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Found 2 results

  1. LJackson

    m/m MaxandharryandmaX: A serial (?)

    Okay, here's the start of something new. Let me know if you want me to carry on! What you need to understand is that Harry and I had been friends all our lives, or nearly. When we were in playgroup, I chewed on his toy car. When we went to school together, we taught one another to read. If a teacher asked me what my name was, I’d say: “Max and Harry.” For years, right up till we went to university, people would call us Maxandharry or Harryandmax. Even at Uni, him studying Biological Sciences and me doing Business Studies, we texted nearly every day. For a while, after celebrating our Friendversary, we even changed our Faceboook names to MaxandharryandharryandmaX, till he pointed out it looked a bit gay. I felt a bit sad changing it, but my girlfriend of the time told me he was right. In the years since then, of course, we drifted apart a bit. We were both in London but we would only meet for a drink every couple of months. I guess he slowly started noticing a change in me about summer 2019 when I had made a special effort to get #BeachBodyReady. ‘Shit, mate, you really do have a gym membership, don’t you?’ he said. ‘When are Men’s Health ringing you for a cover feature?’ I was in a short sleeved shirt and I was feeling pretty good about myself back then, but still I knew he was talking shit. ‘Bro, have you seen the guys on Love Island? All I’ve done so far is lose a bit weight really.’ ‘Impressive though,’ he said, sinking the last of his pint. ‘I don’t think so,’ I said. ‘Not yet.’ ‘Well, I reckon Niamh would think so,’ he said. I cuffed his shoulder. ‘She’s not superficial like other ho’s,’ I said. ‘Girls like that sort of thing, though,’ he said. He looked down at himself. ‘They can’t help themselves.’ ‘They like to see we’re taking care of ourselves,’ I told him. ‘Anyway, you’re far from overweight, dude.’ ‘Underweight, if anything,’ he said. ‘I do my heavy lifting with this.’ He tapped his brow, and we both laughed. ‘Mind you don’t go impairing it with two many hipster beers, then,’ I said, getting up to fetch another round. ‘If you promise not to go crazy with this gym stuff,’ he said. ‘You’re fine as you are.’ But I knew he was wrong. By the time we met to toast Christmas, he couldn’t resist squeezing my arm. ‘Holy shit!’ he said, eyes wide. ‘I thought you just had a big jumper on under that coat. You’re huge!’ ‘Not as big as I’d like,’ I couldn’t help saying, blushing. ‘Still a way to go.’ ‘What do you weight though…?’ ‘About 70kg,’ I said, automatically. ‘Roughly 150lbs.’ ‘Whoa,’ he said, ‘I didn’t expect you to actually know. You must be taking this seriously.’ I shrugged. ‘It’s fun too.’ ‘Bet you’re not drinking tonight.’ ‘Maybe just the one. My body fat’s down to 7%.’ I sipped my orange juice. ‘It feels great, though. I’m so alive, so capable. And, bro, let me tell you, the girls are hanging round me like flies around shit.’ God, it felt good.. Harry didn’t seem to feel so, though. ‘Mate, I didn’t need to have another reason to feel inferior,’ he sighed. His mouth was proper down-turned. ‘Niamh,’ I said, testingly. He nodded glumly. ‘I wasn't enough for her, it seems.’ ‘You were too good for her, anyway,’ I said, although I wasn’t sure how true it was. There he sat, a weedy little guy with glasses, maybe half my size. He couldn’t have lifted a weight above his head, let alone bench-pressed what I was doing. He looked pretty pathetic. ‘Maybe you should join my gym. Just to cheer yourself up.’ ‘Can’t think of anything worse,’ he said. ‘Come off it, mate,’ I said. ‘Build a bit of muscle and you’ll feel amazing. Imagine if Niamh sees you on the beach next summer with your shirt off, biceps bulging, pecs rippling…’ I tailed off, thinking how ridiculous this sounded. Even if I could persuade him to take some exercise, I thought, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for him to take his shirt off on camera. He was still as lean and hairless as when we both set off for University. I wondered, was I naturally superior to him? Niamh would certainly have picked me over him for a mate: law of the jungle. I’ve have shown her a better time, as well. I didn’t like to think how embarrassing Harry must have been in bed. I shook my head to clear it. Harry had been talking to me and all the time I’d been thinking about banging his girlfriend, cucking him in his own bed. Crazy thinking. I interrupted him: ‘I don’t want to hear any shit, mate, you’re coming with me to the gym tomorrow and that’s that.’ He sat back in surprise, held up his hands. ‘Fine. Fine!’ There was a long pause. Finally he laughed and got up to go to the bar. ‘Better get a round in while I’m still allowed, then!’ ‘Skip the crisps this time, okay,’ I laughed back. ‘2020’s going to be your year.’ And to be fair to him, he turned up. He obeyed me, as if I was in control of him. He did the exercises I told him to do. He changed his diet. It became quite fun, turning up to see him at the gym – maybe not as often as I would be there, but at least a couple of times a week. He didn’t enjoy it but he worked hard. At the end of January, he had actually lost a bit of weight – but sadly, he hadn’t put on a single shred of muscle. We stood looking at one another in the mirror. ‘I can’t fucking believe it,’ he said. ‘I’m actually smaller than before.’ ‘I’ve just grown bigger,’ I said, ‘that’s all, mate.’ ‘Bullshit,’ he said. ‘Yes, you’re bigger but look at me. I’m a shrimp. Nobody would guess we were the same age.’ ‘You’re a week younger,’ I told him, shrugging off my sweaty vest. ‘Maybe you’ll always be…’ Again, I didn’t want to say the truth. ‘What?’ he demanded. ‘What were you going to say? Weaker? Smaller? Inferior?’ ‘But only to me,’ I told him. ‘You might put on some muscle by summer. You won’t be strong but you’ll be fit.’ ‘That’s really what you think of me,’ he said, eyes wide. Furious. He looked like he wanted to pick a fight with me, but something rational was stopping him. He’d be mullered in a second. Instead, he ran away. Just grabbed his bag and stormed out. I should have run after him, but I was meeting this girl for dinner. He had told me on Tinder that she wanted me to fuck her like an animal, and I was still wondering how best to do that. I was too distracted. That was half my trouble. MaxandharryandharryandmaX was in trouble for the first time in history. An unshakeable bond, broken by the gym. Or maybe more, I thought. Maybe by masculinity and testosterone. Maybe by alpha male power. It could never be equal again now that I had begun to dominate. February slipped past, and I thought about him every day. I dreamt about him. I dreamt he was watching while I effortlessly fucked Niamh. I was pumped and bigger than ever while I worked at her tight snatch, and he got smaller while he watched me. In March, I finally sent him a message. ‘Miss lifting weights with you. Miss lifting pints even more.’ He replied almost straight away. ‘Maybe we should resume one of those activities. Guess which one.’ ‘Gym’s open longer hours,’ I replied, with a emoji to show I wasn’t serious. ‘Mate,’ he texted back, ‘I wouldn’t go there right now.’ ‘Why?’ I asked, expecting a joke. And so, Harry was the first person to tell me about coronavirus. I thought it was just him making an excuse about not exercising. I don’t follow the news, don’t really do social media; in fact, I was pretty buried in work and working out. I suppose, I also didn’t want it to be true. I was in full denial. And so, inevitably, I caught it. I’m strong. I’m healthy. I don’t even take roids, so no strain on my heart. So I guess I was well prepared for it. Even so, it knocked me out for longer than I expected. Those were some crazy weeks. Maybe the weeks that followed were even stranger. Apart from work, Harry was the main person I was in contact with during lockdown. At first we talked a bit about fitness: my gym had closed. I tried to buy gym equipment online, but there was none available. ‘I must have got the last set,’ Harry told me. He told me it was the one good thing in his life now. It was hard for him - he was still so weak - so I sent him tips over email, links to videos and online advice. He asked me questions about diets and supplements and steroids. I told him to do it all clean, which disappointed him, being the biology scientist – he wanted to make himself into his own experiment. But it was a good thing. It was like we were the same person after all, just slightly out of phase. Except I couldn’t work out, not properly. I did some bodyweight stuff and started running. The muscle just melted away. I ended up looking as lean as a stick of celery. ‘You’re going to end up as my trainer,’ he said, when we talked about it. I didn’t like that. What if he caught me up? So we didn’t talk