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  1. dw2098lj

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 With every step and every breath in of the cold winter air I felt as if a spell was lifting. My attraction to Karl and fixation on his huge muscles and enormous cock was being replaced with sheer disbelief at what had just happened. Slowly my thoughts were becoming my own again as my mind raced through the events of the last couple of hours. How had I as a straight man, who’d never had any interest in other men, let myself be used by that gym-rat, the epitome of everything I despised? As I turned the key in the front door of my house and heard the lock click open I came to a sudden realisation. I had been drugged. It was the only explanation I could think of to explain the bizarre events of today. Somehow Karl had fed me some illegal substance which had an abnormal and extreme effect on me. But how had he done it? I’d not had anything to eat or drink whilst I was there and to be honest the effects had been almost immediate, pretty much from the start of our encounter. It was then, sat in the dark on the sofa in my living room, that I remembered the strange but seductive scent coming off Karl that I’d noticed as soon as I met him. Still dazed from the afternoon, I could almost hear the cogs of my brains turning over, trying to connect the dots. Finally, something clicked and I remembered the strange looking bottle, “Alpha Scent”, which I’d glimpsed in Karl’s desk. Yes, that was it! Clearly this scent had some pheromones or something in it that caused extreme desire in whoever smelt it. Ridiculous as it sounded, it was the only possible explanation I could come up with. The longer I sat there on the sofa, the more my confusion and embarrassment were replaced with anger. Luckily for me, my wife wasn’t due home from work for 2 hours – I needed a plan. *** Two days later I was sat outside Karl’s office, waiting to pick up my new car. My heart was racing at the plan I’d concocted but I was confident that it would work, having spent several hours over the last few days perfecting it. A few minutes after I arrived, Karl’s office door opened and an attractive woman in her early 40s left. I could tell from her harassed look and the fact that her blouse wasn’t buttoned up correctly that she had just been subjected to the “Karl” treatment. The huge man himself appeared in the doorway a few seconds later, his shirt unbuttoned at the top, covered in a sheen of sweat from his most recent workout. “Give me two minutes Joe,” he called, grabbing a towel from behind the door and heading down the corridor to where I guessed the showers were. I nodded in reply, glad that Karl clearly had a strict routine between clients, something that my plan relied on. As soon as the shower room door had clicked shut I leapt up, pleased that there were no other staff members around (for obvious reasons Karl’s office was away from everyone else). I opened the door to Karl’s office before sneaking in and shutting the door quietly behind me. I hurried over to his desk, not knowing how literal Karl’s “two minutes” would be, and opened the top draw. I picked up the strange bottle, turning it over to read the label on the back: “Instructions: Use 2 sprays for instant results lasting 24 hours. Re-apply after showering”. There was no mention of what the “instant results” were but I could have a good guess. Conscious of the time, I pulled two bottles out of my pocket, one an empty aftershave bottle, the other filled with water that I’d dyed purple to match the fluid in the “Alpha Scent” bottle. I quickly poured the contents of the “Alpha Scent” into my empty aftershave bottle which I put safely in my pocket. I then substituted it with the dyed water from my other bottle before screwing the top back on and replacing the strange bottle in Karl’s top drawer. The colour wasn’t an exact match so I’d have to hope Karl wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. It was then I noticed something. In my rush to get into his office and steal his treasured secret, I hadn’t noticed that Karl’s masculine scent still filled the room, even though he was no longer there. I found myself inhaling deeply, yet again allowing his aroma to fill my head. Images of his full, thick chest and bulging veiny biceps immediately flashed across my mind. I started to imagine the feeling of his big manly cock deep in my tight ass, to feel him plough me with all his strength and power. All thoughts of my carefully worked out plan left my head as I noticed that my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I unbuttoned my jeans, letting them fall to the floor before pushing down my tight boxer briefs, letting out my aching cock. I wrapped my hand around it, jerking slowly as I thought about running my hands over his swollen chest and ripped abs. I was excited to think that Karl would be back at any second and I wanted to be ready to please him. I found myself getting into position on his desk as I had the other day, face down, ass ready for him to slide his cock in as soon as he came through the door. Suddenly the blinds rattled and a gust of wind blew in through the open window. It hit me straight in the face, clearing my head and allowing just a second of rational thought. That was all I needed – I immediately jumped off Karl’s desk, pulled up my boxers and jeans and ran out the door, all without taking another breath. My heart was racing as I settled myself in the chair outside Karl’s office just as the door to the shower room opened down the corridor. Karl looked pristine yet again, freshly showered and in clean smart clothes, a confident smile on his face. Thankfully the feelings of lust had past as quickly as they’d started now that I was out of the confined environment of Karl’s office and I was able to focus once again. “Right Joe, let me just get your keys and we’ll have you sorted in no time,” Karl said as he passed me, entering the office I’d only seconds ago vacated myself. I was sure I’d left everything as it should be but still my heart was racing. I suspected that Karl would be re-applying the “Alpha Scent” after his shower but would he notice straight away the swap I’d made? My entire plan hinged on this moment. A minute later Karl came out, his confident smirk plastered to his face as usual, the keys to my new car in one hand, the final agreement in the other. “Let’s go out to your car then Joe,” Karl said, with no acknowledgement of the events of the other day but more importantly, no evidence that he’d noticed the swap at all. “Sure thing Karl,” I said, trying to sound more relaxed than I felt. As I followed behind, I tentatively inhaled, but there was nothing, no trace of the alluring odour and my head remained clear. When we’d reached the car, Karl showed me around the outside again before we got in. Once inside, I was aware yet again how much space Karl occupied but it didn’t seem to affect me as it had done the other day. “Well Joe, here’s the key… I just need one more signature from you,” Karl said, handing me the final agreement. As I signed, I noticed that Karl had his arm up on the window again and was casually flexing his biceps as he looked across at me. I smiled as I handed the agreement back to him. “Right Karl, I’ll be going then if that’s everything,” I said confidently. “Oh yeah, erm, sure Joe,” clearly surprised by my lack of interest in his flexing muscles, “unless you want to go for round two,” he added, attempting a deep seductive voice which just sounded hollow to me without the effects of the “Alpha Scent”. He rested one of his giant hands on the equally giant bulge in his trousers but even this didn’t affect me. “No thank Karl,” I said, still trying to stay at ease, “I’ll be going now. Thanks for your help.” “Erm…ah…well, no problem, Joe,” Karl said as he prised himself out of the car, clearly confused at my resistance. “See you around Karl,” I said through the open window as I started to pull away. As I left the forecourt I smiled as I caught sight of the giant muscle man in my rear-view mirror, a look of intense confusion on his face. Little did he know it was only just beginning. *** Twenty minutes later I was standing in my bedroom at home, the bottle of aftershave, now containing the “Alpha Scent” in my hand. I hesitated, torn between sensibility and the desire to try it on myself before my wife got home and see what effect it had on her. We’d been trying to think of ways to liven up our sex life and I hoped this would be the answer, causing her to experience the same indescribable lust for me that I’d experienced for Karl. But then again, I didn’t really know what the true effects of this spray were and I suspected it definitely wasn’t legal. In the end my desire and curiosity won out and before I knew what I was doing I’d squirted two sprays on my neck. The pure “Alpha Scent” smelt great, kind of woody but other than that there was no noticeable change in me. I started to feel a bit stupid as I stood there and suspected that I had just gone to extreme lengths to steel what was essentially just a bottle of aftershave. At that moment though a strange warm feeling started spreading from my neck, where I had sprayed the “Alpha Scent”, down into my chest. It felt as though my shoulders and chest were pulsing with energy, the warm feeling spreading out into my arms too. Suddenly, I noticed that my normally loose-fitting blue t-shirt felt a bit tight around my chest and I looked down to see that my chest was actually starting to swell. “Fuck, I’m growing,” I said out loud, unable to help myself. I watched and felt as my biceps started to expand too, pulsing as they got bigger, huge veins popping up under the skin. My arms felt like they were surging with power and soon they were straining the sleeves of my small top. Without even thinking, almost on instinct, I brought both arms up into a double biceps, flexing hard the muscles which until now had been tiny and pathetic. I heard the loud RIP as both sleeves split down the seam, bursting open to allow my biceps and triceps to continue growing. “This feels fucking amazing,” I called out, my voice noticeably deeper and more masculine, as I continued to flex and pump my biceps. The warm feeling had now reached my groin and quads and the most amazing sensation hit me, like I was having a continuous orgasm. Waves of pleasure flooded through my veins as I looked down to see that the bulge in my jeans was swelling slowly, pushing out as I felt my cock grow. My expanding quads were quickly filling out my jeans too and I could hear the material creaking as it struggled to contain them. My attention was then pulled back to my still swelling chest, which was now way too big for the size ‘S’ T shirt. My back too was expanding, pulling the shirt even tighter and stopping me from being able to breathe properly. “GGGRRRRRRRRRR,” I roared as I reached up to the neck of the t shirt, pulling it straight down and hearing the fabric tear as I ripped it off in one go. “FUCK, I’m a beast,” I screamed, looking down at my exposed torso, as I threw the shredded top on the floor. Beneath my swollen pecs I could see the little bit of body fat I had disappearing, exposing tight ripped 8-pack abs which pushed up like cobble stones. I ran one of my hands down them, enjoying the feeling of ripped muscle under my fingers. Beneath my tiny, tight waist, my quads were still growing, feeling so tight in my jeans that I knew that I needed to get them off soon. No sooner had I thought this I heard another rip and realised it was too late. My huge quads had torn the fabric on either side of my jeans and I could see the exposed muscle underneath. I flexed each of my humungous quads in turn, extending the tear on either side with colossal grunts. I then reached down, grabbing the waist band with my two hands and pulling down to complete the job, ripping my jeans off and throwing them on the floor. “I’m so STRONG,” I roared, unable to hold back as I started flexing, the growth now slowing and the warm feeling starting to subside. I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall – I now had the body of a serious weight-lifter, not quite as big as Karl, but still pretty huge. My face too looked more masculine, chiselled, with a sharp jaw-line with a light dusting of stubble. My torso had a covering of dark, manly hair that had sprung up in the last two minutes on my previously hairless body. The bulge in my boxers was verging on obscene as my rock hard cock tented the fabric. I quickly pulled off my boxers, feeling as my much bigger cock slapped up against my abs. “FUCK,” I moaned, as I looked down at my throbbing cock which was at least 8” long, about 2” longer and much thicker than before my growth spurt. A steady stream of pre was leaking out as I continued to flex in front of the mirror, appreciating my new muscle body. I ran my hands over my pumped chest, amazed at the weight of my pecs and noticing the deep defined valley that ran between them. I flexed each bicep in turn, trying to wrap the other hand round each mound of marble-like muscle to no avail. The huge veins which had popped up during my growth were still there and snaked like a road map down my bulging biceps and forearms. Still flexing, I wrapped one hand around my thick cock and started jerking, feeling the pleasure quickly rising in me. “MMMM, you’re a beast Joe,” I moaned to myself, so turned on by my own muscles. I couldn’t stop running my other hand over my torso as I jerked, marvelling in the feel of the solid muscles now strapped onto my previously weedy frame. Only minutes ago I’d been a tiny 33yo, with a bit of a beer-gut. Now I was a total alpha muscle stud. This thought drove me on closer to climax as I let out low, deep moans and grunts. I jerked my cock faster, still flexing as I watched in the mirror. “Oh fuck,” I moaned, “I’m gonna fucking shoot…”. I worked myself up more and more, relishing the new length and girth of my cock and the sticky pre-leaking from it. Huge grunts escaped my mouth as my massive chest heaved with each breath drawn in. Within seconds I felt my full, aching balls tighten and I had nearly collapsed to the floor in the most intense orgasm of my life, surpassing even when I’d been with Karl the other day. It was like my whole body exploded in pleasure, each of my newly engorged muscles flooding with an indescribable sensation. “AAHHHHHHHH,” I screamed in ecstasy as rivers of warm cum erupted from my huge cock, splashing over the mirror and floor, the final few spurts dribbling down my huge ripped quads. I gazed at the sight in the mirror – I was amazed at the huge hunk of muscle standing in front of me, his colossal chest heaving over tight ripped abs and an enormous thick cock still leaking cum onto the floor. I couldn’t believe this muscle stud was me. I ran my hands up over my cobbled abs and thick chest, feeling sweat and cum mingling together over the rock solid muscle underneath, before falling backwards onto the bed in blissful exhaustion.
  2. How does a big guy like me turn out to be the luckiest man on earth? By finding his soul mate, that’s how. I met Max at the beach one day a few years ago and we saved each other in different ways, but weirdly in the same way. Ever since Max’s beach nightmare, he doesn’t want to go back to the beach. I keep asking, saying it would be fun and help him. He put me off three times, so on my fourth request, I literally picked him up and put him in the car, which I had already packed, and bungee tied to him to the seat. Our neighbors think we’re nuts and up to some weird sex-capades. I told him, “We’re doing this. Stu is letting us use the house for a few days.” He looked at me with mixed emotions of astonishment and anger. The drive would take about 90 minutes, enough time for him to vent his anger and finally accept we were doing it. We start out and he doesn’t say a word for the first 15 minutes. I pull over and remove the bungee cords. “Why? You know I feel about the beach.” “Yes, but remember the beach is also where we met.” I gently say. “Do you never want to go back and relive those happy memories?” “Well, they weren’t all happy.” “True, but once we got past that incident, I remember a lot of fireworks going off that night.” I put my proverbially foot on the ground and say, “Stop being such a grump, we’re doing this.” I put my right hand on his thigh and gently squeezed, letting him know everything would be ok. He tries to push my hand off, but I squeeze a bit harder and hold on. He eventually puts his hand on top of mine and intertwines our fingers. After a few minutes he releases my hand and puts it up on the back of my neck. Uh-oh, here he goes, hitting one of my soft spots. He runs his left hand very sexually thru the short hairs on my neck causing me to become aroused. “That’s just mean Max.” “Yeah, well, get used to it Jay, remember I’m a grump today.” His voice betrayed him and I knew we’d have nothing but fun once we got there. I had double checked the weather all week and three times last night and this morning. It was going to be an almost perfect day. High 80’s, low humidity, no clouds, water in the 70’s. Packing was easy, 2 overnight bags, umbrella, cart, towels, cooler with drinks and snacks. Oh, and suntan lotion. My fair skin needs to have lotion applied on a regular basis and Max was always willing to help out. We continued the drive. We talked about the gym, Ty and Davey. Max said it was awful but was glad Davey was going to be ok. Ty is lucky to have found him after everything he’s been through himself. I agreed. Max also remarked that Cam and Ming were looking to have dinner at some point and what did I think. I said fine, but remember that Cam was allergic to fish. We pull up to the beach house around 10am. Not bad travel time for a Friday morning. We lug everything into the house and sit down to relax for a minute. Max heads to the bathroom and I walk out on the deck. I can see the ocean over the dunes and I lean against the railing taking in the bright blue water with occasional whitecaps meant swimming would be great. The salt air and the screech of seagulls. All this is why we love the beach. Hopefully today will be the final step in Max getting over the dream. I am still lost in my thoughts when he walks up. He puts his left arm through my right arm hugs closer to me. We turn to face each other and I gently kiss him on his lips. He reciprocates. He puts his right hand on my bicep and softly massages it. I give it a small flex and he rubs the balled muscle. He leans his head on my upper arm and shoulder. “This is why we love the beach.” I say to him. He nods, turns his head to my arm, and lightly kisses my bicep. He nods to the chair and we go sit. I sit first he gets in my lap. He puts his right arm around my neck and his left hand is massaging my chest thru my t-shirt. I tense my chest because I know he likes rubbing my pecs and nipples when it’s stone hard. He gives my nipples a few tugs and I sigh. I put my right hand in his curly hair and start to play with it. He sighs and I lean in for another kiss. “We could just sit here, or go inside and play around.” He says as one last attempt to stay away from the beach. “Don’t make me carry your ass down to the ocean and throw you in. You know I can and will, little man.” I say sternly back to him. He looks at me incredulously to see if I’m serious or not. I’m not, but I need to make him do this, so I give him a stern look. “Also, no more ‘fun time’ until you get sand in your hair and ocean water in suit.” He laughs at me and pats my chest, “Ok big guy. Let’s go get this done.” I smile back and say, “Damn, I really wanted to carry your ass down there and throw you in the water…” He leans in for one last kiss. “Who says you can’t?” and he jumps up and goes into the house. I get up and walk in after him. Good. He’s making sure the cart has everything in it. When he’s satisfied, he heads out to the deck and down the ramp to the trail. I follow, locking up. Once we’re on the trail between the dunes, he puts his left hand in my right and squeezes. I squeeze back, reassuring him. We get thru the dunes and the beach and ocean open up before us. What a view. Blue sky, clear blue water, light ocean breeze, and very few people. We wander down and set up in an area where there are not too many people, so we’ll have a bit of privacy. I push the umbrella into the sand with one shove and Max just stares at me. I look up, grin, flex my 25 inch bicep, and jokingly say, “At least they’re good for something other than carrying your ass around.” Max just rolls his eyes. We strip off our t-shirts and someone lets out a cat-call. Max immediately yells thank you to whoever whistled. I just laugh at him. Always the joker. I grab the spray lotion for him and paste lotion for me. I call it paste lotion because if feels as if I’m putting a layer of paint on when it’s applied. Max stands with arms out and I spray every exposed piece of skin. I spray some into his hands and he rubs it on his face. He looks at me to see if it’s been rubbed in completely. I nod yes. He takes my lotion and squeezes out a good amount and gets to work. Now I know he always has other intentions when applying lotion, but I try not to cave to his attempts, but this guy is good and sometimes I can’t help myself. He starts at my feet and works his way up. Calves and shins, back then front. Quads and thighs, same. He is careful not to lift my board shorts too much as he knows people are watching. Now my upper body. Lower back. He takes his time and I can tell his is groping his way around. “Speed it up back there, it’ll be dark by the time you’re done.” “Calm down big guy, you don’t want me to miss any spots do you? Also, I might as well be rolling paint on a house for as big as you are.” We both laugh. He moves up and coats my upper back and shoulder and the back of my arms. I flex my triceps and he takes his time applying the lotion there, with the casual grope. He comes around to my front, leans up, and gives me a peck on the lips. He puts an ungodly amount of lotion in his hands and starts to apply it. “Really Max? You trying to use one full tube of lotion on me?” He cocks an eyebrow, leans up, and just kisses me again. His hands are around my navel and the top of my board shorts. He spreads the lotion around. I flex my abs to show him I can be just as playful as him. He takes his time spreading the lotion on each brick hard ab and in the valley between them. He kisses me again and rakes his fingers across the abs. I put my enormous arms on his shoulders and let my fingers play with his curly hair. He is still working my abs over and the tips of his fingers dips into my shorts, coating the area right below the top of the shorts. I eye him with a look saying ‘careful buddy, public beach’. He grins evilly and slowly pulls his fingers out. He moves up my front to my upper abs and lower pecs. I flex my pecs and he licks his lips. I nod ‘no, not here’ and he groans. It is my turn to flash an evil grin. He punches my abs in retaliation, catching me unaware. Not that it hurt or that I felt it, but the sensation of him punching me was arousing. I blow a breath of air out and thru his hair. The curls float up and settle back down, he smiles at me. He is spreading lotion on my upper pecs. He motions for me to take my arms off him so he can finish. He gets my clavicle and starts on my biceps and forearms. Someone yells out, “I can help you with those if you want.” I laugh and Max yells back, “I’m good, but thanks for the offer.” I toss up a double bi pose for whoever yelled and they immediately whistle back. I grin and Max says “Show off.” I blush and he leans for another kiss. “And remember, you’re all mine.” And he pats my chest again. I grin again and say, “Right back at you.” And I put my arms around him and haul him in and up for a sloppy kiss. I lift him up a bit and walk us to the umbrella and towel. We sit and stare at the ocean. “Nice isn’t it? How are you doing?” “Fine. I think I’ll be ok. Thanks for doing this, even though I was a grump about it.” He puts his left hand on my right thigh and squeezes it and tries to dent the muscles. “It’s what I’m here for.” I say and tense and loosen the muscle. He leans over for a kiss and he puts his right hand on my cheek to pull me a bit closer. We are tongue wrestling and swapping saliva. I put my right hand on his back and then I lean back hauling him down with me and he is at my side. He repositions himself so he is right on top of me. I put my hands on his waist and he puts his hands on my chest again. I slide him back and forth over my flexed abs and he moans and an erection starts to show. I giggle and so does he. He plays with my nipples, pulling and twisting them. I tense my chest and he ups his movements, sensing they will cause me to become aroused. He is correct. All of the sudden we hear, “Get a room.” And realize we’ve taken it one step too far. We both blush and Max stands up, getting off me, pushing his obvious erection down the leg of his board shorts, I try to the same, but it’s still clear I’m ‘excited’. He see the bulge and licks his lips. I say, “Not until your ass has been in the ocean.” He nods toward the water and I nod ok. We head down. Max dives right in, as if he were born to water. I on the other hand can be a big sissy about it. I walk in slowly, getting used to the water an inch at a time. Max is playing in the waves, swimming around like a fish, and his curly hair is plastered to his head. He sees me slowly making my way in, wades back toward me, and starts to splash me. He gets me completely wet and says, “No reason for you to take your time now, Jay. Come get me…” and he splashes me again, turns, and dives thru a wave, popping up on the other side looking at me with a huge grin. He’s right, so I make my way all the way in and dive thru a wave. I come up and Max is right next to me. We swim out a bit further and I stand up. The water is about pec high on me and Max is bobbing with the waves to keep his head up. I put my arms out asking if he’d like me to hold him, and he says, “You gotta catch me first.” He turns and starts to swim away. Now, I’m no Michael Phelps in the water, but can get around. Max on the other hand, might as well be Phelps. He is swimming circles around me, popping up behind me, splashing my head, and ducking down before I can reach him. I can see him in the clear waters, but he sees me as well and can see when I move toward him. After about 10 minutes of trying to catch him, I pretend to stop and just stand there looking out over the ocean. I feel the water around me stir and quickly turn and throw my hands into the water and haul Max up. “Look what I caught.” I say to him. He laughs and squirms in my arms. I have a firm grip on him. I have my arms extended and start to haul him in for a kiss. I look him in the eyes and say, “Remember when we were making out and you licked my nose?” He nods yes with a silly ass grin on his face. I say, “Well this is for that…” and I heave him over my head about 3 feet. I catch him on the way down and toss him about 6 feet away from me. He slashes into the water and comes up laughing. I am laughing as well. He swims back to me and says. “Again!” Just like a little kid. I pick him up again and turn him around, so he is facing away from me. “Ready?” and before he can respond, I throw him 10 feet from me. I see his legs and arms flailing. He is laughing the whole time. He splashes again and comes back for more. My little man. I pick him up, haul him for a kiss. He wraps his legs around my waist and arms over my shoulders. We just stand there and let the water wash around us. The current isn’t too strong so I don’t have to put too much effort into keeping us still. He pulls back and gives me the ‘one more time look’. I roll my eyes and he takes it as a yes. He starts to climb up my body. His crotch is right in my face for a split second and I can feel he’s got a boner going on. He swivels around and is sitting on my shoulders. He pats me on the head and says go under. I duck into the water and he puts his feet on my shoulders. He taps my head again and I piston up and shoot him 15 feet into the air and 30 feet away. I’m glad I did not use my full strength or he may get hurt. He’s flailing again, but has enough time to pull his legs in and does a cannonball. He splashes down but he does not come soon enough for my liking so I start to head in his direction to make sure he’s ok. I get about half way there when he pops up spitting out water and gasping for breath. I reach him, haul him to my chest, and put my arms under his ass to support him. “You ok buddy?” I say in a concerned voice. “Yeah, big guy.” He says patting me on my chest. “I was too busy laughing and when I hit the water I took in a mouthful.” I grin back at him and move his curly hair out of his eyes. “I forgot how strong you are.” He says squeezing my arms. I blush. “Can we just stand here?” He asks. I nod yes, and pull him closer to me. He puts his head on my shoulder and whispers, “I love you.” Into my ear. I hug him a bit tighter in response and say, “Love you too Max.” I feel his boner is getting harder, so I move my left hand up his board shorts and gently play with his balls. He sighs and licks my earlobe. He starts to move around, rubbing is erection across my abs thru his suit. I tighten them up and pull him closer. I can clearly feel his boner and increase my play with his balls. His body tightens and he blows his load right there. I lean back, his head comes off my shoulder, and I look him in the eyes and say, “That was quick.” He grins and says, “I was overly stimulated.” He pulls in for another kiss. We wade in the water for another 10 minutes and Max says, “We need to reapply lotion, you’re getting a bit red.” I nod ok and start to walk us back to shore. When we get close enough Max gets out of my arms and starts to walks back up. I casually walk up behind him, pick him up and say, “Now I get to throw your ass into the ocean, as I promised.” And I gently heave him 15 feet into an oncoming wave. He laughs the whole way into the wave and pops up on the other side with a huge grin on his face. I turn away and walk back to the blanket. He comes up a minute later, slaps me on the ass and says, “You do realize I will get you back for that…” “I certainly hope so.” I say while leaning down for a kiss. He puts his hands on my forearms and leans up. “Now where is that paste?” He asks. He digs it out of the bag and waits for me to towel off. He begins to reapply. He goes much quicker this time. I spray him with his lotion and we both lay down on the blanket to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Max reaches into the cooler and brings out some water and a couple apples and pretzels. We snack and just relax. “Thank you.” He says again as he is playing with the short hairs on the back of my neck again. “Anything for you buddy.” He rolls onto his back and I drape my right arm over his chest, basically trapping him on the blanket, and he knows it. He uses his fingers and traces circles on my forearm and bicep. I tense my bicep and he massages it with his hand. He licks his lips and I know he wants to get playful, but is restraining himself. His touch feels wonderful and I am glad I am lying on my stomach to hide my bulge. I glance at him and say, “Maybe I should change into my posing suit.” His eyes get huge and he vehemently shakes his head no. “That suit is just for our ‘fun time’. No one else gets to see you in it, but me.” I put on a pouty face, but he says, “Nice try big guy, but no.” I remove my right arm from his chest and run my fingers thru his drying curls. He sighs and closes his eyes. I continue to play with his curls and he starts to drift off to sleep. I roll over onto my back, scrunch closer to him, and put my left arm around his shoulder. He lifts his head, I slip my arm under it, and he uses it as his personal pillow. I drift as well. ** I wake and Max is not next to me. I carefully roll over, I don’t want to hurt him if I he moved to a new spot while we napped. Nope, not here. Where did he go? I lean up and scan the beach, but do not see him. I check the water and there he is, splashing around again. I check my watch and it’s around 3. Enough time to jump back in the water. I wander back down to the water and wade right back in then dive thru a wave and pop up next to Max. He is surprised to see me and comes over to me. “I thought you’d be out for hours, the way you were snoring.” “I don’t snore.” “No, you rattle the shingles on all the houses in the neighborhood.” He eyes me sharply. He isn’t lying, but I won’t admit to it. “It’s around 3, what do you want to do?” “Can we just hang out for a little bit more and then head back to the house?” “Sure.” And he swims into my arms. He turns around so we are both facing the ocean. I cup his ass in my right hand and put my left arm under his left shoulder and across his chest, holding him to me. He puts both his arms on my left arm and plays with what little hair I have there. He tries to skooch closer to me. I pull him closer, lift him a bit, and put my head on his right shoulder. I lick the back of his ear and play with his hair. He says, “Careful big guy, I can feel you’re getting excited, and were still on a public beach.” “Well, you are just so damn cute, I can’t help myself.” “Yeah, I have to agree with you…I am damn cute.” I release my arms and he drops into the water. He pops up laughing and I scoop him up again. I toss him over my shoulder and say, “Time to head back.” We get back to the blanket, dry off, pack up our stuff, and start to walk back. We get to the dune path leading to the house and Max puts his hand in mine again. I gently squeeze and he squeezes back. We get back to the house and rinse off outside. We get inside and Max says he will unpack the cart before going in for a shower. Now, if that isn’t dropping a hint at what he wants, nothing is… I head off to the bathroom and turn the shower on. Stu did it right when it came to the shower. It’s a huge walk-in shower with three heads and a bench. There’s room for 6 people, but that’s another story. It’s a bitch to clean, but well worth it, given the fun we’ve had in it. The water is about perfect when Max walks in. He’s stripped off his suit and has a huge erection, and walks right up to me, locks his lips on my right nipple and begins to suck and nibble on it. So much for cleaning off first. I reach down to take my suit off and feel his hands push mine away. I reach for the master controls and turn the water off. No use wasting it as this may take a while. He continues to suck my nipple and puts his right hand on my left bicep. I gently start to flex it and he starts to massage the muscle, coaxing me to flex harder. He’s always loved my biceps and will eventually move his mouth from nipple to bicep. I bring the muscle up to a full flex, all 25 inches and he sees it out of the corner of his eyes. He moves from right nipple to left nipple and then moves to the bicep. I flex my right arm and he instantly puts his left hand on it, massaging that one now. His lips are so soft and tender. He moistens them, purses them, and goes back to work on the face of my left bicep. He uses his tongue and slobbers all over the muscle. His saliva is warm and he lets some of it drip out of his mouth onto the muscle. It coats whatever hair I have on my arm. He uses his tongue to slop it around, first the face of the bicep, then the triceps, and finally down to where my arm meets my shoulder. My dick is getting harder, but is constrained by the suit. He feels my erection, lowers his left hand and fumbles to undo the drawstring. He maneuvers his hand into my suit and wiggles it around loosening the shorts. His hand seems to accidently rub the top of my dick and the light hair I have there. Once the drawstrings are loose enough, he pushes the board shorts down and I kick them off. Our erections are putting off heat and Max takes a hold of mine and starts a gently jerking motion. I lean back my head and sigh. He hears me and intensifies his slobbering on my bicep. His jerking motion stays the same, so I guess he is in this for the long haul, not a quickie like he had in the ocean. I giggle and he stops and looks up at me. I shake my head ‘no’, and he goes back to work. When he feels my bicep is sufficiently worked over, he moves back to my nipple and moves his other hand down to my dick. He’s now two handing me and it feels awesome. I spread my legs a bit, to secure my stance, then reach my hands around Max and lift him up, turning him upside down at the same time. I shake him a bit and say, “To get some more sand out of your hair.” He laughs. He puts his hands on my thighs to steady himself and to get into the right position to take my dick into his mouth. I could easily lift and move him into position, but I let him adjust himself. When his mouth is dick height he starts to swallow. The feeling is incredible and I shudder. His soft tongue massages the top of my dick and the veins crawling over it. He’s about half way down the shaft when it hits the back of his throat. I slowly and gently lift him up an inch or two and he swallows more. He hums and starts his back and forth motion. I hum in return. His ass is right below my face. I tilt my head down and lightly lap at his hole. He puckers it open and shut for me. I grin an evil grin, which he cannot see, and begin to dart my tongue along the area between his balls and hole. He is so sensitive there, it makes my job easy. As I roll my tongue along the area I can just feel his hands squeeze my thighs in response. I’ve got him going, but I don’t want him to cum too fast, like when we were in the ocean. I slow my motions and just tickle his hole. I occasionally blow onto the hole which causes him to pucker it. He continues to deep throat me and is doing an excellent job. I am leaking pre-cum at a steady pace and he is sucking it down, and is looking for more. My dick is coated in his saliva and he shows no signs of slowing down or wanting to be turned up right. His weight is negligible to me. I could hold him like this all day and never tire. I tense my biceps for fun. I tighten my abs and chest and rub his body up and down them. He controls his dick and thumps it against my rock hard pecs. Some pre-cum escapes and dribbles down my chest, abs, and into my crotch area. He just adds it to the existing wetness as if nothing has happened. Time to get this party into gear. I let a droplet of spit fall onto his hole and then massage it around with my tongue. He is moaning loudly. I dart my tongue at his hole just as he opens it and push it right in. He pauses his motion and wiggles his ass around, getting used to my tongue in his ass. Once he is comfortable with my tongue he starts to ravage my dick by changing the speed of his movements. He’ll swallow me as far as he can go very quickly and then pull off very slowly, sometimes raking his teeth lightly along my dick and the raised veins. He also stops at my mushroom head and swirls his tongue around it, firing up all the nerve endings, making me quake internally. I’ve got a good grip on him and he knows he isn’t going anywhere. He moves one hand off my thigh and puts it under my balls and starts massaging the area. He takes his other hand off my thigh and places it along the remaining exposed shaft and is now blowing me, jerking me, and massaging my balls. I shut my eyes and force myself to think of something else or I’ll cum immediately. I try to think of puppy dogs, creamed broccoli, or spider webs. Anything to get my mind off the mind-blowing blow-job he is giving me. In an effort to slow him down, I shove my tongue deeper into his ass and wiggle it around, widen the opening. He senses my intentions and tries to clamp his hole shut. Nice try little man, but I force my tongue deeper and he is now straining with all his might to keep me from invading him any further. Once he realizes it is a lost battle, he picks up his pace and is blowing me at a feverish speed, His head is bobbing on and off my dick so fast, I am amazed he hasn’t choked or bruised his throat. He’s stopping jerking me and that hand is now clamped around my dick and he is using it as support. His other hand is still working its magic as well. Even with the manic pace his mouth is going at, the hand massaging my balls is doing so ever so lightly and casually. I finally give in and blow my load into his mouth. The first volley catches him unaware and nearly pushes his head off my dick, but he clamps his mouth shut and sucks for dear life. Oh god that feels good. My second volley is not as strong, but he is still sucking like a Hoover vacuum. I pull my tongue out of his ass when my third and fourth volleys shoot. He senses the emptiness and has renewed vigor. He puts both hands back on my thighs and sucks both volleys down with ease and then continues to suck me, trying to a 5 volley out. I go rigid and with all my might, force one more volley out. It’s a big one and it smacks him in the back of the throat. He slurps it up. I turn him up right, but he is still attached to my dick. He is softly cleaning it off and as he pulls off, he lays kisses on it. I rub my hands thru his curls, lift him up, and kiss him. I back us up to the bench and I sit down. I stand him up on the bench and his dick is mouth level to me. I swallow him to the hilt on one motion. He moans and puts his hands on my head for stability. His left hand reaches down to my neck and starts playing with my neck hair again. He’s trying to get me fired up again, and it is working. I concentrate on my job at hand, blowing him just as expertly as he did to me. I want his load. As I continue to blow him, I place my right hand on his ass and easily insert 2 fingers. He inhales at the invasion, but does not clamp his hole shut to try to keep me out. He begins to move his body in step with my motions and soon he has a good face fucking motion going. I insert a third finger. I raise my left arm and flex the bicep to the full 25 inches. He sees the arm and reaches down with his right hand grabs ahold of the muscle desperately trying to dent it. I won’t allow it and flex even harder. I know this turns him on so much and it may be just enough to push him over the edge. He squeezes with all his might, but I just hum at him. He takes offense to this and up’s the ante with his left hand massaging my short hair. Now it’s a power struggle. Can I get him to blow before he gets me sprouting a flag pole again? Either way we both win. I sense my dick is on the rise again. I need a rest, but need to complete the task at hand. I swallow him deep and begin to massage his dick like he did to mine. I rake my teeth over it, swirl my tongue over his head, and deep throat him as much as possible. He grows tense. This is it. He grabs my head and pulls me as close to him as possible. He blows. I never move my mouth. I just let him cum right down my throat. I swallow every drop. I remove my fingers from his ass and slide my hand up his back to support him. He slides down my body and seats himself in my lap. His dick is softening, mine is half mast, but I’m content. He lays his head on my chest and I run my fingers thru his curls. After a few minutes, I stand us up and turn the water back on to rinse us off. Not sure why as round two will probably be just as messy.
  3. Hey guys. A man by the instagram name of weiss.sean has been writing a story about me, check it out and check out his profile on insta, mine too mrwelshy We are not supposed to judge a person by the shoes worn. He has an innocent and sweet face, he is one of those people that you immediately trust once you look in the eyes but, what he can do with his body nobody else is capable of. He is a 25 Welsh guy. A guy that put his life into the discipline of Iron, a man that is sculpting his body to reach levels of perfection. A bodybuilder. His body is pure perfection, a sweet face set on a muscular and ripped body. Trained in MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing. What else could man of that age request for more? Why building a body with those masses and then training for fights? Welshy, his name. His innocent face does not match to whom he is in reality. He is so perfect in every way that he might be compared to a war machine. He is powerful, strong and agile at the same time. He could put any bodybuilder down in seconds and end their careers for good. Welshy’s presence on the stage was well known as he was an amazing poser full of energy that could amaze an entire crowd even without music and his body was stunning. His most muscular hit pose was a feast for the eyes. One, two, three movement followed by a grunting “boom” to show such power. Anytime he hit an abdominal and tights he used to scream out a very loud “yeah”. He was pure beauty, an intimidating element for his fellow competitors. He was cocky and arrogant, always keen to show off his body to the others and ready to mock all those bodybuilders that were not at his level. He of course won that competition but he couldn’t imagine that he was about taste something completely new in his own career, “fall, dominance”, he the one whom used to dominate men with his body.. A guy that could end up Branch Warren’s life with a bearhug. Welshy, the guy able to put Conor McGregor to sleep with a punch but as said before, never judge a person by the shoes worn. Welshy will soon teach the quote “the bigger they are the harder they fall”. Welshy was in the locker room and the only one person with him was “skinny” Denis as named by Welshy. Denis was not even close to half of Welshy’s body structure. Denis was not ripped or as huge as Welshy. No comparison could have been even spoken. Huge Welshy started moving in circle around Denis, in his classic cocky way. He finally approached Denis and whispered in his ear “Look, a retirement would be mandatory if I were you, maybe try to be a personal trainer, you’re not worth as bodybuilder, not at all”, gently but arrogantly he slapped Denis’s face. Suddenly Denis grabbed and squeezed Welshy’s testicle, Denis “got Welshy by the balls” literally. The Welsh Dragon was in pain and doomed by Denis. The pain was unbearable. “Before, I rip them off, leave me alone” said Denis to Welshy. “OK, ok, I got it, sorry, sooooooooorry” screamed Welshy. Denis released the grip. Welshy was heavily breathing, holding the crotch for the pain, shocked eyes appeared in his face. Welshy was in pain but full of anger. Welshy threw a right punch to left Denis’s chin with all the power he had in that moment. A punch of that power should have broken anyone's chin but Denis’s head did not move of a single inch hence a smile appeared in his face. -You thought, you could hurt me, didn’t you Welshy? Let me tell you a thing, I am going to break you, you'll be food for my dogs shortly, but first look at me- Welshy stepped back of few inches and in the meantime Denis’s body started changing. His body chsnged, what Welshy described previously as a “skinny” body type turned into the most shredded body Welshy has ever seen in his life. That body was absolutely huge and demonly defined. Denis hit a double bicep, showing the Welsh Dragon his “improved ” body, screaming a very loud “boom”. -Try again Dragon if you dare!- Welshy blew another punch towards Denis’s face but the other bodybuilder, faster, grabbed the Dragon by his throat and lifted him up off the ground. Welshy was trying to free himself from that grip, kicking against the mole, trying to catch a breath simultaneously with Denis’s taunting. He has never experienced such strength in his entire career. “Welshy, you encountered the wrong person to play with. I’ll show you what being strong really means then I will fuck you”. The Dragon kept on try to get free and the air became gold, unreachable. Denis released the old making the victim slips into his arm in a bearhug. Denis held Welshy by the waist, with his arms wrapped as a python and started squeezing. Welshy realized how hard Denis’s body was, metal around his waist. Denis’s pecs were pressing against Welshy’s abdomen and the Dragon could feel how rock hard those pecs were. Welshy suddenly had a semi erection thinking about his cocky sliding up and down between them. He came back immediately on earth when he felt the pain in his ribs and backbone. “You know I can squeeze the life out of you, don’t you Welshy?” said Denis. “Please stooop, you, aaarrrghhh, you...killing me” moaned Welshy. “This is just the beginning, pain is what you need then you will worship me and afterwards, I’ll literally fuck you up” replied Denis. Denis dropped Welshy onto the floor like a bag of potatoes. The Dragon was lying on the floor, in pain. Denis approached him and pulling his hair, brought his face to his muscle quads, forcing Welshy to lick them. Welshy was kicking and feeling the mole’s body with his hands. He seemed like touching granite. Every inch was rock hard solid. Denis’s quads were huge and ripped, strong and powerful, capable of squeezing a stone between them. Welshy was in full erection. Denis lifted him up from the floor pulling his hair and what Welshy was imagining when in the bearhug happened. Denis placed Welshy’s cock in his hard rock pecs and started wanking Welshy with them. Welshy face was priceless. Welshy cock was moved up and down. “Let me see if you can resist without coming after 3 minutes” Denis asked Welshy.
  4. Psuace

