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Found 4 results

  1. Here's the next instalment - I hope you enjoy. I've got a few more chapters planned for after this... Chapter 4 Sal had not long left for work when I heard the doorbell ring and smiled. I knew instantly who I would find waiting outside my house – I was only surprised that Karl had managed to keep away this long. Perhaps he was waiting for Sal to leave? It had been two days since I’d first used the AlphaScent and undergone my massive transformation. Sal and I had barely left the house in this time, fucking over and over like animals – her desire for my huge muscles and massive cock were insatiable. In between the fucking and muscle worship I’d noticed that the effects of the AlphaScent began to wear off after exactly 24 hours, my muscles slowly shrinking and my cock diminishing back towards its previous size. If I re-applied the spray just before this time though my size was preserved but I was disappointed to notice that I didn’t get any bigger. I was hoping the effects of the scent might be cumulative. As I padded down the hall towards the front door I felt supremely confident, another positive side-effect of the AlphaScent. I opened the door to find Karl standing on the doorstep, an angry look on his face as I’d expected. “Give it back!” he shouted, his fists balled, veins popping out on his clenched hands. I immediately noticed that Karl was smaller than on our previous encounter – slightly shorter, and his immaculate smart white shirt looser fitting. He was still big though and I guessed that if we measured up there wouldn’t be much between us in terms of height and weight. Perhaps he was already muscular before he started using the AlphaScent? Or maybe the longer you used the scent the longer it took for the effects to wear off? “Hi Karl,” I replied, totally relaxed. “It’s good to see you,” I added, smiling. “You’ve cost me 3 sales so far!” Karl said, still shouting, anger flooding off him in waves. I could see though that his eyes betrayed his outward emotions and were slowly drinking in my new appearance, flicking up and down to take in my colossal size. I was purposefully wearing a sleeveless blue gym top and matching tight shorts which nicely emphasised the width of my quads. The huge bulge in the front of them also left little to the imagination. “Give it back to me you little bitch,” Karl roared. I was pleased to notice that even his voice sounded less masculine than before. “Little…?” I smirked, casually resting one arm up against the doorframe so that my bicep was gently flexed and my hairy pit exposed. “Yes, you fucking little…” Karl started but I saw the exact moment that he was hit by the full effects of the AlphaScent. “Just give it…” he tried to continue lamely. I decided to reinforce the effects of the scent by running my other hand down over my swollen pecs and the tight ripped abs pushing through my muscle top. To Karl, I knew I looked the epitome of masculinity and having been through it myself, I could imagine the war going on in his head. “Why don’t you come in Karl?” I asked casually, my hand briefly running over the bulge in my gym shorts. I saw his eyes follow my hand as it continued down and pulled up the tight band of fabric, exposing even more of my quads. “No..I…” Karl mumbled, still staring at my massive legs. I knew I had him. I stood back from the door, making space for him to walk through and watched as he slowly entered my house, as if in a trance. I led him into the living room and indicated for him to sit on one of the two sofas whilst I remained standing in the middle of the room. “I tell you Karl…” I started, “…being this big is A-ma-zing.” I brought my right arm up as I was speaking, flexing my bicep hard and seeing the huge muscle pop, a thick vein snaking its way across the surface. I noticed Karl’s eyes widen in response and an obvious bulge start to form in his smart work trousers. Straight away I hit a double bi, both arms pumped and vascular, watching as his bulge started to swell even faster. “Ha,” I barked. “Look how you’re getting hard over my muscle body!” “N-n-no,” Karl stammered, quickly putting his hands over the bulge in his trousers, trying to cover it. He looked pathetic – I could hardly believe this was the same guy that had totally dominated me less than a week ago. “Mmm,” I moaned, still pumping my huge guns. “Look how big these biceps are Karl”. I kissed each one in turn then proceeded to lick slowly over the giant peaks of muscle, relishing the feeling of the solid fibres beneath my tongue. “Fuuucck,” Karl moaned under his breath, unable to help himself. “You liked that didn’t you Karl?” I teased. “Watching this muscle GOD worship his own muscles. You wish that could be your tongue don’t you bitch?” “N-no way Joe,” Karl replied, trying to push himself away from me as I took another step closer. “Say Karl, why don’t we cut the bullshit? I can see that you want me,” I boasted, reaching forward to squeeze the sizeable bulge in his trousers. “No…please…mmm…stop,” Karl moaned, unable to hide his pleasure at my touch. I stood up straight again, letting go of his cock and grabbing the bottom of my muscle top with both hands. I pulled it up slowly, inch by inch revealing more of my ripped torso to Karl. I knew this would drive him crazy and sure enough, once I’d got the top up and over my head, I looked down to see Karl with a look of frenzied desire on his face. I stood only a foot away from him, just in my tight gym shorts. “Look at these abs, Karl,” I said, slowly running my hands over them, tracing the outline of the cobbled 8-pack. Karl didn’t reply, his face a picture of confusion. I could imagine the war going on his head. I decided to take things to the next level and really push his limits. “And Karl…I know that this is what you want more than anything…” I said, running one hand down under the waistband of my gym shorts, squeezing my semi-hard cock. “No…No way,” Karl stammered, trying to look confident as he made to stand up. I rested one hand on his chest and pushed him back down with surprising ease – either he wasn’t really trying or he’d lost a lot more muscle mass than I’d thought. Maybe it was a bit of both? “Why pretend you want to leave Karl when we both know you don’t?” I gloated. With that I leaned forward, putting one hand on the sofa either side of Karl’s head with my legs straddling his so that I was towering over him. I then positioned my bulge against his, feeling his rock hard cock through the thin fabric, and started to grind my pelvis in small circles. “Oh…fuck…No…please stop,” Karl moaned as I teased his cock. I ignored him, continuing to grind my cock up against his, smirking down at him and noticing how my abs tensed and relaxed with every movement. “Joe…please don’t.” I ignored him still, taking one of my hands off the sofa to flex my bicep just inches from his face. “Oh fuck,” he moaned, staring at my huge peaked muscle. “That’s it Karl…there’s no point resisting…I can feel that you want me,” I whispered in his ear, still grinding up against his hard cock. “Mmmmm…fuck…that feels good,” Karl groaned, unable to help himself, as his eyes feasted on my muscle body. I stopped grinding, and rested back on Karl’s quads so that I had both hands free, an idea coming into my head. “Right…let’s see what’s going on under here,” I growled, grabbing his shirt at the collar. “No please Joe…don’t,” he begged. I ignored him, pulling down with one swift movement and ripping all the buttons of his shirt so that it lay open, framing his torso. I immediately saw why he hadn’t wanted me to take his top off. “Fuck…what happened?” I laughed, looking down at his exposed chest and abs. Don’t get me wrong, Karl still had some muscle but he was more of an athletic swimmers build than that of the amateur bodybuilder he’d been before. Clearly the shirt had been hiding some of his huge losses. “It’s the scent…” he moaned, “it’s nearly all worn off.” “HAHA…Well there’s no doubt who’s the Alpha now!” I roared. “Look at the difference between us!” I flexed my pecs, the huge mounds of muscle bouncing right in front of his face, a stark difference from his now pathetic chest. Karl looked mesmerized as he watched the dance of my muscles. “FUCK bitch,” I roared, “you love watching me flex these HUGE MUSCLES!” I flexed my biceps hard again, loving how they popped up, veins exploding over the surface. “I’M A FUCKING MUSCLE BEAST,” I boomed, still looking down at Karl’s pitiful body, getting turned on by the comparison between us. “Oh fuck,” Karl moaned in response, looking up at the beast I’d become. “Tell me you want this MUSCLE GOD!” I ordered. Karl was silent, transfixed, still a bit confused. “TELL ME!” I roared, grabbing his hands and resting them on my huge pecs. With that, Karl could control himself no more. “Oh FUCK YES…I want you…YOU HUGE FUCKING MUSCLE BEAST!” he screamed. I grabbed the back of his head, feeling no resistance as I pulled in him into my hairy pit. “Lick out my pit bitch,” I boomed as I felt him get to work, moaning as he did. Karl feasted in my pit before I let him lick across my pecs, sucking on each nip in turn as he looked up at me. “Worship this body,” I moaned, lost in the amazing feeling of having another man (and Karl at that) appreciate every inch of my musclular torso. His