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  1. You can find the first three parts here: Part 4: After several minutes, Brice gets up from the table and walks into the nearby hallway. He is still a bit woozy from the ordeal he just experienced, but for the first time in years, he feels as if he is going to be alright on the inside. He is still nude and is unconsciously rubbing the thick grayish skin on his chest and legs feeling the new textures of his fresh hardened skin. It makes his cock jump a few times as it dribbles a few drops of precum onto the floor beneath him. He is looking around at his surroundings and is noticing things he hasn’t seen for the first time since he has been there. There are several rooms on both sides of the corridor he is standing in. Each one of them has a red shield with square boxes around them, flames are superimposed on top of the shields, and they are in numerical order. The east hall is where he was before in the cages and the west hall, which looks as if it is nearly a mile away down the aisle, is where a door is open. It appears to be where the doctor’s exam rooms and offices are located. Brice quickly realizes that he is in an unmarked area of the property and which makes him shake his head a few times. This is obviously a much bigger operation than he previously anticipated. Dr. Cain Darkori opens a door approximately ten feet away from him and walks through it. He is glistening with sweat and appears to be a bit winded. He spots Brice and walks down the hall to see him. He smiles and puts his thick and powerful hands on the gray-skinned man’s shoulders and squeezes them. Brice lightly winces but feels a sense of warmth run through him. “Are you feeling a bit better now Brice? I managed to get Owen down for a long nap I think. You won’t have to worry about Damien for a while either. He went and got his frustrations out on another one of our patients.” Brice looks into the huge hulking red doctor’s eyes and is quite smitten with him. Cain immediately notices this and wraps his huge hairy veiny arms around the gray man’s waist to lift him up into his embrace. Brice’s swollen gray cock is finding its way inside the doctor’s lab coat and it is resting on his furry black chest, rubbing its sticky goo on him. Cain smiles, showing off his perfectly formed white teeth and fangs. They are noticeably longer now than he remembers and it feels like he is heating up as his breathing starts to get a bit heavier. It is a side that Brice has not really seen of him before other than what he saw happening in the exam room. He is moving his hands up and down Brice’s back to comfort him. “Mmm, I have to say that you do turn me on a bit Brice. You are more my type now that you have transitioned to this look. Our bigger halves are getting a bit more acquainted judging by how we are responding to each other.” He also realizes that maybe it is a bit too soon to be fraternizing with someone that just recently returned back to their human form. He carries Brice down the hall and into an extremely large shower area where the two stop for a moment or two. The huge hairy red-skinned doctor turns on the cold water in front of one of the showerheads in hopes of cooling them both off. The cascading of the water as it hits Cain does little to keep Brice’s eyes from wandering up and down the huge man’s thick frame as it completely soaks his lab coat and pants. The immense muscles in his hairy chest are now entirely visible underneath the fabric. He continues to breathe heavily as his gray partner leans in to smell the incredible stench being emitted from the horny doctor’s pulsing neck and scruffy face. “Doctor, I can’t seem to control myself despite your efforts to cool me off. I am being compelled to pleasure you from whatever is residing inside my body.” Brice’s cock and balls are now swelling as they rub against the doctor’s thick abs as his growing rod reaches the underside of his meaty pecs. It is squirting precum, coating the area between both of the doctor’s huge chest mountains. His gray partner starts licking his swollen neck which is bringing him to the point of no return. He can feel his own power tool expanding to the point that it is ready to explode out of his pants. “UHHH BRICE…..*feels numerous waves of adrenaline flowing through him*. MMMMM FUCK…..*a few popping sounds come from his neck*. I haven’t been this hot for someone in…..” He is huffing now feeling his pants creaking now that they are literally painted to his body. The giant bulge that has been torturing his zipper for several minutes finally bursts its way out as the doctor’s massive, veiny cock continues to grow. He is about to let himself go as he feels Brice groaning, feeling his partner’s entire body stretching, swelling, growing against him and in his hands. His own hands do the same as his nails elongate and become sharper. It appears that they are both doing so in sync with each other. The cold water that was supposed to diffuse the situation has failed to prevent the transformation process from commencing. Cain can feel the seams on his pants being pulled apart by the colossal mass that is emerging from them both from behind and along both sides of his lower half. He shoves his thick demonic fingers in between the two growing bloated gray globes to prepare them for what they will have to endure shortly. Brice’s swelling tits are pressing up against his lover as he moans deeply feeling his hole being massaged. He is humping Cain’s swelling fingers as they slowly stretch his anus. The doctor’s eyes have turned to a shade of black now and his upper body and arms are entirely glued to his lab coat. He can feel his partner’s bloated foot-long rod and grapefruit-sized balls being compressed along his own swelling pec shelf as he roars feeling his massive back muscles tear through the puny lab coat fabric. A thick covering of black fur has formed along the ridges of his cavernous delts and traps. Brice’s own eyes have turned a milky gray and his tongue has changed shape. He is finding his way to Cain’s mouth as he slides it inside making a lustful journey down to his partner’s throat. They continue to expand up against each other as Brice reaches his thick 22” pythons around to sluff the remaining fabric off of his partner’s swollen back. The horny red-skinned muscle demon slides his thick sausage fingers out of his gray-skinned partner’s wet hole to let his bloated precum spurting 13x8 rod take over as it quickly arches towards Brice’s gaping cavern. They seem destined for each other as they both meet with each other head on. The hungry bottom moans deeply feeling the massive tool pushing itself all the way inside. The two demons have found their way over to the shower wall where a few of the tiles have broken due to the force they caused by slamming up against them. After a couple of minutes of intense kissing and tonsil hockey with each other’s thick tongues, Cain starts pounding Brice relentlessly growling and roaring in delight. It is definitely getting the attention of others that are in the same part of the complex. Damien can sense the excitement coming from both of them as he stands in the doorway that leads into the shower area. He is surprisingly calm, probably due to the fact that he himself just had a session with a fuck buddy and it has drained him and his other half, at least for the time being. He is quite amazed though at how primal Cain is getting with Brice. The gray-skinned demon bottom has somehow sprouted a tail while he is being ravaged. It is finding its way underneath his partner’s huge heaving balls and is caressing both of them slowly sending shockwaves through Cain’s entire body. The massive muscle demon can feel them ballooning even bigger because of the milking as Brice’s thick hose-sized tail travels up along his horny top’s giant ass smacking both cheeks, prompting an even louder roar each time he does it. It is obvious that Cain has never been played with in this way because he is digging his claws into Brice’s bulging back and lats, but he is not trying to hurt him. The intense pressure in his huge grapefruit-sized balls is driving him insane as his partner’s gray tail slowly slithers its way up to his ass lips to part them and before sliding inside to start raping his anal walls. Cain nearly loses all of his bearings on his demonic self, barely holding on to his humanity as he feels himself being pleasured by Brice’s thick appendage. It is the most satisfying feeling he has ever experienced from another being. He is tilting his head back with his mouth open exposing his fangs as he to be fucked slowly and methodically. This is making him want to cum more than ever as he tries to pump Brice at the same rate. Damien is getting noticeably turned on by this, but he is trying to keep his composure despite what he is seeing in front of him. He feels compelled to join them, but knows that Cain would probably not like that since he obviously is developing a strong bond with Brice. Earlier while the gray beast was resting, the larger brother lectured him about interrupting the regression process in which he was interfering with. It led to what Brice ended up looking like now, which at first was considered a negative. Now though, it appears that Cain has completely changed his mind about it and is becoming totally infatuated with him. Feeling his own body warming up again, Damien decides it is time for him to go visit Owen down the hall before he transforms into his bigger self once again. As a response to being pleasured by Brice, Cain’s impressive red-skinned garden-hosed sized tail has emerged from his back and is trying to reach his lover’s milky gray rocket and ballsac to return the favor. Realizing it isn’t going to be long enough, he musters enough strength to stretch his tail another few feet as loud leathery sounds can be heard coming from within the muscular demon’s lower half. It reaches its destination and wraps itself around Brice’s swollen balls and squeezes them tightly to make him spray a few ropes of sticky precum all over Cain’s massive upper body. Both of the horny beasts have been edging each other for quite some time and are in need of release. As a way of determining who will do so first, they begin to tussle with each other to see which demon is going to win the challenge. Deep down, Brice knows he isn’t going to win against the larger demon daddy, but still wants to show that he also has a great deal of power so he attempts to get free from his grasp. Still stuffed inside his partner; however, Cain slams him down to the shower floor causing several tiles to break beneath them as he tries to show how dominant he is. They both roar with delight as the slightly smaller gray-skinned hulk submits to him after a couple of minutes of writhing and grinding against each other’s monstrous chests and gigantic legs. Feeling the white flood leaving his huge balls, Cain lifts his partner’s lower half up into the air to push his beastly rod up against Brice’s swollen prostate. He arches his massive demonic back as he unloads inside Brice’s starving insides. The rush of the powerful river involuntarily makes the bottom flex his entire frame as he feels every muscle fiber in his body start to expand once again. He grows rapidly as Cain looks on in amazement. He can still feel Brice’s massive expanding tail throbbing inside his asshole as it stretches him even further. At the same time, this is causing the red-skinned demonic beast to make more cum inside his ballsac as he feels more flow out of his raging shaft and into the excited gray behemoth. After cumming inside the gray giant once again, he manages to pull out of the demonic hulk’s swollen cunt hole and let’s go of Brice’s 16” power tool, which was still being squeezed by his huge tail. He is breathing heavily as he lies down on the shower floor. The showerhead they are lying under is still on and it is starting to flood the entire area they are in. Brice has now grown to over 400 pounds and his skin has been stretched to its limits as marks are appearing all over his massive body. He is crawling over to his exhausted top and is towering over him. His cock has started to mate with Cain’s again as they rub together and mix their fluids. They stare into each other’s eyes as the huge red-skinned demon’s tail explores the massive muscle beast’s entire frame once again feeling how much bigger he is compared to where he was just a few minutes prior. It is obvious what the man creature wants from Cain as he reaches down to place the red hulk’s bloated veiny tail on top of his gargantuan leaky cock. Once again, the red demon wraps his appendage around his partner’s ballsac and squeezes them tightly. A few thick jets of precum go flying into the air and coat the doctor’s vascular legs and torso before the slit is plugged by the end of Brice’s tail. The sensation of feeling something entering his cock makes the beast moan deeply. Cain grins as he pushes his tail further down inside the cock making Brice’s shaft swell even larger to contain the invader within. The gray monster reaches down and digs his claws into his partner’s enormous cannons as he anticipates the wild ride he is about to experience. The huge doctor continues raping his dick until he can see that Brice is about to lose control, judging by the wild look on his face. He can feel his partner’s balls contracting as he slowly slides his tail upward and out. When he finally does manage to get the entire appendage free, he is drowned by the largest white volcano he has ever felt in his entire life. The intensity of the orgasm is so incredible that the gray demon loses consciousness and falls over to the side. With each ribbon of cum being released from his bloated body, Brice slowly reverts back to where this whole sequence started in the first place. He has completely covered his red-skinned partner with his seed almost to the point that Cain’s own skin color is nearly invisible. The thick demonic hulk is laughing in his extremely deep demonic tone as he reaches up to his face with his claws to wipe the flood out of his black eyes. He is beginning to calm down now as he starts to shrink back down to his human form. He is tired but he is still manages to sit up long enough to move over to tend to his gray partner. He can sense that Brice is not breathing well and starts to do a few chest compressions on him. He then gets a few breaths in to his lungs before his weakened partner starts coughing and spits a bit of cum into his face. They are both back to their normal sizes once again. Cain smacks his face a few times to get him to open his eyes so he can look at him. It works as they stare at each other for a few seconds before the doctor says something to him. “Well, that was quite an experience, wasn’t it Brice?” They both laugh a couple of times which is followed by Brice coughing to his side as he tries to get a few words out. Cain covers his mouth though to tell him not to speak. “You don’t have to say anything hunky boy. You are far too weak to do anything so we can talk more when you are rested up, okay?” He leans down to kiss him and plunges his tongue down Brice’s throat and embraces him with his huge thick arms. His gray-skinned partner does the same as they lie there together in the milky-colored water. During the last few minutes of their exchange, they were both unaware that they were being watched by Damien and Owen, who were standing in the doorway, completely nude, and smiling while leaning against each other. They both walk into the flooded area to start cleaning up the mess that the two lovers just caused. Owen is told to shut the showerhead off and to clear out the drains of the milky cum that has accumulated so they can get the room fixed for later patients. Damien gets his brother up off the ground and takes him in to one of the exam rooms to lay him down on the table. He immediately dozes off once his brother walks back down the hall to do the same with Brice. Once he gets the gray man into another room, he wanders back into the shower area and starts helping Owen clean up the rest of the damaged facility. He stops the spectacled man long enough to say something funny to him. “Why can’t you do that with me Owen? I’m sure we can generate the same kind of intensity those two have created, don’t you think?” After a few eye rolls from his assistant, they go back to what they are doing.
  2. idealmuscle

    growth Genie Jafar

    Some of you may have come across this story within the ideas part of the forum. Giganticbeast gave the okay for people to expand this story. I love the character. Jafars lust for power was never truly captured in the film. Let's carry on Gigantic beasts work by carryong on the growth. Why not introduce other gods? Or savor in the growth a little longer. The Genie has more Power than you'll EVER HAVE! He gave you your power and he can take it away!" Aladdin said with a sneer, the young man playing this last hail marry struggling to outthink this powerful sorcerer. The genie and half drowned Jasmine stared in terror at this suggestion! Why would he suggest this powermad monster could gain MORE power!? "You're right...the genie's power DOES exceed that of my own.." the sorceror thought aloud, his serpent form snaking around the struggling street rat. His eyes lit up "That's it! Genie I have my FINAL wish!" He said, abandoning the giant snake form, returning to his former slender self, freezing Aladdin in place with a single wave of his hand. Aladdin sighed, watching the hourglass fill with sand, the poor princess Jasmine struggling for a breath, as Aladdin prayed this mad man would make his last wish already! The Genie tried to talk him out of it "hold on sir, mister megalomaniacal psychopath if you could just stop with the wishes that'd be greaaaaat" the blue genie adjusting his tie and fixing his glasses while standing beside a suddenly conjured cubicle wall. Another wave of the magicians hand obliterated the office space, and the sorcer wished "NOW Genie I wish to become an ALL POWERFUL-" taking a breath while Aladdin smirked, his cocky grin sickening the lithe old man, clearly the street rat THOUGHT he had a plan, what a fool! "ALL POWERFUL GOD" The man bellowed at the top of his lungs! Aladdin cockily dropping from the old man's spell as a blast of magic hit Jafar square in the chest! "Aren't you forgetting something Jafar? A genie has oh...wait...god!?" The Genie struggled to complete this wish, his energy draining as he continued to blast the old man, magic wracking through Jafar's lean body as he started to moan and groan from the increase in energies! "OH YES! you FOOL you think I would want to be a GENIE!? Why be a GENIE when one can be a GOD!" He doubled, losing focus enough to let Aladdin free. The youth freed Jasmine and dashed towards Jafar, scooping up a scimitar as he leaped through the air! Closing the distance and swinging the scimitar downward the blade was halted as if it stuck a block of steel! Aladdin opened his eyes nervously and stared at the thick muscled hand that now gripped the base of that blade showing no sign of harm! "OHHH YES....I can FEEL IT! Ohh the POWER! the fucking absolute POWER" he grunted as his twig of a forearm BULGED with rippling power, both Jafar and Aladdin watched the wave of growth rush over him! Travelling up his arm as his sleeve burst off! Individual rippling fibers of muscle swelling and BULGING with power as veins snaked up and down the dark toned skin! The old man standing and rising up and UP growing taller as his robes started to fray and stretch across his thickening form! Aladdin took a swing and another and ANOTHER, but the blade just bounced off the growing gods torso, cutting the stretched robe off, showing his skin changing to a deep red hue! "GO AHEAD and SWING street rat! OHHH Swing while you can! You FOOL! You fucking OHHHH GOD! WITLESS WASTE OF LIFE!" His shoulders bulging and swelling as he doubled in height lurching taller, his growth out of control and forcing his body to jerk and flex without any sign of stopping! His arms stretching down past his knees as he watched his body swell and grow like never before! thickening as his chest and lats continued to heave with every deep intensely pleasurable gasp of breath! The youth ran to the princesses side, watching as the man grew into the world's newest god! "OH THE UNIVERSE ITSELF WILL BOW BEFORE ME! MY IMMENSE MUSCLES CAN REND THE VERY FABRIC OF REALITY!" he grunted as a single flex of his pecs caused the princesses' clothes to literally vanish! He turned and threw his arms up into a double Bi pose, as his monstrous peaks bulged, Aladdin let out a shriek of pain shrinking in size and shape until he was nothing more than a baby! The towering, still growing god's grunts were only getting louder and more powerful by the second as the genie completed the ultimate wish! His blue form literally fading out of existence as his powers were completely drained! "WELL PRINCESS LOOKS LIKE YOUR REAL MAN IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MERE CHILD! AS I WARNED YOU!" He laughed his voice dropping so deep as his shredded rags of robes finally exploded off the towering muscle man's 15ft frame! The orgasmic feeling of this growth was so intense even HE was caught off guard! Jasmine let out a gasp watching his thick legs slowly dissipate, the muscled tree trunks becoming more ethereal as the transformation was progressing just out of control! The hulking behemoths shoulders bulged once again larger, swelling up against his ears as his jaw grew more square and pecs heaved upwards pressing against the base of his chin, almost swallowing his head! A loud CRASH echoed as the red skinned GOD grew right up against the brass domed ceiling! "YOU CANNOT STOP A GOD YOU FOOLS! THIS WORLD IS MINE! ALL POWERFUL! UNSTOPPABLY HUGE! I CAN'T FUCKING STOP GROWING!" He grunted, his body from the waist down merely a swirling maelstrom of gas and cloud until the lusty ever growing beast reached downward and simply started stroking the air itself. The red clouds of aether started to swirl and grow, stretching from his waist into the form of a monstrous cock! Thickening and growing between his hands, soon bigger than his own arm and growing more massive by the second! "YES PRINCESS I BET YOU WISHED YOU MARRIED ME NOW DIDN'T YOU?!" he asked as he pushed up through the roof of the palace, his cock growing to his pecs! "YOU ARE RIGHT THOUGH I'M NOT A REAL MAN, I"M A GOD! A GROWING ALL POWERFUL GOD!" he moaned as merely GAZING upon him sent the princess into a furious orgasm crumpled up as the all powerful Jafar continued to grow! Rising up from the ruins of the palace he continued to swell and GROW into the cool night sky! his moans echoing so loudly as he watched the once great city shrink below him! "TO THINK I MERELY WANTED TO RULE THIS CITY! I NOW RULE ALL OF EXISTENCE! A TRUE GOD! AN ALL POWERFUL MUSCLEBOUND GOD!" he laughed his deep voice booming so loudly the earth quaked and the sandy ground cracked open and swallowed up entire houses in the city! People staring upwards as the night sky was FILLED with this hulking flexing monstrosity! He smiled a wicked grin as his cock bulged against his monstrous pecs "GO AHEAD YOU PITIFUL MORTALS WORSHIP ME, CUM ALL OF YOU! NOW" he barked and with a single thought drove every human on earth into a simultaneous orgasm. It's only fair given the dark terrible things he planned on doing to them all...
  3. Part One "Ah, Henri, just the person I was looking for!" As Henri bowed to his Captain, Treville bowed in reply and as he came up added "You have to be one of the most polite Musketeers it has been my honour to have in the corps" and when whispered in Henri's ear "Just lay off it in public otherwise people might twig that you are from England!" Henri smiled and he said that he would tone it down a little, knowing that the Captain was the only member of the corps who knew his true origin. "Now, down to business" continued the Captain, "I presume that you know the Duke of Buckingham is coming to visit next week as part of his, so called, diplomacy" Henri nodded and sighed to which the Captain replied "Yes, my feelings exactly. We both know what he is doing here. He wants to be alone with the Queen for as long as possible. There are times I wish he'd just leave her alone, but, well, you can't say no to love I guess, therefore I wanted to know if you could have a word with the Ultimates for me?" "All of them, sir?" asked Henri, "but sir, I really only know the Ultimate Musketeer" "True" replied the Captain, "but well, your skills at diplomacy are renowned, after all you are the person who delivered the King's Lights back to Phillip of Spain in perfect Spanish" "And what is the message that you would like me to relay to them, sir?" smiled Henri *** "Sorry?" asked Roger, later that evening as he and Porthos were gathered at Henri's digs, "the King wants the Ultimates to greet the Duke?" "That's right" replied Henri, "you see he's had some intelligence, and it's correct intelligence, that the Duke is bisexual at best and he thinks that if he were to see the Ultimates he might lose interest in the Queen and start paying more attention with them and therefore put the King's mind at ease!" "Well" chuckled Porthos, "I don't mind showing him what the Ultimate Titan can do!" "What is the Duke like?" asked Roger to which Henri replied, "Well, let's put it this way" and began a very detailed explanation highlighting the Duke's relationship with James I of England noting that "one letter from the Duke to the King said "whether you loved me now…better than at the time which I shall never forget at Farnham, where the bed's head could not be found between the master and his dog" so make of that what you will" but as he continued Roger started to lean in and said "And he's bisexual you think?" "I am certain of it!" replied Henri *** As the Duke of Buckingham entered the courtyard of the Louvre, he was greeted by the King and Queen in person and as tradition dictated he kneeled before the King, kissed his glove, stood up, kissed the Queen on the cheek and announced himself as "His Grace, George Villers, Duke of Buckingham" As they greeted each other, Roger, now in the guise of the Ultimate Cadet looked at the Duke and whispered "He looks nothing like a dog" which was met by a glare from Henri, as the Ultimate Musketeer, as the King brought the Duke to them. "Your Grace" said the King, "these three men are the strongest and most powerful member of my Musketeers" and with that he nodded to Henri who stepped forward, towering over the Duke by a good two feet, and announced "I am the Ultimate Musketeer, the most powerful member of the corps, this is the Ultimate Titan, the strongest man ever to live in the world" and with that Porthos, as his alter ego, stepped forward, "and this is the Ultimate Cadet, a man who desires to become what we both are!" As Roger stepped forward, the Duke's eyes opened wide and as he traced out the Ultimate Cadet's pecs, he moaned "Such a work of art" and as he was led away by the King towards the Palace, the Duke turned and blew a kiss to Roger prompting Henri to chuckle "Get your coat, Roger, I think you've pulled"
  4. BaronGalloway

    The Scale

    Hey all, long (long long) time lurker and at the previous musclegrowth site. I've been coming out of my shell a bit and stretching my writing hand, and I wrote this short fan piece of sorts to inspire a muscle freak bent on growing larger. Not sure if he's on here, but he can be found on Twitter and Tumblr, and I'm sure you'll love watching him grow as much as I do. -------- “Alright, you know the deal,” he said, his deep voice echoing off the walls of the small bathroom. I simply nodded. My mouth was too dry to answer. I knew the deal. He took a few sauntering steps toward me, swinging his thick arms and shoulders, waddling a little because of his huge thighs. I couldn’t tell if he was putting on a show for me or if that was how large he had grown. Probably both. He stopped right in front of the scale. “You ready, little guy?” He asked, bouncing his pecs in my face. Again, I nodded. “Okay, here we go.” He stepped onto the scale, making it groan in protest of his huge body. I couldn’t stop staring at the massive muscle in front of me, close enough to feel the heat radiating off his mass. “Go on, little buddy, go take a look at that readout. You know I can’t see over these huge pecs.” He put his hand on my head, not even needing to push down. The weight of his muscles was enough to force me to my knees in front of him. I was eye level with his bulge now, his way-too-small briefs not hiding any of this throbbing cock. “Mmmm, yeah, just like that,” he said, running his hand through my hair. “Come on, tell me what you see.” I choked slightly, since the correct answer was a hard cock on a muscle-crazed stud. I glanced down at the scale readout. I turned my head to make sure I wasn’t mistakenly reading the numbers upside down, my eyes widening as I realized I had been correct. “You’re, uh…” I coughed, my mouth even drier now that I saw the hard numbers. “You’re 255 now.” “Oh fuck,” he said softly. “And what was the number we agreed on?” “250…” I stuttered. “Then I think I won this bet, little guy, and I think you’d better get to work.” His hand, which never left my head, pushed my face into his crotch. I did what came naturally and began kissing his thick meat through his briefs, tasting the salt of his pre that had soaked the fabric. He groaned deeply, finally getting the reward he deserved for the work he’d put into his growth. “Fuck yeah, this has been a long time coming. I worked hard to win this bet, and you’d better work hard, too.” He was making me lightheaded, talking that way and groaning as I worked his cock with my mouth. I was already dizzy from the sheer amount of mass he had managed to pack on, and I instinctively reached out for his gigantic thighs to steady myself. “That’s right, little guy, worship those huge muscles you helped me grow. Feel all that power, all that mass, but don’t get used to it; I’m not going to stop growing any time soon.” I began running my hands over those massive quads, trying to feel as much of them as I possibly could, but my little hands couldn’t get enough. I was way too aroused by this point and ready to fully worship this beast to the best of my abilities. I moved my hands up his thighs to the waistband of his briefs, slipped my fingers under it and began to pull down. In an instant, his giant paws were on my little hands. I looked up, confused. “No, not like that.” He said. I had to lean back to see his face over his bloated abs and slabs of pec meat. His bright red cheeks gave away his arousal. “Do you hear that?” I held as still as I could, but I couldn’t hear anything over my heavy breathing and beating heart. Hell, I could barely hear myself over his breathing and I swear I could hear the blood pulsing through his rigid dick. I looked back up at him, still confused. He chuckled. “Why don’t you give that scale another read.” He stepped off and back on, his mass once again causing the scale to creak. I looked down, not understanding what was happening. “What’s it say now?” He asked quietly, obviously excited to hear the results. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Come on, little guy, don’t leave me hanging here.” “You’re…you’re 262 now.” I squeaked. He chuckled again. “Now listen closely.” He started rubbing himself through his briefs with one hand, the other groping at his pecs and playing with his nips. I sat still, completely in awe at the orgasmic display in front of me, and finally heard it. A slight creaking noise. A couple of them; one was the scale creaking, a sound I was used to hearing, and the other was his tight briefs. “Aww, fuck yeah, look what all your worshipping’s doing to me, little guy,” he groaned. “You’re not even touching me and I can feel these muscles swelling up with your admiration.” I stared, mouth agape, as his dick gave a massive lurch and finally put his briefs out of their misery, snapping them off and sending them flying across the bathroom. “There we go, that’s what I was waiting for.” He said, letting go of his dick and pecs and returning his hands to his sides, arms now sticking out thanks to his lats fighting them for space. I could easily see the new mass on his frame as he stood there, heaving with each breath. “Are you going to just sit there, little guy? Am I big enough now,” he grabbed his exposed dick, rock hard and red with testosterone-filled blood. “Or do you want to make me even bigger?” I was on him in a flash, taking his cock in my mouth, running my hands over his massive thighs, abs, and ass, doing everything I could to turn him on and make him grow. “Fuuuck, you really want me to get huge, don’t you?” He put his hand back in its rightful place on my head, letting it rest there while his other hand played with his muscles. I sucked on him like my life depended on it, moving back and forth and trying to take more of him down my throat each time. His cocky façade was faltering as his breathing and groaning grew more ragged and desperate. The growth was continuing in earnest, and I could feel his muscles growing under my hands. “Look at this,” he said, pulling me off his dick briefly. He held my head firmly as he bent over and flexed his bicep in my face. It was massive. Veins ran over it, frenzied and engorged, feeding the muscles. His skin was tight and red, covered in a sheen of sweat. But, most importantly, I could see it swelling up before my eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I needed to try a little test. I put one hand on his arm, more of a request to keep it in place as he could easily overpower me, and used my other hand to reach for his spit-slicked dick. As I began jacking him off, I could feel and see the growth pulse through him renewed. His bicep swelled even faster under my touch, and I couldn’t help but lean in to kiss and lick its mass, feel the heat on my mouth and the frenzying veins pulsing just under his skin. He groaned deeply, almost losing his balance under my worshipping touches. “Goddamn, little guy, you really want me to be massive.” He put his hands under my arms and lifted me up, pressing my face in between his pecs. I licked the deep valley there, savoring the hot slabs of muscle pressing into either side of my face. One of my hands stayed on his cock while I moved the other up to pinch and stroke a fat nipple. His pec cleavage was growing deeper and the pressure on my cheeks was growing greater as he continued to swell. I could hear his moans coming from deep within his chest, making my little body reverberate with his voice alone. “Hang on,” he said. He stepped off the scale again and stepped back on. The creaking this time was even louder. We both held totally still while the scale calculated his weight. I briefly saw not a number flash up, but ERR, before his huge mass cracked the scale and the digital display went blank. I looked up at him as his expression went from shock at the sound of the scale dying under his mass to a smirk. “I guess all we know now is that I’m over 350.” He reached out to me and forcefully turned me around to face the mirror. I could plainly see his mass around my small body. His shoulders and pecs rose above my head, his obliques and even the edges of his bloated abs visible around me. He stepped up until he was pressing into my back and pushing me into the counter. “Well, we know that,” he said quietly, putting his arms on the edge of the counter on either side of me, trapping me in between it and his massive frame. “And that I still want more. And that you want me to have more.” He began grinding his steel-hard dick into my back, before moving his way down and positioning himself to plow me. I shuddered and groaned at the sheer girth of him, already so much and he hadn’t even entered me. His searing hot muscles were pressing into me, still pulsing larger. I couldn’t even come close to escaping, not that I would ever want to. This was as much of my fantasy as it was his. “And we both know that you’re going to help me go from the freak I am to the god I deserve to be.” And with that, he plunged into me, his growth restarting with renewed vigor. We watched as his thrusting body swelled from that of a mere freakish mortal to that of the god he craved to be.
  5. ragmangsm