about it. And the lockdown rolled by. The lockdown was raised. Life began to return to normal. It was September when we arranged to meet again. A few drinks in the same old pub we used to frequent – but first, we would work out together, side by side. It struck me, as I walked towards the bench press: we were equals at last. MaxandharryandharryandmaX had been brought closer together by the quarantine. We had both realised something: his innate power, my humility. At last, we would be best friends once again. The only problem was, he didn’t appear to have showed up. The gym was pretty much empty, and the only person hanging around our agreed meeting spot was a big guy. Proper monster. Shaved head. Lats out to here, waist in here, a real triangle. He looked nearly a foot taller than me and I was worried for a second. In an empty gym, it’s pretty bad etiquette to stand waiting for a piece of equipment. I didn’t want him to think I was trying anything on; he could have ripped me apart. He turned around and the light glinted off his glasses. He smiled. ‘Hey, Max, you made it!’ ‘Harry?!’ I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a wind-up. He opened his arms inviting me for a hug. Each arm was as big as both of mine put together. The muscle was thick and pumped as if he had just completed a workout, not spent months in quarantine. ‘Harry,’ I said, looking up at him. ‘This is insane. You’re a fucking beast.’ ‘I used the lockdown well,’ he said seriously. His voice had grown deeper. It was like talking to a different man with my friend’s face, one who towered over me. ‘All this came from working out?’ ‘Of course,’ he said. ‘I see you went the other way.’ I looked down at myself, blushing. ‘Yes, I’m pretty small these days.’ ‘How big were you before the lockdown?’ he asked me. ‘Let’s not talk about it,’ I said. ‘Maybe we should –’ ‘Cut the crap,’ he said. ‘I asked you a question.’ ‘About 75kg,’ I told him. ‘165lbs.’ He shook his head in disbelief. ‘You used to seem so big,’ he said. He ran his hands over the huge globes of his chest and the hard, thick ripples of his abdominals, lightly brushing his fingers across the giant vascular boulders of his biceps and the vast shoulder-muscles that framed his firm chin. ‘I’m about 270lbs. 125kg.’ ‘It’s not possible,’ I said. ‘Feel it,’ he said. ‘Then you’ll know how possible it is.’ I laughed and held up my hands. ‘That’s fine, I’ll believe you.’ ‘What is the problem with you?’ he said. He didn’t raise his voice but the authority was clear. ‘I told you to feel it, you little bitch.’ ‘Are you okay?’ I asked him. He shook his head for a second. ‘Sorry, bro. It’s the testosterone. Sometimes I lose control. I mean, it’s true that you’re little. And you’re being a bitch.’ He put a hand over his mouth and blushed. The redness spread down his huge neck where it got lost at the tops of his pecs. ‘Jesus. Just bants, mate. Just bants!’ ‘Will it help you if I – if I feel your muscle?’ I said, putting my hands on his physique. ‘Be careful,’ he said. ‘I’m like a loaded gun nowadays.’ ‘More like a cannon,’ I said, feeling his might. ‘The Incredible Hulk has nothing on you. So you went for the steroids after all?’ ‘No way, you little cunt,’ he said, breathing heavily. ‘Ah, I’m sorry, Max. But no – not steroids, exactly. I did some research. With some friends online. Other biology academics into weightlifting. I was looking for short cuts, and they were looking for ways to build size and strength. I think between us we tapped into something that did both. Workouts combined with certain hormones and particular herbs. It’s all perfectly safe, just a few side-effects.’ ‘Like the anger management issues,’ I suggested. ‘And all this fur.’ I ran a hand through the pelt on his monstrous chest. ‘You really are becoming a beast.’ ‘Fuck!’ he gasped. ‘You touched it! I should have warned you – but I thought it would sound gay.’ ‘Touched what?’ I snatched my hand away but he caught it in a giant fist. ‘You touched my nipple. Fucking sensitive nowadays.’ ‘So what – what does that mean?’ ‘It means,’ he said, ‘either I need to fuck a woman in the next ten minutes or…’ ‘Or what?’ Harry looked toward the changing room door. ‘Or, old friend, you’ll have to milk the cum from my big swinging balls…’ TO BE CONTINUED…
  2. Guest

    m/m I am Satisfied

