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  1. Herald

    theft (Un)even rivals (3)

    Three Ted parked his car in front of the gym, got out, tossed his cousin's sweat drenched shirt over his wide shoulder and strutted toward the building. He pulled the door but it was locked. He looked up and noticed the 'out of business' sign. He banged his fist against the heavy door, rattling the glass. Jeremy heard the banging sound and left his office. He looked in the direction of the door and saw the familiar big teen pounding the metal surface. He grabbed his keys and hurried to the entrance to unlock the door, noting the dents Ted's fist had made. Ted saw Jeremy coming over and pulled open the door as it was unbolted, his wide shoulders brushing against the frame as he entered. Jeremy instinctively stepped back: the big teen looked even more intimidating filling the frame of the door. Before he could react, two big hands grabbed his armpits and lifted him up against the wall. "What's the big idea of closing down your gym?", Ted snarled, "I paid ya good money to work out here". Jeremy's breathing fastened and his armpits got sweaty as his feet dangled in the air: just like the day before in his office, he was in the hands of this teen beast. He squirmed in the steely grasp, unable to break free. He gulped when he realized he was at the mercy of the huge 18 year old that was six years younger than him and had dented the steel door just by pounding on it. "Well? Thought ya could use me to get my cousin's shirt, hustle my money and then ditch me? Back in juvy I always got back on those kind of guys", Ted barked and shoved the 209 pound bodybuilder hard against the wall while tightening his grip. "Oufgh" A faint sound of pain escaped Jeremy's mouth as his back was slammed against the wall. He stopped squirming as the hard pressure around his ribs increased even more. "Man, I could break all your bones right now. Your body is no match for my strength. A total wimp. Just like my cousin.", Ted bawled and raised the right corner of his mouth to show his teeth like a dog. The pressure soon lessened and Jeremy took in a few deep breaths before replying. "Look man", he said, "this gym was on the verge of bankruptcy when you came by yesterday. I just decided to shut it down so I can focus on taking back my top spot from your cousin. You can keep training here. For free. Whenever you want." "A personal gym all for myself? That's more like it", Ted said. "Yeah", Jeremy replied quickly, "You won't have to hide your physique to avoid suspicion from the other gym members. Or fear unannounced drug tests. I could write you a training program. Or become your training partner." "Good thinking, little guy. But you're too tiny and weak to work out with me. Ya just couldn't keep up with me. Ya need real muscle to train with the big guys ", Ted stated and lowered him back down, " But I could go for a quick workout right now. Still feeling pumped from beating my cousin. Ya should have seen his face when he got I would beat him. And when I actually beat him. Priceless." Jeremy, still a bit wobbly on his feet and taking in deep breaths, locked the door and grabbed the sweat drenched shirt from the teen's shoulder. "You know your way around. I'll be in my office", he said. "Let's toss some weight around. YEAH!", Ted boomed and swaggered into the gym. Chris' evening wasn't passing as smoothly as his cousin's. The painful pump in his pecs had been agonizing him ever since his lost fight. His right shoulder felt like his delts had been ripped off the joint. His right arm felt even worse: his cramped 20 inch bicep stabbed in pain like a truck had passed over it; spasms kept shooting through the cord-like muscles in his forearm. He hadn't said a word since his cousin left. "Come on, hon", Trisha said as she installed herself next to him in the couch and rubbed her body against his, "cheer up. It was a simple arm wrestle contest against your cousin. Not like you lost a big title to your rival." Chris didn't react and kept staring at the TV. "You're still my number one. I know a good way to make you feel better", Trisha said. Her hand slipped underneath his shirt, brushing the hard lines of his six-pack and moved down into his pants. Her fingers played with his cock: she playfully grabbed his balls and traced along the flaccid shaft, mentally comparing it to what she had felt through Ted's sweatpants. "I'm gonna sleep. Don't feel so well", Chris said. He pulled her hand from his pants and went upstairs, leaving his girlfriend behind. He entered their bedroom and took off his clothes, avoiding to look at his reflection in the mirror on the furthest wall. He opened the door of the adjacent dressing and grabbed a pair of pajamas: for the first time since graduating high school, he wouldn't sleep in his boxers or nude. He felt weak and small, as if his cousin had stripped him of his manhood by beating him. The tight fabric of his unused pajamas made him feel slightly better. He got in bed, wondering if it had always been this large, and coiled himself up in a ball underneath the sheets, like a scared child. Jeremy was in his office carefully assembling the ingredients for his revenge on his rival, Chris. He had found a website on voodoo spells and decided to give it a try. Despite not really believing in this supernatural mumbo-jumbo, he knew it was worth a shot. His rival had clearly better genetics than him and he couldn't beat Chris naturally. And steroids were no option due to the weekly drug tests by the LTB. "YEAH!" The loud roar echoing through the deserted gym made him look up. Ted's shouts had been alternating with the bangs of heavy weights dropping down for the last hour. Jeremy shook his head and returned to page he had printed. He took the voodoo doll he had ordered from the box, leaving the spare one in it. He then grabbed the sweat drenched, stinking shirt Ted had brought and wrung it out over the doll. Chris' sweat dripped from the shirt onto the doll, soaking it before it absorbed into it. He quickly tossed the doll in the top drawer of his desk as the door was slammed open. A sweaty Ted, his face dark red from his workout barged in. Heat and a mixture of sweat and musk radiated from his 260 pound body, filling the office. "You're still here", Jeremy said casually, "thought you were in for a quick training?". "It was a quick one", Ted replied in his deep voice and stepped up to the desk. "But… you trained for an hour", Jeremy answered promptly. Ted grinned. "For little boys like ya and my weak cousin an hour is long. But for big guys like me it's just enough for a quick arm workout", Ted stated and flexed his arms. Jeremy stared at the stretched hoodie covering the teen's arms as its seams protested with ripping sounds as they were pushed upward and outward by the orbs of steely meat swelling into their 25 inches of power. How does the guy look underneath?, Jeremy thought. "Ya said I could train whenever I want", Ted said and lowered his arms. "Yeah, sure", Jeremy replied, "Just give me a call and I'll make sure I'm here". "Na. I don't want to have to wait for ya. Just give me a key so I can get in", Ted stated. "No. No. I can't…", Jeremy stopped speaking as he noticed the angry look in the teen's dark brown eyes and the hoodie's strained sleeves as he folded his big arms across his chest. "I'm not asking ya. I'm telling ya to give me a key. Got a problem with that, kid?", Ted barked, his deep voice rattling the glass of the cabinet behind the desk and grabbed Jeremy's keychain lying on his desk. " No problem at all, man. Take them. I'll use my spare key", Jeremy replied promptly. "Thought so", Ted said and turned around to leave, "And make sure the water's running next time. I like to shower after my training". Jeremy stared at the teen's wide back as he strutted out of his office, slamming the door as he left. He took in a deep breath in relief as he heard Ted's car start and race away from the parking lot. "I'll have to keep on his good side. If this mumbo-jumbo doesn't work, I'll have to use him to keep his Chris out off the competition. But if it does work, I'll be way bigger than him once I've stolen his cousin's muscles and then I'll show him who's boss ", he said to himself, "I'll make him cry for mercy in my grip and crush him. Then steal his muscles too". He took the doll from the top drawer and followed the instructions on the paper. He cut a piece from Chris' red shirt and draped it across the doll before putting the doll in a purplish solution he had made with the other ingredients. "Now, it just has to take in the potion over night and everything should be ready for my revenge tomorrow." He gathered what was left of the ingredients and put them in a box in the cabinet behind his desk. He took his spare key from his desk and headed home for the night. Ted sped home after his quick workout and pulled up in front of the garage with squealing tires. He entered the deserted house, put on the lights and took off his hoodie. He really hated having to hide his huge body. He thought back to his days in juvy, when he walked around barechested just to remind everyone he was in charge. He chugged down a gallon of protein shake and noticed a note on the kitchen table. "Off to see my contacts. Will be back tomorrow with your new candy. S." Ted smiled and went upstairs to take a quick shower. He tossed his stinking tank top aside, stepped out off his sweatpants and boxers and got in the shower. He groaned as the hot water cascaded down on his muscle-filled frame. He turned off the water, stepped out and grabbed a towel. He dried off the damped mirror and stared at his reflection. He flexed his huge arms, the pumped muscle rounding outward and mounting upward. His hard, meaty biceps swelling into steely orbs, pushing up some blue veins as they brushed past 25 inches. "Pumped and hard from my workout", he said to his reflection and lowered his left arm to grope his nicely round right bicep. "The arm that crushed ya like a little girl, couz", he said to himself as he tried to dent the hot rock atop his right arm, "Instantly felt you were mine. Your puny grip no match for my iron grasp." His plump cock filled with blood, raising upward and smacked against his stomach as he tightened his grip around the hard ball of muscle and the mound withstood his thick fingers. "Your feeble attack useless against my superior strength. Even had to hold back not to crush ya on the spot. Pushed your powerless arm back easily. Dominating ya in front of your girl. YEAH!", he groaned as his 10 incher exploded onto the mirror, coating it with spurts of sticky cum. Ted's left hand released his bicep and roughly groped his rock-hard, spasming dick. He milked four more blasts from the throbbing 10 incher onto the mirror before leaving the bathroom and strutting into his bedroom. Feeling untouchable and all-powerful, he laid down naked atop his bed, his still hard dick pointed toward the ceiling. His right paw instinctively grabbed the rigid shaft and he stroked away. Within the minute his hefty balls churned and pumped out four slightly lesser bursts that shot up and rained back down on his 260 pound frame, splattering as the thick liquid hit his pecs and stomach. He dozed off, his 10 incher deflating very slowly. Chris passed a restless night. He'd been turning back and forth for hours before falling asleep. He dreamed that he was arm wrestling his cousin again. He fought with everything he got but his cousin's arm didn't budge. His own arm was pumped beyond belief as it was being pushed down. He brought in his second hand, grabbed the huge paw around his hand and pulled. His cousin just kept smiling and pushed his arms down effortlessly. As his hand hit the table, his cousin roared and exploded in size; mammoth-sized muscles ripping his clothes to shreds as the guy doubled in width. The massive beast looked down on him with an evil grin and said "You're mine!" as his huge paw reached for him. Chris shot up in his bed, his heart pounding in his heaving chest and his pajamas wet with sweat. "Just a dream", he whispered to himself and slid back down. At took several minutes before his breathing finally calmed down and he snoozed off again. He dreamed that he was standing on stage and posing for an enthusiast crowd. He went into a most muscular when a large shadow fell over him. He turned around and stared at a mountain of muscle: the most ripped and thick abs he'd ever seen, filled his vision. He looked up and gazed at bottom of an insanely protruding rack of pecs. The huge, striated, vein-soaked mountains jutted so far from the giant's chest they blocked the sight of his head and cast shadows on the top of the ripped abs. A huge paw suddenly grabbed Chris and lifted him up to reveal the evilly grinning face of his cousin. "You're mine!", his beastly huge cousin said as he pushed Chris' face in the deep cleavage between the massive pecs and crushed it by flexing them. Chris shot up once again, breathing even heavier this time. He looked at his radio, noted the time and decided to get up. He entered the bathroom and took off his soaked pajamas. He stopped in front of the large mirror and inspected his physique. His 215 pound body looked as ripped and defined as ever but he just felt weaker. He flexed his abs, making his six-pack ripple and harden. It didn't impress him as usual. He lifted his left arm and brought in his forearm. The hard, meaty bicep swelled into its familiar 20 inches of vein-covered beef. Yet, it seemed somewhat meager. He proceeded by flexing his quads, pushing his half-hard cock up as the thick muscles hardened. The veins and grooves he had trained so hard for appeared, but couldn't take his feelings away. "Ridiculous", he said out loud to his reflection, "arm wrestling is all about leverage and weight. Ted was clearly way heavier, fatter than me. So he has more raw strength. My defined body would make his blobby physique look like shit." "You're right, hon." Chris turned around and saw his girlfriend stand in the doorway, naked and with lust filled eyes. He grinned and they stepped into the shower together. Chris pushed Trisha up against the tilled wall, put his hands aside her head and invaded her with his 7 incher. "Oh, hon", Trisha grunted as her boyfriend's hard snake eagerly entered her. Chris drove his hips back and forth aggressively, his six-pack flexing and relaxing as his cock travelled in and out of his girl. "Oh, yeaugh", Trisha moaned lustfully and grabbed Chris' muscular back for support under the force, groping the bulging mounds atop the wide surface. Chris went at her at full force, fucking her with unknown intensity. It felt like he was reclaiming his manhood, retaking his top dog position as he summoned every ounce of force the big muscles on his 215 pound body could produce. "YEAUGHN!!!", he groaned loud and deeply as his balls contracted and spat a first load of his juices through his rock-hard shaft into his girl. Three more volleys shot from 7 incher as he kept ramming it back and forth into his girlfriend. "Yeah, yeah, yeah", Trisha grunted in her boyfriend's ear as she rested her head on his thick shoulder. She felt his snake beginning to soften inside her as spasms shot through her and her own orgasm overwhelmed her delicate 120 pound body. Chris felt his girlfriend tighten around his deflating cock and wet hotness flowed along it as he drove it into her a final time. He withdrew his dick from her, a mixture of his and her juices dripping from the thinning shaft as he pulled it out. "That was incredible, hon", Trisha said between fast breaths and kissed his lips. Chris returned the kiss, feeling back on top of his game and ready for an intense workout. Jeremy entered his gym after a restless night: excitement to start his revenge had kept him from falling asleep. He first turned the water back on in case Ted would show up this early; he didn't want to get hoisted up by the huge teen once again. He went to his office and opened the top drawer of his desk. He pulled out the recipient with the special formula and the doll. He carefully lifted the doll from the purplish substance and put it on his desk. He also took the piece of paper containing the instructions and said the final incantations out loud: "Gargak Profundis atque venerabilis, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku!". A surge of power went through him as he said the final word. "It's starting", he said, "your titles are mine now, Chris!". Ted awoke fully recharged after a peaceful sleep and was greeted by the sight of his rock-hard 10 incher pointing at the ceiling. He scratched his meaty chest and felt the patches of dried cum. "Right", he said, "fell asleep thinking of my power". He got up and strutted over to the bathroom, his erect cock swinging back and forth in the process. He saw the cum-stained and grinned. He turned on the shower and stepped under the hot water, letting it clean his pecs as his hands automatically went to his throbbing dick. He put his left paw around his shaft at the base of his cock and his right paw atop his left, covering the entire shaft but unable the cover up the dark red head. He moaned slightly as he tightened his grip, grinning as he couldn't fully close his big hands around the incredible girth of his 10 incher. Within seconds he exploded against the tilled wall, wads of his sticky cum sliding down slowly to the bottom of the shower where they mixed with the soapy water and formed a thick puddle around the drain. After seven big blasts, he released his very slowly deflating cock, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. He dried himself quickly, his half-hard dick smacking between his thick thighs. He wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the white cupboard. "Shit, I'm out of stuff", he rumbled in his deep voice before finding a final vial at the back. He sucked up its content with a syringe, planted the needle in his left ass cheek and emptied it into his body, his half-hard cock jolting underneath the towel as he felt the steroids passing into him. "Ah, you're up. Thought I heard some grunts in here." Ted turned around and looked down on his housemate. "Didn't mean to wake ya, S.", he said, his deep voice drowning his housemate's high pitch. "Nah, I just got back. I'm off to sleep now", the guy said and looked around in the bathroom. "Man, could you at least wipe your cum from the mirror. I told you before to jerk in the shower, big guy." Ted looked at the mirror and returned his look on his housemate. "Sorry, S.", he rumbled, "These roids just get me so horned up…" "I can tell", the guy replied and let his gaze rest at the obscene lump in the towel draped around the 260 pound 18 year old. Ted's eyes followed his roommate's gaze and his more-than-half-hard cock jolted, tenting the towel some more. "260 pounds of beef and you're still just a horny teenager, big guy", the guy said and looked back up in Ted's eyes. "Remember your first years in juvy? The big guys picking on you, beating you up." Ted clenched his fists at the memories, his forearms rippling with strength and his biceps hardening atop his arms. "You were skinnier than me back then. What did you weigh? 130 pounds? 120 just like me?", the guy said. "125. Ya know it, S.", Ted mumbled like an angry child. "And who helped you turn that pathetic, skinny 6 feet frame into the 260 pound beast you are today? Who gave you the chance to get back on all your bullies?", the guy asked and pointed his index finger against the big teen's chest, pushing it into the protruding rack of muscle. "I owe it all to ya, S.", Ted replied and looked into his 5'5, 120 pound housemate's eyes, "No one will ever touch ya when I'm here". "That's why I let you move in with me, big guy. None of the other dealers dares to double-cross me knowing I've got a beast like you to back me up. That's why you can stay for as long as you want. All summer. Until next year. We'll see", the guy stated, "And I'll give you some nice candy when you behave, big guy". "Ya have my stuff", Ted asked eagerly and slightly bounced his pecs under his housemate's touch. "Told you I would get it. And don't I always take care of you, big guy? The stronger you are, the safer I am. Back in juvy I saw how you struggled to gain some muscle and when my protector got out, I beefed you up for my protection. I'll keep doing the same now", the guy said, "I've gotten something very potent for you. Still experimental but way stronger than the traditional steroids". "And can it be detected? If I want to get into bodybuilding…", Ted blurted out. "It's still experimental, so it should pass the traditional tests", the guy answered. "Great, S.", Ted said, "Can't wait to get my hands on it". "Why wait, big guy?", the guy asked and disappeared into the hallway. Within seconds he got back from his room with a little box filled with vials. "A first stash as a test run." Ted quickly grabbed the box from his housemate's hands and let a vial drop into his own big hand. "Looks the same like my roids", he said as he examined the vial. "This is extracted from bull semen and further enhanced", the guy said, "You inject it just like roids but it has to be directly into your balls. It forces them to produce as much testosterone as a bull." "Let's see", Ted replied and filled a syringe with the content of the vial in his hand. "No! Wait!", his housemate said, "you've already taken a dose of the other stuff today". He grabbed the big teen's forearm and pulled with all his might. Ted didn't hear his housemate's warning and his thick forearm wasn't slowed down by the tugging of the 120 pound guy. His right hand disappeared under the towel and he felt the needle against his right nut. He flexed his thick thigh, trapping his right nut against it and pushed in the needle. "Yeah", he grunted as he emptied the content into his right nut. He withdrew the needle and filled it again with the content from a second vial. "What are you doing?", his housemate asked and frantically tried preventing the 260 pound beast from carrying on. "A round for my other nut too", Ted replied. His right hand disappeared under the towel again and the needle invaded his left nut, emptying the juice into it. "What have you done?", his housemate yelled, "A double dose on top of your usual roids?!". Ted pulled the needle from his left nut and tossed the syringe in the sink. "I feel it working", he bellowed, "Ughn!". A warm feeling spread through his balls, that pulsed under the towel. His more-than-half-hard cock surged to full hardness, ripping the towel away to reveal his entire body, and smacked against his stomach as it inflated into its 10 inches of hard glory. "Yeahn", Ted grunted, his rock-hard cock throbbing and a musky odor radiating from his trimmed pubes and the dark hair in his deep armpits. The bathroom filled with the musky scent and his housemate jumped out mere seconds before Ted exploded the load of a lifetime. Cum splattered onto the ceiling, coated the tilled walls, sprayed the window, stained the mirror and pooled on the floor as his pulsing balls fired gallons of his thick spunk though his wildly throbbing 10 incher. After 12 huge blasts, his orgasm wore down and Ted stood breathing heavily amidst the devastated bathroom. "Clean up your mess before you go out", his housemate said and went to bed.
  2. Herald

    theft (Un)even rivals (2)

    Two Jeremy entered the offseason with great frustration. Ever since his victory in the level 2-event of San Diego in may, he’d lost every big final to his one year younger rival, Chris. His recent victories had come in some minor level 2-events, were his physique had clearly dominated the field. His season-ending defeat in the tour finals had been a serious blow: not only had it cost him his number one position in the world rankings, he would now also have to watch his rival wearing the customized boxers marked ‘champ’. To make things even worse, his uncle’s gym balanced on the verge of bankruptcy in the ‘fitness unfriendly atmosphere’ created by “Moms against roids”. His income declined drastically as he soon had only a couple of clients left to train. Jeremy used the extra time to bulk up his own physique. He ate and worked out as relentlessly as his body allowed him; throwing up in the deserted gym on several occasions. By the end of February, he knew he was fully ready to take on his rival. Chris had passed an exciting offseason. He had received his parents’ house as they decided to move into a smaller apartment and had spent some very pleasant times with his girlfriend. Her support had made him train harder than before: she just couldn’t keep her hands off him as he got home pumped from the gym, jumping into the shower with him, groping and licking the hard masses of muscle across his body before they would fuck. Her lust had pushed him beyond his limits in the gym and had taken his physique to another level for the next season. Jeremy smiled as he entered the backstage off the Detroit-masters. He had won the three level 2-events leading up to this show and was more than ready to defend his title. He went through the daily drug test before getting ready to step on stage. He slowly strutted out, savoring how he outsized his opponents. As expected, he easily won his lineups and proceeded to the final. Likewise, Chris had cruised through the event to set up the clash with his rival. On Sunday afternoon, he entered the backstage and stepped up to his competitor. “Been a while since we’ve met”, he said. Jeremy turned around and looked slightly down in his opponents’ eyes. “Yeah”, he replied, “not my fault you chickened out the competition until now. Not that it makes a difference: I’ll take ya down like I did with the others and claim my fourth title of the season.” “Some nice victories you’ve had. Congrats”, Chris answered, “May the best man win today.” “No problem, I’ll try not to make you like tiny, kid”, Jeremy said and turned his back to his rival. The speaker called for Jeremy first and he confidently stepped out on stage. He bounced his pecs in response to the public’s cheers and took his position. A new wave of cheers announced Chris’ arrival and Jeremy looked aside. A stab of jealousy hit him when he saw the blue boxers marked ‘Champ’. Without looking any further at his rival, Jeremy faced the judges again. The mandatory quarter turns began and the difference between both athlete’s was clearly visible: Jeremy’s 209 pound body looked big but lacked its deep definition; Chris’ 215 pound physique on the other hand was shredded beyond its level of last season. Eager to defend his title, Jeremy quickly began the pose down. He put his hands behind his head, making his bicep ball up into their 18.5 inches of beef, and did an ab vacuum-pose, highlighting his v-taper by pushing out his lats. Chris followed this lead and copied the pose. His arms rounded into the 20 inches of striated meat next to his head, his thick triceps hard and defined at the back of his arms; he sucked in his abs incredibly deep, making his waist unbelievably small, every ridge of his six-pack deeply grooved between the hard blocks of muscle; his lats flared out clearly wider than his rival’s. Jeremy turned to face his opponent and threw a most muscular. His signature pose had won all his contests this season. The hard masses of muscle hardened across his impressive physique, striations and veins exploding over their surface: his pecs hardened like armor above his six-pack; his meaty arms balled up and pushed against his hard chest; his legs bulged outward as grooves and veins were pushed up by his strong quads. He smirked at his opponent. Chris first went into a most muscular facing the judges and the public. He then relaxed his pose and turned to face his still flexed opponent. He noticed the smirk on his rival’s face and flexed. Jeremy’s smirk faded as he looked at the flexing world champ. He summoned his last energy to harden his own flex, but it was no use. Chris’ fantastic muscles hardened fully all over his frame as he brought in his arms to complete his pose: his pecs bulged and swelled as the hard muscle pushed up striated lines against his pale skin; his defined six-pack rippled and hardened beneath the shelf of meat; his 20 inch arms pushed into the flexed rack; his ripped delts rounded atop his shoulders and eclipsed his rival’s; his thick quads, bulging outward, crowned his flex. Jeremy’s pose began to wear off as he realized his rival outsized him and was more shredded than him. That’s when Chris went into his signature pose: his mighty back double bicep. The hard mounds of meat on his wide back, clearly bigger than last season, bulged into each other as he held out his arms; his relatively small waist leading up to his wide shoulders highlighted his unrivaled v-taper; cuts and striations swarm across the round mass at the back of his shoulders; his triceps hung hard and thick toward the floor; his biceps swelled up as he slowly brought in his arms: the mounds of muscle pushed up several blue veins against his pale white skin as they rose to their 20 inches of hard, round meat. Jeremy didn’t copy the pose: he knew he’d lost. He looked at his feet and heard the judges call out Chris’ name as the winner of the Detroit-masters. Jeremy didn’t bother to shake hands with his rival, he left the stage, threw his runner-up prize on the floor and rushed to his car to get away. Chris couldn’t be any happier: he was the first athlete ever to hold the four master titles simultaneously and his physique was unrivaled. He got backstage after talking to the press, pulled on his clothes and went home. When he parked in front of his garage, he noticed a car parked next door. New neighbors, he thought as he entered his house. He tossed his bag aside and went upstairs. He took off his clothes and admired his physique in the mirror when a hand slapped his muscular ass. “Love how your boxers show off your ass, champ”, his girlfriend said as she jumped on his broad back, grabbing his pecs for support. “You’re too heavy for me, babe”, Chris said laughingly and pretended to struggle under the weight as he let his legs shake, sending striations across the surface of his ripped quads. His dick hardened in his boxers as his girlfriend pinched his nipples. “Maybe you’re just too weak, champ”, Trisha replied as she gently bit his ear. Her hands roamed his wide pecs. “Mghn”, Chris groaned as her frail hands continued their way down over his tight six-pack and played with the outlines of his dick through his now tented boxers. He gently tossed her frail body onto the bed, pulled down his boxers, his hard cock smacking against his lower abs as it was freed, and jumped in next to her. Trisha got atop him, mounting his abs and devoured his lips in a deep, sensual kiss. His stronger tongue easily overpowered hers and snaked into her mouth. Chris took a deep breath as she broke the kiss. Her small hands grabbed his wrists, not covering half of them, and he let her stretch out his muscular arms above his head on the mattress. “Can you break free of my hold, champ”, Trisha said as she rubbed her perky ass atop his abs and her back against his throbbing cock. “I give. You dominate me completely, babe”, Chris laughingly said as he pretended to struggle in her weak grip. He squirmed and flexed his arms slightly, avoiding to break her grip. Then, in a single motion, he broke her hold, grabbed her flanks, effortlessly lifted her up from his abs and positioned her atop his cock. “Oh”, Trisha grunted giggly as her big boyfriend lifted her 120 pound body in the air and she felt the head of his rock hard 7 inch cock press against her. She grunted in pleasure as the hot snake invaded her. She took his entire length in and began bouncing up and down the throbbing shaft, while grabbing his pecs for support. “Yeaughn”, Chris groaned, cupping Trisha's firm breasts while she girl stimulated his 7 incher. His balls drew tight and his muscles flexed as his balls exploded. A first volley of cum rocketed through his rock hard shaft and blasted into his girl, soon followed by a second and a third. "Mmuhn", Trisha grunted lustfully as she felt her boyfriend's hot juices blast into her. She kept bouncing up and down the spasming shaft, milking out two more blasts. "Yeaughnn", Chris moaned exhaustedly, his protruding pecs heaving up and down as he took in deep breaths. He pulled in his girl and kissed her deeply as she kept sliding up and down his now softer cock. Trisha felt her boyfriend's 7 incher soften inside her while his strong tongue invaded her mouth. "Muouf", she let out as she climaxed herself, het hot juices flowing along the now half hard cock inside her. Exhausted, she let her delicate, 120 pound body fall against the hard mass of muscle beneath her. Chris felt his girl's juices along his deflating cock and gently stroked her hair as she lay down atop his heaving chest. "Love ya, babe", he whispered in her ear as he carefully lifted her from his dick and installed her against his side, wrapping his thick arm around her in a protective reflex. "Love ya too, hon", Trisha replied as she curled herself in his armpit, resting her head against the hard, hot pec. She slumbered asleep, feeling totally secured aside her 215 pound boyfriend. Chris watched his girl fall asleep, pulled her in closer against his frame, her breath brushing his left nipple and snoozed off himself. Jeremy was still in a grim mood after losing his title at the Detroit-masters the day before. He opened the gym, seeing no clients in the parking lot as usual. He returned to the counter and went through his daily routine of checking the income for his uncle, seeing another decline. "We'll be out of business by the end of next month", he said to himself as he heard the door open. He looked up and saw a big man with a young face, wearing baggy clothes come in. Great, another fatso trying to lose weight, he thought. "Yo", the guy said in a surprisingly deep voice for someone looking that young. "Hello sir", Jeremy replied, tilting his head up to look the guy in the eye, "what can I do for you?". "I'm looking for a place to train", the guy stated, "helped a friend move here and I'll be staying until summer's over. What do you guys charge?". "I'll let you train for free this time and if you're willing to train here, we'll discuss prices after your training", Jeremy said, "Do you need some pointers?". "Na, I've tossed around some weights back in juvy, er at home I mean. Let's see what you guys have here", the guy replied and strutted into the gym. Jeremy watched the guy wander over to the free weights and returned to his own business. He went into his office and continued surfing the net to find a way to beat his rival naturally. An hour later, a loud knock on the door made him look up. "Come in", Jeremy said. The fat young guy stepped into his office and sat down in front of his desk. "I like this place, lots of free weights, if your prices are ok, I'll train here", the guy said. "Glad you like our gym", Jeremy replied, " it's march now and you'll be staying 'till the end of summer, you said. That's six months. Our prices depend on your demands. A minimal membership costs 10 dollars a months, but we offer 10 dollars discount if you pay for six months at once." "50 bucks", the guy stated, "here you go". He pulled out his wallet and put the money on the desk. "Off course there's some paperwork to be done", Jeremy said as he took the money and noticed the size of the guy's hands, "I'll need your name and age first". "Ted Madison, 18 years old", the guy replied. Jeremy blinked as he heard the name. "Related to Chris Madison by any chance?", he asked. "Yeah, I'm his cousin", Ted said, "don't get me started about him. You know him?". "He's my rival in the LTB", Jeremy answered but quickly continued, "height and weight?" "6 feet, 260 pounds, "Ted stated. "260? That's a lot", Jeremy said, "We offer great weight loss programs to get in shape". "I'm not looking to lose weight. I want to compete as a bodybuilder", Ted replied and unzipped his hoodie, taking it off to reveal his torso. Jeremy's eyes widened instantly at the sight. Ted's tank top was stretched to braking point by his protruding chest; veins snaked across his huge arms; his round delts pushed widely outward. Ted grinned at Jeremy's reaction and casually bounced his pecs. "So you're an LTB'er like my cousin", he said, "What do you guys weigh?". "I… mgh", Jeremy cleared his throat as his voice cracked, "he's 215 and I'm 209." "I was around that weight two years ago, at 16", Ted said with a grin and clenched his fists to make his bicep jump. "With the new doping act in place, I also need a urine sample to make sure you're clean", Jeremy said. Ted frowned and folded his arms in front of his chest, making his pecs swell and bulge. "You think I built this body just by taking protein?", he barked. Jeremy looked at the angry teen in front of him, trying not to let his intimidation show on his face as he stared at the bulging pecs and veins snaking across the thick forearms. Before Jeremy could react, Ted his shirt and pulled him over the desk, his feet dangling in the air as he was lifted to eyelevel with the teen beast. "Ever since I was a kid, all the attention in the family was focused on Jeremy", Ted said, "at every family meeting it was Jeremy this and Jeremy that and how great he was doing at school and in sports and how he made the family proud. I never got any attention besides the traditional arm wrestling against him where he would pretend to struggle and then take anyone down…" "I know how it feels to stand in his shadow", Jeremy peeped in the strong grasp. "You have no idea!", Ted belted and shut him up, "I began doing drugs at 14 and ended up in juvy half a year later. One of the youngest kids and only 125 pounds. I was picked on daily by the others. Until I got in touch with a 17 year old that dealt drugs. He offered me some steroids to try and I was hooked. I worked out for hours daily and weighed 180 pounds a few months later. I passed the 215 pound mark at 16 and everyone just left me alone. On my 17th birthday, I got back on my former bullies. They were no match for my 240 pound body, I simply punched the shit out of them. Last month, on my 18th birthday I got out, weighing just over 260 pounds and ready to take on the world. I moved in with the guy that provides my gear." Jeremy looked into Ted's eyes and saw the determination. "Perhaps we could work something out", he said. "Thought so", Ted replied and released his grip, making Jeremy fall with his ass on the wooden desk. "You'll have to be cleanish to compete in the NBC, you'll have to pass the monthly tests so your friend will have to provide you with something undetectable. For here, I'll fill a cup with my urine and pretend it's yours if you help me take your cousin's top spot in the LTB", Jeremy said as he rearranged his shirt. "Getting back on my cousin for ruining my life is high on my list", Ted replied grinningly, "what do you have in mind?". "I need a sweaty shirt of him, as drenched in his sweat as possible for my revenge. Get my that and I will switch the urine sample and let you train here after closing time so your physique doesn't attract attention", Jeremy said. "Consider it done", Ted answered, put on his hoodie and strutted out. The next day Chris and Trisha were unloading the groceries from his car when a deep, yet familiar voice called out Chris' name. Chris looked up and saw a big, young guy in baggy clothes exiting the house next door. "Yo Chris! How ya doin'", Ted said as he strutted over to his cousin. Chris looked up at the 6 feet teen's face and blinked. "Teddy?", he asked incredulously. "It's Ted", the tall teen replied. "Man, you've grown since I last saw you", Chris said as he scanned his cousin's body hidden underneath the baggy clothes. "I thought you were bigger", Ted answered and playfully patted his cousin's muscular shoulder. "That five o'clock beard looks good on you. You live here now?", Chris asked. "Na, helped a friend move here. I'll be spending summer though", Ted replied, "Remember how we used to arm wrestle? How 'bout one for old times?". "Why not?", Chris said, "Come on in and let's see if you've gotten stronger". Ted barely suppressed a grin and followed his cousin inside his house. He greeted Trisha who came from the kitchen as the two cousins sat down at the dinner table. He put his elbow on the table and put out his hand, his physique hidden under his baggy hoodie. Chris had sat down in front of his cousin, put his elbow on the table and grabbed the big hand, his own muscles highlighted by his tight, red shirt. "Ready?", he asked. "What prize are we fighting for?", Ted asked, "a kiss from your girl?". "No way, man", Chris replied. "Afraid to lose?", Ted said with a smirk, "How 'bout winner gets loser's shirt?". "Why not?", Chris answered and winked at his girl standing next to the table. "Ready? Go!", Trisha said. Ted instantly fell that his cousin was no match for him. He saw the veins bulging all over his cousin's right arm as they struggled for superiority. Chris was testing his cousin's defenses and decided to go easy on the guy. He let their hands move from left to right a bit before he started applying more force and gently moved his cousin's hand toward the table. Ted pretended to struggle with the added force and let his cousin move his hand toward the table inch by inch. He kept resisting though, making his cousin fight for every inch. Chris felt his breathing fasten, veins bulging across his engorged 20 inch bicep as he kept pushing his cousin's hand down. Sweat formed on his forehead and his neck, sliding down as he fought against his cousin's resistance. Ted looked his cousin's reddening face and saw more sweat drip down on his shirt, its red fabric was darkening in the armpits. He let his hand move further down toward the table. Chris felt a pump starting the spread across his right pec from the effort; his right bicep pumped passed 20 inches as he summoned more strength for the final push. His red shirt was glued to his back with sweat and hugged his now sweaty pecs tightly. He gritted his teeth, his face reddening some more to end the fight. Ted applied more force and halted his cousin's advance just before his hand made contact with the table. His own arm felt fresh and strong. He playfully tested his cousin and instantly felt that his vein infested, pumped arm was burning out of fuel. He intently reversed the situation very slowly, inching back toward the starting point bit by bit to extend the fight. Chris' eyes widened as he felt his cousin fight back harder. He tried resisting, but he could feel his own strength fade. Sweat now flowed in streams over his dark red face, his shirt glued to his body as his hand retreaded upward. Ted brought their hands back to starting point bit by bit, savoring how his cousin struggled with all his might against his far superior grip; a mild pump only now began to spread across his 25 inch bicep, more because he held back than due to his cousin's resistance. Chris tapped into his last ounce of strength as his cousin pushed him back to starting point. He threw every bit of force in a final attack, sweat dripping from his face onto his now drenched shirt. Ted felt his cousin's final offensive, but his hand didn't budge an inch. Chris couldn't believe their locked hands kept perfectly straight under his force. His eyes widened as he felt the pressure behind his cousin's grip increase. Ted had only slightly upped his power, using only two thirds of the strength his 25 inch bicep could produce. He slowly pushed his cousin's hand past the starting point and down toward the table. Chris fought with everything he got, but he could feel his strength wearing down even more. The pump in his right pec was beyond anything he'd ever felt; his chest heaving up and down on the rhythm of his fast breathing in his sweat drenched shirt; his right bicep, pumped to almost 21 inches, felt like it was going to explode atop his now vein infested arm. Still, his hand was going down inevitably. Ted suppressed another smirk as he felt his cousin's useless resistance. He had dreamed about this day for years in juvy: how he would flatten the star of the family. The feeling of his muscular cousin fighting like a weak kitten against his own steely grasp was far beyond what he had imagined. The thought of toying with the guy that had eclipsed him, filled him with power. The feeling of physically dominating turned him on, making his cock harden in his sweat pants. The resistance his cousin put up, kept fading as their hands passed the last quarter point down to the table. Chris maintained his struggle; or tried to. His 215 pound body felt drained like he had just put it through a grueling workout. He could feel his heartbeat pounding in his ears, his chest heaving up and down to suck in oxygen to fuel his muscles. His right bicep felt like it was about to rip from his arm as it crammed up and spasms shot through the worn out muscles in his forearm. Ted felt the spasms shooting through his cousin's forearm, but the arm didn't budge: his own powerful grip prevented the arm from moving. He pushed his cousin's hand down on the table with a thud. "Looks like I win", he said while keeping his hand locked atop his cousin's. "Yeah", Chris grunted, trying to free his hand but the big hand atop didn't move. He pulled a few times, all the while avoiding to look in his cousin's eyes. Ted got up, his hard 10 inch cock outline against his sweatpants, stepped up behind his cousin and pulled off his sweat drenched shirt, "Better not forget my prize". Chris moved his hands protectively against his own chest, feeling strangely vulnerable with the man that had just beaten him behind him and kept staring down at the table. Ted looked down on his cousin's pumped torso, grinning at how small it looked next to his own. "When you're up for a rematch, just let me know, Chrissy", he said, "I'll let myself out. He patted his cousin on his shoulder, turned around and strutted away. "Oh, no! you're our guest. I'll show you out", Trisha said and rushed behind him. She squirmed her delicate body past him, standing between him and the door. Ted quizzically looked down, the dark red shirt on his shoulder. Trisha stood on her toes, grabbing his right bicep for support. She bit her lips as she felt the huge arm under her fingers. "Still owe you a kiss", she whispered and grabbed his neck to pull him down. Ted savored the kiss, invading her mouth at full force. A faint rumble escaped his mouth as he felt her frail fingers grope his hard dick. "Come by anytime you want", she whispered lustfully in his ear and gave his dick a final squeeze before opening the door and letting him out. Ted instantly pulled out his phone when the door closed behind him. "Yo, J? I have it" "Good. Bring it to me ASAP so I can have my revenge". Ted hung up, got in his car and drove off to the gym…
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    theft (Un)even rivals (1)