    m/m Machu Man - Part 1

    Below is a new story line. I am a whore for feedback. Please let me know if it pushes any buttons. -ragman Warning: This fantasy story is for adults only. You must be 21 years old to continue. Adult content may include nudity, mature relationships, violence, and extreme muscles and strength. All characters are over the age of eighteen. Machu Man – Part 1 By ragman I was struggling for breath in the altitude, as we approached Machu Picchu. The scenery was breathtaking, as well as the thin air. I was never an athlete, just average. I seemed to excel in academics, and had found mathematics a rewarding endeavor. I had just graduated and was hired to teach at our state university in the fall. So I thought I would take advantage of a student summer tour while I still had a student ID. The mystery of Machu Picchu, how a town could have been built on top of a mountain, out of huge stone boulders, was fascinating to me. The low cost of the student tour to this world landmark, made it something I couldn’t pass up. I meandered around the city on top of a mountain. The size of the stone slabs that made up much of the structure was enormous. How blocks of granite the size of cars were fashioned and hoisted in place was incredible. But more amazing was how tightly the stone slabs fit, how exactly, without mortar to seal them. How could primitive man manage to transport hundreds of tons of solid stone to the top of a mountain and then, with no metal tools or machines, build a city where every stone is precisely placed with perfectly tight seams requiring no mortar? My scientific brain was trying to imagine how such a feat could be accomplished. It seemed truly impossible. My head was filled with incredulousness as I was fumbling with my camera, trying to capture the impossible beauty of our three dimensional world on a two dimensional digital image, when I tripped and dropped my camera. It fell off the path and down the mountainside, but came to rest on a shelf of rock about six feet below the path. I was pissed at my clumsiness, and overreacted to the mishap. Without concern I shimmied over the path down to the ledge to retrieve my camera. It wasn’t until I was standing on the ledge that it occurred to me that I was in a dangerous spot, trusting on the ledge alone. I reached down cautiously to get my camera, putting it in my sweatshirt pouch. As I bent back up, I noticed a glimmer coming from a fairly deep crack in the rock. It looked like a metal sheen. I carefully dug around the object, until it came free. It was a small earthen jar, sealed with a gold top, the reason for the gleam. I put the jar in my sweatshirt pouch. By that time, my disappearance over the edge of the path had caused the guide and others to come to my aid. They helped me climb back up on the path, though I could have managed by myself. I assured them I was fine and showed them the camera I retrieved. I decided not to mention the jar. I don’t know why, I guess I didn’t want to share it yet. We continued the tour of the city. Beautiful stone and rock construction, with running water viaducts, and mysterious obelisks. The scale of the dwelling was awesome, suspended on top of the world. My senses were overloaded with the majesty and the architectural undertaking it took to build it. I was enthralled with beautiful images the entire bus ride back to our lodging, having forgotten about the small jar in my sweatshirt, now in my pack. We barely had time to grab a bite to eat and pack our bags before heading back to the airport for the journey home. ****************** I was moving into my new place just off campus, looking forward to starting my mathematics teaching career. I didn’t have that much to move in, being a recent student with not a lot of furniture or belongings. So, I had rented a furnished townhouse, and was unpacking the last of my stuff. Ah, the knapsack from the Machu Picchu trip, I had quickly packed it when leaving South America, and hadn’t needed the stuff in it, my sweatshirt included. I unstuffed the fleece and felt something in the pouch. The little jar, of course, I had forgotten. I took it out of the pouch and examined it more closely. There were some markings on it. On the face of the small jar was etched a figure, but it was out of proportion somehow, almost fat, but different. And the gold top had a character inscribed, also. It looked like an “8”. My curiosity soon led me to wonder about the contents. I tried to uncork the top, but I couldn’t get the gold stop to budge. I finally decided to try my mom’s remedy and put the top under hot water for a few seconds. I tried again, and the top shifted slightly. I mustered all the strength in my thumbs and jockeyed the stopper out of the neck of the jar. The final millimeter gave with a “Pooh”. A dense cloud of blue gas escaped from the bottle and swirled around in front of me, condensing into a human form. The gases solidified and became solid. Before me stood a young man. He was about six feet tall, my height, with golden hair and blue eyes. His face was young, I’d say, seventeen or eighteen, with tanned skin. He wore only a piece of what looked like leather, in a loin cloth fashion, that covered his man-ness. He was svelte and muscular, like a fitness model, with wonderful proportions. “You have summoned me to serve you, Master,” he spoke with soft resonance. “How can I please you?” “Who are you? Why are you here?” I babbled. “I am yours. You hold the vessel of my control. I am here to obey your every command. You decide my purpose and identity. I will become your perfect companion.” I was stunned to say the least. This couldn’t really be happening, could it? A genie from a bottle, no less. What should I do next? “Please tell me how to begin. I am at a loss for what to say,” I requested. “I am sorry I have caused you distress. I will try to ease your discomfort.” The teenage Apollo approached me and embraced me gently. His touch was warm and enveloping. He exuded confidence and trustworthiness. My defenses were slowly lowering as he moved his strong hands over my body in a caress. “Does that make you less tense, Master?” he asked. “I have many ways to give you pleasure, that you will learn to command. My body can do things no one else could dream of, and you get to do the dreaming.” “I don’t understand,” I replied. “You will just do whatever I ask you to do?” “Yes, Master.” “With what kind of limits?” I added. “Do I just get three wishes?” I asked like a fool. “I have no limits, Master. You can command me to do anything.” “What are we talking about here?” I pondered. “What do you mean you can do anything” “I have the power of the galaxy in my body, the strength of a millions suns. I can do any feat of strength you can imagine, I have inconceivable control of every muscle of my body.” “This is too much to believe,” I struggled. “I need to take a minute.” Perhaps this is a good time to mention that I have always been turned on by muscles, on men or women, but especially men. I have found the muscled male body to be a work of magnificent sculpture, of muscle art. I have curbed or mitigated my private fantasies, relying on internet sites for titillation and amusement, always secretly wanting a muscle mate, to dote on and worship, who would protect me and make my wishes come true. What was standing before me fulfilled a fantasy of my lifetime. “I noticed you were beginning to rub me back, when we embraced. Did you like the feel of my body?” “You are beautifully handsome, and I have a weakness for big, strong muscles,” I was surprised to hear myself admit that to a genie. “You are captivating, and intriguing.” “So if my muscles were bigger, that would please you more?” “Probably,” I nodded. “I haven’t had the opportunity to find out.” “How about this, Master?” The genie tensed his muscles. He expanded outward with the flex, bulging and rippling with growing muscles until he looked like a teenage bodybuilder. “Whoa, that’s amazing how you can flex your muscles that big. It makes me want to feel how hard you are now, how strong you have flexed.” The muscled teen stepped to me and offered his flexed biceps for me to explore. He grabbed my hand gently and placed it on top of the peaked split of his 20 inch arm. It was hard, and warm and alive. He flexed a bit harder and forced my fingers apart with his bulging muscle. “This arm is all yours, Master. You can command it to grow and strengthen with the power of thunderheads, or order it to flex to the ceiling or higher.” I was awestruck with the possibilities of his power. With his confidence and demeanor, muscles and charisma, he was the perfect fulfillment of my wildest fantasies. “Does my demonstration please you, Master?” he asked hoping for approval. “I’ve never been more pleased,” I managed to mutter. “But, I think it’s time for you to call me Mike, instead of Master. That’s my name.” “Very well, Mike. You are unlike the others. You are kind. Thank you for allowing me to please you with my strength. Nothing gives ME more pleasure than using my immense strength and powers to benefit those with good hearts. My vessel has not always been in possession by those who have benevolent thoughts. Regardless, I must obey the commands of my owner, it is my purpose.” “When were you last released from your vessel?” I asked, trying to assimilate what I was hearing. “My last task was building a city of stone on top of a mountain.” “Machu Picchu?” I asked incredulously. “You built it single handedly?” “No, Mike. I built it with both hands, and the rest of my powerful body.” Obviously, he was going to answer me literally. “So, you’ve been in the jar for all this time?” “You are my first Master since Machu Picchu, as you call it.” “Whoa, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” I marveled. “It’s been a few years since you’ve been out of your vessel.” “It pleases me that you will be my Master, Mike. I will learn all there is to know so that I can serve you,” he said. “Uh,…. OK.” I responded with fascination. “Can we talk a little more about how this works? I’m not sure I get what’s going on.” “Of course, Mike. Whatever you wish.” he said obediently. “That’s what I mean. Do you just follow me around and do stuff for me?” I was confused. “I’ve got a lot of questions.” “I am here to do whatever you ask of me, Mike. In the past I have been the servant of Kings, and tyrants, alike. I can build you a monument, defeat your enemies, or serve your every physical desire.” “So you have no desires of your own?” I asked. “Only to please you, Mike,” he said humbly. This was going in circles, so I decided to change the subject to everyday matters. “So, where do you sleep? Do you eat?” Stuff like that. He explained his ability to adapt and fit in with humanity. He said he didn’t require food or water or sleep, but, he could consume anything I wanted him to, literally. He told me some of his masters kept him in his vessel while they slept, for fear he would escape, which he could not, or to keep him secret. I asked him if he minded being in the vessel. “It is what my masters’ wished,” he responded, not understanding the meaning of the question. I still couldn’t believe what was happening. I just stared at the loincloth-clad Adonis before me. He started to look around. “How long have I been in my vessel? Where are we Master Mike?” he inquired. “Is this your dwelling?” “Wow, I didn’t think about how many questions you would have, I was so lost in my own wonderment,” I apologized. “Where shall we start?” “Start wherever you wish to begin,” he obediently replied. I rolled my eyes at the repetition of his acquiescence. “Can we begin with you not being so subservient? I’d like you to be a friend, not a slave.” He responded with confusion, “I’ve never had friend, nor do I know how to be one. Would you please teach me, Mast…eh…, Mike, my f-r-i-e-n-d?” he asked sheepishly. “I’d love to, Friend!” I added eagerly. I moved to him and put my arm around his sculpted shoulder and gently squeezed. He was warm and hard and responded with his arm on my shoulder. It was heavier than I expected. “Well, to answer your first question, it’s the year 2014,” I began. “And you are a long way from Machu Picchu.” ******************* I had a few days before I started work, so we were able to spend some time together, getting to know each other, or rather me learning about his abilities, and Machu Man, learning about what pleased me. The experience was mind blowing. I asked for him to demonstrate his true strength. He told me that was not possible, because he had found no limits. I caught my breath, and tried to comprehend what that meant. He picked up an empty wine bottle and placed it between his pectorals. He flexed his chest and his cleavage grew to almost surround the bottle. Then he flexed harder and I heard glass shatter, but he contained the fragments within his cleavage. Next he began flexing each pec and grinding up the glass between them. I could see the pieces get smaller and smaller until the mixture was like fine glass cement. Then Machu Man flexed harder and his pecs began to heat up. He poured on the power and soon the glass dust was a molten blob of glass that continued to get hotter with the enormous pressure and heat he was generating with his chest muscles. The blob began to boil between his pecs, and evaporate in a cloud of silica steam that was thousands of degrees hot. What happened next was my first observation of his true nature. He inhaled the superhot glass steam through his nostrils, like he was smelling roses. After a few seconds the entire glass blob was reduced to steam, by the heat of his muscle pressure, and inhaled completely. I was speechless. “That is one way I fashioned the huge stone blocks of Machu Picchu so they would fit perfectly together,” he commented. I’d soften the side of a stone block by hugging it real hot. Then when I placed it, the stone would flow like lava and seal with the stone next to it.” I heard what he was saying, but still couldn’t fathom the reality. “I’d pile three or four huge boulders on top of each other and carry them up the mountain balanced on one hand, like a waiter holding a tray.” Machu Man held his right hand up with the palm facing up to demonstrate the position. The movement of his arm caused his biceps and deltoids to flex into a perfect display of hard, ripped muscles, with the biceps full and long in their 22-inch flex. He then pumped his arm up and down as if he were lifting a mountain of boulders. His triceps expanded into a boulder of muscle itself as he mimicked a one-arm press. He seemed to notice my fixation with his flexing, enjoying my reaction. “Then I’d start piling them up, building a wall or arch,” he continued to mime, as he would spread his arms wide to pretend lifting a huge block of stone. His pantomime was extraordinary. His chest and arms exploded with striated muscle fibers as he appeared to lift a huge weight before him. Then things got pretty freaky. “Then I would expand my chest really big like this,” he moaned. “Unnnmmpphh.” His perfect pectorals expanded hugely, filling in the space between his outstretched hands, which must have been 6-feet apart. “Then I would flex my muscle fibers really hot, like I did with the wine bottle.” Suddenly the room temperature spiked from the heat of his pectorals as he demonstrated his power. “Oops, too hot for indoors. But, you get the idea,” he continued his skit. “So I’d soften the entire side of a huge block of stone with my enormous chest, then place it where I wanted, and gently press the stone. The softened face would mold perfectly to fit tightly.” As Machu Man concluded his description of boulder masonry, he seemed to misinterpret my enthrallment. “Have I displeased you Master Mike?” he asked worriedly. “I thought you might enjoy my tale. You haven’t said much.” After regaining my composure some, I tried to respond. “Y... you made the city by melting the stone faces with your pecs?” I finally muttered. “Yes, Mike. That is one of the methods I used to make the stones fit perfectly. It only took a fraction of my strength and power to build Machu Picchu. Stone is easily broken and melted with enough pressure. And these muscles can exert more than enough pressure.” Machu Man raised his arms and brought them down into a double biceps pose. This time, with his hands in the classic position, his biceps erupted into twin Matterhorns of peaked spendor, easily eclipsing 27-inches. My junk could take no more. My erection was painfully confined by my pants, but clearly visible. He smiled and pumped another 2 inches out of his peaked muscle mass, then waited for my reaction. I moaned and pumped ejaculate out of my tented member, staining my pants. “I was worried that my muscle story had disturbed you. I am grateful that you seem to be pleased,” Machu Man spoke softly. “I want very much to please you.” ‘I have never heard of a mason that melted his stone for mortar,” I marveled. “I don’t think anyone has called me a mason before,” he replied. “You know, ‘Mason’ would be a good name for you. It’s kinda clever, if I do say so myself, and it sounds strong, with some distinction.” I was pleased with my suggestion. “What do you think about me calling you Mason?” Machu Man started to respond as usual, “If that is wha…… I mean,… I like …Mason. I can identify with the name.” “Awesome,” I agreed. “Awesome?” Mason questioned. “It’s a current slang expression than means ‘better than ever, great, or super good’,” I tried to explain. “I think being your friend will be awesome, Mike,” he smiled. I melted. After I composed myself I began again. “There is so much to teach someone who has been away for 900 years. So much history, so many new inventions, such a different way of life than you know of. We have machines and tools, electricity and nuclear power…. We’ve even traveled to the moon.” Mason gazed around the room as I spoke and took in everything. He didn’t seem to be overwhelmed by it all, indeed, he seemed to soak it all in. “You need to teach me how to operate all these devices,” he remarked as he scoped the TV, computer, refrigerator, oven, and all the furniture. “I will, Mason. You’ll be amazed with all things in this modern world. But, first, I think we need to deal with your appearance.” “Oh?” he wondered. “Do I need to add more muscle to please you, like this?” He stood more erect and flexed a bit all over, causing him to expand his musculature to a pro bodybuilder size. It was breathtakingly amazing how he could grow at will like that. After I stopped gasping, I said, “My god! That’s not what I meant, but you are magnificent. I was talking about your loin cloth. I don’t think you’ll fit in wearing only a piece of hide. We need to put modern clothes on you. Or at least some shorts that make you more presentable.” I was thinking how I didn’t want to cover up his upper body. “OK, Mike. I’ll take this off” Before I knew what was happening, Mason reached for his waist strap, which was made of heavy rawhide, and easily tore it apart, causing his loin cloth to drop to the ground. There in my townhouse stood naked perfection. I stood, waveringly, as I took in his splendor. He was perfect. His proportions were perfect. His muscle definition was perfect. His skin seemed more perfect than I noticed before. His eyes were bluer than I remembered and his golden hair was perfectly silken. And his manhood was…perfect. In its relaxed state his cock hung with throbbing veins snaking around its perfect 8-inch length. His two testes filled his perfectly sized sac and exuded power. Mason stood there with no embarrassment, naïvely actually, and waited for his next instruction. “What should I wear, Mike?” broke the silence. “Uh, er…. Why don’t you try a pair of my undershorts?” I managed to answer. “Here, try these on. They are stretchy and fit snuggly. Then put on these cargo shorts. The legs are bigger so they should fit you better.” “Thanks, Mike. It’s cool that we both are about the same size, when I’m not flexing much.” ‘Not flexing much’? He seemed pretty big to me. How big could he flex? ***************** Finally, I had to report to work. I told Mason he should watch TV, or surf the net, to learn about what was happening in this era. He sat down and turned on the tube. When I got home he was in the same position, with the TV on a news channel and the computer screen flashing pages at an astounding rate. “Have you been watching that all day?” I asked. “That was your command, Master Mike. Though I must say, much of this news is repetitive and opinionated.” That sounded very astute. “I learned how to manipulate the computer so it would show several pages at one time. And scroll faster than it was set up to. So I was able to read all of Wikipedia and all the books in the Library of Congress while you were at work. Mankind has made many advances, but still seems to allow suffering at the hands of religious tyrants or greedy tycoons.” I heard what he said, noticed the computer flashing multiple pages a second, and tried to comprehend his enormous abilities. “There seems to be a variety of disasters around the globe, earthquakes, floods, wars, killings. Do you wish me to stop them?” he asked, matter-of-factly. “You have the strength and power to stop earthquakes?” I was amazed at the concept. “If you command me, Mike.” “I don’t want the responsibility to decide who gets saved, and who doesn’t. And what unintended consequences might result from messing with Mother Nature. Frankly, I was enjoying your company. This is a new town, and a new job for me. It’s kind of stressful dealing with it all.” Not to mention pondering the presence of a god, which I didn’t. “I was wishing you would be my friend, someone I can count on, for support and comfort.” “Of course, Mike. Let me support and comfort you now.” Mason picked me up effortlessly in his muscled arms and held me close. His warm, throbbing body was electrifying. I felt a surge of energy and well-being that made me shiver. “What would friends do after a day at work?” Mason asked. His question caught me off guard. “I guess, they would head to a game, or go get a drink.” “Game? That sounds interesting. What games do you play?” “Oh, I like to play most sports, I just never had the drive to work that hard. I think there’s a baseball game tonight, at the college. Do you want to go?” “If that is your desire, Master Mike.” I flinched a bit. ************************* We headed to our seats in the bleachers. I bought us each a couple of hot dogs and a beer, to teach Mason the proper way to watch sports. He watched me bite into my dog and enjoy the fatty delicacy. I watched him take the entire hot dog, put it in his mouth, and suck it down his throat in one piece. “You might want to chew your food before you swallow it whole, when you’re in public,” I suggested. “Of course, Mike.” He bit off a hunk of his other dog, chewed once and swallowed. “Please don’t waste your money on food for me. I don’t require it.” “OK,” I agreed. “Let me tell you about the rules of baseball.” I hadn’t tried to tell someone about baseball, that hadn’t seen a game before. It’s not that easy to explain. It is truly a unique game. There are no time limits, a team can overcome a seemingly insurmountable lead in the last inning and win. Plays that count are sometimes out of bounds, like foul flies. And other oddities of the game. Mason seemed to learn very quickly. In the bottom of the ninth, our team needed three runs to wins. We had two runners on, with the winning run at the plate, and two outs. The batter swung and popped it up in the infield. “Damn, I wish he coulda hit a home run, out here in the bleachers,” I unknowingly spoke. “As you wish, Mike.” Mason pursed his lips and sucked in like a tornado. The ball reached the top of its arc and was sucked towards the bleachers, caught in the vacuum of Mason’s breath. Once the trajectory was altered and the ball was headed our way, he stopped inhaling and I watched the ball fall from the sky into his outstretched hand. The home crowd went wild with the homerun, the other team was baffled by an easy out turning into a loss. “Shit, did you do that?” I said staring at the ball in Mason’s hand. “It is what you wished,” he said, proudly handing me the ball. I needed to be careful what I casually ‘wished’ for. “Do you want to go to the bar, like friends?” he asked. “Yeah, that would be great,” I answered, holding the ball in my hand, still wondering how he did that. “Except, you don’t have any ID. You can’t get in without ID,” I stated. “I have been smuggled into places in the past, Mike,” Mason said. “I can return to my vessel and you can carry me in your pocket. Once inside, you can release me where it’s safe.” Huh, that sounded possible. We headed back to my place to get his vessel. ************************** I was curious. “Tell me more about how you and this jar work.” “Of course, Mike. My vessel holds the essence of my power. He, who possesses it, possesses me.” “But, it looks quite fragile, like it could break. What happens to you if your vessel is damaged?” I asked. Mason was lost in thought. “I have not been asked that question before. If my vessel were destroyed, I would have no Master to serve. I would have no purpose.” “While I’m your ‘master’, do you automatically protect and save me, or do I have to wish for every rescue, specifically?” I was somewhat embarrassed that my analytical, mathematical mind was asking such lame questions. “When I take human form out of the vessel, it is my purpose to see no harm comes to you, my Master, as I fulfill your desires,” Mason stated. “Do you still wish to go to the bar, like friends?” His frank honesty, his unbelievable power, combined with his manly tenderness, all wrapped up in a six foot tall gorgeously muscled body, was making me forget about the rest of the world. “Or should I just entertain and please you here?” he asked willingly bouncing his pecs. “My desires to please you are greater than for any other master. I feel stronger, more alive, more powerful with you as my Master, Mike. Thank you for caring about me. No one has ever cared about me before.” “Hey, that’s what friends do. They care for and look out for each other,” I said, putting my arm around his muscled shoulders. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have found you as a friend. Who else has a friend that can suck a pop-up into the bleachers for a winning home run?” “Did you like that,” he grinned. “I thought you might. I know you didn’t REALLY wish for it, but it IS what you said.” “Why, you son-of-a-gun,” I joshed, punching him too hard in the gut, a mistake that gave me a sore hand. “You even have a sense of humor. I love it.” Mason looked at me softly with a smile. “OK, here’s my real wish, all the time, while we’re friends. I wish you would show your sense of humor often, and I wish you would express your views freely. I don’t want a sycophant for a friend.” “OK, I’ll just be your lover.” I was silenced. “Ha-ha. My second joke,” his laugh was forced. My face was flushed. He saw my reaction. “I’m sorry, I see I may have offended you, my friend,” he spoke with sincerity. “My past owners have often ordered me to perform for them, as well as win wars. I am inexperienced with speaking freely, with humor. I was trying to amuse you. Please forgive me.” He lowered his head in shame. “Hey, come here. I love you, bro. Now that the shock is over, that WAS pretty funny.” I gave Mason a hug. He seemed to be relieved. “So, I know what will make you feel better, Mason,“ I tried to change the tone. “I wish you would pose and flex and turn yourself into the most beautiful muscular specimen on the planet, just for me.” Mason’s eyes lit up, even sparkled, as his posture regained his confidence. “Nothing would give me more satisfaction. Would you please give me a measurement to work from?” he asked with anticipation. “How about 30 inch biceps,” I responded, finally understanding the question. “Ah, probably the upper limit of most men. And a most wonderfully aesthetic size, allowing for beautiful symmetry on my six foot frame.” Mason took off the clothes he was wearing, my shirt and pants, leaving my stretchy boxers. It was convenient that he could wear my size, so we were able to avoid shopping for him, while my budget was tight. I took a comfortable seat on the couch. Mason stood just a few feet before me. “Thank you for asking me to pose for you. Masters of yore did not appreciate my body as an object of worship, with large bulging muscles. They were intimidated with how I could flex my muscles to huge proportions, making them feel insignificant and insecure. They always feared me.” He continued with praise, “You are different. You have a desire, a fascination for seeing my muscles flexed bigger than anyone has wanted me to flex before. Thank you for liberating me with your desires, Mike. I will do my best to please you.” Wow, please me he did. He began with kind of a dance, that was flowing and sensual. His tightly muscled physique was undulated, and defined. Wonderfully sharp and articulated muscle fibers appeared on his lean body. Then his muscles began to grow. His muscle fibers split and bulged anew, adding inches of hard, vascular, teen muscle to his youthful bodybuilder frame. He started to add a second of ‘freeze’ to his rhythmical movements, stopping to flex a pose. Each pose he flexed, got bigger and more defined. His calves mushroomed to 27 inches of diamond hard, angular, vascular, throbbing, double cantaloupes of snarled steel muscle fibers. The tear drop muscles over his knee looked like two fifty pound bags of cement, that would churn into striated ridges of muscles when he flexed, while the rest of his quad exploded with huge cables of criss-crossing sinew reaching at least 58 inches, each. As his routine continued, he would turn around and show all sides of his amazingly muscled body. His bulbous strips of gluteus muscles, his mogul mountain of hamstrings, all stood out with deep crevasses defining each muscle. His two lower back, spinal cables were thickly twisted muscle strands that could hold a suspension bridge aloft, growing even larger and more rippled as they moved up along his spine. His lats flared out in slabs of thick wings, with individual muscle ‘fingers’ squeezing out of the edges of his wide ‘v’ shape, that fought for space with his ballooning triceps. His traps were casings of bulging sausage that came up to his ears. I was having a hard time absorbing everything I was seeing. The absolutely stunning musculature before me, had not been seen by a human before. I felt inadequate, yet in a way, somewhat responsible for the emergence of his new existence. I could only stare and try to comprehend his power, his strength, all that he was surrendering to me to fulfill my desires. He kept dancing and posing, turning and flexing. I witnessed the most intricate and condensed display of abdominal muscle in the world, within a waist that only measured about 28 inches. The narrowness of his waist sharply contrasted the slabs of pectorals and lats that made up his 76 inch chest measurement. He raised his arms and flexed a double biceps pose. The caps of his massive shoulders fought for space between his head and biceps. The bowling pins of his forearms were 22 inches at least. And crowning the statue of muscle perfection, were two multi-headed monoliths of might, measuring 30 inches around. “Please don’t move for a moment,” I managed to whisper. I needed more time to take him all in, to force myself to breathe. Mason smiled at me and tensed a bit more, causing every muscle fiber to harden to steel, giving his body a sheen. I don’t think I was able to blink for over a minute. “May I move now, Mike?” Mason’s voice shocked me to the present. I managed to nod. He relaxed his flex and sat down next to me, putting his massive arm around me, pulling me to the cavern that was formed by his chest, lats and arm. “I am grateful that you found my vessel, Mike. I have never had a master that wanted me as a friend, like you. It is a very rewarding experience. You have opened my being to new experiences, given me new levels of awareness, released….feelings. I don’t believe I’ve had feelings before. I wish you would help me understand them,… friend.” He sounded like a confused teenager, genuinely asking for my help. “Of course, my Master,” I said, reversing roles. “That’s what friends are for.” *******************************
  6. ‘What the hell is going on?’ That is the reaction Brice has after he passes out and then wakes up several minutes later after Cain Darkori places him into a holding cell. The larger red skinned brother leaves the room and locks the door as Brice tries to stand up. He falls back down after realizing that he doesn’t have any type of balance. He barely remembers anything that happened just a short while ago except that some crazy substance has taken up residence in his body somewhere. He wonders if it will force him to somehow change against his will or if it is awakened by some sort of weird occurrence. His energy level seems to have leveled off and he feels fairly decent, but the fact that he is locked up tells him that he may be in some secret program. ‘HEY, WHY AM I IN HERE? HELLO? I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!’ Brice tries to shake the bars on the cell and they don’t budge. After a few more seconds, he goes to sit on a bench inside the cell and puts his hands on his head. As he sits there, he hears a click on the main door as it opens. He looks up and sees a familiar face and even looks at them bewildered. ‘WHAT THE HELL? Owen what are you doing here?’ It is the friend that originally recommended the Darkori’s in the first place. The young trim man sits in a chair just outside the cell and puts his glasses on that he had in his pocket. He parts his legs enough to put his arms on them and smiles back at Brice. ‘Hi buddy, I see you visited Dr. Orleans and Dr. Darkori. Did they help you get better at all?’ ‘What the…? Why aren’t you answering my questions? Why are you even here Owen?’ ‘Well Brice, as it turns out it wasn’t a coincidence that I sent you to either one of them because they helped me too.’ ‘Uhh well thanks I think. Why are they red and why do I find them so attractive? Is this a side effect of their serum?’ ‘Hehe, yeah you could say that Brice. I also was attracted to their red skin and how the muscles glistened in the lights. I’m actually here right now because they called me in to calm you down. You don’t need to be so loud and obnoxious you know.’ ‘I’m fucking scared Owen, this crazy shit is flowing inside my body. I can feel it moving through me, it does make me feel normal though.’ ‘I’m glad Brice, but I need to make you understand that the serum flowing through you is meant for more than just hormone therapy, it is a key that unlocks a part of you that you never thought existed. Trust me I had no idea either when they did this to me.’ Two beads of sweat begin to slide down Owen’s head as Brice can see his skin starting to get redder. ‘Are you alright Owen, you seem like you are experiencing some kind of a hot flash?’ Owen wipes his brow as more beads of sweat begin to move down his face. He pulls a handkerchief from his shirt pocket and rubs it all over his face as he pulls his glasses off to wipe them down too. He puts them back on and sighs. ‘I ummm may not be able to hold it back much longer so I’m just warning you before it happens.’ ‘What are you….oh gawd I have already seen this before from Dr. Damien Darkori. Are you going to change colors?’ *slight laugh* ‘Hah no I’m not going to become a red muscle monster like the doctors. They were born that way, I am just a product of their creation.’ Brice can sense a bit of danger and starts to move towards the back of the cell but realizes that he won’t be safe no matter what happens. He starts to grab whatever he can get his hands on in the cell: the bed, the bench, the clothes, and puts them all around him as he cowers over in a corner and watches Owen start to squirm in his chair as it starts to creak slightly. His breathing grows heavier by the minute. He grabs his chest and turns his head down into it. ‘OH GAWD BRICE I FEEL IT BUILDING UP INSIDE ME. IT HURTS SO MUCH BUT IT ALSO EXCITES ME MORE THAN EVER.’ *voice deepens* ‘OHH MAN, IT IS MOVING TO THE SURFACE JUST LIKE I AM ABOUT TO ERUPT LIKE A VOLCANO.’ Brice’s eyes grow large as he sees his friend’s back expanding rapidly as he gasps for air. His shirt begins to shred under the sheer size of his muscles. Seams split in his pants as the chair crumbles beneath him as he falls to the ground. Muscles grow everywhere as Brice can see Owen’s face beginning to change shape. The man looks up as his glasses fall to the ground and shatter. His green eyes have now turned yellow as his massive chest makes quick work of his shirt as the material falls to the ground in tatters. The growing beast gets up to stand as his shoes explode beneath him as his feet nearly double in size and appear to be getting longer. His toes get a new shape to them which alarms Brice to the point that he starts to mumble to himself. His quads grow fatter and more developed as his cock explodes through his underwear dropping them to the ground as his cock grows larger and longer. Even stranger now, the beast’s skin color is changing as it quickly moves down from his head which no longer has any hair on it to his feet. His formerly normal skin tone is now grey. His body hair is minimal now besides the goatee on his face. The creature turns to his side and laughs as his huge ass presses up against the bars exposing his throbbing hole. Brice involuntarily moans as he sees this and feels an erection building in his pants. ‘OH GAWD NO, YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE ME GIVE IN AREN’T YOU?’ The beast moans in delight as a tail begins to grow from just above his bubble butt. It flies out of his enormous back and sits close to the ground in the cell as it flails about. Brice jumps up and yells in fright as he realizes that his friend is actually a demon. It turns back around and starts to shake the front of the cell like it is taunting him. It laughs again and starts to bounce its giant cock at him. Once again, Brice can feel his cock stirring as he feels his temperature heating up. ‘STOP DOING THAT! I WON’T GIVE IN…..PLEASE STOP!’ The huge beast flexes its engorged 24” pythons and rips the doors off the front of the cell. Brice jumps back and tries to climb up the wall away from Owen. The man creature grabs him and pulls him down on the ground as it shoves its long tongue down his throat so he can’t say anything. Brice starts to convulse as his body involuntarily gives in to the demon’s advances as he no longer has any type of control. It locks its lips on his and begins to push the entity from within Brice to the surface. The 350 pound creature continues to summon the beast inside Brice as it wraps its giant arms around him and rubs his back forcefully. Brice feels his body go stiff as the change begins. He can feel the hair on top of his head starting to fall out as the man demon Owen makes him flex his biceps. He peers over at them as his eyes enlarge noticing them growing rapidly rising ever higher. The fact he is nearly nude makes the growth cycle commence even quicker as he feels his back popping and stretching further outward. He still cannot make a sound as the pain intensifies. He winces as tears roll down his face. Owen pulls his tongue out of Brice’s throat to lick the tears off his face as he watches his friend change even further. The man demon caresses him as his abs grow and thicken as well as his pecs which blow up into huge slabs of granite. Just like with Owen, Brice’s quads explode in size pushing his legs further apart to make room for his growing cock which has already begun to thicken and lengthen.With the slit growing bigger, Owen leans down to shove his tongue inside and starts to lap up the juices that are beginning to flow through his cock. Brice’s face and head are now bare. He can feel the muscles tightening and growing at the same time as he realizes that he may lose his awareness soon. He feels his eyes starting to change from their blue color to the same yellow color of Owen’s. His feet are also changing as his toes thicken and lengthen at the same time. His pain threshold is now gone as it now turns to pleasure. He moans deeply as his voice changes dramatically. He reaches down with his new larger hands and pushes Owen’s face on top of his cock. The cum begins to build up quickly as Owen moans deeply too tasting the thick pre beginning to change over to the white stuff. Before long, Brice moans in his new gruff tone as Owen gulps down tons and tons of thick cum. His tail flaps wildly as his cock begins to spurt its own frothy load on to Brice’s new thick calves and feet. Brice sprouts a tail shortly after he finishes cumming down Owen’s throat. He pulls him off his powerful cock and shoves his tongue down Owen’s throat as the two huge muscular demons play tonsil hockey with each other. They are completely unaware that someone else has entered into the cell. After a minute of wrapping their tongues together they realize they are being watched. ‘Hello there men or shall I say pups. I see that you two have gotten acquainted with each other finally.’ Brice and Owen stare at each other and smile. Brice realizes that his mind is still intact but his voicebox isn’t the same. He tries to say something, but nothing comes out. ‘No no Brice, it is okay. You don’t have to speak to me I can hear what you say through your eyes and mind. Perhaps even Owen can help you out with your issue.’ Brice is beginning to feel a lot of contentment in his new body as he looks down and marvels at his new gray muscles and rubs them a few more times before leaning over to rub Owen’s chest and face. ‘I can see that you care about him Brice. I am glad that you have someone to help you transition. Just know that this form only appears when you are excited or feel the need to act.’ After taking a few more steps, Brice stares at the red-skinned behemoth and remembers that it is Cain Darkori. Cain shows his teeth to both man demons and warns them to not approach him as it isn’t safe at this point. He motions for Owen to move himself over to the other cell located beside Brice’s so that he can revert back to his old body. He wants Brice to watch carefully so that he is able to do it in a safe fashion away from anyone he cares about. Owen sits down on the ground as his tail begins to fall off and his face returns back to its normal shape. His body hair begins to sprout again as his muscles slowly shrink back down to their original places and sizes. Now drenched in sweat and completely nude, Cain walks over to him and pulls another pair of glasses out of his lab coat he is wearing and hands them to Owen. He extends a giant red paw out to Owen and embraces him. He then tells Brice to let his brain clear itself and to let himself revert back. Brice nods as he sits on the ground and attempts to do the same thing that he saw Owen do. His tail falls off and his body hair begins to grow back as he calms down. Before anything else happens though, he passes out as his muscles were beginning to shrink down again. Cain rushes over to pick him up as he senses there may be a slight difference inside of Brice’s body. Owen follows them into a separate area where Cain places him on an exam table. He rushes out as he starts to yell for Damien to come quickly. Owen looks down at his grayish-colored friend and wonders if something has went gravely wrong with Brice. At this point, the half man half demon has gotten his original face back but has retained various features of the creature like his coloring, his feet, and even his gargantuan cock. Owen keeps staring at it in awe as Brice bounces it for him. It is at this point that Brice can speak again and whispers into his friend’s ear. ‘Please you have got to relieve this load building inside me. It just keeps building and it is driving my mind crazy.’ Owen stands there and debates on whether he should even honor this request since it may be too dangerous. What would the Darkori’s do to him if he did in fact relieve Brice? ‘Damnit Brice, I…..can’t buddy……I don’t know what they would do to me if I did that?’ Brice moans deeply as he feels a volcano of precum flowing out the slit of his cock. He grabs Owen on the arm and pulls him towards the leaking pole. Owen tries to resist as he feels pre hitting him in the face. It immediately makes his body start to tingle as his mind begins to race wildly. Before he locks lips on the giant pole, he is thrown across the room and knocked unconscious. Brice yells, ‘NO! WHY?’ seeing his friend lying there motionless. Damien Darkori immediately locks lips on the leaking rod and pumps it quickly. Brice heaves his body up and down as he launches tons of seed down inside Damien’s body. It goes pouring down all over his bare red chest and face as he gulps as much down as he can. Cain watches in the distance as he picks up Owen and slings him over his shoulder. Brice’s feet finally return to normal as Damien finishes drinking down the massive gallon of cum that the man demon produced. He pulls the shrinking cock out of his mouth as it sits silently on Brice’s leg. Damien turns to look at Brice and smiles a bit before he turns around to leave the area. Brice jumps up quickly and realizes that his skin is still gray. Cain walks over to him and puts his free hand on the scared man’s shoulder. ‘I know what you are thinking Brice, but I am here to tell you that being gray isn’t so bad. Look at it as a stepping stone to something better. You are not the same human anymore, you are something far better. I suggest you stay here overnight so me and Damien can help you with your diagnosis. Don’t worry about Owen, he took a licking but he will be fine.’ He pats the helpless man on the back and turns to leave the area. Brice goes back to the table and sits down with his hands on his face. He begins to wonder what will happen next as he ponders his next move.
  7. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Finally This took me a good few days to re-write, and, in all honesty, I'm far from done. However, I am proud of what came from all the work I put into it, so I hope that all of you enjoy these few chapters. I will continue adding more chapters to this post, so come back regularly to see any further updates in the story! Also, before I close this small update out, I just wanted to ask you guys something that has been jumping around in my mind for the while. Would any of you be interested in paying for some content? I'm not saying that Derrick and Me will become something that you have to pay to see. No, that would be insanely dumb. This story will always be free for everyone. But like, would you guys be interested in being able to pay for things such as having yourself included within the story or having the power to tell me to write different stories for your pleasure? I'm just curious, since I was thinking that I could do these things for you guys if you want it! It would help me financially ( since I'm a broke college student) and will help me become a stronger writer. Tell me how you feel in the comments, please. With that said, I appreciate all of you and your support! Hope you all have a nice day. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 0: Epilogue I was just a 15-year-old when I first started high school. I had no friends whatsoever, and I did not gain any for a while, due the overall shyness that I had ever since I was in elementary. Around that time in my life, it was just me doing my school work- day in and day out - without barely any sort of human interaction besides from the occasional talk I would have with my parents. As every other boy and girl went out hanging out with their friends, I just sat by and did nothing but just work. While this might seem boring to some others, I was rather complacent with such. After all, I was never the one to go out to the movies, or to date, or anything like that. I couldn’t even imagine myself doing anything of the sort, because I believed that no one would want to hang around with a dumb introvert like me. So, I just kept my head in the books, not worrying about what other people did. I think It was about halfway through my first year in high school that I met this boy named Derrick. He was about a year younger than me, and he had just transferred from a school a few cities away. He did not know anyone at my school, he was not even used to the environment by the time he got there. Because of that he acted rather shy the first few days of his arrival, not talking to that many people and doing mostly his work – just like me. But, in that of just a few weeks, he broke out of that - becoming the most popular guy in school – going out everywhere with everyone and trying to have a relationship with practically everyone in the school. Especially me. I didn’t pay him that much attention during that time, with the reason being that I was still a shy person. But, despite this, he would always try to talk to me while I was working, or glance at me periodically during class time. Truth be told, I told him to fuck off most of the time, since when he did this he would be distracting me from something. But, no matter what, he would continue to try to do this. And, as he continued to harass me, I continued to ignore him. One day, though, things were different. That day was bad; My mother and father had a nasty fight in the morning, and it was about me. I felt guilty after that, feeling as if I was the one who caused all that tension, so I was just sitting by myself during lunchtime thinking about what I did wrong. I guess that Derrick noticed how much I was hurting, because, when he came up to me, he asked me if I was okay. I told him that I wasn’t, but I refused to expand on why that was so. He didn’t try to pry it out of me, but, instead, just sat by next to me and started rummaging through his bag. He happened to pull out this magazine and placed it in between both of us. It had this extremely humongous and vein-y man flexing on the cover, with the title reading “Will he surpass even last year’s Mr. Olympia”. “Dude, this guy is absolutely huge! Are you into this stuff?” Derrick asked me as he flipped through each page in the magazine, showing me, all of these muscled up men and woman as an attempt to get me out of my depression. As my eyes scanned every page, I started to feel myself getting lost in the amount of muscle that was being thrown at me. “Uh, well, no. I’m not. Sorry” I lied through my teeth. Once Derrick heard what I said, he looked like a kicked puppy. He did flip through a few more pages just so that he could finish looking at all the bodybuilders in the issue and started putting it away in his bag. I noticed that he was packing up and reacted quickly. “I mean, yeah, I’m not interested. But, do you mind telling me who the guy on the cover was?” I said hesitantly, feeling as if I unleashed Pandora’s box by asking this overbearing extrovert something about his favorite. In the end, I was right. As soon as he heard me ask that, his eyes shined. He went on this huge rant on the bodybuilder I was interested in - talking about his weight, arm and leg size, and his work out plan. That whole time he just kept on repeating the bodybuilder's name. Jake Summers this and Jake Summers that! I lost count on the number of times he repeated that guys name. I made sure to remember this person’s name when I reached home that day. As soon as I was in the privacy of my room, I went straight to where my desktop was and turned it on as fast as I could. I wasted no time in going on the internet and typing in the keywords “Jake Summers shirtless” into the search engine. In that of a half second, my screen was decorated with hundreds of pictures of this large, symmetrical being lifting weights and flexing to the camera. I remember spending hours just scanning through pages of this guy showing his muscles. My jaw would drop whenever he would take off his pants to show off the work he did on his thigh. To be honest, even up to this day I still find the width of his leg to be amazing – something that I still wish to strive for. The next day, while I was sitting by myself at lunch, I spotted Derrick talking to his friends. While I wasn’t usually the one to initiate conversation, I really wanted to learn more about the bodybuilder and the magazine that Derrick showed me before. I jut sat there, staring in his direction for a few moments, until I built up the courage to go up to him. I was somewhat scared while doing this, but, when I started talking to him, everything came out smoothly as if I was a natural at this. Me talking to him about Summers caused a table wide conversation about it. I even ended up sitting with everyone so that we could talk about this month’s issue. While I just wanted to talk to Derrick about the magazine and the bodybuilder, I gained so much more from that. I became closer to people that I never thought I would ever associate with. I found myself continuing to meet with them to just talk about bodybuilding, and the accepted me into their fold. I started to feel like I belonged; I started to feel what it is like to have friends. On top of that, I started developing a sort of inner connection towards bodybuilding. Not only did I start reading more of the magazine that Derrick showed me, but I even started working out and changing my eating habits. I started dreaming of one day being bigger than the guys that I saw in the magazine. I became a bodybuilding fanatic, and all because of Derrick. Derrick noticed how interested I was in getting into bodybuilding, so he asked me if I wanted to start going to the gym with him. I would think that, from that point forward, we started becoming friends. Hell, maybe even closer friends than everyone else than he went out with. With every chance that I we got, we would work on meal prep and workout routines, while also talking about events that were happening in the bodybuilding community. Our relationship grew as we continued to work out with each other, coming to the point where we thought of ourselves at brothers. We became closer as we became bigger and stronger. We pushed each other to the limit for that of 12 months, and, by the time that we were in 10th grade, we were the biggest kids in high school! Besides from the gym, we were just insanely close. We would chill with each other more than anyone else, and, sometimes, when the workout that we did was strenuous enough, Derrick would just crash at my house for the night. When this happened, since we didn’t have an extra bed for Derrick, we would both just sleep together on the same mattress. I would give him my clothes, and we would just sleep at opposite ends of the bed. I kept telling myself that sleeping together like that was normal and that there was nothing more to it. When I tried to go wherever he went, or, really, followed him around the place, I thought of it as just a friend being a friend. But it was more than that, and, as the years went by, I started realizing that. How much time I spent with him, the feelings that I had when I was around him in and out of the gym. It was more than just me trying to be a friend – it was me being infatuated with him. It was me being into him. I never told him about my feelings, and for so many reasons. One of them was because I did not know how he would react to them. I did not just want to blurt it out and end up losing such an awesome person. But the others ranged from me being afraid of me being gay, to me being outed and having to deal with what everyone thinks. I was scared about what would happen if I came out to Derrick, so I never did. I just maintained – or, at least, tried to maintain, our brother like status for as long as I could. But then, one day, I came to school and noticed that Derrick never came to class, which was out of character for him. I looked everywhere in the school for him, and even talked to his friends about it. No one even heard from him that day. I was worried, but I thought that Derrick was just sick and that he would simply come in tomorrow or even see me later in the day. However, this was not the case. Derrick ended up not coming to school for days, and, by that time, I was starting to freak out. I ended up going to his house to ask his father about what happened, but, when I asked him about the whereabouts of my friend, he just told me that he was just visiting family. Just that – family and nothing else. He didn’t tell me where his family was, or even when Derrick would be coming back home. I was even more worried than how I was before. I kept trying to get in contact with him for weeks, but nothing ever came to fruition. I started to think that something bad happened to Derrick. Those weeks turned into months. It soon came to the point where I went to the dean’s office to ask about him. That’s when I learned that Derrick would not be attending my school anymore. At that moment, the possibility that I would never see Derrick again hit me harder than a rock. I just remember going home and crying to myself, so upset about what was happening. I never did find out why Derrick left, let alone if he was even alive or not. Going to the gym was never the same without him. He was the person that kept on pushing me whenever I would slack, so, without him, getting through my plan became harder. I contemplated just quitting bodybuilding all together due to not having Derrick to push me. But I didn’t, and I’m so happy that I didn’t quit since I knew Derrick would have wanted me to continue pushing myself in his absence. I ended up pushing myself ten times harder than I ever had even while Derrick was with me, and, by the time that I was in my senior year, I was practically half as big as those IFBB bodybuilders that both of us would have seen in the magazines. It was around 8 years since he disappeared. Within that time frame, I got over my fear of coming out. Ended up telling everyone about my sexuality. While I did lose many people due to this, I ended up becoming closer to those that loved me regardless. I started my career as an IFFBB bodybuilder as soon as I got my diploma and started being followed by all bodybuilding magazine outlets. On top of that, I ended up putting a ring on one of the boys that I met at that table a few years back. So much has happened within those years, but I still felt that so much was left unfulfilled. It’s like a gaping hole. I still wanted to say so much to Derrick – to, at least tell him that he was such a nice guy, and that I loved him so much. But, most importantly, I just wanted to ask why. I just want to know the truth behind why he left. But, I felt as if such a day will never come, and, while it hurt so much, I forced myself to move on and be happy with what I have, and not dwell on the past. Chapter 1: Alone By the time I was done with work, the sun had already set, and the streets were dead quiet. I always hated walking this late at night, but, at this time, I did not need to worry about college kids trying to pick fights with me due to my size or gay boys trying to hit on me. Especially the gay boys, whose’ flirting were surprisingly aggressive in these parts. I felt at peace at this hour, so I took what was presented to me. Usually during the day, especially at my work, I had to deal with so much. Due to my size, the outfit that I had to wear at work would barely fit my figure. I had to be careful with my arm movements, so that I didn’t rip anything and cause myself to spend fifty bucks on a replacement. Then there was my boss, who constantly gave me shit for bumping into things repeatedly, as if I wasn’t trying my best to avoid all his mess in the small area we worked in. Then there was the onslaught of customers bringing their cars in to be fixed, preventing me from just catching a breath. But now none of that matters. The lose tank top that I wore allowed me to swing my logs with ease, and I had all the time in the world to think about myself and my routine for today. As I walked and thought to myself, I reflected on how lacking my chest looked. Last time I measured, I was around 50 inches in size. My fiancé was around 60 inches. I still found it impressive on how he was able to surpass me like that, but that only meant that I needed to push myself harder. By the time I reached Dalthorn’s Gym, I decided on how I would blast my chest – incline bench press, flat bench press, dumbbell fly, dips, and some pull-overs. Would need to do all of them to failure, and I would determine when it would be time to call it quits. I soon found myself at the front entrance of the gym. I scanned the entire frame, taking into consideration how the frame did not even come close to being able to fit my body through. “Well, here we go again” I said as I opened the pull-out door. The people at the check – in counter noticed what was happening and started chuckling. “Yeah, you keep on laughing! Just watch when I come in there” I threatened, however playfully. They all stopped laughing though and resumed doing their work. “Sorry about that, babe! We’re still waiting on that guy to come in and replace that door with something bigger. Need some help?” My fiancé, Elliot, said as he jogged around the desk to come and meet me at the door. As he made his way towards where I was, a grin formed on his face. “You seem to enjoy me suffering, Eli. I know you had to deal with this today, too” I said. I backed off from the door to allow Elliot to come outside and hold the screen open for me. He had some trouble squeezing through the frame, but he still managed to get through to help me out. “You’re right, but that usually happens under certain circumstance.” Elliot grinned as he looked at me. “The Difference is that I don’t have to subject myself to it every hour of everyday. The backdoor is the only door big enough to handle my size, and I have the keys to it!” Elliot bragged about his work privileges as he patted the keys that hung loosely at the side of his waist. “Why can’t you just be nice and let me through the back, dude. What have I done to deserve this abuse” I grumbled to myself as I started to squeeze myself through the small opening. “Because, if I do, then I won’t be able to do this anymore” Elliot said. While I tried to get through the door, I felt two large hands clasp and squeeze my ass. “Oh, I see. Tch, get your handful, Elliot.” I said as I quickly flexed my bottom, causing it to get hard. “Believe me, this is the closest you’ll get towards having an ass this big.” I added. I ripped by ass away from my fiancé’s hands as so to finally get through the door. Feeling free to move as a I please again, I turn around to place a small kiss on his lips. “Thanks, dude” I said as I drew myself away from Elliot’s lips. “No problem. Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be heading to the back now” Elliot said as he jogged towards the back of the building. After watching Elliot disappear, I made my way towards the check – in desk to get myself scanned in. Since Elliot wasn’t there yet, the only person managing the desk was Elroy, a guy I knew ever since High School. “Happy that you didn’t get stuck in the frame again, Barns” Elroy joked as he took the ID that I handed to him. “Don’t start now, man” I said, with a fake serious expression on my face. There was a time where I was rushing into the gym and got myself stuck in between the door frame. Took me a few minutes to get out, but, ever since then. Elroy wouldn’t stop harassing me about it. It’s not like it mattered to me, though. But I always tried to make it seem as if I got pissed when people joked about, just for the hell of it. “Hey, I wasn’t starting anything. Anyway, Here’s your ID. Have a good workout” Elroy said with a small smile plastered across his face. “Thanks. Catch you around closing time” I said as I took my ID. With everything set for myself, I rushed to where the locker room was located, so I could prepare myself for my work out. As I walked away from the counter, I heard some commotion coming from where Elroy was. While I wanted to turn around to see what was up, I decided to ignore it and focus on getting myself ready for my workout. My time in the locker room was that of a quick minute, as all I had to do was throw on my shorts, get my water bottle, and lock everything up in my locker. Many of the regulars that I knew in the gym tried to strike up conversation with me while I was getting ready, but I refused to let them sidetrack me. I was too excited to get back into my natural habitat, and to push myself to the very limit. I was quick to leave the locker room, and, as soon as I reached the bench, I went all out with the weights. By the time 45 minutes passed, I was half way through my work out. I was at the point where I was finishing up my 12 set of incline bench presses. With each movement, I felt my chest stretch and tighten – veins showing themselves through my thin skin. The pleasure that I was experienced while doing this was immense. It was like, with each time I lifted the weight over my chest, the endorphins would course through my body. This was the reason why I loved coming here, because this was one of the few places where I could achieve this sort of feeling. “Eighteen…nineteen… Twenty…fuck” I said as I struggled to get out that one last rep. With all my might, exerted all the energy out of my upper body into that one last push, and lifted the weight over my body once more. The intensity of the workout reached its climax, and so the pleasure reached its best. And like the sun, it quickly came up and quickly went down. The energy, pleasure, and strength drain out of me, as if I was slowly dying. Without hesitation, I dropped the weights, took a quick sip of water, and started making my way towards the next machine. As I lifted my body up from the bench press, the sweat from my previous work out fell off me like a waterfall. With the amount of sweat that was on my body, my tank top was properly soaked. Feeling uncomfortable with how my tank stuck to my skin, I pulled it all off – exposing my glistening hairy chest, and the six pack that I have been working on for years. As my chest hung out in the open, my veins still showed themselves through my skin, while the whole upper body region throbbed endlessly. Wanting to admire my work, I looked down and playfully popped my pectorals - laughing to myself and feeling as if I was king. “Yeah! Just one more” a trainer a few feet away me shouted as he helped a woman lift her weights. “One more, Lenna! You can do it!” the man said as he supported the woman, who was trying her best to finish up her last dumbbell curl. She took a deep breath, and, with all her might, she pulled her 20 pounders up. While I didn’t show it, I was chuckling to myself about how she couldn’t manage the 20-pound dumbbells. Not because I thought I was better I was better than her, but it just reminded me on how much I used to struggle when I first started lifting weights. After she was done with her set, she dropped her weights and started laughing to herself while, also, trying to catch her breath. “Jeez! Derrick, don’t you think that this kind of workout is bit too much for me? I haven’t even been in the gym for about a month. I think I need to go slower” The woman said as she tried to catch her breath. “Nah, girl. You got this! If I let you slack, then how am I going to help you get that summer body? Don’t you want to look like this” the trainer said as he raised his arms, flexing them and causing them to look insanely large. “Nah, I’m good. Thanks.” The woman said as she checked out the complete size of her trainer. “So, is that it for today?” She asked. “Yes, we are done for today. But remember what I told you about your diet. Try to cook more at home and try to eat within your daily calorie intake for now. We’ll work more on it, later” the trainer said as he picked up the weights surrounding them. “Oh, of course! Thank you so much, Derrick” The lady said as she hugged her trainer. The hug lasted longer than necessary, and I noticed that the man was looking increasingly uncomfortable. As he stood there getting hugged, he noticed that I was staring straight at him, and he let a sheepish grin as he got the lady off him. “Have a good night, Lenna” Derrick said, chuckling as so to hide his discomfort. “Night, big guy” The lady said as she made her way towards the woman’s locker-room. As soon as the trainer saw her disappear into the lady’s locker room, he turned himself around a and made eye contact with me. He still held that sheepish smile from before, as if he was embarrassed about something. “Hey, dude, I know the feeling. Some of these people just like us for the muscle and that’s about it. Sucks, but comes with the job, right” I said to the trainer. “Yeah! What can you do, right? Plus, having that kind of respect is kind of nice” the trainer said, laughing to himself. “Knowing that people love what they see kind of pushes me to become bigger, so I’ll take it.” “Right. Hey, quick question…” I said as I scanned the face and body of the man standing before me. “Yeah? What do you need, dude?” The trainer said as he made his way towards my direction. As he got closer, I noticed small rose and vine tattoos decorated all over his arms, and some scaring on his shoulder. The definition in his arms became more apparent as he approached, making me quite impressed with the work he put into himself. “Yeah….do I know you? I swear, I heard her call you Derrick, and I know someone by that name. You kind of look somewhat like him too. I was just curious” I said, as I continued to check the man out. The only answer that I got was a hardy laugh from the man. He seemed amused by me wondering who he was, which only confused me. “I knew that you would barely be able to recognize me. Can’t blame you, though. Struggled to recognize you when I first saw you. Sup, Barnie?!” The man said, as he tried to hold back his hardy laughs. “Wait a damn second. Derrick? Is that you?!” I said, as all the pieces fell in place. The facial features, the voice, and the scars. This was Derrick, this was my Derrick. I couldn’t believe it my eyes. I grabbed him and embraced him in a large hug, letting a deep laugh escape my body. “Dude! This is insane. Everything about you is just so different. You’re almost like a whole new person.” I said as I held Derricks shoulders. The Derrick that I knew a few years ago was different from the Derrick now. Before, he was about 5 feet, with very bony facial features, an afro, and long sideburns. His voice was so much softer, too. But, now, he was a very tall man – possibly 6’0. All his hair was shaved off, leaving him with something like a baby face. His arms and legs were large and toned, making it look like he barely had any fat under that skin. On top of that, the developed a deep, strong voice. “I guess that is what puberty does to ya, am I right? But, Barnie, look at you! How you been doing? You look nothing like how you did back in High School” Derrick said, as he scanned my entire body. “I guess it’s puberty, and a bit of genetics. You’re looking at 8 years of work, man” I said, mildly flexing my arms. “Man. I’m actually proud. I remember when we started going to the gym together. You were as skinny as a stick. Now look at you!” Derrick complimented as he continued to scan me. He focused his eyes onto my biceps, examining every corner and bulge. I noticed him doing this, so I started to flex my arms a bit harder. “Haw, show off” Derrick mocked as he, too, started flexing at me. “I guess you guys have seen each other” Elroy said, as he walked in our direction. “Dude, you knew he was here?” I asked, surprised that no one told me about Derrick coming. “Yep. Believe me, I was just as surprised as you when I first saw him. Just popped out of nowhere, really! Anyway, I was just coming over here to give Derrick something” Leroy said as he reached into his pocket. He pulled out a white, folded piece of paper and handed it to Derrick. “This is the order sheet for the uniform that all trainers need to wear. Yours will be special due to your body type. Get that in to me by tomorrow, and we’ll get you set up” Leroy said. “Yo, thanks for this again. I really do appreciate everything” Derrick said as he read the sheet. “Man don’t even mention it. I’m just happy that you’re back. We really got to catch up during the weekend” Leroy said, as he let out a wide smile. He waved goodbye as he went back to his desk. “Hey, man, I got to finish this thing up. Will I be seeing you in the locker room?” Derrick asked as he resumed checking me out. “Yeah. If anything, we can talk in about an hour. But, dude, are you working here” I asked. “Yep. Surprising, isn’t it?” Derrick said, letting out a quick laugh. “Dude, that’s boss! Hey, maybe give me a free training session” I joked. “Yeah, sure, dude! And how about you do my bills for free too?” Derrick joked. We both started laughing together, just like how we used to. With how we were acting, it was almost as if he hasn’t left at all. After that, we both parted ways for the time being. After talking to Derrick, it was as if I felt this different energy coursing through me – the same energy that I felt when I had Derrick there to help me out with my workout. I was just so happy that I could see him again. But then I was also surprised. Why did he just show up so suddenly? Why hasn’t he contacted me before he came? For him to disappear for 8 years and then to appear out of the blue like that was extremely weird. I placed these thoughts at the back of the mind for the moment, but I planned to bring it up to him whenever I had the chance. But, for the time being, it was time to finish my workout. Chapter 2: Reunion By the time that I was finished with my workout, the gym was emptied out and the doors were about to be shut. The locker room, around that time, was barren of any form of life, so I could have easily just taken off all my clothes and stood naked as I got ready to leave. Instead, I just sat there in my underwear, packing some of my stuff into my bag. The workout was still recent, so, as I sat down on the cold metal bench, I could feel my pecs pulsate subtly. I was still damp from the workout, so the sweat acted like a natural oil that brought out the definition of my muscles. I was able to admire every bit of the progress I made. The definitions of my six pack abs showed profusely. Every ab popped out and was perfectly aligned with each other. I admired my throbbing chest, counting each long vein that bled from my skin. I popped my pecs a bit, snickering to myself about how heavy and large they have become. I then checked out the logs that I call arms, slightly flexing them to make every muscle and vein pop. With my other hand, I traced my fingers over each crevasse bulge. In a few moments, I found myself lost in the formation of my body. “Stop feeling yourself” Elliot said, as he stood at the corridor of the locker room, smirking to himself. I quickly rose my eyes from my body, caught off guard by Elliot. I just chuckled to myself as I stopped flexing and plopped myself onto the bench behind me. “Hey, I should be able to appreciate what I have” I said as I gathered my tank and threw it into my gym bag. “Sure, Barns. You keep appreciating what you have. Might as well appreciate you lack as well” Elliot said as he walked himself in front of me. As he approached me, he ripped off his shirt, exposing his superior abdominal and pectoral muscles. He placed some stress on them, having all of it pop right into my face. I knew he was just playing around with me, so I played along. “Bitch…I don’t lack anything” I said as I placed stress on my chest and abs. “What you see right here is 270 pounds of pure muscle right here, chiseled to perfection”. Elroy looked me straight in the eyes for a few moments, and then reached his hand out to my left bicep. He then pinched me, and gently pulled my skin. “Bitch…you have more fat than me! Keep sucking your dick” Elliot said, as he continued to pinch my skin. I couldn’t help but get somewhat tilted at that, but I still maintained my demeanor. I pushed his hand away and popped my pecs while looking at him seriously. “Man, you don’t even know what you’re talking about!” I said, faking the anger in my voice. “Jeez, babe, don’t get upset. Just playing with you” Elliot said. He moved his hands to mt hips and pulled me close to him. We found ourselves just embracing each other, with me only in my underwear. I sill tried to make myself look upset, but Elliot saw through me. He leaned in, and placed me into a kiss, causing me to slowly melt in his arms. After a few seconds, he took his lips off mine. “Dude, you know that you look good. But you know you can always get better…” Elliot said, now brushing his hands over my back. “I know, babe. But I really do wish that I had a chest as good as yours” I said as I moved my hands from Elliot’s hips and onto the chest. I softly squeezed his chest. While I did so, Elliot went in for another long kiss, this time more passionate than the last. “You will one day. I’ll help you out with it” Elliot said in between kisses. As we continued to kiss, I started to massage his chest. I moved between moving my fingers across his chest in a circular motion to squeezing it firmly. As I continued to do this, he, softly, groaned. Happy that I was pleasing him, I decided to try something else. While I pressed deep into his chest, I quickly moved my fingers to his nipples, and slowly massaged him. At that moment, he pulled away from my lips and looked down at what I was doing. He groaned louder as I continued to rub my fingers across his two hanging members. Wanting to take it a bit further, I looked around the place to see if Derrick was anywhere around us, and, after making sure that we were both alone, I bent my head down and took his left nipple into my mouth. At that moment, he let out a loud groan, and his body started to crumble. I helped him lay down on the bench, and, once he was settled, I started feasting on his nipples once again. “Ung…stop, Barnie. Please. Someone will…” Elliot tried to push me away from his chest, but, before he could have done so, I wrapped my lips around his left nipple, and sucked it a bit harder. At that moment, he stopped talking and continued to groan, pushing my head down into his pectorals. “D-don’t stop, please” Elliot stuttered as he started blanking out due to the amount of pleasure being delivered. “That’s what I want to hear…” I said, knowing that my fiancé has now given himself over to me. I took my mouth from his most sensitive nipple, reached over to my underwear, and pulled it down over my leg – exposing the huge erection that I kept hidden from him. My fiancé looked towards where my dick was, admiring how veiny it was and how much it throbbed. I flicked the sweaty article of clothing into my locker, and then I laid my heavy formation down on Elliot – taking his head into my hands as I passionately kissed him. We fought each other with our tongues as I slowly grinded my crotch against his, causing his to grow considerably. That went on for a few minutes. Within that time frame, I kissed and twisted his nipples to get him fully erect. Once his dick got so big to the point where it felt uncomfortable to be in his pants, he pushed me off and started removing everything. We soon found both of ourselves naked and making out on top of the metal locker room bench. After a few moments, he we started to change positions. I laid in the same spot Elliot previously laid in before he got up. He moved over to where my head was and positioned his cock over my head, preparing to have it sucked by me. He crouched over my head, making sure to direct his cock right onto my lips. I, playfully, refused his member, as what we usually do when we have sex. But, after a few moments of Elliot saying, “Take this dick” and slapping it across my face, I gave in to his demands and started sucking the head of his dick. He placed his hands on his hips and looked down – silently groaning to himself as he looked at my feasting on him. “Shit, babe, keep sucking that dick” Elliot said as he forced his cock deeper into my mouth. And that I did – I started to constantly lick his head while it was so far in his mouth, while occasionally deepthroating him. Whenever I brought his cock that far into my mouth, how he would arch forward and clench his teeth made it all worth it. I started deepthroating him more often during that session, which drove him wild. After a few moments, he wished to deliver the same pleasure that he was feeling. He laid his entire body down top mine and decided to take my full cock into his mouth. I groaned loudly as I felt his tongue brush against my head. It came to the point where I wanted to stop sucking him to admire him going down on me. However, he pressed his body and his crotch hard on me, preventing me from lifting my head up properly. “No, no. Keep sucking. You love the taste of that dick.” He said as he shoved his member deeper into my mouth. He showed no restraint in making me take his entire shaft but was so soft and gentle when he did it. He sucked gently as he had me experience the texture of his tongue slide up and down my shaft. Every other moment, he would surprise with a bit of nibbling, causing my whole-body shudder. Plus, having his cock practically shoved into my throat caused endorphins to run through my body. With both things happening at once, I felt my mind slowly go blank as the animalistic side of me took over. “You ready to get fucked? You want this big cock right up your ass?!” Elliot asked me after a few moments of sixty- nineing me. With my assistance, his dick grew a good amount – about 6 inches – from when it was limp. Mine had grown a good amount as well, but, from how things were looking, it didn’t seem like it would matter as I would be the one to be used by him. However, I wished to please my fiancé whenever we got like this, so, without hesitation, I turned myself around – exposing my glistening backside and my asshole which was practically begging for it. “Did you wash yet, babe?” Elliot asked me, as he pulled my butt cheeks away to examine my hole more closely. “N-no, sir…I’m sorry” I said, embarrassed about how I presented myself to my fiancé. The embarrassment caused me to lose some of my horniness, but Elliot seemed unphased by it. “Well, if that’s the case, better get your ass to the shower” Elliot said as he took his hands off my ass. He laid himself over my back and kissed the side of my neck before getting up from the bench. As soon as he got off me, I lifted myself up from the bench as well. As soon as I got up, Elliot grabbed my hand and started pulling me gently to where the showers were. There was no need to really force me to go, however, as I wanted to keep this moment of intimacy going for as long as I could. Chapter 3: Yours *WIP* A special thank you to Vinsfield for being such an awesome guy. Without him, I probably would have never been inspired to make these series of chapters. Also, a huge thanks to Juan! Good luck in getting gigantic, dude! I believe in you!
  8. Greatsword812

    Unexpected Package (Updated: July 5th 2018)

