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  1. "Je vous laisse, mon ami!" "WHAT!, after everything we have we went through together Pierre? I don’t understand what you want me to do. I was going to propose to you at Christmas. You are going to just give up on us without a second thought? I don’t even care that you slept with Gustav, you mean so much to me." “Winston, I just can’t get past the fact that you look…..uhhhh so…..small. I want to be with a partner that can not only make me happy on the inside, but also looks great on the outside.” “I do workout Pierre, you know this. You used to complement me so much on my athletic physique. What happened?” “Gustav est passé mon ami. He fulfills my insatiable desire for muscle. If you were just……uhhhh… do you say……bigger, I would be much more satisfied.” Winston continues to look at Pierre dumbfounded and wonders why he would be thinking this way since they seemed to be so happy. Before he can get another word out though, Pierre waves goodbye to him and turns around to get into his car. The stunned thinner young man stands in silence as his eyes well up with tears. They stream down his face as he watches his former lover drive down the road and beyond the mountain outside the city in the distance. To take Pierre off his mind, he walks a few thousand feet down the sidewalk before he stumbles upon a park that is located just on the edge of the city. He enters the passageway and notices an impressively built water fountain about a quarter mile ahead from where he is standing and walks towards it. Halfway there, he can hear several clanging sounds as the sky rains with piles of shiny gold coins. When he leans down to examine some of them, several pelt him in the head and knock him down unconscious. He awakens several minutes later and realizes that the entire path to the water fountain is made of these coins. He hears a voice in the background and wonders if it is his imagination. He speaks loudly. “Hello? Who are you?” There is no answer. He takes a few more steps and notices that some of the coins are loose on the ground and can be picked up. After examining a handful of them, one of them glows a bright green color which immediately catches his eye. He grins as he drops the rest of them and continues to stare at it. The voice returns again which makes him snap out of his trance. “What the? WHO ARE YOU!?” The voice laughs before saying, “Lad, I think you know what you are supposed to do with that lucky coin, am I right?” He looks at it again and then walks the rest of the path to stand directly in front of the fountain. He closes his eyes before flipping it up into the air. As he does this, time slows to a crawl as he watches in amazement when the coin hits the water at half the speed. The splash is so intense that it forms a tidal wave and lands directly on top of him. He yells in fright as it drowns him before draining into the ground. As he comes to again, he looks up and sees a rainbow appear from just over the mountain as it ends directly in front of the fountain just a few feet away from him. A strange looking machine follows it down as it stops at the bottom. A small muscular man dressed in a green outfit with a black belt and a color coordinated hat jumps down and immediately walks over to punch him in the right leg. “OW! What the fuck man? Damn, you are a strong little man. And kind of…..” The small man stops him before he can get another thought out. “Don’t say it mate, I know what you are thinking. You think I am attractive because I have these muscles.” *he points to his biceps and flexes them as they stretch the fabric on his jacket* “Now, I want you to come with me back to my home world Winston so we can get this moving along.” Winston looks thoroughly confused and has no idea what he is talking about as he looks down at him. “Huh? What? I don’t know what you are talking about little man? What did I do?” The little man punches him in the crotch and shakes his head in disbelief as he stands there with his hands on his hips. “Lad, why do you have to be so naïve. You made a wish when you threw that coin into this here fountain behind me. I am here to help you fulfill that wish, but you have to come with me to complete a quest in order for it to come true.” Winston looks on in a stupor as the little man physically picks him and slams him onto the machine he rode on. He gets in on the other side of it as it begins to move. The shocked human has trouble getting any words out as he attempts to comprehend how a man that probably weighs about 50 pounds could carry a guy that is three times his body weight without any resistance whatsoever. “Shhh…..don’t even say anything mate. Let me introduce myself, I am Padraig, leader of the Emerald guild. In case you haven’t noticed, we be muscled LOL.” *he flexes again as the machine moves up the rainbow towards the mountain* “But seriously Winston, you said in your mind as you threw that coin that you wished to become the man that Pierre wanted you to be. This is your chance to show him that you indeed can and will.” Once they get to the other side of the rainbow and over the mountain, Padraig and Winston get off the machine and start walking towards the village located just to their right. The surprised human stops for a few seconds as the little man turns to look up at him. He puts his big right hand on his forehead and sighs before he speaks again. “Winston, I know that this is all a bit of a shock to you, but there is only a small amount of time to complete your quest. Before you begin however, I want you to meet your guide through your adventure.” As they walk through the village, another little muscular man approaches them and stops just far enough away to where he catches the eye of the much taller human. Paddy stops him in his tracks and stands next to Winston before he starts to smile knowing what he must be thinking. He then walks over to the other little man and puts his hand on his beefy shoulder. “Aye there Ioan, glad you could come and participate in the quest that has been selected for you. This here is Winston, he made a wish in the fountain on Earth and is now here to fulfill his destiny.” The remarkably good-looking small man looks up at him and makes a few gestures like he wants Winston to pick him up. When the surprised human attempts to do so, he figures out that the man is a lot heavier than he looks. After a few more failed attempts, Paddy intervenes and leads them both over to a table so they can talk briefly. “Ioan will be with you through this quest Winston. Actually, he will be a part of the quest as well. His fate will be in your hands as a result of a set of questions that will be asked as you make your way through the tundra that is just beyond the gates of this village.” Paddy points in the direction of the tundra and leans over the table to whisper something into Ioan’s ear. The little man looks a tad bit concerned as he turns to look up at Winston and then looks at Padraig again. The elder muscleman gives him a look that suggests that he must go through with whatever he told him or else there will be consequences. After about twenty seconds, Ioan gets up from the table and walks towards the gates before opening them and disappearing into the landscape. Winston is a bit confused as to what just occurred and wonders what this will entail. “I don’t understand what this man has to do with me, but for some reason I feel like I have some connection to him. Is this partly because of the quest that I have to complete with him?” Paddy smiles before he gets up from the table and motions for Winston to do the same. He then leads the human over to the gates and walks through them. They stop after a few hundred feet of entering the tundra before the little man stops. He turns to look up at Winston once more. “Okay lad, this is where I must leave you so you can fulfill your destiny. The tundra will be jarring at first, but once you reach the crossroads, you will know what to do next.” A large sack appears in front of Winston which surprises him. “Take that with you laddy, it has enough supplies in it to sustain you for however long you are here. I wish you luck and I will see you soon.” The little muscleman turns to walk back through the gates as they close behind him and he vanishes. After pausing for a few seconds after picking up the velvet bag, Winston immediately starts walking again across the barren wasteland. The cooler temperatures make him stop after trekking for a few minutes as he opens the bag up and pulls out a heavy coat from within. He briefly wonders how this could be inside of it but figures that it is some kind of magic and continues to walk ahead. For what seems like hours, Winston eventually reaches the area that Padraig spoke of. A huge cave appears from out of nowhere which briefly concerns him. He goes inside and manages to find enough kindling in his bag to make a fire. He then makes a bed out of some fabric and goes to sleep for the night as the sun disappears behind the mountain that is just above the village in the distance. When he awakens the next morning, he is greeted by the small man he saw leave from back in the village. He is not wearing a top as his hairy muscular chest is just inches away from Winston’s face. The muscular man’s deep masculine voice stuns the much taller human as he sits up. “Good morning sir, I wondered if you might find this place. I am supposed to ask you a question which has two possible answers. Whichever answer you choose will decide what happens next.” He helps Winston up from the ground so he can look up at him as he talks. The man’s nicely groomed reddish brown beard and green eyes are not what he was expecting to see when he woke up for the day, but is pleasantly surprised. They take a few steps outside the cave and turn back around to look at it. Ioan proceeds to ask Winston the question. “Which one of your parents do you miss the most Winston? This question must be answered truthfully or your quest will end here.” Winston is stunned by the question right off the bat and puts his arms above his head. He had no idea that this would even come up and immediately looks down at Ioan. “WHAT!? What kind of question is that? What does this have to do with my wish at the fountain? Did Padraig tell you to ask me this question?” Ioan puts his hand out as Winston takes his hands off his head to hold the little man’s. He looks up at the human and has a relatively neutral look on his face. “This is just part of the process Winston and I am sorry. I was summoned to be your guide and I have been put in charge of the questions that have to be asked. This actually does pertain to your wish indirectly and is meant to help you cope with what happened to you in the past.” After a moment of self-reflection, it dawns on Winston that he is going to be asked three questions that will pertain to his past, what is happening in the present, and what may or may not happen in the future to him. He grips Ioan’s hand as hard as the little man is now gripping his. “I…..I can’t go back Ioan. They both meant so much to me. I mean…..why?” Ioan walks forward, still holding Winston’s hand, and pulls him further into the cave with him. After taking about fifty steps down into the dark corridor, it changes into two emergency room doors. They stop just a few feet in front of them as Ioan looks up to talk to Winston again. “This is where you must answer the question Winston. Your parents are both here. Talk to them face-to-face one last time. This will help you move on since this has been lurking in your mind for a great deal of time. I will wait in the lobby for when you return so that we can move on to the next question. You will be fine mate, I promise.” Ioan lets go of Winston’s hand as they enter into the waiting area of the hospital. The little hairy muscleman stands there as numerous medical personnel move around him not noticing either one of them are even there. The scared taller young man tries not to lose his composure as he takes a deep breath and walks down the hospital corridor towards one of the recovery rooms on the right. He stops walking when he glances inside one of the rooms and sees both his father and mother lying in beds side by side hooked up to machines. He slowly enters the room and walks between them to turn back and forth to look at them with heavy eyes. He can’t get any words out as he gets on his knees beside his mother to hold her hand and lightly weep. She moves her hand as she turns to look at him. “Winston…..I am so glad that you made it here. Ronnie and I didn’t know if you would get here in time or not…..I can’t seem to remember much…..I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and that I will always be in your heart. I also wanted to tell you that I am fine with who you are so don’t worry about it anymore, okay?” Winston tries to keep from crying but can’t hold back the tears that are welling up. They stream down his face as his mother begins to struggle with her breathing. Before he can say anything to her, she loses consciousness and flat lines. His father Ronnie starts to grunt behind him as he tries to get up to see if his wife is okay or not. Multiple nurses come flooding into the room as they try to restrain him as others try to revive her. Winston’s dad is finally put in restraints as the incredibly muscular middle-aged man winces feeling his body hurting from the catastrophic injuries he sustained in the car accident. The extremely sad young man quickly moves over to the other side of his father’s bed where there is no medical personnel and grasps his dad’s bloodied hand. He is amazed that he never noticed how powerful his dad was before as he looks at all the huge veins cascade from his forearms all the way up his arms and directly into his father’s head. Ronnie looks over at his son and is very distraught. He squeezes Winston’s hand tightly as he pulls him in to hug him. The stunned young man bawls as his dad holds him against his chest. After a few seconds, he lets go of Winston and the sad young man gets down on his knees again to talk to his father. Ronnie tenses his muscles a few times since the pain is so excruciating and looks at his son’s eyes before he speaks. “Look at you Win, you have really grown up since I last saw you. It seems like yesterday that you were just barely walking…..actually it has been that long hasn’t it?” Ronnie pauses for a few moments before he reaches over to grab Winston’s arm to squeeze it. “I am a bit surprised though that you haven’t started growing muscles like your old man here. I want you to be big and strong so you can handle things in case you need to protect yourself or possibly the love of your life perhaps.” He tenses his chest and arms again to show Winston that he stayed in shape all the way up to the accident. He then smiles at him before he speaks again. “I may not have ever heard that you were gay son, but just know that I am okay with it. I’m not sure how your mother would feel about it, but I love you more than you will ever know.” He puts his arms out again to embrace his son and pulls him in to hold him one last time. The power radiating from him dissipates as Winston feels his dad fading away as the machines beep before he flat lines as well. The nurses that were trying to revive his mother move over to Ronnie and begin doing CPR on him as they push Winston out of the way. The young man falls onto the ground and yells in agony as he witnesses both of his parents die in front of him. After a few seconds he feels a small hand move up against his shoulder. He looks up and sees that it is Ioan who joins him on the floor to comfort him. “I didn’t say it would be easy mate, but you were here to see them one last time. I know it hurts a lot, but this will help you heal. *gets up and reaches his hand out to pull Winston up off the ground* Come on, it is time to move on to the next question. We will have to leave this place first though.” Winston stops sobbing and leaves the room only to turn back around to look in at them one last time. Ioan grasps his hand and starts pulling him away towards the front of the ER lobby. They walk through the doors as it vanishes behind them. The young man turns and is stunned by what just happened. Ioan takes him back to where he was staying at in the cave and has him sit down. “Rest for a few minutes Winston and eat something. This was a difficult situation I know. Think on it if you need to and I will return to go to the next question.” Winston spends a few minutes sitting there before he gets up to find Ioan standing just outside the cave. The little muscleman is quite surprised that he is already there. “Wow, are you sure you want to move on so quickly. This next question is going to be a bit tough as well. Why do you think your boyfriend left you? This question must be answered with a truthful answer or your quest ends here.” Winston thinks that he knows the answer to this question but before he says a word, Ioan shakes his head no. “Hold on Winston. I don’t think that you were told the whole story from Pierre. It is time to go back into the cave again and find out what the answer is okay?” The two men walk back in and proceed down the cave corridor again. They stop moving forward when a balcony appears in front of them with a beautiful lake in the background. There are numerous boats on the lake and it appears that there is some party going on. Winston seems a bit confused by the whole scenario before he hears Pierre’s voice off to the side. It sounds like he is moaning quite loudly and is having sex with someone. He then hears multiple voices and rushes onto the balcony before going into a side door into what he thinks is a beach house. Ioan stands outside and looks on as Winston finds Pierre sandwiched between three heavily muscled men. His ex-boyfriend is being fucked by one of them as the two others take turns fucking his mouth with their huge rods. None of them are Gustav though since Winston would recognize him immediately. His blood pressure rises as he confronts his ex. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PIERRE!? You told me you were with Gustav, why would you lie to me?” Pierre immediately shoves the guy that is inside him off and jumps to his feet. He is completely soaked in sweat as he tries to compose himself. The three muscle monsters begin to move towards Winston, but Pierre tells them to stop. “Oh mon gawd mon ami! What are you doing here? I didn’t expect you to show up so soon after we broke up. Gustav? Uhhh…..well I was going to go see him after taking a few days off, you know? *seems really confused* Uhhhh, how did you find this place? I don’t think we ever came here when we were dating did we?” The three musclemen move down to the lake and find an open area to lie on the ground. Pierre notices that they are going there without him as he tries to move past Winston. The angry American grabs his French lover on the arm and grips it tightly. “I want answers Pierre, what are you doing with these guys? Were you doing this shit when we were together?” The athletic Frenchman pauses for a few seconds and sighs. “Winston, I have needs. I need to satisfy these needs by going all in with it. Originally, it was just one, but it has grown quite a bit since then and now I have three awesome sluts that make me feel alive. *pulls Winston’s hand off his arm* Maintenant, si vous pouvez me excuser mon ami, I need to go join my friends so we can finish what we started when you got here.” The nude Frenchman rushes out the side door and down to the lakeshore as the three huge hulks begin to mess around with each other again. Winston walks out slowly and looks over the balcony as he watches his ex-boyfriend get ravaged by each one of them as he yells in ecstasy feeling his body getting thrashed by each one of them. Ioan climbs up onto the bannister of the balcony and sits beside where Winston has decided to wait for him. The irritated human looks over and shakes his head. “How the hell did I not know about this Ioan? This isn’t the guy I knew. He never once let on that he was into this kind of thing.” Ioan reaches over and pats him on the back. “Mate, these kinds of things happen more than you realize. What he is doing with those men right now is a fantasy for quite a few muscle lovers. Of course, not every man is as reckless as he is.” The little man points down at the orgy as Pierre yells in French as one of the men pumps him full of cum. The two others pump their cocks as the Frenchman licks the precum off both of them. They both grunt as they shoot two massive rivers of cum all over his face and chest. He takes turns gobbling down the huge poles as they continue to spurt into his mouth. His appetite for their muscular bodies is so great that he makes himself cum without ever touching his cock. The volcano splashes all over his chest and legs as one of the men grabs a hold of his rod and grips it tightly. When he lets go, his cock continues to shoot huge ropes all over himself. At this point, Winston is quite disgusted and gets down off the bannister and turns to leave. Ioan follows behind as they walk back through the cave as the beach house disappears behind them. The young man sits down again and puts his head in his hands. Ioan stands above him to speak. “That was supposed to be tough mate. This was meant to show you that he is not who you thought he was.” “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Our last conversation was about me being muscular. He said I wasn’t his type. Do you know if he is really dating Gustav or not?” Ioan grins and shakes his head yes. Winston is stunned that he is actually with him and wonders if he should ever tell him about Pierre’s secret. The little man doesn’t offer much of an answer to that thought. “When you are ready Winston, we can move on to the last question.” The story will conclude next week. Check out a previous installment in this series: Rainbow:
  2. Check out the first part if you haven't already: The young man stands up immediately and walks outside the cave like before. Ioan stops him before he leaves though and shakes his head no. “You don’t have to leave the cave for this one Winston. This question is a bit different. During this quest, I have been studying you. You have been put through quite a bit of anguish and I have felt it as you have experienced it. While you haven’t come out and said it, I know that deep down in your soul, you want to be a muscle freak. Your father felt it when he held you in that hospital room. I watched you stare at those men as they fucked Pierre. You wanted to be one of those men.” Winston stops him before he continues. “I have never had the willpower to work out like that though, but…..yes I do want to be huge and powerful. What is this last question you are going to ask me Ioan?” The hunky little man smiles and flexes his impressive biceps. “Exactly how big do you want to be mate? Or rather, how big should I be for you?” Before Winston can answer him, Ioan starts moaning as his legs and arms start cracking and immediately begin to lengthen. The four-foot tall muscleman takes all but a few seconds before he passes five-foot as his bones continue to stretch and reform underneath the fresh skin that is growing on top of his newly forming frame. The young human stares on in complete shock as he watches his guide transform into a normal sized man. After a minute of this, Ioan stops growing taller once he hits around six foot, which is about an inch or two shorter than what Winston is. He walks up to the surprised young man and puts his reasonably skinny arms around him. He smiles as his face now matches the rest of his body in size and proportion. “Well, that was a nice start don’t you think Winston? *he hugs him and rubs the human’s back* This feels kind of nice, but I’m not done if you think this is it. Remember what the question was? How big should I be for you? This time, you can answer me directly instead of walking down that corridor like before.” Winston is nearly speechless as he looks at the incredibly sexy man’s reddish brown beard and green eyes. He immediately leans in and kisses Ioan on the lips as he holds him up against his body. He is quite attracted to him now which has been developing the entire time that he has been with him. They kiss for several minutes before Winston lets him go finally. Ioan rubs his human counterpart’s face and feels his firm frame before he walks backwards a few steps. “Okay Winston, it is that time. I know what I want to do for you because I could feel it inside you as we embraced. What do you want to do for me? I gave you some of my power as we kissed. You can make me as big as you want.” Winston looks at Ioan and can’t believe what he has witnessed so far. He pauses for a few seconds before he says something. ‘I uhhhhh…..what just happened? I just watched you grow taller and now you look……so much like…..’ Ioan grunts in his deep manly voice as he interrupts Winston. He is getting a bit restless as he stares down at his thin frame. “Make me powerful mate, I desperately crave it. Give me what I desire…..mmmmmm……ohhh.” The sexy former little man can feel a burning sensation emanating from the center of his body as he senses a change coming from within. Very faint noises are coming from the bottom half of his body as his pupils dilate. He can feel his feet and calves growing thicker as the veins swell to twice their size as each muscle fiber twitches. The process is slow but steady as it spreads past his knees and moves into his hamstrings and quads. Winston hears him moan as he watches Ioan’s legs destroy the shorts that were riding his ass after he grew taller. He is hypnotized when he sees the former little man’s cock and balls lengthen and swell to nearly twice its size. Ioan is spilling a huge pile of precum onto the floor of the cave now. He makes an obscene motion with his ass like he is being humped by another man as he looks at Winston with a dirty look on his face. “MMMMMM Winston, come here and fuck me please, I crave it so much. Ahhh, my ass is growing…..ohhhh yes, it is getting so big.” Ioan’s glutes swell to resemble two volleyballs. His quads are now nearly twice their size as the growth moves up into his upper body. Winston gives in to his temptation and walks over to join in on his guide’s euphoric journey. He slides his pants off and shoves his cock inside his growing friend’s eager hole. He thrusts hard as he wraps his hands around Ioan’s swelling obliques, stabilizers, and abs as he feels every single one of them pop out and swell against his fingers. He moans loudly as he buries his face into the man’s emerging back muscles which are doubling up on each other. Winston then looks up to watch as his friend’s lats push their way out from his back and flare outward. “RAWR! YES MORE…..I WANT MORE WINSTON…..GIVE ME MORE MATE!” Next are Ioan’s arms and pecs as the veins swell up like garden hoses inside his forearms, biceps, and triceps as they form into huge boulders in every area. It is obvious that the growing musclestud craves huge arms since he immediately flexes them as the bulging cannons form perfect peaks. His delts and traps are able to match his perfectly shaped shoulders. He heaves his chest as each breath summons his pecs to swell even bigger. Winston can see his partner’s nipples drape down along the sides on each mammoth pectoral. He continues to run his hands along the thick hairy marble slabs before reaching up to squeeze the giant mounds of flesh. “FUCK ME MATE! SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU WANT MY MUSCLES!” Winston kisses Ioan’s massive bullneck as he pushes his cock all the way inside him. The thick muscle monster yells in ecstasy as he feels his own cock throbbing as the veins pulse furiously as it bounces with each thrust. The infatuated human screams in delight as he finally unloads inside the hulking hairy monster. Ioan grunts as he feels his balls stretching to their limits as he attempts to hold the massive volcano that is building inside them. He turns his head to lock lips with his human lover. Winston thrusts a few more times before he pulls his cock out to hold on to the hunky muscle monster before Ioan turns around and rubs his massive hardon against Winston’s thin chest. The precum continues to flow like a river as the horny human gets down on his knees to gulp some of it down his throat. Ioan moans deeply feeling Winston run his tongue along the engorged cockhead. “Ohh bloody yeah Winston, I know what you want. You will have to work for it though because despite the fact that I am leaking so much precum, I can hold back for however long it takes to make you fulfill your destiny.” Winston moves his tongue along the veiny shaft as he runs it up and down the sides making it drip with his saliva before he decides to gulp it back down his throat. He can feel it twitch a few times as it starts to completely fill up his entire airway. The sheer size of it makes him gag as he tries to breathe through his nose. Ioan knows what is going to happen next as he continues to lodge the huge rod further down inside his human subject’s esophagus. Winston panics and grips his guide’s mammoth ass and tree trunks as he struggles for each breath. Ioan manages to push it all the way in before his balls begin to contract. The volcano rushes into his huge dick and drains into Winston’s stomach. The cold wintry air around them isn’t enough to keep the hairy beast from perspirating heavily onto his human counterpart as his own breathing intensifies as he holds Winston in place. He moans knowing he is going to turn Winston into a muscle beast next. “MMMMMM, shhhhh. Just stay calm mate and let it permeate your senses. This is the hardest part of the whole transformation. You feel like you are dying, but your body will handle it in……3…..2…..1…..” Ioan can feel Winston’s throat and esophagus starting to get a bit wider as his human partner’s head starts swelling as the muscles inflate in his face and his breathing changes. His winces are now changing to moans as the huge muscle beast pulls his cock out of his human friend’s mouth to let him focus on his own growth. Winston feels his entire body starting to heat up as he tries to keep from losing his mind. “Oh gawd…..oh jeezus…..what the…..fucking…..I feel so numb. *feels his arms swelling now* There are so many things going on in my head Ioan. *his back and pecs are growing as well* DAMN! What a fucking rush…..are you doing this to me?” His shirt is unable to contain the sheer mass that is underneath it as it shreds multiple times. The huge boulders popping out from within Winston’s body along his shoulders and biceps are making his cock react wildly as the excited pole stretches as it thickens. He involuntarily clenches his fists as the veins in both of his arms inflate overtop of his thick growing forearms as giant horseshoes emerge to match his biceps in immensity. Ioan walks up to him to feel his pecs stretch and fill up every single square inch of space on what was a flat surface of skin. His nipples double in size as they rub up against Ioan’s own pecs. The sensation from them touching each other makes Winston’s balls inflate until they turn purple as his swollen footlong spills a sticky ribbon of precum all over his guide’s huge prick. The two musclebeasts lock lips as Winston’s growth progresses down from his chest and into his abdominals which are developing into a huge ten pack. The rock-hard tiles rub up against Ioan’s as the two monsters get even more acquainted with each other’s mass. The heavily muscled Irishman reaches around Winston’s side to feel his lats and obliques popping as they reshape themselves. He finds his partner’s gaping hole and picks him up for a moment to slide his cock inside as his partner’s ass blows up into two equally huge balloons. The growth flows through Winston’s lower half at lightning speed as he yells feeling his legs exploding in size as perfectly shaped diamonds emerge from his hamstrings and quads. His calves manage to match the massiveness of his upper legs as the growth finally reaches his feet which have stretched and thickened up into beastly proportions. They both fall onto the ground as Winston starts bouncing up and down on Ioan yelling and grunting in delight as he feels his partner leaking inside him. With a much deeper and manlier voice that now matches Ioan’s: “Fill me up big man, make me a gawd if that is what you want me to be, I don’t care…..OH FUCK…..this must be what heaven is like!” The bearded Irishman moans as he shoots another incredible load up inside Winston which prompts his body to swell even bigger as every muscle fiber in his body glistens. Winston moans feeling his mantits throb as his cock bounces furiously against his lover’s huge chest. “I can’t make you any bigger Winston, but you are feeling the most intense pump of your life right now. Your body is trying to make you cum and it will get its wish here in about…..” Before he can complete his sentence, Winston’s cock blasts him in his face with several huge ropes of cum. He laughs as he sticks his tongue out to catch some of it and gulps it down. “My turn mate, you might enjoy the fact that mmmmmm…..ohh that feels so good.” Ioan’s cock swells inside Winston’s anus as his body develops the same kind of pump that Winston has. The bearded monster flexes his guns as they rise another inch. His chest follows suit as well as the rest of his massive frame. The two men then take turns licking and sucking on each other’s engorged mountains of flesh. After several minutes of intense muscle worship, they both feel their pumps dissipating and decide to just hold each other as they move over by the fire that is still burning in the cave. Winston gets the bag that Ioan gave him when the quest started and pulls out another blanket to put around them both. He looks into the Irishman’s beautiful green eyes and leans in to kiss him deeply. They lie down and hold each other close as the sun goes down and the temperatures outside drop even further. The steam from both of their massive frames rises off of them and into the cold air. They laugh a bit once they realize just how big they have gotten as a result of all of this growth. Ioan looks into Winston’s bluish-gray eyes before he speaks to him. “Well Winston, this is the end of your quest. You have managed to answer all three questions to the best of your ability so whatever happens next will be up to you.” The well-muscled human doesn’t waste another second when he says, “I love you Ioan. I want you to come back to the city with me. You are no longer small like you were so I don’t think you would fit in here anymore, am I right?” Ioan smiles and agrees with him. “Like I said before, you answered the questions to the best of your ability and this is the result of your final question. During this whole process, you secretly were measuring me up and fantasizing about what I would look like if I was your size, well here I am and I would personally like to thank you mate for fulfilling my destiny as well.” They both embrace and hold each other once again as they fall asleep together. The next morning, they pack everything up and put the fire out before trekking back through the icy tundra and back to the gate which protects the little men’s village. As the gates open, Padraig is standing there grinning as much as he possibly can. He rushes over to punch Ioan in the leg which promptly gets the bearded hairy beast to wince. “HA HA! You feel pain like you never have before huh lad? I have to say Winston, what you did for him is quite impressive. Ioan is a special man and I knew he would be compatible with you. Follow me ye mates so we can have a brief chat before you both return to your homeland.” As they follow Padraig to the rainbow, other little men stop in their tracks and talk amongst themselves as they stare at the two huge hulking muscle monsters which are only wearing the blankets they were lying on the night before as clothing. When they reach the area at the mouth of the giant rainbow, the machine that Winston rode on before stops just feet from where him and Ioan are standing. The little green-suited muscleman that brought them there makes a few gestures and pulls the blankets off them with his mind. They grunt a bit as their naked bodies are exposed to him. He smiles as he waves his hands and then makes a rising motion with them as the two muscle beasts feel their bodies being covered up by some very snug fabric. They both look down at their new clothing and look as if they approve. They then reach over to rub their hands on the fabric but not before Padraig runs over and kicks them. They both wince. “Don’t be getting all horny on me now lads, if you get all erect on me, your tools will probably destroy this getup I got ye both. Now, I just want to say congratulations to you both and I hope that you will enjoy your new lives together. Ioan… was a pleasure to raise you as me own and I am glad that you have found someone that will care for you almost as much as I have. Now you two get going.” Ioan waves goodbye to Padraig and gets on the machine as Winston decides to ask the elder a question. “Will I ever be back here again Paddy?” “Why there would be no reason mate. Your wish has been granted fully, moreso than probably three-quarters of the humans that have ever been here before. Ioan is your true love, Pierre was never going to be with you. Now enough chatter, get going so you and me son can start your life together.” After waving goodbye as well to Padraig, he gets on the machine as it quickly glides them across the mountain and over to the other side where the park is. They both get off the machine and stand back as they watch it disappear back over the mountain. The two muscle behemoths decide to stand motionless for a few minutes at the fountain as they notice how the water has a shimmer to it. They both feel snow beginning to fall as they lean up against each other. Ioan wants to jump into the fountain but Winston shakes his head no saying that they would probably be visited by Padraig if they did that. A laugh is heard above them as they walk over to sit down on a bench that is aimed directly at the fountain. The hunky bearded Irishman turns to look at Winston and says a few words. “I have another question for you mate. What do you want me to get you for Christmas?” Winston looks a bit confused but obliges him. “I thought I got my Christmas present already. It is you, is it not?” Ioan winks and then undoes his shirt and pants exposing his massive chest and cock. “Well…..maybe it is possible that I can ummmmm…..grow again. Paddy once told me that I was luckier than his other ‘sons’. There is a part of my mind that I haven’t tried to access yet so there is a possibility that I might be able to conjure up an additional power that I didn’t know I had Winston.” Winston gets extremely excited and rubs his partner’s huge pecs with his hands. “Well let’s try and figure this out then Ioan. I know I am certainly open to fulfilling a wish of yours if you want.” The two muscle beasts begin kissing each other again as the snow comes down even harder on top of them as the afternoon of Christmas Day arrives. This is the end of this story but there is always a chance that we may return to this world in the future.
  3. CANNONSboy

    Needing a friend

    Hey guys, CANNONSboy here (real name Pedro Hercules as many of you already know). Just decided to contribute with a storie, since i have so many worship sessions, i decided to just share one, lets see if you guys like it. All feedback is welcome. KEEP PUMPING !!! NEEDING A FRIEND 1 - Hey Pedro, man you are a bit late mate. - Sorry bro, you have no idea how this last week has been. - Oh i know you bastard, you post shirtless pics on facebook daily haha. Man you get even freakier when you are roiding!! - Hehe, you know i love muscles Tom, fuck i love all this power and cant stop flexing !!! GGGGRRRrrr... And with that i hit another powerfull double bicep pose. Tom is my best friend, and thank god is a nurse too. You see, being a nurse myself, i inject roids on alot of big muscle guys, but when im roiding i need help from some one to inject me, since i cant reach my ass and i hate needles when the target is me This was the last week from a 8 week roid cycle. Already 20lbs bigger and i knew it was pure muscle, since i was more ripped than ever. Not also a friend, Tom is a muscle worshipper and i know how to pay for his services - Pedro those biceps are insane! Man let me feel them, fuck you know i just want to grab those fuckers. - Haha you know i love even more, come here you bastard. Still holding a double bicep i look at Tom while he starts massaging my right peak. His lust for my muscles is as huge as mine, and nothing turns me on more than being worshipped. Feeling my horse cock getting hard i start licking my left bicep. Oh man, im turning into a real muscle god, its amazing how round, hard and veiny my biceps are. - Fuck Pedro i just cant live without worshipping your cannons anymore!! - Dont worrie man (lick) ... i will get this cannons even bigger for us !!! (lick) When i start licking my biceps nothing more matters until i cum. Tom starts licking the right one and i continue to lick and kiss my left cannon. God, this cycle has been amazing and damn, this last week i was swoling by the second. Almost every night i woke up extremily pumped, veins engorged, my 9 inch horse cock HARD. Always need to flex and grunt to calm down and go sleep again. This growth spurts have been so intense this last week that i always cum hands free. I love hitting all poses and then at the end hold a massive most muscular pose till my piss split shoots huge waves of roided cum. - Bigger Pedro, please pump this freaky arms BIGGER !!! - Fuck yeah Tom, GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr... - Yeah!!! Those veins... mmmmmm... god i need to cum to your muscles!!! - Fuck i need to free my cock from my pants! Wait a sec man I simply cant wear anything when my cock starts getting hard, i CANT. Is just too huge and it hurts as hell. I take all my clothes off and Tom just starts breathing heavily. - You fucking muscle freak, fuck Pedro you are unreal... - Please Tom lets get the injection done and then we have fun. I told you this last week has been crazy, thats because not only im growing fast but my growth spurts are so intense and violent. - Oh man, would love see that Pedro!! - Roid me up then, its easier for me to hulkout after the injection - Lay down bed then! The roiding, the growing, the growth spurts, the worshipping... i love everything except the needles. But all i can think now is the amazing show i will give Tom this time. - Fuck, look at the size of your back!! - Come on Tom, carefull dont waste any drop. - Everything is inside the serynge already, is just that, fuck... - Haha, ok let me spread this wings a bit... Mmmm... (grunt) - Oh yeah Pedro, fucking massive lats, oh fuck yeah - GGRRRRrrrrrr... fucking wider!! Grab my lats! And so did Tom. Laying on bed and facing the pillow, i spread my lats as wide as i can till i feel the stretch marks of my lats almost rip the skin. - OMG Pedro, its insane!! I wonder if its even possible to get any wider. - (grunt) hope so man, bigger frame means more room to build muscles! - Fuck i cant wait to cum, relax, im gonna inject now. And so he did, and as always i let a little grunt out. But as soon it was done the fun started... - Its done Pedro! Now let me see the beast inside you! Stand up please!! - Haha you know i love to give... mmmmm... - Yeah feel those roids you freak - Fuck Tom you have no idea... mmmmm.... how it feels like (grunt)... - Hulkout Pedro, fuck cant stop precuming!! FLEXXX !!! - GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... !!!!!!!!!!!! (grunt) Grunting like the beast i am i start flexing all my freaky muscles, feeling the roids inside my engorge veins. Biceps swolling to 20 inches, pecs contrating and expanding, my back stretching to inhuman size!!! - WORSHIP ME Tom !!! - Fuck yeah, bigger, BIGGERRRRR !!! (lick) (lick) - Yeah grab my cannons and suck my horse cock! - Yeah... (gulp) mmmmm... fucking freaky... (gulp) BICEPS! - Fuck yeah dont stop, need to feed you with my roided cum Pose after pose i force all my muscles to expande, making them freakshily veiny. Tom cock cries rivers of precum, while his hands and tongue try to feel as much muscle as they can - Fucking freak you are Pedro, i love your muscles oh god i cant hold much longer... - Yeah i can make that cock cum in seconds, here fuck my bicep!!! - Ah fuck yeah, oh fuck i cant hold it!! I hit a side chest and Tom slaps his cock on my veiny cannon - Yeah i want a big load of cum on my bicep!!! Tom cant even speak now, just moans and tries not to faint. - Yeah fucking hard rock muscles Tom, these is what roids and huge amounts of steell do to my hulking body!! - OMG Pedro!!!!!!!!!!!! - Now fuck my freaky bicep from inside!! Yeah!! Between my elbow and my freaky PEAK!! MMMMMmmmmmmmm... - Oh GOD, OH GODDDDD!! AAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh... And with that Tom shoot 1 minute of waves of thick cum all over my bicep and swoled chest. - Ah fuck yeah, come to my muscle!! Gonna unload too And with that i took two steps back and hited a massive most muscular pose - I AM A MUSCLE GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD !!! FUCKING HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! - God Pedro im gonna cum againnnnnn... OMG - CANT STOP FLEXINGGGGGGGGGGGGG !! GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr All covered in thick veins and ripped muscles, i shoot huge waves of cum as my muscles expande one last time... THE END
  4. LJackson

    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 8 of 14

    Chapter 7 is here. And this is really where it gets interesting... 8 Olly Friday, September 26th Late for work again today. I know it's wrong. A month ago I would haven't dreamt of it. A month ago I was early, eager to please — god, such a good little boy. But was that bad? I love the library — I don't want to piss off Mr Bartholomew — but equally, I can't bring myself to give a fuck. Am I a bad boy now? I'm definitely not so little these days. No, I'm not a bad boy. God knows, I'm working harder than ever. I get up at five to get to the gym early enough for my morning session. Just me, the Beast, and a few other hardcore lads. We devotees of the iron, sweat and lift. Most of those other guys in the early morning, city types with nice pecs, are still only doing half the work that me and the Beast are putting in. We're there to do a cardio session and a few light weights. We spar a little in the changing rooms. That's just session one. We still have our weights session scheduled for the evening. No, that's all good. Mum and Dad and Anthony are pleased to see me taking some exercise. My parents are glad to see me becoming a man. Anthony nods encouragingly, but I can see there's something behind his eyes. Perhaps he's not sure which of us is the big brother nowadays. Especially after his nice pale blue interview shirt got ripped up the back. He found it on my bedroom floor. 'Jesus Christ,' he said, 'What happened to this?' I wasn't in the mood to talk nicely about it. It was a Saturday morning and I was getting ready to go for a swim. 'I guess I happened to it, bro. I'll replace it.' 'You get in a fight?' 'What are you, deaf, blind or an idiot? I told you that I happened to it. In case you haven't noticed, I've put on some weight since you first leant it to me.' 'You mean you outgrew my shirt?' He was turning it over in his hands. 'The sleeves are all burst too.' 'Are they? Look, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't realise you cared about it so much.' 'You don't seem to remember it happening.' 'Sometimes when I've had a good session, and I'm really pumped, I guess I forget myself a bit,' I tried to explain, still packing my swim bag: towel, trunks, shake... 'I just can't believe you've put on any muscle so fast.' 'It happens when you first start at the gym. The Beast's an expert, and I've been reading up. A guy my age has the right chemical balance. He's ready to...' 'Explode?' 'If you want.' 'Show me,' he said. I really hadn't wanted this, but he'd asked for it. I went and stood before him and pulled off my sweat top. I like it because it keeps my new physique something of a secret. It's outsize. You can't tell, at first glance, how very outsize I am. 'Oh, fuck.' He covered his mouth with his hand. 'Olly, you look like a — like a gorilla or something.' 'Do you see how I bust your shirt open now?' I balled my hands into fist, demonstrating the iron bars my forearms have become. I banged on my chest with one first. The smack and the little bounce always made me want to smile, especially thinking how little I used to look when I first struck these poses in the bathroom mirror. 'Do you see what I'm packing? Your shirt was for a normal sized guy, Anthony, and I've started to go way beyond normal.' 'I suppose you're just...' His mouth was dry, staring at the thick sinew of my arms, my hulking shoulders, my rugged six pack. 'You're growing up faster than I thought. I didn't realise you even had chest hair.' I ran my fingertips through it. 'That's testosterone. When you're working out at my capacity, the body starts producing more of it. I'm flooded with testosterone now, and it — well...' I clapped my hands together for emphasis, and couldn't resist pulling a momentary 'most muscular' pose, so he could see the whole story. 'It makes things grow.' He shook his head in disbelief. 'I hope you know what you're doing.' 'Don't worry, little guy,' I patted his shoulder patronisingly. 'I'm right on course.' He looked repelled, and for some reason I loved it. I tried not to show what a turn-on it was, just pulled my sweat top back on and went out the door for that swim. Mr Bartholomew is less than happy. Last Friday he complained that I wasn't taking the job seriously. That was at the start of the day, and I swallowed that down pretty well, but he kept on at me all day. I told him how I was carrying three times the number of books about now, and could reach the higher shelves without standing on a step ladder. He said that was all very well, but that it was attitude that was the thing, and I had a bad one. That afternoon the ex-policeman came in for a chat. Well, I've written about him in here before. It's the highlight of my week. At first I thought it was just because he's a tough like me, and in some ways more so than the Beast. He doesn't lift or anything, but he's army-fit, and fucking tall. He towers over the Beast and has to stoop a little just to come in at the door. He's been in some hard situations, he told me. He said he chased down drug dealers and smacked their heads together. He's been in situations where he's carried a gun, and others where he's had to wrestle a bloke to the floor and pin him. That takes strength, sure, but it takes something more: self-belief. Yeah, he's a tough guy, a real man, the sort of guy my brother would be shy of talking to. Not sure why he quit the force. Reading between the lines, I think it was something to do with addiction. The first time we talked, he wanted to know about gym stuff. I got a real buzz when I realised he'd noticed the little changes in my body, the output of all my input. It's nice to be admired. Of course, I like it from girls most of all. I like to see that look in their eyes that their pussy is melting, that they want me inside it, that they're dreaming of my cock. But when I get it from guys it's worth three times as much, because I know they're saying they put themselves beneath me. I am the dominant one, the alpha male, for once. And then when he was asking again last week, the penny dropped. He's gay. A little — or rather, six foot something — poof. And I realised, as I was talking, that his eyes kept going down to my arms, my chest, my packet. He couldn't stop staring, and then I could see a look come over his face. The look that meant he wanted me to come over his face. I folded my arms before him, and he had to actually take a step back. His eyes boggled. 'So, where do you work out?' he asked me. 'Uranus,' I told him. 'It's just down that way.' I pointed past his shoulder so that my massive arm was right in his face. He stared at it like a hungry man looking at steak. 'Maybe you should come along.' 'I'd like to,' he said. 'You'd like to what?' I said, leaning in conspiratorially. 'I'd like to come,' he said. 'With me?' I said. 'If you're interested,' he said. I gave a big laugh then, put out a big hand and pushed him away playfully. He almost stumbled. 'You've changed since I first came in here, if you don't mind me saying so,' he said, and I've been puzzling over what he meant exactly. But later that day, when the last customer had gone and we were locking up, Mr B. cornered me by the photocopier and said I needed to spend less time chatting and more time doing what I was paid for, or perhaps they'd decide my presence was not required. After a whole day of being baited, that's when the red mist finally came down. I turned and shoved the guy, less playfully then I did the ex-police officer. He went down right away. 'Please don't hurt me,' he whimpered. 'Please don't hurt me,' I parroted. 'I didn't mean to be rude,' he said, 'but -' 'But you're used to being a bully,' I said. 'I'm not. But I could get a taste for this.' I went and stood over him. He looked up at me in horror but also in desire. He didn't know what he wanted, but I did. I slowly undid the top button on my chinos. 'I thought you were a different sort of boy when I employed you,' he said. 'The sort you could push around,' I said, slowly unzipping my fly. 'You were so polite, so sweet-natured.' 'I was littler then,' I said, reaching into my trousers and pulling out my junk, still wrapped in my clean white briefs. I cradled it in my hand, letting him take it in. 'I've grown up a bit.' 'That's a nice size,' he said greedily, getting up onto his knees. 'It's certainly more than I'm used to,' I laughed. 'Do you want — do you want me to suck you?' he asked. More worldly wise than I'd have thought. 'Open wide,' I said, and pulled out my dick. He looked up, uncomprehending, then turned back to my big soft cock, hanging like a piece of ripe fruit from a big, solid tree. He opened his mouth. I caught the back of his throat with a stream of golden piss. He gasped, but I grabbed his curly, grey-white-black hair, and after a second or two he relaxed, and took it like a man. 'Say thank you,' I said. 'Thank you, sir,' he said. 'No more complaints from you, I hope.' 'I only want what's best for the library,' he said, wiping his mouth. 'And all of us,' he added quickly. No, I don't think I'll have any more trouble from him. And I don't think my work out regime is affecting going to the library. I'm always finished in plenty of time to reach the door for opening time, especially now I can run faster than ever before, and it's only a couple of streets away. None of that is so wrong. But when I've finished my morning session, then comes the shower. The Beast and I still shower in adjacent cubicles, just like that first day when could barely lift 10kg. Back when I was a shrimp next to him. I'm nowhere hear his weight and size yet, of course, or his definition — he's still bigger than me, and has five years' advantage on me. I'm still nowhere near the point where I can live my dream. Take his place. Have Estelle tell him how much more she likes my dick. Have him grovel in front of me and call me his master. I'm still too weak for that. And crazy enough that my dick is growing with my muscle, I'm not even half as hung as he is. And we're still pals. We go into our showers together, and I take my bar of Coal Tar soap, and I turn on the water. Jets of red hot water hit my shoulder blades and run down the crevice of my arse, into my arse hole, and down my newly engorged thighs. I take the soap and rub it in circles on my shoulders, around the burning ridges of my trapezius muscles, inside my stinking, furry armpits, over the hard ridges of my stomach, round my dick and balls, up and down my thighs, and up inside my chocolate starfish. And this is where I start to go wrong. This is where I am able to take stock of how my biceps have swelled and my triceps have swelled, as I raise my arms to scrub away beneath them; I can appreciate, in this silence of the water hissing, how much harder and wider my lats are than last week. I soap up my pecs and I take note of how much broader they have grown, and how much further they stand from shoulders and my thick, vascular neck. This is when my dick becomes solid, and I can practically feel my heart beating in it. It seems to stand a little longer and flare a little wider every time I get it hard, and then I soak away at it, marvelling at how it's grown, adoring it with the caress of my bar of Coal Tar. Now I am able to flex and pose and feel how much the muscle has sprouted on and within me. I love feeling the extra mass that I've grown, sometimes overnight. I have to feel the new thickness and solidity of my thick cock, as I pump my big fist on it. I go into a reverie where all I am conscious of is the size of my muscle and how it has grown. I think about the stares I've got from girls and from guys. I think about how I bust Anthony's shirt and how he looked at me with such envy. I think of the jeans I was wearing last week that ripped at the seams because my thighs are so big now. I think of how I accidentally snapped a door handle off the door at the library. I reach down and feel my balls, now big juicy orbs full of spunk. I reach around and feel the tightness and roundness of my glutes. I twist and look down at my tree trunk thighs, grown from hairless saplings. I look at how my body hair has grown wild across the chest and arms and stomach that were completely smooth a week ago. I think of the tiny physique that stood in this cubicle stall once before, half the size of me at least. Fuck, what's happening to me? I feel I'm becoming obsessed. I've got the physique of a true bodybuilder now, but it's not enough — it's really not enough. I've got it in my sights now. Another couple of years and there'll be a beast in that shower stall. Okay, I'm going to have to sneak into the bathroom and have another wank now. I need to do more than get my boss to drink my piss in the library after hours. I need to get some sex soon. I reckon the police officer would go down on me, given half the chance. That's what we were really talking about, last Friday. I made sure of it. 'Come with me?' I said. 'I'm flattered, big guy, but I'm afraid I don't fuck guys. This big mister -' I grabbed my bulge and squeezed it to show him how it crammed my y-fronts ' — is strictly girls allowed.' God, he looked humiliated, though he tried to smile. Fucking queer, after my body. That reminds me. Sophie replied to my text. She's coming tomorrow. I'd better save that wank tonight. I'm going to give her everything I've got.
  5. LJackson

    m/m Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 2 of 14

    Part 1 can be found here. 2 Olly Friday, August 1st Getting it on in the 'Mind, Body and Spirit' section! That's a new one. Somehow still can't process it. Wishing I could laugh about it. Wishing even more that I could tell someone. Came home after work and Mum had made pasta (literally, made her own), and we all sat out in the garden together. Not the sort of story you can tell your Mum and Dad, or even your big brother, even if he does self-describe as 'man of the world'. Maybe I could tell one of the guys about it. I am seeing them next week supposedly, and it feels like the kind of story guys tell each other, especially when someone asks about your new job and you're, like, literally a junior librarian. Before Uni, when sex just made us laugh, it would have got around school in five minutes. But it's not hilarious. And I'd have to edit out the part I played. But I do feel like I have to tell the story. I guess that's what a diary is for. I never understood before. I've been filling this out, from a sense of duty, seven months now. Until yesterday I left it out on my bedside table, where Mum could have had a good read through it. Nothing to embarrass her there. Getting tickets to Glastonbury. Doing my Finals at Uni. Getting my hair cut and being told I looked like Daniel Radcliffe with the hair of a One Direction member (thanks Rob). Getting pissed on results day and asking Sophie out. Well, now there's something to write about that I don't want Mum to hear about, and it's not just that I watched a girl of about twenty-one — Jesus, Sophie's age I suppose — going down on a guy in Dulwich Village Public Library. Fuck, I'm getting hard thinking about it again. I don't know if it's possible. My hand is shaking as I write this. I'm confused, I guess, and I need to understand it. Help me, Obi Wan Ke-Diary, you're my only hope! First of all, I feel like I haven't said much about the library itself. The weird thing about today is it felt like it was happening in church. The building must be Victorian, and I never even knew it existed before this summer. I've been to the village on Founder's Day, when the whole school troops into the Chapel and goes down on its knees in thanks for a private education. Then there's the little old art gallery Dad never stops going on about, the one that hasn't got anything painted after the 1800s or whatever. Then there are three shops with names like Valerie's and Country Spray that sell lavender bags for £50. And the library. The council has closed most of its other public libraries, and the ones remaining open are full of internet terminals and graphic novels, but this one (dark wood, dusty books, a few audio books — on cassette!) looks like it's been trapped behind a forcefield since the 1950s. I think Mr Bartholomew might have got trapped inside with it. He's literally got to be gay, but I can't actually imagine a man that tidy having sex. He wears old-fashioned specs and a waistcoat and in my interview he nearly creamed himself when I said I'd just graduated from Cambridge. Perhaps he's just not seen anybody my age for a while. Well, he saw two more today. I was serving at the till, trying to extort fifty pence from a nonagenarian for keeping her Jackie Collins out a week overdue (this is as dramatic as my life gets, or so I thought), when Mr B came over to intervene. At first I assumed he was just letting her off the fine, despite the fact she's clearly not dependent on her pension — it would barely have paid for her ugly sunglasses. Wow, I didn't realise I even thought all this stuff consciously. 'If you wouldn't mind, Olly,' he murmured to me, laying a chilly finger on my shoulder. 'There's an occurrence I'd like you to see to.' I thought maybe someone had wet themselves. 'Mind, Body and Spirit?' I asked. It's a slightly hidden nook at the rear of the building, enclosed by one bookcase of Biographies and one of Health. Mr B nodded. 'Something quite out of the ordinary. Just advise them to go elsewhere. I don't want a scene.' It wasn't a pisser, then. I went away, mind spinning as to what might be going on in those mysterious depths of the library, something Mr B obviously didn't feel himself up to confronting. It may have been at this point that my heart began to beat faster, whether from the idea of some act of anti-social behaviour in such a genteel place, or just the idea of confronting someone, anyone, I don't really know. I suppose I wasn't expecting to find someone like — that girl — to confront. She didn't look like Sophie. In my mind's eye, replaying the scene, the whole afternoon, the whole of this evening, I've imagined her looking like Sophie. Another good reason to get this written down. She was older, for one thing. Sophie turned 21 the week before I did. We talked about not feeling grown-up enough for 21 yet, we laughed. This girl had all the maturity of someone who's moved on from that sense of innocence, if it was only a year or two more. Her blonde hair was in the same, sort of glamorous style, she even wore the same shade of lip gloss. But she dressed in a way Sophie wouldn't dare, not even to a party. I could see at a glance exactly how her tits curved. I could see her little nipples pressed tight against the hot pink fabric, and I could see him — her boyfriend, or whatever — playfully missing them again and again, so she never quite knew when his thumbnail would graze across them. He looked — and I thought this right away, and I thought it while I watched, and I thought it while we spoke, and I've thought it all evening — like nothing so much as a Beast. His arms were covered with thick dark hair, and he was big, like a rugby player but somehow more so — he had the dangerous size of a jungle creature. His back was towards me as I first approached, and it was broad like the roof of a car. I don't just mean it was wide, but the way it curved, up and over the huge globes of his shoulders, down his shoulder blades, which rose up in his t-shirt like great hills, and down toward his waist; he was like an extra-large mannequin designed to stretch t-shirt material and see when it would break. In fact, come to think of it, there were tiny holes in the seams of the t-shirt below his arms. His arms were massive. Some part of my brain kept trying to tell me he was just a fat guy, that if he turned around, he'd have a massive paunch swelling out that t-shirt at the front, but I could see from seeing his forearms and particularly his hands, cupping her breasts, stroking her stomach, holding her jaw while he licked her little throat with his tongue, that they were the hands and arms of a sportsman. There was no softness, there were only hard lines. The bulk he carried was obviously built. As I stood, pretending to sort the books in the carousel, I watched as he caressed her, pushing her lightly back against the bookcase — he couldn't help it, the power behind his gentlest touch pressed her back against the books, slid her about like a doll. Like an Beast would do with a person, not caring whether they kept their balance or fell. Then he stole a quick glance over his shoulder (I looked away just in time, I thought) and reached down and felt deliberately up between her thighs, lifting the hem of her dress with his huge hairy paw. I heard her laugh lightly with pleasure, as her legs parted and she had to grab at his jeans waistband to stabilise herself. I looked across instinctively, and between the bookshelf ends, I saw him crouch down beside her, apparently consulting the shelves to her left. The only sign that something wasn't normal — apart from the fact they were each about thirty years younger than anyone I've ever seen in there — was the way she was smoothing down her dress, and the look she gave me when she saw me looking her way. Her hand, I noticed, was on his head, caressing the number two crop that emphasised his huge skull. I glanced away, glanced back. His massive arm — about three times the size of her thigh — was raised at a right angle, as if for balance, but the hand was up her skirt and I could tell, by the movements of the cloth and the way his tendons flexed, that he was fingering the cloth of her underwear to one side. I decided somehow, blame my upbringing, that it would be rude to actually tell them they had been caught in the act. They would be embarrassed and I would sound like a prude. I wanted them to know — I think this was the case — that I admired them. At the very least, I was in a state of awe. It was more than that, of course. My mouth was dry and my dick was literally rock hard in my jeans. I willed it to go away, but at least I knew nobody would see it. I remember at Daniel's party when Ani was wearing that low cut top (oh, that low cut top) and I couldn't help it, I was harder than ever before. I was so embarrassed at the time, but I asked Dan later and he laughed, 'Sounds like a benefit of being a pencil dick,' he said. 'Nobody clocked a thing!' So now if I 'pop a boner', all I have to do is reach in quickly, switch it to the left, and it's completely invisible. I did this now, by the photocopier. With that done, I decided to casually announce my presence, making it clear I had seen nothing. They would take fright and run away. I went to the returns trolley and scooped up an armful of books to re-shelve. Mr Bartholomew looked across at me and raised his eyebrows, and I tipped him a wink. At the time, I thought, what a twat he was. What harm could a pair like that do? Nobody had even spotted them except us. It was mid-afternoon and the place was practically deserted. As I walked back toward Mind, Body and Spirit, though, I clocked a guy looking over the book case at them. He looked to be in his late thirties, tall (had to be) and lean, in tracksuit bottoms and singlet — he reminded me of my tennis coach at St Ollys, but with something dangerous about him too. If the other guy was a Beast, this one was definitely a Wolf. He was slightly flushed as he watched the scene, but also captivated. The Beast was back on his feet now, and it was the girl who was pretending to look at the books about self-hypnosis and improving your will power. Her eye-line was just in line with the crotch of his jeans. I looked away and began to put books back on the shelf as if I hadn't seen, basically, his erection throbbing away in her face, disguised with one thin layer of denim. I had even seen the outline of his dick — at least, I think I did, but I wonder now if it wasn't my imagination. I could see her lips slowly parting. I almost threw the next book onto the shelf. A huge thump. That should do it. I looked back at the pair of them. Where I imagine his dickhead must have been, the Beast's girlfriend — not Sophie — was slowly sweeping her tongue in circles across the denim. I watched him put a hand on the back of her head and press his groin against her mouth. I glanced across at the older guy. He was still watching, still red-faced. Now he looked at me. A trickle of sweat went coldly down the small of my back. I was expected, as the librarian, to take charge of this situation. Behind me I heard the Wolf croon softly, 'Oh, yes...' I put the last of my books on the shelf, jostled the books about, cleared my throat, waited. I didn't look at them straight away. I had to look at the book browser. His eyes were fixed on the scene continuing over my shoulder. I guessed suddenly that he must have a hard-on himself, and suddenly realised that made three of us, in Dulwich Village Public Library on a hot Friday afternoon. You couldn't get more Wrong, I decided. I had to do something. I turned to the couple, and was just in time to see the Beast, who despite being about my height and age was towering over the kneeling young woman, the massive ledge of his chest jutting over her head like a bookcase overbalancing, this guy who might almost have been at school with me, lived his life in parallel with me and somehow diverged somewhere, unbuttoning his jeans, revealing black pubes flowing out of pale blue boxers. One, two... 'Excuse me, guys,' I said. I had to say it again, the first time it was inaudible, even in the total silence of the library. 'Excuse me, guys.' It sounded fine the first time, but completely stupid the second time. For the first time, the pair of them acknowledged me. The bloke stroked the bristly stubble on his chin. 'Something the matter, chum?' I literally had no idea what to say. I smiled nervously. 'Look,' I said, 'It's not that I don't admire your balls...' I knew as soon as I'd said it that I'd messed up. 'You should admire his balls,' the girl said. 'They're fucking fist-size.' She actually her hands around the solid bulge in his jeans, and I grinned, trying to laugh, thinking: Okay, this has to be a prank, nobody's dick is that size. But a nagging thought at the back of my mind was, 'You've never seen anybody's but yours.' The Beast's face contorted in a grimace. He buttoned his fly with one hand. 'You were watching us?' he grunted. 'You pervy little fucker.' 'If you don't want people to watch you,' I said, 'maybe you should go elsewhere.' 'So you do admit it,' he said. 'I don't believe this.' 'I knew I'd caught him looking,' said the girlfriend. 'Fancy joining in, did you? You should have asked nicely.' She got to her feet and put an arm around his waist, her hand still on the bulge of his erection. 'Plus, I really don't think you're her type?' he said, mockingly. He was looking me over, and little smiles appeared on their faces. 'No wonder you like my bollocks so much. It doesn't actually appear that yours have dropped yet.' 'Honey, don't,' the girl said at this point, almost affectionately. I've clung to those little words all evening, but I don't know if they make me feel more or less pitiful. 'Look, I'm just doing my job,' I said, after a deep breath. He sidled up to me. I can still feel the glow of heat that was coming off his immense body. I've never seen anybody so broad. I don't know why guys do it. It was like talking to a woman with plastic surgery, there was something unnatural about the size of him. I couldn't see how such a huge pair of arms, shoulders and pecs could even fit together to make a human being. His chest was rising and falling and I suddenly got a whiff of danger about the situation. 'Your job?' he growled. 'Surely you can't carry books about a place like this. You couldn't pick up a pencil without straining.' 'Please,' I said, 'I didn't mean to offend you.' 'I don't like being spoken to like that by someone your size,' he said. 'That offends me.' 'I'm sorry,' I said. 'I should have put it better.' 'I don't like to think of my beautiful woman being watched by some little limp-dick like you,' he said. 'That offends me.' I waited to hear what he said next. I didn't know what to do. I looked across the top of the book case at the tall guy, the Wolf. He was looking on, licking his lips, obviously unsure what to say. I thought we'd probably draw a crowd in a minute. I thought perhaps the Beast could get all this out of his system and then recognise it was time to go. He suddenly swung an arm toward me. I cringed away — it was like someone throwing a hammer at your head — but as it turned out, he was only picking up a book from the shelf behind me. He laughed at my reaction. 'Not such a tough guy now?' he said. 'You've begun to realise you're addressing a superior human being. Yes?' He looked at the book title, then dropped it onto the carpet. His eyes widened meaningfully. 'Oh, I thought you were just over here to do your job?' I glanced down at the book, which rested between his feet. 'Put it away, then,' he said. I stooped to pick it up, and the fucking thug actually pulled down a whole shelf-full of books. They tumbled down around my ears. 'Don't know my own strength,' he said with a deep laugh. I settled back on my heels at looked up at him. 'Please stop,' I said. 'Now you're learning some respect,' he said. 'It's good for you to realise. Stronger blokes are the masters of weaker blokes. Bigger blokes rule little guys like you.' I don't know how, but I always thought I was pretty fit. I thought of how I played badminton with Xander once a week, maybe a kick about with the lads in the Park. Now I looked down at myself and realised I was literally half the man this Beast was. Less than that — a quarter the man! It had never meant anything, but now I realised what it meant. It meant me on my knees before the sheer mass of him. 'That's a fact, isn't it?' he said, looking down at me. 'Fucking tell me, because I am pretty close to losing my temper.' He effortlessly swept another shelf of books onto the floor as if they were playing cards. They fell with a noise like a drum roll. I suddenly realised what his strength really meant. 'Please don't hurt me,' I whimpered. 'Please don't hurt me,' he parroted. The girl at his side was looking on hiding a smile. She was flushed, excited. 'Come on,' she said, but I didn't know who she was speaking to. I noticed that her hand was still on his crotch, kneading and massaging away. I thought, Hang on, you can't go on wanking him while he beats me up. But by now I wasn't sure what to think. 'Say,' he ordered me, 'that I am your Master.' He balled his fists and then flexed his arms in a classic display of his musculature. Towering above me, I couldn't see the books, the library ceiling, even the girl's face. All I could see was skin and t-shirt fabric straining to contain massive muscle. Across his chest the words 'URANUS GYMS' distorted like a brand across a bull's flesh. 'You're the Master of me,' I said. 'Tell me what you are.' 'I'm your, umm, subject.' 'My inferior,' he said. 'Look at me.' 'I'm just weak,' I said. 'You could snap me in two.' 'You bet, Olly. Look how strong I am now.' 'I wish I was like you,' I said, 'but I'd always be – smaller. Especially down there.' The words just blurted out my mouth from some secret place of shame. 'Honey,' said a voice. 'You've made your point. I don't think he'll forget this.' She gave his cock one more tug through his jeans, and then she was tugging him away by the forearm, like dragging an oil tanker away. His eyes were laughing now. He was showing me the massive bulk of one, then the other bicep. His brow was wet with perspiration. 'I want you to make me your subject now,' she said. 'I can be a better bitch than — that kid.' I don't know if she meant it but I've been thinking about it all evening. The words were like the closing part of the deal. I bowed my head — and when I looked up, she was gone. Mr Bartholomew was there, looking around him. 'Olly,' he said, frowning. 'I really am at a loss. Do you realise your responsibility to your place of work? To me?' 'I'm sorry, Mr Bartholomew,' I said. 'It wasn't an easy situation.' A gruff voice cut through the air as I began to sort the books back into order. 'Don't blame the lad, mate. He was in an impossible situation. Powerless. That big man was a beast. What can a boy like him do against that?' This was the browser, the voyeur, the Wolf. He saved my life. He may have changed it too. Only a kid. A boy like this. Against a beast. I've never cared much about gyms and stuff. I thought it was about fitness. Health. Now I realise it's about power. It's about being a man and not a boy. I want my muscles to pop when I bend an elbow. I want my shirt to cling to the fat slabs of my chest. I want to be intimidating. A true adult's body. I'm 21 now and it's time to be a man. I'll show that fucking book browser. I'll smash him up. I'll show the girlfriend too, but not by hurting her. By making her want me. I may have a little dick but I'll pick her up and put her on it so she knows she's been fucked. Let her cum, let Sophie cum too. And the Beast. He recognised me, and as soon as he did, I knew him too. We were at school together. We were in the chess club, head to head. He was on course to be Head Boy and a Maths Scholar, then he vanished. That makes him my age — but now? He's a real man, a hard fucker with a body like a steamroller and I'm just crawling at his feet. But starting tomorrow, it's all going to change. What can a boy do? He can get BIG.
  6. north


