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  1. Tattcub

    The Visitor

    Remember, you came to me. I asked you when you first came to my door, pale and sweaty with anticipation and need. I said to you “Are you certain?” and you nodded, tears in yours eyes. You had a hand full of money and a head full of desires and urges that you, in your state then had no way to fill. You were small then, a tiny insignificant speck in a world that didn’t whether you lived or died. It didn’t care because it didn’t even acknowledge your tiny existence. You were a speck. Unloved, unnoticed and unimportant. All your life you had wanted to be something more, something bigger. You had wanted to make your mark on the world and trumpet your cause, your existence. A purpose. You tried many things over the decades that brought you here. You joined social groups and went online to feed your desires. You met up in hotels and conferences and played all the games. You listened to all the tapes and read all the fantasies and stories you could. You ate it all up and it sufficed, for a while. Then the hunger caught you again, that gnawing rapacious sensation that void aching to be filled by…something. You didn’t know or care but you still sought it. It started to encroach on your every waking moment. It was merciless in it’s tenacity and you kept feeding it’s gaping maw. Every day, every night you found little moments of pleasure. A clip here, a story there. Every day you continued to dig, to forage in your grubby little world of self-discovery and self-loathing in equal measure. You couldn’t help yourself. This obessession had taken you and you obeyed it’s whims and whiles willing. One night, in the quiet dark times before the sun’s rays caressed your computer screen, where you were still poised like a techno hunter waiting for some fresh game to come along. You happened upon a link that brought to a site that brought you to another site, that provided a link that gave you a phone number that you eventually found an address. It brought you to me. Do you remember what you said to me? How you begged? I told then it would have a cost. You said you would pay it, whatever it was. You said there was nothing in your life you weren’t prepared to give up willing for what I could give you. With that stated I stared at you, sat there in the big chair by my fireside. I smiled at you and I’m sure the light from the fire’s glow was reflected in my eyes. You flinched a little at this. I smiled some more. You told me of your life, quiet, horny and lonely. You told me what you had spent on your needs and wants and how much you were willing to spend. I could see you sat there in the firelight, a small bulge in your trousers expressing in a way without words how much your desires affected you. I asked you to give me details and made some cursory notes on a pad on the table. Not that I needed to of course. I already knew what you wanted. What you craved in the darkest moments of your most fevered dreams. You wanted all the pain to go away. All the hurt and suffering in your life, all the want, all the need. All the guilt. You wanted to see the world through innocent eyes again, not to be so inside your head as you put it. You wanted a life more physical and less cerebral. A life where all your cares and woes would be washed away, gone. Just like that. A world where you hadn’t been bullied at school and been a bully in return when you went to college. A world where you hadn’t been in a loveless, sterile marriage that had ended up just hurting the both of you because you hadn’t the nerve to admit what was really the problem. A world where you didn’t have any sordid little secrets and perversions that you thought would be held against you even though the world being what it was could really care less about you either way. You want a world where your dreams can come true, as I said. A world without pain, without suffering and without shame. A place for you to build a dream of lust and a place dedicated to your pleasure and your own needs. A selfish world to be sure. Not an impossible one. Many people do it but they do manage to pop out every now and again and remain a member of the human race. Not you. This is not what you want. So I steeple my fingers in the firelight and lean forward from the shadows my eyes glowing once more in the firelight. “Are you ready ?” I asked you. You nodded meekly and swallowed hard. “Then, let’s talk desire.” I smiled again. I look at you now as see what and who you have become. Do you remember what you were when I had you sat before me when I said… “Are you ready?” You nodded like a supplicant waiting for a blessing. You licked your dry lips and stared up at me through your weaselly boiled egg watering eyes. You swallowed the fear back in your mouth. The bravest thing you did and the thing that made me decide that maybe you were worth a second glance at. I stared deep into your soul and really saw the aching yearning desire you have. It was pure need and lust. You wanted to be freed of your mental and physical shackles but, ironically would be willing to taking on more bindings of a different sort. “I think then we may have an accord.” I said. My deep masculine voice reverberated around the room seeming to cause the flames in the fireplace to flicker slightly. You looked around nervously and then back at me as you wiped the sweat from your brow. I caught you hand quickly before you had a chance to bring it down again and trapped your fragile claw in my hard, calloused paw. It was as if you were a child, your hand was thin, frail and almost translucent it was so pale. Even though your pulse was erratic in fear I could feel your essence and knew that you were ripe for the change. I would be able to turn you easily. “Stand.” I commanded. You did so swiftly and nervously with me still holding your hand. “Are you willing to serve? If I gift you as you wish so fervently will you serve me in return and pay my price?” “Y—es, Yes sir. Anything. Anything you ask.” You breathed. “Take off your clothes.” I said in that same tone. You went pale and looked at me a moment as if trying to decided whether to flee the room back into the night where you had been only minutes before. You even glanced to the closed dark wooden door as if weighing up the odds before my strong arms clamped down on your shoulders preventing it. You stayed, not that I would ever have stopped you fleeing. You got this far on your own you must do the rest of it on your own too. You started to disrobe. First your light Jacket, as faded and worn as you were. Then your sweater and tie. Placed neatly on top of your Jacket. Then the inner vest that revealed the pale almost eel-like body underneath, barely any hair and perspiring in fear. You undid your belt and then slipped off your brown loafers placing them under the chair. With that down you shuck your trousers revealing again the pale, slim body underneath. This left you in your socks and your baggy underwear. You paused a moment and looked at me. I raised an eyebrow and nodded once at the underthings and you took off your socks and then your baggy briefs. You placed them very tidily on top of the pile and stood there shivering slightly in the warm room. You looked down at the floor and ashamed of yourself and covered your manhood with your small hands. I shook my head once hinting that you put your hands by your sides. You obeyed, revealing your manhood, your essence, your cock. It was surprising large. I know that you had used it well and often in your life, giving pleasure to your few real partners and eliciting surprise from the ones you paid for. This was the one thing in your life apart from your intelligence you could do something with. Your explorations into desire had taught you well. This pleased me. I could feel that dark energy running through you. The essence of the man you wanted, no desperately needed to be. It was a good 7 inches in length and was cut as is the way in this country for many men. It had a good weight to it and despite your fear it had a small drop of pre-cum just peeping from the little slit. A seed of the dream to come maybe. This would all be up to you. “Turn around. “ I said. Taking in your slumped shoulders and back. Your almost flat buttocks and stick-like legs finished off the picture. I placed my hands on your shoulders, you could feel the strength in them, the roughness of them and the heat radiating from the palms. You stopped shuddering. I placed my lips close to your left ear and you could feel my breath and felt my chest, shirtless as it was pressed against your back. I know you had a hard on in that moment. I could feel your heartbeat quicken and felt your lust and need grow quickly. This was good, this was fuel for the fire. On that thought I whispered in you ear. “Throw you clothes on the fire.” “See them burn and realise this is the end of the person you are now at this moment. By the time they are consumed so will you be.” You picked up your clothes and shoes and walked to the blazing hearth. Slowly piece by piece, one by one you dropped them into the opening. The firelight reflecting off your skin and your erection never receding. We stood there in silence for a moment looking into the flames as they consumed your former life. “Come back to me and turn to the fire.” I said. You complied and turned once more to stare into the flickering, golden firelight. I came up close behind you once more dropping my own garments and standing behind you totally naked. I towered above you. Thick, strong and massively muscular. “Stare deep into the flames.” I whispered. “And place your hands on your cock.” I commanded you again. “I want you to see yourself. See yourself within the fire. Imagine it holds the key to your dreams and needs. It can grant you all you desire and so much more, but you have to want it.” I called your name quietly as you gazed rapt and entranced by the dancing fingers of fire. Red, yellow, blue and light. All the colours flickered and reflected on your body. “See the change. Do you see it?” I asked. “Yes…I see it.” Came your quiet reply. So far away and distant but certain. “All you have to do is bring it out of the fire.” I said. “Let the heat come to you, draw it into yourself and become one with it.” I said. You continued to stare and I heard your breath catch for a moment. You were ready. I reached down and grabbed my own impressive cock. “Now I think we’re ready.” I said as I spat into my hand and rubbed it on my hardened member. It’s 10 thick, glistening ready and willing. “Lean forward.” I said. “Change is pain boy.” My voice dropped even more and became darker. “And this is gonna hurt.” I plunged my cock into your tight, unyielding hole. I know that it almost felt like it was tearing you in two but it didn’t. You felt both the pain and pleasure of it. This was what you wanted, what you needed and desired above all else. This was the price. You screamed into the hand I had placed around your mouth, the other on your shoulder as I slowly drew out again before slamming back in once more, up to the hilt leaving you with my entire cock inside you. I paused for a second and then repeated the same movement. I stared to get a rhythm slowing deep dicking you there in front of the fire. You screamed and whimpered into my hand and I know you were hard as steel. Your own cock now drooling