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  1. Hi guys, here’s the background story of Jeff. I warn you: there’s no much muscle, just at the end, but I think you would enjoy the whole chapter. BTW, sorry for making it so long!!! Here’s the link to the previous chapter: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9150-jeffs-shredding-freakshow/ Hope you all like it!!! -------- He laid there, exhausted but satisfied, playing with Robert’s cum in his biceps, thinking about his life, and how he ended up being such a freak, as he heard Bob closing the door and walking away, still crying. ****** Jeff was born on May 13th, 1987, in the Mount Sinai Hospital of NYC. Son of Ahmad, an Iranian immigrant; and Sun, a beautiful (and quite rich) girl with Korean origins, he raised up in a nice and loving environment. His father, Ahmad, was a simple guy back in Teheran, who worked as a transport guy. Quite gifted physically, the man was also quite a handsome man, who ended up being such a hunk (mainly thanks to his work) and got an offer to move to the US and do some modeling. There she met Sun, an awesomely interesting and beautiful girl, part of the family who held the Samsung empire, who never was really interested in the family business, but more into clothes, travelling, and the easy life in general. They met in one of Ahmad’s modeling jobs, got interested in each other immediately, started meeting, fell in love (obviously with the opposition of Sun’s family), got married and finally she gave birth to Jin Firuz (but he was always called Jeff) on that day of May. Childhood Jeff, in his childhood, had always been very active, much into sports, but he somehow especially loved athletics and running, what always gave him an athletic but very skinny look, too skinny in fact, even though he ate like a bull. His parents never really got worried about that, because he always showed an excellent health. But, at the age of 14, with a height of 5’7, he just weighed 120lb, and had a really sick appearance. Although he had quite developed legs, for all that running when he was a child, the rest of his body was really thin, something that was often subject of jokes and mocks from his friends. At first he laughed at all that stuff (well, they’re just joking, and maybe thy’re just envious because they are overweighed and I’m not), but after some time, and especially when the rest of his friends got dates, girlfriends, and he didn’t, he started to get a bit obsessed with his appearance, his looks, but especially with being really sick, and having some kind of illness who gave him that appearance, and made people kind of reject him. He told his parents at the age of 16 but again, he wasn’t sick at all, on the contrary, all his medical revisions gave him an excellent status of health, everything was perfect, every level just where it should be, though his looks didn’t show that fact at all. But that didn’t comfort him at all. That obsession only got worse over the years. Teen years During his teen years, he turned into quite a handsome guy, that mix of Arabian and Korean facials gave him a really manly beautiful, but skinny face, although he had quite a squared jawline, maybe for eating so much, obsessed with getting a bit more fat and start to look more healthy. But as much as he ate, he still remained thin as an spaghetti, although his legs still were pretty developed. During those teen years, in the brief interludes of his depression, when he took the strength to try to meet any girl, they always asked him the, with a total lack of fineness, the same thing: “Hey are you ok? Have you been ill recently?”. All that had led him to become quite a lonely person, gave up on the possibility of being loved someday, and shut himself away from everyone. He had always admired his father, he had such a beautiful and proportioned physique (remember the fact that he came to the US for becoming a professional model), also admired his friends who were pretty big, and ended up developing a real attraction to big guys. At first he thought it was just because of his obsession for being thick himself, but later he discovered that it was a sexual attraction. So, as he wrongly though “If I had not enough with being a walking skeleton, I’m not ever going to be with such big guys, they’d want a big guy as well”. His truth At the age of 21, he had grown to 5’11 but he just weighted 130lbs, 10 lbs more. At this point, their parents, very worried about that situation and Jeff’s depression, decided to take him to get new tests to see what really happened to Jeff, if there were something wrong that the doctors hadn’t detected. After lots of visits to many specialists, they finally found one who offered to do a genetic test, and see if there was something unusual on this analysis. They agreed, but were really scared about finding out something really bad inside of him, but it was that or letting the depression get worse. After the first genetic analysis, he was called for some new tests, some running, a body scan, and some other stuff that Jeff was really scared of. After some weeks, they were called to meet the doctor and explain what they had discovered. And then they knew the strange truth. “Jeff, the first thing you have to know, and your parents, of course, is that you’re perfectly ok”, the doctor started. That comfort them quite a lot, but then he continued. “… but… there is something, let’s call it… strange with you”. Jeff’s face changed to horror. “Jeff, take it easy, I didn’t say that it was something WRONG, just something STRANGE, and as I have said at first, you’re perfectly ok. It’s just that your body works in a different way than the others. Let me ask you something: have you been a runner in your early years?”