    A Thanksgiving story with a little bit of everything from the fetish smorgasbord "Thad, you've really gone all out this year," I said as he carefully placed the giant turkey on the table. It was time for our annual tradition of Friendsgiving. "Thank you Blaine," Thad said, taking his seat at the head of the table. Thad, Jack, and I made sure to celebrate together each year before we went home to our families in other states. Our three-bedroom house was filled with the scents of homemade sides and the enormous turkey Thad had just brought into the dining room. He was by far the most domestic roommate, and hadn't let either Jack or me help with dinner besides buying ingredients, setting the table, and staying out of his way. Thad was beaming. Ever since we'd all bonded in our freshman year of college, Jack and I had learned to let our muscletwink friend be in charge of cooking, and to lavish him with praise. Across from me sat Jack, the iconic all-American stud of our group. Jack had been training me for the past few months at the gym, pushing me to keep my diet healthy and sleep properly in addition to our regular workout sessions. Today was our cheat day. Jack looked handsome as always in flannel and jeans, the seams straining from the muscle he'd put on recently. I inspired him, Jack said, to push himself. I caught him eyeing me approvingly over the feast between us. I knew one reason Jack was so enthusiastic about helping me get into shape was his longstanding crush on me. Being the sweet soul that he was, Jack had confessed his feelings for me years ago, but let me know he valued our friendship over anything. I felt the same, not that that stopped us from hooking up occasionally between boyfriends. I'd opted for a black tee shirt with GOBBLE GOBBLE written on it in a hideous font made of multicolored feathers and various food items that I knew made the gains in my toned shoulders and pecs really stand out. I turned back to Thad. He was carefully dressed as always, in a light blue sweater that was tight enough to see his abs through and tailored slacks that showed how much more developed his huge legs and ass were than his ripped upper body. I'd lusted for him since I first saw him, but refrained from making advances. I wasn't his type at all, and I'd accepted that years ago. I loved Thad as a friend. His whirlwind romances with men Jack's size and up ended every few weeks when he got bored or distracted by a new hobby or they couldn't satisfy his truly insatiable love of big muscles and huge cocks. Thad's pretty boy good looks and almost cartoonishly muscular power-bottom ass got him new men whenever he wanted. Thad had fallen deeply in lust with Jack when we'd first met, but Jack had insisted they not become romantically involved. The three of use were quite the trio, mutually but not reciprocably besotten. I loved Thad for his enthusiasm, always diving into new hobbies with the same passion as he'd dive onto a dick. Lately Thad was into magic, and he'd placed a big runestone on the table as a centerpiece. Thad slapped Jack's hand away as he reached for the cranberry sauce. "Jack, please wait until after the blessing." Jack, ever patient with our much smaller friend, folded his hands in his lap. "Of course, Thad. You're the boss. Which gods will we be invoking today?" "There's no need for sarcasm at the table young man. We'll be invoking Enki, the Sumerian fertility god, to thank him for the bountiful harvest and ask for his blessings." I nodded. "That's a good one, very solid choice. A classic for a reason." Thad glared at me. "Thank you. Now everyone shut up for two minutes." Thad raised his hands over the runestone and began chanting. I couldn't catch any of the words in the dead language he'd somehow learned, but the way he spoke them was like pure sex. His thick lips wrapped around arcane syllables while his tongue caressed hard phonemes into being. My pants were considerably tighter by the time Thad stopped. He sort of shook himself out of a trance and smiled at us. "Okay boys, dig in." Jack scooped a heaping helping of casserole onto his plate next to some rolls and cranberry sauce. I went for the turkey first, grabbing a few carefully carved slices, and opting for stuffing as my first side. Thad, the carb loving queen, grabbed stuffing, rolls, and a slice of pie to start. We usually settled in for Friendsgiving dinner for a few hours and chatted while picking at food and trying a bit of everything eventually without getting stuffed. "Wow Thad, this turkey is perfect," I complimented. "Yeah, the green bean casserole is really good too," said Jack. "Thank you," said Thad, smiling around a mouthful of stuffing. "Hey Blaine you're looking pretty swole today buddy. Those workouts are really starting to show." I blushed as always from the attention. My shirt did feel tighter than I remembered, and my arms were looking pretty good. I hadn't noticed the vascularity coming in, or how the sleeves were forced out a bit by my deltoids. I noticed Jack's shirt was looking a bit small too. The long sleeves were riding up his wrists as he blissed out on casserole. Jack shifted a bit in his chair as if his pants were similarly shrunk. I dug in, devouring the succulent meat and perfectly moist stuffing Thad had lovingly prepared. My erection from earlier had subsided slightly, but my crotch still felt unusually tight. "Oh dear, I forgot napkins!" said Thad. He stood to go get them and Jack and I got an eyeful of his absolutely stuffed crotch before he darted into the kitchen. I turned to Jack as I felt the seams on my shirt and pants straining with muscles I was pretty sure I didn't have just a few minutes earlier. "I think Enki liked his prayer." "I'll say!" Jack was wide-eyed as he surveyed my expanding physique. His clothes were at least a size too small now and he had to look further down to look at me than normal. His muscles seemed about the same mass stretched over a larger frame. Jack reached down to adjust his crotch. He must have had the same issues I was having down there. I felt my shaft expanding toward my hip in my tightening jeans. Thad came back with napkins and adjusted himself before getting seated. It looked like he'd stuffed a summer sausage down there. I brought my eyes up to his face and noticed the small scar over his left eyebrow was gone. His clear, tanned skin practically glowed. Thad was more beautiful than he was when we first sat down. Another thing occured to me. "Thad, did you just put on some cologne? You smell amazing." Thad looked confused. "No, just my usual deodorant." He took a bite of pie and the rich scent of manly musk filled the room even stronger. Thad smelled like the fresh clean sweat of a healthy athlete, like sex, and like the gentle scent I'd come to recognize as his own over the years, all magnified. Curious, I served myself some cranberry sauce and took a large bite. I felt my crotch tighten again, this time as my balls fought for room. Jack smiled at me knowingly and polished off the last of his cranberry sauce before biting into a roll. I watched as the already scarce blemishes disappeared from Jack's face. I ate another bite of turkey and felt my clothes start to tear as my muscles grew yet again. I was in lightweight bodybuilder territory now. My sleeves strained against my deltoids and upper arms. I followed Jack's lead with the green bean casserole, scooping a portion onto my plate and tasting the richness of it as I suddenly wasn't 5'10" anymore. Thad was watching all this while absent-mindedly scooping stuffing into his mouth. "You've gotta try the cranberry sauce, Thad," I insisted. I put some on his plate and one bite later his eyes grew wide with understanding. Thad grabbed more cranberry sauce and stuffing. Thad had always been a hung bottom, why not go for broke. His face contorted as his dick and balls expanded in his tight pants to the point of discomfort. Oops. "Sorry guys," Thad said. "I have to lose the pants." With that he unceremonious shucked his trousers and revealed to Jack and me the absurd bulge in his designer briefs. Thad's thick shaft snaked up past his left hip and his apple-sized balls were pushed up and forward by his huge shaved quads. "Well," I said. "I might as well too." I crammed turkey into my mouth and felt my clothes finally give in. Tears apeared all along the seams of my pants and down my back and chest. I ripped off my clothes and tossed them aside as Jack and Thad looked at me impressed. I was pumped nearly to Jack's size now, probably 210 pounds with completely ripped muscles all over my now 6' body. My boxer briefs survived but just barely held my large package and expanded ass. I ran my hands over my hirsute torso, admiring the new size and hardness. Jack always loved my body hair, running his fingers through it when he fucked me. I felt Jack's and Thad's eyes on me as I kneaded my new pecs and flexed my abs. Jack stood up. He must have been 6'5" now and looked silly in his sizes-too-small clothes. "Let's make it a party then." He grabbed a slice of turkey wrapped it around some stuffing, scarfing it down in a couple bites. He flexed his chest and the buttons on his flannel popped off. He repeated this process more turkey in a roll to make a tiny sandwich. He grew more handsome and muscular simultaneously as his clothes surrendered in segments, falling to the floor in scraps at his feet. Jack was about 275 now, his sparse chest hair highlighting the contours of his thick pecs and his treasure trail leading down to the waistband of boxers straining from his thick thighs, big shaft, and absolutely huge balls. We were all boned up by now. The possibilities were mind blowing. I went back to gorging myself on turkey, but I went ahead and tried a few of the rolls. Each bite of the savory, buttery bread was intoxicating. I felt all the oil vanish from my skin. I reached up with an expanding arm and took off my glasses. I didn't need them anymore. My skin felt radiant. Even my forearms looked more symmetrical and sculpted. Maybe three rolls was a bit much. Thad was looking at me the way Jack usually did as my lats started competing with my arms for space. Thad munched on stuffing and cranberry sauce while watching my thick arms take food up past my growing pecs and widening neck to my mouth. I guessed I was around 300 pounds by the time I came up for air. Jack had sat down and eaten a slice of pie during my turkey frenzy and the scent of him wafted towards me and Thad. He radiated a soothing aroma of masculinity. My underwear strained under the double dose of manly odor. Thad's underwear finally exploded. At least of foot of meat swelled toward full hardness above canteloupe-sized balls. Thad hadn't grown anywhere else, and the huge cock bouncing against his abs on his thin-framed, ripped 5'8" body was absolutely amazing. Thad's fat balls lay heavily on his smooth, heavily muscled thighs. Blood rushed to his towering erection and a dollop of precum oozed out, drizzling slowly down the 15" rock hard shaft. Thad hunched over slightly and twisted back and forth to drag his slit across the bottom of his pecs, smearing precum from nipple to nipple as he inhaled the heady scent of Jack's pheremones. Jack went for more casserole and turkey, filling his plate with massive servings. His head inched up as he ate. Each alternate mouthful expanded his frame a bit more, then his muscles to catch up. He finished his helping and sat tall, stretching his long arms. He had slightly bigger proportions than he'd had when we started the meal, but now Jack was a 7'7" super handsome stud. He reached under the table and ripped off his underwear, tossing the fabric onto the pile. Thad's monster pulsed appreciatively. "Looking good, Jack," he said. Thad ate another bite of stuffing and his cock swelled another half-inch. His eyes darted back and forth between my super-heavyweight bodybuilder physique and Jack's giant jock body. I heaped stuffing onto my plate and joined in on the nudism as my cock grew to a foot long and finally destroyed my overtaxed boxer briefs. I sighed and reached down to toss the scraps away, my pecs bunching up further into my field of vision as my arms writhed with vascular muscle. Maybe this was good enough. Jack reached across the table and heaped green bean casserole onto my plate at the same time Thad piled slices of turkey. They looked at each other, then me. "Eat up," they said simultaneously. Their powerful pheremones overwhelmed me and I reciprocated by serving both of them more cranberry sauce before going to town on the plate before me. My chair groaned and finally buckled under my bulk as my enormous muscular body expanded in three dimensions. As I stood up I felt small, strong hands on my hulking lats. "Bend over." I obeyed Thad, leaning over my half-finished plate. I felt his slick pulsing head at my backdoor and relaxed as best as I could. It hurt. It was ecstasy. I grunted and pushed back as the 16" cock worked its way deep into my guts. I squatted down a bit, my huge thighs flexing and rippling to get my asshole down to the root of Thad's thick cock. It felt like I was sitting on a baseball bat. I looked up and saw Jack was wanking his own 10" erection, his huge balls jiggling against his long legs. Once Thad was fully in, he pumped in and out a few inches. "Finish your plate." I started scooping the food into my mouth with my huge hands, each mouthful growing me. My muscular ass squeezed against Thad's cock and I felt a spurt of precum travel the length of his urethra and erupt deep inside my torso. I felt his hands roaming my yard-wide back and flexed my lats for him, spreading the meaty wings even wider. I swallowed a huge mouthful of turkey, then gripped the table and flexed hard. My lats expanded, harder and wider, until the outer edges bulged past my basketball-sized deltoids. I was 6'11" now and proportionately larger than even the largest normal-sized bodybuilder. My footlong cock was achingly hard as Thad worshiped my muscles and fucked my ass. His giant balls slapped loudly againd my giant hard hamstrings. Jack grabbed a giant handful of stuffing and a roll and walked around behind me. I heard moaning and ungraceful chewing as the meat inside me pulsed bigger and harder. Even my inhuman body was having trouble with the invading pounds of hard flesh. I felt the head creep further into me with each stroke. I panted as over a foot of fat cock plunged in and out of me in half-strokes, interspersed with nearly full withdrawal as the giant cockhead tugged at my ring before Thad plummeted back into my depths. I squeezed Thad's mighty organ with my overdeveloped monster body, causing him to gasp and stutter a moment before regaining his rhythm. I repeated the full-body cock grip as he fucked me harder and harder. I released the table squeezed my nipples. They were bigger and more sensitive than ever. I roughly pawed at my foot-thick chest, the incredible muscles swaying ever so slightly with the rocking motion of the fuck. I felt my grapefruit-size balls ascend against gravity, the incredible weight of them bouncing against my stony thighs. Waves of pleasure ripped through me, starting in my heavy groin and spreading like wildfire through my titanic body. My cock seized up and shot a thick wad of cum onto the floor. Then another and another, each a thick rope bigger than a normal man's entire load. Five blasts into my orgasm and the tremors running through his meaty fucktoy set Thad off. He painted my guts with his cum. I felt pulse after pulse race up his 24" shaft from base to tip and erupt into me. Five more blast in and I felt hot splashes on my back as Jack blew his load. His huge balls emptied what felt like pints onto me and it dripped down in sticky rivulets, tributaries of his cum collecting in the deep crevasses of my back to form a mighty river that poured down and over the huge shaft still fucking me. I came so hard I pulled Thad in, my contractions sucking his huge cock in and relaxing enough for him to start slipping out, only to pull him in again. His huge balls and muscular thighs slammed against me as my ass fucked his dick. His muscletwink strength was nothing compared to the force my godly fuckchute could exert. We fountained cum for what seemed like forever. Finally, after an interminable time of bliss, our orgasms receded. Thad pulled out of me with a sucking noise and my hole tightened to cut off the flood of cum pouring down my thighs. The heady scents of the Thanksgiving feast and my friends' magic pheremones were now mixed with a pervasive twang of cum and sweat. I turned ponderously to face my roommates while their eyes roamed my enormous body. Jack was still much taller than I was, and his handsome face and buffed-up jock body were works of art. Thad's body was nearly the same as it was this morning, with the exception of the beautifying effect of the rolls. Thad's heartbreaker smile was more dazzling, his tight body somehow more symmetrical. His thick thighs were gleaming with smeared cum and his normally perfect hair was mussed up from the ride he'd just taken. Thad's cock was still hard and the glans poked past his collarbone. His testes looked like bowling balls. No wonder it felt like I had a gallon of cum in my ass. "Holy shit, that thing was inside me?" I asked. It was bigger around than Thad's wrists, easily 10" in circumference. Jack smiled. "I knew you could take it buddy. You've never been a quitter." His own 10" cock looked practically small on his huge body. A glob of precum burbled out of Jack's slit and dripped onto the floor as he surveyed my body. The two sex gods before me drew closer. Their hands roamed my massive body as they provided color commentary. "Shit dude, your arms must be three feet around!" Jack massaged my biceps and triceps with his huge hands. I lifted the arm from its lat pillow and flexed, my thick forearm colliding with the balled peak at ninety degrees and my fist barely clearing the top. Thad knelt before me and I had to spread my legs wide for him to wrap his arms around one thigh. The bloated quads flexed from the effort and nearly kept him from touching his fingertips behind my hamstrings. He ground his cock against the hairy muscle and kissed his cockhead, moaning. "You're so fucking huge Blaine!" Jack moved on to my pecs. I could feel them under constant tension as they defied gravity to jut out more than a foot. Jack flicked my nippled and the muscle roiled in bands of flexing pleasure, deep striations appearing and vanishing in waves. "This is unreal," Jack said. He placed a hand on either side of my chest and pushed the muscle together. The hairy masses squeezed into a deep canyon as he leaned across them and kissed me. "I love your fucking tits!" "I'm more than happy to share," I said, moving my hands to his hard ass and flexing my biceps. The moving masses of muscle trapped his fingers between my arms and pecs as I groped his flexing glutes. Thad wiggled out from between us two giants and moved behind me, running his hands over my huge ass. He slipped a hand in my crack and went more than wrist deep before his fingers found the hole. I clenched my glutes, gently so as not to hurt him, and ensnared my second victim. Thad wriggled his fingers in my hole and began biting, kissing, and licking my ass. "I want to feel every part of you," he managed between kisses. "You're so big, so hard. Fuck dude. Your ass is obscene." I released Thad from the ass-grip and spread my arms to let Jack free. "It feels so good guys. I can't handle it by myself. There's so much muscle on my body I need you to help me enjoy it." flared my lats again and each worshiper took a side. Each lat curved out beyond anatomical reason, an inches thick mass of beef extending nearly two feet on either side of my ribcage and forming a deep valley down my back. Jack placed one huge hand on the front and one in back and massaged the lat, caressing the network of veins and whispering obscenities. Thad climbed my thigh and wrapped his legs around my abs. His massive balls smashed against my shelf-like adonis belf. Thad buried his face and cock in the deep pit my lat and pec formed, licking and caressing the muscle cave with his soft lips and rutting precum onto me. I heard slurping noises as he alternated intense muscle worship with sucking his own cock. I lowered my arm and completely enclosed Thad in muscle, taking care not to crush him. I inserted a thick middle finger into Thad's asshole and groped his bubble butt with my wide, muscular palm. He flexed against me, moaning desperately in his muscle cocoon. Thad writhed and bucked and slurped and licked. He was in muscleslut heaven. Thad erupted again, cum splashing my sides and dripping down between our bodies. He came for minutes ensconced in my massive muscle while I wrapped Jack in my other arm and kissed him. Jack smelled so good it was intoxicating. When Thad was finally done cumming, I lowered him to his unsteady feet. I reached over and grabbed some turkey, gently feeding him. His muscles inflated beautifully on his tiny frame into more of a gymnast's body. He'd need the strength if he was going to have a constantly hard 2-foot-long cock and a thirty pound scrotum tugging at his groin constantly. Thad smiled at me in a daze, cum dripping from his entire upper body. His pupils were dilated from a post-coital bliss like nobody had ever felt. "Thank you for that," he said with a slight slur, and got to work licking his cock clean. I turned to Jack. "You want a turn big boy?" His dick got even harder if that was possible. I lay down next to the table on my cum-covered back. My body was almost as thick as the table was tall. My lower back had no chance of touching the floor between my inhuman lats and ridiculous bubble butt. My head rolled back my traps flared up to support it, bunching up into striations I could feel with my earlobes. I placed my hands behind my head as best as I could, massive biceps and deltoids fighting for space and threatening to crush my skull. My pecs reached up to embrace my jawline. Jack got on his knees, hooked his arms under my knees, and hoisted my lower body up. His massive body visibly straining with my weight. He worked his way forward and I felt the fat tip of his cock make contact with my abused hole. Jack thrust in, sliding deeper into my already cum-filled ass until his fat balls bumped against the masses of my thick glutes. In my peripheral vision I saw a long arm reach for something on the table, and moments later the cock in my ass lengthened and thickened. Over the years Jack and I had worked out a rhythm to our fucking. He took great care to please his bottoms, especially me, and I knew just how to get him off. His long torso began gyrating as he nudged his giant cockhead into my prostate just how I liked. The scales were vastly different than the last time we'd fucked, but the same intimate knowledge applied. Jack continued growing inside me until he passed the 18" mark. He was even thicker than Thad, his fat cock stretching my hole like nothing ever had. He stroked slowly, using his giant limbs for leverage to pull nearly all the way out and slide back in over the course of long seconds. I began the long task of kissing every square inch of my biceps. Jack had the grin on his face he always had when he fucked me, a big toothy dopey smile like a dog hanging its head out a car window. Jack didn't "get horny", he "wanted to have fun", and my ass was his amusement park. Jack's colossal body moved in beautiful waves as he pumped in and out, gleaming muscles rippling as he varied speed and angle just enough to keep me on the edge. I felt a weight on my lat and looked over to see Thad. He was taller now, maybe 6'1", and seriously more muscular. If Jack and I hadn't been our present enhanced sizes he would have outmuscled us easily. Thad had kept his proportions and his beefy upper body was supported by truly insane legs considerably thicker than his ripped 30" waist. "You look amazing Thad," I said. "Yeah dude," said Jack. "I'm glad you're back. Want to join the party?" Thad popped a quick double biceps, his biceps exploding into symmetrical split peaks and his triceps hanging down thick and hard. "Thanks," he said. "I'd love to." Thad's vascular quads twitched and flexed at the slightest movement, and his gait was a wide, rolling waddle as he clambered onto me. Thad's bubble butt was visible from the front, thicker and juicier than ever. His 24" cock was still upright and drooling precum. Thad maneuvered around the musclescape of my torso to seat himself on my cock. He winced a bit as the giant cockhead penetrated, but kept going, bracing himself on my pecs and taking inch after inch of me. His legs exploded in shredded glory as he squatted on my meat, Thad lowering himself to the hilt and sliding up only to impale himself again. Meaty slapping filled the room as they built up a rhythm.. Jack towered over Thad from behind, his body pouring pheremone-laden sweat as he and Thad as they began working me into a frenzy. Their eyes raked my body as my I writhed in joy on the floor, my face nuzzling as much muscle as I could reach. I was being deep dicked by a loving giant and fucking the hottest ass in the world as my hulking body flexed for all of our enjoyment. Thad's took a moment to lodge his gigantic dick between my pecs. I abandoned my self-worship to embrace the beast. My pecs were too big for my colossal arms to reach the middle of them, so I settled for groping myself and enjoying the feeling of dozens of pounds of muscle heaving into fields of striations. My new muscles came with remarkable control. I bounced and flexed my giant pecs around the biggest cock in the world, bands of muscles squeezing Thad's cockhead and inches of his shaft with precise pressure. Thad fucked himself on my cock harder, each upstroke ramming his cock through the flexing hairy canyon of my pecs. He reached over to the table and brought more meat to my mouth, shoving it into my face in his frenzy for muscle. I eagerly accepted, feeling my muscles grow even more. I wondered briefly how I could walk, if my hands could reach my face. I didn't care anymore. Pounds of beef filled my frame as Jack redoubled his fucking, scooting me across the cum-slick floor with his almost viscious pounding as the men beneath him engaged in an inhuman pecfucking display. I flexed my insides around his invader, grabbing his cock and pulling it into me harder and harder. Their musk was driving me wild. I flexed for them, mountains of beef growing even larger. Thad gripped an ab in each hand, his fingers sinking inches between the bricks that were so wide even his cock didn't get in the way. He pounded himself on my cock and fucked the bloated masses of my pecs in a muscle trance, our pleasure building to a degree that I thought might drive me insane. This time it was Jack who busted first. His face was the only thing I could see above my pecs now. When Jack cums, he does this cute thing he looks you straight in the eyes and his dopey smile gets even bigger, and then you feel his cock swell, and he shoots load after load of hot cum into your ass while he just looks at you smiling. His 18" monster was so thick it felt like it might rip apart even my hypermuscular ass as it swelled with anticipation right before launching a pint of cum in his first blast. This set me off. I started shooting into Thad's tight hole as my eyes rolled back in my head. I was practically floating. Every muscle in my body contracted, flexing into obscene shapes as my orgasm went on and on. The inhuman muscle monster fucking his ass and writhing in pectacular ecstasy around his cock triggered Thad's orgasm. I felt his hole contracting around me as a fountain of cum shot from between my pecs and covered my face, showering me in his delicious load. It went on for minutes. My brain was short-circuited from pleasure when my orgasm ended. I was completely soaked in cum, completely filled with cum, and finally sated. Jack's softening dick loudly slurped out of my ass and I felt Thad slide off me and carefully extricate his beast from my pecs. I laid back on my traps, my head unable to hang, and felt Thad lie down on one side of me, using my lat as a giant pillow. Jack crawled up on my other side, so huge he could lie down on my bloated arm without discomfort, and we settled in for a well-deserve holiday nap.
  7. Guest

    Jeff: Back freakshow

    Hi guys! I've been lately not writing much, but today I finally found inspiration, so here you have a new Jeff's story, hope you all like it Sorry for the grammar and English in general, I was too in a rush when writing and didn't have much time to correct anything, hope you've got no problems when reading it. ---------------------- The gym was pretty empty at that hour of the day, just a couple of girls at the back, Jeff and the owner. The back day had been long, but not hard enough, as usual. Jeff was feeling that he could be reaching a high in his growth, that his organism could have a top and he could be reaching it. But he was wrong… his muscle anxiety always led him to think he wasn’t growing, even though the weights said the contrary: a pound per week. Yeah, some of you might think it’s not “that much”, but take into account it was a perfectly clean pound of muscle, not an ounce of fat, just raw muscle, pure, perfect, shredded beef on top of more shredded beef, the dream of every bodybuilder. But such a hard work for any other bodybuilder was so simple for him, so easy to accomplish, that it led him to think he was stuck. But he really wasn’t, and he knew it. And that though always led him to push harder, just the same way it was making him push harder again. He was seated in the lat pull down machine, and looked at the weights on it. 250lbs. “Fuck, I need to add more”. He had already managed a way to add more weights to the machine, but the rack was at the max, it couldn’t be added anymore, so he looked around to get new ideas. He saw a thick bar that could be attached to the upper weight in the rack. Stood up to go and take it, attached it firmly to the rack and went to get some weights. He turned back to go to the plates station and found a guy getting one of the 50lbs plates. There were just 6 of them, and Jeff needed them all. - Hi bud. Do you mind getting two 25lbs plates and let me use that one? The other guy heard that coming from his back. Looked at the station and saw that there were other 5 plates. He started to turn back answering: - But, there are other free plates… And when he finally turned and saw Jeff, he got frozen. Jeff always provoked the same reaction in people, he was used to it, though it still bothered him, but this time he felt funny about it. Martin was one of those guys who used weights to try to improve his self esteem. In the last two years he had made a huge improvement, going from a just 150lb average guy to a hunky thick 210lb almost-bodybuilder. He had managed to meet a lot of thick guys, but none of them the big he needed, but this new guy he had never seen, this freaky packed what? 300? 400? lbs monster standing in front of him was his deepest dream come true. But there were two things that disturbed him especially. Why the hell was he fully dressed from head to toe? And what happened to his face? He was dramatically sunken, as if the guy were a comp bodybuilder in the freakiest condition, but with his size he was obviously off season. He tried to imagine how he would look like when cut, and hoped his face wouldn’t get more sunken, if not he would look really weird. Martin had always been a huge fan of competitions, where the guys were always in the most astounding and freaky condition, and he started fantasizing about this freak in two or three months, when he had already dried out, and get perfectly clean for competition. He started to tremble with the idea, he had to manage to keep in touch with him and follow his progress, especially his cutting, until he became the freakiest shredded bodybuilder, then cheer him up in the audience when competing, encouraging him to flex harder and show more, and more, and more… - Hey, are you ok? Jeff woke him up from his daydream fantasy, and went back to reality, an already amazing one, with that beast in front of him. - Yeah sorry… err… but there are more plates available – Martin replied. - I know bud, but I was looking forward to use all of them – Jeff said. - Mmmm… errr… ok – he resigned and gave Jeff the plate. “What the hell? 300lbs? What for? Well maybe he’s going to switch to legs”. - Thanks bud, my back is going to be very grateful to you – Jeff smiled, winked at him and went back to the lat machine. “No way”, Martin didn’t think he had listened properly, but then he saw Jeff arriving to the machine and starting to put the plates into a bar attached to the upper weight of the rack. “What the fuck…?” Jeff seated in the bench, grabbed the bar from the widest positions and pulled down just a bit, to check if the weight was enough. “Mpppffff”, he had to do a HUGE effort to move it just one inch down. He loved that feeling, and focused on it. First his upper lats had started bulging, thickening under the sweat jacket, he could feel the fibers contracting, slowly at first, then with a huge contraction managed to move the gigantic weight one inch up. “Awwww yeah, perfect weight, now it’s time to grow Jeff”, he said to himself and got ready for the pull. He repeated the operation, but at a full effort. His upper lats started to thicken doing the first effort to move the weight. He felt them pressing against the jacket sides fabric and enjoyed the caress of it against his raw muscles. He went down pulling, now time for his lower lat to go helping. He felt the fibers twitching under his skin, pulling up from the tendons, concentrated to move the astounding weight. His lats started to burn, as if it was hell under the fabric, but he went on. When the fibers had contracted to the max, they started to grow thick, pressing away the jacket, so much the seams started to burst. “Oh fuck, I was missing this fucking feeling so much”. He was about to get high on the growth feeling, and pushed a bit harder. “Grrrrrrrrrrrr”, he pulled down some inches more, making the lats hurt as he had never felt them hurt. He was sure a million fibers were breaking apart from the effort, but he also knew this was what he needed to grow, so he went more and more, inch by inch pulling down, feeling his lats separate from the spine, sweating like a fountain under the jacket, until he reached the lowest and lowered the weight to its position, slowly, slowly, enjoying the burnt of his back, until he finally left it at the bottom of the rack. “Hell yeah, that’s it!!!” CLANCKKKKKKKKKKKK A huge loud sound alarmed him, he turned back to see what had happened, and saw Martin who was staring at him, mouth open, with one 25lbs plate laying at his feet. He was expecting to make the guy freak out, so now that he had managed to, he smiled satisfied at him, and finally got high on his workout. “Now the fun starts”. Martin couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. He had seen dozens of beasts and bull-like bodybuilders move incredible weights, but he had NEVER seen a guy pull 550lbs down in a perfect concentrated movement. He was feeling nervous, freaked out, horned, amazed, all at the same time, not sure if all that was real. - Hey bud, are you ok? You seem sick. – Jeff asked. - How… was that… possible? – Martin stuttered, not afraid of showing that he couldn’t believe it. That was Jeff’s fuel to go on working out, and the initial insecurity about if he was stuck or not, transformed into a cocky self confidence that he was the true beast he was normally feeling. - Well bud, you have to push hard if you want to grow – Jeff replied. - But… fuck 550lbs? I had never seen that before – Martin was obviously horny, with a huge bulge in his shorts, which Jeff noticed immediately. - Well bud this is only going to get better – Jeff said, while looking at his bulge. Martin felt embarrassed “Fuck, he’s noticed”. He was expecting this guy to come to him and beat him, but instead of that he stood up and started to take his jacket off. He heard him unzip the zipper and left it fall down. What Martin saw made him fall back to the bench that was right behind him. “No no, it’s not possible”, his mind was blurring with the insane sight of that back. The first impossible thing he noticed was the traps insertions in Jeff’s skull. The two slabs of muscle run from the midsection of his back up up up to the neck, slowly narrowing until they reached the base of the skull, inserting in it forming a perfect cut along them, and vanishing with the bones in his head. But the freakiest thing of those traps was not the insertion, but the insane SHREDDEDNESS of them. The bulky off season monster he had thought Jeff was, in fact was an insane, obscene and grotesquely shredded up muscle monster. The trap fibers were so clearly visible that he looked that one of those anatomy charts where the muscles are exposed to see how the fibers run from one side of the trap to the opposite side. But they were not only perfectly visible, but freaky twitching one above the others. It was so obvious that the muscle was so overdeveloped that the fibers could not have a normal position and alignment, but they were fighting each other to have a room in that freaky body, looking like small snakes placed in the back of that monster. But the traps were so overdeveloped they looked as if they were already fully flexed, though Jeff was fully relaxed. The thickness of them was about 8 inches, the whole set of fibers looking as if they had been attached to the back, perfectly cut, and forming an insane valley in the spine, both traps so freaky thick and so freaky separate that they looked like the separations between sets of abs, but 5 or 6 times the size of the most developed abs Martin had ever seen. Martin’s cock was the hardest it had ever been in his life, when that living dream seated and grabbed the bar again. The simplest movement made those traps move as if they were alive. When Jeff placed his hands in the bar, the traps moved towards the center of the spine, getting attached again. He knew he was being observed, so he decided to do his own show. He did a quick movement with his shoulders and made the traps separate again, showing a perfect muscle control over them. He did this a couple of times more enjoying the movement of his trap muscles over his freaky back. Martin was not able to believe this. He felt dizzy a couple of times during that freaky display of muscle control, but he was not able to take his eyes off him. It was his deepest dream, but multiplied by 10, and he wasn’t going to let his mind say no to that. He was forcing himself to go on watching it, even if that could cause him brain damage. Jeff did a second show, making another quick movement with this right shoulder, making his right trap bulge a bit more, and relaxing it quickly, making the trap relax again, as if doing a quick bounce of it. He explored this new movement and did it again, with the same right shoulder, and felt the weight of the trap moving up and down. Then he did the same with the left shoulder, feeling the movement of the left trap. He loved this new muscle control and hit it for Martin a bit more, doing a freaky TRAP BOUNCING. Right, left, right, left. Martin was fully wet in his pants, his cock had already popped out of his short and was leaking precum all over the fabric. That trap bouncing he had just witnessed was the freakiest thing ever, and his cock was about to explode, but he was so mesmerized with the sight that he could not even manage to jack if off. Jeff went on with the freaky show, mixing the first shoulder movement with a quick shrug of the trap, making the muscles go up and down alternatively along the spine, as if they could squeeze whatever you could stick in there. But he didn’t stop there, he grabbed the bar and pulled it down to the middle, moving again the freaky 550bs weights in the rack and the bar. The lats literally EXPLODED, fighting with the traps in size and definition. They were other 8 inches thick, perfectly cut in the border with the traps, and freaky ridge-like in the insertions along the spine. The fibers attaching the whole muscle to the bone tendons were suffering an immense pain, and Jeff could feel that, but he knew his back could resist everything and he wanted to push his show and his growth a bit further. The lat fibers run painfully from the outer sides of the back right to the middle of it. Some of them broke apart, he could feel them breaking, but he could also feel them regenerating in seconds, making the fiber stronger than before, thicker, leaner, more powerful. He crunched the weights down a bit more doing the same with other hundreds of fibers, feeling the death and resurrection of the fibers once and again. Martin was about to faint. He had witnessed how Jeff’s lats had grown one inch thicker during the last crunch, and it was pretty clear it was not new blood on the muscle, but pure raw lean fibers emerging from nowhere. The teres muscles popped out like hell in the back, as if they were two rocks emerging from under the rest of the muscles. He managed to move the right side of the bar down, then the left, and at the same time moving them forward and backwards, making the whole set of traps and lats move up and down, inwards and outwards, jerking and invisible cock inside of them. The shoulders were an insane mass of fibers. The different parts of the muscles were practically indistinguishable, since you could not notice which cuts were the separation between the delts parts, and which one were just separations between fibers. The only visible clear cuts were the deep deep deep cut between the delt and the trap, and he cut between the delt and the teres. Although the whole back was so freaky pumped, and freaky shredded, Martin could not focus in a single muscle. His eyes moved rapidly from one side to another, his heartbeat was at his max, at the edge of a heart attack, his head ached terribly, his cock hurting like hell. He was living a body orgasm, not cumming, not feeling the orgasm burn itself in his cock, but his whole body was reacting in the same way. He stuck his eyes in the jerk-like movement of the trap and lat muscles of that freaky back, and a freaky weird idea got into his mind. Without being able to fight it back, he started walking towards Jeff, like a zombie, controlled by the mesmerizing movement of those back muscles. His cock was fully out, his pants still on but suffering a huge pressure from his cock. He removed them and started walking almost naked towards that beast-like back. He didn’t consider that back part of a human (or barely human) being, but an independent being, a living muscle being calling him out to fuck it. He stopped inches away from that freaky back, full of muscles moving under a thin almost inexistent skin. From that distance he could even see more clearly the insertions, the freaky fibers covering that grotesque body. The heat that body was irradiating was making him sweat. Jeff’s body itself was sweating gallons, thick drops falling from the neck to the floor, running all along that god-like back, tracing the cuts in the traps and lats, surrounding the spine bones forming big bumps in the middle of the back, tracing the ridge-like xmas tree the lower lat had formed in Jeff’s back. He placed his hands in the back, in the intersection between the teres, traps and lats and felt about to die. His mind went wild, high as ever in his life, feeling the freaky bulges moving under his hands. Jeff felt Martin’s hands and finally felt satistifed. The touch of that mesmerized, hypnotized worshipper was his next level of fuel for his muscle growth addiction. The focused on the moving of his individual muscles and changed the way the moved under the skin, doing new and quick movements in this elbows, shoulders, even his spine, making the freaky dance of back muscles go a level up. Martin cock was just an inch away from the lover back muscles, dripping huge drops of precum, irradiating the same heat as Jeff’s back. The feeling of the new muscle movements under his hands made his cock suffer a huge spasm, moving up three inches, and in the way back landing on the deep cave the lower back muscles formed in Jeff’s back. Jeff felt it and, immediately crunched those lower fibers, catching Martin’s cock and not letting him take it away. Martin felt a new rush in his body. After having been at the edge of fainting when touching the back with his hands, he suffered a huge acceleration of his heart rate when his cock got caught in that freaky back. He looked down at it, and clearly saw how the surrounding fibers contracted against his cock head, grinding it and giving it a soft nice and quick jerk. His cock spasmed again, and spurted a huge drop of pre, thick globules of precum running down Jeff’s back. Jeff enjoyed the feeling of the precum running down his muscles, and took him to a next horniness level. He started to twitch his back, and flex and relax his muscles, once and again, once and again. Martin noticed new movements around his cock, and saw how Jeff’s muscles were making his cock go up along the freaky muscle valley of his back. The walls of that valley were full of fibers, some of them contracted harder than the others, making the movement be like fucking a real ass hole, the harder fibers grinding his cock hard, and the precum Martin was spurting being used as a natural lube for this back-fucking dream. Jeff went on engorging that cock with his back muscles, up up up. Martin was a bit taller than Jeff, but even so he started being lifted off the ground, so he had to place his feel in Jeff’s knees to be able to give better thrusts. Jeff went lifting him up and up, until Martin’s cock was inserted all along the trap muscles. Martin was 8in hung, but today his cock was perfectly 10 or 11 inches long, and thicker than ever. His balls were landing in the xmas tree of the lower back. Without a word, Martin started pumping his cock into Jeff’s trap muscles. Back and forth, once and again. Each thrust was a living heaven, feeling the freaky ridges the trap fibers were forming in the valley. Jeff left the bar, letting the weights fall loudly into the ground. But the muscles didn’t relax an inch. They were even harder than before. He used his free hands to perform the freakiest rear double bicep any human being had ever witnessed. Both peaks rose like two mountains in front of Martin’s face. He placed his hands on top of them, feeling them as the hardest material ever made. The bicep peaks were so fucking splitted he could stick his fingers in between, and so he did. Martin was on the edge since he first put his cock in Jeff’s back, but this was too much. He thrusted his hips faster, fucking Jeff’s traps in a total frenzy. He run his fingers along the cuts of the bicep and the tricep, the other hand running the cuts of traps and lats, using the index finger, then the thumb, feeling every ridge in that freaky body. Another cock thrust, another spasm running his whole body. Martin was in a true muscle frenzy, all he could do was fuck, squeeze, trace, fuck again, squeeze more, trace again. His head was about to explode, he felt a huge rush along his cock, he was about to cum, but he stopped. His ass hole trembled in pleasure, his cock erupted a thick huge shot of precum, and his hands went on feeling the most obscene and grotesque work of muscle art. He took a last look at that back in front of him, from the neck to the lower back: huge immense thick traps, fill with precum and his own cock; freaky delts emerging from under the back muscles; two teres muscles like two big eyes looking at him; the lats not looking like a muscle but like a huge set of strings emerging from the spine and landing in the sides of the back. The whole view was like a dream or a nightmare, he couldn’t say, but he was enjoying it, and he let himself go. He thrusted more, faster, faster. Jeff was doing his own, pumping his back more, moving his muscles non stop, his own cock about to erupt. Martin felt the final rush and orgasm, coming from his head down, grunting, feeling Jeff’s back muscles, and then the orgasm came. - OHHHH YOU FUCKING MONSTEEERRRRRRRRRRRR, AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHH The scream filled the whole gym. The huge spurts of cum landed in Jeff’s neck, throwing drops everywhere. Martin erupted 10 more times, filling Jeff’s back with hot cum, running down until they dropped in the floor. Martin felt Jeff’s body contract like hell once again, transforming into the freakiest bunch of muscle fibers ever, and then he heard Jeff’s orgasm. - AW FUCK TAKE THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Huge spurts of cum came from Jeff’s cock, landing in Martin’s face. Once he finished cumming, Martin felt he was going to faint, and so he did. Last thing he saw was the back of his dreams going away from him, as he fell down the bench to the ground. He woke up with a huge headache, every heartbeat pounding in his head. “Oh my god, what a dream…”. He was pretty sure it had all been just a dream, the best dream he had ever had, but just that. And then he opened his eyes, and saw that sunken face, with cum drops all over, looking at him without believing what had happened, attached to the freaky body he had seen in his dream, and he realized that it had been real. He heard Jeff saying: - Where the fuck have you been my whole life?
  8. londonboy