it’s own preciouse juices. “Bring it into you.” I said as I rammed into you again. “Bring the change.” I said louder. “Embrace the change.” I shouted as I pummelled your arse. In and out, ramming your rapidily slackening hole. Ruining it for lesser men. “Take this fuck and become who you have always wanted to be. “ “Tell me what and who you are.” I demanded, never letting up. In and out, in and out. pistoning like a crazy engine. “I’m a big, stupid muscle whore!” You whispered. “WHAT ARE YOU!” I shouted in your ear as I felt you begin to change. I felt your back changed first, filling up and out as you were bent over letting me fuck you. It broadened, unfolding like a sail. “Nhhhhhgghhh….” You groaned as the back broaden into a monstrous almost u shape it was so wide. “I…..I’M arrgggghhh.” You moaned as your shoulders sprouted like mountains from your back. They were like titanic carved boulders, a mountain range that met in the middle at the Everest monument that were your Traps. They were magnificent. I gripped them hard almost biting down on them as you neck thickened too. It grew thick and wide enough that if you flexed which you were doing it would be thicker than your head. Your traps rising almost to your ears. “WHAT ARE YOU?” I rammed you mercilessly now, slamming your growing and tightening butt. I was get rounder and harder at the same time. I could feel you getting used to the invasion that I was committing to your hole. It felt amazing. I could feel myself getting near. “I A….BIG…Nrghh STUPID…WH…argh….FUCK ME! You scream as I ploughed you. Your desire feeding mine now as you began to push back against my thrusts as if born to do this. I could feel you grow taller, your legs rapidly thickening. Beautiful sweeps and shapes. Carved granite trunks that could snap a tree branch with ease and perfect rounded calves. All the muscle cut and carved to perfection your feet growing in size to accommodate the growth above. “WHAT ARE YOU?” I screamed now. Slamming into you with abandon as I knew the final phase of the physical transformation was coming. Your chest and abdomen had built themselves up. The pecs were beyond human shelves of muscle. They were so big that the perfect, rounded, thick, juicy nipples had to point down as the mass of them had nowhere else to go. The abs were inhuman to look at. Thick, hard, ridged muscle cut it’s way across you midriff. Beautiful obliques and then serratus muscle standing out in perfect contrast leading to a perfect Adonis belt at the top of a thick muscular waist that was able to support the sheer massive construct of flesh above it. “I’M A BIG, STUPID MUSCLE WHORE!” You bellowed in deep voice that brought me over the edge. I came inside you, I rammed you almost in a rage as I shot, load after load and spurt after spurt of cum into your warm, receptive hole. Sealing the physical transformation you had so desired. I pulled out of you, both of us panting like bulls and sweating like them too. I could hear your deep voice as you groaned. I grabbed a towel from the side and walked over to you. “We’re not finished.” I said. “I don’t understand.” You said as you stood up, sweat glistened off your still pale body. Your face and hair were unchanged and look at odds with the physique you had sculpted for yourself. You were looking at yourself in awe and pleasure. You kept touch and flexing, catching your reflection in the mirror over the mantle. “I still feel the desire.” I said, my voice darker. “I…I…This is fine.” You stammered in your masculine timbre. “Not so.” I said putting my hands either side of your face. Drawing you close and kissing your mouth. My bearded chin and lips roughly scratching at your skin.” “MMMffff” You said against the invasion of my tongue. You realised what was about to happen. This was the price you had to pay. Your skin began to darken, to become the hue of a man who works outside. Warm and weathered. Thick veins started to thread themselves across your body, especially on your shoulders, traps, biceps and most of all your forearms which were a monstrous construction. Almost beyond human in the girth and vascularity. Your legs were symphony of criss cross veins. Bulging out with every moment, each muscle group and striation screaming to be seen through the paper like skin. With the tan and the veins came the hair. You were a mousy brown-haired man no longer. Slowly each hair started to change colour and new patches grew on your body as I continued to kiss you. You begain to kiss me back, to explore my mouth with your tongue. Probing and suddenly eager. Your beard started to grow out, thicken after a good few moments into a nice lumberjack style beard. The hair on your head started to fall out slowly as the rest of your body grew more thick, beautiful red hair. Your beard, chest and legs as well as your armpits and balls all had a covering of thick red hair. Your shiny bald dome was the only contrast. You were moaning into my mouth now, almost trying to fuck my mouth with your tongue. I could feel you jacking yourself off, you hadn’t cum yet and that was the part I was waiting for. I pushed back with my tongue for a second and your face changed. It crumpled almost. Re-arranging itself. The brow got much thicker making the eyes seem deeper set. They were transforming from the dull puddles they were into beautiful bright green gems that glinted seductively from their deep sockets.The nose appeared to be slightly crooked as if broken but it seems at home in the square jawe and firm chin that it was now set in the middle of. The lips were sensuous and still perfectly manly, especially as you were still trying to rape my mouth with your tongue. You were close now, groaning and masturbating furiously as I pulled away from your mouth. Streams of saliva dripping between us as we separated. “Huh—hhuuuh uh uh” You panted. You wanted release but needed me to let you go. I smiled and turned you towards a large mirror in the corner of the room. You saw the monument of a creature you had become. You were flailing mercilessly at your eager cock as it too began to grow. It thickened and lengthened in your hands to the point where you put both your meaty paws on it. You thrashed it back and forth like a lunatic pre-cum flying everywhere. Your balls dropped again and hung thick and pendulous below your cock and your voice deepened even more as you groaned in desperate need for release. “Huh….uuuhhh..” You groaned rocking back and forth back and forth. You stared at me in the mirror unable to speak and the only thoughts were of your need. I stood behind you. I smiled and then I whispered in your ear again. “Pay the price.” I said oh so quietly. “Tell me what you are.” I’M A STUPID MUSCLE WHORE!” You bellowed with your entire soul. Your firehouse cock start to jerk and bounce as your huge firm balls contracted and you began to spurt cum. Shot after shot at the mirror you were staring at. Totally enraptured by the red headed god in the mirror. You seemed to lose your voice as it became only grunts. All you felt was your need. You didn’t have room for anything else. All your knowledge, all those years of study and work. All the years of disappointment and yearning, All the years of wandering and longing. All those memories now gone. You shot out every part of the you that walked in the door. Each pump of cum was also a handful of I.Q. Not that you realised or even cared for that matter, so in love with the muscled bull in the mirror. You got what you wanted.
  2. BigBen

    Supergod part 2

    I know its been a while, and this one is rather short too, but i hope you guys enjoy it. .... Travelling faster than a locomotive, soaring above skyscrapers, mountains and dressed in nothing but the right blue and red suit that not so long ago belonged to Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, Dan relished the feeling of his newly acquired powers, abilities and Godlike status and stature. After Dan was done with flying he soared down and landed with a "superhero landing" as he punched the ground, sending shockwaves across the fields and trees and suburbs nearby. He then stood up to his full height of 7 feet and started to flex, feel and admire his new physique, he was in a word - massive, and harder than titanium. As he continues to feel his muscles through his spandex superhero outfit his supercock began to spring to life underneath his red trunks, lengthening and hardening. "Mmm I think it's time a god like should be finally worshipped" and Dan knew just the dweeb for the job. ... Sammy was quietly studying in his room when suddenly he heard a tapping at the bedroom window, he goes to look and check what's outside couldn't believe his eyes and sees the most massive, muscular behemoth of a specimen just...floating...FLOATING?! outside the window "Holy shit! Dan?! Is that you?! How the hell did you get so massive? Why are you floating?! And why are you wearing a superman costume!" "That's too many questions that I care for Sammy!" Dan replied with a cocky grin on his face as his huge powerful arms were folded over his ginormous pecs. "Come with me shrimp! We're going for a ride!" Dan then grabbed Sammy, pulling him through the window with ease and then took him under one arm and flew up, and up as Sammy started screaming "what the fuck? ! How is this possible? Where are you taking me?!" Dan took Sammy to the top of the citys tallest building and landed down sitting Sammy on the ground "now take a good look dweeb! Take a look at what I have become!" Demanded Dan as he struck a double bicep pose before his eyes went red and his heat vision struck part of the building opposite causing a doorway sized hole! "Oh my god!" Sammy said in part astonishment, part excitement, and part fear, "you have superpowers, and look at all that muscle!" As Sammy approached the mighty new Superman and felt his pecs, legs, chest and back through the skintight suit. "HAHA YES! WORSHIP ME! YOU THINK I LOOK GOOD NOW!" Dan shouted before taking a step back, "WELL HOW ABOUT THIS!" and with that Dan used his superspeed to spin superfast, disrobing his outfit in the process leaving him stark naked in the moonlight, proudly showing off his new mass, size definition and supercock as it jutted out as thick as a beer can and a length of 12 inches. Sammy just knelt down in shock and admiration as Dan flexed his arms, then his legs, then back and finally his chest. "I am the most massive, most powerful man in the world now Sammy! And lucky you gets to be the first one to service me" as Dan grabbed the back of Sammys head and slowly entered his mouth, then throat. And Sammy was all too eager to please. And please he did as he continued to suck this new god while squeezing supergods rock hard big bubble butt and then soon after making him empty his load down Sammys throat! "Ahhhhh thanks dweeb that was real sweet!" Said Dan before pulling his supergod costume back on, "I'll fly you home don't worry shrimpy " And as Sammy was flown back home in the arms of this former jock, now godlike entity, he gazed upon him with lust, admiration, worship....but also, deep inside Sammy there was a little envy too.... That night Sammy jacked off to the thoughts of Supergod and the chance of getting to see him again...hopefully at school tomorrow. And then Sammy slept, but little did he know, something inside Sammys lithe little body was changing. ...