    One In a not so distant future, on a planet called ‘Earth’, the world of bodybuilding had undergone a revolution. By the end of the 20th century the sport’s popularity had started declining until reaching a critical, alarmingly low level in the mid 21st century. In 2050, the increasing number of leagues and associations, each with their own champs, resulted in 25 different reigning super-heavyweight-champs, all claiming to be the only true number one. It had gone so far that in the year 2049, 9 different ‘Mister Olympia’-champs had been crowned during 9 alternative ‘Olympia-events’ all held at the same time in different countries; in the US alone, two ‘Olympia’-champs had been crowned (one in new York, the other one in Miami) on the same day… Companies were no longer interested in investing and the number of sponsors began going down. Another, more powerful blow to the image of the sport came in 2051 when the newly created ‘US Isolationist Party’ surprisingly won the elections and indicated the first ever US nationalist president. Unbelievably loyal to his promises, President Edgar Vile signed the US Health-bill. In a concern, or populist inspiration as his opponents called it, Vile had promised that every sport practiced on US territory would be submitted to tests by the USADA, to appeal to the new health-awareness awoken in the late 2030’s. Knowing full well he would need every support he could get to become president, Vile had made a deal with the most popular sports in the US: in return for their help, votes and money, these leagues had obtained a three year truce with the USADA. They were the first to congratulate him after his election and to remind him of their deal. President Vile proved to be a man of his word and ordered the USADA to randomly start testing three sports: soccer, wrestling and bodybuilding. The public cheered the president’s concern for the general health and reacted with disbelief as the first results were made public: none of the 245 tested pro-bodybuilders were natural as they claimed. Every single one of them tested positive for at least one illegal substance; 2 of them had more chemicals in their veins than blood… Even the most popular bodybuilder, the reigning super-heavyweight-champ in three different leagues was stripped from his titles as he tested positive on HGH, insulin, clenbuterol and trenbolone. During a press conference, the champ was apologizing to the public, saying that someone must have put the stuff in his drink to frame him when all hell broke loose: someone flung a shoe at his face, several disillusioned fans stormed the stage, dragged the 330 pound, contest ready man from his chair and lynched him in front of the cameras. The fallen champ barely got away, his faces a bloody, swollen mess and his body covered in bruises. The sport’s last credibility disappeared down the drain as the champ left the stage under a rain of insults and more shoes… Activist groups jumped on the occasion. A new one, “mams against roids”, organized daily protests in front of gyms and health stores all across the US. Images of hysteric women busting into gyms and chasing gymgoers while hitting them with their purses or charging into health stores and trashing the aisles were on the news daily. It reached a climax as over 750,000 mothers demonstrated in the streets of Washington, burning a huge pile of supplements in front of the White House. Bodybuilding contests were cancelled by lack of sponsors and constant ‘mams against roids’-attacks, gyms were closing as rapidly as they had opened in the late 1990’s, supplement stores and manufacturers were quickly going out of business in this atmosphere. The bankruptcy of several large supplement companies and the ongoing riots began endangering the economy and President Vile decided to take action. He organized a large meeting to restore order. Together with the head of the USADA, the leader of “mams against roids”, representatives of the supplement industry and the leaders of the three remaining bodybuilding federations, he reached an agreement to alter the sport. From 2052 on, there would be only two clearly separated bodybuilding leagues : the League of True Bodybuilders (LTB) and the National Bodybuilding Committee (NBC). The LTB would have a zero tolerance for supplements; it would be natural bodybuilding in which the contestants would not be allowed to take any supplement at all and would be tested every week. The NBC on the other hand would regroup the existing leagues and its athletes would be allowed to use supplements and would only be tested once a month. All previously tested bodybuilders caught with illegal substances in their blood were banned for life from the sport and would face jail time (this was the only way to make “Mams against roids” sign the agreement). Upon agreement with all parties, President Vile quickly signed the “Body Bill” and peace returned gradually to the US. A few years went by and things followed their natural course: the NBC simply took over the existing bodybuilding scene, with less heavy athletes (the reigning super-heavyweight-champ took his crown standing at 232 pounds; everyone knew the athletes still took banned substances but the abuse had been controlled by the monthly tests. The NBC never regained the big successes of the past, but was able to produce a series of uncontested champs. The LTB on the other hand struggled to take its place in the world of sports: the physiques of the all-natural athletes were simply unimpressive compared to the images of roided-up bodybuilders and fitness models that had brainwashed to public since the early 21st century. Despite its simple structure, there were only two categories, based on height (one class for those up to 5’6 and another class for those taller than 5’6)the league lacked impact on the public and charismatic champs. This changed in the early 2060’s: in 2062 the OIC announced that bodybuilding would be part of the upcoming 2065 Olympics in Los Angeles. Only LTB-athletes would be allowed to participate if they met the criteria. The LTB-president used the news to drastically alter the calendar of his sport. He had been inspired by the world of tennis and introduced an entirely new system: the competition would be divided in three categories of events (4 master-events, 10 level-1-events, 30 level-2-events and a tour championship-event at the end of the season with only the top eight competitors) where the contestants would receive points according to their placing, based on these points a global ranking would be made. This ranking would serve as a base to divide the athletes during the events: the top 4 heads-of-series would be placed in different quarters and could only meet in the semi-finals; the numbers 1 and 2 could only meet in the finals. Instead of the traditional prejudging and judging of the NBC, the LTB would allow the public to see their favorite in action on several days during an event, each with its own poses and routines. At first, the public responded very little to these technical proposals but once they got the system the LTB flourished like never before, sending its revenues through the roof by the new amount of tickets that were sold for the different stages and because even the level-2-events always managed to get a top competitor on stage among the local heroes. This, and the uprising of two charismatic young champions. It was in this context that the rivalry of Jeremy “Jerry” Bain and Chris Madison unfolded in 2063. At the age of 23, Jeremy combined his career with a job as personal trainer in the gym owned by his uncle. For the past two years, he had been competing mostly in level-2-events, trying to get his ranking up and get access to the level-1- and master-events. At the end of the 2062-season, he had finally managed to get through the qualifiers for the San Francisco-masters. His 5’8, 191 pounds physique had taken him through the quarters, where he had surprisingly won his lineup by beating the world number 3 who was coming back after injury, into the semis; there his body had been no match for the world number 1 and reigning SF-master-champion, the 10 pound difference had been too obvious. His performance had pushed his ranking up from 23 to 8, giving him direct access to the lineup of the upcoming top events. This made him train even harder during the off-season, gaining 5 more pounds to tackle the 2063-season. Chris Madison was a year younger than Jeremy and had first gotten his degree in nutrition and sports. He had heard the news about the Olympics and had registered for an LTB-license. His body was naturally muscular thanks to his excellent genetics (his grandfather on his mother’s side had been a four times “Mister Olympia” heavyweight-champ back in his days) and he had built a fine physique by lifting weights through high school and college. At 5’7 and brushing 200 pounds, he decided to have a go at natural bodybuilding and enlisted for a local level-2-event. A smile formed on Chris’ face as he entered on stage for the quarterfinals (first round) on Friday night and heard his friends in the public cheer his name. He stood next to his three competitors in his blue boxers (posers were not allowed by LTB rules). Despite being the shortest guy on stage, he clearly out sized his rivals. They went through the mandatory poses and turns and Chris was declared winner and proceeded to the semis. The semis were held on Saturday night and this time there were even more locals to cheer for Chris. He winked at his girlfriend on the first row as he strutted out on stage. He looked at the other side of the podium to see his opponent walking up to him in the center to face the public and judges. Chris was up against head-of-series number 2, the number 15 of the world ranking. The athletes respectfully nodded at each other and went through the first part of the semis: four quarter turns that allowed the judges to inspect their physiques from different angles. Chris out sized his opponent by a good 15 pounds and was way more shredded: his six-pack rippled under his thin, untanned, pale skin, highlighting the grooves between the rows of cobbles. By the time they began the three mandatory poses, both athletes knew the contest was already over. His friends and the rest of the crowd cheered as Chris bested the guy in each pose: his ab vacuum accentuated his impressive v-taper; his most muscular drew cuts and lines all over his body; and his signature pose (the back double bicep) simply squashed the other guy: the mounds of muscle on his back flowed like cut waves of mass into each other leading up to his broad, rounded shoulders; his strong triceps filled out his arms and the nice peaks of his biceps, pushing up a thick vein completed the picture. The judges unanimously let him through to the finals. Chris shook hands with his opponent, greeted the audience and left the stage with a large smile. The final was held on Sunday afternoon and the room was completely full, people even sat in the aisles to see their local hero. Chris felt the stress throughout his muscular, 199 pound body as he put on his blue, elastic boxers. He took in a deep breath before strutting out on stage. The crowd exploded in cheers but he focused on his waiting opponent. He would have to beat the head-of-series number 1, the world number 5. As they nodded at each other, Chris took in his opponent: the guy was taller (around 6’, he guessed) and looked about the same weight as him. They went through the traditional quarter turns and the judges were clearly doubting, discussing as they pointed at parts of the athletes’ physiques. The mandatory poses were replaced by an actual pose down for the final: the athletes got 10 minutes to out-pose each other. His rival instantly went for his own ‘money shot’ and threw an impressive most muscular. Chris copied the pose, looking slightly less intimidating, and let it flow into an ab vacuum. Here, his shorter build gave him a slight advantage: his strong shoulder line appeared broader than that of his taller opponent. Chris took charge, upping his pace and also flexed his quads: grooves appeared between the hard muscles that beefened on his legs. Once more, his opponent’s longer limbs seemed a tad smaller. Chris relaxed and turned around. He flared his lats, accentuating his broad back and extended his arms next to him. He raised them teasingly slowly until they were parallel to the floor. He then brought them in for his own ‘money shot’: his back double bicep-pose put the icing on the cake. The public yelled his name as the judges ended the 10 minute pose down. Both athletes turned around, anxious for the result. The room exploded with joy as Chris was announced as the winner. His opponent shook his hand and added “You’ll go far in our sport, kid” before leaving the stage. Chris beamed with pride as he lifted his trophy in the air. His first prize also included a wildcard for the upcoming Detroit-masters the next month and made him climb to number 53 on the new ranking. Jeremy continued his slow process to the top. He had worked hard during the off season and felt that his moment was near. He entered a level-1-event, but lost the final to the reigning world number 1. The next level-2-events he competed in, he was the first head-of-series and he twice claimed the victory, propelling his ranking up to number two of the world. He couldn’t wait for the Detroit-masters to begin; he would claim his first ever master-event title and dominate his sport. The Detroit-masters began and with the larger list of competitors in those events, an additional round was added, during which the first four heads-of-series didn’t have to compete. Chris convincingly won his group and came up against the number three in the world in his quarter final. He bested the guy, his back double bicep-pose doing the trick once more (he had worked hard on his arms and back, making his bicep reach 18 inches when flexed). In the semis he was up against the number one and reigning Detroit-masters-champ. His showdown never took place though: the world number one had to forfeit because of sudden illness (a few days later the news of his positive drug test came out, explaining this case of sudden flu). Chris couldn’t care less: he was through to the finals of his first major event. On the other side of the draw, Jeremy rolled up the competition to advance to the final. He knew the title was his to take with the only guy to beat him recently out of the competition. 750 fans filled the room for the big final on a sunny Sunday afternoon. They cheered as the speaker called the finalists on stage. Jeremy couldn’t suppress a grin as he entered and greeted the audience: he knew his moment to shine had come. He turned aside as his opponent stepped on stage and came up to him. At 5’8 Jeremy looked slightly down into Chris’ eyes. Instead of nodding, he bounced his strong pecs, making striations and veins cross the hard surface, and turned his back to his rival. Chris was thrown slightly off balance by his opponent’s display and noticed the personalized black boxers (marked ‘Jerry’) as Jeremy turned his well muscled back to him. He quickly discarded the thoughts as the judges urged both of them to take their position. The final began with the mandatory quarter turns. Jeremy was 3 pounds lighter than his rival, but his greater experience and more shredded body stood out from the start. He didn’t even wait for the head judge to announce the second round to start the pose down. He began with a side tricep, showcasing the thick horseshoe-shaped muscle at the back of his arm while also accentuating the striations of his thick chest. Chris followed the lead, copying the pose. Jeremy already continued into a front bicep leading up to a most muscular. His 17.5 inch arms balled up into nice round orbs with veins before he lowered his arms to showcase his magnificent torso: his pecs hardened between the masses of his biceps atop his cut six-pack. Chris hurried into his own most muscular, finally adjusting to his rival’s pace. The difference was clear to the judges: Chris had clearly neglected his front side to build his back poses. A larger grin formed on Jeremy’s face as he noticed the judges’ behavior. He turned around for his final pose and threw a back double bicep. Chris copied the pose and here he was the best: the mounds of muscle on his back aesthetically flowed into each other and his broad shoulder highlighted his thin waist, crowned by the shaped peaks of his 18 inch biceps. The head judge ended the pose down and Jeremy was crowned as the new Detroit-masters-champion. Jeremy thanked the audience and stressed how easy this victory had been for him and that he would now dominate his sport as the new number one of the world. Part of the audience booed after his speech and cheered as Chris humbly greeted them as the new number 12 of the world. The season continued, but not as Jeremy had expected it. He won 3 of the 10 level-1-events and 5 more level-2-events and reached the final of the other three master-events. Chris’ winning streak began at a minor level-2-event in Las Vegas, a month after his loss to Jeremy in Detroit. He had worked to bring up his front side muscle groups and ever since he’d won 7 level-2-events and 5 level-1-events. But he had also claimed the title in the three master-events, besting Jeremy in each final. At the end of the season he also claimed the tour finals, the official world championship of the LTB and overtook Jeremy’s number 1 spot in the rankings…
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    muscle-growth Ikaros

    Part 1 David was a wizard, a magician, at what he did, and the high-tech sports supplement company Rynth Labs paid him well for his work. He had an early, glorious career working for the pharmaceutical industry, but he was a bit of a maverick. He felt more at home in the supplement industry that had less oversight and regulation, and the fact that he could use extracts and derivatives, but never directly any hormones or drugs, added an extra level of challenge. He didn't mind when a sales guy once called him a "modern day shaman." And he had the results to show for his work. He had built an elite group of competitors that benefitted from his research. Some of his products found their way into the commercial products that brought in profits, but many were too dangerous or delicate or expensive to be mass-produced and trusted to the public. Under his watchful eye and attention to detail and rigourous administration, these top contenders benefitted from David's magical potions in exchange for advertising Rynth products. David loved seeing the physical body develop and grow, and he hoped to develop a supplement that could safely trigger massive muscle growth in anyone. He often sampled his own products and had an trim, athletic body to show for it, but he spent most of his time in the lab and behind books, rather than in the gym lifting weights. He was frustrated that the amazing products he was producing were not the ones available to the public. Too often the company decided it was more cost-effective to keep the formulas for the sponsored athletes and used a cheaper imitation of his work that often did little. David was repeatedly reminded that his job was to focus on the athletes that brought in the money. Nobody reminded him of that more often than Russell (aka "The Muscle"). Most of David's athletes were bodybuilders, with some powerlifters and a sprinter. Russell was defending his Mr. O title and was Lab Rynth's star athlete and he knew it. He was David's first project when he started at Rynth Labs about 12 years ago. Russell had won his first local teenage-level show and with David's magic, his body and ego had more than doubled in size since then. At 6 feet tall, he had a chest that pumped up to five feet around, arms that reached two feet around, a ripped 33 inch waist and each leg expanded to three feet around. He could deadlift, squat and bench up to 1,000 pounds. "Isn't it your job to make the BIG guys bigger? I don't care about all the wanna-be's." Russell always felt like David was holding out on him, trying to come up with something safe for the masses rather than something potent for him to soar higher than anyone. And by "anyone" he was thinking of Tomin Rau, last year's runner up who was nearly as impressive as Russ was, and was a sponsored athlete of Rynth lab's biggest rival Sun Labs. David knew they were cheating, using drugs and training techniques that sometimes crippled or killed their athletes until they found one or two who could withstand the abuse and respond by growing faster than natural, then cleaning them up before competing. David had caught Russ using steroids or test, and he had to scramble to avoid a bad reaction before warning Russ that he could have had a heart attack or damaged his organs irreparably. Russ didn't seem to care much about the risk, but he also didn't want to get on David's bad side too much, so it didn't happen often. "What's something new you got for me?" Russ asked about 7 months out from the next Mr. O. "I've got a couple things in animal trials," David began. "I need something now," Russ demanded. "Well, one cocktail was for digesting protein and delivering it to muscles more efficiently, but it looks like it has the opposite effect and digested half the skeletal muscle in the rats and then they pissed it out. You want to try that?" David retorted. "No, but I'd like to give it to Tomin.... Hey, could we do that?" "Sabotage is not very sportsman like." "I'm not a sportsman, I'm a winner." "And do you have any way of getting a supplement to Tomin?" "I might know a guy who supplies him and I might have some leverage with said guy." "Well, we tried to give the rats human-like guts for the experiment, but it might work the way it was designed on humans afterall, and if it does, you'd be giving Tomin a powerful weapon." "So do a human trial and find out!" "Are you volunteering? That's quite a gamble." "Don't you know the best way to gamble is with someone else's money? Have one of the other guys here test it." David didn't need to respond for Russ to know he lost the argument, and with a grumble Russ brought out his log for David to review. But Russ's argument nagged at David. He was pretty sure that he had the theory and models right, but it was possible that the disappointing results in the rats would be repeated in a human, as well. Who would be as desparate but even more reckless than Russell? Maybe a younger Russell, David thought, and he made some phone calls.
  5. theseventhwave