    My head was bowed and i looked down on the floor in fear. Occasionally i tried moving my arms slightly trying to scratch an itch but was never able too because of the rope bindings tying both my hands. Swallowing my saliva i took a chance and looked up just for a moment. It was just a split second but i could make out the 2 men in front of me. One of them was of course my obese redneck slave owner. Being a slave I spent my days kneeling on the ground and eating of dog bowls on the floor like a dog. Trained to be submissive in every way possible i was only permitted to say "Yes Sir" or "No Sir". I was taught never to look directly into a free man's eyes. I was an inferior. A mere property that was nothing more than a chair or table to be owned by my master. If he told me to satisfy his needs and suck him. I had to act like i enjoyed it and savor every drop of his man juice without question. It was disgusting. But i grew to get used to it. This is the life of a slave. While other 19 year olds were blossoming into manhood and transforming into muscled free men. My only purpose in life was to get fucked by my master and yearn for him to say "I am Satisfied". But i knew he was running out of cash from having no job and his constant nugget eating. And he wanted to sell me for cash. I glanced slightly to the side of my owner and saw a much smaller man. He was of average height, simple looking guy with a hat and dressed like he was the friendly next door neighbor. He looked like he was my age and maybe we could even have been born the same month! He didnt have any muscles, nor was he fat. He was simply....average. To the point he looked like a "Nice" guy. I couldn't help but breathe a sign of relieve. I hated my life as a slave but had resigned myself to this fate. So knowing my next master was a nice guy left me feeling safe at least for my already crushed butt hole and over stretched mouth. The payment was made and I was put on a leash tied to my neck. My new master than walked me out like a dog and had me loaded into his car. Still afraid and unwilling to take a chance i kept my head low the whole time and refused to look up at him. The car ride was long and silent. He never scolded me nor forced me against my will. But yet he never showed me any form of kindness as well. My hands were getting sweaty. I had no idea what kind of master he would be. Was i going into hell or heaven? That anxiety was killing me. He opened his front door and ordered me in. Proceeding to sit on a chair he spread his legs to sit like any free Alpha male would. Still with my head bowed down i awaited his next command. "Kneel" Without wasting a second i got on my knees and replied loudly, Yes Sir! I could hear him snickle to himself confidently. "I was told by your previous master that you were born a slave and will answer any command without hesitation. Am i correct?" I nodded my head and yelled again Yes Sir!. With my head still down in fear i could hear him standing up and unzipping his pants. A gush of water can be heard hitting the floor and i soon felt warm liquid splashes on my arms and feet. I could see a steady stream of golden liquid flowing in my direction. I looked up in shock at him. He casually coughed and spit a mouthful of warm saliva on the golden liquid before smirking at me as we both maintained a second of direct eye contact. Using his sticky feet he stired the golden liquid and spit. "Lick it up" My worst fears were confirmed. I shivered to myself as i brought my body close to the ground. Closing my eyes i told myself as i have always done so. I was born a slave and i will die a slave. This is my fate. I opened my mouth and lifted my tongue out... "STOP" He commanded. Looking up slowly at him in confusion he smiled confidently before nodding to himself. "You really do answer any command without hesitation. Perfect" What was he up to? Was this all a little test to see how submissive i was? If so had i passed? He rezipped his pants before commanding me to stand up. Still looking down humbly i saw him getting on his knees while i was standing up. Never have i imagined such a situation where a slave like me would be standing tall before his master kneeling before him. I was so confused. "Listen properly slave. I will command you to do a series of actions towards me. You will not stop until I say the secret phrase......I AM SATISFIED" "Am I understood Slave?" I looked down at him still confused. But replied loudly Yes Sir. "Slap Me" Was i hearing this correctly? My master, a free man was commanding