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  1. Encontré una historia en deviantart de robo de músculos escrito por ambiantbob
  2. Abduction Part Seven by F_R_Eaky Part One: Part Two: Part Three: Part Four: Part Five: Part Six: "Let me understand this, Dr. Ah'almant. You signed off on those two earth boys as having been restored to the complete normal self?" A doctor of the Doctors of Nasiph was in front of his superior being drilled questions in a semi angry tone that was rising in pitch and annoyance by the minute. "Yes... yes... sir." "And yet they still left here the same height as when brought to us this second time." "Well, they arrived the first time a very large species." "You realize that the average human male runs between what they call five feet nine inches to six feet one inches tall? That their extremely tall run from six foot two to seven foot five and at seven foot six they begin to be classified as giants?" "Uhmmmm...." "We were supposed to turn them back to normal so they would fit into normal Earth society, and they already stood out being above height and weight men at 6' 4" tall and around 300... what is their weight measurment.... pounds... yes, pounds. Three hundred pounds. They were already fairly outstanding individuals and you left them at what?" "Uhm....." "Eighteen feet! Actually eight and a fourth inches over eighteen feet tall. Eleven feet taller than where the giant status begins!" ***************************************************************************** Somewhere on some unknown tropical island Julian and Terry were lying on a large brush of foliage on an embankment overlooking a sandy beach. The shuffling of their feet have broken up and caused the collapse of one end of the embankment making it a much smoother slope down to the beach. Their arms, as large, if not larger, than most of the young adult palm trees surrounding them, caused the same said trees to bend or break under their weight when they stretched or shifted. The sun kissed their skin making it turn a golden color, but not too dark and leathery looking of a tan. The breeze caressed and wafted over their entire bodies, rushing over their muscle bellies, whistling into their crevices, and swirling round in them. On their arms, legs, abs, and chest, their hair drifted and waved like long standing grass in this breeze and tickled and stroked their skin into pleasant, dreamy pleasure. Sighing Julian rolled over and into the arm pit, chest, and abdomen area of Terry. Groggily he sighed again and his mind thought he must be in the arms of his lover. He raised his right and to mindlessly run his fingers through the chest hair of Terry, ever so lightly cupping Terry's massive pectorals before finally gliding up and down Terry's obliques and abs. This cause Terry to raise his right arm and wrap Julian in it, pulling him closer and causing Julian to rest his head up onto the mighty, thick, and dense pillow that was Terry's right pec. Terry became pretty motionless, just holding Julian to his side, while Julian continued his ab stroking. However, Terry despite his drowsiness was moving and moving quickly. Sensing someone beside him, a man, a man who was just as big and as powerful as he was, his cock began to rise in arousal and stretched and it inched, larger...thicker....fuller....harder.....over the course of minutes until it finally rose up enough to flip itself and point up continuing it's journey towards Julian's hand. After it nudged Julian's hand, Julian had a smile spread across his lips, and his hand began to grab a hold of Terry's massive member and begin to stroke it. Julian's mind was filled with visions of how large his lover was and it began to turn him on. His cock answering the arousal response began to lurch and jump out longer, thicker, fuller, fatter. Julian couldn't believe how long it was taking him to achieve a full erection, but he was enjoying this lingering and lengthening sensation as his cock stretched out longer and longer than before. But then his cock struck something hard. It was Terry's hip. Yet his cock kept inflating. It kept getting bigger and bigger. It was becoming hard and stiff and large enough on its own that it began to push Julian away from Terry. It began to roll him over. Suddenly Julian's mind was flooded with memories, scenes from the last couple of months: being abducted by a large man, then abducted by aliens, finding out his first kidnapper was Terry, him and Terry growing into giants, made to grow more by made military doctors, turned into ice giants by space doctors, living on a frost giant world and going through another puberty and becoming even taller and more hulkish. "huuuuuuuu!" Julian suddenly sat up gasping and his eyes fluttering in the sunlight, trying to adjust to real life vision and hoping it didn't contain any of what he had been seeing in his dreams. But the near smack of his chin and the great slap to his chest by his own cock let him know that those dreams were real. "Hey," said Terry, "Are you alright?" "Terry... we're huge!" "I know. I never thought I would like to be taller and bigger than I was, but I....." and Terry flexed his left arm as he bounced his pecs and then made a face and bobbed his cock, "I like this." "Terry, we're too big! We'll never fit in on Earth if we ever...." Julian looked around at the surroundings. "Where are we?" "Actually, I think we're back on Earth. But you're