    theft The Symbiote War

    Hello everyone! Chapters 1 through 4 were originally posted on the old site. I'll start this thread by posting them again. The new chapters are posted after chapter 4. This story is really just a tribute to the truly amazing writing of Xyggurat - hoping to get him back into writing (some of his writing can be found at O'Melissokomos's site). If you haven't read Xyggurat's The Roommate series, then you really should. The ideas in The Symbiote War are derived from the ideas created by Xyggurat. Chapter 1: New School, New Roommate. “As I must do something or go mad, I write this diary.” Will someone ever read this? If so, will they ever believe my story? I don’t believe what’s been happening – why would I expect anyone else to believe this? But I have to write this out, even if it’s just to preserve my own sanity. I was really looking forward to university. Sure, San Cristobal had a reputation for being a bit...weird, but still, it was going to be the start of something new and exciting. I was a fool. The last weekend of Summer was move-in day for the dorms. I had just finished hauling my stuff up the stairs and was lying on my bed, hoping that my crap would just unpack itself. No luck. That’s when my new roommate walked in. In a moment of silence we quickly sized each other up. He was kind of cute; short-cropped and messy ginger-blond hair and blue eyes. He was quite short, and rather lean, but I could tell that he at least made a bit of an attempt at the gym. I stood up to introduce myself and was surprised – he was probably 5’4 or maybe 5’5. In my moment of hesitation, he stuck out his hand – “Shawn” he said with a shy smile. Yes, he was cute. “Corrigan” I replied. Turns out we were quite similar, and this caused us to hit it off a bit too quickly. He was here for a business degree; I’m here for statistics. He’s a ginger-blonde; I’m a dirty blonde. We both had blue eyes. And while I’m not all that tall at 5’7, I was certainly a bit better off than Shawn’s 5’4. We both worked out fairly regularly, but not too seriously. We’re both on the lean side, and although we both wanted a bit more muscle, we were hard-gainers, and neither one of us was really willing to put in the kind of time it would take to seriously bulk up. But I didn’t just have a height advantage over Shawn, I also had a bit more musculature. We were both into muscular guys. Oh, did I mention we’re both gay? This was immediately obvious – and disastrous. We didn’t even wait a day. That first night, we fucked and sucked our brains out. He was definitely impressed by my nine-inch tool. Ok, it was nine on a good day, but certainly above eight and a half. His five incher was not as impressive, but still looked good on his smaller frame. But after that first night it got awkward. Neither one of us was really what the other was looking for, and it was a bit weird to be rooming with a one-night-stand. Oh we were still fast friends. But there was that underlying tension – each expecting that we might do it again, but not really being all that into the idea. Don’t get me wrong. He was cute. But I was looking for a guy with muscles that filled out his shirt. So was Shawn. In the first few weeks of university, my schedule sorted itself out into routine: classes, surfing for porn, studying, porn, making new friends, porn, hanging out, porn, and hitting the gym. Did I mention I was always horny? I liked the university atmosphere as well as all the hot guys on campus, and I liked the university’s gym facilities (which included a buffet of hot guys). So I found myself establishing quite a regular gym routine, and I could already see results – I was clearly a bit buffer for my few weeks of solid effort. Ok, it was barely noticeable. But at least I could tell that I was putting on a bit of muscle, and I managed to raise my max for many of my lifts. Shawn was also hitting the gym – and if anything, he was a bit more ferocious than I was – I could see some improvement on his body as well. Don’t get me wrong, he was still lean, but his subtle musculature was ever-so-slightly more pronounced. After having broken the ice so vigorously, we really weren’t shy about our bodies around each other, so we often lounged in our dorm room in just our underwear. I preferred sexier briefs for going out, but just regular boxers for lounging around the room. Shawn always wore tighty-whities – but not loose cheap ones, they were the good ones that really hugged his package and accentuated his tight ass. I could see that his few weeks of pounding away at the gym were starting to fill out his form nicely. And from the bulge at the front, he seemed to be sporting a perpetual chubby. We were getting along well, and I was beginning to feel that the residual tension from our earlier one-night stand would eventually fade away completely. We were both horny buggers, but we had established a good routine of letting the other have some private time in the room at least a couple of times every day. Shawn was quite the horn dog – his tight balls could pump out a lot of cum – and it was a rare day that he wouldn’t jack off at least twice. But like I said, we had our routine, and things were sailing along smoothly. But in one night, all that ended. Chapter 2: The night it began. We had been having quite the hot spell – hot for late September. It wasn’t just hot; it was unusually humid as well. The dorm air conditioners were struggling to keep up, but due to their failure Shawn and I had taken to sleeping on top of the sheets. The goof had even tried sleeping with a zip lock bag of ice, which inevitably broke and soaked his bed. This particular night came after another hot, humid day. The evening was particularly still – no wind, and it felt as if everything living had left the campus for some cooler climate. Shawn and I spent the evening in our dorm room, studying in nothing but our underwear. Shawn called it quits first and crawled into bed, or rather on top of bed. Our dorm room was decent sized; two beds with room at the foot of each for a fair sized desk, and a generous cabinet and closet lining each side of the hall heading toward the door of our room. However, the layout did make it uncomfortable for one person to try and sleep while the other studied. Thus, I headed to bed shortly after Shawn. I was having trouble sleeping with the heat, and so I lay on top of the sheets for a while thinking about...well, everything. Shawn had managed to drift off, and in his tossing and turning he had turned over flat on his back. In the dim campus light streaming through the blind I could see that he was sporting wood. His hard cock must have been at full mast because it was creating quite an impressive tent in his tighty whities, almost pulling the waistband away from his abs. As my gaze swept over his body, I was again reminded of the gains he had been making in the gym these past few weeks. I could see a bit of swelling in his pecs, and I could almost see some abdominal ridges. That must have gotten my mind off school and I quickly drifted off to sleep. I don’t recall waking up. I don’t recall hearing a sound. But all of a sudden I was awake and aware that something was in the room. I cracked my eyes open and let out a gasp. Shawn must have also awakened, because he sat bolt upright in bed. We were both stunned into silence. The thing in our room was gargantuan. I thought that some monstrous animal must have escaped from the San Diego Zoo, or perhaps some experiment from Camp Pendleton had stumbled into our dorm room. The thing was huge; and it was a man. A gigantic, bulging, muscular beast of a man. His pale skin was offset by his short black hair and black eyes. His neck was thick, supported by a pair of mountainous traps. He was wearing some sort of cape or cloak; a bit weird, but in hindsight I imagine it would have been tough to find clothes to fit that gigantic bulk. He was breathing. Normally that wouldn’t be remarkable, but on him it was incredible. His bulging muscles, writhing with veins, appeared to expand and swell with every breath. It was mesmerizing. His cloak rose and fell with the movement of his massive pecs; and through the split in the front, it was clear that in spite of their size, they were packed with lean, striated muscle. His hands clenched, and I could see the veins writhing under the skin of his bulging forearms – impossibly thick with muscle. Given that he had invaded our room, Shawn or I should probably have said something. But we were too stunned...or awestruck, to speak. But then he spoke, and the deep rumble of his voice sent reverberations through my chest: “A war is raging; a war that we should have won some time ago. The old ones are trying to exterminate us, but we have a right to exist. We will be dominant in this struggle. Our tribe will rule.” Ummm...cryptic much? Still too stunned to speak. “We have a plan that will win the war, but it will take time. They have been taking out our new forces before they mature. But our plan is to build our vessels first, in secret. And when they are ready, when they show that they are worthy, we will bestow upon them our divinity, and welcome them into our ranks. Tonight, one of you will become the chosen. You will be given a chance to demonstrate that you are worthy of our gift. And if you build yourself into a worthy vessel, you will be granted a power that is beyond imagining, and you will take your place among us as rulers of all the rest. The other will become the source, and will be granted the gift of watching as the chosen grows into godhood.” I would have thought this was some joke, but this man was just too big to be possible. Shawn spoke first “What do you mean? Who will be chosen? What is this source?” “There will be combat. The one who dominates will be chosen. He will receive the opportunity and the means of joining our ranks.” And as if to accentuate his point, he shifted his cloak and revealed a bit more of his body – it was stunning, muscles on top of muscles, wrapped in a web of veins, and they looked hard as rocks. This was too much for me. “What do you mean, ‘the one who dominates’? Why are you in our room?” But I almost didn’t get that last question out. It was as if something in Shawn had snapped. I knew he wanted muscles, so did I. But what was happening here was not possible, this behemoth couldn’t be taken seriously. We should have been phoning campus security. But without warning Shawn was flying across the room and landed on top of me, knocking the wind out of me with a knee to my chest. Even in the dim light, I could see the intensity on his face and the hunger burning like fire in his blue eyes. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. How could Shawn be taking this seriously? And why was he beating the crap out of me? By the time I came around to realizing the seriousness of the situation, Shawn had already battered me about the head and upper body fairly well. He must have been fully into a berserker rage, because these hits were really hurting. Crap, his efforts at the gym were really paying off – but I just wish it wasn’t at my expense. I was really having a tough time getting my wits about me. I tried defending myself, but I was still pinned to my bed by his weight, and he was effectively preventing me from mounting any counter. I finally managed to roll us both off the bed, and fortunately I managed to land on top of Shawn, which at least slowed him down temporarily. I tried pinning his arms to the floor, trying to use my larger bulk to subdue him. But he managed to bring a knee up and gave me a solid hit to the groin. I momentarily saw stars, and by the time I re-focused, I had lost my advantage. Shawn was out from underneath and to make matters worse, he was climbing on top of me with my chest pinned to the floor – making it quite impossible for me to block any of his blows. I tried pushing both of us up off the floor in hopes of getting us flipped over, I was making some headway before Shawn gave me a solid blow to the kidney – and that took all the fight out of me. It was clear that he had dominated me, and I gave up. I could hear his growl of approval in my ear, and now that we were settled, I could feel the hardness of his erection along my back. We were both sweating and panting. Shawn slowly crawled off me, and I slowly crawled my way up to a sitting position. “Excellent. Your hunger will make you a suitable candidate” he said to Shawn. Shawn was glowing with excitement. I was holding my breath. “You will need to build your body into a worthy vessel. We will give you the means to do so. When we return, if you have demonstrated that you are ready, then you will be elevated to our ranks.” I could hear Shawn’s breathless “Yes.” The behemoth turned to me “You will obey my command. You will not run and hide. You will become the source. And from your seed, our army will be built.” He reached inside his cloak and pulled out a vial, it looked tiny in his hands. “Come here and kneel before me” he said. I don’t know why, but my body moved over and knelt in front of him – it didn’t feel like my own body – it felt as if I was a marionette being moved by someone else’s hands. As I knelt, I looked up at his giant frame towering over me. He cracked open the vial and poured a drop onto my forehead. The liquid inside felt cool, and it quickly evaporated, or soaked into my skin. If I knew what was going on, I would have been screaming. My whole body felt a shudder – ripples running up and down my spine, and it felt as if my skin was crawling. I felt as if I swooned a little, and the room around me seemed to waver and sway. And it looked as if the behemoth in front of me was swelling even larger. “Now you are prepared. Stand up. Bring yourself to orgasm, and catch the seed in your hand.” I wasn’t embarrassed, I was mortified. I’m supposed to masturbate in front of this guy and Shawn? But even as one part of my mind was rebelling, another part of my mind and my body were already doing as I was told. My boxers were under my balls, and my hands were already at work bringing myself to full erection. Shawn was silent; staring intently. I closed my eyes as one hand worked the shaft while the other caressed my balls. And in spite of the fact that my erection didn’t feel up to its full self, I still managed to cum fairly quickly. I cupped my hand to catch every drop as it spewed forth. I stood there in a moment of uncertainty. “Come Chosen One, to receive your gift.” Shawn moved over to stand in front of me. I looked down at his naked body – had he lost his briefs in the fight, or had he dropped them in anticipation? His lean muscles were glistening with a bit of sweat, and his smooth chest was slowly rising and falling with his breathing. His erection was standing straight out from his body, it was clearly at full attention, and was looking impressively thick and full. “Apply your seed to the Chosen One.” Gross. But I watched as my hand reached out and swiped my cum across Shawn’s chest; some of it cascaded down his abs, and the final drops landed at the base of his cock. The cum sparkled in the light, but quickly disappeared, absorbing into his skin at an abnormal rate. Shawn let out a grunt, and then a moan that sounded almost like pleasure. His hips flexed, causing his cock to bob, and if anything it appeared to be getting harder, rising above horizontal and beginning to angle toward his abs. His abdominal muscles were tensing. Or were they? They appeared to harden under his skin, the faint ridges pushing out slightly more than before. But they didn’t un-flex – the faint ridges remained. I blinked. But my eyes weren’t deceiving me – a barely-visible four-pack of abdominals had just appeared. Shawn gave out a soft noise somewhere between a grunt and a moan. My eyes wandered up to his face, which seemed to be a bit closer than before. Was he standing taller? It couldn’t be possible, but it appeared that he was taller. He was still short, but he didn’t seem to be his usual 5’4. His eyes seemed to be moving closer, as if he was standing on the balls of his feet. If he wasn’t a full inch taller, then he was at least 5’4 and a half, and still growing. I glanced down to the rest of his body, noticing that the growth wasn’t limited to height. His pecs, which were thin and barely noticeable, were pushing out from his body with small, but noticeable striations of muscle. His traps were adding the slightest of curves to the connection between his shoulder and neck, and were accentuated by the slightly expanding deltoids which were rounding out his shoulders. His arms were still thin, but as I watched, they appeared to swell, the biceps mounding out of the arms, looking as if he had suddenly developed a good pump after a hard work out. I glanced down to his legs to see that they were also thickening with some new muscles, giving Shawn the look of someone who did a bit of running. But this also brought my attention to his hard cock bobbing between us – it was still bobbing, but it looked swollen, as if he were about to cum. It was clearly a bit thicker, as well as longer. The beginning of a vein had appeared along the length, and the head, wet with a big drop of pre-cum, was forming a slightly larger mushroom. His balls also looked swollen, as if he hadn’t cum in a few days, and they were drawn up tight into a ball that was maybe the size of a plum. Another moan of pleasure, and his swollen cock expanded a bit more, and then yet again – it was impressive. But then quite suddenly, his balls clenched up, his hips bucked, and his cock shot out a geyser of hot cum that splattered across my abs and chest. Even thinking back on it, I can’t decide if I was grossed out or turned on. However, the erection that I’m sporting as I write this leads me to believe that it was hot. Shawn was changed. The changes were slight, but because I’d had plenty of opportunity to see him naked over the past weeks, I could certainly see the difference. He was slightly taller, maybe not quite 5’5, but close. His muscles bulged out a bit more, drawing his skin a bit tighter around the newly formed striations. And his cock was certainly larger – I couldn’t tell for certain, but it might have been a full, meaty, six inches. With an exhale, Shawn quietly breathed “Oh fuck.” When it was over, the behemoth spoke “You are being given an opportunity, do not waste it. You must use the source to build your body into a vessel that is suitable for ruling at our side. When we return, if you have demonstrated your worthiness, you will be given great power, and we will be dominant.” I should have been speaking, I should have been asking questions, or yelling for help. But I was too stunned. “Sleep” was the behemoth’s final word to the two of us, and I don’t even recall collapsing into bed. Chapter 3: The next morning: Measuring up. I woke instantly. It was clearly mid-morning, as the full sun was shining in through the open blinds, making the room too bright for my newly woken eyes. I couldn’t see, but I could hear a forced breathing, coming fast. I forced myself to squint, and saw that Shawn was already up. He was doing push-ups in the gap between the beds, and the fast breathing was coming from him. I must have let out a bit of a groan, because he stopped and got up. “Rise and shine! I just woke up a few minutes ago. Welcome to our new life.” He sounded cheerful. “So it wasn’t a dream?” I asked. “Not unless we had the same dream.” He replied. That got me thinking – if it wasn’t a dream, then something very unnatural had occurred last night. I forced myself to take a good look at Shawn. He looked great. His body had a slight sheen from the push-ups, and his chest looked red and swollen with an amazing pump. “I’ve never been able to do more than fifteen at a time. But I’ve just done three sets of thirty.” He said as he flexed his pecs. Flexed his pecs? Shawn was scrawny, but now he had pecs. Granted, they were still small, but there was enough muscle there to show off his pump. I slowly crawled out of bed and stood up. Was he taller? It sort of seemed as if there was a slight change in our relative heights; as if I was slouching a bit and he was standing up a bit straighter. Or, as if I was barefoot and he was wearing a thin-heeled shoe – only we were both barefoot. My suspicions from last night were right; he had to be closer to 5’5 than his previous 5’4. I glanced down. Shawn was semi-hard in his briefs, and his tumescent cock was aimed toward his hip, looking quite plump and full considering that he wasn’t fully hard. “Do you think what happened last night was real?” He asked. “Are you really some sort of ‘source’? Did your cum really have an effect on me?” “I’m not sure. You might be a bit taller. It’s tough to tell.” I lied, I was pretty sure I could tell that he was a bit taller. “I think we should put it to the test.” “I don’t think so.” “Come on Corrigan. Admit it – you’re just as curious as I am. We can test to see if your cum works on you first – but if it does, then I get the second dose.” I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. But I have to admit, I was curious. Fascinated, really. In hindsight, this was my “Elmer Fudd staring into the barrel of his own shotgun” moment. Maybe I didn’t believe it could be true. Maybe I was turned on by the idea that my cum could turn Shawn into a muscle monster. Maybe I was hoping that my cum would do that to me. Or maybe I was just convinced by Shawn’s cute boyish smile and his deep blue eyes staring up at me. But I found myself agreeing to the idea. My cock was already starting to tent my boxers. I sat back on my bed, pulled my boxers off and lay down. I was clearly eager – my erection was already at full mast. I cupped my balls, they felt big and full, and I stroked my hard cock. It felt fully hard, but it didn’t quite fill up my hand the way I was used to, and I don’t think it was close to nine inches anymore. Had I shrunk? That got me worried. I was still over eight and a half, but still, if you can hit nine on a ruler – who would want to lose that? I asked Shawn for a ruler. He rummaged around in his desk and managed to find one of those ones that comes along with a three-ring binder. I held it up to my cock, gave a few more strokes, and a bit of a squeeze. I was still over eight and a half, but I was not going to hit nine inches. What did that behemoth do to me? Was this going to be permanent? Could I reverse this? While my brain was running, Shawn took the ruler back. He was standing beside the bed, his briefs hiked below his balls – his cock was at full mast – it looked thick and full, and his balls were clenched up tight like a swollen plum. He pressed the ruler up to his erection – it didn’t hit the six inch mark, but it was certainly close. He gave it several strokes, his cock had a thick vein running up the side and a drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip. He massaged his pecs while stroking his cock. He was even cuter with the hint of added muscle. He had a mischievous gleam in his eyes, and was absently-mindedly biting his lower lip as he felt himself up. Was I falling for my scrawny roommate? Or, was I falling for the possibility of what he might become if all this turned out to be true? My swollen balls clenched up further and my hard cock swelled with the anticipation of orgasm. My mixed feelings prevented me from cumming too hard – instead, it just pooled on my abs and filled my bellybutton. Shawn stopped his stroking, and we both silently watched what happened. Nothing. Nothing happened. A pool of cum on my abs – not going anywhere – not absorbing into my skin in the same rapid fashion that it did for Shawn last night. Shawn reached out tentatively with a finger toward the pool of cum. I held my breath. He stuck his finger into the pool, near the head of my still hard cock. He let out a quiet gasp and removed his finger – it was dry. My balls tightened up a bit, and a drop of cum oozed out the tip of my boner. I couldn’t see any difference in his body, but maybe it wasn’t enough to make a noticeable change. But I did notice that his cock bobbed once in anticipation. With a hungry look on his face, Shawn eagerly bent over, leaned in, and took a good slurp of cum from my abs. He let out a moan of pleasure. I could already see the small thin muscles in his shoulder flexing and rippling as they expanded with growth. Shawn’s tongue went to work cleaning my abs of cum; and when he stuck his tongue in my bellybutton to clean it out, it sent a ripple of pleasure across my body, and caused me to shoot one more load right into the side of his face. He leaned over and popped the head of my cock in his mouth. He gave a good suck as his tongue caressed the head, and another few drops leaked out and were eagerly sucked away. He stopped and stood up. I could see that the side of his face was already dry; the cum had been absorbed quickly. My eyes roamed over his changing body. He was clearly growing larger – he had to be over 5’5 and looked as if he was coming close to 5’6. His already pumped pecs were filling out even further, beginning to stand out from his abs and showing some fair striations of muscle. His abs clenched and tightened as he breathed; with each breath revealing slightly more definition in his abdominal muscles. His shoulders were broadening and filling out to the point where I could see the line where the shoulder meets the traps and also the separation between shoulder and bicep. Shawn flexed his arms; they were lean, and that helped highlight the bulges of his biceps and triceps. I could see a bit of a horseshoe shape in his expanding triceps, and I thought I could almost see a split between the two heads of his bulging, and no longer quite-so-small biceps. Shawn turned his attention to his cock, it was clearly bigger. The growth of his cock was impressive, it looked to be close to seven inches, and it was getting thick. The vein running along the top was standing out hard, engorged with blood, and a couple more veins were wrapping themselves around the base. The head was full of blood, shiny and red – a good solid mushroom on top of his growing shaft. He gave his cock a few strokes, his balls clenched – they were clearly larger and looked like a large plum. With one hand stroking his cock, he raised the other arm to flex his solid bicep. A grunt of pleasure was the only warning I had – and all of a sudden he was cumming all over the place. His initial volleys rocketed across my bed to splatter against the wall beside me. And the next several shots covered me and my bed with jizz. “Fucking awesome!” He exclaimed. “Eww... you’ve covered me in cum” was my reply. “This is so amazing. I... I...feel stronger, and I can tell that I’m taller.” He reached down, picked up the ruler and pressed it up to his cock. Even post-orgasm, his dick easily touched seven inches. “This is beyond just getting a good pump at the gym. I’ve never felt like this. It’s so hot.” He was flexing and feeling up his body. The gleam in his eyes and his grin were quite adorable – combined with his newly grown muscles, he was turning into quite the hottie. “I’ve got to see how strong I am now. I’m heading to the gym. You should come along.” I couldn’t refuse, I have to admit I was beyond curious; I was intrigued and turned on. We cleaned up and headed over to the campus gym. Chapter 4: Hitting the gym. I had gotten smaller. It was barely noticeable, and if it weren’t for all the other stuff going on – the behemoth visitor and Shawn’s growth – I don’t know if I would have noticed. But because of all that, I was very sensitive to the slightest change. My hand on my cock could tell me that my erection was just a bit less full – still impressive at slightly more than eight and a half inches, but I would not be reaching nine inches again. And I think I was a bit shorter too – things like the top of my desk and the height of a light switch just felt a bit...“off.” Heading to the gym also confirmed that I had lost a bit of muscle as well. In the past few weeks at school, I had been hitting the gym regularly and had been making some noticeable improvements. But today Shawn and I hit the gym and I was struggling to reach my max on pretty much every lift. Shawn, on the other hand, was having a great day. “Yeah! Another new max! I could only do military presses with 25’s before, and I just did two sets with 35’s. This is so hot!” The smile on his face and his boyish happiness helped me to feel a bit less bitter about the underlying reason for his growth. His body looked good too, he would normally be swimming in his clothes, but now his new musculature was actually slightly visible beneath his shirt. He was also filling out his shorts nicely too. Thanks to his new muscle, he was developing a bit of a bubble butt, and in addition the new mass added to his cock and balls were creating an impressive bulge in the front. However, some of that could be attributed to his perpetual erection. I don’t think it’s gone down since this morning. He’s been strutting around the gym all morning with a boner clearly outlined in his gym shorts. Eventually, we both ended up in front of the racks of dumbbells doing bicep curls. We were both facing the mirrored wall. I was trying to focus on controlling my lifts, but I was struggling. Just this past week, I had finally managed to do a set of bicep curls with 45’s, but today I was maxing out at 40’s. I kept glancing over at Shawn, to see how much he had gained. I know that previously he had been proud of being able to do clean curls with 25’s, but today he was trying a pair of 35’s. I gained some satisfaction that even with his new growth, he was overwhelmed by 35’s while I was still doing fine at 40’s. I’d be back to 45’s in no time. However, Shawn had another idea. He dropped his 35’s, took off his shirt and did several flexes in the mirror so that I could see. He was still short and lean, but I would no longer call him “scrawny.” He was slightly sweaty, and his muscles had a truly amazing pump from his morning of tirelessly bouncing around from weight machine to weight machine. His leanness helped to highlight the new muscle striations in his delts and pecs, and his biceps were flushed with his recent struggles with those 35’s – and I could see the beginning of a vein running down each bicep. With a big grin on his face, he gave a most muscular pose in the mirror which highlighted his tight abdominal muscles and showcased all of his new musculature. It looked quite hot on his small, lean frame. He was clearly fully hard, because there was no hiding his cock – it was pointing toward his hip and the head was pushing against his gym shorts. My own erection was visible in my shorts, fighting for release from my briefs. I was clearly distracted and barely paying attention to my bicep curls. But Shawn knew what he wanted, and right there in the middle of the gym, while I was struggling with my 40’s, Shawn stuck his hand into my briefs, gave my cock a good squeeze, and swiped his hand across the head, wiping up a few drops of pre-cum. I was dumbstruck, and was lucky that I didn’t drop the weights on my foot. Shawn bent over, picked up the 35’s and started curling – clearly no longer struggling. Roiling with inner turmoil, I left the gym. It was more than a few hours later when Shawn returned to our dorm room. He still had an unbelievably amazing pump – each muscle looked engorged with blood. And I could clearly see that he was still sporting wood in his shorts. “Were you working out all this time?” “Nah. I was there for a couple of hours after you left – best workout of my life.” He started taking off his sweaty clothes as he said this, revealing more of his tight body and not-so-small bulging muscles. “But I caught this cute-muscle-y freshman checking me out in the showers – how could he not? I was sporting a massive hardon.” As he said this, he pulled his shorts down to reveal his briefs – which were failing to contain his erection. As he turned, I also caught a view of his tight ass; he had clearly worked out his glutes – his bubble butt was definitely filling out. “He couldn’t resist, and so we went back to his room and I fucked him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Apparently, my sex drive is through the roof. I fucked him until I shot my first load in his ass, and didn’t stop fucking until I came again. I had just started the third round of riding his ass, but he was totally worn out and begged me to stop. Can’t blame him for that. I’m hitting the showers.” Chapter 5: Confused. The past couple of weeks have flown by in a blur. I have been trying to keep up with my classes and homework, while also making time to hit the gym as much as I can. I want to try and keep ahead of Shawn and his new muscles, and thanks to this motivation I have been making great progress at the gym. I have managed to regain all of my previous maxes and am pushing my way toward a new round of personal bests. I have also been trying to avoid Shawn, but that has been almost impossible in the gym – he seems to be living in there. And it is showing; he is definitely bulking up. It seems as if each day he is filling out his shirts just a tiny bit more. He seems to definitely be enjoying his new body. Pretty much any time I catch him in the room, he is naked and jacking himself in the mirror while feeling up his muscles. And sometimes even when I am in the room, he can’t keep his hands off himself. I have to admit, he is starting to look hot. His clothes aren’t hanging quite as loosely on him, and his perpetual chubby and beginnings of a bubble butt are competing to fill out his jeans. His new growth has also affected his self confidence, he seems more outgoing and forward, but also slightly more aggressive, and it manifests as bit of a swagger when he walks – which only accentuates his cute butt. I can’t stop checking him out – I sometimes sneak peeks at his glistening and swollen muscles when we run into each other in the gym. And around our dorm room, it has been impossible not to notice the new bulging, pumped muscles each time he returns from the gym, nor his perpetual erection, which because of his increased sex drive he seems to be perpetually groping. He is also constantly pestering me for another dose of cum. But I am reluctant to do it again. I feel that I am being used. And Shawn’s growth could soon be out of control, if he gets any bigger, he might no longer be so polite as to ask for a dose of my cum. Confused. That is the only way to describe how I feel. My roommate is growing into a muscle stud with a raging hard-on. This “should” be the hottest thing to ever happen, to anyone, ever. But I’m worried about what this growth is doing to him, and what it might mean for me. Outside of this, school is going great. I’m actually keeping up with my schoolwork (all those hours of trying to avoid Shawn has meant a lot of time studying in the library), and I’m making great progress at the gym (thanks to my new motivation – trying to keep ahead of Shawn). And the new muscle that I’ve been adding has been getting me some glances from some of the cute boys in the gym. The only problem is that I’m not sure what will happen if my cum gets on another guy. Am I secretly hoping that I can grow an army of muscle boys? Or does that freak me out? And why can’t I answer that question? Maybe I need to try an experiment. First I need to find a subject. But there are so many hotties at the gym to choose from! I am committed to trying out a test. But I’ll have to keep tabs on some of the studs at the gym, and try to find a way to administer a dose of cum. All this writing about the gym has made me want to go push some weight around... Chapter 6: Growth. I don’t know what happened. How did he get so huge? Did he find another guy like me on campus? I was wrapping up at the gym, feeling tired but with a great pump. I had just finished showering and was toweling off. I heard heavy footsteps approaching – one of the football players perhaps? But as it came around the corner, I realized it was Shawn. Or rather, it was monster Shawn. He was gigantic. Easily over six feet tall, and almost as wide. His body was swollen with muscle, and wrapped in veins. His shoulders were boulders of muscle that bulged out in all directions – and coming down from his shoulders, his arms hardly had the opportunity to narrow before the biceps and triceps exploded with vein wrapped muscle. I think his arms were bigger than my head, oh god, they were huge. His gigantic pecs were ribbed with lean, striated muscle fiber, and hung like a shelf over his brick-like abdominals. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts that looked tiny on his huge frame, and were clearly near the breaking point. The shorts did nothing to hide the massive muscles of his legs, and were failing to contain what had to be over 12 inches of massive, thick, vein-wrapped cock. I couldn’t even let out a gasp. I froze. Like a helpless bunny. Apparently I’m beyond useless in a crisis. “More.” His voice was deep, and sounded more like an earth tremor. A gigantic meaty hand lifted me in the air and pinned me to the lockers. “More.” He rumbled as his other hand tore off my towel. He held me suspended in the air, naked, pinned to the locker with one arm, while the other gigantic hand engulfed my cock and balls. In spite of his incredible strength, he was being relatively gentle handling my cock – but relatively gentle in this case meant some fairly rough tugging and stroking. The heat coming off the corded muscles of his forearm pinned to my chest, the sight of all the muscles in Shawn’s body fighting for space under his skin, the gleam in his eye, and the rough tugging on my cock, all worked together to get me hard very quickly. His forearm released me a bit – was he about to let me go? But then I realized that he wasn’t letting me go, he was keeping me pinned to the lockers, but lowering me down so that I was sitting on top of his gigantic member. I could feel the heat as it pushed its way up between my legs. Hell! He was going to split me open with that thing! He redoubled his efforts on my boner, while his massive erection started to work its way into my butt. And before I even had a chance to curl my toes, I was cumming like a fountain. I shot all over Shawn – spraying across his chest and abs. He stroked the last dribbles out of my cock, they covered his hand and arm. Almost immediately, I could feel him expanding. The arm across my chest felt as if it was moving, but it was lengthening while the cords of muscle readjusted to fit the new growth. I could see Shawn’s eyes rising as he grew taller, they still held that cute boyish gleam, but there was an intensity that spoke of his hunger for muscle. His shoulders and traps bulged larger and wider, the striations in his chest rippled as they expanded. He let go of my cock and brought the arm up to flex his bicep – I thought I could hear the skin stretching to accommodate the massive, rock-hard bicep – both heads clearly visible underneath the web of veins. I was still sitting on his enormous member, and I could feel it pushing upwards, the massive head expanding and pushing against my ass. Fuck. I came again. And just like all the rest of my spunk, this also disappeared into his skin with startling speed. “More.” He rumbled. And the intensity in his eyes told me that this time he was going to be rough. And that’s when I sat bolt upright in bed. Covered in sweat. Gasping for air. What a nightmare. And...a wet dream? Seriously? I haven’t had one of those since I was a kid. Fuck! My boxers and sheets were covered. I glanced over at Shawn asleep in bed. Thankfully, he was his normal size – if you can call his current size normal – but at least he wasn’t a monster. I dragged my ass out of bed and quietly stumbled off to the bathroom to try and clean up. Splashing some warm water on my face, and cleaning up my mess helped me to clear the cobwebs from my head. It was only a dream. It doesn’t have to get that way. I could leave school. I could talk to someone, try to get some help. Feeling a bit better, I stumbled back to the room. I opened the door to our room, and immediately saw that Shawn was out of bed. In fact, he was lying in my bed. What the hell? “Hey buddy!” He greeted my return. I could see that he was naked in my bed. “What...?” Again with the lack of words. I’m loquacious. (Where the hell was that vocabulary when I needed it!?) “Saw that you had made a bit of a mess. Thought I’d help you out by cleaning things up a bit.” Shit. He hadn’t been asleep. He used the opportunity to soak up every last bit of cum from my sheets. I could see his muscles glistening in the dim light coming through the blinds. How big was he now? Shawn got up from my bed, I could see that he was sporting a massive hardon – it was standing straight up, looking full and meaty, and easily touching his belly button. Was that thing eight inches now? We both looked down at his body, his abs were clenching and tightening, the small, tight bricks becoming slightly more pronounced. He flexed his chest, and I could see them swell a bit fuller with just a hint of an extra layer of lean, striated muscle. He brought his arms up to give a double biceps pose, and I could see the V formed by his back muscles was just a bit broader. His lean arms showed the mounds of his biceps well, they appeared to be swelling as he flexed. Shawn looked up from his body, and our eyes met. Shit – he was almost my height now. I was looking almost straight across at his eyes. He was smiling with that cute, mischievous grin. “Bring the ruler.” I grabbed the ruler from his desk and handed it over. He placed it firmly against the base of his cock with the tip stretching past the seven and a half inch mark. He tensed and flexed, and the head of his cock climbed a bit closer to the eight inch mark on the ruler. “Get me off.” He whispered. We both looked down at his hardon. I think I was salivating. I crossed the room and got down on my knees in front of Shawn. Up close, his boner looked massive. It was full and thick, and wrapped in veins. The head was a solid mushroom on top of a long, meaty stalk. I looked up, past Shawn’s cobblestone abs and his lean, striated pecs, into his gleaming blue eyes. That was all it took. In my lust, I grabbed his cock and engulfed it. Or, as much as I could get in my mouth. It felt like hot steel in my mouth. I wrapped one hand around the base, and cupped his balls with the other hand – they felt huge and full, larger than mine. I slicked up his tool and sucked and stroked his cock – revelling in the stud that I had created. Shawn grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. Very soon, I could feel his balls tightening, and his cock swelling in my mouth. And then he grunted and I could feel his hot jizz shooting down my throat. I gulped it all down. Shawn pulled his swollen member out of my mouth. And it was as if a cloud had lifted, and all the confusion returned in a rush. Had I really just done that? He climbed into his bed, and I climbed into mine (at least it was dry). “Night buddy. And thanks.” He said as we each drifted off to sleep. Chapter 7: An experiment. It has been a few days since my last experience with Shawn. Our routines have settled back in place – I’m avoiding Shawn, and he is spending all his time in the gym. I’m still confused. I don’t know what came over me that night. Shawn is certainly adorably cute, and his new muscular body is getting to be really quite hot. I’m into bigger, muscular guys, and Shawn is certainly on his way there. And... I am having a tough time admitting this... But this ability to grow a guy is really a turn on. However, for some reason I am anxious about what’s going on. Maybe I wanted this for myself. Maybe I’m worried about what this will mean for my future. Maybe I just need a friend I can confide in – someone more responsive than this journal. With a few days to get over my shock, my mind has returned to the idea of trying an experiment. I think I want to see if this is limited to just Shawn, or if I need to be worried about anyone taking a dose of growth from me. I need a plan where my subject won’t know what’s going on – I can’t have another person hounding me for growth. I’ve settled on a plan, and I’ve found a subject. There’s this hot stud at the gym. I think his name is Greg. He’s about 5’10 and built like a swimmer who has been lifting too much weight. He has dark brown eyes, and his dark brown hair is buzzed close to his head, he has a somewhat hairy body, but he keeps it very neatly trimmed. He is lean and narrow at the waist, with tight abs, but then his body expands with solid muscles on top. He’s got a nice V-shape to his back, hard pecs, solid bulging shoulders, and impressive arms. I’ve checked him in the showers, and he’s got a large cock and balls – there would be absolutely no way he could hide any additional growth to that equipment. But most importantly, I’ve noticed that he usually buys a bottle of flavoured water from the machine at the gym. And this will make it quite easy to switch with another bottle. I think I know Greg’s workout schedule, I’m off to the gym. I arrived at the gym and took a quick look around – Greg wasn’t there yet. No sense wasting a trip to the gym, so I got to work. Soon enough, Greg arrived. I noted the flavour of the water he had, and quickly headed off to get my own bottle. I ducked into the washroom and locked myself in a stall. I had the foresight to drink a bit out of the bottle first – didn’t want it to overflow. The excitement and anticipation had me hard before I even got into the stall, and it really didn’t take long before I was cumming. I managed to direct it all into the bottle – it was an impressive load, and even with having taken some out ahead of time, I still came close to overflowing the bottle. I replaced the cap and headed back into the gym. I found Greg working out at a pec deck, and I sauntered up to the adjacent machine. It was too easy. He wasn’t really paying attention, and so when I plopped my stuff down next to my own machine, I quickly switched the two bottles. I started working out at my own machine – again, no sense wasting a trip to the gym. Greg seemed to be doing some form of circuit training – he wasn’t really focusing on any particular body part. This meant that he was moving around the gym quite a bit – and this was making it difficult to follow him surreptitiously. But after several minutes, I saw him take a sip from his bottle. The anticipation had me on edge, and my boner was rock hard in my shorts. Greg was wearing a muscle shirt that was a bit loose, and a pair of rather tight fitting gym shorts. I was eagerly checking him out to see if I could notice any changes from that first sip, but even knowing what to expect, I was having a tough time determining if anything was happening. Was he a bit taller? Were those arms bulging a bit more? Or maybe my cum only worked on Shawn? If so, would that be a good thing or a disappointment? I think it should be a good thing, because then I would not need to worry about every sexual partner I have growing out of control. But why can’t I get the feeling of disappointment out of my head? A few minutes later, I had my answer. Greg finished a set of pull ups and took a big swig of his water. And almost immediately, I could see his frame stretching a bit taller. It looked as if he just stood up a bit straighter, but I could tell that this was growth. His shoulders also stretched out a bit wider – looking as if they had a good pump. And as he turned around, I could easily tell that he was sporting a chubby in those tight gym shorts – it was clearly starting to push out a bit of a tent. From this point on, it only got better. Greg was clearly having the workout of his life. His eyes were gleaming, he was grunting louder, and he was bounding with energy as he almost flew from machine to machine. Each exercise gave a new body part an amazing pump as he worked his way through his circuit – over and over. As he worked out, he continued to take sips from his bottle. The growth from my cum was just expanding on the pump that he was getting from his workout. His height was increasing, he had to be at least six feet by now, and his muscle shirt was no longer loose, it was starting to tightly hug his growing body. His arms were pumped and bulging, and it was easy to see a few rock hard veins running over his biceps. His shoulders were starting to look impressive, widening out and adding size in all dimensions. His pecs were straining the straps of his muscle shirt, and lifting the front so that there was now a bit of exposed skin above his gym shorts. Below the waist was just as impressive. His tight shorts were being pushed out by a fantastic bubble butt – two hard globes of muscle that projected out of his lower back. And he was clearly fully hard now. There was no way to conceal what looked like a third leg running down the length of his right thigh. If it wasn’t being held up by his gigantic balls, it might have popped out the leg already. Fuck, he had become a total stud. What I wouldn’t give to have a workout like that. I had exhausted myself working out (quite a good workout, with a couple of new personal bests), and was walking on the treadmill as an excuse to continue watching Greg’s progress. Greg’s workout came to a sudden end. He was doing dumbbell bicep curls in front of the mirrored wall. I had a great side view of him from the treadmill area. His biceps were looking huge and swollen with rock-hard muscle, and he was clearly having a blast – he kept going back and grabbing heavier sets of dumbbells. He had just taken the final chug of his drink and grabbed a heavier set of weights, when his massive cock finally outgrew his tight gym shorts. The head popped out the bottom, looking huge and swollen, and almost immediately a big drop of pre-cum leaked out and dropped with a splat on the floor. It was so fucking hot I almost came right there. Greg looked around to see if anyone had noticed. He caught me checking him out – I really couldn’t hide that I had seen it happen. Looking embarrassed, he grabbed his stuff and headed to the locker room. I absolutely could not stop myself from following him. I caught up to Greg in the showers, his body was amazing – pumped, swollen muscles bulging everywhere and wrapped in a nice web of veins. And his cock... How can I describe it? He was still fully hard – it was sticking straight out from his body. Sitting on top of a huge set of balls, the base appeared to be thicker than my forearm. His shaft was at least as thick as my wrist, and there was a very prominent vein running along the top. He had to be over ten inches. As I walked into the shower, I could not hide my lust for his body – it was obvious. Greg, clearly in need of relief, looked me right in the eye and gave his massive tool a few strokes, while the other hand felt up the swollen muscles of his abs and chest. It was a clear invitation, and I jumped at the opportunity. Neither one of us cared whether someone might walk into the showers and catch us in the act. I almost jumped on his dick. I kneeled in front of him right there in the showers and rammed his cock down my throat. It was massive. His boner felt gigantic in my hands – and I was easily able to get both hands on the shaft and still had enough to max out what I could shove down my throat. I slurped and sucked and squeezed (as much as I could squeeze an iron rod), revelling in servicing a huge muscle stud. Greg let out a deep moan, and I could feel his gigantic balls tighten and his shaft swelling. His first shots were so powerful they almost knocked me off his cock. And fuck! I was cumming too. Load after load shot down my throat. And my own orgasm was splattering my cum on everything in the shower – including Greg. Thankfully, I don’t think too much got on him. But at least some did – I could feel him getting taller – with his cock in my mouth, it was easy to notice that I had to rise up a bit on my knees. I could also feel my jaw being stretched a bit wider by his shaft, and the head pushing a bit farther down my throat. This new growth caused Greg to cum again, another several shots down my throat. Eventually, his orgasm subsided, and he pulled his massive cock out. My jaw was sore from being stretched. I looked up. He was bigger than before, he had to be over six feet. His muscles looked like someone who competed in physique competitions; they were rock hard, bulging everywhere, and were wrapped in veins. But he now clearly had a future in the porn industry; his cock looked like it had been photoshopped. We cleaned up and went our separate ways. I headed back to the dorm. Shawn was in the room when I arrived. I had found it odd that he wasn’t in the gym – but immediately could see why he wasn’t in the gym. Shawn was standing in the middle of the room, checking himself out in the mirror. He was wearing a wrestling singlet. The singlet hugged his tight body and really showed off his lean musculature, including those amazing glutes. As I entered the room, he turned toward me. I could see that he was fully hard, even without the slightly darker spot from his pre-cum, the singlet did nothing to hide his erection. “Hey Buddy! Look what I did. I joined the wrestling team!” He was clearly excited about this new adventure. With his cute blue eyes and his adorable smile, it was tough not to also feel excited along with him. “Why did you do that?” “I used to wrestle back when I was a kid. Before everyone else hit puberty and outgrew me. I quit wrestling when I ran out of people my age who were in my weight category, and I was getting beat by kids who were two to three years younger than me. But now I’m moving up into a better weight category, and my strength is increasing all the time. As you well know.” He gave me an impish grin. “I convinced the coach to give me a shot. He was willing to let me train with the team, and if I show promise, he might let me compete. Grappling with sweaty college boys will be hot. And with your help, I think I’ll do very well.” He shot me another grin, and there was no mistaking the lust in his eyes. He even gave his hardon a squeeze through the singlet. He was clearly turned on. “I have to head to class.” I lied. I headed off to the library to find some quiet time and clear my head.
  6. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (25)