    Hey all. Obligatory disclaimer, long time luker, first time poster. This prompt came from a write thread on /y/ and is as follows: "Requesting a story about a young man receiving his own GroBot in the mail, and continuing to have fetishy sex with it after activating it. The GroBot should have total sentience, but be submissive to his owner. The owner should just be happy to get his dick wet with his growing android hunk. The only requirement is that theirs lots of growth and sex." Constructive criticism is appreciated. I normally don't write smut (or write at all, tbh) so please let me know if you like it. According to the anon on /y/ the prompt was inspired by rippedsaurian's character. ****************************************** “I didn't fucking order this.” The Amazon guy just stared at me. He clicked his pen again and repeated, “Ya gonna sign or what?” I huffed and scribbled my signature and he bolted out the door leaving me with a gigantic six-foot package sitting in my empty living room. Again, I scratched my head. There was no way I drunk ordered anything THIS big, even drunk me would have balked at the price. I cut down the sides of the package and revealed the inner box that just reeked of expensive production value. Light gray with gold-yellow trim and a shiny matte finish overlay the word GRO-BOT plastered on the side in large sleek lettering. Still puzzled I discarded the front of the fancy box and let out a small gasp of amazement. Before me stood a lean and average sized human looking robot. Much like the color of the box the GROBOT was colored dark gray around the torso and thighs and a dark yellow-gold in the shoulders, upper back, calves, crotch posers and head. The robot had no visible face but did have a V shaped colorless slit on the face that simulated eyes. The bot was also very clearly defined, each muscle group separated and distinct with no body fat to be seen at all, much like an anatomy mannequin. My eyes trailed lower to a small plastic sign affixed to the crotch that said “Please BOOP eyes to initiate start-up.” Following instructions, I pressed my finger to the plastic V shape and the eyes lit up with a cool white light. A small chime signaling start up rang and I watched as the operating system stimulated the GROBOT's muscles in a visible shock wave that ran the length of the body. A few moments later the head turned and fixated on my face. “Initiating Operator Mode. Please specified desired vocal auditory output. Press left pectoral for lower vocal pitch and right pectoral for higher vocal pitch.” The robot cooed. I stared a moment before complying and placing my hand on the left pec. The robot repeated the same phrase in a slightly lower and sexier voice. I immediately repeated and pressed the left pec again several times resulting in a smooth and rumbling base and pressed the eyes to continue. “Growth-based Regenerative Organic-synth Battle-bot for Offensive Training or GRO-BOT.” The bot did a small bow with his hands behind his back before continuing. “Thank you for your purchase, Master.” I stared at the robot, dumbfounded. Taking a few steps back I slouched in my favorite armchair and placed my head in my hands, letting out a great big sigh. The bot had tracked my movements with its (his?) head and said nothing. I saw another bolt of stimulation travel down the bot from head to toe as it stepped out of the box and followed me to the chair, planting its feet exactly a foot from me. “My sensors have detected that your blood-pressure, pulse and respirations are elevated. It appears you are in acute distress. How might I be of assistance, Master?” “Why do you keep saying Master?” I groaned back to the bot. The eyes flashed twice, apparently processing my query. “I am your product. You are my Master.” That did not exactly clarify the situation. “Who bought you?” I inquired, “I do NOT remember ordering something as expensive as you probably are.” More flashing eyes before the bot replied, “My subscription information lists you as the sole and primary subscriber. I am your product. Payment information is restricted.” I stood up and poked the bot hard in the cleft of the pecs with my finger. The bot registered the abuse with a few flashes of its V shaped eyes and fixated its face on mine. Each word was punctuated with another jab to the pecs as I demanded to know, “What. Do. You. Do?” “My original function was to serve as an opponent to humans training to engage in hand to hand physical combat. My architects have determined that I can provide other, more sensitive, uses to non-combat civilian personnel.” The bot replied, coolly. “In summary: I am a sex bot. Do you wish to initiate customization?” That immediately changed my tune. “YES!” GRO-BOT hummed a moment before replying. “Please specific desired height.” “Six feet and four inches.” GRO-BOT began to hiss slightly, like the sound of hydraulics expanding, and his body began to stretch upward slowly. The increased height did not pad itself out however and once completed growing the bot looked too lanky to be attractive, so I decided to up the specificity of my requests. “More weight. Wait! More muscle.” GRO-BOT flashed a moment before requesting, “Please specify body type. Average. Athletic. Olympian. Fitness Model. Body Builder.” “Fitness model!” Cables of new muscle stretched and snapped into existence across the robot's entire body. The sounds of stretching nano-flesh filled the room and GROBOT began to fill out in all the right places. His already defined torso swelled into two slabs of define pectorals complete with an eight-pack of washboard abs and shredded lats. The shoulders were next and each one ballooned out into round powerful bowling balls. Lastly, the arms writhed with new power as the biceps swelled from skinny bumps to powerful tennis ball sized orbs within a few flexes. I moaned out loud at this hot growth and placed my arms on both pectorals, squeezing their newfound hardness between my digits. With a surge of power GROBOT flexed both his pecs as hard as he could, and I felt the warm hard mounds turn to stone beneath my fingertips. My fingers traveled down the bot's torso and down to the fantastic abs on display. The brick like muscles were perfectly symmetrical with a clean divide down the middle that accentuated their power. GRO-BOT raised his arms over his head and crunched his stomach so hard one of my fingers was pinched between two of its shredded abdominal. I was really feeling horny now. My hard cock was staining my pants with pre and I had to let it lose. I frantically dropped the trousers and stood a full attention in front of my new personal sex slave. I leaned back in my comfy chair and slowly began to stroke my length while raking my eyes over the contours of the bot's body. I needed more. “Raise an arm and flex.” GRO-BOT blinked and complied, raising its right arm and bringing it to a firm flex. At his current size the bicep was about a s big as a tennis ball with small veins running beneath the small muscle and up the length of the forearm. I stroked myself faster. “Increase the bicep size by twenty percent.” The veins in the arm pulsed slowly as they supplied the arm with more liquid fuel and after a moment GRO-BOT relaxed his arm and re-flexed. The new bicep was noticeably bigger than it had been before but not quite where I had wanted it to be just yet. Before I could issue a new command, the veins pulsed again and GRO-BOT relaxed and flexed again. And again. And again. With each new flex the arm was even bigger and more defined than before A large vein appeared at the head of the bicep and pulsed with each new flex as the now soft-ball sized bicep grew even further. I was moaning at this inhuman display of power and beat my dick harder and harder until the growth stopped. I immediately let go of my dick to stop myself cumming to soon. I was not going to finish before I had my way with this new robot. “Take out your dick.” GRO-BOT obeyed. The gold fabric posers suddenly vanished and revealed a four-inch soft dick with a grey shaft and gold head. It looked pitiful against the rest of the bot's rock-hard body, so I decided to give my new bot a makeover any man would dream of. “Grow your other arm and jack off while doing it.” The overgrown sex toy blinked once as it processed the request and lowered his new huge right arm to his soft dick while raising the left arm and beginning to flex. The robot slowly began to stroke its own manhood (robot-hood?) in time with the flexing of his arms. The growth started again, first with the pulsing veins. With each flex of the inflating arm GRO-BOT also stroked its own dick to a hard six inches. I was going wild now. I was jacking off furiously and spewing precum everywhere like a leaky faucet. GRO-BOT had completed his growth cycle and relaxed both arms to his sides while his dick, still hard, began to leak its own fluid. My hands flew off my dick and I gasped for a few breaths, fighting the urge to cum early. My mind raced with ideas. How much control did this robot have over itself? How specific could I get? “Increase penis length by two inches.” The bot bleeped again but nothing happened at first. GROBOT's cock continued to leak and then suddenly throbbed back and forth like it was being flexed. Veins spread across the long fuck pole and supplied it with ample fuel while throbbing increased in intensity. The large grey-gold penis stood fully erect and shot a large wad of cum straight into the air. The bot's dick slowly stretched upward toward the sky and fired another round into the air. GRO-BOT reached down, grasping the shaft, and vigorously ran its thumb over the head while the organ finished its growth spurt. The last volley of cum exploded out of the tip like a covered garden hose and the throbbing subsided as it reached eight inches. GRO-BOT blipped again before he spoke, “My sensors detect a rapid pulse and increased perspiration, both indicative of arousal.” GRO-BOT reached out and placed his hands on the armrests of my chair and leaned over me so that I could focus only on his incredible bulk. Veins pulsed on his chest as the bot again flexed his upper body only inches from my face. GRO-BOT thrust his hips and his robot dick made contact with my own weeping manhood. “Do I please you, master?” I did not reply. I had to focus on not cumming too soon or this fantastic experience would be over before it really began. Idea after idea swam through my head of all the new possibilities I had in store with GRO-BOT at my disposal. It appeared he was fully customization and ready and willing to perform whatever I wanted. Do whatever I wanted. Be whoever I needed. “Change your body type to body-builder.” GRO-BOT straightened up and very quickly began to initiate the changes, this time growing outward instead of upward. The growth started at his thighs and began to spread downward. Each pillar of flesh bulged and stretched with new cables of nano-muscle and swelled even bigger around than they had been previously. Each pulse was accentuated by the huge pulsing veins that began to crawl down each length. The growth spurt had then reached his calves which exploded with a small bang into fist sized calf muscles. I let out a moan and quickly sat up in my chair, reaching behind GRO-BOT and grabbing onto his already bulbous glutes. GRO-BOT's behind inflated slowly but surely while I squeezed and manipulated the globes of flesh. It felt like I was holding two halves of a watermelon that kept getting bigger and bigger. Each slab felt tighter and tighter until I felt like they would burst at any moment. Suddenly GRO-BOT clenched his cheeks and thrust forward, slamming his eight inches down my throat. I groaned and gurgled and did my best to suck off this freakishly muscular bot while he continued to face fuck me with long and slow motions. Each thrust slapped his bulbous balls on my chin and after a few moments I grabbed and squeezed them tight. GRO-BOT shuddered and bucked wildly, I could feel his dick throbbing in my mouth as he shot his load again. His orgasm completed, GRO-BOT withdrew from my mouth and stood at the ready, his dick still rock solid. “I-I need you.” I stammered, trying to delay my own orgasm. “I need you inside me, now. PLEASE!” GRO-BOT's eyes blinked. In one swift motion he bent over and hoisted me up into the air by the hips. My hands clambered up his body and I wrapped my arms around his thick bull neck. GRO-BOT was supporting me like I weighed nothing to him! I let out a moan and my legs gripped the washboard abs of his midriff. GRO-BOT shifted me in his grasp and I felt a thick digit probing at my hole. GRO-BOT pressed and prodded at my delicate ass, feeling his way around my taint. The finger retreated and then returned with fresh lube from the prodigious amount of pre spilling from the robot's own cock. I felt him puncture my hole with this slick finger and slowly begin to finger fuck me open. I clamped down on the invading digit and gripped GRO-BOT's neck harder. He was not deterred and continued to slowly finger my hole lose. A moment later the invader was removed, and I heard the robot speak, “You are so very tight master. I will need to insert more than one finger to properly prepare you.” I yipped when I felt two fingers enter me with even more ease than before. GRO-BOT stretched my hole even wider and continued his finger fucking. After a moment I felt him hit my prostate and I let out a long and slutty moan. GRO-BOT continued his prodding once he knew he had struck gold, he sped up and jabbed at me harder. I could feel the hot pressure building inside me and spread from the inside out until I was putty in his hands. GRO-BOT removed his fingers then and grabbed me by the ass with both hands. “It is time.” I felt the head of his cock press against my lose hole and I tried not to tense. GRO-BOT slowly lowered me onto his enormous cock, pressing his head against my hole several times before thrusting through my defenses and sinking me on his thick pole. I gasped and screamed out as he quickly filled me with his entire eight inches. The pain was sharp at first but after a few moments I felt the pain ebb away and was replaced with an intense feeling of fullness. I raised myself up an inch or two and slammed down again, relishing in the pure pleasure of this robo-cock inside of me. “P-Please. Fuck me. Fuck me HARD!” I gasped. GRO-BOT wasted no time and gripped me tightly with both hands before sliding out of my well lubed ass and slamming back in. I could not stop myself from wailing as the musclebound bot begin to fuck me ferociously while supporting my body with this powerful form. I cried and screamed, feeling my tight hole loosen under the intense onslaught of this fucking machine. GRO-BOT did not tire, nor did he slow down. He kept his eyes fixated on me and plowed me deep like the muscle whore I am. I clamped my ass around his cock and was met with an extra hard thrust that dazed me for a moment. His body undulated underneath me, and his rippling abs massaged my own hard dick, I met his thrusts with my own and began to fuck the hard creases of his bulging abdominal muscles while GRO-BOT continued his own onslaught on my abused ass. I was turned on to the max at this point, but the deviant part of my brain knew that I could have even more. “More! More! P-Please I need you bigger! PLEASE! GROW BIGGER AND FUCK ME HARDER!” GRO-BOT's eyes flashed in compliance and I yelped as a sudden pain spread through my ass. It happened again as the huge robo cock grazed my prostate and I felt my hole stretch even wider. He withdrew from my insides until the tip of his gargantuan cock was at the edge of my sphincter. “Yes, master. I exist for your pleasure.” I heard it before I truly felt it. A slow but steady stretching sound beneath me. The next thing I knew the burning at my hole was even stronger and I clamped down again out of reflex. This did not stop the hot pleasure at my entrance as GRO-BOT's fuck pole grew inside me. He invaded me slowly this time and I felt this now gargantuan robotic cock fill me as no one had ever before. I felt him throb with each gush of pre-cum he squired inside of me until he finally hilted inside me. “Are you enjoying this, master?” GRO-BOT queried. I could not answer. Slowly, achingly slowly, he removed his extracted himself fully from my hole and leaned me back, placing me delicately on the furnished chair. I drank in the sight of GRO-BOT's completed transformation and glorious musculature, salivating over his colossal vein ridden arms and titanic pecs that looked too big to be true. My eyes lowered to his now mammoth sized cock. It was by far the most powerful looking dick I had ever seen, easily a foot in length and as thick around as the bottom of a wine bottle. He was continuously leaking precum that slid down his length and dripped onto the floor below. “Master, I must inform you of something.” GRO-BOT leaned down and raised my leg slowly back over my head with one of his pumped arms. My heart raced, and my dick hardened knowing what this hunk was preparing me for. I tried to contain my lust and stall my impending orgasm for as long as I could, but I was close to my breaking point. I needed this fuck so badly it was killing me! Delicately, he raised my other leg until I was spread-eagled, ass to the world, and primed for fucking. “You exist for my pleasure too.” The thrust pierced me with such force that I almost fainted from the sheer overflow of pleasure. GRO-BOT continued his bombardment of my ass with fast, deep, foot long thrusts with the full power of his entire body weight behind them. I was incapacitated from the overdose of endorphins my battered prostate was driving to my brain as this perfect machine plowed me more completely than any human had before. I was delirious with pleasure, numb with pain, and harder than I had ever been in my life. “Your pleasure gives me pleasure, master. I live to serve. I exist to please. The more your desires change me, improve me, the more pleasure I can give. The more leisure you feel, the more pleasure I feel.” As if to make his point he slowed his fucking motion and positioned himself exactly where he knew my joy button was. The monstrous android thrust rapidly back and forth, battering my prostate into submission. I screamed in pleasure and begged him to never stop fucking me. To never cease the endless ecstasy I was experiencing. The droid focused his blank face upon me and blinked in comprehension, his assault on my ass never wavered or even gave the slightest hint of slowing down. I reached out and grabbed onto the massive biceps planted next to my head and GRO-BOT responded by increasing the blood-flow to his already massive arms. I watched the veins bulge and swell as new fuel was pumped into the muscles of his arms, my digits stretched apart as the massive muscle was pumped ever harder under my fingertips. “You are mine now, just as I am yours. No human will ever be able to fuck you as well and as deep as I can.” GRO-BOT's dick swelled again inside me, mid thrust, the spike in pleasure making me see stars. I let out a howl of lust and started beating my dick harder than ever before. He knew I was close, very close. He lowered his body closer to mine, almost smothering me with his muscular bulk. I leaned in and dragged my tongue between his brawny cleavage and tasted real sweat. I latched onto one of his huge perky nipples and bit down hard. I was rewarded with more growth of his lower body which lead to even more explosively hard thrusts. His cum was gushing out of my abused ass with each commanding thrust. I could feel his thick hips slap against my cheeks each time he conquered my hole. And make no mistake, that's what it was. He was sexually conquering me, fucking me as no human ever had or ever could. I could never go back after this. I needed this to be over, for him to finally own me sexually. I needed to cum. “Oh god. Oh please. Oh, oh, here it comes. I”M CUMMING!” I screamed. My balls contracted, and my hips bucked wildly as I came harder than ever before in my life. Stream after stream of my seed splattered all over GRO-BOT's chest as he continued his predatory ass fucking. My vice like grip on his robotic cock only egged him on and he continued to literally fuck the cum out of me, timing his thrusts against my prostate with each volley I shot. I was still shooting when I felt him lean away from me. I watched as the android twisted his nipples and flexed his chest, showcasing his veined pectorals to me in a display of dominance. He held himself upright in obvious orgasmic bliss, straining with all his might as he continued to plow into me and fill me to the brim with this seed. I heard it burst out of my hole and drench the floor below the armchair. I felt my hole stretch each time a volley entered passed my sphincter. I welcomed the heat that grew within me as GRO-BOT unrelenting orgasm raged for a full minute. “S-stop...” I heard myself breath. I was so thoroughly exhausted I almost couldn't muster the energy to speak. GRO-BOT listened and obeyed. He removed his now 14-inch manhood from my gaping hole and hoisted me into his arms. Everything was dim and fuzzy, but I could feel him carry me into the other room and gently, almost lovingly, lay me down on my bed. The last thing I remember was the flash of his eyes before I sank into the mattress and drifted off to sleep.
  9. As I slowly opened my eyes I also began to wake up. Yes, there's a double entendre there...well let me explain. He was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at me. To say this beast of a man was huge was belittling any word that would be akin to describing his immense presence. Colossal is another word that is an injustice to him. He was the size of a God. Yep, like the ones in mythology, or the latest superhero movie. He was literally bigger than any man I had ever seen anywhere, let alone have known...and I'm all about huge muscular men. He was the size of the largest of grizzly bears and almost as furry as one. Even though he was, sort of, hunched over and sitting, I would fathom that he was at least closer to 8 feet tall. He upper body, which is what I could instantly see because his sleeveless flannel shirt was completely open , exposed a series of enormous hills and valleys of muscle that were swollen, comic book style, that seemingly took over half of the room. The weight of his chest made his nipples point toward the floor...and his nipples, Jesus; they were literally the size of a baby bottle nipple, but dark and covered with hair. My mouth began to water as I studied and began to imagine sucking on them. As I said, his plaid shirt was open, but I imagine it was for comfort more than showing off his body to me, since I would imagine that most clothes would barely fit this God. Even his pants were "mostly" loose, but I'll get into that in a moment. His arms and torso were covered in tats under his thick coat of fur and they lifted and shifted like images making love every time he moved or even breathed. I looked at his face, only for brief moments in between my raping stares of his body, to see one of the thickest, darkest beards where my tongue would get lost in its forest of density after sucking and kissing his plump thick lips and large mouth. His eyes were dark and intense as they seemingly bore a hole through me, deep into my soul. I could see that his forehead and the rest of his exposed skin had beads of moisture over him as he seemed to gleam with perspiration. As I watched one of the beads begin to trail down his neck, then to his chest and down the pec valley toward his navel, another sense...the sense of smell reminded me of the pure sexual nature of this beast. The musky smell of him was incredibly overpowering, but not offensive. He smelled like a man in every way, but not a dirty unclean man...more like a man who had just finished a huge workout and his testosterone was in overdrive. But this was not a normal man; I had to remind myself that I was not in the presence of someone normal. He was more, so much more. In fact, to retrace my thoughts a bit, as I woke up I had taken a large inhale of him even before my eyes were open and his pheromones hit me like wall which caused me to moan in an orgasmic bliss that took over my body and caused my cock to lightly shoot precum onto my belly. As of now having the realization that I was naked, spread eagle with my legs and arms tied to the bed posts. My cock was already rock hard and pulsating from the normal amount of inhaling his scent while I was unconscious. I also realized that I must have been precuming a lot since I could feel the wetness of small puddles that my pubic hair was soaking in. The fact that I loved bondage was only heightening my thrill and euphoria. My hole puckered on and off as well, begging to be violated, which like my cock was entirely uncontrollable. There was no denying that I was already under his spell with only two of my five senses being taken over. I longed to hear him speak, taste his body and feel him inside me. As I looked down further on him, he had on a green belt that was holding up blue nylon workout pants. While they were very loose around his mid-section his thighs and calves pushed the nylon fabric to a taunt unwrinkled smoothness, even showing the definition of them through the fabric. I exhaled out a hmmpf as I realized that his nylon pants looked more like spandex on him. My asshole puckered again. As I looked closer at the fabric, I noticed that the threads were beginning to tear, but not so much in a burst out of the clothes sort of way, more like they had been stretched to their limits so much that the nylon was beginning to unravel and rip. I'm sure if he would have wanted to, he could have just flexed and exploded out of them, but as with his shirt, i believe he wore these, not to impress, but to actually live in. By the looks of it, the shirt and pants might have been what he wore most all the time. As I said, I just can't imagine where a God like this would find normal clothes to wear. He was much larger than a 5XL or even an 8XL...Hell; I bet his actual size was more of a 15XL. But ALL of that wasn’t even the most amazingly and scary thing about him. Coming down his left leg, from his crotch, like a fully fed python, was a tubular mound that was at least as round as a 2 liter bottle and close to 2 feet long, possibly 20 inches. There was no mistaking that it was his cock, as it’s thick bulbous head could be seen through the fabric, but an even more amazing thing was that the nylon pants at the end had a wet spot that continued to become moistened by a flow coming from his cock head. The threads here were the most worn and I could literally see skin beneath. Following up the Drain pipe I marveled in the size of his balls that filled his crotch area, like a small animal in a bag that moved and pushed its way to get out. I imagined that the production of sperm was enough to fill a gallon jug every time he came. I took another large breath in as I gasped at the size of his cock and the thought of the amount of sperm and it hit me, like a train. My asshole clinched hard, my stomach tightened up and I screamed out in ecstasy as I convulsed in the strongest and longest orgasm of my life. A large glob of cum hit his left pec, dripping down onto his nipple and then down onto his massive thigh. The 2nd shot arched up and over my head, while the 3rd, 4th and 5th shot covered my face, “covered” being the optimal word. The last remaining ropes landed on my legs and torso. As I came, I knew that I had never had such an intense and copious amount of cum in my life and I continued to cum a strong flowing river, as my orgasm took almost a full minute before it was over. After I calmed down, even though my cock was still as rigid as a board, he began to speak and the sound of his low booming, but non-threatening voice satisfied my third sense, and possibly forth sense, as I could feel the vibrations of the words resonate inside my body. Every consonant, hit me like an inward motion of a fuck thrust penetrating me and filling me with warmth and I realized this was yet another way that he could literally make me cum if he were to speak louder. After the last orgasm, I was in need of a rest. He told me his name was Jake and, thankfully, he softly continued as he told me that he had found me floating in the river behind his house. It seemed I had crashed my car into the ravine and had been thrown from it. I tried to remember what had happened, but with 3 or 4 senses being controlled, my mind was not in much use to remember anything other then what was in front of me. Jake said he pulled me out of the river and had stripped me of my clothing so he could look at me to see if I had anything broken. When he realized that, physically I was okay; he picked me up and took me inside his house. Since he had already taken off my wet clothes, he noticed that my cock began to harden and he knew what was about to happen, so he put me in his bed. As soon as I was in bed he said that I began to flay about with my arms and legs as I began my "state of bliss" as he called it, so he tied me down, so I wouldn’t injure myself. That’s when my cock began to shoot precum and he couldn’t help but stare at me. He said he was sorry that he was getting excited watching me and that his body pours a very heavy amount of pheromones into the air, when he gets horny, which he slightly moaned and said was almost constantly. That moan, caused electrical currents racing through me and my cock began to fountain again. This time, luckily, it wasn't as huge of an orgasm as before, but nonetheless, it was the second most powerful one I had ever experienced. When I finally calmed down, he turned to look away from me and then, he looked down, as if he were almost sad and said that he knows he is an outcast and that no one would ever be able to love him. Jake said that they only use him and he hates them for it. I asked him if he could tell me more about it. He told me that he has lived alone for the past several years and that his only outlet is when they come to take him to the base to use him. I asked him why and he hesitated, but then began to tell me that about 5 years ago, he used to work at the biochemical plant over the mountain ridge and there was an accident one day. He told me he was one of their chemists and they were working on a new formula using the sun and some airborne chemicals from space and animal, most Bull, Bison and Bear hormones, to help grow plants to provide added nutrients for the world hunger population. They were crossing it with a new type of laser that breaks down the space and "3B" particles when there was a leak in the containment unit holding the particles, sunlight and hormones. He was asked to suit up and go in and fix the leak before the continued. He said that when he went into the containment unit there was an explosion and he was exposed to the combined elements, which must have changed his chemical makeup and caused him to grow to be like he was now. From the moment he awoke after the explosion, he could feel his body changing, but he wasn't sure what was going on as he was still very foggy and his vision was clouded. He got up and walked over to the exit of the containment unit but that his colleges wouldn't open the door to let him out. He said the look on their faces were of awe and fear. That's when he realized he was naked and huge. He said that almost instantly, his sight improved and he could feel the power inside him rise. Jake said that every sense, emotion and physical trait that a person could have, accelerated and gained 100 fold inside him. He became smarter as his mind and thoughts expanded. The first sense that he realized was at a pinnacle was his vision. It was so good, that he could see through things as he realized he was able to see his follow colleges though the steel wall separating them and he could see them looking at the monitor as they watched him. Jake knew his brain was at about 85% enlightenment, unlike that of only 10% of what a normal human would use, as he actually felt what his three friends were feeling. Alex was in shock, but also in bewilderment. He was envious of Jake and his new body, but he was also fearful. Johnathan was frightened as well, but he was sad and upset about what was happening to Jake. He was immediately thinking of ways to reverse what had happened. Then there was Stu, who was Jake's best friend. Stu was feeling awe and fear as the other two were, but Stu also had a huge desire for Jake. He could feel Stu getting aroused and he literally felt his own cock harden as Stu's did. Even though Stu had a wife and 2 kids, he couldn't help his attraction as he reached full erection and came in his lab pants. Jake looked up at the camera and smiled. He knew that he had caused this and he wanted the other two to feel the same. That's when he felt the power of inhuman strength course through him and knowing that he was strong, probably stronger than anyone on Earth, that he grabbed the door, pulled it off like a piece of scotch tape and flung it aside. He walked out into the same room as his colleges and noticed that even though Alex and Jonathan had begun to run away, they had to cross in front of Jake and his scent hit them. Immediately the two men fell onto the ground, writhing in orgasmic bliss as they both exploded their seed. Jake as well as his colleges had never been homosexual before, but at least for his colleges, there was no escaping Jake's pheromones and sexual dominance over them. Jake himself, hadn't turned gay, but was now Omnisexual or better yet for a lack of word, Alphasexual as there would be no one in the world that if he was attracted to, was completely under his spell and willing to be his sexually. He literally could make someone cum on command either using his mind, body, or scent. After Alex and Jonathan came, both men passed out. Because Stu was so infatuated with Jake, he walked up to the new Alpha and asked how he could please him. Jake decided to use Stu as his first lover. Over the course of the next 3 hours, Jake gave Stu numerous orgasms and was in complete control over the man. That's when he decided to change Stu as well. He now, instinctively, knew that his cum would change Stu to become more like himself, but he knew that if he were to fuck the man, that he would kill him. That's when he began, 'the process" as he called it. He would regulate the amount of cum that Stu would ingest orally causing Stu's own chemical make up to change and grow, making it possible for Jake to enter Stu and fill him with a full load to change Stu completely. After Stu's last oral intake, he was ready to receive Jake's cock. Just as they were about to begin, Jake felt a small pain in the back close to his kidneys. Then as the room began to go dark, he saw a group of military men with Hannibal rifles, which are enough to stop a rhino and he knew that they had used them on him, to tranquilize him. As his powers were still novice, the tranqs seem to do their job. When Jake awoke, he was undergoing a series of tests and over the course of several months; he was the military's guinea pig. They probed him and took samples of his blood and cum. Most of the time, they used machines to get the samples, as Jake's body and existence caused any human in the room to become his plaything. Sure he couldn't fuck them, but it was fun for Jake, when a new soldier had to go in the same room as him and they'd lose all their ability to resist him. He would make them cum over and over, until someone could pull them out of the room. When they had realized that he would cooperate, they released him from his "prison' and began testing "the process". Within a week, the military had been using his cum to grow men at their compound. In less than a month the had an army of over 1000 of Jake's "minions". The one thing that they couldn't do was control them. That was completely up to Jake. He is still larger and he was their master. When he would stay at the compound for a week at a time, he would constantly be "upgrading" his men...upgrading was the word the military used for fucking them and filling them with his growth cum. This also benefited Jake, to which his sexual appetite was always in overdrive and if it wasn't satisfied almost every day, Jake would become easily agitated and his anger would cause issues...broken equipment, broken jeeps, broken building but most importantly, broken humans. You see, when Jake wasn't physically and sexually satisfied, he was an unstoppable fucking machine, fucking and killing those that have not gone through "the process". That's when Jake realized he wanted or needed a partner, a lover, someone to care about. He hadn't seen Stu since the fateful day he changed and as far as he knew, Stu had left the area. Jake wanted someone that actually was in love with him and that he could return that love. That is why he was sitting on the edge of the bed, when I awoke, looking at me like I was his. I would be the one that would be with him and love him and he loves me. It was just that way. Plainly, he just knows things and he knows that when he saw me, that I was going to be his partner. It's just as simple as that...or so he thought. I looked up at him and I was angry. Angry to what had happened to him, but angrier that suddenly, I felt as though I was his project. I was the one that was going to make HIS life better. What about my life? Did he even care about what I wanted? Were my desires and wants in life going to even matter? Sure, I was completely smitten over him, but Hell, I had a mind too. I wasn't just going to be his love slave, his concubine. I wasn't just going to be his Cum Reliever!! FUCK THAT!! And then I began to do my best to get out of the restraints that he had me bound with. At first nothing happened and Jake just looked at me and smiled. I figured he knew that he had me, but it only made me angrier. I began to tug and pull on them and began to hear wood beginning to splinter. I surprised myself when I was able to tear off one of the bed posts with my left leg. Then the right one broke. A new feeling began to take me over; A feeling of strength. I felt a power in me rise and I felt my body expanding. Snap, the left arm tight broke off. I could feel my muscles growing and I looked at myself as my body began to transform. My cock was expanding as well, in length and girth. What once was a proud 8 incher was now already 11 inches long and about 8 inches thick. I felt my testosterone level go through the roof and SNAP, the right arm broke free. This one snapped like I had just broken a spider web, there was no effort involved. Then, Jake put his hand on my chest and held me there as I grew. At this point, even with all the strength that I was gaining and the growing size I was having, I couldn't move out from under him. Then he leaned down to me and kissed me. Electricity ran through my entire body, charging me up even more, causing me to grow even more and faster. Immediately I began to uncontrollably cum again as I had never felt so close and in sync with someone in my life. It was his bare skin against my skin and that's when I knew, I loved him. He took his hand off of me and as soon as I was free, I climbed onto him, feeling his immense cock below my ass and we embraced. My newly rock hard ass was quickly drenched in his precum as he began to shoot it out and I moaned again as I reached a third climax, covering our torsos between us. I told him, that I wished that he could fuck me, and he smiled. He said that he would, but first he asked if I would put my mouth over his cock to take in his cum. He said that he had given me my first amount when I was unconscious and he needed to complete the process so we would be able to make love after I did that. I climbed off of him so that he could take off his pants and his shirt as well. As he did, I kissed and licked his massive muscular arms and I sucked on his nipples, continuing to take in his musky scent causing me to almost lose consciousness this time as I shot another load. At this point, my growth had ebbed, but not my desire, which only increased. I began to cum without stopping. It wasn't spurt after spurt, but more of a consistent oozing pouring out of my cock hole. Still, internally, I was completely in a constant state of orgasm. Jake sensed this and he picked me up off of him so he could get his pants off and he laid me on my back, with my face under his crotch. Before removing his pants, he chuckled and said “poor defensiveness boy, as soon as you take my 2nd load of cum, you’ll be able hold your orgasms until you want to release them.” He added, “I’m going to change you and make you grow, not with just the muscle and size that you have already, but your mind will expand and your body will be do things no other human on Earth will do...not even the men at the base. I have held this back for the one who will be my partner. I know you think you will be my slave, but I do not want that. I want you as my equal. I want us to be the only God's on Earth. Even though you are now much stronger and bigger and you could take me inside you, I want you to have the complete enlightenment that I have. Yes, like the men at the base, you will become mine...a part of me will be you and all of you will be me. But, you will be different than will be more...more of everything. More like me...more than just a human....more than a will be a god and anyone who comes in contact with you will desire you. But you will be my mate...your life as you know it is no longer. We are omnipotent. I will control you and in turn you can control me...all of you!!! Do you wish this?” I nodded yes as I asked him, how this is even possible. That it felt like a dream or some wild fantasy of mine coming true and he laughed as he pulled down his pants showing me his massive cock as it sprung out showering me with his juice and the second it hit me, I again, orgasmed uncontrollably. By this time, I was just about dried out and only small darts of cum escaped my cock. Still the feeling was just as incredible. A steady flow of clear liquid came from the huge mushroom head, dripping down onto my lips. Then he asked if I was still dreaming. I told pleaded for him to let me complete the change. He told me to open my mouth as wide as I could and I did. I tilted my head back and up and put my mouth over the slit in his cock head as he lowered it into my mouth. The slit was so large that my lips barely covered it with my open mouth. Then he told me to brace myself, by hold onto his ass or legs and to not let go. I did and soon I could feel heat rising up his cock shaft... ...Chapter 2 begins below
  10. pasidious

