is your birth date in all numbers. Then it'll tell you to make a new password once you finished logging on. Same for all the wifi on campus." I hop back onto my bed. I peck away at the keyboard, curiously watching you in the corner of the eye. "Soooo... do you want to hang out? As roomies?" "We don't have to go anywhere if you don't want. Do you have a computer too? We could play a game together!" I shake my head. "I don't really play computer games. I'm more of a console guy, though I mainly stick with Nintendo. How about the dining hall in an hour?" "Oh, okay," I say somewhat dejected. "I only brought it up because I wanted to show you this cool program I got on mine. It's call 'Chronivac!' "Thanks anyway dude. That stuff is just not my style. So what classes are you taking?" "I don't have a major yet, I'm pretty much all core, taking an Intro to Psych, Calc 1, a... physical education course..." It's hard to hide the disgust in my voice as the words "physical education" crawl out of my mouth. "But enough about that, you should really check out this program." I boot up the Chronivac and our two profiles appear on screen, side by side. "Let's see, you're Lars Emory, 18, 5'9, about 150 pounds, that all checks out...."I say a little loudly, trying to pry you away from your phone. "Not a lot of body hair, birthday... oh hey, you like guys too!" I just keep nodding as I scroll through my facebook and instagram feeds. "Yeah," and "Uh-huh" leave my mouth occasionally, showing no real interest in what you have to say. I knew I had an hour to burn before heading to dinner, and I didn't want to spend it talking about computers. A few minutes in I can tell you're not really paying attention and I puff out my face, pouting. "Fine. It's easier to show you anyways..." I move my cursor over to the cock size box and double the number inside of it, and then press the program's CHANGE button. I sit with my legs a little wider as my formerly four inch cock takes up more room in my briefs as it fills out to eight inches soft. I sigh, still defeated. I was hoping for a much greater reaction. Did I tick off the "unaware of changes" box, or were you just spacey? I scroll up to the height, your height --5'9-- and bring you up to six feet tall to see if you'd react or not. My body stretches along the bed. Feeling stiff, I extend my arms over my head to stretch and they elongate to match my new height as well. My short clothes then expand to fit my longer frame. I, meanwhile, am completely unaware of the changes. "Alright Lars. I tried to show you, but looks like I'll just have to have a little fun with you instead. Don't worry, I'll make sure you'll have a good time too." I ramp up your sensuality levels a bit before getting to work on the new you. Your joints twist and pop to make room for another three inches of height, putting you at 6'3. You're taking up a lot more room on the bed than before. Squirming and shifting on the bed, I get into a more comfortable position with my newer height. I also sit with one leg up to show off my impressive bulge more. You face begins to take on subtle, but gradual changes. Your chin sticks out a bit further and flattens. From the sides of your face, your jaw begins to expand, its edges just as broad and straight as the rest of your head is becoming. Beneath your eyes, two high set cheekbones pull out and stay there. Your eyebrows begin to thicken up, big, dark expressive brows that almost look like somebody wrote on them with a marker. As I start playing a game on my phone, I squint a little and bite my lip as i concentrate, which makes me look all the more sexual, even though it is unintentional. I finish the game and notice half an hour has already gone by. I glance back over to you, "Is the wifi working for you?" I'm taken aback when our eyes meet. I knew I was making you more handsome, but ...damn! I really outdid myself. A small dimple pokes itself onto your chin. Your lips are fuller and their shape more defined, Beneath them is a row of straight, white teeth. Feeling a little embarrassed to face my creation, I bury my head in my laptop. "Uh, I'm not sure. I'm not using the internet right now..." I mumble, fumbling my fingers across the keys. I go back to my phone, "Oh ok. Well make sure to do it soon so you know it works." I start scrolling through instagram, now with more selfies of me and many more followers than before. "Yeah, just a second," I assure you, moving on to another round of changes. This time it's your clothes that change. The sleeves of your sweatshirt begin to vanish, starting at the opening and moving up past the shoulders, revealing two scrawny arms. There's a lot of fabric missing from the sweatshirt, with two large holes that stop only inches away from your collar, revealing much of your chest and back. The frumpy grey fleece you were wearing is now a much thinner cotton tee, bright red. I can see your back begin to fill out, stretching your scrap of a t-shirt tight. As you move, I can make out the detail in your back, the many rippling grooves as your muscles begin to grow. Your shoulders broaden, and your traps swell into two balls on either side of your thick neck. The odd grunt that escapes your mouth comes trawling out deep from within you, much closer to a bass than before. My frat clothes lay upon my pumped up body. Suddenly feeling a bit more energetic, I stand, exposing the sides of my shirt, showing off my plumped up pecs and abs. Each step, the fabric sways slightly, flashing bits and piece of my hidden body. My swaying arms carried more momentum with their bulk. I grab a cap and head for the door. "Ok let's get going to the dining hall. I'm hungry and I gotta eat." I say more authoritatively. "Wait up!" I frantically peck at the keyboard. "I'm not finished!" I sigh, knowing it's futile. You didn't pay attention to me before, and you weren't going to start now. As you walk, your legs begin to stretch, pulling you upward. Thick, shapely legs begin to form on you, growing with each step. Each step brings the hem of your jeans a bit higher as well. First they're up to your ankles, but as you reach the door, they're tugging at your thighs. They begin to darken in color, jet black, and then into a mesh texture, completing their transformation into a pair of athletic shorts. Your bulge begins to grow outward, making a visible shape in the paper thin fabric. I don't know if you were wearing boxers before, but it's pretty obvious you're freeballing it now. I'm glad you’re facing away from me, else I wouldn't be able to pry my eyes away from the bounce in your cock every time you took a step. I try to subtly adjust myself, which is futile in any attempt. It will make a bulge no matter which way it is moved, so it was more a matter of comfort. "Well you are taking too long. You can work on the wifi later. Let's eat. I'm starving." I huff as I lean on the doorframe. The mesh shorts frame my fine ass perfectly, the fabric falling over my pert ass. "I won't wait long." "Okay, okay!" I huff, trying to finish the changes. "I just need to ...check my email, that's it! And send my professor an important letter! I'm almost done, promise!" Your ass swells a little more tightly against the mesh shorts. You give your cheek an absentminded scratch, none the wiser. Your legs are incredibly toned and thick, the lower body of someone who's always on the move. A vein crawls up the back of each of your calf, and they pump and swell a little, putting them in proportion with your thunder thighs. Your thighs, although obscured by the fabric of your new athletic shorts, are impressively shredded, thick with sinewy muscle and veins traveling down from your greatly defined Adonis belt. You impatiently tap your foot, and it begins to grow in proportion to your new height, dusted with short black hairs. I hear a sickly snap down from your toes that you pay no attention to, as they tug outward. You've always been a little flat footed, but now they've developed a nice arch to them. The only trade off is the rough calluses on the soles of your feet, obtained from running up and down the field since your days as a junior athlete. I press the Enter button on my laptop and jump off my bed, heading towards the door to meet you. As the distance between us closes, I can see more changes begin to finalize. Your hair is much shorter than before, cropped close to a buzz and faded on the sides. No messy, greasy hair for you, you're pretty active, it'll only get in your way. It's hard to look at your directly in the face anymore. I've made you pretty handsome, I can't lock eyes with you without feeling embarrassed. You seem a little more mature before. At least, you should be. I wanted a roommate who was old enough to buy me alcohol. Waiting in the hallway, you do a few quick stretches, and I can't help but steal an eyeful of your tanned, toned body practically popping out of that rag you call a shirt. My shoes change to be more athletic than just regular sneakers and the fit snugly over my big boats. They squeak lightly as I turn on them and head out the door. It's pretty chilly outside since it is winter, but I don't seem bothered by it. Nor do I show anything as my nipples get hard and pointy. It seems like my body likes to be shown off no matter the temperature. My muscles tense and flex occasionally as an unconscious response to the cold to keep warm. "So uh... you like sports at all?" "Uhhhhh, not really." My eyes are glued to the nipples poking out of your cut off, I'm not even trying to be subtle about it. Fortunately I made sure you weren't very self-conscious in these sorts of situations... Lewis." Right, I changed your name to Lewis. I was pretty excited to have a hunk like you for a roommate. My last roomie didn't really move out at all. I got a little carried away with the Chronivac and made him age out of college. I grab my coat and scarf, a raggedy-looking pair of clothing I never bother to wash, and bundle up. You're as under-dressed as ever, though, thanks to my Chronivac settings. "Do you like sports?" Stupid question, a guy with that body was definitely an athlete. I should know, I made it. And I knew exactly what sports you liked too. As if it were a conditioned response, I gave my pecs a bounce and my biceps facing you a little flex. "Yeah man. Sports and workin' out. Maybe I could help you out in the gym sometime. Short guys like you put on muscle like crazy." I say without a hint or irony, but it was true. I made sure to shorten my stride so you could keep up with me. My muscles and junk just seemed to bounce in the right way when I walked. Like the sexed up jocks on TV. My heart skips a beat when you propose working out there. The thought of you spotting me on the bench press, and I stare up in that gorgeous mug of yours, it gets me a little hard. I press my pudgy thighs together to conceal my stiffy. You're turning the heads of everyone we pass by. I'm not sure if they're confused by your lack or winter clothes or just want an eyeful of the hottest guy on campus. You, Lewis Ellison, the walking wet dream. Some jacked up guys greet us as we walk past. They're all as buff as you are, hunky jocks who'd never give me the time of day, but greet me warmly when they see me standing next to you. I greet and make small talk as we pass them. "Yeah I think you could do good. I work as a personal trainer in the gym, can't do it for free though, part of the contract working there, but I can probably get you a discount with someone else to work out with you on the regular. You'll be lookin like a little stud in no time." I smile cockily, but it's not meant to be mean spirited. Finally we enter the dining hall and I swipe my card, headed for the salad line. "You find us a seat." "Oh, alright." I waddle over to a small circle table in the corner of the dining hall. Nobody else is sitting next to us, it's perfect. I have you all to myself. I had to admit, I was a little jealous when you started catching the attention of those other jocks on the way to eat. Lewis was nice enough, I made sure of that, but we didn't exactly have a lot in common, talking was already a struggle. I catch your attention across the room, and you give me a nod. Trying to be cool, I nod back. I briefly wonder if I made him smart enough to question why he was hanging out with a dumpy college freshman in the first place. I grab my salad and some grilled chicken from the next line and head over to your table. "The food here ain't bad. They got a little bit of everything. Not always the healthiest in the world, but it works. Go ahead and grab what you like. I'll wait for you before I start eating. Not like I have to worry about my salad getting cold." I chuckle and sit back in the seat. I shake my head. "Nah, I'm not hungry. You're the one who wanted to eat. I just wanted to hang out with you, I guess." I look at your tray of greens and grilled chicken. It's winter, so you must be keeping your weight down for wrestling. The idea of you in a singlet gives me another stiffy. "We can still hang out after this, right?" I enthuse, wanting to spend as much time as possible with my cool new roommate. "Maybe we can play video games!" No, I think, you didn't like games before the change and still didn't care for them now. I make a mental note to tweak that later. "Oh, I know! I bet you