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  1. Herald

    growth The Flexorcist (2)

    Two Keith returned to his room as Sean placed Tomas’ limp body on his bed. Sean awoke several times to check on his roommate. Each time he stepped over to the bed on the other side of the room, he would find the still passed out Tomas lying in the same position as he’d left him. Spasms seemed to run along Tomas’ limbs as his body twisted under the sheets. Each time the spasms disappeared when Sean checked his roommate breathing. A thud awoke Sean from his restless sleep. The September sun flooded the room and the explosion of light made him reclose his eyes in pain. He gently opened his eyelids and raised his hand to protect his sight, admiring the rise of his 20 inch bicep in the process. Another thud made him focus on the other side of the room. “Feeling better, little guy?”, he asked as he looked over to Tomas’ bed. “Never felt better”, Tomas replied as he did two back flips and landed firmly on his feet, “I’ve already trained for two hours and I’m still full of energy.” “Good”, Sean said as he noticed the tight singlet of his roommate. I’d swear he looks bigger than before, he thought but discarded the thought and realized it was just the pump after a workout that made the singlet look tighter on his roommate. “I’m feeling energized myself”, Sean said as he got up and moved towards his roommate. Tomas stumbled back slightly as the muscular giant stopped before him. His eyes scanned the sight of Sean’s muscular body. “Gonna freshen up”, he said as he stepped past his roommate into the mutual bathroom. Sean grinned at the sight of his retreating roommate. I love the feeling of towering over that 5.5 boy and eclipsing him with my hulking frame. Fuck, I outweigh him by 50 pounds of muscle, Sean thought as he got dressed and headed for the gym. Keith was putting on his wrestling singlet as Sean entered the locker room. “Ready for our first tag team match of the season, buddy?”, he asked. “Let’s smoke em”, Sean replied, “looking good, Keith!”. “I do, don’t I?”, Keith said as he admired his built in the mirror. His red singlet clung to his torso and really showcased his impressive physique. “We’re gods, man”, Sean said as he moved next to Keith in front of the mirror. His muscles stretched his black singlet to breaking point, his heavy pecs spilled out from the sides and looked ready to burst through the tight fabric at any moment. The match didn’t even last one round. Keith pinned his opponent in a matter of seconds, ending the match before he even broke a sweat. Humiliated, their opponents fled the mat. ‘That wasn’t even fun”, Keith said as he returned to Sean who was sitting at the edge of the mat, “I hope we’ll face some tougher teams in the next rounds.” “Who could be a match for us?”, Sean answered, “We dominated last year and we’re even stronger now. I’d sure love to get some training in. You up for a match, buddy?”. “I don’t know”, Keith said as he stared at his friend’s muscular buddy. “Come on, Keith. I’ll go easy on you. Or are you too afraid of me, little guy?”, Sean stated laughingly. “Afraid? Me? I’ll kick your ass, leaving you calling for your mama”, Keith said as he jumped to the middle of the mat, knowing very well he didn’t stand a chance. Sean stepped up to face him. “Ready when you are, buddy.” “Go!” Keith ducked and jumped forward, avoiding Sean’s grip and wrapped his meaty arms around his opponent’s muscular torso. He used all his force to knock him off balance and throw him on his back, but Sean didn’t budge. He suddenly fell Sean’s big hands grabbing his shoulders and pushing him down. Keith grunted with the effort as he summoned all his strength trying to resist Sean’s grip. He released the bigger man’s torso and jumped back. Sean smiled as he saw Keith trying to rebuild his strength for a new round. He also noticed Keith’s pumped muscles pushing against his totally stretched out singlet. Vicky is right, he thought, he does look kinda cute. Keith saw Sean’s diminished focus and moved in for a second attack. Let’s test his abs, he thought as he dogged the bigger man’s arms and drove his bulging delt into Sean’s stomach. “Umpf!” Sean grunted as the strong shoulder dented his stomach. He quickly tightened his abs, that hardened into a steely eight-pack resisting his opponent’s strength. He grabbed Keith’s shoulders again and pivoted him around. Before Keith could react, Sean put his arms underneath his and locked his hands behind Keith’s head. Keith moved with all his might, but couldn’t escape from Sean’s grip. He grunted painfully as Sean hardened his lock, flexing his muscular arms. Keith felt the 20 inch steely biceps digging into his own powerful lats. He knew he was at Sean’s mercy and gave up the fight. Sean smirked as his opponent gave up the fight and pinned him by throwing him backwards on the mat and landing his 215 pound body on top of Keith’s 195 pound frame. “1, 2, 3. I win, buddy”, Sean said as he got up and extended his hand to help his friend up, “I’m looking forward to our match in the school championship. It’ll be a great final.” Back in the locker room, Keith kept waiting to get undressed, in order to respect the locker room code. “You can take a shower at the same time as me, buddy”, Sean said as he stripped off his tight black singlet. “The code says I can’t”, Keith replied instantly. “I know”, Sean said, “but you know our deal from last year: loser has to wash the winner’s back. You have two minutes.” Keith reluctantly and slowly took off his red singlet and strutted over to the shower zone. He was greeted by hot steam and the sound of streaming water. He slowly advanced on the wet floor until he saw Sean’s immense silhouette appearing through the fog. He stopped and observed his friend’s body. Sean was slowly rubbing soap over his arms. His left hand rubbed his meaty right bicep, groping its mass. He repeated the motion with his right hand on his left arm. His big hands then grabbed his orb-like pecs, massaging them as he traced the striations with his fingers and rubbed them in the deep cleavage between the pumped muscles; his thumbs played with his hard nipples before sliding down to his rippling eight-pack. Between his thick quads, a stirring movement caught Keith’s attention. “Get to it, buddy”, Sean said as he noticed Keith standing in front of him and turned around to face the wall, exposing his broad, muscular back. Keith reluctantly stepped in to do his duty. He grabbed the soap and rubbed along the bulges of Sean’s muscular back. The big man shivered at his touch. “You okay, Sean,”, Keith asked as he kept rubbing the tensed muscles on Sean’s broad back, “you feel stressed”. ‘I’m uhn fine unh. You’re uhn nearly uhn done?”, Sean grunted between fastening breaths, trying to prevent his cock from exploding under his friend’s touch. He’s getting off on this, Keith thought, I’ll show him who’s boss. “Seems like I missed a spot on your broad back, buddy. Can’t do a lousy job”, Keith said as he intensified his work. He slowly rubbed his fingers among the cuts and striations on Sean’s muscular back, then upped the pace and groped the mass of Sean’s big lats. Spasms shot through the muscles on Sean’s back and his engorged 9 incher throbbed wildly in the air. The big man still managed to hold back his load as he tried to calm his hasty breathing. “Oops, sorry buddy. I slipped”, Keith said as he let his hand slide over the side of Sean’s back and rubbed the big guy’s nipple. The feeling of Keith gripping his hard nipple sent Sean over the edge. He clenched his feet, digging his toes in the floor; his muscles flexed involuntarily and his cock exploded all over the tilled wall. Five big loads splattered across the wall, a sixth one splashed on his pecs and abs as his 9 incher jerked wildly in the air. “Nothing turns me on more than a victory”, Sean said as he tried to control his breathing. He turned around as he heard Keith turn on another shower. His deflating cock jolted at the sight of the rippling muscles on Keith’s broad back. He strutted into the locker room, got dressed and headed back for his room. As Sean left, Keith enjoyed the peace of the deserted shower zone. He smiled at the thought of having broking his larger buddy’s defenses and had him blow his load under his touch. The room suddenly went dark and goose bumps appeared on Keith’s skin as a strange chill invaded the steamy shower zone. Faint, strange whispers resounded against the tilted walls. “Who’s there?”, Keith bellowed in his deep voice. More strange whispers whirled around in the deserted shower zone. “Who’s there?”, Keith yelled again, fighting against the fear invading his body. In the locker room, Tomas smiled as he heard Keith’s voice. He could sense the fear in the big jock’s voice and could already feel the energy building in his own puny body. He’d waited for Sean to leave before he’d made his move. As soon as his roommate had left the locker room, Tomas had appeared from the deserted gym and had turned off the lights. The demon that had invaded him last night had done the rest. It had summoned the chilly atmosphere to scare Keith, allowing Tomas’ frail body to feed on his fear. Spasms shot through Tomas as the muscles on his frail, 165 pound body slowly swelled. His scrawny, 14 inch arms beefed up and pushed the sleeves of his size Small shirt to their limits; his broadening delts added more stress on the straining fabric as they morphed into dense, small balls of muscle; his already muscular pecs, solid from years of training as a gymnast, sprang forward and ripped through his too tight shirt; he could feel his 4-pack abs hardening; his baggy sweatpants got tighter around his inflating quads and hugged his beefier ass. The feeling ended suddenly. A furious Keith emerged from the shower zone, water trickling down the curves of his solid muscles, ready to pound the one that fooled him into pieces. He scanned the locker room and laid eyes on his buddy’s scrawny roommate. His anger made him overlook the changes on Tomas’ body. “You like making a fool out off me?”, Keith barked as he grabbed Tomas’ ripped shirt and lifted him in the air. Better make something up. He still outweighs me by 20 pounds, Tomas thought as he knew that he stand no chance against the angry giant. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, man. A got in here after Sean left and saw some big guy turning off the lights. I asked what he was doing, but he grabbed me, ripped my shirt and threatened to beat me up if I squealed on him. Then you stormed in and grabbed me.” Keith lowered Tomas to his feet and strutted over to his locker to put on his clothes. “If I ever find that funny guy, I’ll pound the shit of him”, Keith said as he left the locker room.
  2. londonboy