hands were exploring my shoulders and biceps as he tongued my pecs and I flexed each muscle as I felt his hands run over them. Soon, my own cock was rock hard and aching for release from the confines of my gym shorts so I pushed myself back, standing in front of Karl again, leaving him panting on the sofa. “Take them off,” I ordered, knowing he would understand exactly what I meant. Karl immediately dropped onto his knees in front of me, grabbing my gym shorts round the waistband and pulling them down. “Oh fuck,” he gasped as my big thick cock slapped up against my abs, “you’re fucking huge.” He kept pulling the shorts down, taking a few seconds to stretch them over my wide quads before they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. I stood in the middle of the room, totally naked, as I looked down at Karl. “Worship your muscle GOD,” I ordered, looking down at him as I crossed my arms, a total alpha. Karl moved in towards my rock hard cock. “I don’t think so…” I barked, pushing him back, “I think you should start with my feet and work up”. I was determined to humiliate Karl even more than he’d humiliated me. Karl didn’t even hesitate, immediately leaning forward to start licking my big masculine feet. “Mmmmm…yes…that’s it,” I moaned, looking down at my new muscle slave. Karl’s tongue worked over my toes, licking between them. “Fuck, you like that don’t you slut?” I taunted. He nodded in response, not breaking from his worship to speak, still licking my feet all over. He then concentrated on each toe in turn, sucking them into his warm mouth. I moaned in pleasure as he did, unable to stop myself, the feeling was so amazing. Soon, Karl had begun to work up my tight calves, licking and kissing the mounds of muscle clearly visible beneath what little body fat I had. His tongue traced the veins leading up my legs, moaning as he did, his hands exploring ahead to feel the huge thick muscles in my quads. “Mmmm…fuck you love these muscles,” I moaned, flexing my quads as his hands explored them. I ran my own hands over my pumped, swollen pecs, still not used to the feeling of rock hard muscle beneath my skin. My thick throbbing cock ached as I looked down at Karl, reduced to a muscle slut at my feet, his head only filled now with my scent and thoughts of worshipping my muscle body. “Tell me what you are Karl,” I ordered. “I’m your muscle slut,” he moaned without hesitating, now kissing and licking my thick quads. “FUCK yeah you are,” I replied, wrapping my hand round my massive manhood. “And I know what you want even more than my huge muscles,” I added. “Mmm yes Sir…please…let me suck your big cock,” he begged, his hands resting on my solid quads as he looked up at me. I grabbed the back of his head with one hand and my cock with the other, guiding the two together. Karl opened his mouth obediently, his eyes crazed with lust. I slapped my rock hard cock against his cheek with as much force as I could manage. “Ahhh…oh FUCK…yeah,” Karl moaned. I slapped my thick cock against his face over and over, amazed at how fucking big it looked. “Oh man…my cock is HUGE,” I roared, as it thwacked against his face, starting to leave a mark with the repeated hits. Soon I realised that my manhood was aching for release and so I began to move it towards Karl’s hungry lips before resting the heavy meat on his wet tongue. “Alpha turned slut,” I said simply as I looked down at Karl and began to guide my aching cock past his lips. Karl didn’t reply, his eyes wide and his mouth already full with my throbbing cock head. I let out a low guttural moan as I felt his lips stretch to take my manhood, his eyes wide. “Oh FUCK,” I moaned, even more turned on than I had been with Sal. I felt my cock hit the back of Karl’s throat and he started to gag and splutter, trying to pull away as his reflexes took over. “Oh no you fucking don’t slut,” I said, grabbing the back of his head and holding him down on my cock as I continued to advance it. He put his hands on my tree-trunk quads, trying to push himself back but he was no match and I barely flexed my biceps at all to hold him there. “Take it Karl…take my fucking COCK,” I roared as he continued to struggle. My cock was now sliding down his throat and there was still much more of it to feed him. I looked down to see his panicked eyes. “Ha…this is your first time sucking a cock too isn’t it?” I mocked. Karl nodded in response. “But you want it don’t you slut,” I continued, determined to maximise his humiliation. He nodded again. “HA…Karl the cock whore,” I laughed, “who would have thought it?” Soon, my cock was balls deep in Karl’s mouth, his gag reflex overcome for the moment, and I held it there. Karl’s eyes bulged as he began to panic again, realising that he couldn’t breathe, but still I held him. “Oh FUCK…that feels GOOD,” I roared before finally dragging my cock out of Karl’s mouth. He immediately gasped for air, coughing and spluttering before I slammed my cock quickly back in again. I began fucking his face hard, building up a rhythm as my cock slid in and out of his mouth, my balls slapping hard against his chin. Slowly Karl adjusted to the massive size of my cock and I watched as began rubbing his bulge through his trousers. “Fuck…you hungry little cocksucker… you fucking love this HUGE MAN DICK,” I thundered, still slamming hard into him. Karl nodded and moaned in response, the transformation from alpha to cock whore nearly complete. This ignited a primal response in me and I began pounding him harder and faster, loud bestial grunts leaving my lips. I was still holding the back of his head hard on my cock and looked down to see my huge pumped biceps flexed, veins popping up as I continued to fuck. A sheen of sweat was glistening on my engorged pecs and arms, topping off the image of a total alpha muscle stud. I moaned as I felt Karl start to explore my muscles whilst he took my thick cock. His hands worked their way up from my quads, running over the ridges between my abs until he found my pecs. I flexed for him as he squeezed them, looking down to see his hands dwarfed by the colossal mounds of muscle. “FUCK…look…at…those…pecs,” I grunted between thrust of my cock, “they’re so FUCKING BIG!!” With that, I felt myself getting closer and closer to climax, knowing that if I continued as I was now very soon I’d be shooting a huge load down Karl’s waiting throat. But I had other ideas. Without warning I pulled my cock out of Karl’s wet mouth, at the same time pushing him backwards onto the floor. “No…please…Joe,” he begged, hungry for my manhood to be back in him. I stood in front of him smirking as I looked down, slowly jerking my thick cock. I loved how it felt underneath my fingers, throbbing and rock hard, my thumb teasing my aching cock head. “You’re Pathetic,” I spat at Karl as he lay on the floor at my feet looking up at me, “a pathetic cock whore.” “Yes Sir,” Karl moaned, biting his lip as he looked up at his God. “You know who the alpha is now, don’t you slut?” I asked, his humiliation nearly complete. “You sir,” he replied, “you’re a fucking Alpha Muscle God.” “Mmm that’s right slut,” I moaned, still stroking my throbbing cock. “Please Sir…” Karl begged, looking up at me. “What, slut?” “Please cum for me,” he continued, desperate. “What was that bitch?” I snorted, smirking at him. “Your cock slut needs your muscle load,” he begged, hunger in his eyes. “Mmmm…yeah he does bitch,” I replied, stroking my cock faster as I looked down at Karl. “Say it again,” I ordered. “I need your muscle load Sir,” he pleaded, now on his knees in front of me. I stroked my cock faster still. “Again!” I grunted. “Please Sir, shoot your huge muscle load over me,” Karl moaned, unable to keep from rubbing the bulge in his trousers. “Fuck, yeah…” I moaned, stroking even faster. I felt my heavy balls begin to tighten. “AGAIN!” I roared, a God needing to unload. “PLEASE SIR, GIVE ME YOUR ALPHA LOAD,” Karl shouted in desperation, his voice weedy and pathetic in comparison to mine. “YES…FUCK….I’M YOUR MUSCLE GOD,” I bellowed, huge ropes of cum shooting out of my massive cock as an orgasm flooded my body. “FUUUUUUCK!” I roared as rope after rope of cum landed on Karl, covering his face and torso. He had his mouth open, trying to swallow as much as he could, but still it was overflowing, streaming down his chin onto his tight chest. “EAT MY LOAD YOU CUM SLUT,” I ordered as waves of pleasure crashed through me. After what felt like minutes my cock stopped bucking. Karl was totally covered in my muscle load - from head to toe there was not a body part that had been spared. I leant forward, scooping up some of the cum from his chest and abs and bringing it to his lips, watching as he hungrily sucked on my fingers like the slut the AlphaScent had made him. Within a few seconds his body started to buck and writhe as he had the most intense orgasm of his life, embarrassingly shooting his load into his pants without even touching himself. “Don’t be here when I get back,” I ordered simply, as I went to take a shower, leaving this previous Alpha on the floor still covered in my cum.
