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Found 9 results

  1. BrutalPowerDemon

    musclegod ALPHA: Parts 1 - 6

    ALPHA - Part 1 I was ushered into the large warehouse by two hulking, young Marines outside of Camp Courtney in Uruma, Okinawa, Japan, after the long flight from Washington, D.C. The President had sent me to check up on a classified super-soldier program that hundreds of millions of dollars had been poured into for twenty years. The Sergeant Major greeted me tersely as I entered a room with a twenty-feet tall window and sectioned steel curtain behind it, obscuring the room beyond. “Welcome, Sir. I think you, and the Commander-In-Chief, will be pleasantly surprised, and pleased, with what we have accomplished here!” he began. “We have finally had success in a massive way. We began with the present subject, a delinquent local boy, and have been molding him for five years by injecting him with hormones and other enhancing compounds. In addition, he has been psychologically indoctrinated through visual and physical stimuli to elicit the responses required to subvert any foe, both physically and emotionally. One effect of the injections was unexpected, so don’t be surprised when we allow you to view him and his capabilities. Not only was his strength and endurance enhanced, but his physical stature, as well. Ummm . . . “ the Sgt. Major cleared his throat, “due to a few unfortunate mishaps, we presently keep him restrained, but, for the most part, he obeys commands.” I began to interrupt to have him define “unfortunate mishaps”, but he quickly continued his monologue. “We found from past experience that tying sexual gratification to a subject’s desired actions greatly increases the outcome we expect. This subject responded so well that we believe he was already internally ‘wired’ to be an Alpha (which is what we now call him) and the enhancements and conditioning we provided him really just accelerated him to becoming what he was truly born to be, a . . . well . . . you can see for yourself during demonstration.” With that, the Sgt. Major motioned to some men in white lab-coats clustered around a console towards the back of the room we were standing in and the steel curtain parted in the center and began to separate, each side sliding towards the wall pockets. As the curtain slid open and the lights in the next room were turned on, what I saw caused me to stumble back towards the console to steady myself. Chained to a massive chair was an absolute mountain of muscle! The totally nude and completely hairless creature had to be, when standing, at least twenty feet tall and every inch bulging with rippling muscle. The most perfect specimen of manhood in history stared through the bulletproof glass that separated us. His full lips parted in an evil grin, exposing inhumanly pointed and sharp, white teeth, as his eyes seemed to lock with mine. A long, thick tongue appeared and licked those pouted lips as he flexed hard within the solid chains holding him. Muscles already seeming to be fully flexed and rock-hard ballooned and rippled beneath the dark, thin skin that covered them. Hose-thick veins pulsed to life and the links of the chain that constrained him seemed to warp under the light flexion of such an absolutely perfect specimen of masculinity. My eyes travelled down from the stunning, young Asian face, roaming the vast, powerful surface of his arms, torso and abs. Then I saw the thick, flaccid cock set upon two huge balls, hanging between the beast’s massive legs, pre-cum roping into a large bucket beneath. “Holy FUCK!” I almost shrieked as my knees went weak, my breathing became ragged and my cock jumped to life. A dark, wet spot immediately formed at my crotch as piss escaped my swelling manhood. The Sgt. Major looked at me, eyed my crotch, grinned and stated, matter-of-factly (and knowingly), “The EXACT response we designed it for.” Turning to the lab-coats, he ordered, “Introduce to of the rats.” A door opened on the far side of the room containing Alpha. Two massive men entered the room carrying machine guns. The two men looked around and quickly focused on the boy in the middle of the room. One dropped his gun and turned to the closed door, but it was now locked. The other man fell to his knees as Alpha’s grin faded and his head pivoted on his impossibly thick and powerful neck . . . the grin turned to a sneer as the Sgt. Major took a microphone, eyes sparkling, and simple said, “Alpha . . . have fun.” The giant grinned and I couldn’t help but notice the massive, pre-cum leaking cock begin to jerk, pulse and rise as the beast flexed hard. I could see the chain’s thick links deforming as his thick, rolling muscles solidified further, growing and expanding until they stretched . . . one by one, they ruptured like nothing more that links made of plastic. Several link halves flew towards the bullet-proof glass and embedded into the (what was supposed to be) impenetrable material. The beast stood, his now rigid cock pointing towards the ceiling and flowing with copious amounts of pre-cum. He raised his arms and flexed hard, biceps and triceps exploding into mountainous masses of powerful muscle and, for the first time, I heard him speak as he stepped towards the two men trapped in the room with him: “Like what you see, you pathetic little excuses for men?” Lowering one arm and beginning to stroke his vein-encased cock, he mocked, “I am a real man . . . you are merely fragile little playthings only living for my pleasure!” With that, he grabbed the man who had tried to escape, palming his head like a basketball, with his huge hand and lifted him, kicking and screaming, from the floor. He lowered his other arm and wrapped that massive fist around the waist of the other blubbering man’s waist and effortlessly lifted him. He walked over to the window separating us and placed the guy palmed in one fist against the window as he positioned his erect and throbbing almost man-sized cock over the squirming man and pressed his cock against him, trapping him between his throbbing fuck trunk and the glass. Pre-cum flowed down, coating the glass and man, the trapped little man’s struggling only seeming to make his godly captor increasingly horny. Alpha then placed his other toy against one boulderous pectoral and leaned into the glass, trapping that unfortunate man between the glass and the unfathomably powerful and solid chest brawn of such a colossal muscle deity. Alpha placed both of his palms against the glass separating him from us five men in the control room and began to grind his hips. The man between his cock and the glass slowly and methodically began to be compressed and crushed with each slow and deliberate thrust of the godly man humping the glass with him between. As I looked up at the glass, all my field of vision could take in was muscle and power pressing against and gyrating towards the seemingly small room that we occupied. I looked up and over the pectorals pressed against the glass towards the top of the room to see Alpha looking directly at me and grinning. I saw his mouth slowly form the words, “I - WANT - MORE - LITTLE - MAN” With that, Alpha’s palms formed fists and he pressed hard against the bullet-proof barrier between us. Both of his toys thrashed about until he flexed both his cock and his pecs at the same time. There was a deafening sound of tortured glass as both of the muscular little bodies trapped between the glass and the giant, omnipotent muscle creature exploded in great, dripping masses of smashed flesh and blood, coating his rippling flesh and flowing down the pane. Alpha groaned and leaned his head back, thrust his hips, and his god-cock exploded with gallons of cum, the pressure of the first volley compromising the protective glass and coating the five of us with his steaming nectar mixed with the remains of his fuck toy. He looked down at me, drew his hips back again, positioned his cock directly at the compromised area and thrust again. At the same time, he extended his long tongue between the glass and his rippling pectorals to lap the protein-rich remains of his pec-crushed victim into his mouth. Alpha’s cock crashed through the bullet-proof glass and hovered over us, bucking and spurting cum, covering us all. As he pulled his cock back out, the glass caught on his protruding corona and the protective glass simply shattered. Alarms sounded, lights started flashing and the Sgt. Major and three lab-coats tried to run for the exit door, slipping and sliding in Alpha’s cum on the floor. I just stood, transfixed, staring up at the most beautiful, gigantic human I’d ever seen, grinning down at me as he wiped bloody remains from his chest, lifted them to his lips and lapped them up. My cock was now rock-hard and pumping pre-cum into my slacks. Alpha looked at my crotch and grinned as he raised his herculean forearm and wiped some blood from his lips. He boomed to me, “YOU WILL HELP ME GROW, LITTLE MAN . . . UNDERSTAND?” as he reached in and grabbed the Sgt. Major, lifting the cursing, struggling man to his face. “YOU HAVE GIVEN MY MY LAST ORDER, YOU INCONSEQUENTIAL LITTLE BUG!” Alpha thundered at the sputtering little authority figure. “Fuck you, Alpha, you are nothing but a stupid, fucking juvenile delinquent that we used for our purposes. You will never . . . ” He stopped in mid-sentence as Alpha simply licked his lips and smirked. With the Sgt. Major’s lower body in his fist, he lowered his other hand and wrapped it around the pathetic little man’s torso. Looking me in the eye, he slowly twisted his wrists in opposite directions, the cracking, snapping and tearing sounds of wrenching the Sgt. Major in two resounding throughout the room as he pulled him apart, blood and gore dripping onto his, once again, rock-hard cock. Lifting one hand, he pushed the torso into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed as he lowered the other half to his cock and crushed it against the pulsing surface and began to stroke with the fresh, bloody lube. The three lab-coats had their backs pressed up against the door, watching, as Alpha effortlessly snuffed their boss and ate. I, not even realizing it, had stripped as the muscle-giant snuffed three powerful men out of existence by merely pleasuring himself. I stood stood stroking furiously before control, strength, and power personified. “YOU WILL HELP ME GROW TO MORE, LITTLE ADMIRER, OR . . . !” he rumbled as he continued to stroke the remains of the Sgt. Major up and down his hungry shaft and reached over me towards the three screaming lab-coats. ALPHA - Part 2 As I watched the massive arm reach over me for the three wailing lab-coats, I noticed a thick, white vapor begin to pour into the room from the vents Still, they continued to attempt to scoot away from certain death at the hands of the powerful boy. I looked around the room and into the huge chamber where Alpha had been restrained earlier and observed both rooms were being filled with something that couldn’t be good! Alpha frowned as he noticed, also, and glared down at me. “I have nothing to do with this, Alpha!” I squealed as I saw his chest expand. He inhaled a huge volume of air from above the toxic cloud that was forming and held it in his cavernous lungs. Before I knew what was happening, I saw his huge, rough hand divert from grabbing the three now gasping lab-coats as he reached for me. I felt the pressure as his long, thick fingers curled around my waist and he lifted me to his face. He grinned as he pursed his lips, brought my struggling body to his mouth and sucked my head in to the hot, moist cave. Those impossibly large, thick lips firmly held my arms to my sides and I awaited my inevitable, bloody and painful, albeit quick, demise in the grinding jaws of this gigantic, incredibly muscled boy. I screamed in shear terror until, apparently, I used up the small amount of oxygen held in his maw and I passed out. The next thing I remember was hearing, from a seemingly great distance, “Doc . . . wake up! Doc! Doc! Are you okay?” The voices seemed to get closer as I opened my eyes and I slowly focused on two medics hovering over me. “We saw your legs protruding from the giant’s mouth and pulled you out. Being in there must have saved you from the poison gas that was released to contain or kill him!” I turned my head and saw that there were three covered bodies by the wall where the lab-coats had been huddled together the last time I saw them. I then slowly turned to look towards the other side of the control room . . . to where the separation glass had been. I was startled as my field of vision was filled with the head of the giant Japanese boy. The substantial lips that had sucked me in to his monstrous mouth were just feet from my saliva-soaked head and torso. “SHIT!” I screamed as I quickly scooted back instinctively and realized I was now wrapped in a large sheet. As I backed away, I took in, from my close vantage point, the incredible size and bulk of this immense and powerful specimen. I couldn’t believe that the experiments with my formulas for creating impervious super-soldiers had caused this side effect of physical augmentation . . . and to such an exaggerated degree. I whispered, “Holy, FUCK!” as my eyes roamed the vast expanse of thick, corded muscle protruding from every part of the colossal boy’s body. I stood, but immediately slipped on the slick, semen coated floor. The medics steadied me as I cautiously moved around the tremendous creature before me. Its eyes were closed and the great pectorals were still . . . no indication that the giant boy was breathing and still alive. "What a waste." I mused silently, still sexually charged by all that I had witnessed. Two MP’s entered the room and escorted me to an adjacent control room where there was a visibly upset military commander. He had taken control after quickly reviewing video recordings affirming the grisly death of the previous commander at the hands of this apparently violent and uncontrollably lethal giant boy soldier. “What the HELL happened here?!?!” the man bellowed as he turned, looked me in the eye, the veins on his thick neck pulsing with fury. “I - I - I don’t know, Sir.” I haltingly responded, “I would have to review how the subject was indoctrinated and how his psyche was molded for control and survival. All I can say is, its responses had to be consistent with how it was molded and shaped to respond to certain stimuli, so the error had to be in programming.” The commander turned and began to replay the recording of the deadly incident. “Come and look at this disaster!” he commanded. I walked over and watched as the incredibly thick muscles of Alpha’s chest, arms and legs solidified and effortlessly broke free of his restraints. As he stood to his full twenty feet height, he looked towards the control room and grinned, licking the full lips that would later envelope my comparatively small body. He flexed his obscenely huge musculature as his elephantine, already pre-cum issuing cock pulsed to life with obvious desire and anticipation. I lowered my arms and turned away as I felt my cock thickening and pulsing to life as my mind began to replay what followed: The toying with and snuffing of three full-grown, strapping men as if they were nothing but sexual playthings to this domineering creature! I was relieved, and fortunate, that the decimated control room was not being recorded. I'm not sure how the Marines would have responded to my reactions to the seductive and tantalizing actions of the monstrous muscle-boy, had I been recorded. The four MP’s entered the destroyed control room with video apparatus attached to their helmets. Broadcast onto a large screen, split into four views on the wall, we could see what was before them. The magnificent creature’s head and part of his massive torso was still occupying a good part of the space of the control room. The rest of Alpha’s herculean body was sprawled out into the containment room, his long, thick, blood and gore coated cock draped over his bulging quadriceps. Even flaccid, pre-cum still roped and puddled on the floor by his hamstrings. A plan had to be made as to how to move the tonnage of this behemothic body to another location for some kind of study and, then, disposal. As my eyes were drawn back to the at least yard-long, flaccid penis, I thought I saw the hose-thick veins mapping the thick organ pulsing. I looked again and definitely saw blood pulsing through the impossibly large appendage. My eyes focused on another view on the screen where I saw that another MP was examining Alpha’s sprawling palm, blood still dripping from the fingers. My eyes moved to another feed where an MP’s camera was focused on Alpha’s face, lips still glossed by some of the remains of the previous commander. Another feed was focused on the mountainous chest. As I looked, I saw where an