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  1. Mighty

    no sex Mighty's Caption Stories

    So, as much as I would love to be able to write out an entire narrative, I doubt I could maintain the focus or motivation to finish it once I got started. One thing I've always enjoyed is the smaller caption-based stories. It's always more inspirational and immersive to have a picture to reference, and the stories are typically shorter. I figured I'd give it a try. I'll post them all here. Feedback is appreciated, and if you have any particular images or gifs that you'd like to suggest I use, send them to me in a message and I'll take a look at them! As soon as it started to warm up outside, the basketball courts on campus were filled with young guys playing pickup games, and I loved it. Most of the time I didn't even have to have a set plan to go play or a group put together. I could just walk out and join in with a group of guys for a quick game. I'd played some in high school, but I was nowhere near good enough to play college ball. That being said, I could still hold my own against most of the other guys on campus. I was a respectable 6'2, and at 185lbs, I could throw my weight around on the court. One afternoon on my way back from class, I noticed the courts were empty. I figured it wouldn't take long to draw in some other guys, so I grabbed my ball and headed out to shoot some free throws until some other people showed up. I was out there on my own for about fifteen minutes before this dude walked up, dropped his bag by the fence and started walking my way. "How about a quick 1-on-1?" He asked as he walked up. I could tell he was a smaller guy as he came my way, but the closer he got, the further down I had to look at him. He had to be about an entire foot shorter than me, but he looked like a scappy little dude, so I agreed. After about ten minutes, I started to slow it down a bit. I'd never been one to go easy on anybody, but I was running circles around this scrawny little guy. I'd barely broken a sweat, but this kid's shirt was soaked, and he'd not even made a single shot. We were still the only two guys out there, so I didn't want to just walk off and leave him on his own, so I tried to play nice. "Nice hustle!" I complimented him. He hadn't played well, but I could tell he was pretty quick on his feet, and he wasn't about to give up. I tossed him the ball and jogged over to my water bottle. As I refreshed myself, I saw him dribble back to the 3 point line and scope out his shot. He turned to me with a smirk. "Watch this!" He called out to me. He then threw up a beautiful shot from behind the 3 point line, and it swished through the net. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe this kid who couldn't even lay one up was able to make that shot look so effortless. I gave him a thumbs up and jogged back over to him. "I guess my defense is better than I thought." I said playfully. It was like a fire was suddenly lit in the kid. His footwork started to get more coordinated. He got the ball, took it back again to behind the 3 point line, and before I could get into a good block, he swished another one. I looked down and saw another smirk. At that moment I thought maybe something seemed a little off, but I tried to focus on my game. I made another shot myself, but as soon as he got the ball back in his hands, he doubled back and sank another beautiful three pointer. "Were you trying to hustle me before, little man?" I remarked. As I went for the ball and turned back to see him, I took a visual inventory of the kid, and I was confused. When he walked up to me earlier, his head was barely above my naval, but he had definitely...gotten taller? His head was even with my chest. I wondered if I'd just misjudged his height before. swish! A fourth perfect three point shot. At this point, my competitive nature was taking over. I wasn't about to get shown up. I dodged around him, took the ball back myself and took a shot from downtown. We both watched it sail through the air, make contact with the backboard, and fly back towards the court. Not even close. The little guy darted down the court ahead of me, got the ball, and juked me again to make yet another 3. This time I got the ball and walked over to get another swig of water. He did the same, and as we walked back out onto the court, I got a good look at him. The top of his head was now higher than my pecs. I stopped with the ball in my hand. "Are you...taller?" I asked him. He smirked and then laughed. "Don't like getting your ass handed to you by a little man?" He said with a tinge of sarcasm. He lunged forward, knocked the ball out of my hands and proceeded to dribble past me. At this point, I had to seriously start playing ball. I think it took him by surprise because I was able to keep the ball away from him and score a couple of baskets myself. The serious look on his face became more angry