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  1. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (17)

    Seventeen The next morning Connor and Anton left for Orchid University. Two weeks early as Connor had to undergo some tests before he could get a wrestling scholarship. His mother had tears in her eyes as her youngest, 500 pound son hugged her. Keith creamed his pants as he drank in the sight of his younger brother’s bulging arm; the bicep wrapped around his mother was chocked in cuts and veins. Connor grinned down on his brother as he noticed the dark stain. “See you in two weeks, little guy”, he boomed. “Don’t worry, madam”, Anton said, “I’ll watch over your son. Thanks for letting me stay here all summer.” “I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done, Anton”, the mother replied, “You’re always welcome here. Take good care of my baby boy.” “Let’s go, buddy”, Anton said and patted Connor on his massive back. Connor released his mother, grabbed his bag and strutted behind his roommate. People watched in awe as the two behemoths walked passed them to the station. Some even rubbed their eyes or pinched their own arm to check if they weren’t dreaming. The two muscular beasts just grinned and continued their way. “We’re gonna dominate the entire university”, Anton said, “No one while question my position as top dog with you to back me up”. At Orchid University a peaceful serenity filled the stately buildings. Apart from some foreign exchange students, no one was already present; everyone was still enjoying summer. Things changed as Tomas arrived. The splendid weather mysteriously changed in chillish, autumn-like conditions: the sun didn’t manage to peep through the gray clouds and a strange, thick fog covered the surroundings at morning and in the evening. At night, frightening howls echoed against the buildings as evil wolves haunted the grounds. Tomas had had an excellent summer. Back at home, he had discovered an ancient book in his family’s library. The medieval book told his family’s history. Apparently, one of his ancestors had made a deal with the devil back in the day, but the deal had never been completed. His ancestor had been killed by local villagers before he had been able to conclude the dark ritual. Thanks to the evil spirit of his ancestor inside of him, Tomas would now be able to seal the deal. Tomas grinned as an exchange student sprinted for his life, chased by a big black wolf. The change in weather upon his arrival proved that he was more powerful than last year. He entered his room, closed his eyes and concentrated on his pet. An evil smile formed on his lips as he saw his 580 pound pet exiting the station and heading for the university with another behemoth following him. His dick hardened as he thought of his pet’s rock-hard, massive muscles and the fun they would have later on. He reopened his eyes and began unpacking his things; carefully putting the priceless book in his desk. “Here we are, buddy”, Anton said as he and Connor passed through the gate and entered the domain of Orchid University. The two behemoths stepped back as a big black wolf appeared before them. “I don’t want to die”, Connor said while holding his bag in front of him. “Don’t move”, Anton replied, “Perhaps he won’t see us.” “No, that’s with dinosaurs”, Connor said, “Let’s run for it.” The two behemoths turned around and the blood froze in their veins. Two other wolves stood there, blocking their way out. “Now what?”, Anton asked as he pushed his back against Connor’s wide back. The wolves didn’t attack for some reason; they howled frighteningly as they circled the two giants. “I think they want us to follow”, Anton said. “Let’s do that”, Connor said and began moving down the path. The wolves escorted the two behemoths toward the entrance. As soon as they reached the building, they howled once more and disappeared into the fog. “What the hell was that?”, Connor said as he entered the building. “Perhaps we’re too big and they don’t dare attack us?”, Anton replied, “Let’s get to our room”. As soon as they changed their sweat-soaked shirts, Anton led Connor to Tomas’ room. They barged in without knocking. Tomas was finishing a shower as he heard some noise. He turned off the water, wrapped a towel around his tightly muscled 12-pack and stepped into his room. He grinned as he recognized his pet. Anton looked down on Tomas’ muscular, 300 pound frame. He also noticed the stirring movement under the towel. “Things are gonna be very interesting this year”, he said and crossed his arms in front of him to emphasize his 50 inch arms. “You’re right, my pet”, Tomas replied, “… “There’s no denying me now”, Anton interrupted him, “I’m the biggest man alive and with Connor to back me up, I’m gonna rule this school. No one will stand up to me, not even you. The pet has become the master!”. He stepped up to Tomas, towering over him in height and width. “Really?”, Tomas asked, his vision filled with the ripped muscles of Anton’s incredible pecs that stretched his shirt. “Yeagh!”, Anton bellowed. He grabbed Tomas’ armpits and effortlessly lifted his 300 pounds of muscles until he looked him straight in the eyes. “What are you gonna do to me, my pet?”, Tomas asked, his cock inflating by the demonstration of raw power. “I’m the master now. I’m calling the shots. You’re at my mercy. And don’t call me ‘pet’ anymore!”, Anton growled, “I’ll show ya. Rip off my shirt, Connor!”. Connor instantly obeyed the angry behemoth. He grabbed the back of Anton’s shirt and ripped it off, exposing his divine torso. “Yeagh”!, Anton grunted, “I’ll reward you later. Stop squirming!”. He raised his arms a bit as he felt them shake. “I’m perfectly still”, Tomas replied, “Perhaps you’re getting weak?”. Connor noticed that Anton’s face was slowly turning red and that his arms were shaking. He blinked as he thought that the massive arms looked smaller than before. Anton grunted. “What’s happening?”, he asked, while Tomas seemed to get heavier. “You fool”, Tomas said, “Did you really think that you could take my place? I’m the top dog here. I’m the one that made you big; now you’ll pay the price!”. Horror filled Anton’s face as he realized what was happening. He dropped Tomas and slumped down on the floor; his majestic body was deflating like a leak balloon. Within seconds he was back to his old 150 pounds. “Connor, help me”, he peeped in a girlish voice. Connor didn’t budge. He stared in disbelief at the runt on the floor and raised his hands in defeat toward Tomas. “Wise decision, Connor”, Tomas said, “Now my pet, what shall I do with you? I could stomp you to a bloody pulp. Or let Connor break your bones. I could even feed you to the wolves.” “I’ll do anything you ask”, Anton peeped, “But please give me back my beautiful muscles. I’m begging you”. Tomas ignored his deflated pet and turned his attention to Connor. “Let’s see you’re made off first. Strip!”, he said. Connor instantly did what he was told, he didn’t want to lose his muscles too. He ripped off his shirt, jumped out off his pants and boxers. Anton drank in the impressive sight. The 500 pound Connor was bigger than him and Tomas together. His 5 incher throbbed as he thought of the hard, juicy pecs and the tight ass he’d dominated. “Very impressive”, Tomas said as he moved in a circle around Connor, “You’re a fine addition to my muscle corps.”. His cock swelled to its 17 inches as he felt the hardness of Connor’s muscles. “You’ve gotten all this size from your brother?” “No”, Connor replied, “I’ve first drained two bullies that bugged me. Then I took my brother’s muscles as well.” He shivered and blood flowed to his dick as Tomas groped his thick arms and played with his nipples. “With you in are ranks even the football players will know their place”, Tomas said, “but I want to keep your size a secret for now. You’ll have to wear oversized sweaters. Let them think that you’re a fat slob. There are some sweaters in the bathroom, go try them on!”. Connor nodded and strutted into the bathroom, rejoicing that he hadn’t lost his muscles. “Please make me big again”, Anton pleaded in tears. Tomas looked down at the depleted swimmer and grinned. “I’m not gonna make you big. I will make you huge again if you promise to behave from now on.” “I will! I will”, Anton peeped, “You’re the master, I’ll do whatever you say!”. “Good. Since you’re my pet, you have to please your master. Get me off and I’ll give you back you muscles”, Tomas said as he dropped his towel and sat down on the edge of the bed. Anton moved over to were his master was sitting. He sat down on his knees and grabbed the muscular legs for support. He gulped as he looked at the rock-hard 17 incher that pointed at him. Veins snaked along the thick shaft toward its dark red head. “Hurry up! Your weak body doesn’t turn me on. If I don’t get off before my cock goes flaccid, you don’t get your muscles back”, Tomas said. Anton immediately put the cock in his mouth, or tried to. He forced his jaw open and managed to get the thick head in. He took in a few inches of the rock-hard shaft and began sucking with full force. “Man, I don’t feel anything. Are you even trying?”, Tomas said. Anton let his hands join in on the action. Even with the top part in his mouth and both hands around the shaft, there was room on his master’s 17 incher. He tried to lick the head with his tongue, but the hard shaft overpowered his tongue. “This isn’t gonna work”, Tomas said and snapped his fingers. Anton blinked as he felt his master shrink. The shaft in his hands was getting shorter and thinner; within seconds he released one of his hands as he could take more of the shortening shaft in his mouth. Even the thick head was deflating since his tongue could now easily play with it. Off course Tomas wasn’t shrinking. He had simply reversed his spell so that Anton regained his previous size. “Yeah, please me”, Tomas grunted as his pet sucked his throbbing 17 incher. Anton looked down at his arms and a smile formed on his face. He scanned the rest of his muscles and found his body back to its 580 pound state. He took his master’s cock completely in his mouth and sucked at full force. Within seconds a series of squirts blasted in his mouth, not even filling half of it. “Yeaughn!”, Tomas grunted and began pulling his deflating cock from his pet’s mouth. Anton decided to give his master an extra treat. His strong tongue teased the 17 incher to hardness again, easily overpowering the thick shaft. Another series of blasts disappeared down his hungry throat. Tomas inhaled deeply and ruffled his pet’s hair as he pulled his cock from his mouth. “Good boy”, he said, “You’ll be staying in my room with me this year. Connor can have your room.” Connor had admired the scene from the bathroom. His cock had swelled to its 21 inches as Anton had regained his impressive size. “I have to go to the wrestle coach for my test”, he said as he stepped in the room, wearing the ridiculously oversized sweater. “Anton shall lead you, you fatso”, Tomas replied. Neither Anton nor Connor spoke on their way to the wrestle hall. Anton was too busy feeling his massive arms and Connor was focusing on his upcoming test. “You go change in the locker room. I’ll go join the coach in the wrestle hall”, Anton said and guided Connor over to the locker room. “Who are you?”, Anton asked as he entered the wrestle hall and saw a young-looking guy in a dark singlet. The man turned around and looked up to the behemoth’s face. “I’m the new wrestle coach”, he said, “I’ll replace coach Williams.” “You look very young for a coach”, Anton replied. “Well, I’m only 28”, the coach answered, “ I didn’t intend to end my own career but the university made me a very very nice offer. I’ve won the gold medal at the last Olympics and was seeking a new challenge. I heard some rumors about a giant freshman that stomped the competition. When I looked up some videos, I realized I would never stand a chance against you in the ring. So I applied here to train the wrestle team. I saw that your technique isn’t perfect just yet.” “Size always wins over technique”, Anton said. “My opponent at the Olympics was 50 pounds heavier than me and I still beat him thanks to my technique”, the coach stated. “What do you weigh?”, Anton asked. “240 pounds”, the coach said, “My opponent really outsized me, but technique’s everything. I wore him out and pinned him when he was tired.” “At your size perhaps”, Anton replied, “I’m 580 pounds of ripped beef. No technique is gonna tire me. I would simply grab you and smash you on the mat. Should we try?” “No, that won’t be necessary”, the coach said, “I’m here to test the rookie”. “I sure hope no one will get hurt”, Anton stated. “I’ll go easy on him”, the coach said smilingly. The coach turned around as a big shadow fell over him. He stepped back involuntarily and the smile vanished from his face. His mouth fell open in disbelief as his eyes scanned the rookie. Connor’s American flag singlet clung to his massive body. It seemed like it was painted onto his frame. His protruding pecs stretched the fabric across the rack of melon-sized muscle, making striations visible through it; the deep grooves between the big muscles of his stony 12-pack were highlighted by the fabric; his tree-sized quads showed off their immense size; on obscene bulge pushed against the fabric were his thick cock snaked down his right leg. “I’m ready, coach”, Connor rumbled in his deep baritone. Goosebumps appeared on the coach’s arms and legs and sweat formed on his forehead as he realized that he was going to fight the beast in front of him. “What are you stats?”, he asked in a cracking voice. “7 feet and 500 pounds”, Connor replied coolly, “you?” “I’m 5’7 and 240 pounds” “Don’t forget to mention your gold medal, coach”, Anton said from the side of the ring. “You’re an Olympic champion?”, Connor asked, “I hope you’ll go easy on me, coach. Let’s begin”. Before the coach could react, Connor lifted him off the floor and put him down in the ring. He stepped back and turned to face his coach. “GO!”, Anton bellowed. The coach acted within a second. He knew very well that he didn’t stand a chance against this behemoth. So he tried to surprise him. he launched himself at Connor and drove his meaty shoulder into his abs. Pain exploded through his body; it felt like he had hit a brick wall. He reached for his bruised shoulder and retreated. Connor couldn’t suppress a grin; his unflexed abs had easily withstood his coach’s attack. He jumped up and threw himself at his opponent. The coach went white as he saw the beast coming at him. More pain than ever before exploded in his body as his opponent crashed against him, sending him backwards on the mat. The massive leg covering his chest pinned him down easily. “1, 2, 3. I take round 1”, Connor said and got up, “Ready for round 2?”. “Round 2?”, the coach asked weakly, “but you’ve pinned me. It’s over.” “I’ll give you a rematch”, Connor replied. “Oh, no. That’s fine; I’ve seen enough”, the coach said. “No, no, I insist”, Connor stated and grabbed the coach’s singlet with his right paw and put him back on his feet. “I’ll take defensive position”, Connor said and sat down on his hands and knees. Instinctively the coach got on top of his opponent. He positioned his hand against Connor’s stony abs and his other hand against his elbow. He stared in disbelief at the bulging muscles on his opponent’s massive back. “Why are you laughing?”, he asked as he noticed Connor’s chuckle. “Your feet don’t reach the mat when you’re on my back, coach”, Connor said. The coach looked back and saw that his opponent was right. He hadn’t even noticed it as he was admiring the rookie’s massive frame. “The match is over then”, he said. “I don’t want to deny you your rematch, coach. We’ll switch positions”, Connor replied and got up. Very slowly, the coach installed himself on his knees and hands. His heartbeat went up and his body trembled as the giant shadow fell over him. He could feel the heat emanating of his opponent’s huge muscles as he placed himself over his 240 pound body. The thick quads next to his own well-muscled ones felt like hot marble against his sweaty skin; the protruding pecs felt heavy on his muscular back. He gasped as his opponent’s meaty arm reached under him; Connor’s right paw covered his entire stomach. The left arm that his opponent placed next to him on the mat looked like a young tree. The coached inhaled deeply and focused. “GO!”, Anton bellowed again. The coach summoned all his strength and pushed forward with his strong legs. Sweat was pouring over his red face as he tried to outmaneuver the beast. As he realized that he couldn’t move an inch, he decided to try something else. He planted his knees on the mat, grabbed hold of his opponent’s right arm and pulled with full force, trying to throw him over his shoulder by shifting his balance. Connor smiled at his opponent’s efforts; there was nothing that his gold medal decorated coach could do against him. He let his paw slide along his coach’s abs so that his massive bicep made contact with the abs. Connor then flexed his arm, making his bicep bulge and swell. The coach grunted in pain as the beastly, rock-hard bicep dug into his strong abs. He flexed his eight-pack to protect himself. Connor felt his coach flexing his abs, but his bicep easily overpowered the well-trained muscles. He lifted his arm slightly, crushing the coach between his stony pecs and his steely bicep. “Aughn”, the coach grunted in pain. He had never felt weaker in his life; this freshman was toying with him, an Olympic champion. He budged and squirmed, but it was no use: the beast dominated him completely. Connor enjoyed dominating his coach; he felt as strong as the night he had drained his brother. He flexed his pecs and bicep. “AUGHN!”, the coach grunted as more pain filled his battered body. His opponent’s meaty muscles engulfed him completely. He was having troubles breathing as the beast flexed them around his 240 pound body. “How did you ever win that gold medal? Let’s end it”, Connor said in the coach’s ear. He raised his left hand and ripped off the coach’s singlet. “What are you doing?”, the coach asked weakly as he felt the cool air against his skin. He tried to free himself but Connor’s flexed pecs and bicep held him firmly in place. Connor didn’t react. He proceeded by ripping of his own singlet. His left hand found his plump cock and began pumping the hot shaft. Within seconds it was up to its 21 inches. The coach looked down past the 40 inch arm that pinned his body against the freshman. He gasped as he noticed the long, thick pole in Connor’s paw. “You can’t masturbate during a match. I’ll suspend you for the rest of the season”, the coach said. “Okay, then”, Connor replied. He released his throbbing cock and placed his left hand on the mat again. “You’ll never get you scholarship, you perve…..”, the coach said. His voice went silent as Connor put the large head of his 21 incher against his ass. “I do as I want”, Connor grunted and shoved his thick cock in his coach’s ass. He repositioned his right arm so that his paw covered the coach’s abs again and pushed inch after inch of his monster cock in the tight ass. “AAAAUUUGGGHHH!”, the coach cried in pain, “Stop please, you get your scholarship. Let me go”. Connor ignored the remarks and kept shoving his cock deeper into his coach; about half of his 21 inches disappeared into the spasming ass. He grabbed hold of the coach abs and began stroking him up and down his rock-hard cock. The coach’s mouth hung open but no sound came out. The man seemed lost in pain. Connor grinned as he felt the coach dick smack against his fingers. “Like being dominated by a freshman, Olympic champion?”, he asked in the coach’s ear. The faint grunt made Connor fasten his strokes with the coach. A thud made him look aside; two strong arms had appeared next to his. Before he could react, Connor felt the familiar sensation of Anton’s 25 incher invading his ass. “Let’s double the fun”, Anton grunted in his ear. He grabbed Connor’s meaty shoulder with his left hand and began pounding the muscular ass. “MMhhugnh”, Connor grunted as pleasure filled his body. He upped the speed of his strokes as Anton pumped his ass. The coach was entirely lost. He was being dominated like never before. He felt like a ragdoll in the paw of the beast that used him as a fucktoy. He couldn’t understand how someone that was 10 years younger, had just tossed him around the wrestle mat and was now ravaging his ass. He squirmed as his cock exploded against the massive paw that covered his abs. “UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!”, Connor roared as he came. He felt the coach cum against his paw and his mind was flooded with pleasure. He had totally dominated an Olympic champion without breaking a sweat. His muscles flexed wildly as load after load of cum blasted from his 21 incher. The pressure in the coach’s ass kept building. Connor released him and the 240 pound coach flew off several feet by the pressure of his blasting cock. Connor’s 21 incher kept exploding all over the wrestle mat as he stared at the battered champion in the pool of cum. “YEEEAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHNNNNN!!!!!!!”, Anton bellowed deeply as his cock exploded. The feeling of Connor’s flexing muscles around his rock-hard 25 incher sent him over the edge. Volley after volley of thick, sticky cum shot into the spasming ass. He marveled at the amount of cum that Connor was producing. After about four minutes, Anton’s orgasm calmed down. He was totally worn out from this intensive orgasm. He slowly pulled his cock from the muscular ass. His eyes widening in disbelief as he fell onto his back on the mat. As Anton’s deflating 25 incher was pulled from his ass, Connor got up and milked five more blasts from his rock-hard 21 incher; coating the coach and Anton with his cum. “Did I pass the test for my scholarship?”, he asked with a heaving chest, looking down at the two exhausted men and grinning. The coach nodded weakly at the behemoth towering over him.
