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  1. Muscleace

    The Sucess

    This is a collab with Mr. Cavanaugh. You can see his perspective here. – Dexter Klein was not a failure. Not even in the gym class he was sweating his balls off in. Dexter worked his ass off in every class he was in to get the best grade. He wasn’t naturally smart like a lot of the nerds. He had to put in a lot of work, and maybe a little something else, to make good grades. This is why he has been so frustrated with Coach Montana and his damn physical education class. He respected most of his teachers for what they did, but Coach Montana was not one of them. The man’s motto, “real men are forged in fire,” only applied to his football team. Dexter could see the look of contempt Coach Montana had for every other man in his P.E. classes. He would run them into the ground, then only give good grades to the jocks. After all, the school only really cared for its sports teams and the fame they brought. Many students complained about Coach Montana’s harsh treatment, but Dexter kept his mouth shut. He wanted to get a decent grade and just not have to deal with it. However after getting a C on his last report card, Dexter wasn’t going to take the torture any more. Especially after having to take shit from Coach Montana’s star player and nothing being done. Not even trying to fake solving the problem. His glaring must have caught the coach’s eye as they ran, causing the big man to bark out orders for more laps. That pushed any trepidation he had out of his mind. Locking eyes with the Coach Montana, he felt it, the connection. He had used it a few times before to take some knowledge from a few nerds to pass a test, but he had never tried something this big before. Suddenly, Dexter felt the burst of energy and he began to pick up his running pace. He felt good. Dexter made sure to make his connection everyday, even the days he didn’t have P.E. class. He could hide pretty well among the other students for now. The first day’s target was Coach Montana’s masculinity. He started by slowly shrinking the coach’s balls, while his own swelled. He had to constantly adjust his crotch as the day went on. Those matters were not helped when he started stealing the coach’s cock length and girth either. He had to giggle to himself in English class at the thought of Montana’s normal gym shorts’ bulge now being flat. He even wondered how long it would take the arrogant man to notice. The second day he remembered to wear loose fitting shoes and clothes. He knew he would have to steal only a little bit of height each day as to not raise too high a suspicion, but Dexter couldn’t help but have a little fun. He sucked a few inches off of Coach Montana’s 6’3” stature, but had some other plans too. Carefully he began to focus on the man’s hands and feet. “Fuck,” he muttered to himself, realizing he didn’t control how much he took. Dexter stared at the mitt-like hands he now had and the crushed bits of pencil that littered his sausage-like fingers. And his shoes felt so tight. He had bought a pair of size 14s on sale in advance, but the shoes were straining to contain his now much meatier feet. Thankfully, the clomping his shoes made as he walked was covered up by the movements of other students. He did have to laugh as he watched Coach Montana struggle to maintain some semblance of his normally cocky stride. Wednesday brought P.E. class again. Dexter confidently strode into the gym and looked over at his victim. He could clearly see the effects of the masculinity drain already. The coach looked much more tired after his usual pre-class workout. Even his voice sounded weaker as he called roll and began to outline what the class would be doing that day. Dexter knew it was his chance to make his first big move: muscles. He greatly restrained himself as he mentally focused on his coach’s muscles and strength. Coach Montana rubbed his biceps tenderly as he grabbed a few balls, before clumsily dropping them to the ground. He cursed and when he heard chuckles, he called for laps. Dexter didn’t mind at all. It was only after class he heard some yelling coming from the coach’s office, and his smile only grew wider. The next morning Dexter actually was up early and brimming with energy. He felt so good that he went out for a morning run for the first time, and it felt great. He loved the feeling of his new muscles moving. Not to mention how tight all his shirts felt on him. It exhilarated him. Dexter got a little more creative on the fourth day by stealing some of the coach’s age. Not much showed, but another inch, more body hair, and some more masculine features certainly made him more noticeable as he strode through the crowd of students he was once swallowed in. Friday was a bust. Dexter did not expect Coach Montana to actually give in and take a sick day. He was still able to drain the coach, but the connection was much weaker. As the day went on and he felt more power slowly flow into him, he relaxed. He would take care of the rest on the weekend. In the meanwhile, he enjoyed showing off his new form. Watching his sleeves strain, his neckline bulge with hairy pecs, watching the twinks quiver as he talked to them. He could rule this school if he wanted to, and he did, but he had some different plans. Saturday was spent flexing and jerking off to the changes still coming to him through the faint connection. When he wasn’t self-indulging, he was making his plans. Everything would change tomorrow and he could never go back to school the way he was now. He looked to be like an off-season physique model in his late twenties. He looked hot, but it wasn’t enough. Sunday was the day for action. He wore skin tight clothes, even a button-up to show off how big his pecs were, and an air of confidence. Dexter strutted up the the door and rapped his knuckles against it, waiting for his prey to come. When the door opened to reveal the shrunken coach, he grinned like the Chesire cat. He immediately remade the connection that had weakened with renewed strength and began sucking more from Coach Montana. Dominance, knowledge of sports and exercise, sex. He was going to take it all. Dexter pushed his way way with a smirk, watching the smaller and younger coach fall to the ground. He knew he would have to explain how some things were going to change around here. —– The new school year was just about to begin. The disappearance of Fred Montana caused quite a stir and ran on the news all summer. The news of Dexter Klein’s disappearance swiftly faded into the media static. Murmurs of what could have happened still danced around the halls of the school as heavy footsteps made their way to the principal’s office. The door opened and the principal looked up with a shocked expression at the large silhouette in the doorway. “Can I help you?” The well-dressed principal inquired. “Yeah. I need to get my son, Freddie, signed up for classes. And I heard you are looking for a new strength coach.” The principal gave a knowing smile, “Oh yes. We can certainly get that done. Just need to fill out some paperwork.” The principal looked like he was hiding a smirk. “I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.” “It’s Dex. Dex Calvin.” The grinning giant boomed back. “Well our secretary can help little Freddie get settled in,” he could see those words sting the small student as he handed him the papers and directed him out of the room. “Now it looks like you are already dressed for the job. Can you start today?” His smile was sly and he chuckled. Dex chuckled back, “You know I will, Principal Amalia.”
  2. PART 6 Kyle and Lewis parted ways at the front of the science building. Lewis still had classes to attend, but Kyle had the new few hours free, so he decided to spend it in the student center playing around with the Chronivac. His last changes in class earlier than morning had gone well, Kyle was eager to get his creative juices flowing again. The student center was fairly crowded, full of excited students sitting together, killing time between classes, but almost prophetically, there was a lone one-seated table off in the corner of the main lobby. He walked sat down and opened up his laptop, letting the familiar jingle play. "And this is the Harrison Student Center. Students like to sit here and do work, socialize, and grab a meal at one of the restaurants or the kiosk." You could barely hear over the ambient noise of the crowd. There was a college aged man gesturing to the area around him with a guy that looked a few years younger and a kid next to him. The older of the two kids was here on a high school tour, but he seemed to be the only one in his group, save for the youngster than stood next to him, playing on a phone. Kyle looked at the three and studied them. College tours around campus were common enough, but with the power of the Chronivac he could easily turn them into three unwitting test subjects. Kyle decided to get up and introduce himself to the group and see if he should try the program on them or not. "Hi there, I'm Kyle!" The student giving the tour quickly turned around to face him. He casually hung his arm around the tour guide's shoulder. "Welcome to the college, nice to meet you." He extended his hand to the youngest kid, who ignored him, and then to the older one, who grabbed Kyle's hand with both of his and shook it firmly. "My name's Kyle. Are these two on a *college tour*?" He smiley coyly. The guide smiled, "Yes they are. I'm Sawyer. This is Allen and the one on the phone is Brant. Are you a student here?" He asked genuinely. He was wearing a red polo with the school's emblem on it and jeans. Allen was wearing a red sweat shirt and jeans, while his little brother wore a t-shirt with an Adventure time character on it with his jeans. Allen seemed to brighten up a bit as you made your appearance. "Why yes I am. Name's Kyle Phillips, I'm an exercise science major, gonna go into physical therapy." He locked eyes with Allen, nodding as if to acknowledge is presence. "What about you Allen? Do you know what you'd like to study in school?" He smiled and nodded back, "Uh probably the same thing. But not the physical therapy part. Is there a lacrosse team here? That's what I want really want to do is play lacrosse. You look like you might know." He sounded more excited than he looked. "Uh, well...." Kyle scratched his head. "I mean, not exactly, but there are a lot of other cool sports here! Like football, basketball, baseball, swimming, soccer, wrestling, rugby... You could probably start an intramural team, I bet lots of people would sign up for that. And the exercise science program here is really good too." Kyle was oddly flattered the young man was interesting in the same major, even if it didn't really have anything to do with him. The young man's smile deflated quickly. "Oh," was all he said. The disinterested look appeared back on his face. Sawyer spoke up again, "Well I have to continue the tour. Nice meeting you Kyle. This way please." Sawyer motioned towards the stairwell. Allen tugged his brother's shoulder to get him to move towards the stairs to the upper levels. "Wait!" Kyle looked back over at his laptop, carelessly left alone on the table. "I've got something for you! Like a welcoming present. Just give me a sec." Sawyer and Allen exchanged confused glances. Kyle went back over to the table and hunched over his laptop, typing away, occasionally looking back to the trio of young men standing there. He pressed the enter button and closed the laptop case shut, sweeping it up under his arm and rejoining the tour with it in tow. "Mind if I tag along on the tour?" He asked, surprised Sawyer had the patience to wait for him this long. "Just for the student center. Allen's interested in the same major I am, so maybe I could answer any questions for him." They began to walk up the staircase. "Sure. Just don't interrupt me please. I got to do this tour on time and all." Allen continued his disinterested look, just trying to keep Brant from tripping over the stairs as his eyes glued to the screen. Once they reached the top of the stair case, he motioned to the rows of computers. "This is one of the computer labs on campus. In case you don't like carrying around your lab top, you can come work here. They are usually open until 2am. The printing isn't free, but it is two cents for every page." Brant, who hadn't said a word the entire time, let out a sharp gasp, as if struck with sudden pain. The phone in his hand dropped to the floor. Allen quickly knelt by his side, his face wrought with concern. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Did you hurt yourself?" Brant just shook his head. Allen rubbed Brant's head affectionately, and the young kid was obviously embarrassed. He pushed his way out of his brother's hand. "Come on, Allen," Brant protested, "I'm not some little ki--" Brant was cut short by another gasp of pain, and his limbs began to grow upward and outward, shaking violently in the process. Brant's sudden sprouting knocked Allen backward. Allen landed square on his butt, his neck craned upward to see his former little brother still growing upward, taller than he had ever been. "I'm not a kid anymore." Brant finished his sentence as Allen stood up, his eyes level with his brother's chin. Allen looked up at his little brother's face, "Well you have to watch where you are walking next time. Lucky you accidentally knocked me down and not some stranger. That would have been even more embarrassing." Allen scolded his brother and turned to follow Sawyer as he explained the computer lab's time and hours. Brant's longer gait actually put him ahead of his brother as they walked, his stick-like legs carrying him a few inches more ahead of his brother with each step. "It was an accident!" Brant protested, his voice always got a little higher when he was upset, close to a screech. "You don't have to snap at me! You're just mad that the school doesn't have a lacrosse team. That's not my fault!" Brant's cartoon shirt had miraculously stayed on his body. He had grown longer, but not wider, so the shirt was comically undersized, covering little more than his chest and shoulders and exposing his scrawny little torso. Nobody seemed to pay much attention to an unusually tall eight year old, though, but Brant noticed his new height. The family doctor said to expect a growth spurt, but he didn't expect something so dramatic! Before he could huddle under his brother like a safety blanket, but he was taller than Allen now. And when Brant started to argue with his brother, he could feel the eyes in the lab looking up at him. The way the students at the computers watched them with the sides of their eyes as they passed made him shut his lips tight. "Brant. You listen to me. You are embarrassing me. Shut up and play on your phone." He turned away from his brother and listened to Sawyer drone on. He hated that he had to babysit his brother. His dad was called away on business suddenly and had to go to this one alone. The tour was boring enough, but having to babysit Brant was annoying. Sawyer motioned to the other end of the hall. "And over here is the post office." Brant stopped away, something that was childishly amusing when he was below five feet but now terrifying now that he was six feet and counting. He thought he could break away from the group while Sawyer was talking. Allen would probably be pissed at him, but he he didn't care, he was pissed at Allen too. He just wanted to get away from the group, he was tired of being dragged around to these boring buildings. Brant began to fill out slightly, looking less like an oversized child and more like a kid's head stuck on an adult body. His stomach began to broaden, wider and a little thicker, his ribs no longer exposed. His shoulders began growing wider than his waist was. Brandt was still lean, at least for the moment, but there was a mass building up in his arms and legs. No longer thing and wobby like pool noodles, his legs developed a solid foundation, with thicker calves and thighs to hold him up. Brant's face looked like it was going through puberty in hyperspeed. His jaw visible grew wider with each passing second, it was crackling like rice crispies. His head seemed to grow in size to catch up with his maturing body. Cheekbones became more prominent, but it size and not definition, much like the muscles his body was building. His chin and upper lip itched as hair started to push out from new follicles that were not there moments before. It was like he could feel the rush of testosterone into his system. "Whaaaat?" Brant's face was itchy, and he gave it a scratch, surprised to find it coated with a dense, thin layer of hair. He had hair on his face! Not even his big brother had hair on his face. "Huh?" Brant felt strange, is this was adults felt like, he wondered? He didn't know if he liked it. Brant's back grew wider and his Adventure Time shirt split along with it. He tried to pin the two flaps of fabric together with his fingers, but his back was only growing wider, and the distance beween the left side of his shirt and the right side of his shirt was only increasing. It looked like Brant was wearing a vest backwards. "Itchy... Why am I so itchy!" Brant hollered. The feeling on his lip spread to his chest, stomach, arm, and legs. Now Brant could finally see the hairs, they weren't a dirt blonde like the pyramid of hair on his head, they were a copper color. He was powerless to prevent more and more follicles from sprouting over his body. He stuck out his tongue "I look like dad! Ugh..." He tried reaching a finger into his armpits to get at the twists of hair growing in there. As hair grew in on his body, it didn't do the same on the top of his head. It either receded back into his head or fell out of it. His hairline receded, but only by an inch or two. It groomed itself into a neat, swept over style, and took on a glossy sheen as a hairspray magically coated it. He reached up and felt the hardened strands in his fingers. "Woah" he muttered before taking his hand down. "Wait I shouldn't touch it. It will get messed up," he murmured to himself. "My shirt is already bad, don't need my hair to look bad too." As he thought of his shirt, a few holes finally gave way in his pants as his hardening calves and thunderous thighs tore through them. Brant's chest began to grow into mounds, inflating like a tire full of air, and just as hard to the touch. At first the front of his shirt got caught in the cleavage, but as his chest began to fill out at the sides, pushing up against his arms, the shirt burst, revealing a broad, swollen chest covered in a red pelt of hair. "Huh?" Brent cupped the underside of his chest and pushed upwards, feeling their wait. They began to grow further, spilling out of his hands. His thighs grew further, splitting the sides of his jeans, which were looking more and more like a pair of cut-offs. His calves grew alongside them, they were similar in size to his thighs. Brent has heard of "legs like tree trunks" before, but these wheels were so monstrously thick and veiny, two solid pillars of mass, they really did look like hairy tree trunks! "What am I going to do about my clothes?" Brant began to whimper. His facial hair curled outward, growing thicker and fuller. He didn't like the way his mustache tickled his lip. Brant struggled to pull the two scraps of fabric around his chest together in a failed attempt at modesty, but they wouldn't fit back. Frustrated, Brant gripped both sides of the shirt with his growing mitts and squeezed them together best he could, and miraculously, they stayed! But just barely, Brant could feel the strain against his chest. It still only covered his pecs, like he was wearing half a shirt. But that wasn't his only surprise, it wasn't his blue Adventure Time shirt any more! It was completely monochromatic, a bright red. He was sure the knitting was different too, it felt different on his skin. He cupped his left pec and squinted at the strange symbol hanging above it. His shirt has a strange logo on it, where had he seen it before? Oh yeah! It was the logo he had seen hundreds of times already this morning. The school emblem, it was like the shirt Sawyer was wearing. The emblem was stretched and distorted over his meaty pecs. He looked at it in surprise, not even realizing he let the edges of his shirt go. His shirt did not snap back to the sides, instead they were held together by buttons, barely. The top two buttons remained unbuttoned. The second button was missing thanks to a too large of a pump and a flex. He scrunched his brow together. Brant didn't remember putting this shirt on in the morning or working out ever. His head was starting to hurt. Many things did not make sense to him. He had to find Allen. He took one step forward and his shoe burst from his foot, another step and the other one followed suit. Two big, hairy feet sat on the ground. "Whuuuh?" His voice box shook in his throat, as did his Adam's apple. It was deep, rough, commanding, like he remembered his dad's to be. Brant stepped out of his tennis shoes, which had been reduced to scraps. He continued on barefoot, trying to retrace his steps. His new mass was making him uneasy as he swayed side to side. Creases dug into his forehead, under his eyes, and at the sides of his mouth, aging over 30 years in an instant, and he was growing older still. Where was Allen supposed to be? The mailroom? He had to get back to the mailroom. He winced a bit has his butt began to swell, his undies digging between two giant ass cheeks. The seat of his pants, miraculously did not give in, and grew alongside his huge, hairy ass. His pant legs were getting longer and straighter too, turning into a pair of neatly-pressed khakis that adjusted to the shape of his thighs. The fabric of his legs rubbed against each other as he walked, swish swish. "The mailroom..." Brant gasped, his voice low and husky. A pair of grey-blue boatshoes slipped onto his feet while he wasn't looking. "The mailroom," He repeated. He turned the corner at the computer lab. He could see Allen and the others in his line of sight. He studied the mail cubbies on the wall, each one labeled. He finally reached Allen, towering above him. "Excuse me," he said softly, shuffling past him and Sawyer, and turned to to the wall, running his hands down the cubbies. "Mail... mail..." He repeated under his breath, looking for the one labeled "Turner, Grant." With Grant's large backed turned to the cubbies, Sawyer spoke up. "Oh, this is great timing! Allen, this is Mr. Turner, he's the coach for the lacrosse team we started last year. He must be getting ready for the spring season." "Huh?" Grant grunted, turning around to the group. "Oh!" He raised his bushy eyebrows. "Is there are tour going on?" Allen looked up at the giant man with awe. Sawyer put his hand on Allen's shoulder. "Allen here is interested in the school's lacrosse league." "Oh, is that so!" Grant puffed. Allen extended his arm and Grant swallowed it with his. Allen was trying not to look at the vein popping from the coach's bicep as the shook hands. Grant's grip was firm and his voice was confident. Allen could not believe this mountain of a man was the lacrosse coach. He had to stand at least half-a-foot taller than Allen and looked like he would be more at home coaching the defensive linemen of the school rather than the lacrosse team. He nodded and tried to return the strength of the handshake, but it felt like he was gripping warm iron. "Yes sir. I'd love to join the lacrosse team. I've been playing since last year and I want to keep doing it. My coach says I have a lot of potential." "Potential, eh?" Grant unclasped Allen's hand and rubbed his beard, sizing the boy up and down. He gave a soft chuckle, "You know, you remind me of yourself a little at that age. Don't let the size fool ya, I was pretty lean up until I graduated from college. It's a good thing you ran into me... Allen, was it? I'll look into your name for recruitment." He smiled broadly and nodded. "Thank you sir. Though I won't be attending for another two years. I'm only a junior right now." He coach nodded sternly and stroked his beard more. "Ok boy. Keep