    m/m Teaching A Big Bear New Tricks

    It was the summer of 1962 and a sickening humid day in rural Alabama. The circus had recently arrived in my hometown of just over five thousand people and I had chosen to spend one of my final days of freedom at the popular weeklong event. My college graduation had been two weeks earlier and I was set to start the world of adulthood as an accountant in the nearby larger city of Mobile in just five days. The Shrine Circus was always a mixture of fair rides, freakish sideshows, and the main event in the central big tent. My favorite part had always been the smaller tents that highlighted unbelievable attractions from across the globe. One year I watched a boa constrictor swallow a small sheep, another year I was surprised by an authentic bearded lady, and the advertisements this year touted a wild strong man called “The Bear.” This spectacle seemed to excite me in a different way than all the others that came before. It was hard to explain, but I wanted to see this man more than anything. I looked at the cartoon posters scattered across town that showed a guy in a red suit coat and top hat cracking a whip at a huge hairy man-beast who was lifting a rock that was larger than an elephant. I didn’t understand why the picture caught my attention in such a special way, but I was ready to check out ‘The Bear’ for myself. After buying my ticket I avoided all the rides and amusement games and headed for one of the side tents, which had a big sign announcing the beast I had come to see. I stood in line with about twenty other people until the appointed hour and we were ushered into the tent. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. There was a four-foot high fence in the middle of the open space. It prevented the crowd from getting too close to a large cage that spread across the complete back end of the tent. My gaze was immediately drawn to a hulking figure sitting on the ground in the back corner of the tightly barred spacious container. I scooted quickly up to the fence so there’d be no one between the show and me. At first it was hard to determine anything specific about the huge mound of skin and hair sitting on the ground. I was finally able to discern dark brown bloodshot eyes darting quickly back and forth across the crowd as if it was trying to seek out the greatest danger. I also began to see that the huge figure wasn’t just a huge blob - there was actually definition and enormous body parts to the mass on the floor. I was able to discern humongous fur-covered shoulders rising up and down as the beast breathed in and out. The Bear seemed to be sitting in a crouched position with his monstrous legs in front of him. The hairy calves were huge and the upper legs were almost unrecognizable – since they each easily dwarfed the bodies of most healthy teenagers. My cousin Farley was one of the biggest men in Alabama and before the Bear even stood up I could tell it was twice as large or even more. At that moment, the red coated guy with the top hat from the posters walked into the space between the fence and cage and took a wooden cane and let it hit up against the bars as he moved up and down the large space. I could hear how sturdy the thick metal poles were, which was the obvious intention of his actions. The guy in the top hat turned to the crowd. “Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to our show today. We have something so spectacular for you to see that you’ll be talking about it for weeks to come. The Shrine Circus has searched the world over to find mind-blowing acts for you to see and this year we have brought you one of the best. Recently, I was in Yugoslavia and introduced to something so unbelievable that I knew I must have it for our circus. I must warn you, though, if you are faint of heart you will want to step back from the fence – for what we have here today is as frightening as it is amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Bear.” As he spoke the man pulled out a key and opened a giant padlock attached to a large chain draped around two bars that sat side by side at what was a door to the cage. The announcer carefully locked the door behind him after entering. I noticed immediately that the hulking figure in the corner seemed to cower even more into a huge ball. The gentleman in the coat unhooked a coiled whip from his belt and snapped it loudly into the open space. He then took a pistol from its holster at his side and held it in his other hand. A low grumbling noise came from the mass of hair and what I now knew was muscle in the corner of the cage. It caused the back of my neck to tingle in either fear or anticipation – I couldn’t tell what emotion was stronger. A few ladies immediately backed up from the fence – and a couple of guys, too. I didn’t move an inch. The second loud crack of the whip was in the direction of the Bear and the announcer yelled something that was unrecognizable. I assumed it was Yugoslavian or maybe something else. All that happened in the next few seconds made my knees begin to visibly wobble and my eyes to widen in disbelief. The gentleman with the whip had obviously ordered the Bear to stand up for the huge hulk immediately began to unfold from its crouching position and when it was fully up on its barrel-sized legs the crowd began to gasp in fear and awe. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. As the man-beast rose up the giant hide of a large brown bear fell away from its body. I had mistaken the fur of the bearskin with the dark hair of the living thing underneath. The Bear was indeed covered in dark thick hair, but it was not enough to completely hide the giant body beneath, as I had originally thought. The man standing before us appeared to be as thick as one of the bulls my uncle kept fenced in at his farm - just for impregnating cows. The Bear’s shoulders were a foot higher than those of the man with the whip – and just one of them seemed as wide as the entire smaller man. The face of the beast was a mixture of wildness and rugged good looks. Its head was covered in long hair – down to the shoulders - but its dark beard was neatly trimmed along the strong chin. The resemblance to my uncle’s bull continued when you took in the Bear’s thick neck. I believe the thick support under its big head was as wide as my waist. My mouth dropped open even further and I let out a small yelp-like sound when my eyes finally took in the behemoth’s hairy chest and stomach. For years I had secretly salivated over the mostly unclothed body of Charles Atlas in comic books. I had always dreamed of ordering his dynamic tension program and building my chest up like the guy on the beach in the ads, but what stood before me put the Atlas body to shame. If Charles Atlas was considered big then the thing before me had to be what you would call massive or gargantuan. The Bear didn’t have a flat stomach like Atlas or Steve Reeves in that Hercules’ film, but it was clear the thick hard mid-section before us was needed to hold up such a giant chest, shoulders, and arms. My first glance at the Bear’s limbs hanging from his shoulders almost made me faint. My moment of taking it all in was interrupted when the whip cracked again and another order was given in the same strange language. “I can tell everyone is quite taken with The Bear. Now, let me show you what he can do.” The ringmaster or whatever he would be called stepped over to a big bar on the ground with giant metal balls attached to its ends. Hand painted in white on both of the hefty-looking round black globes was the number two hundred. The man in the red coat put one of his heavy boots against what he called a barbell and seemed to use all of his strength to try and move it. The immense looking thing didn’t move an inch. He then asked the crowd if anyone wanted to come in and try to lift the thing – in case they didn’t believe it was real – but we all turned down the offer quickly and were completely satisfied that it weighed over four hundred pounds. My cousin Farley had once carried a small cow for a short distance – but the thing had only weighed two hundred and he used his shoulders. My body was beginning to tingle all over as I figured out that the Bear was going to lift this thing with just his hands. The whip again snapped loudly and this time is was very close to the big beast. Another order in the foreign language was given and the giant hulk moved to the barbell. The Bear bent down and wrapped his huge hands around the bar. This action gave me a perfect look at his thick arms. I knew with just one glance that each of his forearms were wider than one of my legs and his upper arms were thicker than both of my legs put together. I could feel the same warm stirring in my crotch that had happened the first time I gazed on Steve Reeves in ‘Hercules.” I could feel my big friend below my waist getting stiff. There was just something about big muscles that always gave me an embarrassing boner. Right before the creature in front of us lifted the bar he stared at the faces of the crowd. It seemed like it was a trick it had been taught to do – to increase the effect – but when the Bear got to my excited smiling face he paused a little and seemed to look right into my soul. I saw the big brute move his gaze down my body and the sides of his mouth seemed to curl slightly upward when he saw what I’m sure was the prominent outline of my hard dick in my pants. He then returned his eyes to mine and kept them locked on me as he raised the bar into the air. It was done so quickly that I almost didn’t believe it had happened, but then I watched as the Bear held the big thing above his head and every muscle in his body seemed to pop out to new size. He then pumped it up and down a few times to really prove what he was capable of, finally stopping with it in the air. The giant then gritted his teeth and we watched as his forearms, upper arms, and shoulders started to tighten, causing cord-like veins to appear everywhere. I had no idea what was happening, but then I noticed that the middle of the bar above his head was slowly inching upward. The man was bending the metal bar and causing the big balls to move toward each other. After getting it almost to a right angle he let it drop to the ground with a loud thud and we all stared as the heavy balls, which had sunk partially into the ground because of their weight. The Bear had not taken his eyes off of me the entire time. I surveyed his massive body and noticed it was now covered in mouth-watering droplets of sweat, which matted his body hair in places and emphasized his bulking muscles. The sudden crack of the whip, this time hitting the left shoulder of the bear, caused me to snap out of my muscle trance. I looked at the Bear’s face to see if it registered pain but it was obvious he had not felt anything at all – it had probably only felt like a fly landing on him. I did notice that the big beast glared at the ringmaster and a sneer crept across his lips. I glanced at the guy in the red coat and noticed a distinct look of fear – even if it was very brief. “There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen, the full power of the Bear. This is surely the strongest man in the world. Remember, everyone, that this creature will be displaying his strength even more under the big top later this evening. Make sure you don’t miss the main show tonight at six. But wait, what’s this? It seems like the Bear has seen something in the audience that he likes. I must warn you, ladies and gentlemen, when he gets like this we have trouble containing him. I think he has seen some pretty young lady who has made his animal instincts go out of control. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep him from going wild. Folks, it would be best if you exited the tent right away. Just to your right there!” It was pretty clear that this was all part of the act. The Bear had started acting a little crazy, grabbing the bars and shaking the entire cage. The thing started growling and grunting like an animal and the ringmaster was playing the part of a worried keeper – but very poorly. He started cracking the whip into the air and yelling orders in the foreign language. Some of the people around me immediately stepped back and one or two of the ladies screamed. I didn’t move. I was mesmerized as I watched the Bear grab two metal bars of the cage and start to pull them apart. I could hear the steel squealing as his strong hands easily deformed it. The big man never took his eyes from me as he started to pry the bars away from each other. I moved my gaze back and forth between his huge arms and his eyes – wanting to see what his power could do but also somehow on fire by how he looked at me. It was a feeling I had never experienced before. Just as the Bear got the bars pried far enough apart for him to turn sideways and stick his upper body through – reaching out toward us with a huge hand – the ringmaster shot his gun into the air. All noise and motion stopped – even the Bear quickly snapped back into the cage and froze. The ringmaster shouted an order and the huge man immediately moved to the back corner, crouched down, and covered his large frame with the bearskin. Something made me look up at the roof of the tent – fully intending to see bullet holes, but none were there. Just as I had thought, the gun used blanks. “No need to panic, folks. The Bear just wanted to make contact with some pretty girl. Don’t worry; we have him under control. Come to the big top later tonight and you’ll see him do a lot more. Everyone can exit out to your right. Have a great day.” The crowd started to move toward the tent opening. I wanted desperately to stay – and I didn’t know why. It was clear that the Bear had not noticed some girl, for he had stared at me the entire time. His gaze had made my stomach feel weirder than I ever remembered. I moved with the crowd but just before exiting I stepped behind a large wooden cutout of “The Bear” that was used for decoration in the front section of the viewing area. My heart was pounding, but I was compelled to stay by some unknown desire and it was the most powerful pull I had ever felt. Someone outside closed the opening to the tent and suddenly there were only three of us in the space. I was ready to somehow get a chance to face the Bear one on one. {PART TWO} “For crying out loud Bear, why did you bend the barbell? You know that’s not part of the act. What was that all about, huh?” There was a sudden change in the ringmaster’s behavior and voice. He now sounded like one of those mafia guys from New York in the movies. And he was talking English to the Bear. I was very confused until I saw the Bear stand up and let the fur covered cloak fall to the ground. He looked down like a kid caught doing something wrong. When he spoke it was a powerful voice, but very restrained. “I’m sorry Hank.” “Not good enough Bear, not good enough. You were showing off for that good-looking kid in the front weren’t you. You can’t do that Bear. I mean it. You gotta follow my script and the orders I give. I know you got urges, man, but you have to control ‘em. We can’t take chances – especially down here in the south. They might lynch you for acting that way. You understand me Bear? You hear me?” “Yeah Hank. I’m sorry.” “Sorry’s not good enough, Bear. Now fix the barbell and the cage. You need to rest up for tonight. I want to try that new act where you hold back the two horses. You feel up to it.” “Yeah.” The Bear moved to the barbell implanted in the ground and this time he reached down and lifted it with one hand. I immediately felt duped by the act. I had been sure the thing was real. So many things of the last few minutes confused me. I watched the behemoth bend the barbell back into one straight line and then return it to its original place. The Bear then walked over to the bars on the cage and he quickly straightened them out, as well. They screeched again as he put them back in perfect place. The things sure sounded real. “Shit, even after all these years it still amazes me when you do that, Bear. You are one strong fucker. Now get back to your place and let me lock you up. I’ve got some grub over there for you. I’m going to get a quick bang from Sally and then head into town for a few beers. I’ll be back a little before six. You need anything, Bear?” “No Hank. Um . . . can I go with ya’ Hank.” “You know you can’t Bear; you don’t need to ever go out of this tent.” The Bear went over and spread out the thick hide on the ground. He then stat down and took a large metal clamp and closed it around his ankle. The guy named Hank came over and locked the clamp with a small key. He then took a hammer and pounded a large spike through the end of a large chain attached to the clamp around the Bear’s leg. Hank handed the big man a mound of food and a jug of water. He exited the cage, locked the padlock, and then hung the key on a hook beside the door. “See you big guy. Do a hundred push-ups later on, okay? We need you looking pumped tonight. I’ll be back later.” “Can I do more Hank?” “Knock yourself out doofus, knock yourself out.” I watched Hank leave the tent through a back entrance and then turned to look at the Bear. I could not understand what was going on – both between the two men and within my body. My dick was throbbing hard and I felt like some kind of giant raw nerve. I was sure a strong wind could have sent me over the edge. I could not fathom what this situation was all about. I contemplated sneaking out the tent entrance to my right. “I’m not really mean, ya know.” The Bear’s words made my body go rigid. I held my breath and after a few seconds I carefully peered out from behind the wooden cutout. I saw the smiling face of the Bear chomping on a huge piece of meat and looking straight at me. I immediately pulled myself back behind the cutout and started making plans to run. “You’re really cute.” His voice sounded child-like and very sincere. My heart was pounding hard and I still hadn’t taken a breath. I finally exhaled and forced myself to step out into the open area. I looked at the Bear. He had stopped eating – with the food still in his hands – and he was staring at me. “I bended the barbell just for you, ya know. You liked it. Didn’t ya? I saw you did.” I had no idea what was making me so bold but I stepped a little closer to the fence between the cage and me. I didn’t get what he was saying and I must have had a confused look on my face. The Bear broke into a big smile and he laughed a little. “Your pecker got real big. That’s how I know.” My hands immediately flew to my crotch as I attempted to cover the giant ‘pecker’ God had given me. I’m sure my face turned bright red and I immediately looked at the ground. I could not believe two men would ever talk to each other this way. This was all new to me. I finally glanced back up at the big man. “It’s a real purdy pecker. And big too. Like mine!” The Bear spread his legs apart and I instinctively glanced down at his crotch, noticing the long thick outline of a hard penis snaking down the inside of the knee length cut-offs he was wearing. Seeing his hard dick was thrilling enough, but added to that jolt was my first real intense look at his mammoth legs and this made me gasp out loud. “I’m big all over, ain’t I?” “Yes.” My mouth was completely dry so my answer was soft and raspy. I could tell my face was still very flushed and all I could hear was the pounding of my heart in my eardrums. I was very worried that I was going to faint at any moment. I took a few deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. I returned my gaze to the Bear’s face. He was still smiling – like a proud little boy. Something in his smile helped me to regain control of my body, as well as my mind. “You are very big and I think you are also very strong.” “Yeah, real strong. I like bending things and picking up real heavy things.” “Is that real?” I was pointing toward the barbell. The Bear followed my hand, which was visibly shaking, and looked at the huge thing resting on the ground. He turned back to me and his smile grew even larger. “Yeah, it’s real. Hank doesn’t like it when I bend it, though. I broke two of ‘em before. They just snap in two. They cost a lot to make. But I wanted to show off for ya’. You saw Hank get mad ‘bout it, didn’t ya’.” I now moved to the fence. I still marveled at the size of the man before me. He seemed even bigger than before. Something beyond my comprehension took control of my body and I jumped over the fence and walked to the edge of the cage. Without even thinking I grabbed the two bars the Bear had easily bent and I tried to pull them apart. They didn’t budge at all. I pulled harder and it was perfectly clear they were real. I glanced higher on the bars – to where the Bear’s hands would naturally grab – and I saw clear indentations where his fingers pulled during the show. My dick twitched a little and I heard the Bear giggle. I glanced down at him. “Your pecker’s all happy ain’t it. It’s jumping around a lot.” “I blushed red again. I glanced down at the outline of my large dick sticking across my thigh. I watched it move back and forth as I held onto the steel bars that the Bear had bent so easily. I was about to lose control of myself so I let go of the cage and returned my gaze to the big man. I smiled back at him – starting to get more comfortable with the situation. “Ya’ want some food?” He held out the big chunk of meat in his hand, his fingers wrapped around the bone at the end. I was touched by his incredible generosity and what I could tell was innocence. I had never been so attracted to someone in my entire life. It was totally confusing and completely comfortable at the same time. “Yeah, that would be nice. How about you come over here and bend the bars for me so I can come in.” I was so incredibly bold all of the sudden. I believe my new attitude was fueled by my desire to see up close and personal what the big man could do. My inhibitions were suddenly gone because I had been granted a private audience with the strongest man in the world. This kind of opportunity would only come once in my lifetime and I was going to take advantage of it. “Naw, I can’t. This thing won’t let me.” The Bear pointed at the thick clamp around his ankle, which was chained to the metal stake in the ground. I was instantly confused. I had seen this man lift over four hundred pounds with one hand and bend steel like it was nothing. He could have easily pulled out the stake – not to mention pull the chain apart or rip the cuff thing off of his leg. I looked at his face to see if he was teasing me, but he looked sincere. “How can that keep you down? You’re so strong.” “Not as strong as this. These things keep all the big elephants in place. I’m not stronger than that.” I immediately remembered a story my grandfather had told me when I was younger. He explained that circus people would use stakes and chains to hold baby elephants in place and as the animals grew older and bigger they seemed to never forget that they could be so easily contained. Even fully grown they thought the small chain and stake could keep them in place. I was now seeing this lived out with a human being. My heart suddenly reached out to the Bear in an unexplainable way – the man became endeared to me on a much deeper level than before. All fear left my body. I became focused on one thing and one thing alone – to be this big man’s friend and protector. I quickly moved to the cage’s door, took the key and opened the padlock. I entered the cage, walked over to the big man’s bear hide, plopped myself down, and took the big piece of meat he was offering to me. I took a large bite and then handed the heavy thing back to him. I chewed the terrible tasting clump in my mouth and then swallowed. I watched as the mountain of a man beside me did the same thing. After he swallowed he turned and looked down at me. I was suddenly very aware of how much this man completely dwarfed me. His huge hand was much bigger than my entire head. I gulped loudly. “I ain’t ever been this close to anyone but Hank.” “What? How is that possible? What about the other people in the circus?” “Nobody likes me. Hank says I scare ‘em. You ain’t scared, though, are ya’?” “Not at all. I like you.” “I knew it. Our peckers don’t lie, do they?” “No they don’t.” “What’s your name?” “My name is Eden. What’s your name?” “Bear.” “No, I mean your real name.” “Hank says I can’t tell nobody my real name. I have to be called Bear.” “Well I won’t tell Hank. I promise. Do you like the name Bear? I’ll call you that if you want me to.” “No . . . I . . . don’t like it. It makes me sound mean. Don’t tell Hank. He’ll get something mad. My name . . . is . . . Bobby.” “Well Bobby it is really nice to meat you.” “Nice to meet you Eden.” We shook hands and the big man’s strength was evident in his grip. I cringed a little from the pain but Bobby didn’t seem to notice. He was looking down at me with a face full of happiness. I did not think I could ever remember someone being so joyful. “I ain’t never had a friend. Are you my friend, Eden?” “Yes sir. I am your friend, Bobby.” This made the huge man smile like never before. He took another bite of the meat and then held it out for me. Even though the taste disgusted me I took a big bite, as well, just to please my new friend. He laughed and then pushed me with his free hand. I know he thought it was a light shove, but it had enough force to send me to the ground quickly. He realized what he had done and grabbed my arm roughly to pull me back up straight. I was a little dazed but so on fire with lust for the big guy that I ignored all of the pain. “Did you like my show, Eden?” “Yes, very much Bobby. I’m wondering, though. Why do they call you ‘The Bear’, instead of just Bobby?” “Hank says it’s better pub . . . bup . . . pub . . . li . . . ci . . . ty. I think that’s right.” “Yes, I can see that, Bobby. Can I ask you something else, friend?” “Sure, friend.” I could tell he loved that I called him that and it was clear he felt comfortable enough to call me the same. He was beginning to trust me and it made me feel good. I was already deeply in love with him – even if I didn’t know it. I wanted him to count me as a close ally – someone who knew what was best for him. I wanted him as something more than a good friend – I wanted him as a . . . a what? . . . a lover. Yes, I wanted Bobby to desire me in a sexual way. Realizing that fact caused a floodgate to open within me and suddenly I was drawn to the man in a way that was incomprehensible a few hours ago. He excited me beyond my wildest dreams. I wanted him almost as much as I wanted air, itself – maybe even more. “Do you like working for the circus?” I saw the immediate conflict my question caused in his head. I was suddenly very sorry that I had asked him the question. Was it fair for me to ask him to re-evaluate all that he had known for such a long time? I didn’t want to lose his trust so early and I certainly did not want to make him dislike me. I desired his affection more than anything. “Yeah, I guess. It’s all I done forever. Hank says I am the best act he ever had. He treats me okay.” “Do you ever want to go out there – where I came from? Do you ever want to see what is beyond this tent – what’s beyond the circus?” “Yeah.” That’s all the big man said, but I could hear volumes in his response. He looked at me as he took another big bite of his meat. The behemoth wanted more than just his present life – even if he didn’t realize it. I took advantage of the situation and placed my hand on his big thigh. I immediately felt his body quiver with excitement and I visually saw his python of a dick expand down his inner thigh. I was having the same response to touching his body – turned on beyond belief by the hard muscled leg my hand now caressed. We both looked into each other’s eyes as I gently stroked his thigh. “I ain’t never been touched, Eden. It makes my body feel strange.” “Do you like the way it makes you feel, Bobby?” “Yeah. A lot.” “Me too. I like how you make me feel – a lot – too.” “Hank says I ain’t suppose to like boys, Eden. He says a big man like me needs to like a girl.” “What do you think, Bobby?” “No girl ever made my pecker as hard as it is right now . . . Eden . . . sorry if that is wrong.” “Give me your hand, Bobby. Here, feel that. You see how big my pecker has become, too?” “Yeah!” I had forced his hand on my rock hard penis. He had responded by grabbing it roughly. It hurt like hell, but it also felt so good. My body kind of caved in as soon as he wrapped his big hand around my large cock. It was as hard as it had ever been in my entire life – and I knew it was because of Bobby. “You make me hard, Bobby.” “You like boys, too, Eden?” “I like men who are big and strong, Bobby.” “There ain’t nobody bigger or stronger than me, Eden.” “And that’s why I like you, Bobby. I like you a lot.” “My pecker’s about to spit up, Eden. We have to be careful. Hank says I gotta not make my pecker spit out. He says it will make me weak. I don’t want to be weak, Eden.” I removed his hand from my dick. I did not want to scare the big man. I also took my hand from his body. I wanted to save our explosions for later on. The man made me crazy with lust and he didn’t even understand it. I was lost in my love for the huge guy. “You ever thought Hank was wrong, Bobby?” “Yeah . . . I guess so. He says I ain’t suppose to like boys but I do. I try hard to like girls. I look at their bodies and I close my eyes to picture their faces but it always comes back to boys. I really like boys that are small like you. You made my pecker big as soon as you walked in the tent today.” “And mine got very big as soon as you stood up, Bobby.” “Yeah, I know. I glanced over at the big barbell as Bobby took another bite of his meat. I was still trying to grasp just how strong the big man actually was – but it was all so mind-boggling. I turned back to Bobby, who was watching me closely. He swallowed before he spoke. “You wanna go see if it’s for real, don’t cha?” “Yes.” “Go ahead Eden. Hank still tries to move it sometimes – even after being together for a long time. He never pushed it even an inch.” I stood up and walked over to one of the large round balls of the barbell. I reached down and placed my hand on its surface. The thing was cool to the touch and as hard as my father’s anvil out in the barn. I turned my hand over and knocked on the thing with my knuckles. I was immediately sorry that I had tapped so hard because it caused some pain. I could tell the thing was solid, through and through. There was no echo inside and the sound was dull, like I was knocking on the side of a big rock. I placed both of my hands off to the side of the huge mass of metal and then pushed with all my might. The only thing that moved were my arms bending at the elbow because I pressed so hard and the barbell didn’t move at all. My body fell into the side of the metal ball. My body was on fire with awe and lust as I realized the behemoth in the corner could actually easily lift something so heavy and then bend it with his hands like it was a small piece of wire. I pushed my body back into a standing position and turned to look at Bobby. He was smiling at me – again with a face full of pride. “When you pick it up Bobby what does it feel like?” “I dunno – I guess like I’m picking up a boot or something. It’s real light.” “If you don’t lift it how many guys does it take to move it?” “Six or seven – but they have to be big guys, ya know.” “How did you get so big Bobby? “I dunno – I’ve always been big. My ma and pa were big, too. My pa had to use small trees to whoop me when I was a boy. He used to get real mad when they busted on my behind.” “How did you meet Hank?” This question caused Bobby’s face to scrunch up, like he didn’t want to respond. I waited a few seconds to give him some time to work through what was going on in his head. I smiled to let him know he could trust me. The huge man looked down at the ground and spoke softly. “In jail.” “Why were you in jail Bobby?” “Some fellas and me got caught playing with our peckers.” I moved back over to join him on the ground. I sat close to him so he’d see that his story didn’t bother me at all. I took a chunk of bread from one of the plates in front of us and started chewing on it. I looked at the large man, who was still staring at the ground, but I could tell he was fully aware of my support. “These fellas used to make me come to their barn and show off and all. They liked it when I would lift things and bend horseshoes and stuff. We would get nekid and they would sit on my pecker until it spit up. The law found out and came and took us away. I wasn’t in the jail very long Eden. They let me go but told me to git out of town. Hank was let go the same day and he took to me and said he would help me. I been with him since then. We joined this circus ‘bout three years ago. You don’t think bad of me, do you Eden.” “No, Bobby. I don’t think you did anything wrong. I believe those fellows took advantage of you and got you into trouble. You just need to be careful about who you trust. Does Hank take good care of you?” I could see that my question caused a little turmoil in Bobby’s head. He was concentrating hard on what I asked and it almost seemed like he didn’t want to answer. I started to tell him to forget my question, but he responded before I could. “Hank likes me just as I am. He knows I like boys and he don’t say I’m bad or nothin’. I wish . . . I wish . . . he would let me do more stuff. I just sit in this cage most of the time. Even when we go to another town I have to ride in the back of a big truck. I don’t see nothing at all. Hank don’t let me talk to no one.” Big tears began to slide down Bobby’s face and then fall from his chin onto the huge chest below. I was overwhelmed with a need to show this huge man how good he really was. I had never felt this way about anyone – especially another man. My cousin Farley used to make me breathe funny when he was near me, but I had never had this intense desire to show someone how much they moved me. I reached up and placed my hand on the side of Bobby’s face, allowing my thumb to caress the trail marks left by his tears. I then moved my knees under my body and raised myself up so my face was even with his. Without even thinking about what I was doing – without even doubting if it was right – I leaned in and kissed a man for the first time in my life. Bobby’s thick beard felt mighty good against my cheeks. His lips were soft and slightly wet. I pressed my smaller mouth against his and I could immediately tell the kiss made the enormous man very happy. He parted his own lips slightly and allowed me to slide my tongue into his mouth. His own large tongue began to grapple with mine like they were wrestling. My body had never felt more alive than it was at that moment. We kissed each other hard and with a passion that could only be described as masculine and almost animalistic. I was instantly aware that if I did not pull my face away from Bobby’s we were both going to have what I called ‘happy accidents’ in our pants. I separated my lips from his and moved back a little, never taking my eyes off of his. We both broke into big smiles. “I ain’t never kissed a boy before, Eden.” “I haven’t either.” “It was real nice. I’m glad you stopped, though. Old Petey down there was about to spit up something awful.” “My pecker was about to do the same thing.” “Really? That’s good. You ain’t named your pecker, Eden?” “No Bobby, I haven’t. You want to name it for me?” “Yeah. I name it Rufus. That’s my daddy’s name. Your pecker is about as big as my daddy’s.” “That’s a good name. You hear that Rufus. You and Petey are going to get to have some fun one day. What’s that? Yeah, I’ll tell him. Rufus says he really likes Petey. He likes Petey very much.” “Well Petey says he likes Rufus, too.” I could tell that Bobby clearly understood the message below our little interplay. It was obvious the big man was uneducated in the world of books, but he was a scholar when it came to everything involved with the body – and that included sexual attraction. I was the student when it came to matters between Petey and Rufus. At that exact moment I made the most important decision of my entire life – it seemed that everything in my past had led to this exact second and everything to follow would be determined by what happened next. [start Here, but first four lines should be italicized to emphasize they are from end of last chapter] “Do you trust me Bobby?” “Yeah.” “Will you try something if I ask you to?” “Yeah.” I reached down, grabbing the middle of the long thick chain that connected his ankle to the spike in the ground, and pulled it closer to him. I lifted the heavy links into the air and held them out to him. I could tell Bobby was a little confused, but I was determined. I spoke softly and smiled to comfort the man. “I’d like you to pull this chain apart - into two pieces, Bobby. Trust me, you can do it. It won’t take any effort from you at all. I know you think you can’t do it, but that’s because no one has ever said you could. Rufus will really be happy if you break this chain with just your bare hands.” The last comment made the big guy smile. He glanced down at my crotch and then licked his lips. It was almost humorous, but I knew deep down he really loved making my Rufus happy. He also knew that what I was asking him to do would make his Petey happy, too. “Hank don’t like me to play with the chain, Eden. And it holds the elephants in place.” “You are stronger than the elephants, Bobby.” “No I’m not.” “Yes you are. Trust me. I wouldn’t ever lie to you, Bobby.” The colossal man looked at me with a face full of love and amazement. I, again, realized that no one had ever told him something like that before. He was beginning to see that I liked him very much and he felt the same way about me. The man dropped the chunk of meat in his hand and reached out – although tentatively – to grab the chain with both of his hands. The links had looked huge in my hands, but in his they looked quite small. I knew it would take him no effort at all to rip one of the rings apart. Bobby held the chain up at chest level and started pulling his hands in opposite directions. At first, I could sense he was very scared to do what I was asking, but then I reached out and put my hand on one of his mammoth upper arms, my spread fingers not even covering half of this portion of his body. “I want to feel your power while you do this, Bobby.” That was all the encouragement Bobby needed. It was very apparent he used little of his total abilities. I watched as the middle link between his hands started to stretch further and further apart – it was like dough being manipulated in a baker’s strong grip. Finally the now thin piece of steel popped completely apart and fell to the ground in between the big man’s legs. It was completely mangled and looked nothing like it had just seconds before. I watched his face explode with excitement and I knew that both of our pecker’s had grown even bigger. I looked at Bobby and shook my head in amazement. I wanted him to know how impressed I was. “That was nothing for you, was it Bobby?” “It was real easy, Eden!” “I told you it would be. You can trust me. You could probably put about ten of those chains together and pull them all apart all at once.” As if to prove me right, Bobby quickly took the side of the chain that remained attached to his ankle and doubled it over. He then held it at chest level again and made sure I was watching. He easily snapped both pieces of the chain in two with one short tug. I let a little moan escape from my mouth and this made Bobby giggle. He looked down at my crotch and was pleased to see my pecker twitching again. “You really like how strong I am don’t cha Eden!” “Very much Bobby, very much. And now for something even better. Here, put your big finger down on the inside of the metal clamp at your ankle and break it off. You can do it without any problem, I promise.” Bobby’s excitement was palpable. He was like a little kid that had just learned to read or ride a bike. He slid his big right index finger between his thick ankle and the equally broad metal band and started pulling out. The band busted at the fastener quickly and easily. The man had just snapped metal in two with only one finger and it was as simple as breaking a wet string of spaghetti. This amazing feat caused me to cry out even louder and Bobby began to laugh. “I’m stronger than them elephants!” “Yes you are, Bobby. Yes you are.” I stood up quickly and grabbed the other piece of chain that was attached to the metal stake in the ground. I thought I would be able to pull the stake out of the soil, but it was too deep and all I did was strain my back a little. Bobby got up quickly too – causing me to gasp when I saw how much taller and bigger he was next to me – and grabbed the chain from me with one hand. He effortlessly pulled the long broad stake out of the ground. The man was able to somehow know what I had planned to ask him to do with the pointed metal pole. He held it in his hands and swiftly bent it over, causing it to snap in two long pieces. Then, just to show off, he bent those two pieces again and broke the once solid metal stake into four pieces. He dropped the destroyed stake to the ground. Bobby was now out of control. I had unleashed some newfound awareness in his psyche and not only did the man trust me completely, but he wanted to show off, as well – in a big way. He promptly walked over to the big barbell and lifted it up with one hand. He came back over and started lifting the thing up and down, with his body right next to mine so I could see his arm swelling bigger each time the barbell went high in the air. “Grab my arm now, Eden. See how big it grows.” “It’s unbelievable, Bobby. Your arm is beautiful.” I quickly started running both of my hands all over his bulging upper arm. I had learned from some magazine that this part of a person was called the biceps. Bobby had the biggest biceps I had ever seen. The humongous man quickly moved behind me and pressed his body against mine – which allowed me to feel his hard dick for the first time as it pressed into my back. He brought his other hand to the barbell and held the thing in front of my chest. I didn’t need any instructions on what to do – Bobby and I were now communicating easily through our mutual lust for his power and our desire for each other. I reached out and placed my hands on top of his, which were wrapped around the heavy bar with the two big balls on each end. Bobby began to press down with his huge arms and immediately the thick metal started to bend into an upside down V. I could actually get a small glimpse of the power Bobby contained in his body as I felt his hands easily manipulating the metal bar. He wasn’t using all of his strength but I could feel his brawny hands making the metal do his will even as his fingers crushed into the bar leaving more than just slight indentions. There was a sudden loud pop and the thick bar cracked apart. Bobby let out a loud growl-like sound and let the two big balls fall to the ground. I felt the area around us shake a little from the impact. Bobby leaned down and wrapped his big hands around my body, bringing his thick forearms across my chest. He stood back up and easily lifted my entire body into the air. The man was so tall that my feet only reached his knees. He brought his bearded face to the right side of my neck and started running his lips up and down my skin. At the same time he pressed his big cock into my lower back and let his heavy balls smack against my ass. “You feel good, Eden. Old Petey likes how you feel, too.” “I think I know a way to make Petey feel even better, Bobby.” “Yeah. I know it, too.” “I . . . uh . . . I haven’t . . . ever sat on a pecker, Bobby. I’m kind of scared.” “I know how to make it not hurt so much, Eden. Trust me, okay. Can I show ya’? I don’t want to make you do nothing ya’ don’t want to. I can make ya’ feel real nice, though.” “Show me Bobby. I trust you.” The big man held me against his chest with one arm and reached down to unbutton and unzip my pants, causing them to fall to my ankles. Rufus immediately snapped straight up against my stomach. I also heard him do the same thing with his pants but I knew his legs were too big, so he had to shove his pants down a little to free his Petey from confinement. It was incredible to finally feel his bare skin against mine – and even more special to feel the base of his hard pecker against my bare behind. The giant man bent his legs way down so he could reach out and dip his hand into a softened block of butter that rested on a plate near the bread. I watched as he scooped a big glob of the stuff into his fingers. Bobby then stood back up and used his strong arm around my body to raise me higher against his chest. Suddenly I felt big fingers pushing my butt cheeks apart and the warm soft butter being lathered around my tensed hole. I cried out when the grunting man pried his thick index finger into my opening and forced it up into me. I knew instinctively to relax my body and I was also very thankful for the slipperiness of the butter. Soon, Bobby was moving his finger in and out of my hole and it started to feel very nice. He was even able to work up to three fingers and I only cried out a couple of times. Finally, my body started to move along with his hand – inviting the invasion to go deeper each time. I knew I was opening myself to the massive man and I was beginning to long for Petey to be inside of me. Bobby could feel my desire. “Ya’ sure you want old Petey to poke you, Eden.” “Hell yes, Bobby. I want to make old Petey spit up real hard.” “Yeah. Trust me, Eden. I’m gonna make Rufus real happy, too.” Never had I thought about having a man’s penis up my ass – but at that moment it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I would have done anything to feel Petey inside of me. I was on fire with lust for Bobby and it was the strongest thing I had ever felt in my entire life. When I became aware of the thick tip of Petey pressing against my greased up hole I somehow opened myself wide and pushed down with my stomach, causing the fat thing to pop inside of me. This time it was Bobby’s turn to cry out in pleasure. The immediate pain caused by having something so thick inside of me made me grit my teeth and clench my jaw. I didn’t make a sound. Bobby and I both waited a few seconds for my body to get used to old Petey. Soon the enormous man could tell I was ready to move on and he started pressing more of his pecker into my body. At the same time he brought his butter-covered hand around and grabbed hold of Rufus – which sent a thousand quick jolts through my body. Bobby brought his face back down beside mine. “Rufus is mighty hard, Eden. I think he’s happy.” “Very happy, Bobby. And how about old Petey?” “He ain’t never been this happy.” The rhythm of Bobby’s shoving and pulling started to increase. He could sense that my body was ready for whatever was about to happen. I might have been new to all of this, but some basic instinct inside my core had begun to willingly respond to Bobby’s advancement. I knew exactly what to do to please the big man. I tightened my butt when he was pushing in and released it just a little as he pulled out, being careful to clamp it closed just before the tip of old Petey came near to escaping. Bobby seemed to be as skilled with his hands as he was with his penis. He was pumping Rufus like some kind of pro. I could feel thick hard calluses on his palm as he moved up and down on my penis, which only increased the building pleasure. Bobby could perceive when my Rufus was close to spitting up so he would relax his grip and allow my body to recover a little. I quickly gathered that the giant wanted to time it perfectly so that Petey and Rufus both shot off at the same time. I glanced down at the thick forearm and biceps pressing into my body – easily holding me against his huge hard chest behind. Bobby was continuing to breathe heavier and grunted like some wild animal - right next to my face and this only increased the pleasurable tension throughout all of me. “Can Petey explode in your hole, Eden? He sure wants to!” “Yes, please Bobby. Please.” I was lost in some kind of other realm. I had never felt anything close to the bliss that was shooting through my body. I wanted one thing and one thing only – to please old Petey so much that Bobby would want me forever. As the big man’s moans got louder and his pounding inside my ass got faster and harder, I began to realize this is what I had always wanted and it was why I had come to the circus. Posters of the Bear had drawn me here and I had somehow known I would be able to please the beast in a special way. With each thrust of Bobby’s crotch we both came closer to explosion. I could also feel Petey and Rufus both getting even harder with each deep push. I felt Bobby’s body go extremely stiff at the same time as mine. He pulled his arm tighter around my chest and seemed to squeeze me like a lemon, causing my juice to suddenly shoot out from my body across the open area of the cage. Old Petey shot off into my hole at the same time. My toes were scrunched painfully together as my entire frame shook wildly in Bobby’s strong grasp. There was so much happening to my own body that, at first, I completely missed that the giant man was roaring louder than the lions in the cages outside. It took me a minute to realize, too, that old Petey was spitting out so much that Bobby’s thick warm liquid was running down the backs of my legs like an overflowing fountain. Somehow the immense man was able to hold onto me and remain standing even as his body bucked back and forth like the stallion my dad had broken last summer. Somehow I knew the power of Bobby put the strength of the big horse at home to shame. It took about ten minutes for our bodies to recover from their simultaneous explosions. Bobby released the painful pressure of his arm against my chest and I slid down to the ground, hearing a popping sound as his slowly deflating penis left my sore behind. He kept a big hand on my shoulder just to help me stay standing. Bobby could sense that I was completely worn out by the ordeal. “Come away with me Bobby.” I do not know where I found the strength to say what had just escaped my mouth. I knew completely that I wanted to be with the big man for the rest of my life. I had no idea how he felt, but I was not going to let the moment pass without saying what I so strongly desired. I turned my worn out body – still fully alive, though, from the experience – towards him. I looked up into his face and found that he was crying again. I instantly began to worry that he was too fearful to leave Hank. “I know you think it’s safe here, Bobby, but you should be treated better. I can take care of you – I mean really take care of you. You won’t ever have to be in a cage or have a chain around your ankle again. You’ll be able to go outside any time you want and we can do lots of things together. I know you think Hank has given you a lot, Bobby, but you deserve more. I can give you more. And we can make sure that Petey and Rufus have a lot more fun, too! I know it’s scary, but please trust me. I can make you very happy and you can make me very happy, too.” The big guy was now crying very hard and I began to feel like I had asked too much. Bobby was a good and simple man. I was scared I had taken advantage of that and misread his actions and words. It was probably too much for him to think about leaving all that he had known for so long. How dare I think a short brief hour together would affect him the same way it had me. I quickly regretted my impatient invitation. I knew I needed to make it right. “I’m sorry Bobby. I’ve asked too much. It’s just that this last hour has changed my life forever. I think I have always wanted to be with someone exactly like you and I got carried away. I love you, but I also can’t ask you to do anything against your will. You have to decide for yourself. I’m really sorry I made you confused and sad. I promise that I’ll . . .” I didn’t get a chance to finish my sentence. Bobby reached out and grabbed me by the shoulders. He squeezed tightly and pressed in and up at the same time. My body came off the ground and he pressed his furry manly face into mine – kissing me harder than before and dominating my mouth with his powerful tongue. He held us there for a few seconds and then pulled my body slightly away from his. He was smiling and his eyes were full of joy. My dick had suddenly shot hard again. I didn’t say a thing. I simply stared at the face of the handsome man before me and waited. I could not even begin to anticipate what would come next. “You don’t think old Petey could let his new friend Rufus get away do ya’, Eden?” My heart immediately surged with happiness because of Bobby’s words. I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant but I did believe he was saying we would be together. I asked my next question slowly. “Will you come away with me, Bobby?” “Yeah, but I gotta do one thing first. You have to help me, too.” Bobby put me back down on the ground and we both pulled our pants up. I watched in awe, as he had to tug hard to get the top of his cut offs up over his big legs. He walked over to a chest in the corner. He opened it up and brought me a piece of paper and a pencil. He held them out and I took them “You write what I say, okay Eden?” “Yeah, sure.” “Dear Hank. I’m leavin’ for good. If ya’ try to follow me this is what’s gonna happen to you. Signed, Bobby. And then write ‘not the Bear.’ You got all that Eden?” “Yes, but I don’t understand.” “You will.” Bobby took the note from me. He walked over to one of the big balls lying on the ground. He bent down next to the thing, brought his arm back, and then sent his fist flying into the middle of the round chunk of metal. It sounded like two big cars hitting each other. I watched as his hand sunk deep into the ball and then gasped out loud as I watched the thing crack and shatter into many different chunks. Bobby took the piece of paper and placed one of the larger pieces of the demolished ball on the corner. It was now clear what the note meant. I watched Bobby go back to the chest and pull out a triple large shirt and put it over his large frame. It was clear he couldn’t have buttoned the thing even if he had wanted to and the material did nothing to hide how huge he was. He also put on some sandals and pulled out a duffle bag. He walked back to me and nodded his head as he looked around the cage. “Are you sure you’re ready to leave, Bobby?” “If you’ll have me, Eden.” “Forever.” This made the giant smile and he placed a hand behind my back and directed me to the door of the cage. I stopped before we got near the exit and I could immediately sense that Bobby knew what I wanted. I turned to him and he handed me the duffle bag. He walked over to bars of the cage and grabbed the two directly in the middle. With nothing more than a simple shrug of his arms he jerked the two steel poles apart – actually ripping them from the metal beam at the top of the cage. He continued to pry them apart so we both could fit through. He turned to me and I smiled to show my approval. He reached down and adjusted old Petey who had swollen up big as Bobby destroyed the cage so easily. We stepped out and walked to the entrance to the tent. I looked up at him. “Are you ready Bobby?” “Old Petey can’t wait for new adventures with Rufus.” We both laughed and stepped out of the tent into our new life together.
  3. amauiguy

