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Found 2 results

  1. LionBUff

    m/m MUSCLE MATING: The Fruitful Filling

    MUSCLE MATING SQUIRT "I should have never taken that bet at the gym" Oliver, a 300-pound bodybuilding male deer, thought to himself. "Come on Oliver. What are you scared of? Big bucks like yourself can't be scared of a challenge!" It's my fault for listening. I could have left that locker room long before I dug myself into a hole almost as deep as this monster is digging into me. But I just had to prove I was bigger than Magno. That half-orc half manotaur hybrid beast was huge, but I didn't think he'd be bigger than me. Bucks like me are huge, our male figures are seen as thick veiny trophies to all who lay down with us bucks. I guess I'm not the biggest after all. SQUIRT 15 inches was 3 inches too short. When Magno and I agreed "smallest would bottom" I never expected any man to ever pack an 18-inch cock between their legs. I guess that orc manotaur mix got both specie's huge dick genetics. SQUIRT Now he's at my house... stuffing me like a jelly donut. What makes this worse is that even his loads are bigger than mine. This male has already squirted 10 squirts in me and hasn't stopped thrusting his 18-inch dick into me yet. I don't even think Magno has slowed down. It hurt at first, I felt like a telephone pole was being shoved up my core, but all that lubrication from his 10 squirts has made things a lot easier. SQUIRT 11 now. That squirt had to be the biggest yet. I felt that squirt up in my chest that time. I want Magno to think he's only a little more manly than me but even I couldn't breed like this. I'm sure I would have cum all the water in my body by now and this stallion still has cum to spare. I can't lie to myself any longer, he makes me look like a twig. SQUIRT. That one hurt. That squirt drizzled the back of my throat. I only felt a few drops splash against my throat but I didn't know his load would go that deep into me. Things are about to get a lot worse, aren't they? He's grunting a lot more now. His hands just tightened their grip on my legs. I can feel his cock throbbing faster now. These 12 squirts were only pre? Ok, he's slowing down now, what does that mean? Wait, I can feel his rod shaking, why is it shaking so much? WOSH It felt like all of the cum he had left blew out of his dick in one burst that was strong enough to shake my bed. I don't know how much cum he dumped into me but It was enough to make me feel like I gained 50 pounds. His sperm swam through every limb and every joint. Magno's seed is basically my blood now. I wouldn't be surprised if my body has more of his seed than my own blood. This doesn't worry me though, I can't imagine how much pure protein and testosterone I just soaked up. By this time tomorrow, my male hormones will be through the roof. This much male milk might even help me gain a few inches. It would be amazing if this cum can all swim down to my own cock and swell me up. Maybe next time Magno can dock me and make my balls bigger than my head. If I soak up this genetically gifted male's seed regularly I bet I could gain some of his genetics. I bet his protein could make my muscles unstoppable. "That was fun," Magno said holding my legs above me. "Are you done already," I said teasing him. "You couldn't dump half that much cum if I hooked you up to a milking machine!" I laid there for a few seconds to catch my breath before I clapped back. "Maybe I can if you keep filling me up like this," I told Magno winking. "I might have to," he told me winking back. Magno set my legs back down so that my knees were on the edge of my bed and he leaned down. Magno put both arms under my shoulder blades, put his head down next to mine, and squeezed my chest into his. He gripped my muscles into his muscles like my buff body was his new body pillow. I was exhausted from being flooded with his seed, but I managed to build up the strength to hug Magno back. "I'm glad you took up that challenge," Magno whispered. I thought he was being sweet until he said "I knew I was bigger and you proved it. Now all the guys in the locker room will stop asking!" "You're only bigger by three inches," I reminded him. Magno laughed and gripped my body again. I gripped him back. We fell asleep in that position. As I laid there under Magno's boulder-like body, I felt trillions of sperm tails swimming around my body... all swimming towards my chest. The liquid from the seamen felt like it was soaking into my muscles as the muscles extracted the protein and testosterone from Magno's slimy meal, but I could very clearly feel the sperm migrate to my chest. The muscles that absorbed the liquid felt mostly normal when they swallowed his gooey flood, but my chest felt like it was swelling up. There were so many sperm cells piling up in my chest that it felt like his seed was fertilizing my chest muscles. A noticeable lump began to form on either side of my chest that grew bigger as more sperm swam up my body to join in. Did Magno impregnate me? Was this alpha male's sperm so strong that it planted his offspring in me? As I laid there, feeling his sperm grow bigger in my chest and countless sperm cells travel through me, I thought about why they would gather in the chest. Then I realized that the chest, especially one as solid as mine, was actually the perfect spot on a male's body to grow offspring. The chest muscles are huge and can swell up without getting in the way of the male's daily life. Multiplying in the arms or legs would strain a male's body too much, and the abdominal muscles were too small. The chest made the most sense, and it was where Magno's sperm gathered. As Magno laid on top of me, wrapping his stiff muscles around me like a warm blanket, his solid body reassuringly held my muscular body. If Magno did impregnate me, this massive male was ready to multiply with me. He liked me, that was obvious, or he wouldn't be holding me so close. He probably would have at least pulled his cock out before he slept on top of me, if not slept next to me instead of on top, for that matter.