    New Gym, Part 1

    It was my second day going to the new gym. I had taken the standard tour a few days ago. I moved to town about a month ago and had been checking places out since then. This one was the best. Lots of free weights and all the newest machines. Plus, a bunch of hot looking muscle guys. I’m 5’11”, 175, straight dark brown hair, light brown eyes, a nice smooth body, tight abs, nice size biceps, and decent pecs. I keep in shape with a religious exercise routine. I’m at the gym 6 days a week, weights mostly, but will do some cardio or swimming once or twice a week, just to shake it up. I also play a lot of sand volleyball which helps work out my calves. So I’m sitting on the decline bench, getting ready to start my set, and see a cute guy with curly brown hair across the room doing some lateral shoulder lifts. I see him glance my way, then look away. He continues his routine, not looking back at me. I cannot keep my eyes off him, he is so cute. His ass is firm and round. He’s about my height and weight. Man, I’d love to get with him. “Don’t even think about him.” Says a deep masculine voice from my side. I turn to see a 6’2” 220lb muscle god standing next to me. Muscles covering his dark brown skin, shaved head, skin tight tank top, basketball shorts, which are nice and loose. Tree trucks for legs, tapering down to some pretty decent calves. Chest and pec bulging. His nipples are protruding and firmly standing out. I wonder how sensitive they are rubbing against that t-shirt. Biceps must be 24 inches when he flexes. Right now, they’re not flexed, but still looking huge. Hmm, if not the cute curly haired guy, maybe this one… “He’s already got a boyfriend and you don’t want to get him angry.” Says the muscle man. “Really?” “Yeah. See the blonde guy over there is the blue and white t-shirt?” “Yeah.” I see the guy, 6’3”, close cropped blonde hair, bright blue eyes. Man, oh man. He rivals this guy in the muscle department. He’d be fun to get into bed. Marble plates for pec, softballs for biceps, trim waist, pretty good package from what I can see. “That’s his boyfriend. See the guy on the far side of the gym in the green shirt with his leg in a cast?” “Yeah.” The guy was big, like 6’4”, 250lbs. Most of it muscle, but the beginnings of a belly. “Well, his name is Scott and when he tried to get busy with curly one day, and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, Blonde came over, and let’s just say, if I and a couple other guys had not intervened, Scott would have a cast on the other leg and both arms.” “Oh.” I said quietly. “Yeah, oh.” He repeated back. “It started out politely. Scott saw Curly and walked up and started to talk to him, very nice and easy. When he started to intrude into Curly’s space, Curly backed away. Scott kept after him, crowding him, asking why he wasn’t interested in him. Curly says he’s got a boyfriend and Scott says, “Is he as big as me?” flexing a bicep to 19 inches. Curly quietly says “Yeah.” And this is when Blonde comes over. He’d been watching from the far side of the gym and when he sensed Scott was not backing down, he walked over. Blonde asked him to leave his boyfriend alone. He moved between Curly and Scott, but Scott didn’t get the hint and put his hand on Blonde’s arm to move him out of the way. Blonde didn’t budge, but instead grabbed Scott’s arm, twisted it around his back so fast it was a blur. He had Scott in a hammer lock and proceeded to lift him up off the ground. His bicep wasn’t even flexing. Scott was as light as a feather to him. Scott was in excruciating pain and started to cry out.” Blonde slowly lowered him down and with a steeliness in voice whispered to him “Do we understand each other?” Scott had nodded yes. Blonde slowly released the hammer lock and started to walk over to Curly. Scott reached for a twenty pound dumbbell, threw it, and it glanced off Blonde’s back and caught Curly on the shoulder. It knocked him down. Blonde slowly turned around and his blue eyes were now on fire. I, as well as a couple other guys, saw what was about to happen but Blonde was quicker and more brutal than I thought he could be. Without saying a word, he grabbed Scott by the waist, hefted him up a good foot off the ground, starting right into his eyes with an anger that caused me to start running over. He tossed Scott 5 feet away like he a wet towel and was on him as soon as he hit the ground. Blonde got in two solid punches to Scott’s midsection and Scott was curling up trying to protect himself. Blonde grabbed a leg, easily pulled it away from Scott’s fetal position, and simply snapped his tibia in half. Scott shrieked in pain. Blonde was going for the other leg when we got to them. It took three of us to pull him off Scott, and I think it was because he let us pull him off. He immediately got up, walked to Curly to make sure he was ok, and they left. He never even heard Scott crying out in pain. “Oh.” I said again quietly. “Yeah, oh.” He repeated. “So anyway, if you like to keep you bones as they are, give them a wide berth. They’re both really nice guys and great to get to know, but remember, Curly and Blonde are together.” “Got it.” We exchanged names and he asked if I needed a spot. I said not now, but would in a few sets as I worked up the weight. He said cool and to look for him when I needed the spot. He turned to walk away and tightened his ass cheeks as he walked back to his bench. I got to work, all but forgetting about Curly. I started with the standard 135lb, ran thru 2 sets. First set regular grip, 10 reps, second set was wide grip to work the outer chest muscles. Another 10 reps. Toss 15lb on each side, up to 165, same routine. Pull the 15’s, put a 25lb on each side, 185. Do 5 regular grip, rest, 5 wide grip. Feeling pretty good. Getting a good stretch. Add the 20 to each side, up to 225. Now I look for my new buddy. I see him a few machines down. He looks my way and I nod at him. He nods back, walks over and gets in position. “You need a lift off? How many?” “No, 5 or 6.” I close my eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. Tighten my core. Open the eyes, tighten the grip, un-rack and lower the bar. Then I push up. Feels good. Push out 3 reps easy. He senses me slowing and adjusts his stance to help if I need it. I push the 4th with a couple big breaths of air. Prep for the 5th rep. He’s staring right into my eyes with a look of determination. I lower the bar, rest it on my chest briefly, then push. I get it about half way up and start to slow. His giant hands come down to the bar and slide under it, just in case. I’m exhaling profusely and my back it arched as far as it will go. He says, “Take your time, straighten your back a bit, use the leg supports for leverage.” I listen to what he says and do it. With the new leverage, I power up the bar and feel I can do one more. I slowly lower it to my chest. I get everything set, legs pushing on the supports, back not completely arched, deep breath in. I start to exhale and push. It’s a nice slow smooth motion upward. I get to the top and blink letting him know to re-rack. He pulls it back with a clang. I lean up from the decline position and say thanks. He nods. All the sudden we hear a weight machine let out a loud clang and turn to see two guys doing standing bicep curls. A red headed guy about my size has dropped the weight and is grinding his ass into a huge muscle guy’s junk. My new buddy chuckles and says, “Looks like he’s found some new friends” I glance back over and see there is not one, but two red heads. Man, some guys have all the luck. “You know them?” I ask. “Yeah, the big guy is a buddy. The red heads are mischievous. Not sure who I feel more sorry for.” I laugh. “You doing more?” “Yeah, give me a minute to rest up and add some weight.” “K” “You need any help?” “Nay, I’m good, but thanks. Let me know when you’re ready.” I get up, hit the water fountain, check out some of the guys and see the twins are heading out with the big guy. I walk back into the bench area and see my new buddy on a flat bench and 4-45 plates and each side, 405lbs. He settles under the bar, no spotter around. He lifts the bar up, lowers it to his pecs, and powers out 10 reps with ease. I stand there, jaw open. He re-racks, leans up, and he sees me. He twists his mouth into a “Yeah, I know” look. He playfully bounces his pecs and winks at me. I start to sport a boner. He sees it and grins. He gets up, tosses a 35 on each side, 475, and lays back down. Again, no spotter, but he pushes thru another ten reps. I’m still standing there, full woody going on. He gets up, walks over, cups my erection, and says, “You may want to sit down for a second or you may pass out due to lack of blood flow to the brain. It all seems to be in your dick right now.” He laughs, smacks me on the ass and heads to the fountain. I walk back to my bench, add another ten to each side, but feel inadequate compared to him. He walks back and stands behind my bench. “Take your time, deep breaths every time. I know you can get this.” I get into position and he moves over the bar. I can see right up his shorts and see his package. I get distracted and take my hands off the bar. He asks, “What’s up?” I jokingly say, “My dick.” He says, “No shit.” I explain I am looking right up his shorts and it’s distracting. He laughs and say, ok. He adjusts his stance. I lean back down, grip the bar, close my eyes, deep breath. I un-rack, power thru 5 reps. He stands there and doesn’t move a muscle. I’m about to rack the bar and he nudges it back over my chest and says, “2 more little man.” I am now sweating profusely. I slowly drop the bar and begin the upward push. Chest muscles straining, biceps quaking, and legs pushed into the supports with every ounce of strength. I get the first one done and he still has not moved. I begin to lower the bar and it seems to have gotten heavier. I rest it on my chest for second. Deep breath and start to push. I get 1/3 of the way up and falter. I look up to him, he leans down, puts his hands under the bar, and says to keep going. I am breathing fast and furious. I am still struggling to push the bar up. It’s about ½ way up and not moving. It starts to drop, He grabs it and curls it up out of my hands and racks it. “Nice job. You’ll get it next time.” He says with confidence. He puts his huge hand on my pec and gives it a playful pat. I flex it instinctively. I reach my hand back thru and machine and pat his calf. He glances down and flexes it for me. I can feel the horseshoe shape in the muscle and massage it with me fingertips. He leans forward a bit, causing the muscle to flex just a bit more. A grin appears on his face. “I’ve got some more sets to do. You should finish your workout too.” “K.” Is all I say. He moves back to his bench, pulls the 35’s and adds a 45 and 25 to each side, 545lbs. Man that is a fucking lot of weight. I see he has asked Blonde to spot him and I stand way back to watch. He hefts the weight off the rack, biceps flexing, chest expanded, core tight. I imagine I’m sitting on his lap and feeling his dick get hard while I grind it, all the while he tosses the weight around like it’s nothing. Woody sprung and I snap out of it. He begins his set, dropping the weight to his chest, rests it for a brief moment, and then pushes it up, nice and smooth. I get the feeling he is not even close to maxing at this point. He does nine more reps, Blonde has not moved. He racks the bar, leans up, sees me, and says something to Blonde who then glances over to me and smiles. Blonde says something back to him and they both laugh. Now I feel small and turn to go to the pec fly machine. I get the feeling I am out of my league here. I start my set at 90lbs and easily go thru the first set. Adjust the weight to 105 and use my feeling of inadequacy to push thru that set of 10. Water break. I start to sweat and am twitching a bit. Fuck, not here, not now. Keep my eyes down and start to rethink if joining this gym was the best idea. I get back to the machine, up the weight to 120 and get thru 10 reps. It was harder as I was sidetracked by overthinking what was going on here. Couple weird people, broken bones, possessiveness. Not really what I wanted in a gym. I decide to finish the week and then cancel the membership. I walk to the windows, look outside, and take several deep breaths. Palms on the windows, shut the eyes, breath in thru the nose and release with a nice long exhale thru the nose too. 10 breaths this way. Calming down, feeling better. I wander over to an adjustable bench and start to do some pec flies. Start at 45lbs in each hand. I get a good motion going and check my technique in the mirror in front of me. I see my new buddy checking me out. I try to ignore him. No use getting into something which would only last a few days at best. I see he is moving toward the dip machine and has a belt and a couple 45lb plates with him. I decide to super set my flies with some push-ups. I do another set with the 45’s and drop and do 20 push-ups. I am really feeling the burn in my whole chest. It feels great. I get back on the bench and have upped the weight to 60lbs. I start my set when I see Curly walk over and arch an eyebrow asking if I need a spot. I nod no and he wanders off. I finish my set and see him talking to Blonde and my new buddy. Now my mind is really out of it. I decide the rest of my workout would be for shit as I am too distracted. I head out and see them watch me go. Stupid anxiety. I had suffered from it for a number of years, but with the change of jobs and moving to a new city, I thought I had gotten over it, guess not. I get to the locker room and sit on a bench to calm down some more. A few more deep breaths and I’m relaxing. I strip out of my workout clothes, grab a towel and my IPod, and head for the sauna. Thank god it’s empty. I lay on the bench, turn on the music, and close my eyes. The music is soothing and my brain slows and muscles relax some more. I am in my own world, thinking about my ex, and glad I made the change to the new city to get away from him. I am breathing deeply and feel the stress leave my body. I feel a hand on my leg and bolt upright. My new friend is in front of me looking me in the eyes. “Are you okay?” He asks. “Eh, I’ve had better days.” “Oh, sorry to hear. It looked like you were having a good day a little while ago.” “Yeah, but sometimes they can turn on a dime.” “Can I do anything?” I am silent. “Did I do something? You seemed anxious to get out once you saw me talking to Blonde and Curly.” “No.” I say evasively. I glance up at him. His dark eyes piercing mine like he is probing me. “Come on dude, give me some credit. I know we just met and we barely know each other, but I believe your feeling up my calf after your declines meant a bit more than “Thanks”.” I blush. “Ok, I’m not sure this gym is what I’m looking for.” “Why?” He asks. I proceed to list the three items I noticed and he just stares at me and breaks into a grin. I think he is laughing at me again. I get up to leave, and he puts his hand on my forearm and again asks what’s up. “I don’t really like to talk about it, but let’s just say I used to take medication to keep me on an even keel, but have been off it for a while cuz I thought I had rounded a corner and didn’t need it.” He arches an eyebrow and says, “Are you going to go all Hulk on me?” “Not that bad, but sometimes the little things can set me down a dark path.” “Dude that sucks.” “Yeah… A fun filled adventure. You should try it sometime. ” “What happened today, if I can ask? Like I said, you seemed pretty good and then just left.” “Yeah, I saw you and Blonde at the flat bench and saw the weight you were tossing around. I know I’m not in your league.” I wave my hand at his chest, arms, and abs. “But, when you and Blonde looked over at me and then seemed to laugh, I felt my insecurities creeping up. Then Curly comes up to me out of the blue seeing if I needed a spot. Knowing he’s with Blonde and off limits, it just pushed me over the edge.” I take a couple deep breaths and close my eyes to focus on something other than him. “Dude.” He says calmly. He’s staring into my eyes with a look I couldn’t pin down. “Please let me get this out, you asked.” “Ok.” He’s put his hand on my thigh, but it’s just resting on it, nothing sexual. I get a feeling he’s trying to help me steady myself. “I just got out of a relationship and moved to a new city to start over, yeah cliché, but he was the main reason for my anxiety and being on meds.” I pause. “I wanted to start over and just join a gym. Working out has always been my way to cope, well, working out and meds, but being off the meds has made me feel better, more clear in my head, if that makes sense.” He nod yes. “Well, when you walked up and struck up a conversation, it felt nice, normal. Then you started describing Blonde, Curly, Scott, the twins and the other guy, and I just pushed it away, you know, just gym drama and bullshit. But when I saw you tossing the 545 around like it was nothi...” He kissed me. He pulls away and says, “Dude, you’re babbling.” He laughs. “Well…” I say and he kisses me again, this time more passionately. “What are you doing?” “Shutting you up and hopefully calming you down.” He puts his left hand behind my head and leans toward me. He has a twinkle in his eye and is asking if it is ok if he kisses me again. I nob my head ever so slightly, saying yes. We start slow and sensual, wetting each other’s lips, tongues tentatively probing the other’s mouth. He moves his left hand down my back to my ass and pulls me closer to him. I wrap my arms around his neck. We come up for air. I’m definitely calmer in my head, but am sporting a major boner. “Can I ask one question?” He nods yes. “What were you and Blonde laughing at after he looked at me?” “Your woody. Dude, for someone your size and weight, you’ve got the goods that would make any guy happy.” He arches his eyebrow and puts his hand on my boner and tugs it a bit. “Feel better?” I move in to kiss him again. I run my right hand up and down his chest and abs. He tightens his core and everything gets hard. The towel I was using to cover myself looks like a circus tent. He glances down and giggles. I put my left hand on his right bicep and he gently flexes it. It gets hard in my hand and I sigh, exhaling warm breath into his mouth. He licks my lips again. I run my left hand up and down the bicep and move it to the triceps and gently rake my fingers over the muscles. Now it is his turn to sigh and exhale. I smile while we are kissing and he uses his left hand to pull me closer. “Is this the best place to do this?” I ask. “My gym, my rules. Nobody is going to bother us here, I 'm sure of that.” I pull back, “What?” “Oh, did I forget to mention that?” He says with a snarky smile. “How do you think I know so much about all the guys and their business?” I arch my eyebrow to match his. “Would you prefer the shower?” He asks. “Yeah. It’s getting a bit hot in here, and not just from your smoking hot muscles.” I lean in and kiss his right nipple and begin to suck until it is rock hard and poking straight out. He leans back and I move to the left one and do the same thing. I tenderly nibble it. He sighs. I suddenly stop and get up and walk out. I catch him staring at me as I leave. I playfully say, “Well...come on big guy…shower time, or are you just going to sit there all sweaty?” He jumps up, catches up to me, picks me up, and tosses me over his shoulder so my face is looking down his back. He casually smacks my ass and I reach down and slap at his. He laughs and carries me to the largest shower and turns the water, while still holding me over his shoulder. When he feels the water is the right temperature, he pulls me back over his shoulder and holds me by my waist under the showerhead. His biceps are slightly flexed and I am holding on to them for stability. I can tell he’s just showing off and has a lot more power in them. My boner seems to increase at just the thought of what he can do with his strength. He looks down, sees the rating erection and licks his lips like he’s about to start eating an ice cream cone. I get completely wet and shake water at him so he gets wet too. I can see his dick is full length and I use my thighs to gently massage it. He looks right into my eyes and pulls me in for another kiss. I start to squeeze my hands and he smiles and flexes his muscles just a bit more. “Muscle pig.” He says. “Dam right, and proud of it.” I laugh back continuing to play with his muscles. He turns so the showerhead is behind him, puts me against the wall, and moves his hands to cup my ass. We are still kissing passionately, tongues intertwined and swapping spit, and he moves closer, trapping me between the wall and himself. His dick is between my legs, probing my hole. I’ve put my hands around his neck, and he moves his hands so he is holding me up by my lats. I move my legs around his waist and interlock them behind him. He hefts me a bit and his dick is now completely under me and my body is in the valley between his dick and his abs. He moves his hands off my lats and puts them behind me, so he is hugging me. He’s not too tight, but I know I’m not going anywhere unless he says so. It feels safe. I feel safe and let out an emotional sigh. He picks up on it, stops kissing me, puts his lips next to me left ear, and softly blows warm air into it. I shudder. He asks, “Feeling better now?” I lick his left earlobe in response and he says, “I’ll take that as a yes.” He lifts me up a bit more and I can tell he is positioning me so he can enter me. “Not without protection big guy.” I pull back and look right into his eyes. “I’m clean, and I’m sure you are too, but…I want to stay that way and we don’t know each other’s history. Sorry if that is prudish.” “I get it.” He slides me down so I am back in the valley between his dick and abs. “Hold on.” I look at him quizzically. He turns off the shower, opens the shower door, and proceeds to walk us back into the locker room. He lifts me off him, sets me down, and gets a couple towels. I’m thinking, this is it, dry off and go home alone. Dammit, I’ve scared him off or he thinks I’m nuts. He hands me a towel and I start to dry myself off and he coughs. I look up at him and he says, “The towel is to dry me off, little man, not you…” He gives me an evil grin and just stands there, completely naked, arms and legs spread, basically inviting me to do what I want. “Boing” goes my dick and he just laughs. All he says is, “Be gentle, I bruise easily.” We both giggle. I start at his feet and work my way up and around him. Front of this calves, move to the back. He leans up to his tippy toes so the horseshoes in his calves are on full display. I take my time and make sure I get a good grope in while drying them. He seems to enjoy it. I move up to his quads and thighs and move the towel around pulling off every bit of water. I move to the front and slowly and methodically dry off his dick and ball sac. I caress his balls thru the towel and put my face as close to his dick as possible without touching it. I gently blow warm air on his dick and it expands a bit more. I promptly stop blowing on it and move to his backside. He groans and now it is my turn to crack an evil grin. “Maybe I’ll come back to it.” I cup his ass cheeks and he flexes so they are hard as granite. I massage each one and push the towel into his crack. He relaxes his flex and the towel slides in easily. I make sure to dry each side and the whole area around his hole, then down to the sensitive underside where it meets his balls. I stand up while keeping up the drying motion and softly kiss his spine. He groans again arches his back. My hard-on is raging and I’m dripping pre-cum at a steady rate. I know I’ll be blowing a load soon, maybe too soon if I’m not careful. As I dry his back off, he spreads his lats and I am amazed at how huge they are. I move my hands to either side of them and just feel the muscle and power they possess. He then thrusts his chest out and crunches his back together creating a ravine between the two sides. I run my hand up and down the area, just feeling the hard muscles. He relaxes and I move to his front again and start to dry towel off his lower abs. By this point our bodies are completely dry and this is just foreplay. I rub the area right above his very erect dick and work my way up his concrete abs, which he is flexing playfully. I run my fingers thru the valleys and over the ridges between each ab, softly caressing each muscle. I move closer and while I continue to finger his abs, I start to suck on his left nipple. He groans again and tilts his head backwards. I increase the sucking motion and move my left hand up to begin to play with his right nipple. I slowly move my hand around the sensitive outer area, then put the tip between my thumb and forefinger and gently twist it. He moves his left hand up and puts it behind my head and pushes me a bit closer. I increase the sucking and have started to slobber on him as well. He brings his right hand up and uses it to pinch my fingers so I am twisting his right nipple even harder. I think, “Works for me.” And I proceed to twist away. He is moaning continually. He moves us back to a bench and he sits down. I am still attached to his chest. I easily lifts me up and places me in his lap. My legs are splayed to each side of his waist. His dick is still rock hard and is now behind me thumping my lower back as he flexes it. My dick is between us and is rubbing across his abs, which he has flexed hard. He moves his hands back down to my ass and starts the massage my cheeks and slide me up and down his body. I take my mouth off his nipple, my hand off his other nipple and begin to enjoy the ride. I put my arms around his neck and pull in for another kiss. He’s waiting for me, with lips he recently wetted. We lock lips, he frees one hand and maneuvers it to take ahold of my unit. He starts to stroke it, I sigh. He is still using his other hand to move me up and down his body. Fucker is strong, I’ll give him that. I lean back and say, “Careful big guy or we’re going to need another shower.” “I hope so.” And he proceeds to pick up the pace of his stroking and my eyes roll into the back of my head. He’s now yanking me roughly, but it does not hurt. I’m grinding my hips, keeping pace with his motion. I move my arms from his neck to his biceps and lock on. He flexes them again. I dig deeper into the muscles, but he laughs and flexes harder so I am not denting them. That feeling combined with everything else launches me over the edge. I spew four loads. First one lands right on his chin and throat. Second one, smack dab in the valley of his pecs. Third one coats more of his pecs and dribbles down to his abs. Last one is just a sloppy mess on his hand. He slows his jerking motion, but I suddenly feel my back is getting wet. He’s blown his load as well. I look at him and say, “I would have helped you out with that.” He contently says, “Trust me kid, you did…you did.” I lean in for another kiss and splash my cum over more of his body. He doesn’t seem to mind. He’s waiting for me lips. I say, “Maybe I’ll give the gym another chance.” “Good to hear.”
  5. Herald

    wrestling The muscle frat (8)

    Eight The next morning Tristan was wolfing down his breakfast when Mark walked into the kitchen. "Ready for some training, T.?", the wrestler asked as he sat down in front of the huge teen and dug into a big bowl of cereal. "Can't wait to toss your frail body around", Tristan replied with a grin and shrugged his shoulders, making striations explode across his wide, perfectly round delts. Mark took in the display of male dominance and emptied his bowl. "I'll grab my gear and meet ya in the locker room", he said and got up. In the locker room, Brad was getting ready for his morning workout. He'd just put on his workout gear when he heard the door open. "Hi, Brad" Brad turned around and saw Mark, the heavyweight wrestle champ entering. "'sup", he replied. "In for some practice", Mark said as he went to his locker and put his bag in front of it while he unlocked it. "Who's the victim?", Brad asked as he tossed his towel over his shoulder and locked his locker. "Oh", Mark began but was cut off by the opening door. "Ya're already here", Tristan said as he entered and saw the heavyweight wrestler. "Bro?", he asked as he noticed his older brother in the center of the room. Brad stared in horror at his massive brother who seemed to fill the entire locker room with his presence. "You guys are brothers?", Mark let out incredulously. "Yeah. He's 3 years older than me. But you wouldn't say", Tristan said smugly and stepped up to his brother. Brad gulped as his younger brother towered over him. "I guess I have the good genes. Don't ya agree, bro?", Tristan said playfully and put his right paw atop his brother's bare shoulder. A hint of disappointment flickered in his eyes as no tingling sensation brook out. "Mind if I pass and get to the gym?", Brad said as deeply as possible. "Good idea, bro. You need to grow a bit to be a real man", Tristan replied and put some pressure on his brother's muscular shoulder. Brad felt his brother's fingers dig into his delts and his knees buckled a bit from the force. He summoned every ounce of strength not to sink to the ground. "Don't want to disturb you ladies but I'ld like to get some practice in", Mark said. "Catch ya later, bro", Tristan said to Brad as he let go of his shoulder and turned to the wrestler. Brad headed over into the gym for his morning workout, hurrying to get away from his brother. "You have a singlet, T.?", Mark asked while he grabbed his customized blue singlet from his locker. "Nope", Tristan stated, "why don't we wrestle in our boxers?". He took off his hoodie and pulled off his shirt. "Fine", Mark replied and put his singlet back inside his locker and stripped down to his boxers. He turned aside and gulped as he noticed how the beastly teen outsized him in every department. "Still want to go through with this?", Tristan asked mockingly while he compared their bodies: Mark's 220 pound frame was filled with thick muscles but also carried a certain amount of fat that gave him a bulky look; his own 300 pound body was a living anatomy chart with insanely ripped muscles that rippled with every breath he took. "Let's do this", Mark said and led the teen beast over into the wrestle hall. Tristan followed the heavyweight wrestle champ and stopped in the center of the mat as instructed. He looked at his 220 pound training partner who faced him from a few feet away. He nodded as Mark explained the basic rules. "Ready, T.?", Mark asked as he took a defensive position. "Bring it on, little guy", Tristan replied. He was surprised by the swift attack of his opponent and felt the guy's hand grabbing his neck before he could react. He braced his thick legs for support and his right paw grabbed the champ's neck while his left hand interlocked with the guy's left hand. Mark instantly felt the beastly teen's incredible force and flexed his heavily muscled quads to withstand the counterattack. His strong left arm was being pushed back by his opponent's 30 inch arm. He jumped backward to free himself and took a few deep breaths to control his breathing. "What have I gotten myself into?", he thought as he kept his gaze on his huge opponent. "Running away?", Tristan asked as the champ retreated. He moved in on the heavyweight wrestler. Mark anticipated the attack and dove under the paws that reached for him. He found himself inches from the teen beast and wrapped his 22 inch arms around the guy's torso in a bear hug. "Trapped?", he asked playfully and hardened his grip, veins exploding along his arms. "Ugh", Tristan let out in surprise as the strong arms hardened around his torso. "Guess again", he replied and lifted his thick arms up to easily break the grasp. Mark stumbled back in disbelief: until now, no one had ever broken free from his bear hug. He held up his hands in a defensive motion and thought about his next move. "My turn", Tristan growled and moved in on the heavyweight wrestler. Mark followed his huge opponent's moves, he knew he didn't stand a chance if the beastly teen could grab him. So he took a step back with every step the 300 pound Tristan made in his direction. As he turned in circles to maintain the distance, Mark felt his own breathing slow down and he also noted from the heaving of his opponent's protruding chest that Tristan wasn't used to training. "Tired, big guy?", he asked tauntingly. Tristan let out a low, vibrating grunt in response. "Quit dancing around and fight", he barked and moved in. Mark saw the teen beast slight lower his arms as he stepped toward him and made his move: he dodged the paws and moved swiftly behind his 300 pound opponent, his arms reaching underneath the perfectly round, cannonball-sized shoulders as his big hands reached for the back of the thickly muscled neck. "What the ...", Tristan said, surprised by the heavyweight wrestler's sudden move. Mark's hands joined together and he locked them hard, securing his full nelson atop the thick traps. "Gotcha", he said into the teen beast's ear. Tristan shrugged his shoulders, making his traps mound upward and budging against the hands locked behind his neck. He felt the grasp giving away against his meaty traps and repeated the process. Striations exploded across his wide shoulders as he shrugged them once more. Mark felt his grip being pushed apart and used every trick he'd learned over the past years, holding onto the beastly teen's neck with everything he got left. A wave of euphoria went through him as he managed to maintain his full nelson. His cock hardened a bit from the friction against the muscular lower back. "No fucking way", Tristan groaned as he tried getting free. He tried reaching for the heavyweight wrestler, but his 30 inch arms couldn't free him like before. No matter what he tried, his opponent refused to let go and was wearing him out. He felt the cock harden against his back, sending a responsive jolt through his own flaccid member as he slowly sank to his knees. "You give?", Mark asked in between fast breaths without releasing his hold. "I… yeah", Tristan replied. Instantly the arms let go of his neck and he laid down on his back on the mat, inhaling deeply to control his breathing. "Who's the champ?", Mark yelled and threw a double bicep pose. Excitement and adrenaline rushed through his body as he realized he'd just taken down an 80 pound heavier opponent. Tristan looked up at the heavyweight wrestler, noticing how his muscles glistened with sweat and the growing bulge inside the guy's boxers. He placed his hands aside his body and sat up, his thick triceps flexing in the process. "Congrats, man", he said, "I really thought I could take ya". "Yar strength is unreal, I felt it from the start. My experience handed me the win. If ya learn the moves, ya'll be unstoppable", Mark replied. His gaze travelled down to the growing bulge in the beastly teen's boxers. "Let's hit the showers", he said and extended his hand to help his 300 pound opponent get up. Tristan grabbed the hand and got up. He looked down into the 6 feet champ's eyes and before he could react, the guy kissed him on the lips. "What…", Tristan said as he broke the kiss. "I… ehr… sorry", Mark muttered as he looked up into the beastly teen's dark brown eyes, his heart pounding in chest as he realized the guy towered over him in height and width. "Tristan, I…", he began. "We both want this", Tristan said, grabbed the back of the heavyweight wrestler's head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Mark's eyes widened in surprise as his 220 pound body was pulled against the 300 pound beast and the tongue invaded his mouth. He returned the kiss and let his big hands roam the mounds of muscle that flowed into each other across the insanely wide back. The teen's thick pecs pushed into his own heavy chest and one of the guy's paws cupped his muscular ass. Black dots began dancing before his eyes as the beast kept kissing him. Tristan finally broke the kiss and took in a deep breath, making his protruding pecs dig into the harden against the wrestler's muscular ones. He felt his own dick grow to full hardness between their heavily muscled bodies along the 220 pound guy's rock-hard cock. "Fuck me", Mark moaned in pleasure as his hands grabbed the beefy biceps and tested the hardness of the beasty teen's relaxed arms. "I…", Tristan muttered and began blushing. "You're a virgin, aren’t ya?", Mark asked as he noted the shy reaction of the huge guy. Tristan nodded. "I mean… I had blowjobs before but never really", he rattled on and clenched his fists to make his bicep harden under the heavyweight wrestler's touch. Mark's rock-hard cock jolted in his boxers as the steely biceps pried open his hands. "You're cute when you blush, T.", he said, "And no worries: I've never been fucked before. We'll take things slowly". He ripped away his own boxers and did the same with the teen beast's boxers. Both their rock-hard cocks smacking against their abs as they were freed from their fabric prison. He kissed the 300 pound Tristan on the lips again and slowly leaned back, letting the teen beast gently lead him down on the wrestle mat. Tristan carefully laid the heavyweight wrestler with his back on the mat. He placed his knees aside his legs, positioned his elbows next to the guy's heavily muscled torso and kissed him once more as he was leaning over him. Their rock-hard cocks brushing against each other, sending shivers of bliss through their bodies. "Common, fuck me", Mark whispered in the teen's ear while he gently bit the earlobe and rubbed the hot surface of the thick pecs that hung over him. "Mhm", Tristan mounded and positioned the fat head of his 14 inch cock against the meaty ass of the heavyweight wrestler. "Here we go", he said as he very slowly drove his cock in between the ass cheeks. Mark's muscular back arched up from the mat as the thick head pushed passed his ass cheeks and slowly brushed against his hole. His hole clenched in anticipation. Tristan gently pushed further and let the head of his 14 incher enter the 220 pound athlete. "Umpf", Mark grunted in pleasure as the searing hot pole pushed past his defenses and invaded him teasingly slowly. His back arched further off the mat and his arms wrapped around the heavily muscled torso leaning over him, trapping his own rock-hard 10 incher between his bulky six-pack and the teen's ripped eight-pack. Tristan placed his paws against the wrestler's back and kept driving his lengthy snake inside him. Pleasure flowed through his 300 pound body as the tight ass engulfed his cock like a fleshy glove. Lightning bolt-like flashes crackled in Mark's vision as the 14 incher was completely inside him and the pubes of the teen beast's brushed his muscular ass. He felt like a ragdoll in the grasp of the hulking man and loved it: his cock was throbbing against the deeply grooved eight-pack while his hands groped the hard mass on the guy's broad back. Tristan began pumping his cock back and forth inside the clenching ass; slowly at first but faster and deeper as he seemed to gain more confidence. "UGHN", he bellowed as his balls exploded and his cock blasted a first load into the heavyweight wrestler. A spark of energy shot from the bottom of Mark's spine up into his head, exploding into a firework of white light as the beastly teen filled him with his seed. His own 10 incher exploded between their muscular bodies, covering their pecs and abs in his sticky juices. Tristan's orgasm lasted seven long, big blasts before wearing off. He gently withdrew from the 220 pound athlete and laid down next to him, his chest heaving from the orgasm. "Best sex I've ever had", Mark said and ruffled the 80 pound heavier guy's hair. He smiled as the beastly teen blushed once again. "Let's shower", he said and got up.
  6. Psuace