. Jeff got surprised, because he had never told him that to the doctor. “Yes, I have. I used to run when I was a child. But that was like ages ago”, Jeff replied. “Ok, and since then, I guess you’ve not been doing any special physical activity, right? I mean, just walking, am I right?” His mother intervened in the conversation: “Well, doctor, Jeff have been quite depressive the last 5 years, and he has not really done almost anything”. “Ok, this explain our findings. Let’s see if I can explain it in a way you can understand it”. The doctor tried to explain to Ahmad, Sun and Jeff that the latter had a genetic “disorder” that, somehow, didn’t allow his body to save more fat than the necessary. They didn’t understand a word. What was that supposed to mean? The doctor tried to explain it in more “street” word and finally managed to let them know that the result of his disorder is that his skin and muscles didn’t held any fat on them, but his internal organs did, that’s the reason for his perfect health but his kind of sick looks. “There is not any documented case of this disorder”, said the doctor “but, apparently, there’s nothing to worry about Jeff. Your health is excellent; your only ‘problem’ is that you won’t ever be a fat guy, hahhaha”. The doctor was laughing, but Jeff didn’t laught at all, in fact he got really angry and looked mad at the doctor. “Well, I’m pretty sure that’s something awesome for someone like you, doctor”, Jeff replied, given that the doctor was obviously obese, “but you have just killed me. So, are you saying that I’m always going to look like a skeleton?” “No no no, I haven’t said that, Jeff. You look skinny because you’re not a muscular guy. Your condition affects to your fat, even more, your external fat, but not to the rest of your body. In fact, remember what I’ve asked you before, if you were a runner. I asked you that because on the body scan we noticed that your lower body was a bit muscled, still with an extremely low fat rate, but well toned, we could even say muscular. I’m sure that, if you had been a gym guy you wouldn’t look so thin. In fact, there’s another strange point in your case…” The doctor continued explaining that Jeff should have lost all the muscular mass in his legs due to the lack of physical activity in the last years, but he hadn’t. They didn’t know if it was related to the other “disorder”, but somehow he had a good genetics. The doctor continued talking directly to Jeff: “Anyway, Jeff, it seems pretty obvious that you have really important self-esteem issues with your looks, but your ‘disorder’ doesn’t have to interfere with it. You should treat this with some psychologist, but I recommend to start doing some heavy sports, gym, weight lifting, this like that, to try to change your looks adding some muscle. Just try it, you don’t have anything to lose!”. First weeks After the shock of his “disorder” (what a horrible word for him) and after dealing with his psychologist, they decided that he would start training, but since he had such a big depression at the moment, it was more safe for him not to go to a place with guys in a average or built condition. So, their parents decided to install a gym in their flat, hire a personal trainer for Jeff and see how it went. After a couple of weeks, Jeff started training with Andy. Andy was specifically chosen by Ahmad, his father, since he was a former colleague in his modeling agency, and he had a similar problem than Jeff, he started as a really thin model, and after some time, he got a bit more hunky, but not much, he didn’t want that his trainer’s looks made Jeff more depressed. First days were quite terrible. Jeff still felt depressed, but Andy, was really a nice guy, and helped him a lot dealing with his “disorder”. “Come on Jeff, you don’t really know how lucky you are. Guys I’ve trained would kill to gain mass and not gain any fat. You don’t have to worry about it. All the muscle you build, it will be clean, so in fact I envy you a lot too”. “Well, take it for yourself, take it as a present”, Jeff said ironically. “Fuck, no one understand how terrible it is to be my age and look so fucking skinny? I just wished I were normal”. “Don’t ever say that again”, Andy shouted. “You’re a normal guy, you just have to train and we’ll see where it leads to, ok? Reluctantly, Jeff agreed, hardly trying to give it an opportunity. Jeff’s training started with a soft routine for two weeks and a high carbs diet. “Since you won’t save it, you