me to slap him. Was this all a test? How could this be possible? Was i dreaming?... "SLAP ME YOU FUCKING LOW LIFE SLAVE" I was so nervous and frightened as he kept yelling and screaming at me. I almost shit my pants as i raised my hands for the first time and gave my master a gentle slap on his right cheek. A silence engulfed the room for a few seconds as he showed no emotion. In fear I got on my knees and begged for his apology. How could i have been so stupid to fall for his trick? This must be a trick to punish me! Now both of us were kneeling on the ground and at eye level with each other. He grabbed my chin and looked me deep in my eyes. "Harder..." I was stunned. But i replied cautiously Yes Sir Slapping him again i realized he gave of a soft but audible moan. As i continued slapping his face harder and harder on both his cheeks i could hear his moans getting louder and louder. He pulled his head back slightly in complete ecstasy clearing enjoying the pain he was getting from his swollen red cheeks. With a final hard tight slap i could hear his final moan like a roar as the groin area on his pants started to get wet and sticky. As his moans got softer he calmly commented. "I am satisfied" As quickly as he got on his knees he returned back on his feet and had me return to a kneeling position. He was once again the master and i was once again the slave. Getting a dog bowl filled with water he threw it on the floor casually for me to drink while he went to clean up the stain between his pants. I gobbled it all up like the slave i was. The Next Day I was rudely awakened at dawn as he kicked me. "Time to get up Slave Bitch" As i followed him down the stairs to the kitchen i saw a dog bowl filled with bland porridge on the floor. In contrast a full spread of bacon, eggs, toasted bread, sausages and even a bottle of high protein shake was on the table. Instinctively i got on my knees as i reached the dog bowl. Ready to eat my slave breakfast while i awaited my new master to sit tall and proud on the chair above me. "You sit on the chair. And eat the eggs and bacon slave" Was i hearing this wrong? I stood my ground and knelt on the ground like the slave i was taught to be. In his frustration he grabbed my hair and pulled me up from my kneeling position and made me sit on the chair before yelling in my face "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU DISOBEY ME BITCH. DISOBEY ME AGAIN AND I WILL MAKE SURE YOUR DAY BECOMES HELL" He let go of my hair as i let out a cry. In pain i sobbed while looking at the full spread of food before me. I have never in my entire life been this close to a proper meal. It was almost like a dream. Bright yellow eggs, fresh smelling bacon..... I could not eat it. I was not trained to behave like a free man. "Eat it...." I looked up at him in disbelief "THE FUCK DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ME? I SAID YOU FUCKING EAT. SO EAT YOU BITCH!" I immediately turned to the spread before me and started eating. As much as i was in complete disbelief at my current state i couldnt deny i was enjoying the food. For the first time in my life i was eating like a free man. The protein shake went down my stomach, the toasted bread felt so good on my tongue. It was a feeling i had never felt before. I looked down and saw my master on all his fours eating like a dog. He was licking the bland porridge with just his tongue and mouth. His face was getting messy with food all over, there was grains all over his shirt and then i noticed his groin. He was getting hard. He was getting hard from being humiliated. And that was when i understood. The only reason he bought me was for me to satisfy him. And he was getting satisfied by role playing as a slave. Taking a risk i looked down at him. Noticing me he stared back. I spat on the ground. Looking at the warm spit for a second he then looked back at me, as if expecting a reply. Gaining some confidence i softly replied "Lick it" The pants area around his groin suddenly appeared to become wet and white creamy liquid could be seen leaking out. Going closer to my spit on the ground he licked it up before looking back at me "I am satisfied" He then got back up on his feet. He tidied his clothes and put on a new set of pants before wearing a pair of swag sunglasses to reassert his authority. And just like that in just a span of a few seconds he transformed back into the Alpha master he was again. "Funs