right, we're never going to fit into normal society. We're as tall as some of these palm trees. not to mention built like the hulk and hung like a horse." "What are we going to do? And.....what the hell....look at what you caused to...." "Hey....shhhhh. Listen... I'm here for you. Yes, we're too big for the normal world, but we're the same size, we have each other. Is that... is that such a bad thing? I know... .... I know I love you. Always have. I would be here for you now. I would never leave your side. Especially since you need someone roughly the same size to be with you. I didn't mean for us to become this size. And remember your own fantasy journals made the aliens think we were supposed to grow and grow and the rest of it is all accidents, mistakes from other alien races." Julian turned and looked out to the sea. "It's not how you probably saw your future, Julian, but you're now twice to three times bigger and dozens of times stronger than any of the jocks that used to pick on you, and you have a man who's just as huge that loves you and would love to love you. Would that be such a bad life, even stuck on this, what is probably deserted island?" Julian slowly turned, pivoting on flat feet on his heels, causing large sand dunes to be formed. "You never answered where you thought we were. Do you think we're back on Earth?" "Well, even though things look a little small to us, it feels right. Don't you think so? I mean my body feels comfortable here, like it doesn't have to adjust." "You're right I don't think my body needs to adjust either. ... ...." Julian dropped to his knees, and brought his face up close to Terry's. "...Except to adjust to having an old friend as a lover, partner, and feeling his gigantic body on me and his monster tool in me." With that Julian bent forward and kissed Terry passionately, deeply, pushing him back down in the brush. **************************************************************************** "And what of this genetic sequence here? Does that look like it is part of the human make up?" "Uhmmmm, no sir." "No sir? It doesn't? So that means you still have some of the genetic codes and markers of the Calcryans still active in those two men. Do you know what the ramifications of this could be? The mildest of which would be they retain some of the natural pigmentation tattoos. What if that kind of marking is largely taboo on Earth?" ****************************************************************************** Terry and Julian caressed and rolled and rolled on the embankment, then into the sand and shore for what must have been an hour's worth of caressing, stroking, massaging, kissing, neck nibbling, tongue wrestling. Finally they came up for air Terry on top, Julian flat back against the sand. As they looked into each other's eyes, Terry saw Julian's ice blue eyes become even icier and bluer than they were before. Julian say Terry's eyes glow and turn into a deep, dark, but brilliant green. What they didn't notice was the skin over their left pectoral. It looked like an invisible hand was drawing over it, recreating a familiar marking that they had when they were temporarily Calcryans. But this time they didn't share the same snowflake shape of the Calcryan nobility, instead they each developed their own symbol. Instead of a snowflake Julian looked like he had a capital D appear as his tattoo-ish birthmark, while Terry's looked like a capitol M. Terry stood up and walked out into deeper parts of the ocean, pulling on Julian's hand, with eyes begging him to come in and join him. Once there he wrapped his arms around Julian's waist and pulled him in close, tilting his head to go in for a deep passionate kiss, as Julian hugged Terry's neck with his arms and Terry's waist with his legs. It wasn't long before Terry used the buoyancy and the wetness of the ocean to help him push and thrust his cock further and further up into Julian's hole. They rocked and bobbed with the tidal waves that came in with perfect rhythm. All the kissing, caressing, nip nibbling, sock sucking, and ass fucking that went on, pounding each other as the waves pounded their sweaty, wet, salty, muscular bodies. Suddenly Julian pushed down on Terry's shoulders and hoisted himself off of Terry's colossal cock, screaming "I need you in me!" Terry wondered for a moment as Julian backed away from him, but then went into surprise, shock, and ecstacy as Julian bobbed cock heads with him as though they were going to frot something fierce. Instead Julian's cock seemed to grow wider and thicker and suddenly Terry found his dong sliding into and up Julian's and it felt tighter and better than any ass if could ever experience. Back and forth like two piston parts rubbing together they thrust and bucked and pushed and pulled each shaft back and forth. Caressing their own pecs and pinching their own nips, fondling their own balls. Finally Terry began to buck and shiver, shake and quake, and with a loud ecstatic moan he arched his head and back backwards and sent a torrent of a seamen stream up and through Julian's cock and into his balls. With this, Julian's balls began to become slightly fuller and larger, hanging a little bit lower. However, Julian had no time to wonder what had happened to him, a feeling and an urge took him over and he reached out to grab Terry's dynamic dong which wasn't going flaccid after release. No it went the exact opposite becoming