can eat as much as you want, and let’s see how your body reacts”. In the first weeks, he got quite toned, lost his cramps in just one day, and was able to dedicate 2 hours, 4 days per week. He looked at himself every day in the mirror, trying to see any gain. Yes he felt a bit more hard, but still as skinny as he was. After one month, gains were already visible, he just gained 5lbs which of course was quite a lot for a starter, but since he could eat as much as he wanted, it was quite a good progress. He started feeling more confident with Andy, but he still weren’t satisfied about it. He fell down deeper into his depression and talked to Andy: “Andy, this is not working, let’s face it, I won’t change, I’m an error of nature and I just wish I wasn’t born”. Andy got really worried about that, because he saw a shred of a suicidal threat in his eyes. Then he remembered something and took Jeff to the living room. “Ok, I’m going to show you something”. Andy got some muscle magazines he had left in Jeff’s house and started looking into them. After that, he got three pictures and handled them to Jeff. “Ok, this guy is called Dorian Yates. He is a professional bodybuilder which, as you may see, it’s an awesome beast”. The picture was in off season look, bulking like a beast, about 300lbs or more. Then he handled another one to Jeff. “Ok, this is the same guy, but in different moments of his competitions. The first one is in off-season. As you may see, he is big, but he looks fat, doesn’t he?” “Sure, truth be told, looks quite fat, but he looks strong as hell!” “I agree, but what about the second picture? In this picture, he is competing the same year, just two months later, and weighing 50lbs less, just to look hotter, more defined, and so on. Now, Jeff, tell me, if you could choose, which one of these two looks would you like for yourself?”. “The second one, of course! He looks much better”. Andy laughed. “Yeah, that’s a matter of tastes BUT, to get to this status, this guy had to run more than two hours every day, have a completely clean diet, for two months”. Jeff opened his eyes in awe. “Fuck, that’s even worse than training”, he replied. “Of course it is, everybody hates cardio, but we all need it to stay in a good shape. Well, this guy, Yates, had a bodyfat percentage of a 7% in this picture, which is a really really low one”. Then he took the third picture and showed it to Jeff and asked: “What do you think of this one?” Jeff opened his eyes and mouth, shocked. “Fuck, this guy looks incredible! Who is he??”. The picture was of Andreas Munzer, in his most famous picture, his freaky most muscular picture where he was shredded all the way up. Andy smiled. “Ok, now tell me why do you think he looks better than the last one I showed you”, asked. “Well, his looks are quite hot, don’t you think? I mean, look at him, he looks strong, he’s just…” “… he’s just muscle, right?”, Andy finished the sentence. Jeff looked up at Andy and then he started realizing what he was trying to teach him. “Yes, he’s looking like he’s just muscle”. “… and not fat at all, right?”, Andy went on Jeff’s mind was changing. “Yes…”, he said stumbling. “Well, Jeff. This guy was Andreas Munzer. He was considered the most shredded bodybuilder ever. In this picture, he was just 4% bodyfat. He died some time later due to health problems derived from his obsession to remove all his fat from his body”. Jeff got a scary look. “Well, if this guy would have had your “disorder”, as you call it, he would still be alive”. “Really? Why so?”, Jeff asked “You know, when you dry out for competition, you have a strict diet, that removes ALL his fat, both his inner and his outer fat. I you lose too many inner fat, you just die. BUT, if he hadn’t needed to remove his external fat, he wouldn’t have needed to remove his internal one, and he would still be alive”. Jeff started to process all that information. “And, Jeff, to make it really clear to you”, Andy continued, “you have ZERO external body fat. You don’t have to worry about that. Which means that, if you really wish, you can get like this guy, without risking your life AT ALL”. Andy made a pause “Now, I’ll ask you: do you still think you’re an unlucky guy?” Jeff got quiet for a moment, really scared at the idea of someone dying because of trying to get in such a dry condition but, at the same time, mesmerized at that picture of Munzer. Andy was looking at him carefully, trying to find out what he was thinking. Jeff suddenly lost a lot of his self-hate for his condition, knowing that he could get like this, and regretting for having had such a deep depression, for having given his parents such bad years of regretting, tests, psychologists, and so on. He smiled, raise his eyes up to Andy and self-confidently said: “No, in fact I should be grateful for it”. Andy was really happy. He always loved to help guys in trouble with his self looks. Jeff went on talking and asked “Andy, are you serious when you say that I can get like this guy?” referring to Munzer’s picture. “Jeff, I can’t ensure you that so soon”, he laughed, “BUT you have the genetics, look at