  2. Baring Bones: A Halloween Story - Chapter 3 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 4 (and Bestiary Notes) ------------------------- I gradually regained some sense of self, feeling suspended in darkness. It was like being under water, except it lacked the joy I’ve always experienced swimming in pools or riding the waves in the ocean. Instead of that buoyancy, the weightlessness I was experiencing felt heavy, immobilizing me instead of enabling me to move in three dimensions. Nothing was visible except my own body, drifting helplessly. A sudden fear struck me. “Am I… dead?” Instantly the darkness boomed with a strangely familiar voice… the deepest and richest of the voices from the chorus earlier. “NO, CHILD, YOU ARE NOT DEAD… THOUGH NOT FOR LACK OF TRYING. YOUR BLOODLINE’S FIRST ATTEMPT AT JOINING THE CHOIR SINCE BEFORE THE DAWN OF HISTORY, AND YOU TRY TO REVERSE… WELL, ME? I KNOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT NOTHING OF YOUR GIFTS, AND ARE ONLY LEARNING IN RESPONSE TO THE IMMEDIATE THREAT OF THE SPECTRE, BUT TRYING TO UNDO DEATH IS A LAST RESORT. LITERALLY.” My head pounded, both from the thunderous voice and my own condition. “So, you’re death, but I’m not dead? Is Claudia ok? Is Kellan?” “I AM… COMPLICATED. MY KIND DO NOT HAVE NAMES, ONLY TITLES. YOU MAY CALL ME THE HELPFUL ONE. YOU HAVE ASKED FOR HELP, AND IT HAS BEEN GRANTED. PART OF THAT ASSISTANCE IS THAT I WILL HELP RETURN YOU TO THE WAKING WORLD… BUT DO NOT RISK YOURSELF SO GREATLY IN THE FUTURE. CLAUDIA WILLIS IS ALIVE THANKS TO OUR INTERVENTION, BUT I WOULD NOT SAY SHE IS WELL. KELLAN IS CURRENTLY FREE OF THE SPECTRE’S CONTROL, BUT HE IS STILL A TARGET… AND THE LOST SOUL IS VERY CLOSE TO ACHIEVING HIS GOALS. YOU MUST LOCATE THE SPECTRE’S PHYSICAL REMAINS AND USE THEM TO SEPARATE HIM FROM HIS STOLEN POWER, AND SUMMON ME THROUGH THE CHORUS.” I was about to ask more questions, like “where are his physical remains” and “will this restore the drained partiers” and “what’ll happen to Kellan’s new muscles,” but suddenly the darkness lit, and I saw what I was talking to, and the sight was impossible, horrific, and strangely eye-catching! Hovering before me in the formerly lightless void was an enormous monster, whose body was made of billions of… eyes and tongues! Behind it, thousands of wings whirled as swiftly as a hummingbird’s, but I could somehow see all of them if I focused, making out every detail of red, green and silver feathers. An ancient-looking tome floated in front of it, and even as I watched, new words blazed onto the pages, as if being burned there by some unseen magnifying glass. Instead of a head, the monster had four faces, like floating masks. One was that of a child of indeterminate gender with faintly Asian or Native American features. The second was elderly and Caucasian, but so wrinkled with age that, again, I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. The third looked like an African or mixed heritage woman, with long hair that was braided on one side and cascaded loose on the other. The final face was my own, with a knowing smirk spread across his (my?) lips. All four faces opened their mouths, and the powerful voice spoke yet again, despite seeming to boom around me and not emerge from any of the lips. “TIME GROWS SHORT. YOU CANNOT REMAIN IN THIS STATE BETWEEN DEATH AND LIFE ANY LONGER WITHOUT PASSING ON PERMANENTLY, AND THERE ARE OTHER PLANS IN STORE FOR YOU. YOU WILL NEED THIS.” It began to sing, the music washing over me, and I found that I was wearing my costume wings, undamaged by the fishhooks, and that they spread, bearing me aloft on the river of sound, leaving the creature far behind. The next moment, I found myself in darkness again, but feeling something warm and hard cushioning and supporting me. I finally worked my eyes open, and found myself being held, bride-style, and nuzzled, by the new and improved Kellan, who was sitting in the passenger seat of his car. I twisted my head around and saw Claudia dozing on the back seat, but smiling, a healthy blush spread across her cheeks. Kellan shifted, and murmured as he came awake. “Heeyyyy… you’re awake. Feel ok?” He mumbled in my ear, making the hairs on the back of my neck raise in excitement. I couldn’t speak, but blushed and nodded. “Good.” He breathed in deeply, his beautiful face an inch from mine. “Thank you for saving Claudia and helping me yet again. I was out of control. But… you can’t hurt yourself. Whatever you just did, it nearly killed you… you weren’t breathing and didn’t have a heartbeat. I had to use CPR and rescue breathing on you until your chest started rising again. I brought us here to take a breather. But don’t you dare put yourself at risk like that again. What the hell happened? I thought I heard you humming and then you seemed to go into a trance. Then Claudia was healed and you came back for a moment before toppling over. Don’t do that to me again, man! I only just met you, and I want to keep you around for a looooong time.” I gulped at that last statement, but managed to nod in agreement. I then filled Kellan in on the out-of-body experience, the overwhelmingly beautiful chorus, and the insanity-inducing monster that helped me return Claudia to the world… and then did the same to me. At that point Kellan frowned. “Huh… I dozed off for a bit here in the car, and just woke up when you started stirring, so I didn’t notice it ‘til now… but your wings WERE tattered when I carried you here… and now they aren’t.” I froze at that revelation. “Really?” Kellan nodded, making the dark, wavy layers of his rock-star hair flop back and forth over his blue eyes. He reached out with his newly-muscled arm and pulled the door open, letting me slide out of his arms and stand (shakily) on my own two feet. The way he’d cradled my 6’2” frame in his football player’s arms was a bit weird, as I wasn’t used to being the shorter guy, much less being held by someone. However, as he stepped out of the car after me, I found myself looking up at a 7’1” hunk. He stretched, his biceps bulging in his torn black sleeves, his huge pecs warping the image of his costume’s ribcage, his nipples visibly erect through the fabric in the cool November air, and his shirt riding up to reveal his sculpted abs and a dark treasure trail showcased between his iliac furrow by his marble-pale skin. Once he finished stretching, he bent over, showing me the square shape of his muscle butt, while reaching into the car to retrieve my wings… good as new! “Weird,” I commented, running my fingers over the undamaged fabric of the black wings. “Just one more strange thing to add to an already bizarre evening.” Kellan nodded. “For sure. But hey man, it’s getting kinda chilly. I don’t think I’m feeling it as much as I should now that I’m supercharged with ghost lightning or whatever, but I bet you could use some more warmth. Lemme just get Claudia comfortable.” With that, he popped the trunk and grabbed some extra blankets, and quickly wrapped them around his girlfriend, making her shift and wake up, smile at him, and murmur something I couldn’t hear, before snuggling into the blankets as he closed the car to keep the cold air out. Kellan and I then headed up towards the bonfire. As we trudged uphill, I tilted my head and frowned, before asking, “You didn’t feel any drain, and Claudia was fine in the car? She didn’t get… sucked dry… like the other partiers?” Kellan shook his head back and forth, affirming that the instant-lifelessness effect I’d spotted earlier hadn’t occurred. “No… I didn’t feel anything, and Claudia’s fine. You didn’t see anything, did you?” After I confirmed that everything seemed fine when we were at the car, he relaxed. “I admit I was more focused on you and Claudia, so I wasn’t really looking around at anyone else… but now that you mention it, I didn’t hear any engines start or see any car lights. Maybe it’s just the fact that I was the one who opened the car, not Claudia, and this ghost thing needs me? Or maybe you burned it out back at the dance floor?” I shrugged, but then grimaced. “I wish… but you said you didn’t notice anyone leaving… I’d think that if the white flames had gotten rid of the ghost for good, they’d be back to normal. Besides… the big eyes-tongues-wings-faces creature said the ghost was still a threat.” As we approached the campfire, I could see the filaments of otherworldly light moving about … and somehow, I could hear them, like the hiss of the devil’s fiddle strings as he challenged Johnny for his soul. “And the threads of light are here, too… whatever’s going on, it’s not over,” I concluded. Kellan’s impressive shoulders slumped and he groaned in frustration. “Right. So, what’s the next step, besides getting toasty by the fire?” I blushed at the suggestion of “getting toasty” with the big guy, but tried to ignore it, hoping the darkness hid my reaction. “I’m not sure… the journal I found includes some descriptions about various supernatural effects and creatures, but aside from ghosts, I’m not really sure what to look for, and it’s not like this thing was written as an encyclopedia. Having to search through it… in Latin… is going to be time-consuming.” The bonfire’s warmth soaked into my skin, though the tinny noise of the glowing strings sent chills down my spine. Getting this close to the cords and knowing that I was the only one able to notice them was even more frightening than their deadliness. Kellan glanced in my direction, and he frowned, slinging a muscular arm over my shoulder, letting me lean back and rest my head on the curve of his bicep. “Hey, Angelo,” he asked in his richer, more resonant voice “Are you ok? If you’re still out of it from singing for Claudia or whatever it was you did, we could go to the main house instead and get you a couch to lie down on or something.” “Thanks,” I replied. “But I’m ok… it’s just creepy to see what I’m seeing, with the strings and all. I’m ok… just uneasy.” Kellan nodded, and squeezed my shoulder. “Ok… we can work with that.” He then shot an oddly mischievous look at me, and grinned. “Wanna hear what making out with Claudia felt like?” Assuming that non-sequitur was Kellan’s somewhat hearty, boyish way of distracting me with a change of subject, I shrugged and nodded. He seemed to take an almost puppylike glee in his new body and increased sexuality, and that excited energy seemed odd coming from a guy as big as a horse. I wondered just how greatly his personality and attitudes and even language had changed over the events of this evening. They way he was currently acting was a far cry from the terse, unwelcoming indie guy earlier. If we couldn’t figure out what was going on, how much more would he change? If we did solve the mystery, would he even want to go back? Before I could ponder these questions further, he began to speak, and I focused on his deep voice. “It was WILD, man,” the big guy enthused, his pale cheeks becoming slightly flushed, his eyes fluttering shut as he sank into the memory of his powerful body pressed against his girlfriend. “They were playing our song… ‘Beyond’ by Butterfly Three-Way. It was booming from the speakers and the air was hot as people danced around us. Claudia leaned against me and tossed her hair back, and my hands slid down her shoulders, feeling how fragile and tiny they seemed under my big hands. She smelled soooo good… shampoo with violets and cherries, perfume with I don’t know what in it, and all that.” As if being drawn back to that moment, he breathed deeply, his huge boxer’s chest inflating, the black fabric with painted-on ribcage stretching to try and accommodate the bulging muscles as they expanded. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that his muscles weren’t the only things expanding. In the glow of the bonfire, the black lycra of his pants shifted, and his already visible bulge started to grow larger and thicker as it stretched towards his right thigh. His voice, now sounding huskier than before, picked up again. “She pressed against my body, man, and she cooed… she actually cooed… when she felt how hard I was… I am. She said that she wanted to drive me over the edge right then and there… purred it into my ear, and then she raised her arms as if she wanted to be picked up. I could never do that before, but now, it just seemed right, like I’d always been able to do it… and like I’d done it a hundred times. I reached down, felt how light she was in my arms, and lifted her up to my chest. Feeling her body clinging to mine… it was soooo fucking hot, dude! Almost literally… I felt like I was on fire, or in a desert, or something, and every nerve was alive! It was freakin’ intense!” Now his stance had widened, and his package (still barely wrapped) was straining away from his body. Some of the girls (dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, Mad Hatter, Sweeney Todd, and Willy Wonka) seemed to have noticed, and were gossiping behind their hands and occasionally pointing at him, while others were fanning their faces and blushing, or looking longingly at it. Kellan took no notice, though his breathing was heavier, his face was flushed, and a trickle of sweat was running down his forehead. I also noticed that, despite the heat of the bonfire, his nipples were erect, and clearly visible as they pressed against the fabric of his costume. He reached up a big hand seemed to almost caress his pecs for a moment, before sliding his long, thick fingers down over his abs, brushing them over the fur of his treasure trail. Then, his hand froze and he went still. Kellan took a deep breath, then another, and then a third, before he was able to speak. “I… I think that’s when the thing… the mist, ghost thing… I think that’s when it struck. I just found myself unable to stop. It’s like nothing else mattered except feeling good and getting off… as hard as I could. I think I forgot Claudia even existed, except as a fuck toy or something. I’m… I’m not like that… I’m not!” Then he paused, before asking, “… am I?” Taking a deep breath to bring myself back from watching Kellan actually turn himself on, I collected my thoughts before speaking. “No… I don’t think you are someone who treats others as… uh… fuck toys. I think that, while you do like yourself this way, mostly, and you do like growing… that the ghost is trying to use you somehow… and its selfishness is overwhelming your normal personality while it tries to remake you. I think that if we can get rid of the ghost, you’ll be no more of a danger to society than… well, anyone else.” Kellan’s face broke out into a gentle grin. “Thanks Angelo… just hearing you think things through makes the whole situation a lot better. I’m glad I’ve got you watching my back.” He pulled me into a lingering, if one-armed, hug, and then leaned back. “So, what should we do first? Any other spots on the property you want to check out that might be haunted?” Just then, one of the guys by the fire, well into his cups and dressed like Super Mario, pushed his friend (dressed like Wayne from Wayne’s World), who pitched forward dramatically, almost knocking into me and spilling unidentifiable alcohol everywhere. I saw “Wayne” coming towards me, drops of liquid from his cup moving through the air in what seemed like slow motion before falling into the bonfire and making it blaze upward in a sudden burst of flames. At that moment, though I was off balance and leaning precariously towards the fire, I felt powerless… there was no music, no altered consciousness, no change in the sinister ribbons of light… just me, a mere mortal. However, if I was a mere mortal, that couldn’t be said for Kellan. His powerful arms slid down me and gripped my hips, lifting me up in the air and back from the flames… and a good two feet off the ground… without raising a sweat, before placing me on his shoulder. His skin was flushed, but not with exertion… he was angry! “WHAT THE HELL,” he roared at the drunk guys, so loudly that I thought for a second that the flames cringed and blew in the opposite direction, as if from a strong wind. “YOU’RE PLAYING AROUND A BONFIRE? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS? MY FRIEND COULD’VE BEEN BURNED!” The guys visibly quailed before the force of Kellan’s ire, but tried to drunkenly bluff their way through it. “C’mon mannn… we were jus’ havin’ fun. No harm meant,” slurred the one who’d done the initial pushing. His friend, however, wasn’t quite so smart. Filled with liquid courage, “Wayne” retorted, “’Sides, you may be big, but if you’re an ass bandit, you should get out of the way of a real man, fucker.” The conversation and laughs and exclamations of shock around the bonfire went silent. The “Mario” went white and tugged on his homophobic pal’s shoulder, trying to pull him back. But it was too late. Kellan took in a deep breath, the only sound besides the cackling of the flame to pierce the leaden silence. When he spoke, his words were measured but echoing, as if it was taking all of his musician’s eloquence and impressive restraint to speak calmly and not simply punch the guy… which, given the fact that he’d cracked a wall when he was less built, would be a very bad thing. “One. Gay people are real men and women. Two. They do not have to get out of the way of anyone, just because he thinks he’s hot stuff. Three. I’m not just big… I’m stronger than five of your drunken asses. Four. I’m not gay, but I have responsible, sober friends, including my pal here, who are. My friends are important to me. Five. If I see or hear of you mistreating anyone else at this party, it’ll go badly for you. Very badly.” “Wayne” clearly didn’t have a clue (or had pickled his brain cells) because he actually dared to retort, “Oh yeah? This’ a free country, you freak. What’re you gonna do about it? You lay a finger on me and I’ll make sure everyone knows you’re throwing your weight around.” From my perch on Kellan’s brawny shoulder, I could actually see his handsome face stretch into a smile that could’ve come from the same grave as his costume. “I don’t have to touch you, asshole. I’m stronger than that.” I felt his sinewy frame shift under me, and looking down, realized that he was raising his foot, almost in a bizarrely muscular parody of Captain Morgan… and then he slammed it down! Resting on his broad shoulder, I felt only a momentary shift of hard muscle beneath me, and Kellan had been braced for the force by his own power. Everything around us fared much worse, as a shockwave appeared to spread out from Kellan’s thunderous footstep, causing the logs of the bonfire to collapse in on themselves, sending sparks blazing high into the night sky and knocking Wayne, Mario, the assorted female Johnny Depps, and the other people around the fire to the ground. Squeals and shouts of shock and outrage, spilled drinks, and a cloud of dirt fill the air, though not high enough to reach me, perched on top of Kellan’s 7 foot body. “Now,” boomed Kellan’s voice. “Apologize. Or. Get. The. Hell. Away. From. US!” The drunken jerk from earlier scrambled, almost crab-walking, to back away from my new friend as if the hounds of hell were after him, and his friend split as well. The conversation picked up again as Kellan reached up and gently lowered me to the ground, and looked me over, as if examining me for any damage. “Hey, sorry about that, Angelo…” he murmured, leaning down to bring his face closer to mine. “I’m sure you could’ve handled that punk, but he got on my nerves. Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you when I picked you up or something, did I?” I finally got my tongue to work, and stammered, “ Uh... n-no, b-but, GEEZ! When did you figure out you could do that with one stomp of your foot?” My “hero” frowned, looking throughtful. “Huh… I don’t know… I mean, obviously I’m way stronger than I should be, even with these muscles,” he continued as he flexed one of his biceps, showing off the veins snaking across the muscle. “But I just suddenly knew I could do that... creepy!” The sight of the hunk shuddering at his uncanny knowledge of his abilities broke the image of the furious Hercules from a few moments ago, and I had to smile even as I thought about the possibilities. “Huh… the monster I encountered said that the ghost had goals involving you, and that’s why it keeps going after you… maybe it’s trying to prepare you for something it wants you to do? So it’s giving you these abilities and the knowledge … muscle memory, maybe… to use them? Can you think of anything else that you can do with your strength?” Kellan closed his eyes and seemed to take a moment of thought, before shaking his head. “No… I don’t think I even knew I could do that foot-stomp thing until I was angry enough to do it. If I can do other stunts like that, I don’t think I’ll know about it until they come up somehow.” Then we were interrupted, as one of the ladies (dressed as Victor from the Corpse Bride) came forward, blushing through her pale makeup, and said, “That was pretty awesome, the way you stood up to that jerk. He’s been hitting on my friends and I all night, and it’s cool that your friend has someone like you to look out for him.” Kellan smiled down at her, and chuckled. “Nah, you got it all wrong… this guy’s my guardian angel… he looks out for me. I just try to return the favor when I can.” He then nodded to me, “Hey, Angelo, do the wing thing!” Always willing to show off my costume, I tugged the strings that caused my dark wings to unfold and fan the air, and the girl clapped enthusiastically. “That’s incredible! Can you guys take a picture with my friends and I?” Kellan laughed this time. “Sure… though I gotta warn you, I’ve got a girlfriend, and my pal here appreciates the, uh, less-fine sex, as you might’ve overheard.” There was a lot of booing and teasing and pouty faces (seeing Captain Sparrow pout through fake facial hair was somewhat unnerving), but we all lined up and the girls roped a passing witch into taking pictures of the whole group, facing the fire. The light hurt my eyes a bit, and I had to force myself to keep from squinting, holding my face in a wide, fragile-seeming smile. Surrounded by the enthusiasm of the girls, with Kellan by my side, I felt glad that I’d come to the party, even if it’d been one weird event after another, and began to relax… a moment too soon. As the girls dispersed, the fire abruptly blazed green, and from their depths emerged a spindly, wraithlike figure of emerald luminescence. With long, wickedly taloned fingers and skeletal features, it reached out towards me… or towards Kellan. Its claws poured jade fire towards my new friend, and I tried to deflect them, only to see the streams separate and slide around my outstretched arm, like a river moving around a stone! I looked around, hoping that the ghost’s public actions would attract some attention from the others, but the Johnny Depp Girls had all gone inside to get new drinks, and the new people standing around the bonfire didn’t seem to notice anything awry, going about their business and joking, drinking, and huddling by the unnatural flames as if this happened all the time. Kellan moaned throatily as the flames poured into him, so deeply it was almost like the rumbling growl of a lion. “Oh yeah… feels… so fucking gooood!” As I turned towards him, I could see his skin crawling as the muscles underneath swelled and shifted, faster than before! Slices of his black shirt began to tear, showing glimpses of pale skin underneath that became more and more striated with muscle. “C’mon