    m/m Unbridled Domination

    Brandon Armstrong was driving home and he was pissed – really pissed. In the last two months he had gotten together with three guys who responded to his ad on craigslist and none of them had panned out. The most recent guy had seemed so promising. He seemed to be into everything Brandon was – a very hard thing to find. There had been eight dates of total bliss and then Brandon had started feeling comfortable enough to act naturally, to say everything he felt. This had finally caused the man to sneak out of the house one night after they both had fallen asleep. The guy hadn’t even stopped long enough to gather up all of his clothes. It was the last straw in a long line of disappointments and Brandon was racking his brain to figure out what he was doing wrong. He really wanted to find ways to improve – to get a relationship to last longer. It was always so promising at the start – each guy seemed to be on the same wavelength and wanted everything Brandon listed in his ad. Some even said that Brandon was everything they’d ever wanted in a partner. But then something always happened, and it was impossible to figure out. Every guy started freaking out and getting scared – afraid of the commitment needed to make it in this kind of relationship. Brandon was ready to give up on using the web for meeting guys, especially since most men never ended up being truly what they professed. Brandon’s hands gripped the steering wheel hard; he was very upset by his recent track record with guys. He figured he was going to have to start hanging out in bars to find men – at least then he might be able to judge a guy’s stamina for the long haul, which was needed in good relationships. Maybe he wanted too much too soon – he just didn’t know. BAM! Brandon had not been paying attention and the car in front of him had come to a halt at a four way stop. It was a beautiful black-blue Volvo and he knew immediately he had hit it hard enough to cause some damage. Brandon became even more angry with himself at the stupidity of what he had done – how could he have stopped paying attention long enough to hit another car? He braced himself for the confrontation that was surely about to happen. He and the other driver pulled through the intersection and then moved to the side of the empty road. Simon Petit was so shocked by the sudden jolt to his car – his pride and joy – that at first he didn’t realize what had happened. As soon as he looked in his rear view mirror and saw the pick up truck rammed into the back of his car he became enraged. How could the idiot not see that he had come to a complete stop and how was it possible that someone could miss noticing an upcoming four-way intersection? Simon threw his hands up in the air, as if to say, “What the hell?” and then pulled to the side of the road. He noticed that the truck pulled over, as well. Simon was out of his car in a flash, he glanced at the back bumper, which was now smashed inward against the car, and then made a beeline to the driver’s side of the truck. The window was down and he started yelling before he was even beside the door. “What the hell happened? Did you not see that I stopped? How could you miss the fact that I was at an intersection? Are you blind or …” As soon as Simon saw the size of the guy sitting in the truck his confrontational spirit faltered slightly. The other driver’s arm and shoulder seemed to fill the entire window of the large truck. Simon also noticed immediately how thick the guy’s neck was and how his chest jutted out almost all the way to the steering wheel – even though it was obvious the seat was as far back as possible. The guy’s face was rough – a bushy mustache and some heavy stubble. His hair was messed up and the sweat-covered straining gray t-shirt made it pretty obvious that the guy was probably returning from the gym or some kind of intense job that involved strenuous work. The man’s menacing stare definitely intimidated Simon, but the smaller man’s adrenaline was pumping too strongly to back down. However, he lowered the volume of his voice and took the angry tone down a few notches – mainly because the guy in the truck looked bigger than a Prius. “Are you blind or something, man? Did you not notice my break lights? Look at what you’ve done to my fender!” Brandon’s natural response to the small guy’s yelling was to reach out the window and grab the man around the neck and squeeze his windpipe until it snapped. That’s how he usually dealt with smaller men who dared to challenge him. Brandon felt every muscle in his body, even those that made his giant feet move; tense up with power that needed immediate release. And usually that release involved punching a hole in something or sending a guy to the hospital. But Brandon had also noticed the guy’s shocked amazement when the runt got his first real gander at the big body sitting in the truck. Brandon loved to cause eyes to widen, mouths to drop open, and voices to stop in mid-sentence. This moment had been no exception – the little dweeb had taken one glance into the truck and his so-called bravado had shriveled up probably as much as his dick had. A feeling of inadequacy after coming into contact with Brandon usually made most men totally quiet and as demure as a young shy southern belle. But after that initial jolt of surprise at the huge body in front of him, the little pipsqueak had suddenly gained a little of his cajones back and had started into Brandon again. Even though the tone was much less aggressive and there was obvious fear in his eyes, the tiny man had continued to question the behemoth in front of him. This second plunge into attack-mode had impressed the hell out of Brandon and caused his desire to punch the guy so hard he flew across the street to instantly dissipate. A thought flickered in Brandon’s head and it caused a certain kind of flicker to briefly pump through his giant cock. Was it possible that the guy standing outside his truck might just be what he had been looking for during all of these months of online hell? Brandon decided to test the waters and see if this was someone he might pursue. “Hang on there, little man, let’s not say anything you’re going to regret or something that’s going to make me get angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Let me take a look at your car.” A wave of mixed emotions shot through Simon’s head and body when he heard the monster in the truck speak. First of all, the term ‘little man’ made his anger spike back up, while it also caused a twinge of some other feeling to stab him slightly in the gut. The big guy’s voice was jovial, but boomed in such a low register that it easily re-emphasized the man’s enormous size. Simon took a few steps back as the guy reached across his giant chest and grabbed the outside handle, opening the door so his big frame could step out. This way of exiting the vehicle seemed so fucking manly and cocky to Simon that it, again, caused a previously unknown mixture of emotions. As the colossal beast struggled to get his body freed from the large but cramped truck cab, Simon realized that reaching out the window with his right hand to open the door was the only way the guy could get out – his thick biceps and bulging shoulder made it impossible for the arm nearest the inside handle to bend far enough for that hand to grab anything. That’s about when the big man stood up to his full height and Simon gasped out loud – not able to control his shock. The man’s hugeness made Simon’s six-foot frame seem childlike. Everything about the driver’s body was massive compared to his own – even the fingers, which Simon definitely noticed as the guy shut the truck door with enough force to make the big vehicle rock back and forth. The muscled man didn’t even look at Simon as he walked toward the Volvo. Simon’s eyes widened even more when he got a look at the expanse of the man’s back – surely almost as wide as the car he was now perusing. Simon was astounded that there was not one glance at the front of the truck; it was like the guy knew his big toy wasn’t hurt at all in the altercation – as if it was a metaphor for how their actual bodies would react if they came in contact with each other. Simon was not daunted in his frustration of the situation; he continued to stand his ground – although from a few feet away. “I’m not a little man and I think we should just exchange insurance information. We also need to assess the damage of both vehicles.” “My big truck’s fine, little man, and I can certainly help you with this dented bumper.” Being called little a second time and the total disregard the guy had for Simon’s suggestions angered the smaller man even more. He moved closer to the larger man and was about to protest, but he couldn’t utter a word as he watched a big hand wrap around the metal fender of his Volvo, which was pushed in toward the body of the car, and then give one quick powerful pull. The fender popped away from the car, a little mangled but straight again. Simon’s breathing got harder as he noticed that the guy’s powerful grip had basically crushed the fender as it was pulled from its inward position. There were several grooves in the steel where the big man’s fingers had obviously squeezed too tightly. “There you go, shorty, good as new.” “What? Are you crazy? That’s not better. Look what you did to my bumper. You crushed it. The entire thing is still going to have to be replaced. What were you thinking, you moron?” The fact that the big man in front of him had just crushed metal as if it was as soft as a banana was lost completely on Simon; he was now only concerned about his car. He also totally missed the wave of apparent anger and then the quick suppression of that emotion that shot across the other man’s face. Simon’s blood was now boiling and he had reached a point where he could not control himself. Brandon, however, had again avoided the knee-jerk reaction of grabbing the smaller man around his neck with one hand and lifting him off the ground to shake him like a rag doll. The stupid bravery of the dweeb was making Brandon’s body tingle with excitement. With each moment of intensified confrontation he was being reassured that the accident had been a serendipitous event, taking place to introduce him to a guy he was positive he could mold to be the perfect playmate. The tingling of Brandon’s body was flowing directly to his now semi-erect cock and it was clear, at least to him, that there was a definite connection between he and the little man. He continued to play with his potential plaything. “Maybe you could leave the bumper that way, Mr. Tiny, so you’ll have something to remember me by – you know, when you want to think about my size and my power.” “Are you off your meds, sasquatch? What makes you think I want to remember you? You’ve messed up my car and you don’t seem to think it’s a problem. Do I need to get the police involved here? Just give me your fucking insurance and contact information so we can both get out of here. And stop calling me little, short, and tiny - I’m six-feet tall, for god’s sake.” The little guy had gone too far this time. Brandon reached out and grabbed the other man by the shoulders, easily lifting him off the ground and turning him around. He then carried the guy to the side of the Volvo and dropped him back on the ground. Immediately, both men saw their reflections in the tinted windows of the car and what they gazed upon brought up different, but similar, reactions. Simon gulped loudly as he was again astounded by what his eyes beheld. Brandon, however, had a more intense reaction – his cock hardened even more because of how it was now clear his body dwarfed the other man. “Hey, Mr. Puny, look at that! Your body is like a mini-me version of mine. Even two of you put together wouldn’t come close to my size. Look at how small and narrow your shoulders are when you’re standing in front of me. And check out how massive my chest is compared to your head and the fact that you barely come up as high as my nipples. Fuck, I’m a giant. It’s pretty clear that when you stand next to me you’re one little scrawny man, don’t you think?” Brandon was getting the hardest piece of wood he had had in the longest time. Just gazing at how his body towered over the smaller guy and how his muscles bulged out so much further than any part the other man was completely filling him with excitement and he loved every second of it. This is what Brandon desired more than anything in the world – comparing his huge body, something he had worked on all of his life, to some supposedly regular sized guy – and making the other man feel small. When he could see how gigantic he had become it got his juices flowing more than fucking a hot chick or plowing some guy’s tight ass. Because of some primeval instinct within he brought his arms up into a double biceps flex and paused briefly to marvel at how pumped they were after blasting them at the gym earlier that morning. It was clear that even the little man’s head was actually much smaller than Brandon’s twenty-four inch guns. He could feel pre-cum starting to bubble out of his hard cock as he realized how just his massive arms bulging so much made the other man seem even tinier. Brandon could sense that the other guy was caught off guard by the monstrous size of the biceps reflected in the window, as well – and the big man was positive he saw a quick glint of longing in the other dude’s eyes, which was then quickly pushed away. Brandon’s body shivered as he thought about the other man fighting his natural urges, because that’s exactly what the muscleman wanted. It was so good to meet up with a guy that wasn’t aware of his suppressed desires and then to have his big body release those flood gates. Brandon decided it was time to up the ante in the situation. He began to toy with the man even more. “Why don’t you flex those twigs you call arms, little man, and we can see what they look like in front of my keg-sized guns. It will be some more proof that when we compare your body to mine it’s like a pre-school aged boy standing beside his huge muscled daddy. Yeah buddy, I love how one of my big biceps pumps up even larger than your whole head. Look-a-here, little tike, let’s move this pumped up baby a little closer.” Brandon brought his flexed right arm down behind the smaller man’s head and, sure enough, the mound of muscle ballooned out wider and peaked up higher than the other man’s entire noggin. It was a sight that made Brandon moan out loud in a low, growl-like sound that made it clear the big man loved what he saw. The sight also created a new sensation in Simon’s body. At first he couldn’t believe what he saw reflected in the window. He had never been this close to such a massively constructed human being. The way the larger man’s arm overshadowed his head was unbelievable. The sleeve of the guy’s white t-shirt was forced to bunch down toward the humongous shoulder, just to make room for the massive mound of muscle poking up in the air. The thickness of the biceps shot out past Simon’s ears and he could see the vein-covered split peak jutting up beyond his hair. Simon had never been a guy that got into muscle, he liked his men to be slim and with model level handsomeness. He had always been turned off by the distorted ugly hugeness of bodybuilders. Guys that worked their bodies into freakish sizes seemed unnatural and grotesque. But seeing that big biceps behind his head created a small flicker of reaction in his gut – and it was a feeling that was completely new. The reaction moved from his stomach to his awakening rod. “See something you like, little man?” “No way . . . you . . . freakish asshole.” Simon’s words did not have the force of his earlier comments. He could still feel anger over what had happened to his car, but his fixation on the larger man’s biceps caused him to almost whisper his remark. His lifelong disgust of steroid injecting thugs enabled him to use the venom he desired, but the sheer awe he felt over the bulging arm behind his head created havoc in his mind and at his crotch. He didn’t even look at the large man’s face as he spoke; he simply stayed glued to the giant arm. Brandon loved the little man’s cockiness, even though he knew he couldn’t allow the comment to go unchecked. He kept his arm flexed but brought his enormous right thigh into the small guy’s ass and slammed him up against the car. Brandon then began to smash the guy’s body against the door and lifted up at the same time. He methodically began to slide the little man’s crotch and stomach up and down the side of the car. “That teeny dick of yours trying to shoot hard tells me something different. I think you like how big my arm is compared to your little head. Let me help that cock some by easily rubbing your body against your pretty car. Maybe I can press you so hard that little toothpick between your legs will dent the door. How about a little dick dimple in the metal to help you remember how my big body turned you on.” “Fuck you!” It was hard for Simon to speak, mainly because it was difficult for him to breathe. His body was compressed between the metal frame of his car and the giant thigh and crotch of the man behind him. The big dude’s body actually felt harder than the car, but Simon immediately forced that thought from his mind. His cock had already sprung to full hardness as it was compelled to rub up and down against the door. He couldn’t believe his body was reacting this way and he was trying to make it stop. The Volvo was actually rocking from side to side as the big man easily shoved his thigh harder into Simon’s ass and back. Brandon continued to be turned on by the little man’s refusal to give in, even though it was obvious he was being helplessly made to do whatever the big body behind him wanted him to. The mere stupidity and courage of the small guy made Brandon want to dominate him even more. There had also been fleeting signs of longing in the guy’s reflection – they had been brief and quickly tossed away, but Brandon had noticed. He had seen the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and he now wanted the journey to the prize to last as long as it could. He knew he needed to seal the deal on this first muscle encounter – to make it unfathomable for the little man to even consider that repeat performances of this kind of domination wouldn’t happen. He needed to turn the slight ember that was beginning to burn in the pit of the little man’s stomach into a raging fire of muscle desire. It would take some work, but Brandon knew what he needed to do in the next few minutes to help bring his new play toy to the tipping point. He brought both of his giant arms to the side of the car. As he began to increase the velocity and pressure of the huge thigh manipulating the little man’s body against the car, he also pushed the vehicle with his enormous arms. This caused two glorious things to happen – the wheels on the side where the two men stood came completely off the ground and the little man’s feet followed suit. Brandon easily pushed the Volvo into the air as he began to jerk the other man off against his own car. The larger man wished like hell he could have had someone filming all the action. He could hear that the smaller guy was having trouble breathing and he could sense the guy was fighting the impending orgasm with all of his might. Brandon knew it was a lost cause for the guy to attempt denying the upcoming explosion and this brought him much satisfaction. His new little friend certainly did not want to cream in his lovely chinos, but most of all he didn’t want to ejaculate because a superior man was so effortlessly manhandling him. To offer the muscleman behind him the satisfaction of knowing his body so easily brought him to this moment of release was too humiliating for the smaller guy. Brandon decided it was time to bring some climax to their fun and games. He lowered his face next to the other guy’s ear. “Look how easily my big arms tip your heavy Volvo up on its side. That’s fucking hot, isn’t it? If I wanted to I could push the big car over without any problem, but we’ll save that for another time. And feel how my gigantic thigh massages your body up against this door like you didn’t weigh a thing – and it’s making your cock ready to spew at any minute. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it, little man. Oh, I can tell you’re trying hard to prevent it. You don’t want to bust a wad for this big muscle stud and you’re desperately struggling to figure out why you’re having this kind of reaction in the first place. Am I right, Mr. Tiny? Yeah, we both know I am. Why don’t you think back to a few minutes ago – about what that big arm to the right of your head did to your bumper? Yeah, I’m talking about that massive gun you’re trying so hard to not look at – the big hard mound of muscle jutting up beside your head. Remember how that arm easily pulled your metal fender back into place and how that big hand crumpled the metal like it was nothing? Or how about we go back a little further – to the first time you saw my big body through the window of my truck. I saw those pretty blue eyes widen when you took in all this muscle. You’re trying so hard not to give in to your desires, aren’t you, little man? You don’t want to think about how much this big man turns you on, do you? But right now, all you can think about his how much power exists in my huge body – isn’t that so? And here’s what’s going to send you over the top, my tiny friend. Right now there are many people watching us – seeing how I so easily make your body do what I want it to. Hell, there are a couple of guys that have pulled their cars over on the other side of the street and they’re wanking off as they see me lift your Volvo so easily. But what excites you the most is that they also see how little you are compared to all my massiveness. They see that my big thigh has your entire body lifted off the ground and I’m about to make your teeny rocket explode just from jerking you against your car. You love how they are so fucking jealous because you are surrounded by hard muscle and they’re not. And they’re waiting, just like you are, for me to give you the command to cum. So, little man, why don’t you shoot for this big man? Cum now!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhh….” Simon could take no more. As he uncontrollably screamed out loud, his aching cock started spewing more cum than he thought his body could ever produce. He had fought valiantly to prevent from shooting, but his tormentor’s big body and his spot on description of what was happening in Simon’s head was too much. The smaller man could not believe that his tumultuous emotions were so transparent. How had the big man known exactly what would make Simon orgasm so quickly – especially since it was all new to Simon, himself. It was like the muscleman was a psychic or something. The big thigh continued to press his body up and down against his car door as Simon filled his underwear with hot creamy jism. Even as his entire frame continued to jerk wildly between the big body behind him and the metal door, he could feel a stream of milky liquid running down both legs. He was sure people in nearby houses were going to come to their doors to see what had made a man yell as loudly as he had – if they hadn’t already been watching all the action from the start. Simon’s embarrassment at the situation was intermingled with something he couldn’t name. It was a feeling of what . . . satisfaction, yes, satisfaction. Even though he desperately did not want to admit it, the powerful release that had just occurred was the most incredible sexual pleasure he had ever enjoyed – maybe even the most incredible experience period. A pang of remorse swept over him as soon as this thought entered his mind. He could not give the big man that kind of enjoyment – seeing him so submissive, but he also realized it was too late – his tormentor surely felt Simon’s uncontrollable response. “Yeah, little buddy, that was nice – real nice. I think you woke up the whole fucking neighborhood. All that cum is going to probably glue you to the side of your car. That was a beautiful tribute to my big body, Mr. Tiny. People just can’t control themselves when their around this much muscle, can they? And why should they?” “Get off me, asshole, or I really am going to call the police.” “Seriously? I don’t know how you’re going to do that, little one, since I see your phone inside the car and right now I don’t think you could move an inch even if you did have all of your strength. I’d say you’re pretty exhausted from that cum explosion, but mostly you can’t move because I won’t allow it. I bet that thought kind of turns you on, doesn’t it, even though your cock is still worn out – the fact that I can hold your body in place so easily.” Simon couldn’t believe the big man was so accurate. Having his body pinned to the car and knowing that the Volvo was still pushed up on two wheels was keeping his emptied dick rock hard. He was furious with the huge brute, but he was also already re-living the last thirty minutes in his head. Part of him wanted to scream for help, but he knew it would be useless. The big man could easily shut him up with one punch or just by simply slamming his face through the window. But, worse of all, Simon knew the real reason he wasn’t calling out – he was actually impressed by the behemoth, no, not impressed, turned on. Yes, he was fucking turned on. Simon chose a different path. “Can you please let me down . . . sir?” Brandon’s smile made it clear he was very pleased with the little man’s polite request. He realized that his new small friend could see his happy face reflected in the window and the guy’s little body shivered greatly when he noted that Brandon was delighted. A quick pulse of some new feeling shot through Brandon’s body, as well, and he wasn’t sure he could even name what it was – but that didn’t matter right now. He was aware that he could now move on to phase two of the plan for his new friend. “That’s a good little buddy. Of course I can put you down. I can do anything I want.” Simon felt the car’s wheels return to the road and noticed his legs were very wobbly when his feet finally hit the asphalt. He felt one of the big man’s hands press into his upper back after the massive thigh moved away. The giant mitt held Simon’s body up against the side of the Volvo as the other hand pulled out the wallet from his back pocket. He tried to look in the window to see what was happening – was it a robbery, now – but he was pressed too close. Suddenly the open wallet was tossed on the car’s roof and Simon could see everything was there, except his license. “Well it’s certainly nice to meet you, little Simon Pettit. My name is Brandon, Brandon Armstrong. I see you have a house over on Adelaide – pretty impressive. You must pull in one hell of a salary. That’s nice to know. I’ll be over to your place at six tonight, Simon, and I think I’ll keep your license until then. We can have some more fun and talk about how I might give you some satisfaction for what I did to your car – not to mention what I did to that worn out tiny dick of yours. See you at six, little man.” “You can’t keep my license. I need it to drive. And I won’t be home tonight. I have plans.” “Oh you’ll be there. I know you will. You don’t want to miss the fun. And don’t ever tell me what I can or can’t do. See you at six, squirt.” The big hand on Simon’s back was suddenly gone, but the little guy didn’t move. He stayed pressed up against the car while turning his head to get one last look at the huge back of Brandon Armstrong as the muscled man walked away. He watched as the behemoth awkwardly stuffed his oversized body into the cab and then started the truck. As he pulled past the Volvo, Simon could hear the big man chucking to himself. The sound of the guy’s laughter both frightened and thrilled the small man. Brandon drove down the road slowly and marveled at his good fortune. He had been advertising for months trying to find a little guy that was a true muscle worshipper and someone that could handle being dominated. So far, no one had lasted very long. The guy that stayed around for eight dates had seemed so promising. He kept saying over and over that he wanted Brandon to feel comfortable enough to be the full cocky alpha he was, but as soon as the big man had started letting his hair down and being his natural aggressive self, the guy had scampered away in the middle of the night. Every man was the same – petrified as shit whenever Brandon started being the dominant stud he was on the inside. No one seemed able to handle it when the big man flaunted his true power or said the things that ran through his head constantly. Little Simon Pettit had stood up to him even as Brandon had easily controlled the smaller man’s body. The intensity of Simon’s anger and his antagonistic spirit was such a fucking turn on for Brandon. He had nearly shot his own explosive load when Simon had ejaculated, but decided it would be better to wait and let the pressure in his body build up even more. Brandon hadn’t been this excited by a little runt in a very long time. His need to dominate and get worshipped was so powerful that he contemplated ripping the truck’s steering wheel from its column, but he had already replaced the damn thing twice. He controlled the urge by contemplating his upcoming reunion with Simon. He also decided that he wouldn’t shower or change clothes before going over and, as a matter of fact, he made a plan to go work out a second time right before he paid his visit to Adelaide Avenue. Somehow, he knew that would drive Simon crazy – seeing and smelling the big man’s sweat covered body. Simon heard the truck move down the street, but he didn’t back away from his car. His mind was trying to wrap itself around all that had just happened, but, more importantly, he still needed something to help him stay standing erect. His body was still spent by the explosion Brandon Armstrong had caused in his pants. Simon was furious at himself for not having more self control, but he was also still in awe of all the giant had done – crumpling metal, lifting the car, jerking Simon’s body against the door with his big thigh – and then there was the memory of the guy’s huge frame haunting Simon’s thoughts. Seeing the guy’s biceps bulging out wider and higher than his own head was plastered in his mind. How could an arm be so big was the question that kept racing through Simon’s brain. What disgusted Simon the most, however, was the fact that his cock was still fully hard. He finally pressed his body away from the car and listened to the sound of the cum soaked material of his pants peel itself away from the side of the car. He looked down and saw that some of door’s paint had been stripped away – still clinging to his chinos. Simon also noticed that his shirt and pants were covered in the grease and grime that had obviously been all over the side of his car. He looked like he had fallen face down in a giant puddle of oil and dirt. He also noticed that the milky white stain from his ejaculation covered his entire crotch and stretched almost down to his knees on both pants legs. Even his shirt had soaked up a lot of juice and was dripping wet across his abs. “Aw fuck.” Simon staggered a few steps backward and contemplated calling the police, but something deep inside his psyche told him not to. The big man knew where he lived now and that meant Simon’s safety was in peril. He could not believe he was acting like this – almost like a defenseless puppy in the big hands of his owner. He also couldn’t believe he was still so fucking hard. As he quickly glance around, noticing the two guys sound asleep after being worn out by orgasms in their individual cars across the street, he opened the driver’s door and fell into the seat. Immediately the interior of his Volvo smelled like a bathhouse – something that made Simon’s cock twitch a little more. Without even thinking about it, Simon turned the ignition and started driving – again fully intent on going to the police. But the man’s brain went into autopilot and he headed home. His heart was pounding in rhythm with the pulsations of his cock, signifying his excitement and fear about the upcoming evening visit from Brandon Armstrong. Part Two – Brandon Gets Ready for the Visit Brandon’s bull-sized cock was fully engorged and aching for release as he benched enough weight to equal a large SUV. His entire body was equally turned on as he easily churned out repetitions with the precision of a professional. He had returned to the gym that afternoon to work off some muscle steam and work up a major sweat before paying his promised visit to little Simon’s house. It was like he was jacking up his muscles extra big just to make playtime that evening ever more special. He wanted the scrawny man’s nose to get a overwhelming whiff of what a real man smelled even as his eyes would surely struggle to comprehend all of Brandon’s tightly clothed massiveness. In short, Brandon wanted to make an even stronger impression than he had after smacking the back end of the tiny dude’s car in their earlier fender bender, and then easily taking care of the bumper with one hand and doing the same with Simon’s tiny hard cock with one big thigh. Brandon’s own giant perpetual wood was caused partly because he was still so jacked up from shocking the shit out of the dweeb – easily lifting his car, from just being so fucking huge, and from kind of scaring the hell out of him when the little guy got his first full view of the giant. But there was something else making his fat thick kickstand press his sweats out as if he were packing a big two-by-four at his crotch - and he couldn’t put his finger on it exactly. It had something to do with little man Simon, but it wasn’t a feeling that was familiar to the huge man. Brandon pushed the overloaded bar upward and loved how the weighted ends made the fucking thing bend down almost in a horseshoe shape. The behemoth knew people were looking at the strained bar, his super pumped chest, and the giant cock standing straight up like the main tent pole of a traveling circus. The power coursing through his body was almost too much and he worried that he might suddenly start to destroy things just to get relief. He thought about grabbing three or four men and taking them into the back room and plowing their asses and mouths until he calmed his body down some, but knew that he was so jacked up right now that he would probably cause some major damage to the puny men’s bodies – and he didn’t need that kind of trouble before his appointment. He didn’t want anything to prevent him from making his six o’clock meeting with pretty boy Simon. “Hey man, you gonna be much longer? You’ve been on that bench for a while now. You’re required to let other people use it.” Brandon had placed the now eternally warped bar in the supports and tilted his head back so he could look at the man who had spoken to him. A big smile crept across his face as he gazed upon a thuggish looking guy that must have been a wannabe powerlifter or some kind of strongman – he was big and thick, but his body didn’t hold a candle to Brandon’s massiveness. It was clear that Brandon’s true size was slightly disguised since he was lying on the bench. The larger man decided to take his time getting up and turning around since he knew that seeing the guy’s face after he got a gander at Brandon’s height, width, and thickness was going to be priceless. Brandon wanted this guy to piss in his pants after realizing his stupid mistake – daring to talk to someone that was clearly superior to him in every way. Brandon thought about standing up, lifting the weighted bar in his hands, and then tossing it to the guy – but he knew immediately that would either kill the man or do some serious damage to his body. Again, his excitement about the upcoming meeting with Simon helped him to suppress any need to rip steel plates apart or hurt stupid men that didn’t realize who they were talking to. Brandon sat up on the bench and was rewarded with a loud gasp from guy behind him. He was sure the man’s dick shot hard just from one glance at the width of his shoulders and the monster upward bulge of his trapezius muscles. Brandon’s body started tingling, as he thought about the next part of his little display. When the big man stood up he heard the other guy completely stop breathing – and it crossed Brandon’s mind that the powerlifter’s heart stopped beating, too. It was already clear, without even turning around, that Brandon surpassed the other guy by about seven inches and probably one hundred pounds. The earlier look at the fellow, when lying on the bench, had enabled Brandon to assess the situation easily. Turning around was so much fun for the giant alpha. He knew exactly how white the other guy’s face was going to be and how his body was going to be shaking in fear. He was not disappointed. When he turned around the shorter man merely mouthed the word ‘fuck’ because he was too shocked to make a sound. There were so many options for Brandon since the guy was at a complete standstill from being so scared – he could bend a bar around the guy’s neck and go home happy knowing it was going to take some industrial sized mechanical cutters to get it off, he could grab the guy’s neck in the V of his hand and lift him off the floor to shake him silly, or he could pick up the bench the guy so desperately wanted and mangle it into a ball of metal and other demolished materials – but a more exciting idea popped into the big man’s head. He leaned down and toward the now frightened powerlifter – and he merely growled as loud as he could. “Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!” Brandon’s animalistic booming voice caused all motion and sound in the gym to come to a complete stop. Every head turned in the direction of the two men. The poor powerlifter’s body went completely stiff and a huge wet stain started seeping across his crotch. The frightened man didn’t move a muscle and for a second everyone thought he had had a heart attack. Brandon reached out with a big hand and thumped the man’s head with his forefinger, causing the guy to fall backwards to the floor, like a statue being toppled by a group of men. Brandon then turned around and sat back down on the bench. As he lay on his back and began to pump out a few more reps with the intense weight he could hear some guys coming over to pull the body on the floor to a safe place. Brandon chuckled as he heard the men whisper that the guy on the floor was thankfully breathing and that he had obviously shot his entire wad in one jarring, momentous ejaculation. After that, no one bothered big Brandon – as a matter of fact, no one came near him. The thrill of intimidating the powerlifter had only increased the pressure within Brandon’s already stiff rod – but it was thoughts of Simon that filled his mind. He was beginning to wonder how he might play with the little man’s body – or what he might do to his house. “These final ten are for you, Simon.” Brandon spoke to himself – trying to muster enough strength to pump out ten more repetitions with a bar loaded with enough weight to bring two elephants to their knees. The alpha’s arms were tired as shit after benching for what must have been an hour and a half straight, but thoughts of his upcoming reunion with Simon helped him to crank out not ten, but twenty perfect lifts with the insane poundage. The realization that thinking of Simon helped the huge guy to go way beyond what was normally possible in weightlifting caused huge gobs of thick-as-hell pre-cum to ooze from the giant bulbous head of his monster cock. This momentous reaction caused Brandon’s head to start spinning with mixed emotions – mainly, what was it about this dweeb that excited him so and how much fun it was going to be to finally slam Brandon’s giant dick into pretty Simon’s tight ass. This was almost too much for the big man to handle. “Oh yeah, fuuuuckkk.” Brandon spoke out loud and didn’t care at all. He was so caught up in his excitement about dominating Simon that he could have shot a record load of cum right there in front of everyone in the gym. He knew no one could do a thing about it if he did – hell, most of the men in the place would probably explode instantly themselves after seeing the huge man on the bench shoot a volley of cum so hard that it hit the ceiling of the two-story room. Brandon kept thinking about the small body of Simon and how easily he had manipulated the man on the street earlier. His giant thigh had lifted the little dweeb with no effort at all and then it had rubbed his body against his car with so much pressure that the guy had shot his load within minutes. The thought of Simon’s pants being filled with buckets of semen, which was induced so easily manly domination, made Brandon reach out and grab his upright pole through the pants and squeeze it hard, hard enough to bust bricks. The intense pressure, however, only brought pleasure to the big man and he thought again about plowing the asses of some little men in the gym – maybe the powerlifter had recovered enough for Brandon to lift him off the floor with his super cock and fill the smaller guy with his fucking hot man-juice. Brandon started moaning loudly and the gym got silent again. “Fuck yeah!” Thoughts of Simon made the mega alpha release the grip on his giant rod and will the engorged thing to calm down. Brandon wanted to save all of his sweet muscle nectar for the tiny guy that filled all of his present thoughts – something that was so fucking unbelievable to the big man. It confused the shit out of him – why was he so turned on by this particular dweeb? It was clear that Brandon realized Simon had something special – it’s what he had felt the moment the guy had torn into him and acted so brave after the wreck. And even though he didn’t know what more was involved in this feeling, he was definitely willing to try and find out. Part of Brandon did not like how obviously smitten he was with Simon – the alpha man never cowered to anyone, - but another part of him wanted something that presently couldn’t be named. It felt, however, like a desire to please the little man. Brandon never pleased anyone but himself – so this was such a fucking foreign feeling. He couldn’t believe for one second that he gave a shit about what puny Mr. Simon wanted or liked – but that didn’t change the fact that his heart and head led him down a different path. Just to prove how wrong his gut feelings were, he cranked out another twenty reps with the overloaded bar and the lifting came very easy this time. The big man was proving a point, but Brandon also realized there was some kind of mysterious connection between the puny Mr. Simon and his own ability to move some heavy weight – and maybe even grow huger. This feeling was what was drawing him more than anything to their rendezvous on Adelaide Avenue in less than an hour. He certainly couldn’t wait to dominate the little fellow and finally get the chance to demolish huge things, but there was something else waiting in their exchange and Brandon knew it hadn’t even begun to be fully explored. He was ready to squash the small man with his big body and his dominating spirit, but he was pretty sure that his own life was about to change, too. Part Three – Simon Prepares for the Visit Simon found himself wandering from room to room in his large house – lost in some kind of euphoric fear of what had happened earlier on the street – and what was about to happen in just a little over an hour when someone came to visit. He had not changed or showered by this point. The smell of his dried cum mixed with the stench of gas and dirt caused by being pressed into his car were only overpowered by the lingering memory of the pungent intoxicating masculine odor produced by Brandon’s giant body. Simon kept trying to will all thoughts of the behemoth from his mind but nothing he did was helping to push them away. The same was true about his throbbing hard-on; the poor thing hadn’t subsided since the confrontation on the road – it was still stiff as a board. Simon had become fixated on beating himself up for not doing more to stand up to Brandon earlier. He was even still debating whether or not to call the police. Maybe it would be good to have a bunch of officers waiting here when his visitor arrived. It crossed his mind that the entire force could be here and they wouldn’t be able to stop Brandon, but the nervous small man forced that idea from his head. He knew it was partly what he wished and not what he knew would be true. Was it possible to become this obsessed with someone in such a short amount of time – but was it even Brandon he was actually so taken with or was it his massive muscles and power. Or, worse yet, was it a mixture of all three. “Fuck, Simon, get a hold of yourself.” He stopped in the middle of his living room as his voice echoed out loud. He was not acting in his typical “take charge” manner. He had never been someone easily intimidated and this was not the time to lose that approach to life – just because of some inane infatuation. Simon knew what he had to do and he lurched into action without giving anything a second thought. He went upstairs and began to undress as he walked across his large bedroom. He turned on the shower and then gathered the clothes to throw them in the laundry basket, but then decided to toss them in the trash instead. It would help him to get rid of all memories of Brandon. The newly charged guy then stepped into the shower and let the warm water soothe his scattered mind and his aching cock. As he got dressed about twenty minutes later he was completely renewed and was now even surer of what he needed to do. He dressed, gathered his keys and wallet, and then stepped into the garage. Seeing his car caused him to falter momentarily, remembering how Brandon had manhandled the back bumper so easily. And then remembering how the big man hand manhandled him, as well, was almost too much. Simon pushed those thoughts away and avoided looking at the bumper or the door where the action had all taken place. He dropped into the car, hit the garage door opener, and backed into the driveway quickly. He slammed on his breaks halfway down the short patch of asphalt when he saw the pumped up humongous body of Brandon standing in the way and noticed how the guy was glaring into the car. Simon was instantly too petrified to do anything. He simply watched as the big man walked up to the back of the car and placed his hands across the edge of the trunk. Windows were down so it was easy to hear the big man when he spoke. “I figured you’d try to get out of our playtime, punk, so I dropped by a little early. I knew you wouldn’t have the balls to face me. But you’re not going anywhere, tiny man. Come on then, let’s see what this piece of shit can do. I dare you to try and run me down. After I beat this flimsy machine, I’m going to beat your scrawny ass.” “You and what fucking army, dickhead?” Simon yelled back without even thinking. Even though his mind was fighting hard to will his body not to react, the previously calm dick in his pants shot instantly hard. There was something in Brandon’s cockiness that just got to the smaller man in a big way and the thought of this guy taking on his car made Simon quiver with delight. These emotions didn’t prevent him from taking on the man, though. Simon was not one to give in easily. He watched as Brandon kept one beefy arm pressed against the car and then flexed the other gun and simply smiled. He was playing with Simon and it only pissed the small guy off even more. “This is all the army I’m going to need, little man.” “We’ll see about that! You’re going to be wishing your arms were as big as your ego when your ass is flattened on the driveway.” “Bring it on, runt, bring it on.” Simon was so furious at the big man, as well as being on an adrenaline high from seeing the guy’s pumped up body in his rearview mirror that he didn’t even think twice about what he did next. He shifted his eyes to look straight ahead, convinced it was okay to get revenge for what had happened to his car earlier and to teach the asshole a lesson. He started pressing down on the gas pedal and the car moved backwards a little, followed by a slight crunching sound. Simon’s cock twitched uncontrollably as he thought about his car rolling over the bulging muscles of Brandon – smashing him to the ground. The big man had unleashed something demented in the driver and he wasn’t really thinking about the harm he was going to cause. As a matter of fact the idea of seeing Brandon in a hospital bed with casts and bandages thrilled Simon immensely. The crunching noise got louder and the car started bouncing up and down a little, obviously rolling over a beefy body. Simon pushed the pedal down even more and that’s when he started to hear the sound of squealing tires. This bizarre noise made Simon glance back into his mirror. The little man’s jaw dropped as he gazed at the evil grin of Brandon, who was leaning down slightly and easily holding the car in place. Simon pressed the pedal all the way to the floor and the noise being made by the tires increased. This only made the smile on the giant’s face grow even wider and the already colossal biceps started to bulge even more massively as he continued to prevent the vehicle from moving. “Fuck yeeaaaahhhh, boy, help me work out these arms. Your little Volvo is giving me a good-sized pump. Look at my guns popping out so damn much. Too bad my body is so stronger than your puny machine. Now let me show you what real power is!” The crunching noise increased and Simon suddenly realized the sound was actually Brandon’s powerful hands easily crushing the back of his car as he prevented the big thing from inching backwards. Simon’s heart began to beat quickly and a feeling of intense fear crept into his head. That’s when the unbelievable happened – the fucking car started moving forward. It was slowly at first, but then the momentum increased. You could hear the grunting and the heavy breathing from Brandon as he shoved the car toward the house – even with the thing in reverse and the gas pedal being floored. Simon’s mind was on overload – he couldn’t begin to completely comprehend what was happening. He just knew there was a force of nature packed into the man’s huge body and it was beating his car. Slowly and methodically, Brandon muscled the automobile toward its obvious parking place, even as the spinning tires wore down their tread trying to fight against him. “Fucking no way. This can’t be happening!” Simon’s shock was only interrupted by the smell of burnt rubber, which was now very strong and Simon knew there were going to be marks on the driveway, maybe even footprints left from Brandon’s powerful legs as they stepped briskly toward the house. Within just a few minutes the giant had maneuvered the car back into the garage – easily defeating the powerful Volvo as if it had been a little red wagon he was pushing forward with one hand. By this time the man’s biceps were so big that the sleeves of his t-shirt were beginning to rip. Simon was still pressing the pedal completely to the floor and smoke was billowing up from the tires and the overheated engine. Suddenly the back of the car came up off the ground with a jerk; Simon’s small frame fell forward and his forehead hit the steering wheel. Brandon had simply lifted the back of the car like it was nothing – a wheelbarrow for him to play with. Simon gazed into the rearview mirror and watched as Brandon’s face suddenly became even more devious. The giant’s smile seemed to reek of as power as his body did. He shifted his right hand to a more central place on the car and grabbed the bumper; the sound of metal being crushed was louder than the car’s engine. He then released the car with his left hand and raised it up in a monstrous teasing biceps flex. Simon moaned out loud – partly in lust and partly out of fear of what Brandon was capable of. The humongous arm was larger than any body part Simon had ever seen live and in person – it seemed almost thicker than Simon’s torso. There were veins streaking all across it and the mound of muscle bulged to insane heights. The sleeve of the t-shirt immediately ripped systematically across the top of the rising gun, as if the guy had planned the show perfectly. The sight of the uncovered biceps was almost too much for Simon to handle – his body was shaking uncontrollably as he willed himself not to ejaculate. He didn’t want to give the big man that kind of satisfaction. “You’re gonna regret trying to leave, punk. I’m planning to teach you a lesson or two for disobeying me. But let’s start by making it more difficult for you to go anywhere.” The monstrously pumped up man continued to hold the car with one hand and then moved his flexed arm upward. Since Simon had his sunroof open he could follow the big guy’s movements completely. Brandon reached up and grabbed the mechanism that controlled the garage door with his big hand. He then began to squeeze the box slowly – just to cock-tease the smaller man. Simon kept his foot pressed to the floor as he watched the thick fingers of Brandon’s hand begin to demolish the metal box it now surrounded. A screeching noise was emitted when the large hand became too powerful for the steel contraption to compete against. Sparks flew everywhere as the electricity was shorted, then the inner workings of the device were squeezed so tightly they fused together and oozed out between the fingers, and then finally the big man simply ripped the entire apparatus from the track overhead. Brandon chuckled loudly as he tossed it through the sunroof and it landed on the passenger seat beside Simon – still smoking and burning the leather because it was so hot from being destroyed. Simon let out a fearful squeal when he gazed at the now mangled piece of junk beside him. He glanced back through the sunroof and saw Brandon flick the garage door backwards with a slight tug of his hand and the huge metal siding went flying down the track and slammed into the concrete floor with a loud thud. Simon was sure the bottom panel of the door had sunk into the ground a few feet, even though the big man had only flicked it lightly with his hand. He returned his gaze into the rearview mirror and locked eyes with the muscled monster. “Cut the engine or I’m going to start ripping this fucking frail car apart until I get to you, little man, and there’s no telling what I’ll do when I reach your weak body. Care to find out?” Simon thought quickly. He turned the motor off, but he was out his door before the pistons stopped moving. He bolted quickly through the door into his house. Brandon laughed out loud as he watched the scared mouse run away and then he dropped the car, loving how it bounced a few times and then finally settled – obviously worn out from being overpowered by the huge stud that now towered over it. The big man walked around to the side of the car and bent down. He placed his index finger against the back tire, which was a lot more worn down than before, and then pressed in slightly. Instantly the rubber was punctured and it popped loudly like a balloon being poked with a stick. Brandon’s cock jumped a little as he realized how easy it was for him to destroy tires. This was something new for him. He did the same thing at the front after slamming the door shut which frightened little Simon had left open. It was pretty clear that the door had been shoved so hard that no mortal would ever be able to open it again. The muscle man then moved toward the locked entrance to the house, satisfied that Simon wouldn’t be exiting through the garage tonight or any time soon. When he reached the heavy wooden door he tried the handle, just to tease the little fellow on the other side. Knowing that Simon had bolted every lock on the other side made the big man laugh out loud. “After everything I’ve done so far, you actually think a little door is going to prevent me from getting in, squirt? Have you not learned anything? My cock could rip this thing off its hinges, but I’m saving that huge piece of meat for your ass. No need to waste my precious cum by getting too excited from easily ripping the rod through solid oak. You might want to stand back, little missy, since I’m about to come in even though I hven’t been invited.” Simon had, indeed, been standing behind the locked door. He had listened to everything that happened in the garage – realizing quickly what it was that had burst his tires so easily. He now jumped to the side, out of the way from what he knew would be a frightening display of brute strength. He knew Brandon was probably going to rip the door from its frame or kick it in. Suddenly, there was a loud boom and the center of the large slab of wood exploded because of the force of something much stronger busting through. After the initial shock of the destruction had passed, Simon was able to focus and saw the dust covered head of Brandon poking through like he was some giant animal trophy mounted to a wall. The guy had butted his forehead through the heavy oak without any problem and Simon noticed that the big man’s smile seemed even more evil than before. Brandon turned his head and noticed the small man cowering in fear. “Here’s Johnny! That’s right, little man, you should be afraid. If I can splinter this door with little effort just think what I’m going to do to your scrawny body. I hope your catching on to the fact that you aren’t ever going to find a place to hide from me. I’ll hunt you down no matter where you go or what you try to do to prevent me. I think I’ll come in and make myself at home now, whether you like it or not.” And with those simple words the giant simply walked into the hallway. He pushed his body upwards and forward at the same time – ripping through the remnants of the door as if it were tissue. Simon was completely flabbergasted at how little trouble it was for Brandon to rip through heavy wood with almost no inertia – the guy’s hard muscles didn’t need speed or a big head start to demolish the door, they were powerful enough on their own. Chunks of wood fell to the floor and little slivers clung to the giant’s torn and dirty t-shirt. There were burn marks in the material where sparks had fallen, there were streaks of oil and grime - clearly where Brandon had wiped his dirty hands after manhandling the car - and there were gaps and rips where bulging muscles had become too huge for cloth to contain. Simon was leaning against the wall above a chest that was used to store shoes, umbrellas, and other items. Brandon turned and towered over the smaller man. “Let’s have little conversation, Simon, but let’s see if we can make it a teenie bit more even, shall we?” Brandon wrapped his big hands around the other man’s shoulders and squeezed tightly, loving how the little guy winced with pain. The giant then pressed in and lifted the guy’s insanely light body into the air – high enough for him to stand on the chest. Now the two men were almost eye-to-eye. “So, now, you can at least look me in the face. This really doesn’t make us any more even, since I still out hulk you by so much. But, at least, now I won’t get a neck ache from having to look down so far. Geez, Simon, your body weighed nothing at all. It was like I wasn’t lifting anything. It felt like I could have broken you to pieces if I had continued to squeeze. I’m going to have to be careful when I toss you around later on.” “You aren’t going to be tossing me around, asshole, and you need to get the fuck out of my house!” Simon had no idea where he got the guts to talk to the big man that way – especially after all the powerful things he had seen Brandon do. The smaller man was simply angrier than he had ever been in his entire life. It registered on some level he was picking a losing battle but he didn’t care – even if it was suicidal – he would not let the big man get the best of him. He would let his anger override any fear that might be bubbling up in his mind. “And you’re going to pay me for everything you’ve destroyed – you hear me, you stupid thug!” To emphasize his point Simon poked a forefinger three times into the full to bursting chest that seemed as thick as the wall behind him. Brandon didn’t say anything and looked down at the finger that remeained thrust out in the air a few inches from his pecs. He shook his head slowly and made a tsk tsk sound that was very ominous. He then returned his eyes to the face before him. “I’m not paying for a thing, dweeb, and if you poke me one more time you’re going to regret it more than anything you’ve ever regretted in your entire life.” Simon’s brain was overloaded with a fury that was almost inhuman. He could hear what the big man was saying but it was like he didn’t care or like he wanted to antagonize the behemoth as much as he could. His strong feeling of defiance made him fearless. He slowly shoved his finger into the big chest before him, allowing a brave smile of rebelliousness to spread across his face. There was a brief calm before the storm and then, instantly, a huge forearm came up and brushed Simon’s arm to the side. Then the massive wall of muscle hovering in front of Simon came crashing into his body with unbelievable force – shoving him into the wall behind and causing his feet to come up off the chest. In a blink of an eye his body was compressed so tightly that he couldn’t draw even a slight breath. The small man desperately tried to gasp for air, but his chest, lungs, and entire upper torso could not move at all. Brandon’s face was pressed into the side of Simon’s head and the giant’s warm breath snorted out like a wild bull. “Yeah, little man, you thought you were being brave, didn’t you. And now it’s hard to breathe, ain’t it. You better be glad I didn’t decide to rip that little finger off your hand or punch you so hard you went soaring through that wall behind you. You’re getting a little light headed now aren’t you, punk. Right before you go nighty night from all this muscle smothering you why don’t you take a look at that beefy arm and powerful hand holding on to the doorframe to the left. I want to give you something to dream about when you blackout.” “Fuck you, Neanderthal” “Oh you must have visions of grandeur, Simon, if you think for a second that your little skinny dick will ever get to feel my tight hole. I’d probably flatten your weak cock with just one tight squeeze of my cheeks, but the fact of the matter is I’m going to be the only one doing the fucking around here. I’m going to have you begging all the time for me to stretch out your little hole with my monster dick. You’re going to dream all the time about me plowing that pretty ass of yours.” “The hell I will!” Simon’s vision was now a little blurry and he was running out of breath. Even his words no longer had much vigor behind them. A loud cracking sound made him suddenly focus for a last few seconds. Simon stared at Brandon’s large hand that was holding on to the doorframe near them. The grip was helping the big guy compress the smaller body into the wall. Simon’s cock got a burst of energy as he watched the wood and plaster basically disintegrate from the torturous pressure of the hand squeezing it. A huge chunk of the wall was easily ripped away as Brandon’s animalistic grunts became louder. That’s when everything in Simon’s world went black. Part Four Simon slowly came awake and immediately felt something heavy around his ankles and wrists. He knew, instinctively, he was sitting in one of his dining room chairs. He opened his eyes to see the jerk Brandon standing in the middle of the living room – shirtless and huge. He looked at his own forearms and saw that one of his large wrenches – from the garage – had been manhandled into a makeshift type of handcuffs. Metal had been basically twisted into an unmovable tight circle around his wrists. He leaned over and saw that the same thing had been done to his ankles using a crowbar. Simon’s first thoughts were full of awe at the power that existed in Brandon’s powerful arms – the only tools the big man needed to crush metal into any desired shape. “What’s the matter, little man? Can’t you free yourself? It took no effort at all for me to twist that iron around your puny body. Come on tough guy, show me what you got – let’s see you escape. I could do it with just two fingers.” “Fuck you!” Simon didn’t even waste energy trying to undo the wreckage Brandon had inflicted on the metal tools. He knew there was no way his small body could even attempt to pry apart the mangled instruments. He did, however, look down at the wrench to see Brandon’s finger impressions all over the metal and how it was now totally distorted. Simon became mad at himself when he felt slight disappointment about he being unconscious and not getting to see Brandon coil the tools easily with just his bare hands. That’s also when Simon noticed his hardening cock starting to stand straight up in his lap – unencumbered by clothing. He glanced at the floor and saw the shredded remains of his pants, underwear, and shirt – obviously ripped off his body by his tormentor. “Yeah, look at puny boy getting all turned on while he’s thinking about how easy it was for me to fuck up a crowbar and that huge wrench. I bet you wish you could have seen me do it – don’t you? For my big body, it was like playing with twigs – I could have ripped those things into a bunch of small pieces if I wanted. Yeah, that thought makes your cock twitch something awful, doesn’t it Simon. It’s crazy ain’t it – how I disgust you so much and, yet, you want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your entire life.” “In your dreams, asshole!” “Man, you’ve got some big balls, Simon. I mean it – both literally and figuratively. Those orange-sized ball sacs hanging from that surprisingly large penis are pretty awesome. But it’s your utter stupidity and some kind of little-man syndrome that makes you think you have even the slightest chance against my massive body that impresses me the most. I can tell you’re scared shitless by my power, but you won’t allow yourself to give into me. Even when you know that I could rip your body into a hundred different pieces with no exertion whatsoever you still choose to call me names and run from me. Hell, you even thought your big old car could run me over – but we quickly saw that all my muscles were too much for that piece of junk. I’ve beaten machines that were a hundred times bigger than your Volvo, man, so don’t ever think you’re going to stop me with anything smaller than an entire fucking continent. I’m just too strong, little one, and don’t you forget it. But I do like your spunk, man. It’s what made me choose you.” “For what?” “You’ll see. Soon, your disgust is going to turn into total lust for me man. I’m going to conquer that rebellious spirit just like a cowboy taming a bucking bronco. You’re going to be my stallion, boy, and you’re going to love it. I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long time. You and me are going to have a lot of fun together.” “Go to hell! You disgust me.” “Now, now, that hurt, Simon. Really. I can’t believe you’d stoop to such a low point. I mean, it’s pretty clear by that large cock sticking so proudly straight up in the air that your body and your brain just aren’t in sync. I may disgust you mentally, but it is very obvious that my body and my strength please you on an animalistic level very much. To prove my point I thought it might be fun to take some time to play some more – this time while you’re conscious.” Brandon reached down and picked up another larger wrench from the dining room table. He walked over to stand about a foot from Simon. He held the wrench in one hand and placed his thick thumb up against the long handle. While showing no signs of strain the big man began to press harder. Veins popped out all over the big man’s forearms and biceps and a high-pitched squealing sound filled the room as Simon unbelievably watched the top half of the wrench begin to bend over. He desperately wanted to close his eyes or look away but something deep inside him would not allow it. He was so turned on by Brandon’s strength that his entire body compelled him to watch. It was nothing for the gorgeous huge monster to push the steel wrench into a right angle. Without any warning and with no way to prevent it, Simon’s throbbing cock began to leak a huge gob of pre-cum. It bubbled up out of the dick slit like lava from a volcano and then slid slowly and lovingly down his huge hard tool. Brandon watched the delicious glob of milky Simon-juice inch its way down to the large hairy balls. He took his other hand and ran his forefinger against the jism while pressing into Simon’s ball roughly. Somehow the smaller man willed himself to not erupt fully, but it became harder as he watched the huge giant move the cum-covered finger up to his mouth and suck on it loudly with slurping noises. Still holding the weak wrench in front of Simon’s face, Brandon leaned down to whisper into the smaller man’s ear. “It’s a vicious cycle, little man. Watching me manhandle this supposed strong wrench so easily causes you to leak graciously even though you don’t want to – and that only causes me to want to show off more in hopes that some simple display of super strength will finally make you shoot off like a fucking cannon. And that, my friend will only make me want to do something even bigger to impress the next ejaculation out of you – you see, a vicious cycle. By the way, you taste good – real good. Go on, tell me you don’t like me showing off my strength for you.” Brandon’s words made Simon teeter on the brink of orgasm even more. He gritted his teeth hard and somehow willed himself not to shoot buckets of his jizz into the air. Simon had always been able to unleash such a torrent of man-milk that guys had been constantly blown away over the years. He did not want to give the huge man in front of him that satisfaction – even though it was the most difficult thing he had ever done. Simon was so turned on by Brandon’s strength that he briefly forgot what an asshole the guy was and he spoke freely. “Please, god, break it in two.” Brandon pulled back from Simon – clearly pleased that his little show of strength had impressed his prisoner so much. Brandon had a master plan and all of this was just a huge preview of the main event. The big man’s own cock was so hard that he, himself, had started to leak uncontrollably, as well. Brandon knew, however, that Simon was too preoccupied to notice. He was beginning to like this little guy even more. He was extremely happy that the fender bender from earlier in the day had brought them together. It certainly seemed like fate had miraculously shined on Brandon’s life. He looked down at the smaller man and smiled. It was a smile that was somehow sweet and very devious at the same time. He spoke softly this time, but Simon didn’t notice. “The strength in just my thumb turns you on, Simon, doesn’t it?” “Yes.” “Why?” “Because it’s more power than my fucking entire body.” “So if I pull this pathetic little wrench apart it will make you happy?” “Yes! God, yes.” Brandon grabbed the second end of the wrench with his other huge hand. He quickly bent the piece of metal back into a straight line and then he began to pull – slowly. He held the tool in front of Simon’s face so the guy could get the entire effect. At this point both men were turned on beyond belief. Brandon began to pull his hands outward,– away from each other. Simon was fixated on the middle of the steel wrench and was caught off guard when metal began to react like a piece of taffy. Brandon’s powerful hands pulled the wrench slowly in two directions and the middle began to stretch – becoming thinner and thinner because of the strength that existed in the man’s body. Simon let a moan escape from his mouth as he watched the steel middle become a skinny thread of metal. Suddenly, the wrench was torn in two and this proved to be too much for the captive man. His cock began to spew like a shaken uncorked champagne bottle. Cum splattered both men’s torsos as it skyrocketed into the air. Simon screamed out – as if in agony – and Brandon moaned in total empathy with the smaller man’s uncontrollable reaction. The orgasm was long and painful for Simon. Both men were showered with thick gobs of cum and ended up looking like two cupcakes covered in white frosting. When Simon’s body finally stopped convulsing violently, Brandon quickly asked him a question – hoping to catch him off guard – even as he continued to hold the two pieces of metal in his hand. “Why does that turn you on so much, Simon? The question was simple and without any edge to it. Simon was still trying to recover from his embarrassing orgasm – which he offered to this man he truly hated – but something inside him accepted the question at face value. He realized the behemoth in front of him truly wanted to know the answer. It was suddenly a favorable glimpse into the asshole in front of him. Simon ended up answering truthfully. “Strength is such a turn on, Brandon. God, how I wish I had the strength to rip a wrench in two.” “Really, Simon? Do you really wish that?” “Of course.” The sudden smile on Brandon’s face was something unrecognizable. The big man had never grinned in a way that was so intoxicating and revealing at the same time. Simon, in a brief moment of post orgasm bliss, thought the guy truly handsome. It was disconcerting to the smaller guy to actually feel sympathy towards the man that had tormented him so – but the simple fact was there; Brandon’s nice side was a big turn on. “I hope you feel the same way Simon, because I’ve injected you with a drug cocktail that’s going to make you my physical rival in about ten more minutes.” Part Five Brandon moved behind Simon and brought his face down beside the smaller man’s head. He took the two pieces of the steel wrench he had just pulled apart with his bare hands and started rubbing the cool metal across Simon’s protruding nipples. The captive man’s chest was glistening because of the big drops of cum that had splattered him generously when he shot off watching the big man pull steel apart like it was a piece of soft taffy. Simon’s back arched away from the chair as the coldness of the tool teasingly slid back and forth across his hard nubs. Droplets of fresh semen oozed from his still hard-as-hell cock, sticking up so proudly from his crotch. Brandon moved one of the abused pieces of the wrench to the top of Simon’s dickhead and dipped it in the thick milky cum and then brought the abused tool to his own mouth, licking it ravenously – to taste the sweetness he had caused to erupt in the smaller man. “Damn, little man, you have not idea what it feels like to rip a fucking wrench apart with just your bare hands. It gives me such a rush to watch something that’s supposedly so tough bend to my will so easily. This big old tool didn’t stand a chance against my powerful arms, Simon. Did you see how I just pulled it apart like I was yanking a piece of thread in two? Fuck, that got my juices flowing – just like how it affected you. It was almost as good as overpowering your piece of shit Volvo earlier and I wasn’t even using all of my strength either time. Yeah, I like the way that makes you moan – you just can’t help yourself, can you little one? But fucking hell, man, soon you’re going to have the same kind of power. You’re going to be doing all the things I can do – even tossing little guys around whenever you want. And you’re going to be huge like me, too.” “Aw fuck, no way.” “Look at how that thought makes your dick bubble up like some kind of a hot cum-spring. Yeah, Simon boy likes the idea of growing big, doesn’t he? You see man; I’ve been searching for a guy like you. No, I’ve been searching for you specifically. I have waited a long time to find someone that didn’t cower from my size and my strength. You’ve known all day that I could rip you into little pieces without any problem, but you wouldn’t back down. Hell, you floored that shitty Volvo of yours and I still pushed it into the garage without any trouble – but that didn’t stop you from throwing insults my way. I’ve never had anyone to play rough with, Simon. Every guy I’ve ever started to share my true desire of wrestling or showing off for has gotten scared or intimidated, but not you. I lifted the back end of my last date’s car and that freaked him out. He left me in the middle of the night – and only because I asked if he would get off on me destroying things. Watching you get turned on when I demolished your garage door opener, or lifted you with one arm easily, or when I busted through your door so easily made me think you might be the one. But it was seeing how your cock spewed uncontrollably when I ripped this puny metal apart – the metal you’re feeling on your hard nips right now – well, that’s what confirmed what I suspected. You’re the perfect man to turn into my rival – hell; you might even be the perfect man to finally dominate me. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m probably more excited about your transformation than you are.” “I doubt it.” Suddenly, Simon’s brain was open to the fact that his body was about to change. He was finding it difficult in his heart to thank the man who had tormented him so for the upcoming improvements to his body, but something inside him was already grateful. Brandon was rubbing his stubbly face against Simon’s and the smaller man loved every minute of it. Something about the hardness of the hair on the giant’s cheek equaled the power packed into his bulging muscles. It was a real man standing behind him and he could feel a real man’s cock pressing into his back through Brandon’s pants. Everything seemed like a dream or like time was suspended in some way. Both men were waiting for the miraculous change that was about to take place. And they didn’t have to wait long. “Arghhhhhh!” Immediately, Simon’s body began to ache like his insides were bursting through his skin. The pain was so incredible that his brain was forced to shut down. He stayed conscious, but his mind was sending no instructions to the rest of his body – it was merely in survival mode and tried to process what was happening. The heat generated through his skin was intense and instant. It felt like he had a two hundred degree fever and that his skin was exploding. Brandon recognized what was happening and immediately slid his hands around to Simon’s chest – grabbing hold of the man’s already tight pecs with a squeal of excitement. “Aw fuck yeah, it’s happening bro – you’re about to expand to the size of a massive muscle god. Shit, I’ve got to feel all of this. I can’t wait until you shred those makeshift constraints on your hands and feet like they were pieces of thread. Fuck, Simon, you’re going to grow and you’re going to grow huge. You’re going to love the power, dude. It’s intoxicating to be able to do the things I can do. You’ll want to show off all the time. Aw hell, I can feel your chest thrusting out wider already. Man, this is so fucking hot!” Even in the midst of terrible pain, Simon was able to tilt his head forward to watch his chest grow. He saw Brandon’s huge paws resting against his pecs and teasing his hard nipples, but then he noticed that the big man’s hands seemed to be shrinking. As he looked closer he realized that the opposite was actually true – his chest was growing huge in mere seconds. Simon’s flat boyish pectoral muscles ballooned out thickly and began to double, triple, quadruple in size and then kept going – until Simon couldn’t even keep track of how much they were growing. He simply knew they were becoming gigantic. The now small looking hands of Brandon were groping at the mounds of muscle and flesh like he was a sculptor working with clay. The big man behind Simon had his head shoved over the sitting man’s shoulder so he could watch the growth of the chest he was abusing so roughtly. “Oh, hell yes! Just look at those pecs man. They’re exploding way beyond what I imagined. I should have left your shirt on to watch those big puppies disintegrate the material. That would have been so fucking hot, but feeling these things getting bigger – skin-to-skin - is even better. Damn, look at those nipples getting huge, too, Simon! So fucking hot! Those fuckers are each going to be a mouthful in no time at all.” The pain was still excruciating, but Simon forced his head forward even more so he could watch the full expansion of his upper torso. Awareness of other parts of his body growing was slowly creeping into his brain, even as he tried desperately to ignore the pain. The man knew his biceps were growing huge, he could feel them pushing outward – his left one shoving hard against the big body of Brandon and actually making the man move. Simon’s insanely tensed body started to feel different – he could tell how much weight was being added to his once small frame and it was incredible. Even in the middle of the pain the growing man could feel a power coursing through his body making him stronger – probably as strong as Brandon. The intense orgasmic thrill that was emanating from Simon’s enlarging cock was caused by his realization of the power his body was generating and the pleasure slowly started overshadowing the pain. Brandon sensed what was happening in the body of his prisoner. “I bet an intense feeling of pleasure is starting to take over you body, isn’t it Simon? That’s the sign your growth is kicking into high gear. Damn, boy, you’re going to be huge and as strong as herd of bulls – maybe even stronger. Yeah, Simon boy, I’ve been waiting for the right man to come along – someone that had the right cocky attitude to equal the body I could give him. I’ve worked for years on creating that concoction I gave you, man, so I could make a dude who could seriously challenge me. I’ve needed an equal for so long and soon I’ll have one in you, Simon. You stood up to me even when I had more strength in one finger than you had in your entire body. That actually turned me on, sir, but not as much as it’s going to turn me on when you’re a fucking strong muscle freak and you can actually give me a good fight. And judging by how hard your growing cock is right now I have a feeling you’re looking forward to it, too. By the way, dude, when your cock spews that’s when your growth is actually finished. Your body just knows and allows you to finally release all the pressure that the muscle growth has caused inside of you. Shit, man, can you feel how humongous your arms have gotten. They look so fucking hot. And that chest of yours hasn’t slowed its growing down at all. I can tell by the way you’re breathing – kind of normal now - that your bones have stopped growing – so the pain has probably stopped, too. Right now, you should just be soaking up all the glorious feelings that come from your muscles ballooning to sizes you never imagined. I can feel your ass lifting you higher off this chair as it gets thicker and thicker with muscle.” “Feels . . . so . . . good!” “I bet it does, dude. I bet blood is pumping through your body a hundred times faster than it did just an hour ago. And all that blood is turning into muscle – which is connecting with the muscle that’s already there and pushing it out even more. Every part of you is growing, dude. Even your smallest toe is going to end up about five hundred times stronger than it was. My hand groping your abs feels like its pressing into the side of a mountain. Everything on you is getting so fucking hard – that big cock, your skin, and every single growing muscle. Your shoulders are as wide as mine now, Simon, and that excites you so much, doesn’t it – to be the size of the guy you’ve lusted after all day. I can see that cock of yours is getting ready to shoot off like someone just threw a lighted match into an ammo factory. Shit, look how thick you are everywhere - the heaviness feels awesome doesn’t it, big man?” Even though Simon still despised the man standing behind his now huge frame, he couldn’t deny that everything Brandon was saying was true. Simon suddenly felt like he weighed as heavy as a tank or something. And every part of his body felt thicker than super dense metal. His cock was so huge that as it bobbed back and forth he could feel it actually pulling his crotch and ass in different directions. Simon's legs felt like two pillars of marble – dense as hell and hard enough to withstand a car slamming into them. His arms felt super heavy and powerful. The growing man could actually feel each part of his biceps and triceps muscles and sense how thick the layers of sinew had become. There was an inner awareness of the power in his arms that was hard to explain. Simon knew he could do amazing things even before he had done them. But the part of his body that brought him the most satisfaction – the muscled enhancements bringing him closest to explosion - had everything to do with his massive pecs. Brandon obviously felt the same way because his hands had returned to the growing mammoth chest and he was doing everything Simon wished he would – squeezing the man nips hard and twisting them tight, cupping his big hands under the mega pecs and copping more than a handful as Simon bounced the fuckers, and he even tried unsuccessfully to dent in the thick meat with his fingers, but Simon's mounds of muscle weren’t giving at all. Watching Brandon play with the new gorgeous chest and listening to the guy praise the enlarged body finally became too much for both of men – Simon's super charged cannon started shooting large balls of cum into the air as his hard stomach tightened even more with each powerful ejaculation. Volleys of thick white juice shot above his head and rained down everywhere. At the same time he felt Brandon’s warm juice shoot up his back as the guy's strong hands latched onto the new pecs for dear life while he unloaded big time. At some point during Simon's growth the big man behind him had gotten rid of his own pants and underwear. “Fuckin hell . . . Simon . . . I’m gonna . . . have a . . . heart attack!” Simon's dick remained rock hard even after it spat out its last few thick drops of sweet muscle honey. His powerful orgasm didn’t tire him at all – as a matter of fact, it energized the guy in a way he had never known. Simon suddenly felt like a superhero or something. He raised his huge arms and looked at the twisted wrench still connecting his wrists, but he also noticed his forearms were now so thick that the metal was actually cutting into the skin, when there had been a lot of room to spare just a half hour earlier. Simon started to pull his wrists apart, knowing, instinctively, he could easily rip the metal tool into two pieces. “No, Simon, use just your fingers, please.” Brandon using the word ‘please’ registered somewhere deep in in the other man's psyche – Simon realized it was the first time the other guy had spoken that way since they met. The newly large man was too fucking supercharged at that moment to do anything more than note Brandon had used the word. Simon wanted to test his strength and he wanted it more than anything he'd ever wanted in his entire life. Simon placed his forefinger and thumb on either side of the mangled wrench and then squeezed lightly. The steel tool squished between his fingers like it was nothing more than a stick of butter. The big man was destroying a fucking big wrench with just his fingers. Suddenly the center of the twisted tool snapped in two and his new huge arms moved in opposite directions. Simon's cock coughed up a few more drops of cum simply in response to the tremendous power he had just felt in two fingers. The fucking power of only two fingers! A big smile crept across his face and he shivered with delight – something that was not missed by big Brandon. “Feels fucking great, doesn’t it Simon. Snapping metal apart like it was nothing. Just think, if you’ve got that kind of power in your just your fingers, imagine what kind of strength must exist in your insanely huge arms or those massive quads. Welcome to the life of a muscle god, my man. Your perspective is never going to be the same from this moment forward. There’s no such thing as the word ‘no’ for you now, Simon. With just a flex of your super biceps or a little strength behind your grip you’ll be able to get anything you want. You’ll learn quickly that things which are supposedly more sturdy than you really aren’t – kind of like that Volvo out in the garage. You’ll find that when someone closes a door you won’t be looking for a fucking window to open, you’ll just smash the wimpy door down with one mighty punch. Big Simon is going to embrace his dominating spirit quickly - I just know it. I chose the perfect person to join me in my quest to challenge the limits of this unbridled power. Look at you squeezing that wrench between your fingers and making the thing snap into little pieces. You could do that all night long, couldn’t you? And how about that crowbar at your feet, you going to do something about it, too?” “What crowbar, Brandon?” The big man behind Simon leaned out and looked down. The captive man had snapped the other guy's mangled handiwork around his ankles a few minutes ago – simply by pulling his feet apart. The tool was now unrecognizable as it lay in multiple pieces on the floor. Simon continued to roll the metal between his fingers – flattening it and then balling it up and then flattening it again, as if it were just a gob of wet clay. He loved how his mind was quickly embracing his new power. He fully understood all that he was capable of and he had already begun to make some plans. The huge man waited until Brandon moved his body back behind the chair and leaned his face in so it was next to Simon's again. “I can see you love the power just as much as I do, Simon. That makes me very happy.” “I’ve got something else that will make you happy, Brandon.” “Yeah, what’s that?” “This!” Simon shot his arm back with a burst of super strength. His elbow connected with Brandon’s midsection and sent the standing guy flying backwards a few feet. Brandon fell to the ground on his ass and he was now holding his stomach. Simon jumped up quickly, grabbed the heavy wooden chair he had been sitting in with only one hand and swung it through the air to connect with Brandon’s head and right shoulder as the guy sat recovering on the floor. The big man fell over on his side and Simon noticed the huge adrenaline rush that shot through his body as he struck back at the guy who had tortured him so. There was, however, a sudden flash of panic in Simon's mind as he looked at Brandon’s body on the ground. The newly supercharged man definitely felt a pang of remorse for hurting the other big dude. Where in the hell did that feeling of compassion come from? Simon stood totally still as it hit him that he actually had a crush on the other dude – even though the guy had bullied him for the entire day. Simon realized that he had loved watching Brandon show off his strength and had actually encouraged it more by blatantly defying the guy. Simon had spat out hateful words at Brandon all day just to make the big man use his incredible strength to punish him even more. In only a few seconds Simon went from thinking he loathed the huge muscle man to worrying that he had actually hurt him. “Brandon, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” Brandon was shaking hard on the ground and Simon's panic increased. Maybe Simon only thought he understood his power and he had used too much strength when he attacked the guy on the floor. The chair had broken into a thousand pieces as soon as it hit Brandon's hard muscles, but Simon had certainly swung it with all of his might. Brandon was saying something, but Simon couldn’t understand. Then it became very clear that the guy lying on the floor was actually laughing. “Hurt me? With a chair? With your big arm? Simon, you don’t get it do you? It’s going to take a lot more than that to actually hurt me – and now you, too. I certainly felt your superbly executed elbow slam, but my body absorbed the blow very quickly. You’ll learn that things might faze you for a few seconds –being hit by a speeding car, a hand grenade, or an entire rugby team, but then you kind of recover fast and it actually increases your power somehow. I don’t really understand it. I actually didn’t feel the chair at all – it was like a pestering fly landing on my big body. Dude, you and I have strength that most people can’t even dream of. You’re going to have to let me show you all the fun things we can do.” Brandon was sitting up again and Simon plopped down on the floor across from him – stunned by all that had just been revealed. Simon knew the other man was right, though – he sensed he now had a power within that was unbelievable, but he didn't think he fully understood how much strength he really had. Simon suddenly realized that having Brandon as a mentor was going to be a good thing. That thought made his cock stir a little and the guy started to smile. “I couldn’t help but notice that you were actually worried about me for a few seconds, Simon.” “Temporary insanity.” “I know I was hard on you earlier, Simon, but I needed to make sure you were the one. I hope you know I would’ve never really hurt you.” “You pressed me into a wall until I passed out, Brandon!” “Okay, there was that. I actually just like doing that trick – it gets me hard every time. You can throw me through a couple of walls or whack me on the head with a telephone pole if it will make you happy. Really, I wouldn’t mind.” “You wouldn’t mind because it wouldn’t hurt you. I’d just end up with holes in the walls and a busted pole. Seems like a waste of time. I would, however, request that you allow me to rip apart your truck with my bare hands – to make up for what you did to my car and my house.” “Hey, that truck is my pride and joy.” “Then it will definitely make us even. Anyway, afterwards I’ll just buy you another one.” “How can a guy argue with that?” “And one more thing, my good friend, Brandon.” “Yes?” “This” As Simon spoke he stood up and moved towards his new friend. Without any warning he swung his arm in a huge circle and his fist smacked into Brandon's face with what was surely enough force to bring a down a building. Brandon went flying back quickly, his head hitting the floor hard enough to crack the Italian tile all around him. There was a brief moment of disorientation and then the flattened guy started laughing hysterically as he rolled back and forth. “I did not see that one coming, sir! I felt the punch a lot, by the way, but it was more like a love tap.” “Good, because that’s what it was meant to be, Brandon!” Simon threw his new big body down on the equally huge Brandon on the floor. Simon immediately started grinding his hard cock into Brandon's equally stiff member, which had sprung to life as soon as he had been elbowed so roughly and then grew even harder after Simon punched his face. The guy just loved his friend's new power. Without even thinking about it Simon smashed his mouth into Brandon’s – pressing with enough force to crush a stainless steel fridge. With just his lips, no less! The two men kissed passionately for a few seconds, while they both grabbed hold of the other guy’s hard nipples and twisted tightly. Simon could sense that his muscle partner was starting to leak pre-cum, which matched the big gobs of juice oozing from his own big cock. The man on top pulled his head away from Brandon's and looked down at the smiling face looking up. “And what would be the first thing Mr. Brandon would like me to do with my new powerful body?” “Well, since you asked. I was wondering, sir, if you would mind if we took turns pounding each other’s ass. I’ve never been able to really let loose with a man before and I’m hoping for such hot sex we might do a little damage.” “You mean like breaking a lamp or the headboard of the bed?” “No, I mean like destroying the entire fucking house.” [The End, but also the Beginning for Another Time.]
  9. londonboy