like going to a bunch of cool parties! I've never been to a party before! Can I come with you? Please, please please!" I nod and take a bite from my salad, before smiling and remembering my first days as a freshman. "We can hang out some for sure. I gotta head back to the room though to get some online paperwork done before classes start tomorrow." I continue to chow down on my salad and chicken until it was almost gone and you mentioned parties. I chuckled, "We will see dude. There aren't much parties on this campus and they aren't cracked up to what people think they are. Besides I'm not even in a frat, though I know I look the part sometimes. Not my style, and most are obnoxious." I take the last few bites of my salad and set the bowl back on the tray to put away. I try my best to keep from pouting. "Well, that's okay. We don't have to if you don't want, I just thought... Well, what sorts of stuff do you like to do on weekends?" I begin to regret changing you into Lewis slightly. I DID give you interests outside of sports, right? I was in a hurry to get out the door, your changes went by pretty quickly. I stand up. "I'll get your tray for you, Lewis!" I pick it up before you can object. I chuckle. "Thanks little dude. We can hang in the dorms some. Maybe after i get the paperwork done I can get you to meet some of my bros in the dorm." I guide you to where you can drop off the trays and we make our trek back to our dorm. Not phased by the lower temperature, we walk back. I look down at you, and smile, thinking of you like a cute child, so full of energy and naivety. Finally we get back to the dorms and I pull out my laptop to get my work done. I can't tell if I'm breathing heavily because of my perverted thoughts or if all this walking is too much for my chubby little frame. You don't seem phased regardless, glued to your laptop. "How much longer are you going to be?" I ask, debating whether I should add another inch or so to your cock in the Chronivac. Maybe I'll make you start wearing even less clothes! I'm pretty anxious to hang out with you, and if you're not planning on going out tonight, all the better. I might just have you all to myself! I click at a few pages to look over what I have to do. I shrug my defined shoulders. "I dunno. Probably about 15 or 20 minutes maybe. Have to review these wavers and scholarship forms and shit. Sign then date them. Send them and submit them." I sigh and get back to typing on the forms. Much unlike earlier tonight where all I did was browse my phone. I sigh heavily, making sure you can hear the disappointment in my voice, and roll back on my bed. I look over at the laptop laying next to me. Maybe I should make a few tweaks to you on the Chronivac, but not like I was planning earlier. I look at you, a wide frame crouched over a tiny computer, staring away at the screen bored. Being like a kid brother to you wasn't really cutting it for me. What if I used the Chronivac to make you more into me? Could I even do something like that? I never tried that before. I continued to type away at my computer, bored with such work, but it had to be done. I look over at you and smile. "Hey why don't you try the wifi and make sure it works. I'm gonna be a while workin on these. It would be a waste just to be laying around." Casey typed away at the Chronivac, bringing up his own file. If Lewis wasn't going to give him the attention he wanted, he'd just have to give himself more in common with Lewis. He was always making hunks with the Chronivac, why not give himself a few changes too? As Casey pressed the Enter button, he could feel a strange energy flow from the keypad to his index finger. The energy began to course through his body, and sweat began to roll down his chubby little face. He let out an uncomfortable moan, rolling around on his bed. I looked over the top of my computer screen, "Are you okay?" I ask as I continue to type away, not noticing your thinning and elongating frame. "I'll be done soon if you need me to take you somewhere. But you didn't eat anything odd did you?" I question as I work through the scholarship form. "I didn't eat anything, remember?" But he was starting to feel a little hungry. He already was kind of hungry when they went to dining hall, he just didn't want to eat like a pig in front of Lewis. Casey recoiled from the key and gently sucked on his finger. "That stung!" His entire body began to shake, his loose, chubby skin ached all over, then stretched tight against his growing frame. Is that what changing felt like? It felt weird, but kind of good. Casey watched in awe as his legs grew out in front of him, the legs of his pants resting over his ankles like a pair of capri pants. "Oh yeah..." Casey mouthed. He watched his fingers stretch out from his palms. I gave my eyes another break and glanced over to you looking at your swelling palms and fingers. "Did you get something on your hands?" I obviously do no notice the change at all. "I'm almost done so go clean up and I should be just about ready to go." "L... Lewis..." Casey trembled. His breathing picked up pace, and every time Casey exhaled, he could feel his chest get a little fuller. Casey grabbed his growing pecs and gave them a firm squeeze, astonished by their size. And they just continued to grow! Casey lifted up his sweatshirt, and there was a pair of leanest, most shredded abs Casey had ever seen, framed by wide, lean obliques! He couldn't stifle an astonished gasp. He watched a trail of hairs crawl up it slightly up them. He watched his pelvis become more defined, two sharp angles leading down into his pants. Casey let out a high-pitched shriek as his dick double in size without warning, growing too fast for him to handle. He quickly shoved his hands down his pants to give it a squeeze, incredulous at his new girth. And the head, it was so big and swollen. It began to stiffen at his touch. "Yeah dude?" He glanced over, but didn't pay attention as he wanted to get the paperwork done and over with. It wasn't until he heard Casey shriek that he seriously looked over. "Dude, you get one of your balls trapped between your thighs again?" I chuckle as your balls began to inflate in size, as well as your thighs thickening. "Not funny!" Casey began to pout. He lifted his hand to brush his bands from his eyes. Touching the side of his face, Casey could feel his cheekbones. They were so pronounced! He began to touch his face even more. He had a dimple on his chin! And those lips! Those luscious, luscious lips! Casey's posture on his bed began to change alongside his body, straighter, firmer, more confident. His soft, smushy ass began to ripple with striated glutes, not round and firm but hard and blocky. He didn't have to lift his shirt to look at his abs either, Casey's rapidly increasing height mad his midriff peeking out from under it. His widening back was beginning to tear his sweatshirt apart. He put a hand next to his neck and felt a swelling trap. These were pretty impressive, actually. But as Casey's shoulder's continued to broaden, a rip began starting at the collar of the sweatshirt and spread down the middle, effectively tearing it in two. The shirt then disappeared into nothingness. Simply no hiding the magnificent body Casey now possess. Just as you sat up, I closed my laptop and set it back on my desk. "Ok dude, put a shirt on and we'll go meet some of my buds in the day room." I pulled out my phone and sent out a group text for them to meet us there. I looked back over at you, and my eyes lingered on your modelesque masculine beauty. I had to chuckle to myself, hardly believing you were only a freshman. "I... I..." Casey screamed and arched his back as his lat muscles flared out, giving his upper body an impressive V-shape from the waist-up. I could feel his curly brown hair begin to untwist and fall gently to his shoulders. He gently picked up a strand between his fingers and noticed the striking yellow color it now possessed. Suddenly he could feel his thighs pulse as squeeze together as they packed on additional muscles, swelling around his giant balls like a vise. "Oh God! That time I really did trap my balls between my legs." He winced. "That hurt like hell!" But there were too many new sensations to Casey's body for him to focus on pain. He curiously turned his arm over, studying the veins traveling up his arms. He curled his arm inward and a bicep popped outward. Just like when they had left for dinner, Lewis got up and walked to the door. "You coming or what? You can't just stare at yourself all night you Narcissus." He slapped your thick shoulder playfully. "Now come on and put a shirt on so we can leave." I leaned on the door as I waited for you to grab your things. Casey struggled to remember when he was doing. "I uh, I mean, I uh..." Oh no! He must have messed with his intelligence settings on the Chronivac too much! He looked over his computer, but none of the Chronivac's sliders or windows made sense to him anymore. "I think I overdid it!" He gave a pitiful whimper. He looked over at Lewis, waiting patiently at the door, and reluctantly walked over to his closet. None of the clothes were familiar to him, but he quickly put on a pair of pants and a shirt that just "seemed right" to him. I roll my eyes. "Overdo what? The amount of product you put in your hair? Jeeze, stop being such a drama queen and get your ass in gear. The guys are waiting on us." I tap my foot impatiently as you struggle to pull the tight shirt over your head.
  13. “Who’s sneakers are these” Charlie called, holding one of the massive stinky shoes in his hands “Which ones” his mother called from the kitchen Charlie pulled back the tongue, the musky smell only stronger. “Size 22s” He shouted back “Oh, those are Reese’s” his mother called back These can’t be Reese’s, the 5ft6 fat ass didn’t have size 22 feet. “Reese is like 5ft6, aren’t his feet size 7” Charlie replied, burying his nose into the shoes mouth His mother chuckled lightly “Charlie are you alright” Charlie quickly dropped the shoe with a thud, he had no idea there this sudden fetish for foot funk came from. “Yea, I’m cool, a little tired” he yawned “Ok, go to bed” His mother ordered as he appeared with a pile of laundry “Take this with you” “Ok” he took the pile “But the shoes” His mother looked at him with confusion, she checked his forehead. “Mom” he stepped back She shook her head “You’re just tired” she rubbed his arm, comforting him “Charlie, Reese hasn’t been 5ft6 since he was 13, he’s got to be pushing 7ft by now” Charlie’s face went blank “What” “Honey, Reese has been wearing those sneaker for a month now, you were there when we brought them” she explained “He had just got back from football practice and you gave him a foot rub, I’m proud how well you support him” Charlie dropped the laundry. His mother scolded him, and they quickly put the pile back together. His mother dumped the last piece on top, a giant stretched out jockstrap, that had been hidden in the pile. “Now get to bed, and wake Reese up, he has practice in a few hours” she ordered Charlie’s brain worked overtime to process everything, his eyes glued to the fading name written on the jock, REESE. How could Reese with his baby dick fill such a large cotton tent. Charlie had seen that micro-dick enough times, Reese was always jacking it. The two boys shared a room, their beds either end and facing each other, so they’d seen a lot of each other. Charlie opened the bedroom door, noticing that it now was decorated with ‘REESE’S PAD’ in big colorful letters. The room was different, now dominated by a huge bed and the even bigger occupant. Charlie stared at the long wide feet near the end the bed. He could see that it was two double beds pushed together. The door swinging closed made Charlie jump, the pile dropping to the floor, the musky jock landing at his feet. The beast on the bed sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes with long heavy arms. “Reese” Charlie questioned Reese chuckled “Hey bro, like the changes” he bounced a pair of thick pecs “How” Charlie asked froze to the spot “The Chronivac finished downloading on your laptop” he smirked, a large hand disappearing under the blanket “But you wouldn’t know anything about that, I made sure of that” “The Chronivac” He questioned “What does that matter, you’re huge, mom thinks you’re on the football team….and my bed is gone” Charlie listed, his eyes stuck on a growing mound between Reese’s trunk like legs Reese’s free hand twisted a pierced nipple “Yea, I’m huge and I’m on the football team” he moaned suddenly, the mound rising higher “And your bed isn’t gone, it’s at the foot of the bed" Charlie looked down at the small cot, a pair of gym shorts stuffed with socks as a pillow and an old basketball jersey for a blanket. "You find my smell comforting” Reese explained “But sometimes you sleep up here with me” Reese suddenly threw back the blanket, and slapped a huge leaking meat-stick against his abs. Charlie licked his lips, his mouth full with saliva all of a sudden. “You want breakfast” he offered “I have a couple hours before practice” Charlie now settled into this new world tentatively climbed between Reese’s legs, spit dripping from his plump lips. Reese fell back onto the bed as Charlie spat a large gob-full of spit onto his hulking brothers horse cock.
