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Found 2 results

  1. “You Dean” the massive man asked, his chest glistening beneath his unzipped hoodie Dean gulped, the little fag had said he’d set his big brother on him, but Dean had just laughed and dunked the nerd’s spotty face into the toilet again. He never considered the little guy would actually do it, let along that his brother was actually a beast. But the man before him did share some similarities, they had similar coloring, similar eyes and even hints of a similar facial structure. “Yes…….sir” he quickly added “Cool” he rose up from his perch, the underside of his pecs level with Dean’s eyes “I’m Hugh, you’ve been harassing my little brother” Dean started to back off, but Hugh gripped his shoulder and pulled him back. The hand massively meaty and denting into Dean’s pretty thick shoulder. “Nah, you’re not going anywhere” Hugh’s free hand clenched into a fist “Please, I’ll leave him alone…….” Dean begged, but Hugh hushed him “I’m not here to hurt you” He paused, flexing his biceps “I’m here to thank you” “Thank me” Dean questioned “Yea” Hugh let his shoulder go and started to feel up his own solid abs “If it wasn’t for your constant abuse, my little bro wouldn’t have come to me and asked to get big” Dean paled “Get big” Hugh laughed “You think this is natural” he bounced his pecs “hell no, I’m a chemistry whizz, or was in a past body, I mixed a little potion and got this body out of it” Hugh rubbed his crotch, his memories turning him on. His jeans showing the teeth of the zipper straining and nearly popping open from the mass behind them. “My bro’s been stubborn about getting huge, but you have helped chang his mind” Hugh patted Dean’s head “I’ll leave you two alone” He turned and jogged away towards some passing blond joggers, his muscled ass flexing. “Two?” Dean shouted after him “It’s just me here” A deep thundering chuckled erupted behind him. Dean jumped, falling to the floor. Behind him rose a mountain of muscle, gym shorts strained against huge thighs and a monstrous dick mound. Eight furry cinder blocks rose upwards towards two hairy muscle slabs. A thick neck and even thicker traps held aloft a solid jaw coated in stubble. Arms thicker then Dean’s thighs strained against tanned skin, thick veins coursed with testosterone. Two dark eye glared downwards, the muscle man’s mouth stretched into a sneer. “Hey Dean” the little fag boomed from 7ft above him
  2. Part One I sighed heavily as I sat out in my car, staring ahead at the neon yellow and purple lights. I had joined the Planet Fitness about a month ago, back when I had been excited about my decision to embark on this journey of growth. The place was huge, with over three levels of equipment for me to get lost in. And the promise of a judgement free zone had really suckered me in. I was, in fact, quite obsessed with growth. I'd dreamt of building a body like Ferrigno or more recently someone like that kid, Jeff Seid. But at five foot six and barely a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet, it was proving to be more of a challenge than I had originally thought. No matter how many calories I consumed in a day, I couldn't seem to gain any weight. My endurance had improved exceptionally, I could lift smaller amounts of weight for longer periods of time, but nothing I did seemed to bring on any change. I was fed up and broke from constantly trying new supplements. I was on the verge of quitting and not to mention, the whole anti-bullying campaign had turned out to be a joke. I was such a dumbass, thinking things would be different here. I had even signed up for the elitist ‘black’ membership, and look what that got me. A whole fat lotta nothin’. With a shake of my head I stepped out of the car, turning slightly to slam the door behind me. I longed for a day when the vehicle might actually rock back and forth from the force of my own power. But I knew that could only happen if I actually dragged my ass inside. There were no magic potions or pills that could help me, and I really didn't have the money for ‘juice’. I was going to have to rely on good old fashioned hard work, here. And with a signed contract that agreed to an automatic twenty-three dollar withdrawal a month, I wasn't about to let that money just circle the drain. I threw the hood up on my jacket as I headed in, wishing that I could just shrink in on myself as I trudged up the stairs towards the locker rooms on the second floor. I had found that if I waited to work out until after nine, the real gym rats were usually gone by then-- probably tucked into their nice warm beds, cuddling a different woman every night. Needless to say, women didn’t usually