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Found 2 results

  1. So, I was talking with my friend the other day. She is a very direct girl, who doesn’t hold any secrets - perfectly blunt, in every way - and she is like that when she approaches men. She can afford to be because she is 26 years old, average height for a girl, intelligent, funny and hot - the full package. I will not name her here. One day, at a gym that she frequents with her boyfriend, with whom she is in an open relationship, she decides to approach this incredibly handsome guy, who also is a devoted gym-goer. He too seemed oh-so-very much like a good deal. Young, witty, but also very tall (198 cm, or 6'6 in retard units) and, clearly, quite strong. Through her telling, my friend recalled the ease with which he did pull-ups. This is his Instagram pic, I was told. At some point my friend started up conversations with the guy, whose name is Philip, she tells me, and through the weeks of getting together at the gym and through Facebook comments, she saw that she has a lot in common with Philip, especially when it comes to their preferences for genres in movies and books. She also noticed that he is into her. One day, they decide to get together after the gym. With my friend there is no beating around the bush. They went straight to his place - no dates, no romantic walks. She had already learned his humor, likes and dislikes. She wanted to know his primal side now. What is he like when passion takes hold of him? She got more than she bargained for. “Can you imagine what he must’ve looked like after the gym that evening? All that testosterone brimming inside him…” my friend recalled. She remembered him being larger than ever before due to the pump he was having. Veins were jumping out of him. Probably looked like this other pic from his Insta account. When they got into his bedroom, my friend couldn’t help but marvel at how the entire place was well organised and tidy. The bedroom was spacious, so he had set up a pull-up bar and a heavy-looking punching bag. There were also quite a number of large mirrors, which made the room appear bigger than it actually is. Another set of mirrors was near the bed - one on the wall on the side of it, and the other stuck to the sealing above the bed. By the time they got to the bed, their clothes were shed. This is, by the way, where she finally got a good look at his beautifully shaped ass. At first, he was being very gentle with her as they were starting foreplay and kissing. However, at some point, my friend said that she started to goad him, so that he would become more rough with her. I think she likes it that way. After a slap here, a wicked laugh there, he grew increasingly - and visibly - annoyed… He wasn’t amused at all. He grabbed her by her arms and forcefully picked her up with great ease, as if to correct her behaviour. Then, he laid her back onto the bed with some frustration. She described his face as barely containing anger and remembers his loud breathing. He got up, nude, with every muscle and every vein visible on his large tight body, and he walked furiously across the room in circles. The muscle mass on him, combined with his imposing height, makes him weigh at around 115 kilos - nearly twice her weight. His steps were booming. He then took a sturdy metal chair from a corner of the room and placed it in front of the bed. Still annoyed, he said to her “come here.” She could tell from his tone that he was in no mood for hesitation, so she got up from the bed and walked up to the chair. He impatiently turned her away from himself and picked her up off the floor onto the seat, so that her behind would face him. It looked to her that this was his version of foreplay, so she was still looking forward to what may come out of this all. He entered her vagina with his decent-sized dick and thrusted strong enough that her knees were no longer touching the chair, which was there to support them in the first place. It felt good, albeit a little violent. While she was moaning, she looked up into the mirror by the bed and saw that Philip was focused solely onto himself in the reflection. She said that she thought at the time “Fuck, I’d be looking at myself if I were as gorgeous as him”. He was staring into his own eyes and into the glistening muscles of his own large and powerful body while practically holding her 60 kilos constantly in the air. He was going like that for several minutes. When he finally turned his focus to the girl he was thrusting, she felt that he was getting a bit flaccid. Not too much, for he was still a clear presence inside of her. Philip leaned over her back and stretched his arm down, next to her head. He was again gazing at their reflection in the mirror, but now he had a renewed hardness to his dick. My friend said that she was enjoying the feel of his strength imposed on her, and said that it was even more than she had hoped for. He certainly knew how to move down there, not just simple thrusts. She was genuinely enjoying it, but she was still able to see that Philip was actually focusing now on the monstrous size of his own arm when put next to her significantly smaller body. He flexed it so that the peak of his