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  1. Symbiotic Bonding Part 07

    Merry Fucking Christmas! Enjoy guys! Previous Parts: -Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 05 - Part 06 - Part 07 While You Were Sleeping Matt sat down on his bed, lying back and rolling onto his side so he could have a great view of Andrew from across the room as he slept. He watched Andrew’s newly-built chest rise and fall as he breathed in deeply, pulling in oxygen into his now much larger chest, before letting it all out. Matt heard Andrew muttering under his breath. Words that were hard to make out, but they began to make him quiver with desire for reasons he did not understand. He continued to watch his smaller brother slumber, Andrew’s new body partially illuminated under the dim moonlight coming in through the window. It was just enough for Matt to see the curves of his twins new muscles. Andrew murmur’s in his sleep again, having an amazing dream from what Matt was noticing as he watched a new curve being arising. The part of the sheet over Andrew’s larger dick began to rise. Matt paused, not sure what to do next, but Andrew shifts in his sleep, kicking off part of the sheet, letting his new, big phallus spring free. Matt’s throat catches as he watches its silhouette wave back and forth, several inches off of his slumbering bro. His own dick stiffening, urging him towards the swinging metronome of Andrew’s penis. Andrew’s snores were loud, and very deep. He continued to toss and turn on his bed, getting into a more comfortable position, his arm going behind his head, exposing his deep murky pit. The exposure sending a bit of odor wafting out over his area of the room as it began to get stronger the longer it was out in the fresh air, moving towards Matt’s side of the room. His other hand went down to his larger, kiwi sized balls, as be scratched and pulled at them slightly. “Wa….e….” he mumbled. ‘….nt…m…” the words were low but commanding even in his sleep daze. Each time they began to get clearer and clearer. “Want me….” Matt finally hears the two words, loud and clear. Even though it was still almost a mutter under Andrew’s breath, Matt was able to understand those two words perfectly. He pushed aside his sheets, tossing his legs over the edge, and treading the several meters to his brother’s bed. Matt looks down at Andrew, noting how the dim moonlight highlights the strong, masculine body of his growing twin. His own cock throbs, and as he watches Andrew sleep he notices his brother’s does as well. As Andrew rolls over to his side, Matt decides to join him in bed, His legs at Andrew’s head, and vice-versa as they get into a 69 position. Matt looks straight ahead towards Andrew’s cock, gently scooting towards it, eager to have it push between his lips, into his mouth, and down his throat, but he needs to make sure not to wake his twin. The words mutter again “Want Me,” much clearer now from him being this close. Matt can’t take it any longer, scooting forward quickly until he feels his smaller twins dick brush against his lips. Matt opens wide, engulfing the head, sucking it into his mouth, while his own cockhead presses against Andrew’s own, opened, sleeping lips. Pre begins to leak out from Matt’s cock onto Andrew’s lips. In Andrew’s sleep state, he licks his slightly slick lips, feeling his bro’s cock leave a good amount of pre on them. His moth opens, his tongue running along the upper part of Matt’s cock as his lips close around the head and Andrew begins to nurse on the tip like a child suckling a teat. Matt moan’s from the pleasure, scooting even closer to try and get more and more of his shaft into Andrew’s mouth, as he feels it hit the back wall, slowly forcing the head into Andrew’s throat. This causes Andrew to moan, feeling more aroused in his sleep state, his hand going toward the back of his brother’s head, rubbing his hair as he begins to stir a bit. Matt purr’s with joy as he is getting attention from his Twin. He doesn’t care if he’s asleep. He know’s Andrew does not want this to continue to happen, but this reassurance is all Matt needs to keep going. He relaxes his throat, opening it up more so he can swallow more of Andrew’s cock, pushing his lips further down the shaft. He wants his bro’s precious seed, so he makes his tongue dance against the underside of Andrew’s tool, feeling the bumps and ridges of the veins, teasing it as best as he can. Andrew’s throat muscles continue to open and close over the head of Matt’s cock. Matt begins to let out soft, muffled moans of pleasure as his balls start to ache, eager to unleash a bountiful seed. But the thing inside of Matt, the living Symbiote, won’t allow it yet. It prevents him from release, and starts to produce more and more cum, making Matt’s balls begin to fill with more and more cream. Matt is hopeless, able only to do his best to work over Andrew’s cock while Andrew’s sleeping daze returns the favor. Andrew’s sleepiness begins to wear off as his eyes begin to slowly open, his brain waking up. The first thing he sees are two large, swelling testicles pressed against his face, before he notices the cock lodged down his throat… “Mmmmmm mmmmmm” Andrew tries to protest, knowing this is going to not go so well for Matt as his own cock was buried deep into his brother’s throat as well. His cock was uncontrollably hard, there was no way he was going to escape this. Andrew tris pulling away, but Matt’s hands grab onto his thighs and hold him in place, as Matt flips Andrew onto his back. Matt’s still larger then him and has plenty of skills from all the sports he played through the years that Andrew never did. “Mmmmmm….” Andrew protests again, but Matt just doubles his efforts, sucking even harder and faster. Matt was desperate for his brother’s cum, wanting so very much to please Andrew. Wanting just as much to make his twin bigger, stronger, sexier. As Andrew struggled beneath him, Matt drives his dick deep into Andrew’s mouth, until his balls are resting against Andrew’s nose; his wispy pubes tickling Andrew’s chin. Matt let’s out a soft grunt as his cock explodes, sending a large load of cum rocketing down Andrew’s throat. As it hits, Andrew kicks, his body spasming as another inch is added to his height, bringing him to six feet tall, just like Matt. His body swells, more and more muscle added to his frame as he reaches a whopping 215lbs, just five pounds shy of Matt’s own still impressive 220lbs. And his cock, lurching forward in Matt’s mouth as it gains another ½ inch, reaching finally a solid 8, thickening slightly in his mouth, pushing further down his throat. Matt lets out a low moan as he continues so suck, turned on incredibly by this new growth spurt. Andrew gets even hornier with this new flood of testosterone going through his body, causing his own cock to grow even harder. As Matt began to lift himself away after he did what he felt needed to be done, to grow Andrew to Twin like proportions, Andrew’s hands latch onto Matt’s head and thrusts his cock upward to sink his cock all the way up into Matt’s throat. Matt’s cock no longer in Andrew’s mouth. “This is what you wanted?” Matt tries to push Andrew’s body back onto the bed. “I’m sorry bro… Mph… but it’s… my turn…” He thrusts his cock all the way up and Matt continues to struggle. “My turn… to… Uhnn…” His eyes closing as a mighty blast of hot seed fires out from Andrew’s cock and forces its way into Matt’s stomach. “to… protect you.” All Matt can do is swallow or he would probably drown from how much cum was erupting out of his twin’s cock. He begins to feel like he’s weakening, getting smaller, but even though these physical attributes are changing he can only think of how much he truly needs to be wanted now by Andrew. Matt grips onto Andrew’s muscular thighs, feeling them tense up under him as he continues to shoot. All Matt does is welcome every last drop. Andrew also feel’s his brother getting smaller around him, as he drops to 5’11”. Matt’s cock reeling back into his body as it sucks into a slightly above average 7 inches, nowhere close to his whopping original 10. His weight reaching 205lbs. Andrew finally rolls Matt’s body off of him and onto the bed. Panting, his body covering with as much sweat, even covered with fur, his body looked like an oiled up bodybuilder. “What did you do?” “You wanted me to want you. And I did. I wanted you. I still do. I want you so bad, Andrew!” Matt reaches up, his fingers gently brushing against one of Andrew’s furry pecs, feeling how it’s slightly larger than before, slightly thicker. “And I love what my cum does to you. How it makes you bigger. Stronger. Fuck, you’re HOT, Andrew. You know that, right?” Matt moves his thumb and index finger to the nipple on the pec he was rubbing and begins to roll it between his fingers. Is it any surprise that I want you?” Andrew moans in pleasure from Matt’s touch. He pulls his twin closer towards him, lifting him up in his arms, as he stands up and walks towards the full length mirror, Matt’s posing mirror, the one that he would always admire himself in. Andrew places him down, right in front of him. Matt having to look slightly up now, but not by much, as Andrew turns him towards his reflection. Matt can now see who is clearly the larger one in absolutely every aspect now. “Do you see this Matthew?” Matt hated that name. He hasn’t been called that since he was 12. It was the name his parent’s would also use to scold him as a child. “Look what you’ve done. I told you to stop… There is no going back from now on…” Matt looks down at his feet for a moment, then back up at Andrew. He blushes, seeming a bit shy. Certainly not like the confident jock who used to strut around campus like he owned it. “Are you really mad at me, Andrew? I – I thought you wanted this. You can’t be feeling bad, can you?” Matt reaches over and traces his fingers along his brother’s abs, tracing each separation between each block of muscle. “Don’t you feel bigger, stronger, more capable? Ready to take on the world?” Matt moved around Andrew’s larger frame, behind his bro. His smaller body now completely hidden behind Andrew’s reflected image in the mirror. “Don’t you want to be as much of a man as you can be?” Matt asked, his voice distant, as he leaned against Andrew’s strong, broad, muscular back. Andrew feels Matt’s arms wrap around his waist from behind as he relaxes a bit. “I think I’m gonna need a shower. I can’t sleep now…” Andrew turns around to face Matt, placing a hand gently on his brother’s chin. “Everything will be ok, I guess,” He smiles into his eyes. “Just gonna be some adjustments were gonna need to get used to.” Andrew bends down, bringing his lips to Matt’s, kissing him, before heading off to the shower, leaving them both to contemplate. Matt watches Andrew’s strong glutes rising and falling with each step as he leaves the room. His lats curving to meet his beefy shoulders, traps trying to reach up and swallow his neck. He flopped back onto his bed, a huge grin on his face. You’re big now, and hot. But you could be so much more… To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 08: Make A Man Out of You
  2. Family secrets: Strugling

    The first week of summer vacation was a wave of love for Colin and Fred. They sleeped with each other in they parents bed, they walk around in their bodybuilder boxers and Fred fed Colin every morning after breakfast a bit of his milk. Colin enjoyed it very much, and the two could see the results. Colin arms where 30 inches now, his chest 60, his calves 25. With a high of 6,5. The two had become real lovers and enjoyed every moment they could kiss, hold and or just fuck each other. Where people had yelled at them on the beginning they now hold their mouth shut. And they boys knew why, their size and manly voices has given them respect. But, they don’t know they must try reaching things with their muscles. The must try it with care, knowledge and experience. Colin sometimes has tough about how it must go when they should be back at campus. Fred has told him he would like that the two go together to the muscle campus. But Colin knew he should miss his friends. But, when Fred was smiling to him again, he and all his worries melted. It was the begin of the second week of summer when Fred came back with the groceries. Colin was in the garden, enjoying the pool, naked of course. When all of the groceries where putt away, Fred undress himself to and walked to the pool. His feets in the pool and reading the mail for that day. It where letters for his parents, some magazines and a letter in a handwriting Fred knew. He ripped open the letter and start to write it to his brother, who was laying against his feets. ’Hello boys, Here’s your grandfather speaking. I hope everything is going al right into the big city. Here on the farm everything is going well, I still can handle all the work. However, I got some help. I hope you boys want to visit on 05-07 and meet the one who help me. He knows you very well and has some tings to tell you. One other thing. I discover I like being some more naked all around, so if you don’t want, wear as less clothes as you want. And don’t be scared if you see me, I have changed a lot. I hope to see you soon. Greetings, Grandpa.’ Fred looked to his brother. ’Well, that sounds nice. He want us to come tomorrow. What you think?’ ’I think we must do it, and let them see how much we have changed.’ Colin flexed his biceps. ’You look fabulous, my boy.’ The two boys kisses. The next day, on the farm. Tyrone and Robert wake early, like always. Tyrone looked to his father, laying next to him in the big bed. The two kiss and stood up. They dress in their favorite overall, without underwear. And while Tyrone feed the animals, Robert maked an amazing breakfast. During the breakfast Tyrone started to Robert about the letter. ’Thanks that, for writing that letter. I wouldn’t came out of words at my own.’ Robert stroked the hard nipples of Tyrone and smiled. ’That is what lovers do for each other. And I so hope the boys would understand our love.’ ’I think a little bit love in this time is good for them.’ Robert take a sip of his tea and think about one special door, who was locked for as long Tyrone was at the farm. Behind the door was a basement. Filled with the best and heaviest bodybuilder equipment exist. Robert had used it to became big, and now want to share it with his son and his boys. The reason he haven’t show it to Tyrone was that there was something else in the basement. A bed. And not any kind of bed, but a bed for 4 persons. After the first time he had sex with his son, he knows this is what he wants. Loving his family. And he want the boys love him. But, he know he had to take it slow, maybe the boys would become scared. Maybe they are going to hate him and their father for being in love. Robert knew it would be heavy to convince the boys. He don’t even knew if their okay with gay love. ‘Son?’: Robert ask. ’Hmm, yeah baby.’ ’I was thinking about the boys.’ ’Me to, they would be here in an hour.’ ’I know. But I was thinking about how we’re gone bring to them that we’re in love.’ ’Yeah, that would be a hard moment.’ Robert put his hand on that of Tyrone, and looked into his eyes. ’Maybe…maybe…. Dawm it’s so hard to say this. I think it’s better that we’re not sleeping together till the boys are okay with us.’ Robert whispered the last thing, not looking to his son and lover. Tyrone stroked Robert’s hand, being silence for a moment. The big, thick grey hairs of Robert were handing down in front of his face. Suddenly, Tyrone saw Robert was crying. Tyrone stood up and wrapped his arms around his father. His father lay his head against Tyrone thick and soft muscle chest. ’It’s… so hard.’: Robert says stuttering. ‘First I lose my wife, who has given me you, my beautiful son. But you came back, and let me feel loved again. And now… maybe we’re going to lose the boys. Because we are a bunch of stupid fuckers.’ Tyrone strokes his father’s shoulder softly. ’Shhh, you never going to lose me or the boys. I bet they would be happy for us. They good boys. Maybe it’s hard to swallow first. But, with a little bit of time, they should accept it. When they see we love each other really.’ Robert looked up and slowly kiss his son on the lips. They kiss for a good five minutes. ’Thanks love. I feel better. I…just must go threw it.’ ’Come on, let’s prepare for there visit. I should move my stuff for a short time.’ ’I should make there rooms ready.’ Robert walked to the stairs, to make the rooms ready for the boys. Tyrone clear out the kitchen and then goes to the room where he and Robert has made so much love. To pack his stuff and move it to his old room. While the older mans where busy making everything ready, Colin and Fred where riding across the town close to their father’s farm. They know they where early, so they decide to stop at a local restaurant and eat something. It was early, and a little fog was hanging just above the street. The waiter who was taking their order was young and handsome. Like with everyone who was meet them, his eyes became big when he saw the big, young couple. He had made a little surprise when he came back with the coffee for the two. On his tray was balancing a big ice coupe. Made with three kinds of ice cream, fruit and whipped cream. ’My boss is always happy to see hard working man at his restaurant. Most of the young people today don’t know how to take care of themselves. So, this one is on the house.’ He placed the big bowl between the boys and walked to another table. The boys smiled to each other and started eating the treat. Fred had discover that they could eat what they want, as long as they stay drinking the chest milk, there should be no fat. The boys finish there meal, paid and driving the last meter to the farm. When they got the farm into sigh, the two saw two man’s next to the street. Both big and muscular. The two smiled to each other. ’Looks like grandpa got some handsome workers’: Fred said. ’Nice.’: Colin smile ‘Hope they would be in for a good fuck.’ The two parked there car and step out. The two mans walked to the boys and smiled. ’Welcome.’: the older man with the grey hair say. ‘Happy to have you here.’ For a moment, the boys didn’t know what to say. They recognize the voice, but it couldn’t be. Colin saw a parked car and bumped Fred into his shoulder. He point to the car. Fred’s mouth fell open and he looked to the other man. ’D…dad?’
  3. Symbiotic Bonding Part 06

    This part I am sure is one of the bigger parts of the Original RP people wanted... I hope I did this justice... There is a very ORIGINAL way I did the theft in this part, which was what I think people enjoyed the most. Also there's a bit of an easter egg to a few other theft stories. Enough chatter, I hope you enjoy this part. Previous Parts: -Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 05 - Part 06 Risk Takers Matt wraps his large arms around Andrew in a tight embrace. “You won’t lose me, bro. I’ll always be your big lunk of a gym rat brother.” He notices the warmth of Andrew’s body up against him; his size much bigger and solid than what he’s been used to before. Even though Andrew is still quite a bit smaller than him, Matt can feel the difference of his smaller twin’s body size. It felt so good actually he began go become a bit more attracted to Andrew’s new size. “You know…” Matt pauses a second, swallowing the lump in his throat. “If we used rubbers, the cum wouldn’t touch…” Matt takes a deep breath, proud of the thought but also nervous on Andrew’s overall reaction. “We know that it’s the cum itself that is making these changes – the cups proved that. So all we have to do is use some condoms, and we can fuck all we want without having to worry.” Matt chuckles nervously, squeezing Andrew a bit more firmly, pulling him in tighter into his body. Andrew looks up at Matt, a bit of a happier tone spread across his face at this new revelation that his twin has proposed to him. “That actually sounds like a great idea!” Before Andrew could even finish his sentence, Matt had his brother scooped up and in his arms. The effort he put into it was a bit of a struggle at their new sizes, but Matt made sure to get in a comfortable position for himself to carry Andrew; up the stairs to their room, where Matt gently places Andrew onto his bed. Matt runs his hands over Andrew’s body, taking note of the new muscle that has formed under his brother’s skin. “Gotta admit, Andrew, watching you grow like that was pretty fucking hot.” Matt smirked down at Andrew, groping his hardening bulge in his shorts, before pulling them down his thighs as they dropped to the floor which he kicks off of his feet and pushes them aside. Matt crawls on the bed between Andrew, his eight rock hard inches at full attention. Reaching out, gently gripping Andrew’s thighs, rubbing them up and down before slowly pushing them apart. Matt reaches over Andrew to his nightstand, pulling the drawer open and grabbing one of the many condoms inside. Smirking down at Andrew seductively, he puts the condom package to his lips, ripping it open with his teeth as he pops the latex sheath out of its wrapper and slides it over his hard dick. He takes note that it’s not quite as tight as he remembered it used to fit him. Matt shook off the unwanted feeling of his smaller self as he grabbed a tube of lube from the drawer, applying a generous amount to slick up his rubber-clad cock. Matt begins to tease Andrew’s hole, prodding it with his finger, applying a bit of lube to make sure he was ready to take him fully. “I’m gonna give you a good fucking, bro. Show you I’ve still got it, even if I’m a bit smaller than before. Andrew moans loud in pleasure as Matt’s finger probes his hole, opening him up for the incoming invasion. “Please be gentle… I haven’t done it before, bro.” Andrew’s hole was tight, and spasming; his ass clamping down tightly on Matt’s lubed finger. “I’ve wanted this for a long time though, bro. I’ve wanted you to Want Me, like this…” Matt feels a bit uneasy at those words, a chill running down his spine. He leans down slowly, kissing Andrew, removing his finger from his tight hole. His lubed up cock, covered by the rubber, is achingly hard. Matt leans forward into Andrew, making sure to press the head of his mushroom tip against his brother’s hole. The tightness of Andrew and the feeling of being opened up by Matt causes them both to moan in unison. With a soft moan, Matt slowly pushes his cockhead into Andrew’s very tight hole. He watches Andrew wince a bit in pain and grunts; Matt leans in to comfort him, pushing his lips onto his twin’s in a deep kiss. His mouth engulfing Andrew’s, tongue forcing its way between his lips and teeth. Matt growls into the kiss, pushing his cock in half way before feeling Andrew tense up more under him, his bro’s hole clamping down on the four inches inside him. Matt pauses for a moment, giving Andrew a chance to adjust to his size; even at eight inches, he’s still quite the hung stud. As he keeps his dick half inside he moves his mouth down Andrew’s face, to his jaw, then his neck, nuzzling against his brother’s ear before teasing it with his tongue. Andrew moans as his body is relieved of some tension, his hole relaxing a bit more, as he gives permission for Matt to proceed further. His hole opening up, Matt pushes in further, loving the groans and moans that escape Andrew’s lips. “Oh yeah,” Matt moans, feeling his thin pubes press against Andrew’s round muscle ass cheeks as he finally reaches the end, his cock fully pressed into his bro. “Fuck you got a nice ass, Andrew.” His breathing more labored as their bodies are pressed firmly together. Matt lifts Andrew up off the bed, letting his slightly smaller twin wrap his legs around his waist; Matt’s cock moving and shifting inside of him as they changed sexual positions. Matt moves over to his desk, sitting down on it. He places his hands on Andrew’s ass as he begins to lift his brother up and down on his cock in a steady rhythm. Andrew moans more and more with each thrust up and down Matt’s shaft in pure pleasure. Every time he is dropped to the base of Matt’s cock he gasps as he feels the large phallus leaving him as he is lifted back up the shaft towards the large head, just to start his long moan as he is lowered again. Andrew’s cock is rock hard and slapping firmly against Matt’s abs as Matt holds him close to his chest. Something then snaps in his own mind right then, the consequences if Andrew was to cum now without something blocking his spunk would be very bad. “Matt… Fuck… nnn… This….Is…A… Bad… Position…” Andrew manages to get out as Matt pounds into him, steadily speeding up his rhythm as he begins to go faster… and faster… “Mmm, Fuck no, Bro! This position is fucking amazing!” Matt growl’s holding Andrew steady as he slams his dick up inside of Andrew, roughly fucking his twin, loving the way Andrew’s lust is evident from his panting and grimacing facial expressions; the way Andrew’s cock hits his abs over and over as he fucks him hard, yet passionately. Matt’s own ass begins to rise up off the chair slightly as he tries to drive his cock in even deeper if it could even be possible; spreading his strong muscular legs wider, leaning back against the desk, driving his dick up into Andrew as he holds his bro in position. His balls begin to ache, he wants to fill Andrew up so much with his love, but they seem to tremble and swell as they begin to cause him pain. Matt snarl’s angrily, desperately wanting to cum as he begins to fuck Andrew even harder, roughly thrusting up into his twin, muscles tensing and flexing with extra effort as beads of sweat begin to form on his skin. Andrew continues to be tossed around, enjoying the pounding as he notices Matt’s face begin to turn red, as he finally cries out in agony, desperate for relief. “Ah, Fuck… Please Matt…” he moans into the rhythm. With a loud cry of pain and pleasure, but pure ecstasy, Matt explodes. “AH FUCK!!!!” Pushing deep inside, Matt feels his dick spasm wildly, the big rod rocking about wildly as his seed continues to erupt from his shaft, filling the condom. The reservoir tip beginning to fill… more… and more… There is so much cum rocketing forth, Matt feels like his cock won’t stop, but he realizes it’s not his choice, it’s something more. Matt’s Symbiote controlled balls are working in overdrive, filling the tip of the condom, making it swell larger and larger inside of Andrew as it continues to fill with Matt’s splooge. “Oh fuck, Matt…” Andrew’s eyes go wide as the rubber reservoir tip expands so much it ruptures inside of him, flooding the enhanced cock cream throughout Andrew completely. As soon as it breaks and flows into him, it’s immediately absorbed, but this time Andrew isn’t warmth spreading over his body; heat begins to fill him, a fire. Every muscle in Andrew’s body begins to tense up all at once, flexing hard against an unseen resistance. “FUCK! THIS…IS… HUGE!” Andrew’s height shoots upwards, almost instantly he is four inches taller, his shoulders broadening wider to provide new space for the muscle that is pumping out from under his skin. Every fiber of his being tensing as he gets bigger everywhere, the veins making a road map to every part of him as they pump with blood and begin to be seen without even a flex. Fifty pounds of solid mass was just added to him in mere minutes, and the show was just starting. Andrew’s own cock, six and a half inches of rock hard meat expands upwards and outwards, throbbing madly as it added one more inch of length and bloated thicker to accommodate his new size. As Andrew’s growth begins to subside, his body bordering on close to Matt’s size now, their bodies even closer than ever, his cock begins rubbing against the ridges of Matt’s abs. As it grew longer and thicker, his body becoming closer to perfection like his larger twin, he begins to gaze at himself in awe from these new changes, the pressure in his own balls begins to come to a head and spill out. As Andrew tries to move up off of Matt’s cock, his body has it’s own desires as his now perfect muscular bubble butt ass latches down on Matt’s cock, “FUCK!!!!” Andrew’s cock explodes! The load firing up into the air as it lands across Matt’s face, chin, and chest. There is nothing else he can do now, but to wait. Andrew wraps his larger arms around Matt, as his cock fires again, his brain going into protective mode, as all he wants to do is hold onto Matt, not realizing his cock is still firing off between their bodies as Matt begins to shrink a bit more. “No…. no no no no no!” Andrew holds Matt tightly as he sits on his cock still balls deep. Their eyes meeting for the first time since they were kids. Matt looks straight across, eye level to Andrew. But it seems a bit off, his eyes may be even a bit lower, but that’s not really surprising since Andrew is still impaled on his dick. Before he came, Andrew had to tilt his head down to look at him, this new status change had him slightly tilting his head up. “Damn Andrew,” he croaked, words a bit slurred. Matt reached up and tries to pull Andrew off of his tool, but Andrew is now too big, too heavy. 200lbs of pure beef sitting on his lap. Matt’s ass touches down on the chair, his trembling legs no longer able to hold up his brother’s weight as easily as he was able to before. “Fuck… you look good…” Matt finally takes in the full size and weight of his twin. His larger muscles, his masculine rock hard hairy chest, his powerful shoulders, and his vasularly huge arms. Andrew lifts his ass up off of Matt’s cock, pulling the obliterated latex condom out of his hole. “Look at me, Matt.” He walks over to Matt’s large mirror that he had installed to check his own perfected body out in. Andrew lifts his right arm up, flexing, watching the ball form of his bicep. He brings his other arm up and shows off a most muscular for Matt. Seeing the tightness of his six pack and much larger pecs. Andrew in a matter of minutes has went from a jock built to something more like an amateur athlete. Andrew moves his hand down his furry chest, crossing his hairy covered abs till it meets his cock, which now looks much more adequate with his thick pubic bush. He gives it a squeeze, as he notices Matt looking at him through the mirror. Andrew spins around to face his twin. “No more, Matt…” Matt shivers with desire as he watches Andrew flex and pose and feel up his bigger body. He slowly stands up, walking up to his twin. He’s still taller, but only barely. One inch at most. He also has a slight bit of muscle still on his once tiny bro, but maybe only about twenty pounds if that. Matt brings his own arms up and flexes, his biceps rising up proudly under his skin – he’d still be impressive to anyone who hadn’t seen him flex a few days earlier. His arms are clearly still a bit bigger then Andrews. Their cocks, on the other hand, look exactly the same size. While Andrew’s dick is more obscured by his new full bush, it’s clear that the two were hanging equally low. “Damn, Andrew. You look good.” Matt purred as he looked his twin up and down. “I’m almost glad that was a defective rubber. Andrew smirks at his bro, crossing his larger muscular arms in front of his newly firm pecs. “Control yourself bro,” his voice has lowered more drastically with this new change. “Another mishap and I’ll probably be the same size as you.” He stretches his arms over his head, feeling his new size. “Well, we wasted our day with experimenting. All this growth sure is making me tired.” Andrew lets out a deep yawn as he goes to sit on his bed. Matt’s eyes never leaving his body. Matt walks over and joins Andrew on his bed, reaching out, massaging Andrew’s newly thick shoulders and traps. “Having a twin who’s the same size as me wouldn’t be the worst thing,” he tried joking as he rubbed Andrew’s thick neck. “Who knows, Bro? Maybe you’ll become a gym rat like me!” Matt laughs, as he throws his head against the pillow on Andrew’s bed. Matt pulls Andrew back into him, until they are both prone and laying in each other’s arms. “Remember how we used to do this, as kids? Sneak into each other’s beds, just stay awake for hours at night, talking to each other? Well, whispering back then. We didn’t want our parents to hear us awake.” He chuckled. “Those were good times, weren’t they?” Andrew lays against Matt’s arm; its smaller then he’s used to with his new size and the lack of size Matt once had as he reminisces about those great times they shared. He grins, turning to face Matt. “Yeah…” Andrew leans in and tries to get a whiff of Matt’s underarm, but when his nose nuzzles Matt’s inner arm, there is no longer that manly masculine scent that he loved so much. He sighs, “Don’t you miss being big, Matt?” “A little. Okay, more than a little. I do miss it. It’s weird, you know? One day I’m the big man on campus and the next, well, not so much.” Matt pauses for a few seconds, gathering his thoughts. “But it’s not all bad, you know? I’m, uh, learning to look at things differently. A Different perspective or whatever. Maybe I wouldn’t have chosen this, if you’d asked me a couple days ago. But hey, lemonade out of lemons right?” Matt turns his own body to look Andrew right in the eyes. “And you’re finally getting some meat on you! For me, that’s definitely a big plus!” Matt grins back at Andrew, running a hand over his brother’s hairy chest, feeling the contours of the new slab of Andrew’s pecs. “Could be worse, right?” Andrew pushes himself up on his elbows. “You’re right. It could have been worse. What if we were complete strangers, or even some stupid roommates?” Andrew bursts out laughing. “At least it’s happening between us, two close brothers.” Andrew moves in to kiss Matt, this time much deeper as the wall between them begins to break, most likely due to the recent surge of Andrew’s confidence from the recent growth. “If I get bigger then you, Matt, I will be there for you like you have always been for me all these years.” “Mmm..” Matt murmurs, surprised and pleased by the force of Andrew’s affections. “I know you’ll be there, Andrew. I know you’ll look out for me. I want you… too…” Matt’s voice catches as the words “Want You” escape past his lips. Like something deeper inside him is triggered. Matt can’t quite figure it out, but it makes him feel safe pressed against Andrew; their hard bodies mashed together on Andrew’s bed. His dick slowly starts to stir again, but Matt wills himself to behave. After all that’s gone on so far, he’s not entirely sure he can take much more, even though a deep part of him desperately wants it. Andrew yawns again, exasperated from the events of the day. “Well… I’m just gonna… sleep…” Andrew crashes out on the spot, his head hitting the pillow as he begins a deep snore. His body needing to recharge from today’s dramatic growth ordeal. As Matt pushes himself off the bed to move over towards his own, Andrew begins to mumble words in his sleep… To Be Continued... Coming Soon Part 07: While You Were Sleeping
  4. Inscrutable

    oseph and Christopher, identical twins, now 18 years old. Thick jet-black hair, square jaws, and athletic builds: they were both 6’ 1” and weighed a lean but muscular 179lbs. All of their lives, even their height and weight were identical. Their guardian was Patrick, their older brother by 14 years, who was also trustee to the family estate. Patrick worked as an architect downtown. Having two young men in the house, he was motivated to maintain his athletic build from playing college tennis. He stood 5’ 9”, and weighed 165lbs. He had long ago ceded any size advantage to the twins, but he maintained control of the family finances. Patrick made sure they had a normal childhood. They were quieter than most, kept to themselves. And while they enjoyed playing team sports, and were even pretty good, they spent most of their time alone, with each other. They were often inscrutable to Patrick. Even as their older brother, he felt like the twins had put up an impenetrable shield around them. Raising one teenager is hard enough. Try living with two, who have a bond and a language that is unknowable to anyone around them. They were mostly well behaved, but Patrick felt like he was always living on a knife’s edge: they were younger, more athletic, and outnumbered him 2:1. When they shot up in height, surpassing Patrick seemingly in a matter days, he had to dig down to maintain authority. The local police chief came to visit Patrick. They are ideal candidates for our cadet program, he said. We’ll give them physical training, classroom instruction on how to deal with people, and teach them self-discipline. Patrick hesitated. They are already pretty good at dealing with people, he thought, recalling how their dazzling smiles could get anyone to do anything. And they know it. Patrick was just about to say No, when Joseph walked into the room, and leaned on the kitchen counter with his thick arms crossed. He didn’t say a word, just smiled at Patrick. A few minutes later, Joseph walked in, sporting a tight t-shirt. Did he say yes? asked Joseph. Or was that Christopher? He’ll say yes. Say yes, Patrick. How could you say no to this, asked Joseph, as Christopher pulled off his t-shirt. The twins knew how to toy with Patrick. Patrick stared at Christopher’s beautiful torso. Wide shoulders, strong chest, solid 6-pack, and smooth except for a thick treasure trail. Christopher lingered a bit, then pulled on a RPD t-shirt, for Riverdale Police Department. Patrick’s mind got muddled. This happened all the time when the twins wanted something. They could easily intimidate him, physically, but seemed to enjoy how they could scramble their older brother’s thought process. Patrick felt the dick in his jeans swelling up. Just as he looked up, Christopher pulled off the RPD t-shirt and handed it to Joseph, who modeled it for Patrick with even more allure. YES, barked Patrick. YES. Do it. They started training as cadets the next day. They aced the classroom training, as Patrick knew they would, within a week. They were so good at settling conflicts, that they started training some of the more seasoned officers. The rest of the time they spent in martial arts or self-defense. Within days, they started to add noticeable muscle. Patrick noticed it first in their arms: their biceps were soon the size of softballs. Their shoulders thickened and widened, as did their chests, to impressive proportions. Within a few months, they both had black belts in krav maga. Patrick looked at their hands with a newfound respect: they had grown to the size of a catcher’s mitt. Joseph caught him staring one day. More power than ten men combined, he said in a low voice. He slid his hand up Patrick’s back, gripped and easily hoisted him off the ground. I’m not even trying, he chuckled. Patrick would watch as they practiced krav maga in the backyard in the evenings: two shirtless behemoths, slamming each other’s body with such force that the crack rang like thunder in Patrick’s ears. They were able to withstand blows from the other. But no one else could. Patrick came home late one Friday evening. He had been gone on a business trip for two weeks. He heard the twins in the kitchen, and went in to greet them. What he saw was stunning; they were now each 6’ 6” tall. They laughed when they saw the look on Patrick’s face. 315lbs now, in case you were wondering said Joseph, flexing a mammoth bicep. Patrick blinked in amazement. They were both still wearing RPD t-shirts, which were obscenely small on their physiques. Patrick pulled out his wallet, trying in vain to hide his disbelief. Here’s some cash, so you can buy new shirts, he said. Nah, these are just fine said Christopher, who sauntered over to his older brother. Patrick had to strain to look up. His younger brother was nearly a foot taller, and carried 140lbs more muscle. Not to mention his deadly lethal hands. Patrick froze with his wallet in his hands. Tomorrow’s our 19th birthday, he said. And the chief gave us our gifts early. And in unison, they hiked up their snug t-shirts. Laying against each of their impenetrable wall of abs, they had Smith & Wesson revolvers tucked into their jeans. Patrick nearly fainted at the overwhelming dominance of his younger brothers. Joseph said, I will take this, though, as he casually pocketed Patrick’s wallet. You can call me Deputy Joseph now, and he’s Deputy Christopher. YES SIRS, said Patrick, as his brothers walked out to rule the town.
  5. Symbiotic Bonding - Part 05

    Please don't hate me! This one is a bit shorter then previous parts, but Part 6 will be a much longer installment. Also the hate me part will prob come from where I stopped, but if you guys read the original transcript, I'm pretty sure your going to be begging me for the next part! Previous Parts: -Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 5 The Experiment Matt continues to feel weak for several minutes. His mind drifting in and out of consciousness as Andrew’s apology rings throughout his head. He slowly comes to his senses; eyes popping suddenly wide open. Matt sits up, groaning, feeling completely awful. “What the hell just happened?” Matt muttered under his breath. He slowly pushes himself off the floor from between Andrew’s legs. Standing up on shaky legs, Matt staggers away toward the bathroom, having to reach down several times to pull up his shorts. When he finally reaches the sink he hesitates at first before looking into the mirror. What he sees makes his blood run cold. Matt is clearly shorter then what he was before, and his muscles, while still large, are no longer the huge size they were minutes ago. Where his head used to reach to the top of the mirror – now it’s a good four inches lower. He snorts in aggravation, walking over to the scale. As he steps onto it the hand flies to the right, landing on 250lbs. He couldn’t believe it; just last week he stood at 300 lbs. Matt closes his eyes for a moment, trying to think. Something sparks. His mouth dropping as he opens his eyes and spins around heading back to where his brother sat on the couch. “Andrew, I think I know what’s going on. But we need to test it to see if I am right. Andrew looks at Matt confused. “Umm, Ok?” “Something in our cum is doing something to us… Something weird…” Matt turns from his brother, walking into the kitchen, coming back with a pair of cups. He hands one of them down to Andrew. “I want you to jerk off into this, and I’ll do the same with my cup. And when we are finished, we’ll each drink the cum and we will see what happens.” It’s an insane plan, beyond ridiculous actually. But something in the back of Matt’s mind tells him he needs to know if this is what is really going on between them. Andrew continues to look up at Matt from the couch, confused. He’s still shirtless and just in his boxers from the previous encounter, his cock pulled to the left and held tightly in place when his cock begins to twitch a bit in excitement. Andrew also has a feeling that their cum is the cause what is happening to them too. “I don’t think that is a good idea, Matt. I mean, I think this might cause another change.” “I think so too.” Matt looks a bit nervous, but he doesn’t care. “That’s why we need to test it. We have to know if it’s the cum or something else. I have a very good feeling it is our cum that is doing this to us… As crazy as that sounds.” Matt takes his cup and pulls out his cock right in front of Andrew, holding It right above the lip. Closing his eyes he strokes his large piece of meat. Matt can feel it is smaller then what it was, and Andrew notices just by looking it isn’t the massive 10 inch monster he used to be so proud of. Matt’s Legendary 10 inches has been reduced to a generous 8 ½. Matt pumps it slowly methodically, holding it in one hand and the cup in the other. As Matt strokes himself off, Andrew takes notice of other things. His brother’s shirt is no longer as tight as it used to bel the oversized garment hangs loosely off his still-muscular, but significantly-smaller frame. Andrew hesitates at first, but slowly peels the front of his underwear down. His 5 ½ inch cock popping out free, along with his new, massive forest of dark pubic fur. He reaches down, wrapping his hand around his cock, putting the plastic cup between his legs. The head of his cock over the top of the cup as he begins to jerk off his own member. It feels so good in his hand; it’s the first time he has really taken notice to his new size. It’s the first time he’s actually got to handle his own cock this much since this whole ordeal started. Andrew looks up at Matt, noticing his brother looking right at him intently working his own cock over. “Are you ok, Matt?” Matt begins to stroke his dick harder as he looks on at Andrew. Both of them gazing at each other in a somewhat lust and desire. Matt pumping his meat with gusto. With a loud grunt, he exhales, shoots, pumping his load into his cup. Matt breathes heavily as he strokes the remaining dollops of cum from the inside of his shaft, squeezing it and making sure he got every last drop out of it. “Doing just fine, Andrew. Just studying your body. I want to see how you do when you drink this. I’m guessing you’re going to do very, very well.” Matt smiles ruefully down at Andrew. Making magic cum is fine and all, but if his balls churn out this magic growth-cum, why does he keep shrinking? His suspicion, of course, but it’s about to either be confirmed or proven wrong. Andrew continues to look over Matt as he too continued to stroke his own dick. He begins to feel his balls churn, pull up. Andrew leans forward, grabbing the cup between his legs. “Oh FUCK!” He grunts as he shoots, and shoots… and SHOOTS… Andrew begins to pant between his grunts as he doesn’t feel his cock stopping until he fills the cup a bit more then ½ way full. Andrew looks back up at Matt, a quizzical look on his face. Matt’s cup doesn’t have nearly as much as Andrew’s contained. “Uh, you don’t have to drink all of it, Matt.” Matt takes a step forward, handing his brother his cup of spunk that he just produced, taking the cup that Andrew was holding and just filled up. “No sense being a wuss about it now,” Matt said in his old cocky voice. Placing the cup at his lips, he tips it back and chugs the entire thick fluid down. Matt winces, feeling his body react to the bitter substance. The familiar feeling of weakness coming over him again and making him feel… less… than he was before. Andrew just sits back, watching in horror. The cup of Matt’s cum still in his hand as he watches on as Matt begins to shrink right in front of him. For the first time, they can both see what effect Andrew’s cum has over his brother. Andrew puts the cup of cum on the coffee table, getting up, wrapping his arms around his shrinking sibling. “Fuck Matt!” His arms shifting around his brother’s body as Matt’s lats collapse inward slightly. He begins to descend slightly in height. Matt’s body is wobbly as he leans into Andrew for support as his muscular legs feel weaker as he compacts an inch all over his entire body as his body mass loses 10 more lbs of muscle. And his cock, slowly retracting to 8 inches. He clutches onto Matt’s body more tightly. “I can’t drink it, bro!” Matt trembles for a moment, then wraps his own arms around his twin. He’s still bigger, still stronger then Andrew. But he’s quite a bit smaller than he was before. “You’ve got to, Andrew. We need to know. And hey, it’s not so bad, right? If my cum works like I think it does, you’ll get bigger, not smaller. That’s not so bad, is it?” Matt smiles down at Andrew, sadness in his eyes as he knows there is no going back, the only thing they can do now is move forward as he bends his neck down and places a soft kiss on Andrew’s lips. “Come on. Just drink it. It won’t hurt you. A hundred bucks says you’ll feel better afterwards.” He looks at Andrew seriously, and Andrew can see that Matt really wants him to drink down his seed. Andrew hesitates, moves over to the table, and picks up the cup. He lifts it up to his lips, his eyes never breaking contact with Matt as he pushed the cup back and feels the warm salty cocktail that Matt made produced from his manhood slide down his throat. Andrew’s eyes open wide as he drops the cup. A feeling of warmth washing over his entire body as he begins to breathe harder, grunting in pleasure. His body tingling as Matt’s seed begins to fuel his muscles. Andrew’s entire skeletal structure shifts and pops, growing upward and broader as his bones grow to accommodate the incoming new size. His body gaining another inch in height. Andrew’s muscles tense all over, throbbing gently, growing bigger with each pulse of his heart beat as 10 pounds of muscle packs onto him. A moan escapes his lips as his cock and balls tremble and jerk as they bloat a bit larger, fuller, more potent. His dick becoming rock hard, looking a bit over 6 inches now, jutting a bit further out from his forest of pubes he’d grown. “Fuck, it does work!” Matt watches in awe. His clothes even looser as he sees the boxers around Andrew’s thighs pulling even tighter. “We can’t do this anymore,” Andrew pants, breathing hard after this new dramatic growth that they now both know what the actual cause is now. “You’re going to keep shrinking, Matt. And it just feels like the world is changing. I can’t get bigger then you, Matt.” The look in Matt’s eyes though seems to tell Andrew more of what’s going on in his brother’s head. If it wasn’t for his facial expressions, Andrew could easily tell what Matt was thinking by his brother’s growing cock after seeing him change a bit. “Are you fucking kidding?” Matt said, finally back to his normal demeanor as he tossed his empty cup aside. “I have the power to make you bigger, stronger… tougher. Why wouldn’t we do that? I don’t need to drink your cum. Fine. No reason though why you can’t drink mine though!” He looks down at his dick, noting it has boned up to its full hardness again. Matt steps closer, pulling off his shirt and tosses it aside. His torso is still beautifully-muscled, but no longer has its prior impressive size. It’s also completely smooth, missing the carpet of masculine fur that once covered it. He tenses his pecs and abs slowly, making the muscle bulge under his skin. Slapping his flexed abs, striking them like a drum. “Come on, Andrew. You saying you don’t want to get a bit bigger? A bit stronger? A bit sexier?” Matt’s voice trails off into a seductive growl. Andrew places his hand on Matt’s smooth pec, not having to look up as much anymore to see his brother’s face. “I don’t Matt. You make me feel comfortable. I don’t want to lose what we are gaining back after all these years.” Andrew wraps his arms around Matt in a hug. “We need to stop this all together. No more blow jobs. No experimenting. No fucking. If our size difference continues to shift, I won’t see you as my big lug of a hunk brother anymore.” Andrew shifts his eyes downward, looking a bit depressed. “I just wish there was a way we can continue to play without the risk…” To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 06: Risk Takers
  6. The jock brothers