    A Growing Love, Pt. 2

    After all the positive feedback I received about the first part of this story, I almost didn't want to try to write this part. I'm posting it reluctantly. I really hope you all can enjoy this part at least half as much as the first. Please, any feedback is appreciated, even if only to tell me you think it sucks! Part 1 __________________ I felt myself begin to sway and my vision was spinning. Did he really just say that? The thought of having sex with this god was too much for my mind to handle. And my dick felt like it would explode. I didn't know a human being could produce so much cum in one day, but here I was, probably surpassing records already, and my dick was about to unleash yet another massive torrent of semen. As I began to sway, I felt two hands on my arms, gripping them, one on either side. The strength in them was unmistakable, and I regained my composure when I felt my dick throbbing again. My vision steadied, and I regained focus on what was before me. Bryan was already a beautiful sight to behold. He had the tan skin of someone who spent most of his time in the sun. He had great style, always looking like he belonged in fashion magazines with whatever he was wearing, all the while making it look like it was always a bunch of clothes he just threw together. He had those light brown eyes that could almost be mistaken for yellow, which complemented his golden curly hair extremely well, and it was all too refreshing that he didn't have blue eyes, which is the overly seen cliche of an appearance for a dude (or even girl). And that hair of his... I don't know how it was so perfect, but it just was. His hair had grown more since we moved in, and it was down past his shoulders in length. It was thick, almost fluffy looking, and he had the sexiest appearance of a surfer dude. Of course, as of now, he had tied his hair up into a pile on his head. Which, quite honestly, was just as sexy as when it was down and uninhibited. Just those parts of his appearance were enough to give me a stubby, back when we first met. He was sexy, hot, and beautiful. But then, today, we finally admitted to each other we liked each other. It was a strange interaction, to say the least, but we got it out in the open. And Bryan... he didn't waste time engaging in some fun. And what goddamn fun it was. The specimen in front of me, holding my arms, making sure I wasn't going to fall over and pass out, is, to me, a perfect example of what male perfection looks like. He was not only beautiful, like he was before, but now he had grown into a muscle god. Muscles bulging all over him, arms that were mountainous when he flexed, abs upon which I could wash my clothes (quite literally), a chest so big I could lose my fingers in his cleavage, legs bigger than my two legs combined, and a dick that had to have doubled in size. And we were both completely naked, with our dicks standing straight up and out, oozing precum onto the floor. His was like a fountain the entire time he was growing, and I don't know how he managed to keep his hands off of it. Yes, there was a puddle forming on the carpet. And he just told me that we haven't even had sex yet. And he still had growing to do. Oh just the idea was making me swoon again. He held my arms tight, squeezing them. His eyes were looking into mine, and mine into his. It was strange looking slightly upward into them now, after having looked down into them only an hour earlier. My dick throbbed hard at the idea of having sex with this god. He pulled me closer to him, our dicks rubbing into our naked skin. I shuddered. He had a concerned look on his face, but still maintained a slight smile. He lowered his face to mine, and planted his lips on my lips. Suddenly the feeling of vertigo completely vanished, and it was replaced with total comfort and safety. I hummed softly, and I could feel his lips smile. I immediately brought my arms around his back, one lower than the other, and allowed my hands to roam all over the muscled terrain. Our dicks were pressed firmly between our bodies, and I could feel the sticky wetness that was seeping out of each and spreading between us. We both pulled our lips apart simultaneously, and he had a huge grin on his face. Fuck. That face. I could stare at it for days and days on end. He wrapped his arms completely around me, and I could feel the ridiculous muscles of his arms pressing into me. I laid my head against his chest, and the hard muscles of his pecs had absolutely no give. And yet, they were so warm and comfortable, like my head belonged precisely right there. I wanted to hold him closer to me. I wanted my soul and body to merge with him. Physically, we were already as close as we could get; but I wanted to become one with him. He suddenly detached himself from me, and I was slightly dismayed at first. But then he spoke for the first time in what seemed like forever. "How ya feelin', dude? You gonna be okay?" He chuckled ever so slightly. I nodded in response. "Yeah... yeah. This is all just... insane. But, amazing. I've never even fantasized about this type of thing, and yet here you are, an actual dream I didn't know I had." "Would you sayyyyy... I'm better than a fantasy?" He flashed that evil grin and flexed his right arm. I felt my dick throb again. "Oh fuck, Bryan. Yeah, you're better than a fantasy." I wrapped my hand as much as I could around his huge bicep. It was so hard, and quite vascular. My fingers couldn't even reach from top to bottom, from his peak to his bottom triceps. "What would make this even better than it already is?" He sounded so innocent as he asked it, yet he maintained that evil look in his eyes. "I'm... uhh, I'm not sure it can get any better than this." He held his arm flexed, and even pumped it a few times, letting me feel his mountain of a bicep flex and unflex and flex again. Then he lowered it, grabbed my hand, and flexed his other arm, and did the same with that one. "Unnghh" I quietly moaned. "You think so?" He kept his eyes locked onto my face, even though my eyes were on his hot arm. "I dunno, BRAH. I think it can." "Wha...? Huh?" I was zoning out, too busy looking at his sexy-as-fuck muscles. He took my face with his hands, and planted another kiss on my lips. He pulled away, briefly, and smiled. Then resumed kissing me, letting his tongue slip between my lips, entwining with my own. Even his tongue had grown stronger, as it dominated mine. He lightly bit my lower lip, and tugged on it. He then moved his lips to my cheek, kissing me all around my face, and allowing his lips to travel to my neck. Every so often he'd use his tongue and flit it over my skin, then resume the kisses. He then moved his mouth to my ear, still using his tongue, and bit on my ear lobe. His hot breath on my ear sent shivers up my spine. I think I was silently moaning. I couldn't even make noise, but I felt like I was definitely moaning. He took my hand, and guided me to his bed. He sat down on the end, and pulled me down next to him. Our dicks were still at full mast, standing straight up. He kissed my lips again, softly, and wrapped his hand around my cock. I felt jolts of electricity shooting up and down my limbs, and my entire body quivered. He then shoved himself backwards onto the bed so his whole body was on it, and he pulled my arm with him. As he lay on his back, he looked up at me. His chest was heaving up and down, and his abs were clenching and unclenching with each breath. His shoulders were so fucking hot; so round, and so big. I had turned myself around, on my knees on his bed, looking down at him. He no longer had a smile on his face. "So, you ready for this, dude? I plan to give you exactly what you want." My breath caught in my throat. I couldn't even remember what I told him I wanted, or if I ever did tell him. Again, I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn't make sound come out. "D'you remember? You told me I should get as big as I could possibly get." He chuckled, and pulled me down on top of him. He wrapped his arms around my body, and pulled my face to his for a long, passionate kiss. His strength was enormous as he held me against him. I wouldn't have been able to escape, not that I wanted to. His tongue was so far into my mouth I swear it was partly in my throat. "Mmmmm" I heard him moan. I was kissing him back, trying to fight his tongue for dominance. But losing. My hands were roaming all over his sexy arms and over his shoulders and traps. It was my turn to moan. Our dicks were pressed between us, and I could feel every time his would throb and quiver. Precum was still oozing everywhere. The smell of sex now completely permeated the entire room, and I wouldn't be surprised if the scent had made its way through our door and into the hallway. I might be taking a leap, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was the most two human beings had ever been sexually aroused. "Fuck, yeah," Bryan whispered. "It's time, bruh. I need you to fuck me." What. My mind was sent spiraling as it sank in that he wanted me to fuck him. I honestly figured it'd be the other way around. My dick ached, and I realized I wanted to be inside him more than anything else in the world right now. I wanted to be one with him. I wanted to fuck him. I looked into his eyes, and he into mine. The connection I felt with him in that moment was so strong. The bed creaked and moaned a little as he shifted his body and turned himself around, getting on his hands and knees. His ass was in the air, and I finally got a good look at the bubble butt he now possessed. His ass muscles had grown, too, and there were even striations visible. I saw him shudder. "Fuck me, Alex, dude!" I didn't need to be told again. I moved behind him, taking a small moment to appreciate the gigantic triceps that were bulging out of his arms as he supported his own weight. His ass was beautiful, and I took my hands and placed them on either side. I brought my pelvis towards his hole, and allowed my dick to glide down his crack lightly. "Unnnnnffff!!" He moaned. I felt shivers, myself. I inserted my tip, slowly breaching him. "Ohhhngg," he moaned again. "Oh fuck," I whispered. I pressed some more, inching my way into him, letting my cock slowly make its way inside. Every centimeter was pure, electrifying pleasure that shot its way up my dick and radiated throughout my entire body. I kept pushing, until all 7 inches were inside him. "FUUUUCK!" He yelled. I flexed my dick a few times, and started to fuck him. I slowly pulled back a bit, then rammed him. Then one more time. I began increasing the pace, and each time he'd either moan or shout an expletive. His hair was beginning to fall out of the tie he'd put into it, but he didn't seem to even notice. The telltale sound of sex was filling the air in between his moans, and then I heard it. That soft stretching noise. My eyes nearly bulged right out of my head when I saw what was taking place. His back was widening again. The terrain of his back's huge muscles was already impressive, but now they were swelling and bulging even more. His shoulders were swelling bigger, and I could see his traps rising even more towards his ears, almost making it look like he had no neck from behind. His midsection remained largely the same, but as I held onto his ass, I could feel more swelling there, as well. The muscles were forcing my fingers to spread apart as they grew, and I glanced down and saw even his legs were growing again. "Oh fuck, OH FUCK!" He yelled. His calves were getting fucking huge, bulging into bowling ball size masses. "FUUUUUCK!" He moaned. I was so glad I was on auto-pilot, because I continued fucking him, gliding my cock in and out of him over and over, enjoying the feeling of his tightening hole around me. I was beginning to feel the sharpness of an orgasm welling up at the base of my dick, and I knew I was going to cum soon. His hair had completely fallen out of the hair tie, and his golden curls were hanging in front of his face, swaying with our rhythm. His triceps were getting fucking insane. They were already huge horseshoes, but now they were getting even bigger. His triceps were flexed as he held his weight up, and they seemed to be responding to the strain by growing faster than anything else. And there was no doubt that his biceps were growing, too. I continued fucking him, in and out, and the bed was creaking and squeaking louder with each thrust. His increasing weight was placing a strain on the bed, and I couldn't even imagine how much this beast must weigh now. "Unnnnngh!! FUCK! OH FUCK!" This is the loudest I'd ever heard Bryan get. Veins were snaked all around his arms, and then I saw his neck bulge as even it grew larger. I happened to catch some movement from below me, and I saw his legs inching longer, and FUCK, he was getting even taller. That did it. I felt the sharp explosion that occurred within my balls, and then the intense pleasure of cum shooting from them and into my dick, surging to the tip. "FUCK! BRYAN I'M CUMMING! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!!" And then "Crrreeeeaaakkk" the bed made the loudest noise it had yet, and suddenly we were both falling with the bed as its legs finally gave up and snapped from the weight. "FUCK!" I yelled again, as the first shot of cum blasted from my dick and into Bryan's ass. The bed's collapse did nothing to stop our rhythm. "Ohhhhh yesssss, OH YESSSS!" Bryan's voice was deeper, and its sound made my dick throb even harder than it was before as it shot more hot cum into his ass. "Unnngh!" Bryan was grunting each time I shot. My cock tingled as my orgasm ran its course, and I arched my back as the final surge of cum blasted into Bryan's hole. I felt the final throb as my dick expended itself for what felt like the hundredth time for the day, but this time inside this muscle god. We both remained in position, panting. His body was huge and so muscular. My dick was softening inside him, still, and I was reluctant to separate myself from him. I pulled until I popped out, and I saw him begin to push himself up onto his knees. I sat back on my legs and, still panting, watched as he turned himself around. My heart stopped in my chest as I took in the behemoth that now sat in front of me on top of a broken bed. He was an absolute monster. His chest was so big you could sit things on it, and his nipples were pointing downward. His serratus muscles were even pronounced, sitting on either side of his abs and beneath is chest. FUCK! His lats were the wings that denoted his status as a real life angel. He was breathing hard, as his chest moved up and down, and his abs clenched. His shoulders were at least as wide as two of me, and absolutely huge. I think his shoulders were as big as water melons, with veins protruding from them and snaking down is godly arms. And oh my god. His arms. They were so fucking hot. My dick was already plumping up again as I took in the sight of him, and when I laid eyes on his arms, my dick instantly shot up to full mast. I'd imagine he could lift a car at this point. At least one end of a car, anyway. But shit! The amount of strength this man must now possess was beyond my imagining. My cock was throbbing again, already. And then I noticed his dick was still hard as ever. I think I understood now why his dick grew so much in the beginning. His body simply grew to match the size of his dick. As I was scanning his body with my eyes, I didn't notice he was watching me. I finally happened to look at his face and saw this cute half smile appear when our eyes met. I have to be honest, though. At this point, with this giant in front of me, I felt slightly intimidated. He could lift me with one hand and crush me, if he wanted. He was partially laid back, resting his weight on his elbows as he watched me. "Like what you see, bro?" He finally spoke. His deeper voice made my dick quiver, and it resonated within my soul. I loved it. I gulped, and realized my throat was once again dry. And nodded. He sighed in response, and let himself collapse entirely onto the mattress, his beautiful hair spreading out in a sunburst behind his head. Laying flat, I could see he had a content smile on his face, and he was just gazing at the ceiling. "Dude, the amount of cum you shot into me... Holy fuck." He lay there in silence for a while, and I could only sit where I was, staring at him and appreciating his beauty. "Dude! What are you waiting for? Come here!" He was tilting his head up and met my eyes, and beckoned me to his side. I tentatively moved toward him, and I felt his iron grip wrap around my arm. He pulled me down next to him, and wrapped his gigantic arm around my back, bringing me close to him. He turned his head so his face was right in front of mine, and his beautiful golden eyes were staring into mine. I suddenly felt safer than I'd ever felt before. I felt as though this is exactly where I was meant to be; that there was literally not one other place on Earth that was better suited for my presence. He moved his face so close to mine our noses touched, ever so lightly. He then kissed me softly and gently, only for a second, and then held his forehead against mine. He closed his eyes, and I followed suit, and all I could hear was our breathing. Then I felt it. My entire body was wracked with immense pleasure as I felt Bryan's fingers wrap themselves around my cock. I opened my eyes and saw his eyes again, looking into mine, with that devilish grin on his face. "Ready, BRAH?" FUCK that surfer shit made me go nuts. He started jerking me, and I wasn't far off from another explosion as it was. I decided I was done letting him give me all the pleasure, so I wrapped my hand around HIS cock. It was huge. My fingers didn't even meet all the way around it, but as soon as I touched him, he groaned. "OHHHHNNNGGGGHHYYYEeesssssss!" I felt his dick throbbing hard, and rapidly. He was so hard and horny. Veins were pulsing and snaking all over it. "Unnngh! Unnnff!" He was grunting and groaning with each stroke of my hand. He bucked his hips, and I saw his entire lower torso leave the bed. I suddenly felt his entire body quivering, and I knew he was close. It was right then that I felt that immense pressure at the base of my own dick, and I knew I had an imminent explosion coming. "Oh fuck, FUCK! Bryan I'm gonna cum!" I felt the sharp sensation of cum entering my dick and launching to the tip. My head turned dark red, and a shot of hot, thick cum blasted out across the dorm room and went as far as my own bed on the complete other side of the room. Then another. My balls were emptying themselves yet again, and I felt throbbing throughout my entire being as my dick shot blast after blast of cum across the room, until it was just a slight dribble oozing out and around Bryan's hand. As soon as my orgasm subsided, Bryan's began. "MY TURN, DUDE! OH GOD! HERE IT COMES!!!! OHHHHNNNNNGH FUCK!!" His cock throbbed hard once more, then it flexed in my grasp. I felt my fingers forced apart, and FUCK! It grew! Again! But then I heard the cum leave his shaft. "AHH!! AHHHH!!" He was practically screaming. I saw his eyes roll back into his head, his mouth wide open. I could actually hear the first shot erupt, and a white hot thick rope of cum shot so hard that it went straight to the ceiling, splattering so hard that we heard it make impact like a fucking water balloon splattering against a wall. I felt his cum raining down on me, and then another powerful shot erupting, splattering the ceiling again. More of his godly cum rained down on us. He shot like that at least 10 fucking times, and every time, it hit the ceiling. It finally started to subside, and his cock was shooting less distance. Finally, it was just a dribble, leaking cum all over my hand and the bed. "Oh FUCK, dude! That was the best orgasm of my life!" Cum was still dripping from the ceiling, and neither of us cared. It was everywhere. Bryan sat himself up on his elbows, and looked over at me. He had a grin on his face, as he typically does. I felt so small next to him, and it was so hot. I couldn't reconcile the fact that this dude was smaller than me only hours earlier. Now he was a monster. A hot, sexy, beautiful surfer monster. I looked back up at him from laying on my back, breathing hard. We may have broke a record somewhere for most intense love-making. Bryan sat all the way up, and scooted himself to the end of the mattress so he could stand. He stood up, and HOLY FUCK, his head was brushing against the ceiling. He was absolutely huge, and all muscle. He brought his arms up into the air and stretched, and I saw the devilish look in his face when he suddenly brought his arms down into a double bicep pose. "Unnnnff..." I moaned, and shuddered, at the display of power before me. He knew he was putting on a show, and I loved it. He made like he was stretching another way, and then placed his hands by his hips and flared his lats. And then, he didn't even bother trying to look like he was stretching, he just went right into a most-muscular pose. I felt myself swooning again. "Come on, BRAH! Stand up! I didn't grow for you so you could just look at me!" I stood up, and he grabbed my hand and brought my body against his. He wrapped his arms around me again, and held me. I reciprocated the embrace, and we stood there like that for several moments. The light of dusk was entering the room. Bryan broke our embrace, and he, for the first time since before he started growing, showed his less confident side. "Soooo, uhh... Alex, dude... did you like it? I mean, how I... grew... and everything?" I felt a smile widening across my face as he said those words. Tears were forming in the corners of my eyes from pure happiness. His face was turning bright red. He was blushing! This dude just grew into a muscle god, and he was blushing! My heart felt like it was going to explode. "Bryan." I shook my head, and looked down at the floor, trying to avoid laughing. "What?" He responded, softly. "I love you." The smile that spread across his face was joy, no doubt about it. And it made me so happy that this perfect dude was the guy I fell in love with. He grabbed my hands with his, and pulled me into his body again, and kissed me, long and hard. His golden hair fell over my own face as he did. He only broke the kiss to say, "I love you too, brah. You're definitely the perfect dude."
  11. Sup? I just signed up to this forum, and I am just excited to delve deep into what you guys have to offer. I've been a huge muscle fan for practically my entire life, so just being on here is amazing! Wish I found this place sooner. I've been cooking up this story for a good while now, and have been scared to release it due to me not having that much, well, trust in it. After all, this is my first time writing about something like this. But I decided to take the leap and see where it will take me. All in all, this is my first story post. I really do hope that you can find some enjoyment in what I have written. And, if you don't, please do not hesitate to tell me why. I want to get better so I could entertain you guys! A special thank you to Vinsfield(an0n12)for being such an awesome guy. Without him, I probably would have never been inspired to make these series of chapters. This is for you, dude! Update: Sorry for the absence. Hey, guys. I know that I have been gone for an insanely long amount of time, and I just want to apologize. I know that most of you guys have been hoping for another part to this, so, again, sorry for such a long absence. School has been terrible. Matter of fact, it was only because I had July 4th off that I was able to continue working on Derrick and Me, since my workload was pretty much nonexistent on that day. Nonetheless, I went back and re-wrote everything for the story. And when I mean everything, I mean everything. The story (up to chapters 0 - 2) will hold a few aspects that you guys saw and liked in this post, but there are a few things that have been re-purposed and a few new things that have been added to give the story a bit more depth. Long story short, the version I have been working on is an entirely new take on Derrick and Me. I decided to re-work the story because I believed a few aspects of it made it rather lacking. Actually, a few of you guys even pointed out some of the things the story did wrong, which I must thank you all for. Nonetheless, I have re-wrote chapters 0 to chapter 2, and I will continue to update them until I am comfortable with how they look. That brings me to the next part of this update. I wanted to delete this post, due to it now being obsolete with the coming of the newer version. However, I knew that many of you guys enjoyed some parts of this version. So, I decided to simply archive this post – marking it as old – while uploading the newer version of Derrick and Me on a separate post. With that said, this post will not receive any more updates. No edits, no updates, no new parts – nothing. I’m going to dedicate my time to the one I re-wrote. But I just want to say thank you for the support that all of you gave me when I first posted this. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to detect what was wrong with this story. So just thank you! Anyway, here is the link to the newer version of Derrick and Me: Chapter 0: When I first met him, we were both just beginning high school. I was around 15 years of age, and he had just turned 14. Given, I saw him around school a couple of times, just being a typical kid. But, there was something about him that made me interested in him. I wanted to say something to him, but it was hard for me to do so. I was a shy kid, who was afraid of embarrassing himself. I never talked to a lot of people due to that issue. It was due to this shyness that I couldn’t make a lot of friends back then and was the reason why I struggled with just introducing myself to him. But one day, everything changed. On that day, a teacher asked me about what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I told her that I wanted to be a bodybuilder. He was interested in bodybuilding just like how I was, and so he came to me after classes ended and asked me if I wanted to hang out with him and talk about the Olympia. And from that day forward, we became close friends. Every day we talked about everything under the sun about bodybuilding– how to meal prep, what kinds of work outs we could do, and the bodybuilders making the headlines in the fitness magazines. As time went on, we both got our parents to buy us a gym membership, and we started working out every week. We pushed each other to the limit for about a year, and, by the time that we both reached the 10th grade, we were the biggest kids in the school! Our relationship grew as we continued to work out with each other. We quickly turned our friendship into something brotherly. We became closer as we became bigger and stronger. It was surprising to me at the start, since I never thought I could achieve something like this. However, I loved every second of it. We became so close that, after we pushed ourselves in the gym, we would chill and eat at my house. Sometimes, when the workout that we did was strenuous enough, Derrick would just crash at my house for the night. When this happened, since we didn’t have an extra bed for Derrick, we would both just sleep together on the same mattress. Sometimes, when Derrick wouldn’t have anything to sleep in, he would just strip to his jockstrap and sleep next to me, and neither of us would mind. I kept telling myself that this is what friends usually did, and that it was nothing bigger. But, deep down, I knew that such was a lie. I started developing feelings for Derrick, but I hid them out of fear. I don’t even remember what I was even afraid of, but I just couldn’t bring myself to confessing. But, deep down, I knew I loved him. And, to be honest, I believed that he was in love with me too. We were “brothers” for a good while. But then, one day, he just disappeared off the face of the earth. I tried calling him, but then his phone was de-activated. I went to his house to ask his father about what happened, but, when I approached the man, he just dismissed me. To say that I was worried out of my mind would be an understatement. I searched everywhere for him. I called everyone, asking where Derrick was. I never found out what happened to him, and the reality that I would never see him again hit me, and it hit me hard. Going to the gym was never the same without Derrick. I contemplated just quitting the gym all together. However, I couldn’t just let myself lose everything I worked towards. I knew Derrick would have wanted me to continue pushing myself while he was gone, so, despite me losing my friend, I pushed myself ten times harder than before. By the time that I was in my senior year, I was practically half as big as those IFBB bodybuilders. But, as I grew bigger and stronger, I still felt something missing. I always looked back to what me and Derrick had - how we grew with each other and how the bond between us grew. I reflected on how all of that was just randomly cut short. By that time, I wanted to say so many things to him. But I knew that it was too late. And so, despite me fulfilling my dream of becoming big, I still felt empty inside. It has been 10 years since Derrick disappeared…. Chapter 1: Walking Alone It was nine o’clock pm. The streets where devoid of any life. The only thing that accompanied me was sounds of the wind blowing past me, my boots hitting the ground, and the rustling of my gym bag. My work at the care repair shop ended just an hour earlier, to my satisfaction. After an entire day of dealing with my horrible boss and insufferable customers, I was ready to go to the gym to sweat out my day. Going home to crash just could not cut it, I had to go to my second home - The Lifting Dead. To be walking on such barren streets did make me feel increasingly lonely, but the lack of people around made walking to the gym so much easier. After all, the last thing that I would need is to come from a crappy day of working only to be harassed by people who think they can take me on. Plus, walking alone does help me clear my head and think about my routine before I enter. In a few moments, I found myself at the entrance of the gym. I scanned the entire frame, took a long sigh, and attempted to force myself through. However, like always, I initially struggle with fitting through. “Yeah, this is the only thing I hate about this” I grumbled to myself as I tried to fit my large mass through the tiny door frame. With a bit of time and elbow grease, I was able to get through the door frame. However, by that time, the trainers from the front desk and a few gym rats were glancing at my direction, obviously butting their nose into my issue with the doors of this establishment. I brushed their glances off my shoulder and walked up to the counter to get my ID scanned. As I walked up to the desk to get my ID scanned, I noticed someone else trying to get through the gym door. I kind of laughed to myself, but I didn’t focus much on him. By the time I had my ID scanned and was heading towards the locker room, the man was already out of his predicament and was chatting up the guys at the front desk. I didn’t necessarily care about what they were talking about though, as I was just psyching myself up for my hour-long workout. *45 minutes later* My chest became stretched and tightened, while my veins popped out of my skin as I raised the barbell over me. The pain rushed throughout my upper body, and I could feel the endorphins spread itself through my veins. “Five…six…seven…” I whispered to myself in between breaths as I relentlessly working out my chest. The pleasure that I was experiencing was directly connected to the strain that went through my chest. As lifting the barbell became more strenuous, the pleasure that I experienced became more intense. I felt every fiber, vein, and muscle in the part of the body I worked out exert all its energy into a single forward motion, while actively fighting against the weight that was placed on you. I felt like the strongest man alive with every push you make. “twelve…thirteen…fourteen…” I pushed through my lips as I tried to make each rep count. As I lifted the weights over my chest, I could have felt my chest stretch and grow by a few inches. Imagining the gains that I would gain from each repetition filled me with the energy needed to push through. Just having that feeling course through your body while knowing that, after all this, you would become stronger than ever….it was magical. “Eighteen…nineteen…” I said as I struggled to get out that one last rep. With all my might, I squinted my eyes, exerted all the energy out of my upper body into this one last push, and lifted the weight over my body once more. The intensity of the workout reached its climax, and so the pleasure became immense. I felt all the endorphins course through my veins with this last rep. Everything about it was spectacular. “Twenty…fuck” I said as I placed the barbell back into its rack, while feeling all the energy, pleasure, and strength drain out of my body. I felt weak once again, which only made me desire to keep working at it. I lifted my body up from the bench press, the energy that I stored dripping from all over my body, with my wife beater sticking to my body like a leech. I took off my shirt, exposing my glistening, hairy chest. My chest hung out into the open, it’s veins bleeding out of my skin and the whole formation throbbing endlessly. I look down and pop my pecs, smiling to myself about how great that workout was. I looked around the gym room, butting my nose into other people’s workouts to see if they were pushing themselves just like how I was. 99% of the people there were just doing weak or incorrect reps or were just dicking around on their phone. I laughed to myself, knowing that no one in this gym could rival me, my mass, or my dedication to the sport. “Yeah! Just one more” said a man with an extremely deep voice. I took a quick glance behind my back, only to see that guy I saw earlier helping this woman finish up her leg workout. “One more, Beth! You can do it!” the man said as he supported the woman, who was trying to finish her last squat. She was able to push through, and, after she was done, she dropped her weights and started to breath heavily. She then started to laugh hysterically. “Wow, Derrick” The woman said as she tried to catch her breath. “You’re really pushing me”! My ears perked up when I overheard the lady mention the man’s name. Derrick? My Derrick? And for him to have just randomly appeared out of the blue and in my gym. It just seemed too weird for me to just accept like that. I turned around to get a better eye on the trainer. He was a very tall man – possibly 6’0 – with a large build. His arms and legs were toned, and he was able to fill out his tank top nicely. He looked young, but he happened to be bald. He had colored tattoos of roses and dragons painted all over his arms, but they were a bit hard to see, because his dark skin made it so. He was a far cry from the Derrick that I knew. Given, it has been ample time for someone to go through puberty and to just change overall. I kept looking at the man, as he shook the woman’s hand and walked away. As she walked away, he seemed to have picked up on the fact that I was watching him. So, he made his way towards my direction, and placed himself right in front of me, with a very light smile growing on his face. I was shocked that he decided to come over here, but I straightened myself out and decided to be the first person to say something. “Uh, sup? Didn’t mean to but my head into your business” I said nervously, as I felt myself get slowly lost in his hazel eyes. “Okay” said the man, his smile slowly fading away. The atmosphere slowly became more uncomfortable as this continued. I grumbled, trying to figure out what to say next. My mind was trying to process the possibility that the person standing in front of me could be him. Before I could pull a word or two out of thin air, I heard him chuckle for a quick second. “Dude, are you fucking serious right now? You, seriously, don’t remember me” the man said, as he looked deeper in my eyes. I found myself speechless as he stood there with a serious face. It was only a few moments later when I found myself crumbling onto my bench as he softly pinched the side of my neck. “Aw, shit, what the fuck!?” I screamed as I caught myself. “High school, 10th grade.” The man said, chuckling even louder as he reached his hand down to help me. “You were talking shit about how were getting bigger than me. Got me pissed off, so I pinched you on your pressure point to get you to shut up. You ended falling to the floor crying, and I ended up getting detention for 3 days because they thought I was starting something” the man said. At that moment, I knew what he was talking about. And, at that moment, I knew who I was talking to. “You jackass. What the fuck are you doing?!” I said jokingly, and I grabbed Derrick and gave him a hard hug. “Hey, you know what I am! Weird and random” Derrick said, as he patted my back hard. “Like always, dude” I said, happy that I was able to reunite with my friend once again. “Dude, how long are you going to be here for”? “I was actually going to talk to my bosses, then I was gonna change out into my street clothes and leave” Derrick said. “Ah, cool! Well, I was going to finish up my routine. Guess I’ll catch you in the locker room, dude” I said, as I bumped fists with him. “Sure thing! Catch you later, dude” Derrick said we both parted ways to take care of our business. As I went to the free-weights area of my gym, I stopped pre-maturely to think. “Wait…” I said as I stopped for a moment. “Derrick works here”!? Chapter 2 (part 1): Reunion The time was 10:30 pm when I finished up the last of my chest workouts. As I sat down on the cold metal bench, I could feel my pecs pulsate subtly. I was drenched in an unimaginable amount of sweat, to the point where my tank top became heavy and transparent. It stuck tightly to my rough skin, so, to cool myself off and to make myself more comfortable, I chose to take it all off. As I pried the drenched tank off my body, I felt a great sense of relief with my skin being set free. I rolled up and threw my tank top onto the bench, while standing up to examine myself. I was able to truly admire every muscle on my form. My whole upper body was exposed, glistening in my sweat. The definitions of my six pack abs showed profusely with the addition of the liquid. Every part of it popped from my body, giving me a nice, defined bubble gut. I was able to truly admire my throbbing chest, counting each long vein that bled from my skin. They were like huge jugs that could swallow anything that dared challenge them. I popped my pecs a bit, snickering to myself about how heavy and large they have become. I then checked out the logs that I call arms, slightly flexing them to make every muscle and vein pop. With my other hand, I traced my fingers over each crevasse bulge. I was lost in the formation of my own body. “Stop feeling yourself” Derrick said, as he stood at the corridor of the locker room, smirking to himself. I quickly rose my eyes from my body, caught off guard by Derrick. I just chuckled to myself as I stopped flexing and plopped myself onto the bench behind me. “Hey, I should be able to appreciate what I have” I said as I gathered my tank and threw it into my gym bag. “Well, I guess you deserve to see the spoils of your work. You sure as hell got big ever since I last saw you” Derrick said as walked to where I was. He sat down right next to me and punched my biceps to see how thick it was. I flexed it a bit more as he did so. “You ain’t anything different, Derrick. I mean, dude, you’re look like the fucking Hulk” I said as I took my free hand to feel Derricks biceps. They were a bit more defined than mine but were just a tiny bit smaller. Derrick stopped punching me as so to flex both of his arms, and so took both into my hand. “Like what you see, dude” Derrick questioned me, as he flexed harder for me. As I slowly worshiped Derricks biceps, I admired the attention that his other muscle group had. I stared down to his legs, taking in how his thighs popped out. The individual muscle groups of his leg were rounded, bulging out. And, with the fact that he barely had any fat, you could see every bit of detail. They looked just as firm as his arms, which showed his discipline in making sure that everything was well-developed. Yet again, I found myself lost in muscle. But, this time, it was Derrick’s. “I’m up here” Derrick said, as he lifted my chin so that I could be looking straight at him. He stared straight into my soul with his hazel eyes once again, keeping me occupied as he took off his tank, exposing his gut and his hairy chest. He then did one full motion, flexing every part of his body. All his muscles and veins popped out at that one moment, causing Derrick to look larger than me. “All of this muscle…every last bit of it…” Derrick said as he ran through some poses to make every bit of muscle be seen by me. “…is better than yours! So, don’t feel yourself too good” Derrick said as he led himself into an abdominal pose. A huge smile spread across his face as he rubbed his physique in mine. I broke out of the trance he put me in and stared down the man who was showing off in front of me. Taking it as a challenge, I took off my shorts to show off the progress I made with my legs. “Bullshit. Bull…. shit. You see what I have here, man?!” I said as I turned around to show off my hamstrings and calves. I flexed both, exposing more of the muscle fibers and veins to protrude even more. “You can only wish to get this far with your legs. I’ll give you this, you got far. But not as far as me” I said, as I flexed by back leg muscles harder. Derrick laughed to himself and bent down to fell my leg muscles. He rubbed and squeezed every side of it, punching my calves repeatedly to admire how hard they were. “Haha, nice. Love the definition you put in them” Derrick said as he slowly got up from worshipping my legs. “You truly did grow a lot, man. It’s actually insane” I said as I folded up my shorts and threw them in my bag. “Guess you’re about to take a shower now, aren’t you” Derrick said. “Yep. After an hours’ worth of nonstop working out, I need myself a nice bath to cool off” I said, nonchalantly. I grabbed my toiletries from my bad, and, with my just my jockstrap on my body, I made my way towards the showers. “Guess I’ll do the same. I smell a bit musky from working out, so I could do with one” Derrick said as he dropped his short shorts onto the floor, exposing him in a small G-string. “You think I want to see that” I said, as I turned my head away from Derrick as he changed out of his work out clothes. “Hey, you’re the one that decided to drop to nothing but a skimpy jock first” Derrick said as he opened a locker near him and took out some toiletries. “Oh, wow, you have a locker here too? How long have you been working here?” I said, surprised at how Derrick owned a locker near his. “Oh, well, only for about a day really. I called in a few days earlier though, so that they could set me up with a locker and my own counter” Derrick said. After he was done gathering his belongings, he walked over to where I was standing, and we both began walking to the showers. As we walked there, I spotted Derrick take a few glances at my lower areas. I knew that he wanted it, but I wasn’t going to just hand it to him like that. He needed to work for it.
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    Jeff: Ab workout

    Hi guys This weekend I finally finished a new short story, this time focused on abs. Hope you like it ----------------------- - Please, sign here - the delivery man handed the receipt over to Jeff, offering a pencil as well. Jeff took the paper and pencil, rolled up his right arm sleeves, up to the midpoint of his freakishly developed forearm, exposing dozens and dozens of bulging cords of muscle under the paper thin skin. As he did so, the delivery man opened his eyes wide, really scared of what he was seeing. Jeff placed the paper on the entrance table and started signing under his name. Each stroke of the pencil made his forearm cords move unnaturally, each one of them trying to make a space amongst the rest of the bunches of fibers in Jeff's forearm. Crawling veins on top of those muscles were raising and falling with each snake-like forearm cord moving under them, and pressing them against the tight skin. The signing show was as unnatural as any other routinary task Jeff did during his day, his mind trying to make natural what his muscles couldn't do but in an obscene unnatural and surrealistic way. In the final signature stroke, the veins all over his fingers and back bulged thick all over the hand tendons and bulging bones, while the paper skin thin was trying to adapt to the movements under it, hardly stretching over the freaky hose thick veins under it. - Is that all? - Jeff asked while he returned the signed receipt and pencil back to the still amazed and wordless delivery man. - Y... Yes, sir - he recovered as he could, took the paper and went away - Thank you. - You're welcome Jeff closed the door and looked at the heavy box. Finally, after some weeks pushing the steel factory, he had received his order. He opened it, uncovered the contents and saw all three industrial springs, each one of them composed by a two-inches thick iron spiral with the same specifications he ordered: the endings were a wide round place, another two-inches thick steel plate with a 2 inches wide hole with a thread in the middle, to attach it where needed. Each one of the springs was 2 feet long and could easily weight 100lbs. Having a look at the specifications he checked the extension resistance limits: 1 inch extension --> 100 lbs 5 inches extension --> 500 lbs 1 feet extension --> 1 ton 2 feet extension --> 3 tons The breaking point is 2 feet of extension. Please use carefully "Ok, it would be enough for the moment", Jeff thought as he was carrying effortlessly all three springs to the basement, where he had installed the self-made ab crunch machine. The machine had the same basic shape and mechanism of a conventional one but in a much larger size. The steel thin cords that propagated the movement in a gym version was substituted by a 3 inches thick cable to support the resistance it was meant for. Instead of plates to adjust the resistance of the machine, there was a huge void inside a steel frame. A thick steel plate was attached to 5 individual cords that joined into the main cable that transported the movement. The plate was crossed by two thick column-like bars that served as a guide to the movement of the plate, soldered to the base of the whole machine. Both in the base and in the steel plate there were 3 thick holes, each one of them 2 inches wide and with a thread in the inside, obviously meant to be joined to the springs Jeff has just received. As a whole, the machine was an absurd ab-breaker workout machine, meant for an animal like Jeff. He took the springs, the bolts, and the pneumatic screwdriver and attached each one of the three springs to the base of the machine. The, he lowered the upper plate to the height of the springs and again, attached them to the plate with another three bolts and the screwdriver. Once done, he did a simple test with the hand, trying to lower the plate, just to check if it was firmly attached. He tried to raise the plate and test the resistance of the springs. The first attempt was successful, all pieces were firmly attached; in the second attempt, he pulled harder, making his biceps pop up obscenely against the fabric of his t-shirt. He smiled, completely satisfied with having finally finished his ab workout machine, a perfect piece of machinery to destroy his abs in each rep. The bench of the machine was not a usual one either. The most extended position of it was not at 45 or 30-degree angle over the horizontal. He took the back of the bench and started lowering it to a 30-degree position, then to 15 degrees, then horizontal, and then he lowered it even more, forming an obtuse angle of -90 degrees over the horizontal. He removed his t-shirt and looked at himself in the mirror right in front of the ab machine. "Oh fuck, I cannot believe this", he thought as he checked his freaky obscene shredded torso. His 10 pack abs looked like 10 thick melons attached to his stomach, perfectly cut one against each other and against the obliques. The upper pair of abs were partially in shades due to the shadow of his own pecs over them. Those pecs were bulging about 1 feet away from his sternum and crossed by a huge deep striation that broke each pec into two wide halves, apart from the deep cleavage, 1 feet deep that fell into his bones. He did a slight twist of his waist to have a better view of the obliques and serratus, and the movement made the 10 cobblestones shred vertically, from the insertion into the uppermost flat muscle tissue to the lowermost, million of fibers crossing his midsection in an obscene display of lean conditioning and dry status. The cut all along the obliques was not a clean one, but a saw-like ridge of crisscrossed fibers inserting into each other, but forming a deep deep deep zig-zag valley of muscle cuts. He turned himself completely to have a whole side view of his torso. Right after turning his head and watching himself in the mirror, he developed a huge hardon, brutally visible inside the fabric of his pants. His 13-inches cock pushed the fabric away, making the rim get separated from his paper-thin abdominal skin. He could see his pubic hair appearing, and threw a huge spurt of pre against the pants, wetting it completely. The view was freaky obscene: a huge and thick slab of muscle hanging heavily in his chest, the mammoth pec bulging horizontally, impossibly attached to the collarbone, hanging 2 inches low into the abdominal section. Hi his abdominal side view was composed of 5 incredible and perfectly round bulges of muscle, popping out hard from his stomach wall. Each one of them bulged almost 4 inches away, in a completely regular way, except the lower pair of abs that were much longer, getting into his pubic section as if it were a giant snake getting into his pants. He went up to the machine, sat on the bench and fit his feet and ankles into the hook, so they could be tightly fastened to the base of the machine. He leaned onto the back of the bench, but since it was in a -90 degrees position, he had to force his body to reach it, stretching his upper torso until he could fit his arms into the grips at the sides of the bench, firmly inserted so he could use them to propagate his strength and pull up the weights. He had arranged the machine and the grips in such a way he could raise his head enough to check his own abs during the workout, but in this impossible position, it was hard to see his stomach. Anyway, he could fit how hard the abs were stretching under his skin; in order to get that position, he had to force a semi-vacuum pose; his stretched abs were pushing his stomach and guts against his back. He was ready to test his grotesque invention, this ab breaker creation that could make his abs collapse, or take them to a never witnessed level of obscene development. He took a deep breath and tested the resistance in a very light way, just pulling himself up very slightly, just one inch only to realize that he had ordered a real ab breaker. That simple and short movement made his obliques react, flexing hard, and pulling both from his hips, where they were attached to at the lowermost side, and his ribcage at the uppermost one. He relaxed the flex, raised his head until he could see his stomach and repeated the operation, but 2 inches this time. He crunched and saw the obliques grow as if they had been inflated with air in just one second. Both snakes grew thick and shredded, and he could feel a warm burn inside of his muscles, they were warming up to get ready for the destruction he was about to inflict on them. Some small and thin veins started to appear on top of the obliques. He was still in a negative 87-degree position; there were still so much to travel. He lifted himself another inch, grunting slightly and focusing the effort on the obliques. This time it burned much more than before, the industrial springs were doing their job. The obliques snakes started peaking at the midsection, bulging obscenely due to the life of brutal workout that Jeff had lived. He went on raising his body, each inch destroying his obliques more and more. He checked himself again, the veins had doubled their size, pumping blood as fast as his heart could, feeding his muscles to go on with the intense and destructive workout. The obliques had grown so much that the cuts with his serratus were one inch deep, the obscene zig-zag of fibers were pushing his skin tighter and tighter. At this point, he decided to destroy his right oblique more. He had included in his machine a rotating fitting between the seat and the back of the bench, so he could twist his waist during the workout when he decided. He twisted slightly to the left, concentrating the effort on the right side of his body. The left oblique could relax for a while, but his right one was about to explode since he lifted himself 5 additional inches while twisting his waist. He was at a -60 degrees position, he checked his right oblique and the sight made him threw a thick spurt of pre against his pants. The oblique was brutally obscene: the muscle looked as if it were a competitive bodybuilder's forearm. The fibers had re-grouped forming thick bunches, that gave them the appearance of strings of muscle, as if the muscle had cuts on them. The veins on top of the oblique were now as thick as a forearm vein, half an inch thick, long, bulging obscenely over the muscle. The cuts against the serratus were even deeper, where any cock could fit in. He did the same again, but with his left oblique, twisting his waist to the right while raising his body 5 inches more. His right oblique relaxed but his left one exploded into a million cords and fibers bulging one against the others, the snake muscle burst out of his stomach wall and bulged obscenely on top of his midsection, a different dozen of huge thick veins surrounding and feeding the muscle, pressing his skin as the right muscle did before, but forming different shapes under the skin. At this moment he was at a -45 degrees and rotated his waist again until reaching a natural position, both obliques suffering the same, relaxing somehow. Jeff looked again at his stomach; from his perspective, and due to the -45 degrees position, which relaxed the vacuum pose, his cobblestones started to be visible again behind his mammoth pecs; he could see all 10 muscles, absurdly cut against the brutally grown obliques, and grotesquely ripped, though there were not so many veins as in the obliques. He looked at the springs in the machine and saw the extension that he had inflicted on them. They were extended at least 5 inches which meant that he was pulling 500 lbs with the strength of his obliques. He took a deep deep breath and determined himself to reach the horizontal in the next crunch. He started pulling with a loud grunt *ARGGGGGHHHHHHH* trying not to collapse with the effort. The spring started extending more and more, as his body slowly raised. His lower abs were doing all the effort, what made them explode in an almost audible POP, bulging outside of the stomach wall and making themselves as thick as his obscene obliques. Along with the explosion of his lower abs, his cock suffered a huge spasm that made him out of the pants, pointing up in a rock hard straight way, his mushroom cock head oozing precum half due to the workout effort, half because his own view was insanely hot. He couldn't understand how he could develop his body in such an inhuman way. He was grateful to his unnatural genetics for his evolution. He went on raising his body, grunting louder and louder, his abs popping out pair by pair as he made his fibers join the other in the inhuman effort that he was doing: 2... 4... 6... 8... along with the lower set that was already bursting out of his stomach. "FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK", he thought as he reached the horizontal and could see in a full view his obscene, grotesque, alien, inhuman 10 pack of muscle abs popping in his stomach, and surrounded by two grotesquely thick snakes of muscles that other people call obliques. The whole view was like a nightmare, he couldn't really distinguish that was a man's stomach, bulges were so unnaturally thick that it looked like thick oranges glued to his stomach. At this point, he looked at the springs and measured the extension: at least 1 feet. "No fucking way, one ton on my abs". He realized how much weight he was using to his workout and that made him threw another spurt of cum, this time flying and falling directly on top of his 2nd set of abs, the 2nd closer to the pecs. He lowered himself to -15 degrees and crunched again to the horizontal, repping non stop from -15 to 0 and back. His mind started blurring as if he were high; he entered "the zone" where all he could think of was MUSCLE, his own muscle, only determined to go on repping and repping, until his stomach exploded into a massive and obscene set of cobblestones. He rolled his eyes, enjoying the burn in the abs, focusing his mind on the intense and hot feeling in his midsection. Now he looked again to his stomach and he gasped at the sight: The previously insane looking muscles now looked sick; each muscle had doubled its size, the size of a melon, popping disgustingly off the stomach, some of them slightly bigger than the others, moving separately to fit in the thin waist, rubbing one against the other in each rep, radiating heat, red as hot iron; each cobblestone covered by dozens of thick veins, a brutally vascular view of abs, shredded from one side to the other, drops of sweat running through the cuts and flowing to the sides, until they reached the oblique and made their way inside the cut with the serratus, reaching the intercostal muscles. Now he reached the horizontal again and stopped abruptly; his abs stopped his workout but still had to stay crunched to hold the position. The cuts of them were so perfect, so deep and shiny; he was dying to release his hands and start admiring their own muscles; but he was caught in the grips, he couldn't let them or then the back of the bench would fall again. But he needed to touch those disgusting muscles so much... He got angry at this frustrating feeling and that led him to crunch a bit harder, raising himself some inches more and making each ab muscle to peak as if they were biceps, bulging high, some shreds so deep that the ab looked as if it were about to split up. The sole idea of the abs looking like biceps made him so high so hard, that he crunched harder and harder, cobblestones bulging 4 inches high, cuts so deep that each cobblestone threw large shadows over the next one. Jeff's cock was so hard and high he could have broken a wall. The mushroom was completely purple, oozing pre non stop, some spurts landing in the brutally shredded abs, some large drops of them just flowing down the shaft, wetting his pubic hair. Fuck he needed a good blowjob right now, or a beasty jerk session, but he could move his hands off the grips, he was forced to workout without any relief. But then... SLAM!!!!! - Honey, I'm home!!! - Martin shouted from the front door. "Fuck yes!!!" Martin had moved some months ago, but Jeff still didn't remember all his work timetables. But the important thing right now is that he was home, at the perfect timing, and let's hope that with the perfect attitude. - In the basement!! Come quick!!!! Martin instantly understood what Jeff was doing, and what he wanted him to do. He was completely obsessed with his boyfriend's body, he was encouraging him to grow more, to work out harder and harder, he was his best sponsor, the mental one. That's all Jeff needed: motivation. But not the normal motivation that other guys would have given, but the right motivation to become the freak Jeff wanted to be; and, more incredible, to become the freak Martin wanted Jeff to become. Martin got rock hard and headed quickly to the basement, excited but scared, nervous, not sure how this would end. He knew it would end up in the best way possible, but he still got scared every time he saw his boyfriend do one of his brutal workouts. What would it be this time? Biceps? Legs? Oh fuck, what does it matter? He wanted every single muscle on him, every single freaky and obscene abomination that those muscles were. Jeff could hear Martin's steps coming down the stairs. He forced himself to crunch harder and harder, to force the springs more inches, to be in the freakiest possible condition for Martin. All he could think of was his boyfriend's tongue, fingers and cock running all over his veins, his paper-thin skin, playing with his obscene body. He crunched harder and let a loud roar in the crunch. *GRRRRRRRRRRR FFFFFFFFFUCKKKKKKK* Martin heard the roar when he was about to open the door. His heart stopped, the same way he stopped at the door before opening it. His pants were about to explode, he had developed a huge hardon since Jeff called him first, and now his cock was about to burst. But that roar, that beast shout made him almost cum. He had no idea what he was about to find but he wanted to discover. He opened the door... Martin found Martin in the newly created ab crunch machine, at a 30 degrees angle, but he seemed to have some balls on top of his torso. He walked more towards him, Jeff's roaring getting louder and louder. Now Martin noticed Jeff's cock was completely erect, stiff and pouring precum down his shaft, and his ass started to get open. But when he was just 3 meters away, he noticed... that... those balls... - No no no - He stuttered - No way... He realized what those balls were. Muscles... Abs... "It's not possible" He couldn't believe it, those... things were muscles on top of his boyfriend's stomach. His knees started to get weak, his head started to ache, his blood pressure raised as his heart was pounding hard through his veins. He could see Jeff's stomach completely covered with 10 obscene slabs of muscle, shredded as fuck, millions of fibers disgustingly visible, surrounded by dozens of veins feeding the muscles, wrapping the muscles as if they were fingers worshipping that beast body. - Fuck Martin, come and see this... Look at these fucking abs!!! Martin looked into Jeff's eyes, completely injected with rage, lusting over his own muscles, his eyes going from Martin's eyes to his own abs, drooling over them, his eyes showing how much into himself he was. Marting got closer, watching his boyfriend rep more and more, each time his grotesque bicep-like ab muscles growing more, shredding more, getting veinier, more grotesque, disgusting. He stopped in front of the monster cock, that seemed to grow with each rep, constantly oozing precum; Martin was completely mesmerized with the scene, he couldn't even hear Jeff roaring, he could only focus on the pervert flexing of his boyfriend's abs. He grabbed the rim of Jeff's pants and slowly lowered them, exposing those baseball nuts, exposing the monstrous thighs, kind of hairy, completely cut and covered in veins, from the huge effort of having his legs attached to the machine while he was working out. When the pants reached the ankles he kneeled down, his face at the height of Jeff's balls, completely covered in precum, stuck his tongue out and placed it on the base of the shaft. Jeff felt the tongue on his shaft and threw a new spurt of pre, landing on his lower abs. Martin ran his tongue slowly, moaning, getting all the precum on it, and slowly closed his lips around the shaft, kissing it, swallowing his bodybuilder's precum, savoring it, his own cock spurting precum like a hose, completely high on the feeling of satisfying his muscle god. He reached the top of the shaft, licked the rims of the mushroom with the tip of his tongue and slowly suck on his boyfriend's cock head. At that moment, Jeff roared again, completely hot, throwing a new spurt of cum right into Martin's throat. Martin opened his eyes and saw the obscene landscape of muscle in front of him; mountains of muscles on Jeff's abs, grotesque valleys between the muscles, wet with precum and sweat, disgustingly covered in thick veins; and now he noticed for the first time the obliques, those two snakes of muscle surrounding the monster abs and inserting directly into the sides of the crotch. Insertions so obscenely visible that he seemed skinless, firmly attached to the tendons, running up, thickening into bulging bunches of fibers, in grotesque shapes, covered with thick veins until each oblique had the appearance of brutal alien forearms, bulging here and there, fibers twitching under the skin, some of them breaking at Martin's sight, regenerating and growing. The intense sucking of Martin made Jeff crunch his abs even more. The springs were absurdly extended, one foot and a half, almost 2 tons destroying that god's abs, but being determined to finish his brutal workout. He raised one more foot at once, the springs extended beyond his limit, more that three tons. The bicep-like abs peaked more, grew thicker; Marting stuck his eyes into his boyfriend's lower abs, removed his mouth from Jeff's cock and placed his fingers on top of that disgusting pair of abs. The feeling was hot as fuck, like hell, hot iron; he moved the skin all over those muscles, feeling how they rolled over the veins; he could feel the steel-like fibers under his fingers. - Fuck honey, look at this freaky skin!!! Jeff raised his head again and looked at his boyfriend playing with his skin, that simple movement making him horny as fuck, like a raging stallion. He started repping like a crazy beast, moving 3 tons with each rep, with the only help of those 10 abs. Martin looked at him begging for more. - Please honey, give me more. I want you to become the freak you deserve to be!!! Jeff hit a brutal crunch - GROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - that made his 2 lower abs break into an additional set of abs. POP, POP, both abs appeared in a sudden at Martin's sight, disgustingly shredded, bulging as thick as the other abs, covered in veins. Martin threw his mouth onto those two new freaky muscles and ran his tongue in the cut between the new abs, lustingly feeling the cut, the fibers on his tongue, the sweat, the veins bulging under the skin. Jeff was raging, he was repping more and more, and then concentrated his mind into separating each pair of abs. They started to separate from each other, making the cut transform into a valley, wider and wider, until Martin's tongue was licking the flat tissue underneath the abs. - Come on you fucker, eat this!!! He made his abs get closer again, catching Martin's tongue between the abs. Martin let a loud moan out of his throat, running the tongue as he could against the popping peaking abs. He finally got rid of the ab grip and instanty stuck his mouth on top of the closest peak, biting it salivating it, mouth washing it like a dog, completely into the lust of his boyfriend's abs. He stood up, climbed Jeff's thighs and in a matter of seconds, removed his pants and let himself on top of that monster cock, engorging it with his ass as if it were butter. - Fuck me god, fuck me you freak monster!! Jeff had his eyes injected in blood and he couldn't hold it more. He let the arms' grips go away, and the springs made the plates and the bench go to its resting position in a sudden, with a terrible sound, but Jeff kept the same position as if he were still flexing with the machine. He got Martin's cock with his hand and stuck it into his own abs. With a freaky and fast movement, he started flexing his lower fibers, making Martin's cock get deeper and deeper into his abs. Martin couldn't believe it, his cock was fucking his boyfriend's stomach surrounded by obscene and grotesque fibers, veins pumping blood against his own cock, while his ass was being pounded by that monster dick. Jeff raised his arms and hit the freakiest bicep flex that Martin had ever seen, even after months of daily worship, he had never seen peaks like those. The two halves of each bicep were bulging obscenely, the deep separation begging for Martin's hand to get inside them, and so he did. Martin placed his hand on the outer half of each bicep, his fingers inserting in the deep split, feeling each vein, each striation, in such a lust and obscene way he just wanted to spit on him. - That's what you want huh? You want to have your fucking slave drooling for your muscle huh? - Martin bragged at him. - Fuck yes!!!! I am your fucking muscle god, and I need you to worship me FOREVER, you hear it? - Aw yeah you bastard, come on give me muscle!! Give me your disgusting peaks you disgusting freak!!! Jeff crunched his peaks more, Martin's hands obscenely rubbing them. His hips were thrusting against Jeff's abs more and more, while he was crunching his abs in such a way he was literally jerking his boyfriend's cock, satisfied with this freaky worship sex session. Martin couldn't resist it any more an started cumming like a fucking hose. - Aw take thisss!!!!!!! Jeff thrusted his hips pushing his cock into his slave's cock more and more, pushing him while crunching his arms more and more, and started cumming inside of his boyfriend, filling him with bodybuilder's cum, each one of the spurts making him feel like an alien monster freak. Martin moaned as he emptied his balls into those grotesque abs, his hands rubbing them, feeling the disgusting fibers, moving the skin on top of that brutal flesh, and making him cum even more. Slowly both of them finished cumming, exhausted, unable to comprehend what they had lived; probably the freakiest sex both of them had had, Jeff still amazed at the size of his new abs, and Martin completely in love with his freaky god. - Fuck honey, thank god you're home early - he winked at Martin and gave him a deep and loving kiss.
  13. Psuace