  2. (Took a little bit from an older CYOC story, can’t remember which, and added from there) He slams the door shut behind you and sits you on his lap as he sits his muscular ass on the closed toiled lid in the guys bathroom. He then reached out with his right hand and began groping one of your ass cheeks, as you began feeling along his muscular black arm. You squeezed, but couldn't hurt his steel-hard bicep, then he flexed it for you. The large ball of muscle jumped out and you gasped, "Wow. You're so strong." "Fuck yea I am bitch," replied Carlton in a dominant tone. He pulled away from your ass to reach up and fully flex both his incredible massive arms. He had decided to take you to the bathroom stall to fuck you in private, cause he’s straight, or so you thought. Because with how eager he was getting into the bathroom alone with you, you were beginning to have second thoughts. He then flexes both of his incredibly massive bit ps again, only this time a little harder. You look up at his imposing black form as he sits on the toilet lid in the bathroom stall and you on his lap. His arms looked even bigger. "Go ahead and feel em fag'." He smirked and looked at his own impressive limbs. 'They do look bigger,' he thought. While you continued to worship Carlton’s bulging right arm, you began making out with the god stud and teasing his large black nipple at the same time. You were trying to straddle his wide left thigh and pressed your chest against his, but for some reason you were having difficulty getting positioned, almost as if as soon as you found a comfortable position, it instantly went away. Suddenly, Carlton felt very uncomfortable in his xl boxers. He pulled his tongue out of your mouth long enough to say, "Fuck nigga it felt like my pants just got tighter." You then placed your hands on his thick right pectoral and then moved them down his cut-up eight pack to his sick atlas lines. You begin to anxiously undo his pants and pull them down, and was not surprised to see that the muscle jock was wearing his Calvin’s. Carlton’s thick black god cock sprang up to a full 13 inches and throbbed with as many veins as his vascular arms. And below that, big black lemon sized balls pumped testosterone and hormones into is godly form. The wide root was hidden by a large amount of black hair that was framed by his incredibly muscular thighs. You gasped at this porn-star sized dick. "Oh my god. You're big," you said, sounding incredibly aroused. "Fuck yea I am, I’m a huge fucking black god!" said Carlton who was too entranced with his own muscles to notice he was a good inch longer than usual and that his voice was slightly deeper. You then began swallowing his huge veiny black cock down your throat, “Fuck, that feels sooo good." The feeling of his fat black head deep down your throat made him shudder. He puts his hand on the back of your head and forces your head down it further. You start sucking, and are surprised, but not really, to feel him shove his cock deep down your throat so far as to where your nose is smashed up against his body. But then you feel him do it what seems like a second time, only much further, even though he never pulled out between thrusts. You then feel like his cock is quickly being filled up like a balloon as it fills up your mouth and throat to an unreal level. As his cock throbs bigger in your mouth, you feel Carlton’s already massive nuts begin to surge bigger underneath your chin. You reach up with both hands to feel that they have grown to each being goose-egg sized stuffed in his underwear. Once your hands, through the fabric of his underwear, make contact with each of his giant nuts though, Carlton stretches out and bulges your throat and mouth so full with his, now 20in and increasing, god cock that it begins to stretch past humanly possible. And you begin to worry he could tell that. “Oh fuck me that felt good, but don’t do that again, my huge balls are sensitive and I don’t want to outgrow this stall just yet.” You looked up at him in extreme arousal after hearing what just left his mouth. “Yea thats fuckin right fag!” He said looking down on you “choking” on his huge black dick puffing out of your mouth with size and power bulging all the way down to your throat oozing pre into your stomach. “I found out you are magic and can grow people with your arousal a while ago. But then I also found out that you are attracted to dominance, and well... you know me” he said as he made his big muscular pecs bounce. “And then I caught you sneaking looks at me in the dining hall and I knew, I fuckin knew I was going to become a fucking massive muscle god!” He looks down at you and flexes all of his bulging black muscles. Your cock then begins to weep pre from how hot he’s making you as you feel his junk bulges even more inhumanly large in your throat and beneath your chin. You see his muscular form then begin to take up so much space that his massive muscles arms are now touching either side of the green bathroom stall. Seeing this too then made you repeat the process as you see his abs tighten and bulge to the size of your fists as you heard a a much deeper version of Carlton’s voice escape from his quivering lips above you “Holy Fuck it feels so fuckin good, everything feels so incredible and incredibly fucking powerful...” The black god is left awestruck with his growing body and begins to feel himself up. Meanwhile you continued without success to get the god to cum but Carlton only said, “Its gonna fucking take a lot more than that to make this BEAST cum!!” So you then hoist his now massive throbbing hard cock out of your mouth and began to guide it into your ass. The waves of pleasure were so intense you couldn't even concentrate completing on your self-appointed task of fully stuffing his tremendous manhood all the way in. "OH FUCK. I feel so big. So buff. I'm a huge fucking stud. Yeah." The young god grunted, enjoying his new size. Beneath you, His big black balls slowly bulging and inflating to the size of grapefruits. Carlton had left his balls in his Calvin’s cause, one they were the most sensitive part of his body even when they were at their original size, and two he liked to see how even with his god cock out of the underwear, he can still see his two giant black nuts stretching out his underwear when he fucked someone sitting down. And now he was certainly going to see that, cause tears on Carlton’s underwear begin to form as his bulging growing black god balls fill his xl Calvin Klein white underwear to the tearing point. His immense thighs became so defined that the teardrop shape grooves were impossibly deep Carlton had started out as an, albeit above average, college alpha god stud black muscle jock, but was now a 8’10" overly muscled heavyweight bodybuilder with a twenty five inch cock. The beastly muscle nineteen year old moaned louder as he felt your tight hole growing smaller and smaller around his ever expanding black monster. "Oooh. So Fucking TIGHT BITCH. I'm too fucking GODLY AND HUGE. Yeah. Huge Muscle jock." You looked down and watched as his shelf-like pecs ballooned out, the cleft between them ran deep. His massive shoulders stretched to three feet wide, close to the size of bowling balls now. You felt his expanding abs pressing hard against your naked butt. His huge thighs continued to push your legs even wider and his head began slowly growing further away. His now incredibly muscular black body was completely filling out his stretchy workout shirt and shorts with massive muscle and black manhood. So much so to a point you could hear and see tearing coming from the fabric. His size fifteen 1/2 shoes explode off his humongus black feet. You sat on his immense thighs, having now takin Carlton’s 30’ massive cock. The feeling of his growing black veiny god cock was intensified as Carlton made a really orgasmic face and a massive involuntary thrust came from the black gods groin as his now obscenely massive nuts that were falling out of the sides of his underwear swelled massively and destroyed their previous confines flooding the god with testosterone as his body then throbs even bigger and more muscular completely destroying what was left of his clothes and leaving his growing muscular ass to begin engulfing the toilet seat. Carlton then gets harrier in certain places especially his armpits and around the base of his monolithic tower of a cock. His rich hot musk begins to fill the room, but apparently, this kind of power was not intense enough for the ever gaining power muscle jock. Carlton began lurching and thrusting his enormous, muscular haunches, as waves and waves of infinite power begin to flow into him, lifting you higher into the air. Wracked with pleasure he reaches up with his enormous black arms and grabs hold of you. You look down and yell to get his attention. His arms are now gigantic. Carltons thick bulging black forearms are bigger than your waist and his bicep peaks are easily 38 inches. The yell wakes Carlton from his pleasure dream and he lets go of you just as the god throbs bigger and the toilet collapses under the muscle giants steel-hard ass. Carlton looks down at his 10’3", 750 pound body and grins. "Shit, I am fucking huge. I'm a FUCKING MUSCLE GOD BLACK BEAST! I’M SO FUCKING STRONG I COULD DESTROY THIS BUILDING!," he yells. He then notices you, still thrust upon his now 40 inch god black cock, now looking extremely horny. He laughs at you and begins flexing and feeling his huge muscles “FUCK YEA, Make your big powerful god fucking bigger and MORE POWERFUL!” Carlton’s muscles are so massive that he