    New gym, part 2

    Hope you like. Seems like Part 1 was well received. I’m in my office paying bills for the gym and thinking about Davey. I have not seen him around recently, which is weird. After our first meeting and fun in the sauna, shower, and locker room, I’d have thought he’d be back in the next day. But three days have passed since the last time I remember seeing him in the gym. I pull up his account and see he has not cancelled it like he thought about doing. I see his cell number and hesitate to call him. “My gym, my rules”, but I need to be sure I’m not invading his privacy. Fuck it, I dial. What if something’s up? It wouldn’t hurt to check on the kid. The phone rings four times. He picks up on the fifth. “Hello?” He sounds groggy, like I just woke him up, but different. “Hey Davey, it’s Ty from the gym.” I say in a positive upbeat voice. I pause and wait for a response. None comes. “I haven’t seen you in the gym in the past few days and wanted to be sure you were ok.” Still silence. Something’s up. “Dude, you ok?” “Yeah.” He says quietly and with the same groggy sound. My chest tightens. He’s clearly lying, but he hasn’t hung up on me. I ask a few other questions, but am met with silence. “Anything else?” He asks. He doesn’t sound angry that I called, but I can’t put my finger on what’s up. He hangs up. I’m now looking at my phone thinking back to our meeting. Did I do or say something which would cause this? Did he say or do anything which would make him like this? “Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck. No…no… no.” I whisper. I get his address off the computer, jump up, and race out. My assistant sees me running out. I yell to him that I’ll be back. I frantically drive to Davey’s condo. It’s not far from the gym. I screech to a stop and manically look around for his front door, number 69. There it is, up on the second floor. I take the steps two at a time and run down the breezeway. I stop at the door. I gather myself and think, “Don’t pound, it will scare the shit out of him.” I knock. No answer. I knock again a bit more intensely. I hear footsteps and then someone stumbles and falls. “Fuck.” Clearly Davey’s voice, but it still has the groggy or foggy sound to it. “Who is it?” “Davey, it’s Ty, please let me in. I just want to make sure you’re ok.” I try to keep my voice even, not panicky. “I’m fine.” Clearly he’s lying. I hear him get up and stumble around some more, but he’s not coming to the door. “Leave me alone.” “Can’t do that bro.” “Sure you…” and he falls again. He doesn’t curse or call out. Uh-oh. I put my hand on the door knob and turn. Locked. Fuck. I look around for a spot for him to hide a spare key. No door mat, no wreath on the door, nothing on the top ledge of the door frame. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I am tempted to break his front window, but that would lead to more issues. I see a pot on a table under his front window. The plant has not been watered in a few days. I grab it and look at the bottom, nothing, damn it. As I’m putting it back down, I hear a clink in the pot, bingo. I crush the pot in my hand and the key falls out. I grab it and quickly put it in the lock. I burst into the room and see Davey lying on the sofa. He tripped over his coffee table and fell onto the sofa. The coffee table is turned over and magazines and remotes litter the floor. There is an overturned glass of water on the carpet and a plate with some sort of day old food. I walk to him, see he is still breathing and turn him over so he is face up. He looks like shit. Unshaven, smelly, in shorts and t-shirt. He’s got dark circles under his eyes, but I don’t smell alcohol, which is good. I glance around the room. It’s average size for a condo in this area. Neatly furnished, nothing too out of whack. I glance into the kitchen, nothing there, then peek in the bathroom. Fuck, an open pill container. Clonazepam. A few pills on the sink, a couple left in the container. I rush back into the living room with the container. I sit him up. His eyes painfully open. “Dude, how many did you take?” I ask holding the container in front of his face. “Just a couple.” I can’t tell if he’s lying or not. He starts to gag. Need to get him to the bathroom, now. He can’t walk, so I scoop him up and carry him. We almost get there when he gags again and vomits on me. I turn his head so he doesn’t swallow any of the vomit. I ignore the mess on me, gently turn him over, and set him down in the tub, face down. I am supporting his neck and midsection so he doesn’t collapse and bang his head. He gags again and throws up. I see two pills come out. I look down at my t-shirt and see another one. He starts shaking and I hold him still. He gags again and throws up. No more pills. Thank god. He steadies himself using the sides of the tub, but I don’t let go. I move his hair out of his eyes. I debate calling 911. I look at him and see he wants to sit up. I maneuver him to the side of the tub and I lift him onto it. He’s facing in, I’m sitting next to him facing out. I put my hand on his legs and gently squeeze, “Do I need to call 911? How many pills did you take, Davey?” “Four, today. A couple yesterday and the day before.” “Fuck dude, why?” “It was a bad few days. I needed some stress relief.” He says with some irritation in his voice. “You couldn’t come talk to me?” He turns and stares or glares at me. I can’t really tell which at this point as his eyes seem unfocused. I continue, “I know we just met, but after the locker room, I thought you would have known you could talk to me.” I wave at the pills and say, “This is some serious stuff you were taking.” “I know, I’ve taken it before.” Now there’s a slight anger to his voice, but also a sadness and loneliness. He leans over and gags again, but it’s just dry heaves at this point. I rub his back softly. I need to remember I just met this guy and cannot be telling him how to live his life, but I’m not going to let him fuck it up. I reach over to the sink and get a cup of water and hand it to him. He washes out his mouth and spits it into the tub. He turns the water on to wash it away with the vomit. I say, “Sorry. Yes, I remember you telling me you had been on medication for anxiety. I thought you said you were doing better.” “Yeah, well, crazy few days. First the gym, then the ‘ex’ calls and taunts me, so things just kind of spiraled out from there.” I pat him on the chest, “I’m sorry. I’ll say it now and it holds true from now on, you will call me if something comes up.” I am staring right into his eyes and he is looking back with a gratefulness which means the world to me. “No more of this popping pills, got it?” He nods yes. “Fine. Can you stand up?” He shakily gets up. I support him and I feel his hands grab my left forearm. “You need a shower.” I say with some playfulness in my voice. “Can you handle doing it by yourself or do I need to wash you off?” He says he’ll do it himself. I say, “Ok, stand still.” I pull his shorts and underwear off and I simply rip the t-shirt off. It’s covered in vomit and no good anymore. I turn the shower on and let the water get warm. “Are you sure you don’t need my help?” He shakes his head no. “Ok, I’m going to clean up a bit. If you need me, just yell, I’m no more than two steps away.” He takes his hands off my forearm and leans under the shower. He pulls the shower curtain shut. I quickly straighten up the bathroom. I take my t-shirt off and toss it in the trash. It’s got a big vomit stain on it. No use cleaning it. I stare at myself in the mirror. I break into a sweat and shake for a minute. I grab the cup of water, refill it, and down it. I think to myself, “Pull yourself together.” I look back into the mirror and take a few deep breaths. Better. I go back into the living room and straighten up. Pick up the trash, clean up the spills, and throw away the plate of food. I wander into the kitchen and do the same. When everything seems back in order I walk down the hallway and peek into the bathroom. He’s still in the shower and I can see him through the curtain. Still standing and seems to washing himself off. I go back to the living room and call the gym. My assistant, Kenny picks up. “Hey Kenny. I’m going to be out the rest of the day. I’ll try to be in tomorrow at some point. Can you hold down the fort?” “Yeah, everything ok, you left like a bat out of hell.” “It will be. I’m helping a buddy through a tough time.” “Ok, call if you need anything. Want me to take your appointments for the rest of the day?” “If you could, that’d be great. If not, call Jay, he’ll help out.” “Ok, I saw him and Max come through a while ago.” “Thanks. I’ll be in touch.” I go back to the bathroom and hear that the shower is off. I nudge the door open and Davey is brushing his teeth. “How do you feel?” “Better.” He says, sounding better. “I’ll be in the living room. Come out when you’re ready.” I shut the door and go back to the living room and pick up a magazine. Muscle and Fitness. Of course. It’s pretty good jerk off material with a few ‘okay’ articles. It’s basically Playboy or Penthouse for the gay man. I hear the bathroom door open and shut and bare feet pad down the hallway to what must be his bedroom. A few minutes later I hear him coming back. He sees me sitting on the sofa, comes over, and sits down next to me. He’s put on a new t-shirt and shorts. He is facing forward and quietly asks, “Why?” “Because I think I’m beginning to care for you.” I say seriously, “and I think you’re cute as shit.” I add jokingly as I am tussling his disheveled hair. He turns to face me and he blushes. “I’ve known a lot of people, seen a lot of crazy shit, and sometimes I can’t help myself from being the knight in shiny black armor.” I say flexing a bicep and wiggling my pecs. He giggles. Good. “I think you need to rest and let the medication work its way out of your body. I’m spending the night.” He starts to protest, but I put my hand on his shoulder and say, “Go ahead and try to kick me out. Given the shape you’re in right now, I doubt you could take the trash out.” I arch my eyebrow at him. He sighs and settles back. “Fine. You know where the kitchen is, grab anything you’d like.” “Do you want anything before I eat you out of house and home?” “Just some stale bread and water if you can scrounge it up.” He’s got his sense of humor back. That’s good. “I’ll see what I can do.” I rummage through his fridge, not much left. I am able to put two salads together and take them back into the living room. He says thanks and picks at the salad. After a few bites, his appetite seems to have returned. His plate is cleaned off. He leans back again. He closes his eyes. After a few minutes, his breath has deepened. He’s sound asleep. I clean up the plates and sit back down next to him. I sit there and wonder if I made a mistake? Should I have called 911 and let them take care of this. Would he be in better hands, be getting better treatment? Davey tries to scoot closer to me and his breathing indicates he’s out for the night. I put my left arm around his shoulder and pull him close. He instinctively puts his right hand on my thigh and snuggles in. I did the right thing. After an hour of just sitting on the sofa watching him sleep, I twist my way out and lower him so he is laying on the sofa. I walk to the bathroom, take a leak and look in the mirror. I take another few deep breaths and sigh. I check my phone and see a few texts. One from Jay and some others. Jay is making sure everything is okay. I write back and say it is and I’ll see him in a day or so. Everyone else can wait. I walk back into the living room, gently pick Davey up and carry him to the bedroom. King size bed, naturally. I set him down, pull back the covers and slide him under. I strip off my shorts, leaving me in my boxer briefs, slip under the covers as well, and pull them back over us. I pull him close to me again and he is still breathing deeply. Good. I doze, then drift off as well. I wake to the sound of cars outside. I keep my eyes closed for a minute and say a silent prayer that Davey is ok. I open my eyes and he is not next to me. I glance around to see if rolled away from me, but he is not in the bed. The bedroom door is open and I can see down the hallway to the living room area. I don’t see him, but then I hear the fridge door open and shut. I exhale, not realizing I had been holding my breath. My chest relaxes. I get up, throw my gym shorts back on and remember I no longer have a t-shirt. Eh, shit happens. It’s not like he hasn’t seem me shirtless. I walk to the bathroom, take a leak, wash out my mouth, and head to the kitchen. I need to approach this carefully. Last night was one thing, but today may be something completely different. I take a deep breath and walk in. “Hey Davey, how are you feeling today?” He looks up from the counter where he is making toast, walks over to me, and just hugs me. I melt. I see a tear roll down his face and I start to well up too. He asks, “Why? I think I asked last night, but it’s kind of hazy.” He is still hugging me. “Because I think I care for you. And now I know, you’re cute as shit. Last night I only thought you were cute as shit.” He laughs and hugs me tighter. I reciprocate. After a minute we separate and his face is a bit red, but only from the tears he recently shed. I wipe them away. He nods towards the table and I see he made some eggs and bacon. We sit down and start to eat. I see he is looking at me from across the table. I can tell he wants to say something, but is not sure of how to say it. To make it easier for him, I look up and say, “Just promise me you will call me first if you feel your life going sideways again.” “But we barely know each other.” “Dude. Look at me.” I look him in the eyes and continue, “do I look like the kind of guy who makes empty promises?’ He shakes his head no. “Like I said last night, I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit and sometimes I can’t help playing the hero.” I smirk at him. He smiles back. “But honestly. You’re right, besides some amazing sex a few days ago and me helping you out last night, we don’t know each other, yet…” I let the last few words hang in the air. We keep looking at each other. “I would like to get to know you better, if you want to.” He glances down. Have I gone too far, too fast? “If you’re not up for it, just say so, and we can stop it right now. But for the record, I’d like to get to know you.” He’s still looking down, but is blushing. “Even though I’m a pill popping depressed wreck?” “Dude, stop it.” I say sternly. “Last night is what it was. Today is a new day. You’re here and alive.” “But if you hadn’t shown up…” “Yeah, well, be grateful I am persistent. Enough of this morbid bullshit. I need a shower and a new shirt. I know where your shower is, but do you have a shirt to fit me? I am just a little bigger than you are…” I say puffing out my chest and flexing my pecs and arms. He finally laughs. “I may have something lying around.” “Good, let me check in with the gym, and then I am going to get a shower.” I get up, put my dishes in the sink and go into the living room. I call and Kenny picks up, “Did the place burn down?” He laughs and says no. He asks if I’m ok and I say yeah. I say I may be in later today. He says cool. We hang up and I wander to the bathroom. I turn the water on and wait for it to heat up. Once it’s nice and hot, I strip, step in, and pull the curtain closed. I stand under the showerhead and let the hot water soak me from head to toe. I am still questioning if I’ve done the right thing. I finally decide I did, and put it to rest. I hopefully have a new boyfriend. I start to lather myself up when I hear the curtain pull back and Davey says, “Mind if I join you?” He is sporting a rock hard boner. I grin and nod yes. He steps in and stands behind me. He hugs me again and I feel his hands pull himself closer to me. I intertwine our fingers and he grabs ahold. His dick is riding my crack and he gently slides it up and down. I tense and loosen my ass cheeks to match his movements. His dick slips into my crack and he slows the motion, holding it. I tense my cheeks and he moans like he is in heaven. He slides his dick lower and it goes between my legs. I tighten my legs and he starts to thrust. It’s nice motion. I gently push back to meet his thrusts. He pulls on my abs, trying to bring me closer to him. He lays his head on my back and every once in a while lays kisses on it. He resumes running his fingers up and down my abs. I tense them and he slows his movement, fingering each abs and valley. He sighs. I sigh. His dick is still between my legs going back and forth. He moves his hands further up my body, to my pecs. He grabs the nipples and starts to twist them. I let out a low moan. He lets go and starts playing with my pecs, scraping his fingers along the muscles. I tense my pecs and they become hard. He feels up the granite and playfully pounds on them. I move my hands around his body and grab his ass and increase his back and forth motion letting know to speed it up. He obliges. He slides his dick out from between my legs and turns me around. He looks up into my eyes. I see a gratefulness and yearning in them. Now it’s my turn. I lower myself and slip my dick between his legs. He puts his arms over my shoulders. I lift him up. We are face to face. He moves in and gently kisses my lips. He pulls back and comes at me again. This time there is more urgency. He presses his lips to mine and puts his hands behind my head and pulls me closer. As he is kissing me he is sliding his hips along the length of my dick and moaning the whole time. We stop kissing and I say, “Bed. Now.” He nods. We disengage, turn the water off, and get out of the shower. I pick him up under his armpits and make our way to the bedroom. We step into the room and I look him in the eyes and ask, “Toss or set?” He stares at me blankly. I explain, “Would you like me to toss you onto the bed or set you on it?” “Toss me, muscles, toss me.” He says happily, feeling up my biceps which I flex for him. I decide to have a few minutes of fun and really get him going, before I toss him over to the bed. I lift him up and swing his legs out and maneuver him into a curling position. I start to curl him and he hooks his left arm around my neck for support. I look down at him and ask, “You really think I’m going to let you slip out and fall?” “No.” And he moves his hand off my neck. I laugh heartily and he smiles back up at me. I resume the curls. I get to about twenty and based on the erectness of his dick, he’s impressed. I lay on the floor and motion for him to come lay on my chest. He gets on and I put my hands on him, testing for the right balance spot. “Hold still so you don’t wobble off.” He nods ok. I start to bench press him. “Remember when I was tossing 545lbs around a few days ago?” “Yeah.” “This is what it feels like.” “I like it.” “Figured you would.” On my last press, I push up and actually toss Davey up a few inches. He free falls back into my hands and says whoa. I keep my hands on his chest and work my way back to a standing position. “Little stronger than you thought?” He nods yes, amazed at what I’m doing with him. I press him a few times over head and his dick looks like it’s about to explode. Can’t have that. Not yet at least. I bring him back down to the curling position, lean over for a kiss, which he is happy to supply. I ask if he’s ready. He nods yes. I toss him the last five feet and he lands in the middle of the bed, face up. I walk up to the edge and he crawls over, stands up, and leans down to kiss me on the top of my head. We laugh. I give him a strawberry on his abs, which he tenses, to show off. He starts to back away, but I wrap my arms around him to keep him close. He doesn’t struggle too much. I lick the space between his pecs, wetting it. I pull his legs out from under him and he falls backward onto the bed. He scoots backwards so he is in the middle of it. I begin to crawl up the bed and overtop of him. He stares at me like I’m an incoming storm. I have a cockeyed grin on my face and when I reach his dick, I lick it likes it’s ice cream cone that’s starting to melt. He puts his hands over his head and arches his back in pleasure. I keep at it and move a finger towards his hole. I slowly circle it and then gently push it in. He opens his mouth, but no sound comes out. I continue to push it in. I’m two knuckles in and begin a slow in and out motion. I’m still licking his unit which is sticking straight up in the air. Again, it’s very impressive for a guy his size. I leave his dick and continue up his body. His dick slaps me on the side of my face as it falls to his abs. I lap at his bellybutton. It’s an ‘innie’, so I push my tongue into it and deposit some saliva. I wash my tongue over his lower ab area and he tenses his muscles again. Pretty nice. I rub my free hand over them and massage them. I kiss each ab and he sighs. It’s almost as if nobody has admired or worshiped him before and he is one hot fucker. I briefly think what, “did his ‘ex’ do to him to put him in this state?” That’s a conversation for later, now I need to make him feel like he is the center of the universe. I continue to worship his abs and move my finger in and out of his ass. I stick a second finger and begin to relax his hole. I move my mouth up his body and am now right below his pecs. I eye his chest and see he does have a nice tight chest and his nipples are small but pronounced. I lick one and he doesn’t move. I try the other one, but still nothing. He leans up, cracks a smile, and says, “My nipples aren’t sensitive at all.” I eye him and begin to nibble on one. He shakes his head and continues, “You could pretty much bite them off before you get a reaction from me.” “Damn dude, what fun are you?” I say as I pretend to get up to leave. He stares at me as I pull away from him. I’m about to pull my fingers out of his ass when I stuff a third one in and fall back on top of him. I don’t crush him, but give him a good scare. He punches me in the shoulders and says, “You’re pretty funny. You had me there.” I lean down and give him a sloppy kiss on his lips. “I’m here for the long haul, if you are.” Davey nods yes. I kiss him again move back to his nipples. I say, “Let’s see what I can do about these guys. Maybe nobody worshiped them like I’m about to.” I attach my lips to one and put my free hand on the other. I start to ravage both; licking and sucking one with most of my might and playfully twisting and messing around with the other one. After another few minutes of what would be absolute torture to me, he looks at me stone faced and says again, “Dude, spend your energy elsewhere.” And then cracks the faintest smile and says, “I’ve got some ideas if you need help.” “No, I know what I’m doing.” I say in return and move my lips off his nipple, but continue to play with his chest. I gently insert a fourth finger into his ass. He lays back down and starts to breath heavily. “See.” I say and he just moans. I move back down his body, licking and lapping as I go. His body is pretty much covered in my saliva but he could care less. He puts a hand on the top of my head while it is still in reach and delicately massages my scalp. I moan and he moves his hand down to my ear and softly caresses the outer ear and ear lobe, then he starts rubbing the lobe between his thumb and index finger. I put my mouth back onto his dick and slowly swallow it, coating it with spit the whole way down. I move my tongue all around it and gently start to suck it. He takes his hand off my head and interlocks his fingers with the ones on my free hand. We hold onto each other. I move my body so that my dick is in position to enter him. He looks me in the eyes and says, “I’d still like you to use protection.” I nod. “I have magnum condoms in my bed stand along with some lube.” “Of course you do…” I laugh. Instead of removing all my fingers and ruining the moment, I simply unlock our fingers, shove my hand under his back, lift him off the bed, and back towards the bed stand. He reaches back into the stand and gets the supplies. I pick him up again and move him back to the middle of the bed and set him down. He hands me the supplies. I use my teeth to open the packet and then expertly slide it on with one hand. I grab the lube and squirt a big glob onto the tip of my dick and squeeze more onto the hand I have inserted into his ass. I work the lube into his ass and then lean over him. “I promise I will not hurt you. If it gets too painful, just say so, I will back out.” He leans up and gently kisses me. I position myself, pull my fingers out, and quickly put the tip of my dick at his hole. I gently push and realize he is not as tight as I expected him to be. I insert my head with an audible pop. His eyes start to roll around and his arms spread to his sides as he grabs ahold of the comforter. I lean over him again and put my hands on either side of him and slowly push my dick in. He’s taking it like a pro and I ask how he’s feeling. He grimaces and says, “It’s bigger in real life.” I laugh. “Just hang on. You’re doing great.” He sticks out his tongue. I get ¾ of the way in and he lets out a yelp. I instantly stop. “Too far?” He nods yes. I back off a bit. He relaxes. I now know his upper limit. I begin my thrusting and make sure I don’t go past the pain point. Davey has released his death grip hold on the comforter and now is trying to apply one to my triceps. I tense both arms and the horseshoes appear on the back of my arms. He feels them up as a way to distract himself from the action at his ass. I start to pick up the pace and his grimace turns to a contented smile. He relaxes his death grip on my triceps and reaches for his dick with his left hand. He starts a slow tugging motion. He uses his right hand to grope my chest, abs, and arms. It’s like nothing is off limits to him. I don’t mind and actually enjoy that he is getting comfortable with me. I smile down at him. He reaches his right hand to my face and caresses my cheek and jawbone. He is doing it very softly and gently, like he’s afraid I’ll get upset if he gets too rough with me. His hand finds its way to my ear and he starts to pull me down on top of him. I look at him quizzically, making sure he wants me completely on top of him. He releases his left hand from his dick and puts that hand on my back urging me to lay on him. I comply and let my full weight settle on top of him. He sighs and wraps his arms as far around my back as they will go. He shuts his eyes and hugs me intensely. I see a tear escape his eye and know it’s not from pain, but for something else, which I cannot figure out. I slow my rocking movement and just lay on him. I am careful my full 220lbs are not crushing him. He releases his hug, opens his eyes with the most grateful look I have ever seen from a guy, and again moves his right hand to my ear and jawbone. I lift my body off his but slowly lean down and kiss him. I gradually start my thrusting motion. He moves his left hand to my face and now uses both hands to caress my ears and jawline. Another tear forms and rolls down his cheek. I hesitate my thrusting motion and looks at me with a ‘don’t stop’ look. I continue. Once I’m back up to pace, he lifts his legs and wraps them around my waist, granting me easier access. I up the movement. He sighs and grabs him dick again and starts to yank it more urgently than before. I lift my right hand and put it on his dick as well, slowing his movements. He squeezes his ass muscles tightly and tries to yank himself like if he doesn’t cum he’ll be in trouble. We didn’t have this issue last time, what the fuck happened in the past few days with his ‘ex’… I definitely need to figure it out, but not now. Now, I need to make sure he gets what he wants and if he wants to cum, I want to make sure it’s an explosion on both ends. I pry his fingers off his dick and wrap my hand around it, completely engulfing it. I continue with the vigorous yanking motion and he sighs. His eyes roll around the sockets and suddenly I feel his whole body tense up. This is it. I give his dick a few good solid pull and feel his balls tighten, pull up, and then his cum explodes out of his body. He lifts his head an inch or so off the bed and his first shot coats my chest, chin, and his face. Once the shot is done, his head falls back onto the bed. His second shot nails my abs. His body twitches. Third shot is less powerful, but spills onto his abs. The last volley dribbles out and over my hand. I thrust my dick into him 3 or 4 mores times and unleash a torrent of cum into the condom. He feels my explosion and wiggles his ass around trying to get more of me into him. I push in another few inches, going past his pain spot, but he doesn’t feel the pain at this point. His brain is overloaded with pleasure. I carefully lean down onto his body, wrap my arms around him, and roll over so he is on top. I slosh him around the pool of cum he left on me and he giggles. He leans up, puts both hands on my chest, and slowly pulls himself up my body, extracting my dick from his ass. When the head gets to the entrance of his hole, it seems to be stuck. He gives his hips a quick, sharp jerk forward, and my dick comes out with another audible pop. He looks down into my eyes with a gratifying look and says, “My shiny black knight.” I puff my chest, toss up a double bi while lying there, and reply, “Just for you.” He leans down for one final kiss and says, “I guess we do need to take a shower at some point. And you need to get back to your life.” “My life can wait, because I hope it’s going to be ‘our life’ from now on.” He tears up again gives me the slightest nod yes and I let a tear escape my eye.
  7. Part 3 for these guys, but more to come.... “Hey Ty.” Ian and Colin say in unison as they walk into the gym and check in. They eye Ty up like he’s piece of meat. He notices their stares and flexes a pec and tenses his bicep to get a reaction from them. “Gentlemen.” He responds. He looks them over and says, “You guys look different?” “Yeah, a little surprise for Eddie. Is he here? We’re supposed to meet him for our workout session. Core and legs tonight.” Ian said flexing his abs and puffing out his chest. Ty looks at him admiringly. “Not yet.” Ty replies and then points his finger at the two of them and says sternly, “I don’t want any more trouble from you two, got it?” “Yeah, yeah. We hear you Ty.” Colin says breezily. “Should I dial 9-1- and wait to hit the last 1? You know how he gets with surprises.” Colin walks past Ty, patting him on his chest and says, “We’ll be fine big guy, trust me.” “That’s what worries me.” Ty says rolling his eyes. “I’m keeping my eyes on you two, especially you Colin.” Ian and Colin hit the locker room, change into their workout gear, chat with Ming and Cam as those two head to the sauna area, and then head up to the exercise floor. They see Jay and Max and stop and talk to them for a few minutes. Colin remarks that Max should cut off some of his curly hair and Jay laughs and says, “That’ll be the day.” Eddie walks in. He sees them and walks over to them. Jay and Max say hi to Eddie and wander off. “What the fuck you kids do? G1, tell me.” Eddie is staring at them, but he can no longer tell them apart. “We’ll come clean, after the workout.” One of them says resolutely. Eddie starts to get red. The twin continues, “After last week, we decided to make it harder for you to tell us apart. We’re both still sore and don’t think the rough sex you had with us was fitting compared to what we did to you. We came clean about how we cornered you, but we think you took it a bit too far with us.” Eddie just stares at them. “Fine. Let’s do this.” His brain is turning. “What’s our workout for tonight?” “Core and legs.” One of them says. “Fine. Gets you asses over to the decline crunch bench. Grab a 25, 35, and 45lb weight and the 25lb medicine ball on the way.” They get to the bench and Colin hops on first, before Eddie gets a chance to call one of them out. “Start with the 25lb weight. 15 reps, starting with the weight extended over your head. You come all the way up into a sit-up position and then go all the way back down with the weight hitting the ground on the decline. Well? Go! What the fuck you waiting for, an invitation?” Colin starts the set. Eddie standing over him. “All the way down. The weight hits the floor or the rep doesn’t count, got it?” “Yup.” Colin runs thru the set, only having to do one extra rep. He jumps off and Ian gets on and takes the weight. He starts and gets a good motion going. He’s at ten reps when Eddie tells him to slow down. He’s moving too fast. He needs to go slower so all the muscles in his core are activated. Eddie puts his hand on Ian’s midsection and explains that the slower you go, the more the ab muscles work and are stressed. This is what causes them to tighten up. Going fast doesn’t do anything. Ian nods in understanding and does the last 5 and then 5 more. Eddie nods in approval and runs his hand over the abs getting a good grope in. Ian smiles and looks at Colin who grins back. Colin gets back on and Eddies tells the other one to grab the medicine ball. “You toss the ball to him when he is going down. You toss the ball back when you reach the top, and not before. Also, extend the ball over your head for the entire movement.” He stands to the side and shows them what it should look like. They both nod and Colin gets started. He is 5 reps in when Eddie yells, “Slow the fuck down. Jesus Christ. This is not a contest to get the set done the fastest. You’re here to work. Start over.” Colin thinks about saying something, but sees Ian giving him the “shut up” look and decides to bite his tongue. He starts over and does 15 reps nice and slow. He is definitely feeling the burn. He gets off the bench and Ian gets on and does the set nice and slow. When he is done, Eddie nods and says, “Better.” “My turn.” Eddie says. He grabs the 35lb weight and hops on the bench. He looks at the guys and says, “You.” Nodding to Ian, but not knowing which one he is. “When I’m in the decline position, you’re going to punch me 3 times in the abs. Got it? And I mean punch, not some sissy slap or hit.” He balls his left hand into a fist and punches it so hard into his right hand the sound it makes causes some of the other guys to pause their work out and look over. Ty wanders by and Eddie just nods and says, “Just showing the kids what a real punch looks and sounds like.” “K.” Is all Ty says. Eddie starts and when he is declined, Ian gives him 3 rapid ab punches. “Not too bad, boy, but don’t hold back next time. I want to actually feel you hitting me.” Ian smiles a wicked grin only Colin sees and on the next rep he unleashes 3 rocket fast and sledge hammer hard punches. “Good boy.” Is Eddie’s only response. The set continues and Ian is sporting a pretty impressive woody due to the excitement of punching Eddie. “You.” He says pointing to Ian. “Get the medicine ball and toss to me.” He nods to Colin, “You’re in the puncher position. Let’s see if you are any better than him.” He says waving a hand at Ian. The set starts and Colin holds nothing back. Three punches to the abs when Eddie is declined. “Not bad.” The set continues and Eddie’s abs are getting rock hard and red from all the punches. Now both Colin and Ian are sporting woodies and Eddie is showing signs of one as well. He jumps off the bench and Colin gets back on. Eddie hands him the 35lb weight and says, “Same as the first set, but if you fuck up a rep, you get to do 2 extra reps to make it up.” He looks at Ian and says, “You, kneel down at his head and when he is in the decline position, put your hands on the weight making it harder for him to raise back up.” Colin starts the set. Ian puts pressure on the weight as instructed. Eddie is watching them like a hawk. On the 11 rep, he starts to falter. Eddie starts barking at him to keep moving. “You, stop holding the weight.” Colin finishes the set. He slowly gets off the bench and says to Ian, “It’s harder than you think.” Ian nods and settles in for his set. He gets to 9 and starts to falter. Eddie gets red and starts yelling at him to man up and push thru it. Ian gets to 15 and Eddie says he needs to do 4 more due to screwing up 2 reps. Ian’s core is burning up, but he does the four more without complaint. He slowly gets off the bench and wanders off for some water. “Did I say you could get some water?” Ian looks him in the eyes and responds evenly. “Fuck you.” Eddie walks closer and loudly says, “What was that?” grabbing Ian’s crotch. Ian reaches out and grabs Eddie’s dick to show him two can play the game. Colin is standing close by in case things start to go sideways. Ty and Jay are also looking over. Max has stopped his set and glances over to Colin who nods ever so slightly that everything should be ok. Max makes eye contact with Jay and nods that everything is fine. Eddie releases Ian’s crotch and Ian releases Eddie’s. They back away from each other. Eddie grabs the 45lb weight, gets the bench, and says. “One of you on each side. When I’m declined, both of you will punch my abs 4 times each. Got it?” They nod and the set starts. When Eddie is declined, the guys go to town. Eddie revels in the feeling of the weight in his hands and two guys punching him, trying to abuse his abs. He’s not even flexing his abs yet and they think they’re hurting him. He starts to sport a boner just thinking about it. The twins see his boner and each start to sport one as well. After 20 reps Eddie drops the weight and leans up. He pulls the twins close to him and cups their asses. “You kids better be ready for some fun tonight.” The twins look at each other and give him a non-committal look. “Fine. Next set, oblique crunches. I’m sure you guys have done them.” The twins nod. “Good, go do two sets of 50. And after that do 5 sets of side planks, holding each for 45 seconds.” They nod again. They wander off to do their sets and Ian says to Colin, “What do you think?” “If we survive, we’ll tell him.” He glances behind them to make sure Eddie is not following them and says, “What the hell were you thinking telling him to fuck off? He looked like he was going to put his fist thru your chest.” “Dude, he just pissed me off and I had to let him know we can’t be pushed around.” Colin just shrugs his shoulders. They do the exercises and walk back to find Eddie deep into squats. They see a squat rack next to his and it is loaded with 135lbs. Ian walks over and starts his set. Eddie just grunts. He’s lifting 295lbs and can’t be bothered. He lowers his ass as far as it will go, loudly grunts, and pushes the weight up for the last rep. He racks the bar. His thighs are exploding and Colin wonders what his starting weight was. Eddie nods to him and says to strip the 35’s put another 45lb on each side with a 25. Colin stares at the bar doing the math in his head. “365, boy” is all Eddie says, but he casually flexes his legs to show the musculature and striations. Ian has finished his set and Colin walks over and does his warmup set. After they finish, they see Eddie has laid out 45’s to be added. They toss them on and start their second sets. Eddie is motoring thru his set and starting to huff on the pushup. Ian is staring at his bubble ass and Eddies sees him in the mirror and says, “Only if you’re a good boy.” Colin has finished his second set and Eddie says to toss 25’s on each side for a total of 275. This is closing in on their max weight. Ian settles in and ducks under the bar. Colin get behind him, but Eddie moves over and pushes him out of the way. “No offense buddy, but if he falters, the weight has to come off his shoulders as quick as possible and I think I’m better equipped to do it, don’t you?” He flexes his biceps and they spring up to 23 inch mounds. Colin nods fine. Eddie gets so close to Ian that his woody is nearly poking him in the ass. Ian smiles a crooked grin, hefts the weight off the rack and takes a few steps back. Eddie backs up with him. Ian starts his set and Eddie is matching him movement for movement, his arms are around Ian’s core to support him if he falters. Ian gets to 10 reps and starts to move forward to re-rack and Eddie says, “Not so fast. You owe me 3 more. Your ass wasn’t low enough on 3 of them.” Ian’s legs are burning, but he knows he cannot say no. He backs up and very slowly does 3 more, each one slower than the last. On the last one Eddie has put his arms around his core and is supporting him and helping him lift the bar. He re-racks and Eddie pats him on the ass and says, “Nice set.” Ian nods to him in the mirror. Colin then steps into position and Eddie does the exact same thing. Colin gets thru all 10 without incident. Eddie pats his ass as well and winks at him in the mirror. Colin winks back and grinds his ass back into Eddie’s crotch. Eddie moves back and announces last exercise. The twins are a bit confused as Eddie is cutting their workout short. He sees their confusion and says, “Don’t worry, your workout is kind of over, but mine is still going.” They look at each other and Eddie says, “Everyone over to the incline leg press machine and start tossing 45’s on each side.” The twins do as he says. They load the bars up with 5 plates and each side and Eddies laughs at them and says, “I said to load it up, does this look loaded up to you? This is a good warm up weight. Let me rip off a set while you two go get 3 more 45’s for each side. Let see who can finish first. Me doing the set or you guys getting the plates…Go.” The twins scramble to find 6 more plates and when they get back, Eddie is standing there, thighs exploding with muscle. “Guess I won. Hmm, I wonder what I get for winning. While I think about it, put the weights on the machine.” The boys load the weights onto the machine. When they’re done, Eddie walks up, picks up Colin, and sets him on top of the machine. “Part of my prize. Sit tight and don’t fall off.” Colin grabs the sides of the machine and Eddie sits down. He looks up and cocks an eyebrow, Colin nods he is ready. Eddie unlocks the platform and slowly lowers it until his thighs are pressing against his abs and chest. He growls and pushes the platform back up. 885lb (720 + 165). Both twins spring instant boners. Eddie powers thru another 14 reps, locks the platform and gets up. Colin starts to move to get off and Eddie says, “Um, where are you going? I’m only half way done. You.” He says pointing to Ian, “Come here.” Ian moves over and Eddie easily lifts him onto the machine next to Colin. Ty has been watching the show and comes over and says, “Eddie, do you really think this is safe?” Eddies says, “I know you own the place, but this is only 1050lb, not even close to my max. If it makes you feel any better, get Jay over here and you guys can spot me. Actually, get Jay and Max over here and I’ll toss Max on for my last set.” Ty looks at him disturbingly, but grunts ok. He tracks down Jay and Max and explains what Eddie wants to do. Jay laughs and looks at Max who nods sure. They head back to the machine. Jay gets into position on one side while Ty is on the other. Eddie glances up at the twins, nods, and unlocks the platform. He lowers it and sees their eyes go wide. He puts on a show and easily powers thru 15 reps. Before he racks the platforms, he does 10 quick calf raises, basically shaking the platform and tossing the twins around. Ty says enough and Eddie locks the platform and gets up. He flexes his thighs, quads, and calves. The 3 little guys sprout boners and Ty and Jay nod with approval. Eddie moves to lift Max up and Jay steps in and says, “My boyfriend, I’ll put him on, no offense.” Eddie backs up, lifting his hands in surrender and says, “Ok.” Jay sets Max on the platform with Ian and Colin and makes sure all three guys are safe and won’t fall off. He gives Ty a nod and Ty tells Eddie, “No fucking around dude. Do the set and get the guys off.” “Fine. Everyone ready?” Nods all-round. Eddie grows silent and tense. He’s about to lift 1215lbs. and he knows it. Closing in on his max. He stares past the guys on the platform and only sees the ceiling behind them. He grunts and unlocks the platform. His legs bend and his thighs are hitting his chest again, but this time it’s due to the total weight and not him showing off. He lets loose a low rumble and slowly starts to push the weight up. Ty and Jay are coaxing him on, but he has all but blocked out all noise. The guys on the platform are holding on tight and their eyes are bulging out of their sockets. The sheer power he’s exerting is overwhelming to them. He gets thru 5 reps and starts to slow on the 6th. He powers it up, but has to lock the rack. He has nothing left in the tank for a 7th rep. As he stands up, everyone is cheering. Ty is lifting the twins off and Jay gets Max down. Jay walks by, pats him on the shoulder, and jokingly says, “Nice job, almost a manly weight.” Eddie scowls. Ty walks up and asks, “Show over?” Eddie just nods yes. Ty slaps him on the back and wanders off. Eddie squats down to recover some more. He looks up to see the twins in front of him. The one on the left says “Ian, or G1 to you.” Eddie glances to the other and that one says, “Colin or G2, whatever you like.” “How can I be sure you’re not fucking with me right now, as some part of your weird games?” Ian playfully says, “Meet us in the sauna when you’ve recovered and we’ll show you.” And he and Colin wander off. Eddie just stays in the squat position. Ty walks back over and says, “Whatever you do, don’t hurt them. They’re nice kids and just want to have some fun with you so you show off your muscles.” “I know, but it’s much more fun to spice it up.” Ty just stares at him. “Fine, I won’t break any bones or leave any visible marks.” “Dude, hurt them in any way and you and I will be having more than just words.” Ty says as he stands up to his full height and puffs out his chest and spreads his legs in a show of superiority. “Ty, I said fine. Jeez.” Eddie waits a few more minutes and then heads to the locker to strip and grab a towel and some supplies. While he’s there, Ming and Cam come in from the sauna area. Ming lets a sexy whistle fly and Eddie just stares at him. Ming says, “the boys are waiting for you big guy. Have fun.” “Yeah, yeah, fuck off Ming.” Ming gives Eddie a pouty look and heads to the showers with Cam. Eddie walks to the sauna area with his supplies. When he opens the sauna door, he sees the twins embracing and kissing passionately. They don’t seem to notice he’s there. He clears his throat loudly and Colin says, “Yeah, we see you Eddie. We’re just getting warmed up. Come in and shut the door, you’re letting the warm air out.” Eddie shuts the door and walks to the bench. The twins turn to him and get off the bench and approach him. They get on either side of him and let him wrap his arms around them, pulling them to his body. They start to feel him up. They start at the top of his thighs and quads, each using both hands to massage his striated muscles, working out the knots and kinks from his recent show. Eddie just sighs. The guys keep moving up and down his legs making sure each muscle is worked over. They then move up to his crotch and gently massage his dick and balls. Ian takes his balls in hand and softly rolls them around his fingers, occasionally pulling on the loose skin. Colin is steadily yanking on Eddie’s cock, trying to bring it to full mast. Eddie is standing ram-rod still and has a faraway look in eyes. They can tell he is trying very hard to stay soft and frustrate them. They look at each other across his chest and nod ever so slightly. They move their hands from his crotch area and move them up to his abs and core. They begin softly rubbing his abs, rubbing their fingers across the muscles and valleys. Eddie takes their cue and flexes his abs. They come into sharp relief. Colin leans over and starts to plant wet kisses on the muscles. Ian, not to be out done, locks his lips on Eddies left nipple and begins swirling his tongue around. He occasionally uses his tongue and teeth to pull at the nipple. As he does this, Eddie puts his hand on the back of Ian’s head and tries to pull him closer, so he is plastered onto his chest. Eddie also puts a hand on the back of Colin’s head and pulls him into the valleys in his abs. He flexes his left pec and abs at the same time and both twins moan with pleasure. Colin is slobbering over the abs, wetting them down in anticipation of what’s to come. Ian is still sucking on the left nipple, but has moved his left hand up and is now mashing and on Eddie’s right nipple. Eddie is loving it. He leans his head back and a loud groan escapes him. He pulls the twins off him and pushes them back to the bench and says, “Ok guys, I see you shaved yours bodies completely hair free to get back at me. I get it. I’ll play nice. Now, how will I be able to tell you apart?” Ian pulls a marker from under his towel and turns to Colin and draws a big number 2 on his chest. Colin takes the pen and puts a number 1 on Ian. “Work for you, big guy?” “Yup.” Ian tosses the marker back on the bench. He and Colin start to crowd Eddie again. “Show us your strength big guy” Ian says. Eddies reaches around them again, pulls them close, squats down, and simply stands up. The twins are a good 8 inches off the ground and Eddie is just standing there with a shit-eating grin on his face. “You thought I was showing off last time? Just wait boys, just wait.” He takes two strides to the bench, and sets them on the higher bench. He gets on the lower one and lays on his back. His dick is pointing straight up. He says, “G1, get a condom and lube from my stuff and get me ready.” Ian quickly hops down and does what he is told. Colin in the meantime slides off the upper bench and straddles Eddie’s midsection. He begins grinding his ass against Eddie’s junk and uses his hands to massages his pecs. Eddie just puts his hands behind his head and enjoys the feeling. He tenses his pecs and Colin starts to pound on them playfully. He leans down and begins to kiss Eddie and also places his hands on Eddie’s biceps. Eddie playfully flexes his biceps and they expand to their 23 inches. Colin feels the hardness of the muscles and increases the ferocity of his kissing. Ian in the meantime has been putting the condom on Eddie and lubing him up, generously. He the fingers on his other hand to get Colin ready for the incoming 2x4. When he’s done with both of them, he bangs on Eddie’s dick to let him know. Eddie jostles his hips in response. Eddie pulls his hands from behind his head and places them on Colin’s chest, pushing him up slightly. “You almost ready for the show to start G2?” Colin nods yes. Eddie lowers him for another quick kiss and this presses him upwards like he is doing a flat bench press. He lowers him back down, kisses him, and raises him up again. He does this 8 more times and then says, “No offense kid, but you’re kind of light. G1 get on G2’s back, face down so you can watch me and my muscles.” Ian carefully gets on Colin’s back. Eddie says, “Just insert your dick into his ass. Wouldn’t be the first time and it will give you some stability.” The twins giggle and Ian just shoves his rock hard dick into Colin. “No lube?” Ask Eddie. “”Nope.” They say as one. Eddie sets his hands on Colin’s chest again and feels around for the right points so the weight is evenly distributed. He give Colin another kiss and winks at Ian. “Here we go.” And he presses the boys up slowly. Their chests raise up, but their feet are still on the bench. Eddie lowers them to his chest. Colin leans down and he and Eddie kiss. Eddie does another press and lower. On the way down he shifts his dick around so it is at Colin’s hole. He nudges it toward the hole and starts to push it in. Colin’s eyes go wide and Ian can also feel the added pressure. Colin says, “Whoa dude, I cannot take both of you.” Eddie looks him in the eyes and says, “Don’t you even want to try? It may be fun.” “Maybe another time. My ass is still recovering from out last encounter.” “Fine.” Eddie says, a bit disappointed. “How about this.” He wraps is arms around their backs, twists his body to the side of the bench and stands up again. Ian’s dick is still wedged into Colin, who is pressed to Eddie’s chest. The boys are a good foot off the ground and Colin moves back in for another kiss. He puts his arms around Eddie’s neck for support. Eddie puckers up and starts to ravage his mouth and face. Eddie now swings his dick so it is in position to enter Ian. He slides his hands down Ian’s back, puts his left hand on his ass and promptly sticks two fingers from his right hand into Ian’s ass. Ian opens his mouth in shock and lets out a yelp. All Eddie says is, “Gotta get you ready buddy.” Ian nods blankly. Eddie grabs his unit and starts to move it towards Ian’s hole. Ian frees a hand, and puts it on Eddie’s dick and helps him. When he realizes he is too low, he says, “Eddie, you got to move my ass up a bit or you’ll never get in.” Eddie simple flexes his left bicep, which was still on Ian’s ass, and raises both guys up another 4 inches. “Far enough G1?” Ian moves Eddie’s dick into position and starts to lower himself. “Yup. Go slowly, muscles. We got time, no rush.” Ian feels the dick slowly enter him and he lets out a long guttural, “Ahhhhh… Yeah, right like that. Oh, hold on… Ok, now lower us down.” Eddie complies. Colin looks him in the eyes and says, “Come on muscles, show us what you got. This can’t be it.” Eddie laughs at the challenge, leans back, and bucks his hips. Ian is now firmly mounted and moaning happily. He looks Colin in the eye and brings his right arm into a full bicep flex and puts it right next to Colin’s face. Colin moves his left hand from Eddie’s neck and puts it on the bicep from the backside of it and starts to massage the muscle and squeeze it. Eddie laughs and says, “Hold your horses little man, I’m not done yet.” And with that he releases his other hand from Ian’s ass and brings it up and does a full double bicep pose. Colin is amazed. He moves his right hand to Eddie’s left bicep and starts a dual massage and squeeze fest. Eddie laughs again, and says, “Come on G2, I thought with all our workout sessions, you would have developed some strength by now. Come on, squeeze those biceps like your life depended on it.” Colin starts putting all his strength into squeezing them. “Hey, I can just barely feel you now.” Eddie taunts him. Eddie then moves in for a kiss and continues to hold the pose. He bucks his hips to make sure Ian is still alive. With the motion, Ian moans again and puts his arms around Colin’s neck so he doesn’t fall off to a side. “Yeah, I bet that feels good back there.” Eddie says. Ian moans again in agreement. He is sweating profusely, and not just because they are in the sauna. The feel of his dick in his twin and of Eddie’s in ass is driving him to new highs. He starts to grind his ass back into Eddie’s hips and pulls Colin down with him. When he tries to push up, he finds that Colin’s added weight makes it damn near impossible. He tries again and Eddie says, “Need some help back there G1?” “Yeah, some.” Ian gurgles out. “Ok, hold on.” Eddie looks at Colin and says, ‘”This is your stop, time to get off and wait for the next ride.” He lifts Colin up, off Ian’s dick, and sets him on the bench. “Now don’t go anywhere. Here you can still play around with this.” As he flexes his right arm. Colin’s eyes go wide and he latches his lips onto the bicep and starts slathering it with saliva. “Good boy.” Eddie turns his attention to Ian, “Better?” “Much, thanks.” “No problem. You sure you’re ready? This is going to make the first time look a Sunday stroll.” Eddie says as he puts his left hand back under Ian’s ass. “Bring it muscles.” Ian says mockingly and moves in for a kiss. Eddie meets him half way and uses his hand to lift Ian up and down his dick. Ian wraps his arms around Eddie’s neck and locks his legs around his waist. Eddie starts to raise and lower his hips in a nice slow motion. Ian gets moving with him. They’re undulating and kissing and moaning into each other’s mouths. Colin takes him mouth off of Eddie’s arm and moves around behind him. With his second arm free, Eddie places it on Ian’s other ass cheek and is now free to raise and lower him as he pleases. He flexes his biceps, lifts Ian up, off his dick, and brings Ian’s dick up to his mouth. He swallows it to the hilt in one fluid motion. Ian puts his arms on Eddie’s shoulders and head to steady himself. Eddie easily moves him back and forth, in and out of his mouth. “Hmm, nice flow of pre-cum G1. How about we see if I can get you to blow your load down my throat?” He engulfs the dick and pulls Ian as close to his body as possible. His nose is against Ian’s lower abs, his tongue is lapping at his dick, and he moves his right hand back to Ian’s ass and inserts 3 fingers and moves them around like they belong in there. Ian lets out a guttural roar and tries not to cum, but Eddie is stepping up his game. He moves a forth finger into his ass and is moving his mouth and lips with incredible speed and pressure. Ian is in heaven. Eddie swallows him one last time, sucks on the dick like he’s an industrial strength vacuum cleaner and pushes his thumb into Ian’s ass. Ian’s load explodes out of him with such force Eddie’s mouth is pushed back a few millimeters. He’s impressed and continues sucking. He removes his fingers from Ian’s ass and gently cups his ass cheeks. The next three shots follow the first one down his throat. He slowly moves Ian’s dick from his mouth, licking off and remaining cum. Ian passes out and practically falls over Eddie’s shoulder. Eddie chuckles and lifts him up by the waist and sets him down on the sauna bench. Colin scoots over to make sure Ian is ok. He is. He looks up at Eddie with partial fear and partial anticipation. Eddies dick is level with his mouth. He rips off the condom, engulfs it, and starts to work on it. Colin has never seen a dick so veiny and thick. He puts both hands on it, trying to encircle, but cannot. Eddie just laughs and flexes his dick. Colin is lifted up. He holds on and Eddie raises and lowers him a few more times. Colin lets go and stands up. He moves closely to Eddie and leans up for a kiss. Eddie puts his left hand behind Colin and pulls him close, enjoying the kiss. He cups Colin’s ass and lifts him up so they are at eye level. He pulls his right arm into a flex and moves it into Colin’s view. Colin sees it, but is no longer interested. He’s into the kissing and is trying to devastate Eddie’s mouth and tongue. Eddie is playing along, having some fun. He lowers his right arm, swings it around and inserts 3 fingers into Colin’s ass, like he did to Ian. He finds Colin is looser and opens easily for him. He smiles to himself. Should have started with this one. He backs up, sits on the bench, and grabs a condom and some more lube. With Colin sitting on his lap, it is easy for him to put on the condom, lube up, and then move Colin’s hole into position. He inserts his dick with a steady motion, careful not to push too hard. Colin is grimacing, but taking the rod slowly. Eddie moves up close to Colin’s left ear and uses his tongue to massage the earlobe. Colin sighs and slides down his dick a bit. “Just another few inches G2. You can do it.” “Dude, you’re shoving a fucking 2x4 into my ass.” “Try 4x4” Eddie laughs. Eddie turns Colin’s head bit more and sticks his wetted tongue right into his ear and laps at the inner ear. Colin starts to squirm and the rest of Eddie’s unit slides in. Eddie moves his left arm up a bit and pulls Colin a bit closer to him. He stands up, bucks his hips, and wedges the final bit of his dick into Colin’s ass. Colin is very still, getting used to the feeling. Eddie is patient. When Colin starts to wiggle his hips, Eddie knows he can start moving him up and down. He moves more slowly, deliberately, making each thrust count. Colin has an arm around his neck and one on Eddie’s bicep. Eddie has a hand on Colin’s ass and puts his other hand on his dick and starts to jerk him off, nice and slow, with movements matching his thrusting. Colin is in heaven based on the look on his face, which is flushed and covered with sweat. After 5 minutes of this, Colin is starting to tense up, which Eddie recognizes as he’s about to blow. He quickly lifts him off his dick and swallows Colin’s dick, just like he did to Ian. Eddie does a couple quick in and out movements and sucks on Colin’s dick like he wants to suck it right off his body. Colin is so close. He puts both arms around Eddie’s head and tries to pull him even closer, so more of his dick is in his mouth. The dam breaks, Colin screams and releases his load directly into Eddie’s throat. Eddie gulps 4 times and the load is done. Colin tries to pull his dick out of Eddie’s mouth, but he continues to suck, trying to get anything left in Colin’s dick out. Once Eddie realizes the last drops have been swallowed, he lets the dick slip from his lips, but he encircles the mushroom head and rakes his teeth on it a few times. Colin shutters and releases another smaller load. Eddie grins and he slurps it down. He finally releases the dick and says, “I knew you had more in you. I just had to coax it out.” Colin looks down, smiles, and asks. “You need any help with yours.” Glancing down at Eddie still rock hard dick. “Eh, sure. How about this.” And he slides his unit between Colin’s legs and begins to flex it again. Colin grabs onto to Eddie’s arms to make sure he is not bounced off. Eddie grabs Colin’s waist and just slides him back and forth along the length of his unit with ease, like he is using a washcloth to clean it off. Colin twist his lower legs together, creating a tighter seal for Eddie’s unit to slide thru. Eddie appreciates the new tightness and leans down to kiss Colin. They are kissing when Eddie sense his load is near. He picks up the pace and Colin is rocketing back and forth along the length. Eddie peaks and brings Colin as close to his body as possible and lets his load explode out of him. The first two volleys hit the far side of the sauna. The third one coasts the floor. The last one dribbles down and creates a puddle. Eddie is still rock hard, but can tell the boys are done for the night. He lifts Colin off and gently sets him next to Ian, who is just regaining consciousness. Eddie quickly picks up all the towels and supplies, leans over and gets one twin in each arm, and picks them up. They exit the sauna sideways and Eddie heads for the shower area. Ty, who is cleaning up, sees them coming and says to Eddie, “There had better not be a big mess in there or your ass is mine. Also, are they still alive?” Eddie replies, “Jeez Ty, give me some credit.” Ty just stares at him. Eddie smiles and says, “Yeah, they’re still alive, but sauna may need a good scrubbing down. Have Kenny or Stu do it, they love shit like that and just add it to my bill.” Ty just shakes his head again. “Get them home safely.” “Yes, sir.” Eddie mocks him. He gets into the locker room, sets the guys down on a bench and squats in front of them. “G1, G2, you guys still with me?” They mumble back, “yeah.” “Did you have fun?” “Not really.” G2 says with a big smirk on his face. “I was expecting more muscle.” Eddie leans his head back and lets a roar escape him. “Next time little men, next time.” And he pats both guys on the shoulders.
  8. Scriptboy

    worship The Bane Encounter

    THE BANE ENCOUNTER A robbery at a large chemical plant located in the industrial section outside of Gotham City had prompted the local SWAT team to be called out to investigate the plant. Once they arrived there, they were met by a large, hulking man with his henchmen. Since this had something to do with experimental chemicals and serums, the police had called out for the SWAT team due to the risky nature of the robbery and the chemicals involved. Furthermore, several police officers reported spotting Bane, a hulking criminal who was very well-known in the area, fleeing the plant in a white sedan. As the chase progressed, two white sedans eventually split off, with Batman and several police officers following one of them, and another set of SWAT cars and numerous police cars following the other. After a while, the second car had gotten lost, and the officers returned to help the first group that was following the first sedan, which was found at an old abandoned shopping mall. The second sedan continued to drive on, heading towards the harbor area where it parked just outside of one of the large warehouses near the docks. Thinking he was unseen by Batman and the rest of the SWAT team and the Gotham City police force, Bane giggled as he quickly left the car and walked towards the back door of the warehouse while carrying a suitcase in his hand. Unfortunately for Bane, he was being tracked by someone from the police force. But it was not whom he had expected. From a distance, Bane’s white car was being followed by a young man on a motorcycle. The young man was Tim Drake, also known as Robin! When Batman had left the Batcave in order to help out the SWAT team, he had dispatched Robin over the radio to help out with the chase since this would not be an easy task. There were too many cars involved in the chase and the chance of Bane escaping was just too great, so Batman wanted Robin to join in and help out. Robin needed some more experience helping out finding and fighting villains like Bane. Now that he had just turned eighteen years old, Batman had decided that it was a great time to give Robin the freedom to go out on his own and to patrol the city on his motorcycle. Plus, it was easy for Robin to maneuver around smaller places since the Boy Wonder traveled on his new bike. Now, Robin was extremely athletic and agile. He had been undergoing extreme training for the past four years and he had developed very well into a handsome, young man and an amazing athlete. Batman had already taken note that Tim had become the most handsome incarnation of Robin to date, with his charming smile and good looks, his ripped body and his extreme athleticism. Robin had used every free moment of his time, when he was not at school, to lift weights, study martial arts, and to develop his body so that he could truly become a hyper-trained “teen wonder”. He had gained an amazing amount of physical strength and stamina, as he was able to squat over 1,200 pounds with ease! Adding to that, he had his good looks as describes by these amazing features: His bright, Cobalt-blue eyes, his shining white teeth, his short, straight jet-black hair, his silk-like smooth, hairless skin, and his manly looking, dark nipples right at the peak of the bulging pectoral-shelves. All these features made him incredibly handsome! Since Robin spotted Batman following a white sedan going in one direction, he decided to follow the second white sedan. There was always a fifty-percent chance that one of them would have the infamous Bane as its passenger! When the sedan parked at the warehouse, Robin stayed far behind, so that he would not be spotted. He could keep his motorcycle behind several containers on the dock, before leaping from the motorcycle and running towards the warehouse where the sedan was parked. Robin quietly ran over to the warehouse and started to circle around, until he spotted a small window. He stopped and took a deep breath, which made the smooth surface of his big, plump pectorals shred into countless striations. Even more impressive were his muscular legs of steel, which were as thick and as long as oak trees. They were behemoths of raw, pulsing power, even capable of smashing concrete when practicing his favorite martial art, which was Muai Thai. If he was seen as a silhouette, then his form was that of a perfect “V”. The Boy Wonder used a cable to climb up the wall and to quietly crawl into the window, landing inside of a storage closet. While hiding in there, he could hear the voices coming from the room next door… Bane was a large, imposing man. As he set his suitcase on the table before him, he towered over Chris, who was his young assistant. Chris was just about six-feet-tall and even to him, Bane was simply huge! Bane was incredible tall, nearing about seven-feet in height, with incredibly wide shoulders and thick, muscular arms. To make his presence even more intimidating, part of his shirt uncovered his massive, hairy chest, even though Bane had a mask over his head and his face. His arms were absolutely stunning; they were long, thick and muscular. Truly, his arms were very well defined, with long veins and deep muscles, a token for a man who had spent a lot of time working out and lifting very heavy weights in the gym. He wore long, black slacks which covered his muscular legs, but there was no doubt that his legs were extremely muscular as well. He just had no desire to show them off for his upper body was enough. Although Bane was big, strong and muscular, he wanted more. A LOT more! “This stuff is going to help me grow even more!” Bane laughed out loud as he removed a small bottle from the suitcase. He took another item, which was a syringe, and poured the contents from the small bottle into a small, plastic container which was attached to the other end of the syringe. “Not only will this stuff make me grow, but whoever I have sexual intercourse with will experience amazing growth as well!” Bane laughed out loud as he carefully prepared the serum for injection into his own, massive shoulder. “I can’t wait to try this out on someone, because I know it will make me incredibly horny!” Chris just gave him a slight grin. The young man had no intention to let the huge man stick his dick down his butthole, but on the other hand, he knew what would happen if he said no. Bane wasn’t too forgiving if his requests were denied. “Alright, get me some paper towels so I can wipe things off… And a bandage!” Bane sneered at the younger guy, who gladly turned around and walked over to the storage room. As he opened the room and switched on the light, something hard hit him on the back of the head, knocking him out cold… In the meantime, Bane had stuck himself with the syringe and he had injected the serum into his shoulder. He was patiently waiting for Chris to return with his bandages and his paper towel. When Bane turned around, it wasn’t Chris standing before him, but…. Robin. “BANE!” Robin shouted at him, as he made his fists. “YOU! You stole some items from the Chemical plant! Hand them over… Or else! Batman and the entire police force are looking for you outside!” Bane turned towards the Boy Wonder and smiled just as the serum started to have its effect on the large man. “My golly, young Robin…” he said calmly, looking down at the teenage hero as he was examining him from head to toe, “You do look absolutely smashing, don’t you?” “What are you talking about?” Robin said, lowering his defenses by lowering his fists when he realized that Bane wasn’t really in the mood to fight. “I just injected myself with a growth serum…” Bane said, just as the serum started to work on him. Bane closed his eyes and craned his neck. He made fists and cringed while letting out a soft growl. Then, right before Robin’s eyes, his already large chest began to bulge out even more, his arms grew even thicker and stronger, and his abdominal muscles became even more defined than before… All in a matter of seconds! “Holy big muscles!” Robin exclaimed as he took a step back while he watched Bane’s impressive figure gain even more muscle in just a few seconds’ time. It seemed as if Bane had gained almost thirty pounds of muscle right there. When the growth spurt stopped, Bane looked down at Robin and smiled while he made both fists and flexed his humongous arms. “How about we go somewhere private where you can feel how big and how strong my massive arms are, Robin? Just for you!” Bane grinned. “That way, you can give me the opportunity to rub those thick, long muscular legs of yours! Is that a deal?” Robin hesitated for a brief moment. Then he realized that he really didn’t have anything to lose. He walked up to Bane and reached out with his hands, just to feel the huge muscles on Bane’s massive chest. “I-I’ve always been intrigued by your large size and your big muscles…” Robin replied in all honesty. “I think you’re extremely big and sexy…” Bane just smiled as he looked down at the smaller and younger caped hero. Then he reached over with his big, thick arms and grabbed Robin by his torso, slowly lifting him up until Robin came up to Bane’s own eye-level. “How about we go and get to know each other better…. Just the two of us?” “I have a small, private apartment… It’s just three blocks from here…” Robin whispered. “We can be alone and nobody will be looking for you there…” Robin gave Bane a card with the address on it and Bane turned off the lights, leaving the warehouse and locking the door behind him. Robin already ran out the door, quietly running towards his motorcycle. Robin tells Batman over the radio that Bane had escaped. The Caped Crusader tells his sidekick to come home when he has completed his patrol. But Robin has other plans, as he heads towards this small apartment, located just a few blocks away from the old, abandoned warehouse where he had just met with Bane. As soon as Bane arrived at the small apartment, he walked into the bathroom and made use of the shower. He took a nice, long, hot shower and dried himself off. When he walked out of the bathroom, he found the Boy Wonder sitting on the bed, waiting patiently. “Hey! Did you take a shower with your mask on?” Robin asked the large man. “Why don’t you take it off?” “I like having my mask on…” Bane replied a little gruff. “It gives me my own personality, just like you wear your own costume…” Bane sat on the bed next to the Boy Wonder, who had his long, muscular legs stretched out and hanging off the side of the bed. Bane casually ran the palm of his hand over one of Robin’s thick legs while Robin just smiled back. “So, your costume isn’t actually a layer of armor, right?” Bane asked him, while running his hand over Robin’s well-defined abdominal muscles and his rock-hard pectorals. “Your suit is just like… Spandex?” “Did you really think these muscles were fake?” Robin giggled. “Listen here! I put a lot of hours of training in the gym into these babies! These didn’t grow so big just by me injecting myself with some serum!” Bane just smiled. He really admired Robin for his incredibly athletic body, especially since he attained that athleticism through natural means. “Yes… But, I could make you bigger…. Much bigger, you know that?” Bane replied with an evil grin. “Well, I don’t care for all the injections, the serums and all the chemicals!” Robin blurts out. “I’m all natural!” “Yes…. I can see that…” Bane says softly as he gets closer to Robin on the bed and runs his large hand over the boy’s steel abdominal muscles. “And, your muscles are very well developed!” Robin just smiled. It felt good feeling Bane’s hand passing over his abs. Bane just smiled in approval, rubbing his pectorals next, before passing his hand over his bulging, young biceps. Lastly, he rubs Robin’s thick neck and broad shoulders. “So, what do you think about me?” Bane asks the boy. “Do you like my body?” Bane lies down on his back while Robin crawls on top of him, but more to his side. Then, he starts to rub his thick, large pectorals as well. Bane is much heavier and larger than the Boy Wonder, so it gives the teen more territory to work with. Robin feels Bane’s large abdominal muscles as well, before he works his way up and reaches his large, bulging pectorals. He could no longer resist the urge to kiss Bane’s large, fine nipples which were sticking out from his pecs, and he could tell that Bane was enjoying the sensation due to him grinning in return. So, Robin continued to suck on his nipples for a few minutes, before focusing his attention on Bane’s thick, long arms. Then Robin smacked Bane’s rock-solid abdomen muscles, which made a loud THUD as if he slapped his hand hard against a brick wall. The teen’s jaw dropped wide open as he realized how big, how hard and how strong Bane was, even for a man of his size. Bane was truly massive and powerful! “So, show me how you got those huge traps of yours?” Bane asked the Boy Wonder. “I really like them a lot!” Bane had long, thick arms, but Robin seemed to have more muscle on his arms, so he was happy to slide off the bed and to walk over to the weight bench. On one end, there was a pull-up bar attached. Robin slid the pin for the bar in the slot so it would lift the most weight attached to the machine. Robin then reached up and pulled the bar down towards him. The bar was now lifting up so much weight that was attached to the chain that the bar started to bend as Robin pulled down on it! Bane had to stand up and position himself behind Robin so he could feel Robin’s shoulders and arms as the teen worked out. Only a few reps were needed, since Robin just wanted to demonstrate how he worked his own traps and delts to Bane. “Nice… Very nice!” Bane grinned. “Now, show me what else you could do with the weights!” “I can show you how I do my squats!” Robin giggled, as he spread out his feet before the bar on the floor. He squatted down and lifted the bar over his head, before holding it behind his neck using his arms. Then he slowly lowered his legs down in the squatted position before raising them up again and standing up straight. He repeated this three times, just to please Bane. Finally, he set the bar on the floor and he walked back to the bench. He got on the bench, lying flat on his back, and reached up with his arms. He grabbed the bar on the rack and lifted it up and off the rack. Then, he slowly lowered the bar to his chest before raising it back all the way up again until his arms were fully extended. He pumped out five reps, with Bane standing just behind him as a spotter, until he set the bar back on the rack in order to complete the short demonstration set. Robin was now completely sweaty, musky and pumped up, having completed several of these exercises, as he got up from the weight bench and saw Bane standing before him. The huge man was more than pleased with the Boy Wonder, who now appeared even more muscular than before, with his muscles all pumped up bigger than ever! “Come over to the bed, my boy….” Bane said in his deep, baritone voice, as the large man crawled back on the bed. He then motioned for Robin to come towards him using his arm. Robin hesitated for a moment. What did Bane want with him? However, he didn’t see any harm in it, and he slowly walked back to the bed and got on. “So, have you ever had sex before, my boy?” the larger man asked him. “Well, to be honest….” Robin replied as he cleared his throat. “Yes, I have!” “May I ask who you had sex with?” Bane wondered. “Any lucky girl?” “I had sex with Batgirl…. And with Superboy!” Robin said quietly, feeling a little ashamed at first. Luckily, the expression on Bane’s face remained the same. He didn’t show a hint of anger or disappointment when he heard Robin’s reply. “Well, my boy…” Bane grinned. “I can give you the most sexual experience ever…. You have never felt anything like having sex with a big guy like me!” Robin gulped. Was this what he really had bargained for? Or was he getting more than he had hoped for? He wanted to stall and keep Bane in the apartment long enough for someone to eventually show up, like Batman or the police, but to have sex with a man as big as Bane? Unfortunately, Robin couldn’t think of a way out. “Uhmm…” “Come on, boy…. Take all those clothes off for me…” Bane said calmly. “Trust me, you’ll enjoy this!” What did Robin have to lose? He had already lost his virginity, so he wasn’t worried about that. So, he slid off the bed and started to remove his shoes, his shirt, his cape and his underwear. Finally, he was completely naked. Bane could only smile as he saw the young athletic youth standing before him. As the boy climbed back on the bed, Bane reached over with his mighty, strong, thick arms and pulled the teen towards him. Bane pressed Robin’s body tightly against his own, with Robin’s cock firmly rubbing up against his own. Robin then began to kiss Bane on his pectorals and on his neck and abs, since his face was so close to his body. It was just so erotic, being held and cuddled by such a big, strong and powerful man like Bane! “Now you get an even better view of my body!” Bane whispered. “Look here…” Bane makes a fist with his right arm, causing a massive ball of muscle to rise up from his arm. The giant bicep looms before Robin’s eyes, and the boy starts to rub it and then lick it with his tongue, never having seen a muscle so huge in his life. Never before has he seen muscles so big, so strong, so hard and so powerful before. It almost seemed inhuman, so insanely strong to him. Robin began to wish that he could even have a fraction of that muscle for himself and Bane began to notice it since Robin couldn’t take his eyes off of Bane’s massive muscles. Robin quietly ran his hand over Bane’s thick arm, his bicep, all the way down the shoulder and his armpit. He was clearly impressed with Bane’s size, his weight and his strength, wishing he could have even a mere fraction of it for himself. Bane placed his hands behind his head, which caused his large pectorals and his muscles on his arms to flex as well while revealing his huge deep and wide armpits. Bane was already a large man as it was, but extending his arms behind his head just totally made him looking even larger as the Boy Wonder lay on top of him, taking in the view of the gargantuan body underneath him. Then he continued to kiss the giant, muscular arms and he kissed the massive armpits, which were the biggest human craters he had ever seen anywhere and on anyone! After a few minutes had passed, Bane suddenly reached over with his big hands and grabbed the teen by his torso, lifting him up and holding him in the air before setting him down on the mattress next to him. Then Bane rolled over, using his arms to keep him from crushing Robin under his weight, as he positioned his crotch just above Robin’s own groin and he started to gently rub his groin over Robin’s dick, teasing him along the way and causing the teen to moan softly with his eyes closed. Bane stretched his thick muscular arms out in front of him and next to Robin’s head, placing his entire body on top of the boy without pressing his weight on him. Only his groin would rub against his cock. Within a few moments, white cum began to flow from the boy’s cock, and Bane stopped so he could position himself accordingly so that he could place Robin’s cock in his mouth and suck him off for a few moments. After Bane had given Robin a blowjob, Robin asked the large man a favor. “Hey, Bane? You… You’re Venom, right?” the boy asked him. “Yeah, you got it, my young friend.” “Can… Can I see you change into your Venom form?” Robin asked him. “I think you look so cool when you’re Venom…” Bane smiles as he slowly gets off the bed and flexes his muscles. His veins begin to pulse rapidly and his muscles expand tremendously as his entire body grows another foot taller and expands in every direction, exploding with muscle! He gains what seems like a hundred additional pounds of muscle as his costume fades and becomes completely covered with blue veins everywhere, from his legs to his torso and his arms. His body becomes completely dark blue with his white Venom insignia on his vast chest. A blue hood covers his head and big white spots mask his eyes. His mouth is now filled with razor-sharp teeth and his tongue is now incredibly long! Bane, now as Venom, is now taller, bigger, stronger and even more powerful than before and Robin realizes that as he watches from the bed. His heart is racing as Venom crawls back on, bigger than ever. Venom uncovers his thick, long, powerful blue cock, which is also covered with veins, and Robin goes crazy! Robin climbs on top of the giant, muscular man and starts to kiss his body all over him. “Bane… I mean… Venom… You…. You’re incredible! I mean…. You’re much bigger and stronger than Batman or Superboy or… ANYONE I have ever seen! Wow!” Robin gasped as he hugged the giant, muscular man. Robin couldn’t help but rub Venom’s large, thick and powerful legs, which were as big as tree trunks, while reaching over and sucking on the man’s big cock. It was just too much for the boy. There was no point in resisting. This was a dream come true. And Venom knew that Robin had a weakness for big, muscular men. “Alright, my little friend…” Venom growled, as he easily grabbed Robin by his torso and flipped him around so that Robin was now lying with his back on top of Venom and with his own abdominal muscles facing up. Robin let out a loud gasp as he felt Venom’s large cock penetrate his buttocks from behind, pushing all the way in. Within seconds, Venom injects a mighty, thick stream of his seed into the Boy Wonder, causing Robin’s own cock to harden and go into an orgasm of his own which is unlike anything Robin has ever experienced in his life! “UHHHMM…. BANE… What…. What are you doing? UUUUGGHHH!!” Robin groans as he is pounded with Bane’s cum on the inside, which makes his own muscles suddenly swell up all over his teenage body! “Time for you to GROW, my young friend….” Venom hissed. “You will be small no longer…” Robin was screaming in pain as he looked on and saw his own biceps bulge on his arms! His chest was ballooning from his chest and his quads were becoming bigger and wider all over! His calves were getting thicker, harder and heavier at the same time and his abdominal muscles were suddenly far more defined than moments ago. And all this was happening while Bane was blasting his cum into Robin’s body from behind! And while all this was going on, Robin’s OWN cock was becoming rock-hard, shooting a long, thick stream of cum into the air which hit the ceiling of the small apartment! “GROW FOR ME, BOY!” Venom roared, as Robin felt a powerful stream of cum being pumped into his body from his butthole, which somehow made his own muscles inflate like balloons at an alarming rate! Robin felt his body grow thicker, harder and heavier with every passing second! Why was he doing this? “COME ON! I’M SUPER HORNY! GROW FOR ME!” Venom shouted again. Then, it dawned on him. The serum that Bane had injected him with had made him super horny. He had been itching to have sex with someone so that HE could make somebody else grow huge and muscular as well! Since Robin was the person to hang out with Bane, he had become the victim! How was he going to escape from this? “Uhhhhh…. Bane…. STOP!” Robin cried out. “Enough…. Please stop it!” Did Bane or Venom even hear him? Then, it happened. Sirens. Police sirens from the distance, becoming louder and louder. They were getting closer. “Time to go, my friend. But, you look great!” Venom said calmly, as he pulled his cock out of Robin’s butt and rolled Robin’s body off to the side. Robin was too exhausted to react as Venom quietly ran out the door. He was gone. A few minutes had passed when Robin finally mustered the strength to get off the bed. When he opened his eyes, he saw the Caped Crusader standing before him. “B-Batman?” “I see that Bane had done a number on you…” the masked man said calmly. “Uhhmm… Yeah…. He turned into Venom and then he… Uhh….” “Spare me the details, Robin. I see what he has done. Which explains how you got your bigger muscles…” Robin got up and saw his reflection in the mirror on the wall. He looked flat out stunning! It was as if all his muscles had suddenly doubled in size! He made a fist and flexed his arms and he was shocked by the size of his biceps. He was just… HUGE! “Get dressed and meet me at the Batcave. We’ll need to make you a bigger costume…” Then Batman disappeared. “Well, I’m bigger and stronger now…” Robin chuckled as he tried to put on his costume, which was much too small. “Thanks a lot, Bane!” At least he got something out of his encounter with Bane. He was now bigger and stronger. Deep down, he had hoped that the police didn’t catch Venom. He could only wish he could meet up with Bane again sometime, since the encounter had just been unbelievable… The End Story narration by Scriptboy Story concept and ideas by LeSeigneur
  9. Psuace