  3. londonboy

    Old Man Stevens - Part 18

    Walking into a bar with Bud Stevens was like being totally nude in the most public place ever – all eyes turn towards him when he enters. I realize that no one notices I’m there, well, not at first, but that doesn’t matter. Watching a room full of men suddenly go dead silent and then to see every face in the joint immediately fill with uncontrollable lust is worth being invisible. No matter where he went, Bud turned heads. How could he not? Especially when he chose to wear a skin-tight black t-shirt and jeans that looked like they were painted on. I even had trouble keeping my eyes off him, so I couldn’t blame anyone else for having the same problem. What made it all even better was the fact that Bud knew everyone was staring at him. He knew that everyone wanted him. He knew that everyone was flabbergasted by the size of his muscles, especially because of his age. “Connor, can you smell the lust of these boys?” Bud asked. “Can you tell how much they want your muscle daddy?” “Well, you are kind of hard to miss, Bud,” I said, teasingly. “That is true, son. And why in the hell would I want to hide all of this,” he said looking down at his arms and balling his hands into fists to make his giant arms bulge even more. “Everyone should have the benefit of seeing this huge muscle man, but they also need to understand that I belong to one man and one man only. Give me a big kiss, baby, so everyone will know you are with me – and grope my big arms while you do it just to give yourself a thrill.” He didn’t have to tell me twice. Bud bent down and I latched my lips onto his, making sure I also reached up and placed my tiny hands against his bulging biceps at the same time. I could feel the disappointment in the room as people realized we were together. I could sense the jealousy, too. Feeling the super hardness of Bud’s muscles and knowing that my hands didn’t come close to covering his gigantic biceps made me kiss him harder and more passionately than either of us had planned. I was worried people were going to tell us to get a room, soon. I pulled my face from his, but let my hands linger on his guns for a little longer. “Your big man needs to hit the john, boy,” Bud said. “Why don’t you order us each a beer and I’ll be back to ‘accidently on purpose’ flex my muscles to drive the boys crazy.” “Don’t stop to entertain, Bud,” I said, “Even if someone begs you to do a few poses. You know how I hate it when I miss the show.” “Yes sir,” he replied and gave me a salute. I was so busy watching my huge man disappear into the back room that I didn’t hear the front door of the bar open and usher in a huge guy that had obviously already had a lot to drink. I also didn’t see him look around the bar and get excited when his gaze landed on my ass. He walked up behind me and grabbed my cheeks with his hands. “There’s what I’m going to plow tonight, fellas,” the big man said to no one in particular, squeezing hard until it hurt. “Oh, sorry,” I said, jumping away from the guy’s hands and turning toward him. “I didn’t mean to get in your way.” I turned to see a guy that obviously worked out - a lot. He was big – well, big for anyone that wasn’t Bud Stevens. He was wearing a tight t-shirt that had the sleeves cut off. Across the front of the shirt it said, ‘That’s MISTER Bully to you!’ He was clearly drunk, swaying slightly and had that glazed look in his eyes that clearly meant he had been pounding drinks for quite a while, now. He also reeked of alcohol. The way he stood made it obvious the man’s shirt was truth in advertising. He kept his fist clenched and kind of rolled his shoulders forward to make himself even more menacing than his hulky six-foot frame already made him. It was clear the guy lifted a lot, but there was definitely the beginning of a beer pouch going on, too. “Sorry?” the big man belted loudly, “Not as sorry as you’re going to be when this huge monster is done with you, weenie man. I’m horny and you’re just the kind of dweeb I like to knock around. You and I are going to have some fun. I bet you’ve never been with a big guy before and I just the kind of size to make your night.” “Um . . . I’m sorry,” I replied. “I’m here with my boyfriend.” “Oh goody,” the drunk man spit out, “You got a puny boyfriend that I can demolish in public before I cart you home by the hair like a proper caveman and do what I want with you. Or maybe I’ll take you both home and force him to watch. Where is the little dandy? He’s probably the size of my little pinkie. I want to show him what a real man can do, but in the meantime, let’s give you a preview of what you’ll be doing tonight.” The big bully stepped a little closer and shoved his puffed-up pecs into my face. I had to admit that his cocky attitude was turning me on. Or maybe I just anticipated what was going to happen when my bigger older boyfriend returned. Either way, the mounds of flesh revealed by a big rip in the front of the shirt and the crevice between them looked inviting to my tongue as he wagged his chest in front of me. “Hey, little man,” the bully continued, “How ‘bout I put my humongous hands on those puny shoulders and shove you to your knees with just a little tap so you can show this big man how much you wanna please him. I got something hard downstairs that could fill that pretty mouth of yours. I’m the shark that’s gonna gobble you up, little guppy.” Suddenly, there was a big shadow over both the bully and me. I instantly knew what it was, but the dumb ox in front of me had no idea. He probably just thought the lights were dimming. It was only when a familiar deeper-than-the-ocean voice spoke that the big bully even registered the light had changed. “Hey tiny shark,” Bud Stevens boomed, “Turn around and meet the giant killer whale.” A taunting smile crept across the bully’s face when he heard the poor sucker behind him speak. The dude clearly liked picking on other guys and he fully anticipated putting the foolish man talking to him in his place. My cock shot even harder than it already was when I heard Bud’s words – and saw the unknowing bully get turned on by the idea of intimidating some guy. I knew the upcoming confrontation was going to be good. There was only a miniscule hesitation in the bully’s demeanor and voice after he turned around slowly. It was clear he surveyed the situation and made some unwise quick decisions. He glanced at the enormous senior muscleman in front of him – taking in Bud’s full size, but not letting it truly register. “Listen, you roided-up gramps,” spat the bully, “why don’t you go away and come back when you have some real power in those fake muscles. Poking needles into your body ain’t the same thing as lifting really heavy weight, old man. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and mosey on along before you get hurt.” Sweeter words had never reached my ears – well, except for when Bud told me he loved me. This cocky beefed-up bully had just made the mistake of his lifetime and I knew it, and Bud knew it, but the foolish man had no idea what was coming. If I had allowed it, my cock would have shot off like a rocket – just anticipating the shock the man in front of me was going to feel in mere seconds. The big grin on my lover’s face told me that Mr. Stevens was having all the same thoughts as me. The stupid bully quickly turned back to face me – with a cheeky smile of self-satisfaction. A giant hand with long thick fingers wrapped around the top of the bully’s head and then simply lifted up – without any effort at all. The dude’s entire body went slowly upward – about two feet. My big lover wanted to make sure the shark fully got how strong he really was. The bully let out a shriek as he was easily palmed by something very powerful. Bud Stevens leaned over to look at me. “Are his feet dangling in the air?” Bud asked – with an even bigger smile than before. I looked down and then back up at my lover, before answering, “Yes sir.” “And is he kicking his feet back and forth – you know, like he’s trying to find the ground?” Bud asked. “Yes sir,” I replied after looking down again. “Damn, I love it when they do that,” the giant replied with a chuckle. Bud then lifted his hand higher, taking the beefy bodybuilder with it – and turning at the same time so the guy was looking Bud in the face when the bigger man finally stopped. By this point the cocky man had grabbed hold of Bud’s wrist and was desperately trying to pry fingers off of his scalp – but, alas, he couldn’t move any part of the bigger man no matter how hard he tried. Bud had reached out and grabbed the eight ball from the nearby pool table – the two guys playing immediately knew better than to complain. Also, they were too busy watching Bud’s easy domination over the other guy. Bud held the billiard ball between his thumb and two fingers – about two feet from the guy’s face. With nothing but a slight twitch inward of his fingers the ball shattered into tiny particles and dust. It didn’t simply break apart – it disintegrated into almost nothing but powder. It was the kind of display of Bud’s strength that was so amazing you almost didn’t believe it was real. Everyone was sure there was no way a human cold do that to a solid pool ball. “Still think all this muscle is fake, little man?” Bud asked, as he slid his fingers and thumb together to get rid of the leftover dust. “You might want to be glad I didn’t get my hands confused. It might have been your head that was turned to dust.” The stupid bully did something so unfathomable next, it almost made me shoot off like a firecracker. He let go of Bud’s fingers with his right hand, cocked it back, and then sent it flying into the larger man’s mid-section. Everyone in the room gasped in disbelief. I couldn’t believe the guy could be so insane. I could hear the knuckles and bones of his hand crunch together as they were stopped in mid flight like a tiny bug hitting the windshield of a speeding truck. There was an even louder yelp from the bully – but this time it was from pain, not shock. “Now why’d you go and do that, little man?” Bud asked, with was sounded like a truly concerned voice. “I just snapped the number eight ball into nothingness and I’m easily holding your entire huge body in the air with just one hand. You actually thought your feeble punch was going to hurt me – or make me drop you? Come on, shark, you gotta realize by now that this giant whale has more strength in his little finger than you have in your entire bulging body.” At this point, Bud turned his hand so the guy was looking the other way and then moved him down so he could see me. The