bicep would be right next to her head. She remembered how she rubbed her head against his bicep and feeling that rock-like hardness. Then, she told me, something unexpected happened. He got out of her, then proceeded to put her back on the bed. He placed the chair on the bed too, so that it was above her head. Now he was above her, and she was facing him, and their sex organs reunited. He was straddling her like a mighty lion, and he appeared inhumanly large above her. All she could see were his stone-hard abs and huge pecs as they were thrusting up and down, along with her entire body. Here comes the weird part. He looks down into her eyes. She was feeling a mixture of ecstasy and fear in that moment. He was insanely hot, even in this moment of bestial mindlessness, yet everything that was going on escaped even her wildest fantasies, and I can tell you, my friend has some wild imagination. It was in that moment when he grabbed ahold of the chair and, while looking into my friend’s eyes, proceeded to crush it! It was here that fear completely took over in my friend’s mind. Crushing that chair is no small feat. According to my friend, it had a steel frame with elements of hard wood and was quite heavy and solid. Philip squeezed it with his powerful hands while relentlessly looking into my friend’s eyes. Soon, the chair’s frame gave way to his pressure and started to grind and crack loudly. By this point my friend was petrified with terror at what she was seeing. Philip was practically turning from a prince into a savage monster before her very eyes. He groaned with his deep and booming voice as he was distorting and destroying the chair. He was looking with his cold unyielding eyes deep into her while he was doing it. He pinned the frame of the chair next to the girl’s petrified naked body and ripped the bars towards himself. She could do nothing but watch silently this monstrous display of power because she was helpless. The strength that was needed to pull and rip the steel outward was bordering inhuman. Looking at those dark, cruel eyes of his, she was actually afraid… that he was going to switch the chair with her at some point. Philip got off of her and violently launched the remains of what used to be a chair onto the wall, shattering it into bits that scattered on the floor. His wrath wasn’t subsiding, though. He then furiously launched hits at his punching bag. The whole building was shaking at the shockwaves that his punching produced. His precise movement and enormous strength with which he was hitting made it evident that had the bag been human, there would be no more life left in it. During this unbelievably intense moment, my friend’s wits came back to her, and she thought of a way to prevent things from escalating. She got off the bed to her feet and silently said his name in a calm manner. “Philip?”, in response to which he stopped his punching and looked at her. His chest was heaving from deep breaths, and his pumped up muscles were covered with sweat. She approached him carefully, barely containing her shivering, knowing full well that he might lunge at her. This time, however, she had gotten to know him a bit. She took his large hand and brought him to one of the mirrors. The blood was coming back to his cock at the sight of his own reflection. In that moment, he was a personification of power - a god of strength and beauty. Every muscle fiber was bursting on him. He was enormous, bigger than life. He wanted to turn around towards her, but she stopped him from doing that, lest he get some new ideas. She stood behind him so that his frame would completely eclipse her from the mirror. Only her hands were visible because she was caressing his muscles gently. He realised that it felt good that his god-like body is finally receiving some worshiping. His dick was insanely hard now. He looked at himself as the petit female hands were passing over the massive landscape of his sculpted V-shaped torso. He flexed his arms and allowed my friend to feel the enormity of power emanating from his hard lats, triceps, and biceps. He knew that nothing could stop him in this moment if he went on a rampage, but getting some love and appreciation for the body he had painstakingly built over the years felt much more rewarding. He could no longer contain himself. His breathing and his twitching stiff cock became a signal of the fact that he could no longer fight his sexual urges. My friend realised that, so she jerked him off. When he laid down on the bed, she gladly sucked him because she was relieved. He came in a torrent of sperm. My friend told me about this with clear fear and disbelief at the events she was describing, but I, for whatever reason, felt like it was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. She says that they are still friends, and I still see his comments on her posts, but she said that that day’s experience is something she is not eager to repeat… I barely contained my breathing as she was describing all of this to me. What did you feel? This is based on true events that happened more than half a year ago. Here is another picture of “Philip”. I hear that he finally understood what a beauty he is, so now he took to modelling.