Kellan, last time I couldn’t free you because you were into it… don’t lose me here. I need you to resist it if we’re going to stop it,” I murmured, trying to build up my rage and direct it at the green energy. Kellan just shook his head and looked down at me as he began to grow taller. “Angelo, I don’t want to stop it. God, this feels fan-TAS-tic! Look at me. LOOK AT ME,” he crowed as his muscles rippled. He now stood about two feet taller than most of the other party guests, and was about twice as thick as any of them, with huge muscles that resembled those of a massive football player, with some elements of powerlifter from the sheer size of his muscles thrown in as well. Looking down, I saw that his crotch was noticeably growing erect… and Kellan was now massively hung, if the imprint of his cock as it strained against the costume’s fabric was anything to go by. As my poor brain tried to wrap around the concept that my new friend was turning himself on as his body grew, Kellan seemed to come to a decision, heralded by another shuddering groan. “That’s it. I can’t stand this. I need to act on my horniness… and I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile!” His hands were larger than they’d been when he’d lifted me out of the way earlier, but they were at least as fast. I found myself lifted off my feet again, clasped against the biggest, tallest, most muscular guy I’d ever seen or heard of, and felt his lips press against mine. I swear I saw fireworks. His strength was tremendous, and his muscles were hard, but his lips were… teasing, gentle, playful, sweet, exploring, caressing, warm, soft, and inviting. His entire body as he moaned with satisfaction, almost purring as he deepened the kiss. He was supporting my weight with one hand clasped over my butt, clutching my black jeans between the folds of my wingtips, while the other hand stroked through my curls, cradling my skull. The kiss was powerful and unasked for… but it certainly wasn’t unwelcome, just unexpected. It was clearly driven by his changing hormones, but it was an act that was filled with emotion and intimacy as well as hunger. I began to kiss back… and surrendering my higher thoughts to make way for my increasing attraction to Kellan finally broke through the block keeping me from converting the ghost’s energies. Instead of wrath, I drew on the passion, the lust, the connection between the two of us, and I could hear a higher, flutelike music trickling from the Choir’s realm as I felt the white flames blaze through our embrace, while the ghost’s howls (sounding faintly like “What continues to thwart my efforts to possess this host?!) faded away around us. Kellan slowly lowered me away from his lips, his eyes still shut. His breathing was heavy, but he didn’t seem to be as crazed as before. I placed my hand over his huge chest, and felt his heart pounding. “Kellan,” I murmured. “Are you ok?” He nodded, then murmured. “I’m sorry, Angelo. That was… it was… I…” He stopped and gathered his breath, his huge lungs inflating and his sculpted chest rising in response. “Ok… let me try that again. I could tell you were interested in me from the moment you complimented my costume. It’s just a skeleton suit… nothing special except that it’s skintight. You have moving wings. You complimenting me is like a bonfire complimenting a candle flame. The only appeal was my body. And yeah, it was a bit creepy of you, but you were cool about it. But before this spook started messing with my body, I hadn’t really been attracted to guys… or at least, not enough to ever want to act on it. Then… I started growing, and you were always there. My senses are stronger now… more vivid, I guess, and I can always tell where you are anywhere on this property. Now I’m the creepy guy, because this whole situation is creepy, and you’re there for me, and god, do I ever need to get off badly… you look and smell sooo good, and your voice makes my heart speed up when you talk, even if you’re getting all cerebral or goofy. I’m still just as into Claudia… god I want to fuck her… but I’ve reached the point where I’m so horny I’m, looking at guys and going ‘Why not? He’d be a good lay’ … and I’m sure you’d blow my mind. And when those girls were around us, I wanted to get naked with them as well… and you… I just wanted all of us to go off somewhere, strip out of our costumes and go crazy! Heck, I was even curious about getting with those drunken jerks earlier, even when I was yelling at them.” As he trailed off, I wondered about those ideas. “Hey, do you think your personality and mind is changing? You seem to be more interested in me, like you mentioned, but how about your memories and other interests? Claudia seemed to have her memories of what you looked like when she first met you altered. Claudia said you met in Econ class, you still remember your band and the songs you play, the chords and all that?” He frowned and closed his eyes in concentration, before nodding. “Yeah… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my memory, though I’ll need a bigger, more resilient guitar if I’m going to play with the band anymore. I can still picture where my fingers need to be, play the songs in my head, etc. And we did meet in Econ, but I wasn’t built at all, despite what she said. But as for my personality… yeah, maybe. I always figured myself for a one-woman guy, but now… I guess I’m bisexual, and I’m not sure I’d be satisfied sticking with just one person… at least, not for sex. I feel like I still want to spend the rest of my life with someone, but maybe it should be more than one someone.” He took that moment to meet my eyes. “I should be embarrassed by showing off all this skin, and wearing clothes this tight and tattered, but I’m proud of it… I want to show off. I barely want to wear clothes at all.” In the echoing silence from Kellan’s last statement, I realized that it was weirdly quiet. “Uh… is everyone staring at you holding me in the air,” I asked tentatively. He tore his gaze from my face and went still, his eyes wide. “Uh, no… it’s worse.” He lowered me to the ground and I turned around… and saw that everyone around the campfire was slumped over on the ground, drained of their lives. I felt like I was going to be sick, and the ripples of red light centered on the flames continued to dance menacingly across my vision. “Oh Angelo,” Kellan murmured, his powerful voice throaty and wobbling from shock and regret. “I-I did this? I hurt everyone here just so that I could grow bigger and get hornier?” “No,” I insisted. “This isn’t your doing or your fault. You’re just as much a victim as they are… and it’s time to stop being victimized and get proactive about saving them! It sounds like there’s music going on inside, and I can see people dancing by the windows, so not everyone’s gone… and look, the hayride’s coming around, so obviously it’s still being piloted by someone and still has living passengers. I think that means we still have time. We need to find the body of this jerk ghost and send him to the monster, and hopefully he’ll be able to help us return everyone to normal… ok?” Kellan nodded, still looking shaky, but with increased determination in his eyes. “Can… can we check on Claudia first? I need to know if she’s still alive. I know my new… urges… make me not the best boyfriend ever, but I still love her.” Geez, the guy had to be going through a rough time, what with all of this going on. Who’d have thought that having a superhuman body would come with so many awful strings attached? I nodded, saying, “Sure, let’s go. She probably shouldn’t be left in the car for so long, even if she was sleeping.” We didn’t have to go far, however… Claudia met us halfway. “Oh, there you guys are,” she said, yet again seeming to not notice Kellan’s new growth spurt. “Thanks for letting me get some rest… I needed it. How’s the party so far? Everything I’ve seen seems like it’s quieting down.” Kellan and I exchanged a glance, and then I said, “About that… there’s something you should know.” Before I could spill the beans, however, the hayride pulled up, letting off its (thankfully mobile) passengers and looking for others to get on. “Ooooh, hold that thought, Alfredo,” Claudia said, holding up one skeleton-painted nail on her index finger while I ground my teeth at her inability to remember my name. “Kel, can we do the hayride? It’s been too crowded all night, and I wanted to try it out… it’s finally thinned out… looks like we’re the only ones who want to do it now.” I was going to interject by describing how the hayride was really just a boring ride around the edges of the property which had some Halloween decorations hanging from trees… no monsters or chainsaw murderers jumping out at you, no cool displays, just a ride in a tractor-pulled wagon. However, with an apologetic look at me and a shrug of his huge shoulders, Kellan said, “Sure, babe. Angelo, you want to come with? We can fill her in on the weird stuff going on during the ride.” Claudia was shooting a death glare at me (I did feel like a bit of a jerk for making out with her boyfriend a few minutes ago) and switching it to a pout when Kellan turned to look at her, but this nightmare was really more important than giving her time to get busy with and possibly drive my new friend to put her in a coma again, so I nodded my assent, and we all climbed onboard. The hayride had wooden planks as a floor, with a metal frame around it. Bales of hay lined the middle, but the sides of the hayride had some pews taken from the chapel. The top of the metal frame was lined with interconnecting black ropes, designed to look like a spider’s web, and spiders, bats, and pumpkins of various sizes were hanging from the railings or the web. As the engine started and the hayride took off, rumbling down the dirt path, towards the road, past the cars draped with drained bodies, a sense of foreboding began to fall over me. I was missing something… but I wasn’t going to leave Kellan (and Claudia) alone to figure it out. Kellan was filling Claudia in on all the supernatural events, but it was slow going. It seemed like the ghost had really messed with her head. “So…” Kellan was saying. “Do you remember the day we met?” Claudia smiled. “How could I forget? I went to the gym with my friends and there you were, pumping away. I spilled my water bottle all over myself just staring at you, and you were so nice and offered me your towel to dry off… along with your number. When I found out that you were a musician as well, it just made you seem even more amazing!” Kellan and I gaped at Claudia as she blithely related all this stuff about them that apparently had never happened, while the hayride rumbled past the fields and towards the tree line. Then a searing flash of red light struck the front of the tractor, and the hayride rumbled off the front of the path straight towards the trees! Claudia screamed, I gripped the railing to brace myself, and Kellan… suddenly wasn’t there. With a speed that defied the eye, he leapt from the hay bale, tore off the spider web ceiling, somersaulted out of the wagon and over the tractor, and took the entire machine straight into his prodigious pecs. The entire ride rocked, and I just managed to grab hold of Claudia before we hit. “GUYS,” Kellan roared, his voice booming. “I’VE GOT THIS, BUT CAN YOU COME AND SHUT IT OFF? I CAN’T BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE!” Making sure Claudia was unhurt, I climbed out and clambered up into the tractor wagon, fiddling around with the switches and levers (hey, I’ve never driven a tractor… I’m a suburb kid) while I tried not to be distracted by the sight of Kellan’s muscles flexing and throbbing beneath the tattered remnants of his costume, which now barely covered his crotch and upper chest. The sleeves had ripped off, letting his thickly muscled arms bulge as they held back an entire tractor, and his enormous height made him almost eye level as I was sitting in the tractor seat. Finally, I managed to shut it off, and my huge friend released the tractor, while we all paused to catch our breaths. “What happened,” he finally asked. “I saw a red light, like back at the manor, lash out here,” I replied. “But I have no idea where the driver’s body is.” “Back there,” came the strained, frightened voice of Claudia from behind us. We turned and saw her, shivering and rubbing her arms nervously. “He was all gray and dead-looking… I… I think he rolled out of the tractor when he died.” She then ran into Kellan’s arms, and he lifted her into a comforting embrace. I noticed more of the red lights, rippling in the darkness. “Guys, I think there’s something over here causing the red light… stay back… we don’t need you growing out here, Kellan, and Claudia, it could target you next. If anything comes for you, call out, and I’ll be there ASAP.” Before they could object, I stumbled through the underbrush, eventually emerging in a clearing filled with rocks. In the moonlight, the rocks seemed oddly shaped and oddly white. I leaned forward for a better look and gasped, scrambling backwards until I collided with something warm. I looked up and saw Kellan there, steadying me. “What’s wrong, Angelo?” I mutely waved at the clearing. “It’s bones… it’s full of bones!” He looked up and stepped forward. “I’ve never seen this stuff here, and I used to explore these woods with my cousins all the time,” he said. I looked around and asked, “Could the recent storms have washed away the soil?” He shrugged, then crouched down, showing off his v-shaped back and his perfect muscle butt, but his words stopped me from salivating too much. “I don’t think these are human bones… or not exactly.” He waved me over, and, taking a closer look, I could tell what he was getting at. One of the skulls had short horns. What I’d taken for hands appeared to be oddly-shaped claws. I saw some structures that resembled the wings of bats, and others that looked like elongated horse or canine skulls, or long snakelike tails. The skin and organs were all long gone, and they’d clearly been there longer than I’d been alive, but they also seemed oddly well-preserved, like some sort of elephant’s graveyard for supernatural creatures. Then it clicked for me. “The journal… it said that this place, the church camp that used to be here, was actually some sort of witch hunting inquisition thing. The author, Quincy Gosser, claimed to have killed all kinds of monsters… maybe this is where he buried them?” Kellan shuddered. “I kinda wish he was still around. I bet he’d be able to handle the ghost.” Then he caught sight of an extremely large humanlike skeleton. “Or maybe I’m personally better off with him in the grave.” Then the cold became bitter, as if the heat was sucked out of us. I saw the red lights begin to dance around us, and heard footsteps. Kellan and I turned to see Claudia walking towards us, smiling… with glowing green eyes. “’Tis funny that you shoulde say that,” she said with a weirdly dual voice, both her own, and one that sounded male and older and old-fashioned. “Because I am sore tired of the grave, lad, and your body will be my ticket out of it.” With that, dark green flames poured from her body and washed over Kellan. They seemed to burn endlessly, and I couldn’t get close… until the flames left Claudia, lying in a gray-skinned, lifeless heap, and pulsed across Kellan’s body. His eyes took on that green glow, and he turned to me, a wicked smile spreading across his face even as his muscles began to swell again. “There you are… finally, I have human flesh again, and actually perceive you, Abomination. I am sure that your sacrifice will give me the power to extend my abilities across the world, just as the lives of every drunken fool on this property have enabled me to possess one of my descendents and remake his form. Let the world welcome back the great Quincy Gosser!” This post has been promoted to an article
  3. Baring Bones: A Halloween Story - Chapter 2 Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 (and Bestiary Notes) ----------------- “I’m just a guy who wants to make a name for his band, date his girlfriend, and pay off my college loans. I’ve never gone to a gym in my life. I’ve never been a big guy and always thought they were seriously uncool. But I feel… I feel great!” Kellan had been venting his conflicting emotions into the cold, dark night, his new voice just as strong as the rest of his new physique, but thankfully everyone else had either shifted inside or were riding the hayride on the other side of the Higgins property. The formerly 5’10.5” indie guy now looked like he’d spent years making sure his 6’3” body was as strong and flexible as it could be, when he’d started the night as a slim, almost delicate looking young man. Everything about him, from his broad chest to his thickly muscled arms, his washboard abs to his protruding package, screamed Alpha Male. He was, however, not a happy one. “Now I can’t even piss in peace! I keep going into trances and I’m growing out of my clothes! There are hundreds of people around and none of them realize anything’s going on and my girlfriend’s memories are changed! I’m thinking all these weird thoughts and getting turned on all the time and… I just wanted to come to this party and relax!” He swung his hand back and, before I could stop him, punched the brick wall of the Manor. Then, instead of yelping in pain as I expected, he looked confused. We both stared, astonished, as he pulled his fist away… completely unharmed, with only a bit of dirt on the knuckles. The wall was not so fortunate. A small crater of cracked brick remained where Kellan had slammed his fist into the wall. I stared at it, and at his hand, and my eyes revealed a brief green glow emerging from his fingers before fading away. Uncertain of what that meant, I turned my attention back to his face, in time to catch his expression: wonder. That look was swiftly replaced by one of exhaustion. “Whoa man… I feel beat!” He leaned against the wall and took deep breaths, while I pondered this new development. I was standing next to a guy who could potentially count as a superhero, with some amount of super strength and invulnerability… but using that power wore him out… and maybe used up some of the green energy that had inundated his body moments ago. My thoughts were interrupted when Kellan stood up straight, dusted off his hand, looked at me and said, “Look, Angelo, thanks for coming to get me back there. I appreciate it… even if you did track me to the toilet.” Before I could protest that I had actually not expected him to be there, he held up a hand to stop me and continued. “I’m going to try and act normal, though… my friends didn’t notice anything different the last time, so I’m going to try and go with the act. Hopefully, if anything else weird does happen, I’ll be able to resist it now that I’m so strong. Have a good night, and nice to meet you.” With that, he stomped off, leaving me alone and unsure what to do. “Well, so much for my short career as a green-glowing-light slayer,” I complained to the night as the hayride pulled around and let out its passengers, who dispersed to other sections of the party. I stepped aside as a drunken ghostbuster lurched into the restroom, and then froze. I was staring at the restroom’s entrance and could now see the red ripples head-on, but they hadn’t been there a moment ago. Whatever it was, it seemed to be centered on the men’s room… or was it? I squinted in the dark, and could somehow tell that the weird red glow was pooling around the general spot of the wall between the men’s room and the ladies’ room. I turned and saw another ripple centering on the bonfire… and I remembered seeing others in the dance room and the main entrance/drinking room. Was there one in the chapel? I turned around again and, yes, I could make out the same rippling effect emerging from the stained glass windows. I stepped back to get a better look at the full manor, but whatever my new ESP involved, it apparently didn’t count as X-ray vision. Just my luck. Still, if there were any more of those… rippling vortices in the building, I couldn’t tell from out there. When the ghostbuster guy came out again (walking slightly better and not any more muscular than before, I noted), I tried to focus my vision on him. The effect was clear. Ghostbuster seemed to give off a natural illumination… could I be seeing his aura? Whatever it was, the closer he got to either the men’s room or the bonfire, the more of the lights turned red and drift away towards those places. Nor was he the only one, I realized. Everyone around the bonfire was leaking energy into it, and when the Manor’s door’s opened, and partiers spilled out, I saw that they too seeped red light that either drifted back inside or glided over to the fire. I looked down at my body, squinted, widened my eyes, even tried going cross-eyed, but try though I might, I didn’t see any sort of light, red or not, around me. I moved towards the bonfire and watched. The red light drained from everyone standing in front of and next to me did pass through me like a wave… but nothing of me was caught up in that tide. It was like I wasn’t even there, as far as the ripples were concerned. Was I the strange one, not Kellan? The green electricity flowing through him had turned white and made me feel sugar-high-ish when I touched him, and the wisp/shadow had seemed upset by that, but the shadow hadn’t even noticed me when I first walked into the restroom. I’d felt the unearthly chill from the wisp before I’d been zapped, though, and after the first time I’d been able to see the red ripples out of the corner of my eye AND I’d not fallen under the “guys growing muscles is perfectly normal, he’s always been this way, nothing to see here, these are not the droids you’re looking for” spell that had affected Claudia and Kellan’s other friends and relatives. Experimentally, I tried to concentrate on a fallen twig, willing it to float, skitter across the ground, twitch, anything. No such luck. “Sure, the hot straight guy gets all the useful powers. I see living people. Ooooh, spooky,” I grumbled as I turned to head back to the party. Inside, I could tell that the red ripple effect was definitely centered on the drinks. “But that doesn’t make sense,” I mumbled under my breath. “Those drinks came from many different people… how could someone spike or enchant them all as a whole?” I spotted Kellan and Claudia and their friends sipping from glasses, and realized that while Kellan did have that natural aura, his seemed to be shot through with green sparks. The red glow wasn’t draining him… was it? I watched a wave of red pass through him… and then not continue on to the rest of the drinks. Somehow, these ripples were collecting life energy from the guests at the most common places for the people to congregate at the party (the restrooms, chapel, bar, dance floor, bonfire, etc), and depositing it in Kellan! All he needed was the green light to let him use it… or for something to use him. Just then, the clock turned to midnight. Costumed partiers started cheering, toasting, and generally kicking things up a notch. Having people making out drunkenly all around me sent my spirits plummeting again, reinforcing that I’d arrived alone and would be leaving alone (probably fairly soon). I moved to say my goodbyes (and was unable to find anyone I knew besides Kellan), and headed out the door, down the steps, and towards the grassy field being used as