    Twenty-five Tomas put the pile of papers aside and smiled: he had almost completed decrypting the ancient book. The demon that had taken possession of him, had proven to be quite helpful. Together, they had not only discovered some hidden messages but their powers had reached another level. Tomas had used them first to summon the hellish wolves that now roamed the university, then had created a squad of muscular giants to install his rule over the other students and defeated the priests with his black magic. The day for the ritual was approaching quickly: within two days the planets would be perfectly aligned. Then, at the exact stroke of midnight, he would cast the final spell and no one would be able to stand up to him anymore. He would become all-powerful and would command the armies of Hell according to the book. Tomas turned around to face the mirror and cast an evil spell: “Mirror, mirror enhanced in Hell, tell me where my troops dwell!”. Anton was strutting back to his room when he heard a faint grunt coming from the locker room. He barged into it and blinked as he recognized the battered Connor on the bench. He rushed over to his fellow behemoth, kneeled at the bench and asked what had happened. Connor spat some blood from his mouth, cleared his aching throat and grunted in pain as his flattened 12-pack protested against his movements. “Alex… augh… beat me… augh”, he mumbled weakly. “Who’s Alex?”, Anton asked, “And how big is he if he beat you up so bad?”. “The … augh… skinny water boy… augh from the football… augh… team. He helped us… augh… discover where they had… augh… taken you. Tomas made him big… augh… as a reward. He… augh… took the size from wrestle coach and Logan. Is… augh… still smaller than me. Around 500 pounds”, Connor replied softly. “If Tomas made him big, he should be on our side”, Anton said incredulously. “Good point, my pet.” Anton turned around and saw Tomas stepping through the big mirror in the locker room. “Even though he gave up his soul to get big just like you guys, I can’t make any mental connection with him”, Tomas stated. “Take the size from him”, Anton replied, “Shrink him back to his runt-like self”. “Without the mental connection, I can’t do a thing”, Tomas said, “I’m too close of success to have things ruined now. He doesn’t know anything about the book or the ritual, so he’s less dangerous than Sean and Keith. But I won’t underestimate my enemies.” “I could take him down”, Anton said, “I’m bigger than Connor. I’ll trash him good.” He pumped his fists to emphasize his point. “No, my pet”, Tomas answered, “We can’t risk having you defeated as well. If Sean and Keith team up with the wrestlers and the football players, I risk missing the exact moment for the ritual.” “I… augh… own the wrestle team… augh”, Connor grunted painfully, “football team is too… augh… busy evading Alex”. “Perhaps”, Tomas thought out loud, “but I have to be sure. You’ll keep Sean and Keith from teaming up with the other athletes, my pet. Do whatever it takes! And make sure they don’t get anywhere near my room!”. Anton nodded and left the locker room. He smiled, enjoying the feeling of hunting a prey. Tomas now focused his attention fully on Connor, looking down on the cum-drenched, worn-out, naked behemoth. “You will deal with Alex”, he said. “But… augh… he’s beaten me… augh… twice”, Connor protested in between grunts of pain. “We’ve underestimated his natural strength and aggression”, Tomas answered. “I… augh… don’t want another beating… augh. Don’t think… augh… I can… augh… take a third… augh… one”, Connor replied. “Silence!”, Tomas cried and dove into the behemoth’s mind to discover what had happened. He smirked as he reopened his eyes. “He took you by surprise in the locker room I see. But you nearly got the upper hand during the first fight”, he said, “in the showers you simply hadn’t recovered from the first fight and never stood a chance. This means you are able to take him down”. Connor just nodded. “Let’s make sure you’ve got an edge the next time you guys meet”, Tomas said and pulled his cock from his pants. Connor looked up quizzically. Tomas stroked his dick to hardness, pointing the hard 17 incher at Connor’s exposed body. “Over all our enemies you shall prevail with your new size, so let the muscles on your frame rise. From me you’ll get four extra rounds, so you’ll outsize him by one 100 pounds! For every round my cock shall blast, 10 pounds of muscle shall be past!”, he said and his balls blasted out four thick loads of cum onto Connor’s huge frame. Connor tried to understand Tomas’ words but before his mind could process them, the throbbing 17 incher shoot out four loads that splattered onto his nude body, mixing with Alex’ spunk that was coating him. He groaned a bit as he felt a warmth sinking into his battered body. Tomas felt his own body shrink down but couldn’t care less. He didn’t need any superior size with his infernal powers. He shrunk down to 6’4, his weight settling in at 260 pounds, lost two inches on his arms and cock and saw the bottom row of his 12-pack abs evaporate from his stomach. The warmth spread through Connor’s body as Tomas shrunk down. The pleasure of his growth mixed with the pain that shot through his swelling, battered muscles. The excruciating pain overwhelmed his mind and his vision went black as he passed out. Meanwhile Connor’s 560 pound body grew even beastlier as it underwent the effects of the spell. It lengthened until reaching 8 feet, becoming just as tall as Anton. His weight passed Anton’s by 20 pounds as his body beefed up to exactly 600 pounds of hard muscles. It maintained his perfect symmetry as his muscles swelled to their new size: his pecs inflated with more mass, jutting further from his chest; his wide shoulder rounded and broadened as his delts hardened, hanging wide over the creaking bench; even his tight waist was now broader than the bench; the grooves between his cobblestone-sized abs deepened as his 12-pack beefed up and thickened; his thick quads amassed more girth and size, the teardrop-shape totally obscuring his kneecap; his arms jumped to 50 inches of rock-hard meat infested with thick veins and his dick sprang to an intimidating 25 inches of coke can-sized meat. Tomas grinned at the scene: he had just created the biggest guy on campus. “You know what to do: keep Alex from meddling with the ritual at any cost!”, he said to the passed out behemoth and disappeared through the mirror. Connor’s blank mind processed his master’s order and anchored the command into his brain. Sean and Keith raced back to their room after evading Anton. They froze in their tracks as they approached their hallway. Sean glanced around the corner and saw a hulking form guarding their room. “Anton’s patrolling in front of our room”, he said as he turned to Keith. “Why don’t we go to Logan to plan our next move?”, Keith asked and walked back to the stairs. A few minutes later the two fallen star wrestlers reached Logan’s room and knocked. They stepped back instinctively as a bulky athlete opened the door. “Come on in, guys”, Paul said as he checked the hallway for their enemies. Sean and Keith slipped past the 275 pound football player and entered the room. They installed themselves next to Logan, who was standing next to his bed. Paul locked the door and sat down on the bed next to Mike. Sitting down, the two bulky athletes clearly outsized the three standing frail boys in height and width; they even had to look slightly down to look in their eyes. “Well, Alex put Matt in the hospital”, Logan said to break the silence, “he broke his ribs even though he was fully geared up. The doctors are keeping him there to make sure he recovers completely.” “There was no stopping him”, Paul said, “he pushed the three of us around like we were dolls. Man, we all weigh over 250 pounds! And he trashed us! Last year we won all-state and our defense was the best!”. He smacked his fist against the mattress in frustration. “Anton’s also back on his feet”, Sean peeped in his high-pitched voice, “he chased us through the university and guards our room as we speak.” “How will we stop them?”, Keith threw out. “Not”, Mike replied instantly. The others looked at him. “Face it, guys”, he continued, “Matt, Paul and me now are the biggest guys in school. And we were no match for freak Alex. Imagine what three of those hulks are capable off. We’re no superheroes. I would like to survive my senior year and actually turn pro next season and live a happy life. I don’t want to end like Matt or get my muscles stolen like you guys.” Paul nodded in response to his teammate. “So, Tomas has won then?”, Keith asked incredulously, looking up at the two bulky football players. “They’re right”, Sean said, “we have to face it: Tomas has ditched everything we’ve thrown at him. He has beaten your uncle during their first encounter, then he drained Friar Clarke’s muscles to make Anton huge during our fight and stole my muscles as well after it making him even bigger, he used your skinny little brother to take your muscles and grow huge, then he killed your uncle and that other priest and now he has created a third monster by stealing Logan’s muscle. And don’t forget Tomas’ creepy powers! We’ve tried everything and failed.” Silence filled the room as Sean’s words sank into their minds. No one dared to admit out loud he was right. Paul was the first to react. “You guys are right, we just can’t stand up to three giants. They would beat us to a bloody pulp or even kill us. Like Mike, I depend on my healthy body to make a career”, he said, “I suggest we just hide till the end of the semester and avoid any confrontation”. “And what if the three of them appear at football practice?”, Keith asked, “You’ll have to get out to train and play to get your contracts. Not to mention weight training in the gym to keep your muscles”. Color drained from Mike’s and Paul’s faces as they realized Keith was right. “And you can’t move off campus with those wolves roaming around”, Keith added. “What do you suggest then?”, Logan asked. “Well”, Keith replied, “you guys are right that we don’t stand a chance against those freaks in physical battle. Not even against one of them. We should try to outsmart them like you guys did with Anton.” “Tomas will be ready for something like that now. We won’t be able to fool him twice. He could simply create another hulk”, Sean opposed, “I think Paul and Mike are right. We should avoid any contact with Tomas and his gang and ride out the semester hiding.” The three football players nodded in agreement. ‘Okay. Okay”, Keith said and raised his hands in defeat, “But that doesn’t fix the problem of their football practice or pro contract. And we won’t make a career in wrestling with our skinny frames. And our grades are too low to even graduate, so we’ll have to come back here after summer”. The eyes were on Sean again after that remark. “Let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow I might have a solution”, Sean reacted. The next morning Connor awoke from a deep sleep in the locker room. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and blinked in surprise: he couldn’t see anything past his protruding pecs. The mounds of beef raised up from his chest like two mountains of vein-covered, striated meat. A grin formed on his mouth as he recalled the events of last night. He raised his left arm to rub his insanely huge pecs and marveled at the new size of his bulging arm. Blood began flowing to his cock, making the thick shaft lengthen and swell against his thicker-than-a-tree quad. “So huge” The voice made him look to his right and he saw two feet on the floor. Connor’s gaze travelled up along two thick quads, a tight speedo trying to contain a throbbing 8 inch cock, over a strong looking, yet clearly steroid-bloated 8-pack up to a heavy chest that led to two nice round shoulders with strong, thick arms hanging from them. Connor’s eyes travelled further up and made contact with Kurt’s brown ones. “Huge like Anton”, the 290 pound swimmer said in awe. “Even bigger”, Connor rumbled deeply and flexed his right arm. The 50 inch bicep swelled upward and outward as the thick peak sprang toward the ceiling. His left paw immediately groped the stony ball of muscle to feel its new size. “Wow”, Kurt mumbled. His 8 incher hardened some more, leaking precum in his speedo. He slowly extended his hands to the impossibly huge chest in front of him. He shivered as his hands made contact with the hot slabs of hard beef. He tried digging into the concrete-like muscles but even fully relaxed they easily withstood the power of his grip. Connor grinned and bounced his pecs, making them dance under the swimmer’s hand. Striations exploded along the wide surface as the thick muscles hardened under his paper-thin skin. He first bounced them separately and went into a full flex as he brought in his arms. Kurt’s cock exploded as soon as the beastly masses of muscle began dancing under his touch. His eyes widened in disbelief at the incredible sight and his speedo quickly filled with cum as he his hands traced in and out the deep striations. His legs went weak and he slumped down onto his knees, his hands still clamped onto the oversized pecs. Connor bounced his chest a final time and brushed away the thickly muscled arms, breaking the hold on his chest. He sat up, grunting in slight pain as his almost recovered 12-pack protested and looked down onto the swimmer. His own hard 25 inch cock jolted up and the thick head brushed against the bottom of the rack of pecs that jutted from his chest. “I first have wrestle practice and then some things to take care off. But wait for me here and I’ll let you worship my muscles in the shower later”. Kurt stared up at the giant and licked his lips in anticipation. Drool dripped from his mouth as he drank in the sight of the giant pulling on his wrestle singlet. Connor struggled to get the now way too small singlet over his majestic body. The elastic fabric strained as it was stretched to its limits but somehow managed to contain the biggest guy on campus. “How do I look?”, he asked as he turned to face the swimmer. Words died on Kurt’s lips at the spectacular sight: the American flag singlet clung to Connor’s body like a second skin. Every mound of meat, every line and cut was highlighted by the overstretched fabric. His eyes zoomed in on the outlined bulge snaking along the huge right quad: Connor’s flaccid monster dick. “Stay put”, Connor grinningly said and slowly strutted over to the door leading to the wrestle hall. In Logan’s room, the five friends-by-hazard awoke from a restless sleep. Their late night conversation had kept all of them from falling asleep. Paul and Mike were shirtless, doing pushups to maintain their much needed physique. Logan was sitting on Paul’s muscular back and Keith on Mike’s to add some resistance; Sean was walking up and down the room. “I’ve got it, I think”, he said and turned to face the exercising athletes, “Do you guys already have offers after winning all-state last year?”. “Sure”, Mike grunted and kept pumping out pushups, “a talent scout from Texas made me an offer right after the final.” “Yup”, Paul added and cranked out more reps, “that guy talked to all four of us. Told us we could come do some tests whenever we wanted. He even sent me an email later, check it on my phone”. Sean grabbed Paul’s phone and retrieved the email. He read it quickly and turned back to the others. “Let’s call him right now”, he said and dialed the number mentioned in the email. “Good morning, sir”, he said, “It’s the manager of Paul, Mike and Matt, the thundering threesome as we call them. You’ve seen them in action last year during the final. Yes, indeed, those are the athletes I represent. No, the fourth athlete is with another manager unfortunately. I’m calling to fix a date for their tests with your team, sir. Paul and Mike can test as soon as possible. Matt’s had an accident and has broken some ribs. Right, he can take the tests later. Next week, you say? Fine with me, sir. My athletes will be ready, they’re working out as we speak. I’ll accompany them with my personal assistants. Yeah, talented players deserve the best. Nice talking to you, sir. See you next week.” “As simple as that, guys”, Sean said, “I could hear he doesn’t even care about those tests; he really wants you on his team. From now on I’m your manager and Keith and Logan my assistants. Tomas might have won, but we’ll be able to live a comfortable life from the money you’ll be making. You’ll have to make sure you’re in top shape to milk everything we can from this deal”. “Yeah!”, Paul boomed and pumped out more pushups, his muscled chest swelling as blood flowed into the working muscle. Mike followed his lead with a grin. Connor opened the door of the wrestle hall and quizzically looked around: it was deserted. He slammed the thick metal door closed and strutted back to the locker room as he heard some noise inside the gym. He pulled open the door and entered. The wrestle team was working on their strength before their actual training would start. The now skinny, 90 pound coach peeped his instructions as his wrestlers cranked out reps. Four of the biggest athletes were standing around a bench and cheering: Aaron, a 180 pound all-American senior was benching a heavily loaded bar. The other guys roared in joy as he racked the bar. “Yeagh! Ten reps with 360 pounds! That’s twice my weight! Who’s the boss?”, Aaron boomed as he sat up and flexed his pecs. “ME!” The loud, deep baritone voice rumbled through the gym like thunder and all heads turned toward the door. Connor swaggered through the gym, grinning as he heard several gasps of awe and stopped in front of the bench. The four big wrestlers looked like skinny sticks next to the 600 pound behemoth. Fear and admiration flickered in their eyes as they scanned his titanic physique. “Lay down, boy”, Connor said to Aaron. Aaron instantly laid down on the bench, wondering what would happen next. Before anyone could react, Connor grabbed the bench and lifted it up over his head. Effortlessly, he began doing overhead presses. His perfectly round, bowling ball-sized delts bulged and flexed as he cranked out perfect reps. All the wrestlers and the now pathetic coach stared in awe at the display of superpower. Several of them had throbbing hard cocks clearly outlined in their wrestle singlets. After 30 minutes Connor’s shoulders began burning from the effort and sweat dripped from his red face. He cranked out a final rep, making his shoulders swell even larger and lowered the bench with perfect control. “Let’s practice our technique, boys”, he boomed. The wrestlers stared at their coach. “Move!”, Connor bellowed. Instantly, every wrestler sprinted out of the gym into the wrestle hall. They all quickly paired up and began practicing their moves. Aaron went over to the other guys his size, but the four of them had already begun. “Seems like we’ll have to practice together.” All color drained from Aaron’s face as he turned around and saw Connor motioning him to come over. Reluctantly, he slowly stepped over toward the grinning behemoth. “We’re the biggest guys on the team”, Connor said, “no need to practice our technique. We’ll play a real match.” “No matches”, the tiny coach peeped. “Zip it, runt”, Connor bellowed angrily, “you’ll be the ref”. Aaron couldn’t believe his eyes as he automatically scanned his opponent. The muscles on Connor’s body seemed flexed even though the behemoth was fully relaxed; the threatening wide shoulders were still pumped beyond believe from the gym and his skintight singlet managed to hide only half of the incredible pecs; the oversized rack of muscle spilled from the side of the stretched out fabric; below that, the cobblestone-sized abs that formed the super dense 12-pack rippled with every breath the behemoth took. Aaron decided to use his superior technique and shot forward. Connor saw his opponent moving in, but didn’t budge. He knew very well that the 180 pound athlete was no threat for him. Aaron threw his muscular arms around the behemoth’s waist, but his hands didn’t reach each other. “Better try something else”, Connor said with a smirk. Aaron grabbed his opponent’s tree-sized right quad and tried tossing him over. He summoned every ounce of strength in his athletic body, his face turning red from the effort. “Not good enough, boy”, Connor said. He grabbed the back of Aaron’s singlet with his left paw and effortlessly tossed the 180 pound athlete aside. Aaron flew back several feet before he crashed down on the mat. He quickly jumped up, avoiding that his back was on the mat for too long. He charged at the behemoth at full speed. Connor grunted in faint pain as his opponent’s shoulder collided with his abs. The momentum added to the 180 pounds of muscle hurt his not completely recovered abs. He quickly grabbed his opponent’s singlet and tossed him down on the mat. Aaron landed on his back on the mat and before he could react a big shadow fell over him: Connor threw himself down over him. His vision went black in pain as the 600 pounds of hard muscle made contact with his body. Connor grinned down at his opponent and began doing pushups over him, trapping him between the mat and his protruding pecs. Aaron grunted in pain as the heavy pecs pushed him into the hard mats. Even when Connor’s arm were fully stretched, his thick pecs were still pushing into his own muscular ones. The coach was tapping on the mat like crazy to end the match but Connor just ignored him. He kept moving up and down, flexing his gigantic pecs as he cranked out more reps. Aaron was totally lost in pain as the mountain-like pecs flexed hard, crushing and battering his own chest. He squirmed and budged but the behemoth kept doing pushups atop him. He could feel his ribs beginning to crack as the impossibly heavy weight shoved him into the hard mats. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”...
  7. Varg

    theft Bittersweet Revenge [Part 1]

    Heads up! This story contains theft, muscle growth, humiliation, violence, foul language, and probably other things that would fall under the M-rating. [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 1] Bittersweet Revenge We've all heard it before. Jock harasses nerd because the jock feels he's over-entitled, nerd's high school life is ruined, nerd seeks revenge. Normally we'd cheer on the nerd and the jock would get what he deserves. Sadly, that's in a planned out fictional movie. In reality, going too far is easier than holding back. Our jock in this story, Trent Felds, luckily learned that abusing his might was not the right thing. It felt right to him, it made him happy, but it was wrong to everyone around him. He retained his arrogance and intense attitude, finding that he wasn't happy unless he was dominating something or someone. So he became a workout instructor and personal trainer. He could yell, degrade, or outshine all he wanted. Though the ends oddly justified the means, since he would better someone's health and life. All those who participated in his classes or were his client had amazing results. Even after the degrading, their confidence was sky high since they were clearly no longer fat slobs or lazy losers thanks to all the exercising and dieting. Soon he became California's most recommend trainer, even getting calls from celebrities. He felt like a God among men thanks to being heavily desired for one reason or another. Not to mention he looked like one too. Trent was a handsome man, but far from the sense of a modern day male model. He wasn't about perfect hair, a fit streamline body, or a somewhat delicate face. He was all about raw power. Masculinity at its finest. Trent's body was strong and viciously cut, winning him many bodybuilder competitions ever since he started officially competing at the age of 18. Now with several awards sitting on his shelf, he can safely say no one will win as long as he's alive. He stood at 6'0”, weighing in at 259.1 pounds with 4.2% body fat... Yes, he's that accurate with it. His sandy blond hair was kept short and styled in a I don't care, I woke up like this manner. His eyes were light brown, used mostly for glaring or looking down on others. Most also assume he couldn't find clothes that fit, since his current wardrobe consists of clothing that clings to his body and is prone to ripping if it's a few months old. In short, he was still an arrogant behemoth, but now he was conscious enough to know bullying to get what he wanted is not OK. In fact, he was feeling very guilty since he ruined poor Isaac's life. Speaking of Isaac, as you may have guessed, he's the nerd of this story! His high school life conditioned him to be an extreme introvert; focusing on studying and loner activities. In a way the bully helped fuel Isaac's mind since it forced Isaac to be alone with his thoughts. Isaac always had ideas and wanted to put them to the test, studying whatever he'd need to do so. It should be no surprise that he turned out to be an accomplished scientist. Although he was a nerd and Trent made him feel like the ugliest thing on the planet, he wasn't that bad to look at. Sure he was skinny and 5'6”, but he was fit enough to lift his lab equipment. His face was on the feminine side and his long hair was pulled back in a ponytail since he had very little time to maintain himself. His hair was a boring brown and his eyes were a lifeless green as Trent would describe it. His vision was abysmal, but thanks to technological advances, his glasses didn't appear too thick. For the mean time he worked with robots used for medical purposes, big hunks of machinery that helped fill Isaac's wallet with some serious cash. As for Isaac's personal scientific contribution, he only had one thing to give: nanonbots. Not just any little artificial specks of science, but amazing and nearly miraculous... Specks of science. The nanobots could rewrite genes, effectively reversing fatal genetic disorders and even prolonging one's lifespan greatly. They could even transfer genes and revitilize cells, which would make plastic surgery inefficient. They acted like viruses, attaching to territorial cells that would convince other cells to fall in line. They could even force the body to produce stem cells and repair or remake entire organs, although, a heavy amount of rest and nutrients were needed to do so. The sad part about this is, Isaac did not globalize them. Thanks to the American government's interest, he would be forced to relinquish everything he has to make them widespread. Isaac would be set for life and would still be in charge to some degree, but he would not be able to physically have them or make them in his home. He needed them to carry out karmic justice. The whole reason he spent years developing them were just for one thing. Not to help others. But to hurt someone. To get his plan in motion, he found out where his target was and moved there without a second thought. The next step was to engage his former bully. Apparently Isaac's form of karma was on his side for the time being, as the dumb behemoth was surprisingly the one to reach out to Isaac first. A few knocks echoed throughout Isaac's home, causing Isaac some great frustration as he tried to concentrate on his computer screen. The knocks grew louder and his patience grew thinner. Although it was only 9 knocks total so far, he had enough. “Fine! I'm coming!” The scientist got up from his computer, becoming flustered as he made his way to the door. He ripped the door open with the fiercest look on his face, only to instantly grow pale and slink back. A large man stood before him. The man's body wasn't familiar to Isaac, but his face sure was. “Isaac?” Trent asked, his voice seeming deeper than Isaac recalled. “Yes, I am Isaac...” He wasn't prepared to meet Trent. Not yet, anyway. “What-” “Shut up for a minute. I'm here to apologize for being a jerk.” Trent ironically said in a jerk-like fashion. “So... Yeah, I'm sorry dude.” “That's it?” Isaac squinted as Trent nodded. “I don't wanna be your friend or anything, so yeah that's it. All I need to know is if we're cool now.” Isaac's inner voice screamed: ARE WE COOL NOW? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH? AND THEN YOU STAND THERE AS IF YOU JUST DID A GREAT DEED! YOU...YOU... Isaac remained calm even though his insides were aflame. “Yes, I forgive you. Thanks Trent. That means a lot to me.” “Haha, yeah, I know, I'm a totally cool person now. No more bullying for me!” The big moron grinned. Then he bent down in a patronizing way to be eye level with Isaac. There was an awkward pause before he spoke again. “Wow bro, you need some fitness in your life. I'm an awesome person trainer now. And an even awesomer bodybuilder. I could help you look less wimpy if you want. Maybe fit enough to get a fuck buddy or something.” Isaac held back any retorts, knowing exactly what to say to hook Trent. “Sure, that would be great. And you said you're a bodybuilder? Wow! That is very awesome, Trent. How's your progress with that?” The meathead couldn't resist talking about himself, so of course he bought in and divulged just the right amount of information. “It's great! I'm pushing close to 260 pounds but I feel like I've been stuck in the 250's forever. I'm actually 259.1 pounds now. I should probably start taking roids to fuel these bad boys. I don't wanna get bitch tits though. I like my pecs the way they are.” Trent threw both his arms up for a double bicep pose and went into a most muscular pose. His shirt let out audible strains of protest. “Heh, poor shirt, it can't even contain all this powerful sexiness.” Isaac was impressed that Trent grew so big without the usage of steroids. He hated to admit it, but Isaac knew it was because Trent was most likely the perfect male specimen. “Hm, steroids can be bad for you depending on how your body reacts... Nanobots aren't. I've developed some very advanced nanobots that could help push you past 260 with ease. Heck, it could even shoot you up to 300! You'd be really helping me out with my research as well. So it'd be a win-win situation for the both of us.” Trent naively bought into every word Isaac said. “Sign. Me. Up! Fuck yeah! I'll help you. I'll help the ever loving shit outta ya!” “Thanks again, Trent. It'd only take about 30 to 60 minutes to get the test started. Are you free now?” The muscleman nearly jumped for joy as he enthusiastically nodded. “Great, come inside and let's get started.” ********** Isaac had set everything up for his beautiful revenge. Trent stood naked in a large cylindrical chamber grinning like the oblivious moron he was. Isaac simply pushed a few buttons and the cylinder's door closed. “So, Trent. This is how it works.” A large tube shot down from the top of the cylinder, planting itself into the sides of Trent's neck, pecs, abs, biceps, shoulders, quads, and even his cock. Another set of tubes shot out and attached themselves to various parts of his body, covering him from head to toe. The bodybuilder yet out a yelp of pain before going into a trance like state. “These nanonbots will flow into your muscles and... Other bits. They will remove your muscle fibers piece by piece, and travel to my body. The muscle will then be mine. I also decided to get some of your genes because, as you said in high school, you're the world's most perfect man and I'm not. I figured I'd also give you my allegedly horrible genes. You know, so we aren't too genetically similar. That would just be sooooo weird.” Isaac smiled as he walked over to a smaller chamber across from the bodybuilder. He could see the horror in Trent's eyes, but the nanobots were suppressing his nervous system so he couldn't act on his fear. As Isaac removed his clothing and entered the tube. “Activate Transferal Program, also initiate Project Oblivion.” Tubes shot down from the top of the tube and attached themselves to Isaac's body. The anticipation of growing made Isaac giddy. “Finally! Justice will be served.” The nanobots went to work, chipping away at Trent's muscle mass and moving it from Trent to Isaac. The transferal from Trent to Isaac would take over a minute, but Isaac at least got to witness Trent violently shrink. The muscleman's once taught skin wrinkled as the muscle was pulled out from under it. His traps and delts softened and shrunk, exposing a portion of his neck that hadn't seen the light of day for years. His shoulders were now rounded and moving inward as his chest's massive width diminished. The pec shelf he once had quickly fell, leaving droopy skin over his chest where his impressive pecs once were. He no longer had cobblestone abs and there wasn't a trace of them to be found on his narrowing stomach. His sculpted obliques vanished, making the portion from his chest to his waist a straight drop. His arms, once thick and veiny pythons of power, were now pathetic garden snakes. All he could do was look down as his noodle like arms barely responded to his commands. His muscles were so weak, he didn't even know if his arms could move anymore. Down below his enormous quads were chipped away to nothingness, leaving two bony legs. Legs that would make others wonder how the man could even stand. Between his legs, his pride and joy were reduced to embarrassment and sadness. Even a prepubescent boy would laugh at its size. Isaac made sure to over-shrink them to crush Trent's ego to dust for good. Trent stood there, quaking in pain and horror as he was reduced to a 6'0” blob of droopy skin and bones. Ah, but not for long. Even his height was changing, causing him to cry out as his bones broke apart, making him shorter with every audible crack. “No...” Trent could only moan in a higher pitched voice as his nightmares were finally realized. The nanobots did do him a favor though. They took away his masculine features and made him resemble a wimpy boy so his body would match his face. The nanobots also tightened up his skin as the tubes pulled away. The small openings in his skin quickly healed, but Trent could still feel the lingering pain of losing his years of hard work. “Did you like that?” Isaac smirked, his voice somewhat deeper. “Good! Because the nanobots will eat every single fraction of muscle you try to gain. You'll look like that forever. Aren't you glad?” Trent's eyes glazed over with anger as the chamber opened and he fell out. He collapsed on the floor, looking up at Isaac as the second phase of Isaac's revenge had already begun. Isaac's facial features were bolder, and he was growing taller. Isaac winced in slight discomfort as the nanobots stretched out his skeletal frame. Even his cock appeared fuller, with a pair of testicles to match. Then came the main part of the phase. The best part for Isaac. He could feel the other nanobots flowing into him, placing the muscle building blocks they stole from Trent into Isaac's body. Isaac's torso widened as his shoulders seemingly raised upwards and sideways as they squared off. His small hunch disappeared as his growing lats, delts, and other muscles all worked to greatly correct his posture. He lost about half of his neck under his muscle, if not more. Moving his head from side to side felt slightly strained, but it also felt amazing for some reason. Isaac's pecs pushed outward, stretching his skin as they blew up like balloons. Isaac massaged his chest, groping his growing mounds of muscle mass. He felt his nipple slide from the center down to the bottom of his chest. He could no longer put his fingers between his chest muscles either. “Nice!” Isaac's deep voice echoed from within the tube. His pecs pushed against the chamber's glass, causing him to back up. Isaac's arms pulsed and raged, going from a flat desert to a vast mountain range. He desperately wanted to flex, but found room in the tube was scarce. His biceps rounded out with power, lines emerging as his muscles grew. “Veins. Ha.” Isaac muttered, looking at the pulsing lines of vascularity grow in number and thickness. His forearms felt heavier, and his hands were definitely tougher and larger. His protruding abdominal muscles and obliques were dangerously cut, forming the coveted curvatures all bodybuilders aspired to. The classic V tapper from a titanic upper torso down to a classically narrow waistline. Isaac had to shuffle around in the chamber, realizing he was running out of space now. He wish he had time to build a bigger chamber before Trent arrived. Isaac's quads were now pushing against each other, causing the growing man severe discomfort. “Aaarg! My junk!” Isaac growled. He tried to widen his stance to accommodate room for his package, only to find it was still a tight fit. “Stop growing...” He moaned, yet his quads said no as they grew more. He grunted and groaned, having mixed feelings about what was happening. “It's... Only temporary...” He grunted once more as he dealt with the severe discomfort. Either way he was happy to have such powerful tree trunks holding him up. “And ah, the roots...” Isaac mused as he flexed his calf. He couldn't see them, but they were indeed beautifully shaped, putting most melons to shame in terms of size. His ankles were equally beautiful, not an ounce of fat to be found anywhere around them or his newly grown feet. “I feel like I could crush cinder blocks with these!” The tubes detached from Isaac and the gargantuan nerd evacuated the cylinder as it were on fire. He shook out his legs and dipped down a bit, in attempts to alleviate the pressure from his manhood. “Damn, that barely went as planned. I didn't know you had such huge legs, Trent.” Trent stared like a deer caught in a car's headlights. Isaac grinned and flexed his arms. Finally glad to see them at their full glory. He could feel the weight of his new body. It was foreign to him, but he enjoyed it as he got used to it. He walked over to Trent, trying to find a walk that worked just right for his new body. He may have been a giant now, but he still had the mannerisms of his old self. Regardless, he forcibly pulled Trent up by the back of his neck with ease. “Ow-ow-ouch!” Trent yelped, his voice now hilarious high pitched. “Stop! Stop now you fucking crazy bastard!” “No thanks, little man.” Isaac laughed as he threw Trent on the ground. Trent tried to get up to his feet, but was met with great force as a foot slammed down on to his back. Trent yelped again, growling as Isaac applied and removed weight from the scrawny boy's back. “Squish, squish, squish. This is fun. Oh, hey, by the way... While we were having fun, I had some awesome programs running. Just a little something created by a genius like me.” Isaac kicked Trent in the side to roll him over, placing his foot on the poor guy's chest and stomach. Trent clawed at the giant's calf, gritting his teeth as he withstood the intense pressure. “Genius? You're a fucking psycho! Get the fuck off of me!” Trent's attempts to fight back were amusing, but Isaac stopped it all by applying a bit more pressure. “Anyway, you're kind of poor now. Thanks for the money. Oh, and you eloped with an exotic woman to an equally exotic land. Who knows when you'll be back. I made sure to tell your coworkers and clients so they wouldn't wonder about you too much.” “I'll... I'll get the cops here! They'll-” Another kick stopped Trent from babbling. His sides, back, and front were bruised and tender. “You are really dumb. You have no money. No one will look for you. You don't even look like yourself. You're a tiny, pathetic, useless, and powerless pile of failure. Do you really want to leave my home looking the way you do?” Isaac grabbed Trent and forced him to his feet. He carried him to the nearest mirror, making sure to grip Trent really hard. Isaac stood Trent up in front of the mirror as if he were a doll, and fiercely gripped his shoulders to keep him in place.. Trent cringed as he tried to fight the pain. Trent could only stare at his new image. His eyes darted from his head to his feet. His mind just couldn't register it. The lightness he felt in his muscles and bones, the fact the ceiling was farther away, and his narrow body... It just didn't add up. He knew he had shrunk, but this was the first time he seen everything at the same time. His gaze fell down to the floor, disgusted by what he saw. Isaac just laughed, “This is really way more better than I though it'd be. So, Trent, ready to be my little slave? I got a lot of cleaning to do around here... The cleaning stuff is in the closet to your left. I guess I'll buy a little racing car bed for you too. But tonight you can just sleep on the floor. Or better yet, you can sleep in the garbage can where you belong. Look on the plus side, you get to live here and get fed if I remember to leave food out for you.” Trent's fists clenched and he spun around, a spark of fire igniting in his eyes. “You're still a fucking nerd. You're still a loser. So you know what? No. I'm not going to listen to a piece of shit like you! You're dead! I'll just sli-” “Ah, but if you kill me then you'll never get these back.” Isaac imitated Trent's poses from earlier. Although his form wasn't the best, it got the point across. Two mounds of massive bicep muscle taunted Trent, while beautifully flexed pecs added insult to injury. “If you're a good boy, I might just give you some things back as a reward. I won't give your muscle back or your height since you don't need it... But maybe I'll make it so you can actually get an erection. At least this way you can have something to entertain yourself since you'll be stuck here. Forever. Alone.” “We'll fucking see!” Trent barked. Isaac's patience was wearing thin. He thought the bully's ego would be obliterated by now. It wasn't. It was intact and in full swing. “You can beat me all you like, but I'm tough. I'm not a wimpy little bitch like you. You're not going to get me to do a single fucking thing!” A twisted smirk crossed Isaac's lips. “I was hoping you'd like to do this the hard way.”
  8. Herald

    The Flexorcist (24)

