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Found 3 results

  1. jman250

    Even Exchange: The Mile High Club

    Hello all. It's been a while since I've posted a story. This is a short one that came together in about a day but still took forever for me to post. I was inspired by a story from a while back and, given a recent airplane encounter, felt the experiences meshed well. It's a slightly different take on muscle theft and I'm thinking of expanding it into a series of stand-alone stories. Let me know if you think that'd be worthwhile. Special thanks to @JadeDragon for his work proofing, and his diligent pruning of poorly placed adverbs! ==== Even Exchange: The Mile High Club ==== I sat down across from him. It’s rare to see such a specimen of manhood in real-life and I wanted a closer look. He definitely exuded something special, and his smoking-hot body helped draw my attention from the airport bustle. He seemed engrossed in his phone, crisp blue eyes never leaving the screen. Good thing too, because my admiration showed clear as day. He’d occasionally reach up to scratch the dusting of dirty blond hair on his chin, flexing slightly. The beard accentuated his square facial features but my eyes drew away to study the curve of his bicep. I was annoyed that I couldn’t determine his height; the dark waiting chairs slanted at odd angles so I’d have to wait until boarding. I marveled at the heavy pecs pushing against the white fabric of his palm tree patterned button-up shirt. A sudden voice jarred me to my senses, rudely pulling me back to reality. I jumped, the weight of my (currently) swimmer's build squeaking the canvas seats. The overhead speakers buzzed for an announcement. “Please check any extra bags as this is a completely full flight. We’re about to begin boarding. Line up according to the number printed on your boarding pass.” He looked up and I averted my eyes, as I was afraid of him catching my obvious stare. His biceps rounded, bringing a boarding pass into view. He sighed heavily, causing his shirt to bunch around his torso. With reluctance, I stood and got into my boarding position. Gods, I prayed, please let him sit next to me! I did my best not to touch anyone's bare skin during the crowded boarding process. Not because I'm a germaphobe, it’s just inconvenient having a jumble of other people’s useless feelings and sensations crowding my own. I boarded, found the first empty overhead space halfway down the cabin, and excused myself after asking the aisle occupant to move aside. I took the window seat and watched the forward door. Then I waited for the magnificent stranger to board the plane. It took a while. I absently played with the colorful pendant hanging around my neck. The forward cabin crowded, overhead bins closing as they filled one by one. And then I spotted him, red backpack in hand leading the way. I held my breath as he approached. He opened one, then two, then three overhead bins. All full. He passed me, my neck craning to watch him walk away. Curses. Then he opened the bin behind my row and pushed his backpack inside. “Can I get in here?” He spoke to the aisle occupant. I couldn’t believe my luck! These things don’t actually happen in real-life. My heart beat faster, my grip tightened on the armrests. The aisle occupant moved aside and the man of my admiration sat down in the unoccupied center, directly next to me. He was next to me! Thank the gods for small favors. We all shifted as he settled into his seat. I took stock of the thick legs occupying the limited space next to mine. His shoulders filled the seat and forced his arm to take the entire armrest. I didn’t mind. I slipped my elbow behind his own, nervously trying not to draw attention. I struggled not to glance sideways too often. We took off without issue, leaving our uninteresting valley behind. We ordered drinks and he closed his eyes in the dark cabin. Eventually, our drink orders came. The attendant handed him a half club soda and half tomato juice. In a kind gesture, he reached for my water. I did too and our fingers touched. In that moment a flash of information flooded into my brain! I felt the cold plastic in his fingers, the strain of his shirt against pumped biceps, the bulk of his legs pressed uncomfortably together. Wow, I thought. I always loved the rush. My cock jumped and my heart thudded but he felt nothing. Smiling, he apologized for his helpfulness and finished handing me the glass. I smiled back but for different reasons. He finished his drink and drifted off to sleep. I’d never been this lucky before! These things normally required coercing. Nevertheless, I always keep my cock extra-large for chance encounters like this. It has its uses in more ways than the obvious. I focused on him, his own dick wasn’t bad -- average length but not particularly thick. It felt comfortable in its confined space regardless of the cramped airline seat and his muscled thighs. I looked him up and down, his mouth slightly ajar in his sleep. I smiled at his handsome face. His features really were stunning. I moved my fingers to gently touch his. It’s always slightly odd, feeling two different sensations simultaneously. His cock thickened and lengthened ever so slightly as my own receded, and then it thickened and lengthened again. And again. And again. I reveled in the feeling of his cock getting tight in his underwear. The sensation caused my own member to harden into my now roomier briefs. His cut cock started feeling uncomfortably cramped. I grew it larger one more time, smiling knowingly. That should be enough. I peered around and fished a card from