  2. Hoy me desperté con ganas de escribir el segundo cap de cambio de planes. Pero no esta en el humor. Decidi hacer algo mas serio, mas romantico se podria decir. Le presento esta primera parte de la quw podria ser una historia de amor, sexo y crimen. Como si fuese posta una novela. Diganme si no les gusta y vuelvo a un contenido mas basico como "cambio de planes" -------------------------------------------------------------------- El cielo se teñía de naranja afuera en la carretera. Los últimos rayos de luz desaparecian junto al sol detrás de las blancas montañas. La nieve cubría todo a nuestro alrededor con una gruesa capa. No había sido hasta hace dos días cuando mi amigo José había decidido que saliéramos todos juntos y que él manejaría hasta nuestro destino. “Todos” refiriéndose a yo y unos amigos del gimnasio. Hace mucho que no pasábamos tiempo juntos ya que estábamos ocupados. Al menos yo estaba ocupado. Santiago y Lucas iban en la parte de atrás del auto, estaban conversando de lo que pensaban hacer cuando lleguemos. Durante todo el viaje tuve una sensación sombría que ahora era acompañada con la oscuridad de la noche que había caído. -Pareces preocupado- lo escuche a José decir despertandome de mi transe. -Son los exámenes…- dije ocultando lo que realmente me preocupaba. -Tranquilo se que aprobaras. Te preocupas mucho, por eso yo no estudio-comentó, a lo que le siguió una pequeña risa. Era verdad, mientras que todo el resto tenía una carrera, Jose solo se dedicaba al gimnasio. Era un entrenador ahí y asistía a algunos concursos de fisicoculturismo. La poca plata que ganaba con ellos la usaba para sobrevivir. Yo por mi parte estoy en mi segundo año de astronomía y no podría estar más cansado. Seguía asistiendo al gimnasio para mantener mi cuerpo para mi novia pero la mayor parte del tiempo estoy estudiando. Inclusive José tuvo que obligarme a no traer mis libros a nuestra “Salida de hombres”. Mire a lo largo de la ruta, hasta donde las luces llegaban y vi como la absoluta oscuridad nos había envuelto en nada de tiempo. De Repente una pequeña mancha blanca cayó al frente del auto. -¡Está nevando!- Santiago y Lucas se amontonaron en el medio del auto para ver. Y continuaron comentando sobre lo bueno que sería el viaje. José por su parte soltó una carcajada al ver la emoción de sus amigos, y ante sus pectorales moviéndose rítmicamente y su hermosa risa me limité a sonreírle extasiado. -desde acá seguimos a pie- dijo mientras frenaba el auto. Bajamos nuestros bolsos y caminamos colina arriba. El camino era estrecho y pasaba por un oscuro bosque lentamente siendo tapado por la nieve. Apenas se veía el camino entonces caminamos en fila india. Delante mío iba José. Podía ver su ancha espalda desde acá. Sus piernas del tamaño de las mías juntas cada una hacen que su trasero se mueva rítmicamente. Todos los músculos que surgían de ellas las hacían parecer dos complejas máquinas. Su culo sobresalía como dos grandes globos y aunque era grande se encontraba en una pequeña cintura. Su espalda estiraba su remera hacia los costados y sus musculosos hombros parecían capaces de cualquier cosa. A sus lados se movían sus poderosos brazos. Sus bíceps enormes solo podían ser comparados con pelotas de softball y eran acompañados por tríceps de increíble tamaño. A pesar de todo esto él era perfectamente proporciona, como un dios griego. Mi pene empezó a hacer presión sobre mi pantalón. Mi carry-on se trabó en la raíz de un árbol y caí haciendo un gran estruendo. - ¿estas bien?- abrí los ojos y ví la mandíbula marcada de un modelo y unos ojos azules penetrantes. Su dorado pelo me recordaba al sol y el cuerpo que antes admiraba de atrás ahora se prestaba de adelante. -estoy bien- dije poniéndome colorado, tratando de alejar mi vista de sus imensos pectorales que parecen que romperían su remera. Me acomode y empecé a pararme pero un dolor intenso me obligo a caer de nuevo al suelo. -ay ay ay ay!