    Twenty-four After running into the still massive Connor, Sean and Keith hadn’t spoken another word. Connor’s words had brought reality crashing down on them. The death of Father Luke had left the field open for Tomas’ evil plans. A heavy silence hung between them as they wandered over to Logan’s room. “No one’s here”, Sean said, “he’ll probably be at football practice.” “Why would he?”, Keith replied, “He’s lost his muscles to Alex.” “If Alex reacts like your brother, he’ll want to show the players he’s in charge now by comparing his massive body to Logan in front of the entire team”, Sean stated. Keith reddened completely as memories of him worshipping his younger brother’s beastly muscles in the shower filled his mind. Not all the blood went to his face though. His pathetic cock instantly jolted to its 3 inches as he recalled the feeling of the hot masses of hard, striated beef bulging all over his brother’s frame. “We’ll come back later. Let’s go to our room…”, Sean stopped midsentence and stared at the hallway. Keith looked up and followed his friend’s gaze. His eyes widened in horror as he recognized the hulking figure that had just emerged at the end of the corridor. “Missed me, boys?”, Anton asked with a big grin. “Run!”, Sean screamed and rushed away in the opposite direction, Keith following him like a shadow. “HAHAHAHA!” Anton’s loud, deep laugh echoed against the walls as he engaged pursuit of the two runts. “Faster! He’s catching up!”, Keith yelled in between fast breaths. The two frail boys sprinted through the deserted, dark, icy hallways. The only sound filling the empty corridors was that of their quick, light feet and the heavy, loud thuds of Anton’s big feet. “I can’t go on much longer”, Sean said as his lungs burnt painfully and his weak legs began protesting. Keith dragged his 10 pound heavier friend into a closet and quickly locked its door as they turned around a corner. He motioned Sean to control his breathing as they heard heavy footsteps closing in. Anton blinked a few times as he rounded the corner: the hallway in front of him was completely empty. “You can run, but you can’t hide! We own this school!”, he bellowed loudly. Sean and Keith jumped up as the thunder-like voice rumbled mere inches from their hideout. “Gotcha!”, Anton said and pulled open the door on his left. In the locker room Alex was dragging Connor over to the shower zone after their fight. He reached the big mirror at the entrance to the showers and turned his attention to the mirror, releasing his grip on Connor. The battered Connor slumped to the floor as the 500 pound behemoth released his arm. Alex’ strong grip was all that kept his 560 pound body up since his knees couldn’t support him after the beating he took. Alex didn’t even notice it as he was entirely focused on his own reflection. The thick muscles on his beastly frame were pumped and engorged with blood after his football practice and the fight with Connor. The shirt of Logan that he was wearing, had several tears were it could no longer contain his bulk. He inhaled deeply, making his chest swell and ripping the shirt even more. He smirked at the sight and did a most muscular. The straining shirt didn’t stand a chance against the steely muscles: the hard mounds of beefs ripped it to shreds in seconds. “Seems like I need bigger shirts”, Alex said grinningly as he peeled the remnants off his majestic body. Connor stared up at the beast that had taken him down. His breathing was slowing down as his own 560 pound body was recovering from the fight. He grunted weakly as he tried to get up, pain shooting through his battered abs from the movement. The grunt made Alex look aside. He turned away from his reflection and grabbed his fellow behemoth’s armpits. His 55 inch biceps hardened into vein-infested cannonballs as he lifted Connor up from the floor and put him on his feet. Connor’s legs shook slightly as they supported his weight. He looked straight into the other behemoth’s blue eyes. “Let’s see what you’re made off, boy”, Alex said and ripped off Connor’s shirt in a swift motion. He turned his gaze to the mirror to compare their incredibly muscular physiques. Connor also looked in the mirror to see the body that had beaten his. It was the first time he saw Alex uncovered torso. The contrast between them couldn’t have been any bigger: Connor’s pale white skin made him look like a statue of marble, Alex natural tan on the other hand gave him the look of a bronze antique warrior and highlighted the grooves and lines between his thick muscles. The muscles on both their bodies were beyond huge: slabs of protruding beef hung heavily from their chest atop a deeply grooved 12-pack of cobblestone-sized abs; thick, perfectly round bowling ball-sized delts gave them an awesome v-taper; huge, long arms hung relaxed yet threatingly next to their torsos. Connor noticed how his muscles clearly outsized Alex’ ones: his shoulders were just a few inches broader and a tad rounder; his pecs jutted a bit further from his chest and his abs, despite their dark red color from the beating, had deeper grooves between them. His arms on the other hand were clearly no match for Alex’ titanic ones. “You’re right to admire my awesome body, boy. The body that took you down easily. The body of a real man”, Alex said as he noticed Connor’s gaze, “Let’s check our wheels”. Alex flexed his quads and the bulky cords of beef busted through his skintight pants. Connor stared at the meaty quads and also noticed the clearly outlined thick snake that bulged against the right quad and stretched the boxers. “Afraid to compare? Or impressed by the view?”, Alex asked smirkingly as Connor hadn’t reacted. He ripped off the other behemoth’s jeans, also tearing away Connor’s boxers and exposing him completely. Connor shuddered a little as the cold air hit his plump dick. “Seems like you’re afraid to compare. You have your boxers on, I’m nude”, he replied reflexively. “We’ll see who’s afraid!”, Alex bellowed. He ripped off his boxers, his half hard cock smacking against his left quad as it was freed and instantly threw a most muscular, making all his muscles bulge with strength. Connor automatically copied the pose, transforming his 560 pound body in a symphony of veins, striations and mounds of hard beef. A faint smile formed on his lips as he noticed that his strong legs also outsized Alex’ thick ones. He relaxed his pose and grunted in pain as his rock hard cock smacked against his battered abs. He looked into the mirror and his smile grew even wider: his own 21 incher pointed straight at his reflection and was thicker and longer than Alex’ 20 incher that had a slight curve to the left. Alex noticed Connor’s smile and decided it was time reclaim his domination. “Wipe that smile off your face, boy”, he said angrily, “your muscles may be bigger but I’ve trashed you completely.” “Not only my muscles are bigger. My dick is thicker and longer than your crooked one”, Connor replied instantly. Somehow the other behemoth seemed less intimidating now than during the fight. If he could recover completely, he wouldn’t hesitate to show Alex who was on top. Anger filled Alex and he sensed that his domination of Connor was crumbling. “Flex your arms!”, he said harshly. Filled with new hope and with his energy almost restored after the fight, Connor swiftly flexed his arms into a double bicep pose. His thick, horseshoe-shaped triceps hung low from his arms, a thick vein snaking over them onto the bicep; his meaty biceps surged upward, stretching his pale skin to the max as it formed a football-sized mass of hard meat covered in blue veins; the peaks swelling till they reached an intimidating 45 inches. “Just as I thought: weak sticks”, Alex said. He stepped up behind Connor and copied the pose. Connor’s mouth fell open in disbelief at the scene: when Alex’ arms were fully extended, his titanic triceps hung lower than his own flexed ones, the veins feeding them were two times thicker than the one vein on his triceps; the bulging biceps exploded upward and outward, already surpassing his when Alex’ forearm was only halfway up; Alex brought in his arms completely and hardened his flex; the peaks that rose to the ceiling, began were his own ended. “Like a molehill next to my Mount Everest”, Alex said and hardened his flex some more. Connor just stared as the mind blowing muscles swelled some more, passing the 55 inch mark. He thought he could hear the bronzed skin stretching to contain the impossibly mounds of muscle, crisscrossed with thick veins and stretch marks. He couldn’t believe that even without the peaks, Alex’ biceps were still thicker, bigger and clearly harder than his own huge ones. He lowered his arms and gaped at the full glory of the other behemoth’s 55 inch arms in the mirror. Alex smirked as looked at the best reflection in the mirror: his titanic arms. He had lusted after Logan’s muscular arms since the first day he’d met him and had joined the football team just to gaze at them. In class, Connor’s beastly arms had distracted him the entire time and he had proposed to tutor him to get a chance to feel them. Now both his former idols were completely dwarfed by his 55 inch canons. His dick jolted as he thought of how his arms had overpowered Connor’s 560 pound body and installed his complete domination over him. Connor shivered as he felt the other behemoth’s 20 inch cock smack against his muscular ass. Every thought of standing up to the formerly wimpy water boy had evaporated from his mind just by sight of those beastly biceps. He turned around, his own hard 21 incher brushing against Alex’ hard 20 incher and extended his hands to feel the hardness of those flexed monster arms. Alex shuddered as pleasure erupted in his rock-hard cock from the contact with Connor’s hard one. He saw the other behemoth reaching for his biceps and shoved him back hard. Connor blinked in surprise as the left bicep in front of him suddenly relaxed and a strong paw hit his chest hard. The force of the push caught him by surprise and sent him backward against the mirror. He lost his balance and slid down to the floor, quizzically looking up at Alex. “You never touch my perfect body, boy”, Alex sneered down at the still bigger behemoth, “only I can feel, grope and lick my godly muscles”. He groped his titanic, flexed right bicep with his left hand and felt the hardness of the mound. “O yeah, hard beyond anything I’ve ever felt”, he said. Connor stared up at Alex worshipping his own monstrous arm. From his perspective, the bicep looked even bigger than up close: more hard lines and veins highlighted the orb of meat and the bush of dark pit hair completed the spectacular sight. He gulped as he saw Alex’ thick fingers groping the hard peak, trying to dent it. His dick jolted as Alex grunted to withstand his own strength. Alex released his flexed right bicep and began licking the hot, hard surface. The tip of his tongue traced the thick veins that snaked across the cannonball-sized muscle atop his arm. “Mmh, hard as steel”, he grunted in between licks. “Gotta love that manly scent”, he said as his tongue descended to his low hanging tricep and he sniffed the curly hair in his deep armpit. More drool dripped from Connor’s open mouth onto his protruding pecs at the erotic scene. His fully engorged 21 incher pointed straight up, the dark red head rubbing in the canyon between his pecs. But Connor didn’t notice it all: he was drinking in the sight of the self worshipping god in front of him. Alex’ final remark sent him over the edge: his big balls churned and began releasing cum as orgasm rolled over him. His throbbing 21 incher was trapped between his flexing pecs and blasted load after load of thick, sticky cum right onto his face. Cum splattered against his face, in his eyes, into his open mouth as the angry red head shot it out. After 7 loads the violence of his orgasm tempered down and five more loads flowed from his cock, pooling onto his protruding pecs and slowly sliding into the deep canyon that held his deflating cock. Alex stared down and laughed as he saw Connor coating himself with his cum. “You came just by seeing me worship my arms, boy. A real man lasts longer. Now I know why I took you down so easily: you’re no match for a man like me, aren’t you boy? These are the arms that now rule this university”, he boomed and threw another double bicep pose while the slight curve in his engorged shaft made his 20 incher smack against the left part of his abs. Connor’s cock jolted at the sight of the monstrous biceps hardening again and it shot a final load onto his cum-covered face. He lowered his head in defeat and every ounce of resistance left him as he noticed that Alex hadn’t even climaxed himself. “I’m gonna shower”, Alex said as he lowered his arms, “You’ll wait until I’m done. Men shower first, boys later”. Alex stepped over Connor and slowly strutted into the shower zone, his erect cock dangling back and forth as he savored his domination. Anton ripped away the door and stared into an empty room. He tossed the wooden door aside and continued his search. Sean and Keith held their breath as they heard the heavy footsteps in the hallway. The sound of the crashing door made them jump up. “Look at us”, Keith whispered, “last year we ruled the school and now we’re hiding in a closet”. Light suddenly flooded the previously dark closet as the door flew off. “There you are”, Anton said as he stared down at the two skinny boys, “Let’s have some fun. I’m dying to see how much of my cock fits in your bony asses. And then i'll take you to see Tomas”. Sean shot up but lost his balance. He fell forward and his head collided hard with Anton’s cock. “Mmpf”, Anton grunted in pain. He stepped back, holding his hands in front of his agonizing dick. “Go!”, Sean yelled and he jumped out of the closet with Keith. Anton saw the runts shooting past him and flung his arm in their direction. The two small boys dodged the tree-sized arm and sprinted away into the dark hallway. “I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth!”, Anton boomed and chased them once more. “To the exit!”, Keith said and quickly rushed down the marble stairs and turned to the left. Keith followed him and they heard the heavy footsteps wandering off in the distance. Anton angrily scanned the deserted corridor and punched against the wall; his meaty fist sank into the concrete like it was pudding. “Must have taken the wrong turn”, he said and returned to the staircase and turned left. Keith and Sean had reached the exit and were unlocking the door as they heard Anton’s heavy footsteps closing in. They threw open the door and rushed outside. The boys froze in their footsteps as a big, brown wolf appeared in front of them on the path and howled frighteningly. They turned around and sprinted back to the building, the wolf right behind them. Anton grinned as he saw Keith and Sean sprinting toward him; they would never escape him now and his master would be very happy. Sean and Keith looked behind and saw the wolf getting ready to attack. They threw themselves down on the path as the wolf jumped to them. The big creature passed over them and collided with Anton’s meaty chest, sending both him and the 580 pound behemoth crashing down to the floor. Sean and Keith quickly got up, sprinted past their fallen enemies and disappeared in the first room on the right. Seconds later, Anton painfully got up, looked around and bellowed in anger. He grabbed the wolf’s neck and launched the big creature onto the grass. He locked the doors and angrily returned to his room to report to Tomas. Sean and Keith heard Anton leaving, waited a few more minutes and emerged from their hideout. “Let’s go to Logan’s room first”, Keith said. In the locker room Connor looked up as Alex stepped over him and disappeared into the shower zone. His cum-covered chest still heaving up and down after his intense orgasm. His mind kept shooting back and forth between the image of his own body clearly out sizing Alex and the image of Alex’ spectacular arms. The thought of those hard masses of vein-covered meat made his cock harden slightly. Connor heard the water turn on, slowly got up and cautiously entered the shower zone. He blinked a few times as he made his way into the actual shower area. All the showers were running with steamy hot water and the thick clouds of fog that filled the shower zone, dimmed the lights on the ceiling: it seemed like penetrating the tropical jungle. Connor stepped under the first shower on his left and quickly rinsed the cum off his majestic body. He then slowly and carefully walked over the slippery, tilled floor. As he reached the center of the spacious shower area, the steamy fog enveloped him completely. He proceeded step by step and moved toward the furthest wall. The contours of a big silhouette became visible through the steam as he took another step. Connor advanced further and the clouds of hot fog dissipated, revealing the back wall of the shower area. The three showers on the tilled, white wall were running and produced more steamy vapors that circled slowly upward to the ceiling. The real spectacle was underneath the central shower: Alex. He was facing the wall and had his broad back turned to the shower area. Connor stared at the 500 pound behemoth showering his godly body. The mounds of muscle rippled and flexed along the wide surface of Alex’ beastly back. Water cascaded down in the deep grooves and cuts from his large, round delts to his narrow waist before sliding over the curve of his meaty ass. His titanic, 55 inch arms bulged as he brought them up to massage his hair: the overdeveloped bracchialis jutted out wide atop the low hanging tricep and under the mountain like peak that rose upward. Connor licked his lips, but quickly shook his head: he wasn’t here to worship those juicy arms, he would take Alex down by surprise and make him into his muscular pet. He focused like he did before a wrestling match and moved in. Alex opened his eyes astonished: before he could react, two strong arms passed underneath his own huge ones and two big paws locked together behind his neck. “You took me by surprise in the locker room. Time to even the score”, Connor said in Alex’ ear. “Still hadn’t enough, boy?”, Alex asked, “You’ll see what happens to weaklings that don’t do what they’re told”. He wiggled and squirmed to loosen the bigger beast’s hold. “I’m 60 pounds of pure muscle bigger than you. Once I’m done with ya, you’ll be the boy”, Connor rumbled. He stepped back a bit, dragging Alex with him. “You won’t break my hold like you did back in the locker room this time”, Connor said and tightened his grip, making his hard 45 inch biceps dig into the other behemoth’s armpits. Alex grunted softly as the steely biceps dug into his armpits. “I don’t need the wall to break your weak hold, boy”, he replied and shrugged his meaty shoulders. Connor’s eyes widened as the thick traps made Alex’ neck swell in his grasp. He fought in vain against the uprising muscles, but his 560 pound body hadn’t recovered completely after the fight. His locked fingers were pried open as the traps bulged with power. Alex felt the grip faltering and shrugged his shoulders a second time. He broke free and swiftly turned around to face his opponent. Connor’s mind was still trying to process what had just happened: no one had ever broken free from his strongest hold. Alex’ blue eyes were the last thing he saw before a hard blow hit his protruding chest. He lost his balance on the slippery floor, crashed down onto his back and slid backward toward the center of the foggy shower area. An evil smirk formed on Alex’ lips as his eyes followed his opponent that disappeared in the fog: he had escaped the bigger guy’s strongest hold and had clearly felt that he had not much power left. “I’m gonna enjoy round two even more”, he boomed into the clouds of steam. Connor was slowly getting up as Alex’ threatening voice rumbled through the shower area. He knew he didn’t stand a chance against the 500 pound guy without getting bigger. He decided to run for it and headed for the exit. A strong paw suddenly grabbed his neck when he stood up. Alex had noticed his opponent’s frame through the fog and had moved in rapidly. His left paw had grabbed Connor’s muscled neck just as he was about to flee. He forced him to turn around. Connor felt like his neck was about to snap as the other behemoth’s crushing grip made him face him slowly. “Never start a fight you can’t finish, boy”, Alex said as he looked his opponent straight in the eye. He could see the fear in it as he clenched his right paw into a thick fist, making his forearm bulge with strength. Connor tried to free himself from the impossibly hard grip, but Alex’ arm didn’t budge. He stared in horror as the 500 pound beast made a fist. He flexed his still battered abs in a protective reflex. “Not good enough”, Alex grunted and smacked his fist into the dark red 12-pack in front of him. Pain beyond anything he’d ever felt exploded through Connor’s majestic body when Alex’ fist collided with his already weakened abs. His knees buckled and Alex’ strong grip was all that kept him from slumping down. He summoned every ounce of strength left in his body and flung his right arm at the smaller guy’s face. Alex quickly raised his right arm and easily fended off his opponent’s punch. “Too weak, boy”, he said and dragged the 560 pound guy back to the furthest wall of the shower zone. Under the central shower, he released his grip and let his opponent slump to the floor. “Get up”, he bellowed. As soon as Alex released his grip on his neck, Connor’s thick legs gave out and his 560 pound body crashed down. He heard the other behemoth’s order and tried to get up. His wobbly legs couldn’t handle his weight and he clumsily collapsed back down. He grabbed the tilled wall for support and managed to get up after two more attempts. He grabbed the showerhead and pulled himself up, not releasing it to prevent his majestic body from crashing back down. The instant Connor stood up in front of him, Alex rammed his fully engorged 20 incher into the tight and very muscled ass. He groaned in pleasure as he fucked the bigger beast with full force: the feeling of the strong muscles clenching around his rock hard dick was way better than raping his bony teammates. “YEAH”, he grunted deeply. Connor instinctively clenched his ass in protection as he felt the hot rod enter. It was smaller and thinner than Anton’s 25 incher, but due to the slight curve in it, it hit a spot in his ass that drove him wild. “Ugh”, he moaned as his body rocked back and forth by the force of the fucking. Luckily he could grab the shower head for support or else his beaten body would have crashed down with the cock in his ass. His 560 pound body hadn’t even enough power left the make his own cock hard again: it dangled half hard between his thick quads. Alex placed his paws against the tilled wall for extra support and upped the force of his thrusts even more. He felt all powerful ravaging the bigger beast. Realizing he had dominated his former idol both physically and sexually, sent him over the edge. He roared deeply as his balls blasted several loads of thick cum through his rock-hard 20 incher into the clenching muscular ass. “YEAUGHN!!!!” Connor shuddered as the dick in his ass exploded. His huge body shook in harmony with the blasts that filled him. A watery load of cum dripped from his own semi-hard cock. After 8 loads, his orgasm cooled down and Alex withdrew his slowly deflating dick from the other behemoth’s ass. He grinned in triumph as his opponent slumped down, cum dripping from his ass. Connor’s worn out body just collapsed as the 20 incher retreated from his ass. He stared up in awe and defeat at the godly frame towering over him. He blinked as two strong paws grabbed his armpits and lifted him up. He shook from exhaustion as his weight rested once more on his feet; luckily the big paws still supported him. He looked groggily into the blue eyes in front of him. “Finally know your place, boy?”, Alex boomed at the worn out opponent in his grasp. He grinned as he saw the big guy nod weakly. “Time to make the lesson sink in then”, he said and released Connor, quickly putting his right paw back under his right armpit as Connor nearly collapsed back down. Connor looked quizzically at the 500 pound beast as he heard his remark. Pain exploded through his body as a thick fist collided with his battered abs. His head shot back in pain as more jackhammer-like punches rained down on his stomach. “Last time I let you off too easily”, Alex said as his fist kept ravaging his opponent’s body. The once armor-like, stony surface was no longer a match for his titanic arms: his left fist sank deep into the dark red abs that felt like jelly against his steely knuckles. “No, please”, Connor grunted weakly as blow after blow smacked into his totally defeated abs. Alex’ strong grip prevented him from falling down and held his body inches away from the wall so that his abs took the full force of the punches. Connor looked down and saw that the dark red skin was turning purple under the onslaught of the other behemoth. Alex plump cock hardened with every punch he threw. He just loved dominating; now he understood why bullies kept tormenting their weaker victims. But he had done more: he’d taken down a bigger guy. He smacked his fist against his opponent’s abs once more, making it sink completely into the now weakened surface and pulled it back. He grinned down on the behemoth in his grasp: some blood was dripping from Connor’s mouth on his pale white protruding chest; his 12-pack had lost every definition and was completely flattened by the series of blows it had taken and looked dark red-purple. He hoisted his opponent up and took him in a bone crushing bear hug. Connor’s head shot back in pain as Alex’ beastly arms wrapped around his battered body and forced the air out of his lungs. The bulging biceps easily dug into his flattened obliques and bore into his body. Black dots danced before his eyes as the other behemoth crushed his worn out muscles. He felt fear beyond anything he’d ever felt before: when he was still a small runt he’d been afraid of his bigger bullies but knew they would never really hurt him; now, he felt his body was on the verge of breaking completely. Alex saw the panic in his opponent’s eyes and smiled. He slammed his fully engorged 20 incher in the muscular ass once more and hardened his flex some more. “Getting the lesson”, boy?”, he groaned in Connor’s ear as he thrust his hips back and forth to fuck his ass. Connor’s mind didn’t even process the other behemoth’s words: he was too far off in pain to react. The black dots now filled his vision almost completely and his big muscles did everything they could to withstand Alex’ crushing grip. The unbearable pain mixed with pleasure as the hot, hard, yet slightly curved shaft invaded his ass again. “Your muscles may be bigger, but you’ve got no real strength”, boy”, Alex groaned, “Wrestlers are fake, weak pussies. Footballers are real men”. He hardened his flex some more, enjoying how his monstrous, 55 inch biceps sunk deep into his opponent’s flattened obliques. “YEAUGHN!!!!” Alex bellowed in pleasure and his muscles flexed as his cock exploded in the muscular ass he was fucking. The pressure built quickly as volley after volley of thick cum blasted from his throbbing shaft. The cum of his first fuck was still inside and this second portion rapidly filled the tight ass. He could feel his own cum sliding along his rock hard 20 incher as more loads blasted from it. He released his bear hug and pulled his opponent from his dick after 5 shots; he milked three more loads from his cock shot, blasting them against the tilled wall, before his orgasm calmed down. Connor fell down once the other behemoth freed him from his grip. He looked up, his back on the water and cum-covered floor underneath the running shower, and stared at the blasts Alex milked from his cock. Alex released his deflating cock and looked down on his beat-up opponent. He smiled at the result of his work: the imprints of his huge arms were marked in dark red on Connor’s skin from the bear hug, his defined 12-pack looked completely flat and purple from the beating and some blood was leaking from Connor’s mouth. Alex raised his arms in triumph, did a double bicep pose and roared deeply, the sound echoing through the foggy shower area and rolling through the locker room. Connor gazed up and shivered in fear at the beastly roar. His dick jolted at the display of raw power as the other behemoth flexed his titanic arms. He knew it had been foolish to take on that beast after their first fight. Alex kept staring Connor straight in the eye and saw that he had understood the message. “Suck me off while I finish my shower, boy”, he bellowed as he lowered his arms, grabbed some soap and began soaping his chest and abs. Connor weakly got up on his knees, grabbing hold of the other behemoth’s thick quads for support and faced the plump cock that dangled atop a set of orange-sized balls. He opened his lips, took in the half-hard shaft and began sucking. Alex rumbled in pleasure as his cock was teased to hardness again by the 560 pound man’s tongue. He stopped soaping his torso and played with his hard nipples as the sucking on his now fully hard 20 incher intensified. Connor gagged a little as the cock in his mouth hardened fully and slipped into his throat. The slight curve of the shaft made it hit his left tonsil slightly. His tongue traced the thick veins up and down the lengthy shaft and his teeth playfully teased the surface. “Oh yeah”, Alex grunted as the tongue and teeth played with his rock hard shaft. He led his left paw slid down from his chest, over his intimidating 12-pack and grabbed the back of Connor’s head. He began bucking his hips and fucked the mouth of his opponent. Connor chocked slightly as the 500 pound beast began thrusting the 20 incher roughly in his mouth. He tried to retreat but the strong paw held his head in place. He grabbed the flexing quads in front of him to steady himself and kept sucking hard on the shaft. “YEAUGHN!!” Alex’ roar filled the shower area as his cock exploded in his opponent’s mouth. He pumped in and out of the spasming throat as load after load of cum flew from his cock. Connor gagged and swallowed as cum began blasting from the 20 incher fucking his face. The cum blasted against the back of his throat and his left tonsil and quickly filled his mouth. Alex roared and roared in ecstasy as his third orgasm of the day rolled over him. He looked down and grinned as he saw cum pouring from corner of the other behemoth’s mouth and even from his nose. He noticed a feeble load dripping from his opponent’s semi-hard cock and withdrew from his mouth, blasting a final load onto his face. Connor looked up as the cock left his mouth, just to get his face covered in cum. His eyes slowly traveled up along the majestic body towering over him and locked onto the piercing blue eyes staring down. He nodded respectfully at his new master. Alex saw the nod and pulled the other behemoth up. “Good boy”, he said, “Now let your master finish his shower and leave”. He shoved Connor backward, sending him tripping and sliding to the exit. Connor crashed down on the slippery floor, got back up and rushed out off the shower zone as fast as his wobbly legs allowed him. He grabbed his towel, dried his beastly yet battered body and put it on the bench next to his locker. He took his clothes when a hot rod invaded his worn out ass again. “Just making sure the lesson stays in”, Alex grunted as he rammed his 20 incher in the muscular ass, “Gotta love being huge. I feel so powerful!”. He began pumping his cock violently up and down the clenching ass. Connor moaned in pleasure and exhaustion as his ass was being plowed by the 500 pound behemoth. He put his hands on the bench for support and closed his eyes to undergo the fourth fuck in half an hour. “Just… ugh… remember you never touch my… ugh… body. I… ugh… owe you… ugh, boy”, Alex groaned in between fastening breaths. He upped the pace of his thrusts and drove his cock into the muscular ass like a battering ram. Connor nodded at his master’s remark and marveled at the power, both physically and sexually of Alex: his fucking was way more intense than Anton’s. His semi-hard cock leaked a watery load of cum onto his clothes. “YEAUGHN!!” Alex beastly roar escaped his mouth and his majestic muscles flexed as his fourth orgasm of the day erupted through his body. His big balls, already filled again after his previous explosions, released heavy loads of sticky spunk that geysered from his throbbing 20 incher and splattered into the clenching ass he was plowing. Connor was on the verge of passing out from exhaustion and pleasure. He’d never liked being dominated since he’d gotten huge, but he knew he was simply no match for the 60 pound lighter beast. Alex pulled the other behemoth from his cock and coated his broad, muscular back with his cum. He then turned his opponent around and covered his face with his final load. He grinningly looked down at Connor and said: “Make sure you’re here tomorrow after football practice, boy!”. Connor stared up at the 500 pound behemoth and nodded.
  9. Well it took over two years but I have finally finished this story, all fifty thousand words of it. Truth be told, it could have been twice as long but I’m afraid I don’t have the time to write a full novel so here is the conclusion of “My Twin Moves On.” Enjoy! If you’re looking for any of my other stories let me know and I’ll post them. Chapters 1-12 Chapter 13 CHAPTER 14 “What are you doing?” I asked again. My brother held the weeping tubes in his fist and looked at me with hard eyes. “Fixing this, hopefully,” he said as he flung the free end of the tubes into the sink above Powers’ head. After a moment of fumbling with the machine, I saw the blood reverse course. It was now leaving Dr. Powers’ body and draining into the sink. Seeing all that power wasted on the sewer made me feel sick. Satisfied, my brother walked back in the room and checked on his friends. “Help me get them out of here,” he said as he draped one over his shoulder. Frozen, I could only stare at the thousand pound beast through the hole in the wall. “RYAN!” my brother yelled, snapping me out of my stupor. Still somewhat dazed, I walked over to Cody, who was slowly regaining his movement. “He said,” Cody whispered. “He said he could…make us bigger.” He closed his eyes. “Now…look at me.” I looked at his shredded two hundred pound body and it was a struggle not to punch him. I ignored the voice that said my shredded 190 pound body would be the envy of most as well. “Hurry,” my brother demanded as he stood with a friend under each arm. “We’re going to have company pretty soon.” Confused at first, I soon heard the sound of distant police sirens drawing closer. Shit! I thought. Momentarily forgetting Dr. Powers, I did my best to lift Cody to his feet and barely succeeded. I was still weakened by my own dose of that paralytic medicine. Leaving one of the four behind with a promise to return, we made our way down the empty dorm hall with three naked and semi-lucid jocks in tow. Moments later, we were in front of my brother’s door on the other end of the hall. I turned the knob and gave Rhys a surprised look when I found it locked. Eyebrows up, Rhys unburdened himself of one of his naked friends and tried the knob with the same results. “Did you bring the key?” he asked me. “No,” I responded just as the door knob shook and opened from the other side. I momentarily panicked at the thought of Dr. Fitz greeting us but was surprised to find Kevin behind the door. I heard my brother exhale in relief just as I did. But it was short lived. Something wasn’t right. Kevin was still in his white tank but it was now stretched over his body as if painted on and the bottom of it revealed a bronze midsection of deeply chiseled abs. He filled the doorway. His prior 6’2, 270 pound frame had added an inch or two and a couple dozen pounds in a few minutes. Initially confused, I then noticed the familiar red tubes running from his arms and legs. Peeking around his form revealed that those tubes were still connected to Fitz’s slumbering (and now shrinking) frame. The old man’s face was beginning to look saggy and hollow again; his Olympian build diminishing. Kevin had done the same thing to Fitz as by brother had to Powers, only instead of draining the blood into a sink, Kevin was draining it into himself. He was going to add the 150 pounds of size stolen from me to his already gargantuan 270 pound frame. “Oh, Kevin,” I heard my brother say. “What have you done?” Kevin just laughed as he bent over and relieved my brother’s burden by scooping up a semi-conscious jock under each arm. “You can’t do that,” I heard myself say in what could only be described as a whine. He was taking what was originally mine! Dropping the boys on the collapsed mattress, Kevin stood and met my gaze with a spark in his eyes. He swelled like a peacock, shoulders wide and lats flaring, and stepped towards me. “Are you going to stop me, little man?” he asked in a rapidly deepening voice. I heard the fabric of his shirt begin to groan as he put me in his shadow. Once of similar height, Kevin now bested me by a couple inches and was half again as wide. I heard stitches snap and pop as he continued to expand in his increasingly overwhelmed shirt. I looked down and saw his quads were beginning to press against his board shorts, their ridges and vascularity starting to bulge through the fabric. “Ryan,” I heard my brother say. “We have to hurry.” The siren could be heard blaring through the closed window. We only had a matter of seconds at this point. “Hurry back, kiddies,” Kevin said as she stretched out his arms, flared his wing-like lats, and popped a double bicep pose that sent his twenty six inch arms flaring. Mountainous peaks bulged over his deeply developed triceps. “This show is about to get good.” He had reached the point where he could easily manage both of us if we tried to stop him. There was nothing I could do. I let myself be dragged back down the hall, Kevin’s deepening laughter chasing me the whole way. The sirens were at their maximum volume now and I heard official-sounding voices yelling for calm to the gathering crowd below. “I gotcha, Joe,” I heard my brother say as he hefted the final boy over his shoulder. I found myself staring at the shrinking giant lying in the bathroom. Dr. Powers was significantly smaller but still over twice even Kevin’s current size. Maybe I could teach Kevin a lesson, I thought as I stepped towards the hulking figure. “Ryan, the cops are in the stairwell,” my brother said. I took another step. However, after an audible sigh from my brother, I felt myself being picked up and carried out of the room. Rage took over and I fought Rhys like a bagged cat. “Let me go, Rhys!” I yelled. “I don’t need your protection.” I squirmed against his iron grip but he only grabbed me tighter. “In ten seconds, there will be a swarm of cops ready to arrest anyone remotely close to that room. There’s nothing you can do other than run.” I continued to struggle as he carried me down the hall but I knew he was right. Besides, I couldn’t budge the iron grip of my twin brother. I watched as Powers’ gargantuan form disappeared from view then I just hung helplessly as Joe and I were raced down the hall atop my brother’s shoulders. Rhys had us back in his room with the door shut behind just as I heard the hall door bang open followed by a rush of movement and orders racing down the hall towards the chaos of the other end. I looked over and saw Kevin, standing like a god admiring his expanding body, strategically positioned in front of a now awake and still immobile Fitz. The only sound originating within the room was a panting Rhys and the continuous sound of popping fabric. “Glad you could make it,” Kevin said, his voice dripping with ecstasy. “Fitz is a terrible for conversation right now. He won’t even tell me how he got this big.” He took a deep breath and exhaled with a moan. “Oh god, you should feel this. I don’t know how that old fucker could have slept through this. It’s fucking unreal.” “Quiet!” Rhys whispered to his growing friend. “I’m trying to save our asses here.” “You guys causing all that ruckus out there? Sounded like the building was coming down. Heh heh, maybe I’ll help with the demolition,” Kevin said, although his voice had noticeably quieted. “Oh god here it goes.” Kevin bent over in a most muscular and his tank top exploded off his body, releasing a wave of muscle across his back, shoulders, traps, chest and arms. He was a mountain of writhing power. Traps bulged a foot off his back, which itself spread across his frame like giant wings. Kevin pumped his arms over-and-over, squeezing the bicep ferociously. Each time, the peaks of his arms pushed out a little further and the striations grew deeper. Clearly defined fibers shot across each muscle like sunbursts. His giant hands clenched and unclenched, forcing swelling cables of muscle to run over each other beneath the stretched skin of his forearms. All the while, he grew taller and taller. “You want to feel this?” Kevin boomed and I was surprised to find myself standing within arm’s reach of the giant. Without thought, I touched his chest, now at my eye level. His skin was on fire and the muscle beneath dense as concrete. I could feel him expanding beneath my hand. He was so hard. “Oh shit,” he groaned as if mid-orgasm just as a rip ran up the side of each thigh. Kevin looked at me with a stupefied grin then arched his back and flexed his quads. Just like his shirt, the fabric of his board shorts literally flew off his body. His quads immediately expanded to twice their former circumference as if held undersized in the confines of the nylon. “Fuck me,” Kevin moaned to himself. A dick the size of my forearm was now released from its cage sprang to life, finding its way into Kevin’s hand. He grabbed my arm with his other hand and pressed my hand against his own fifty inch quads. He was a flesh-covered wall of rippling iron. Dense muscle writhed and swelled beneath the skin. “Touch me, midget,” he said between gasping breaths. “Oh god.” He flexed his arm, seemingly involuntarily, swelling his thirty five inch vein covered boulders. He forced my hand across his own body and I was unable to stop him. He forced me across his ever deepening abs and thickening eighty inch chest. “Can you feel that?” he asked, eyes closed as he began to stroke his own growing shaft. “Ohhh fuck,” he moaned again as he came and shot across the room. In his ecstasy, he let me go and I backed away as he focused entirely on himself. The entire scene could have been seconds or minutes but no one in the room could take their eyes off him as he swelled into an eight foot tall behemoth. Mammoth hands which could have crushed a watermelon continued to explore his naked body with vigor as Kevin’s downturned head rose to brush the ceiling. Then, suddenly, his eyes grew wide and he turned around in fury to Dr. Fitz and, to our surprise, my brother. Rhys stood above the old man eyes defiant and the tubes gripped in his hand and needles taken from Fitz’s body Kevin took a menacing step towards Rhys and I suddenly wished I had that cattle prod back. “You want to feed me too?” Kevin asked darkly. His form dwarfed my brother but Rhys stood tall. “If not, little man, put those things back and get out of the way.” “He’s done,” Rhys said. “There’s nothing left.” I looked over at Fitz to find him much like the ancient figure I’d seen before, maybe a little bigger but still considerably frail. My eyes were drawn back to the mountainous landscape of Kevin’s back. Dr. Powers was over twice his size a moment ago but, for some reason, Kevin’s presence was more intense. Maybe it was his youth, or boyish face. Or maybe it was the way his arms and back expanded with each deep breath. Regardless, he looked like a god. Rhys stood his ground. “It’s done, Kevin,” he said calmly as I circled around and joined my brother. Kevin’s face was red with fury but there was an obvious internal conflict. He raised his mammoth hands to the side of his head, his swollen biceps barely allowing him to complete the movement. His gasping breaths slowly began to grow shallow as he struggled against the rage in his mind. Finally, after an eternity. “You’re right,” he said. Then he sat on his crushed bed, his giant frame making it appear a doll’s toy. Rage passed and his mind in check, Kevin looked at his body as if for the first time. “Fuck yeah,” he whispered as he started feeling himself all over again. “What do we do now, Rhys?” I asked. Rhys exhaled and dropped the tubes. “Now,” he said. “We clean this up.” EPILOGUE I sat in my running car, staring blankly at the dash. “See you soon, I hope,” McKenzie said from outside the driver’s window. I looked at her and gave what I hoped was an enticing smile. It was a sham, we both knew. I was no longer big enough to give her what she wanted and she was more than I could hope to handle. I was back to 6’1 and 190 pounds, the same size I started the week. A duffle bag came in through the open passenger window, followed by the face of my brother as he rested his bulging arms on the door’s window sill. “That should be all of your stuff,” he said with a cocky grin. “And I threw in some munchies for the road.” “Thanks,” I said, again with a painfully painted façade of happiness smeared on my face. Rhys wasn’t fooled in the slightest but his face kept that smile. Was he mocking me? Was this how it was going to be now? He knew I wasn’t ever going to reach his size now and was taking his place as the dominant brother? My stomach rolled. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. “How’s Kevin?” I asked politely. Rhys shrugged, sending the mass of muscle on his shoulders and traps flaring. “He’s loving himself. I’m going to try to find some clothes for him today but won’t be holding my breath. He’s getting restless, but knows he should lay low at least until the press clears out.” I nodded. How long would that be? I asked myself, looking around. It was all over the news and people were flocking to the Muscle Dorm. Although spring break was still a couple days from being over, enough students were in town to create a sizeable crowd. Cody and his friends, wearing only shorts borrowed from Rhys and Kevin’s wardrobe, looked like teen bodybuilders beneath the overhead sun. They also looked abashed and had each been a constant slew of apologies since they were able to speak again. They’re not that much bigger than me now, I thought. I’d forgiven them, though. I knew the draw of those pills all too well. A three hundred pound Dr. Powers had been escorted in handcuffs to a police car and driven away. I saw his distant grin as they lowered him into the back seat. He got what he wanted. I wasn’t even sure what they could charge him for. Who would believe the actual story? “What about Fitz?” I asked my brother, who was still hunched over the sill. “I made a deal,” he said, the smile still plastered on his face. “He keeps enough size to forgo the wheelchair and we all agree to shut up about the whole thing. He threw in a few other concessions.” I nodded vacantly, my attention on the circus behind my brother. The press was still attempting to figure out what had happened. They were trying to make a connection between the destruction in the Muscle Dorm and the rampage recently experienced at the school gym. I’d forgotten about David, the growing giant I’d left to destroy the rec center as I ran back to the dorm. They had apparently tried to arrest him too, but he’d broken free every time they’d gotten him handcuffed. All-in-all I was leaving behind a trail of destruction and I wasn’t surprised my brother was in a rush to get me out of site. As if reading my mind, Rhys gave the window sill a pat and pulled away. “You get out of here. Most people thought you were me and I have an airtight alibi that I was in the Bahamas all week. That story would be shot in the face if they saw us together.” I found myself longing to be back where I wasn’t the smallest person in the room. I desperately wanted to go back to my own university. “Thanks bro,” I said as I put the car in gear. “One more thing,” Rhys said as he popped his face back in the car. He threw a metal object through the opening and let it land with a thud on the duffel bag in my passenger seat. “You’re not the only detective in this family.” He winked at me then gave the car another pat. Confused, I let the car move me forward and away from the crowd. As I pulled onto the road running through campus, I looked over and looked at the heavy iron padlock, still locked and connected to the metal brackets it once held together. I felt my eyebrows furrow as I inspected it. It was just an ordinary lock and had obviously been ripped off something. I shrugged and threw it back on the bag as I continued driving. What’s that supposed to mean? Fucker. I let my dark mood fester and before long I was on the interstate heading north. I turned up the radio and let the road dashes hypnotize me as they sped by. I thought of the future, of returning home this summer to find myself dwarfed by my identical twin brother. Walking next to his hulking frame would be a continual reminder of our new paradigm. Old friends would see him and gasp in awe while ignoring the twenty-five pounds I’d gained over the year. Shit, they would probably think I’d shrunk. Could we work out together? The mere thought of having to constantly remove weights so I could perform my set was too much to bear. The beach? Fuck that. I thought about that smirk plastered on his face as I said my goodbyes. Why was my brother so happy? Did he not see what this would do to our relationship? Of course he knew. He was always the smart one. You’re not the only detective in this family. My brother’s words lingered in my head. I reached over and picked the lock back up. It was as familiar as a blade of grass; familiar because they were everywhere. It was just like any other blue and metallic Master lock. The broken brackets still wrapped around the hoop were nothing special either. The lock had been ripped from a shitty old cabinet by the look of it. “What are you trying to tell me?” I asked the lock. Exhausted, I threw the lock back on my bag. The impact sounded a dull thud and a faint rattle. That rattle! Could it be? Heart racing, I pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway with a screech of tires. I’d seen the lock everywhere… and one place in particular. It had once locked away the contents of the janitor’s locker in the bowels of Powers Dorm. Once parked, I unzipped my bag with the fervor of a drug addict. The motion made that rattle all the more obvious. So this dorm is his laboratory, my brother told me as the anesthesia wore off. Specimens, supply room, and all. Now unzipped, I upended the bag letting the clothes and toiletries fall to the passenger seat. In addition to my belongings fell a large brown jar, topped with a black cap. I picked it up and shook it, letting the rattle of the contents within fill my ears. I almost tenderly removed the cap and looked inside Filling the bottle were dozens and dozens of the familiar granite speckled tablets. I was enough to turn all of Powers hall into an army of Kevins. My brother, in the chaos of the afternoon, had the foresight to check the very source of Dr. Powers’ stash. These must have been the concessions Fitz had bought Rhys’ silence with. I felt my body grow warm at the thought of being given a new chance. This time would be different. This time, I would control the situation. There would be no Dr. Powers to stop me. I could watch my friends grow around me and I’d be the giant among them. My heart raced and I heard myself laughing on the side of a lonely interstate. Above the rush of excitement and the orgasmic thought of getting my body back was a single thought above all others. And it shamed me to have lost sight of it: I had the best brother in the world and, no matter my size, he was the bigger man. THE END
  10. Herald