    Ginger muscle

    Ginger 1 and Ginger 2 or G1 and G2, as I call them as I could never keep them straight, and I think they like it that way. We lay entangled on the bed, one on each side me, each nuzzled against my side. G1, on my right, with an arm draped over my chest, playing with my dark blonde chest hair, pulling at my nipple every once in a while, licking at some drying cum. G2 laying soft wet kisses to my upper left rib cage. Their legs enmeshed with mine, and sweaty after our recent session. They both continued to move their legs around, rubbing against my hairless legs, hitting my ball sac and dick once in a while, hoping I’d respond somehow. My right arm caressing G1’s back, stroking his lower back, down towards his firm ass. A light coating of sweaty ginger hair making my fingers slip and glide over the area. My left arm tucked behind my head so my bicep is flexed and available if G2 decides to move on to something different. I nudge G2’s head, he looks up, sees my bicep, and licks his lips, then scooches up. Even after the fun we just had over the past hour, these two seem to be insatiable, but I’m just toying with them, waiting for my strength to return, so I can get back into the show and give them a second round they won’t soon forget. Now, I’m 6’2”, 235, gym rat, strong as fuck, blonde hair, grey eyes, and a nice coating of chest hair. I don’t bother to trim it, but keep the rest of my body hair free. I like to keep my chest hair as a surprise for when I meet up with a guy and they think I’m smooth. But, these two were a treat. I eventually found out they planned on trying to put a fast one by me, by making it seem there was only one of them. I’m in the process of getting them back for it. I saw G1 in the gym one day. He’s about 6’, 190, great build, and found out he is stronger than I thought he’d be. There was something in the way he looked at me with his hazel eyes that made me just walk over and stand behind the flat bench to spot him. I doubt he would have needed the help as he seemed confident he could push the 285 around with ease, but he appreciated the help. He also appreciated the view up my shirt, when he laid down, to my flat abs and muscled pecs as he licked his lips. He stopped staring, his eyes grew intense and he pushed the bar up and proceeded to grind out 8 reps at nice even pace. On the ninth rep he started to falter. I put my hands under the bar to help, but he grunted angrily and I moved them away. He arched his back to the fullest it would go, pushed out a spit laden breath, and shoved the weight up. He blinked and I helped him re-rack the bar. Dude had some strength. I’d have to get his name at some point. There was sweat pouring off his head, onto his neck, and down into his t-shirt. Then I noticed the ginger hair and how curly it was and I nicknamed him Ginger in my head. I wanted to reach my hand into it and just play with the curls. I was getting hard just thinking about the fun I could have with him. He gave me his thanks and proceeded to wipe the bar and bench off and walk away. What the fuck just happened. Nobody walks away from me, yeah, I know, cocky sounding SOB here, but I’m really not. Just a persona for the gym boys. I stare after him and watch that tight ass move away. I start to pitch a tent. A few days later, I’m at the gym again and I see Ginger walk right on by, as if I were invisible. He walks back to the flat bench and starts his set. I stand there thinking it’s a bit weird to do a second round of chest right on the heels of the first round, but you know, everyone has a plan. Let him have at it. I start my set of bicep curls using a straight bar with 25lb weights on each side to start, going light tonight. I rattle off a set of 10, rest for 30 seconds, and then do another 10. Good warm up set. I glance over to Ginger and see he’s up to 185 and moving along like a champ. I toss and another 10 to each side and decide to take my time. I want to be fresh if he looks for help again. I curl out another two sets and switch up to 2 25lb weights on each side. I glance into the mirror to check my form and notice he is looking at me. He wasn’t giving me the ‘come spot me’ look from a few days ago and it kind of bothered me. Who was this guy and was he giving me the brush off? Again, what the fuck. He gets up, ups the weight to 285 and I think, here it comes, the look to come spot him. I’ll get him by ignoring him. I stand there and, as casually as I can, turn towards him, but look past him. He grins at me, almost laughs, lays back down and proceeds to rattle off 10 reps. He racks the bar, gets up, wipes the bar and bench off, and walks by me. He says, “You’re going to catch some flies keeping your mouth open like that.” I am dumbfounded. What just happened? I am tempted to follow him, trap him in a corner, lift him up by his armpits and shake him around a bit. Need to show him who the boss is and that I’ve got the muscles to back up what I say. By the time I come out of it, he has started his next exercise. Ginger proceeds with his chest routine, barely giving me a glance. I try to put him out of my head, but every time I turn around, he is just in my range of view. I’m not sure if he is doing it on purpose or it’s just a coincidence. I move from the straight bar bicep curls to lateral shoulder lifts and some squats. I know, I know, concentrate on one or two body parts a day (legs or chest or arms), and don’t go with a pansy workout of hitting a lot of body parts all on the same day. But this kid, and I wasn’t even sure how old he was, was under my skin and it was bothering the fuck out of me. I need to calm down. I head to the bathroom, lock the door, and yank off a quick load. It eases my mind. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you think of it, the mental image I was focusing on was me tossing Ginger around and fucking him silly. A few days later, Thursday night, leg night for me. Back to my routine. Ignore Ginger if he shows up. Plan in place. Start on a leg extension machine, move to a quad curl machine, onto incline leg presses. My legs are pumped I feel like they could crush watermelons between them, or some punks head, if he gets on my nerves, and then he shows up. I ignore him, but he settles into the full rack machine next to me and starts doing squats. Dammit, why does he have to do legs on my leg day? I stare at my machine, 6 plates on each side, easy set coming up. I polish off 10 reps. I reach up to pull myself up and he leans over and says, “Not bad”. I ignore him. Yeah, dick move, but I act like I in full workout mode. He shrugs and adds another 45lb to each side his bar. Up to 90lb a side and the bar itself, 225, not too bad. He gives me the can you spot me look and I glance away, but them realize I’ve taken it too far. The kid is asking for help, just suck it up and help him. I turn back and nod yeah. He nods. We get into position and he pushes out a solid 10 reps and racks the bar. He turns and nods again in thanks. Ok, ice broken, he’s not a dick as I thought. I go back to my routine and he moves on with his. About 15 minutes later, I’m doing deadlifts and notice he is back in the full rack machine and is loading up the bar again. I’m completely puzzled. I wander over and ask, “Doing another set after the ones you pushed out earlier?” He looks at me and says, “Just got here buddy.” I stare at him for a long moment, muscles start to tense up, biceps twitch, and my chest tightens, and the feeling of needing to show him whose boss pops into my head. “Can I help you with something?” he casually asks. Then I hear a similar voice behind me say, “If he can’t, maybe I can.” I turn to see his spitting image. Ok... Twins… Fuckers. I turn back to the first one and he gives me a mischievous grin. G1 walks next to him and gives me the exact same grin. I start to laugh out load. A bunch of guys stop their routine and turn to look at me to see what’s so funny. We exchange names and I tell them I’ll just call them G1 and G2. They laugh and say ok. I find out they are in their mid-twenties, have good jobs, and like to be with each other as much as being with other guys. They explain they saw me a few weeks ago and hatched a plan to get my attention and to act as if there were only one of them. They’d run hot and cold towards me to see how I reacted. Once they got me riled up, they’d come clean. I tell them G2 almost got the shit kicked out of him for his antics. They laugh and I thought to myself, I’m going to have a lot of fun these two. That was 2 months ago. We decided to become workout partners, or a workout trio?!? They indicated they were looking to get stronger and I agreed to help them. I also told them I would not take it easy on them and if they expected to make some gains, they’d have to work at harder than they were used to. They both agreed. I gave them all the workout tips I knew and if I did not know something, I researched it and showed them what I’d found. They really appreciated all the help and were always asking what they could do for me. I told them working out together was the best thing they could do for me. It pushed me to new heights and made me rethink my workout plan as now I was planning for 3 – or 2 as I counted them as one. LOL Earlier tonight we met at the gym and were going to do an intense bicep workout. I planned on giving them a show afterwards as a surprise. We started off with Incline dumbbell hammer curls, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb weights. They kept up. All biceps getting a nice early pump and sheen from the sweat we break. Next was Incline Inner-bicep curls, 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb. G1 and G2 are powering thru it like beasts. They stood next to each other and gave encouragement and would act as spotter. I would point out adjustments to form or movement so they were getting the most out of the exercise. Onto standing concentration dumbbell curls. Same weights. They were keeping up which was good. I wanted them to push themselves thru the workout. Only way to get stronger and bigger is to push yourself. I ask them how they’re doing and they say fine. I ask them to flex and they both throw impressive double bi’s. I toss mine up and they nod with approval. I can tell they want to reach out and touch the muscles. I squeeze for an extra second and they keep on staring at the muscles. Next was the EZ bar curl. I used a 45 bar with 35lb weights. They used a 45lb bar with 25lb weights. This is where I moved ahead of them. Second set we all added 10lbs to each side. Last set, I added a 25lb weight to each side and they added another 10 to each side. I’m curling 185 and they’re at 135. Not too bad, but I’ll get them higher. They’re each sweating profusely and their t-shirts are becoming soaked thru. I can see G1’s nipples and that G2 tends to shave his chest more religiously then G1. Exercise # 5 is a wide grip standing barbell curl. I start at 115lb again. They move down to a 35lb bar and put 25lb on each side. 85lb is pretty good, especially after the workout we’ve already had. We power thru it. I toss another 10lbs on each side and goad them into doing the same. If you want the muscles, pay the price I tell them. Last set, I pull the 10’s and put another 25 on each side. They add 10’s to each side. I’m pulling 165 and they’re at 125. I playfully mock them saying I’m almost curling one of them right now while the two of them are barely getting me off the ground. They grin and both lick their lips. Next, I move to a Zottman curl. Love this exercise as it targets the two heads on my bicep and does a great job of tearing up the muscles to let them grow. I start with 45lb, move to 55lbs, and finish with 70lbs. Ah, the pain is excruciating, but worth it. I finish the set, and move over to the mirrors. I need to check out my pump and maybe give the boys a peak at what’s to come. I start to flex unabashedly, and they gawk at me. Yeah, just what I wanted to see. They did the same exercise, but with 25’s, 35’s, and 45’s. I tell them to get over near me and show me what they’ve got. They move next to me and proceed to show off their guns. God, who thought twins could look exactly alike, even with the muscles they’ve got on them. I’m really hungering to get these guys into bed tonight. I announce last exercise and that I expect them to leave everything on the floor by the end or else. I say this with my meanest psycho maniacal voice, literally spitting on them. They look petrified as I’ve never been this ruthless with them. Then I wink and give them a crooked smile. They laugh and wink back. I point to the Overhead cable curl and tell them to move or lose it. I make them start with 70lbs on each side. They look exhausted, but I yell, no pain, no gain. They do their sets and I move in and start with 105s on each side and kick thru 10 reps with ease. Biceps full of blood and expanding each time. I glance over to the boys and each has started to pitch a tent. I hold the last rep and flex extra hard to really make the peak pop. I start to sprout a woody as well. They move in for their next sets. I move them up to 90s and shout encouragement to push thru for 10 reps or complete failure. G1 makes it to 8, G2 gets to 10 and takes pride in letting his brother know it. I punch my weight up to 135 on each side and move thru the set like I’m in a different body. I’m watching myself and the boys in the mirror and I just muscle thru it. I think their obvious erections have influenced me. I hold the last two reps in the pulled position so everyone can stare at the biceps and how big and hard they are. I want these kids to get in the mood for later on. I slowly release the hold and the biceps are shaking as I move them back to neutral. After the final rep I give one final all out double bi pose and quickly move into a most muscular. I’m even impressing myself tonight. Full on erection going on and I’m not ashamed of it. The guys see it and glance at each other and smile. I call last set and move their weight ups to 105. I stand right behind G1 as he starts. He gets to 6 and starts to slow. I get real close, my dick almost poking him in the ass and whisper in his ear, “You get to 8 and you get a prize. You get to 10 and you get first shot at it.” As I casually look down towards my raging hard-on in the mirror. He immediately has renewed energy and pushes out another 5 reps, getting to 11. He lets go of the handles, the weights slam down, and he purposely backs into my erection. He asks, “What do I get for 11?” I say, “All 11 I have to offer.” He casually grinds his ass to my dick, completely unbothered by the fact we are in a public gym and there are a bunch of other guys watching us do our workout. G2 moves in and pushes G1 out of the way. “Any encouraging words for me?” he asks. “Yeah, get to 12 and you get to make your bro watch you go first.” G1 starts to protest, but I hold up a finger and point it at him, indicating you did your set, now it’s his turn. He angrily stands to the side. G2 starts his set and gets to 7 with ease, but really slows down. G1 yells encouragement and I move behind him and tell him to look in the mirror. He does and I flex my left bicep and proceed to lick it. His practically cums in his shorts, but manages to push out 3 more reps before dropping the handles. G1 looks on with a snarky grin, but comes over and gives G2 an honest and heartfelt high five. I can tell these guys are all about pushing each other and regardless of who does more reps or pushes more weight, nothing will come between them, not even me. I announce shower time, but not here. I explain I have a large enough tub shower unit at my place and we can relax there and recover. They both agree and follow me home. I wonder what they talked about on the ride over, if they have plan for me, like I do for them… When we get to my place, I ask who wants to shower first and they say they will. “Together?” I ask. They say, “Yeah, it saves on hot water.” They give me another mischievous grin and head off to the bathroom. I smile as their asses shake as they walk down the hallway and into the bathroom. I hear the water come on, and then I can make out both of them getting in… They conveniently leave the door open a crack. I walk down and peak in. Low and behold they are in the tub shower lathering each other up. I thought I had finally nailed down who was G1 and who was G2 based on their chest hair, and I was correct. G1 was washing G2 at this point. Man, they were putting on a show. G1 had the soap and was lathering up the G2’s legs, ass, balls, and dick. The G2 was moaning and enjoying every minute of it. He had his hands on the walls to keep his balance. Apparently not the first time G1 has helped him out after a workout. G2’s legs were more muscular than I thought and watching his brother’s hand slowly rub the soap on the muscles and gently massage his calves, thighs and quads was almost illegal. Watching G1 rub away any kinks made me spring a boner right there. He moved up the legs and stood up so he was right behind his twin. Both were sporting impressive erections and the G1 moved in behind G2 and applied a copious amount of soap and suds to his twin’s ass, really working the crack and hole. His dick leisurely bangs into G2’s ass and eventually he pushes it down, so it is between G2’s legs. He gets a slow fucking motion going on. G2 leans over a bit to give G1 a better angle and sightline. After about 3 minutes of that, G1 moves his hands around to the front of his twin and started to stroke his brother slowly. I was in heaven, but also in hell. Here were these two guys putting on a show, with me peeking in on them, and they were having all the fun. I wanted to see how far they would take it, so I stay quiet and out of sight. G1 stopped stroking the other, to my dismay, and moved up to the abs and chest area. His dick was still between G2’s legs and the fucking motion never ceased. He gave the chest and abs a thorough work over and moved on to the arms. I figured they would spend a lot of time massaging them, and I was correct. G1 worked up a good froth of soap and gently started massaging the biceps and triceps. G2 put his arms over his head and turned around so G1 could wash the armpits and underside of the arms. Now, I knew these guys were close, but when G1 moved in and gave G2 a long sensual kiss right on the lips, my mind was blown and I almost blew my load. G2 casually says, “Instead of staring, come in and help him.” I blush and slowly open the door. I ask, “How did you know I was watching?” “Um, nobody moans as loudly as you do, buddy.” G1 says while still facing G2. He turns to me and says, “Well, get your ass naked and get over here, we’re only half done.” He’s got that evil grin going on. I smile, strip like my live depends on it, and walk right to the tub shower, erection on full display. They both whistle. I step in, grab the soap and get a good lather going. I get behind G1, and push him closer to G2. I start to wash his back, while G2 takes care of his front. Plenty of soap to go around. G1 leans over to his twin and starts kissing him again. G2 cocks his head and sees me watching and wink at me. I put my muscular arms between the two of them and pull G1 back towards me. “Want your reward now for winning the Overhead bicep curl challenge?” I ask. G1 says not yet, but playfully grinds his ass into my dick, causing it to swell up a bit more. I pull him back into me harder and say with a stern voice, “What if I don’t give you a choice?” He coyly replies, “Think you can take on both of us? Because how can you be sure I’m the one who won, and not him?” I stare at him and say, “G2 takes better care of his chest hair then you do.” And I proceed to rub one hand on each of their muscular chests. I wanted to get a good grope in while I was at it and they both seemed to enjoy it as they both flexed their chests and the same time. G1 was right, if their chest hair were not different, I would not be able to tell them apart. He winks back and says, “Nice job big guy. Way to pay attention.” He looks at G2 and says, “I told you he’d find a way to tell us apart. We’ll have to work on making it harder for him.” I smile, pull on his dick and then grab G2’s dick and say, “It’s hard enough already, or should I say, you’re both hard enough already.” They both smile their evil grins, and surround me. They both put a hand on my dick and start to yank on it slowly. I tell them to hold on, but they continue. I need to assert myself. I put my hands on their chests and spread them away from me, biceps flexing, and chest expanding. They hold on for dear life, but I muscle them away. They grin again. “Rinse off and dry off now.” They comply. Once they are dry they try to help me out, but I push them away again and give them the look. They both pout, but stay back. I proceed to dry myself off, but put on quite a show. I turn around, bend over, and start at my ankles. My tight ass on display, I playfully open and shut my hole. I begin to stand up and continue drying myself off. I get to my dick, which is still hard, I turn around so I am facing them and proceed to massage it to its full length and girth. I got 4 eyes ogling my body and I enjoy it. I move thru my abs, chest, and linger on my arms, flexing them so the peaks stand out. The guys start to crowd in, and I let them now. We come together as a group, and I put my arms around them and give them a gently squeeze, just to give them an idea of what’s to come. “Bedroom now.” Again they comply. We walk to my man-cave, or bedroom. A large king-size bed dominates the room. Dark curtains make sure no one can peek in. I didn’t go for a mirror on the walls or ceiling. Just too corny. Plus I want to concentrate on the guy I’m with, not my reflection. I already know how fucking built and strong I am. Also, I want them to concentrate on me too. I want them to feel my power as I do what I want with them. So the boys are standing there, sporting erection which would put most guys to shame, and I move closer, put an arm around each of their asses, bend my knees, pull them to me, and stand up. No wobble or stumble. I stand straight the fuck up and lift these kids off the ground a good 5 inches or so. They extend their arms to steady themselves using my shoulders or biceps, but I growl “No” and they move their arms back. Kids need to see and understand my strength. I proceed to walk to the bed, toss G2 down and look at G1 and say, “It’s time for your reward, whether you like it or not.” “Yes, please.” Is all he says gazing into my eyes. His hands come up and wrap around my neck. I shrug my shoulders and pinch his arms there. He tries to move them, but I apply more pressure and give him the look saying you’re not going anywhere unless I say so. He grins to show he understands and moves in for a kiss. It is long and sloppy, wetting my mouth, tongue, and lips. I reciprocate. Our tongues are dancing with each other. I shift him around so both hands are cradling his ass. I look at G2 and tell him to go into the nightstand and pull out the box of condoms and lube. He obeys. I tell him to open one and put it on my dick. He rapidly complies, taking his time to make sure the condom is on all the way and has a nice big pouch at the top to catch my load. I tell him, “Lube up your brother’s ass, I’m sure you’ve done it once or twice before.” They both laugh. I’m still cradling G1 and he’s started massaging my arms and playing with my chest hair. I like the feel of his weight in my arms and think, I may use these guys for warm-up curls one day. I lean in for another kiss and begin to ravage his mouth. His dick gets even harder, starts spurting pre-cum, and I’m not even in him yet. He tries to pull back as I begin to get rough, but I glare at him and he lets me continue. My tongue invades his mouth, spilling saliva and spit all over his teeth and the roof of his mouth. He seems to be getting into it now. Good. G2 has finished lubing his ass. I flex my bi’s, raise G1 up another few inches and flex my dick to his hole. I slowly but adamantly lower him onto my dick. His eyes grow wide when his ass feels me penetrate him. He wants to yell, but I am still kissing him and sucking the air out of him so he cannot yell. G2 is squatting behind his brother making sure my dick is sliding in nice and easy. Every once in a while he puts some lube on his hands and applies it to my shaft. G1 starts to shake a bit due to my size. I realize there is no use in harming him, so I ease up the pressure. He relaxes and his ass opens up for me some more. I release my grip and bit and let his weight lower him further down my unit. He’s almost there, but then shows a pained expression. He grunts and G2 immediately gets up and says, “You’re hurting him, pull him up a bit.” I bark, “I know what I’m doing G2, now get behind me and lick my ass.” I release my right arm from G1’s ass, grab a hold of G2 by the neck and pull him close to my face. “You want to see real strength, keep it up.” G2 grabs my wrist with both his hands and says, “If you hurt him, you’re going be sorry.” “Yeah, who’s going to do it, you?” I say as I start to lift him up. Good thing he grabbed my wrists, more support for him. His eyes get wide and I slowly put him down and nod for him to get busy with my ass. I turn back to G1, see there is still a pained expression on his face, but it has lessened. I’m not going to hurt him, but I’m not telling them that yet. I’m still getting them back for their hijinks. I know they’ll have a shit ton more fun if I’m rough with them, then if I went soft and cuddly. If they want soft and cuddly, I got a buddy I can introduce them to. Back to G1. He’s sitting down and seems to have become accustomed to my dick in him. I release my left arm from his ass and pull it behind my head and flex. He looks at it lustfully, licking his lips. I nod, and he moves his head towards it. He has wetted his lips and starts slobbering all over the face of the biceps and goes down to my armpit. He’s washing it out like a good little boy and man it feels good. I put my right hand into his curly ginger hair and finally get to play with the curls. They’re not long flowing locks, but not too short so as to keep me from having fun with them. He moans as I move my hand around. I seem to have hit another sensitive spot. Wonder if G2 is the same. I lean over slightly, spread my legs a bit, and put my right hand on G2’s head and force him into my ass crack. His tongue goes into overdrive worshiping my hole. I open and shut it as I feel his tongue play with it. At one point he darts his tongue inside when it’s open. I clamp my hole shut trapping his tongue. He feels the pressure, but still manages to maneuver his tongue while it is inside. Good boy. I rub my right hand thru G2’s hair like I did with G1. He moans the same way. Ok good. Twins to the end. Time to put this party into over drive. I lean back up, tell G2 to come around front and sit his ass down on the bed. He obeys… Good, he’s learning. I proceed to put both hands on G1’s lats. I look him in the eyes and say, “You ready for the best ride of your life?” His eyes get wide, both his arms shoot out and lock onto my biceps, and he nods yes. “Good. Here we go.” At this point I raise his ass up almost off my dick and slide him back down. His eyes roll around and his head starts to roll on his shoulders. I start to move him up and down more quickly. His hands start to increase their pressure on my biceps, but I just flex them harder. He responds by tightening his ass’s grip on my dick. I love the new found pressure, and let out a little growl, move my lips towards his, and start to kiss him again. He’s loving it. He’s now moving his ass up and down on his own, well, I’m still helping out by raising him up by his lats. Lips locked, hands locked onto my biceps, and his dick as swollen as any I’ve ever felt. Now is my time to push him over the edge. I move my hands to his waist, and start to pump him up and down like he’s my own private flesh light. He’s in heaven, I’m just breaking a sweat and G2 is whacking off vigorously. I yell at G2, “Stop. You’re not allowed to cum before him.” He obediently takes his hand off his oh so erect and swollen cock. He desperately wants to jerk it, but I turn so I can watch him. He now understands how serious I am. I turn my attention back to G1, who is gurgling and seems to be passing out. I free my left hand, wrap it around his cock, and start to jerk him off, timing my movements to match with my thrusting. He can’t take it anymore and eructs with a massive load. First shot, over my shoulder. Good boy. Second shot, my face, chin, and chest. I lick as much up as I can. Third volley coats our chests and abs. Final one, dribbles out and slides down his cock to coat his shaft and balls. His arms let go of my biceps. I walk over to the bed and pull him off me and put him down. I don’t throw him onto the bed as he is about passed out and I’m not trying to hurt them or scare them off. I looked at G2 who is still sporting a gorgeous boner, lean down, pick him right up, and start to slide him down my shaft. “I hope you’re ready for the ride of your life.” He tightens his ass just like his brother did. Nice. I grab his lats, he puts his arms around my neck and hauls himself in for a sloppy kiss. He’s biting my lower lip when I enter him. His eyes open even wider and I nod yeah, now you know the pain your brother was in. He uses his hands to massage my deltoids and neck muscles. I move more quickly with G2. I’m already sliding him up and down my shaft quickly. He pulls his lips back, sticks his tongue out and starts to lap his brother’s cum off my face. When he has a tongue full he moves back in to pushes his tongue into my mouth, depositing the jizz. I swallow and lick his tongue and lips clean. I have him moving at a good pace on my dick when he suddenly grows tense. His hands latch on to my delts, and he wraps his legs around my waist. He freezes and shoots a load to match his brothers. Cum is everywhere on me and him. Our faces, chests, and abs. His legs release from my waist, but I am not done yet. I walk back to the bed, pull him off my dick and place him next to his brother. G1 has regained his composure, is leaning up on his elbows, and caught the end of my fucking his brother. He gives me a smile, and starts running his hand thru G2’s hair. I rip the condom off my dick, place both hands on it and start to go to town. G2 opens his eyes, leans up, but is still kind of out of it. I keep whacking off, but release my right hand, and throw up a bicep flex. I pull my left hand off and now do a massive double bi pose. The guys are aroused again. I move closer and nod my head for them to grab my dick. They maneuver around on the bed and each put a hand on my dick and start to jerk it off. To me the feeling is unbelievable. G1 then puts his other hand under my ball sac and starts playing with my balls. Oh boy, there’s a mistake. I go from double bi to most muscular, let out an animalistic yell and spew my load onto both of them. Cum is again, everywhere. I’ve shot four volleys and coated the bed, them, and my legs. I’m still erect, but the boys looked wiped out. I lean down, pick up G1 and move him further onto the bed. I do the same with G2. I move into the area in between them and pull their heads close to me. “Rest up gentlemen. Next show coming soon.”
  10. muscleaddict

    The Day I Became A Muscle Freak (Part 4)

    Link to part 1 here Link to part 2 here Link to part 3 here "I better hit some more poses for you then hadn't I mate?", I said to my aroused admirer, who was now suddenly beaming at the prospect of watching me flex more. With both hands resting on my hips, I looked at my lucky spectator head on and slowly cranked down into a explosive must muscular. As I hit the peak of the pose and squeezed with effort, I released a loud, arrogant, "ARRRGGHHHHH". "Fuck YES!", The Transformer exclaimed. In response, I released one hand, curled it into a fist and squeezed out yet another most muscular with a shamelessly cock, "YEEEAAAAHHH"! I then made my boldest move yet. I walked, no, strutted towards The Transformer until I was merely a few feet away from the couch he was sitting on, and releasing my loudest and most aggressive growl yet, I bought both my arms up and then cranked down hard into a brutal and intense crab most muscular. "GAAARRRGGGHHHH"! I squeezed and squeezed as hard as I could. Every single body part was tensed and strained to the absolute max. My whole body just a mass of huge, tight, flexed muscle, squeezed into the ultimate bodybuilding pose. "OH FUUUUCK"! The Transformer's eyes were wider than ever before. He looked as if he was struggling to breathe and a look of sheer panic suddenly swept across his face. Was watching a huge, inhumanly conditioned bodybuilder flexing and squeezing out an explosive crab most muscular just a few feet away from him, while releasing the most outrageous and arrogant growl about to cause The Transformer to cum? His whole body suddenly began to tremble. "Oh God no!", he exclaimed. Oh God YES!! Fucking blow that load mate. Watch me flex my huge, freak-like muscles and just fucking CREAM IT!! Still squeezed in my crab most muscular to the absolute max, I released one last grizzly growl in The Transformer’s face, guaranteed to push him over the edge, and cause a major mess in his undies. "GGGRRRAAAARRR"! And that's when it happened. Completely snapping me out of my pose, an intensely bright, white light suddenly started to radiate from The Transformer’s body, which was now jolting with force underneath. It was so bright I had no option but to cover up my eyes with my huge, bronzed forearm. Confused at what was happening and scared for my new found admirers well being, when the brightness seemed to vanish, I anxiously pulled my arm away to ensure that he was OK. What I saw startled me so much that I released a yell and instinctively backed away. A stranger had somehow gotten into The Transformer's house. That was my initial thought. And then I realised, the man sitting on the same coach, in the exact same spot as The Transformer had, was not a stranger at all. The absurdly gorgeous man who'd been dubbed "THE REAL LIFE G.I JOE", and had appeared as a model on the cover of a men's fitness magazine, the man with impressively pumped arms, a fantastic chest and an absolutely jaw droppingly perfect physique, the man who had the power to transform others into any living person for twenty-four hours, was in fact, a slightly nerdy looking, still rather cute, but mostly unremarkable looking man of slim build, with very little evidence of muscle mass under the t-shirt which was now about two sizes too big for me. Completely lost for words, The Transformer looked at me with a deeply embarrassed and sorry look on his face. A face I then suddenly realised I'd seen before. "It's you", was all I could pathetically say. "The guy in the picture in the Star Trek costume". He sheepishly offered me a deflated smile. "Minus the ears", he replied. With the comment, and the reality of the situation which had suddenly dawned on me, I felt my mouth curling into a huge, amused grin. "So I guess you can also transform yourself into anyone you like"? Still looking extremely embarrassed, he picked up the fitness magazine from the coffee table and holding it up to reveal the man who not five minutes ago was sitting talking to me, sheepishly replied, "Anyone I like". I couldn't stop smiling. I'd been so nervous in the presence of this guy, and all the time he was just an just an average built, slightly geeky looking but admittedly still pretty cute bloke who, on occasion, liked to dress up in Star Trek costumes. And there I was. A shredded fucking muscle God in shiny pink posers. Towering over him. Almost on the verge of making him cum in his pants. Most people wouldn't even look twice at the guy who was sat sheepishly in front of me. Whilst the body I was then inhibiting caused people from all corners of the globe to cum just from looking a photo of it on the Internet. And yet, something was abundantly clear to me. Me and this guy; we were exactly the same. The incident had clearly knocked his confidence. "I never transform people as my regular self mate", he began to explain. I carried my 200 lbs body of ripped muscle and sat next to The Transformer on the couch. He looked slightly terrified as I sat down next to him, and couldn't seem to stop staring at my huge pecs, but he continued to explain regardless. "It's just to protect my identity really. I must have gotten my timings wrong. I saw that guy in the magazine yesterday and thought - yeah, it might be kinda fun to be that hot for a day". "I think I can relate to that", I said. With this, The Transformer seemed to relax a little, and he flashed me the first hint of his real, rather adorable smile. Sitting next to him on his couch, the size difference between us was ridiculous. My thick bronzed legs alone looked about three times as big as his. I felt a heady mix of power, superiority and overwhelming arousal. I also suddenly had a strange urge to dive towards The Transformer, kiss him and just embrace him with my sheer mass. "But I'll be honest mate”, he continued. ”I do this a fair bit. Transform myself. Not that I don't like the real me. I mean, I'm no G.I Joe but, I'm fine with the way I look. I more do it...for fun". And with this, his mouth curled into the most mischievous smirk. "I think I can relate to that too", I said. We were sat smiling at each other, when it suddenly dawned on me just how much I actually liked him. Not just the gorgeous fitness model, G.I Joe version either. I mean, granted, he was one beautiful fucking man. But the real version too. "Soooo", I began. “Before you transformed, you seemed to be enjoying watch me flex.” "Too fucking right I was mate!", he exclaimed. "So I could do a bit more posing for you, or...I could show you my superpower"? His eyes widened and he suddenly looked excited. "The second one mate"! He then looked a bit confused and flustered and quickly said, "No, the posing. No wait. Oh shit - do I have to chose just one?" I chuckled and felt my heart flutter just a tiny bit as I struggled to comprehend just how endearing and utterly adorable he was - whether in this body or his previous one. "Why don't we start with the superpower", I said. "OK", he grinned excitedly. "You ready"? I asked. The Transformer nodded and I took his hand in mine. The difference between them was almost comical. His pale, average sized and perfectly normal in appearance, mine big, bronzed, veiny and anything but normal. He smirked giddily and I felt an instant surge of electricity as we touched. That smile almost tripled and his eyes widened to a brilliant degree as I bought my left arm up into a one armed bicep flex, and firmly planted The Transformer’s hand around the gloriously bronzed ball of muscle exploding before his eyes. As his fingers wrapped around the rock hard and indecently sized peak of my freakish left bicep, I squeezed hard, looked The Transformer in the eye and released an outrageously cocky, "YEEEEAAHHH!", in his face. "OH FUCK"! The Transformers mouth was hung open and his look was part way between shock and sheer pleasure. With my palm still firmly covering the back of The Transformer’s hand, his fingers continued to dig into the freakishly sized bicep muscle. As I squeezed as hard as I possibly could, I gritted my teeth and released a deep, loud growling noise. "GRRRRRRRRR"! And that's when it happened. "OH FUUUUUUCK!", The Transformer exclaimed. His mouth and eyes grew wider, and his legs began to shake. "Oh Gaaawwwwwwd", he cried. With his mouth stretched open as wide as it possibly could be, he threw his head back, and, still firmly gripping my bicep, his whole body started making quick, sharp jolting movements, and he unleashed a chorus of the loudest, orgasmic groans of pleasure. "GRRR-YEEEEEAHHH", I growled over the top of The Transformer’s moans of ecstasy, which then turned into pants, groans of, "Oh God", "Oh fuck" and then, finally, into giddy laughs of post-orgasmic joy. Half an hour into my day of being a huge, shredded muscle freak and I'd already made someone cum in their pants. "Fucking HELL", The Transformer cried, as he tried to catch his breath, unable to wipe the huge smile off his flustered face. With my bicep then un-flexed, I unwrapped my palm from around The Transformer’s hand, which proceeded to slide off my mound of muscle mass. "Wait!", he said, his mind ticking over as he studied his now free hand. "Was that your superpower"? I looked at him and smirked. "I touched you...and I came", he said, trying to figure out what my mysterious power was. "No. You touched me and I came". He'd cracked it, and then he spoke my infamous superpower name. "You''re The Human Orgasm"! I blushed slightly, continued to grin and playfully raised my eyebrows. "Imagine that"! " make people cum just by touching them? WOW!", he said. "Yep! Well...only if I want to obviously", I assured him. "Phew. Well that's good", he said. "That would make shaking a strangers hand very awkward". I laughed and thought it best not to mention the fact that before I really learned how to control my power, that very extremely awkward scenario actually did occur on one occasion. Instead, without really thinking I blurted out, "I only do it with guys I like". I hadn't meant for the comment to be flirtatious or suggestive at all, but as soon as it slipped out, I realised that it qualified as being both. The Transformer blushed furiously, and his mouth uncontrollably grew into his giddiest grin yet. "I have a confession", he said. "OK", I curiously replied. He adorably took a deep breath. I had no idea what The Transformer was about to say, but he was clearly very nervous about it. "I think you're cute". I was completely baffled. It was such an odd comment to give to a 200 lbs muscle freak known for his insane conditioning, alien-like quads and thick, shredded glutes. A muscle freak who'd just made him cum in his pants while he digged his fingers into one of his rock hard, freakishly huge, fully flexed bicep. "Oh-kay", I replied. "Thanks"! "No! Not this guy. I mean - yes, you're cute. He's cute. Kind of". He didn't sound too convincing of the last part. "I meant - you're cute. The real you." His shoulders relaxed and my heart started fluttering once more. "I thought it from the moment you turned up at the door. And I knew you fancied me. Well - him. Who wouldn't? And I know you were probably checking out my arse when you followed me into the flat". I couldn't help but smirk at this particular statement, as he continued. "He does have a nice arse. I mean - it's nothing like THAT arse. Fuck! But yeah - I just wanted to say. I think you're cute. Really, really cute". I could barely wipe the smile off my face. I had no idea what to say to those completely adorable words, so I thought for a moment, and calmly spoke the first words which came into my head. "I'm gonna kiss you." His mouth grew into the most uncontrollable smirk. "But", I continued. "Not like this. I'm gonna come back here in twenty-four hours, when the transformation has worn off, and I'm no longer in Stephen Dresner’s body, and then I'm gonna kiss you. If you'll let me". The Transformer couldn't stop grinning. "I guess I'll see you in twenty-four hours then". "But you have to be the real you too", I explained. "You wouldn't prefer me to be "The Real Life G.I Joe"? I shook my head. "No. Although", I began, my mind drifting to the inexplicably gorgeous man who'd answered the door to me earlier that afternoon, "You can always turn into him afterwards. If you want". He laughed, and as we sat there smiling at each other, the chemistry between us felt stronger and more evident than ever. A knot suddenly arose in my stomach and the giddiness and excitement I had been experiencing up until that moment unexpectedly and momentarily turned into fear as I realised that I could really see myself falling for the guy sitting next to me. Here I go again. "So Tobey", The Transformer began. "How are you planning to spend the next twenty-four hours, like, well...THAT?", he asked, pointing at my outrageously muscular, gloriously chiselled, muscle popping physique. The question suddenly pulled my thoughts away from any potential love affair with The Transformer and back to the sole reason why I’d met him in the first place; to inhibit the inexplicably muscular and freak show worthy body of a genuine, competition conditioned bodybuilder. I suddenly felt an incredible surge of excitement at the possibilities which lay ahead. I had planned to spend a good portion of the day flexing, touching, worshipping and cumming over my own freaky muscle mass in the mirror, but the incredible rush and power I’d felt from The Transformer’s reaction to my body was suddenly giving me a few other ideas. I also couldn't deny the huge ego trip I was experiencing just from being so much bigger than The Transformer. Being that huge, being so different in appearance, not just to him, but the majority of the people outside of his flat. Knowing I was a freak that people would queue up just to merely touch. Knowing I could make certain people cum just on appearance alone. It was incredibly intoxicating. "I think I kind of wanna...freak people out", I mischievously said. "Just strut through a city centre in shorts and a tight revealing vest. My enormous, freaky, bronzed beef just spilling out for everyone to see. Watch the looks of fear and confusion. Hear the shocked gasps and see the awe-stricken glares. If they stare hard enough I might stop and hit a cheeky double bicep just for the hell of it. YEAH! Or maybe squeeze a quick, hard crab most muscular in their faces. BOOM!" Clearly liking what he was hearing, The Transformer was listening intently and grinning like mad. "Watch you don't get arrested for giving some poor old dear a heart attack". I laughed and continued. "Or maybe I could waddle into my local Tesco’s. Take off my shirt and drop my shorts to reveal my pink trunks and just start hitting some poses in the middle of the meat aisle. OOOOOF"! The Transformer laughed and shook his head. "Has anyone ever told you you're a little bit of a nutter mate"? I grinned. "Only the people who know me best". He suddenly looked a little deflated as he spoke his next words. "Well Tobey, I should probably let you go. Muscles to flex, people to freak out and all that. You might have to turn sideways to fit through my front door mind". I laughed and, bringing my fists either side of my waist, I spontaneously hit a front lat spread for The Transformer to show off my impressively thick lats, with a cheeky, short, dog-like bark; "RUFF"! I couldn't deny it. I was really enjoying The Transformer's company. Just sitting there with him felt new and exciting and I suddenly felt a twinge of sadness that our encounter was coming to an end. "I guess I'll see you in twenty-four hours then". I didn't even know his name, and, given the kind of service he provided, and much like anyone who "sold" their superpower, I wasn't expecting him to provide it just yet. So, taking his hand and intertwining his fingers with mine, while affectionately looking him in the eyes, I christened him with a new nickname. "Mr McSpunky-Pants". He squeezed my hand and giddily and affectionately gazed back at me and gave me my own adorable name. "Yep. See you in twenty-four hours. Tobey McCutie-Bum". "Unless", I began. His eyes widened and his face suddenly lit up in anticipation of my next words. "You want to come with me"? "You mean it?", he endearingly and excitedly asked. "Of course", I replied, shaking our hands which were we still locked together. "Tesco’s here we come!", he brilliantly said. "Wait", he continued. "You mean...come as me you mean?", he asked. "Like this"? "Sure", I replied. I hadn't really thought of an alternative. "Hmmmm", he said thinking. "We could do that. Or, I could transform into someone else". "You could", I said. "Though I am rather partial to this version". He blushed and replied, "I'm just thinking, on this occasion, we might have more fun if I transformed into…a different person". "Ok", I curiously said. "Do you have anyone specific in mind"? It was at this point that The Transformer reached for, and picked up my muscle magazine lying on his coffee table. He flipped the pages so the magazine was closed, and once again looked at the picture of the huge, hardcore, fully flexed bodybuilder on the front cover. The very bodybuilder who'd freaked him out and caused such an extreme reaction the first time he’d seen it. His mouth curled into a devilish grin as he looked from the bodybuilder on the magazine to me and answered my question. “Oh…I may have a certain someone”. The End
  11. NYBear