me updated when you apply then. You can find my email on the school's athletics page. Now what high school did you say you go to?" Allen answered, "Oakwind High. The Oakwind Warrior is our mascot." "Oakwind..." Grant repeated. Why did that sound so familiar? Grant spasmed again, his traps building up around his neck, making him look even broader. He flexed his chest, almost as if by habit, and the bounce didn't go unnoticed by Allen. "Oakwind! No kidding! Coach Numan still teach Warriors lacrosse there? We're pretty good friends." Grant was bending the truth a little, the two were closer than just friends. "Well tell him Coach Turner says hello. Running into you was quite the surprise, Allen. If Numan says you've got potential, I believe it." Allen nodded respectfully. "I'll be sure to tell him that sir." Sawyer decided to butt in. "Thanks Coach Turner. We have to continue the tour now. Thank you for your time. I'm sure Allen will keep in touch." He ushered Allen away as the high schooler said his good byes. Sawyer guided him up another staircase, "Up here we have the Great room, auditorium, and some offices. Let's start with the Great Room. Students love to come here to get some rest or work in silence." They entered a large wooden room that looked like it belonged in a mountain lodge, complete with a fireplace. Kyle hung in the back, uncharacteristically silent until now. The run-in with Coach Turner had left him speechless. Not because of coach's mass, he was the one who created those muscles. He just gave them to the wrong person. Kyle intended for Sawyer to become the school's giant lacrosse coach, not young Brant, who he was supposed to receive a different batch of changes. But he was in a hurry using the Chronivac to catch the tour, he probably wasn't paying attention to the names very well. He decided to hang back in the lounge to see how the rest of the changes played out, keeping his eyes on Allen and Sawyer. "I can't believe something like this exists in a school," Allen exclaimed. It was vast and empty, but it warmly lit and looked comfortably lived in, giving it an air of hospitality. A few of the students that were enjoying the silence looked over at Allen due to his sudden voice. Sawyer kept his voice low, "It's like a library without the books. And it looks grand enough that a lot of dances and socials are held in here, including the Orientation social for incoming freshmen. Some people like to call it the Harry Potter room because of how it looks." He gestured to the fireplace, "This is obviously only used in the fall and winter when it gets cold. It heats up the room surprisingly fast. "Yeah, no kidding. I'm feeling kinda..." Allen looked in the crackling flames. "Hot." Allen's body was searing with an internal heat. He panted slightly. He was burning up, did he have a fever? He wiped his brow. "It's this darn blazer," he huffed. A row of buttons had appeared on his sweatshirt. As he undid them one by one and slid it off his shoulders, it had turned into a crisp-looking, narrow cut blazer, colored so dark blue it looked almost back. Allen casually slung it over his shoulder. He let out a sigh of relief, already feeling a little cooler. Sawyer pointed to the side of the doorway. "If you want, you can leave it there. I'm pretty sure it will be safe and not stolen. We'll come pick it up after finishing the floor." The t-shirt underneath Allen's sweatshirt had been exchanged for a white button-down without him knowing and a turquoise tie appeared around his neck. He nodded quietly and placed the blazer on the rack. "Thanks. I'd be a pain to carry it around everywhere. Where to next? Maybe someplace with AC?" Allen chuckled and so did Sawyer, "Right this way." He lead Allen down the hall across from the Great Room. "Here is our small gallery where we host some of the art student's works. It's a photography one right now." A cooling breeze fluttered over Allen, but it did not seem to cool him one bit. "Interesting stuff," Allen cocked an eyebrow. As he strolled up and down the gallery of photos, he seemed a bit taller as well. By the time he walked back over to Sawyer they were about the same height, with Allen having a slight edge over him. Sweat was soaking his collar, Allen tugged on his necktie. Why was he so hot? He strained and panted. "God, I feel so..." Horny, he thought? Turned on? Allen was battling with a surge of hormones, and not just because the kid was smack in the middle of puberty. In fact, puberty seemed to be accelerating. A black shadow was cast on Allen's cheeks, a permanent stubble that suggested a certain masculinity a cute, bright boy like Allen hadn't yet achieved. His eyebrows looked a little heaver as well, subtle changes that would slowly piece together the full portrait of manhood Allen was slowly becoming. He felt a square in his pants pocket, and curious reached in and pulled out a phone. Brant's phone. Who was Brant? He slid it back into his pocket. The flash of a silver Rolex watch wrapped around his left wrist. He felt the weight of it on his wrist and he had to look at it, admire it. It glinted in the gallery lighting. Had Allen been paying attention to his wrist instead of the watch, he would have seen it noticeably thicken. "Are you alright sir? Do you need me to get you something?" Sawyer saw that Allen looked distressed, and as the tour guide he felt obligated to offer some help. Allen shook his head. "No. No. I'm good. Just a little spell is all." He coughed, "Really. Where to next?" Sawyer nodded and led Allen out of the room. "The auditorium we have here. It has brand new sound equipment and lighting for speeches and performances. Allen stopped in his tracks just short of the auditorium entrance. A sharp pain in his stomach. It burned, was he hurt? Curious, Allen undid the bottom three buttons of his dress shirt. What he saw was unexpected, six delicately carved abs taking up his midsection. Allen, a lacrosse player, had developed quite an athletic physique himself, but this was different. These abs looked like they had taken years of training and careful diet to maintain. He curiously poked at them. They were large and smooth and freshly waxed. His shirt was already undone, so he decided to peek a little further, looking at his Adonis belt and the veins branching out from underneath his waistline. He tried his best to discretely button himself up and catch up to Sawyer. The abs looked so out of place. He had "skinny abs" beforehand, but these looked like they belonged on a gym rat, not a lacrosse player. And he was sure he had hair there, but it was smooth. "Much like the day room, student's come in here to study, sleep, or relax in quiet. It's empty today though since it is the first day of classes." Sawyer droned on. The pain radiated to his lower back. Reaching behind him, Allen could feel the ridges of muscle his back had through the shirt. It caused him to change his posture just slightly to make him look like he was walking more confidently. As Allen walked, he held his head up and his back straight, pumping his arms. He stuck out his chest, but it was still flat. He had learned early on in the business world that looking confident was a huge part of being successful. He was getting tired of this stuffy tour. "It's okay, Sawyer, you can break from the tour for a while." Allen's tone was direct and brisk. He leaned on one of the chairs next to the aisle. He looked at his Rolex again, this time not in admiration, but as though he was expecting something. "What about you, Sawyer? You seem like a nice young man, tell me a little about yourself." As Allen gripped the aisle seat, the knuckles in his hand popped, twisting larger. His fingers were long and slender and neatly manicured, with a thin coating of black hairs on the back of his hand, and slowly up his arm and underneath his sleeves. He stretched his shoulders and they stayed in that position, wider. His slim cut dress shirt was great for showing off his narrow waist and broad upper body. "Well sir this is my junior year. I'm a Marketing major with a minor in Psychology." Allen's biceps and triceps slowly filled out their sleeves as Sawyer spoke. They rounded out into firm cables of muscle. They didn't pull the sleeve taut unless they were flexed. "Aside from doing campus tours I also am on the entertainment committee and I volunteer as a referee for the school intramural league." It looked like someone was slowly pouring ink over Allen's hair, the brown steadily darkening to a pure black, matching the hair that was now adorned his hands. "I thought about joining a fraternity but the time and money commitments weren't for me." "Uh huh, uh huh," Allen rubbed his chin. He wasn't really that interested in what Sawyer was saying, but he was good at faking it. He eyes were directly locked with Sawyer's. They were this intense, steely-blue that Sawyer didn't like look into, he felt he was being sized up like a cut of beef, but he couldn't tear himself away. Allen's shag seemed to move up his scalp, his dark hair taking on a glossy shimmer, and pulled tight. His lips grew out a bit and pushed slightly inward. Those narrow cheekbones thinned out Allen's round, young face. His face looked a little longer than before, and the ends of his chin squared out a little. Allen's face developed light creases that started at his nostrils and moved down his cheeks. "I just assumed you were an athlete, you looked like one." He coughed into his hand and as his chest spasmed, it grew. Allen's firm as began to grow, larger and even more firm than before, big like a shelf. His tiny little waist made it look even bigger. Sawyer shook his head, "No. I mean I play ball or frisbee with some of the guys every now and then, but I'm not on any teams or any clubs." Allen's ass rounded out the seat of his pants. Since he was leaning on the chair, it gave him an almost seductive pose. His skin began to take on a tanned tone, like had spent days out in the sun, or some time in a tanning bed. It gave him a healthy glow, even in the terrible auditorium lighting. It contrasted nicely with his crisp white shirt and styled black hair. A gorgeous silver wedding band wrapped around Allen's left ring finger. "You know Sawyer, if you need the money, I can give it to you. Why don't you come intern at my company?" He batted his eyes innocently. "I'm always on the lookout for young men such as yourself to help run things for a couple months." He pushed himself forward a little, leaning into Sawyer a bit. Sawyer smiled politely back. "Thank you sir, but I don't think I would have the time for it right now. But I appreciate the offer. Would you like to grab your blazer and head out? I'm sure the missus must be worried." He said, nodding to Allen's wedding band. Allen stepped forward, his shoes suddenly changing to brown, leather shoes. He stood over Sawyer and looked down at him. "Are you sure? It would be good on a resume." Sawyer forced a smile, "Thank you sir, but really--" Allen rested a hand on Sawyer's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. " Look Sawyer, I'll be as straightforward as I can-- did you not look at me and think, 'God damn, that is the most handsome man I have ever seen'?" Allen used the force of his arm to push Sawyer down into one of the auditorium seats. "I know you did, I saw the look you gave me when we got here. You haven't been able to keep your eyes off me since we started the tour. Well Sawyer, I think you're a gorgeous man too and I'd like to spend more time with you. I do internships all the time, we have lots of young men in and out of the office, nobody suspects a thing. I'd want you in my office early every morning and late after closeup, but I will pay you *very* well." Sawyer looked up into Allen's chest. "But if that's too much for you, Sawyer, I understand. You said nobody comes here the first day of class. We can always fool around a bit before I have to meet back up with the family." "I-I don't think that's very apro-propriate sir." Sawyer stuttered, intimidated by the large and handsome man before him. Had he not been so nervous, he may have noticed the front of Allen's pants begin to inflate and make a more prominent bulge. He began to sweat nervously as his eyes darted around the room, looking for a way to escape. He was worried someone might walk in any minute. "Sure thing, Sawyer," Allen cooed, "whatever you say. I understand if you're not comfortable with it. Just know I'll be offering the internship to someone else, I have handsome young men like yourself in and out of the office all the time. You're the only one here who's losing out here." Allen tried playing it cool, but he was pissed. The kid rejected him! People didn't say no to Allen Greer, it just didn't happen. Llen patted his pockets. Oh well, he left the condoms in his jacket anyways. Llen started to fondle himself, not really caring if Sawyer was paying attention or not. He was horny, and if the kid was being a cocktease, he might as well finish the job himself. Llenn loved fondling his thick cock and big balls, and the way people stared at them when they were propped up against his pants leg. He was always a bit of an exhibitionist, even well into his 40s, a tendency that only got worse as he grew wealthier and more powerful. Glenn, full name Glenn Gordon, was a businessman who, despite being married, had an insatiable appetite for college-aged men. Glenn's son was overjoyed at the idea of having his busy dad take the day off of work to tour the school, but he was more or less looking to hook up. But things hadn't gone as he expected. Meanwhile, back in the "Harry Potter Room", Kyle had a chance to pull open the Chronivac and check on the changes he made. Sure enough, he made another mistake. Allen had become Glenn Gordon, a change originally meant for his bratty little brother Brant. Allen becoming the father left the tour without a student to go on it, a little hiccup that neither Glenn or Sawyer had noticed. Kyle originally didn't have any plans for Sawyer, but Kyle was already in to deep, he'd have to make changes to the tour guide too. He started typing away. Glenn shamelessly groped himself in front of the tour guide. He had been watching his fine ass all day and hoped to be put with his group. His thick cock was evident through the fabric of his pants. Sawyer found his eyes drawn to it. It was so big and the groping only made it more erect, and thus larger. Glenn's large body was blocking his every exit, but slowly Sawyer found himself not wanting to leave as much. There was a scent in the air he could not describe, but he liked it and it seemed to be coming from Glenn. It sure wasn't cologne. "Oh, you like what you see?" Glenn gave Sawyer a smug grin. "Well, you had your chance kid. Gimme a second to finish up and we can get out of here, promise. You ain't going to tell the school about this, are ya?" Sawyer just shook his head quickly. Sitting in the auditorium seat, not too far from Glenn's crotch, it was hard for Sawyer to look away from the man's huge erection, it was like it was pointing straight at him. Sawyer shuddered a bit, but he didn't understand why. It was more like a spasm. And unbeknownst to Sawyer, these spasms were causing growth spurts. His hands hung over the arms of the chair a little more than before. His legs pushed outward, sliding against the floor and nudging into Glenn a little. Did he always take up this much space, he wondered? Glenn felt Sawyer's legs against his. "Mmmm you like the feel of those? Those took years to perfect." One large hand traveled up his shirt and gripped his nipple through the shirt. Sawyer was attributing his spasms as nervous twitches. Inches added to bones, tendons, and muscles. His back slid up the chair as his butt pushed closer to the edge of it. He felt himself almost slouch as he looked up at Glenn. His shoes hit the next row of seats as they started to become really tight and bulge. Sawyer's legs rubbing up against him made Glenn leak a little. He was still a little pissed at this kid for rebuffing him, but the contact felt pretty good. He was surprised how firm Sawyer's legs felt for a non-athlete. He was a sturdy build kid. Glenn closed his eyes a bit and tried to imagine Sawyer's firm legs, dusted with those black hairs of his, calves razor sharp. He imagined Sawyer's thick thighs wrapped around him. He looked down at the kid, still firmly planted in his seat. He was watching Sawyer, but Sawyer wasn't watching him, he seemed a bit spaced out. Sawyer could feel Glenn's body heat radiating onto him. Glenn's shirt was a little soaked, his powerful scent filling the small gap between them. Sawyer took in a deep breath of Glenn's musk, which hadn't gone unnoticed by Mr. Gordon. "Oh yeah, you like that? That's what a man smells like." Sawyer just took another deep inhale, his black pompadour was sinking into his head like it was deflating. His slick, straight hair was developing little crinkles to it. Glenn wasn't sure if it was the auditorium lights, but he could swear Sawyer's hair was getting brighter. Sawyer could feel himself get hotter and hotter. He could not focus at all as the smell of musk seemed to overload his brain. His crotch stirred and started to grow to its usual hard length of 6 inches, but began to push past it to 9 inches, causing a massive pent in his pants, his zipper straining. As Glenn fantasized back Sawyer having thick calves and legs, those muscles grew in response, and so did hair on top of them. Meanwhile the hair on Sawyer's head was now a deep brown instead of black and still lightening by the second. The pompadour was quickly no more. Sawyer's hair, minus the pompadour, remained about the same height it once was, but developed a wavy texture to it, hanging just a little bit looser than his usual tightly combed look. It shimmered to a chestnut brown, then shades lighter again to more of an auburn color. A small sprinkling of freckles pinched his cheeks and button nose. He was starting to thicken up a little, his chest pushed out a little more prominently, his upper body a little broader, a little more confident, and his abs, so gracefully carved into his soft, smooth skin. The olive hue to Sawyer's skin began to lighten a little. Bright cheeks, dimpled chin, gorgeous hair, he was beginning to look very boyishly handsome. The heat was beginning to fog up his glasses, so he put them aside on the chair next to him. His gorgeous emerald eyes remained the same. His chest stuck out a little more, and then as if in competition, so did his ass. It grew wide, taking up the seat of the chair, touching from chair arm to chair arm. He was a broad, sturdily built young man, and only becoming more gorgeous by the second. His lats pushed at the sides of his shirt, not to the point of bursting, but they definitely made themselves known. His shoulders rounded out and followed the lats' lead. His pale skin almost glowed in the auditorium lighting. It was smooth with the exception of some light hair on his arms, legs, pits, and slight treasure trail. His boyishly charming face contrasted with his growing musculature. His rib cage broadened to support his meatier chest, and resulted in given his body a V-shape that most men envy. Freckles appeared on his forearms and hands, but they only enhanced their appearance. His breathing deepened, making his chest strain at his shirt with every breath. The bottom of his shirt laid on his abs and would always do so as his waist pulled in 2 inches. The hem of his shirt rested just above his waistline, causing his developing Apollo's belt to barely be seen. Just below, his ass pushed out with muscle, and a little fat to make it look bubbly. Glenn looked down at Sawyer. The kid had a taut body, brimming with strength. Not quite at his level, he thought, but the he certainly had potential. Sawyer was roughly the same age, slightly younger at 19 years, but this Sawyer was so energetic and handsome, pulsing with life. His shirt remained an embroidered polo, that hadn't changed. But Sawyer was no longer on the school's tour staff. In fact, he didn't even go there. But he was planning on transferring in the upcoming fall. Gone was the droll, timid Sawyer, replaced by the dashing Seth Gordon. Glenn exchanged glances with his son. "We should probably get back to the guide." He thought back to Kyle waiting patiently in the lounge. He couldn't even remember how he and Seth had gotten to the auditorium in the first place. Seth looked up at Glenn with a glint in his emerald eyes. "Oh come on dad. They said this was a hook-up spot on campus and I want to hook-up with the hottest guy here." He grabbed his father's waist and pulled him closer. Rubbing his face into his dad's crotch. he pulled the zipper down with his teeth. "And it looks like you want to hook-up too." He breathed onto Glenn's cock which responded with a ball of pre forming on the front. He ran his tongue along the length of the shaft and took the pre from the tip. "I've missed your taste," Seth always had a thing for older men, and his dad was at the top of that list. "Woah there!" Glenn bucked his hips, catching himself on the seat behind him. Seth ran his hands up Glenn's thighs, squeezing them a bit. Seth stroked the underside of Glenn's shaft a little before grabbing hold of the shaft and licking the tip of his head. "God, Seth, you're really polishing your technique. Is this what you've been learning in school?" As Seth leaned foward, his polo rode up his back a bit. He flickered his tongue along the head before looking up at his father's proud face. "You know it dad. How else did you think I got an A in Music Appreciation class? It wasn't be listening to classical music." He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the head of Glenn's cock. His tongue played with the glands. Then without any difficulty, he took the whole cock down with throat. "Just be sure to swallow it all, I don't want any stains on my work clothes." The massaging suction of Seth's mouth was doing wonders on Glenn. Even a man like Glenn, who prided himself in feeling powerful, was beginning to feel weak and light. He was surprised how quickly Seth had slipped the entire thing in his mouth. He was edging closer to orgasm. He found himself tousling Seth's hair a little like he was used to doing. Seth was sure to suck hard and work his dad's cock like a pro. He even took breaks to licks and massage his father's massive balls. The flow of pre became more steady, so he knew his father was already close to cumming. He played with the cock, keeping Glenn on edge. He was doing everything his Music Appreciation professor had done to him. "Come on dad. I need my protein for the day." "Oof," Glenn finally came. He clenched his ass and he could feel the load spilling out, traveling down his long shaft and dribbling outward. Seth could feel it rising up his throat. It was a big load, but Seth kept up, sucking it down rhythmically and licking the traces off the tip. "You were a really thirsty boy today," Glenn purred. "Lucky Dad was here to help you out." He nuzzled up against Seth's face. "You're such a stud. Look how big you've gotten!" Their lips found each other and after a tender kiss, Seth smiled. "I came from the best." He patted his father's slowly deflating cock. Glenn smiled back and tucked his python away. "You sure did bud. Now I think we should get back to that tour group before anyone gets suspicious." He ruffled his son's hair and zipped up his pants. "You were right though, It is a hot hook-up spot." Kyle looked up and saw Seth and his dad walking back into the lounge. They didn't greet him, though, another student walked up to them. Kyle had to make one of the studying students into a volunteer to replace Sawyer, who was now Allen's son. It wasn't exactly what Kyle had in mind for each of them, but they certainly seemed happy. Kyle watched Glenn pinch his son's ass as they walked by. He hoped Seth would decide to transfer, he'd like to see the two again. Maybe he could intern for Mr. Gordon. Kyle's free time was just about over, he had to get ready for his next class, a literature course, and he was going to be late if he didn't book it across campus. He swept up his supplies of the desk and took off.