bully was holding the now limp fingers of his right hand with his other one and I could tell he was in pain. Mr. Stevens was still holding the guy so his feet couldn’t touch the ground. “You know, buddy,” Stevens said – with a friendly tone, “I really can’t blame you for approaching my boyfriend, here, and thinking you’d like to make him all yours. I mean look at him, could he be any more handsome. Doesn’t that face get your juices boiling something awful? But you see, pal, you’re just not big enough or strong enough to take care of such a precious gem. No, this pretty boy needs something beyond what you’re capable of. He needs to be watched after by the gods – or something equal to the gods. That’s why I was made, little man, to take care of gorgeous Connor, here. Every skin-covered mighty bulge on my body is dedicated to my sweetheart. Now I’m really sorry your hand got all busted up, but you really shouldn’t have called me a roided fake. I’m going to put your feet back down on the ground now, tiny man, but I want you to be a good boy and skedaddle on out of here. If you don’t then I may just have to put my pinkie on top of your head and force you down on your knees in front of Connor, here – you know, so you’re worshipping him. If I were you I’d go put some ice on that hand before it starts to swell.” Bud lowered the guy back to the floor. I could tell the bully was grateful to not have the stress on his neck, but he was even happier about being able to get away and get his hand bandaged. I’ve never seen a guy leave a bar so quickly. Bud leaned down and gave me a big, he-man, power kiss on the lips. It was the kind of kiss that you could hear a few blocks away. It was like he was marking his territory. I’m sure everyone in the bar now knew I was taken – and not just by anyone – I was taken by the most powerful man on earth. “Did you see how I palmed that guy’s head?” Bud asked, after releasing his powerful lip-lock on my mouth. “It was nothing to lift his pumped up body off the floor. He didn’t weigh a thing. And did you see his eyes when he realized I was one-arm lifting his bodybuilder frame into the air. There was panic, there was lust, and there was fear – all wrapped up together. He just didn’t seem to understand that nobody else gets to have you, Connor, babe. I need you like other people need air. You make my muscles have purpose. You make my super strength make sense. The only thing I need in the world is you.” My elder boyfriend was making himself get even harder the more he spoke. Just thinking about how much he loved me made him super excited. His rock hard cock was making his pants even more publicly obscene than if he had been nude. Every muscle was also bulging out, as if he had just finished an intense workout. I could see in his eyes he needed an outlet for his growing lust and he needed it fast. Mr. Stevens turned toward a pretty hefty dude standing near us. “Hey, little fella, mind if I lift you in the air a few times?” Bud asked, “My boyfriend, here is turning me on so much that I gotta get some release – any way I can.” “I really don’t have a choice, do I,” the big bystander said – knowingly. “Not really,” the big man said, grabbing the back of the other dude’s pants and immediately curling him up into the air. I could tell instantly that the smaller man loved every second of being lifted. He shot hard and the outline of his substantial cock pressed against his pants even more because Bud held him so tightly. My senior lover continued to curl the dude as he turned back to me. “I really need to be lifting something heavier, like a building,” he said, “ but this will do for now. Are you having a good time, babe?” “Yes sir,” I responded as I watched the body of a regular sized guy go up and down in the air as light as a paper cup. “Every second I am around you, big man, is a good time.” “God, I feel the same way about you, Connor,” he replied, “but you can’t just say things like that any time you want, because it gets me more hot and bothered than you’ll ever know.” The giant started curling the smaller man even faster, his humongous biceps getting thicker with each lift. There was a slight wet spot at the traveling man’s crotch and I knew he was losing the battle of trying not to bust a load to my big, elder boyfriend’s display of power. “You doing okay there, little man?” Bud asked as he continued to curl. “Uh huh,” came the almost incoherent reply – since the guy was clearly in muscle heaven. “What do you want to do tomorrow?” Bud asked, returning his focus to me. “I was thinking we could find a junkyard somewhere and you could watch me rip things apart. Does that sound like a plan?” “It sounds like a wonderful plan,” I replied. “Will you lift some heavy things for me, too?” “Of course, babe,” Bud answered, “but I don’t think we’ll find anything that’s heavy enough for me.” “It doesn’t matter,” I replied. “I just like seeing you lifting heavy things. Even you curling a guy with one arm turns me on.” “Yeah?” Bud said. “Well then, let’s make my Connor really happy. First, give your old man another kiss.” Bud continued to curl the dude in his hand as I went up on my tip-toes to give him a peck on the lips. He wrapped his free arm around my body when I pressed into him and pulled me in tight. He didn’t want just a peck, he wanted a deep, passionate kiss. My body was lifted upward and my feet left the ground. He pressed his scruffy face into mine and our lips smacked together with what seemed like the force of a locomotive. Meanwhile, the dude in his hand continued to travel up and down. Bud started to grunt and groan like a wild animal as I kissed him. Bud rubbed his manly stubble around my face as our mouths continue to do battle. Bud’s tongue could easily overpower mine, but he always allowed me to explore his mouth, too. The suction force this man could muster was almost too much to handle. It felt like he could suck my toes up to my mouth if he wanted to. Bud finally pulled his face away from mine and let out a loud ‘yeehaw’ to show everyone how happy he was. “When I’m kissing you, Connor babe, I feel so strong - it’s as if I could toss something into the air and knock a planet out of orbit,” Bud said, joyously. “It makes me feel like rearranging mountain ranges just to confuse people. There are enough bullies in the world for me to put in their place to equal how you make me feel, son. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be your superman before all of this growing is done. I’m just waiting for the flying and the heat-ray vision to start. I’m already so strong it’s crazy. You want me to be your superman, Connor. You want me to take you to Paris for lunch one day and then have dinner in Bangkok? I wanna be so fast that you won’t have any jet lag when we come home. It will be just like we went out for a couple of hours or so. Tell me, what do you want, son. What can your super strong old man give you right now to make you happy?” “Well, sir, you’ve kind of created a little gawking crowd, if you haven’t noticed,” I said, tilting my head out toward the big room. “I think everyone’s jealous of the guy you’re curling – who, by the way, is so happy he’s fallen asleep.” First, Bud looked out into the room and saw that everyone in the place – about thirty something guys - had gathered like a audience and were just standing there watching the big man – drinking their beers, eating their peanuts – waiting to see what Bud would do next. This made Bud smile. It was like he had a group of Minions following him. The big man then looked over at the guy he was continuing to curl. He had actually forgotten about the dude because he was so light. The man was sound asleep – even drooling – as he was rocked up and down by the huge arm he hugged unconsciously. “Damn, I forgot about the little fella,” Bud said, laughing. “It’s a good thing I didn’t slam my hand down to make a point or throw it up in the air in a victory punch. I would have smashed the little guy or sent him through the roof. It looks like he’s going to be out for hours. Let’s let him curl up over here on this bench.” Bud carried the sleeping man and me, since I was still wrapped up in his other arm, over to a bench along the wall. He put the dude down and the little guy immediately curled up in the fetal position. I laughed a little when he actually started sucking on his thumb. Bud Stevens had clearly made him so happy he had gone way back in his childhood. As we moved the crowd moved with us. The entire group shuffled to the side to watch my big man at every second. Bud clearly noticed this, too. He turned to the group of men. “You guys want a show?” Bud asked, still squeezing me at his side. “Yeah!’ came a chorus of happy voices and even some gleeful claps. “Where’s the owner of the place?” Bud asked the group and a tall man in leather raised his hand. “What’s off limits for busting, good sir. When I get going I tend to like to break things.” “Um . . . if it’s okay, sir, the jukebox, the bar, the mirror, and the actual structure of the building, itself,” came the quick reply. “Damn, dude,” Bud said, “You had already thought about this, hadn’t you?” “I was hoping you’d show off, sir,” came the answer. “Well, if I do a few strength tricks, can my man and I have free drinks for the night?” Bud asked. “Sir, if you show off for us, I’ll give free drinks to everyone for the night,” answered the owner. “Hot damn, you’re a good man. Where’s the bartender?” Bud replied. A short but very muscular guy wearing an apron made his way through the crowd. He had a crew cut and a handsome mustache. It was pretty clear he had been the biggest and the best looking dude in the place before Bud walked in. Mr. Stevens put me down on the ground and we both sized up the cute bartender. “What’s your name, stud?” Bud asked. “I’m Harry, sir,” answered the man in a deep voice. “Harry, you’re one handsome dude,” Bud said, reaching out and placing a hand on the guy’s shoulder. “And you’re packing a lot of muscle, aren’t you?” “Not nearly as much as you, sir,” Harry said, and then added, “I don’t think there’s a man on earth that comes close to you.” “That’s probably true, Harry,” Bud replied. “I’m huge thanks to my man standing beside me. This is Connor. Connor is my everything, Harry, but if I didn’t have him you might just be what this huge old man would be looking for. You’re a little muscle fireplug aren’t you? Short, but packed with a lot of muscle. I like the fact that your face is even with my big muscled pecs, little man. That way, you get the best view.” “I like it, too, sir,” Harry answered. “Well, I think I’d like to get a