MP had scaled Alpha’s body and was standing on his torso, just below the cliffs of the mighty pectorals. Suddenly, I noticed, the pectorals move down as the MP watched in confusion and stumbled forward. “COMMANDER! FUCK!” I yelled, “He’s been holding his breath this whole time . . . he’s still alive! Get your men out of there . . . NOW!” The commander looked at me, confused at my audacity to order him. I looked at the screen and focused on Alpha’s face, once again. The slanted eyes slowly opened as the black irises focused with quick expansion and dilation and an evil grin formed. His tongue appeared between his lips and licked them clean of the remaining blood that was still coating them. I looked back to the screen exhibiting the cock as it pulsed and rose from the thigh, foreskin peeling back over the bulbous, mushroom head and slowly sliding through the pre-cum coating as it rose and slid up towards the massive bricks of thickly muscled abdominals. The MP’s noticed life in the creature, as well, and three quickly began to back towards the exit as they focused their automatic rifles on Alpha. Audio of their terrified chatter was piped into the control room where we stood. “Orders, Sir! Should we fire?” the team leader barked to the commander. Three views showed the MP on Alpha’s chest fall forward into the crevice between the pectorals towering over him. His screen was simultaneously filled with the view of smooth, dark flesh rippling with thick muscle fibers dancing beneath seemingly paper-thin skin. Alpha grinned, exhibiting his large, sharp teeth. Flexing his abs and placing his palms on the floor, he raised and pushed his muscle encased torso up. His triceps, biceps and forearms exploding with size and power as they easily lifting his immense weight. At the same time, his pectorals tensed, trapping the unfortunate MP between the two massive granite-hard orbs of muscular perfection. The other three MP’s cameras were still focused on him and showed him stand to full height back in the containment room. He walked over to the thick, still intact floor-to-ceiling glass in the adjacent room where the commander, the two MP’s that brought me there and I stood gaping up in awe and fear. “SIR! Orders, Sir!” crackled over the speakers from the MP’s, once again. The commander stood slack-jawed as he beheld the untamed, superhuman muscle-boy the military had created with my serums. The boy stepped forward, his pre-cum flowing sex tool coating the pane and sliding up between his rippling abdominals and the glass. His exercise ball-sized testicles hung pendulously beneath, visibly churning. Further up, we saw the MP, his head and shoulders trapped between the giant’s pectorals. We saw the trapped man’s fists punching at unfeeling flesh and his legs kicking and flailing about uselessly. Then Alpha spoke, his thunderous voice picked up by the microphone of the pec-trapped MP as the pane vibrated and the room rumbled: “You took me off of the street not knowing my desire to be more. Your indoctrination was unnecessary . . . I was born to conquer and rule those on the streets. Your serums, chemicals and psychological implantations have just excelled me physically and emotionally into an inhuman, brutish GOD among you puny, pathetic little creatures. You have instilled in me that not just any enemies you may have, but you, as well, are only good for my amusement and gratification.” With that, it moaned, licked its lips, reached down and wrapped a massive hand around it’s throbbing cock. Its huge, rounded, split biceps and its massive, horseshoe shaped triceps pressed forward by the hanger-wide latissimus dorsi fighting them for room. Ropes of veins mapped and pulsed over the perfect, dark and hairless flesh. It began to slowly stroke. It looked me in the eye, once again, and spoke, “I - WANT - MORE, UNDERSTAND, LITTLE MAN?” as it slowly flexed its pectorals. The MP trapped there thrashed about furiously. As those godly pecs reached full, hard flexion, there was an explosion of red emanating from where the MP’s living, struggling body once was and splattering against the pane. He was simply squashed like a bug between the powerful mounds of muscle. Blood and tissue ran down the glass and onto the throbbing cock as Alpha used his tool to scoop the remains from the window for added, warm lube. The lower part of the MP separated as Alpha alternately flexed his pecs and the MP's legs and waist fell to the base of his bucking cock. The boy-beast wrapped his fist around the remains and crushed them against his sex-trunk, purring at the added stimulation. He flexed his mountainous pectorals hard, again, and extended his tongue, lapping the snuffed MP's blood and gore that squished out from the shelves created by the top of his pecs. He grinned a bloody grin as he stroked and looked through the pane at the four of us. He saw large patches of liquid staining all of our tented crotches. “You are all frail and powerless to stop me from doing as I please . . . and you are too pitifully weak to resist your base urges when in the presence of a true Alpha-God.” Alpha lifted the crushed remains of the muscle-snuffed MP’s leg to his lips and slurped it in, chewing and swallowing as he continued to stroke. Looking the commander in the eye, he boomed, “You feeble little excuse for a man, tell me what I am to you! I see your sexual attraction to what I am. You are small, you are weak. Admit it, little slave. After witnessing what I am, you serve me, now. Tell me, boy! Fall on your KNEES in my presence, you inconsequential little bug, and worship the superior being that I am!” “NO! I - I will DESTROY you!” the commander stammered, still trying to maintain a control he would never again have. Alpha frowned, placed his fists on his hips and flexed. Every muscle inflated with unimaginable size and solidity. “WORSHIP WHAT I AM, WORM!” he bellowed to the commander, the protective pane vibrated and small fissures appeared with just the power of his voice. I saw the commander grab his crotch and fall to his knees. At the same time he grabbed his chest, “Oh, my GOD!” escaped his lips as he fell forward on his face, dead, his heart unable to withstand the sights and sounds of power personified, but his cock still rocketing volleys of cum into his slacks in his final death throes. Alpha smirked, “What fragile, feeble little fucks you are!” It was then that I heard the sound of rapid-fire weapons from within the giant’s chamber. He grinned, rolled his head from side to side and turned to face his attackers as the messaging bullets bounced harmlessly off his diamond hard musculature and impenetrable skin. ALPHA - Part 3 As the giant muscle-boy turned, my mouth dropped and my cock throbbed achingly beholding just how impossibly thick and corded his towering body actually was! Mounds of powerful, rippling masses ballooned and rippled from his thick, burly neck to his weightily muscled ankles as he moved. He lifted one oaken leg and his vast sole came down squarely upon one of the firing MP’s. The unfortunate man was instantly squashed out of existence like the bug he was to this diabolical teen behemoth, his remains splattering out in all directions from beneath Alpha’s gigantic foot. The other two MP’s, witnessing the dispatching of their comrade without so much as a warning or, really, any thought at all from Alpha, dropped their weapons and turned to run. Unfortunately for them, not only was Alpha massively muscular, he was also lightening fast. Before the men could take a step, they found themselves firmly in Alpha’s grasp and lifted from the floor. Their struggling, screaming and begging for mercy seemed only to excite Alpha, judging from the rapid twitching of his inhuman cock. Pre-cum was streaming from its throbbing crown, and the smirk that appeared on his handsome, Asian face as he turned to face me in the control room made my blood run cold. He lifted one MP to his mouth and, much like he had done to me earlier, inserted his head, shoulders and torso and close his lips around the man’s waist. I saw the sinister grin before I saw those monstrous jaw muscles flex and heard, even through the glass, the snapping and crunching of bone over a shrill and muffled, albeit short, scream. Alpha simply bit the man in half, chewed the torso like a snack and swallowed as he tossed the twitching legs to the floor. The other MP was crying and vomiting as Alpha raised his forearm and wiped the blood dripping from the corners of his mouth and focused on him. “Oh, GOD! Please! NOOOO!” “INSECT!” Alpha boomed, “If you do as I say, I may spare you. Understand?” The MP nodded his head vigorously in Alpha’s grasp. He set him on the floor at his feet (beside what remained of his comrade). Alpha began stroking his man-sized sex tool slowly as he looked at the man and said, simply, “Strip, bug.” There was no argument from the MP who disrobed as quickly as he possibly could and stood before the teen muscle-beast glaring down at him. Alpha placed his hands on his hips and flexed, spreading his extensive lats like massive wings beneath his bulging arms. He flexed his beastly cock and pre-cum poured from the slit and roped down onto the little man. He fell to his knees and his cock shot to attention as the hot fluid coated him. Alpha grinned. “Drink a handful of my nectar, bug.” he spoke with authority. The MP did more! He looked up, opened his mouth and let the pre flow directly into his mouth, gulping down as much as he could. “You want this God’s cock, don’t you, you pathetic little worm?” Alpha smiled. The MP nodded again as he continued to slurp the beast’s nectar flowing down over him. “So be it!” thundered Alpha. Before the MP had time to realize what was happening, Alpha had snatched him from the floor, grabbed a leg in each hand, lowered the poor man to his cock-head and pulled down as he thrust his cock up. The entry of the head, as round as the man’s chest, split him in half at the hips and I could see the beast’s throbbing crown travel into the torso, displacing and crushing every organ and bone before exploding through the corpse’s neck, its head limply lolling to one side, staring blankly into space, as blood flowed over Alpha’s cock. I was repulsed, yet completely in awe of the power and, somehow, drawn to the ruthlessness of this boy-God. I couldn’t tear my gaze away from the god-cock cloaked in a fresh, warm human condom. Alpha looked me in the eye, lowered a hand and resumed slowly stroking, bits and pieces of the human plaything coating his pole ripping and tearing apart and falling to his feet in a bloody heap. His muscles bulged and sparkled as he stroked. He stepped towards the glass. “Come, taste of what I am, Little One . . . You will help make me MORE! You want to worship what you know I will become. I am your GOD, Bug . . . you are MINE!” he simmered. My cock erupted into orgasm as I fell to the floor unconscious. I awoke, once again, with medics hovering over me asking if I was okay. I bolted upright. “Where is Alpha?” I screamed. One of the medics quickly gave me a shot and sat me down. “Calm down, Sir. He is under control, see?” He motioned towards the containment room and, through the blood and gore smeared glass, I saw Alpha, glistening with sweat and blood, seated in the massive chair I had originally seen him in. He was restrained with massive chains around his arms, legs, chest and neck. His cock was slung into a fifty-five gallon drum, like before. “How?” I asked incredulously. “He was sitting there when we arrived, Sir. This kind of thing has happened before. He always stops, sits there and waits to be restrained, again.” the medic stated matter-of-factly. “Normally there are no survivors, Sir . . . you are the first.” I saw the coroners cleaning up what was left of victims as some enlisted men cleaned up the warehouse and control rooms. The medics gave me a robe and I walked out into the containment area, cautiously approaching Alpha. He looked at me and his muscles tensed and bulged attempting a salute. “SIR!” he thundered “Relax, Alpha . . . do you remember me?” I asked, his eyes looking, somehow, different, softer, than with my previous encounters. “Sir! No, Sir!” he responded in his booming voice. “And you must be mistaken, Sir! My name is Takeo, Sir!” “Okay,” I responded pensively, “Do you know why you are chained . . . and why you are four times larger than any other man here?” “Yes, Sir! I was living on the streets and agreed to be trained as a super-soldier, Sir. They told me I would become bigger, stronger, smarter, Sir.” he stated. “Takeo, lift your arm.” I ordered. “Sir! I am chained to the chair, Sir.” he responded. “Takeo, I ORDER you to stand at attention, Marine!” I bellowed. Before the words had left my mouth, his dense musculature erupted into even larger, inundating masses of power and the large chain links deformed and broke from his wrists, arms, legs and chest. His neck swelled with sinew until that chain, also, snapped and he stood to attention, in all his nude glory, that trunk of a cock swaying down by his knees, and saluted. Everyone in the building gasped and scattered, running for the exits. I stood in front of this goliath, my head at the level of his flaccid, pre-cum flowing cock-head. I knew this giant wasn’t the same demon that I’d encountered earlier. “I’m sorry, Sir!” he apologized. “I did not know that I could break those restraints.” “It’s okay, Takeo.” I mused. I needed to find all the records relating to this experiment. It appeared that the psychological indoctrination may have brought forth an alternate personality within the giant my serum had created. With the main programmer now dead, there was noone to ask. Takeo looked down at me, “Sir?” “Yes, Takeo?” As I looked up into his eyes, they seemed to flicker and become dark before I heard him growl, “I - WANT - MORE!” I stumbled back, still looking up into his eyes, and they seemed to soften. “Sir? Are you okay?” he asked as he kneeled down on one knee, his pre-cum slick cock, its base nestled atop his massive, churning testicles, sliding on the floor towards me. I reached out to touch that appendage that, not too long before, I had watched fuck the life out of a full grown man with one thrust. I looked up and drew my hand back quickly. “Yes, Takeo, I’m fine. We’ll talk later. Please sit back down and let them restrain you.” I turned and ran out of the building yelling to the handlers to double the restraints. I had to find out what was happening to this powerful, hulking teen! I had seen what he could do . . . and I knew what he could become. ALPHA - Part 4 I ran to the science building going immediately to the records having anything to do with the Super Soldier project. I was looking for anything that would indicate someone had noticed a personality change in Takeo, more specifically, any indication of a dual personality within the subject. As I poured through the mountains of files and the notes they contained, one caught my eye from approximately one year earlier. The file was definitely designed to catch someone’s attention. It was marked “TOP SECRET: PROJECT ALPHA” with an ominous subtitle: “Observation of First Negative Effects of Chemically Induced Super-Soldier Conditioning”. As I opened the file, I found that there was only one page with a few notes about Takeo’s size increase to twenty feet after his last injection, along with documenting astounding simultaneous increases in both muscle size and strength. There was, apparently, no increase in body fat nor loss of vascularity with the incredible growth recorded. A temporary change in Takeo’s attitude and demeanor that appeared to be temporary was also noted. At the end of the notes, highlighted and underlined, was a strong suggestion to suspend the further injections of my serum and to use restraints on the subject for the remainder of the project testing. The last sentence was direction to view video contained on a flash drive in the file’s side folder pocket that would make the reason for such recommendations clear. I notified the security detail, closed and locked the door to the file room, shut the blinds and disabled the surveillance of the room’s interior, as was protocol for viewing top secret video files related to Project Alpha. So that no one that might be trying to listen through the door could hear anything from the video recording, I inserted headphones into my ears, opened the file and began to watch. In the beginning of the video, the only thing I found remarkable was that Takeo was not restrained at all. He appeared to be living in the same thirty feet tall containment building where he was presently held. The twenty feet tall observation windows connected to the observation rooms were all the same as what I had experienced when I first arrived at the base. It appeared that clothing had ceased being issued to Takeo after he