  3. PART 5 I pick up my bowls and head for the depository for dishes, stashing the banana in my bag for later. I motion for the door once I return, "Well I hope that orange filled you. Let's get moving so we can pick our own seats." I usher you towards the door and guide you to the biological sciences building. It's the newest building on campus and certainly stands out. We go up to the second floor, people eyeing us along the way. When we get to the classroom, only a few other students have taken seats. "Where do you like to sit? The front, middle, or back?" The back would be perfect for using the Chronivac in the middle of class, but... I sigh. "I'd like the back, but we really should sit up front. I'm kind of lagging behind in this class so I want to make sure I can focus." I wasn't very bright, intelligence didn't come naturally, but I was a damned hard worker. My body was a testament to that. Class probably wasn't the right time to start changing people either, but maybe I'd get some inspiration for my free time. We took our seats towards the front of the classroom. As we sat, an Asian kid a few seats from us huffed and got up, moving further away from us. The room began to fill up with students as the remaining minutes dwindled. We were each flanked by a student to our left and right. It looked like a full class. About a minute before class began, the professor walked in. He looked like a relatively healthy old man with white hair and a receded hairline. He smile shone through. On the board he wrote, "Professor Arnold Roster." "Professor Roster," I contemplatively tap my chin, trying to summon my knowledge of the biology professor. If I remember correctly, he's one of the longest-standing members of the faculty. The way he smiled at the class made it seem like he was friendly enough. He face seemed bright despite his age, if he was tired it didn't quite show. "Good morning class. I'm Professor Roster. This is Intro to Biology 1108. If you are in the wrong room I suggest you leave now before you learn something." A few chuckles were heard across the small classroom at his joke. "Now I see some familiar faces from last semester's 1107 class and some fresh faces as well. For those of you that don't know me, I was a biology major here myself and went on to earn a PhD in Human Physiology, which I also teach a class on for those of you looking to get into medical school, physical therapy or nursing school." He cleared his throat, "And now I'm obligated to do roll, so please correct me if I mispronounce your name." Professor Roster went through the roll call without problem, save for a few odd pronunciations. But he tackled many of the more difficult to say names with accomplishment. It was clear he had done this several times before. With role call done he gave a stack of syllabi to the front of the class and instructed them to the back of the class. It was pretty short, only one page front to back. Clearly he wanted to jump into coursework as soon as possible. He booted up the computer and projector and brought up his first power point. "Now, most of you know I'm very open with technology in my classroom. You are allowed to record my lectures, voice only though. But please no texting on your phones. If you have a tablet or computer you want to take notes on you are welcome to use them as well, but make sure they stay silenced. Now before we begin, any questions?" Perfect opportunity to use my Chronivac in class! I know I said I wanted to focus, but maybe I can get away with using it the first day. I slide it out from underneath my seat just in case. I lean back in my desk and raise my hand. "Is there a chance you could record your lectures yourself and post them online? I think that might be a good idea for students who can't record it themselves." I shrug. He chuckles, "Unfortunately no. Some of the material I use in my powerpoints is copyright so I can't just post it out to the public. There are several free apps and recording programs I believe and I know some of you share recordings among each other. I would suggest asking your classmates, Mr. errr Kyle right?" He looked over at you as you pulled out your laptop and turned it on. "Yeah, Kyle Phillips." As the laptop is taken out of sleep mode a familiar whirring sound starts up. The Chronivac logo flashes on screen. "I'll probably be visiting your office a lot, Professor Roster." He nodded. "Ok then, any other questions?" The room remained silent. "Ok then. If you look at your syllabus you will see we will begin discussing taxonomy today." He flipped to the first slide showing some single celled orgasm and described its traits. Then he switched to a photo of a whale and described it as well. I had my notebook out and was diligently taking notes through the lecture. Meanwhile, I was busy on the Chronivac, looking up at Professor Roster every so often. Sure enough, I had him up on the program. Feeling confident, I pressed the enter key and the professor was hit with a sudden surge of virility he hadn't felt in years. He seemed to have been caught off guard, cutting off his lecture mid-sentence to let out an audible groan. His cheeks turned rosy. We couldn't see it from where he stood behind his desk, but Arnold's dark dress pants were soiled with a spot of cum, which was currently dripping down his leg. He coughed into his hand. "Ahem. Sorry. Now where was I? Oh yes..." He continued on about how a virus can evolve through reassortment, leading to new strains, but not species. Meanwhile the cum dripped down his leg and he could feel it, but some force pushed it to the back of his mind. Still, he wanted to stay behind the podium in order to prevent any chance of the wet spot to be seen by his students. Arnold Roster's body began to shake. He bones, brittled by age, were beginning to regain strength. He started by correcting his posture, standing straighter than before. Standing at his full height, Arnold seemed much taller than he was before. The skin around his face began to tighten slightly, as if held up by an invisible force. Tiny white hairs began to sprout over the professor's forehead, filling in slowly until his hairline began to recover. A widows peak dipped down below his straight hairline. His snow white hair darkened slightly into an ash grey. Professor Roster's voice seemed to project better across the room. The people sitting in the middle didn't have to try as hard to hear him, but those in the back still hard to try and make sure to catch his voice. He could feel the cum hang on the hairs of his leg, but he couldn't be bothered by it, he had a class to teach. Now he moved onto the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates. "Right, invertebrates," He cleared his throat, speaking a little louder than he intended to, "and... vertebrates... invertebrates and vertebrates..." Professor Roster came again, soaking his pants. Why was he so horny? He needed to concentrate. He rested the palm of his hand on his forehead, and as he did, his hand began to grow, his fingers stretching through his newly-sprouted locks of hair, which was slowly turning from a ashy grey to a chestnut brown. Professor Roster didn't have much hair, so it stuck up all over the place. He tried combing it down with his fingers, and miraculously it stayed. The threads of Professor Roster's favorite loafers began to split as his toes grew larger and larger within the confines of his shoe. Soon they wouldn't be able to fit. Professor Roster's cock twitched again, and another spasm of cum dribbled downward. He grit his teeth. His balls were swelling, full of sperm, and his cock felt so alive. It burned with pleasure. "You ok Professor?" The kid sitting next to you, Madison Langley, said, his voice sounding concerned. Arnold looked back up and smiled, "Ah yes sorry. I must be catching a cold today. That won't stop today's lecture. I haven't taken a sick day in years." He smiled pridefully. Clearing his throat, he began to lecture again as more hair burrowed out of his scalp. Right, he thought, no sick day in over a decade, and I'm not going to start now. Professor Roster spoke up, carrying through his lecture the best he could, and as far as he could tell, he had the student's attention. The professor's shoes had finally reached the bursting point, but he continued on teaching, the rubber soles of his shoes making a thwacking sound against his feet every time he shuffled around behind his desk. Professor Roster pushed up the sides of his scalp, pushing his bristly new hair upwards, and it stayed. The length of the told of his scalp matched the length of his edges, resulting in a tight flattop that ended in 90 degree angles. It was incredibly neat. The professor tugged at his collar and tie as his neck began to thicken. He unbuttoned the collar to give himself room to breathe, and his voice boomed even louder, really filling up the room. Students had to pay attention to that voice even if they didn't want to, it forced attention. He didn't want to have any slackers in his class. The veins on Prof. Roster's body, his arms, his legs, his forehead... even his cock, began to throb as they changed into veins no created from infirmity, but from the vascularity of an athletic physique. His upper body broadened, pulling his shirt upwards across his chest, but it remained firmly and neatly tucked into his pants. His veins pumped as they fed his body what it needed. The top two buttons of his shirt went airborne as they flew off, unable to continue the pecs suddenly beneath them. Though, they vanished before they hit anyone and reappeared as if he had simply unbuttoned his shirt. His tie came undone as it would look ridiculous given his unbuttoned shirt and simply disappeared into oblivion. His pecs in the meantime surged forward with veiny strength. His nipples pressed into the fabric of his shirt, causing another surge of masculinity to hit him and cum into his pants again. Professor Roster's forearms began to beef up. As his net of veins criss-crossed over his arms, swelling them larger, the size of his forearms began to force his sleeves up his arm. But as they rode upwards, they did not tear or rip, but instead began to fold, neatly and tightly, until they reached his elbows. Professor Roster crossed his arms, showcasing their thickness and deep definition, an impressive display of his masculinity. His chest began to grow against his arms, and they way his chest bunched up against his forearms showcased a fullness to them that was apparent even in his dress shirt. As this skin in his face began to pull tight, the wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes and mouth began to iron out. His cheeks had almost a youthful glow to them, and feeling sexy for the first time in years, Professor Roster began to smile even wider. Thick, dark eyebrows began to sprout over his thin grey ones. His eyes were a similar color, beady and piercing. But the changes to the professor's height continued still. His body, already considerably taller than before and compact with muscle, stretched upward like a weed. The previously large muscles of the professor's body began to even out in proportion to his new height, close to 6'8 now. Although the professor's muscle tone was still visible, he didn't quite have the proportions of before. One consistent was how athletic his arms remained, which were split into three separate mounts of muscles -- forearms, biceps, and delts. The professor sighed, he didn't normally enjoy wearing shirts with sleeves, but he needed to dress the part of a professional. If all eyes were not on the powerpoint, they were on the professor's towering intimidating form. Once glance from the professor and they eyes would dart back to the powerpoint and scribble down notes to look like they had been paying attention. Unseen to those in the front, Professor Roster's back got rid of any creases or wrinkles in the shirt's back. It became tailored to his tall and broad form, sticking to him almost like a second skin. You could almost see the veins beneath the cloth it was pressed so tight against Arnold. Granted to a man his size, any piece of clothing would be pressed tight against him, even his briefs which just received another fresh load. As Arnold came again, he could feel his shaft springing to life. It felt so sensitive against the thin fabric of his dress pants. He adjusted his dick, and it grew again, this time upwards against the waistband of his pants and against the etchings of his abs. As Arnold came again, his cum filled the bottom carvings of his abs and down his pelvis. He was a tall man, so it was important for his dick to reach similar proportions. He had to bite his top lip to keep himself from smiling, the pleasure just felt too good. It was a rush after nearly decades of no action. "Sooo," the professor cleared his throat, and when he resumed speaking, his voice was even deeper. But its usual thin and weary tone, natural for his age, was much clearer. His skin took on a rich brown town, suggesting that Professor Roster had been staying somewhere sunny over winter break. His crisp white dress shirt displayed his long, impressive body magnificently. Arnold was not an incredibly muscular man, it was hard for him to maintain mass at his height, but the mass he did have was impressive. His body had grown tight and lean from years running up and down the court since he was a kid. Decades of memories dropped from Arnold's head as he went back into his 20s. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a remote. Pressing the button, the slide changed, but this was not a slide for biology. General information on the class appeared, office hours, a schedule for the upcoming weeks. "So that's all the general information for the course!" He concluded. The class nodded the heads, but couldn't help but feel they had just heard all this information minutes before. "When the professor gets here the lesson will begin." He looked at the leather-banded watch wrapped around his wrist nervously. "Which should be any minute now..." Everyone's notes dwindled down to just some information they all wanted in case they wanted to contact the professor. Arnold looked down and sighed. He took a seat to the side of the classroom as the TA. "I'm sure he will be here soon. Don't leave yet. I will take note if you do." Some students shuffled in their seats. Others doodled or laid their heads on their desks to catch a quick cat nap. Many pulled out their phones, Madison was one of them. Andy laid back in his seat, spreading his legs apart, but when he saw the massive bulge clinging to his leg, his discretely closed them back up. He was no longer any professor, or anyone named Arnold, but now Andy Rutger, a basketball player with a double major in biology and education, and was currently looking into grad school so he may become a college biology professor himself. "Late on the first day of class, what bad luck." He gave a hollow laugh. "I'm not sure what the hold up is, he didn't explain when he called me." He pulled out his phone to check on the professor's progress. Students are getting antsy, you close? He texted. The second he hit the send button, Madison's phone buzzed. He read over the text message, "Students are getting antsy..." What did that mean? "Who is this?" He texted back. "Andy. You're late for the Bio 1108 class. It's in room 269." The text quickly came in. He stared at his phone screen. He hasn't known anyone named Andy since the 10th grade and they sure weren't friends. His fingers danced across the screen, "I'm in class already. I think you have the wrong number." He pushed send, wondering who it was on the other end. It was odd someone in the class had his number since he just transferred in. Andy looked up from his phone and across the room. No sign of the professor. "You sure you got the right room?" Andy sent back. Madison sighed. "I'm telling you, you have the wrong number," he typed, and then pressed Send. It took a split second for his text to show up on screen. "I've been teaching in 269 for years now, I know the building," it read. "Just pulled into the lot, be right up." Madison cocked his head, confused. That wasn't what he wrote, did someone else send it? He looked at the top of the screen, only one other number was included in the conversation. Man, auto-correct was really off today. He tried typing it again, this time slower "You... have... the... wrong... number..." and pressed send. The message took another moment to load. "BTW, you left your underwear at my place." It read. Madison turned deep red and almost fell out of his desk. That definitely isn't what I wrote, he thought. Several students, myself including, looked over at Madison as he caused a small commotion at his desk. Madison blushed and furiously typed away at his phone. "I did not mean to send that." He typed, but when he sent it came out as, "You should be more careful with your things." He groaned. He decided it would be best not to text anymore to avoid any further embarrassment, but another text from Andy, which was now in his contacts, showed on the screen. "Are you late because you were jerking off in it?" Madison's face went beet red. Madison's thumbs, still pressed against the screen, began to twitch. It took him a second to realize I was writing up a message, as thought it was automatic. His hands were moving like they had a will of their own. "They were nice and damp too. Took a big whiff of them." To his horror, Madison's thumb moved over to the send button and it showed up in the chat box. His fingers moved again. "Smelled just like you. Got me so hard. I had to jerk one out before class." He pressed send again. "No.... nonono..." Madison shook his head. He looked up at the screen, greeted by his classmate's puzzled faces. "I need to go to the bathroom," he gasped, incredibly flustered and leaped out of his seat. Andy looked up from his phone to see Madison zooming across the room to the doorway. "Hey, the professor's going to be here any minute!" he called back to him, but Madison was already down the hallway and pushing the bathroom door open. The moment his hands touched the door, he felt something in his crotch. His cock felt tired, sore, and sensitive. The way it moved in his boxer briefs made him grunt. He went over to the sink and placed his hands on either side. As he did, his hands began to take up more room on the sink and grip it tighter. He looked in the mirror and saw how flustered he was. He turned on the water to splash some in his face to help bring him back to Earth. It felt like a bad dream to him. He rubbed his face with a paper towel and looked up at himself in the mirror. "What the..." his face was slightly different than before. Madison's brow was wider and stuck out further than before. His eyebrows were a bushy mess and there were heavy creases in his forehead. On the right face it might have looked masculine, but on Madison it looked ridiculous. "What theeee..." he could feel his voice drop deep into his chest, where it landed with a thud. The second his voice dropped to bass, two pectoral muscles punched their way out of his shirt, left, then right. "Oh my Gooood..." he elongated his vowels, testing the strange new voice that came out of his mouth, a complete mismatch. It was deep, rich, and smooth like honey. "Heeeey, this is kind of sexy! --No, this is no time to be thinking about--" his cock stiffened up and he bucked his hips a little. An electric jolt traveled up his spine and Madison arched his back. The change in posture made him lose his balance, and Madison fell towards the bathroom mirror, catching himself at the last second. He held both hands firmly on the glass to keep himself from falling over. He looked deep into his reflection, his face only inches away from the mirror's surface. He was so close his heavy, rapid breaths were fogging up the pane. Madison's hands gripped as best they could to the mirror's smooth surface, and their area began to grow larger, covering the back of his hands with coarse hair. His panting picked up speed, and he could feel a pressure in his upper body as his pecs expanded, spilling even further out of his shirt and pressing up against the glass. Tiny little hairs were sprouting up in the crevice between these two globes of meat. The hairs traveled down beneath his shirt to merge with the happy trail that had been growing up from his crotch. They spread across his pecs into his pits were they turned into bushes of hair. So humid that sweat spots appeared on his shirt under his pits. He pushed himself away from the mirror and felt his back crack. It wasn't just a feeling of relief, it was his back adjusting to his new size. "Sexxxyyyy..." He heard himself purr. The words just rolling out of his mouth, He could almost feel his chest rumble as he spoke. A powerful voice for a powerful man. As Madison pulled his chest off the mirror, they made a peeling sound. He could see two large, sweaty imprints where his chest used to be. He studied himself in the mirror. His midsection was thick with muscle. His stomach was flat and his Adonis belt sharp, although his abdominal muscles weren't very defined, which was fine because his upper body was growing to such impossible proportions that it made up for his lack of abs. Madison's mammoth traps squeezed and built around his neck, feeling like a chokehold. In retaliation his neck began to grow out too, pushing against his traps, which were still rising high in the air. The widening of his back push his shoulders apart. His deltoids looked like they were the size of watermelons, in silhouette his shoulders must have looked like a mountain range. This was an upper body so incredibly overtrained he had no idea how a shirt was supposed to fit on him. The nice crewneck his mother had bought him for Christmas was destroyed the second his pecs had developed. He groaned as his waist expanded. It had such girth to support his tank-like torso. The seat of his pants echoed the groan as it struggled to contain his increasingly meaty ass. It pushed out and away from his body like someone cut a globe in half and shoved each half on his butt. Suddenly, he felt something tight around his waist. A black leather belt had wrapped itself around the waist of his pants with his struggling shirt tucked into it. "Classy," he thought to himself. Another odd sensation caught his attention though. He felt something pressing up against his leg in his pocket. Reaching his mitt of a hand inside, he felt some sort of cloth. Pulling it out, he saw it was a pair of skimpy briefs. "Underwear!?!" he said in a surprised tone. Madison clamped the underwear in his meaty paws and brought it up to his face, taking in a deep breath. The scent of Andy's musk filled his nostrils, he could taste it in the back of his mouth. His cock made a huge indent in his pants. Madison's sudden lack of boxers made his erection even more visible. As his legs began to bulk up, his pant seams went from a straight line to a seductive curve that revealed the shape of his muscular legs. His thighs were blowing up like a balloon, and just as round, leaving his cock smashed between a hairy lat and the inside of his steam-pressed dress pants. Madison's cock girth had to have been at least double what it was beforehand, so unbelievably thick. He winced as his balls began to grow along side it, pinching against the fabric. Madison continued to rub the damp fabric on his face and take deep breaths, and when he pulled the underwear away from his mouth, there was a sprouting of facial hair where the undies had touched his face, cheeks, and neck. It grew out only slightly. more like manicured stubble than a full beard, but his facial hair was much thicker and darker than it had been before. Madison was so used to his facial hair growing so thin and slowly, it was only necessary for his to shave once a month. This was no longer the case, as the dense layers of hair on his body suggested it grew quickly and in abundance. As he ran his fingers along the jaw, it jutted out to the side. Hard, craggy features formed on his face. A lantern jaw that looked like it could chew leather like a hamburger. Red lips that seemed to rest in a confident smirk. A hard nose that looked like it had been broken once. His eyes were deep set into his skull, which gave him a commanding glare. He was too busy looking at his face to notice the bottom half of his pants grow tight around his massive calves. They didn't have the distinct heart shape, but were just balls of pure power attached to the back of his shins. The hard lines in Madison's face suggested he was past 40 now. Gone were his bright eyes and rosy cheeks as any traces of boyhood melted away from his face. The man that remained was incredibly handsome. The corners of Madison's hairline receded slightly, His hair moved upwards into his scalp, cropped much shorter from the shag he had before. Madison's hair parted slightly to the right, his gelled hair creating a crinkly, wavy pattern. He balled up his underwear and rubbed it against his hard dick, breathing heavily. Madison whipped out his phone and snapped a picture of the undies. "Look what I've got," he teasingly wrote to Andy. His phone quickly buzzed again, "I bet you got another boner too." He smirked and the kid was right. His thick log of a cock was cock hard as he felt the material rub against it. He knew he was late, but he couldn't walk into class with a boner. He took the underwear and began rubbing his cock with it. Moaning, he was thankful the bathroom walls were thick. His toes curled in his too tight shoes as the sides gave away. "Oh yes..." he hissed. Madison fingered at his belt pulling his pants to his thighs. His cock sprung out, and he continued massaging himself with the underwear, rubbing it up and down his shaft and across his thick cockhead. "God, I'm so hard..." he winced, his giant chest shifting up and down. He pinched the end of his cock and gripped his balls, pumping out a thick layer of semen into the soiled undies that were wrapped around his cock. He wiped his erection up and down with the dry side and took another deep sniff of Andy's cum-stained garments. His cock began to soften, his dick none smaller but at least it was easier to fit into his pants. He checked his wristwatch for the time. Christ, he was really late for class. And on the first day too, not good. He pulled up his argyle socks and tied up his shiny black oxfords. He shoved the underwear back into his pocket and made his way to the hallway. Meanwhile, back in the lecture room, Andy sat cross-legged trying to conceal the hard-on he was getting from Madison's texts. The door to 269 swung open. "Sorry I'm late, car troubles," he laughed. "First day of class too, what rotten luck." I look over at the source of the deep voice. "Fuck..." I whisper. I think I heard several other students echo my opinion. Madison swaggered into the classroom and up to the podium. Everyone's eyes followed him every step of the way. Andy bit his lip as Madison got closer. "Thanks for keeping an eye on the class Andy. It's that dang car. Always makin me late." He laughed as he turned to the class. "Well this isn't the best way to start the semester, so I won't keep you guys here much longer. I'm going to introduce myself and fill in any gaps Andy left. Then you can be on your way." "It's on the syllabus but I'm going to tell it to you anyways. I'm Professor Maxwell DiNapoli. But you can call me Max, or Maxwell, or Professor DiNapoli." Or Daddy, Max thought, watching Andy in the corner of his eyes. He pulled up on his belt adjusting his bulge. He talked with the class a little. He was afraid the class would be a little pissed at him for being so late, so he put all his energy into his first meeting with the class. If they were angry, it didn't show. They laughed at all his jokes and kept his eyes on him at all time. Of course, keeping your eyes off of Professor DiNapoli was impossible, and he was well aware of it. Once he finished up, he clapped his mitts that he calls hands together. "Ok that's it for class today. I will see you on Wednesday hopefully. You can meet me for office hours in about an hour. Until then, I wish you all the best with the rest of your classes. Andy, please come meet me in my office. We need to discuss some things about the future of the semester." He subtly winked at his TA who continued to struggle to hide his growing erection. The rest of the class picks up their bags to leave.