your father, he got hunky with very little effort and you, in just one month, gaining 5lbs is a really good progress, so I could say that, if you really wish it, you can get as muscular as you want!!! Give me another month, and let’s talk by then, ok?” Jeff smiled liked he had never done in his whole life and replied “Deal!” 22nd birthday The next month was really intense. Since he wasn’t working (why the need, his mother was rich and he didn’t need it), he dedicated 3 hours per day with Andy. Andy couldn’t believe it, the guy was able to workout as much as he wanted. But it was such a normal thing: Jeff ate 6 times per day, mainly based on carbs, but with lots of proteins too, he had the fuel to workout, and an unusual ability to not getting tired. Every exercise hurted him like hell, but after just one minute he was fresh again, and able to repeat. Every day he was looking bigger, but yet defined. They concentrated on his upper body, since the lower one was in a better condition, and in just ONE MONTH! Jeff got completely proportioned. On the morning of May 13th, 2009, on his 22nd birthday, Andy weighed Jeff and he was in 160lbs. “In just 6 weeks you’ve gained 35lbs. NO ONE that I know has ever done this. Look at you in the mirror”. Jeff looked at himself, still thin, with a definitely healthy look, he was a thin ripped and handsome guy, and the last shred of his depression just disappeared in this moment. “Happy birthday Jeff, now you’re a normal guy”, Andy told him with a huge smile and gave a big hug to his friend. Summer of 2009: The change The summer of 2009 was just AMAZING, one of the greatest memories of Jeff. He finally got out of home, started walking the streets of NYC, he even went to have some walks with Andy by Central Park, who had become his only friend. He started noticing how girls looked at him. He didn’t like them, but FUCK, it was incredible that he wasn’t invisible to them. He even thought that some guys were looking at him too, but he didn’t kept that thought much time, he still felt that no guys would ever get interested in him. But anyway he loved the feeling of not being the sick guy. During the summer, he went on training like hell. On August, Andy and Jeff stopped his training and both of them took some holidays. By then, Jeff had reached 180bs and got a really hunky looks. Andy went to Europe with his wife, and Jeff went to the Hamptons with his parents, and there he signed into a nearby gym, something that just 4 months ago, he would have thought it was impossible. His newly rising confidence made him go everyday and spend there most of the day, working out like hell and even eating during the workout. Guys in the gym started to say hello to him, though he always seemed like a serious guy, focused on the training and nothing more. Anyway he love that new social life. There he met Jimmy, a quite hunky guy who Jeff especially loved because he was the one with the best developed legs in the gym. Apart from that, both had the same proportions and complexion, but Jeff looked (and in fact he was) extremely ripped, and Jimmy wasn’t. “You’re suck a fucker Jeff”, Jimmy used to joke with Jeff, “how the hell can you stay so shredded and keep pumping like there was nothing else in the world?”. “Well, I guess I run a lot at the beach, Jeff laughed. Both guys got quite confident and started training together, getting quite close friends. One day, at the gym, after the long heavy usual workout, both of them weighed. Jimmy was at 190 and Jeff 185. “I won, so you pay the beers”, Jimmy joked to Jeff, which replied: “Oh no no no, no way, you may weigh a bit more, but you don’t look this good”, Jeff raised his arm and flexed the bicep and it just popped up in front of Jimmy. Jimmy opened his eyes wide and stared at that thin guy with such a PEAKY SHREDDED biceps in his arm. “Wow”, he stuttered as he swallowed some saliva, really amazed at Jeff’s look. “Man, that must be pretty hard”, he said as he gave him a nice slap in the peaky muscle. The feeling of that guy’s hand in his muscle, even though it wasn’t nice at all, switched something on inside of Jeff’s head. He suddenly got his heartbeat increased, his breath accelerated and, still not knowing how, he got a serious look, he raised the other arm and hit a double biceps pose. Those 18’’ arms, obviously not huge, but incredibly defined looked incredible. The definition of the arm was just completely unusual for a guy who was training as if it were off-season. His forearms looked veiny all over, bulging in every part of it. His biceps were completely cut out from his triceps, there was a slight separation on his biceps head and the fibers in the hanging triceps were pretty visible. Jimmy got hard at that pose of his buddy, and started laughing nervously: “Come on buddy, don’t you want me to touch them?... right?” Jeff kept silent, no words coming out of his mouth, all he did was crunch them harder, making them get even more defined, the peaks getting a bit higher, the insertion in the delts freaky visible, tendons everywhere. His friend Jimmy slowly got serious too and placed both hands in