    m/m Robbie And Roy

    Originally I wrote this story for the Bearhugger site ( Note: Still figuring out the tags... this story has one guy who is significantly bigger than the other, hence the 'macro' tag. A better tag might be 'size difference' since this is within the realm of plausible sizes. If you're looking for mega giants, they're not in this story. Robbie and Roy The afternoon I first met Robbie, I could tell right away that he was special. You might think it's weird for a huge bodybuilder like me to say that about someone as small and scrawny as Robbie, but I swear it was true then, and it still is. I had just finished a fantastic, almost-puke-your-guts-out leg workout, I'm talking massive squats, extensions, curls, you name it. I really pushed myself, and my legs were so wobbly I could barely stand, let alone walk. I was heading home to shower, but it must have taken me ten minutes just to pull on my sweats over my t-shirt and shorts. So here I am, quads, hamstrings, and calves quivering in fatigue, doddering like an old man down the sidewalk. Suddenly out of nowhere from around the corner, this skinny brown-haired kid comes running right into me. He bounced off my bulk and fell to the sidewalk, but my own legs were so unsteady, I land on my ass, too. He pushed his thick glasses back into place, and shook his head and blinked his eyes a few times. Then he realized that he had run into a person. The look on his face was priceless. "Hey, are you ok, mister?" he asked, getting to his feet and rushing over to me, bending down with concern apparent on his face. I started laughing. I couldn't help it. Here was this kid, probably 5'5" or 5'6" maybe 100 pounds soaking wet asking me if I was ok. Did I mention that he's polite, too? Slowly I got to my feet, kind of enjoying the changes of expression on the little guy's face. First he seemed relieved that I could move at all, then happy that I was starting to stand, then puzzled as I rose taller and taller, then totally and completely awestruck when I reached my full height of 6'10". Yeah, I'm a big guy, and I'm used to having people stare at me, but Robbie was so cute, I couldn't help but laugh. "Yes, I'm fine, thanks," I said. I offered my hand, and introduced myself, "My name's Roy, what's yours?" He just stood there, his mouth gaping open, staring at me in wonder. I snapped my fingers in front of his face, you know, the way hypnotists do, and he muttered, "Wha...?" So I held my hand out and introduced myself again. "I'm Robbie," he said softly, reaching out tentatively to shake hands. I think he was afraid I was gonna hurt him or something. He kind of had that deer-in-the-headlights look, especially with those glasses of his. I took his small hand--I swear it seemed so tiny compared to mine, and gave it a firm clasp, but I was really careful not to hurt him. With his eyes practically popping out of their sockets, he said, "Wow, you're huge, Roy." With his tousled hair, he was so damn cute. Believe it or not, not all huge body builders are looking for other mountains of muscle. Muscle is great, but I've always had a soft spot for little guys, especially the types that seemed kind of vulnerable, like Robbie. What sealed the deal with me were the next questions out of Robbie's mouth. First he asked, "How much do you weigh?" At the time I wasn't as big as I am now, but I was honest and told him, "315." His eyes got really big, and then he asked breathlessly, "Can I feel your muscles?" Now, I've gotta tell you, for me, especially at that time, that was the perfect question. Maybe I felt like I needed an ego boost or something, I don't know. But coming from him, and without a hint of fear, I knew he was special. "Sure, Robbie," I said. Before I could say anything more, he reached up to place his small hands on my pecs, and started massaging them. "Whoa!" I said. "Down, tiger." He pulled his hands down and gave me a pouty look, like I'd just taken his candy away. "Robbie, how old are you?" I asked. Sticking up his chin, as if he always got asked his age, he said with a defensive voice, "I'm 22." You can't believe how relieved I was that this baby faced kid wasn't jail bait. Turned out he's a student at the local college. I was 38, myself. I didn't want to take any chances. I let him grope my muscles for a couple of minutes, and we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. It turned out his apartment wasn't far from my house. Then I asked him why he had been running. "Oh crap, I'm gonna be late for class," he exclaimed. "I'll call you later, Roy!" he said, running off. So that was how I met Robbie. Robbie called me early that evening. He didn't mince words, that's for sure. As soon as I answered the phone, he asked, "Roy, can I come watch you pose?" "Sure, Robbie," I said. "I like showing off." "Great!" Robbie said, and immediately hung up. Now was my turn for the "Wha...?" I didn't realize that he meant right that moment. As I often do, I had been lounging around the house naked, so I threw on a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. Sure enough, about ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I opened it to a still-panting Robbie. The eager little bugger had run all the way. "Hi, Roy!" he said excitedly, looking me up and down. "That tank top looks great on you! It really shows how broad your shoulders and traps are." His wide grin was captivating. I felt myself wanting to please him, so I struck a double bicep pose. "Oooh!" Robbie exclaimed, reaching up on tip toes to feel them. I bent down a little, so he could reach. Even with both of his hands he couldn't cover them. I pumped my biceps up and down, and could tell he loved that. "I love the way your flexing makes your veins move," he declared. Then he started running his hands over my shoulders and traps, kneading them, or at least trying to. His small hands weren't really powerful enough to dent them. "Can I see your pecs next, Roy?" he asked, pushing his glasses up. "Sure, Robbie, whatever you want," I answered. I grabbed at the bottom of my tank top and slowly pulled it up, revealing my abs first. Of course I tensed and moved them back and forth, eliciting more sounds of contentment and awe from my skinny little worshipper. I continued pulling the shirt off, tossed it onto a chair, and took a deep breath puffing out my chest to the max. Well, it must have been too much for poor Robbie, because I noticed his eyes start to roll back in his head, but I managed to catch him before he hit the floor. He was still breathing, so I wasn't too worried. I cradled him in my arms, thinking how light he felt. My normal bicep workout started with eighty pound dumbbells, so to me he was light as a feather. "Robbie," I whispered, "Robbie," trying to rouse him. His eyes fluttered open, and a huge smile appeared as he looked into my eyes. "You're massive, Roy!" he exclaimed. Then he realized I was holding him, and he asked, "Can you curl me?" I laughed. This kid was a total muscle hound, but I loved it, too. I walked over to the sofa and gently put him down so I could adjust the placement of my hands. "Try to stay stiff," I told him, as I easily lifted him up. Slowly I curled him, then extended my arms, then curled again, over and over. For me it was hardly a work out, but I was getting turned on by the look of utter bliss on his face. "Ah," he sighed. "This is so hot!" "Good, glad you're enjoying yourself," I replied sincerely. "You're like what, 6'8"?" he asked. "Try 6'10", little man," I answered. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "Can you show me your pecs now? I'll try not to pass out again." This guy was cracking me up. I hadn't had this much fun with a muscle worshipper in a long time. I set him down on his feet carefully, and took a deep breath to expand my chest. "I like hairy chests like yours, Roy," he said. "Your pecs are so massive that the hair doesn't hide their size at all." Robbie reached up and put a hand on each of my pecs and started rubbing them, and swirling the hair with his small fingers. I let him indulge himself for a couple of minutes, and then I decided to have some fun. I started slowly bouncing my pecs. First I'd lift one and hold it, then I'd let that one relax and lift the other. "Oh, yeah!" Robbie declared enthusiastically. You'd think Robbie had just been given a puppy for Christmas or something from the look of delight on his face, especially when I increased the speed of the bouncing. I closed my eyes, and tilted my head back, enjoying the sensations of his hands on my pecs. Well, Robbie wasn't about to stop his exploration, and that was precisely the time he decided to see whether my nipples were connected to anything. "Yow!" I yelped in surprise. With a devilish look, Robbie peered up at me to see if that was a yell of surprise or pain. Quickly determining it was the former, he set to work on my nipples with a vengeance. I'm sure I must have been moaning in pleasure then, but I don't really remember. Let's just say that my nipples definitely are wired, and they run directly to my cock, which was soon fully erect, and quite obviously visible pressing against the light cloth of my gym shorts. Robbie knew the effect he was having on me, and he loved it. "Looks like you're flexing another muscle, Roy," he snickered. I was actually close to shooting my load, so I decided to distract him. I reached down, put one hand on each side of his narrow torso, and then extended my arms, lifting him up in front of me. My house has 12' ceilings, so I lifted him up as far as I could. "You're really strong, Roy! This is fun," he exclaimed. By now it was clear to me that anything involving muscles and manhandling him would probably excite this skinny kid. I lowered him a bit, so that the fly of his jeans was at the same level as my mouth. I could feel the length of his stiff cock sticking up in his pants. Pressing against the fabric, I breathed hot air against his boner. He giggled and twitched. Then I brought him down against my chest, wrapping my arms around him. He felt so tiny. "Oh, yeah, Roy! I love bearhugs. Squeeze me, squeeze me hard," begged my little muscle worshipper. I knew that I would crush him if I squeezed too hard. I also knew that I'd be able to make him cum if I squeezed just hard enough. I pulled him firmly against my furry pumped up pecs, and flexed my big biceps along his sides. Slowly I pulled my forearms toward my chest, just a bit at first. Enough so that he could feel the security of being held in my arms. That was when I leaned my head down and kissed him on the forehead, and whispered, "You're special, Robbie." He tilted his head up and looked into my eyes and said, "Thanks, Roy. In case you didn't notice, I think you're special, too." Then, as I've since grown used to, he broke the romantic mood by taunting me, "You aren't squeezing very hard." I laughed and bounced him up and down in my grasp. "Wait as sec, let me put these down," he said, taking off his glasses. I took them from him and placed them carefully on the table. "Ok, crush me, Roy!" he commanded. Gradually I tightened my hold around him. I wanted him to enjoy it, so I went very slowly. At first giving him a taste of being wrapped up in solid muscle. I started squeezing a little more. He was still breathing regularly, but he was not able to draw in quite as much air with each breath. "These big arms are crushing you now, little man." I continued to compress his torso, loving the way it felt to embrace his skinny little body. He had his eyes closed, and a big smile on his face as he endured my bearhug, his feet dangling high off the floor. "I know you like my pecs. I'm gonna show you just how big they are." I inhaled deeply, expanding my huge chest against his narrow one, forcing him to exhale from the pressure of it. Then I exhaled allowing him to take another breath, and then I inhaled again to force his out. "My muscles are in control of your every breath." Even through his pants, I could tell he was getting aroused by this. "Crushing the breath from you..." I pulled my arms a bit tighter, tensing and relaxing my biceps rhythmically against his sides. "Tighter, and tighter, little man..." He was close to shooting. His breaths were shorter and shorter. With each breath, he was taking in less air than before. "Squeezing you..." I listened, as his breath went in, then out, then in, then out. He was on the verge of climax. It was time to squeeze him over the edge. On the next breath out, I squeezed just a bit harder, forcing the remaining air from his lungs, and then I held him like that. "Nighty, night!" His body went rigid, his bony hips thrusting against my abs as he shot his load. I slowly loosened my grip around him, so he could breathe again, and carried him over and gently laid him down on the sofa to recover. As he lay there, I thought about how sweet he looked, and how I'd do anything to please him. We've been together for a few years now. With his encouragement, and the motivation I get from his near constant worship, I'm close to 400 pounds. That makes both of us very happy. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. londonboy