    Two muscle bound jocks are in the gym working out, both looking pumped from a hour session One who's curling a heavy dumbbell in one arm looks at his partner who is doing push ups "Hey bro, your position is wrong" he said to his bro on the floor, "Oh my bad, thanks" he repositions himself and continues his push ups. he looks up while working and say to the other bro " hey, nice pump you got going there" he complemented watching him curl the dumbbell, he replied " thanks bro you too" and the both of them continued their workout. The end. Happy april 1st
  7. Lake Light

    In the Beginning... I woke up in a good mood. The forest scent filled my nose with clean air. Grabbing my anxious cock, I had to take a much needed pee, so I walked out of the tent and walked to the edge of the campsite. As a nice thick steam of hot piss fogged the crisp air and cold ground, I watched in disbelief when to the right of me, I saw the huge figure of a man come out of the woods towards me at the campsite. I wasn't afraid of him, but I felt anxious. No...it was something else...I was in awe. This man was not ordinary in any way, he was just huge. His arms looked thick and muscled, but not super cut and his chest was enormous. Each pec was larger than my head. His neck was the biggest I'd ever seen, with enormous traps and shoulders. Still, even with all of his size, he looked strangely familiar and he was wearing my brothers University of Nebraska shirt that I had gotten him. That was a little too odd, but for some reason, it didn't matter. It was tight as hell on the man, and it even had a split up the seam of the right side and around the neck, which again wasn't a surprise, since he was so overblown with muscle. He looked like a pro Strongman, yet he had really boyish features. I continued my piss, never one for being piss shy and actually, as I watch him lumber slowly towards the campsite, I was getting aroused the closer he came. I'm bisexual, but mainly because I had a crush that turned into a relationship with my best bud in college, otherwise I've had girlfriends my whole life. Still, deep inside of me, I always had a thing for power lifters and bodybuilders. If they were big with muscle, my cock went big for them. No one in the family or even my closest friends, knew of my duel identity, but this wall of a stud was getting me hard and any inhibition of showing my gay side was ebbing at lightning speed. I just didn't care what he or anyone that may be passing by saw. In fact, I wanted an audience. I didn't know why, but all I knew was that there a hunger inside of me that was building. I waved with my unoccupied hand and I told him to join us, still thinking that my brother was asleep in the tent. Even though I had stopped pissing, my hand continued to message my growing cock until I was so rock hard, it was hard to fit my cock back into my shorts. The man, smiled and sat down on the make-shift picnic bench that my brother and I had made. Where we were camping, wasn't in some state park or crowded camping park. Our parents had brought us up to these mountains when we were younger and since mom's passing, we thought it fitting to come back to the place we cherished most. Dad, was having a harder time and couldn't join us, because any memory of mom just hurt him too much; even good ones. The forest was very dense, with a lot of wild animals, both tame and dangerous. We had seen bears and coyotes many times, but for some in-explainable reason, they never bothered us. This place was safe and private. Only a few hikers would sporadically come by. The place was peaceful, incredibly beautiful and isolated. It was special. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but when the man sat down that's when I saw the shredded fabric of what was left of the red shorts that my brother had been wearing last night. It couldn't be...It just couldn't. I gave the man I look, that I'm sure was one of a mixture of "What the Hell?" and "If you hurt him...?" I walked over to the tent and pulled back the flap...empty. My heart sank, but then I heard my 16 year old younger brother’s, deepened voice come out of the man. He said that it was him...That he was Jimmy. I whirled around and looked into the man's eyes...and soon realized it was my brother's eyes. He stood back up and then I realized just how tall he was. He must have been over 6 feet and Jimmy was only a scrawny 5'2". I don't know how, maybe it was the eyes, or the voice or the clothes, but I knew this imposing figure was,in fact, my brother, only changed. Strangely, my lust for the beast before me, now my brother, did not lighten, in fact, it continued to build. I was slightly taken aback by that, but not disgusted; not in the least. I asked what had happened to him and he said that he woke up, while it was just beginning to get light out. He said that he was wide awake and felt instantly refreshed as he walked out of the tent and he felt like something was different. He said he felt different, too. He didn't want to wake me, just thinking that he was just being silly, so he decided to go for a walk up to the mountain lake for a swim. He felt like swimming. He didn't know why, but he just did. He said that when he got to the lake, he noticed something glowing in the water about 50 feet out in the lake. At first he thought it was the morning sun reflecting on the water. Then as he waded into the water he knew it was coming from under the water. Since we were just at the lake the night before and there was nothing, he decided to swim out to see what it was. He knew he should have gotten me first, but it was like he was drawn to it. He said that as he swam towards it, he felt the water getting warmer...or was it him that was warming up. He was sure, but then he said he felt stronger and stronger and (blushing) hornier. He still had his boyish charm. He felt pulled to the light as he continued and when he had finally gotten over top of the glow, he said he felt a rush of bliss (again blushing) like he had an orgasm, but it was all over his body and then he blacked out. The next thing he knew he was laying on the beach, his clothes were on but they were dry, tight and shredded, as he pointed to his shorts that now left nothing to the imagination, as his new, well over 7 inch cock and huge balls hung out in the open. Being such a short guy, Jimmy's cock was only 6 inches when Hard; I caught him beating off a couple of times. He said that he saw that he had grown muscle all over and there was another change in him, too. He had a hunger inside of him, but not for food. I told him that he should see his face...that had changed too, that he was incredibly handsome. I told him he had aged about 10 years and he looked like a man in his mid 20's. His eyes widened and grunted deeply in a "whattya know" kind of way. He said that he knew he had to come back and get me, so we could figure this out and so he could....he stopped his sentence, pausing for a few seconds as he looked at me and then he said that he immediately came back to the campsite and this is where we are now. I told him, he looked fucking amazing and he agreed as he looked at his body and began to caress himself, first his pecs, then his biceps, then in a moment a sheer fantasy, he did a double bicep pose that shredded his sleeves as he huge arms exploded in muscle. He looked away from his body and he looked at me, seeing my expression of shock, awe and not surprising....desire. He said, "You like what you see, big bro...yeah...I think you do" then his left hand grabbed his now growing cock. He walked over towards me as I was like a deer in the headlights. I couldn't move as he began to tower over me the closer he came to me. His cock was now over 9 inches and pointing the way to me. My own cock was so rock hard, it hurt. Then he stopped a couple of feet away, but since his body was so huge, his pecs were right in front of my face. I could smell the power in them. I looked up as his shadow covered my body. That’s when I noticed the hunger in his eyes. It was a hunger like mine, primal and sexual. My sweet brother was gone and what had replaced him was a massive hunter. The confidence and the animalistic attitude that poured off of him was incredible. I believed that to him, I was no longer his older brother...I was his bitch. I could feel it coming off of him and…it turned me on...more than I'd ever been turned on before. Normal reasoning said that his should not be, but it was as if we were no longer brothers, but...but an Alpha and his Beta. We just stood there for a few seconds with the lust inside of us building to a crescendo and then we leaped at each other tearing off our clothes as we embraced and kissed. Jimmy lifted me up with one hand and tore my shorts off with one easy swipe of his other hand. Once naked, he put me back down on the ground and I fell to my knees and took him in my mouth. His rock hard cock was huge, at least 11, possibly even 12 inches long and over 7 inches thick. I barely got his cock head in my mouth and only 6-7 of his incredibly thick inches would fit down in my oral cavity. He fucked my mouth like a bull and within minutes I welcomed the warmest and most lavish gush of cum to ever fill me up, but he didn't stop. He grabbed my head and continued his assault on my throat, miraculously pushing another few inches further into me, saying, "I can't stop Ray...I'm not done yet....I've got so much more...Aaaahhh!!" and he came down my throat a second time. I was having trouble breathing, so he pulled back just long enough for me to catch my breath, but then he plowed his huge cock even deeper into my throat. I thought my lips were going to tear it hurt so bad, but at the same time, I didn't want him to stop. And he didn't. He continued his assault as he face fucked me for another 2 massive loads. With each load he pushed further into my throat and by the last gush of cum down my throat, his balls were against my chin. I knew it was impossible. There's just no way I could have been able to take that abuse. I literally should be dead, but it was as if he wasn't human anymore, because no man could do that and at some point, I believe he changed me somehow. Then without even a glimmer of getting soft, he pulled out of my mouth, effortlessly picked me up and turned me around on my hands and knees and he plunged his granite cock into me. Only the head and a few inches were inside, but I screamed so loud, it scared the birds. Even with my cries of shock and pain, he didn’t ebb his momentum though. His grunts and growls only solidified that he was like an animal. A fucking Beast. He continued to push more of him in as tears rolled down my face, then more…8…10 and then I felt his pelvic bone against my ass. He was completely inside of me. That’s when something changed as it did with my mouth. Even though it was still painful, it was a pain that was incredible and sexy. The pleasure overtook the pain and it overtook my body. I didn't know why, but I later learned it was his cum that began to change me. It made me more palatable for him. It made me be the perfect sexual concubine for him. I began to plead for him to fuck me and then fuck me harder…and harder, to which he emptied the first load deep into my ass…and as I felt the warm cum fire into my stomach area, I felt the rest of my body orgasm, then he grabbed my hips, stood up, bringing me with him as held me like a wheelbarrow plowing his huge thick cock into me. His balls slapped my taint so hard I thought he’d bruise me. We continued to fuck for hours as we destroyed the campsite fucking in various areas and positions. I think he had unloaded over 10 orgasms into me, but I wasn't sure as I think I lost count. The tent fell on top of us, then we pounded on the picnic table, braking that and even I came three times before he finally came inside me for the last time with my shoulders on the on the sandy ground as he jack-hammered me, with such force and quantity that even though he had quite literally filled me up inside, the excess soaked the ground below us. When he pulled out of me, he was still hard as a rock and I believe he was still ready for me, but I was a lifeless lump. Completely exhausted, I pleaded for him to let me rest. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t ready for that, "I don't know why, but I can't...I need to take you there....I need you to change so we don't have to stop....ever!!" so he picked up my living, but exhausted body, draping me across his powerful arms like I was dead and he carried me up to the lake. My 16 year old younger brother, was now my master, my guardian, my lover, my Alpha. As I laid, slumped in his arms, I no longer even thought of him as my brother. He was the beginning of something amazing, and I was his first loyal subject. I knew what he was doing and I felt excited inside. I smiled and exclaimed “YES” when I saw the glow as we reached the edge of the lake. The air was different up here, instead of being lighter, it was heavy and you had to breathe in big lumbering breathes. My cock began to rise again has he walked into the water. My brother, pulled me up to him and bent down to kiss me as he said in an even lower and more booming voice, “We’re going to be Gods!” and I felt his cock push on my back under me coating me with his precum. Further and further he walked into the lake and with every step, I felt Jimmy's body react to the water. He was growing. I could feel his size increasing as I was cradled. As soon as my body touched the water, I instantly felt better. My brother held me like a lifeguard saving a drowning swimmer as he pulled us toward the light. I began to feel the strength in me rise and the feeling of power in me was exploding. I began to blissfully growl inside as my strength and power increased. It was as if thousands of hours of working out were paying off instantaneously. We both began moaning, vocally, as we got closer to the light. We weren’t even half way there when I told my brother I could go on my own, but he, told me no as he held me close and I was very glad he did as I could feel us both getting bigger and stronger. The feeling of my own growth was beyond comprehension, but feeling him getting bigger next to me, no human had ever felt such pure bliss before. We felt each other expanding and our lust to get bigger increased. We both had no inhibitions at all about what was happening to us and we welcomed it completely, with every fiber of our existence. At the campsite, my brother was like that of a linebacker, but now he was becoming a one of the biggest bodybuilders on earth. His muscles were growing and he was getting super cut. Thick veins formed on his skin. Hair formed on his pecs and actually all over his body as his testosterone levels must have been going through the roof. I myself, now felt what he must have felt when we were having sex, because I felt that I could go for hours and cum and cum and cum. I felt like I was stronger than most any human on earth and I knew that my brother was even stronger than that. We were still about 15 feet from the light when my brother seemed to convulse as his eyes turned bright blue and then a blue light wave exploded from his body and across the lake. I had know idea what that was about, but immediately, I felt like I could lift a house, with my strength increasing now like a rocket, but my body was still puny in comparison to my bother. I would find out later that at that moment, he had grown taller as well and that he was about 8.5 feet tall and his shoulders were over 5 feet wide. He was the biggest and strongest man on the planet. When we stopped above the light with it surrounding us, we again embraced as we tread water. We must have been out there longer than he was before, because I was now that of a slightly smaller Jay Cutler and he had reached his God status, that the light had obtained for him. My brother was still human, in his soul, but he was no longer a human being, physically and I envied him. His eyes became blue again and he began to chant. The words out of his mouth, seemed almost like the chant of an Indian would make. Then his body seemed to omit, the same light as what was beneath us; a golden hue that was filled with warmth and energy. We also noticed that we did not have to tread water anymore as either the light beneath us or my brother's light was keeping us afloat. Again, we hugged each other, in love, but mostly to feel each other grow. Wave after wave or continued power and strength fed into me, but now it was coming from my brother. I looked at him and into his blue eyes and he leaned in to kiss me. I opened my mouth to receive his kiss and that's when I felt it, one huge blast of energy shoot into me and I exploded in growth and power. I was now almost equal to my brother, but I knew that I would never obtain his status as he was the Alpha. I could feel my own cock growing in size, clearly surpassing most men, but I felt my brothers grow even more and when we let go of our embrace, I was held up by my brother’s cock. I felt it push against my hole and my hole opened for him. There was no pain, only sheer bliss. Again, I felt another explosion of him inside me and then everything went black… When we woke up, naked on the beach, we weren't alone. There were two hikers shaking us, but they quickly backed away when we woke up. Both men were very attractive, fit young men and it was clear to us that they were enthralled with us. We looked at each other and knew that we were going to overtake them and fuck them. They were going to be our newest recruits. They must have known it too and they walked toward their new masters. Both men didn't seem to be in a trance, but they knew that they were there for our pleasure and sexual release. The told us that they wanted to worship us and that they had never in their lives seen anything like us. They stripped off their gear and clothes and when both Jimmy and I stood up, they knelt before their new Gods. Then we all looked out into the water to see the glow still there and calling to us. It was as if the light was telling us to add to our lineage, which we were happy to oblige it by. The hikers asked us if we knew what it was? We did and we told them they soon would, but first, we needed to cum.
  8. Note: I realized today, almost two years after posting the first chapter of Andrew's Recruiting Summer, that I had forgotten to write an introduction for the story. So this prologue will serve that purpose. ANDREW'S RECRUITING SUMMER: PROLOGUE Andrew Pearson of Orillia, Ontario, Canada was a normal-sized kid for his first 10 years. He was even a bit on the small side, even though his father was 6 foot 3 and 230 pounds. He had red hair and blue eyes. His father Chad was one of the Vice-Presidents of a big sports company: Harrington's Sports Suppliers in Barrie, Ontario. Chad promised to provide Andrew with a complete home gym when he started growing, which occurred around his 11th birthday(October of 1998), when Andrew was in Grade Five. So Chad kept his promise and bought Andrew a bunch of gym equipment for his 11th birthday. He also got Andrew a guest pass to his company gym and began training Andrew in the proper weight-lifting techniques. Andrew wanted to play in the NCAA one day, so he wanted to get big for high school football. By Grade Eight(Fall of 2001), Andrew had dedicated almost three years to his weight-lifting. The diet his father gave him, combined with puberty, helped Andrew enter Grade Eight weighing 200 pounds and standing six feet tall. He was the biggest kid in school, and his friend Mike Stevenson was almost his size. Mike had been weight-training with Andrew since the summer of 1999. Andrew and Mike both got top marks in gym class and the gym teachers were very impressed. His gym teachers had the high school football coaches come to scout Andrew at recess, when he played football with his friends outside. The high school coaches were very impressed with Andrew and Mike’s performance and they arranged for them to try out for the Varsity football team at ODCVI when they entered Grade Nine. That was the same high school where Andrew's father Chad had played football in the mid to late 1970s. In high school, Andrew and Mike were the biggest kids in Grade Nine so they easily passed the tryouts to join the Orillia District Junior Football Team in the fall of 2002. Andrew now had regular access to the high school gym as well as his home gym. His father Chad had constantly updated his gym every birthday with the latest equipment. Andrew’s mother, Susan, had made a lot of money in a home-based computer business and then as an author, and she was a millionare. Susan and Chad wanted the best for Andrew and his sister Sarah, who had brown hair and green eyes and played on the ODCVI Girl's hockey team. So instead of buying a big fancy house in an exclusive neighborhood, they invested heavily in their kids’ education. Andrew wanted to go to one of the big football schools in the States, and so did Sarah, so their parents started the RESP investing early, to make sure they could finance their kid’s education with no trouble, if necessary. Of course, their hope was that both Andrew and Sarah would get athletic scholarships to big sports schools in the NCAA, which would completely fund their college education. Chad and Susan also made sure Andrew and Sarah got jobs after Grade 8 and saved their money to buy their first (used) cars. Actually, Chad and Susan bought the cars and then Andrew and Sarah made monthly car payments to their parents. By Grade Eleven(Fall of 2004), Andrew was the biggest person in his high school, weighing in at 275 pounds, with a height of 6 feet 7 inches. His friend Mike was a close second at 6 foot 6 and 260 pounds. They had been starters on the Offensive Line of the Varsity football team since Grade Nine. Andrew served as Center, making him the Co-Captain of the team along with the Quarterback. He led the Offensive Line in protecting the Quarterback: making sure that he had an open passing lane and that no one on the opposing team could sack him before he could throw a pass. When he served as Middle Linebacker on the defensive line, Andrew regularly broke through the opposing team’s front line in football games, sacking the quarterback before he could throw the ball. Then he showed great sportsmanship, helping the players up with an outstretched hand after he had knocked them down. Andrew also jumped to intercept the ball when the opposing team tried to score field goals, and smashed through the opposing receivers who tried to score touchdowns. He ran over anyone who tried to stop him, causing many opposing players left the field on stretchers that season thanks to being knocked down, and sometimes out, by Andrew. Andrew had a major shy streak however, which became evident whenever anyone praised him for his athletic achievements. He was tremendously admired and respected for his athletic gifts and sportsmanship. He was truly the ‘Big Man’ at his high school. Andrew felt really guilty whenever he had accidentally knocked out an opposing team's player during a game, so he visited them in the hospital after the games to make sure they were all right. Once the injured players told their teammates about Andrew visiting them in the hospital, even the players of opposing teams greatly admired and respected Andrew. He didn't want to ruin that good reputation, so he slowly worked on controlling his great strength so that he wouldn't knock out any more opposing players. By the end of the 2004 football season, he had managed to get through the last few games without knocking anyone out. Andrew was respected for his academic gifts as well. He took a school IQ test in Grade Seven and the results came out to 150. Andrew didn’t want everyone to think of him as some kind of genius, so he begged his parents and the IQ testers to keep the results quiet. They agreed, but told him that he would need great marks to qualify for a full athletic scholarship to an American football school. So Andrew studied hard, even when he didn’t need to, and regularly got 90s in the last years of public school. He even won a math award at Grade Eight Graduation. In high school Andrew's academic excellence continued, and he won at least one academic award every year. He also tutored a lot of football players in math and science, subjects he regularly got 90s in. Andrew also acted like a sort of mentor to the kids who were just starting to work out. Some of those kids helped him in return by tutoring him in subjects he found difficult, like Physics. Andrew also got a part-time job in his father’s company, where his great strength came in handy unloading the trucks that came in with huge boxes of workout equipment. He managed to get his bench-press to 700 pounds by the time he entered Grade Eleven; it had increased by about 100 pounds each school year. Andrew’s coworkers were amazed by Andrew’s great strength and how he always offered to help them out without having to be asked. Andrew acted mostly out of shyness or guilt, but everyone assumed he was just being helpful. The only person who knew Andrew’s hidden feelings of shyness was his girlfriend, Carrie Peterson. She was Steve’s sister, but even though Steve was not friends with Andrew, he knew that he had no chance of taking Andrew on in a fight. So he kept his mouth shut about Andrew dating his sister. He knew Andrew would treat her like a lady anyway, so he didn't worry that Andrew would ever hurt her. Carrie knew how shy Andrew was and how he overcompensated by acting like a cocky jock on the football field. She also knew how guilty Andrew felt whenever he hurt people on the football field, even though it was just part of the game. She was the one who helped Andrew control his great strength, by advising him to treat people as respectfully and gently as he treated her. So Andrew followed her advice and began helping up the people he knocked down, and visiting them in the hospital, if he had knocked them out. Later he managed to knock them down more gently, so that they could actually get up and play again. Most people saw Andrew as just a big jock, but Carrie knew better. In the spring of 2005, the coaches from Division 1 schools in the NCAA began calling Andrew to invite him down for football camps. His Head Coach, Dan Everson, had put together highlight tapes of Andrew's football performances since Grade Nine (Freshman Year) and had mailed them out to all the schools. It helped that Andrew had gone as a guest on the Official Visits of his older teammates since Grade Nine. So, on Canada Day Weekend 2005, Andrew decided to visit the first four schools that had invited him down for Unofficial Visits. But first, since he had spent Canada Day in Ottawa, he decided to spend Independence Day in Washington DC at the National Mall. He invited his girlfriend Carrie and best friend Mike to go with him, hoping that they would attract some NCAA attention like he had. He never anticipated that he would make a new friend in Washington DC, nor that the connections from that visit would allow him to attract the attention of more NCAA football schools in the Deep South. ==================================================================================================================================================== Click on the links below to read the completed chapters of the story so far. Chapter 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5707-andrews-recruiting-summer-chapter-1-meeting-a-new-friend-in-washington-dc/ Chapter 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6215-andrews-recruiting-summer-chapter-2-revelations/ Chapter 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6254-andrews-recruiting-summer-chapter-3-fun-at-the-park/#comment-59447 Chapter 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6314-andrews-recruiting-summer-chapter-4-meeting-the-parents/ Chapter 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6993-andrews-recruiting-summer-chapter-5-meeting-ryan/ Chapter 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/8884-andrews-recruiting-summer-chapter-6-the-ohio-state-recruiting-visit-part-1/ Hope you like what I have written of the story so far. ==================================================================================================================================================== Since this prologue is also a summary of my other story: Andrew's Training, the links to the completed chapters of that story are below. Prologue: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5231-andrews-training-chapter-0-prologue/#comment-48435 Chapter 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5227-andrews-training-chapter-1-re-posted-from-archive/#comment-48393 Chapter 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5318-andrews-training-chapter-2-the-chat-with-carrie/#comment-49303 Chapter 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5491-andrews-training-chapter-3-the-first-workout/#comment-51258 Chapter 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5626-andrews-training-chapter-4-sues-birthday-party/#comment-52583 Chapter 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5945-andrews-training-chapter-5-canada-day-at-the-park/#comment-56403 Chapter 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6295-andrews-training-chapter-6-working-out-at-derricks-cottage/#comment-59799 Chapter 7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7001-andrews-training-chapter-7-at-work-with-his-dad/#comment-67748 Chapter 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7639-andrews-training-chapter-8-the-trip-to-the-meaford-base/#comment-75840 Chapter 9 is not complete yet, but here is the link to what I have posted so far: Chapter 9 In-Progress: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9038-andrews-training-chapter-9-mentored-by-matt-day-one/#comment-94452 For sneak peaks of what comes next in Andrew's training, check out my website: http://andrewstories3.webs.com The chapters that are not completed yet are below the guestbook, with the month and year in which they take place as the titles.
  9. Symbiotic Bonding - Part 04

    Previous Parts can be found here: - Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Now here is the long awaited Part 04... Part 04 Want Me, Want You Matt pulled Andrew’s warm body into his larger frame. He felt the need to be protective over his much smaller twin. He stared at the TV blankly, not really interested in what was playing on the screen, but more interested in what happened at the gym. After his workout. That shower encounter with Dan. It was frightening and the thought of Dan getting his large paws on him after he grew to epic proportions was making Matt even more fearful. Matt looked down at Andrew, noticing the new muscles on his smaller twin brother. Even thin, the muscles definitely stuck out with great curves and definition for his smaller size. The muscle on Andrew though, just thinking about it gave Matt a feeling of comfort. He slowly closed his eyes and drifted slowly to sleep. *** Dan and Andrew appear before Matt as he stared up at them from his spot on the couch. Both his brother and rival stood in front of him, but Andrew looks much different. He is massive, built like a tank. Both of them with huge giant cocks that were fully hard and being stroked over him. They are so large they literally cast a shadow over the tiny Matt. Matt tries to stand up. He’s fearful of what is about to come, but his legs won’t move. With a smirk on their faces, both large men reach down for Matt and grab him around the throat… *** Matt suddenly jerks awake from the nightmare that was about to unfold. He looks around the room for a moment before looking down and seeing his smaller twin still sleeping by his side. He also notices his own cock is once again tenting visibly in his shorts. Things begin to click in his head; something very strange is going on. If it wasn’t for his cock being a huge distraction, he might even be able to figure out what it might be. Andrew begins to stir awake, stretching his arms out, noticing the hard cock pressing out underneath the fabric of his brothers shorts. They were stretched out into a very large tent. “Hey there, big guy,” Andrew looked up at his brother, sleep still in his eyes. Andrew’s own cock was hard as well, its 5 inches pushing against his tight bathing suit trunks. “You look worried still. Something is not right with you.” Andrew reaches out to touch the highest point of Matt’s tented shorts where a big spot of pre-cum was beginning to form. He moves his hands across the top, making Matt moan a bit before moving his fingers into his mouth to taste his larger bro. Andrew noticed there was nothing to taste, Matt noticed the spot was completely dry where his brother was just touching. Matt looks over his brother. His mouth opening in shock and awe as the blonde hairs on Andrew’s arms and legs began to darken, more and more, until they took on a black color like the hair on his head. Andrew grunts a bit, clutching his stomach for a second. When he moves his hand Matt sees another change, the deep cuts of his 4-pack have now taken on a much more cut look. Four true bricks popped prominently out of his smaller brother’s skin and he wasn’t even flexing them. “You can tell me anything, Matt,” Andrew gazed back up at his brother. “We’re twins. You protected me when you kept on growing. Can’t I protect you, Matt?” “I just had a weird dream, that’s all.” Matt looked down at Andrew bashfully, not sure if he really should say just how weird it was. He felt a bit awkward after Andrew pressed his finger against the wet spot on his shorts, taking his pre into his mouth and watching it completely disappear. Matt noticed his smaller bros own tenting swimwear. Reaching over and grabbing the waistband, he slowly pushes Andrews’s shorts down slightly, just enough for his five inches to bounce free and straight up. “Right now, it looks like you’re the one who could use some help, Andrew.” Matt reaches down and rubs his brothers balls gently, the small orbs rolling around in his finger as he watches Andrew’s cock rise a bit higher as his arousal increases. He slowly moves his and up the shaft, pinching the cockhead, causing a bit of clear pre to seep out of it. Matt brushes the pre off with a fingertip, bringing it to his own lips, before pushing his finger into his mouth. Andrew looks up at Matt. Seeing the finger go into his brother’s mouth was a turn on, but something else was happening. As he continued to watch, Matt’s beard was beginning to get thinner. The hair on his arms and legs began to get a bit less dark. Andrew watched and began to get a bit excited at the sight of this. He reached out to Matt’s shorts, pulling them down, watching his brother’s huge cock finally emerge, free and hard. He was being drawn to the bubbling hot cum emerging from his larger brother’s piss slit and could practically taste the sweet pre-nectar. Matt continued to stroke Andrew, and although Andrew was so fascinated with Matt’s impressive display, the attention Matt was giving him still brought his attention back to himself as he let out a moan of pleasure. Andrew reached forward as his brother continued stroking, touching Matt’s cock juice and scooping up a good amount, bringing it to his lips, tasting it. As soon as it touched, hair began to push out of the pores of Andrew’s underarms; large tufts of hair erupting out of his pits, thickening more and more. Going south down his body, a trail began to grow out of his pubic bush, going straight out of his waist line and attaching itself to his belly button as the start of a treasure trail formed on his body. Andrew lifts himself up a bit, pressing his lips to his brothers as he kissed him as best as his smaller body could with a strong hand still gripping and stroking his cock tightly. “I fucking love you, Matt.” Andrew rubs the side of his cheek against Matt’s bull neck, a slight bit of course skin from him makes Matt shudder and excited as he realizes Andrew has the beginning of stubble forming on his face. Matt growls, pulling Andrew against his body with one hand, using his free hand to continue to grip Andrew’s hard dick. “I love you too, Andrew.” Matt takes one long breath, letting out a low groan of pleasure as Andrew’s stubble continues to rub against his thick neck, driving him even wilder. Matt’s dick surges in Andrew’s hand, rock hard and throbbing; yet it’s not as big as it was before. Although it could be that Andrew has a bit of a better grip on his cock. Matt bends down a bit, bringing his lips down to his brother this time; they slowly kiss, letting the passion smolder hot and low. Matt begins to slowly make his larger hand rise and fall on his brothers cock, feeling Andrew quiver from the hand job he was giving him. Matt reaches over and grabs Andrew by the hips with both of his hands, pulling his smaller brother up onto his lap. Both of their dicks rubbing together; the pre cum from both of them mixing as they kissed. A weird sensation begins to fill both of them as they look on at each other, both of their bodies begin to show differences. Hair begins to rise out of Andrew’s skin more, traveling up his small set of abs and beginning to branch up to his chest. The hair begins to swirl across each pec muscle; its light, but he more contact he has with Matt, the darker and darker it begins to change as the precum continues to flow from each of their hard dripping cocks. For Matt, the changes are the opposite. It almost looks like he has begun to start shaving his fur to make his muscles look bigger. The hair begins to thin out and starts retreating in some places right back through his pores as if the hair was never there. As he continues to watch his chest hair disappear, he gives another glance at Andrew and notices wisps of hair beginning to sprout on his twins chin. Andrew feels the sensation too, scratching at his face, feeling more and more tiny hairs begin to sprout outward and get coarser. Andrew looks up at Matt, seeing his brother’s facial hair begin to slowly retract away as well. “We need to stop, Matt.” He tries to pull away, but Matt is almost entranced by his brother’s changes, holding onto Andrew even tighter. “Mmm… Fuck no, Andrew,” Matt growled, wrapping a huge arm around him, keeping his brother in place as he looks on at the new developing beard thickening on his smaller twin, growing denser and more noticeable with each passing second. Matt is getting more and more turned on watching Andrew becoming increasingly more manly and studly. “I want you so bad, Andrew.” Matt rolls both of them over so that Andrew is on the couch and he is right on top of him, his huge body pinning his twin in place, still much more massive then him. Matt leans down, kissing Andrew’s neck… his collarbone… his chest… and his abs, slowly sliding off down off the couch to kneel in front of his smaller brother. Matt rubs his jaw against Andrew’s thighs, and Andrew notices how Matt’s course beard and stubble are almost none existent; there is no rough and bristly sensation like there should be with a man that has had some kind of beard growth before, they are almost soft by comparison, Matt leans in and gives Andrew’s shaft a few experimental licks, then pulls down Andrew’s swim trunks down a bit further to get access to his balls. Matt licks at them a few times, kissing them, sucking on them, pressing against them with his tongue. Matt takes a quick look up at Andrew and breathes in his scent, sitting there with his legs spread, a new musk permeating from his brothers loins and races up into his nostrils. Matt’s eyes open wider with aroused delight. “Stop? Why would I stop? Are you telling me you don’t like it when I do this?” Matt kisses one of Andrew’s testicles, “or this?” he licks the other one, “or even this?” he runs his tongue up the sensitive underside of Andrew’s shaft, then kisses the cockhead, his tongue darting out to lap up a bit more of the pre-cum bubbling out of the tip. Andrew watches on as the last traces of beard retreat away from Matt’s face. All that remains is his sideburns. Andrew watches, more shocked than ever. The guy who was once the manliest looking man he had ever seen was almost now completely hairless from the nose down. Andrew reaches over and grabs Matt’s jock strap; it’s completely soaked with pre-cum. Or it was, as in a matter of seconds, it’s completely dry. “Oh, fuck!” Andrew looks down at Matt, as Matt gazes up at him. A new lust bleeding out of Matt for Andrew as Andrew’s masculine identity intensifies and it begins to almost pulse off him and pull Matt right back into him. Andrew’s cock begins to get harder than it has ever been. “Well, that answer’s that, doesn’t it?” Matt smirks, moving forward. He engulfs Andrew’s cockhead with his mouth, moving slowly down the hard shaft, until his face hits the new forest of pubes around the base of his brother’s cock. He continues to push forward, not stopping until the tip of his nose touches Andrew’s torso. He then begins to bob up and down on his dick, his huge muscles tensing under his shirt as he blows Andrew as if his life depended on it. Matt runs his hand along Andrew’s thighs, massaging them gently, noting that they seem just a bit sturdier than he last remembered. Andrew just sits back as Matt sucks on his hard shaft. He reaches a hand shakily toward his brother. Matt looks up and sees his arm moving, and he grabs it, placing Andrew’s hand onto the back of his head. Matt smirks a bit like ‘Fuck yeah, little bro! Take charge!’ Andrew swallows the lump in his throat, a bit more at ease as he watches Matt’s head move back and forth along his cock and his own hand rubbing along the top of his brother’s head with the motion, his fingers moving through Matt’s hair as he felt himself getting closer and closer to climax. “Matt… Nnnn…” Andrew begins to grunt a bit. “Fuck, it feels so good…” Andrew reaches his other hand out and places it also on the back of Matt’s head, assisting him a bit more with his blow job. As Matt begins to pull back, Andrew pulls him back towards his deep musky bush of pubes. Matt enjoys the feeling, Andrew pulling him downward onto his dick as he continues to push and thrust his hips up to meet Matt’s face, driving his dick right down his throat. Matt relaxes, letting Andrew guide him, move him, use him as a tool for his own pleasure. The whole time, he wants Andrew to do all of that, to fuck his face with his blossoming manly cock. Matt distantly realizing that’s a very submissive thing to think, and not at all like how he usually is. But right here, right now, at this moment, it seems like the most natural and perfect thing imaginable. So he maintains his suction on Andrew’s dick as best as he can, while letting his twin pull his head back and forth, forcing him down on his cock. Andrew moans deeply, feeling something inside of his ball sack, unlike anything he has ever felt before beginning to build up and radiate from within. He looks down at Matt, moving his hands away from his head for a second to let Matt get a glance at him. Matt still continues to suck though, waiting for his reward. “Matt…. Ahh Fuck… You want this right?” Andrew’s balls begin to churn and ache, but he can’t release just let; something inside is holding it back. “Please Mat…” They begin to pull up; he feels as if the cum is beginning to creep and pump into his shaft, ready to explode outward into his brother’s waiting throat… “Want… Me…” Matt breathes for just a second, just long enough to say, “Want you so bad, Andrew,” before plunging back down onto his brother’s dick, taking the whole five inches in one go, pressing his nose deep into his bush, into the flesh of Andrew’s torso. He can feel Andrew’s dick shaking, quivering, and trembling. He knows his twin is about to explode. Using his tongue, he teases the underside of the shaft, sucking stronger than ever, eager to pull Andrew’s cum right out of his shaft if he has to. Andrew’s hands go right back to the back of Matt’s head. He pushes himself forward, almost leaping off of the couch and knocking Matt over, but Matt makes sure to hold on tight as Andrew presses his pubic bone as far as he could up against Matt’s face. His cock lurching round Matt’s lips, in his mouth, down his throat as he fires the first salvo down into his brother’s waiting belly. Matt has no time to swallow as a second blast fires into his mouth, coating his tongue, followed by a third, a forth… Matt loses count, not knowing when it will stop as he continues to try to swallow it all. In the meantime Matt’s body is undergoing another de-metamorphosis. His muscles begin to shrink in size at a steady rate. Andrew’s cock becoming a bit harder to suck as his body shifts on the floor, losing another inch in height, and then another. Matt begins to see what’s going on, and pushes Andrew off of him. His body shifting more and more laying on the carpet, yet he’s not even moving at all. Matt looks up at Andrew, finding his twin’s eyes. He’s just as scared as Andrew is now. Things are different, and will continue to be from now on. Matt feels weak, and right before he blacks out he hears the calming sounds of Andrew’s voice. “I’m so sorry Matt…” To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 05: The Experiment
  10. Symbiotic Bonding - Part 03