over. Get back to eating your dog bowl slave bitch" Grabbing a tuff of my hair he pushed me down on the floor before taking over my seat and having his full eggs and bacon meal. On the ground i looked at the dirty bland porridge on the dog bowl as i begun slurping up his leftovers and resuming my status as a slave. Several Days Later As the days passed i witnessed for myself and learned how i could better satisfy my master. It was unusual but it seemed that he was turned on by the humiliation of being a slave in his fantasy world. Over the next few days he became more trustful of me and allowed me usage of bondage materials. He commanded me to tie him up, sometimes even full blindfolds over his eyes as i humiliated him by forcing him down on his knees and hurled abusive vulgarities at him. But he never allowed a mouth gag on him. Never. Because he depended on using the secret phrase "I am satisfied" to end our role play and resume his position as the master of the household. Although i was uncomfortable with this role reversal at the beginning i got my act together and forced my inner Alpha out. Perhabs there was some Alpha in me after all. I started to become a natural. But my master at the same time was begging to want more. His standards were growing and i had to keep up. At first he just wanted to feel the pain and humilation of being slapped on the face. Then he wanted to be butt raped and forced to suck a cock. And now that isn't good enough. He wants the role play experience to be more real and lifelike. He wants me to not only act like an Alpha master but also to look like one. When our role play was over and he resumed his position as my master he started to forced me into intense gym sessions. As a lowly slave i had no choice but to endure his brutal sessions. While i was forced to pump my biceps and do deadlifts multiple times a day he lazed around drinking his cocktails while giving me orders. And that wasnt all. At night he pumped me full with pure protein shakes and meat. Several Months Later The hardship was too much for me to endure. I was forced to hit the gym twice everyday. My biceps were so huge now i could hardly reach behind to scratch my back. I would puke from being forced fed protein rich meat and overly pumped with pure protein shakes. And on top of that i had to perform my master slave role play to the best of my abilities. I begged him for a rest. But he only insisted that I satisfy him yet again. I hated being born a slave. I hated my life. But now i think i've found my way to freedom. Staring down at my master as our role play begun he gave me a disappointing look. "You are not keeping up with my expectations. The role reversal needs to be more real. Do your fucking job slave boy. Satisfy me..." As I replied Yes Sir like i always do, i prepared the bondage on my master, tying up his hands tightly, clamping a cock cage on his dick and even warming him up by slapping him hard on his face. I was also preparing my speech. Once i made sure he could not escape i looked him hard in the eyes. For a moment there was silence between us and i could not say the words in my mind. His eyes brightened up after a few seconds realizing what i wanted to do. He simply smirked and laughed to himself. "You want to assume my identity dont you" I took a step back in shock "You think that because now i have groomed you to look like an Alpha Master complete with all that muscles and that strong masculine jawline. And oh look, you seemed to have grown a few inches taller too. You think that now you can assume my identity and become the master instead..." "Look at you. You are the perfect master" I turned to look at a mirror next to me. He was right. I never noticed how much i had changed over the months since he bought me from the slave sale. I now looked every bit a pure Alpha Male Master. The 2 times a day gym sessions had greatly widened my shoulders, the bicep curls he forced me to endure every day has literally blown my arms up. And the nutritious food and protein rich meals he forced down my throat had made me grown to a massive height. Secretly he had also been drugging me and forced me into plastic surgery work on my face. Perhaps the changes were so little that i never even realised what a hunk good looking man i have become. I gasped at the reflection looking back at me. He laughed as he looked at how stunned i was. "How you look now is simply to fulfill my