takes up most of the restroom with his big black imposing god form. The giant young black god then stands to his full height, his head bumping into the ceiling, with you still impaled on his twitching thick black monster actually suspended in the air. Carlton begins to flex his huge body. “Maybe if I flex harder and show more dominance it will turn you on more.” He says hitting a double bicep pose, he laughs at the enormous muscle peaks which are bigger than your head throb and swell magnificently. "OH FUCK! GUESS FUCKING SO!” he booms. "I'm so FUCKING HUGE. I'm the biggest fuckin nigga on the fuckin planet. I fucking love being such a HUGE FUCKING MUSCLE GOD." Carlton begins to laugh and revel in his power as you quickly jump off his dick as much as you don’t want to, but you don’t know how big he’s about to get. He hits a few more double bicep poses flexing his guns and admiring how huge and godly his body now was. And while doing so he begins to stagger to the ground as if trying to hold a bolder above him as power pours into his being. All the while with each stagger, different parts of his godlike being throb and pulse outwardly larger and bigger, and especially more girthy. His ampit hair grows denser and hotter as his biceps bulged stronger and bigger, followed by all of his other giant black muscles. Carlton’s dick throbs bigger comparatively to his muscled black body, and underneath, Carlton’s massive nuts are gaining even more size to keep up with his huge black dick. Being the cocky black god that he is, Carlton wants to feel the power that each of his balls contains. So with his massive hand he tries to cup one of his balls, manages to get his hand around enough to hold it, but barely able to keep from having it fall out of his hand from the sheer mass of it. Carlton then gives it a squeeze, and not a moment later than when he did that did his massive godly body surge with incredible size and strength completely filling the entire boys bathroom. “Fuck yea I’m a fucking god nigga” Carlton said in his deep voice under his breath. “I’m gonna be a FUCKING GOD!”. He squeezed it again, then again, and then again, completely destroying the bathroom and building with his growing form all the while his bulging cock head just oozed his cum onto the ground beneath him covering some trees, then some buildings, then all of his College campus, each throb of growth induced by Carlton made him shoot his thick god load in larger and larger quantities. Carlton then squeezes hard on both of his giant powerhouse balls and in one giant surge in both size and cum, he begins to dwarf the biggest skyscrapers. The black muscle god works himself into a flexing frenzy, actually getting turned on by his new size as his body continues to expand, gaining infinitely more power to make Carlton into the muscle god he was soon to be. The biggest bodybuilders would look like dust compared to his godly form. his gigantic pecs engorged with power and bounced with every flex. Your entire apartment was the size of any of his amazing 10-pack. "OH FUCK. IM SO FUCKING BIG, AND IM ONLY GETTING FUCKING BIGGER, SO FUCKING MASSIVE. YEAH. SOON ILL BE A FUCKING GOD, OH FUCK!” Muscles bulge all over his body, “GONNA FUCKIN REALLY FUCKIN CUM!!!" His giant muscled frame exploded with veins and pumped up to unbelievable proportions as his entire body flexed at once. His incredible already inhumanly deep voice jumps down an octave as his deep godlike moans begin to rumble everything around him. His orgasm was so powerful it actually covered all of the city. As the black giant muscle god surged bigger and more powerfully into the sky, you decided that you wanted to see Carlton become the Ultimate God. You then wished that Carlton would gain so much power and godly muscle, that he would become an actual god. Carlton’s deep moan then stopped. He looked down at you in confusion and almost anger because his godly body had stopped growing. Carlton’s entire black god body then lurched and began to rise up off of the ground. His big bulging black muscle body and huge black god cock and balls began to obscenely inflate. His powerful bulging muscles then seemed to shrink for a moment, but then get ten times bigger; You notice that this is happening because they are only beginning to get infinitely denser and stronger as his huge black cock head began to ooze thick ropy cum. “YEESSSSS!!!” Carlton bellowed in his newly godly deep voice. “MAKE ME YOUR GOD!!!!” Cartons huge bulging form began to gain more and more power as the sky around him began to twist and warp due to the sheer density that Carlton’s godly body now possessed. With a huge typhoon of god cum that explodes out from his increasingly growing black dick head protruding from his exponentially growing black muscle god body, Carlton’s deeply godly voice booms, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR NIGGA!?!?!MAKE ME YOUR FUCKING BLACK GOD!!!MAKE ME THE FUCKING GOD OF EVERYTHING!!!” You then concentrate all the energy and power around Carlton and begin to force it into his growing godly form. The black god looks down at you with an extremely dominant and almost evil grin. The black god then grabs his titanic bulging cock with both of his hands and starts to stroke it as power from all around him rushes into his being. With each orgasmicly struggled stroke the massive black god made, deep from within his giant cock comes a shudder that runs through Carlton and with that, the black gods muscle body and cock and balls bulged titanically, his muscle becoming infinitely powerful as his black godly deep voice drops even lower and gets louder and louder as all you can hear is something of a deep bellow like orgasmic moan come from the god Carlton’s muscle throat “SHIT NIGGA!!! FUCKIN SHIT NIGGA!!! SO MUCH FUCKIN POWER!!!”He then reaches back down to his balls as another powerful wave of growth hits him. “MORE NIGGA!!! MORE FUCKING POWER!!!”Carlton’s muscled twitched and bulged. He starts rubbing and needing and squeezing his big black balls with an almost brain dead look on his face as his hot lips hang wide open and drool and his eyes roll into the back of his head from the amount of orgasmic pleasure running through his bulging throbbing body. His cock starts spewing an endless stream of cum like a fire hose turned on full blast as he expands in all directions exponentially with muscle, size, power, and masculinity as his huge black body becomes buffer and stronger and bigger and more powerful then the fucking earth. Carlton then begins to shove his god cock into the earth as he feels another extremely powerful surge of growth come from deep within him. “OOHH FUCK ME!!!”Carlton’s entire being then surged bigger as his cock began to tear the world apart. His body siphoned in the earths energy through his cock as he held onto it. His big bulging muscular ass began to encroach the moon and completely encapsulate it. The giant black muscle god felt this and his asshole twitched as he crushed the moon between his ass cheeks and absorbed it’s energy. The black god moaned as the energy’s power flowed into him and his cock began to twitch and expand inside of the earth. This was followed by a large throb that cause his dickhead alone to grow bigger then the earth as he was filled with exponential godly power. Carlton then began to expand in all directions as his muscular black body packed on more and more size. BIGGER!!! FUCK YEA FUCKING BIGGER AND MORE GODLY!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! I AM THE FUCKING BIGGEST THING IN EXISTENCE!!! AND IT’S ONLY FUCKING GETTING STARTED!!!” Carlton’s thundered in his omnipresent voice as he got so massive and powerful that his black god piss slit was infinitely bigger then the observable universe, and then he exponentially grew bigger in constant spurts with each spurt infinitely growing him bigger and more powerful then the last.
  3. Links to the other chapters: Chapter 1 - https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13796-the-car-salesman-chapter-1/ Chapter 2 - https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13890-the-car-salesman-chapter-2/ Hope you all enjoy this chapter - I promise Karl makes a return in the next one Chapter 3 Over the next few minutes my breathing gradually began to settle, the rise and fall of my mammoth chest starting to slow. Still laying face up on the bed, I looked down at my torso in total disbelief and amazement at what had just happened. I say “my torso” but in actual fact I was unable to see beyond the huge slabs of thick muscle that were my chest. The muscle looked like marble beneath my skin, thick and heavy, a light dusting of hair completing the picture of absolute masculinity. I noticed how each pec was still covered in thick rivers of cum as I suddenly and unexpectedly felt my mouth water at the same time. Without thinking I reached a hand up, scooping the thick warm cum onto my fingers and bringing them to my lips. Slowly, I sucked on each of my fingers in turn, savouring the taste and moaning slightly as I ate my own seed for the first time in my life. Fuck, it tasted good! I wasted no time scooping up the rest from my abs and chest, not wanting to waste any, before I caught sight of the clock out of the corner of my eye. Shit, it was nearly 7pm…my wife would be home at any moment. For the