    I Begin... This has been coming for over 3 months now. Every time he is there, I can't take my eyes off of him. I know he sees me, but I don't care and oddly enough, it seems, neither does he. He is the largest and most incredible looking man I have ever seen. He is so thick with muscle that you'd think that he could barely move, but he is incredibly agile. He is limber and he stretches better than most. It's as if he has the accelerated body of a gymnast, with huge balloon-like muscles, but he's cut and inhuman looking like a Superhero. He literally looks like one of those morphed guys that you see online on the Muscle Growth sites, but he's made of real flesh and blood. All of the woman and some of the men fawn over him like bees to honey, but when I'm there, it seems his attention is on me, just as much as my attention is on him. It's uncanny, but I feel he is there just for me. He is an Asian man, but I'm not sure what ethnicity, nor do I care. He is simply marvelous: Dark wavy hair, hairless skin like bronzed butter with intense features and a square jawline. Piercing ocean blue eyes and deep red, plump, delicious looking lips. His upper arms are at least 30 inches around and his forearms alone must be 20 inches thick. His chest is like a pair life preservers of steel, with nipples that are brownish and as big as a baby's pacifier, that hang down due to the weight of his pecs. He never wears a shirt, mainly because I don't know of one that would fit him. He even comes from the outside shirtless and it's as if the weather doesn't even phase him. He's always in skin tight shorts, of various colors, so he must change them, that normally would hang loosely on anyone else, but on him they literally look painted on, and that's not just an expression. His ass is as large as small suitcase with two huge basketball rocks for buttocks. His shorts are pulled so tight across them that there is an open gap where his ass-crack begins, letting you see the beginning of paradise. The front of his shorts are obscene by even porn standards, with his package protruding at least 8 inches out from his body and hanging about the same 8 inches down between his legs. The mound is filled with a cock that stretches the fabric around it leaving nothing to the imagination and the visibly lined head actually rests below the largest balls of immense glory I have ever witnessed, in the front. His thighs are, each, larger than a Great Dane's torso in which with each step or movement of them shows the muscle cords through his bronze translucent skin. But his legs are, other than a small tuft of black hair under his arms, the most prominent area of his body that his a thin layer of hair running over it. In fact, actually there is a trace, though It's not noticeable until the light hits it just right, of a smooth field of golden fur covering his body, so even though he looks smooth as silk, I have come to realize he does not shave. Yes, I have noticed him and studied him that closely, but from afar. You would think that he would be gawked at or even made fun of, but everyone just treats him normal, albeit if normal was acting like school girls meeting the high school quarterback. No one challenges him and no one gets too close to him, but everyone knows about him and most are drawn to him. Me? Well....there is no doubt that I'm drawn to him, but here's the thing, I should mention that I'm not gay, or I don't think I am, but I honestly, since I can't get him out of my head, I just don't know anymore. When he is around, my workout feels amazing. The pump I get is more than any other time I workout when he is not near me. Is it because I want to impress him or is it something else? Since seeing him, I have gained more muscle and strength, faster then ever. I literally have gone from a middle aged plump man to a well toned muscled, contest ready bodybuilder. As well, I think even my cock had grown an inch or two as it was thicker in my hand and to pump it, I could now use 2 hands. Also, every time he is there, I have no choice but to beat off in the showers. It's uncontrollable. I literally don't care about anything else, just getting that feeling. The moment the water hits me, I get hard as ever as I feel a power course through me that drives me mad with ecstasy. My orgasms are doubled in intensity and the amount of cum in me has tripled, as I paint the shower walls and then still in a type of sexual frenzy, I lick them and myself clean of my cum. The taste of my cum only makes me hornier in a vicious cycle that I can't escape. Sometimes, even one orgasm isn't enough, as I shoot 2 or 3 times until I empty my newly larger ample nuts. I can't explain the feeling inside me when he is around me. I'm totally energized, horned up beyond belief, stronger then normal and I fell I could fuck a hole through a wall. It's as if his mere presence changes me. Last week, he talked to me and told me how proud he was of my growth in size and strength just in the past few months. He touched my shoulder and an electric feeling of power and strength that ran through me almost made me pass out. I looked up at him as I sat on the weight bench and that is when I know I was his. All he said to me was, "Soon". I had no idea what he meant, but at the touch of his hand and his word, I got harder than I had ever been almost immediately. I worked out for 4 hours that night, with a hard on that would not ebb, until the gym was almost empty. What the fuck kind of power does this man have over me, I thought, but at the same time, I didn't care. I wanted more. I went to get a drink of water and got up the courage to go and talk to him, but he was gone. I continued to workout for about another hour and then I went to take a shower. Since my hard on would not go down, I...well, let's just say I got a few strange looks, but a couple of the looks were of a definite interest which only made me hornier. One guys actually said to me that I was totally fuckable as he grabbed my rock hard ass after I had stripped down in the locker room. I quickly put on my towel, but at the same time I wanted him to continue to touch me. In fact, I could feel the precum leaking out of my cock under my towel as hand continued to fondle me. I excused myself by saying , "Soon" (Hmm, that's was odd) and I walked to the showers. As, I passed another guy, in his shower stall, drying off, I stopped when I heard him gasp and mutter under his breath, "Fuckkkk me, daddy". I noticed how thick and muscled he was (which I would have never done before) and I smirked at him as I took off my towel, playfully revealing my hard muscled body and rock hard dripping cock. He responded by licking his lips at me and looking around as if to see if anyone was watching. "Wanna wack off?" was all he said and honestly, a few months ago, I would have been appalled and disgusted, but now, I'm sure because of my Asian God, I welcomed the man's advances and I desired to stick my cock down his throat or up his ass. As we both began the ritual, I looked down the shower stall hallway to see the ass groper and another hot well hung black man, watching me as I stepped into the stall, I turned on the water and didn't close the curtain. Both men were hard as rock and seemingly not the bit worried about anyone else that might have seen us. In fact all 4 of us felt like the world was only us at the moment and no one else mattered. The second the water touched my body, I shot a large wad of precum out into the hallway and I heard the black man say, "Fuck, did you see that?" to the ass groper. I looked over at my admirer and he was jacking his cock like a fucking rabid animal. His body was hairy and thick with muscle and his cock was very thick with full ripe balls that yearned to explode their cum. There was no doubt that I yearned for him but I felt he yearned for me even more and than was even more of a turn on. I wanted to fuck him and fill him with my cum . I wanted him to eat my ass and suck my cock. I wanted to own him. I felt a new power inside of me. It was a power of dominance and control. I was the Alpha and these...these things...were mine to use and control. My level of excitement rose in tornado of desire as I began to jack my cock as well. Using both my hands which didn't entirely cover my shaft, I pumped at him like I was going to fire my cannon across the hallway to put him through the back wall. He was definitely impressed by my body and the look on his face was the most incredible look of yearning for someone that I had ever seen. He began to moan loudly as we fist fucked ourselves. The sounds of masturbation rang through the stalls and locker room. The wet slapping of skin and the intense crazed moans of a fire that was unrelenting coursed us. I could also hear the satisfied and yearning moans of the other two men as they joined in harmony. The feeling of one of my new super orgasms was quickly rising and I yelled to him that I was close, pointing with my free hand for him to kneel in front of me. Without hesitation, he bolted out of his stall reaching me with a fervor I had never seen before as he knelt, with a bang on the tile floor, in front of me, .His mouth opened and I plunged my cock deep in him, just in time for my first huge eruption ever into a man. At that very moment, I knew I was gay. I had always known it, but never accepted it. Now I relished it. He tried , but he could not take the amount of cum that was jettisoning out of me into his mouth. He swallowed as fast as he could, moaning like a cow as my pearl white jizz ran out of the side of his mouth and down onto his furry chest rug. Then in response, he began to buck his hips as volley after volley of cum shot out of his cock coating my legs and feet. As I continued to cum in my loyal subject, I opened my eyes as I welcomed the site of both Ass groper and the black man standing in front of our stall as they too were cumming aIl over each other. After we all had expelled our cum for that round, I motioned for the other two men to join us and for the next 2 hours more cum was ingested and impregnated into my loyal subjects than I thought I was able to produce. I must have cum at least 8 times, each time with only a slight less of an amount. By the eighth orgasm I was cumming like that of a normal man. All 3 of these normally macho, viral muscle studs were completely under my spell, like my own little piglets. Oddly, a spell that I never knew I had the power of, but now I had an abundance. I was now a changed man, no, I wasn't a man any longer. I was a God and I could have most any man I wanted. I knew it. I felt it. My Asian God had given me a gift that was the most amazing gift a man could possess. The next day, I didn't see my Asian God, but I could literally, feel him everywhere I went: At the restaurant, at the bank, at work, and then especially at the gym. I had sex 4 times that day, once with the busboy at the restaurant, twice with my boss at work and once again with the bank manager. I was their Alpha and they were my subjects. As well with each one, my power inside grew as I did as well on the outside. By the end of the day, my clothes were so tight that I decided to talk (or rather fuck the gym manager) into letting me work out in the gym after it had closed. Without any disturbance from subjects or without the confines of clothing, I worked out nude, cumming all over in the gym as I lifted. Then it happened. I felt myself changing again...but not just physically. As I was taking my shower for the night, I felt him. He was inside me now, but not literally. He was in the shower stall next to me and I practically blacked out when I first felt him. It was when I came the first time. He never said anything outloud, but inside me, as I continued to masturbate, without having control of myself, I felt him. My screams of euphoria filled the building. I think I must have had an orgasm 5 times in that shower in about 15 minutes. Finally, I felt his orgamsic hold on me leave my body and I turned off the water and collapsed on the floor. When I regained some my strength a few moments later, I opened the curtain and left my stall. Instinctively, I opened his shower curtain 2 showers down and there he was. He was even bigger than I had seen him a few days prior. He had been bent over to hide himself from my sight before, but now he stood up. He was well over 8 feet tall and I would have guessed around 600lbs of pure muscle. His cock was beyond immense at at least 16" long and 10 inches thick, and he was not hard. I thought to myself of a few days ago, as I gazed at him in servitude, "You touched me and..." He interrupted my thought and said outloud, "Your Welcome" and smiled. His voice literally shook the building. Then he motioned for me to come closer to him. He kissed the top of my head and even though I was an Alpha to anyone else that would have crossed my path, I was the loyal subject when it came to him. I was his servant. I was his little piglet. He held my head and softly raised it up to look deep into the eyes. No...into my soul. Then, this colossal, 600lb, 8 foot giant then picked up my, now, 290lb body, by my head, as if I were a feather, to meet his gaze directly across from him. As I looked into the his blue horizon, a warmth came over me and I shivered with joy as I knew I was finally maker. He didn't even have to squeeze my head, to hold me up, as it was a light touch with no pain at all inside me, just an incredible warmth. I knew my feet had left the floor but I wasn't afraid for falling back down. Instead, it felt euphoric. I felt as if he were to let me go, I would simply float in front of him. The most amazing part though was that I felt his power coursing through me. I felt his inhuman strength and his calmness of purity and truth. I felt like I was in a constant state of orgasm, but it something that was sustainable. A controlled euphoria. I still felt human, but more than that. I knew my body was now superhuman and that of a God, but now, with his touch, inside my mind and my soul, I felt I progressing to all knowing and omnipotent. Man was no longer and would never again be a threat to me. Like him, I knew that I would never die. I would never get sick. I would never again feel pain. As he changed me, he not only improved me, but he cleansed me. He didn't say a word. He didn't have to tell me what I was becoming. I knew...and also, I knew my place. I knew he had chosen me and only me. I knew I was to learn from him. Yes, the gym was empty and it was only he and I, but honestly, we could have been in Times Square and it didn't matter. It was only us. We at that moment were the only true beings in the world. If you would have been there and seen us, our light would have blinded you, but not harmed you. This world, our world was gone for that time. I was in another realm, his realm. He let go of my head and I literally floated down onto my feet. He told me with his eyes to obey his every thought as my journey was far from over. I knelt in front of him at the precise moment that he thought for me to kneel in my mind. I did as I was told. I don't know how, but I knew where this is going and I welcomed it. I yearned for it. He is a God and, even though I would now be considered a God in the eyes of most, I was still insignificant. He was all that matters. Soon, I will learn. Soon I will join him as an equal. Soon...I will become.
  12. Psuace

    Worship session, part 4

    ** Please try to read the first 3 parts to get the full story ** A few days have passed since he had his nightmare. He doesn’t want to talk to me about it, but I see him checking for me if I am not in sight. We go to work as normal, but he’ll text me a few times a day to make sure everything is ok. When we sleep, he is extra close and needs to be touching me. When we go to the gym, he wants to workout with me, something he normally does not do. He knows I like to throw around some serious weight, but I cannot say no, without knowing what’s up. I don’t want to alienate him or push him further into a depression. We finish our workout, have showered, and are driving home. I’m driving and his left hand is playing with short hair on the back of my head and top of my neck as normal, but over the past few days, it’s been different. It’s not the sexual play he normally does, but a more tactile touch, making sure I’m real. At a stop light I turn to him and he turns to me. I gaze into his eyes and say, “Please tell me what happened in your dream. I know it has something to do with me.” My eyes pleading with him to let me in. He looks forward and says, “The light is green.” There is an immense sadness in his voice. “When we get home.” I silently let out a breath, my chest finally relaxes. He knows our love for each other can overcome anything. He knows these last few days have been as painful for me as they were for him. I put my right hand on his leg and gently squeeze to show I am here, and here for him. He puts his left hand on top of mine and squeezes back. A tear rolls down from my eye. We get home and are inside. Dinner can wait. We sit in the living room with glasses of ice water, as I’m sure there will be tears shed. We are on the couch. He is to my right, but he put his whole body on the couch is facing me and his knees are right against my thighs and shorts. It’s another sign of his need to be close to me for a reason unknown to me. I turn my head to look directly at him and put my left hand on his cheek and caress it with my thumb and the palm of my hand. I play with a few of his curls. His right hand is on my right thigh, his left hand on the back of my neck with the same feeling as in the car. He brings his mouth in for a kiss, but pulls back. He’s trembling. I see a tear roll down his face. “Please tell me what happened in you dream.” “It started so wonderfully.” There was a spring in voice which was good. “We were on the beach, it was a gorgeous day, and I was rubbing lotion on you. We were getting playful, but a storm approached.” He trailed off and grew silent. “And?” I asked softly. “I made stupid mistake.” He turned away. I did not want to force him to face me, but I put some pressure on my hand, begging him to face me. He turned to me. “The storm became bad, I left you to retrieve our keys and phones. I had left them in a bag and did not put them in the cart.” He began to weep. I moved my forehead to his, hoping sensation of our touching would reassure him. “Go on.” “I fell. You came and picked me up. You carried me back towards the house but the wind was too strong. We stopped on the path and stooped down and a branch came out of nowhere.” More tears escaped him. Oh no I thought. “I am right here. I did not go anywhere.” “I know, but the branch impaled you in the back… It was my fault.” He was inconsolable. Tears streaming down his face. Our foreheads still touching. “I am right here, it was only a dream. I did not go anywhere. I am ok.” I pleaded with him in a whispered voice, “Look at me… look at me… please look at me.” He glanced up breaking our connection. His brown eyes pools of fear and distress. The tears continued to well up. “It was so real.” He sobbed and bowed his head again. “I know… but it was not.” I assured him. “Look at me.” I pulled his chin up and I gazed deeply into his eyes and he stared into my blue eyes. I grabbed both his hands and put them on both sides of my head. “See, I am here with you right now.” “I know… I know.” He whispered. I moved in for a kiss. Very gently and tentatively at first. I did not want to scare him. He accepted the kiss. He moved his hands from the sides of my face to the back of my head and began to pull me closer. I let him do it, knowing he was reaffirming I was with him. He broke the kiss and turned towards his water. “Better?” I asked. “A bit.” He replied. “Good. I was worried about you.” I put my right hand on his back and gently swirled it around, patting him every so often. The warmth of my touch seemed to help. He turned towards me. “I’m sorry.” “For what? You had a vivid dream where someone you cared for died. You have every right to be scared. But you cannot shut yourself off from me. I am right here and always will be.” My hand moved to his legs and softly massaged them. “I’m sorry.” “Ok, enough. Say you’re sorry again and I spank your ass.” I put as much playfulness in the statement as I could, just hoping he’d get the message. “Promise?” He smiled mischievously. He had turned the corner and was getting back to himself. His tears were dried up. I put my hand in his hair and played with the curls. “Did I have the curly hair in your dream, or did you get to have them?” “They were all mine.” He smirked. “Nice.” Now this was more like it. He put his glass of water down and climbed into my lap, straddling my legs. He pulled my shirt off and put his hands on my chest and lightly kissed my nipples. He said, “In my dream I never got to put lotion on your chest.” He coyly glanced up at me. I put my hands behind my head giving him full access to my chest. I must be the biggest sucker in the world. He slowly came in for a kiss, hands still on my pecs playing with whatever passed for chest hair on me. I puckered up and he did it again, he licked my nose. I quickly pulled my hands from behind my head and wrapped one around his waist. I feigned anger and slapped him on the ass. He jumped up, out of my grasp, and took off down the hallway to the bedroom. I chased after him, dinner all but forgotten. We were about to make up for the days of missed fun. I got to the bedroom and he was struggling to quickly remove is shirt and shorts. “Here, let me help.” I said and proceeded to grab the collar of his t-shirt and rip it off him. I grabbed him in one arm, hefted him up, and carefully yanked off his gym shorts and underwear and gently spanked him again. I put him down and he stood before me naked as the day he was born, with one major exception or should I say, one major erection. I moved closer and he pulled down my shorts. “Miss me?” I asked. They were the last words spoken that night. He moved his hands all over my body and I let him. He never went right after my dick, which I found arousing. He would always play with my arms, chest, or something else. This time was no different. He playfully punched my abs, which I flexed at the last second, going from hard to rock hard. He ran his hands up and down the washboard and pretended to hum a tune. I giggled at his silliness. He moved behind me and still played with my abs. His head was close to my back, applying gentle kisses every once in a while. He moved his hands up to my chest, gently played with the light hairs there, and then to his favorite spot, my biceps. He slid his hands under my arms and latched them on to the top of my biceps from the front, like he was going to do a pull up. I straightened up and flexed. He was lifted off the ground and inch or two. He sighed and his dick let loose a glob of pre-cum which traveled down my back into my ass crack. He held on for a long time and I let him. Every so often a gentle kiss would be placed on the back of my neck or between my shoulder blades. I stood still, letting him reacquaint himself with me. Whatever was needed to bring him back to me I could endure, I would endure, for him. After a while he slowly released his hold and I relaxed my arms. He came around to the front of me and looked into my blue eyes and saw they were sparkling, just for him. He put his left hand on my cheek and turned his head towards the bed. We moved over to it, but not to sleep. I lay on my back. He jumped on top of me and put both of his hands back on my chest. He kneaded the muscles in hopes of denting them. I flexed and turned the pecs to stone. He made fists and pounded them. I giggled which only made him beat me harder. His beating on my chest caused my dick to arouse. He felt it and smiled. He leaned down and put his lips on my right nipple, knowing it was the more sensitive of the two. His lips on my right nipple, saliva moistening the hair as well, his right hand playing with my left nipple, I was going to like this. He glanced up, making sure I was still watching, and he proceeded to nibble my nipple. My hips bucked at the sensation. His lower body was tossed up a few inches, but he kept ahold using his right hand and his teeth. He landed on me and his moved his lower body around my crotch to arouse me even more. Pretty soon we were both sporting impressive boners. He was still working my chest over. He switched sides and was now nibbling on my left nipple and had his left hand on my right one, gently flicking the already sensitive tip. He would occasionally tug on the tip trying to pull it up and off my body. I tensed my pec muscles as hard as I could to distract his efforts, but this only encouraged him as he felt he had hit another sensitive zone. He came up for a breather and I exhaled and relaxed my chest. He smiled and lay his hand right gently on my chest in the cavity between my two pecs and started massaging the hair I had there. To say I had little to no chest or body hair was an understatement. Some areas I shaved off, like my armpits or crotch. Some areas, I just have very little to none, like my arms, legs, and chest. The hair I have is tremendously sensitive and he knew how to stir up trouble, as it were. He started by running his fingers up and down the area, brushing the hair tenderly. He spread his legs to the sides my waist, basically opening his ass for me. He leaned down, wet his lips, and put his mouth in the crevice between my pecs. His tongue darted out and lapped at the hairs, wetting them. He kept re-wetting his tongue and applying the moisture to the hairs. I was not sure what he was up to, but really wanted to find out. I pulled my arms down from behind my head and tried to push him backwards and slide my dick into his ass so I could pleasure him, but he moaned and looked at me with an imploring look to let him continue. I put my arms back behind my head. Tonight was all about what he wanted. When he was satisfied the area was sufficiently wet, he scooted up my body and slid his still erect dick between my pecs. Oh nice, a pec fuck. Kinky bastard. He leaned back for a second so he could position his dick, then leaned forward putting his hands on my flexed biceps. He was going to use my arms as grips as he fucked my pecs. This guy was good, and he was all mine. I nodded that I understood what he was going to do and he grinned. I raised my knees so he wouldn’t slip off me on his backstroke. I let him get a grip on my biceps and then grabbed his wrists with the opposite hand to keep him in place. He may be holding my biceps, but there was no guaranty they’d stay on while he was in the throes of passion. I wanted to be sure he was secure and that he didn’t need to worry about slipping off or losing his grip. He sensed my innate desire to be sure he was safe and secure. He leaned down and gave me a playful kiss on the nose and a quick wink. He arched an eyebrow asking if I was ready, and I winked back and blew him a kiss, saying give me your best shot. He started slowly, moving his dick ever so gently in the area. Up and back, then again. The tempo increased every so often. His hands were still anchored to my biceps and his fingers were pressing into my muscles, but they were not causing me any pain nor were they denting my muscles. After a few minutes, I decided to up the ante and flexed my chest a bit. I closed the area and made it a tighter fit. He had suitably wet the area and his dick continued to slide in and out of the cavity with ease. He smiled, liking the new feeling of pressure on his dick. The sensation his dick caused to my chest hairs with the new tightness caused my dick to spurt out a glob of pre-cum. He felt it on his ass and grinned. He increased the speed of his movements and I raised my legs to shorten the distance he traveled. More time passed and he kept it up. Every once in a while he would spit onto his dick if he felt it was too dry and would chaff my chest. I un-flexed and re-flexed my chest, harder this time. He looked down and smiled. He increased the tempo and was bucking his ass into my thighs on his back movement. I briefly thought he may hurt himself, but until I saw something go awry, I was going to let him have at it. His grip on my arms was increasing and I actually felt him pressing my biceps, so I flexed them harder. He sensed the new hardness in my arms and translated this into the movements of his pelvis. He was getting close. He was gyrating so much and moving back and forth so fast, it was almost a blur. I carefully raised my head and stuck my tongue out. On his forward movement, his dick came out the topside of cavity between my pecs. I timed my movements with his and lapped at his dick every time it came out. He sensed the new participant in his plan and drove his dick further into the crevice so it would be closer to my tongue. We kept at it for another few minutes. I had only two thoughts; make sure he enjoys every second, and god dam this guy has some awesome stamina. All of the sudden his entire body tensed and I knew this was it. On his final push forward, he fingers ground into my biceps for the first time. His legs tightened around my chest and held on for dear life. His dick started to grow larger due to the load traveling along it. I squeezed my pecs as tight as I could, but not too tight as to restrict the flow. He raised his head towards the ceiling and opened his mouth but no sound came out. He shot the load right into my mouth. I gulped down as much as I could. Volley number two came quickly on the heels of number one. I was not prepared as I was still swallowing his first load. He coated my face, chin, and sternum. Volley number three was not as powerful, but I still got a taste. I released my grip on his wrists and moved my arms to his ass. I relaxed my pec muscles to release his dick and slid him up my chest and closer to my mouth. I engulfed his dick. Volley number four went right down my throat. He had arched his back and had put his hands in his hair, pulling at the curls like he was in pain, but I knew it was a pleasure filled pain. I raised my hands to steady him, lest he fall backwards or to a side. He slowed his pelvic movements and dropped his hands from his hair. I released my hold on him. He looked down, his curly hair encircled his face. He was spent, but still in complete rapture from the experience. He fell forward, but I moved faster. I caught him. I delicately lowered him the rest of the way, letting his legs slide down my body and letting his body come to rest on top of mine. I wrapped my arms over his back and tenderly squeezed his body to mine. Our faces met, his hair covered both our faces and he kissed my cum covered lips, not the nose. We both giggled.
  13. Thedemon1906

    My giant roomate

    Hello! I havent correct it yet so if you see any errors please comment where it is. English is not my first language so be patient. Sooooo if you liked the story tell me which part because i want to make a second part and your ideas might be useful. Thank you! _________________________________________ Marcos was just arriving to his house. Today’s workout session was the hardest he ever did and his legs were killing him. Since last year the coach had changed. He was much more strict and made them workout like professionals. Because of this Marcos has grown bigger and more muscular. Having just turn 17 he had a grow spurt and now he was the biggest guy at School. He was 6,2 feet tall and weigh 210 lb and was happy about it. He likes the way girls look at him now, especially his girlfriend Amanda that was always touching his body. All of this makes him feel pretty confident and among other men of his class he feels dominant. A black car in front of his house told him that his father was home. He walked inside of the house and closed the door with the lock. -Dad! I am here!- he shouted as he walked towards the living room. He was shocked when he saw a huge shirtless man doing push ups in the floor. you know where is my dad?- The gigant stood up and got uncomfortably close to Marcos. He was 8.2 feet tall and really muscular. His arms were like small cannons ready to fire up. His pecs were the size of a human head and were touching Marcos forehead. 8 meat bricks were covered in sweat and hair, while his legs seamed of the size of a small human being. Marcos couldn't see his face till he bend his neck to the fullest. A black beard covered his squared jaw and two bright green eyes were looking down at him. Marcos noticed that his beautiful mouth curved in a friendly smile. -Hello, i am John. Nice to meet you, yo must be - Marcos felt the vibration that the strangers deep and powerful voice made -your dad is upstairs in his room- -thank you- said Marcos looking at the floor. He walk quite fast, almost running and went upstairs. His heart was beating fast an he was sweating. In that moment he couldn't tell what was causing that reaction, but it was fear and submission. He wasn't gay, and he wasn't attracted to John in any way but he had just been in the same room as the person that must be the biggest and most muscular men in history. As he walked to his dad’s room he started to regain confidence. Now with a clear head he couldn't believe the way in which he reacted. Filled with anger he opened his dad’s door with a lot of force. -Who is down stairs?- he asked almost shouting -Is your cousin John. He is staying with us for a while- only covered by a towel Martín was , at the eyes of his own son, a runt. He was only a 5.2 skeleton covered with skin. He even seemed younger than his own son. There was nothing special in his looks and nothing interesting in his personality. Marcos thought of it for a while, his house was really small. A livingroom , a kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. Only two bedrooms! And a giant like that would need an entire house for his own. -Where is he going to sleep?- he asked impatient -Well… i showed him the house and he seemed interested with your room- -WHAT?!! I only have one bed! Will he sleep in the floor?- His dad took more time to answer with that question. He was afraid of how his muscular teenager would answer. -well… i thought you two could share a bed- The only thought of that situation got Marcos’ blood boiling. John was way too big to share a bed with, even when that bed is king size. -No, that is not going to happen- - well then you should talk that with him- Marcos was furious. As he went down the stairs he was thinking what he was going to say to his new cousin. But when he reached the living room he freezed in his place. John now had a huge t-shirt that was pressing hard against his body. Every movement of his arms made his biceps press against the fabric near to destruction. It was like his shirt was being tortured. ------------------------------------------------------------- At night they eat pizza, it went by peacefully as John talked about his home country in germany. Marcos was still thinking about what happened earlier, how he got to afraid to complain to John. He was also bored because even though John was right across the table his legs and enormous feet were reaching his side. Back to his room was were the problems started. -so… this is my side and that's yours- -yes- Marcos timidly answer - do you mind if i sleep naked? Marcos was shocked by that question. He wasn't going to sleep with a naked man. -I will take your silence as a yes- John said and before Marcos could say anything he was already naked. A 8 inch cock was hanging between the pillars that the gigan had for legs. It was as thick as Marcos’ arm and it looked like it could destroy a wall. -...omg- Marcos whispered. John got in the bed as if he hadn't heard anything and Marcos slowly followed. He could feel the heat that the enormous man emitted and they were shoulder to shoulder. Marcos faced his back towards the giant but he could feel that John was facing him. Just before he slept he felt John’s big hand grabbing his ass. ------------------------------------------------------------- Marcos thought that rugby practice was easier today. They trained the upper part of the legs and triceps. He talked with Henry at lunch. His friend was getting bigger but he wasn't near to Marcos. The house seemed empty so he went directly to his room. He opened the door and jumped to his bed. He was alone, and that made him happy. His hands felt a small depression in the mattress and a shiver ran through his back. The beast he had for roommate had caused the mattress to give in to his weight. He felt a weird sensation in his ass and he put his hand on it. Did John grabbed my ass yesterday?, He thought. He wasn't sure if it had been a dream or maybe an accident. He took out his phone and started chatting with his girlfriend. A loud moan came from his dad’s room. Marcos thought he was alone. Was his father with a girl? That wasn't possible, Marcos has never seen his dad with a girl. The wall started shaking and what he now recognized as his dad's moans were getting louder. He step up furiously and walked to his dad's door. He pushed and… John was naked standing in the middle of the bedroom naked , with his dad in the air grabbed by both of his hands and a 12 inch cock up in Martin’s ass. Thrust after thrust the humongous piece of meat stretched the little guys whole body. Like a machine each muscle of his sweaty body was pulsing with energy. It was godlike, he was lifting Martin’s entire body and moving it up and down his dick with no effort. Marcos looked at his dad face that was both filled with pleasure and pain. His limbs moved freely as a doll used by his owner. Marcos closed the door and ran to his room. What he had just seen?. Two hour had passed when Marcos decided to go out of his room. He had been thinking. Was his dad gay? And more importantly, is really John a human? When he watched them fuck he saw true perfection. It wasn't a gigant, he was a god. Every enormous muscle, that perfect dick, the way sweat covered his chiseled abs and his manly though handsome face showed domination and security. He was still straight and that didn't make him hot. But he had to admit that what he saw was the most perfect human being. He was down stairs and went to the kitchen. In there he saw his father naked cooking and John also naked grabbing his ass just behind him. Marcos wanted to shout but he couldn't. -Look who's up- John said as he approached Marcos till they were touching body. Marcos felt how the beast’s flaccid dick was pressing against his abs. He tried to move backwards but John stopped him by grabbing his ass. -Looks you have been training this- John said while he explored with his big hands Marcos’ ass. Grabbing, touching, Groping. He pressed Marcos tight to his body. -stop… please- - Okay! I am just being friendly hahahaha- Marcos sat in the table i little bit nauseous. He was going to sleep with that monster.
  14. Psuace

    Worship session, part 3

    * Please try to read the first two parts before this one * He walks us to the bed, his rock hard dick still embedded in my ass. I am like a little child in his arms. Our mouths still attached and probing the other. The slap on my ass still ringing, but not in a painful way, as I knew he did not mean it that way. Like my lick of his nose, his slap of my ass was our playful way showing our love for each other. He sits on the edge, put his hands on my hips and effortlessly lifts me off his dick. Holding me in the air, his biceps partially flexed to show me his strength, our lips parted, he smiles, his bright blue eyes ablaze with love and affection. I put my hands in his short blonde hair and massage his scalp. He rolls his head around enjoying the attention I am paying to it. He pulls my body close to his and his mouth briefly and gently encircles my dick. His tongue washes around it, coating it with copious amounts of saliva, and he gently rakes his teeth over my dick. I shudder at the feeling and use every remaining ounce of strength to not cum on the spot. He pulls my dick out of his mouth and gives me the look of “this is what awaits you”. I smile an exhausted smile. He smiles and softly sets me on the bed next to him. We were still facing each other, my legs next to his thighs, my toes near his ass. He puts his left hand in my hair and massages my scalp, as I did to him. My curly brown hair a seemingly tangled mess of knots, but he enjoys gently running his fingers thru it like a comb. I scrunch closer to his torso, wanting to have the most intimate contact possible. I place my hands between his legs and delicately tug on his penis. The warmth his body exudes warms me completely. He senses my need and lays back on the bed and puts his arms behind his head. He is signaling he is opening himself up to me and whatever I want to do. I want to jump on him, but need to rest first, and he senses it. I lie next to him and pull his left arm from behind his head and put it down behind me. I move into the crevice, and use his bicep as a pillow. He lets his bicep stay un-flexed so it would be soft for my head. I throw my left arm up over his chest. Just a light covering of tan hair on his chest. He never needed to shave his chest, like I did. I use my fingers to caress the light coating of hair and pec muscles, not twisting or pulling, just lightly swirling it around. He sighs and moves his left hand up and down my back, caressing it in response to my actions. His strong fingers running across my lower back, ass, and upper leg. As worn-out and drowsy as I was, I spurted a glob of pre-cum onto his side. He hummed and I could tell he had smiled. “Rest”, was all he said. In response I closed my eyes. I could still feel his arm gently caressing my body and his chest softly raising and lowering. He was resting as well. I eventually slept and dreamt. We are on a beach, hot sun overhead, and our bodies mostly under a large blue beach umbrella. A large blanket spread out, partially in the sun, partially in the shade. His tan muscled body lying chest down on the blanket, legs in the sun, the rest of him in shade. He is staring off into space and I wonder what he is thinking. I watch as people walk by and either coyly glance at us or opening gawk at him. When they see I am watching them, I arch my eyebrow and smile a crooked smile, letting them know he’s all mine. Most move on, but some continue to admire him and then I know how lucky I am. I turned to him again and watched as driblets of sweat started at the scrunched muscles around the nape of his neck then slowly traveled down his wide upper and lower lats to the point where it pooled near the top of his board shorts. The droplets at the top were oh so small and slow, but picked up speed and size as they joined together in travel down his back. I imagined myself as one of the droplets and the fun I would have sliding down the muscles until I joined everyone else at the bottom. He knew I was staring. He enjoys my staring at him. He rolls over and holds up a bottle of lotion. I nod and got out of the chair. I was grateful he wore board shorts and not a banana hammock, ok posing shorts, no, banana hammock is the right term when he is wearing posing trunks. I would be arrested for indecent exposure, mainly for a raging hard-on popping a major tent on a public beach. I squat down in front of him and put some lotion on my hands. I start with his shoulders. Boulders, each of them. Densely muscled through years of exercise and play. I work my fingers into the muscles to apply the lotion, but also unashamedly get a good grope of them. He knows what I’m up to and just lays there as if nothing is happening. He raises his head and rests his chin on the back of his hands, his eyes on my upper abs, and his mouth near my bellybutton. As I continue to apply the lotion, I bring my waist right into his face. He gets the hint. He sticks out his tongue and plays with the curly brown hair in and around my navel and the top of my shorts. He frees his right hand and gently slides it up the left leg of my board shorts. His hand gently strokes my leg hairs causing my dick to swell. He brushes against my dick with his fingertips. He is careful to conceal his actions as we are not the only people on the beach. I continue to spread the lotion on his shoulders. His tongue dips into the space between my waist and shorts and he playfully lets saliva drop off his tongue, wetting my upper pubic hairs. He uses his tongue to spread the wetness around. A clouds pass overhead, casting shadows on the beach. A seagull screeches looking for food. Waves crash onto the beach and kids are joyfully yelling and playing. We are blind to all of this. It is only he and I in our world. My hands travel further down his back and I need to raise up higher to be able to reach down. I get on my knees, essentially moving my bellybutton out of reach, but putting my crotch at his mouth level. My hands are spreading lotion and exploring his wide traps and his tongue is lapping at the crotch opening of my shorts, desperately trying to get in and get the prize. His right hand is still up my shorts and gently massaging my dick, which is now at full mast, or as full mast as it could be, while being constrained by board shorts. I relax and sit back on my hunches. He removes his hand and pulls his face back. He looks up and grins an evil and maliciously devious grin. I know what he wants, but I want to torture him some more. I nod ‘No’ and he gives me his best pouty face. I laugh out loud and several people turn to see what happened. I gulp and he giggles. A few moments later, everyone has stopped looking our way. I move around him and squat with my legs on each side of his right quadriceps. His legs are sturdy and my I added weight does not bother him. He raises his leg lifting me off the ground, just to show off. I place my hands on his ass to steady myself. I squeeze his ass cheeks and he lets me play with them. He lowers his leg and I get to business. I put more lotion on my hands and reach up to his mid-lats and start to rub it in. The greasiness of the lotion mixing with the sweat on his back make him a big slip and slide. His muscles tense and relax to the pressure and movement of my hands. I want to lean down and lick his whole back, but again, we’re on a public beach. I work on his side-lats and am in awe at the size of their span. My dick starts to expand again and he feels it. He twists his leg in response. I lean up and pull forward purposely running my erection along his leg. He closes his legs together, trapping my left leg between them. I squirm, he tenses them playfully. He relaxes his muscles and I see a small wet spot on my shorts. At least I didn’t cum. I return to his back. I am at the lowest part, right above the board shorts. He has some very light tan hair there and two dimples. I put my index and fore fingers together on each hand and use them to rub the area, gently at first, then with more pressure. Applying lotion to his back is all but done, but I want to have a little fun. I curl my fingers under the top of his shorts and massage the top of his ass cheeks. He sucks in his breath which creates a bit more space for me to maneuver. My fingers dance in the area and he tenses his cheeks just a bit. As much as I want to pull his shorts down go full throttle laying kisses and slobber on his baby smooth ass, I restrain myself. A few dark clouds pass over. I glance up and nudge him to look. I arch an eyebrow asking if we should go. He shakes his head and puts it back down. He tamps his right leg, his way of saying get going, you’re not done. I scoot down his leg and shift so I am between both legs. I put some more lotion on my hands and start to apply it his lower and upper legs. Using both hands I start with his left calf and work my way up to his lower quad. I push his board shorts up a bit and apply the lotion as far as I can reach without being arrested. The muscles are coiled and tight, my working them over does not seem to even dent them. I move to the right side. I start at the top and work my way down, ending at his ankles. Now we both workout, sometimes together, but usually apart. I’ve taken a chance or two to secretly watch him do squats and deadlifts and the weight he can push up blows my mind. I keep this in mind as I continue to work his legs. I slap the side of his leg letting him know I’m done and to turn over, which he does. More dark clouds. He puts his hands over his eyes and twitches at me indicating to get a move on. I am at his feet looking up his muscled body. What a sight to behold. He lifts himself onto his elbows and looks down toward me. He sees my wet spot and giggles. I twitch indicating what about it? As I gaze at him, he’s not grotesquely muscled, but he is larger than most men. From legs to waist to chest to shoulders and arms, each section stands out on its own. He works each section religiously. He’s not one of those gym guys with a barrel chest and chicken legs. He also doesn’t show off at the gym to impress those watching him. He’s never flexing in the mirrors to see how big his arm or chest are or to put someone else to shame. He’s not ashamed of his size and strength, but he will not embarrass anyone else by flexing or lifting more than they do. It’s just not in his nature and I love him so much for this. I’ve had the pleasure of pleasuring each area. He has shown me some portion of his strength. He doesn’t think I know how strong he is, but I’ve got a pretty good idea. I never want to put him to the test, but I always feel safe when I am with him. I get to work applying lotion on the tops of his calves and quads, playfully extending my hand under his shorts. As quite a few people have left the beach due to the clouds, I feel safer being more forward with my actions. On one of my trips under his shorts, I brush across the tip of his dick. I mildly flick it with my finger and in response it grows. It nears my finger and I rub the head between my thumb and index finger. He’s smiling at me. I resume massaging his impossibly hard leg muscle and occasionally return to his dick, which is now almost fully hard. I climb up his legs and sit on his waist. His erection is right under me. I move around like I am getting situated. He knows differently and moves his hips back and forth so his erection rubs along the crack of my ass. We find a spot comfortable for the both of us and I continue. I put the palm of hand on his pecs and gently push down indicating I’d like him to lay back down, flat on his back. He glances at me, playfully resists, and tenses his pecs to show off. I gently rub my palm over them to spread some lotion and then I leave his chest area and move back down to his waist. He sulks, gives in, and lays back, thinking I have no interest in applying lotion to his chest. I’m just working my way up to them. His abs are incredibly hard, like bricks in a wall, I rub lotion on them, enjoying the feeling of them against my fingers. I explore the crease between each one. I wish it were my lips, but when on a public beach… I keep at it and he instinctively flexes his them. They come out in greater relief. Veins start to pop up. I caress each set and he hums. When he hums, I’m doing something right. He shifts his hips and I feel his erection is growing again. I need to speed it up or there’ll be a scene. I move up to his chest and just as I begin to apply lotion, I feel a spatter of rain on my back. I turn to see dark clouds have taken over and glance back to him. He acquiesces and nods that we should go. I very slowly withdraw my hands and he understands what I want. He smiles and nods again, which means fun time will begin back at the house. The wind suddenly picks up and our umbrella starts to pull out of the sand. He notices and instinctively grabs it and shoves it deeper into the sand. Just watching his quickness and agility make me rethink what I know about his strength. His bicep is actually flexed holding the umbrella down. He sees me staring and snaps his fingers to break my trance. He glances around indicating to get a move on it or we’ll be soaked. I gather up the blanket, fold the chair, and push everything into our beach cart. He pulls the umbrella out of the sand and quickly folds it down and closes the straps to secure it. We quickly put our t-shirts back on. He puts the umbrella into the cart and grabs the handle. The rain is picking up and the wind has steadily increased. Now, I’m not a little guy, but the force of the wind pushing against me is making it hard for me to stand upright. We start trudging up the beach toward the dunes. I am walking directly behind him with my hand holding tightly onto his t-shirt to keep me out of the worst of it. He doesn’t mind and expects me to be there, holding onto to him. I notice I left the bag with our phones and keys in the sand. I bang on his back, he turns, and I point to the remaining bag. He nods “No”, but I point more urgently at it and indicate it has our phones and keys in it. He still nods no, but I am not thinking straight. The storm has me completely out of sorts. I ignore him and turn around to head back. It’s only 10 yards or so. I can do it and we need our phones and keys. I get about half way there when the wind picks up again and pummels me in the side. I stumble to the sand. I turn to face him and try to yell for help, but the wind and rain drown out my voice. He suddenly notices I am not behind him and looks around for me. He sees me waving, drops the cart handle, and starts sprinting to me. It takes him only a few seconds to reach me. He gets to me, kneels down, and quickly picks me up. He turns to walk back to the cart, the dunes, and the safety of our house. Even with my extra weight, he moves quickly and when we reach the cart, he walks right past it. He knows our safety, my safety, is all that matters to him. He carries me down the dune path, his left bicep protecting my face as much as possible. The wind on the path is funneled right into our faces and he is having a harder time seeing. I poke him in the chest and he pauses and looks down to me. I indicate to stoop down and let the wind die down. He agrees. He leans over and sets me down and gets between me and the wind. I look up into blue eyes and see they are still sparkling but have a sadness caused by my stupidity. I know he will never mention it aloud as I will be embarrassed and ashamed enough. All of the sudden he lets out a “humph” and I see his face contort into pain for the first time. He pushes his shoulders back and bares his teeth, wanting to scream. I think I see a tear escape his eye. Then I see a droplet of blood drop from his shorts to the ground. Oh no, what have I done? I panic and pull him close to me. He puts his full weight on me to protect me as he knows this is the last thing he will be able to do. He looks me in the eyes and smiles so warmly, knowing our love has been all he ever wanted or needed. He puts his hands on the sides of my head and pulls me in for a kiss. I am openly crying, praying this will not be our last kiss, our last trip to the beach, our last anything. As our lips meets he grunts again and slumps over me. I yell for help, but nobody can hear me. He slowly passes away in my arms. I jolt awake from the dream screaming and yelling his name. There are tears streaming down my face. He sits up and immediately puts his arms around me, moves me into his lap. He puts he head over mine, comforting me, holding me tightly, like a parent with a scared child, but something more. I calm down and he starts running his hand through my hair, playing with the curls. He softly kisses my forehead and says, “I’m right here. It’s alright.”
  15. dw2098lj