    Sorry for the LONG delay. I have been busy. Real life gets in the way some times. And I am also trying to change my health/lifestyle by becoming something like the characters and the big muscle men of this forum (Have a progress thread in the Watch Me Grow section if anyone has not seen that, not the hottest guy yet, but working on it), so please forgive me for the delay... I now present you with the next part of this epic series... Part 03 Gym Time Andrew headed upstairs to take a shower after Matt decided to head out to the gym in a rush. His body was covered with sweat and his muscles and bones ached for some reason, almost like he worked out all day, which he never worked out a day in his life. The weirdest thing though was the stench lingering in the air surrounding him. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was something that Andrew also was not used to, musk. Maybe it was just Matt’s sweat and odor rubbing onto him from the encounter they just shared in the kitchen. As Andrew finished up in the shower he headed to the room he shared with his brother. He made his way to his closet and grabbed a shirt out of it, pulling it off the hanger. As he pulled it over his head there was a tightness around his chest and arms. “Weird,” he pulled off the shirt and grabbed another one, and it was the same tightness. He kept trying on shirts. Over and over he pulled them off till there were a pile of them littered on the floor around him. “What the fuck?!” Andrew drops the last shirt he tried on to the floor, looking down at himself. He finally notices the changes he went through. Abs he never had pushing out from under his skin, not much yet, but there was a definite view of a four pack as he rubbed his fingers across each stepping stone of flesh. His pecs were firming up as he moved his hands to them next, which he then finally noticed a ball of muscle popping out from under his upper arm where a bicep would normally be on a man that had muscle, which Andrew clearly now possessed. Andrew’s cock began to harden. He moved to his dresser and grabbed his swim shorts. “Might as well go for a swim with a body like this,” he pulled them on and headed out to the pool. **** Matt finished up his daily morning classes. All throughout his lecture though he kept thinking back to the morning he just had with his brother. That blow job was intense, nothing like he had ever experienced before. His cock kept getting hard thinking about it, actually popping out of his jock and traveling down the leg of his pants. He had to make several shifts in his seat just to make sure his mighty cock was not seen by his other classmates. Class had ended though and he was at the gym, eager to start his workout and get his mind off of his brother. Matt quickly made his way to the locker room and changed out of his regular casual attire, pulling on a tank top and a gym shirt. They were a bit awkward on his large frame, almost as if they were a bit loose, especially the tank top. Maybe he stretched it out over the few weeks he wore it to the point it was at this loose fitting. Matt headed out to the workout area, eager to finish up before lunch. He threw himself on a weight bench, starting his usual reps but he seems a bit off. Getting up he lowers the weight and manages to do a few before getting tired rather quickly. “Need some help, runt?” Matt’s buddy Dan almost appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the bar right in the center. “Come on, Matt. I’ll give you a spot. You look like you might need a little help today.” Dan was always a bit shorter and a bit less built, standing at 6’4” and weighing 285lbs. Today though, Matt seems to see Dan as a bit bigger than normal, almost as if they are close to the same size. Matt shakes off his delusions and continues his workout as he decides to take Dan’s help for the remainder of his session; spotting one another on their sets, but Matt tires out on each of his sets as the weight is a bit too heavy for him now. Dan wraps his arm around Matt’s shoulder as they finished up their workout. “Bad days happen, Bud. I’m sure you’ll kill it tomorrow.” Matt nods at Dan, a bit annoyed as they make their way into the locker and strip down for their shower. Dan moves under a shower head right next to Matt and turns the handle to start up his shower head. He begins to soap up his hairy, beefy chest with the soap provided by the gym. Matt watches on as the water sprays down on himself, his cock still hasn’t gone down all day from his earlier sexual encounter with Andrew. Matt begins to stroke his cock to try and relieve himself, the steam of the hot water making it hard to see what was going on with the two of them. Dan begins moving the soap down to his abs, when the bar manages to slip and slide across the floor. “Fuck…” Dan bends down trying to feel for the bar with all the rising steam and heat rising to the ceiling around him As Matt continues stroking, he notices Dan’s form on the floor; his beautifully sculpted muscular ass on on fours right in front of him. His ass cheeks parted slightly with a dusting of dark hairs pushing out of his cracks. As he manages to reach it, it slips out of his hands a bit farther across the floor. “Mother Fucker!” As he moves and bends forward, his ass flexing and cheeks opening up a little more and exposing his hairy puckered, spasming hole. Matt and Dan had fucked around before. What once started as bros in the gym quickly became into several sexual encounters, both drunk on their own masculinity and testosterone. Never had the thought crossed Matt’s mind though to do anything in the gym. But that ass, right in front of him, begging to be fucked. Matt’s dick was rock hard and raging with lust, there was only one clear course of action. Matt took a step forward, grabbed Dan’s hips, and slowly pushed his cock into his friend. “NGH, WHAT THE FUCK, BRO?!” Dan started breathing heavy, surprised at this quick action from his friend. He straightens up immediately, gasping in shock, his ass muscles clenching tightly around Matt’s throbbing dick. Matt pushes his cock deeper into Dan, wrapping his powerful arms around him, pulling his friend against him in a crushing grip. “You trying to drive me nuts, dude?” Matt growled in pure bliss. “You, bending over like that? Shoving that ass in my face while I’m hard as a fucking rock and trying to beat off in peace?” Dan snarls in protest. “FUCK YOU, BRO! I DIDN’T…” Matt slams his hips forward violently, driving his cock all the way into Dan with one brutal thrust. Dan gasps, his words dying in his throat. Matt pushes Dan up against the wall and starts pumping his dick into him hard; Dan’s own stiffening member slamming into the tile wall each time Matt crashes right back into him. A low groan of lust escapes Dan’s lips as he begins to enjoy it. “That’s it,” Matt purrs into Dan’s ear. “I knew you’d love this…” he begins pumping his dick faster into him, brutally fucking him against the shower wall, the hot spray of the water falling on them both as they grunt and groan in animalistic passion. Dan’s ass begins to clench tighter around Matt’s cock as a moan finally escapes his lips. Matt’s arms reach around, under him, and lock against his abs. Dan begins to push backwards, pushing his ass onto Matt’s cock as he begins to enjoy as he begins to really enjoy this sexual experience that started with Matt forcing himself onto him. Matt’s thrusts are vicious, like a jackhammer pummeling pavement as he extracts his cock to the opening of Dan’s hole before slamming it right back in like a piston. Each time, they meet each other half way; Matt pushes in, Dan pushes back. Matt’s balls slapping Dan’s cheeks with such force, it causes a slap so loud it can be heard across the entire shower room. “Uhn…FUCK… I… I…” Within seconds, Matt practically snarling and grunting in triumph, begins to fire his hot seed into Dan, driving his dick all the way in to the hilt as his cock literally begins to spasm and go wild, pumping a surprisingly large load of cum into him. Dan begins to tense all over, every muscle flexing as he growls and grunts along with Matt. As Matt holds onto Dan, his powerful arms wrapped around his torso, he begins to slowly feel his arms getting pushed apart. Matt looks down at Dan’s back in confusion; Dan’s traps are flexed hard, throbbing, and slowly growing bigger as they rise into mountains of muscle. Matt’s eyes widen as he watches not only them rise, but the section of his back begins to move upward as well. Not only is Dan gaining more muscle mass, he’s growing taller as well. Matt’s grip around Dan’s torso breaks, his hands sliding farther and farther apart as he lifts his arms up trying to hold onto him. He rakes his fingernails across Dan’s chest, noticing that it fels thicker, fuller. Even Dan’s ass around Matt’s cock feels different, the glutes getting bigger, stronger, the target zone of his ass rising further and further off the ground with each passing second. Dan finally unclenches his glutes around Matt’s cock, making Matt stagger back, pulling out of his friend with a loud pop. Dan stands still for a moment, slowly turning around to face his friend. “How?” He looks himself over. “Did you?” Matt’s jaw drops. Dan is easily three inches taller than he was before, maybe four. Well over 300 pounds of pure masculine beef, possibly 330 pounds, or even more. He smirks at Matt, the hot water of the shower washing over his massive muscles. Dan reaches down for Matt’s body, but Matt shakes out of his daze and rolls out of the way. Dan is much bigger now then Matt, but he is not used to the new size and weight of his body making him a bit clumsy. “Where you going Matt? HAHAHA…” His laugh echoing off the walls. Matt get up onto his feet, backing towards the door to the locker room, not taking his eyes off of his enormous friend. “Ah come on, Matt! Can I fuck you now?” Dan grins from ear to ear, feeling much more confident. He takes a step toward Matt. Matt grabs his towel from the partition wall and holds it against his waist, making it into the locker room as quickly as possible, now filled with more people changing. Matt makes it to his locker, grabbing his clothes and quickly throwing them on as Dan enters into the locker room, scoping out the area for his prey. Dan’s so confident of his new body he doesn’t even care to cover himself. Matt manages to get one last glimpse of Dan now in clear focus; he’s a fucking monster. Cock close to 12 inches long and bouncing like a compass as it sways from side to side as he continues to scout out the room looking. “Anyone seen Matthew?!” People just stare in awe, no one saying a word as Matt manages to slip out the door into the main gym area, fully clothed, as he makes his way to the exit to head home. *** Matt makes it back home, not sure what just really happened back at the gym with his friend Dan. Part of him wanted to believe it was all some hallucination on his part, but he knew better. He did not just see him grow, he had FELT him grow; right under him as he fucked him. The moment after he came into him, he just started to get bigger, and not just a tiny bit, but a lot bigger. Matt began to shudder as he remembered how Dan wanted to fuck him with that huge dick. Dan had never been so large before but now… he tries to put it out of his mind as he gazes out the window to the back yard, noticing Andrew in the swimming pool, his twin’s arms cutting the water with clean strokes. Matt goes outside to get a closer look. He pauses for a second on the grass, noting Andrew’s shoulders, how they looked a bit more defined, a bit more muscular. The wetness of his brother’s skin showing the definition a bit better as the sun reflected off of him. Matt walks over to the pool, setting down his gym bag. “Hey Andrew,” Matt watches as his brother reaches the edge of the pool. “You been swimming much lately? Looks like it’s doing you good.” Although part of Matt was wondering if it might have been something else that was changing his brother. “Nah, Matt. I just felt like going for a swim.” Andrew looks up at Matt from the water, smiling at his bro, placing his arms over the side of the pool. Matt notices the bulges in his brothers arms and shoulders as the water slides off of his brother’s body. “What’s wrong with you though, Matt? You look like you saw a ghost or something.” Andrew propels himself off the wall, swimming towards the other side on his back. Matt notices the definition in his brothers chest and the feint appearance of what looks like the beginning of a set of abs. Blond hair sprouting across his brothers arms and legs. Matt sits down on a chair near the pool, watching Andrew do laps. Noting the new muscle definition, the way the muscles move under Andrew’s skin with each stroke. He remembers that morning, Andrew drinking down his cum, and then thinks about what just happened to Dan at the gym. Clearly there’s a connection, and it seems like that connection might be connected to his cum. Matt stands up and heads inside, taking his gym bag with him and tossing it into the corner of the living room. He walks up to the second floor bathroom, stripping completely, stepping onto the scale. 285lbs… Matt nearly chokes. He was 300lbs yesterday. No one loses 15lbs instantly. Not water weight. Not muscle weight. And not fat. It makes absolutely no sense. Matt put his clothes back on and headed back to the living room. He takes a seat on the couch, staring at the TV, not bothering to even turn it on. Andrew finally finishes swimming and goes back inside, drying himself off as he takes a seat next to his bro on the couch. “Are you ok man? You aren’t acting like your normal self.” Andrew playfully punches Matt on the shoulder. “You came home from the gym, looked at me weird, and then just jetted back inside. If it is something I did, you can tell me. We are brothers.” Andrew places his hand on Matt’s shoulder, moving his other hand to Matt’s fuzzy, bearded cheek, turning his face to look at him. There was sadness in his eyes. “Hey, bro… We were born together. We have a connection unlike other bros unless they were twins like the two of us. Whatever is going on with you, I am here for you, and will always be. Matt looks down at Andrew, smiling softly. “It’s nothing, Andrew. I just had a lousy workout, that’s all. Wasn’t up to my usual weight and reps on anything. So I’m just a bit bummed.” Andrew doesn’t quite know how to take that response. It sounds truthful, yet it also seems like his brother might be holding something back. Matt wraps a powerful arm around his shoulder, pulling Andrew in closer. “Only thing you did was give me a great BJ this morning, okay? So don’t worry about it. I’m cool.” He rubs the back of Andrew’s head affectionately. Andrew leans into Matt’s larger mass, breathing in the musk and cleanliness of the shower he took at the gym. Andrew’s cock begins to stir again, now that he is so close to his twin. “Damn, Matt. What I would do if we were identical twins. I wish I was as big as you. As manly as you… even your scent bro.” Andrew turns his head slightly to get a whiff of the scent of his brother’s armpit. “You really comfort me.” Matt blushes a little, but obligingly lifts his muscular arm a bit, letting Andrew have some access to nuzzle his furry pit. Even though he showered just a bit ago, his manly musk was already coming back, due to how quickly he had to rush out of the gym and also his natural pheromone musk. “If we were identical, I suspect that we’d never get anything done. We’d be busy fucking each other’s big muscle butts all the time!” Matt began to laugh, bringing his arm down across Andrew’s shoulders again. “Since that isn’t the case, we’ll just have to make do, I guess.” Andrew leans into Matt a bit more. His eyes growing heavy from the comforting smell and embrace of his twin as he dozes off to sleep. Andrew content, and happy to know that his brother who he thought he had lost from when they were kids is slowly proving to him that they still are connected. Matt just sits there, listening to the slow breaths of his brother; sleeping in his warm arms, his head snuggling against his inner pec muscle with his large arm wrapped around him… To Be Continued... Coming Soon: Part 04 – Want Me, Want You
  11. The muscle frat (5)

    Five Brock awoke from a deep sleep. His frail body was hurting unlike he'd ever felt before: Brad had really pushed him to his limits during their workout yesterday. He'd tried helping his now 100 pound heavier friend, but he couldn't even lift Brad's warm up weights. By the end of the 2 hour gym session, he'd just sat on a bench watching Brad blast his chest. A hint of jealousy had gone through him when his buddy got up from the bench and flexed his pumped pecs in the mirror. "Ah, you're awake. How ya feeling, buddy?" Brad's voice made Brock look up. His 185 pound friend was only wearing a pair of boxers. A tingle went through his cock as he stared at the nicely muscled torso. "Sore allover", Brock replied, "I have never felt like this after a workout". "You went all out yesterday. Normal that your muscles are stiff. Just keep it up", Brad said and he sat down next to his buddy on his bed, "Here. Brought ya a shake". "Thanks", Brock said as he took the shake and admired his buddy's 17 inch arms. Brad noticed the stare and patted his friend's bony shoulder. "No worries, man. We'll built back yar size. Ready for another workout?", he asked to take Brock's mind off his frail body. "Nah. Feel like a bus hit me. I'm gonna let my muscles recover today", Brock said reluctantly as he remembered he was once able of working out three times a day. "You're right, man. But you'll have to come tomorrow", Brad stated. He got up from the bed and walked over to his closet to put on his training gear. "Catch ya later", he said and left the room. Tristan blinked his eyes a few times. A hand groping his left pec pulled him from his sleep. He looked aside and saw Mike roaming the wide surface of his mighty chest, the guy's hand looked comically small atop his thick pec. He felt the guy's hard cock poke against his huge quad. "Enjoying the feel?", he asked. The booming bass vibrated down Mike's six-pack and sent a shiver through him. "You're so fucking huge, T.", he said and his other hand joined in to explore the mountainous chest. The meaty rack of muscle suddenly began dancing under his touch as Tristan bounced his pecs. Mike's mouth hung open in a soundless moan and his dick exploded against the beastly quad. A grin formed on Tristan's lips as he felt the liquid heat splatter against his thick thigh. He flexed his pecs some more and felt two more blasts leaking against his tree-sized leg. He grabbed Mike's right armpit with his right paw and effortlessly lifted the 162 pound jock up. Mike marveled as his muscular body was hoisted up in the air like a feather by the beastly teen. "Fuck. You lift me with one arm", he blurted out while he was lowered down atop the deeply grooved eight-pack. He sat up, his legs at the sides of the massive torso he was now straddling. His hands instantly reached for the juicy pecs that protruded upward and outward from Tristan's chest. His fingers kneaded the meaty mounds, or tried to: the hot, concrete-hard surface didn't budge at all under his grip. His 6 inch cock was back to full hardness after his orgasm and was laying in the canyon running down the center of the teen beast's eight-pack. "How did you get so huge, T.?", he asked as he pinched the hard nipples. "Mhm", Tristan grunted in pleasure. He looked into Mike's blue eyes and decided to tell him. "I discovered an old chart in the frat house library a few days ago", he said, "it talked about the rules of the frat, like how the cum of the selected few is harvested in the 'cum chalice' at their initiation and that only the top athlete's on campus can join. At the end of the text there was some kind of prophecy. It said that one day a star-marked man would come and he would incarnate the frat's traits…" "So?", Mike interrupted since he didn't understood the words of his huge tutor. Tristan brought up his left arm, his massive bicep bulging in the process, and turned his hand so that his palm faced Mike, exposing his thick wrist. "See this mole", he said as he pointed at the small birthmark, "I've had this star-shaped mole since my birth. So I'm the chosen one. Very ironic if you think about it: me, a frail runt destined to be part of the frat with the biggest jocks. I didn't even realize it at first. I was busy steeling glances of Brock and avoiding to get caught. Things were going fine until Brock came into the mutual showers were I was showering. He grabbed my shoulders to talk to me and a wave of energy hit me. Warmth flowed from Brock's fingers into my body and all my muscles began growing while Brock's melted away. Then I understood the prophecy: it meant the chosen one would be the ultimate jock by taking the traits of the selected few. the muscles of all the guys that have cummed into the 'cum chalice' can be absorbed by me. Brock was one of them." "So, you could get even bigger, T.", Mike said. "If I find out who's cum went into the chalice, I guess I can", Tristan replied and placed his hands behind his head. His 28 inch arms balled up in vein infested boulders and he felt Mike's cock throb against his abs. "You really like my muscles, don't ya?", he asked. "Fuck yeah", Mike answered without taking his eyes from the monstrous biceps, "must be so fun to be huge". "Like 'em enough to cum again?", Tristan asked with a smirk while he tensed his arms to make his biceps dance aside his head. Mike's 6 incher smacked against the rock-hard eight-pack as another jolt went through it. "I've emptied my balls earlier", he said and his hands left the thick pecs to reach for the perfectly round biceps. "We'll see", Tristan groaned, "Come on feel 'em". Mike didn't need any further encouragement. His hands closed in on the orbs of muscle, shaking nervously as he felt the heat coming from the tanned cannonballs. His hands made contact with the concrete-hard spheres but didn't even cover the top. "Mhgn", he moaned as another jolt shot through his rock-hard cock. Tristan noted the pure lust in the smaller guy's eyes and made his bicep dance under his touch. "Mughn", Mike moaned again but his 6 incher didn't leak any fluid. His balls churned painfully. "Resisting my muscle, he", Tristan said and he clenched his eight-pack, trapping the throbbing cock in the deep valley running down its center. "Aughughn", Mike groaned as his dick was being crushed by the cobblestone-sized abs of his beastly tutor. Painful stabs shot through his balls and it felt like they were being pushed out his cock as another orgasm rolled over him. A meager, watery load leaked from his cock as the eight-pack around it relaxed. A hard blow hit his back: Tristan's big cock had come to life during his worship. Mike swiftly slid down and installed him between the huge quads. He dove onto the 12 incher that pointed straight up toward the ceiling, his hands atop the eight-pack for support. "Fuck", Tristan moaned deeply. The thought of having sent the 162 pound jock over the edge twice filled his mind with his own sexual prowess. His thick balls clenched as the hot mouth made contact with the sensitive, dark red head of his cock and orgasm exploded through his 284 pound body. His left hand grabbed the back of the jock's head to keep him in place and his magnificent muscles flexed in a display of pure manhood as the first thick load fired from his cock. "YEAUGHN!", he boomed in his deep bass while load after load blasted from his 12 incher. Mike gulped down the sticky cum like a hungry baby, breathing through his nose to catch his breath in between the long blasts. He felt spunk dripping from his mouth along the lengthy snake. He playfully bit the thick head in his mouth. "OUGHN", Tristan boomed as he felt the teeth on his sensitive cock. His balls blasted out four more loads and he fell back exhausted after the orgasm of a lifetime. Mike felt his huge tutor's orgasm wear down as the tenth blast disappeared down his throat toward his bloated stomach. He inhaled deeply through his nose and licked the last remains of cum from the fleshy snake. "Ya're so good, M. Never thought ya were a cocksucker", Tristan said and gently ruffled the jock's hair. Pride filled Mike as he heard the remark. He drew his mouth from the slowly deflating 12 incher and laid down next to the 284 pound beast, his own muscular body taking in the heat emanating from his beastly tutor. He dazzled off in a deep sleep. Being on his physical peak, Tristan had already recovered from the orgasm. "I'm gonna hit the showers", he said and got up, abandoning the bloated jock on the mattresses in the center of the room. In the gym Brad was going through his daily workout. He missed Brock's company to really push him to his limits, but ever since his buddy had lost his muscles he felt he had to protect the little guy. "Ten", he grunted between his teeth and lowered the bar. His shoulders were pumped from the military presses. A faint noise made him look aside and grab his phone. A grin formed on his lips when he read the message Emily just sent him. He grabbed his towel, rushed into the locker room and headed over to Emily's place. Back in the frat house, Brock had just informed Keith about Brad's brother. He hadn't mentioned a thing about the guy stealing his muscles but just told the frat leader that the guy wasn't planning on leaving the frat house. Before he could warn Keith to bring backup, the frat leader had told he'd come back to campus in the afternoon and ended their phone call. Brock knew the 165 pound Keith didn't stand a chance alone against the massive Tristan. He decided to go talk to Brad about it and headed over toward the campus gym. Brock entered the campus gym but saw no one around. He wandered through the deserted weight room he dominated until a couple of days ago and went in the locker room. He didn't see his buddy in the central area leading to the shower zone so he walked around the corner to where the lockers were positioned. He made his way to the furthest corner where his and Brad's locker were. A loud bang made him jump up. He heard some heavy footsteps echoing through the first part of the locker room and looked around for a place he could hide. He ducked and placed himself against the locker in front of his own, hoping that the other guy wouldn't see him. The heavy footsteps came closer but then moved somewhat away. A locker was slammed open in the other corridor formed by the double row of lockers in the center of this part of the locker room. Brock controlled his breathing and silently crawled toward the end of the row of lockers. He peeped around the corner and saw Sean standing at his locker. Sean, a junior and one year younger than Brock, had been his rival ever since he joined the football team. At 210 pounds of muscle, Sean was the undisputed number two on the team. He had tried to take Brock's place as the star quarterback without much success. Brock's weight advantage had always given him an edge on the 30 pounds lighter athlete: even though Sean was a tad faster, Brock was quite a bit stronger. Sean wasn't very popular on the team either: his cocky attitude contrasted with Brock's easy-going, team-oriented spirit. Despite Brock's efforts, they had never become friends. Brock continued observing his now way bigger rival. Sean was going through his things inside the locker. He looked around carefully and pulled out a vial and a syringe. He filled the syringe, tapped it, pulled down his shorts slightly and plunged the needle into his ass cheek. Brock realized what Sean was doing and took a slight step back. He lost his balance on the slippery floor and fell backward against the locker. The thud echoed through the locker room. Sean jumped up when he heard the sound. "What the fuck?", he said, quickly emptied the syringe and tossed it in his locker as he pulled up his pants. "Who's there?", he yelled. Being the second biggest man on the football team, he didn't fear anyone but Brock. He jumped swiftly to the source of the sound and discovered a small, yet familiar looking boy lying on his ass on the floor. "I … I swear I didn't see anything", Brock blurted out as he stared up at his rival. He noticed the angry look in the 210 pound athlete's eyes and crawled backward but his back was already against the cold, metal locker. "Brock?", Sean asked incredulously as he recognized the high-pitched peep. A grin formed on his face while he realized his big rival was gone and he was now the number one on the team. "What the hell happened to ya?" Brock saw the devilish grin forming on the big guy's face. "I lost my muscle", he said as a big hand grabbed his shirt and lifted him off the floor. "Really?", Sean replied with a smirk as he held his fallen rival at eye level with just one arm, enjoying the feeling of being all-powerful. "Why are you on 'roids?", Brock asked while his arms and legs dangled in the air. "I thought ya didn't see a thing", Sean said. Brock ignored the remark. "You're the second biggest guy on the team. Why would you need to roid up?", he went on. "How do ya think I got this big? I was stuck at 180 pounds. No matter how hard I trained, I couldn't get any bigger. Did my first cycle at the end of high school and gained 10 pounds of pure muscle. Have been cycling every summer since then. Now I'm doing some more to take top position next year. But I guess I won't have to wait until my senior year and you leaving", Sean said. "Huh?", Brock peeped. "You're wrong: I'm no longer the second biggest guy on the team. I'm the alpha dog now!", Sean boomed. He tossed away his fallen rival. Brock flew through the locker room and crashed down in a pile of smelly clothes. Before he could get up, a big hand grabbed his shoulder and dragged him over to the lengthy mirror. His clothes were ripped away and he looked at his reflection. His 80 pound body made him look like a frail prepubescent boy. "You're so pathetic", Sean said as he moved in to stand behind the runt. Brock stared at his 210 pound rival in the mirror. Sean was easily three times as wide as him and at 5'8 towered over his own 5'2 body. His thick arms hung relaxed at his sides, pushing the sleeves of his T-shirt to their limits, and were just a bit too big: Sean always worked them harder than any other body part. Brock felt his meager cock hardening. "Seems like the B-rock has crumbled down to nothing", Sean said and poked the little guy in his puffy stomach. "Flex yar arms, runt", he said. Brock reluctantly raised his arms. He'd flexed in front of this mirror countless times but never before he'd feared his reflection. He flexed his arms as hard as he could but his 7 inch pipes lacked any definition. He noted the grin on Sean's face in the mirror. "I was bigger when I was 8", Sean said and put his right hand atop the scrawny right bicep. He clenched his hand and his strong fingers crushed the weak bicep like jelly. "Aw", Brock peeped in pain as his upper arm was crushed together. His left hand reached for the hand atop his right arm and tugged at it. His weak efforts were no match for his rival. "Haha", Sean laughed at Brock's feeble attempts to get free. "No one will stop me now!", he said and threw a double bicep pose. His 21 inch guns mounded upward and hardened into two orbs of meaty muscle as they ripped the treads of his sleeves. "Ughn", Brock grunted at the display of muscle. His 3 inch dick leaked a watery load. Sean noticed his fallen rival's reaction in the mirror. He lowered his arms, turned him around and placed his hand atop the guy's bony shoulders. "So, we have a fag on the team", he said as he Brock pushed down to his knees and unbuttoned his own pants with his other hands. Brock's legs gave out from the pressure and he kneeled down in front of the now undisputed biggest guy on the football team. Before he could react, a thick 8,5 incher was forced into his mouth. He gagged as more of the fleshy snake was shoved inside. Sean grabbed the back of his former rival's head and smacked him against his six-pack. He began face fucking the frail guy, thinking about how he now dominated the guy that used to eclipse him. Brock grabbed hold of Sean's muscular ass for support. He gagged and gagged but the 130 pound heavier athlete overpowered him completely. "Yeahung", Sean groaned as his cock fired away into the frail guy's mouth and throat. Four loads shot from his balls before his orgasm wore off. He released Brock's head and the small guy fell away while his 8,5 incher drenched his face with a final load. Brock slumped down to the floor and looked up in awe at the 210 pound stud while the thick spunk slid down his face. "Yar place on the time is mine now!", Sean said and threw another double bicep pose to emphasize his point.
  12. The muscle frat (4)

    Four Brad and Brock returned to their room in silence. Brad's mind was processing the meeting with his now huge brother. He gently rubbed his pecs that were hurting from the hard blow he'd gotten. "I'm going to the gym for my workout. Maybe I can figure something out to help you, buddy", he said to his friend, "Wanna come?". "What could I do in the gym?", Brock peeped in his high-pitched voice, "I own most the records on the lifts and now look at me." Tears welled up in his eyes. Brad realized he'd made a mistake and gently grabbed his buddy's bony shoulder. "You could keep me company", he said," I've always enjoyed you pushing me to my limits. You had my back when you were bigger than me. Now I have you back, buddy. So, sure you don't wanna come?". "Thanks, but no, buddy", Brock replied, "It would be too painful being in the gym right now, maybe later. I'm gonna stay right here. Go pump some iron, man". "Gonna blast these arms", Brad said with a grin and flexed his right arm. Brock stared at the 17 inch gun in envy. Just yesterday his own arms dwarfed his buddy's by 6 inches and right now, he'd kill to have arms like Brad. He nodded and watched his 185 pound friend walk away. "Remember Brock? Found someone even bigger. Join me on my bro's campus. dexameni-frat house. T." Tristan clicked and his phone sent the message to Mike. Unlike Tristan, Mike was one of the popular jocks at their high school. Standing 5'7 and 162 pounds, Mike was one of the star players on their high school football team. Tristan still remembered the day Mike had come up to him, eclipsing his weak 125 pound body with his muscular frame and asked to tutor him. During their study sessions, Mike proved to be a fast learner but insisted on being tutored. After a few weeks, Tristan had finally gotten it: Mike kept showing up every time Brock was hanging out with his older brother. He'd spoken to Mike about it and the football player obviously denied. It wasn't until Tristan admitted being attracted to Brock's huge body that Mike also conceded. They had made a deal: Tristan would keep his mouth shut about Mike and Mike would keep the other jocks from picking on Tristan. During their study sessions they could then both steal glances of Brock. A vibration made Tristan look at his phone. "Even bigger than the bulk??? Taking the first plane out. Be there tomorrow. M." "He'll be in for a big surprise", Tristan said to himself as he put his phone down. In the gym, Brad was going through his workout with extra intensity. "Have to get bigger", he said to his reflection and curled the bar up with shaking arms. His thoughts kept going back and forth between his now puny friend and his now huge brother. He dismissed the thought and returned his focus on his pumped arms. "One more", he yelled to his swollen and red biceps as he curled the bur up for a final rep. He tossed the bar down and did a double bicep pose, admiring how his arms mounded up toward 18 inches of hard muscle. A jolt went through his plump cock in his workout pants. "Let's see if Emily is up for some fun", he said to his reflection and left the gym. Brock went to the kitchen and stumbled backward as he entered. The beastly Tristan was sitting at the table filled with food and was wolfing down huge amounts of food. Brock stared in awe as the massive biceps bulged up into perfectly round, veiny cannonballs that stretched the sleeves of the gray t-shirt as the teen brought the food to his mouth. Tristan looked aside and noticed the scrawny Brock standing in the doorway. "Miring the view?", he asked with a smug grin. Brock simply nodded without taking his eyes from the 28 inch arms. "I'm stuffed", Tristan said and patted his stomach, "needed the food to fuel my muscles". Brock kept looking at the beastly teen who stood up and swaggered over to him. He gulped while drinking in the sight of Tristan's massive muscles straining the gray t-shirt. It was his most baggy shirt that hung loosely over his 241 pound body until yesterday. He craned his head up to stare into the beast's eyes. Being 5'2 himself, the 6'1 Tristan towered over him in height. Tristan loomed down into Brock's eyes, noticing the mixture of fear and arousal. "You used to be so intimidating, but now you're pathetic", he said, "I had my brains when I was skinny. You don't even hove those". "Please, Tristan. Give my muscles back", Brock pleaded in his high-pitched voice, "Ya don't even have to give them all back. Ya can keep some of my mass". "I don't think so, Brock", Tristan replied, "I'm liking my new size. Besides I don't know how I took your muscles. So I can't give them back. I think your muscles look better on me. Don't you agree?". Tristan brought up his right arm and flexed it. His cannonball-sized bicep mounded upward and outward atop his low-hanging, thick tricep; veins exploded over the surface as the monstrous bicep rose and rose until it reached 28 inches of hard meat underneath the paper-thin bronzed skin. Brock's eyes widened as the massive muscle flexed right in front of him. He thought he heard the skin stretching as it tried accommodating to the hardening bicep. He instinctively reached for the insanely muscular arm. A shiver went through his scrawny body as he touched the rock-hard, hot mountain of meat. His 3 incher leaked a watery load in his pants. "Don't I look better with your muscles? Better than you ever did?", Tristan asked again and flexed his right bicep some more under the frail touch. "Yep", Brock blurted out as his fingers were pried open by the beastly bicep hardening some more. A hint of disappointment went through Tristan: he'd hoped for the tingling sensation to return when Brock touched his arm so he could drain some more size from him. But nothing happened. Perhaps he can't get smaller than he is now, he thought and brushed the skinny guy's hand away from his arm. "Better hit the gym again to grow back some size, Brock", he said with a smirk and abandoned the fallen football player. The next day Brock followed his friend Brad to the gym. Both of them wanted to avoid Tristan as much as possible and Brad was happy that his best friend was regaining some of his old energy. He decided to push the little guy as much as possible to make him grow back his muscles. While Brad and Brock were out, Mike arrived at the frat house. His dick was hard thinking about the huge guy Tristan had mentioned in his text. He stepped up to the front door and knocked. He stepped back as a massive guy opened. "T? What the fuck happened to you?", he yelled out in disbelief as he recognized the guy. "Let's go to my room", Tristan said and went inside. Mike followed the beastly man, admiring his insanely wide back. Tristan opened a door on his left and strutted in. Mike hurried in and closed the door behind him. He looked at Tristan standing in the center of the room, his arms folded in front of him. Veins crisscrossed all over the thick forearms, impossibly large biceps pushed the sleeves of his grey t-shirt up and hard, horseshoe-shaped triceps jutted out in relief at the back of the meaty upper arms; protruding pecs strained the front of the shirt and wide, round shoulders pushed it to its limits. "So? What do ya think?", Tristan asked with a smirk on his face. "Huhg?", Mike muttered as he tried to fathom the unbelievable sight in front of him. He looked up at the beastly teen's chiseled face: a coarse five-o'clock-beard decorated the square jawline. Tristan noted the look of pure admiration in Mike's blue eyes. "How did you get so huge, T.?", Mike asked and cleared this throat as his voice cracked. He just couldn't believe the size on the guy he'd outweighed by a good 40 pounds. His dick was rock-hard and throbbed in his pants. Tristan didn't respond. He slowly took off his shirt, gradually revealing his upper body. Mike's mouth fell open and his eyes widened to the size of saucers as his once scrawny tutor's torso came into view. He gazed at the massive traps that made his neck look like that of a bull and descended into an impossibly wide pair of perfectly round, bowling ball-sized shoulders that supported the thickest, most muscular arms he'd ever seen; a thick protruding rack of meaty pecs the size of half watermelons divided by a deep cleavage stretched the tanned, paper-thin skin tight across the mighty chest that obscured the top half of the hardest looking eight-pack around, the valley running down the middle of the four rows of cobblestone-sized, deeply edged abs looked deep enough to fuck it. "Ughn", Mike groaned at the sight and he creamed his pants. "Something wrong, M.?", Tristan asked smugly as he looked back at the high school football player. He noticed the dark stain forming at the front of the athlete's jeans. "Wanna see my legs too?", he demanded teasingly. Mike nodded eagerly while he drank in the display of muscular perfection and orgasm kept racing through his 162 pound body. Another load flew from his cock into his soaked boxers. "Thought so", Tristan said and removed his sweat pants. He tossed them aside and stood up straight. "Fughnck", Mike grunted in pleasured disbelief as he gawked at the tree trunk-sized pillars of muscle that were his tutor's legs. The different parts of his huge quads were crisscrossed with deep crevices and thick veins, the teardrop obscured his kneecap by its sheer size and his strong calves jutted out at the back of his lower leg. Mike's eyes were drawn to the front of the military-style boxers that seemed ready to burst open. "Still think that Brock has the best body?", Tristan asked in his deep bass while he rubbed his thick left pec. "Fuck Brock", Mike blurted out breathlessly and lunged forward. Before Tristan could react, the 162 pound football player was kneeling in front of him and yanked down his boxers. As the fabric only descended to about half his quads, he reached down and ripped them off. His plump cock inflated further as more blood flowed into it. Mike stared at the hardening snake in front of him. He gulped, licked his lips and took the swelling cock into his mouth. He grabbed hold of the beastly quads for support. "What…", Tristan let out but the pleasure of the 162 pound athlete servicing his dick overtook him. His left paw gently ruffled the guy's pepper and salt hair while his right paw played with one of his own hard nipples. Mike licked and sucked along the shaft that kept swelling inside his mouth as his hands roamed the hard surface of the muscular quads. "MMhm", Tristan moaned as his cock reached its 12 inches and goose bumps appeared all over his huge body. Mike used every instinctive skill he didn't even know he possessed. He upped the pace of his sucking, sucking the coke can-sized cock's head quickly and teasingly. He was rewarded by rumbling, needy sounds off his beastly tutor. He heard the massive guy's breathing increasing and sucked him deep and very hard. Tristan felt the electricity of a mighty orgasm rolling over him. His right paw grabbed the back of Mike's head and pulled him onto his dick. His lemon-sized balls drew tight and a first, huge load of sticky cum blasted through his throbbing shaft. "FUUGHNCK", he boomed and his huge muscles flexed as he was sent over the edge. Mike's nose collided with the hard bottom row of abs. He grabbed hold of his tutor meaty ass as the fleshy snake inside his mouth throbbed and flooded him with thick spunk. His own cock leaked another load as he realized he sent the hugest man around over the edge. "FUCK", Tristan roared once more as a second, third and fourth load shot from his cock. Mike gulped down the cum as fast as he could, but the juices leaked from his mouth and nose. His vision began waning since he couldn't breathe from the cum that kept filling his mouth. Tristan fell the hands on his muscular ass losing their grip but kept his right paw tight at the back of the athlete's skull to keep him in place. "Yeaughn", he groaned while four more blasts shot from his dick. Mike fell limp from the lack of air and the cum now poured from his mouth down on his chin. Tristan withdrew his still rock-hard 12 incher from Mike's mouth. He gently picked up the passed out guy, stripped off his clothes and laid him down on the mattresses in the center of the room. He laid down next to the guy that once outsized him by a good 40 pounds, but he now dwarfed by 120 pound of pure muscle and dazzled off.
  13. The muscle frat (3)