    m/m My Cell Mate

    I knew what I did could land me in jail, but everyone in the brokerage business was doing it. I was sure I wouldn’t get caught, but my luck didn’t work out that way. Now I found myself entering an upscale white-collar prison in upstage New York. I had no idea how much my life was about to change. “Put him in the cell with Tiny – this pretty boy doesn’t stand a chance with anyone else,” the elderly guard at the check-in point said to two other guys as I stood there waiting. “He must know some prick in high places. It says here that the fucker gets to keep all his stuff – even his own clothes. I’m feeling generous today, man, so I’m going to let it happen.” The guy tossed me a box containing my stuff and the other two guys began leading me through a maze of hallways and sliding iron gates until we reached cell number 423. One guy opened the barred door and pushed me in. It was late, so most of the large space was dark. I could barely make out a figure lying on a bed against the back wall. There was a couple of desks, a commode, a sink, and my bed, which was up front near the door. I placed my things on the desk near my bed. “What’s up,” I said, trying to appear calm and cocky. I had been warned about the need to act in control from the get-go. “Hmmph,” was the only sound that was returned. It almost sounded like a low growl. The hairs on the back of neck sprang to life. There was something in the deep guttural voice that made me worry that my cellmate was sick – like he had a bad cold or worse. I couldn’t make the guy out in the dimmed light, so I just returned to unpacking my stuff. I hear the bed make a noise like it’s screaming for mercy as Tiny moves to sit up. I force myself to not look over – mainly because I want to make it clear that I’m not here to make friends. As I unfolded some clothes a new noise came from the back – one that forced me to look. It was like heavy breathing, but it was steady and had a rhythm to it. I turned and stepped further into the cell, in order to move out of the glare from the hallway and get a better look at Tiny. What I saw caused me to fall back against my desk. I had to grab the chair to prevent myself from falling. There, on the bed, cranking out alternate curls with the heaviest looking dumbbells I’d ever seen, was something that looked like a cross between a rhino and a real-life Paul Bunyan. The first thing I noticed was size – monstrous size. Every thing about Tiny was the complete opposite of the name. The dude must have been fucking six-seven or more. I could even tell while he on the bed because his head was higher than mine and the guy was sitting down. I first thought the orange prison outfit he was wearing must have been old because it had holes everywhere and looked worn out, but then I noticed that it was actually ripped at the seams in many places because what was probably the largest size they made couldn’t contain the monstrous body. There were rips at the shoulders, across the biceps, and big tears running up and down the upper legs. The front part of the uniform was unzipped down to the guy’s stomach just because he couldn’t have made the two sides meet if he had an army of guys tugging – the massive chest beneath was just too huge. These gaps in the material caused the second mind-blowing realization in the midst of my astonished first look at Tiny. The man was covered in manly fur – just like the lumberjack mythical figure of olden stories. Dark hair cascaded over the two giant pecs busting through the upper part of his outfit. His sleeves had obviously been shredded by thick forearms and then rolled up to his elbows – revealing a forest of heavy fur there, too. But what really drew my eye was the substantial head of dark hair and the closely cropped dense beard and mustache. I instantly thought of old commercials for Brawny paper towels and the giant flannel shirt-wearing monster that promoted them. This guy could have easily been the live version of that animation. Tiny – how could this man have that nickname - didn’t look at me. He concentrated on the movement of the immense looking weight in each hand, as he brought them up one at a time. The motion made both biceps swell up through the holes in the sleeves like a pair of giant whales alternately breaking through the ocean surface. He was grunting loudly and it was obvious the weight on one dumbbell was more than my entire body could ever lift. The sight before me made me become an ignorant fool immediately. I had no control over any part of my body or mind. “Fuck, you’re huge!” blurted out of my mouth without any forethought. The weights stopped in mid-motion and the man lifted his head to look at me. Eyes so piercingly blue that it was like looking at a double full moon on the darkest night of the year. He said nothing and his stare made me almost piss on myself. I suddenly turned into some kind of frightened puppy that knows he has done something wrong – cowering in front of his owner. Paul Bunyan had suddenly turned into a terrifying colossal beast and I wished I could disappear. The man finally lowered his gaze and began cranking out reps again – what number was he on by now, a hundred? Or was it more? The cell was filled with a mixture of his deep exhaling gusts of wind and grunts of exertion. The sound was so primeval that I was sure if we had been in the jungle gorillas would have flocked to us by the hundreds just to be fucked by this behemoth. I was shocked by my sudden need to be dominated by this man. What was up with me? I was a powerful man that had never thought of another guy in this way. I usually told other people what to do, but here I was with this deep desire that my cellmate use me like a toy. I shook my head in hopes of clearing these unwanted new thoughts from my head. That’s when the foundation of the building shook – I looked over and saw that Tiny had dropped his weights to the floor. He was sitting there rolling his clamped fists in circles, which made his forearms and biceps explode like mountains of granite-like muscle. My vision blurred as my mind tried to comprehend his size and power. Then the man stood up and my legs gave out. I knew Tiny was a giant, but nothing could have prepared me for the way that his huge frame filled the entire pace. It was like those small toys you got when you were a kid – those capsules you’d drop in water and they’d balloon out to large sponge animals or something. His upper body expanded beyond anything I had ever seen before. His shoulders would have almost filled a double doorframe and his pecs seemed to poke out so far that I could have stood under them in a thunderstorm, not feeling a drop of rain. And seeing his super pumped-up arms made me want to lay on the floor in a fetal position and suck my thumb. Nothing in my entire life had ever made me feel so weak. I knew instantly that all my preconceptions of strength were now obsolete. Only now did my eyes feast on something that was true power. My subconscious clearly understood this and that’s why I had turned into such a shivering meek wimp, for compared to Tiny that’s exactly what I was. The huge man just stood there tensing different parts of his body. My eyes would dart to whatever muscle he chose to tighten and my stomach would do somersaults as I gazed on how everything bulged to insane proportions. I could not fathom how a human could grow so enormous. My ogling his body ended when I suddenly became aware that the man was staring at me. I hadn’t even looked up at his face, but my entire being knew that the giant was boring a hole through me. I glanced up at his beautiful, but hard, face. He didn’t speak at first and this caused me to get even more frightened than I already was – fearful that I might do something to cause him to easily rip my body apart. My lip actually started trembling and for a second – but only a second – I thought I saw pity in his eyes. When he spoke his deep voice reverberated off the cellblock’s walls and it felt like a helicopter was landing inside my chest. "Come here boy," he said calmly, but I could hear such authority in his voice that I knew my life depended on my response. I looked around – as if he might be talking to someone else. I so didn’t want to do anything wrong, but in my present state of complete fear I also found it hard to make my body move. I waited too long. "Come here boy," he said again in a louder voice. The increased sound level and the fact that he had asked a second time caused my body to react without even getting orders from my brain. My legs jerked forward quickly and I basically ran to him, not gauging how fast I was moving or how far his chest stuck out from the rest of his body. My head bumped into his pecs hard and it was like hitting the side of a mountain. I bounced off and fell backwards to the ground. My hand instinctively moved to my forehead to rub away the pain caused by his marbled muscle skin. For a second I got confused and wondered if I had actually smacked into the concrete wall instead, but then I looked up and see Tiny bent over so he was able to see me over his massive chest. It was the first time I had seen him smile, but it actually made me again shiver in fear. "Damn boy you are weak, get your ass up now," he ordered as he straightened back up. I quickly stood up, but I couldn’t look at the man. I kept my gaze downward because I was ashamed. I then got my first up close look at his giant quads – wide and bulging through the stretched-to-the-max tears in the upper legs of his uniform. It looked as if any movement at all would make the rest of the material shred to pieces and fall from his tree-trunk legs. My shock and admiration for his legs did not go unnoticed by the colossal beast. "Mmm, good boy,” he said firmly. “That’s the first correct thing you’ve done since you got here. It’s right that you should admire my monster quads. You like ‘em, don’t you, little man. Yeah, those things could squeeze the life out of you – without much effort at all." With that, the big man turned his body a little to the right and he looked up. I followed his gaze. There was a thick metal bar running across the cell. It looked like it had been slammed into the walls on either side, mainly because chunks of the plaster and concrete were missing. It was way too high for me to reach, but I knew a simple jump from Tiny could take his hands to the strong looking piece of metal – and that’s exactly what he intended to do. He pushed off the ground lightly and latched on to the bar with his huge hands. "Now boy, grab onto my waist, I need more weight as I do my pull-ups," he said, without even looking at me. "Uh . . . what? How do I do that . . . sir?" I asked without thinking. I immediately knew the question was a mistake. "Put your arms about my waist and place your legs around my lower body,” he said gruffly. “Damn, boy, are you deaf, dumb or stupid? Or maybe all three." "No sir," I replied quickly. I immediately wrapped my arms around his rock hard stomach and tried to lock my hands across his back, but the guy was just too wide and thick. I squeezed tightly, pressing my face into his chiseled abs. I lifted my feet and latched them on to his hard calves. My entire body quivered from touching so much muscle and my cock became harder than granite. Instantly, both bodies traveled up into the air and then back down as Tiny began to crank out reps. I glanced up and freaked out, watching dumbfounded as he let go of the bar with his right hand first, doing chin-ups with just that arm, and then he did the same with his left. After about 50 repetitions with each arm by itself, I could sense that he settled in to do a long set with both arms. He began to pull us up very slowly – getting the best pump possible and making sure his shoulders, back, and lats were doing all the work. The motion was making his muscle wings burst out insanely during each slow raise. A light sheen of sweat was spreading across his body – nothing compared to the buckets of sweat pouring down my body, caused by me trying desperately not to spew cum into my underwear. My arms kept sliding down his hard-as-marble body and I’d have to squeeze hard and squirm back up his long torso. This caused my face to go bouncing in and out against the thick-as-shit abdominals across his roided gut, which actually caused a lot of pain. It also made my throbbing cock brush against his more than solid quads, sending me closer and closer to ejaculation. There was no way, however, I was going to complain. After what seemed like 75 to 100 reps, the big man stopped in mid lift – I swear his arms were holding all our combined weight like it was nothing – and looked down at me. My heart stopped from fear I had done something wrong. “We’ll take care of that little boner in a while, boy,” he growled. His voice was so intensely masculine and direct that just this short sentence caused my cock to deflate like a pin-poked balloon. I couldn’t explain the reaction, but I had never felt so puny and insignificant. I actually began to shake from fearful thoughts of how he would “take care” of my hard-on. I felt Tiny’s chest and gut shaking a little and I realized the man was chuckling at me – even though it felt like a hungry bear’s stomach rumbling. That’s when I realized he sensed my fear completely. I also could sense he loved the response his presence caused. At the same time I could tell there was something else percolating in the behemoth’s brain. It was something I couldn’t name, but it was like he had a sixth sense concerning how I’d suddenly and unexplainably become such a muscle whore. He knew he could control me just by flexing his super-enlarged body. I unconsciously started whispering numbers as he cranked out more reps. I went deeper into some kind of muscle trance as I continued to brush my face up and down his hard sweaty abs. I didn’t even realize I was moaning like an animal in heat by the time he was done with 200 repetitions. A huge circular pre-cum stain had appeared at my crotch, making it look like I had already shot a big load. Tiny knew instinctively, though, that I wouldn’t erupt until he gave the order. He finally started to slow down the movement of our bodies and actually held the last lift for a long time – as if he were trying to squeeze a few more fibers of muscle into his already massive-packed biceps. He lowered his body and his feet touched the ground. I continued to hang onto the large sweat-drenched man as if my life depended on it. “You can let go now, boy,” he said, chuckling again. While I was forcing my unwilling body to pry itself from his hard muscles, Tiny raised his arms to stretch out the pump. The movements actually made his body become harder and I was literally shoved off – falling to the ground again. At the same time the giant above me flexed into a double biceps pose and instantly I heard the sound of material ripping. I scooted back on the floor, getting my line of vision beyond his protruding chest. I mouthed the word fuck when I saw what had happened. The upward motion of Tiny’s arms and the insane peaks of his guns caused his prison uniform to tear completely in two. The orange jumpsuit was now a strained shirt barely covering his upper body and what looked like a pair of skin-tight shorts because of the way his quads bulged. Tiny continued to stretch and flex parts of his body. He flared out his lats and I immediately heard a second loud tearing noise. We both knew, without even looking that the upper part of the uniform had shredded down the middle of his giant back. And as if the material was confirming what we both knew it slid off his giant shoulders as soon as he dropped his arms. He caught the two pieces of material in his big paws, wadded them together and tossed them to me. They were soaking with sweat and smelled like an army of men had shared wearing them for weeks. The sight of his upper body was so unbelievable all I could do was whimper loudly like a hurt little body. His enormous chest completely boggled my mind and I simply stared with my mouth hanging open as he bounced his mega pecs. I began to shake my head in disbelief and this caused the behemoth to laugh hard and loud. He pointed to my crotch. “That better just be pre-cum, boy,” he said in a somewhat terrifying tone. “I’m still counting on you to churn out enough spunk to fill my big rock-hard belly. I could tell he was fully aware that I was saving my load for when he gave the order, but he wanted to make sure I knew he was in control – as if there were any doubt. He wasn’t shocked at all that his big muscled body could make me leak more pre-cum than I’d shoot in a month – even if I jerked off each day! His confidence and self-awareness was so intense that it felt like some kind of invisible force that surrounded him. His mere presence made me want to find ways to make him happy or win his pleasure. I was a muscle-whipped puny man who only desired this powerful monster standing in front of me. ********* The behemoth nicknamed Tiny stood in front of me – smiling like the Cheshire Cat. His size was so beyond comprehension that my mind simply shut down and I no longer tried to make sense out of the mountain of muscle looming over me. I just stared at his body and enjoyed the rush of blood and cum he caused in my body. My entire being focused only on his hard pecs, his bulging arms and those shoulders that seemed wider than our prison cell itself. By this point I had raised the remnants of his shirt to my nose and I was inhaling deeply. My other hand went directly to my crotch without any message from my brain and started pushing up and down against the hardness in my pants. The material at my nose reeked of Tiny’s scent – a mixture of sweat, muscle, musk, and manliness. I glanced up at the big guy as I continued to sniff his pungent aroma into my body. I let my tongue dart out and run across the shirt – sucking in some sweat. I was trying desperately to get some of his man-juice into my body, thinking it might help get a permanent feeling of the giant inside of me. I rubbed the shirt all over my face and hoped the smell would stick with me forever. As I lowered the shirt back to my mouth, I saw that the big guy was grinning at my actions. He knew I was his completely. “Damn, boy, my thoughts about you were right. You are a sweet muscle-loving pig, aren’t you,” Tiny said as he continued to bounce his monstrous pectorals just to tease me. “Well, I think you need to get up close and personal with all my bulging friends, here. It’s time for you to clean the sweat off of this fucking big body, boy. Let’s get that shirt sopping wet for you. Scramble over here and wipe me all over. And after you clean the massive top half, you can help this giant out of his pants and clean down there, too. I’m so huge it’s hard for me to bend over and pull these tight things off.” Tiny chuckled as he said this. The man’s voice made my balls churn out more juice and force it into my hard cock – causing me great pain. I still wasn’t going to shoot until he said I could. The big man knew nothing in the world could keep me from wiping down his muscles. He also knew the idea of seeing his enormous legs – and the giant club that swung between them – was almost too much for me to handle. I stood up quickly and then stopped in my tracks. I wanted to ask what to do, but I knew I shouldn’t. I reached up – having to stand on my tiptoes – and was barely able to reach the top of his massive shoulders. I ran the shredded shirt over his swollen traps and then started moving down his bulky chest. The shirt soaked up the sweat from the fur that covered his pecs like a sponge dropped in a bucket of water. Being this close to his body caused my knees to give out again and I had to brace myself by placing my free hand up against the big man’s stomach. His manly gut was hard as stone and I could easily feel the ruts between his tight abs. I forced my legs not to buckle and I marveled at how there was no give to his fur-layered gut. I then moved the shirt down the trail of hair in the middle of his stomach and wiped across each perfect row of muscles. It felt like speed bumps in a parking lot. I finish rubbing his body with the shirt and noticed the thing was so wet it felt like I had been soaking it in a tub. I quickly brought the rag to my mouth and sucked in hard – gathering a mouthful of his man-sweat. I savored the liquid in my mouth and then swallowed. I hoped that it would make me taste his body for days. At this point I placed the shirt on the desk behind me and reached out hoping to pull the bottom half of Tiny’s torn jumpsuit off of his body. I could tell, just from looking, that it was going to be difficult to get the tight fabric over his monstrous thighs. “Hell, boy, just tear these things off my body. I need to let my monster hang free – and quickly,” he said loudly and I could see his huge cock twitching through the fabric. “Here, I’ll help you out.” And with that statement the big man flexed his quads – causing layers of muscle to explode everywhere. The stretched-thin material ripped in multiple places at one time and then, as if magically, fell from his tree-trunk legs. It all landed in a pile on the ground at his feet. Seeing the striations and valley-like cuts in his legs caused me to fall forward from lust. My hands brushed against the mega pouch of his jock as I braced myself against his thighs. I moaned out loud as I felt the heat emanating from the stuffed stretched-to-the-max piece of material trying to contain his cock. I then became dizzy as I tried to grab the front of his monstrous quads, which felt harder and thicker than marble. I let out a loud whimper as I gazed at the obviously old jock strap. It had holes all over it – with juicy bits of meat bulging out. It seemed like any movement by his dick would cause the material to bust just as the bottom of his jumpsuit had done. The pitiful cloth was strained beyond belief – trying to contain a huge slab of beef that matched the giant size of the man in front of me. Tiny’s rod was much bigger than my forearm and his balls looked like basketballs stuffed in a weak bag. I gasped out loud and my right hand went to my mouth. I had never seen such a beautiful and frightening sight at the same time. I was scared at what this big dick would do to my small body, but I was also drawn to the idea of riding his monstrous pole. I begin to question how a man could be so huge below the waist, but then I simply accepted it as so because the big club had to match the rest of him. I absentmindedly grabbed the wet torn shirt behind me and started to move it all over Tiny’s big quads – never taking my eyes off of his giant cock. I then remembered that I was supposed to take the jock off too. I stopped suddenly, realizing that as soon as I touched this huge man’s love-pouch I was surely going to pass out. I knew I couldn’t do it. He must have realized what I was feeling, as well, because I watched as the beast flexed his giant prick and the strap immediately exploded off of his body, hitting me in the face like a giant rubber band. I felt great pain, but loved every moment. “Damn boy, you are a good cell mate,” he exclaimed as I started to grasp what he had just done. “I’m going to do you another favor, little man. Pick up that jock that just smacked you in the face.” Tiny continued to flex his cock so it bounced up and down in front of me. I simply stared at the big log and moaned out loud. Suddenly, I was only aware of the big man in front of me - nothing else in the world mattered. He could have asked me to do anything and I would have obeyed. I reached down, grabbed the strap, and placed it in the huge waiting hand of my cellmate. The giant took the large busted strap and tied it around my neck – almost like a scarf. “There you go, little one,” he said smiling at me, “this way you can’t say I’ve never given you anything nice. And also, now my manly musk will stay with you always.” With this statement, Tiny wiggled his waist and caused his huge hardened cock to strike against my face. I sucked in hard and held my breath, trying not to shoot a load of cum from the thrill of feeling his dick banging against my cheek. He hit me a little hard on the third pass and the smack that echoed in the room was loud and sounded painful. This caused the big man to roar with laughter. Tiny laughed mainly because the light tap had actually sent me flying across the floor against my bed. Even the guy’s dick had tons of power. What he thought was a light tap could have probably brought down a tree. I sat up slowly and looked at the big man. He was smiling, but not in a way that offered remorse. He loved the fact that his cock could send me flailing. I took a deep breath and loved the fact that the jock around my neck helped me to smell the best part of him – his muscled giant beef-pole. My body jiggled with excitement as I savored the strong whiff of manliness. Still laughing, Tiny walked over to me and looked down his muscled body at my smallness. With lightning speed he bent over, grabbed my pants, and ripped both the slacks and underwear from my body. It didn’t register what had happened until I felt my cock standing straight up in the air and a cool breeze rushing against my skin. “Now get up and finish the job, boy. We don’t have all night,” he said and his order made me very nervous. “My underarms need cleaning.” Tiny straightened and held out his big tree limbs at both sides of his body. I stood up quickly. I looked at the big man’s face and he could see I had a deep pleading in my eyes. It was obvious I wanted to speak and he knew I wasn’t going to say anything until given permission. “What’s up boy?” Tiny asked gruffly. “This had better be good. You can talk while you continue your job.” “Please sir,” I ask softly, “may I use my faced to clean your pits?” “Shit, boy,” Tiny said loudly, “there’s nothing better in the world than a sweet tiny muscle worshipper. Sure you can use your face. And after that it will be my pleasure to give you a special treat.” I almost came at that moment from the excitement and anticipation. I again had to stand on tiptoes to bury my face into his right pit. It hurt my nose as I hit his hard muscled skin, but I marveled at the fact that even his pit felt like stone, even forgetting the pain. I immediately began to lap up his pit hair with my tongue and lips. I quickly moved around the entire cavernous area. I even used the hair on my head to dry it off when I had completely licked it all. I then moved across his chest – a distance that felt like an entire county – to the other pit and did the same. My pre-cum had turned into a steady drizzle by this point. “Hurry up, boy,” he said expectantly, “I’ve got something else planned for you.” I pushed back from his body, pretty sad that I couldn’t continue to bury my entire face in his pit, but I was also very excited about whatever it was he was going to do to me. I stood there – in front of the giant – like a proud little boy. I was definitely ready for my prize. Tiny then grabbed me in his hands and easily carried me over to his bed, placing me back down on the ground. He then bent over and pressed a finger against one of the cinderblocks in the wall. It gave easily, because of his strength, and the big man reached into a secret compartment, pulling out a big bag of something that seemed like a dark liquid. He then grabbed a big cup-like container off of his desk and squeezed some of the gooey looking thick mass from the bag into the large opening. He lifted the blender-sized container in one hand and then wrapped his other hand around my neck, pulling my face into his huge right pec. “And now for the major ingredient!” he said, smiling broadly. With that, Tiny wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled my head back, roughly. He brought his face down and pressed his lips against mine. He shoved his tongue down my throat and started sucking. It was, again, a mixture of pleasure and pain. He released my hair and lowered his arm around my waist. The suction of his mouth kept my face against his. Tiny then lifted my body into the air as he continued to kiss me with more eroticism than an army of over-sexed Italians. I was still amazed by how easy it was for him to lift my body with just one arm. His strength made me feel like such a weakling, but the security of his massive arm around my body quickly erased any bad feelings. He then slid his hand around my ass and lifted me higher. My mouth separated from his with a loud pop and he quickly guided my rock-hard cock to his waiting hot mouth. He sucked my prick in like some super-charged vacuum and then began to milk me like a pro. In between hurricane-like forceful sucks on my cock, he spoke from the side of his mouth. “Come on boy, give me your sweet cream,” he said quickly and then sucked again. “Even a puny ass like you has to have some – every man has some spunk.” Tiny then continued to suck me hard as he laughed out loud. He manhandled my body like I was nothing but some kind of rag doll. Right before he could feel that my body was going to shoot like a rocket, he pulled me away from his face and shoved my cock into the large container. I blew like a massive volcano that had been building up for centuries. My body bucked around in Tiny’s grip, but he held me in place as if I weighed only a few pounds. He squeezed my body tighter with his bulging arm, as if he hoped it would help me shoot more of my sweet juice into his giant cup. I continued to spew cum so hard that I worried organs might come blowing out my dick. I looked down – even as I continued to rock violently from the ejaculation – and saw that the big container was actually overflowing. “Damn, little man,” he said and then whistled, “look at you – shooting enough juice for your big giant and then some. I’ve never seen anyone fill my cup!” I was still flopping around in his arm, but I could tell my cock was no longer spitting out juice. It had begun to do something akin to dry heaves. Tiny must have noticed the same thing. He quickly used my hard cock to stir up the cum-concoction in his glass. He then easily tossed my body onto his bed and momentarily watched as my body continued to convulse on the mattress and my cock twitched back and forth hard. He then took a large swig of the juice and I was conscious enough to notice it left a milky-white coating on his mustache. “Shit, boy,” he exclaimed looking down at me, “you’ve got some sweet man-milk. It’s like a fucking cum shake. This stuff is going to make me grow more than ever before, little man – just you wait and see. You’re going to be ready to explode again in about five minutes when you see my body expanding like some kind of pornographic 3-D movie.” His words made my semi-resting body begin to flop around on the bed again as my cock shot painfully hard instantly.
  10. londonboy

    m/m Mr. Muscle Daddy's Prize

    Let’s cut to the chase. I’m into older musclemen. I haven’t ever tried to figure out why and I really don’t care to analyze it too much. I just know I like huge muscle guys that are around fifty-five years old or beyond. That’s why I chose to go to the Mr. Muscle Daddy 2008 contest at what you might call a “rough club” in downtown Los Angeles on a work night – yes, on a work night. I don’t usually do that, but when I saw that a place called The Dungeon would be hosting this special event for the first time in this city, I knew I had to be there. I figured I could make it through a Wednesday at work with little or no sleep, even if it would be the first time. I was pretty sure it would be the only time, too. You see, I’m one of those conscientious cubicle workers that never wanted to cause waves or let the company down. That’s also why I chose to work late and head down to the club straight from the office – it helped me feel good about going out on a Tuesday night knowing that I worked some extra hours. The Dungeon proved pretty hard to find and when I got there I almost turned around and went home because it was down some dark street. I was determined, though and searched out the place. When I opened the heavy door of the warehouse-looking building, I was met by the sound of loud music. I didn’t recognize the song, but I knew it was some classic hard rock song – an oldie of some kind, which made me smile. I stepped inside and my heart sank as I realized I had gotten the wrong night. I looked around and saw that there were only three people in the entire place. The bartender was washing some glasses, a guy was over in the corner dancing by himself, and another man was playing a video poker machine at the far end of the bar. I turned to exit, but was stopped by the bartender’s voice. “You here to watch the show?” asked the stocky bald headed guy as he stopped drying the glass in his hand for a second. “Well he’s certainly not going to be in it,” said the guy at the poker machine laughing. “Shut up, putz,” barked the bartender without even turning to the other man. “Down those stairs to the right.” He motioned with his head in the direction of a staircase and then continued to dry the glass. “Those guys are going to eat you alive, preppy boy,” scoffed the guy at the poker machine. “Ignore him,” added the bartender encouragingly. “Just down those stairs.” It wasn’t until that moment I realized how my work outfit was all wrong for this place. I had on a light blue button-down and khakis. I didn’t let this deter me from heading toward the staircase, though. I was somewhat proud of myself for at least not wearing the tie or the dark blue blazer. Those were back in the car. I headed down the dark staircase and came to some double doors. As soon as I opened one of the doors the small stairway was filled with light and noise from a huge crowd gathered in what was a large room with a big stage at one end and a long bar at the other. There were tables scattered in between and hundreds of guys were packed everywhere. There was a drag queen on stage rambling about something and I realized quickly that he was the emcee. The show must have been about to start because everyone was moving closer to the stage – with lots of eager boys pressing up against each other like a mosh-pit. I realized quickly that I did not care to get mixed up with that crowd. I noticed that the bar area had suddenly become pretty empty. I walked over, sat on a stool, and ordered a beer. I was very happy with my choice in seats because I could see the stage clearly. My doubts about my clothing were confirmed when I noticed that most of the guys at the club were either in jeans, leather, or nothing but shorts. I was definitely cheered up, though, by the ratio of older men at the place – most of them looking pretty beefy. Maybe I would find some daddy who would make me his slave. Suddenly the high-pitched voice of the emcee announced that the 2008 Mr. Muscle Daddy contest was beginning and he would introduce the twelve contestants one at a time. Each man would come out on stage, strut a little, and then join the line up at the back of the stage so the audience could compare the daddies. The winner would be awarded based on the audience’s response. The winner got a thousand dollar prize and a huge, heavy-looking trophy that stood at the edge of the stage on the right. After explaining the rules the emcee began introducing the contestants. After the first three guys had come out I was already pleased with my decision to come to the bar – even on a work night. Each man was packed with muscle and met my criteria for a daddy. Most of them had gray hair or salt and pepper hair, wore revealing clothes like t-shirts or leather, and seemed to be self-assured just like a good master should be. I was in muscle daddy heaven by the time we had watched nine of the contestants enter the stage and do something to try and get the audience to like them the best. One guy even ripped off his t-shirt, revealing a pretty nice body and causing the crowd to go wild. Contestant number ten was introduced and when he walked out from behind the curtain at the side of the stage my heart stopped beating. I noticed the light brown work boots first. They looked big enough for a family of four to sleep in. I then let my eyes wander up a pair of well-worn, skin-tight jeans that left nothing to our imagination. You could see striations and veins in this man’s thick-as-tree thighs through the denim. His calves bulged out so much that the right pants leg had a rip that revealed part of the perfectly formed muscle in the back. The guy wore no belt because, the way his thighs flared out and the way his ass ballooned out in perfect bubble fashion, he didn’t have to worry about those jeans moving down at all. I couldn’t believe how tight the jeans were - except at the waist. The muscle daddy of my wildest dreams had the stomach of a teenager and that made it possible for someone to easily slide their hand past the waistband of his pants. He wore a flannel shirt that was unbuttoned and had the sleeves cut off, no; I believe it was more like the sleeves had been ripped off. His arms and his torso were tanned in a way that made his skin look hard and tough, but in a very sexy way. His hands caught my gaze and made my cock stiffen. They were huge with thick fingers and I could see that his palms were rough and calloused – probably from lifting. The two giant beefy arms that hung from his monstrous shoulders, barely covered by the flannel shirt, were streaked with thick veins in that way that happens to older men that work out constantly. I couldn’t decide if I loved his triceps or biceps more – both seemed to bulge out to insane proportions and the guy wasn’t even flexing. When he did bend his arm I became light-headed because I could see the peak of his biceps split into two distinct mounds of muscle. The rest of his upper arm burst into different indentions and striations to emphasize some definition that would make a younger professional bodybuilder jealous. My lust for his huge arms was only interrupted because the guy pulled the two sides of his shirt back to fully reveal his tight cobblestone-like abs that, even though they were well defined, bulged out a little like those massive guys that participate in the world’s strongest man competitions. No matter how much his stomach stuck out, his enormous muscle-packed chest pressed out so much that I suddenly realized the shirt wasn’t buttoned because it couldn’t be. If the guy had managed to get the buttons through the holes on the other side I was sure that even a shallow breath would have ripped the shirt to shreds. One of his meaty pecs, alone, was thicker than my entire body. The man’s face was like the perfect finale to his incredible body. Most guys my age would not have found this man beautiful, but to me he was sex-on-a-stick – a very thick, bulging stick. He had silver hair that was full, but cut short. He had a closely trimmed beard that matched the color of his hair. His face was tanned, as well, but it also had manly wrinkles at his eyes and around his mouth. It was a face that demanded your attention because it was so masculine. The guy had a smile that made my body quiver all over – it was both inviting and threatening at the same time. He came across as someone that could charm the socks off of you in one moment and in another he could make you piss in your pants because he had barked out orders like a drill sergeant. Most of the contestants up to that point had run around the stage dancing or doing other things to get the crowd wound up. This muscle daddy merely walked to the middle of the stage down front and began to flex different parts of his body. He started with a double biceps pose that actually caused the room to go silent for a few seconds. I have a feeling that everyone shut up because at that exact moment all of their blood was rushing to their cock – just like mine. As soon as everyone regained control of their bodies the room erupted in screams of lustful delight. The man then put his hands behind his head, pushed one leg forward a little, and crunched the middle of his torso hard. I knew if we had put bricks in between his abs they would have been crushed to smithereens. That’s how much power was in this man’s stomach muscles. In the middle of his flexing I noticed two things about the guy that excited me even more. First of all, he was beginning to break a sweat, just from how hard he was tensing his body. I licked my lips from the thought of running my tongue between those hefty pecs and catching the drops of man musk that were running down his body. I was pretty sure I could smell this daddy’s powerful muscle aroma across the room. The second thing I noticed, and I was sure that every one else saw it, as well, was this guy’s cock growing in his skin-tight jeans. This rock-hard daddy was getting off on his own muscle display. His thick tube of man-meat was pressing down the inside of his left thigh and looked like it might bust through his jeans at any moment. By this time the crowd had gone wild. The big man turned sideways, pulled his shirt back from his pecs and gave us a chest shot that made his upper body appear thicker than a tank. This was also when I noticed the other contestants. They were all looking at the man with a mixture of disappointment, because they already knew they were beaten, and deep lust because they all wanted him. It was obvious that they had known early on, even when they were backstage, that this big man was going to win. They had each been going through the motions – hoping that the alpha daddy, at center stage right now, might notice them. I glanced back at the muscle master still dominating the room and saw that he had his mouth open wide and was teasingly flicking his tongue at the audience – just to get them even more riled up. I was in daddy heaven because he was sweating even more by this point and that’s when he brought both of his fists down in front of him busting into a most muscular pose that I’m sure made a few guys cream in their pants. Something happened next that caused me to hear nothing else in the room but the pounding of my own heart. The big guy on stage had scanned the audience and he suddenly locked eyes with me. And he kept his gaze on me – not moving on to anyone else as he tensed his body harder, making all of his muscles pop out even more insanely. Veins covered his upper body and even poked out across his forehead. He relaxed his tense body and stood back up, but he never broke eye contact with me. His stare scared me to death and excited me at the same time. I watched mesmerized as the guy flexed his right arm, causing the peak to go even higher than before. While he was still staring at me he took his left forefinger and pointed at the bulging biceps, turning to look at it. He then looked back at me and pointed at me with the same finger. It was as if he were saying, “This biceps for you.” It barely registered that the crowd had turned to look at me because I was so entranced by the huge daddy on the stage. And just when I thought my private show might be over, the guy turned his face back to his bent arm and brought the massive biceps to his lips. He kissed his own arm lovingly and then turned towards me again. He blew me a kiss and ended by licking his lips. I was so blown away by his actions that I completely missed the emcee saying that there was no reason to bring out the final two contestants because number ten was obviously the most massive Mr. Muscle Daddy the audience had ever seen. This caused the crowd to go crazy with excitement. They brought out a sash with the title written on it and draped it across the new winner. They had a little trouble getting it down over his massive chest and I breathed a little heavier as I watched the white material become darker where it soaked up some of the muscle monster’s sweat. The emcee re-announced that the prize was one thousand dollars and the huge trophy that two men now carried over to the new champ. The huge muscle daddy easily took the trophy with one hand from the two men and lifted it into the air above his head. The emcee then invited the 2008 Mr. Muscle Daddy to say a few words. When he spoke my cock twitched in my pants because his voice sounded like a whole driveway of gravel. It was a sexy baritone voice that boomed throughout the room. He looked at the drag queen and smiled. “I’m glad to represent all you muscle daddies out there. Here’s to only getting bigger and better as you get older.” With that, the beefy guy took a deep breath and inflated his chest so much that the sash ripped in two places and fell to the ground. “And I don’t mean to seem ungrateful or anything, but you can keep your money and your trophy. The only prize this muscle daddy wants is that pretty little thing sitting back there in the blue button-down shirt.” At first I didn’t believe what I heard. The big man was staring right at me, but I still wasn’t sure of what he had just said. The crowd looked at me again and then erupted into loud cheers. My mind was rushing in many directions at the same time. I began to get a little scared of what might happen next when suddenly guys on either side of me hoisted me off my stool and carried my body over to the crowd. They kind of tossed me to the waiting hands of everyone and I was passed overhead up to the stage. It sort of registered that the emcee was telling Mr. Muscle Daddy he could have anything he wanted because no one was going to stop him. When the crowd finally pushed me onto the stage the massive guy walked over to me, grabbed the back of my head with one of his meaty hands, and then bent down pulling my face to his. I was close enough to get a good whiff of his manly scent and it made my knees buckle. He pressed his lips against mine and the feeling of his beard and mustache thrilled me. A strong tongue shot between my lips and filled my entire mouth. His kiss definitely reflected his cockiness and his obvious strength. The power of the suction of his mouth caused my cheeks to pull inward sharply. The kiss ended and there was tremendous applause and hollering from the crowd. Mr. Muscle Daddy let go of my head and let his hand fall down to my ass – grabbing it tightly. He then stood up and I was easily lifted off the ground. He pulled me close to his body and held me there like I was his trophy. The crowd continued to go wild. He continued to squeeze my ass roughly and then turned his head towards me. “Yeah, fucking great ass,” he said, in a way that worried me and thrilled me at the same time. After that he walked to the edge of the stage – carrying me as if I weighed nothing – and then jumped down to the ground. The crowd parted for him as he carried me back up to the bar. Mr. Muscle Daddy placed me back onto the stool where I sat earlier with his one hand and then looked at the bartender. “Two whiskeys, Pete,” he bellowed out smiling. “Yes sir,” answered the guy behind the bar. Two shot glasses were placed on the top of the bar as Mr. Muscle Daddy looked over at me and winked. I was still too in shock to do anything – speak, run, or even pee in my pants. I just sat there like a good little boy. Once the glasses were filled to the brim, Mr. Muscle Daddy grabbed one and downed it quickly. The strong liquor seemed to have no affect on the man. He swallowed like it was water. I instinctively reached out to get what I thought was my shot glass. “Not yet, son,” said Mr. Muscle Daddy and his voice made my entire body freeze in fear. He put his hand on my shoulder, obviously to calm me down. He then dropped his beefy paw to my lower back. He grabbed my belt and the top of my pants and lifted me off of the stool, turning to face me as he did it. He then reached over and picked up the full shot glass. I watched, mesmerized, as he put the glass in the valley at the base of his two muscled pecs. He squeezed the mounds together slightly and then took his hand away. The glass stayed in place with some of it sticking slightly out. He bent over slowly, making sure he didn’t spill any of the whiskey. “Now,” he said looking at me. I brought my lips to the glass. He bent over a little more and that allowed the whiskey to flow into my mouth. I didn’t know if the burning sensation in my body was because of the liquor or because I was so close to his muscled chest. I pulled back and he pushed the glass further into the space between his pecs. I could not see the glass anymore. I watched as he squeezed his chest together and I heard a muffled shattering sound. Mr. Muscle Daddy then relaxed his chest and little shards of glass fell to the floor. He reached up and brushed off the pieces still sticking into his skin as if it were just a little dirt. “How much for the glass, Pete?” the big man asked. “Nothing, sir,” Pete answered. “I’ll pay for it because the show was worth it.” This caused the massive man to smile. He didn’t turn to me when he spoke next. But he did slap me on the back – I’m sure it seemed like a light tap to him, but it sent me flying into the bar and it hurt a lot. “What do you think of my prize, Pete?” he asked, ignoring how my body had been abused. “I think he’s a keeper, sir,” Pete answered. “So do I, Pete, so do I,” the muscle daddy responded and then he turned back to me. “What’s your name little man?” “Um, Dexter. Dexter Robertson,” I answered, fumbling for words since I was still in shock and a little pain from being forced into the edge of the bar. “Good name, little man,” He replied. “I think I’ll call you Dex. My name’s MD.” “Nice to meet you MD. Are you a doctor?” I asked and Pete laughed out loud. I also noticed that the muscleman in front of me smiled. “No, boy, it stands for Muscle Daddy,” He said. I quickly nodded to show that I understood that it should be his name, since he was the epitome of a muscle dad. “Well, I think it’s time for you to help me get cleaned up. Come along Dex.” And with that he grabbed me around the back of my neck, tightened his grip, and led me through the bar to the bathroom located off to one side of the stage. There were a couple of guys at the sink when we entered and they turned to look at MD as soon as they sensed something huge was in the room. The giant man merely signaled at the door with his head and the two guys quickly left – one even forgetting to zip his pants. Once they were gone, MD pulled me around so we faced each other. “You into older musclemen, kid?” MD asked. His tone and his words bothered me a little, but I was so in awe of the man that I didn’t let on. I simply nodded yes. “I thought so,” he replied. “And are you a good little muscle pig?” “Yeah,” I answered quickly. “You might want to rethink your answer, Dex.” MD said with a sudden serious tone. “You’re in the presence of someone older, bigger, and much stronger. There’s a proper way to show respect. Now, once again, are you a good little muscle pig?” “Yes sir.” I replied – a little weakly, because I was disappointed that I had let MD down. “That’s a good pig. And tell me, does this little piggy want to go to the muscle market?” MD said teasingly. “Yes sir.” I answered, a little more strongly. “Well then let’s give you a little taste of what’s to come. I think you probably noticed that your muscle daddy got a little sweaty out there on stage, didn’t you, boy?” MD asked and I’m pretty sure he knew how excited his question made me. “Yes sir,” I answered. “Well, then let’s use your pretty face to wipe up some of that sweat, shall we.” MD added as he grabbed the back of my neck again.. He brought my face to his chest – hard. My nose shot with pain as it met his pecs, which felt like a massive stone wall. I instantly forgot about how bad it hurt after I inhaled deeply and got a huge whiff of his pungent, masculine scent. A blind person would have been able to easily recognize how big and built this guy was just from the smell that radiated from his strong body. It was a mixture of something sweet and something raunchy. Only a man that ate all the right things and was all natural could exude a fragrance that was so nice, but only a man that worked out with a mind-blowing intensity could produce an odor so enticingly offensive. I wanted my face to stay in this position forever. MD had other plans, though. He gripped the back of my neck even tighter and I knew I would be very sore the next day, but for right now it felt fucking incredible. He dragged my face back and forth across his sweat-covered chest - letting my cheeks, my forehead, my hair, and the rest of my head soak up the heavy sheen of liquid his body had produced. I knew, in that instant, that I would never wash my face again because I wanted to be covered with his smell for the rest of my life. If this night ended with MD no longer in my world, at least I would have this incredible remembrance of him. The big, heavy hand at my neck forced my face down across his rigid abs and I heard the huge man laugh when he cleaned out his belly button by shoving my nose into the big hole and twisting my head around to get every drop of sweat. Every now and then I’d let my tongue escape from my mouth and run across part of his firm-as-concrete skin. My taste buds would be rewarded with what seemed like a combination of sea salt and something earthy, as if his body was squeezing out a musky protein drink. “Yeah, that’s a mighty fine job, boy,” said MD in what sounded like a very pleased voice. “Now it’s time for what you really want.” I felt his huge body bending down as he turned my head upward. I saw where my nose and mouth were going and my cock began to dribble pre-cum in excitement. MD had raised his right arm and he thrust my face into his cavernous, hairy, sweat-drenched armpit. I registered no pain from how hard he pressed against my head, because I instantly began to lick, suck, and kiss that magnificent, muscled part of his body. I let my teeth pull at his damp pit hair while my mouth was rewarded with what seemed like the juice of the Gods. My tongue worked overtime, not wanting to miss any part of this muscle cave, and I could hear MD grunting with pleasure. Finally, the big hand pulled my head from the armpit and I whimpered like a disciplined puppy. MD laughed and then brought his lips down to mine and kissed me harder than he had earlier on stage. I was worried that the man was going to shove my teeth down my throat, so I merely opened wide and let his tongue pound the inside of my mouth and throat. As we were kissing MD switched hands at my neck and I knew what was coming next. He stopped kissing me and I was quickly rewarded with a trip to his other muscled, sweaty armpit - repeating the pleasure and the tongue bath I had given him earlier. I, again, whimpered loudly when he finally pulled my face from his second pit. He chuckled as he looked down at me. “That’ll do pig, that’ll do,” he said, moving his hand to the side of my face and forcing his thumb between my lips into my warm mouth. I immediately began to suck hard and realized he was giving me a little reward for doing such a good job of cleaning his hard body. He continued to talk as I sucked on his big thumb, which actually felt like a cock in my mouth. “Good job, little man. I think we’re going to get along fine. I knew you would be good for me the minute I saw your preppy little body perched on that stool. There’s just one more thing I need to check out, though.” He pulled his thumb from my mouth and I ran my tongue around my lips just to get another taste of his salty, manly sweat that covered my face. MD took a step back from me. My body immediately missed his massive presence and my neck longed to be gripped by his powerful hand. “Turn around Dex, drop your pants, and bend over. Daddy wants to check out what he’s won.” I knew it wasn’t a polite request, my new muscle master was giving me an order and my body was so on fire for him that I could not have refused even if my life had depended on it. I turned around and my pants dropped to the floor before I finished the movement. I bent over quickly and grabbed my ankles, wanting to show off how flexible I was. MD let out a long whistle and, afterwards, I looked up at him from between my legs and watched as he licked his lips slowly. My cock was pressed up against my bent stomach because I was so excited that my ass pleased him. “Yeah, boy, that’s the only trophy this big daddy needs,” he said as he let his hand come down and whack my ass. It hurt like hell, but I knew I shouldn’t squeal or budge an inch. I took the spanking with pleasure and concentrated hard so I wouldn’t shoot the load that had been building within me since he walked out on stage. “Good boy. Way to turn pain into pleasure. That ass looks fucking tight. You’re going to make your daddy really happy later on. Now pull up those drawers, son, we’ve got some fun waiting for us out in the bar.” I pulled up my pants and turned to face my master. “But first, I think we need to take care of a little business. Give me your cell phone.” I reached in my pocket, pulled out my phone, and laid it in his big palm. I smiled because it looked like a child’s small toy in his huge paw. I doubted his giant fingers were going to be able to push the buttons. “You got your boss’ number in here, little man?” he asked. “Yes sir,” I responded, without even questioning in my mind why he wanted to know. I just automatically followed the lead of this muscle daddy. “What’s his name?” MD asked as he turned on the phone. “Henry. Henry Smith, sir.” I answered. Somehow the big fingers of MD were able to maneuver the buttons of the tiny phone to scroll down and find the number of Mr. Smith. It was his office number. I knew no one would be in the office at one in the morning, but even if they had been I wouldn’t have cared. I still didn’t get what MD was going to do, but I was on fire with anticipation. I could hear my boss’ voicemail pick up on the line. MD waited for the tone and then spoke with such a masculine voice that I envisioned Mr. Smith getting a hard-on as he listened to the message later that day. “Yeah, Smith, this is Dexter Robertson’s muscle daddy calling.” The big man’s words caused me to shiver with delight. “I wanted to tell you that my boy won’t be able to make it to work today. He’s going to be busy taking care of some fucking huge muscle. As a matter of fact, little Smithy-boy, Dexter won’t ever be in again. His services are needed elsewhere and his new boss pleases him much more than you ever could. You can just give everything in his tiny cubicle away and forward his last check to his home. And listen, puny man, don’t even think about causing trouble for my son in any way, because I’ll have to come down there and tie your little body into such a tight knot that they’ll have to cut off limbs to set you free. And by the way, little Henry, you can pull your hand out of your pants now.” MD then hung up the phone and closed his hand around it. I watched as he tightened his fingers and I could hear the body of the phone being crushed. My face must have shown some distress, because the big man just smiled and opened his hand. The only thing that remained was a tiny ball of crushed metal. “You won’t ever need that thing again, little man. You won’t need anything but what I can provide for you. And with these guns,” he said as he raised his arms into a double biceps pose, “I can provide you with everything you’ll ever desire – and then some. You understand what I’m saying, Dexter?” “Yes, Mr. Muscle Daddy,” I replied, like a good boy. The giant older man in front of me smiled and then placed his big hand at the back of my neck again – it was a feeling I had already learned to cherish greatly. He pulled me into his hard body and kissed the top of my head. “Yeah, Mr. Muscle Daddy has the best prize ever,” MD said lovingly. “Let’s go begin a life of muscle fun.” ******************************* The big man pushed me in front of him and then led me, by maneuvering me with just his huge hand on my shoulder, out of the bathroom and back into the main part of the bar. I felt like some kind of Ken doll being manipulated by my owner. I was sure that his one hand and arm could have made my body do whatever he commanded. I was scared and assured at the same time. “Let’s see, you’re going to need a few things for our ride to Palm Springs,” MD said as he stopped me amid the main crowd and then surveyed the area. “I’ll just pretend that we’re in Macy’s and I’m doing a little shopping. I just need to find my personal shopping assistants. Ah, there are two, ripe for the picking.” I glanced in the direction of MD’s gaze and saw two guys sitting at a table off to one side. There were two helmets sitting on the table in front of them – along with an array of empty beer bottles. MD forced my body over to the table and then stepped to the side of me and looked down at the two men menacingly. “Hey there, fellas.” MD said in a very friendly manner – a tone that I liked very much. “Hi, pops,” replied one of the guys, looking up from his seat. The two men seemed to have been in a pretty deep conversation. I picked up that they must be on their first date and were trying to get to know each other a little before going home to have sex. “How about one of you guys let me buy a helmet from you. I think five hundred should make it worth your trouble,” the big man said as he pulled his wallet from his back pocket. It was the first time I noticed the thick chain that was hanging from his belt to his wallet. “Get lost old man, these aren’t for sale,” replied the same guy. I glanced at his friend and saw a look of fear at how his “date” was responding to the huge man in front of them. I quickly realized that the guy that had spoken was pretty drunk and I don’t think he realized to who or what he was speaking. I then glanced at MD to see a slight change in his demeanor. A slender, telling smile crept across his face and I watched as the muscles in his arms tensed a little. “Maybe you misunderstood me, little fella. I wasn’t really asking for your helmet, I was telling you that I was going to take it, but I felt like I should give you something in return. Now I’m not so sure that you deserve the benefit of my generosity. So, let me begin again, shit-for-brains.” MD said this as he reached out and placed his massive hand around the top of one of the helmets. His fingers wrapped around the helmet – covering it almost completely. He lifted it off the table and it looked like a massive basketball player’s hand palming a small Nerf ball. I saw the fingers move inward and at the same time I heard a popping sound that filled the entire place. Suddenly, the helmet shattered into hundreds of pieces and fell to the table. MD had crushed the piece of fiberglass as if it had been cardboard. “Oops, look what I accidentally did. Sometimes I just don’t know my own strength. Now, gentlemen, I could do the same thing to your heads or you could give me the other helmet. Your choice. What’s it going to be? I suggest, however, that you don’t make a massive man like me wait too long. Know what I mean? There’s no telling what I might do.” MD smiled as he asked his questions – he, of course, knew what the answer would be even before the words left his mouth. These guys might have been drunk, but they knew insane power when they saw it and they weren’t going to argue with a man that had the kind of strength that this muscle daddy had just shown. The quiet guy leaned forward and sheepishly pushed the helmet across the table towards MD. The big man chuckled a little and then put his hands on the table so his big arms were almost in the two guys’ faces. “I bet both of you have fucking hard boners from seeing this muscle daddy crush that helmet. Now don’t you?” “Yes sir,” was the soft reply from both men at the same time. “That’s what I like to hear boys, that’s what I like to hear. It was a pleasure doing business with you. And because I’m feeling generous tonight, here’s eight hundred for the two helmets. Yep, I’m feeling mighty generous, don’t you think?” he asked as he looked at the men with a big grin. They both nodded their heads. “I’m feeling real good because you see that pretty thing standing behind me?” Both men leaned way out to see passed MD’s wide shoulders and huge arms. They stared at me and I didn’t know what to do, so I just raised my hand and gave them a small wave. They both then leaned back in and looked back at MD. They nodded their heads to confirm that they had seen me. “That’s my new prize – and isn’t he mighty handsome?” Again, both men nodded their heads quickly, not wanting to make this huge man angry in any way. “Yeah, I thought you’d both like him, but don’t even think about talking to him, hear me. He’s all mine and this muscle daddy doesn’t like to share. And I leave both of you with one thought that will probably fill your wet dreams for the rest of your lives. This muscle daddy is going to give his new boy anything he ever needs or wants and two punks like you aren’t going to stand in my way. Do I make myself clear?” “Yes sir,” they both answered quickly. MD stood back up and kind of rolled his shoulders as he stuck out his enormous chest and lifted his arms slightly. It dawned on me that MD was saying all of this not to intimidate or make the guys understand anything. No, he was showing off for his new boy – me. I still couldn’t completely grasp what was happening. It all seemed like some intense dream, but when I felt MD’s huge paw grab the back of my neck and pull my face to his for a deep kiss I was reminded how real it all was. He sucked my mouth for a few seconds and our lips made a popping sound as they separated, like a cork being released from a champagne bottle. MD looked back down at the two men as he maneuvered my body back into the crowded bar. “See ya, little men,” he said and we disappeared into the sea of people. I glanced up at my muscle daddy and found that he was looking down at me with a big smile. This made me smile back. A rush of warmth swept over my body and my cock pulsed harder. “You liked that didn’t you, Dexy-boy,” he asked jokingly. “Yes sir. Very much, sir.” I replied instantly. “Don’t worry, there will be plenty more of that very soon. Right now we need to get you a jacket.” MD said this as he looked up to survey the crowd again. “And I see the perfect one for you. Here we go, little Dex.” MD basically lifted me slightly off the floor with the big hand he had at the back of my neck. I felt like a small kitten being transported by its mother. There was some pain, but the awareness of how easily he lifted and moved me around made it all okay. I soon saw where we were headed. There were two guys in dark leather jackets leaning up against the wall near the dartboards. They were talking to each other, but they were mainly surveying the crowds. It would be hard for me to describe their faces as they noticed the huge man coming towards them. I’m pretty sure neither man even registered that I was there. Their mouths dropped open wide and I could tell they started to breath a little heavier than before. Both men were looking at what some people would call a “walking wet dream.” MD smiled at them as he approached. I glanced at the crotches of the two guys and was not surprised to see both cocks hardening at the same time. It was almost as if there was a race to see which man could get to full mast the quickest. “What’s with the faces, gentlemen? Haven’t you seen this much muscle before?” MD asked as he bounced his swelling pecs. “Fuck no,” said one guy as the other simply shook his head – he was either saying no or making sure he wasn’t hallucinating. “Well, this muscle daddy needs a little favor. My new little boyfriend needs a jacket and I was hoping I could make a deal with you two,” MD said turning to look at me. I noticed that neither man took their eyes off of the muscles in front of them. I was still invisible to them. “Anyway, fellas, I was wondering if we could make a little wager. I’d like to bet you that I can make both of you pop the biggest was you’ve ever released at the same exact time. If I’m not able to do it, then you both win a night of unconditional muscle worshipping of me, but if I win then you need to give me one of your jackets. I have a hunch that you’d be willing to go along with my little bet, because you’re going to get some pleasure either way.” The two men turned to look at each other – with faces full of astonishment at the opportunity that was presenting itself to them. They turned back to MD and just stared at his body for a few minutes. The muscle daddy in front of them decided to tense his torso just to give the boys a glimpse of what might be coming their way. I sensed that, unlike the two earlier guys, these fellows realized there wasn’t a choice in the matter. They simply nodded their heads in agreement, which made MD very happy. “I’m happy you two are betting men. Step away from the wall, little fellas, and let me squeeze this colossal body behind you. The two men moved forward and I watched as MD slid his big frame behind them. He let his huge arms drape over each man’s outside shoulder. MD stood about a foot taller than both guys. It was an incredible sight to see the muscle daddy’s bulging biceps right beside the two men’s faces. MD’s upper arms were wider and thicker than either guy’s head. MD bent down slightly and his arms slid a little further down both bodies. He then bent his thick trunk-like forearms upward, so that each man’s chin rested right in the nook. Both men had an enormous bicep on one side of their face and a muscled thick forearm on the other. Without warning, MD began to flex both arms at the same time and raised the giant limbs slightly upward – causing both guys to stand on their tip toes. I watched as each man’s face was smashed by a hard bulging bicep on one side and a vein-covered massive forearm on the other. I could tell that both men were in muscle heaven because they had giant smiles across their face. I could also make out the giant bulges in their pants, which also told me they liked feeling this muscle daddy’s hard skin pressed into their face as he flexed. “Yeah, boys, feel that big hard muscle pressing into your face. It’s getting hard to breathe, isn’t it? And this muscle man hasn’t even begun to flex hard. I bet with each squeeze of these giant arms your cocks get closer to exploding. Yeah, you’re getting a taste of real power now, boys. This is just a little pump; just think what I could do to your heads if I really let loose. Yeah, I could crush bricks with these biceps. You’d like to see that, wouldn’t you little men. Well, it’s now time for me to win our little bet. Feel the power of a real muscle daddy!” The big man’s words were turning me on very much. With that, MD flexed his arms really hard and straightened his back at the same time. The feet of both men left the ground. I could barely see their faces anymore because of those muscle arms squeezing so tightly. And as if both men were set up to the same timer, both bodies started to simultaneously jerk wildly. Even though their mouths were basically covered by stone-like muscle, I heard cries of pleasure from both men. The two guys finally stopped flailing around like rag dolls and both became very limp – just hanging from MD’s rock hard arms. I saw the beginnings of cum spots appearing at their crotches and down their legs. MD lessened his flex and both men slid down to the ground, against the big man’s body. It was obvious that both men were out cold – either from the lack of oxygen or because they had been overwhelmed by MD’s body. “Well, Dex, it looks like young fellas today can’t handle their muscle, doesn’t it.” MD said as he gently put both guys on a bench nearby. He pulled the leather jacket off of one of them and then leaned the two men against each other. They both still had big smiles on their faces. “Try this on.” I put on the jacket that MD handed to me and realized it was way too big. I looked up at the muscle daddy in front of me and saw that he was smiling and giving me a look of approval. He motioned me to turn around and so I did. “That’ll be perfect, Dex. You’ll grow into it before I’m finished with you.” His words thrilled me in a way that was unexplainable. The thought of growing bigger along side of this big daddy made my cock ache for major release. MD was very aware of the affect he had on me. He let out a loud laugh and then clamped his big hand at the back of my neck. “Well, now that we’ve got you a helmet and jacket, I think it’s time for a little trip. Let’s go.” Again, MD moved my body through the crowd and up the stairs to the top bar as if he were holding a stuffed animal in his hand. When we stepped out of the bar onto the sidewalk, the big guy brought my face to his and gave me another powerful kiss. The stubble on his face and the pressure from his hand caused a little pain, but the warmth and softness of his lips helped me to ignore it. When he was finished kissing me, he threw his head back and let out an animalistic yell that made shivers run down my body. Then, as if he were overcome with lust-filled passion, he bent over and pushed his wide right shoulder into my stomach. His hand slid from my neck down to my ass and then he pulled me tightly into him. He stood up and my body rose easily – supported by his massive arm and shoulder. He carried me down the street this way and he continued to let out loud yells that echoed off of the surrounding buildings. MD finally stopped and put my body back down on the ground. I turned and gazed at the largest Harley Davidson I’d ever seen. Of course a man of his size would need a big bike – why did I expect anything different. He slid onto the bike and then reached over to grab me at the waist. He lifted me up into the air and placed me on the seat in front of him. “I want you to ride in front of me so I can play with your cock and balls all the way to Palm Springs.
  11. north