  14. Better late, than never. Here is my own installment for the Chroniweek. Monday The week had barely even started and despite this it already looked like my classmate Adrian was off to a bad start. Usually our first lesson on mondays was Biology, but since Mrs Williamson had fallen ill we had French, meaning we had to deal with Mr Andrews, or Coach as he preferred to be called. For most people his classes were easy and they got good grade without much of an effort. Sure, he barely even spoke the French language, but his good looks more than made up for it. Mr Andrews was an absolute hunk of a man, his 6′3 frame stacked with heavy, beefy yet defined muscle, thanks to sticking to his workout schedule from back when he was a football player himself. Apparently back when he had been in high school, Coach had been the star of the football team he now took care of and rumor had it he had even been in the NFL for a few years afterwards. Add to that his incredibly handsome face and dense trademark beard and it was obvious why he was popular with the female students. Unfortunately Coach Andrews valued nothing more than the respect of his team, meaning he frequently joined their parties, showing off just how good he was ta beer pong and other drinking games and also took part in their jokes and pranks all the time. But that also meant he participated in their bullying, especially against their prime target, Adrian. Adrian was your stereotypical nerd, always top of the class and skinny as they come, but still he was an overall pretty decent guy. Which is why noone in our class approved it when Coach mocked Adrian in class, asked him unnecessarily hard questions or even knocked stuff off his desk “by accident”. He even expected high fives for tormenting poor Adrian from time to time, whcih disgusted all of us to no end. As the class rep I had more than once urged Adrian to report all this, but he adamantly declined, saying he didn’t want to give Mr Andrews and the football team this kind of satisfaction. Today was especially bad, with Coach shooting questions and extremely difficult vocabulary at Adrian like a machine gun and eventually even knocking his waterbottle when our poor nerd took a sip, resulting in his superhero themed t-shirt clinging to his pigeon chest. Adrian rushed out of the room after that, his face red with embarassment and anger. I overheard him mumbling something under his breath, something about how “Coach will regret” this and “using the Chronivac”, even though I had no idea what that was. I didn’t see Adrian again that day, apparently he had called his dad to pick him up. Tuesday The next day I was worried if Adrian would come to school at all, after the humiliation he had received at the hands of Coach Andrews, especially since school administration had decided to throw us another French lesson as replacement for Mr Henning’s Calculus class, since the old teacher was out of town for a conference. But apparently there was nothing that could keep Adrian Bullcock from attending class. I chuckled to myself, remembering how Bullcock was not even only a nickname, but his real last name. Rarely had I seen a name that fit a person so well, after all the dick swinging between our class nerd’s skinny thighs really did rival that of a prized breeding bull. All of us had seen it in the locker room before. It’s 14 inch length hanging right down to Adrian’s knee, looking like a far thicker version of his forearm was holding an apple. Then again I had no doubts that something this fat could effortlessly beat someone as skinny as Adrian in an armwrestling match. Or any of us other guys for that matter. As I saw Adrian standing in the doorframe I joined my classmates in what had become a daily ritual for all of us: Tracing the enormous soft length of his eponymous soft monstrous tool and gulping as our eyes wandered over the massive head. Then our gaze collectively went upwards and our eyes went wide at the massive bulge caused by the base of his hefty cock and huge orange sized balls. Adrian clearly enjoyed the attention his nickname earning bullcock got him and swaggered over to his seat. If I were him I probably would ditch school and spend all day jerking off, I thought, catching myself having the same thoughts as always. Then again, I doubted any guy in our class had anything else on his mind. You really had to admire Bullcock for his willpower to come to school instead of playing with his tool. He had even continued coming to school after being diagnosed with a severe case of what the doctors called Bullnutz. The poor guy’s hormonal disorder caused his cum factories to permanently overflowing with thick nerd cum. Luckily none of the girls in our class minded helpign him out now and then, you couldn’t let a guy like that blueball after all. Our eyes were glued to Adrian’s bulge as he sat down, until his deep baritone ripped us from our trance. “Guys, I think class is about to start.”, he said with a smirk and rubbed his throat, like he was not used to the knee shaking rumbling voice coming from it. I suppressed a chuckle as I saw his smile, thinking how his pre-pubescent slightly pimpled faced betrayed the sexiness of his voice and the sheer size of his cock. As if he had waited for Adrian’s call to order, Coach Andrews walked in and started writing some French vocabulary to the board. He turned around and for a second I wondered why he had shaved his trademark off and left his square jaw clean shaven. But then a wave of dizziness swept over me and I remembered that he couldn’t grow the slightest bit of hair aside from his militay buzzcut. I didn’t even know how I knew of this, but I was sure of it. He started explaining the words he had just written down and I heard Adrian quietly laughing behind me. I guessed that it was because of Coach Andrews’ notoriously high pitched voice and could barely refrain from laughing myself. Hearing this pre-pubescent tenor voice out of this rugged face and muscular was like a complete antithesis to Bullcock’s own sexy voice and pimpled face. Wednesday Adrian was late for class the day after, considering he normally was among the first to be there, and since Lucy, a girl from our class, wasn’t there either it was almost certain that she was helping him get a bit of relieve before class. I felt a sense of pride swell up within me, thinking how nice it was of her to help our class nerd deal with his Bullnutz and not having him blue ball longer than necessary. Finally about two minutes before class started the door opened and quietly Lucy shuffled into the classroom and limped over to her seat. Everyone in the classroom smirked, her bowlegged walk and near ecstatic smile making it perfectly obvious that she had just spent at least half an hour milking a load (or multiple ones) out of Adrian’s farm animal sized genitals. As soon as Lucy had sat down and crammed her sodden panties into her bagpack, Adrian ducked into the room. Even when ducking, Bullcock’s hair just barely made it under the oaken frame. He quickly checked if his pride and joy sit right afterwards, but of course there was no way his perfectly effortlessly disheveled looking hair would be faced in the slightest by soemthing as minor as this doorframe. Rumor among the girls had it that even after the hardest, most intense fucking sessions his hair still looked like it had been freshly styled by a designer. The outline of his still semi-hard-on was still obvious against the leg of his black workout shorts. Its size would look incredibly ridiculous, but with Adrian’s height it looked at least somewhat proportionate, if still like a third leg next to his two skinny ones. Today he had poured himself into a light grey tanktop to go with his bulging shorts. I didn’t really get the nerdy comic book reference on it, but since some of the people who actually knew about those kinds of things were laughing slightly, it might be at least a bit funny. Though they might have been chuckling because of the absurdness of someone as skinny as Bullcock wearing something as revealing as a tanktop. However we all knew that because of his eponymous tool Adrian just couldn’t wear something as constricting as jeans. He had tried, but the janitors had prohibitted him from wearing normal pants after having to clean up all the cum after his last pair of pants just gave away under his cock’s pressure. Finally, after bathing in our looks long enough, Adrian walked over to his seat. Again as if he waited for Adrian to end his little show, Mr Andrews walked in as soon as the nerd’s bony ass was planted firmly into the seat. In contrast to the last two days, we actually had a regular French class today. When Coach Andrews walked in, the majority of the girls could barely hold back squealing, like they had juse seen a pup and kitten. Okay, admittedly the cherubic face sitting atop the muscular body of Coach “Angelface” Andrews wa cute, with the blonde locks, soft features and thick lips.´, but you’d expect them to get used to it eventually. The class went pretty smoothly after that. Coach had even prepared some more challenging vocabulary, something that was rare in his class. Weirdly enough, while being challenged a bit was nice, the words were all very sexualized. Like who would teach high school kids words like blowjob, missionary or rough fucking. Sure we were in our senior year, but still we all found it somewhat weird. The only exception was Adrian. He had a weird, devilish grin on his nerdy face all the time, somehow knowing all the translations when Mr Andrews asked him. then again, it’s not that surprising for someone as hung as Adrian to be able to ask for sex in multiple languages. Thursday The next morning I entered class to find a familiar sight. The head of a beefy ginger was bobbing up and down between Adrian’s tree trunk thighs, undoubtedly having tried to milk a load out of his orange sized nuts for a while now. From the way Bullcock’s was buckling his hips and using his boulder like ass to shove another inch of his meat down the cocksucker’s throat he looked close to shooting a huge good morning load down the guy’s gullet. With a loud grunt out of our class nerd’s thick neck volley after volley of thick bull cum was dumped down the redhead’s awaiting mouth and after what must have been a dozen volleys the guy finally pulled off Adrian, his normally flat sixpack bulging with the sheer amount of cum in his stomach. I was raging hard by that point, my own modest 6 incher completely dwarfed by the still semihard monster sticking out of Bullcock’s muscular lap. I was mildly surprised to find that the cocksucker had been “Shamrock” Shane, the school’s linebacker and one of the worst bullies around (That is if he was currently busy with taking care of Adrian’s massive length). Of course it wasn’t weird for a star player of the football team to milk our class nerd’s cock before class, but I had thought that it was Max’ turn today, the running back hadn’t gotten his protein in a while now. Shane quickly hurried outside, probably on his way to a class himself. Meanwhile our massive nerd had gotten up fro his chair to cram his insane tool back into the fabric prison that were his gym shorts, especially when they were already nearly stretched to their limit by Adrian’s huge thighs. I had no idea how big they exacly were, but each one look thicker around than my waist. Underneath them were calves that looked like they’d completely dwarf my arms, even though I wasn’t that skinny to be honest. The insanely massive artwork he called his legs were capped off by the boat sized mass of flesh he called his feet. If the label of his shoes didn’t lie then his feet were a size 18 and somehow they still looked just as muscular as the rest of him. The facefucking seemed to have been pretty intense, as the grey tanktop Adrian wore had ridden up, revealing the first two rows of his incredibly sexy cobblestone road of his abs. The grooves between each of the blocky muscles was so deep that a major part of my finger would have completely disappeared between them, had I been allowed to trace the separations. Bullcock quickly pulled his t-shirt down, causing it to stretch over his huge pecs. Each of the mighty muscles looked bigger than a basketball and hung out a few inches in front of him. He noticed me staring at his chest and made his pecs bounce a few times. Each time the muscles flexed, they transformed into a deeply striated artwork of brawn. After that he threw his arms up into a double biceps pose, his upper arms bursting with pencil-thick veins bulging from the cantaloupe sized mass. I would have nearly applauded myself for not shooting a load right then and there, but then my eyes fell on his face and I felt a sticky warmth fill the front of my pants. One of his trademark sexy smirks adorned his perfect thin lips, his pearly white teeth sparkling in the light of the classroom’s fluorescent lamps. His skin was free of zits or other imperfections and his sunkissed tan gave his face an almost glowing aura. With the sheer amount of testosterone pumping through his veins the thick stubble that coated his square jaw, which could probably cut glass with, was thicker than anything I could grow in a month, even though he surely only shaved yesterday. Add to that his warm brown eyes, that were just barely hidden behind a pair of thickly rimmed designer glasses and the perfectly styled hair and it was clear why it was only natural to cum from looking at him. “Maybe he should clean that up before class starts, man.”, Adrian chuckled and pointed at the wet spot around my crotch, his knee shaking baritone causing another spurt into my underwear. I blushed red as a beet and hurried towards the bathroom. I quickly cleaned myself up and went back to class. I got through the door the exact same time as Mr. Andrews and sat down at my desk, a bit surprised when I saw the people sitting next to Bullcock being forced to shift their own tables a bit away from him because of his wide shoulders. Mr Andrews gave me a disapproving look, but didn’t say anything. When his eyes felel upon Adrian, his eyes went wide and he opened his mouth as if to say something, but when Adrian asked “Is something the matter, sir?” Mr Andrews grimaced like he had been hit by a severe headache. “No, … nothing.”, our teacher replied hesitantly, the lisp of his high pitched voice making it sound pretty cute, despite his intended tone. The again, with his small gymnast body and angelic face he was pretty cute, not to forget his long blonde locks that gave him a stereotypically twinky appearance. Of course the huge bubble butt stretching his small pink shorts to the limit played a major part with this too. Mr Andrews started his lesson as usual, repeating some of the vocabulary from the last class, though with his lisp the words were pretty hard to understand. It didn’t help that Mr Andrews would trip over his insanely long tongue whenever Adrian would bounce his boulder like pecs or “subtly” flex one of his other incredibly huge muscles at our teacher, which happened a whole lot more often than usual. After about 20 minutes of lecture and plainly obvious attempts of subtile showing off by our class nerd, Mr Andrews’ inner twink finally started to show. All of a sudden our twinky educator started to moan uncontrollably, rubbing his fat round bubble butt through the pink fabric of his shorts. I just rolled my eyes like everyone else and turned towards Adrian. “Could you please do your job and help Mr Andrews out there, Bullcock? We’d like to continue our lesson asap.”, I said and watched the behemoth that was him swagger to the front of the class, heaving his cock out of his far too tight pants and startign to to slowly rub it’s massive length up and down. AS he stood before Mr Andrews, the twink fell to his knees in front of Bullcock and as if on reflex his dropped open stretching far wider than should be possible. After lickign the humongous head for Mr Andrews began swallowing the huge dick inch by inch like a pro, until Bullcock’s massive balls rested comfortably on our teacher’s chin. After that Adrian started to pull out about half a foot of cockmeat, before forecefully slamming it back into the stretched out gullet before him, making the educator gag and splutter. Our class nerd just smirked devilishly and began intenself facefucking Mr Andrews. Through Bullcock’s deep reverberating moans I could make out some phrases like “Chronivac” and “just punishment for bullying”, all of which didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me. All that I could think about was that while Mr Andrews was a horrible French teacher, he sure seemed to be pretty damn skilled at French sex.