    Three Fear filled Tristan's widened eyes as he was slowly span around to face Brock. He tried resisting and fighting back but his 124 pound body was totally overpowered by his brother's 241 pound buddy. His more-than-half-hard cock slapped against his skinny left leg while he was turned around. He quickly held his hands in front of it and looked up into the 5'8 man's eyes. "Just relax, man", Brock said as he looked down in the 5'5 little guy's dark brown eyes, "Don'tcha think it's time we had a real talk? Things can't go on like this. Yar bro and I are trying to help ya out". A pleasant warmth began flowing through Tristan as he listened to Brock's deep baritone voice. He felt his 5 incher harden fully beneath his hands as he was mere inches away from the amateur bodybuilder physique he'd admired for several years. Brock noticed the fear disappearing from the small boy's eyes and a hint of what seemed like a smile forming on his frail lips. A shiver travelled down his spine and his sight went dark for a second while he felt a tingling sensation between his meaty paws and the skin of the skinny guy's bony shoulders. He blinked his eyes to refocus his gaze. Tristan perceived pearls of sweat forming on the huge athlete's forehead. A faint moan escaped his mouth as the warmth increased exponentially throughout his frail body. He closed his eyes in pleasure. Brock looked down at the guy in front of him while the last black dots disappeared from his sight. His sight still was a bit foggy as if the steam in the shower zone kept him from seeing clearly. He noted the small, flat pecs and wondered why Tristan always wore baggy clothes: he looked decent enough like someone that had started working out a few months earlier. The tingling sensation made him look at his own paws and noticed the frail, yet squarish looking shoulders beneath them. He looked further down to discover the thin yet strong looking biceps with a prominent blue vein. The small guy had the typical surfer look with his nice tan. Brock looked back at the small boy's chest. He would have sworn the flat pecs looked bigger than a couple of minutes earlier. Tristan let out a second, louder moan as the warmth seemed to slip inside his bones and muscles. He reopened his eyes and stared at the meaty rack of hard muscle atop Brock's chest. The thought that the protruding pecs seemed less impressive than he'd imagined, flew through his mind. His cock felt harder than ever before and it throbbed behind his hands. Brock stared at the growing boy in his grasp in disbelief and blinked his eyes again, but the foggy ring at the edge of his gaze only got more intense and prevented him from seeing anything else than the frail boy in front of him. "Ya're getting bigger, T.", he said as he noticed the hardening four-pack. He looked up and saw the now even thicker pecs swelling with every breath the small boy took. He felt the bony shoulder beneath his paws hardening and thickening. Brad's little brother now looked like a surfer who had spent too much time in the gym. The tingling sensation between his meaty fingers and the swelling shoulders increased some more. Tristan heard the huge man's remark and looked down at his body. A disbelieved gasp escaped his mouth as he stared at his muscular and still growing physique. He'd gained a good 40 pounds and it showed clearly: every muscle on his body was bigger, it was like he was going through puberty once more right there. His hands fell away from his cock and a throbbing hard, 6 incher stood up straight in front of him. He looked up at the man holding him and noticed that Brock no longer looked like an amateur bodybuilder but more like an overbuild fitness model. Brock's gaze was glued to the growing guy's rock-hard cock and a jolt went through his own dick. "Fuck. Ya're getting big like yar bro", he said in a slightly higher voice. The tingling sensation expanded through his body and seemed to invade every one of his meaty muscles. A hint of fatigue made a tremor course through his thick quads, but he was too busy admiring the hardening physique in front of him to notice it. Tristan noted the much less rich baritone and looked at his brother's huge friend's face. He gasped when he saw Brock's face: his prominent jaw line was getting softer and made his squared masculine face beginning to look rectangular. He also realized he was looking straight into Brock's eyes. His mind quickly processed this realization and he suddenly knew where his new size was coming from: the prophecy he'd read in the frat house library was right. He was now just as tall as the guy that once towered 5 inches above him. Their bodies now weighed exactly the same, but looked clearly different: Tristan's was bulging with pure, ripped muscle and growing where Brock's was shaggy and somewhat blobby looking and obviously shrinking. Brock couldn't believe his eyes: the wimpy, frail boy before him was now looking like a contest ready physique competitor. The shoulder beneath his hands were broadening and thickening and began pushing open his fingers; the once flat pecs were now a nicely protruding rack of striated muscle atop a deeply grooved six-pack; the stick-like arms were replaced by strong looking, muscle-filled pipes that had to be around 18 inches. A throbbing motion made him look down and he saw the thick, rock-hard 8 inch cock protruding proudly from Tristan's body. The thick fog at the edge of his sight began dissipating and as he looked down he noticed his own chest. "No", he mumbled in a hig-pitched tenor voice, "where did my muscles go?". "Here", Tristan said in a now way deeper voice than Brock. His thickly muscled arms reached forward and he grabbed hold of his brother's friend's armpits. Instantly, more warmth rushed through his ever growing body. The tingling sensation from Brock's hands also appeared where Tristan's hands made contact with his body. A wave of exhaustion and weakness seemed to come over him as he felt his muscles being siphoned into the other man. "Let me… go", Brock said in a breaking voice and tried squirming free. He fought with every ounce of strength left in his weakening body and manage to loosen the grasp around his ribs. Tristan felt his brother's friend breaking his hold but quickly replaced his hands in his armpits and applied more pressure. His growing body got stronger with every passing second while Brock's diminishing one only got weaker. "Feed me your size!", he boomed in his deepening baritone voice and let the energy and mass flow into him. Brock tried freeing his hands from the swelling shoulders but they were fused to the now boulder-sized orbs of muscle. His eyes widened as he felt his feet leave the floor: the guy he'd outsized by nearly 120 pound just minutes earlier now held him effortlessly in the air. "Put me down, T.", Brock pleaded desperately as his body now sank below 160 pounds. He fought and squirmed but the grasp around his torso got stronger and stronger. "Ya still have more left to give", Tristan replied as he enjoyed the feeling of being all-powerful and dominating the huge stud he'd luster after ever since he'd first seen him. Brock just stared at the ever-growing beast that held him, tears flowing from his eyes: Brad's little brother was quickly closing in on his own old size and showed no signs of stopping. His heavy, striated protruding pecs heaved bigger with every breath and each time maintained their new size, the tanned skin was stretched tight across the inflating mounds of meat and stretch marks began appearing at the top and sides of the massive rack as the quickly growing muscles pushed the paper-thin skin to its limits; the arms that held him up were perfectly round and bulged with muscle and snaking veins as they now clearly surpassed the 23 inches he once had; the six-pack had evolved into an impossibly deeply edged eight-pack; his once stick-like legs now were pillars of strength that easily supported his growing body and his rock-hard cock was closing in on a double-digit-length and the girth of a coke can. "Please, give my muscles back", he pleaded in a girly voice. Tristan looked into the tear-filled eyes of his brother's best friend. A smirk formed on his lips as he realized how easily he held the once huge athlete up: the once huge Brock felt like a feather in his swelling 25 inch arms. Brock's intimidating, masculinity-oozing body had shriveled down to the same pathetic size he'd been minutes earlier and kept getting weaker in his grasp. His own, now huge body felt energized and strong as warmth and mass kept flowing into him and fed his growing muscles. "Fuck. This feels so good", he said in his rich, deep voice. Brock noticed the hungry look in Tristan's dark brown eyes and he realized the guy wasn't going to give his muscles back. His own eyes widened as he marveled at the guy's body: the wimpy boy he'd always known now surpassed his size at his prime. The muscles bulging all over the man's growing body kept amassing more mass. The man holding him up wasn't simply huge, he was growing beastly: shoulders now twice the size his had been and perfectly round, gave him an impossibly intimidating v-taper. Fatigue began overwhelming his own diminishing body as he sank below 100 pounds. Tristan felt his growth coming to an end and summoned the last ounces of strength from the weak body in his grasp. "FUCK YEEAH!", he boomed in a deep bass that echoed against the tilled walls and rattled the wimpy frame in his grasp. He tossed the now 80 pound Brock aside and looked down at his own 284 pound body. He looked like an ultra-heavy weight bodybuilder ready to compete: every muscle on his 6'1 frame was pumped, hard and ripped and rippled beneath his paper-thin tanned skin. His 12 inch cock exploded against the tilled walls, flooding the shower zone with his sticky man juices. He abandoned the wimpy Brock and swaggered out of the shower zone, his heavy footsteps echoing through the frat house. Brock lay down on the cold, wet tilled floor and waited for the sound of the heavy footsteps to fade. He got up slowly, his skinny legs quaking with fatigue: he felt like he'd just gone through a grueling workout. He avoided looking at his reflection in the mirror, put on his shirt and sighed: the once skintight tank top now hung like a tent around his 80 pound body. He wandered over to his room and stumbled backward as he saw the huge Tristan coming out of it with some of his clothes tossed over his bowling ball-sized left shoulder. He waited a few seconds and went into his room. All his clothes were tossed around the place. He picked the now way too big shirts and pants up, put them back in the closet and heard his phone vibrating. He went for it and noticed a text from his buddy Brad. Got my bro's text. Seems like ya guys having a great time. Will be spending the night at Emilys. Have fun. B. Brock put his phone aside, got in bed and cried himself to sleep. The next morning Brad came back to the frat house with a smile on his face. He'd spent a very good night with Emily, like they always did. "Just in time for my morning workout with Brock", he said as he entered their mutual room. "Who are you?", he said as he saw a small guy standing in the center of the room. Brock jumped up at the sound of his best friend's voice. He turned around and had to look up to look at Brad's face, his best friend was now a full head taller than him. "It's me", he said, his weak voice breaking as he began crying. "Brock?", Brad asked incredulously as he recognized the patheticly skinny boy, "What happened to ya?". "Your brother… in the shower… my muscles…", Brock muttered in between sighs and sobs. Brad closed the distance between them and put his hands around his best friend. "It's okay, man. I'm here for ya", he said as he gently patted the frail back. Brock let his best friend comfort him. For the first time since he'd lost all his muscles, he actually felt safe. His now 100 pound heavier friend's embrace filled his weak body with warmth. "So, my brother did this to ya?", Brad asked, "but how?". "Don't know", Brock peeped in his girly voice, "my muscles just flowed into him when we were in the shower last night." "I'll go talk to him. He has to give yar muscles back. I'll make him do it!", Brad said. "He won't listen to you", Brock replied. "Don't underestimate me, buddy", Brad said and flexed his 17 inch right arm, "Come on, let's go talk to him!". "You don't get it: he's huge now. Way bigger than you are", Brock stated as he looked at his buddy's flexed arm with envy. Brad noticed Brock staring at his arm and quickly relaxed his pose. "No worry, buddy. I'm his big bro. He has to listen", he said as he gently ruffled his best friend's hair and went to the door. He stepped through the frat house to the part where his brother was staying, his buddy Brock following close behind him. He slammed open the door of the first room and stormed in, Brock right behind him. Someone had pulled the mattresses from the two beds and placed them together in the center of the room. But otherwise the room was deserted. "What are ya runts doing here?". The deep, thundering bass rumbled against the walls, rattled the windows and resonated in Brad's and Brock's bodies. They spun around and saw Tristan entering the room. The small Brock retreated behind his bigger buddy as the beastly teen came in. Brad looked in awe at his younger brother: every huge muscle on his body seemed ready to jump through the skintight hoodie he was wearing; the prominent vein snaking along his upper arms was clearly visible through the fabric. Not wanting to show his intimidation, he stepped up to his brother to confront him. He gulped as he had to look up slightly to stare him in the eye and he noticed that his brother's insanely wide shoulders were more than twice as broad as his own. "You took Brock's muscles?", he asked as deeply as possible. "Yep", Tristan replied matter-of-factly", I also took his hoodie". "Give them back", Brad stated, ignoring how his brother's deep bass drowned his own voice. "Or else what?", Tristan replied and put his hands on his hips and flared his lats, making his body double in width. The stretched hoodie protested with a tearing sound as it split open under the pressure of the beastly teen's wide back. Brad couldn't help it and took a step back instinctively. "Just give them back, bro", he said. "Ya're gonna make me?", Tristan asked coldly and inhaled deeply to make his huge chest expand. More tearing sounds came from the hoodie and the zipper at the front was pushed down by the massive mounds of striated muscle. "I… ehm", Brad began but words died in his throat as he laid eyes on the deep cleavage between his huge brother's thick pecs. More intimidation flowed through him and he had to summon all his willpower not to take another step back. Tristan saw the look of doubt in his older brother's eyes and a smirk formed on his lips. "Well?", he said. Before his brother could react, he shoved him in the chest. Brad didn't know what hit him. One moment he was standing in front of his now massive brother, the next he flew through the room and crashed down on the mattresses. He coughed as he got up to his knees. A huge paw grabbed hold of his shirt and lifted him up. He stared in disbelief at his younger brother as the beastly teen held his 185 pound body effortlessly up with his right arm. "Ya're in no position to tell me what to do, bro. Got it?", Tristan boomed angrily. Brad clutched at his brother's massive arm, trying to break free. "Guess I'm no longer 'little T.' like ya called me. Seems like 'little B.' is just a bug in my grasp", Tristan said as he shook his brother back and forth, "I'm calling the shots now. Got it, little bro?". Brad nodded, knowing full well he was no match for his beastly brother. He'd never felt more scared. "Now get lost!", Tristan boomed and tossed his brother into the corridor. Brock sprinted toward his best friend and the two of them quickly got away.
  14. The muscle frat (2)

    Two The next morning Brad awoke with a strange feeling: the mixture of too many beers and the pride of being a DEXAMENI-frat member buzzed around in his head. He groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked around the unfamiliar room. He was laying in a bed against the left wall, the bed against the opposite wall was empty but the sheets were tossed on it. He tried figuring out how he'd gotten there. All he remembered was the initiation, the first two beers and then everything was blurry. "A shower would do some good", he said to himself as he sat up in his bed and tossed his sheets aside. He noticed he'd worn his boxers to bed. He tried stepping out of the bed but his spinning head made him pause for a second. The door opened and he looked up. "Ah, ya're awake, roomie", Brock said as he entered the room. "Roomie?", Brad asked while his buddy, wearing nothing but a towel rapped his waist, closed the door and turned around. "Yeah, Keith agreed you moved in with me since we're friends. Normally the new guys have to stay together in the other part of the building but I convinced him to let ya stay with me", Brock replied. "Thanks, buddy." "Don't mention it", Brock stated with a grin, " Ya really let yourself go at the party. I carried ya upstairs to our room. Ya were too wasted to make it up the stairs. Ya passed out in my arms. Ya didn't even hear me get up an hour ago for my morning workout." "A shower would be a got idea", Brad said and stepped out of his bed. He walked over to the center of the room but his 45 pound heavier friend didn't move and blocked his way to the door. "There are some rules around the house ya don't know yet, rookie", Brock said. "What do you mean, B.?", Brad asked and looked into his friend's eyes. "Well, I'm the senior member here. Second in line after Keith. So ya have to do what I say", Brock said as he placed his hands on his hips to flare his lats and emphasize the width of his 229 pound body. Brad nodded as he took in the size of his best friend's pumped arms. A hint of jealousy going through him since he'd always envied Brock's good muscle building genes. "I could use a blowjob right now", Brock said. "No way", Brad blurted out. He gulped as he saw the look on the bigger man's face. Brock folded his pumped arms in front of his chest, making the mounds of muscle that were his biceps swell into the rack of pecs. Brad reluctantly fell down to his knees and looked up at the veins snaking along the cords of muscle in his buddy's forearms. He reached for the towel when the 45 pound bigger man began laughing. "Got ya", Brock said as he exploded in laughter, "Man, ya should have seen your face. Priceless!". He grabbed his buddy's armpits and hoisted him up to his feet. "You mean I don't have…", Brad began. "Na. I could make ya, but you're my friend", Brock stated, "Serious though, if ya want a good blowjob let me know. One of the new members from last year is great at giving head. Might gonna see him right now". Brad noticed the stirring motion beneath his best friend's towel. "Shower's in the hallway", Brock said as he disappeared from their room. The semester went by like a breeze: Brad had the time of his life in the DEXAMENI-frat. He enjoyed the friendship of his roommate who kept watching his back. Every time one of the older frat members wanted to put him up with some humiliating chore, Brock would show up and say that he was his personal rookie and made him carry his shoes or gym bag while the others laughed at him. They kept working out daily, pushing each other to their limits. Brad had managed to gain three more pounds, now brushing 185 pounds of ripped muscle. Brock on the other side put on another 12 pounds, making him a whopping 241 pounds of bulky mass, his arms now measuring nearly 23 inches cold. Some of his newly gained mass was fat though, a role of lard began obscuring the bottom row of his muscle gut, but being the biggest guy on the football team was more important to Brock than a ripped six-pack. A week before the Christmas holiday, Brad walked into their room. His eyes went wide as he stepped in. Brock was lying naked on his bed while some small wrestler was nestled between his thick quads and sucking him off. "Jeez, I'm sorry", Brad muttered as he backed away. "Get in and close the door, rookie!", Brock ordered as he looked up to his roommate. Brad closed the door and stood in the center of the room, staring at the incredible scene in front of him. He actually felt his own dick hardening in his pants as he looked at the small, yet muscular wrestler sucking his buddy's 10 inch pole with gusto. "YEAUGHN", Brock groaned deeply, his meaty chest flexing as he blasted his load down the wrestler's eager throat. "Good one, Jay", he said as he gently ruffled the wrestler's hair. Brad watched as the wrestler got up and noticed the large wet stain on the guy's tented boxers. "You've such a hot body", the wrestler said as he rubbed his hands along the masses of meat atop Brock's chest. Brock bounced his meaty pecs under the guy's grasp and looked at his roommate. "Ya want a blowjob too, Brad?", he asked. "Na, I'm good", Brad replied. "Your loss. Jay's got the best mound on campus", Brock said and clenched his fist to make his right bicep harden under the wrestler's touch. "Wow", Jay said as his hands were pried open by the orb of steely meat. "Ya can train with me after the holidays like I promised, Jay", Brock said, "Now leave me and my roomie to it. Happy holidays". He threw a double bicep and sent the wrestler off. Just as Jay passed by Brad he said to him: "The offer stands. If you want a blowjob, let me know. Brock said you have a great body too". Brock exploded in laughter as he saw the dazzled expression on his friend's face as the wrestler left their room. "Told ya he's real good. He came up to me the first week he'd gotten in the frat and offered me a blowjob right there in the showers! He's even more into my body as I am. Ya should really give it a try, buddy. So, what's up?". "Problems at home", Brad said as he sat down on his bed, "You mind putting on some clothes?". "A shame to hide any part of this body", Brock replied and slowly rubbed his hand along his bulky frame and gave his deflating 10 incher a good squeeze. He did pull on his boxers. "My little brother dropped out of high school and is in constant fights with my parents. Some holiday I'm up for", Brad said. "Why don't ya ask him to stay here on campus. He could sleep here in the frat house, most of the guys are going home. I'm staying since I'm an orphan so ya don't have to be here alone with him", Brock replied as he walked over to his roommate's bed and sat down next to him. "Sounds pretty good to me. But I'll never convince my parents", Brad stated and looked into his buddy's eyes. "I'll give 'em a call. Say ya have some stuff to do on campus", Brock said and patted his friend's back. "Tell them my brother's in for some pre-student program", Brad said and thanked his best friend. Brock indeed managed to convince Brad's parents and a week later his brother arrived on the nearly deserted campus. A faint knock on the wooden doors of the frat house echoed through the hallway. Brock opened the door and looked down on the skinny boy standing there. "Little T.", he said with a grin as he recognized Brad's little brother Tristan. Tristan instinctively stepped back as he looked at his older brother's massive friend. Despite having turned 18 a few weeks earlier, Tristan looked like puberty had completely forgotten him. Standing 5'5 and weighing a measly 124 pounds, he looked like an emaciated kid. Even the thick hoodie and the baggy jeans he was wearing couldn't hide his skinny frame. Brock looked into the small boy's dark brown eyes and felt a bit uneasy, despite outweighing him by more than 100 pounds. Tristan just stared back into the huge man's eyes. He noticed the unease and a smug grin formed on his lips. He'd always used his intellect to mess with his jock brother and Brock, enjoying their stupid reactions. "So", he asked, "Can I come in or do I have to stay out here?". "Oh, sure thing, little T. Come on in. I'll show yar room", Brock said moved aside to let the small boys enter. "You're getting fat, Brock", Tristan said as he squeezed his frail body between the wall and the huge man's muscle gut, "Jeez, you're taking up half the corridor with your bulk". "Biggest man in the house and on the football team", Brock said with pride and flexed his right arm in front of his torso, making his 23 inch gun harden in a veiny, striated orb of meat. Tristan stared at the round ball of hard meat and shook his head. "If I want to see some dumb meat, I'll watch some cows. Just show my room. Then you can go back at mindlessly pumping iron to compensate", he said in a harsh tone. Brock relaxed his pose. "Let me grab yar bag", he said to break the tensed atmosphere. He tossed the bag over his broad shoulder and silently led the small boy to his room, wondering why the guy didn't admire his muscles like the others. Even though he could squash him like a bug, Tristan always made him feel somewhat unsecure. "Here we are", he said as he opened a door in a deserted hallway, "If ya need anything, let me know. Yar bro and I are staying on the other side of the house. I'll come get ya for diner", Brock said and left the small boy. He closed their door behind him and went for the gym. Tristan looked around the room but couldn't get the image of Brock's huge body from his mind. He'd always had a crush on the guy ever since he'd seen him shirtless, comparing his muscles to Brad's. Since then, Brock had only grown bigger and he'd often jerked off thinking off the guy's big muscles. He'd only played cool and uninterested to avoid being caught. Now, having stared at Brock's bulk stretching his tank top to the max, his cock was raging hard since the huge man had opened the door. Tristan unbuttoned his pants, pulled his throbbing 5 incher from his briefs and began stroking his hot shaft. Within seconds, he blew a watery, meager load, thinking about Brock's beastly body. He pulled his pants back on and got unpacked. A few hours later Brock returned from the gym with Brad. They found Tristan sitting in the kitchen, quietly eating dinner. "Hey, little bro. Heard you dropped out of high school", Brad said. "So?", Tristan replied without looking up. "Cool with me", Brad stated a bit uneasy. "Let's eat too", Brock said to break the tension. He knew Brad and Tristan had never really gotten along. "Good workout, man. Still feeling pumped", he said to Brad while he bounced his pumped pecs. Tristan looked up as he finished his meal and saw the meaty mounds of muscle dance atop the huge man's chest. "Lucky I'm done eating. One could easily lose his appetite looking at a half naked man with a role of fat protruding from his gut", he said while his cock hardened in his pants. "Sorry", Brock replied uneasily and put on a shirt he pulled from his gym bag. "Little bro. It's Brock who got the idea to invite ya over. So ya could get some distance from man and dad. So show him some gratitude", Brad said to his brother. "Wow, Brock. You're improving: you had an actual idea", Tristan answered instantly. He snickered as he noticed the embarrassment in the huge man's eyes. "I'm going to bed. Exhausted from the trip.", he said and disappeared from the kitchen. "I'm sorry, man", Brad said to his bigger friend, "I really thought my brother would thank ya for letting him stay here. I'll talk to him in the morning. So, nice record ya set on the bench today." A smile appeared on Brock's face when his buddy mentioned his new record. He felt testosterone flow through his 241 pound body just thinking of his lift. "I'm gonna trash our opponents on the football field. Can't wait to break the 250 pound mark", he said and groped his thick pecs. The confidence of being the biggest man around returning to him. The rest of the week went by as it had started: Tristan stayed in his room most of the time, avoiding his brother and Brock as much as he could. Brad and Brock let the small guy alone and spent lots of time in the gym, constantly pushing each other. They decided to throw a party just for the three of them, hoping to take Tristan's mind off things at home. As they ended their workout, Brad said he would get the booze. He took a quick shower and went to the store, while Brock blasted out some more sets to make his 23 inch arms grow some more. Brock smiled at his reflection as he did a double bicep and saw his pumped arms. Brock arrived back at the frat house, pulled off his sweat-drenched workout gear and strutted into the mutual showers. He heard the water running and saw Tristan standing under the farthest shower head. He nodded at the small guy and took the shower next to his. He sighed as the hot water cascaded down on his beastly body. Tristan looked up in shock as he heard the heavy footsteps and saw Brock stepping up to him. He quickly turned around, facing the tilled wall as the man he secretly lusted for stood next to him. He felt blood flowing to his flaccid cock and focused on hiding his beginning boner. Brock began soaping his wide, muscle-filled frame and looked aside to the small boy standing next to him. Up close and without his baggy clothes the guy looked even wimpier. "Nice tan ya have", he said, giving Tristan a compliment to break the tension that somehow always appeared between the two of them. "So that's why you're always in the gym: to look at other guys' bodies", Tristan replied and glanced aside to look at Brock's pumped arms. A shiver went through him as the masses of hard meat, choked with veins bulged while the huge man soaped his body. Another jolt shot through his further hardening cock. "No, I…", Brock muttered, "I really mean it: ya look good. Wish I had a bronze tan like yours". He felt even less sure after his remark, like the small guy made him feel weak and helpless. "Thanks, I guess", Tristan answered coldly. He turned off the shower, getting ready to leave. He turned toward the tilled wall on his right, his small back facing the huge man next to him and his hands covering his half-hard dick. Brock noticed the skinny boy's back and decided he had to talk things through."Tristan, wait", he said as he turned off his own shower. He gently put his paw atop the boy's frail shoulders. Tristan jumped up as the huge man's paws covered his bony shoulders completely. "What the fuck are you doing, Brock?", he yelped in his high-pitched voice and tried to squirm free. "Calm down. I just want to talk.", Brock replied and gently spun the small boy around so he could look him in the eye.
  15. Symbiotic Bonding - Part 02