his friend’s biceps, saying a very low “Fuck...”, and slowly running the hands all over Jeff’s biceps. Jeff had no idea of what was going on in his mind, but he felt like he was another person. A feeling of self-pride for having turned, in just 5 months, from a skinny shy guy, to a hunky man whose friend was worshipping his biceps, there in a gym, got him to a level of self-esteem that overpassed the levels of depression he had in his teen years. He looked at Jimmy’s eyes, mesmerized with his muscles, even though he was also a pretty bulky guy, and then he heard him say: “… I was dying to do this, you’ve got the most awesome body I’ve ever seen”. What the fuck??? Was he serious??? Him, Jeff, had the most awesome body that Jimmy had ever seen? That got him hard as fuck, his cock started growing in his pants, forming a huge bulge on them, which Jimmy quickly noticed and got on his knees, lowering Jeff’s shorts and started sucking on his cock, yet a bit soft, but was getting thicker and longer with each suck. Jeff was high, high for the situation, fucking proud of making a guy like Jimmy suck him off. He let his mind go, kept flexing his biceps, that were hurting as hell, feeling them cramping, burning, but he didn’t matter that, all he wanted in that very moment was to become a beast, a freak, a monster. He kept flexing harder and harder and then he looked down to Jimmy, who was still sucking him off. Jeff lowered his arms, got Jimmy’s head between his hands, separated from his cock, looked into his eyes and without saying a word turned his head so he could see his right leg, which he was already extending. In a sudden, he shook it and crunched it hard, as if it were something he had been doing his whole life. His right quad got freaky ripped in Jimmy’s face. Even though Jimmy had bigger legs, they were really fat, all he could get from a crunch was some bulges on them, but this guy, those weren’t legs, but freaks of nature. Even considering that they weren’t as thick as Jimmy’s, those legs looked as if they were carved out of stone. Cut from the groin to the knee, the quads bulged pretty thick but so freaky cut it was hard to keep the eyes off from them. Jeff still had Jimmy’s head in his hands, and so he made him reach his quad and with a single word he changed the whole experience: “LICK”. Jimmy got crazy. He started running his tongue all over the freaky cuts, tasting his skin, squeezing them with his hands, licking like a dog, moaning with every lick. Jeff crunched it harder, moved it so he could lick every part of it. Jimmy started licking his inner thigh, which was even more ripped than the front part, showing some freaky veins. He run those veins with his tongue up to his groin, eating Jeff’s balls, sucking his cock again. But Jeff took him from his hair again, raised his t-shirt and showed him his washboard abs, forcing him to go up and lick his stomach. Jimmy was in such a frenzy licking job, but Jeff was in a higher level, he was in a trance, flexing his abs so that Jimmy would enjoy them more, but then he wanted more, and so he extended his arm making his triceps contract. Jimmy wasn’t even aware of that movement, and Jeff didn’t care, he wasn’t doing it for Jimmy, he was doing it for himself. He felt the explosion of strength in the tricep, the quads that were still burning from the intense crunch and his abs that Jimmy was licking as if the world were going to end. And then he came. With a huge and load shout, he cum all over Jimmy’s tank top, “OH FUUUUUUCK YESSSSSSSS”. Jeff got freaky aroused in the moment he felt the warm cream, and shot a huge load right onto the floor with a loud moan, while his mouth was still stuck to Jeff’s stomach. They stopped, exhausted. Jimmy was a bit embarrassed, he had never done something like this. But Jeff, once his real mind came back, was absolutely shocked, but not in a bad way. He just felt amazed, surprised, trying to analyze what his mind was experiencing with this worship. He just put his shorts on again, still silent, trying to process everything, he got his stuff and walked away, without even saying goodbye to Jimmy. He was pretty sure this experience was going to change his whole life. ****** And so he did. By then, he didn’t know that was a muscle worship (a really bad one, but his first one), and now, back at his room, still playing with Robert’s cum, recalling those early years and that first worship he experienced, with just 195lbs, he felt happy again for having met that guy. If that hadn’t happened, he hadn’t got obsessed with his growth and hadn’t become the freak he is now. He looked at the clock. 11:58 pm. He got up and went to the bathroom, to get the scale and weigh. He placed his feet and looked at the result: 385lbs. He finally surpassed his goal, that one he put himself on almost 7 years ago. The clock buzzed: It was 0:00 of May 13th, 2016. “Happy birthday, Jeff. Now you’re the real monster you always really wanted to be” ---- Next chapter: Muscle Frenzy: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/9274-jeff-muscle-frenzy/
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