    Ophiucus Meets Alabaster

    Author's note: Hello everyone. First story on here. I was reading about the 13th zodiac symbol, Ophiucus "the serpent-bearer", and thinking about what a perfect overwrought-fantasy smut name it is. A couple hours later I had written this, and figured I might as well share. Enjoy I was sitting on the front porch of my cabin when he entered the clearing. Fuck me, he was a sight. I hadn't hiked into town in a few weeks and this beautiful specimen was just what I needed. A pale, shirtless giant of a man. He was tall, probably 6'7", broad-shouldered and narrow-waisted. The kind of big-boned guy where his abs seem to suck in under his huge ribcage. His white-blond hair was cropped short, and ice blue eyes regarded me with a familiar hunger as he approached me. He wasn't hugely muscled, but had perfect proportions and was completely shredded. I admired the way he rippled as he walked, his muscles bunching and flexing under his skin as his set his pack down on the porch. His dark shorts hung loosely on his hips and no doubt would have trouble staying up if not for a lifter's ass that I knew would accompany his strong legs. I stood to greet him and extended a hand. He smiled dazzlingly to shake, offering a cheesy "Mr. Ophiucus, I presume?" His grip was politely firm, and I could feel the telltale callouses of a man who wasn't afraid of the gym. Striations appeared on his delts and pecs as he pumped my hand. Up close I could see his bare torso was hairless and glistening with the slightest sweat. I had a feeling he knew why I was out here, why I valued my privacy, but he was pressing all my buttons. Fuck, why not let myself have a bit of fun. "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. I don't get much company out here. What brings you to my humble abode?" "Alabaster. Nice to meet you. Call me Al. I've spent the last few months looking for you, Ophiucus, and well, I assume you know why any man would want to track you down. I must say you're much better looking than I'd hoped." It's true, when I first started using my abilities, there had been no shortage of takers. I couldn't help but flex my 19" arms a bit as his gaze travelled over my torso. I was shorter than Al at 6' even, but I'd worked hard to build this body, and even though my abilities didn't work on myself like they did for other men, I hadn't aged since my mid-twenties and my hard-earned physique never deteriorated from the peak condition of my bodybuilding years. His eyes meandered from my scruffy, handsome face over my thick, lightly furred pecs, down the central groove of eight abs on a 30" waist, down my adonis belt to hover over the obvious bulge in the sweatpants that were my morning attire. I imagined his pale skin against my sun-kissed natural olive and the beast stirred a bit. Al involuntarily licked his lips before snapping up to meet my gaze again, blushing and bringing out his razor-sharp cheekbones even more. Fuck he was a pretty one. "Al, please, come inside. We should talk a bit." We headed into the cabin and settled onto the sturdy sofa. "Well Al, what do you know?" His eyes brightened as he told my tale. "Thirty years ago, you just appeared. You're like a sex god or a superhero something, and nobody knows where you came from. You were given the name Ophiucus and fucked your way through the gay world. Your bodily fluids enhance men, making them bigger, stronger, and more virile. You were on top of the world. Until, they say, it became too much. Men were getting demanding, acting entitled to your gifts, so you left. You disappeared overnight on the anniversary of your appearance." He grew bolder, leaning forward. "The town nearby has an unusual number of very physically endowed men, and nobody there will say how they got that way. I had to seduce the grocer's son to get him to tell me about your visits to town, paying for supplies with your gifts and swearing everyone to secrecy." I frowned. "Don't blame him," said Al. "I was very persuasive." He began rubbing my thigh. "I grew up hearing about you, obsessing over the famous Ophiucus, hoping to meet you. You were just the first, you know, of the people with gifts. Although none have been as dramatic as yours." I had heard of others, men and women with inhuman, seemingly magical abilities. Mostly they went about their lives not making a big deal out of it. To be fair, most gifts weren't as fun as mine. Al continued: "After I realized I was like you, I spent months tracking you down. I would like to ask for your blessings, but just meeting you has been an honor. You inspired me to build myself up, to use my gifts for others, and I wanted to thank you in person. Being rock-hard to the point of near-invincibility has allowed me to help so many people, getting strong has helped even more." His giant hand was running up and down my thigh, stroking near my growing bulge, squeezing the thick muscle of my quads. As I felt my hard muscles dent under his grip I began to truly appreciate his moniker. "You're a legend out there, and the pictures don't do you justice." "FIrst, I accept your thanks and I will help you. Hell, I'll have fun doing it too. You're beautiful like you are now, and I want you to know that." He blushed again and smiled, but only nodded, clearly excited about what was to come. He was rock hard in his shorts now and looked to have a healthy endowment. "Second, the changes are permanent. There's no going back. Do you understand?" He nodded. "Third, I don't control the limit. Everyone has a maximum, and I can help you get to yours, but you need to accept that it might not be what you imagined. Can you live with that?" Al looked at me with hunger. He grabbed my arm with one hand and placed the other behind my neck, staring deeply into my dark brown eyes. His voice was completely serious. "It's a hope and a dream, but I'm an adult and I know fantasies don't alway come true. That one at least. But if the process of trying is as much fun as I think it's going to be, I won't be dissapointed." Then he pulled me in for a kiss. His lips were warm and smooth and firm. Fuck, it had been awhile. I leaned in, then lifted up and straddled his big torso, enjoying the hard body underneath me. I wondered how far the gift would take him. I ran my hands over his gorgeous chest as he felt up my hard arms and snaked his tongue into my mouth. I felt a surge of power as the gift began its work, sucking his tongue in and caressing it with my own. He moaned into my mouth as his body reacted, growing harder, the fire racing into his core and all his muscles gaining an instant pump. I squeezed his thin waist with my thick thighs and felt the muscles twist and strain as he embraced me, picking me up as he leaned forward and stood. He broke our kiss as he turned and set me on the couch, kissing his way down my torso, tonguing my abs and working down to my waist. His lips brushed my adonis belt as he grabbed my sweatpants and shimmied them down over my thick quads, admiring the strong calves and even kissing my feet a bit as he undressed me. My thick cock, already half hard and past the 10" mark, swelled across my right quad with the attention he was giving my body. This guy loved muscle, and I had plenty to give him. Al quickly shucked his own clothes and towered before me, pale and ripped and gleaming. His own considerable cock was 9" and dripping precum as his eyes wandered my sun-kissed body. I placed my hands behind my head and leaned back, letting my biceps bulge into gorgeous split peaks and shifting my eyes from my arms to Al and back. He got the message and dove in, kneeling over my legs and bending his long torso down, gently licking and kissing my bulging left lat, up through my armpit and working up past the triceps and over to my bulging bicep. Our lips met on my arm as we indulged in a three-way kiss: Al, me, and my straining 19" bicep. My short scruff and his smooth lips clashed on my peaks. My tongue darted out to meet his, reactivating the magic and sending waves of power into his body. Al sighed longingly as his body hardened and bulged yet again. His 16" arms were looking more like 17" now. His abs had taken on a deeper groove. His now 25" thighs gripped me tightly. Al reared up and flexed in ecstasy at his latest improvements. He sat his hard ass on my lap and I felt developed squatter's glutes dig into my thighs as he crunched a most muscular in my face. We were in mutual muscle heaven. I began gently licking his big square pecs, each brush bringing new muscle blossoming into being. The cleavage between them deepened as his pale pink nipples turned downward. When I was done with him he'd never see them again without a mirror. Al grunted and tightened the pose as the growth spread from the point of contact, every muscle bulging a little more as his pecs bulged under my administrations. A narrow groove separated the upper and lower pectorals as they took on a heavy, squared off shape, bulging from collarbone to the sharp swoop back to his ribs. I worked my way up to his shoulders feeling up his rock hard, expanding legs as I switched back and forth between striated deltoids. Al started groping my pecs and biceps and grinding his fat cock against my abs as his shoulders broadened and hardened, each head distinctly bulging now even when relaxed. I felt up his legs on either side of my own and enjoyed the growing muscular feast in front me. He completely coated my abs in precum as his fantasies about my famous body came true. Each of Al's shoulders jutted from his skeleton by inches, getting truly massive to match his fat pecs. My cock was now a fully hard 12" under his expanding ass, snaking past his tailbone and receiving the benefits of his thrusting against my abs. His athlete's body was becoming a true bodybuilder. Al threw his head back and placed an arm on either side of my head, enveloping me in his growing body. His neck widened and his thickening traps bulged as he panted and thrusted against me. His left arm grabbed my head and thrust me toward his right bicep, where I happily obliged, kissing and licking, biting gently as the muscle erupted under my lips. The triceps hung lower as the split peak of his bicep grew from graceful bulge to hard ball reaching longingly toward his clenched fist. Al rotated his forearm to flex the muscle under my mouth, pressing me into it harder with his other hand. After a few minutes and a few inches the left arm had a turn and the 20" right arm was the one gripping my neck, massaging my traps as I worshipped this pale god's growing body. Al met me there and we recreated the three-way muscle kiss. Our tongues touching sent another wave of full-body growth and he spurted a sticky glob of precum onto my stomach. His forearms hadn't lagged behind and the veined, rippling meat undulated as he clenched and unclenched his fist, pumping his arms up as the growth poured into him. The balled-up biceps looked like they were ready to burst his straining skin as we panted in mutual admiration. Once his enormous arms attained a beautiful 22" symmetry, we instictively changed positions. Al stood up and pushed my legs apart, then got on his knees on the rug in front of me with his back turned. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around him, feeling up his newly enlarged pecs. I tweaked his nipples and began nuzzling his hair, breathing heavily into his ears. His enourmous melon-sized shoulders rippled with every movement. I began kissing the back of his neck as he shuddered. His traps responded beautifully, mounding up a little more each time he flexed them for me. Each unflexing left the traps as large as they were before the flex, the traps mounding up toward his ears in freakish hills, bowing out from strong neck to freakish shoulders into convex muscular monstrosities. The ridge between his traps deepened down his back until it was a valley of cleavage deep enough to lose a finger in. Nobody had ever responded this well to my gift, and I was going to enjoy seeing how far Al was willing to go, to grow into one of the biggest men alive. I leaned back to admire my work and he obliged me with graceful flex, rolling his huge shoulders and making the traps erupt with power. I moved to massage his traps and neck, running my hands across our creation. His neck was wider than his head now. He reached for my hands and brought them to his throat, where a few twists of his head brought his thick sternocleidomastoids into sharp relief under my fingertips. "Shit" I muttered. He responded by bringing my left hand to his mouth and sucking on the forefinger gently, guiding my other right hand down over his massive pecs and pressing his back into my own thick chest. He practically purred as my chest hair scratched against his broad lats. The secondary growth had spread to the parts I hadn't directly affected, and the thickened muscles flexed against me as I scooted forward off the couch and straddled his knees on the floor with my own. I humped my fat cock along the deepening ridge of his back. My precum smeared on his body and his back responded accordingly. The teres rippled with growth and his lats began creeping out. His thick arms were being pushed out by the v-shape turning convex. Al writhed and flexed. His hand released mine. I brought my hands back from over his shoulders and began to massage Al's growing lats. He got the hint and stood up, towering over me once again as his pale back filled my vision. I worshipped his back lovingly, exploring the spinal erectors and lats as his back exploded in a new wave of growth from my attentions. His 23" arms would have a hard time going below 30 degrees now. I lowered down to my hands and knees and got to work on his calves. The split head bulged from his leg sharply, jutting inches up and out. Each lick and kiss brought more and more muscle into being. Al pointed his feet and flexed them for me, alternating legs until his calves exceeded even his monstrous upper arms as my magic worked them into 25" freakish mushrooms of meat. Even at his height they were monstrous, bigger around than they were long. Al's calves were as big as a big man's thighs, over two feet around of rock hard striated flesh. Satisfied for the moment with the freakish calves, I lavished his hamstrings next. I could hear Al panting, his huge arms lifting with each breath as his bulging lats forced them further and further out. His hamstrings grew and flexed and grew some more under my attentions, pressing into my face as my scruff scratched gently over his straining legs. His thick squatter's thighs had to be in the mid-30's by now, and growing steadily. I reached around and felt the teardrop quads overflowing his knees. I grabbed globs of the precum burbling out of my dick slit in a steady stream and smeared it onto his quads. They responded by fucking erupting. His legs abruptly shifted apart as his stance was permanently changed for the wider. I felt carefully from behind, groping around his huge thighs a I continued to bury my face in his grotesque hamstrings. I got a good streak of precum on his sartorius and felt the sash of muscle across his quads thicken into a bulging rope of muscle Al reached back and gripped his thick ass, his arms having trouble as his expanding lats forced them apart. "Please," he whispered, guiding me to his ass. "Please." He was in muscle euphoria, barely able to speak. I dove into his ass, licking and kissing across the giant, striated cheeks, tonguing his hole deep, nibbling on the expanding hard flesh and tight, muscular sphincter. His ass was everything a muscle enthusiast could want, the pale cheeks involuntarily flexing against my face as I drove him wild. He collapsed onto his hands and knees, ass in the air. He was huge, closer to 400 than 300 pounds by now. From between his wide-spread 37" thighs I could see inches thick pecs pressing into the floor. His dick was over 11" now and drooling precum on the floor. I scooted over to him and slicked my dick up with my ample precum. Time for the main event. His muscular ass had to relax before I could penetrate. Al psyched himself up for the huge intruder, grinding his big glutes along my shaft a bit before lining up and pushing back against me. My fat cockhead pushed in, ever-so-slowly sliding though the muscular tunnel and spurting precum the whole way, until with a pop I was past his sphincter. I was leaking precum continuously, lubing him up to take my monster and growing his freakish muscles. He pressed his arms against the floor and lowered his chest, pushing his huge torso back to fuck himself on my fat cock. Fuck, his arms looked like 26" now. The triceps never looked relaxed, huge horseshoes straining as his biceps bulged against the sickeningly thick forearms. His huge back was an obscene ocean of pale flesh. His traps were so thick they bulged out from the bottom of his hairline to his upper back with an inches-thick furrow between them. After a few minutes of careful pushing, I felt his thick glutes finally press against my hips. His sphincter squeezed the base of my shaft reassuringly as he scooted back and forth an inch or so to get used to the monster inside him. I reached out and gripped the edges his lats. Even bulging so far from his torso, they were inhumanly thick. I held on tight and began to slowly thrust. In and out, faster and faster. He wimpered as the growth worked its way out from his core, distributed evenly and pumping his insane body up even more. "Fuck," he said between grunts. "Fuck yes. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck!" And I did. I plowed him harder, pulling back until just the fat head of my footlong cock pulled against his sphincher, then thrusting in again. Harder. Faster. I battered his prostate and stretched his tight, muscular hole as his body grew beneath me. My orgasm was building as my gigantic partner strained and pushed against me, his huge ass and hard thighs meeting my thrusts. I was just about to blow when he abruptly stopped. "Everything ok?" I asked. "Better than ok," he said. "But I need a change of scenery." He pulled himself off my cock, tenderly lifting his hole up the shaft until finally the fat, dripping head plopped free. Al stood up and turned around. I gasped. I hadn't seen his front in several minutes. His chest was beatiful, with a hand-deep valley running from top to bottom. His abs had hardened up into a brutal 10-pack, leading down to an almost sickening adonis belt. The bands bulged and writhed as his now foot-long cock bounced in front of him. It was as long as mine now, and even thicker. Al moved forward and manhandled me, laying me on my back with my arms over my head. One of his strong hands was enough to hold both of mine down as he positioned himself squatting over me. Then he reached down and guided my cock back to his hole as his knees stretched wide enough to keep his huge thighs from crushing me outright. His bicep and pec clashed as he lined up my cock and began fucking himself on me once again. Fuck me. His waist was still relatively narrow, but the bulging lats and bowling ball shoulders made it look tiny. His thighs were each coming to rival my thick chest. The pale behemoth began posing over me and massaging my body with his strong hands. He brought his 28" bicep up and kissed it, massaging my pecs with his other hand. He was in muscle heaven as he rode my thick cock and felt my hard body and his own gargantuan growing physique. As he groped me his pecs his biceps and pecs fought for room. He placed his bunched fists on his hips for a lat spread and his grotesque back muscles reached almost out to his elbows. He transitioned into a most muscular that redefined the words. His pecs bulged up and bumped into his chin while his freakish traps actually pushed his earlobes up. All the while his huge thighs pumped away, fucking my dick with his ass. "You're so fucking hot. Ah fuck your cock feels like it's splitting me open and I just want more. More!" He planted his left hand on the floor next to my head and groped my thick pecs with the right. I flexed for him and he groaned appreciatively, squeezing and pawing hungrily. I groped his thick arms, his biceps and triceps exploding from forearm to shoulder. His forearms were bigger than my 19" upper arms now, and covered with rippling fibers and veins. He rode me hard and I thrusted up to meet him, our sweat-slicked bodies making a meaty cacophony as we slammed together. I couldn't take it anymore. I erupted inside him, shooting rope after rope of hot cum into his hungry hole and sending him higher into ecstasy. His growth increased even more and his own orgasm came like a volcano. His cock blasted shot after shot, each one an even larger load than the last. Thick splattering noises filled the room for over a minute as his 14" cock blasted the huge overhang of his pecs with cum and it rained down onto my body beneath. I basked in the afterglow as his bulk collapsed onto me. Al's chest heaved as he caught his breath, rubbing the sweaty meat of his pecs on my face. His growth seemed to finally subside as the last of my cum worked its magic. I was still rock hard as we collected ourselves and he stood, sliding off my cock and coming to his full height. He was slightly shorter than his full 6'7" now as his legs had to be spread so wide. His 30" arms were resting at a 45 degree angle from vertical. His 84" chest flowed down to a ripped 32" waist. His body flared out again as his huge ass and 45" quads asserted themselves. His thick-jointed knees looked delicately small between those overhanging teardrops and the 31" calves that exploded outward in a bloated diamond. His alread single-digit bodyfat was now stretched over at least 200 pounds more muscle. His 14" monster cock was also still erect and thick as my wrist. Huge bull balls hung in his scrotum, pushed forward by his thighs. Al rubbed his hands indredulously over his awesome bulk, his muscles colliding as he bent and flexed. His pecs blocked his abs from his view and as he felt his ripped stomach his biceps and pecs fought for space and his lats prevented his elbows from coming too low. I stood in front of him and joined in the admiration. I ran my hands over the hard bulges of his serratus muscles and down his trim waist. His core was constantly tensing and flexing to keep his ponderous upper half upright. "Shit," I said. "Nobody's ever taken to it like this. You're amazing! Fuck!" "This is everything I ever dreamed of and more," Al said. He grabbed me by the hips and lifted me up to his level. I leaned forward over his pec shelf to kiss him deeply. We remained like that for a few minutes, two lovers enjoying the euphoric afterglow of a truly glorious fuck. His enormous arms showed no sign of tiring by the time he put me down. "How can I possibly thank you enough for all this?" He emphasized what 'this' was by bringing his arms up in an impossible double biceps pose. The huge peaks fought for space with his forearms and he absent-mindedly opened his fists and began stroking the cephalic veins with his fingers. I wrapped both hands around his cock and stroked the still-slick shaft. "I'm sure can think of a way."
  12. LJackson

    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 1 of 14

    Hey guys, I wrote this novel a couple of years ago and for a while it was on sale at Amazon, Smashwords etc. I've decided to remove it from sale and make it available here in instalments. That doesn't change the fact that it is Copyright Lawrence Jackson 2015. Hope you enjoy it - please give me any kind of feedback you want! Dedicated to the Xhamster user known as 'snuffed' and Tom/Nico/Stephan aka 'Skinnythick' and everyone else who gives a little of themselves online. 1 Stephan Friday, August 1st The plumber said: 'If I'd known this was going to happen, I'd have stopped by the gym this morning.' But he had a nice body, all the better for not being toned. He was in his mid-to-late twenties: his belly and upper body were fleshy — I ran a hand over his left tit, swirling sweat across his fleshly nipple with my thumb — but it was clear enough to me he played footie every Sunday. His hairy thighs, as he braced himself for my pumping first, were muscled like an athlete's. 'You're so fit,' I told him. He smiled and looked shyly down at himself. 'Fuck off.' I finished unzipping his overalls. The heat coming off him was like a radiator. 'I really shouldn't be doing this,' he said, shimmying the overalls to his ankles. 'I'm proposing to my bird next Sunday.' I promised him she wouldn't mind, and began massaging his cock. 'There are some things,' he said, widening his stance so I could go at him more vigorously, 'you just can't speak to your other half about.' 'Tell me about it,' I said, glancing at our apartment's front door. Tom wasn't due back until the evening, later even if it was 'one of those days' at the surgery, so put this one down to a gay man's intuition. 'She talks about getting into bed with another girl,' he said, 'but just to make me cum, and that. She'd pull one of her faces if she could see me now.' He put his hands flat on his hips, and watched as his dick got fully hard in my hand. 'What else does your, eh, fiancé do to make you cum?' He looked at me. 'Getting a bit personal, aren't we?' 'That's my favourite thing to get,' I said. I nibbled his sweaty chest, kissed his hairy belly, licked his dick questioningly. 'She's alright,' he said, pushing my face down onto his dick so that my glasses jolted halfway down my nose. I let them sit there, and got on with the business of deep-throating that intensely warm cock. His whole body was hot from the overalls. I bounced my nose off his crotch, sniffing droplets of sweat from his short and curlies, the saltiness of his pork gliding smoothly to the back of my throat. 'She likes to go on top once in a while. She watches porn with me — well, she did it once when we were in a hotel in Budapest, and she seemed to really get off on it. She really might go to bed with me and another girl, if the circumstances arose. Oh yeah, mate, that is reem.' 'Mmm,' I said, swallowing a gobbet of pre-cum that spoke louder than words. 'And maybe a year down the line, or maybe when the kids are in school at least, when we're really settled,' he said, 'I could maybe buy her a strap-on. Have you seen that online? Pegging, they call it. Stupid bloody name.' I took the cock out of my mouth and kept wanking it, looking up at his expression. 'You got time to do that today?' 'I've got to be in Muswell Hill at three thirty for an estimate on a wet room,' he said, drawing in a thoughtful air through his teeth. 'How long does it take to set up?' 'No time,' I said. 'Turn around.' 'Fucking hell,' he said, following my instruction. 'My lucky day, innit?' He was bent over and spreading his cheeks for me, when I heard a sound outside. Ex-copper's instincts now. That was definitely Tom's car, the way the engine did that thing that I've been nagging at him about getting fixed. I hesitated, then stuck my tongue up the plumber's sweaty plug-hole to play for time. 'Oh fuck, yes,' he said. 'Do you need me to get at a particular angle for you? You're such a tall bastard. Six four, is it?' 'Six eight,' I said, staring at his arsehole, bubbled with my spit. Outside, I heard car doors slam. Three floors up. Tom would walk it, he always did. It took almost exactly five minutes. 'Look,' I said. 'I've just remembered something.' 'Oh yeah,' he said, 'you need lube for a thing like this, don't ya?' 'It's more than that,' I said, getting to my feet. He turned to look at me, worried. 'Well, rubbers, of course. It's been a while, but it's not actually my first time, sunshine.' 'No, something bigger than that.' I saw his eyes widen in excitement. 'One of those big rubber dildo things?' I ran an anxious hand through my curly blonde hair. 'It's my boyfriend.' 'Whatever you say, fellah,' he said, grinning and wanking his cock. 'Extra very well endowed, is he?' 'Funny you should say that,' I said, 'but the important thing is that he doesn't know you're — we're — he's not actually due back till later, but -' 'Oh, shit, say no more,' said the plumber. 'I've been here before, enough times.' He pointed at the floor. 'Hence the zip-up overalls.' I willed myself to remember the order of the Kings and Queens of Britain. My hard-on resisted till I reached the 1920s when I really had to concentrate. By the time I could bear to look back at him, he was fully dressed and writing his number on the back of a card. 'Escort me to your maintenance task,' he said, handing it over. 'You do have one, don't you?' Of course. Fucked if I could remember what it was, though. The key went in the lock. I went cold, looked for my jumper, and the thought leaped out at me. 'The radiator,' I said, as the door opened. 'Excellent,' said the young man, with only a glance toward the new arrival. He had his biro out again already. 'Well, here's my charge for call-out, stripping down, tackling the airlock. Of course, if the problem persists, call me out again at a convenient time and I'll see what else we can do.' My heart was racing. 'Of course,' I said. 'Can you take a card, or -' 'That'll be fine.' I handed over £50, licking my lips with the taste of his fuck-chute till on the tip of my tongue. He smiled that broad smile and I nearly got a tent in my jogging bottoms all over again. 'See you.' 'See ya, mate!' Tom stood in the doorway, watching the plumber leave. 'Well done. I thought neither of us would ever organise that.' 'Time on my hands,' I said, thinking about where my fingers had just been, and wiping unobtrusively them on my jumper. 'Well, yes,' Tom said, frowning. 'I wasn't expecting you to be home...' He tailed off and looked back into the stairwell. 'Look,' he said, to somebody out there, 'this is silly. You'd better come in.' The door creaked open and a young man in jeans and hooded top came in, swinging a camera case. With his bottle glasses, bristling moustache and tightly knotted tie he looked faintly intellectual, but with that dumb look that comes with the heady uncertainty of imminent sex. I smiled at him, to put him at his ease, and he smiled back, perhaps to put me at mine. It was a moment of wild incomprehension and at the same time, perhaps, total understanding. 'You were going to...' I looked back at Tom, who was squatting on the arm of the sofa. In his smart office trousers, his big bazonger was perfectly delineated, and faintly tumescent as well. 'Yes,' he said. 'Dean and I were making conversation at work.' 'Right,' I said. 'We were talking about you,' Tom said. 'I see,' I said. 'And naturally that led to inviting him back for...' 'It did, in fact,' Tom said. 'I was telling him about what you've been getting up to this past year.' Ouch. 'No,' Tom said, seeing my face. 'Don't feel bad. That's what I realised, in my conversation with Dean. That it's good. We should both be doing whatever we want. It'll make us happy.' 'Right,' I said, pulling on my jumper. Tom forced a smile. 'Right,' he said. He looked at Dean. 'Do you want a coffee?' 'Sure,' said Dean. 'Everything okay?' 'I'll get the coffee,' I said, patting him on the shoulder. 'Milk? Sugar?' 'You sure?' Tom looked concerned. 'You two get started,' I said, not quite sure what I was saying, and walking towards the door, turning my head, I saw my boyfriend turning to the stranger and shrugging off his coat. The stranger put down his bag and took off his jacket. I noticed a little staff card in a lanyard round his neck. So the pair of them were both GP's at the same surgery. Trust Tom to meet someone so entirely innocently, after all my debaucheries of the past year. The stuff that's got me thrown out of the police force. The stuff that's wrecked my life. I stood in the doorway, staring at the coffee pot. I could hear them kissing and gasping with the novelty of it. I could hear them undoing a belt. I closed the door, filled the kettle, put it on to boil. I opened the door a crack, spied on the pair of them. I wanted to see the junior doctor's reaction to my boyfriend's huge member. Dean was unzipping his camera bag, while Tom had his hands up inside his starched office suit and was pinching his nipples. Dean took out a huge black camera and turned it on Tom, ordering him to strip. His words vanished behind the hissing of the coffee coming to the boil. I just saw Tom slowly undoing his shirt, dropping his trousers to his ankles. His raging bulge twitched like a black mamba in a sandwich bag. Dean knelt at his feet and carried on snapping. I got my dick out of my trousers and started wanking. The coffee began to hiss and issue steam. Tom took the camera and snapped Dean as he tugged Tom's juicy pink sausage out of his grey, custom-issue y-fronts. Dean played up to it in a practised way, marvelling at the big purple head, the way he could get one hand gripped around it on top of the other. He wanked and sucked on it, spit flying all over the kitchen floor in his enthusiasm. The coffee pot gurgled, and so did I. I pumped my fist faster. Tom and Dean snogged one another, one small dick pressed against a giant, kneaded and ground together. I couldn't help noticing Tom had one eye on the kitchen door. I turned away and served up the coffee, hand trembling. Tom looked excited, slightly drunk — sexy as fuck, of course — but did he look happy? Or just pretending? Whose benefit was this for, exactly? Was I really thinking those things, though, or was I thinking: Fuck, Fuck, Gotta Fuck, Two hot guys getting off in the living room, gotta fuck, gotta Fuck, gotta FUCK FUCK FUCK. (I've come to realise this is the theme song to my days.) I took the coffee in, and the two men broke away. 'Uh, maybe it's not the time for a drink after all, mate,' Dean said, wiping the steam from his glasses lenses. 'Leave it on the table,' Tom said, 'but don't forget to use the coasters.' The doorbell rang. 'I'll get that,' I said, my voice almost lost in my mouth. It was the plumber, of course. 'You alright, big fellah?' he said, looking up at me. 'I got talking to the bloke in specs while he was waiting in the hall. Says he's heard your fella's got a huge dick and loves fucking arse.' I nodded shyly, and welcomed him in. 'Do you want a coffee?' I said. He considered. 'Nah,' he said, rubbing his chin and looking at the couple writhing on the sofa. 'Got that Muswell Hill job, ain't I? Alright, you two lovebirds, who wants to take a straight boy up the arse, and who wants to photograph it?' He was very clear that they shouldn't get a shot of his face, but in the end, of course, the pair of them did: a huge splash. Even the plumber managed to spunk himself on the cheek. I had a wank while they were all three locked together, but for some reason I myself couldn't cum until I was looking at the pictures later on Dean's Tumblr. And I thought about this. Afterwards, over lunch, Tom surprised me: 'I think we ought to have a trial separation.' I laughed. 'That's just what I was going to say,' I said. 'You're driving me round the bend. Making me want new things.' 'Today, all I wanted was you. But I also wanted to fuck everything. I'm not sure I can square it.' He pushed his chair away from the table. 'Maybe it'll be easier if we're both single. We can see more of each other.' He was rubbing his tits through his cum-stained work shirt. 'No. We need to be apart. I'm bad for you. I make you do things you don't want to do.' 'I'll do whatever you want,' he said. He stood up and stood next to me, nuzzling my shoulder with his crotch, where a hard-on was swelling. 'Exactly,' I said. 'I'm not right in the head. I'm addicted. I need to get myself cleaned up, and in the meantime, you need to become you again.' He unzipped and took it out. The dick that had first captivated me when I saw it online. Mr11AndAHalf, Wimbledon. 'I don't want us to get cleaned up,' he said. 'I want us to get completely covered in sweat and cum and piss.' It was still only soft. The temptation was just as massive as his meat-stick. I stood up, stooped, and kissed him lightly on the lips. 'Shush,' I said. 'We both need some time away from sex. I'll go and pack a bag.' 'But where can you go to get away from sex? Who will you be staying with?' he asked me. 'Slutpig93, Musclelad2000 or FatCockStr8Slut?' All of them old friends. Actually, Mum and Dad weren't that surprised to see me. 'You'd gone quiet,' Mum told me, over a cup of tea in the kitchen. 'I knew something was up.' 'I don't exactly get in touch as often as I should anyway!' I confessed. 'This was different,' she said. 'Do you want a biscuit? I've got your favourites.' My favourites are Ginger Crunch Creams, of course. I'd forgotten all about them and suddenly wham, there they are, just when I need them most. I'm eating one now, sitting on my old bed, looking out of my old window. DulwichVillage. Dead centre of normality and peace. Where the net curtains twitch all day, where there are still red telephone boxes and milkmen. The place I waited eighteen years to escape. Well, another eighteen years on and I'm grateful for it. I can take all the peace it can throw at me. Only I had a weird experience at the library, and it rattled me. Mum had some books to take back. Margery Allinghams and Delia Smiths. I needed the walk, as the summer light died on the air and the green leaves rustled overhead. What, I thought, could be more normal, more calming, than the library. Dulwich Village Library has the atmosphere of a chapel. It has the serenity of an attic room. At six o'clock in the evening, when the heat of the day was at its highest, I witnessed an insane couple go to the Self Help section and begin heavy petting. I mean, I've seen some stuff. I've done some stuff. Going public was always a big thrill for me. How can I forget, for instance, walking along the South Bank at one in the morning and getting my knob sucked overlooking the river, a string of coloured lights overhead, and us in the shadow of a tree. Cruise ships slowly passing up the river, playing Ricky fucking Martin, and I'm living La Vida Loca myself with my dick deep down the guy's throat, his headphones round his collar. That's where the queers go, isn't it, that's where we do it: anywhere we like. But I don't think of straight couples doing it, and not in broad daylight for god's sake, and not in a place like DulwichVillage, where Radio 4 is considered slightly common. But there he was, arse like two bowling balls, arms exploding from his t-shirt. Reminiscent, in fact, of a cage fighter who's swallowed a rugby player, and his blonde girlfriend with her legs open for his finger. It was like they'd been specially cast to perform for us. It would have been rude not to look. In any case, I instinctively fell into the role of security guard. When the senior librarian running the library came over on some errand or other, I coughed as low and as loud as I could, in that universal language for 'Put your cock away'. The public pornstar glanced around at me, with an evil sort of smile. Then he knelt down, lifted the girl's skirt, and put his face right in there. The senior librarian actually spluttered when he saw it, and I'm not sure I didn't too. He looked at me, or up at me, of course. I smiled, sweetly. 'They're not with me,' I said, in that special voice we use in libraries. I wanted to hear the noises they were making together. I wanted to see how much further they would take this. I wanted to get my dick out and wank it. Jesus, it was hard. Like I'd starved myself for a week and then someone had just walked in with a big plate of steak. I checked nobody was watching, and slowly began to fuck the books at groin level, nudging my sweaty, precummy, nylon-tracksuit-wrapped cockhead in between the spines of hardback encyclopaedias. Just then I heard a sharp intake of breath, and my head whipped around. It was the junior librarian, a bloke in his twenties. He must have been sent over to sort out the couple in the book stacks, more's the pity. I would have liked the little fellah to have sorted me out first. He was much more my type than the steroid fiend with snake eyes and tight trousers. Textbook clean-cut straight boy: clean fair hair in a trendy yet somehow too-soft quiff. Not unlike Daniel Radcliffe in looks and demeanour. Nicely ironed polo shirt (pretty sure Mum did that for him). Slender and well groomed, a couple of colourful wristbands with charities and festival names printed on them. He'd just taken in for the first time the scene I'd been enjoying , and his eyes were starting out of his head. He'd never seen the like. God, but he licked his lips at the sight, without realising he was doing it, I think. He was so brimful of milky innocence, my heart leapt in my chest. He even gave a little embarrassed smile and looked away, busying himself with a carousel of cheap romances. What is the impulse in us to take that innocence and ruin it irrevocably? I turned my attention back to the boy and girl in their own little world, but my mind was on that librarian. I knew he was watching the scene. I wondered what he was thinking. Was he envying them? Nervous? Had he done something like that? Had he actually been with a girl? It was like when I used to watch straight porn, and I realised I was fantasising about the men who watched it, as much or more so than the guys who were in it. Had he watched porn? Did he like a wank? How did he look when he came? The man and woman were aware of him watching now. They threw him little glances. I looked to see how he was taking it. My dick had dislodged the books permanently now so that they gave me no purchase. I was well hidden by a Romance carousel and some magazine shelving. Keeping everybody very carefully in view, and hoping the police weren't actually on their way (ex-colleagues! fuck!), I reached into my trackie bottoms and put my hand around my dick. I gave it a slow caress. My knobhead was a sticky mess of precum and sweat. I withdrew the hand and, not knowing what else to do with it, reached inside my vest and wiped it across my chest. I felt the print of my hand on my tit like a warm, glowing smear of UV paint. My dick was crying out for some more, but I decided to play it casual. I wanted to see what the librarian did. I actually saw him, thinking himself unobserved, reach into his chinos and rearrange his dick. Hard-on. Bingo. I watched him walk back, hard dick tucked away so that nobody knew it was there but me. All I wanted to do then was put a hand on his chest and say, 'Excuse me, lad, I've got reason to think you're sporting a hard-on in public. Come on, then, let the dog see the rabbit.' I didn't want sex at that point. I wanted to awake something in him. He walked into the scene, as if it wasn't happening. He'd obviously decided on a softly-softly approach. He began slowly putting away the books. He was so near me, I could smell the styling mousse in his hair. My dick asked me to take it in hand again, and this time I obliged. I wanked as slowly as I could force myself, looking back and forth from him to the couple, my hand sliding all the way up to my balls, drawing my foreskin right back from my throbbing, slobbery cockhead, then slowly sheathing it again hiding it in my first, squeezing it with my index finger, as the couple played up further and further to their new spectator, and he pretended more and more that they weren't there. The girl was licking the guy's cock through his jeans, when the boy obviously decided he'd had enough, but before he could confront them, he seemed to look to me for strength. I saw in him then, all the desire he was resisting, all the lust he was forcing down to the pit of his soul. I saw how far he wanted to go with a girl like her, and I thought how much further I could take him. I tried not to register any change in expression as I spunked hard into my fist. As the cum dribbled through my fingers, I watched the most bizarre scene. I can't quite bring myself to put it down on paper now. I wonder — why were they there; how come it was when this lad was on duty, this perfect mirror for their dirty goings-on. When it was all over, I did my bit and defended him to his manager. I mean, a kid like that, against a beast like that, he did what any of us would do. And after it was over, I went to the counter, my heart crashing in my chest, borrowing books that I've already forgotten the names of. 'Are you okay?' I asked him. He looked wounded. He shot me something like a glare. 'I'll be okay.' 'That prick deserves to be picked up,' I told him, 'and I'll tell you from my own extensive experience, it's only a matter of time before it happens.' 'I'd like to be there when it does,' he said. 'You'll need to fill out a form if you want to borrow books today.' My hand shook as I followed his instructions. I could smell the clean, soapy aroma of his body, and dried sweat in his clothes and hair too. 'You're stronger than him in all but the obvious way,' I told him, drinking in his slender, boyish physique. 'Thanks,' he said, and smiled. 'I've always thought that was enough.' 'For most people, it's more than enough,' I said. He let out a long sigh, looked at the form, looked up at me. 'Thanks very much, Stephan,' he said, and extended a hand for me to shake. It fitted into my palm and felt almost weightless. I decided he might be offended by a vigorous pump, so I just squeezed it and smiled, leaving the library without any of the books I had been due to borrow. My heart went out to him like a ray of light. But when it came to it, I let the whole scene play out like I was watching on a screen. Why didn't I step in? I've spent the last fifteen years breaking up fights and calming down tensions. Why didn't I intervene? I think I knew, deep down, that I couldn't involve myself in that, whatever it was. It was too hot, too perfect, for all concerned. It was important for all of us. I've cum three times again tonight thinking about it. And I keep trying to see things from the point of view of Beauty and the Beast and am just left with mystery. What's their game? What were they trying to unlock in that beautiful young man? And did they succeed?
  13. Chapter One "Oh, you were able to come!" As Roger gave Henry the biggest hug ever recorded in history, his friend gasped "I'm not the Ultimate Musketeer" and as Roger let go he chuckled "Although I could be if you wanted me to!" "We'll save that for the masses!" smiled Roger and with that opened the doors to the SUV and as Henry and Roger piled in all the materials they would need for the Olympia, they jumped in and pointed in the direction of Las Vegas and said in unison "Olympia, HO!" and with that Roger gunned the engine and they were off *** "Your destination is 809 miles away" announced the sat nav as they left Fort Collins "and will take eleven hours and thirty five minutes!" "Wow!" exclaimed Henry, "you do realise that's the same as travelling from where I live to Aberdeen and about two thirds of the way back again. You were right when you said that America was a large country!" "A large country" smiled Roger, "with large men heading to a contest with even larger men!" and with that they both laughed before Roger said "So, how was the flight?" "Flight?" asked Henry, "what flight?" "The flight from the UK to here!" replied Roger "Really?" asked Henry raising an eyebrow, "why on earth would I want to waste money on a flight?" "You never!" gasped Roger to which Henry replied with a chuckle "I did" and with that stated his journey. "I left my home at midnight today" he started, "remembering of course that I'm seven hours ahead of you. I had my luggage with me and so wheeled it down to the beach where I live. Then, and considering it was now a quarter past midnight, I went to the beach hut I have and there I..." "Oh fuck!" moaned Roger, "you did, didn't you?" "...became the Ultimate Musketeer!" added Henry and as he did Roger roared "Oh, fuck, yeah. Go on, tell me what you did!" "Well, after wrapping the luggage onto my back, I dived into the Irish Sea and headed due south west until I got to the Azores a little after three in the morning my time!" "Oh fuck!" moaned Roger, "how fast were you going?" "I'm not sure, but give me a moment" and as he consulted his tablet he replied "About three times faster than an aeroplane, but then I always like to go full throttle when I start!" "And then where?" moaned Roger "Well, I took a right hand turn and headed towards the United States. I think I arrived in, oh, now what was it called?" and with that he looked at the map and said "Ah, yes, here we are, Beverly Beach in Maryland, and that was just about sunrise" "You swum the Atlantic in a little over twelve hours?" gasped Roger "Give or take, yes!" "Oh man, your heart must have been pumping!" "Two hundred and forty beats per minute" said Henry, "about the same as a brisk jog. And from there I ran all the way here" "How long?" moaned Roger, "or should I stop the car now and cum?" "Let's see" came the reply, "I arrived in Maryland at around seven in the morning eastern, so that's five in the morning mountain, we'd agreed to pick me up from the airport at eleven mountain so five hours!" As Roger moaned, he pulled the car over and started scrabbling for something. Pulling out what looked like a drinks bottle, he pulled out his eleven inch cock, thrust it into the bottle and moaned "Speed?" "Three hundred and thirty nine miles per hour" came the reply, "a little under half the speed of sound!" "OOOOOOHHHHHH, FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!" screamed Roger as he came into the bottle and as he orgasmed panted, "Tell Adam, the next time he visits, take the aeroplane. I don't think I'll be able to stand too many of his go it alone journeys!" "Hear that, Adam" said Henry tapping his head, "on the return journey we book a plane" to which Adam grumped in reply "That's not fair, you know I wanted to swim through the Panama Canal!"
  14. Guest

    workout Jeff: Muscle Frenzy

    Hi guys, here’s another chapter of Jeff. This time a heavy chest workout with a hot muscle frenzy in the middle Hope u like it. Here’s the link to the previous chapters: Jeff’s Shredding Freakshow: Jeff: How it all started: -------- 21/05/2016 10:30 am – NYC Jeff had one of “those” days: Those days where his mind had remembered his life: where he had reached, how he had gone from a skinny teenager to a grotesque freak of nature. Those thoughts about his progress, his growth, his natural (or unnatural) genetic variation, that transformed him into an almost skinless shredded freak. Those thoughts got him brutally horned up, since he woke up. And he knew what could satisfy him the most: one equally brutal, intense and insane workout. So he had a HUGE breakfast, with the biggest hard on ever in his pants, and got ready for gym. Still with the heavy breakfast in his stomach, Jeff was heading there. It had been a really good choice: the gym was meant for heavy lifting, but it wasn’t located in the best zone of NYC for that. Instead of heavy bodybuilders, there were lots of mid-aged women trying to keep in shape for his millionaire husbands. There were also some guys into lifting, but not in a hardcore way. But none of that really mattered: when Jeff appeared in the door, most of the people went their homes, and left the whole gym almost for him. Jeff knew the reason: the sole image of his freaky body disturbed them. Some stayed there for some minutes, half mesmerized, half scared, but none of them remained in the gym for more than half an hour, time enough for Jeff to get into his muscle frenzy workout. He knew his capabilities, his natural gift for training and building muscle: no carbs, no workout; but he burned it so fast he had to keep on eating during his workout. A high accelerated metabolism that let him take 100% advantage of each ounce of carbs, and once he stopped, removing any remaining fat in his skin and muscles. So that’s why he carried a huge meal with himself in the gym: 2lbs of rice, chicken, along with the bottle of supplements he needed every 15 minutes. He got into the gym and said hello. As usual, the owner didn’t cheered him back, who would like anyone emptying his gym in 30 minutes? Jeff didn’t take much time to prepare: he wanted to train as soon as possible. He had only one though in his head. “You fucking freak, it’s time to explode those pecs. Fuck I just can’t wait to feel them pump, feel the fibers tear apart, in the most freaky grotesque condition any human has reached”. He drank his first supplements, stuffed his meal in the locker and went to the weights room. He was only wearing his tank top, a XXXXL size that was fucking small for his frame, and looked like a second skin (or a first skin, since his real one was thinner than the fabric), and a pair of shorts, really short ones, with no underwear, who could barely contain his boner. And he didn’t care of that: he was high for his muscles, for his workout, for himself, all he could think about is how he was going to look in just a few minutes, and the freak he’d turn into in the 3 hour workout. He passed by the corridor who lead to the weights room, full of mirrors in both sides. But he did a huge effort not to look at himself. “Go on Jeff, focus!!! Don’t look at yourself yet, you have to start training NOW” But then he got into the weights room… and lost his mind. Mirrors everywhere, from the floor to the ceiling, gave him a reflection of his freaky body from every angle. He made a strong effort not to start posing and look at every muscle group, and headed to the seated bench press machine, but then he looked at himself at the mirror and focused on those pecs. “Oh my fucking god Jeff, you’re a fucking freak!” The pecs were almost fully visible, since his tank top was a really small one. It left visible the whole pecs, even the upper abs, and just covered a small trim by the tank braces. The insertions in his delts were freaky visible, even in a relaxed state, the tight thick tendon supporting the whole muscle and making the fibers flow from it, expanding to the rest of the muscle and forming freaky insertions in his sternon. His former trainer, Andy, had refused to go on training him because he thought he was pushing himself too much, that his health was in risk, so much tension on his bones and tendons could break them. But he didn’t care about that. He went on exploring his pecs, from the collarbone, the clavicles, down to the abs. The thickness of the pecs shocked him in the mirror, and looked down to watch directly at them, and all he could see was MUSCLE. “Awwww look at these freaks, man. You’ve got here two big balloons of muscle”. The sight got him harder. MUSCLE and more MUSCLE. Two immense balloons of muscle that didn’t let him look at his abs or his feet. He could see the cleavage, fucking deep, like a canyon surrounded by walls of muscle fibers. He focused on the insertions of the fibers in the bone, freaky visible, the thick tendon who ran along the cleavage was supporting so much force that is was popping out of his skin. He got his left index finger, sucked it up, getting it really wet, and used it to follow the line of insertions of the left pec fibers in the tendon. Millions, billions, of fibers inserting in a freaky tendon, feeling them with his wet fingers, got him harder again. “Aw Jeff, you’re such a grotesque and disgusting monster. But I fucking love this feeling, being such a peeled freak. Come on” Then he hit a big hard crunch on the right pec. He felt the nutrients he had eaten at breakfast flowing through the muscle to make it contract like hell. The right pec exploded and almost doubled its normal relaxed size. He could see the fibers growing, thickening, pulling the tendon hard, raising it up to release some tension on the bone, and the immense wall of muscle getting freaky thick, cut, higher than the left one, his finger stuck in the middle of it. He took the finger off the cleavage, hit a second crunch with his left one, joining both hands down in his abs and saw the second pec EXPLODE again. “Awwww that’s it u fucker!!! Now it’s enough, now let’s get these babies grow freak” He sat in the bench press and placed the plates at 300lbs. “Just a warm up” He didn’t use his leg to push the helping pedal and make the grip get at a normal position. Instead of that, he moved his hands back back back, in an impossible position to start pushing 300lbs. As he did that, his muscle fibers stretched like hell, his skin suffering an impossible tension, the tendon about to break apart, but he could finally get the grips. The look of his pec was impressive: the stretch had made his skin get even thinner, he could see every fiber, every vein under the skin, thickening to nourish the muscle with blood and carbs. And then he started pushing. The first push was almost bone crushing. He hit a loud roar as he started contracting the pecs. He could feel the impossible tension in the sternon and shoulder tendons, but didn’t care. His external fibers started pulling his arms, some of the fibers just broke, and he could hear that. “Aw fuckkkk that’s it let’s go with it”. He kept pushing and the grip moved effortlessly, making the whole muscle work, contracting in an impossible way, destroying thousands of fibers. His veins thickened to add more blood to the muscle, the muscle smoothed a bit from all that extra blood that his muscle needed to do the rep. As he was reaching the top he arched his back to add more pressure to his lower pec fibers, to make them work as well. He finally pushed to the top and looked at his reflection “Fuck I can’t even look at me”. The brutal growth of his muscle in the very first rep had almost covered his face against the mirror. He had to raise his head to be able to see and what he saw shocked him like hell. “No way, that can’t be me!!!! Whoooa u fucker, u did it again”. That wasn’t a though, he just said it alout.The few people that remained in the gym turned to watch the freak show in the machine. The sight from his position was shocking. His lower fibers were almost bursting out of his skin, freaky visible, the two upper abs were popping like hell, as if the exercise was meant for them. The rest of the abs were covered by the fabric of the tank top but he could see them clearly through the fabric. Popping like hell, covered in veins, even the shreds were visible. His nips were freaky disgusting, looking apparently normal but surrounded by billions of tearing muscle fibers, contracted to the max. “Now let’s do the show”, Jeff thought, and let the weight go down again, slowly, using the remaining carbs in his pecs to work them out while returning to the initial position. His fibers were stretching more and more, as he let the weights go down, but he didn’t stop in a natural starting position, no way, he let the weights go down down down again, his hands going back back back, until he stretched completely the muscle, tearing another hundred of fibers in that movement. And he repeated it again “Hit it, grow”, those were his words while pushing. He didn’t count the reps, he just kept pushing and pushing until he felt satisfied and full of blood. “Hit it grow”, he went on repeating those words aloud, like a mantra, with each rep. Each one getting him harder and hornier, losing his mind, and getting into the frenzy that he knew it was coming. “Hit it, grow”. He closed his eyes, and started visualizing his veins thickening, the fabric stretching, he heard a loud tearing sound and he knew the fabric couldn’t support the pressure and broke apart somewhere “Hit it, grow”, the burn in the muscle was painful, terrible, like a torture, but all he could think was on repping. “Hit it, grow”, he could feel the pecs fibers tearing apart, regenerating almost instantly thanks to his amazing genetics and the supplements, and making the pecs grow like hell. “Hit it, grow”, some heavy drops of sweat were running through his canyon cleavage, some others slowly ran over his over sensitive nipples, giving him a gentle tickle on them. “Awwwwww fuck my nips man, I need some work on them.” He went on “Hit it, grow”, the feeling on his nipples was getting too intense, weirdly intense, extremely horning. Then he opened his eyes and saw the owner of the gym, with a weird look, and his tongue out, working Jeff’s nips. That sight didn’t shock Jeff. He never thought the owner could want to do that, and it was probably because he was out of himself, his eyes were not those of a “normal” person, but a disturbed, crazy, devoted, in a trance one. But Jeff didn’t even care of that, he went on repping for 10 long more minutes of muscle development and nip work. When he finished he was already in a trance, frenzy, he didn’t know what that was. He couldn’t even think of anything, his movements were quite automatic, robotic ones. He stood up, looked at the mirror and saw the huge tear in his tank top at his upper abs. He grabbed the fabric and tore it apart, exposing his whole torso to the owner and no one else, because he had, again, emptied the gym. He gave himself a long look of his pecs. The pecs had doubled their size, each one would probably weigh 45lbs, nips pointing down, dripping sweat, carbs and the fat that his genetics was getting rid of. Slowly but continuously drying out, transforming his huge ballooned pecs into two slabs of freaky cords, tendons, veins, muscle fibers and an almost inexistent skin. The look was absolutely DISGUSTING, GROTESQUE, INSANE, INHUMAN, DISTURBING, but FUCK HE LOVED IT. He smiled at the peeled monster in the mirror and started his muscle frenzy. He extended his arms out, bulging muscles everywhere in his forearms, triceps and the huge biceps, then slowly with an evil grin look started moving them down, making the chest RIPPPPPPPLE from the bottom to the top. The fibers started crushing at the lowermost, the huge wave of muscle moving up. When it got to the nips, the wave made them roll up and point straight, horizontal, surrounded by those freaky and sinewy fibers. When it got to the midsection he crunched it harder, making each pec literally divide into two, and the deep dimple in the external side of the muscles looking like a cave. The wave moved up, getting to the top and forming a huge deep immense long cut along his collarbone, so thick and so deep everyone could fuck and cum into that cut. “Now that’s MUSCLE Jeff!!!!” He looked at the whole picture and got a huge wet spot in his already tight pants. He started oozing precum by gallons, wetting the whole fabric and making it drip to the floor. Then he noticed the owner, sitting there in a corner, next to him, his eyes lost, his cock out, jacking off furiously, with a painful but horned look, shaking his hips to enforce his jackoff, moaning loud, like complaining for not being able to cum. “Aw yeah yeah man. Jeff, this is what you need now. Someone to freak out” Jeff turned to the owner, his huge gigantic pecs still flexed. Relaxed his pose and got into a “normal” status. What Jeff called normal was an insane bunch of shredded beef everywhere, sinews, cords, tendons and veins popping everywhere He removed his shorts and exposed his snake cock, veiny as fuck, precum dripping off his slit non stop. The owner went crazy when he saw him fully naked, bulging everywhere, that monster muscle god in front of him, those pecs pumped like no one else in the world could have. Jeff started walking towards the owner, slowly, with an incredible self confidence who would make anyone crap. The owner got more nervous, his jackoff rate increasing. “That cock is gonna hurt tomorrow”. The manly voice of Jeff made the owner shake his head, and jack off more and more. Then Jeff started his freaking routine, what he called his muscle frenzy, and started hitting pose after pose, just for that poor guy laying there, unable to control his hand. “Let’s see if you can resist this” He started placing his right leg a bit forward, raised his feel and bent his knee. The gigantic leg was smooth but he could see the cuts under the skin. He started shaking the leg, from side to side. 50lbs of muscle moving like hell in front of that poor guy and then “TAKE THIS U FUCKER!!!!” He crunched the leg and the movement stopped in a sudden, transforming the huge slab of muscle into 15 different muscles perfectly cut out, carved in the surface of Jeff’s leg, right to the bone. The way the muscles popped there was a nonsense, disturbing. Even Jeff himself wasn’t believing how they looked today. He turned the leg and made his lateral muscle crunch harder, almost making it separate from the bone, popping out like hell­­­. “Aw fuck man you have to do this, come on!!” Jeff turned his leg outwards exposing the inner thigh and letting that scared guy look his real freak leg part. A giant snake of muscle crawled from the groin to the knee, a giant sartorius muscle, feathered like hell, make of long freaky fibers. Jeff crunched it separatedly and make it pop out, giving it the look of a thick vein. Then he took his hands and slowly followed the muscle, moving it under his skin, playing with him for that guy’s enjoy. He looked at him, and he couldn’t barely move, just jack off, so hard Jeff couldn’t see the hand, just a blur of a hand moving along a really damaged shaft. He decided to end that cock’s pain. “Stand up” The owner stood up without stopping his cock job. “Stop jacking” He obeyed and slowly stopped his furious jackoff. Jeff saw what he had done to himself. The cock was completely red, some of its foreskin was really damaged, small cuts along the skin and a precum foam covering the shaft. Then Jeff kneeled down, got close to the guy, leaned backward and hit an explosive pec crunch, in the same way he had previously pumped them. He could see the deep ridged cleavage, ready for taking that cock in. “Now fuck this” The guy opened his eyes wide, not able to believe it. He looked shocked and Jeff had to repeat, which he hated so fucking much. “I won’t say it again. Fuck this… NOW” The owner of the gym slowly moved towards Jeff, and placed his cockhead on the lower cleavage, next to his upper abs. The pain was impossible, for all the damage he had self-inflicted in his cock, but feeling was just UNBELIEVABLE, AMAZING, PURE HEAVEN. He leaned his head back and moaned loud. Jeff heard that and felt it, he could feel how that guy had let himself get lost in the muscle lust, the muscle frenzy. He started thrusting his cock into Jeff’s cleavage, moaning louder, feeling a terrible pain in his cock, the fibers were so hard it was like grating his own cockhead against some iron grater, but he couldn’t stop, he started fucking that pec god, that shredded bunch of fibers. “Oh fuck yes!!!! Don’t you ever stop” Jeff himself was in a state of pure ecstasy. The fact that this guy was FUCKING his muscle overpassed his limits and got deeper into his lust. He crunched his pecs harder, making them grow, and making that cock bury into the muscle. The guy cried out in pain but went on fucking. Jeff’s eyes went red, each time that cock entered his pec and reached his chin, he give it a deep suck, feeling the hurt cockhead. Jeff started rolling his pecs alternatively up and down, bouncing them, making his inner fibers to literally JACK OFF THAT GUY’S COCK. Both of them moaning loud, louder each time. All Jeff could see was his GROTESQUE PECS and that guy’s cock fucking them. That gave him a full hard on and his balls started churning. “Fuck here it comes. Cum over me!” Jeff made the guy stop fucking his pecs, stood up, stepped back and hit a freaky most muscular pose in that guy’s face. His muscles popped everywhere, freakishly cut, shredded, his traps rising like mountains, his face in a trance look, his jawline about to burst his face skin, the deltoids looking like 10 separate huge muscles on top of his shoulders, bursting out. The tricep and bicep, from that view, were unable to distinguish between them, just two huge gigantic and sinewy muscles forming an amazing frame for the torso, what was indescribable. The 12 pack of Jeff's stomach were popping out like hell, even in the shadows that his arms projected over them, he could see the veins running from his cock up to his abs, branching out to fill them with blood and pump them. But what really got him done was the pecs, they were looking as if two immense basketballs were placed where there should only be pecs. They had doubled their size again, a bunch of disgusting and obscene fibers that he had fucked minutes earlier. That idea make the owner cum. In a loud shout he shot gallons of extremely liquid cum right into Jeff’s pecs. Shot after shot. “Awwwwww that’s it you fucker!!!” Jeff felt the warm cum over his pecs, slowly flowing down, some cum dripping by his nips, some flowing through his abs down right into his cock, and that feeling made him cum like the freak he was. “Take this!!!!!!!” In a sudden explosion, Jeff’s body started shaking as he cum. Gallons of cum flew right into the floor, at the guy’s feet. Shot after shot, he made a pool of cum, a heavy smell that got him even hornier and made him cum more and more. When he dried out of cum, he smiled satisfied, opened his eyes and looked at that poor owner, back to his mind, unable to understand how he had been doing what he did. Mix of shock, embarrassment, disturb, he stood there, still dripping cum, as Jeff was putting his shorts again, entered the locker room, got his second supplements shake and got again into the weights room, right to the inclined bench press, to go on with his workout. Jeff looked at him again, then at the pool of cum and simply said. “It’s your gym. You should clean that mess” And started repping again.
  15. muscl4life

    Grandpa Burt Grows (Repost)