as he shifted his weight, trying to keep up with me. He managed to take the ball, get it back down the court, and sank another 3. This time I let the ball stay under the net for a minute and watched him. He took in a deep breath, rolled his shoulders back, and I saw him grow. It was subtle, but he'd easily added an inch to his height, and at this point I noticed he had some muscle definition on him he didn't have before. I started to really watch him as we played, which was a mistake because he was able to make his next three pointer with little effort. Again, he took a deep breath, and his body grew. I wouldn't have thought anything about his height if he'd come onto the court at his current size. He was probably a comfortable 5'9 or so at this point. His shirt was drenched, and I could see the fabric clinging to an impressive amount of definition. His pecs were impressive, and his arms were filling the sleeves. We both began to play more aggressively. We didn't speak, mostly because we were both breathing so hard. What was initially a friendly game started to look like an intense game of street ball. I wanted to be serious about defending this guy, but there was a big part of me that wanted him to score. I was at conflict with myself. I had an opportunity to snatch the ball, but I hesitated. He used the opportunity to score again. Three more points. This time he grit his teeth as if he was in pain. My eyes were bugging out of my head as his chest began to strain against the soaked fabric. His nipples protruded, visible through the fabric. I heard the threads breaking. He was both packing on some impressive muscle and getting taller. His eyes were now level with my chin. "Don't you dare go easy on me!" He said through gritted teeth. I wanted to respond, but I choked on my words. This time I had the ball and was about to lay up a perfect shot when the little punk shoved me down. His weight took me way off guard as he drove his shoulder into my chest and sent my ass down onto the pavement. I dropped the ball and hopped up as quickly as I could to get after him. He made no attempt to help me up, and instead got the ball back to his magic line and sunk another perfect shot. At this point, I'd lost count of his three pointers. He let out a deep grunt as soon as the ball cleared the net, rolled his shoulders, and his back split through his t-shirt! His neck thickened as his traps rose up, creating obscene definition at this point. He flashed a toothy, gritted smile. He reached down with his hands and peeled the wet, shredded fabric off of his body. I stared intently at his layered abdominals as the the sunlight danced off of the sweaty skin. Even though the shirt was torn, he had a hard time getting it off. The tightness around his neck and biceps took him a bit, and I was in awe of what was happening. He was also getting taller as he was battling the shirt. "Ah, fuck!" He exclaimed. I couldn't see his face because his shirt was coming up over his head, but I could hear pain in his voice. He jerked the wad of fabric up over his head, finally freeing his torso. I heard the shirt tearing more as he eventually pulled it off and tossed it away towards his bag. He immediately dropped down onto his ass and reached for his feet. He was too late to get to his shoes before they literally split open. I'd never seen anything like it. He grabbed at the heel of the sneakers and tore them away from his feet one at a time. He adjusted his socks, which still fit, chucked his destroyed shoes over by the scraps that used to be his shirt and bounced back up to his feet. I took a glance at his basketball shorts as he hopped to his feet. They were previously loose and hung below the knees, but now, the fabric was fighting for space around his muscular quads. I also caught a glimpse of a mass between his legs that was pulling the loose fabric in a way that was awkward and borderline obscene. I quickly brought my eyes upwards, past his cobblestone stomach and heaving pecs to see that he was now every bit 6' tall. I still had a bit of height on him, but I wasn't sure I outweighed him anymore. In his sock feet, he got right back to ball. At this point, I started to play as though I was actively engaging with someone who was a better baller than me. I no longer felt guilty about shoving him, but that was no longer an easy thing to do. It felt as though we weighed about the same, but the dude was hard as a fucking rock. I was able to knock him unsteady a couple of times and get the ball, but he never went down. You would think that he would need time to regain his coordination after growing, but he was immediately aware of how to use his newfound height and mass on the court. I took a risk on a steal, but he shifted his weight, and his thicker back caught me off guard. He spun around, jumped back, and threw up another 3 pointer. I jumped to block, but I was too slow. Swish I had an idea. I