    The Flexorcist (23)

    Twenty-three Tomas breathed out loudly and rubbed his tired eyes. He had been decrypting the final part of the document for hours and was on the verge of completing his translation. He closed the book and decided to continue the following day. He got up from his chair and headed over to the bed where his pet was recovering. Anton’s beastly body was covered in dark blue en black bruises from the severe torture it had undergone. His thick muscles had protected his organs against the hard blows but the repeated beatings by Matt had inflicted some serious damage: an ordinary muscular guy would have been killed. “Time for your daily treatment”, Tomas said and held his hands over his pet’s body. “Restitutionem salubris, bestia meae! Revigorationem corpus suis! Ego! Hic! Nunc!”, he said and an infernal scream echoed through the room. Small lightning bolts shot from his hands and invaded the battered mounds of muscles on Anton’s body. The muscles shivered and tensed each time the infernal energy hit them. Faint grunts of pain escaped Anton’s mouth. The grunts got louder and louder and turned in pain filled screams as the stings awoke him from his deep sleep. He tried to raise his hands in a protective reflex but his ravaged body didn’t respond to his brain’s commands. Tomas deepened his concentration and the lightning bolts doubled in size as they kept raining down onto his pet. “AUGH! NOOOOO! AUGH!”, Anton roared in pain. Outside, the big wolves howled in response to the deep scream. Tomas opened his eyes and ended the treatment. He stared down at his pet and let him sink in a deep sleep. Sean and Keith didn’t understand what was taking Logan to report back to them. They decided to go see him and left their room. They cautiously scanned the hallway and headed over to Logan’s room. They turned around a corner and smacked into a hard wall. The frail boys bounced off and fell backward to the floor. Connor looked down as he felt a soft smack against his 12-pack. He smiled as he recognized his skinny brother and his roommate. “Isn’t it past baby bedtime?”, he said. Sean and Keith stared up at the tower of muscle they had just hit. Connor seemed even bigger from their perspective on the floor. “Your still the same size”, Keith blurted out. “Off course, I am”, Connor stated with a grin. “When will my muscles return to me then?”, Keith peeped in his high-pitched voice. “Never”, Connor replied. “But…”, Keith mumbled and all color drained from his face. “You fool”, Connor said, “you really didn’t think I was going to give up my size, did you? Your muscles are mine since the moment I drained them from you, bro. And I’m not giving them back ever. Not an ounce of them. I really enjoy being this big and they look way better on me.” Connor bounced his pecs as he spoke, making them dance under his skin-tight shirt. Keith’s mouth hung open but no sound came out. Tears filled his eyes as he realized that his muscles were gone forever. “O, look”, Connor said, “the baby’s gonna cry.” “And what about your uncle?”, Sean asked. “Tomas had foreseen everything”, Connor answered, “He knew those priests were coming but his powers were already beyond their comprehension. He could take them down easily. He just needed them to find out where you boys had hidden Anton.” “But you promised I would get my muscles back. You helped them defeat Tomas!”, Keith yelled in anger. He jumped up and began pounding his little fists against his brother’s steely stomach. Connor’s baritone laugh rumbled against the walls. He let his weak, older brother hit his relaxed abs as he continued speaking to Sean. “It was a trap Tomas planned for them. I made them and you believe I would back them up in the fight. All I needed was the exact location where you held Anton. I got it from you. They were no match for Tomas’ powers and he easily got rid of those priests. Your weak pats will never hurt my relaxed abs, bro.” Connor lifted his shirt and revealed the bottom rows of his deeply grooved 12-pack. Keith lowered his thin arms in defeat as he stared at the impossibly hard stomach of his younger brother. Even though he had hit the exact same spot with every punch, his brother’s abs were clearly unharmed; they didn’t even look reddish where his punches had hit. He looked up in anger at his brother and threw a final punch with all the force his frail, 90 pound body could summon. Connor grinned and instinctively flexed his abs, turning the already steely hard 12-pack in an impenetrable armor. Keith peeped in pain as his weak fist hit his brother’s stomach; a concrete wall would have been softer. “You boys lost. Face it.”, Connor said, “I’m gonna check on Alex. I wonder how he looks after draining the wrestle coach’s and Logan’s muscles.” He strutted away. Sean and Keith just stared at each other as the behemoth disappeared down the hallway. “You were right, buddy”, Keith said, “There’s no more good in my brother. He’s just as evil as Tomas and Anton. How will we ever stop them if Logan’s lost his muscles too?”. “I… I really don’t know anymore”, Sean answered weakly. Alex was preparing for football practice when he heard the door of his room open. He exited his bathroom and smiled at Connor. “How does it feel to be really big?”, Connor asked with a smug grin on his face. “Beyond my wildest dreams. I feel like I’m unstoppable. I feel strong like a tank. Could crush anybody”, Alex said and rubbed his big paws over the mass of his protruding pecs. “I know”, Connor replied, “but you couldn’t stop me, buddy”. “Sound like a challenge”, Alex said and shoved his chest against his fellow behemoth’s one to intimidate him. Connor had to step back slightly by the impact and noticed the smirk on Alex’ face. “Seems like your words are tougher than your muscles”, Alex stated. He put his hands on his hips and flared his lats to emphasize the broadness of his new physique. “I’ll take you on right here”, Connor answered and clenched his fist, making his 45 inch arms ripple. Alex looked at the other behemoth’s bulging biceps and grinned. “It’ll take more than those sticks to beat me”, he said and flexed his right arm. The oversized cannonball rose atop his beastly arm. Connor didn’t believe his eyes. He just stared at the vein-infested orb of meat that exploded in height and girth in front of him. His mind tried to process the incredible size of the insanely huge muscle. He gulped as he realized that Alex’ arm clearly outsized his and even Anton’s. Alex grinned at Connor’s reaction. “Too bad I don’t have time now”, he said, “I’ve got football practice in like ten minutes ago. But I’ll be happy to take you down afterward. I’ll wait in the locker room.” He lowered his arm, grabbed his gym bag and tossed it onto his boulder like shoulder. He put his left paw on Connor’s beefy chest and shoved him aside. Connor lost his balance and fell backward on the bed as Alex’ titanic, 55 inch left arm pushed with full force. “And don’t worry, I’ll go easy on ya”, Alex said laughingly and left the room. In the locker room Paul told the team what had happened to Logan. Since Alex hadn’t shown up, he was now the biggest guy on the team. His fellow teammates were outraged by what had happened to their popular captain and agreed to take down Alex as soon as possible. Paul was chosen to replace Logan as captain on the football field. Everyone agreed that Logan would remain on the team as a player. They put on their gear and rushed out on the field. The coach was giving his instructions as the mouths of several players fell open: Alex had appeared on the field. “Not starting without the star player, I hope”, Alex boomed in his deep baritone voice. He looked down on the other players. “The coach decides when we start. Besides, you’re late”, Paul said and stepped in front of his teammates to stare at Alex. Alex just laughed. His fully geared up teammate was way smaller than him and he was only wearing the tight shirt he’d taken from Logan. “I don’t think coach minds I’m a little late”, Alex replied. The coach nodded silently. He knew very well that this beast now ran the team. “And I’ll take this”, Alex said and grabbed the black ribbon from Paul’s arm, “Only the big guys can be team captain. Let’s play ball, boys!”. “Alright”, the coach yelled, “make two teams and let’s practice!”. The players automatically grouped with Paul as they wouldn’t let Logan down. “I said two teams!”, the coach yelled. “It’s fine, coach”, Alex replied, “I’ll take Logan and that guy on my team.” He pointed at a small guy with black hair. “Okay”, the coach yelled, “Logan and Zach go stand with Alex.” “But coach”, Paul protested. “Do it!”, Alex bellowed deeply. Practice began and every player avoided contact with Alex’ monstrous body. Two bulky, 220 pound guys tried to stop him but he simply trampled them like bugs. Within fifteen minutes, Alex’ team was leading the score. The other players simply dropped the ball when they saw the behemoth storming in their direction. He scored point after point, his deep baritone voice echoing over the field as he roared in triumph. Suddenly, Logan got the ball and rushed toward the end zone. The other team formed a wall of players to stop him: four 150-ish pound guys blocked his way. Yesterday he would have easily busted through but now they formed an impassable block for his 90 pound body. He was about to drop the ball when his feet left the ground. “Don’t worry, flatback”, Alex boomed behind him. He lifted Logan at the back of his jersey and held him in front of his 500 pound body. The other guys didn’t have enough time to jump aside. The behemoth stormed into them at full speed, letting Logan take the impact of their athletic frames. Alex released Logan and passed the ball to Zach, who scored. He rushed over to Zach and patted him on the back, knocking over the small guy. “Sorry man. Don’t know my own strength”, Alex said as he picked up his knocked down teammate. The coach ended the game. “Already?”, Alex said, “I’m just getting warmed up”. “Your teammates can take much more”, the coach said and pointed at the bruised players, “I need them for the upcoming game. And I think Logan’s out cold. Get him to the infirmary, guys.”. “Fine”, Alex replied, “but the bulk squad can use some extra training. You mind if we continue?”. “Carry on for as long as needed”, the coach said and led the battered players off the field. “And you stay too”, Alex bellowed to Zach, “Can’t face all of them on my own, teammate.” Reluctantly, Zach returned to the field. The other guys weighed at least twice as much as he did. Anger filled Paul, Matt and Mike as they saw their teammates carry away the battered Logan. “Focus all our attacks on Alex, guys”, Paul said, “Let him have it!”. The three bulky players lined up and stared angrily at the smiling behemoth in front of them. “Ready, buddy?”, Alex ask as he positioned himself behind Zach. He couldn’t see the 5’7 guy since he didn’t came up past his chest. “Yep”, Zach replied. He looked up but only saw the protruding rack of pecs stretching the shirt to its limits. Somehow he felt strangely safe with the behemoth towering over him. “Go!”, Alex bellowed so deeply the vibrations rattled his 125 pound teammate. Zach got the ball and rushed toward the wall of muscle formed by Paul, Matt and Mike. He braced himself for impact. Suddenly his feet left the ground and he felt himself flying through the air: Alex had grabbed him and launched him toward the end zone. Paul, Mark and Mike stared up as the frail guy flew over them. The trembling motion of the field made look down again. “No”, Matt let out as he stared at the behemoth storming right at them. Alex crashed into their defensive line and smacked them down. The three bulky football players felt like they had been hit by a train. Their heavy, over 250 pounds of muscle frames filled with pain as they collided with the ground. Their defense had been unbroken for two straight years until now. “Seems like we need a better defensive line”, Alex said laughingly and congratulated his teammate on the score. Zach accepted the behemoth’s praise and smiled. He knew it was wise to keep on the good side of his gigantic teammate. Paul, Matt and Mike got up slowly and painfully. For the first time in several years they actually felt scared on the football field. “Final round, boys”, Alex boomed before they could react, “We’ll take defense this time!”. Zach looked in fear at the three big players in front of him. Even fully exhausted, each one of them could easily crush him. He turned around to run for it, but a big paw lifted him in the air and within seconds he sat in the neck of his huge teammate. “Relax, buddy”, Alex said, “I’m not gonna let my teammate get hurt. You’ll be safe up there.” Zach grabbed hold of the incredibly thick traps to steady himself. He marveled at the size of the muscle and let his hands wander over the hard surface. His cock began hardening as he reached the perfectly round cannonball-sized shoulders. The hard masses of beef felt like hot marble under his touch. A mild shudder made him look down. Paul, Matt and Mike had charged at full speed at the behemoth and crashed their bulky frames into Alex. The impact cut off their breath. Alex just smiled. He had been hit by three muscular guys, weighing each over 250 pounds, and he had barely noticed it. He had flexed his strong 12-pack to take the blow and his abs had easily withstood the attack. He began moving to the end zone, dragging along the three guys hanging onto him. Paul, Matt and Mike couldn’t believe the giant was still standing. Their eyes widened in disbelief as he began moving them backward. The three members of the bulk squad dug their heels in the grass and resisted with all the strength they could summon from their battered frames. Alex tapped onto the full force of his thick quads, the gigantic muscles flexing and relaxing with every step. He picked up speed and began shoving back the defensive line. With every step his speed went up and soon enough he was storming at full speed toward the end zone, ignoring the weight hanging on him. Zach stared in shock at the scene. The bulk squad had always been unstoppable on the football field and now they were carried around like ragdolls. His dick jolted to full hardness, poking against the meaty trap, as he realized how powerful his new teammate was. Alex tossed down the football and slammed the three battered players on the ground. He turned his attention to the defeated bulk squad. Logan, Paul and Matt were grunting in pain as their behemoth teammate smacked them hard on the field. For the first time ever the three heavily muscled jocks saw black dots dancing for their eyes. They looked up at the 500 pound giant towering over them, gasping as they realized Alex still looked as fresh as he did before practice. Alex grinned down at the battered star athletes and grabbed Matt jersey. He effortlessly picked up the 255 pound jock with his left arm. “You should bulk up, skinny boy. Your weight doesn’t challenge my mighty arm”, he said as he raised his squirming teammate until he looked him straight in the eye. Alex put both his huge paws under Matt’s armpits and began pushing his paws together. Matt grunted in pain as his protective armor was being pushed into his battered torso. He tried freeing him from the tightening grip but it was no use: whatever he tried, the behemoth’s paws overpowered him completely. He gave up the fight as the last bit of energy left his drained muscles. He just hung in the giant’s grasp, knowing that his armor would protect him. Alex noticed his teammate giving up the fight. “Yeah! Finally realized you’re no match for a real man, boy?”, he said and tightened his grip even more, making thick veins explode on the cable-sized muscles on his lower arms. His plump dick started hardening in his tight boxers as he enjoyed dominating the former stars of the football team. Matt let out more pain filled grunts as the hard armor pressed more against his torso. He gasped in pain as a loud breaking sound shot through the air: the protective armor, made to withstand the weight of a truck, burst under the pressure. Pain cut off his breath as several of his now unprotected ribs broke as well. Alex threw down the battered Matt. He bellowed in triumph and raised his monstrous, pumped arms in the air. Zach immediately rubbed his hands along the beastly biceps. Even fully extended in the air, the massive muscles outsized a football. His cock blasted four loads down his pants. Alex felt the hot warmth spreading against his meaty trap and remembered the frail teammate sitting in his neck. He lowered the 125 pound guys from his neck and gently patted his back. “Good game, man.”, Alex said and strutted away from the field. Connor turned his head as he heard the door of the locker room slam open. Within seconds a shadow fell over him as Alex stood in front of him. Energy and testosterone were flowing through his veins after dominating the entire football team. Alex recognized the other behemoth and stormed over to him to take full control of him. “I’ve just trashed the biggest athletes of the football team. Told ya I was unstoppable”, he said as he flared his pumped lats and made his body even broader. Connor just grinned and stood up, looking Alex straight in the eye. He knew very well he outsized the guy with a good 60 pounds of pure muscle. “You didn’t take on any real men”, he replied coolly. Anger filled Alex’ body; no one had stood up to him since he got big. “Then fell my power!”, he yelled and slammed his fist into the hard stomach in front of him. Connor was taken by surprise: Alex’ punch came that fast he didn’t have time to react. Before he could even slightly flex his abs, the steely paw smacked right into them. He doubled over as the fist sank into his armor-like 12-pack and knocked the wind out of him. Alex grabbed Connor’s hair and pulled him up. “Now feel the power of my 55 inch arms”, he bellowed and wrapped his arms around the other behemoth’s lower back. Connor gasped as the air was forged out of his longs by the bone crushing bear hug. The speed of Alex’ attacks had totally taken him by surprise. He began squirming and flexing his huge muscles and felt the giant’s hold loosening. Alex sensed Connor’s resistance. He lifted the behemoth in his grasp slightly up to make him lose contact with the floor. “Now your mine!”, he grunted and hardened his hold. His plump dick hardening more and more as he continued dominating the muscular beast. Connor’s head shot back in pain as the cannonball-sized, steely hard, 55 inch orbs of meat that were Alex’ biceps dug into his flanks. His own strong obliques were no match for those mounds of muscle. He could also feel the hardness of the giant’s growing dick against his own titanic quad. “Ready to bow for your master?”, Alex asked as he dug his biceps even harder into Connor’s flanks. He released his hold and staggered backward as a hard knee hit his half hard cock. Connor didn’t give Alex time to recover. He took in a deep breath and stormed over to the other behemoth. He grabbed his throat and lifted him up. Before Alex could react, his feet left the floor and he was slammed down. He grunted in pain as his broad back collided with the wooden table in the center of the locker room, shattering it to shreds as he crashed through it to the floor. “That all you got?”, he asked as he got up. Connor simply rammed his hard fist into Alex’ 12-pack in response. Alex doubled over as the fist kept hitting his abs. Again and again and again. He flexed his stomach and the next punch bounced off the deeply grooved surface. Connor kept throwing punches to destroy the hard abs. Alex’ abs absorbed most of the impact and the behemoth inhaled deeply to recover. He suddenly wrapped his thick arms around Connor again and took him in another bear hug. “I’ll crush you like I crushed the others on the football field”, he grunted. Connor’s hurt obliques protested in pain as Alex’ steely biceps dug into them once more. He slammed his fists hard onto the fleshy traps atop the behemoth’s neck. Alex gasped in pain and released his hold. Before Connor could react, he smacked his fist into 12-pack, knocking the wind out of his opponent. Connor doubled over as the fist busted through his unflexed abs. He put his left hand on his thick quad, trying to catch his breath. He looked up at Alex and raised his right hand in a protective reflex. “Finally know your place?”, Alex snickered. He turned around and headed for the door. Connor wasn’t going to give up the fight just yet. He got up and quickly closed the distance between him and his opponent’s back. He shoved him in the broad back with full force, making the behemoth crash toward the door. Alex was surprised by the powerful push. He quickly raised his arms to prevent himself from crashing into the door. As his hands touched the door, two strong arms came up under his own titanic ones and two thick paws locked at the back of his head. Connor hardened his full nelson to take down his opponent. No one had ever escaped his grasp in this powerful hold. He summoned all his strength to neutralize Alex’ threatening, 55 inch arms and to force him into submission. Alex squirmed and budged in the wrestler’s hold but he couldn’t free himself. His almighty arms were locked out off the struggle. “Not so tough after all, hey. I do outsize ya with 60 pounds of beef”, Connor said in his ear, “Nice fight you’ve put on though”. He rocked his opponent back and forth a little, savoring how he dominated the 500 pound beast. Alex grunted in pain and anger at the taunts. He suddenly raised his legs and put his feet against the door. He pushed with all the might of his tree-sized quads and sent him and Connor tripping backward. Connor blinked in surprise as he lost his balance and staggered backward. He didn’t break his hold; Alex wasn’t going to escape him. He groaned in pain as his broad back crashed into the metal lockers on the other side of the locker room. More pain exploded through him as Alex’ beastly, 500 pound frame sandwiched him and pushed him deeper into the locker. Alex broke free from the weakened hold and swiftly turned around to face his opponent. His first punch hit Connor’s stomach with the speed of light. Connor flexed his 12-pack to protect his battered body. Alex first punch had almost busted through his defenses by the sheer force the 55 inch arm produced. Punch after punch rained down onto his abs. He could feel the metal locker giving in and denting further as his broad back kept being slammed against it by the impact of the punches. His abs began protesting under the onslaught. Alex felt the grooved 12-pack getting weaker and heard the faint grunts of pain as his punches kept slamming into Connor. An evil smile formed on his lips. He pulled back his fist and tapped onto the full force of his 55 inch arm as he rammed into the other behemoth’s stomach. Connor’s protesting abs succumbed as the steely fist hit them like a wrecking ball. His 560 pound body was lifted up and his feet slightly left the floor by the impact as the thick fist sank into his stomach. Alex pulled back his fist and rammed it again into the battered stomach before stepping back smilingly. His dick hardened once more as he bellowed in triumph. Connor slumped to the floor, the imprint of his broad frame clearly visible in the lockers, and coughed up some blood. He got up on his hands and knees and looked up at the behemoth that towered over him: Alex’ pumped muscles stretched the tight shirts beyond its limits, his sweat had glued it onto him like a second skin and rips decorated the fabric in several places, in his pants a growing snake was clearly outlined against the mass of his beastly, right quad. “There’s a good boy”, Alex said laughingly and patted Connor on the head as if he was talking to a dog. Connor refused to go down though. He summoned every drop of strength left in his body. He got up on his feet and slammed his thick, round shoulder into Alex’ 12-pack. His 560 pounds of muscle added force to the impact. Alex blinked in surprise at Connor’s attack. He grunted as the strong shoulder hit his stomach and the blow shoved him backward. Connor held his shoulder against his opponent, grabbed his flanks and pushed with all his remaining force. His meaty quads exploded outward as the mighty muscles flexed. He looked down in shock as he saw the other behemoth’s quads harden too. Alex flexed his legs to withstand Connor’s force. He could feel diminish the impact of the attack as his quads bulged with power. His 500 pound body didn’t move another inch despite his opponent’s loudening grunts. Alex decided to end things: he locked his hands together as if preparing to pray, he raised them high above his head and slammed them down with full force against Connor’s exposed, broad back. Connor’s knees simply gave away as what felt like a comet hit his muscular back. He crashed down to the floor, his hands wielding in the air in vain to grab onto something for support. It surprised him he felt his body get up again, but he quickly realized what was happening: Alex had picked him up from the floor. Alex knew he’d taken down his opponent the instant his strong hands collided with the muscular back and knocked him down. He quickly lifted Connor from the floor and took him in a final bear hug. Connor screamed in pain as Alex smacked him against his protruding chest and wrapped his huge arms around his lower back. His battered, 560 pound body didn’t have enough strength left to protect him anymore. His worn out muscles didn’t respond to his brains commands to flex. Alex smiled as he felt his pumped biceps easily digging into his opponent’s weakened obliques. He flexed his arms, making the peak of his vein-covered 55 inch biceps sink into the other behemoth’s flanks. “Seems like those 60 pounds of extra muscle of you weren’t enough, boy”, he sneered and hardened his hold some more. Connor’s mouth hung open in a soundless scream as his opponent forced the air out of his lungs. His vision was going black as the impossibly tight bear hug tightened even more. Alex noticed that Connor was on the verge of passing out and changed his hold: he grabbed his armpit with his left hand and his leg with his right hand. “You’re the right weight to train my arms”, he said and began curling him up and down. Connor’s mind couldn’t process what was happening. Before he knew it, he hung horizontally in the behemoth’s hands and was moving up and down. He breathed in sharply as he realized Alex was using him as a barbell and was curling him up and down. He wanted to protest but knew he was no match for the 60 pound lighter monster. He accepted his new place in the hierarchy and marveled at the sight of the beastly 55 inch biceps swelling with blood as he was curled up and down. Alex saw Connor staring at his impossibly thick arms and bellowed in triumph; his deep baritone voice echoing against the walls of the locker room. His dick hardened completely in his pants as he realized his new position. He curled his opponent up a final time, tightly squeezing his pumped biceps and tossed him down. “Yesterday I was intimidated just by looking at you. Now I’ve destroyed you like I’ve destroyed the entire football team”, he said as he looked down on Connor, his fully hard cock clearly outlined against his meaty right quad. Connor stared up at the behemoth towering over him and nodded at his words. He noticed Alex smug grin and his feet left the ground as the other behemoth dragged him over to the shower zone…


    A one off I found buried deep in my documents folder, did a little rewriting and clean up. But its more of less one of my first stories from when I was 16. ——————————————————————————————————————————— TIPS Jamie hate Chris with a vengeance, they were polar opposites. Jamie a smart, hardworking student, and Chris a lazy,arrogant football star. They’d only been forced together because neither could afford to live alone. But Chris was taking liberties every day, Jamie would return home from either college or his job at a local restaurant to find the apartment a mess. Chris would usually be snoozing on the sofa, in just his briefs, teasing his unfortunate roommate with his chiseled tanned body. Jamie was getting tired of it, Chris was nearly always late with the rent and Jamie couldn’t handle school, work and cleaning an apartment every day. So he got Chris a job at the restaurant, they were now both waiters. Jamie regretted it the first day. Chris in all his 6ft5 brick shit house glory attracted every customer to his section. Within a week Chris was racking in 3 times his wage in tips every day, Jamie was barely making half. “Some guys just have it kid” Mr Cliff the manager would grunt when ever Jamie complained And he was the only one to complain, the other workers, all girls, loved Chris and he loved them if the moaning from his room every night was anything to go by. Chris knew how Jamie felt and rubbed it in his face at every opportunity. He’d flash his cash when ever he could, and even got Jamie to agree to being the only cleaner of the apartment when Jamie fell short of the rent one month. It was all because of Chris’ looks, Jamie was sure of it. When people came into the restaurant their eyes were instantly attracted to the broad shouldered jock and his killer smile. He brought a uniform a size too small to show off his pecs and abs, he’ll roll the sleeves up so his biceps really bulged. The customers loved it, the girl fawned over him and the guys admired his body and would question him about workouts and sport. Jamie would only get a thanks and a minuscule tip. One day a package arrived for Jamie, there was no return address. He opened it and found a book, an old leather book. A letter attached read. Try the spell on page 23 A Friend A spell book, Jamie thought, it couldn’t be real. He flicked the book open to page 23. Transfer Spell, even the playing field with this handy curse. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Jamie decided to give the spell a go, after a couple days of getting ready he chanted out the curse in the staff toilet at work and felt the power of it surge inside him, then very anti climatically it dissipated. When he returned to his section of the restaurant he spotted hulking Chris taking another handful of tip money, and it made Jamie smirk. The curse had needed something to set the transfer off, and Chris’ catalyst would be tips. Every tip he got for the next couple hours would ‘even the playing field’. Even if only a couple inches were gifted to Jamie it could make the world to the 5ft7 waiter. Jamie had chosen a Thursday to place the curse on Chris, it was their slowest day of the week, so not that much would be taken from Chris, Jamie wasn’t a nasty person, he just wanted the world to be fair. But Jamie hadn’t accounted for the local stadium hosting a music concert that Thursday. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Thanks ladies” Chris grinned at the twenty the giggling group of girls has left him at their table He stuffed it into his apron, and then pulled the apron’s knot tighter around his waist, it felt a little loose. Chris quickly loaded the girls plates up and carried them back balanced expertly on his thick forearm. His other arm swung at his side and he’d flex his bicep a little for the tables he passed. The ladies eyes would light up and most of the men would either submit to Chris’ obvious dominance or would have a flash of confusion cross their face as odd thoughts entered their heads. An elderly man stopped Chris and gave him a friendly shake of his free hand “For you kid, I saw your game last week you deserve it” The man left for the door, Chris tucked the folded up 50 into his apron. There was always one or two people who felt the football star needed to be congratulated and he never complained. Chris wobbled on his feet and the plates slid off his arm, he stood dumb as they crashed to the floor. It had never happened before, he had perfect balance, his arms where long and thick enough for a full tale of plates to rest on. “I’ll get it honey, just go back to your table” one of the waitresses offered Chris left the shattered pile and quickly moved away from the stares to the other side of his section. He felt uneasy on his feet, like his shoes had gotten bigger. He pulled his apron tight again, the knot must of gotten loose. “Was everything good” he asked a family while pushing his sleeves over his biceps again The table nodded and Chris took the cheque from them, the dad handing him a bundle of ones and fives. Chris tucked them into his apron with the other bills and pushed his sleeves up again, he then rolled them up, the fabric getting caught in the nook between this shoulder and bicep. It looked like a larger fold then usual, but Chris moved on from that thought, me must just be having an off day. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Jamie was shaking with nerves, the restaurant was crowed, and it really shouldn’t be. He spotted Chris a couple times, the jock still had his stupid grin. Jamie knew his plan for a couple inches would be way off now, a few feet may be on the table. Jamie cleared a table and tried to catch a glimpse of Chris in the crowd, Jamie’s section was tucked in the corner and he really didn’t have a good view of much, only a couple booths and a pillar. He flexed his feet in his shoes, they were tight, the curse was working. He dumped the plates in the kitchen and knelt down to loosen his shoes. His shirt was pulled taunt of his widening back, a small tear appearing at the seams on the his growing shoulders. Jamie jumped up, his chest heaving. Which it had never done before, there had been nothing to heave. Now there was the beginning of pecs pulling his small shirt tight under his apron. “Hey Jamie” Mr Cliff called from the far side of the kitchen “You been working out” “Yea…..” Jamie replied, his voice a little deeper then before “Good for you, Chris must be rubbing off on you” Mr Cliff nodded approvingly “Something like that” Jamie shrugged and scratched the back of his head nervously A rip spread out from his armpit, the shirt splitting as he stretched. Jamie quickly ducked out of the kitchen and returned to his section. He moved almost roboticly, trying not to make any dangerous shirt bursting movements. He stood like a statue at a table taking down an order, but he could feel air on his waist just below his bellybutton, and the bottom of his pants leg was hanging about his ankles now. Jamie was taller, at least two or three inches. His quota for a couple of stolen inches had been met with hours left to go. Jamie almost felt sorry for Chris. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Chris tripped over his shoes as he rushed to the staff toilet. His feet slipped out and he fell to his knees, he crawled the last couple feet and kicked the door closed, no one should see him like this. He stood up, his shrinking shoulders slid through the apron’s neck hole and it landed onto the floor, a few bills toppled out of the full pocket. Chris stared at himself in the mirror over the sink, his smaller hands gripping the porcelain. He was shorter, barely taller then his nerdy roommate Jamie. His heavily built body long gone, he looked like he’d just started hitting the gym. His shirt hung loose on him, not highlighting his muscles like it used to. The black uniform pants sat around his skinny ankles. He could feel the tears welling up. He looked like a kid, now of his hunky jock self remained. His lantern jaw was soft and devoid of stubble. His styled blond hair had lengthened and curled slightly. Chris whimpered, his voice almost musical in its softness. He then heard someone moving towards the door, someone big. THUD, THUD, THUD A fist rocked the door, and the light under it was blocked out by who ever was knocking. “Hey Chris, I saw you come in, thought I’ll gather up your tips” a deep voice he didn’t recognize called through the thin wooden door “Go away” Chris moaned trying to make almost childish voice should older “Nah, I think I’ll come in” the deep voiced mocked There was a crunch and the doors lock popped open. A man as tall as the door stood shirtless in the doorway, his black pants were near bursting over his thick thighs. Tattered remains of shoes clung to his long wide feet. The man’s stubbled jaw grinned and he bounced his furry pecs and rolled his huge shoulders.He thrust a plate full of dollars into Chris’ arms. “These are yours” He announced before folding his thick arms over his slab like chest muscles Chris looked at the full plate in his hands. It looked like it was growing, his hands struggling to keep a grip on the widening disk. But the plate wasn’t growing, he was shrinking. He dropped the plate. As it fell so did Chris’ height, his head span as he descended closer and closer to the tiles. He dropped into a ball and sobbed as the world grew around him, the man grew faster then everything and Chris watched as his dark haired head grazed the ceiling, hair sprouting on his chest and arms. The man moaned and flexed his arms out in front of him, and they both watched as a patchwork of veins flickered over the skin. The man’s zipper snapped and a swollen brief clad bulge sprung out. The man palmed its underside and felt the weight of his meat. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Jamie finished buttoning up Chris shirt over his newly grown pecs, the buttons could pop at any moment, but it should be able to handle the walk home. The pants were another story, he’d had to leave them undone, his cock and balls were a little big for Chris’ clothes now. His thighs kept them up though, and the hems of the pants were half way up his calves. Chris’ shoes were the main problems were painfully tight and after Jamie flexed his feet the toes burst out of the shoes tip, but they too should be able to handle the walk home. Chris himself was another story, the now tiny jock was sobbing in the corner of the bathroom. Jamie had draped his old shirt over the crying boy, even if it wasn’t in tatters it would still be too big. “When you decide to stop crying and go home the place is gonna need a clean” Jamie ordered as he checked out his jawline in the sink’s mirror Chris was sobbing a little louder, Jamie suddenly felt a little guilty. He’d only wanted to take a couple inches, cut Chris down from 6ft5 to 6ft2, but now Chris was probably 5ft2. Jamie was at least 6ft8, probably closer to 6ft10 now. He’d taken way to much, but that couldn’t be helped. Maybe he should give the little guy something to be happy about. As he ducked through the doorway and started to swagger home he called back to Chris. “I’ll let you keep your tips, you earned them"
  12. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (22)