my carry-on bag. It drifted softly from my practiced fingers into his shirt pocket. He’d be sure to find it there later. The flight continued normally. The attendants moved to the front for another round of drinks. We hit turbulence and he elbowed me in the side, waking with a start. I turned my head and smiled at him and he smiled back, mouthing a small apology before shifting in his seat. But he couldn’t get comfortable. I could feel his cramped cock pressed against his thighs. It felt unusually heavy. After a few minutes, he tapped the aisle occupier’s shoulder and asked to be let past. “While you’re up,” I said while rising, addressing the aisle occupant. I flashed a polite smile as I also slid past. My neighbor walked oddly towards the plane’s rear. He appeared to be two or three inches taller than me, maybe around five foot 11. It was obvious to me that he walked with a waddle, unconsciously trying to make more space between his legs. His ass looked amazing. It was tight, round and filled the seat his jeans to perfection. A quick pull and the lavatory door swung outward as he slipped inside. The stall directly across showed a green “vacant” so I took it for myself. What luck! Time to make a move. I didn’t expect much in return -- people didn’t often connect the dots on their own, usually so confused they passed me by. But maybe I’d be able to sneak a feel of those hard arms. I concentrated on him. I felt his agile fingers pull against metal, then metal again with a slow downward slide. Then cotton being moved and … relief! Then a pause, and I grinned. I could feel skin against skin and a warmth on his now much heavier cock. “Yep, it’s real,” I thought to myself. Nothing much happened for a minute or two. It’s difficult the first time, having something familiar unexpectedly change. I know from personal experience. His crotch felt compressed again -- I had to act fast! I slowly and softly unlatched my door. It swung outward noiselessly to an empty corridor. His own door opened and wide eyes met my face. That look in his bright blue eyes made me bold, and I knew I had to go all in. I tapped my chest and his sky-blue eyes followed the motion. His chin dipped, his gaze instinctively darting to his pocket. He reached up and retrieved the card, flipping it over a few times before reading the back. I touched a finger to my lips advising silence. He hesitated, looking bemused. Time slowed contrary to the rapid beating of my heart. This had better work or it’d become a very uncomfortable flight. Then he cautiously took three steps past me and I closed the door. “Hi there,” I whispered. He looked puzzled, likely wondering why he found himself in a cramped space with a complete stranger. A stranger who was a man, no less. Our bodies pressed together. His muscle mass greatly exceeded my own toned body, a good 30 to 35 pounds of pure muscle above my own 165 pounds. I leaned forward to embrace the close proximity. I could feel his heat. He leaned back. “What happened? Who are you?” he said in an unsteady, hushed voice. The blank look on his face spoke volumes -- he barely understood the situation. “Hi,” I said again. “I n-noticed you earlier and you have a great b-body and I want to help.” My original plan didn’t include stumbling over words but, pressed up against this bigger man, I felt less sure. A moment passed. “You did this?” he asked, eyes darting downward. I nodded and smiled, my plan seeming less surefire with every passing second. “How …?” his words trailed off. “Like this,” I said, taking his warm hand in mine. He looked down, unsure of how to react, then his dick started growing. He took a sharp breath and this time, he felt it happen. Blue eyes darted to my face, then down to his jeans. His hand pulled from mine after only a moment and his growth stopped when he broke contact. A hard bicep maneuvered between us, pressing against my pecs in the confined space. I felt his fingers unintentionally brush past my crotch as he felt his own. The feeling of new weight echoed in my mind. His dick had to be well above average by now. I eyed an arm and started to lift my hand. I wanted to touch the bunching triceps between us. But before my hand got too far, he unbuttoned and tugged down his jeans; I stopped in surprise. Most men were never this bold! Boxer briefs came into view and I unconsciously licked my lips at the strained fabric. He pulled down the band and a long, thick, porn-star sized dick swung free. I must have misjudged his initial size because a good six inches of soft, thick cock pushed up against me. Wow, it looked beautiful, I thought. It was a pleasant sight. I felt myself lean forward, putting pressure on his cock between our thighs. Seeing his dick confirmed what he felt happen -- his dick had grown. He saw it just moments ago in the other bathroom and now it was definitely bigger. His cock started to harden, I felt his blood rushing in. Our eyes met again but this time, small lines pushed up around his eyes. A sly grin crossed his face. "Can you do it again?" he asked. I was filled with excitement and surprise. I felt a wash of his craving rush through me. He leaned into me more, grinding his hardening member against me. It felt amazing on my thigh. I could feel him feeling it too, and it felt amazing! I nodded, sheepish, not knowing what to say. He pushed against me and his neck lowered enough to let his lips brush my neck. His arms wrapped around my body, biceps flexing against my arms. He breathed warm air against my skin and whispered, "do it again!" I trembled. My thoughts returned to the big biceps I’d watched flex back in the terminal. His