larger, fatter opening up for Julian's cock, which slid in nicely and the pair once again went into rhythmic action until Julian found the grand release that Terry has recently discovered, while Terry discovered the newer sensation of even larger testies. *************************************************************************** "Are you aware the human race is an opposite gender reproductive system, where as the Calcryans' are flexible?" "Uh...what?" "Yes, because of the harsh cold nature of the planet, their reproductive systems are able to reproduce female-male, female-female, male-male. We're not sure how but they are able to do so. Now what if that's introduced on a not so harsh world as Earth is?" ***************************************************************************** Almost five months have gone by. Terry and Julian have managed to create a large shelter of somewhat to help keep the rains off of them, find shade from the sun from time to time, or store food, and finally find a bit more level place to lie down and go to sleep in. They were returning home, walking along the beach, after fishing the ocean depths for very large fish to feed them. They had discovered that they seemed to be eating less and less, so to speak, and that a good blow job from one another and sucking down of their partner's semen was enough to sustain and fill them up. They had begun making gigantic weight sets out of palm trees and parts of ships wrecked on the island or reefs. Julian managed to make some rudimentary instruments and would play pieces for Terry, while Terry learned how to make some paper and canvas and began to draw and write things with some homemade ink. Their walk home was a little slower than usual this evening. Their balls had grown considerable in the past four and half months, becoming exceptional of girth, weight, and low hanging. Every movement, no, the mere thought of them caused those testicles to feel racked with pain. But the two giant, young studs were dealing with it, laughing and smiling, staring all star cross at each other like they often did at dusk before giving into love and lust once more and screwing the hell out of one another. Julian was just about to ask if Terry wanted to head back to the shelter and make out when suddenly he felt and extreme pain as though he had be kicked in his oversized nuts. "UUAAAAAAH!" Julian dropped to his knees in the surf. "Jules! Are you alright." "I'm.... fine.... something is up though with my balls. They're in such....pain...." "Don't worry we'll figure this ouOOOOOOOOOOOUT!" And now Terry dropped to his knees. Before long the two men lay on their backs writhing and grimacing in pain and frustration. Both of them made large divots in the sand as they beat their hands and fists against it. Although they were in pain so bad they had begun to see stars, their cocks began to engorge themselves and stretch and grow to their hardest and fullest potential. This only added weight to the men's balls causing the pain to increase even more. Finally Julian managed to stammer, "I need you to jack me off." "What?!" "I don't know why, but something is telling me this will go on unless I jack off." "You mean masturbation will take care of this pain? But we jack off two, three, four times a day. How on Earth could we have blue balls?" "I don't know, but I need to be wanked and wanked now!" "OOOOooooooooohhhh so do I. I can feel it now... I need to blow." "Move to me, feet to feet." "What?" "Just move to me, lie down in the sand, but do it your feet to my feet." "Then what? OH huh huh huh huh huh" "Now move in....a little closer. Yes... now spread your legs open wide. Now move in your left foot and use it to caress... OH! YES! OH GAWD YES! THAT'S IT! Now at the same time I'll caress your balls with my foot..." "HOLY FUCK! THAT FEELS SOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!" "Now... NOW! HUH huh huh huh...jack....s...s.s.s.....stroke your own cock." The two men began to do this, squirming in pain and yet pleasure at the same time. But as they did so, they began to feel their pecs inflating, growing fuller, larger, broader, wider, denser, harder." "My pecs.... Julian.... my pecs are swelling. I couldn't see past them before but now it's like I have two balloons, no, tires being rapidly....UH!....rap.....rapidly filled with air." "No....feel it.... really feel it! I can feel the insides flow.... like I'm being filled with liquid. I can hear the swish and gurgle." It seemed like they stroked their cock and rubbed each other's balls for hours until finally Julian began to buck and pant and cry. "Oh. OH! OH! Oh my gawd!" Suddenly his scrotum pull up and close to his crotch and suddenly a large object seem to get injected into and ejected out of his cock onto Terry's chest. Once there it immediately began to cry and wail until it suddenly found and latched onto Terry's right nipple. "Terry... Terry can you see what that was? What it is and doing? I mean.. shit I think something came out of me there....." "I...I think.... I THINK!...... You''re gonna....find out.... SOON!" And just as Julian's had done before Terry's scrotum and cock now did the same and before he knew it Julian had something attach itself and begin sucking on his left nipple. But before he could react to that, his body repeated the same actions as it had done before, and Terry followed suit quickly behind. The two men lie there panting in the