  2. macreau


    第二十二章:性藥 盛良走到地下室時,他看到地下室都是幹掉的精液,還有兩大包之前他們射在保險套裡的精液,盛良想像到哥哥那淫亂的畫面,忍得住勃起的更厲害,盛良找到一個箱子,打開裡面是粉紅藥丸和保險套,他拿走整罐粉紅藥丸跑到正月房間外,盛良直接吃下4顆藥丸,他的身體瞬間感受到前所未有的感覺,身體通紅全身發熱不停的冒汗,巨根佈滿青筋一直跳動,而且比之前勃起的還要大上一倍,睪丸大到可以明顯看出裡面裝滿著精液,盛良那淫亂的模樣,就像一直被打了性藥的肌肉猛獸一樣,他殘存一點理智打開門,宇晴趴在地上,正月正在用巨根不停的抽插宇晴的肉穴,突然間,比正月和宇晴的巨根加起來還要粗大的巨龍無預警的整根插進正月的後庭,正月被突然的劇痛和爽感刺激,直接大爆射在宇晴體內,正月的肚子明顯可以看到一根巨屌的形狀 ,趁著正月在射精的同時,宇晴把5顆性藥塞到正月的嘴裡,讓他吞下,在宇晴體內的巨根突然變大,就像是在被插入一根巨屌一樣,原本快射完的精液突然又大量射出開始從宇晴嘴裡流出來,正月的奶頭變得非常硬挺,還一直流出乳汁,接著正月和盛良開始激烈的前後抽插,每抽插一次就噴出大量精液,正月和宇晴的肚子已經被精液填滿,就連腹肌都被撐到快看不清楚了,這時盛良直接把正月抱起來,正月的巨根從宇晴的後庭拔出,流出來大量的精液,當宇晴被自己大到不行的肚子壓的喘不過氣的時候,盛良和正月抱著對方的巨屌側躺在地上,互相用嘴巴吸吮著馬眼,用身體搓揉巨根,宇晴拖著巨大的肚子走到藥罐旁,直接吃下10顆藥丸,正當盛良和正月都快要大噴射時,一根比他們的屌加起來還大上2倍的巨龍,從他們兩的陰莖中間插入,這時的 宇晴已經完全的變成發情的淫獸,他快速前後抽插,三人的巨根在摩擦的同時,宇晴各給自己和正月,盛良吃下15顆粉紅藥丸,三人瞬間大噴射,像海嘯的精液直接淹滿整間房間,精液從房間淹到二樓走廊全部都是,正當正月他們在大爆射的時候,正陽剛好回到家了,正陽進家門就看到大量的精液從樓梯上留下來,心想:「。那三個好弟弟又在爽了」正陽踩著精液慢慢走上樓,站在正月的房間外看到三個人一直對著牆壁不斷噴 第二十三章:淫亂校園 的x,這是正月他們三個都起床下樓了,正陽看到他們三個因為藥效已經退去,身體已經快要變回原本的大小,肌肉也不像昨天一樣明顯,正陽看到後就把從健身房裡拿的藥全部放都餐桌上說:「這些給你們用吧,讓你們變得更大,今天我回來就跟你一起......」正陽沒說完就直接出門了,但是弟弟們都知道哥哥想要說的事情,三人都想像著晚上的畫面勃起一邊吃著早餐,正月,宇晴和盛良吃完早餐後就帶著哥哥給的要藥出門上學,到了學校後就直接到精液泳池,這時在泳池的所有人身體都因為藥效退去而變回原來的大小,正月直接跳進精液泳池裡大口喝精液,正月的身體開始慢慢變成昨天的大小,這時其他體育社團的學生都到游泳池來了,一位籃球隊的學長說:「。