cock fully hardened against our legs, reaching what felt to be ten full, thick inches of meat. It felt powerful against my jeans. My fingers crept slowly until they wrapped around the thick shaft. I felt him shudder in pleasure, a shudder that echoed through me. His arms tightened around me, biceps flexed against my smaller frame. He tensed in expectation. “Ok,” I said, nervously. But those beautiful arms filled my thoughts and before I realized, I started to fill them with size instead. His triceps too. The pressure of his arms against me felt intoxicating as they grew. My own arms shrank in tandem with his growth. It took him a moment to notice the increased strain against his shirt but his head shot up instantly when he did. “You can do that too??” he asked in surprise and I nodded back. Lust filled his sharp blue eyes. They bored into mine with hunger, and maybe something else. I leaned away but his still growing arms kept me steady. “Oh my gods, do it! Make me bigger!” he said, blue eyes ablaze. He was fully embracing the changes. I moaned when I felt his pecs swell bigger. They took up more and more space, filling with more firm, solid muscle. His square, thick pecs pushed hard against me in the cramped lavatory. I felt their new weight increasing moment-by-moment. He didn’t seem to notice my own round pecs dwindle in size. The buttons on his palm tree shirt strained against his growth. “Yes,” he said softly, enraptured, lolling back his head. I looked down and pushed my free hand between us. I groped his stomach, feeling a small layer of fat and started shifting it away onto my perfectly toned body. My sculpted six-pack disappeared as his own solidified. The tips of my fingers pressed through his shirt, I could feel each mound of muscle. One, two, three rows of recently revealed abs. And then the ridges between each mound deepened. His abs suddenly contracting with increased size and strength, bending him forward into me. “Fuck!” he whispered, his hot breath invading my ear. “Keep going!” And I did. My fingertips pushed through a gap between shirt buttons and brushed against the bottom of an expanding pec. I felt the overhang increase above my finger, the heavy weight of more and more muscle increasing every moment. I greeted a nipple with my fingers and I gave it a light pinch. He let out a soft moan in response. I felt the shock run through him and echo through me. But he needed more. I sucked more of his fat onto my own frame and felt a final row of abs reveal themselves below his burgeoning pecs. My finger snuck between them and his pec. I loved the new weight sandwiching my finger between his pec and abs. They felt so heavy, so big! His shirt strained ridiculously tight, creating larger gaps between buttons. I could now peek at rows of brick-like, chiseled abs that were now exposed. By now, my own cock was painfully hard. It screamed at me to be let free. In a frenzy, I let go and his growth stopped. He opened his eyes to watch me unbutton my own fly. I tried pulling down my pants. But my own strong legs and the close quarters made it impossible. He tried to help but between his bulk, my bulk, and his ten-inch dick pressing hard against my thigh, we couldn’t do it. So I grabbed his hand and felt my quads slowly shrink. He made an “umph” sound when his already large legs started expanding inside his jeans. I tried to push the sensations he felt from my mind, a mixture of pain and pleasure. And then his already perfect, round ass started protruding more too. It pushed hard against the sturdy plastic sink behind him and still, the twin globes of his muscled ass continued to grow. They fought for space in the enclosed cabin, but the cabin resisted, pushing painfully against the granite-like mounds. He shoved his cock forward, its hardness grinding against me, and stretched his back towards the mirror to give his ass more room to grow. A small yelp escaped my lips when my feet banged against the opposite wall. His thick, beautiful, growing arms held me tight and he had to lift me -- effortlessly -- to provide himself with more room. “Hold on,” I whispered, again letting go of his hand, stopping his growth. I pushed my jeans and they slid down easily. This surprised my partner, it seemed to be the first time he noticed that I shrank whenever and wherever he grew. His eyes gave me a questioning look but I reassured him. “It’s OK, let’s focus on you,” I said and pulled down my briefs. Out came my cock. There looked to be about eight inches left. He gawked and then smirked, likely remembering where that cock would end up. I thought longingly about how big it was before, but I knew I’d grow it again later. My cock pushed against his in the enclosed space. It felt amazing, electric! His 18 (or maybe 19) inch arms flexed around me. His shirt strained impossibly tight against him but continued to hold. He lifted me more and I started bulking back muscles to help with the job. Friction excited our members, they moved opposite to each other. He lifted my whole body in the cramped space, rubbing our cocks together. I rose by his powerful arms, then he lowered me, rubbing in the other direction. I felt it from us both, from my own dick and the echo of his sensation flooding into me. It felt so good, our magnificent, warm cocks sliding slickly in tandem. I pressed my hands against the ceiling for support and he repeated the up-and-down motion over and over and over. I could feel my balls starting to rise. They were so big and filled me with hormones, intensifying the experience. “I’m close! Not yet,” I muttered, squeezing my eyes shut. I spoke mostly to