  4. “Quick selfie” *You tenses your thick arms* *The phones camera flashes* “Damn, I’m a beast” “Nothing like my old body” “So strong… And well, black” “Not pasty like my old one” *You laugh* “Fuck…. What’s my old number” *You try to remember* “Oh yea” “He’s gonna love this pic” “Gets to see what he lost” “Sorry boys, I know this has been hard on you” “I just couldn’t do it anymore” “Being nearly 50 and so unfit and unhealthy” “You’d have done the same if you’d been in my position” *Your two boys stare at you, both angry* “I know…. I’m technically now more your brother then your father” “Though we don’t look alike” “Neither of you are over 6ft4 like me” “Or have muscles like I do” “Or an amazing jaw like this one” “Though you both could get tattoos” *You flex a tattooed bicep, both your sons glare more angry then before* “Though they won’t look as good as mine do” “Well… I don’t have much money anymore, because I’m only 22” “So hope these burgers make amends, till I get a job modelling or doing porn”
  5. Danny really loved his boyfriend Brandon, but the guy wasn’t exactly the most manly fella. Even though his boyfriend tried putting on a tough guy act and play the top for exclusive bottom Danny, the twink could see through it all down to the deep insecurities of his man. Admittedly being below average in height and size didn’t really give his confidence a boost and the mere 4 inches of cock and the fact that he had been born into a family of otherwise big and burly guys didn’t help either, but Brandon always tried his best to not show how much it bothered him being so small. This afternoon was especially frustrating for the small guy. His uncle, a police officer with a thick barreled out chest, had forced Brandon to hang out with his cousins, a pair of identical twins, who looked like someone had copied the picture book definition of Viking and modeled two really massive men out of it. At the age of 21 Ben and Sven were far bigger than Brandon and made sure the little guy did not forget it, always making remarks on how awesome it was being co-captains of the football team or how many cheerleaders they could bed in one night. It was especially hard for Brandon since Danny, who had decided to come over too and help his boyfriend be a bit more relaxed, knew that Brandon was neither really good at holding his load nor at shooting multiple times. And so the twink found himself listening to Ben and Sven bragging about how much of a beast each of them was, while his boyfriend tried holding up his fake smile, when suddenly his phone beeped. It was some cheesy looking advertisement from a weirdly named company and so he ignored it for the moment. Some minuted later, Brandon and his cousins had moved to Danny’s room, while Danny had just settled for some TV and games on his phone. He could hear the three guys arguing, Brandon’s tenor in stark contrast to his cousins’ deep baritones. Then he heard a loud “Fuck off” from Ben and Sven and suddenly his boyfriend came thundering down the stairs. Not that he made much noise, even with all the force he had thrown behind his steps there was not exactly much mass. Before Danny could even ask what had happened, Brandon rushed past him towards the bathroom. Danny knew better than rushing after his boyfriend when he was in this kind of mood, so he turned back to his phone. The strange ad had popped up again. This time Danny gave it a closer look. It was pretty flashy and even on second look it looked incredibly cheesy. It was from some company called Chronivac Industries and the text was “Got something you’d like to change? Visit our website and do it.” followed by a link, that Danny clicked after some hesitation. It led to a pretty bland website, which contained only a field that read “Type what you’d like to change.” Danny wasn’t sure what to type. He was pretty content with his life, he was pretty fit and had a nice body, a caring boyfriend and even a job he loved. But as he heard Brandon sob in the bathroom, a thought crossed his mind. “Brandon is taller than his cousins.”, the twink texted and immediately the world seemed to shiver for a moment. He still heard the sobbing from the bathroom but then he looked at the picture standing next to the couch he was sitting on. It was a pic of Brandon and his parents after his high school graduation ceremony and it had changed a lot from before. Whereas before his dad had towered over Brandon, the still painfully skinny man stood head and shoulders above the burly older man. The Brandon in the pic looked to be around 6′8, but when the door opened and his real life self ducked through the door, Danny was sure the by now the guy had to be more like 7 feet in height. “You okay, babe?”, Danny asked, admiring the size 20 feet that had come with the body. Brandon just put up a brave smile and nodded, while moving back upstairs. Some moments later Danny heard the same yell as before from Ben and Sven and Brandon came down again, this time his steps far louder than before. He walked past Danny, his longer legs far faster than his old ones running and made some excuse about having to use the bathroom again. Danny was heartbroken to see his boyfriend like that, even though he seemed to be unaware of his massive increase in height. The amazingly fishy advert seemed to have been a real thing. Danny was pretty amazed and immediately typed the next thing “Brandon has been working out longer and harder than his cousins and is bigger than them.” The sobbing promptly stopped, as Danny felt another shiver run through the world. He looked at the picture again. This time the impossibly tall teenager’s clothing looked practically painted on what looked like seriously heavy muscles, built from hundreds of hours in the gym. The door to the bathroom opened and the mountain of a man that stepped out of it did not only have to duck under the doorframe, but also turn sideways so his insanely wide shoulders didn’t hit the sides. “Hey babe, everything alright?”, Danny asked. In a deep baritone the massive hunk replied “Yeah, just had to take a leak. Well then I’ll go up again, listening to the twins joking about my baby dick.” with a fake smile again. Danny grimaced and started typing again. “Brandon’s genitals are big even for his new body size.” The familiar shiver returned and Danny turned around to see his boyfriend. Immediately he had to make a remark. “Uhm, babe, maybe you wanna wear real pants. That underwear doesn’t really conceal your private zones.” Brandon just gave his twinky partner a cocky grin and replied: “Really What makes you think that?” Now it was the twink’s turn to roll his eyes. “Well maybe because I can see every vein running along the length of the baby arm you call dick and practically count the hairs on your bull nuts through the fabric.” Brandon just grinned and scratched his dense beard. “Okay, bae, but only because you’re the one asking.” Danny felt the butterflies in his stomach flaying, like after their first date, but then a more malicious feeling spread. Revenge. He wanted to take revenge on the twins for ridiculing Brandon, though he wouldn’t do anything too harsh. “Ben and Sven are far younger than Brandon.” Immediately after the shiver he heard the defiant whiny yells of two boys and the deep baritone of his boyfriend telling them to go to bed. Moments later his boyfriend came sneaking down the stairs, even his sneaked steps making more noise than his old body, and sat down besides his boyfriend. “So the twins are in bed. Time for a nice evening with my boyfriend. Though my uncle come’s to pick up the twins in an hour. We might have to hurry up a little.” He underlined his last words with a palm of his overstuffed pants and a massive smile spread on Danny’s face.
  6. Chester and his nephew Donald, or Dom as he preferred to be called, drove through the nice expensive neighborhood of their town. Chester, who had made a lot of money with his job as researcher in a big chemical facility, had been searching for a new house for a while. His old one had become a little small after Dom, who worked as personal trainer in a nearby gym, had broken up with his girlfriend and moved in with his uncle. Chester had found a real estate agent who was well known for selling exquisite property, though not much was known despite not much being known about him. As the two drove through to the mysterious man’s office in Chester’s vintage cabriolet, they once again talked about their favorite topic, Dom’s bed stories. Chester, being the 60 year old man he was, actually enjoyed hearing Dom go on about how he banged nearly every girl he laid eye on, which looking back might be the reason his girlfriend threw him out. It wasn’t long before Chester pulled the car over in front of a serious looking office building. They entered the real estate agent’s office and found him putting the finishing touches to the contract. “Ah Mr. Banton, I’ve been waiting for you. I just finished the papers for the mansion on the hell you had requested. Just to be sure I also included the exchange of the bedroom closets and the remodeling of the garden into the contract.” “Excellent, … Luke, was it?”, Chester replied followed by a nod from Luke, leaving Dom a little puzzled why his uncle addressed the man with his first name. “Are you sure you wish to make the adjustments mentioned in the contract, Mr. Banton?”, Luke asked. Now it was Chester’s turn to be puzzled “Of course, yes I do.”, the rich man replied. “Your wish is my command.”, the real estate agent grinned and added, “Now I just need your signature here. And of course your nephew’s too.” Both of the men nodded. Luke had been really insisting on Dom signing too, since he would live in the mansion too. Neither one of the men noticed the ink shortly sporing a golden gleam as they shook hands with Luke or the wicked grin on the real estate agent’s face as they left. ———————————————————————————————————– Eager to see their new home, Chester quickly talked Dom into driving there, though he had so much energy, he could run their. They climbed into the car and drove off. Soon they passed by a shoe store. All of a sudden a question popped up in Chester’s mind. He had been planning to gift Dom shoes for his birthday in a few weeks, but didn’t know his size. Trying to sound as unsuspicious as possible he asked his nephew: “Hey Dom, your shoes look awfully big. What shoe size do you have again?” The personal trainer wanted to immediately tell his uncle, he had gigantic size 16 feet, since he knew what his uncle had planned to get him for birthday, but instead he said: “I only have sight 8, unlike you with your boat feet, Uncle Chester.” It felt weird for him to say that, but comparing his own small feet to his uncle’s it was definitely true. Dom had found one of his uncle’s shoes in the hallway once and a quick look at the label had confirmed that the 60 year-old really had size 17 feet, despite his meek stature. Though Dom found that Chester looked a bit beefier than usual. Had he been working out? As it turned out the mansion was on top of a hill and the way from the estate agent’s office included a steep street, not that Chester’s car had any struggle with it. Actually it was quite the opposite. He accelerate so much that Dom was pressed back in his seat, only just noticing that his head didn’t sit quite as much above the end of the car seat as usual or that the higher they drove up the hill, the further down he slid at the leather seat, until his head was barely at the bottom of the headrest. What he did notice though was that he had to crane his neck upwards to look at his uncle’s face. The old man was really a behemoth. “How tall are you again, Uncle Chester?” The older man had to wrinkled his forehead as he tried to remember. “Something like 7 feet, maybe a little more?”, he answered, clearly not sure of his exact height himself. Dom just gulped. His uncle was a tower, especially compared to the 5′8″ figure of his nephew. And even though Dom was still more muscular, probably because he was younger, the older man had an impressive body for his age. It seemed like they had been driving far to fast, since a police car pulled them over not much later. Chester didn’t seem to worry much and why would he. He had a ton of money and could probably pay any fine they imposed on him. Dom on the other hand wasn’t nearly as confident, throwing nervous glances over to his uncle. The officer ordered Chester to lower his window by gesture. “You have been driving nearly 20 mph too fast back there. Do you have anything to justify yourself?”, the policeman asked. “Sorry officer, but I just bought this car and can’t really assess it’s velocity. My doctor also said I have this thing called shaky feet and that’s a little hindering while driving.”, Chester justified himself. The cop just rolled his eyes. “Your driver’s license please.” Obediently Chester gave him the document. “So you’re 15, is that right?”, the man asked and Chester almost wanted to correct him, but neither Chester nor Don found themselves able to. “Yeah that’s right.”, Chester’s, or as he preferred to be called, Chez’ booming bass broke the silence, while the policeman noted the young millionaire’s particulars. “I’ll turn a blind eye this time, Chez, but next time I’ll have to give you a fine. By the way, are you still in for Maria’s birthday present?”, the cop asked. “The threeway? Sure thing, bro, but seriously can’t you get your wife other presents than this?”, Chez responded, giving his hefty bulge an effective grab, resulting in the young cop rolling his eyes, “Anyway, see you later in the gym, bro.” And with that words, Chez closed the window and started the car again. When they were nearly at their destination, Chez finally finished his overly long and graphic story about the night before. “Well long story short, girls just can’t resist this face. I’m sure you were like that when you were younger too, Uncle Donald.” The elderly Donald just smirked. In his younger days Donald had been quite the player, despite his relatively small height. He had been quite well in shape, though not as incredibly muscular as his nephew. But that was to be expected, after all Chez had made a fortune with his own line of gyms, for which he was the poster boy. Finally they drove up the driveway of the new mansion. The house really was huge and the garden surrounding it was too. Just when Chez pulled the car over in front of the front door, he turned over to his uncle. “I think you have a crumb in your beard. Let me remove it.”, he said and reached over to remove said object from Donald’s beard. Only that he didn’t only pull out the crumb, but pulled the whole beard off his uncle’s face with it. The two of them couldn’t even comprehend what happened when the beard sunk into Chez’ hand and pushed out of the gym owner’s lantern jaw, forming a dense forest of black hair pushed out of his lantern jaw and coating it in a perfect designer stubble. Just when the strange event ended, not that either of the two men remembered it, Chez’ girlfriend pushed the front doors open. Immediately the hunky jock left the car and ran towards her. “I missed you so much, baby. The house is amazing, thanks for selling it to me.”, Chez said. “No problem, baby. And sorry I couldn’t lower the price any more.”, Lucy, his girlfriend replied. “No problem, after all you made up for it that night.” ———————————————————————————————————– Several days later, Lucy laid on the terrace and watched Chez swim through the mansion’s large pool. The large muscles of his back and powerful are arms bulged extremely as he did in the large swimming pool. She smiled wickedly at how well her plan, making the older man sign a contract to get him the manliness of his nephew, had worked out. The former Dom, now Donald, still lived with them, but the many rooms of the house allowed them to still have sex whenever they wanted. The imposing figure of the muscular jock escaped the water and as he climbed the stairs up to her, the bulge in his tight speedo bouncing seductively. As he stood before her, Lucy pulled out the still wet, monstrous tool from it’s constricting prison and started massaging it. A deep moan escaped the gym owner’s lips as he easily lowered the girl and himself down onto another lounger that would probably break from their passionate and intense love making. Just before he pushed his humongous cock into her awaiting pussy, the estate agent whispered into Chester’ ear: “You and your uncle should really start reading the fine print.” Then he finally pushed in and her body exploded with bliss.