    GRANDPA BURT GROWS Story by Muscl4life and rdalrt2 Part 1 “These are new.” Grandpa commented, looking at the two blue pills in the bottom of the little plastic glass that I handled him, and for one second, it just felt he could read my mind, my heart skipped a bit. “It’s okay, gramps. Just a couple of new vitamins, they’re harmless.” I kindly encouraged him with a glass of juice to help him gulp down yet another set of pills. “Vitamins are a waste in this old sack of bones.” Grandpa just shrugged and took them down, not realizing that he had just swallowed a billion dollar revolutionary experimental super anabolic inducer that I had been secretly developed especially for him at my new job at ChemTech Labs. Don’t look at me like that; you would do the exact same thing too. Well, if you were a young man with a brilliant genius who loved your grandfather and hated to see him so miserable. I didn’t want his golden years to feel so lonely and uneventful. The man has been serving his country as a military and as a police officer, he served almost 35 years and became a rewarded crime fighter, but now people looked down at him, like he wasn’t capable of taking care of himself. Starting with dad, who insisted that Grandpa was no longer able to live by himself at only 68 years old! It was a good thing that I volunteered move in with him after I graduated from college, avoiding another major family crisis. Usually, grandpa was the most active man I knew. He was a 5’10” 170 pounds guy in top shape, grandpa could run 5 kilometers three times a week, and still lifted heavier than my scrawny self. He did try to eat healthy, but lately doctors were bugging him with cholesterol levels being too high. I used to think Grandpa Burt was my invincible hero, the same broad shouldered dark haired, gallant officer with the manliest mustache in the world, just like the picture hanging over the fireplace. After his surprising divorce, and the unexpected passing of Grandma, he did seem to lose a bit of his flare, became much more silent and less vigorous, more susceptible to illness, and in the last couple of months he did lost several pounds because his organism was much frailer. I wouldn’t let my grandpa go like that! At least not without doing something about, and being a very resourceful (some would say brilliant) young man working at a very disputed research position at the most prestigious pharmaceutical company of the world meant that I had access to several prototype formulae, just waiting to be improved by my skills. And so I decided to take this andropause study and bring it into a whole new level, I was determined not to just soften the loss of muscular mass, strength and sexual drive, I would find a way not only to revert these nasty symptoms, but to change the scenario around, my formula would actually help elder men to continue vigorous and strong throughout all their lives, if not healthier and stronger. Okay, I might be a bit obsessed, but all geniuses are obsessed. I also knew my formula was highly experimental but there was no better timing. Although I would never harm grandpa intentionally, and he needed to be the first human test, after all the formula was especially tailored for his genetic makeup and physiologic needs. Following the improvised treatment system that I pretended that his physician had created, Grandpa Burt took 2 pills three times a day, followed by a special nutrient shake that I developed especially to make sure his organism was getting all the amino-acids it deserved when the anabolic cycle started. Basically, my formula would “jump start” the genetic production of testosterone, which provided a new anabolic cycle in his organism, therefore overcoming the nasty effects of the andropause, allowing his life to get back in the vigorous standards. I had to hide my utmost excitement during the following days; I gave an excuse at work and said that my grandpa needed my cares, when in fact he was feeling healthier than ever. His appetite returned with revenge, he ate everything that I served him and even went back for seconds. His work out disposition had not only returned, it now seemed much more intense and his blood work was pristine, which overcame my most optimistic expectations. However, even if I were able to fool grandpa initially, I should have guessed that a prodigious 19 year old lab rat would never be able to keep the façade from a man who worked as a detective for over three decades for much longer. It turned out that Grandpa was just giving me enough line to see what was going on, and I realized it just at the end of the first week into the treatment, and I brought grandpa the first daily dose of his “vitamins”. “How are you doing sir?” I brought the tray with his special medication. “I’m feeling better than ever, son!” Grandpa Burt gave me a mighty hug, and since his recovery, he already added the lost weight, even increasing his bodyweight to 177 pounds of hard lean mass. “What was that for?” I asked blushing deeply. “Do I need a reason to hug my favorite grandson?” He chuckled, grabbing the little glass with his pills and the glass of water. “I am your only grandson…” “And that’s your father’s fault. Your grandma couldn’t have more children and he knew I’ve always wanted a bunch of little grandchildren.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, now take your pills at once.” I admit now that I am the worst liar in the world; my body language gave up my excitement. Grandpa stopped right before he actually gulped the pills. “What is the name of this product?” “W-what?” I gagged. “What is the name of this wondrous drug that you’re giving me without any prescription from my doctor?” Grandpa Burt asked once again, this time looking down at my 5’6” frame, and I couldn’t stop shaking for once. “Oh…I don’t know…it’s new to the market…” “Is it now? And a brilliant young man who currently works in the pharmaceutical area wouldn’t happen to know about such a miraculous new drug?” Grandpa Burt had his smartest look framed by his silver mustache, and my knees were so weak, that I spilled all the beans. “I am sorry, grandpa! I didn’t mean to harm you, I made this drug for you, and it is especially designed to help you overcome andropause symptoms. I know it sounds dangerous, but I’ve taken all precautions, I swear I would never let anything bad happen to you.” I must confess I would expect to hear a lecture, but instead I just got another warm hard hug and a kiss on my forehead. “That’s okay, son, I am a little upset that you've been stealing from your work to get me these pills, but I can see why you did it. I'm touched that you care so much about a useless old man." “Well technically I didn't steal, the formula was just a prototype, it didn't even work, it was merely an idea, I had to start from scratch and I've got much better results in you than the other candidates, but then again this formula is tailored for you, I don't think it would work that well in another man. But don't worry, now that we have established such impressive standards, I guess we can drop them, your organism will probably keep producing regular levels of testosterone that will help you to keep strong and healthy." I said casually, but then my grandfather just did something that surprised me, he not only swallowed the pills I had given him, he just smiled and proposed me something that I would never expect to hear. "The way I see it, I've got an incredible opportunity with these pills, and my genius grandson being kind enough to provide them." He smiled warmly, looking down at me with his inquisitive expression. "And I'm not going to waste it. I want to see what these pills can instead of stopping, I want you to bring me even more powerful versions. I don't know if I'll get to feeling as good as I did when I was your age, but I want to see everything that this new drug can do." "Grandpa Burt?" It was all I could mutter. The former law-enforcer just looked down at me, hugged me so tightly and thanked me for giving me a new chance on his life. I was caught unprepared; the turn of events was so unexpected. "Of course, sir. I can do that, we can adjust the formula to make it more potent if you want, but I must warn you that it will make your body more muscular and increase some other aspects of your organism. And, you will actually feel better than when you were my age sir, the overall enhancements are going to happen on top of your current stats." His smile was warm, and made my young scientist's heart melt. "That sounds wonderful to me, son. Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's been far too long since I worked out." I followed Grandpa down to the basement like a little lamb. His weight set was still in there, though it had been collecting dust for the last year or so as it sat unused. The doctors had told him to take it easy; since his joints couldn't sustain the stresses of intense weightlifting. But once he changed into his workout gear and walked down the steps to the basement, setting up the bench press with 145 pounds, less than he used to do but still a significant weight. He could only laugh as he easily pumped the weight up and down, racking it after 20 easy reps. "Hah! That was easy...Add on another 45 pounds, son." I eagerly obliged, thus matching his previous cargo, but even after that he just waited until I added another 20 pounds. I was afraid that he would hurt himself, but as grandpa started this new series with renewed energies, it soon became obvious that his treatment had not just returned his strength, it actually made him a bit stronger and his joints no longer hurt. "This is going really good, sir, your organism must be producing collagen as well, making sure your joints are properly prepared for a brand new anabolic cycle that your organism entered, or at least the first one..." I felt very proud of making my aging grandpa feel young and strong again. The lean man grinned as he pushed out 10 reps, racking the weight with a chuckle. "It's been a long time since I've been able to lift like that. It didn't hurt at all..." He raised an arm to rub at his elbows and shoulders, chuckling. "Mmm, this is great! I feel strong as a young buck!" I gingerly nodded. "Well sir, a young buck wouldn't be that strong, you see your body is used with strength train and such information is well kept in your organism, so when you undergo the strengthening process, the overall results are magnified by your own experience. This is not just another puberty growth induced by chemicals; it is actually a better anabolic cycle because you are a better man than you've used to be back in previous days. I guess this explains such impressive results right of the bat." I tried to explain Grandpa Burt about the feedback of his enhancement treatment, but I suddenly felt that he was not paying enough attention; his intense blue gaze only seemed interest in the uncanny results in front of them. "Oh, we shouldn't forget the shake..." I smacked my forehead. "Mmm, that's right. Why don't you go make it for me, son? Make it a big one as well, your grandpa is feeling awfully hungry today." Grandpa Buck grinned back at me, looking up at the young man who made the impossible true with an eager expression. "And you'll be making a lot for dinner, won't you? I'm going to need a lot of protein tonight." "Don't worry, pops, I'll never let you starving!" I said with a timid grin as I went upstairs to bring him the nutritional shake I've developed and also made sure that we had steaks for dinner. When I got back, I saw that my grandpa was still working out very intensely, it was like he was visiting an old friend that left a long time ago, and such friend was himself at the prime of his shape, but now he realized that he was getting too strong for such old standards, he already added another 70 pounds to his previous record and didn't seem challenged enough. "Is everything alright here sir?" The older man grinned, standing up without taking his eyes at his reflection in the mirror. "I feel great, son. Stronger than ever! In fact..." Grandpa Buck pulled off his shirt and revealed his torso, making you gasp as you see his toned abs, his defined pecs, his thick arms and broad shoulders. He looked so different already! "I think these weights might be too light for me pretty soon, though." I gasped as noticing that my 68 year old grandpa already had his 6-pack back! I guess his recovery was going better than I thought. "Wow, this is impressive, gramps! I guess that you being conscious of the ongoing changes on your body is having a positive impact on your development, it is causing a tremendous pump effect over your body, which is so impressive." I looked back at the winning smile of my grandfather and blushed so intensely, there was nothing in the world that I wouldn't do to make him happy. "I won't let you down, sir. You said you wanted a more powerful version of the formula and I shall give you that, it is actually pretty simple to design a more potent version, but I'll challenge myself to make sure that you will be bigger than you've never been!" Grandpa resumed his work out for that day, and although he was tired, he said he had never felt better in his life, and everything thanks to me. The very next day, I left home pretty early, not without giving Grandpa his first dose of the day and make sure he ate his breakfast, he was actually so excited about a brand new work out day, after all yesterday he had packed impressive 8 full pounds of impressive muscles, which made him 185 hard toned strong rugged pounds. “Go make me more muscle pills, son!” He playfully said as he smacked my butt, and for some reason it hurt a bit more than it was supposed to, or at least I felt my butt tingling for a long time afterwards, but it was not something bad, quite the contrary, I rubbed my cheek all the way to work. When I finally got back to ChemTech, I quickly fed the computer with several different adjustments of the original formula, and slowly worked them on the simulator to make sure the final product turned out even better than I first expected. Several hours later I returned home with a new batch of stronger and more refined muscle growth pills especially designed for my grandfather, and I was surprised to find him working out until late at night, but with a smile in his face and the most amazing pump I've ever seen. "Grandpa? Are you still working out? I thought you were doing that when I left? Did you eat well? Did you start dinner or should I do it?" I asked feeling kind of worried by the intense look on his face, it suddenly seemed like he had been there all day, which couldn't be possible, could it? The older man chuckled as he greeted me, standing in front of the boy with a broad grin. "Oh, you're back already...I've actually only been stopping my workouts to eat and go to the bathroom, I've been going at it all day! And instead of getting tired, I'm getting stronger than ever! My bench press is already up to 280 pounds, isn't that impressive?" I was shocked, looking at the uncanny physique on Grandpa Burt made me realize his organism was reacting far better than I had anticipated; it was like he had been working those muscles throughout all his life! The look on his glorious body was impressive, and when I reached to touch the hardness of his incredibly pumped muscles, it felt like touching a hot marble wall. "Whoa, grandpa Burt, you are so hard, and pumped!" I gulped, repeatedly touching the uncanny hard surfaces of those muscles with my curious respectful finger. “That's not the only thing that's pumped." Grandpa replied in a low, husky tone, and it was only then I noticed something else was pumped and went beet red at the very moment. "Holy testosterone, Batman!" was all that I could mutter by seeing my grandpa sporting a boner underneath his tight shorts, and not just any boner, it was the most impressive hard cock I had ever seen in my young life! "What's the matter, son? A real man isn't ashamed of his natural testosterone and manly urges. Getting pumped up makes me feel like a real man, my cock is just responding in kind!" He said with a smirk, not at all embarrassed by his boner. "Erm...I guess it's part of the effects, after all you are no longer suffering from andropause..." I actually didn’t know how to feel, after all it was supposed to be really strange to hear his grandpa talking about sex so frankly, right? But deep down in my soul, I felt incredibly proud that my grandpa shared such intimate feelings with me, but I tried to forget about the humongous size of his cock bulging under the flimsy fabric of his shorts. “Anyway, I hope you are feeling hungry, I bought tons of chicken breasts and tuna steaks, I think that you need extra protein now that we are gonna test these..." I gave him the new bottle of pills, and the look on my grandfather was priceless. "Take 4 of them after each meal, and on that note, you should know that you must do at least 6 meals a day, grandpa." “Oh don’t worry about that, pretty boy.” The older man's grin was out to ears, he immediately marched upstairs and started cooking a ton of food. “Are you sure you want to cook all that for dinner?” I asked in shock with his appetite, but grandpa just nodded along. “Sure, I love cooking in bulk, besides, I’ve got a feeling there won’t be leftovers.” By the time dinner was served, there were Chicken fillets, tuna steaks, protein powder shakes, Grandpa Burt surely made more food than we could eat in three days, but then again he was a growing man, and he needed lots of food to fuel his growth! “Come on boy, dig in before I eat it all!” He sat down and started eating it eagerly, moaning loudly at each bite he took and then the most amazing thing happened...his muscles seemed to twitch and expand with every swallow of food, and I was shocked to realize that it was not just my imagination, my grandfather was growing more muscular right in front of my eyes! At first, I thought Grandpa wasn't aware of his growth, he was just moaning and groaning, the food should be really good, but it was only then I noticed he was also aware of his muscles growing thicker, bulkier, heavier, wider and more massive, his pumped up organism quickly soaked in the nutrients in his bloodstream and responded to the muscle growth inducers in such a vivid way that I could only gasp in excitement and shock. "Grandpa, you''re growing!" The laughter on him made me realize that his growth was going on for a while now, he just wanted me to realize it first. "Shit, the formula is working far too well!" "There's no such thing, boy. It can only work even better!" He grinned as he polished off the last bit of food, flexing his massive arms. Those biceps had to be at least 21 inches, he was getting so huge! Meanwhile, I had been entranced with his expanding muscles too damn intensely to even notice him reaching down and grabbing the bottle of pills, pouring some out into his hand and then swallowing them. "I figure I should up the dosage to six pills, you probably created the dosage for a man smaller than me." "Oh, grandpa, please...don't do this we still have to see what the original dose was capable of...holy cow!" I said as Grandpa moaned, his body shaking so rapidly, his muscles bulged and he grunted, his tight clothes were ripping, the seam in his pants exploded on the thighs and the back of his tight T-shirt tore off as he smiled at me. We both heard the buttons on his shirt popping out of his shirt, and hitting different parts of the house. He just brought his arms at shoulder level and flexed the biceps watching them growing into uncanny size. "Holy cow! Grandpa you are awesome!" "Damn right I am, boy...look at these muscles." He flexed his immense biceps with a growl, the bulges of muscle surging up to 26" around, he'd grown as big as the biggest bodybuilders from that meal alone, and he was still getting bigger! "You think a little young man like you has BEEF like this? I'll show all those young boys a thing or two about REAL power." Grandpa growled, exulting in manliness and boasting with strength. "Grandpa, have to take it easy, all this new testosterone can be dangerous to your brain, I don't want you to turn into some kind of uncontrolled freak okay?" I was really concerned with his health, it was then I noticed those intense blue eyes and the manliest smile in the world focusing on me. Once again my world stopped when his huge hands hugged my small, frail 145 pound frame into his glorious expanding physique. Grandpa pressed our bodies together and my hard cock rubbing on his uncanny 8 pack abdominal wall as his own monumental cock pressed against my frail figure, I only noticed his hand going down my soft tiny bubble butt and moaned, I've never felt him ripping my pants, but his harsh huge hand rubbing my right cheek felt so good. "Please, grandpa, you must stay calm”. It was all that I could whisper. "I'm plenty calm, boy. Now stop arguing...this is what I want. And I'm going to get it." He said with a broad, confident smile before firmly pulling me in for a kiss. But this wasn't like his other kisses, as my shaking lips pressed against his own and his manly mustache tickled my nose, his overpowering manly musk filled my lungs, his tongue slipping into my eager mouth as his massive hands rubbed and squeezed my gluteus, pulling the rest of my clothing off. Mmm, you look good naked. Just like your grandpa. I think there's going to be some new rules around here..." I went quiet, suddenly there was no need to argue, and things were self-explainable. I blushed intensely as my grown grandfather gently picked me in his arms and took me to the couch, where we sat very calmly. He brought his arm up and with just one look he told me exactly what I needed to know, I hugged the giant biceps with my eager both arms and kissed the rugged mountainous shapes on it, which pleased my grandpa tremendously, and I felt the hardness of his immense cock pressing on my virgin butt. Without asking anything else, I just laid my face against his immense chest and guided his huge hand back to my pretty virgin butt, and he inserted two huge fingers and judging by the way my eyes popped, he just laughed out loud, noticing I was very nervous at this, but so freaking excited. It was hard to believe that this growing man, my own grandfather, was penetrating me with his huge fingers. But it was happening; I was going to get fucked by my own studly Grandpa Burt! He pushed the two fingers in deeper and deeper, stretching me wider around them. "Mmm, I love watching you squirm as you take it, boy. You have never gotten fucked before, have you? You think you can take grandpa's huge cock?" He asked in a very deep, manly, yet authoritarian tone that made me melt. I wanted to say yes, but I gasped at the sight of the immense thing, fear overtook my body and I just shook my head violently, hoping that my grandpa would spare me from such horrendous pain, but instead he just laughed out, and held my head against his chest, lifting my body higher and spreading my legs. I screamed as those fingers were replaced by the most massive cockhead in the world, pressing into my virgin butt hole with such unstoppable force, I wanted to cry out in pain, but each time I opened my mouth it was muffled by the harsh kissing tongue of my growing grandpa. He kissed me rougher, dominating my little body with his expanding monumental physique, as rubbed my body with his huge paws, he squeezed tighter and with more passion, turning all the pain into pleasure which seemed to melt into my cock, I blew without ever touching myself, but still that immense monster was going deeper inside of me and Grandpa seemed to enjoy stretching me up like that. His cock was so huge, so powerful, it made a young weak man like squirming and moaning as Grandpa Burt sank me deeper and deeper atop that shaft. It had to be more than 14 inches long and bigger around than a soda can, stretching my poor virgin butt so deep and wide that no other man would even come close! I couldn't believe that I was taking the cock that had made my father! "Mmm, you're so tight around me, boy..." He whispered I tried to settle onto the base of his shaft, the pain slowly fading. My heart beating so fast, I vainly thought the worst was over, the burning pain on my butt, the humongous cock pushing deeper inside me, but Grandpa clearly had other plans. All of a sudden, he just stood up with me still impaled on his monster shaft and walked downstairs back to the basement, supporting my weight as I moaned with each single step he took. “Don’t worry boy, we just need a view, and you will understand everything Grandpa wants.” The glorious master of muscle calmly sat in front of the mirror of his weight set, he savored our joint reflection and kissed my cheeks, caressing my hair and cleaning the sweat over my eyes. “You are the sweetest little boy. I will make sure you are always proud of my size, of my strength, Bobby.” Then, he flexed his arms, showing me how massive he had gotten thanks to me, and the pain was gone. “Oh Grandpa, you’re so huge, so amazing!” I was still pacing, still moaning, still not used to be fucked, but so eager to learn more. “I sure am, pretty Bobby, my genius little flower, but I want to get bigger, and you want Grandpa to get bigger too, right?” “Yes, sir, nothing else in the world would make me happier than making you bigger!” Then, Grandpa Buck picked the bottle I gave him and handled it to me, opening his huge hand to get a few more. “Then you get to pick how many pills should I take now, boy. I know you want me huge so I am happy with any number you pick.” I just grinned while I put the whole bottle all back in his paw. “I’ll make more when you run out of these.” I smiled and felt the cock growing even harder and thicker inside me. The massive older man smiled, those blue eyes seeming to pierce through my soul as I poured out the entire contents of the bottle, more than a hundred pills in his huge hand. "It seems like you finally understand." He chuckled, raising that hand and swallowing the entire collection of pills! He shuddered with delight as they began to work, going through a posing routine with you me attached to his cock, I could feel the cock stretching me wider, going deeper, Grandpa Burt was sweating as he grunted and kept pumping up bigger and bigger, feeling the pills start to kick into his overdrive muscle growth. His pecs surged out, his biceps expanded bigger than barrels; his legs grew thick as tree trunks. "Mmmm, I'm starting to get pretty big now, boy!" He boomed with laughter as he grew wider and wider, his body passing dozens of pounds every minute, his body hair growing thicker as his hair grew back in, he was taking testosterone to a whole new level! I was so lost in the amazing view of my grandpa, but then, something else was burning down my butt. The mega massive cock increased its girth but as it grew bigger it started pouring its contents inside me, and it suddenly felt like I was being flooded by the river of my grandpa's cum! His orgasm was like a dam, he just exploded inside me and his face became priceless as he enjoyed his growth increasing and pacing faster, his cock grew harder and huger as a new load formed and within seconds he came once again, feeling even huger, his muscles expanding and his body hair increasing its manliness. I could no longer understand what was happening, the growth cycles were now becoming a giant orgasm when Grandpa pressed his hips deeper into me and started fucking me like a maniac, I just screamed and felt my belly being flooded! The bench over which we were sitting began to creak from the strain of holding up such immense weight, the mighty ultra cock bucking in and out of my young man’s ass. But Grandpa Burt saw his grandson's guts were bulging out like I'd swallowed a watermelon. He grunted as he began to lift me from his immense cock, not wanting to hurt me with the unstoppable flow of cum from his expanding balls. He slipped off that shaft with an audible pop, and gallon of hot cum rushing from my ass even as grandpa sprayed his seed into the air, splattering against the ceiling, coating the both of them! Instead of fucking his boy ass with his cock, he forced me down onto one of his biceps and flexed as hard as he could, stretching that gaping anus even wider, fucking me with the power of his muscles as his cum began to fill up the basement, the elder man growing past half a ton in muscle and only wanting MORE! At some point I noticed that grandpa's orgasms never seemed to stop, he just came constantly with a growing fury of muscle, he just continued flexing and cumming, soaking the basement in over three feet of cum before his muscles and his monstrous cock finally seemed to stop growing so fast, which must have taken over 30 minutes of uncanny power! Eventually, I was so exhausted that Grandpa just held me in his glorious chest, his cock raining cum on top of both us as he just kissed me with increasing passion, my exhausted being was simply overwhelmed by such manliness scenario while Grandpa Burt just kept my hole warm by inserting his fingers and kissing my ears, telling me how much he loved me, and how much he wanted me to feel proud of his humongous size, I guess I must have dozed off in this lullaby. “Don’t worry, boy, I’ll be here and even bigger when you wake up, your monster muscle grandpa promises, you my little pretty Bobby.” I woke up at once, noticing that I was back on my room, I feared that everything had been a sweet wet dream, because my balls were really aching. But, I realized I haven't been alone in my room. There were huge wet footprints on my carpet, so I stood up and called for Grandpa with growing hope in my heart. "I'm here, boy." Came a deep, rumbling bass from the doorway to the bathroom. I looked over and came once again on the spot despite my allegedly empty balls, seeing the massive man squeezing through the doorway sideways, filling up one wall of the bedroom with his uncanny muscles, wider beyond belief, packed with such strength that he almost didn't look real! He had grown taller, standing 6'6", but he'd grown so wide that he was 11'3" across his shoulders, each of his pecs strong enough to lift a tank off the ground, his arms bigger than his waist at 142" around, his middle a sleek 10-pack of abs. His balls were so big they brushed the top of his feet, and his permanently-hard cock was long enough to brush against the underside of his chin, leaking pre constantly, so huge that it was almost impossible to believe it was on him! "Haha, is your grandpa a little too big for you, boy? You young kids don't know anything about POWER! Let me tell you something little man, I used that industrial scale on the basement and I found out I'm 8,510 pounds, but before the end of the day, I'll have reached five digits. There's nothing you can do to stop me, I have to keep growing STRONGER!” He boomed, flexing his biceps and showing off his hairy musky pits that still reeked of mega-male despite him just having showered! I was taken aback by the monstrosity of my glorious Grandfather, I wanted to scream of fear and of excitement. “ARGHHHHHH!!!!” I was about to totally freak out, but once again Grandpa Burt picked me in his glorious arms and held me so tight I was immobile. “It’s alright, Bobby…Don’t worry, you’re scared, but I’m in control. Now just take a deep breath and deal with the fact your Grandpa is the most amazing, strongest, and powerful motherfucker in the WORLD!” Grandpa kissed my lips over and over and made me feel calmer, until my nerves were actually back under my control, I didn't even remember I had orgasmed so many times, but noticing the splattering over grandpa's chest I realize his size was pretty much intense. "Whoa...grandpa, I'm sorry for freaking out like that, but, must admit this is so intense, you are a monster of real muscle, and I want to make you grow bigger too sir, it is the only thing I want to do in my life!" I confessed, blushing intensely, desperate to be under his good graces. The massive man just laughed, kissing you once again. "I would love that boy. You make me so proud; I'm able to be a new man because of you! But I don't want to stop here...hehe, I think you have created a monster, boy! I'm so eager to grow, I keep thinking I'll be satisfied at one size, and then I want to grow even bigger than that!" End of part 1 Part 2 I still couldn't believe that my grandpa, my hero former cop grandfather Burt turned into a monstrous muscle freak because of the formula I invented. Still, he spent the previous night proving me that he was all so real, and I must say that I wasn't expecting that he could be so intense. We had been fucking for so many hours that I have simply lost track time, as well as the sensibility of my boy hole, which had been used and abused by my glorious grandpa as it pleased him. After trashing his bedroom for – oh so many amazing hours – Grandpa squeezed into the tiny doorframe of his en suite bathroom and gently tried to insert his monumental mass into the huge bath tub, which he only partially have succeeded, so he had to hold me over the tub while most of his ginormous physique was still outside, which was just fine since he wasn’t interested in soaking his glorious monstrosity in the water just yet, he just wanted to check how much of his cum actually fit inside me. Grandpa actually seemed very interested in how much of him could actually fit in my tiny body, after all his cock had to be at least 15 inches long and so damn thick that it was a real miracle that he didn’t split me in half with that monster. Still, he took great deals of pleasure by sticking his fingers and the giant muscle cock of his into me like I was just his boy toy, and I loved the way it made me feel so tiny and pleasing for the glorious geezer. "Oh grandpa..." I moaned as he retrieved his giant member and watched the uncanny amount of his cum going down the drain as he held me over the bath tub. The massive muscle monster held me, his only grandson tightly as he turned the water on, squeezing my little frame against his incredible mass as the shower washed over our bodies. I’ve never felt so small and so precious at the same time, I was just a little puny bug compared to my humongous, massive grandpa, who seemed to be growing constantly! He was so horny and insatiable, putting much younger porn stars to shame, and he was hung like an elephant! "Mmm, damn boy, your ass tastes amazing, I could eat it for days!" I giggled. "Well daddy, no one doubts you could do that, I just never thought you would keep going and going, and going. Geesh, you have fucked me so many times already, your bedroom is a freaking sea of sweaty muscle cum." I blushed as the ginormous freak gently washed my boy butt, massaging the soft areas with his huge fingers and just making sure that I could still house the immense cockhead on him. "Did you get soft any moment ever since you grew grandpa? I mean, not that I am complaining it is, well to realize you are THAT manly, makes me feel weak, after all I am only 19 and my cock already is aching just to even think you are using me like that, I'm totally spend and I'm just a teenager, I should keep up with your horniness right?" The huge man laughed, rubbing the base of his massive, hard cock. "Actually I think it's just getting harder! All that testosterone surging through me is keeping me so turned on, my nipples are hard as diamonds, my cockhead is so sensitive. Even just talking about it making me hornier than ever!" Although I didn't mean to feel uncomfortable, it was just something that I hadn't anticipated. "Grandpa, you are so much more than I could ever take, I have fucked me until I passed out at least 4 times and you've kept going on, you are so much more than I could ever try to encompass. Oh grandpa, you need so much more for your pleasure right? Oh I'm so stupid, so selfish; I have been thinking on just me when it's you who need so much more. Grandpa you are still so very horny, we have to find you release right? You want to keep fucking and showing your amazing muscles, oh how could I be so selfish?" I gently whispered in his ears. "Please, Grandpa tell me that you want to have more little guys to fuck, I feel kinky just to imagine that I am not even close from pleasing your needs! It makes me feel proud of your humongous size and manliness, I will gladly help you to get all the release you need Grandpa Burt!” The massive older man blushed, but he couldn't deny his manly urges. "It's true, boy. I’m sorry, your cherry is so nice and tight but you're not enough for me. You're not NEARLY enough for me. I need more little boys like you that I can wear out, that I can fuck until they pass out, and they won't be able to satisfy me either! I'm too much man for anyone; you are just too weak to handle all of me." That moment was so intensely powerful, I didn't expect to cum while Grandpa held me like that, but it was just the purest form of flattering. Grandpa Burt smiled as he kissed my forehead, his hard cock ached for more action and I had to provide it. "You know, sir, we must have to find new ways to release you, we already know you can fuck for hours, but how about working out? You seem to enjoy all that work out, do you feel like it could help you with your enormous problem? I mean we can try to find you some really huge and heavy equipment to give you some challenge." Grandpa Burt grinned, pondering what exactly could challenge him, but he remembered there was a scrap yard not too far from here. Old rusted out cars and other junk would be perfect for him. "Mmm, I suppose I should try and work out while I still can, before I grow even larger from more pills." He chuckled, toweling off his naked body as he held me like the precious boy I was to his glorious monstrousness. "I don't even think we have any clothes that would fit me, and who would dare to tell me I couldn't walk around naked? “Oh, yeah, that would be a slight problem…” The first problem we noticed right away was the uncanny width of Grandpa’s new muscle. We just stood there measuring him for any kind of possible clothing, but it soon proved impossible. "We can try to cover your crotch with some kind stretch fabric, in some poser trunk version but a million times bigger!" I chuckled as we tried to wrap sheets around his waist, which still seemed small enough compared to his monstrous chest, shoulders, legs and especially the super mighty cock. "Please grandpa...can't you take it under three yards? It would make things easier; we still need to figure a way to get you out of the house without destroying the frontal walls. "Hmph, who says we need to save the walls? If a building isn't big enough for me, I have the right to destroy it. In fact, I've wanted to remodel this old house for a long time!" He chuckled, tossing his makeshift toga aside as he strode through the hallway, his immense body shaking the floor with every booming step. "It all feels like a dollhouse to me." He smirked, looking around before staring back at me, those icy blue eyes piercing through my soul like warm knife through butter. "So where did you hide the rest of the bottles, son? Be honest, you know you can't lie to me." He was shocked, he'd never even told his grandpa he intended on doing more than one bottle, but Burt's police intuition was razor-sharp! "Oh, Grandpa, I didn't hide anything, I just need to make new batches, I thought that bottle would last for a month, but that's okay. I'll make an even more powerful batch tomorrow, I mean I could go right now back ChemTech but I thought you would like me to...enjoy your new size. I mean there's so much I would like to investigate, your monstrous new size, and your amazing height growth, I didn't plan on that in the original formula, not to mention that you are twice wider than you are tall, which means your muscular proportions are out of this world, I just want to explore your current amazingness before I make you bigger, please sir..." I asked him with my own big puppy eyes. Burt smiled and looked down at his grandson over his massive pecs. "You want to enjoy my body, boy?...I don't think you're capable of understanding just how powerful I am. Try to imagine how much I can curl with these biceps..." He raised his arms to flex, grinning confidently as the twin peaks of muscle rose up above his fists, above his head, huger than ever! "Nope, I am even stronger than you imagine, I could lift the whole house up with these arms! And my pecs are so huge and strong, feel how hairy they are, boy. I'm getting furry like a bear, and as my testosterone increases I'll just get even muskier, too. Soon I'll be able to make you cum just from letting out my man-stink." "I...don't doubt it, Grandpa, but I think we can find a way to challenge your glorious body. We could go to that demolition site near the docks that you’ve mentioned . They have all kinds of huge old things that you could lift, it would be a great camp study of your monstrous muscles, besides, if we find something that challenges you I can think on ways to increase your muscular density, to make you pack MORE muscle into your body allowing you to get even stronger with hyper dense muscle fibers. You see, sir, I want you to become even more monstrous but in ways that you will have lots of fun!" I watched as my immense Grandfather seemed even more pumped up with the idea of getting of the house, showing his immense body to the world, at least that would give me some time to think on new improvements to the formula, because I know he would get back to that issue, I knew that Grandpa Burt would never let go of the idea of getting more pills. "Let me get the door for you, Grandpa..." I offered to open the door, but then I felt his humongous hand pushing me aside so very gently. The enormous older man just had an evil grin in his manly face, and I just gulped in excitement as Grandpa decided it was time to leave his house for a "walk in the park" with me. He strode toward the front door, despite the fact that he was three times wider than the doorframe. He had no intention of opening it, he just clenched his fists and ducked his head as he barreled right through it, crashing through the wall and taking out an entire side of the house, just laughing as his immense body crashed through! He dusted himself off, his hairy body not even scratched from the incredible sight, looking back at his grandson. "Well, aren't you coming, along boy?" It took me a few moments to realize the behemoth was actually talking to my little person, so I dusted myself from all the destruction and ran to his side, right away the monumental geezer picked me in his arms. "Grandpa, I can walk by myself you know?" It was then I realized that things really have changed between us. The way he carried me in his monumental manly massive chest indicated that I wasn't supposed to do anything unless thinking on ways to make him grow more muscular, and even if I wasn't smart enough to conclude that, Grandpa Burt had all reason to voice it out to me. "You will never walk anywhere on your own unless I tell you to, do you understand boy? Your only job now is to be a beautiful butt for me to fuck, and a brain to come up with ways to make me even bigger. I will carry you everywhere, you will be with me all the time, even when you pass out from my fucking you I will not stop, I will always carry you my precious little grandson. But things still need to get done around the house, so I'm going to go show those weak little construction workers who a real man is." Burt chuckled, his aged face wearing a smile that was a bit patronizing, but I could see the manly love in his expression, he was digging to have me all for his pleasure, and I guess I couldn’t complain much either. I realized it was not the time to question the prudence neither the practicality of my Grandfather's decisions, so I just played along, enjoying the way in which his glorious muscles waddled. He just covered the distance with his immense physique much faster than I anticipated; we approached the demolition site where they would put down the old industrial plant to build something new. There were a few big sturdy workers hanging by the door, and Grandpa Burt just walked to them. The glorious muscle geezer chuckled as the 6'2" tall 240 pounds muscle guy just gasped at the size of my humongous grandfather. He dropped his cup of coffee and could barely mutter a word. The other guy, a 6'3" 260 pounds dark skinned man just looked up at Grandpa and gagged. "Daaaamn!" I guess Grandpa felt happy with their behavior because his hard cock just produced a humongous dollop of precum that he shoot over 20 feet in air before landing loudly between the two shocked little construction guards. "Hmph, they let you two little weaklings stand out front? Are you sure you're old enough to work at this job, you look like a pair of little BOYS to me!" The massive, monstrous muscle geezer stomped towards the workers, fire burning in his eyes as he stared down at them, his colossal hairy chest heaving with every breath he took. "You call those toothpicks muscles? I can barely see you! You look like you're wasting away you tiny little weaklings; take a look at REAL mass." He chuckled and puffed out his immense chest, flexing his arms, bouncing his grandson atop one of his massive biceps. The poor little guys couldn't fathom the immensity of Grandpa’s 600 plus inches monstrous chest inflating to all its glory, when he hit the combination of side chest and the partial biceps display, the little guys were actually screaming and trying to tell him that his entrance was not allowed. “YOU CAN’T COME IN! This is private property!” One of them shouted, finally gathering strength to face the silver haired behemoth who carried me inside. “That was a bad move!” I thought as I gulped, because Grandpa’s mega dose of testosterone flared his temper so much that he just hit a most muscular pose that produced an aftershock wave, sending the poor little guys against the gate. Now Grandpa was pissed enough to teach them a lesson for their stupidity. He strode right past the two defeated guards, reaching back with one massive fist and punching through the solid iron gate, hitting it with a single punch so hard that it went flying off its hinges, looking like someone had driven a bus into it! "A little lesson for your puny weaklings, I go wherever I want. If you think anything can stop me, think again." He chuckled, stomping deeper into the site. The place was crowded with workers and heavy duty machinery, but Grandpa Burt just strode heroically deeper into the site, watched by the shocked muscle guys. As I stood sat over his monumental shoulders, he caressed the humongous cock, dropping a huge lead of precum behind his super massive body. All of a sudden, there was this group of 5 “big” guys, the smallest of them standing at least 6'3" and 300 pounds came running down towards us, they were carrying sledgehammers and pickaxes, and the looks on their faces were not friendly at all. "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU FREAK!" The leader was a 6'4" 330 pounds blond guy wearing a safety vest and holding the tools in a very threatening way, or at least in a manner I used to think was threatening but when Grandpa Burt just rolled his eyes, I knew they were in for a treat. The massive old man chuckled and stood before the tiny men, looking down at them. "Hmph, I will make you little bugs a deal, you hit me as hard as you can, and I'll try to notice it." He laughed, holding me up and planting a hungry on my boyish lips. "This is my grandson, Bobby...and he's going to make me even bigger, you little wimps will be even weaker compared to me!" It was really hard for me to follow their actions, because when Grandpa spoke to me, all I could only hear his manly deep voice. When he kissed me, everything seemed to turn into a blur, but this time he actually made strategic pauses, which allowed me to see the guys hitting his glorious physique with all their puny strength. The sledgehammers shattered against the hardness of his abdominal muscles, the pickaxes smashed as they hit his monumental muscles. Over and over the dangerous tools tried to harm him in vain and by the end they were all destroyed, unable to even scratch my Grandfather's manly muscles as he made out. The little skinny guys couldn't believe such powerful sight, they just stepped back as Grandpa Burt looked at their destroyed weapons. Then, he gently placed me back on the ground and grabbed the five guys in one side of his mega monstrous bear hug in a second, and just at the very next moment he was caressing my chin with his free hand. Meanwhile, Grandpa Burt continued to crush the group of men against his massive chest, forcing them to breathe the musk from his armpit, the men coughing and choking on the intense taste of man. "Hah, are you little bugs finally done? I didn't feel any of that; you guys are even weaker than I thought! Now, it's my turn...and you little boys need to learn who your master is." “YOU LITTLE FUCKERS ARE TOO WEAK! I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU, LITTLE BOYS!” Grandpa tossed the five muscular men away and just shouted at rest of the crew that he was really disappointed at them, for being so weak and puny. I watched in awe as my gallant mega geezer grandfather stepped closer to a bunch of 30 feet tall columns these little guys were demolishing. The first one went down with nothing but a single punch fired by the humongous hand that I loved so much. The power was so intense that it simply pulverized the concrete thing into shreds! I moaned in my pants and Grandpa chuckled, holding his gigantic biceps for my worship, and it was only then I noticed the rest of the guys he had defeated were also very hard. “HEH, You were taking too long to do something so simple!” Grandpa Burt shrugged . Grandpa chuckled as he walked towards the next column, and this time he just pushed his massive cock into the concrete surface, easily piercing through the thing, and started fucking the pillar like it wasn’t real. But my eyes could see that it was actually made of iron bars and solid concrete, and the impossible fucking continued until he uprooted the column from the soil! “What do you say, Bobby? Is it fun already for you? Or did you really expect these guys and their silly job would keep me from the thing I really deserve?” I gulped as my eyes devised the glorious view of my Grandpa attached to a giant concrete column by his mega monstrous cock; it actually made him laugh as he walked towards me with the giant concrete thing impaled to his mega manhood! The giant muscle grandpa gently hoisted me up, holding my tiny body so easily with one hand, able to crush me like a giant if he wanted to! The look in his eyes was one of anger, it made my body tremble with fear. "Bobby, why haven't I grown any bigger yet, boy? You had better have lots of plans to make me even larger; I hope you don't think I'll be content with this puny size!” "Oh...Grandpa, I am so sorry, I mean, I don't have anything to make you huge now...It's just...I can try..." I was so shocked, my cock was aching hard as he lifted me so effortlessly of the ground, I knew he could crush me like a grape, but yet, my massive grandfather was not pleased, he needed to get bigger. “I’m listening, little boy? You don’t want me to get disappointed at you right?” His tone was serious, so I needed to come up with something, anything to make him bigger. It was then that I noticed these other guys were all boned up and jacking to the sight of my glorious Grandfather Burt. "You know, Grandpa, this might be just a shot in the dark, but your pills are basically pure testosterone composts and these guys are all jacked up on steroids and similar components, maybe if you had their juices you could start another growth cycle..." I still didn't know if I was right, but I REALLY wanted to be right and have my grandfather grow bigger until I get the next batch of his pills. As soon as he heard that, the massive older man tore the clothes off the construction workers and crouched down, hiking his hairy ass up in the air. Grandpa Burt ordered one to fuck his hole, and grabbed another to start sucking him off while the remaining guys were squeezed against his immense body and forced to rub their cocks against his massive hairy muscles, he'd get their juices one way or another! I guess I didn't expect my grandpa to be in such need to grow and it made my heart sink inside my skinny chest, but suddenly, as those little guys were moaning and dumping their loads into the glorious body of my Grandpa Burt he was laughing again, his deep voice grunted and I noticed the same kind of bulging movements on his physique before he started growing. "Grandpa, it is happening!" I just gasped as his glorious physique bulged, the hairy monster sized muscles bucking and growing thicker, hairier, manlier. One by one he was getting the juices of the tiny guys inside his organism and he was hungry for more size and strength!" “Mmmff, come on you little men, I know you have more to give!" He laughed, sucking harder, forcing the guys against his muscles, even clenching his ass so the one fucking him couldn't escape! He was like a black hole for cum, he needed grow bigger and BIGGER! At first, I thought his growth wouldn't take off like the previous times, but just then my Grandfather didn't disappoint me, it was like his muscles started growing bigger for the first time all over again, his mind was so determined to milk every ounce of muscle growth cum from those hard workers that soon he was going through the growth spurts and bulging everywhere. “That’s it little fuckers! Give DADDY your muscle juice! Let’s make a bigger, manlier Burt!” I gasped as those guys dumped their loads down my grandpa's butt and mouth and he continued to grow, feeling so excited and marveled with another round of intense muscle growth. I watched as the guys just continued running towards him, suddenly I realized that there were at least 200 men in that place and they were all hard, sweaty, muscular hungry men all horny for my mega massive grandfather, and they covered his glorious muscular monstrosity. Then, at the bottom of the pile of sweaty huge muscle men, I felt the earth shaking; there was a loud noise and a deep guttural tone that made my heart skip a beat. I realized the little guys were all cumming over each other, feeling overwhelmed by the monster resurging underneath their worshipping figures. “DAMN, BOBBY, You didn’t tell me these little guys were so juicy!” He said as the muscles grew bigger and even more marvelously humongous, the guys were holding to the glorious expanding behemoth of my grandfather, and his transformation took new heights and standards. The pile of worn out little men grabbed onto the sides of my Grandfather’s giant muscle bellies, on each pectoral he should have over 30 little guys, while on his arms he easily supported at least 15 dudes, his monumental legs were thick enough for other 20 guys, while his butt could support at least 25 of them. It was such a monumental view, there was something so monstrously powerful that my young mind still couldn’t fully encompass. At the bottom of such enormous pile, emerged my glorious Grandfather Burt, bigger and hairier than ever, but so outrageously muscular that although he stood at the height of 7’3” tall, his body had to be over 30 freaking feet wide! “FUCK BOBBY…These guys are all dry already!” The booming voice of my grandfather made me cum intensely over and over, he just towered over me, his glorious cock was over 2 feet and a half long, and so freaking thick that I just shook in fear. “That’s a good thing we have lots of equipment here! Come on you little fuckers, help me weigh this glorious monster body of mine!” The hulking grotesqueness of my beloved super manly grandpa said as he waddled. His biceps were so huge they peaked over ten feet above his head, and his chest stood at least 15 feet from his glorious body. His balls were giant sized cum producers. I needed to take my time while the construction workers weighed my glorious Grandfather. He just held me in his grotesque arms and grunted. “Damn boy, I now weigh 35,087 pounds of humongous hairy muscle, and you only made me hungry for more. I hope you don’t get any excuses to make your master more muscle pills right?” I just shook my head as the mountainous man flexed for me, engulfing all my view in muscle, squeezing me in the cleavages of his behemoth standards. I knew right there, Grandpa Burt loved me, and he wanted me to make him grow, this was the only thing that I needed to do in my life now. End of Part 2
  16. Guest