first time some of the practicalities of what had just happened crept into my head. It was hardly likely to go unnoticed by my wife of 8 years that the weedy man she had left this morning had transformed into a musclebound God, with a body verging on that of a professional bodybuilder. And what was I going to wear?!! There was no way I could squeeze into any of my old clothes…I would look totally ridiculous…Fuck…what was I going to do? My thoughts were racing and I felt myself beginning to lose control. With a huge effort I tried to pull myself together, realising that my first priority was to clean myself up. I needed a shower. And more time to think. I got myself up off the bed, trying not to look at my hulking reflection in the mirror opposite, worried that I’d get hard straight away and be unable to resist jerking off another load. As I walked the short distance to the bathroom I couldn’t help but notice that my quads were rubbing together at the top of my legs. I stumbled a little, struggling to get used to the new girth of my legs, feeling slightly off balance as each huge foot struck the floor. My newly enlarged cock stirred again, despite my best efforts, with the realisation that my swollen muscles were making it hard to walk. My arms felt strange too, not just bigger but further away from my body with my chest and lats pushing them out sideways. “Fuck, I’m a beast,” I growled, looking down to see that my quads were so big that they were actually pushing my growing cock forwards. In the bathroom, I quickly got the shower running cold and was about to step in when I spotted the digital scales in the corner of the room. When I last weighed myself a few weeks ago a solid 85Kg flickered on the display and I knew that a significant beer-gut contributed towards that. “Oh fuck,” I gasped as I stepped on, watching as the numbers rocketed upwards before finally settling on… **118Kg** I stared at the display in disbelief. A full 33Kg heavier and with a body fat probably in single figures. Fitness freaks worked years for the sort of gains I’d just made in the last few minutes. My head was reeling as I stepped into the icy cold water of the shower and started to wash off the combined sweat and cum. I couldn’t believe that only a few days ago I’d had no interest in muscle at all. This seemed impossible now as I looked down at my hulking frame, my mind racing with the possibilities that this would bring. I noticed that the walk-in shower felt more confined than normal, my arms and shoulders knocking up against the walls with every movement. I also had to duck under the shower head due to my increased height, something I never would have had to do before. I stepped out of the water briefly and started to soap up my vast upper body, my hands lingering more than was truly necessary. I spread the soap over my wide chest, enjoying the heavy feel of my pecs, instinctively flexing them under my fingers. The muscle felt rock-hard as I squeezed each slab in turn, unable to make a dent in the dense fibres under the skin. My large hands brushed over my nips and sent shivers through my body, making my hot-wired and now rock-hard cock jump. “Mmmm,” I growled, relishing the incredible sensation and pausing my exploration of my new muscles to squeeze each of my nips between my fingers. I moaned loudly as the feeling intensified even further and I thought I could cum there and then without even touching myself. Leaving my nips, I let my hands wander southwards, spreading the soap down onto my cobbled abs, exploring each of the deep grooves with my fingers. Again, an instinctive need to flex came over me and I pulled them tight before hitting my rock-like abs a couple of times with my clenched fists. “Oh fuck, they’re so hard,” I exclaimed, realising how turned on I was getting yet again. A small voice in my head tried to suggest I should control myself and get ready for my wife who would be home at any minute. A much louder voice disagreed, telling me that my body needed to be explored and worshipped. I eventually moved on from my abs up to my cannonball shoulders, spreading the soap over their amazing width. I noticed again how they were practically touching the previously spacious walls of the shower. “So big…” I moaned, my deep voice filling the space. Quickly my attention was drawn to my arms which I suspected might become my favourite body part. They just looked so fucking strong and masculine. I marvelled at the impressive shape of them, firstly straitening my right arm to make my triceps pop out at the back. My body-fat was so low on my arms that I could see individual striations running under the skin and I enjoyed running my hand up and down. I had to contort myself slightly to flex my biceps in the confined space of the shower but fuck it was worth it. Each of them exploded in a huge mound of solid muscle, massive peaks reaching up obscenely and huge veins snaking across the surface. I tried to squeeze each of my bicep in turn, my fingers barely reaching halfway round, and was unable to dent the rock solid muscle even a little bit. “Mmmm,” I grunted again, amazed at the feeling of my biceps under my probing fingers. I pumped my arms a few times, watching as they visibly expanded, blood filling the dense muscle. I couldn’t wait to hit the gym with this new body, imagining how my arms would look after an amazing workout. As I continued to pump and flex my arms, another sensation pushed its way into my head – an intense aching in my cock driven by the sight of my colossal arms. I looked down, past my bulging pecs, to see my 8” cock was rock hard and leaking a stream of glistening precum from my swollen cock head. I turned the water up to hot before stepping back under the jets, at the same time reaching down to wrap my left hand around my thick shaft. “Fuck, I’m hung,” I growled, enjoying the sensation of my rock-hard cock under my fingers. My right hand continued to explore my bulging muscles – arms, pecs, abs, quads over and over - whilst I slowly jerked my cock. I couldn’t help letting out deep, masculine grunts as I brought myself closer and closer to cumming. Soon I was so loud that I was sure the rest of the street would hear, let alone my wife if she was already home. “Mmmm…FUCK…look at this muscle body,” I roared, stroking my cock faster and faster, my eyes feasting on the sight beneath me. “I’m a FUCKING HUNG MUSCLE GOD,” I shouted, even louder, completely loosing myself as I felt the hot water wash over my huge pumped muscles. Suddenly the thought of growing even bigger still came into my head, hitting the gym and becoming a true muscle Alpha. It was this thought that finally sent me over the edge and I felt a huge orgasm building in my full balls as they tightened. I flexed my biceps hard, jerking myself faster and faster, before huge streams of cum erupted from my jumping cock, hitting the walls of the shower. “FUUUCKKKKKKKK,” I screamed, struggling to hold myself upright. I was amazed at the size of my load given I’d only cum 20 minutes earlier but it kept coming as my body convulsed in total pleasure. It felt like minutes before the orgasm began to subside and I was left standing in the shower, resting against the wall, my pecs heaving with my laboured breathing. *** I was frantically rummaging through the drawers and wardrobe in my room, a huge pile of discarded clothes on the floor – all too small. What the fuck was I going to wear?! All of my T-shirts were size ‘S’ and I couldn’t even roll them down over my huge chest – they just sat wrapped around my shoulders. I’d ripped a few in the process of trying to get them on and off again. Finally I found a large black T shirt at the bottom of the drawer, something I’d bought ages ago just to wear around the house. I pulled it over my head and found that whilst it was still an effort to get it over my wide back and jutting chest, it did eventually go. It was a tight fit, especially around my arms which pulled the sleeves tight. I knew that one flex would rip the fabric completely and was careful to keep my arms as relaxed as possible. I moved on to trying to find some underwear that could contain my ridiculous quads and mammoth package. This proved impossible and a few minutes later there were several pairs of ripped boxers on the floor with the destroyed T-shirts. Every time I pulled on a pair I got it up as far as my quads before the cheap fabric started to tear, no match for the unyielding solid muscle beneath it. Then, in a different drawer I spotted a black speedo that I hadn’t put on since I’d gone through a phase of swimming regularly about 5 years ago. I stepped each of my thick legs into the swimwear and pulled it up past my tight ripped calves to my quads. Here, the elastic fabric had some give and I could get it up and over them where it settled nicely around my crotch. The material at the front stretched too, fitting snuggly round my large thick cock and creating an impressive bulge. My cock was so big that it caused the waistband of the speedo to push outwards and there was a small gap at the bottom of my abs. I turned to look behind, noticing that the thin fabric was struggling to contain the huge globes of my glutes. I decided to bunch the material together at the back so that I was wearing the speedo like a thong. I looked in the mirror. Fuck I was HOT! A combination