- grité - mierda mi tobillo, creo que me lo torcí.- - no podes caminar en este estado- dijo pensativo Jose -te voy a tener que llevar- Se puso de espaldas y se agacho. Con mucha vergüenza me agarre de sus firmes hombros mientras sus fuertes brazos hacían lo mismo con mis piernas. Escuche las risas de Santiago y Lucas al verme siendo llevado como un chiquito, pero a mi no me importaban. Cerré los ojos , tomé aire y apoyé mi pecho contra su espalda sintiendo el calor que emanaba, sintiéndome protegido por su tamaño y masculinidad. Una sonrisa se marcó en mi cara y me deje llevar. Ya hace dos años que descubrí que era bisexual, había sido en la ducha del gimnasio bañandome con José. Cuando su perfecto cuerpo me había obligado a salir y masturbarme. Estaba muy confundido en ese entonces, nunca me había gustado un hombre menos el y eso se mantuvo así hasta el ese dia. Desde ese dia nunca mas me duche con él y había evitado cualquier momento de desnudez en su compañía. Pero estos momentos donde estamos los dos juntos son los que más valoro. Abrí los ojos y volví a la realidad. En este momento José estaba prácticamente corriendo, sus largas piernas se estiraban rápidamente y nos hacen avanzar grandes trechos de un solo paso. -¿Estas cómodo?- preguntó. Su grave voz resonó por todo mi cuerpo y sentí mariposas en mi panza. -s..si.si- dije tartamudeando. Saque una mano de su grueso cuello y la pase por su hombro. Aleje mi pelvis de su espalda para evitar que sienta mi erección. -llegamos- dijo mientras me dejaba en el suelo. Miro hacia atrás en el camino y suspiro - parece que los otros dos se van a tardar un rato ¿Qué te parece si vamos encendiendo la bomba y la electricidad y nos tomamos un baño?- - ¿como que “nos” tomamos un baño? - pregunte sorprendido - ¡¿tipo los juntos?!- - Si, no hay suficiente agua para que cuatro personas se bañen, así que nos bañaremos en pareja- Me sonroje y asentí, se ve que no podría seguir evitando estar desnudo junto a él. Nos acercamos a lo que parecía ser una cabaña de madera. Tenía dos ventanas en el frente y un pequeño porche delantero. El techo estaba cubierto de nieve y lo único que sobresalía era una chimenea. Caminamos lentamente hasta la puerta y Lucas sacó un manojo de llaves eligió la más grande y la colocó en el cerrojo. Después de un leve empujón estábamos dentro de la casa. La decoración era muy liviana. Una mesa grande de un lado y tres sillones que apuntaban a la chimenea. Nos dirigimos a la cocina y lo vi prender algo que parecía una caldera. - anda preparando el baño y yo voy a prender la luz- después de recibir las direcciones subí por las escaleras. El baño consistía en una gran bañera en la cual cabrían tres personas normales pero cabría justo Lucas solo. Abrí la canilla y puse el tapón, el agua lentamente se puso caliente y empezó a llenar la enorme tina. Mientras esperaba empecé a investigar el cuarto. El piso de madera sonaba bajo mis pies y el frío se empezó a ir gracias al vapor del agua. me saque la campera y la tiré al suelo quedándome solo con un buzo puesto, que dejaba ver mi marcada figura. Camine hasta el tocador y empecé a inspeccionar los cajones estaban vacíos excepto por lo que parecían ser sales de baño. Saque el esférico frasco tapado con un corcho de ahí. “Libido” se leía en la etiqueta lo cual me parecía un extraño nombre para sales de baño. Descorche el frasco y sentí intenso olor a Jazmín. Vertir su contenido en la tina y cerré el grifo. Desabroche mi pantalón y lo tire. Mis piernas peludas se dejaron ver. Mucha gente me había dicho que tengo el cuerpo de un futbolista y tienen razón. Mis piernas no eran enormes, tan solo talladas. Prosegui a bajarme el boxer y dejar a mi pene erecto de 16cm salir. Tire mi buzo y mi remera en un costado dejado ver mis seis apenas marcados abdominales y mi pequeño pecho. Trate de bajar mi pene pero no pude entonces me metí en el agua y lo oculte con