    worship Jeff's Shredding Freakshow

    Hi guys. Here's a new story, a new character, but still as freak as my previous stories. Been quite inspired, so it's a quite long one, but the first of a series to come. Hope you all like it!!! ------- Bob couldn’t even talk, mouth open, eyes showing a freaked out look, barely able to stand. He stepped back, half afraid of what Jeff could do to him, half scared of the sight of that (human?) being that was standing in front of him. He reached the wall of the room, realizing that he couldn’t go back any further; his legs started to tremble, weakling, and he left himself slowly fell off to the ground, back against the wall, until he reached the floor, not able to keep his eyes off from that (guy?) he had hooked up with. Bob, scared to hell, still had the biggest hard on in his entire life, his cock throbbing uncontrollably, oozing precum since an hour ago. His heartbeat accelerated, adrenaline flowing through his veins. Jeff looked at his date, fully satisfied of his reaction. Who wouldn’t? The mirror in front of him, next to where Bob had landed, gave him a full sight of himself. “FUCK ME, I’M A BEAST!!”, he bragged like a switch when he realized what he had become. He looked at his reflection and all he wanted was to fuck himself. 5’11 tall frame, 28 years old, dark skin, handsome as fuck, and that freaking sick disgusting look he had been living his entire life with. He was there, completely naked, hitting a single bicep pose with his right arm, making his two ceps rise high in the air, almost touching his own fist, covered in veins from the triceps to the highest peak of the muscle, where a freaky knot made of a huge thick vein made the peak look even higher. And with the most shredded look he had achieved in his life, his dehydrated skin barely able to contain all that muscle inside. Robert was still there in the floor, unable to believe that. He had already been with big guys, but the looks of Jeff weren’t human. He explored the bicep with his eyes again, although he knew that would scare him even more. He started with the insertion of the bicep in the deltoid. The muscle was clearly attached to the bone, the thick tendon clearly visible, just surrounded by a sick layer of paper thin skin. From the tendon it started a bunch of fibers, because that’s all he could see: fibers. Muscle fibers that grew thicker, dividing into more fibers, hundreds, thousands, millions of fibers that formed an immense, grotesquely shredded, obscenely peeled bicep, rising high in the air, but divided into two perfect ceps, the inner one, and the outer one, a bit higher. Perfectly separated and split, both ceps competed to be the most awesome work of nature in a man’s arm. Bob could see every single striation in the muscle. Both ceps grew thicker as they got closer to the forearm, forming not a baseball bicep, but two huge impossible baseballs put them together. They finally ended up attaching themselves to the arm, but bulging about 2cm away from the forearm, creating a huge deep and fuckable valley of shredded muscle. The exploration of the bicep made him ooze even more precum, thicker this time, as if he were cumming; but he wasn’t, that was just his human reaction to a perfect alpha male. Then he took a full view of the arm, realizing again that Jeff seemed skinless, the muscle pushing out hard, trying to burst out of it, but the peeled look was so… fucking weird and hot at the same time. Thousands of fibers pushing one against the other, fighting for space in a huge arm whose skin was not able to contain so much muscle. He could even see, from there, how some fibers broke with such and intense crunch, making a soft sound, and tearing apart, letting more free space for new and thicker fibers that were regenerating in that very moment. Bob’s cock throbbed another spurt of thick white pre. As he had thought before, that sight scared the hell out of him, and his breath suddenly stopped for a second, not sure if he was living a dream or if that was real. He took a moment to view Jeff’s whole frame, that 5’11 tall, 28 year old muscle monster who showed no fat at all. Peeled from head to toe, Jeff seemed like a skinless anatomy chart, only covered by veins instead of skin, some of them thicker, some of them thinner, but covering him everywhere, from his toes to his very jawline muscles. Robert had always loved ripped guys, even shredded guys, and when Jeff told him he was the most shredded guy ever, he didn’t really believe him. ”He’ll be just one of those skinny guys who call themselves ripped and they’re just toned”, he though. But, now and there, looking at that obscene freak of nature, he realized Jeff had lied. He couldn’t be called “shredded”, that was something further, something beyond nature, that couldn’t be healthy or even possible. How the fuck was this guy living? Just by taking a look at his whole frame and the intense crunch on that freaky bicep, he should be dead by now! A small tear fell off his eyes, which Jeff clearly noticed, fucking satisfied at it. But he wanted more, he wanted to make Bob cry, get him really scared, and at the same time give him the biggest orgasm of his puny fucking life. Jeff’s mind changed in that very moment, turning from a self-proud muscle freak to an out-of-his-mind muscle beast. He changed his face, erased that smile he always wore when being worshipped and turned it into an aggressive look. He walked towards Robert, there in the floor, got on his left knee and placed his freakish, mountain-like bicep really close to Bob’s face. Bob looked at him nervously, moving his eyes from the bicep to Jeff’s face, not sure what was going to happen. Bob took a close look of that bicep and his mind couldn’t process all of it. From that close, the bicep didn’t seem a muscle, it was hard for him to distinguish where the biceps ended and where the triceps started, the freaky cut between both muscles was so freaky striated and veiny that all he could see was muscle, thick, sinewy, obscenely shredded, millions of fibers just a few inches away from his eyes. He could clearly see how Jeff hit small harder crunches to make the muscle move under the skin, his fibers twitching, fighting for a space that wasn’t available anymore. Jeff was high, high for his muscle, high for Bob’s reaction, high for his own muscle-lusting mind. All he could think about was to blow that guy’s mind. “Look at it!”, he ordered Bob. Bob couldn’t react, begging with his eyes not to force him to watch that insane muscle once again. Jeff’s face looked angrier, and repeated “LOOK… AT… IT… NOW!”. Bob turned his eyes to focus on his unbelievable biceps. It was even thicker than before, but then Jeff did his own freak show. He started re-crunching his inner cep, the lower one, slowly getting it harder, more round, the peak higher, but what was more important to him: more shredded!! His inner cep contracted more, and he knew what was going on inside, he was dehydrating the muscle and filling it with blood to grow it. The cep fibers literally tore apart and healed in Bob’s eyes, in a random order, growing thicker, dividing into more muscle fibers, striations getting freaky cut, it was just as if the muscle were dividing into thousands of smaller muscles, but the reality was that the cep had grown more than an inch in just ONE HARD CRUNCH, in front of Bob’s eyes. Bob was about to faint. He started stuttering: “No way… no.. no… no way”. He frowned his eyebrows, trying to concentrate on not fainting. “Please, don’t go on”, he begged Jeff. But Jeff was too high, and he wouldn’t stop. He did the same with the outer cep, the higher one, the more veiny one, he hit a freaky harder crunch on that individual cep, making the muscle tear apart faster than before, growing thick, sinewy, shredded as fuck, peeled. The sight was too obscene for Robert, who turned his face away, even though his cock was throbbing more precum than ever. Jeff immediately took Roberts face with his sinewy veiny hands and forced him to look at his bicep and in the very moment that Bob looked again, he increased the crunch, making the cep literally EXPLODE and grow 3 inches in a sudden, his huge thick veins dividing into branches who covered the cep to fill it with more blood and grow them larger. “Now, LICK!”. Bob had no free will by then, his mind was controlled by the freak show he had seen just some seconds before, and like a zombie leaned towards Jeff’s bicep, took his tongue out and carefully placed the tip of it in the split of both ceps. Jeff felt that warm wet and shy tongue and his heart stopped for a second. That was the thing he loved the most: a stuttering shy and afraid guy surrendering to his muscles and finally worshipping him. His face changed again to his usual kind and smiling face, satisfied as fuck, then he took Robert’s head and slowly made him lick all the split, from the deltoid bound to the forearm. Robert let his mind go to the worship and felt both ceps with his tongue, the bigger and veiny upper one, and the even more shredded and dry lower one, looking at Jeff’s eyes as he did it and noticing his newly smiling and self-satisfied look. Then, by himself, Robert placed more of his tongue on Jeff’s outer cep, slowly running it up to the peak, noticing each of those freaky striations with his tongue and every single vein on top of it. When he reached the peak and noticed the knot of veins, he started playing with it, moving it under the freaky thin skin, making Jeff moan like a beast. That turned him even more, and started licking the ceps harder, letting his mind go into that muscle lust he had never thought he could experience. Jeff went on crunching, the harder he could, feeling a terrible pain in his bicep, noticing how the cramps were increasing to an unbelievable level. But all he wanted was that, have Robert crazy for him. He took Bob’s head off his bicep and extended it for him, his whole arm in front of him, dozens of freaky slabs of shredded beef forming an insane 75lb arm, from the balloon deltoid to the veiny sick skinny wrist and hands. He turned the arm to show Robert all angles of that incredible mass of obscenely sinewy muscles. The forearm looked as thick as Robert’s leg, with two clearly visible parts on it: the inner forearm, full of hose-thick veins, that even extended looked sick, sinewy, fibers running from the wrist to the elbow cave, twitching one against the other, fighting to bulge out, and the outer side, who just was insanely shredded. Dozens of thick bulging strings attached to his wrist with freaky and clearly visible tendons; a forearm so incredibly cut, cuts so deep that Robert somehow thought they were detached from the bone underneath, and each one of them so freaky shredded they seem being made of layers and layers of fibers, and covered by thousands of smaller veins. The triceps were hanging low, freaky low, as if it were another bicep flexing but downwards. Even in that extended pose, the cuts were freaky visible, all of them really deep into the arm right to the bone, no fat al all, it was just… MUSCLE, pounds and pounds of muscles glued to his suffering bones. When Jeff turned his waist to his left and extended again the arm but looking left, the view changed completely. Robert could see Jeff’s triceps in all its glory: three perfectly visible muscles, which weren’t really visible in any other bodybuilder, were just clear as water in him. The longer one, in the outer side, connected to his elbow by a thinner but extremely strong tendon was just a freak of nature. The term shredded was and insult, there were millions of fibers, clearly visible, crossing the muscle from the middle arm right to the cut with the biceps. The middle one, right next to the deltoid, was just a bulging mass of grotesque fibers, who was fighting for space with the third muscle, on the opposite side, bulging hard, magnificent, shredded as fuck. The three of them forming an immense horseshow made of muscle that blew Bob’s mind away. “What the… fuck?”, it was all that Bob could say when he saw that insane display of muscle. “Oh my fucking god”, he stuttered as he leaned forward to start licking those three mounds of freaky muscle, as if he were a dog, running his tongue all over the cuts, feeling the fibers, trying to pinch some skin with his teeth, and not able to take the slightest ounce of skin, that freak was almost skinless!!!!! Jeff’s mind went higher when he suddenly noticed how that shy and puny muscle worshipper had finally let himself go to the worship of every muscle in him, that his fear had become a desperate need for muscle. His cock spurted a huge thick ooze of precum, thick and long as fuck, spewing it right into his leg, and decided to explode the tricep again. He took a deep breath, his chest inflating deep and hit an extreme tricep crunch who made the three ceps of it explode and double its size in a second. “GROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. FUCK THAT’S IT!!!!!” He felt his tricep explode and hit Bob’s mouth. Robert saw the show and couldn’t believe it. Jeff’s arm had become something monstrous, something beyond the nature of any human being. Peeled from the deltoid to the elbow, some parts of the triceps skin were so stretched that he could see small little cuts, as if the skin were about to tear apart. His mind changed again into a freaked status and started stuttering: “No… no no no no no”. Jeff turned his face to see Bob’s, smiling with a cocky look, satisfied, and replied: “Of course yes, you fucker”. In a sudden he crunched his bicep again, hitting a single bicep back pose, crunching the hardest he had EVER done in his life, and making his arm explode into billions of muscle shreds, veins, sinews, striations, and even in that freaky status, the cuts and insertions of each muscle were so perfectly visible, deep to the bone, that his arm looked like perfectly cut out masses of muscles glued to the bones, his skin about to tear apart open to let the muscles grow even more. Robert started crying, tears running down his face. “You’re a monster, a fucking freak of nature, you shouldn’t exist, you’re too grotesque and disgusting for people, but… but… but… I fucking love you…” He rolled his eyes and started breathing heavily, still crying. From his view, Jeff could see thick huge spurts of cum flying high into the air and landing into his own bicep, one after the other. “Yeaaah that’s it baby, cum to your monster”, he said satisfied as he noticed how Bob was crying and cumming at the same time, his ultimate muscle lust, being so freaky disgustingly shredded that people wouldn’t believe he was real, that he was a monster, and even so, making them cum just by flexing his muscles. That fact hit him deep inside, watching his own biceps pumped to the fullest, covered by Bob’s cum and he knew his own cum was coming. “Awwww yeah, that’s it you freak, cum to your freaky shredded muscles”. He turned to the opposite mirror, his back facing the fainted Robert, to watch himself and started hitting freaky poses, one after the another: double bicep, abs pose, most muscular, traps high, side chest, triceps pose, non stop. Every time he hit a crunch, his cock was growing thicker, longer, watching that freak of nature, that product of evolution, shredded from head to toe, become more and more shredded with each pose, his skin about to burst. He extended one leg, balancing on the other one and crunched it freaky hard. His immense quad exploded into four ceps of pure mass of feathered striated beef. His calf looked like another leg, just a thick mass of muscle peaking inwards, rock diamond shaped, and his inner thigh run by a long freaky thick feathered sartorius that flowed from his balls to his knee, barely visible for so much muscle around it. Covered by thousands of small veins, he knew he couldn’t hold his cum anymore and hit a final pose: placed his hands behind his head, spreading his lats wide, forming an obscene inverted triangle of shredded muscle, his serratus already looking like a brick road, his obliques turning into a grotesque bunch of parallel long fibers from his serratus right into his abs, and his thick Adonis belt framing his abs like two devil snakes inserting into his cock base. From behind, Robert recovered from his shocking experience and watched Jeff’s pose. His insane arms framing his head, the shoulders from behind were nothing but a compendium of anatomy, dozens, if not hundreds, of muscles attached to his arms and grotesquely inserting right under his traps. Those bulging traps, shredded to unbelievable limits, inserting into his spine so clearly he was almost close to puking: both traps were so fucking separated and shredded that he could clearly see the bones of his spine between the two mounds of muscle. The lats were so fuking spread that he had to physically turn his head to be able to see them all. The lats striations run from the front of Jeff’s body right into the middle of his back, forming an insane cut that seemed more a ridge than a real insertion. Both muscles forming an impressive Xmas tree shape that blew his mind away again and made him start crying again. He couldn’t do another thing but reach them and start caressing it, tracing the insane saw of his Xmas tree with his fingers, unable to find something he could call fat, water or even skin, it felt like touching raw muscle. He felt such a pervert for enjoying that muscle freak, but went on worshipping his back. And so Jeff felt it. He hadn’t noticed how he recovered until he heard his cry and felt his fingers admiring and adoring his gigantic freaky shredded back. He then focused on his last muscles to adore: that impossible 10 pack that made most of guys cum in their pants when he started training in the gym. 10 freaky cobblestones, made of pure muscle, shredded vertically, run by a thousand small veins who joined in the lower abs to form two huge hose-thick veins running right into his cock. Those abs got him even harder but he wanted more. He took another deep breath, and hit another impossible abs crunch, suffering like hell the pain he was self-inflicting in his body, but then the abs started popping out even more, one by one, first the upper ones, shredding at the same time, then the second row, who popped with an audible sound, POP, POP, then the third row, the fourth and finally his fifth row of abs popped out like hell making his stomach look like an insane washboard of shredded beef. But then he pushed himself further, crunched harder his pube muscles, which he had never used but for jacking off, making them pop out, forming an extra pair of abs and turning himself into a 12-pack monster. That was too much for him. His eyes injected with blood and self-lust, the touch of Robert from behind, and the sight of his own reflection, turned into a monster, made his whole body tremble, shake and ripple like hell as his balls started pushing all that cum out of his huge cock. “THERE YOUUUUU GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, he shouted like hell as his abs and pube muscles contracted to throw huge and thick spurts of muscle cum right into his reflection. First shot looking at his abs, second shot looking at his insane biceps crushing his ears, third shot feeling Bob’s hands in his back, fourth shot looking at his insane lats and serratus, fifth shot for his calves and sixth one for his insane shredded quads. “FUUUUCKKKK YESSSSSSSS”, Jeff shouted out loud as he was shooting his last shot of cum right into his pecs’ reflection. Jeff rolled his eyes up, stood up, walked to his bed, and left his weight fell to it, exhausted, finally relaxing his muscles. “Now go”, he told Robert. He laid there, exhausted but satisfied, playing with Robert’s cum in his biceps, thinking about his life, and how he ended up being such a freak, as he heard Bob closing the door and walking away, still crying. -------- Here are the links for the next chapters. I hope you like it too!
  17. “My Contest Winner: Part II – And Then There Were Two” By [email protected] See “My Contest Winner: Part l: His Care and Oiling” [if you are under 18 years old or don’t like to read about men with men, go read something else, now] Meeting Another Jaw-Dropping Winner “Fuck you, Mr. Super Heavyweight asshole!” This second behemoth, wearing very tight cotton workout clothes surrounding colossal muscles, was really pissed at Paul’s “Mr. Second Place” comment. I was really startled. Yet, as they pumped their four clasped hands, and held it for more than a just a few beats, this new guy broke out in a huge toothy grin. “I got cuts that’ll put your bulky beef to shame. You’ll see it in the flesh, just the way you like it,” and his grin got extraordinarily seductive, if I read him right. These two muscle giants, standing together, were a truly awesome, a totally erotic sight, setting my muscle-sex and worshipping fantasies into high gear. And, fuck, these fantasies were becoming real! No story to download. No video or DVD to play. With Paul’s damp and slightly oily towel in my hand, I didn’t know what to do or say. Then Paul said, “Hey Jimmy, meet my new oil man, Scott.” “Jim Hansen, glad to meet ‘cha,” he said in a friendly way. As I put my hand in his, he shook it pretty hard. And what I looked at was this ruggedly handsome face and a bald head sitting on top of real high traps and shoulders, bulging out of a tight sweatshirt. But, what I instantly felt were the hard calluses. So masculine. “I’m Scott, just helping out.” I said that with more shyness than I expected. I was very intimidated being surrounded by these two handsome and very sexy muscle monsters, both taller than me, and god knows how many feet wider. His slightly wide ears gave him the look of a Marine jug head. Bottom line? I was no longer merely a watcher, lurker, or borderline repressed stalker. I was deep into their muscle, bodybuilding, and sex world. “Shit, Scott is doing more than helping out,” Paul said as he looked to me and back to Jim. “He’s getting me ready in every way. Couldn’t have asked for someone better to get me really stirred up and ready to win this whole thing.” I didn’t know whom to look at – Jim’s mass of muscles all seductively covered up and ready to be unwrapped, or Paul’s nearly naked body that I had just oiled and knew intimately. Paul told Jim how I’d been “helping” him warm-up, oil-up, pump-up, and doing a great job. It’s like Paul was selling me to Jim. I knew I could do this. I’d learned a lot about the pros, bodybuilding, muscle sex, and worshipping, for years. “Well, I’m running a little late so I think I’ll just camp here with my stuff if you guys don’t mind,” Jim said as more of a statement of fact, not a question. “My group, the heavyweights, is about an hour away from line up. Hey, Scott, even though Paul has mostly shit for judgment, I’ll take him at his word about you, and use you to get me ready. You game?” he asked damn directly. Something just got into me. Instead of saying “sure”, I just went into action, pulled a few more chairs over, and pushed some of Paul’s stuff aside, just a little. Paul said to Jim, “I’m getting him to talk more and more. He’s adjusting to being around big muscle, close in, real close in. He knows what the pros look like, don’t ya, Scott”. I looked up with a smile of enthusiasm I couldn’t have hid if I wanted to. “Yeah, Paul has been great in helping me learn to keep focused here. I just want to help any way I can,” I said with true sincerity. Looking at Jim again, I glanced at his arms. They were the size of my thighs. And, they were pushing his heavy-duty sweatshirt right to the limit. Fuck, I’d forgotten how incredibly sexy, powerful, and totally erotic musclemen could be -- fully clothed. “Yeah, I bet you do.” Jim’s knowing toothy grin was still on. I felt myself get red in the face, but kept on getting “camp” set up. We were off to the side of the room. The other guys and friends had put some distance between their camps and ours. I could see why. Strutting Winner Muscle “So, Mr. Super Heavyweight, check this out,” announced Jim. Jim had already dropped his bag and cooler. Though he was about five feet away, it felt like five inches. Paul and I were standing next to each other. Jim looked us both in the eyes. The big hands on his spectacular arms grabbed either side of his warm-up pants and he just pushed down like he was doing a strip tease. God, these guys never miss maximum impact opportunities. At the same time, he kicked off his loafers, leaned over and pulled his pants further down his humungous thighs, roped with muscle. Veins and arteries feeding blood everywhere. Holy mother of god. He was wearing tighty-whities that contained an overstuffed pouch equal to or bigger than Paul’s. My mouth went dry. His sweatshirt actually looked short now, revealing an incredibly small waist, and some lower abs that looked as hard as steel. He was one very sexy, sexy muscleman. And, like Paul, he knew it, and he flaunted it, big time. He looked back up at the two of us, exuding hyper muscular energy, as he pulled his legs out and kicked the sweats away. Sticking his right leg out in front of him, he jiggled his leg a couple of times and froze it. Fuck, he wasn’t even warmed-up and he exploded into crevices and rivulets of huge strips of muscle. His skin seemed almost painted on him, it was so thin. Veins, the likes of which I had never seen, were going everywhere and all over the place. Coils of unrolled muscle went up and down his thighs. They tapered dramatically down to his knees. And his calves burst out just beneath. I had just oiled some of Paul’s awfully hard plate-like muscles. Now, I could see my fingers, covered in oil, exploring Jim’s coils, muscle grooves, and those indentations of muscle colliding – jamming -- into more muscle. He would feel so hard and I would make him so smooth. I’d try to push my palms into his thickness, but he wouldn’t budge. I would have to make due with finger exploration and palm massage. That would be a lot, in fact. “Cat got your tongue, Paul? The guys tell me I look like the old timer at his best, Tom Platz,” Jim asked teasingly. “You definitely got some really good stuff there buddy, what the fuck have you been takin’ since I saw you last?” asked Paul sarcastically. As I looked at my nearly naked “client,” I could tell Paul was impressed. His easy smile had been replaced by a pretty serious look. “Not much more than the usual. Just got the massing up and body-fat down at exactly the right time, finally,” …clearly, Jim was very proud. He knew he looked spectacular. And, like Paul, he definitely had an attitude. And I couldn’t keep my eyes off his beautifully pronounced, bulging, and pristine white package, the top of which was just barely covered by his sweatshirt. The cloth piss slip was just starting to split open. God, how sexy can a guy get in white undies? Like a kid real excited about getting his dad’s approval, Jim reached back over his shoulders and yanked his sweatshirt up, over, and off – all with a grand and powerful flourish. I couldn’t believe that I was here watching, between these two gorgeous studs, all this muscle expand in front of my own eyes. Again, no dreams. No fantasies. No stories to print and jerk-off to. This is real-time. Live. Like all this was tailored for me. I did a quick look around the pump room. Most of the guys had stopped what they were doing and looking right to the three of us, drilling down on Jim’s amazing display of mass, definition, and proportion. “So, you think I’m still Mr. Second Place?” Jim asked Paul with no small amount of sarcasm. “Jimmy, baby, I’ve never seen you lookin’ so damn fine. Fuck, you are definitely gonna take the heavy weights, that’s for sure. Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Beautiful, fuckin’ beautiful.” Paul seemed a bit stunned. Yet, the way he just said that, I could just tell he was turned-on at the same time. I didn’t look down at his posers, though I should have. I would have seen his big meat start to stretch his cloth cover. Instead, I was watching Jim move from some quick pumping-up into a double-bi, then turning to his side and pulling his arms into a tight side chest. I damn near lost it when he extended his arms, still in the side chest, and his huge triceps just added another half sphere to his long yet double-headed biceps. From this side, his capping delt muscle jammed itself into his trap. Then it pushed into his upper arm meat, forcing the flesh to create a chasm big enough for an entire fist. Cables of muscle all over his inner right arm, and more cables thrusting out on the outside of his left arm. Fuck, and his chest lifted up two exploding rock-hard balloons with striations cascading into his deep center crevice. I’d seen pictures of Lee Priest like this and lost it every time. My hands wanted so much to go in there and grab each of those fuckers and twist, turn, and squeeze those pecs until I blew my wad. And make him blow his wad, too. Damn, I wondered if I was ever going to get a release this weekend. All of this, and the guy was doing this in his very brief whites. They seemed to have more bulge in the front then ass sticking-out in the back. He could go on-stage like this and still win. This was one of those moments when a muscleman wears underwear that does a better job than most posers would, at least with my tastes. As he turned to face us again, he drew himself up into the relaxed pose. What was so stunning was how very thick and wide his shoulders were. His traps were huge peaked triangles framing a corded and cabled neck that looked extremely powerful. Then his lats. His lats just spread and mushroomed out like three quarters of a football, each. And the taper down to his very small waist was something to behold. He, too, had one of those veins extending down from his lower ab into his crotch. That, I could finger forever. The contrast between his broom-handle shoulders and his power-packed waist was stunning. And to top it all off, his jutting package looked like it was truly the alpha and omega of his body, the center, the core of his throbbing masculinity, and his sexual energy. Fuck, what a spectacular V-hunk of man! I started to imagine standing in front of him and oiling him up and down on both sides, feeling and massaging, not just feasting my eyes, on this testosterone packed torso. As I said, Jim was one of those guys whose proportions and lines just lead you automatically down, and up, to his package. No way of avoiding that. He just has that sexually very powerful look that can take anybody’s breath away, gay or straight, male or female. Dennis Newman had that effect. So did Bob Paris. Though they had nowhere near the mass that Jim has. All of that together is fucking unbelievable. It’s like I wanted my eyes to have fingers to feel what they were seeing so close-up. Paul Meets the Posing Challenge “Okay, Scott, we gotta get humpin’ here,” he demanded. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do, so I looked at Paul who was standing there in all of his own winning glory, looking even bigger than Jim, his hands on his narrow hips shaking his head in both disbelief and admiration. I saw Jim pull out some black posers from his bag, turn and face the wall. Much to my surprise, he very quickly leaned to the side and pulled down his whites and stepped out of them. God, my eyes zoomed all over his cut and gorgeous ass, massive back, and very thick legs. Fuck, this is what a true muscle god looks like – totally naked. Thank god we were off to the side of the room. Then, with a little more deliberateness, still with his back to us, he stepped into his posers, pulling them almost all the way up. They were still rolled, at least over his striated ass, as his hands evidently pulled the pouch out so he could arrange his cock and balls. Those veined hands, leading two gigantic arms, edged their way to his backside and he unrolled and straightened the waist strap. Then he lifted the butt strap out and let it snap back into place. I, of course, was absolutely mesmerized at this display of masculine muscular nudity, the seductiveness of a temporarily hidden front, the sensual movements needed to get a poser on right and arrange big equipment, and the astounding combination of mass and cuts all over his still to be pumped-up body. “Alright, everybody ready?” He sounded like a general taking charge. “Hey Paul, why the fuck did you get here so early and get oiled up so soon?” “Well, you dumb ass, you know the drill, you just did it yourself!” Paul was evidently equally irritated with Jim’s question as he was laughing at their shared strategies. “I wanted these guys to know, early in the game, who was gonna win the overall. Period. They need time to get discouraged. Right? So do you, evidently,” he added with more sarcasm. “Yes, oh great one. That’s one area where you do have very good judgment,” Jim said with appreciation. He looked at me and said, “I’ve learned from the best.” He winked at me and flexed each of his pecs. Oh fuck, I’m not going to be able to take much more of the very thing I want. “You sure have and don’t you forget it. Hell, I won’t let you forget it this weekend. And, I certainly won’t mind sharing the stage with you and your new and improved body as they announce your second place finish.” He was grinning, finally. Paul was lightening up a bit, much to my relief. I was wondering if I was going to be in the middle of these two monsters in more ways than one, some of which could be extraordinarily stimulating, other ways maybe not so pleasant. Just to make his point, Paul started pumping his own arms. I thought he was going into a double-bi, but he kept on going, putting his hands behind his head. Oh fuck, here comes his most muscular. I hope I don’t loose control and attack him. Without saying a word, he stuck his right leg out, crunched his arms in, and squeezed down on his entire body. Everything changed, everything, instantly. He grimaced and pushed in and down even harder. His bulging poser had thick knobs in it, just like Nassar’s used to get. It was a sight to behold. Unbelievable masses of muscles all over his body. All with deep cuts and veins spreading like cracked ice everywhere. It was the all over mass that made Paul so exceptional. God, and his light green basket started thrusting out way beyond his side straps. You could almost see some daylight between his basket and the rest of him – his crotch, that is. The light green contrast on his dark skin was fabulous. Now, he looked like a very, very big version of Gustavo Bedell’s now famous pose in his blue sequins strap affair. Fuck, they ought to have basket competitions on the national circuit. The grimace was quickly replaced with the standard tension grin. I wanted to fuck his thick brick and mortar abs so bad. “Well, this is what you all are up against, Mr. Heavyweight!” Paul’s confidence was not misplaced. I looked around at the rest of the guys. Those that had been watching Jim and Paul in the last few minutes were looking pretty disheartened. I wondered how many of them were turned-on, as well. The First Touch of His Muscle In the meantime, Jim had sat down backwards in one of the chairs. “Hey, Scott, you ever given a seated massage?” he asked matter-of-factly. Oh, fuck, sorta but not really, I thought. I’d given back rubs sitting on a guy’s ass. I wondered if that counted. “Well, I’ve done back rubs and, I guess, some shoulders,” I said with fake confidence. “Well, I need a shoulder massage bad to loosen me up and get rid of some of this pre-contest tension. You wanna give it a shot, then we’ll get to the oiling.” He reached in his bag and gave me a small bottle of massage oil. “Usually Paul and I give each other a massage or two, then oil each other up. But, since you’re part of the team today, you get to do it right now,” he said with a kind of sexy leer in his voice. Oh, that explains a lot of things, I thought, as I poured some oil into my hands and eyed a huge back topped with traps the size of, well, biceps, if that is possible. “Rub your hands together to get them warm so I don’t jump out of my skin when you touch my muscles. My skin is already tight enough.” He laughed at his attempt at humor. I was too nervous. And I was also extremely excited. My afternoon perpetual hard-on was still perpetual. I was getting very used to a deep and continuous achy feeling. I was in awe of these guys inviting me in to their world, not keeping me at a distance like so many other muscle heads would. I was being made part of a muscle-conquering team, not being made to feel less than a man. Jim was inviting me into his most personal space and appreciating my caring, attention and, yes, true worship. It’s like he was saying, “It’s okay. Come. Feel. Squeeze. Push. Explore. Love my muscles. Love me. It’s okay. I want you to.” I had the inkling of establishing a psychic man to muscle connection that only men can have with other men. Damn. Jeesuz christ. His traps are fuckin’ unbelievable. Even relaxed and without much oil, I can barely reach around and grab them. They are so big! The oil makes them feel real good but I can’t grasp ‘em the way I really want to. There’s no way I can make these monsters mold to my hand. Or, squeeze them. Fuck, they are hard. How can his muscles be both relaxed and hard at the same time? It must be in my head. “I carry a lot of tension in those babies. But they are solid as rocks anyways. Just do your best to get the oil massaged in,” he commented. Oh, that’s why. He knew what I was thinking. I was in heaven. I’d never felt traps this size on anybody, let alone a muscle god like Jim. I wished he’d flex so I could feel them totally hard and morphing up into his neck. I leaned in a little to see what I could in front of him. Not much. His pec shelf, even unflexed, blocked just about everything from my view. I wondered what it would be like to reach down, grab, twist and push on them right now? Dropped that idea quick. “Move over toward the delts. There. Yeah, push down into those canyons and those indentations. They need to be worked, too. Yeah. You’re doin’ it. Hummmm. Ummmm. I love nothing more in a workout then to do really heavy-duty shoulder shrugs. That’s the only way to get these fuckers as big as they are. I’ve busted more wrist straps than you can count.” I loved how he was telling me all this muscle stuff. For me, it’s like a guy talking about sex. Maybe it is for him, too. “Out more, out. Yeah. Squeeze if you want, but I don’t think you’ll get anywhere. Oh, yeah. Good, rotate those delts. Move ‘em around. Okay, push on ‘em. That’ll stretch the tendons and that is just what the doc ordered. You’re good, Scott, very good. You sure you haven’t done this before?” he asked with some evident sincerity. God, he could talk forever and I’d never be bored. Couldn’t believe I was getting another compliment. Paul said the same thing a few minutes ago. I really like knowing I’m working with muscle-bound behemoths like this. So unexpected. Makes me feel pretty damn powerful and sexy myself. “Well, not too much. I really do admire guys that have physiques like you and Paul, though. I work out but what you guys have done just blows me away,” I responded. I thought of saying more, but decided to let him carry the ball. I moved back over to his traps and tried to concentrate. I was getting so turned-on again, that I was worrying he might think I was trying to do more than massage oil into him. “Well, you’ve got a good touch. You gotta love muscles to really do it the way you’re doing to me. Otherwise, it’s just another massage. Whadya’ think of what you’ve seen back here so far?” he asked like he really wanted to here me talk about all of this. I didn’t know what the fuck he meant. He added, “I could tell from Paul’s enthusiasm about you that you’re really into muscles. Right? Fuck, so am I. How do you think either of us got so massive? It’s primal stuff here, real primal, my friend,” he counseled. He paused for a few moments. I pushed harder on his traps and he just groaned in a very satisfied way. “ Well, you might as well know, I ‘m gay. I don’t make a big deal out of it. But, using my muscles and showing them off is one of the ways I make sure I stay in close touch with my masculinity. That’s been important to me ever since I was a teenager. That’s true for more guys than you’d imagine, gay or straight. Narcissistic? Yes, but there are a lot of worse things to be. Shit, I’m yabbering here more than usual. Otherwise, I’m pretty much a creampuff. Guess I am a little nervous,” he said with some apology. I jumped in with “Boy, I think you and Paul are just amazing. You’ve got cuts that I’ve only rarely seen in pictures posted on Internet sites. I’ve seen this guy on the Internet. His veins and cuts are unbelievable, like you. Your taper, your V, is the best I’ve ever seen. Especially, in the heavier classes. Guess I’m yabbering, too. But I really appreciate being able to see you guys close up and help out,” I added. I felt a little stupid, but at least I was being mostly honest. What I didn’t actually say to him, yet, was how sexually powerful and provocative he was for me. Maybe he knew that already, too. I’m sure he’d figured out that I was gay. At least we were both yabbering about muscle together. I liked that. I kept up massaging as best I could, but I could feel my hands and wrist getting tired. Not my spirit though, not at all. “Thanks. Good job. Maybe I’ll need some more of that later. Feels great. I really needed it,” he said appreciatively. He stood up and, again, I was staring at his huge back and a tight, muscle-ripped ass. He had a few pimples or blemish-like things, but that just added to his masculinity so far as I was concerned. Damn, his poser’s back strap was so small; he might as well have been wearing a string. I know that’s the trend though. Don’t mind that one bit, needless to say. I wonder how much smaller the pouches are going get and when. Getting Even More Personal “So, we’re gonna do it the way Paul and I usually do it. My oil is a lot like his, goes with my tan, too. It should go on easy. And, you’ve certainly had some practice this afternoon. I’ll wear these black posers on stage. They’re dark but keep the oil off them. We’ll use tissue on the edges if we need to,” he instructed. He moved around behind me a little more, which confused me at first. Yet, I soon realized that he wanted his awesome backside to be seen, by everyone else. I was between him and the wall so I didn’t block their view, even though most of them were not exactly close to us. Damn, these two monsters are cagey muscle showmen. “The way I get going is to pump and flex each muscle, as you oil it. That gets me warmed-up and also starts the pump. And, most important, I start getting into each of my muscles the way I need to. It’s kinda like self-hypnosis. So, just follow along thru my muscle groups. Keep oiling if I keep flexing that muscle. Now, you got it?” he asked needing assurance from me. I nodded, having concentrated very hard on his instructions. Boy, if there was ever a time to do something perfectly, it was right now. I wanted him to feel totally appreciated. Dare I say “worshipped”? I wanted my oiling of his beautiful body, all over, to help him get into that state of muscle flexing existence that only he knows. I had a flash, too. Would he get hard? Would his pouch be pushed out even further by his already thick steel pole? I looked out to see what Paul was up to. He was working the equipment while a couple of gawkers apparently were asking him questions as they got up real close to his hot muscle. He seemed to be enjoying the attention. Fuck, they were really adoring him as they pointed to his muscles. I’ll knew I’d have to touch him up. I stood in front of Jim, oil bottle in hand. No gloves. As with Paul, I’d decided I could cope with the light oil stain for a while. Shit, it would be my “badge of honor.” “Start with my head, then my face and move down to my neck. Be sure you don’t put it on too heavy. We can add more if we need to and I don’t want it in my eyes or mouth” he explained in detail. Shit, I felt the pressure building. I pulled a chair in front of me to get high enough to see what I was doing in oiling his very sexy bald head. Talk about hardness! I kept thinking of the head of a mighty big cock and oiling it up. I’d get to the back of his head later. He reminded me of a line of bald hunks. I always thought guys did their own faces. Though, right here, right now, I was thrilled to feel his beard stubble. Honored to touch his face gently and spread the oil evenly. He kept looking straight ahead. I knew he was concentrating. I began to see and feel the tightened cords and tendons in his neck muscles. Oh, god. They are so sexy. He clenched his jaw and neck and everything became a relief map of bulging, sexual muscle. I damn near fell off the chair, getting off the chair. As I moved toward his traps, he brought his arms around front, clenched his hands, and did a modified most muscular. Those traps that I had massaged earlier became solid steel and damn near connected half way up his neck. He held that explosive pose while I moved out over to his delts and circled them as best I could. “Yeah, yeah,” he started to mutter. More for my own benefit, I made sure I ran my fingers up and down the channels of his amazing striations. Everything was so damn hard. He let up and let out a long breath. I took a step back. Next, one at a time, he extended each gigantic arm and flexed it unceasingly. Jeesuz, they were bigger than my legs! The first was the same as the second. I started back at his delt, moved around to the outside, and then went under and back to the inside. He kept up his low “yeahs.” This, I eventually figured out, was his mantra. I knew I was doing good. God, it sounded like we were having sex. I will never forget how it felt to touch and oil his entire bicep and tricep with my relatively small hands. Feeling the veins. Feeling the splits. Feeling him pump-up and expand the muscles the moment I oiled them. Hell, I wondered who was really in charge here, him or me? Incredible. I loved trying to circle his exploding forearm. It was like pumping one very big and heavily veined cock. He spread out his long fingers, and pulled a few into his palm to get just the right flexion on a couple of muscles. He rotated his hand, and then pulled it back into a fist and rotated it again. Everything was popping out at different times. I was mesmerized. And, I had to keep going. I made sure I did the back of his hands, just in case. Oiling the back of his huge and very strong hands, that had just orchestrated major muscle flexes, may have been the moment that I knew I had a crush on him. Shit. Shit. Shit! He kept his chest pretty much in the relaxed pose, or at least that’s what it seemed like to me. Like with Paul, I was a little hesitant but terribly excited to feel these pecs of his. He picked up on that and said, “Don’t stop now”. I lived my fantasy of a few moments ago and oiled up his lats, serrratus, and obliques just as I had imagined. “Yeah, yeah.” I decided to do both sides at once, so I had to have my arms around him at the same time to do that. Holy shit. It was all I could do to not passionately embrace him and jam my own package into his beauty. Fuck, a mutual bear hug. I started to imagine what hot frottage sessions could be like with him and all his very hard, bulging muscles. While I was in my world, he was extending his arms totally above his head, and kept moving his torso side to side to flex each muscle, one at a time. What a display of muscle power! His posers seemed to drop further as he pulled in his abs. He twisted his raised arms and froze them into Sergio Olivia’s famous graceful and very powerful pose. I could hardly concentrate. I wanted to fuck each and every one of his muscles with my cock and never stop. The audience will go nuts. He brought his arms down and just said “My back.” When he knew I was back there, he brought his arms up into a rear bicep pose. Then, it was incredible. He flexed back, flexed forward, and pumped his arms up and down. His back morphed into a huge set of peaks, valleys, and contours that were, like everything else, very hard. My hands felt like they were on roller-coaster riding up, down, and around. More “yeah, yeah.” He kept pumping and flexing. And I kept oiling like a madman, even though he sure didn’t need more oil. And, what he really needed now, for this contest, he was getting from me. We were in a muscle-worshipping groove, together. He stopped that flex and immediately put his hands down high on his hips and went into a lat spread that floored me. I remembered shots by Arnold demonstrating the unreal peak of back muscular development. This was what I was looking at. This is what I was oiling. He kept pumping that spread and I kept oiling. This was really becoming an act of sex for me. And, it was like we were having it together, just Jim and me. He’d flex, I’d touch and oil, he’d “yeah”, flex, and I’d oil some more, probably more slowly the second time. I could feel the eyes of some of the other contestants on us. Some of them had even come around to the side to get a better view. Couldn’t blame them. Getting Into the Meat of Things When we got to his legs, I kneeled for the whole time. Didn’t give a shit about aching shins. I was very aware of the worship position I was in, by kneeling at and for him. I wasn’t alone in the room in that position. But, for me, this was just what I wanted to feel. I imagined how he must have been feeling, like a god ready to do battle. Armored with plates, blocks, and ribbons of oiled muscle. Standing very tall, very wide, and handsome as hell. Intimidating the fuck out of any man who would dare cross his path. In turn, I imagined him holding, protecting, and caring for me the way a hero of his stature surely would. When I got to his front, still on my knees, there it was. His manhood was hard, really hard. He was still facing the wall. His thick pecker had pushed this little black pouch down and to the right. So much so, that the left side of his pouch was showing more shaved pubic area than normal. And, here I was, kneeling with my face twelve inches away from his very stirred manhood. And, it was encased in black mystery. I get off big time on cut guys. Because he was jutting out and I was so close, I could see his very pronounced crown and ridge wrap more than half way around. It had the German helmet look I love. God, if my eyes were fingers, I would have carefully touched the top of the ridge and dragged my finger around its’ hardness. I imagined it must be pretty moist inside all that, too. Not to mention that his precum had started to darken the broad tip of his angled black basket. He hadn’t been saying much but “yeahs” as we went along. He didn’t say much now. He didn’t need to. Neither of us did. I mustered up the focus to finish his front left leg as he flexed his thigh meat and calf. Then, a moment of truth. I shuffled over to the right leg and started oiling from his feet up. He was alternating between flexing his amazing thigh and bicep-like calf muscle. As I got up near the middle of his right thigh, I knew what I had to do, and I was scared. And, I was having a natural total energy rush, the kind of which I rarely have. This was not just any kind of cock on any kind of guy in a bedroom. Jim, his muscle, and his cock, were in a class of muscle gods all by themselves. With my open right hand, palm in, I went behind his hard, black encased cock, and gently moved it forward, holding it away from his thigh while I finished oiling with my other hand. Holy mother of god. And, he just kept flexing. And I just kept holding his thick cut manhood so I could oil, just as he had told me to do. What I did next seemed so natural, so perfect. I closed my hand around him, and gripped. Like circling my hand around a steel bar ready to for a curl. His poser was still loose enough so I could maneuver my whole hand into a complete grip around this black, hard monster. The poser fabric gave way to my own squeezing. He stopped flexing and I stopped breathing. I felt held in suspended time, in a world of total man and glorious muscle, which had eluded me for years. If ever there was a symbiotic relationship, this was it. I had his hard sex in my hand, and he had his body in one hell of hard pump. In that moment I saw how flexing can be like an orgasm. And, with this kind of orgasm, you can have it again and again. That’s what he was giving himself. That is why he was so hard. And, he couldn’t have done it without me. I saw that more clearly than I ever had, even with Paul. All of this in public, evidently not uncommon in pump rooms. We didn’t stop there. Completely forgetting the rest of the world and focusing totally on my man, I started to squeeze more and squeeze hard. He let out a quiet gasp, twitched his hips, and flexed his cock at the same time I squeezed. I became almost possessed. I squeezed again, even harder. He bucked his hips and flexed his cock, again. Though my eyes were glued on my tight fist and his straining cock, my peripheral vision picked-up him bringing his arms down in front into a low crab position. Fucking god almighty. His veined hands were clasped around each other and he exploded his whole body, once again, into a mind-boggling display of cuts, mass, bulges, veins, and throbbing arteries. I didn’t move a muscle other than to squeeze his massive man-hood hard, once again. At that moment, he started whooshing air out of his pursed lips just like we do at the most demanding part of a lift. I caught his tempo immediately and matched my squeezes to each of his exhales. He kept up exploding all the muscles in his body. It was then that it dawned on my consciousness that I was jacking him off into an orgasm and it was seconds away. I wasn’t pumping or tunneling him; just giving him the hard squeezes this muscle god desperately needed. “Oh… oh…. Ughmm…ughmm… fuuuck….” and he started pumping his cum into his poser, surrounded by my squeezing fist. His wet spot expanded, fast. His warm cum, instead of dripping out of the poser, was forced back up his shaft underneath my fist. I was transfixing the experience of this traveling warmth in my mind for the rest of my life. I kept holding tight as he bucked into my fist. “Yeah… yeah….oh shit….yeah…,” Jim breathed. He slowly started to let his crab fade away, but he held his hands and forearms clenched right next to my face. At the same time, I started to unclench my fist. I could feel the sticky cum as my palm and fingers lifted off his hard steel bar. “Fuck, man, whoa….,” he added ever so quietly. I looked up and he had one very happy grin on his face. I let my hand drop from his cock. Never will I forget the hardness, the warmth, and the feel of the wet fabric covering his hot steel. Now, all of this happened a hell of lot faster than my telling. After all, so far as the other guys were concerned (I hope), all that I was doing was oiling up his front torso while he flexed. God, I don’t think all that took too long for anyone to wonder. Wishful thinking on my part, probably. Jim just was just “exhibitioning” like everyone else does in their own way. Fuck, after all, I’m surrounded by exhibitionists here. More Surprises I stood up more or less breathless, trying to appear as normal as possible. It wasn’t possible. I looked to the side of me and there was Paul, staring at the two of us. Oh, shit! Jealousy? Disgust? I’m going to get pounded, hollered at, kicked out. I was flushed with a flash of fear. My joy had been replaced by terror and shame. Then Jim’s voice boomed above me, “Hey, Paul, you were right. Scott is very good at what he does and he knows how to do everything, almost as good as you. Just as you said.” I couldn’t believe he said that so casually. Like this goes on all the time? And, I had a glimmer of hope that all was not lost. “See, what did I tell you Mr. Second Place?” Paul said matter-of-factly. “By the way, the judges will probably take away more points if you walk out there with that big boner of yours.” I looked at Jim again. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’ll go down. Just have to get Scott away from me, and change this soaking rag,” he bragged. I decided then that I would ask him if I could have it. I was sure he’d be willing to give it to me, kinda as a thank-you present. As if I needed a “thank you” present. I already had what I had really wanted. “I need a touch up. Give me a hand, will ‘ya?” Paul asks. I was stunned, grateful, and very relieved. God, this had worked out beyond what I had ever thought possible. I had done good. These muscle monsters really did like me. Two of them! At the same time! Fuck, I was in love with them both. No question about it. “I’m going to flex my arms first, let’s work on them again,” said Paul in his very deep and sexy voice. “Hey, Scott,” said Jim, as he pulled his wet poser down, still facing the wall. His beautiful cock was still hard, too. “If you don’t have any plans, you’re welcome to come back to our party room, celebrate, and we’ll relive our wins, whatever they turn out to be.” “That’d be great,” I said with passion and excitement I felt deep inside, throughout my own sweaty body. Feedback welcomed. No flames please. Copyright [email protected]
  18. “My Contest Winner: Part 1: His Care and Oiling” [email protected] [if you are under 18 years old or don’t like to read about men with men, go read something else, now] Just Being in the Right Gym I knew joining this gym would be both a joy and torture. The joy is being surrounded by some of the most muscular and hot bodybuilders in the city. Some of them pump and flex wearing next to nothing or, some were covered in sweats that still couldn’t hide all their bulk and bulges. The torture is pure suffering for me. I have a barely controllable passion for studs into their muscles -- pumping, flexing, posing, and testosterone-driven strutting, for a worshipping audience with their own straining hard-ons. I especially lose it – in more ways than one – when they wear nothing more than a little strap and a pouch that shows off their cock and balls. This tease, this evasiveness, this coyness of having their massive and cut bodies just barely covered, makes me cum sometimes without even touching myself. God, they are into their muscle masculinity. They love it. They love to see others lust and get hard over their massive and perfected bodies. I wonder how many of them have a big orgasm into their jocks or whatever while they workout, pump and flex. Of course, I see more of all of this in internet pictures, some movies, and just once and a while, here at the gym where only the top muscle gods even think about practicing their posing in front of other adoring, lusting eyes. I’ve only been to a couple of bodybuilding shows. I’ve only been in the general audience…looking and lusting from a far at these built hard and hard built paragons of muscle. Torture. I know these guys on stage are getting off on their incredible bodies, the flexing and the pumping. I can also tell there are a hell of lot of guys here at the gym that get off on the other muscle monsters too. This “checking each other out” and “encouragement by the spotter/buddy” is one hell of excuse to feast your eyes on growing, hard, hot muscle. All this can be accompanied by some awesome eye candy of cock and ball tightly stuffed arrangements. A bulging pouch, workout gear, or some other absolutely killer masculine, sexually arousing piece of cloth – it makes no difference – it’s the hidden sexual mystery on beautiful physique.. God knows I try very hard to hide my glances, especially at their crotches and bulging or hanging meat in the shower. Other guys don’t seem to care if they are seen staring. Or, they aren’t very good at hiding it. It’s all such a tortuous tease. And these posers know it, love it, and get off turning each other on with their muscle and the sexual hypnosis of the rest of us. All of this, and the message is also is “keep your distance”. That unspoken rule just feeds my lust and passion for them. In this gym, anyways, the testosterone level is always high and nobody gives a shit about it as long as you don’t do anything to embarrass the other guy. It doesn’t matter that you’re about groaning, pumping, and flexing while you work your massive body into one big hard cock itself. It doesn’t matter that you ask for a spot and then linger after the workout to ask some guy’s opinion or offer your own – and keep that up while staring at your results or his. It doesn’t matter that you choose the smallest wife-beater shirt you can squeeze into so your tits hang out. Or, choose workout shorts that squeeze your balls and cock into a bulge struggling not to get squashed between your huge and cut thighs. It doesn’t matter that you strip down to next to nothing – in a tiny posing strap and straining pouch -- late at night. This is to make sure you’ve got a totally turned-on audience watching while you turn yourself into erotic poses of undulating, massive, and cut meat, awesome masculine power, and male sex on two massive legs. It’s about a total body hard-on for the slow and exquisite torture of other muscle worshippers. These guys know it matters to guys like me – big time. It’s why I’m here. And, it’s why they are here too – but they just won’t say it. That’s just the start of my amazing story – a fantasy fulfilled – a fantasy that I thought was just silly and stupid to think would ever happen in real life. My Friend Jim Comes Through Jim, the manager of the gym, for whatever reason, decided to train me a little bit and encourage me from time to time. Jim is a very big and still well-built guy, even though he’s probably 55 or so – clearly a former bodybuilder himself. I’m certainly not anything special –pretty much an average middle-aged guy. My build is solid, but hardly built. I am a good-looking guy with an easy way with people, however. I guess that’s what Jim seems to like. I know that he appreciates I apply every lifting and training technique he suggests. I’ve been here now for six months and I see some improvement in my musculature and my weight is where it should be. While Jim may be someone easy to connect with, most of the guys in the gym keep to their own – unless they are with a training buddy or a long-time friend. Of course, the really sensual and sexy competitive bodybuilders – the guys I lust over – stick to their own kind, period. One day Jim came up to me and told me to come back to his office for a moment. I got to watch his big ass and back as I followed him in. Unfortunately, he’s always in loose sweats. He went right to the point and asked me if I would be interested in being a volunteer at the upcoming NPC nationals here in a month. I tried not to look too excited but I didn’t succeed. He grinned and gave me the pass and said “I guess that’s a yes”. I had the presence of mind to ask him a few questions. I found out that volunteers could do a number of things, including work in the pump-room. My mind went on overdrive as I imagined what it might be like with all these near naked guys with gorgeous muscles and a cock and ball display – barely hidden or in “transition” from their street to posing pouches. I stammered a sincere “thank-you” and he said “I thought you might like this”. I think I saw a glimmer of understanding in his blue eyes. Shit, I didn’t care at that point. He gave me the instructions on how to register now as a volunteer. I didn’t waste anytime. God, if my fantasies had been overwhelming before – they were insignificant to what I started to obsess about for four weeks. Just more torture. I wondered who in our gym was going to compete and whether I could keep my cool around their muscles, pumping, thongs, and posing in the pump-room. I worried about being too friendly and coming on even a little bit, and getting my ass kicked out. I wondered if I was going to be asked to do the high holy of holies and oil up the hard muscles of one of these musclegods. Could I control myself if one of them let me do the inside of his thigh? Oil his arm-pit – or would he do that himself? Or, oil up his bare glutes, being very slow and careful not to get the oil on his string tucked into his ass crack, or touch the bit of cloth around the graceful muscled curve of his low waist? Just for the hell of it, I went to Repetrope and used my membership to get the pix of last year’s placers in most all the categories. I get especially turned on with the superheavyweights, heavyweights, and lightheavy weights. Though sometimes, the lighter guys can have the most amazing posing outfits that accentuate their big cock and balls – bulging out from their relatively smaller yet beautifully sculpted and muscled bodies. God, if just 50% of these gods were back again and in even better shape, I’d be nuts with muscle, pouch and basket lust. I worked out like a fiend for these four weeks, too. I wanted to look as good as I possibly could. I wanted to make sure I looked as appealing as possible in case I made some connection with a competitor. Unlikely, yet I decided to hold out hope and not be disappointed if everyone just kept their normal distance. Besides, I knew most of these guys would have their army of support – be it from girls, buddies, or families. Strangers like me would probably not be welcomed other than in the most unappealing tasks. Shit, I didn’t even know how I would get assigned to the pump-room. I sure as hell didn’t want to be playing guard or something like that – just looking at these gorgeous masculine guys with all their clothes on – bulges and spectacular muscles mostly hidden for a few more minutes. Just Being There and Serving I was asked to be at the civic center auditorium on a Friday morning for assignments. Some big guys were around, but it was too early for any competitors. I was early, of course. And after standing in line for an hour, a woman read me the list of assignments still open. I couldn’t believe it when she said the pump room. I kept my calm and told her the pump room “would be fine”. She said someone else would explain the rules a little later. I left with my pump room pass, flying on cloud nine. Wow, they installed a gym with all kinds of weight equipment for these guys. The shower was just done the hall, the one used by teams for sports events. Even at noon the security was high. I had to show my pass a hundred times before I walked in the door of the pump room. No competitors that I could see, yet. Just a big burly guy that didn’t look very friendly. He was in charge and asked me a bunch of questions and looked at my pass. I think he was trying to decide if I bordered on the weird side or not. If I could make myself look normal, I certainly did then. I made sure he understood I was in for the duration of the contest. He seemed to like that. There were all sorts of instructions about what to do, what not to do, and things that would get me thrown out. I couldn’t believe how blunt he was. I was shown all the supplies and locations of the changing rooms and showers. My fantasies were in overdrive once again – in the pump-room, in the showers, in the secured hallway, in the locker room. It was a dream come true. Now, all I had to do was just control myself. No easy task, especially with hard-on that wouldn’t stop -- even now, and no musclemen were even around. I started to ache down there already. I was in the pump-room just trying to keep myself occupied when the first competitor and his girl friend showed up. They dropped off his gear and he went to the locker room and changed into his workout gear. He looked like a lightweight – but wide as hell – and so fucking narrow at the waist. A few others started to come in to get ready for the pre-judging that afternoon and evening. Most had their entourage. A few guys seemed alone. I wasn’t asked to do much, except hand them a towel or something. I got concerned about how I was going to stay focused on my job, not on them. Thank god I wore tight underwear and loose pants. One guy, a bigger guy than the others, came in wearing a very brief light blue bikini-type suit. On top was the classic tee-shirt with sleeves cut out and a scissor cut down his the center of his huge chest from the neck line. God, he looked fabulous. I couldn’t believe his shoulders were so wide and thick. His neck looked like a thick cabled throbbing column. His biceps were already huge and cut without even being pumped. His legs were massive and, literally, were pushing his package way out – enough so that I could see that he was cut and big, even while soft. Shit. I had to look away when he went to the bench press and straddled the bench with his bulging basket staring me in the face 10 feet away. My hard-on just got harder and I thought about going to the john. I decided I’d rather stay. From here on the show just got better and better and I had more energy throbbing through me than I had ever imagined. It took everything I had to stay cool and just do what I was told to do. Before long the place was taken over by incredibly built musclemen, each with their own posing suit – most very brief – some really did look more like strings and pouches. I was stunned at how some of these guys looked like they were hard or at least partially hard and kept right on pumping and flexing. There wasn’t a lot of conversation, just a lot of pumping, flexing, and very close self-examination. Then the oiling started big time. I was asked to help a couple of guys that seemed to be on their own. For each one, even through the rubber gloves, I carefully walked the line of applying the dark oil in a smooth and even touch – not too fast and not too slow. It was a mind-blower to feel their hard muscles – all over their bodies – even when they weren’t yet fully pumped. There was one guy whose cock and balls were so big, compared to his pouch, that I could barely concentrate. He looked uncut, however. I think he might have known his effect on me. How could he not? He was clearly displaying all his muscle and sex to get himself (and probably others) psyched up. He’s no dummy. He even asked me what I thought and I was very effusive without being gushing. He gave me a big grin and said thanks for the help, as he strutted off in his big thick glutes to the pull up bar. I was in seventh heaven all afternoon. I was proving to myself and to these gods of muscle and masculinity, that I learned quickly and did good job oiling, especially when the oil was light colored, as opposed to real dark oil which was a bitch. Then “The One” Arrives It was a little later in the afternoon when I was stealing a glance to the door and this very handsome monster walked in – evidently all by himself. Shit, I had no idea these guys were really that big in person! They certainly weren’t in my gym. I watched him pause at the door and the already sizzling masculine energy in the room jumped up big time. So did my dick. Some heads turned quickly, others more slowly. It looked like a few guys tried to pretend he didn’t even come in. As he slowly and very purposely started taking a few steps, most everyone went back to whatever they were doing. I was one of them that didn’t. I felt frozen to the floor. He was 30 feet from me but it felt like we were breathing on each other’s neck. My heart was beating so fast it felt like I had drums in my head. I was very afraid that I had given myself away at the wrong time to the wrong guy. Oh, shit. He was about 6’2” – as tall as Gunther, as I remember. I knew he was a super-heavyweight in an instant, but couldn’t even guess his weight. He had a very confident smirky smile on his face. And god, what a handsome face. Dark hair, medium length on top, short on the sides. Like so many others, he had a skimpy wife-beater tee-shirt on. But he sure as hell didn’t look like many others. His sweats were tighter than I’ve seen on most guys. His legs seemed to stretch the fabric with each step. It was evident that he had a very good tan. He seemed to be keeping his arms in that relaxed pose guys are supposed to keep on the stage. His right arm, however, was bulging noticeably from carrying his gear bag. I get very hot over big forearms and he had them corded and cut without even flexing them. I couldn’t believe the width in his shoulders. The thin shoulder straps of the tee-shirt seemed buried in deep grooves of muscle between his thick neck and huge delts. All this was happening in seconds. After setting his gear bag down on a chair, he started pulling off his shoes. His body was truly spectacular muscle in motion. Like I’ve heard said, it looked like he had eels squirming in his back. His biceps just barely flexed but I could tell he had more hard muscle than most guys. As he untied the drawstring around his tight sweats, I saw him do a quick glance back in my direction. I wasn’t sure but my cock jumped again. The sweatpants didn’t have enough freedom to drop by themselves. He had to pull them down over his beautiful ass and then bend over to push them down over his huge thighs. I really thought this was a dream. Even though he was concentrating on getting the sweats off, I had this strong sense that he had me in his mind’s eye – for my eyes and, frankly, anybody else that wanted to feast their eyes on his mass of monster meat. In seconds, it was clear he was in a very small posing suit. Yet, for a moment it looked like he had nothing on until he turned a bit towards me. I saw the most sensuous bulging package of balls and cock I had every seen. The strap and pouch were a bright green. I was dying a slow and wonderful death. It was like there was a wrestling match between his equipment, his exploding quads, and the restraining fabric. The fabric was losing. This man was going to win something this weekend and he knew it. And he knew a lot of us knew it, too. The competition was well underway and I was right in the middle ready to serve and worship if there was any possibility of either or both. Is this what he is going to actually wear on stage? Well, if anyone has the total package for those rights, he certainly does. He then reached down to the bottom of his so-called t-shirt and began pulling himself out of it, one huge arm at a time. It was like he was posing. He was slow, graceful, and very intentional. Guys were watching, again. It really was like he was doing a muscleman strip-tease without anybody, himself included, calling it that. He knew exactly what he was doing now, too. It is truly a feat of work-out discipline and commitment to tons of iron and steel to carry the hard muscle bulk he had – as well as to be cut. My mind flashed on what he must look like in workouts to get to this peak of muscular glory and perfection. Muscles engorged to the max. Sweat dripping from his head and all over his huge body. Hair wet and in his face. Intense concentration and unhuman exertion lifting the ez-curl bar. A chest with two bowls of striated muscle and a tit on each side pushing the ripped shirt out even more. His workout shorts, already two sizes too small, bunched at the top of his thick and cabled thighs. His jock pouch created a large bulge right between those two monsters. And the oval-like bulge was pushing out relentlessly, not willing to be held back. The Call of a Lifetime I “came back” just in time to hear him holler “Hey, you!” I turned my head toward him and he was looking right at me. I don’t usually feel faint over anything. But this was different. A passionate muscle-worshipper like me is like a deer in the headlights at these moments. Stunned. Confused. Scared. I was all of that, with bolts of orgasmic lightening going through my body. Reason is gone. It’s only my turned-on body and cock responding. I heard my body said “Sir?”. “Come over here and help me out. I need a spotter to get pumped up. Do you know how to oil? My partner is out sick, he announces.” “Yes, sir. I’ve been helping oil all afternoon,” I say confidently. “Good. Now spot me at the bench press,” he instructs. This nearly naked mountain of muscle – in his bulging pouch – walked past me, slowly. I found out later that he was “testing his intuition” about me. I quickly figured out why he didn’t pump-up in his workout gear. He didn’t need to. He wanted to win the contest now -- and was extremely proud to flaunt his god-like looks and his hyper-masculine man equipment. No shyness or even hidden agendas with my new muscleman. He put out his big hand and said “I’m Paul. Who are you?” “My name is Scott. Glad to help you out, ”…. I barely said that with a straight face. I was not going to take any chances. “What do you lift?” he asked casually. I was embarrassed to tell him the puny weights I use, and could hardly get even that out of my mouth. I was also very distracted by his spectacular pouch in between those unbelievable quads. There’s no doubt he caught my very fast eye-checks. After watching his awesome arms and chest grow with each rep, I moved my eyes to his big pouch. I couldn’t stay there long or I’d miss helping him – not that he really needed help. “Good enough. I usually don’t need a spotter, but I don’t want to take any chances today. I need one hell of a pump-on to do justice to this contest-ready body of mine. What do ya’ think? ” he asked with a sly grin on his face. As he stood-up, standing within two feet of me – on the same side of the bench, he flexed arms, biceps and forearms together. I said something like, “I don’t see anybody else that can come close to you. You are the biggest and the most cut guy I’ve ever seen.” I blushed and he muttered some “yeahs” and kept on examining his pulsing and rotating arms. I’d never seen forearms explode in such mass, with so many cords and veins. God, it was sexy. I guess everybody decided I was “his” for the next half hour. Nobody hollered at me to come help them. I was in muscle heaven watching Paul build his already perfect body right in front of my eyes. I kept taking plenty of chances watching his pouch strain as it tried to contain his cock and balls. Anybody else would have considered this obscene. It was clear from the glances over our direction, however, that most all guys acted like he was a feast of male muscular perfection. The eyes of some of them were very hungry. We moved to a couple of other free weights. I couldn’t see that he needed me to help but he said “Hang in there with me, sport”. I tried to find ways to encourage him and “guard his muscles” close-in without touching these growing rocks. If I had touched him most anywhere, it would have felt like touching a huge hard cock. His whole body seemed like one, especially when he flexed hard. He sweated and I held the towel and he mopped all over his body, frequently. I damn near shit a brick when he adjusted his pouch by pulling it up and out. He did a wiggle to fit his cock and balls more comfortably. The word “wiggle” doesn’t do justice to his effect on me – or on himself. He murmured, “It’d be easier to work-out naked but that isn’t allowed, yet”. I was silent, yet very grateful for this visual feast of hard pumped muscle, glowing sweat, and a straining pouch that made him look like the god that he knew he was. I followed him over to the corner and chair where he had his workout bag. “Okay, Scott. I don’t have anyone to oil me up so you’re it. Think you can handle this?” I had a couple of jokes I could have made about what he meant by “this”. I decided to limit myself to a confident, “Sure”. God this guy is so big next to me and I felt so small. I could feel the warmth of his body heat from his all-over pump. He was one hell of bodybuilder – massive muscular perfection - -built with mass and cuts that I have never even been close to. His back really got me going. Even without a flex, just a pump, those big muscles were carved with gorges stretching from his huge neck, across some incredibly wide shoulders and delts, and down to the top of his butt crack – where the little strap disappeared. “I’m already dark so I use a light oil for sheen, not for color. That means we don’t need to worry about even color coverage – unlike a lot of these guys around here. I’ll show you. Watch closely so you can do this right,” he admonished. I hardly needed encouragement. He put his massive right leg up on the chair and squeezed some oil into his palm and rubbed them together lightly. In what was like a slow act of sex to me. He slowly moved his hands up down his hard, tear-dropped thigh. After squeezing some more into his palm, he moved down his calf, which was easily the size of a many muscleman’s biceps. “Got the idea?” I nodded up and down, scared to death I was being discovered for my muscle-worship passion even more. “Here, you work on this leg and do it just like I did here,” he instructed. He switched legs and I was shaking. “You okay? Hey, look, I know all my muscle is pretty intimidating. It’s supposed to be. Nobody wins contests, otherwise. So, don’t worry about it,” he said with noticeable understanding. I was so grateful he said that to me. I relaxed a little and got focused on standing to side while he had his other leg up on the chair. I shit another brick when he moved his glistening big pouch aside to make sure I got up all the way into his inner thigh. I glanced around and everyone other muscleman was doing something like this – some with help – some alone. So, I stopped feeling so self-conscious. He just seemed less self-conscious and less nervous than everyone else. “Alright, we’re doing this a little in reverse here, but you’re doing great. Let’s get to work on my back side.” I was in motion but stunned at the hardness my hands were feeling – the softness at the same time. I tried to move my hands at a speed that would not disclose how deeply affected I was by touching him. I had to do this and still apply the oil right. Not an easy task for a novice in-person muscle-worshipper. He lifted his huge arms each time I came around to do the back of his lats and near his shaven pits. He had almost no stubble, just smooth, cut and hard muscle. He gave me a back lat spread as I moved down the center of his back. It felt like he was displaying a extra-wide barn door just for me. “Now make sure and get the back of these legs”. Well, I had to do his glutes first and that terrified me and excited me at the same time. He didn’t flex. They were already hard and his skin seemed to soak up the oil. I had to move my hands back over them to make sure they had a clear sheen. I couldn’t believe I was touching muscleman’s butt, let alone Paul’s. I kept concentrating and going down his butt, onto the back of each leg. At one point, he took a step back and started to flex and pump his whole leg. The muscles and cables just jumped out in an instant and grew in front of my own bulging eyes. I got bold and decided to rub some more oil onto these hard muscles as he kept is leg flexed. He didn’t seem to object. When I stooped to get lower, I felt a rush of embarrassment and a deep thrill. I knew then what it was like to really worship serious muscle. I was sure he knew. And, even more, I was sure he liked what I was doing. That sent a tingle all over my body. The Oiling of “The One” Continues As I stood up again, he turned around and said, very matter of factly, “Now the front”. At first, it didn’t make much sense to me why he told me to work his huge chest and veined arms. But then I understood, once again, that he liked what I was doing and didn’t give a damn about anybody else. He sure as hell had figured out that I really liked what I was doing for him and to him. “Start with my neck and work down my shoulder and arm first,” he instructed again. I glanced again at everyone else and saw the same thing going on in different ways on different gods. I told myself everything was fine. Thank god he turned his head to the side when I started on his neck. I couldn’t look at his face without saying or doing something very wrong. It’s like my hands were separate from my body. It’s like I was two people. One guy doing the oiling and touching – the other watching going absolutely crazy with lust. His traps were like small mountains protecting a thick neck of veins, cables, and muscles. I was really awestruck at how hard and big his delts were. And, yet, his skin was so soft. I stiffened again as my hands ran over veins coming from his biceps. My disembodied hands moved in parallel down this ham-like, veined side of beef, that he called his bicep and upper arm. I kept right on massaging the oil while he did a little flex. The muscles of his tricep and bicep jumped in my hands. I couldn’t believe the number of big veins and cords and how they covered the extremely hard muscles. I couldn’t slow down or I’d be in trouble. Yet, I was really getting into this erotic worship by my very sensitive hands. Then I moved my hands – in parallel – down to his massive and striated right forearm. This was too much. The veins stood out even more and I relished feeling the pulsing ridges they created. I stopped to collect myself and get some more oil. He was frozen like a statue, waiting, expectantly for me to continue. . While I grabbed the oil bottle, I took a peek at his gorgeous pouch. It had moved. He was at least a little hard and his cut cockhead was really showing its ridge now. I was too stunned to keep going, much to my immediate embarrassment. The Truth Will Out His gorgeous face was about two feet from mine when he said, “Hey, Scott, you still okay? I don’t want to distract you from your oiling here. I know all about how this is turn-on. Most every guy here gets turned-on somewhere, somehow. I just get turned on when someone oils my muscle the way you are. It’s a great feeling so I get a little hard. No big deal. It’s really a compliment to you, my friend.” I made some feeble comment about just wanting to get the oiling right for him. I thought I’d crawl in a hole when he said “Yeah…right” – with a noticeable edge of sarcasm. He had an easy smile on his oh-so-handsome face so I assumed I was okay. I made it through doing the other arm, never getting used to what it feels like to have such big, hard, beautiful muscle in my hands – wrapped in tributaries of throbbing veins. Then the moment of truth. His huge hard chest and nips. I noticed immediately that his nips were hard, too. They stood out like hard eraser tips. I know from reading and paying attention that touching a man’s chest is a very, very personal and intimate thing for most guys, especially bodybuilders. Some really welcome it and others make sure you don’t get even close. “Okay, just get it started here on my upper chest and I’ll finish it.” I was very grateful. I ran my oiled hands over his mountains of velvet smooth pecs. The two muscle masses felt unbelievably huge in my small hands. Again, I made sure to remember the feeling of his hard hips on the side of my hands but not stop moving. I left some oil in the crevice for him to spread around. I moved down to his abdominals and he now flexed those. For a big guy like him, I knew he had really worked to get them into such definition. There was one big vein that came down on a diagonal into his bare pubic area that I could have fingered forever. I actually made my first comment to him, “These are incredible. It amazes me that anyone can get like this”. “Not anyone good buddy. Just a few of us. The few that don’t settle for anything less than muscular perfection. I have been building, pumping and flexing this body for many years now. This is the payoff,” he said with extreme confidence. He flexed them again. And my hands moved, actually with more noticeable passion, spreading the oil around these classic grooved cobblestones. I think I saw him smiling as I oiled him here. We were a team, now. He had me to himself and I had him to myself. We were getting ready for night an aroused audience would never forget him – that would go home and get-off fantasizing about him. I knew they would go wild over the sensuous beauty of his massive hardened body. I can’t remember when, but just before I was done oiling him, he hollered again. “Hey there’s my favorite little guy – looks like you’re coming along nicely there Paul. Could be second place here for you tonight,” he barked. When I turned my head it was like I was seeing his twin, only somewhat shorter, casually walking over to us. Oh my ever lovin’ god…. Feedback welcomed. No flames please. Copyright [email protected]
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    self-worship Self worship: Pecs

    Hi guys. Here's another one of my self-worship series: time to flex pecs Hope you like it. ----------------------------------- 8:30 am: The clock alarm started buzzing like hell. Greg hardly tried to open his eyes to make sure it was time to wake up. "Aw, fuck..." He was still asleep, and the clock was still buzzing, so he raised his arm, reached the clock, letting his hand fall down onto the button, almost smashing it, and making it finally stop. He started building up his mind for the routine day: having a huge breakfast, then going to gym, have a shower, have his meal, go to work, eat again, rest a bit at home, then eat again before his second gym session of the dat, have his dinner, and then run like hell to lose every ounce of fat and keep his bodyfat as low as possible, then a second shower and sleep. That was his almost every day agenda, and what would have driven crazy to anyone, made him really happy, he just loved it. The only thing that bothered him was his work. He was an engineer, and he loved what he did, but fuck if he were a millionaire he could quit it and fully concentrate on building his body, his true devotion. But until then, he still needed the job. Or, maybe he could find a sponsor for building his body?... Naaah, he thought it a second time and discarded it. "What for? To feel obliged to be worshipped by a bad worshipper every day? No way" He remembered the previous night and regretted again for having accepted that date. He was horned as fuck, too horned, had worked out legs, and had a huge cum after giving himself a self-worship, but he needed more, so he accepted to meet Mark, "the best worshipper you would ever know", in his own words. "Fuck yourself Mark, you're a crap". The guy was only focused on Greg's biceps. He didn't really mind that, he loved to give himself single-muscle worship sessions, but the guy was sooooo fucking boring. The only thing that he wanted was to make Greg flex his biceps and kept them flexed, while he licked them and jacked off. No words, just "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" like a mantra for 15 minutes, who seemed to Greg a whole day. He decided to end that shit, licked his own bicep for the guy, made him cum instantly and sent him home, promising himself not to make the same mistake again: "Greg, don't you EVER meet a worshipper when horned". The worst part of it is that he got so angry with himself that he lost his horniness and went to bed late, horned and with his balls full. And there he was in bed, sleepy as hell, angry again for his mistake, and with a long day ahead. "What do I have to workout today?... Aw yeahh, pecs!!!" That made him happy again, he loved working out pecs. They weren't their fav muscles but fuck, he had a special ability, or genetics, to have a HUGE pump who could last for days. "Ok, let's do some reps, maybe I will get fully awake with it". He got off from bed, got to the floor, kept in a perfect push up position, his 375lbs resting just on his hands and started repping: "1, 2, 3..." He could still feel the cramps from last pecs session, almost a week ago, but he loved that feeling. "21, 22, 23, ..." He started feeling the blood flowing through his pecs. "61, 62, 63, ..." Fuck now he started feeling horned again. "Come on Greg, focus on your pecs, not on your cock. 101, 102, 103..." Now, in the 100th rep, was when he felt their pecs pumped to the max, and the next ones were the ones that made him grow. "131, 132,...hell yeahhh". Now he was fully horned, he couldn't resist it, the feeling of the muscle growing with each rep was too much. He closed his eyes and visualized his pecs working in each rep: when down in the floor, fully extended, fibers freaky visible for havig his skin fully stretched, his insertions in the delts, then starting to raise up, his fibers contracting to pull the arms down and make his 375lbs raise. He could even visualize how the upper fibers started contracting at first, and then, when he was 15cm away from the floor, the upper fibers started working, contracting themselves and pushing him upper. He could even feel the burn of each muscle part and he fucking loved it. Then, when fully up, he hit a huge final crunch, forcing his inner fibers to crunch like hell, making his pecs pop out like two meat balloons. He let himself go with that image he made up in his mind, but then opened his eyes, looked to his pecs and saw them, but much better than what he had imagined: he could see his huge cleavage, the insertions of the pecs in the sternon, every single fiber insertion perfectly thick, huge, like a knife stuck in the middle of his torso, forming a perfect valley, but not in a line, but like a saw. He saw the size of the pecs, HUGE, popping out at least 10cm away from his ribcage, the insertion in the collarbone, shredded even in that position where those fibers didn't really work. He couldn't even find the smallest wrinkle in the join with his arm, his skin was so fucking tight that all of it was filled with muscle. That image was his fucking own muscle lust, and he entered that "zone" where he wasn't really him, but a self-loving muscle freak. He rolled up his eyes and went on repping: "200, 201, 202, ..." With each rep, he visualized the image of his pecs working, getting harder at that image. He wouldn't stop until failing, and that was going to last. "300, 301, 302, ..." His pecs burned like hell, making his cock harder and harder with each burning. "350, 351, ..." He began to lose his strength "362... FUUCKKKKK". He let his body drop, couldn't do another rep, and the sound of his body falling made his dog bark, freaked out. 375lbs falling down onto the floor made him feel as if there was an earthquake. Greg was exhausted, taking enormous quantities of air with each breath, but he was even hornier than before. He placed his huge fists and feet on the floor and raised his sweating 375lbs of muscle, maybe a bit less for so much sweating. He walked like a zombie, feeling a huge pain in his pecs muscles, knowing that this was going to be his biggest pump ever. He finally got to the bathroom, still in shades, reached the light switch and pushed it... And the sight of himself in the mirror just shocked him even harder... He couldn't really recognize his own muscle frame. His pecs were wider than ever, even relaxed, framing much wider that his armpits. The shape of them was almost perfectly squared. The followed the cuts of them wit his eyes, mesmerized with them: the freaky insertion in the delts muscle, as if the muscle were emerging from below the deltoids. It didn't even look like a single insertion, but every fiber bunch inserting into the deltoid, as if the pec were at least five smaller pecs growing from the shoulder. He followed the outer line of the pec, a bit inclined towards the upper abs. All that line was blurry, because of the fibers and striations that were running his pecs horizontally and hiding behind he pecs, inserting in his ribcage, in the part that was covered by his own pec. He raised his right hand and placed it behind his huge pec, finding the insertions of the fibers in the ribcage with his fingertips. He traced that insertion slowly, feeling the saw-like line that formed it. The feeling of that horned him even harder, making his cock grow longer, thicker, and making his huge cockhead slit drip some precum. He left his left pec free visible again for himself and went on enjoying his view. The outer line ended in his thick huge nipple, pointing down for so much meat on his pec. The fibers in his lower pecs were not completely parallel to the other ones, making clearly visible that those fibers helped the muscle make another movements different than the upper pec. He made a slow muscle contraction of the lower pec, really slow, from the bottom up, making the lower striations look deeper than the upper ones. When the muscle wave reached his nipple, it made it point a bit up, long, round and thick, freaky hard from so much blood in his pecs. He let his left pec fully contract in a wave of muscle running up, getting freaky hard, freaky striated, shredded everywhere, dry as fuck. Then he looked at the image: his right pec relaxed, but even so freaky shredded; but his left pec fully contracted, GROTESQUE, DRY, ALL-FIBER, HUGE, INSANE. Any word that came up to his head couldn't really describe what he saw, but his cock could. Now it was fully erect, huge as fuck, almost 15 inches of a thick, meaty muscle now dripping precum non stop. He got a handful of that pre and started sliding it all over his flexed pec. He loved the feeling of his pre in the muscle, the smell, no oil felt that good: He sticked his thumb between the pecs, running the cleavage, oiling it, feeling the freaky hard fibers grating his own finger, but he went on squeezing it harder and harder. Then with his handfull, all five fingers rubbing his huge pec, the palm feeling the whole pec, cupping it. He let his index finger work slowly gently on his nipple, and his full body contracted in pleasure. What could drive him wild as fuck was the idea of someone slowly worshipping his nipple, with his tongue tip. He imagined that in his mind, and got to a higher level of muscle lust. He relaxed his contracted pec, got a huge breath, making his chest expand almost 5 inches wider, freaky, shredded as fuck even in that position, skin stretched, he locked his eyes into his own pecs through the mirror, clenched his teeth and hit the freakiest most muscular pose ever. "FUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK THAT'S IT FUCKER!!!!!" His pecs exploded into two freaky balloons of shredded muscles. They no longer looked like muscles, but like a bunch of fibers, placed one on top of the other, freaky huge insertions everywhere: into his cleavage, into his collarbone, the insertions in his delts freakiest than ever, framed by his huge biceps around them. The view was freaky as fuck, relaxed and contracted them a couple of times, but not slowly, he just wanted to see their pecs explode once and again, and that's what he got: freaky ballons of muscle fibers popping out of his body. Then he looked at the huge pit that his lower pecs formed with his upper abs, making a deep cave made of muscle walls. His cock was harder and longer than ever, he contracted his groin and made his cock raise up up up, and reaching that fuckage cave. He helped his cock and inserted his head in the deep pit and crunched both his abs and his pecs harder, catching his cockhead hard between them. He started humping his own pecs, pushing hard up and grinding his cock with his lower pecs, feeling the fibers with his head, even hurting it because of the hardness of the fibers. But it doesn't mattered, what mattered was that he was in the "zone", he could only think of his muscles, in loving them. He started crunching and relaxing both lower pecs alternatively, slowly jacking his cockhead, leaking precum non stop. He crunched his upper pecs, making such a huge cut in his collarbone so freaky it seemed the pecs were about to pop out of his body. Fuck he loved watching himself being a fucking pec freak. He stopped humping and concentrated of jacking his cockhead. He flexed his lower pecs more and more, giving his pecs a huge jack off, enjoying both the jackoff, but above all the ability of being able of self jack off with his pecs. He felt his balls working hard to make all that cum flow up, the burn of his horniness from head to toe, making his cock get about to cum, but his burn concentrating on his pecs, the aim of his lust, not his cock or his orgasm, but his pecs. But now it was time to let it go. He hit a couple of last crunches, shredding them more than before, giving a huge squeeze in his cock head and making his cock cum like a hose. "YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH FUUUUCKKKKK". The first blast cum laid on his chin, the second blast laid on his left pec, and the rest of them flowing down his cock and his balls. Still horned as fuck, he got all his cock cum with his left hand and started rubbing all along his right pec, covering it and relaxing both of them. He slowly touched his nips with his cummy fingers, and the feeling of his own muscle cum in their hyper sensitive nips made his cock launch a huge last blast of cum right into the mirror. "Fuck, i can't wait to do this again after the workout".
  20. CardiMuscleman

    time-historical The American Musketeer REDUX

    Part One Roger Dixon was a stud! It was almost as if he only had to step onto a bodybuilding stage and the world just caved into him. He won every single class he entered be it his local contest, the statewide contest, a regional contest, a national contest, a continent contest or even the day he was crowned Mr. Universe in his class, indeed that day he really let them know what he was packing. He stood up to his maximum height and brought the house down, showing off every sinew of his proportionate 266lb mass. His proportionate 53 inch chest, with his proportionate 2½ inch long nipples just oozed mascunlinity and when coupled with a proportionate 27 inch waist his proportionate eight pack was a thing of wonder to behold. His proportionate 22 inch guns, with veins streaking along them, were unmissable, his proportionate 28 inch quads glistened under the lights, his proportionate 23 inch calves and his proportionate 22 inch thick neck ensured that he won the best poser class as well and was even brought out to pose against the overall winner. But that was all in the past. It was his own desire that was his undoing. First, when at a photoshoot he attempted a 300lb bench much more than he could actually manage to show off his power and tore both his pecs and then the real trouble came when he was caught in a media sting operation and outed. He had always been gay, he loved the attention of people drooling over his muscles, his cock a proportionate 9 inch monster when hard was his pride and joy, no one had complained when photos showing his bulge on stage flooded the magazines but as soon as he was outed, he was dropped faster than you could say "One Hit Wonder". Even now, twenty years after last stepping on stage, he still looked after himself but knew that standing just a mere five foot two tall, weighing 146lbs though still as lean as anything, his 42½ inch chest, 32 inch waist, 14½ inch biceps, 22½ inch quads and 15 inch calves would never cut the mustard against the modern stars of the stage. Even the people in his grand master classes were bigger than he was and as he watched the recording of the last show he had streamed, he traced the buldging pecs of Mr. Grand Master Colorado 2015, a man aged as the same as Roger, 65, yet so muscular Roger wanted to wrap his arms about him and pummel him into submission. But Roger now happy living at his home in Fort Collins, Colorado where he spent most of his days on online forums discussing bodybuilding history and reading stories about the most powerful men ever to exist on the face of the planet had his dreams and would regularly wake up, covered with a thick layer of cum having read stories, both real and fan made, of Hercules lifting an entire cliff face, He-Man wrestling a clone of himself, Milos of Croton splitting a tree apart with his bare hands and his personal favourite, the final act of that Titan, Porthos, holding up a cave to allow his friend to escape. Whenever he read that story, his dreams were always the same. He would rescue that man, take him to his own personal gym where people could train in the nude, and work that man until he begged for mercy, then ram him until he screamed for mercy and then, torture him with high voltage until he caved in and panted "I submit" and allow him and Roger to swap bodies so that Roger could experience the power of the Titan for himself. This interest in the Titan of old eventually developed into an interest in Renn Faires and it wasn't long before Roger, dressed as the Titan himself, was a regular feature and made sure that his body was the centre of attention as demonstrated just the previous week when, whilst holding a talk on the strength of heroes, and deadlifting two hundred pounds for the whole talk, a Spartan came up, grabbed hold of his biceps and squeezed them saying "Arms, that would defy Hercules in their strength" It was after a Renn Faire, where having been a member for a decade the organisers presented him with a leather bound copy of all of the tales of the Musketeers, that Roger found himself in a unique position. He'd been reading another one of Porthos's feats of strength and as per usual was getting very excited about it. “This group was superintended by the man whom D'Artagnan had already remarked, and who appeared to be the engineer-in-chief. A plan was lying open before him upon a large stone forming a table, and at some paces from him a crane was in action. This engineer, who by his evident importance first attracted the attention of D'Artagnan, wore a justaucorps, which, from its sumptuousness, was scarcely in harmony with the work he was employed in, that rather necessitated the costume of a master-mason than of a noble. He was a man of immense stature and great square shoulders, and wore a hat covered with feathers. He gesticulated in the most majestic manner, and appeared, for D'Artagnan only saw his back, to be scolding the workmen for their idleness and want of strength” “Oh, yeah” moaned Roger, “I think I know where this is headed” and with that started to rub his cock in anticipation. “D'Artagnan continued to draw nearer. At that moment, the man with the feathers ceased to gesticulate, and, with his hands placed upon his knees, was following, half-bent, the effort of six workmen to raise a block of hewn stone to the top of a piece of timber destined to support that stone, so that the cord of the crane might be passed under it. The six men, all on one side of the stone, united their efforts to raise it to eight or ten inches from the ground, sweating and blowing, whilst a seventh got ready for when there should be daylight enough beneath it to slide in the roller that was to support it. But the stone had already twice escaped from their hands before gaining a sufficient height for the roller to be introduced. There can be no doubt that every time the stone escaped them, they bounded quickly backwards, to keep their feet from being crushed by the refalling stone. Every time, the stone, abandoned by them, sunk deeper into the damp earth, which rendered the operation more and more difficult. A third effort was followed by no better success, but with progressive discouragement. And yet, when the six men were bent towards the stone, the man with the feathers had himself, with a powerful voice, given the word of command, "Ferme!" which regulates maneuvers of strength. Then he drew himself up” “Yeah” moaned Roger, the rubbing becoming faster making his cock longer, harder and redder , “You show them, Porthos” “The workmen, as commanded by the engineer, drew back with their ears down, and shaking their heads, except for the one who held the plank, who prepared to perform the office” “Oh, fuck” Roger moaned, as his hips started to buck and he could feel himself getting even more aroused “The man with the feathers went up to the stone, stooped, slipped his hands under the face lying upon the ground, stiffened his Herculean muscles, and without a strain, with a slow motion, like that of a machine, lifted the end of the rock a foot from the ground” “Yeah” he moaned again, “show them pure muscle!” “The workman who held the plank profited by the space thus given him, and slipped the roller under the stone. "That's the way," said the giant, not letting the rock fall again, but placing it upon its support” “YEAH!” roared Roger, “SHOW THEM ALL WHAT IT MEANS TO BE PORTHOS” and with that he came so violently that in combination with the long day and the orgasm that followed, Roger started to fall asleep and dropped the book to the ground moaning “Oh, Porthos, I wish I could meet you one day!” and with that slipped into sleep, his cock spurting cum as he did so. This will be a very long story (but I cannot say how many parts it will be). I know from experience how boring that long a story can be so therefore I would like members to help liven it up with their artistic skills be it people like @powerbeats illustrating the sheer effort needed to perform a feat of near superhuman strength, people like @leogrando showing how big people are, or even @darkluster4 showing what happens later on when Roger experiences the full force of the Titan. Therefore I am giving every single illustrator carte blanche to draw what they like when they like
  21. arbotimus