    Here's part 02... I hope I did this justice. A tiny bit of changes in this chapter. If you read the transcript, I am pretty sure you all know what's coming next! If not, enjoy this chapter for the first time and enjoy this amazing ride! Part 02 First Meal Matt woke up the next morning a bit later then his usual time. The sheets of the bed, twisted around his massive body. With a loud yawn, he sits up; he feels strange, not like his typical energetic self. As he rubs over his eyes with his hand, his large arms brush against his lats and massive pecs, pushing them together. As he pulls the twisted sheets off of his body, grunting in annoyance at how they are wrapped tightly around his thick tree trunk legs, Matt rolls out of bed and staggers over to his closet and dresser, completely naked. His massive cock swinging back and forth with every movement, semi-erect, and quite a bit harder then he’s normally used to. The one thing however that is truly discomforting for him though is his balls. They ache. Like someone hit him hard right between them the other day. It’s a lingering pain that he quickly remembered to the night before, wondering if what happened with Andrew truly did happen. Matt digs through his underwear drawer grabbing a fresh jockstrap and puts his legs through the leg openings and slides it up towards his hips, adjusting the massive bulge in its pouch. Andrew has been downstairs it seems for a good while though. The smell of bacon and sausage being fried in a pan travels up to their bedroom on the second floor. Matt stifles a moan as it’s his favorite type of meats to eat. Its candy to his senses. While Matt finishes, Andrew preps everything for them to have a nice hearty breakfast, it’s a typical morning for the boys as Andrew always makes sure his bigger twin has the right breakfast before hitting up his gym. Matt finds a pair of gym shorts and puts them on as well, enjoying the way they hug his tight, beefy glutes. Not bothering with a shirt, Matt decided just to head downstairs, swinging his huge arms back and forth, stretching them out before his breakfast of champions his bro is preparing him for his typical morning. His nose twitching as he enters the kitchen, doing a couple more stretches. “Cooking already, bro? I like it!” Sniffing the air again, Matt says amiably. He walks over to the coffee pot and pours himself a large cup of Dark Roast brew, adding a bit of cream into it. Next he heads over to his supplement drawer and starts to get out his various vitamins and boosters, gulping them down with his fresh cup of coffee, before sitting down at the table. Andrew grabs a large plate from the cabinet, plating a large amount of Eggs and Bacon, with a side of potatoes. Matt doesn’t like a lot of carbs so he makes sure to give him less potatoes and more proteins to help his bro grow even larger with his workouts. He brings the plate over to Matt before grabbing himself a cup and pouring some juice in it for himself, sitting down opposite of Matt. “I’m sorry about your new supplements from last night…” Andrew looks down at his food, feeling a bit bad at what had happened. “They probably cost you a fortune from what you told me they were.” Matt listened to his twin, but he still couldn’t let what happened to him cause him not to keep his body maintained and get even bigger. He quickly ate his food, making sure not to leave a single scrap behind on his plate. “Well, I’m bummed that they got broken like that, but I didn’t pay for them, so I guess I’m not out much of anything. Although it would have been nice to try them out this morning.” Matt tries to think of last night, but his mind is a bit fuzzy. All he remembers is something gray, skittering around his bedroom, as it traveled up his leg, latching on to his huge cock, before plunging right into his piss slit and filling his balls?! No, that can’t be right. He thought to himself, before another memory starts to plague his mind. Did I fucking blow my brother too?! Matt shook his head. Thinking it must have been a weird dream. It can’t have happened. Whatever he saw last night, the gray and black tentacle things, they couldn’t be real. It had to be a nightmare for sure. Matt looks down at his empty plate, trying to make everything make sense in his head. “I’m bummed, but I’ll just see if my guy can get me some more. You never know, maybe he has another batch.” Andrew reaches his hand across the table, placing it over Matt’s larger paw. Matt looks up at him, confused, but at the same time he feels comforted. “Can we do that stuff again like last night, bro?” Andrew smiles up at his twin, a deep intensity in his eyes. “I miss those moments. It was like we were kids again. I felt like I had my old bro back…” Matt blushes and looks away, “Well, um, I’m not sure. I uh… I kinda thought that was a weird dream, you know?” Matt clutches Andrew’s smaller hand in his larger one, holding it gently. “I, uh, well I don’ quite know…” he stammers, returning his gaze back to his twin, seeing the look of hope and affection that Andrew has for him. Matt’s cock was throbbing from this moment; raging hard in his jockstrap, all ten inches. He chuckles, giving Andrew’s had an affectionate squeeze. “Well, if my cock is any indication, then I’ll probably be saying yes. Fuck I’m horny!” Matt releases Andrew’s hand and stands up, taking his empty plate to the sink. His shorts are tented to the extreme, making his predicament obvious to anyone who would see him at that moment. “Man, I’m going to have to wear different underwear today,” He looks down to the protruding bulge. “I’ve got class, and then gym at 10. But I’ll be here tonight, Andrew. And we will see how things are going then.” Andrew clears his plate, bringing it to the sink. As he puts it into the sink, the fork laying on it falls freely to the floor, clattering between both him and Matt’s feet. They both bend down at the same time to pick it up, but due to Andrew’s smaller height, he reaches the fork first and as he comes back up, his head hits hard into Matt’s chin. Andrew clutching his head in pain as he falls back onto his knees. “Fuck, Matt. You got a thick skull!” He sits on the floor rubbing the pain, with his back against the kitchen sink, his legs apart. Matt rubs his own jaw from the impact several times before realizing he is fine. He bends over and picks Andrew up off the floor and helps his brother to a chair. “Easy there, Andrew. Are you feeling okay?” He holds him steady; his large, meaty hand on one of Andrew’s shoulders. As Matt watches his brother, concerned, the fork in Andrew’s hand clatters back onto the floor again. “Damn Andrew, you’re worrying me…” Matt lets go of Andrew as he bends down and looks for the fork. He has to bend down farther and look under the chair and table and still can’t see where the fork has gone to. Matt decides to crawl under the table to see if he can find it, his massive body making it look a bit funny as he tries to maneuver himself under it. He finally sees it, crawling forward, reaching out and clutching it in his large hand. As Matt backs his way out from under the table, he notices the lower half of Andrew’s body, seated in the chair. Andrew’s legs spread wide. As Matt’s gaze goes up to hand Andrew the fork, his eyes catch a glimpse of something in his twin’s shorts. He pauses, looking up the pant leg, and sees Andrew’s cockhead, pushing out just a little; a little drop of pre cum is bubbling off the tip, and Matt’s horniness begins to return, but this time at an alarming, skyrocketing rate. Andrew watches his bro, reaches down, and scratches at his bulge through his shorts. The mesh of the shorts rubbing against the droplet of pre causing it to create a string of his emission from his piss slit to the bottom portion of his short opening. “You okay, Matt? You’ve been down there for a while.” Andrew asks worried about what his brother was possibly doing under the table, with his other hand still rubbing the emerging bump on his forehead from their little accident. Andrew scoots his chair out a bit from the table, the light from the ceiling fan illuminating his crotch a bit more from where it was originally pushed under the table. “Yeah, I’m good,” Matt responded, his voice distant and unfocused. As if he were in a trance, he inches forward, moving between Andrew’s legs. Matt rubs his scruffy jawline against Andrew’s inner thigh. His head emerging from under the table as it moves towards his brother’s crotch. Andrew can feel the warm breath of Matt touch the tip of his cock as his brother moves more towards it. The fork clatters again to the floor, forgotten, as Matt brings is strong hands up and rubs them up along Andrew’s thighs, his hands going from his twins knees to his hips. Matt reaches under Andrew’s shorts and pushes back the hem until Andrew’s leaking cockhead comes into plain view. Matt moves his head forward, obscuring Andrew the view of his own tool. All Andrew can feel is Matt’s lips press against his cockhead, kissing it gently. He lets out a soft moan, not knowing what else to do, as he slowly moves his smaller hands to the back of Matt’s head, rubbing his fingers through his brother’s hair. Matt stops for a second, looking up towards Andrew; a snail trail of Andrew’s precum connecting from Andrew’s cock to Matts lips as he looks up at Andrew for some sort of approval. The string of precum disconnecting from Andrew’s cock as it swings across Matt’s bearded face and neck; and in an instance, there is not a single trace of it. Andrew looks on a bit confused himself now. Cum doesn’t just disappear. But that isn’t the only concern; the hair on Matt’s face isn’t as thick as it was before. Andrew places his hand under Matt’s chin and leans down. Matt comes up and meets him as their lips touch and they begin a long kiss. Matt rises up more, his back pushing the table away from them as he reaches around his brother, his thick arms wrapping around Andrew’s body. He lifts Andrew off of his chair and stands up straight, pushing Andrew up against the wall behind him. Matt returns a much stronger kiss; it’s deep, passionate, hungry, as he rams his tongue into Andrew’s mouth, sucking his lower lip between his teeth. Matt pulls away, breathing deeply, looking at Andrew with unfocused eyes. His vision begins to sharpen and return as he looks on at Andrew in his arms. “Why… do I want this so bad?” Andrew’s back still firmly pressed against the wall, his cock harder than ever. “I want this too, Matt. It’s not just you… Want me, like I want you bro…” Andrew pushes his face back towards Matt, placing his lips back on his brother, rubbing his back of his brother’s head as he is held off the ground, his arms around Matt’s thick neck, resting on his mountainous traps. Andrew pulls back, looking Matt right in the eyes. “Please Matt! Want me, like when we were teens.” Andrew feels Matt’s cock pulse under him uncontrollably in his jockstrap. It wants to break free. Andrew pushes his own shorts down around his thighs as his 4 inch cock comes free and pulses. He reaches a hand down to it, giving it a hard stroke, getting some of his precum on his finger and brings it up to his lips to taste his own seed. Matt watches as his brother tastes himself, making him even hornier, wanting his brother even more. There’s a fire in Matt’s eyes, one Andrew has only seen when Matt works hard and gets a serious pump going. One that he only gets while he’s on the field or rolling around a wrestling mat. When Matt gets that look in his eyes, nothing will stop him from getting what he wants, and he makes sure to get the greatest reward possible. “Fuck!” Andrew moans as he too is getting excited from his brother’s determination manifesting. It’s the way he has been wanting to be looked at for a long time again by his giant sized twin. Matt’s arrogant, jock alpha beast mode was about to be released. Matt pulls Andrew up against him, bringing his brother’s face up against his huge chest. He flexes the massive shelf slowly against his twin, making sure Andrew can feel the thick muscle roll as it tenses. Then he gently guides his brother’s head down his abs, down to his massive cock. Matt grabs the root of the thick beast, guiding it up. The big helmet head brushing against Andrew’s lips. Andrew can smell the musk washing off the cock, the bit of pre gushing out of his piss slit, slick against Andrew’s lips. “So boned, bro… Like, fuck, Andrew. I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I fucking want you bad.” Matt’s head is spinning, more precum emerging from his slit. Part of him wants to reach down and force his brother’s mouth over his cock, fucking his twin’s face until he cums. But another part, an unfamiliar part of him, wants Andrew to do the exact same thing to him. Matt reaches forward, his large fingers running through Andrew’s hair. Andrew looks up into his brothers eyes, licking his lips. He gets down on his knees, Matt’s hand never leaving the back of his head as he continues to massage Andrew’s scalp. Andrew reaches his arm up and wraps his hand around the monstrous shaft. It’s the first time he has seen it this big and this close in so long. Andrew closes his eyes and opens his mouth as he moves his head closer to the giant python sticking right out of his brother’s groin. He pushes his tongue out, it’s the first thing that makes contact with Matt’s cock as he tastes the saltiness of his twin’s precum coming off of the tip. Pushing even more forward, trusting his larger brother with his hand still on his head, the head begins to enter his mouth, followed by the thick shaft, making Andrew open his mouth wider. As the head hits the back of Andrew’s throat, he closes his lips around the shaft and begins use his tongue and inner cheek and sucking skills to pleasure his much larger brother as best as possible. Moving his head back up to the head before going right back down the length, getting into a steady rhythm. Matt moans out in pleasure. The hands on the back of Andrew’s head pulls him all the way as far down his shaft as possible. He can feel his cock hit the back of Andrew’s throat again as he holds him there. Andrew gags once… twice… three times, as he feels his brother’s throat finally open for him as his cock begins to push even deeper. “Oh Fuck!” six inches going down his twin’s throat, then 8 as more and more of his man cock fills his brother’s mouth and esophagus. A Matt begins to start bucking his hips, going back and forth, pumping his huge dick in Andrew’s mouth. Andrew’s lips are stretched around it, and his brother’s teeth grate against the skin of his rod. Matt’s so turned on it just makes him even hornier. Each time Andrew gags, his throat squeezing around his large cockhead, little precum spurts push out of his cock. “Fuck yeah, Andrew! Mmmm… Ffffffuck!... Take that big man cock bro…” his huge chest heaving as he breathes heavily, driving his dick more and more into his brother’s mouth, a trickle of sweat running off of his brow. Matt begins to let out a groan of pleasure as he finally begins to release a load down Andrew’s throat. His shaft going nuts inside his twin’s mouth, spasming violently as he continues to send cum rocketing down his brother’s throat. As his orgasm begins to subside, he pants heavily, feeling Andrew suck the cum right out of his dick. “Oh fuck, that was good bro…” Andrew swallowed it all and his own balls begin to churn. His cock trembles, a pleasant warmth spreads throughout his body, traveling through his bones before settling in his muscles. Andrew feels something going on within him, but isn’t sure what. Little known to him, his height has increased slightly; from 5’5 to now 5’6”. His muscles tense all over his body and quiver for a moment under his skin as ten pounds of muscle was added to his body. Andrew feels strange, but good. Very good. A little bit stronger. A bit more confidence. A bit more capable. Andrew wipes his mouth as he stands up to his full height. His cock has expanded slightly as well, but not by much, as his balls churn from this little scenario they just experienced. Andrew moans, his own shorts still dropped and his cock hanging free and hard. Looking right up at Matt, Andrew’s balls pull up in their sack. His balls begin to fire, large, fast shots. The first one hits Matt right across his abs… the second, his bobbing cock… the third and fourth go right across Matt’s thick thighs and large feet. Andrew pulls away, ducking under Matt’s large arm as his last shot sprays a trail right across the kitchen floor. Andrew turns around for a split second, looking back at Matt. Matt looks a bit less proud, not standing as straight as he usually does. His brother’s traps a bit sunken down. What Andrew thinks is Matt is a bit embarrassed of what just happened, but what really is happening is something completely different. Matt’s body is slowly losing mass as he drops an inch in height within seconds, losing his imposing 6’5” stature that he was so proud to have as he crumbles away to 6’4”. Matt’s massive cock, still hard, but not the hardness that it typically is even after he blows a massive load. Matt doesn’t have his after orgasm hard on anymore. Matt staggers backwards, confused at why he suddenly feels so light-headed. But the moment passes and he slowly recovers. “Fuck Andrew, that was an incredible blow job… you’ve totally blown my mind, bro!” Matt chuckles and reaches down to wipe off the cum that was shot all over him by his brother. But just like before, there was nothing to clean up. Matt shakes his head, pulling up his jock and stuffing his semi-hard cock back into it. His shorts follow a moment later as he looks over at Andrew, noticing that his twin looks a little less thin than he used to and a bit more toned. Matt turns, heading back up the stairs to their bedroom for his books and the rest of his clothes. As Matt leaves, Andrew too notices the changes. His shirt doesn’t quite feel so loose on his shoulders; it doesn’t hang as loose off his thin torso. It’s an odd thought, and one that doesn’t really make much sense yet; Shirt’s don’t just shrink while a person wears them, after all. To Be Continued… Coming Soon: Part 03 – Gym Time
  16. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Yo, I finished up this next chapter early so I'm posting it . I planning on writing the next one and posting it on Wednesday too. This section was really fun to write. I gets pretty intense in some places and I know you guys will love it. So here it is. A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Monday: Resurgence Part 9 I’m standing in the locker room. I’m completely nude, but I don’t care. For the first time I don’t care if anyone walks in and sees me naked. My body looks great so why should I care? My pecs bulge out of my chest so much that my nipples point down. My lats are so swollen that they get in the way of my biceps. My biceps are rock hard with vascular veins pumping their way down my arms. My abs are rock hard, my ass is thick and my legs are as huge as tree trunks. I look down at my erect cock and smile; who wouldn’t want this cock? The locker room door suddenly opens and I look up to see Ethan walking in. His eyes bulge out of his head as soon as he sees. I give him a cocky smile, almost laughing at the bewildered look in his eyes. He stands frozen by the door. “Uh…What’s up man?” he says. He looks a bit embarrassed. His face is turning red, but he shouldn’t be. He’s not the one without any clothing. “Just getting changed into my compression shorts,” I say as I point to the bright red shorts on the bench. I turn towards him and continue to speak. My erect dick points in his direction and I know he is trying his best not to stare. “You gotten really big, man. Way bigger than when we first met. It’s amazing.” He slowly walks into to the bench beside me and takes his bag off his back. He starts removing clothes from it, not taking his eyes off of me once. “Like what you see?” I ask. His face turns red. I feel amazing. I love having this effect on people and when it’s a bro like Ethan, it’s even more amazing. “I…I…I want to see what your muscles looked like flexed…” “Really now?” I say with a smirk. “Yes…Could you flex for me? “I’m glad you asked.” I make my way closer to him and flex my pecs. They bounce up and down and I notice his breath hitch. “Have a feel,” I say. Within a second his hand is on my hard pec. He squeezes and I flex beneath his hand. I can feel my dick getting harder. I lift my right arm and flex my bicep. His hand makes its way to my biceps and he slowly caresses his hand across it. “You’re like a rock,” he says. “It’s not the only thing that’s a rock right now,” I say. We both look down at my dick. “Yeah, I can see.” BAM!! Ethan and I both jump. The bathroom door burst open with such force that the noise echoes through the entire locker room. We both look to see who it is. It’s Troy… and he is angry. He rushes over to us, his shoulders hunched up, grabs Ethan by the arms, and tosses him across the room. “Troy!” I scream. VRRRRRRRTTT…VRRRRRRRT…VRRRRRRTT… My eyes burst open and I see the ceiling. The sun’s morning glow caresses every surface of my bedroom. My phone is ringing. It’s what woke me up. I immediately grab my phone and answer the call. “Hello?” “Yo dude, what’s up?” “Ethan? It’s like...” I check the time on my phone. “9 am.” “Yeah, well I texted you and didn’t get an answer. I saw Troy after my 8am class this morning and he says today is a good day for a little wrestling.” “Really? What time?” “He’s only free at 10:30. He has a class at 12:30 and he wants to shower and get lunch before.” “That’s a little over an hour from now! I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet, Ethan!” “Well let’s go eat ASAP and meet him at the gym.” “Okay,” I say. I feel a sharp pain in my groin and look down at my swelling cock. I’m rock hard from my dream. I can’t ignore it either. “Give me 20 minutes to get there.” “Aight, cool. See ya man.” “See ya.” I hang up the phone and my hand is immediately on my dick. I usually sleep nude so it was easily accessible. Tossing the blanket to the side, I hastily begin tugging at my ever swelling meat. My body is craving the satisfaction of a good cum and I can already feel the energy building up in my body. I feel the energy flow from my cock up into my chest and my breathing gets heavier as this familiar spark of energy rushes through my veins. My hand continues to stroke even faster. Precum begins to leak from my cock onto my lower abs. The veins in my dick protrude as my blood pumps harder. I’m getting close. I’m moaning now. I can’t control myself because of how good I feel. The pressure in my nuts rises, the tension getting stronger and stronger and suddenly I burst. I suck in a large gasp of air as streams of cum begin to shoot out of my dick. My back arches as one jet, then two, and then another three jets of cum shoot out of my dick. The first shoots over my head onto my pillow, the second onto my shoulder and the last three onto my chest. My arm drops and I start to relax. “Fuck,” I say breathlessly. It’s been a while since I came this much. My breathing is slowed and more relaxed now so I grab the shirt I took off last night to clean the splattered cum off my chest. Thoughts of my dream start to come back to me. I imagine Troy throwing Ethan again and my chest aches. I could never see those two hating each other. Why was Troy angry and what does it mean? I have a bad feeling…a feeling like something horrible could happen, but I don’t know what could cause it to happen or why it would happen it all. Whatever may happen, I’m sure it has something to do with an altercation between Ethan and Troy. I look at the time on my phone. I have 10 minutes left to get dressed and then go meet Ethan. I go to my closet, put on some jeans and a T-shirt, and pack my backpack with my singlet. Then I’m out of my room and out of my frat house in a flash. “Bro, what’s on your mind?” Ethan says. We had been eating for about 10 minutes and our conversations had been shortened by periodic silences caused by me being lost in thought. He jerks me out of my thoughts and I look at him startled. “Nothing man. I’m just thinking of a dream I had.” “What was it about?” “Uhh… Just school stuff. I dreamt that I failed a test in my criminology class and then I had to drop out of school because I couldn’t finish my Criminal Studies major and then I died…” “Whoa, man! It was just a dream! None of that will actually happen.” Whew! He fell for it. There is absolutely no way I am telling him about the violent part of the dream. Maybe one day I’ll tell him about the worshiping. I love muscle worship, but I don’t know if Ethan does. Not yet. “I know. I’ll get over it. So how was your night?” I say as I scoop scrambled eggs into my mouth. I want the conversation to change. “Well after basketball yesterday I showered, ate dinner, and just chilled in my room. It was a pretty laxed evening. Not to be too personal, but every time I exercise I get a rush of testosterone so you can figure out what happened when I got alone in my room.” I laugh at him not so subtly admitting that he masturbated. “Bro, trust me,” I say. “I totally understand. This morning was pretty hard for me… wait I didn’t mean that! Shit!” Ethan spits out the milk he is drinking and we both burst into laughter. Ethan even ends up coughing a little. “Dude, I’m sure you said what you meant. I bet you were pretty hard,” Ethan says with a wink. This just puts me in another uncontrollable fit of laughter. It’s moments like these that I believe Ethan wouldn’t mind at all if I asked him to flex for me or vise-versa. Before we know it, it’s time to go wrestle and Ethan and I make our way over to the gym from the dining hall. We head over to the locker room as soon as we enter the gym and I begin to remember my dream again. I shrug off the thoughts. There’s no way that will happen. I open the locker room door to see one single person in the room, Troy, and he’s standing completely naked. He still has the round, full ass that I remember. His back is turned to us Ethan and I as he rummages through his locker. I look over to Ethan who seems pretty chill. Nothing unusual about a naked guy in the locker room right? He turns around and sees us. “Vonny!” he says. He gives me a huge smile and begins to walk over to me, still nude. His dick flops around as he comes near and I freeze up. He brings me into a tight bear hug and all I can think of is how strange this must look to Ethan, but this is typical Troy. He still feels as firm and strong as he did before. I guess muscle regression takes a little longer for him. “How have you been, bro?” I say as he lets go. “Hanging in there?” He looks over to Ethan. “What’s up, Ethan?” He walks over to Ethan, still naked, and gives him a handshake. “Nothing much, man,” Ethan says nervously. “I’m ready to kick both of your asses though!” I guess that nervousness was temporary. “Oh, really?” Troy and I both say. “Then let’s put our singlets on and wrestle!” I say to Ethan. We quickly change. Troy puts on his tightest grey compression shorts and a tight grey compression shirt. Ethan sports a dark blue singlet and I a black one. Once we are dressed we make our way over to the mats. “And so the fun begins,” says Troy. “Ethan, you and I go first. Winner takes on Von.” He moves his way to the mat and Ethan takes his position in front of him. I watch as the two beasts go at each other. Troy seems to have the upper hand. He’s about 30 pounds heavier than Ethan. I remember him saying he was 170 pounds in the past, but I have no clue how much mass he has lost since then. He is still strong though. He flips Ethan onto his back and slams him on the floor. I hear the breath leave Ethan’s body, but he doesn’t give up. He slips from beneath Troy and latches onto his back. Troy struggles beneath Ethan’s weight and lets out a deep grunt, his face turning red from the pressure. I watch in amazement as these two monsters go at each other and I feel the familiar surge of energy in my groin. “You can’t beat me, bro!” Troy says. He flips onto his back with Ethan on it. Ethan lets out a loud puff of air and he lets go. “Damn!” he says. Within a second Troy pins Ethan down again. I watch him struggle beneath him, the sweat dripping down his face. It’s nice to know that Troy still has his strength. After a few more rounds, Troy comes out as victor and it’s my turn to go up against him. “I thought you were top dog, Ethan!” I say to taunt him. “Guess today just isn’t my day, man,” he says. I look down and see a hard bulge protruding through his tight singlet. I smirk at it. “Alright,” Troy says pointing at me. “Your turn!” He looks at me with such determination. It has been so long since I’ve seen his eyes this bright. “Let’s go! Bring it” I say, edging him on. I move to the mat and suddenly he is on top of me. His thick pecs connect with mine and I feel his arms wrap around my back. His grip is strong and there is nothing I can do to break out. I miss how powerful he was and it seems that his strength hasn’t wavered at all. He is too strong, even for me and my body is repeatedly slammed and pinned to the ground. I’m amazed and in no way upset by his display of power. After a few rounds I am sweaty and tired, but Troy seems even more pumped. I can tell he misses this. He must miss exerting himself and feeling powerful like he is now. I feel a little sad for him. After he is finishes whooping me, we towel off. “That was the most fun I have had in a while,” Troy says to me and Ethan. “You’re telling me,” I say. “This is great!” I finally have my bro back. I feel that Ethan, Troy and I could be bros for life. “So Von, you wanna go for a workout? “says Ethan. “It’s only 12:00 and I don’t have class for a couple hours.” “That sounds great man,” I say. “You heading to lunch Troy?” “Yup, I’ll see you guys around.” He fists bumps us both and we separate. Ethan and I walk into the weight room and Troy out the gym door. We make our way over to a weight bench by the window. “So Ethan, I noticed you were a little happy down there earlier?” I say teasing. “Bro!” he says embarrassed. “You know how things get in the heat of the moment. Popping a boner is—“ He suddenly stops speaking. He is staring out of the window. I look in the direction he is looking and see what he sees. Troy is outside of the gym and he is yelling loudly at a girl in front of him. His back is turned to us and I can see the girl’s face. She has curly strawberry blond hair, freckles and glasses. It’s his girlfriend, Terri, and she is beyond pissed. They don’t notice us through the window, but I can hear their every word. “I told you never to go here again! You know I don’t want you looking like a fucking freak, Troy!” Terri says and begins to storm off. “I wasn’t working out, babe!” Troy cries. “I was wrestling with my friends!” He begins to follow her and their voices begin to fade as they walk away from the gym. “Wrestling!? Who wrestles!? I know that’s a lie. I know you are covering up and you were really in the weight room.” “But I fucking wasn’t!” “Don’t lie to me! Why can’t you do this one thing for me Troy!?” He speaks but he’s too far away to hear now. I stand beside Ethan in shock. I never imagined their relationship so…fiery. Ethan and I just look at them as they walk away. “What a bitch,” he says.
  17. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Guess what day it is?? Wednesday! and that means another chapter! I'll try to keep it up and post every Wednesday. It has been very convenient with my Summer schedule. I am estimating about 7ish more chapters in the future and then a possible spin off. Please enjoy and as usual, read the first parts if you haven't. A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Sunday: Recreational Sports Part 8 It’s 3:30 when Ethan messages me to meet him at the gym. I quickly change into a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top. It’s always nice to show off your bicep gains, especially after arm day. I walk from my house to the gym. The sun coats me in a blanket of heat. I immediately start to sweat and I can’t wait to make it to the gym. I see the building in front of me and I notice a head of black hair and a thick muscular back walking in the same direction towards it. “Yo Ethan!” I yell. “Wait up bro.” He stops in his tracks and quickly turns on his heels. A smile is already on his face. “Sup dude,” he says. “Ready for some b-ball?” I quickly catch up to him now that he has stopped walking. “Yup. I’m ready to kick your ass,” I say and laugh. “How was the Spring Festival?” “Hot as Hell and don’t think I have forgotten about your “ass kicking” comment. The festival was interesting. Plenty of great food. I ran into an old friend of yours too.” “Who?” I knew the answer before I had even asked. “Troy, and boy what a conversation we had!” “What? Tell me, man!” We made our way into the gym and are approaching the basketball court. “Okay, okay!” he says. We sit by the wall near the basketball court and he begins his story. “So, I was at this food stand that sold strawberries when I noticed he was standing beside me. He saw me too so he approached me…” Suddenly Ethan stopped talking and just stared at my face. “Dude, what happened?” “Haha, I’m just seeing if you are paying attention.” “Yes, I’m paying attention! Fuck!” “Okay ok lol,” he says this with a smile. I’ll add “love of torture” to his list of redeemable character traits. “So he says to me, ‘Oh you’re Vonny’s friend that wrestles right?’ and I can tell that he is checking me out as we talk, dude. I swear his eyes were rubbing me down.” “That does sound like Troy,” I say smiling. I miss the way his eyes used to admire me. If only he could see me after all these weeks. “I decided to be a bit nosy and prod so I asked him if he still trains with you.” “What!? You already know that his girlfriend banned him from working out!” “I know, but I wanted to see what his opinion on his situation was and if he would tell me anything at all.” Smart. When the hell did Ethan get so smart? “So what did he say?” “He told me he didn’t work out with you anymore because he was so busy with the last few weeks of school.” “That’s a huge lie,” I say. “I know,” Ethan says. “It really sucks that he feels that he needs to lie about it.” “He probably lied because he’s embarrassed. I would be.” “After that he asked me about what I had been up to since he last saw me wrestle you. So I told him I had been to the gym with you and man his eyes lit up so much!” “Really?” “Yeah, it was like a mix between excitement and jealously. Like maybe he didn’t really know what he was feeling.” “That’s also typical of Troy.” “So I go on prodding and I ask him if he wanted to play basketball or wrestle at the least.” “What did he say?” “He said yes. Sports technically don’t count as bodybuilding so he wants to give it a go, but under one condition.” “And that is?” I say. “He wants you to be there,” Ethan replies. “So that means—” “You get to hang out with your buddy again and while you won’t be getting pumped at the gym, you still haven’t lost your friend!” “Shit, Ethan, you’re amazing!” “Yeah I am. Now let’s play some basketball, man!” He jumps up to grab a basketball off of a rack and tosses it to me. I quickly catch the ball and he starts to strip off his shirt. Ethan’s thick pecs hover like a shelf above his eight pack abs. My eyes make my way down his muscled obliques and to his v line. He’s ripped and vascular opposed to my thick and stocky look. I haven’t stopped staring at him since he took off his shirt and he notices. He slowly walks towards me and we are standing a few inches apart. “Like what you see?” he says. I remember when Troy asked me that once. “Huh? Oh… Uh I’m just wondering how much you weight. You’re ripped, dude,” I say. I hope I saved myself. I don’t exactly know where Ethan stands sexually and I don’t want to ruin our friendship over something as dumb as me admiring his body. “I weigh 145 pounds, bro. What about you?” “I’m 155.” “What!? You don’t look like it!” I would say 140 at the least!” “You haven’t seen me bare all of my muscle,” I say. "So how would you know?” “True, true. Take off your shirt and show me then.” I freeze up. That was a bit unexpected. I just stand there and look at him. “Go ahead then,” he says. “Aright then.” I try to speak nonchalantly, but honestly I am a little excited to see what he thinks of my progress. I slowly begin to peel off my shirt as he watches. Once it is off I remember that I am standing in the middle of an indoor basketball court and I am immediately conscious of 2 other students playing basketball on the court parallel to ours. I nervously watch them as they play. “Damn, dude!” Ethan says. “You’re thicker than I thought!” He then reaches up and softly connects his fist with one of my pecs. His eyes widen as the firmness of it. I’m not gonna lie, I was flexing a bit. Probably because of the cold. I continue to watch the two students playing basketball. One of them, a thin Asian girl, has noticed that we both have our shirts off and stops playing. She points for her friend to look at us and I am even more self-conscious now. Ethan sees where I am looking and turns around. The two girls immediately look away embarrassed. “Looks like you have some admirers, bro.” He says this while he continues to stare at my body. “Nah, I think they are looking at the both of us,” I say nervously. “Oh I don’t know. They were looking at us until your shirt came off. I mean look at you. A thick, juicy piece of smooth alpha male chocolate. I bet they want a bite.” He says this and winks and me and I am beyond surprised. I don’t even know how to react, but I acknowledge that he described me as smooth chocolate. No one has ever described my skin that way before and it makes me laugh. “Smooth chocolate?” I say. “Really?” I can’t help myself from laughing. “Hey man! I’m just describing how good your muscles look in contrast to your skin.” “I know, I know. Thanks. I don’t really see myself as huge, but at the same time I want to be more lean. It’s confusing.” “Trust me I can see that you are huge. You are stocky and beefy looking. That’s hot, man. Now let’s play some ball!” Hot huh??? We start playing basketball and luckily we took off our shirts because we are already sweaty after 15 minutes playing. Ethan is really good at basketball. Well, at least he is so much better than I am that he seems really good. As we play Ethan begins to speak again. “Oh right so I just remembered something else Troy said.” He dribbles around me and goes for a shot. It bounces off the rim and I catch it. He immediately rushes in front of me in an attempt to block my shot. “What’s that?” I say. “He said he was preparing for an internship to Superset City. Bro, I was so confused when he told me this. If he can’t workout, why is he going to torture himself in the biggest fitness capital in the world?” I go for the shot. I make it and Ethan catches the ball. “I know about that internship. He asked me to sign up and see if I could be his roommate.” “Did you?” Yes, but they haven’t responded yet.” “Well if they respond,” he says as tries to rush past me. His sweaty chest bumps up against mine, the two slabs of thick meat make a wet smacking noise as they make contact and he slips around me. “What will you do?” “I know I will go and I guess we will be roommates.” Ethan makes the shot and catches the ball. “It would suck to not be able to lift every day with him though. I don’t understand why he is still going, but I don’t know if Troy wants to be my roommate anymore.” “Well, the best thing you could do is ask,” Ethan says. I guess so… but why Troy would go to a city that revolves around working out. Does his girlfriend know? Is he unwilling to give up such a great opportunity? I have so many questions. What exactly is going on with Troy?
  18. My Twin Is His Own Man