better view of that body of yours,” Bud said. “Would it be okay if I evened us up a little by placing you on the bar?” “I’d like it a lot, sir,” Harry responded. “That’s the spirit, little man,” Bud answered. I was starting to realize that my old man had reached a point where there wasn’t anything he was afraid to ask. And there was definitely nothing he was scared to do. He was still polite and asked most people before he did what he wanted, but the man was starting to live more and more with no limits. If he wanted to check out a muscle stud – he did. If he wanted to break apart things in a bar – he did. If he wanted to show a bully good manners – he did. It was clear he didn’t need to ask and sure as hell no one was going to try and stop him, but he was a decent man and he liked to show off more by asking. I also knew, on some level, that the huge Bud was living out all the fantasies that the once small and meek Bud had dreamed about over all his years on this earth. This huge elder giant still got turned on by things he could do – even as the list of things he wasn’t able to do got smaller and smaller. “You got a big belt on under that apron, Harry?” Bud asked. “Yes sir, but why…” Harry started to respond but was quickly interrupted. Bud’s giant right hand grabbed the front of Harry’s apron. The giant made sure he got a good grasp of the jeans and the belt buckle underneath. I also knew Bud was taking advantage of the moment and getting a good feel of the guy’s hard cock. There was no way Harry was not fully erect from being around Bud and clearly the big man knew it. I had learned by now that Bud used his own giant fingers to get a clear idea about the size of any man’s dick. He’d slide his forefinger beside the hard tool and instantly know what a guy was packing. Bud let out a slight whistle, which meant he was pleased with the size of Harry’s rod. At the same time, Bud’s now freakishly huge biceps tensed ever so slightly – a sign that it wasn’t exerting much effort at all – and Harry began to rise off the floor. I knew at that moment watching Bud lift grown men – especially men the size and weight of Harry – off the floor with the ease that most people lift cotton balls would never get old. I knew my big lover’s arms could lift a fire engine or fold up a Cadillac, but it was when he showed his power by lifting other men that I got turned on the most. Harry was defenseless. Even if he had wanted to not be lifted there was nothing he could do about it. What was he going to do – try and fight the humongous arm easily picking him up? Bud’s biceps was as thick as Harry’s torso – it would have felt like punching a concrete wall if Harry had even tried to do something. Bud knew how much I loved this kind of power display. That’s why he always lifted guys slowly. He was in no hurry, anyway. He wanted Harry to get a jolt of excitement from the fact that there was a man hoisting his body into the air slowly and methodically, as if he weighed nothing. When Harry was only about three feet off the floor he surprised us by speaking. “Please sir, stop here for a second. I want to feel your huge biceps as it holds me in the air,” Harry pleaded. This was just the kind of request Bud Stevens loved. He knew in his head no one had ever lifted the beefy Harry in this fashion. Harry was feeling small and insignificant, but at the same time he was feeling secure and protected because he was in the grip of a superman. Harry instantly knew Bud wasn’t just a strong guy – he was probably the most powerful man on earth. Harry lifted heavy weights. He knew what a strained biceps looked like. He knew what it felt like to struggle with something that weighed a lot. But, more importantly, he knew the enormous older man in front of him was using only a fraction, no, a smidgen of his total power to lift a grown man into the air. Harry didn’t want this moment to pass too soon. He knew he may never see this super gramps again and he wanted to make sure he was totally consumed with the man’s power so he’d remember it forever. The mammoth biceps stopped at his request and held his body mid-air, non budging an inch – as if some giant crane had been put on pause. Harry also felt the huge finger pressing against his hard cock, clearly copping a feel to see how big he was and he wanted to give Bud Stevens time to appreciate his manhood. Harry had been blessed with hugeness all over, but tonight even the massive slab of beef between his legs seemed inadequate. That’s the kind of affect Bud Stevens had on people. “Go ahead and touch it, man. I know you want to,” Bud said to Harry, motioning to his big gun with his head. Harry’s big hands, which became tiny once they were placed on Bud’s biceps, shot up and tried desperately to caress every inch of the massive gun holding him in the air. It’s one thing to be lifted in the air by an arm, but it’s entirely something else to actually feel the muscle that is easily holding you off the ground. Harry moaned happily as he groped the harder-than-stone skin that surrounded the gigantic mound in front of him. Not one inch of Bud’s arm would give way at all – no matter how hard Harry pressed in. I instantly recognized a kindred spirit when I saw the adoration and lust in Harry’s eyes. His brain was reorganizing all of his past fantasies to incorporate new ones that were blossoming because he had met Bud Stevens. Bud would clearly fill the bartender’s beat off dreams from this day forward. Finally, Harry looked up and nodded his head, letting my huge lover know it was okay to continue. Bud lifted the bartender’s body until his feet were higher than the bar. He then placed Harry down, so he was standing in front of him. “Look-a-there, Harry, you’re now a few inches taller than me,” Bud said laughing. Indeed, standing on the bar, Harry was a little taller than my boyfriend, but Bud still dwarfed him in every other way. The bartender was definitely a good-looking fellow, with a body that would make most men jealous or excited. Next to Bud, however, he looked pretty small. “Yeah, now I can get a good look at that tight muscular body of yours, Harry. Let’s slip off that leather vest,” Bud said, reaching up and sliding his hands underneath the leather garment and sliding it back over Harry’s shoulders, allowing the bartender to let it drop to the bar. “Oh yes, nice, very nice.” Bud ran his big hands over Harry’s muscular chest, down his beefy arms and then back up to his shoulders. The big man purred with appreciation as he groped the bartender’s bulges. I could tell the attention was exciting Harry a lot, mainly because I was beginning to see the front of his apron tenting upward. “Flex for me, Harry. How about a double biceps shot,” Bud requested. Harry proudly raised his arms and tensed them hard. Nice big mounds of beef bulged upward on either side of his head. It was a glorious sight and one that would normally have me spewing immediately, but Bud’s arms were now maybe four or five times as big and it was hard for me to think about anything else. Still, the bartender was very impressive. “Why don’t you turn around and look at us in the mirror, Harry,” Bud said, raising his own arms. Harry kept his arms flexed, but turned around on the bar. At the same time, Bud flexed his arms into a double biceps pose, too. It was true that Bud was now a few inches shorter than Harry, but when we all looked into the mirror it didn’t matter. Bud Stevens was about twice as wide as the smaller muscled man. His torso stuck out so much further to the sides it made Harry look like a child. But it was the peaks on their arms that got everyone’s attention. Bud’s biceps were about three times as wide as Harry’s and his guns blasted much higher into the sky. The peaks towered over the smaller ones like mountains beside anthills. It looked like one of those morphed size comparisons from the internet. Harry moaned out loud at the sight and then frantically flexed his arms even harder, hoping to make up some of the difference. Bud glanced at my reflection in the mirror and the look on his face told me he loved how much bigger his arms were compared to Harry. He winked at me and mouthed the words, ‘So fucking big.” I knew my own mouth had dropped open wide from the sight, but I was too in awe to close it. Bud’s arms were thicker than my waist. The way they out-bulged the not-too-small arms of Harry was unbelievable. I noticed Harry was turning purple from straining so hard to make his arms bigger. “Um, Bud . . . the guy’s going to have a heart attack,” I said as I tilted my head toward Harry. “Whoa there, little man, don’t strain yourself,” Bud ordered. “How about you turn around and we’ll have some more fun. There’s no way you’re going to get those things as big as mine. No one could.” Harry exhaled loudly and dropped his arms. He shook them out furiously, trying to get some blood pumping back into them. When he turned around his obvious lust for Bud Stevens was written all across his face. He stared at the big man like a lovesick puppy. He wanted to make the big man proud of him, so he put his arms back into a double biceps pose. Bud reached up and cupped both of Harry’s biceps with his big paws. “A minute ago you tried to dent in my big gun, now it’s time for me to try,” Bud said, as he began to squeeze the bulging arms. I knew Bud was barely using any of his strength but Harry suddenly started to grit his teeth and let out a growl-like sound. He was trying to fight the growing pain in his arms, but he was turned on at the same time. Harry realized Bud was barely applying any of his tremendous power, but it still felt like super vice-grips were clamping down on his biceps. Finally, Harry could take no more and he released the flex. Immediately, he felt some relief to his aching guns and Bud removed his hands. “You gotta be the strongest man on the planet, sir,” Harry said, massaging both of his biceps to stop the pain. “Maybe even the universe,” Bud said teasingly. “You got a hot body, Harry and that wet spot on the apron tells me you loved my big paws showing off their power.” All three of us looked down at the red apron that was wrapped around Harry’s waist. Sure enough, a growing damp spot revealed how much Harry had loved being overpowered. By the look on Harry’s face, I figured he didn’t even realize he had cum. Bud, once again, grabbed Harry by the belt buckle – making sure he gave the guy’s cock an extra squeeze – and lifted him off the bar. He then leaned forward and deposited the guy on the other side. “Connor and I would like a beer, please Harry,” Bud said, winking at the bartender. “Yes sir,” Harry replied.