    Twenty-two In the gym Alex recovered from the most intense orgasm he had ever had. He grinned at the sight of the cum drenched dumbbells and mirror. He looked down and saw cum slowly flowing down in the deep canyons of his strong 12-pack. He left the gym, strutted through the deserted locker room and entered the shower zone. He smirked as he noticed the past out, fallen star athlete Logan still lying on the tilled floor. He ignored the now 90 pound quarterback, turned on a shower and washed his beastly body. Soaping his huge, steely muscles made him hard again and within seconds he creamed all over the wall. He turned around and blasted two more loads over Logan, coating his frail body with a thick layer of his sticky cum. He turned off the shower, grabbed Logan’s towel and sensually dried his meaty muscles. He slowly strutted into the locker room. Alex opened his locker and smiled: none of his clothes would fit anymore. He went over to Logan’s locker and grabbed the lock. He clenched his fist, easily breaking the metal lock. He ripped off the door with his 55 inch right arm and pulled out the team captain’s bag. He went through its content and fished out Logan’s football jersey. It had been made to fit over the armor covering the quarterback’s 320 pound frame. Alex ripped off the sleeves as they would never fit over his 55 inch arms. The shirt protested with tearing sounds as he pulled it on. It ripped a few inches under his armpits but stretched to the max as it hugged his bulging muscles. Alex sat down on the bench and noticed a dark ribbon in the bag. He pulled it out and recognized it: Logan wore the ribbon to indicate he was the team captain. Logan always put it around his 25 inch arm to emphasize the size of his then impressive bicep. Alex slid it over his left arm and grinned: the ribbon could only made it halfway on his thick forearm. The elastic fabric creaked as he clenched his fist and the steely cords of muscle bulged on his forearm. In the shower zone Logan slowly regained consciousness. He blinked a few times to focus his vision and quizzically looked around. Tears filled his eyes as reality came crashing down on him: he recalled how the mysteriously beefed up Alex had sucked him off and how his hard earned muscles had melted away. He got up slowly, his weak legs shaking from the effort as the large amount of sticky cum gluing him to the floor, gave in to the pressure. He hit the button of the shower three times at full force before managing to press it hard enough to turn the shower on. “Alex didn’t grow as he sucked me off. This means my buddy Paul is the biggest man on the team. I’ll get him and Mike to help me get back on Alex”, he said to himself as he rinsed the cum from his skinny body. The shower stopped and since he didn’t succeed in turning it on again, Logan left the shower zone. He searched for his towel but didn’t find it and entered the locker room. He gasped loudly as he stared at the massive back of the figure sitting on the bench in front of his locker. He saw how his own big shirt looked like it was painted onto the behemoth: it stretched to the max as it tried to contain the huge muscles that were clearly visible on the impossibly wide back. Alex turned around and looked straight into the fallen star athlete’s eyes: sitting down he was the same height of the standing Logan. “I hope you don’t mind I’ve put on your shirt. Mine doesn’t fit anymore”, he said. Logan’s mouth hung open in disbelief, but no sound came out. Alex’ deep baritone voice send vibrations through his weak body as it echoed against the walls. His eyes wandered over the huge pecs and strong 12-pack abs pushing against the white fabric. “I tore off the sleeves. They were tight around your arms. They would’ve never been able to contain my arms”, Alex added matter-of-factly. Logan gazed at the ripped off sleeves. Some torn off strings lay atop the water boy’s beastly, perfectly round, cannonball-sized delts that stuck out widely at his sides. They led to unbelievably thick, football-sized, vein-covered biceps that hung relaxed next to the behemoth. Alex followed the quarterback’s gaze down and snickered as he saw Logan stare at the ribbon on his forearm. “I always marveled at how this ribbon highlighted your biceps. How big were they, captain?”, Alex asked. “25 inches”, Logan replied, his high-pitched voice drowning in the water boy’s deep baritone. “I only get them half way up my forearms. Means that my forearms are thicker than your biceps were”, Alex said and clenched his fist hard. Logan’s eyes widened as the cords of muscle on the forearm thickened. The elastic fabric of the ribbon split as it could no longer contain the tree-sized forearm. The fallen star athlete’s pathetic dick hardened to its new, 1 inch size at the sight. “Oops. Seems like my forearms are bigger than your pumped biceps were. And my pinky is longer and thicker than your baby dick”, Alex said as he held his pinky next to the quarterback’s hard cock. Logan looked down and tears filled his eyes as he realized that the behemoth was right. His dick was rock hard but was clearly shorter and thinner than the finger next to it. He lowered his head to hide his tears. “Look up at the new star of the team”, Alex said and put his finger under Logan’s chin to make him look up, “go ahead and cry like the weak little boy you now are.” Logan fought against his tears as he was forced to look into the behemoth’s eyes. “It’s time to inform the other members of the bulk squad there’s a new top dog on the team. Get dressed and lead me to Mike and Paul. Matt will be dealt with later. Oh, and from now on your place in the locker room is with the skinny boys on the other side of the table. Got it?”, Alex boomed. Sean and Keith jumped up from the bed as Connor barged into their room. “Why aren’t you back to your normal size?”, Keith asked as he stared up at his younger brother’s huge frame. “Oh, uncle said I first have to get Anton. Now I’m still big enough to carry him over to Tomas’ room. Then everything shall be how it’s meant to be”, Connor replied. “He’s locked away in the basement. The furthest door on the right when you go down the stairs”, Keith said. “Thanks. You guys stay here and in a couple of hours things will be back to normal”, Connor said and left. “Told you my brother was still the same good guy”, Keith said to Sean. “Something’s not right. You don’t think this is a trap set by Tomas to get Anton free?”, Sean asked. “No. I trust my little bro. You saw how my uncle made him repent and freed him from Tomas’ evil influence. Have some faith”, Keith stated. “I sure hope you’re right, buddy. I’ve got a strange feeling. We haven’t heard from Logan anymore. And wasn’t your brother supposed to be tutored by that Alex guy when we ran into him?”, Sean asked. A loud clap of thunder cut off their conversation. “See”, Keith said, “the fight between my uncle and Tomas is underway. I just know everything will turn out fine. Soon we’ll be back to our muscular selves and dominate the wrestle team again.” “Mike lives over there”, Logan said and pointed at the house in front of them. Alex had insisted on visiting Mike first, even though he lived off campus and Paul on. The long walk had only taken them a couple of minutes: after a few hundred yards, Alex had put Logan on his back because he couldn’t keep up with the behemoth’s long legs. Logan had wrapped his bony arms around the muscular bull neck and simply indicated the route. “His mum will probably be home”, Logan said as a huge paw grabbed his baggy shirt and put him down. “I’ll handle it. You go first and ring”, Alex boomed and shoved the 90 pound former quarterback toward the door as he stayed on the sidewalk Within seconds Mike’s mother opened the door. Before Logan could say a word, she said: “Oh, you must be Logan’s little brother. You have the same features as him. He’s just way bigger. What can I do for you?”. Logan fought against his tears and before he could speak, Alex emerged behind him. “Logan’s little, 12 year old brother brought me here, madam”, he said, “I’m the new star quarterback. Logan told me your son is one of our best players so I really wanted to meet him. Logan was feeling drained and he send his little bro to show me your house”. Mike’s mother looked in shock and lust at the heavily muscled athlete in front of her. She sensually licked her lips and her breathing fastened. She blushed as the quarterback blinked at her. “He’s in the uhn… pool. Should I uhn… call uhn… him?”, she blurted out. “Oh no, I don’t want to keep you from your work”, Alex said, “can we go join him?”. “Sure uhn… Just uhn… go around the house and call me uhn… if you need anything. Anything at all”, she lustfully said and stared into Alex’ eyes. Alex grabbed Logan’s bony shoulder and dragged him along to the backyard. “Stay here and don’t make a sound”, he said as he threw Logan onto the grass. He quickly removed his clothes and silently lowered himself in the pool. Mike was floating around on an inflatable crocodile, enjoying the warmth of the sun. The crocodile suddenly flipped over and he landed in the water with a splash. “Must have lost my balance”, he said to himself as he resurfaced in the center of the pool. He looked at the side of the pool and noticed his phone was ringing. He swam toward the edge but around halfway the distance something grabbed his thigh. He yelled in surprise and struggled. The thing released his thigh. He looked around but didn’t see anyone. Suddenly, a large paw grabbed his ankle and dragged him back to the center of the pool. Mike shoved and struggled but his muscular leg could break free. He extended his arms, trying to swim away as his 262 pound, athletic body was dragged to the center of the pool. The paw released his ankle and Mike put his feet on the pool floor. He turned around quickly to see who or what was in there with him. A big shadow fell over Mike as Alex emerged from the water. Water cascaded down from his gigantic muscles, highlighting the deep cuts and lines as he rose up and up, towering over the 5’8 athlete. Mike froze and stared in awe at the muscular beast inches away from him. His football instincts alarmed his brain and ordered him to flee. Before he could back away, two huge paws grabbed his armpits and hoisted him up until he was eyelevel with the strangely familiar giant. His torso was exposed up to his speedo, his legs were still in the water but his feet didn’t reach the floor anymore. He was totally at the mercy of the beast that held him effortlessly. “Came to tell you there’s a new captain on the team”, Alex boomed at the athlete that felt like a feather in his grip. “Alex?”, Mike gasped in disbelief. His brain alarmed him to break free and run for it but his body didn’t react to the commands. He just stared at how the formerly skinny water boy dwarfed him in height and width: Alex’ broad, perfectly round, beastly shoulders were twice as broad than his own thick ones. “How?” “Let’s say that Logan already paid for his faults”, Alex replied and ripped off Mike’s speedo, “Liking what you see?”. Mike shivered as the cold air brushed against his hardening dick. “Let me go, please”, he pleaded as he held his hands in front of his inflating 8 incher. He wiggled and flexed his torso but the strong arms that held him didn’t budge. “You gonna do whatever your new captain says?”, Alex asked and shook him lightly. Mike’s vision danced as his 262 pound body rocked back and forth by the sheer force of the behemoth. His hard cock smacking against his eight-pack. “Yes, I’ll do whatever you say”, he said quickly. “Good. But I want to make sure you know your place”, Alex said. He turned Mike around, slammed his back against his own protruding pecs and rammed his engorged 20 incher into his teammate’s ass. “No!”, Mike cried in pain as inch after inch of the thick, hard cock invaded his ass. “Everything okay, boys?”, Mike’s mother asked as she emerged at the backdoor. Lust exploded down her body as she stared Alex’ exposed muscular torso. “Mum, help. He’s raping me. Call the cops!”, Mike cried in fear as tears flowed over his cheeks. “Everything’s okay, Madam. Just a little horseplay between teammates”, Alex said and bounced his pecs, making striations explode over them. A large wet stain formed on Mike’s mother’s pants and she rushed back into the house. “You didn’t think I was going to stop ‘cause your mother was here? No one can stop me. Let’s have some fun”, Alex said and began swimming around the pool with Mike impaled on his dick. Mike was pushed under water by Alex’ beastly body as he swam lap after lap. Mike took deep breaths every time he could but his vision began going black. Alex turned around and continued swimming on his back, exposing Mike atop his frame. Mike took deep breaths to fill his lungs. His head rested on Alex’ protruding, half melon-sized pecs, his ass aching as the thick, engorged 20 incher jolted inside it, his own 8 incher pointed stubbornly hard at the sky. He grabbed hold of Alex’ sides and pushed to free himself. Alex put his left paw on Mike’s chest, covering it entirely and began shoving him up and down his monster cock. Mike fought with all his might, but the behemoth’s left arm easily overpowered his 262 pound body. His well-trained muscles flexed and a loud moan escaped his mouth as his 8 incher exploded: four loads of cum shot straight upward and splattered down onto his eight-pack. “I lasted longer when I was a runt”, Alex grunted in his ear between fastening breaths. Soon enough his balls churned and began blasting loads of sticky cum through the long shaft of his engorged 20 incher. The pressure build inside Mike as more cum blasted into his intestines. After about five minutes Alex pulled Mike from his still hard cock, shot a final load in Mike’s face and tossed the 262 pound athlete away in the pool. Mike resurfaced and stared at the insanely muscular back as Alex climbed from the pool. He ogled the display of striations and veins as the behemoth toweled his meaty muscles. Alex pulled on Logan’s shirt again and looked down as he heard Mike’s phone ringing. He grabbed it and saw that it was an incoming call from Logan. He crushed the phone in his paw and dropped the remains in the pool. “I own the team from now”, he bellowed at Mike and left. Logan tried recalling Mike in vain. Suddenly, his feet left the ground and he stared into Alex’ angry face. The giant took the phone from his hand and crushed it between his fingers. “Not smart to make me angry, you worm”, Alex boomed in his face, “get me to Paul!” Back at Orchid University Connor forced the lock and slammed open the door indicated by his runt brother. He rushed inside the room and discovered the past out Anton dangling in the center of the room. He ripped off the thick chains and gently put the bruise covered, 580 pound body over his shoulder. He returned to Tomas’ room where he slowly put Anton on the bed. “Will he be okay?”, he asked as looked down on the painfully breathing beast. “He’s heavily injured, but will recover. He’ll just need some time. I’ll use my magic to speed up his recovery but it will still take some weeks. The ritual will have to wait ‘till then”, Tomas said. Tomas fetched an ancient looking book from his desk, opened it and ordered Connor to stand back. He began invoking strange incantations. An infernal heath invaded the room and Anton’s 580 pound body began floating above the bed. “Restitutionem salubris, bestia meae! Revigorationem corpus suis! Ego! Hic! Nunc!” Small dark clouds formed above Anton’s body and little lightning flashes shot into his thick, meaty muscles. Faint grunts left Anton’s mouth with every lighting that struck. Connor stared in awe at the scene, wondering just how powerful Tomas was. As promptly the clouds had appeared, they disappeared. Anton’s body gently landed on the bed. “Now my pet can recover in peace. You helped me bring down those priests and saved my pet”, Tomas said to Connor, “Name your reward. Whatever you will, you’ll get!”. Connor scratched his stubbly beard as he thought and smiled as he got an idea. “I want Kurt”, he said. “Consider it done”, Tomas replied, “Now go train yourself for the ritual. You have 10 days to be ready!”. Connor nodded and left the room. Logan’s knees buckled slightly as his feet hit the ground again. Alex had thrown him on his broad back once more as they had returned to Orchid University. “That’s his room”, he said as he pointed at a door on his left. “Good”, Alex said. He motioned the fallen star athlete to enter and they barged into the room. Paul stood up from his desk and turned around as his door opened. He quizzically looked at the two strangely familiar figures that entered. “Logan? Alex? What the hell happened to you guys?”, he asked as he recognized them. Logan began to speak, but Alex quickly cut him off: “Sit and shut up!”, he bellowed. Paul and Logan instantly sat down on the bed. Paul wrapped his muscular arm around his buddy to protect him. “The new team captain wants to have some fun with his teammates. Strip!”, Alex ordered and began pulling off his own clothes. Paul and Logan got up and did as they were told, removing their pants and shirts. Logan stared down to avoid Paul’s gaze; he wasn’t used to being the smallest guy. “You have a scale and a tape here?”, Alex asked, savoring how he outsized the others. “In the bathroom”, Paul replied. “Get them, boy”, Alex said to Logan, who sprang into the bathroom to fetch them. “Let’s check our weight”, Alex said and put Logan on the scale. “What does it say?”, he asked Paul. “90 pounds”, Paul read from the scale. “That’s even smaller than I was”, Alex said, “seems like you fell from quarterback to flatback. Your turn!”. Logan stepped down and Paul stepped on the scale. “275”, Logan peeped in his high-pitched voice. “That’s a start”, Alex said and shoved Paul from the scale. “What does it say?” “5… 501 pounds”, Logan said in disbelief staring up at the tower of muscle in front of him. He couldn’t even see Alex’ face as the protruding rack of pecs blocked it from his view. “Yeah! A real man now leads the team”, he boomed and kicked the scale aside. “We’ve always admired your arms, ‘Captain Canon’”, Alex said, “Why don’t you let Paul measure them?”. Logan shook his head but knew he couldn’t resist the alpha man. He reluctantly raised his right arm and flexed it, avoiding to look at it. Paul wrapped the tape around the bony arm, whispering “I’m sorry, man”, and tightened it: “5 inches”, he said. “Seems like the canons aren’t loaded anymore”, Alex said laughingly, “Let’s make our new flatback measure your quads, ‘quadster’”. Paul handed the tape to Logan and flexed his thickly muscled quads. He controlled his breathing as he felt his former team captain’s hands on his thighs: he had always secretly lusted after Logan’s beefy body and even now that he had shrunken down, Logan still turned him on. Logan wrapped the tape across the meaty quad, noticing how the cock in Paul’s briefs slowly hardened. “35 inches”, he said admiringly, “man, I’ve always felt intimidated by your legs. Didn’t realize they were this big”. “Sorry to interrupt you ladies, but it’s time for something big now”, Alex boomed and sat down on the bed, “Measure this, flatback!”. Paul and Logan stared as Alex extended his right arm. The size of the vein-covered, meaty forearm seemed to rival Logan’s quads. Logan looked up expectantly at the even juicier bicep. “Not yet”, Alex said with a smirk, “first measure my forearm.” Logan put the tape around the tree-sized forearm. He gasped as Alex clenched his fist, making the steely hard cords of muscles swell and even more veins explode under the paper-thin skin. “37 inches”, he whispered and pulled away the tape. “Bigger than your quads, ‘quadster’”, Alex boomed, “Ready for a real big arm now?”. Logan and Paul gawked in awe as Alex raised his right arm. The thick tricep hung low and was clearly separated from the football-sized bicep. The bicep exploded upward and outward as Alex brought in his forearm: veins exploded all over the pineapple-sized orb of beef that swelled atop the arm. “Measure it, flatback!” Logan slowly and admiringly wrapped the tape around the ball of muscle, groping it in the process. His one inch dick was rock hard as his hands felt the impossibly thick bicep. His eyes widened even more as Alex hardened his flex and the peak swelled some more. “Well, what does it say?”, Alex asked. “Just over 55 inches”, Logan peeped. “Bigger than both your former arms crammed together! Seems like there’s a ‘King Canon’ on the team now, flatback”, Alex boomed. Logan couldn’t believe the size of Alex’ arms. His hand couldn’t even fit around the beastly peak anymore. He put his other hand on the other side of the peak and even then it still wasn’t totally covered. His dick leaked a feeble load as Alex stood up and he hung from the pineapple-sized bicep. Logan’s weak grip faltered and he fell on the ground on his ass, Paul quickly helped him to his feet. Alex looked down on the two athletes and laughed, savoring how he dominated them. He grabbed Logan, effortlessly lifted his undefined 90 pound body, tore off his briefs and tossed him on the bed. “Hey! Leave him alone!”, Paul said loudly. “You gonna make me?”, Alex asked. He turned around and looked down on Paul’s 275 pound frame. Paul gulped and stepped back as the behemoth in front of him slightly flexed his beastly muscles. “I thought so, Alex said and ripped off Paul’s boxers too, “Now you’re gonna fuck our flatback.” “No. I won’t hurt him”, Paul replied instantly and looked at the diminished Logan on the bed. “Wrong answer”, Alex said. He quickly made a fist and slammed it against Paul’s defined, strong abs. The meaty paw busted right through the hard muscles and sank deeply into the 275 pound athlete’s stomach “Augh”, Paul yelled in pain. Alex grabbed hold of his left armpit and effortlessly lifted him off the floor. He ripped off Paul’s boxers and roughly stroked his cock to hardness. Paul’s feet dangled in the air and his muscular frame rocked back and forth as the behemoth pulled on his inflating cock. Within seconds the meaty paw had it to its 7 inches. Logan got up and slid from the bed. “Let him go!”, he peeped in his high-pitched voice and threw his tiny, weak fists against the former water boy’s beastly 12-pack. “Feels like a fly on my frame”, Alex said. He grabbed the diminished quarterback’s torso, covering it entirely with his paw, and tossed him back on the bed on his stomach. He released Paul’s rock hard 7 incher and threw him on his now frail teammate. “Augh”, Logan grunted as the 275 pound Paul fell on his weak 90 pound body. “Let’s have some fun”, Alex boomed. He positioned Paul’s cock against Logan’s ass en rammed it hard into it. “Augh!”, Logan cried out in pain as the engorged 7 incher was slammed into him completely. “I’m sorry, buddy”, Paul whispered in Logan’s ear and slowly pulled back. “Were just beginning”, Alex said. He put his left paw on Paul’s lower back and rammed him back into their skinny teammate. “No! Please”, Logan peeped in agony. Pain exploded through his weakened 90 pound body as Paul’s hard cock kept being slammed into his ass and his 275 pound frame was being pushed against him. Tears flowed from his eyes as his frail body protested against the treatment. “I’m so sorry, man”, Paul whispered every time the behemoth shoved him hard into the bony ass. He positioned his muscular arms at his sides and tried resisting the large paw on his lower back. “Your weak arms are no match for my left arm”, Alex smirked and began pushing even harder. At the same time, his right hand roamed his own thick, protruding pecs and played with his nipples. The bed creaked in protest as Paul’s 275 pound body kept being pushed up and down atop the now crying Logan. Logan grunted in pain as he felt the hard 7 incher twitch inside him. Paul’s hard muscles flexed against his weak back as orgasm raced through him and his cock exploded down the bony ass. “No need to thank me, guys”, Alex said laughingly, “See you boys at practice tomorrow. And don’t be late!”. He released Paul’s back, put on his cloths and abandoned his battered teammates. “I’m so sorry, man. Are you okay?”, Paul asked as he withdrew his deflating cock from Logan’s ass. Logan didn’t react. He peeped a final time as the head of his teammates cock left his worn out ass. He rolled himself into a ball, grabbed his knees and laid on the bed crying in pain and shame. Paul gently patted his hair and wrapped his arm around his fallen team captain. “He’ll never touch you again, I swear”, he said, “We’ll get back on him tomorrow at practice with the entire team.”. Logan sobbed weakly in his big friend’s protective grasp.
  13. Florida20

    My Twin Moves On (Chapter 13)