a parking lot. I was surprised to find that there weren’t any ripples there… but what I did discover was much worse. I got to my car, and was about to shrug out of my costume wings, when I noticed someone sitting in the driver’s seat… someone with pale skin that didn’t come from any makeup or mask. Someone who was sitting very still. The guy didn’t seem to be breathing. I was about to call for help, when I noticed that the next car had a young woman in a goth witch outfit leaning against her car’s passenger door… and not moving. Getting closer to her revealed that her skin was similarly discolored and she had neither breath nor a heartbeat nor any warmth to her skin. Over by the driver’s side, her friend (or possibly girlfriend) was actually in a similar state, lying on the ground in a playboy bunny outfit. I started to run, but all around me, the scene was the same… people were dead… but strangely so, as if they’d just stopped being alive the moment they reached their cars. My eyes revealed that they all lacked any sort of aura. I finally spotted a pair of guys (dressed as Na’vi from Avatar, since their costumes were largely blue body paint, they looked extremely chilly) headed to their car, reaching for the handle. “No, STOP,” I shouted, just in time to see them both turn gray and slump over. A moment later, their auras reappeared, like shining, multicolored ghosts hovering next to their bodies, looking confused. Then, from the borders of the property, a red thread of light snapped towards us. It passed through me harmlessly, but the aura-ghosts stuck to it, spinning and wrapping around it like someone was rolling them up, their glow turning red as they formed a ripple and slithered back towards the Manor, like some deadly aurora. After a moment of sheer gut-wrenching terror, I was able to get a grip. I was somehow immune (undetectable? untouchable?) to the ripples. They couldn’t hurt me… for now. Then I got angry. Someone or something was behind this… hurting people and stealing their very essences without even a warning, for no reason, and it was using Kellan for something as well. Well, it wasn’t getting away with it. I was going to get rid of the thing, make it stop messing with Skeletal Boy, and hopefully, find some way to return all those people’s auras to them. Heaven help anything that got in my way. I’m not sure if it was my wrath or my growing ability to sense supernatural forces, but I felt the ghost about to make its move early this time… like a faint shiver instead of the chill of the void. I left the drained bodies of the partiers at their cars and sprinted up the hill to the Manor, my costume wings smacking my shoulders with each step. I dodged the hayride, gasping for breath, and made my way through the lurking guests to the door, opening it to the increasing otherworldly cold, and the sight of Kellan doing a solo keg stand to the applause and cheers of his friends! His arms were groups of bulges encased in tight black lycra, his shoulders were flexed, and his legs stretched out to either side to help him balance. His pants only stretched down to his muscular calves, and his sneakers looked small on him. A little farther down, his thighs strained against the fabric, and… oh geez… he was rock hard, his erection stretching halfway down his left thigh (and the girls certainly noticed THAT, if their raucous squeals were anything to go by). His chest was flexing impressively as his gymnast’s build supported his body, and it astounded me that his costume hadn’t torn. But while the sight was definitely worth charging uphill to get back here, and it was cold as the grave, I couldn’t see a single spark of green lightning. Where was the thing? I deliberately thought back to my determination by the cars, and my temper started to flare at the memory of the helpless, lifeless guests. The angrier I got, the brighter and clearer those vile red vortices around the drinks became, as if my rage gave me greater visual clarity. There! The red ripples sped up and become more jagged, shifting to their complementary color: green. Arcs of neon green flew towards Kellan… no… towards the keg! As I tried to slide through the crowd, the green lightning flowed from the keg up to Kellan’s “kiss me” lips, across his smooth cheeks, coiling in his eyes which immediately took on a dazed look, and down his wide neck, his adam’s apple bobbing as he continued to suck beer (and lightning) thirstily. The green glow continued to whip across his shoulders, down his powerful arms to his hands, with each finger glittering brightly, before the energy surged up his chest, outlining each of his abs, temptingly revealed since his shirt had rolled down. It danced up, appeared to stroke his bulge, and slithered up his long legs. This time, though, it wasn’t getting away unscathed. I didn’t even have to touch Kellan. Instead, with the lightning blazed around him, I simply approached and thought of the playboy bunny, the goth witch, the na’vi guys and everyone else out there with the cars, and somehow willed the lightning to morph into white fireworks, cascading down into the keg. An agonizing, echoing scream emerged from the metal barrel, but only I noticed it. My white flames fanned out from the keg, driving out what looked like a disembodied, bearded head formed entirely of green smoke, looking about in anger and bewilderment, but somehow never seeming to turn in my direction. I stared it down, and the white radiance bent to my will, scorching the… ghost… and it disappeared in a puff of sickly emerald smoke. As the flames died, I felt a rush of triumph, but sensed that the thing wasn’t done yet. As evidence, Kellan was growing again. Still suspended upside-down, Kellan went from gymnast to pumped-up mixed martial artist. I could tell that his body was getting taller because his feet inched higher into the air. His legs throbbed, and I watched as his calves swelled, pushing his black lycra pants farther from his feet and closer to his knees, while his thighs grew steadily larger and more powerful. The waistband of his pants started to slide down, showing off more of his treasure trail, pulled by the growing erection straining to be free. I tore my gaze from his groin and almost whimpered at the sight of his torso. Kellan’s abs protruded more, while retaining (even enhancing) their impossible definition. I barely resisted the urge to push my face into his abs and lick down to his belly button while it was suspended in front of me. His chest also grew, each pec now cushion-sized and capped by large, visible nipples, which looked strange against the stretched fabric with the wide painted-on skeletal ribcage. The neck of his shirt dipped low as the pecs pushed out, and more of Kellan’s goth-thug style script tattoo was visible, but still not enough to read. His shoulders looked broader, and he had to shift his grip on the keg with his thickening arms before executing a perfect flip to his feet (showing off his sculpted ass… I noticed a girl dressed as a bumblebee actually swooned out of the corner of my eye). He turned around, caught my gaze, and sent me a smile that went straight to my balls. Ignoring his friends, he wrapped his huge arm over my shoulder (carefully not bending my wings). He murmured directly into my ears, with a voice like an avalanche of caramel, “When I felt it coming over me, I couldn’t resist… but I didn’t try… I knew even if I’d acted like a jerk, my guardian angel’d be there to help me out. Thanks buddy… sorry for earlier.” I’d stopped breathing, and my cheeks were burning. Was this amazingly hunky straight guy actually flirting with me, and calling me his buddy AND apologizing? I finally managed to gather my wits, and asked “How are you feeling? Sorry it took so long to figure out how he was getting to you.” Kellan grinned at me. “No worries… you’ve got my back… even if my back is bigger than it used to be.” Meanwhile, his friends were drunkenly shouting “Get a room, you two” among other, less friendly statements. “Don’t mind if we do,” retorted Kellan with a shit-eating grin before tugging me out the door into the chill night air. “Um, not that I object to being tugged along,” I said, “… but where are we going?” He stopped, seemed to think, and then shrugged. “Honestly? I just wanted to get away. I mean, I’ve known those guys forever, and I could tell you everything about them, but at the moment, I feel like four things matter to me. The first’s figuring out what’s happening to me tonight, because ignoring it wasn’t working. The second thing’s Claudia. God, I just can’t stop thinking about her tonight. It’s like my libido’s pumped up along with everything else about me. The third’s you… somehow, things are less crazy and more deal-able when you’re around, and I don’t miss Claudia so much, either.” At this point, he inhaled deeply and audibly, and his eyelids fluttered shut in delight. “MMMMmmm… you smell good, too. Hold still.” Enforcing that command (though I’m sure he meant it as a request… didn’t he?), Kellan reached out, placing his large, warm hands on my arms and holding me still as he leaned forward and breathed in, almost nuzzling me. The November night’s cold was driven away by the heat of his body and his warm breath on my neck, though goosebumps of a different kind spread across my skin in anticipation. Was Kellan… attracted to me? How? What sort of ghost would make a straight guy into my ideal gay man? It didn’t make any sense! Then, before I could be paralyzed by thoughts, I asked, “And the fourth thing?” His cyan eyes met mine, and he pursed his lips. “The fourth thing is that I’m… having fun looking like this, GROWING like this. I want to explore it… I want to stay this way… or maybe even feel my muscles grow again. I don’t want to ignore it anymore. When I was hanging out with Claudia, and she was paying attention to me like she hasn’t since we first started dating, I realized that I feel better than I did when I was skinny. My skin’s strong but so sensitive. My senses are stronger... I can taste shades of flavors and age and intensity in my beer now that I never noticed before. I can tell you the natural hair color of everyone on the hayride all the way over in the woods, in the dark. I can hear conversations through the music back in the dance room. And I can smell… well, lots of stuff,” he finished with a surprisingly bashful smile. “And did you see me back there with the keg stand? I could never have balanced myself like that before, but now I could probably lift the keg one-handed when it was full. And the people’s reactions… Claudia’s, her friends, the guys, you… it’s a rush. I want to see how this goes.” I took a deep breath. “There’s a problem with that, Kellan. You see, people can’t leave the party… alive.” That was enough to shock him out of his building love of his new body, and cause his rapturous expression to shift into an angry frown. “Huh? What do you mean? Someone died? And people are still partying back there? What’s wrong with those sick fucks?” I held up a hand to interrupt. “I’ve been seeing these weird ripples of light in different parts of the manor. They seem to be sucking up the stray… uh… life force of people who get near them. It doesn’t seem to do them harm, and if I had to guess, I’d say they’d probably be shedding that same energy partying as hardy as they are anyway. But if they go to leave, and get near the cars, they go unconscious, turn gray, stop breathing, and lose a heartbeat… and those ripples pull out their whole… souls, I guess.” Kellan looked horrified. “Dude, that’s terrible! You think this has something to do with my muscles?” I nodded and continued, “There’s ripples in the restroom, the chapel, and by the bar, along with some other places. I think that the green entity is some kind of ghost, and that every time it makes you grow, it’s hooking you up to those stolen life energies. That’s how you’re so big so fast, and maybe why your emotions are going so wild… you’re plugged into the life of everyone here.” Kellan shuddered. “Ugh… I thought this was awesome, but now I feel… dirty. I’ve got people inside me? Is there a way we can give it all back to them? And how can you see all this stuff?” I filled him in about my own abilities, and how they got stronger each time he did. “Huh… wonder why? You don’t look or act any different than you did before… except maybe a bit less shy and nervous.” I wasn’t sure how to take that, so I shrugged, before chiming in. “I know that the garage, behind the dance room, has all kinds of stuff in it… there might be scales or something we can use to measure how you’ve changed. And hopefully they’ll have a flashlight there or something… your cousin, Mack, mentioned that there were some old books and stuff upstairs... I thought that we might find something about this ghost, maybe.” Kellan beamed his rock star smile at me. “Measuring my muscles AND finding out what’s going on? I like the way you think… why didn’t we meet ages ago?” We exchanged high school and college details (I was a catholic school boy all the way until college, when I went to a Big 10 university, he went to public school his whole life and stayed at one of the local colleges) until we reached the garage. The music from the DJ’s speakers one room over boomed and covered the sounds of the two of us rummaging around (and Kellan hadn’t quite gotten used to his new mass, and would accidentally knock something over with his more bulky muscles every so often), but eventually we found the flashlights and a scale. Kellan wasted no time kicking off his shoes (which seemed to have grown with him, somehow, but only partially, and were getting tighter even though they now read size 12.5, when he claimed to have been a 10 earlier) and climbing on top of it. “Holy fuck! Angelo, it says 256 lbs! I weighed only 137 this morning,” Kellan exclaimed, with something like shock and something like glee spreading over his face. “I’m nearly double my original weight… this is crazy!” We next located a tape measure. “Man, the Higginses keep everything in this place,” I murmur before sliding one end under his foot and raising it to check the tape. “Wow… 6’7”! You’re huge!” Kellan flexed and posed at the praise, making his skeleton costume ride up (and down) in a few places. “Aren’t you cold in that thing,” I ask him, nodding to the flimsy costume. “Heh… earlier I either stayed inside or near the bonfire, dude… but now? I don’t even feel the cold… it’s like I’m built to withstand worse, so this chill doesn’t even register.” That immediately killed the mood, as we both remembered it hadn’t been Kellan who was building his body, and he was right, the chill I felt in the presence of the ghost was much worse than anything November could throw at me. Suddenly the light flicked on. “Hey hon,” said Claudia as she leaned against the garage door, hips and legs displayed provocatively despite being decorated with fabric bones. “What are you guys up to back here?” I turned to see Kellan looking at Claudia and her curves like dog hungry for a… well, bone, so I chimed in. “Um, Kellan mentioned wondering how big he’d gotten, and I recalled there being a scale and tape measure back here, we were going to see if there was anything else upstairs, though…” I trailed off, realizing neither of them were listening to my handy (and nearly truthful) explanation. Claudia looked at Kellan like she really wanted to help him the rest of the way out of his costume, and if Kellan looked at Claudia any harder, he’d probably burst out of his pants, at least. Claudia finally gathered herself together and said, “Mr. Higgins, would you like to join me on the dance floor for our song?” Kellan nodded eagerly, then visibly remembered my presence. I mimicked a smile and waved them off. “Go on, you crazy kids, I’m going to do a bit more exploring… I shouldn’t be far and I’ll let you know if I find anything.” Claudia wrapped her hands around Kellan’s bicep-laden arm and blew me a kiss. “Thanks Andrew, you’re a dear,” she cooed as the two of them headed to the dance floor. I took a deep breath, counted to ten and resisted the urge to growl, “It’s Angelo, you twit.” I then grabbed a flashlight and started the long trudge up the road to the second floor. The manor’s odd construction made it so that there was a dirt road around the back, sliding up the hill and opening into a large entrance on the second floor, presumably for the church camp to store supplies. When I got there, I saw that it was left open, as always, and I carefully walked in, searching the piles of dusty junk for something that looked helpful. I made it into the third room before I came across some books with what looked like solomonic symbols on their weathered leather covers. I flipped one open, and tried to make out the flowing inked script in the light of the flashlight. “Of course the guy who can see in the dark is downstairs dancing… I’m only in luck if this book is written in invisible ink…” I paused, realizing the script wasn’t in English, and grinned, “… or if it is LATIN… thank you, private school education!” I tried to remember how to conjugate the verbs, but for the most part, it came surprisingly easily to me. The book turned out to be a journal and guide written by one Quincy Gosser, Witch Hunter, one of the founders of the “Church Camp” that used to be held on the grounds. Mr. Gosser’s writing initially gave the impression that he considered temptations of the flesh a mere distraction from his work of riding the world of “witches, monsteres and other abominations against God.” Following that were a number of descriptions of various monsters and spells and how to ward against them. Towards the end, though, the writing got scratchier and talked about how the people in the predominantly Quaker-populated region were unimpressed by witch hunts that had gripped the states farther North, and were more accepting of things Quincy considered “uncanny.” “Soone we shouldst be surrounded by beasties and witches and thinges most terrible, women shouldst wear the foul raiment of the grave and men shouldst lie with men and the spawn of the Whore of Babylon and the Fallen shouldst walk amongst man unknown,” was perhaps the most understandable passage in the final letter, thankfully written in English (or close to it). Finding nothing else in the room, I picked up Gosser’s journal, and began to stand up, when I felt that eerie cold emanating from the floor beneath me… the dancing room! I struggled to run out, but my wings got caught on a group of old fishing poles. I struggled to get free, feeling the cold increase, and finally hearing my fabric wings rip apart, leaving tattered black folds hanging from the plastic frame. I tore down the hill as quickly as I could, burst through the main door, and ran to the dance room, only to be lost in the shrouded darkness and dizzying lights. People milled and sifted around me, still dancing, while I tried to use my second sight. I could tell that the ripples here were active and that the ghost was nearby, but with the disco ball, rainbow flashing lights, and various patterns and darkness in the rest of the room, I couldn’t distinguish the electrical lights from the supernatural ones. Finally, I spotted them, back against the wall in the darkened corner, behind one of the fake monster displays. Out of the darkness loomed the body of huge man, the illustrated bones of his costume catching the black lights, and what looked like a storm of green lightning clashed around him. Kellan and Claudia were making out savagely, even as the Ghost whirled around them like a jade vapor with the suggestion of that same bearded face from before, only larger, reconstructing Kellan’s body while they ground together. Claudia’s legs were wrapped around Kellan’s hips as he lifted her off the ground, thrusting in time with the music, shaking her entire body, and their heavy breathing seemed to be sucking in the green vapor of the ghost. Kellan’s physique was now more like that of a boxer and a wrestler combined than a gymnast, but he had to be at least 7 feet tall, and his sleeves had begun tearing along the seams as his arms grew too powerful to contain. His pants rode low on his hips, rolled downwards as he grew taller and broader, but he obviously was past caring. So was I, for that matter. I tried to draw on that power and anger from before, but even though I managed a few white flames, it was like trying to put out a wildfire with a water bottle. The green lights were resisting the conversion… probably because Kellan was going wild with lust for both his girlfriend and his own muscles. I realized that as strong as he was now, there’d be no chance he’d even feel it if I toppled the nearby wolfman mannequin on him, much less tapped his shoulder. He was moving faster, grinding harder and harder against Claudia… and then he went too far. With a loud moan, he slammed her against the wall, and dust and chips of stone visibly dislodged over the couple as her breathless gasps cut off abruptly. Immediately I felt Kellan’s panic, and somehow he instinctively mimicked the rippling effect, sending out ripples that searched for me… and were able to find me, this time. I felt the white flames billow from me, wash over him and burn away the green lightning, while the ghostly mist howled in rage. I vaguely heard a scratchy voice whisper “jussssst a litttttllle bitttt morrrreeeeeeee…” before the ghost retreated from the white light that flared around Kellan. The light then abruptly spilled back to me, and leaving the big guy cradling Claudia, his shoulders shaking and whimpers of sorrow emerging from his throat. I got closer, saw the blood on his fingers as he held the back of her head, her aura gone, and immediately felt like a heel for ever thinking an angry thought about Claudia and coveting her gorgeous guy. I placed my hand on Kellan’s shoulder (and had to reach up a bit more than before to do so) and he turned to me, tears in his reddening blue eyes. “I-I’m so sorry… it felt so good, and I wanted more, and she… she did t-too, and… and… PLEASE! Angelo… you… you’ve saved me every time that thing messed with me in this whole, fucking terrible night, and… please… can you do anything for… for her?” I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders… in a physical sense. It felt like everything slowed down, and my helpless reply of “No” was ground to a halt before I could even utter it. In that moment I wondered… could I? How did I know I couldn’t? Keeping one hand on Kellan’s shoulder, I reach out and lift my fingers just over Claudia’s heart, close my eyes, and concentrate on whatever the opposite of the red ripples would be… something to fill her with life. Sweat formed on my brow, and I concentrated on Claudia as I’d seen her earlier in the evening, vivacious, flirtatious, full of life and eager to experience more of it with her friends and lover. That’s when I heard… a new sort of music, not the dj’s piped and played-with pop tunes, but something pure and sweet and elusive, deep and lofty at once. All other sounds and sensations died away, and I felt strangely adrift, as if borne aloft by the melody. My lips parted and I felt my voice, initially soft, spill out with a resonant baritone, joining in with the music. There were other voices, ones I could just barely make out, and they seemed to intertwine with mine, welcoming me somehow. I could easily lose myself in the song until my throat gave out, but I felt something propel me with dizzying speed through the chorus, hearing voices come and go until I reached one that was deeper and richer than any of the others I’d heard before, and so heart-stoppingly beautiful that I was entranced. My song felt like baby’s wails in comparison, though the song itself reminded me of a dirge, full of loss and acceptance. Then our two voices blended together, and the song seemed somehow more… optimistic. I felt lifted up and moved with more of that incredible velocity, the deeper voice accompanying me past the rest of the chorus until they faded into the distance, and the faint sounds of the dj’s booth were audible again, growing louder as we got closer. The song crescendoed and then ended, rapidly drowned out by a popular rap song remixed to death. Abruptly, I found myself back in my body, my eyes open… and seeing Claudia’s chest rising again, hearing Kellan’s sobs of relief as he hauled me into a crushing one-armed hug, my face pressed against his pecs as he held his unconscious girlfriend with the other. And that’s when everything blacked out. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (15)