quickly ran to the ball, caught it on the dribble, and passed it to him. I figured that maybe if I caught him off guard, he wouldn't be able to grow as much and it might slow him down. I pitched the ball from my chest out towards his with a lot more force than I should have. He'd thrown his head back again as he grew. The ball jetted across the court towards the expanding basketball player. With lightning fast reflexes, his arm jutted out. And he caught the basketball single handed. The basketball settled into the kid's palm as his long, muscular fingers gripped the orange skin of the ball. I heard more tearing and looked down to see his toes explode through the cotton fabric of his socks. Still growing, he took his feet and drug them backwards, tearing off the remains of the socks and releasing a truly impressive set of dogs. I'd never thought of a person's feet as muscular before. Seeing him barefoot, I contemplated offering him a pair of my own sneakers, but I wasn't sure this kid's boats would be able to fit into my own size 13's. Still palming the ball, he walked right up to me. He put his face in mine, and looked me directly in the eye. He said nothing, but he shoved the basketball into my chest without breaking eye contact. The blow knocked the breath out of me. I took a step back, my arms coming up to clutch the ball in my chest as I let out a cough, but I didn't fall. The barefoot beast still had plenty of game in him, but I was running out of steam. He matched me inch for inch, but he definitely had at least twenty pounds on me at this point, and he had every intention of using them. I thought his footwork would suffer more since he'd lost his shoes and socks, but it was like the roughness and heat of the concrete beneath us had no effect on him. I had to play completely defensively. It'd been a while since I had to try to block someone my own height, and it wasn't like I was doing the best job before he got this big. He was only interested in shooting from behind the 3 point line, so I was trying desperately to keep him close to the net. If he got the ball, he would only try to run it all the way back, and I was able to block him out for a bit. Eventually he got the ball away from me and started back, and I darted around him to block him with all of my weight. He went to dart around me, and I stepped back and planted my weight down onto one of his big feet. I felt the hard mass under my heel, and by the time I realized what was happening, he was already crying out in pain. I tried to move back and apologize, but before I could even say anything, he pulled his foot back and aggressively shoved me full force. His huge hands engulfed my chest and I immediately flew back, landing painfully on my ass and back. "FUCK!" We both cried out. It took me a moment to piece together what had happened, and before I could pick myself up from the ground, I saw the orange ball sail over me and heard it swish through the net behind me. Still on the ground, I looked up and was astounded. Anyone who is 6'3" will look like a giant when you're looking up at them from the ground, but this guy was a behemoth. He slowly walked my way, casting a shadow across me as his broadening shoulders eclipsed the sun. I looked up and saw his pecs heave out from his body, creating a meaty shelf. Above the pecs I could see his bull neck thicken, his Adam's apple protruding from his muscular throat. He brought up his arms and flexed his expanding biceps. I hadn't believed that biceps bigger than 20 inches were truly possible, especially for a college guy, but I now had to believe because that's exactly what this kid had hefted over me, and they were still swelling outwards, the cut definition of his biceps and triceps only getting more defined as veins snaked their way up his forearms that looked like bowling pins and onto fists that looked like they could punch a hole right through a man. He surged even taller, and this immense feeling of smallness washed over all of me. I watched a large bead of sweat flow through the deep crevice between his pectorals. As it flowed down through the canyon between his abdominals, it looked suspended in place as gravity pulled it down, but his torso surged upwards. His bare torso expanded in the sun, each muscle group growing larger and more defined from the rest. I kept my eyes in one place, but as he increased in size, my focused was directed from his stomach to his waist. He had increased substantially in girth, but his waistband had not yet conceded as he was still relatively trim for his size. My stomach lurched as I beheld the once loose nylon material was now pulled tight, resembling boxer briefs. Just under the waistband was a piece of anatomy that every man was familiar with, but there was no denying that the equipment he packed was now just as immense as the rest of him. The material was pulled forward and away from his crotch as I watched his