  15. Colin was you average 17 boy, going to school and playing video games on his free time. Today, he came back from school and and entered his house saying "Hey dad, I'm home" like usual. However, what wasn't normal was that there was no response form his dad. Normally, his dad would always greet him back, not enthusiastically, but a greeting regardless. Colin walked around the house looking for him, until he found him in his office, he was clearly focused on phone, not even noticing Colin's presence. His dad was like him, just an average guy, average height, average body. "Hey dad, is everything okay?" Colin asked a bit worried. His dad looked up, a bit surprised "Uhh, yea I'm fine, don't worry about me" he responded, and then immediately looking back to his phone. Colin was a bit put off, but left the room and went to his room where he stayed for the rest of the day, not seeing his dad. At one point, his brother, Mike, came into his room to ask about dad. Mike was 1 year older than Colin, shared many of the same interests, the main difference between them being that Mike was a jock and being much more fit and attractive than Colin. Despite this, they always got along pretty well. By now, It was night, and Colin went to bed, not really thinking about anything. Colin got up and felt a bit dizzy, having to take a moment to adjust. After it passed, Colin got ready like normal. He then went downstairs like normal, made some breakfast and started to eat it. As he was eating his dad came downstairs in just some sweatpants, Colin groaned in mild annoyance. For as long as Colin could remember, his dad was an absolute alpha. He was 7'6", towering over every man that he came across, including his two sons. Additionally, he had the largest muscles that Colin had ever seen, and hes seen his dad's quite a bit, as his he was at most, half dressed like he was now. His body was bigger than all men, but none of it was fat. Every muscle, bulge, and vein was visible as he walked around. Anything that he did would cause his huge body to flex, as if showing off his power was just natural for him. and when he wasn't flexing accidentally, he was doing it on purpose, much like he was now. His dad stood in the kitchen, flexing his massive biceps, feeling them up. "Man, I can never get over how big these things are!" His dad said as he brought his face to one of his biceps and kissed it. "Colin, you've got to feel these, they're so fucking huge" his dad bragged. Colin just rolled his eyes, this being a normal occurrence, where his dad wanted to display his superiority over anybody that he could, his own sons included. His dad walked up to him and flexed his bicep again, this time right in front of Colin's face "Come on squirt, you'll never be this big, so why don't you appreciate someone of my size while you can" His dad continued. At this point, Colin was very annoyed, he was a straight man who had no interest in his dad's muscles. "Look dad, I'm just trying to eat, can you leave me alone for a bit?" Colin responded to his dad's proposal. To this, his dad had a bit of annoyed, and almost confused face. He turned around and went to the fridge to grab something to eat. As he was doing this, Colin swore he heard his dad mutter something along the lines of 'It was supposed to make guys worship me', but Colin just ignored it. Mike also came down and started to eat, getting equally annoyed at his dad's displays of arrogance. Eventually, their dad was standing their and his cock started to harden, slowly growing down the leg of his sweatpants. He just chuckled, "Man, this thing feel like it never goes down, you boys want to help me fix this problem of mine?" he said with a wink. Mike just responded angrily "Ew, fuck no dad, that's fucking gross, put that away" and looked away from his dad. Their dad looked annoyed again, this time muttering something like 'no, you're supposed to be on your knees' and also 'fuck, this really is a problem, I need to take care of this thing constantly' as he walked out of the kitchen and upstairs. Their dad didn't work as he obtained an obscene inheritance from their grandparents, so they had more money that they could imagine. Colin and Mike went to school, trying to forget the events of the morning. Colin came home first as Mike had gymnastics practice after school. He went straight to his room as to avoid his dad. He started to play some video games as it was Friday, so he had no school or homework that he needed to do. He started to play, gaming for hours, even skipping dinner, not seeing his dad or Mike. But then, he was hit by another intense dizziness, stopping his session. After it subsided, Mike came into the room. Like usual, Mike was dressed in just a jockstrap which was already pulled down a bit. He only ever wore underwear around the house because that's all that dad permitted him to wear. It was like this because his dad wanted Mike to have his big muscles and huge muscle ass on display at all times for his pleasure. Colin looked at him, slightly disgusted by the blatant sexual nature of his brother, but not really noticing it as it is a normal occurrence. "What do you want Mike?" Colin asked impatiently. "Have you seen daddy?" Mike responded, lust dripping from his voice. Colin had been referring to their dad as 'daddy' for years now, and it always seemed wrong to Colin. Colin just shook his head as a response, to which Mike sighed frustrated and left. Later that night, Colin was in bed when it started. It was a loud and constant pounding coming from the next door room, Mike's room. The pounding was accompanied by the loud moans of his brother and the deep grunts of his dad as his dad pounded Mike's hole ruthlessly. Additionally, he could hear Mike constantly begging for his dad to fuck him harder, and his dad telling Mike how much of a whore he was. Colin just rolled over annoyed. This always happened every night, and a few times during the day. It was too loud, so Colin wouldn't be able to sleep until they finished, which would be in about 3 hours if Colin was lucky. Colin just laid there on his phone as he listened to his dad use Mike. He noticed his dad saying some weird things like "I'm so glad I changed you" and "You're so much better like this" which confused Colin because Mike had been his dad's slut for as long as Colin could remember, so much so that Mike even dropped out of school, having to attend to keeping their dad satisfied all day. Colin just waited for it to finish, and when it did, he quickly fell asleep. Colin was wanting to sleep in as it was Saturday, but he was abruptly awoken by the return of the loud fucking that was happening next door. He groaned in annoyance as he got up knowing that he wouldn't be able to sleep again. He got up and went downstairs, using the time as an opportunity to eat in peace. He opened the fridge to see the regular food that they had, as well as a whole shelf of two liter bottles, all filled with thick, white cum labeled 'slave food'. Colin knew that this was his dad's cum because dealing with these were his chore. He ate his breakfast, just a simple omelette, and then grabbed a few of the bottles and went into the basement. It was Colin's job to feed the slaves that his dad had when his dad wasn't using them. He turned on the lights which illuminated the large room with many posts, each of which having a slave chained to it, there being at least 35 slaves. They included the entire gymnastics team as well as all of Mike's friends from while he was still in school. Even the gymnastics coach was chained to a pole. Additionally, there were several men that his dad had seen somewhere, and his dad like them enough to pick them up and bring them home. All of them looked similar, being muscular, attractive, and having big muscle asses, most of which have either wet or dried cum running out of them. Colin went to each of the slaves and fed them his dad's cum, as they seemed to need it to survive. After that, Colin went about his day, relaxing. He was again laying in bed as the pounding went on next to his room, waiting to fall asleep. The pounding had finally finished, when he heard his dad say "Goddamn, I've got all these cum dumps and my balls are still full". Colin just took that as his dad was going to go out tomorrow and bring home some more guys to use, and fell asleep. When Colin awoke, he again felt the intense dizziness. After it settled, he sat up. He was completely naked, which was normal because that's how his daddy always wanted him, him being daddy's favorite toy. He felt up his body, now being a tall muscled jock, he felt his smooth muscles. Finally his hands trailed behind him to grip his huge ass cheeks, moaning as he rubbed his hole with his finger. He immediately got happy as he heard his door open. He watched in awe as his daddy came in wearing some tight underwear. He took them off to reveal his huge cock, walking towards Colin, his soft cock loudly slapping against his legs, all 16" of soft meat. "Is my favorite slave ready for his breakfast?" daddy asked in his deep voice, smiling. Colin just eagerly nodded and opened his mouth wide, his stomach loudly grumbling, hungry for cum. Daddy just chuckled as he placed his already hard 22" cock into his mouth and slammed all the way in, his huge balls slapping against Colin's chin. He started to quickly fuck him, using his entire length to fuck Colin's throat, Colin just happily moaning. Eventually daddy pushed all the way in and started to cum, releasing a massive torrent of cum. He didn't stop for 5 minutes, Colin drinking down every drop. Once done, daddy pulled out, his cock still rock hard as he could fuck for as long as he wanted. He just picked up Colin as if he was just a stuffed toy, and threw him over his shoulder. He smacked Colin's ass and said "I've decided that I'm only going to use you today, make sure you're nice and full of my cum, you got that?". "Yes sir, use me all you like, don't stop till your balls are empty" Colin replied, smiling, knowing that daddy's balls will never be empty.