give me a second glance, much less a first. “Fucking hell.” I blew out a breath as I rounded the corner by the free weights. I froze in my tracks as my eyes landed on Brandon and two of his muscle-headed goons. My arch-nemesis must have gotten a late start tonight, I thought. Easily the three biggest guys in the gym, and they knew it too. At five-ten, Brandon wasn’t the tallest of the three, but he was the widest and probably out muscled Nathan and Jeremy by thirty or forty pounds. I had found myself standing in the middle of a three-decker-muscle sandwich more than once, and let me tell you, it was not a pleasant place to be. I quickly snuck back behind the wall, and prayed I hadn’t been seen. Thankfully, there was more than one way to the locker room. I pushed open the doors to an area I had never been through before. Infrared saunas lined one wall and massage chairs another. I couldn’t help but smile a little, I had forgotten they had these here. A massage actually sounded quite nice right about now, but it would have to wait. I kept walking, my eyes focusing on a sign at the end of the hall. I realized then that I had yet to use the ‘elite members only steam room’ perk either. My hand reached out for the handle, but the door didn’t budge. Evidently, I needed to swipe my black key card in order to get in. “Holy shit man, check out your pump!” Sweat broke out across my upper lip as I fumbled with the key hanging around my neck. It would be just my luck that Brandon and his buddies would be heading this way. The door lock released and not a moment too soon. As I slipped inside, the steam immediately enveloped me. I blew out a breath as the three large figures passed by without a second glance. It didn’t take long for me to figure out I wasn’t alone though. As I slowly turned around, I suddenly found my eyes widening in disbelief. It was too dark to make out any faces, but through the mist I could see a hulk of a man kneeling before what appeared to be a goddess of a woman. With his heavily muscled arms wrapped tightly around her, I watched her bite down on her lip as she squirmed in his grasp. I heard the soft moans she tried to hold back as her long legs wrapped around his narrow waist. A moment later she was arching into him, the man’s mouth latching onto more of her breast. It was then that he let out a deep, animalistic groan of his own. It was almost erotic in a sense as he finished sucking on her tit. I could feel myself stiffen as his tongue gently swirled around the darkened skin before lapping at her nipple. I couldn’t take anymore. My lungs gasped for air as I burst from the room. My member was still rock hard, but I couldn’t let myself explode. If I thought the torture from Brandon was hell now, I could only imagine how much worse it would be with a large stain in the front of my pants. At the sound of running water, I continued on my way to the locker rooms yet again. I quickly shoved my stuff into the first one available before darting back out towards the equipment. I took a seat and moved the pin up to a weight I felt more comfortable with. Today I had planned to hit my chest, and if I was feeling good enough afterwards, maybe some tris. I tugged on the cords, the weight gliding easily enough. But I was unfocused today, the steam room incident still had me up in arms. It was on my third or fourth rep when a massive body suddenly blocked my line of view. “It’s good to see you’re still here, man,” the deep voice sent shivers down my spine. As I looked up, and up, and up, it dawned on me that Brandon wasn’t the Alpha anymore. “Jayson?” I could feel my eyebrows scrunching together as I looked up at the other man. “What the hell happened to you?” I found myself blurting out. What I really wanted to know though was what the hell was he on? I was dumbfounded as I gazed up at the monster before me. He hadn’t been nearly this big a few weeks ago, but I was sure it was him. I’d never forget those baby blue eyes. “Just a new supplement I’ve been trying out.” He shrugged like it was no big deal. I admit I’d only seen him around the week back when I first had joined, but the gains he had made were impossible, and probably illegal too-- right? Right? He was so fucking huge, now. I watched him load up an impossible amount of weight before laying down underneath the bar. It seemed dangerous and stupid, to do something like that without a spot. However, as I watched, it became obvious he didn’t need any help as the weight moved effortlessly up and down in his capable hands. I shook my head as I tried to go back to concentrating on my own work out. But god-- those muscles. Those arms! My eyes involuntarily travelled back over to those incredible wings that