    Worship Session, Accident part 1

    Part 3 of the current story line. Enjoy. Any feedback is welcome. “It’s just a few cuts and bruises sir, you will be fine in a day or two. You’re both lucky you were wearing your seatbelts and the airbags deployed.” The hallway is a sterile grey. It smells of disinfectant. My mind is empty. I only hear the words the nurse is saying. Nothing is registering at this point. “I don’t remember what happened? We were just driving down the street.” I say absently. “You’ll need to check with the police for that sir. All we know is you were both brought here in ambulances. Your friend -” “Boyfriend.” I correct the nurse curtly, then regret my tone. He doesn’t know, how could he? “I’m sorry. You’re boyfriend has broken his left arm. It looks like it was broken when a heavy object slammed into it.” I snap my head up and tears start rolling down my face. Now I remember. Max was stroking the back of my neck and my head must have snapped back when the accident happened. “Oh no.” I whisper. “Oh no, no, no. Please tell me he will be ok.” “Yes sir, he will. Besides the arm and a few other minor cuts and bruises, he will be fine too. If you will excuse me.” I am staring off into space and do not hear anything else the nurse says. My mind is only on Max. I get up and slowly walk down the hall towards his room. I get to the door and pause. I compose myself and gradually open the door. He is sleeping. He looks so small in the bed. White sheets surround and encompass his body, up to his chest. There is an IV in his left arm, right above where the newly applied cast ends. The monitors show a strong and steady heartbeat. His breathing is deep and rhythmic. I walk to the bed and stand at the foot and stare at my boyfriend and tears start to flow freely. I’m supposed to be the strong one here. I walk around to his right side and pull a chair to the side of the bed. I carefully take his right hand into mine. He is out cold and does not move. His arm feels like a dead weight. I intertwine our fingers. I need to feel him. I run my fingers thru his curls. My curly, my life. Time passes and the next thing I know I hear the door creak open and Ty and Davey peek in. I had fallen asleep. I motion for them to come in and get up. “How are you buddy?” Ty asks giving me a hug. “Fine.” I say emptily. “What about Max?” “Some cuts and bruises…and I broke his arm.” I say dejectedly. “What do you mean?” Davey asks. I quietly say, “He was playing with the hair on the back of my neck, like he does when we’re driving around and when the accident happened, my head snapped back and broke his arm…” and I trail off. “This is my fault.” I say as I look down at him. My guilt takes over again and I feel tears forming again. “Jay, you cannot think that.” Davey says and Ty nods in agreement. “You did not cause the accident. His broken arm is not your fault.” Ty adds, “You know he will not blame you for it, so you need to stop blaming yourself.” “My head knows that, but my heart will take some time to agree.” “You need to get them synced up and soon, Jay.” Ty says staring at me. “When Max wakes up, he’s going to need you for a while and you know how he will hate that. If you’re wallowing in self-pity, you will be no good for him or yourself.” I nod. “You want us to hang around for a while, keep you company? You look like shit right now.” “Ok, thanks.” “You need me to get you some food or something to drink?” Ty asks. “Yeah, something to eat would be great. That dinner you served was kind of lacking.” I say sarcastically. “Hey, I put a lot of effort into that meal.” Davey says defensively, but with a smile. “You’re right Davey, ‘Ordering pizza’ because you had finished having sex 10 minutes before we arrived required a lot of ‘effort.” I say with a raised eyebrow. He blushes. “I’ll be right back. Fight nicely ladies.” Ty says as he opens the door to leave. Davey pulls up another chair and sits next to me. He puts his hand on my leg and squeezes. I look into his deep brown eyes and see a level of friendship and concern few people ever show freely. I appreciate his concern for me and Max. He’s dealing with his own shit and is here for the two of us as if his problems don’t matter. I put my hand on his leg and gently squeeze back. We sit in contented silence. I know he will be there for Max and myself. All I will have to do is ask. I jerk awake again. “What happened??” Davey says, “You nodded off about an hour ago.” I see Ty sitting in another chair in the room. “Fuck. Did I miss anything? Did Max wake up?” “Yeah, he woke up and ran several laps around the nurse’s station.” Ty says flatly. I stare at him and give him the finger. He laughs at me. “Dude, if anything had happened, we would have woken you up. It seemed better to let sleeping gorillas sleep.” I give him the finger again and Davey giggles. I check the clock and it is 1am. “You guys don’t need to stay. I should be fine. I may just nod off again anyway.” “You sure buddy?” Ty asks and I nod yes. “Ok, do you need us to do anything or get you anything from your place while you’re still here?” “We should be good. I’m sure Max will be released in the morning.” They nod ok. “Ty can you try to get me a copy of the police report?” “Sure. I’ll check with my buddies to see if it’s been filed yet. Can I ask why you want it?” “I just want to make sure the people in the other car are ok too. The nurse said Max and I were brought here in ambulances. He did not mention the people from the other car.” Ty raises an eyebrow and nods ok. They leave. I go back and sit next to Max and take his hand back into mine. I stroke his curls again. After I while, I get up and pull up another chair and stretch my legs out. I lean my head back and stare at the ceiling. What the fuck happened? I wake up and turn to see Max staring at me. “Hey big guy, how are you?” He asks me with concern in his voice. “Long night.” I get up, lean over him and softly kiss him on his forehead. He reaches his right hand up and strokes my face. I let some tears escape and then remember to try to hold it together. “How about you?” I nod towards his cast. “Eh, some pain, but I’m sure they will prescribe some great drugs for me.” “Ty and Davey stopped by. They say ‘hey’ and hope you’re ok.” Max nods. I take a deep breath and say, “I just want to say I’m sorry.” “For what? Did you cause the accident? The night is kind of hazy to me.” I start to pace around the room. I need to get this out. If I don’t, it will eat me up like Ty said, “I didn’t cause the accident, from what I can remember, but your broken arm is my fault.” He looks at me quizzically. “When we were hit, apparently you were playing with my neck hairs and my head slammed back and broke your arm.” I look away in embarrassment. “Jay come here.” He says softly. I walk over. He punches me in left bicep. “What was that for?” “You will not blame yourself for this.” Max says glancing down at his arm. I blush and he hits me again. “Stop it right now, before I go all Hulk on your ass, ok.” “Yes sir.” I say with half sincerity and half mocking fear. “Now, can I get a good morning kiss? I think I deserve one.” I laugh and lean down and tenderly kiss him on the lips. ** A week has passed and Max is doing better. The break was clean and the doctors say the cast will need to be on for 5 weeks total, so only a month more. Max goes back to work this week, part-time. He insists on driving to work on his own as he does not want to be a burden to anyone. I stand in front of him and look down and say I am driving him the first day, just to be safe, and there will be no discussion. He chuckles, pats me on the chest, and says ok. I breathe a sigh of relief. There’s an argument I didn’t want to have. Still waiting for Ty to get back to me with a copy of the police report or directions for me on how to get it. We have not had sex. Obviously Max is anxious to get back in the swing of it, but I am hesitant as I don’t want to do anything that could hurt him further. He’s offered to jerk me off or give me a blowjob, but I’m still not comfortable. He says I can have my way with him, if I’d like. I put him off and say maybe in a week, just to be safe. He frowns and pats me on the arm and says, “It’s just a broken arm Jay. The rest of me is fine and still needs attention.” He looks down at his dick, looks back up at me, and cracks a wicked smile. “Both of us shouldn’t have a case of blue balls, so either you help me or I’m jumping on you at some point.” “Ok, you win.” I say resignedly. He smiles a superior smile. “I’m going to get you off. You’re not doing anything to slow your recovery.” He nods ok. I pick him up, cradle him in my arms, and carry him to the bedroom, kissing him all the way. I softly lay him on the bed when I hear my phone ring. I go back to the living room. I see it is Ty. “Hey buddy, sorry for not getting back to you sooner about the police report.” He says. He sounds out of sorts. “No problem, I was going to call you today about it. What have you heard?” “I’ve got a copy of now.” He hesitates. “What?” “The vehicle that hit you was a cargo van. The report says the van ran a stop sign and you broadsided them.” “I only have hazy memories of what happened. Max is no better. We’ll take their word for it.” “You’re missing the point.” He says with some mystery in his voice. “Huh? Enlighten me.” “Not over the phone.” Now he sounds cautious. “Dude, what the fuck is up?” There is a twinge of anger in my voice as I do not like to be kept in the dark about stuff. “You and I need to have a private conversation. Trust me on this on Jay, please, just trust me.” “Ok Ty, but you’re freaking me out.” “Good. You should be. I’m sending Cam and Ming over to be with Max so you can get away. They should be there in about 5 minutes.” “Can they hold off for 30 minutes? I was about the ease Max’s case of blue balls and he’s going to be pissed if I leave.” I say this with some jocularity in my voice to try to ease the mood. “No, this cannot wait. Max will be fine for another hour or so, but we need to talk.” He has a sternness in his voice I do not hear too often. I relent, “Ok, where are we meeting?” “My office in the gym. Kenny knows you’re coming, so just come in.” “Dude…” “Jay, just trust me.” “Ok, I’ll be there as soon as they arrive. Now I get to deal with Max. You know he’s going to be pissed off, it’s your fault. I’m personally going to drive him over so he can open a can of whoop ass on you.” No response from Ty. “It was meant as a joke buddy.” “Yeah, I know. Not in a joking mood.” The doorbell rings and I see Cam at the window looking in. “They’re here. I’m on my way after I talk to Max.” I hang up with Ty and let them in. I ask them to wait here for a minute and don’t take it personally if Max is upset with them. Ming says fine. I walk back to the bedroom and see Max is undressed and waiting for me, gently stroking his cock. “I almost got started without you big guy. Who was on the phone and how are they more important than my case of blue balls?” He says with a big grin on his face. Now I have to lie to Max for the first time we’ve been together. “Ty needs me at the gym for something.” “Can’t it wait? I haven’t had sex in a week. I think he can wait for an hour. Now get over here.” He says coyly, but with an air of authority in his voice. I don’t move. I sadly look into his excited brown eyes and continue the lie, “No, it cannot wait. He needs me there as soon as possible.” “Then I’m coming too.” And he starts to gather his clothes to get dressed. I sternly, but gently say, “Max, I’m asking you to stay here. Ty needs me. Cam and Ming are here and will keep you company til I get back.” “Jay, what the fuck is up?” His voice is getting louder. “Why are they here? Why can’t I go with you?” I need to leave and need to leave now. I walk over to him, bend down, and kiss him on the forehead. I softly say, “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Please don’t take it out on those guys. They are your friends and Ty asked them to come over.” He punches me in the chest and I can feel his anger in the punch. I walk out of the room. I can hear Max getting off the bed and start to come down the hallway. Ming and Cam are in the living room. “Good luck.” I say sympathetically. Cam nods. I leave and get into the car. I drive over and now my mind shifts from an angry Max to a mysterious Ty. What is up? It’s got to be serious if he won’t tell me on the phone. Shit, I hope everyone in the van was ok. But wouldn’t the police have contacted me if someone was hurt? It’s not making any sense. I get to the gym, walk in and nod to Kenny. He nods back and jerks his head back to Ty’s office. He knows something is up. I knock once on the door and walk in. Ty is there with some paperwork on his desk. As I enter he moves everything to the side and pulls the report out. Without a word he opens it, turns it around and places it in front of me. I stare at him in the eyes. He looks back and then glances down at the paper. I look down and see a standard police report. I read the facts and they match up with what Ty told me over the phone. The van ran a stop sign and I hit it broadside. “Ok. The report matches what you said. What is so important?” There is a slight ripple of anger in my voice. Ty points to two places on the report. I check out the first spot. Apparently the van never slowed down as it approached the stop sign. They ran it at full speed. I look up and say, “Ok, maybe they were drunk or high. Shit like that happens every day.” He taps the second spot again. It’s the owner of the van. I see the name and look up. “Oh fuck.” “Yeah, oh fuck. You see who they listed as a passenger in the van?” I look down again and go pale. “Does Davey know?” I ask in an almost hushed voice. “No, I asked Eddie to go to Davey’s office and hang out with him until you and I got to talk.” “How the fuck do Shawn and Ron know each other? And, how do they have enough wits between them to know where you live and what my car looks like? Or, that we’d be at your place that night.” Now I’m pissed and almost yelling. Ty calmly says, “My best guess is Shawn has been in town for a while, probably following you and Max around. Ron, well, I’m not sure. Davey swears he did not tell him where he was living. I believe him, which leaves someone in Davey’s family unintentionally told him he was here…” Ty is just looking into space. “As for how they met? No clue.” “If they were both in the van when we broadsided it, were they injured? Taken to a hospital? What am I missing? The report only lists Max and me going to the hospital.” “Again, no clue. But if I had to guess, there was someone else in another car, who drove them off after the accident. Probably took them to a different hospital or ER.” “Fuck. Ash or Bull.” “Maybe.” “No maybe’s about it. Who else would want to hurt Max or me?” Ty hesitantly says, “Maybe Scott?” I raise an eyebrow. “I haven’t seen him in the gym in a few days.” “No, He has not bothered us in a very long time. It’s gotta be Ash or Bull.” Ty nods. He continues. “Ok, we need to figure out some stuff and alert the police.” “What are your thoughts?” “1. Where are they? 2. What are they up to? 3. Let the police know the accident was not an accident. 4. Keep everyone safe. The last one will be the hardest until we figure out the first two.” “We need to tell Max and Davey what’s up.” Ty nods. “They need to be aware so they can keep their guard up.” “Agreed.” “Especially if these idiots know where we live...Oh fuck.” I jerk my head up stare at Ty. We pull out our phones at the same time. I call Max. He picks up on the third ring and I think ‘Thank God’. “What? You calling to see how the prisoner is doing.” He says dripping with sarcasm. Great, a pissed off boyfriend. “Why yes, I want to make sure Ming gave you your ration of stale bread. I’ll be home shortly to lead you back to your cell for the night.” “Great, I’ll enjoy some solitary confinement. It’ll let me get a grip on things, if you know what I mean. See ya soon.” Click. Ty is still talking to Davey. Apparently he doesn’t like Eddie hanging out at his office too much. I can hear him giving Ty grief. He hangs up. I say, “0 for 2. Yeah for the good guys.” Ty rolls his eyes. I continue, “We need to gather everyone at one place until we get this figured out. And I mean we need to include Eddie and the twins and Stu and Kenny. We have no idea what these assholes are up to.” “Agreed. Where do you suggest? Can’t be either of our places, or Davey’s old place. I’m sure Ron scoped that out first.” I nod. “What about the beach house?” I shake my head no, “That’s where this all started for Max and me.” “Yeah, sorry.” “The twins place?” I suggest, “Chances are Ron and Shawn don’t know about them.” Ty nods ok. “You call Colin and talk to Kenny. I’ll call Eddie and Cam and tell them the plan.” Ty asks, “What about the police? Should I call my buddy and ask him keep an eye on our places while we’re gone? Also, if we hole up, they are going to get suspicious. We need to try to lead normal lives until they are dealt with.” I nod in agreement. He continues, “That means Kenny, Cam, Ming, and I need to be here at the gym every day.” We finish up our meeting. I nod to Kenny on the way and hear Ty call him back as I leave. I get in the car and start home. I dial Eddie. He picks up on the second ring. “How’s Davey?” “Like a pissed off 5 year old. What the fuck is up and why am I babysitting?” Nice, Eddie in a decent mood. I lay it out for him. He grunts and says, “If those fuckers go after G1 or G2 they better hide before I find them and rip them apart.” “I know how you feel buddy. We’ll be over in a while.” He grunts and hangs up. I pull into my condo development and scan around for any suspicious vehicles. I don’t see anything unusual. I park, get out and walk to our unit. No busted door or broken glass, good. As I go in I see Max sitting reading a magazine. Cam and Ming are watching TV. Max glances up, looks me in the eyes, and then turns back to his magazine, ouch. I glance at Cam and he just barely shakes his head no. I nod. Hopefully when I explain things, it gets better. I clear my throat to get everyone’s attention. Cam turns the TV off and Max continues to read his magazine. “Please Max, this is important.” He glances up. “Ty got a copy of the police report from our accident and it appears it was not an accident.” I let the words hang in the air. Max is looking at me blankly as if I have not said anything. Ming asks what I mean. “It seems the other vehicle was a van and it intentionally ran the stop sign to cause the accident.” Now I have Max’s attention. “The report also listed who was in the van.” I walk over and sit next to Max, “It was Shawn.” His eyes go wide and he scoots back on the sofa as if I were trying to poke him with a hot skewer. “Also, Davey’s ex, Ron seems to be involved.” Cam angrily says, “When it rains, it pours.” I reach for Max and he tentatively holds his hand out. I take it and gently squeeze it. “Ash and Bull may be here too, but we do not know for sure. This is why I had to meet with Ty.” I say staring into Max’s eyes and running my fingers thru his hair. “We needed to talk it thru and come up with a plan.” I look over to Cam and Ming and say, “You two are included. We don’t know how much these fuckers know about us,” I nod to Max, “or our friends,” I nod to them, “so we’re not taking any chances.” Ming nods ok. We’re all going to hang out at Ian and Colin’s place for a few days.” I lay out the rest of the plan. I finish but everyone seems to be in a bit of shock. “Does anyone need a glass of water, or something stronger?” Cam and Ming are forehead to forehead. Ming has placed his hand on Cam’s bicep, which is slightly flexed. Ming is gently massaging it. I look over to Max. He is staring off into space. I sit right next to him and put my left arm around his neck and pull him close. He scoots closer and puts his right arm on my thigh and gently squeezes. He quietly asks, “Why now? Why us? We haven’t bothered Shawn since the incident. It makes no sense.” “Sometimes shit like this doesn’t make sense. Who knows what they are thinking, or up to?” Cam and Ming get up to leave. Ming says, “We’ll meet at the twins place in a bit. We want to run home and grab some stuff. We’ll call once we leave there to let you know we’re on our way.” I nod to them and they take off. Max is still a bit shell-shocked. I hug him tight. “I’m here for you buddy. They won’t hurt you.” He wraps his arm around my bicep and pulls his face to it. He softly kisses it. “We need to pack up and head out.” He pats me on the chest and says ok. We head to the bedroom. As Max crosses the threshold, I scoop him up into my arms again and bring him in for a deep, sloppy, passionate kiss. I walk us to the edge of the bed and stand him up on the bed. “We have a few minutes Curly.” I say and wink my blue eyes at him. I put my left hand in his hair and gently stroke it. He smiles warmly and puts his right hand behind my head and plays with the short hairs there. It still excites me every time he does it. He coaxes my head toward his and returns the kisses I gave him earlier. I put my right hand on his package and start to massage him. He is still kissing me and sighs contently. “Thank you Jay.” “I haven’t done anything yet.” “Yes, you have.” He quietly says between kisses. I continue to massage him and feel him getting ramped up. He continues to play with my hair and now I’m getting in the mood. I sigh back. He moves his right hand from the back of neck and puts it on my left bicep. I flex it for him. He breaks our kiss and leans over to the arm. He wets his lips and begins washing the top of my bicep. It feels wonderful, his lips on the top and his hand rubbing the back of it. His fingers find the short hairs and he gently strokes them, running his fingers back and forth across them. Now, I’m really turned on. I loosen the knot on his gym shorts and push them down. He is commando, nice. I gently massage his balls and feel he is at full mast. I begin tugging him. Very slowly at first. He hasn’t gotten off for a week or so, so I need to take my time. I don’t want him to come in two minutes, and I’m sure he wants to enjoy this as well. I continue to flex and un-flex my bicep. He seems content to worship it. His lips are now on the face and are dipping lower toward the tri-ceps. I raise my arm up over my head and he continues his ministrations. His fingers are groping the bicep, coaxing me to flex it harder, which I do. His dick flexes in appreciation. I feel a spurt of pre-cum ooze out. I use my thumb and forefinger and rub the liquid off his dick and spread it between my fingers. I pull my hand up to my mouth and lick at it. It’s such a nice salty treasure. I put my hand near his mouth and he turns his head to lick to remaining moisture off. We both sigh. He goes back to work and is not holding back. He tries to wrap his whole mouth around my tri-cep. He knows he cannot, but is always trying and never seems to tire of it. I pull my arm away from him. I look him in his eyes and say, “Lay down.” He nods and lays on the bed. I get on all fours above him and gaze into his eyes. He stares back with appreciation. I lift my right arm off the bed and flex it insanely hard. I grunt a few times so he knows the effort I am exerting. Max puts his right hand on my cheek and his thumb finds its way to my mouth. I begin to suck. His still erect unit bounces up and brushes my pecs. I release his fingers and smile down to him. I un-flex my arm but then move it so his dick is in the crux of my elbow. I then re-flex. His dick is being squashed between my bicep and forearm. His eyes roll to the back of his head as I begin an up and down stroking movement. I spit into the area to keep it wet. His hand finds its way to my left pec. I flex it so it is solid as granite. He massages it anyway and starts to pull on my nipple a few times. It feels great. My nipple become erect and he licks his lips, like a calf after an udder. He leans his head up and takes the nipple into his mouth. He rolls his tongue around the whole area, coating it, wetting it, nibbling on it every chance his gets. He puts his right hand on my left arm to support himself in his leaning up position. He releases my nipple and lays back on the bed. There is a bead of sweat on his forehead. Crap, is he over-exerting himself? I lean down and lick the sweat off him. I lean back up and gently blow into his hair. His curls flow away from his head then settle back down. He is grinning up at me and blows me a kiss. I am still jerking him off with my bicep. He reaches his right hand up to my left bicep and resumes stroking it. I cannot flex it as I’m using it to support my body over his. He knows this and is fine with just playing with the muscle and hairs on it. His grip becomes tighter. He is close. I slow my jerking motion and he grunts. I remove my arm from around his dick and lower my mouth over it. I wash my tongue all around the head and suck at his piss slit. I move my right hand to ball sack and softly massage him. He grunts again and explodes into my waiting mouth. Fuck, it’s a big load, well it has been a week… Once he finishes, I see he closes his eyes in contentment. After a minute or so he asks, “That was fucking awesome. Thank you. You want me to help you out?” “Mmmm, no, just open your eyes for a second.” He does. I’d taken hold of my dick and have been savagely beating it off. He smiles, leans up, opens his mouth, and swallows my unit. I put my right hand behind his head and hold him steady. “Ready?” He nods ever so slightly. I let lose my torrent. Good thing I was supporting his head or it would have pushed him right off. He licks the last few drops off me and looks up. There is some on his upper lip. I lean down and lick it off. I move lower and kiss him. I scoot back on the bed, roll over onto my back and he climbs on top of me, sitting on my waist and partially erect dick. My looks down at me and says, “See no one was injured, and a good time was had by some.” I cock an eyebrow and he continues, “I’m sure you had a great time. Me, I was wanting a bit more from it…” He lets out a roar of laughter and falls onto my chest and begins kissing his way up to my face. Once there, he smothers me with kisses and lets me know he forgives me for earlier. I break our revelry and say, “We really need to pack and go to the twins.” He mock frowns at me but nods. We get up, take a quick shower and toss stuff into our backpacks. We head out. We get half way to there when the phone rings. I answer with it on speaker. It’s Ty. “Have you heard from Cam or Ming yet?” “Not yet. They said they’d call me when they left their place.” “Well, I’m at their place now, but no one is here, some of their toys are missing, and there is blood in their toy room.” Max looks at me and I say, “Oh fuck."
  14. Psuace

    New Gym, part 3

    Part 2 of the the current story line. Please see Ginger Muscle - Muscle up for part 1. We lay tangled on the bed after our recent round. Cum drying on both of us, but neither of us in a hurry to take a shower. His legs intertwined with mine, his left arm draped over my chest, playing with my nipple. His right hand is running along the side of my cheek, slowly caressing me. My hand is running up and down his back, massaging his spine. When I get to his crack, I dip a finger towards his hole. He sighs at the feeling. I slowly insert a finger and he tweaks my nipple. I lean over and kiss him on his head. He nuzzles at my side, trying to get a bit closer. It’s been a fun Saturday afternoon. Kenny is watching over the gym, Jay, Max, Eddie, and the twins will be over for dinner later, and Davey and I have settled into a comfortable routine over the past few weeks. He hasn’t moved in yet, but I hope he does soon. He seems to want to, but is hesitant. He’s much better since the incident at his place. He’s off his meds again and we take it one day at a time. He’s at the gym daily and is working hard to get stronger. We talk almost every day and he has kept his promise to call me if he feels out of sorts. This has led to one or two 2 AM calls and one in the middle of the day, but nothing we couldn’t work thru. Mostly, it was meeting up and talking to calm his nerves. He looks up at me and kisses my side. I kiss him again on his head. It’s time for me to ask him again about his ex-boyfriend. He always avoids the topic, but I think I am getting closer. He’s told me his ex is the reason he was on meds and had anxiety and depression issues. I want to help him but need to know what happened. “Davey” I say gently, “Tell me about Ron.” I feel him try to pull away. I hug him closer to me. He squirms a bit. “Please.” “It’s complicated.” He says slowly in a whispered voice. “You know I’m here for you and want to help you in any way possible.” I reply in a quiet voice. “Yes, but I don’t want you to think of me as ‘less of a man’ because of what I let him do to me.” “I’m a grown man. I can make up my mind. Just tell me and then we can work to put it behind us. And I would never think of you as ‘less of a man’.” I say as I stroke his back. “Remember, I’ve seem you at your fullest.” He kisses my side again in appreciation. “He manipulated and used me in ways I couldn’t think were possible. He degraded me to bolster himself. He physically abused me in private and verbally abused me in public...And before you ask why I didn’t leave. I tried a number of times, but he always wormed his way back into my life. And not by saying he was sorry and would change, but by saying my life would not be worth living if he wasn’t in it.” “One time we were out for dinner and he became upset with me for not wearing a shirt he had made me buy. He loudly said the shirt I was wearing was a cheap knock off and it fit me because I was a cheap piece of shit and wouldn’t look good wearing any decent clothing. I tried to apologize, but he kept it up saying I was a worthless lover too and couldn’t satisfy him, physically or emotionally. I was practically in tears and he kept going, saying I needed to grow up and be a man and stop crying like a little kid. I remember getting up and walking out of the restaurant. I hailed a cab and went home. He showed up 15 minutes later. I was on the sofa when he came barging into the room. He came right over to me and punched me in the face, cutting me on my check. He angrily asked how I could just walk out on him and how embarrassed he was. He hit me again and knocked me out. When I woke up, I was naked with cum drying on me and I was covered in bruises and cuts. I can’t remember if he raped me or just came on me.” I stare at the top of his head and cannot believe what I’m hearing, but now things are becoming clear. “Another time we were at a work happy hour and he had a few too many drinks and was talking with some of my co-workers. He bragged how I had a 10 inch dick but went on to say I didn’t know how to use it to satisfy him. He said I would get hard just by watching him flex his muscles, but when it came to fucking him, I fell short and he would have to cum on his own by jacking off and he would have to finish me off too. He then walked over to me, flexed his left bicep and forced me to put my hand on it. He then grabbed my crotch with his right hand and shouted, ‘yup, getting hard just feeling me up.’ The room was dead quiet, but he didn’t care.” I start to rage inside myself. How the fuck does someone do this? Why would someone do this? But Davey answered that one for me – Ron needed to bolster himself. “Please be honest with me, has he been in contact with you since your incident a few weeks ago?” Silence. “Davey?” “Yes.” A barely audible whisper. “Oh Davey. I thought we were going to be honest about this. You were going to tell me if he contacted you.” “I know but he’s good at making me feel unworthy of someone like you.” “He knows about me?” I try to control the rage in my voice, but it seeps thru and Davey starts to pull away. I pull him back to me, but he pushes off and sits up. There are tears streaming down his face. I reach up to wipe them away and he flinches. “I’m sorry. I did not mean to sound upset. It just shocked me. How long has he known?” Davey just shrugs his shoulders and is looking down. “Since you started at the gym? Since the incident in your apartment? Is he why you’ve had 3 more episodes? Davey, come on man, you gotta talk to me and be completely honest.” “I try, but he gets to me and gets under my skin.” “Is he the reason you have not moved in with me yet?” He barely nods yes. Fuck, now I’m pissed. “Ok. Talk to me little man. Has he come to visit?” Davey nods no. “Are you being honest about this?” His head comes up and looks me square in the eyes. “No, I have not seen him in person since I moved here. And to answer your next question, I have not given him my address.” “Ok, that’s good.” Something to work with. I lean up on the bed and continue, “When we’re done here, you’re going to give me your phone. I’m getting you a new one. New number, everything. Also, I’m going to help you change your emails so he can no longer contact you.” He’s staring at me. “We need to cut this guy off and get him out of your life.” He nods yes. “And that means your family cannot let him know where you’ve moved to.” “I hope you’re too upset with me Ty.” He’s looking away in shame. Softly, but with a tinge of anger I say, “I’m only upset you didn’t come to me and tell me the truth that you were still in contact with him.” He looks like I just crushed his dream, so I add, “But I am more upset with Ron, than you. What he has done to you is unconscionable. You are not a worthless person Davey.” I reach my left hand out and put it on his right cheek. “You are a special, funny, great guy. If Ron chooses not to see your positive qualities and only demeans you, then he’s the one with the problem, not you. I, for one, am going to spend every moment I can with you. And that means you’re moving in with me this weekend. ” He starts to protest, but I put my hand on his chest. “Dude, new life. No Ron. I’m not taking any chances.” He smiles. He reaches a hand out and caresses my chest. I harden and puff up my pecs. He continues to stroke them. “Better?” I ask. He leans in and kisses me. “Ok, we need to get cleaned up. Everyone will be here in a little while.” “We still have time for round 2.” Davey says eyeing me up like a piece of beef. He licks his lips. I sigh and reach out for him. I wrap my arms around him and pull him close to me and we kiss. He pushes me back down and lays on my chest, still kissing me. He tweaks my nipple and starts to grind his already hard dick against my abs. I flex them and he moans in appreciation. He moves his hands to my arms and starts to massage my biceps. I flex them and he groans in gratitude. He continues to massage them, using his fingertips to trace circles on them. I flex them harder and he squeezes both at the same time. His dick becomes a bit harder and I feel some pre-cum leak out onto my abs. He slides around, spreading it over me. He moves his hands to the sides of my head and tries to pull me closer. I wrap my arms around his back and hug him tightly. He sighs. He rubs his chest against mine, nipple to nipple. Mine become erect and hard. His, well, we’re still working on making them more sensitive. Short of sandpaper rubbing them, nothing. Davey leans back up, skooches back so his ass is against my dick. I buck my hips and he is bounced into the air. He lands on my midsection, rock hard abs, rock hard dick. He stares me in the eyes and starts to rub his crack on my dick. I smile. He cocks an eyebrow and suddenly spins around. I feel him lean over and can feel his tongue start to lap at my dick. His legs are straddling my sides for support. His ass is right about pec level in front of me. I’ve got a great view of his hole and cheeks. I softly blow a warm breath at his hole and he opens and shuts it. I’m going to have fun with this. He takes his time. He wets his lips and slowly lifts my dick, nibbles on the head, kisses it, then takes just the head into his mouth. He swirls his tongue around the whole area, coating it with copious amounts of saliva. He laps at the piss slit, shoving his tongue into the entry swabbing out any pre-cum. I moan in pleasure and flex my dick. It bangs him on the roof of his mouth. He continues. He starts to give only my head a blow job. Short quick movement, making sure to fire up every nerve. He moves his tongue to the underside of the head, where the head meets the shaft and starts to massage it with spit. His mouth is warm and he takes his time swallowing me. He pulls off and lets drool fall from his mouth onto the shaft. He puts his left hand on the shaft and slowly starts to stroke it. I let my eyes roll back into my head and enjoy his ministrations. I feel his mouth again and sense him going all the way down this time. Again, he takes his time. He coats my mushroom head, moves to the top of the shaft, and then starts down it. He pauses and works up a good amount of saliva and then continues. He is half way down the shaft, his tongue working overtime, swirling around the shaft. His teeth are gently scraping the raised arteries and veins as he goes. I’m glad I had shaved my shaft and balls this morning. It makes the experience more pleasant for him and more erotic for me. His taste buds feel like a kitten is licking me. I am getting highly aroused and do everything I can to remain calm so I don’t blow my load too fast. He takes his left hand off the shaft and then places both hands on my inner thighs and gently starts to pull them apart, giving him greater access to my balls and the area beyond. He is still slowly blowing me, wetting as he goes along, his hands are massaging my balls. Each hand has one ball in it. He softly caresses them, rolling them around, tugging at the skin, playing with them. The head of my dick hits the back of his throat. He eases off an inch or two. He then starts back down. My head hits the Uvula again, then slides past it. He doesn’t gag, what a stud. I caress his ass cheeks to let him know he is doing well. I can feel him breathing. His warm breath coming up from his lungs, passes around my dick, and then out his mouth. He sucks in a breath and the cool air going in makes me shiver ever so slightly. He starts to ease off, my dick comes up out his throat, and then he quickly rams it back in, taking me to the hilt. I let a heavy sigh, lean up, and lap at his hole. He lets out a guttural moan and the vibrations cause my dick to quiver. He closes his mouth and creates as tight a seal as he can on my unit. He is now breathing thru his nose and is sucking air down his throat. His tongue is still coating me with saliva and his hands are working their magic on my balls. He starts to ease off my shaft. I feel it leave his throat. I’m just in his mouth. He starts a piston like motion. He raises my dick so it is sticking up at a 90 degree angle. He continues rocketing his mouth up and down, saliva dripping down my unit like water driblets on a cold glass, pooling on my abs, then draining down between my legs to his waiting hands. He lets go of my balls and moves his fingers to my ass. He tries to slide one in. I tense then relax my hole several times. He times his movements and pushes into me when I flex my hole open. I clamp down his fingers. He pauses his blowjob, wiggles his fingers a bit, then his tongue and mouth continue. I can feel my load building. I caress his ass and say, “I’m close.” He immediately stops everything and pulls off my dick. He says, “Not yet.” I nod and take a few deep, cleansing breathes. I rub his back as my heartrate slows a bit. I can feel my load subsiding. I pat him to let him know I’m better. He immediately takes me to the hilt in one swallow. I pat him on the ass and massage his glutes. He is back to rocketing up and down on me and I feel my load building again. I don’t want him to stop, but need to distract him so he slows down. I lean my head up to his ass and dart my tongue around his hole. I coat it with spit and maneuver my tongue into his tight hole. He feels me trying to invade him and clamps his hole shut. I think to myself, ‘not this time little man’ and bring my left hand back to his hole and slowly, but firmly insert my middle finger into him. He gasps and pauses momentarily. ‘Thank God’ I think to myself. I begin to finger fuck him and he moans with joy. Uh-oh, I’ve created more problems. He’s back to blowing me like he’s licking a 12 inch popsicle. I bring my right hand back and have that middle finger join the action and push it right into his ass. He squirms around a bit, getting used to both invaders, and is back at it. Dammit, I’ve created a fucking monster. I lean my head back up, use my fingers to spread his hole as wide as possible, and dive my tongue right in. Now he stops, releases my dick and says, “So you want to play dirty. I’m all for it, my shiny black knight.” I continue my assault on his ass and he resumes blowing me. He’s not going to the hilt, but is still rocketing up and down. He tries to pull his ass away from my hands and mouth, but I won’t let him. He moves his hands back to my balls and sensitive area between them and my ass. He knows I won’t let him invade my ass, but he is using all his other tricks. He starts massaging my balls with one hand and caressing the area right below them with his other. He is doing it so softly and gently I can hardly feel it, but the nerve endings there tell me they are being overly stimulated. I try pushing my fingers deeper into his ass, but he has completely opened his ass to me and I have no tricks left. Dammit. I might as well enjoy the ride. I remove my fingers from his ass, smack it once or twice for good measure and move my hands around his waist and find his dick. He tries to flatten himself out on my body so I cannot grab it, but I have a counter for that. I move to the edge of the bed and slowly start to get up. I grab him by the waist so he doesn’t fall, but I continue to get up. He is just sucking away, like nothing is happening to him. I stand up and am holding him upside down and he still latched onto me, like a leech on my dick. I create some space between our bodies and grab his dick with my right hand. I’ve moved left hand from his waist and have curled it around his body. Yes, I’m holding him up with just my left arm. I start to jerk him off. A nice steady motion. His dick reacts and extends to its full 10 inches. Fucking impressive for someone who is only 5’11”, 175. He continues shooting up and down my unit and I can feel my load building again, this time quicker and more intense. My body begins to tense up. I need to stand firm so Davey doesn’t get hurt. I brace my legs and they become like concrete pillars. I flex my quads and all the muscles come into relief. He must notice as his hands leave my balls and are now on my quads for support. He does a couple quick and savage, to the hilt movements and I can’t hold back. I release his dick and use my right hand to support his head and shoulders as I shoot into him. The first shot hits the back of his throat and he gulps it down (or up, as he is still upside down). The next two fill his mouth and start to leak out. The last one is too much for him and he has to open his mouth. Cum spills out onto the carpet and he starts to gag. I immediately pull him off my dick and carefully flip him around so he is upright. His eyes are red and full of tears and he has snot coming out of his nose. He is still coughing up cum, but is fine otherwise. I gently set him on the bed and grab a towel and some tissues. He cleans himself up and looks 100% better a minute later. His hard-on has partially faded. I glance down at it and then look into his eyes. He just leans back on the bed and shuts his eyes. I go to work. I flex my left bicep and grab his dick. I start jerking him off again. A smile comes across his face, but his eyes remain shut. I wonder what he is thinking about. Hopefully just us and this moment. I reach my right hand down and put my thumb on his lips. He barely opens them and I slip it in. He begins a sucking motion and swirls his tongue around it. His left hand instinctively reaches up for my pec. I move closer so it is within reach. He finds it and starts to massage the muscle. I flex and release the muscle a few times. He sighs, finds my nipple and pinches it like he’s squeezing a lemon. I grimace, but the feeling is wonderful. All of the sudden I feel him cum. First shot explodes out of him and nails me in the abs. Second shot, not as powerful, but still leaves a coating. Last 2 shots just ooze out and coat my hand. “Well that was unexpected. I could have sworn you could hold on for another 10 minutes or so.” “Too much stimulation. It got to me. Hope you’re not upset.” “How could I be upset with the load you coated me with? Do you see it?” He leans up and cracks a smile. “I’m good, aren’t I?” And he laughs. “Yes, yes you are. And you’re all mine.” I lean down and kiss him. We break kiss. I look up and see the clock. “Oh fuck, everyone is going to be here in 15 minutes and we haven’t started dinner yet.” “Don’t worry, I got this Ty.” Davey says, patting my chest. “You get the shower started and I’ll get dinner going.” “You sure?” “Trust me on this.” He winks at me. “Ok.” I reach for my phone and see a text from Eddie. I read it to Davey, “He says, ‘They won’t make it. A few things came up’ – yeah, I bet ‘a few things’ came up, given he’s with the twins.” Davey laughs again. I head to the shower and turn it to hot and let it get ready. I check myself in the mirror. Cum dried or drying all over, nipples are rock hard and ultra-sensitive, muscles full of blood and pumped up. God dam, it was a good day. I flex my pecs and biceps just for fucks sake. Steam is coming over the top of the shower curtain. I yell to Davey the shower is ready and he yells back he’ll be there in a second. I step in and begin to lather up. I feel him step in behind me. He grabs the soap and lathers himself up. He washes my back, taking his time to massage my muscles. “We don’t have time for round 3, buddy.” He kisses my back and says, “You better be ready when they leave. I’m extra horny today and if you thought my last load was big, just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet. I feel his dick harden and rub against the back of my leg.” “Calm down super stud. We’ve got all night for round 3.” I pull away from him and turn to face him. I pick up his slick and slippery body, up under his armpits, and haul him in for a kiss. “That’s the last you get until Jay and Max leave.” I set him down, spin him around and swat him on the ass. “Now rinse off and make sure dinner is ready.” He giggles and says, “Dinner will be here in about 20 minutes. I ordered pizza. You didn’t think I could create a gourmet meal with the junk in your fridge, did you? Besides, you and Jay need to have a cheat night once in a while. Tonight is as good as any.” He finishes rinsing off and gets out to dry off. I finish my shower and follow him. We quickly get dressed and are just heading into the living room when the doorbell rings and Jay and Max walk in. Max takes one look at us and says, “See Jay, I told you we could have been a bit late, they just finished having sex.” Jay blushes and I say, “What makes you say that?” “Um, no snacks, or drinks, or food in the oven. Also, you’re both still wet from your shower and I can see into your bedroom and the mess you made.” I glance around and give in, “Fine, yes we had sex right before you got here. Is it a crime?” Max just laughs and pats Jay’s bicep. “See Jay, I won, you owe me.” Jay rolls his eyes. I say, “Nice. Glad to see we could be of some entertainment to you.” Max just nods sarcastically. Davey and Max head to the kitchen to get some drinks and snacks. I pull Jay aside and say, “He finally opened up about Ron.” Jay cocks an eyebrow. “It wasn’t easy for either of us, but he let it out. Ron is one fucked up dude.” Jay is staring at me. I am getting tense and upset. “If I ever meet the fucker, you may need to be there to hold me back.” “That bad?” “Yeah, and probably worse than he’s letting on. I’ll try to probe some more, but I have most of it.” “Is he going to be ok? I mean, it couldn’t have been easy for him to spill his guts about it.” I nod yes. “I think so, but I’m going to need your help. I’m getting him a new phone and email. I don’t want Ron to be able to track him down. Davey says he has not told him where he moved to. I believe him. Also, I’m moving him in with me next weekend, just to be safe.” Jay again cocks an eye. “It’s best for him.” I say in a defensive tone. He nods back. “I’ll get Eddie to help too. With his truck and our SUVs, we should be able to move everything here or to a storage locker in a few hours.” “You ready for another roommate? The last one didn’t work out too well for you.” “Thanks for reminding me.” My old roommate and lover, Evan was a piece of work, but we ended it amicably, or so I thought. “Davey is nothing like Evan. Davey needs help recovering from an asshole that controlled his life against his will. Evan let the drugs and alcohol control him.” Jay puts his hands up in surrender. I relax and say, “Sorry buddy, didn’t mean to become so defensive.” “I know. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to see you get hurt again. I’m here for you 24/7, you know that, right?” I nod yes. “Good.” Davey and Max walk back into the room with drinks and snacks, “On a lighter note, Eddie and the twins are not coming over, they’re having sex too.” I look directly at Max as I say the last part. “Well, duh. When aren’t Ian and Colin trying to have Eddie show off? And we all know how much he likes to strut around with his chest puffed out, like some peacock.” We all laugh because we know it’s true. We continue the small talk and then the doorbell rings. Davey grabs his wallet and opens the door to pay for the pizza. The pizza guy says no charge. Davey looks at him confused. The delivery guy says someone else paid as one of those ‘pay it forward’ things. Davey says great and gives the guy a nice tip. “Nice dinner Davey.” Jay says flatly. “Think of it as your cheat night” He responds. We all laugh and dig into the pies.
  15. First of 6 new stories. They pull all they guys together. Hope you like.. “Come on big guy, you know you want to. What, are you scared?” Colin says sarcastically to Eddie while licking his flexed right bicep. Ian is lapping at his left nipple like a calf at a cow’s udder. He is sucking, hoping to get some milk from it. “Fuck you both.” Eddie says calmly, his dick slowly regaining some hardness after the recent session with the twins. He still has cum dripping off his hairy abs from the twins exploding on him. “Been there, done that Eddie. Now you need to keep up your end of the deal.” “I could just walk out. I don’t think the two of you could stop me, do you?” He starts to stand up, dragging both the twins off the bed with him. He wraps his enormous arms around both of them and brings them in to a loose bear hug. They sigh. “Probably not, but we’d have a hell of a time trying.” Say Ian. He starts kissing Eddie’s neck and moves toward his left ear. He gets to the lobe and wraps his lips around it, covering it in saliva. He darts his tongue into the ear and probes as far as he can go. Eddie squirms a bit and pulls the twins off him and stands up. His erection bounces up and down a few times. He flexes his arms into their 22 inch cannons and scrunches his abs tightly. The twins stare at him, ready to pounce on him again. He says, “Let’s put it to the test. If I can get to the door in under one minute, I walk out and the deal is off. You stop me and I’m yours for the night.” Ian and Colin glance at each and an imperceptible looks goes between them. They lunge at Eddie, catching him by surprise. Ian goes low and wraps both his arms around Eddies calves. Colin goes high and leaps at his chest, making Eddie catch him so he does not get knocked backwards. “Fuckers.” Is his first response. “Fine, we can play it that way.” And he tries to dislodge Colin from his chest, but he has wrapped his arms around Eddie’s neck and is holding on for all he’s worth. Eddie relaxes and then takes a deep breath inflating his chest to its full 65 inches. He squeezes his arms between Colin’s, looks him in the eyes, winks, and starts to move his arms outward. Colin knows what’s about to happen and leans in to kiss Eddie on the lips. Hot, passionate, sloppy wet kisses, trying to distract him. Eddie winks at him again and just moves his arms outward breaking Colin’s grip. But, Eddie quickly grabs him around the waist and says, “Nice try G2. The kisses were a good idea, but it’ll take a bit more than that to stop me.” And he casually tosses Colin across the room to the bed. 45 seconds left. “Now for you, G1.” Ian tightens his grip and bends his head lower to make himself as small as possible. Eddie leans down, pats Ian on the head and grips both his forearms and starts to pull them away from his legs. Eddie shifts his legs a bit and creates some space. Ian doubles his efforts and wraps his legs around Eddie’s calves as well. “Nice move buddy.” Eddie is impressed. “But let me try this.” And he simply separates his tree trunk sized legs some more. His quads flare and turn to stone. Ian’s legs cannot hold on and are pulled apart. 30 seconds left Colin is up and circles behind Eddie and jumps on his wide back. He scoots up until his is on the broadest part and then reaches his arms around Eddie’s neck from behind. He’s trying to get a choke hold on him. Eddie leans up and says, “Hold on G1, I think I’ve got something on my back.” Eddie pulls Colin’s hands apart easily and pushes him off. Colin slides down his back and realizes the high road is not going to work. 15 seconds left. Ian has rewrapped his arms and legs around Eddie’s legs. Colin sees this as the best option and joins him. Colin, still behind Eddie, wraps his arms around Eddie’s upper thighs. Unfortunately, they are so large and muscular, Colin cannot reach all the way around. 10 seconds left. “10 seconds Eddie.” Ian announces. “Oh, that much time? Ok.” Eddie simply flexes his legs and widens his stance. Ian’s grip is broken immediately. Eddie turns and takes a step toward the door. Colin jumps at him again and Eddie catches him and tosses him over his shoulder. 5 seconds. Ian jumps up and leaps at him as well. Eddie catches him in the other arm and hauls him for a kiss. “Looks like I win little men.” He takes the last 2 steps to the door and stops. “Time.” Yells Ian. “We win.” “I guess so.” Eddie says with a twinkle in his eye. He lowers both guys to the ground and wraps his 22 inch biceps around them and pulls them close to him. “You let us win, didn’t you?” Colin asks. “Well, I think I would have stayed, even if I had ‘won’.” He squeezes both guys tightly and sighs. “Ready for some more fun? I guess I can show off for you.” Ian and Colin grin from ear to ear and both move closer to Eddie’s chest and each take a nipple into their mouths. They begin sucking and lapping at them. Eddie looks skyward and sighs. “That’s it boys, worship your muscle god. Show him how much you love him. Come on boys, I’m not fragile, you can bite those nipples, they’re as tough as I am.” Ian and Colin obey Eddie and start to nibble on him. “Harder boys.” Ian bites down on Eddie’s erect nipple and Eddie massages his back, “That’s better G1.” Eddie reaches around the twins, puts a hand on each of their asses and massages them. He moves his hands closer to their holes. The boys continue to work over his nipples. Slobbering over them and causing spit to drip down his pecs to his abs. The hair there captures it and they rub their bodies against it, making all three bodies slick. The twins simultaneously push their asses outward and Eddie sticks his middle fingers into each of their asses. They pause momentarily in their sucking to take a deep breath. “Don’t stop boys, I’m just getting riled up.” And Eddie bounces his dick between the boys. They each put a hand on it and start to stroke it. Eddie tenses his pecs, pushing his nipples outward a bit more. The boys put their free arms around the bicep closest to them and pull themselves a bit closer to him. Eddie pushes his fingers in as far as they will go and starts a deliberate in and out motion. Each twin lets out a deep guttural moan. Eddie laughs. “I hope I don’t stimulate you kids too much. You need to last for the whole muscle show.” And with that he bends his knees a bit, braces himself, and lifts both twins with just his fingers in their asses. They gasp, look at each other and start to kiss each other. Tongues entwine, lips press to others, drool spills out and drops between them, onto their hairless chests. Eddie leans his head forward and intrudes into their kiss. He mumbles, “Let me in fuckers.” They pretend to ignore his advances. He jabs his middle fingers into their asses with enough force to cause them to buck up. Their lips separate. Eddie smiles and says, “There, you just needed a bit of coaxing.” He licks each of their faces, they moan again and turn to face him. They close in on his face and Colin gets to his lips first and locks on. Eddie lets Colin’s tongue into his mouth. They wrestle around and Eddie playfully bites down on the tongue. He gently shakes his head left and right and Colin’s head moves with it. Colin moves in closer and pushes his tongue further into Eddie’s mouth. Ian, not be left out, licks Eddies cheek, then moves his tongue towards Colin’s ear. He dips his tongue into the ear cannel. Colin squirms, but has no place to go. Eddie has firmly embedded his finger in his ass and he’s captured his tongue. Ian spits into his twins ear, then uses his tongue to spread the spit all over Colin’s inner ear, softly massaging his whole ear. He wiggles around and his dick spurts a glob pre-cum onto Eddie’s abs. Eddie jostles Colin a bit in appreciation. Colin grabs at Eddie’s bicep for support, even though none is needed. He gropes at the 22 inches and tries to encompass it with his hand. He feels the sweaty hair and yanks on it gently. Eddie releases his tongue and tenses his left bicep for Colin. Eddie moans in appreciation and turns his attention to Ian. “What are you up to G1? Need something to play with like G2?” “Yes, please.” Ian responds eagerly. “Hmm, what I can give you to play with?” Eddie ponders while he rapidly thrusts his finger in and out of Ian’s ass. Ian’s eyes roll around and he gurgles a moan of pleasure. He flexes his dick hard and it slams into Eddie’s abs and a load of pre-cum spits out and joins Colin’s. Ian starts to lose his balance due to intense pleasure and falls backwards. He grasps at Eddie’s sweaty body but cannot maintain his grip. Eddie tries to pull him back up with just his middle finger, but momentum has taken over and Ian falls off, drops to the floor, and his head bounces off the carpet. Eddie sets Colin down, removes his finger from his ass and bends over Ian. Ian’s eyes are shut and his face shows a pained expression. “G1, you ok. Fuck. Dude, open your eyes.” Eddie leans down, scoops him up and sets him on the bed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Dammit dude, you gotta open your eyes. G2, you talk to him.” Eddie roughly grabs Colin and practically shoves at Ian. Colin leans over Ian and says softly, “Ian, you ok bro?” He puts his hand over Ian’s chest and feels a steady heartbeat. “I think he’s just dazed.” Eddie lets out a sigh as he is pacing around the room. He takes several deep breathes and tries to relax. “Let’s give him a minute.” Colin says and gets off the bed and walks around to Eddie and pats him on the chest. “Dude, not your fault. He slipped backwards. He’ll be fine in a minute. I’ll go get some ice. Be right back.” Colin walks out of the room for the ice. Eddie walks back to the bed, sits on the edge and reaches a hand down to Ian’s face. He shows his softer side for the first time and gently caresses Ian’s cheek. “I’m so sorry G1. You’ve got to be ok. You guys are the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.” Eddie’s emotions get the better of him. He starts to choke up. He lurches off the bed, lets out a violent roar, and slams his fist through the bedroom wall. Drywall crumbles, pictures tremble, the dresser next to him shakes. He pulls his hand out and sees blood on his knuckles, but no broken bones. There is now drywall dust mixed with the sweat and cum on his body, but he doesn’t care. He’s about to throw another punch at the wall when Colin comes running back into the room yelling, “What the fuck was that?” “Yeah, what was that?” Ian says groggily from the bed. Eddie spins around and sees Ian slowing trying to lean up onto his elbows. A tear escapes his eye and he walks back over to the bed, leans down, picks Ian up, and delicately, but firmly hugs him. He kisses him on the side of his face. “I’m so sorry G1.” Now the sweat, cum, and drywall are on Ian too. Eddie cradles Ian’s head like a parent holding a child. “What happened? All I remember was your finger plunging in and out of my ass, then darkness.” “Um, well, you were having fun, then fell backwards…off my finger. Your head hit the floor and you were out for a few minutes.” Eddie looks over to Colin for reassurance. Colin adds, “You did lose conscienceless. Do you need to go to the hospital or ER? How’s your vision? Do you feel nauseated?” “Slow down Colin. You’re going a bit fast.” Ian says with some bite in his voice. “I think I’ll be fine. Just give me a few minutes.” He turns to Eddie and says, “Eddie, can you put me back down please. I get it, you’re sorry, but no need for you to carry me around for the rest of the night.” Eddie reluctantly sets Ian back down on the bed and sits right next to him with his arm wrapped around him. Ian takes a few deep breaths and lays back on the bedspread. He shuts his eyes for a moment. “I’ll be ok, but I think I need to sit the rest of tonight out.” Eddie’ face darkens. “What? Are you sure you’re ok?” He looks over at Colin. “Are you getting a headache or feeling faint?” Colin asks with concern. “Just a bit tired.” Ian responds with his eyes still shut. “Eddie, you need to finish showing off for Colin. I can sit here and watch.” He leans up and looks at both of them. “Don’t let me stop the fun, please. I’ll have fun watching.” Eddie looks over to Colin, who nods it is ok with him. Eddie leans down and gives Ian a kiss, then eyes up Colin like he’s a 25lb dumbbell he’s going to toss around. He walks over to him, puts his left forearm between Colin’s legs and hefts him up. Colin slides down and is in the crux between forearm and bicep. Eddie just stands there like he’s holding a glass of water and flexes his bicep and the mound pushes against Colin’s dick. It gets hard quickly. Eddie smiles and flexes a few times, bouncing the mound, and crushing the dick. Colin reaches his arms out and puts his right hand on Eddie’s shoulder and his left hand on Eddie’s right nipple. He starts to tweak and tug on the nipple. Eddies growls in approval. He pulls his arm closer to his body and leans up to kiss Colin. Colin accepts the kiss and they start to tongue wrestle. He places his free hand on Colin’s dick and starts a gentle tugging motion. Colin squirms a bit and Eddie flexes his arm and tightens his grip on the dick. He’s not letting Colin slip out at any cost. Colin feels Eddie’s need to keep him safe and gives him a gentle kiss. Eddie looks him in the eyes and Colin savagely tugs on the right nipple. Eddie’s lips curl up in an evil grin. Colin continues to tug and starts to twist it, like it’s the lid to a jar. “That the best you can do G2?” Colin responds by twisting harder. Eddie sighs, “That’s more like it.” He flexes his left arm and the bicep mound squishes Colin’s dick again. He then flexes his chest, making it stone hard. Colin stops twisting and starts to caress the sticky, slick hair around the nipple. Eddie puffs his chest out and Colin responds by gently tugging on the hair. Both men sigh. Eddie moves his free hand between Colin’s legs to join his other hand. He then spreads the legs apart. Colin’s rock hard dick flops around and Eddie’s eyes light up like it’s seeing a foot long hotdog with all the fixings. He pulls it closer to his mouth and slowly, but steadily downs it. When he’s half down it, he closes his mouth and starts to suck. Colin puts his hands on top of Eddie’s head for stability. Eddie simply bobs his head back and forth, sucking and slurping like there’s no tomorrow. Colin pulls Eddie’s head closer, shoving more of his cock down his throat. He eagerly accepts it and soon has taken Colin to the root. He wraps his tongue around the cock, grateful it is hairless and coats it saliva. So much so, it dribbles out the corners of his mouth, down between Colin’s legs, and onto his forearms, then the carpet. Colin has braced his body upright and scooted his ass as forward as he can so Eddie has every millimeter of his dick in his mouth. He is in pure heaven. He rubs Eddie’s head with his hands, massaging the scalp. He moves his hands to the back of Eddie’s head and tries to pull him further onto his dick, but his nose is already poking him in his lower abs, so he cannot be much closer. Eddie, sensing Colin’s desire for him to take as much of him into his mouth as possible, pushes his head back an inch, to Colin’s dismay, lowers his jaw, sticks his tongue out, and starts playing with his balls. Colin moans in utter pleasure. Eddie puts his tongue under the balls, lightly lifts them up, and then moves his mouth back forward, bringing the balls into his mouth with the dick. Colin firmly attaches his hands to Eddie’s head and screams in ecstasy. He moves his body upward an inch or two trying to get even more into Eddie’s mouth. Eddie, for his part is just standing there, letting his tongue do its thing. His arms are solidly supporting Colin, and are not showing any signs of weakening. His legs are like granite pillars. His eyes are fixed on Colin’s abs. He is also in heaven because he is showing off his strength and G2 is taking it all in and appreciating him to the fullest. He flexes his biceps just a bit and Colin is drawn that much closer. Ian, who has been watching from the bed, quietly says, “Eddie, turn around.” Eddie, shocked at hearing G1’s voice, turns around. Although he cannot see G1, he follows the voice. His knees bump the bed and he stops. “Not sure how useful I will be, but here goes.” He slowly takes Eddie’s dick into his mouth. He doesn’t fit much in when he starts to gag, but he gives it his best effort. Eddie moans, which in turn sends shivers throughout Colin’s body. Ian awkwardly puts one of his hands under Eddie’s balls and starts to fondle them. Delicately at first, rolling them around, feeling the hair and sweat, and appreciating their weight in his hand. He lets them slide around his fingers and into his palm, then back to his fingers. He puts his thumb and forefinger together and lightly pulls on a few of the hairs, stretching them out from the curled position. He maneuvers his pinkie into the area between the two balls and rubs across the area very tenderly. His pinkie then finds its way back towards Eddie’s hole and the area between the hole and his balls. He massages the area while still fondling the balls with his other fingers. Eddies lets out a guttural moan and tries to pull Colin even closer. He has flexed both biceps and is sucking on Colin like there is no tomorrow. Colin is holding onto Eddie’s head for dear life and then suddenly explodes down his throat. Eddie is shocked, but not surprised. He swallows every drop and keeps sucking once Colin is done, hoping there is something extra on its way. Sadly there is not. He uses his arms to pull G2 out of his mouth. G2’s dick is softening. Eddie looks up into his eyes and sees gratitude. He lowers his arms and Colin is now face level. Eddies pulls him for a loving kiss. Colin accepts and returns it. Eddie breaks the kiss and says, “I’d put you down, but your brother is right below you.” Colin nods. “The bed is right behind you. You’ll land at the far end. Try not to bang your head.” He nods again. Eddie hefts him up, “Ready?” and tosses G2, over his twin, onto the other end of the bed. He lands softly and bounces on the mattress and covers. He rolls over and gives Eddie a thumbs up. Eddie winks at him and then looks down at Ian. “You ok G1?” Ian throws a thumbs up showing he’s fine. Eddie pats him on the head. “Keep doing what you’re doing stud. Big guy is feeling all warm and satisfied.” Ian continues playing with his balls and sucking on his dick. After a few minutes he says, “I’m going to flip you over so you’re on your back, hold on.” Ian gives another thumbs up and Eddie reaches down, carefully grabs him by the lower back and twists him halfway over. He sets him down, resets, then completes the job. Ian’s raging hard-on is now face up. Both Eddie and Colin eye it up. Colin looks at Eddie who winks back at him. Colin crawls up Ian’s body and engulfs his twin’s dick to the hilt in one move. It’s now Ian’s turn to moan in gratitude which sends vibrations throughout Eddie’s body. Eddie is standing still so as to not hurt Ian again, but he’s also watching the twins and how they react to each other. The moment Colin started sucking on Ian, Ian’s body changed and how he was sucking on Eddie changed ever so slightly, but he noticed it. G1 became more intense, but in a pleasurable way. His tongue movements became more intense. His fingers became a bit rougher when tugging the hair on his balls. He applied just a bit more pressure with his pinkie, causing Eddie just a bit more pleasure. He is still amazed at how well the twins know how to pleasure each other. No matter what he does, they have their own special bond and he is still an outsider. He is not offended or put off by it, but just wants to feel the level of love which they share. He knows they love him passionately, but they put each other first, always have and always will. He admires that level of love between siblings and wishes he and his brothers had it. Eddie regains his focus on Ian. His chest had heaved due to the change in Ian and now his body has a renewed feeling. He wants to show off for the twins, pick them up again with just his hands, toss them around like they are 10lb weights, carry them on his broad shoulders around the bedroom while doing squats, and do presses using them as the weights, just to show off. His thoughts get him so riled up, he feels his explosion coming. He looks down at Ian and warns him, “I’m about to cum G1. Are you sure you’re ok?” Ian pulls off, just to be safe and Eddie quickly grabs his dick and brutally jerks it 4 times. A geyser of cum explodes out and coats both guys, from Colin’s head to Ian’s chin. Ian, amazed with the shower he received, cums on the spot into Colin’s mouth. No warning. Colin attempts to gulp it down, but can only get the first two shots. The last two shots dribble out and down Ian’s dick to waist and abs. Ian lets his eyes roll into his head. Eddie reaches down and pats him on the chest and says, “Glad you’re feeling a bit better G1.” Colin finishes licking up the cum off his brother then scoots up his body and delicately lays on top of him, kissing him. Eddie feigning gruffness says to Colin, “G2, what about the mess on me? Who the fuck is going to clean me up?” Colin looks up and flatly says, “You’re a big boy, do it yourself.” And winks at him. He then leans back down and continues to kiss Ian. He whispers, “How long til he picks me u…” Eddie reaches down, puts both hands on Colin’s waist and simply lifts him off Ian. He holds him up, with Colin facing down and away from him. “What was that G2? I think I missed what you said.” He takes a few steps away from the bed so he is clear of Ian, raises his arms up so Colin is head high, and carefully spins him around they are face to face, with Colin’s being upside down. “Say it again, G2.” Colin leans in and kisses him. They break the kiss. Eddie says, “That’s what I thought. But I’m still a mess.” He slowly lowers Colin until he is dick level. Colin carefully laps the dry and sticky cum off Eddie’s dick and surrounding area. Once he’s done, Eddie walks back to the bed and sets him down. He pats him on the shoulder and says, “Good boy.” He quickly finds his phone, sends a quick text, puts it on silent, and tosses it on the floor. He crawls onto the bed. Ian moves to be on one side, Colin takes the other side. Eddie puts his arms around both and says, “Guess we’re not going to Ty’s for dinner. Good, those guys talk too much.” He pulls the twins closer to him and they nuzzle him with love and affection. Maybe they are letting him into their world, in their own special way. He hugs them tighter.
  16. gingy123