  16. It was the fifth time today that Kyle was on his back with his boyfriends Freddy bouncing up and down his goliath slab of dick meat. Kyle’s thickly built arm rested behind his head as he smiled with satisfaction. Freddy’s small slender hands running through the manly pelt of chest hair that decorated Kyle’s slab like pecs. Kyle was a very large man in every way possible. His wide feet hung off the end of the metal frame king sized bed and the mattress slumped under Kyle’s muscled bulk. Freddy was another story, he was small, barely breaking 5’7 and lightly muscled with lean but durable muscle, his black hair was matted from the sweat of riding Kyle’s meat all day and his pale skin flushed from the effort. He was just how Kyle liked him, just as Kyle designed him. A few days ago the couple had been different, they both been average gay guys, both living in a shitty apartment and not the lavish property they lived in now. Everything had changed when Kyle got ahold of the Chronivac, not that Freddy knew that anything was different. For Freddy he’d always been short cock hungry power bottom, he’d always loved riding massive thick dicks and slamming his plump bubble down meaty sclongs. Kyle was a top, a complete top, but until the Chronivac he’d had to be a versatile as he didn’t fit the mould for a top at all. His cock had been small, not the ass destroying 11 inch monster he know had pillaging his boyfriends meaty glutes. Freddy had been happy being versatile, but Kyle was a selfish lover. He hated having to let his boyfriends fuck his ass, so when he got ahold of the Chronivac he corrected their relationship. Now he was the complete power top, the dominator, and Freddy was the bottom, the cute little cum slut. Kyle’s big hands swung out and slammed Freddy down his cock one more time, his deep voice roaring as his bull nuts emptied another virile load into Freddy’s guts. The smaller guys tiny cock shot a sliver of cum onto Kyle’s hairy six pack abs. The boyfriends wallowed in the after glow of their sex for a few moments. Freddy near to exhaustion as Kyle’s softening cock popped out his abused ass. But the rest didn’t last long. “Get me a beer will you babe” Kyle ordered, giving Freddy’s ass a slap as he pushed his little boyfriends out of bed Freddy didn't respond, he just rubbed the red handprint on his ass and bounced out of the room. Kyle smirked and lay back in bed, bouncing his pecs and smiling up at the reflection in the mirrored ceiling. While cleaning it would be a bitch, he still thought the mirror ceiling was a good idea, not that he did any cleaning. Maybe he should create a cleaner to save Freddy some chores, a cute little hispanic boy, another willing ass to fuck. Kyle liked that idea, his heavy feet stomping as he got out of bed to get the Chronivac, he knew he’d left it out in the living room. He’d made Freddy super horny so he’d be happy to let Kyle fuck him before the orgy of sex between the two started, so it must still be opened and logged in. The floor boards creaked as Kyle walked across the room, he’d remove that creaking with the Chronivac, another thing added to the list. As he came to the door, already hunching his bowling ball shoulders so he could fit through it he saw little Freddy. Freddy had put on some underwear, his ass filling out the black boxers. He was on the sofa, barely taking up any space. He was busy typing on Kyle’s laptop, the screen open onto the Chronivac. The heavy click of the enter key echoed around Kyle as his power bottom boyfriends changed reality. A wave of exhaustion washed over Kyle, his legs went slack and he fell against the side of the open doorway. Vertigo swept over him, the ceiling rushing away from him as his towering 6’8 height plunged towards the 5’4 mark. His muscled evaporated, skinny legs and arms and a boney torso replaced the sculptured muscle. Kyle rich body hair fell away, falling into dust as his dropped off his body. The sharp strong plains of his face cracked into a weaker, boyish form. Kyle took a few uneasy steps on his tiny feet, the heavy loud slapping of his immense cock rang out. Kyle’s eyes fell down to his crotch. Hanging between his skinny thighs was a monster, even though he was smaller he could tell it bigger. The length was surreal, the thickness jaw breaking, the head looked like it would knock down a set of castle doors. Kyle’s cum laden nuts forced the soft meat to swing outwards, his balls bloated beyond human, like two furry oranges. A thick rope of pre-cum hung off his piss slit, almost dragging along the floor. Kyle’s felt weak and used. His flat boney ass, his pelvis and his legs were all sore, like he been ridden by an elephant. Kyle’d heard a deep chuckle and looked up from his beastly cock to where little Freddy had been playing with the Chronivac. Freddy was still laying on the sofa, still typing away on the Chronivac, but he wasn’t little anymore. He filled the entire sofa, his entire body thickly muscled with bulk and size. The black boxers now fighting a losing battle against solid muscled thighs and a bubble butt bloated bigger with muscle. Kyle’s massive cock twitched as he stared at the two globes of Freddy’s ass. His eyes moved up Freddy’s enhanced form. His boyfriends torso was wider, a thick chest rested against the sofa cushions and meaty arms flexed as he tapped away on the laptop. Freddy looked amazing, his skin lightly tanned and his pitch black hair tousled. He didn’t looked like he’s just fucked five times. Kyle thought knew he looked like his massive power bottoms boyfriends has drained him of as much cum as possible. Freddy closed the laptop and moved off the sofa. He was taller, Kyle’s eyes now coming to the top row of Freddy’s six pack. Freddy smiled down at Kyle, but there was an evil glint in his eye and Freddy without a word snapped the screen off the laptop. “No” Kyle shouted, he jumped to stop Freddy, but he was so weak and his cock so heavy he barely lifted off the ground Freddy tossed the two parts of the laptop to either sides of the room. “Don’t know why you are complaining, you wanted a bottom power and I want a top” Freddy explained, but Kyle noticed Freddy left out the word ‘power’ to describe Kyle He continued “So now you can lay back and let me milk that horse cock for all its worth” Freddy smiled “Which should be maybe a dozen more times” Kyle could feel himself getting weaker as all the blood rushed to his donkey dick, the thought of slamming his meat between the thick cheeks of Freddy’s ass getting him hard. Freddy passed Kyle dropping his black boxers to his feet and slapping Kyle’s boney ass. “Come on cum machine I want to ride you a few more time before you have to go to work” Freddy said “Maybe a good eight times.. I should be satisfied after that, till you come home of course" Kyle then had the horrible realisation, Freddy still thought it that Kyle’s opinion on how their relationship should be was correct. Kyle was the breadwinner and the man in the relationship, and Freddy would stay at home and ride Kyle’s cock as his only job. But now Freddy was the big strong man and Kyle’s was literally an extension of his immense cock and balls. Freddy was also still super horny and cock hungry. “What the fuck you waiting for runt” Freddy shouted, he was already on the bed and waiting for Kyle’s cock Kyle gulped, he didn’t think he’d survive a single night as the living dildo for the super bottom Freddy.
  17. Anonymous Asked: So I have this friend who's a total alpha male: tall, ripped, hung like a horse, and super confident. The only issue is that he constantly brags about how many guys he sleeps with, and I thought you might be able to teach him a bit of a lesson about bragging about his virility and insatiable appetite... I want his dick to be permanently erect, and his big nuts always full to bursting, leaving him constantly horny and on the verge of busting his nut in his pants. I'm a massive fan, by the way ;) He sounds like a hot...very overconfident guy. Though I’m sure he has every reason to be overconfident, having a massive dick and countless conquests can do that to you. You’ll get your wish, your alpha male buddy will always be rock hard…. and I might throw in a couple more inches just to make it even harder for him to hide that beer can monster. No more bragging when it's too big to fit in anyone…not that he’ll get the chance, that beast will scare anyone away. Those big nuts of his will be swollen with fresh cum even after he’s just plastered the walls with his last load. I’m not sure why you asked for this curse…maybe you want to be the guy who’s guts he floods with all that thick cum, or maybe you just don’t like the guy. But either way you won’t be seeing much of him… unless you go to his place, then you’ll see all 13 inches of him and a lot more. Anonymous Asked: I recently got my hands on a Chronivac, but I realised that I can't change myself with it. Odd, isn't it? But I could use it on my friends from the chess team. Could you please tell me what I should do to these nerds? That is such an easy thing to answer… Turn them into tall, dominating, muscle jocks… Make them all over 6ft tall, all over 200lbs of ripped muscle, give them massive fat horse cocks, big cum heavy bull nuts, powerful deep voices and immense confidence in their own superiority. Image how fun it will be to see them take over the school, either you can set it so they have always been studs, or so that they suddenly remember that they are studs and watch as the school falls into the reality. Watching them play around with each other, making fun of the little guys, fucking every girl they can. Bursting out of clothes that are for some reason too small (for fun you should make the clothes a few sizes too small). I’m sure you’ll love sitting in class with half a dozen hunks sitting with you, sitting head and shoulders above everyone. Though I should warn you that changes like these can cause massive mental changes even if you don’t mean for it to happen. You might find yourself getting savagely face fucked by your friends at your next chess team meeting, but roll the dice, should be a fun ride. Anonymous Asked: I would love to have friends who are tall AND muscular, however my friends and I are geeks in a way~ playing board games, pc games and card games, etc. Though some of them are already tall or thick boned (but no muscle). Can you help me? Help I can, they will still be your friends, still play all the games and be massive nerds. But you’d have all the eye candy you can eat… or swallow. All of them will be tall and thick boned… in the sense of having thick cocks. There won’t be a bit of fat on their perfect bodies, just toned strong muscle. You’d be the same as you were before, just now with hunky friends, who you may find will be a lot more demanding… or they might not even want to be friends anymore. I just hope it works out the way you wanted.
  18. It didn’t seem weird to Mitch that all his friends had to suck his dad off when they came to visit, though he never had to do it when he went round their houses. It was just how his dad was, plus it was his house, you had to go by his rules. But then other people's fathers didn’t have constantly boned 13 inch wrist thick monster cocks with orange sized balls that were forever streaming thick gooey cum. His father had one rule, if you were a guy over 16 and under 30 you had to milk a load out of his cock before you came into his house. It was a fun rule, all Mitch’s friends thought so, even when his father hosted his work barbeque every year and the hot interns and his colleagues sons sucked his bull nuts dry no complained, even though a lot of food went uneaten. Though Mitch his hate having to make conversation with his fathers work friends while their sons were busy milking his dad. It left poor Mitch with no one his age to chat with for a while. At this very moment Mitch was watching TV while his buddy Vince sucked out his ‘welcome’ load from Mitch’s dad’s cock, Vince was a regular visitor, everyday since school ended, even though he lived across town. Vince was getting pretty good at milking that horse cock, he almost had it down to a science. A couple flicks of his tongue and it would only be another 20 minutes till his guts were sloshing with Mitch's father's thick cum. For most people it took an hour to get a load out of the monster. A clicking started, Mitch saw his dad smirking while he quickly typed something onto his phone. Which was pretty rude, Vince was trying really hard to be a good guest and his dad wasn't even giving his friend the attention he deserved. Mitch blinked, Vince’s loud moans blocked out the TV’s sound. Why did his father have to be such a good fucker, poor Vince’s eyes were rolling into the back of his head while Mitch’s dad impaled him again and again on his 15 inch baguette of a cock, his swollen grapefruit sized nuts slapped Vince’s peachy ass. Mitch watched Vince's feet flex from their perch over Mitch's father's boulder like shoulders. Vince was probably delirious from another orgasm. It was easy inviting friends over, they always came, then his dad made them cum. His one rule of fucking every 16 to 30 year old boy was ironclad, even Mitch’s young English teacher didn’t escape when he came around to talk about Mitch’s progress in class. Or the neighbour boys when they 'accidentally' tossed a football over the fence, they seemed to do that once or twice a week. Mitch watched his father’s wide back flare as his hairy arms pumped Vince down onto the his massive member. His dad’s muscle ass clenched and he roared. Mitch knew that his father had welcomed Vince properly with a thick gooey load shot deep into his guts. Now they could hang out, that was if Vince wasn’t exhausted after an hour long fuck. Why did his dad have to be such a welcoming stud.