myself, he didn’t make any sign of hearing me. I felt the pressure building! I knew I couldn’t hold it for long, and I wasn’t ready for it to end. Our dicks slid past in constant contact. Feeling in double was more amazing than my mind could handle! I knew what would postpone the inevitable, so my balls started to shrink as his, still confined by boxer briefs, started to grow. My up-and-down motion increased in ferocity as his growing balls inflamed his lust. Both balls pushed down the band of his underwear, growing too big to fit between the elastic and his massive thighs. He started thrusting his hips in time with his lifts. The skin-to-skin contact of our dicks allowed me to continue the growth, so I pushed more size into his globular ass and his thrusting doubled in intensity. I heard fabric tear, and I watched in the mirror as rips began to form along seams in his shirt. The valleys of his back stretched his shirt while hard mountains of muscle jutted outward nearby. His rock hard, ten-inch dick ground into my much smaller thigh. Our dicks moved in concert, pressed down between us and close together. A soft thwacking came from between his legs as his big balls dropped lower and thumped against hard, muscular thighs. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! “Fuck!” was all he could say. “Shh!” I cautioned him. I poured my muscle into him like gushing water freed from a restricting dam! Pound after pound transferred from me to him. My body weight dropped in his arms and that seemed to only increase his frantic grinding. His increasing size fought for more and more of the limited space. I took up less and less, my toned, swimmers body becoming that of a skinny teenager. He started to groan, but I released a hand and shoved it into his mouth! Shirt threads strained. Jeans stretched to the max. Sleeves began to explode. The top buttons of his shirt popped and his deep pec cleavage became exposed. I gazed down at those perfect, round pecs bouncing in time with his thrusts. Then his dick again crept down his thigh. It thickened more, now pressing painfully into my weakened leg. It felt like a hard, hot iron rod forced against me! But still it grew, rock-solid, inching slowly closer to his knee. My up-and-down movements were accelerating. My hair brushed the top of the cabin. His powerful back worked harder so more of his growing dick rubbed against less of mine. I felt my cock shrinking to seven, then six, then five inches. His manhood must have doubled since we met, both in thickness and in length. Then finally he bit down hard on my fingers! The thwacking increased in frequency. I felt his big balls rising! He shuddered in pleasure as he climaxed. Wave after wave of wet cum shot from his hose of a cock and soaked my jeans. I felt orgasm wash over him and echo through me! My fingers ached, but our combined pleasure drowned out the pain. His beautiful, sparkling blue eyes looked into mine, his cock still unloading load after load onto my leg. His eyes glazed over as he put me down, panting. His huge chest heaved up and down with each breath. He looked incredible! His shirt had ripped in multiple places and so had his jeans. Moving very slowly, very carefully, and deliberately, I knelt down. He took up so much space that moving was no easy task. However, my much smaller body made it easier to navigate in the tight space. I placed my mouth next to his cock. It looked glorious and huge. I used one hand to place the softening head into my mouth. The other I used to grab my own still hard five inches of cock and jerked. I licked him clean and let his dick grow a bit more. The head took up slightly more space in my mouth. I engulfed as much of him as could fit and still let it grow. My five inches became four, and I came. The four or five shots from me paled in comparison. My jeans were soaked. Doing his best to move, he reached behind and grabbed a paper towel. I took it and cleaned the floor beneath me. Then I leaned back against the wall, kneeling there for some time just gazing into his eyes. Those magical, blue eyes atop a bodybuilder I had created. He tried and failed to stuff his massive soft appendage back into too tight jeans. He couldn’t button them so he simply shrugged and left his pants undone. His boxers covered just enough to get by. He left the bathroom first. The door swung outward and I stood. He stepped forward but stopped. His gorgeous, globular ass pushed against my spent crotch when he bent down to pick up a small white card. I hadn’t noticed he’d dropped it. He stood up and headed back towards his seat. I closed the door and fell back against the toilet. Wow. The whole encounter probably lasted ten minutes. I’d given him much more than expected, but the look in his beautiful blue eyes made it all worthwhile. I washed my hands and did my best to clean off my jeans. I swam in my clothes. Before long, I followed him out into the aisle, glancing around nervously, worried that somebody might smell his cum. I received a few glances but most were focused on him. We took our seats. Our aisle companion seemed confused to find significantly less armrest space than before. 15B turned and grinned at me. “I’m John,” he said smiling. “We’ve got to do this again sometime -- soon,” he said and pushed his muscular leg against my now shrunken one. I placed my hand on his thigh, quickly finding his soft megacock. “I’ve got your card. I’ll call you,” he said in a whisper, winking. The intercom interrupted my response. “Please prepare for landing.” He turned away but let my hand linger. We didn’t exchange another word for the remainder of the flight.