    PREVIOUS REFERENCE: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4099-my-partner-moves-on/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3760-my-twin-moves-on-chapters-1-12/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had inspiration to write another continuation. This story kinda falls out of line of the originals but I think considering the content and the way the story progresses I figure people would like it. This is a story about both twins coming back for the holidays after being away for a couple years. Rhys was doing his studies for marine biology in the Caribbean. Ryan has started his own business with a partner (Brian from My Partner Moves On). How much has changed? Well... (I always urge people to contribute to any stories I write because I like seeing other people's ideas and story lines. You guys are all creative.) My Twin Is His Own Man Part 1 "COME ON!" Ryan's deep voice shouted at a fellow student on the weight bench. "You can do it bud!" Brian shouted more encouragingly standing side by side with Ryan. Both of them watching the student like a hawk, forcing him to lift the weight until near exhaustion. The student had just finished another rep when Brian looked quickly at Ryan and Ryan rushed to the head of the bench. Ryan just got there as the weight began to fall down on the student. Ryan caught it with ease and racked it quickly. The student on the bench was panting. "Nice job bud!" Ryan encouraged looking back at Brian. "You're making good progress bro." Brian added looking at a chart he had been holding the whole time. "You gained a good 15 pounds since we started a month ago." The student could only nod and pant. "Okay, up you go." Ryan reached down and helped the exhausted student up by his shoulders. "Shake 'em out." Ryan suggested mimicking the motions that needed to be done. The student blankly complied. "Okay," Brian knelt down by the student and spoke evenly. "This is the end of your training for the year. I'll draw up some things for you to do to maintain your gains over the break. You don't want to lose your progress." "Well, even if he does, we'll get him back on track." Ryan added kneeling down next to Brian. The both of them seemed to work like brothers, almost like twins even though Brian had to be at least 10 pounds lighter than Ryan. Ryan also had the most aesthetically built and ripped body of the entire school. The visible power in his body was intimidating. That didn't matter much because both of them were intimidatingly huge amongst the campus. "But if you follow this plan, you'll be making more gains next year and spending less time catching up." Brian added. "Can we count on you to follow the plan?" The student nodded. "Good. Now hit the showers, and have a good break." Brian concluded. The student stood up slowly and wobbled to the shower room. "I really hope he follows that plan." Ryan mumbled. "I think he will. He seemed happy with his progress." Brian said appraisingly. Ryan looked at Brian with a semi bewildered look. "It's Christmas break." "I'm not really worried about it." Brian said confidently. "Okay man, I'll hold you to that." Ryan nudged. "Hey Ryan, speaking of Christmas break, you gonna go home finally?" Brian asked. "Well, I guess I should. I haven't seen my parents in about 2 years, not to mention my brother. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to that." Ryan replied half-heartedly. "What? You still afriad he's gonna come back looking like the Incredible Hulk?" Brian poked at Ryan nudging his arm with his elbow. Ryan looked down at the floor. "Come on Ryan. You did a great job bulking this year and now that you've cut you look competition ready. I mean FUCK. I wish I had your body right now!" Brian appraised. "So what? You're over 350 pounds of solid muscle, and you grew 8 inches. You're one of the biggest guys around. You're an asset on the football team as well as all the other sports you're in... come on, if no one's proud of that then they're freakin crazy bro." Ryan didn't look convinced, he was certain he was going to be completely eclipsed when he got home. Ryan wanted to keep his expectations low so he wouldn't be as dissapointed when he got home. Brian grabbed Ryan's shoulders and shook him a bit. "Snap out of it dude! You're freakin awesome. You been helping the little guys too. We make a great team as personal trainers for them. You have a lot to be proud of." Ryan finally relented. "Yeah, I guess you're right." he said with a bit of a sigh. "Go home man. You're family hasn't seen you in a long time. When are you going to get the opportunity to see them again? You can't spend another winter break here again. It's not fair to them." Brian noted. Ryan rolled his eyes. "I guess you're right. I'll go home. At least I don't have to stay there if it gets bad." Ryan laughed a little. "There's my man! Now, help me clean up and then let's get outta here. I'm not sticking around here for the winter. I got a little bro to tease." Brian teased. Ryan laughed and the both set to work replacing all the weights and wiping and cleaning the machines. After that, they tackled the shower and left a note for the janitor to go home early. It was something they did in apprecation for the school and janitor letting them use the facility for their training sessions. Both of them left the rec center without showering figuring they would take them at their dorms before leaving. Arriving at the exit both of them noted the snowy weather outside. Both of them were wearing their gym shorts and tanks. Brian pulled out a jacket from his gym bag. "You didn't bring a jacket?" Brian teased. "No, but I'm not that far away." Ryan replied confidently. "Okay bro. See you after the break!" Brian said his goodbye with a strong bro hug. Both muscled bodies flexing and bulging. Brian then darted out into the snow with a final wave. "You guys are crazy!" A security guard said from behind Ryan. Ryan could only laugh and looked down at himself. "You gonna be okay out there?" The guard said with some concern. "Yeah man, I'll be fine. My dorm's just up the hill." Ryan assuaged. "Okay, but I'll keep an eye on you while you're still in sight before I lock the place up." The guard said. "Thanks, but I'll be fine." Ryan said quickly and then he darted out into the snowy weather with his gym bag before the guard could say anything else. Ryan's sneakers crunched in the snow as he ran back to the dorm. The running kept his heat up as he did so. He felt a rush being out in the cold, dressed as he was. There was a feeling of invincibilty. He was able to be out in the cold clad in only a tank and shorts. Ryan smiled as he appraised his body for it's feat. A couple of yards later he stepped on some icy patches so he decided to slow down a bit. He could see his dorm a short distance away. The cold was only just starting to get to him. Ryan though for a while on the remainder of the walk. He dreadded and was excited by seeing his brother. He knew that no matter how the stats were between the two of them, they were still brothers and the both will still have made some kind of gains while away. It wasn't like he was being left behind at a measly 180 while his brother continued to get bigger. Ryan was truly was happy for his brother even if he was bigger than him. He just couldn't shake the competitive nature that was in him. But Ryan ultimately figured that was what had motivated him to be what he is now. Ryan entered the dorm and brushed off some of the snow. The place was quiet since most had left for the winter break. Ryan practically bounced up the stairs to the fourth floor where his room was. Once down the hall and in his room Ryan searched for his bags and started to get ready to leave. Ryan had grown a lot since the last time he was home. He had to go through 3 wardrobe changes since then. Since he spent a lot more time in the gym, his wardrobe consisted of mostly gym clothes. He had a few jeans and tees, but he never bought anything long sleeved except for the occasional favorite hoodie. Ryan decided to go home in more conservative attire. Ryan shucked off his gym clothes, took a quick shower, and put on a pair of sweats and a tee shirt, both of which were getting really tight and hugging every muscle on his body, the tee shirt sleeves stopping just below his shoulder. Ryan looked at himself in the mirror and he couldn't help but get hard at his own reflection. Ryan had to admit to himself that he was a HUGE man. 355 pounds of hard dense muscle that he had gained from really hard workouts and a little help from the supplement he made with those tablets. He was ten pounds heavier than his training partner Brian, and Brian wasn't as ripped and shredded as Ryan was. Ryan brought up an arm and flexed it. Ryan watched as his bicep exploded into a 32 inch ball of strength. Ryan remembered the first time he lifted the back end of a truck with ease with those big arms, almost contemplating lifting the whole thing off the ground. Ryan's whole body bulged with power. A few pops from the shirts sleeve snapped him out of his trance. Ryan grabbed his favorite orange hoodie and put it on. The hoodie straining to contain the huge muscled masses that was Ryan. One last look in the mirror had Ryan fixing his hair a bit. It was then that his thoughts went back to his brother. When Ryan had left his brother's college, Rhys was still around 290 pounds of raw muscle about 100 pounds heavier than he. Rhys was built pretty much like Ryan, thier body types helping them to achieve the constant ripped look most bodybuilders would die for. Ryan had left that college at 6'1" and 190 pounds. He had gained 160 pounds and was now 6'9" which added 8 inches to his height. He could only imagine though how much bigger Rhys was should he have kept up the same gains. Ryan quickly estimated that Rhys would be topping 450 pounds and possibly towering a good 7'3." "Damn, what it must feel like to be over 400 pounds." Ryan said to himself after a few moments staring into the mirror. Ryan smiled afterward. "Well, if he's bigger, it's not like I can't catch up." Ryan said looking down at a familiar bottle with the mostly dissolved pellet in it. Ryan looked back into the mirror and scoffed. "Who the fuck am I kidding?" Ryan said before shucking all of his baggy clothing off and putting on a pair of basketball shorts that were tight enough to show off his size not to mention a very ample bulge. He also put on his tightest under armor tank. Ryan was feeling good about himself no matter how big his brother was. With one more final explosive most muscular, Ryan finished packing, grabbed his things, shut off the lights and exited his dorm to the mystery that was what his brother would be when he got there. Ryan made his way back home impatient yet taking his time. He knew he was getting closer when the snow turned into rain. Ryan flexed an massive arm as he realized he was back in his element. Three to four hours later, Ryan pulled into the driveway of the old family home. Ryan's heart and stomach flipped when he noticed a huge crater in the yard. He shut the motor off and walked quickly up to the crater. He remembered that a tree had been there, but his parents had planned to get rid of that as soon as Ryan and Rhys left. But, Ryan's imagination was running overtime. He was imagining his brother creating that crater from a Hulk jump from his college to home. Ryan's cock was instantly hard at the thought of having so much power. Ryan moved closer to the crater and looked for giant footprints. Unfortunately or fortunately he didn't see any. The idea was dashed when Ryan saw tractor tracks a couple of feet away coming from where the tree stood. Ryan laughed to himself as he pushed the idea away that his twin brother traveled like the Incredible Hulk. Just for fun though, Ryan jumped a couple of times. Ryan was surprised at how high he was jumping and even more surprised at the loud thud that resulted when he landed. Ryan walked up to the front door and knocked on the door, his knock reverberating loudly. Ryan cringed at the loudness. "Okay! Okay! No need to break the door down!" Ryan's mother was heard clearly behind the door. The door opened quickly and Ryan really found out how much bigger he was than mere mortals. Ryan's mother was just tall enough to come up to his chest. "Oh hello! How can I.... holy... Ryan?" Ryan's mother greeted as her eyes moved from his chest and up to his face. "Hi Mom!" Ryan said sheepishly as he greeted his mother. It looked comical coming from a man who was 6'9" and 355 pounds. "I know you said you were working out, but I had no idea..." Ryan's mother started. "Mom, it was two years ago. Rhys and I are both doing it and I guess we have good genes." Ryan said to quickly diffuse any misgivings. Ryan's mother was about to say something but decided to keep it to herself. That was when Ryan's dad showed up. Ryan turned to the side to enter the house. "Well, looks like Rhys finally rubbed off on you." Ryan's dad said. Ryan was kinda suspicious about his tone. "All you have to do now is keep your grades up and you'll maybe be able to match him." Ryan's mother slapped him. "What? I'm just kidding." Ryan's dad replied a little hurt. Ryan gave a little smirk. "It's okay mom. Actually Dad, my grades HAVE improved a little more. But then again I really was no dummy to begin with. I'm not going to pretend I'm a genius, but I do know how to learn. I also know what I'm good at. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to unpack since I'll be here for the next two weeks." Ryan stated matter of factly. The confidence took his parents both by surprise. "Is Rhys home yet?" Ryan asked plainly as he headded up the stairs, his heavy footfalls reverberating in the stairwell. "No he hasn't yet, but he did call earlier. He said he'd call back when he was about to arrive." The mother replied up the stairwell. Ryan turned and slid his huge body through the door to his old bedroom. Ryan couldn't help a smile as he noted he had to turn sideways to fit through doors now. Looking around the old room, Ryan remembered the first time he discovered Rhys was growing. Ryan set his eyes on the mirror that they looked at. The discovery of his twin actually being bigger than he was. Ryan knew that it would probably be the case. But Ryan also knew that he should be proud of his own progress, or at least that's what he kept telling himself. Ryan flexed in the mirror. He should be proud of his gains he thought. He had become a beast in his own right. He didn't use the tablets to the degree that they were used at Rhys's college. Ryan's growth was seen as phenomenal, but not unheard of. He and his group of friends were all getting believably big, except maybe Terry, who had to quit the bodybuilding scene after he tipped the scales at over 400 pounds. It was something they all agreed on when they began the buisiness of bulking people up, especially those that needed it. Terry left the group to start in on his own. Terry had run out of his stash of tablets. Ryan told Terry he would hold off on giving them to him because he wanted to see what the amount of atrophy was. Terry was to continue to work out like usual. Brian decided to be the test case for atrophy without working out. It was something Ryan had been curious about. How long was it before they begin to shrink? Ryan found out later that Terry, with his workouts, was able to maintain his level of fitness but not his bulk. His size did shrink, as well as his strength, but his stamina did not. Those amounts weren't as dramatic as Brian's. Brian began to shrink after a week with no workouts. It seemed like the shrinking kept getting faster everyday. Before things got out of hand, Ryan put Brian back on the tablet and all was happy again. Ryan had a lot to be proud of. Ryan stopped flexing and sat down on the bed gently. Ryan had bad experiences with normal bed. His weight broke some of them. Ryan heard the bed groan as his weight came down on it. Once he knew the bed would handle his weight, he reached to the end where he had placed his bag before he got distracted by the mirror and pulled it around in front of him. Ryan began the process of unpacking. His wardrobe for the break only consisted of tank tops, shorts, socks and speedos. He brought a pair of short spandex bike shorts as his bed clothes. Ryan was almost finished with his unpacking when the phone rang. Ryan grabbed the phone that was on the nightstand and picked up. "Hello?" Ryan's voice was a bit shaky but still kept it's confidence. It was the time he was waiting for. He was excited and fearful at the same time. "Hello? Who is this?" A deeper manly voice boomed in his ear there was some noise in the background. It immediately sent a chill down his spine and into his ample cock. "This is Ryan." Ryan said to the deep voice on the other end. "Ryan? Is that you? Geez bro, your voice got deep." Ryan smiled, he knew immediately that it was his brother. "My voice is deep? Look who's talking, you're putting Barry White to shame." Ryan prodded. "Sounds like you've been getting big." Rhys said with a hint of excitement. Ryan couldn't help but notice a slight repetitive booming noise as he talked with him. "Yeah, I did. Probably not as big as you are considering what you sound like now." Ryan admitted. "Come on bro, give me some stats! You were so obsessive about mine before. Spill the beans!" Rhys playfully commanded. "Okay, it's only fair I guess." Ryan relented. "I grew about 9 inches in height. I weigh about 355 right now." Ryan started in. "My best bench was a solid 1000 pounds for reps..." Ryan continued but was stopped when he suddenly heard a "holy shit" from his brother. "Wait, wait, wait. You're benching half a ton?" Rhys sounded astonished. "Yeah, I'm pretty proud of it." Ryan commented but then relented, "You're probably benching three times that. But I'm still proud of it. Keep in mind, you did have a head start." "I dunno Ryan. 1000 for reps? I'll have to see it for myself. I believe you though and if it's true, no one will be more prouder than me, bro." Rhys said. Ryan could virtually picture the smile on his brother's face as he said that. "Now enough about me. What about you Rhys. How big are you now?" Ryan asked, with a little bit of giddiness. "You're about to find out. I'm almost there." Rhys said with more wind following and then the connection hung up. Ryan looked at his phone for a moment, his cock at full mast.... Then he heard a loud BOOM from the backyard.
  19. Chapter 5 – The Recruitment of Gods. October 5th (Today): Sam smiled broadly at seeing the two massively thick men that stood up ahead. The anticipation in him was overwhelming. He had been waiting for months to see this day come. As he drove the patrol car closer, he was able to make out which one was his brother, Lloyd. He was so happy that Lloyd had completed his task as well; really well in fact as Steve was such an amazing specimen of his new self. The broken up cop car splashed through the white glowing puddles of liquid as if the clouds had just burst uncontrollably, only it had not rained in over a week. The intensely strong smell of sweat and sex in the air was so overpowering that with every breath Sam took in, his cock lengthened and rose up toward his chest. He looked over at his 2 hour old, new lover, Jake, who was fast asleep, resting from the incredible excursion that he had just gone through. Sam smiled even broader at the beauty of Jake. He remembered how only a few hours ago, everything was different since Jake and Steve hadn’t come into their own. He remembered when he himself first had the change and how much he wanted to have his partner by his side. He remembered how Uncle Matt had told him and his brother, Lloyd, that they were the ones who would bring the “New Breed” (as he called Jake and Steve) to life and begin a new colony. Both men were not only changed, but had become their lovers. He remembered all of Jake’s feelings and thoughts and all that he and Jake had gone through to get to this point. He looked at his watch…8:28pm…yep right on schedule. 6:14 pm, (the same night): It was just after dusk when Jake and Sam had pulled behind the bush-covered guardrail to set up their radar. Their little speed trap had become quite successful. Lately there had been a lot of traffic on the old country road of 35 mph that was going well over 50. The mayor and sheriff had ordered the speed trap in hopes that it would slow everyone down, by the quick word of mouth that always was around town. But to Jake it seemed that it wasn’t the town folk that were doing the speeding, it was only a few travelers. Most of the time, the partners would just sit there and talk about their lives. Every now and then they would get to pull someone over for speeding and Jake really enjoyed it when they would pull over a huge hulking man from that farm over the mountain and across the county line. Their body frames were enormous and positioned on bikes that could barely contain their massive weight. Jake loved pulling these huge men over and always would be semi hard, by the time that he would walk up to these gladiators of steel. Some of them would check out Jake’s own nicely worked out body and flirt with him. He loved their attention and he LOVED men that had huge thick muscular bodies. Lately he had been hitting the mother load; especially with his partner. March 4th (7 Months ago): Jake was new to the town and the job. He had moved from Louisville about 6 months ago. Right before moving, or rather part of the reasons for the move, his now ex-girlfriend left Jake for some trucker she had met at the diner she worked at. Thus, Jake had just graduated from the Louisville police academy and had seen that a position for a cop had opened up about 20 miles out of city, in the town of Flatbush. He also found only one apartment that was available in town. He immediately called for the apartment and talked to a guy named, Zach. Zach told him the place was only a small one bedroom place with not even a full kitchen, but Jake told him he’s take it. Then Jake called the station’s Captain to talk about the job. Without even much effort, Jake got the job. So he packed up his stuff and headed for a new adventure. Jake had always thought himself to be bisexual. He had had sex with guys and girls, sometimes at the same time, but he realized that they guys that he wanted always seemed to be huge and muscular. Even as a child, Jake had always felt a certain…closeness to bodybuilders and superhero types of men. Women were okay and basically were safe in a conservative town as Louisville was, but Jake always knew that huge muscle was what he desired. When Jake arrived in Flatbush, he noticed how everything was really neat and tidy in the town. He noticed that there was no trash in the streets and everyone there looked happy and healthy. Some actually looked “Really” healthy, like fitness models. No one seemed overweight and if they did look big, it wasn’t because they were fat. Everyone was very friendly and when Jake stopped at the local bank, he asked the teller if there were any places that he knew of where he could get a good workout. The teller told him that there was a gym in town, next to the barber shop and that is where most everyone went to stay fit. He also mentioned a farm on the outskirts of town, but that not many people went out there, since it was a little far out. When Jake arrived at the apartment building, which was above the gym, the teller told him about, he met the landlord, Zach at the door. Zach was a small skinny, pre-Captain America Steve Rogers type of guy. Even though he was small and thin, he looked very healthy and Jake couldn’t help notice the enormous bulge in Zach’s pants. Oddly, this stirred up Jake’s hormones. Zach had not only owned the apartments upstairs, but he owned the whole building, including the gym. They went into the apartment and it was perfect. Just the right size and it was just as neat and tidy as the rest of the town. Zach invited Jake to his place, down the hall for some coffee and they could go over rent and stuff. Zach and Jake talked about the rent and the town some, but then the conversation shifted to their personal lives and family. Jake told Zach about his ex and Zach said what a shit ass punk she was, which made them both laugh. Then Zach started talking about his family and he said that all he had left were two brothers. One of them had left the town and he thought that he was living out on a farm of one of his friends. The other brother, Sam, just happened to be one of the cops that Jake would be working with. The police force for the small town was very small itself as there wasn’t much going on in the town of Flatbush. But, that there always seemed to be a lot going out on the outskirts of town. After about an hour, Jake got the car and trailer unpacked and he was moved in within a few hours. That night, Jake had the most restful sleep that he could remember in a long time. The next morning he was to report to the station and start his new job. The first time Jake saw Sam, was at station when the captain introduced Jake to the officers in the department. There were only 15 total including the captain and Jake. Jake noticed, though, that he only counted 14; 12 guys and 2 girls. He also noticed that almost every male on the force looked as beefy as most men in the town, but none of them were huge, just built a little bigger than most, like a cop should be. That’s when another figure came into the building from outside. Jake’s mouth went dry, his knees went weak, and his cock started to involuntarily grow. Sam introduced himself in a low commanding voice and walked…no swaggered over to shake Jake’s hand. Sam smiled as he could see that Jake was visibly shaken by his size. Sam was all cop, with his jargon and lingo and the way he was so hyped up about “catching the bad guys”, but physically, he looked like he had played for a professional football team all his life. He stood a little less than 6’8” and was enormously proportioned. His whole body was thick and big. He looked like a cross between a Viking and Scottish Highland Strongman. When Sam and Jake met face to face…rather, face to chest, Jake could hardly think straight. Sam noticed Jake’s staring but to him it was only admiration in his new partner’s eyes, instead of the lust that Jake had felt. Being a straight guy, Sam took it was one Hell of a compliment coming from a good-looking guy, like Jake. Sam had a girlfriend that he loved and they had plans to get married. Even though he loved his fiancé, it didn’t stop Sam from being a chauvinistic jerk as he was always talking about how much she loved his super thick 10” cock ramming her wet pussy. When they were on patrol, just the two of them sitting in their cruiser, Sam would get as graphic as a porn novel telling Jake his escapades with Lucy. Jake could tell that Sam would also get turned on by his own stories. Sometimes as he talked about it, Jake would notice Sam’s huge pant snake start to burrow down his partners leg. Scared of Sam noticing his own impending 9”er making a pants tent, Jake would cover his lap with the ledger for the day. Then after every shift, he would go back to his apartment and beat his cock for hours imagining Sam’s huge body pressed against his and causing him to have some of the most powerful orgasms of his life. Lately, it was becoming almost a daily ritual and Jake really never thought about girls much anymore. It was beginning to be all about Sam. Jake and Sam had been partners for about 3 ½ months now and Jake was feeling his way with his new partner. He fantasized doing that literally, feeling all over Sam’s big muscular, thick body, but he knew Sam was homophobic, so he had to take it easy with any hints or allegations. Sam was always talking about how disgusted he’d get seeing two guys kiss. He said that he would never let some guy kiss him. He’d rough ‘em up good. Make them pay for being such a pansy. Once he talked about how he’d fuck the hell out of em, just to teach those “fags” a lesson. The idea of Sam fucking Jake to teach him a lesson, made Jake almost cum in his pants. As their time together on the job progressed through the months, Sam’s stories of the past chicks he had banged, plus his girlfriend’s ability to deep throat him and getting his cock so wet she never needed lube, seemed to get more intense, and more off the straight and narrow. Sam seemed to be getting turned on more and more every time he’d talk about it. At first it was all about the girl’s breasts and tight asses, but slowly the details of the girl’s bodies changed as it got less and less about their bodies, and more about how he loved watching his cock, seeing it growing and cumming in buckets when he was filling up the bitches. Once Jake thought he heard Sam almost cum in his pants, as he was really getting into it, talking about his muscles, body and cock so much that his breathing became heavier and heavier, till he seemed to moan under his breath. It was really dark in the car, that night, so Jake only was able to hear Sam, which actually made it worse for Jake, since he almost came himself at the lusty sounds of Sam right next to him. God, he wanted to touch his godlike partner, so bad, but he knew that it was impossible. August 5th: Then it happened, Sam came into work that day and he looked like something was on his mind, but he also looked relieved. As they were changing in the locker room to get ready for patrol, Sam told Jake that he left Lucy. He said that she wasn’t satisfying him like she used to and that he needed something…more. He said that after he told Lucy, she freaked out and went ballistic. He pulled down his pants to show Jake his thigh, where he said that Lucy had taken a salad fork and tried to stab him with it. Jake looked at where Sam said she stabbed him, but he didn’t see a mark. All he saw was the biggest most scrumptious thigh he had ever laid his eyes on. He asked Sam, where did she stab him and Sam quickly pulled his pants back up and said that she was such a weakling that she didn’t even give him a scratch. He said that for the past month he had been getting stronger and stronger and that he had no use for her pathetic ways. As a matter of fact, Jack thought that Sam actually did seem to be getting larger every day, growing from that thick mass to a chiseled muscle god. They both worked out together at Zach’s gym, but Sam seemed to take off like wildfire, getting all cut and growing even bigger, so much so, that it made his uniform skintight and strained the fabric to the point where you could see every nook, mound and crevasse of his tightly muscled frame. At the gym, there was a height tape against one of the walls and one day Sam happened to be standing next to it. Jake’s eyes bugged out as he saw that his partner was over 7’ tall and barefoot, nonetheless. In fact he was 7’ 3”. Most men increase their size slowly, but Sam was packing on 10-20 pounds every week. He had to get several new uniforms. This growth spurt started about a month before, after Sam went camping up in the mountains with his other brother and two of his buddies from out of town. Jake also noticed how different Sam acted around him since the camping trip. It was almost like he was flirting with Jake at times, but that was impossible, with Sam being such a homophobic dick. Jake had met Sam’s other brother, Lloyd and he was just a big as Sam was when they first met. Lloyd lived on a farm with a few of his friends. In the past month or so, Sam’s brother, Lloyd, seemed to be gaining a lot of mass too, as did their two buddies, Carlos and Penn, both of which were smaller than Jake a month and a half ago, but now they were visibly larger than him. All of them seemed extremely touchy-feely with each other as well. It was getting to be more than Jake could take. He wanted Sam so bad, that he started to bone up every time he saw the man. There were days that Jake would jerk off 2 or 3 times, just to get his hardon to go back down. September 20th: Then two weeks ago, the two of them were at their normal “speed trap” spot when Sam had an idea. He said that they should bust a bunch of those “fags” at the local rest area on the other side of town. He said he knew that men frequented that place a lot at night and there never seemed to be any chicks. The thing that was strange to Jake was that Sam was the one to come up with busting the place in the first place. Sam knew right where it was and what took place there, but Jake hadn’t ever heard of the spot being cruisy, much less had been there for some cock, himself. The only time Jake ever got sucked off in public was in the local Wal-Mart restroom. Sam seemed actually excited at the prospect of rounding up some “faggots”. At first Jake thought that maybe Sam had been propositioned there and wanted to get even, but he questioned that later, too. The two of them caught about 6 guys there, that were fucking and sucking, but as they were handcuffing them, 2 of the purps got away. Sam ran after them. Jake finished cuffing the other 4 and strangely he knew every one of the 6 guys, a couple were from the gym under his apartment. After Sam took off after the 2 escapees, Jake apologized to the other 4 and “accidentally” let the men go free. One of them was one of Jake’s best friends from the big city. He told the guys to stay away from there since the cops were on the hunt. The men thanked him and took off, leaving Jake alone. While he waited for Sam, he heard what sounded like trees snapping and the ground seemed to shake. Then there was the sound of what he thought were animals attacking the men, but it was over too quickly to warrant him to chase down the sounds. Still, Jake still was worried about his partner. So what if the guy was a muscle god, he could have still gotten in some type of trouble. He started to walk into the woods just as Sam started showed up with the two purps over his shoulders. Their pants were around their ankles and each had huge hard-ons with bodies that were all red and appeared swollen. Neither one looked upset, but rather content and satisfied. Their bodies were almost thick, which was strange since one of them, Joshua was the local barber and had always been quite thin. Jake saw Joshua, just about every day, since the barber shop was right next to his building. Sam set them down on the ground and without a word; both men pulled up their pants, gave Sam a strange look and freely got in the back of the patrol car. What shocked Jake even more was that Sam himself looked bigger, everywhere. His uniform was slightly torn and tearing more, since it was so extremely tight on him. The men had a fluid of some type that glistened in the moonlight, all over their faces and bodies and the inside of the car smelled like sweat and bleach. Sam told Jake that he had caught them in the act and that they put up a good fight but of course they were no match for him. Jake pointed at Sam’s crotch as he looked at his partner huge wet mound of fabric around his cock area. Sam replied, “Hey, since I dumped that bitch, I guess I need to get somewhere. Heh. Oh well.” Then Sam finally noticed something was missing and quickly changed the subject. “What happened to the other 4?” “Oh they got away. I guess I didn’t have them restrained as well as I thought?” “Oh well, at least I got two more of them for my trophy case.” Sam laughed hard and loud. “Yeah, I guess so? Bet you want to mount em, huh?” Sam threw Jake an evil look that told him to take that back. “I’m sorry dude, I was just kidding.” “No harm, let’s get these two back to the station.” Both men got in the car and Jake suffered a massive hard on the whole way, smelling the mixture of sweat and what he now realized was cum. The rest of the night was surprisingly uneventful and Sam kept pretty much to himself, which certainly wasn’t like him. After the two were released from jail, Jake never saw them again. It was if they had just disappeared. That was only two weeks ago. 6:14pm, October 5th (Today): Tonight though, just like clockwork, they had set up their speed trap and were anxiously waiting the night’s “kill” as Sam would call it. Strangely though, they hadn’t seen a car for over an hour. The only passing vehicle was a pickup truck that had Sam’s brother Lloyd, driving and a kid in the passenger seat that Jake thought he recognized but wasn’t really sure about. Still there was something about the young kid that made Jake’s cock jump and throb. There was something strange going on in Lloyd’s truck as they passed. It was all too quick, but it looked like the kid was rising up and down as if getting fucked from underneath. It was really weird but extremely erotic looking at the same time. In fact, there was something about tonight that had Jake’s libido supercharged. It was almost like the air that he breathed could turn him on. The patrol car was getting really warm inside and as usual, Sam started talking about getting his big cock getting wet, but this time, he never spoke of a girl; his girlfriend had moved out back in early September. No...all Sam would take about if he was referencing someone other than himself was that they were just a “hot hole”. He was getting into such detail this time; visually describing his horse cock to such extend that Jake was so hard and in pain from the pressure he had to physically hold down his clipboard to his lap to hide his excitement. Sam kept hinting to the fact that his story telling to Jake was making himself really horny, causing Sam to constantly and blatantly grabbing his crotch. Jake began to sweat as his own hormones raged for his partner. The sexual tension in the car was becoming completely overpowering, more-so than ever before. Sam began to slowly and erotically rub his massive legs, going down toward the knees on the outside of his giant quads then rubbing even slower up his inner thighs brushing his lengthening cock like it was a magic wand of power and lust. Over and over he did this as he very descriptively told Jake just what his cock could do to a person. He talked about the power it had like a mighty warlock’s scepter that caused anyone it gets in contact with to do his will. The more Sam talked about his cock, the more Jake’s breathing became incredibly deep and strong. Jake was starting to lose himself in Sam’s story and the scene that was playing out. Then, just as Jake thought he could take no more, Sam started to tug on his massive cock. Harder and harder he began to grab it and move the fabric of his pants over his cock. With every squeeze and pull Jake could see it thickening and slithering down Sam’s muscular thigh almost to his knee. At this point, Jake figured that if Sam was going to put on a show, who was he not to sit there and watch in enjoyment, but he was still very worried that this was a trap and Sam would beat him to a pulp if he found out how much in lust Jake was for him. His barrier was breaking down very quickly, though. “God this fucking feels good. I’m sorry dude, but I just can’t stop it. You can join in if you want. Go ahead and work that pipe of yours, partner. I know I got to work mine. Mmmm yeah…God I’m so fucking horny!” Still hesitating, Jake started to involuntarily rub his rock hard cock in his pants, but he kept the clipboard over it as he stared, mesmerized by Sam’s blatant display in front of him. Sam switched on the interior light and he looked up from his own lustful indulgence of his cock and over at Jake, “Look at that thing buddy, what hole wouldn’t love having that huge pipe opening it up. Tearing into it and filling it up with my fantastic spunk.” Sam squeezed his rod hard and almost instantly there was a huge wet spot where precum shot out from the piss hole soaking his leg and pants. He shook it some as if to wave it at Jake. “Damn, I’m so fucking horny tonight, I think this cock really does have a mind of own cause it wants to fuck and get sucked anyway it can. I really want to get off tonight. I’d let anyone that wanted it, have it.” Jake knew words out of Sam’s mouth were like that of a bad porno, but it seemed natural coming from him, since he loved to always talk about his sexual life. Jake looked up at Sam’s face with that last comment and Sam was looking straight at him, licking his lips and motioning with his eyes, for Jake to look back down and marvel at his God Cock. “So Jake, do you think I could make a cave outta someone’s tight hole? Make them never want to stop having me fuck them and give them a gift like no one has ever given them before?” With that comment Jake noticed Sam’s pants start to rip apart slowly where the wet spot was as if his cock wanted free from its prison. In fact most of his pants were straining to start ripping apart, ever so slowly as this God of a man began to grow. Jake couldn’t hold out any longer as he blurted out, “Damn, Sam you are the most impressive man I’ve ever met. You’re like the fuckin’ Hulk. I…I bet anyone would love having your ramming them. I know I…” Sam interrupted Jake before he could finish what they both already knew, but Sam wanted to play with Jake a little longer, “Probably any guy, too. What do ya think? You think some faggots ass could take my super dong. I bet a man’s rock hard muscle ass could take my giant cock easier than any nasty pussy could, huh? I'd make him cum without even touching himself, don't ya think?” “I…I dunno. Maybe, it could.” Jake was still playing along as well, even though he didn’t consciously want too. “Because right now; I just want to get off. I don’t care who I’m with. I just want a warm body with a tight hole to fill with my super cock and its special sauce. Like I said, I’d let anyone do me right now. Whattya think, partner? You know of any takers, or maybe you think you’re up to it…” Sam toyed with him. Still guarded, Jake said, “Why are you asking me?” “No reason, just thought…well…you might want to…at least…see it…maybe I can show you something even more amazing with it?” In a last ditch effort to hide his true desires, Jake said, “What are you crazy? I think I’ve seen plenty, already. I’m done with this, I’m no fag!! I’m sure some girls gaping gash would be just fine…” As Jake said the words out of his mouth, he turned away and grabbed the door handle, hoping to make a quick escape, before he gave into the lust that was inside of him. His heart started pounding as hard as his cock. His head was reeling and reality was dreamlike. He was fighting his desires as best he could, but deep inside, he knew it was a losing battle. For a moment, Sam was alarmed. “HOLD ON, DUDE!! It’s okay, seriously. I don’t think you’re a fag, man, but I know you’ve got to be curious. I know you are, everyone’s always curious. Lately, there have been a lot of people that have wanted to see it. Even some of the other guys on the force have seen it and almost all of them that have seen it were glad they did. They all said the same thing that you just said, but once they saw it, they knew they had wanted to see it all along, even if it was just for the penis envy and curiosity alone. Hell, until a month ago, I would’ve said no fucking way and kicked the piss right outta them, but lately I’ve seen a new outlook and it’s fucking awesome. Come on Jake; it’s cool. No one’s going to know. Hell, you should know by now, how much I enjoy the attention from you. I’ve noticed how you look at me with admiration and longing, but tonight...tonight buddy, you have a hunger in you, I can tell you are just full of desire and that's cool. That's totally cool. We’re just two horny guys showing off what we’ve got. I’m sure your cock is really nice, too. By the looks of your pup tent, I’ve noticed that you have a pretty big package as well, especially when you try and cover it up when it gets hard during my stories. Yeah, I’ve noticed it all the time. And in some weird way, it makes me even hornier when I see that you are all horned up over me. You always get really excited when I talk about fucking and all the sex I have. It’s cool, dude. I bet you jerk off thinking about me. I do. I fucking love myself and I love getting off on myself. I love you getting off on me too. So....let’s just show off what we’ve got to each other and get all this chicken shit out of the way” Sam could tell, Jake seemed a little more at ease. He tried a friendly challenge next. “Still you’re no match for my monster, but you look really good all hard and shit. Hell, I bet other guys are jealous of you too.” Jake looked embarrassed and turned his gaze away. Sam continued, still afraid that he almost lost Jake for a moment, “I know you’re not a fag, man. Anyone would get hard listening to my porn stories. Besides, you’re a guy, and guys love to see what someone else has, don’t they? Hell, I've had guys ask to suck it, too. And I don't judge, I just love getting off. Here, just take a look at how big, thick and long it is already here in my pants and I’m only half hard.” “HALF HARD!!” Jake thought and he turned back to look at it and he could clearly see that Sam’s cock must have been well over 10” now. “What does he mean only half hard.” The two words and the sight of Sam’s growing cock made Jake even more intrigued and horny. The voice in his head said, “I thought he was only 10” long, period.” Jake was embarrassed but kind of relieved that Sam knew he got hard during the sex stories. He was happy that he wouldn’t have to hide his rock hard cock anymore, but he still was extremely leery that this was a trap that Sam had set to bring him out. So he apprehensively said, “I don’t know, Sam. This is pretty weird. But…” “But what?! What’s the big deal, bro? I know you’ve GOT to be curious. You have to be. It's okay...I wanna see yours too.” “Well, maybe…” “You want to see my big shaft, don’t ya? Everyone does and I’m happy to oblige. They’re always very satisfied after they see it. I make sure of that. All I need is for you to tell me that you want to see it in all its glory.” Sam’s voice deepened and softened to the point of a low grumbled whisper, “Tell me, Jake. Tell me that you wanna see my huge cock. I know you do. Let go of your fear, Jake. Let go and give in to me. Listen to my voice...Listen to my cock telling you to want it. I’ve known you’ve always wanted too, haven’t ya? I’ve known that for a while now. My brother showed me a better way and now I want to show you. I know you love my massive muscles and I can feel your desire for it. Your body's on fire for me. Look at your own cock. It’s going to bust through your uniform, you want it so bad.” Sam pointed down to Jake’s throbbing crotch that was now wet with his own precum. “I…I guess I am. Maybe it would be cool to see what you’ve been talking about for the past 6 months. You always cover it up in the lockeroom.” Both men chuckled. Jake’s mouth was dry, but his lips and jock strap were soaked. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He was finally going to get to see what Sam had been teasing him with for the past 6 months. He knew he had to keep his cool, though, but he wanted to see that cock in “all its glory” as Sam put it. Hell, he wanted Sam in all his glory too. Jake’s asshole began to throb and pucker. His cock ached in his pants. He was so hard that Sam was right in assuming that it felt like it would bust through his uniform. God, what he wouldn’t give to be able to do that. Still, he was embarrassed that Sam had seen his trouser tent, but he thought, maybe it’s for the best since Sam was clearly interested in Jake seeing his monster. He knew he wanted to say yes. Yes, to see Sam’s incredible body, Yes, to Sam’s incredible cock. Yes, to whatever may happen. Maybe Sam would let him play with it, he thought. God, that would be a dream come true. Just the thought of that made Jake’s cock jump and shoot some more precum into his already drenched pants. He wanted that huge cock in his hands or better yet in his ass, which was puckering up even more. But he was still unsure if Sam were testing him and that he would kick his ass, if he tried anything. But now Jake’s passion had gone over the threshold. His inhibitions left him like a new morning. He felt free and clear of the barrier that was holding him back. Sam had got the best of him and he blurted out, “Yes, Sam, show it to me. Show me your big fucking cock. I want it!! I fucking need it!!! Give it to Sam. Give me your huge cock!!!” Sam heard the words he longed to hear from his partner, which caused a burst of energy inside him and suddenly there were more rips in his pants, not only where his cock was, but in the thighs, calves and ass. Sam’s whole lower body seemed to be expanding inch by inch. Soon Sam would not be able to control the growth in him and it would take over his mind and body and he would only be able to go along for the incredible ride. Since his change at the farm, he would long for the growth to hit him every day; sometimes 2-3 times a day. His training was finally over and he was able to finally control his body and its growth. There were times, such as now, that the growth would begin to get away from him, but he would regain his hold on it as best he could. The growth was like a drug and he was hooked. Now he was about to have the ultimate high, since he was going to feel the growth but as well, he would have the love and lust he had felt for his partner. It was time to bring Jake into the family. Jake’s mouth dropped open and began to moisten as he could clearly see his partner growing. It was as if Sam’s body were a balloon of muscle that was slowly getting blown up, expanding and the muscles getting larger under the stretching skin, becoming more pronounced as they grew. His shirtsleeves began to rip. A few buttons popped off. One cracked the plastic glass covering the speedometer. Sam slowly worked the split open in his pants, but instead of using his hands, he let his cock control itself as it tore through the fabric like a wild animal slowly escaping its cage. Jake could see that the naked monster pushing itself free as it was actually pulsating now, expanding and contracting through the confines of its imprisonment. He was in awe of its ability to tear through Sam’s trousers. It shimmered with all the precum and sweat that had enveloped it. Yes, it was huge, but he thought that it was the most perfect and beautiful thing he had ever seen. Envy and curiosity were true understatements for what Sam said other men must have felt, for Jake was in complete admiration and yearning. He knew it needed his worship. Thoughts ran through his head as if it seemed to call to him, telling him to want it, to treat it as an Idol or a God’s tool for which he was to serve and please. He started to become hypnotized by it. Inch by inch he could see the beauty of it come into view. He started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. His palms were sweating, as was his forehead. He felt a hunger for it in his stomach and his asshole started to twitch uncontrollably. His cock was almost continually leaking precum in his jockstrap, soaking it. His eyes were wide and his chest heaved as his breathing become increasingly deeper and stronger. He developed a thirst in his mouth and throat to coincide with his mounting hunger. Jake was completely enthralled now, but he still had his wits about him. He knew, or rather quietly prayed that this cock that grew before him was going to be his to play with and to serve as was the growing man before him. Sam was right, it WAS bigger than 10” now, and in fact it was almost 14” and still growing. It was incredibly thick, too; like a baseball bat. There was a thick vein snaking all the way from Sam’s thick forest of pubic hair to under the hood of the massive cock head that looked like a fully ripened, delicious apple. It was as if a snake was crawling out from the bushes to engulf the forbidden fruit. Jake could see the movement of life fluid through the massive vein, giving Sam’s super monster all the nourishment it needed to grow and extend into its God-like status. As the huge appendage came more and more into Jake’s view, more and more of the real world melted away and all that Jake could think or want in this life was Sam and his giant cock. With every deeper breath of air into Jake’s lungs, he could smell the pungent aroma of Sam’s fuckpole; sweat mixed with pre-cum and Sam’s pheromones. With each whiff, Jake felt more alive and went deeper under Sam’s spell. His own way of thinking was gone, now and all Jake could think and pay attention to was Sam’s humongous cock and body expanding for his own private show. The lust in him rose with every thread of fabric that tore away. He had never in his life been more turned on. He began to hit a constant state of euphoria. Sam could tell that just as all the others, Jake was almost completely conquered to be his disciple of servitude and to become a muscle god himself. Sam knew he had to start the process of sealing the deal that Jake was unknowingly starting to sign. So, in one swift move, Sam took his hands and quickly tore his pants completely off and down over his huge column causing it to spring up to an almost 90 degree angle standing straight up at over 22” long and 9” around. This happened in just a matter of seconds and it was fully hard enough to stand more rigid than a steel pipe. There was so much precum already spurting out like a fountain from the nickel sized piss slit that when it sprung up, it shot large globs all over the car and one in particular flung over onto Jake’s face partially covering his right cheek, chin and lips. Jake felt it tingle on his skin and he left it there as he was now completely under Sam’s power. There was a large vein on top of Sam’s cock that was almost ¾” thick and pulsating with waves of a dark purple fluid flowing through it. The precum flow began to slow as it came out like a leaky pipe cascading down the shaft, completely covering it like posing oil for a bodybuilder. Jake felt his own cock jump hard in his pants and he had his first orgasm as it shot so much cum that it felt like he’d pissed himself. His voice cracked, “Oh God, I’m Cumming. I can’t help it…Jeeeezzzzus. Holy Shit!!! God, you’re so fucking huge and beautiful.” Sam let Jake have his orgasm and after it subsided he said, “It is, isn’t it? It feels so good to let it out. It loves being free from the confines of my uniform, where it can breathe. So what about you, Jake? Let’s see your cock buddy.” “I’m…I’m nothing like you, man. I’m just a little over average.” Jake moved the clipboard away from his cum soaked pants and pulled down his zipper. Normally he would have never been so blasé about showing his cock, especially since he had just filled his pants and he imagined he would begin to go soft, but not tonight. Tonight, he stayed rock hard and he was too far under Sam’s domination now. He dug down and fished out his normally impressive 9” cock, but, like he said, it was rather insignificant, when compared to Sam’s snake. To another normal man, though, Jake was very ample in the cock department. He began stroking it while looking at Sam’s anaconda that had consumed him. The pleasure running through him was so strong he began to softly moan. Only a few more strokes and Jake would have his 2nd orgasm. “STOOOOOOOOOP, DON’T CUM AGAIN,” Sam commanded. “I want this to last. Take your hand off your cock and close your eyes.” Jake did as he was told. He could feel his cock pulsating and pleading for the release of an orgasm. In fact, he was stalled at that state of euphoria just before your sperm comes rushing out of your cock. Sam knew that Jake was completely his now, but he still loved to play the game and in order to take over Jake and help him start the change; Sam had to get Jake into complete submission, first. He slyly spoke, “So Jake, very nice piece of meat there, buddy. You’re doing really well. I want you to keep your eyes shut and remember what my cock looks like in your mind. Remember its sheer beauty and size and tell me what see? Do not, I repeat do not hold back. I want your true feelings: Your true desires.” “I see something more beautiful than anything I have ever laid my eyes on. I see sheer joy and ecstasy in your cock, Sam. I see an Idol of worship attached to a God of a man that I have longed for and needed and wanted to worship and be with since the very moment I met him walking into the police station. I see my complete longing and desire for you. I see a life dedicated to you and I see that I WANT YOU.” Those last three words came out of Jake without any remorse or fear of being outted. Jake, finally gave Sam all he needed to hear. Now it was time for the “kill”. “Open your eyes and look at me.” Sam commanded. Jake opened his eyes and looked over at Sam. Every fiber in his body longed for the Man-God and his gaze showed every facet of complete submission. “Go on and touch it if you want, partner. Don’t worry about it. I don’t care. Everyone wants to touch it. Once they see it, they have too. It calls to them, just like it’s been calling to you. Don’t fight it, Jake. It wants you to feel it, to worship it, to make you one with it. Take it in your hand and feel its awesome power. It wants to give you its power and strength. It wants to make you huge.” Jake shook his head in agreement, casting his gaze back from Sam’s dark blue eyes to his giant pole and Jake was thrilled that he no longer had to hide his feeling for Sam and he would never again have to deny how bad he wanted the man of his dreams. A tear slowly crept down his cheek. He would never have to forgo his primal desire again: A desire that he was no longer in control of but it was now in control of him. He was happy to be completely in Sam’s control. In fact he was getting off on it. “You want it. You want to feel how heavy and huge it is. I know you do. In fact, Jake, I know you always have. I knew even before the night my brother and I changed your friends at the rest stop. Yes, you were right in suspecting me. They hardly put up a fight when they saw my cock. It called to them, just as it is calling you now. At that time I wasn’t fully able to change them myself, so my brother had the honors and they are reaping huge rewards for receiving our gift unto them. They are well on their way to becoming more than just great men; they are becoming GODS, like me. Go on and give in to it. It needs your worship. It needs your lust. It needs your hunger. I want you to be part of it. I want you to be a part of me. I want you to become a God, Jake.” Wide-eyed and trembling, Jake looked up from his gaze at the huge fuck pole due to that last comment and looked into Sam’s eyes. Tears were now streaming down his face. He was completely happy and relieved. He was more turned on then he had ever been in his life: Mainly he finally felt, free. That was the last moment that Jake would ever remember being a normal human. He was on his way to being one of Uncle Matt’s Godlike men. His hand trembled as it moved toward Sam’s giant cock. The monster glistened in the moonlight as Jake touched “glory” for the first time. He wrapped his large hand around Sam’s cock and still his fingers couldn’t touch due to the thickness of it. He began to slide his strong hand up and down feeling the power of it. Jake could tell that its weight was well over 15lbs. It was rock solid and throbbed of life. The precum covering it was like sheer seethe of thick oil that actually made Jake’s hand tingle and become increasingly warmer. Saliva escaped out of the side of Jake’s mouth. Then he realized how hot the side of his face was remembering the glob of precum that had hit him just moments before. He rose up his other hand, collecting some of Sam’s incredible potion mixed with his own tears and licked it with his tongue as he brought it into his mouth. He swallowed and a bolt of electricity immediately shot through him. Waves of a powerful new feeling and sexual highness more intense than he had ever felt before poured through him like an internal orgasm and he lost all control as he lunged at his idol of worship. With a deep breath, Jake took the entire head of the monster in, stretching his mouth to its limit. His lips cracked at the edges and started to slightly bleed. Sam yelled out. “FUCK YEAH, JAKE, SUCK DADDY’S HOT POLE. I’M GONNA MAKE YOU AMAZING. I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU A FUCKING TITAN.” Jake swallowed as much of Sam’s mammoth rod as he could, which at first was only a mere 2 inches, but with every push of his mouth down, it seemed easier to go further. Sam’s endless supply of precum was mixing with Jake’s own bodily fluids of saliva and blood causing his change to begin. Soon he had over half of Sam’s gigantic cock down into the back of his mouth and beginning down his throat. With every suck he swallowed more precum, energizing him even more and helping his body become more elastic to take the huge prick in him. His entire body was warming up and feeling more energized. “Yeah, Bitch, Dammit Mother Fucker, swallow my cock. I’ve been waiting for over a month for this. You are going to be my best. You are going to be colossal.” With that, Sam grabbed the back of Jake’s head and simultaneously rammed his hips up and his partner’s face down shoving all 20 inches of God cock into the back and then down into his new bitches’ throat. “Fuck yeah, bitch, you are going to make Matt one very happy man.” Jake was so into Sam’s cock; he thought Sam had said ME instead of Matt. Little did both of them know that this was just the beginning of Uncle Matt’s master plan. You see, Jake and another of Uncle Matt’s men were to meet later and change mankind. But good things come to those who wait. Jake was amazed at how easy it was to take all of Sam down his throat and how good it felt. He felt that god cock pulsating in his throat as it continued pumping Sam’s muscle juice into him. His body took over, beginning with his throat as it massaged Sam’s huge cock on its own. Jake felt consumed with lust and the need for more from his partner was becoming overwhelming. Just when his mouth seemed to stretch wider and his mouth cavity was even fuller of cock, something more began to happen. Was it his imagination or was Sam getting bigger, AGAIN? Another large stretch and Jake noticed that even though he hadn’t moved up or down on it, there was an added 4 inches from his face to Sam’s pelvis. Then Sam screamed and the whole car jumped as Sam’s orgasm began, flowing huge amounts of cum deep into Jake’s gullet. So much cum was pouring into the smaller man’s body that it began to flow out of his mouth and all over them and the inside of the care. Sam’s massive cock seemed to continue to grow inside and down Jake’s throat as his body seemed match his cock growing at a fast rate as well. Jake held onto Sam’s cock the best he could and then he began to realize that it wasn’t only Sam’s body that was increasing. Wave after wave of Sam’s cum flowed into Jake, continuing the process of Jake’s transformation. His body was on fire and his skin felt like it was soaked in sweat and cum. Suddenly, his clothes felt extremely tight. So much so that he felt the ass of his pants rip with force up the center and continue to rip completely around the waist and down the right side first and then the left of his legs till they fell onto the seat below him. His socks and his boots started to rip off of him. Then his shirt and the rest of his pants literally exploded in the car, shattering the passenger window with his holster. Meanwhile, Sam was accelerating in his own growth and beginning to lose control as well. He realized that if he didn’t maintain himself that they would both grow to insane proportions and quite literally be unable to function, let alone return to a normal human like size. In a desperate attempt to stay in control, Sam quickly unbuttoned his shirt before he ripped through another one. He usually was able to control the speed and mass of his size, but this time even he was almost out of control as his new subject was. He had been yearning to get his partner to join him as a huge muscle god since the day after he had become one himself. That was when Lloyd, his brother, took him by surprise one evening after they had closed up the gym. He had been working out extremely hard that night in anger and frustration, due to his girlfriend’s cold, rigid attitude toward sex with him. She said he was getting to rough and when he fucked her it hurt instead of arousing her. Lloyd took Sam’s frustrated body to the message room to “calm” him down. Sam was so horned up that even his brother’s touch got him hard. Lloyd told Sam to hold on for a moment as he made a call and in about 15 minutes later, there was a knock at the gym garage door. Lloyd answered the door and Sam saw what looked to him like a human wall. Within seconds, this beast had Sam’s cock in his mouth causing Sam to go into overload and the next thing he can remember from that night was waking up the at Uncle Matt’s farm with his huge hard cock and his body completely massive beyond belief. The next day he learned how to control his morphing and began his training as well as helping to recruit others for the farm. Within a few weeks he had recruited more men than anyone else, combined; over 57 men were given a new life because of Sam. Now, 2 months later, his lust for turning Jake was so much that he, again, was going into sexual overload and knew he couldn’t control himself much longer. He got the shirt off just in time as his chest and arms expanded to Herculean proportions, causing the roof of the car and the driver’s door to bend up and outward. He knew he had to move quick or his already 8 foot high massive frame could inhibit Jake’s newly developing body if they stayed in the police cruiser much longer. Since his partner was over the top of his pants with his growing cock filling him up, Sam just let them rip to shreds. He loved the feel of shredding his clothes; his favorite moments were the initiation of a new member and exploding out of his clothes with his massive body. There wasn’t much room left for Sam and Jake to grow in the car so he tore off the car door and pulled his cock out of Jake’s hungry mouth leading him out of the car like a dog to a bone. Jake had already grown over a foot everywhere and was shredded from his own clothes. Sam was almost completely naked too, with only tattered pieces of fabric hanging off of him, but he knew they were too close to the road and would be noticed, so he led his prey into the woods. The car on the other hand, looked totaled. It wasn’t going to be easy to explain that to the captain, but he shouldn’t mind, since he went through the change last weekend. Once he felt at a safe distance from the road, Sam grabbed Jake’s expanding body by the ankles and pulled him up so they were at a vertical 69 position and Sam inhaled Jake’s own throbbing and growing 11” cock. It had grown 2 inches in a matter of minutes. For a moment Sam let go of one of Jake’s ankles and realized that due to both of their incredible strength, they were able to sustain this position without holding on to each other by their arms, hands and legs. All they need to use was their super strong suction and jaws. Both men were well over 10 feet tall now and Sam decided that he himself was tall enough, but to let Jake continue to grow. It took almost all of his concentration to stop his own growth. They held on like this long enough for Jake’s expanding body to grow well over 12 feet tall, causing Jake’s head to reach the ground, Sam’s eyes widened in awe as Jake’s massive growing frame lifted Sam off the ground as it continued to gain height and mass. Jake’s cock had now also surpassed his mentor and was a good 22” long and over 9” around. Sam began to gag some and again was in awe at this since he had never gagged on another cock. Just when Sam felt that he either would need to begin to grow himself or die from suffocating on Jake’s humongous cock, Jake stopped growing. His body immediately started to convulse and thick gushing streams of cum poured down Sam’s willing throat. Sam drink and drink for what seemed forever until Jake’s giant orgasm’s finally subsided. Sam could hold out no longer and he erupted so much cum out of his cock that Jake felt as though he were drowning. This was the point when Jake passed out and both men fell to the ground causing a minor quake to rip through the forest. As they were unconscious, they proceeded to change back to their normal states, but for Jake his normal state was now that of one of the largest bodybuilders in the world. Twenty minutes later, Jake woke up in the arms of the man he had secretly loved for over the past 6 months. He looked over at Sam, who was still out and kissed him on the cheek. He realized that they were both naked and then every memory of his change came rushing through him as he saw his new “normal” body. His new massive godlike body was somewhat equal to his partner’s but his cock was noticeably larger. He quietly released himself from his sleeping lover, standing up and began to feel what yearned to have his entire life: A God’s body. Sam woke up shortly after and both men kissed. They walked back to the car. As soon as they reached the car, the ground began to shake and from over the hill that was part of Uncle Matt’s Farm, they saw a shock wave barreling toward them. Both men instinctively knew the cause of it and instead of shying away or hiding from the impending burst of energy, they embraced it and faced it head on with their arms outstretched behind them and the welcomed the approaching blast. As it leveled trees and most everything it came in contact with, the two men were in their instinctive trance and ready for the next phase of Uncle Matt’s plan to begin. The shock wave hit them both head on, causing the patrol car to overturn and the billboard sign along with most of the trees around them to be mowed down. Neither of their super strong bodies flinched, all that they felt was what was needed for the continued genesis of the evening. Both men instantly came as the rush of euphoria unlike anything they had ever felt passed through them. Visions of two colossal men who they both recognized as Sam’s brother Lloyd and his passenger, changing into God’s even larger than they had become. When the shock wave passed, each of them walked over to the car, Sam picked it up and turned it back over as Jake watched in amazement. Sam told Jake to try and lift the car, which he easily accomplished, sending a rush of sexual excitement through him. With the roof torn off the car, the both got it, started the car to their amazement and drove to the epicenter of what would be the beginning of a new race on Earth.
  20. With news of Mr. Kunitz’s imminent visit, Colin had the team on a strict training regimen and diet. Every day, we woke up early for a seven-mile run, which we now completed in less than 40 minutes. Before long, people in town started to gather to watch and cheer on a regular basis, amazed at the site of over 20 speeding muscle jocks. Local newspapers began to breathlessly label us as “the fastest powerhouse athletes the state has ever seen.” Colin used the attention to motivate us to go even faster. After the run, we would all sit down for breakfast. For most of us, that was composed of a 12-egg omelet and a 24-ounce steak, as well as large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables. We kept the local supermarket so busy, they had to hire four new employees just to keep up with our orders. Breakfast was followed by three hours in the weight room, where we were throwing around incredible amounts of weight. Every day, someone had a record dead lift or back squat, which we just celebrated with more steaks and more intense lifting. The afternoons were reserved for study, or active recovery sessions on the field, doing light drills, and practicing fielding skills. Our forthcoming season looked promising, and major league baseball scouts started to stop by. After a few weeks of their awed observation, scouts from the NFL and even the British Rugby Union started to come by. Colin ate up the attention and adulation, but he also wisely channeled the energy to making the team even faster and stronger. Marcus seemed terribly rattled though. Every time we mentioned his father, he would lose focus on his training. Any progress he had made seemed to be lost, and he was still hovering at his starting weight of 140lbs. I couldn’t seem to jump start his training at all, so I went to talk to Colin about it after dinner. Colin and some of the team were out on the street throwing a football. Jackson was by his side, as always, and both were clad only in sweatpants. I watched in awe as Jackson tossed the football to Jeremy, and I still could not help but gawk at him. He was easily 6’ 8” now, and probably weighed 300lbs. His lats were flared out wide, even when he was relaxed, and his shoulders were inconceivably wide. The sweatpants hung obscenely low on his narrow hips, and he proudly displayed his 12 pack abdominals. The only thing holding them up was Jackson’s spectacularly round and muscular ass. Colin saw me on the porch and trotted over. “What’s up Greg?” asked Colin. “You are concerned about Marcus, right?” I was finally getting accustomed to looking up at Colin, as he now towered over me at 6’ 5”. “Yes Colin, I am. I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to have his father come here right now. He was making such good progress. He’s very distracted, and I can’t seem to get him back on track.” “He’s going to grow Greg, everyone on this team is growing.” He put his massive hand gently on my shoulder as if to acknowledge that my own growth had slowed. I was stuck at 197lbs, and could not seem to break past the 200lb benchmark. “And you will grow as well. Do I have to remind you where we both were a few months ago?” He stepped back and patted his ripped, muscular midsection, and presented his stunning physique as evidence. At 224lbs now, he had gained an even 100lbs of pure muscle since we started training a few months ago. His biceps were enormous, and beyond comparison to a softball. His chest was literally a plate of armor, which was appropriate to support front and rear delts that could only compare to a melon. My eyes drifted down to his incredibly powerful legs, and started to think of all the speed running those quads were capable of. Colin was also proud of his calves, which were nearly as big as his biceps. “Greg, don’t you realize that YOU did this to me?” “Really Colin, you see it that way? I always thought your growth was due to your determination, and genetics.” “Greg, YOU are the one who lit that fire of determination in me. YOU built this!” I was a bit dazed at what Colin was telling me. This whole time, I had no idea what a key role I played in his, and then the team’s, remarkable growth. With that, Colin reached over and grabbed my wrist, just like he did with the car keys a few months ago. I was terrified of another humiliating showdown with Colin and tried to retreat, but he just barked at me “TRY TO RESIST ME NOW GREG.” And with that, I was able to ever so slightly budge his gargantuan forearms. My biceps flared up to a size most guys would kill for, even if it was on the small size for this team. It was only the slightest of movement, but not something I was capable of doing even a few weeks ago. Naturally Colin was still stronger than me, by an order of magnitude, and he was able to stop me after a few seconds. But it was very motivating to feel that glint of power. Colin saw the look of recognition on my face and smiled. “Greg, I know you can kick start training for both you and Marcus. You have the power.” With his words still ringing in my ears, I was jarred back to reality by the voices of the team in the street. I looked down and saw Terence, from the football team, pulling over his pickup truck. He stepped out with two of his teammates behind him. “What are you doing here Terence? I told you this house was off limits to you,” Colin said as his deep voice boomed down the street. “I just wanted to speak with you Colin,” said Terence, in an almost pleading tone. “You may approach,” said Colin, with authority. Terence and his pals trotted over quickly to Colin, who remained on the top step of the porch, arms crossed as he eyed his supplicants. “Jesus Christ, these guys are huge,” one of the team mates said in a loud whisper. “Colin, I’ll get to the point. I underestimated you. I underestimated the whole team,” said Terence, trying to quell the fear in his voice. “You’ve built the biggest, strongest baseball team in the state, maybe even in the whole country. I wanted to ask, can you train us on the football team too?” Colin didn’t say a word for a minute, he just let Terence’s desperate words hang in the air. “You want to get strong, like us, Terence?” “Yes Colin. All the scouts are coming here, but they are ignoring the football team. I think, with your training, we might change that.” “Strong like this?” Colin said, directing Terence to look at the street. And with that Colin nodded to Jackson, who still had the football in his massive hands. Jackson pulled the ball back overhead, his lats winding up with power, and in an instant, he spiraled the ball down the street like a bullet, right at Terence’s pick up truck. The football was projected with so much force, it crashed right through the windshield of the truck and kept going right out the back window, before it finally came to rest about 200 yards later. Terence turned to Colin in a daze, speechless. Colin said to him: “I’m not going to just train you Terence, I am annexing your team. You will tell everyone to follow my plans. Under my direction, we will become the first two-sport team in the history of college athletics. And then we will annex the soccer, basketball and lacrosse teams as well. Do you understand me, Terence?” With that, Jackson trotted over, arms on his hips, and stood behind the football trio. Terence turned around, with awe on his face, and looked up at the behemoth. “May I?” was all he could eke out. And with a nod from Colin, Terence started to grope and explore the Jackson’s muscle. His hand rested on the wings of Jackson’s traps, and all he could say was: “You feel like steel, Jackson. THIS IS POWER.” With just a glancing side eye, Jackson’s hand shot over, grabbed Terence’s shoulder, and sank him to his knees effortlessly. Colin just chuckled and said “Terence, THAT is power. You will learn soon enough.” With that, Colin ordered Coach Conway to start integrating the football team. Then he looked over to me and said, “You have some training to do yourself, brother.” Feeling inspired by the displays of power I had seen, I ran into the house to find Marcus. He was sitting quietly on his bed, studying. He had clearly given up on working out that day. “Marcus, what is bothering you?” I demanded. “Why are you so upset that your father is coming?” “Greg, my father has been disappointed by my lack of athletics my whole life. He funds this team because he is a football alumnus of the school, not because he believes in me. He only ever came to our baseball games to watch Jackson, not me. And the only reason he calls Colin is to get updates on Jackson. If he comes here, he’s going to take one look at everyone else and be disappointed all over again. It’s going to fill me with rage, and I’m powerless to do anything about it.” I was getting angry myself, listening to his self-defeating talk. I took his chin in my hands, and forced him to look up at my eyes. “Marcus, does he make you angry, your father?” I demanded. “Yes,” he said, a bit fearful of my demeanor. “Then USE that anger to grow Marcus! Instead of your father, think of yourself!” Even I was a bit thrown off by my aggressive stance. Marcus quivered for a minute as I held his chin. Neither of us said a word as he tried to process what I was saying. Then he looked right up at me, and I could see a steely gaze come over his face. He chin, and his whole body, stopped quivering, and there was a dark look in his eyes. He stared at me, unblinking. At first I was overcome with a chill, and then I knew I had tapped into something primal in Marcus, and he was tapping me right back. He reached over and grabbed my wrist and pulled it away from his chin. Marcus surely wasn’t strong, but I could tell his attitude had changed dramatically. In a deep, confident tone, he said, “Let’s start lifting Greg.”
  21. The house was a wreck when we got inside. The communal bathrooms hadn't been updated in years, and the kitchen was barely functioning. As the team moved in to stake out their rooms, Colin and I retreated to the study. "Colin, this place is a disaster. Are you sure it's a good idea to move in here?" He put a hand on my shoulder, and I was immediately reassured. “I’m going to call Marcus’s father for help now.” Dan Cunitz was one of the most successful real estate developers in the state. He was also an alumnus of the school’s football team, and had been very generous to the school over the years. He had both the means and the resources to help rebuild the house. “Dan, we are going to need a complete rebuild of the bathrooms and kitchen, for starters. You WILL send over all the plumbing materials we need.” There was a pause as Dan spoke, then Colin replied: “No, not next week. Tomorrow. You will send the materials tomorrow.” I flinched a bit just overhearing Colin’s direct tone: Dan Cunitz had a well-deserved reputation as an aggressive, hard-nosed negotiator. I wasn’t sure this approach would work well with him. “You want to see what I can do with the team?” Colin said. With that, he barked at Jackson and me: “SHIRTS OFF!” Without hesitation, we obliged. I looked at Jackson and was impressed with his build. His shoulders seemed impossibly wide, with cannonball delts, a thick chest of armor, and a ripped 8-pack of abs. His biceps were huge and peaked, even while he was relaxed. He put his hands on his narrow hips and just casually flexed it all. Then he looked over and acknowledged me for the first time that day. With a blank look on his face, he put his huge hand on my neck and gave it a firm squeeze. He even reached over and slapped my hard midsection a few times, and said, “Colin did nice work on you, bro.” Even I was surprised at how my abs withstood his playful, but strong slaps. With that, Colin held up the phone, took some photos of us and sent them to Dan. I could only overhear pieces of Colin’s side of the conversation: “I can train Marcus…. In four weeks, he’ll be as big as my brother, in the photo…. at least that big, yes…. then eight weeks…. yes… 275lbs…. I know you are familiar with Jackson’s athletic record… Marcus has the potential to pass him. I know how to motivate that kind of growth, yes… but we’ll see how training goes, Marcus may not even be suited for baseball in a few months.” Did Colin just promise to have Marcus as big as me in four weeks? Bigger than Jackson in eight weeks? I knew better than to doubt him. And he had Mr. Cunitz eating out of the palm of his hand, which was probably the most impressive feat of all. There was another pause, and then I saw a knowing smile come across Colin’s face. “You can have it delivered today? That’s even better Danny-boy.” He was calling one of the most powerful men in the state Danny-boy. Even the university president addressed him as Mr. Cunitz. “Send over some staff to do the installation as well. Oh, and you’ll also have 600lbs of grass-fed beef shipped to the house each week. We need to eat well.” And in a deeper, much more authoritative tone, Colin concluded the call, while looking directly at a shirtless Jackson: “Let me know when you want to visit, I’m certain you will be pleased with the results.” Colin seemed to have an inside track on how to motivate Mr. Cunitz. Mr. Cunitz agreed to all of Colin’s demands. After the call, Colin summoned the entire team to the weight room, which was in an addition to the main house. The 6,000 square foot facility was stripped of most equipment, save for a 14-foot long pull-up rig, which was bolted to the concrete wall. “Good news. Marcus’s father has agreed to pay for the renovation of the house, which will start this afternoon. And, he will have the weight room fully functioning in a couple of days. But first we have to take down this rig.” “Colin, this rig is in perfectly good shape. It’s perfect for pull-ups, squats, and so much more. Why would you take it down?” I asked. “Jackson, show him.” Colin said. Jackson sauntered over to the rig, where the pull-up bar was eight feet off the ground. Staring right at Colin, he just reached his massive arms up and gripped the bar, with his feet planted firmly on the ground. “A pull up bar is no good if your feet can reach the ground,” Colin said, matter-of-factly. “Well not all of us have Jackson’s height, or wing span for that matter,” I interjected. “Not yet,” Colin said, with chilling confidence. “Take the rig down Jackson.” With his arms still extended overhead, Jackson tightened up all of his muscles and started to pull. At first, I thought the rig wouldn’t yield without more assistance, but Colin calmly coached Jackson: “Tighten up your core Jackson,” he said quietly. And we watched, breathlessly, as each of Jackson’s cobble stone abs activated, one by one, as he inhaled slowly, looking directly at Colin. “Now show me what those lats can do.” Jackson’s lats slowly started to flare out, as he inhaled, to immense proportions – much wider than anyone had ever seen. Colin gently placed a hand on Jackson’s upper back and softly said “That’s it Jackson, activate here now.” He started to exert all of his muscle, and after about a minute of silence, the rig started to creak. There was a loud groan coming from the concrete wall, as the iron bar started to yield to Jackson’s raw power. Jackson’s biceps, triceps and forearms were flexed up as well, showing his truly colossal muscle. The room was completely quiet except for the groaning of the rig, which steadily increased. I looked at the team, and everyone was riveted to this display of undisputed strength, most especially James, the power hitter. The cinderblock walls started to loosen, imperceptibly at first, but they slowly started to crumble. Then Colin said “NOW JACKSON, LATS!” and the whole rig separated from the concrete wall. Cinderblocks tumbled down onto the floor as each of the 16 wall fasteners popped off, sounding like gunfire, one by one. All that was left were the floor anchors. Jackson stood triumphantly under the crumpled rig, a stunning sight of 275lbs of raw muscle. His arms hung at his sides, pushed out by his still immensely flared back. His massive chest heaved slowly, as his breath started to return to normal. Jackson was about to deal with the floor anchors when James stepped forward and addressed Colin: “Let me take out the floor anchors. I want you to see what I’m capable of.” “You know the rule, James. Shirt off, and get to work.” Next to Jackson, James looked diminutive. But when he pulled the hem of his shirt over his head, he revealed a solid, dense build of 195lbs of power hitter muscle, and legs like a thoroughbred racehorse. James had a beefier build, and his neck and trap muscles were remarkable. He moved to the thick vertical bar that anchored the rig to the floor and gripped it. He got into a quarter squat, inhaled slowly and started to exert upward pull on the bar. At first, it seemed like an impossible task, since it was difficult for anyone to get leverage in that position. But after a few seconds, with James glutes completely fired up, the bar started to come up out of the cement floor. The bar continued to groan with resistance, but finally gave up. With one last immense rumble, the concrete floor started to crack, and then opened up and released the anchor, yielding to James’s coiled muscle. A glistening James smiled at Colin, knowing he had redeemed his stature on the team. The entire team was riveted to these two feats of inhuman strength. Colin’s training program was underway. The next two weeks were a complete blur. Marcus and I were sharing a room, and our schedule seemed to revolve around his workouts. When we weren't at the gym, we were planning his next sessions, or his diet. His earlier animosity towards me seemed to dissipate, and he had a newfound respect for me. His progress at the gym was impressive - slow, steady, deliberate. For a guy who barely weighed 145lbs, he was benching his body weight in no time. He seemed a bit apprehensive anytime we mentioned his father’s sponsorship of the team, but I was able to keep him focused on his regimen. Brendan and Jeremy had taken over the supervision of the overall team, and it was paying off. Their collective body weight had increased a remarkable 15% in the first few weeks. Brendan now tipped the scales at 210lbs, up from 180, and he had all but abandoned his dream of becoming a pro wide receiver. "Just too damn big for that," he said with a huge smile on his face. Jeremy was now up to 240lbs himself, easily one of the biggest guys in the house. He had all but tossed out his wardrobe, since he inexplicably grew taller. At 6 5, he walked around in tight shorts and whatever tank tops he could find. He spent his days happily coaching, eating and lifting. Jackson spent all of his time with Colin. For a guy we all remembered as a typical alpha-male athlete, his attitude had changed dramatically. He was entirely subjugated to Colin now: following him around 24/7, almost mindless in his devotion. Everywhere that Colin went, we were sure to see Jackson two steps behind him, and he would either be shirtless, in just shorts, training shoes and a backwards baseball cap, when he wasn't wearing a custom-made 150lb weight vest. Any verbal interaction we tried to have with Jackson was met with a blank look, since he now only communicated through Colin. After two weeks of intense training, he stood at 6 7, and weighed in at 325lbs of ripped muscle: the biggest and strongest athlete in the history of the university. And although he lost any ability to think for himself, his GPA had soared from a paltry 2.7 to a perfect 4.0. Then Colin got a call from Mr. Cunitz, who said he was coming to visit and wanted an update on his “investment.”
  22. Home for the Holidays