absurd bulge grow with the rest of him. The bulk of his thighs hiked the material up, exposing the defined muscle groups of his cedar-like legs. I let my eyes trace down his legs, past his knees and to his lower legs. His calves were definitely bigger than my biceps, easily pushing 20 inches themselves. Under those I was surprised to see how close his toes were to my face. His toes looked long, defined, and dexterous. I'd seen plenty of tall guys with big feet during my basketball days, but I'd never seen feet like these. They were wide and powerful. Thick veins ran across the top, feeding into his thick, muscular ankles. He let out a long, deep sigh. I turned my head back to try and meet the eyes of the mountainous figure towering over me. I couldn't ignore the prominent bulge obtruding from his groin as I continued to crane my neck back. Deep shadows and glistening sweat anointed every facet of his body. Above his striated, meaty pecs and husky neck I could see his cut jawline, a huge, toothy smile, and finally, his eyes, gazing down into mine. He bent down towards me and reached out one of his meaty hands in a gesture to help me to my feet. Shakily, I complied. His hand closed around mine, dwarfing it. I instinctively reached my other hand up and grasped onto his forearm. My fingers stood no chance of reaching all the way around his sizeable wrist. He effortlessly hoisted me up into the air. I barely landed on my feet as he loosened his grip on my hand. I slowly released my hold on his arm. My eyes followed the road map of veins up his forearm and across his brawny upper arms. My eyes moved across his herculean shoulders and chest, and I stopped. My eyes rested at the base of his neck, putting him now several inches taller than my 6'3. I took three steps back so I could easily see his face. He had been wearing that smirk for a bit now. He reached up a hand and placed his palm on my head, closing his fingers around my skull. His bulging bicep was in my face, heat and strength emanating from his muscles. I tried to instinctively pull my head away, but he held it in place. Our eyes locked. I took in a deep breath and my lungs filled with a smell that was a mix of sweat and raw testosterone. "Little man." Is all he said, but his voice had filled out and deepened considerably. His tone was definitely one of using that term to describe me rather than himself. He released his grip on my head and I moved further back, still in awe of how this shrimpy guy transformed into this titanic monster. He swaggered over to the remnants of his socks and scooped them up in a hand. He sauntered over to where he'd left his destroyed shirt and shoes and grabbed them off of the ground. He strut towards the trashcan and threw his clothes away. He then began to move towards me. He was so immense, and his movements were so confident that he was mesmerizing to watch. He effortlessly moved from a slow walk to a run. He darted past me, the smell once again hitting me like a wall as the wind followed his powerful movement. He picked up the basketball and effortlessly jumped into the air before bringing the ball down into an explosive two-handed slam dunk. The ball rocketed down into the pavement. He held tight onto the rim, and I could hear the steel goalpost creak under the force, but it did not bend. He proceeded to preform a handful of effortless pull-ups on the goal before turning himself around to face me and then dropping down onto the court. He met the ground with a thunderous thud, and I was transfixed on his crotch as his cock bounced between his muscular legs, fighting for room. He made his way over to the basketball once more, picking it up and holding as I would have a softball. He then grabbed his water bottle, downing the rest of the water in a single gulp, and picked up his comedically small backpack, sliding it down his forearm. He carried the basketball and his bag back to the 3 point line once more. He looked at me, and I realized I hadn't moved at all since he helped me up. I forced myself to blink and noticed how dry my mouth had gotten. He held the basketball down to his crotch, taking a minute to compare the size of his obscene, round bulge to the size of the basketball. The rotund package protruding from between his massive thighs almost looked as though he had taken a basketball and stuffed it in there. His massive cock and tremendous thighs were pushing the material to its limits. "Thanks for the game." He shouted to me in his deep, booming voice. "But now, I've gotta go play another ballgame." He chuckled to himself as he effortlessly tossed the basketball one more time from the 3 point line. I watched it sail through the air and pass through the net, landing on the cracked pavement below. I didn't go for my basketball or my own bag. Instead, I followed this herculean muscle man off the court as the sound of grunting and tearing fabric could be heard across campus.