reached fifteen feet in height, so he roamed his “home” freely without any covering at all. HIs appearance still took my breath away. The thick, bulging and vein-mapped muscles covering every inch of his body rippled beneath his skin, not just with every movement he made, but every breath that he took. His prodigious manhood hung nearly to his knees over a nutsack that contained his two huge balls. He appeared to be leaking pre-cum continually. As I watched, one of the doors entering from one of the observation areas opened and a Marine came in bringing food for Takeo. He was a massive soldier of about six feet, five inches tall with thick powerful muscle stretching the clothing he was wearing: only shorts and a tank top. He pushed a large wheelbarrow overflowing with, what appeared to be, raw sides of beef. “Hey, Chuck!” Takeo’s powerful voice boomed as he grinned. “‘Sup, Take?” Chuck responded with a shortened nickname, apparently, “How’s our human Godzilla doing today, man?” he joked. “Only thing up is me, as always, little man!” Takeo jested as he reached down and lifted the barrel of his pre-cum leaking cock for emphasis. Chuck grinned, “Shit, Take . . . I’m just glad you’re on OUR side, kid! And stop playing with your weapon, man!” Obviously these two were friends. Chuck turned and started walking back to the door he had entered through, “Enjoy your snack, Godzilla. I think they have you scheduled for a drill this afternoon. Have fun!” Immediately, I saw a change in Takeo, his muscles tensed and bulged to rock-hard masses of power. His face, which had been friendly and jovial, hardened and his grin faded to a sneer as his eyes darkened. His enormous bulk was blocking Chuck’s exit faster than the recording equipment could catch the giant moving. Alpha stood, smirking down at Chuck who slowly began to back away into the center of the vast room. “Take? Everything okay, bud?” Chuck asked, the tension clear in his voice. Alpha raised his arms and flexed hard, muscle erupting obscenely in colossal waves all over his awe-inspiring body. He lowered one arm, place his huge palm beneath his leaking cock head until it filled with the hot, slimy fluid. He coated the head and shaft and slowly stroked as he squeezed more pre-cum from the long slit at its tip. Chuck stumbled back, but you could clearly see his shorts begin to tent as he looked up at his giant, beastly friend. “Fuck, Take! What’re you doing man?” he quivered. Alpha’s voice boomed, “You like what you see, don’t you Chucky! I can smell it emanating from your pathetic little body. . . I can see it in your throbbing dick. Come on, Chucky! You know you’ve always want to feel the power in this body. Now’s your chance. Touch me, Chucky.” Chuck was visibly conflicted, not just by being in the presence of this giant, powerfully muscular boy, but also, by the imposing creature speaking with such a self-assured, overbearing authority. “Take . . . no, man! Stop fucking around!” he spoke haltingly. Alpha grinned, almost tasting the awe, mixed with fear, rising in Chuck. His already heavy cock began to increase in length and girth, pulsing larger with every beat of Alpha’s massive heart. He continued to slowly stroke the beast. “Get out of those constricting clothes and get on your knees, Chucky. Let’s compare.” Alpha taunted. I watched as something within the heavily muscled and obviously powerful Chuck just seemed to snap. “Yes, SIR!” he gushed as he peeled all of the clothing from his huge body and fell to his knees before Alpha. Alpha walked over, holding his cock over Chuck and squeezed as pre-cum flowed all over what was, obviously, now nothing but his muscled little plaything. “Good boy! You are so pitifully weak and insignificant, Chucky, aren’t you?” he belittled as he reached towards him from above. “What the FUCK just happened?” I wondered as I backed up the video and replayed, my cock throbbing painfully in my pants. It started again with Chuck’s last exchange, “ . . . think they have you scheduled for a drill this afternoon. Have fun!” I slowed the playback down and watched Takeo’s transformation frame by frame. The change was eye-popping. My cock began spurting pre-cum as the giant boy solidified into a ferocious mass of power. I backed the video up one more time and let it play. I stopped it at the change in Takeo. “What the hell?” I said out loud, but something gnawed at me. Something Chuck had said sounded familiar to what I’d heard before. Yes. Something the Sergeant Major had said to Takeo or Alpha before I witnessed the first discharge of Alpha’s savage aggression. Could it be? Had they been ignorant or stupid enough to implant a verbal trigger into Takeo’s psyche to initiate aggressive behavior . . . and foolish enough to make it such a commonly used phrase as “Have fun!”? I backed up the video one more time and watched. I paused it when it became clear that someone had, indeed, implanted that trigger phrase for the purpose of turning respectful and compliant Takeo into ferocious and unrestrained Alpha. Morbid curiosity, and lustful desire, caused me to click on play to witness what followed in that first appearance of Alpha and the “negative effects” of what my formula had created out of Takeo. ALPHA - Part 5 I clicked on the play button and witnessed Alpha’s huge hand descend and as he extended his index finger. He slid it over Chuck’s rigid cock (which immediately erupted in orgasm, his cum coating Alpha’s long, thick digit). Alpha grinned, slid his finger up Chuck’s torso, scooping the pre-cum flowing over Chuck’s body up to his mouth. Chuck wrapped his hands around the finger and began lapping Alpha’s pre-cum, mixed with his own cum, from the giant boy’s finger before he wrapped his lips around the tip of the finger, sucking and licking like a baby on a massive nipple. “Good boy!” Alpha boomed as he lowered to his knees, his pre-cum flowing cock settling on Chuck and knocking him to the floor. “This is what you really, want, isn’t it, Chucky? Be honest. It’s what you ALL want! You little bugs just want to be close to what I am, to feel a part of such gigantic, powerful perfection.” the creature toying with his prey taunted as he lowered his other hand and pressed the head of his cock down onto Chuck’s body sprawled out on the floor. In answer, Chuck wrapped his muscular arms around the pulsing, vein encased python, hugged and attached his mouth over the slit, drinking in of Alpha’s nectar as his hips thrust hungrily against his massive friend’s throbbing cock. “Holy FUCK!” I moaned. I couldn’t help but reach down and squeeze my throbbing, hard cock through my trousers as I witnessed, In mere seconds, how Chuck, a huge, powerful Marine, had been reduced to nothing but a little play-thing to Takeo . . . nothing but a worthless sex-toy to the powerful mountain of muscle that was obviously now Alpha. “That’s right, you inconsequential little worm, worship your God’s deadly cock like a good little devotee to real power!” Alpha grinned as he wrapped his massive mitt around Chuck and his huge cock and stood, squeezing. “You just exist to please me like I need to be pleased, don’t you Chucky, you worthless little worm!” Alpha boomed as he placed his other palm behind Chuck’s head and pressed him hard against his hungry cock-head. Alpha released his grip on his cock and Chuck’s body while smashing Chuck’s face against his pre-pouring piss slit with his other hand. Chuck’s hips continued gyrating in the air, his rigid cock dripping pre-cum mixed with cum as his distended, flattened face sucked hungrily on Alpha’s cock head, tongue fucking the slick slit, his body suspended before Alpha’s churning nut-sack. Watching the thick slabs of Alpha’s muscle bulge and ripple with each move he made was intoxicating. I fumbled and unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and started stroking my steel-hard, pre-cum leaking cock as I beheld the massive and powerful Alpha begin to unleash his lust-fueled and bloodthirsty savagery for the first time. Chuck’s body, suspended from Alpha’s hold on his head pressed into that bulbous crown, hung from Alpha’s fist firmly pressed against that angry cock-head. He began to flail about in the air in front of Alpha’s massive, churning nuts, his cock jerking wildly and firing off volleys of cum. Alpha moaned and increased the pressure to his cock-head, compressing Chuck’s head against his throbbing, pre-pulsing crown. Chuck was just something to stimulate this god-like beast. I saw the muscle and sinew in Alpha’s arm solidify and bulge as his inhuman fist contracted. I heard the loud CRACK/POP as blood, bone and brain sprayed from between Alpha’s powerful fingers as he began fisting his cock-head and the pulsing crown of his cock with Chuck’s warm blood, mixed with brain and exploded skull. Chuck’s body went limp and jiggled in death throes as blood and brain ran down his body and dripped to the floor at Alpha’s feet from the giant’s hand stroking that magnificent shaft. Alpha grinned, let go of his bobbing, dripping dick and lifted Chuck’s body. He briefly examined his handiwork before ripping the corpse in half and devouring it like a famished animal, blood and gore dripping from his lips and running over his pumped body as he, once again, lowered his hand and slowly stroked his gore-covered cock.. Edging hard, I clicked pause. Where the hell was security? Why hadn’t guards poured into the room as soon as Chuck was compromised? I pushed play, once again, and watched as Alpha wiped the blood dripping from his chin on his forearm, smirked, and walked towards the hanger door. He dropped to one knee, thrust his massive hand beneath the door as his back and arm exploded in size and he stood, effortlessly lifting the twenty foot door open, curling it like a light dumbell. I saw jeeps lined up and men clamoring at his feet as he revealed himself to those big, strong marines outside the door, powerless against the massive creature calmly stroking his bloody, pre-cum pouring, man-sized cock before their unbelieving, gaping mouths. The base commander jumped from a jeep and approached Alpha. “Takeo! Stand down!” he ordered. “NOW!” he barked as he stood at Alpha’s feet, staring up as bloody pre-cum roped down at the commander’s feet. “You inconsequential little WORM!” Alpha boomed as he lowered to his knees, his thick calf and leg muscles ballooning and rippling. His knees touched down and cracked the pavement on either side of the commander. The commander began to protest at Alpha’s words, but froze as he saw the muscle-beast begin to kneel towards him. All he saw was a living mass of muscle lowering towards him. He raised his arms as Alpha’s nutsack containing two massive balls knocked him on his back and covered him. He struggled beneath the hot, churning orbs, the stench of musky sweat filling his mouth and nostrils as Chuck’s blood filled his mouth. The guards immediately began firing their weapons, the bullets seemingly bouncing from Alpha’s dense, thin skin. Alpha quickly leaned forward and grabbed one guard. He lifted the struggling man in his fist over the remaining guards and thundered, “Do you really want to piss off one that can so effortlessly do this to anyone of you?” He constricted his fingers around the doomed little guard, slowly for emphasis, enjoying the struggling, the individual snaps and cracks of each bone, until blood sprayed from the pitiful little creatures mouth and the body pulped in his mighty fist, dripping blood and gore onto the remaining guards. They immediately dropped their weapons as they stared at the giant creature on his knees, exhibiting his ability to crush them like insects. They beheld the hyper-muscled, godly creature on his knees before them raise the remains of their so easily dispatched comrade to his lips and lap at his remains. Their commander’s arms were flailing and clawing at the giant beast’s sack harboring two monstrous balls pinning him to the ground. They all pissed in their pants as their cocks began to inflate being in the presence of such powerful perfection. Alpha grinned a bloody grin as he finished snacking on the little soldier. He closed his eyes feeling the commander struggling beneath his nuts, stimulating him further, “Good little worm . . . massage my cum factory, you fucking bug!” he purred as he continued to slowly stroke his more than man-sized, gore-slick, pre-leaking shaft with one fist. He snatched another one of the guards from the ground and lifted him to his face with his free fist. “Who do you take orders from, you pathetic, weak little creature? Did any of you actually think you could control what I am?” he roared as his muscles flexed and he lifted his stroking fist from his cock and brought it down into the now open palm containing the guard he’d lifted. I heard the high-pitched scream of the man as he raised his arms in a futile attempt to deflect the fist coming at him like a freight train. The sickening CRUNCH and SPLAT echoed out of the building as blood and gore splattered from the giant muscle-boy’s hands. He lifted his fist to his lips and licked the blood from his knuckles. He lowered his other gore-dripping hand and began to stroke his engorged cock, once again. “YOU ARE NOTHING BUT INSECTS TO ME. I NOW TIRE OF LETTING YOU THINK YOU HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER WHAT I AM. YOU WILL ALL BOW BEFORE ME . . . NOW!” The guards left surrounding the beast on their knees trembled as Alpha stood and glared down at them. As he stood, the base commander was released from beneath the giant’s balls and lay sputtering between his feet. Addressing the guards trembling and pissing on themselves before him, Alpha lifted a foot and placed it on the base commander. His quadriceps exploded into solid masses as he drove his foot into the concrete, obliterating the man beneath his foot and entombing him beneath the fissured surface as blood sprayed in all directions. He released his still rigid, leaking and blood slick cock and it bobbed up to the base of his rippling, rounded pectorals. “Remove your clothing when in the presence of your God!” Alpha sneered to the remaining guards gaping up at him worshipfully. They all complied immediately, tearing their clothes from their bodies and remaining on their knees while grabbing and stroking their erect little penises. Alpha sat and spread his legs out of the open hanger door, his bulbous testicles resting, once again, on the now blood and pre-cum slick surface. “Pleasure me If you can, bugs, and I may let you live.” he grinned sardonically. They all crawled towards the mountain of muscle. He reached out and grabbed another man, brought him to his lips squirming and squealing. The godly beast opened his mouth and bit the man’s torso off at the waist and chewed. Blood shot onto his chin from the lower half of the corpse and flowed down his chin and neck. Alpha turned, looked directly into the camera recording the events and boomed, “I WANT MORE! UNDERSTAND?” “Jesus CHRIST” I breathed raggedly as I orgasmed, cum rocketing from my cock and onto the computer screen and keyboard for a full minute. I stopped the video playback, hurriedly tried to wipe the spunk-covered equipment, and myself, clean. I quickly redressed and rushed to the door to have a guard let me out and accompany back to where Takeo was. Was Alpha actually speaking to me through that recording from years’ prior? How could he have known I would be here now, much less watching that recording? I had to get back to Takeo and speak with him. Was he aware of his alter ego and the things he had done? How had Alpha surfaced momentarily when I last spoke to Takeo? There seemed to be something I was missing, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. ALPHA - Part 6 I approached the hanger and the guards were outside. They quickly opened the door and two followed me in while two remained at the door. Takeo sat, double chained as I had ordered, to his massive chair. His man sized cock’s head, once again, slung into the barrel that collected his constantly flowing pre-cum. I felt so minuscule as I approached this titanic mountain of muscle. I walked up to him and my head only reached to his knees as he sat. I glanced at his always-churning nuts, each larger than my head and down to his massive feet, the feet that I’d witnessed crush humans like nothing by annoying little bugs. I looked up past his thick, jutting pectorals and saw him grinning down at me. “Hey, Doc.” he rumbled, “Do you like what you’ve done to me? Am I what you had hoped to create, little man?” “Takeo,” I started, my mouth suddenly dry and my knees weak. My tired cock leapt at the sound of his voice and his belittling words, but I maintained composure, “You have FAR exceeded my expectations.” I saw his cock lurch, rocking the fifty-five gallon drum enough that pre-cum flowed over onto the floor. The giant