  4. Hey guys here is part three of A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains. Here is the link to part two. https://muscle-growth.org/topic/8710-a-college-weight-room-story-the-path-to-gains%C2%A0/#comment-89862 Enjoy! A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Part 3 Outside. Tuesday Morning. Cardio and Abs Day: I wake up to my phones alarm at 8:45. I grab it from underneath my pillow and turn the alarm off. There’s a text from Troy. Troy: Morning bro. I’ll be at your front door a couple minutes before 9. Be prepared. It’s a nice day out. I jump out of bed and take off my clothes; my roommate has left for his early class so I have the freedom to walk around my room naked. I go into my bottom dresser drawer where I keep all of my gym gear and throw on a pair of black compression pants and a blue stringer tank top. Then I grab some black gym shorts and drag them over the compression pants. It would feel weird running in just the compression pants themselves. I can’t have the imprint of my dick visible for the whole campus to see. Before I leave my room, I look into the mirror. Perfect, the stringer hangs low enough to keep my pecs visible. The juicy round globes burst through the stringer and I’m not even pumped. Next, I grab a small bag and fill it with spare clothes and put it on my back, then I go downstairs and head for the front door. I check my phone as I open the door and I see Troy has texted me again. He’s already outside. I go out and he’s standing in my driveway wearing a fitted grey shirt and a pair of fitted bright yellow compression shorts that show a clear imprint of his heavy cock and balls. What… how… why is he wearing that outside? I can’t believe my eyes. He wears the shorts as if showing off his junk is a normal part of his day and I try not to look down at his cock. I gather my thoughts and try to behave normally. “You got here fast,” I say. “I woke up early and I was so pumped that I had to get here!” “Let’s do this then!” I reply excitedly. I really want him to turn around so my eyes stop wandering to forbidden places. “Yeah, let’s go!” he says and immediately turns around and breaks into a run. I start running and follow closely behind. Oh shit, now I have his tight ass to look at. Squats have really been doing him justice. I can see each ripple of his chiseled glutes through the yellow shorts. I try to focus on something else and I raise my eyes to his back. I can see his mountainous traps poking through the tight grey shirt, riding their way up his thick neck and I crave traps of that size. I need to have traps that huge. I notice darker spots appearing on his shirt and he begins to slow down to an eventual stop. “That’s one mile down,” he says. “One more to go.” He then strips off his shirt, revealing his solid abs and finely haired chest. He has a little happy trail that doesn’t take away from the marvel, but increases it. It makes him seem manlier. He turns and run again. I try to focus on other things as we run: the science buildings, the freshman dorms, the trees, the nice 70 degree weather, but his recent shirtlessness has all of my attention. I stare at every inch of his back as we run. His entire back seems to be flexed as he runs and I wish I could stand and punch it repeatedly to feel the power I know it holds. We stop in front of my house again after two miles and I am beat. “Alright,” I say between breaths. “That wasn’t so bad. Now I need to go to the gym and work on abs.” “Abs?” he asks. “I actually need to work my abs, bro. Can I come with?” “Hell yeah, bro! Why not?” We walk to the gym from my house. Troy puts his grey shirt back on and a little bit of my anxiety shrinks. I was starting to lose it from seeing him shirtless. It’s a short walk; takes less than 2 minutes. We show the desk worker our ID’s and head into the weight room. “So what do you usually do for abs?” Troy asks. “I start off with weighted ab crunches,” I say as I walk over to the weight rack and grab a 45 pound plate. “Ready, bro?” “Wow man, that’s a lot of weight. How many reps do you do?” “40.” “Jeeze.” He looks nervously at me. “I’ll try.” My world suddenly stops for 2.5 seconds. Did he just say he will try? I think I may have just found his weakness…Abs. He grabs a 45 pound plate and we make our way over to the floor mats. We both lay on a mat and begin doing crunches. Troy seems fine in the beginning, but he begins to slow down. He stops at around 26 reps, but I keep pushing. He looks over at me as he lies on his back with eyes that subtly hint at jealousy. “Damn Von, your abs are stronger than mine!” I push to 40 and then lay back, breathing heavily. “I know you have 3 more sets in you,” I say. His eyes basically pop out of his face when I say this. I smile cockily at him. I seem to have a lot of control in this situation and I have to keep myself from laughing. “Um...Maybe you have 3 more sets of 40. I’ll go for 20.” “Haha ok man.” I am awestruck that I finally found something I am better at. We finish our sets and move on to doing ball crunches, then hanging leg raises, then Russian twists. Our abs are burnt out so we head to the locker room, grabbing towels from the front desk on our way over. He walks into the restroom first and I take a leak. Troy takes his shirt back off and begins to flex his abs in the mirror. I finish peeing and walk over to the mirror. I take off my shirt and start flexing my abs too. Troy can't be the only one to put on a show. “Your abs are getting solid, bro,” he says. “Thanks man, you aren’t too bad yourself.” His abs are red and twitching beneath his skin. My hands are twitching to punch those muscles, to feel the solid impact, but I’m too nervous to ask. “Alright, I need to get clean. It’s shower time!” he says. He walks into the locker room and I follow behind him. He goes to a locker and removes his clothes for the day. I set my little bag down on a bench and take off my shorts, leaving on the compression pants. I look up and my body stalls. Troy is standing with his back towards me with his hard, chiseled ass out in the open. His ass is as white as the moon and his huge round cheeks look strong enough to crush bricks between them. I stand there with my compression shorts still on and he turns around. “Aren’t you gonna shower?” he asks. Troy is standing in front of me completely nude with just a hand covering his cock. “Yeah… I’m just… I’ve never seen anyone get naked in here before.” “What?! That’s what locker rooms are for!” he replies, both hand waving in the air, revealing his flaccid 5 inch meat. “The locker room is a safe place to be naked and enjoy it and the best part is that people can admire your body and you can admire theirs without any consequences.” He starts flexing both biceps as if he is being watched by anyone other than me; his cock is swinging between his legs mercilessly. He turns around and does a double bicep back pose, extending one of his legs and revealing his heavy balls between the cracks of his thighs. He turns around and I look back at him awkwardly. I notice that his cock is starting to get a little hard and he knows it too, his hand makes his way down and he starts to stroke it. “Let me help you, bro,” he says.” He walks forward, still semi-hard, gets down on one knee and grabs the band of my compression pants, ripping them down and revealing my 4 inch, flaccid, black cock and ass for anyone to walk in and see. His head is extremely close to my cock and I am paralyzed with fear. He looks down at my dick as if it was a normal part of his day and gets back up, turns around and walks to the shower. “Let’s go, man.” I follow behind him and he stops at the first shower. I go to the second, but barely make it past him before he slaps me on the ass. HARD! The sound resonates in the shower area and I jump a little. “Damn, bro. Those squats are doing you justice.” “Thanks,” I say and chuckle nervously. “Same to you man.” “You haven’t felt these beauties man. Give them a good squeeze.” He turns his back to me, his ass waiting to be worshipped. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I grab both of his ass cheeks and give them a hard squeeze. They feel like rocks in my hands. “Fuck,” I say. He begins to clench his cheeks and I feel so much power in my hands. It is getting harder for me to breath and I start to get hard from his clenching, so I let go. “Alright,” I say. “Shower time.” I walk into my shower and he goes into his. I hear his curtain close and his water turn on through the thin shower wall and I start to relax. I turn on my water and I make it extra hot. That was close. I feel the water rush over me and I start to breathe normally again. I desperately need to cum but I will save it for later. After two minutes, I hear something from Troy’s shower that sounds an awful lot like moaning. “Troy, you ok over there?” Uhh…I’m gonna be honest with you because you’re my bro. It’s been a while since I had sex with my girlfriend.” “So that means you’re— “Spanking the monkey, chocking the chicken, beating my meat, yup!” I can’t believe it. I’m in total shock. “Oh…” “Hey man, there’s nothing better than a good orgasm after a workout. Get hard and try it out!” He didn’t have to tell me twice, I was already hard and hearing him moan through the thin shower wall turned me on. “I always like feeling my pecs and nips when I jerk it. It makes my cock drip so much,” he says over the rush of the water. I begin to stroke my cock and then I hear his moaning. I begin to go faster and he gets louder. I start to moan and he hears. “There you go bro! That’s good shit right there. Fucking bust your nuts all over these walls.” I completely lose it at his words and blow all over the place. I moan in complete ecstasy and I hear him huffing and grunting as his wad shoots from his unseen hard cock. “Ugh..fuck!” he say. “I really needed that,” “Me too” “Well it was nice to do it in your company man.” We both finish showering and walk out of the showers, still naked but not awkward anymore. We walk to our clothes and as we get dressed, I see that his cock is still red and semi-hard from the tugging. “We should shower next to each other more often. It’s way more fun!” Troy says. I’m a little thrown off by what he says but I keep it together. “Haha yeah. Sure man.” “So see ya for leg day tomorrow?” “Yeah, for sure.” We are fully dressed by this point and walk out of the gym. Troy and I leave the gym and he fist-bumps me before we go our separate ways. There are so many questions in my mind. I know Troy is straight. He has never shown any sign of curiosity. He has a girlfriend, but why aren’t they having sex? I’m turned on by Troy, but only because he’s a strong alpha and I admire that. I admire how competitive he is and how he pushes me to be stronger. I know that I’m not feeling love for him, but today was strange. He’s never been this close to me before. He literally stripped me down today. Something is changing in Troy and I think I’ll start pushing him a bit to see what will happen. I know just how to push too… Wrestling.