  2. Marquis


    Choranaptyxic : ability to change size to fit the available space. When using dating apps you know you’re in for little surprises once a while. I had a big surprise a few month ago. Still not sure what happened but, it was probably the best thing to ever happen in my life. I was feeling lonely, after having had a shit day and as I was browsing on Grindr, I decided to finally give a chance to Max, a guy that had been messaging me for ages. His profile pic looked nice: he was 35, mixed, had an athletic frame and was quite a looker. I dunno why I hadn’t agreed to see him before. The guy sounded genuinely overexcited to see me, which sort of eluded me why. At 32, I was well-kept and well groomed, and I looked younger than I actually was. I was 5’9 with a tight, toned body. Decent looking, but nothing out of the ordinary. When I met the guy later that very evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was quite thicker than his profile pic had suggested. He was slightly shorter than me and quite stocky. He had a thick sweater on, and it kinda concealed his body. But there was no mistaking that he had broad shoulders, a thick waist, and big arms. He lacked definition, but the mass was there. We sat on the couch in my living room, after I got us a couple of beers from the fridge, and we quickly started talking and flirting. He was handsome, with sharp, defined features, and a softness in his eyes that reinforced his calm and friendly demeanor. His voice wasn’t very deep; but it was soft and soothing. The man was a perfect balance of natural strength and softness, and in just a few minutes I was under his spell. After just a few more minutes, I was just dying to kiss that stud. When he finally moved in to kiss me, I felt a mix of relief, fulfilment, and sex, like I never felt before. My hand started to explore his stocky frame, feeling the expanses of smooth skin, and the amazing firmness of muscles with just the right amount of chub on them. He was tender and kind, but there was no mistaking that he was the one in charge. And I loved it. He took off my shirt and undid my pants. I was half naked and he was still fully dressed. I felt vulnerable, yet protected by this man. He pressed himself on top of me; caressing me, kissing me, making me feel the full weight of his body.. “You’re so tight and pretty” he growled in my ear. He removed his stocky frame from my body, then sat comfortably in the couch and proceeded to take off his sweater. I went to straddle him, to help him take off that thick sweater, but was surprised to find his lap was wider than I thought it was. I readjusted myself on top of him. “You’re wider than I thought,” I said, as his sweater finally came off. I stared in shock at the shirtless man under me. His torso was wide and powerful, just as I thought it would be. The thin layer of fat shielded his abs, but above them, was a pair of big pecs. Perfectly shaped, with deep brown nipples, forced downward by the mass of muscle on the man’s chest. I cupped them, staring blankly at Max. “Yeah, I still have some extra holiday weight to lose,” he chuckled. “What?! Nah you’re perfect,” I snapped out of my reverie. “Your pecs are huuuuuge.” He smiled warmly, put his hand on the back of my neck, and then forced me down between his pecs. I had never, ever, actually seen or touched pecs that size. I was in heaven, worshipping that man. His other hand found its way onto my lower back, and I submissively arched my back. I was rewarded by a flex of his pecs, and his hand sliding in my pants, cupping my ass. I pulled my head out of his muscle cleavage, only to see his beaming face. He put both his hands on my waist to secure me, and then stood up, carrying me while I still straddled his waist. I gasped and giggled at the display of strength. He let out a soft chuckle as he put me down on the floor. And that’s when the evening took a fantastic turn: I was looking at him at eye level. It felt weird, as I positively knew he was shorter than I was. That was the first thing I noted about him. Yet, now we were even. Before I could show or express my surprise, he took me by the hand. “Where’s your bedroom handsome?” he smiled. The gentle, flirty, and firm tone suppressed any concern I could have voiced, and I obeyed him happily, and took the large man to my bedroom. Once inside, he engulfed me in his arms, kissing me deeply. In a matter of seconds, my pants were on the floor. Slowly, but unmistakably, I felt his head rise as I kissed him, and his back widened under my touch. I broke the kiss to try and understand what was going on. I was now at eye level with his mouth. I was shocked. He pushed me onto the bed and i fell onto my back. He was towering above me, and I realized that he was wider too. Under his massive pecs, the outline of his abs were now faintly visible. His shoulders were rounder, and his arms looked more defined. His waist was still very thick, but his wider shoulders gave him the beginning of a “V” taper. He was looking like a serious gym rat now, probably around 200 lbs but maybe more. I was at the same moment both freaked out and turned on. “Don’t mind if I get comfortable,” he said, taking off his jeans. As he pulled down his jeans, I was once again shocked by the man. Inside his grey, worn-out boxers, a thick hardon was clearly visible. More than clearly visible actually. The head was poking out of the bottom hemline and it was probably about 9 inches long. “Ooops,“ he laughed, tucking in the fat monster. “It’s massive,” I said, in utter shock. “Don’t be scared,” he said, with mock concern. “Come say hello. It won’t hurt you, I promise.” Once again, his strong hand grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me closer to the bulge, while his other hand, pulled down his boxers. Finally, the whole thing was exposed; the long fat shaft, with an equally thick head, sheathed in a long thin layer of foreskin. And hanging under it, a set of bull balls. I kissed the head; soft pecks at first, then progressively I got more and more of the head inside my mouth. I slid the shaft in, and started sucking and licking the whole shaft. I was rewarded by a deep growl, and felt him shiver under my ministration. I looked up at him. That’s one of my signature moves: giving expert head, while looking up at the dude with a pleading/ingenue look on my face. And for the first time in my life, it didn’t work! His face was totally blocked by his massive pecs. I never thought I could get that turned on. I ran my hand down his torso (the abs were definitely starting to pop on his stomach!) and grabbed one of the massive pecs. They were unmistakably bigger and firmer. As I sucked his dick and kneaded his pecs, I felt him get harder in my mouth. His penis fattened again and a solid half inch added to his shaft. Blowing him was starting to be a challenge. He took a step back, and his fat dick popped out of my mouth. I don’t know if he was any taller, but he was looking pumped! His definition was augmenting, and his muscles were starting to pop all over his body. The sight was breathtaking. We wrapped his strong arms around my waist and flipped me upside down. Before I knew what was happening, he had my decent sized dick down his throat, and my face was shoved on his dick. As we both went down on each other, I felt his strength grow. The pressure he put on my waist was noticeably augmenting, and I heard a faint stretching noise coming from inside his body. Though I couldn’t see, I knew Max was growing more muscular, and growing taller too. My dick popped out of his mouth as he grew up. Soon, he was tall enough to bend his head and rim me while I was upside down blowing him. Max flipped me back on my feet before too much blood reached my head. He was eversosligthly out of breath from carrying me. And I was now eye level with his clavicle. He was massive. Bodybuilder big now...I’d say about 250 lbs. His definition and shoulder to waist ratio was much more impressive now. And his pecs were mind blowing and out of proportion. I was breathing hard; he was turning into a monster right in front of me. He pushed me back on the bed and laid by my side. “Mmmmhh, you’ve got a nice mattress,” he purred, pulling close to him. My face right in his massive pecs; I suckled on them, licking and groping the massive muscles. I felt one of his thick fingers slide inside me. I gasped and he muffled me by pressing my face into his huge pecs, while he slid a second finger in my ass and started working me. “Do you have lube, handsome?” he asked. I tear away from the massive man and fumbled into the bed stand to grab a tube of vaseline and hand it to him. He helped himself to a decent dose, lubed his shaft, grabbed me, and pulled my face back into his pecs while stuffing his greasy fingers up my ass. Once fully lubricated, he layed me on my back and lifted my legs, exposing my hole. Once he aligned himself, I could feel his cockhead locking in my asshole. Probing and ready to fuck me. Then, he entered me. His fat 10-incher started sliding inside me. And as he he pushed, inch by inch, that was it. I finally saw it happen. He was growing. The stretching noise was perfectly audible. This time, the speed was alarming. Half his dick was in, and he was looking like Peter Molnar, only taller, and with even larger pecs. As the second half of the delicious schlong entered me, punching my prostate on the way, Max kept growing at the same pace. When his balls finally slapped on my ass, he was looking like one of those morphed bodybuilders. 300 lbs..may be more. I lost it. I came. I screamed and arched my back under the strength of the orgasm. Three ribbons of cum escaped me and crashed on my torso. “Oh my,” he chuckled. “Spent already?” he said, starting to pull out. “Not even close,” I panted, “I need you to fuck me.” I smiled and he started thrusting softly inside me. I started to loosen around his huge pole. I was moaning like a little bitch, as I felt his dick rearrange my insides. He lifted my ass, so he could lower his upper body on me and kiss me. That’s when I realized that he was almost as wide as my king size bed. His growth wasn’t as impressive as when he entered me, but it was still happening. My bed groaned under the ever increasing weight of the massive man. He straightened, grabbed my waist, and stood by the side of the bed, with my little body (compared to his) still impaled on him. He carried me like I was nothing. As gravity pulled me down I now fully felt the intrusive mass of his dick inside me. It felt thicker and longer. He started moving me up and down on his shaft, like I was just a fleshlight. My ass was unbelievably loose now. He was still growing and his muscles were unlike anything I had ever seen: shredded, massive, hypertrophied. And his head was inching toward the ceiling. He was over 7 feet tall! The amplitude of his thrust augmented, until he was fully pulling out of me and slamming back in. The suction noise was disgusting... and unbelievably sexy. He rammed his foot-long wrist thick penis inside me three final times, with a strength that could have killed me. And as his head bumped against the ceiling, and his form popped into an inhuman display of hypertrophied muscles, he roared and unleashed a torrent of jizz inside me. I’m still not sure how I felt at that moment: was it the earth shattering orgasm of a lifetime, or a near-death