closed his eyes and licked his large, thick lips. “Mmmmm! Thanks, Doc. We want the same thing, you and I.” his impossibly bass voice boomed, “You are too pathetically small and weak to do what you want to do deep down. That’s why you worked so hard to create what I am. You had hoped that your formula would create a beast in every way.” He opened his eyes and looked at me for some type of reaction. “It has.” “What are you talking about, Takeo?” I blubbered, feigning confusion at his statements, yet knowing he was correct about everything he had said. “I know the videos you just watched pleased you greatly.” he grinned knowingly as his dark eyes seemed to bore into my soul. I stepped back, slipped on the pre-cum on the floor and fell against the now overflowing barrel. “What? Takeo, how could you POSSIBLY know what . . .” He interrupted and finished my thought: “. . . know what you’ve been doing? Doc, you created a way for me to inhabit this body. You thought you were only creating a super soldier that you could, hopefully, control and use to fulfill your deepest and darkest desires and fantasies. Don’t you yet realize that you’ve created more than an all-powerful giant? I am not constrained by time and space . . . I have spared you so that you can witness what you have unleashed upon mankind. I know that you long to see what I will do. I know that you mortals are so weak and completely powerless to resist my power and impossibly seductive sexuality. I knew you were mine before you even arrived on base.” He paused and grinned as I lifted my pre-cum soaked hand to my mouth and lapped at the warm, slimy nectar in which I had fallen. He flexed every muscle lightly and they ballooned, pressing hard against the chains in which he was wrapped, as cable-like veins appeared and pulsed beneath the skin and the rippling muscle it sheathed. My cock rocketed to attention and saluted its master. The two guards with me lowered their weapons as they gazed upon godly, masculine perfection, seemingly hypnotized be the creature’s massive muscles flexing and rolling on every surface of his gargantuan frame. He chuckled and continued, “I allowed you to believe Takeo and Alpha were here. They are now a part of me. We are Alpha, but really we are the creature that you created that I have been waiting for . . . a body sturdy enough where I can exist and unleash my darkest wanton desires. I am Agyo, the God of Overt Violence. Yes, Doc, I WANT MORE . . . MUCH MORE . . . and you do too, my worshipful little pet! Your Alpha is now here to stay!” the beast thundered as he took a deep breath, his massive chest inflating and solidifying as the chain links deformed and popped from his chest, arms and legs with his full-body flexion. I scooted back against the barrel as he stood, his cock leaving the barrel and floating over my head, coating me with his hot pre-cum. He grabbed a guard in each hand as he stood. They broke from their worshipful transces and began kicking and clawing at Alpha’s flesh. They would have screamed, but he was crushing the air from their lungs with his powerful grip. “Oh, my GOD! Alpha! What are you going to do with them?” I squealed, my dark macrophilia laden desires taking hold of my senses as I quickly disrobed and fell to my knees, naked and throbbing, looking up at the godly creature looming over me. “Good little worm,” Alpha grinned, “you have been mine since your birth, just dreaming and waiting for your God to appear.” With that he dunked one of the soldiers, head first, into the barrel of his pre-cum before moving him back to his globular, muscled ass. He relaxed his ass muscles and shoved his toy soldier in, head first, down to the little man’s waist. I watched, mesmerized by my creations brutal, sadistic power as the little legs protruding from the God’s ass kicked violently. “MMMMM, FEELS GOOD!” Alpha thundered as he, once again, looked me in the eye and grinned while simultaneously flexing that massive, godly ass hard. There was a muffled CRUNCH and the legs stopped kicking and quivered for a bit before Alpha flexed his ass hard once more and the little body was crushed within that godly ass, severed at the waist, legs falling to the floor. I had crawled over to Alpha’s massive ankle and wrapped my arms around it as far as I could, humping my God’s leg with my pre-cum covered body as he ass-snuffed the worthless little soldier. Alpha dropped the other stunned soldier into the barrel of pre-cum before reachng down and plucking me from his ankle. He raised me to his boyishly handsome, yet terrifyingly large, face. “It’s time for more, bug!” he whispered as he closed his eyes and I felt his grip slipping around me. I looked at his arms, shoulders, and chest rippling with power, bulging and expanding. I looked down and saw the floor becoming further away as we rose. He shifted his feet to a wider stance as his head and wide, rounded shoulders burst through the roof of the hanger, his gargantuan torso protecting me from debris. As he reached fifty feet in height and thousands of tons of pure, unadulterated muscle, he ceased growing and grinned at me, now in his open palm, stroking furiously. We could see jeeps, tanks and people scurrying about in panic at the sight of the titanic muscle-God Alpha’s appearance through the hanger roof. He bent back down and reached into the hanger by his feet and, between two fingers, lifted the barrel of pre-cum containing the other guard. The poor guy was standing in the barrel of pre-cum and stroking his cock feverishly as Alpha brought the barrel to his lips, opened his mouth and tilted it. I had a perfect view as the pre-cum roped into his mouth, carrying with it the flailing yet furiously masturbating little guard. The beast pinched the barrel flat between his powerful fingers as he moved the worshipful little snack around in his mouth. It was unfortunate for the guard that he was a bit too large to swallow whole. I saw Alpha’s huge jaw muscle clench in unison with a sickening, short scream and CRUNCH as the guard’s little body was chewed to a bloody paste for swallowing. Alpha grinned, his teeth red with blood, as he bellowed, “It’s time to begin, little muscle slut.” Cum rocketed from my cock at the sound of his voice as he set me on his shoulder and stepped through the wall of the hanger, flattening a jeep and its unfortunate occupants that had just pulled up. He reached down and picked up another jeep and its yelling, frightened and awed occupants as he began stroking his quickly lengthening and thickening cock, his balls churning in anticipation of what was to come.
  2. Shahrazad2

    A Couple of Hunks

    (Note, like a lot of my stories, the people in this are based on real people, at least in the beginning. I adjusting names and certain details to make the story more interesting, but I need to give credit where it is due. Let me know what you all think) Stewart and Henry were a married couple. Fortunately for me, their relationship was open, and they enjoyed inviting other guys to play with them. I was only an Italian-American college grad 20 something, kinda lanky, curly-haired and gangly, but 6'2" tall. While I'd been fascinated by twinks in high school and athletes in college, something about the settled, strong, somewhat chubby bodies and easy demeanor of Stewart and Henry drew me. Stewart was Irish-Scottish-American, and worked in some sort of number crunching company. He had bright, twinkling hazel eyes and buzzed hair and a round baby face with a boyish grin and stubble on his lips and chin. He was only about 5'7" tall, but he had a 7 inch long, thin dick that loved attention. His body was also nicely hairy all over, but his fair skin was marred by eczema, and though he said it was about the best it had ever been, he really loved it when I massaged him with the lotion to sooth his discomfort. I admit I was initially surprised, but once he explained the condition and I saw how much he loved being touched I thought of him as a lovable teddy bear, and several times I drove over to their townhouse just to massage him while he watched TV. Stewart's hairy body was fun to touch and play with, and he was very sensual. After a lifetime of being unable to touch anyone for fear of being seen as too gay, I loved caressing him. Stewart was also the more openly horny and the one who was more talkative, and it was he who initially invited me over when we were chatting on Adam4Adam. He liked trashy tv shows and dramas, and he also liked me. Henry was Cambodian-American, and worked as a manager for a mental health company. He had taken his husband's last name, and I was a bit in awe of him. He stood a bit taller than his husband at 5'11" and his body, though soft and smooth, was somewhat stronger from helping the orderlies care for patients. His dark brown eyes seemed to look deep, and he didn't talk much, but he would chat with me on facebook when his busy schedule allowed, and he was always polite and gentle. His skin was a rich bronze, and mostly smooth, except around his loins. His hair was longer than his husband, but only enough to flop neatly on his head, though he sometimes buzzed the sides and back. His dick was thicker than Stewart's, and its shape was sexier, too. Where Stewart got off quickly, Henry liked to take his time with me, both of us cuddling and caressing each other, stroking and sucking and and holding each other as we came, and then cuddling and making out afterwards. Sometimes, while Stewart would get off early and go clean up, Henry and I would spend longer and longer periods in bed, making out and exploring each other's bodies. I admit, if I found Stewart cute and playful and fun to take care of, I yearned for time spent with Henry. He was usually busy, though, and so I became more a friend to Stewart than a friend with benefits to both of them. One evening, though, Henry was working on something while Stewart and I reclined on the couch with his lotion, and while burly Cambodian was usually silent when he had a project, tonight he seemed especially focused on his laptop and some odd device, which looked like a combination of a tablet and a stereo and a whisk. "What's going on," I asked in a whisper to Stewart, who shrugged, and murmured back, "Some sort of mental health psychosomatic reinforcement subliminal message projector thing... there've been a few rowdy patients at Henry's job lately, and he's been trying to invent something to help them make breakthroughs, lower addiction symptoms, etc... doesn't seem to be working too well, if his temper is any indication. Poor guy has been beating himself up over trying to make it work, but I think his coworkers have written it off as a lost cause already. But the good news is he's made some progress on other stuff. He found a new experimental skin cream for me... it's supposed to work wonders... want to try it out?" I smiled. Stewart is cute when he wants something, though his condition can't be comfortable. "Sure thing... but let me wash my hands first... maybe make your husband take a break and start you on it," I reply as I get up, go to the restroom, and, out of habit, close and lock the door. It's not that I'd mind if either of them barged in on me if I was doing things far more private than washing hands, but it's just one of my quirks. Through the door, I heard the following: "Henry, hon, could you at least get me started before Mikey gets back?" "Ugh... I'll need to wash my hands afterwards if I'm going to be working on this piece of junk, but yeah, I could use a break, babe. I swear it is picking up kinky porn channels or something instead of projecting anything. If I could just find the right medium, I'm sure it'd work. Even now it is just loading." "You'll get it right eventually, hon." "Thanks babe. Oof... this jar is sealed tight." "C'mon, big guy, you're really strong... you can open it." "Grrr... I'll show you strong, sexy... finally!" I heard Stewart's mild, teasing applause, then, a moment later, "Ooo... thanks... that feels good, hon." "Yeah, it is nice and smooth... kinda tingly, though, mayb-" Henry was interrupted by a sudden electronic hum, which continued for several minutes. I was a little unnerved by their sudden silence, turned the sink off, and called out, "Guys, you ok?" In unison, both Stewart and Henry nearly moaned, "We ok," their voices sounding strangely flat over the continuing mechanical buzz. I finished drying my hands, opened the door and stood there in shock. Stewart and Henry were frozen in place, the new skin cream smeared over Henry's hands and Stewart's belly. But the skin cream was glowing with a strange golden light, and both men's expressions were blank. It was like they were awaiting something. At the same time, the device Henry had been working on was vibrating, the whisk-part shaking as electric arcs danced between the metal frame. I went over to examine the screen and saw the following message: Medium for personality and physiology alteration found. Connection made... suggestion waves interfacing with subject(s) physiology. Subject 2 has dermal errors... Medium can make repairs with heightened stimulation. Authorize? Y/N? I thought for a moment. Should I do this? Would it really help Stewart's skin? What if it made things worse? How long would this effect last? I took a deep breath, and typed "Y" The device flashed, and the gel flowed over Stewart, coating him entirely. I rushed over to try and pull it off his face, but in a moment, it seemed to have sunk into his skin, save for a few globs in the jar and on Henry's hands. But Stewart started to moan and lean back out of his husband's touch, running his hands over his body and writhing in what looked like pleasure on the couch. "Yeah... oh baby, yeah, yeah, I've never felt this good... fuck yeah!" he cried out. He opened his eyes and locked them with mine. "Mikey, fuck me, please fuck me, I need to get fucked! Fffffuck!" he growled out and yanked off his shirt, exposing his shoulders. I thought for a brief moment that he had snapped out of his earlier trance, but his eyes, though heavy lidded and sex-driven, were still unfocused. I noticed, though, that his skin seemed slightly more clear than before. I made up my mind. "Ok Stewart, I'll fuck you... pants off," I command, pulling off my clothes as I spoke. Something about Stewart seemed stronger, more alluring. No more the cute, sympathetic pup, now, physically tearing his pants and briefs off his legs and revealing a surprising bulge, long and slim and hardening. His neck and arms and chest all seemed thicker, more fire plug powerful, but he also seemed an inch taller. "Fuck yeah, Mikey! Only it's Stu, fuck, not Stewart. Stewart's a dweeb's name, and I'm... fuck... I'm all man." He really was changing before my eyes. His neck was thicker, and his biceps were flexing as he growled and cursed. I was surprised to see a tribal tattoo forming on his arms and shoulders, and his hair seemed to be reshaping into a military high and tight. His facial stubble was thickening. As I positioned myself, I noticed that Henry was still frozen in place, his eyes locked on the empty air where Stewart... Stu... had been when they first froze. But his pants are noticeably bulging, as if he can sense what is going on and can't help but be aroused. I took a deep breath, and slid into... Stu's hole. He felt tight, and he was flexing, his bulky body showing hard muscle underneath a daddylike meat. His cock flopped onto his gut, which was starting to show roid-abs, and he moaned loud and long, his voice deeper as his chest and neck muscles started to swell. His sweat smelled muskier, deeper somehow. I was finding myself lost in his body, seeing how responsive he was to each thrust of my dick. Then I noticed that he was actually getting a bit taller with each thrust. Where Stewart's rash had been, Stu only had flushed skin from the lust he was experiencing. His eyes were rolling back in his head, and nothing but profanity spilled from his now bearded lips as a newborn daddy hunk who lay on the couch beneath me. Eventually, I heard the device beep, and it seemed to trigger Stu's responses. He roared out, "Oh fuck... oh goddamn fucking FUCCCCKKKKKK!" Cum splattered from his dick and across his bulky, hairy chest muscles, and he seemed to pass out in a sexually satisfied stupor. I pulled out, but he didn't seem to notice, just began to snore. I noticed that his cum was soaking into his skin just like the lotion had, though. I went over to the device to see what it had to say about the situation, and saw the following message displayed: Medium for Personality and Physical Alteration suitable. Subject 2 responded extremely well. Save (rename) - Subject 2: __________ I began to type "Stu" into the blank, but autocorrect finished for me and saved him as "Stud." Searching databases... "Stud" qualities applied. Details downloaded