sand and surf, feeling their nuts shrink back down to their normal freakish size. With their hands they began to feel and grope just under their pecs at the objects that came out from them and attached to their nipples. "Julian.... Julian! Are these what I think they are that I am feeling?" "Yes....congratulations Terry.... It's a boy and ....a boy! Congratulation you're a father! How 'bout on my end?" "If I can tell correctly... it's two boys on this side too, proud pappa." The two tried to raise their heads up enough to see over their pectorals and look at each other, upon which they began chuckle and then laugh, before laying their head back down in the sand and laugh hysterically. ****************************************************************************** "And then... do you know what's going to happen to them if you left any of their aging sequence DNA inside them? Once adults the Calcryans age at a much slower rate than humans do, and we don't know much about how Calcryans age while growing up. How is that going to mix with human DNA? And it is those same set of genes that allows things to be passed down like an embedded memory. How will that work?" "I don't know, sir." ****************************************************************************** Ten years had passed since Julian and Terry had lied down on the beach and given birth to four boys. They decided that their last name would be Dealmiki, while giving them the first names of Calum, Cotton, Loki, and Ajay, and raised them with every bit of knowledge they could remember. Yes, the term is raised. The first number of years the boys were fed by milk from Terry and Julian, then they were fed as much fish and fruit they could collect, and within those short ten years the boys grew and grew and grew, both mentally and physically eventually rising and standing taller and broader than their Dad's. They only knew how much taller due to a ship that crashed upon the island in which they discovered a measuring tape and marked out a growth tree. The young men were now fully grown adults standing twenty feet four and three-fourths inches tall. Almost two feet taller than their dads, and they were just a bit more muscular, dense, strong - proportionately, than their fathers. They had thick mane of hair on top of their head, and were covered in feathery hair over their chest, abs, arms, and legs just like dad and papa, too. And of course they were just as hung as well, eighty and three-fourths inches long when erect. It was the evening of their eleventh birthday. Julian & Terry couldn't believe how much the "boys" had grown and that they stood before them full physical adults. Not only that but their thirst for knowledge was voracious and their experience, comprehension, and development of emotional maturity was beyond scary. The six men celebrated the double set of twins' birthday and then the boys set out to camp on the other side of the island to have some fun on their own, leaving their Dad's to rest and cuddle. Ajay stood looking out over the seam almost like he was one guard. His looks was the closest to Terry's: dark olive skin, jet black hair, and deep forest green eyes, but his penchant of being on look out and worrying about the others was more of Julian's character. Loki was a combination of both Terry and Julian physically. Shocking bush of platinum blond hair, plus the rest of the hair on his body, which then stood out against his deeply tan skin, and made his brooding burnt sienna colored eyes pop out due to contrast. Like his name, he was the trickster of the four, not so much that he liked playing practical jokes, but that he was the most inquisitive, which frequently brought a little mayhem. He was busy picking up drift wood or pulling up some older palms and making a fire. Cotton looked the most like Julian physically, brilliant platinum blond hair on a lighter skinned body with piercing blue eyes. Like Loki, he was also inquisitive but more in a studious way. He'd sit for hours and watch something unfold so that he could understand it. He was busying lying on his back near the fire Loki was building and staring at the stars finding and identifying the constellations in his mind. Last was Calum who took on traits from both parents, individually and mixed, thus looked a little mismatched. The hair on top of his head was a dirty, strawberry-blonde, but as you worked your way down his body his hair got darker and darker until it became a golden brown that glistened with golden highlights in the sun. Instead of either blue or green eyes under that mop of reddish hair there was a pair of deep, nearly black eyes. He was the most lax of the four boys, except when it came time to celebrate. He was definitely the party maker, and attendee. In fact, his lazy ways had slightly changed his body shape from the others. He was still as tall and as powerfully built as the other three, but instead of having a tight, taught waist of abdominal cobblestone like his dads and brothers he had a little bit of a ball gut that was dense like granite with the lattice pattern on it. He was leaning back on a bolder and drinking the last of a secret drink he had made out of a hollowed tree trunk. Polishing off the drink, Calum leaned his head back and let out a huge belch, which at his size could nearly shake their side of the island. "Gawd, Calum, a little decorum would ya?" "Oh shush, Ajay. Kick back and enjoy. It's