experience? I don’t know. Maybe both. Max must have blasted close to a liter of pressurized cum inside me. It almost tore my insides, and squirted right back on the floor. I don’t know how I managed to make it through without getting any bone cracked in the process, or how I ever regained a normal use of my sphincter. He lifted and put me on the floor. My legs were unable to carry me and he had to catch me before I fell on the floor. “Oh oh, looks like I exhausted my little dude,” he chuckled, cradling me between his gigantic pecs. I half remember him squeezing through the doorframe to the bathroom to clean both of us. I was nothing but a half conscious ragdoll, and it was utter bliss. Once we were both cleaned, he went to the bedroom. He grabbed a pillow and the duvet, then laid on the floor. He would have crushed the bed. Using the tiny pillow for his head, he laid me down on his massive torso, and threw the duvet over me. When I woke up the next morning, he was still massive, happily snoring under me. I confess, I never slept that well and I never felt as good as when snuggled against his monstrous frame. And as I was trying to process what had happened, I spotted his jeans on the floor. They were utterly oversized, like they would actually fit him now. I slid from under the duvet and went to the living room. I found his discarded sweater on the couch. It covered half of it. That was impossible. I retrieved my phone and checked Max’s profile on Grindr. The picture was exactly the same, him sitting in some random garden, except he was the massive version sleeping in my bedroom, not the one I greeted at the door yesterday. Below it, his stats read 7’5, 683 lbs. I stared dumbfounded at the screen for a while., A loud rumble jump scared me and shortly after, Max was squeezing his massive self into the living room. It was quite a sight to behold. The massive mounds of muscle, fighting against each other, as he moved with a surprising ease. He picked me from the floor, and lifted me to his face to give me a big kiss, before putting me back on the floor. He then sat on his huge ass (he was almost taller than me standing) and looked at me with puppy eyes. “Can I get breakfast? I’m starving,” he whined. “Sure, what’d you like?” I asked. “Anything. I’m easy,” he beamed. I never talked to him about that growth episode on our first encounter. It’s like Max had always been that oversized muscle monster. We started dating after that episode, and a few months later, we moved in together. He is the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met, and I think he’s the one. I noticed his size varies from 7’ to 8’, but he seems totally oblivious of the fact. So do the people around us. He height and thickness are the source of many inconveniences, but if I’m honest, it turns us on more than it annoys us. End.
  3. NeverTooBig69

    Glazed PT1

    I've been working in the same stinking position at a major doughnut store for a year. "Its not uncommon to be promoted within the first six months." Yeah, OK, no. I haven’t even gotten a fucking raise!!! It's a good thing I've been applying elsewhere because the only thing keeping me here are the bodybuilding competitions a block away. Muscleheads love donuts, powerlifters and bodybuilders alike. “Now Josh, we have a new employee coming in today and I want you to show him how to use the register and drive-thru.” “Yes sir.” I'm against training a newbee today and stare daggers at my manager as he leaves me the store for awhile. I get out a mop and start cleaning the store in preparation for the morning rush. I see a vehicle pull up and can only assume it's the new guy. I'm amazed to see it's an older model Hummer, one where you could still tell it was an army surplus vehicle. I try not to scoff as the driver's door opens. “Yay, a guy with a tiny dick trying to compensate with horsepower. He won't even make enough for gas here with a truck like that.” I say to myself. I continue to mop until I see a tree trunk tumble out of the truck. What I assumed was a tree trunk ended up being the most massive leg I had ever seen. It was straining the jeans he was wearing to the breaking point. I could see veins where there shouldn't have been veins but he was not cut, just freakishly huge. His other leg and quads became visible and were over twice the size of his calves. Actually bulls were a better way to describe the monstrous amount of beef attached to his lower leg. His legs gave way to wings that could soar, a pec shelf that I could store milk jugs on, and shoulders that would destroy any doorway. As if that wasn't enough his traps were swallowing his neck and touching his ears. His face was the most dazzling part. Purely masculine with a squared jaw, stubble, and piercing green eyes that bore into my very soul if I dared to look. “This man has enough muscle to register in a tractor pull.” I thought, swallowing the gallons of saliva I'm generating. I'm still trying to figure out how he got his polo over so much muscle when he struts into the store, turning sideways to fit through the door. I think his nips hit the side of the door because he shudders a little as he passes through. I compose myself to not look like a drooling idiot but notice I was still going back and forth with a bone dry mop. I stow it away before he turns around to see me. "Hey little guy, my name's Cody." He has that cocky smile that lets you know he is bigger and stronger than you. Every time he takes a breath, his enormous pecs heave out towards my face, begging to be serviced. "Hi Cody, I'm Josh, I'll be showing you what to do around here. Its pretty easy."I started to feel my cock stir as he stared into my eyes, a look