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 1

    This is the first story I've posted so go easy on me! It takes a while to get going but hopefully you'll enjoy it - I've got a few ideas to take this further The Car Salesman It was the worst possible timing. Two weeks into my new job and a month before Christmas my decrepit car had breathed its last. The stupid worthless piece of shit, which had caused me endless pain over the last 2 years, had finally given up on life. It was for this reason that I was making my way across the showroom forecourt for my meeting with Karl, the car salesman. I had an increasing sense of nervousness as I got towards the door which in my mind was entirely justified. You see, I am of the opinion that Car Salesmen will occupy the same part of hell as estate agents and lawyers and I was fully expecting to spend the next 2 hours being lied to, tricked and conned out of my hard-earned money. These thoughts were broken by the sight of the man-mountain waiting for me in the doorway. It turned out that Karl was about 6’2 and built like a tank, with I guessed way over 250lb of solid muscle to his name. He was wearing a long-sleeve tight white shirt with an accompanying tie and equally skin-tight dark blue trousers. Great. A gym-obsessed arrogant bastard as well. I could feel my stress level rising even more. “You must be Joe,” he called loudly, when I was about 10 feet away, smiling broadly. I took in his masculine face, dark hair and lightly tanned skin. He must have been a couple (or more) years younger than me, maybe mid-20s. “Y-yes, that’s me,” I replied stupidly, immediately cross with myself for showing any sign of weakness in front of this overconfident gym-jock. He reached out his hand and I shook it, trying not to wince at the strength of his grip. I noticed that his huge manly hand completely engulfed my own and I could feel the callouses on his palm from the many hours he spent lifting weights. “Come on in, we’ll get started,” he said, finally letting go of my aching hand as he turned to lead me into the building. I followed behind, noticing how wide his back was, pulling his tight shirt to the limits, but tapering down to an impossibly small waist. I was irrationally irritated, never having been interested in lifting weights myself, and always slightly annoyed with people who did. I just didn’t get it. Travelling in Karl’s wake, I was also struck by the scent coming off him. It was oddly sweet, nutty but undeniably masculine, likely a combination of aftershave and his own natural smell. I pulled myself back from the brink. Why the fuck was I noticing these things?! Once inside Karl’s spacious office, I settled myself in the comfy chair in front of his desk and watched as he walked round to sit opposite me. I found my eyes tracing down from his chiselled jaw-line, a slight hint of 5 O’clock shadow there, to his huge neck. The muscles there (traps, I heard the distant voice of my A-level Biology teacher saying) pushed out the buttoned up collar of his shirt to an extreme. It was a wonder he managed to do the buttons up at all. I then took in his unbelievably wide shoulders before focussing on his chest. His pecs jutted out from his body, pulling the fabric of his shirt tight so that there were gaps between the buttons in the middle. I could see a glimpse of smooth tanned skin underneath. As Karl moved and gestured his muscles flexed and relaxed under the surface of his clothes, like an elaborate dance played out for me. It was hypnotising watching his biceps pull the sleeves of his shirt tight, desperate to break free with every movement. Suddenly I realised that Karl was talking (well of course he was) and probably had been for some time. What the fuck was I thinking? I’d not listened to a word he’d said for a good 5 minutes. I tried to drag myself back to the present, away from my thoughts about this gym-rats bulging muscles when I noticed something even stranger than my distraction. I was rock-hard. My not-unimpressive cock was aching painfully in my tight jeans, throbbing with lust. Now I was properly confused. Well, a bit more than that and many other things besides. I was straight I told myself…married…and happily so. I’d never even looked at a guy like this before let alone got hard over one. But I couldn’t ignore it and the bulge in my jeans wouldn’t let me deny it. I tried to calm down, to re-focus my attention back on what Karl was saying, desperate to make sure I wasn’t going to be conned. Unfortunately, Karl chose that moment to lean back in his chair, lifting up both arms and placing them behind his head, the epitome of confidence and control. This movement caused his biceps to flex, the tight fabric of his shirt like a second skin on his bulging muscles. My cock ached even more as I realised that if he flexed hard he would easily rip the thin fabric. What the fuck was happening to me?! Next, and totally inexplicably, my eyes were drawn downwards. Now that Karl was leaning backwards, away from his desk, an obscene bulge in his tight blue trousers was revealed. It was colossal, like the proverbial python in his pants, the outline of his cock snaking down his left trouser leg. Suddenly I had a vision of ripping off those quad-hugging trousers, unleashing the beast underneath and taking his thick long cock in my…. Wooaaah! Where the fuck was I going with that? Why, aged 33 was I suddenly thinking about sucking another guy’s cock for the first time?! Suddenly Karl was standing up, snapping me out of my reverie. “… so are you ready to go then Joe?” I heard him say, clearly repeating himself. “R-ready?” I replied, trying to gain some control. “For your test drive,” he said, the look on his face suggesting he thought I was either a bit slow or very unwell. “Oh yeah, sure,” I hurried to reply, standing up as well. Karl was very close to me and again I noticed the strange, intoxicating scent coming off him and I couldn’t help but inhale deeply. This was a big mistake as it made me feel dizzy, my entire mind filled with his masculine smell and also visions of Karl ripping off his smart work clothes to reveal mounds of bulging muscle underneath. I nearly had to sit straight back down again but somehow managed to keep it together. “Great, well follow me and we’ll go for a spin,” Karl said, seemingly oblivious to the turmoil going on in my head. With that, he walked out of his office and I followed on behind, my eyes feasting on his solid, round glutes, jutting out below that tight waist. I noticed that his quads were so big he walked with his legs slightly apart, almost awkwardly, something that 20 minutes ago I would have found totally ridiculous. Now, however, his sheer size was driving me crazy, irrational lust pumping through me. We settled into the car, well I settled whilst Karl squeezed himself into the passenger seat, clearly far too big for the small car that I was intending to buy. “I’d need a car with a bit more head and leg room myself,” he joked, at ease. “But this’ll be perfect for you Joe”. I laughed awkwardly, uneasy at the comparison and as much as I tried to deny it, unbelievably turned on. “Right, take it away Joe. Turn right off the forecourt and I’ll direct you,” Karl continued and I noticed for the first time how deep his voice was. A strange juxtaposition to his boyish face and smooth skin. I gently eased the car away, forcing myself to focus; ideally I wanted to get through the next twenty minutes without killing us both. To my credit (and surprise) it went well to start with. I concentrated on the car, examining its acceleration, ride and general comfort as we took it on a drive around town. Karl kept up a near constant stream of conversation in the way that only people trying to sell you something can. I picked out the odd word but was mainly focussing on the car and not the young behemoth next to me. We came to a red light and I brought the car to stop, setting the handbrake. Karl was still talking and in order not to be rude I looked across, a near-fatal mistake. My cock, which had somewhat deflated during the drive, immediately jumped and started to grow again as I saw Karl’s arm rested up on the window. He was gripping the handle above the window which meant his bicep was gently flexed. From this angle I could see how much the fabric was struggling to contain the rock solid muscle underneath. I imagined trying to wrap my hands round it – I knew they wouldn’t reach – and wondered what it would feel like to try and squeeze his biceps. Inexplicably I found my gaze falling southwards again, past Karl’s mammoth pecs and further down to the bulge in his trousers. It was an amazing sight, his thick cock tenting the material obscenely, making my mouth water with lust. I had an urge to unzip his fly, pull out that beast and suck on his hot big cock head. I wanted to gradually slide more and more of his thick hard man cock deep into my mouth, tasting his pre in the back of my throat, before feeling him shoot his huge load in me. “Joe…Joe…JOE! The light’s green,” I heard Karl’s voice cutting through. I immediately looked up and back towards the road, noticing that Karl had a slight smirk on his face. Shit. He’d seen me staring straight at his huge junk probably with a look of deep desire on my face if my thoughts were anything to go by. I jerked the car into gear, pulling off and nearly stalling in my haste but Karl didn’t give any further clues that he’d seen me staring at him. Ten minutes later, as we got out of the car and made our way back to Karl’s office, my head was racing. I’m not gay, I told myself over and over. This was ridiculous – I’d never had any thoughts about other guys, not like I was thinking about Karl. My mind kept flicking back to the way his over-developed muscles made his clothes strain, the way they flexed and swelled with every movement and not least about the huge bulge resting between his tree-trunk quads. I imagined being on my knees, his huge thick man cock sliding between my lips… The door slamming behind me snapped me out of my racing thoughts. We were back in Karl’s office, me sat opposite him across the desk again. “So Joe, what do you think?” Karl asked, pushing a contract across the table, “ready to sign on the dotted line?”. I hesitated. I really hadn’t been paying enough attention to make this decision, far too distracted by the muscle beast sat opposite me. “Erm, well I’m not sure Karl,” I replied feebly. “I think I’ll need some time to think about it.” “Time is not something I have Joe - I can only offer you this deal today,” Karl said, to the point and confident. “I just don’t know Karl, maybe I can call you later to decide?” I attempted to negotiate, desperate to get out of this place and restore some normality to my thoughts. “Hmm, that won’t work for me Joe. But perhaps I can offer you something to sweeten the deal,” Karl replied, a smirk on his face. He got up out of his chair, huge quads straining the fabric of his trousers, and walked round the desk to shut the blinds across the windows. I watched, confused, as he then walked behind me and I heard a soft click as he locked the office door. What was going on, I thought for the millionth time today. “I’ve seen the way you look at me Joe,” Karl said, typically straight to the point, his voice deep and seductive. He’d returned to stand in front of me, one foot up on the desk so that his huge quads and obscene bulge were right in front of my face. “You can have all of this if you want,” he added, gently grabbing his bulge in one hand and running a big hand across his chest with the other. “You just need to sign for it…” “I-I d-don’t know what you mean…” I stammered pathetically, suddenly more nervous than I’d been in my entire life. “I-I’m not Gay,” I added with no confidence at all. “Sure, you’re not Joe. But who wouldn’t want some of this?” Karl purred as he undid his tie, discarding it on the floor. I watched in amazement as he began to slowly unbutton his shirt, revealing bit by bit the deep groove between his two huge pec muscles. I wanted to scream at him, to tell him to stop it, to run for the door but found I couldn’t move or speak, completely transfixed by what was going on in front of me. “I can see you want me Joe…why deny it?”. Karl was still smiling, utterly confident. “Just admit to me Joe…you can’t resist this muscle body…you’re hard for me…I can see,” he added, looking at the bulge in my jeans. He was right – I was harder than I’d ever been in my life before and he knew it. My heart was racing, pure lust flooding my veins as thoughts of this giant hung muscle stud filled my head. “Yes…” I whispered feebly, without thinking. “Yes, what?” Karl replied, his shirt now completely undone. I had a glimpse of his ripped abs, what looked like an 8-pack, sitting beneath the huge overhand of his pecs. “Yes, I want you,” I said, knowing deep down it was true. Karl smiled broadly in response, starting to run his hands over his exposed chest and abs, leaning back seductively so that they flexed tightly. “Well you know what to do then Joe…just sign on the line,” Karl said, closing in on the deal, one of his hands drifting downwards to grab the thick bulge in his trousers again. My eyes followed his exploring hands, imagining that it was mine tracing the outline of his abs, feeling the weight of those enormous pecs and heavy cock. “Please…Karl…” I let out involuntarily, lust now totally taking over. “Let me…” “Let you what, Joe?” teased Karl, clearly enjoying his effect over me. “Let me feel your muscles…flex for me…I need to…” I moaned, the words spilling out as I lost control. “You mean flex these guns?” Karl asked, bringing his arms up to pull a double biceps. He flexed hard, his guns exploding, the thin fabric of his shirt pulled so tight over the peaked mounds of muscle. He gently pumped his guns, flexing harder each time as the muscles filled with blood until eventually I heard a small ripping sound as the seam began to pull apart. “Oh fuck,” I exclaimed, amazed by his strength and power. “You like that straight boy?” Karl said, still flexing as visible gaps formed on both sides of his shirt sleeves, exposing the pumped muscle underneath. “The straight guy is hungry for this Muscle God and his Huge Cock isn’t he…?” “Oh fuck yes,” I replied, giving in. “I need you…please…”. “You can have me Joe…all of me…you just have to sign the contract,” Karl replied, unrelenting. “How can I trust that you’ll keep your side of the bargain,” I asked, one final part of my logical self still present. “You can’t Joe…but isn’t this worth the risk?” he replied, gesturing at his hulking frame and then starting to undo his belt. With that I was totally overcome, all logic leaving me. I reached for the contract, pulling it across the desk and scrawling my signature on the dotted line before I had time to change my mind. I then looked up to see Karl standing right in front of me, a huge smirk on his face, his belt undone and his trousers falling to the floor. As he stepped out of them I took in the sight of his colossal bulge, barely kept in by the sexy white jock strap he was wearing, the outline of his thick cock clearly visible. With his trousers off, he took one further step closer to me, straddling my legs, one of his tree-trunk quads on either side and his magnificent chest and abs right in front of my face. Karl was so close to me that his masculine scent was intoxicating, rolling off him and causing me to inhale deeply. “Looks like taking that risk has paid off Joe…” Karl said, his deep voice incredibly seductive. I couldn’t think of a reply as Karl reached down, taking both of my hands and placing them on his vast chest. I ran my hands over and between each pec muscle, feeling the solid mass underneath as he flexed hard. I then reached up to push his shirt off his shoulders, wanting to see all of him. The shirt got stuck on his massive upper arms and Karl had to help by pulling it off and throwing it to the floor. I continued my worship of this studs upper body, my hands exploring his chest and shoulders before moving onto his biceps. He pulled a double bicep pose again and I reached up to put my hands on each mound of muscle. They were rock hard beneath my fingers, like marble, with barely any body fat and as much as I tried to squeeze I couldn’t budge them at all. “Fuck yeah,” Karl growled. “Look how strong I am…” As he flexed his guns, huge veins popped up, snaking across his paper-thin skin like a road map. Fuck this stud was ripped. Still holding onto his biceps, I leaned in closer, licking up the groove between his cobbled abs. I looked up and saw the amazing overhang of his chest and nearly shot a load right there. Karl was looking down at me smiling, Godly and powerful. “Get on your knees,” Karl ordered, taking a step back. I didn’t hesitate, dropping onto the floor in front of him. “It’s time for you to realise your potential as my cock whore Joe,” he added, looking down at me. “Mmm yes Sir, please make this straight boy your cock whore,” I moaned, desperate for him, immediately submitting with no questions asked. “Take off my jock,” Karl barked. “Don’t touch my cock yet…” Obediently I reached forward, taking the straps of his jock and starting to pull it down, revealing inch by inch of his thick cock, until it was completely exposed. I realised that Karl’s jock had been deceptive, hiding some of the size of his enormous manhood. His soft uncut cock was at least 6 inches and thick too, resting on the two globes of his big balls. A Greek God would have been happy to have a cock and balls like his. Karl stepped out of the jock before reaching down and picking it up. Before I knew what was happening he had it pressed in front of my mouth, holding the back of my head to stop me pulling away. “Smell it straight boy,” Karl ordered. My initial reaction had been to resist but within an instant an animalistic instinct had taken over and I was inhaling deeply. The same scent that was rolling off Karl filled my head but with the added musk of his cock making my head spin and my heart race. My mouth was watering and almost reflexively I opened it and felt as Karl pushed the jock into my mouth. I could now taste him too and for the second time had to try hard not to shoot my load there and then. “Good boy,” Karl purred as he removed the jock from my mouth, discarding it on the floor with the rest of his clothes. With the taste of his cock lingering on my tongue, I was desperate to have the real thing in my mouth, hungry to suck on his huge man meat. “Suck on my cock, whore…just the head to start,” Karl ordered, clearly reading the desperation in my eyes. I leaned in, resting my hands on his thick quads as I wrapped my lips around his cock, sucking his cock head in my mouth. It was better than I could ever imagine, making me feel more complete than I’d ever been in my life. His man meat tasted amazing as I sucked, bobbing my head back and forwards on his huge cock head, swirling my tongue round, hungry to please him. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock starting to grow in my mouth and Karl started to let out low guttural moans. “Mmmmm…fuck yeah that feels good cock boy.” I looked up to see Karl throwing his head back, eyes shut, arms flexed above his head, groaning in pleasure. Without being asked I started to take more and more of his cock into my mouth, as if I’d done this a thousand times before. He was now fully hard and I guessed around 10 inches, his thick girth forcing my lips apart as I felt his cock hit the back of my throat. Karl moaned even more deeply, grabbing the back of my head and starting to thrust his cock more and more into my mouth. “Fuck, this straight boy loves my cock,” Karl growled, thrusting faster, oblivious as I tried to control my gag reflex. I was so hard knowing that he was using my mouth solely for his pleasure, with no concerns for me. Suddenly, Karl pulled his cock out of my mouth, leaving me feeling empty. I tried to lean forwards and take his manhood back in my mouth but Karl held me back, slapping me on the side of my face with his heavy tool. “Stand up, slut,” he ordered, always in control. I obeyed instantly. “Take off your jeans and pants,” he added. I did as he asked, taking off my t shirt too for good measure, both of us now fully naked and standing opposite each other. The comparison between us was humiliating. Without warning Karl grabbed me by both arms and lifted me up, his huge biceps bulging but dealing with my weight with ease. He put me down next to his desk before pushing me over so that I was face down, bent at the waist with my feet on the floor. With a click of realisation I realised too late where this was going. “No Karl…stop…I can’t…” I whimpered, trying to move but unable as he had kept one of his strong hands resting on my back. “Yes you can Joe…I know you want it,” he replied, completely relaxed. “You’re too big Karl….I’ve never done it before,” I pleaded, a sense of fear rising in me. “Don’t worry Joe, we’ll work up to it,” he said and I could hear the smirk on his voice. There was a sucking sound before I felt his wet finger pressing on my tight hole which immediately tightened in response. “Just relax Joe, I know you want me in you,” Karl murmured. I tried to relax, knowing it would be worse if I didn’t. He pressed his finger against my hole again but this time my ass relaxed and I felt it slide into me. After the initial flash of pain I was left with the most amazing feeling as Karl started to move his finger in and out. “Oh fuck,” I moaned into the desk. Karl worked my ass harder and then he hit a spot in me that made my whole body shiver, pure pleasure throwing through me. I let out a long moan and then had an epiphany, realising that his cock in me instead of his finger would magnify this feeling a thousand-fold. “More…”I begged simply, now desperate to have my ass filled. I felt as he slid his finger out of my hole followed by another sucking sound as he got another finger ready. He then pressed both against my hungry hole and I groaned as he entered me again. My ass felt amazing as he began finger-fucking me with two fingers. I was moaning over and over in pleasure as Karl kept up a constant stream of dirty-talk. “You’re my little straight cock whore aren’t you?” he taunted. I knew it was true and moaned as he started to fuck me harder and faster, pushing my ass back so that he would enter me even more. Soon I was getting used to the feeling of his fingers and was yet again hungry for more. “Please Karl…I need your cock in me,” I begged. “Say that again slut boy,” he ordered in reply, pulling his fingers out of my ass, leaving it feeling empty. “I need that huge muscle cock in me…..please…..” I moaned, still lying face-down on the desk. I heard as Karl rummaged in a draw for something…lube I hoped. “Mmmm yes you do Joe, you need this huge man cock in your tight straight ass,” he teased. “What does that make you Joe,” he added. “Oh fuck I’m you’re Cock Whore,” I practically shouted. “I’m a slut for your muscle and Huge Cock…please FUCK ME”. With that I felt the enormous head of Karl’s cock pressing up against my hole. I moaned as he started to push forward, entering me inch by inch, the pain in my ass building as he opened it up. “Oh fuck,” I screamed, “you’re so big!”. Still he kept sliding in…how much more could there be to go?! A lot, it turned out but eventually I felt Karl’s balls resting up against my ass and knew I’d taken it all. Karl held still, letting me get used to his huge size and thick girth and slowly the pain was replaced by the most amazing pleasure I’d ever experienced. I was now complete and knew my place in the world as Karl’s cock whore. Slowly Karl started to slide his cock in and out of my tight hole, each time going a little bit further and building up speed. “Fuck…that feels amazing,” I moaned. For the first time I looked up and realised there was a mirror behind Karl’s desk reflecting what was going on behind me. Karl was holding me by the waist, his bulging guns flexing as he started to plough my ass, veins popping and a sweat developing on his wide chest and shoulders. He started to fuck me faster, letting go of my waist and bring his arms up into a double biceps as his cock still drilled into me. “Fuck yeah, look at these guns,” he roared like an animal. “They’re so FUCKING HUGE!!”. He kissed and licked each one in turn before putting his hands back on my waist. I screamed in pleasure as he pulled me back further onto his cock, feeling his amazing strength and power completely dominate me. “Oh FUCK….your cock is so BIG,” I screamed. “Own this fucking straight boy ass,” I moaned. Karl was now thrusting his cock in and out to the hilt, fast and deep, letting out loud masculine grunts as the sweat continued to pour off him. His stamina was amazing and he didn’t let up at all as he owned my virgin ass. I watched in the mirror as he flexed his chest and biceps, his abs continuously pulled tight by the fucking. After a few minutes I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, my cock ready to shoot a huge load over the desk despite not touching myself. “Please Karl….I need your load in me,” I begged as he continued to thrust. “Yeah slut? You want me to breed that straight ass?” he thundered. “FUCK! YEAH! Please cum in me,” I moaned. Amazingly, Karl picked up his pace even more, slamming even harder into my ass, balls slapping with each thrust. His deep masculine grunts filled the room and I knew he was getting close. “Cum in this straight boy ass,” I begged, coaxing him on and pushing my ass further back so that was as deep in me as possible. “Oh FUCK slut,” he screamed. “I’m gonna fucking…..”. I felt as his cock swelled in my ass and with a final roar he ploughed into me one last time. I felt his huge load filling me up as my own cock exploded over the desk in the most intense orgasm of my life. Karl collapsed forwards on top of me, sweat pouring off us as we both bucked and moaned from our amazing relief. The huge weight of Karl lying on top of me made the feeling even more intense and I thought I would die if it didn’t end soon. It was several minutes before our breathing began to settle to normal and I had a chance to lift my head off the desk. In the mirror I could see the huge mass of Karl resting on top of me, his massive back swelling with each breath he took. I looked embarrassingly tiny in comparison but I didn’t care, knowing that he owned me now. In my post-orgasm daze I noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye - an odd-looking purple bottle in the open drawer of Karl’s desk. It was upside down and I’d only managed to read the words “Alpha Scent” on the label before Karl’s huge harm loomed into view and the draw was slammed shut. My confusion was quickly replaced by contentment as I drifted into an easy sleep.
  16. Psuace

    Worship session, part 2

    After the lick on my nose, I knew it was going to be a fun-filled session for both of us. His sexy dark brown eyes, curly brown hair, and manicured dark brown chest hair were sexy and sensual. I stood still and he moved in for a second attempt to kiss me. He used his arms around my neck to pull himself closer to me. His lips were pursed and ready to latch on to mine. I wet my lips in anticipation. His eyes were wide open and he saw me wet my lips, but I was ready for another attempt at some tomfoolery. Just before our lips met, he tried to get me on the nose again, but I was ready. I moved my head up and caught his lower lip with my teeth. I teased it, shaking it side to side. He giggled, knowing he was caught. His giggling caused more pre-cum to escape his dick and coat my abs. I released his lower lip briefly and he came right back and applied a wet sensual kiss that would melt frozen butter in a heartbeat. He didn’t move, I didn’t move. We stood there and enjoyed the luxurious moment. Our mouths locked together, lips on lips, staring into each other’s eyes. Our tongues began dancing with each other, wrestling for position, playfully moving in and out of each other’s mouths. He pulled himself closer to me and higher up so our heads were at the same level. He locked his legs around my waist to secure himself. I moved my arms to cradle his ass. My dick was still inside him and rock hard, so he wasn’t going anywhere. He knew my strength, or at least he thought he did, and he knew he was safe as child in a parents arms, but his attempt to get closer made my chest ache like I had lost a lover, forever. In his need to feel more secure, I ached to have him as close to me as humanly possible, without hurting him. His safety and pleasure were my world. I moved my arms up his back and gently squeezed. It brought him just a bit closer and he moaned at the pressure and exhaled right into my mouth. The warmness of his breath entering my mouth and tickling the back of my throat made me quake. Our closeness was more than sexual, it was innately intimate, utterly personal, and there was a wholeness between the two of us no one else would ever experience or share. We continued to kiss, rewetting our lips as needed. I closed my eyes and let him take over. Giving him control of how we progressed made me happy. He put his hands on the sides of my head, I opened my eyes to see what he was up to, and he pulled his lips back. He smiled and moved in again. This time he came straight at my mouth. Pursed wet lips hit mine, oh so gently and briefly, then pulled back. He came in again, hit my lips a bit harder, and lingered on them for an extra moment. He ran his tongue into the little space between our lips, wetting both. I reclosed my eyes knowing play time was over, now PLAYTIME had begun. He pulled back and came back in oh so slowly. I sensed rather than felt when they were about to hit for the third time. Very gentle pressure at first, but it increased as his lips made complete contact with mine. His lips were oh so soft and full. Just the pressure alone was making me crazy. I wanted to pull his head completely to mine, but knew this would ruin it for him if I took over. I let him continue to apply pressure as he saw fit. He kept kissing me, more forcefully now. He wrapped his left arm around the back of my head and pulled my mouth as close to his as possible. He was moaning continually and I joined in. He used his tongue to trace the outside of my mouth. The gentleness and softness of the movements belied his desire to want chew at my lips and suck the air from my mouth. He moved his lips back over mine and began to explore my teeth, tongue, and mouth as if he had never experienced them before. He squirmed in my arms again, trying to get a better angle at my mouth. I obliged by thrusting my hips up, raising him an inch or two. His appreciation was immediate. He squeezed his ass on my dick to hold the position. He then darted his tongue into my mouth caressed my teeth. Starting on my upper right side, he moved the front of his tongue along the inside of my teeth, massaging the area where each tooth met the skin. The feeling was heavenly. The caressing of his tongue felt just like when his fingers zig-zagged across my biceps, stirring my hair. He worked his way around my entire mouth including the roof of my mouth. Feeling his taste buds rasp along the smooth roof would have made mortal men erupt on the spot, but I kept my cool and let him torture me with his arsenal of weapons. When he finished he pulled back but put his tongue between my upper teeth and lip and closed his mouth on the area. He gently sucked on my upper lip, wetting it with generous amounts of saliva. He withdrew his tongue and moved his lips to my lower lips and did the same. He stuck his tongue out and put it in the area under my lower lip, coaxing more of my lower lip into his mouth. He sucked and kissed and wet my lips until he grew weary. His eyes had the urgent look of wanting to pleasure me more, but they also had a look of exhaustion. I relaxed my grip on his back, he released the grip his ass had on my dick and slid back down a few inches. Now I was looking down into deep brown eyes, thinking how did I deserve this guy? He did everything to make sure I was pleasured and fulfilled. I playfully slapped his ass. He stared at me, mouth agape, and I moved my tongue right into the opening like it was an invitation.
  17. Psuace

    Worship session

    My first attempt at a story, hope it is well received. He held me close, his left bicep flexed. My left arm wrapped around his thickly coiled neck for support and closeness. My right arm holding onto his flexed forearm encouraging him to flex his bicep harder. My tongue running along the flat face of the bicep, the light tan hair on the muscle moistened by the saliva of my gentle kisses. He moaned, I moaned in response. His bicep was not obscenely large, but just big enough for my tongue to be able to wander around and trace lines on the protruding veins which gave us both the pleasure of knowing the strength it possessed. I switched my attention to the top of the bicep which was a rounded mound and was split into two heads. I upped the intensity and planted sloppy wet kisses on the whole muscle. He twisted his arm to allow me greater access to it. I moved my right arm to the valley between his forearm and bicep in response to the new position. I kissed the top of his bicep ravenously, like it was going to be my last kiss with him. His right hand on the back of my head, gently but forcefully maneuvering it back and forth, encouraging me to worship the entire top of the bicep. My tongue swept through the valley between the two heads. He playfully flexed the muscle, gently trapping my tongue for a brief second. While it was trapped he took the moment to gently blow warm air into my left ear. He used his tongue to caress the outer ear and softly engulf the lobe. The sensation caused me to spurt some pre-cum. It dribbled down my shaft and spilled onto his leg. He felt the moistness and flexed harder knowing he had hit my sweet spot. He lifted his arm up over his head and his triceps were on full display. I re-wet my tongue and went to work. Gently at first, licking from his hairless armpit up the length of his arm to the elbow and back again. He moaned again when my tongue washed over the sensitive short hairs along the bottom of the muscle. I let my tongue linger there, quickly remoistening it and pursing my lips against the hard muscle and hair. I moved my right hand from his elbow to his bicep and began to joyfully massage, egging him to flex it harder, knowing it would cause his triceps to be flexed as well. He responded eagerly. My fingers slid over the wet surface of the bicep squeezing the mounds gently at first then more intently. My tongue on his triceps and right hand on his flexed bicep, my brain was going into overload. More pre-cum escaped my dick and trickled down. When he felt the new moisture on his leg he let out a soft giggle and pushed his tongue back into my ear. This time he had wet his tongue. He swirled it around the cartilage of the outer ear before plunging it into my inner ear. He brushed across the short sensitive hairs and lapped at them. I squirmed but he moved his right arm around my waist holding me tightly to his body. I tried to move my left arm from around his neck so I could create some room between us, but he trapped it there with his shoulder muscles. I tried to roll my head away but he kept pursuing me and eventually he pinned my head to my right shoulder. He playfully pushed his tongue back into my ear and continued to caress the short hairs with his tongue and warm breath. My tongue had come off his triceps due to the new position of my head, but my right hand was still groping his bicep. He lowered his arm but kept it flexed. I applied more pressure to see if I could dent the muscle in any way, but could not. He sensed my intention and my need to feel his strength. He un-flexed and straightened his arm out. I let my fingers caress the length of his arm, from shoulder to forearm. Gently at first. First trip down, my fingernails barely touching the arm, on the way back, a light touch, stirring the short hairs, he squirmed. Next trip down, the back of my fingers touching the skin and drawing zig zag lines on the muscles. On the way back, my fingernails gently raked his skin. He shivered and plunged his tongue back into my ear causing me to quake. He kept at it, I kept at it. We both knew we had pinpointed each other’s sweet zone and we were going to do our best to make the other suffer with unfathomable pleasure for a long time. Next trip down I used my finger tips to gently massage the bicep and triceps muscles. Lingering on them for a few seconds, tugging at the skin and hair. On the way back, I was at full force, completely and unashamedly applying full force thru my fingers. He started to flex and I could tell he was smiling. He enjoyed being worshipped and really enjoyed showing off his muscles and strength. He pulled his tongue of out my ear, relaxed the pressure on my trapped left arm and pulled his left arm into a full flex. I moaned aloud and he shifted his legs and jostled his dick higher into my ass. I was in heaven. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. My head rolled on my shoulders. We turned to face each other. His bright blue eyes piercing my dark brown eyes. His tanned skin, and dirty blonde hair complimenting his appearance. He smiled and jostled his hips again to show me his strength. I wrapped both arms around his neck and slowly moved in to kiss him. My dick trapped between the two of us, now steadily leaking pre-cum causing his abs to be sticky. He maneuvered me up and down by using his hips so as to spread the stickiness over all his abs. His left arm was still flexed. Now he was just showing off to get me off. I smiled and just before our lips met, I licked his nose. I laughed, he smiled warmly.
  18. Hialmar

    Ménage à Trois : Chapter Five

    Chapter four is found here:énage-à-trois-chapter-four/ Ménage à Trois Chapter Five Master was sitting on the bed, his big hands caressing Dick and Cub. Then he arose, and reached for the switch. The light in the room turned from a cold blue into a warm red. A warm, red, sensuous glow caused his muscles to look warmer and fuller, and the red light was reflected in his black, glossy leather trousers, belt, boots and wristcuffs. Dick looked at Cub and himself. Cub's naked upper body looked warmer and fuller, too. Dick's underwhelming swimmer's build looked bigger in the red glow. He felt how the dick inside his combat trousers regained it's thirst for pleasure, and turned into a steel rod, as did Cub's. Then, Master did something unexpected: He picked up the dumbbells in the corner, and trained his bicepses. When he returned them to the floor, he commanded: "Use them." Commanded. There couldn't be any other word to describe the tone in his voice, but he eagerly obeyed, and watched Master pump his shoulders up with a rubber band from the same corner of the room. The plastic dumbbells were heavier than he expected. He had thought they could be full of water, but Master (or Cub) had seemingly filled them with lead shots, and he found it rather challenging to curl them. Master moved to the door. Cub picked the dumbbells up. Dick used the rubber band to train his shoulders. Master was doing pull-ups and chin-ups, using the metal rod which was fastened to the door-posts. Cub grunted and smiled. Master's back muscles moved, as he pull himself upwards and let himself down in a controlled movement. Big muscles, crawling under his skin. Skin illuminated by the red lights. Black leather glossy around Master's powerful legs and tight bum. The scene was surreal, but Dick took it in, and a allowed the delightful pleasure carry him away to a prolonged ecstatic state. Master left the pull-up bar, and went to behold himself in the full length mirror. Shadows caused his pecs and abs look even more defined, and, as blood rushed to his recently trained back, biceps and shoulders, he looked more pumped than before. Cub moaned. Then, sudden and sharp as the crack of a whip, Master commanded: "Come here. Worship this masculine power!" Dick felt his combat trousers become wet of pre-cum. Cub and Dick surrounded Master. Cub began to lick Master's hardening back muscles. Master watched his own physique in the mirror, and watched their attention. Master flexed his biceps. Then the other one. He stretched his arms out, causing the recently trained shoulders to activate. Dick reached out and felt Master's hard shoulder. He was unable to dent it. It felt hard as iron, but warm and smooth. He kissed it. Master smiled. "Dick. I allow you to unbutton my fly." He fell on his knees, and hugged the tree trunks coated in black leather that were Master's legs. Warm leather. The scent. The muscular power. Of Master. His hand explored the inside of Master's legs, and then reached the snap fasteners, and unbuttoned them. Master's manhood was released, a cannon of meat. He could hear Master grunt. He moved his lips closer, but Master gave another order: "I haven't given you any permission to suck. Now, worship my back, and behold." He moved to Master's back, where he and Cub could fondle and squeeze Master's muscles together, while they shared the view of the mirror. Master watched his own reflection, and contracted his abs. A bailey of six impenetrable stones suddenly surrounded his waist. Dick and Cub embraced Master's waist, and touched them, then lowered their hands to acknowledge his Apollo's belt, while they groaned in pleasure. Master tensed his pecs. Cub's hand and Dick's reached out from each armpit, and felt the power of Master's pecs. Master's steel cannon was throbbing and jumping enthusiastically by now. "Master.", he moaned. "I'm honoured to worship your hero-physique. You have turned yourself into a piece of art: A monument of masculinity." Master flexed his right biceps, watched it glowing red in the sparse light, and licked it. Cub and Dick enjoyed watching Master lick his biceps. Then he repeated the action with his left biceps. Cub's hands, and Dick's, incessantly explored Master's naked flesh and his leather-clad muscle. Master did a 'most muscular' pose, and moaned. Master did a lats spread, and gave his admirers lots more to worship with their hands and tongues. Master moaned. Master stood there, his legs widely apart in a confident stance, his head with a heroic and martial jarhead cut, glossy boots and trousers giving him that threatening and dangerous bad-boy vibe that drives his worshippers crazy, his upper body pumped by rushing blood, and all the powerful and handsome features highlighted by red light and shadows. The mere presence of him was enough to bring Dick and Cub close to release, and their lips and hands were now all over him, their eyes glancing in the mirror to watch the next demonstration of might. As Dick squeezed his firm buttock through the warm, smooth leather, he could see him make a double biceps pose. Dick could feel Master's back muscle tense, and he could hear him moan and hold his breath. The next second Master sprayed the entire mirror full of cum. Cub and Dick helped him back to the bed, and they spooned each other for awhile: Cub behind Dick, and Master in front of him. Dick had never felt so safe in his entire life. * * * Next chapter is found here:énage-à-trois-chapter-six/
  19. Austinevenson42