from 34,768 pornographic films (see list). Increasing sex drive. Lowering inhibitions. Seeking open relationships or opportunities to spread genetic material. Intelligence shifting from academic to physical and socially and sexually driven. Subject 2 saved as "Stud." "Oh geez... I hope that doesn't make things worse." I mumble to myself, before the device beeped again. I looked to the screen and saw a new message. Medium for personality and physical alteration insufficient. Please apply greater quantities of the medium to Subject 1's epidermis. Failure to do so promptly could result in brain damage from extended halted mental operations. I looked at Henry, and saw that drool was starting to spill from his lips. "Oh geez oh geez oh geez," I yelped as I grabbed some dishwashing gloves from the sink to avoid getting any of the stuff on me, and yanked open Henry's button down shirt to expose as much of his golden skin as possible. I took the jar from his hand and began slathering the lotion onto his body, watching as it glowed brilliantly under the stimulation of the device's signals. When I'd practically emptied the container, I dropped, it, pulled off the gloves so they landed on Henry's bare feet, and returned to the device, where I was relieved to see a new message waiting for me. Medium for personality and physical alteration found. Connection made... suggestion waves interfacing with subject(s) physiology. Subject 1 experienced mild brain damage. Repairs must be made to allow continued functioning. Authorize? Y/N? Without hesitation I pressed Y. I wanted Henry safe and whole. The device flashed again, and the gel coated all of Henry's body, remaining for longer than it had on Stewart before sinking into the bronzed Cambodian skin. Henry showed signs of life, animating and moaning low and loud. Unlike his husband, he didn't say any words... in fact, it seemed like he was acting far more primal and animalistic than Stewart had. He began to growl, deep in his throat and belly, and flex his muscles... which were beginning to pump and swell, making his remaining clothes look that much tighter. Veins seemed to swell in his neck and torso, as if pumping with the gel. His gut seemed to be pushing towards me, but "roid gut" abs were forming on its expanse as well. Henry's shoulders seemed to be getting broader, and his breathing was louder as the changes swept through his body (and presumably his mind). His neck was getting thicker, more bull-like, and I heard his spine crack as he began to get taller. Soon, he was approaching my height! Henry's clothes seemed smaller and smaller, but he took a step towards me, reaching out with hands that spasmed as a response to his arm muscles starting to grow. I felt those twitching, throbbing hands grab me... and push me aside! Instead of doing anything with me, like Stewart... or Stu, or Stud, I suppose... had, Henry went straight for his husband's passed out form on the couch. He bent his knees and flexed with a grunt, and began to flex more seriously. Shockingly, his muscles seemed to bulge and pump and swell even more! In a moment, his shirt had torn off his broad, veiny shoulders, revealing a body that had grown into the muscle, massive gut bulging under pillow-sized pecs capped with erect nipples. As his body continued to flex and expand, soon his pants too started to tear off... and perhaps in preparation for my visit, he hadn't been wearing underwear underneath. His cock, now a solid, massive monster, thick and vein-covered, flew up and smacked his belly as the tattered remnants of his old life fell to the floor. Even his socks ripped off his now bigger bare feet. The newly naked beast of a man wasted no time, leaning forward to bury his face and tongue between the cheeks of his husband's new hairy, unblemished muscle butt. I could hear loud slurping sounds as Henry... or the man who'd been Henry... began to rim Stu's stud ass with long strokes of his tongue. Stu began to moan and wake up. With a string of dialogue that I was starting to recognize from certain porn movies, Stu left no doubt about that. "Oh fuck, hon, you're so big! Look at those muscles... yeah, eat out that tight ass. Our little friend didn't fill me near enough. I need your big meat. Give it to me, hon... give me that. Huge. Fucking. Dick!" Henry complied. It was really hot to watch his body move, his head rising from his partner's hole, his hard dick, now almost as thick and long as my forearm, dripping precum as he lined it up, then placed his big hands on his husband's hairy shoulders and thrust inside the smaller man. The couch, a well-weighted thing that had withstood a lot, actually moved with the force, and Stu's language turned, if possible, even more profane. There was no effort to make sense, just variations on the theme of fucking in between gasps of breath with each thrust Henry made. Until Stu did something that changed things... he renamed Henry: "C'mon, Hank, stop holding back and pound me! FUCK!" Henry... or, I suppose, Hank, now... froze, despite Stu's extremely vocal complaints. "H-hank..." he moaned, his voice rough. "I-I'm H-Hank..." "Yeah, you are, HUNK, now fucking fucking FUCK ME!" yelled Stu. He probably shouldn't have said that. Henry's face seemed conflicted. "Hank... Hunk... Hank... Hunk... Hank... Hunk." As Stu continued to scream profanities, I moved forward, stood on tiptoe (for Henry had inched taller over the last minute or so), and murmured in his ear. "Some people call you Henry or Hank... or even Hunk." Henry's huge, muscular body stilled at my words. "I call you beautiful and powerful and genius and brilliant and sexy and the greatest man I know." Henry's body was shaking as his mind tried to accomodate all the changes it was undergoing at the words I spoke. "You're... Stu's... husband. A hard worker. Really gentle and strong and understanding at the same time. I wish I could call you mine." The world seemed to stop. Was I really going to do this? If I said the right thing, I could claim this mountain of a man for myself, maybe more deeply than anyone else ever would. But... if he didn't choose me, then his only interest in me would be flat and mechanical, right? It wouldn't be real. Henry deserved better than that. Hank deserved better than that. I deserved better than that. I thought for a minute to choose my words carefully, my mind made up, as I blocked out Stu's grumbles, I took a deep breath. "... but you're your own man." He seemed to shudder and sigh, and a smile moved across his lips as he nodded, seeming more at peace. Then, he abruptly returned to fucking his husband like it was the only thing that mattered. Henry... Hank... picked up Stu and started fucking him in mid-air, smooth lips against bearded ones. The harder and faster Hank thrust into his love, the more weight seemed to melt off him. Hank went from bulky to more powerfully built, with greater and greater definition. Cut muscles were revealed across his back and torso, and his ass showed incredible striation as his hips sped up. Sweat gleamed over his body as his huge biceps and powerful legs flexed, and, still sucking face, both men came. I could hear Stu cussing against his husband's kiss, though the words were muffled, and Hank's whole body just shuddered as they coated each other in their seed... which also seemed to melt into their flesh almost immediately. Both men then sank to the ground, wrapped in each other's embrace and drifted off to sleep again. I went over to the device, and found that it had overheated and died, its internal circuits fried sometime during the events of the evening, leaving it as a useless molten piece of junk. The lotion container that Stewart had needed was likewise entirely empty. I tried to clean up, but the guys wouldn't be moved from their spot on the carpet, so I settled in on the couch to be there for them when they woke up. Everything's different now. Stu and Hank (or Stud and Hunk, as they sometimes refer to themselves) have a voracious sexual appetite now, especially for each other. They're the only ones they can really cut loose with, since they are so much stronger and more durable than other men. That hasn't stopped them from pursuing careers as rising stars in the porn world. The public loves Stu's rough and tumble Daddy Bear style, and he's taken to the leather world as well. Meanwhile, at 7'3," Hank is one of the tallest, most powerfully built men out there, and he's seen as the strong, stoic type. Their old minds and memories are hazy at best, and Hank especially seems to be a completely new man. Their sex drives are through the roof, though, and they seem ready to try new things, so they've moved across the country to settle in to new lives where they won't have to encounter their old friends and family. I get a Christmas card each year from them, usually with palm trees and naked guys on it. And, of course, I have ordered every film they've starred in. Nobody knows what went wrong with the weird device and the gel. No one was ever able to replicate the same results with either product. The doctors gave each man a clean bill of health, but their psychiatrists said it might be years before they mentally and emotionally recover from the changes... if ever. They said that Henry and Stewart's nerves must've been hijacked by the malfunctioning device's signal through the medium of the gel, and through those nerves, the rest of their physiology was similarly affected. But doctors and shrinks became compromised after I found one worshipping both partners. It seemed that people just couldn't keep their hands off Hank and Stu... including Hank and Stu. When they left, they were both too into exploring their new muscles and minds that they spent an increasing amount of time having sex and exploring their changes. They didn't even say goodbye. As for me? I'm just living my life, just a normal guy who had a brush with greatness. I'm hoping someday, someone or someones will love me that much.
  3. A few minutes later, Andrew arrived in his pickup truck, and stood on the sidewalk as Todd and Evan came out of the house. Immediately, Todd noticed something different about Andrew: his polo shirt was much tighter, and he was wearing a new pair of jeans from Rufskins. The jeans were very low cut, and Andrew’s polo shirt could barely reach his stomach. Todd also noticed that Andrew was taller too. As the 6’ 6” Evan stood next to his now- 6’ 1” father, Todd noticed the resemblance even more. “Whoa Andrew, those shakes are working for you too,” said Todd. Andrew didn’t say a word, just looked over at Evan. “Geuleul bogi,” said Evan, to Andrew, in Korean. Todd had no idea what he was saying, but the tone was very direct. Todd looked at Andrew, who simply slid the polo shirt up a bit, revealing a dense, solidly muscular eight pack of abs. “Holy shit Andrew, how did you get those so fast?” said Todd. Andrew was always solidly built, but he never had such defined abs. Andrew smiled and said, “Naneun sunjong.” Todd looked puzzled. “Okay, I understand you both want to maintain your Korean heritage, but what’s the deal?” Evan got into the driver’s seat of the pickup truck, and said, “Get in, we have to open the store.” Todd slid into the truck, and Andrew sat next to him. Seated between two such huge men, Todd could feel the heat emanating from them. Todd tried to talk some business with Andrew as Evan drove, but Andrew would only respond in Korean, with Evan translating. Sensing Todd’s frustration, Evan explained: “You are right Todd, I need to maintain my heritage. And Dad wants to sharpen his Korean language skills. So from now on, he’ll only speak Korean around us. And I’ll do the translating, okay?” Todd looked over at Andrew and said, “Are you really okay with this?” Andrew flexed his arm, which was upright in the open window. The bicep flexed up into a huge softball of muscle. “Geun-yug eul eod-eulyeomyeon, ye,” was all Andrew said. Evan noticed how Todd looked at Andrew’s new muscle and translated: “He likes the results, and I think you can live with the trade off too Todd, am I right?” Looking at his business partner, who was staring straight ahead, Todd found him even more handsome. His jaw was even more sharply defined, with a bit of ginger stubble on his chin. Todd eyed his chest, which looked enormous in the tight polo shirt, and could feel Andrew’s wide shoulders and lats pressing into him. Andrew looked at Todd blankly, then spoke again in Korean to Evan: “Geuneun manjil su?” Evan laughed heartily and said to Andrew, “Sure, he can touch.” Then, a bit more darkly, he said to Todd, “Go ahead, but just this once, understood?” Todd was so conflicted sitting between these two men: he had secretly lusted after Andrew for years, but managed to keep their relationship professional. On the other side of him was Evan, an 18 year-old muscle god, who had so easily managed to crush Todd’s self-control, and humanity, in a matter of weeks. Looking at Evan, realizing he had about of quart of the man’s cum in his stomach, he knew that he had already yielded control to him. He thought to himself, “Oh fuck it, Evan says it’s okay.” Todd slipped his hand under Andrew’s shirt and felt his ripped 8-pack. It was dense and very solid, and so well defined that Todd could trace each one. Todd’s hand traveled slowly lower, to the band of Andrew’s incredibly tight and low cut jeans. Todd’s hand lingered a second, and Andrew looked over at Evan and said, “Geu manjoghal manhabnikka?” “Don’t go any lower, Todd,” ordered Evan. “The Apollo’s belt is pretty remarkable, right?” Andrew still stared blankly ahead, then he helpfully hiked up his shirt so Todd could appreciate his chest. The pecs were enormous, and thick with pulsating muscle. Todd looked at Andrew’s nipples, aching to lean in, when Evan read his mind said, “I knew you would like those, but they are off limits.” “Idugeun.” barked Evan. Still staring straight ahead, Andrew obediently flexed up his bicep, and Todd grabbed it, and his hand was barely able to get around it. “Shit, he must have finally broken 20 inches,” thought Todd. Todd was rattled, trying to come to terms with the situation. In a matter of weeks, Evan had transformed himself into a muscle god. And now he had transformed his father into an objectified muscle stud too. And Todd was stuck between the two of them. Evan said to Todd, “Don’t worry. He’s not some submissive bitch, Todd. He likes the muscle. He likes how people respond to it, even you. And once you start to see things clearly, you will see he is still as much of an alpha as he ever was.” The truck pulled up in front of the smoothie shop and Todd noticed Hakeem standing out front, with his brother Andre by his side. Todd said, “What’s that thug doing here? And is he using his own drugs now, he looks terribly gaunt?” Evan and Andrew laughed a bit and said something in Korean that Evan didn’t translate. Andrew hopped out of the truck and slowly walked over to Hakeem. From behind, Todd got a look at the impressively wide shoulders and lats on Andrew, and all Todd could think was, “He is still an alpha.” Andrew and Hakeem exchanged a few words, in English. Todd looked at Evan as they both got out of the truck. “Of course he’s still speaking English. Just not to you, Todd,” said Evan. The Asian muscle god was easily inserting himself into Andrew and Todd’s 20-year friendship, making himself indispensable to the relationship, while destroying it at the same time. Andrew walked back over, took the keys from Evan and drove off to his appointments, leaving Todd and Evan to open the shop. Hakeem shifted nervously as Evan and Todd approached the store. Evan ignored him and chatted with his brother Andre instead. Wearing a baggy Cleveland Browns t-shirt, the young man, who was actually three months older than Evan, had a hard time growing up in such a rough neighborhood. He stood about 5’ 7”, and was a doughy 140lbs. To make matters worse, he was more bookish than athletic, and was majoring in chemistry and biology. “Hey Andre, I have an opening here at the shop, and hope you will join the team. We’re working on a new line of protein shakes, and I think your chemistry background will be helpful.” Andre nervously looked up at the 6’6” Asian muscle god standing in front of him, a bit dazed. Evan’s long, jet-black hair hung across his forehead boyishly, and Andre could see the resemblance to his American father. The width of his shoulders, the size of his neck and arms: all Andre could think of was Gary Barnidge, the tight end for his beloved Cleveland Browns. He was an imposing, powerful figure. Evan put him at ease, saying, “I discussed it with your brother Hakeem. He’s going to work for me too, so it’s cool. Why don’t you go inside, and Todd can show you around?” Todd and Andre went into the store, while Evan and Hakeem stayed out front. Evan moved in closer to the thug, using his sheer size to intimidate and dominate him. “I know you’ve been using Andre for your drug runs. He looks so innocent, the cops will never stop him, isn’t that what you thought?” Hakeem just nodded, and Evan continued. “Well, that ends today. You haven’t looked out for him like a big brother should, so I’m taking him under my wing.” As he said the word wing, Evan flared out his lats to drive him how serious he was. Hakeem noticed, taking in a short breath. “All of the drug dealing, and crime, in this neighborhood, is going to come to an end. You work for me now. That’s going to be your job, as well as dealing with any difficult tenants we have. But there will be no more violence, Hakeem, and no weapons. Understood?” Hakeem nodded, and Evan laughed. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you,” he said mockingly. “No more drugs Evan, no crime, no violence.” “I’m glad we understand each other, Hakeem,” said Evan, as he stepped back. Evan crossed his arms and seemed to be sizing Hakeem up. “I know you went home and weighed yourself after we met this morning Hakeem, right? You are about 6’ 2”, what did you weigh in at?” “185,” he said sheepishly. “And I’ll bet that t-shirt used to fit you pretty snugly, right Hakeem?” The thug nodded. “Well Hakeem, I can’t have you working for me looking like that,” Evan said, as he moved in a bit closer. Hakeem was terribly nervous: “I’m sorry I called you a chink before, Evan. I’m sorry. I’ll do anything you want.” Evan placed his massive hand on the back of Hakeem’s neck, pulling him in closer. “Oh please, Evan, don’t do that to me again,” he pleaded. Evan looked down at Hakeem and said, “Calm your breath, Hakeem.” It was said in such a deliberate tone that the thug complied immediately. “Now this might feel a little odd, but just trust me, Hakeem. Follow my lead, and don’t resist me.” With that, Evan moved in, his mouth wide open, and placed his lips on Hakeem’s. Strongly bracing the thug’s neck, Evan slowly started to exhale, filling up Hakeem’s lungs. It was an incredibly long exhalation, beyond the capacity of any mere mortal, but it was done in a calm, deliberately slow manner. Hakeem’s eyes started to roll back in his head, and within a minute, he was in a state of euphoria. His lungs absorbed the long breath, pushing out beyond their usual capacity. His hands, instead of instinctively pushing back on Evan, gripped onto his powerful forearms for stability. Fibers of Evan’s myostatin started to invade and bond with Hakeem’s muscle fibers. Evan held Hakeem in this state of suspension for over eight minutes, simultaneously relaxing Hakeem so he could absorb the hyper-dense protein fibers. At ten minutes, Hakeem existed as purely an appendage of Evan’s lungs and heart. Evan could feel the ex-thug growing, as his muscle fibers started to multiply rapidly. First, he noticed Hakeem’s neck thickening, and Evan had to reassert his grip. Hakeem’s chest began to swell and push out, slowly at first, and Evan felt it the new muscle pressing against his own. Then Evan slid his free hand under Hakeem’s shirt, and could feel each abdominal start to form, popping with fantastic definition. Moving his free hand to Hakeem’s bicep, Evan gave it a squeeze. Even though he was still in a comatose state, Hakeem instinctively flexed his arm as soon as he felt Evan’s powerful hand. Evan squeezed harder, making Hakeem flex back even more. Evan could feel the muscle swelling in his grip, first, from an impressive baseball size, to a softball size, where he thought the growth would cease. Evan gave it one last squeeze, and astonishingly, the bicep continued to grow until it was nearly a cantaloupe. At this point, Evan had to shift all his body weight to keep Hakeem from collapsing. After a 14-minute exhalation, Evan paused. He heard Hakeem’s heart start to beat with a thunderous clap, and he knew the most powerful muscle in the human body was working. After another minute, Hakeem regained consciousness, and Evan stepped back to admire his work. “How does that feel, Hakeem?” Hakeem looked at himself, the formerly baggy t-shirt now tightly clinging to his new muscular physique. He slid one hand on a forearm, in awe of its new size, then up to his bicep. His eyes widened as he felt the new mass, and he looked down. “Holy shit, they are bigger than they ever were Evan.” He struck a double bicep, and Evan laughed. “Now that’s the body of someone who is going to stop crime in this neighborhood. Those are easily 22 inches, Hakeem.” “When you go home tonight, Hakeem, you will see you are up about 40lbs, to 220lbs now. “ Then Evan placed a powerful hand on the side of Hakeem’s neck. Even though it was now much thicker, Evan exerted his grip, reminding Hakeem of his overwhelming dominance. “Just remember, that’s my muscle, Hakeem. I can give it, and I can take it away. Understood?” “Yes Evan, understood,” said Hakeem, compliant but happily accepting the terms of the arrangement.
  4. Todd was getting ready for work when his phone pinged with a text from Evan. Evan: I’m downstairs, come and let me in. Todd’s heart skipped a beat. Still in just his briefs, he ran down the stairs and opened the front door. His mouth fell open in awe at the sight in front of him. Evan was wearing a tight t-shirt, with the sleeves cut off, and a skimpy pair of gym shorts. His enormous delts and chest made the shirt look obscenely small on him, and his arms looked massive and intimidating as well. Even with his huge frame, he still had a narrow waist, and had to turn his shoulders to enter the house. Evan basked as he saw Todd taking in every inch of his spectacular muscle. Todd’s eyes drifted down, studied the abs that were peeking out from under the shirt, down to his powerful quads, and massive calves. Then his eyes were drawn back to the huge, prominent bulge in Evan’s running shorts. “Christ, Evan. You look even bigger than last night,” said Todd, barely able to conceal his lust for the muscle god standing in front of him. Evan just grinned. “Yea,” he said, matter-of-factly. Evan studied Todd as well: he was in great shape, but still barely tipped the scales at 175. Evan also noticed how Todd’s dick stiffened up as soon as he walked into the room. “Nice to see you pay your respects,” he said, mocking Todd’s lack of self-restraint. “I listened to what you said, Evan, and I haven’t touched my dick.” “Good. Time for your treat then.” Evan just pointed to the floor, and Todd knelt immediately. Gazing up at his muscle god, he could barely see past Evan’s huge chest to his gorgeous face. His own dick ached inside his briefs, but he went to work on Evan’s huge dick, taking the fat nine-incher all the way down his throat. Evan’s hand was firmly on top of Todd’s skull, but he barely needed coaxing. Even Todd was surprised at how eagerly he took the giant cock down. Mind over matter, he thought. I just need to swallow his load. Todd grabbed onto Evan’s giant thighs, as the young man pumped his face and soon dumped an incredibly large load of thick, warm cum down his eager throat. Todd eagerly swallowed every drop, surprised at how much there was, but willing to miss any of it. After at least 15 powerful spasms, Todd looked up at his god in awe. Evan just smiled and said, “The loads are getting bigger, right?” “Yes Evan. That must be double what you pumped yesterday.” “There’s lot more for you.” And over the next 30 minutes, Evan fed Todd four more gigantic loads of rich, thick cum. Out of pure mercy, Evan finally let his supplicant stand up. Todd’s dick was still achingly huge in his briefs, where were stained with pre-cum. Evan chuckled and said, “You’ve been a good boy, take off your briefs.” Todd pulled them off in an instant. Evan studied him, and then motioned for Todd to step closer. Evan reached a hand and placed it firmly on the back of Todd’s neck. “That’s to brace you for what’s about to happen,” he said ominously. He put his other hand around Todd’s seven-inch dick. Todd felt Evan’s breath on his face, as the god smiled, gave his dick one powerful tug, and watched as Todd had the most powerful orgasm of his life. His knees buckled as he moaned, and if it wasn’t for Evan’s powerful grip, he would be in a heap on the floor. After a minutes-long orgasm, he looked at Evan and said, “Thank you.” Evan grinned, pointed to the hug cum splatter all over his 12-pack and said, “Well someone’s gotta clean that up.” And with that, Todd got back on his knees and inhaled his cum load off Evan’s rock hard stomach, suckling each ab in the process. “Get dressed. Dad will be here soon,” Evan said with authority. He’s driving us to the store.” Evan followed Todd to his room, casually talking about their plans for the shop. Todd hung onto his every word. “Evan, before we go. Can I ask one favor?” “Ask away Todd.” Todd’s throat was dry. “What do you weigh now?” Evan looked around the room, and spotted the scale in the bathroom. Without saying a word, he pulled off his shirt, and kicked off his running shoes and said, “Okay, time to weigh in. Any guesses before I get on?” Todd scanned the god closely. He had worked out with muscle jocks for a long time, and thought he was a good judge of size. “You look amazing, Evan. Ripped beyond belief, not an ounce of fat. I’d say…. 295lbs?” Evan got on the scale, and the digital scanner rested at…. 395lbs. He smiled at Todd, who was stunned. “How is that possible? You look incredible Evan, but 395? Even Hulk Hogan is only 300lbs!” Evan just smiled. “My godly genetics, Todd. And it’s my most powerful asset. Everyone underestimates, by a big amount, how strong I am. It’s because my myostatin proteins are 26 times denser than the average human. Go ahead, and feel for yourself.” Todd placed his shaking hands on Evan’s midsection, and he did feel much more solid, beyond steel-like, and denser than anyone else. Todd again noted Evan’s elevated body temperature. Todd’s dick started to rise again and Evan just chuckled. “Okay, I’ll feed you more load, then we have to get going.” Todd sunk to his knees, the only thought that went through his head was: I have to keep helping him get bigger and stronger.
  5. The following morning, a local thug named Hakeem was out for a walk with his pit bull. He had recently been released for a seven-year sentence for drug dealing and armed robbery, and enjoyed exploring his old neighborhood again. Hakeem was looking to get back into the drug and thug trade. In his tank top, he was an intimidating presence: at 6 2, he had bulked up significantly while serving and gladly showed his 220lbs of prison muscle in a tank top. The ferocious pit bull at his side only served to deliver one message: This is my turf, and I’m back to claim it. He was known and feared around the town as a merciless, violent man. As he turned the corner, he saw a well-built, middle-aged man, and a young, very well built Asian young man doing some masonry work in front of their house. They were both shirtless, and Hakeem was impressed with their builds, but not the least bit intimated. “I’ve taken down bigger fuckers in jail,” he thought to himself, as he started to walk up the street. “Let’s get these mother fucking crackers out of my neighborhood,” he said to his pit bull, which was named Conan. “Especially that chink one.” Hakeem wasn’t able to get a firearm yet, but he had an eight inch blade in his waist band, and he wasn’t afraid to use it. And even though he was half a block away, the chink heard what he said, and turned to look as the thug got closer. Evan slowly trotted over the thug, which surprised Hakeem: most people ran from him. “Hey aren’t you Hakeem?” said the tall, very well built Asian young man, jocularly. “I’m Evan, that’s my dad Andrew, and we are replacing the front stoop today.” Hakeem was a bit taken aback by the young man’s pleasant tone: Don’t you know I’m gonna destroy you, chink? thought Hakeem to himself. Must be too fucking stupid to know what he’s dealing with. “Better tell your boy to back off, fucker,” Hakeem said to Andrew. Andrew sized up the situation and responded, much to Hakeem’s surprise, “I think he can handle himself.” “I’m tired of you fuckers taking over my neighborhood. Best to pack up your shit and get out, cuz I’m taking over.” As the dog growled ferociously, Hakeem pulled an eight-inch knife from his waist band and brandished it. This oughta scare the shit out of them, he thought. Instead, Evan approached him. This fucker is stupid, thought Hakeem. “Hey Dad, he’s got a knife,” said Evan so casually. Then, in a flash of movement so fast that Hakeem hardly knew what happened, the young Asian man grabbed his wrist and easily took the knife out of his hands. “Hey Dad, I’ve got the knife,” he said, laughing a bit, as he looked at the stunned thug. He knelt down, with the blade handle in his fist, and crashed it into the pavement. With one blow, the blade had shattered into dozens of pieces. “What the fuck…” said Hakeem, out loud this time. He looked down at the young Asian man, who was still crouching with the blade in his hand. Evan tossed it into the gutter, still looking up at the thug. He raised his fist and crashed it into the concrete sidewalk, and it started to crack. “Hey Dad, I guess we have to replace the sidewalk too,” he said nonchalantly. Then he reached over to the pit bull. “You better be careful fucker, you don’t want that dog’s jaws on you,” said Hakeem. “No, it’s okay. He’s a good dog. Aren’t you?” Evan undid the dog’s leash, looking deep into the beast’s eyes, and the dog immediately healed for him. “He’s going to be a great dog for me, I just know it, said Evan, standing up. The thug looked up at the young man, who must have stood at least 6’ 6”. “I don’t care who you are…. You ain’t taking my dog,” said Hakeem. Evan reached over, and firmly gripped his hand on the back of Hakeem’s neck. “Too late, Hakeem. I’ve already mastered the dog, he’s mine.” Evan’s grip on Hakeem’s neck tightened. “Now open your mouth, Hakeem,” said Evan, calmly, but with suck deliberation that Hakeem complied. Evan opened his mouth as well, and leaned in and put his lips on the thug’s mouth, as if he was giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. “I’m not some faggot… I’m not kissing you,” said Hakeem. Instead, Evan inhaled, very deeply, his diaphragm expanding to superhuman dimensions. Every muscle fiber in his enormous body went into overdrive, absorbing the oxygen, and they all grew. His chest expanded, his delts grew higher, and Andrew could even see Evan’s back growing impossibly wider as his lats thickened. Hakeem struggled at first, but he soon grew weak as Evan literally sucked the life out of him. Just before Hakeem blacked out, Evan let his grip go, and stood back. The dazed thug looked at Evan, stunned that the young man looked even bigger. “What the fuck did you do?” he demanded. “I just added about 15lbs. And when you go home and weigh yourself, you’ll see you’ve lost about the same.” Hakeem looked down at his now leaner midsection, dazed. Andrew stood watching, in a daze as well. He knew his son was gifted, even godly, but he had no idea he was now capable of literally absorbing someone else’s muscle. “You seem like a nice guy Hakeem,” said Evan. “I need someone from the neighborhood to help watch my properties. Are you the guy for the job?” Hakeem knew not to defy the young man. “Sure man…” he said, his voice trailing off. “And don’t worry about that little bit of muscle mass you just lost. I know how to restore it, if you are willing to go along.” Hakeem nodded, and it was clear to everyone that he would no longer be a threat to the neighborhood. “Oh and before you go, Hakeem,” said Evan, again gripping the now leaner man, “I’m not a chink. I’m Korean, and American, but I don’t think you will be making that mistake again.” “Yes Evan,” said the newly compliant man. “You can start work at noon today. You know the smoothie shop downtown? Meet me there at noon. Oh, and your little brother is Andre, right? Bring him along too, and I’ll set you guys up with some smoothies, we’ll see about getting some mass back on you.” And Andre, thought Evan to himself. Across town, Todd awoke with a huge hard on. He couldn’t stop thinking about Evan. Just as he was about to get out of bed, his phone pinged, with a message from Evan. All it said was: “You up yet?” Todd typed back: Yes. He could see Evan was typing a response. A few seconds later, he got another selfie of Evan. He was shirtless, as always, and grinning. And he looked bigger. Much bigger than the previous night. Then Evan sent over a photo of Andrew. “Shit, he looks like a fucking tank now,” thought Todd. Evan: Meet us at the shop, we are both starving. And we need to get ready for a surge in business. Todd: Sure Evan, will be there soon. Evan: Oh and Todd? Todd: Yes Evan? Evan: Don’t touch that huge boner I know you have now. LOL.