    The Muscle Sandwich Part 4

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last instalment. Hope you enjoy! I had very little time to relax but was so thankful these two gods were here to guide me through this muscle worshippers dream. My hole was stretched open and was slowly dribbling Colt's superior cum out. I was laying down on the bed between these two hunks, completely overshadowed by their existence. I had to keep reminding myself that these two possessed more than eight times my meager body weight in muscle. That thought mixed with the thought that they could do anything they wanted to me was intoxicating. Both Colt and Ox were on their sides looking down at me, their big hands caressing my tiny legs. It looked like they could wrap their hands around my thigh if they wanted to. "Are you fading on us? We're going to have to work on your stamina little guy." Ox's tone had sofetned a bit now that Colt and I had come down from our climax. "After all, you still haven't experienced the bucking bronco!" I was a bit confused as to what he was talking about and it showed in my face. "The bucking bronco?" I said, nearly in a whisper. "Oh yes, I can tell by the way you look at our herculean bodies, this is something you will enjoy!" Ox said, "Athough, because I can tell you're weak right now, I am going to have to give you some extra support. You mind if I take him for a spin Colt?" Stil lying down, the spent Colt sat up a bit. His muscular body shifted up and his big pecs hung a few inches over his ripped abs. "Nah, this I'd like to watch. I don't think we've ever had someone quite as small as little Alex to play with. Our big muscles are a playground for the little runt." Colt bounced his pecs with that last sentence and lo and behold, my small cock started to rise again. Transfixed by the site of Colt's pillow-like pecs, I hadn't noticed that Ox had stood up to his full 6'10" height. He reached over and grabbed my body like a regular person grabs a peice of clothing. I was still tired but excited for what this muscle god had planned for my small, 5'1", 95 lbs body. He quickly manuevered me exactly where he wanted and suddenly the 'bucking bronco' made sense. There I was, straddling Ox's huge bicep, both my legs were stretched wide as my dripping hole continued to leak Colt's cum onto this hulk's gargantuan right arm. I was facing a vein-filled forearm that I was pretty sure had more muscle in it than I did in my whole body. I braced myself up against Ox's forearm as he brought his arm up in an awesome bicep flex. My whole body moved as the bicep between my legs grew twice as large and I felt my used hole stretch to accomodate this rock hard bicep. I moaned as I came to the realization of what was going to happen next, Ox was going to fuck me with his bicep. "H-how big?" I said with a wide-eyed expression on my face. I was hugging the huge forearm in front of me that seemed to dwarf my body. "This old bad-boy?" Ox said as he flexed a few times. My body jerked violoently and my hole was stretched by the vein on his bicep. "You'll get to measure them later but last time I got a runt like you to measure them they were at 32"." I gasped at the number. How was it that Ox had an arm so large? An arm capable of doing whatever it wanted to anyone on earth. "My arm is ready to fuck you Alex, do you feel it twitching?" I did. I felt the power in that arm and quaked with anticipation. "First, I'm going to provide a little more support," said Ox as his hand cupped my head. I was now sat on this flex arm, hand on my head, with my arms reached out and hugging the large muscular forearm in front of me. "And adjust this little guy." My cock was previosuly wedged in an awkward position between my leg and his arm but now it was free to run up and down the veiny forearm. He gave a few more test flexes and I cried out in pleasure. How was it that this god of a man was able to provide such pleasure with his muscles? The jerking was a bit more controlled with his hand firmly resting on my head, keeping me in place. Other areas of my body were less controlled however. Ox had doused his left hand with salivia and rubbed it all around my cock and his right forearm. This relieved some of the friction and sent me into ecstasy as he started to increase the pace. He brought his arm down from the 90 degree pose and had me lean forward on his forearm. "Yeah, you like when even my bicep dominates you completely don't you runt? Take a ride on a man's arm and feel the power!" Ox said with enthusiasm. THe flexing was now relentless, I didn't know where I was as my whole body felt like a can of paint being mixed in a paint can shaker. My hole was spasming as the sweaty bicep, mixed with Colt's cum was overwhelming my senses. "Tell your muscle god you like it when he fucks you with his muscles!" Ox demanded. "I love it sir, please don't stop! You are a god who deserves to do whatever you want with my body!" My speech was partially muffled by the big forearm I was leaning onto for support. My poor cock didn't know how to feel as Ox's forearm acted as a solid wall of muscle. I looked down and saw through my blurred vision that Ox was jerking his own cock off, excited by my moans of adoration. "Yeah, work that huge cock bro!" said Colt from the bed. "Please sir, cover me in your muscle god cum. I am not worthy but would be blessed!" "Ahhh fuck, seing your puny little body fly up and down is so fucking hot you little shrimp! You cum when daddy tells you to" "Yes daddy!" I yelled. My hole was stretched wide by this huge arm and my cock was aching for release as it rubbed up and down Ox's forearm. "Ahhhhhhh fuck! Cum you little runt!" I came in another violent orgasm as Ox showered me in his sweet cum. The ecstasy I felt was unreal. I was able to provide some level of pleasure to these gods and I felt absolutely intoxicated. My spent body colasped on Ox's arm. I had a little bit of time to rest before Colt and Ox moved onto the shower...
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Lang came in, babbling with his usual over-the-top excitement that preceded every Pose and Approve session. “So what do you think the brass thought?” he asked eagerly as he pulled off his t-shirt. Alvarez tossed a bottle of heated mineral oil to his buddy, who uncapped it and began to smear oil onto his muscles as well. “Did you see that old Admiral Whatsisname? Jesus, he looked awesomely p i s s e d o f f, man! And what about all those other dudes? Didja hear them? Didja hear them groaning?? Dude! D’ya think they all creamed their pants?” “Of course they did. They always do. It’s the guaranteed effect.” Alvarez sighed, oiling his triceps, shaking his head. "It's why we're here, man. It's the only reason." Lang laughed excitedly, working the oil into his muscles. “Man, those dudes ain’t never seen muscle like ours before, right? Right?” He flexed powerful biceps and nodded into one of the room’s full-length mirrors with a frowning sneer. “Asshole dudes never seen guns like these, right? pow! bam!!” “Oh, shut the fuck up,” muttered Alvarez. Lang stared. He was suddenly quiet. Alvarez continued to oil himself up. He looked worried. “What’d I say, dude?” Lang asked plaintively, his arms outstretched. Alvarez walked over to him and stood nose to nose before him, the bulges in Alvarez’s jeans and Lang’s posers just touching. He reached around Lang to the back of his head and, guiding his face close, planted a deep kiss onto his perfect lips. He worked his tongue into Lang’s mouth, who responded deeply. Then he pulled back and gazed long and hard into Lang’s deep brown eyes. “I’m sorry. Forget them,” he said reassuringly. “Let’s pose.” “Yeah! Pose and approve!” shouted Lang, and then giggled apologetically, clamping his hand over his mouth in response to Alvarez’s stern look. “Shut up. We don’t want everyone in here.” “Sorry, dude.” “Tonight is just us.” “Sorry, dude! Let’s rock!” Both turned and looked at their reflection in Alvarez’s three-paneled mirror. Excepting Alvarez’s mustache, the two powerful musclemen were almost exact duplicates of one another: tall, dark, and handsome, with deep brown eyes, taut cheekbones and shiny black hair. Their ripped, 285-pound physiques were perfect symphonies of bulging muscle. Lang nodded and forgot all about the brass. He did a crab crunch into the mirror. “Freakkkkyyy…” he muttered. “Swole. So swole.” His veins exploded with throbbing power. Alvarez was undoing his belt, unzipping his zipper, working his tight jeans gradually down his ripped quads. “Pose and approve time, man,” he said to Lang. “Pose and approve.” He picked up a remote and lowered the room’s lights, bringing up the glare of the overhead spotlight focused on the 15' posing dais in front of the mirrors. “Yeah, man, let’s get to it!” Lang ripped off his clothes and stepped up onto the dais as Alvarez kicked away his jeans. Both men were now only barely covered with skimpy royal blue competition posing trunks with hundreds of bright spangles sewn onto the extra-large pouches. The spangles caught the light and glistened like small sapphires. Alvarez stood before him. “You go first.” For an instant, Lang was honored to be going first, as the unspoken law between them during their nightly mutual muscle worship sessions was that Alvarez always got to pose before he did. Tonight was apparently different; even so, Lang was instantly caught up in the sheer joy of his own reflection of muscular near-perfection, and he forgot it right away. The muscleman stood quietly, his heavy arms around his back, his hands clasped. He waited. His ripped abs seemed to extend forever, cobbled fatless bricks laced with thick veins. His cock poled out in his posers. But still he waited. Alvarez was always in charge of Pose and Approve. “Go.” “I’m fucking ….. awesummmmm…..” Lang moaned, loving himself. He slowly curled his huge body into a side biceps pose and turned his head to cockily grin at his reflection. Then he glanced uncertainly at Alvarez in the mirror. “Talk to me,” he demanded, but Alvarez knew he was really begging. “Tell me I’m huge.” Alvarez was not about to let him down. “Yeah, you’re huge, man,” whispered Alvarez with warm smoothness, and he shifted his weight, smoothing the small pools of oil onto his delts. “Those guns of yours look to be about 23 inches. Check out your fist. Motherfucking huge. You could seriously do some serious bare knuckle damage with a fist like that.” His muscles were now gleaming with oil. Lang laughed joyfully. “I have, man! I’ve cleared a few barrooms in my day!” “Punching out ba-a-a-d dudes with those fists?” “Yeah, punching out the bad dudes! Check out these veins, man! They’re like super highways, man! Pumping, buddy. Pumpin’ it up for ya, man.” Lang pumped and flexed. Alvarez capped the bottle, set it down, and turned back, rubbing his hands together. “Oh, yeah, man. That’s good. Nice. Big old motherfucking biceps. Flex those guns for me, man.” “I’m flexing these guns for ya, bro. BOOM. Big muscle in the house,” he cried out joyfully. “Yeah, I see you, man. Nice. Nice big muscles. Biggest muscleman on earth, man.” “’Cept for you, bro. You’re bigger,” said Lang. Alvarez stepped onto the dais under the spotlight, and standing between Lang and the mirror, smoothed hot oil onto Lang’s glistening pecs, stroking his muscles appreciatively. They stood nose-to-nose, not six inches apart. Lang flexed powerful biceps. “Don’t know about that.” Alvarez smoothly applied oil to the granite softballs of Lang’s peaks. Lang stared at himself, transfixed. In his posing trunks his heavy cock was already pointing straight ahead. Alvarez clapped Lang’s huge biceps in his palms. “Like fucking rocks.” “Yeah, man, like fucking boulders, I know. Feel ‘em, man. Feel my muscles.” His eyes took in the mirror reflection of Alvarez’s awesome glutes. “I’m there, man, doing your muscles for you, man.” Alvarez licked his pecs, kissed each bulging biceps, and lightly bit Lang’s nipples. Then he knelt, leaned in and whispered again, his face now level to Lang’s bulging crotch. His breath softly exploded onto Lang’s stiffening cockshaft appearing as his posing trunks poled heavily outward. “You’re big, man. Real big.” “I’m big, hunh?” asked Lang. Now that Alvarez was on his knees and not blocking his upper body reflection, he was gazing at himself with hypnotic eagerness. “Motherfucking huge muscleman, dude.” Lang could feel Alvarez’s breath lightly exploding onto his junk. Still, he never looked away from his own reflection. “So reward me, man. Reward me for my muscles. Reward me for this pose.” “You got it, man. Here comes your reward.” “Thanks, bro,” purred Lang, gazing now in rapture at the pointing peaks of his biceps, his tongue slightly hanging out. His buddy approved. He was in heaven. He’d taken first place in the show running in his head. He and his buddy. “Just keep posing, man.” Alvarez gently opened his mouth and tenderly began to suck Lang’s big cock through his posing trunks. Lang glided into his next pose, a side-chest. And then a front lat spread. His pelvis pushed forward. His poser straining with cock. The pose and approve ritual always began with each man wearing his posing trunks for as long as he could manage to keep them on. They mentally pictured themselves on a competition stage, posing for overwhelmed judges and an audience of thousands of screaming fans, while under the lights, they were really posing only for each other, taking turns kneeling and occasionally bending and sucking each other’s erect cocks through their trunks. They fantasized no one else would be allowed to touch them. They’d turn and punch the lights out of anyone who dared. But the reality was that anyone who wanted to suck their cocks could do so. With just a little begging. After all, big musclemen deserve to get their cocks sucked. Now Alvarez was licking the bobbing cockhead through the straining cloth, running his tongue up and down Lang’s piss slit. Then he deep-throated him, holding the giant cock tenderly in his warm mouth. He held it for 30 seconds. Above him, Lang gulped and continued to pose. Then Alvarez slowly slid his lips off the big dick. The bulging fabric of the bursting poser was wet with saliva. He looked up and winked at the grateful Lang. “Big musclemen like you work hard,” he said with a quiet smile. “You pump those awesome muscles into unbelievable size. When you flex those muscles, it’s mind-blowing. You deserve a reward for all that hard work. You deserve to get your big cock sucked.” “Thanks, man.” “Don’t mention it, bro.” Alvarez ran his hands smoothly up and down Lang’s obliques, smacking his firm sides. He nodded, then looked up. “You got a lat spread you want to show me, man?” He licked his buddy’s abs and waited. “Comin’ up, “Lang breathed, and with a small explosion of breath, he grabbed the straps of his posers, pulled them taut, planted his fists into his obliques, and pumped his rocky pecs into their full mass. He spread his legs wide, the pouch of his posing trunks bulging forward with his fully erect 10-inch penis. Alvarez, still licking the washboard abs, stroked the cock with his thick fingers, glanced up and nodded. “Good lat spread. Great pecs. Lemme see you bounce ‘em. Show me, now.” “Okay.” Lang began to bounce his flexing pecs back and forth in dance of perfect machine gun muscle rhythm. “Yeah, man. Doin’ some serious pec dancing for you now. Boom. Boom. Boom. Watch ‘em, now. Watch these pecs of mine do their thing.” “Do that pec dance thing for me, baby,” said Alvarez. He watched Lang’s bouncing pecs for a full minute. Then he leaned in and licked the cockhead, again through the posers. “I approve. Here’s your reward.” Alvarez once again opened his mouth wide, and with a quick fleck of his tongue against his lips, took the bulging pouch of Lang’s posers full down his throat. Lang, his pecs still dancing, began to slowly pump his hips, fucking face. Bursts of warm precum began to stain the poser fabric, blooming into a widening pool of moisture. Alvarez could see the giant slit of Lang’s big penis head, and licked respectfully. After a minute, he released another small explosion of breath to signify to the bodybuilder kneeling before him that he was going to change his pose again. “Front double biceps,” he announced, and swung his arms up into mighty peaks. Alvarez pulled back slightly, licked the cockhead again, and rocked back on his heels. In his own posing trunks his cock was now full 11 inches erect and poling above the waistband, slap tight against his abs. “Lookin’ good. Now hold that for two minutes. No, three. Hold that pose solid without moving for three minutes. Then you’ll get your reward.” It was agony. Lang loved it. He fiercely held the mountainous peaks of his 23-inch biceps for three full minutes. Sweat began pouring down his face. “Flexing for ya, man!” He bared his lips and gritted his teeth into a grimace. His veins exploded down his neck. The veins in his forearms were like cables of steel wire. He raised one biceps, then the other, again dancing them back and forth. The baseball peaks of his guns gleamed in the spotlight. On his knees before him, Alvarez gazed up worshipfully, pumping his own cock right out of his posing trunks, but not touching Lang. “It’s been more than three minutes,” Lang finally said through his gritted teeth. “So reward me, man! Suck my cock, man!” “Think you deserve a reward?” Alvarez teased, now stroking Lang’s cock tenderly with his tongue. “For these guns? You bet, baby. Take that big cock of mine down your throat now!” “You got it, man.” Alvarez fell forward onto his knees again, his mouth wide open, and landed bulls-eye onto the giant pole bursting in Lang’s posing trunks, taking it all into his mouth. For three minutes, he sucked cock, up and down, licking, spitting, back and forth, deep sucking. Lang gazed down at him, relaxed his biceps a few seconds, and then resumed the pose. He was rock hard. “Dig these guns, man, and suck my cock. Suck your approval. Pose and approve me. Pose and approve.” “Yeah, you like it when I suck your cock while you’re posing?” breathed Alvarez. He licked the mammoth bulge in Lang’s posing trunks. “I can see you onstage, man. Flexing for all those asshole judges. Blowing them all away. Never seen biceps as big as yours. Never seen a cock as big as yours. Poling out in your posing trunks. Big old heavy bulge. Big cocks need to get sucked.” “Yeah? Well, man, I like it when you suck my cock. I like it when you suck my cock while I’m posing for those assholes.” Greedily, Alvarez licked the cloth covering Lang’s heavy testicles. “Lickin’ your balls now, man, licking your balls.” “Put ‘em in your mouth, man. Put my balls in your mouth.” Still flexing, he looked down and eyed Alvarez’s cock hungrily. Alvarez was pumping it now with both hands. It looked like a firehose. Suddenly Lang wanted to suck it. But he didn’t want Alvarez to stop. He dropped to his knees. Alvarez lowered with him, knowing what he wanted. As he watched, Lang flexed his right biceps one more time; Alvarez nodded approval; then Lang leaned in to Alvarez’s cock. He pulled the posing trunks over the cockhead onto Alvarez’s balls, and brought it into his mouth. Alvarez kept sucking. Together the two bodybuilders slowly lowered their huge bodies onto the posing dais under the spotlight and began to service each other with a full-body 69 grapple. Their arm muscles rippled against each other as each man gripped the other’s hard glutes, thick fingers gripping slabs of butt muscle. Each man ecstatically sucked his muscle buddy’s gigantic rod, their balls both still barely covered by their straining posing trunks. After 18 minutes of violent 69 sucking, their posing trunks finally tore from the strain. Rrr-i-i-i-i-pp! Their bullish balls burst free in unison, and each man eagerly licked the other’s heavy testicles passionately. “Next time, you pose first,” whispered Lang, and Alvarez looked over at him, grinned, and flexed a biceps. Lang nodded seriously. “I approve,” he said, “now here’s your reward,” and he bent in, sucking cock. The slurping, moaning, sucking sounds echoed down the corridor. In his room, Private Chris Hension, lying naked in bed, covered with sweat, his pole rising stiffly towards the ceiling, finally couldn’t take it any more. He jumped out of bed, grabbed a robe and a pair of purple spangly posers, stepped into them, fitting his huge member into the pouch with some difficulty, and tore out of his room. He ran down the hallway, his half-tumescent, half-sheathed cock waggling in the breeze, and stopped at Alvarez’s door. He waited an instant – and was about to knock – but, what the hell. He banged on the door, threw it open, and walked in. He knew it would be unlocked. Somehow instinctively he knew they were waiting for him. And so they were. The two musclemen lay on the dais, sucking each other’s cocks, their mammoth physiques coated with a glistening layer of sweat. Without removing dick from mouth, each man slowed for a moment and gazed up at Hension questioningly. “Were we making too much noise?” asked Alvarez, his speech garbled by Lang’s cock. “Yeah. I’d say,” said Hension. He threw his robe to the floor and stood before them in his favorite posing strap, his own erection poling straight ahead. He slammed the door behind him and stepped forward, whipping his arms up into a front double biceps. “Check me out,” he commanded, but there was a note of hopefulness in his voice. Of desperation, Alvarez quietly noted to himself. Good, good, all to the good. “Damn. He’s a pretty little muscleboy, ain’t he?” said Alvarez, momentarily releasing Lang’s cock. “He sure is,” said Lang, doing the same. “You see me every day, guys. I ain’t so little,” said Hension, flexing. “Maybe we’ve never noticed you before.” “Fuck you both.” “Oh, sorry. Maybe you should leave?” “NO! I wanna play too!” Hension flexed feverishly. “Okay. We’ll think about it.” Alvarez licked Lang’s dick a few times and lolled his head back towards Hension. Lang, however, appeared to take no more interest, turning his full attention to sucking his buddy’s dick. He bent in and deep-throated Alvarez’s stiff penis a few times, gagging slightly, and then resumed his gentle, steady sucking and licking. “You sure are pretty. Big biceps. Big. Good quads. Turn around.” Hension turned around, did a rear lat spread, pointing his shapely round glutes to the ceiling. “Nice. Awesome hams. Lang, you see those hams?” …..Suck suck suck suck suck…. “No? Hmmm. Guess he’s busy. Come on over here and flex for us while we suck some cock.” And Alvarez turned back to Lang’s quivering member, appearing indifferent. “I’ll show you guys,” muttered Hension, stepping onto the dais. He was ready. He’d been waiting a long time for this. And he’d been kidded, slapped, punched, and pushed around too long to not grab the moment. His moment. “I’m gonna flex now, and you’re gonna watch me!” he shouted. From the floor of the dais, Alvarez and Lang turned and looked up at him. There was a pause. “So go ahead,” said Alvarez. “Let’s see what you got.” He paused. “Boy,” he added.
  18. picmeup

    The Internet Stalker pt 2

    The Internet Stalker pt 2 So here I am on the shoulders of the biggest man I have ever met. Holding a full sized man bigger than most other men in most circumstances. I know that I mentioned earlier that I did not want to feel like a child, but with Daniel, that is exactly how I felt. I felt safe around him. I can’t imagine being away from him from this point forward. Other than him stalking me online, there is nothing that is proves to me that I cannot trust him. He has been nothing but kind to me. “Alright Blake, I think it is time for you and me to have a little talk.” He reaches up and grabs me under the arms and lifts me off of his shoulders and brings me into a cradle carry. He walks us over to a bench and sits down. He places me on his lap and looks at me in the eyes. “I am sure you have a lot of questions don’t you?” “To say the least!” “first of all, you really have a fetish for being lifted and carried don’t you?” He chuckles so hard that it vibrates throughout my body. “Don’t respond because again, I already know the answer. I felt it on my shoulders.” I was shaking at this point. He could sense my fear and he wrapped his arms around me and drew me closer to him, laying my head against his chest. “Blake, there is nothing to fear with me, but you have to trust me on this. There is a reason I was watching over you on the internet. There are a lot of dangerous people out there that do want to bring you harm. They want to take advantage of your vulnerability. It only takes one time for you to hook up with a man of your fantasy that can be out to harm you. That the guy at the bar for example. He is nothing that he said he was.” “Are you telling me you know about someone that wants to harm me in some way?” “What I am saying is that you cannot trust every person you meet on the internet. People can be who they want to be to seduce others to get what they want. I have read your posts and it is nothing like others that I have read before. I can see that with every post you write, it is about wanting to be protected, to feel safe. The places that you have been searching for that protection is far from that. I have seen it over and over again.” Daniel sounded genuine in his concern for me. I did feel protected by him. I wanted to be in his embrace. I loved laying my head on his chest and feeling his heart beat. To feel that chiseled chest. I put my hand on his bicep and it was like granite. If anyone was out to hurt me, I knew that I was safe with him. Nobody would get past him to me. “As I said before, let me be your protection. I will never let anyone hurt you again whether it be emotionally or physically. I have never felt this strongly about anything or anyone in my entire life.” I lifted my head from his chest and looked into his eyes. He showed nothing but compassion in his eyes. In fact, there were tears that were forming. How could a huge man like Daniel have such a tenderness about him? “Why me? Why did you choose me out of all of the other men that are searching for the same thing that I am? I know I am not alone out there. So what makes me so different than any other man that you have gone out of your way to protect me?” Blake, I have read posts from other men that are into the whole lift & carry scene, but you are different. It was not just about the sex for you. Yes, the sex is part of it, but you want so much more than that. You want a connection that will be hard to find on these sites. Yes, you can fantasize about it, live in your dream world, but I know that sex is not your main focus, but that does not mean that the other man is on the same page. They are out for the sex, and they will do whatever it takes to get that. Even if it becomes violent to get it. I have seen it before. I have been that man before, but I have changed, and I want to protect you from men like the former me.” I was afraid for the first time since our encounter at the bar. Was he trying to seduce me into going home with him so he could take advantage of me? How could I trust him now? He said he was just like the men he was describing. What brought the change? Why was he acting so different now? Even as I was afraid, I still felt like I could trust what he was saying was the truth. “So what happened that made you change?” “Well, I had an encounter with a man your size, where he was searching for the same security you are searching for now, but instead of protecting him, I took advantage of him to meet my own needs. I wanted to feel superior to him, and I was in a way, but when I actually looked into his eyes, truly looked into his eyes, I saw his fear that I was causing him. Something snapped in me and I let him go. I told him I was sorry, but the damage was done. He ran out of my place crying. I will never forget the look in his eyes. I made a vow to never allow another man fear me like he did. Instead, I wanted to protect him or whoever I came into contact with in the future. Daniel was full of tears now, and I could see the sign of regret he felt in his heart for what he had done. “Blake, it is one thing to protect a little guy because they cannot always defend themselves, but guys your size are often neglected from the same safety and protection. I want to be that for you. I want to meet your every fantasy. I want to be the man that you have always dreamed of. Believe me, I have learned that this new me is more turned on as a protected than I ever felt as a predator. Blake, will you trust me?” Still looking into his eyes, I said “I don’t know why I feel safe with you, but I know that I can trust you. I have never felt more cared for or protected. You are right, part of my fetish is to be in the arms of a man that I can feel protected by, but with my size, I have found that most guys want me to protect them, not the other way around. And the guys that are bigger than me, are not into the bigger guys, but the smaller ones so they can feel more superior in some way. I never though in my wildest dreams that I would meet a man like you!” With a smile in his eyes, he stood up with me still in his arms, he starts to walk again. “Good, now let me help your fantasies come true. Let me take you to my place so we can continue to get to know each other. I am even stronger than I look right now. I can lift you in any way you want. Let’s start now, how would you like for me to carry you home? Over my shoulder, back on my shoulders, let me curl you all the way home! You just tell me what you want and I will do it. Just to prove to you, let me try something to give you a glimps of what I can do.” With that, he grabs me and flips me upside down, holding my by my ankles, he lifts me up so his mouth is level with my cock. “holding you by your ankles is the hardest lift for most guys to do, but not for me. This is actually pretty easy for me.” Then he literally swung me so that I did a flip and he caught me right side up under my arms. He was holding me at arms length now. “I can’t wait to show you more Blake, but remember, I will never hurt you…” I was ready for the best night of my life…
  19. muscleaddict

    m/m The Show

    This is something I started working on today and thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone took to it. It's about a bodybuilding show with a difference and will just be a very short story if I get round to finishing it. Apologies if it's a little rough! THE SHOW “Here, buddie. Take this.” I reached out my right bronzed hand and Blake Woods popped a blue diamond shaped pill into the palm. I looked up at him in confusion. The left side of his mouth was curled into a devilish smirk. “I’m not saying you’ll need it. But it might help ... ease any nerves.” I looked at the mysterious pill and gulped. I’d come this far. What did I have left to lose? I popped the pill into my mouth and swallowed hard. “So, Luke King, are you nervous?” the staggeringly muscular male specimen standing in front of me asked. God YES. More nervous than I’ve been in my bloody life. “A little,” I lied. “You’ll be fine, bud,” Blake reassured me. His sickeningly handsome face softened, and there was genuine warmth in his expression. “Just think of it as a regular show. Don’t feel pressured or obliged to do anything you don’t want to.” I dutifully nodded at the muscle monster before me. Blake Woods. Twenty five years old and one of the biggest muscle freaks on the planet. His tits were humungous, his quads were obscene and all six of his abs seemed to be exploding through his belly in an attempt to escape. “You can just stand on stage and hit some poses if you like. And if you get bored, or you feel uncomfortable, just leave.” I wasn’t sure whether it was because a man as huge and God-like as Blake was being so nice to me, or whether his words were actually reassuring me, but I was starting to feel considerably more relaxed about the rather unique show I’d anxiously agreed to take part in. “Saying that, Luke,” he continued. “I, for one, would be sorry to see you leave.” Something fluttered in my chest. Was there any small hope that Blake Woods was flirting with me, or was he just this nice to everyone? “There’s erm ... just one thing left to do before we hit the stage,” Blake said. I was a little perplexed, but when he raised both eyebrows and signalled down to the one item of clothing I was wearing, a pair of impossibly shiny, blue posing trunks, I knew exactly what he meant. “As awesome as they are, dude,” he began, “you’ve gotta lose the posing trunks.” Oh God. There’s no going back now. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he said, cheekily grinning. He then shook his head and released a short laugh. “God, that was cheesy!” he added. “Sorry, bud. Maybe I’m a bit nervous too.” 300 pounds All American muscle monster and obscenely cocky poser extraordinaire Blake Woods nervous? FUCK OFF! I looked down at his brilliantly purple posers. It wasn’t just his muscles that were big. Blake was fucking packing. Hands down he had the biggest bulge of any current pro bodybuilder, and I was about to see it in all its naked, trunk free glory. Blushing through my bronzed competition tan, I nervously reached for the straps of my bright blue trunks. As I peeled them down my mammoth sized, vein plastered quads, my dick escaped the confines of the trunk material for Blake, and everyone else in the room to see. I was a lot harder than I thought I was, and suddenly exposed, I seemed to be getting harder by the second. Blake, who was still notably wearing his trunks, had a mischievous smirk on his face as he admired my increasingly growing hard on. “I’m not sure you needed that pill after all!” he teasingly exclaimed, still grinning at me. He reached down and whipped off his own posers, all the time his eyes were fixed on mine. If this isn’t flirting then I have no idea what the fuck is. I couldn’t keep from turning my gaze down for long, and when I did, my eyeballs almost popped straight clean out of my skull and on to the pump room floor. Whoever said bodybuilders have small dicks had clearly never seen Blake Woods naked. Pointing right at me was the thickest, hardest cock I think I’d ever bared witness to. No wonder he always looks like he’s shoved something down the front of his posing trunks. Little Blake? Not so bleedin’ little! Not fucking little at all in fact. I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from his enormously thick, juddering cock. It wasn’t just the size and thickness that was impressive. The shape of it was magnificent too. So many of those muscle worshippers and admirers out there in the world who lost their loads to pictures and videos of Blake Woods on a regular bases, and they’d never, ever know that he was also the proud owner of the most perfect shaped and beautifully sized cock. From somewhere, I found enough bravery to make a flirty joke with the now fully naked, competition conditioned muscle bull before me. “You don’t look so nervous there either, mate!” Blake’s mouth curled into a devastatingly gorgeous grin in response. Before he had the chance to reply, a loud voice filled the pump room. “OK, guys, two minutes before it’s time to hit the stage.” My stomach suddenly tightened with nerves and I managed to tear myself away from the huge, gorgeous, fully naked muscle bull before me to glance around the room. Four other well known bodybuilders of various size, age and nationality filled up the pump room. Standing around, pumping up, and preparing themselves to head out on stage. It might not have been the most unusual sight if it weren’t for one small factor; every single bodybuilder was now completely naked. A few meters from where Blake and I were stood, 212 class pro bodybuilder Anth “The Tank” Tucker was pumping up his insatiably huge, balloon-like pecs. Almost as wide as he was tall, Anth’s entire, bull-like body looked like it was about to burst at any given moment. Brutally sized biceps, blocky abs which distended from his ever growing roid gut and an ass so magnificently big it left the room ten seconds after he did, were all much loved features on this phenomenally size, late thirty-something American bodybuilder. Just a short distance from Anth, stood German muscle daddy Jörg Roth was with his hands on his hips, his naked glutes looking even bigger than they did when they were half covered with posers, talking to young Canadian bodybuilder Cody Watson. It was unique pairing. Jörg’s tank-like physique was bursting with deliriously thick, solid beef, while Cody’s leaner, six foot frame was packed with gorgeously shredded muscle, not least of all his infamous stomach muscles, which included six of the most insanely shredded and beautifully abs in bodybuilding. Jörg’s masculine, handsome looks, smouldering eyes and devastatingly sexy smirk made him one of the most popular muscle daddies on the planet. Meanwhile, with his ridiculously gorgeous, boyish looks, Cody has earned himself a legion of muscle obsessed fans. Most bodybuilding fans would trip over themselves to be anywhere near either, or most probably both, of these two contrasting muscle freaks. And completing the line up was infamous Australian muscle beast Ritchie “2 Guns” Lee, who was applying a last minute spot of oil into his freakishly shredded quads and tight as fuck, tummy popping abdominals. His semi hard cock sticking out in front of him for the whole room to see. The more he rubbed oil into his muscles, the harder his cock seemed to become. Even though Ritchie Lee’s biceps weren’t flexed, I could still see exactly why they’d earned him his nickname. Both upper arms were ridiculously thick and bulged to an almost laughable degree. I couldn’t wait to see them flexed and blown up in all their freakish glory on stage. It wasn’t just his inhuman sized guns that Ritchie was famous for either. He was known for his loud, extroverted personality, and even louder stage presence. Not only did Ritchie pose in the craziest, cockiest and most animated manner, but he had a habit of loudly shouting and bellowing out with practically every pose he hit. Every single bodybuilder in the room was in incredible, jaw dropping condition, but looking around, it suddenly occurred to me that, behind my All American monster of a muscle mate Blake Woods, I was the second biggest bodybuilder in the line up. “You OK there, buddie?” Blake asked, putting his large sized hand on the side of my obscenely huge right upper arm. “I think so. I mean, yeah,” I replied. “You’ll be fine,” he assured me. “Just think of it as a regular bodybuilding show.” But it’s not. It’s not a normal bodybuilding show at all. One of the guys working at the show, the only average sized, and clothed man in the room suddenly made an announcement to the six naked muscle freaks before him. “OK, guys. It’s showtime!” All of the magnificent bodybuilders started to walk towards the stage like a herd of docile bulls being herded into a ring and my stomach suddenly flipped with fear. Blake Woods ushered me to follow him, and my fellow muscle freaks. “Stick with me, Luke,” he adorably said as I nervously took my first steps towards the stage. Now there’s an offer. As I trailer behind Blake, I almost gasped at the rear image of his physique. I’d literally never seen a back as monstrously wide as his. Pound upon pound of thick, superhuman mass spilled out from his frame. And then there was his ginormous sized ass, which looked big enough to feed a small third world country for a month. The sight of Blake’s excessive sized bum meat cause my exposed, hard cock to fiercely jolt and judder. My stomach was doing somersaults and I tried to think about what Blake had advised me earlier. “Just think of it as a regular bodybuilding show.” “Don’t feel pressured or obliged to do anything you don’t want to.” But I DO want to, Blake. I want to do EVERYTHING that I’ve heard happens at this show. Everything I’ve heard and MORE.
  20. picmeup

    The Internet Staulker

    Here I am trying to meet yet another guy on the internet dating site, and when he shows up, he is nothing like he said he was when we talked online. I guess that is the risk of online dating. I know that I have a certain person in mind when deciding if he is “the one” for me. You see, I have this fetish that not just anyone can understand. I am sure that most of you have heard of a lift and carry fetish, but most of the time when you look it up online it is a girl lifting a guy. That does not do anything for me. I am not a small guy by any means. In fact, most people would say I am larger than the average American male. I am 6’2, 235lbs, and I love to be lifted. When I tell people that, I mainly get the same response. “You should be the one doing the lifting”. Yes you are right, I am big and I am pretty strong too, not fat, just big. So you can see my dilemma. I have a specific criteria that I am looking for when it comes to dating. The guy must be confident, but not arrogant. He must be strong…very strong. I would really like for him to be taller than me, but that is not a must. Most important, he must be able and willing to lift me. I want it to be as much a turn on for him to lift me as it is for mee to be held by him. I am beginning to wonder if he is even out there, or is only in my fantasy that this can come true. As I said, I meet this guy online and he tells me he is tall, about 6’6 and 285lbs all muscle. That should have been a red flag right there, but my man parts got the best of me and I went with it. This guy before me now, is about 5’9 with shoes, and no more than 200lbs, with no muscle to show for it. I excused myself from the table to go use the restroom and try to figure out how to get out of this date without hurting his feelings. When I got back the table was empty, and my date was gone. I was shocked, but relieved at the same time. So, I sit back down and order a beer. The waiter comes over with my drink and as I offer him payment, he said “oh don’t worry about, the guy at the end of the bar just picked up your tab for you!” WHAT??? I look over and there is this guy in his late 30’s wearing an oversized hoody, and is looking right at me. He is sitting down on the stool, so I cannot see much of his lower half, but not a bad looking guy. He smiles at me and nods his head inviting me over to him. I am not really in the mood for another guy hitting on me when the last guy totally played me, but I felt drawn to go over to him. As I got closer, his features became more clear to me. He still had this oversized hoody which concealed any muscle he may have. When I approach him, it puts his hand on the stool next to him. “Did you just get hooked with another loser you met on the internet?” he asked. “Is it that obvious?” I asked him. “Well, I could tell that there was no chemistry between the two of you. When you went into the bathroom, I went over and told him you were not interested in him. He got the point and left.” I was kind of taken back by him butting into my business, but I was also somehow grateful as well. “Were you watching us the whole time?” Something was really strange with this man, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. “Let me just say I know who you are, and what you are looking for, and he is not the one!” He was right, but how did he know these things about me so well. I couldn’t respond, I was just frozen in place. Here is what I think you are looking for. You are a pretty big guy under normal circumstances. But you don’t want that In a relationship now is it?” I just nodded my head up and down like a child would respond to his parent when being asked a question. “…and I know that size is important to you as well. The guy must be strong…very strong. He must also be confident, but not arrogant, am I right?” How does he know this. “You don’t have to respond because I already know the answer. You see, I know that you want to feel protected, to be picked up and carried like a child.” Well I wouldn’t go that far, but I do want to be picked up and carried. “I know that you want to feel like the smaller guy for once don’t you? Again, don’t respond, I already know the answer. “What the hell is going on here” I get up out of my seat and start to back away and then I believe that my eyes were opened for the first time. The man in front of me was not sitting on a regular bar stool, but a chair that he brought up to the bar to sit in. I am still face to face with him sitting down. WTF?? The man stands up and I am now at chest level as he slowly walks towards me. I know I should run, but my feet feel like cement stuck to the floor. As he gets right in front of me, he looks down at me, puts his hands underneath my arms and lifts me first about his head, then lowers me so I am face to face with him. He is not angry, but almost see compassion in his eyes. “Just relax Blake, I am not going to hurt you. I just want to show you how it feels to be manhandled by a real man. Wait did I just call you Blake, my mistake, I didn’t mean to say that in public, I know your online name is cumliftme isn’t it?” So here I am in this giant man’s arms, well over 7ft tall, feel dangling off the ground, and he it telling me things about myself that nobody should know. How is this happening. “My name is Daniel, and I have been watching your online activity from a distance. I saw that you have the same user id for several different lift and carry websites. I knew that you were meeting this guy tonight, but he would not be what you were looking for.” Again, I was dumbfounded by what I was hearing. Blake, I don’t want you to be frightened by me. I came tonight to protect you. I want to be the man that you are looking for. I want to take care of you if you will let me. I can make all of your fantasies come true. I believe I am doing part of that right now aren’t I? You see me now as a giant of a man, but I have only just begun to show you what I can do to you and for you. When you came over here, you had no idea what you were getting into. You just saw a man that was big, but you had no clue how big until I stood up. Now look at you! I have been holding you for the past 5 minutes and I am not even straining.” I look down and I see my feet dangling two feet off of the ground. Until right now, I only lived this type of fantasy in my mind, now I am experiencing it in real life. I am being held in the arms of the man of my dreams, but even though it was obvious he has been studying me for a while now, I did not know anything about him. What if he was being nice to me until he was alone with me. Would he rape me, leave me to die? But somehow I knew that I could trust him. Daniel is looking down and sees my tent and begins to laugh. “I can see that you like me holding you don’t you?” I knew that I did not need to respond because it was obvious what the answer was. “Blake, I am not going to hurt you, I promise, and if you want to leave, I will put you down and you can go on your way, but I don’t think that is what you want me to do is it?” I nod my head in response. He walks back over to my stool and sets me on top of it. “wait here, and don’t move from this seat, I will be right back.” He walks away to use the restroom. I can’t believe what just happened. What is he planning to do with me. I knew this was my chance to run, but I couldn’t move. I was obedient and waited for his return. The wheels of my head were spinning at this point. I was beginning to think I was imagining what just happened. But then he returns. He has removed his sweatshirt and has a muscle shirt on as tight as can be. This man is huge!! His arms had to be 25” around, I have a 48” chest, and I only was only half of his. I knew he was tall when he was holding me, but damn, he was really tall. Well over 7ft tall. Along with the L&C fetish, I have a thing for smooth giant pecs. I wanted to bury my face into his at that moment. And he is still a ways off in the distance walking towards me. He walks up to me with a great big grin on his face, knowing what I was thinking. “There, I feel better now. I didn’t want you to notice my size before it was time. If you were attracted to your date, I didn’t want my physique to be a distraction. Plus, I wanted to surprise you when the time was right.” I am sitting on the bar stool, which sits up pretty high, but I still only came up to his chest. He looks down at my crotch and sees my tent. He reaches down and grabs my cock and squeezes. Not with his full strength because he said he did not want to hurt me, but in a way that made his claim on me, that I was his and his alone. “Are you ready to go?” This time, he lifts me off of the seat with just one of his gigantic arms. His smell was amazing. I knew the cologne he was wearing immediately. It was the cologne that they sell at Hollister. He must have known that about me too. I am head over heals with that smell on a man. So here I am, a fully grown man, drooped over the arm of the biggest man I have ever seen. He is walking towards the door. The bar was crowded, so people were watching us as we passed by, moving out of the way of this giant behemoth. We walk outside, I mean he walks outside with me in his arms. He stops and maneuvers to bring me to the front of him. “I want to take you back to my place, but first I thought we would go for a little walk first.” Somehow he was able to turn me around so I was facing away from him and he lifts me high above his head and places me on his shoulders. “are you comfortable up there little guy. I place my hands on his head, ruffling through his blond hair. “This is amazing up here” “I thought you might like it up there. I want to show you all of the ways I can lift you and for how long.” Daniel starts walking down the street with me on his shoulders. “I want to share with you how I found you and started to fantasize about how to lift you. It is easy to lift a little guy, there is no challenge, but there are not very many guys that are as big as you that like to be lifted. I think we were made for each other Blake.” This is only the beginning…
  21. musclepaul