    The King of the Nerds

    The King of the Nerds Have you ever felt just like everyone else, if not worse? Like there wasn’t anything inherently special about you? Yeah, that perfectly described me… My name is Kyle and I was you average nerdy college senior just trying to get through life. I only felt truly at home with my friends in the comic book and gaming club at the school, especially Jenny and Tom. The other aspects of college, like partying, drinking, or sex, were so foreign to me. Yes, you heard me right, I was still a virgin at 21. Embarrassing, I know, but don’t worry, I know why you’re here, and my life was about to completely change for the better. So, sit back, relax, do what you need to do, and learn about the day that I was transformed from your average little nerd, into the king of the nerds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Hey Kyle, so what are your plans for this Spring Break?” asked Jenny. “I’ve actually been meaning to catch up on Super Mario Odyssey, but not much else other than that,” I replied. “I feel that, I need to catch up on Horizon Zero Dawn,” Tom said as he smiled at me. Oh Tom, I had such a major crush on him. Ever since freshmen year I wanted to tell him how I felt, but either he had no interest in men, or, like me, he was in the closet. Sometimes I even thought he might have been interested in Jenny, but he was definitely too much of a wuss to even make a move on her even if he was straight. I was never even sure what Jenny might have thought of us, whether she was waiting for either of us to make some sort of move on her, or if she had absolutely no interest in us. She claimed to have “had boyfriend in high school,” but I was pretty sure that we were all virgins. Sad, right? Three nerds, probably interested in each other, but too chicken or scared to do anything about it. “Well guys, that’s my mom, I’ll see you this Saturday for the gaming convention!” I said with a lot of enthusiasm. Since the start of the semester I had been looking forward to this convention. Even though we all lived far away from each other when we weren’t at school, this would be a chance for all of us to hang out outside of school. I was really scared to be sharing a hotel room with Tom, but it was okay, everything was going to work out for the best, I was sure of that. Jenny added, “We are just going to meet at the hotel, right?” “That’s the plan, but don’t be late like usual Kyle!” replied Tom. As I got in the car I responded with some laughter. A part of me felt like he was flirting with me, so I needed to get out of that situation before I started blushing. My mom and I both waved and she drove off. I felt so embarrassed, here I was, wishing I was with Tom so badly, and I could do nothing about it. My excuse was that I didn’t want to risk messing up our friendship by asking him out, but that was a lie. Even if we weren’t friends, I just couldn’t make a move. But, this wasn’t the time to think about this, I was going to enjoy my spring break. Like I planned I got to play a lot of video games during the break, but what happened later was nothing I could have ever predicted. I couldn’t shake my feelings for Tom on any day of the week. Every now and then they would come up again, reminding me that I didn’t have the guts to even find out if he was gay. What made matters worse was that on Friday I just had this horrible head ache. It seemed that the more I thought about him, the worse it got, as crazy as that sounds. I decided to actually go to bed early that night, as my head ache seemed to have transitioned into really annoying body aches. I was actually getting a little scared that I might be too sick tomorrow to even go the convention… Yet, when I woke up, I felt better than ever. My body felt a little heavy, and I initially seemed a little disoriented, but I honestly felt great. Normally I go to bed late, so I think the extra hours might have really done me some good. Oh, how wrong I was! Before I got out of bed I removed the sheets off of me, revealing the body of a chiseled Greek sculpture. I was so amazed at the sight of my body, my mouth was locked wide open, in pure awe. I was a scrawny little guy, but somehow my body transformed to that of a sexy fitness model. I couldn’t believe it! I jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror across my room. Before even getting a better look at my muscles I noticed that I was even taller. I had been 5’8", an inch taller than Tom was, but I had to be about 6’0" now. Then, I started flexing my incredible physique. First, I played with my new massive pecs, which I could bounce and make even bigger. I felt them up for a little while as my nipples began to harden. Next, I noticed my abs, wow. I had rock hard six pack abs. It was so hot to touch each one, they were just like pure muscle. Then, I noticed my ripped biceps. It honestly looked like I had baseballs under my skin as I flexed them in every pose I could imagine. I used to have twigs for arms, and now that they had to be at least 16 or 17 inches. That’s when I noticed it, my erection, bigger than ever. There it was poking through my boxer briefs and in between my new tree trunk sized legs. I went to pull down my underwear to get a better look, but almost comically struggled to get them past my giant thighs. When I managed to get them off, I was greeted with a giant penis. It was significantly thicker than it was last night, and at least three or four inches longer than my old little 4-inch penis. I was so turned on, just looking at my reflection in the mirror, I knew that I had become a god. But, after a little more flexing, I wanted to try out how real these muscles were. I looked around my room for something heavy and then remembered how much my dad and uncle had struggled to bring in my mattress and big bed frame. I knelt down next to the bed, expecting to use ever muscle in my body to move this bed. Then, almost with pathetic ease, I raised the entire bed a few feet off the ground. Fuck, I was a monster. That was when my dick and I had had enough. I dropped the bed back where it was and decided to jerk off before I exploded. I sat on the floor in front of the mirror with my gigantic, sculpted back against my bed. I went to town on my cock, expecting to cum in a minute like I usually did, but this was a real man’s dick. Somehow, even though I was hornier and more turned on than I had ever been in my life, I stroked my cock for almost 20 minutes, with every second bringing me more and more pleasure. Seeing myself in the mirror, my muscles flexing as I stroked harder and harder, worked wonders to bring me to the edge. Then, cum exploded all over my abs, pecs, and face. It almost seemed like my dick wasn’t going to stop after almost a whole straight minute of pure ecstasy. I finally felt like I was no longer a boy, I was a man’s man, I was a sex god. I had the body that men only dreamt to have, one that would be able to get me anything I wanted. But, although my body was that of a man now, my mind had not changed. After a minute of heavy breathing my composure returned and I saw my cum covered reflection in the mirror. Despite looking like a hunk, I felt so embarrassed and disgusted with myself that I had just done that. Only someone so narcissistic would masturbate to their own reflection. I also imagined how horrified my parents and friends would be to see me like this. You don’t just become this ripped overnight, something had to be wrong with me. Yet, I didn’t have the time to deal with this if I was going to make it in time to the hotel. I couldn’t do anything about my change in height, and more mature looking face, but I could cover up the muscles. I threw on some massive sweats that just made it look like I was getting fat, grabbed the luggage I packed the night before, and ran to catch the nearby bus. Even with the sweats though, I could swear that I caught people staring at me. I was so embarrassed. I wasn’t used to any attention at all. The height was especially something I had to get used to, a lesson I quickly learned after hitting my head as I entered the bus. Luckily, the bus ride was somehow faster than I expected, and although I was 15 minutes late, it could have been worse. Plus, Jenny and Tom were right there waiting for me, albeit a little annoyed that I was so late. “Wow, who called it Jenny, who called it…” said Tom with a smirk. Jenny responded, as I approached them, “Wait a minute, Kyle, no way, did you somehow get taller in the past week?” With Tom also seemingly shocked, I panicked to think of any sort of response. Then, I blurred out, “I must have gone through some second puberty, apparently it isn’t totally uncommon.” Although I looked super awkward, and couldn’t even look them straight in the eyes, that was something I actually remember reading a while back. Either way they seemed to shrug it off even though they definitely thought that was a weird response and had no idea why I was wearing such large sweats. But, as we were getting the keys to the room Jenny would be staying in, and the one that Tom and I would be staying in, I started to notice that maybe the sweats weren’t as big as I thought. Although they were hiding most of my upper and lower body, they were actually pretty tight around my arms. If I even slightly flexed there was a chance they could rip, and that is exactly what happened. As we were all hanging out and laughing in my room before we were going out to the main floor of the hotel, my right bicep tore the sweatshirt. The room went silent as the seams ripped, revealing my chiseled arm. Jenny and Tom could not believe what they were looking at, as I quickly turned red, embarrassed that my secret was about to be revealed. No one knew what to say, and I had no idea what thoughts could be going through their minds. “Kyle…what happened to your arm…” Tom said, almost appearing worried. “Okay guys, if I am being honest with you, it wasn’t just my height that changed over the break,” I replied, feeling ashamed that I would have to reveal my secret to them. I took off the shirt to reveal my new hunky physique, with Jenny and Tom just staring in awe. “How is this possible Kyle? You went from having a normal body to looking like a bodybuilder or something” stated Jenny, who was unable to take her eyes off of all the various muscles. I felt so embarrassed just hearing that word, “bodybuilder,” to describe my body, along with the stares and attention from Jenny and Tom, it was all too much. I quickly ran to my luggage to get a shirt, but soon realized that they were all far too small for me. The biggest one I could find was a sleeveless tank top, showing off my massive chest. When I turned back around, it was obvious that both of them were staring at my pecs and arms, which just felt mortifying. With that said, I felt that I should also change my sweatpants, as I was actually beginning to sweat in them. But before I went to the bathroom, I probably needed to address what was going on. “Hey guys, can you stop staring at me, it’s kind of weird,” I said looking at both Jenny and Tom. Both of them then yelled out, “Sorry!” and went on their phones, almost as if they were being awoken from some kind of trance. I ran to the bathroom to change, but again had trouble taking off my sweaty boxer briefs. When I finally managed to, I threw on my new underwear and shorts, which didn’t do much to hide my bulge. I will say though that when I got a look at my body in the mirror, I couldn’t help but think that I looked very hot and sexy in this outfit. Tom and Jenny must have agreed that I looked good as when I walked out of the bathroom their jaws practically fell to the ground. After they managed to compose themselves we finally made it out of the room and on to the floor with all the sellers and gaming stations. As we walked around I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people were staring at me. If we are being honest video game nerds and geeks tend to be skinny, fat, or borderline unhealthy. Both Jenny and Tom were a little more attractive than your average nerds facially, but their bodies were skinny in the way you’d expect a nerd to be—prior to today I was much the same. But, now with my new amazing muscular body, I might as well have been an alien. Some guys seem intimidated by me, while other people just seemed interested in looking me up and down. A part of me was kind of starting to like the attention, but at the same time I just wasn’t used to people looking at me like this. Either way, the three of us had a fun time walking around and getting dinner later, but I couldn’t help but think that the both of them were continually flirting with me, if not fighting for my undivided attention. At the end of the day we each headed back to our rooms, with Jenny giving us an extra key so that we could come over later if we got bored. I actually decided to grab a shower first, feeling a little sweaty from all this tight clothing I was wearing. As I hopped into the shower I thought I could hear some heavy breathing coming from outside the bathroom, but I just decided to ignore that. While I was in the shower though, I couldn’t help but get turned on from scrubbing each of my muscles with soap. In no time, I found myself playing with my cock as I rubbed my muscles, which eventually caused me to explode endless streams of cum over the shower wall. When I was done I quickly panicked to clean off all the cum, get out of the shower to towel off, and spray some air freshener so that the smell of cum wasn’t so obvious. That was when it hit me, I forgot to bring a pair of clothes into the bathroom. To make matters worse, the heavy breathing I had heard earlier seemed to have gotten louder. I was particularly afraid of Tom seeing me in just a towel, as I usually just changed in the bathroom anyways. Nonetheless, I barely managed to wrap the towel around my hips and left the bathroom. When I walked into the bedroom area, what I saw horrified me. Tom, who I guess didn’t hear me come out of the bathroom, was sitting on his bed with his pants and underwear down at his calves. With his right hand, he was he was rapidly stroking his cock, and with his left hand he was holding up my sweaty underwear and sweatpants from earlier up to his face. I didn’t know what to do, but when he finally heard me he put down the sweaty clothes to see me standing there. Then, before I could even say anything, the sight of my god like physique in just a towel all wet seemed to be enough to push him over the edge and make him cum. As Tom’s head fell back, his mouth opened wider, and his eyes rolled back, he whispered, “God Kyle, you look like a fucking sex machine now.” I didn’t know what to do, there was my best friend, who I had wanted for so long, practically worshipping me like I was some sort of god. Just my sight was enough to push him over the edge, his cum falling onto the floor. He went from seeing me as his best bud, to a piece of meat from which he could derive sexual pleasure from. As much as I was turned on, I was disgusted with myself, Tom, and the whole situation. I quickly threw on some clothes that barely fit and ran from the room. This wasn’t me, I wasn’t a hunk, I was a nerd. A week ago, nothing like this was even possible, I wasn’t ready, even if my body was. I ran to Jenny’s room, hoping that at least she had some sort of sanity. I opened the door and walked in, breathing heavily, still unable to fully take in what was going on. Then, I noticed I had a raging boner through my shorts, which I quickly tried to hide in case Jenny could see the door. Luckily, she was in shower, so that gave me at least some time to relax. But, I swore I could hear someone talking so I walked towards the bathroom and opened the door a crack, and that’s when I heard it. As Jenny moaned from the shower she was saying, “Oh Kyle, fuck me Kyle…Your muscles are so hot, I need them…God, destroy my pussy." I couldn’t believe this, even Jenny, the logical voice of reason in our group, was unable to stop herself from masturbating to the thought of my body. But, something in me clicked. As my boner rose to full mast, it seemed my body was starting to take over. The attraction I’ve been having to my own body, the attention I’ve been getting all day, and the immense pleasure that Tom and Jenny have been having because of me finally released my inner hunk. Why would I continue to be a scared little nerd, when I was in fact the sex machine that Tom said I was. This was my opportunity to lose my virginity and really see what my body could do. I walked into the bathroom, which was enough noise for Jenny to stop masturbating. Then, I ripped my shirt off like tissue paper and opened up the curtain, to Jenny’s initial dismay. With Jenny staring at my muscles and doing nothing to cover herself up she barely whispered, “Oh my god Kyle.” Finally growing into the personality you’d expect with a body like mine, I cockily responded, “Why would you stop, Jenny.” Before she could say anything, I took off my shorts and underwear and stepped into the shower with her. I was pretty sure that I was gay, but in this moment, all I wanted to do was fuck the living shit out of Jenny. As I got closer to her I saw that she had just recently orgasmed just from thinking about me, so now it was time to give her the real deal. She began by rubbing her hands over my chiseled pecs and abs while I quickly moved to making out with her, while grabbing her tight, perky ass. She continued to move her hands around my muscular body, worshipping every inch of it. Jenny seemed to be especially fond of rubbing her boobs against my pecs and abs, while running her hands over my shredded back muscles—something that just drove my cock crazy for some reason. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life, and from the hunger Jenny had for my body, I could probably say the same for her. Jenny said, managing to get a few words in between making out with me, and sucking on my muscles, “Fuck Kyle, you look like a Greek god…I need you…I need your monster cock inside of me…destroy me with your massive muscles.” Stopping to let out a loud, erotic moan, “I’ve been waiting for so long for one of you two to have the guts to ask me out and have sex with me…I’m on birth control…for the love of god Kyle fuck me like there is no tomorrow…” Before I could even respond, my giant muscular body seemed to know exactly what to do to please Jenny. Just with the strength of one arm I lifted her off the ground, holding her up against the shower wall. With the water only hitting me now, and my body glistening, I can’t imagine the sight that Jenny must have witnessed. Even before I did anything she began to shake in my arm, moaning louder, and orgasming. Her petite little body, before I had even started truly pleasing her, began to squirt, in an incredibly intense orgasmic experience. We both knew she wanted more though, so I began to play with her clit using my other hand. To give her even more pleasure I also began to suck on her sexy large breasts, something that definitely drove her crazy. Somehow, I did these so expertly that in just a matter of moments I brought her to her third orgasm, this one more earth shattering than the last. Jenny was so attracted to my muscles, that she felt continually on the brink of orgasming—a power I loved having, and one I was prepared to continually abuse again and again. She was unable to stop herself from orgasming whenever I touched her, whenever I was near. Causing so much pleasure for her, and seeing her worship every single one of my massive, ripped muscles, continually even brought me to the edge. But, unlike Jenny, it seemed that my body knew instinctively how to hold it. Already, I had felt the intense pleasure right before cumming multiple times, but my body, my sex machine, god-level physique, it just knew exactly what to do to prevent that. It’s almost like my body was made to provide me with the most pleasure possible. When I was a skinny little nerd I could barely masturbate for just a few minutes, and now, after just one day of being a real hunk, I had somehow become a master of holding back…god this level of pleasure was amazing. Once she calmed down again, it was time for me to have some real fucking fun. Now using both hands, I grabbed her off the wall and placed her on top of my thick, practically 8-inch dick. Initially shocked at how easily I could do it, I began to lightly fuck her while holding her up just with my arms. A few days ago, I was so weak I could probably barely have sex with someone without getting exhausted immediately, and now I was holding up Jenny without any support. As her moans grew louder, and my dick started to go faster and deeper, I noticed how small she truly was. Jenny was not much shorter than me a few days ago, and we were about the same weight, but now look at us. At 6 feet, 190 pounds of pure, solid muscle, I was a giant monster compared to her small 5’5”, 118-pound frame. She practically felt like nothing in my arms, eclipsed by the size of my gigantic frame. Then, as I felt Jenny’s fourth orgasm consume my penis, I knew it was time to go to full speed. With my cock, all the way in her pussy I started to fuck her. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I began to groan and moan, like a wild animal consuming his pray. Although Jenny had just orgasmed, she began to scream my name and moan louder than ever before. God, I really was a sex machine, the power I had over Jenny, the pleasure I was experiencing, it was all incomparable to anything. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK Kyle, don’t stop…harder…harder…FASTER…faster…I’ve never felt...such…such pleasure. You’re a fucking animal, GOD,” Jenny said while still screaming and moaning. “God Jenny, I’m so close…” I managed to let out in between my grunting and moaning. “Kyle, cum inside of me, god YES please fuck do it…” Jenny responded almost begging me to. I grabbed Jenny as tight as I could, fucking her as hard as I could for another few more minutes. I wanted to draw out the pleasure, to experience as much as I could of it, and my body knew all the tricks. Then, as I was about to explode, Jenny had her fifth orgasm, the strongest of them yet. As I used most of my strength to prevent her intensely flailing body from getting out of my hands, I began to gush cum inside of her. My cum, which I had been holding in for so long, shot out like streams of bullets, filling her up. When I noticed she couldn’t take any more of it, I gently placed her exhausted body onto the shower floor as I continued to cum all over her face, breasts, and stomach. I was amazed, Jenny was sitting on the floor, exhausted beyond belief, breathing heavily, and incredibly sore from the positions I had her in, but I felt nothing. I was barely out of breath, felt like I had only experienced a light workout at most, and knew my cock was already ready to go a few more rounds. Jenny looked like she couldn’t handle any more pounding though so I let the water clean her off, turned it off, and stepped out of the shower. “Don’t leave Kyle…” Jenny managed to say from the shower. “I lied to you and Tom, I’ve never had a boyfriend, you were my first…” Laughing, as I dried myself off, “Come on Jenny, not to hurt your feelings but we could kind of tell you were lying. But, hey, we got to be each other’s firsts.” Jenny replied, “I want more though, my vagina feels so empty without your meaty cock inside of it. Plus, I know that wasn’t your best, a part of you was afraid of hurting me.” She was right. Not only was I using a lot of my strength to actually hold her up in the first place, but I was also scared what my full strength could have done to her virgin pussy. Giving her a sexy smile I responded, “Are you ready for round two then?” Without saying anything, Jenny got up from the shower floor, jumped into my arms, and started making out with me. Although we were still wet, we didn’t really care. Rubbing our bodies and lips together, I picked her up again and took her to the hotel bed. I laid on the bed with her on top of me, giving her free roam of my ripped muscles. I love how Jenny took charge in order to pleasure herself. While making out with me she rubbed her breasts against my giant pecs, and clit up against my rock-hard abs. Although she was exhausted from our shower sex, Jenny was eager to continue, running on pure pleasure and ecstasy. “Be rough with me Kyle, I want to see what those muscles are made of,” said Jenny in a sexual and thirsty tone. The thought of fulfilling her request, and finding out for myself the limits of these muscles was such a turn on. I started by smacking her on the ass at around a ¼ of my strength, which made her scream in pleasure. As I continued up to 50% of my strength I saw her ass turning red, barely able to take any more, but she loved every single fucking second of it. Then I turned her on to the bed, holding her down from the sheer strength of my body. With just a third of my strength she was powerless, unable to stop me from doing anything I wanted, and she didn’t want it any other way. I was just amazed at how horny she was for my body, just a few minutes of me holding her down, being rough with her, and rubbing all of my muscles against her pushed her to a sixth orgasm that left her completely out of breath. “You’re such a bad dirty girl Jenny,” I laughed, “And now it’s time for me to show you how much of a man I have really become.” I got up, showing my amazing physique to her, fuck I really must have looked like a god among men. My newly acquired sexual drive needed to be quenched, and fucking Jenny again and again would definitely help—not that she wasn’t beyond eager to please me and herself. This was not only her first time with a man, but a man that no future fuck could ever match. Jenny knew that she had to get the best of it for as long as she could, until she had to settle for some other skinny nerd who would just never be the same. Shortly after getting up from the bed and stretching my drop dead gorgeous muscles, I grabbed her, put each of her feet over my shoulders, and positioned her to rip apart that pussy with my monster cock. This time, I started off a lot harder, sticking my dick all the way inside of her. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Then, I turned her over, grabbed her hips tightly, and went to town on her. Unlike before, I was using close to all of my strength. She was screaming and moaning louder than ever, to the point that I thought I was actually destroying her vagina with my muscles. The bed was shaking back and forth so much that when I heard a crack I wasn’t sure if it was the wall or the bed. I bet you the nerds next door were getting horny listening to some real hardcore sex going on here. Either way, my animal instincts kicked in, and I found myself lost in a new level of pleasure. I honestly lost track of how many times I felt Jenny orgasm, and when I started to cum inside of her I could feel the exhaustion finally getting to her. Again, I decided to cum all over her, at this point seeing it as a way to truly show my dominance over her. By the time I was done, I still felt that I could go a couple more rounds, but Jenny was practically out of it. A part of me, felt kind of bad when I got out of bed and look down upon her completely destroyed body. Yet, I was also amazed, I did that, I gave her so much pleasure that she couldn’t handle it anymore. But, one thing was for sure, my body wasn’t done yet, it needed more pleasure. I was a god meant to be worshipped and I knew exactly who was next on my list. I went back to the bathroom to grab my clothes, realizing then that I had ripped my shirt to shreds, and that my shorts were just completely soaking wet. My underwear was fine, and it actually took me sometime to realize that I could just walk out in them alone. I finally wasn’t ashamed of my body, I had the muscles that everyone could only dream to have, touch, and fuck. I never wanted anyone to see me without my clothes, I was scared to go the pool for fear of my body being judged, and I never tried to get with anyone because I just saw myself as a pitiful little weakling. But now, I was the man, the god, people wished they were, yet could never actually become. I could have anyone that I wanted, and even get anything that I wanted. I was now part of an elite group of individuals who could be considered sex beasts, who could get you horny just by looking at your or taking their shirt off. I loved that idea that when I walked into the room, literally any room, I would be the hottest guy, the one that people would either hate for being so hot, or just want to be around just to get a glimpse of his body. Once I was done ogling over myself in the mirror in the bathroom, I decided to head out. Jenny was still passed out, but I imagined that she would come to later or tomorrow and still want more. I'd be curious to know how her soreness would be though, something that this body didn't seem to really understand. All I knew now was that I was in for some fun walking through the hallways of the hotel over to my room in just my sexy green boxer briefs. Honestly, you should have seen the stares that I got from people when I walked from Jenny’s room to my room. First, there were these two nerdy girls, who definitely just orgasmed when they saw me—I could practically see them dripping through their pants. Next, I saw a guy and a girl, who I assumed were dating. The girl couldn’t keep her eyes off of my body, and her boyfriend was definitely pissed. It’s funny though, I could have had her then and there if I wanted to, and her pussy of a boyfriend wouldn’t have been able to do shit about it. But I was a man on a mission, so I just left her with a sexy wink that might have almost made her fall over. Lastly, right when I was going to get to the room, I saw two little nerds who were practically getting erections from just watching me walk down the hallway. That was me not too long ago, and I definitely felt some pity for them. But, I decided to make their night, as I walked up to them I grabbed each of their cocks and balls and squeezed them. I could feel their cocks rapidly growing from my touch and presence, something that only increased when I signaled them to touch my pecs. This was nothing that these cuties had experienced before, and I would have loved to teach these guys some of what I learned with Jenny, but I had to run. I gave them a wink, blew them each a cocky kiss, and left them in the hallway with their fully erect boners. I imagine that they could go and help each other finish the job. As I walked into the room and closed the door I saw Tom, who seemed like he might have been crying earlier, sitting on his bed sulking. I felt so bad to see him like this, just like I had been many times thinking about Tom in the past. I found out that the guy I had liked for years now adored me, and I shunned him when I realized that. I knew I had to make it up to him, but my inner hunk was going to have some fun with him. Just like Jenny, he wanted to worship my god-like physique, but, in this case, I have a little more experience up my belt, and there was a lot more that I wanted to try with him. Once Tom noticed I had come in he ran up to me and said, “Oh my god Kyle, I am so sorry I didn’t mean for you to see that. It was wrong of me to do that to you…wait, where have you been for the past hour, and where are your clothes…not that I am necessarily minding right now?” Chuckling a little I responded, “Do you really want to find out the answers to those questions, or do you just want to pull my boxer briefs down and give me the best blow job you can?” “What…I thought you weren’t interested?” replied Tom, who was definitely getting horny again. “Eh I was definitely a little startled at first to find you masturbating to my sweaty underwear, but I’ve honestly been into you for a while now,” I stated, actually blushing a little. Tom, smiling and blushing too, responded, “No way, I’ve had a thing for you for the longest time, the muscles are just what took me over the edge. I actually think that Jenny has a thing for you to now that I think about it…” Laughing, and thinking about what had just happened, I replied, “Wow so you are telling me we could have done this forever ago, that’s a shame…but, hey, let’s make up for lost time.” “Yes, sir, you don’t have to tell me twice,” Tom stated as he licked his lips. I actually felt hornier than ever in expectation of playing around with Tom. Not only had I been waiting for this for years, but, if I was bisexual, I definitely still preferred men over women. I wasn’t sure where Tom stood, but I knew he was dying for this moment even more than I was. He initially put his hands on my massive pecs, sliding them down to my washboard abs and obliques. Then, Tom began to suck on my left and right nipples as I flexed my back for him to feel up and down into all the different ridges. Next, he seemed interested in playing with my biceps which I gladfully flexed for him. I wanted to show him how strong I was so as he held onto my right bicep I lifted him off the ground, something that seemed to really turn him on. Tom seemed to be more in love with my muscles than Jenny. When I put him back down, he wanted to lick every single rock-hard part of my body, starting with my giant pecs and then moving to my sculpted abs. It seemed like he licked each and every single ab muscle, moaning as he moved lower and lower. The little nerd was worshiping me like a Greek god—he was obsessed with my body. Then, he moved back to lick my biceps, which he did as he rubbed my hardening nipples. God, his worshipping of my body just made me want to rip his ass apart more and more. Speaking of ass, Tom seemed particularly interested in mine, as he began to rub my steel-like ass while licking and sucking my abs and pecs like a hungry mad man. “Okay, no fucking way Kyle, you’re so hard all over, but that ass is as tight as marble,” Tom said in amazement. I couldn’t help but laugh at that comment, but before I could say anything Tom started making out with me. Wow, I had waited for this moment for so long, and it was finally happening. I was in heaven, and we were just getting started. But, I knew that it would be even hotter, if I started to take back charge of the situation. “Get on your knees,” I commanded in a stern and sexy tone. Tom didn’t question what I said one bit, he seemed extremely turned on for a real man like me to be telling him to pleasure me. He went down on his knees, putting him at the perfect height to suck off my cock. He started taking off my underwear and was just amazed to find my rock hard 8-inch monster cock ready for him to cater to. Tom was definitely at a loss for words, also feeling my incredibly massive muscular thighs and calves as he forced my underwear past them. Then, before he could even comment on my dick’s size, I shoved half of my cock into Tom’s pretty little mouth. At first, he had a little trouble, but then he started sucking and licking like a champ, while playing with my large balls in one hand, and rubbings my chiseled abs with the other. The little wimp was in complete ecstasy, with his 5-inch or so cock rising to full mast. Wanting to help the poor guy out, I used my sexy right foot to lightly stroke his cock, something that sent erotic shivers throughout all of Tom’s body. But, as Tom started to get use to sucking half of my cock, I decided to take things up a notch. I planted both of my feet firmly on the ground, grabbed the back of his head, and I started to skull fuck him. In and out, in and out, all 8-inches of my cock penetrating his little mouth and throat. Tom was definitely unable to handle it, as he gagged every time my dick went all the way in, and started to tear up. Using only a fraction of the power my muscles gave him, I fucked the shit out of his face. It was so hot, I was getting so close… I pulled out of his mouth, with Tom in complete awe of what just happened. I then cleaned up the drool from his face and dragged him by his shirt to my bed. When I sat down and positioned my cock in front of Tom, I realized that I had actually ripped his shirt in the process. He didn’t seem to care at all about it, so I finished ripping it off and threw it across the room. Wow, he was just a skinny as I was, if not skinnier, and now he was just putty in my big strong hands. “Wake up wimp,” I commanded, “this cock isn’t going to take care of itself. Tom quickly returned to my cock like a magnet, this time eagerly trying to take all 8-inches of my thick beast. I let him have some fun on his own, but when he took a break and began to drool, I quickly wiped it and rammed my dick back into his mouth. Then, I started intensely fucking his mouth, to the point that I was honestly getting scared that I would break his jaw—something I didn’t want to do, but honestly turned me on thinking that I had the strength to even consider that as a possibility. “That’s enough,” I demanded, “Now, just lick my cock and balls Tom.” He did so eagerly, happy to keep pleasing me but to also breathe. Tom licked and sucked on my balls especially, which just felt so good I began to moan louder. Then, when I had had enough pleasure, I picked him up and sat him on my lap. He was so small compared to my massive ripped body, he was almost like a doll practically. Tom seemed to be enjoying it, as he began to grind on my dick, rubbing his back against my sculpted pecs and abs. Fuck, a few days we would have been equals, and now, I could literally do anything I wanted with his frail little body. “God Kyle…you’re amazing…this body, it’s incredible…I want you to fuck me, but…but…I’m a virgin,” Tom said looking completely embarrassed. As I stuck a finger in his ass, massaging it, I also started to stroke his dick. “Don’t worry Tom, we can work it out,” I said with a cocky smirk. “FUCK Kyle…how are you doing that….my GOD that feels amazing,” Tom replied as he moaned louder and louder. I honestly hadn’t realized how big my hands had gotten until I grabbed Tom’s dick. I was able to hold the whole thing at once, something that weirdly turned me on. I began to stroke his dick faster and faster, as I added a second finger to Tom’s ass. I could tell that he was trying to hold back cumming with every fiber of his being. But, soon enough, his toes began to curl, his moans practically became screams, and he began to shoot cum over the floor and my hand. Tom had been holding it for so long that he was shaking from the intensity of the orgasm for a whole minute. Tom was completely out of breath, but it was finally time for me to try out that pretty ass of his. Without notice, I picked up his skinny little body and placed it on my massive cock. At first, he screamed out in pain, but as my dick stretched him out, he seemed to be enjoying it more. I loved how easily I could just lift him up and down with my bare hands, still having plenty of strength to also fuck him myself. Sitting on my cock, Tom was like a rag doll I could easily move around, bringing us both immense pleasure. He even started to get into it himself, pushing and pulling on me to go even faster and deeper. But, I wanted more, I wanted to fuck him for days. I pulled Tom off of my massive cock, smacked his ass so hard he screamed and bent over, and then I grabbed him by the hips. Without a moment’s notice, I started to fuck the shit out of him. Being able to hold him tight, I was able to fuck him even harder than before. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, Tom could barely handle it. I was literally fucking his ass into nothingness, using nearly all of my strength. He was screaming my name, moaning louder and louder, he was in utter ecstasy. But, I wanted to really show off my strength, so I picked him up off the ground and continued to destroy his ass like nothing else in the world mattered. “Oh god Kyle, oh GOD…how are you THIS strong…I could never imagine that you could do this, FUCK…you really are a SEX god,” Tom screamed, already on the brink of cumming yet again. Tom only made me want to fuck him harder and harder, especially when he came for a second time, all over himself and the floor. I really was a god among men, someone people would beg to have sex with, if not just touch. My body was a well-oiled machine made to experience sexual pleasure, and give people the fuck of their lives. Plus, the strength, god the power I had, I haven’t even fully tapped it. Jenny passed out and I could already see Tom was tiring out, but I was still barely feeling anything. Fuck, I really had become a monster, and I loved every minute of it. In between moaning and screaming Tom managed to whisper, “Kyle…can I ride you…the thought of it…fuck…sounds like heaven.” God, he was so fucking right, that did sound amazing. I laid down on the bed with Tom, allowing him to jump up and down on my cock. Wow, he loved it, intensely using his legs to bounce up and down on my massive meat. But, I was getting close, and I wanted in on the fun. In this position, I was able to rapidly fuck the living shit out of him. I really was in heaven, with Tom’s ass perfectly massaging my cock, and Tom having the greatest pleasure he has ever felt in his life. This was his first time having sex, but before we knew he was cumming for the third time, now all over the bed. The sight of him in ecstasy was enough to push me over the edge, with my cock exploding cum inside of his ass. When Tom fell over from exhaustion, the cum started to spurt all over me, even hitting my face, the backboard of the bed, and even the wall. As I laid there just taking it all in, Tom came to and saw all of the cum over me. Like a rabid animal he jumped on top of me and started licking all of the cum off of me. He started with my abs, then moved to my pecs, and finally we continued making out. “Wow, your body, your lips, even your cum…it all just tastes so delicious,” Tom said as he laid down next to my giant sculpted body, practically passed out from the intense fucking. After I chilled in bed for a while, relaxing, Tom finally came to. He seemed pretty dazed and out of it, but he seemed hungry for more sex. “Look who’s finally awake,” I said looking at him sexily. “God Kyle, that was honestly a million times better than I could have ever imagined. I loved every minute of it, and I need more, I need you” Tom said practically begging for more. “Actually, there is something I’ve always wanted to try. Throw on some clothes, I’ll put on some new boxer briefs, and we will head downstairs,” I replied as I flexed my muscles. Without questioning anything, Tom threw on some clothes, practically at light speed. He had no idea what we were doing, but he knew I was going to fuck him again, and that’s all he cared about. As we left the room, all the nerds that were still up and about couldn’t help staring and ogling at my body. I even heard one guy whisper under his breath, “that lucky bitch, why can I have a man like that.” Wow, I really had become the king of the nerds. I was still into video games, comics, and all the other stereotypical geek stuff, but I also had the body of a god, and the ability to endlessly fuck people until they couldn’t take it anymore. Then, we arrived at the pool, where I had always dreamt of having sex with someone. I imagine it wouldn’t be much different, but the setting just made it more of a thrill. Yet, it seemed like some random old guy was busy closing up the pool for the night. “Hey man, can we still get into the pool,” I said in a strong, stern voice. Still trying to lock up, the man stated, “Sorry bud, close at 10, no ifs, ands, or buts.” That was when I turned him around, got a good look at him, and said, “I don’t think so, we are getting into the pool, and you’re going to bed old timer.” The old man couldn’t believe what he was looking at. The hotel was swarming with average looking skinny nerds and geeks, but there I was, a ripped, muscular hunk. He honestly didn’t know what to say, and, in the end, didn’t stop me and Tom from getting into the pool. I was actually getting turned on realizing that there were some nerds staring at us from the door. If they were looking for a show they were about to get one. Tom, probably would have been self-conscious if he knew, but his attention was solely focused on my muscles. He especially lost it as I stripped my underwear off. God, I must have looked so hot naked, with all of my muscles pumped from all the sex I had been having. “So, are you coming into the pool or are you just going to stand there and stare the whole time?” I stated have joking, but practically commanding him to join me. “Oh…um…yeah, of course,” responded Tom as he took off his clothes at a faster speed than when he initially took it off. When he initially jumped in we actually just splashed around, almost having fun, but then we quickly started making out. I could already feel Tom’s full erect boner as I held him close. Through the water he enjoyed feeling up my muscles, he was practically obsessed with them. He couldn’t get enough of me, and I loved the fact that I was finally fucking my crush. I thought I would never get a chance with him, and now Tom was literally begging for me to fuck the shit out of him. “Fuck Kyle, you make me so horny it’s insane…I don’t get it, you’re just so gorgeous,” Tom said as he began to suck on my neck and squeeze my bicep muscles. “Well Tom, I’m here to please,” I said as I carried him over to the pool ladder. There, I sat him on the highest rung, lifted his ass and legs up, and stuck my massive cock into his ass. Using the ladder’s rails for support, I was able to fuck him with all of my power. It actually got to the point that I could feel the rails loosening, and ultimately breaking. Soon enough Tom had his most intense orgasm yet, but he begged me to get out of the pool so that he could get all my cum in his mouth. He decided to suck me off again, so I gave him a good ole skull fucking. He was probably even more turned on by my glistening muscles. My pecs, abs, and biceps must have looked especially fine. After a few minutes of that, I came in his mouth. He tried to take it all in, but eventually he just couldn’t take it anymore and I sprayed the rest over his body. Then, I picked up his exhausted little body and we sat together in the shallow side of the pool. For once, I was honestly actually starting to feel some level of exhaustion. “Wow, guys, that was so fucking hot,” said Jenny from the door. “Woah, looks who's awake,” I said excited to see her. Biting her lips, Jenny responded, “So how about we make this a party.” I looked around and saw the two nerdy guys from earlier, who looked pretty shy and awkward, but they obviously wouldn’t be here if they weren’t eager to join. I honestly had not thought about the idea of a threesome, or an orgy, but it definitely excited me. So many people wanted this body, these beautiful ripped muscles, why not share it? “Come join us in the pool then,” I replied with a sexy smirk. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well that’s my story guys, hope you enjoyed it. Somehow, I went from a scared nerdy little kid, to the hunky king of the nerds. Literally everyone at that convention the next day was talking about me, and many of them wanted a piece of me in some shape or form. I truly am a god among men now, and I regularly fuck Jenny and Tom, among other people. I’ve been asked why I don’t just get a boyfriend or girlfriend, but, come on, look at me, I can have infinitely more fun single. You wouldn’t believe some of the adventures I’ve been on with my godlike looks, but those are definitely stories for another day. If you are interested in them let me know, I swear some of them are fucking juicy. Don’t worry though, as cocky as I have become, and oh have I become a cocky bastard, I’m still a nerd at heart. Like I still read books or play video games, I just do that shirtless, and often time after pounding the shit out of someone. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the orgy at the end, come on guys, I think I gave you enough. Hope you had fun! I'm going to get back to my game, I have some fun scheduled for later.
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    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 13 of 14

    THE STORY SO FAR - Stephan is a police officer with a very well-endowed boyfriend, Tom. But Stephan's sex addiction to sex leads to him losing his job - and breaking up with from Tom. While staying with his parents in a quiet corner of London, Stephan observes something exciting: an alpha muscle Beast (Nico) humiliating a fluffy, gentle, weak young beta called Olly. Nico starts helping Olly grow - and it happens at an impossible rate: muscle, height, cock, hair, character. Soon he's eclipsed Nico himself. Stephan becomes fixated on Olly, but he's also concerned - why is Uranus Gyms (run by Nico's Dad, Mr Chesterton) experimenting on Olly like this? He steals Olly's protein drink, made by the mysterious Doctor O, and tests it on Tom: it not only makes Tom's muscle and cock swell, but allows the two of them to share minds. What is the plan for the new, alpha Olly? Nico's Dad invites Olly over and they worship one another - and fuck. But there is one final twist in the drama to come... Chapter 12 is here 13 Stephan Tuesday October 9th As soon as he came in the door, I knew something was wrong. He was wearing new clothes. They looked smart, businesslike, adult. And however much his expression may have been hang-dog, you couldn’t mistake him for a young man any more. He looked like someone's husband who's just been caught out fucking the au pair. He slunk into my parents' hallway and practically filled it. The new clothes creaked and strained around his physique: I would swear he was at the biggest I've ever seen him, and all in proportion — he was towering over me, and nobody's done that in about fifteen years. His blonde mane and beard swept down to the curls of golden hair escaping from the top of his shirt. His blue eyes were beseeching. 'Something's happened,' he said. 'I need your help.' 'Well, yes, of course, anything,' I said, trying to catch my breath. I didn't know whether I'd been expecting this or fantasising about it, but somehow I recognised the scenario. Dimly I remembered going to see my friend Andy when I was at University: I just realised something about myself, who I was, what I wanted, who I wanted... What had Olly realised – and who had helped him? 'Come into the kitchen,’ I told him. ‘Mum and Dad are out. If they come back in, you're — oh god, let's just tell them you're a friend of mine and I've known you for years. You don't look like what you are any more.' 'I'm really sorry. I looked up your address on the library computer. I didn't know who else to talk to about this.' I began to boil the kettle. 'Is it something to do with Nico...?' 'No. Yes, I suppose it is. Oh, it's such a mess!' 'Just relax. I'll take care of you.' 'I knew you would,' Olly said, tried to smile. 'You've always looked out for me, haven't you? Always given me good advice.' I let out a sigh. 'Yes, I suppose so. You ignored me, mostly.' Olly sat down on a chair that looked child-size under his monstrous frame. It seemed the whole room could barely contain him now. 'You work for the police, don't you?' I did a double take. 'Uh, not any more. I thought I said...' 'Well, you used to, anyway.' 'Yes,' I said, my heart beating even faster. 'I had to leave. I was addicted to –' 'It doesn't matter about that,' said Olly. 'There's a man. He's called Mark Lord Chesterton. The father of my friend, Nico. His address is...' He gave me the address. 'He's a beast. He needs to be captured – you know, arrested.' I filled a mug of tea, poured in milk, handed it over. 'Drink this,' I said. 'It's a herbal remedy. It'll relax you. And you really need to relax the fuck down, Olly.' 'I went to his house. He's Nico's Dad. Well, his adoptive father.' 'When was this?' 'Just earlier this afternoon.' 'How come you went to his house?' 'He was going to give me some of Nico's clothes. Well...' He smiled. 'Not Nico's. I'm bigger than Nico's ever been now. Bigger than he'll ever get. Check it out, bro.' He flexed his arms wide. There was a ripping noise. He looked down at the torn shirt sleeves in surprise. 'Holy fuck. I must have grown since I left his house even...!' 'If what you say is true, that's impossible.' My mouth was dry. 'I'm bursting out of Nico’s Dad’s suit, Stephan.' He grinned a stupid grin. 'This thing is out of control now. I don't think it's going to –' There was a loud creak, a clatter, and there he was on the floor, the wooden chair in pieces underneath him. He sprawled on the floor, huge bulge twitching in his trousers. I helped him to his knees. 'Drink your tea,' I said. 'Tell me.' 'He got me to take my clothes off. He took advantage of me.' 'This is a huge accusation, Olly,' I said. 'Be calm and tell me the truth. Did you encourage him at all?' 'Stephan...' 'Did you enjoy it, Olly?' 'I know you wish I was gay like you,' Olly said, pulling off the restrictive suit jacket. The shirt hung in colourful shreds around his super-human physique. 'I like girls.' He looked down at my evident hard-on in my corduroy trousers. 'Believe me.' 'Of course I believe you, Olly,' I said. 'I'll call the guys down at the station. We'll get Mr Chesterton arrested and charged.' 'And locked away?' Olly looked at me with such a young expression on such an extreme physique. I put my hand on my heart. 'I'll do whatever it takes, Olly. I love you, bro. And not in a gay way, if you can understand that. Even if I am, you must know, extremely gay.' 'Thanks Stephan.' He downed his tea at a gulp. 'I understand.' I got my phone out of my pocket and scrolled through my contacts. Yes, there were still a couple of gay officers back t the force who trusted me – maybe even owed me a favour. It had been a while since I had really felt like a police officer, restoring justice, sending a dangerous man (a real beast?) to the cells. But for Olly, my dear Olly, I would do it. I would make it clear that bastard wouldn’t be getting out of jail any time soon. I stepped out into the hallway to make the call. When I came back, he was stripped to the waist, trying to take a shot of himself with his phone that could take in as much as possible of his new impossible bulk. 'I don't understand any of this,' he said, looking at me. 'It's crazy,' I said. 'Crazy hot, though?' he said. I felt my hard-on through my trousers again. 'Oh yeah. But I understand the score. Strictly wank bank material for the likes of me, yeah?' He grinned at me. 'Well, if I can ever thank you for what you've done today...' I froze. ‘Really?’ ‘Not just today. Ever since I met you.’ He looked fluffy again. ‘Bro, come on.’ 'Actually…' I said, 'I was just about to suggest we go upstairs and – find you something you can wear. Like, even a dressing gown or something.' ‘Upstairs?’ said the young behemoth. 'Up to your room?' 'That was my idea,' I replied, slowly. Olly brushed blonde hair out of his eyes. 'I can't think of anything I'd like more, right now.' The stairs creaked beneath him as he followed me. I thought of the skinny lad with the smooth chin and friendship bracelet that I had met in the height of summer. He blossomed. He had grown. He had changed. When he put a hand on my shoulder, I bit my lip with pleasure. Just how much had he changed? Like any good police officer, I would investigate. When we were in my room, I locked the door carefully, just in case. Someone might arrive home unexpectedly. I finished my tea, put my laptop on silent, and took off my tie. 'I never expected anything like this would ever happen,' I said, running my hands over his broad shoulders, down his oak-tree triceps and biceps to his thick forearms and huge paws. 'You were such a sweet, straight boy when we first met.' 'Remind me.' I laughed. 'You didn't have any of this fur, for starters.' 'Oh yeah. I was so proud of my little tufts of hair in my pits.' He grabbed my wrists and ran my hands through the golden rug on his belly, his chest, his jaw. 'Now I'm all pelty.' 'You smell like a man now. You have a dark, animal smell.' 'I'm big, I'm hairy and I stink. Any improvements?' 'I don't think you could carry a stack of heavy books across a room. Now you could lift me up and throw me in the air if you wanted to.' 'Without breaking a sweat.' 'Really? Then I'll have to push you harder.' He gave me a knowing look. 'What else, bro?' 'Your attitude. Remember how Nico pushed you around that day?' 'Now I'm the boss.' 'Anything you say,' I said, gasping in his musk. 'I don't know what I'm saying,' he said. He ran his tongue across his dry lips. 'I guess that's something else that's changed, in this last couple of months.' I rolled my thumbs back and forth across his huge, mulberry-coloured nipples. They lengthened, thickened with excitement in my hands. I looked up at his handsome face. 'What's that?' 'Not knowing,' he said, closing his eyes in pleasure. He looked like a heavenly angel’s big, bad brother. 'Not knowing who I want…' 'Not Estelle,' I said. 'Not Nico's Dad. Not even Nico...?' I tweaked both nipples at once, and he moaned low in response at the back of his throat. Like a beast. 'I want,' he said, 'someone who knows what they want.' I undid my belt. He snapped his apart. I dropped my trousers. He tugged his own off his huge sinewed legs, ripping them to bits rather than stepping out of them. I got my dick out and began to slowly wank it. 'Someone who wants to worship you,' I said, burying my face in his chest hair. 'Be your disciple.' He put his hand around my hand around my dick. 'You're so cute and little,' he said, squeezing my fist tight around my hard cock and sliding it almost painfully up and down the shaft. 'I haven't switched size,' I said breathlessly. 'It's all you.' 'Same difference,' he said. 'It's a matter of perspective,' I said. 'And it ain't what you got, it's what you do with it.' 'Except,' he said, taking my other hand and putting it on his enormous, underwear-straining member, 'when you're built like Captain America, squared, what you got is what you do. You're completely in my power, aren't you?' 'Oh yes,' I said. 'But then, you need me. If I don't worship you, you're not powerful.' 'And how will you worship me?' I pulled my hand from his grip and slipped it inside his pants, and up under his mega-balls, and up further, till I reached inside his sweaty crack. I reached deep. His powerful glutes clamped down on my hand, but I kept reaching. 'Let me show you.' 'I don't get fucked,' he said. 'That's not part of the deal.' 'I'm going to touch a pleasure centre in you that you don't even know about,' I said. 'I'm going to broaden your mind to places you didn't realise existed. And you're going to cum for me. You're going to cum harder than you ever did before. You're going to fly.' He bit his lip. 'Sounds alright.' 'Get that underwear off,' I said. He smirked, stepped away from me, and, balling up his hands into fists, flexed every muscle he could. Knots and cords stood out thick and thin in his legs and arse; abdominals stood proud like a xylophone; lats flared, his pecs bulged giant and red beneath his chest hair, his biceps were mountain peaks, his shoulders reached up to his beard. His dick seemed to flare and flex inside his underwear, stretching the material thin and then tearing it open as if it were only wet tissue. His balls seemed to swell with spunk and fur, and the underpants twanged apart altogether, and he was nude. A Greek statue, but bigger, and flushed with colour and radiating heat, and looking down at me with satisfaction. ‘At last,’ he said, his deep as a man’s, ‘I’m finally starting to get big.’ 'Only the man who is truly masculine knows how to be fucked. Lie down on the bed, Olly. You’ve come a long way, but I’ll teach you the ultimate lesson.' 'Will it hurt?' he said, clambering up onto my duvet. The scent from his horse cock was bittersweet and powerful enough to make me salivate. 'It'll gym-hurt,' I told him. 'And it'll gym-pleasure.' I climbed up onto his chest. He lay beneath me, acres of furry muscle like rolling hills below an aeroplane. Slowly, steadily, I wanked my dick. I ran my dick over his lips. He smiled. I slid it in his bearded face, tilting his head toward my achingly hard man-prong. He licked and nibbled it like a pro. Aha, I thought. The first real giveaway. 'That's so good,' I said. 'You're so good. I'm going to worship you. I'm going to make a god of you, and a church with a great big steeple, and an ecstatic dream of the universe. You'll be my everything.' 'Oh, yeah,' he said, drooling. 'I'm your master.' 'You're so fucking, fucking hot, Olly,' I gasped. 'Or should I say — Mr Chesterton.' The look of surprise on his face was sublime. Sudden vulnerability. Real vulnerability. I'd undone him in a moment. 'What?' he said, and as he opened his mouth, his innocence spoke to me, and my hard dick was lying across his face gleaming with his spit, and I was totally overwhelmed. I moaned, long and low, and gushed torrent after torrent of white hot creamy spunk over his young-old, handsome, hairy face. The spunk ran in rivers through his beard, tracks across his shocked expression. And then he smiled. 'Yeah,' he said. 'Okay. What's the point of pretending? I am Chesterton. King of Uranus Gyms. Owner of Muscle Worshippers dot com. Older than you, although in his prime. Nobody will believe you in a million years.' After cumming, as usual, my mind was completely clear. 'You've taken over Olly's body.' 'Jealous?' 'A bit,' I said. 'How's it done?' 'Oh, this is amazing. Discovery. Interrogation. I really want – need – to fuck you now.' The words coming from Olly's innocent lips were so strange. There was nothing innocent about him now. 'Simple mind transfer drug. It works like a dream.' 'Almost literally?' I said. 'The human mind, like the human body, can be taken further than most people have ever imagined,' he said, scooping up my hot jizz from under his chin and oiling it into his absurdly muscular pectorals. 'I gave it a pretty good shot myself. You should see the real me, Stephan. My original body is Muscle Daddy Heaven.' 'But you wanted Olly's body,' I said. 'Not specifically Olly,' he replied, reaching between my thighs for his giant semi-tumescent cock. 'But yes, something younger was required. A body ready to be taken even further. Further in size.' He gave his grossly long, thick knob an almost convulsive shake so that the head smacked my arse heavily. 'Further in power.' And another shake. 'Further in pleasure.' And another. I could feel myself becoming aroused once more. Here was Olly as I'd always wanted him. Huge. Flat on his back. Gay. Wicked as sin. I had to keep my composure. 'You corrupted him,' I said. He batted at my arsehole with Olly's dick, testing my resistance. ‘Oh, it wasn’t hard to do. A slow seduction. Every young man wants to be bigger, stronger, better hung. You can get a lad drunk on that. I had already corrupted Nico — you've met him, my son – in the same way.' 'Another musclehead.' 'Grown in a laboratory. Bred to be the perfect receptacle for my soul,' he said. 'A clone of me, in fact. He'll probably turn out pretty amazing.' He licked a huge forefinger and slid it up my arse. I tried not to show how much I wanted it. 'But Nico got into muscle too soon. I needed someone whose mind had already developed, before they got hooked on bodybuilding; just like Olly's had. Then I could get his super-brain drunk on the pleasures of packing on the muscle.' His fingers were up inside me now. Opening me up for him. Taking me. 'The whole of Uranus Gym was put together,' I groaned, 'just to make him into a vessel for you.' 'To create a young, hung, alpha male muscle beast,' he said, 'with a taste for cock.' 'And then make him want you.' 'Everybody wants me,' he said, sliding his monster bazonger up inside my arse. Inside me. Filling me totally till we felt welded together. A beast with two backs. He held me steady, as though I were a sex-doll he was positioning on his outsized prick. 'Not to make you even more jealous, Stephan, but before I got inside Olly’s head, I got inside his arse, just like I’m inside yours now. It was necessary.' I gasped with pleasure and pain. He smiled a cruel smile with Olly’s mouth. 'You are good, Stephan. Not many people could take a member this size.' 'I had a lot of practice with my ex,' I said, wiping tears from my eyes. 'And one or two police constables. And a pub landlord. A university librarian. A poet. God knows how many construction workers, city gents, skinheads, dancers, footballers, popstars, ex-popstars, and a grocer with a marrow that made my eyes water.' 'I think we're going to have a lot of fun together.' 'And what about Olly? In your old body?' 'You've just sent him to prison, more or less,' he said, thrusting with excitement at the thought. 'Safe out of my way. And he'll get plenty of action in there too, if he plays his cards right.' 'Oh,' I said, wanking my dick again. It was harder than ever in my life, and I was surging with excitement as if electricity were flowing from his groin through me into my mind. 'This is too good.' 'I know,' he said. 'Because,' I said, 'I've done nothing of the sort.' He was still smiling. High on sex. 'Eh?' 'I haven't called my old mates in the police force about Olly. But I did put them onto your right-hand man — oh, what was his name? Dr O?' He fucked me harder, anxious thrusts. I gasped. 'You're making that up.' 'No,' I said. 'I knew as soon as you came in the door. My boyfriend and I already tried out your weird mind drugs. I pieced everything together. And Dr O fancied me, so he gave me his card. Miscalculation.' He was bucking now, hard and deep. His face was calm but his body was bucking as if he wanted to throw me up in the air, or fuck me into a pulp. It felt astounding. His abdominals were dancing like kids at a rave. 'I still have power. I have power over you.' 'No,' I said. 'I gave us both some mind control drug in our tea. Oh, it feels so good, Chesterton. Do you realise you're still growing – ah! - bigger with every – ah! - thrust. Bigger – ah! and bigger. And I – ah! – oh, I feel stronger than ever. I feel fit and strong and sexy as fuck. Strong enough not to be taken in, not to be betrayed by my own desire. Strong enough to get inside you.' 'No!' he gasped. 'Inside your mind,' I said. 'No!' His huge balls smacked against my arse. 'To bring Olly back,' I said. His huge hands grabbed me round the throat. I couldn’t draw breath. Blood pounded in my cheeks. I saw stars. Constellations. Faces. I looked into the eyes of those faces, as he drilled me like the beast he was, so strong and huge he made the bed snap its legs, one by one, and crash to the floor. He was golden-furry now from jaw to belly to the backs of his hands. But so sweet and fluffy all the time. His hands weren’t throttling me how, but clinging to me, cleaving to me, rocked back and forth with me, almost like a lover. Almost like he wanted me to feel good. A final spark of anger surged in his eyes, as Chesterton regained control: 'No!' 'And the best part,' I said, 'is it's all been broadcast on Muscle Worshippers dot com.' He looked up at the webcam in a panic. 'Fuck! No!' 'Yes!' I gasped, cumming again. ‘Yes, oh, yes, oh, yes!’ 'Yes!' said Olly, triumphantly, and lay back on my pillow gasping for breath. I leaned forward and kissed him, and it was him, Olly, and he was inside me, gasping with pleasure. 'Oh my God, Steve!' he said. 'I'm fucking you! I’m – I’mmmm – mmmmmmmngh…' He looked down at us both. His dick was pumping jism into my arse, I was overloaded with it, it was running down my thighs. His soft, sweet, puppyish look was back in his wide eyes. A deeper realisation was dawning, like he was waking from a dream. 'Oh, Steve – thank you!' I ran a hand affectionately over his sweaty chest. 'It was a pleasure,' I sighed. Like all good sex, it had been a pleasure and it had been a pain. And now it was over. To be concluded...
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    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 12 of 14