    Fifteen Keith was exiting the shower as he heard some noise. He wrapped a towel around his tightly muscled waist and stepped out the bath room. He didn’t see anything in the hallway and strutted over to his room. “Man my workouts sure pay off”, he said to himself as he walked through the hallway, “I’m up to 290 pounds of muscle. Sean will be in for a big surprise next week at university.” He entered his room and turned toward his bed to get his clothes he had laid out. He noticed a big shadow sliding over the bed from behind. Surprised, he tried to look aside but before he could turn around, a big strong hand shoved him forward. Keith put his hands on the bed to prevent himself from crashing down on it. “Hey!”, he said as the towel was ripped from his waist and a hot pole slid into his ass. “Anton, no!”, he grunted half in pain half in pleasure. “Oh I’m not Anton, bro”, a deep yet familiar voice replied. “Connor?”, Keith asked as he steadied himself under the violence of the thrusts in his ass, his cock inflating with blood. “Yep, bro. I’ve come for my birthday present”, Connor said as he pounded his brother’s muscular ass with full force, grabbing his sides to keep him from being pushed down on the bed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”, Keith asked while trying to escape the strong hands grabbing his flanks. How does he keep me in place? I outweigh him by at least 150 pounds of muscle, he thought as he wiggled and flexed his big hard muscles to free himself. “Come for my present, I told ya. And I’m not done just yet, bro”, Connor grunted and exploded down his brother’s ass while he effortlessly held his 290 pound brother in place. “Now got what you want you little fag?”, Keith yelled angrily as he felt his brother’s cum fill his ass, “I'm gonna stomp you like a bug, little perv”. He grabbed hold of the bed and tried to pull him free from the paws and the cock in his ass. Veins exploded on the surface of his hard, 23 inch arms as he pulled with all his might. “You’re in no position to tell me what to do, bro. You can't even free yourself from my hold”, Connor said and turned Keith around, his deflating dick still inside him. Keith stared in disbelief at his little brother as he was turned around. Big, hard muscles that clearly out-sized his own well-trained ones gave his brother a stud-like physique; his still boyish looking face just seemed too young for the hard muscled body looming over him. His cock hardened slowly against his abs. “How did you get this big?”, he asked trying to prevent his brother from noticing his inflating cock while drinking in the incredible sight in front of him. “Growth spurt, I guess. And I want to be even bigger”, Connor replied in his deep voice sending vibrations through both their bodies. “Who’s the fag now?”, Connor said grinningly, “Does the big jock of the family gets off on his brother’s body?”. “Shut up and let me go!”, Keith said harshly and tried to get away from his brother. He summoned all his strength, placed his hands against the rock-hard abs and pushed to free himself. His cock inflated further as he felt the extraordinary hardness of the firm, hot muscles. "Agh", he sighed as he gave up the unwinnable struggle and realized that his brother was supporting his 290 pounds with just his arms. And the deflating cock in his ass. “Alright”, Connor replied, “I’ll make you go.” “Finally”, Keith replied, “I won’t beat you up then.” “I’ll make you go off like a fountain”, Connor continued, “This spell with full force shall roar, until you’re smaller than I was before. With every load your cock shall blast, 10 pounds of muscles on me shall be past!”. Hellish chants and an icy chill filled the room as Connor spoke these words. Keith didn’t even notice it. His more than half-hard dick sprang to its full 8.5 inches and pointed straight up towards his brother’s muscular frame as his balls drew tight and a first spurt of cum was blasted against his brother’s muscular pecs, sliding down slowly onto his hard abs. “YEAH!”, Connor moaned deeply and began pounding his brother’s ass with full force again. His big, hard muscles inflated further as more loads blasted from his brother’s dick, drenching his chest and abs in sticky cum. Keith managed to calm his orgasm down after five loads had blasted from his balls. He bit his tongue hard and the pain overwhelmed the pleasure coursing through his body. He grunted and blinked as he saw his brother grow and expand before his eyes. The round shoulders swelled outward into nice balls of muscles, wider than a doorframe; the heavy pecs hardened and grew into meaty slabs of armor that protruded clearly from his chest; the muscular arms that supported his weakening frame hardened under his body, he could feel the biceps swelling into steely hardness against his once well-muscled back; the tight eight-pack stretched and hardened further as his own dick slid down against the stony surface; the cock that was pounding his ass swelled beyond the size it had when it entered, he could feel the pressure building. “Mmmghn” His brother’s grunt made Keith look up and his mouth fell open in disbelief; his brother’s formerly boyish face had evolved to match his body. The layer of baby fat had melted away and had made room for an angular one with a stubbly beard; his blond curls had taken on a more spiked appearance. Keith’s balls churned and blasted out another round of spurts against the hard stomach his cock was trapped against. “MORE!”, Conner bellowed as he pounded his brother’s ass even harder, supporting him with just one big hand that covered Keith's entire lower back while his other hand groped the swelling mass of his hard pecs. Keith could feel his own body getting weaker and weaker. He looked down and saw his muscles melting before his eyes. His once impressive, 290 pound physique shriveled down and shrank as more cum oozed from his cock and smeared against the swelling abs it thwacked against. He had lost about 100 pounds as shaking went through his swelling brother. The cock in his ass swelled further and throbbed violently. “YEAUGHN!”, Connor bellowed deeply as his growing cock exploded in his brother’s ass once more. Load after load of thick, sticky cum blasted from the jolting cock. The pressure kept building and his brother suddenly flew from his cock in a rush of cum. Connor kept cumming for what seemed like an eternity, coating his brother and the bed in a thick layer of his juices. “I’m gonna check my body”, Connor said and strutted out of the room, leaving his diminished brother coated in cum on his bed. The hellish chants ended as promptly as they had begun. Keith blinked incredulously as his eyes followed his now massive younger brother exit his room. He jumped up from the pool of sticky cum and rushed after Connor like an eager puppy. He sprang into the hallway and was just in time to see his brother descend the stairs leading to the basement. He waited until his younger brother disappeared into the dark basement before sprinting toward the stairs. He has to be in the gym, he thought as he quickly descended the stairs. Better not let him notice I'm here, he thought as he cautiously and silently sneaked to the door and peeped around the corner into the basement gym. He couldn't prevent a loud gasp from escaping his mouth as he saw the stud his brother had become. Connor was standing in front of the large mirrors and was about to begin inspecting his new physique as he heard a faint gasp at the door. “Come over here and stand next to me, little guy. Now!”, he bellowed without removing his gaze from his own reflection. Keith jumped up but couldn’t withstand the powerful command from his brother. He walked up to the big stud and stood next to him. Their nakedness was the only resemblance he saw in the mirror. “How the tables have turned. Looks like my 18th birthday is my best one yet”, Connor said, “I’m finally the man I was supposed to be. And you’re the little one from now on.” “I'll have my size back soon enough when I attack the weights. Besides I’m still bigger than you were before”, Keith blurted out quickly. “For now, little guy, for now. Let’s have some fun first”, Connor said and grabbed the biggest dumbbells from the rack and began doing bicep curls. Instinctively, Keith did the same. He grabbed onto the second heaviest dumbbells but couldn’t lift them an inch. “Better grab something light you can lift, little guy”, Connor said laughingly and kept pumping out perfect reps. Keith grabbed the 20 pounders and began curling them. His 190 pound body sure didn’t look appealing, but he still had a solid base left to build from. After about 10 reps, he dropped the weights. His arms were worn out. Connor kept going on for about a minute before gently racking the dumbbells. “Let’s check our guns, little guy. Do you have a tape in here?”, he asked as he turned to face his former big brother. “Over there”, Keith replied and pointed toward a cabinet. “Grab it!”, Connor bellowed. Keith sprang up, rushed over to the cabinet and returned quickly with the tape to his brother. “Flex your arm, little guy”, Connor said as he grabbed the tape. Keith raised his right arm and flexed it hard. The muscle showed some nice definition but was nowhere near the 23 inches it had grown into over summer. “Just under 14 inches. Let’s says 14”, Connor said, “My turn now”. Keith watched in awe as his younger brother raised his right arm. As the muscular arm was stretched horizontally, the separation between the two heads of the bicep was clearly visible, as were the veins that fed the thick muscle. The muscle exploded in size and rushed upward as his brother brought in his meaty forearm. Keith’s diminished cock followed. He did no longer care about his brother noticing his cock inflating in a salute to his incredible body. He put the tape around the massive arm, enjoying the feeling of the hard, hot ball of muscle and the jolts it send through his hard cock. “Well, what does it say?”, Connor asked. “Just over 29 inches”, Keith said breathlessly. “Yeah!”, Connor boomed and grabbed the tape from his brother’s grasp. “Let’s measure something else”, he said and put the tape up against his brother’s hard cock. Keith sighed as his brother’s warm, thick fingers caressed his diminished cock. “5 inches all hard. Mine’s bigger flaccid during winter”, Connor said laughingly, “Measure it”. Keith held down the tape. “I’m not gonna measure your cock, little bro”, he said, “that’s just nasty.” “Who are you calling little here?”, Connor bellowed angrily and smacked his right fist against his meaty left paw. The sound echoed through the basement gym. “I’ll show you what a real man looks like”. He stroked his cock to hardness and measured it. “17 inches of meat, bro. You were never this big. Do a most muscular, little bro", Connor said as he put his brother in front of his own body. Keith gulped as he noticed his younger brother towering over him in height and broadness. Instinctively, he followed the bigger man's order; he bent over slightly, brought in his arms and flexed his diminished muscles. His still muscular, 190 pound body showed some good definition as the lines on his athletic muscles deepened. And his frame formed a solid base for some serious mass in the future. "My turn", Connor said. "You're still relaxed?", Keith blurted out as he stared at the big hard muscles behind his reflection in the mirror. His cock throbbed and thwacked against his flexed abs. Connor just grinned, tossed the tape aside and copied his shrunken brother's pose. Veins and striations exploded on the surface of his protruding chest as the beefy pecs hardened into two fleshy orbs the size of 50 pound plates; thick veins snaked over the perfectly round, striated delts down onto his meaty biceps. Keith gasped at the difference. His brother’s upper body looked simply perfect, the spectacular lower body was blocked by his own frame. Keith’s cock throbbed at the sight. "You know you were right a few minutes ago, little bro", Connor asked while hardening his flex even more. The icy chill and hellish chants invaded the basement gym as his juicy muscles hardened further. “Wh... wh... what do you mean?”, Keith asked looking up at his brother and relaxing his shaking muscles. “You’re still bigger than I was before my growth spurt. Time for some more growth spurts and I'm not gonna miss a single drop”, Connor said. He relaxed his titanic muscles, grabbed the nearby bench, placed it in front of him and effortlessly stood his brother up on it; turning him around to face him. "Feed me some more, little bro", he said. Connor bounced his right pec as he said 'li', his left pec as he said 'tle' and flexed both the incredible muscles as he said 'bro'. Keith’s vision was filled with his brother’s bouncing, juicy pecs covered in veins and striations. His overstimulated mind couldn’t take anymore. His nearly drained balls stabbed as they churned and blasted another round of spurts against the giant’s hard muscles. Keith shuddered and shook by the force of the consuming orgasm exploding through his 190 pound body, nearly falling from the wobbling bench, his brother grabbing him with his left paw to steady him; his cock squirting against the massive chest, shoulders, biceps and forearms in front of him. “THAT’S IT!”, Connor boomed in his further deepening voice that filled the basement gym as load after load of his brother's cum splattered against his growing torso. He tossed his shrinking brother aside from the bench to inspect his beefing up frame and flexed his swelling muscles in the mirror. His broadening back, leading up to massive shoulders the size of two doors, gave him an awesome v-taper; his legs out-sized tree-trunks and more deep grooves appeared on the expanding quads; his eight-pack abs lengthened and swelled into the size of cobblestones and two more rows of steely abs emerged under his swelling chest; his massive pecs inflated with hard mass, pushing his nipples outward; incredible arms ballooned further until they reached an impressive 40 inches of rock-hard, round, vein-infested meat. “No” The meager high-pitched, girly voice made Connor look away from his reflection. He smiled broadly as he saw his diminished brother beating his pathetic cock on the bench. “Who’s little now?”, he boomed. He quickly returned his gaze to his magnificent, still swelling muscles in the mirror. Keith blew another load by the deep manly voice his brother had developed. Mesmerized by the hulking muscles on the growing frame of his evolving into perfection younger brother, he got up from the bench and stumbled over on his skinny, weak legs toward his behemoth brother, still beating his diminishing cock. He smeared his cum onto his frail hand and reached for the back of the towering giant that dominated the entire basement gym. His pathetic, 3 inch cock jolted as his hand made contact with the hot, hard muscles on the wide lower back. He rubbed the cum onto the giant’s muscular lower back with his cum covered right hand. Instinctively, his left hand reached for his oozing not quite 3 incher and applied the last two blast of his completely emptied balls onto it. He reached for his brother's incredible 12-pack abs and coated the cobblestone-sized abs of lowest row with the cum. "YEAGH!", Connor grunted as he noticed his diminished brother rubbing his cum onto his titanic muscles. He grinned broadly as he realized that his older brother only came up to the fourth row of his 12-pack. "More! Bigger!", he said as he grabbed his brother's waist and easily lifted him up with his right arm. "My arm is bigger than your entire body, little bro." Keith squirmed but the big paw that encircled his waist didn't budge. His mouth fell open in awe as he was hoisted upward and his eyes scanned the more than huge muscles on his younger brother's spectacular body. His note quite 3 incher rushed to hardness again. "It's thinner and shorter than my pinky", Connor grinningly said before he took the pathetic cock in his mouth and began to suck. "No...ughn", Keith grunted in agony and lust. His agonizing, drained balls protested violently and it felt like his cock was about to be ripped off and disappear down his giant brother's throat. A shudder went through his now feeble 90 pound body as a final dribble oozed from his 2,5 inch cock. His vision went black and his body went limp as he passed out in his brother's paw. The hellish chants disappeared and the temperature returned to normal as Connor pulled the excuse for a cock from his mouth and tossed his shrunken brother on the floor. "Let's go have some fun", he said and left the basement gym. Connor grinned broadly as he entered his room, finding Anton sleeping on his bed. He shut the door and dove onto the muscular behemoth. “Like your present?”, Anton asked as he awoke from the impact and the sound of the collapsing bed that couldn't take the weight of the two behemoth. “Best present ever”, Connor said as he ripped off Anton’s boxers and groped the massive muscles on the behemoth’s chest. He tried to dig into the meat but Anton’s steely hard flex didn’t budge. “Still smaller than me, buddy”, Anton grunted as he flipped Connor around and stretched him out on the bed before sliding on top of his muscular body. “Still a very nice and impressive size though”, he said as he groped Connor’s thick arms. Connor flexed his arms into their 40 inches of hard meat but Anton was too powerful. His thick fingers dented the muscle playfully. “Ughn”, Connor grunted as the behemoth sucked on his sensitive nipple and he felt the thick cock inflate against his hard 12-pack. “Let’s do what I’ve wanted all summer”, Anton groaned and rammed his engorged 25 incher into the tight, muscular ass. “Mughn”, Connor moaned and clenched the powerful muscles of his ass to withstand the invasion. “No you don’t”, Anton grunted in his ear and rammed past the clenched defenses. “Feels so good and tight”, he groaned as he slid the entire impressive length of his cock inside his roommate. He grabbed Connor’s muscular shoulders and began pounding with full force. “Yeagh”, Connor grunted as pleasure filled him as the big, hard, hot tube slammed in and out of his ass. He grabbed Anton’s meaty ass and pulled and pushed in the rhythm of his roommate. His own cock swelled between their hard, muscular abs. He released one arm and flexed it in front of Anton. Anton marveled at the sight of the 40 inch arm and exploded. “UUUUGGGHHHNNN!”. Massive amounts of cum blasted from his beastly cock into the clenching muscular ass. His titanic muscled flexed with every load that jolted from his cock. As Anton exploded down his ass and the huge muscles of the gigantic chest flexed mere inches from his face, Connor exploded too. His engorged 21 incher blasted load after load of cum between their hard, flexing abs. When Anton crashed down exhaustedly on his body, a final load blasted from Connor’s dick. "Man that was way better than raping my brother's ass", Connor said, "I could get used to this every day". "The fun has only begun", Anton replied and sat up, his cock still inside his fellow behemoth's ass. "Round 2!", he said as he thrust Connor's 500 pounds up and down the shaft of his 25 incher. "Ughn", Connor moaned in ecstasy. His eyes rolled back and blood rushed into his deflating cock. He grabbed hold of the beefy, perfectly round delts of his roommate and began moving in the rythm. "Yeagh! That's it!", Anton grunted between clenched teeth as his roommate slid up and down his throbbing cock. Connor came first, exploding cum all over Anton's incredible chest and 14-pack; drenching both their bodies in his sticky man juice. Anton followed as he felt the behemoth's muscles harden and flex around his rock-hard 25 incher. Volley after volley of thick cum blasted in the tight, hard ass. "Quite a mess we've made", Connor said as he calmed his breathing and noticed the cum covered, collapsed bed. "I'm gonna get a drink. You want something?", he said and lifted himself from the deflating cock. He got up from the destroyed bed, turned around and headed for the door. Two strong hands grabbed his meaty, round shoulders. "Round 3!", Anton said in his ear. "More?", Connor asked and put his hand against the wall to steady himself as his fellow behemoth's 25 incher slid in his ass once more. "You ... ugh ... like ... ugh ... it", Anton grunted in his ear, shoving the entire length of his engorged cock into the juicy ass. His right paw played with Connor's inflating dick and his left paw grabbed hold of the muscular shoulder in front of him. "Yeaughn", Connor moaned as the strong paw pumped the length of his swelling cock. he shivered as he realized that his rock-hard 21 incher disappeared entirely into the hot, strong paw. "Your big, hard muscles drive me wild", Anton said as his left paw roamed the thick pecs. Connor flexed his impressive chest but his roommate easily overpowered his flex and dug into the striated slabs of hard beef. His cock jolted in the strong paw that pumped his lengthy shaft. "Teasing me?", Anton asked between fastening breaths and began pounding the muscular ass with full force. Connor placed his other hand against the wall the withstand the force of his roommate's thrusts and moaned in lust as his ass was pounded and his cock was stroked. "UUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!" A deep, pleasure-filled, animalistic moan boomed from his mouth and echoed through the room as his 21 incher exploded. Cum flowed between the thick fingers pumping his shaft and splattered against the wall. Goosebumps and shivers raced through his 500 pound, muscular frame as his fellow behemoth kept pumping his shaft. The spams and shivers from his roommate atop his throbbing 25 incher sent Connor over the edge once again. "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHNNNNN!" Load after load of cum blasted from his bull-sized balls and fired into the spasming ass he pounded relentlessly. After about five minutes, Anton's orgasm calmed down and he released his roommate's cock and ass. The worn out Connor slumped to the floor as his knees gave away. He stared up grinningly at his fellow behemoth, his 21 incher slowly deflating between his muscular quads. "I can't wait to see the look on my parent's faces when they come home from their vacation tomorrow. And to see how they react on the news I have to tell them..."