    m/m Cumming And Growing

    “Hey Colin, can you come help me get this t-shirt off?” “Dude, I am not your servant. If you’re going to get too big to take off your own shirt, then buy extra ones and just rip them from your body at the end of each day.” “Get over here and help me or I’m going to walk over there and pin you to your bed with only one finger pressed into your back. And you know I can do it. I won’t let you up until you piss on yourself.” It was the same scenario from almost every other evening in this particular dorm room. Joey Tate and Colin Green had roomed together for four years. They had been placed as roomies randomly by the university’s lottery system, but had become best friends within two weeks of their first semester and had been inseparable since. They fully realized that fate had brought them together for a specific reason and now nothing was going to split them up. Colin stepped closer to the muscular senior, who had bent over to make it easier for his friend to pull the super-tight shirt up over his monstrous back and insanely wide shoulders. Once the sweat-soaked shirt had been peeled off, Joey stood back up and Colin had to tilt his head back to look into the face of his roommate. “Anyway, remember, Colin, it’s your fault I’ve gotten this big.” “Are you complaining, Joey.” “No way, man, but you just need to remember that I’m so fuckin’ swollen with muscles that I now need you to do a few things for me – like scrubbing my back, helping me remove shirts, and, best of all, measuring body parts.” “Not to mention doing your laundry, making your protein shakes, and cleaning this shared dorm room.” “Now Colin, you remember the deal we made. It seems to me that you agreed early on that you were getting the better part of this arrangement. I think I remember some moans of pleasure this morning that made it very clear you like your contributions to this relationship.” “Well, yes – yes, I do. I also believe the sounds you gave off at the same time prove how much you like it, too, Joey.” “I wasn’t the one complaining, buddy! Care for a second round? I’m a little juiced up after the gym.” “No sir, we have to stick to our rules. We can only ask our parents for a certain amount of money each semester. Your clothes have to, at least, last the semester. You’ve also already drawn enough attention to yourself - let’s not battle another round of steroid rumors and you having to prove that needles have not been injected.” “There’s only one thing I need sticking inside of me to make me grow, Colin. How about it roomie, let’s make some muscle. I feel like growing some more.” “Down boy. Go take a cold shower. You’re just over-stimulated. You know what lifting does to you.” Joey left the room to head down to the showers at the end of the hall, clearly unconcerned that he was walking around in only his skin-tight boxers. With a body like his it really didn’t matter what he wore – people were going to stare no matter what. Colin missed his roommate’s huge body as soon as it departed the room. He had certainly desired a second round, just like Joey, but he needed to be the clear-headed one in this relationship. Joey tended to have only one thing on his mind at all times – muscles, muscles, muscles – and Colin needed to keep the big man’s urges in check. He started picking up the sweaty clothes Joey had worn to the gym – holding them up to his face to get a deep whiff of the other dude’s raunchy manliness. The stench made Colin hard as hell immediately. His thoughts drifted back to that first semester of freshman year. The two dweeby drama majors had hit it off the first night – even confessing their homosexuality to each other within three hours of meeting. It was clear that both guys wanted to be free of bonds and bullying that had held them down in high school. One thing led to another and before either of them could do anything about it they were initiating both beds by moving back and forth in copulation bliss – multiple times. The sex had been so incredible for both of them they lost count of the times they came and just focused on pleasing each other. The next morning Colin felt like a million bucks, but Joey complained that his body ached like crazy and they both worried he had the flu. By late afternoon he was feeling better and further into the evening he felt so good that they repeated their goal of attempting as many sexual positions in one night as possible. Again, the next day Colin felt like he could run a marathon and Joey had the same flu-like symptoms. It wasn’t until after three weeks of this lustful cycle that Joey’s change started to become obvious. One day he was complaining about how tight most of his clothes had become and how he felt bigger in some way. He told his roommate it was the first time he could actually see muscles on his body – none of them had existed before. This confirmed something else Colin had realized a few days before – that Joey had grown a few inches taler. Neither roommate pursued the conversation after that initial revelation, but it stayed somewhere in the back of their minds. Unfortunately, Joey’s grandmother passed away suddenly and he was called back to his hometown for a week and a half. During this time of separation Colin never woke up with the incredible feelings he had experienced after sleeping with his roommate and Joey didn’t ache in the morning or seem to grow bigger at all. As a matter of fact the now larger man’s new muscles seemed to deflate a little. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was happening – even though it seemed far-fetched and bizarre. Both men figured out their chemistry, when combined, did something miraculous. They were excited to share their newfound knowledge with each other when Joey returned, but their desire for sex was too overpowering and they spent the first eight hours after his arrival in bed. Colin could remember like it was yesterday the conversation that happened while they lay in bed fully charged early the next morning. Joey’s bluntness didn’t catch Colin off guard at all. “I grow when you fuck me.” “I know. And somehow I get smarter every time I squirt a load inside you, as well.” “Really? Wow, I didn’t realize that. How’d you figure it out?” “After five days of having sex with you I read all three textbooks for my calculus class from cover to cover and understood them completely. While you were away I lost some of the stuff I had immediately known right after our fuck sessions.” “This is totally whacked! Should we go to the doctor or tell someone, Colin?” “Why? Haven’t you always wanted to be huge? That’s what you told me” “Well, yes, but what if it’s dangerous or we’re causing some unknown harm to our bodies.” “The new hardness I feel in all of your muscles tells me we aren’t causing you any damage. As a matter of fact, I think the opposite is true. Our sex simply enhances your growth…” “And my strength! I lift a little heavier weight after every time I give you my ass or I suck you off.” “And I get smarter. I memorized a thousand Google sites in an hour recently. So let’s not tell anyone. Let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing. Besides, I’m having the time of my life – aren’t you?” “Hell yes! So, how about you filling my ass for the fifth time tonight, Colin?” “With pleasure, Joey. It’s morning, though.” “Who the hell cares – just make me grow!” And that had been over three years ago. Since then, the two roommates had not been apart for more than three or four nights – ever! They usually had to separate during the holidays, but they had quickly devised plans to work and live together over the summers and they spent all other breaks in each other’s company. Over their freshman year Joey grew bigger than his entire wardrobe by mid-point second semester and that’s when Colin had been smart enough to force some limitations on their lovemaking. They were allowed one fuck session per day and two on special days - like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and the like. Joey complained a lot about the guidelines, but mostly because he was beginning to crave getting bigger and stronger. The guy started to have so much testosterone running through his body that even his little toe had macho swagger. He caught on to Colin’s wisdom, though, after he had to keep asking his parents for more money to buy new clothes and they started complaining. By the beginning of their junior year, Joey had gotten so big and strong that he sometimes easily held Colin down on the bed and sucked him off, rules or no rules. He was that desperate for more of his roommate’s powerful cum. He had learned, however, that this couldn’t happen all the time. Joey was now the star athlete on campus and ruled the weight room – something the theatre geek would have never thought possible when he started college. He also had more confidence that every other athlete put together. The young man wasn’t rude or cocky; he just always exuded this masculine aura that made it clear that people should treat him differently. Colin was clearly destined to graduate with top honors and most of his teachers had already given him so much extra work that they were running out of ways to challenge the student. He would be graduating with three majors – something that was almost unheard of. The couple was dubbed ‘the brainiac and the stud’ by everyone on campus and it was a well-known fact that they were lovers. No one ever bullied them or even talked about them behind their backs – mainly because they were such great guys, but also because everyone knew that Joey was strong enough to rip a car apart. No one wanted to be torn in two so they left the lovers alone – even the hotheaded frat-jocks knew not to mess with Joey. The roommates became campus celebrities and enjoyed their life of sex, growth, and enhanced intelligence. Joey returned from taking a shower, his body still shiny with water and his hair matted down on his head. He had an intense lustful look in his eyes when he closed the door and his cock, which had grown huge with the rest of him, was poking out from his boxers like the barrel of a missile launcher on a battleship. Colin instantly knew that the shower had not been enough to calm the savage beast. He also knew he would need to act quickly or Joey’s need for satisfaction would cause him to forcibly extract cum from the smaller man’s body – something that was always very pleasurable, but not the wisest thing since they had already had sex that morning. “Bring that beautiful thing over here, Joey, and I’ll take care of it for you. How about a blow job that will make your eyes roll back into your head?” Joey quickly removed his boxers as he walked over to his roommate. He then put his big hands on his hips and let his massive cock jut straight out towards Colin’s face. Like some kind of experienced hustler or professional cocksucker, Colin opened his mouth and throat completely and took the monster piece of meat deep inside him. It was clear that the man had become extremely talented at giving his roommate blowjobs – able to handle the man’s hugeness without any problem. It took about five minutes of loud moans and the intense sounds of expert sucking to make the big man explode like a supersized cannon. Both men were shocked by the amount of spunk Joey could release, but when you took into account the man’s size and the enormity of his cock and balls, it made sense. Joey had his big hands plastered against the wall high above Colin’s bed as he continued to shove his rod down his roommate’s throat to release a few more powerful blasts of jism. They stood there – frozen in time for about a minute as Joey’s body calmed down from the volcanic eruption. “I still don’t understand why me filling your little body with my juice doesn’t do anything.” “It’s a mystery, Joey. It is crazy ironic that the little guy needs to plow the muscleman’s ass to make him bigger, don’t you think? I do believe, however, that you have come to squeal like a little baby getting his bottle every time I plug you with my cock.” “It’s true. I used to love it just because I knew it would make me grow, but now I actually crave feeling your hardness inside of me. I wish I could go around all day with your cock in my ass.” “I bought you a set of butt plugs, but you never use them, Joey.” “It’s not the same – they don’t throb like your hard meat. It’s kind of like holding a mannequin’s hand. I crave the real thing. And I crave it all the time.” “Well, at least we can give you satisfaction this way and not have to worry about you bursting out of your clothes later in class or on the field. It wasn’t cool two weeks ago when after an intense sex session your quads burst out of your baseball uniform during a game.” “No, but it felt fucking hot! And it felt great having my dick flopping up and down in the breeze. I think Coach Denton got a little light headed when he saw how huge I was.” “Okay, enough with those thoughts, Joey, or you’ll work yourself up into another frenzy. Let’s not make this a day where I have to meet you almost every other hour someplace private on campus and suck you off. My jaw can’t take another one of those.” “Okay, okay. But I can’t help it if all this muscle and testosterone keep me horned up all the time. I just can’t get enough of my little man to satisfy all this hugeness.” “Yeah, like last week when you stood on my bed and pressed my body against the ceiling just so you could have my cock pointing down when you sucked me off – hoping it would mean I’d produce more cum.” “I believe it worked, did it not?” “Only because I got so turned on when you held me in place with only one hand.” “Well, you have gotten really light, you know.” “I’ve stayed the same, you jerk, and you are the one that’s gotten stronger.” Joey bent down and wrapped his beefy arms around his roommate, pulling him off the bed into the air in a loving bear hug. Collin immediately felt a rush of heaven flow through his body. He, too, could not get enough of his massively brawny roommate, but he was the one with the ability – most of the time – to logically avoid allowing Joey to outgrow the dorm room. He knew the massive jock would have liked to be the largest man on earth, but having a college boy bigger than all pro-bodybuilders and world-class strongmen would be a little too hard to explain to the world. This was especially true since the guy had been only a runt of a guy just three years ago. Joey started rubbing the smaller man’s body against his own; actually using Colin like someone might use a pillow to stroke his cock. Joey sometimes didn’t even realize what he was doing – he was just a huge man who had needs and he looked for ways to satisfy those desires without even thinking about it. “Hey perv, put me down, before that log becomes hard again and sticks out between my legs to become a bench for me to sit on.” “I don’t know why I’m so fucking horny today, Colin.” “You’re always fucking horny, dude.” Joey dropped his roommate on the bed and the smaller man bounced up and down. Without any warning or even caring what Colin thought, the big man started slowly moving through a posing routine in the middle of the room. He kept his eyes locked on his roommate because he knew exactly what his actions would do to the smaller muscle whore. “God, I love how I can flex my body and just know how it’s going to make you react. I begin with a side chest pose and it makes your eyes always grow wider. I then raise my arm into a biceps flex and my other arm goes down to my side so you see the chest and the bulging gun at the same time – something that makes your mouth drop open like it is right now. I then slowly move into a most muscular pose and, sproing, you cock shoots hard. But what I love most of all is when I end with a double biceps flex and your hand moves to your meat without any direct order from your brain and that paw begins to instinctively stroke it in appreciation of my muscles. Damn, I can depend on those specific reactions as much as I can depend on the sun rising in the morning. Now if I was really in an evil mood, I’d come over there and force my ass onto that hard pole, knowing you’d last maybe three tight bounces of my body up and down before you offered me some of your manliness, but I want to show you how I can sometimes be the one in control. You may be smarter than all the people on campus put together, Colin, but when it comes to my muscles all those brains can’t prevent you from having all those natural muscle-pig reactions. You want me just as much as I want you. This time brawn wins out, dude – I’m using all of my strength right now to prevent myself from forcing you to fuck me. See, now aren’t you impressed.” “Yes.” “Aw, the boy can only whisper now because he’s so taken with my body. It would be so easy to send you over the edge. What’s up mister smart Poindexter - is all my muscle just too much for your little body?” “Yes.” “Wow, for such a brilliant man, you sure aren’t one for many words, are you?” “No.” Joey bent down and gave the still hard and unmoving smaller man a kiss on the lips. He then stood back up and crunched his abs a few inches away from Colin’s face. The roommate on the bed reached up and ran his hand along the hard ridges as Joey moved his torso from side to side to emphasize his stomach’s perfection even more. Colin hummed in pleasure as he felt how hard Joey’s abs could become. “Happy Anniversary, again, baby.” “It’s funny how we celebrate our fist date and not the actual day we met and fucked, don’t you think, Joey?” “Oh my gosh, not this again. I’m telling you the days we holed up in here and plowed each other’s holes doesn’t count – it wasn’t until three and a half weeks into the semester that we actually put on nice outfits and went out for a date – to a real restaurant.” “Yeah, but we didn’t make it through the entire meal. We so desperately wanted to have more sex that we fucked in the bathroom stall; having to be quiet each time someone came in for anything. The waiter thought we were going to dine and dash, when it was really we just couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.” “I still can’t keep my hands off of you, mister smarty pants, and I say we should use our first date for our anniversary. Let’s not get into this again, please? Now what do you want for your present?” “What were my choices again, Joey?” “Should we write these down, roomie? Cracking a bowling ball, bending or splintering baseball bats, crushing a safe, or poking my cock through cinderblocks – which is it going to be?” “Can I have all of them?” “I told you Colin – at max, two – since I need to save some things for your birthday, as well.” “I hope we are always so poor that we have to give each other hand made presents.” Colin looked up at the crowbar hanging on the wall, which had been bent into the shape of a heart by his huge lover and roommate. He remembered how it had been a special gift since Joey let him actually watch as he easily manhandled the metal into the special design. It was a Valentine’s Day he’d never forget. “Let’s see, if I choose the cinderblocks and watching you do some massive abuse with your cock, you’ll be too horned up at the end for me to convince you that I should just suck you off…” “That will probably happen with any of the choices, Colin. And, besides, it’s a special occasion so I get a second round tonight, anyway.” “So true. I guess I’d like the bowling ball and, for dessert, the thrill of seeing the safe destroyed.” “Excellent choices. I’ll borrow it from the finance office this evening – well, not really borrow since it will be destroyed. I don’t think I’ll be able to return it. And can I have my present now? I know it’s been ready for a while. It barely took you any effort at all, did it?” “No, actually it was harder than I anticipated, but it has been ready for a while. Here you go.” Colin reached down under his bed and pulled out a box, which Joey opened and a used iPhone was revealed. The larger man held it lovingly and looked at his partner. The smile on his face pleased Colin very much. “It’s totally loaded with apps you didn’t have to pay for and trust me, you won’t ever see a bill. I’ve got this thing so beautifully hidden that we’ll be in our thirties and raking in some big money before anyone figures us out. We’ll also get all the automatic upgrades.” “Sweet! Thank you, my smart handsome, boo.” “Anything for you, big man. And remember, I want one more gift. You promised me three homeruns today.” “Hey listen, can we make that two? Coach has been asking me to lighten up a little. The other schools have been complaining that I’m taking all the fun out of sports for the other teams. I think it would be good if I struck out once or just got a base hit.” “What? That’s not fair. You already never swing with your full force…” “Exactly, Colin – and the ball still goes soaring over the entire gym at the other side of the field.” “I love it when that happens. Okay, okay. You’re right. It’s kind of like during freshman year when Coach Denton made you wrestle the assistant coaches of the other teams so you wouldn’t hurt any of the college age dudes. I still remember how shocked those older men would get when you pinned them easily.” “Not to mention how my strength would cause them to get hard-ons whether they wanted to or not!” “Kind of like the hard on I’m sporting right now.” “Colin, stop it. Look who’s getting all horned up now. Let’s wait until this evening. As much as I want more of your super-charged juice right now, I need to get to class. And don’t be beating off when I’m gone. I want you to save that cum for later on this evening. Don’t think that I don’t notice those stains on the wall above the head of your bed. I know you’ve been whacking off thinking about me.” “Guilty as charged! I just have to start thinking about how you have grown over the last three years and I lose control. And usually the explosion comes when I remember those first few strength feats – like the time you hooked one foot under Myron Rosenthal’s chair in Comparative Literature and easily raised his huge linebacker body into the air a few times. With just one foot you lifted all of his three hundred and twenty pounds. And then watching the big jock spring some stiff wood just from you showing off – it was too much. I can still cum instantly remembering that day.” “I am walking out the door right now, for fear that I will stay and we’ll end up not going out for our anniversary later. We tend to stay in bed for at least twenty-four hours when both of us are horned up at the same time. Have a great day, sweetie and I’ll see you at the game.” “I’ll see you then, but you didn’t forget that you promised me a game of hide and go seek with Dale Ewing’s car today.” “You’ll be happy to know I snuck away in the middle of the night and already put it somewhere fun. Oh how I wish I was smart enough to skip my classes and just spend the day looking for a car that my roommate carried off and hid.” “I don’t skip my classes! My teachers ask me to not come so I won’t ask questions that make them look stupid. Did you hide the car so well that it’s going to take me all day like it did last time?” “Definitely. And remember, Dale comes back tomorrow, so I have to move it back to the parking lot this evening. He’s still furious about the time I carried it to the top of the water tower and then forgot about it for a week when you couldn’t find it.” “Yes, we can’t let that happen again – even if I don’t like Dale Ewing at all. There’s no way to prevent him from knowing you did it, since you’re the only guy that could carry a car up a tower. Have a great day, honey.” Again, Colin missed his huge roommate as soon as he left the room. Joey had pulled on some board shorts and a tank top and was out the door after he retrieved his books and sandals. The smaller man’s cock was still fully hard, so he laid back on the bed and let his right hand drift down his stomach to grab hold of the pole, which was sticking straight up. He began to stroke his meat slowly as he imagined his roommate and lover causing a bowling ball to crack with his bare hands and crushing a heavy safe, hopefully by bear hugging the thing into a big glob of metal. A loud moan escaped his mouth from the excitement of the images in his head. Suddenly the door opened and he turned to see his roommate standing there with his massively muscle arms folded across his equally huge chest. “Move your hand away from the loaded cock and don’t put it there again. Don’t make me twist a sheet of metal around your cock and balls to prevent you from touching them for the rest of the day – and you know I can do it.” “You were probably already outside, how did you know what I was doing?” “I heard the moan and shot back in quickly. Remember, my senses are super powered just like the rest of me.” Colin quickly took his hand away from his stiff rod and reached down to grab his underwear off the floor. He pulled them up his legs and stuffed his still semi-hard cock inside. He then pulled on his shorts and looked at his roommate sheepishly. “That’s a good boy, Colin. See you later.” Both men realized it was a good thing that most of the time one of them could step away from the constant need for sex and help keep some order in their lives. It was on the days when both of them lost control of their libidos that the big man’s ass was pounded hard and major growth followed – physically for one and mentally for the other. Part Two It was extremely difficult for Colin not to lay back down on the bed, whip out his hard cock, and return to the thrill of beating off to memories of what his college roommate, and lover, was able to do with his new strength. Colin chose not to do it only because he was scared that Joey’s super senses would either hear him pumping his meat intensely or smell his fresh hot semen as it exploded from his hard dick – even from all the way across campus. Colin knew the big guy could be back in seconds if that happened. He knew, with Joey, everything was possible. Colin was told not to waste even a drop of his precious juice. He also thought about how his own need for sexual release could easily overpower the super knowledge he had attained from fucking his roommate. If the smart man wanted to get his rocks off in a big way, no amount of logic or intelligence prevented him from squirting out some thick milky juice, but the fear of disappointing his big strong man by wasting muscle producing cum was enough to prevent him from dropping his drawers and double fisting his ample pole right there - standing above his bed. Colin decided he needed a cold shower as much as his roommate had just a few minutes ago. He also knew he needed to start looking for the car Joey had hidden somewhere on campus – knowing that it might take him a while because the guy’s increased strength enabled the big man to easily hoist the Toyota Corolla to unthinkable places. Just the thought of Joey lifting a car over his head was enough to make Colin explode, so he knew the cold shower could not come fast enough. The cold water did nothing to calm Colin’s raging hard-on. He was still basking in the afterglow of plowing Joey’s big muscled ass that morning, but was more excited because he knew that the cum he had blasted deep into his roommate’s body was going to make the huge guy grow even more. Colin figured that Joey was in class right now feeling his muscles going through the process of breaking down to then build up even thicker and stronger. That thought made Colin’s cock-head throb with an intensity that quickly told the smaller man to stand still or he was going to explode. Colin was still amazed that Joey’s body was now so big and strong that the guy never went through the post-fucking flu-like pain he had when they had first gotten together. Joey now said he merely felt intense tingling all over his body as his muscles grew – but sometimes it was so intense that the hulking athlete needed to stop whatever he was doing and go shove his cock into a tight place or immediately bring his monster meat to an ‘every part of my body is tensed as hell’ orgasm. Colin loved watching his big roommate’s muscles lose control and every part of him turn to something resembling stone covered in thick veins as he jacked out enough spunk to fill a sink. Colin longed to reach down and grab his cock through his jeans, but he knew he shouldn’t. He looked at the cum stains on the wall above his bed – a constant reminder of the other times he had lost control – and he grabbed his phone and other stuff, leaving the room before he went to a place where there was no turning back. He wanted to save himself for the promised fuck-fest that was going to happen in the same room later that night after Joey and he celebrated their anniversary. Colin looked forward to making the room smell like an entire football team had jerked off at the same time – special occasions for the two roommates usually turned into a sexual free-for-all that lasted for hours. His mind stayed on the wonderful image of Joey’s tight ass opening up for Colin’s hard cock and this caused an obvious bulge in his pants as he travelled across campus. Colin decided to look for the car first near the gym, since that was close to the parking lot where it was usually parked. Meanwhile, Joey was having problems concentrating as he took a test in his literature class. The big man’s ass was aching for more invasions from his roommate’s cum-filled cock. The jock’s body was on fire with change from the fucking he had received that morning. He knew his body would be changing some soon and that is why he had worn a tight t-shirt. When the love of his life and he met for lunch he wanted there to be some rips and tears in his shirt that would reveal the enhanced muscle in a way that would drive Colin crazy. He wanted to make sure that every second they were together this day would be so filled with sexual tension that by the time his smaller roommate plowed his big muscled ass there would be so much juice built up that it would feel like a tsunami was being released deep into his tight chute. Joey craved more muscles and increased power – almost as much as he desired his lover, Colin. Being away from the gorgeous little guy was difficult – Joey wished he could have some part of his body touching his roommate all the time. There was just a sense of security and deep pleasure that came with an embrace, a hand on the knee, or when they were joined by Colin’s muscle growing cock. These thoughts and the effects of the morning sexual deposit his roommate had made in his ass were giving the double-sized athlete a major problem under the table as he took his test. The head of his cock pressed against the bottom of the table like it was going to poke a hole through the wood and granite at any moment. Joey loved how he could hear the heavy piece of furniture creak out loud in protest as he pressed the end of his stiff pole into the wood. He knew he shouldn’t do it, but he really wanted to see the tabletop be split apart easily by forcing his hardness through. Joey thought about how disappointed his lover would be if he destroyed the table and brought attention to himself in the middle of class, so he decided to just continue to press with enough force to give himself pleasure, but not enough to destroy anything. He also concentrated on the test. After about an hour and a half Colin’s search for the hidden car was interrupted briefly by the head of the physics department who wanted to ask the young man’s opinion about a difficult equation he had been working on. Colin found it difficult, as well, and the two had sat on a bench in the middle of campus for about thirty minutes working it out. When the solution was found the chair was so excited that she thanked Colin quickly and then ran off to show the other professors in her department. Colin felt some satisfaction about the equation they had solved but he was frustrated that he had not found the hidden Toyota. His roommate had obviously carried the car to somewhere far from the gym, something Colin wished he could have watched. He searched for a little more before he pulled out his computer and quickly hacked into the security system of the university. He wanted to watch the feed from the cameras around the gym. His cock instantly went hard when he saw his roommate walking across the lawn in front of the gym holding the Corolla over his head. He looked like some modern version of Hercules, hoisting the heavy thing in the air. Joey wasn’t even trying to hide what he was doing so this made it clear he had, again, worked out a deal with the security guards. Last time he hid the car he had allowed the two burly older men to punch his stomach until they exhausted themselves in exchange for them not sharing any information with me as to where the car had been placed. The guards loved Joey and his displays of strength. He probably could get them to do anything for him if he just ripped something apart that was supposed to be indestructible. At this point, when Colin was worried that he’d have to whip his cock out right there in the middle of campus and beat off to his roommate carrying the car – and even showing off pumping it up and down to work out his arms – Joey put the car down and pulled a folded piece of paper out of his back pocket. He then turned toward the camera and seemed to be looking directly into it. Colin watched as his boyfriend unfolded the paper and held it up, the guards clearly knowing they were supposed to zoom in. As soon as Colin saw what was written he became embarrassed. The sign said, ‘Colin, you’re cheating again!’ The guy turned off the computer knowing that his roommate had realized what he would do even as the big jock had lugged the car around campus the night before. It was late by now and the smaller guy knew he needed to head towards the cafeteria to eat lunch with his boyfriend. He entered the crowded large room and quickly saw his roommate’s immense back in the midst of the lunchtime bustle. He walked over to where Joey was sitting, noticing that he was alone at the table but there were five trays of food – obviously left there temporarily by his lunch mates. Joey saw Colin as he approached “Hey there, boo. Give your muscleman a kiss. He has missed you terribly, this morning.” “Oh shit, look at all the rips and tears in your shirt! This morning’s growth was a little stronger than usual, huh?” “That’s because the fucking was a lot stronger than usual, Colin.” “Crap, I love how your muscles poke through the material and highlight themselves. Look at that mouthwatering nip poking out.” “You want a taste, honey?” “Don’t think I can’t see what you’re trying to do. You’re not going to get me so horned up that we do something irrational and uncontrollable.” “Aw come on, Col, don’t you want to step out into the hallway? I found a janitor’s closet that’s kind of secluded. It’s locked, but a slight twist of my wrist could rip the doorknob off easily. We could step in there and you could fuck me against the wall like there’s no tomorrow. We could live out some kind of prison fantasy scenario since it’s such a closed space. I’m already aching for your cock to be back inside of me. How about it?” “As hot as that sounds, Joey, I think I’ll wait for the big explosion tonight in our room. A little build up will make you even more desperate and it will make my gusher even more powerful than usual. Happy anniversary, again, buddy.” “You too, sweetie.” “Joey, who’s joining you for lunch?” “No one, why?” “Dude, there are four trays in front of you loaded with food. At this rate you are going to work through your monthly allotment for the meal plan in one week. Your parents are going to kill us if we have to ask for more money.” “It’s your fault, Colin. You squirted so much cum up my ass this morning that this is the sustenance I need to keep up with the growth that’s happening right now. I can feel my biceps pulsing bigger even as we speak. If you weren’t so horned up when you’re fucking me, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I’ve got to eat to help energize the muscles your juice grows. So, you see, it’s all your fault.” “Man, we have to do something about this. I don’t know if we can afford many more meals like this.” “Not to worry, honey. See Jerry over there at the register – the little guy that keeps staring at me. I just let him cop a feel of my guns every now and then and he only charges me for one meal. I think that’s a fair trade, don’t you?” “Hell yeah, that’s good. See if he’ll give it to you free if you let him grope your chest.” “That’s a great idea, Colin.” “I get them every now and then, buddy.” “Man, Colin, speaking of groping - I’m aching to grope something on you in an awful way, right now. It’s taking every bit of my super strength to keep me from throwing you down on this table right now, beating that cock of yours into attention and then slamming your body into mine from behind. I’m talking about basically forcing you to fuck me. Damn, that would be hot – holding your body with one of my big hands and manipulating you like one of those butt plugs you gave me. Yeah, so fucking hot.” “Calm down there, tiger. Eat some food. That will help. You need to get some calories into that growing body – and fast!” “Yes sir! Come sit beside me and I’ll share some of this grub with you.” As soon as Colin sat in the chair beside Joey the big man reached over and grabbed the side of the solid piece of wooden furniture and lifted it with one hand – taking Colin’s body up in the air with it. He placed his roommate right beside him and then immediately slid his hand down the back of Colin’s pants, making sure his big forefinger snuggled into the warm ass crack. This gave Colin a deep sense of security for some unknown reason and caused the big man to get even harder than he already was because he was this close to the love of his life. A new student – the largest freshman to ever enroll - walked by and looked at the two guys with a face full of disgust. He had not grown used to the two men like everyone else at the university. He was a starting linebacker for the football team and had immediately sensed his obvious weakness when compared to Joey – the stud of all athletics at the school. He decided the bigger guy’s homosexuality was a definite flaw and planned to use it against his teammate. Joey, however, was familiar with guys like this and simply stared him down, while he lifted his other arm into a biceps flex that made it clear his size and power dwarfed the other football player. Joey was so amped up at the moment with Colin’s sweet cum from earlier that day he decided to also emphasize his point in words. “I suggest you move on and let us be who we are, little man, or you’ll quickly find that your eyes are level with the top of your feet. You’ll be seeing everything from your toes’ standpoint if you don’t change your attitude. I’ll smash you like a soda can and make you shorter than my ankle. And look at this here biceps – the size of the thing should tell you that I’d have no problem following up on my little threat.” All color drained from the linebacker’s face as he froze in fear – both from Joey’s words and the size of the alpha’s arm. The freshman kid had never seen biceps so massive. The power in the thing was obvious by its size and the way it rippled as Joey flexed and relaxed. It was pretty clear that the guy was so in shock that he couldn’t move – he didn’t know whether to piss on himself, run screaming from the cafeteria, or apologize to the big man a hundred times. His confusion was not lost on Joey, who dropped his arm and smiled. “You want to see me kiss my boyfriend, don’t you sport?” The linebacker quickly nodded his head up and down; afraid that any other move would anger the giant in front of him. Joey put his hand on Colin’s cheek and pulled his face into his own. They kissed deeply and passionately, Joey moaning out loud to emphasize an unspoken point to the dweeb standing near them. The kiss became even more intense and this caused Joey to press his finger up against Colin’s tensed hole. This, in turn, caused Colin to raise his ass slightly off the chair. The smaller roommate loved Joey’s taunting of the large linebacker, but he could sense that his lover had moved from just teasing to full-blown making out. He feared that he and Joey would end up fucking right there in front of the freshman, so he pulled his face away, immediately missing his roommates hot, wet mouth. Both roommates turned back to the freshman and noticed his face was now completely red and his crotch was bulging with a very large hard-on. When the linebacker saw that the two other men were staring at his crotch he immediately lowered the tray of food in his hands, attempting to cover the bulge in his pants. There was no way he could have covered up the large tool that was obscenely pressing against his pants. He simply let out a little whimper and then turned and quickly walked away, heading out of the cafeteria – embarrassed and no longer in the closet. “Well that was a big surprise, wasn’t it?” “You mean his cock or the fact that he was gay, Joey?” “Both! So let’s eat. I’m starving.” “You’re always starving, big man.” “That’s cause I’m always growing – thanks to your sweet man-milk. That’s another thing I’m always starving for, by the way!” “Like I said earlier, calm down there, tiger. Bite into one of those four hamburgers you got on that one tray. I swear I think you’re going to have to let Jerry the cashier lick your body if you continue to eat this much food.” “I don’t think he’d like the taste of my sweat as much as you do, Colin.” “I especially like it when you’ve just returned from working out and your balls are still damp and the hair is all matted down – that’s when I love sucking on the big things – getting all the salt and some of the testosterone from your body. Shit, I want to bury my face in your crotch right now, Joey. I see what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work. Eat something right now, mister man.” “I’d like to eat that big sausage between your legs, Colin, and I don’t even need a bun.” “So, you have to give me a clue. I couldn’t find the car today.” “Nice change of subject. I’m not giving you a clue unless you step out to that janitor’s closet with me for a few minutes. I can use my cock to shove in the locked doorknob if that entices you more!” “It does, indeed, but we aren’t going to have a quick fuck in the closet. We’re waiting until after the dinner at a nice restaurant, just like you promised me. Here, eat a hamburger.” Colin picked up one of the double burgers and shoved it in Joey’s open mouth. The smaller man knew that when Joey was growing he became like a young child with low blood sugar. If Colin could get some food in him the big guy’s insatiable need for sex would diminish a little. There was just some wild correlation between muscles getting bigger and the guy’s need for more cum – the desire simply took over every part of his ballooning body. This is exactly when Colin liked his boyfriend the most – when his body was ripping the clothes he was wearing as it grew and the guy’s lust was in overdrive. Joey’s insatiable craving for Colin was such a turn on – and something like a security blanket. The smart smaller man knew if he could get Joey to wait until later that evening their fuck session would be like riding a wild bull – just the way Colin loved it. Joey’s huge body would buck up and down uncontrollably as his roommate plowed him hard. This crazy connection brought extreme pleasure to both men. “Chew, muscle head!” Joey bit down on the burger and more than a third of the thing disappeared. For a second Colin worried that part of his forefinger had been bitten off. And speaking of forefingers, the latest round of sex talk had made Joey want to give his boyfriend some well-deserved pleasure. He had allowed his own thick forefinger to push its way into the small man’s hole and was now massaging the inside of his buddy’s rectum. Colin purred like a satisfied cat sitting in the sun, but did not let on in any way that a finger fatter than some cocks was savagely exploring his hole. Colin used his abdominal muscles to help push his ass up and down on his roommate’s hand, which now cupped his bottom perfectly. “Oh Colin, that feels so good. I love it when part of me is inside you – but not as much as I love it when part of you is inside of me.” Colin twisted his body a little to give himself pleasure. Joey moved his finger back and forth to add to the stimulation. The smaller man began to worry that he was going to give in and insist that they go to the janitor’s closet at any minute. He was only saved because Adolfo Rodriguez, a huge senior that was the biggest guy on the wrestling team besides Joey came up to the table and sat down across from them. Joey kept his finger pulsing in the same butt-pleasing rhythm even as he spoke to Adolfo. “Dolf, man, what’s up?” “I’m back for another try, Joey.” “What? Didn’t last week teach you anything? It’s just not possible to beat me, man. You need to get that through your thick skull.” “I think I can beat you today. I’m almost sure of it.” “I’ll only say yes on two conditions.” “Name ‘em, dude.” “First, my boyfriend, here, gets to continue feeding me. You see, I’m growing, Adolfo, and he wants me to stay nourished. I have to do what Colin says.” The big man had already devoured the three remaining burgers – since Colin had taken one – and was now eating a plate piled high with vegetables. The smaller roommate was shoveling the stuff into the big man’s mouth with a fork. “No problem. It’s actually kind of cool watching Colin feed you. Sarah won’t ever do anything like that for me.” “I know, isn’t it cute? And, more importantly – rule number two, you have to use two hands at first and finally you have to put your whole fucking huge body into it. That’s the only way it’s going to be even slightly fun for me. Last week, my biceps didn’t even need to flex to withstand your strength. I’d like to make seem a little competitive, you know, Dolf? Even though you can never win.” “Sure, sure. That’s all fine.” “Then let’s arm wrestle, dude.” Trays were moved in front of Colin, so he’d be able to continue to feed his big roommate. Adolfo leaned in and grabbed hands with Joey. He then placed his other hand on top – for added power, just as promised. Colin noticed that both of the wrestler’s arms put together still weren’t as big as Joey’s guns. The guy’s finger was still playing with Colin’s ass, as the competition got ready to begin. “How about some of that baked potato, buddy? You want anything Adolfo? You might need a little extra strength.” “Naw, I’m good. So, Colin, you call the start!” Colin placed half of the baked potato in Joey’s mouth and then stood up so he could lay his hands on top of the joined power fists in the middle of the table. Joey’s hand was still in Colin’s pants and the finger was still probing. The smaller man could feel the strength from both men - radiating from the tight entwined fingers. He was suddenly very thankful that no body part of his was in the middle of that powerful grip – since he knew it would be easily crushed. Adolfo’s concentration was intense and it was clear that he had been preparing for this day for a while. Joey was pretty sure the guy had been lifting non-stop, probably even skipping classes, in hopes that he could defeat the mighty athlete. Joey began to think it would be nice to let the other man win, just to make him happy, but then he knew he couldn’t lose in front of his roommate and lover – even if it was a kind thing to do. “Ready, set, go!” Colin sat back down and let out a little yelp when Joey’s finger went deeper into his chute from the connection with the chair. At the same time Adolfo let out a loud growl and started pouring all of his strength into both of his bulging arms. Joey’s hard beefy gun didn’t budge at all. The big arm just took all the abuse from Adolfo’s two big fists like it was nothing. Joey’s face registered no strain and no indication that he was even arm-wrestling. He opened his mouth again – to accept another large part of the baked potato that was in front of him. Colin was simply having a blast – watching his lover wrestle another big dude who was using both of his arms and still losing, while feeling Joey’s big finger deep into his chute. “So what kind of clue should I give you about the whereabouts of the car.” Joey’s nonchalant voice and strain-free voice drove Adolfo insane. The big wrestler let out a second yell, doubled his efforts, and actually leaned against his hands with his entire body. The man was now using his entire weight to try and defeat Joey, but the huge muscleman’s arm was still rock solid in its upright position. Colin knew the big boy’s gun was not going to move. He accepted it as fact. There could have been three huge wrestlers pushing on Joey’s arm and it still wouldn’t have budged even a fraction of an inch. Colin loved how Joey could have a normal conversation as what would normally be called a huge behemoth tried to defeat him in a feat of strength. It just showed how his roommate was becoming even more powerful with each fuck session. The smaller man loved knowing his cum could cause the other guy to grow so huge and strong. He scooped up a fork full of spinach and fed it to Joey. “I don’t know – something that’s not too easy. You know I love a challenge.” “Man, I love spinach. I must be like Popeye.” “Well, your forearms are as huge as Popeye’s, but the problem is they look all proportional next to your fucking huge biceps! I think Popeye would kill to have your upper arms.” “Yeah, that’s so true. Okay – so I need to give you a hint about the car. Something that’s hard . . . okay – I’ve got it. The car is filed between A and Z!” “Okay, before I figure out where the car is, can you slide a second finger in? You’ve loosened me up enough, I think. I’d like a little more pleasure before I have to go. Also, take my lead with Adolfo – you’ll catch on.” Joey used his thumb and three other fingers to lift Colin’s body from the chair and then let his middle finger slide into the smaller man’s inviting hole – just as the little guy wanted. Colin’s ass then slid back down to the chair, a long appreciative moan showed how much he loved the invasion of the thick fingers. This sound caught the struggling Adolfo’s attention and he became more frustrated when he realized Joey was giving pleasure to Colin at the same time the muscular dude was easily defeating his own entire body in arm wrestling. Adolfo was now sweating up a storm and gritting his teeth loudly. He showed no signs of giving up, even though it was clear he could not win. Colin tightened his ass muscles around Joey’s fingers and the bigger roommate immediately caught on to what that meant. The huge muscled gun slowly powered Adolfo’s entire body down toward the table – it was such an insane display of power, one arm winning against a huge wrestler’s whole frame. When Adolfo’s shoulder was just a few inches from the table, Colin released his tensed ass and Joey allowed Adolfo to push his giant gun back up to the high-noon position, but no further. There was no way Joey was going to let his powerful arm go beyond the straight-up position, he wanted to show the huge wrestler just how strong he really was – even though he was still only using a fraction of his total power. Joey twitched his fingers a few times inside of Colin’s ass to show his appreciation for how much fun it was to follow his lead. The two roommates continued to play the tensing and releasing game with Adolfo’s body as Colin thought about the clue. “Let’s see – ‘filed between A and Z.’ I know that doesn’t mean the library, because that would be too obvious and you’ve also lugged the car to the third floor before. You typically don’t hide the thing in the same place twice. The letters could have something to do with writing and that might mean you put it somewhere near the English Department, but two months ago you hid it in one of the huge oak trees in the quad near that building, so I think the clue means something else. It could still mean departments, though. Yep, that’s it, A stands for Astronomy and Z stands for Zoology. Those department buildings are right beside each other and there’s just a thin walkway between them. I have a funny feeling no one is able to cut through there right now because a car has been ‘filed’ sideways between the two walls.” “I’ve really got to stop giving you clues!” Colin smiled at his lover – with a face full of pride. He had almost finished feeding all of the food to Joey. Since his little lover had figured out where the car was and would be leaving soon to take a picture of it with his phone – part of the contest so they could keep a scrapbook – he decided it was also time to end his battle with Adolfo. With one slight push of his arm Joey sent Adolfo’s body crashing down onto the table. The big wrestler let out a defeated yell and just lay there heaving because of exhaustion. He stared up at the victor with deep admiration and jealousy. “How can you be so big and strong, Joey?” “Simple, Dolf, it’s from being fed by my boyfriend!” “But we eat the same thing – and almost the same amount!” “Yeah, but you don’t see what my lover gives me for dessert!” Colin stood up a little and let Joey remove the two fingers from his now loosened ass. Both men immediately missed being so intimately close to the other. Colin turned and gave his huge roommate a ‘thank you’ kiss for the finger fuck. Joey kissed back hard to let Colin know how much he looked forward to being truly fucked later on that evening. Colin ran his hands across Joey’s upper torso while they were lip-locked so he could feel the growth that had happened since the morning sex. He also loved running his fingers over the rips in his roommate’s shirt – excited by how his muscles burst through clothing so easily. They finally pulled apart when they heard Adolfo speak. “I wish my girlfriend would kiss me that hard.” “Get her to punch you in the mouth, Dolf, that’s what I beg Colin to do sometimes. It’s a turn on to feel his punches do nothing to my face!” “I’ll try that, dude.” “Well, fellows, this has been great, but I need to go take a picture of a car. Joey, we can’t forget to return it to the parking lot after the game. We’ll just have time to take a shower together at the gym before we head out to the restaurant. I don’t want to be late since we made reservations.” “Relax, Colin. Remember, I can make the game go quickly if I want to. I’ll just either strike every player out or run all over the field to catch every hit. I promise it won’t last more than an hour and a half. That will give us an hour for the shower…” “No, Joey! We will not shower for an hour – I know what that leads to. And besides, you aren’t supposed to dominate the game, remember? I’m bringing my binoculars so just do the one thing I asked and don’t bring too much attention to yourself. Remember, the coach told you to go easy on the other players. Let other schools get some points every now and then. The video of you making a touchdown with five big guys hanging onto you from this past season is still on YouTube. We don’t need anything like that today, okay? Promise me, big guy.” “That wasn’t my fault, Colin! Those guys were so light. I didn’t even know I was dragging them forty yards down the field.” “It was five grown college football players, Joey!” “Well you fucked me so hard that particular morning I was pumped up beyond belief.” “Wait a minute, you two!” We both turned to Adolfo, who was suddenly sitting up in his chair. He stared at us with a face of disbelief. He looked at Joey and then he looked at me. Adolfo began to shake his head and raised his finger, as if he were requesting a few minutes to sort through something that didn’t compute. “You mean to tell me that you, the hulking muscle monster, actually let this little guy fuck you? That just doesn’t make sense! You should be the one on top, Joey.” “Why? You mean just because I’m so big? Naw, man, I love getting plowed by my man. It gives me more pleasure than you could ever imagine. I crave his cock in my ass every second of the day. You should try it some time, man. You might like it.” “Now you’re talking shit, man. There is no way that I’m letting some runt fuck me. Wait, what am I saying? There’s no way I’m letting any guy fuck me. No offense, Colin. Damn, I need to go see my girlfriend.” Adolfo quickly stood up and started walking away. He stopped a few feet from the table and turned around. He looked at Joey with the same disbelieving face from before. He shook his head – trying hard to grasp what had been revealed. He mouthed the words ‘no way’ and then left quickly. It was clear he was going to find his girlfriend so he could re-establish his manhood. He was baffled that a guy as huge and strong as Joey could offer up his ass to a guy as small as Colin. It just didn’t make sense. “I’m still waiting for you to promise, Joey. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself during the game.” “I promise.” “Let me see your fingers – just as I thought, uncross them and promise again.” “I promise, Colin.” “That’s better, my muscle stud. I’ll see you at the field. Make sure you finish your lunch. I can tell you’re still way too horned up for a ballgame and there’s no telling what you’ll do. Get some more food in to stabilize, okay?” “Yes sir. I’ll miss you, man.” The car was exactly where Colin guessed it would be. Joey had brought a couch from one of the dorm lobbies and the front end of the car – which was now sticking straight up in the air between the two buildings – was resting protectively on the piece of furniture. Colin ran his hand lovingly across his hard cock as he took a picture of the car and thought about how Joey had manhandled the vehicle into an upright position and then slid it carefully between the two buildings. Colin quickly looked around to see if a security camera would have caught all the action, but realized this specific spot was not covered. He made a note to himself to make sure Joey allowed him to watch when the car was removed. This was a pretty good hiding place, but not the best one Joey had ever chosen. His greatest job had been when he took the car and made it into a piece of art. Joey placed it in the sculpture garden near the Industrial Arts building and had bent girders, light poles, and other pieces of metal all around the automobile to make it look like a modern statue. There was so much manhandled steel around the car it was almost unrecognizable. It was still unbelievable that there wasn’t one scratch on the thing. It took Colin and other friends three days to find it that time. A huge crowd gathered to watch Joey unbend and rip apart the metal surrounding the car. Colin and many others could still get hard easily and beat off quickly just by remembering the sound of steel being manipulated by Joey’s big hands with such ease. Colin looked at his watch and saw that it was time to go to the baseball game. Part Three As Colin approached the field he saw that Joey was at home plate helping the team warm up by hitting balls to different parts of the field. His muscular forearms glistened in the sunlight and his massive biceps pressed against the shirt of his uniform. The smaller roommate knew that the growth from the morning’s cum upload into the large man’s ass caused the shirt to be so tight that if Joey decided to flex his muscles the thing would be in shreds in seconds. This thought made Colin doubly excited – maybe Joey would offer a private show and flex out of his uniform after the game. Joey noticed his boyfriend walking up to the fence behind home plate. He smiled lovingly at his man. “Hey, honey, did you find the car?” “Just where I thought it would be – you have to let me watch when you take it out, though. I’ll have to film you lifting the thing – that will be so hot. We have to do that before dinner, don’t let me forget..” “ We’ll have to do it before dinner, since I’m sure there won’t be enough time between dessert and carrying you to bed to go undo that great hiding job. I’m still pretty super-charged and I’m sure this quick game is not going to help me let off some steam; so lifting the car will be good. You also better be ready to pull an all-nighter. I need me some Colin juice and I need it badly. Pull out your binoculars – this next hit is just for you.” Colin pulled the item from his backpack as Joey tossed a ball into the air and then hit it a little harder than the ones he had been popping out to the far reaches of right and left field. The other team members started complaining as soon as the ball skyrocketed over everyone’s head and towards the gym. There was a loud popping sound in the distance and when Colin finally zoomed in on where the ball had gone he was able to see that the thing had been traveling so fast and moving so hard that it actually embedded itself into the bricks of the building. The ball had not exploded upon impact – its force was so powerful that it easily busted into the bricks. Colin could hear Joey chuckling as he returned to hitting the ball a lot softer so it would stay within the boundaries of the field. He was making his teammates work hard to keep up with his constant barrage of pop flies and grounders. “Pretty neat, huh Colin? Who knew a ball could have so much force that it would act like a torpedo!” “I’ll say! I’m glad that thing wasn’t aimed at me. Remember when you tossed that football last year for ninety yards and it still knocked Johnny Thompson down and sent him tumbling for ten feet when he caught it for a touchdown. I think the speed and force of that baseball makes that pass look like child’s play.” “Yeah, I remember that. I’m still pretty impressed that Johnny was able to catch that toss – and hang on to it.” “I think he was scared of what you would do to him if he didn’t. Remember Joey, you’re three times the size of every player and about a hundred times stronger than both teams put together. Don’t get carried away, today. I don’t care how horny you are. Make sure you remember that no one can do what you can do and we need to let the other team think they have a fighting chance. The coach does not want to be apologizing for us kicking their ass in an embarrassing way. They have two mean looking coaches. Let them get a few hits, okay?” “I don’t have to let them win, do I Colin? I hate it when you say I have to lose. You know how I love showing off for you. Can we please have a win today for our anniversary? And you mean to say you think those two pint-sized muscle dudes look mean? I could hold both of them down with just one hand. Why do I have to be so nice?” Joey was now playing the part of a whining child. Both roommates knew that the big guy had not lost a game since his transformation. The only thing Colin did have influence over was how bad the other team was defeated. Bargaining a close score from Joey was like pulling teeth. If he had his way every game he played – in every sport he participated in (which was all of them) – would have been a shut out. Part of showing off for Joey was dominating his opponents with mind-blowing power and speed. Colin had finally pulled the plug on this kind of showing off after Joey had finished a full marathon in less than twenty minutes – and that was with two long stops to chat with people along the way. The big college kid was not even winded when he was done – it was so degrading to the other runners. And three straight sets of acing serves and returns made for a very boring tennis match. The officials also began to complain about the number of demolished tennis balls that were a result of Joey’s pounding hits. It had taken Colin a lot of coaching and reprimanding to get his big roommate to a place where he could play well with others. Contact sports, of course, were Joey’s favorites because he loved feeling how his size and strength easily dominated others, but all athletics still thrilled him. Part of the reason for the intense satisfaction was from growing up too small to play competitive sports and the big guy seemed to be making up for constantly being picked last in middle school. “Play nice, muscle man!” “Okay, okay. Just a couple of homeruns and I promise not to knock the catcher and umpire over when I toss the ball home to get someone out. It’s fun, though, to sometimes mix bowling in with this game and pretend two big guys are pins just screaming to be knocked to the ground. And besides, I know it makes you hard when I show off. You love me dominating other guys – like when I lift big wrestlers off the ground with one hand and slam then back onto the matt. It makes you want to squirt – big time.” “Joey, other people are listening!” “So?” “So do you have to make everything about sex?” “Until you fuck me I do – and then that just makes me want to get fucked even more! It’s a vicious cycle.” “You, my big friend, have a one track mind.” “And you, lover, have a hard cock – caused by my lovely comments. And it’s just aching to be milked by me!” Colin was very thankful that the umpire called for the game to begin. He took his place in the stands and tried his to calm his rock-hard cock down. Joey’s super-pumped batting and his lightning pitching did not help to lessen the pressure below. The huge ballplayer’s own piece of meat stayed hard, as well, and snaked obscenely across his thigh underneath the tight uniform bottoms – even smaller than usual because of the big man’s growth that morning. Joey didn’t wear a cup – mainly because he couldn’t find one big enough and also because no wayward ball was going to do any damage if it hit him in the crotch. A powerful smack to his balls would probably only increase the pleasure and destroy the ball. Despite the conversation about playing nice before the game, Joey showed off for his roommate in numerous ways. He thought it would be another fun gift for their anniversary. He would easily jump in front of fast rolling grounders no matter what part of the infield they were sent and then run quickly to first base – actually having to wait for a few seconds before tagging the batter out. Even though he was the pitcher he ran into the outfield three times to catch what would have been home runs if the big man had not leapt into the air higher than the heads of his teammates to catch the ball – usually forgetting to use the hand with the glove. Colin secretly loved watching how Joey’s teammates had become used to the super stud’s antics and actually stopped paying attention to the game. One of the outfielders actually chatted on his cell phone since he knew the big athlete would easily win the game on his own. The coach and the team loved winning so they didn’t mind Joey showing off during games. It was only the other team’s players and coaches that complained – saying it wasn’t fair or just to allow Joey to play. There were, however, no rules against having a super-strong player and the numerous forced drug tests always revealed that Joey was squeaky clean. The final score was embarrassing and Joey had brought in loaded bases three times – twice with home runs that sailed over the huge three story gym across from the field and once with a grounder that was so hard it knocked over the shortstop, the second baseman, and an outfielder who all attempted to stop it. Joey had to kind of half-skip around the bases so he wouldn’t overtake all three of his fellow players. He could have easily beaten even the guy on third base home if he had wanted to. The big man was all smiles when he walked over to his roommate sitting on the bleachers. He gave Colin a big kiss. “Did I make you proud, boo?” “You always do, big man. You, of course, showed off too much, but you know how I love it.” “I wanted our anniversary to be special and, anyway, I’m still raging from your ass pounding this morning. I think I could bring down a building with one strategically placed punch!” “Let’s not do that, okay, Joey? I want to be able to graduate. Oh no, here come the coach and assistant coach from the other team. Not this again! They have bats and they looked pissed. Promise me no broken bones, Joey. I don’t care what you do to the bats, but the guys shouldn’t even have a scratch at the end of this one-sided fight. Promise me quickly, bro! And no finger crossing.” “I promise – but you never let me have any fun! They’re the ones that are going to start the fight. I should be able to do what I want – even if it does hurt them a little.” “And how in the hell is it a fair fight, good sir, when you can easily toss them as far as you hit the ball today or crush their heads as easily as you pop baseballs? You can do whatever you want, but there will not be pain involved. Do you hear me? And remember, we have reservations at seven and I do not want to be late. We also have to take a shower!” “Yo, meathead, what the fuck do you think you were doing out there?” The two men were larger than normal guys, but still definitely dwarfed by Joey. It was obvious that they were pissed and they kept smacking their palms with a bat to try and intimidate the big guy. Colin noticed some doubt in the assistant coach’s face, but the main guy was so pissed that he was completely missing how huge Joey was and had clearly forgotten all the impressive things he had done throughout the game. There was a part of the smaller guy that was excited as hell about what was to come, as long as his lover didn’t hurt anyone. Colin knew that Joey could forget his own strength easily – and his need to show off sometimes got the best of him. The head coach spit on the ground at Joey’s feet. This was definitely one stupid man. He threw out more insults. “My team had a perfect record until today and your steroid-infused antics pissed me off. I think it’s time someone taught your doped-up body a lesson. I also think we’ll do a little number on your girlfriend here, too. You two disgust me with your public kissing.” “Um, coach, I’m going to let you do whatever you want with those bats to my body – cause it isn’t going to hurt me even a little, but if you think I’d ever let you lay a finger on my boyfriend – his name is Colin, by the way – then you are sadly mistaken. That bat will be shoved down your throat so far that you won’t be able to bend at the waist for the rest of your life before you even mess up one hair on his head. Now Colin, here, has made me promise not to hurt you two at all, but everything else is fair game. I strongly suggest you turn around and the pair of you take your handsome, furry-muscled bodies back home before you are embarrassingly whipped by a college boy.” “Who in the fuck cares what that little pansy ass said! I’m going to personally mess up his dweeb face when we’re done with you, dick-face.” “Oh please, Colin, let me punch his face so hard that he’s knocked into next week.” “No, Joey. You promised not to hurt either of them.” “That’s fine, but you’re going to have to fuck me a bunch of times to make up for this, honey. He insulted you and you know how that infuriates me. If you gave me the word, I’d compact this guy’s body so much he’d be able to lick his own asshole. Hey coach, go ahead and take your best shot. I hope that’s not your favorite bat, though, cause it’s going to be a pile of sawdust when I’m done with it. If I can’t crush you I’m going to need to destroy something else to make up for it and that puny thing isn’t going to give me even an ounce of resistance.” Joey’s words clearly infuriated the coach even more. Joey raised his big arms and placed his hands behind his head – teasing the other guy to swing the bat at any part of his big body. The coach was not only stupid, but he was also a dirty competitor. It was clear the aggressor was sizing up where he could do the most damage when he latched onto an idea. “Since you are an abomination against nature because of the ‘roids and your sexual perversion I think it would be best to destroy your family jewels.” After that quick comment, the angered man pulled the big bat behind his shoulder and swung the thing powerfully into Joey’s crotch – intending to destroy the huge cock and balls that were too prominent to miss. Joey moaned out loud in happy pleasure as the wood splintered against his huge rod. The sound of the bat being destroyed was music to the big man’s ears. To Joey, it felt like someone was giving him a hand job – and nothing more. Pre-cum squirted out from his dick slit in appreciation of the gentle tap. The top half of the bat broke off and fell to the ground. Joey leaned over and picked up the shattered piece of wood. He began to crush it in his powerful paw and loved how tiny flecks of dust fell from his fingers to the ground. The shock of what happened, along with the pain caused by the bat being stopped so abruptly, caused the coach to stand there in disbelief, still holding on to the bottom part of the bat. The older man also stared at Joey’s twitching cock – which was only delighted more by the powerful impact of the thick wood. Joey reached out and took the remaining part of the laughable weapon from the coach’s hands. He held the scrap of wood between his two palms and started compressing his hands. The thing just gave into the pressure and turned into small splinters and a pile of sawdust in no time at all. “Damn, coach, they just don’t make bats like they used to, do they?” The assistant coach, who had watched everything wide-eyed, suddenly became empowered and wanted to avenge his older mentor. With a loud yell, the second guy brought his aluminum bat through the air and smacked it up against the side of Joey’s head. The college student didn’t budge an inch. It was like the bat had hit solid stone. Colin could tell the assistant’s hands felt a quick jab of pain from being stopped so abruptly and he could see the bat wobbling wildly as it moved away from Joey’s cheek. The big man turned to his attacker and just smiled. “And just what did you think that would accomplish? Did you actually think it would hurt me, little man? After seeing the coach’s bat breaking in two on my hard cock you thought your aluminum bat would cause me some pain, just by hitting me in the face? Give me that thing!” Joey reached out and easily pulled the now slightly dented tube from the assistant coach’s hands. As he spoke to the guy, the huge jock made his fingers do what his words were describing. It was fun for both of the college boys to watch the eyes of the older men become wider as Joey worked and their angry faces turn to complete shock. Joey was especially pleased at his teasing of the two burly coaches. “You see, to me this thing is like a tube of toothpaste, dude. I can take two fingers and easily flatten it like I’m squeezing out the insides – but look, I’m merely flattening aluminum – there’s nothing squirting out. And look how easy it is – pretty cool, huh? Now it looks like someone ran over your bat with a huge steamroller – but it was really just manhandled by a huge college boy’ monster paw. Man, gents, being able to smash your bat into something as thin as cardboard makes my cock feel like spewing, but I’m saving myself for my boyfriend, here. You see, today’s our anniversary and we’re going to dinner and then we’re going to have some hot, throw-down, man on man sex to celebrate. Hey coach, do you roll your tubes of toothpaste or do you fold ‘em? I fold those puppies, just like I’m doing to your bat right now. Look how easy it is for me to compact this fucking thing into something the size of a wallet. I think I might keep this as a paperweight – each time I use it I’ll remember the looks of utter shock that are now plastered across your faces. You see, punks, you messed with the wrong guy today. It’s a good thing my honey won’t let me hurt you, because I’d have both of you folded up as tightly as this bat if it weren’t for the promise to my baby. So you’ve got him to thank for both of you not feeling a lot of pain right now. Say ‘thank you’ to my boyfriend, boys.” “Um . . . uh . . . thanks.” “Thank you, Colin.” It was clear that both of the older men were desperate to do anything that would please Joey. What he had done to their bats with so little effort had made them disciples of the college student in mere seconds, but it was their fear of what he might do to them that really made them apologize so quickly. The coaches stared at Joey’s hands as he bent the wadded up aluminum back and forth, folding it one last time, so it was the size of a really thick business card. Everyone could clearly see the impressions of Joey’s thick fingers in the compressed aluminum. The display of strength had been nothing to the big man, it was like he was folding a napkin, but the two men knew the strength that existed in this young man’s hands was not normal. This kid was blessed with power that they could only dream of attaining one day. Joey slipped the folded piece of metal into the waistband of his uniform pants, making sure it pressed up against his hard cock – since he loved how the warm aluminum felt next to his throbbing tool. At the same time he flexed his quads to show off for the men. The uniform was so tight that thick veins snaking across his thighs were clearly visible through the material and the guy’s rod was outlined perfectly. The seams at the side suddenly burst open and everyone got a glimpse of Joey’s creamy skin. Colin could tell that Joey was trying to think of a way to punish the two men without hurting them – which was pretty difficult when it was clear that Joey wanted to cause them great pain to teach them a lesson. He also wanted to defend the honor of his boyfriend. “So just because I’m not going to reach down your throat and pull your balls out of your mouth like some kind of demented magic trick, it doesn’t mean that I’m not angry. You guys threatened Colin and you should know that I’d fight an entire army for my man – and I’d easily win. He’s everything that’s good in my life and he fuels me in more ways than you will ever understand. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make this easy on you or I’m going to make it hard – it will be your choice. See how friendly I can be, even to assholes.” Joey reached over and grabbed a pole that was part of the fence that hugged the area around home plate. He ran his finger down the side of the pole and easily snapped the thick wire criss-cross rungs that clung to the pole. It was like someone snapping thread. He then grabbed the pole and pulled it from the ground with a slight jerk of his hand. Colin’s cock started to pulse even harder than it already was when he saw how easily Joey manipulated the long steel pipe – along with its cement base. The smaller roommate’s pleased face made Joey very happy. “You like that, honey? You think of this as an added anniversary gift, okay? I can demolish metal for you any time you like, but this pole is going to be put to good use. Okay, fellows, face each other and wrap your arms around the other like you love ‘em.” “No fucking way, kid.” As soon as the head coach’s words flew into the evening air, Joey held the bar at chest level and started bending the long thing like he was playing with a piece of licorice. It was so easy for the big guy to make steel do his bidding. The sight caused a jolt of excitement at Colin’s crotch. Both of the older men froze for a few seconds as they listened to the sound of metal succumbing to the torture of something much more powerful and then they quickly turned toward each other and quickly went into a manly hug. The fear on their faces was priceless. “Yeah, that’s it gentlemen, grind those hard pricks into one another. Oh, you think I didn’t notice how hard both of you got as soon as I destroyed your bats like they were a toothpick and a pipe cleaner? Trust me, good sirs, when you are as big and strong as me you start to notice all the guys that pop stiff ones when they’re near me. You men love all this college-boy muscle and power. As a matter of fact, I think you both decided to challenge me just to see what I could do. You hear that, Colin. These big men weren’t really angry with me; they just wanted to get me worked up so I’d show off a little. They knew just from my displays of strength during the game that I could easily defeat both of them put together with one hand behind my back, but they wanted to see me prove it. And the way they are rubbing their cocks together right now makes it clear my hunch was correct. I think we’ve got ourselves a daddy coach and his boy-toy – two guys that have been into each other for a while. I bet you guys share a room at every away game and fuck like rabbits, don’t you. “Um . . . yes . . . we do.” “Damn, I knew I was right. Well, this little turn of events makes it easier for me not to punch your faces out your ass, but I still want to punish you. It will actually be showing off a little, so you’ll be happy. Let’s unite you guys in a special way – to signify the secret bond you have.” Joey lifted the bent pole into the air and brought it down around the two guys who were still hugging each other tightly. The big college stud then worked on the piece of steel with his hands until it encircled the guys tightly around their waists. Joey took the two ends and started twisting them together, like it was a twist-tie you find on a loaf of bread. He continued to work the poles together until the thing was so tight that neither man could even think about squeezing out, but he was careful enough to not cause the men anything more than a little discomfort. As easy as if he were working with a little piece of wire, Joey bent the twisted end pieces into a loop. The huge jock then grabbed the ring that held the two men and lifted them both off the ground, easily. Since he hadn’t captured the coaches’ arms under the metal bar, they were still able to grope each other lovingly as they watched Joey manhandle the pole so easily. Both men were turned on beyond anything they’d ever experienced before. They moaned out loud as Joey easily carried their big bodies, joined by the circle of metal, to a nearby telephone pole. Up on the pole, about seven feet high, there was a spike sticking out that was used for climbing. Joey manipulated the loop of the pole until it hooked onto the spike and trapped the two men up in the air. Joey clapped his hands together in appreciation of his handiwork. He stepped back and then looked at Colin. “Satisfied, boss? I didn’t hurt them.” “Good job, Joey, but we can’t just leave them here?” “Sure we can. Their team is showering right now and the bus won’t leave without the coaches. Someone will come looking for them soon and the sad part is that we won’t be here to see the looks on all the players’ faces – especially when these guys try to explain what happened. It’s going to take the fire department to get them down – especially since they’ll need that jaws contraption they use on cars to cut the pole. Did you see how easy it was for me to bend that metal? Pretty neat, huh?” “A fucking turn-on!” Both college students turned to look at the excited face of the head coach as he spoke. It was clear that both older men were on fire with lust for Joey. They were floored by his power and size. Clearly they were also not upset about being tied to a telephone pole with a long piece of steel. They had loved the show so much that they were fine with waiting for their team. The two men continued to rub their crotches together strongly and were still working their hands all over the upper torso of the other guy. Their desire for Joey was being transferred into adoration of each other. “Do we need to leave you two guys alone?” “Yes, please.” Colin and Joey were shocked by the answer from the larger coach. The sexual pleasure Joey’s handiwork created in both older men was so great that they really only wanted some immediate release. It was pretty clear in their present joined position that orgasm was only going to come from each other. It was too difficult to please their partner and watch Joey do strength feats at the same time – they now only wanted to focus on getting off. They probably knew the team would be coming to the field soon and they wanted their cocks to explode before they got there. It was going to be hard to grope and kiss openly when the firemen were working to get them down. The guys weren’t being rude, they just needed to bust big wads soon – the college stud destroying bats so easily and manipulating a steel pole like it was nothing had fired them up too much to hold back from eruption. “Well okay then, we know when we’re not wanted. You two fellas have fun now, you here? It certainly was fun showing off for you. Maybe you can swing by another time and I’ll destroy a car or something for you. Colin, are you ready to have dinner and then fuck a hot guy that just destroyed two bats and pinned two grown men with a big metal pole he easily made into a lasso?” “Not quite, young man. Shower first and then you have a car you need to return to the parking lot.” “Oh goodie, shower time! Maybe we can fit in a quick fuck before dinner?” “You know we can’t, Joey. I just knew showing off your strength would get you even hornier. It’s a quick shower and then straight to the car! I mean it, young man.” The two college students were walking towards the gym when suddenly they heard heavy breathing and grunting like there was a pack of wild animals nearby. They turned around to see where the noise was coming from and could see in the distance that the two coaches were dry-humping each other hard, dangling off the ground where Joey had easily imprisoned them, and it was clear they were near the moment of release. Suddenly the evening air was filled with the orgasmic yelling of both men as they offered their loads to each other. They were sucking face like two lovesick teenagers in between each eruption and after every moan of pleasure. Colin and Joey stood there in awe of the to men and were happy that the big boy’s strength feats had brought so much joy. “Pretty impressive orgasms. How did you know they were gay, Joey?” “They both got hard when I threw the ball to home plate after running out to catch it in the outfield near the fence. I heard the coach tell his assistant how he’d like to see other things that my fucking huge arm could do – and the other guy agreed. Then they started talking about how much my body made their cocks’ ache. I wanted to show off for you today, but hearing how much it turned them on was like icing on the cake. I listened to them talk about me the entire game and did things to make them get harder. ” “You and that super hearing. I’ve got to be careful with what I say – at all times.” “That’s not all you have to worry about – I could sniff you out of a crowd of two thousand – and easily spot you in a stadium from a mile away. I tell you, it has something to do with this incredible bond we have, man. I crave you all the time. When I was bending the shit out of that pole a few minutes ago and when I turned that bat into a pile of dust all I could think about was how much I hoped it pleased you. And I somehow knew that you’d want to see me flatten the aluminum bat before I even began to fold it up – that was all done in hopes that it would make you fuck me like a beast tonight.” “Well it worked, big guy. Don’t worry about that.” “So I made you all hot and bothered, huh, Colin?” “Hell yeah.” “Then how about a quickie in the shower!” “You have a one track mind, sir! No, we must save ourselves for after dinner. I’ll make it worth the wait, I promise.” “You better or I’ll just hold you down with one hand and suck you dry for twenty-four hours. No telling how that much of your spunk would affect my growth. I might end up being bigger than the entire fucking dorm room. I’m going to hold you to your promise of a super fuck tonight, bro.” “Trust me, Joey, I’m going to fill that ass of yours with so much of my cum tonight that you’ll have to walk around nude tomorrow because you won’t fit into any of your clothes. You’ll have to wait until I go buy some new ones for you! I’m going to make you so fucking huge!” “Are you trying to make me throw you down on the ground and sit on your hard cock out here, Colin? Cause I’ll do it right now if you want me to. You have me so riled up now that I could take down a charging bull with one hand or toss a loaded cement mixer a hundred yards with no problem. Name it, honey, and I’ll do it for you.” “All I want right now is a romantic dinner with my man.” “Done. But we’ll need to take separate shower stalls. I can’t be close to your nude body right now or I’ll do something I might regret. Fuck, you make my entire body burn with desire!” “Right back at you, big man, right back at you.” The two students went into different areas of the locker room to shower – even though thoughts of the other guy nude made both men stay rock hard. It was especially difficult for Joey to know that his roommate, the love of his life and the nectar of his muscle, was just eight stalls down – probably soaping us his cum rocket right now. Joey contemplated just busting through the flimsy walls until he was in the shower with Colin. He knew his friend would be impressed and turned on – which might lead to a heavy session of sex, but he also knew that Colin was trying to stay faithful to a plan. The school would also be upset about the destruction. Joey decided to release some of his built-up sexual frustration as he showered, hoping it would keep him calm for the rest of the evening or, at least, until they got back to their dorm room and fucked like rabbits. The big man reached back to his ass and stuck one of his thick fingers into his rectum, immediately pressing against his sensitive prostate. At the same time he shut his eyes and imagined Colin’s cock slammed up inside him – causing all the pleasure. Joey also pressed the head of his own hard dick into the tiled wall, to increase the building eruption. As the big thick finger pressed in and out of his hole his balls started bubbling with increased cum pressure. Joey realized it would take little effort and no time at all to bust a big wad. He increased the rhythm of his probing finger and started jerking his hard cock with his other hand – even as he still bounced its head into the wall. His imagination got the best of him and he ignored anything happening around him. “Oh yeah, that feels nice, Colin, real nice. Fuck me hard, man.” The big guy chose to whisper, so his roommate wouldn’t catch on that he was masturbating a few feet away. Joey would bring his big fist down his huge long shaft at the same time he shoved his strong finger way up into his chute – both feelings bringing him to the edge quickly. He imagined his body being pressed up against the wall as Colin’s hard cock slammed him into the tile with each animalistic shove. Joey loved it best when Colin was rough and fucked him hard, mainly because he thought it made his roommate’s cum have an even higher concentration of whatever it was that made his big body grow – but it was also because Joey just loved getting plowed uncontrollably. Colin was a screamer when they fucked – and that added to the excitement. Joey just grunted and moaned like the huge beast he was – which, in turn, made Colin go wild. The jock bent the tip of his finger as he pushed in and out of his own hole – just to increase the orgasmic jolt to his insides. Pre-cum had already begun to seep down the guy’s big fingers, which worked the hard cock with a fierceness that might have crushed any other man’s cock – but it only brought a lot of joy to Joey. The huge athlete lost control of his body as soon as he reached exploding time. He didn’t anticipate the ejaculation to rock his body so much and didn’t have time to prevent his powerful rod from penetrating through the tiled wall of the shower stall as soon as he started to cum. With a loud growl his cock easily poked a big hole because of its power - tile and cement crumbling away like it was sun-dried dirt being hit by a sledgehammer. “Aw, fuck me Colin – shit that’s nice!” Joey continued to moan and speak in a whisper as he unloaded his spunk into the stall on the other side of the wall, his cock having made its own glory hole. For a second, as his body slammed up against the tile in his euphoric explosion, he was worried his body was going to burst through the entire mass. He was able to control his intensity a little, even as he continued to probe his ass roughly with the big finger. The man was in heaven – knowing he easily burst through the wall with his cock, feeling the joy of spraying a heavy load of cum in the other stall, and having his ass imaginarily fucked by Colin was a close second to the second to the real thing. His cock continued to jerk out a few more spurts of cum and as it did, the steel-like rod continued to crack tile and make a larger hole. Joey loved how his dick was powerful enough to tear through cement without any problem. He thought back to a time when Colin had asked him to make his cock poke through a wood fence on the edge of campus. His smaller roommate wanted to kneel on the other side and suck him off, thinking it would be like some porn movie. Feeling the wood splinter easily because of his cock’s power had been such a turn on for the big man and Colin had loved watching the simple task, as well. Not being able to see the guy sucking his hard cock had been such a kinky pleasure, but Joey had gotten too excited by the blowjob that he ripped apart the fence with his hands, jumped on his roommate, and sucked Colin off without even realizing what he was doing. His need for the guy’s honey tasting spunk had been too much – increased tenfold by the expert blowjob through the fence. Joe’s present orgasm finally subsided and his mind returned to the shower stall. “I see my big boy couldn’t wait, could he?” Joey’s heart stopped for a few seconds as he heard his roommate’s voice from the entrance to the door-less stall. The big man knew he was in trouble. Colin didn’t like it when he jerked off without him or when he destroyed school property without the smaller guy getting to watch. Joey turned his head to face his lover and he smiled weakly, knowing he had been caught red-handed. He pulled his dick from the hole in the wall – knowing it had fragments of cement and tile caked to it. The big man also removed his finger from his ass. He hung his head and turned toward his roommate. “I just couldn’t help myself, Colin. I was thinking about you down in that other stall – totally nude and soaping up that gorgeous dick of yours. You know I can’t make it through images like that – it’s just too much for this big body to handle, thoughts of you fucking me to make me grow or me lifting you up in the air to suck you off. I kind of lost control, man.” “Well the only reason I’m okay with it, Joey, is because I hope it calmed you down a little. You’ve been a huge pile of raging hormones for a couple of days, since you knew our anniversary was coming up. But I can tell by how hard your cock remains, that you’re still horned up in a major way, aren’t you?” “Um . . . yes sir.” “Geez, what am I going to do with you?” “A good fuck would be the appropriate punishment, I think.” This comment made Colin laugh out loud and instantly Joey knew things were okay. The smaller guy tossed a large towel to his roommate and then continued to dry his own body as he stared at his roommates rippling muscles – a sight that always brought him great joy. Colin realized that Joey could not be expected to control his great need for sex or growth – it was too ingrained now in his DNA. It was clear that the smaller roommate needed to be the keeper of rules in the relationship, but Joey spraying a stall with his cum and poking holes in walls was not going to cause any big problems. It was really helpful for Joey to sometimes release the sexual tension that his muscles and power created. The big guy really was one big walking orgasm – caused mainly by his thirst for growth induced by sex. It was actually amazing that the big man controlled his urges as much as he did. It was also clear that Joey’s love for Colin was sometimes the only thing that prevented him from extracting cum from the smaller guy’s body all the time. Colin knew that he would be unable to keep himself from shooting all day long if Joey ever decided to suck him dry constantly or squeezed the spunk out of him by clamping his powerful ass on his growth causing hard cock. Joey’s need for Colin’s love, respect, and affirmation prevented the big man from being a huge beast that fed his urges whenever he desired. It was clear that Joey’s super strength was actually needed to keep the big guy in check – so he wouldn’t become a power hungry hulk. Secretly, Colin longed to help Joey grow into a massive muscle monster. For all of his newfound intelligence and self-awareness there was a part of the guy that completely craved turning his roommate into someone that could crush rocks with no effort or rip apart metal like it was child’s play. Colin loved knowing his cum was creating a superman. He constantly longed to see his roommate’s body burst out of clothes, his cock to slam through metal, or his muscles flex thicker after a great fuck. Colin actually had to control his own urges in the same miraculous way as Joey, but he never shared these facts with his roommate, mainly because he knew it would be the only permission the big man needed to cut loose and grow to insane sizes. Colin thought it was best, for now, to wait before he unleashed the first real superhero on the world. Joey needed to learn how to control his strength some more – he needed to really understand what it meant to be the most powerful thing on earth. “How long were you watching, Col?” “Long enough to see your cock rip through the wall . . . and it was fucking hot, man.” “I know, right? It was almost like I didn’t know I was doing it. I just felt the need to press that big fat dick head against something hard – you know, to make me cum harder.” “I’d say you succeeded – the other stall is covered in your cum, dude. It’s dripping down the wall like someone undid a fire hydrant.” “Yeah, it felt like a shit load of juice.” “Okay, buddy, put on that hot outfit I picked out for you earlier and slap on some of that cologne that drives me wild. You have a car to put back in the parking lot and then I think I’ll make you carry me to the restaurant. I know we said we’d drive, but I think you can work off a little more steam by hoofing it with me on your shoulders.” “Hey, Colin.” “Yes, honey.” “I love you. Happy anniversary.” “I love you, too, big man. Now put that hard tool away and quit trying to entice me into some locker room sex. It’s dinner first, then some heavy foreplay, and finally, for dessert, some muscle growth fucking!” “Sounds like heaven, Colin, it sounds like heaven.”
  5. londonboy