    MUSCLEMAN and the Golden Gate Bridge

    Hi Just an idea i have been mulling over. Not done much writing before so comments and suggestions welcomed. MUSCLEMAN and the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE Lifting bridges was not new for Muscleman. As he looked out over the huge expectant crowd he flexed his muscles under his uniform. Once again the engineers had built a framework of metal and all he had to do was deadlift the bar then curl the entire Golden Gate Bridge. As always, Muscleman was supremely confidence had could do it, after all he had recently done the Brooklyn bridge without any issues. The problem is no one told Muscleman the weight difference and Muscleman had failed to ask. Whereas the Brooklyn weighed just under 15,000 tons, the Golden Gate weighed 60 times that, coming in at 887,000 tons Muscleman strutted out onto the specially built stage. Cameras focussed on him as he turned and smiled and flexed. Although clad in his unmistakable uniform of just gold posers, there was no doubt that the 6'3 320lb was all muscle – pumped, ripped, tanned and shredded. The ultimate definition of muscle perfection. Muscleman never missed the opportunity to be a showman. When he defeated Thor in the world famous epic armwreslte contest he toured the world for a week doing mock armwresle contests with anybody who wanted a photo opportunity. When he defeated hulk in the superhero powerlifting competition he had a full article written in Powerlifting weekly. The Hulk power lifting contest had been a calculated risk for Muscleman. Whilst the man of steel was confident the could win the bench press, he knew had little chance of defeating the Hulk in the squat (have you seen the size of those quads Muscleman kept on saying to himself) so it would all come down to the deadlift. And that is exactly how it turned out. Muscleman won 2 out of the 3 events, those quads of Hulk are simply insanely huge and powerful, and could squat a weight too great even for Muscleman to match; but the man of muscle had won the overall event and that was all that matters. when he defeated Hercules in the full Nelson challenge he went on tour with the WWE for a week to wrestle. No - Muscleman never missed a photo op. And today he was going to save the iconic Golden Gate Bridge by curling it up so engineers could insert new supports to stabilize it after the recent earthquake. Once again, the entire world would see Muscleman as the ultimate superhero; the ultimate saviour. Muscleman looked out at the huge crowd. NBC were sponsoring the event and they had their news anchor as live compare. Muscleman could hear the words in the background but wasn't really listening. He heard the words he was waiting for "ladies and gentlemen I give you MUSCLEMAN, THE STRONGEST BEING EVER TO HAVE WALKED THE PLANET". He walked to the bar, which looked like a simply oversized standard barbell, but this was connected to the entire Golden Gate Bridge. He took several deep breaths, bent down grabbed the bar and started to lift. That is when he realized he was in trouble. He expected it to be heavy but not this heavy. He always knew that his arrogance would one day be his downfall, but he never expected it today. He slowly lifted the Bridge a few inches off the ground, getting the bar to his knees but his entire body was shaking and straining like never before. Muscleman, for the first time ever was grunting and straining and roaring with the effort. Muscleman was sweating. The more he struggled the more he roared and sweated. He couldn't understand what was wrong until-from the back of his mind he replayed the half listened to words from the NBC host. The Brooklyn bridge had weighed just short of 17 000 tons and the Golden Gate just shy of 887,000 tons. If only he had done some research Muscleman lamented, then the world would not be witnessing the failure of Muscleman. He gave one final almighty roar and managed to complete the deadlift phase, but even he accepted that curling the weight was a total impossibility for anyone, Muscleman included. He dropped the bar and the entire ground shook as the weight of the bridge went down, Muscleman stood humbled and humiliated. The only solace Muscleman felt was that new knew for certain that no other superhero could have done better. This was far heavier than the powerlifting competition he had recently won, and his nearest challenger, the Hulk had lost that event. Although Muscleman may have felt humiliated, the huge crowd cheered like never before. Although he was always the favourite of all the superheroes, the fact that he attempted something in public which he failed at gave him a human aspect which many thought he was missing. The fact he gave the lift everything he had plus more improved his standing. The challenge provided two things for Muscleman. Firstly the feeing of being humbled by what others saw in him and the second was a driven desire to do better. It was then that Muscleman saw Kyle in the audience. Kyle wasn't supposed to be out of the compound let alone walking the streets of America without supervision. What most people don't realize is that the United Nations, along with a select number of major governments, scientific companies engineering conglomerates sponsors the Center for Human Enhanced Super Strength (CHESS).
  22. Herald

    theft The muscle app (3)