  5. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (14)

    Fourteen Keith opened the door eagerly, a big smile on his face. The smile left his face instantly as he stared at an overstretched sweater trying to conceal a huge rack of pecs. The remaining color drained from his face as he slowly raised his head and stared up at the grinning man in front of him. “Hi, buddy”, Anton sarcastically said, “I just know we’re gonna have a hell of a summer. Move so I can get in”. Before Keith could react, Anton’s massive right arm pushed his 225 pound body aside and the behemoth stepped past him, bumping his gigantic shoulder against Keith’s muscular chest. Keith’s parents and brother stopped talking as Anton entered the living room. They stared up in disbelief at the behemoth dominating the entire room. “Hi, I’m Anton”, Anton said and shook hands, “thank you so much to let me spend summer here. Normally, I had to return to the orphanage in my country”. “You’re welcome”, Keith’s mother said as she stared at the massive muscles stretching Anton’s sweater, “Any friend of my son is a friend of mine. Let’s eat, you must be hungry after your trip.” They all sat down at the dinner table and ate, Keith very slowly and reluctantly. Ever since his enemy had stepped into his house, fear had invaded every cell of his body. “What sport do you play?”, Keith’s father asked Anton. “I was on the swim team until I got my growth spurt this year”, Anton replied, “Since then I’m into wrestling. I took the school championship without much sweat.” “You wrestle too, son”, Keith’s father said as he turned toward Keith. “Ah, don’t worry, sir”, Anton replied before Keith could react, “He doesn’t have to go up against me. I’m in the heavyweight division with the real men, not in the lightweight boy division.”. Anger filled Keith’s mind and his face turned red at Anton’s remark. “Size really doesn’t matter”, he said, “Everyone can be big and flabby. It’s all about aesthetics. I’m 225 and have only 8% of body fat.” Keith lifted his shirt, showcasing his cut eight-pack and stared directly at Anton, trying to reclaim his top spot in his own house. Anton just grinned. “All little boys say that size doesn’t matter”, he replied, “I’m 580 at 5% body fat. Check these abs, boys”. He lifted his sweater and revealed his deeply grooved, stony hard 14-pack. The others at the table stared in awe at the display of pure masculinity. Keith’s cock jumped and hardened in his pants; he lowered his shirt and stared down at his plate. “Perhaps you could give Keith and Connor some pointers on working out”, Keith’s father said, “You obviously know how to train.” “Richard!”, Keith’s mother said, “Anton’s our guest. You can’t ask him to do some chores here. He’s here to enjoy a calm summer.” “That’s fine, M’am”, Anton replied, “ I’ll be more than happy to help your boys get in shape and turn them into real men. It’s the least I can do since you let me stay here all summer. What sport do you play, Connor?” “Me?”, Connor asked in his high-pitched voice, “I don’t play any sports. I’m into drawing and studying the Bible. I’m gonna be a priest just like my uncle. I’m starting at Rose Seminary right after summer. I have no talent for physical activities. So it means that God had other plans for me.”. “What do you draw then?”, Anton said, “I’ll be happy to pose if you’re looking for a model.” “I only draw religious scenes or landscapes”, Connor stated, “Thanks for the offer any way.” “Thanks for the excellent meal. But I’m a bit tired from the trip. Shall we go to our room, buddy?”, Anton said and looked at Keith. “You’re staying in my room”, Connor said, “There’s more room and it’s my Christian duty to shelter a guest. I’ll show you”. Keith stared at the comical scene; normally, he would have laughed out loud. His runt 100 pound, 5 feet brother followed by the muscular behemoth that looked ready to burst out his clothes. Connor led Anton into the hall to pick up his bags and toward their room. “My parents sleep on the first floor. Keith’s room and mine are here on the ground floor. There’s a bathroom upstairs and a shower right at the end of the hallway. Keith’s gym is in the basement. Here we are, our room; Keith’s on the other side of the hallway.”, Connor said as he turned on the light and made room for Anton to enter. “There’s only one bed”, Anton said as he entered. “You can sleep in my bed, I’ll sleep on the mattress on the floor right there”, Connor replied. “Na, you already let me stay in your room. The least I can do is let you sleep in your bed”, Anton protested. “You’re my guest, so you get the bed. End of discussion!”, Connor said looking up to stare Anton in the eye. “Okay, that’s fine with me”, Anton replied surprised by the natural authority the little guy possessed, “I’m gonna go over to Keith’s room to share some memories about university.” Keith sprang from his bed as the door of his room opened and Anton’s gigantic body entered. “What do you want?”, he asked as he raised his fists in a defensive reflex. “Relax, buddy”, Anton replied laughingly, “Why aren’t you as nice as your brother? I came to ask you to take care of something hard.” “Hugh?”, Keith asked and slightly lowered his fists. A huge paw grabbed his shoulder and pushed him down to his knees as Anton sat down on the bed in front of Keith. “You’re gonna suck me off, little boy”, Anton said. “No way", Keith replied angrily and summoned all the force in his strong muscular legs to get up. Anton grinned. “Your weak legs are no match for my right arm”, he said, “We both know you’re gonna suck me off. You wanna do it in one piece or with a beaten face?” Keith knew he couldn’t resist the behemoth. He gave up the fight and lowered his head in defeat. “Good boy”, Anton said and unzipped his pants. His left paw hefted the thick snake from his boxers and stroked it to hardness. Veins snaked up and down the meaty shaft as it swelled to full hardness. Keith’s eyes widened in awe as he stared at the 25 inches of hard meat that pointed straight at him. “Get to it”, Anton said, grabbed the back of Keith’s head and slid his cock into his mouth. Keith gagged as the monstrous cock entered his mouth. He managed to get the thick head and a few inches in his mouth and began sucking. “Too weak”, Anton muttered and began stroking the exposed part of his lengthy shaft with his left paw. Keith had grabbed hold of the behemoth’s legs to steady himself and sucked with all his force. “Swallow every drop”, Anton said between fastening breaths. Tension build in his gigantic body and exploded as his balls released their load into Keith’s mouth. Keith swallowed the first load as fast as possible before the second one would fill his mouth. He couldn’t breathe since the explosions from Anton’s cock kept filling his mouth. Cum began pouring from the corner of his mouth and even from his noose as the behemoth kept pumping out load after load. His stomach started to protest by the large amount it had to ingest. “That’ll do”, Anton said after about 10 explosions, “now lick off the last remains.” Keith cleaned the last remains of cum from the titanic cock with his tongue before Anton pulled it from his mouth. “We’re gonna end every day like this all summer long”, Anton said as he zipped up his pants and left Keith laying on the floor. The next morning Anton awoke from a peaceful sleep. He pulled on a pair of boxers under the sheets and got up. “Morning, roomie”, he said as he noticed Connor sitting at the desk. “Morning, Anton. Did you sleep well?”, Connor asked ant turned around to face his roommate. “Yeah; you have a very good bed. And you?”, Anton said as he casually flexed his chest, making striations and veins explode over the hard surface. “Me too”, Connor replied without the slightest reaction to the showcase of muscular perfection in front of him. He doesn’t react in any way to my perfect body, Anton thought. “I’m gonna take a shower. See you later for breakfast”, Anton said and strutted out the room. Keith was already up at that time. He’d awaken full of energy and had rushed to his home gym for a workout. The anger of Anton living in his house and using him as a suck slave had resulted in the best workout in months. Under the shower he was enjoying the feeling of his pumped hard muscles. His growling stomach made him realize it was time for a big breakfast to grow bigger. He turned off the water and opened the shower curtain. Keith’s mouth opened but the scream died in his throat as he stared at the perfectly muscled behemoth standing in front of him. His dick sprang to its 8.5 inches instantly and blasted a load against the ceiling. “Man, you’re brother has more stamina”, Anton said. “You keep away from my brother”, Keith shouted angrily and rammed his fist into the hard abs in front of him. “That all you got?”, Anton asked laughingly. Keith kept throwing punches at the rock-hard 14-pack; it sounded like he was hitting a punch bag. His cock still stubbornly hard and oozing cum. “Your 225 pound puny body just can’t hurt my unflexed abs”, Anton rumbled, “You better run before I get turned on and decide to rape your ass”. Keith quickly grabbed a towel and sprinted into the hallway, water dripping from his muscular body and cum from his deflating cock. Keith decided to avoid his housemate from hell as much as possible. During the day he went out and worked out in a gym in the city. Only at night he was forced to deal with Anton as he had to suck him off daily. A few weeks later, Anton entered the room he shared with Connor and barged into his roommate striping off his shirt. “What happened to you, Connor?”, he asked as he noticed the bruises covering the bony torso. “Just an accident”, Connor replied quickly and tried to hide the bruises with his hands. “Those aren’t bruises from a fall, but from a beating. I’ve seen plenty of them in the orphanage back in my country. Is there anyone hurting you?”, Anton said. “Well there are two boys from my former class in high school that bully me. More men really, since they weigh like 200 pounds each. But I can take care of myself. Next week is my birthday and then I’m 18 and I’m off to Rose Seminary.”, Connor said and installed himself at the desk to draw some more. The next day, Anton was doing pushups in the backyard as he heard some noise coming from the street. He got up and peeped around the corner of the house. He saw the two jocks standing next to Connor and slapping him in the face. “Hi, roomie. Everything okay?”, Anton asked as he walked up to them. The two jocks mouths fell open as they stared up at the behemoth. “We were just saying that we’d love to come over for Connor’s birthday tomorrow. Weren’t we?”, one of the jocks said. The other jock nodded nervously and added “We better go now”. “Why don’t you go finish your drawing Connor while I have a little chat with your friends”, Anton said and directed Connor toward the house. As soon as Connor had disappeared into the house, he turned his attention to the two jocks and angrily stared down on them, clenching his fists. “Look man, we won’t hurt him again”, one of the jocks said as he noticed the swelling of the hard masses of muscle on the behemoth’s arms. “It wasn’t the first time you guys hurt my roommate”, Anton said and smacked his right fist into his left paw. “Please don’t hurt us”, the other jock said, “We’ll do anything you say.” His fellow jock nodded quickly. “Would you guys like to work out with me?”, Anton asked. The two jocks blinked, not believing their ears. “What do you guys weigh? 150 pounds”, Anton said teasingly. “Na, we weigh 190 pounds each”, one of the jocks replied, “and you?”. “Me?”, Anton said, “580 pounds of pure muscle.” The jocks mouths fell open and their eyes widened in disbelief at the number. “When will we work out?”, one of them asked. “Let’s say tomorrow”, Anton replied, “but since you guys bugged my roommate I’m still gonna punish you. I want you guys to fill this with your cum”. Anton sorted an empty shaker from his pocket and unscrewed it. “Follow me.” The two jocks followed the behemoth into the garage and jumped up as they heard him lock the door. “Fill it!”, Anton boomed. The two jocks quickly unbuttoned their pants, dropped their boxers and began stroking their cocks. Fear kept them from reaching their climax. Anton noticed their fear and took off his shirt. The sight of his gigantic, pumped, heaving pecs atop of the deeply grooved, stony hard 14-pack did the trick. “Ughn!”, the two jocks moaned instantly and wads of cum flex from their cocks into the shaker. Their hands stroked their spasming cocks frantically as they stared at muscular perfection standing in front of them. Their cocks began to deflate as one third of the shaker was filled. “Not yet”, Anton said and flexed his pecs. Striations and veins were pushed upward by the meaty, hard, melon-sized pecs and seemed to spring through his paper-thin skin. “UUghn!”, the jocks’ cocks hardened again and more cum oozed from them into the shaker. “Man, I fill one of these with just one load”, Anton said grinningly as he grabbed the shaker and screwed the lid back on. “See you guys tomorrow at 2p.m.”. The jocks stared at the shirtless behemoth leaving the garage. They quickly pulled on their pants again and hurried home. “You didn’t hurt them, did you?”, Connor yelled angrily as Anton entered their room. “Easy there, roomie”, Anton replied, “I didn’t touch them. It’s not because I look intimidating, that I am a brute that just pounds on everyone. Have I ever laid a finger on anyone around this house?” “You’re right”, Connor replied, “I’m sorry”. “That’s fine, Anton said, “I just made them clear that have to leave you alone. And they’re coming over tomorrow to work out with me. You see, no harm was done. Now, I’m gonna hit the shower”. “Thanks, Anton”, Connor said, “I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. At least I can count on you. Keith’s never around when I need him”. In the bathroom Anton grinned; the plan his master had put together was about to be fulfilled. He stripped off his sweaty workout gear and strutted toward the shower. The mirror suddenly went black and Tomas’ face appeared. “How’s everything going, my pet?” Anton turned toward the mirror and faced his master. “According to plan, master”, he answered, “I just need some of his brother’s cum but that’s the tricky part. Despite that he’s turning 18 tomorrow, the guy has no sex drive. He doesn’t even react to my exposed body.” “I’ll take care of that tonight, my pet”, Tomas said, “You just standby and be ready to harvest. Now flex for me!”. Anton grinned and raised his arms. He stretched them out horizontally next to his body; the hard lines clearly separating the low-hanging triceps from the meaty biceps. He slowly raised his thick, beefy forearms and flexed, making his round bicep harden into two steely hard, vein-covered cannonballs. He fully hardened his flex, sending the gigantic mounds into their perfectly rounded, 50 inches of hard meat. He quickly lowered his arms, bent over and went into a most muscular. The incredible masses of muscles exploded in vein-infested hardness all over his majestic body. His cock hardened and thwacked against his rock-hard abs. Tomas’ face disappeared from the mirror as a large cum stain splattered against his mirror. Anton laughed as he realized he had once more made his master shoot his load by flexing his muscles. He grabbed his meaty ass and dug into the hard muscles, his 25 inches exploding all over the ceiling as he felt the hard masses of meat under his grasp. His dick kept exploding, coating the bathroom walls with thick layers of sticky cum as orgasm raced through his behemoth body. When he entered his room again, after having Keith suck off his cock like every night, Connor was already asleep. A pleasure-full expression was written all over his face. Faint, hellish chants sounded weakly from a corner. Anton knew it was time to make his move. He put one of his hands underneath Connor and effortlessly installed him onto the bed. He tore off his pajamas, exposing him completely. Even though he would turn 18 the next day, Connor looked more like a 14 year old boy. At 100 pounds, his body had no muscle definition what so ever; his ribs were clearly visible through his pale white skin; only a few, short, ridiculous looking hairs emerged atop his short cock; his angelic face, still with a good layer of baby fat and highlighted by his blond, curly hair, was the only feather that could get someone’s attention. A soft moan broke off Anton’s trail of thoughts and he stared at Connor’s face. Pleasure seemed to explode in the boy’s mind and his body spasmed against the sheets; his little cock showed the first signs of arousal as it began to inflate very slowly. Anton moved in. He put his lips next to Connor’s ear and whispered: “Are you prepared to give up your soul to make someone grow?”. Despite his deep and dream-filled sleep, a faint “Yes” escaped the boy’s mouth. Anton smiled, took the shaker with the two jocks’ cum, unscrewed it and held it next to Connor’s hard-on. The meager, 3 inch cock throbbed and his pee-sized balls churned as they exploded. A little load, no more than a few drops of cum, shot from the cock and mixed with the other cum in the shaker. Anton carefully screwed the lid back on and shook the content before putting Connor back onto his mattress and going to sleep himself. The next morning Connor awoke late, feeling like he had been hit by a truck. He groaned as his agonizing body reacted on his brain’s command to get up. Very slowly and with lots of painful grunts, he managed to get up on his feet. “You okay, buddy?”, Anton asked as he entered the room, “I tried to wake you for breakfast but you kept sleeping. You’ve slept all morning on your own birthday. How does turning 18 feel?” “Is it noon already?”, Connor replied, “If turning 18 means feeling like I’m about to die, I prefer staying 17. I feel like I’ve been hit by a fucking car. Did I just swear too?”. Anton grinned as he realized that Connor was already undergoing the changes from his deal with the devil last night. “Apparently those guys beat you up worse than you thought yesterday”, Anton said, “When I’m feeling like shit after a heavy wrestling match, I always rub some cream on my muscles. It helps to loosen them up and relax. And the pain goes away way faster too”. “Could you lend me some of that cream?”, Connor asked as he drank in the sight of Anton’s physique stretching his shirt. He gulped as Anton grabbed a shaker from his bag and his massive bicep twitched and flexed in the process. “There it is”, Anton said and turned to face his roommate again. He had to suppress a grin as he noticed Connor’s reaction to his body; the boy’s cock was clearly swelling in his pajama pants. “Thanks”, Connor replied while holding a hand in front of his outlined cock, “I’ll rub it on in the bathroom.” “Oh no, take off your clothes. I’ll smear it on. I’m used to doing so by now. I’ve rubbed it onto myself dozens of times”, Anton answered. Connor didn’t protest. He quickly ripped off his pajamas and stood naked before his roommate. He turned his back toward him and held his hands in front of his engorged 3 incher. He shivered as Anton poured the thick cream onto his back. He nearly moaned as the strong paw slowly rubbed the cream onto his small back. “Just tell me when I hurt you, buddy”, Anton said, “I’m used to rub it quite hard on my thick, meaty muscles.” Connor’s cock jolted at the thought of his roommate groping his own, gigantic muscles. Goose bumps travelled along his spine as Anton rubbed the cream onto his ass and the back of his legs. A clear moan escaped his mouth as the behemoth rubbed a thick layer of the sticky cream onto his pecs, brushing his nipples in the process. Anton smiled at his roommate’s reaction. “One last part to coat”, he said as he pushed Connor’s hand aside and grabbed his cock. “Ughn!”, Connor moaned and his dick exploded into the large paw that was rubbing cream onto it. “I’m so sorry”, he said shamefully. “Doesn’t matter, man”, Anton replied, “You’re not the first that shoots his load on my hand when I’m rubbing them with cream. Some of my teammates explode when I touch them. And your brother creamed all over himself when he saw my exposed torso.” “Really?”, Connor asked and laughed, his cock oozing another load into the hot paw. “Means you have a lot of stamina, man. I bet you could be very good at sports. There, all done”, Anton said and withdrew his hand from his roommate’s body. “Could you teach me some things about working out?”, Connor asked as he put on his boxers, shorts and shirt. “Well your jock friends are coming over to work out in an hour. Why don’t you join us,”, Anton said. Two hours later, Connor finally managed to overcome his natural fear and headed down to the basement to the gym. The stench of sweat, musk and hormones filled his noise as he opened the door; his dick twitched in his shorts. Anton was doing bench presses with the bar fully loaded and the two muscular jocks hanging onto it so he could train his massive chest. The engorged muscles were ripping through his sweat-drenched shirt as he pumped out rep after rep. “82, 83, 84, 85, …”, Anton grunted and racked the weight with a loud clang as he noticed his roommate standing in the door. “You finally did come, man”, he said and sat up on the bench, “We’ve already started an hour ago. Check it out”. Anton stood up and inhaled deeply. His swelling chest ripped through the overstretched shirt. “Looks like I need another shirt.” Connor’s dick jolted to hardness at the display of meaty muscle; he could see the same reaction on the two jocks. “I’m gonna fetch a drink and a new shirt”, Anton said, “Why don’t you guys help my buddy over here do some bench presses and pull-ups. And I better don’t hear any complaints.” Anton threw a nasty look at the two jocks and left the basement. Connor slowly stepped toward the bench and laid down on it. “The bar alone will be too heavy for him”, one of the jocks laughed. “We’ll help him”, the other one said thinking about the behemoth’s remark. Connor grabbed the iron bar and difficultly lowered it toward his chest. If the jocks hadn’t helped him, it would have crashed right into his ribs. His face reddened completely and sweat poured from his forehead as he pushed the bar upward. “Come on, one more”, one of the jocks said. Connor repeated the process more fluently this time. It seemed to get easier with every rep he cranked out. “Put some weight on it”, he said as he racked the bar. The jocks put the smallest plates on either side of the bar and encouraged him to try it. Connor carefully and with total control lowered the bar to his chest and pumped out a perfect rep. He continued pushing the bar up and down. He could feel his body getting stronger with each rep. His non-existent muscles were starting to feed onto the jocks’ muscles thanks to the cream Anton had rubbed onto him. “More weight”, he grunted. The jocks, still unaware that they were slowly losing their muscles, quickly added more weight to the bar. Connor kept pumping out reps with perfect form as his muscles kept growing. He had gained about 30 pounds of muscles, stealing 15 pounds from each jock, when he racked the weight again. “I can feel the pump”, he said as he flexed his chest. “It really shows too”, one of the jocks said. “How about a competition, guys?”, Anton said as he re-entered the basement, “Let’s see which of you can crank out must pushups.” “Let’s do it!”, Connor yelled enthusiastically and got into position on the floor. The two jocks followed his example and soon enough the three of them were cranking out reps. Anton grinned as he noticed the jocks deflating bodies and his roommate’s growing one. The brown haired jock give in first, crashing onto the floor after 3 minutes. “Just passed the 3 minute mark, guys”, Anton said. Connor upped his pace as he felt more and more energy and strength coursing through his inflating body. He had never felt more energized before. The sweat had glued his once baggy shirt to his growing body; the seams ready to burst. The other jock also went down and stared in disbelief at his friend on the floor. “How did we get beaten by that runt,”, he asked his shrinking friend. “Who’s the runt here?”, Connor asked in his deeper voice. He had grown 100 pounds of muscle bigger and now clearly out-sized the former jocks. He got up and stared down at his former bullies. “But, how…”, one of the jocks mumbled. “Get up!”, Connor boomed. The two jocks did as they were told and gulped as they noticed how Connor’s shoulders were clearly larger than theirs and how he looked slightly down on them. Before they could react, two strong hands grabbed their shirts and lifted them off the floor. “Better do some curls for the arms”, Connor said and began curling the two jocks like they were dumbbells; his body swelling with every rep. His biceps shot up from non-existent sticks to meaty, vein-covered round balls of meat; thick triceps forming at the back of his growing arms; his broadening back and inflating chest finally ripped through the overstretched shirt and exposed his inflating torso; his legs were undergoing the same growth and stretching his shorts. “Too light”, Connor boomed in his deepened voice and tossed the two former jocks on the ground. They weakly got up and looked down on their once muscular, now 90 pound bodies. Tears filled their eyes. “What have you done to us?”, they said weakly to Connor. The now 300 pound Connor turned to face his former bullies and stared down on their meager frames. “I don’t know what happened, but I sure like it”, he said, “Now get lost and if you boys ever come near me again, I’ll stomp you like bugs. LEAVE!”. He flexed his newly grown muscles to emphasize his words. The two jocks sprinted away, holding up their now way too baggy shorts and left the house crying. “That’s more like it!”, Connor boomed as he inspected his new physique in the large mirrors. He flexed his arms into two nice, perfectly round, vein-covered, 25 inch orbs of muscle, separated from low-hanging, heavy looking triceps; he flexed his chest into impressive hardness atop his well-defined eight-pack; he ripped off his pants and exposed his now massive legs, decorated with deep grooves and thick veins. “And a man’s cock too!”, he boomed as he stroked his cock to hardness; it reeled toward an impressive 15 inches of meat before squirting cum all over the nearby bench. “Like to get even bigger?”, Anton asked after having enjoyed the show. Connor turned around and quizzically looked up into his still way bigger roommate’s eyes.