    m/m A Big Helping Hand

    It was my first day with “Meals on Wheels.” I had been looking for a way to do some community service and a friend suggested I might like to help take food to people who were sick or elderly. I had delivered four lunches so far and I was on my last visit. It had gone pretty well, but I couldn’t prevent myself from becoming a little sad after seeing four consecutive frail women in their eighties, especially when I knew I would be the only person to visit them for the entire week. I could feel my brain wanting to finish the last stop quickly and then head home for some processing time. I walked up to the craftsman looking home on the outskirts of a pretty nice neighborhood and knocked on the screen door, noting that the heavy wooden front door was wide open. I didn’t think it was a good idea for an elderly or sick person to leave their home open like this. I made a mental note to mention it to my supervisor. “Yeah, who is it?” came a voice from somewhere in the back of the house – it sounded strained and a little winded. “I brought your lunch um . . . uh . . . Mr. Gaw.” I looked at the name on the sheet. “It’s about time, I’m starved.” “Yes sir. I’m sorry. I had four other stops today. Can I come in to bring it to you?” “You must be new, boy.” The way he said boy made me roll my eyes. Another elderly gentlemen that built his ego up by making others feel inferior. For a second I thought about just leaving the food on the porch, but knew it wasn’t right and I did so want to make a good impression on my first day. “Yes sir, it’s my first day.” “I’ll be danged, I knew it - mainly because no one ever wants to come in. Yeah, bring the food to the back room, straight down the hall.” I entered the house and prepared myself for the fragile state Mr. Gaw was probably going to be in – since he couldn’t even come to the door. I also heard some heavy breathing and what sounded like grunts, as if he were in great pain. I walked down the hall and followed the sounds. I told myself that I would make it a quick visit – walk in, drop the food, and leave. I turned into the last room on the right and immediately dropped the bag of food I held in my hands. It made a loud noise as it connected with the floor. In the center of the room was a huge beefy guy in gray cotton shorts and a white tank top laying on top of a industrial strength weight bench pressing into the air three bars clamped together with what looked like huge keg-sized concrete blocks cemented onto it. The ends of the bars bent so far down it looked like the frown of a huge emoticon. I gasped out loud as two unbelievably large arms swung the huge weight back into a makeshift stand at the head of the bench. It looked like someone had taken two steel girders and had them shaped into v-like supports and I instantly realized those beams would be the only things strong enough to hold the enormous homemade weight set - that is, besides the dude laying on his back. My chin fell downward as soon as the big man on the bench sat up, the sturdy looking piece of metal furniture underneath cried out from the strain as his body moved. The first thing I noticed about the man was the shocking white-haired crew cut and the thick matching goatee. I then noticed the tanned face with crow’s feet around the piercing blue eyes, heavy wrinkles at the side of a supple looking set of lips, and the manly crevices across the forehead. The man must have been in his late seventies or early eighties, but his body was huge and looked much younger. It was hard to prevent my gaze from traveling straight to the thick-as-hell bull neck that supported the elderly masculine face, which was now looking straight at me. I had only a few seconds to contemplate how it was possible for a neck to look so powerful before the booming voice of Mr. Gaw – now unstrained because he wasn’t lifting what looked like a few tons – spoke to me. “Yeah, the boy’s surprised to see such a huge fucking grandpa, ain’t he?” “Yes.” My answer was weak and feeble. “Yes what, little squirt.” “Yes sir.” “Nice answer. I bet you thought you were going to find some weak looking skinny man barely able to get out of bed, weren’t you now, tiny.” My mind couldn’t even register the insulting words he was using to refer to my body. I was too dumbfounded by what appeared before me. This was a guy surely in the senior part of his life and yet he was bigger than a doublewide refrigerator. I waited too long to answer and this made Mr. Gaw stand up. I cried out like a baby as I gazed upon his full size and then I fell against the side of the doorframe. “You thought I’d be some half-dead, skin and bones dweeb, didn’t you, puny man?” “Yeah.” Again, my voice sounded faint and breathy. “Don’t make me come over there and beat some manners into ya, youngster. You answer your muscle granddaddy like you should, boy.” “Yes sir.” “Yeah, I can see the new boy learns fast. That’s a good little tike. Master Gaw is going to like breaking you in. What’s your name Mr. Teeny lad?” It had finally sunk into my overwhelmed brain that the muscled senior citizen in front of me was letting insults about my size fly as if he could care less about my feelings. I certainly wasn’t as big as him, but I was a decent five eleven and weighed about two hundred pounds. I was in no way what most people would consider small, but this just didn’t register to my huge client. I began to think he might be suffering from dementia or something. “Mr. Gaw, I’m not that small and my name is Kevin.” This caused the old man to smile at me, like he knew a special secret that I didn’t. He stood there for a few seconds and then his gaze turned into something that resembled pity. He made a little tisk tisk sound with his tongue and shook his head. The man reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled off the sweat drenched tank top in one fluid movement – even though I could tell it was hard for him to get the thing over his wide shoulders and big arms. I sucked in air audibly when I got my first glance of his uncovered torso and this made the man smile even more. He walked over to me and I realized immediately that, while I was easily standing inside the door frame of the entrance to the room, the elder man’s shoulders stuck out much farther than the even the molding that surrounded the doorway. The behemoth surely had to turn sideways any time he came into the room. The same was probably true for all the doorways in his house. He puffed out his chest and squared his shoulders even more, simply to emphasize their insane width. I also noticed that I had to tilt my head back to look up at his face – the man was enormous, probably over six-five. He was looking down at me with his evil grin and ocean colored eyes. Mr. Gaw then snorted out a short little snicker and stepped to his right. He leaned his body to the left a little and brought his arm level with my chest. The man started laughing a little harder as he raised his forearm and started pumping up his biceps in front of me. “Holy fucking shit!” That was the most intelligent thing I could muster as I watched the massive peak of his arm thicken and rise in front of me. My entire view of the rest of the room was blocked by his monstrous gun, which was covered in leather like tanned skin. There were layers upon layers of muscles packed into his gigantic biceps and his forearm was covered in thick white hair. “Hey Minnie man, look how my gargantuan flexed arm stretches from your chest to way higher than your head.” My head didn’t move but my eyes looked upward so I could see how high the top of his biceps went. Because he had his arm so close to my head and because the fucking thing was so big I could not see the peak. “Just the fucking arm of this elder giant is bigger than a fourth of your entire body. I’d say that makes you teeny weeny, Kevin. But let’s get one thing clear; you’re mainly small because I say so. Got it, little whippersnapper? “Uh huh.” I gulped deeply after I answered. Mr. Gaw stopped flexing his arm and brought his big palm to the top of my head, easily wrapping his thick long fingers around my skull. He straightaway started squeezing hard and a shout of pain escaped from my mouth. To emphasize his point the big man simply shook my head a little with his fingers as he spoke. “I know you forget to pay me the proper respect mainly because you are so overwhelmed by my muscles and size, junior, but you really need to start minding your big daddy mentor. I would hate to have to carry your small body over to that bench, throw you across my knee, and make you piss in your pants from just one powerful whack of my hand. A spanking from me is kind of like getting hit by a speeding SUV. I think you must be forgetting your proper place in this new relationship. You need to remember you’re nothing but a little baby next to this big daddy. Maybe if I cradle you like a little infant you’ll remember your true position. Or maybe there’s a better way for me to remind you of your status when we’re together.” Mr. Gaw was holding my head completely still with his giant hand. At the same time he had brought one of his thick pecs to my face. I had to look cross-eyed since he was so close, but I could see his hard chunky nipple jutting out level with my nose. I licked my lips as I gazed on the tufts of thick white hair surrounding the juicy looking cylinder of meat. Mr. Gaw moved his chest from side to side causing the erect man-teat to brush roughly across my nose. It actually hurt, but getting the chance to feel the big bull-of-a-man’s body so close made it bearable. The smell of his pungent sweaty pits filled my nostrils and caused my mouth to salivate. I longed to taste the saltiness of this man’s perspiration. “Look at my little baby frothing at the mouth for some of this muscle tit. Yeah, I thought you were a little chest pig the moment I saw you. Here, suck on this for a while, boy. Make your old man’s cock get hard.” The powerful Gaw pressed his hard nipple against my lips and shoved his chest into my face. He used so much force that my mouth had to open and I parted my teeth to welcome what felt like a cork-sized heap of man beef, along with some of the solid muscle of his pec. Using the strong grip he still had on my head the man bounced my face into his super-sized pectoral, which triggered me to start sucking like a wild man – both to give him pleasure and to get air into my lungs. The elderly man tensed his chest just to intensify the pain as my face slammed into his skin. I, however, chose not to shut my eyes – mainly because I wanted to look at the brawny striations across his chest. It looked like tiny farmers had cultivated numerous rows of muscle underneath his skin. When he flexed it was as if waves of pec meat was rippling toward the ocean of abs beneath the cliff-like edges of his chest. “Yeah, that’s a good little boy. You suck grandpa’s tit and suck it hard. Maybe you can get a little of my man milk and maybe it will help you grow big and strong some day. I can tell you’re still shocked as hell by this old man’s body, aren’t you, son. You never thought a senior citizen could get so big and strong, did you?” In between sucks and when he wasn’t shoving my face into his chest I was able to respond. “Yes . . . sir . . . how . . . sir?” “Shit, boy, before you were even sperm I was lifting heavy things. By the time I was twelve I was way bigger than you are right now. I grew up on a farm and my father was larger than I could ever hope to become. Yeah, I felt your entire body shake just now when you thought about the size of my daddy. Hell, he’s still alive, little man. Yep, he’s over a hundred years old and he can still lift a small car. He’s the only man that’s ever beaten me at wrestling. You’ll have to meet old man Gaw when he comes into town. He like’s playing with pretty boys. Damn, he and I could toss your puny body back and forth like a Frisbee. You’d like me to get my super senior daddy to show off for you, wouldn’t you, Kevin.” “Yes . . . sir . . . please sir.” “Nice son, that’s a good boy answer. You are learning so well. I think you can advance a little in your lessons now. It might be time for you to move beyond the diaper stage. Well, maybe not, since I think you’ll soon be losing control of that cock of yours and definitely making a big boy cum mess. It won’t be your fault, though. Your little body just can’t handle being this close to huge daddy muscles – now can it?” “No sir.” Gaw pulled his chest away from my face, which was now raw from his abuse, and he let go of my head. He backed up a little and then reached out and grabbed me by the ass. He latched on hard to my glutes and squeezed, causing me much pain. I went up on my tiptoes and again shouted out loud. This made the big man laugh as he easily shoved my entire body toward the back of the room. He gave my ass a hard tap as I moved away. The smack echoed loudly in the sparsely furnished room. “Yeah, that hurt like hell didn’t it, Kevin? And that was just a light little love tap. That should give you an idea of what a real whopping from your granddaddy Gaw would feel like. I bet you’re going to do as I say now more than ever, aren’t you.” “Yes sir.” I was rubbing my ass furiously, trying to lessen the intense stinging. I figured I was going to have an imprint of the big man’s hand down there for a few days. I quickly anticipated beating off in the coming week just from lowering my pants and looking at his paw print on my aching butt. I kept moving further into the room, nervous that Mr. Gaw was going to smack me on the ass again. He sauntered into the room a few steps behind me and I could see that two things were causing him to walk a little stiffly. First of all, the insides of his thighs pressed his legs apart making it almost impossible for him to walk without waddling. And secondly, there was a fire hose sized cock stretching obscenely across his thigh and pushing his cotton shorts out like the giant pole in the center of a circus tent. My eyes widened as I began to fathom the dimensions of his rod and my ill-mannered gawking was not missed by Mr. Gaw. “Too much man meat down there for you, too – huh, little man? It’s not nice to stare now, Kevin, but I know you can’t help it. You’re just trying hard to grasp how big that python is, aren’t you? Guess what, boy? It’s not even fully hard yet” This caused me to start coughing – it was like I gagged on just the thought of trying to get his penis in my mouth. I quickly braced my body on the nearest thing – which ended up being one of the large slabs of concrete implanted on the ends of the combined bars the guy was lifting when I came in. After catching my breath I finally looked at where my hand rested. The block of concrete was so large that it almost touched the ground even as it rested in its girder-like holders. I quickly figured out that the large pieces of stone were bigger than half my body – they were way over four feet high and the same width. I turned to the smiling face of Mr. Gaw. I was too flabbergasted to make a coherent sentence. “How . . . much, I mean . . . what’s the . . . how much does one of . . .” “Don’t ask, son. I stopped using conventional weights in my thirties. Nothing was heavy enough. I started using trucks and big pieces of machinery, but most of the time I demolished them by gripping too hard or letting them smash into the ground when dropping them at the end an intense set of reps. People stopped letting me use their vehicles or other items because I destroyed too many. That’s when a contractor friend volunteered to make me some mega-sized weights. He poured those small things for me to use in the house. He also gave me two steel girders so I could bend them into shape to hold the weight. Shit, boy, there’s nothing hotter than taking a big thick girder and molding it easily with just your hands. I’ve never weighed those things, so I don’t know how much I’m lifting. I do know, however, they’ve become too light. I can toss them around for hours and not feel a thing.” “You said these are small, sir?” “Oh yeah, real small. My friend used some big Jacuzzi’s as molds for my outdoor weights. He just poured the cement in and then let me bust the fiberglass rims with my hands. He used a streetlight pole as the bar. The big ones are in the back yard. That’s where I do most of my hard ass workouts. These things in here are just to keep the blood pumping in my guns during the day. And to impress the shit out of little dweebs like you.” I ignored the dweeb comment, mainly because I was running my hand over the huge lump of concrete in front of me. I put both of my hands against the side of the stone and pushed with all my might. The damn thing didn’t even slightly move. I pushed harder, thinking that with a little leverage I could at least make the weight bars move a little. It was no use. I quickly realized that three of me put together would not be able to budge the bulky mass. “Don’t strain yourself, puny man. We want you to be able to have some more fun with your muscled elder. You’re no good to me if you’re hurt or even just plain tuckered out. You need to save all of your strength to keep up with me - even if it’s just for a little while. Grab one of those blocks in the corner and bring it to daddy. Let me do something to pump some more juice into that hard cock of yours. I want to intensify your upcoming explosion to a higher level. We might get you scores of nine or a perfect ten, even from the Russian judge, when I allow you to finally shoot your wad.” I looked to where he pointed and saw there were some huge cinder blocks, the kind used for the construction of large buildings, laying in the back corner. They were the big concrete gray bricks that had big holes in the middle – used for wires or pouring in cement foundations. These looked bigger than the ones I had used in college to hold up my bookshelves. I could have probably fit one of my legs into the middle of these thick blocks – or even my entire body. I also noticed there was a pile of sand in the corner, as well. I figured Mr. Gaw was filling bags for something. I reached down to lift one of the blocks off the ground and was surprised as hell when it only came up about a half of inch. I tried to lift it again, using a lot more of my strength and the thing only raised into the air slightly more. I turned to look at Mr. Gaw, ready to ask him for help. What I saw almost made me instantly shoot my cock’s building load. The older white-haired Samson was curling the triple-barred massive manmade weight – with just one hand! I fell backward in shock and was thankful I was so near the wall. It broke my fall. I started to cry out like a shocked child but no sound could escape my mouth. I was simply too astounded by the man. I watched closely as he executed perfect one-armed curls for ten repetitions and then tossed the monstrous thing in the air and caught it with his other hand. He then repped out ten lifts with his other arm. His biceps were suddenly what seemed to be twice the size they had been when he measured them against my body. I knew a small child could easily hide behind this senior’s bulging guns. He dropped the weight back into the holders and the room shook from the jolt. I took a few seconds and focused on the girders that held the united bars. I could see finger indentions on the sides of the steel beams and got a little light headed thinking about Mr. Gaw bending the things with just his hands. “Yeah, boy, I’ve got these guns pumped up something nice for you. We’re going to have a little fun now, son. Don’t try to lift those things, Kevin. You’re too weak for that. Just slide the things over on the floor. I can’t begin to remember what it feels like to not be able to lift a bunch of tonnage. I feel sorry for you. My cock, alone, could lift four of those cinder blocks put together boy, and yet your entire body can barely get one an inch off the ground. It must be difficult being so small and feeble, Kevin. Here, you thought you were going to come in and help a frail old man by giving him lunch, but you had no idea that your body would end up being so scrawny and powerless compared to mine. Come on little man, put some force behind that cinder block. You’ve barely moved it two feet.” Mr. Gaw was right. The fucking thing was so heavy that I was wearing myself out just trying to slide it across the floor. It was even larger than I thought. The outer ring of the block was probably about a foot thick, leaving a hole in the center that was definitely as big as my waist. I could tell that metal had been mixed in with the concrete ring, as well. This added to its strength and weight. The elderly muscle man had obviously grown tired waiting for me, so he walked over and grabbed the cinder block between just the pinky and ring fingers of his right hand. He lifted the block up like it was a feather. He then wrapped his other hand around my waist and easily lifted me into the air. Being cupped in the big man’s sweaty armpit was like winning a thousand lotteries. I felt his huge pumped-up biceps against my body and his muscle packed chest pressed into my side at the same time. He squeezed so hard that all the air was instantaneously forced out of my lungs. I could not take a breath because his grip was too damn strong. I was thankful when he dropped me on my feet as soon as we were back in the middle of the room. I inhaled deeply. Mr. Gaw snickered at my misfortune and then brought the cinder block to his chest level. “So, Mr. Delicate, let’s see what kind of damage your big grandpa can do to this flimsy light thing, okay?” I stared at the man and, even though my body was still in pain, I was excited beyond belief. I could not wait to see what the guy chose to do to this heavy piece of concrete. “Yes, please sir.” “You have done so well at learning your manners today, Kevin. I am so proud of you. It’s time to reward you a little and then we’ll work at pleasing me. I bet you never thought you’d end up the plaything of some monstrous eighty-year-old man, did you? But that’s just the way life goes sometimes. Let’s not mess up those pretty clothes of yours. Undress boy.” It was certainly not a polite request and I did not need to be told twice. I had quickly learned that my new daddy boss did not feel he should ever have to repeat himself. I kicked off my shoes and socks, peeled my shirt from my upper body, and then pulled down my pants and underwear at the same time. I placed all of my clothes on the concrete block, still resting in the hand-molded holders. I was happy to notice that my body made Mr. Gaw smile. He nodded his head up and down in approval. “Yeah, boy, that’s a real nice body. And I can see why you might have thought you were big before you met me. But take a look at your body son, and then look back at me. Go ahead. Yeah, that’s it. Get a good long look. Now look at me. It’s kind of hard to miss me, huh? Tell me what you notice Kevin?” “I notice that there’s no comparison, sir. I feel small and weak next to your gray-haired super-strong huge body. I see skin weathered with time, but still gorgeous and vibrant. I see hands with calluses bigger than my fist, sir. That hard skin on your palms is from years of lifting weight that all other men could only dream about moving - weight that even most bulldozers would have trouble budging. I see the most beautiful muscle daddy that has ever walked the earth.” “Well son, truer and finer word have never been spoken. Your Mr. Gaw is going to reward you handsomely.” The giant man took the cinder block in one hand and slid his other forearm into the hole. I watched as Gaw slid the cement ring up his arm – having to push it hard to get it over his thick biceps. I was amazed that his skin didn’t tear – but then I quickly figured it must be as strong as the rest of him. The man simply turned the cinder block into an armband. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. He then raised his arm – leaving it outstretched at his side, with the block hugging his gun. “You don’t touch your cock until I say you can, is that clear little fellow?” “Yes sir.” “I bet you have beat off for years watching men bust their biceps through the sleeves of their shirts, haven’t you boy.” “Yes sir.” “Well let’s put a new twist on that image, shall we, son? From now on an arm ripping through a shirt isn’t going to impress you at all.” With that, Mr. Gaw started bringing his forearm up slowly and methodically. I watched as the man’s big solid biceps started expanding and filling in every possible space within the block. I was amazed to see his skin push out over the sides of the block, because it couldn’t go anywhere else at first. For a few seconds I thought nothing was going to happen and then the room was filled with a popping sound that made the walls reverberate. Chunks of concrete came flying off of the edges of the cinder block. I could feel tiny pebble-like pieces hitting my body, but I didn’t dare take my eyes from Mr. Gaw’s biceps. The man was barely straining and intensified the pump of his biceps even more. Suddenly the entire block exploded from around his swelling arm. It was like watching some guy’s arm busting apart a plastic armband but it was also a hundred times more powerful. Seeing his biceps obliterate heavy concrete was beyond orgasmic. I moaned out loud as portions of the block flew across the room and some big lumps fell to the ground. I desperately wanted to grab hold of my cock and pump myself to orgasm, but I remembered Mr. Gaw’s order and there was no way I was going to disobey him. The big man’s biceps was bulging in front of me and looked even more glorious than before – probably because I had just witnessed some of its incredible power. “Fuck, that is so hot every time, little man. I’m proud of you for not grabbing that cock. Most men can’t make it through that easy display. You’ve got some stamina and I like that – even in someone as small as you. Not to worry, son, we’ll be getting you off soon. Let me just clean up some of this mess.” The big man reached down and grabbed a couple of the big chunks of concrete from the ground. He stood back up and held the two pieces in his right hand – with his left palm open underneath. I heard a high-pitched squealing sound and saw his fist grow tighter around the stone mass. I cried out in pleasure as soon as I saw a steady stream of sand descending from his clenched fist into the waiting palm. It was taking no effort for the big muscled daddy to mash the concrete into nothing. My legs began to weaken. My moaning got louder and my body began to shake. “Hold on little man, your big daddy wants to give you one more thrill to send you catapulting over the top.” Mr. Gaw reached out and grabbed my tense body. Feeling his sand covered hands against my skin made his recent display of strength even more real and my toes began to curl tightly in anticipation of what was coming. He quickly brought my weakened body up to his chest and let my stiff cock nestle into the deep valley between his pecs. The strong man then merely lifted my body up and down while he squeezed his powerful chest together – surrounding my hard cock with hard warm sweaty muscle. It took only a few times of jerking my dick up and down in between his mountains to send me over the top. I threw my head back, screamed like some kind of wild animal, and then released my powerful eruption into the cavernous division between Gaw’s huge pecs. I could tell volumes of cum were being released from my body, mainly because I felt it deeply, but also because I saw a bountiful amount of cum shoot out lava-like over the huge chest in front of me and then flow downward over the bulging muscles. My body continued to shake uncontrollably for a few minutes and I knew it would be hard for me to ever again spew forth that much man juice, but then I quickly began to think about all the other things Mr. Gaw might do to show off and I started to get excited again– even before I had fully recovered from his small display of strength. [Part Two for Tumblr] “That sure was pretty, boy, but we’re not done. It’s time for this old colossal man to get off.” I was carried easily over to the end of the bench. Mr. Gaw sat down and then worked both of my legs to either side of his big trunk-sized thighs. He manipulated my body around like I was some kind of doll. Then, without any warning, he slammed my ass down onto his waiting cock. My eyes rolled into the back of my head from the pain and I opened my mouth wide, but, as before, no sound came out. “Sorry, tiny man, but there’s no way I could slowly introduce my large tool to your hole. Trust me, the quick way is the best way. Now I’ll just twist your body a little so you can get used to having a fire hydrant up your ass.” This made Mr. Gaw laugh out loud and then he did, indeed, turn my body to the left and to the right to make it nestle down on his cock even more. It felt like someone had shoved a flagpole up into my body. The pain began to subside and Mr. Gaw, knowing how much it would please me, leaned in and kissed my lips hard. “That’s for being a good boy. I’m going to now start using your body to jerk off my cock, son. Don’t worry, it will give you pleasure, too, but know that a big man like me can’t stop himself when he gets going. I won’t hurt you much, you can count on that. Just squeeze your ass as tight as you can and we’ll both get along fine. Here we go – get ready for the ride of your life.” The big hands at my waist grabbed onto me even tighter and then Gaw started propelling my body up and down on his hard prick using just the strength of his arms. I tried to squeeze my ass as tight as I could – partially to prevent some of the pain, but also to give Mr. Gaw more pleasure. From the way he was moaning and breathing heavy I knew it was working. The man thrust my body up and down so fast that I began to get a little sick. The room was just a blur now. I could feel the old man’s stiff cock getting even firmer as he abused my ass. Finally, the man raised me up on his cock and then slammed me down with enough strength to knock the wind out of me. It didn’t matter, though, because suddenly I felt his huge penis begin to throb hard, I watched his abs concave in, and I heard what can only be described as a beastlike yell. Then hot cum, not just warm juice, shot up into my insides. I figured if I looked down at my ass I would surely see steam rise because of the heat emanating from my hole. I wondered if the temperature was mostly caused by the inertia created from his strong arms or was it because the man was so masculine that even his cum was insanely powerful. Either way I knew I had just been fucked by what was surely the most masterful daddy alive. I looked into his beautiful rugged face and my body tingled all over when I saw the huge muscle man smile at me. The gentleness I was feeling didn’t last long. The man lifted my body off of his cock and then dropped me on the floor in front of him. He grabbed me by the hair and then proceeded to wipe up his cum-covered balls and cock with my face. I was certainly not complaining – getting to feel his hard dick up against my face and to steal tastes of his man milk was awesome– but it did seem like his actions were from someone that only cared about dominating and conquering. I wasn’t sure Mr. Gaw was capable of much generosity or gentleness. After his cock was cleaned and glistened from the saliva of my tongue bath, the man released my hair. He again lifted me into his lap – this time holding me like a small child, my upper body held aloft by one of his meaty arms and my legs draped over his opposite big thigh. I could feel his semi-hard wet cock pressing into my ass and lower back. The big man began to stroke my chest and stomach lightly. His actions made my eyes fill with water and Mr. Gaw noticed as he gazed down at me. “I have to be tough son, so you’ll appreciate it when I’m kind. I have to be the disciplinarian as well as the protector. Understand boy?” “Yes sir.” I said through my tears and tried hard to stop crying. “It’s fine for you to cry, boy. You’re not used to being around such size and strength. It’s hard to get your mind around all that my body is capable of – the destruction it can cause, the heavy stuff it can lift, the good it can do, and all that. I represent so much for you, boy. You desire a protector as well a dominator. You want me to treat you both rough and gentle. You like me when I’m mean and you like me soft. I deserve to be your master, boy, and you know it. I’ve learned a hell-of-a lot in my time on this earth. I know you now won’t ever look at elderly people the same way, son. That’s why ‘Meals on Wheels’ hired me.” “What sir?” “That’s right, boy. See, the program uses me to test their new male volunteers. I give them a big helping hand, so to speak. If men still want to serve after visiting me, then they become part of the service. I’m used as a tool to weed out the weak ones.” “I still want to serve meals, sir, but on one condition.” “You think you’re in a place to give me conditions, boy?” “No sir, it’s just that I think you’ll like this condition. I’ll be glad to serve many meals to the sick and elderly if my last stop can always be here.” “Hell, son, no one’s ever asked for that. That sounds like a great plan to me. Give your big gramps a kiss.”
  6. elysiumfields