seemed to overhang each side of the bench. It wasn’t fair, I thought. He had grown so much in such a short amount of time. I wondered what it must be like to be such a beast. “Well if it isn't the shrimp!” I could feel the color drain from my face as Brandon suddenly appeared on my left. His smile was as wicked as the cheshire cat as he pressed down on the bar I was using with a single hand. “It’s lucky for me you’re here actually,” he said. “I was wondering if I could borrow your face since my ass is on vacation!” I barely had time to notice Jeremy and Nathan closing in on my right before Brandon lifted me up by my baggy shirt. I remember thinking that I really needed to get my testosterone levels checked before bringing my hands up in defense of Brandon's gigantic fist. I waited for what felt like a million years, but surprisingly, the pain never came. “Put him down,” Jayson rumbled. “Unless you want your membership revoked.” Slowly I slid one eye open and then another. As I had suspected, Brandon was no longer the biggest man around. “You think I really care?” A cocky Brandon snorted in response. “There’s plenty of other gyms out there. And better ones too.” “Good--” Jayson nodded. With a smirk of his own, he brought his arm eye level with Bradon’s face. “--then maybe one day, you’ll be able to grow as big as me.” It was all we could do but watch in amazement as he pumped his massive arm. The bulge seemed to grow taller and harder before our very eyes as veins wider than my finger crisscrossed over the reddened peak. “Yeah, maybe one day,” Jayson taunted. “But not any time soon. I feel like I’m going to hit a huge growth spurt tonight.” I could feel the lines in my forehead crease for the second time that day. No body just grew overnight. But the way he said it-- so confident. The first of the goons to snap out of Jayson’s trance, I watched as Jeremy gripped Brandon’s shoulder before whispering something in his ear. Shortly after, the three nodded at each other in some sort of unspoken bro-code, eyed Jayson warily and then headed down the stairs. As they disappeared from my line of sight, I could feel my shoulders slump forward in relief. “Stick with me kid and you'll be alright.” My body jerked forward from the force of Jayson’s thump against my back. “Easy for you to say,” I mumbled under my breath. “But you’re not the one getting tossed around like a rag doll all the time," I pointed out. Jayson studied me with an intense scrutiny then, his blue eyes boring into the depths of my soul. “You wish you could be as big as me, don’t you?” he asked. I could barely nod my head as he shoved his arm in my face. With a whimper on my lips I could feel myself growing stiff. The peak of his bicep swelled to even greater proportions then before-- seventeen and three quarters, or maybe eighteen inches now. I longed to be that big. I wanted-- no I NEEDED to be that big. “Bigger,” I muttered, my voice barely above a whisper. “Stronger,” I groaned. I found a blush creeping up my neck and cheeks as Jayson lowered his head. “What did you say, little guy?” he asked. A smile tugged at his lips. “I want to be bigger,” I said again. “Even bigger than you.” My feet had suddenly grown very interesting as I lowered my gaze. I had, for the first time in my life, just spoken my deepest, darkest desire out loud and practically to a stranger. As if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Jayson’s large hand tightly grasped my shoulder. “Follow me,” he said, and it was almost pathetic how quickly I obliged. It felt like I was trailing behind a large silverback gorilla as we re-entered the area with the steam room. Like a lightbulb going off inside my head, I suddenly became fully aware that Jayson was the man in the mist. For a second I began to have my doubts when he told me to wait outside. I found myself asking what I was even doing here as I watched his impossibly wide back struggle to fit through the door. I ran my hands through my hair, tugging on the ends with a grunt. Was I really willing to risk jail time over this, or liver failure? Hell maybe even cardiac arrest? I turned my back towards the steam room but couldn't walk away. There was truly nothing I wanted more. “She said she’ll see you now.” I startled a little at the sound of Jayson’s voice. As I attempted to brush past him, his vice like grip tightened around my upper arm. “She’s kind of doing this as a one time favor for me though, alright?” I nodded my head, but in all honestly I had no idea what I was signing up for here. As my eyes flicked over Jayson’s powerful body-- once again, I decided in that moment though, I was willing to find out...
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