  19. It had not been a good day for Jack. Of course he had days like that far too often, especially since his roommate Josh, the campus’ undisputed top jock, had found out that Jack was gay. Not only was Josh extremely homophobic but he also made sure his jock friends were just as cruel as he was. It wasn’t even like Josh and Jack had started off badly, but the second the jock had found out his roommate was gay he had gone into asshole-mode. The worst thing was that Jack gave Josh a lot of things to mock him with. The quiet guy was only 5′9 and more on the pudgy than muscular side. Add to that the fact that he had a nasally high pitched voice and a tiny 3 incher for a cock and you had a prime bullying target. Jack didn’t really have friends to help him and neither did he have the courage to stand up to the 6′5 All-American jock. A teacher had given him the hint that maybe writing a diary could help with his frustration and anxiety. So now Jack found himself looking for a good Diary style app for his laptop. After some browsing through Google he found an app that looked to be just what he had been looking for. the pictures showed all the functions he had wanted and it even was for free, so the pleasantly surprised Jack of course instantly downloaded “Chronivac Journal Service”, clueless to the fact he had just gotten his hands on one of the most powerful programs in existence. After the download had finished and he opened the nicely plain looking app, Jack prepared to start writing, making sure Josh would still be gone for quite some time (he hung his workout schedule to the fridge and apparently a session had just started), when a strange cartoonish symbol popped up. It kinda reminded Jack of the paperclip from Word, but this thing was a little genie lamp, with cute little eyes and all. Just like the paperclip it offered him help asking Jack whether he wanted to use the “Auto-correct” option. Since Jack had never been particularly good at grammar and such stuff he of course activated it and started writing. “Dear Diary, I started my day by showering and shaving the bit of stubble I had grown in a week. Afterwards I spent 5 minutes trying to get my to look at least decent.”, Jack wrote and paused for a moment. Immediately the letters shifted, changed and formed a different text. “I started the day by showering and trimming my beard to look good. Afterwards I combed my hair, made them into a man bun and found long hair really makes it easier to look handsome.” Of course he left out the part where he spent 5 minutes looking at his mirror image and admiring his own handsomeness, especially the strong jaw hidden underneath the dense beard he sported. After absentmindedly tracing his lantern jaw again, Jack resumed writing. “After the first class Josh got my bag and teased me for my short height by holding it over his head so I couldn’t reach it.” He paused for a moment and thought back to that embarrassing as hell moment and when he looked back at the screen the and noticed the words had changed yet again. Or had they? Jack decided to read the passage again. “I hit my head on the doorframe on my way out of class and Josh teased me for being so tall.” Jack rubbed his forehead and thought about why he had been so confused, the text was still the same as before. He tried getting more comfortable and sitting more upright and immediately Jack’s long legs bumped into the underside of his desk. He cursed, which made the windows shake from his deep voice. Jack just wriggled the long toes on his size 22 feet and resumed writing. Jack tried covering his crotch a bit as he wrote the next passage. “One of Josh’s friends pulled my pants down in the locker room and made everyone laugh at my tiny dick.” He blushed crimson red as he looked down to the flat front of his sweatpants and thought about that humiliation and yet again the words changed. Jack reread the lines. “One of Josh’s friends pulled down my shorts in the locker room to show a guy where my nickname comes from.” Proudly he wriggled the hefty sausage that was running down his right pant leg and thought about the name. For anyone who had ever seen Jack in the nude it was clear that the nickname ‘Jack and the Giants’ was referring to his insanely fat horsecock and the two legendary giant bull nuts that set underneath. It took quite some willpower to ignore the yet again hardening monster, but he wrote on. “Josh and his jocks mocked me for not even being able to lift their warm-up weight” He jokingly flexed his long arm and watched the pathetically small biceps not even bulging in the slightest, and started patting it. His hand just hit bone barely covered by some skin and tendon, but after a short blink the arm didn’t feel bony in the slightest. It felt insanely hard and meaty, like he had spent an incredible amount of time in the gym lifting. Jack had the feeling his last sentence had changed yet again and checked it to make sure. “Josh and his friends were in awe at me using their max weight as warm-up and asked for tips.” A pleased smirk crossed his handsome face. The text was just like he remembered. Jockboy Josh sure had been amazed when he found out he was gonna share a room with Jack, the undisputed BMOC and local gym record holder. Not much more did happen that day, so Jack wrote the last sentence. “After class I ate lunch and went home.” That was about the last he had done before starting to look for a diary app. Jack wanted to close the app, but the words had shifted again. “After class I gave Josh his lunch and went home.” Immediately after reading this a grunt escaped his lips and he felt an insanely large load being shot down his twink roommate’s gullet. The little guy even licked the last remains of cum off Jack’s still semi-hard giant and looked up into the handsome face of his top. “You satisfied for now, little guy?”, Jack rumbled and knew that even though Josh nodded, he’d be begging for a load 15 minutes from now again. “Okay then, little guy.”, Jack added, “I’m off to the gym.” As the door slammed shut behind the behemoth that was now Jack, Josh was getting uneasy again. He moved around the room, looking for something to keep him entertained until his top would come back and that would distract him from his empty feeling ass, when he noticed a blinking message on Jack’s computer, which the muscle mountain had forgot turning off. It was from an app called “Chronivac Journal Service” and it seemed to be advertising a new feature called “Add Changes”. Josh sure was getting curious.
  20. Danny really loved his boyfriend Brandon, but the guy wasn’t exactly the most manly fella. Even though his boyfriend tried putting on a tough guy act and play the top for exclusive bottom Danny, the twink could see through it all down to the deep insecurities of his man. Admittedly being below average in height and size didn’t really give his confidence a boost and the mere 4 inches of cock and the fact that he had been born into a family of otherwise big and burly guys didn’t help either, but Brandon always tried his best to not show how much it bothered him being so small. This afternoon was especially frustrating for the small guy. His uncle, a police officer with a thick barreled out chest, had forced Brandon to hang out with his cousins, a pair of identical twins, who looked like someone had copied the picture book definition of Viking and modeled two really massive men out of it. At the age of 21 Ben and Sven were far bigger than Brandon and made sure the little guy did not forget it, always making remarks on how awesome it was being co-captains of the football team or how many cheerleaders they could bed in one night. It was especially hard for Brandon since Danny, who had decided to come over too and help his boyfriend be a bit more relaxed, knew that Brandon was neither really good at holding his load nor at shooting multiple times. And so the twink found himself listening to Ben and Sven bragging about how much of a beast each of them was, while his boyfriend tried holding up his fake smile, when suddenly his phone beeped. It was some cheesy looking advertisement from a weirdly named company and so he ignored it for the moment. Some minuted later, Brandon and his cousins had moved to Danny’s room, while Danny had just settled for some TV and games on his phone. He could hear the three guys arguing, Brandon’s tenor in stark contrast to his cousins’ deep baritones. Then he heard a loud “Fuck off” from Ben and Sven and suddenly his boyfriend came thundering down the stairs. Not that he made much noise, even with all the force he had thrown behind his steps there was not exactly much mass. Before Danny could even ask what had happened, Brandon rushed past him towards the bathroom. Danny knew better than rushing after his boyfriend when he was in this kind of mood, so he turned back to his phone. The strange ad had popped up again. This time Danny gave it a closer look. It was pretty flashy and even on second look it looked incredibly cheesy. It was from some company called Chronivac Industries and the text was “Got something you’d like to change? Visit our website and do it.” followed by a link, that Danny clicked after some hesitation. It led to a pretty bland website, which contained only a field that read “Type what you’d like to change.” Danny wasn’t sure what to type. He was pretty content with his life, he was pretty fit and had a nice body, a caring boyfriend and even a job he loved. But as he heard Brandon sob in the bathroom, a thought crossed his mind. “Brandon is taller than his cousins.”, the twink texted and immediately the world seemed to shiver for a moment. He still heard the sobbing from the bathroom but then he looked at the picture standing next to the couch he was sitting on. It was a pic of Brandon and his parents after his high school graduation ceremony and it had changed a lot from before. Whereas before his dad had towered over Brandon, the still painfully skinny man stood head and shoulders above the burly older man. The Brandon in the pic looked to be around 6′8, but when the door opened and his real life self ducked through the door, Danny was sure the by now the guy had to be more like 7 feet in height. “You okay, babe?”, Danny asked, admiring the size 20 feet that had come with the body. Brandon just put up a brave smile and nodded, while moving back upstairs. Some moments later Danny heard the same yell as before from Ben and Sven and Brandon came down again, this time his steps far louder than before. He walked past Danny, his longer legs far faster than his old ones running and made some excuse about having to use the bathroom again. Danny was heartbroken to see his boyfriend like that, even though he seemed to be unaware of his massive increase in height. The amazingly fishy advert seemed to have been a real thing. Danny was pretty amazed and immediately typed the next thing “Brandon has been working out longer and harder than his cousins and is bigger than them.” The sobbing promptly stopped, as Danny felt another shiver run through the world. He looked at the picture again. This time the impossibly tall teenager’s clothing looked practically painted on what looked like seriously heavy muscles, built from hundreds of hours in the gym. The door to the bathroom opened and the mountain of a man that stepped out of it did not only have to duck under the doorframe, but also turn sideways so his insanely wide shoulders didn’t hit the sides. “Hey babe, everything alright?”, Danny asked. In a deep baritone the massive hunk replied “Yeah, just had to take a leak. Well then I’ll go up again, listening to the twins joking about my baby dick.” with a fake smile again. Danny grimaced and started typing again. “Brandon’s genitals are big even for his new body size.” The familiar shiver returned and Danny turned around to see his boyfriend. Immediately he had to make a remark. “Uhm, babe, maybe you wanna wear real pants. That underwear doesn’t really conceal your private zones.” Brandon just gave his twinky partner a cocky grin and replied: “Really What makes you think that?” Now it was the twink’s turn to roll his eyes. “Well maybe because I can see every vein running along the length of the baby arm you call dick and practically count the hairs on your bull nuts through the fabric.” Brandon just grinned and scratched his dense beard. “Okay, bae, but only because you’re the one asking.” Danny felt the butterflies in his stomach flaying, like after their first date, but then a more malicious feeling spread. Revenge. He wanted to take revenge on the twins for ridiculing Brandon, though he wouldn’t do anything too harsh. “Ben and Sven are far younger than Brandon.” Immediately after the shiver he heard the defiant whiny yells of two boys and the deep baritone of his boyfriend telling them to go to bed. Moments later his boyfriend came sneaking down the stairs, even his sneaked steps making more noise than his old body, and sat down besides his boyfriend. “So the twins are in bed. Time for a nice evening with my boyfriend. Though my uncle come’s to pick up the twins in an hour. We might have to hurry up a little.” He underlined his last words with a palm of his overstuffed pants and a massive smile spread on Danny’s face.