    Three Chad inhaled deeply as the most intense orgasm of his life slowly dissolved from his new grown body. He tossed the limp, cum-soaked body of the drained football player in his grasp down to the ground. He yanked the electrode from his own massive chest and threw it atop the desk. He tramped over to the door, stopped at the pile of clothes the assistant coach had brought in earlier and put them on. He marveled at the tightness of the sweatpants and enjoyed how they hugged his thickly muscled legs. The tank top protested with tearing noises as the massive muscles of his torso stretched it to its limits. He looked back and grinned: the assistant coach stood panting at his desk, recovering from his orgasm and Tyler was passed out on the floor in a pool of cum. He threw open the door and left, not caring about the two lesser men. Assistant coach Mr. Blake slowly regained control of his senses. He had seen the now huge gymnast leave but the effects of his overwhelming orgasm caused by the erotic scene had prevented him from moving or speaking. Only now he realized he was holding his deflating cock in his right hand and noticed the cum spread across his desk. Embarrassment spread through him and he quickly put his dick back in his boxers and zipped up his pants. "Tyler!", he said while he saw the emaciated guy lying on the floor before his desk. Tyler grunted. He heard someone call his name and opened his eyes. It seemed like he returned from being fast asleep. He blinked his eyes a few times before realizing he was on the floor. "Coach?", he mumbled weakly as he recognized the figure standing at the desk and looking down on him. "Can you get up?", Mr. Blake asked. Tyler nodded and stood up very slowly. His body felt completely worn out as if he had gone through the hardest training ever. He grabbed the desk for support to prevent his wobbly legs from giving out. "What the…", he peeped in his now high-pitched girlish voice while he looked down at his body. His entire torso was coated in a thick layer of sticky spunk that dripped down. He gasped when he comprehended what had happened. "He… took it all. How?", he mumbled at the assistant coach. Mr. Blake hit a few buttons on the device and began reading through the data. "I think when you drained his muscles, your body reached its natural limits. That's why your growth slowed down and your muscles hurt at the end", he said and continued reading, "There was still some excess energy left in the electrode on your chest. Energy waiting to be used. When Chad touched your body the excess energy returned to the muscles it came from and somehow the transfer restarted." "But why didn't he stop growing?", Tyler peeped in response. "Seems like his body's limits weren't met yet", assistant coach Mr. Blake replied. "I have to get my muscles back. I can't do anything on the field like this. I look like a boy", Tyler cried out and tears filed his eyes. "We'll find a way to get your muscles back, son. I'll talk to Chad. Get cleaned up first and get some rest", assistant coach Mr. Blake said and gently tore the electrode from Tyler's flat chest. He placed the two electrodes and the device in the top drawer of his desk and locked it. Tyler walked over to the locker room, carefully looking around. He sighed in relief to find it empty and went into the shower area, avoiding to look at his reflection in the mirror. He turned on the shower and let the hot water rinse the sticky cum from his body. The thick goo that had begun drying and crusting, resisted the water and it took him half an hour to get the last remnants off. He turned off the shower, grabbed a towel and went back into the locker room. He turned around the corner and bumped into two guys coming into the shower zone. The impact sent him down on his ass. "Watch it, squirt!", one of the guys snarled. "Who let the chess team in?", the other one said laughingly. Tyler caught back up and recognized the two: it were 2 freshmen football players he'd given some workout pointers the past weeks. They had practically begged him to help them, proud that one of the team stars let them train with him. Now, the two 165 pound guys dwarfed him. "Sorry", he peeped and retreated into the locker room, happy they hadn't recognized him. He put on some old freshman's clothes, ignoring how they hung from him like a tent and having to hold the pants up when he went to his room. The next morning Tyler awoke by the sound of his phone. He grabbed it and read the message Tom just sent: "Hope you're busting your ass to win the game. Back in the gym in two weeks." Tears welled up in his eyes as Tyler thought of the good times he'd lived on and off the field with Tom. He'd do anything to get his muscles back. He decided to go talk to Chad. The guy had accidentally taken his muscles as a result of the first transfer. The guy was probably just as upset as he was. He would convince the gymnast to give back his muscles and let things go back to normal. A knock on the door tore him from his thoughts. He opened the door and saw a box. He took it, his thin arms shaking from the effort, closed the door and put the box on his bed. He opened it and read the note. "Some clothes that will fit. Trying to figure out to get your muscles back. Mr. Blake" Tyler took the clothes, more tears in his eyes as he saw that it were kid size pants, t-shirts and sweaters. He quickly put on some clothes, that still looked somewhat big on him and decided to go talk to Chad right away. He looked up the number of Chad's room in the online register and left. The walk took him to the other part of campus where the freshmen were housed. Tyler entered the building he'd stayed in a couple of years ago and took the stairs to the top floor where the athletes had their rooms. His heart was pounding in his flat chest and he was breathing heavily when he reached the top of the stairs. He walked through the long corridor, reading off the numbers on the doors. When he was midway the ill-lit hallway, two gorgeous female students came in his direction. He retreated against the wall, hoping they wouldn't see him. "Never had a guy that could go all night", the brunette said, "I came four times." "Me too", the blond one giggled in response, "And the size of him. Thought he would tear me open." "And his muscles. So big and hard", the brunette replied, "Even bigger than Tom". "Hope he's up for a repeat tonight", the blond one said, "Made me forget about Tyler in a flash. Who needs seniors when we have freshmen this size?". Tyler's face was beet red as he heard the girls' remarks. Chad had been fucking his and Tom's girl, the two hottest and most sought after cheerleaders in Orchid University. Perhaps he's not as upset as I thought, he said to himself as his gaze followed the two cheerleaders walking by and disappearing down the stairs. He waited another minute until their footsteps weren't hearable anymore. He continued his way and stepped over to the door of Chad's room. His heart beated in his throat when he knocked. He knocked a second time but got no reaction. His hand reached for the doorknob. He turned it and the door opened. At the same moment the door of the next room on the right opened. Tyler entered Chad's room instinctively and shut the door behind him. "Hello, Chad?", he asked as he looked around the deserted room. He heard water running in the adjacent bathroom. The smell of sweat, musk, cum and sex hung in the air. It filled his nose while he was standing in the middle of the room, staring at the bed. He could only imagine the things it had witnessed last night. The water stopped running in the bathroom. Tyler's mind filled with images of the two cheerleaders and Chad. Unaware of his surroundings, he stepped closer to the bed and inhaled sharply to take in more of the uber-masculine smell it emanated. A noise made him come back to reality and look aside to the door of the bathroom. "Well well. Look who's here", Chad rumbled in his deep voice. Tyler took a step back as the now massive gymnast stepped into the room, his wide shoulders brushing the doorframe. "I… euh… I…", he peeped but words died in his throat with the hulking guy standing a few feet away. Every bit of logic evaporated from his mind while his eyes travelled along the mighty torso his muscles had helped to create. Every mound of muscle of round and full, striated and crossed with veins beneath the paper-thin skin. The perfectly round, cannonball-sized delts showed the separation between the different heads of the muscle and created a strong line that gave the guy an awesome broadness; his meaty traps capped the strong line and mounded up into his bull-sized neck; his thick arms hung relaxed at his sides, his biceps big and bulky beneath his skin with a large vein snaking along them with several smaller ones branching of across and into the mounds of muscle; his triceps jutted hard from the back of his arms, adding more thickness to them; his forearms crammed with corded muscles; the striated beef of his wide, round and full pecs protruded like armor-plates from his chest; his fantastic eight-pack rippled with every breath he took, highlighting the grooves separating the individual abs; beneath the towel wrapped around the tight waist the mass of his thick quads pressed against the fabric and the outline of his hefty cock was visible. The tan the gymnast had taken from Tyler looked better and more pronounced, giving the guy a near Latino-look and highlighting the definition of his massive muscles even more. Chad grinned smugly at the small guy's reaction. He noted the awe in his eyes and saw the bulge forming in the guy's sweatpants. "We both know what you want, little guy", he rumbled and dropped the towel. Tyler didn't hear the remark. He just couldn't fathom the incredible size and perfect symmetry the gymnast had grown into. Just yesterday the guy was among the smallest athletes with his 148 pounds, but now, with the 100 pounds of muscle and the foot of extra height he'd added to his frame, he radiated strength and masculinity. Lust for the fantastic body in front of him flooded Tyler's mind. Lust beyond anything he'd ever felt for the list of cheerleaders he'd dated. Lust that kept him from taking his eyes from the majestic muscles. A stirring movement tore his gaze down the mighty torso. He blinked his eyes in amazement as the meaty snake between the heavily muscled quads began swelling. Within seconds it sprang to its 9 inches and pointed at him. He looked up pleadingly into the icy blue eyes. Chad read the look of total submission in the runt's gaze, his own grin broadening. Tyler stepped forward and kneeled before the incredibly oversized gymnast. He stared at the fleshy snake right in front of his face. Veins coiled along the long and hefty shaft that pulsed on the rhythm of the guy's heartbeat. He took the thick, purple head in his mouth and slowly slid the cock inside. Chad rumbled in pleasure as the wet hotness slowly engulfed the sensitive skin of his 9 incher. He grabbed the back of the frail guy's head and shoved his cock fully inside the mouth. Tyler gagged as the fleshy snake invaded his mouth forcefully, his nose smacking into the bottom row of the hard eight-pack from the force of the gymnast's arm. His lips were stretched to their limits by the thickness of the hard shaft and the head hit the back of his throat. He placed his hands atop the heavily muscled quads for support. From his kneeling position the heavyweight bodybuilder-sized gymnast looked even bigger: his tight waist leading up to his insanely wide shoulders gave him an intimidating v-taper. He couldn't see anything past the thickly protruding shelf of pecs. His own 3 incher was now leaking pre-cum in his briefs. Chad held the back of the small head in his left hand and began thrusting his hips back and forth as he face fucked the fallen football star. "Mghn", he groaned as he felt the guy's tongue trace the veins along his engorged shaft. He felt all-powerful dominating the once fitness model-like athlete but now boyish runt who clearly lusted after his heavily muscled body. The feeling of sheer physical superiority made him feel unstoppable. A shudder went through his mighty body, his fantastic eight-pack flexed, a loud and deeply resonating moan escaped his mouth as an intense orgasm washed over him. "YEAUGHN", he roared as his heavy balls churned and rushed out a load of cum through his fully engorged 9 incher into the eager mouth. Tyler saw the strong abs flex before his eyes and felt the earthquake of pleasure wave through the hulking man. The deep resounding roar vibrated down his own puny body like thunder. He felt the fleshy snake jolt in his mouth and it filled his mouth in a flash, some of the excess liquid leaked from the corner of his mouth. He gulped the creamy spunk down as fast as he could but the snake already spat out a second blast when only half of the first load had been gulped down. He gagged as cum now steadily flowed from the corner of his mouth onto the base of the 9 incher. He tried breathing through his nose but cum also flowed from it. His own pencil dick released its load into his briefs. "YEAUGhn", Chad rumbled once more as his balls shot out a third thick load. Despite the long night with the two hottest cheerleaders on campus, his orgasm didn't wear down. The huge amount of testosterone flowing through his 248 pound, muscle-packed body gave him an unmatched stamina. Another moan escaped his mouth as a fourth load rushed from his cock. He felt the sticky juice slide along the base of his shaft and onto his balls and drip onto his huge quads. Tyler couldn't even gag anymore: his mouth was overfilled with the sticky spunk that now streamed thickly from the corners of his mouth onto the mighty cock; an identical amount flowed from his nose. By the fifth blast, cum even leaked from his ears as the liquid sought an exit from his overstuffed mouth. He felt his stomach bloat from the insane amount of semen filling it. He tried freeing himself from the 9 incher but the paw at the back of his head easily held him in place. His own 3 incher kept leaking the watery content of his small balls into his soaked briefs. A wet patch began forming at the front of his sweatpants as the liquid leaked through his briefs. He feebly pushed against the mighty quads but his entire body was no match for the heavyweight bodybuilder-sized gymnast's right arm. Chad felt the weak attempts of the fallen football player against his grasp. The realization that one of his arms was now stronger than the former number two of the football team sent another rush of power from his mind through his huge body. "FUUUUAAAAAARK!", he bellowed as his orgasm intensified even more. A sixth and seventh load were rushed out off his balls nearly at the same time. The force of the combined blasts pushed his 9 incher from the overstuffed mouth and coated the boyish guy's face with the final part of the seventh load. Even only the last third of that blast was enough the cover most of the guy's face. Tyler didn't even have time to blink his eyes as the fleshy snake pushed itself from his mouth: one moment it was adding to his overstuffed mouth, the next it covered nearly his entire face in a layer of liquid heat. Another shot hit his face, the sticky goo splattering against his nose and forehead, coating the rest of his face and some of his hair. He felt the paw release the back of his head and his body fell backwards, worn out by the force of the hulking gymnast's orgasm. Chad breathed in heavily, his mighty chest heaving, as the orgasm faded from his sweaty, muscle-crammed body. A faint thud made him look down. The smug grin returned on his face at the sight: at his feet the depleted athlete was lying on his back, his face and hair drenched with cum and an obvious wet stain on the front of his kid size sweatpants. After three deep breaths, Chad's body felt fully recovered. Tyler wiped the thick spunk from his eyes and slowly sat up. He looked up and saw some last hefty drips leak from the slowly deflating cock between the thick quads. His gaze travelled further up along the deep canyon in the center of the majestic eight-pack, over the meaty slabs that formed the armor plate-like chest into the icy blue eyes of the 6'2, 248 pound gymnast. His own flat chest was still heaving as his 5', 87 pound body was still recovering from the experience. His nose was invaded by the odor of the hulking man's sweaty musk mixed with the stench of his cum that filled the room. "Seems like you enjoyed that even more than me", Chad growled as he began putting on some clothes. "Can't wait to see what this body can do in the gym", he said and walked to the door, "Clean up your mess and get lost". It appeared that Chad's body could do a lot: he tore through the exercises, breaking every record in the gym. His loud grunts and shouts chased whatever other students from the gym, except for the two freshmen that used to train with Tyler. They offered to spot the massive guy and followed him from exercise to exercise, marveling at the amount of weight he was using. "8…9…10", Chad grunted and racked the bar on the bench press with the combined help of the two 165 pound athletes. "Fuck, man. Three sets of ten reps with 500 pounds", they said in disbelief as the huge guy sat up on the bench, "Why did you transfer in here for senior year?". Chad laughed at the remark, his pumped chest making tears in his tight tank top. "I'm new here. Freshman like you guys", he replied, "I'm in the room next to yours". The two football players couldn't believe their ears. The biggest guy they'd ever seen was their age. "Sure explains those noises last night", one of them said. "Most of those came from the two cheerleaders", Chad answered with a smug grin, "Ya guys should have come over to join the action." Before the guys could react, assistant coach Mr. Blake appeared in the gym and called out to them: "Chad could you join me in my office?". "Catch ya later guys", Chad said and strutted away from the bench into the office. "What's up, Mr. B?", he asked as he shut the door and faced the assistant coach. Assistant coach Mr. Blake cleared his throat, trying to hide the intimidation from the huge athlete before his desk. "Well eum… Chad.. you see…", he mumbled, "you took Tyler's muscles by accident…". "Took back what he stole from me", Chad interrupted, "Not my fault that his weak body couldn't resist being drained into me". "I'm not blaming you", assistant coach Mr. Blake said quickly, "It was an accident like I said. We could settle things back to normal. Give Tyler his muscles back so he can play and you can go back to gymnastics". "I'm not giving up my muscles", Chad barked back. "Well… I see…", assistant coach Mr. Blake let up as his mind tried to come up with a solution, "Why don't you join the football team then? You could become our new star. Look at you. You would be unstoppable on the field". "Not interested", Chad replied, "I'm feeling more for bodybuilding. Don't ya think this body would like great on stage, Mr. B?". He ripped off his tank top and revealed his heavily muscled torso. His pumped pecs protruded thickly from his chest. He hit a most muscular, making his pecs explode with striations and his meaty arms dig into the protruding mass. Assistant coach Mr. Blake's mouth went dry at the scene. His eyes widened to saucers at the display of raw strength. Chad noticed the awe in the assistant coach's eyes while he relaxed his pose and his right hand felt the weight of his pecs. "Get over here, little man", he said, "And worship my muscles". Assistant coach Mr. Blake instinctively obeyed the huge man's command. He got up from his chair, stepped around the desk and stopped in front of the hulking athlete. He raised his shaking hands and placed them onto the protruding rack. "Wow", he muttered as he felt like he was touching hot concrete. His fingers couldn't dent the fully relaxed, yet rock-hard meat underneath the paper-thin, tanned skin. "Feel my awesome power", Chad growled as he enjoyed the feeling of being worshipped. He flexed his pecs, making them harden under the frail touch. Assistant coach Mr. Blake's eyes widened in disbelief as the meaty chest exploded with striations and veins and pushed his hands open. His dick instantly creamed his boxers, making his body shudder. He fell back with his ass against the desk. Chad grinned at the reaction and threw a double bicep pose. His arms exploded into perfectly round, 24 inch orbs of hard meat crisscrossed with veins. "Fuck yeah" he growled as he hardened his flex and felt the huge muscle stretch his tanned skin. He grabbed the assistant coach's shirt, lifted him and tossed him atop the desk with his back facing the ceiling. Before assistant coach Mr. Blake could react, he felt his pants and boxers being yanked down. He heard the huge athlete pull down his own sweatpants and felt the thick head of the man's cock brush against his ass. "No, please", he mumbled. Chad didn't listen. He grabbed the assistant coach's hip with his left paw and rammed his 9 incher inside the man's ass. "Ugh", assistant coach Mr. Blake cried out as his clenched defenses were destroyed and the fleshy snake stretched his ass. He grabbed the end of his desk for support, his knuckles turning white from the force of his grasp. The pain prevented him from speaking. Chad kept his left paw on the other man's hip and placed his right paw casually on his own hip as he began pumping away. His eight-pack rippled on the rhythm of his thrusts. Faster and harder. He pumped his dick in and out like a jackhammer, plowing and destroying the clamping ass. Within a minute orgasm flooded his mighty body and his dick filled the ass. Assistant coach Mr. Blake grunted in pain as his insides were flooded with the huge man's spunk. His own cock leaked another load against the side of his desk. The pressure in his ass kept building and cum was now steadily flowing out of it along the shaft. After a good seven loads Chad's orgasm cooled down and he pulled his cock from the worn out ass. A thick flow of his cum followed. He pulled up his pants and left.
  23. Part One "Oh my dear Henri" As Porthos picked up Henry and span him around several times, Henry chuckled "Careful, or I might end up like Roger!" "Yes" asked the Titan as he placed Henry back on the ground, "where is my lover? The man who moans at my very feet when I speak? The man who begs me to push myself to the limits of human endurance? The man who only has to say "Cum" and I do?" "Not feeling very well" replied Henry and gesturing for Porthos to sit down next to him he explained what had happened. "We had just got back from Roger's defence of his title as Mr. World, naturally of course he won hands down and was celebrating with a huge post contest meal when he suddenly dashed off to the toilet. You remember, those things that you use instead of open holes in bridges to pass water. Well, he came back a few moments later looking rather flushed and said that he had had the worst attack of diarrhoea he had ever experienced" "Diarrhoea?" asked Porthos, "what's that?" "Oh, sorry, I forgot. You would call it a surfeit, it's when your bowels just empty without any control" replied Henry and Porthos instantly looked worried but was reassured by Henry saying "Don't worry, it can be treated where Roger and I come from, but that was just the start as about ten minutes later he vomited up the ice cream he was having!" "My lover is dying!" exclaimed Porthos and picking up Henry declared "Quick, take me to the future. The Ultimate Titan must..." "Roger is not dying" said Henry and gestured Porthos to sit down, "Once he recovered, he came to the conclusion that he had picked up a case of Norwalk and put it down to the fact that before the contest he'd been guest posing on a cruise liner docked outside the contest venue. They are noted for having this condition. No, all he needs is a couple of days of bed rest and lots and lots and lots of water. It does mean however that despite all of his planning and arrangements and everything, he can't see you compete to become the strongest man in France, but he did send you this!" and with that Henry looked around cautiously and took out of his jacket a tablet on which was a picture of Roger in his posing suit winning the contest with a message "To the Ultimate Titan, I may be ill but I am willing you on. You can do it, your lover!" "Oh, mon amis" replied Porthos and with that stood up, placed his hand on his heart and declared "Not only shall I win this contest, but I shall dedicate my win to Roger!" "And I am sure that he will appreciate it" smiled Henry and explained that, if Porthos didn't mind, he would be Roger's eyes and ears motivating Porthos to win the title for him. Porthos had no objections at all and asked Henry if he would like to see just how strong he was that very evening in the Bastille to which Henry nodded his agreement. Little did he know that that engagement was to trigger a change in him.
  24. Part 6 for these guys. Stay tuned, more to come for them a few stories down the road.. We’ve finished dinner and Jay insists on doing the dishes and cleaning up. He tells me to go out onto the deck and relax and that he’ll be out in a bit. Who I am to argue with this big lug. If he wants to clean up, good for me. I slap him on the ass and walk out of the kitchen area. I open the sliders to the deck and walk over to the in-ground fire pit. Gratefully Stu had an electronic ignition installed or I’d be here for hours trying to get it lit. I get the fire going and sit down in one of the heavily cushioned recliners near it. With the sun setting and a steady ocean breeze, it will be a cool pleasant night, great for sleeping, among other things. I think back to Jay’s comment that this is where we met and most of our happy memories are at the beach and beach house. I had to ruin it by mentioning the unpleasant memory I have of it. But he is right, if it had not been for that incident, we’d have never met. Now I am deep in my memories, thinking back to that fateful day. It was a day similar to today. Beautiful weather, warm temps, warm water, some awesome sex. I’m forever happy Jay and I eventually met. I had just finished classes and was a few days away from graduating with no career plans. I was taking one last weekend off and wanted to spend it at the beach, just relaxing and cruising for hot guys. I had no house to stay in, just the bags in my car, my curly hair, and a positive attitude. I was getting a degree in computer science, but had no prospects for a job. My parents were giving me three months to get my ass in gear and find a job. They would support until the last day of the third month and then I’d find my bags waiting for me on the curb. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with them. I needed to get my ass in gear and find a job. I had done well in college, but working wasn’t at the top of my list. And since they also knew I could be a slacker, the three month time frame was set up. My family had known I was gay for a while and supported me, which made life easier. They’d met all the boyfriends I’d had through high school and college and supported each relationship. If one ever went south, they wouldn’t coddle me. They’d say, “It happens to heterosexuals too, so get up, dust yourself off, and get back out there.” This went a long way in helping me become a strong outgoing person. I like to meet new people, regardless of their sexual preferences and talking just came naturally to me. I’d chat up anyone and if we were attracted to each other, great. If I found out they were straight, again, great, I’d just made a new buddy. In a weird way, Jay and I met up because of my outgoing personality. ** I was at the beach, but was hitting the local gym before heading to the water. I have a great body, weigh 165lbs, 5’11”, tan, trimmed chest and pubic hair, nice pecs and arms, and some pretty good abs, yeah, ok, I have a six pack and like to show them off. Who wouldn’t? So I’m in the gym in a tank top and board shorts just running through a quick upper body routine to get a pump on, then will head to the beach to see what I can snag. I spot a cute looking guy on a flat bench looking over at me. I walk over to say hi ask see if he needs a spot. He’s got the bar loaded to 225lb. He’s a bit bigger than I am, probably 6’1”, 200, good looking body, but he seems to have fallen off the workout wagon and is trying to get back on it for the summer. He sees me coming and I see him look me up and down and think “good, he plays for our team.” “Hi, I’m Max, do you need a spot?” “Yeah, that’d be great. I’m Shawn.” “Cool, need a lift off, how many you going for?” “Yeah, a lift would be great, going for 5.” “Ok.” I get behind the bench and get into position. “3, 2, 1.” And we lift the bar off the supports. He gets thru all 5 with little effort and re­racks. I catch him staring up my t-shirt at my abs and chest. I stand still so he can get a good look and then slowly move back so he can see my face. He smiles up at me. “Nice curls.” I say to him, “Thanks, let me know if you need help with your next set.” He nods ok. I go back to my routine and try to keep my eye out for him. I see him around, then don’t see him for a bit, then he’s back. I’m doing bicep curls on a preacher bench with a 35lb bar and 2 25lb weights and he walks between me and the mirror. He looks down and asks if I need help. I nod sure and he gets into position and helps me on my final two reps. After I rack the bar, he casually lifts it up and curls it a few times, flexing his biceps at the top of each rep so I get a good look at his arms. They’re pretty nice, not the biggest I’ve seen, but I’d slobber all over them if he wanted me to. I feel a boner starting and slyly look up at him and shift my body so he can see what’s happening. A slight grin appears on his face and he sets the bar down and casually rubs his crotch. We’re looking each other in the eye. He raises an eyebrow ever so slightly and I give just the barest nod yes. We head to the bathroom. We get in, he locks the door, and turns to face me. He raises his right arm to a full flex, puts his left hand behind my head, and gently pulls me to the face of his bicep. I lick my lips and go to town once I’m close enough. I’m getting it nice and wet when he grabs my right hand with his left and moves it to his crotch. I start to massage his dick thru his shorts. He lets out a soft moan and I take ahold of it and start to yank it. “Blow me.” He says quietly into my ear. I get on my knees and gently pull his shorts down. His dick pops free and springs up. Nice 7 inch unit. Pretty good thickness, kind of hairy for my tastes, I wonder if he trims up. I start to blow him and put my hands on his ass to pull him closer. I spread his cheeks a bit and move my left hand towards his hole. I’m about to stick a finger in his hole and he reaches around and grabs my hand. I look up to his face. He gently, but firmly says, “Sorry, not on the first blowjob.” And he winks down at me. I nod ok and continue to blow him for another 2 or 3 minutes. I have a good motion going and his body suddenly gets stiff and I know he’s ready to blow. I pull off and yank him a few times. He cums all over my chest. He sighs and leans back against the wall. I get up, grab some paper towels and wipe my chest off. I wet some more and reach down to clean him off and he stops my hand and takes the towels from me and cleans himself off. “Sorry, I am super sensitive after I blow, and like to clean myself off. Hope you don’t mind.” “Not at all.” I say back. He finishes cleaning up and begins pulling up his shorts. “You heading to the beach?” He’s checking himself out in the mirror and glancing over at me. “Yeah, after I’m done here and shower up. You?” “Yeah. I’ll look for you in about an hour?” “Ok. I have a blue and green umbrella” “Nice. See you later Max. Oh, thanks for helping me out” And he winks at me, unlocks and opens the door, and walks out. I stare at his ass. I am staring so intently, I almost missed a huge muscle guy walk by and out of the gym. Couldn’t tell much from my view, but he had blonde hair which was shaved short. I go back to watching Shawn’s ass as he crosses the gym floor. I head to the locker room, shower up, put on a fresh pair of board shorts, and drive over to the beach. It takes me a good 15 minutes to find a parking spot. I feed the meter, load up the cart, and head down. I’m walking along the path through the dunes and see a couple of guys watching me from a really nice house on the path. I think to myself, “Wonder how much that house cost?” Someone from the house yells to me, “Nice cart.” I glance over and wow, now there’s a nice looking guy. My height, looks to be 185lbs, muscles, wavy black hair. He’s got a buddy with him. His buddy looks pretty fucking hot as well. About 6’1”, same weight, muscles too, and long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. Guessing both guys are a few years older than I am. I yell back, “Thanks.” And pause for a second. “All by yourself?” The black haired guy asks. “Hope not, met a guy at the gym and he is on his way.” “Good for you.” The pony-tailed guys says and smiles at me. “Thanks.” “We’ll be down in a while. If you are still alone we can hang out. I’m Stu.” Says the dark haired one. “This is Kenny.” And he waves to me. “I’m Max.” “Nice to meet you Max.” “You too Stu. And you too Kenny.” I say looking at each of them. Pretty good 3-some material right there. I continue on my way to the beach. I find a great spot near some rocks and set up my umbrella, spray myself down with suntan lotion, and settle into my chair. The ocean is right in front of me, big, blue, clear, and inviting. I am in a trance watching the waves and feel so at ease. Life is good. I get up and wander down to the water’s edge, wade into the water, and dive in. I swim around for a few minutes to cool off, get out, and head back to my chair. As I’m drying off I see Shawn heading in my direction. He’s got 3 buddies with him. Hmm, could be fun. One has a backpack with a baseball mitt and bat in it. Another has a just a mitt. Nice, athletes, they should have some stamina. “Hey Max, good to see you again.” Shawn says walking up and shaking my hand. “You too Shawn.” “These are my college buddies, Ash, Bull, and Larry. We played ball together.” The guys are checking me out, but not in a sexual way, more like they’re sizing me up. “Hey guys, what’s up?” “Not much.” Larry says. He’s the one with just the mitt. Bull has the bat and mitt. Ash doesn’t have a backpack or bag with him and he’s shirtless. Ash seems to be my height, but definitely has more muscle, probably weighs 225lbs. Lats are flaring, nice quads and abs. His pecs are huge and his nipples are right at the bottom, where the muscle curves back to his chest. His nips are prominent and he has a huge areola around them. This guy works out. I don’t see the signs of a roid body. He’s got nice black hair a bit of facial hair and a smooth dark brown body. He’s also got a couple tats on him. One on each bicep and another one on his left quad. He’s staring at me and seems to be undressing me with his eyes. Bull is definitely the biggest of the 4 of them. He must be 6’2” and 240lbs of muscle. His chest is pressing against his t-shirt like it wants out now, but no nipples are visible. Hopefully they will perk up when I suck and nibble on them. Arms look to be around 21 inches and have veins crawling all over them. Now there are some arms I could go to town on and blow a load or two. I see some acme on his shoulders. Uh-oh, roid boy. He could be violent in bed. Need to take care. Larry, is just looking around, like he’s looking for someone else. He’s the smallest of the three. My height, but maybe 150. Not skinny, but not as muscular as the rest of them. He as a bunch of tats all over him. Arms, legs, and I can see one or two through his t-shirt. He looks over to Shawn and something unsaid passes between them. Something is off here. Ding, ding, ding. I need to play it cool and see if I can get away. I ask, “You guys want to set up your stuff and relax for a while.” “Sure.” Says Shawn. He tosses his backpack down onto my blanket. Bull and Larry do the same. Ash walks to my chair and sits down. He looks up to me and says, “Shawn says you helped him out at the gym today.” He flexes a pec slowly, showing me his muscle control. A slight grin appears on his face. Fuck, play it cool. I easily say, “Yeah, he needed a spot when he was doing some presses.” Ash looks at me evenly says, “Not what I meant Max…You know the kind of help I’m talking about…” and he rubs his crotch and I see a rather large bulge form. He tenses a bicep and grins up at me. “Shawn said you like big biceps. Will these work?” and he tosses up an impressive double bi pose. I nod and say, “Very impressive Ash.” Larry adds coldly, “We know you gave him a blowjob. We think we each deserve one too, right guys?” Bull and Ash nod. Shawn is hanging back with an evil grin on his face. He’s looking around with Larry to make sure no one is nearby. “Guys, I’d be happy to help you out if you leave me alone afterwards. I don’t want any trouble.” I look over to Shawn and ask, “Do this often?” Indicating to the other three guys. He laughs and says nastily, “Only when I find a queer at my gym. Dude, you guys need to stop coming to our gym, it’s for straight guys. You gays need to get your own. We don’t need you staring at us, it’s fucking disgusting.” I hold my tongue. I instead say, “Like I said, I’ll blow each of you if you just leave me alone afterwards.” “Maybe, bitch.” Ash says as he leans up in the chair and is about to get up. “Hey Max, these the friends you were talking about?” It’s Kenny from the house in the dunes. “Fuck off princess.” Bull says. “Mind your own business. We’re having a conversation with Curly.” Kenny says, “Hmmm, looks more like you want to beat him up and then probably rape him.” As he points to the bat and mitts. I am dumbfounded. My mind didn’t even consider they’d rape me, but now the bat and mitts make sense. “But you wouldn’t be able to do that here on the beach. How were you going to get him off the beach with you? Gag him and tie him up? There are too many people around and he’s onto you.” “Again, fuck off queer.” Bull says rather loudly, as he reaches down for his bat. Ash gets out of the chair and walks toward Kenny. “Bull, Ash, calm down.” Shawn says evenly from behind us. Bull and Ash stop and everyone turns to him. He looks at Kenny and says, “You did hear Max say he was willing to give my buddies blowjobs, so I don’t see what you’re concerned about. We’ll let him be after we’re done with him, promise.” And he gives a smart-assed grin. He continues. “Ash, why don’t you and Max’s friend hang out down here for a while? I’ll send Larry and Bull down once they’re done and it’s your turn.” Ash walks over to Kenny and puts an arm over his shoulders and squeezes their bodies together. Ash outweighs Kenny by 35lbs. Kenny plays it cool and evenly looks at Shawn and says, “This isn’t happening.” “Yes, it is.” Shawn says back flatly. Ash knocks Kenny’s knees out from under him and Kenny is on the ground. Shawn looks at me and says, “Up to you Max. Ash could do some serious harm to your buddy if I tell him to. You coming along?” I stubbornly say, “Ok.” Kenny looks at me shaking his head. “Good, let’s get the party started.” Shawn says clapping his hands together. “Ash, the guys will be back as soon as possible. Try to keep your muscles under control.” “No promises Shawn.” As he flexes a bicep in Kenny’s face. Ash and Shawn laugh. Larry leads us off the beach followed by Bull, myself and Shawn in the back. As we pass the house where I met Kenny, I see Stu come out the door. “Hey Max, Kenny went down to meet up with you. Did he find you?” Shawn says back, “Nope, didn’t see him.” And pushes me along. I look up to Stu with a frightened look in my eyes. Stu just turns and goes into the house. He shuts the door and I hear him yell to someone named Jason, but we’re past the house before I hear anything else. We get to Shawn’s van and he pops the side door and slides it open. He waves for me to get in. I glance inside and see it is pretty much empty, except for an old mattress covering the metal floor. As I get in, I turn to see a huge guy coming down the path. He must be 6’3” and 250lbs of muscle. Buzz-cut blonde hair, the clearest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, no shirt on, gym shorts, and flip flops. Fuck, it’s the guy from the gym earlier today, who I only saw from behind. As Shawn starts to slide the door shut, the guy puts his left hand on the door and it instantly stops. He says in a deep voice, “Max, Stu said you left some stuff in the house and to go get it.” He looks at Shawn and says, “Leave him alone Shawn.” Shawn responds. “Don’t have a problem with you Jay, but stay out of this.” Bull comes around from the back of the van and says, “Back off muscles, he’s coming with us for some fun.” Larry is a few steps back from Blonde and is eyeing him up. Blonde doesn’t even look at Bull and just says to Shawn, “No, he is not.” And Bull swings the bat. It hits Blonde on the shoulder, the bat shatters, but he doesn’t even flinch. He looks at me again and calmly says, “Max, I need you to go into the house. I’ll be right behind you.” I stare at him. He nods his head and I jump out. Shawn reaches for me, but Blonde’s hand is quicker, fast as a blur, and he’s got Shawn’s hand in his. He starts to apply pressure and Shawn starts to contort his face in pain. “Please Max, go now.” I start up the path and see Stu coming down. I meet him halfway and he says, “Don’t worry, Jay can take care of himself.” He ushers me into the house and locks the door. We start going up the steps to the main level. I hear a muffled sound like a hammer hitting metal. It must be the guys at the van, but I have no idea what would make that type of sound as the van was pretty much empty. I’m freaked out about what just happened and my mind is racing, “What about Kenny? They left him with Ash, who is lot bigger than he is.” I’m looking around, wanting to get back down to the beach to try to help Kenny. Stu grabs my shoulders, turns me to face him and says, “Kenny’s no fool. And Jay will be on his way down there in a minute to help him.” “But there were three of them at the van, what if they overpower him?” I start to babble and am getting sweaty. “Yeah, it could be an issue, but Jay knows what he’s doing.” Stu is remarkable calm and is looking me right in the eyes. I stare at Stu without knowing what to say. I hear Larry yell out in pain, then go silent. I look at Stu again and he just nods to a chair in the living room area. I sit down tentatively, on the edge of the seat. Have I gone from frying pan to fire? My brain is spinning. I can feel my heart beating what feels like a thousand times a minute. Fuck, I’m 22, I was almost beaten up and raped, but now, who knows what. Something tells me I’m going to be ok, but I’m having a hard time processing what’s just happened to me. Stu says, “You feel ok, you look a bit pale.” “I feel….” And I get up and run out onto the deck and throw up over the railing. “Guess not.” Is all Stu says from behind me. “Stay there. Let me get you some water.” I stand there and throw up again. I feel a bit better and see this Jay person walk past the house towards the beach. He has purpose to his step. I see the spot where Bull’s bat hit him. It’s a bit red, but that’s it. Jay disappears over the dunes and is walking toward where I had set up my umbrella. Stu comes back out and hands me the water. “Like I said, Jay can handle himself.” “I’m beginning to believe you.” 4 minutes later Jay and Kenny are walking back. Kenny has my cart with all my stuff. Jay is carrying Ash over his shoulder. Kenny turns and comes up the ramp to the house. Jay keeps walking down the path, out of sight, to Shawn’s van. Stu meets Kenny at the top of the ramp and gives him a kiss and asks, “You ok? Everything ok?” Kenny glances to me and looks back to Stu and pulls him in for another kiss. He then whispers something in his ear. “Fuck.” Is all Stu says and Kenny just nods. Stu turns to me and says, “Where are you staying? Where is your car?” I stumble over my answers, “My car is about 4 blocks away. I don’t have a place to stay. I was hoping to meet someone and well, you know...” Now, I’m totally embarrassed. “I should go. I think I’ve caused enough problems and don’t want to drag you guys into it. I can just head to the police station and file a report or something.” “Too late Max.” Kenny says. I look at him quizzically. “Jay knocked out all guys.” My mouth just falls open. “But, they will be ok. He’s driving the van back to the gym and will leave the guys in the van to recover. As for the police, we can handle that for you. We know the local cops pretty well, plus once they hear our version, you should be in the clear. It may be best if you stayed here for the rest of the day and tonight. I need to follow Jay to the gym and drive him back. Stu will take you to get your car, ok?” I nod yes, what else can I do? Stu and I jump into his SUV and head out. “What did I get myself into?” I mumble quietly. “Don’t worry too much about it Max. The police shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Shawn and his buddies on the other hand...” I glance over to him, “You know them?” “We see them around town and they have a reputation for not liking gay men. Not sure why, and really don’t care.” “But I saw Jay at the gym today? And Shawn told me he doesn’t like gay guys at his gym?” “Would you mess with Jay?” “I guess not.” I say confused and Stu picks up on it. “Jay doesn’t like to go to that gym for the reason you just mentioned, but he also says it’s the best one in town, so who’s going to argue with him? He’s said Shawn doesn’t like when he comes in, but gives him a wide berth.” Stu gives me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and says, “Looks like we got to you just in time. Kenny saw them walk past the house and figured he’d head down to make sure they weren’t the ‘friends’ you were waiting for.” “Yeah, Kenny saved my life.” I say. I continue, “Sorry about throwing up near your deck.” “Not to worry. I bucket of water will wash it away.” Stu laughs. “Least of my worries today.” We get to my car, I fumble with my keys and Stu looks at me and says, “You sure, you’re going to be good to drive back?” “Yeah. I just need to take a few deep breathes.” I get out and lean against my car. I look over to Stu and say, “I think I’ll just take off, Stu. It may be best for everyone if I disappeared.” Stu gets out of his and stands in front of me. “Max, I’d like for you to stay the night with us. You’re in no shape to drive home and you already said you don’t have a place to stay, so…” I hesitantly say, “Ok.” Stu leans in and gives me a gently hug. I tentatively hug him back. We get back to the house and Kenny and Jay are there. I walk in and Kenny walks to me and gives me a hug. “You ok buddy?” he asks. “I’ll make it. Still a bit un-nerved.” I respond with a bit of a joke in my voice. I see Jay sitting outside on the deck. He’s put a t-shirt on. “Is he ok? He took a bat to his shoulder.” Both guys nod yeah. “Can I talk to him?” They look at each other and nod yes. I walk out, sit across from Jay. He looks up and I say, “Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but it’s all I can offer.” He puts his giant left hand on my right thigh and gently squeezes. I can feel the restrained power he has. “As long as you’re ok, it’s all the thanks I need.” And he softly applies pressure. I put my hand on top of his and we look each other in the eyes. His blue eyes are alive and sparkling and he seems to be looking right into my heart and soul. I think to myself I’d never have a shot with this guy. He’s all muscle and good looks. He’s got to have someone waiting for him. “I hope Bull didn’t hurt you. He was a big guy and the bat shattered when it hit you.” “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just need to massage the area and put some ice on it.” “Your boyfriend around to help you out with the massage?” I ask very innocently. “Don’t have one right now.” He says evasively. I try to keep my jaw from falling off. He sees my astonishment and says, “Being a big guy can be a turn-off to quite a few people, believe it or not.” “Yeah, I have that problem all the time.” I say very jokingly and puff out my chest. He looks up and smiles a genuine smile. “Good one, curly.” The way he says curly just makes me melt. He reaches over and puts his right hand in my curls and plays with them. It feels great. ** The next thing I remember is waking up in a dark vehicle and being rocked from side to side. I hear Shawn’s voice, but cannot make out where he is. He’s yelling at someone to turn and the van rocks to the left. I roll over and bang my head on the side of the van. I almost pass out again. Fuck. We ride along for another 5 minutes and the van comes to a stop. Doors open and shut. The side door slides open and I see Shawn and Bull, both bruised and angry. Bull just grabs my leg and pulls me to the opening, punches me in the stomach, lifts me over his shoulder, and carries me to where ever we’re going. More doors open and shut I see we’re back at the gym. Shawn locks to doors once we’re in the gym. We make our way thru the gym floor and he opens another door and we are going up some steps. There must be an apartment above the gym. Shawn turns some lights on and I squint. My head hurts. Shawn yells, “Ash, wake up.” Bull drops me into a chair and from behind me someone throws a rope over my head and they tie me to the chair, must be Ash. Duct tape is put over my mouth. Shawn appears in front of me. His cuts and bruises are worse than I though. He slaps my face a few times and taunts me saying, “Well, well Max, looks like we have you back for that fun you promised us earlier.” And he smiles a crooked smile. “Don’t worry, we’ll be alone for a while. Jay may be big and strong, but a shovel to the back of his head knocked him out pretty nicely.” I just stare at him. “Kenny and Stu were easier. Bull just punched them out, little queens.” He almost spits out the last two words. He goes on, “But first we need to make some changes. Your hair for one.” He looks at me shaking his head. “It’s gotta go. ‘Curly’ may be a nice nickname, but these curls are just too much. You need a manly haircut.” He’s tugging on my hair with some force and straighten out the curls. “Yeah, they go first. Ash, grab my scissors from the drawer.” I hear the drawer open, some rummaging around, and it shuts. Ash hands them over my shoulders. I keep my eyes open. No use struggling or showing fear as there is nothing I can do at this point. Snip, snip, snip…and my hair falls to the ground. He’s taking his time and mocking me every so often. “You really thought you’d get out of giving us blowjobs? Well, Larry is not able to participate, but you can make it up to Bull and Ash. They might be bruised up, but trust me, they’re horny as fuck, and not just horny for a blowjob, but an angry horny and your ass and mouth will help them work out their aggressions.” He continues snipping off my curls. He’s almost done when we hear glass break below. Shawn stops, looks up suddenly, looks to Bull and Ash, points at the door to the stairwell, and says, “Lock that door and move the sofa in front of it.” Shawn bends down and just picks up the chair I’m in and carries me back to a bedroom. He’s stronger than I thought. Bull and Ash move the sofa into place and follow us in. They shut this door, lock it, and the two of them move a heavy oak dresser in front of the door. I hear footsteps on the stairs and Jay calls out, “Max, you in there?” I cannot answer. “Shawn, God help you if you’ve done anything to him.” Bull starts to yell, but Shawn shushes him and yells back, “Jay, just go home and never come back to the gym and we’ll call it even.” There is a pounding on the door and it sounds like a sledgehammer hitting it. Shawn calmly says, “Bull, there is another bat in my closet. Ash, break off a table leg or two.” Pointing to a table in the corner. The pounding gets louder and the walls shake. I hear drywall and two by fours cracking. The guys in this room are starting to sweat. The apartment door sounds like it explodes and the floor rumbles as Jay just propels the sofa out of his way. “Last chance Shawn. I’m coming into the bedroom whether you want me to or not.” “Fuck you Jay. You come thru and I will seriously hurt Max.” The wall next to the door disintegrates into dust and rubble and Jay appears. He’s got on the t-shirt from when we were on the deck, but it’s all torn up. There is a nasty looking bruise on the right side of his face and some dried blood on his cheek. He’s got some cuts and blood dripping off his arms and hands. His eyes are on fire, with a rage I’d never seen in a person before. Bull swings the bat at him, but Jay grabs the bat in mid-air and it comes to a sudden stop. Bull tries to pull it back, but Jay just looks at him with an anger and contempt that would send most sane people running for cover. He simply wrenches the bat out of Bull’s hand and crushes it with his fingers. With his other hand he lifts Bull up by his shirt and tosses him against the wall which is 5 feet away. Bull bangs his head and is down, but is not out. Ash charges Jay with the table leg as a spear and Jay easily swats him into the dresser. The sound of Ash’s body hitting the dresser tells me he’s broken some bones and is knocked out. Jay picks up the table leg and holds it out in front for Shawn to see. He calmly says, “Shawn, let him go or else.” And he snaps the leg in half. His muscles never moved, his voice never wavered. It’s like he was breaking dry pasta in his hands. I’m now beginning to see why he didn’t want me around when he first saved me. His power is incredible and for me to see it must bother him. He probably doesn’t like to use it unless it is absolutely necessary. Well, I think this is one of those times. Shawn is standing behind me and casually says, “One more step and I…” and Jay moves like a blur and is behind me. I hear Shawn’s body hit the back wall and he moans in pain. Bull is up and moving toward Jay from behind. I try to rock the chair over. It tips and I crash to the floor banging my head just as Bull is about to pass me. He trips over me and lands right behind Jay, at his feet. Jay turns around, sees me on the ground and Bull trying to get up. Jay reaches down, grabs Bull and says, “Let’s go for a walk little man.” He looks at me, gently removes the duct tape from my mouth and says, “Max, I will be back in two minutes, stay calm, this is almost over.” “Not like I can go anywhere.” Jay smiles a sad smile and runs his hand along the side of my cheek. “2 minutes.” He picks up Bull by his waist, hefts him over his shoulder and walks out the opening he created. I hear them go down the steps into the gym. It sounds like Jay is knocking Bull’s head against the stairwell walls on purpose. They reach the bottom of the steps and a few seconds later Bull yells out in pain. Oh God, what did Jay do to him? A minute later Jay is coming back up the stairs. He appears in the opening again. “You’re 5 seconds late. I’m disappointed.” I smile at him. He grins back, walks over, frees me from the chair and helps me up. He looks at me to see if I can walk. I can. He makes sure Ash and Shawn are still out cold and we walk thru the opening he made, and start down the steps. I wobble a bit and instinctively grab his arm to steady myself. He puts his left hand on my shoulder to steady me. We get to the bottom and he directs me to the door, but I see Bull pinned to a rack machine with a Titan Battle rope wrapped around his body with his arms pinned to his side. He’s yelling at Jay and screaming in pain at the same time. Jay ushers me out of the building. “Do you need to go to the ER?” There is concern in his voice and eyes. I shake my head no. He starts the car and we drive away. “What about you? You took a shovel to the head according to Shawn.” “Yeah, but it would have taken a lot more than that jackass hitting me with a shovel to put me down for any length of time.” He waved his hand at the building behind us and continues, ”Plus I think I was running on pure adrenaline once I saw they took you from the house.” “That’s one big dose of adrenaline you were on.” He blushes and I turn the conversation away so as not to embarrass him anymore, “How are Stu and Kenny?” “They’re fine. I’m sure they’re in the shower together, massaging each other’s bruises.” I stare at him. I put my hand on the side of his face and he puts a hand on my leg and gently squeezes. I run my hand along his face and feel his stubble and see the bruise forming. I move my hand to the back of his neck and the buzzed hair. I gently play with it. He moans and says, “Careful.” And glances down to his crotch. I see the bulge and look back into his eyes. We come to a stop light and he smiles at me and leans over. I meet him and give him a kiss. He hesitantly returns it and applies more pressure to my leg. We break the kiss and he starts to drive again as the light has turned green. He softly puts his hand on my head and neck. “I’m sorry I did not get here in time to stop Shawn from cutting off your curls. Now I have nothing to run my fingers thru.” “They’ll grow back big guy. Hopefully you’ll be around to watch it happen.” “I wouldn’t miss it.” And he playfully rubs my head. We drive the rest of the way in silence. We pull in to the driveway and he says, “Let’s get you in the house and get you cleaned up.” He runs his hand along my cheek and the back of my neck. I continue to play with the short hairs on the back of his neck. “But I’m not tired and I bet you still have some of that adrenaline running thru your body.” I ogle him up and down and he blushes. I nod at his bulge and say, “I could help you with that as long as you don’t put me thru a wall like you did to Shawn.” He laughs out loud and says, “I didn’t put him ‘through’ the wall, he just became part of it for a few seconds.” Now it’s my turn to laugh. We get out of the car, go into the house and up the steps to the main floor. The lights are off, but we see Kenny and Stu are on the deck, in a lounge chair, in each other’s arms. They see us in the kitchen area and we walk to the sliders. I ask, “Are you guys ok? I’m sorry I’ve caused you so many problems today.” They nod and Stu says, “Max, it’s cool. We’re just glad Jay was able to get to you in time.” “Well, almost in time.” I say rubbing my newly hacked up head of hair. Stu suddenly sees what’s happened and they both get up and come over to me. Kenny mockingly says, “Jay, how could you let this happen to Max?” He gently runs his hand over my scalp. ”Now we can’t call him curly and it’s your fault.” Jay just rolls his eyes. Stu winks at me. I feel Jay’s arm come around my waist and he pulls me back into the house and he starts to close the sliders. He says goodnight to the guys and leads me up to the next floor. He takes me to the bedroom he’s staying in. It’s a nice big room with a King Size bed and an attached bathroom with a large stall shower. I see someone has put my bags in the room as well. He takes his tattered t-shirt off. The windows are wide open. I can hear the waves crashing into the beach, the crackle from the fire pit below, and crickets playing their songs. There is also an ocean breeze and it is cooling the room. I feel a slight chill. Jay sees me shiver, walks over, closes the windows, and puts his arms around me and pulls me in for a hug. I put my head on his chest and notice he has very little hair there. Wonder if this holds true for the rest of his body. I feel him delicately kiss the top of my head. He rubs his hands up and down my back warming me up. I turn my head and kiss his pecs. He tightens the muscles and they turn to stone. I continue to kiss them. He releases his hug, lets his chest relax and walks us to the shower. He turns the water on and while we wait for it to hear up, we strip each other naked. This mostly involves Jay tearing my t-shirt, shorts, and underwear off in about 2 seconds, and me struggling to pull his shorts down over his huge dick. Once I free his monster, I let out a soft whistle. He blushes and turns away. I walk back around in front of him. I look up into his blue eyes and he glances down into my deep brown eyes. I put my right hand on his dick and he flinches ever so slightly. I put my left hand on his right cheek and rub the stubble and blood caked on it. “What?” I ask softly. He sits down on a bench and looks down. “Still trying to figure things out.” He say embarrassingly. “Oh, Jay. Why didn’t you say something? I can shower alone and sleep in another room if you’re uncomfortable. I just thought you were out based on the way Kenny and Stu talked about you, you know…” “Not sure where I am. I know how I feel and how I want to feel, but sometimes…” He trails off. He looks up to me and continues, “Kenny, Stu, and some other guys HAVE been great in helping me, but I have a hard time when it gets to the sex stuff. I’ve been with women, but not with a guy, so when you asked about me having a boyfriend, well, I always use ‘being big’ as my excuse.” I stare at him and think, for everything this guy has done for me today, I gotta help him as much as I can without coming across as an asshole. “Can I ask some blunt questions Jay? I’m not trying to be mean or rude, I just want to help you get to the bottom of this.” He nods ok. “Are you afraid you’ll hurt someone with that?” And I point toward his dick, which is now flaccid. He nods yes, but looks toward the floor. “Are you afraid of someone taking advantage of you because of your size and muscles?” He shrugs his shoulders. “Are you afraid of me giving you a mind blowing blow job?” His head snaps up, “What?” “Just making sure you’re not drifting away in your own self-doubt.” He eyes me up. “We all have or have had the same issues when we discovered who we are. You have nothing to be ashamed of, Jay.” Now it’s my turn to my hand on his chin and lift it up so he is looking at me. “Let’s start with taking the shower together. Have you ever done that with a guy?” He tentatively shakes his head yes. “Ok, then it should not be too bad. Mind you, I will be washing you, so if that bothers you, you need to let me know, so I can slap you around some.” I smile a mischievous grin and he chuckles. “You don’t think I’ll do it, do you?” And now he is smiling. He gets up and turns to step into the shower and I slap his ass as hard as I can. My hand is stinging and he glances over his shoulder and calmly says, “You ok back there? I thought I felt something hit me, but could be mistaken.” “No, I’m good.” I say as I shake my hand out and massage my palm. I step in behind him and close the door. He turns away from me and puts his head under the shower and soaks his hair and body. I grab the soap, lather up my hands, and begin with his back. I reach up to his shoulders and spread my hands wide and rub circles on the area. I take care to be gentle around the red area where Bull hit him the first time with the bat. I include his upper back. With the denseness of his muscles I feel like I am rubbing a stone wall, and now I know why getting hit with the bat and shovel didn’t faze him too much. I continue on and move to his mid-lats and sides. His back tapers down to a proportionately sized waist. I carefully move my hands around the area and he seems to enjoy it. He bends over slightly and his bubble butt sticks out. I lather up some more and rub both cheeks and slide my hand into his crack. Damn, not a hair to be found on this guy. Wonder how much he shaves off and how hairless he really is. I move to his legs and realize they are tree trunks. No wonder I couldn’t squeeze them when we were in the car. I finish his back and ask if he minds turning around so I can do his front. He slowly turns around and I see his dick is erect. My jaw drops open, my eyes bug out, and my hands go to the shower wall for support, it’s fucking bigger than before. He blushes and turns away from me. I grab his bicep and coax him to turn back. This time I have a normal face on and move closer to him. I lather up again and start with his face. I lean up and gently wash the caked on blood off his face, and lightly stroke his jaw and neck. He closes his eyes and hums softly. His dick bobs up and down, slapping me in my abs and lower chest. I move down to his clavicle and upper chest. I rub circles on the muscles again and he tenses his chest and pecs as I run my hands over them. He seems to be scared of me touching him in any kind of sexual way. I slow my movements and just let me hands rest on his chest. His breathing evens out. His chest relaxes and I start my cleaning again. I move to his lower chest and abs. I count an 8 pack. Even un-flexed, they are fucking incredible. Each one a brick and prominent. I rub my hands over them carefully. He blushes and looks away. I move one hand to his chin and turn it back to face me. I lean up to my tippy toes and gently kiss him on his cheek. He smiles and runs his hands up and down my back. I move a bit lower and softly take his dick into my hand and just wash it off. I don’t want to get too playful yet. Need to see how this goes. I glance down and see he doesn’t have any hair on or around his dick and balls. “Are you completely hairless? Or do you shave it all off?” “I shave my pits and privates. Everywhere else, I’m pretty much smooth as a baby’s bottom. I do have a light amount of hair in some areas, but it’s so faint and sparse I don’t bother with it.” “Lucky you. Have you seem me, I might as well be wearing a winter coat on my chest if I don’t trim it up regularly.” He puts his left hand on my chest and caresses my chest hair. I puff out my chest and hold my breath. He laughs and pats my pecs. “Impressive big guy. I may have some competition.” “Damn straight little man.” We both laugh. “I’m done with you. How comfortable would you be helping me out?” He nods ok and takes the soap and lathers up. He gets behind me and squats down and starts at my ankles and works his way up. His arms are so big and long, he doesn’t need me to turn around, he just reaches around me when has to. He skips my privates and moves up to my abs and chest. Here he slows and playfully rubs my abs and squeezes my pecs. I tense up my pecs, but they are nowhere near as hard as his were. He lightly pulls on my nipples and I sigh. I can feel his erection behind me, right around my lower back. When he reaches around me, it is pressed into my body. I really want to get my lips on it or have him try to shove it up my ass, but again, I need to go slowly. He gets to my head and I turn to face him. He puts both hands on my face and caresses both jaw lines and cheeks. He delicately rubs my earlobes and I feel my erection grow stronger. He grabs the shampoo from the side shelf and gets a nice lather going and delicately puts both hands on my head. He swirls his hands around in a circular motion with his fingertips massaging my scalp. I sigh and move closer to him. I reach my arms out and around him and hug him again. His body tenses for a split second, but then relaxes. He continues to massage my head and my upper back. The soap and shampoo run down my back thru my crack and then down my legs. It feels so right. He lets one of his hands wander down my spine to the top of my crack. On the way up he runs his thumb up my spine, raking it across each vertebrae. I shudder and melt into his body. My dick releases a shot of pre-cum onto his lower abs. I think he feels it because he moves his body to spread it around. I release my hug and move under the showerhead to rinse off. He does the same once I’m done. We turn the water off, step out of the shower, and grab some towels. I offer to dry him off, but he declines. Damn, I thought we were making progress. I walk back into the bedroom and rummage through my backpack for a pair of shorts. I slip them on and see him standing there, completely naked, fading erection, muscles glistening, and I want to run over and jump into his arms. Fuck it. I decide to do it. I drop my shorts to my ankles, step out of them, and take three steps and jump up. He catches me with a surprised look in his eyes. I start to kiss him. He hesitantly returns my kiss, but I keep at it, lightly kissing him, then more aggressively. I put my right hand behind his head and keep our lips locked. He doesn’t fight me. He moves his hands under my ass and cradles me. I wrap my legs around his waist, trapping my dick against his abs. His dick it sliding along my crack. He starts to return my kisses and finally open his mouth. I slip my tongue in and massage the inside of his mouth. He sighs, moves one arm from my ass to my back, and tries to pull me a bit closer. Now my dick is being crushed. I release our kiss and ask, “Better?’ He nods yes. I can see his eyes are more at ease. I continue, “Good. Now, can you please release the vice grip on my back, my dick is being flattened against the brick wall you call abs, and I kind of need my dick…” He softly chuckles and says, “Got caught up in the moment and wanted you as close to me as possible.” “Ok, but I don’t want to become part of your body.” He laughs. I nod towards the bed and he walks us over and sets me on the edge. I gently heft his dick and he stands ramrod still and I look up at him and say, “It would be a bit easier if you relaxed a bit. You’re so tense your dick is as hard as a steel beam. Not that that’s a bad thing, the steel beam thing, but…” and I gently bat his dick on the side and it doesn’t move. He lets out a deep breath and seems to relax a bit. I take his tip into my mouth run my tongue over and around it. I kiss it several times and lap at the pre-cum which is oozing out. I notice he has not made a sound the entire time. I glance up and see his eyes are shut and he is holding his breath. Oh boy, I need to try to calm him down some more. I put more in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the mushroom head and the area right behind it. I know that area is full of nerves, so I want to stimulate him there and see what happens. I massage the area for a few minutes. He suddenly tenses and I think, Oh fuck, then boom, he unleashes a torrent of cum. The first shot pushes my head off his dick, but I catch most of it in my mouth. I reach my hand out and grasp his unit and pull myself back up. His second shot coats my face. I get my mouth back on him in time for the third volley. Which is still powerful and I grip his dick as hard as I can so I am not pushed off again. His final shot dribbles out onto my tongue. I swallow. I look up to his eyes and he looks down with something between embarrassment and unfettered pleasure. I pat him on his abs and wink at him. He slowly breaks into a smile. He reaches down and picks me up by my armpits and brings my face to his and he plants a sloppy gentle kiss on my lips, coating part of his face in his own cum. He doesn’t seem to mind. I put my hands on his biceps to steady myself and notice he’s not even flexing. I massage both bi’s and wink at him. He stands me up on the bed and tosses up the most incredible double bi pose I have ever seen. I take three quick yanks on my dick and explode all over his abs and chest. Now it’s his turn to wink at me. I jump back into his arms and wrap my arms around his neck. I pull as close to him as I can and smear my jizz all over his body. He sighs. He turns around and sits on the bed. I release my hug and he scoots back so his head is on the pillows. He puts his hands behind his head and playfully flexes his biceps. I crawl up his body and plop my butt on his midsection. I lean down for more kisses. I plant my hands on his pecs, he flexes them, and they turn to stone, like they were in the shower, but different. Now he is getting playful. The stress and anxiety are melting away. I gently tug on his nipples while still kissing him. He hums. Both our dicks are still erect. Mine just from the shear excitement of the situation. Not sure about his. Will need to find out. I continue to kiss him and start to move my ass down toward his dick. When I bump into it, it’s still hard as a steel beam. I cock an eyebrow at him and he only winks back. Good for me, a man who has staying power. I unabashedly rub my ass along the length of his unit and he flexes it and it thumps me a few times. I lean up and reach behind me and tug on it a few times. He just lays there and smiles. I softly ask, “I want you to put it in me, but only if you are up for it.” And I tug him savagely a few times. He slowly nods yes and says, “I just don’t want to hurt you Max.” I pat him on the chest again and teasingly say, “I’ll be fine. It’s you I’m worried about. My ass has been known to bring most men to tears.” And I wink at him. He grins back, leans up, grabs me by waist, and slowly puts me on the tip of his unit. “No condom?” I ask. “I trust you Max.” and he applies the slightest bit of pressure and his mushroom head pops into my ass. I gasp and he starts to pull me off. I nod my head no and he stops. I put my hands on his forearms. I wiggle my ass a bit and start to descend the steel beam. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…I loosen my ass as much as I can and suddenly I’m half way down. I am sweating profusely and I realize I have death grip on his arms, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He’s released my waist and is letting me work my way down. I continue to wiggle and I’m three quarters of the way down. I can feel the veins on his dick pulsing in my ass and he is spurting pre-cum into me like a dripping faucet. I’m at my limit and clamp my ass shut to keep from going any further down. I release his forearms, lean forward just a bit, put my hands on his chest and start my back and forth motion. He is staring into my eyes. They are now twinkling with the joy I was looking for. I move my left hand to his right cheek and softly massage him. He leans up, kisses me, and says “Thank you.” I kiss him on his nose. My motion is slow and deliberate at first, so he can get comfortable with his dick in my ass. I continue to wiggle around and he sighs and arches his back. He runs the fingers of his right hand thru the hair on my chest, twisting the hairs, and softly pulling them. He puts his left hand on the side of my head and plays with the coarsely chopped hair there. His movements are so gentle, it is weird to think back a few hours this incredible body of muscle was bursting through walls and throwing guys around like they were rag dolls to rescue me. Because these memories are so fresh and vivid in my mind, my dick becomes rock hard. The thought of those muscles and what they can do, spooks me and turns me on so much at the same time. I have to take a second to put each feeling in its own special place. I want to see him twist metal easily, throw around hundreds of pounds of weight like it’s nothing, and lift me up with one hand just to show off. But at the same time, I want to cuddle with him on a carpet, in front of a roaring fireplace, in the mountains, during a snowstorm. I want him wrap his big arms around my lower back, pick me up, and hug me like I’m the only one in the world. I want to fall asleep with him under warm covers where we lay face to face and make out with long sloppy, messy, saliva filled kisses until we both pass out from exhaustion. I want to use his biceps as pillows and have him play with my curly hair when it grows back. Fuck, I want to spend the rest of my life with this mountain of muscle. This is the guy I want to take home to meet my family and finally say, I’ve met the man of my dreams, and not because of his muscle, but because of who he is. This man saved my life twice in one day and wanted nothing in return. He treats me with respect and likes me for who I am. I pull myself out of my revelry and see he is staring at me with a quizzical look on his face, like where were you just now. I just shake my head and lean down and lay a peck of a kiss on his nose. I ask, “Are you ready for the grand finale?” He nods yes. I smile and evil smile and he gets a giddy look on his face like he knows the biggest present in the room on Christmas morning is all his and he has no intention of sharing it. I pick up my pace and lean down to nibble on nipples. They turn hard and erect. I lap at them, coating the area with saliva. Jay is taking it all in and his body seems to be completely relaxed. I keep up the pace for a good 5 minutes. I can tell he is at ease with fucking me and I’m used to his steel girder in my ass, so it’s time to blow these fireworks. I move my ass backwards with a couple quick savage thrusts. Now it’s Jay’s turn for his eyes to roll into the back of his head. I squeeze his dick with all my might and am pumping him as furiously as possible. He starts to squirm under me. I keep up the vicious pumping action and beat on his chest a few times for good measure. He only laughs and says. “That the best you got curly?” I beat on his chest harder and he continues to laugh and says, “Come on little man, give me your best shot.” I stop beating his chest and continue to apply pressure on his dick by constricting my ass muscles as tightly as I can. He puts his hands on my waist and says, “Here, let me help you.” He gently, but firmly lifts me up, almost all the way off, and slams me all the way down his rod. I am now fully embedded and have taken him to the root. Oh fuck, it feels good. I wiggle my ass some more and tense my ass muscles again. I try to milk him from within and it seems to work. I reach one hand around my body and start to fondle his hairless balls. I massage them and then move to the area between his ball sac and his hole. I slide my index finger across this area several times and he starts to shudder. I keep it up and brutally bang my ass into his midsection and lower abs. He suddenly grabs my waist and does one more up and down motion. He takes his hands off my waist and places one on my shoulder. He explodes into me. I think if he hadn’t been holding me down, I’d have been shot off his dick about 2 feet. The first two shots coat my sides. I don’t think there is enough room for more. I lean forward and start to pull myself off him to allow room. His third shot literally pushes me 2 more inches off him. His final volley has the strength of what my first shot would have. Thinking of my own dick, I look down to see he had wrapped one of his hands around it and was jacking me off. I came all over his chest and abs. Jay has a smile a mile wide. His smile makes me smile as well. I fall onto his chest and he pulls my head to his. I say, “I think I love you Jay.” He grins and replies, “Good, because I’m pretty sure I love you Max.” **** I come back from my memories and see Jay has come outside and is on the chair across from me, just staring at me. He says, “You were a million miles away, weren’t you.” I get up, walk over to his chair, and sit in his lap and say, “No, just a few feet in fact.” And I glance up toward the bedroom, then lean down to kiss him.
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Dr. Zaftig sighed with studied patience, as if for the fiftieth time. It was part of the little act he put on every time Sergeant Rod Moster demanded a special (and highly expensive) worship excursion for the army of musclemen. And with the launch of each new off-campus foray, Zaftig always had Moster on the carpet in his lavish office, though he knew nothing he could ever say would cancel the trip, change the plan, or unnerve the massive muscle monster. Still, Zaftig tried. Damn, it wasn't even good science. “Once again, privately scheduled sessions with our client supporters is good for business, and for the men, it’s good for – “ “I know, it’s all for their morale…. .” Another sigh. “Sir,” said Moster, trying a recently discovered new tactic. “I don’t have your kind of money,” Zaftig nodded. It was a reasonable argument. “None of the men do. And the men need to earn some heavy lucre as well during their good years. Private worship sessions are…” “Yes, yes, so you have said. And I know that for you, rather than seeing these men as fighting machines, or heralds of an eternal fountain of youth, you see them as sexual receptacles, monsters of muscle and able to confer fantastic favors. I know, I know.” Another sigh. “In any event, they have decades of good years yet to come. I’ve seen to that. My work has seen to that. And yeah, yeah, I know, I know. It’s all good for fucking morale. Frankly, I don’t see it.” Moster raised an eyebrow. Such language was unheard of for Zaftig. These trips – and the inevitable costly clean-up aftermath – must be getting to him. He changed his tone accordingly. “The men require outside worship sessions, sir, and more frequently than you allow. As and as for the money…” “Fine. FINE. FINE. Take them to LA but be back in 48 hours.” “72 hours.” “FINE.” A pause. “How much do they make?” “Sir?” “Come on. Money. How much are they paid? Per ‘appearance’, if you want to put it that way. What’s the going rate?” Moster coughed a little. “They average about $6,000 each per ‘appearance’ as it were.” Zaftig whistled. “Wow. I assume that’s the for the whole group?” “No.” Moster paused.”Per man.” Zaftig reflected.”Per man….” Zaftig took it in, his attitude changed. He nodded reflectively. “And how much time per…. . performance?” “About one hour each.” “$6,000 an hour?” “Sir, the men will do anything they are requested to do.” He paused. “Anything. With anyone. As long as their muscles are being admired. As long as they’re being worshipped. Touched. Stroked. Praised. Longed for…” “Yeah, yeah, I get it, I get it.” Sergeant Moster was silent. “You do realize that you’re prostituting them. Right? Yes? You know this?” Moster said nothing. “Your silence tells me that you do understand exactly that. Where are you going this time?” “Brentwood. Then the Hollywood Hills.” “Oh, Christ. Movie people?” “Some. The money is best there.” “Is Dr. Shaft coming with you?” Moster paused. He hadn’t wanted this. “Yes, of course, if you insist.” “I would prefer it, yes. And try to stay out of the papers this time.” Moster smiled. “You mean try to stay off TMZ. Off Facebook. Instagram, SnapChat and YouTube?” Zaftig snickered, in spite of himself. “Yes, thank you for reminding me that I’m antediluvian. I know. You make your point. Yes. Whatever. Stay off the radar. Whatever the radar is these days, and whatever that may mean. Low profile. That means no unexpected hospitalizations, either.” "The men won't require medical care.” "I'm not talking about the men, I'm taking about the poor saps who are paying thousands of dollars per man who get the shit beat out of them. Jaws broken, eyes blackened, smashed noses, all in the way of ‘worship. ’ “It’s not that violent, sir.” “Bullshit. Who are you taking? The new boy, Casey?” “Yes. I am guessing I may be able to get $15,000 for Casey. $8,000 in his pocket. Perhaps more. It will be his first time, and he’s eager. And – we suspect he has extraordinary inner desires of his own which may increase the quality of the experience.” "Who else?" "Alvarez, Lang, Hension, Waring, Schumacher, Washington, Abdul, Obatu, and Gunst.” "Right. Ten of them.” “Yes.” “What's that thing that Alvarez and Lang do together. . . ?" "Pose and approve, sir.” "Yes.” Zaftig chucked. “Pose and approve. That's good. No Blankenship? I though he was one of your hottest boys. Missing gap teeth, knocked out by Abdul, all that.” “He wants to stay behind and work on his pecs. He’s dissatisfied. And we’re replacing those missing teeth.” Zaftig nodded. He knew. $10,000 for caps. He sighed again. “His pecs are perfect now.” “He wouldn’t agree. I assume, sir, we have your permission to go?” “Ten of them. Eleven, with you. I assume you’re part of the display?” Moster smiled. “I get $12,000.” “God. Of course you do. Yes, yes, go, go. GO. Take a driver who will stay sober and off drugs. Take Ferdinand. He doesn’t care, for crissakes. And take a reserve of White Caps, and take $18,000 in petty cash. Get it from Rose in the outer office. Try not to spend it in one place. Be back by Sunday night. “Yes, sir.” “And check in with Dr. Irving before you go. Take him with you for the private sessions.” Moster started out. “I want video! Good video. And make sure you meet up with Dr. Shaft. I want him to observe.” Moster stopped in the doorway and smiled grimly. “Oh, he’ll like that.” “Yes, he will. Try not to beat the crap out of him this time, Sergeant.” “I hardly “beat” him up….” “Last time you saw him personally, he wound up with two black eyes, a broken nose, and couldn’t sit down for a month without a sitz pillow.” “He enjoyed it all, sir.” “I know he did. All the same, I need to keep him alive.” He smiled a little. “However, you may spank him if you must. I know you like that.” “I look forward to it, sir.” Zaftig sighed, frustrated as always that his chief research fellow, the talented Dr. Shaft, was so crazily in need to worship his muscular lab rats. “I need his latest research on the effects of P21a, the new serum we’re working on, to promote healthier vascularity. I don’t want my men to start collapsing of heart attacks when they’re 55. Or have my chief researcher get beaten to death, however pleasurably and however much he asks for it. ‘Observing’ – I know, it’s bullshit…” Moster smiled once again at Zaftig’s unusual terminology. “Your language, sir…” “Fuck you.” “Yes, sir.” “Not that I want to.” Moster nodded, again inwardly respectful. Zaftig was, at heart, pure, with no sexual needs or inner longer for his mountainous boys. Moster couldn’t say the same of himself, with his own ever-present, barely cloaked need to spank their rocky, perfect glutes and have them all worship at the fountain of his own gigantic cock. And, for the few who could manage it, get his own mountainous butt deeply fucked. And somehow, he felt this made Zaftig slightly the stronger of the two. Zaftig was still talking about Dr. Shaft. “Just don’t hurt him this time. Don’t sit on his face for an hour. Last January your ass broke his collarbone, and after he complained to me, you saw him again, and once again, he couldn’t sit down for a month. I need him with the Join Chiefs in February. Hopefully unbandaged, and able to sit.” “You got it, chief.” “Don’t call me chief.” “Sorry, Dr. Zaftig. Anything else?” “Yes. Keep an eye on the new boy.” “Rockland?” “Yes. This is his first of your worship tours, right?” “Yep. Yes, sir. It is indeed.” “He’s used to…. the games you put the men through…. by now?” Zaftig spoke with resigned distaste. “He took right to it, sir.” “I might have known. But then, the source was Miles Donovan’s gym, after all.” “I don’t believe he was active there.” “No, that’s right, he wasn’t, I remember now. All right. That boy shows promise. Don’t ruin him.” “I haven’t ruined any of the men yet, sir.” “You’ve injected them all with the psychological need to pose naked in front of strangers who then proceed to beg them for outlandish sexual favors. I am not sure of the long term effects of this.” Moster regarded him evenly for a moment. “I am,” he said. “I am sure.” And turned to go. ****** Slightly before dawn the next morning the Valhalla bus – a $250,000 custom job, replete with comfortable plush seating, overwide aisles, juice bar, high speed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a small snack counter - left the compound. Nine selected men, plus Sergeant Moster, Dr Irving, and the slightly disgusted if certainly envious, non-muscle worshipping bus driver Ferdinand were off to LA to make the select client rounds. Dr. Shaft had been alerted and was proceeding directly to LA in his own private car. Three appointments, in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and in the Hollywood Hills, had been discreetly confirmed by Rose. The Hollywood Hills stop was to be the first of the evening – and was the biggest. The total cash earnings for the weekend of muscle worship in three locations might exceed $200,000. Barring any unusual cleanup expenses (furniture damage, walls replaced, carpet torn up and relaid, plumbing bills, broken windows, and so forth), hospitalizations or lawyer fees, the net gain could exceed $160,000. And after the appointments, the men were also to be allowed some free time after the obligatory scheduled visits. Each man was given a tablet and a private burner phone to make their own private client appointments. An hour into the drive, the men were finally calm, quiet, settled in, and busy. They all wore oversized, roomy grey sweats, Valhalla logos blazened across massive chests. Workout that morning had been scheduled for 4 AM, with another afternoon workout planned at Gold’s in Venice, which had been privately booked for the occasion, at a cost of $30,000. Biceps had been blasted to the explosion point, pecs worked past all expectations. Extra doses of P21 had been supplied and the already damaged muscles were well on their way to repair, ready for an afternoon blasting. In addition, the men had been cautioned in no uncertain terms by Moster neither to “play” nor cum for the 24-hour period before departure. Punishment for infringement would be a very public and very painful raw glutes paddling in the Gold’s Venice parking lot. None of the men wanted this, although the prospect of such attention in private was always appealing. And so, for more than a day not a man in the group had shot his load. Moster anticipated cumulative cumblasts would reach the multi-gallon point by weekend finish. Many a wealthy patron could look forward to a thorough facial of rich, thick cumshots following some vicious customer throat plowing and thorough client asshole destroying by the weekend wrap. It didn’t really matter, though. The men were looking forward to the worship sessions as much as, truth be told, was Moster, who relished the thought of a little flexing and posing on his own. Moster gave them all a little pep talk after they boarded. “Men, we’re on our way to LA. I know we have all been looking forward to this trip. Haven’t we, Casey?” The handsome young musclebuck was alone in his rear row seat, across the aisle from Hension, who was bent over in his seat, busily texting. Casey colored and glanced down into his lap, where he could see his massive tool twitching impatiently beneath yards of sweatsuit crotch fabric. He’d followed the directum even more than the most and not masturbated for three days. He thought he very well might die, so that morning he had blasted his biceps in the pre-dawn workout way past the agony point, with 30 minutes devoted to single arm curls at 250 pounds apiece. Nor had he sucked a cock for 3 days. Cocksucking was something new for him, and he now had an almost insatiable taste for it, preferring quietly to visit the unthreatening, pint-sized, pretty young kitchen boy Pedro for mutual blowjobs. Discreetly grabbed after hours 69 sessions that left them both breathless and elated. Pedro, unbelieving that so much beautiful muscle cock could be gently presented to his eager lips. Casey, awed that he actually preferred the pretty, undersized body of boytoy Pedro, with his perfect, normal-sized dick and average cumload. Inwardly Casey felt some satisfaction that he shared Pedro with Karim Abdul, who was unaware of sharing Casey’s preference for good-looking teens who weighed almost 200 pounds less than he did. Karim might get physically nasty if he knew Casey was also getting oral satisfaction from Pedro, and moreover was giving it back, something that had never occurred to Karim. And while Casey relished the idea of pummeling the Arab’s face black and blue for 15 or 20 minutes – which he knew he could do now, because he was probably stronger than any of them – nevertheless, he didn’t want Karim to take revenge on the defenseless, handsome little Puerto Rican. So he kept it all a secret. Besides, it was less about pure worship and more about bonding with another guy. He liked Pedro’s exceptionally pretty 7” cock. Not as big as the other men’s organs, true, but just as tasty, and on the slight, lean brown-skinned little Pedro, 7” went a long, long way. As for Pedro, now in the heaven era of his days on the planet, with all the discreet muscle action he was getting (he was also seeing Blankenship, Obatu and Gunst on the side, and had more big muscle cock to suck that he’d ever dreamed of), he was content to bypass worship sessions with Casey just to get down to the business of good teenboy cocksucking. And, best of all, Casey was nice. And surprisingly gentle. And surprisingly hungry. Casey glanced across the aisle. “What’re you doing?” Casey asked Hension. “Takin' care of business. I know what I want.” He scrubbed through his phone lists and speed dialed. “Hello, baby?” he asked. “Yeah, it’s me. Chris Hension. The muscledude. YEAH! That's ME. I’m comin’! I'm on the bus to LA now!! We can finally meet…. . tonight?? Awesome! Yeah, I’m ready for you, momma!. . . I got these big dirty muscles, see, and I’m gonna flex 'em all big time for ya, show you what I got, and then show you my package, and you’re gonna punish me for it all, right?? Slap my face good and hard? And then I can fuck you? And then you can fuck ME? And slap me some more??” He listened a moment, then shouted. “YEAH!” The bulge in his fly began to grow and he bounced eagerly in his seat. "Hey, baby, I kin hardly wait. . .” “Lower your voice, asshole,” Gunst groaned. “Sorry!” Hension continued his crooning conversation in a cackling lower voice. “Yeah, my pictures are real. Yeah, I’m really that handsome. And the muscles are real, too! Wanna picture now? Okay!” He positioned the phone and snapped a quick selfie, flexing his free biceps. Casey was amazed with what speed and dexterity Hension attached the image and sent it off. “He’s not that much smarter than I am…” Casey pondered. “How come he can do this so fast….?” “That’s me! Get it yet? Yeah??! That’s ME, baby! Why would I lie to you babe? We just gotta do some private worship appointments first…. worship…. you know, rich dudes admiring our muscles and then goin’ down on us….” He giggled….” Oh, yeah, I’m a bad boy, a real bad boy, I need some real punishment at the hands of a really sharp and pretty lady who knows what she’s doin’…” Lang, sitting with Alvarez in the row ahead, turned around in his seat and tapped Casey lightly on his superwide shoulder. “You been worshipped before, dude?” Casey was surprised that the normally watchful Lang was actually speaking to him. He paused, smiled weakly, remembered his cadet buddies, thought briefly of Pedro, remembered the cadets in his room, and nodded shyly. “Yeah, I guess. Yeah.” “It come to anything?” “Well….” “You like it?” Casey thought a little. He smiled weakly. “Yeah. I liked it. I liked it a lot.” "Thought so.” Alvarez, window seat, turned and looked back as well. “Done it professionally?” he asked. “Um. No. Professionally?" "Get paid for it?" "No. Not yet.” Alvarez nodded and turned back to the window. “You’ll dig it!” said Lang enthusiastically. “It’s awesome. Dudes with money who can’t get enough of our muscles!! Flex for a few minutes and they give you all they got.” He turned back in his seat, texting. “Who we seein’?” Casey heard Lang ask. “We got some good ones…lotsa scratch. . . . we'll all make out.” He turned back to Casey. "You got privates, you call them now.” “Privates?” Casey thought they were referring to his junk. “Yeah. Privates. You know. Schmoes.” “What are schmoes?” “Dude, you know nothing.” “He hasn’t had time, dummy,” said Alvarez. He turned back to Casey and spoke not unkindly. “You’ll do fine on the worship circuit once you get out there. Make some connections.” He turned back to his phone, and Casey couldn’t hear anything else. Privates. No, no privates. How could he have privates if he never was paid before? Casey thought about all this. And dreamed. He settled his bulk back in his plush seat and gazed at the landscape roaring by, unseeing, beyond the tinted windows. He had no one to text to arrange a private yet. He didn’t know anybody, really. But maybe that would come later. Because . . . . . . . he longed to revisit his muscle planet, the one he’d first glimpsed in darkness when his buddies had gathered around him in his old dorm room. Where, led by smirking, smiling, but approving Cadet Banks, his buddies had started to stroke and touch and caress his muscles, murmuring their obeisance. And he’d gone to the moon. And further. He remembered. It was just Casey in the galaxy. Flexing his muscles. His huge ripped vascular ungodly magnificent muscles. It wasn’t the same when the other men of The Twenty were with him, after all. EVERYONE was huge, after all. He may be a little bigger, a little better, a little younger, a little more hung – but it was a close call for this group of unfucking godly superhero X-Men, or whatever they all were supposed to be. His veins may be like rivers, but so were Schumacher’s. His biceps may peak at 25 or 26 inches, but so did Gunst’s. And his dick might be 12 or 14 inches or whatever it was, but Moster’s was a fucking cannon that could probably shoot unfucking godly amounts of cumspray, he didn’t know, since the man didn’t choose to empty his load on him yet – or anyone. Casey pondered a bit. How exactly did Moster get off, anyway? He put it out of his head. He was gonna visit his muscle planet tonight. That much he knew. Soon he was asleep. He drifted off and thought about flexing his muscles for a sea of admiring multitudes, high on a magic mountain, far, far away. **** Four hours later, they arrived in Santa Monica. The men, having made their appointments, had fitfully slept through most of the trip in their individual over-sized seats. After checking into a discreet private hotel – Dr. Irving with his clipboard in the lobby, making sure to lose no one to wandering among the canals of Venice – it was a quiet side-street hotel filled with oversized rooms, well set back from the boardwalk - they were off to the gym. The men trained quickly and discreetly, fully covered, at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach, privately booked by Valhalla, and paid for in cash. Quickly exploding every muscle group, the men spread out and pumped up, finally blasting a few quick deep 600 pound squats, 300 pound curls, bench presses, delt raises, and working glutes, glutes, glutes. Afterwards, Moster treated them all to a fast high-protein and high-animal fat meal at The Fire House, where the muscle monsters dominated the terrace, ignoring the crowd stares. “Who the fuck are those dudes?” wondered one unusually stupid huge national competitor from a nearby table. “I don’t know,” answered his muscle john, an elderly queen taking his big boy out to lunch. “I never been onstage with them before. Hey, where ya goin’?” “I just wanted to…” “You stay with me, baby. You lookin’ for a knuckle sandwich? I’m the dude you’re payin’ to get big. You go over there, you messing with me.” “Okay, okay…” “You wanna keep all your teeth, dude,” he warned, but looked enviously over at the huge men, sitting at four tables stacked together. Who are those guys? he wondered. Shit. Look at the size of them. Shit. Other muscle schmoes gazed longingly at the tables filled with the huge musclemen, bulging out of their clothes, none of them known, none of them ever having competed before on the national stages, and wondered, and dreamed. One muscle daddy competitor thought he recognized Moster from years back, but promptly dismissed it. Couldn’t be. That black fucker there looks about 30. Rod Moster would be near to 50 by now. Impossible. Impossible. The Fire House fell into unaccustomed silence as the eleven muscle strangers ate. Casey was aware of all the covert attention, but toed the company line, looking at no one and saying nothing. Still, he ached inwardly to be seen, to be admired, to be looked at, gazed at, touched, stroked, wondered over, worshipped. Alvarez, munching his 4th ostrich burger, gazed around the room. Lotsa possibilities here. He glanced at Lang, chowing down on a steak, unaware of anything but his food and his burning muscles. Hension winked at a beautiful fitness girl at a nearby table, who smiled back. “Wanna slap me?” he mouthed silently to her, pointing to one of his scruffy cheeks as he happily chewed his buffalo burger. She looked back at him puzzled. “What?” she mouthed back. “Slap my face?” he mouthed again. “What did he say?” asked her friend. “I’m not sure but I think he wants me to slap him.” “Whatever. I’d do it,” said her girlfriend. She glanced over. Then stared. “Fuck me, is he gorgeous,” she added. “That’s about the prettiest face I have ever seen on a man.” Hension smiled and rapidly beat his tongue against his teeth, grinning hugely, pointing to both cheeks, gestured ‘call me’. The girls just stared. “Is he dumb or something?” one of them wondered. Moster barked at him. “Hension, pay attention to your meal.” Hension returned his gaze to his plate. Jeez, he thought. Pretty girls everywhere. How can I meet one? Still, he had high hopes for his online mistress. After paying up ($1,050 for lunch for 12) they returned to their hotel resting for forty minutes. They had strict orders not to play. Or cum. Or else. “Departure at 8:30 PM,” barked Moster as they got off the bus. “Dress in regulation tan slacks and t-shirts. Super-support double mesh posing trunks underneath. Clean yourselves thoroughly. Personal cleaning. I will be checking. Then get some rest. White caps at 8:15. You men have a long night ahead.” ****** The bus pulled up the drive at 9 PM. It was a large cliffside home high in the Hollywood Hills, lavish and dark, with a glimmering pool in the back and fountains quietly spraying gallons of illegal water. Beyond, the glittering lights of LA shone in the far distance. The first stop of the evening. Zaftig’s longtime off campus associate, the puny weasel Dr. Shaft, was waiting inside, in attendance with a group of 9 investors, all quite anxious to see the young gods in action. The men filed off the bus. “Golly, who lives here?” asked Hension, awestruck by the size of the place. “Some movie producer,” murmured Lang. Casey barely noticed. He was headed off soon to his private muscle planet, and was all ready to flex. Moster, who had gotten off the bus first, quietly barked orders in the large circular drive. “Inspection. Strip down, men,” he commanded. “I don’t want to keep our hosts waiting.” The ten musclemen hopped and danced in the half light, removing slacks, baggies, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, underwear, jock straps, thongs, and boots as poor long-suffering Dr. Irving ran from man to man, frantically gathering up discarded clothing, quickly organizing as to owner, and distributing the proper poser to the proper man. Each poser was personally assigned, custom-tailored to cut across inches south of the lower abs, reveal generous slices of meaty glutes in back, and with frontal sag sufficient to generously reveal the top six inches of root and thick, plunging shaft of each man. The side straps, while thin, were sufficiently strong to hold even at top erection. “Oil up, men.” Bottles of mineral oil were passed around, and the men dutifully applied slathers of oil to their muscles. Finally they were ready, their muscles gleaming in the night. “Line up, squad,” said Moster. “Adjust your posers. When you pull your pants down, I want these dudes to see your top six inches of root and cockshaft.” He had stripped down himself and was now rubbing his own oil in to his mountainous black muscles. “I know with some of you that still leaves another 6 inches or more covered up. Right, Casey?” “More,” said Casey. Still, in the dark Casey turned deep red, still immediately shamed by the thoughts of his huge, unhideable cock. He still wasn’t quite over those years of taunting. Which always flashed his thoughts quickly to Tiffany. Good thing the ginger-haired terror wasn’t with them tonight. Casey always performed better when that boy was nowhere near. “Waring, get over here and do my back.” Waring went to Moster, dutifully pouring oil onto his calloused palms, mixing them back and forth as if he was tossing a muscle salad, and smacked Moster’s broad back hard, rubbing thick oil deep into Moster’s wide lats. The Sergeant felt the man’s rough blisters on his back and smiled. “You’ve been working, Private.” “Yes, sir, I sure have, sir.” The men fell into line, and awaited inspection. Moster paced in front of the muscle lineup and critically appraised his special forces team: Alvarez, Lang, Hension, Schumacher, and Waring. Washington, Abdul, Obatu, Gunst and Rockland. Muscle gods all. He nodded his satisfaction. “Line up according to height. Shortest man first. Private Hension, that’s you.” Hension was pushed to the head of the line. “Put the pretty boy first,” guffawed Obatu. Hension colored deeply, embarrassed as always to be referred to as the group ‘pretty boy’, but obeyed orders. “Dr. Irving, distribute White Caps,” Moster ordered. Irving passed the ration of capsules to the group. “It’s going that be that kind of showing, hunh?” chuckled Obatu. He popped a capsule and within seconds began to envision his powerful sexual fantasies come to life. He tugged slightly on his poser and glanced down to make sure the prominent, pulsing thick veins of his mighty dipping cockshaft were showing. He nudged Washington. “Check it out,” he said. Washington nodded. “Suckable,” he said, busily squeezing his own nipples into pointy hardness. Moster crossed behind the men and walked along, surveyed the lineup of rolling, hard, powerful glutes. He nodded. Huge mountains of gleaming, perfect, rock hard butt. “Butthole inspection,” he announced. Corporal Karim wished he had his butt plug with him, but didn’t betray himself with even a flicker across his stern face. He scowled, but even so Moster knew what the man wanted. He glanced down at Karim’s achingly firm glutes. “You clean, Corporal?” he asked. “Yes, sir.” “Good.” Moster knelt, lowered the man’s posers for a moment to quad height, and quickly inserted his thick fist deeply up inside the man’s butthole, up to his wrist. Karim never flinched. Moster rotated his fist, and just as quickly withdrew, with a butthole POP!, noting to his satisfaction that the Corporal was indeed clean. “Keep your concentration.” He wiped his fist with anti-bacterial lube and moved on to the next man. Hension was looking apprehensive. Moster approached him. “Any women inside?” Hension asked nervously. “Why do you ask, Private?” “Sir, for my best performance, sir, I like to get my face slapped first. And during. By a pretty girl with muscles.” “Not here tonight,” said Moster. “Bend over.” “Yes, sir!” Hension bent over, showing his twin glutes of extreme hardness, shape and striation. Moster lowered the muscleboy’s posers, made a fist, and once again plunged his fist up to his wrist up Hension’s taut butthole, twisting, probing and turning. Like Abdul, Hension never even raised an eyebrow as his welcoming rosebud enveloped the powerful fist. He was excited about lay ahead. His cock began its 12-inch journey to solid stiffness. He pulled his posers back up with some difficulty and wrapped the taut cloth as best he could around his growing engine. Alvarez appeared serene. He knew a good Pose and Approve session was ahead. Lang glanced at him and smiled. Alvarez was best with an audience. An admiring audience. His cock twitched in anticipation. Moster was quick with Alvarez, nodding approval, quickly inserting a probing fist, and moving on to Lang, doing the same. Up the drive at the house, a curtain fluttered. Someone was watching. Alvarez nudged Lang. “What?” asked Lang, clueless. “You see that?” “See what?” Alvarez smiled. “This is gonna be fun.” He stood “Let’s see those biceps, Gunst,” Moster commanded. Gunst complied, and flexed his meaty guns. “26 inches this morning, sir.” “Excellent. Turn around and bend over.” Gunst complied and Moster’s fist entered his butthole. He nodded satisfaction. Moster continued down the line of musclemen, inspecting pecs, nipples, hard abs, and ending with each man by inserting a giant fist up an eager butthole. Finally it was Casey’s turn. “Ever been fisted before?” Moster asked crisply. Casey had to admit it. “Yes, sir.” He turned around and bent over, his perfect butt now in Moster’s face, his fists buried in his obliques, jutting out his butt. It was an incredible ass. Two round globes of muscular golden flesh, perfect, hard-as-nails ovals of sleek construction. Powerful, huge, an incredible human loading dock of rounded power. Inside the darkened buttcrack Moster could see close-up the throbbing, inviting deep of Casey’s perfect butthole. Moster plunged his fist in, and turned it, pulling it out again after a minute. Clean as a whistle. “Good work, Rockland. “ Casey stood, turned and smiled. “I think you’re ready.” He turned to the driver, standing by the bus, impassively staring. “Ferdinand, Dr. Irving, come back in an hour. We should be done by then.” Then, quietly, he asked Irving, “Did the money come in yet?” “This afternoon, sir,” answered Irving. “$35,000.” “Good.” Moster took his place at the end of the line. “Shaft here yet?” “Inside, Sir.” Dr. Irving fiddled with his phone, getting frantic texts from Dr. Shaft. “Good. Give the men back their clothes. Men, get dressed.” Much fumbling and hopping about in the dark. Then- “Move out, men.” The musclemen marched into the entranceway of the one-story cliffside glass house and, single file, marched into the brightly lit living room. Inside now. Nine manicured, pampered, plumpish Hollywood movie execs, dressed in expensive Italian suits, ties down, were draped around the room, propped up on large plush sofas, drinks in hand, cellphones and Blackberries at the ready, waiting inside. Two or three were handsome enough to gain Alvarez’s slight interest. The smell of marijuana wafted through the air. They’d been drinking. And smoking. And snorting lines of coke. In fact, they were all smashed. And ready. “Fucking finally! Bring on the talent!” one of them yelled as the men entered. But as the musclemen got into the room and turned, facing their clients, at full attention, the movie dudes were stunned into silence. The musclemen were themselves stunned into a moment silence by the lavishness of the room that spread out before them, and the extraordinary view of the city through the plate glass windows, far, far below. The drapes had been opened. The moon shone full in the sky. “Wow,” breathed Lang. Dr. Shaft rose from a white sofa. On one side of him sat three overweight, bespectacled jowly men, and on the other, a young twenty-something nerd with a pretty face, scruffy hair, in an Iggy Pop t-shirt and too tight ripped jeans. Next to him was another squirrely looking guy, equally skinny and pale. “Good evening, Sergeant Moster. Good evening, men.” “Good evening, Dr. Shaft. Men, you all know Dr. Shaft.” Hi, yeah, sure, hello, uh hunh, yeah we see him, etc etc, came from the men. “May I introduce you to your hosts?” asked Dr. Shaft. And the lineup of musclemen turned to their seated, agog clients. Their hands at their sides, fists clenched, veins popping, tight white shirts wrapped around massive physiques. Legs spread wide. Quads bursting out of slacks. Biceps about to tear shirt sleeves. Fly bulges loomed to the floor. And the clients, schmoes all, stared back. Breathing. Panting. “Fuck, man. They’re fucking huge,” said the skinny nerd. He gulped. “Whatta they gonna do to us?” “You mean…what are they going to do for you,” said Sergeant Moster.”May I present…. nine of the most muscular men on the planet today.” He paused, glanced at his watch. “You have one hour.” He turned to the men. “Men, you may go to work.”