  2. Orrinotica

    m/m Muscle Growth Captions!

    JOIN THE ORRINOTICA DISCORD! Hey all, I've got a free discord server I've been working to put together. It's all FREE! You'll find plenty of TF captions of all variety! Sample below!
  3. beastcz

    m/m FertiliGro

    This is the first chapter of my new series of short captions; FertiliGro. I hope you enjoy. I also post his on my bdsmlr blog. Fair warning, in addition to muscle growth content, I also post mpreg stuffs there, so be informed if that's not your thing. Future entry of this story may also contains mpreg contents too. I also have a blog on this forum, in case you guys want to check it out. FertiliGro Snippet 1 Ever since Jason took the new fertility-enhancing pills, FertiliGro, to help with his low sperm-count problem, he feels like a changed man. The company advertised it would help increase virility in men, improving potency and volume, as well as working like an aphrodisiac, enhancing libido and extend erection time, and all-around improve sexual experiences. It sounds too good to be true at first, but he was desperate, and there was a lot of good reviews of the product, so he bought some and began taking them. And he has to say, the advertisement weren't exaggerating the effects of the pill. If anything, it might be TOO effective. He has been horny and hard non-stop since he started them. He has to rub out a few load a day now just to keep his libido manageable. Even still, his swollen gland would still snake down his pants, throbbing and dripping with pre-cum. He also noticed other side effects. He started feeling restless if he doesn't do anything physical activity for too long. His muscle grows quickly after his time in the gym. There's more hair on his manlier body now, and his beard is coming in quickly he'd sport a fair goatee even if he shaved in the same morning. Damn, the thought of his increasingly sexy body make him hard again. Gotta take care of this. He wasn't attracted to guys before, straight as an arrow, but lately any hunks would give him a hard on as good as any bombshell, the urge to fuck overwhelm him just the same. As he powerfully stroke his breeding tool, he noticed it feels bigger and longer in his hands. The more opaque pre-cum is soaking his hands and abs. Even after he shoots, he still keep going, addicted to the powerful pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms his cock is giving him. Maybe he should go out and find someone to breed. With how virile he is right now, he might even knock a guy up. The idea sent him into another mind-blanking spurts.
  4. beastcz

    m/m Mysterious Stranger

    Legends told, in a public rest room not too far away. A mysterious stranger occupying a stall. He's muscular and strong, broad shoulders and thick arms. Shapely pecs, stocky core. Thunder thighs and bubble butts. His face, what can be seen under his concealing hood, has rugged strong jaw and manly hair. Sometimes, it's a handsome scruff. Sometimes, it's a full thick beard. But the most notable features of his, people whispers, are his thick cock and bull balls. Don't be mistaken, their size are impressive, but not exceptional. What make these so special is the properties they hold. Legends told, of a beefy bull stud, offering his service in a public restroom not too far away. If you accept his offers, of blowjobs and barebacks, you may find his generous offers even more wondrous. With his overflowing loads in your mouth and hole, you may find your body grow. Muscle strengthen and bulging, frame enlarged and looming, hair spread and covering, and manhood virile and empowering. His gifts given, his lust satisfied, you find he disappeared. Without a word, without a sound, nothing left behind except your new body. Vanished, dimmed and faded without a trace. Legends told, of a mysterious sexy stranger, in a public restroom not too far away. If you except his offers, fulfil lust his and yours, you may find he leaves you a gift, studly body like his assured. --------------------------------------------- This one's format is a little bit weird. Just an experimental style I want to try out. I was hoping it would give the snippet a bit of a mysterious atmosphere. Posted here in the story section because I feel like it has potential for development later on. May expand this into an actual full length piece later.