  21. Jack Smith had whatever he could wish for. Be it money, fame or chicks, the world famous model had more than enough of everything. What most people didn’t know was that about a week ago Jack Smith had been Irving Fitzgerald, just another nerd at another rural high school. But then he had gotten his hands on the Chronivac and everything changed. Now he lived in a big penthouse in New York and had at least one girl over every night to fuck. On top of that his toned body and handsome face also got him every modelling job he wanted. And if he found something he could still use the Chronivac on his computer. Though maybe he with all his fame he should have been more cautious with securing his PC. ———————————————————————————————————– Jim had been planning this for a while now. Jake Smith seemed like such a good target for hacking, he was a jerk so any information Jim could get would be worth a ton of money. Even if he could only get a couple of shots from the camera, it would be worth. He could sell them to a magazine or if the rumors about the famous model were true, to a porn website. Looking through Jack’s data Jim only found the usual stuff, schedules, photos from past shoots and a lot of messages from horny girls. One thing though really caught his eye. Between all the flashy stuff was a little program that was titled “Chronivac Reality Alterations”. Curiously Jim brought it up. It looked like a simple Sim like game, currently only showing a model of Jack. Scrolling closer Jim could see that the avatar was nude and apparently the rumors really were true, Jack had a fat sausage between his legs. Jim clicked on the model and a variety of possibilties popped up. Curiously Jim clicked on the option “Sexuality” and clicked the field to alter it. Of course it had been set to “straight” but of course Jim set it to “gay”. A window popped up, telling that the change would take a little while. Simultaneously Jim hacked into the camera and microphone to see if the change would really happen. The model just happened to be talking to a friend on the phone, bragging about how much pussy he got. “And that Pauline girl really knew how to suck dick, man. She didn’t even gag at my meat rod. And Jessica really had some fat tits to play with.” Then a message popped up: “Change completed.” and immediately the bragging changed. “You should have seen Tony’s ass. It was so peachy and tight, really such a good bottom. And the cute guy I picked up at the bar last week, I think his name was Dennis, really managed to keep from spurting for so long. I was so impressed I fucked him another time right afterwards.”, Jack said and cupped his already rehardening dick. With a wicked smile Jim realized that the program was no fake. now he was gonna have some fun. “First I am gonna do something about that face.”, Jim thought and started typing. Meanwhile Jake was taking a photo for his Instagram, knowing that thousands of followers already waited for new fantasy material. Finally he had gotten the perfect shot and was about to post it, when Jim hit Enter. The model barely noticed the photo shifting to fit his new facial features better. His face now sported a more pretty boy like look, making him look more like a frat boy, than the successful person he was. With a smirk, that would have probably made women swoon, had he not been alone, he remembered that this boyish look was his trademark feature and the main reason most people fell for him on first sight. After he posted the photo, Jack sat down on his designer couch and picked up a magazine from the table. Of course he featured as the cover model, but he really found that one article fascinating. It told men how they could improve their sex techniques and even though he was pretty sure he was already an expert, Jack wanted to see to see if he could get any better. Somewhere else Jim was pleased with the results of the facial change as he scrolled through the model’s Instagram account, but he really wanted to see jack with a bit more meat on his bones. And so he brought up the muscle section of the reality altering program. Jack flipped the page of the magazine. The article was really interesting, though there was barely any new information for Jack, as expected. But suddenly the pages of the magazine blurred and Jack felt uncomfortable. When his gaze refocused on the page, it was almost completely dominated by a photo of him. It was only natural though, after all this edition had a big interview with him as cover story. Though they overdid it with the title a bit. “Young, hung and built like a brick wall. An interview with the All American Fitness Stallion.” Absently minded jack scratched his meaty pec and chuckled as he read the article. They focused a ittle too much on his love life, but otherwise it was well written. “Then again, it may because of these bad boys.”, the fitness model said and gave his mighty arms a flex. With a devilish smirk, Jim hit the Enter button once more and Jake got lifted off the couch from his ballooning ass. And with that an empty, itching feeling spread through the fitness model’s bottom. He brought up his phone and dialed a familiar number. “Uhm, Jumbo Jim, I think I need you here right now.”, Jack texted. Jim just smirked and texted back. “I’m on my way. Wait for me, just like I like it.” Eager to please the hacker, Jack ran to the bedroom and undressed down to his black briefs and waited for the arrival of the big dicked top.
  22. “Hey, faggot, Jenny is coming over later and I don’t want her to get turned off by your bony frame. So do me a favor and stay in your room tonight. Otherwise you know what will follow.”, said Nick, Axel’s jock roommate. Axel just sighed. He knew full well what would happen if he didn’t do Nick that “Favor”, he had a wide array of bruises that could testament to Nick’s bad temperament. Deciding he still had to do something while Nick fucked Jenny silly, he took his phone and checked his mail. Axel raised an eyebrow as he noticed a message from Stan Fatcock, the Big Man on Campus and one of Nick’s best friends. He didn’t even question why the super stud would write a nerdy loser like him, or how he had gotten his E-mail-address. “Probably for tutoring.” Axel guessed and opened the mail. “Man, you gotta check this app out. It did some really sick things to me and now I am this super stud everyone remembers.”, the message read and Axel didn’t know if he should laugh or be incredibly angry at this mockery. He didn’t know why Stan talked to him like they were best friends or why he said to have ever been anything else than the towering mountain of muscle with that fat shank of fuckmeat. Still, the thought an app could have done that seemed interesting, almost too good to be true. Curiously he clicked the link below the message and all of a sudden his screen went black. “Oh man that must have been a virus.”, Axel reasoned and was about to throw the phone away when the screen flickered to life again. It showed only the normal menu, so Axel wondered what the link had caused. Then, after a few minutes of browsing through various sub menus he found the app called “Chronivac”. Axel opened up the program and was immediately excited by the endless possibilities it promised. Then the banging sounds started, so Jenny must finally be there and Nick must have begun fucking her silly and having the wooden headboard crash against their shared wall. “I wonder if the program can take care of it.”, Axel thought and brought up Nick’s profile. With a wicked grin he reduced the size of his roommate’s dick from a towering 9 inches soft, to a 3″ hard pecker, that would probably not be able to satisfy any woman. When he hit enter the banging sounds stopped and were replaced with bored sighs of Jenny, waiting to get pleasured. With a snicker Axel turned to his phone again. There were a lot of interesting options to choose from, he could make himself bigger, regress into a child or even become a tree if he wanted to. Though certainly the most interesting one to peak Axel’s interest was the option “Suppressed Desires”. He didn’t know what to think of that option and the description that the Chronivac would make any clearer either. It just read “Have you ever had a fantasy, but not the nerve to realize it? This option will help you to overcome any desires you have had and more.” Curious what changes would happen Axel clicked on the “Apply” button and waited for something to happen. Though one moment before the changes were about to manifest Axel noticed that the “Aware of Changes” field wasn’t ticked. The little nerd tried to stop it, but too late, a bright flash already went off and blinded him. ———————————————————————————————————– A little sleepy Axel opened his eyes. He scratched his head thinking about what he had just been doing, enjoying the immense feeling of power he felt from the huge biceps pressing against his ear. Then again he hastily straightened his hat, he didn’t want to ruin his look, the hipster appearance was a real turn on for the girls. Well of course his huge muscles and towering height weren’t hindrances either. And not to forget his booming bass voice that usually got him more pussy than he could do. Axel chuckled to himself. Like there was any amount of pussy he couldn’t satisfy. His footlong shank of fuckmeat and softball sized nuts just could keep going for hours and then some. Most of the girls.. he chuckled again.. all of the girls on campus could testament to this. He was just glad he had ordered the custom made condoms, he didn’t want to have countless bastard children littering the campus. And only the specially reinforced were able to handle the sheer power and size of his dick. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the silhouette on the bed stirred. Axel gripped his head. “Oh yeah, I had Jenny and Amber over last night.”, he murmured as he opened the door. Before him stood Nick, his roommate. The little guy was as different from Axel as could be. He stood 2 feet lower than Axel at a rough 5 and a half feet. Also where Axel was a huge muscular stud, Nick was just a twiggy nerd, with no real muscle on his bony frame. “What’s up twerp.”, Axel asked a bit annoyed, his rumbling voice only leading to more stirring from the girls on the bed. Nick just looked at Axel’s thick, tattooed legs and let his eyes wander up to the heavy bulge in his roommate's far too tight underwear. “So Axel, my ass feels empty again and I wondered if you could help me with it.”, Nick said a little nervously. Axel just frowned. The little guy always wanted him to fuck him silly. Axel had even given Nick a dildo, shaped like the brute’s dick, as an birthday gift so he wouldn’t have to waste all of his time on fucking the little guy. “Come on, man, just use the dildo I got you and leave me alone.”, Axel said and wanted to leave, but a hand held him back. “I think only the real thing will do this time.”, Nick answered and wiggled with his fat plush bubble butt. At the sight of this Axel’s elephantine tool stirred to life and Nick’s eyes went wide. “So, here’s the deal. I’ll fuck the girls again, meet up with Stan at the gym afterwards and if all the playing with your dildo hasn’t satisfied you by then I will fuck you. Okay?”, Axel gave Nick a warm smile and overjoyed Nick turned around and ran into his room, only to hear Axel calling after him: “And if I catch you not wearing that buttplug you got for Christmas again, you’re not gonna get fucked for a week.” He chuckled to himself, unsure if he could keep that threat, as he closed the door behind him. The two girls on the bed were now both awake and eager to have Axel split their pussies open. “So ladies.”,Axel Godfuck said, “I’m gonna meet up with my bro Stan in three hours, so we have to hurry up a bit.” And with that line his underwear was ripped to pieces by the enormous cock that was more than ready for Round 10.
  23. Lewis was pretty much perfect in every way. At the age of 21 he was the undisputed Big Man on Campus, being both the captain of the wrestling and football team. He wasn’t a jerk though, the 6′6″ 280 lbs behemoth always being friendly towards anyone he met and helpful and caring for those in trouble. Everybody knew that Lewis was attending the college on a scholarship, but most people didn’t know that this scholarship had nothing to do with his athletic success. Lewis was just a genius, having shown remarkable talent for Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. At the young age of 18 Lewis had written an essay, which later led to the discovery of a cure for the flu. Lewis’ genius also extended to other areas. He excelled at math and literature and (what most of the sorority houses could testament to) the bedroom. He was an expert at fucking all girls into ecstasy with his thick 10″ cock. But all the good guy act and nice persona ended at the threshold of his house.That’s what Lewis’ little brother Leonard knew far too well. Lewis forced his little brother constantly to do things for him, like washing his dirty clothes and doing his housework. What was even worse, was that Leonard was gay and Lewis had caught him one day while Leonard was sniffing at the stretched out jockstrap Lewis had worn to practice that day. From then on it went kind of downhill, with Lewis constantly walking around in only his jockstraps or even nude. Their shared room didn’t make matters better and so Leonard had to witness more than once how Lewis fucked a girl silly. It wasn’t like Leonard would have any way to pay him back. The 18-year-old was pretty much the complete opposite of his big bro. He was below average in pretty much every area, be it height, athleticism, beauty, intelligence or even dick size. That is until Leonard found a program called Chronivac. ———————————————————————————————————– It was a nice sunny day and Lewis had talked his best friend Tony into coming over to his house and chilling. They walked home and took a detour to the river in order to enjoy the day some more and maybe pick up a few chicks if they were at it. They even saw Leonard driving by in a bus, though he was too busy typing on his phone to notice them. Lewis’ and Tony’s plan didn’t succeed, the chicks weren’t really interested and not even Lewis’ legendary charm could change their opinion. Just when the third girl in a row had turned him down, Lewis was hid by a headache. He remembered that persuasion had never been his strong point. That’s why he normally let his body and face do the talking. Frustrated he came home and immediately saw something disturbing. A jockstrap, looking like size 3XL was draped over the handrail. What looked even worse was that the flexible material was even stretched out from what must have been a farm animal sized set of genitals. “Weird.”, Lewis uttered and threw