  7. Lewis was pretty much perfect in every way. At the age of 21 he was the undisputed Big Man on Campus, being both the captain of the wrestling and football team. He wasn’t a jerk though, the 6′6″ 280 lbs behemoth always being friendly towards anyone he met and helpful and caring for those in trouble. Everybody knew that Lewis was attending the college on a scholarship, but most people didn’t know that this scholarship had nothing to do with his athletic success. Lewis was just a genius, having shown remarkable talent for Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. At the young age of 18 Lewis had written an essay, which later led to the discovery of a cure for the flu. Lewis’ genius also extended to other areas. He excelled at math and literature and (what most of the sorority houses could testament to) the bedroom. He was an expert at fucking all girls into ecstasy with his thick 10″ cock. But all the good guy act and nice persona ended at the threshold of his house.That’s what Lewis’ little brother Leonard knew far too well. Lewis forced his little brother constantly to do things for him, like washing his dirty clothes and doing his housework. What was even worse, was that Leonard was gay and Lewis had caught him one day while Leonard was sniffing at the stretched out jockstrap Lewis had worn to practice that day. From then on it went kind of downhill, with Lewis constantly walking around in only his jockstraps or even nude. Their shared room didn’t make matters better and so Leonard had to witness more than once how Lewis fucked a girl silly. It wasn’t like Leonard would have any way to pay him back. The 18-year-old was pretty much the complete opposite of his big bro. He was below average in pretty much every area, be it height, athleticism, beauty, intelligence or even dick size. That is until Leonard found a program called Chronivac. ———————————————————————————————————– It was a nice sunny day and Lewis had talked his best friend Tony into coming over to his house and chilling. They walked home and took a detour to the river in order to enjoy the day some more and maybe pick up a few chicks if they were at it. They even saw Leonard driving by in a bus, though he was too busy typing on his phone to notice them. Lewis’ and Tony’s plan didn’t succeed, the chicks weren’t really interested and not even Lewis’ legendary charm could change their opinion. Just when the third girl in a row had turned him down, Lewis was hid by a headache. He remembered that persuasion had never been his strong point. That’s why he normally let his body and face do the talking. Frustrated he came home and immediately saw something disturbing. A jockstrap, looking like size 3XL was draped over the handrail. What looked even worse was that the flexible material was even stretched out from what must have been a farm animal sized set of genitals. “Weird.”, Lewis uttered and threw it in the laundry basket, Lewis would have to wash it later. The two jocks stepped into the garden and decided to play some football. The game was kind of one sided, with Lewis taking the obvious lead. This went on for several minutes, until the door opened. Out stepped Leonard, clad in nothing more than a jockstrap, just like the one Lewis had fished off the handrail. And just like he had theorized, the owner was seriously packing. Another wave of dizziness hit him. It was only natural for Leonard to have 3XL as a jockstrap size, his genitals were ridiculously disproportionate on his skinny frame. He scratched at his humongous bulge and Lewis and Tony had and equally frustrating feeling of emptiness in their crotch areas. The two built sport stars were always mocked for being so unhung, both barely having 3 inches of cock when hard. “What you’re looking at, Lewis?”, Leonard mockingly asked and scratched at his bulge once more. “Fuck off, twerp?”, Lewis answered angrily and turned back to playing with Tony. The beefy linebacker still couldn’t get over how different Lewis was from his brother Leonard, the one being an gerbil dicked supertalent and the other just a horsehung average guy. Tony though noticed a displeased look crossing the younger brother’s face as he pulled his phone seemingly out of nowhere and began typing. The next thing the two jocks knew was that it felt like ants were crawling under their facial skin, but that feeling subsided as quickly as it had come. Suddenly Leonard called from the door. “It’s really fun to see Troll and the Ogre play this game. You’re really good at this guys.” A little embarrassed Lewis and Tony looked at each other. The nicknames ‘Troll’ and ‘the Ogre’ weren’t really the nicest around, but they were unfortunately fitting. Lewis was called “Troll” because of his crooked teeth and crooked nose, that had been broken multiple times. It gave him an intimidating look, that fit his burly build and towering height. On the other hand “the Ogre” Tony had earned his nickname from his overhanging mono brow and spotty skin, which made him look kind of dumb all the time. With a brooding look the two brutes turned at Leonard and were, as always, taken aback by his looks. Leonard looked like a Grecian statue had come to life, his face looking hard and like it was carved out of marble, while at the same keeping the young pretty boy charm of a 17-year-old. His features were so perfect they would make Narcissus jealous and put Adonis to shame. His eyes were so blue, that even the bluest of skies looked grey against them. “I said you should fuck off, twerp.”, Lewis said and resumed playing, or at least he tried to, since he was hypnotized by Leonard’s beauty. It took Lewis a moment to shake him awake and get him to play. And once again they ignored the pissed off look on Leonard’s cherubic face. The moment Lewis threw his 5′6″ frame into 5′5″ one he was hit by another headache. Wasn’t he to be taller? But no, Leonard was the tall one of the two. Lewis was even glad he was so short, since it wouldn’t make sense for a wrestler to be tall. With his short frame he could use his power more concentrated. It also made sense for a football player like Tony, because he was more agile that way. Though it would have certainly be nice to be as tall as Leonard with his 7′3″ frame. But Lewis “little” brother had the constant problem of banging his head on the doorframes, even though their parents had installed extra high ones, so that wouldn’t happen. But then another headache hit Lewis and Tony, resulting in the two of them grabbing their heads with petite hands. Why would the two of them ever be active in sports like football and wrestling. Their build was more fit for gymnastics, that was if their balance wasn’t thrown off by the big bouncy bubble butt they possessed. They both had a more skinny stature with small, flexible muscles. On the other hand was Lewis’ older brother Leo. He was the undisputed stallion of his campus, and he wasn’t even 20 yet. That said, didn’t mean he hadn’t gotten a taste of most of the sorority members on his campus. They just enjoyed rubbing Leo’s massive juicy pecs, while riding on his horse cock or feeling up he giant arms Leo called his own. Of course tracing the deep ridges of Leo’s sixpack wasn’t a turn off either. “At least I have still my scholarship.”, Lewis lisped and tried to recall what he and Tony had just done, when he heard the typing from the door. “Yeah, gymnast scholarships are great.”, Tony answered and giggled dumbly. Of course they would only get in college like that, after all the two twinks had barely made it through high school, because they had constantly milked their classmates’ dicks. And if they weren’t busy with that, Tony had to take care of Leo’s monster. Right after that thought had left his mind, Lewis heard a rumble come from next to him. It’s source was obviously Tony, who was seemingly quite hungry, judging the way he rubbed his ass. Fortunately Leo was close and walked up to the twink. “Wanna have your meal now?”, he asked and pulled down his gym shorts. Immediately Tony cupped the cum heavy bull nuts and began massaging them, while working the mammoth tool with his bottomless throat. “Make it quick though, some girls are coming over later.”, Leo said and forced Tony further down his cock. Hungrily Lewis licked his lips and thought about how delicious Leo’s cock must taste, but for now he’d have to settle for some jock from the gym.
  8. You wake up, groggily from the party you had yesterday, you had it arranged so that the party would include midnight of your birthday. Unfortunately you couldn’t go as long as you’d liked, since your neighbor, a nerdy old guy who is a total party pooper, dared to call the police. But it was still a good party, with many good friends, family and nice presents, like your aunt’s which was a bit strange. She had given you a bracelet, a simple silver bracelet with some ornate symbols on it. She had told you it would give you complete control over mind and body of everyone you desired. And it was true. Earlier that night you tried it on one of your nerdier friends. You knew he was straight, but always had trouble talking to girls, so you decided to use the bracelet and pointed at him. You murmured words, like “You’re incredibly confident and always talk to girls.” and “Years of football had given you the body of a god, so you decided to take up bodybuilding.”, r “Your dick is a footlong wrist sized monstrosity when hard.”. And after a blinding light he stood there, just with the body and mindset you described. Needless to say he took two or three girls upstairs over the following hours, her orgasmic screams maybe being one of the main reasons for the call of your neighbor. You had tried using the bracelet on the old man too, but it didn’t work, maybe it needed time for regeneration. This was confirmed the next morning, when you were woken by a strange humming noise, which obviously came from the bracelet you wore. Excitedly you walk to your window and find the old man sitting on his terrace, looking down the road with a smug grin, like he owned it all. Just like you did with your friend yesterday, you point at him and start your fun. “First you’ll come to my backyard and strip off all your clothes.”, you say and instantly the old guy starts moving and even from the distance you notice the troubled look on his face. Nonetheless you meet him in the backyard a few minutes later, stark nude, unsightly 60-year old body on display. “Uh, gross. Maybe I should take care of your body first. You are now 25 years old.”, you say and instantly the years melted away from the body in front of you. The sagging flesh stretched and got tight, but nevertheless your neighbor’s body was still nothing to be proud of. Even in his prime he seemed to have a crappy body. He had a flabby gut, but his limbs were extremely skinny, but that was about to change. “You have been working out for 8 years and your body reflects it. You especially like to work out your butt. making it really big and beefy.” And immediately you see his body tightening and growing. Massive pecs stacked on top of 4 pairs of rockhard abs are connected to strong shoulders and beefy biceps. His legs are well built and his butt looks like a pair of basketballs under his skin. “Oh, and not to forget your dick, it’s 8″ soft.”, you add and watch in delight the previously tiny tool sneaks out, getting hard and growing past it’s previous full mast, getting ever longer until it stops at 10″ and goes soft again. “I see your face isn’t that ugly, but I’d like all the hair on your body, despite the one on top of your head to disappear permanently.”, you say and the little hairs all over his new imposing figure disappear. “I’ll move on to your mindset. First of all you are no longer arrogant, but are completely submissive. And you will follow my every command.” Instantly the look of horror on his face was replaced with a look of submissiveness and obedience. “So now you’ll bend over and you’ll enjoy every inch of my 9″ cock up your ass. And unlike yours it is all natural. Just like these.” You flex your impressive biceps as you start inching your tool into your now obedient servant. He is definitely a nice Buffsday Present, isn’t he?
  9. This week has been horrible. Ever since that old gypsy woman cursed my father for insulting her, when she asked him for money, it had been a giant mess. Since she mumbled those words and threw that strange dust into his face, he had been acting strange. Like when he couldn’t help me with my homework, because it was “too difficult” for him, even though he normally prefers nothing more than talking about world trade. It’s his job after all. You have to know, that my father is, … I mean was one of the top managers of a big bank. But he certainly can’t do this anymore. It wasn’t only that he couldn’t help me with my homework, like he used to. The next morning when he got dressed for work, his custom tailored shirt didn’t fit him at all, like he had grown over night. He couldn’t even tie his tie, something he normally did daily. It got worse by the day. One day he called me in school to tell me he had gottn himself lost and didn’t know how to get to work. The next day he couldn’t even unlock his phone anymore. But not only that. My father had come out as gay several years ago, which is why he and my mom were now divorced and I more than once witnessed how he brought a guy home. But when I came home one day, he sat on the couch shirtless and had his cock out, while a pretty hot straight porn was running on the screen. And what’s worst, even when he noticed me standing in the doorframe, he wasn’t embarassed or so. He just gave me an annoyed look and then continued watching the porn, while jacking off. That’s when I noticed another thin. My father, who had always been a bit pudgy, now looked like he had spend his entire life working out. Not only that but I think he is getting younger too. His hairline, which had previously been steadily receeding, now was pretty dense again. And his former graying hair, had now a strong, chestnut brown colour. I quickly nad to figure out a plan to earn money, since my father had been fired, after he hadn’t come to work for an entire week. The solution was quickly found, as he thought about, how often his dad now strutted in around in only a pair of struggling briefs. I called the strip club around the corner and made a contract with them. A car would come and pick his dad, who now only communicated with a variation of grunts, up, who was dressed in a pair of his custom tailored clothes, that were now far too small. Then he would be paid a lot of money for flexing out of them and then do some posing and if the women were willing to pay, he would make a lot of girls happy. One way or another, he had to earn money.
  10. INTRODUCTION So, this is a real monster of a story. When I started it, I really had no idea how it would expand and expand. I just kept adding onto it. Initially, it was a story that encapsulated my love for older muscle men, but I expanded that with more younger college aged characters as I went on. The entire thing has really been a labor of love. The thing I wanted to get out of the way first was that when you write a story, sometimes characters just pop out of nowhere and that happened several times for me. I don't have any political motives in my story, in fact I'm pretty hopelessly centrist. For instance, I have a Middle Eastern character and that really doesn't have any deeper meaning other than I honestly wanted a Middle Eastern character but his interactions with other characters aren't really influenced by that fact. That having been said, I couldn't write a college story taking place today without commenting on a few of the trends I've seen in the news, and I think I either lightly poke fun of them or use them as plot points early on. I want to get this out of the way now because I'm really not making any huge commentary here, but I needed a way for my villain to be villainous, in so many words. It's hard to create a good villain, it's probably much harder for me to write bad guys than anything else. The question of who do I want the villain to be? arose early on. Originally I was going to have this much darker story, but changed it when I realized that my characters were getting much deeper and more fleshed out than my perverse fantasies at first made them out to be. They became something different and in following them around, I realized I couldn't really hate any of them 100% but in the case of my villain, I really wanted the audience to hate him right off the bat. It just makes it easier to absorb (if you'll pardon the pun) what's happening to him. This story encompasses many muscle story themes, ranging from revenge and muscle theft to age progression and regression to reality alteration, as well as gay to straight and straight to gay transformations. None of this particular story involves minors, but there are some non sexual flashbacks early on to earlier childhood and teen memories. I hope you enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I'll be continuing to edit this story throughout the next 24 hours so if you want more, don't worry. There's 26 chapters I have written so far and they will be coming shortly. This story is almost done, and stands right now at about 250 pages. I see it as about 4/5ths of the way done. I will probably finish it up by next weekend. Thanks so much, and I promised myself I would start reading all the other stories here in the Muscleversary category only after I finished my own, to give me an incentive to get it done. I will hopefully enjoy all your wonderful stories sometime soon. Derek THE HOURGLASS PROLOGUE It was a black and white sort of night, between the light fall of snow on the ground and the dark sky devoid of any color, and the bright, blinding light of a street lamp illuminating Connor Swogger aka “The Swagger” as he lit up a big cigar that curled smoke up into the night. Cody looked up at the much bigger man, who posed a formidable figure. The Swagger wore a heavy leather jacket and looked down at Cody, who stood a full foot beneath the football quarterback and captain of his team. Cody smiled nervously. This was The Fucking Swagger and you did not fuck up around The Swagger. Connor Swagger was as beautiful and masculine as they came. His black hair was neatly cut in a conservative 50s look, slicked with pomade, parted at the side and combed up in the center with not a hair out of place. He had a classically model looks. His face was perfectly proportioned. Half-Italian and Half-Anglo heritage gave him a perpetual light tan to compliment all his features. Nose not too big. Intense eyes that saw everything and when you saw him, you avoided his gaze. He had that kind of look. Hawkish. His eyes drilled holes into you. A powerful ridge over his eyebrows. His ears were equally well-proportioned. Not too big. His jaw was strong and he had a small cleft in the middle. Perfect shade of stubble. And for the lucky women that got to bed him, he exploded in the muscle department. His arms were so big and well defined it was like watching two giant scoops of ice cream piled on either arm, of pure muscle. His chest was voluminous and perfect. His shoulders, like cobra hoods, lifted any light shirt above his neck in a quite intimidating fashion. His voice, which approached the gravelly and bordered on the kind of sexy where women or gay men would practically vie just for the chance to hear whatever words came out of his luscious mouth, finally spoke: “So you want to come in?” “Yeah, I’d..I’d like to.” “We don’t let just anyone in to an Alpha Beta Omega party.” Connor held his cigar thoughtfully in the air, watching the smoke curl up in the freezing air. “What does your family do?” “My father is an engineer. My mother just works at a plant nursery. But I’m a straight A student and I know I’m going places. Sir.” The little man stood at only 5’4”. Face that looked older than his 19 years. Had a bit of a receding hairline and closely cropped light ginger hair. He had a desperate look on his face. He looked like a tall ginger midget with buck teeth. “You know who you look like?” “S-sir?” “You look like a taller version of Mini Me. From Austin Powers.” “Yeah..I…I..” “Look if you want something to partake in, we can help you with that, but I can guarantee you that no girl in there is gonna touch you with a ten foot pole. Just look at you.” The little man looked unsure and ashamed. Is the little puss gonna cry? “I just thought maybe I could mingle-“ “Stop. Did you hear what I said?” “Yes, but-“ “There are no buts with me. You heard what I said. So there it is.” “Look,” the little man continued, trying to put his game face on. What was his name? Dave? Cory? “I know I look little but I am on my way to big things. How would you like an all expenses paid vacation to the Bahamas? I have a cousin down there who can take care of you and-“ “Stop. You’re boring me.” Connor took a drag of his Macanudo. “My stepfather is rich as fuck. I can go anywhere in the world on his credit card. Hell, I could take a vacation to Paris to celebrate getting up in the morning. How are you at physics?” “I…I’m really really good.” “Great. You’re going to write Randy’s physics homework by next Friday. He’ll give you the details. You got cash?” “Yeah. I uh…do you guys have coke?” the little man asked, not realizing he gave away his own uncertainty and anxiety away in his voice. “Yes, we do. That oughtta cover it.” Connor counted the roll of bills. “In exchange for the paper you will be allowed in. I also have a paper due by Wednesday. How are you at history?” “Great! What do you need? What’s it on?” “The Spanish Civil War and its portrayal in two films, Pan’s Labyrinth and Belle Epoque. Think you can handle that?” “Film papers are a snap, Mr. Swogger. Sir.” “You are going to write that paper. In exchange, Mackenzie here will introduce you to some of the girls. Do not say anything stupid. Do not bring up any nerd crap about hobbits, wrestling, toys, roleplaying, or your collection of literally anything.” Connor bit into his cigar and inhaled so the cherry of it glowed red, the only color that Cody could see. “Yes, sir. That’s why you’re the boss, sir.” “And you are scientific proof that beta males exist. Take him inside.” “I’m very excited to be here. You guys are the coolest..” as the little man lagged behind Mackenzie, Connor turned to Randy and said: “I’m gonna need to take a few of the boys over to see someone. Keep an eye on the party while I’m gone. Do not let anyone who is unauthorized into the coke room. And I mean NO one.” “I won’t. I’ll make sure of it.” “Put Nunez to work setting up some beer pong. Get the good wine out. It’s gonna be that kind of night.” Connor