    m/m Diving School Muscle

    Another of my oldies.. Diving School Muscle Elysia bobbed up and down on the gentle ocean waves,anchored above the sight of the sunken wreck of the freighter Hephaistion, resting on the ocean bed at around 100 feet down. I sat in the cabin of the Elysia, monitoring the progress of the team of divers i had brought out to the wreck on my boat,catching a chance to relax and enjoy the warm sunshine and the calm shallows 4 miles out from Bermuda's Maritime Point. It was a good business ferrying divers to and from the Hephaistion and to the Sargasso reefs, and i had formed a close freindship with Alex and Jamie, two American buddies, who had just set up a Diving School together just outside of Hamilton and who had saved me from nearly drowning while snorkling near Devils Hole....'Damned Sea Turtles can be so alluring to watch!'. As a thank you to the two young guys for saving my life, i had formed a partnership with them as the boat operator with hopes of furthering their business and lining my pockets too. The wreck of the Hephaistion was a main pull for visiting divers. It had sunk nearly 29 years ago in heavy seas after an apparent disastrous fire in the engine room,and i think the main lure for divers to its grave,was the fact that it was rumoured to have had a crate of precious stones in the hold, but did'nt every shipwreck have some hidden treasures in their dark interiors!. As i expected, nothing had ever been found. Then there was the local lore that when the Hephaistion had gone missing in 1973 for 3 weeks,southeast of Bermuda in the Sargasso sea, it had been sucked into the Bermuda Triangle and not because it suffered damage in a storm. I had heard an urban legend, that if you stood at the very eastern tip of the island, at a turret in the National Maritime Fort,your watch would stop and run backwards for a while..'Bullshit!'.. i had tried it and nothing happened. One or two old maritimers had even said that the Hephaistion was deliberately sunk because the real killers of the islands Governor General back in 1973 were on board,and that the two men executed in 1976 which led to violent racial riots on the island,were innocent,and the British government and its Bermudian puppets, wanted to cover it up. Conspiracy theories bored me..As long as i had my boat and my beautiful idyllic life, i was fine.... Well,at least the Greek owners of Hephaistion had a sense of humour in naming it after Alexander the Greats gay lover...Full of happy sailors i guess,laughing to myself. I just sat in the cabin,my legs stretched out on the sideboard,taking in the sun and tranquility as the Elysia swayed gently on the ocean. Jamie and Alex had taken a group of 6 divers down to the wreck..All rich male college students from Boston on holiday, just a few years younger than my two buds, and all eager to learn how to dive. They were in two groups of 4 and had been down in the depths for a fair while now. I had a communication link to both Jamie and Alex,who had connections with the rest of the group,and both had undersea cameras with them,but i could not exactly retrieve a perfect signal on the monitor from them all the time.Too murky at times,other times too blurry,but sometimes i could see what they were doing crystal clear. I looked at the clock..2.50pm and then at the counters that kept an accurate digital reading of the air the group had in their tanks.They were going to have to come up soon. I picked up the microphone and sat forward to look at the monitor as it switched between Alex and Jamie. "Jamie,you'll have to come up soon,'ll be running out of air." After a few moments of watching Jamie swimming along the freighters barnacle encrusted hull,he crackled back a response. "Yeah,no probs,Gilligan..i'm just looking for Hayden and Greg and we'll start back up." I gritted my teeth because i hated Jamie for keeping calling me Gilligan..joking about being shipwrecked on some desert island with some professor..I had not a clue what he was going on about?. 'It was Gilliam, and even better, just Gill !' . Jamie turned the camera to point at his face,and gave me the thumbs up, his sparkling blue eyes framed by the clear goggle mask, nearly the same colour as the sea. I checked upon Alex. He was swimming close behind two of the other college students.I could see their flippers waving up and down as they swam in front of him. "Its nearly time to come topside,Alex" "Yeah,i know." he replied, then a Barracuda suddenly swam close through his camera view,startling both Alex and myself. "Fucking fish..i nearly crapped in my suit" Alex said. I stifled a laugh as i got up to prepare to help the guys up on board. "See you in a mo.." muffled Alex. I acknowledged him as i walked to the back of the boat. Suddenly,the boat rocked heavily on a swell that seemed to come out from nowhere, and i nearly fell over the side,clinging hard on a side rung to stop me from going overboard. I stood up as the boat settled back down again, but at least 10 feet or so from behind the boat,i could see a wide circle of foaming,bubbling white water as if there had been an undersea explosion,..or the beast from 20,000 fathoms was about to rise its head out of the water! I felt my ears pop as if there was a sudden change in pressure,then a brief spell of dizziness,that i had to sit down to allow to pass. 'What the fuck was all that', i was'nt the one diving up from the depths and at risk of experiencing pressure change?. I watched as the foaming maelstrom on the ocean surface broke and dissipated as quickly as it came, returning to its tranquil rolling calm. "Oh shit..the divers!" i remembered. I rushed over to the monitor and literally shouted into the microphone. "Jamie,Alex, are you guys all OK down there?" i said with clear alarm in my voice. A few seconds of anxious waiting and for the camera footage to clear from a murkiness into dappled light, and Alex crackled onto his mike. "Yeah, why,..whats up?" Alex seemed calm as if he had'nt experienced anything that i had just gone through. "I just experienced a heavy wake as if something had happened down there with you guys.I nearly went overboard!". "Nah, nothings happened down here,not even turbulance of currents..Mind you,my wetsuits feeling a little tight though.." I sat back on the seat,both relieved that everything with Alex and his team seemed Ok,but perplexed by his odd comment on his wetsuit. I had helped him, and all the others into their neoprene wetsuits after applying the lubricating wax over their bodies, and being openly gay,i must admit i had found it mildly erotic rubbing the lean muscles and trim torso's of the better looking guys in the group. I shuddered myself out of an image of Alex peeling off his wetsiut to unveil his muscular smooth torso,before i got an erection. Jamie came on over the mike.."Whats up Gill, not becoming seasick after all the time in your boat,are ya?". "Very funny" i replied, as i watched him focus his camera a little too long on the firm arse of the student swimming close in front of him. "Why you looking at his arse,Jamie. I'm the gay one here?". "He's got such a nice full muscled butt, and i dunno why i ain't noticed how a guys butt looks so sexy in the first place!". I thought the camera was playing tricks on me as Jamie followed the guy upwards towards the surface,intermittently telling him and the others to ascend at a calm pace to avoid the bends, but it looked as if the young mans arse was expanding in his tight wetsuit.. The vision fuzzed as i caught a glimpse of the hull of the Elysia from below,the surounding surface waters dappled in sunlight. I got back preparing to haul up the divers onto the flat back deck of the boat. There was a break in the waters near the bow and a head popped up. It was Cody,one of the student divers. When i reached down to haul off his oxygen tanks, i could not help but notice that he seemed much broader in the shoulders and the arms much thicker beneath the sleek skin tight long sleeves. I shrugged it off as just tiredness as he clambered onto the boat, followed by his bud,Hayden. I scooped off the owygen tanks and secured them into a nearby racking and offered a hand down to pull up the cute young college jock with the golden blonde hair, azure blue eyes and tanned surfer boy looks.'Shit!' he felt heavy that i had to grip the side rungs to help him up. "Cheers bud" he said,grinning a perfect smile at me.his black and blue wetsuit looking un-naturally tight on a too thick physique. He had'nt been this built before he went into the water,..surely? Then Jamie surfaced and helped himself up onto the deck. I saw a definate change in his physique. He had been tall and thin when he had gone down to the wreck. Now he returned,still standing his 6 feet,but his wetsuit filled with a bulging curved shape of a powerful chest, and thick bulging arms. He looked at me staring at him and raised his arms up in a double bicep, the skin tight neoprene conforming to biceps that if it were possible,were expanding and stretching his long red and black sleeves."You like what you see,Gill?" he said teasingly. My cock stirred in my khaki boardshorts. There was a creaking groaning sound coming from my left, and i turned around to see Hayden with his arms up and hands clasped behind his head.His lats were swelling out a little too rapidly beneath his wetsuit and even the strong neoprene could not contain his burgeoning muscles as they grew bigger and bigger to the soze of a bodybuilders and then beyond!. His biceps really showed their growth,filling up his black sleeves making them look like bowling balls forming into fat near spherical mounds squeezing against thickening delts and traps.The sounds were coming from a rip spreading from under his arms,showing off the hairy arm-pits. I caught sight of another head rising out from the back of the boat. Greg..The short red haired and freckled kid. He rose up out of the water like the kraken at the end of Clash of the Titans,throwing his mask onto the deck, already huge with muscles,already his black and blue wetsuit ripped by biceps bulging through and rippled with veins, and heaving swelling pecs splitting open the front and busting the zipper,matted with thick stubbly red tinged hair.As he rose up,the strap over his shoulder,holding his oxygen tanks,snapped, and they tanks clanged onto the deck. I was too distracted by the huge thick shape of what could only be an oversized cock pushing his crotch obscenely.Turning to look at Hayden,then Cody, i could see huge bulges bloating their crotches as obscenely as Gregs..and Jamies. My own cock responded by throbbing into a prominant erection leaking pre-cum as i gazed upon them with fear mixed with lust. Jamie stomped towards me,just as Alex surfaced,again his yellow and dark blue wetsuit showing signs of a body growing massively muscled. Jamie blocked my view,glaring at me with glazed hungry eyes and groping an inhumanly large bulging cock. "Looks like something definately did happen below,..hey Gilligan".,emphasising the name to try an annoy me,but his growing size intimidated me more like!. The other guys laughed behind him,as i heard the sounds of their wetsuits ripping from swelling muscles. Jamie kept advancing towards me and i backed towards the steps and nearly fell down them if it had not been for Jamie to catch me in his powerful hands and lift me up by my waist as if i weighed nothing. "You ain't got nowhere to hide little man." Truth is, i had nowhere to hide.I was stuck on my boat 4 miles out from Bermuda in open sea.! Jamie carried me back outside,ripping off my clothes like they were made of paper and slumped me down naked with my pathetic little 6 inch erection,onto the deck. The Diving team had all come up now and had hauled themselves on board my boat. Each and every one of them, now grown or growing still, into hugely muscled hunks much more bigger than even the biggest bodybuilder. And they gathered around in a circle like hungry giants ready to eat me up. Crouched on the deck in the centre,i could only look up at their huge pecs bloated and filling out their wetsuits like painted mounds or ripping out of them,so big that it partially blocked the views of their grinning faces above. "How about a circle jerk over this little wimp" grunted Ben,once a tall wiry muscled student and now hulking over me,his massive chest densly covered with dark matted hair,heaving with each breath. I watched in mixture of desire and fear as the guys fumbled desperately with their obscenely stuffed crotches and whipped out huge fat cocks,as thick as beercans and all pretty close to,or over two foot in length.. Alex moved a little closer to me,grasping his gigantic pre-cum slick cock with both hands and began to beat off hard,grunting and huffing loudly,the fat flaring red cockhead already oozing pre-cum in thick globs. Matt,another student quickly joined in and began to beat his cock furiously,spitting and grunting like an animalon heat,his cock shaft throbbing with pulsing veins. Jamie spat on his hands and then pointed his huge vein streaked cock very close to my face and then banged away on it as wild as the others. I just sat there,naked and stiffly erect and began to stroke my own little dick,looking up at the hunks,their massive biceps flexing and bulging from ripped wetsuits,pecs heaving and juddering as they wanked over me bukkake style. Greg slapped me across the top of my head nearly sending me flying if it had'nt been for Hayden propping me back up. "Open your mouth Gill..,time for a cum shower." I lifted my head upskywards and gaped open my mouth just as the first of the muscleguys climaxed.Cum rained down impossibly thick globs and spattered into my mouth, signalling for the others to cum too. I gulped and swallowed as much as i could as i was literally soaked by their abnormally heavy loads. Ben and Alex leaned in towards each other and began to kiss passionately as they continued to whack off over me. Through cum soaked hair matting my face, i saw Jamie glaring down at me,his cock still spewing cum in torrents onto a slick deck.. "Its just us out here so why don't we have a little fun with you before we head back to port., hey Gill.!" I was at their mercy..but there was something else.... I had not noticed that my watch had stopped,or that the compass on the Elysia was going all haywire.. Are we gonna be out here for 3 hours or 3 weeks..? It seemed that the ghost of Hephaistion was laughing in the depths below.. THE END
  7. NYCBlackMuscle

    m/m The Trials And Tribulations Of A Male Witch

    Here's an old story of mine from way back which will be my first post on the new forum. Please let me know what you think. -------------------- The following work of fiction portrays men in sexual situations. Please do not read if you are not interested in stories written for erotic purposes, if you are not of legal age, or if it is illegal for you to read sexually explicit material in this format or through this medium. All characters in this work are fictional. As such, they are immune to any and all types of infectious diseases, including the AIDS virus. You are not fictional and therefore you are not immune. Follow safer sex guidelines or risk having some brainless disease write the ending of your life story for you. Copyright 1998 – 2014 by [email protected] Trials and Tribulations of a Male Witch My grandmother was a witch. Not the cauldron stirring, wart-nosed kind you read about in stories but the laid back kind you'd pass on the way to the store and not even notice. She knew how to do things with herbs and the odd salamander tongue that would blow your mind. When I was a kid I used to stay at her big, old Victorian house for the summer. She taught me how to mix up potions and brews of my own, though as I matured and my natural tendencies came to light she laughed at the things I tried to stir up. Me, I think being gay comes from the genes because I never felt anything for girls but I was attracted to guys before I even knew what my dick was for. Not just any guys, mind you. My tastes always tended towards the big ones. I can remember being mesmerized by a big delivery man who delivered a couch to my parents’ house but as I got older my tastes became more focused and I realized that I was specifically attracted to big muscular guys. By my late teens I discovered bodybuilding magazines and spent much of my free cash and time buying them and jerking off to the pictures of massive, oiled up hunks that filled their pages. I realized it was all about size - the bigger the better, and if possible, bigger still. The summer after high school was the last one I spent with my grandmother. Neither of us realized it but she would die the following winter after an unexpected heart attack. Throughout those hot months we hiked the hills around Jacksonville, the town where she lived, and she pointed out all the natural elements that would be useful to me in my career as a male witch. After gathering plants and the like we would return to her home and mix potions and tinctures in a stainless steel pot on her gas range. Our hobby might have been ancient but our tools were modern enough. Sometime in July, after hinting around and skirting the issue, I finally came out and admitted to Grandmother that I wanted to mix a potion that would cause my thin, bony frame to fill out and become more athletic. I didn't have any desire to be a huge muscle-stud myself but I knew that that if I wanted to attract the kind of man I was interested in I'd have to be in better shape than I was. Grandmother just laughed at my request and told me that when she was younger she'd tried something similar on herself. She was still chuckling when she pulled a book down from the top shelf of one of her bookcases and opened it to a section on transformations. With the help of the book and Grandmother, when I headed home to my parents I looked a hell of a lot different than the kid who had left home only three months before. My 5' 10" frame had grown to a healthy 6'. What's more I had gone from a skinny 140 pounds to a buffed out 185. My biceps and triceps were now strong and striated, stretching the sleeves of my old T-shirts. My hairless torso was packed with ripped, defined muscle while my waist had barely expanded from the tight 29 inches it had been before. My ass, with a little judicious experimentation, had become as rounded, high and tight as was possible within the laws of physics. My legs, meanwhile, had grown longer and stronger, with powerful thighs sweeping down into bulbous calves. With my blond hair and blue eyes I was looking like quite the stud. My parents were astonished at the change but I just told them that a long summer of hard work, and a late puberty shock, had worked wonders. Dad shook his head but accepted my explanation. I think Mom was a little more suspicious, having a better idea what Grandmother was capable of, but she let it pass too. I headed off to college that September and found that my new physical attributes were more magnetic than I could have imagined. There were plenty of girls that tried to catch my eye but I ignored them, preferring to concentrate on the studly men that seemed to come at me from all sides. Even though I smiled and flirted with a lot of them it was only the big guys, the ones who had already put a couple of good years in at the gym, that I spent any time with. While the potion I had created insured that I stayed in great shape I spent a lot of time at the gym scoping out the overbuilt football players and wrestlers that kept my cock up and hard all the time. One guy in particular really caught my eye. His name was Tyrell and he was a receiver on the football team. Most receivers tend to be smaller than their teammates on the line because they need speed and agility in order to catch passes and run their way through the opposing team. The gods must have been kind to Tyrell because even though he was one huge motherfucker he was as quick and as fast as any receiver they'd had at the school for years. I used to watch him working out with his teammates at the gym. He was a big, black stud, somewhere around 6' 4" with a handsome face and a shaved head. In the gym he wore an old, faded tank-top and long shorts but these did nothing to hide the amazingly built yet cut body he'd managed to sculpt. He must have been around 230 pounds of dark, sinuous muscle that only got bigger when he lifted. I'd watch while his teammates, some of whom I'd already slept with, spotted him while he pushed out rep after rep of bench presses until his pecs bulged like two mountains under his tank-top. It was enough to get me hard. I just wished I could see him in the same condition since the lump in his shorts already looked impressive soft. Unfortunately he wasn't interested in me. He had a girlfriend, a blonde cheerleader, which made me think that he at least he was attracted to people with my coloring. Unlike some of the other guys, though, it looked like he only went for girls because he never returned any of my looks when we passed by each other in the gym or on campus. Damn it was frustrating. Despite the fact that I could usually get the guys I was interested in I started losing interest in anyone other than Tyrell. The frustration lasted through Fall term and the end of the football season. We did OK, and Tyrell did great breaking the school record for number of receptions, but the team didn't make it to the playoffs. Campus broke up for Christmas break and I headed home to my parents. A couple days after Christmas we received word that Grandmother had died. The heart attack that killed her struck when she was in town shopping and no one could save her. My parents and I went to Jacksonville for her funeral and then spent several days together before they had to fly home and return to work. They left me at the Victorian to get it closed up for the winter before they returned in the Spring and decided what to do with the old place. I had volunteered to stay behind and told them I'd just fly straight back to college after New Year’s. That gave me just about a week to whip up a little holiday gift for Tyrell. I pulled the book down from the top shelf and went to work only without my grandmother's guiding hand to help me. It was tough because what I wanted to create I couldn't test on myself and while it would have been fun to try on others, even some of the local yokels, I didn't have the time. I flew back to school hoping that what I’d developed would do the job I wanted done. With football season over a lot of the players took time off from the gym counting Spring term as a needed rest. Tyrell didn't, though, and I saw him there as much as ever. Now he was working out alone, a condition that mirrored his situation outside the gym as it became apparent the love affair between he and the cheerleader hadn't survived the football season. That was a good sign so a couple weeks into January I put my plan into action. It was a Friday evening and the gym wasn't particularly crowded. Tyrell was there giving his arms a major workout. By 10:00 PM, about the time the gym was supposed to close, everyone else had left, he was pushing out a last set of preacher curls, and I was trying keep my dick from getting rock hard at the size of his pumped up biceps. He finished his set and dropped the straight bar onto the stand with a crash that reverberated around the gym. Flexing his arms, he (and I) admired the peak on his sweating biceps in the mirror, before pointing both arms straight out from the shoulder in a stretch and then bringing them back up to flex again. By now I had strategically positioned myself by the drinking fountain so when he strutted over to get a drink I was able to look up and casually say, "Hey, you're Tyrell Davis, aren't you?" "Yeah, that's me," he replied glancing at my outstretched hand for a second before taking it and almost crushing it in his powerful grip. "Dude, I saw you play this year. You were awesome." "Thanks, man," he said and made as if to head past me to the drinking fountain. "Thirsty?" I asked, handing him one of the two bottled waters I held. "Go ahead, I've got an extra one." He shrugged and took the bottle, nodding his thanks. Thankfully his thirst overpowered any curiosity he might have had about why the cap on the bottle was already loose and he drank the whole thing down in a couple seconds. It was more than I had hoped for. He thanked me again and I started up some small talk waiting for the first effects. Grandmother's spirit must have been with me back in Jacksonville because right on schedule he blinked his eyes and began to sway a bit. "Hey big guy, what's the matter?" I asked. "You feeling OK?" "Yeah, sure, I'm fine," he replied, his voice already beginning to slur. "You don't look so good. Maybe you'd better rest." He blinked again and then nodded his assent, his docility being a temporary effect of the potion I had slipped him. With a little prodding he went with me to the locker room where we gathered our stuff and headed out of the gym. As a freshman I was still obliged to live in the dorms but I knew he lived off campus. As luck would have it, not only was his apartment nearby but he lived alone. It was your standard college pad, pride of place given to his bed and gaming console set-up. The former was what interested me and while he stood in the center of the room, swaying slightly, I laid back and feasted my eyes on him. God he was hot, even with his clothes on. He'd be even better without them. "You look a little warm, Tyrell. Why don't you strip off those clothes?" That suggestion was all it took for me to be treated to one hell of a show. In seconds he was entirely nude, and more impressive already than I could have dreamed. Except for his pubes, he was as hairless everywhere else as he was on his head. He even shaved his armpits. His big, black body was flawless. From his thick neck down through his massive torso and ridged, fatless stomach he was a built and cut as any pro-bodybuilder. His arms were massive, pumped with blood from his recent workout, while his legs showed the muscular strength necessary to move a man of his bulk at speed down the football field. And hanging between his legs was his long, thick, dark cock, the massive head swinging slightly in the air. As he was he would have satisfied the craving of almost any muscle addict. Any addict but me, that is. I reached into my gym bag and pulled out another bottle of water. "You look pretty thirsty, Tyrell. You'd better drink all of this." He took the bottle without comment and quickly sucked down the contents. This was the exciting part because while he had been docile to this point I had no intention keeping him that way. I wanted him to take charge. Tyrell shook his head and let the bottle drop to the floor. He put his hands to his face for a moment and then pulled them away, looking around the room as if surprised to find himself at home. When he caught site of me a dumbfounded look spread across his face, but that expression quickly shaded into anger. I sent a quick prayer to Grandmother which she must have heard because before he could react any further he suddenly cried out in shock and pain. Maybe because he just gotten through working out his biceps they started growing first. They were big guns already but within seconds they started growing larger still. We both looked with awe as his upper arms began to expand, the amazing growth quickly spreading to this triceps as well. "What the fuck?" he gasped, flexing his arms in wonder, whatever pain he had felt already fading. He was so engrossed in his arms that he failed to notice at first that the rest of his body was getting bigger as well. His already massive neck was stretching out further and further, as his cannonball shoulders swelled ever larger. His pecs seemed to expand like balloons, becoming so enormous and pumped that the skin grew glossy and looked as if it would split trying to contain the tremendous amount of muscle underneath. His back was obviously growing too as his v-shaped torso expanded like a cobra's hood. Before long his massive lats forced his increasingly freaky arms up and away from his torso until they were held almost straight out. His abs seemed to be fighting amongst themselves for space, twitching and growing under the tight skin of his stomach. As for his legs, the thighs, previously more cut than huge, became in the space of a minute tree trunks that any professional bodybuilder would have killed for. I watched he was forced to shift his stance again and again as the sheer mass of his growing quads and hamstrings made it impossible for him to hold his legs together. Even his calves, oftentimes the least developed muscles even on the big boys, got into the act, growing and swelling beyond belief. The growth didn't stop there though. Even as his body grew larger and larger his dick started growing too. For a moment I saw what it must have looked like hard before the change and that was impressive in itself. But before long his cock and balls began to expand further, his nuts churning in their sack, becoming more and more massive, hanging lower and lower in front of his powerhouse thighs. His dick, already as hard as a rock, began expanding in length and thickness, its eye seemingly pointed straight at me. While I had purposefully made this one of the effects of the potion I had given him I was soon wondering if I hadn't gone too far as the growing, black dick went from big to huge to monstrous in a few short minutes. All this time Tyrell was gasping in either pain or pleasure, though I suspect the latter. He kept running his hands, themselves growing larger, over his expanding body, flexing first his arms, then his chest, then his back and then his legs. Catching site of his more than massive cock he let out a hoarse shout and wrapped both mitts around hit, fighting to get his freaky biceps around his huge pecs. As large as his hands were becoming they were losing the fight to cover his dick, which was growing even faster and soon extended more than a hand's width beyond them. There's an ongoing debate on the bodybuilding forums as to whether size or symmetry is most important. For me it's never been a contest. Freaky is what turns me on and here in front of me was undoubtedly the freakiest man who had ever lived. When Tyrell's growth finally stopped all I could do was slide off the bed and fall to my knees, massaging my cast-iron dick through my workout shorts. Here was the man I had always dreamed of, so massive that he put all the heavyweight pros to shame. Whatever he did to me it was worth it just to be able to see such development. Panting as if he'd just finished a marathon, Tyrell finally let go of his dick and his eyes focused on me. He stepped forward and I felt through the floor the shudder caused by his amazing new size. Standing above me he seemed even more huge and I whimpered as he bent down and hauled me to my feet. Back at the gym I had come up to his nose. Now I barely came up to his shoulder, and I realized that if he had also grown taller then his size was even more astonishing. He lifted me up off the ground by my T-shirt until my face was directly before his. I could feel his big dick slip between my legs to stick out far beyond my ass. Even as his eyes stared into mine I took the opportunity to run my hands across the rounded muscles of his arms and shoulders. "You did this to me didn't you," he growled, his voice even lower and sexier than before. All I could do was whimper again, half in fear and half in almost painful desire. "Turned me into a fuckin' freak, man. You're gonna pay for that." Then he raised me even higher with one hand while the other pawed at my body, effortlessly ripping of my clothes. They say you should be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it. I have to admit that's how I was feeling at that moment. I was trapped in the grip of the biggest, blackest musclestud imaginable, a man who obviously wouldn't be able to walk down the street without drawing gasps of admiration and disgust, and I wasn't sure if I should yell for help or cum right there just from the sheer size of him. He didn't give me much chance to decide, though to be honest I don't think it would have been a tough decision. In seconds he had literally torn the clothes off my body, including most of my T-shirt causing the collar to rip apart in his big fist. I fell to the floor, my rock hard dick slapping against my stomach, and lay at his feet trying to somehow make sense of the colossus that stood above me. With an unintelligible grunt he bent down again, picked me up and tossed me like rag doll onto the bed. The strength he displayed, and the fact that I was so obviously in his power, was such a fucking turn-on I couldn't help moaning with lust. A second later the air was forced out of my lungs as his huge body fell on top of mine, pinning me to the mattress. I struggled to pull my arms out from under his bulk so I could feel the massive, overbuilt slabs of muscle that were weighing me down but he had other ideas. With one hand he grabbed one wrist and then the other, yanking my hands above my head. It felt like they were chained in place and as my eyes followed his amazingly thick arm, his biceps and triceps together as large as my leg, up and over my head I knew I had no hope of breaking free. A moment later my face was wrenched back down by his other free hand which grabbed me by the jaw and forced my mouth open, a waste of effort since I would have done it gladly of my own free will. Next thing I knew his mouth clamped down on mine and his tongue forced its way in and was heading for my throat. The rough thrust of his tongue made it feel like he was raping my mouth, totally disregarding any desires of mine. Ironically, that was my desire, to submit totally to this overdeveloped monster I had created. Even as he took my mouth I felt one of his mammoth legs forcing mine apart. His torso was much longer than mine so his groin was positioned somewhere around my knees. Even so, his iron dick ran all the way up past mine, his huge head mashed by his body into my torso. As he made his goal clea, the hand on my jaw moving down to force my left leg up and over his shoulder, I fleetingly wondered if I'd be able to take him without being permanently damaged. It looked like I was going to find out. He face pulled back for a moment and he stared fiercely into my eyes as he brought up his right thumb and forced it into my mouth. I sucked at it slavishly, my eyes holding his, mesmerized by the strength and power apparent in every inch of his body that touched mine. After I had gotten it wet with saliva he removed the oversized digit, and with a cruel smirk shoved it without warning up my twitching asshole. I gasped in pain and pleasure as my ass was lifted off the mattress from the strength of his arm. He watched me as he dug in, grinding his hand against my ass, opening me up for his planned assault. It felt like he was pushing it all the way up into my intestines and this was only his thumb! My dick was jerking in time to his thrusts, shooting precum onto my stomach as I rode the sensation. My eyes rolled back into my head and I could only moan as the probing of his thumb fed my desire to be filled by the massive tool that was throbbing on my stomach. Suddenly, my ass was empty, and at the same moment his other hand let go of my hands above my head. Seconds later he grabbed both my ankles and lifted my legs up and out, so that I was bent almost completely in half, my ass upraised and ready for his attack. I opened my eyes but for a moment could see only his huge cock which was so long that it went through my legs and thrust straight into the air above my face. I was eye to eye with its big head and watched as his precum pulsed from the tip, hitting me on my nose and forehead. His dick pulled back and until I could feel the head running over my balls and then down my asscrack. My eyes refocused onto his face and gigantic torso which I could see through my outstretched legs. Open mouthed, I watched him watching me as his dick head slid around my hole before finally catching my already abused assring. With a feral grin he punched forward with his lower body and I felt his head force its way inside me, driving further and further inside while my body convulsed from the pain. He gave me that entire, huge cock in one shove, and I almost passed out before I felt his groin smash up against my ass. For a moment he just held it there while my brain tried to sort out the pain from the pleasure that was washing over my tortured body. I could feel his heartbeat as his dick throbbed within me and I realized my mouth was moving and that I was trying to speak. "F-f-f-fuck me," I panted, "Please fuck me," and I trailed off into a low moan. "Yeah, I thought so, pussy," he growled, as he pulled the unbelievable length of his dick back until the head was lodged within my anus, stretching it open. Then he rammed the huge fucker all the way into me. He let go of my ankles and fell forward, his huge pecs engulfing my face and the very width of his torso forcing my legs far even further apart. I felt his cannonball biceps digging into my back as his arms engulfed me, crushing me to his body. All the while his pelvis was pulling back and then thrusting forward, driving his massive dick deep into my body, forcing the air out of my lungs. I felt surrounded by his bulk which was coming at me from all sides, even inside. The bottom of my head only reached his chin in this position but I could hear his hoarse grunts and growls which gradually turned into a low chant. "Take it fucker - yeah cunt, fuckin take that dick." The first time I came I passed out, unable to hold on when the sensations in my ass pushed me up and over the edge. I felt myself shooting for what seemed like forever, the cum from my dick forming a slick sheet that his muscular torso spread between us. After that things went black for a time. When I came to he was still pumping away and my dick, if it had ever gone soft, was hard and leaking again. He released me from his grip and with obvious ease rotated my body on the column of his cock, turning me so that my back was pressed up against his mountainous torso. His arms tightened around me again so that one massive bicep crushed my abs while the other cut across my upper chest, just below my neck. All the while his groin kept slamming away, slapping my ass while his dick had its way with my insides. I came twice more before the increasing speed of his thrusts made it apparent that he was going to cum too. His arms and legs grew so tight around my body that I couldn't breathe, and he began to roar, his dick seeming to expand even further inside me. I could tell when he began to shoot, the feeling of his hot cum actually soothing inside my battered rectum. Groggy as I was, for a moment I feared that I had lived through the fuck only to die during the contractions of his bulging muscles, which threatened to tear me apart. Somehow I survived and his grip gradually relaxed as he shuddered and panted above me. After a couple minutes he rolled away from me, his still hard dick taking forever to pull completely from my ass. I lay there trying to gather my strength while he got up off the bed and thudded from the room. I managed to turn my head and see that he had stepped into the bathroom, his bulk seeming to fill it to overflowing. I could tell he was trying to see as much of himself as possible in the ridiculously small mirror over the sink. He ducked his head and stepped out of the bathroom, his oversized legs giving him a rolling gate as he headed back across the room towards me. Despite what we'd just been through I still found his size almost incomprehensible. He was bigger standing there relaxed than any pro could have dreamed of being when pumped up and flexing. As he stood above me, one big hand ran over his pecs, massaging the overhanging shelf of muscle. "How'd you do this," he asked, his tone making it apparent it would be in my best interests to answer. "I'm a witch," I croaked. "I mixed up a potion and gave it to you in some water." His face split into a grin, the first I'd ever seen on him. "I'm kinda thirsty," he said. "Got anymore?"
  8. xythanshadow