    The Iron Bug - Part V

    Oh boy, it has been quite a while since I 've worked on this story. This update comes in two parts. This one is the plot-heavy one. Feel free to skip through at your leisure if that is not your jam. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V -- The Well We have lingered in the chambers of sea By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown Till human voices wake us, and we drown. - T.S. Eliot, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" The clouds were painted flat and grey against the sky, leaving a muddy warmth in their wake. The pale morning light that made it through lent a calm air to the morning, the blue-hued rays filtering through the needles of trees. It was a day like any other. I waited outside Charlie’s house for him to leave for class. I had no plan. Short of makeshift handcuffs, I was out of ideas. He could probably knock me out at any time, and I had no idea how he did it. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to ask nicely. He opened the door wearing a white wife beater that was just tight enough to show his abs through the fabric. When his verdant eyes turned to face me he looked amused. “You look different, little man,” he said. I stared at him blankly. I wasn’t sure what to do. He chuckled. “What is it you want from me anyways? You made your wish and it has nothing to do with mine.” He said. “What are you talking about?” I inquired bluntly. “I never made any wish. Frankly I have no idea what’s going on…although I’m not complaining, I guess,” I stated, rubbing my thick hands across the deep, shredded crevices of my abs. God, what was happening to me. “Sorry, that’s become a force of habit lately,” I mumbled. “You’ve never been to the well?” Charlie asked. “No. What well?” I asked impatiently. “Then what happened to you?” He seemed genuinely interested, the amusement on his face giving way to curiosity. And he clearly knew a lot more than I did. It couldn’t hurt to share. I described the metal bug, the insatiable desire to lift, the ravenous hunger, the euphoric growth, the second bite, and the dream. Well, the relevant parts of the dream. I also left out the parts about Delilah. He gazed at me intently before breaking into a smile. Then he took a deep breath. “Well, so much for class today. We’re going on a field trip.” Charlie said, dropping his backpack inside the door and then shutting it for good. He stretched and I could see the soft shadows of his triceps that I had felt in my dream. I was bewildered. Apparently my ignorance was enough to warrant his help. “Get ready for a bit of a hike. It’s not too far, but more than a quick walk.” After that he started ahead off without me, and I jogged to catch up. I followed him quietly as he led me through the neighborhood to a trail into the forest. It was a path I had run a few times before. Tall evergreens surrounded us, soft and inviting in the pale morning light. I spoke up once and he looked at me stolidly, telling me to “Just wait until we get there.” The rest of our trek was conducted in the relative silence of the forest. Only the frogs made sounds as they fell asleep for the day. I tried to focus on our surroundings instead of gaping awkwardly at his chiseled backside. I worried he would catch me staring and knock me out. Maybe I was just being paranoid. Squirrels ran through the leaf litter and up the trees, eying us cautiously as we made our way up the path. After about forty minutes we came to a unique collection of ovoid rocks that were stacked against one another, and he led us off the path to wade through the remnants of a trail overrun with forest scrub. I was forced to watch him as he guided us through, and I found that the longer I focused on him the less I was able to focus on anything else. There was a certain magnetism about the way he moved, confident and alluring. My eyes ate up his every motion hungrily. Everything about him was perfect. His back sculpted like the smoothest stone, his walnut colored hair reflecting beautifully in the sunlight, the beefy heads of his calves separating every time he took a stop, the sweat rolling off his caramel tanned skin, his clothes hugging his tight body with every motion. Amongst all the beauty of the forest, including my own, he outshined us all, a guiding light in the darkness. His radiance enraptured me, made me feel whole. A branch swept across my face, forcing my attention away from Charlie. The trance was lifted, and the rest of the world came rushing back into view. I felt on my face where I had been struck but could not find a cut or any pain. Another part of the transformation, I guessed. I wondered silently if anything could hurt me. When I looked back up at Charlie he seemed like an ordinary person again. Still just as attractive, but I was no longer transfixed by him. I found that if I stared for too long, however, I started to lose clarity again. It was best to focus elsewhere and follow the sound of him moving through the scrub. The last of the wildflowers were wilting in the mild summer heat. Another half an hour of trekking found us in a small clearing that was mostly shaded save for a few sharp slivers of sunlight that pierced through. Charlie stopped and took a long, deep breath. Leaf litter from the surrounding trees covered the ground, but few plants grew here. The ones that did had long, thin leaves almost like needles and vibrant red flowers that let their stamens out towards the ground. In the center of the clearing stood a stone structure resembling a well. The clean cut stones were a deep, mottled grey that I did not recognize. The well overflowed with water, and it spilled into a shallow pool of the same stone that encircled the structure. The water that flowed out seemed unnaturally dark, like it refused to let any light leave its shallow prison. A wooden covering was held by thin posts ornately carved with various animal and plant designs. It looked like it had been built long after the primary structure by someone other than the original architect. A small wooden bucket hung from the roof as well, although it did not seem to serve much purpose. “Welcome to the wishing well,” Charlie said with false ceremony. “I…don’t get it, honestly. Why are we here?” I said, perplexed. “Just go up to it. You’ll have to take your shoes off and put your feet into the water to look inside. Then you’ll see.” I agreed reluctantly. The whole structure, although simple enough, gave me an ominous feeling. Light and sound seemed to move oddly through the clearing because of it, sometimes enhanced and sometimes subdued but never what was expected. The well itself had a certain Lovecraftian alienness about it, as though whoever built it had tried to create something familiar but had failed in the details and instead made something entirely foreign. I steeled myself for whatever fate awaited me, taking my shoes off before the water. What the hell, I thought, rubbing my cheek where the branch had hit me. I am practically invincible now, anyways. The inky water was smooth and cool on my feet. The flow from the well gave me the impression of wading through the tide rather than standing in a pool, and I noticed that the water drained into holes along the pool’s stone edges. The closer I came to the well the more everything around it seemed to go dark in my vision. Soon the only thing I could see was the stone and the water, and my feet moving through it. The rest of the world had faded into a giant expanse, endless, vast, and humming with a vibrancy of life despite its emptiness. I rested my hands on the well, feeling the cool rush of dark water flow over them, and looked inside. Images swirled and began to take shape and form against the darkness. Soon I was a part of them, as though I was in a dream. I could not tell at first if the visions I saw were scenes from the future or memories. At times they felt like both. Each one was a snapshot from my life, not always in order but generally progressing forward. They came slowly at first, then faster and faster until they began to blur together. Important moments and small moments rubbed up against one another in a ceaseless barrage: graduation from university, a gentle kiss from a stranger, my election to head of an engineering firm, the desert view from atop a tall rock, my sister’s funeral. In every image I was the same age, and as time sped past I was oblivious to its effects. I traveled the world and experienced more than most do in a lifetime, summiting mountains and skyscrapers, exploring though canyons and across highways until I felt there was no more to see. I met others, many of them, from all walks of life. I talked with them, laughed with them, loved them, fucked them. I grew from each of them, and I cherished every one of them. In the midst of my travels, in a dark city alley lined with high adobe walls, I found a mirror. The humid air and sandy floor of the alley faded as I gazed into it. The reflection was my own, but I had grown to titanic proportions. At least twice my current size, and all muscle. The shelf of my pecs eclipsed the sun for those who stood under me, and the strength a single arm was enough to topple buildings. I was invincible, the epitome of eroticism and power. In the mirror’s visions, I filled my time with prodigious displays of my boundless strength, lifting ships with the flick of my wrist, stopping bullets and tanks that would stand in my way, eating and drinking and fucking whomever I pleased. I was indomitable in the world of men, a god for others to worship. I looked away from the mirror and continued on my own path. But the visions from the mirror stuck with me, haunting me. Time continued its march and I moved with it effortlessly, but the others did not. I watched my friends and loved ones die, and new ones sprang up to take their place. The stars continued to turn overhead, but I stopped counting the revolutions of the earth and the numbers of days that passed. Time was just an excuse for everything not to happen all at once. I watched the world change as my body refused to age. The seas rose and dried up, technologies advanced beyond what I thought possible, the natural world around us dwindled and was restructured in our image, countries rose and fell in what felt like minutes, and soon we left the earth behind. Eventually I jumped across stars with the rest of our species through the grandness of the cosmos, watching patiently what became of us as we traipsed from galaxy to galaxy. And just when I felt myself start to slip into a boundless infinity a hand pulled me out from the well. I inhaled sharply, as though I had just been rescued from the bottom of a pool. “What did you see?” he asked calmly. “I was immortal. I saw everything.” Charlie regarded me cautiously. “That’s a new one. Must have been why you were out for so long. “Look, just be careful. The well shows you the wish you want, but it doesn’t always grant it. Mostly it works out, but sometimes it fails and things get tricky. That’s probably where your bugs came from, too. Whoever made that wish may not have even been bitten.” I paused, considering what monstrous incarnation of eternity would spring forth from the well to grant my own wish. Finally I regained the courage to speak. “What did you wish for?” I asked. “I haven’t. I’m like you. The product of someone else’s wish.” I stared at him blankly. “When my mom was young she found this well by accident. Just like you and everyone who comes across it, it showed her what she wanted most, although she didn’t know it at the time. She says she saw the most beautiful woman in the world, one that no man could resist. When she asked the well to make it real, a branch grew from the water and offered her a fruit. “She got her wish. Not only was she beautiful, but men became obsessed with her. She drove them mad. And when she spoke, she could ask them to do anything she wanted.” “Like what you did with me?” I asked. He nodded. She had asked to become Helen but had become a Siren instead. And apparently it was heritable. “The way her wish was granted, she never knew if men loved her or were just lost in a trance. But she managed to fall in love with my dad, somehow, and they lived together long enough to have me. “Then one day while he was working on his car he cut his arm pretty deep, and when he looked at her she was a stranger. It took him a long time just to remember who she was, and after he couldn’t even look at her. They split after that. That’s the short version anyhow.” “What happened to her?” I asked. “She still lives here with me. She rarely goes out now. Too many eyes watching. Now she only talks with the others who have been to the well. Most of them online. They tend to scatter.” “What about you, then? Have you ever looked in the water?” “No, I haven’t. Too risky. I don’t have it even a quarter as bad as she does,” he said, gesturing down to his body, “And you can barely even look at me for more than five minutes.” I blushed. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed. “I have my whole life to think about what my wish will be. There’s no rush.” “So I could wish for everything to go back to normal?” “I don’t know. Whoever or whatever built this well doesn’t seem to need it anymore, so we can’t ask questions. We only know what we know from the wishes we’ve made. “Look, I only brought you here so you could understand what’s happening to you. It probably would have drawn you here anyways, even if I hadn’t shown you. That’s what happened to me, sort of like your dream. I can’t stop you from making your wish, but you should know it doesn’t always go according to plan.” I thought to argue, but it was useless. He had made up his mind. And so we left the clearing and headed home in silence once more. The siren’s son led me from the water, safe to dry land. -- The night was dark from thick cloud cover and an absent moon. I had spent all day packing, throwing away most of my clothes that wouldn’t fit anymore. I was already a day and a half late, and I tried to rush but I found it hard to focus. My mind was preoccupied with the well. My head buzzed with the wish that I would make, what, if anything, I would tell Delilah, and the behemoth that had stared back at me in the mirror. If I wanted to, I could ask for it. But that was someone else’s wish, I had to remind myself. Although, even still… I loved the way the downcast lighting reflected off of my body, the way every single crevice formed by my impressive musculature made a deep shadow. I thought about how I could make men cum just by letting them worship me, how even my fingers had the strength to bend metal with ease, and how the hard flesh under my skin was now akin to the metal that I lifted. Pre leaked ceaselessly from my hard cock as I subtly flexed and explored what my body had become. -- My flashlight barely lit the forest path as I made my way out to the well. I got lost a few times, having to turn back before I found the rock formation I was looking for. I stumbled my way through the trail, freshly beaten by our steps from this morning, and found my way to the clearing. The red flowers glowed with a soft phosphorescence in the darkness of the night. Only a few scarce stars were visible overhead. I took a deep breath, removed my shoes and placed my feet into the water. The temperature had not changed, and against the cool night air it was warm on my feet. The infinite expanse opened up to me again, my surroundings even darker than the night I came from. I saw the same visions pass before my eyes, including the mirror. And when it was done I stood silently for a few moments, the weight of eternity on my shoulders. Then I made my wish.
  22. arbotimus

    The Iron Bug - Part IV

    Oh boy, it has been quite a while since I 've worked on this story. This update comes in two parts. This one is the sexy one. A short summary of previous parts will be posted below. Part I Part II Part III Part VI -- Metamorphosis As soon as I closed my eyes I found myself drifting in a vast darkness. Everything was black and empty except for a dull, growing warmth inside me, like I was on the cusp of a fever. Time was hard to gauge here. I passed what could have been minutes or hours through the emptiness before the pulse in my veins began to rise. Slowly at first, but then stronger and stronger until it was near bounding. At the same time my muscles swelled and tightened to their own rhythm, every fiber burgeoning with more power from each flexion. The pleasure of each muscle filling out to its rightful proportion was exhilarating, almost orgasmic. Pre leaked out of me in streams and floated aside me through the abyss. I was lost in a tranquil euphoria, becoming something greater. More immeasurable time passed before the transformation slowed to a halt, and I realized that I was still dreaming. The darkness faded into a blue sky, my body falling gently into a field of tall grass. I opened my eyes slowly. The sun shone radiantly, casting its bright light over my body and a few crimson flowers that each rose like its own little sun from between the long blades. The warmth of the grass pressed against my now cool skin, the bristles soft against my hard flesh. I laid there calmly, basking in the afterglow of my metamorphosis. When I lifted my head and sat up, Charlie stared down at me. His expression was almost mischievous, like a little kid caught doing something he knew he shouldn’t. His feet dragged through the tall blades as he stepped towards me, pushing me back down with his foot as his body towered over mine. Even when he lifted his foot his confident gaze was enough to hold me in place. Something about him was spellbinding, commanding. My titanic strength was useless before it. He kneeled down on top of me and I felt the softness of the grass on my back mirror the smoothness of his skin on mine. Every muscle on his body was solid, smooth, and flawlessly proportioned. Running my hands across his triceps I felt each curvature as they flexed with the simplest motion. His eyes shone marvelously and effortlessly. Our lips touched. The physical separation between us faded as we continued to explore each other. I guided my hands along his burly arms while our lips played with each other’s, and then he ran his nose thorough the deep crevice of my solid abs, his fingers gently toying with my erect nipples until he brought his tongue back up to meet them. In an instant I rolled us over and pressed him down, forcing my tongue into his mouth. I was stronger, and it thrilled me. I pinned his arms on the ground and held his legs down with my massive quads, rubbing my dick slowly on top of his. Our abs slid across each other as my dick throbbed in anticipation of my load. Suddenly his lips left mine and he gazed into my eyes with a sort of smug expression. He guided me gently with his hands, and I could not help but yield to his touch. He flipped us back over. He stared at me again with that overwhelming confidence, and then started to kiss his way down to my cock. I leaned my back onto the stone well that had appeared behind us, as objects sometimes do in a dream. Just as he started to reach past my apollo’s belt, I let out a deep groan… -- I awoke to rain pounding on the roof. It was heavy and full and warm with summer. I stared at the fine grains of the wood of the ceiling for a long, hard minute before I was convinced that I wasn’t dreaming anymore. My heavy breathing and the drops on the windowpanes were the only sounds that filled the room. The paltry, muggy light of dusk gave me just enough light to see the vague outlines of the walls. Apparently I had slept for a long time. The blankets had tangled from my tossing and turning, and I carefully unraveled my cocoon of sheets to find freedom. A sharp inhale filled my lungs, my chest expanding outward proudly to let the air rush in. Even without seeing it, I felt thicker, stronger, more powerful. My muscles moved like steel under my skin. When I flexed them I felt as though I had the strength to lift buildings and move mountains. The sheets tore as I gripped them in anticipation. Fuck. I flipped the light switch on to guide my way to the bathroom, swelling with the suspense of my image in the mirror. To my horror, I found my body hadn’t changed at all. My heart fell out of my chest. All of my work had been for nothing. My cock head begged to differ, however, flaring larger than any I had ever seen and standing atop a dick that was one and a half times its original size. I had gone from just above average to well endowed, with thickness to match. When I touched it lightning ran through my body. But I held on, stroking gently. Watching myself jack off in the mirror was still something to behold. I lifted my 18 inch arms and watched each belly stand out in relief, chiseled, rock solid, perfection. My abs crunched down and formed a cobblestone eight pack. Fuck, I was starting to get weak in the knees. I grabbed onto the shower certain rod for support. Instead the metal bent in my hand, removing the rod from its holds. I fell on my butt and the rod clanged on the floor. Without getting up, I picked up the warped metal and gave it a quick bend with just my right hand. My left stayed dedicated to stroking off as I twisted the metal into whatever shape I pleased, watching the muscles on my forearms danced as I contorted it like it was nothing more than a piece of paper. It was exhilarating, knowing the strength I had in just my fingers. My cum reached the ceiling from the floor as I came. Good thing I was just tall enough to reach up there now. I kept playing with the rod as my cock finished its final spurts. A note for the iron bug manual: a full bite grants you Priapus’ cock and Hercules’ strength. Good to know. And then I had an idea. -- Two hours later I found myself in a big city, noticing the streetlights' reflection off of my old beat up truck and a few scattered puddles on the ground. The apartment building I was looking for seemed to rise up stoically out of the cement, featureless and foreboding for its onlookers. I felt the cool, fresh night air run across my hard flesh as I walked inside. The lights in the lobby flickered fluorescent and bright, in stark contrast to the melancholy world I had just left. A shell of safety and warmth. I took the elevator to the third floor and walked the long, sparsely decorated hallway down to room 304. When he opened the door he smiled at me. I’m sure he was surprised at what he found, since I had used pictures from two transformation cycles ago to find him. “Come on in,” he said, his deep voice complementing the hypermasculine stature that stood proudly before me. Head shaved, white skin, shirt that looked tailored to show off the size of his chest and the slimness of his waist. I guessed he was between 32 and 35, his face showing the subtle signs of aging that were combated by a life dedicated to lifting and fitness. He turned around and left the door open. I liked the way he walked. It was a mixture of that arrogant jock sort of saunter and the stilted, muscle-bound waddle of bodybuilders. His confidence was exuberant. That was going to be fun to break. He was just finishing dinner. In a large red cast iron pan, some inedible-looking green paste was still frying. He offered some to me. I looked at him and gave him a sly smile. “I don’t really watch what I eat,” I said, my expression falling back to the cold, elusive demeanor that I had adopted since the metamorphosis. He started to coach me on the impacts of diet on fitness and health and my attention drifted. I noticed his chest bounce every time he made a gesture. I could tell that he liked the way it stretched the fabric. Every movement was proud, calculated. I got up and moved towards him, him still going on about the lean muscle he had gained on his current diet. I took his wrist in my hand. It was solid, doubtlessly from years of lifting and perfecting his body. I wanted him to resist me, to give him a hint of how this night was going to go, but his hand moved with mine. I lifted my shirt and placed his rough fingers along my abs. “Does it feel like I need to go on a diet?” I said. He whistled, and a horny grin followed. “Okay, fair point,” he said. “Let’s head to the bedroom,” I said. He didn’t hesitate any further. “Wait, I need to use the bathroom first,” I lied. “Sure. It’s just around the corner there,” he said, pointing behind me. I watched him practically skip his way down the hall. He had a nice ass, perky and firm. Hi torso twisted to get through the doorframe. Meanwhile I took a quick detour to the garage. I got lucky. It was full of weights. I took a few minutes making preparations for the night. When I came back I found him with his shirt off, trying to look casual but clearly giddy with anticipation. I had to admit, his body was even more impressive without clothes on. Slightly marred by age, he still had a tight six pack and his lats stuck out noticeably from his sides, making his waist seem more trim. I could even see some of the striations in his pecs. He could compete as a lightweight bodybuilder if he wanted to, and maybe he had. “You like?” he said, lifting up his bicep. Probably over 18 inches. Bigger than mine. I smirked at him. “Sure, it’s alright.” He must have thought I was being sarcastic. “Where do you wanna start, big guy?” I said, playing to his pride. Having waited long enough, he pressed his lips into mine, softly. His lips were practiced, and his tongue moved skillfully in and out of my mouth. He led me over to the bed, but before he could lay on top of me I flipped us around and pushed him down onto it. He scrambled to take off his shorts and underwear and I took off my shirt slowly, letting him savor every moment of the reveal. I may not have gained much in size, but there was something of an unspeakable strength and dignity to my body. Every part of me was like iron, the flesh just barely containing the strength that lay under it. I stood over him for a few silent seconds before I revealed the metal bar I had kept hidden in my waistband. Normally it would be twice as long and more suited to hold weights, but I had torn it in half for what I had in mind. His expression was a mixture of confusion and curiosity. I bent the bar into a U shape right in front of him. It was like wire. I barely even felt the resistance. Without warning him I grabbed his wrists with my hands. He was in shock for the first few moments, but then he remembered that he should struggle. It was kind of cute. He thought he was strong, that I couldn’t possible keep him in my grip. It turned out the power in my fingers was more than he had in his entire upper body. I took the bar and put it around his burly wrists, clamping the metal shut with just one hand. The horror on his face was juxtaposed with his throbbing erection. Even if he didn’t understand what was happening he sure liked it. “How do you feel?” I asked, crushing off the loose ends of the bar and tightening down the space between his hands to form makeshift handcuffs. “What are you?” he responded, exasperated. “I honestly don’t know,” I replied. “Does it really matter?” I noticed that with his hands stuck together it made his chest stick out. Even while he was indisposed, the fullness and definition in his pecs were still admirable. My dick hardened at the thought that I had incapacitated him with so little effort. I reached down for his cock that was sticking out of his boxers. He was leaky. Hell, I would be too in a situation like this. There wasn’t a single part of my body that wasn’t worthy of salivating over. I threw him a few poses while I had him as my captive audience. Then I drew his throbbing member from its cotton sheath and whistled at what I found. At least eight inches, hard as stone, head throbbing with anticipation. Gaining momentum, I lifted him up off the bed and hefted him over my shoulder. Then I pressed him up with one hand. The metal dragged along my back as I lifted him, and I could feel the indentations my fingers had left. He stared at me with an expression of wonder and lust. I smiled at him and brought him back down towards me, allowing our lips to meet. Then I worked my tongue down his neck, past his nipples, across his abs until they met the head of his cock. I was pleasantly surprised that he lasted for more than a few minutes with my tongue wrapped around his head. I took my time, never letting him drop an inch even as he started to leak. When I felt him getting close I held him with both hands around his waist and started rubbing his cock against my chest. The idea must have really riled him up, because he came almost immediately. I laughed as his rather prodigious volume splashed up against my chin. Some of it found its way to my lips. It was sweet. I tossed him on the bed to marinate in his own juices while I went to wash off. But before I got in his shower, I spread the substantial volume of semen that I had earned across my chest. I liked the “oiled” look, the way the lighting made every fiber in my already awesome chest stand out even more. Turning the water on, I took turns bouncing them up and down as I washed them. I went slowly, admiring the absolute control I had over every muscle in my body. Soon I was touching myself all over… My cum stained his ceiling. I was sure he wouldn’t mind. When I got back to the room he lifted his bound hands towards me and begged: “Please, officer?” I obliged, twisting the metal off of his wrists without a drop of sweat. “Can I see you again?” he asked, almost pleading. I frowned. “Sadly, I’m moving tomorrow. I was supposed to leave yesterday, actually, but some business came up. If I’m ever back in town, you’ll be the first person I call.” I left him on the bed, still soaked in his own cum, dazed from what I had done to him. I felt sated. It was time to get some answers. Part V
  23. londonboy

    Little Mouse - Part Eight

    Michael heard them arguing before he even got within the pool area. It suddenly dawned on him that neither guy would want to see him there. Tommy was probably furious that he had seen Matt last night and Matt had made it very clear he didn’t want Michael seeing Tommy anymore. Michael crept into the pool grounds and stood behind some bleachers – where he had a clear view of both men and could hear what they were saying. He was completely taken aback, and kind of turned on for some reason, when he glanced around the bleachers and saw that chubby Matt was holding Matt in the air – his hand clenching the front of the wrestler’s pants and his belt. “Put me down, Tommy.” “No, not if you’re going to try and slug me again, Matt.” “I’m sorry about that. It was stupid of me. You just gotta promise me that you won’t give Michael any more power bars. And I think it would be best if you didn’t even talk to him.” “I don’t think you’re in a position to be telling me what to do, Matt.” “I’m not telling. I’m asking as a friend.” Tommy immediately dropped the wrestler to the ground and turned from him. Matt’s tone had been friendly – almost begging. It was a very different attitude than Michael had ever seen in the guy. Matt fell on his butt, but slowly got back up and faced the other man. “Can’t you do this for me, Tommy? You know I like the guy.” “You’re stringing him along, Matt. Just like you did to . . .” “To you, Tommy? We both know that’s not true. I was honest from the start. You knew I had a girlfriend. You knew I didn’t want to be out of the closet.” “And the same thing is happening now with Michael!” Tommy turned back to face the other guy. They stared at each other for a few seconds. “You don’t know that, Tommy. Michael and I have something special. I just need some time to work things out. I know he’s told you how he feels about me. You don’t want to go and mess with that, Tommy. We know what happens if you mess with true love after dealing with the power bars.” Michael basically missed the last part of what Matt said. He was too focused on the fact that the big guy had said he was working things out. And he used the words ‘true love.’ Michael’s head and heart were so busy trying to wrap themselves around the idea that Matt really cared for him, he missed a huge part of the next few sentences in their conversation. Michael was too elated to hear anything. “Why shouldn’t I give him more bars, Matt?” “You know why, Tommy.” “Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.” “Okay. I want to be the biggest and strongest guy on campus.” “You’ll never be the strongest.” Tommy glared at the wrestler. It was clear they both knew that title only went to Tommy. “Okay, the biggest and the second strongest. Are you happy?” “Why couldn’t you love me, Matt?” The obvious pain in Tommy’s voice and the bluntness of the question snapped Michael back into the present situation. Time stood still while he waited to hear Matt respond. The next few sentences were obviously going to define the guy in Michael’s eyes. “You wanted too much, Tommy. And I wanted different things.” “I gave you everything I had!” “I know, Tommy. And I continue to thank you for that, but we both have to move on. Remember, you made the choice. I didn’t force you. I didn’t make you this.” “I loved you, Matt. That’s why I did it.” “Maybe you loved me too much.” There was dead silence. Michael was pretty sure Tommy was crying. His heart broke for his fraternity big brother, but his lust for the wrestler was too much. Matt had said he wanted to work things out with Michael – and that made the newly muscled guy very happy. “If you still love me, Tommy, and if you feel about Michael the way I think you do, then you’ll let me have him.” “You know what it will do to me.” “I do, but the good news is you’ll still have your strength.” “I don’t do this for you, Matt. I do it for Michael. I know he likes you . . . a lot. But I swear, if you hurt him . . .” Tommy stopped in mid-sentence. There was nothing more to be said. Both men knew the conversation was over. They both understood the other’s stance. Tommy glared at Matt for a few more seconds and then he turned and walked away – in the opposite direction of Michael. There was a strange tugging in Michael’s heart at that moment. Something in Tommy’s voice . . . his demeanor . . . his firmness moved Michael very much. But as the younger guy looked at Matt, the wrestler, that familiar lust . . . no, need . . . for his muscled body returned. There was something deeper and more powerful resonating in Michael, but he didn’t stop to analyze the feeling. He went back to the gate, opened and closed it loudly, and then called out. “Matt, are you here?” He walked around the bleachers and the look on Matt’s face was exactly what he wished for. “Holy fuck, Mouse, look at you!” “What?” Michael asked, feigning ignorance. “You look like you’ve been supersized three or four times.” “Oh that. Yeah, I guess I’m a little bigger. Care to take it inside the gym and wrestle, just to see how much I’ve truly grown.” Michael had moved close to Matt, enough to notice he was breathing kind of hard. The big wrestler was clearly turned on. This made Michael go crazy. He could feel the blood – tainted with a wild sexual drive – pumping through his body. He wanted Matt more than ever. There was something in the back of his mind gnawing at him, but his raging hard-on helped him to ignore it. “Naw, mousey-Mouse, that’s okay. I’m a little beat from lack of sleep. I think I’ll just head back to my room.” “I really wasn’t asking, Matt.” Something sinister took over Michael. He could feel the power surging through his body and he loved it. He knew he was strong as shit and all he wanted to do was use that strength – to impress Matt . . . or was it to put him in his place. It didn’t matter. The urge won out. Without any warning, Michael dipped his newly broad right shoulder down and pressed into Matt’s tight mid-section before the wrestler could do anything. Suddenly, Michael was back upright and Matt’s body rested easily in the air on his shoulder. Michael started walking toward the gym. “Matt, remember when you said I wouldn’t be dominating you until donkey’s flew? Well I think a bunch of jackasses just sprouted wings. Your body feels so light on my shoulder. So light, in fact, that it feels like I can do this.” Michael bounced Matt’s body into the air with his shoulder and at the same time he brought his open hand up – pressing into Matt’s mid-section and before the wrestler even had time to figure out what was happening, Michael pressed the guy into the air – with just one arm. Matt’s body was suddenly held aloft by Michael’s extended gun. Then, as if to pour salt in an open wound, Michael started to press the wrestler’s body up and down without any sign of struggle. Matt was too flabbergasted to say, let alone, do anything to stop Michael. It wasn’t clear if he would have been able to anyway. When Michael got them into the gym he noticed two guys were playing basketball. He hoisted Matt’s body into the air and walked directly to a spot near them. He simply growled loudly and easily pumped out a rep with the wrestler’s body. The two guys immediately got the message and left the gym so quickly their unforgotten ball rolled across the floor slowly. Michael then walked over to the wall and with his free hand he reached up and grabbed the corner of the mat that was hanging there by three big spikes – it’s where the thing was stored during basketball games or when wrestling wasn’t happening. Michael tugged, but was a little too forceful and two of the spikes came out of the wall while the third snapped in two. Michael acknowledged what he had done with a slight ‘huh’ and then dropped the mat on the floor. He raised his arm – taking Matt’s body up with it and then dropped him onto the mat, as well. Matt scrambled to his feet quickly, just like a good wrestler. Matt’s crotch revealed that he was already sporting major wood – clearly turned on by Michael’s display. “Oh, little Mouse, you’re going to be so sorry. Those power bars are pretty powerful, but you’re no match for big Matt. I’m a national champion wrestler and a few added muscles doesn’t make you anything more than the dweeb you are.” “Matt, Matt, Matt – what are you packing there? A twenty inch arm?” “Twenty one, little punk.” “Well take a look at this, big boy. It might make that hard cock of yours shrivel up from feeling inadequate. I believe my ‘dweebish’ arms are now up to twenty three inches and they’re still growing.” Earlier that morning, Michael had been obsessed with his growth, so he had measured himself. He was shocked to see how enhanced he had become from the power bars. When carrying the wrestler into the gym, he had already deducted he had passed the guy in size. This made Michael go wild inside – since his dream of dominating Matt was about to come true. He was going to take it slow, though. He wanted this moment to last. He brought both of his arms up and flexed them hard – making the biceps swell upward like giant mountains being revealed by a stupendous sunrise. Matt’s eyes bugged out wider than before and his mouth dropped open in shock. It did seem that the tension in his crotch immediately subsided, too. “It seems I’ve become Mighty Mouse while you weren’t looking, Matt. You might be a world-class wrestler, but I believe my intense brute strength is going to easily dominate you – no matter what you bring to the mat. It’s going to be like when a suped up truck meets a tank – no matter what fancy bells and whistles the vehicle has, the stronger, more powerful, tank destroys it with the greatest of ease. And by the way your shorts have tented out again, I think you’re digging the idea of this Mighty Mouse having his way with you. You’re going to be such a fun big toy to play with, Matt. Matt, indeed, could now feel his cock leaking pre – just from listening to Mouse spout off about his size and strength. There was something about being challenged by a bigger guy that just sent the wrestler over the edge. He knew he’d dominate Mouse with no problem – even with the obvious improvements. Mouse had only taken two power bars. That was nothing. He had also only been growing for a few days. His strength could be growing, but nothing compared to the biggest man on campus. Matt was looking forward to plowing his challenger’s sweet mouth later on. “Oh, and I should confess that I lied to you yesterday, Matt. I told you I’d only been benching 400 pounds since having the power bars, well that wasn’t exactly true. It’s a little more than that. Today I benched 800 pounds without any struggle. That’s also why I didn’t have trouble pumping out one-handed reps with your big body.” “No way, little Mouse!” There was a tonal mixture in Matt’s response. It was full of disbelief, awe, jealousy, and lust – all at the same time. Matt looked at the now bigger Michael and began to realize his desire for Mouse to grow huge and strong was intense. He was beginning to get that the guy was now really strong – probably strong enough to bench the 800 pounds, for he had lifted Matt easily with one arm. It had been like Matt weighed nothing at all. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what Matt was going to do next. He was, after all, a wrestler. Michael dropped his right leg back a little and tensed his mid-section as he watched Matt lower his shoulder and take aim. “Little Mouse is going down!” It was like some kind of battle cry. The wrestler knew how to tackle a guy and he fully anticipated taking the Mouse down to the mat with what would be a forceful slam of his shoulder. Matt didn’t take into account, however, how much Michael had grown and how much thicker he had become. The loud thud of the wrestler’s muscled shoulder meeting the unmovable torso of Michael was deep and echoed throughout the gym. The sound emphasized how dense the newly big body had already become. The fact that Michael did not budge at all stunned Matt – both physically and mentally. Little Mouse had just taken a full-on shoulder slam from the wrestler and he didn’t double over in pain or go crashing to the floor. He stood there – absorbing he hit with his now muscled-covered body – as if he was the windshield of a speeding truck and Matt had been an unlucky splattered insect. Matt was too dazed and confused to react very quickly. “Well that didn’t work out the way you thought it would, now did it, Matty?” With lightning speed Michael reached down and locked his arms around the other guy’s upper torso from behind. In one quick move he jerked Matt upward – so the wrestler was now hanging upside down in Michael’s strong arms. Matt faced away from his challenger, his legs flailing in the air while his abdomen was held tightly against the other man’s body. “Oh man, Matty, I love holding your big body in the air like this. Let’s give you an upside down bear hug – to see if you can handle the pressure of my twenty-three inch arms. Let’s start off slowly to make you think it’s not going to get too strong and then feel your body respond in multiple ways as the squeeze starts getting unbearable. Oh, think of the guys you’ve done this to in the past, Matty. And to think you never really thought it would be done to you – especially upside down. Here, I’ll walk around a little just to emphasize how easy it is for me to hold you like some kind of stuffed animal.” Michael began to stroll around the middle of the basketball court – showing off his growing strength. Matt’s arms were tightly locked in place at his sides – Michael’s grip being too strong for the wrestler to challenge. He was like a baby wrapped in a blanket - twisted numerous times around his frame. The pressure was already getting a little unbearable, but that fact didn’t bring the wrestler discomfort. In fact, it did the opposite. It turned Matt on in a way that was utterly new and uncontrollable. As his torso was crushed by thick arms and it became harder and harder for him to take a deep breath, the guy became majorly aroused – his cock raging hard like a lone oak tree jutting upward in an otherwise barren field. He also had goose bumps all over his body and his blood was pumping a hell of a lot faster than it ever had before. Matt was being treated like he was nothing more than a rag doll and it thrilled him beyond belief. He suddenly realized he was moaning out loud and he hadn’t even noticed. “Sounds like the little man is beyond excited being dominated by someone bigger and stronger. Oh Matteroo, now you’re getting a feel for what your body does to me. Soon, all you’ll think about is my big muscles and how you want me to manhandle you. You’re going to want my humongous guns wrapped around you any chance you can get. You’ll be sneaking out of Janice’s bed late at night just to come and beg me to easily lift your body into the air. It’s getting harder to breathe, ain’t it Matty? Oh, you just love being forced into submission, don’t you? We’ve only just begun to have some fun, little man. I got to make up for some lost time – all those nights when you used me to please yourself and I didn’t get any satisfaction.” Matt’s body began to flail wildly – like he was trying to escape Michael’s hug, but it quickly became obvious that the dude was having a massive orgasm. This brought even more joy to the big man holding him in the air. Michael’s strong grasp and talking all dominant had proven to be too much for the captive wrestler. His lust for being forced into submission was just too intense. His ejaculation was powerful and long. Michael hugged the convulsing dude even tighter – cutting off all airflow for a few seconds. When the orgasm was over, Michael dropped Matt onto the wrestling mat and stared down at the spent boy. “Aw Matty, was my strength too much for you? You couldn’t stop from exploding, could you? Look, you’ve made a big nasty mess in your pants. A big old tribute to my new muscles, huh? I wish you could feel all this power surging through my body, man. It’s like I’m growing by the second and all my bulges are just constantly begging to do something to use my new strength. I just want to flex all the time. Gotta show you, little Matty, what these humongous guns look like now!” Michael shot his arms up into a double bi flex and mounds of muscle shot up all over the place. His new size and tensed arms proved to be too much for his tight tank top. The two straps both snapped apart as soon as the big man’s arms and chest popped out like mountains. The remnants of the destroyed shirt floated down around the guy’s small waist. Matt was watching from down on the ground and let out a loud moan as soon as he heard the cloth rip. “Yeah, look at that, Matty, all this hugeness wanted to be free. That shrimpy little shirt just couldn’t contain all of this. My Mighty Mouse muscles need to be out in the open for you, little fella – so you can worship them. Hey, let’s get you back up on your feet so we can have some more fun.” Michael bent over and grabbed Matt at his waist. He easily lifted him off the floor and held him so his feet dangled in the air. Toying with the cute wrestler was making Michael crazy with excitement. He was going to some place he knew was dangerous, but he didn’t care. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think having strength and muscles would be so much fun. He was now understanding Matt’s domineering cockiness on a whole new level. He related to his friend in an entirely new way and was having trouble remembering what it was like to be the smaller guy. Right now, both men were terribly excited about Michael’s newfound strength and the fact that he held the wrestler off the ground without any problem. “Matty Smatty, you are so freaking light. I’m holding you off the ground and your weight doesn’t even register to my huge guns at all. We’re going to have to add some more muscle to you, little man, so I’ll actually feel something when I pick you up. Hey, Matty, did you ever want to fly? Let’s see how high I can toss you.” Without much of a warning than those few words, Michael shot his arms into the air and released the wrestler’s body. Matt sailed straight up – about fifteen feet and then fell back down towards the ground. Michael grabbed the wrestler by the waist and caught him before he could hit the floor. It all happened so fast Matt had very little time to consciously register what was happening, he merely gurgled joyfully like a little kid. Michael immediately did it again, sending Matt’s body even higher – soaring up without any problem because of the gym’s high ceiling. This time, when Matt was caught in Michael’s arms a deep moan escaped the wrestler’s mouth – he loved the fact that his big body could be tossed so easily. “Well that certainly pleased you, didn’t it, little guy? You were soaring through the air with the greatest of ease. Did you feel like a superhero, Matty? Like Peter Pan? Or did it take you back to when you were a little tyke and your father would toss you up like that? I think it’s time for something really fun. Let’s have a strength contest, okay, little guy. Here, I’ll set you back down on land and we’ll lock hands. Let’s see what those little muscles of yours can do.” Michael lowered Matt to the floor. He then held up his big hands and Matt let out a slight moan when he saw how much the guy’s paws had grown. Not only were Michael’s guns now twenty-three inches thick, but his fingers were much thicker, as well. Matt placed his smaller palms against Michael’s and they both tightened their fingers. Immediately, Matt started squeezing and pressing into the other guy. Michael let out a loud yell of pain and his hands went backwards. “Arghhhh!!!” Matt was instantly super charged by the fact that he had caught the other man off guard. The wrestler intensified his pressure – squeezing his fingers with all his might and pushing hard. Michael’s legs began to buckle and the big man’s body started lowering to the ground as he gritted his teeth and tightened his eyes in pain. A loud growl came from Matt’s throat as he clearly took control again and dominated the other guy. “Yeah, Little Mouse, you’re not so mighty now, are you!” Suddenly, Michael’s face no longer showed pain and a somewhat sinister smile crept across this lips. He turned his gaze upward and the grin got bigger. His palms abruptly stopped moving and it was clear that Matt’s efforts were doing nothing at all to the big man. “I had you going for a second didn’t I, Matty? Is that all the pressure you got, man? Cause I’m feeling nothing. I just thought I’d put on a little show for you – you know, to get you going. Here, dude, let me show you what real power is.” Michael only used a fraction of his strength. He knew better than to use his full power – it would have crushed every bone in Matt’s hands, but he did exert enough pressure to instantly make the wrestler cry out in pain. Michael stood back up fully as his hands easily pushed back against Matt’s and he squeezed the guy’s fingers mercilessly. Matt’s eyes were wide with shock and lust, even though his fingers felt like they were caught in some kind of tightening machinery. He was completely turned on by the fact that he had been duped by Michael. The strength in the other guy’s hands was amazing, cock-hardening, and excruciating all at the same time. Matt’s eyes widened even more as he struggled hard to push back against Michael’s hands and nothing happened. “Remember when you used to hold me down on the bed with one hand, Matteroo? That used to turn me on so much. You had so much power in that one arm smashing me into the mattress. The more I struggled the more I got turned on. Now, you’re getting a taste of what that felt like, aren’t you, baby. I can tell you’re excited – way beyond belief – by the fact that my hands barely register any pressure from you at all – but you’re struggling with all your might. I’m using about as much force as I would to swing open a door, man. Doesn’t that make it even hotter?” Michael’s words made Matt moan with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His fingers felt like they were very close to the breaking point and the thought that Little Mouse was dominating him so easily brought him to the brink of orgasm, as well. He was, indeed, using all of his strength and, yet, Michael was easily pressing him backwards. Since they were facing each other and were very close, Matt got his first good look at Michael’s newly improved muscles. Bulges popped out everywhere – not from being tensed, but merely because they were now huge and hard. Michael knew Matt was admiring his new body. “Oh Matty-my-man, I used to think you were so strong! I could blast out a big one just from thinking about your strength and what you could do to me. The way you could toss me around the room was the only kind of foreplay I could ever need. Now, it seems the tide has turned. Look at all those little beads of sweat across your forehead as you try to compete with my new power. Here, let’s get you into a friendlier position. I’m not going to break anything, Mattty, but I am going to show off a little.” Michael squeezed his fingers a little more. Matt threw his head back as he let out a scream of pain and his knees buckled. Within a few seconds, Matt was kneeling before Michael with his wrists bent backwards – unable to anything except give in to the stronger man’s grip. Michael then quickly pulled his arms in revers – dragging Matt’s upper torso with them. Matt’s face slammed into Michael’s raging hard on, barely concealed by his tight cotton shorts. Both men immediately let out loud moans of pleasure. Matt instinctively turned his head sideways so he could wrap his mouth around Michael’s hard cock. “Guess you figured out those power bars helped another part of me grow, too, huh, Matty? I can kind of dominate you in that area now, too. We’ll have to compare later on, so you can get excited even more – seeing how thick and long my tool has become – especially when compared to yours. Oh man, your mouth feels so hot, Matty. You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed about this moment.” By this point, Michael had released Matt’s hands and placed his big paws behind the wrestler’s head. He was pressing Matt’s face into his crotch even harder and moving the guy’s mouth up and down on his stiff log to give himself more pleasure. Matt could do nothing but enjoy the job – he wouldn’t have been able to pull his head back even if he had wanted to. Being used as a pleasure tool by the bigger man was almost too much for Matt – he could tell his own cock was ready to spew again. The shift in roles – from dominator to the one being dominated – was such an amazing turn on. Matt couldn’t explain it – even if he had tried. He just loved the fact that he could feel Michael using him like he was nothing more than a dishcloth or a toy. The pressure behind Matt’s head made it very clear that the wrestler couldn’t do anything to match the new strength of Little Mouse. He simply had to give in and do what his master ordered. And that thought got his cock harder than it had ever been in his entire life. “How ‘bout we really get this party started, Matteroo!” Michael pulled the other guy’s head back from his crotch and then gave him a little shove. Matt’s body fell back to the mat on the floor and he lay there looking up Michael’s huge muscles – with a face full of desire. Michael fell on top of the wrestler and could tell his weight coming down hard knocked the wind out of Matt. Immediately, Michael started grinding his crotch against Matt’s and pressed his big frame into the other man. The mixture of the heavy weight, hard cocks rubbing against each other, and Michael letting out a deep growl made Matt moan like an alley cat in heat. Michael pressed his newly muscled body into the wrestler even more – just to get the guy to moan louder. By this point, Matt had no control over his body whatsoever – he had simply submitted to his intense desire for having Michael dominate him. He no longer struggled against the bigger man – he merely gave into all the pleasure he was feeling. “Oh Matt-baby, I love squishing your body against the floor. You feel so small and defenseless underneath me. I bet I could grind you to orgasm with just a few more thrusts. You ready to cum for me, Matty? You ready to give up control of your cock to my muscles . . . my strength. Tell me how much you want me, man. Beg me for more, Matty. Come on; let me hear you plead for domination. Tell me how much you want me to pound that sweet tight wrestler ass of yours.” “Oh fuck, Michael, please plow me. Take my virgin ass, now, man. I’m all yours. There’s nothing I could do to stop you, anyway. Fuck me now, please. Overpower me with those big muscles and have your way with me. God, I need you inside of me right now, man. Pop my sweet cherry ass, Mighty Michael. I want you to control me completely.” Sweeter words had never been uttered in Michael’s opinion and the fact that Matt used his real name almost sent him over the edge. He now fully understood why the wrestler used to get so turned on by dominating him. Controlling the smaller man was mind-blowing. Hearing Matt beg to be plowed was like winning the lottery, celebrating Christmas, and a combination of all your birthdays happening on the same day. Michael raised his body off the other man by pressing up with one of his huge arms. At the same time he used his other bulging gun to easily flip Matt’s tight body over. As soon as Matt was facing the floor, Michael brought his big paw up to the man’s ass and grabbed it hard. Matt cried out loudly with desire. Michael kneaded those sweet ass cheeks like he was crushing bricks in his hand. Matt raised his ass off the mat both from the pain and as an invitation for the bigger man to claim his prize. Michael gripped the man’s pants and easily ripped them and his underwear from Matt’s lower body. The wrestler’s perky bubble butt was now fully exposed and Michael let out a primeval yell that sounded like some huge animal about to pounce on his prey. “Aw, holy hell, look at that fucking hot ass, little Matty. That thing looks sweeter than a thousand doughnuts or trash bags full of candy. Hot damn, that thing also looks tighter than anything I’ve ever seen. You sure you want my big rod prying those cheeks apart and slamming into that pretty little hole of yours, Matty baby?” “Fuck me Michael! Fuck me now! I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life! I love you, dude. Take me. I’m all yours. I give myself to you. I want you with every part of my body.” “You sure, little man? It’s going to be painful. You sure you want this?” “Yes! I’m all yours!” “Nope, not happening, little Matty. Not today. Not ever.” And with that final comment Michael quickly pulled his body away and stood up. It took a few seconds for Matt to realize the big man wasn’t on top of him anymore. Matt quickly turned his head and looked up at the other guy. His ass was still poking up in the air – begging for penetration. Michael had a smile on his face that immediately revealed his feelings. “Now you know, Matt. You know what it’s like to want something so much and realize you can’t have it. I used to pine for you in my dorm room every night. I used to jerk myself off just hoping and praying you’d call and beckon me to your room. It hurts, doesn’t it, little man – to want something that badly and then to find out it can’t be yours. Look at you – so hot and bothered you can’t even see straight. I played you, dude. Just like you’ve been playing me for a long time. I can’t plow you, little Matty, cause – you see – I’m in love with someone else. There’s a guy that’s shown me what it really means to be cared for. There’s a guy across this campus that has never called me ‘Little Mouse.’ And he never took advantage of me. As a matter of fact, he always helped me. Sure, he might not have your nice muscular wrestler body, but he’s got something even better. He’s got a good heart. I’m going to walk out of here now, Matt, and I’m never going want you again. I’m also going to smile as I leave because I know before I even get to that door over there you’re going to be beating off that little dick of yours thinking about me. And you’re going to continue to think about me for a long time – even when you’re with Janice! You know, Matt, I did really care for you once. I want you to know that. But that’s in the past, now. I need to be with someone a little more authentic and truthful. I wish you the best, man. I really do. But this huge muscular Mighty Mouse has a date to keep. A date with a fantastic guy. Here, I’ll give you a big biceps flex to fuel your orgasm! Take care, Matt.” Michael raised his arms into a double biceps pose and flexed hard. His biceps seemed to have grown even larger in the last hour or so. Matt’s hands shot immediately to his hard cock – even as his face continued to look shocked and lustful. Michael held the flexed pose as he walked away – knowing full well the wrestler would be watching him the entire time. Right before he walked out the door he heard some loud moans, a few deep breaths, and then the throttled grunts as Matt released his giant load in homage to the now larger and more dominant Michael.
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    strength Dork to Beast , Pt 2

    As the summer progressed, Danny continued to make rapid gains in his size and strength. His trainer Ivan had never seen anything like it. He was proud of the kid, who'd made such tremendous changes to his body, but Ivan was also somewhat envious, jealous even, of his young client's rapid improvements. Danny was now benching over 620lbs for reps, which was twice his bodyweight, and more than double what Ivan could bench. The same was true of his squat and deadlift. Despite Danny's initial reluctance to workout, he now trained like an eager puppy, looking forward to each session, and lifting with wild abandon, aching for Ivan to add more and more weight to the bar. When Ivan left for a week to fly back to Poland and look into some new "supplements", he told Danny to take the week off, too. They'd be training twice a day for almost a month now, and Ivan said Danny could use the time to let his body recuperate. Danny looked at himself in the gym mirror as Ivan was telling him this. He didn't think his body looked like it needed any rest. He was in a stringer tank, and his muscles looked full and thick and tight. His delt caps were the size and shape of soccer balls. He could make the rounded shoulder muscles roll and flex, and he loved doing it. Ivan said he had some of the best muscle control he'd ever seen. This made Danny beam with pride, and got him to practice more muscle flexing every chance he got. "But a whole week?" said Danny. "What the heck am I gonna do?" "See how much weight you can gain," said Ivan. "Sometimes the best gains are made during a rest week. You've got the mass gainer powders I gave you. How many times a day are you drinking a shake?" "Twice." "Up it to four," said Ivan. "See what happens." "I'll do five,"said Danny with a grin. Ivan left the next day, but only after making Danny promise not to go to the gym while he was gone. They both laughed at the irony of it, given that Danny didn't even know where a gym was up until two months ago. Danny still wasn't sure what he was going to do to kill time, so he started by texting his friend Dwayne. They hadn't seen each other since graduation. They'd texted back and forth a couple times, but Danny was always busy lifting or eating or flexing in his bedroom mirror to get together. So he invited Dwayne over. He said he had something to show him. When Dwayne pulled into the driveway, Danny was in the garage. He hit the garage door opener, but stayed out of sight as the door went up. He kept the lights off too. Dwayne got out of his car and came to the open door. As his eyes tried to adjust from the bright outdoor sunshine, he couldn't see much of anything in the dimly light garage. "Come on in," said Danny. Dwayne stepped into the garage, and Danny had to chuckle to himself. Dwayne was in for a shock. He hadn't change a bit since high school. "Dwayne the Dweeb" was what the jocks called him. Not much better than "Danny the Dork", but Danny had transformed into a superheavy weight musclehead. Dwayne was the epitome of the skinny white nerd, in his white short sleeve dress shirt, and heavy rimmed, heavy-lensed glasses. At 5'8", he weighed all over 130lbs. "Why's it so dark in here?" asked Dwayne. "I just didn't want to freak you out," said Danny. "Freak me out how? You get nerdier than ever?" Dwayne said, snorting. "Turn on the light switch by the wall," said Danny. Dwayne turned and flicked the switch. When he turned back, Danny was standing right under the light in an XXXXL tee shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. His chest ballooned out the shirt, and his huge thighs stretched his nylon shorts skin tight and pushed them halfway up his quads. Danny had not lifted at the gym, like he'd promised Ivan, but he had found ways to workout with stuff around the house and in the garage. From this, he'd gotten his veins to stand out on all of his thick limbs. Dwayne backed up and leaned against the wall, looking his huge friend up and down. "What the......" he stammered, as he soaked in the vision of his formerly fat friend's new physique. " told me you were lifting, but didn't say you morphed into a behemoth!" "Yeah," grinned Danny. "Remember how my arms used to be so chubby?" He pulled the sleeve of his right arm up to his shoulder, then flexed his arm up. "Now look." "Holy smokes, Danny. It's a mountain peak. I knew you had muscle underneath all that blubber." "Very funny," said Danny. But it was true. Dwayne had always thought that Danny was more solid than he looked. But this was insane. "Dude, I know you got all A's in AP Chemistry...did you cook up some kinda super roid or something?" "Nah, man, I'm just lifting heavy and taking some vitamins." "Sounds like Vitamin "S" to me, Danny. Where you getting them?" "From that personal trainer I told you about." "The one from eastern Europe? And you think his supplements he's giving you are from GNC?" "Nah, man, I know they're not. But feel my fuckin' arm, dude." Danny did a half flex of his left arm. Dwayne came over and put his hand on it. "Geezus, dude. Feels like marble!" Danny stretched his arm out to his side. "Try and pull my arm down." Dwayne grabbed onto Danny's thick forearm and yanked down on it. He tried again and again, but the big arm didn't budge. "Hang off it, lift your feet," said Danny. So Dwayne wrapped his arms around Danny's wrist and then lifted his feet off the ground. Dwayne clung to the forearm like a lemur clings to a tree limb. Danny held him in the air like he weighed as much as a lemur. Then he curled his arm upward, lifting his friend up and down. "Man, you got sic strength!" "I know. It's so awesome. And watch this." Danny grabbed a crowbar that was hanging off the pegboard behind his dad's workbench. He held it out in front of him, one hand on each end. "Put your hand back on my arm," he told Dwayne. Then Danny began to bend the crowbar. His arm muscles tightened and surged. Veins popped out on his neck and across his traps. The crowbar creaked as the ends started to bend downward. He bent it until the ends touched. Then he dropped it to the garage floor with a loud clang. "Oh man," said Dwayne. "I think I just came a little." "That ain't nothing," said Danny. "Watch this." He went over to his dad's Mercedes, squatted down next to the side doors, reached underneath the frame, then deadlifted the car up until both tires were off the ground. "My fuck..." stammered Dwayne. Danny did ten reps with the car, then set it down. "Ah, yehhh," said Danny. "Help me pull my shirt off, man, my arms and lats are too bloated to do it." Danny leaned over and outstretched his arms. Dwayne grabbed the bottom of the tee and started pulling it off Danny's torso. It wasn't easy, even with Danny's help, but they finally got it over his head and arms. Danny stood upright. "Damn, man, look at your six pack!" said Dwayne. "I know. They're like brick. Go ahead and hit me." "Hit you?" "Yeah, go ahead, slug my gut. You won't be able to hurt me." "Aw man," said Dwayne, but he started to punch Danny's abs. He started slow, but then hit them faster and faster, and harder each time, until his fists began to hurt. Danny's brick abs didn't even dent. Dwayne stopped as he started to get winded. "Man...that's crazy!" "I know, right? Craziest thing is, I'm wasn't even flexing them. Watch." Danny clenched down on his ab muscles, and his six pack swelled out, the muscle bulging out like rising loaves of bread...bread made out of stone. "Fuck, man. Fuck," said Dwayne as he leaned against the workbench. His whole body shook to its core. "Damn you man, I just came in my pants. Holy smokes, Danny. That is...that is wild." "Ha, you're funny, dude. I didn't even know you were into muscle." "Neither did I, till now. Who wouldn't nut to what you got going on? You're a ubermasculine superhuman!" Then a thought occurred to Dwayne. "Hey, you got any extra of those "vitamins"? "I have enough until Ivan gets back. Why?" "Let me have some." "Why? You don't even lift." "You didn't either til a couple months ago. Let me try one a day for a week or two, see what happens." "Yeah? Ok, man, that might be interesting. Don't do any lifting though, we'll see if it does anything at all." "Dude, the only thing I know how to lift is my dick. Look at me. Even if it jacks me up a little, I'd be happy." "Ok, then, come on." They went up to Danny's room, and he doled out two weeks worth of his supplement. Dwayne noticed the sweat rolling down Danny's huge torso. "Geezus, man, even your sweat smells good. It smells like leather and cotton candy in here." Danny laughed, then put his mitt-sized hand behind his friend's head and pressed his face into his deep pit. "Breathe it in, little dude," Danny said, and Dwayne sucked in the aroma like he was using his inhaler. He had to push away when he thought he was going to pass out from pleasure. "Cut it out, man, that's not cool..." but he could have spent all day in that muscle cavern. "Get me some water, I wanna take one of these now." As Danny grabbed a bottle of water off his bedside table, Dwayne noticed the reflection of the two of them in the bedroom wall mirror. The size difference was so astonishing that he had to sit down on Danny's bed. "Just how big are you?" he said. "Almost 300lbs now, but I haven't weighed myself today." Danny handed Dwayne the water. "Imagine if you met up with Jack the Jerk now," said Dwayne, referring to the jock in high school who used to torment Danny the most. Danny and his friends called him the Jerk, but certainly not to his face. The guy was a state wrestling champ, and an arrogant tool. During Danny's short stint with the wrestling team, Jack had secretly peed in Danny's shampoo. When word gets out in high school about something like that, it's hard to live down. Danny's face reddened from the memory. "That," said Danny, clenching his fists as he checked himself out in the mirror, "would be an interesting encounter." "Hey, didn't you get a full ride to RU?" Dwayne asked, as he watched Danny's thickly muscled back muscles tighten. RU was the university near where they lived. "I did," said Danny. "I heard that Jack's going there too, on a wrestling scholarship." Dwayne swallowed down the pill, then said. "You know my sister Heather works there, in the housing department. She said that Jack and his evil cohort Tip were going to room together. You remember Tip?" "'Course I do. He used to chase you down and shove you into lockers." "Yeah, that's the one. At least I learned to run fast from him hunting me down. Anyway, I was thinking that my sister could 'accidently' mess up their dorm assignment, and slip you in with Jack on the down low." "With neither one of them realizing?" "Yeah. Imagine Jack's face, moving into his room and finding you there, like you are now." Danny picked up a tank top from his bed, and put it on. "Didn't he wrestle as like 175lbs?" "Yeah, that has to be about right. He might be bigger than that now, but you could mess with his head pretty good. Bet you have 100lbs on him." "Yep. And a bigger dick too." Dwayne laughed. "How do you know that?" "I remember seeing him in the showers, and thinking, for such a big dickhead, he had just an average cock. Mine was bigger even then. And now, it's gotten bigger." "Yeh? From the pills and lifting, I bet. Lemme see, man." Danny reached into his shorts and flopped out his cock and let it hang, thick and weighty, halfway to his knees. "Geezus, dude. That things an anaconda!" "I know," said Danny, packing his meat back into his shorts. "Do me a favor. Text your sister, let's make this thing happen."
  25. Hey guys! I know it has been a while since I last wrote. The story is pretty much still unfinished but I realized that having all the chapters spread out wasn't helping either. My plan now is to post all the chapters here, edited of course, this being so if you reread you will get a little extra fun from it. I'll also be posting progress pics within the story of the character,Vonny, who is based off of me and has very similar muscle progress. This way you can imagine how the character is growing a little better along with reading. I will also be posting pics from the web of what other characters look like and some scenery in order for you all to fully experience everything. Thanks for being patient and I hope you all will enjoy. Leave a comment if you have and questions or ideas!