聽說你們這裡有幾位肌肉發達的學弟,我們想看看是什麼樣的人」突然間一個巨大的身影 從精液泳池裡站起來露出上半身,那巨大的肌肉比在場的所有還大,巨大的公雞直接頂的正月的胸肌,正月因為精液池中的藥效而被淫欲佔據理智,他那巨大的肌肉,硬挺的巨根和龐大的身軀讓所有人都勃起著呆站在原地,籃球隊的學長走進泳池裡到正月的巨根前面不自覺舔著從馬眼流出的精液和淫水,突然間,學長的身體因為精液中藥效,肌肉變得緊實,身體稍微變大,他把身上的衣服全部脫掉直接抱住正月的巨根瘋狂的舔著,就像是吃了性藥一樣,泳池旁的其他人都看著這畫面,也一起跟身旁的人做愛,宇晴看到學長舔了正月精液的反應跟盛良說:「。盛良你脫下褲子」盛良把褲子脫掉露出巨大的巨屌,宇晴開始幫盛良手淫,當盛良的陰莖開始勃起,流出淫水時,宇晴舔了一口,他瞬間感覺身體非常的發熱,陰莖瞬間硬挺衝破褲子,宇晴心想 「難道昨晚吃大量的性藥讓我們的精液也有性藥的藥效了。」宇晴的意識也馬上被淫欲給佔據,直接把盛良撲倒在地上,並拿出正陽早上給他們的藥丸直接吃下了10顆,宇晴的肌肉瞬間暴漲,他將硬挺的巨根直接全部插進盛良的肛門內,盛良瞬間爽到快要失去意識,宇晴馬上也給盛良吃下10藥丸,盛良的身體和肌肉都變得跟宇晴一樣大,這時越來越多人都跳進精液池裡喝著精液一邊做愛,整個泳池已經變成了一個淫亂野獸的地盤 第二十四章:健美比賽 X吃下,正陽感覺他的身體開始發熱,一直流汗,剛平靜的巨根瞬間勃起起變得更大,肌肉脹大一倍,身上的衣服都被肌肉撐破,就連訂製的比賽褲都快要被那覺醒的巨龍撐破,這時正陽的淫欲和睪丸內存了一個禮拜的精液已經快要到了讓正陽變成一隻淫欲野獸,沒多久健美比賽開始了,比賽請所有年級的學生來投票選出一二三年級分別的隊長,前面從三年級開始,當肌肉男隊伍開始走上舞台時,在場的所有人都看到這不是一般健身肌肉男會有的肌肉和體型給驚呆了,很多人看到台上的選手那巨大的肌肉和比賽褲內的厚重感都勃起了,很快的三年級和二年級的隊長都選出來了,輪到了一年級的選手出場,前面剛出來,一樣讓大家驚嘆連連,這時在隊伍最後的正陽走上舞台了,在場所有人都瞬間勃起了,正陽比台上其他人都還要高大的體型,那完美結 實的肌肉和線條,在比賽褲內不斷流出淫水的巨根,讓全場的學生都興奮的叫好,在全場的歡呼聲中,選手們都開始擺姿勢展現自己的肌肉,這時正陽心想: 「好多人在看我的肌肉,就像是正月一樣。」正陽想起正月之前一直看著他肌肉時的表情和心情,想著就突然勃起了,正陽的身體開始發熱流汗,肌肉也慢慢變大,台上的選手跟台下的同學都看到勃起,這時正陽的忍耐終於到了極限,突然大吼一聲,他那勃起的巨根直接衝破比賽褲射出了一發精液,所有的人看到這一幕後都一起射了,正陽的精液直接射到活動中心四層樓高的天花板,正陽全裸的站在台上,他的巨根一直流出淫水,台下的同學都忍不住了,都把正陽當成意淫的對象開始打手槍和跟身旁的人一起做愛,這時正陽身旁的選手都撲到正陽身上飢渴的舔著正陽的身體和巨根,「正陽,我 忍不住了,一個禮拜的量,就在這裡做吧!」所有選手都跑上台開始互相做愛,正陽直接被三個學長狂插,他的巨根被好幾個人猛舔,活動中心變成了一個關著一大群發情淫獸的牢籠,過了三個小時,所有人都發洩了淫欲後累倒在滿是精液的地上,而正陽因為藥效的關係性慾一直高漲,不斷的用自己的肛門榨取台上所有人的精液,過了一個小時,正陽的肚子被精液灌滿,就像是塞了兩顆籃球一樣,精液瞬間被正陽的身體吸收,圓圓肚 正陽200/145公斤屌40/9勃起75/11