of the tight fitting sexy clothes barely managing to contain my overflowing muscles and the aftereffects of the AlphaScent left me feeling more confident than I’d ever felt in my life. Any thoughts of what Sal would say when she got home left my head. She was going to be worshipping this huge muscle stud, begging for my thick man cock and moaning as I ploughed her all night. I felt so sexy as I gazed at myself in the mirror, now excited about my wife getting home, eager to show off. I dropped to the floor and started doing some press-ups, wanting my muscles to be as pumped as possible when Sal arrived. I’d never been able to do even 10 before my transformation (to be honest I’d never really tried) but soon I was up to 50 and still going strong. My chest and triceps felt great, filling with blood and making easy work of the exercise, almost begging for more weight and a real challenge. By 90 reps though my muscles were burning and I had to push hard through the final 10, grunting out the numbers as I did, aiming for 100. Once I’d achieved my goal I rolled over onto my back, immediately starting to do crunches, my abs visibly tightening and relaxing under the tightly fitted black T-shirt. I’d quickly completed 100 reps of crunches too and leaped up looking for something heavy to curl, wanting to see my biceps explode as I’d imagined in the shower. In the wardrobe I found a crate filled will old junk. I added a few more random items from around the room to make it heavier before grabbing it in both hands and slowly curling it up and down. The weight didn’t feel like a challenge at all but even the small amount of resistance meant that my biceps were soon swelling. I looked down, concentrating on each arm in turn to see veins popping over the surface, the rock hard muscle gliding beneath my paper-thin skin with every curl. As I was passing 50 reps I heard the key turning in the front door lock. “Hey Joe, I’m home…where are you?” I heard Sal calling up. “In the bedroom babe,” I shouted in reply, my voice deep and seductive. “Come up…I’ve got something to show you,” I added in the same tone, wondering if Sal would notice the change in my voice. I stood facing the door as I heard my wife’s gentle footsteps climbing the stairs. Seconds later the door opened and Sal stood there staring at me, a look of shock and horror on her face. Initially I thought she was speechless. “What the fuck happened to you?!” she blurted out, breaking the silence. It almost looked like she was trying to back away out of the room but couldn’t. I was instantly reminded of how I’d felt the first time I’d met Karl and knew that Sal, only a few feet away was being subjected to the full effect of my masculine scent. “Don’t you like it babe?” I crooned, smirking. As I stood there comfortable, totally relaxed, I drank in my wife’s appearance, as if for the first time, suddenly filled with animalistic lust. My wife had always been far too good-looking for me – blond, about 5’9, slim but with pert full breasts. She had always looked after herself, working out a couple of times a week and regularly going for long runs with co-workers. I felt my confidence rising even further, and the smirk growing on my face, as I realised we were now an even match. “Well Sal…?” I prompted as she had remained silent. I ran one hand over my chest and abs before lifting the t shirt just a little bit to give her a glimpse of the tight muscle underneath. “You’re so big Joe…” Sal replied quietly, a glazed look on her eyes as she walked slowly towards me. “What happen-…?” she added, tailing off as if she didn’t really care anymore and falling totally under my spell. I watched as her eyes flicked between my chest and abs, as well as focussing longingly on my pumped biceps. “Do you like my new look Sal?” I purred, taking a step forwards. “…so big…” I heard her murmur in response. Keen to take things further I pulled my arms up into a double biceps just like I’d seen bodybuilders do on TV and in pictures. Sal’s eyes widened as she saw the fabric of my too-tight-t-shirt pulled even tighter, forming a constricting band around my pumped upper arms. I started flexing and relaxing my biceps over and over and within seconds, as expected, I heard small rips coming from both sleeves. “Oh fuck,” I growled, flexing harder and harder, the ripping sound getting louder as the seam started to come apart. The T-shirt was no match for my rock-hard biceps and within no time my muscles were busting through. I’d been so focussed on my arms that I hadn’t noticed that Sal was now standing right in front of me. She reminded me of her presence by resting her small hands on my dinner-plate-sized pecs, letting out a moan of pleasure as she did. “Joe, you’re fucking huge,” she groaned, biting her lip, dissolving towards the total muscle slut I knew she would soon become. “Worship these muscles babe,” I commanded, my voice deep and persuasive. Sal didn’t need telling twice. She moved her hands hungrily from my chest to my swollen arms which I was still flexing over and over. I felt her trying to squeeze the granite-like muscles – even with both hands she couldn’t wrap them round my gigantic guns. As she explored my huge arms, I smirked realising that this was nothing less than this body…than I…deserved. “Fuck…I’m a muscle God,” I growled, relishing the feel of my wife’s probing hands. “Fuck Joe…you are a God,” Sal moaned in response, taking one hand off my biceps to reach down to her skirt, rubbing against her own pussy as she continued to explore my muscles with the other hand. “Mmmm babe, you’re so horny for this muscle body,” I roared, watching Sal pleasure herself as she worshipped me. Turned on by my wife’s lust and driven by instinct I reached up, grabbing the neck of my t-shirt with both hands. I pulled down in one quick motion, my new strength making light work of the feeble fabric. With a loud RIP the shirt was torn straight down the middle and I promptly shrugged my arms and shoulders out as well. I stood in front of Sal just wearing the speedo-thong, flexing my pecs and abs. “Fuck you’re so strong,” Sal whispered before leaning in to suck one of my huge nips gently in her mouth making my whole body jerk in pleasure. “That’s it babe, suck on those muscle tits,” I found myself saying. 2 days previously I could never have imagined those words leaving my mouth but now they felt entirely right. As Sal sucked, her hands continued to explore my wide shoulders as well as reaching under my arms to squeeze my immense lats. “Shit babe, you love these muscles don’t you?” I growled. “Mmmm yes Joe,” she replied, breaking off from sucking my nips and worshiping my muscles, total lust in her eyes as she looked up at me. As her gaze turned back down I watched her eyes widen as she caught sight of the bulge in my speedos. She’d clearly been too distracted by my huge torso to notice until now. “Fuck…” she moaned, unable to look away - I remembered the same feeling when I’d been in Karl’s office. “…you’re cock is bigger too,” she said, stating the obvious. I looked down at her smirking. My cock was only semi-hard but already the thin fabric of the speedo was straining to contain it, the gap around the waist band now at least 2cm. Sal reached down, running her hand over the obscene bulge, tracing the outline of my man-cock. My cock jumped at her touch, rapidly swelling and straining the speedo even further. “Go on babe…” I encouraged. Sal immediately dropped to her knees, reaching up to pull on the waist band of my speedo, releasing my still growing cock. She struggled slightly to get the speedo over my wide quads but soon it was on the floor by my feet and Sal had leaned in to wrap her lips around my swollen cock head. I groaned loudly – her mouth felt amazing around my manhood – and watched as she slowly took in more and more of my cock. “Mmmmm Sal, you’re a fucking amazing cocksucker,” I moaned, looking down to see that Sal had taken about half of my cock in her mouth. She was starting to struggle though, her lips stretched wide around my shaft. It was not just the added length that made things more difficult but also the substantial increase in girth from previously. Almost as a reflex I grabbed the back of Sal’s head, pulling her further onto my throbbing meat. “Take it all babe…I know you want it,” I ordered softly, feeling like a total alpha as I looked down into my wife’s hungry eyes. She resisted a bit, gagging and trying to pull away but I held her there, my biceps flexed, allowing her to adjust to my new size. I kept pulling her towards me and soon she’d taken my manhood to the hilt, my balls resting up against her chin. “Fuuuuck….” I moaned - the feeling of my wife’s mouth and throat wrapped around my thick cock was amazing. I let Sal up for air but only for a second - I couldn’t help but start to thrust, building up speed as I heard my wife gag and moan in equal measure down below. I looked up to see the mirror opposite, watching my wife start to bob backwards and forwards in sync with me as I thrusted down her throat. I brought my arms up into a double biceps, still face-fucking Sal who was now obediently feasting on my cock, flexing hard. “Fuck, I’M HUGE,” I roared, the epitome of masculinity as I flexed and fucked, watching as my peaked biceps bulged. Sal started to explore my quads with her hands, squeezing