chewed his cigar. It was a rare vice he allowed himself. He was addicted to nothing in this world so much as controlling others and he did it with ease. Across the campus, a fresh layer of snow piling up as it began to fall lightly over the three fraternity brothers. His two cohorts, Sammy McCabe and Jeff Hobson were two of Connor’s closest football and fraternity brothers. They saw eye to eye on things. More importantly, they always followed Connor’s lead. They walked to the 24 hour library, past the circulation desk with the lone employee stationed there this time of night, a future spinster fat chick with glasses who completely ignored them as she went through a stack of books. Third floor and to the left, all the way down was a room. No one was in the entire building. Friday nights were generally abandoned until the week before midterms. Inside a room, which thankfully wasn’t glass (60s era architecture allowed for more privacy than modern architecture) he found two men hunched over a table and whispering to each other. One immediately got up and whispered an apology. “What the hell is this?” a man in glasses exclaimed. “Here he is, as promised,” the second man, a sophomore who wanted to pledge as Alpha Beta Omega told Connor. “Good man, we’ll take it from here,” Connor said as the future pledge slipped out and Connor’s goons closed and blocked the only doorway. The small study room was dimly lit by one small orange lamp hanging from the ceiling. “Who are you? What do you want?” “Richardson, right? Max Richardson?” Connor began. “Yeah, what’s it to you? What is this all about? Are you idiots trying to intimidate me or something?” He immediately came across as a weaker man. Black hair, possible Jew. Big glasses. Obviously gay. Slightly effeminate. He put his arms on the desk for support so he could stare directly at Connor. “We just need to have a little chat about your plans. See, it’s become known you want to form a little protest.” “Yeah. That’s my right. Constitutional amendment about free speech. Might wanna…look it up.” He was getting nervous now. He could feel it in the room. He was alone and it was nearly midnight. No one could see him or hear him. He reached for his phone and Connor plucked it out of his hands with a smile and handed it to McCabe. “Now then. Where were we? Let’s talk about your plans to protest the school for racism, sexism, and homophobia. And what else, you want Yeoman University to be a sanctuary school for illegal immigrants?” Connor began listing things off as he knew them, without consulting any paper. He had this part memorized. “You want to create an environment where students can feel free to express themselves with safe spaces. Well, that’s good. Are you in a safe space now, Max?” “I don’t know what you think this is but I’m going to tell people about it.” A little more frantic in the voice now. Good, good. “I’ll answer that for you. See, there are no safe spaces. Life isn’t a safe space. And up here in the far north? We only care about three things. Football. Getting grants for the school. And the prestige that comes with hobnobbing with the class of American’s finest. That doesn’t include the janitor you want to give a Tesla car to because of your socialist mess of a belief system.” “What I want is for everyone to have justice and equality and those are things you probably don’t understand.” “Oh, I understand. See, I’m majoring in business. Which is like majoring in the Real World. You are majoring in some kind of bullshit Pretend World arts degree where you can just imagine that life isn’t ruled by certain factors. One of those is we are this school. We. As in the rich kids who come here and fund everything. And this school is very old and has a lot of investment in not becoming like other schools where little bitches like you run around screaming your gay asses off and try to run shit by publicly demanding that the Dean and Vice-Dean bow to your every whim for fear of being deemed racist, sexist and homophobic. It’s amazing what a little taste of power does. See, some people can handle it. Some people aren’t meant to. You’re one of the latter.” “Yeah well I’m still gonna tell everyone about this and I’m gonna bring a judiciary hearing against all three of you and-“ Connor held up his hand to silence him. “Please stop. I’m not one of your moronic minions. I have something to show you.” As Connor was speaking, McCabe got out a folding laptop out of his backpack and flipped it on. “I want you to tell me if any of these look familiar. Any of these conversations where you were talking about all the dirty little things that turn you on.” “Oh my GOD.” Max’s eyes went wide. “How did you get these! That’s private. Those are private!” He pointed a finger at Connor. “Don’t you know there is no more privacy? Now there was this guy in Iceland and you told him that you would love nothing more than to be his little woman, to dress up in lingerie for him, be his little whore, even be his slave girl, and it just goes on and on. Oh and here you say that you wouldn’t mind if a…well you say some really raunchy things here. Not to mention highly illegal! I don’t even want to repeat them. You even distributed illegal materials. Where did you even get those pictures? And if your parents ever saw this particular passage, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t ever be the same in their eyes again.” “There was no guy in Iceland,” Max said softly. “No, dude. That was me,” Hobson answered coldly. “What do you want?” Max was now at his mercy. He’d be willing to do anything now. “You’re going to stop any and all anarchic bullshit. No bullhorns. No social justice on campus. No anti-establishment nonsense. And especially no criticism of this school or the people that run it. Do we understand each other, Max?” “Perfectly,” Max said, trying to be calm. “Great. In addition, you will report any and all subversive activities directly to me and the Dean. You will do this via email or in person, depending on what I direct you to do. You’re not going to make many friends with this BS anyway. People are sick of that shit. They come to this school to get away from that shit. That guilting, nanny-state coddling that makes simpering morons and cowards into heroes. It elevates the undeserving and tries to put them on a pedestal as if they were the same as real men like myself and my colleagues, or real women like my girlfriend who plans on being a wife and mother someday. And maybe she’ll do some work online. That’s what God intended when he made people. One man and one woman are what a real marriage looks like and why it’s so hard for you people to understand is beyond me.” “You think you’re so much better? Look at you. You’re a bunch of bullies and hypocrites pretending like you should just do whatever you want because you’re on the fucking football team? Fuck you. You’re nothing more than a…pathetic coward yourself.” Max didn’t really have a lot of oomph in his speech and if anything it seemed bitchy. “You’re not the Mafia, you know.” “No, but I have respect for what those men do.” “Of course you do,” Max said, amused. “Because they have a code. And they stick by it.” Connor walked around the table to bend down and look Max in the eye, looking at him with a scolding look and speaking in a scolding tone as if he was with a child. “And if I were you, Max, I wouldn’t talk that way to my superiors.” And with that he sucker punched Max straight in the gut. Max made a terrible small sound, the wind having been knocked out of him and he was grasping again for air. He whimpered and cried as he crumpled on the floor. “Don’t ever call me pathetic or a coward again, or I’ll take one of your body parts with me next time as a fucking trophy. We’re done here.” Connor came back to Alpha Beta Omega as if nothing had occurred. He told everyone to have fun. He encouraged drinking and debauchery. He hooked a few people up he thought would love to have sex now that they were all drunk enough. He was the Master of Fun. He was the Master of Everything in this school. He was Connor the Swagger and he was un-fucking-beatable. That night he took a demure girl by the name of Danielle upstairs to his master bedroom suite. Hundreds of years old, the room had a giant bed and was decorated with antique furniture. It gave one the feeling of grandeur and opulence, which is nothing less than what he deserved, and as he plied her into bed, with her shy looks and soft skin, and tossing her hair to please him, lying back to look sexy for him as he slipped off her panties and climbed on top of her, dwarfing her, slipping inside her, he thought about how it would last forever. A life of fucking, partying, hot women and getting rich. Danielle stared at his arms, massive biceps and tris as big as her head and the veins that ran between him she orgasmed at the sight of him above her, his giant pecs and his unbelievably handsome face. He kissed her hard and shoved her up in the air, his dick ready to fully plow her as he carried her on his dick, using her body to service him, to act as a personal fuck toy he could carry, heaving her up and down over his mightily engorged fuckstick. That’s why I love short women, he thought. “You like that, babe?” “That was…” she gulped. “That was amazing, Connor. I’m so glad I’m with you.” She was all over him, kissing him and the two fell asleep in each others arms as snow collected on the windowsill behind them. And standing down in the snow just below the house was a stranger wearing a dark woolen overcoat, looking up, who saw and heard whatever he wanted. No one saw him. The figure walked back into the woods from the direction he came as the snow erased his footprints one by one.
  11. In ancient times an Aztec tribe had produced 6 different amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the Aztec tribe was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. —————————————————————————————————- At the age of 85 Roger had lived his life to the fullest, but all good things had to come to an end. A week ago, he had collapsed in his house, with heavy headache and now his whole body ached. Luckily his wife Cecilia called an ambulance and now he laid in a hospital, surrounded by his 3 children, their partners and children. His condition had terribly worsened in the last three days and he could feel himself getting weaker by the minute. Then his daughter Naomi approached him: “Daddy, can you hear me? I have a present for you. I know, you don’t believe in such things, but the woman I bought it from told me it could help you get better. Do you want me to put it onto you?” Roger smiled weakly and nodded. Naomi had always had a thing for this esoteric stuff, he remembered. As the lock on the necklace closed, the dying figure of Roger Schmidt faded away, leaving his family behind, their memory of him slowly fading away, as his body dissolved. —————————————————————————————————- When Roger opened his eyes again, he found himself in a nice looking backyard in what looked like a quiet suburb. And much to his surprise, he stood on his own two legs, even though he had barely been able to lift his hand just a minute ago. And then he noticed, that it wasn’t even that hard to stand. To be exact, he felt like he could run and jump and do whatever he want. He felt better every second, more energetic, stronger and somehow … younger. Unbeknownst to him, it did not only feel like he was getting younger, but he really was. The years were melting away of him. 10, 20, 30 and ultimately a whole 60 years simply vanished from his life. He now even stood straight again, showing his complete height of 6′ even pretty good. Roger even had the same lean build, he had in college, as well as the same unruly mop of chestnut brown hair. But his hair was rapidly growing, refining itself into a bun of pitch black dreadlocks that reached halfway down his back. That wouldn’t be the case for too long, since Roger slowly inched higher, his back cracking loudly, as more and more inches were added to his height. The now 25-year old didn’t notice a thing as he scratched his dreadlock covered head. When the itching subsided, Roger stood at the now impressive height of 6′8″. And when the growth in height had stopped, the next transformation started. Starting from his new black mane a new skin color spread across his body, having it assume a chocolate brown tone. And with the process, the clothes he had gotten from the hospital dissolved and reformed into a pair of spandex pants with a grey, triangular pattern across it and some wristbands. A comfortable feeling spread from his chest, as his already lean build was replaced by a much beefier and much stronger set of muscles. His chest was expanded to form a pair of plate sized pecs, with the most perfect set of ab muscles you would ever find, laying underneath. His newly grown football sized biceps were connected to the now cannonball sized shoulders, with veins running all along his massive new arms. But the biggest fulfillment of the Afro-American stereotype grew between his newly transformed horse legs. His old 5″ prick got replaced, by a new 11″ schlong, that snaked down the leg of his spandex pants. Suddenly the backdoor of the house opened and a small blond boy, came out into the garden. “Roger, are you finished with your workout? Adam and me need you desperately.”, the twink said, in a soft, high pitched voice. “Go ahead upstairs and prepare your asses for getting pillaged. I’ll be following you as soon as I finish my protein shake.”, Roger replied all of his thoughts now directed on working out, fucking and spreading the glory of masculinity.
  12. Vince sipped his coffee, admiring himself in the mirror. He was built, and young. He had to be in his early 20s now, nothing like the 67 year old professor he’d been yesterday. Vince now had abs and pecs, he’d never had those, even when he’d been in his 20s. He was still wearing his glasses, even though he was sure he didn’t need them anymore. His arms were thicker with sculptured biceps and his legs were longer and meaty with muscle. It had been that women who’d done this, that interesting young lady with the old grey eyes. She’d stopped Vince at the conference in the hotel’s ballroom, and they’d spent hours talking about Vince’s research and about his latest book. Then he’d found himself carrying her up to the hotels room and they’d fucked like animals, he was sure he’d have to pay for the broken bed. He couldn’t believe what had happened, half way through the chat with this girl he’d noticed his body was difference. His suit was skin tight, highlighting his pec shelf and swollen biceps. Even his pants were tight around his thighs and ass. The women had seemed reluctant to go up to the room with him, but she gave in, kissing him first. She’d giggled like a school girl when he’d lifted her up, both of them marvelled at how solid he was now, how strong he was. Her hands playing with Vince’s growing pecs. She’d warned him she was a virgin, then she’d made a comment about how she’d wished his cock hadn’t been effected by her power so much. He’d assumed she meant her beauty, because he was harder than he’d ever been. Plus like the rest of him it had grown. It was like a battering ram, as thick as a beer can and capped with an apple sized cock head. Two bulbous bull nuts swung below it and slapped loudly as he fucked. The sex was amazing, better then he’d ever had. The women seemed to love it. Vince was sure with every orgasm he gave her he felt himself change more, not just his body, but his mind too. The bed had broken half way through, so he’d carried her around the room, fucking her on every surface. Even on the balcony with the city below them, he’d caused her to scream while he fucked her like a beast. Now it was morning and she was gone, the room was a mess and Vince only had some undies that fit him tightly now, the suit from yesterday couldn’t even get over his freshly inflated muscles. He knew who she was now, as he stared at his grey eyes, similar to hers. She was Athena, goddess of wisdom, his goddess, and she needed more followers. Vince knew what he would do, he’d return to teaching, now with the body of a stud. All his student soaking up every word he spoke, while they soaked their underwear. Boys and girls alike would be welcomed by Athena, they’d just need to welcome Vince’s fat long dick into themselves first.
  13. I always had a thing for universities. Maybe that’s why a 75 year old wizard like me still visits the campus from time to time. It’s not like I look like my real age, I look like a perfectly normal college student. Like other members of my guild I have the power to alter reality at will, though I am not as powerful as many others of them. I can only change the life of one person at a time, not like Ron, a senior member who is said to have transformed an entire comic convention into a bodybuilding expo. But I guess this power comes from the experience of several centuries. But enough of me, my magic or my guild. This tale is about my philosophy professor, Dr. Baxter. —————————————-—————————————————————- I sat in the back of the lecture hall and watched the 75 year old prof enter the room. As the old man (I am one to talk) shambles towards the platform. He had a rather crooked posture, which made him look even smaller than his already little 5′6″. His suit looked baggy on his old and infirm body. Except for a few grey hairs he was bald and his somewhat Asian face was wrinkled like an old plum. Though he was a brilliant philosopher and was well known throughout the country. “Hello everybody, welcome to this years philosophy course. My name is Dr. Thomas Baxter and I’ll be your professor for this semester. Our topic today will be Friedrich Nietzsche.”, he greeted everybody with a croaky but friendly voice, that despite his age managed to fill the auditorium. I have to admit that Dr. Baxter had been my favorite teacher since he started at this university almost 50 years ago. He had been gone for a year to try get a taste of retirement 5 years ago, but had quickly returned saying that he would teach until he died. I decided to give him a gift and transform him into a younger, better version of himself. First of all I made his croaky, old voice a deep sexy baritone. With a swift wipe of my hand the old man’s Adam's apple swelled and his voice dropped an octave. Suddenly everybody was not only taken in by the professor’s words, but was hypnotized by the sound of his voice as well. I decided to let the last hairs on his head as well, leaving him completely hairless with a few polishing movements of my hand. This also let the spots and imperfections on his head disappear as well, leaving it a perfectly smooth glittering bald head. I made a pulling gesture, straightening his spine, so that he had now a perfect posture and at the same time I increasing his height slowly. At the end of his explanations about the early life of Nietzsche, the 75-year old stood at the imposing height of 6′7″. Next of came my favorite part. I started with his arms, beginning with his hands. I stretched my fingers, at the same time I saw Dr. Baxter’s hands grow as he explained the basic idea of Nihilism, until the hands on my y had reached a size, where they could palm a basketball with ease. His forearms followed shortly after that, literally exploding out of the sleeves of his tweet jacket. The sleeves of his jacket completely disintegrated when I patted my own biceps, causing the biceps of his professor to enlarge as well. The otherwise skinny teacher now had solid arms, that looked, like he could easily crush bricks to fine dust without real effort. As Dr. Baxter continued to talk about Nietzsche’s ideas of moral, I continued my fun. I made my hands form a V and slowly but steadily increased it’s width. Professor Baxter’s shoulders followed the movement, widening and filling out with strong hard muscle, until he looked like he would have trouble getting through doorways. His collar was torn to shreds as his traps swelled, until it looked like his neck was practically nonexistent. I clapped my hands quickly, causing his back to twitch and grow, twitch and grow. As he turned around, to take a gulp of water, it looked like ants were crawling under his clothes. Before he was finished drinking, his back shielded his entire body from view, his jacket getting stretched by his seriously massive muscles. His lats had participated in the growth so it now looked like he was trying to hide wings from us. He turned around again and I knocked on my desk twice. Each knock made his pecs swell, till his jacket couldn’t contain them anymore and simply exploded into shreds. His pecs were on full display now. They involuntarily bounced and everyone in the auditorium was entranced by the rhythm of the big hard muscles flexing and dancing. I was the first one to lift my gaze from the beautiful display of manliness. I snapped 6 times and each time I did so an ab muscle popped up on the previously skinny stomach of our professor. They looked like washing dirty clothes on them were an easy task. The upper body of our professor now looked like a bodybuilder’s, but his lower body was still that of a 75-year old. That was about to change to. I slapped my hands on my thighs and Dr. Baxter’s legs blew up with muscle. He shook his legs as if he wanted to relax them a bit, continuing to talk about Nietzsche’s concept of ‘Übermensch’ and his thighs changed into two meaty hams. His calves followed suit, blowing up into two nice powerful diamonds. Two complete his growth, his feet transformed from two petite little feet size 7, into giant boats size 17. As Dr. Baxter was about to finish the lesson I decided to finish his changes as well. I grabbed my crotch, making my professor’s struggling suitpants shrink, until they were a pair of skimpy, shiny blue posers. The poser’s tightness revealed the tiny cock the doctor called his own. I made a gesture as if I was stroking a cock and Baxter’s cock responded accordingly. Everyone could witness the posers getting tighter, being pulled taut by what seemed like a farm animal sized cock and a pair of egg sized balls. At the same time, a tan spread from his groin, coating his whole body in a chocolate brown color. His face changed too, into that of a younger black man. Last but not least I decided to ease his life a bit. I emptied his mind with a touch to my temple, leaving him barely enough intelligence to do the simplest of tasks. So an hour after the famous 75-year old philosophy professor Dr. Thomas Baxter had entered our auditorium, the 35-year old professional bodybuilder and top candidate for the title of Mr. Olympia Tom Baxter started to pose for the eager audience in the lecture hall.