    By Richard Jasper “Looking fine, Stud!” Chris Kirkpatrick addressed his reflection in the bathroom mirror. The 18-year-old high school senior was 6 feet and 220 lbs. of solid football player muscle: Broad shoulders, thick, well-defined (and, much to his chagrin, completely smooth) chest, 19-inch arms, narrow waist with six-pack abs, powerful legs, and a sexy-hard-as-steel butt. “And let’s not forget Mr. Happy,” giving his hard-as-steel nine-incher a playful slap. Ordinarily Chris wouldn’t have had the luxury of spending so much time in front of the bathroom mirror, inasmuch as he shared the bathroom and with his one-year-older brother, Roger, whose bedroom also adjoined the space. But nerdy, brainy, weedy non-jock Roger had started his freshman year at State in mid-August and hadn’t been home in the four months since then, much to their parents chagrin. All they got out of him was a brief once-a-week phone call and Chris didn’t get that much, nothing other than an occasional text: Classes are OK Dorm is OK Food is OK Joined the gym That last one threw Chris for a loop. Never in his life had Roger shown the least bit of interest in physical exercise, preferring to spend all his time with his nose in a book and occasionally meeting up with nerdy pals to do nerdy things like play chess. “I mean, c’mon,” Chris had told Roger more than once. “Couldn’t you at least play something cool? Even Dungeons & Dragons is cooler than chess!” For all their differences, Chris actually appreciated his older brother. He was whip-smart, for one thing, and always willing to help out on Chris’ homework, albeit in a somewhat off-handed fashion, usually pointing his younger brother in the right direction. Plus he had a wickedly dry sense of humor and a keen sense of the foibles of others, which he was always willing to share while scrupulously refraining from directing his famous barbs at Chris. “Jeez,” Chris thought as he brushed his teeth. “I guess I actually miss him. Whodathunkit?” He turned out the bathroom light, crawled under the covers, performed his nightly whack-off ritual, and promptly fell into a deep slumber. +++ The usual breakfast clatter woke Chris from his deep Holiday slumber. There was always something particularly luxurious about sleeping in on a weekday during the Holiday break. A loud THUMP from the bathroom completed the waking process. Roger’s home, he thought, leaping out of bed and pulling on his jammy bottoms, as usual viscerally aware of the way they hugged his thick quads and showed off his ripped 28-inch waist and his big floppy package. He ripped open the bathroom door and… “Holy Fuck,” Chris exclaimed. “Who the hell are you?!” There was a giant of a man standing in front of Roger’s sink. Not TALL giant but HUGE giant! BODYBUILDER huge, with shoulders that had to be a yard wide, with a beer keg neck, mountainous traps, and enormous lats tapering down to a narrow waist before exploding into boulder-sized (and boulder-hard) glutes. “Chris!” the giant exclaimed, whipping around and gathering the much smaller man into his humongous arms. Chris had a quick view of a well-trimmed dark-brown beard, a gigantic fur-covered chest, and a thick but incredibly ripped midsection before his face was buried in the beast’s dense forest of chest hair. The cleavage had to be eight inches deep. Chris put his big meaty hands on the beast’s shoulders and pushed but it was like trying to move their dad’s Buick SUV – with the parking brake on! “Who the fuck are you, man? Put me down,” Chris growled into the chest hair. The big guy let go, then boomed with laughter. “Jeez, dude, don’t you recognize your own brother?!” His feet back on the floor, Chris looked straight into the eyes of the huge mo’fo who’d just been manhandling him. “Roger!” he exclaimed. Somehow Roger’s eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, and dimples, facial features he knew as well as his own, had become attached to this mountain of a man. The beard, in fact, actually magnified Roger’s Rogerness. Only this was a handsome, confident, cheerful, extremely masculine Roger, so much so that… Down, Mr. Happy, DOWN! What the fuck are you thinking? “Oh, don’t worry about that,” Roger said, noticing his brother’s blush – and his predicament. “Happens all the time. Doesn’t seem to matter whether the guy’s straight or gay and God knows you couldn’t be gay if you’re life depended on it.” The deep, resonant bass was NOT the uneven baritone-tenor with which Roger had left home four months earlier but the sentence structure and the intonation were spot on. “What what what what what…?” Chris realized he was sounding like a broken record but he couldn’t help it. “I got BIG,” Roger replied, enthusiastically. “You always said I ought to hit the gym and I did and, JEEZ, did it work!” With that Roger lifted his right arm and FLEXED. The upper arm was impossibly huge. It had to be bigger than Chris’ waist! For that matter, Roger’s forearm couldn’t have been much smaller than Chris’ thigh! “But how…?” Chris began. “How BIG am I?” Roger asked, misunderstanding Chris’ question. He rattled off the numbers: Six feet tall. “I grew two inches, so I guess we’re the same height now, huh?” 400 lbs. “Plus or minus 5 lbs., depending on the time of day.” 80 inch chest. 40 inch waist. “Huge, I know, but compared to my chest, right?” 44 inch quads. “Bigger than my waist, isn’t that cool?” He lifted his voluminous pant legs to show off his calves. “32 inches, so not quite as big as…” He flexed the other behemoth arm. “34 inches, but that’s only when fully pumped, of course, but even cold and unflexed they’re over 30 inches.” Then he pointed to his forearms. “26 inch forearms.” Chris felt dizzy. His weedy, nerdy, never-been-to-the-gym brother was now odds on one of the world’s largest, most muscular men! Unlike many of his teammates, Chris actually appreciated bodybuilding and had thought that someday, once his football career was over (and, you never knew, accidents happened) he’d like to take it up. So Chris new the big names of the sport, Phil Heath and Big Rami and Martin Kjellstrom and all the others, as well the powerlifters like Eddie Hall and the strongmen like Hapthor Bjornnson. He had always been impressed by their power and their sheer mass. But the man before him dwarfed all but the biggest of them and compared to the biggest he was vastly more muscular and defined. This creature could walk onto the Mr. Olympia stage and blow away anyone standing there. “But how…?” Roger shook his head. “I don’t rightly know, to tell you the truth. I must have some weird ass genetics, right?” Chris laughed out loud. “Dude,” he said. “You’ve got the same genetics as me!” Roger grinned. “And you don’t want to look like this?” Mr. Happy jerked to full attention, much to Chris’ dismay. Then he looked down. “Jesus Fucking Christ, Roger, where did THAT come from?” The brothers had long ago determined that their wanking rods obviously came from the same factory. Chris’ was maybe ¼ inch longer, Roger’s was maybe ½ inch bigger around. But the thing attached to Roger’s mid-section was a freaking anaconda! “It grew, too,” Roger said, “although I can’t really figure out why it would. But it did. I guess my body decided that 400 lbs. of muscle needed a 13-inch dick to go along with it!” Chris thought dampening thoughts… Icebergs Glaciers Mountain passes “OK, but seriously, Roger,” he said. “You gotta tell me how you did it!” Roger shook his head. “It’s really simple,” he said. “I lifted…a lot! And I ate…a lot!” He spent the next ten minutes relaying the details. Finding the gym, finding out that he seemed to have an endless capacity to lift. Finding out, moreover, that he seemed to have an endless capacity to eat. “Those cafeteria ladies LOVED me,” Roger said, scratching the furry canyon beneath his pecs with a hand the size of a hubcap. “I kept coming back for more, which I guess most people don’t do, it’s not exactly expired cuisine. But filling, really filling, and they just loved it. Plus you know how I like to flirt with the old ladies.” Chris rolled his eyes. He’d been embarrassed by Roger’s flirting with the old bags in the lunch line since they were in 1st grade! “The cafeteria manager tried to get me banned,” he continued. “But the cafeteria ladies told him to go stuff it. The plan is ‘all you can eat,’ they told him, not ‘eat only this amount.’” “It took me a while to notice, you know? I mean I knew I was getting stronger and stronger. When I first went to the gym, I could only bench 200 lbs. and…” Whoah, Chris thought. “Waitamminit,” he said. “You’re telling me you benched 200 lbs. on your first go? How much did you weigh?” Roger had a puzzled look. “That was the first day, so 160 lbs., of course. I don’t know why everyone seemed so surprised.” Chris blinked. He certainly hadn’t benched one and a quarter times his body-weight his first time in the gym, nor had most of his friends – and they were the jocks! “But, like I said, I kept getting stronger and stronger. The next week it was 300 lbs., the week after that it was 400 lbs., and so forth. By the end of the month it was 600 lbs.” Chris’ jaw dropped. 600 lbs. was half-again what he could bench and his 400-lb. bench was the second best in the school. “And, you know, I always like to wear baggy clothes but by the third week they were getting tight – really tight,” Roger said, looking a tad embarrassed. “So tight I busted right out of them on my way to the gym one day!” Chris chortled. “Yeah, it was a real laugh riot, trotting across campus with the sleeves blown out of my shirt and the seat ripped out of my pants and seams on my pant legs torn open.” Roger flexed his quads, each head of the giant mass clearly defined through the curly brown hair that had started growing in when Roger was only 12. He’d always been a furry fucker! “So then I decided, finally, to hop on the scale,” he said. “And imagine my surprise – 220 lbs.! I’d gained 60 lbs. in one month! I was so astounded I told the guy who managed the weight-room floor and he insisted on taking my other measurements. Turned out, among other things, I’d grown half an inch taller. Plus my chest was 50 inches, arms 19 inches, waist 28 inches, quads 26 inches, and so forth.” Exactly the same size I am, Chris thought, astounded. Roger blushed, then added. “He measured my dick, too, and it was 10 inches. That’s when I knew something weird was going on…but who was I to complain?” Chris gaped. “He measured your dick?!” Roger chuckled. “Well, yeah, he was my first boyfriend. And, c’mon, don’t give me that look, you’ve known all along I was gay!” Roger reach over with his big mitt and gently lifted Chris’ chin so that his mouth snapped shut with a click. “Well, yeah, duh,” Chris said. “It just never occurred to me that you were ever going to get around to doing anything about it! Also: *First* boyfriend?” Roger snorted. “Well, YOU oughta know how it works, Mr. Studly Younger Brother! Big muscles AND big dick? After all these years watching the ‘Chick Magnet’ at work I wasn’t terribly surprised to find out that I was a ‘Dick Magnet.’ I figure I’ll settle down at some point but why not sew some wild oats?” Chris was reeling. His nerdy older brother, who’d never had a date in his life, had turned into some Gay Musclegod Sex Stud! “And it just got better, you know?” Another month, another 60 lbs. of muscle, another 100 lbs. a week on his bench, another inch on his dick. “By Halloween I was up to 300 lbs. and benching 1200,” Roger pointed out. “I went to half a dozen parties as the Incredible Hulk, with these big clodhopper boots, a black fright wig, and a pair of painted-on purple compression shorts that didn’t hide the fact that my kielbasa was now over eight inches soft. It was the first time I fucked 10 guys in one night.” Roger snorted. “It was the last time, too,” he noted. “After that guys started complaining about my dick. I mean, can you imagine?” Chris slowly shook his head but it wasn’t because he couldn’t imagine the complaints. He’d had his share of complaints from girls about his being “too big down there” and he wasn’t trying to stick it up someone’s tight ass. His sphincter clinched just thinking about it. “But I never really slowed down,” Roger continued. “By Thanksgiving I was 350 and benching something like 1700 lbs. And now…” Chris was trying to wrap his head around it. In just four months 19-year-od Roger, who had been 5’10 since his 15th birthday, had grown 2 inches taller and somehow, magically it seemed, added 4 inches to his dick, and… “Jesus Christ on a Crutch,” Chris exclaimed, after doing some mental math. “You’re 2 ½ times the size you were four months ago!” Roger just grinned, then crabbed into a most muscular pose that would annihilate any bodybuilder stupid enough to step onto a stage with him. “And as of this weekend I’m now benching exactly 2000 lbs.,” he said. “Five times my weight!” Chris felt like he was going to pass out. Roger was five times stronger than he was and probably twice as strong as the next strongest man on Earth. “Wanna see something fun?” Before Chris could reply Roger wrapped one of his paws around both of Chris’ wrists and began methodically pumping him up and down. “With a barbell I can curl 800 lbs.,” he said, nonchalantly. “But one-armed is a bit trickier because the weight tends to get in the way of my range of motion. Plus, finding 350 lb. dumbbells is a pain in the ass.” Chris suddenly realized that Mr. Happy was REALLY happy. “Roger, c’mon,” he said, weakly. “You gotta put me down. I can’t take it!” Roger set his now much smaller-brother down again. "It’s like I said, bro, it happens all the time. I’ll be in the gym curling 600-700 lbs. for reps – LOTS of reps – and the football players, most of whom are straight, including some of the ones I’ve fucked, will start tenting. “After I benched 1000 lbs. the first time they would come over to the regular gym to watch me workout but I guess it was too embarrassing for them because not long afterwards the Athletics Director sent me a letter saying I’d outgrown the regular gym and I needed to workout at the Athletics Department gym. Away from prying eyes and all that, I guess.” Roger’s python was now at full-mast. “I think it’s time I did some posing, don’t you? So that you’ll have the full effect?” With that, he began a classic routine, the kind Arnold or Dorian would have done, only Roger was twice Arnold’s size and half again as big as Dorian at his biggest. “Don’t be surprised if I cum, OK? I wasn’t really trying but somehow I’ve trained my dick so that it gets into rhythm with my posing.” It was like watching a, a, a…well, FUCK, Chris didn’t know what it was like! He just knew he was hard as a rock and likely to cum at any moment! “It’s OK if you cum, man,” Roger reassured him. “I very rarely get through a workout session without causing 2-3 of the football players, usually the biggest ones, to spurt.” It was hypnotic. Every moment, every subtle movement, Roger’s massive muscles rippled and reconfigured themselves. “And I used to think they were big,” Roger continued. “Now I outweigh Zeke Pendleton…” Chris new Pendleton at 6’7 and 350 lbs. was the biggest man on the team “…by 50 lbs. and he’s 7 inches taller than I am.” Roger turned and slowly, slowly unfurled the world’s most mind-blowing lat spread. “Check it out, bro,” Roger said. “You ever seen anything like that?” Chris lost control. He spurted all over the four-foot wide Himalayan expanse that was his brother’s Herculean back, his cum splatting in great huge wads – it was like paint balls hitting a battleship. “Oh, yeah, little brother,” Roger said, turning. “Gimme that spunk and I’ll give you some of mine!” With that, Roger's giant cannon exploded, volleying cum over Chris’ shoulder and hitting the mirror on his side of the bathroom. It went on for a long time. Chris, weak in the knees and feeling alternately exalted and like he might throw up, was incapable of moving. When he was done, Roger draped a towel across his mighty prong, then gave his enormous bicep a quick flex…and a kiss! It was the most erotic thing Chris had ever seen. “Now THAT was some motherfucking posing,” Roger said. “And, no, don’t worry about it, you’re not gay. It’s the power trip, that’s all.” He pointed to the shower. “Time we got you cleaned up.” Chris headed to the shower, pausing to look at his magnificent brother. “And then what?” Roger slapped his brother on his ass. “We go downstairs and eat Mom’s pancakes!” Roger had told her to make enough for 20 people. Champ that she was, their mom was nothing if not flexible. Mrs. Kirkpatrick hadn’t even blinked. “Time to make YOU grow!” THE END
  23. Troy's Maggot - 4