of curiosity on his beautiful face. "I’m not gonna have to wear one of those uniforms, am I?" I look down at the signature brown, orange, and pink uniform. Mine used to be a large, but now I needed an XL because I loved donuts almost as much as muscle. "Well, yeah." "Ok dude, show me whats gotta get done." Cody said as he seemed to be chuckling about the outfit. I go into the back and grab a 3xl from the storage closet. Cody just stares in amazement at it when I bring it back. "That's not gonna fit man, this is a 5xl, and look what this muscle can do to it." He gets that cocky grin, and suddenly does a double bi with such ferocity, I back away. His bis heave towards the sky, growing bigger, and bigger, his sleeves barely containing the mountain forming underneath them. It's then I notice his tri's pulling his sleeves closer and closer to the ground. "Oh yeah dude, this feels so fucking good!" Cody is so enamored with his muscles that he doesn’t notice he just said that out loud. I quickly readjusted my throbbing cock without him knowing. "Well Cody, you're going to have to try squeezing into this." I say with as much authority as I can muster. Cody stops flexing, but not before flexing a final explosive clench and blowing out his sleeves like so much tissue paper. "Ok boss, but I warned you." He struts to the Mens room to try on his uniform as tatters rain from his ruined sleeves to the floor. I run to the front and close the store. To hell if the manager comes back, its Sunday, I don't think he will, plus, this is so worth it. I rush back to the bathroom, hearing him grunt and groan through the door. "Hey Cody, you need help man?" "Yeah Josh, you can help me get into this." I open the door to a sight that is still in my mind now. Cody is trying to squeeze his monstrous torso into a shirt 3 sizes too small. I get behind him and tug the shirt, trying to fit it over his wide lats. "This isn't happening dude, can I wear my shirt?" "Yeah man, this won't work." We are both laughing as he stops struggling. I can just make out a grunt that sounds like “Does the manager care about these shirts?” “Not particularly, the company is replacing the color scheme next month.” Cody grunts in confirmation then I hear him start breathing in. After 10 seconds, I can't believe what I'm seeing. He is slowly expanding before my eyes. The small bathroom is getting smaller as the sounds of threads tearing starts to increase. After 30 seconds he stops and everything gets quiet except for the random snap of a thread here and there. I can just make out Cody's smirking mouth as he mouths the word “Boom.” Suddenly he seemed to double in size as the shirt disintegrated from his hulking form. He then turns around, and something smacks my thigh. I look down to a 12 in python rubbing up against my leg. I am now more thirsty than I have ever been. Cody looks down, sees what happened, then laughs. "Sorry Josh, it was just such a turn on, seeing all this muscle being way to big for the biggest shirt you got, think I could take care of it before I go out there?" I put my eyes back in my sockets, "Sure man, if you need anymore help, just ask." As I am turning to leave, I hear something that makes this the best day at work ever. "Well, could you help me out?" I turn around and see him flexing those meaty pecs, smirking, knowing what I am about to do. I walk to him, get down on my knees, and start sucking through the blue jeans he is wearing. I hear him grunt in pleasure as I feel his cock get harder beneath the denim. "God, this feels so good, let me help you out man." Cody grabs his jeans, and just rips them off, taking his jockstrap with them. I’m left with a 14 in piece of prime meat dripping right in front of my hot, waiting mouth. I attack the newly freed beast with a hunger I didn’t know I had. Cody meanwhile is groaning with ecstasy, digging his face in his deep pits, licking up all his jock juice. I grab onto his hanging quads, bigger than most trees, going to town, feeding on this monster, kneading the balls in my left hand. "OH fuck man, your good at this!!" Cody goes into a most muscular pose, and starts holding it. As he is flexing to the max, I could swear that new muscles were popping out, being pumped full of power. I can feel his cock getting bigger, reading for climax. His gargantuan balls almost visibly boiling, they are so full. Cody is still holding his pose, seeming to grow before my eyes. "This pump is great, I feel like I’m growing man, so much power, so much fucking..mmmmm" I look up to see what happened and I cum in my pants. His pecs had pumped so big, they had slammed his jaw shut, he could now only grunt and groan. I am so thirsty for his cum that I can't stand it. Remembering earlier, I reach up with both hands and squeeze his nips hard. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" He screams, his cock exploding inside me. I can feel cups of cum gushing to my waiting belly and I swallow it all, growing a hard gut under my shirt. I get off it, trying to breath, only to get hosed with even more of his seed. "MMMMMMMMMM.MMMMMMMM.MMMMMM." His screams become groans as the deluge finally ends. Cody is still holding his pose. I can't even see his face from the shelf of his truly godlike pecs eclipsing my view. I hear him try to say something, but his pecs are holding his mouth shut. While he is immobile, I lick myself, and Cody clean. "Good thing we're in a doughnut shop, you just got glazed!", I look up to see Cody bent over so he could see me, his head bent all the way back so he could talk. We stare at each other, and then start laughing. This is going to be the best job ever!

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