  14. First in a popular series from my tumbler where the gods try to rebuild their worshipper numbers by using the last of their power to make an 'apostle' like figure. Demeter wasn’t like the other gods, most of them were brash and impulsive. But Demeter goddess of grain, the harvest and all thing farming was all about investment, she was in it for the long haul. While the other gods were rushing to find someone to risk all their power on Demeter had already chosen hers. She’d met him at a farmers market over twenty years ago and was very impressed to find a farmer of the modern age who was so saddened by the way farming had changed. His name was Ernest and at the age of 97 he was still working his farm like he had his entire life, he’d had to downsize and been force by old age to modernise, but many were surprised he was still up and about. It was really thanks to Demeter and her calling in a favour with her son in law (and brother) Hades that Ernest was still around, Demeter just didn’t want to see a man who still treated farming like a sacred rite vanish from Earth. So he was the obvious choice for her gift. ——————————————————————————————————— Ernest was getting ready to plant the seeds for his next crop when this breeze grazed his skin, he even felt it beneath his shirt and jeans. Like it was wrapped around him, but he forgot about it and pulled himself up into the tractor cabin and started it up. He did three rows of freshly plowed field before the tractor died. He punched the wheel, a sudden surge of adrenaline fuelling his strength. He swore and jumped out of the cabin, landing firmly on his feet. That wasn’t right, he thought, it had taken him ages to climb into the tractor, it usually took the same time to get back down. He felt his legs, they were thicker and the constant ache of old age was gone. He shook off the oddity and jogged back to the barn for his tools, the tractor was getting old and was always in need of maintenance. He stopped dead in his tracks, he was jogging, with his back straight and pain free. Ernest had been walking slow and crooked for over a decade. A soft voice in his head urged him on. “The crops need you, the field needs you, the farm needs you” Ernest agreed, his farm wouldn’t wait, he had a job to do. He set off at speed towards the barn, his horses in the next field watched as he moved quicker than they did. Ernest loved the feel of the wind on his face and the thuds of his footfalls. In mid run he tore off his shirt so more of him could feel the wind and warm Kansas air. He reached the barn in record time and with immense force pulled the doors open. He moved for his tools, his booted feet barely visible behind his swelling chest. This arms swung with great weight and his work gloves were tight around larger hands. Picked up the tool box and stared at the deep tan of his arm, the thick muscle and swollen veins on this foreman didn’t even register. “A tan like a real man who works in the sun“ the soft cooed in his ear Ernest smiled and put the tools back, a memory returning to his mind. At the back of the barn hidden beneath a sheet was the old plow, the one his horses parents pulled decades ago. With one hand he flung the sheet off. He pulled his cap off and scratched his suddenly lush brown hair, his arm flexed and swelled with muscle. He put the cap back on and hooked his fingers in the waist of his jeans, they were tight on his thick legs. He sighed, his lats spread and his heavy chest heaved. The plow would need two horses at least, but the field needed to be plowed now. Ernest hooked the plow over his broad bronzed shoulders and pulled it out towards the field. The horses and his cows watched with amazement as the formerly skin and bones farmer worked the field like a mad man. His face showed the strain of his task, but the voice urged him on. He was soon done and got started planting the crop. “When the harvest is done more can join you” the voice cooed Ernest smiled, he knew who the voice was now, it was Demeter, his goddess, the one he would now strive to impress. He knew that one harvest in Demeter’s name was just the beginning. It would give Demeter the power to bring two more farmers into the fold, and the next harvest would then bring six, it was all a waiting game, like farming was. But Ernest knew how he could bring in new followers, the local high school had hundreds of teens wasting their lives on education and sports. The now 6ft4 22 year old Ernest could show up one day and come back to the farm with a dozen strapping men to expand Demeter’s farm and even more girls to bring a new generation of followers into the world, Demeter was also a fertility goddess, she’d make that easy for Ernest now. With the crops planted and Demeter’s harvest secure Ernest hopped onto his fastest horse and galloped bareback towards the high school, with the wind against his ripped torso and his stallion like cock already hard beneath his skins tight jeans he couldn’t wait to break his soon to be farmhands in.
  15. The director sighed, why did they sign Zeb Atlas for a twink movie. Granted he was hot, but he was 6ft3 and in his 40s. He wasn’t suitable for the movie. It was about young hot twinks and the young hunks that fuck them. Zeb was a hunk, but he was too old, at least for what was planned. He felt bad, but the director had been left with few options. He couldn’t fire Zeb, and he couldn’t use him, but there was a way to make him work. The director saw it as a kindness, it would give Zeb another 20 years of work, if it worked. The director chuckled, he knew it would work. It always did, there was always some producer at the studio pushing a big daddy guy into the films. But the director would use the ‘special’ stuff and soon that big daddy was ready for the shoot, just a couple decades younger and a few feet shorter. Zeb was no different, the director could see the changes already at Zeb rubbed himself down for the camera. The water cascading down big plump muscles, muscles that got smaller with each drop. Bones that compressed with each rub of Zeb’s soapy hands. His heavy cock quivering under the water, shrinking away. Zeb was too wrapped up in the feel of the water to notice the changes, as was everyone else. Only the director was immune to the effects, and he liked it that way. He enjoyed watching the age drain from guys like Zeb. He liked to see their lives shrink and change. Most of them had been athletes or bodybuilders when they were younger, not now. They weren’t built for stuff like that now. They could be gymnasts or dancers, the director knew they were flexible enough, he had enough films to prove that. Zeb let out a moan, a high pitched girlish moan. He was near done, his body devoid of nearly all muscle. He’d stopped at 5ft3, a foot of height gone forever. He looked barely 18, but the director had the records to proof that Zeb Atlas Junior was 18. Zeb flicked his long wet hair from his face, his soft mouth curved into a smile. A few of his slender fingers buried between his plump ass cheeks. “Ok, cut” the director shouted “Zeb keep doing what your doing, you’re gonna need to be really stretched out for what I have planned” Twins moved into view, they were corn fed, farm raised boys. As hung as the bulls they bred. Little Zeb gazed up at the big dumb farm boys, both of them looked down hungrily at the twink. Squared heavy pecs hanging high above his head, the chiseled faces of the twins smiling downwards. The twins shared a look, they were going to ruin this boy. “Ok, boys don’t go gentle on Zeb, he can take it” the director ordered “Now….Action"
  16. Just re-posting my old story from yuletide years past,just in time for this christmas.. On A Cold Winters Night : A Christmas Tale. Part 1 Daniel Crown had been reclusive since the sudden tragic death of his beloved husband Jeff.. Ever since the state passed a legislature allowing gay marraige,both men,who had loved each other for close to twenty five years,and had the potential to grow old together,bonded in a lavish civil partnership ceremony. But fate dealt a cruel hand, and Daniel,now 50, was left to grow old alone.The pain was too much to bear for Daniel to move on,it had only been a year since Jeffs death from a sudden heart attack,and the loss was all too fresh. . Jeffs death hit Daniel hard.. He shut himself off from much of the world and shied away from the fun social life he had had with Jeff.. Places,people...brought reminders of his beloved back to him. Even though Daniel missed Jeff dearly,the reminders only caused him to sink lower into depression at the loss and emptiness....and to alcohol. He hated life lately... Anything to seek an end to it and be with Jeff,but he was even too cowardly at that as he thought... Now, as winter blew the first snows into the suburbs of the city where Dan and Jeff had lived, Daniel felt this was a sign of change. He did not want to spend a second Christmas alone in this place...the first had been a heartbreak Daniels grandfather had left him a cabin up in the pine hills away from the city where as a child and teenager Dan had spent many a summer with his gramps fishing on the lake and hiking through the woods. Sometimes Daniel had brought Jeff to this romantic retreat and its the one place that Dan felt happy with the memories of both his lover and his grandfather,who had passed away almost what felt like a lifetime away. And when his father neglected him for his homosexuality, his grandfather,one person who had been brought up in a time that had conservative and deeply homophobic values,suprised Daniel with his liberal compassion and sheer love.. love that he would still feel for his only grandson no matter who or what he was.. That golden time was gone. Daniel was all alone now as he packed up his VW Beetle convert and wrapped himself in his coat before glancing back one last time at the apartment before he got in, sputtering the engine into life and then drawing out of the driveway for the long drive to the cabin, in hopes of reaching it before the weather closed in.. And the weather would be notorius that high in the Pine forests. ==== ==== 17 year Jacob Quill sat in the diner overlooking the misty freeway that would take him to the next small town in search of some kind of solace and freedom from the harsh life he had with his worthless parents. A father that had often slapped him around and finally showing open disgust at his sons homosexuality.. A mother who had done little to openly support Jacob and largely shrank into the background of her husbands dominance. Confused,alone with himself, Jacob had enough and packed and left his sorry existence in hopes of finding someone,..anyone with kindred spirit to share his life and love with.. Now he sat staring outside the diner window,stirring his murky cup of coffee and staring out at the passing traffic trundling along,hindered by the encroaching snows and mist rolling down off the forests. He had managed to hitch a lift with a truck driver this far but now needed to try and get another lift to go further.. ...And he saw one potential lift now.. A rather smart red VW Beetle convertible rolling onto the gas station close by.... Part 2 On his way up to the cabin, Daniels gas tank beeped that it was near empty.. He cursed lightly under his breath that he not remembered to fill the car up before he left the city. Fortunately for him,he found a Gas station rather soon and pulled in to fill up enough to more than last him the journey there. After paying up in the convenience store,grabbing some mint sweets on the way, Daniel wrapped himself in his thick coat and trudged back through the slushy snow towards his car, as the wind whipped it around his head and howled over the tops of the Douglas fir trees that lined the edge of the freeway. Just as he got to his car,he heard someone trying to gain his attention. "Hey mister...mister..!'' Dan looked around to see some guy wrapped tightly in a snug grey duffle coat with its wool lined hood pulled up over the guys head and a black scarf that pretty much effectively hid much of his face from the elements,and carrying a heavy looking green duffelbag. The guy drew level with Daniel and tugged down the scarf to reveal to Dan a young and strikingly handsome face that for a breif moment made something stir inside him. ''Hey Mister,....um,..are you heading towards Evendale at all..?'' said the young man,who by Dans standards looked barely into his twenties. Dan grumbled for a few moments as he fumbled for his keys as the youth next to him hopped lightly from one foot to the other from the cold. ''I dunno kid,. I might not be going directly INTO Evendale,but..'' Dan had to pass through the outer suburbs of the town to get to his cabin but was'nt too comfortable with the fact of picking up a hitchhiker,who could turn out like the urban legend and be a crazy axe-weiling nutter,but as his eyes met with the kids stunning turquiose blue eyes,he again felt that tiny spark of attraction. ''Aw please mister.. I'll give you a couple of bucks.. I just wanna get that far at least.. Please.. I been waitin' here ages for a ride but everyones been too reluctant..'' pleaded the kid. ''Ok,..but i'll take you as far as i can, thats it.'' replied Daniel as he got into the car. ''Aw geez,..thanks mister.. Thought i was gonna freeze to death waitin' here'' Daniel started the engine just as the kid got into the passenger seat,placing his bag into the back and throwing down the hood to reveal his surfer blonde short cropped hair. ''Names Jacob..'' he said enthusiastically,pulling off a glove to shake Daniels hand. ''Daniel'' he replied. Dan set off along the freeway towards the Ridge road that would take him up over the pass towards Evandale and on to his cabin.. ''So what takes you out this way..?'' Dan asked Jacob. ''Oh, just wanna get away from some shit homelife and start afresh. Parents give me hassle and now i got the chance to cut free and live my own life'' Dan said, unbuttoning the coats top buttoms and warming his bare hands on the cars heater. ''And you..You live out this way..?'' ''Oh,..i got a cabin up in the hills just past Evandale i'm gonna spend Christmas in..'' said Dan,his eyes on the road. ''Sounds real romantic.. A cabin in the woods all covered in snow,with a roaring fireplace..'' ''I wish it was... I just got over the loss of..'' Dan hesitated.. ''Of someone i loved''. ''Sorry buddy,..i did'nt mean to be ....'' Daniel interrupted him with a gentle wave of his hand.. ''Don't worry,..its fine'' He watched out of the corner of his eye as Jacob pulled out a small leaflet of some kind out of his inside coat pocket. Jacob noticed. It was a Fitness and Bodybuilding leaflet advertising a some protein shakes and other muscle building products.. ''You into Bodybuilding..?'' Dan asked Jacob. ''I'd like to be.. I wanna try and get big..massive. My pops kept tellin' me i was a scrawny and weak little..'' he paused, to find a different word.. ''lowlife, who would'nt amount to much.. So it gave me the motivation to take up weight-training and now i'm starting to see some results'' Daniel could not see much of Jacobs body under his coat but he did have quite a thick neck,..and he had the face of an Abercrombie and Fitch model..'' ''You go to the gym..?'' Jacob replied,eying up the rainbow triangle pendant hanging from the rear view mirror.. Could'nt be a gay symbol could it..? he thought. ''Only now and again. I pretty much stopped going when my partner died'' ''Hope you don't mind me asking.How long..?'' asked Jacob, tentatively. ''Just over a year now..'' 'Fuck it' Dan thought.. 'Nothing to live for..Just come out with it..!' ''My boyfriend died of a heart attack last September''. Daniel swallowed hard and waited for the boys reaction But after all, he had the car, so he could dump the kid somewhere safe if he acted up'' ''You arer gay.?'' said Jacob, physically sitting up straight in the seat with the guys revelation.. ''Yes i am.. Any problems with that and i can just dump you off.!'' ''No...no,sorry mister.. Its just that...'' Jacob squirmed to find the right words. 'So am i.. I just try and keep it private because my pops was an asshole about it.'' Daniel relaxed and even smiled a little, reassuringly. ''Then your pops just does'nt understand..I hate bigots like that'' They sat quietly for a while as the snow blew into a blizzard and whipped around the car, visibility decreasing as the road passed throug a scenery of ddeper snow,blowing in drifts across the tarmac and howling around the trees that closed in.. ''So, just how old are you Jacob..?'' Dan said,casting a quick glance to his young passenger. ''17'' ''You are a brave man to f...'' Dan did'nt get to finish his sentance before Jacob shouted out ''Look out''. A heavy tree branch that could no longer take the strain of the snow compacting onto it,snapped off and fell with a crash into the road ahead.. Too little too late for Dan to fully avoid.. His car clipped the branch as it cracked the windscreen and shoved the car to the opposite side of the road. Daniel tried to regain control but the car swerved maniacally across to the right side and then back onto the opposing lane,skidded on some ice and then hit a snowbank,throwing the car into a roll down a slope till it crash landed upside down against a Redwood tree that showered it with a heavy shower of snow from its branches.. Part 3 Jacob awoke groggily to find himself hanging upside down. For a moment he was too dazed to know what had happened. Then, as his faculties cleared, he was sharply brought back to reality.. He had been in a car accident. The car had landed on its roof and Jacob was upside down in the car and still buckled into his seatbelt,which had almost certainly had saved him from being catapulted out of the the car through the shattered and now missing windscreen. He turned to look at the driver, the guy who had given in to giving him a lift. Daniel was also still hung in his seatbelt upside down, but he seemed unconscious.. Blood trickled from a deep cut on his head closest to his door and the roof on his side had caved in considerably,squashing the door,blocking access. Jacobs first instinct was to unlock his seatbelt to try to attend to Daniels potentially life-threatening wounds. When he managed to free himself he slumped with a thud onto his upper neck and shoulders and suddenly cried out in agony as a sharp pain ran through his right shoulder. Jacob tentatively propped himself up the right way,wincing as he felt more sharp pain through what could have been a dislocated shoulder or even a fracture to his collar bone. This was'nt the place to diagnose injuries just yet. The ice cold wind was blowing the snow stingingly through the broken windows as Jacob focused himself into extracating Daniel from his seat and getting help.. He fumbled to release Daniels seatbelt and eased the older guy from the drivers seat as best as he could. Daniel groaned and stirred slightly as it seemed evident he was drifting in and out of consciousness. Jacob gritted his teeth,trying to use a quick burst of strength to cut out his own pain as he hauled Dan from his seat and through the smashed passenger window. ''Don't worry buddy.. Gonna get you some help. You''ll be good in no time''. Now outside of the vehicle for the first time Jacob tried to get his bearings in his winter cloaked surroundings. The car had come to rest on its roof down a sharp slope against a tree, having turned over several times down the steep incline. Jacob could hardly see too far,such was the aggressiveness of the wind blowing the falling snow into a near horizontal sheets of icicles that stung at Jacobs face. This weather was beginning to turn into a blizzard. Jacob swung his hood over his face and then hauled out his bag and used it as a pillow to prop up Daniels head,and covering his face with his own scarf,trying to use the car as much as possible as shelter from the howling white-out. With a bit more digging,Jacob had found in the trunk,Daniels packed bags and pulled out another coat and another scarf. He covered Daniel and used the scarf as best as he could to tend to the nasty cut on Daniels temple. It seemed as if Daniels head had hit the side of his drivers door as it caved in during the cars roll down the slope and Jacob could'nt tell just how bad Dans head injury was.. He needed medical help immediately. Jacob tried his phone but there was no signal. Cursing,he nearly threw it in anger into the nearby snow but thought better of it and shoved it back into his coat pocket. Looking up through the near blinding snow, he thought about clambering up onto the road to call for help from a passing motorist.. ''Hey buddy..be right back.. You just hang in there..'' Jacob snapped off a thick bare branch from part of the tree that had fallen of in the impact of the car against it, and using it as a prop,he tried to scramble up through the deepening snow to the edge of the road. Tired and aching from the pain in his shoulder,he reached the top and stumbled into the road. For as much minutes as he dared spare leaving Dan, he stamped up and down the road calling for help and waiting anxiously for a car to come by. Finally frustrated, he slid back down to the car and to Daniel and lightly tapped him on his cheek. ''Hey buddy.. You still with me..?'' Daniel groaned and moved his head slightly,and muttered. ''Jeff..?'' In Dans semi-conscious state,he could see Jeff looking down and smiling at him.. Jacob was at least this bit relieved that Dan was still holding on,but he still needed help.. He shouted at the top of his lungs for help.. And for a few minutes all he could hear was the howling of the wind and the crwaking of the trees. He gritted his teeth in anger. ''Not like this.. Not fucking like this..'' He did'nt want to end up frozen to death in the wilderness,..like Jack Nicholson freezing in the Maze at the end of The Shining..! Suddenly,the wind seemed to die down just that slightly for Jacob to hear what sounded faitnly like bells jingling. This first sign that someone,..anyone, could be out in this white-out could potentially mean survival. Spurred on,he jumped to his feet and tried to focus his ears and eyes on the sound.. Then,..through the snowfall he could see a misty image that gradually became clearer as it drew nearer. ''Hey..over here...Help..Help.!'' A shape of a sleigh drawing through the snow greeted Jacob.. It was drawn by a single reindeer,harnessed in leather that was adorned with the bells Jacob thought he had heard. On the back and guiding the sleigh was a figure wrapped in a thick tawny brown fur or fur-like coat..a hood lined with grey-white fur or wool drawn over his head and hiding his face, and his trousers of similar tawn colour and fur. Even his boots seemed thick and woolen..Like this fella was used to the outdoors life in harsh wilderness. The sleigh pulled up close to the crashed car. ''Whoah there Blitzen..Good boy'' the stranger said apparently to his reindeer as if it was a pet. Jacob for a moment was rightfully overjoyed that help had arrived. ''Hey mister, my friend needs help.. We crashed and now i think hes badly hurt.. We need to get him to a hospital fast..!'' The hooded stranger stepped off the sleigh,..itself covered in furs and a deep red woolen cover, and trudged through the snow over to where Daniel lay prone. He bent down and slipped