  6. Evan walked slowly over to the door just as Andrew entered the room. Andrew looked at Todd and Evan, who were both still shirtless. “Hey Dad, look. The shakes and the lifting are really working,” said Evan. He clasped his hands behind his head, inhaled deeply and crunched his abs. “I have a 12 pack!” Todd’s mouth was watering, his eyes tracing every inch of Evan’s massive, powerful back. His shoulders were truly massive, and he seemed to have delts growing on his delts. With one last deep breath, his lats seemed to push out even farther. He turned ever so slightly and made eye contact with Todd, and smiled. “That last breath was for you, Todd,” he seemed to say. Andrew looked at Evan, took notice, but he wasn’t really all that impressed. “Have you finished your term paper Evan?” he asked, very sternly. “Yes Dad, I was just proof reading it,” he said, pointing to a stack of papers on the desk. Evan went over to collect the papers, turning his back to Todd and Andrew. “I made the repairs, and the tenants paid their back rent as well,” said Andrew. Todd wasn’t surprised: Andrew had a very imposing presence, and knew how to get the problem tenants to fall in line, as he liked to say. Eighteen years as a Marine made him truly fearless, and people could sense that. “Tomorrow I’m replacing the concrete porch out front. Been putting it off for months, but I got the cement on the way home.” Andrew looked at Evan and said “Leave that for me, I’ll look at it later. Help me get the cement out of the truck.” “Sure Dad,” said Evan, who was out the front door in a flash, with Andrew and Todd following him. Evan walked to the back of Andrew’s F250 pick up truck. “Let me pop the door down, Evan and I’ll help you,” said Andrew. But before Andrew even made it down the steps, Evan tensed up, got into a ¾ squat, and just leapt up onto the bed of the truck. He looked weightless for these few seconds and even though he made a perfectly controlled landing, the truck groaned under his weight. Andrew glanced at Todd, and they were both a bit astonished. That had to be a jump of at least 48 inches. They watched as Evan squatted down, hoisted up a cement bag on each shoulder, and jumped back down onto the pavement. “Are those the 40lb bags, Andrew?” asked Todd. “No,” said Todd, his voice very low. “I got the 80lb bags.” The two men watched in studied amazement as Evan effortlessly unloaded ten bags of cement and stacked them up next to the house, moving 800lbs in a matter of minutes. When he was done, he bounded up to the top of the porch, silently pushing aside Andrew. He glanced over his shoulder at Todd, smiled, and grabbed the rusted steel railing, which was bolted to the front of the house. Todd could hear the young man inhaling deeply as his entire body tensed up: every muscle was engaged, from his back to thickly powerful legs. The railing seemed to be firmly anchored to the house, and did not yield easily. “Son, don’t hurt yourself. We can take that down tomorrow with the proper tools,” said Andrew. But Evan didn’t listen. After about 90 seconds, the railing started to creak loudly, and yielded to the muscle of the young Amerasian god. With one last deep inhale, Evan tore it right out of the concrete wall and tossed it aside. He turned around and said, “Anything else you need, Dad?” Andrew stood in quiet shock. Todd knew him to be a stoic man, but he could tell the former Marine was a bit rattled. “No, Evan. Thanks for your help,” he said quietly. “I’m going to get changed, I want to go for a quick run before it gets too late. And he turned and went into the house, leaving Evan and Todd alone on the porch. As the sun glinted off of Evan’s square jaw, Todd could see the strong resemblance to his father. His Asian features seemed to soften a bit, and the lighting just amplified his godly Nordic physique. “Damn Evan, that was incredible. But I don’t want you to hurt yourself,” said Todd. “That wasn’t hard,” said Evan, very matter-of-fact, “I just made it look hard for Dad.” And with that, he jumped down off the porch, picked up the wreckage of the railing into his outstretched arms, and slowly started to bend it, until it was completely folded over, then he tossed it aside. Evan was enjoying Todd’s reaction, and he stood in front of the porch. Todd could see the every muscle on Evan’s powerful body tense up, as he raised one fist overhead then crashed it down into the brick porch, sending debris flying in cloud of dust. After three of these blows, the entire first level of the porch was destroyed. Evan held up his hand for Todd, which gave no sign of bruising or irritation. “I could go on, but I think you get the picture now, right Todd?” Todd nodded in stunned agreement, as Andrew emerged, dressed in a tight t-shirt and shorts for his run. He came down the steps, looking at the wreckage, and didn’t ask a question. Evan took a few steps closer to him. “How far are you running tonight, Dad?” asked Evan. “Just two miles.” Evan blocked Andrew for a second, then reached his enormous hand and placed it firmly on the side of Andrew’s neck. “No, you will do seven tonight, Dad,” said Evan assertively. Todd watched in anguished silence: Andrew wasn’t accustomed to being spoken to in that tone, much less from his 18 year-old son. But Evan seemed to hold him in place, and after about ten seconds, Andrew said, “Okay Evan, I’ll do seven miles.” But Evan didn’t release his grip. He said “And remember the rules of respect, Dad?” “Yes Evan,” and with that, Andrew pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it. Evan glanced up at Todd, who watched in awe: told you I could take care of him. Todd looked down at Andrew and Evan, who were now both shirtless. While Evan easily towered over his father, and was much broader, Todd also noticed that Andrew looked bigger too. His arms were bigger, his chest thicker, and even his already impressive shoulders seemed wider. “Okay. Seven miles, be back in 48 minutes.” “Yes Evan.” And with that, Andrew turned to run. Looking at his frame from behind, including his newly muscular ass, Todd could tell Andrew had put on a lot of new muscle. Evan walked back into the house and ordered Todd to follow him. Todd didn’t even wait for direction. He got on his knees immediately in front of the Asian god, and looked up. Smiling down, Evan placed his huge hand on top of his head and let Todd get to work on huge dick. Todd eagerly took all nine inches down again as Evan slowly started to pound his face. The triumphant showdown with his father seemed to turn Evan on even more. After a few minutes, he unleashed a huge load of cum down Todd’s throat, quietly intoning, “That’s it, swallow it all, every last drop.” As Todd finished ingesting the enormous load, he held on tightly to Evan’s powerful legs, and he noticed how warm the young man felt. He reached his hands up to the Evan’s steel-like abs, almost alarmed at how hot he was. He stood up slowly and asked, “Are you running a fever Evan?” “No. It’s my genetics. I tested everything out. My body works at a much higher rate, converting all the calories into muscle. Very dense muscle. My normal body temperature is 102 degrees. I’m a human furnace, Todd.” To drive the point home, he crunched his 12-pack for Todd. “Now get back on your knees, Todd. We have another 40 minutes before Dad gets home.” Todd complied quickly, sucking another three huge loads out of the young god before Andrew returned. Andrew came back into the house, at just under 48 minutes, a bit sweaty. Todd was able to better assess his build and indeed, Andrew was bigger than just a few weeks ago. He was never a lean guy, but now even his waist looked trim, and he had a clearly defined 6-pack. He walked past both Todd and Andrew without saying a word, still a bit miffed at Evan’s display of power. He started to bound up the steps to his bedroom, when Evan called out to him. “The shakes are in the fridge Dad,” Evan said, a subtle but very clear order. Andrew stopped, turned, and went into the kitchen. He passed back through the room with two smoothies in his hand, and went to his bedroom and closed the door. Evan turned to Todd and said, “Tomorrow we start a marketing plan for the smoothie shop. I have some ideas on how on maybe setting up some franchises. These smoothies are going to make us rich.” Todd’s dick was rising just listening to the young god’s deep voice. He walked over to Evan, leaned in and suckled on his enormous chest. “That’s a good boy,” said Evan in a quiet voice, his big hand guiding Todd’s head. “You are learning how to show respect. But now it’s time for you to go home. If I need you again, you will be summoned.” “Yes Evan. Let’s start marketing the smoothies. Anything you want.”
  7. Todd watched in anguished anticipation as Evan slowly drank down another smoothie. Evan set the glass down on the table, never removing his gaze from Todd. “That’s right Todd. The smoothies you have been making for me have triggered something in my rare genetics,” said Evan. “I can see that Evan. Your growth has been unbelievable.” “It’s more than just growth, Todd. I’ve studied all the data. No one has ever consumed calories like me. I’m superhuman.” Evan smiled at his older supplicant, and let those last two words sink in for effect. “And not just physically, but cognitively as well.” Evan pointed to the laptop that was open. “I’ve decoded my DNA. Oh, and I’ve also been going over the books for our real estate portfolio. I’ve figured out how to maximize that as well.” Todd looked at the young Asian god, trying to maintain his composure, but it was a losing battle. “Your father told me you were looking at the books. We’re already running a tight ship around here, what have you found?” “Don’t change the subject, Todd” said Evan in a very direct tone. The room was still as Evan spoke. He reached down and grabbed the hem of the tight Henley shirt. Todd found himself paralyzed, unable to look away from Evan. He slowly pulled the shirt up, revealing a stunning, rock hard, ripped stomach. “Watch closely Todd, it’s working.” With that, Evan inhaled deep, deeper than Todd thought was humanly possible. His midsection tightened up into an unbelievable display of sheer, slowly pulsing muscle. As he slowly let out a very controlled exhale, Evan’s abdominal muscles started to pop even more. Evan was gazing down as his 8-pack started to transform slowly into a god-like cobbled 12-pack. “Have you ever seen a 12-pack before, Todd,” asked Evan, still looking down at his own stomach, proud of himself. “No Evan, I didn’t think it was ever really possible.” “It was never really possible for a human” said Evan, adding emphasis. “But I’m not human, Todd, right? What am I?” “You are superhuman,” said Todd, his breath short as he acknowledged Evan’s status. “You can look at my abs Todd, I know you want to,” Evan commanded in his deep baritone. And with that, Todd’s eyes started to drink in every stunning inch of muscle on the young man. Evan was mostly smooth, save for a thick treasure trail that started at his navel and went down. Todd kept blinking, unbelieving. “No, it’s all real Todd,” said Evan, almost reading his mind again. With that, Evan pulled the shirt up over his head and tossed it, revealing a spectacularly wide and powerful, smooth chest. Todd could see Evan’s chest rise and fall slowly, and he realized the young muscle god was powered by a very strong heart. “I can make you very rich Todd, that’s not hard for me at all,” said Evan. “We can help each other out here.” “And I can also make you bigger. Not as big as me, needless to say. But I have been studying my own genetics.” Todd nodded, trying to not lose focus in front of the now-shirtless muscle god. “There is one downside to consuming so many calories Todd. My output has increased significantly.” Evan paused for a second and chuckled. “Who am I kidding? My output is superhuman.” The word output kept ringing in Todd’s ears. Superhuman output. Todd’s resistance was cracking fast. He forgot all about Andrew, and how his best friend would react if he knew what was going on. “Todd, we both know I can make you do anything I want. But I won’t ever force you. But I think I know what you want. What you need. And I can make all your dreams come true.” Todd froze. His dick was rising, and he noticed the enormous bulge in Evan’s shorts too. I can make you bigger. Todd opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He moved to take a step forward, but Evan put his hand up immediately. “If you approach Todd, know that it is completely irrevocable. There is no turning back. Do it with respect.” Todd froze again, thinking about his lifelong friendship with Andrew, and how it would be ruined. For what? To get rich? To get big? Again, seemingly reading Todd’s mind, Evan said, “I’ll take care of my father Todd.” Todd swallowed hard, the word respect echoing in his head. He pulled off his shirt and Evan nodded. “No going back.” Todd was only inches away from the tall god, staring directly at his massive chest. He had to look up to gaze into Evan’s eyes. And then Todd dropped to his knees. He reached up for Evan’s shorts and pulled them down over his massive thighs. Evan’s huge dick flopped out. Todd looked up again. He could see a glint of ginger in Evan’s facial hair, and a strong resemblance to his father. Todd opened wide and started to go down on Evan. Evan’s dick swelled to just over nine inches. With some focus, Todd was able to let it snake right down his throat. The pre-cum was thick and it made Todd horny for the real output. After a few minutes of vigorous deep throating, the Asian god started to cum. And cum, and cum. Todd was stunned not only at the volume of the load, which could have filled a smoothie cup, but also the thickness. It truly was superhuman, and Todd eagerly swallowed it all. When he was done, Evan looked down and said, “Good job. You’ll need to do that 10-12 times a day.” Todd looked up, swallowing the last remaining drops from Evan’s head and nodded. He stood up slowly, and noticed how his core felt stronger, more solid. Then they heard Andrew’s car pull up into the driveway, and in a few minutes, his steps. Todd was mortified, but he trusted Evan completely. Andrew walked into the room and saw his son and his business partner, both shirtless. “What’s going on here?” he asked. Evan looked at Todd and said, “I’ll handle it.” Then he walked towards his father, nearly towering over him, and said, “There’s a few things you need to know Dad.”