the thick tree-trunks of muscle, as she devoured my rod. I flexed my quads and heard her moan in appreciation, sucking my cock even harder and faster, becoming a total whore for my muscles. I ran my hands over my pecs and abs, still watching in the mirror, flexing for my own pleasure too and feeling the amazing power running through my new body. I’d never felt so fucking sexy and in control. “Oh fuck babe, look at all this muscle,” I growled, flexing and exploring my God-like body. Sal was giving me the best blow-job of our marriage, clearly as turned on as I was as she reached one hand down yet again to stroke her pussy through the short skirt she was still wearing. Her mouth felt amazing but I had another prize in mind for my newly enlarged manhood. I pulled my cock out of Sal’s mouth, reaching down to lift her to her feet, almost as if she weighed nothing at all. She stood there panting, her eyes drinking in my appearance as she inhaled deeply and I watched as the full effect of the AlphaScent hit her hard and she cottoned on to my plan. “Mmmmm, Joe….fuck me with that huge cock,” she begged. “You want this, Sal?” I teased, smirking as I stroked my rock-hard shaft and slapped it on my tight abs. “Fuck yes Joe…please give it to me…I need your muscle cock,” she pleaded, biting her lip as she was overcome by desire. I reached towards her, grabbing her button-down shirt round the collar before ripping it off in one single movement. Sal slipped out of her skirt and underwear and I grabbed her round the waist, pulling her towards me so that my rock-hard cock was pressed up against her tight abs. I then reached my hands further around Sal, lifting her up as she simultaneously wrapped her legs around my waist. Sal held onto my flexed biceps as I marvelled at how easy it was to lift her off the ground, something I’d never have been able to do before. “Fuck me…” Sal whispered, looking straight into my eyes. I slowly lowered her, impaling her pussy on my huge man cock as Sal let out a low moan of sheer pleasure. “So…big,” Sal screamed as I kept lowering her. She felt great wrapped around my throbbing cock and waves of pleasure flooded through me. Soon I was balls-deep inside her and we started to fuck, still standing up. I looked down to see veins popping on my tensed biceps as I held all of Sal’s weight, fucking her faster and faster. The room was filled with my grunts and Sal’s moans as we rutted like animals. I knew that Sal had always wanted to try fucking standing up but I’d never been strong enough. Now though it felt like the easiest thing in the world as I simultaneously thrusted my hips as I lifted Sal up and down on my cock with my massive pumped arms. “Take this fucking alpha cock,” I roared, slamming into her with all my strength. “Yes…FUCK…GIVE IT TO ME,” she screamed, wrapping her arms around my thick neck. I carried Sal round to the other side of the bed, still fucking her as I walked, droplets of sweat now appearing on our writhing bodies. Once there, I lifted Sal slightly up but not totally off my cock, turning her round to put her face down on the bed, the wall-length mirror directly opposite us. I had flash-backs to Karl’s office as I began to drill into Sal doggy-style, grabbing her hips and pulling her back hard onto my cock over and over. This time though I was the hung muscle stud pounding an obedient pussy and not the other way round. “Oh GOD….this feels amazing,” Sal screamed as she looked up to watch me fucking her in the mirror. “Fucking take it bitch,” I roared. “You’re my cock slut now babe…”. I could see the sweat dripping off my pumped arms and pecs, running down my ripped abs. Veins snaked across my huge muscles as they were flooded with blood in the best work out of my life. Bestial grunts left my mouth with every thrust of my cock and I somehow found more energy to fuck Sal faster and faster. I could tell from the pitch of her moans that she was getting close to the most amazing orgasm of her life. “Oh Joe…FUCK…I’m so close,” she cried as if answering my thoughts. I increased my pace in response, slamming my thick cock deep into her. Seconds later she was screaming as I pounded her through multiple orgasms, her body writhing under my powerful hands. “Yes…YES…YES!!!” she moaned, over and over. I didn’t let up, pounding her pussy over and over, my huge balls slapping against her. The muscles of my upper body were burning as they tensed and relaxed with every thrust of my massive cock but I felt no need to slow down. In fact I fucked Sal faster still, becoming an animal only focussed on getting myself off. “Cum for me babe,” Sal moaned still screaming through her own continuous orgasms. “Shoot your muscle load in my tight pussy”. That was enough. Sal begging for my load, absolute hunger in voice, sent me over the edge. With a deafening roar I slammed my massive cock into her for the final time, feeling it erupt deep inside. Every muscle in my body flexed as I filled her pussy with my huge load. “FUUUUUCKKKKKKK!” I screamed, both of us bucking with every spurt of my cock. I thought it would never stop, a seemingly endless river of cum flowing from my cock as pure pleasure filled my entire body. Eventually the incredibly feeling began to ease and our moans of ecstasy became more and more spaced out. I collapsed forward, pinning Sal under the weight of my huge upper body as we both fell into a deep post-orgasm sleep.
  4. Hey dudes, here is part 4 of the story. If you haven't read the previous chapter, here is the link. Have fun. A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Wednesday Leg day: Part 4 I walk into the gym with Troy, both of us with our pre-workout bottles in hand. I can tell that Troy is pumped. He shaking a little and I can’t tell if it’s from the pre-workout or the idea of working out again. “I fucking love leg day, bro,” he says. Yeah, definitely pumped about working out. I love this go get em attitude. “Let’s do this man!” I say. We walk past the front desk and into the weight room. Zeus and Kris are missing so I won’t have any partners today. This day is already starting to suck. Damn. “Von!” Russ yells from across the room. “Kris and Zeus are sick so I’m partnering you with Troy today.” “Sweet!” Troy exclaims as he begins to softly punch me in the abs. I smile and shrug him off. “Alright bro, let’s go!” Russ tells us that our first exercise will be back squats, so we walk over to the bar. “You should go first. I have a feeling I’ll need to add more to what you’ll put on,” Troy says. I laugh. “You cocky bastard!” “Hey man,” he shrugs his shoulders and puts up his hands in surrender. “I’m just being honest.” I agree and load the 45 pound bar with a 45 pound plate on each side. Troy stands behind me in case I’ll need help and I begin my reps. After 10 reps I stop squatting and put the bar back. My ass is already feeling the burn, but it’s a good burn. “Alright bro, let me show you how it’s done” Troy says. He makes his way over to the plates and adds an extra 35 pounds to each side. That’s 205 pounds on his first set! That’s way more than my bitch weight of 135 pounds. “Fuck man!” I say. “Are you serious?” “Watch and see.” He begins his squats and I am in awe. He slides up in down with ease and each time he comes up a power burst of air blows from his mouth. All I can stare at from behind is his ass; it looks so powerful. Each jacked globe poking through his tight joggers. The grey joggers strain as his ass grows beneath them. If only he didn’t have them on. That way I could see the full power of those muscles and view them with pleasure. He finishes his set and sets the weight back down. “Your turn.” I walk to the bar. I’m intimidated by him now. I want to try the weight he just did, but I don’t know if I have it in me. I don’t want to take any weight off the bar because I’d feel like a little bitch. I can feel his eyes burning into my back as I make my hard decision. “I think I’ll try 8 reps with this weight,” I say. “Oh really now?” he says. “Guess my heavy set got your competitive juices going, huh bro?” He claps me on the back. Oh yeah. Game on. “Something like that,” “Alright, show me what you got. I’ll stand close to be sure you don’t fall.” I immediately put the bar on my shoulders and start the set. The weight is heavy and I can already feel it hurting my back. “Shit,” I mutter. “Don’t worry bro, I got you.” Troy comes up behind me and puts both hands on my waist as support. I feel jolts of electricity shooting through where his fingers are making contact. Must be the pre-workout. I squat down and the weight is insane. My legs tremble but I keep pushing. He’s still there for me and supports me through it all. By the 8th rep I am beat, but I feel accomplished. When I put the bar back Troy looks at me with impressed eyes. “Way to go man!” he says. He goes for another ab punch. I let him get me once and then I block his next punch. He’s such a bro. “Alright,” I say. “Your next set.” We blast through our workout. After squats we go to leg presses, leg curls and leg extensions. I try my best to keep up with troy, but the man is a beast. He powers through it all like a train and by then end of it all I am beat. Class is over and I check my phone; it’s 3:40 and my wrestling buddy Ethan has texted me. Ethan: You, me, Jason. On the mats. Today. 