it in the laundry basket, Lewis would have to wash it later. The two jocks stepped into the garden and decided to play some football. The game was kind of one sided, with Lewis taking the obvious lead. This went on for several minutes, until the door opened. Out stepped Leonard, clad in nothing more than a jockstrap, just like the one Lewis had fished off the handrail. And just like he had theorized, the owner was seriously packing. Another wave of dizziness hit him. It was only natural for Leonard to have 3XL as a jockstrap size, his genitals were ridiculously disproportionate on his skinny frame. He scratched at his humongous bulge and Lewis and Tony had and equally frustrating feeling of emptiness in their crotch areas. The two built sport stars were always mocked for being so unhung, both barely having 3 inches of cock when hard. “What you’re looking at, Lewis?”, Leonard mockingly asked and scratched at his bulge once more. “Fuck off, twerp?”, Lewis answered angrily and turned back to playing with Tony. The beefy linebacker still couldn’t get over how different Lewis was from his brother Leonard, the one being an gerbil dicked supertalent and the other just a horsehung average guy. Tony though noticed a displeased look crossing the younger brother’s face as he pulled his phone seemingly out of nowhere and began typing. The next thing the two jocks knew was that it felt like ants were crawling under their facial skin, but that feeling subsided as quickly as it had come. Suddenly Leonard called from the door. “It’s really fun to see Troll and the Ogre play this game. You’re really good at this guys.” A little embarrassed Lewis and Tony looked at each other. The nicknames ‘Troll’ and ‘the Ogre’ weren’t really the nicest around, but they were unfortunately fitting. Lewis was called “Troll” because of his crooked teeth and crooked nose, that had been broken multiple times. It gave him an intimidating look, that fit his burly build and towering height. On the other hand “the Ogre” Tony had earned his nickname from his overhanging mono brow and spotty skin, which made him look kind of dumb all the time. With a brooding look the two brutes turned at Leonard and were, as always, taken aback by his looks. Leonard looked like a Grecian statue had come to life, his face looking hard and like it was carved out of marble, while at the same keeping the young pretty boy charm of a 17-year-old. His features were so perfect they would make Narcissus jealous and put Adonis to shame. His eyes were so blue, that even the bluest of skies looked grey against them. “I said you should fuck off, twerp.”, Lewis said and resumed playing, or at least he tried to, since he was hypnotized by Leonard’s beauty. It took Lewis a moment to shake him awake and get him to play. And once again they ignored the pissed off look on Leonard’s cherubic face. The moment Lewis threw his 5′6″ frame into 5′5″ one he was hit by another headache. Wasn’t he to be taller? But no, Leonard was the tall one of the two. Lewis was even glad he was so short, since it wouldn’t make sense for a wrestler to be tall. With his short frame he could use his power more concentrated. It also made sense for a football player like Tony, because he was more agile that way. Though it would have certainly be nice to be as tall as Leonard with his 7′3″ frame. But Lewis “little” brother had the constant problem of banging his head on the doorframes, even though their parents had installed extra high ones, so that wouldn’t happen. But then another headache hit Lewis and Tony, resulting in the two of them grabbing their heads with petite hands. Why would the two of them ever be active in sports like football and wrestling. Their build was more fit for gymnastics, that was if their balance wasn’t thrown off by the big bouncy bubble butt they possessed. They both had a more skinny stature with small, flexible muscles. On the other hand was Lewis’ older brother Leo. He was the undisputed stallion of his campus, and he wasn’t even 20 yet. That said, didn’t mean he hadn’t gotten a taste of most of the sorority members on his campus. They just enjoyed rubbing Leo’s massive juicy pecs, while riding on his horse cock or feeling up he giant arms Leo called his own. Of course tracing the deep ridges of Leo’s sixpack wasn’t a turn off either. “At least I have still my scholarship.”, Lewis lisped and tried to recall what he and Tony had just done, when he heard the typing from the door. “Yeah, gymnast scholarships are great.”, Tony answered and giggled dumbly. Of course they would only get in college like that, after all the two twinks had barely made it through high school, because they had constantly milked their classmates’ dicks. And if they weren’t busy with that, Tony had to take care of Leo’s monster. Right after that thought had left his mind, Lewis heard a rumble come from next to him. It’s source was obviously Tony, who was seemingly quite hungry, judging the way he rubbed his ass. Fortunately Leo was close and walked up to the twink. “Wanna have your meal now?”, he asked and pulled down his gym shorts. Immediately Tony cupped the cum heavy bull nuts and began massaging them, while working the mammoth tool with his bottomless throat. “Make it quick though, some girls are coming over later.”, Leo said and forced Tony further down his cock. Hungrily Lewis licked his lips and thought about how delicious Leo’s cock must taste, but for now he’d have to settle for some jock from the gym.
  24. Ryan cleared his throat and opened the app. The strange program had appeared a few days before on his phone and promised a world altering experience. And “Chronivac - Phone Services” took that pretty literally. Ryan had tried out the new calling app and it didn’t miss out on it’s promise. Just after he got it, he had called his brother Sean at college and when he replied to the “Can we talk later? I’m busy.” with a joking “Jacking your insatiable monster off, right?” something happened. When his brother came home this weekend he had a really obscenely large bulge in his pants, clearly bigger than Ryan remembered. But everyone acted like it was normal especially Sean. That’s when a thought came to Ryan’s mind. Maybe i was because of the app. He searched for the number of his best friend. Drew and Ryan had been together ever since kindergarten. They had done everything together. From playing in each other’s garden to some gay experiments. During one of their experiments Ryan had noticed that he had feelings deeper than friendship for Drew, but his best friend clearly didn’t share them. Soon after Ryan discovered his feelings, Drew had gotten a girlfriend and though she was a really nice girl, Ryan didn’t like her. But with that app, Ryan could fix things. Finally the call connected. “Hey Ryan, how’s it hanging.” “Just as normal.”, he chuckled and gulped in anticipation. “So are you at the gym again? Probably, after all you haven’t been much else in the last 5 years, am I right meathead?” Deep within he could feel that the app worked. At the other end of the town, Drew suddenly found himself in a gym, that seemed like a second home to him. He held the phone, that looked ridiculously small in his big calloused hand, at his ear, while the other dinner plate sized mitt caressed his hard eightpack. “Yeah, how did you know. But I guess it is no surprise, I practically live here.” “The wall length mirrors might be an added benefit. After all you always check yourself out in every reflective surface you come across. But it would be a waste to let that beauty go unnoticed. And that beard is something to fantasize about too.”, Ryan said and bit his lip. Maybe he had overdone it. But Drew just laughed it off. “Yeah, it grows like crazy. I only shaved that morning and I have an insanely dense beard right now. But what’s with all that beauty shit. Are you a faggot or so?” Ryan took a deep breath. Now or never. “Of course I am, dummy. We have been together since high school.” Suddenly a though came to Ryan’s mind. The Chronivac made everything true, so did this go for the ‘Dummy’ remark too. “Duh, you’re right, honey, I guess it’s normal to forget stuff if you’re as dumb as me.”, answered Drew, his natural baritone now sounding incredibly dumb. “At least you’re good at other stuff. Like lifting weights and posing.”, Ryan quickly said to at least give his new boyfriend. Suddenly a clinging sound could be heard from the gym. Drew probably stepped on a dumbbell lying around. “What happened, honey? Did you trip over your own feet? I guess that can happen with size 23′s. Or are you hot? And that happens even though you don’t normally were a shirt in public, right?”, Ryan commented and immediately Drew’s already stretched to the limit tank top dissolved into thin air, while his shoes grew several sizes to become nearly clown sized. All of a sudden a guy came up to Drew and talked to him. “Hey dude, you’re awesome. I really admire your dedication. Can you give me some tips?”, he gushed. Drew only grunts a short “Later.” and shows him the phone. This small encounter gives Ryan a wicked idea. “What was that? Are you at a convention?” “A comic convention?”, Drew asks dumbly. A little confused you reply.”No, of course not. A fitness expo.” “Yeah, I still have some work to do. Probably will come home late, small guy.” The ‘small guy’ remark probably was meant as a joke, but immediately Ryan felt extremely vulnerable. And together with Drew calling him ‘faggot’ earlier, a strong empty feeling spread in his now giant bubble butt. “But I am so horny right now. Come here and give me your Monster dick, stallion.”, he whines, causing a chuckle of his boyfriend. “If you insist, my cute little bottom, I am on my way.”, finished Drew and ended the call. Back in their new shared flat, Ryan adjusted his new butt plug in preparation of his boyfriend’s monstercock. While he did that he wondered if the ‘Chronivac - Phone Service’ maybe worked both ways.
  25. *Click - Click - Click - Click* came the noise from the neighboring cubicle. "What are you typing so hectically?”, Keith asked his pal and co-worker William. Normally the guy was just like him. Only doing the absolutely necessary to not get fired and the rest of the day playing some crappy game. But today there was more than the normal occasional clicking. “Nothing, just toying with some new thing I found.”, came the reply from the other side of the wall. Curiously Keith peeked around the corner. There his best friend sat. Just like Keith William wasn’t exactly the most beautiful flower in the garden. Unlike their asshole manager Zack, who constantly bragged about the model jobs he got from time to time and all the while made fun of his two ugly employees. Of course it was not only about the fact that they were a little unattractive. Other recurring topics of Zack’s mockery was the bit of flab they were carrying around (It’s not like they were fat, just a bit out of shape.) in contrast to his perfect Adonis body or the lack of height (Both of them were about 5′9″), that paled in comparison to his extraordinary 6′7″. And of course the donkey dick, that he always bragged about in front of them, full aware, that nature hadn’t been this kind to William (William’s dick was only about 3″ when hard, from what he had told Keith. Being a black guy, this wasn’t an issue for Keith. And then Keith heard the sound of the ‘Enter’-Button being hit. Big dick, perfect muscles and an extraordinary height? What was he thinking? That wasn’t Keith at all. “Are the reports finished yet?”, came the squeaking question from next to him. He almost hadn’t noticed Keith. That wasn’t a surprise though. The office twink and manager often got overlooked and if not he most of the time got mistaken for a girl, standing only slightly above 5′ and having a build and flexibility, that most female gymnasts would kill for. “Aww, someone feeling angry?”, Keith asked and gave his generous bulge a grope. He could clearly see the lust in Zack’s eyes, though the little guy had only been fucked by Grant, another co-worker, a few minutes ago. But there was no helping it. Zack had been diagnosed a rare disorder called EAS, the ‘Empty Ass Syndrome’, which meant, that he got uneasy if he didn’t perpetually get a cock up his ass. Of course that went well with the fact, that apparently all guys at their office were hung like bull elephants. “Come on, little guy, I’ll go take care of you.”, Keith said in a warm tone and guided Zack toward his bureau. As he went towards the separated chamber, he could still hear William typing something on his keyboard. As the manager laid before his black employee on the battered bed in his private office, a wave of dizziness hit Keith. Suddenly the door flew open and Bill, the office bull, entered the room. “You weren’t about to fuck my prey right now, were you?”, Bill asked as he ducked into the room, his deep voice making Keith’s black sausage hard. And not only that. Since Bill didn’t want to wear clothes at the office (Not like anyone urged him to.) and so his body in his complete perfection was on show. His round pecs, his football sized arms, his perfectly cut sixpack and his huge quads all of them stacked on an enormous height of 7′. And to top things off he only wore a pair of struggling briefs, that completely showed the outline of his monster cock. It was even longer than that of everyone else in the office and that was saying something, considering their office was citywide known as the ‘Bullcage’. All of them knew that Bill could use his monster for good too. He always made Zack scream the whole building down when he got to fuck him. Meaning every few minutes, since Zack was not the only one with a disorder. Perfectly matching Zack’s EAS, Bill had an even rarer disorder, namely the ‘Hyper-Libido Syndrome’, meaning that his baseball sized nuts would not only need constant draining, but they would refill almost instantly too. So as the behemoth threw Keith out of the room and started his jackhammering, the now horny and depressed black employee made his way towards his cubicle. As he passed his colleagues, all of them jacking their fat, long cocks while watching porn or doing sales reports, he couldn’t help but wonder how Bill spend practically his entire time fucking Zack, but still made the most sales at their insurance selling company. He heard a pingig sound from the neighboring cubicle, Bill’s workplace, and decided to see what was the source. As he entered the cubicle he was amazed by how many pictures of Bill’s sexual conquests plastered the walls, some of the hottest girls and guys Keith had ever seen. He noticed the computer screen was still on and a program was opened. A message was up. “Thank you for using Chronivac.”
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