  8. Todd was closing up the store after a very busy day when he got a text from Andrew. Andrew: “Todd, there’s a minor flood in the building we own upstate. I have to repair it tonight, since the super is away.” Todd: “Want me to come with you?” Andrew: “No, I can handle it. But I need a favor.” Todd: “Sure, what’s up?” Andrew: “Can you check in on Evan? I don’t want to leave him home alone overnight.” Todd thought, I think Evan can handle himself, from the goddamn size of him. But instead he texted: “Sure thing Andrew.” About five minutes later, Todd’s phone pinged again. He picked it up and saw it was a text from Evan. Evan: “Dad told me you are coming over.” Todd: “Yes, just closing up the store. Will be there soon.” Todd looked at his phone for about a minute, and just as he was about to put it down, he could see that Evan was typing another message. Evan: “Bring me two smoothies Todd.” Todd: “You just had two smoothies Evan. Aren’t you afraid all the calories are going to catch up with you?” Todd’s heart raced as he awaited a response. Evan: “I just lifted, and I’m hungry.” Before Todd could respond, he got another text, only this time it was a selfie of Evan with his huge arm flexed. Evan: “LOL yea, the calories are catching up me. The guns are 19 inches now” Todd froze, staring at the photo of the Asian muscle god, his dick rising his shorts again. Then he got another photo, and it was the first time Todd saw Evan shirtless. Todd studied the photo in awe of the massive chest: Evan had huge, solid defined pecs, and a shredded 8-pack of abs. He was mostly smooth, save for a treasure trail that Todd noticed as his eyes drifted down. Evan: “A little motivation for you Todd.” Todd held his breath, not sure how to respond. Then another text from Evan: “What’s going through your head now Todd?” Todd’s resolve to not cave in to the young man was crumbling: “Your chest looks amazing Evan. You must be 48 inches now?” Evan: “I haven’t measured Todd. I’m not so hung up on stats, like you Americans. I measure my progress by how other people react.” Todd: “I’m making the smoothies now Evan.” And in response, Todd got a text, but this time it was just emoji: a thumbs up, and a flexed arm. Todd quickly packed the smoothies and was on the doorstep of Andrew’s renovated brownstone in a few minutes, ringing the doorbell. He could hear Evan’s heavy footsteps first, then he saw young man appear. Even though Todd saw him every day, he was still stunned by the sight of him: the thick jet-black hair of a Disney prince, which flopped across his forehead perfectly. His flawless complexion, and a jaw that would make Superman jealous. As the sun reflected off his perfect face, Todd could see glints of both his Asian and Nordic heritage. Evan was wearing a pair of shorts that could barely contain his powerful legs, and a very tight, short-sleeved Henley shirt. The sleeves were no match for his biceps, and the three buttons were gapped open almost four inches, revealing a glimpse of the powerful chest underneath. Evan’s arm flexed as he pushed the door open slowly. Evan’s body language spoke volumes: “It’s okay, you can look Todd.” Todd also noticed that Evan had grown a heavy shadow of facial hair from just a few hours ago. Todd was rattled, not only by Evan’s deep baritone, but also by his flawless English. Trying to change the subject, Todd said, “Wow Evan, you have really picked up the language. You have no accent anymore. That’s impressive.” Todd found his eyes drifting to Evan’s thick chest, straining the shirt. All he could think about was the shirtless photo Evan had just sent him. Holy shit, thought Todd. Why am I losing my composure around this kid? Evan beamed and said “Thanks Todd for noticing! I’m going to need a good command of the English language.” He reached over for a smoothie and said, “So far, it seems to be working, don’t you think?” For some reason, the word command pinged inside Todd’s head like a boomerang. Todd watched as Evan gulped his smoothie, handed the empty cup back to Todd and said, “Come in.” Todd stepped up, having to brush past Evan’s gigantic shoulders. Evan shifted is massive frame just a bit, making it impossible for Todd to pass. Then he moved his powerful leg, ever so subtly, in between Todd’s legs. Todd stood there, helpless, as he felt the muscled quad exerting the least amount of pressure against him. Looking up at the young Asian muscle god, he dick immediately started to rise. Todd knew he was playing with fire, but he seemed utterly out of control around Evan. And he did enjoy being so close to such powerful muscle. Evan towered over him now, just smiling down at Todd. “You liked those pics, huh?” With that, Evan turned to walk up the hall. From behind, he looked just as spectacular. He had developed the shoulders of a Nordic linebacker, but still had a lean, Asian waist. “You enjoying that V physique?” Evan asked, almost as if he could read Todd’s mind. In the study room, Todd noticed a number of history and chemistry books scattered around. “My mom’s family was furious with my father, Todd, you know that, right?” said Evan, without prompting. “Yes, I’m aware of some difficulty.” “My family comes from one the purest Korean lineages, we can trace back our family to the 11th century. So my mother was supposed to marry someone with a similar lineage. They thought my dad ruined the line.” “But I’ve been studying my dad’s family too,” Evan said, indicating the history books. “Turns out, we trace back to the Norse warrior Erik the Red, from the 10th century.” “I’ve studied the history, and the genetic codes. It seems when my parents conceived me, their respective DNAs created a new breed of god.” “A god, Evan?” asked Todd, a bit stunned. Without saying anything, Evan handed the second smoothie to Todd and said, “Have some, Todd.” Todd popped off the lid, and took a sip. The smoothie was so thick, he could barely swallow a mouthful before he felt full. He handed the cup back to Evan. “What’s your point, Evan?” And with that, the young god took the dense smoothie and swallowed it effortlessly, slowly for effect. Todd watched in stunned silence, he could almost see the protein feeding Evan’s growing muscles. He put down the empty cup, and licked the remnants off his lips. “I’m devouring over 10,000 calories a day, Todd, thanks to you. And I stand 6 4, 235 lbs of pulsating, fat-free muscle. Don’t you think that is godly?” Todd could hardly disagree. And his huge hard on seemed to acknowledge Evan’s power. Grinning, Evan said, “Now that we’ve established my godliness, I’ll need a few things from you, my subject.” Todd could hardly wait for the first commandment.
  9. cropsey23

    Evan: The making of an Amerasian God

    Todd and Andrew were old college friends who reconnected in their late 30s. Andrew had recently been discharged from the Marines, after serving several years in South Korea, and was glad to come back home. Todd had recently sold his technology start up and was considering new business ventures. The two friends decided to pool their funds and know-how and invest in some properties in a run down neighborhood. They purchased several small apartment buildings with retail storefronts and started to renovate and rent them out. Todd decided to retain one of the storefronts and opened a juice bar and health foods store. The neighborhood was filling up with active young professionals, and they didn’t seem to blink at paying up to $10 for protein shakes. At 5 11 and a sinewy 175, Todd was the picture of athleticism and was the perfect front man for the product. One afternoon in early April, Andrew came bounding excitedly into the store. Todd looked up at him, noticing how Andrew’s t-shirts always clung to his body. Todd was always a bit envious of Andrew’s solid beefy build: he also stood about 5 11, but carried 205lbs of prime farm boy muscle on his frame, and was able to maintain it with almost no gym time. “Hey, Andrew, what’s up?” said Todd, trying to not look too obviously at his business partner’s bulging arms. “Fantastic news! Evan has turned 18, and he is moving here to attend college!” Evan was Andrew’s son from a relationship he had with a Korean woman. Her family was very influential, and forbid Andrew from marrying her, or even seeing his own son. But now that he was 18, he decided to spend some time with his father. “He got a baseball scholarship, can you believe that?” Andrew said, bursting with proud. And honestly, Todd did find it hard to believe: how could a Korean kid, even if he had an American father, ever become that good at an American sport? He just figured the family’s clout had something to do with it. “He’s moving here next week.” Todd was happy for his friend: he knew how much Andrew missed Evan. But he was slightly annoyed that their carefree existence was going to end: besides, who wanted to babysit some teenager who had no idea what American life was like? Evan was in for a rude awakening. The following week, Todd finally met Evan when Andrew brought him into the store. While he clearly had an athletic build, Evan stood about 5 10, and barely 160lbs. He didn’t say a word, just politely shook Todd’s hand. Todd was a bit taken aback: Evan had the classic Asian look: perfect, flawless skin, a thick mane of wavy, jet black hair, but he also possessed his American father’s square jaw, high cheekbones and what was clearly the traces of thick facial hair. “Hey, since you are going to be playing baseball Evan, just stop here every morning and I can prepare you a nice smoothie. That will keep you going through late afternoon practice.” Evan gladly took him up on the offer and stopped by the next morning. Todd took one look at the young man’s lean frame and added some extra supplements to the smoothie, which Evan eagerly devoured. Sensing his appetite, over the next few days, Todd kept adding more ingredients to the smoothie: avocados, whole milk, raw eggs, as well as enriched protein powders. Todd soon estimated each smoothie packed 1,000 calories. He was afraid Evan was going to start to add fat, but he never saw any evidence of that. And so every morning, Evan started out his day with a 1,000-calorie smoothie. After a few weeks of this routine, Evan started to show up after school for a second serving. Todd didn’t hesitate, since he started to notice some new muscle on Evan’s frame. On most days, Evan wore an American-style baseball t-shirt. The two-tone shirts hugged his thickening frame, just like his farm-built father, and accentuated his broadening shoulders and thickening back. Todd wisely never told anyone what he was putting in the smoothies either. One day, Todd decided he should start to cut back on the protein powders: Andrew would be furious if he found out that Todd was feeding Evan so much, and he was afraid all the calories would catch up with the young athlete. He held the scoop of protein over the glass, but only emptied half of it. Evan noticed, and said, jokingly, “Don’t go light on me now Todd.” Then he stretched his arm across the counter. Todd noticed how the ¾ sleeves of the baseball shirt were riding way up to past Evan’s elbow, revealing a thickly muscled forearm. Evan firmly grabbed Todd’s wrist, and dumped all the protein into the glass. Todd was stunned not only by the young man’s impudence, but also by his overpowering strength, which he used without any exertion. Todd mixed the smoothie and handed it to the young athlete. Evan downed the 24-ounce drink without slowing down, with his eyes on a stunned Todd the whole time. He put the glass down on the counter and said, “See you tomorrow morning Todd, and you’ll make me two of those now.” Afraid to challenge Evan, Todd just nodded. Evan was now downing four 1,000 calorie smoothies a day: two each morning, and two each afternoon. Todd was amazed at how Evan was able to process so many calories without gaining any fat. But Evan possessed superhuman genetics: his Asian DNA naturally resisted any unnecessary fat gain, and his father’s Nordic genes easily converted it all to muscle. One day, as Todd was behind the counter waiting for Evan’s afternoon visit, he looked up and out of the wide windows of the store. He could see Evan approaching, and he looked different. He had ditched his long sleeve t-shirt in favor of a very tight-fitting tank top, and he was in shorts, revealing thick, powerful legs. Todd started to prepare the smoothie, and Evan came in, and perused the items on the shelves. Looking at the young man from behind, in a tank top, Todd was stunned: his shoulders wide incredibly wide, with enormous delts. He could see how the powerful lat muscles of his back snaked up to his thick neck. Then he noticed the biceps: they flexed into huge softballs as Evan handled the merchandise. Just then, the young man turned and saw Todd staring. Todd was aghast as Evan looked right at him. The young man followed Todd’s gaze, down to his own biceps, then back up to the slack-jawed Todd. Evan stood perfectly still, letting Todd soak up every inch of him. Then he smiled, and darkly said, “The biceps look amazing, right Todd? You don’t even have to answer me: it’s written all over your face.” “Yes,” Todd stammered, “It all looks amazing. You sure are packing on the muscle Evan.” Evan just dropped his gym bag on the floor and walked over slowly, behind the counter, and stood in front of Todd. “How much protein are you putting into my smoothies now, Todd?” “Two scoops for each one Evan.” Todd looked up to the now 6’ 2” athlete. Up close, he was even more perfect: a quietly pulsing, intense stack of fat-free muscle. “Make it four Todd,” he said darkly, using his entire frame to intimidate the older man. He looked down at the growing erection in Todd’s pants. “Hey, what’s going on down there Todd?” he said mockingly. Without even thinking, Todd stopped trying to hide his boner, and spread his legs a bit for the young athlete, out of respect “So now I know you love seeing me grow, and you won’t put up a fight.” With that, Andrew came into the store. “Hey Evan, how was training today?” he said. Evan smiled brightly, moving back around the counter and said, “It was great Dad. Todd is just making my smoothie now.” Seeing them standing next to each was incredible: Evan now dwarfed his solidly built father. Andrew looked over to Todd and said, “Can you believe he weighs 215 now? I don’t know what you are putting into those smoothies, but keep it up.” Two hundred and fifteen pounds of muscle. The thought kept ringing in Todd’s head as he tried to hide his erection from his business partner. Evan downed the smoothie, staring right at Todd as the two older men discussed some business. Then he gently put his enormous hand on the back of Andrew’s neck, and said, “Time to go.” Andrew quietly and meekly walked out, with Evan’s hand guiding him the whole way. Todd realized the young man was manipulating both of the older men. The idea scared him, and also enthralled him. The next morning, Evan and Andrew came in together. Evan was in a tank top again, and incredibly, looked even bigger. He had to turn sideways to get his huge shoulders through the doorframe. Even though Evan was half Korean, Todd noticed the resemblance to his American father. Evan’s hand was on the back of Andrew’s neck, again, guiding him to the counter, and Andrew looked a bit ashen. Todd has never seen the former Marine look so rattled. “What’s up Andrew?” asked Todd. Andrew looked up at Evan, who just nodded. “I tried to say no, Todd. But he weighs 225 now.” “Say no to what Andrew?” Todd was perplexed. “I’ve signed over the business to Evan, Todd.” Todd looked up at Evan, who smiled and said “Not that there was any doubt, but now you work for me. Make me a smoothie. Don’t you want one, too, Dad?” said Evan, clearly squeezing his father’s neck. “Yes, I do. Make me a smoothie too, Todd, same ingredients as you use for Evan.”