his hand out of the thick brown gloves he wore and gently touched at Daniels wounds. The,turning to look up at Jacob, he slipped off the hood he was wearing to reveal the face of an old man who looked wizened with age.He had a thick white beard and wispy white eyebrows and a weathered and slightly reddened face that overall, to Jacob he seemed to look so calming and warm. ''My boy,I'm afraid that this snowstorm has downed communications and getting him any help up here might take some time. The weather will close in as soon it will be nightfall...'' ''But you gotta do something..He could die for Christs sake..!'' Jacobs moment of glee faded somewhat. ''My cabin is nearby.. It has a welcoming fireplace,some needed warmth..and i have a gift at helping those in need.. Don't worry my boy. I will take care of him..Of both of you till the morning breaks..'' Why was it for some reason that Jacob felt at ease with this guy..? ''Come boy, lets help your friend onto my sleigh..'' Jacob helped the stranger load Daniel onto the sleigh and wrapped him in the furs and the red cover. ''On Blitzen..'' And with that command the sleigh set off through the snow. Part 4 The snow was falling heavily by the the time the old Outdoorsmans sleigh, carrying Daniels prone body, had reached his cabin deep in the pine forest. ''Come help me take your friend inside'' prompted the old man to Jacob who for a moment stood dithering.. Together they propped up the board Daniel lay on and carried him into the cabin.. ''We'll put him on the couch by the fireplace to keep him warm as he recovers..'' said the old man as he nudged the wooden door open and nodded in the direction of a wood framed low couch cushioned with soft woolen pillows and earthen coloured woolen blankets that was placed in front a large stone set fireplace with a high mantlepiece and several thick logs already burning welcomingly in the wide fireplace. The old outdoorsman and Jacob carefully lay Daniel down on the couch and covered him with the woolen blankets.. ''Do you have a phone in the cabin so we can at least try and call for some rescue.. Daniel might have some kind of bad head injury.?'' said Jacob as he scanned the large interior of the cabin looking for any sign for a link to communications to the nearest town. He could not readily seen any.The kindly old man spoke up ''I'm afraid with this blizzard howling,it may not be till morning until we can seek help for your friend here..". He stood up after making Daniel as comfortable as possible. He could see the worry in Jacobs handsome face. ''Don't be worried. I'm certain that he will pull through with my help. I have, lets say, a certain magic about me that may aid my tending of his wounds that i know are not as grave as you fear..'' Jacob fidgeted uncomfortably over Daniel. ''How can you be so sure..?'' ''Oh don't worry..I have a had plenty of time on this earth to gather some good enough medicinal knowledge.....a few centuries at least..!'' said Nick as he headed away through an adjoining door to another room,but hesitated before passing through to glance back at the boy "Oh,my name is Nicholas by the way.." Jacob did'nt click to Nicholas' last few words.he just shuffled slightly,answering his and Daniels name clearly distracted with worry,to pay attention fully to what Nicholas had just said. Finally relaxing a little,his eyes had wandered off Dan for once as he looked around the cabin,noticing boughs of evergreen holly spotted with ruby red berries,and trails of cut Ivy and Fir branches hanging along the inner eaves or hooked onto the pine log walls. The cabin itself felt welcoming with its natural light wood furnishings and plaid red and green textiles and curtains,a plush fur-like rug positioned between the caramel upholstered three-piece suite placed around a low oak trunk coffee table...In all, a traditional family cabin in the forest.. Dan stirred and groaned,drawing back Jacobs attention, just as Nick returned from the kitchen with a red cloth draped over his shoulder,carrying a tray with a clay bowl full of steaming liquid and what looked to be a clay mortar and pestle to which he set down on a small stool next to Daniel. ''Whats that..?'' queried Jacob, as Nick dampened the cloth in the warm water,the steam wafting up to Jacob and the smell reminded him of spices.. ''Oh, its a remedy that will fix any injuries he might have taken to his head..'' Nick dabbed the cloth over Daniels forehead,then folded it it and lay it like a cold cure remedy across his forehead,propping Dans head up on a pillow.. Dan responded with a groan in his semi-conscious state. ''You think that some kind of homeopathic medicines like this can cure him of a brain injury, just like that..?'' said Jacob finding Nicks simple home medicinal deeds a little incredulous.. 'Nick just smiled ''Have faith my friend''. Jacob watched with uncertainty as Nick pulled out a small cloth bag tied with string from his inside pocket,unfastened the string and gently poured the powdery contents into the 'pestle'..cup and then poured a little of the bowls liquid into it,grinding and stirring it up with the mortar.. For a moment,Jacob thought he could see the powder glitter like stardust but shook his head. Nick gently lifted Daniels head and eased the cup to his lips,trying to stir him enough into a moment of consciousness for him to drink the contents. ''Come on buddy, drink up...come on,...this will make you feel better'' Daniel weakly opened his mouth and took several slow sips of the water before Nick rested his head back. Jacob glanced out of the window hoping the snow had lessened. It had'nt one bit.. But through the blizzard,towards the shelter where Nick had placed his Reindeer,he could see another one nuzzling against Blitzen,and for a brief moment he thought he could see a faint red glow near its nose. 'Fuck,...i must be tripping.!' he thought, rubbing his eyes before looking out and now just seeing two ordinary Reindeer in the shelter. When he turned around,Jacob nearly jumped out of his skin.. Nick was standing right next to him,smiling.. ''I have given your friend a something to help him heal,not just his physical wounds but the wounds to his emotions as well..A little sleep will help him out'' He followed Jacobs gaze out the window across to the the deer shelter. ''Oh thats just Rudy,..he helps me find my way on certain foggy nights.'' Jacob suddenly remembered Nicks comments about 'centuries of experience..!' ,and a thought came across his mind. 'No, thats just rediculous..'' he said as he shook the thought out of his head. Nick just smiled at him as he let Jacob realise just who he was.. ''No..no, this is just too stupid.. You can't be...'' Jacob was placing the small things together.. A jolly,white bearded old fellow called Nick,in a sleigh drawn by a Reindeer called Blitzen,..and another called Rudy...RUDOLPH..!'' Then as the realisation dawned on just who he was speaking to, Jacob stumbled back,almost tripping over the armrest of the couch Dan now lay asleep.. ''You can't be him..!'' he said,wide-eyed. Nicks face seemed suddenly radiant and his eyes all twinkly in the light of the roaring fire. ''Who would you call me..?'' ''Santa Claus..!'' said Jacob,mouth agape like a catfish. ''Santa,Father Christmas,Pere Noel,Kris Kringle...St,Nicholas..whatevers suited best..!'' said Nick.. ''What are you doing way out here in the forest..?'' said Jacob,trying to find some kind of rational answer for this amazing situation. ''Christmas Eve is not for a few days. Even i'm entitled to a little R&R..!'' ''But if you are such a magical being,then why can't you just make this storm stop and whisk us on your flying sleigh off to the nearest town..?'' Jacob said,sobering up to this strange reality. ''Its not as simple as that..I do'nt really control the weather..Why'd you think i'd ask a Reindeer with his 'nose so bright' to guide my sleigh on foggy nights..?'' They both glanced out of the window across to the deer shelter where Rudys nose was now shining brightly red..affirming the unbelievable situation Jacob was now in.. ''I'm just as stuck here til morning as you,my young friend.'' And,reading Jacobs face he added before the boy said anything. ''..And though i can heal people of most wounds, i cannot heal them just like that..'' Nick emphasised the last word by clicking his fingers.. ''Healing someone takes a lot of my energy..'' Jacob started pacing up and down. ''This is just too freaky..!'' Nicholas moved to stop Jacobs pacing by gently holding onto his arm. ''..But there is something i can do for you both..'' Jacob glanced down at Daniel then at Nicholas. ''What..?'' '' I know your heart is heavy with the lack of love and companionship. You have felt betrayed by those you thought loved you dearly. But if he finds it in his own heart to love again,you will find him a dear and committed partner..'' Nicholas glanced down at Daniel and Jacob knew.. ''But we have only just met.. And this guy is dealing with the grief of losing someone he loved.. What am i to him..?'' ''You can be the one to make him feel love again,to heal that sorrow.'' Feeling a little awkward, Jacob spoke what was on his mind.. ''But he is not really my type of guy..'' ''Oh,but once he finds his way,he will become 'your type'.. But love is not all based upon looks..Its whats in the heart.'' Jacob smiled. ''I stopped believing in you a long time ago. In my childhood i did not have the greatest of times at Christmas..'' ''I know Jacob. When you stopped believing,there was no room for me..And for my part i was foolish to neglect you.. If there is a gift i could bestow upon you i will gladly offer it..?'' ''Well, theres one thing i've wanted.. What i've been training to become..'' Jacob said furtively. Nicholas smiled knowingly.. ''You are training to become a top class bodybuilder. Bigger muscles...hmmm, not a gift i've often if ever granted, but,lets give it a try....'' Part 5 Daniel eyes were closed but yet he could see bright light through his lids..With a stretch of his body and a yawn he stirred into consciousness,slowly opening his eyes,and at first unaccustomed to such bright sunlight which greeted him.. Although his hearing was the first sense that kicked in... to the sounds of birds chirupping somewhere close by. When his sight finally cleared he took in his surroundings.He was laying on green grass beneath a huge old English Oak tree,feeling a gentle warm breeze blow across his exposed chest,..which soon sharpened his senses when he realised he was lying almost naked except for a pair of sky blue boxers. As he sat up he became aware of someone else sitting just behind him. Looking around at first he could not see the person,such was the brightness of the sun behind him,but as he let his eyes focus,when he saw just who was beside him his face went ashen white and his jaw fell agape.. ''Ah, Danny-boy, enjoy your little siesta..'' There,looking back at him with a radiant smile was Jeff,shirtless and revealing a smooth slender gym-toned torso.. With the bright sun haloed directly behind his head he looked like an Angel..! Daniels heart lept into his mouth and he felt like a dam was gonna burst full of tears. ''Jeff,but but...'' Daniel began to stutter,reeling with mixed feelings and emotions,hoping what he was seeing was'nt just a figment of his imagination.. Jeff quietly shushed him with a finger against Daniels lips,one hand holding a glass of champagne from a picnic laid out before them. ''Come now Daniel, my love...'' but Jeff could'nt finish... Daniel threw his arms around Jeff and drew him into an unbearably tight hug,causing Jeff to spill the champagne. ''Jeff, i've missed you so much it hurts..'' Daniel was unabashedly crying now,sobbing against Jeff bare muscled shoulder.. ''Everything will be alright now Daniel'' Jeff replied,placing the glass down and reciprocating the hug. ''You died.. Is it this heaven...Did i die..?'' Daniel,full of emotions just sputtered out questions ramdomly and rushedly to Jeff. Jeff hushed him. And they released each other from their embrace..Dans eyes never left Jeff,scanning him from his handsome face to his alluring bare torso.. ''Whats ahppened to you, you look so irresistably sexy and more toned than i could ever remember you..?'' Jeff just smiled,passed Daniel a glass of champagne and peered out from the Oak tree on the crest of a hill where they sat,taking in the wide open richly beautiful countryside around them..birds singing in the air and in the trees,butterflies fluttering across patches of flowers around them..the smell of pollen wafting in the air,...a church bell gently ringing from a spire that stood high above the red roofed cotswold stone cottages of a village in the near distance,nestled by a winding river glinting under the sunlight. ''You remember this place Daniel. Much Markham,England.We came here the summer..'' Jeff paused,smiling back at a beaming Daniel, who took a sip of the champagne,..before continuing. ''...the summer before i died.'' He could see the smile fade on Daniels face. ''Then are we dead... This IS heaven..Am i finally with you.?'' Jeff cupped Daniels face with his hand and then gently stroked the side of his face lovingly.. ''You are not dead.. I brought you here to this one place from your memory that held so much happiness and romance to you..'' Jeff paused again,noticing Daniels eyes begin to well up.. ''You were in an car accident during a harsh winters blizzard. There was a young man with you in your car but he is alright. A man of kind heart and warmth had found you both near the wreck and he took you to his cabin to tend to the wounds you have..'' Dans face showed signs of disappointment that his time with Jeff was not to be, and tears rolled down his cheeks.'' ''It is imperative that you find the will to carry on and fight to survive..'' Jeff said with such passion. 'But i want to be with you. Fuck my life.. My life is with you..'' Dans arm reached up and swept around and drew in the surroundings. ''Here is where i want to be with you..!'' Jeff smiled softly and he leaned in and gave Dan a short but loving kiss. ''Its not your time..'' Daniel broke in. ''No,..it IS my time.. What have i got to live for,without you..?'' ''You have everything to live for.'' Jeff replied sternly,cupping Dans head gently with both hands,framing his saddened face.. 'Listen to me...Its not your time...I will ALWAYS be with you..'' Jeffs hand reached down and he touched Daniel on his chest,above his heart. ''..in here..!'' Daniel could see the sincerity and the truth inside Jeff emerald green eyes, as Jeff continued.. ''You remember that boy in the car with you,don't you....Jacob,the hitchhiker..?'' Jeff said knowingly. Dan nodded slightly in acknowledgement. ''You will find happiness with him,i know.. You will find the strength to carry on and to enjoy life again.. He himself has needed to find that kindred spirit,that endearing love to share, someone to make his own life better and worthwhile after the traumas of the short life he has had so far..'' Jeff could see the spark of doubt in Dans sorrowful eyes ''Believe me,this young man is more like me than you know.. He reminds me,...of me, when i was his age...Young,virile,...up for anything...Fit and healthy with a body that yearned of dedication and commitment from gym work-outs that i was too lazy to keep up..'' Dans spirit was picked up by this memory of their past,with the period when they both went through the ''gym bunny'' phase but could'nt keep up with sweat and toil of keeping their bodies in absolute perfection.. not that either of them were out of shape by their mid forties..! ''I remember,..but i'm 'getting on a bit now for all that muscle mary stuff.'' ''You're fifty,..not ninety..!'' replied Jeff,gently swatting Dan across the top of his head.. ''But i can help you with that.. Just promise me you will live,..that you will move on..?''. Daniels mind reeled. His heart was torn by the thought of never seeing jeff again,..of forgetting even what he looked like as time progressed. Jeff leaned in and gave Dan another short kiss. ''I will always be with you in some form or another, in that big heart of yours,...in Jacobs eyes..'' Dan finally smiled again.. ''You said you can help me with my physique..?'' as he pulled Jeff in for a warm embrace and a more passionate kiss,his hands roaming across Jeffs tight six pack abs and smooth hairless chest. ''Oh yes,...just let your love flow..'' Jeff said between their increasingly erotic touching and petting. ''Stealing lines from the Bellamy Brothers..?'' Dan replied with a slight humourous grin, before both became pre-ccupied with lust. .... Up there, on that hill, a piece of Jeff flowed into Daniel,filling his heart with love, and filling his body with new found vigour...and youth. As they made love,the last vestiges of clothes discarded in passion..with each thrust of Jeffs cock into Daniel,Dan grew younger,more stronger.. His greying hair darkening into black like ink was being dyed into it.. The winkles of age and worry smoothening out and as the years ebbed backwards away,his face took on a beautiful male model look. Deep ice blue eyes framed with thin broad lightly arching eyebrows and a narrower slight upturned nose that gave him a cute elfin appeal. His rough lips becoming soft and moist and fuller,a potential for Dan to become a great kisser and great at something else he could wrap those luscious lips around..! With a slightest of pucker of those lush lips he could exude sexual sultriness that could make anyone who desired him,swoon weakly. A few days shadow of stubble on his chin just made him all the more sexier.. And the change did'nt end there.. As Jeffs angelic body pressed against his lover. As his tending hands took to every curve and course of Dans naked torso and arms, Daniel seemed to be invigorated with new found strength which then flowed increasing size into his smooth muscles. A tease of Jeffs fingers across Daniels once slight pecs of his lean chest,brought out their curves and rounding shapes. The flick of the fingers on Dans nipples hardened them and made Daniel groan with lust,adding more of Jeffs magic touch into Dans pecs that grew out thicker and fuller,becoming lightly dusted with soft dark curly hairs around his nipples,across the mounds and down into the deepening crevasse of his sternum between the growing muscles that grew from hillocks to heaving mountains. As one of Jeffs hands,now full of solid pec muscle,cupped it and tweaked at his nipples,Jeffs other hand flowed over Dans shoulders that rose into full broad slopes that framed a thicker lightly bullish neck,ever up till they nudged at his ear-lobes. The hand cupping Dans pecs,left to wander across the lean stomach that repsonded by ripping and tensing,and then his abs showing though,tightening,hardening into a solid six pack that rose like a tray of rolls in an oven.. Lines cut through sharply and defined the sensuous v shape towards his groin,like small rivulets eroding away at a bed of rocks that themsleves hardened even more and crunched together as Dan gently twisted and moved in the throes of passion..Two more hard blocks of abs arose,crunching together with the six,undulating like sand0dunes to finally reveal a shockingly cut 8-pack.. Job done on those abs just awaiting someones tongue to lap way at the sweat that funneled down the cuts between each block like tiny streams to the present that would soon await at his groin.. With both hands now,Jeff ran them up the side of Dans bigger,heavier,mightier,manlier torso,up to his arm-pits,and making way for his lats to swell,to flare out of near non-existance,into huge wide-spreading slabs that pushed him up higher off the grass and stretching and broadening his back shockingly wide,like the hood of a cobra and arising the thought of 'barn door lats' to amazing reality. And those wide wide lats tapered down in a sexy v shape into an awesomely tight and narrow waistline. Out went the hands, over the shoulders,across delts filling out big round hard delts that could rugby tackle Trajans Column and knock it down to dust.. Those magic hands of an angel passed down to the 'guns' that soon would be the hot top ticket to any 'gun show'.! Once lean sizeable but small biceps suddenly jumped alive as veins pulsed thickenly across the surface of the curves like water running through a firehose.. These veins plugged themselves into Dans bicpes and triceps and started to inflate them, to swell them rapidly from grapefruits to cantaloupe melons, swollen and engorged even fuller to cannonballs streaked with vascular pulsating electrodeds of veins. Biceps that soon reached 25 inches,and tri's that hung thick and hard,...to forearms so ripped and burgeoning like he could rip up a sequoia. Jeff pushed his cock into Dans tight hole as he felt up along Dans legs draped up over his shoulders.. Thighs that seemed to flex,and grow then swell with each flex until they were full of muscle and framing Jeffs head and seemed to give added weight in them as they grew tree trunk thick full of muscle.. Calves that bulged and bloated and tighly ripped.. Thick sinewy bulging leg muscles powerful enough Dan would look like he could dead-lift a bull Elephant..! With each thrust of Jeffs thick cock,he could feel Dan ass respond by clenching tighter against the sodomising intrusion, clamping at the cock as it slid in and out as the growth flowed into his glutes,raising them up,filling them out and gradually endowing Dan with a sexy curvaceous bubble butt. The final gift to Dan, was the growth in his genitals. In the throes of lust,Dans cock had arose into its solid,rigid erection of 7 inches,but now,that erection throbbed even harder,and with each throb,engorged even thicker and fuller,and longer.. It was growing like Daniels own Trajans column without the motifs.. The few veins streaking up along the hard shaft like old thick dry jungle roots creeping over ancient Cambodian ruins to cap a big flaring pinkish-purple glans oozing pre-ucm out of the slit like a tree oozing sap. And his balls too had grown low and heavy in their sac.. Full bloated with cum,lolling weightily like soft medicine balls between his upstretched legs.. .................................................. ............................................... In the cabin, if Jacob was not with St.Nick in a nearby room,for once risking a chance away from Daniel laying under the woolen blankets on the couch, he would have seen the wounds gradually healing themselves. He would have seen Daniel sleeping soundly,covered in a light sheen of sweat,not from the heat of the fire.. He would have seen Daniels face looking calm and serene.. ...He would have seen Daniel growing under that warm welcoming blanket,obscuring the gentle swelling of his muscles....the invigoration of youth flooding back into his face,his body,his hands.. The arousal of his cock as Daniel dreamt his life-changing dream. ....But Jacob would'nt be left out.. Not for long.. After all, Nick,...Santa Claus had promised him his Christmas gift.. ....But thats for the last part, the healing of wounds,the finding of love. ================== Oh,by the way..just learned that male reindeer shed their antlers this time of year,but females keep them,..but who am I to upset tradition. I wrote this years ago..! LOL
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