    THE STORY SO FAR - Stephan is a police officer with a very well-endowed boyfriend, Tom. But Stephan's sex addiction to sex leads to him losing his job - and breaking up with from Tom. While staying with his parents in a quiet corner of London, Stephan observes something exciting: an alpha muscle Beast (Nico) humiliating a fluffy, gentle, weak young beta called Olly. Nico starts helping Olly grow - and it happens at an impossible rate: muscle, height, cock, hair, character. Soon he's eclipsed Nico himself. Olly seems increasingly alpha. Nico is a star of muscle worship websites and private clubs. Where will it end? Stephan suspects that the men at Nico's gym - Uranus Gyms - are experimenting on Olly; he steals a flask of their protein supplement and tries it out on Tom: it not only makes Tom's muscle and cock swell, but allows the two of them to share minds. What is the plan for the new, alpha Olly? Will Nico's Dad - owner of Uranus gyms - be able to help him? Chapter 11 is here. 12 Nico Tuesday October 9th I came home from working out at the gym with Olly and I was, like, I need to get naked — now. It used to be so easy before Olly came along. I used to finish a workout, hard as fuck in every sense of the word, and then just hang out in the communal showers with the other muscle lads. Just soaking my aching muscles, soaping them up, waiting to see who was interested. And believe me, most of the lads were interested. It was first come first served when I had my cock out. I could take my pick. I used to wank myself off for their delectation. We would stand around in a half-circle in the showers, water blasting down on our hard, sweaty bodies, and jacking off, our gaze shifting from prick to prick. Little smiles. But I was the centre of attention, because my knob easily dwarfed even the biggest of theirs. And I was serious about showing it off to its best, making them all want a taste. They would wait till I came before they could spend their load. Then I realised how many of the guys in the gym were into this sort of thing, and we moved out of the showers. We went into the changing rooms. We could take our time there, and I would put on a different sort of show — a fuck show, with whichever of the gym lads was flavour of my month. But it was always a show, always a performance. I could always tell myself I didn't really like guys. I only liked guys who liked me. Fuck me, if I didn't have the best time before Olly came along. Then suddenly I had to keep it in my trousers. Playing straight. I only had eyes for Estelle — a new kind of performance. Any action involving other blokes had to be behind closed doors. Of course, Dad had helped me set up the Muscle Worshippers site years before that. It was when I was leaving college and I told him I wanted more incentive to bulk up. I was bigger than any of the lads in my class, bigger than some of the guys in the gym, but I really needed to compare with some of the guys out in the wider world. So it's a long time that I've been working out and showing off on that website. I always feel at home there. And when I got out of the gym today, I knew I had to go straight on there. It was Olly's fault actually. He had said to me, 'Bro, your chest's exploded since you last came. It's nearly as big across as mine.' He's taller than me these days, so even with our shirts off and our tits pressed hard against one another, I couldn't be sure if he was just being kind. Jesus, but he's come on a long way since the summer. The only guy who's ever outclassed me in the chest department is Dad. When I first met Olly, he was flatter than pavement, and totally hairless. So I get in, lock the door, turn on my laptop, log onto the site, see who's on there. Immediately people start coming into the chatroom when they see it's me, but I'm looking out for my favourite of the bunch — TomOfFinsburyPark. There he is. 'Hey Nico,' he messages me. 'I'm browsing secretly at work. So bored. Just want to see you do your thing.' 'Wanna Private?' I ask him. 'Can't participate,' he says. 'On my iPad in board meeting.' 'Even so,' I tell him, 'I want this to be just between us two.' 'Okay,' he says. 'And I'll repay you tonight.' So I go into a 1-2-1 with Tom and get into position for my cam. I'm wearing my trackie bottoms, gym singlet and hoodie. I'm flushed, I'm sweaty, I'm buzzing. I down some of Doctor O's protein shake that he specially mixes for me. I love the thought of Tom sitting there in his suit and tie, going note by note through his meeting, and his entire will is fixed on me and my body. 'You're so beautiful,' he tells me. I begin a slow dance, and then I peel off the hoody and stretch my arms wide. I run my hands down my sweat-sodden singlet, paying special attention to my new, huge chest. My dick's hard in my trackies, and I'm running my hands down further, outlining the hard-on in the soft grey cotton, when I hear the doorbell go. 'BRB,' I tell Tom. 'Sure. So hard here. Your pecs are looking outstanding,' he says. I pause the cam, go to my bedroom door and open it just a crack. Downstairs I can hear my Dad's heavy tread as he goes into the hall and answers the bell. 'Ah,' he purrs, with what sounds like pleasure and surprise. 'It's you.' 'Well,' says another voice, deep but much younger than Dad's, 'you invited me and — I thought about it and — it seemed like a good idea.' 'Oliver, isn't it?' says Dad. 'Olly.' My heart starts racing. Does Dad know I'm in? I don't think so. But what if Olly asks to see me? Can I get this hard-on down in time? The way I'm boned now, it feels like it'll never go away. 'That's right,' says Olly, shyly. 'Is your son here, sir?' 'No, sorry,' says Dad, 'Just us two. Can I get you a drink?' 'I shouldn't really. Nico and I just had a session. At the gym, I mean. Training.' Why does he sound so nervous? 'I've got some of the Doctor's protein shake,' Dad says. 'Wouldn't hurt you to have a double dose, would it?' And he laughs softly. 'Come on, I could do with conversation. Been working on my research and it's very lonely and very dull today.' The door closes, and the pair of them go into the kitchen. I go out onto the landing so that I can still follow their conversation. Why didn't Olly tell me he wanted to come round? Why isn't he at the library? 'Don't you normally work on weekdays?' my Dad asks, as if reading my mind. 'I took the day off,' my friend replies. 'My boss does whatever I ask of him these, and I just thought, I shouldn't put off coming round. And he'll be happy if I'm not wearing gym-wear around the workplace any more.' 'We'll go up to Nico's room in a while. There's loads of things he's outgrown now, practically bust them open in his last round of bulking,' Dad says. 'He told me himself you were welcome. You've been such a friend to him, I'd be glad to see you wearing them.' 'Thanks,' Olly says. 'No, I really mean that. I kind of think of you as one of the family.' I hear Dad filling two glasses with protein shake. 'Thanks,' says Olly again, this time for the drink. 'Tastes nasty but it works like magic,' Dad says. 'Do you take it?' asks Olly. 'Oh,' says Dad, 'I don't work out any more.' 'But you look — I mean, you have such big –' Dad laughs. 'Why, thank you! You're not so bad yourself. Especially for someone who was a stripling a few months back.' 'It's just hard work,' says Olly. 'And help from your son.' 'And dedication,' Dad says. 'The drive to be — would it be too strong to say, a beast?' Olly laughs. 'King of the jungle! Yeah, that's what I want.' 'I see it in your eyes.' 'I kind of think I see it in yours too.' My laptop 'PLINK-PLONKS' softly. I go and look at it. 'Everything okay?' asks Tom. 'Meeting's over. I'm going to the toilet. Need to wank my big dick before it rips a hole in my suit trousers.' I tell him to go ahead. I want to join him. But I can't leave the landing. I need to hear what's going to happen. Any minute they could come up the stairs and surprise me. When I creep back, they're discussing astrophysics, politics, eugenics, crazy stuff that I don't even understand. I've never heard Dad talk so comfortably with another guy before, and it's weird to think his talking to someone young enough to be his son. 'That's really interesting,' Olly's saying. 'Has anyone researched that area before?' 'Not at all,' says Dad. 'The field is yours.' 'That would be amazing,' says my friend. 'To just devote yourself to developing your body and your mind. To not have to care about anything else.' 'What about your girlfriend?' Dad says. 'What about Nico's girlfriend, for that matter?' 'They don't understand,' Olly says. 'I think only another man could understand. I mean, look at us.' 'Yes,' I hear my Dad say, 'look at us,' and then there's a long pause, and it goes on and on. 'So — shall we go upstairs?' says Olly. 'Good idea,' says Dad. I hear his footstep on the stair. 'Except...' 'Yes?' says Olly. I head back into my bedroom and leave the door ajar. I'm pulling my clothes back on. 'PLINK-PLONK', says the laptop, and I head over. 'Show's over?' says Tom. ' :-( ' I hesitate to turn the site off. I want to please him so much. I need a wank so badly. In that moment of hesitation, I hear Dad pause outside my door. 'Come into my room instead.' I hear Olly take a long breath to steady himself. 'You're sure?' 'Looking at you now,' Dad says slowly, 'I think, you're too big for Nico's clothes. If you're going to wear anybody's cast-offs, the only things that will fit would be mine.' 'I like the idea of that, sir,' says Olly, still sounding so nervous. 'Don't tell my son.' 'No,' says Olly. 'I won't.' I hear Dad unlock the door of the room opposite mine, and him and Olly go inside. They don't close the door, but even so, I breathe a sigh of relief. I sit down on my bedroom chair opposite the webcam, in that position I know the light is falling on my body and making it glisten. I begin to feel my dick through my pants. 'Oh yes!' says Tom. ' :-) ' 'Take your shirt off,' Dad says. 'I want to see if you've grown as big as my son says.' 'Like this?' I could picture Olly taking his shirt off well enough. I see it every day at the gym. Every day I hold my breath, waiting to see what he's packing after his latest growth spurt. He's not like he was that first day, a gawky little guy whose head — and all that fluffy blonde hair — was almost outsized on his body, when he wore that shirt of his big brother's that practically drowned him, and he was looking at me — oh yes, I knew it — with utter envy at my muscle. He was ashamed then of how small he was next to me. He couldn't feel that today — this morning, for example, he looked almost twice my size again. He looms over me. I look up at pecs that are like great mountain ranges of furry flesh, his big nipples sticking out a dark salmon pink, begging to be tasted. He's like an inverted triangle, and his arms are tremendous great pieces of machinery, strong enough to snap a guy in two. But still he's shy. He'll be shyer still with Dad. He glances away, unpeels his t-shirt slowly, carefully off his massive frame. Then, once it's off, he glances down at it, still somewhat amazed each time at this Hollywood action hero body that belongs to the skinny little middle-class librarian. His pecs twitch unconsciously. He can't resist a little smile at that. And then he blushes. 'You shouldn't blush,' Dad says. 'Don't be embarrassed. You ought to be proud of what you are.' 'I am, sir,' I hear Olly say, but he sounds uncertain. 'I sometimes find it hard to believe this body belongs to me. But I love it.' 'You should.' My Dad sounds impressed. 'Your size. Your definition. You're the leader of the pack. You're the biggest, strongest guy in town.' I slip my dick out of my underwear and begin to jack off. 'Come on, then,' I hear Ollie say. My hand freezes on my cock. Is he really going to say it? 'You too.' 'Sure?' my Dad says. 'I want to compare, sir,' says my best friend. As the silence deepens, I wank myself slower, picturing Ollie's face. 'Wow,' I hear him say. The word just escapes like a sigh. 'Come on, really?' 'You're flawless, sir. I've never seen anything like it, not in real life.' 'Not bad for an old guy...' 'Mid-forties is not old,' Ollie says. 'And really, I've never seen anything so...' 'You said you wanted to compare,' says Dad. 'Come over here.' I'm holding my breath. Listening. My dick is hot and hard in my hand. I tweak a nipple, almost without thinking. Oh god, I murmur to myself. 'Show me how you make a bicep,' Dad says. Then, 'Goodness. Okay, hold it there. Let's see.' 'Oh, yeah,' says Ollie. 'Bigger?' Dad says. 'Come on, I'm obviously smaller,' says Ollie. 'Very slightly,' Dad says. 'Show me your tricep.' 'Like this?' 'You're good at that,' Dad says. 'Now, mine...' 'Bigger than me,' says Ollie. 'Not by much,' says Dad. 'Come on, bring your chest alongside mine.' 'Like this?' 'They don't need to touch.' 'Sorry.' 'That's okay.' 'It's hard to tell because you're so fucking hairy, son.' 'I know, sir!' Ollie laughs, still shy. 'It's something else that just grew and grew when I took Doctor O's magic potion. But it's all about testosterone, right? I've read about it.' 'Oh yes,' Dad says. 'It's about a boy becoming a man. That can happen at twenty-one or forty-one. But once it happens, you know about it.' He sighs. 'Okay, I can't tell whose pectorals are bigger but yours is definitely one of the broadest chests I've seen. And your nipples are very, very hard, aren't they?' 'Just from when we nearly touched,' Ollie says. 'I mean, don't take any of this the wrong way, I'm not gay, sir.' 'Oh, I didn't mean anything like that,' Dad says. 'Now, come on, take off your trousers so I can check out your thighs and glutes.' 'Yeah, cool — if you will, sir.' I could hear them unbuttoning their jeans. Undoing zips. I heard the fabric hit the floor. I almost wished I could put my head around the door and sneak a look, but I didn't need to — I could see everything. I could feel the tension between them. I could just imagine my Dad's cologne and the smell of Lynx deodorant on my gym buddy. I could see the looks they gave one another, the way they flexed and posed for one another. 'That's one impressive bulge, son.' 'I guess I just got a bit excited, sir.' 'Yeah, funny isn't it!' And they both laugh. 'Why don't we compare in that too, sir? There must be one muscle I've got that's bigger than yours?' Oh Jesus Christ, I thought. Pre-cum was oozing out of the top of my hard dick and over my knuckles. Please. Please. 'I don't know about that, son.' Please, guys. 'Go on, sir. Or are you scared?' Dad barked a laugh. 'Okay. You asked for it! On the count of three?' 'One...' 'Two...' Three, I said to myself, and bit my lip. There was silence from the room across the hall. A big silence. I could almost hear them breathing, forcing themselves to breathe, as they gazed fascinated at one another. Pride etched on their faces. No, on one face only. 'Holy shit.' 'Well, son, I did warn you.' 'But I didn't expect... I mean, I've never seen one as big as mine.' 'It's a beauty, don't you think?' A pause. I thought, Ollie's debating with himself what he can and can't say. And he knows he has to say it now. There's no going back. 'Can I touch it, sir?' Dad sounds completely fine about the whole thing, like he's talking about a favourite watch or vintage car. 'Go ahead, son.' I lick my lips with a dry tongue. My cockhead is painfully swollen with excitement. I remember when my penis was the Eighth Wonder of the World as far as that skinny little librarian Olly was concerned. I remember when I would see him stealing glances at it. I love feeling undersized, for once. I almost wish I'd found out how hung my Dad was before this. 'It feels so solid. I can't get my hand around it.' 'Try both.' A pause. 'Still no.' 'I almost hate to say this...' Dad doesn't sound apologetic. He sounds like he's having the time of his life. 'It does swell up a little bigger still. Just before I cum.' 'I'd love to see that,' Olly says, in a rush. 'Maybe you can help me out, then?' 'Like this?' 'Yeah, that's a start.' 'I feel like I'm doing it wrong.' 'No, no, keep going.' I hear Dad sigh. 'You ever wanked another guy before, son?' 'No, sir.' 'Thought not,' Dad said. 'It's not just that,' Olly said. 'You're just so huge, I don't know how I can...' 'Why not use your hands on the shaft,' Dad says, 'and your tongue on the head? I'm sensitive there.' 'Can I?' 'Of course,' Dad says. 'Do whatever comes naturally.' There's no talking for a minute, and I'm spitting on my palm so I can wank myself slower at the thought of this. Olly on his knees. Dad on his feet, erect in all senses. I hear Olly gag, splutter, gasp for breath. 'How am I doing?' 'Really good,' Dad says. 'Keep going.' 'Are you getting close?' 'I need to go a little further. Put it back in your mouth, son.' 'Right, sir.' Oh god, oh god. I can't believe I'm listening to this. Oh god, don't stop. 'Stop. Like I said, we need to take this further.' 'What do I do?' 'Bend over.' I can hear Olly processing the idea. 'Really? I've never...' 'You've never had a tongue in your arse before, right?' 'That's right. Sophie never suggested anything like –' 'Just give it a try. That's all I'm saying,' says Dad. 'Spread your cheeks. They're just begging for this to happen, son. So strong and pert. All part of being a real man.' 'Fair enough.' And then, I hear it. I hear Olly gasp with pleasure. Then groan. Then call out and groan at the same time. 'You like that, don't you!' 'Don't stop, sir!' 'Oh, you taste good...' Olly makes more noises of pleasure. 'Ah! Yes! Ah!' Then the sound of both of them, breathless. 'I .. didn't realise ... it would be ... so good...' Dad laughs. 'Thanks. You know, there's one way guys can take this to the next level. Olly? You understand?' 'Do it, sir.' 'But you do know what I'm talking about?' 'Should I bend over again, or lie down on the bed?' 'Olly, you understand — what we're going to do — it's just about being buddies. I'm not gay. You're not gay. Okay?' 'I don't know what it is. I don't care any more. I want you inside me. I think I — sir, I think I love you.' 'Olly — ' 'And I want you to fuck me like — well, just don't — don't hold back.' 'Okay. Let me put a condom on first. Just in case.' He laughed, then. 'I mean, there's no chance of any trouble, obviously, but I had them specially made for me so I might as well use one.' I heard a sound like someone pulling a tarpaulin on over a motorbike. 'And here,' said Dad, 'drink a little more of Dr O's potion. It'll help you relax. Okay?' 'Okay. God, but I want you so much.' 'You're going to have me. You're going to have all of me. Inside you.' 'Oh yeah.' 'I'm going to lie down the bed, and you're going to sit on me, okay?' 'Like this?' 'Slowly. Carefully. You need to be in control.' 'Oh, I can feel you — I can feel you in me — oh, god, oh Jesus...' And then I just listen to them fuck. It's wordless. Deep. Growling. Pleasure and pain together. My Dad. My Gym Buddy. Joined together. On the bed, in the room across the hall, fucking hard. Gasping. Grunting. Then demanding. 'Faster!' 'Squeeze my balls.' 'Grab my beard, sir.' 'Take it.' 'Go deep.' 'Wank that dick, son. Wank that big, fat dick of yours.' And I do. I wank my dick, and Tom is watching me and telling me he wants to see me lose control. Wants to see me cum. But I'm holding out. I'm waiting. I'm waiting to hear them do it, cross the line, go deep, lose themselves. When I hear it, it's like their voices are joined in one. They speak together. The very same words. They're like one person in two bodies, two huge muscled bodies dripping with sweat and dark with fur. 'Yes,' they say. 'That's it. I'm there. I'm there. Yes. That's it. Go!' And as I picture them spunking and gasping and losing control, so creamy white cum is oozing in rivers and torrents out of my dick. I'm covered. My hands are filthy. And I'm biting my lip not to moan and cry out in pleasure. I don't even think about the fact I don't hear them talking any more. I don't think of the sounds, until afterwards. I don't think of the way the door to Dad's room has closed. That I can hear Olly outside my door, pulling his clothes on in a mad hurry, rushing down the stairs, grabbing his bag, running out the door, slamming it behind him. But what happens next is really weird.
  22. gingy123

    The Muscle Sandwich: Part 3

    I apologize for the extremely long delay and for the absence of responses. I am grateful for all the positive comments from my last two chapters of this story. Hopefully this short addition will be able to tide you over for a while ;). Let me know what you'd like to see next! Part 3 I was still impaled on Colt’s hard cock. I rightly guessed that Colt had the stamina of a horse and would likely stay hard the entire weekend. My feet were about a foot off the ground and every so often, Colt would pulse his member to give me extra pleasure. I was in perpetual ecstasy, having this giant cock fill me up and leave me with a sense of security. The back of my head was nestled between his huge pecs and he had his right arm draped over me in a protective embrace. Ox had taken a few steps back and was now staring at me with intensity. His cock was out of his skintight jeans and the button up shirt he wore was a bit of mess from the romp we just had. Ox reached down and scooped my cum off of his jeans and Colt tensed his pecs around my head. As my head was forced tightly in one position, Ox brought his huge index finger to my mouth and fed my cum. This god of a man was so hot and I could do nothing but look up at him as he worked his finger in and out of my mouth. With that Ox again took a few steps back. He asked, “Are you ready Alex?” “Yes, sir,” I replied in a very submissive tone. Colt leaned his head down to my ear, grabbed my cock and tensed his own cock inside my ass. He whispered, “I’ll be taking charge of this for the show.” He cupped my cock for extra emphasis. I again replied “Yes, of course sir” Ox folded his arms and said, “Alex, I want you to beg me to take off my clothes. Show me that my muscles are worthy of your affection. Convince me.” “Please, sir. I have never wanted anything more in my entire life. You two are gods among men and I am nothing but a weak bitch in your presence. I will show your muscles the attention they command and deserve. Please give me the chance to serve you and pleasure you. My being is yours to do with as you please.” “Damn straight,” Ox replied. “That will do I guess but you have to work on your adulation. I guess I will have to inspire you.” He ended that sentence with a grin. With that he brought his hands up to the collar of his shirt and ripped it clean off his body. My eyes nearly rolled in the back of their sockets as Colt started to lightly play with my cock. When I was able to refocus I was staring at a brick wall of 8 protruding abdominal muscles framed with concrete obliques and big full pecs. My mouth started to water and drool began to escape it. Before I could say anything, Ox quickly walked over to me and proceeded to stick my small head between the valley in his full chest. With that I heard a ripping behind me and knew that Colt had just ripped off his shirt as well. Ox walked closer to Colt and I was once again in a blissful muscle sandwich. My body was surrounded my muscle on all sides. My hole was plugged with a huge, thick, muscle cock. My dick was leaking in the enormous hand of Colt who had complete control. My head was surrounded by the valley that Ox and Colt’s pecs made and all I could do was reach up and grab on to Ox’s dark nipples. My shoulders came just under the overhang of both of these god’s pecs. Colt let go of my crotch and instead grabbed a hold of my hips. I missed his strong hand around my cock but quickly felt what he was doing next. He started to rub my hard little cock up and down Ox’s 8 pack while fucking my ass with his dripping cock. I could do nothing but look up at my two gods as they smiled down at me. I was in heaven. As Colt began to pick up the pace, my cock and prostate where being hyper stimulated. Ox leaned down and began to make out with my small little mouth. He forced his tongue down my throat and held my head with his huge hands. He continued to do this for a few minutes while tears of joy streamed down my face. Feeling my gratitude, Ox removed his tongue from my mouth and began to whisper words of encouragement in my ear. “You belong to us little man. You feel these abs rubbing up and down your cock? Feel what happens when I start to flex them” Suddenly my cock was surrounded by his abdominals. They actually jutted out far enough that they were able to take in my small little cock. With Colt’s hands on my hips he began to encourage me as well. “Yeah squirt. Fuck Ox’s abs as I fuck your small little hole. I don’t want you to cum until I tell you, you understand?” I turned my head around to see the intensity in Colt’s eyes. I nodded and said “Yes, sir”. “Fuck, your submissiveness turns me on. I am going to destroy your hole!” With that he increased the pace tenfold and I could do nothing but moan. I leaned forward into Ox’s pecs and moaned as I was hole was pistoned by Colt’s cock. My cock was buried in Ox’s abs being tortured rubbing up and down the bumpy surface. Ox started flexing his pecs hard around my head. Almost to the point where I thought he wanted to crush my skull. “Oh fuck, I ‘m going to cum little man!” shouted Colt. “Cum when I tell you” he said as my hold was being reamed. I felt his balls slapping my ass firm up as his grip tightened on my hips. “3…2…1.. CUM!!” My body was thankful to obey his command and I came all over Ox’s 8 pack. My legs were flailing from the intensity of the orgasm but that didn’t matter to either of them. I heard the smacking sounds of Colt’s strong pelvis as it made contact with my ass but the intensity didn’t register as I had begun to get numb down there. After a few moments he came too and my prostate felt his pulsing cock unload the contents in my body. Colt carried me over to the bed and Ox followed suit. He pulled me off his cock and placed me in the middle of the two. I was in a delirium and more then ready for a cuddle break. Little did I know what Ox had planned…
  23. huntmo89

    My Roommate's a Growing Beast: Ch 1

    Been lurking on the site for a while but never posted. Had this idea a while ago but only just tried writing it and honestly had a really hard time with it. I think it came out well but took longer then I wanted, so might not have time to write any more. I plan on this becoming a growth story, with Hunter's cum causing Chris to grow and Chris becoming a dominant beast. Not reinventing the wheel but should be fun. Ch 1 Chris and I first met in a chem class our freshman year. We didn’t talk much, mostly just shared notes with each other before tests, but as our second year came around we both needed roommates so we decided to live with one another. To be honest I had a little crush on him the whole time haha. He wasn’t really my type since I normally like pretty built guys, but he’s over 6 foot and a really nice guy. Plus he’s a huge rock climber and wow that back… I was walking through our door after fall break, and immediately see Chris pacing in our living room. He turns to me and says, “Hunter I have got to start working out more. Over the break I made a bet with my cousin, first to gain 20 lbs in muscle wins. I’ve got a $100 dollars on this, you’ve gotta help me dude.” This type of conversation is nothing new since Chris is one of the most competitive people I’ve ever met. The second something becomes a competition, it’s life or death with him. But fitness? He’s never been interested in size before, always wanting to stay lean instead. “Sure man, I would love to!” So for the next 2 hours we scour the internet, researching what exercises and diet would help him the most. We quickly figure out that the biggest change is just adding calories. Seth had a bad habit of skipping meals which wouldn’t do if he was wanting to grow some size. Increasing calories and taking creatine will already help a ton. Starting that day we started going the gym every day. 2 weeks later I’m sitting on the couch watching TV when Chris comes in obviously exhausted. He moans even just opening the door. As he enters I can’t help but notice how much mass he’s already put on, all that extra food was really paying off. Most of it was going straight to his arms and chest, and he was starting to get a nice valley in the middle of his shirts. “Wow man, you’re looking huge lately” I say as collapses onto the couch. “I feel it man. Just finished a killer arm workout, never felt this big before” Chris says while looking down at his biceps. He rolls up his sleeve past his shoulder and I see his huge toned bicep. Chris starts twisting his hand back and forth, watching the muscles bunch and stretch. He’s staring hungrily at his arm, demanding it to grow larger and larger with a ferociousness almost terrifying. He looks up to see me staring longingly at his arm and raises one eyebrow, “Want to feel?” Chris knows I’m gay and has always been cool about it, but he’s always kept a firm line between us to be just friends. It’s never been a source of tension, but I have always wondered what if we could ever be more. Now his huge arm right in front of me and a cocky smirk on his face, I wasn’t about to miss my chance. I lean over to Chris as he shoves his arm into my face. Reaching my hands up already I can’t make a dent in the muscle and can barely get my hands around it. As I have both of my hands on his arm Chris reaches around behind me and presses his hand gently against the small of my back. It’s a light friendly gesture but also somewhat possessive, wrapping me in to himself to protect me. Chris looks me dead in the eyes and says, “It only gets bigger from here too. I haven’t even started taking the creatine yet.” I look down and see Chris has started visibly tenting his athletic shorts at the thought of his own growth. This is going to be a great year.
  24. "Je vous laisse, mon ami!" "WHAT!, after everything we have we went through together Pierre? I don’t understand what you want me to do. I was going to propose to you at Christmas. You are going to just give up on us without a second thought? I don’t even care that you slept with Gustav, you mean so much to me." “Winston, I just can’t get past the fact that you look…..uhhhh so…..small. I want to be with a partner that can not only make me happy on the inside, but also looks great on the outside.” “I do workout Pierre, you know this. You used to complement me so much on my athletic physique. What happened?” “Gustav est passé mon ami. He fulfills my insatiable desire for muscle. If you were just……uhhhh… do you say……bigger, I would be much more satisfied.” Winston continues to look at Pierre dumbfounded and wonders why he would be thinking this way since they seemed to be so happy. Before he can get another word out though, Pierre waves goodbye to him and turns around to get into his car. The stunned thinner young man stands in silence as his eyes well up with tears. They stream down his face as he watches his former lover drive down the road and beyond the mountain outside the city in the distance. To take Pierre off his mind, he walks a few thousand feet down the sidewalk before he stumbles upon a park that is located just on the edge of the city. He enters the passageway and notices an impressively built water fountain about a quarter mile ahead from where he is standing and walks towards it. Halfway there, he can hear several clanging sounds as the sky rains with piles of shiny gold coins. When he leans down to examine some of them, several pelt him in the head and knock him down unconscious. He awakens several minutes later and realizes that the entire path to the water fountain is made of these coins. He hears a voice in the background and wonders if it is his imagination. He speaks loudly. “Hello? Who are you?” There is no answer. He takes a few more steps and notices that some of the coins are loose on the ground and can be picked up. After examining a handful of them, one of them glows a bright green color which immediately catches his eye. He grins as he drops the rest of them and continues to stare at it. The voice returns again which makes him snap out of his trance. “What the? WHO ARE YOU!?” The voice laughs before saying, “Lad, I think you know what you are supposed to do with that lucky coin, am I right?” He looks at it again and then walks the rest of the path to stand directly in front of the fountain. He closes his eyes before flipping it up into the air. As he does this, time slows to a crawl as he watches in amazement when the coin hits the water at half the speed. The splash is so intense that it forms a tidal wave and lands directly on top of him. He yells in fright as it drowns him before draining into the ground. As he comes to again, he looks up and sees a rainbow appear from just over the mountain as it ends directly in front of the fountain just a few feet away from him. A strange looking machine follows it down as it stops at the bottom. A small muscular man dressed in a green outfit with a black belt and a color coordinated hat jumps down and immediately walks over to punch him in the right leg. “OW! What the fuck man? Damn, you are a strong little man. And kind of…..” The small man stops him before he can get another thought out. “Don’t say it mate, I know what you are thinking. You think I am attractive because I have these muscles.” *he points to his biceps and flexes them as they stretch the fabric on his jacket* “Now, I want you to come with me back to my home world Winston so we can get this moving along.” Winston looks thoroughly confused and has no idea what he is talking about as he looks down at him. “Huh? What? I don’t know what you are talking about little man? What did I do?” The little man punches him in the crotch and shakes his head in disbelief as he stands there with his hands on his hips. “Lad, why do you have to be so naïve. You made a wish when you threw that coin into this here fountain behind me. I am here to help you fulfill that wish, but you have to come with me to complete a quest in order for it to come true.” Winston looks on in a stupor as the little man physically picks him and slams him onto the machine he rode on. He gets in on the other side of it as it begins to move. The shocked human has trouble getting any words out as he attempts to comprehend how a man that probably weighs about 50 pounds could carry a guy that is three times his body weight without any resistance whatsoever. “Shhh…..don’t even say anything mate. Let me introduce myself, I am Padraig, leader of the Emerald guild. In case you haven’t noticed, we be muscled LOL.” *he flexes again as the machine moves up the rainbow towards the mountain* “But seriously Winston, you said in your mind as you threw that coin that you wished to become the man that Pierre wanted you to be. This is your chance to show him that you indeed can and will.” Once they get to the other side of the rainbow and over the mountain, Padraig and Winston get off the machine and start walking towards the village located just to their right. The surprised human stops for a few seconds as the little man turns to look up at him. He puts his big right hand on his forehead and sighs before he speaks again. “Winston, I know that this is all a bit of a shock to you, but there is only a small amount of time to complete your quest. Before you begin however, I want you to meet your guide through your adventure.” As they walk through the village, another little muscular man approaches them and stops just far enough away to where he catches the eye of the much taller human. Paddy stops him in his tracks and stands next to Winston before he starts to smile knowing what he must be thinking. He then walks over to the other little man and puts his hand on his beefy shoulder. “Aye there Ioan, glad you could come and participate in the quest that has been selected for you. This here is Winston, he made a wish in the fountain on Earth and is now here to fulfill his destiny.” The remarkably good-looking small man looks up at him and makes a few gestures like he wants Winston to pick him up. When the surprised human attempts to do so, he figures out that the man is a lot heavier than he looks. After a few more failed attempts, Paddy intervenes and leads them both over to a table so they can talk briefly. “Ioan will be with you through this quest Winston. Actually, he will be a part of the quest as well. His fate will be in your hands as a result of a set of questions that will be asked as you make your way through the tundra that is just beyond the gates of this village.” Paddy points in the direction of the tundra and leans over the table to whisper something into Ioan’s ear. The little man looks a tad bit concerned as he turns to look up at Winston and then looks at Padraig again. The elder muscleman gives him a look that suggests that he must go through with whatever he told him or else there will be consequences. After about twenty seconds, Ioan gets up from the table and walks towards the gates before opening them and disappearing into the landscape. Winston is a bit confused as to what just occurred and wonders what this will entail. “I don’t understand what this man has to do with me, but for some reason I feel like I have some connection to him. Is this partly because of the quest that I have to complete with him?” Paddy smiles before he gets up from the table and motions for Winston to do the same. He then leads the human over to the gates and walks through them. They stop after a few hundred feet of entering the tundra before the little man stops. He turns to look up at Winston once more. “Okay lad, this is where I must leave you so you can fulfill your destiny. The tundra will be jarring at first, but once you reach the crossroads, you will know what to do next.” A large sack appears in front of Winston which surprises him. “Take that with you laddy, it has enough supplies in it to sustain you for however long you are here. I wish you luck and I will see you soon.” The little muscleman turns to walk back through the gates as they close behind him and he vanishes. After pausing for a few seconds after picking up the velvet bag, Winston immediately starts walking again across the barren wasteland. The cooler temperatures make him stop after trekking for a few minutes as he opens the bag up and pulls out a heavy coat from within. He briefly wonders how this could be inside of it but figures that it is some kind of magic and continues to walk ahead. For what seems like hours, Winston eventually reaches the area that Padraig spoke of. A huge cave appears from out of nowhere which briefly concerns him. He goes inside and manages to find enough kindling in his bag to make a fire. He then makes a bed out of some fabric and goes to sleep for the night as the sun disappears behind the mountain that is just above the village in the distance. When he awakens the next morning, he is greeted by the small man he saw leave from back in the village. He is not wearing a top as his hairy muscular chest is just inches away from Winston’s face. The muscular man’s deep masculine voice stuns the much taller human as he sits up. “Good morning sir, I wondered if you might find this place. I am supposed to ask you a question which has two possible answers. Whichever answer you choose will decide what happens next.” He helps Winston up from the ground so he can look up at him as he talks. The man’s nicely groomed reddish brown beard and green eyes are not what he was expecting to see when he woke up for the day, but is pleasantly surprised. They take a few steps outside the cave and turn back around to look at it. Ioan proceeds to ask Winston the question. “Which one of your parents do you miss the most Winston? This question must be answered truthfully or your quest will end here.” Winston is stunned by the question right off the bat and puts his arms above his head. He had no idea that this would even come up and immediately looks down at Ioan. “WHAT!? What kind of question is that? What does this have to do with my wish at the fountain? Did Padraig tell you to ask me this question?” Ioan puts his hand out as Winston takes his hands off his head to hold the little man’s. He looks up at the human and has a relatively neutral look on his face. “This is just part of the process Winston and I am sorry. I was summoned to be your guide and I have been put in charge of the questions that have to be asked. This actually does pertain to your wish indirectly and is meant to help you cope with what happened to you in the past.” After a moment of self-reflection, it dawns on Winston that he is going to be asked three questions that will pertain to his past, what is happening in the present, and what may or may not happen in the future to him. He grips Ioan’s hand as hard as the little man is now gripping his. “I…..I can’t go back Ioan. They both meant so much to me. I mean…..why?” Ioan walks forward, still holding Winston’s hand, and pulls him further into the cave with him. After taking about fifty steps down into the dark corridor, it changes into two emergency room doors. They stop just a few feet in front of them as Ioan looks up to talk to Winston again. “This is where you must answer the question Winston. Your parents are both here. Talk to them face-to-face one last time. This will help you move on since this has been lurking in your mind for a great deal of time. I will wait in the lobby for when you return so that we can move on to the next question. You will be fine mate, I promise.” Ioan lets go of Winston’s hand as they enter into the waiting area of the hospital. The little hairy muscleman stands there as numerous medical personnel move around him not noticing either one of them are even there. The scared taller young man tries not to lose his composure as he takes a deep breath and walks down the hospital corridor towards one of the recovery rooms on the right. He stops walking when he glances inside one of the rooms and sees both his father and mother lying in beds side by side hooked up to machines. He slowly enters the room and walks between them to turn back and forth to look at them with heavy eyes. He can’t get any words out as he gets on his knees beside his mother to hold her hand and lightly weep. She moves her hand as she turns to look at him. “Winston…..I am so glad that you made it here. Ronnie and I didn’t know if you would get here in time or not…..I can’t seem to remember much…..I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and that I will always be in your heart. I also wanted to tell you that I am fine with who you are so don’t worry about it anymore, okay?” Winston tries to keep from crying but can’t hold back the tears that are welling up. They stream down his face as his mother begins to struggle with her breathing. Before he can say anything to her, she loses consciousness and flat lines. His father Ronnie starts to grunt behind him as he tries to get up to see if his wife is okay or not. Multiple nurses come flooding into the room as they try to restrain him as others try to revive her. Winston’s dad is finally put in restraints as the incredibly muscular middle-aged man winces feeling his body hurting from the catastrophic injuries he sustained in the car accident. The extremely sad young man quickly moves over to the other side of his father’s bed where there is no medical personnel and grasps his dad’s bloodied hand. He is amazed that he never noticed how powerful his dad was before as he looks at all the huge veins cascade from his forearms all the way up his arms and directly into his father’s head. Ronnie looks over at his son and is very distraught. He squeezes Winston’s hand tightly as he pulls him in to hug him. The stunned young man bawls as his dad holds him against his chest. After a few seconds, he lets go of Winston and the sad young man gets down on his knees again to talk to his father. Ronnie tenses his muscles a few times since the pain is so excruciating and looks at his son’s eyes before he speaks. “Look at you Win, you have really grown up since I last saw you. It seems like yesterday that you were just barely walking…..actually it has been that long hasn’t it?” Ronnie pauses for a few moments before he reaches over to grab Winston’s arm to squeeze it. “I am a bit surprised though that you haven’t started growing muscles like your old man here. I want you to be big and strong so you can handle things in case you need to protect yourself or possibly the love of your life perhaps.” He tenses his chest and arms again to show Winston that he stayed in shape all the way up to the accident. He then smiles at him before he speaks again. “I may not have ever heard that you were gay son, but just know that I am okay with it. I’m not sure how your mother would feel about it, but I love you more than you will ever know.” He puts his arms out again to embrace his son and pulls him in to hold him one last time. The power radiating from him dissipates as Winston feels his dad fading away as the machines beep before he flat lines as well. The nurses that were trying to revive his mother move over to Ronnie and begin doing CPR on him as they push Winston out of the way. The young man falls onto the ground and yells in agony as he witnesses both of his parents die in front of him. After a few seconds he feels a small hand move up against his shoulder. He looks up and sees that it is Ioan who joins him on the floor to comfort him. “I didn’t say it would be easy mate, but you were here to see them one last time. I know it hurts a lot, but this will help you heal. *gets up and reaches his hand out to pull Winston up off the ground* Come on, it is time to move on to the next question. We will have to leave this place first though.” Winston stops sobbing and leaves the room only to turn back around to look in at them one last time. Ioan grasps his hand and starts pulling him away towards the front of the ER lobby. They walk through the doors as it vanishes behind them. The young man turns and is stunned by what just happened. Ioan takes him back to where he was staying at in the cave and has him sit down. “Rest for a few minutes Winston and eat something. This was a difficult situation I know. Think on it if you need to and I will return to go to the next question.” Winston spends a few minutes sitting there before he gets up to find Ioan standing just outside the cave. The little muscleman is quite surprised that he is already there. “Wow, are you sure you want to move on so quickly. This next question is going to be a bit tough as well. Why do you think your boyfriend left you? This question must be answered with a truthful answer or your quest ends here.” Winston thinks that he knows the answer to this question but before he says a word, Ioan shakes his head no. “Hold on Winston. I don’t think that you were told the whole story from Pierre. It is time to go back into the cave again and find out what the answer is okay?” The two men walk back in and proceed down the cave corridor again. They stop moving forward when a balcony appears in front of them with a beautiful lake in the background. There are numerous boats on the lake and it appears that there is some party going on. Winston seems a bit confused by the whole scenario before he hears Pierre’s voice off to the side. It sounds like he is moaning quite loudly and is having sex with someone. He then hears multiple voices and rushes onto the balcony before going into a side door into what he thinks is a beach house. Ioan stands outside and looks on as Winston finds Pierre sandwiched between three heavily muscled men. His ex-boyfriend is being fucked by one of them as the two others take turns fucking his mouth with their huge rods. None of them are Gustav though since Winston would recognize him immediately. His blood pressure rises as he confronts his ex. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PIERRE!? You told me you were with Gustav, why would you lie to me?” Pierre immediately shoves the guy that is inside him off and jumps to his feet. He is completely soaked in sweat as he tries to compose himself. The three muscle monsters begin to move towards Winston, but Pierre tells them to stop. “Oh mon gawd mon ami! What are you doing here? I didn’t expect you to show up so soon after we broke up. Gustav? Uhhh…..well I was going to go see him after taking a few days off, you know? *seems really confused* Uhhhh, how did you find this place? I don’t think we ever came here when we were dating did we?” The three musclemen move down to the lake and find an open area to lie on the ground. Pierre notices that they are going there without him as he tries to move past Winston. The angry American grabs his French lover on the arm and grips it tightly. “I want answers Pierre, what are you doing with these guys? Were you doing this shit when we were together?” The athletic Frenchman pauses for a few seconds and sighs. “Winston, I have needs. I need to satisfy these needs by going all in with it. Originally, it was just one, but it has grown quite a bit since then and now I have three awesome sluts that make me feel alive. *pulls Winston’s hand off his arm* Maintenant, si vous pouvez me excuser mon ami, I need to go join my friends so we can finish what we started when you got here.” The nude Frenchman rushes out the side door and down to the lakeshore as the three huge hulks begin to mess around with each other again. Winston walks out slowly and looks over the balcony as he watches his ex-boyfriend get ravaged by each one of them as he yells in ecstasy feeling his body getting thrashed by each one of them. Ioan climbs up onto the bannister of the balcony and sits beside where Winston has decided to wait for him. The irritated human looks over and shakes his head. “How the hell did I not know about this Ioan? This isn’t the guy I knew. He never once let on that he was into this kind of thing.” Ioan reaches over and pats him on the back. “Mate, these kinds of things happen more than you realize. What he is doing with those men right now is a fantasy for quite a few muscle lovers. Of course, not every man is as reckless as he is.” The little man points down at the orgy as Pierre yells in French as one of the men pumps him full of cum. The two others pump their cocks as the Frenchman licks the precum off both of them. They both grunt as they shoot two massive rivers of cum all over his face and chest. He takes turns gobbling down the huge poles as they continue to spurt into his mouth. His appetite for their muscular bodies is so great that he makes himself cum without ever touching his cock. The volcano splashes all over his chest and legs as one of the men grabs a hold of his rod and grips it tightly. When he lets go, his cock continues to shoot huge ropes all over himself. At this point, Winston is quite disgusted and gets down off the bannister and turns to leave. Ioan follows behind as they walk back through the cave as the beach house disappears behind them. The young man sits down again and puts his head in his hands. Ioan stands above him to speak. “That was supposed to be tough mate. This was meant to show you that he is not who you thought he was.” “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Our last conversation was about me being muscular. He said I wasn’t his type. Do you know if he is really dating Gustav or not?” Ioan grins and shakes his head yes. Winston is stunned that he is actually with him and wonders if he should ever tell him about Pierre’s secret. The little man doesn’t offer much of an answer to that thought. “When you are ready Winston, we can move on to the last question.” The story will conclude next week. Check out a previous installment in this series: Rainbow:
  25. Check out the first part if you haven't already: The young man stands up immediately and walks outside the cave like before. Ioan stops him before he leaves though and shakes his head no. “You don’t have to leave the cave for this one Winston. This question is a bit different. During this quest, I have been studying you. You have been put through quite a bit of anguish and I have felt it as you have experienced it. While you haven’t come out and said it, I know that deep down in your soul, you want to be a muscle freak. Your father felt it when he held you in that hospital room. I watched you stare at those men as they fucked Pierre. You wanted to be one of those men.” Winston stops him before he continues. “I have never had the willpower to work out like that though, but…..yes I do want to be huge and powerful. What is this last question you are going to ask me Ioan?” The hunky little man smiles and flexes his impressive biceps. “Exactly how big do you want to be mate? Or rather, how big should I be for you?” Before Winston can answer him, Ioan starts moaning as his legs and arms start cracking and immediately begin to lengthen. The four-foot tall muscleman takes all but a few seconds before he passes five-foot as his bones continue to stretch and reform underneath the fresh skin that is growing on top of his newly forming frame. The young human stares on in complete shock as he watches his guide transform into a normal sized man. After a minute of this, Ioan stops growing taller once he hits around six foot, which is about an inch or two shorter than what Winston is. He walks up to the surprised young man and puts his reasonably skinny arms around him. He smiles as his face now matches the rest of his body in size and proportion. “Well, that was a nice start don’t you think Winston? *he hugs him and rubs the human’s back* This feels kind of nice, but I’m not done if you think this is it. Remember what the question was? How big should I be for you? This time, you can answer me directly instead of walking down that corridor like before.” Winston is nearly speechless as he looks at the incredibly sexy man’s reddish brown beard and green eyes. He immediately leans in and kisses Ioan on the lips as he holds him up against his body. He is quite attracted to him now which has been developing the entire time that he has been with him. They kiss for several minutes before Winston lets him go finally. Ioan rubs his human counterpart’s face and feels his firm frame before he walks backwards a few steps. “Okay Winston, it is that time. I know what I want to do for you because I could feel it inside you as we embraced. What do you want to do for me? I gave you some of my power as we kissed. You can make me as big as you want.” Winston looks at Ioan and can’t believe what he has witnessed so far. He pauses for a few seconds before he says something. ‘I uhhhhh…..what just happened? I just watched you grow taller and now you look……so much like…..’ Ioan grunts in his deep manly voice as he interrupts Winston. He is getting a bit restless as he stares down at his thin frame. “Make me powerful mate, I desperately crave it. Give me what I desire…..mmmmmm……ohhh.” The sexy former little man can feel a burning sensation emanating from the center of his body as he senses a change coming from within. Very faint noises are coming from the bottom half of his body as his pupils dilate. He can feel his feet and calves growing thicker as the veins swell to twice their size as each muscle fiber twitches. The process is slow but steady as it spreads past his knees and moves into his hamstrings and quads. Winston hears him moan as he watches Ioan’s legs destroy the shorts that were riding his ass after he grew taller. He is hypnotized when he sees the former little man’s cock and balls lengthen and swell to nearly twice its size. Ioan is spilling a huge pile of precum onto the floor of the cave now. He makes an obscene motion with his ass like he is being humped by another man as he looks at Winston with a dirty look on his face. “MMMMMM Winston, come here and fuck me please, I crave it so much. Ahhh, my ass is growing…..ohhhh yes, it is getting so big.” Ioan’s glutes swell to resemble two volleyballs. His quads are now nearly twice their size as the growth moves up into his upper body. Winston gives in to his temptation and walks over to join in on his guide’s euphoric journey. He slides his pants off and shoves his cock inside his growing friend’s eager hole. He thrusts hard as he wraps his hands around Ioan’s swelling obliques, stabilizers, and abs as he feels every single one of them pop out and swell against his fingers. He moans loudly as he buries his face into the man’s emerging back muscles which are doubling up on each other. Winston then looks up to watch as his friend’s lats push their way out from his back and flare outward. “RAWR! YES MORE…..I WANT MORE WINSTON…..GIVE ME MORE MATE!” Next are Ioan’s arms and pecs as the veins swell up like garden hoses inside his forearms, biceps, and triceps as they form into huge boulders in every area. It is obvious that the growing musclestud craves huge arms since he immediately flexes them as the bulging cannons form perfect peaks. His delts and traps are able to match his perfectly shaped shoulders. He heaves his chest as each breath summons his pecs to swell even bigger. Winston can see his partner’s nipples drape down along the sides on each mammoth pectoral. He continues to run his hands along the thick hairy marble slabs before reaching up to squeeze the giant mounds of flesh. “FUCK ME MATE! SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU WANT MY MUSCLES!” Winston kisses Ioan’s massive bullneck as he pushes his cock all the way inside him. The thick muscle monster yells in ecstasy as he feels his own cock throbbing as the veins pulse furiously as it bounces with each thrust. The infatuated human screams in delight as he finally unloads inside the hulking hairy monster. Ioan grunts as he feels his balls stretching to their limits as he attempts to hold the massive volcano that is building inside them. He turns his head to lock lips with his human lover. Winston thrusts a few more times before he pulls his cock out to hold on to the hunky muscle monster before Ioan turns around and rubs his massive hardon against Winston’s thin chest. The precum continues to flow like a river as the horny human gets down on his knees to gulp some of it down his throat. Ioan moans deeply feeling Winston run his tongue along the engorged cockhead. “Ohh bloody yeah Winston, I know what you want. You will have to work for it though because despite the fact that I am leaking so much precum, I can hold back for however long it takes to make you fulfill your destiny.” Winston moves his tongue along the veiny shaft as he runs it up and down the sides making it drip with his saliva before he decides to gulp it back down his throat. He can feel it twitch a few times as it starts to completely fill up his entire airway. The sheer size of it makes him gag as he tries to breathe through his nose. Ioan knows what is going to happen next as he continues to lodge the huge rod further down inside his human subject’s esophagus. Winston panics and grips his guide’s mammoth ass and tree trunks as he struggles for each breath. Ioan manages to push it all the way in before his balls begin to contract. The volcano rushes into his huge dick and drains into Winston’s stomach. The cold wintry air around them isn’t enough to keep the hairy beast from perspirating heavily onto his human counterpart as his own breathing intensifies as he holds Winston in place. He moans knowing he is going to turn Winston into a muscle beast next. “MMMMMM, shhhhh. Just stay calm mate and let it permeate your senses. This is the hardest part of the whole transformation. You feel like you are dying, but your body will handle it in……3…..2…..1…..” Ioan can feel Winston’s throat and esophagus starting to get a bit wider as his human partner’s head starts swelling as the muscles inflate in his face and his breathing changes. His winces are now changing to moans as the huge muscle beast pulls his cock out of his human friend’s mouth to let him focus on his own growth. Winston feels his entire body starting to heat up as he tries to keep from losing his mind. “Oh gawd…..oh jeezus…..what the…..fucking…..I feel so numb. *feels his arms swelling now* There are so many things going on in my head Ioan. *his back and pecs are growing as well* DAMN! What a fucking rush…..are you doing this to me?” His shirt is unable to contain the sheer mass that is underneath it as it shreds multiple times. The huge boulders popping out from within Winston’s body along his shoulders and biceps are making his cock react wildly as the excited pole stretches as it thickens. He involuntarily clenches his fists as the veins in both of his arms inflate overtop of his thick growing forearms as giant horseshoes emerge to match his biceps in immensity. Ioan walks up to him to feel his pecs stretch and fill up every single square inch of space on what was a flat surface of skin. His nipples double in size as they rub up against Ioan’s own pecs. The sensation from them touching each other makes Winston’s balls inflate until they turn purple as his swollen footlong spills a sticky ribbon of precum all over his guide’s huge prick. The two musclebeasts lock lips as Winston’s growth progresses down from his chest and into his abdominals which are developing into a huge ten pack. The rock-hard tiles rub up against Ioan’s as the two monsters get even more acquainted with each other’s mass. The heavily muscled Irishman reaches around Winston’s side to feel his lats and obliques popping as they reshape themselves. He finds his partner’s gaping hole and picks him up for a moment to slide his cock inside as his partner’s ass blows up into two equally huge balloons. The growth flows through Winston’s lower half at lightning speed as he yells feeling his legs exploding in size as perfectly shaped diamonds emerge from his hamstrings and quads. His calves manage to match the massiveness of his upper legs as the growth finally reaches his feet which have stretched and thickened up into beastly proportions. They both fall onto the ground as Winston starts bouncing up and down on Ioan yelling and grunting in delight as he feels his partner leaking inside him. With a much deeper and manlier voice that now matches Ioan’s: “Fill me up big man, make me a gawd if that is what you want me to be, I don’t care…..OH FUCK…..this must be what heaven is like!” The bearded Irishman moans as he shoots another incredible load up inside Winston which prompts his body to swell even bigger as every muscle fiber in his body glistens. Winston moans feeling his mantits throb as his cock bounces furiously against his lover’s huge chest. “I can’t make you any bigger Winston, but you are feeling the most intense pump of your life right now. Your body is trying to make you cum and it will get its wish here in about…..” Before he can complete his sentence, Winston’s cock blasts him in his face with several huge ropes of cum. He laughs as he sticks his tongue out to catch some of it and gulps it down. “My turn mate, you might enjoy the fact that mmmmmm…..ohh that feels so good.” Ioan’s cock swells inside Winston’s anus as his body develops the same kind of pump that Winston has. The bearded monster flexes his guns as they rise another inch. His chest follows suit as well as the rest of his massive frame. The two men then take turns licking and sucking on each other’s engorged mountains of flesh. After several minutes of intense muscle worship, they both feel their pumps dissipating and decide to just hold each other as they move over by the fire that is still burning in the cave. Winston gets the bag that Ioan gave him when the quest started and pulls out another blanket to put around them both. He looks into the Irishman’s beautiful green eyes and leans in to kiss him deeply. They lie down and hold each other close as the sun goes down and the temperatures outside drop even further. The steam from both of their massive frames rises off of them and into the cold air. They laugh a bit once they realize just how big they have gotten as a result of all of this growth. Ioan looks into Winston’s bluish-gray eyes before he speaks to him. “Well Winston, this is the end of your quest. You have managed to answer all three questions to the best of your ability so whatever happens next will be up to you.” The well-muscled human doesn’t waste another second when he says, “I love you Ioan. I want you to come back to the city with me. You are no longer small like you were so I don’t think you would fit in here anymore, am I right?” Ioan smiles and agrees with him. “Like I said before, you answered the questions to the best of your ability and this is the result of your final question. During this whole process, you secretly were measuring me up and fantasizing about what I would look like if I was your size, well here I am and I would personally like to thank you mate for fulfilling my destiny as well.” They both embrace and hold each other once again as they fall asleep together. The next morning, they pack everything up and put the fire out before trekking back through the icy tundra and back to the gate which protects the little men’s village. As the gates open, Padraig is standing there grinning as much as he possibly can. He rushes over to punch Ioan in the leg which promptly gets the bearded hairy beast to wince. “HA HA! You feel pain like you never have before huh lad? I have to say Winston, what you did for him is quite impressive. Ioan is a special man and I knew he would be compatible with you. Follow me ye mates so we can have a brief chat before you both return to your homeland.” As they follow Padraig to the rainbow, other little men stop in their tracks and talk amongst themselves as they stare at the two huge hulking muscle monsters which are only wearing the blankets they were lying on the night before as clothing. When they reach the area at the mouth of the giant rainbow, the machine that Winston rode on before stops just feet from where him and Ioan are standing. The little green-suited muscleman that brought them there makes a few gestures and pulls the blankets off them with his mind. They grunt a bit as their naked bodies are exposed to him. He smiles as he waves his hands and then makes a rising motion with them as the two muscle beasts feel their bodies being covered up by some very snug fabric. They both look down at their new clothing and look as if they approve. They then reach over to rub their hands on the fabric but not before Padraig runs over and kicks them. They both wince. “Don’t be getting all horny on me now lads, if you get all erect on me, your tools will probably destroy this getup I got ye both. Now, I just want to say congratulations to you both and I hope that you will enjoy your new lives together. Ioan… was a pleasure to raise you as me own and I am glad that you have found someone that will care for you almost as much as I have. Now you two get going.” Ioan waves goodbye to Padraig and gets on the machine as Winston decides to ask the elder a question. “Will I ever be back here again Paddy?” “Why there would be no reason mate. Your wish has been granted fully, moreso than probably three-quarters of the humans that have ever been here before. Ioan is your true love, Pierre was never going to be with you. Now enough chatter, get going so you and me son can start your life together.” After waving goodbye as well to Padraig, he gets on the machine as it quickly glides them across the mountain and over to the other side where the park is. They both get off the machine and stand back as they watch it disappear back over the mountain. The two muscle behemoths decide to stand motionless for a few minutes at the fountain as they notice how the water has a shimmer to it. They both feel snow beginning to fall as they lean up against each other. Ioan wants to jump into the fountain but Winston shakes his head no saying that they would probably be visited by Padraig if they did that. A laugh is heard above them as they walk over to sit down on a bench that is aimed directly at the fountain. The hunky bearded Irishman turns to look at Winston and says a few words. “I have another question for you mate. What do you want me to get you for Christmas?” Winston looks a bit confused but obliges him. “I thought I got my Christmas present already. It is you, is it not?” Ioan winks and then undoes his shirt and pants exposing his massive chest and cock. “Well…..maybe it is possible that I can ummmmm…..grow again. Paddy once told me that I was luckier than his other ‘sons’. There is a part of my mind that I haven’t tried to access yet so there is a possibility that I might be able to conjure up an additional power that I didn’t know I had Winston.” Winston gets extremely excited and rubs his partner’s huge pecs with his hands. “Well let’s try and figure this out then Ioan. I know I am certainly open to fulfilling a wish of yours if you want.” The two muscle beasts begin kissing each other again as the snow comes down even harder on top of them as the afternoon of Christmas Day arrives. This is the end of this story but there is always a chance that we may return to this world in the future.