our birthday, and it's not like we'll ever experience any formal occasion anyway. We're three nearly four times as tall as most men. If we go to the mainland, we wouldn't fit in their buildings let alone be able to sit down at their tables." "Shush, Calum. I don't want to hear about food right now. I'm freakin' starving." "How could you be starving, Cotton? We just got through with a birthday feast. Dad and pa cooked a ton of fish for each of us, plus kelp and seaweed, coconuts, We had plenty to eat." "I don't know Calum." said Ajay. "I think I'm feeling the same way. I just feel so....hungry." Loki spoke up with smirk and a laugh. "I don't feel hungry, I feel... .... .... What's dad's term for it? I think... I feel horny?" "What?" The other three said in surprise. "Seriously, do you two actually feel hungry or is it this feeling, this urge, coming from like not the pit of your stomach, but lower... .... in your groin." Ajay spun 'round on his heels in the sand, "Alright, Loki, that's enough, you don't need to get all weird on us to be amusing on our birthday." But Loki lay back on his back, his hands going up to his mountainously mounding pecs and began to rub them while traveling down his abs and then began to rub his inner thighs and balls. "No... seriously.... I feel so.... hot. Like I'm burning up and I need something to happen... down here.... I's like a pressure that..... that..... must be......released." Ajay called out that it needed to stop but after a couple minutes of Loki writhing on the ground becoming less and less in control of himself, decided that they should perhaps send one of them to go get their fathers. "No." said Cotton as he rolled over on his side and stared intently at Loki. "Let's watch and see what this is. Maybe it's part of our giant nature or something." The trio stood, sat, or lie there watching as Loki got quiet, continued to rub himself until it became rhythmic and his breathing began to match the pace. Then it happened.... Loki's cock, nearly thigh long soft, just like his three brothers, began to lurch, stretch, and throb forward more and more greatly increasing in length and in then in girth. Up and out it grew, stiffening harder and harder. "C...C... Cotton?" Said Loki with a fearful look on his face and a hand reached out towards him. "What's happening to me. My penis is becoming so rigid, so long!" Cotton rushed and kneeled down beside Loki. "It's ok, Loki. We'll figure out what this is... we just need to go ask dad and" "Cotton?" "So.....hungry......." "What?" Suddenly almost as if he had no choice in the matter, Cotton reached out to Loki's engorged schlong and brought the head of it to his mouth. It was but a few moments and grasps of surprise and pleasure from Loki, that soon Cotton's dick began to stretch and inflate as he nibbled and sucked on Loki's giant cock head. "Cotton! What are you doing? ", called out Ajay. You need to stop that!" "Wait, Ajay.... look!" said Calum and the pair watched in surprise as their brother, Cotton's prick, inflated and lifted, stiff and proud as it grew and grew. "We need.... so...... so....hungry....." Suddenly Ajay had moved over to pull and tug on Cotton's cock and bring it to his mouth so his tongue could work on it fast and feverishly. Calum, recoiled in horror and then knelt down next to Ajay, frantically trying to speak to him. "Ajay, you need to stop. You're the one who's always cautious, watching over us. You're the common sense to our fiery passions and instincts. You need to stop so we can run back and tell Dad and Papa. We need to.... oh man...I feel so.... hungry... .IT'S HAPPENING TO ME! Ajay! You need to snap out of it!" Calum thought about getting up and running, but by the time he did so, Ajay's schlong had risen and grew and grew and grew in its firm erection that it raised up to the level of Calum's chin and mouth. The moment slit touched lips, it was anyone could ever write. The four young giants twisted and turned, writhed and slithered, groped and squeezed on the sandy ground until one by one they all arched their back in spasms and released muffled and clogged moans of god like passion while drinking from their siblings at the same time. The felt like they were blowing for hours, string after string of cum from one infinite, continuous load. It blew past each other's lips, over their tongue, down their throats, before hitting and gathering in their stomachs, which began to fill up and become distended. After lying somewhat comatose from the four wads blown, the quartet of brothers began to slowly sit up and a breath in deeply trying to clear their heads. "I think...." said Cotton..... "I think now that we're adults, that is how we feed." "What?" cried out Calum. "Are you nuts?" "No, think about it. Do you feel hungry anymore?" "What? Uhm..... no...I don't...." "Loki.... how 'bout you?" "I feel...... neither hungry nor horny." "It makes sense... we weren't full, even despite the things Dad and Pa made for us, and at our height and size....We'd deplete the ocean of wild life within just a few years trying to feed us four." "Six, Cotton. There's Dad and Pa, too." "But think about it. Have you ever seen them eat food?" "Yeah... at....wait.... it's only on special occasions." "Exactly. Ajay, what do think about this?" Ajay hadn't gotten up or completely recovered yet from the experience that he and his siblings just had. But now... now he was standing up