  6. Herald

    growth The Flexorcist (12)

    Twelve “Hun?”, Sean muttered weakly at Tomas’ remark. He had heard his opponent’s voice but it seemed to come from a distance. The only thing he was certain off was the agonizing pain that filled his battered, 270 pound frame. Every cell of his body was hurting like hell after the fight with Anton. “That was our deal, champ”, Tomas said as he looked down at the beaten wrestler on the mat, “One of you guys has to give up half of his muscle mass. Who shall it be, you or your flattened friend over there?”. Sean painfully turned his head to check on his buddy. He was relieved as he saw his past out friend’s chest moving up and down. “Well, what’s your answer?”, Tomas asked once more. Sean knew he couldn’t hand over the defenseless Keith. If he could gain some time, he could try to knock down Tomas and escape with his friend. “Ok”, he grunted, “take my mass but give me a sec to recover”. “You’re in no position to ask anything, champ.”, Tomas replied, “Carry him over to the locker room, my pet.” All hope for escaping vanished from Sean’s mind as Anton stepped into his field of vision. His eyes widened in disbelief as he stared up at the behemoth. Thick, hard muscles filled the intimidating body; the ripped remains of the once too baggy hockey shirts hung like rags from the round masses of meat that formed the figure’s muscles. Sean raised his hands in a defensive reflex as the behemoth reached down for him. The giant, thick paw brushed his strong hands aside, grabbed the front of his tight blue singlet and effortlessly lifted him off the floor. His muscular arms and legs dangled in the air as he was carried like a briefcase toward the locker room. He looked one last time at his past out friend on the wrestle mats before being carried through the door into the locker room. “Put him down in front of the mirror and move aside, my pet”, Tomas ordered. Sean grunted painfully as his broad back hit the cold floor. He let the coldness of the floor cool down his battered frame. He closed his eyes to block out reality. “Get up, champ”, Tomas said and softly kicked him in the ribs. “Augh”, Sean grunted and tried to get up. He sat on his knees first, put his big hands on the floor and slowly got up. It took all of his remaining power to stand up; he reached for the wall to steady himself, fearing that his wobbly knees would give in any second, staring at the floor the whole time. “Look in the mirror”, Tomas ordered. Sean slowly raised his eyes upward in the large mirror. His body still looked the same; the familiar 270 pounds of muscles on his 6’6 frame. He gasped as he noticed Anton’s reflection in the back. His own, thick, 25 inch arm fell from the wall and hung next to him as the behemoth smiled in his direction. “Impressive, isn’t he?”, Tomas asked, “My pet absorbed the 260 pounds of Friar Clarke and now weighs over 400 pounds of pure muscle. And he’s not done growing!”. Sean nodded slowly at these words and looked back into the mirror as he felt something hit his back. He gasped at the image: while Tomas was talking to him, Anton had stepped up toward him and had moved directly behind Sean. The behemoth simply dominated him in height and width. The top of Sean’s head just reached Anton’s chin; the swimmer’s incredibly wide, meaty shoulders looked more than twice as broad as Sean’s thick ones; the vascular, beefy arms hanging from them made Sean’s 25 inch arms look like sticks. “Time to keep up your part of the deal, champ”, Tomas said to Sean, “As we have agreed, so it shall be! For every round your cock shall blast, 10 pounds of muscle shall be past! Turn him around!”. As Tomas ended his phrase, Kurt suddenly rushed over toward Anton and Sean. He quickly turned the weakened, still bigger man around. Before anyone could react, Sean’s cock swelled to its 15 inches, ripped right through the fabric of his blue singlet and blasted a first load onto Kurt’s chest. Four more loads followed before Sean closed his eyes and prayed. The prayer broke the infernal spell and Sean’s cock deflated as he felt his body slim down. “No! What have you done!”, Tomas yelled to the swelling Kurt, “Those muscles were meant to feed my pet!” “It’s fine”, Anton said in a deep, booming voice that echoed through the locker room, “I prefer a well-muscled team captain to a bony one.” Kurt didn’t notice the discussion between the two bigger men. He had rushed into the shower zone to explore his enhancing physique. He groped the swelling masses of meat on his inflating chest and moaned deeply as his thicker fingers played with his hard nipples. He felt the hardening mass of his growing bicep and traced the veins feeding the steely muscle. He smiled broadly as his larger hands discovered his lengthened shaft and stroked away. Back in the locker room Sean’s erection had fully disappeared after the prayer. His once 270 pound body was down to 220 pounds and he wasn’t going to let Anton or Tomas take any more. He kept his eyes shut and kept praying. “Don’t be so mad. Just do another spell and I’ll take the champ’s muscles”, Anton said. “It doesn’t work that way, you fool”, Tomas yelled, “My spell only works once. It’s still active because he hasn’t lost half his muscles but he isn’t hard any more”. “I’ll stroke him to orgasm”, Anton replied. “If it was that simple, I wouldn’t be mad now! He has to be brought to orgasm untouched”, Tomas stated. A faint smile formed on Sean’s lips as he heard Tomas’ last remark. He knew that if he kept his eyes shut and kept praying, there was no way they would get him hard. “Look! He’s smiling. He knows we can’t take the rest of his muscles now”, Tomas said, “I’ll have to go back to our room and find another spell.” “Let me try something”, Anton replied and turned his attention back to the 50 pounds lighter wrestler. He stepped up behind Sean again, grabbed each shoulder strap of the blue singlet with one of his meaty paws and pulled outward, ripping the, now too big, singlet in half. Sean shivered as the warm, sweaty singlet was ripped of his body; goose bumps appeared all over his muscular, 220 pound body as the cold air of the locker room made contact with his skin. He kept his eyes shut and prayed some more. “Man, look at your well-muscled body”, Anton said into Sean’s ear, “you really like working out, don’t you champ?”. His thick fingers traced the lines of Sean’s muscular chest and strong eight-pack. “Bet you impress lots of people. With my good looks, you would be the ultimate stud.” Sean concentrated on keeping his eyes shut and slowing down his fastening breathing. The thought of Friar Clarke’s faith prevented him from opening his eyes. He had to maintain his muscles to protect Keith. “How hard are your arms, champ?”, Anton asked, “Come on, I wanna feel the champ’s guns”. He grabbed Sean’s left forearm and brought it up, making his bicep ball up. He put his other hand on the roundish muscle and felt. “Too bad it’s weak like jello.” Instinctively, Sean tightened his left arm and hardened the flex, making his bicep swell some more. “That’s more like it, champ”, Anton said, “Too bad it’s so small compared to my hand”. He wrapped his large paw around the flexed arm, covering more than two thirds of it. Sean inhaled deeply as he felt the warm paw cover nearly his entire muscular arm. He sighed as the hand tightened and dug slightly into the hard surface of his flexed bicep. “Man, he’s so strong”, he thought and quickly discarded the thought by invoking God and relaxed his arm. Anton released Sean’s arm and ripped the remains of his own, once baggy, hockey shirt and basketball pants off his spectacular body. “Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air on your muscles, he champ?”, he said, “I bet it would drive every one mad seeing our two big, hard, muscle-filled bodies next to each other. Imagine the two of us strutting naked through the hallways.” The thought passed through Sean’s mind but he chased it by thinking of Keith’s helpless body. He shivered and a faint moan escaped his mouth as he felt Anton playing with his hard nipple. Pleasure tickled at his spine but a quick prayer made it vanish. Anton grinned at Sean’s reaction. He knew he had full control of the wrestler and noticed the stirring movement between Sean’s legs; blood was slowly pumping to the wrestler’s dick. He knew it was time for his next move. “Off course no one would be impressed by your puny body next to mine. You look like a skinny surfer next to my frame. Just picture the sheer size of my muscles if they make your big ones look small.” Sean summoned all his concentration to keep his eyes shut and fight back the pleasure that grew in his body. He could feel his cock harden slowly and bit his tongue to make pain travel through his body. Anton saw the fight on Sean’s face as he was trying to cool his excitement. The wrestler’s cock kept inflating slowly. “Too bad you won’t look, champ”, he said, “My arms sure are worth being admired. If you could just feel the hardness of my juicy, big biceps and the veins covering their hard surface. I can’t believe it myself how hard and big my perfect arms are. I just have to kiss ‘em.” Sean kept fighting against his arousal but couldn’t block the sound of Anton’s voice. He focused on his breathing but the sound of Anton kissing his biceps sent another wave of pleasure through his 220 pound body. His diminished cock had reached its 7 inches and pointed straight towards the mirror. Sean invoked Heaven with all his might and prayed for enough force to withstand temptation. Anton knew that Sean was at the edge of orgasm and decided to make his final move. He flexed his right arm and shoved the thick, hard bicep in the wrestler’s face. “My scent drives every one mad, champ”, he said as he relaxed his arm and moved in front of Sean. The musk and heat coming from the behemoth’s body flooded his senses and made lust explode through Sean’s body. Sean tried to keep up the fight but knew he had lost. He could feel his balls draw tight and his muscles tighten as the most powerful orgasm of his life filled his brain and raced through his body. The first explosion of cum blasted from his cock and splattered against Anton’s chest. “YES!”, Anton bellowed as more cum shot from the wrestler’s cock onto his big frame. After four loads Sean finally opened his eyes and stared directly at the swimmer’s cum-drenched chest. His cock jolted at the sight of the hard muscles and another round of spurts left his balls. He could feel his legs getting weaker. Anton noticed that the wrestler was getting weaker by the force of his orgasm and wasn’t going to miss a drop of his cum. He placed his big paws under Sean’s armpits and lifted him up. The feeling of the behemoth lifting him of the ground sent a seventh load of cum through Sean’s cock; splattering against his already cum-covered slabs of pecs. A stabbing pain shot through his drained balls and his seven incher began to deflate very slowly. Sean’s weakened body hung limp in the strong paws. “We’re not done just yet, champ”, Anton said. He lifted Sean up higher and placed the deflating cock in his mouth. Sean squirmed and tried to free him from the iron grasp as spasm and pain shot through his body when his cock entered the behemoth’s mouth. The hot wetness of Anton’s mouth and the strong tongue playing with his shaft, made Sean’s cock inflate back to hardness again. “No”, he muttered weakly and kicked feebly against the behemoth’s abs. Anton smiled as he barely felt the kick against his steely hard, cum-soaked abs. His tongue teased the wrestler’s cock back to full hardness and he sucked with all his force. Sean felt like the behemoth was about to tear his cock from his body by the sheer force of his sucking. His drained balls protested painfully but it was no use; five more, meager loads dribbled from his cock and disappeared into the behemoth’s throat. Anton sucked the last drops of cum from the wrestler’s deflating cock and put him down next to him. “Now watch me reach perfection, champ”. Once Sean’s feet made contact with the floor, he immediately fell onto his ass; every ounce of strength had left his body. He stared up at the once scrawny swimmer in front of him and his mouth fell open as the behemoth grew into perfection. The thick calves hardened and exploded from the back of Anton’s long legs, they continued to swell and harden beyond the size of the 25 inches that topped Sean’s arms earlier; atop of them the kneecaps looked tiny because of the incredible mass that pumped up the already thick quads; the teardrop-shape grew larger and larger, covered in thick veins as the deep grooves between the quad muscles deepened into hard canyons; they swelled beyond the size of tree-trunks; above these pillars of muscles, the swimmer’s tight eight-pack was reforming itself; it lengthened and swelled, making three more rows of large abs appear; each ab muscle was bigger than Sean’s big hand; this rock-hard 14-pack formed a powerful ladder leading upward to a swelling shelf of pecs; the protruding rack of muscles that formed Anton’s chest exploded in size and mass as it jutted forward, defying the pull of gravity on the melon-sized muscles; the thick, hard nipples pointed straight toward the floor by the sheer size of the pecs; the swimmer’s already broad shoulders sprang outward as his delts inflated beyond the size of bowling-balls, easily twice as broad as a door; a thick vein snaked from the top of the rack of chest-muscles over these insanely broad, round delts to a pair of incredibly thick, still swelling arms; even though Anton’s arm hung relaxed at his sides, the mass of his horseshoe-shaped, thick and vein-covered triceps was clearly visible; his swelling biceps looked full and round even in their full-stretched position; the thick vein that crept along their side was thicker than Sean’s fingers; strong, wide and vein-infested forearms led down to his huge meaty paws. “This is perfection!”, Anton boomed in a thunder-like deep voice that filled the locker room and echoed through the space. He turned away from Sean to face the mirror and began inspecting his new physique. “Just look at my size”, he said as he groped the thick muscles of his protruding chest. Sean stared unbelievingly at the swimmer’s large, thick back. His relatively small waist and hyper-broad shoulders gave him an awesome v-taper. Sean looked down at his own body and inhaled deeply: all of his hard earned mass had escaped him. His once thickly muscled, athletic body was no more than skin and bones. Anton had heard the wrestler’s sharp inhale and turned around to the fallen athlete. “We still have to compare stats after our match, champ”, he said and grabbed Sean’s torso in his right paw, easily encircling the diminished athlete’s chest. “You’re so light”, he said as he put him down next to him. “What shall we check first?”, he asked Tomas. And turned around as he got no reaction. Anton smirked as he saw Tomas and the bigger Kurt beating off in the corner while drinking in the sight of his body. “We’ll have plenty of time for that later, boys”, he said, “let’s take some stats”. Tomas and Kurt awoke from their trance, put their still hard cocks back in their pants and rushed over toward the muscular giant. “Let’s check weight first”, Tomas said. “You first, champ”, Anton said and placed Sean onto the scale. “100 pounds of beef”, Tomas said laughingly. Tears filled Sean’s eyes as he stepped from the scale to make room for the behemoth standing next to him. “580 pounds of muscle!”, Kurt yelled incredulously and his cock jolted in his pants. “Height’s up next”, Tomas said and pushed Sean with his back against the wall. “Just under 5 feet, champ. Now you, my pet”. He grabbed hold of Anton’s thick forearm and pulled him in. The behemoth didn’t move an inch. “Come on, big guy!”. Anton grinned as he placed himself against the wall. “You’ll have to sit on Kurt’s shoulders to measure me correctly”, he said laughingly. Tomas nodded and motioned Kurt to come over. “Climb on my shoulders and measure him”, he said as he handed over the tape to Kurt. “Looks like exactly 8 feet”, Kurt said loudly while another jolt shot through his steel-hard cock. “Let’s check out the guns in the mirror”, Anton said while moving Sean in front of the mirror and placing himself directly behind the wrestler. Sean gulped as he noticed that his head only came up to about half the behemoth’s ripped 14-pack. “I’d better sit down to compare”, Anton said and sat down on his knees so that he wasn’t towering over the wrestler any more. “Flex an arm, champ.” Sean slowly raised his scrawny right arm until it was perpendicular to the floor; then he brought in his forearm to flex his bicep. The flat, bony arm hardened a bit but it didn’t even look like a bicep. “Let’s compare, champ”, Anton said and he raised his tree-sized right arm. Even fully extended the bicep already looked round. “Flex, flex, flex”, Anton said and brought in his thick forearm. Sean’s mouth fell open and his eyes widened in disbelief as he stared at the behemoth’s flexing arm. The thick, horseshoe-shaped tricep hung low but hard and defined from the bottom of the swimmer’s arm; thick veins snaked from the tricep upward to the swelling hill of the hardening bicep; the muscle formed a perfect round, bowling ball-sized globe and hardened even more; an intimidating, big peak rose upward as the behemoth fully flexed his arm; a network of veins crisscrossed the juicy muscle. Tomas and Kurt couldn’t take no more; they hefted their cocks from their pants and blew their loads onto the behemoth’s muscular back and kept beating their dicks. “My arm’s bigger than both your legs together, champ”, Anton boomed. Sean just nodded and relaxed his arm. The behemoth’s booming voice sent a shiver through his body and a few drops of cum dribbled from his cock. Anton lowered his arm and got up, looking back and smiling at the two masturbating muscular jocks on the floor. He returned his focus to the wrestler and put him up his feet. “Come on champ, do a most muscular”, he said. Sean did as he was told; he bent over and put his arms in front of his stomach. Besides from his 4-pack abs, no muscle what so ever defined itself on his body. “Oh, you did a least muscular”, Anton snickered, “See what a real man looks like, champ!”. He bent over and copied Sean’s pose. The difference couldn’t have been any bigger. If Sean’s 100 pound body didn’t have any muscle tone, Anton’s body was an improved version of an anatomy chart. Layers upon layer of muscle hardened in a symphony of striations, veins and hard roundness; the thick traps looked like they were about to jump up to the ceiling from the behemoth’s large, muscular neck. Something else also hardened between the grooved masses of muscles on the swimmer’s quads. Anton grinned as he noticed Sean’s reaction in the mirror; the wrestler’s gaze was drawn to the fleshy snake that swelled to hardness. “Curious too to see how big I am down there?”, Anton said and grabbed his inflating cock and stroked it roughly with his strong paw. “Man, it’s unbelievable. I’m the biggest all over!”, he said and his left paw joined in on the action as the shaft kept lengthening. “Measure it, champ”, he said as he picked up the tape from the floor and handed it to Sean. Sean put the tape against the rock-hard shaft that pointed straight toward him. He positioned the tape at the base of the thick shaft, sighing as he noticed that it was thicker than his arm, and unrolled it toward the top of the hard cock. He dropped the tape as he read off the number. “25 inches”, he said in chock and stepped back and stared at the behemoth. “Yeah, huge all over!”, Anton boomed and did another most muscular. It was an another explosion of power and masculinity; ripped muscles swelled to perfection, highlighted with a 25 inch, rock-hard cock that pointed straight toward the mirror. Two more loads dribbled from Sean’s hard 3 incher. He smeared them on his left hand and rubbed them onto the behemoth’s hard quad. Shivering as his little hand made contact with the hard, hot surface. “Yeah, feed me some more”, Anton boomed and flexed his arms. “Man, look at those biceps! Godlike perfection!”, he screamed and his 25 incher exploded all over the mirror. The first, huge load was enough the cover the large mirror entirely, the second one added another thick coat of cum. “YEAH! Biggest man ever!”, Anton boomed in ecstasy and wildly stroked his blasting cock. Spasms shot through his huge muscles as he milked out load after load of cum. Sean marveled in disbelief as he felt the huge muscles on the behemoth’s quad flex and harden under his grasp; three more loads dribbled from his cock and he eagerly rubbed them onto the behemoth. Not shrinking himself this time. Kurt and Anton still lay exhausted on the floor after beating off at the sight of Anton’s muscular back. Their drained cocks raced to hardness again as the behemoth exploded all over the mirror. After what seemed like an eternity, Anton’s orgasm cooled down and subsided. He grinned as he noticed the large amount of cum he had blasted onto the mirror, ceiling and some lockers. He turned around to the exhausted, cum-covered Kurt and Tomas. “Let’s let the kid get to bed and head for our room. You still have to punish me, captain”, he said, wrapped a towel around his waist and left the locker room.