    m/m Tow Truck

    It was days like this that I hated my job. As the lead technician and the only one who knew the company’s software in and out, it was expected of me to handle all the troubleshooting whenever problems came up. The only problem is, the company had offices all over the state. So, yours truly was the lucky one who had to drive all over the place whenever someone did something stupid and deleted a database or if someone was promoted and no one knew how to enter information anymore. Everything was going well for the most part until I got on the final leg of my trip. Returning home, I hit the interstate and quickly got to max speed. My car was an old, beat up Volvo, but I owned it for so long, I didn’t want to get a new one. The air conditioning didn’t work too well, but as long as I could go 75 miles an hour down the road with the windows down, I was good enough. The day was a scorcher though. Even at full speed, the heat was still affecting me so I knew it had to be a good 100 degrees plus. Then the worst thing that could happen did. A tractor trailer in front of me had one of its tires shred and fly back at me. I had enough time to swerve and miss most if it, but one huge chunk of it landed under my right side. I cringed as I hit the rubber and I knew almost instantly that something was going to break. Sure enough, I could hear the thud of a couple of flats and some other noises that I knew were nothing good. Quickly, I pulled over to the side of the road and got out to look. The heat from the pavement slapped me in the face as I looked at my tires. Both were shot to hell. In addition to that, there were marks all over the car and the muffler looked like it got hit good. I muttered under my breath at my bad luck and went to my glove box. I swore that I was going to demand that they do something so I wouldn’t have to drive all over the place again as I got out my AAA card. The lady on the phone had some decent news as she took my information. Seems there was tow shop fairly close and it would only take them ten minutes to get to me. She told me to stay with the car and someone would be with me as soon as possible. The wait was horrible though. Sitting in an old car, baking in what felt like 120 degree sunlight in the middle of a summer afternoon did nothing for my mood. I was constantly wiping my brow with my t-shirt and had already taken off everything I could to stay cool. I sat there, counting the minutes, hoping the truck would get there as soon as possible. I knew I would have to get a rental car and my car would probably be in the shop for a while. I muttered constantly about my bad luck when I finally saw the tow truck pull up behind me. I looked down at my watch and saw he was over fifteen minutes late. Feeling frustrated beyond belief, I was preparing to chew him out about how I had to suffer in the heat. That is, I was until I saw him get out of his truck. This man was, for a lack of a better word, huge. He stepped down from the cab of his vehicle and I was awestruck. The man had to have been 6’6” and over 300 lbs easy. He was wearing a pair of coveralls that most mechanics wear, but I’ve never seen anyone make them look so sexy. He was practically bursting from his clothes. The front zipper was only pulled up halfway up his massive torso. From what it looked like, he wouldn’t be able to completely zip it up even if he wanted to. His shoulders and chest were so huge that they pulled at his clothing. I could see that he was obviously working hard that day because I could see the dirt, grime and sweat on his clothing and hands. Speaking of his hands, they were also wonderful. They fit him so well; meaty and huge with thick fingers. Then I glanced at his face and cursed under my breath. He had such a handsome face, I would’ve killed to look like him. His eyes were squinting in the bright sunlight, but even like that, it was still wondrous. He had a full beard of black hair with some grey sprinkled. It ran down his neck, which had to be bigger than my arms, down to his chest and, hopefully, everywhere else. In short, he was a walking fantasy for a guy like me who loved big muscle daddies. He walked up to my car with a walk that looked like pure sex to me. His quads were so meaty that they rolled around each other, a sign of a truly huge man. He got to my window and stood there for just a moment, allowing me to catch a quick glimpse of his package. The sight of it nearly knocked me out. He was obviously wearing something under the coveralls, but I still could clearly see the outline of something huge. It was as if someone rolled up a few pairs of socks and stuffed them into his briefs. I had to stop myself from reaching out and touching it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he leaned over and said, “Got some car troubles?” I almost creamed myself. His voice was to my ears what water was to a dying man. I could have died right there and been happy after hearing him speak. It was such a masculine, powerful voice, but it also had an essence of comfort and gentleness in it. And it was so deep it made the baritones in my local gay choir sound like altos. I couldn’t say anything back to him so I just nodded. He continued, “You’re sweating like a pig. Why are you just sitting there without running the a c?” I weakly replied, “Doesn’t work” and he smiled. “Well man, how bout you go hop in my truck while I see what I can do about your car.” He gave me another smile that made me melt and went backed away from the door. I slowly got out of the car, trying to adjust my raging hard-on before he could notice. But I somewhat unsuccessful as I noticed how much he towered over me. As I stood near him, I felt miniscule compared to his massive body. At this range, I could see how strong and powerful he looked. It wasn’t the type of body you built in a gym. His muscles were huge from hard work. He might not have had the definition of a body builder, but his mass and size, combined with the beautiful chest hair he had, made him sexier than any pro I’ve ever saw. As he walked around my car, I followed like a lost puppy, mesmerized by his muscular ass and the unearthly legs that threatened to burst free from his coveralls. I sighed to myself in lust and went to his truck. The thought of jerking my cock once I was in private flashed through my head, but I pushed it away out of fear this monster might come and catch me. So, I sat there and watched him work. It was great. He was obviously a lot stronger than I thought. He stood next to the car, and with one massive hand on the side, tilted it upwards a few inches off the ground. His brow furrowed and he gently let the car return to the ground. He started to walk back to the truck and I tried to make it seem that I wasn’t looking. He knocked on the window and I opened the door. “Hey man, can you pop your trunk real quick. I wanna grab your jack.” I nodded and handed him my keys. He flashed me that smile again and I melted. He quickly closed the door, leaving me to cool in his wonderful ac and went back to my car. He opened the trunk and looked inside, moving various things around before finally getting the jack out. I was slightly embarrassed at the disarray my vehicle was in, but it was far too late. With the skill and speed of an expert, he had the car jacked and was under it looking at various things. He got off the ground and lowered the jack, then dusted his back off. I moaned at the sight of how the tight fabric moved along his beautiful butt. The coveralls were beginning to become soaked with sweat, and with that, I could see his body better. I saw through the moist fabric some of the beefiest arms I had ever seen in my life. If I didn’t see the muscle through top, I would’ve thought he had footballs shoved in his sleeves. I drank in the utter splendor of his body as he slowly walked over to his side of the truck and got in. “Well, I got some bad news for ya kid, that car ain’t going nowhere for a while. I’m going to haffa call a flat bed from the shop to come and pick it up. You’re welcome to wait in here with me. I don’t know how long it’s going to take though.” I nodded and replied solemnly, “That’s ok, I don’t have anywhere to be.” In truth though, I couldn’t have been happier. Every moment I could spend with this monster of a man was a moment well used. He got on his radio and called his shop. I couldn’t understand what was being said except for one part about it being thirty minutes before someone got to us. He put the mic back on its stand and told me what I already knew. He then lowered the zipper on his coveralls slightly to allow more of his massive chest to be exposed to the full blast of cool air coming from the vents. “This is great man. If you didn’t have this great truck, I’d have to be sitting in that furnace of a car of mine. I don’t know how to thank you man.” I said as I stared at his huge chest heaving up and down as he breathed. He turned to me and said, “I know of a way that you can thank me.” I glanced up at his face, seeing a mischievous grin. He then looked down toward his crotch, then back at me and grinned again. I sat there dumbfounded as he did the motion with his head again. “I saw the magazines in the back of your trunk. I bet you love guys my size.” I was about to deny everything, trying to think of a way out of this situation, but he continued, “Don’t worry man, I’m not going to hurt you for being gay, even though I could.” To emphasize his point, he flexed his arm just slightly. The bicep bulged against the blue fabric, threatening to burst from its confines. “I’m gay too, and I love it when guys like you get off on my body. I have a feeling that you would do a great job appreciating all this daddy muscle, am I right?” I was dumbfounded that a man like this was actually offering to let me service him. It was unbelievable. “But, if you don’t want to, I won’t mind” he mused. I saw the giant cock that was in his pants stretching down his leg, fighting the pants to get rise up, and I almost jumped across the truck to get to it. He zipped down his coveralls a bit more to reveal the rest of his beautiful body. He was even bigger than I thought. The coveralls were a thin fabric, but his mass was thicker than I could imagine being on someone. His entire torso was evenly covered in the same perfect salt and pepper hair that I saw earlier. It wasn’t too thick, nor was it too thin. It was the perfect length to make him look even more beastly and beautiful. His chest was barreled like something I’ve only seen in magazines and the mounds of his pecs sat atop them like two rocks with perfect silver dollar nipples pointing downward. They guided my eyes to his rock hard belly. It wasn’t a six-pack or anything like that, but it was solid and just as beefy as he was. Finally, my eyes rested on a jock strap. It was made out of a black mesh fabric and held a cock that made my heart jump in my chest. I could tell he wasn’t fully hard, but the rod that he possessed was utterly amazing. It stretched down, tugging forcefully at his jock. I gently pulled the fabric away and unleashed his beast. It sprung up with such force that it slapped against his stomach and bounced off. I couldn’t believe someone could have a cock that huge. It seemed to be over a foot long and thicker than anything I’ve seen. It was beautiful too. The base of it was surrounded by a thick bush of coarse black hair and the shaft seemed to rise from it like a skyscraper rising against the horizon. It was as thick at the base all the way up to the top. Veins lined the shaft pulsing with blood from the root all the way to the tip that was capped off with a mushroom head, built for powering its way into someone’s mouth or ass. I felt that his cock alone was stronger than most guys. I was drooling at the sight of it all when his beautiful voice broke the silence, “Well, are you just going to stare at it or are you going to make love to it?” I took that as my cue to start doing everything I wanted to. I began by licking the head of it while my left hand explored his chest. From the moment I touched his hairy mounds of muscle, my cock felt like it was going to explode. I had been with a lot of guys before and there were both good and bad things about them, but this was a perfect man. His chest barely moved as I rubbed it due to the powerful muscle that I was feeling. He rested one arm on the door and the other on my back, stroking my hair as I serviced his amazing cock. My hands ravaged his body as I worked earnestly on his cock. I felt his thick chest, his huge arms, his meaty legs, his massive balls, and everything in between all while sucking on his cock as if my life depended on it. And as far as I was concerned, it did. I wouldn’t have minded sitting there for the rest of my life sucking down that meat. Thankfully, the truck was high enough that no one could see me servicing this huge man, but the way I felt, I don’t think I would’ve cared if it was being broadcasted during the Super Bowl. I could hear him moan and grunt softly as I worked on him. He would flex the part of his body that I touched, which sent shivers of pleasure down my body. I could feel his cock swell slightly and his balls pull tighter towards his body as I worked hard on showing him how much I appreciated him. The more he moaned, the harder I worked to swallow his cock. I could taste his precum flow from his dick like a leaky faucet and I lapped it up as if it were the nectar of the gods. I could tell he enjoyed what I was doing because he started to gently push my head downward and fuck my face. Even though his cock was so huge that I couldn’t swallow the whole thing, I did my best to stuff as much of it down my throat as I could. His motions became more powerful but that did nothing but make me work harder. Then, it happened. I felt all his huge muscles tense up at the same time and the floodgate was broken. Waves of this muscle man’s juice began to flood my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could. Shot after shot entered me and I couldn’t do anything but enjoy the taste and the power of his enormous load. Finally, after about what seemed to be twenty huge shots, he relaxed a bit, but his cock didn’t soften in anyway. In fact, I bet he was already prepared to have another load for me to swallow. “My god,” I thought, “this is a beast of a man!”. “That was real nice boy. You made daddy feel real good. Haven’t had a blow job like that ever.” I looked up at him, his thick cock still stuffing my mouth and smiled. “Looks like you enjoyed that too.” I then realized that I had orgasmed just from servicing him. I didn’t mind though, it was well worth it. A truck horn honked and I sat up to see a big flatbed truck pull in front of my car. My muscle daddy slowly stuffed his huge cock back into his jockstrap and smiled at me before zipping up his coveralls a bit. “Looks like we’ll have to do something about that,” he said as he glanced at my soaked pants. “How bout a shower at my place once we get your car to the shop. Then, maybe you can thank me some more?” he said with that beautiful grin of his. I smiled and replied, “How bout I thank you every day from now on?” This post has been promoted to an article
  9. Hey guys i started this story on the old board under iwnnabbig so reposting here, third part should be up in next few days. 5/7/13 Hmmmm, I never know how to start these diaries off, but I’ll give it a whirl…… Hi everyone my name is Leo, 18 and im what you would call a geek, most people my age would enjoy going out having a few drinks, watching football (soccer), spending time with partners or family, but not me, I spend the days when im not at college sitting on a grassy verge near Heathrows north runway with a camera, binoculars and pen and paper jotting down aircraft and there registrations, I know exciting huh!!! But that’s what this diary is not about, what this diary is about is something that until recently I didn’t really give a monkeys for, I had a flimsy interest in it due to my older brother Jack, here’s a pic. Jack is a midfielder for the local football team and as you can see has pretty nice body, that 6 pack man wow! There’s nothing geeky about this but I actually love my brothers body, compared to me he’s a beast haha, im probably 130 wringing wet, were jack is about 170 and ripped! That’s where my affinity with a nice body ended, I had no desire to join a gym, a place where juice heads prance and pose there disgustingly huge bodies, I was quite happy to look at jacks body, he knew I liked it too, as every time he came in from a match dripping in sweat and his top clung to his tight body or when he would take his top off I would go all silent and usually get caught staring! You’re probably reading this thinking eh, for a guy who hates the gym, he really loves his bro’s muscular body? Well that’s because jack isn’t what I think of as a gym juice head, he doesn’t juice for one and he doesn’t prance round and pose, if I could find a gym that contained people entirely like jack I would consider joining just to get that body, but they are very few and far between, jack uses his clubs gym but members of public cannot use it. But all that was to change when a) I had an interesting experience at college and what jack had to say when he came home from training, lets start with A. It was during break time at college, we were outside on the field, I was with my other geeky mates sat in a corner exchanging notes on planes when one of them, dave, decided it was too hot to be wearing our baggy clothes, non of us dared as we would get laughed at as we were so skinny, but he was like no im taking mine off, when he took his top off there was a collective gasp, dave was super buff, im talking proper beefy pecs, big arms, ripped abs, broad shoulders the works. Dave went on to tell us that he had been having problems at home and college so he joined the local gym got loads of tips and supplements and the rest he said was history and he wasn’t planning on getting any bigger, he told us where this gym was and thankfully it wasn’t a prancy posing gym it was a council owned facility, that got me thinking if dave, who had hated gyms more than me, could get over his hatred and join a gym then why couldn’t I, I went home that night convincing myself to join a gym, that leads nicely on to B. As usual jack came in from training, shirt stuck tightly on to his ripped body, he told me to come upstairs with him, we got to our room , again the shirt came off, silence ensued, he told me that the club were opening the gym to the public as of next week, jack knew that if pushed in the right way I would join a gym as he knew that I loved his body and wanted it, but jack got all serious saying I would have to give up my geeky hobby as building the perfect body takes dedication, effort and eating correctly, I then told him about Dave at school and how it had ignited a little flame inside me. Jack could see that I was really thinking about it but in his words ‘you need that one last push’ that would cement my agreement. As I said earlier jack was never a show off, but he told me to pass him my hand, with my hand in his he guided it toward his ripped 6 pack and started rubbing my hand up and down it, OMG it felt unreal it was awesome, jack told me imagine what it would be like to feel your own abs like that, he lifted my hand off then flexed his left bi, what compared to mine looked like a huge peak rose from jacks arm but was probably only around 15-16”, again my hand was clasped round it, imagine flexing that for the girls or boys bro he told me, man I can’t tell you how much of a rush that felt at the time my bro not only looked awesome but felt awesome too, as you can imagine that cemented my agreement to join jacks clubs gym and what made it even better was he said he would be my training partner. During all this I had to hide the fact I was nursing a full hard on in my pants, jack was my brother but during that moment of feeling his body he didn’t feel like my brother he felt like my boyfriend, before we started working out I had to tell him I was gay. When I came to telling him I just came straight out with it, jack told me that he sort of knew, the feeling of his sixpack and bicep was a test to see how willingly I would say yes and the wry smile I had on my face, jack told me he was proud and was looking forward to helping me get the body I dream of, his!!! So there you have it, the back story, I start the gym tomorrow and I will be keeping regular diary updates for you to keep track of my progress. Here goes!! 6/7/13 So day one of the gym and I wasn’t expecting the early start! Jack woke me up at 8am, the only thing stopping me from biting his head off was his lovely ripped body staring back at me. He told me to get used to it as it’ll be the norm on gym days, my usual breakfast would consist of a muffin or toast but that’s all wrong now, this morning I was treat to oats, eggs and a protein shake, eughhh! Jack went into a monologue about how protein helps in the muscle building department and the oats for the energy I’ll need in the gym, if im honest some of it was interesting but it was mostly dross to my ears. Anyway nutrition over with it was time for me to make my debut at a gym, as I said in my first entry jack would be my training partner to give me that little extra bit of motivation, we arrived at his clubs gym, it was only 9am but it was pretty busy, jack introduced me to some of the staff telling them I wanted to be like him, talk about slightly embarrassing brothers!!! Off to the changing rooms we went, jack had wanted me to wear a vest to workout in, but I flatly refused and stuck to my baggy t-shirt and joggers, jack opted for an eye pleasingly tight under armour tee and sweat shorts that caressed his bubble butt nicely, jack asked if I was ready to get started, I said yes but a little apprehensively, jack noticed and told me everything would be fine. When we got onto the gym floor my eyes were opened to the amount of equipment, machines and weights that were there, also the amount of other ‘jacks’ that were there, no one else could beat my jack but my my there were some stunners in there. Jack told me he was gonna show me something called compound exercises which consisted of exercises called squats, bench press, deadlifts and other exercises called pullups, shoulder press and some arm exercises. All of these words sounded alien to me but I trusted jack knew what he was going on about. First up was the squats, jack told me they are good leg builders, but also works your calves and works the core too, judging by jacks thick thighs I believed him! Jack did his set first to show me the stance and movement need to properly do the exercise, he put a staggering 70kg on the bar (well to me anyway!) and did what he described as “shitting in the woods”, after completing his set he took all the weight off and told me to try. The bar itself felt heavy enough, when I felt ready I began to squat, down and up I went 5 times, jack asked of that felt good, a little out of breath I nodded, he said my form looked good, jack then added two 5kg plates to the bar and told me I could do it and he’d be right behind me. I managed 5 again before I started to struggle, jack helped me put the bar back on the rack, he told me I had done good. Bench press was next, again jack went first to show me, he was benching 80kg but made it look so easy and light, my eyes and concentration were briefly distracted by his chest bulging in that tight tee, anyway when I snapped back into it he was just finishing his set, again he left me with an empty bar, I lied down on the bench grabbed the bar and with jack behind me for support benched for 6 reps, jack told me to stay lying down while he added some weight, he added only 5kg this time, I managed 5 reps on my own but I needed jack to help me with the sixth, again he told me I did well. We then moved on to the deadlifts, this really took it out of me, jack again showed how easy it was for him, getting your back position right, pulling your shoulder blades back and squatting again, after my first go jack decided not to add any weight to the bar as he could see I was struggling with it he told me just to do it with no weight until I was confident in my form, by the end of this exercise I was really really tired, jack noticed that I was flagging a bit, he told me that was the last of the big exercises and we were gonna do some smaller ones. Jack instructed me through some light shoulder presses, after that my shoulders felt like they were burning, I felt like crying I ached so much, but my tears turned to gawping wen jack showed me some bicep exercises, although not huge his arms bulged and peaked amazingly in his tight tee, I had to try my hardest not to touch and also hide my growing hard on, jack must of noticed because after his set he turned to me and whispered to me that it was ok but don’t make it look so obvious next time. I completed a few light sets of bicep curls, but my arms were giving up and couldn’t take much more, but jack persisted this time, he showed me a basic tricep exercise using a cable machine and a rope contraption, it was called a tricep pull down, that was very lightweight at 5kg as my arms were really aching, after that we had finally finished. Jack took me down to the changing room, where he handed me another protein shake and some creatine powder, told me to mix them together and drink. Jack said he wouldn’t be coming home with me as he had to do his own training with his team, he gave me one last visusal treat by peeling his tight top off, his ripped body was bulging, rippling and sweaty, he towelled himself down the put his clubs training top on, he said he would see me later and left. So that was day one of my gym experience and as I type this I still ache all over, I’ll update you soon
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