mis manos. “Este va a ser un baño muy incomodo” pensé. Senti el piso temblar y la puerta se abrió fuertemente. La figura de dos metros veinte de José se encontraba parada en el umbral. -Lucas y Santiago ya llegaron. Se bañaran después que nosotros- dijo mientras se desvestía. En poco tiempo quedó completamente desnudo. Sus ocho abdominales marcados tenían un pequeño camino de pelo que llevaba a sus pectorales que ahora veía sin su cobertura. Sus brazos sin toda la ropa se veían aun más grandes y parecían cubrir todo el cuarto. Sus piernas estaban completamente cubiertas por una gran cantidad de pelo. Mi vista se desvió involuntariamente hacia arriba donde un pene flácido de veinte centímetros yacía. Sin dejar pasar ni un solo segundo se metió en la bañera. El agua rebasó debido a su tamaño. Se sentó mirándome justo de frente y sus piernas se estiraron hasta estar una de cada lado mío casi tocando la pared detrás mío. Dejó sus piernas separadas dejándome en un ángulo perfecto para ver su paquete flotando. Tratando de evitar observar tanto lo mire directamente a las ojos y él me sonrió. Mi pene estaba empujando completamente mis manos ante tal vista y mi cara se volvió completamente roja. -Quería hablarte de algo- dijo cómo nervioso -¿Que pasa?- -Digo, ¿Somos buenos amigos no?- -Si- conteste algo extrañado -Mejores amigos- -Si… supongo ¿Por que?- “No se como decirlo pero siento que últimamente me estás ignorando. Por eso hice este viaje. Desde mi gran crecimiento me dejaste de hablar, no se si hice algo para incomodarte o…- -No no no para nada- me reí al escuchar la mención de su “gran crecimiento” pero era real. En la secundaria el solo medía 1,80 y pesaba 54 kilos. En un año dio vuelta todos esos parámetros. Ahí fue cuando me empeze a sentir incómodo alrededor suyo, pero nos se lo podía decir. -No pasa nada, perdon si te di esa impresión, debe ser por los exámenes.- - Si si claro- dijo pero no sonó muy convencido. Nos quedamos ahí, cada uno por su lado sin decir ninguna palabra. Cada momento que pasaba ahí se me hacía más difícil contener mi erección y en lo único en lo que pensaba era tirarme encima suyo y chuparle es enorme pecho. Cerré los ojos tratando de calmarme y sentí en el costado de mi cuerpo una corriente como eléctrica. Abrí los ojos y vi que el pie de Lucas estaba tocando el costado de mi cuerpo. Su pie era enorme y peludo, debía calzar por lo menos cincuenta. Mire hacia arriba y vi cómo él miraba directamente a mi pene erecto. “No se me baja, no se lo que le pasa” dije metiendo una excusa. “ Yo te lo soluciono” me agarro del brazo y me puso al frente suyo de espaldas. Sentí su cuerpo enorme comparado en el mio respirar rápidamente. Puso mis manos sobre mi cadera y me acerco a él. Sentí su pene clavarse en mi espalda y seguir subiendo mientras me acercaba más. Me rodeo con sus poderosos brazos y me presiono contra su cuerpo. Nos sumergimos completamente en un abrazo y esa sensación de calor y protección inundó otra vez mi cuerpo. De repente se paro y lo vi salir de la ducha. -Gran baño , gran charla pero me tengo que ir- dijo incomodamente de espaldas. Agarró una toalla y en una fracción de segundo llegue a ver su pene más grande que nunca. Erecto. Fácil 27 centímetros. Pero pronto se cubrió y casi corriendo se dirigió a su cuarto. Me quede ahí, flotando, pensando en lo que acababa de pasar , confundido. Pase mi mano hasta mi pene y empecé a jugar con el. Después de alcanzar el orgasmo vacíe la tina y fui al cuarto que compartía con Lucas. Era una cama grande y él estaba de un lado. Tapado por las sábanas sin remera durmiendo, o al menos fingiendo dormir. Me meti en la cama solo con boxer y dormimos. Espalda contra espalda,incómodos, pero dormimos.Un gritó desgarrador interrumpio nuestro sueño. José y yo nos miramos fijamente , angustiados, y bajamos corriendo al living. La noche acababa de cambiar.
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