4:00. Bring your singlet. Good? It seems that Ethan wants to practice a little today. Back in high school I wrestled a little, but I never joined the team. It wasn’t until I came to college that I found myself liking more and more wrestling. Ethan, Jason and I all joined the team our freshman year, but college gets busy and we never had time for matches so we would just put singlets on once a week and beat each other down when we could. I reply that it sounds like a good plan and walk with Troy to the locker room. Once inside he immediately begins to strip down and is once again standing naked in front of me. Thankfully I am used to it after our last jerk off session. His cock flops between his muscled thighs still swollen from the workout, and I try to avoid looking at his thick meat. “Ready to shower bro?” he asks. “Nah man, I can’t today. I gotta get changed into my singlet for a little wrestling.” I walk to my locker and pull out a blue singlet and begin to change my clothes. I feel him watching me as I pull off my shirt. “Wrestling?” he says as he begins to scratch his twitching cock. “I didn’t know you wrestled.” “Yeah man, actually, I wanted to ask if you were interested in a little wrestling yourself.” My shirt is off and I pull down my pants and boxers, now completely nude. I can still feel him watching me and decide to toy with him. “Like what you see?” I say. His eyes widen and he is completely taken off guard. I stand there nude, dick out and he still doesn’t look away. “I’m just seeing that you are getting stronger. That’s all, bro,” he says and laughs. “Thanks for noticing.” His dick is starting to get hard and his hand is doing a terrible job at covering it. I decide to put the singlet on before he blows. At least I think I’m the reason he is getting hard? With Troy, I actually don’t know. “I’m gonna go shower man. Maybe I’ll wrestle another day.” I’m a little disappointed…Ok I am very disappointed. Guess I’ll have to figure out another way to get to him. “Alright man, I’ll see ya.” I now have my blue singlet on and he continues to stare. My bulge is clearly seen and each outline of my defined abs poke through the shirt. My pecs stand out like shelves. I look great and I know it and so does Troy. After a few moments of staring he quickly turns around and runs to the shower, hand on cock. I have a good idea of what he is about to do. In fact, I think I already hear moaning. Hahaha. I walk out of the locker room and make my way to the mats with a smile on my face. I kind of wish I took Troy up on his offer, but I can’t leave Ethan and Jason waiting. It’s 3:50 now and they are already out there waiting for me. “Sup bro!” Ethan exclaims. He daps me up and throws me into a strong bro hug. After he lets go Jason comes by and fist bumps me. “You ready bro?” Jason asks. “Hell yeah man. Who am I gonna destroy first?” I say. “You mean who are YOU going to be destroyed by!” Ethan says. “That will be me!” Ethan is about an inch taller than me. He has pale white skin, long black hair around his ears and has a similar physique to me. The only difference would be our biceps and our chests. His bicep are jacked as fuck. I’ve measured my biceps and they are barely 13 inches un-flexed and I know just by looking at Ethan that his chiseled arms are at least 16 or 17 inches around. My chest, however, is thicker than his and although he beats me in curls I am a stronger bencher. Jason is dark-skinned like me, but a little lighter than I am. He is a little smaller than me. He weighs about 140 pounds compared to my 150 bulk and I can honestly say I am going to love dominating him. They are both wearing black singlets and are ready to get the fight for power started. Ethan and I get in our positions on the mat and so it begins. Ethan’s arms are powerful so I am at a little bit at a disadvantage, but I somehow manage to take him down by ducking under his arms and grabbing him around his waist. I slam him to the floor and he lets out a puff of air. “Fuck man, you’ve gotten stronger. I flip over and pin him down with all of my strength. We are both sweating now and I’m pumped as hell. I can feel a twitch in my cock. I’ve needed this for a while. I’ve needed to dominate. Ethan looks vascular as fuck. The veins covering his arms and stretching to his pecs pop out of his skin. He is tired and decides to give up so I move on to Jason. As Ethan walks off the mat I noticed that his dick is standing tall, poking through his tight singlet. “Having fun there?” I say. He looks down at his dick and turns a little red. “Don’t worry about it,” he says and laughs. I take on Jason easily. I am fully hard now and I don’t care. If Ethan can be aroused, I won’t be ashamed. I flip Jason over and end up on his back. My dick is in his crack and he grunts and struggles beneath me. This just makes me feel even more powerful. I’m so turned on that I could burst at any moment. I also have this strange feeling that I am being watched, but I ignore it. We continue to wrestle for the next 30 minutes. I’m on my last match with Ethan and I still have this nagging feeling that I am being watched, but I continue to dominate my two contestants. When we are finished wrestling, it is agreed that I am stronger, but next time Ethan knows he can beat me. Afterwards, Ethan, Jason and I are all sitting on the mats dripping sweat. My dick is still hard as a rock and I look down and see than Ethan’s dick is still proud as ever. All three of us are pumped. “Looks like someone needs a good cum,” Jason says. He swings his hand down and smacks my clearly visible dick. “Shut up,” I reply and I begin to laugh. “Ethan’s dick is just as hard as mine.” “Probably harder,” Ethan says and winks at me. We all break out into laughter at this comment. I look up and I see Troy, watching with his eyes wide open in a mix of admiration and shock. I knew that nagging feeling wasn’t just in my head. I wish I had known he was watching us earlier. I’m still hard and I have a little pre-cum showing through my singlet which I really don’t want him to see. I’m freaking out so I pretend I didn’t notice him. “We should get changed and head to class,” I say. “Right!” they both agree. They grab their gym bags and we rush back to the locker room to change out of our singlets. I follow closely behind them and I almost make it to the door when Troy is suddenly standing in front of me. They go in without me and I’m startled as fuck. I thought he would have left by now. "Hey, dude!” I say. “Did you just get here?" “Yeah dude. I just finished showering and saw you on your way into the locker room.” Strange….he lied to me. I know he was watching me wrestle. Why wouldn’t he admit he saw me? Then again, why did I pretend I just saw him? He is wearing jeans and a polo while I stand here baring all in my singlet. All I can think about is what he thinks of my body. He seems confused. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he doesn’t quite know what to say. "So it looks like you guys were wrestling?” he says as he lets out a small chuckle. He smiles humorously pointing at our singlets. "Yea!" I say and laugh. "How did that go?" Troy responds. "Oh, we were just sparring and getting a decent workout at the same time." Troy nods his head in dull agreement. It looks like there is so much more he wants to say, but it seems that he doesn’t know how to express himself. "So who won?" he asks. I feel like being super modest so I won’t come off as a douche. I know he saw that I wiped the floor with my bros, but I lie anyway. "I mean, we just kinda wrestled each other and tried different moves to pin each other and see if we could escape the moves or reverse them. It wasn't really an official match, haha." Holy shit. Why am I rambling? "Cool," he says with a hint of underlying excitement. This entire time I’ve been standing with both hands covering my still bulging crotch. I’m still sweaty and a bit exhausted and just about ready to change. "We were heading back to change now,” I say. "No one really wants to walk around in these suits. It’s a bit embarrassing." I don’t want to feel like I’m rushing the conversation, but standing here is making me insane so I slowly start walking towards the locker room door to hint to him that I need to change. Surprisingly, he starts to follow me. "Nah man, don’t be embarrassed,” he says behind me. “You look like a beast in that!” “You don’t say?” I reply in the cockiest voice possible. “It shows off your pecs better than anything!” He gives a full happy smile but turns his face sideways to avoid eye contact. "Thanks man," I say smiling. "It’s always cool when you encourage me. I…I like being your friend." Troy takes a deep breath in as he searches for what to say next, but his face goes into a trance so I speak again. "Well lemme go change. I smell horrible.. I'll see you in Western Civ later, dude." “Yeah, no doubt.” I make my way into the locker room and as the door closes behind me I think to myself. What the fuck was that?!?!? My phone starts to buzz and I check and see that it’s a text from Troy. Troy: Hey man! We should definitely go running tomorrow morning and work on our back and biceps after. I’ve been thinking and I want to take you up on your wrestling offer. Let spar tomorrow after dinner! Take it easy on me bro. You’re a tough dude. Flex at ya later
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