fantasy. To humiliate me, get me hard and make me cum. And when i mention the secret phrase you will be mentally conditioned to free me and re-assume your position as a slave yet again. Even though i get turned on by humiliation and role playing as a slave i was born a free Alpha. And i will die a Free Alpha. Nothing can change that fact" "And as soon as you try to mouth gag me i will mention the secret phrase. Don't dare fucking disobey me you disgusting lowly slave. You exist only to satisfy me" "You are my slave. Forever" I lowered my head and breathed heavily before taking a step back. He smiled to himself and licked his lips in a cocky fashion assuming his victory over me. But he did not know i had already set my plans in motion. Staring back at him i replied "I know. I'm mentally conditioned to obey you. And i have been failing at my duties to make our role plays realistic enough for you. So i have found a solution to finally satisfy you forever, my master" Suddenly looking completely confused, my master in bondage yelled at me "Where....where are you going bitch??" I opened the door next to me to exit the room and a short obese older man entered the room. He passed me a load of cash before i walked out. The kind of cash i could live off for the rest of my life in luxury. Before allowing the fat obese man into the room i cautioned him "This slave is rebellious. He thinks himself a free man and will struggle to be freed Do not listen to a word he says." An Hour Later I returned to the room to see my former master all tied up, and completely mouth gagged. All ready to be sold away to his new master. Kneeling on the ground he struggles to make inaudible squeals while looking at me in both anger and confusion. Moving close to his ear i whispered to him "You want a realistic role play as a humiliated slave. I'll help you master. You will be sold away to live the rest of your life as a slave. You will never enjoy the taste of bacon and eggs ever again, you will never be able to eat sitting down like a human ever again. Your cock will be forever caged up and languish in a cage. You can't choose when to say the secret phrase and automatically become the alpha master whenever you decide you had enough fun. You will stay a slave for the rest of your life. You see i realized why our role play was unrealistic. And its simply because even during our role plays you had the power of choice" "But now you will never have a choice. You do what your master commands you. This ain't no role play anymore. You are a slave now." "And oh, the secret phrase won't work on your new master" I shifted my face to look directly at his eyes while putting on his former sunglasses. The shine from the sunglasses lens cut of our direct stare. We now belonged in 2 different worlds. And i realized the expression on his eyes were no longer anger. But fear. Fear that his worst fears had come true. As the sunglasses shifted to fit perfectly on my face I continued "And yes. I am taking over your identity now" I smirked before i grabbed a tuff of his hair and pulled him up towards me. The sounds of his pig like squeals in pain and agony excited me. He's struggles were futile as his arms and legs were bound tight like a pig. "Are you Satisfied?" I reached for his groin and felt his cock. They were rock hard. Slipping on a black blindfold over his eyes to finish selling him over to his new master I spat a warm spit oh his face. As my warm creamy spit flowed down his face I swore i could hear him moan through his mouth gag. And true enough I could see a wet creamy spot growing between his pants. Leaving him on the ground to nurse the ever growing puddle of cum between his thighs I finished the sales transaction and dragged the now enslaved man to his new master while i watched him struggle in vain. His new master loaded him in chains into his truck to a lifetime of slavery.... Putting on my new swag shades i looked around me. The idea that i could do anything i wanted, eat anything i desired, be whoever i wanted to be was amazing. I was born a slave and had never felt such freedom before. And here i was with a handsome face, masculine body and biceps to die for. And lets not forget that selling my former master of as a slave has made me instantly rich. I had cash, looks, hot body and freedom. I smirked to myself as i wore my old master's expensive clothing and walked out the room a Free Alpha Male. "I am Satisfied"