  5. Hey dudes, here is part 4 of the story. If you haven't read the previous chapter, here is the link. Have fun. A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Wednesday Leg day: Part 4 I walk into the gym with Troy, both of us with our pre-workout bottles in hand. I can tell that Troy is pumped. He shaking a little and I can’t tell if it’s from the pre-workout or the idea of working out again. “I fucking love leg day, bro,” he says. Yeah, definitely pumped about working out. I love this go get em attitude. “Let’s do this man!” I say. We walk past the front desk and into the weight room. Zeus and Kris are missing so I won’t have any partners today. This day is already starting to suck. Damn. “Von!” Russ yells from across the room. “Kris and Zeus are sick so I’m partnering you with Troy today.” “Sweet!” Troy exclaims as he begins to softly punch me in the abs. I smile and shrug him off. “Alright bro, let’s go!” Russ tells us that our first exercise will be back squats, so we walk over to the bar. “You should go first. I have a feeling I’ll need to add more to what you’ll put on,” Troy says. I laugh. “You cocky bastard!” “Hey man,” he shrugs his shoulders and puts up his hands in surrender. “I’m just being honest.” I agree and load the 45 pound bar with a 45 pound plate on each side. Troy stands behind me in case I’ll need help and I begin my reps. After 10 reps I stop squatting and put the bar back. My ass is already feeling the burn, but it’s a good burn. “Alright bro, let me show you how it’s done” Troy says. He makes his way over to the plates and adds an extra 35 pounds to each side. That’s 205 pounds on his first set! That’s way more than my bitch weight of 135 pounds. “Fuck man!” I say. “Are you serious?” “Watch and see.” He begins his squats and I am in awe. He slides up in down with ease and each time he comes up a power burst of air blows from his mouth. All I can stare at from behind is his ass; it looks so powerful. Each jacked globe poking through his tight joggers. The grey joggers strain as his ass grows beneath them. If only he didn’t have them on. That way I could see the full power of those muscles and view them with pleasure. He finishes his set and sets the weight back down. “Your turn.” I walk to the bar. I’m intimidated by him now. I want to try the weight he just did, but I don’t know if I have it in me. I don’t want to take any weight off the bar because I’d feel like a little bitch. I can feel his eyes burning into my back as I make my hard decision. “I think I’ll try 8 reps with this weight,” I say. “Oh really now?” he says. “Guess my heavy set got your competitive juices going, huh bro?” He claps me on the back. Oh yeah. Game on. “Something like that,” “Alright, show me what you got. I’ll stand close to be sure you don’t fall.” I immediately put the bar on my shoulders and start the set. The weight is heavy and I can already feel it hurting my back. “Shit,” I mutter. “Don’t worry bro, I got you.” Troy comes up behind me and puts both hands on my waist as support. I feel jolts of electricity shooting through where his fingers are making contact. Must be the pre-workout. I squat down and the weight is insane. My legs tremble but I keep pushing. He’s still there for me and supports me through it all. By the 8th rep I am beat, but I feel accomplished. When I put the bar back Troy looks at me with impressed eyes. “Way to go man!” he says. He goes for another ab punch. I let him get me once and then I block his next punch. He’s such a bro. “Alright,” I say. “Your next set.” We blast through our workout. After squats we go to leg presses, leg curls and leg extensions. I try my best to keep up with troy, but the man is a beast. He powers through it all like a train and by then end of it all I am beat. Class is over and I check my phone; it’s 3:40 and my wrestling buddy Ethan has texted me. Ethan: You, me, Jason. On the mats. Today. 4:00. Bring your singlet. Good? It seems that Ethan wants to practice a little today. Back in high school I wrestled a little, but I never joined the team. It wasn’t until I came to college that I found myself liking more and more wrestling. Ethan, Jason and I all joined the team our freshman year, but college gets busy and we never had time for matches so we would just put singlets on once a week and beat each other down when we could. I reply that it sounds like a good plan and walk with Troy to the locker room. Once inside he immediately begins to strip down and is once again standing naked in front of me. Thankfully I am used to it after our last jerk off session. His cock flops between his muscled thighs still swollen from the workout, and I try to avoid looking at his thick meat. “Ready to shower bro?” he asks. “Nah man, I can’t today. I gotta get changed into my singlet for a little wrestling.” I walk to my locker and pull out a blue singlet and begin to change my clothes. I feel him watching me as I pull off my shirt. “Wrestling?” he says as he begins to scratch his twitching cock. “I didn’t know you wrestled.” “Yeah man, actually, I wanted to ask if you were interested in a little wrestling yourself.” My shirt is off and I pull down my pants and boxers, now completely nude. I can still feel him watching me and decide to toy with him. “Like what you see?” I say. His eyes widen and he is completely taken off guard. I stand there nude, dick out and he still doesn’t look away. “I’m just seeing that you are getting stronger. That’s all, bro,” he says and laughs. “Thanks for noticing.” His dick is starting to get hard and his hand is doing a terrible job at covering it. I decide to put the singlet on before he blows. At least I think I’m the reason he is getting hard? With Troy, I actually don’t know. “I’m gonna go shower man. Maybe I’ll wrestle another day.” I’m a little disappointed…Ok I am very disappointed. Guess I’ll have to figure out another way to get to him. “Alright man, I’ll see ya.” I now have my blue singlet on and he continues to stare. My bulge is clearly seen and each outline of my defined abs poke through the shirt. My pecs stand out like shelves. I look great and I know it and so does Troy. After a few moments of staring he quickly turns around and runs to the shower, hand on cock. I have a good idea of what he is about to do. In fact, I think I already hear moaning. Hahaha. I walk out of the locker room and make my way to the mats with a smile on my face. I kind of wish I took Troy up on his offer, but I can’t leave Ethan and Jason waiting. It’s 3:50 now and they are already out there waiting for me. “Sup bro!” Ethan exclaims. He daps me up and throws me into a strong bro hug. After he lets go Jason comes by and fist bumps me. “You ready bro?” Jason asks. “Hell yeah man. Who am I gonna destroy first?” I say. “You mean who are YOU going to be destroyed by!” Ethan says. “That will be me!” Ethan is about an inch taller than me. He has pale white skin, long black hair around his ears and has a similar physique to me. The only difference would be our biceps and our chests. His bicep are jacked as fuck. I’ve measured my biceps and they are barely 13 inches un-flexed and I know just by looking at Ethan that his chiseled arms are at least 16 or 17 inches around. My chest, however, is thicker than his and although he beats me in curls I am a stronger bencher. Jason is dark-skinned like me, but a little lighter than I am. He is a little smaller than me. He weighs about 140 pounds compared to my 150 bulk and I can honestly say I am going to love dominating him. They are both wearing black singlets and are ready to get the fight for power started. Ethan and I get in our positions on the mat and so it begins. Ethan’s arms are powerful so I am at a little bit at a disadvantage, but I somehow manage to take him down by ducking under his arms and grabbing him around his waist. I slam him to the floor and he lets out a puff of air. “Fuck man, you’ve gotten stronger. I flip over and pin him down with all of my strength. We are both sweating now and I’m pumped as hell. I can feel a twitch in my cock. I’ve needed this for a while. I’ve needed to dominate. Ethan looks vascular as fuck. The veins covering his arms and stretching to his pecs pop out of his skin. He is tired and decides to give up so I move on to Jason. As Ethan walks off the mat I noticed that his dick is standing tall, poking through his tight singlet. “Having fun there?” I say. He looks down at his dick and turns a little red. “Don’t worry about it,” he says and laughs. I take on Jason easily. I am fully hard now and I don’t care. If Ethan can be aroused, I won’t be ashamed. I flip Jason over and end up on his back. My dick is in his crack and he grunts and struggles beneath me. This just makes me feel even more powerful. I’m so turned on that I could burst at any moment. I also have this strange feeling that I am being watched, but I ignore it. We continue to wrestle for the next 30 minutes. I’m on my last match with Ethan and I still have this nagging feeling that I am being watched, but I continue to dominate my two contestants. When we are finished wrestling, it is agreed that I am stronger, but next time Ethan knows he can beat me. Afterwards, Ethan, Jason and I are all sitting on the mats dripping sweat. My dick is still hard as a rock and I look down and see than Ethan’s dick is still proud as ever. All three of us are pumped. “Looks like someone needs a good cum,” Jason says. He swings his hand down and smacks my clearly visible dick. “Shut up,” I reply and I begin to laugh. “Ethan’s dick is just as hard as mine.” “Probably harder,” Ethan says and winks at me. We all break out into laughter at this comment. I look up and I see Troy, watching with his eyes wide open in a mix of admiration and shock. I knew that nagging feeling wasn’t just in my head. I wish I had known he was watching us earlier. I’m still hard and I have a little pre-cum showing through my singlet which I really don’t want him to see. I’m freaking out so I pretend I didn’t notice him. “We should get changed and head to class,” I say. “Right!” they both agree. They grab their gym bags and we rush back to the locker room to change out of our singlets. I follow closely behind them and I almost make it to the door when Troy is suddenly standing in front of me. They go in without me and I’m startled as fuck. I thought he would have left by now. "Hey, dude!” I say. “Did you just get here?" “Yeah dude. I just finished showering and saw you on your way into the locker room.” Strange….he lied to me. I know he was watching me wrestle. Why wouldn’t he admit he saw me? Then again, why did I pretend I just saw him? He is wearing jeans and a polo while I stand here baring all in my singlet. All I can think about is what he thinks of my body. He seems confused. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he doesn’t quite know what to say. "So it looks like you guys were wrestling?” he says as he lets out a small chuckle. He smiles humorously pointing at our singlets. "Yea!" I say and laugh. "How did that go?" Troy responds. "Oh, we were just sparring and getting a decent workout at the same time." Troy nods his head in dull agreement. It looks like there is so much more he wants to say, but it seems that he doesn’t know how to express himself. "So who won?" he asks. I feel like being super modest so I won’t come off as a douche. I know he saw that I wiped the floor with my bros, but I lie anyway. "I mean, we just kinda wrestled each other and tried different moves to pin each other and see if we could escape the moves or reverse them. It wasn't really an official match, haha." Holy shit. Why am I rambling? "Cool," he says with a hint of underlying excitement. This entire time I’ve been standing with both hands covering my still bulging crotch. I’m still sweaty and a bit exhausted and just about ready to change. "We were heading back to change now,” I say. "No one really wants to walk around in these suits. It’s a bit embarrassing." I don’t want to feel like I’m rushing the conversation, but standing here is making me insane so I slowly start walking towards the locker room door to hint to him that I need to change. Surprisingly, he starts to follow me. "Nah man, don’t be embarrassed,” he says behind me. “You look like a beast in that!” “You don’t say?” I reply in the cockiest voice possible. “It shows off your pecs better than anything!” He gives a full happy smile but turns his face sideways to avoid eye contact. "Thanks man," I say smiling. "It’s always cool when you encourage me. I…I like being your friend." Troy takes a deep breath in as he searches for what to say next, but his face goes into a trance so I speak again. "Well lemme go change. I smell horrible.. I'll see you in Western Civ later, dude." “Yeah, no doubt.” I make my way into the locker room and as the door closes behind me I think to myself. What the fuck was that?!?!? My phone starts to buzz and I check and see that it’s a text from Troy. Troy: Hey man! We should definitely go running tomorrow morning and work on our back and biceps after. I’ve been thinking and I want to take you up on your wrestling offer. Let spar tomorrow after dinner! Take it easy on me bro. You’re a tough dude. Flex at ya later
  6. Hey Guy! Here is part 2 of College Locker room heat! Here is part 1 if you have not read it A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Gym Class. Monday Afternoon: Chest day Part 2 We walked into the weight room. Troy, still behind me, comments on how stoked he is that the gym is almost completely empty. He is walking beside me now and I can see that he is pumped. As we walk into the weight room I notice that his fists are clenched and the veins in his arms are pronounced from his tight grip. His biceps and forearms are swelling from the force of his grip and I admire the power in his arms. “Like what you see, man?” he asks. I’m startled. I did not expect him to acknowledge I was checking out his gains, but of course he did. He’s Troy. He would want me to look at his chiseled body. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m 150 pounds of thick pulsating muscle. My pecs press through my shirt like balloons and my legs are thick enough to crush trash cans between them, but I still stare in awe at my gym buddy’s body. “Your arms are vascular as fuck,” I say. This makes him smile in the cockiest way. “I’ve been working on my biceps a lot too,” he says. “They’ve gotten to the point where they constantly looked full when they aren’t even being flexed. Touch them and see.” I reach for his bicep and I am not disappointed. He was right. They felt like rocks and he wasn’t even flexing. I can feel his veins pumping the blood through his rock hard biceps. Each pulse making my heart beat faster. I look up at his face and he has this smug look. Such a cocky alpha. I need to be as strong as him. His 170 pounds made me feel weak in comparison. We continue into the class and make our way to the racks and benches. Our class consists of 8 students and our instructor, Russ. When one usually thinks of a gym teacher, they may imagine a lazy, averaged height, fat, balding man who sits and watches his class put in work. Russ is not this kind of teacher. He is 6ft tall with biceps as thick as his thighs, sick ass traps, and a barrel chest that would make (and probably does make) any man his age jealous. His forearms are amazing and look almost as big as his arms themselves. He is about 60 years old and his age can be seen by his thinning hair that reveals the lightly tanned skinned beneath, but he has not let his age slow him down. “Alright class,” Russ says. “You already know what today is so let’s split up into groups.” Troy and I are split into different groups. I with my 2 fraternity brothers, Zeus and Kris, and he with his two buddies. Zeus and Kris are both heavy dudes. Zeus about 250 pounds and Kris about 200 pounds. Both have body fat percentages about 25% or higher but they are both strong. Zeus could easily out lift me any day with his gorilla chest and tree trunk thighs. Kris has also slowly been getting stronger. His strength nearing my own. Each group is assigned a station. Mine is assigned decline bench press and Troy’s is assigned dumbbell bench press. Zeus begins his set by loading 45 pound plates to each side of the bar. Kris decides to spot him so I am left standing and looking around the room. I look over to Troy’s group. Fuck! The first thing Troy does is grab 2 of the 75 pound dumbbells to chest press. I am in complete awe. He is so fucking strong. I can see his pecs protruding through his white sleeveless shirt. Each muscle is his arms begin to shift as he pushed harder and harder. His face turns red and sweat begins to glisten on it. He pumps out 10 reps and throws the weight to the floor in a fit of power. I can see his juicy fucking pecs twitching beneath his shirt, fuller from being pumped. He stands up and starts stretching his chest out, his triceps flexing out with full force. I’m starting to lose it. “Vonny?” I turn around. Kris is looking at me and I’m embarrassed. “It’s your turn,” he says. I look down at the declined bench and immediately add 20 more pounds to the bar, making the weight total 155 pound. I know I have this. I lay down and start pushing, it’s heavy, but so damn satisfying in my hands. There’s no better feeling than the pump you get from pushing yourself. It’s like having a near death experience. The fucking thrill from it blows your mind and completely electrifies your body. I pump out 6 reps easy and notice that Russ is standing aside watching me. Being viewed by the instructor pushes me to go harder and I pump out 4 more reps. With every rep comes a satisfying grunt from my throat and I can feel the sweat building up between the peaks of my pecs. I finish and when I get up from the bench Russ immediately pats me on the back. “Damn Von!” Russ says. “You used to be so small and now you are so damn strong!” Everyone in the class is looking at me with congratulating eyes. I see troy too, but his facial expression is strange. It’s a mix between two things, admiration and a hint of jealousy. He walks over to the rack and grabs two 85 pound dumbbells. Holy fuck! With a loud grunt he lies on his back and forces the weights above his head, pumping hard and fast. He reaches 6 reps and begins to make animalistic snarls through his teeth. He pumps out another 4 reps and tosses the weights to the ground. His buddies are ecstatic. The skinner of the two, Marv, is especially excited by what he just saw. He can barely get 45 pounds over his head and Troy is a beast to him. He’s a beast to me. Troy stretches out his chest and tell Marv to give it a good punch. I watch as Marv’s fist connects with Troy’s meaty chest repeatedly. Troy has no reaction to the punches, a smile still on his face. So powerful. “Time to move on the barbell bench press,” says Zeus. Class moves by in a rush and I eventually make my way back to the locker room. Troy in already there. He is shirtless and his back is turned towards me. I can see every ripple and bend of his powerful lats and bulging traps. He shifts to grab his shirt from the bench and I see the muscles beneath his skin move. They shift like pebbles beneath a slow moving stream. Smooth… but hard and firm. He hears the door open as I come in and he stops and turns around. His pecs are completely swollen! There are red spots between the peaks and a little bit of hot sweat dripping down the swollen meaty cavern towards his abs. “I don’t know about you, but I got a good pump today!” he says. “Hell yeah man. I feel strong as fuck,” I say. “You look strong,” he says. “Thanks bro.” “Can you grab stuff with your pecs?” he asks. “Huh?” I have no clue what he means. I walk farther into the room towards the bench. “Give me your hand, man,” I hold out my hand. He grabs it and places it between his pecs and with flexes them. “Holy fucking shit!” I say. I can’t help the response. His pecs clamp down on my hands and I can feel the hard muscled grip. I’ve never felt pecs as powerful as these before. He looks at me with the cocky smile he always gives and then asks me to try doing the same to him. I rip off my shirt quickly and let him place his hands between my pecs. I grip his fingers but it isn’t as strong. “You are getting there bro,” he says. He removes his hand and walks back to his clothes. I’m a little disappointed by his response. I want him to see me as I see him. An aesthetic god. “So dude, we are for sure going running tomorrow morning. I need to get my cardio in. 9 am sharp?” “Yeah, how about we meet at my frat house?” I reply. “Good plan man. Good plan” He and I get dressed and leave the locker room. I can’t wait for tomorrow! Cardio day with Troy is going to rock!

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