  7. Herald

    growth The Flexorcist (9)

    Nine “Keith?...Keith?” Keith opened his eyes slowly at the sound of his name. Consciousness returned to his mind in pieces. “Oh my god, Sean!”, he yelled out as he remembered the fight with Anton. His vision went black as pain exploded through the battered muscles on his muscular body as he tried to sit up. He slumped back on the mattress and tried to control his breathing to calm the pain. “I’m right here, buddy”, Sean said as he sat down on the mattress next to Keith, “Don’t move too much. Your body got a serious beating from Anton.” “Did he hurt you?”, Keith asked looking up at his friend. “Nope”, Sean replied, “I got to safety like you told me to. I came back to the wrestle hall since it took way too long for you to come out. You were lucky I returned ‘cause Anton had you in a bear hug and was crushing you in his grip. I sneaked up behind him and knocked him out with a fire extinguisher. I dragged you over here with two teammates. “My hero”, Keith said and wrapped his arms around his friend to hug him, but the excruciating pain forced him back on the mattress again. “Easy, buddy”, Sean stated, “He did pound your abs for about 10 minutes. His fist sank deep in your stomach. And then he nearly broke your ribs. He would have killed you if I hadn’t knocked him out…” A loud knock on the door interrupted Sean. Before either of them could react, the door swung open and an intimidating, broad figure strutted in. Sean positioned himself in front of the battered Keith to defend his friend. “Sean and Keith?”, the figure asked as he closed the door and turned to face them, “I’m Friar Clarke. Father Luke sent me to protect you while he’s recovering.” Sean sighed in relief. “You’re very big for a priest”, he said as he scanned Friar Clarke’s frame. He was just as tall as the diminished Sean, but looked way broader and heavier. “I’m a former bodybuilder”, Friar Clarke replied, “Father Luke looked after me when I was falsely accused of assault. When everyone abandoned me, even my wife and lifelong sponsors, Father Luke believed in me after taking my confession in prison. He even took me in his house when I got out. He persuaded me to dedicate my life to God and ever since I take care of homeless kids. Keeping them off the streets by training them in the gym. They call me ‘The Wall of Faith’.” “I’m glad you’re here”, Sean said, “Keith has gotten a serious beating from Anton and I’m not big enough to protect him ‘til he’s better.” “No one will touch you guys as long as I’m here. As soon as Father Luke is recovered, he will come over here to expel that demon”, Friar Clarke said as he took a sleeping bag from his backpack and installed it on the floor. In the wrestle hall Anton regained consciousness on the cold mats. A severe headache exploded in his brain as he opened his eyes. Anton grunted in pain, but managed to get up. He quizzically scanned the wrestle hall, trying to figure out what had happened. The last thing he remember was Keith wriggling to escape from his crushing grip. His eyes met the dented fire extinguisher on the floor. It must have been that runt Sean, he thought, I’ll pound them to pulp next time. “Return to me, my pet” Tomas’ voice filled Anton’s mind and he rushed out off the wrestle hall to his master’s room. Anton sprinted through the hallways; his headache had disappeared after his master’s voice had filled his mind. His breathing got faster and faster as he closed in on his destination. He barged into his master’s room. He put his hands on his meaty quads and bent over as he gasped for air. Tomas was inspecting his own enhanced physique in the mirror of the wardrobe. “Strip and turn around!”, he ordered without diverting his eyes from his magnificent reflection. He groped the pillow-sized rack of muscle that formed his chest and smiled; his fingers slid down to trace in and out off the deep grooves of his rock-hard ten-pack; he raised his arms and flexed them: baseball-sized, vein-covered orbs of beef exploded on top of his low-hanging, thick triceps as his biceps swelled to 22 inches of hard meat; his cock sprang to its 12 inches and thwacked against his hard abs. Anton had stripped off his clothes and turned around as his master had asked. He was still leaning forward, his hands resting on his muscular quads, to calm his breathing. Tomas turned around and looked down at his muscular pet. He smirked as he noticed that Anton still needed to adapt to his new bulk. He took a step toward Anton and rammed his throbbing 12 incher into his ass. He grabbed his pet’s broad, muscular shoulders and pulled him up straight. “Why didn’t you bring our two friends”, he whispered in his ear as he kept slamming his cock into his pet’s meaty ass. Anton moaned and his cock hardened as his master’s 12 incher invaded his muscular ass. He clenched his glutes, but it didn’t matter; his master was too powerful now. His big paw went to his hard 7.5 incher and his other paw reached to his stiff nipple. None of his hands reached their target. “Answer me first!”, Tomas said as he grabbed his pet’s wrists and straightened his arms next to his body, easily overpowering Anton’s 19 inch arms with his 22 inchers. “Tell me!”, he said as he slammed his dick into his pet’s muscular ass. “I’ve …uhn…had them… uhn… in my grasp”, Anton replied as tried to ignore the pleasure exploding from his ass, “I …uhn… was crushing …uhn… Keith in an …uhn… bear hug and Sean must …uhn… must have knocked me out …uhn… with a fire …uhn… extinguisher”. “What?!”, bellowed Tomas as he released his pet’s wrists, grabbed his hips and began pounding his muscular ass furiously, “I’ve told you you weren’t big enough to fight both of them at the same time. Very soon you will be, buddy. I’ll make you the biggest guy on campus”. “Bigger than the football players?”, Anton asked between fastening breaths. “Way bigger, my pet. You’ll dwarf them all! Picture it.”, Tomas whispered in his ear as he upped the pace of his pounding. Images of his own muscle-filled frame towering over the other athletes filled Anton’s mind. His 7.5 incher jolted and exploded all over the room. His first load splattered on the ceiling, raining down in sticky goblets on him and his master; a second load shot out in front of him and splashed against the door; the third load hit his face as his meaty paw was stroking his hot, engorged shaft; a fourth load splotched against his abs, sliding into the deep grooves of his spasming eight-pack; a final load oozed from the dark red head and dribbled onto his pumping fist. “Here we go!”, Tomas said and he turned around to face the mirror. He smiled at the scene: Anton’s muscular 210 pound body was dominated by his own muscle-filled, 235 pound physique. Orgasm filled his mind and raced through his beefy body. “YYEEAAUUUGGHHH!”, he screamed as his 12 incher exploded in his pet’s muscular ass. The pressure increased as load after load of thick cum shot from his dick. After about seven loads, Tomas felt his orgasm subside and pulled his dick from his pet’s ass. Anton turned around to face his master and another load flowed from his deflating cock as he laid eyes on Tomas’ spectacular pecs. He raised his paws to feel the mass of the massive, pillow-sized muscles. His cock sprang back to complete hardness as he made contact with the hot surface of the hard muscles. “I’ll have to think of another way to drag our friends over here for the final ritual”, Tomas said as he flexed his pecs slightly under his pet’s touch. He absentmindedly scratched his hear and his 12 incher slowly deflated as he thought of a new plan. Anton’s drained balls ached and his 7.5 incher jolted as he felt the pillow-sized pecs harden under his grasp. He tried to dig his fingers in, but they simply slipped off the hard surface. “Augh!” A painful moan escaped his mouth as a meager dribble of watery cum dripped from the head of his cock. His knees buckled and he slumped to the floor. Two meaty paws grabbed his armpits and two strong arms lifted him up. “Go get some rest, my pet”, Tomas said as he lifted up his pet’s muscular, 210 pound body, “and then continue tracking down our friends.” He released Anton and went into the bathroom. A few days had gone by and Keith was getting better fast. His bruised ribs didn’t hurt so much anymore and his battered abs were back to their original hardness. “Looks like I will be ready for that wrestle final, buddy”, he said to Sean. “I’ve agreed to fight you, but I won’t go down easily”, Sean replied. He had been training with Friar Clarke and due to the massive amounts of protein bars and weight gain shakes he gulped down, he had managed to regain 5 pounds of his lost weight. I still need at least 30 pounds to stand a chance against him, he thought. “I’ll go easy on you, buddy”, Keith said laughingly as he pulled Sean in for a kiss. Sean leaned against his friend’s larger body and his hands roamed his muscular back as their lips made contact. Sean’s cock jumped to hardness as Keith’s big hands slid under his shirt and played with his sensitive nipples. “Should we take this to the next level”, he asked as he kept grasping Keith’s meaty lats. “I’ve been waiting since our first kiss for you to ask”, Keith said as he looked into his buddy’s eyes. His left hand kept playing with Sean’s hard nipple as his right hand slid down over his solid six-pack and slid into his boxers. Sean gasped as his friend’s strong hand encircled his rock-hard nearly 7 incher. It took all his willpower not to explode instantly. “Ready for your next workout?” Romance left the room as Friar Clarke came in. Sean quickly released Keith and reluctantly stood up. “Okay then. I have to be ready for the championship”, he replied as he grabbed his workout gear. “I’ll join you guys”, Keith said as he got up from the bed, “I’m dying to get some action. Let’s pump some weights!” After a quick nap to restore his energy, Anton headed over to the locker room. He’d decided to swim some laps before continuing his search. He eagerly stripped down and pulled on his speedos. Man, I love the feeling of the tight fabric on my muscular frame, he thought as a smug grin formed on his lips. He strutted over towards the pool, pushing two wrestlers against the wall by bumping into them with his very broad shoulders. He got ready to dive in the pool as someone called his name. He turned around and looked down to see the three members of his relay team stepping up to him. “Hey man, what the hell happened to you?” “What do you mean?”, Anton replied savoring in how he dominated his teammates in height and mass. “Come on, you know very well what I mean”, the team captain went on, “last week you were 5’7 and about 160 pounds. Now you make the three of us look like boys next to you.” “Growth spurt, I guess. I’ve always been a late bloomer”, Anton said as he scratched his head to make his bicep swell. The team captain licked his lips as he noticed the 19 inch ball of muscle harden on Anton’s arm. “You guys get your practice started while I explain to Anton what happens when you miss some trainings”, he said to his fellow teammates without taking his eyes from the hard, muscular arm in front of him. Anton smirked at his captain’s reaction and lowered his arm. He put his hands in front of his speedos, casually flexing his meaty chest. “Don’t be too hard on me, Kurt.”, he said laughingly, sending more striations over the hard surface of his chest. Kurt just stared at his teammate’s incredibly hard pecs, ignoring how Anton’s remark referred to his swelling cock. Kurt’s meat had visibly hardened to its 6+ inches in his now tented speedos. “Hum”, he said while putting a hand in front of his crotch, “let’s get over to the locker room for your sanction.” He grabbed Anton’s bicep with his other hand to lead him away and began moving. Anton followed obediently, enjoying the reaction of his team captain. He’d seen the jolt of Kurt’s cock when his hand made contact with his bicep and decided to tease him some more. Anton curled his wrist and put tension on his bicep, making it swell and harden under Kurt’s grasp. The feeling of Anton’s bicep turning into stone sent Kurt over the edge. As he opened the door to the locker room, his cock exploded in his speedos. He stumbled into the locker room and grabbed the first locker to steady himself. “That’s what happens when you go too hard on people, captain”, Anton said laughingly and closed the door behind them. He pushed Kurt in the corner next to a row of lockers and moved in front of him, hiding him from sight with his broad, muscular frame. “I’ve got a feeling the fun is only beginning and you’ll go hard on me over and over and over”, he sated as he stared down and saw the lust-filled eyes of his team captain. Kurt didn’t even hear Anton’s remark. Or his brain didn’t have the power to process it. The remains of his orgasm still echoed through is mind and as he looked up his teammate’s hard muscles were all that he could see. He slowly extended his trembling hands and sighed as they made contact with the perfect eight-pack in front of him. “Man, your abs are so hard”, he said as his fingers traced the deep grooves along the rows of abs. “Why don’t I flex em?”, Anton replied and began to harden his stomach, but suddenly turned his head as he heard a shower turn on. Kurt’s eyes widened in disbelief as the abs under his touch turned into a steely armor. His knees buckled and he slumped to the floor, his 6+ incher creaming in his speedos. He didn’t even notice Anton leaving him. In the gym, Sean, Keith and Friar Clarke were pushing each other to the limit. Neither Sean or Keith could push the amount of weight that Friar Clarke used. “260 pounds of Christian beef, boys”, Friar Clarke said laughingly as he looked at them, “Keep pushing yourselves and you’ll get there one day. Final round?” “I’m done”, Sean said, “I’m gonna hit the showers and get some rest. You guys go ahead.” He headed over to the locker room and pulled off his sweaty workout gear. He looked around quizzically as he thought hearing something at the far-side of the locker room. I must be imagining things with the entire Tomas affaire.”, he thought and stepped in the shower zone. He turned on the water and let the heat massage his sore pecs. “I’m right here, buddy”, he said as he heard Keith’s heavy footsteps at the entrance of the shower zone. “I know, number two!” An icy chill invaded every cell of Sean’s body as he recognized Anton’s voice. Sean turned around to see Anton standing in the doorway. Sean gulped as he noticed how Anton’s insanely broad, muscular shoulders filled three quarters of the large entrance. Fear and arousal fought in his mind as Anton’s muscle-filled, 210 pound body moved in his direction. “It took me a while to find you number two. You won’t escape me now. Tomas is awaiting you for the final ritual”, Anton said while he closed in on Sean, “Seems like you’re happy to see me.” Sean looked down and saw that his diminished cock had hardened to its 6.5 inches and pointed straight toward his enemy. “You’re right, number two. Your muscles look better on me”, Anton said laughingly, “Tell you what: I’ll reward you for saluting my body. I’ll first rape the living hell out you before turning you over to Tomas”. Sean didn’t have time to react. Anton had already closed the distance between them and grabbed his wrists. He was being turned around and was facing the wall before he could even put up a fight. Sean quickly clenched his ass in protection. “You don’t think that your weak muscles will keep me from ramming my cock up your ass?”, Anton asked as he noticed Sean’s reflex, “I’ll make you scream like a pig.” “Care to think that over?” Keith’s voice echoed through the shower zone as Anton’s hand were roughly pulled away from Sean’s shoulders. Even though Anton outsized him by 15 pounds of muscle, Keith managed to keep him in a hold. Anger had given him extra strength. Anton fought back harder and harder and began to overpower Keith’s grip as Friar Clarke stepped into the shower zone. Friar Clarke sparkled him with holy water and yelled: “What Satan did, Christ will undo! In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti!”. Heavenly, angelic chants filled the shower zone as a foreign, warm energy filled Sean’s body. He looked down and saw his muscles swelling on his frame; his lost mass was returning to him. He moaned in pleasure as his hands roamed across his hardening chest. His smile widened further as he looked at Keith. Anton kept struggling against Keith but the more he tried, the harder his opponent’s grip seemed to get. His eyes widened in disbelief as he was lifted off the floor by Keith. He stared down at his deflating body and yelled out: “No! How?”. Even his deep voice was back to its old, high-pitched tone. He knew he was no match for Keith’s well-trained wrestler’s physique and gave up the fight. Anton’s mouth fell open as he stared at the swelling Sean in front of him. Sean marveled at his new size. His muscles had swollen way past their old size; his hard, meaty arms were way bigger than their previous 18 inches; his pecs hung hard and thick on his chest atop a steely ten-pack. He smiled as he looked down on the three men admiring his spectacular frame.
  8. Herald

    growth The Flexorcist (4)

    Four Keith walked into the gym as Sean was finishing his workout. “You coming to cheer for me, buddy?, he said, “my first wrestling match is coming up.” “Sure, K. Who’s the victim?”, Sean replied as he stepped over toward the exit. “Don’t know”, Keith said, “Don’t care, either. I’ll smoke ‘em.” “Save some energy for the finals at the end of the year. I’d like you put up some fight against me”, Sean answered. “You’re lucky that you’ve only got to defend your title and don’t have to prove yourself by fighting any other rounds due to the new rules”, Keith said as he followed Sean into the locker room and put on his tight red singlet. “Champ’s privilege, buddy. Let’s see you in action”, Sean replied as they entered the wrestle hall. Back in the locker room, Anton was preparing for his individual swim practice. He stripped down, put on his nicely fitting Speedos and took the metal bottle from his locker. He carefully poured some of the sticky fluid in his left hand and rubbed it over his body. His skin tingled as the fluid sank into it. He put the bottle back in his locker, locked it, entered the pool area and dove into the water. A warm pump spread through his body as he swam lap after lap. Instead of weakening, his strokes seemed to get more powerful. In the wrestle hall, Sean stood at the edge of the mat, watching the match. Match wasn’t the right expression since Keith was just toying with his opponent. A sudden weakness invaded Sean’s body and his vision went dark for a second. Must have trained too hard, he thought as he inhaled deeply. Sean felt his knees go weak and quickly sat down, closing his eyes. Anton encountered more resistance in the water as the pump in his muscles kept increasing. He eagerly climbed out off the pool and rushed over to mirror in the locker room. He smiled at his new physique. He’d put on about 20 pounds and it showed on his body. He’d lost some of his insolating layer of fat that had always covered his body since he’d started to swim. His clearly bigger muscles glistened with water. He flexed his abs, transforming them into a now visible six-pack. He slid down his tight Speedos to discover his familiar pencil dick. Didn’t get any of the liquid on it, he thought, I’ll make up for it next time. He showered quickly and returned to his room. “You okay, buddy?”, Keith asked as he stepped over toward Sean. He’d seen Sean blinking to refocus his vision and nearly crashing down with buckling knees. He’d quickly pinned his opponent to check on his friend. “I’m cool. Must have trained too hard or ate too little. Nice victory by the way”, Sean said as he got up. He gazed incredulously at Keith: standing up straight, he was looking directly into Keith’s eyes and even worse, Keith’s pumped muscles seemed as big as his. “Seems like I’ve finally hit that growth spurt you’ve had last year, buddy”, Keith said laughingly, “Let’s hit the showers”. Sean didn’t react and just followed his friend into the locker room. He kept thinking about what had happened and sneakily glanced at the swiftly stripping Keith. He asked himself if Tomas’ sudden growth spurt was related to Keith’s. He refocused and noticed he was still wearing his sweaty workout gear. He also noticed that his tank top didn’t clang to his torso as usual. The thing’s probably stretched out, he thought as he began to strip off his clothes. Sean strutted over to the shower zone, but stopped as he past the large mirror. He stared at his nude reflection and just knew that something was off. He still looked big, but his muscles seemed less ripped than before. “Admiring the goods, buddy? Mind if I join in?”, Keith asked as he emerged from the foggy shower zone and installed himself next to Sean. Sean gasped as his mind tried to process the image reflected by the mirror. Their bodies were nearly identical. Keith was exactly as tall as him and looked to match his weight to the last pound. “Come on, buddy. Let’s see if my canons match yours after my growth spurt.” Keith’s voice broke Sean’s trail of thoughts. He looked in the mirror again and saw that Keith had flexed his arms, showcasing the vein-covered beef of his hard, 17.5 inch guns. Automatically, Sean raised his arms and flexed them. His meaty arms rose bigger than Keith’s, but didn’t reach their familiar 20 inches. They stopped just over 18 inches and didn’t look as vascular and hard as Keith’s. “Looks like I’m catching up, buddy. Less than an inch and I have ya”, Keith said as he relaxed his arms and put his hands together in front of his abs, flexing his chest. Striations exploded over the surface and veins were pushed up against his thin skin as the big, round muscles hardened into steely slabs of beef, atop a deeply grooved, armor-like six-pack Instinctively, Sean copied the pose. His juicy pecs sprang to life on his chest, but didn’t reach their intimidating hardness. Veins and striations decorated the surface, but the muscle’s hardness didn’t rival Keith’s. Even the cuts of his diminished eight-pack seemed less impressive than Keith’s abs. “I win in the chest and abs department, buddy. You better stay away from beer”, Keith said laughingly as he relaxed his chest. “Let’s check our wheels.” The muscles on Keith’s quads exploded outward as he flexed them. Grooves and veins stretched across the beefy layers of mass. Once again Sean followed his friend’s lead. A few veins stretched from the teardrop shape next to his knees up over the solid mass of his muscular quads. “It seems we have a tie, buddy. I win on chest and abs, you on arms and legs”, Keith said. “Oh, wait. You take the victory.” Sean looked in the mirror again and noticed why Keith was grinning. His cock had inflated to hardness and its thick, throbbing 9 inches were thwacking against his abs. “Another growth spurt and I have ya”, Keith said as he strutted pas Sean to get dressed. Sean showered quickly, sprang into his now looser clothes and rushed back to his room. He entered and barged into the bathroom, ignoring his staring roommate. He tossed his gym bag aside and stepped up the scale. He gasped as he read off his weight. 195! I’ve lost 20 pounds, Sean thought, I’ve got to gain weight fast to defend my wrestle title against Keith. He decided to get some weight gainers and protein bars as soon as possible. The sound of two voices broke off Sean’s thoughts. He reentered the bedroom to find his roommate Tomas talking to Anton. “See you guys later”, Sean said as he headed for the door. “Wait up, big guy”, Tomas replied, “Anton and I were just talking about you.” “I’ll give you guys an autograph when I’m back”, Sean stated. “Very funny”, Tomas said, “We were talking about a little competition between the three of us. To see who can do most sit-ups and push-ups.” Sean turned around at those words. “You guys seriously thinking about competing against me in a physical challenge?” “It’ll be fun. We’ll see right here and right now who’s the fittest. Or you can always forfeit.”, Tomas answered mockingly. “I’ll wipe the floor with you guys. Let’s do this!”, Sean bellowed as he got into sit-up position. “You’ve heard the champ, Anton”, Tomas said as he installed himself next to Sean on the floor. Anton did the same at the other side of the room. “The one who can do most sit-ups in five minutes, wins.”, Tomas said, “Ready? Go!”. Faint, hellish whispers filed the room as Tomas finished speaking. Sean got into his zone and quickly forced out rep after rep, knowing very well that he could easily do over a thousand sit-ups in five minutes. He kept his speed high and did 3 sit-ups in the same amount of time as Anton and Tomas cranked out 1 rep. Tomas was the first to give up. He kept lying on the floor, breathing heavily, after about two minutes. Anton kept pumping out reps. A mild, burning sensation started to spread across Sean’s stomach. He lowered his pace and focused on his fastening breathing. He glanced over to Anton and saw that his speed was going up. Anton felt his muscles grow with every rep. He could feel his stomach harden deeper as his steely abs contracted. He upped his pace further. The burning sensation in Sean’s abs turned into a stabbing pain that he could no longer ignore. He grunted in agony and his back crashed onto the floor after about four minutes. He stared in disbelief at Anton, who kept cranking out rep after rep at an incredible pace. His shirt looks tighter and tighter, Sean thought as he tried to catch his breath for the next round. “That’s 5 minutes. Seems like Anton has the best abs in this room”, Tomas said, “Let’s get into push-up position, guys!” I’ve got to smoke ‘em now, Sean thought as he got ready for the next challenge. “Ready? Go!”, Tomas yelled. A burning pump spread instantly across Sean’s chest as he lowered himself for his first push-up. What’s wrong with me?, he thought as he struggled to push out another rep. His arms started shaking after ten lousy reps and he crashed onto the floor as his grip faltered. Tomas was next to fall out of the challenge. He breathed heavily and looked over at Sean, smiling as he noticed his roommate’s thinning body. Once again, Anton kept pushing out rep after rep, upping his pace while maintaining perfect form. His swelling pecs, shoulders and arms were stretching his shirt to breaking point and small tears were starting to appear on the tight fabric. “Looks like Anton really is the fittest man in the room after two challenges”, Tomas said laughingly, “Let’s see you guys battle it out in the final round: bodyweight squats!”. “That wouldn’t be fair”, Sean said as he tried to calm his breathing and sat down on his bed, “I outweigh him by at least 20 pounds”. “You don’t get it, big guy”, Tomas replied, “I’ll hump on your back and you do as many reps as you can. Then we repeat the whole thing as I hump on Anton’s back. Both of you will have squatted with the same weight and the winner will be the one that cranks out most reps.”. “Ok with me”, Sean said and got up from the bed to get into position. His knees buckled as Tomas got on his back. It took nearly all his force to prevent his legs from wobbling under Tomas’ weight. “Ready, big guy? Go!”, Tomas yelled. Sean very slowly bent his legs, trying to control the weight on his back. He managed to complete one rep as his quads filled with a burning pain. His roommate seemed to get heavier by the second. Every ounce of force escaped his body as he started his second rep. His knees buckled and he crashed down on the floor, burying his face in the rug. “One and a half rep. That’s not very much, big guy.” Sean ignored Tomas’ mocking remark and kept staring down in the rug, trying to catch his breath and figure out what was wrong. He eventually turned over on his back to watch Anton’s performance. Sean’s eyes widened in disbelief as he stared at Anton getting up from the bed. He was clearly taller than his formerly normal 5’7 and his pumped muscles were ready to burst through his insanely tight shirt. “Ready, Anton?”, Tomas asked as he jumped onto the swimmer’s now broader back. “All set”, Anton replied in a clearly deeper voice as if he didn’t feel Tomas weight at all. “Final round. Go!”, Tomas yelled. As Anton bend his legs very slowly, Sean began to hope that he wouldn’t be able to get back up. His hopes died quickly. Anton had seen the hopeful look in Sean’s eyes as he intently performed a very slow first rep, letting his body shake. He then smiled at Sean as he began to push out rep after rep. Once again, his muscles didn’t fatigue thanks to the magic cream he had rubbed on them. More energy filled his body and a ripping sound followed as the tears in his shirt got bigger. Sean stared with wide eyes at the scene in front of him: Anton pumped out perfect rep after perfect rep, ignoring Tomas’s weight on his back. From his perspective down on the floor, he had an amazing sight on the squatting Anton. Sean didn’t even notice his own, weakening body. As his cock inflated to hardness in his boxers, he drank in the sight of Anton’s swelling frame, busting through his ripping shirt. “58,59,60”, Tomas kept counting the reps on Anton’s swelling back. Anton kept squatting up and down as his swelling muscles ripped his shirt to shreds. He looked down at Sean and grinned as he noticed his diminishing frame. “74,75,76” Sweat was pouring over Anton’s body and his face was dark red as his form began to falter. His insanely tight sweat pants looked like they were painted on his meaty legs. Anton grunted deeply and went down after 80 reps. The sound of his fall ended the hellish whispers.