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 TROY So you wanna fucking quit, do ya? Haha. I was wondering how long it would be before you tried this. Every fucking step you take’s gotta be fucking agony. Haha. But you know what that pain is? It’s your weakness leaving your pathetic, scrawny body. And your weakness ain’t gonna give up without a fight! But you know what? I’m not going to let you quit, Maggot. I’m not going to let your weakness claim you! You’re mine! I’m going to make you see this through and get big so I’ll win this bet –I’m going to do that for damn sure! I never make a bet unless I’m ready to do what I gotta do to win it. But this is also fucking good for you, Maggot. This is the best fucking thing that ever happened to you. You just don’t know it yet. But you will someday. Someday you’re gonna get down on your knees and thank me for the hell I’m about to put you through! You just don’t know it yet! Still want to quit, hunh? Nah, I not going to kick your ass. That would be too easy on you. You got a little brother, right? What’s his name? Joey? That’s right, little Joey, baby faced dude. What is he, 15? No, I’m not going to kick his ass; I’m going to train him! Imagine little Joey huge and swole. Imagine seeing him coming out of the bathroom every morning, a towel wrapped around his waist, getting more and more jacked as the days go by. Imagine seeing his back get wider and wider and denser and denser with rippling slabs of muscle. Picture abs evolving out of his boyishly narrow waist and gradually forming hard, chiseled bricks of sinew, see his pecs in your mind as they slowly expand fuller and fuller until they become striated boulders of pure, unadulterated muscle. And picture those boyish arms swelling bigger and bigger day by day until they’re erupting with vein covered, bulging biceps and imagine his legs bursting out into massive muscle pillars. That’s right, in 6 months I’ll put so much fucking muscle on that kid you won’t recognize your brother from the neck down. He’ll be a fucking titan! Imagine him muscled-up and smirking, busting in through your door, coming in here to fuck with you every day or every night or any fucking time he feels like it! Cause that’s what little brothers who get bigger than their big brothers do. Haha. My older brother doesn’t even come home for Christmas any more. Maybe I shouldn’t have made him drink all that toilet water… But never mind that. You won’t be able to stop little Joey from fucking with you with that pathetic, skinny body of yours. He’ll be able to do whatever he wants to you. And if you let him get bigger than you now, guaranteed he’ll be bigger than you for the rest of your life. Every fucking family gathering—he’ll never stop humiliating you. Is that what you want? Is it? I didn’t think so. Now get the fuck up and let’s go running. Brian’s Journal Day 4 Fuck!... Fuck! I can’t see any way out of this. A muscled-up Joey? After all the shit I’ve done to him… I’d never survive it! Troy’s fucking got me. He’s really fucking got me! Well, this morning’s run went better, anyway. I didn’t throw up, something Troy was very happy about. I don’t know, though; somehow I have a hard time seeing it as a victory. When I got into school, there was Edgar Suarez laughing at me again. Somehow he heard about what happened in the weight room yesterday and was ripping into me about being forced to strip down in public when suddenly I heard this roar from down the hallway. “SUAREZ!” yelled Troy, as he thundered over. His face was red. Veins were standing out on his thick, corded neck. His fists were clenched, making his wide forearms writhe and bulge. “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing?! “Hunh?” said Suarez. “Can’t you read? Don’t you see what’s written on his shirt? It says Troy’s Maggot! That means this maggot’s mine! I’m the only one who gets to fuck with him. You fuck with him, you fuck with me. You wanna fuck with me, Suarez?” “N..no,” said Suarez. “Then stay away from my Maggot,” hollered Troy. “I catch you fucking with him again, I’ll put you in the goddam hospital!” Then Troy turned and stormed away. Suarez just kinda looked at me with a genuinely puzzled look on his face before he turned and slunk off. Everyone else was kinda staring at me, too, so I make a quick exit myself – still not sure what to make of the whole thing. I met Ralphie again for lunch. You know, I used to look forward to lunch, but not anymore. Both of us had ridiculously huge meals packed for us again and neither one of us was looking forward to eating all that food. But one look at Troy and Hunter, watching us from the jock’s table, and we knew we didn’t have a choice. We were about to dig in when we caught our first sight of Simon Philips wearing his bright yellow Jack’s Maggot shirt. Geeze, he really is a small guy, maybe 5’ 4” really tiny hands. I suddenly understood Troy. Why did Jack choose him? I mean Ralphie and I aren’t giants or anything, but Simon Philips almost makes us look like it. We tried to wave him over, but he just gave us a look like a scared rabbit, shook his head and hurried by our table. What was his problem? Next Part
  24. * FINALLY FINISHED * "Ah, so you're JP's big brother," Andrew realized, once he heard the caller's name. "It's good to meet you man: verbally at least." "It's good to meet you too Andrew," Ryan replied, fully aware that his former coach could hear them. He didn't give voice to his thoughts: I don't want to be known as JP's brother; I'm my own man! "Once Tyler told me all about you, I looked you up on that new YouTube site and saw all your videos. You're an awesome football player man, and you'll have no trouble getting a full ride to any school you want!" "Thanks man," Andrew said, pleased that Ryan had told him how he had found out all about him. "I'm glad to have one fan at least." "Much more than just one, considering all the views your videos got," Ryan assured him sincerely. "That's part of the reason my college coach wanted me to call Coach Palmer and arrange this phone call. My coach told me to tell you that he's going to arrange an Unofficial Recruiting Visit down here for you the next time you're in Virginia." "That's very flattering man; thank him for me," Andrew said. "I'll have to give you the contact information for my high school football coach back in Orillia. He can coordinate with your college football coach to arrange everything for the visit." "It wasn't just your online videos that put you on his radar Andrew," Ryan informed him. "He also took note of your impressive performance at the football camps you attended this spring." "Well I'm glad I wasn't easy to miss," Andrew said seriously. "After all, I was among dozens of other high school football players at those camps, and I think I was the only Canadian there." "You're impossible to miss Andrew," Ryan assured him . "My coach told me that when he saw you in March, you weighed 275 pounds and stood 6 foot 7 inches tall." "Those were my old stats," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. He noticed Coach Palmer edging away to give him some privacy and added, "I'm bigger now." "How much do you weigh now Andrew?" Ryan asked him, sounding a little nervous. "305 pounds of solid muscle," Andrew replied, having detected a hint of fear in Ryan's voice. "It was a great day when I reached the average weight of an NFL lineman." "That's awesome man; I'm really happy for you," Ryan said sincerely. "Coach Palmer's no longer in hearing range Ryan; tell me how you really feel," Andrew said, just to test him. "I have been man," Ryan said seriously, hearing the slight hint of menace in Andrew's voice. I'm going to have to watch myself with him, he thought to himself. He sounds like he's just as smart as my little brother! "My coach told me that your performance at the spring football camps led to you getting offers for Unofficial Recruiting Visits throughout the Midwest." "Starting with Ohio State tomorrow," Andrew said, deliberately dropping the name of JP's hopeful college. "When do I get to meet you in person Ryan?" "You'll have to wait until your Unofficial Recruiting Visit at Virginia Tech," Ryan replied. "My coach asked me if I would be willing to be your campus guide, and I'd be glad to do it." "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, getting the feeling that Ryan was a really great guy under his cocky jock exterior. "You know, I just thought of a way we can see each other face-to-face even if we're probably dozens of miles apart." "You're right man, I'm in Harrisonburg off I-81 right now," Ryan agreed. "How can we see each other face-to-face without being in the same room?" he asked. "On Skype man," Andrew replied. "I have it on my laptop. Do you have it on yours?" "Sure I do man," Ryan replied with a big grin, getting excited at the notion of seeing just how big and muscular Andrew truly was. "Do you want to talk later once you get back to your hotel room?" "That sounds like a great idea," Andrew replied, anxious to see what the famous Ryan Maloney looked like. "It's a much better way for two new friends to chat long distance than on Instant Messenger." He heard a long silence on the other end of the line and hastily added, "If you want to be friends, that is." "That's fine with me Andrew," Ryan agreed eagerly. "It would be great to get to know you better and find out how you got so big and strong. Coach told me that you can bench 700 pounds for reps!" "Yeah, that's only because I couldn't find enough weight plates in your home gym to get to my max of 800 pounds tonight," Andrew said cockily. "Hopefully the gym at Virginia Tech has enough weight plates to challenge me." "Wow!" Ryan shouted in astonishment after another long silence. "You're insanely strong man; I bet you can bust through any defensive line effortlessly!" "Yeah I can man, but I always help the other players up afterwards to be a good sport," Andrew said seriously. "No sense being a sore winner." "I've heard of sore losers, but what's a sore winner?" Ryan asked curiously. "A sore winner is someone who gloats about his victory, acting cocky and arrogant as he rubs his success in other people's faces," Andrew replied. He decided to be completely honest with Ryan about his younger brother and added, "Kind of like how JP was during his last workout with you this spring." "So he told you about that, did he?" Ryan asked angrily. "No, I kind of tricked it out of him," Andrew replied. "I'll tell you more when we chat on Skype tonight, but I'd better text you my contact information on Skype now." "Don't forget your cell phone number Andrew, and ask Coach Palmer for mine," Ryan reminded him. "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, pleased that he and Ryan could keep in touch. "You know, it might be hard for you to confirm you got the text while you're on the phone with me," he suddenly realized. "Do you have a notepad you can write on instead?" "Good idea man; yeah I do," Ryan replied. After a few seconds, he said, "Go ahead Big Guy, I'm ready." Andrew quickly gave him all the required information and then Ryan returned the favour, once Andrew pulled out his cell phone. "I've got all your contact information Ryan," Andrew said. "I'll text you when I get back to my hotel and then we can meet face-to-face on Skype." "I look forward to it Andrew," Ryan said sincerely. "Get Coach Palmer back on the phone. I want to thank him for arranging this cell phone call with you this evening." "That's a good idea Ryan," Andrew said, signalling Coach Palmer to come closer. Once Coach Palmer stepped up beside him, Andrew added, "It was great talking to you man; I'll see you on Skype later tonight." "Goodbye Andrew," Ryan said, before Andrew handed Coach Palmer's cell phone back to him. Andrew waited patiently while Ryan filled Coach Palmer in on all that he had discussed with Andrew. Once the call was over, Coach Palmer turned to Andrew and said, "Very good Andrew: now you have another Unofficial Recruiting Visit lined up for this summer, hosted by one of my best players no less! Ryan thinks a lot of you and he'll be very happy to host a big man like you on campus!" "Yeah, and I'll enjoy being hosted by the Big Man on Campus," Andrew said with a big grin. "Very funny Andrew, making a play on my words like that!" Coach Palmer chuckled. "Hey, I don't just have brawn, I actually have brains as well!" Andrew reminded him with a cocky smirk. "I know that now Andrew," Coach Palmer assured him with an indulgent smile. "But since we're standing on the football field, how about you show me just how skilled you are at using your brawn. I can see that you're already prepared, since you're holding your football." He noticed Andrew's cocky smirk morph into a confident grin and added, "I'll use my digital camera to capture your performance on the field and then I can send that video to Ryan's college coach." Andrew nodded in agreement and slowly took off his football jacket. "Would you mind putting my jacket on the fence behind you Coach? I don't want it to get dirty." "You just want to leave the back of your Varsity Jacket free for a Provincial Championship patch, don't you?" Coach Palmer realized with a big grin. When Andrew nodded, he added, "Then you'd better take off your t-shirt as well, then you won't get it dirty either." Andrew grinned with excitement at the prospect of showing off his huge muscles and slowly began to peel off his skin-tight t-shirt, disguising the effort to make it look like a show for the coach. Coach Palmer's eyes widened in astonishment and more than a little fear at Andrew's massive shoulders, huge pecs, enormous biceps and eight-pack abs. "Uhhh... that's great Andrew, now jog across the field to the other end zone so that I can throw you the ball," Coach Palmer stammered. "You can catch a hundred yard pass, can't you?" "If you can throw the ball that far Coach," Andrew teased him. "I certainly can Andrew; I just hope you can run that far," Palmer said, taking the Miami Football out of Andrew's hands. "Move it Mister: that's an order!" "Yes Sir!" Andrew shouted eagerly, running down the field with huge strong strides. Coach Palmer cocked his arm back, marshalled all his strength and threw the football as high and as far as he could. He followed the flight of the ball as it arced through the air and had to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun in the west. He finally saw Andrew catch the football at the opposite end zone and he realized at that moment that none of the videos he had seen of Andrew's performance on the football field had been exaggerated. ================================================================================================================================================= Meanwhile, in a hotel room in Harrisonburg, Virginia, off Interstate 81, a strikingly handsome jock with jet black hair and piercing green eyes stood up from the couch by the window and grinned. Perfect, Ryan Maloney thought to himself. I'll be able to learn from my new friend Andrew Pearson how to get really huge and strong. With any luck, he'll pick my school over Ohio State and then we can be right beside each other on the Offensive Line. Ryan frowned as he suddenly realized something. Once I get big enough that the coach lets me play, of course. But then he grinned again when he realized that he had found the perfect reason to give Andrew for why he wanted to get bigger and stronger. He'll never know that I just want to get big enough that my little dweeb brother can never get close to beating me in anything ever again! "Who were you talking to out here Ryan?" Luke asked, stepping out of the washroom after his shower. "One of my brother's friends man," Ryan replied, turning to face his smaller friend with a smug grin on his face. "Is he a dorky band geek like your brother?" Luke asked with a sneer. "No man, in fact he's big enough to make you look like a runt," Ryan replied with a slight glare. He maximized the YouTube Video he had been watching of Andrew before Coach Palmer had texted him. "See for yourself man; keep an eye on number 3: Andrew Pearson," he said, as he sat back down on the couch. Luke and Ryan watched the highlight video of the 2004 Provincial Championship game between Andrew's team, the ODCVI Blues from Orillia, and the Eastview Wildcats from Barrie. "Wow man!" Luke shouted in astonishment once the video had ended. "You've got to convince your coach at Tech to get Andrew down there for an Unofficial Recruiting Visit this summer." "Already done man, after Tyler told me all about him," Ryan said with a cocky smirk. "And guess who gets to host him for his visit!" "You mean, you're going to be the host?" Luke asked him in surprise. "Of course man, who else?" Ryan scoffed. "Who better to host an incoming freshman than a current freshman?" He left out the part where his Tech coach had reminded him that all Redshirt Freshmen had to act as student hosts for incoming freshman prospects. "Once I showed this video to Coach, he told me to call my high school coach and set up a phone call with Andrew. And thanks to Coach Palmer calling Coach Graves, who called my dad, JP ended up bringing Andrew over to Central High School this evening. Once he got Andrew alone, Coach Palmer texted me and I called him and got to speak to Andrew. He's a really great football player, as you could see from the highlight videos." "Hey maybe you and Andrew can become teammates on the Offensive Line next fall and win a college football championship," Luke suggested. "Yeah, and maybe Andrew can show me how to get as huge and ripped as he is!" Ryan shouted in excitement, flexing his massive biceps. "Then I can leave that little dweeb brother of mine in the dust once and for all!" "That would be awesome man!" Luke shouted in excitement. "Then when you go home for Christmas you can give that brother of yours the worst present he's ever had!" "Yeah, the present of my awesome presence!" Ryan shouted, proving that Andrew wasn't the only smart guy in the state. "How will you convince Andrew to help you get bigger without revealing the real reason?" Luke suddenly asked. "Easy, I'll just tell him the truth: my coach at Tech won't let me play until I'm a lot bigger and stronger," Ryan said smugly. "Andrew will never realize that I just want to get huge to dominate my little brother so completely that he'll shrivel up and rot just like a little raisin!" "Sounds like you've got it all figured out," Luke realized. "So, enough talk; you want to head out and see what kind of summer parties JMU has to offer?" "Sure man, and maybe I can find a hot chick who wants a piece of me," Ryan sneered with a suggestive smirk. "I'll keep my cell on vibrate so that when Andrew texts me, I can get back here and see him on Skype." "You want me to come back with you?" Luke asked, as they headed out the door. "Naw man, I want to see him alone," Ryan replied. "If he sees two of us, he might think something's up when I ask him if he'll help me get bigger like him." Luke nodded in agreement as they headed down the hall. Ryan breathed a silent sigh of relief, relieved that Luke hadn't figured out the true reason that Ryan wanted to speak to Andrew alone: so that no one could horn in on the new friendship that he was hoping to form with JP's new mentor. ================================================================================================================================================= Andrew had been showing off his football skills for ten minutes, so neither he nor Coach Palmer noticed JP coming out of the high school gym. Andrew threw his football from the far end of the field to Coach Palmer, but he threw it too far and it hit JP in the chest before he could catch it. "Are you okay JP?" Palmer asked as JP fell onto his back. But then he grinned as JP rolled through the fall and back to his feet. "I guess you are okay," he realized, noticing the cocky smirk on JP's face. "Sure I am Coach; it will take a lot more than a 120 yard pass to hurt me," JP assured him; relieved that his high pain tolerance had allowed him to withstand the impact of the football. "That's the furthest I've ever seen anyone throw a football though; even Clark Kent on Smallville last season restricted himself to 60 yard passes!" "Andrew outweighs Clark by at least 80 pounds of solid muscle," Palmer said, grinning at JP's huge friend as he jogged shirtless across the field towards them. His jaw dropped in astonishment as Andrew stopped in front of him and he could only stare in awe at the sweat glistening on the body of the hulking muscle god in front of him. "Uh, very good job Andrew: your football skills are very impressive," he managed to stammer out. He turned to JP, whose eyes were as wide as his own and asked, "What did you think of Andrew's performance on the field tonight?" "It was amazing Coach; I can see why you wanted to see him tonight," JP realized. He noticed the digital camera in Palmer's hands and added, "It looks like you got a lot of good footage of Andrew's football skills. Which school are you going to send it to?" Coach Palmer and Andrew looked at each other uncertainly, unsure how to answer JP's question without making him mad. "Are you going to tell him Coach, or should I?" Andrew finally asked Coach Palmer. "Tell me what?" JP snapped, guessing that there could only be one reason why they so reluctant to name the school. "It's Virginia Tech JP," Coach Palmer replied, gambling that his position as Head Football Coach would keep him safe from JP's wrath. He was right, because all JP did was narrow his eyes slightly in anger. "I'll let Andrew tell you all about it; I've got everything I need," he added, holding up his digital camera. "See you later JP and nice meeting you Andrew." With that, Coach Palmer beat a hasty retreat into the high school, leaving Andrew alone to face JP. Andrew looked over cautiously at JP, who was glaring at him with a look of fury on his face. "Go ahead JP; let me have it for talking to your brother and then I can explain how it happened," Andrew sighed. "I ought to punch you in the face for even talking to Ryan, knowing how much I hate him!" JP snapped. "Fine, do it if you think it 'll make you feel better!" Andrew snapped back. "It won't make any difference to me; I probably won't feel it anyway!" JP roared in fury and lunged at Andrew, his right fist leading the way. SMACK! JP punched Andrew in the face with all his strength. To make his smaller friend feel better, Andrew let his head snap around from the blow, even though he didn't feel a thing. Encouraged by thinking that he had actually hurt Andrew, JP kept punching Andrew in the face, making his big friend's head rock back and forth. Andrew didn't even stumble or flinch though, and eventually JP got tired. He stopped punching Andrew in the face and settled for kneeing him in the gut instead. Soon JP's hands began to ache from punching Andrew's tough jaw and his knees felt like they had impacted a concrete wall. JP ignored the pain for a couple more minutes and kept hitting Andrew in the abs until he finally tired out and he was no longer mad. "Feel better now JP?" Andrew asked, breathing a sigh of relief that JP had stopped attacking him. Hopefully he got some of the rage at his brother out of his system by attacking me! "You look tired." "Yeah I am Andrew," JP replied, smiling when he noticed Andrew rubbing his chin with one hand and his abs with the other. As he tried to catch his breath, he added, "I'm glad I was able to hurt you a bit; that means that I'll be able to wipe the floor with Ryan the next time I see him!" "Good JP, can we go now?" Andrew asked him impatiently. "Or did you want to throw my football around for a while on an actual football field?" "That would be great Andrew," JP said excitedly. "You always know what to say to make me feel better." "And apparently I know what to do as well, since letting you punch me several times calmed you down," Andrew realized with a gentle smile. "What do you mean by 'letting' me?" JP asked him in surprise. "I mean that I could have caught all your punches if I had wanted to," Andrew replied, crossing his massive arms with a smug grin. Then he noticed JP frowning, so he decided to cheer him up. "But I figured that it would make you feel better if I acted as your human punching bag. Anytime you want to let out your frustrations by doing it again, just let me know man. Or don't; it won't matter to me because I barely felt anything anyway." "Thanks a lot Andrew; now you've made me feel worse!" JP snapped at him. "Sorry about that man, but you punched me, not the other way around," Andrew reminded him with a cocky grin. "But you don't hear me complaining about it!" "That's because you just admitted that I barely hurt you!" JP snapped in fury. "That's because I'm almost twice your size JP," Andrew reminded him. When JP glared at him, Andrew sighed and added, "But if it makes you feel any better, you did hurt me a little bit." "Not enough Andrew!" JP yelled in fury. "How am I supposed to take Ryan down if I can't even make you wince when I punch you?" "I outweigh Ryan by almost a hundred pounds," Andrew reminded him, having to clench his fists to keep from snapping back at JP. JP grinned: suddenly feeling better and Andrew grinned back at him. "Now can I tell you how I ended up talking with Ryan over the phone?" "Yes Andrew," JP replied, suddenly realizing how lucky he was that he hadn't made his huge friend mad. Andrew told him the whole story and concluded by telling JP that he would show Ryan just how big he was on Skype later that night. Then he and JP finally got to throw the football around on the field for about an hour. Andrew showed JP some of the football drills he went through as an Offensive Lineman at ODCVI. JP smiled to himself, really happy that Andrew was playing football with him: something Ryan had never done. Once they were done, it was 10 pm and getting dark. The lights around the field came on and Andrew had an idea. He stood under the uprights near his car and said, "So this is what the Friday Night Lights look like." "It's Tuesday night Andrew," JP teased him with a smirk. "Funny man JP; it was a figure of speech and you know it!" Andrew laughed. "Speaking of figures, you certainly make an imposing one with the lights behind you," JP suddenly realized, a trace of fear showing up on his face. "Then take a picture of me with my game face on," Andrew ordered him, getting down into his three point stance with one hand holding his football. Andrew glared up at the camera as if he was about to take down his opponent and JP quickly took the picture, feeling very afraid of his huge friend at that moment. "Okay Andrew, how about we try one with you smiling?" JP suggested, trying unsuccessfully to keep the fear out of his voice. "Sorry about that JP; I didn't mean to scare you," Andrew apologized. He grinned up at JP, who took another picture, and then stood up to his full height of six feet and seven inches. "There now JP: we've played football, taken some pictures, met your wrestling coach and you've used me as a human punching bag. Are you ready to go home now?" "Yeah Andrew, and I'm really excited about tomorrow's recruiting visit to Ohio State," JP said with a big grin on his face. "The Ohio State JP," Andrew teased him, finally putting his t-shirt back on. He noticed JP mock-glaring at him and laughed. "Don't look at me like that man; you're the one who corrected me about that earlier today!" "You're right Andrew," JP realized, as they headed to Andrew's truck with their Varsity Jackets slung over their shoulders. As they reached Andrew's truck, he asked, "So what are you going to do when you get back to your hotel with Carrie and Mike?" "I'm going to call Ryan on-" Andrew began, before having to catch JP's fist in mid-punch. "Don't try that again JP: you've hit me enough for one night," Andrew growled in fury. He gave JP's fist a slight squeeze until JP winced in pain. "Do you get the point now man? I can catch your punches anytime I want to!" "Yes Andrew, I've got it!" JP gasped in pain. "Can you let me go now?" "Sure man; I've made my point," Andrew replied, releasing his iron grip on JP's fist. JP massaged his sore hand and Andrew said, "Why do you insist on asking questions that you don't want to hear the answer to?" "I don't know Andrew," JP replied, as they got into Andrew's truck. "I guess I'm just too curious for my own good." "Yeah, you seem to have forgotten that cautionary tale about the cat who was too curious," Andrew realized. "Don't even joke about that Andrew!" JP begged him. Andrew looked over and a look of concern came over his face when he saw how scared JP looked. "Aroused, your great physical strength could kill! And I only felt a tiny sample of it when you squeezed my fist!" "I'm sorry about that man, but you made me mad for a moment there," Andrew informed him. "I was in a really bad mood all last fall and the results weren't pretty." "Why was that Andrew?" JP asked, as Andrew started driving them back to JP's house. "My grandpa had a stroke last fall, just after I graduated Basic Reserves Training," Andrew replied. "I was really worried about him during football season, since he was confined to a wheelchair and could barely speak. Fortunately, my parents were able to bring him to every game, but then my nemesis David Harrington insulted him and I just lost it and punched him in the face, giving him a bloody nose. The next punch knocked him out. If Steve, Darrel and Mike hadn't pulled me away, I would have killed him with my bare hands!" JP just stared at Andrew in speechless terror as his big friend's face turned red with fury and his hands turned white on the steering wheel. Andrew looked over at JP, still furious from the bad memories, and saw the look of terror on his face. He started taking a few deep breaths to calm down and was relieved to see the normal look of confidence return to JP's face. JP wisely decided to wait until Andrew had calmed down completely before he asked, "What happened next Andrew?" "Coach Everson suspended me for two games and my parents chewed me out hard when we got back home," Andrew remembered, looking embarrassed. "I actually stayed in a hotel that weekend, not wanting to deal with anyone. Then when I got home from school on Monday evening, my dad informed me that my Grandpa (his dad, not my mom's) had suffered another massive stroke and was now confined to a hospital bed. I could see in his eyes that my dad blamed me for that, since Grandpa Pearson had attended the game where I took David out for insulting him. I felt really bad and I visited Grandpa every weekend after that, now that I had seen the damage my bad temper had caused." "It wasn't your fault Andrew," JP tried to assure his big friend. "It was probably just a coincidence that your grandpa had another stroke around the same time that you were punching David." "That's not true JP; he had the stroke at the game right after I attacked David!" Andrew shouted in frustration. "My rage stressed him out so badly that it caused his second stroke and put him in that hospital bed!" JP just stared at his big friend in sympathy, not having a clue what to say when he realized what an incredible burden of guilt Andrew had been carrying around for almost a year. Andrew sighed as a tear ran down his cheek and he and JP just drove in silence for a few minutes while he tried to compose himself. "What happened next Andrew?" JP asked his huge friend gently. "Coach Everson let me play in the Semi-Final and then the Provincial Championship Game," Andrew replied. "Unfortunately, the O-Line had learned some new plays under the back-up Center that I wasn't familiar with and we lost the Provincial Championship Game in the last second due to a missed field goal because David deflected it. I managed to control my temper about that but I broke down in my grandpa's hospital room as I told him a day later. He couldn't say a word, but he did reach over with his one good arm to grab my hand. I promised him that I would win the next Provincial Championship for him and he smiled. Then he fell asleep and I went home. We got the news the next morning that he had passed away during the night." "So you were the last person to see him and he went to heaven happy," JP guessed. "Yeah man," Andrew said with a gentle smile. "And now you know everything about last season and why I'm not really a cocky jock anymore." JP nodded in understanding. "You're the only one who knows everything I've told you, besides Carrie of course, and I want it to stay that way." JP nodded in understanding, realizing how much Andrew thought of him that he would reveal his innermost secrets. "Do you have anything else to tell me Andrew, or is that it?" JP asked. "That's it JP," Andrew replied, glancing over at his friend with a gentle smile. "I think we're even now, since you told me everything about you and Ryan earlier this evening." JP tried to keep the anger he felt at hearing the name of his big brother from showing on his face, because he remembered how easily Andrew had shut down his attempt to punch him earlier. I'd better be on my best behavior with Andrew; he could crush me with one hand tied behind his back! JP realized in sudden fear. Then he thought of something that made him smile. "Getting excited about the trip to the Ohio State tomorrow JP?" Andrew asked him. "Yeah Andrew," JP replied, not letting his huge friend know that he was actually thinking of how scared Ryan would be when he saw how big Andrew was. "I'm really grateful that you're taking me to see the school I hope to wrestle at in my college years." "No problem JP; Mark did it for me, so I'm returning the favour in a deflected manner," Andrew informed him. When JP looked at him with confusion, Andrew explained that his first protégé Mark Stevenson had invited Andrew along on his Official Recruiting Visits during the previous football season. "So in a way, Ohio State is already aware of me, because I went there with Mark on his Official Recruiting Visit almost one year ago," Andrew explained to JP. "Did you mentor him just so you could get early exposure to the NCAA?" JP teased him. Andrew glared over at him in mock fury, but a slight grin betrayed his true feelings. "Just joking Big Guy." "Hey, I told you before, you call me 'Huge Guy' JP!" Andrew roared, unable to keep a cocky grin from appearing on his face. JP laughed and the two of them continued joking around until they got back to JP's house. Once they got to JP's house, they parked in the driveway and Andrew turned to JP. "Thanks a lot for listening to everything I told you about last season without judgement JP," Andrew said gratefully. "You're a great friend." "Thanks Andrew; you are too," JP said, as his parents came out of the house. As he and Andrew got out of Andrew's truck, he said, "Coach Graves got in touch with all the wrestling coaches at each school we're going to, so I'll be having my own early Unofficial Recruiting Visits while you have yours." "Good job man; taking a page out of my book I see," Andrew said with a smug grin. He turned to his friends, who had come out of the house after JP's parents and asked them, "Did you guys have lots of fun with Matt and JP's parents while we were gone?" "Yeah man," Mike replied. "JP's parents were bragging about him while he was gone, showing us his wrestling photos, newspaper articles, trophies and his District Finalist Medal from last season." "I hope we can see a State Championship Medal from you next season JP," Mr. Maloney said with a frown. "You will Dad," JP assured him, trying to make his determination show on his face. "But in the meantime, I will have to show off my District Finalist Medal to the Ohio State Wrestling Coaches tomorrow." "Yeah, when I called Coach Graves and told him which schools Andrew was taking you to, he said that he would get in touch with the wrestling coaches at those schools," Mr. Maloney said proudly. "Yeah he showed me all the emails from them, in which they expressed their hope that I would talk to them while I'm on campus this week," JP said with a cocky smirk. "So I told Coach to say 'Yes, he'll be glad to meet you there' and he added my cell phone number to the email replies. Then the coaches can text me with the details." "And all this wouldn't have happened if Andrew hadn't offered to take you with him on his recruiting visits," Mrs. Maloney said, reaching up to put a hand on Andrew's massive shoulder. Andrew looked very embarrassed as JP's parents ushered Andrew inside to talk to him some more. "Where's your mom Matt?" JP asked, finally noticing that she was missing from the group. "She already went home, after leaving a packed suitcase here for me," Matt replied. "What did you and Andrew do at the high school?" JP ushered him into the house so that they could talk, leaving Mike and Carrie standing outside on the front walk. "Do you feel that we've been forgotten by Andrew over the last couple of days?" Mike asked Carrie. "No more than the past three years when Andrew spent a lot of time mentoring his current teammates," Carrie reminded him. "He didn't have to mentor you of course; your big brother Matt did a lot of that, as well as training Andrew for football before high school." "Yeah, Matt's mentoring of me and Andrew got us ready for high school football so that we played on the Varsity Team even during our Freshman Year," Mike remembered. "Of course, Coach Everson had Andrew be the back-up to Carl, the Centre, that year. Then Carl left for Miami and Andrew took over at Centre in Grade Ten." "Good thing too, because the college recruiting started just last year: Andrew's second season as Centre," Carrie reminded him. Mike grinned and nodded, and Carrie added, "I'm a little surprised that no college coaches have recruited me for Girl's Hockey yet." "Ask to meet the Girl's Hockey coaches at each school we visit and you'll find lots of recruiters visiting you this fall," Mike predicted. Carrie grinned at Mike: pleased that for all his big muscles, he hadn't lost any of the intelligence that had let him tutor Andrew and Phil in exchange for weight training years ago. Carrie and Mike chatted outside for a few more minutes and then went into the Maloney house, where they found almost everyone talking in the living room. As Carrie looked around, she noticed that Andrew and JP were not there. "Where are Andrew and JP?" she asked Mr. Maloney. "JP took Andrew up to his room to show off all his wrestling newspaper stories and trophies," Paul replied proudly. Carrie nodded in understanding: pleased that Andrew had found another protégé after not having one the previous year. Up in his bedroom, JP was proudly showing Andrew all the newspaper clippings and trophies from his high school wrestling career. "This is very impressive JP; you have really achieved great athletic success in only two years," Andrew congratulated him. "And you're a District Finalist as well." "Probably nothing compared to what you've achieved Andrew; you actually won the District Title." "Yeah, but this coming wrestling season, you'll win the State Title JP," Andrew predicted with an encouraging smile. JP smiled as Andrew had once again made him feel better. "What did you want to do now Andrew?" "Help you pack for the college road trip that starts next week, but perhaps I should see Ryan's room first." "What for Andrew?" JP asked with an angry look on his face. "I want an objective view of the kind of guy he is," Andrew replied. "A look in his room is the best glance I will get at his character since he probably decorated it himself." "Fine, let's get it over with so that we can plan our trip," JP agreed reluctantly. He led Andrew to Ryan's room and opened the door, revealing all the posters of scantily-clad women all over the walls. "Well, that certainly reveals Ryan's true character with one look," Andrew realized. "On my walls at home, I have football players banging heads on the field." "So now you see how different you and Ryan are, which explains why I think of you as my big brother instead of him," JP explained, closing Ryan's door again. Andrew nodded and followed JP back to his room to help him pack for the road trip. About an hour later, Andrew and his two friends said goodbye to JP and his family and headed back to their hotel. Once there, Andrew told Carrie that he wanted to talk to JP's brother on Skype. "Okay Andrew, I'll just go have a shower before bed," Carrie said. "Have fun talking to your new friend." Andrew had told her all about his talk with Ryan earlier that evening. "I will Carrie, and I'm going to wear my ODCVI football t-shirt so that he can see just how big and strong I am," Andrew said with a smirk. "Fine, have fun playing 'Who's the Alpha' with Ryan," Carrie laughed. "See you later Big Man," "That's 'Huge Man' to you 'Little Girl'," Andrew teased her with a mock glare. Carrie laughed and headed into the bathroom to have her shower. Andrew pulled out his Motorola Razor and texted Ryan. Then he activated Skype and waited. ================================================================================================================================================= Meanwhile, at a club in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Ryan's cell phone buzzed and he pulled it out of his pocket with a frown. "Sorry babe, I've been expecting this text," he apologized to the hot girl he was in the middle of kissing. He read the text and grinned when he realized that Andrew was ready to start their Skype Chat. "I'm going to talk to my new friend, and he'll show me how to get even bigger and stronger for you next time," he promised her emptily. Ryan stepped back and quickly found Luke so that he could tell him where he was going. Then he headed out of the club, after promising to pick Luke up later, and drove back to their hotel to talk to Andrew. Perfect, Ryan thought to himself as he drove. Andrew will teach me how to become really big and strong so that I can give the girls more pleasure than they've ever dreamed of! And I'll be big enough to smash that dweeb brother of mine into pieces, as well as all opposing players in the games this season! Ryan was still grinning about his foolproof strategy to get Andrew's help when he pulled into the hotel parking lot. He stepped out of his car, put on his best arrogant jock face, and sauntered into the lobby, grinning like a cat at all the pretty girls he passed by. But this time, he didn't talk to any of them, he was too eager to see his new friend Andrew face-to-face. Once he got up to his hotel room, he went inside, opened up his laptop and activated Skype. As the image on the screen resolved into focus, Ryan's jaw dropped as he saw what was on the screen. ================================================================================================================================================ Andrew smirked as he saw the look of shock on the face of the black-haired, green-eyed jock on his laptop screen. "Ryan Maloney?" Andrew asked, just to make sure he was talking to the right person. The big guy on the screen nodded silently; still too shocked to speak. "I'm JP's new friend Andrew Pearson." He waited for almost a minute before Ryan got up his nerve to finally say something. "How are you man?" "Oh just fine; I had lots of fun on the Central High football field showing off my football skills for Coach Palmer," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. Part of him realized he probably shouldn't act so cocky, but then he realized that he had finally found someone who would approve of him acting like an arrogant jock. "I threw a pass that went the entire length of the field and knocked JP off his feet when he tried to catch it!" Ryan's look of shock intensified and then a fleeting look of concern appeared on his face. It was quickly erased by an arrogant smirk, however. "Did that little dweeb run home and cry to Mommy about it?" he sneered. "Be careful Ryan; that's my new protégé you're talking about," Andrew warned him, his protective instincts flaring up. "And he told me how he was once yours." "Yeah he was," Ryan said, remembering his last workout with JP less than fondly. "Sorry about that Andrew; my brother and I just don't get along anymore." "Did you want to talk about it Ryan?" Andrew asked. "It won't go any further than the two of us, since my girlfriend isn't in here with me." "Okay Andrew, and then we can talk about more exciting things: like your upcoming recruiting visit to Virginia Tech," Ryan agreed. "And I will email you the video that Coach Palmer emailed me of my exploits on the Central High School football field," Andrew offered. "Then you can forward it to your football coach at Tech." "Good thinking Andrew," Ryan agreed. He began telling Andrew about how his little brother JP had followed him around everywhere all his life and then started bugging him about working out when he got to high school. So Ryan began teaching him how to work out, but he never imagined JP would take to it so well and get close to surpassing him. So Ryan gradually removed himself from his brother's workouts, especially after the events of three months before, and their relationship was practically non-existent since then. "That sounds rough man," Andrew said sympathetically, realizing that JP felt the same way. "I went through something similar with one of my good friends about seven years ago." "Tell me about it Andrew; I can listen while I watch the video you sent me," Ryan said, opening up the email attachment. So Andrew told Ryan all about his failed friendship with Steve, basically repeating word-for-word the same things he had told JP the night before. Like JP before him, Ryan was amazed at how similar his experiences were to Andrew's. "So what do you think Ryan?" Andrew asked, once he had finished telling Ryan everything. "That's an amazing story Andrew, and I can see that we have a lot more in common than just being great football players," Ryan replied sincerely. All thoughts of acting like an arrogant jock in front of Andrew were gone, and he felt that he could finally be himself with his new friend, which was a great relief for him. "Your video is amazing as well, and my coach at Tech will be really excited to see it." "More excited than you are Ryan?" Andrew teased him, trying to lighten the mood. "Yeah man," Ryan replied with a big grin. "But I'm excited to meet you in person as well, and I'll talk to Coach and get an Unofficial Recruiting Visit set up for you at Tech later this summer." "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, sensing that their conversation was wrapping up. "Well, I look forward to it, but right now, I'm going to have a shower and go to bed. Do you want me to say hi to JP for you when I see him again tomorrow morning?" "No Andrew, I will when I see him again," Ryan replied seriously. "And do me a favour." "What's that Ryan?" Andrew asked him. "Don't talk about my brother anymore with me unless I ask you about him," Ryan said. "No problem Ryan," Andrew agreed. "Text me later if you want to have another Skype chat." "I will man; just email me your travel plans so I know where you'll be tomorrow night," Ryan said. "Sure thing man; talk to you later," Andrew said, preparing to sign off. "See you Andrew," Ryan said, just before he ended the conversation. Andrew sat back in his desk chair and stared at the blank screen for a moment: thinking hard. Hopefully one day I'll be there when Ryan and JP have fixed their relationship and then I won't have to choose which one to be friends with, he thought to himself. Then he heard Carrie calling him from the bathroom. "Andrew, I'm ready to have another shower: this time with you!" Andrew grinned, stood up, and headed into the bathroom, looking forward to having lots of fun with his girlfriend before they went to bed. * FINALLY FINISHED * COMING SOON: - The Road Trip to Ohio State - The Ohio State Recruiting Visit itself - JP gets a head start on his own college recruiting process thanks to Andrew My website page for this chapter: http://seanspictures.webs.com has a picture from Google of what I imagine Ryan would look like. Just click on the link for Chapter 5 and go halfway down to see it.
  25. I'm a bit rusty so I apologize in advance. Wanted to try a new writing style. Part I: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6307-invisible-kid-continued/ Invisible Kid (Continued) Part II The repercussions of my decisions never shone so brightly than it did after giving my family their gifts. For the next few weeks, l’d never been more invisible as I did when I was around or near my super strong, super sized dad and brother. Dad had gotten his hands into the construction business and, as far as I could tell, had few things out there that could demolish him. Conan, being the weaker of the two, still liked to strut his stuff everywhere he went and did his best to show off that stuff to his many peers. Dad and Conan often went on father-son outings to guest star at bodybuilding or strongman competitions. They’d invited me a few times but I couldn’t sit comfortably at their destinations. They always found something to show off with. On one occasion, dad had insisted I come and see him fuck up a truck(in his words). And , of course, when your dad was multiple times your size and strong enough to flick you across the room with a finger, I had difficulty declining him. Besides, getting accustomed to living in this version of my reality was starting to get too ridiculous. To get to the counter in the massive bathroom me and Conan shared, I had to stand on a stepping stool since my older brother was over 2 feet taller than me and would have had to practically sit on the floor to see his own face in any average height mirror. Even then, he’d become so big that the mirror would also be too narrow for him to see anything but his face and two mounds behind his head and another two stuffing his chest (although partially).Going to get food was even more ridiculous when the people around me ate enough to feed an army. Apparently, my enhancements to strength and size had made them vacuums when it came to any family gathering for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When taking something from a stray cabinet, I had to always be wary of the many XL protein powder jars my other male family members continue guzzle at every outing, half a jar per outing. The counters were even higher thanks to dad, of course. I was surprised there wasn’t a ladder for me to climb to reach the upper rows of the fridge (there was a step ladder for that, still.) The living room was probably the easiest room to live in for me, next to my own room. The many citizen and hero medals Dad were made more massive than they were when he told the stories of what he’d done to get each one. Pulling people out of fires, rescuing people falling from buildings, helping with emergency construction, helping the police in catching burlars, rapists, and murderers. He even received a medal for saving the last state wide cyclist competition from a bomb he’d accidently found in a bathroom stall. He would laugh about that when he sat beside me to talk about them on the couch because he’d had to run and destroy the sidewalk of part of the city trying to reach open water and drop the bomb into the nearby lake. It was a very daunting reality where dad and his son had become so strong that they typically did the police department’s job better than they did. He had declined their offers to invite him to be a special officer for the forces as he had his family to give full attention to (and their normal police vehicles were too weak to hold his girth and still move quickly). It was pretty much what you’d expect from a crowd of many beefy, hairy men and then adding my family into the mix. Dad and Conan were their own models of perfection in the public eye and were masterful artists when it came to looking good and making every other big man near them look like shit. They’d come wearing tight short shorts that hugged their asses and hefty content as if they were to be used for Thanksgiving dinner this year and string tank tops that were having trouble clinging to the hefty and strong chests that were almost fighting to be freed from their tight cages. It was almost elementary as every around them started gawking and even ran to crowd and fan girl them. I went to the bathroom as the crowd got too thick to breath. They seemed to almost suck the energy from the crowd the way they thrived in it so easily. Their massive frames standing over the little people around them was a sight engraved in my head. I was starting to get a little envious in all honesty. Was there really no way to reverse this? They tore up any competition they went to when strength or size was concerned. And I literally mean torn. The two were big and apparently had their size for a long time but they weren’t always the best at containing their power. I was so scared I actually made mom more durable as I would hear dad shake the entire house with their….. special time. Which was generally every night after my previous changes. But before I get off topic, again, they tore up everything that wasn’t specially made for them. Going to the bathrooms at competitions for emergencies still left cracked doorframes and overfilled urinals. Trucks or other equipment used for strongman events led to devastated trucks, bent barbells, and other quickly-useless objects. I ‘d never directly seen the size in a few years but dad had become way more manly and open after changing. Pretty much everyone but me walked around the house in tight clothing or little to none. At one point Dad had woken up extremely early, catching me watching late nite television, and was wearing nothing but a pair of briefs looked full beyond capacity. Thankfully, we had a lot of massive pillows on our massive couch or I’d have been discovered with massive erections multiple times. Dad and Conan were far more territorial and intimidating thanks to me enlarging their hefty balls. Mom seemed accustom to it after living with it and falling in love with it in this reality. I, however, would get a little shocked every blue moon when a photographer got too carried away or an obsessive fan did something dangerous during their super strong escapades like kiss their feet during a truck press or something. Rooms would become quiet when they demanded order and attention. If there was a competition between the results of my changes and myself, I’d be the one on the losing side. My family were their own singularity in the eyes of the media and the public. Untouchable. Unbendable. If they had been any stronger, more controlling, or even more beautiful than they were, they could have taken over the state, let alone the country. The only total positive from this was Luke. Luke had been bullied greatly in my reality but, in this one, he wasn’t assaulted by the bullies I’d been stupid enough to let my sex drive grow. At least, that’s what I wanted to believe. They seemed to be backing off when I was around but Luke and I played games on my massive television and hung out too much for me to believe any of that with the bruises he hid under his shirt. It was when we were going to swim in our backyard pool and maybe run along our private beach that I saw most of them. He’d attempted to hide them by wearing his shirt and shorts into the pool but he’d missed some more on his legs when he came out of the pool with dripping make-up covering black and blue bruises. I bit my lip trying not to say anything and just let him enjoy this. The choice to help in a way only I can came again and again. He was really suffering, still because of me, in a world I’d warped and was still my friend. I stayed up late in the night pondering the decision. I had to help him somehow and the only way was to make him powerful like my dad and brother. My brother…..my brother! The next morning, dad was sitting on the couch as I walked out of my room dressed to leave. I looked over and he was still wearing nothing but a confined pair of straining briefs, mom resting on his chest as best she could. It was amazing to think they were getting paid millions to run around, lifting unbelievable masses, and then just sitting on their couch watching crappy shows while half naked. “Dad, I’m going to see Conan, he left his lunch on the kitchen counter” I said, pulling a large cooler that was supposed to carry Conan’s food. No one had to know I didn’t actually go into the kitchen until 4 AM this morning, an hour before Conan woke up. “That’s so nice of you, son” he boomed over to me with a grin. “It’s good to see you getting along with your brother so well lately. The limo should still be at the front of the estate. Stay safe.” I left the house a little sad. I didn’t mean to deceive anyone but I had to do this. I needed to speak with Conan. --- The college Conan went to was very large and expansive, very difficult to navigate through without a map. Thankfully, my (wow, mine) driver left me with a map that helped me figure out where to go. At this time, Conan would be at the hangar by the school. Originally, it had been a piloting club where the students were trained to pilot small planes. I’d actually come to see some flight sequences months before my changes. Still, that wasn’t exactly important to Conan. Apparently, when he’d been a freshman in this reality, he’d bought the hangar to use as his “play room”. I found the hangar, it’s large and metal frame bent in some places. The ground was torn in separate areas as though mines had been placed and set off in different parts of the large grass field. The kind of weight to be moved to cause this much damage had to have been astronomical as I had to actually jump over a few trenches that weren’t naturally made. The close I got to the entrance, the more my footing had to get adjusted. The ground was vibrating every few seconds as if a repeated action were making it all move. I dared to move myself toward the large iron door and pull it with both arms. “Hey, bro” Conan called over to me as he looked over at me with a grin. Sweat was dripping down his forehead. “Almost done with this set” he said as he went back to the truck he was bench pressing, leaving me to gape at the ease at which he pushed out reps against the weight that was easily several tons. Their strength never stopped amazing me even though I was the one who gave it to them. I slowly moved toward a nearby bench with the cooler trailing behind me but I never took my eyes off the man pounding out the weight over him like it was just 20 pounds for an average person. When he stopped, Conan sat up and flexed his chest as iff to get kinks out of the ripples he crafted over his bulging pecs. I forced myself out of my trance, something that had taken several weeks to learn, the idea of mastering this skill completely out of sight. “Um, I brought you lunch” I said as strongly as I could. It was hard to be strong when a giant wearing nothing but a tiny pair of shorts that stopped less than mid thigh and massive tennis shoes was walking towards you with his body covered in a layer of sweat and redness from pumping blood that only added to the manly musk that got stronger as he closed on me. I’d seen people affected by dad when he went to his designated areas for workouts. Several of his lucky fans quickly wet themselves and, in most of the cases, fell onto the ground in a typically awkward faint. I had come prepared as I’d rubbed my upper lip with vapor rub for chests. I had to focus for Luke. “Thanks, kid. I was so pumped for a work out by the time I got to the kitchen, I’d already drunken two cans worth of protein and hit the door. Can’t expect any less from my biggest fan.” Conan rubbed my head and the image of his knocking me out with just a pat hit me just as quickly as the image from the past where we used to be roughly the same height, making it hard for him to really pull off this kind of move. “Why didn’t you send a butler or something?” It dawned on me that I hadn’t planned an explanation for that. “Um….. I had to ask you something” I said quickly. Conan sat on the bench beside me and continued his rest with his bulging arms over his knees, holding a jug of water that he could palm. “Shoot, bro.” I took a deep breath and sorted my words. “How did you feel when you realized how strong you were?” For the next two minutes, there was only silence. I looked at Conan and he was looking up at the ceiling with a huge grin on his face as if he were remembering a pleasant memory. He ripped off the cap for the water jug and stood, towering over me again. He started walking away towards the back door before turning and looking back at me. “Come” was all he said as he turned back and continued his journey. I stood hesitantly and followed but Conan’s stride was too fast to keep up with. It was very similar to trying to skip to keep up with someone on a bike going down a hill. By the time I made it outside, Conan was standing before his next conquest. “You remember age 7 when I had that growth spurt? I can understand if you didn’t, you were so little back then. Of course, you only got even more little when it started.” Conan stood before what must have been 3 fire 18 wheeler trucks crushed and placed on top of each other as cubed metal. Conan rubbed his hands together. “The first time I lifted a 42 inch TV is probably the first thing you’d remember from that far back” he said as he squatted, his massive legs bulging from the motion and the slight tensing of muscles. “Then there was that 2nd growth spurt and I was a fucking tower. Remember the game we used to play to see how long you could hold onto my bicep from 3 feet over the floor? That was fun. You didn’t weigh anything back then. Heh heh, not that you do now.” Conan gripped the bottom of the metal cube stack. It didn’t look as though there were any gripping points, making it more difficult to lift. Atleast, that’s what I believed. “Then people started talking my head off in high school, remember? I couldn’t ever not be the center of attention.” Conan’s arms bulged and his legs flexed tremendously as he stood up with the cubes. Like they were on a barbell, he began to lift them with a steady pace. “And I remember the funny time mom thought her “baby” was in danger when Dad picked me up and threw me into the air like a I was little. As a teenager! I’d never seen such a great view as when I started to see over trees in the park.” Conan then lifted his arms faster. I started to realize his muscles weren’t even really working hard. If anything, this would barely count as warm up weight at the speed he was pumping. Conan continued. “Then I landed in Dad’s arms like he’d barely thorwn me a foot his grasp. That’s when the power really hit me.” He said this as he bent his arms and bounced the weight in his hands, the screeching of bending metal coming from the collision of the metal to eachcube and Conan’s hands. When Conan started throwing the cubes higher, I could make out hand prints. “I know it was late but it clicked that I was becoming a god amongst men. I know it sounds weird but it’s true. People started treating me like I was the most important thing in the world. Things stopped being difficult, besides getting a girl with wide enough hips who could take me, heh.” I was hard as a rock and yet a little scared. “I haven’t gotten growing recently but I’ve definitely been getting stronger. Dad says on my birthday this year, he’s going to let me arm wrestle him as much as I want. We need to find a place safe to do it though. Doing it last time cracked a few trees in the park. I’m going to fucking show dad up and make him look weak next to me. I’m going to keep pushing till I can be as persuasive, powerful, and big as he is. Then I’m going to make him look weak and puny. Then nothing and no one will be able to get enough of me. I’m only half way through sophomore year and I’m more than I can handle!” Suddenly, Conan’s arms blurred and the cubes vanished. I stopped covering my erection with my hand in my pocket and looked up into the sky. Gone. Conan looked at me with a grin. “I might have thrown it a little high. Wait for it.” After a whole minute of searching the sky for signs of the truck cubes, I saw a dot in the sky. That dot quickly became a cube, and that cube was speeding rapidly towards its original home in Conan’s hands. But Conan didn’t move. My eyes were wide as I saw him grin, not even paying attention to the incoming cube. “Move!” I screamed as the cube was now mere feet from collision. All Conan did was laugh like a maniacal idiot before BAAAAAAAAAAAAM!! Dust and earth shook as Conan was hit with the cube. I covered my face as the dust covered me and the hangar groaned. I fell to my feet from the collision. I was horrified as I looked at the cubes. They were perfectly flat and in Conan’s place. “C-Conan….?” I called fearfully. Had I killed my brother? It was faint at first but, eventually, I heard a weird groaning sound from the steel and it began to morph. My jaw dropped as a big, thick hand came out of the cube and was accompanied by another. Within moments, Two big arms, followed by big pecs, and a smirk exited the halved cube and the 2nd cube moved with him. Conan was wearing the 2nd truck cube like a hat as his was firmly planted. He was too tall for the one cube. He walked over and stood over me, the shadow of both he and the cube over me. “Was that a good enough answer for your survey, bro? I’d do more but I’m really hungry for that cooler you brought.” --- I walked down the sidewalk of our town, leaving the limo for Conan. The display he’d shown me was horrifying. My choices had made him a hyper-narcissistic, muscle bound manipulator. Could I risk that kind of power and size changing Luke. Hell no! That was what I thought when my phone rang the next thing I thought was to run to the hospital. Lucas said he had to run to the school cause he forgot his instrument from band class and didn’t want push ups. Why didn’t I go with him? I was one of his emergency contacts outside of family so it made sense the hospital called me to let me know Lucas was right next to her, barely breathing from pain. To Be Continued?