slowly, somewhat stoically, looking into the distant horizon as if he had some important work to do. "I think...." "Ajay?" "We must protect our race. And we must make sure all generations are equal in size and strength." "AJAY?" Suddenly the other three watched as Ajay's cock, so recently blown and sagged into softness, rose up to full longest, thickest, and hardest mast it could ever achieve, and he began walking to the other side of the island where Julian and Terry relaxed and cuddled. A couple of the brothers loosely uttered an objection, but suddenly they were all overcome by the same sense of urgency, desire, need that Ajay was under and they began to walk towards home base, cocks granite hard rods bobbing in the moonlight. *************************************************************************** "And these genetic markers, forget everything it might do to those two, what will happen to other humans that come into contact with it? Via sweat, let alone sexual fluids. And this marker here.... this one allows them to adapt and pick up other traits still. Is this one... I can't even tell the report is blotched with stain patterns and running ink." "Uhm... ..... uhm..... that set of markers....are ......are inert, sir. We thought not to do too much damage and rebuilding removing sequences if not necessary. Since that one registered in them as non-functional, we thought it alright to leave it in." "Well, that's one of the few things you've gotten right about this mess!" ****************************************************************************** It didn't take long before the four boys reached their fathers, suddenly waking them with their presence and startling them with their touches, gropes, and fondles. Julian and Terry started protesting, but soon realized they were over powered by their taller and stronger children. Eventually they were standing in a daisy chain, circle: Cotton into Loki and Loki into Julian, who was in Ajay, who was in Calum, who was in Terry, who was in Cotton. Developing a rhythm, the four young men started chanting as they thrust and caused their fathers to do the same. "Preserve the race. Equal strength for all generations...." The thrusting and grunting continued for quite some time until the four boys all released at once and a build up of power rushed round their circle. It wasn't visible to the naked eye, but one could definitely see the shock wave effects it had on every man there. Eventually the four sons dropped to the ground, while Terry and Julian stood their ground and began to moan and cry out as though they were having the best sex of their life mingled with torture. Slowly their frames began to rise up taller, higher, broader, thicker, growing and growing upwards and out. Their feet covered more area and began to sink deeper in the sand. Their arms hung further and further out as their lat spread out wider and wider. The arms also became fuller and fuller with a larger, denser, bigger peak of biceps and triceps. Their necks lengthen and thickened become a sick column of power while their chests developed further and farther than before barreling out more and more over their abdominals and obliques, eventualy rising up so high they had a hard time pushing their head down. Their legs became covered in vessels that climbed and entwined like vines round a post, and as that dance occurred, Julian and Terry had to widen and widen their stance as their thighs became thicker and thicker, wider, harder, along with their already impossible huge diamond cut calves. Then their balls swole larger and hung slightly lower while their cocks extended and bulked in girth as they became erect and grew and Grew and GREW! Their cocks full extended in massive I-beam like erections, the pair, joined by their sons in raising their hands above their heads in classic victory pose stance. They were every bit as tall, broad, thick, strong, hung, and virile as their sons now. Soon all six issued a primal scream to the night as they all blew a load, streaming it yards and yards across to hit one another and splatter. As they all eventually began to sink down in exhaustion from their euphoria, they failed to be able to see or notices one of several things happening on the island. To the east their rose a submarine, and squeezing out of the hatch was a man, Although still quite small to these six men, he was a hulking giant in the real world on mainland. His form was like that of the hulk but with a blonde buzz cut, a golden tan, and his name rank and awards tattooed on his upper arms and his chest. From the south-west there was arriving a very tall yet within normal parameters, somewhat built, Polynesian young man arriving in an outrigger canoe, filled with some rations, offerings, and stories and carvings of various legends of his people. Down from the north-east there was a golden haired, muscular man, with pale skin, who was just a tad shorter than Polynesian young man he couldn't see arriving. He was in his own private boat that looked slightly not of this world, full of many electronic gadgets that he was firmly set on contemplating. High above, without anyone taking notice, was a blue flash and streak of what appears to be a comet plunging through the Earth's atmosphere but not actually breaking apart. It crashes in the very heart of the island, but far away from Julian & Terry's family, or the arrival point of the three unknown visitors.