    I promised myself I’d finish this story before the end of the year and it looks like I may just make it. Chapter 13 is the second-to-last installment of the story and that is nearly complete. Expect it to be posted in the next week or two. Enjoy! Chapters 1-12 CHAPTER 13 Rhys's first reaction when he saw me lying naked on the floor in the vicinity of a giant elderly man was one of embarrassment. "Sorry" escaped his lips and he started to shut the door before common sense kicked him in the nuts and forced him to take another look. "Ryan...what the hell is going on?" he asked as he strolled in the door. His roommate Kevin, now a bronzed god standing in a tight white sleeveless shirt, was at his back. Kevin didn't even notice me as he strolled in. He could only stare slack-jaw at the form lying on his bed. Rhys saw only me and I loved him for it. Whether it was the uncomfortable pause or a look in my eyes, my brother's face darkened. It was then he noticed the IV bag and the tubes running out of my body. He immediately ripped the IV needles out before looking questioningly at the thick blood filled ones. "What the fuck?" I heard Kevin say as he stood over Dr Fitz. He reached out to touch him but my brother reached over and slapped his hand away. He immediately put a finger over his mouth in a gesture for him to shut it. I heard Fitz give a deep guttural groan as he shifted his mass before going silent again. Kevin did as he was told but his eyes never left the bed. I still don't know if he noticed I was even here. "What's going on?" Rhys whispered as he squatted down next to me. I tried to make my mouth work but all that came out was a barely audible squeak. My brother continued to stare at me, his ripped forearms resting on each knee as his mind worked feverously to piece this puzzle togehter. I did everything I could to say something or even move. Perhaps those suffocating chains weren't as tight now that their source was gone but I still couldn't budge them. Rhys' eyes grew questioning but he focused his attention on the tubes and then the quietly humming machine just to my left. He fumbled with it a moment before pressing something. The humming stopped. With that, my brother resorted to shaking me. Nothing. He stood up and paced a moment before looking at me again. "Can you blink for me?" he whispered. I blinked in response just as I heard Dr Fitz begin to moan again. It wasn't the weak panting of an elderly man. It was deep and guttural, like a bear growling from a cave. Panic returned. He was waking up. My brother and Kevin together would not be able to overpower him. Rhys returned his attention to me. "One blink yes. Two blinks no," he began. "Are you in trouble?" Yes, I blinked. "Do you know what's going on?" A pause. Yes, I said. Dr Fitz's arm twitched and rose up, making his arm bulge in a way that made both Rhys and Kevin take an awe-inspired step back. "Do you know who this is?" Rhys asked. YES! I blinked. Stop him! I tried to tell him. Rhys looked back at the giant and I heard the bed groan as he shifted his weight. "Rick?" Fitz asked with a deep groggy voice as his hand went to his eyes. It's too late, I thought with dismay. Rhys only stared at me with those shadowed eyes, his mind working. "Should he stay asleep?" he asked. I blinked as if my life depended on it and actually felt my head nodding just as the monster on Kevin's bed started to sit up. He was massive. Nearly four hundred pounds of shredded monster sat up and began to scratch the sleep from his eyes. I found it impossible to comprehend that was me mere hours ago. He was a god. His head was still bald yet the liver spots had faded. His face looked nothing like the ancient man from before save for the gnarled grey eyebrows. His cheeks were full and his once foggy eyes sharp, if sleepy. The rest of his body was every bit the youthful giant I once was. The shirt that hung on him like a tent before was now tattered rags hanging from the granite slabs of his body. "Rick?" Fitz asked again. He lowered his hand and, when he saw my brother, every muscle on his body flexed involuntarily. "You’re not Rick" his voice boomed. As I mentally gave up hope that this rescue would work, my brother reached down and grabbed the IV tubes lying on the floor. In a flash that even the newly improved Ben Fitz couldn't defend, Rhys maneuvered the dripping needles in his fist and stabbed then into the monster's meaty neck. Fury painted itself across Fitz's face as he tried to reach up and grab the needles. But there was enough residual medicine in his body for the newly concentrated injection to work almost immediately. His hand barely made it to his shoulder before his fingers spasmed. Then his arm twitched and fell limp to the bed. He gave one final twitch then fell from the seated position back onto the mattress and grew silent. I felt a breath I didn’t know I was holding leave my body in a hush. My brother's face was ashen and his eyes filled with fear. Kevin just stood in his corner, mouth agape. I could have hugged my brother had my arms worked. The thought made my finger twitch. The minutes wore on but my brother was patient with me. Kevin proved to be no help in this situation so Rhys told him to get food and not tell anyone a thing. After a longing look at the frozen giant on the bed he did as he was told. Rhys picked me up like easily and lay me on his collapsed mattress. I was able to see Fitz from this vantage point and saw he was still breathing. "Thanks" was the first word out of my mouth. "Fitz" was the second. My brother stared at the strange creature with newfound intensity. "I guess you were right all along," was all he said. I was never so grateful to have a twin. He had an inexplicable inkling of my thoughts as I did his. And that saved me today. After fifteen minutes, I was able to move my arms with only moderate difficulty. My speech improved slowly and I gave Rhys a slurred and broken rendition of what happened as feeling slowly returned to my body. To say I was in pain would be an understatement. I felt as if I'd been released from a medieval torture rack. My body didn't feel right; too long in some places, too tight in others. Visually, aside from the slight bagginess of my skin I looked normal but, oh, the horrors within. "I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see that happened to Fitz," Rhys said as I completed my story. "And then there's this," he added as he flexed his bare arm. A nineteen inch boulder erupted from his Caribbean-tanned arm. Even though mine were nearly half again as big six hours ago, I would have been more than content to be his size. I tried to make peace with the model look I was again sporting. Rhys saw my sadness and lowered his arm. "How big were you?" he asked carefully. I sighed and nodded towards the paralyzed and sleeping Fitz. My brother whistled. "Wow. Don't tell Kevin that. He's completely obsessed with size as if you couldn't tell by his man crush on ol' Fitzy back there." Rhys looked at me. "He's the real reason I'm like this, you know? I just followed in his footsteps. I'm big enough, bro. No need to worry I'll become the monster laying over there." I tried to give him an assured look. I didn't tell him he was already a monster compared to me. I also said nothing about how I'd become every bit as obsessed as his roommate. “So this dorm is Dr. Powers’ laboratory”, my brother said thoughtfully as the anesthesia wore off. “Specimens, supply room, and all.” "Dr Powers!" I choked as I sat up. My back creaked and I pulled a muscle in my side but I could only stare at the door. "I forgot all about him. Where is he?" My brother pushed me back down. "You're can't chase after him like this," he said gently. "The hell I can't. I'm not just going to wait for him to come back and take you too." I got to my feet carefully and tried to stand up. After a few tries and with my brother’s help I finally hit vertical. "Where do you think he is?" Rhys asked as I wrapped my arm around his back and grabbed ahold of his bulging lat for support. "Last I saw, he went chasing after your friend Cody and his gang." "What did he want with them?" "I--" I thought for a moment. "I don't know." I paused. "They've changed too Rhys." "Changed?" He looked at me. "Change like you changed?" I thought back to the basement gym then over to Fitz...and gulped. "More." Rhys looked incredulous. "I mean it," I said defensively. "They took the remaining pills from your room and downed all of them. Last I saw they were well over eight feet tall and had to weigh five hundred pounds." Rhys smirked. "Then they took a whole pill on top of that! Who knows what they look like now." "Ok, bro," Rhys said. "Let’s go see ‘em." I resisted. "They've changed," I started. "I know. You just told me that." "No, mentally too," I said. "These's like a never ending steroidal orgasm. You lose yourself in it. At least, temporarily. The bigger I got the longer it would last. And I spread it out over days, these guys grew overnight." "Relax," Rhys said as he helped me get into a pair of shorts. "They're my friends. Besides, whatever’s in that bag keeping Ben asleep isn’t going to last forever. We’re going to need some added muscle on our side." I looked at the semi-conscious and still huge Dr Fitz. "He's not going anywhere right now," Rhys said. I reluctantly agreed and let my oversized twin guide me down the hall. The walking helped. By the time I made it to the other end, I was able to support myself, if awkwardly. Rhys knocked but there was no answer so he tried the door, finding it locked. Rhys shrugged and pulled a key out of his pocket. "Told you we were friends,” he said when I gave him an inquisitive look. “Kevin or I would hang out in here if the other was getting laid. Who knows, maybe we’ll find some of those pills you’re so interested in.” Rhys opened the door and revealed a scene that stopped us dead in our tracks. The room was built for three occupants instead of two and was quite a bit larger than my brothers' double. The beds were on their sides and pushed against the wall make room. Rhys’ four titan friends were sitting against the walls, as naked as they were downstairs but not nearly as massive. Although beautiful specimens, they were “only” about 300 pounds each. The familiar IV bags were hanging from a stand over each of their heads. Two blood lines ran from each of them to yet another machine and the combined eight erupted from it to a figure beyond what even the last few hours would have made me think possible. Dr. Powers was sprawled across the width and length of the room, slowly absorbing the other boys ounce by ounce. He was…unbelievable. His form took up most of the room’s square footage, arms and legs at strange angles to meet the natural contours of the room and its contents. The age had disappeared from his face save the silvery hair. From there his body exploded. Giant traps rose up like mountains, forming almost a pillow behind his head. His shoulders, traversed with inch deep ravines and pencil-thick veins, were the size of giant pumpkins. His arms were each larger than my waist, with vascular and striated triceps lifting his arms off the floor. Six-inch deep slabs of stone made up a chest which masked his face with the rise of each slumbering breath. Lats like wings flared out and acted like a mattress under his rapidly expanding frame. Each block of his abs were the size of an actual brick and just as hard. His abs were mostly hidden beneath a completely erect dick the size of my arm. His legs. Oh, shit, his legs. Each of his quads must have weighed as much as me. Muscle cabled over muscle and twitched as much as an inch as they grew right before my eyes. The man was covered in a sheen of sweat which set his body ablaze in contrasting light. All-in-all, the man must have been ten feet tall and growing. I could see his giant feet visibly creeping across the floor as his body grew longer. In minutes they would hit a wall and start breaking through the plaster. Then the sleeping giant would awaken. The only sound was that of Powers’ slumbered breathing, which reminded me of air rushing into a cave. I gave my brother a nod as I rested against a wall. Rhys, meanwhile, moved stealthily across the room towards the first two paralyzed boys. One was out cold but the other followed him with hope-filled eyes. Rhys pulled the anesthesia needles from their arms and began to make his way over the ever-growing Dr. Powers to the other two. Cody was one of them and sat unconscious and slumped against that wall, legs still those of a champion cyclist but nothing compared to the seventy inch boulders Rhys had to step over to reach him. After pulling the tube from his arm, he turned to the final victim and leaned over to remove his tube as well. That’s when the laugh started. It was a deep, evil sound that stopped Rhys in his tracks. That’s when I saw Dr. Powers’ massive body began to move. His right leg bent at the knee and his calf exploded in size with the slightest twitch of his foot. Too awestruck to speak I could only watch as the titan moved to sit up and simultaneously reach his gigantic iron hand around my brother’s neck. Still seated, Powers’ head was level with my brother’s chin. Rhys struggled against his grip which only made the monsters gigantic arm muscles swell like leaden balloons. “I don’t know how you freed yourself, boy,” Dr. Powers growled. “But I see you had to give up some of your size.” Then Powers made as if to stand. Every muscle in his body writhed over each other as he lifted his gargantuan frame up. Facing away from me, all I could see was a back as wide as a barn door rise over a pair of unnaturally striated glutes and send Powers’ head through the ceiling. Plaster and rock rained down on the four seated boys and sunlight streamed in from the hole. “Auggh!” Dr. Powers moaned as he tore down large chunks of the roof with his free hand to make room for his still growing frame. He still held my brother by the neck like a rag doll, his feet dangling a foot above the ground and face turning purple. “I am a GOD to you,” the man bellowed to no one in particular. And he flexed his arms as he stretched his chest and pinched his back. The chaotic sea of muscle rolled across his body, raging red with blood and pulsing as they grew. My mind raced and my eyes darted wildly across the room for something to save my brother. I looked up just in time to see my brother take the three anesthesia tubes he held and, with the last of his failing strength, reach up and jab them into the monster’s neck. My stomach tightened and the world seemed to stop. For a moment, Dr Powers only stared at my brother with those cold bombardier eyes. My brother looked back at him with challenging eyes that slowly began to lose focus. Then Powers’ tilted his head back and laughed again. It was a horrible sound and made me want to vomit. “It’s going to take more than that, boy,” he said. Now with enough space to stretch, Dr. Powers did just that. He spread his arms out wide, my brother dangling wildly in his outstretched hand like he was nothing. Powers tested his body as if waking up from a month long hibernation. Muscles I thought were flexed before now exploded as, all across his body, ravines grew deeper, muscle grew thicker, and veins bulged larger. He roared in victory and in that moment of dark desperation I found a possible savior. There, lying at the giant’s still growing feet was the thin black rod he’d used to knock me out earlier that day. The mere sight of it still sent a painful shiver down my spine but it was my only hope. I pushed myself off the wall and made my way awkwardly across the room. Pieces of debris rained all around me as Dr. Powers absorbed himself in the majesty of his own body. His free hand explored his naked body and he moaned in pleasure as his muscles flexed beneath them. A couple steps further and I was close enough to reach out and touch him. My eyes were level with the base of his back. From this close proximity I could see his body in ever more impressive detail. Every fiber of muscle flared beneath his skin. It was all I could do to take my eyes off his frame and reach down to the black rod. I didn’t have much time. I found what appeared to be a trigger and made a frantic search of the rest of the contraption. I’d only had one shot and it had to work. On one end I found a dial imprinted with numbers ranging from one to ten. It was currently set on three and without hesitation I upped the value to ten. I didn’t know if that would merely sting this monster or kill him. Judging by the darkening purple of my brother’s face, I didn’t care if it was the latter as long as he let him go. I turned the oversized cattle prod in my hands, ready to fire. Then I noticed how quiet it was. Heart racing, I looked up and was horrified to see Powers’ staring down at me from over his gargantuan pecs, his face contorted in confusion. Instead of reaching down and ending me, he merely looked back at my brother choking in his grip. “There are two of you?” he questioned. I took advantage of the situation. “Damn right,” I heard myself scream as I jammed the business end into the dense meat of his thigh. “Now let my brother go, you giant fuck.” Then I pulled the trigger. The room was suddenly filled with the hiss of a thousand snakes and Dr. Powers flew across the room as if launched by a catapult. I shielded my eyes as he crashed into the closet and through the wall into the bathroom on the other side. A wave of drywall and plaster rolled towards me like a dust storm as the room grew silent save the desperate hacking and deep breaths of my now freed brother. As the dust cleared, I saw Dr. Powers crumpled body lying under a damaged sink. His eyes were shut but his massive chest still rose and fell with breath. He was alive. I looked down at the black rod and saw that the other end had basically exploded. It would not be shocking anyone again soon. Dropping the rod, I gathered the now freed anesthesia needles from the chaos of the room and pulled them along with the connected IV bags into the bathroom. Without care, I reinserted them into Powers’ neck with a not-so-graceful jab. I also did my best to up the dose on the IV bags to as high as it would allow. I had no idea if that would even keep him under but it was worth a shot. As my adrenaline fell, my senses began to focus on things other than the unconscious monster. I looked over to see my brother on his hands and knees still relishing the fact he could breathe. The other four boys, now a paltry two hundred pounds of shredded muscle, were now all awake but still immobile save their wildly rolling eyes. The wreckage of the open roof and caved in wall largely spared them but the entire room was littered with flotsam and slowly settling dust. I also heard distant voices and was suddenly aware that this event hadn’t occurred in a vacuum. A quick peak out of the window revealed a small and slowly growing mass of students racing from the building. It must have sounded like an earthquake to them and they were smartly exiting the building. Among the crowd, I saw McKenzie among the crowd, standing cross-armed and nervous like an amazon among the rest of the impressively built crowd that surrounded her. I didn’t have much time. I turned to see my brother, still coughing but cognizant, now on the other side of the hole in the wall and looking over the slumbering Dr. Powers. He appeared to be inspecting whether the blood tubes were still attached to his body. I also noticed he’d gathered the other ends and held them in a free hand. In the other hand was the machine responsible for moving the blood from one body to another. “What are you doing?” I asked carefully.
  14. Hey guys! It's Musclehintz here. I was recently browsing the archives and came across a phenomenal story called "Desperate Husbands." It turned out to be one of the best mg stories I've read in a long time! It's a muscle theft story, but I still recommend trying it out even if that's not your genre of choice because it's really good. I'm reposting it simply because I believe it is so amazing it must be shared: if the original author, Clarence, does not want me to post this, I will gladly take it down. I DO NOT CLAIM CREDIT FOR ANY PART OF THIS STORY Desperate Husbands By Clarence591 Ryan was banging his wife, Sara, with everything he had. Unfortunately for Sara that wasn’t very much. As he pounded away, she got more stimulation from his pelvis smashing into her than from his thin, three inch penis. She didn’t say anything even though it was more painful than pleasurable. Sara regretted having suggested he use a strap-on penis extender she bought from the adult store this morning. She didn’t mean to hurt his fragile male ego, but she couldn’t pretend anymore. Ryan and Sara were high school sweethearts who married right after graduation. Ryan was the star quarterback with a tall, muscular physique. Sara was the head cheerleader with a pretty face and large breasts. He still was attractive, even with twenty extra pounds of fat around his waist. Sara kept her hourglass figure even after having two children. She had never been with another man, so she thought for the last nine years their sex was average. She never understood what other women were talking about when it came to orgasms. She thought sex was supposed to be pleasurable for the man, not the woman. But after Diego, she knew what she had been missing. Ryan finally came and rolled off of Sara. “How was that?” he asked proud of himself. “Great honey. You should get some sleep, I know you have a big meeting tomorrow”, Sara replied hoping he would drift off soon. Sara waited for Ryan’s usual snoring to start. She took the sex toy with her into the bathroom and shut the door. She inserted it into her and thought of Diego, a wave of pleasure took over her body. She had multiple orgasms, biting her tongue to not wake her husband in the next room. Finally satisfied, she returned to bed and slept soundly for the rest of the evening. ------------------------------------------------------ Two floors up in the same high-rise condo building, Brittany was trying to get her husband to try a new position. “Come on, Bill. It could be fun. The pills are still working and it would be a shame to waste that nice hard-on of yours.” “I don’t think I can. We did it once like we usually do. The pills will wear-off soon, and I don’t think my heart can take any more. Just doing it in the missionary position twice a month is tough on me, you know that sugar dumpling”, Bill replied after taking a deep breath from the oxygen tank beside his bed. Brittany left the bedroom and went into the den to get a drink. She poured herself a bourdon and drank it down. She regretted marrying her husband two years ago, even though she only did it for his money. She never expected the retired army kernel to live this long in his physical condition. Bill was 48 years old but had the heart of a man in his 80s. He still looked like a tough solider though. His head was covered by thick silver hair cut short in a military style. Years of physical training were evident in his broad shoulders and flat stomach. However, the years of sun exposure took its toll on his skin. It looked dry and leathery hanging loosely on his frame. Old acne scars and age spots detracted from his very handsome face. Brittany had needs that her husband’s poor health prevented him from fulfilling. The 21 year old beauty pageant winner had an incredible sex drive. She found only one man that could outlast her in the bedroom. She had a third drink and closed her eyes thinking of Diego. She passed out on the couch with a smile on her rosebud lips. ------------------------------------------------------ “I want you to take me, Harold. Carry me in your arms, throw me on the bed and take me. Hold my arms down, force my legs apart and just fuck the hell out of me”, Katrina tried to explain again what she wanted her husband to do. Their condo was right above Brittany and Bill’s place. The two 23 year old newlyweds moved in only 4 months ago. Katrina stood at 5’ 10” with an incredible athletic body. She was 5 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than her husband. She had been a top amateur tennis player back in Russiawhen she was younger. When the government stopped sponsoring upcoming athletes, Katrina had to find another way to support herself and her family. Harold fell in love with her the moment he saw her picture in the bride catalog. Harold fantasized about being dominated by a stronger woman. But Katrina needed the same thing from her man. Harold looked at his beautiful blonde wife wanting to please her. He quickly walked up to her and tried sweeping her off her feet. His bone thin physique didn’t have the strength to lift her fit body. He struggled for several minutes before giving up. “Sorry, my little kitty cat, I just can’t do it.” “It’s okay. At least you tried” Katrina picked up her tiny husband and threw him onto the bed; his thick glasses falling off as he landed. Katrina crawled into bed disappointed. While she took her usual position on top of him, she grabbed Harold’s thigh and closed her eyes. She pretended she was caressing Diego’s thick forearm, turned on by the power of his magnificent body. ---------------------------------------------------- The weight on the machine was 480 pounds. He forced the second set of six reps before his huge pectoral muscles failed. His whole body was pumped after finishing his routine, each muscle filled with blood stretching his smooth skin tighter. He stood up and walked to the mirror. He slipped off his gym shorts, exposing every inch of his 6’ 2” body except his huge cock and balls covered by the greatly extended pouch of a g-string bikini. He knew he was incredible. His diet was on track and his was ripped to the bone. There were only two days until the competition and he never looked better. Last year when he finished second and lost the chance to get his pro card, he was furious. All the competitors and the audience knew he was robbed. The judges thought he was too young and hadn’t paid his dues to deserve the card; regardless that he had the best build. He promised to come back bigger than ever. He kept his promise and added 30 more pounds to his already impressive 265 physique. He was what every heavyweight bodybuilder wanted to look like and he accomplished it at the early age of 24. That’s the reason he took this job at the fancy condo complex managing the health club. He knew he didn’t need a job to get money, not with is looks. But now he got paid for working out and earned extra money by servicing all the rich-bitch housewives in the building. He could pump his muscles and hump as many women as he wanted without having to leave the building. Plus the ocean front location in Miami’s SouthBeach was the place to be. He went through his posing routine turning himself on in the process. His cock started to expand pushing the bikini farther away from his body. He pushed the flimsy garment under his balls and wrapped his huge hands around his favorite body part. Both his hands had room to get a firm grip on his 10” cock. He took his eyes off the reflection of his sculpted body to look at his handsome face. He pushed his dark, wavy hair away to reveal his large masculine features. His perfectly symmetrical almond shaped eyes were framed exquisitely by thick eyebrows. The dark brown irises made the whites of his eyes look brighter. His nose was large but absolutely straight and narrow. His sensual full lips covered dazzling white teeth. His flawless skin, naturally tan in color due to his Spanish heritage, clung tightly to his strong chin, squared jaw line and high cheekbones. He couldn’t believe how sexy he looked. No wonder he could have any woman, or man, he wanted. “I’ve got the face of an angel, the body of a god, and the cock of a horse. Diego, you’re one fucking perfect stud” he said aloud to himself. He couldn’t hold back his ecstasy any longer and shot his load unto the mirror. Diego wiped the mirror off with a towel and squeezed the last bit of spunk from his shrinking cock. He pulled the lime green bikini back over his cock and arranged his package the best he could. Its size and weight pulled the top of the pouch away from his flat, tight waist. He smiled at his reflection still in awe of his own body. It was time to give the residents a thrill. He turned toward the pool and walked out onto the deck. ------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan, Bill and Harold were playing their usual Sunday afternoon poker game out by the pool. The men all worked for the same aerospace engineering company. Ryan was in sales,Harold in engineering, and Bill used his military connections to lobby for the company at the pentagon. Their wives were a few feet away relaxing in lounge chairs discussing the best places to shop. When suddenly they stopped talking, in fact the whole pool became silent. The men looked at their wives and followed their stares to the opposite side of the pool. Diego had arrived. Diego’ muscles were still pumped from his workout and his cock semi-hard from jerking off. He knew all eyes were on him so he flexed every muscle in his body. As he stepped into the sunlight his body glowed with masculinity. He dove into the pool and did about ten quick laps to stretch out his bloated muscles. After he cooled down he looked around and saw the buildings most beautiful residents sitting nearby. He swam over to them and pulled himself at of the water. He stood in front of them, pushing his wet hair back away from his face; the excess water running down the hard ridges of his body. He knew just what buttons to push to bring the women to orgasm. Already each woman’s heart was racing, their breathing quickened as they started to rub their legs together. Diego saw Sara staring at his glorious manhood encased in the lime green bikini. He ran his hands over it, then adjusted the bikini’s strings that hugged his slim hips, making his heavy package bounce up and down. Sara moaned softly as a wet spot appeared on her own bikini bottom. “Aren’t you tired after swimming all those laps?” asked Brittany seductively. “Are you kidding? I’m a young athletic man at his physical peak. I’ve got the stamina of a marathon runner. I can keep going for hours and hours” Diego replied back slowly in a deep baritone voice. As Diego spoke Brittany ran her hands over her upper thighs and pelvis. She stared at the water running down Diego’ silky smooth skin pulled taut over his hulking pectoral muscles. His chest heaved slowly up and down as he breathed normally. It was true; he wasn’t out of breath in the least. Diego flexed his pecs, her body shuttered and she came right then. Diego thought two down and one to go. He focused his attention on Katrina, who was on the verge of ecstasy already. The men had been watching Diego’s interaction with their wives; each man sadly aware that they could never compete with someone like him. Ryan and Bill felt totally emasculated by the bronzed god before them. Harold couldn’t control his jealousy and put himself between his new wife and Diego. Harold hoped that Diego wouldn’t hit a man wearing glasses. Diego towered over Harold. “Get out of the way, little boy. You’re blocking the beautiful lady’s view” Diego said as he put his huge hand on Harold’s sunken chest and grabbed onto his shirt. He easily lifted Harold off the ground with one arm, his bicep bulging even more with the effort.Katrina eyes widened and her breathing became louder. Diego noticed her reaction and started to do one arm curls using her husband as the weight. Diego then grabbed onto Harold’s pants at the waistband with his free hand. Harold’s body was now parallel to the ground. With one quick move, Diego lifted her husband over his head and started to do shoulder presses demonstrating his abundant strength. Katrina shrieked out loud as her hand went to her crotch. She tried to hide the juices that soaked her bathing suit. Diego threw Harold into the pool and put his hands on his hips and turned to the other men still sitting at the table. “Just think I was able to satisfy your wives without having to touch them. Something you losers can’t do while sharing the same bed.” Diego laughed out loud and walked back to the gym. All eyes followed his broad back and powerful ass until he was gone. The women all covered themselves with towels and ran back to their condos to change, without saying a word to their husbands. Harold returned to the table dripping wet. He sat down and looked at the other men. “Why didn’t you do something to help me?” Harold asked Ryan. “What was I supposed to do? He does this kind of thing all the time. He was having a little fun.” Ryan saw by Harold’s face he didn’t think it was fun. “I’m sorry, but he’s fucking huge, everywhere, even the two of us couldn’t beat him.” Ryan said ashamed of his behavior. “What are we going to do? I’m tired of that guy making me feel inferior and he’s getting more arrogant every week. We have to talk to the building manager again. What he did today was way over the top. That freak is going to take our wives from us, if he hasn’t already” Harold asked while drying off his glasses. “I know he’s been doing my wife for the past several months” Bill said while looking down at the table. “What? Are you sure?” Harold asked Bill. “Yes, I hired a detective and he gave me photographs” Bill answered while looking at Harold. “Wow, I’m sorry.” Ryan said, “What are you planning to do?” “I plan on getting revenge like a good soldier should. I’ve got a strategic plan all worked out. I had hoped the two of you would help me. I had this whole speech to convince you; but after that display, I don’t think I need to anymore. We can defeat the enemy if we work together men” Bill said as if talking to his troops in the field. Bill explained his plan. He was stationed in the Philippines for more than ten years. During that time he saw things that amazed him. Magic was real to the natives and Bill eventually believed in it too. He helped many locals during his time there, sometimes bending the law. He contacted his old friends and called in a few favors. Bill reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, ornate wooden box. He removed the top of the box and exposed the contents; four necklaces consisting of a small crystal hanging from a simple gold chain. Bill put one around his neck and asked the other two men to do the same. “These have the power to transfer physical characteristics from one person to another. You can take anything from anyone or give anything to anyone wearing a matching necklace. But there are rules. First, the person must put the necklace on willingly. Second, we get to make just one request together but individually we get three. You must exchange one thing, take one thing and give one thing to the other person for the magic to work. Do you understand?” The others nodded. “How do we get him to put the necklace on willingly?” asked Ryan. “A man like that loves to get gifts in honor of his beauty. I’m sure if he got a piece of jewelry from a secret admirer he would put it on.” Bill said with a sly grin. “Do you really think this piece of cheap jewelry is magical” Harold asked. His years of studying science made the whole idea very implausible. “If it does work, do we really want to ruin a man’s life?” Ryan inquired. “Desperate times call for desperate measures. My detective took a lot of pictures when he was on the case. My wife wasn’t the only one bedded by Diego.” “Sara?” asked Ryan. Bill nodded yes. “Katrina?” asked Harold. Bill nodded again. Both men weren’t really shocked, they had suspected it. “I thought about doing something when I first got sick, but I didn’t feel it was right to make someone else suffer for your problems. But now I see things differently. That man deserves to be taken down a few notches. Let’s see how he treats people when he’s not so perfect.” Bill said with hatred in his eyes. ------------------------------------------------------- Diego came out of the shower room and walked into his office. As he put on a pair of skin tight spandex shorts he saw a small box sitting on his desk. He picked it up and read the note, “A small token to show my appreciation of your incredible body. I hope you’ll let me worship you later today. Your secret admirer”. Diego took the necklace out of the box and went to the mirror to put it on. The 22 inch chain hung closely around to thick neck. Diego admired the crystal and how it laid perfectly between his two enormous pecs. He heard the gym door open and turned to seeBill, Ryan and Harold enter. “What do you losers want?” Diego said as he turned back to the mirror to adjust his hair. “We want to give you a chance to apologize for your behavior today at the pool” Harold said nervously. “Apologize for what? For being a strong, sexy man that women lust after? Or for making you look like the pathetic men you are, no wait, I think pathetic males would be a better description, because you don’t have the right stuff to be called men.” Diego said turning away from the mirror and crossing his arms over his chest. “Why don’t you leave our wives alone? You can have any woman you want”, Ryan said feeling even more envious of the bulge in Diego’ shorts. “I tell you what. It took some guts for you to come here. I respect you males for confronting me and trying to protect your wives honor. But I respect strength more. So if any of you can curl this bar just once, I’ll leave this place and never bother you or your wives again.” Diego said as he walked over to a bench holding a bar with 350 pounds of weight on it. He picked it up and curled it ten times with ease. He put the bar back and stepped aside. “You go Ryan, you’re obviously the strongest of us” Harold said aloud. Ryan approached the bar and put his hands around it. It had been a long time since he worked out, but he knew it was a lot of weight. He tried lifting it, putting every effort into it. His biceps flexed, but he couldn’t budge it. “Too bad. But I’m in a generous mood today. I’ll let all three of you try it together” Diego said with grin. The other two men approached the weight standing on each side of Ryan. Ryan counted to three and all tried to lift. The bar rattled around a bit, but the three husbands couldn’t lift it out of the rack. “I guess that means I’m stronger than the three of you combined. Wow that must make you feel like even bigger losers than when you arrived.” Diego gloated. “Enough of these games, we gave him a chance to apologize. Let’s do what we came here to do” Harold said as he removed his shirt. The other two men also removed their shirts. Diego saw that all three had similar necklaces to the one he now wore. “Don’t tell me you males are my secret admirers. I mean I humiliate you time and time again, and yet you are still attracted to me. Sometimes even I am surprised by the sexual power of this body. So what is it going to be, are you guys going to take turns giving me blow jobs.” Diego looked at the men waiting for them to say something. “Well, I know none of you can pump my ass, because you’re too short, you’re too old, and you’re too small.” Diego said looking at Harold, Bill, and Ryan respectively. “Hey, egomaniac, that’s not why we gave you that necklace.” Harold said smugly. “Then it must be a thank you gift, to show your appreciation for me satisfying your wives because you are unable to do it yourselves. How thoughtful and it wasn’t easy. I mean your wives are some demanding bitches. Take Brittany for instance” Diego said as he walked up to Bill. “She likes to fuck like a rabbit. I have to get it up 3 or 4 times a night and keep it up for hours. She likes to try all kinds of positions too. It’s a real workout. Luckily I can manage that without taking a single blue pill.” Diego moved from Bill to Harold. “The athletic Katrina, she likes things rough. She actually gets off on a little pain mixed with the sex. She loves my powerful muscles more than I do. She can’t keep her hands off me when we’re together, constantly demanding me to flex for her.”Harold’s face was red with anger as Diego turned to Ryan. “Poor Sara is the saddest case of all. Your wife is so easy for me to please. I just have to lay there on my back. She plays with my cock when it’s soft enthralled by its size. But when I’m rock hard, she mounts me and thoroughly enjoys its length and girth inside of her. I reach spots in her that you never will. She doesn’t seem to care about the rest of me, just my huge cock. I don’t have to do anything, she does all the work. That woman has been so deprived for so many years.” Diego turned his back on the three men and went to the mirror again. “You can’t blame them really. I mean look at me. Every fiber of their being is attracted to my superiority. A woman wants to be with the tallest, strongest, healthiest, best looking man around. It’s the survival of the fittest, passing the best genes on to the next generation and all that stuff. They can’t fight millions of years of evolution. Their lust for me is unavoidable and perfectly natural. I’m sure you inferior males understand”. “Now” said Harold. The three men grasped onto their necklaces and said in unison “strength” while staring at Diego; each man taking one third of his strength. Diego felt dizzy for a moment, his body felt heavy and out of his control. Each of the husbands felt a rush of power surging through their bodies. They knew that the necklaces had worked. “Now asshole let’s try this test again” said Harold, picking up another bar with 200 pounds on it from the floor. Harold curled it easily three times. “If you can’t do that, than you have to leave.” “You’re the stupid asshole. I just curled 350, 200 isn’t going to be a problem.” Diego said while walking towards Harold, wobbling a bit as he moved. He just didn’t feel right. Harold just smiled at him. Diego bent down wrapping his huge hands around the bar and quickly tried to stand up, but couldn’t. He tried again but couldn’t budge the lightweight. He let go of the bar and facedHarold. “This is some kind of trick, this doesn’t count. And you better be careful who you call asshole, little boy”. Bill walked over to the bar and easily lifted it from the ground, “It’s no trick, it’s quite light actually”. Bill then gave the bar to Diego who wrapped his hands around it again. Bill let go and Diego’s upper body was pulled down to the floor by the weight. “What the fuck is going on here?” Diego said backing away from the men frightened by his sudden lack of strength. “Oh, we’re just getting started asshole”, Harold moved forward to keep close to Diego. Diego threw a punch at Harold’s gut and watched as it bounced off him. Horrified, Diego looked at Harold’s grinning face and threw another punch putting the power of his entire massive body into it. It too bounced off Harold doing no damage. Harold then punched Diego in his armored stomach. Diego never felt such pain; he bent forward hugging his gut, lowering his face to Harold’s level. Harold took the opportunity and slammed his fist into Diego’s jaw, sending Diego to the floor. Diego had never been so frightened in his life, what was happening to him. Why didn’t his huge muscles protect him like they always have in the past? He sat on his ass and pushed himself away from Harolduntil his back was up against the wall. Harold came at him again with Bill joining him. Each man grabbed onto one of Diego’s thick arms and pulled him to his feet. They moved there hands to his muscular chest and held him up against the wall. Each man then took turns pounding their other hand into Diego’s stomach; venting all their built up anger and resentment onto the muscle man. Diego grabbed onto each of the smaller man’s wrist and tried to loosen their grip on him, but he couldn’t budge them. Tears started to run down his face from the punishment his stomach was taking. Diego didn’t know what was happening. His eight-pack had absorbed punches easily from men twice the size of these guys before. But now even when he flexed his brick like abs, they weren’t strong enough to deflect the blows. Bill got tired and had to let go. Harold couldn’t hold Diego’s heavy body by himself and Diego fell back to the floor. He rolled into a ball holding his stomach in agony. “God I never felt so powerful, me beating up this incredible muscle god. I used to be so intimidated by his buff body, but now I’m stronger than him. All his huge muscles are useless against my strength. I am so horny, I can’t control myself.” Harold rubbed his hardened cock through his shorts. Come on Ryan, we agreed you would go first. Hurry I want to get to my turn“, Haroldsaid loudly. Diego stopped rocking on the floor and got up onto his knees, still holding his bruised abs. He tried to understand what the men were talking about. Ryan grabbed hold of his necklace and looked at Diego, “I exchange with you our genitals, I take from you 30 pounds of muscle and I give you 30 pounds of fat.” Ryan let go of the necklace and saw Diego’s attention move from his stomach to his groin. Everyone watched as the huge bulge in Diego’s shorts started to shrink. The material became loose around his crotch stretched by his former impressive package. “No, No, No. Stop it. What’s happening to me?” Diego screamed as his pulled his shorts away from his waist to see his pride & joy shriveling away. His waist started to increase asRyan’s body fat transferred to Diego. Soon the opening was filled with fat blocking his view of his crotch. The shorts were stretched to this maximum size and became uncomfortably tight around his waist. Diego then noticed his muscles were shrinking. Ryan felt another incredible rush of energy as he grabbed onto his manhood. It continued to grow without getting hard, its length and girth more than tripled in size along with his balls. He saw his love handles and beer gut disappear and his body filled out with larger muscles. He walked to the mirror and was shocked by the man he saw. He had a better physique now than when he played football in college. His cock was huge and thick, he never felt so masculine and confident. He started to get aroused and didn’t care who saw him. “My turn” said Bill, still trying to catch his breath, “I exchange with you our cardio-vascular system, I take from you 40 pounds of muscle and I give you my complexion”. Bill was no longer out of breath or felt any chest pain. He felt light as air. His posture improved as his muscles grew larger and stronger. His acne scars and age spots disappeared. His skin became soft, moist and tight all over his greatly improved body. He jumped onto the dip station and pumped his body weight 30 times. He ran over to the pull up bar and easily did 20 pull ups. He hit the floor and did 20 pushups, clapping his hands between each one, in record time. He felt so energized. He ran to the mirror next to Ryan and laughed. He wasn’t out of breath and he glowed with good health. He looked better than he did 30 years ago. His white hair against his perfect skin with its natural tan color looked incredibly sexy. He ran his hand over the rest of his fit, muscular physique. He too became aroused. “Finally, my turn” said Harold. “No please, I can’t take anymore. You’ll kill me.” Diego begged Harold. “We’ll see about that” Harold replied as he grabbed his necklace, “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 80 pounds of muscle and I give you my poor eyesight.” Harold’s body immediately began to expand. His shorts ripped along the seam as his thighs and ass grew. Harold went to the mirror to see his changes happen. Suddenly everything went blurry; he then realized he was still wearing his coke-bottle glasses. He removed them and everything was in sharp focus again. He watched as he grew taller than Bill and Ryan. His body became more muscular by the second. He felt virile and powerful for the first time in his life. He had the body of the men he admired on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. In fact all three of the husbands could appear on the cover now. Each man was tall, handsome, muscular and flawlessly fit. As he stood there naked, his cock became hard like the other men. All the men were horny as hell from the burst of testosterone rushing through their perfect bodies. The men started to feel up each other, caressing the hard muscles and harder cocks. The love fest was interrupted by loud sobbing in the corner. The men’s attention was drawn to the pathetic creature on the floor. Harold went over and picked up the former hunk. “Leave me alone, leave me alone. Stop, be careful, I feel so weak.” Diego protested while being carried by Harold. Harold put Diego in front of the mirror. “I’m blind, I can’t see anything.” Diego screamed between sobs. Harold took his old glasses on put this on Diego. “No, look what you’ve done to me. I used to be a god but now I’m a hideous monster. Why, why, why, why?” The husbands looked at the former bodybuilder. He now was several inches shorter than any of them. His body was thin, except for the spare tire around this waist. He looked frail with no noticeable muscle tone; the previously skin tight spandex shorts, were baggy everywhere except his bloated waist. His skin was pale and flaky, and hung loose from his body like a deflated balloon. His once handsome face was covered with acne scars, age spots and wrinkles. His beautiful eyes were hidden behind the thick glasses. He cried uncontrollably, while trying to catch his breath. He felt like he was drowning unable to get enough oxygen. The dull pain in his chest made him feel so weak. Bill gave him his inhaler and said, “I think you need this now. And a man in your physical condition really shouldn’t work out. You better find another job”. Diego grabbed onto his necklace and started to speak. Harold slapped his hand away and pulled the necklace over his head. “Oh no, you don’t”. Harold went into Diego’s office to get the small box; he put Diego’s and his own necklace into the box. While there he found one of Diego’s string bikinis and slipped into it. He admired the reflection of his flawless body in the barely there swimsuit as he gave the box to Bill. Ryan and Bill put their necklaces into the box and walked toward the door. “I can’t wait to fuck the brains out of my wife” Bill said, “then tell her I’m getting a divorce.” “My wife wanted a husband with a big cock, now she has one. I’ll make her beg me to fill her cunt with my huge rod” Ryan smirked. “Katrina likes to play it rough, wait till she sees how strong I am now. She enjoys muscle and pain, she’ll get plenty of both tonight” Harold said flexing his bulging biceps. The three husbands left the gym eager to punish their wives for cheating on them in their own way. Diego just stared into the mirror expressionless not knowing what to do next. There had to be a way to get his body back.
  15. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (21)

    Twenty-one Back in the basement Anton opened his eyes groggily as he heard the old, squeaky door open. “I’m here”, he yelled exhaustedly and pain travelled through his battered, 580 pound body. “I know”, Matt replied as he closed the door and stepped up to the behemoth attached to the ceiling and floor. “Have some water”, he said and put a cup at his prisoner’s mouth. Anton took a long gulp and spat the water into the football player’s face. “You’ll regret the day you were born once I’m loose.” Matt tossed the cup aside, dried up his face and grabbed the iron bar from the floor. “You’ve said that before. But it seems like the good guys are winning. You’re tied up here, Connor’s being distracted by his tutor and even those hideous wolves have disappeared. Tomorrow, Keith’s uncle, the priest, will be here to exorcise Tomas and then you guys will be back to normal: the skinny runts you were. At the mercy of the big football players. Just like you are now!”, he said and slammed the iron bar hard against the behemoth’s 14-pack. “AUW!” Anton’s loud, pain-filled scream echoed against the basement’s walls as the iron bar dug into his bruised abs. More pain flooded his body as he tried to flex the battered muscles. Another groan escaped his mouth as the bar smacked against him a second time. “I’ll enjoy beating the crap out off your skinny body when all is back to normal. Imagine the pain. Now it feels like I’m hitting a piñata”, Matt said as he took a third swing at the 14-pack. Anton’s mouth hung open in a soundless scream. The air was forced out off his lungs as the iron bar kept raining down on his nearly destroyed abs. “Are you balls as weak as your abs?”, Matt asked. “No…ugh”, Anton grunted as the iron bar softly brushed his cock and balls. “Let’s find out”, Matt said and aimed for the long, soft cock dangling between the titanic quads. Anton passed out and his 580 pound, beastly body went limp as the iron bar hit his cock and balls with a loud smack. “That’ll do for now”, Matt said. He tossed the bar down and left, looking back and grinning over the past out, bruise-covered behemoth. In the shower zone, Alex felt the energy building more and more inside him. The bloated feeling in his stomach from ingesting the large blasts of cum from Logan’s cock, made room for a warmth. He moaned in pleasure as it spread through his muscular, 270 pound body. “Yeah”, he grunted as the sensation of a deep pump invaded every muscle on his frame. He looked down at the drained, fallen star athlete on the floor and abandoned the skinny team captain. He exited the shower zone, strutted through the locker room and barged into the gym. More pleasure-filled moans escaped his mouth as he moved in front of the mirrors and his body began to change. Connor was searching the hallways for the disappeared Anton. Several students yelled in fear as he pulled open the door of their room. He was on his way to the basement as a door on his left opened. A smug grin formed on his lips: his runt brother and his tiny roommate stared up at him. Behind them, two priests appeared. “Uncle?”, Connor asked in disbelief. “Yes. It is me, my nephew”, Father Luke answered, “What has that beast done to you?”. “My friend Anton made me into the man I’m meant to be”, Connor said and put his right arm in front of his abs. Veins exploded on the perfectly round mound of muscle as the beefy, 45 inch bicep came to life. Sean’s and Keith’s pencil dicks surged to hardness as they drank in the sight of the ripped cannonball of meat. “No, he has not turned you into to man you were destined to be”, Father Luke replied sharply, “God gave you the gift of intellect. Your brother had the gift of physical power. That demon and his infernal acolyte interfered with the divine plan. They have corrupted you, my nephew.” “No, they haven’t”, Connor bellowed deeply, “I’ve never felt better!”. He bounced his pecs, making them dance under his skintight shirt, to emphasize his point. “Yes, they have. Deep down you know that I am telling the truth. It is time to set everything back straight and make you return to the path of God”, Friar Luke said and stared up to look his behemoth nephew in the eye. “But I don’t want to be small again”, Connor said like a toddler. “Your brother will be more than willing to show you how to get bigger”, Father Luke replied and patted his nephew’s meaty shoulder. “Yeah. We’ll work out together, bro. You’re body will respond good on the training”, Keith peeped in his high-pitched voice and put his tiny hand on his brother’s thick, hard bicep. “Really?”, Connor asked and playfully clenched his fist, making his bicep swell. Keith’s 2.5 incher leaked a dribble in his briefs as he felt his brother’s 45 inch bicep harden under his touch. “Yeaughn”, he said, “your muscle memory will remember your former size. Your body shall be eager to grow back to like it is now”. “Okay then”, Connor said as he kept teasing his older brother with his bicep, “but I’ll go with you when you take on Tomas. If anything goes wrong I’m big enough to easily overpower him and when he sees that I’m not on his side anymore, he’ll now he has lost.” “Good thinking, my nephew”, Father Luke answered, “Let us get on with it. Father Mark, follow us!”. “You guys stay in your room”, Connor said to his brother and Sean, “I don’t want anything to happen with you. You’ll be the bigger one again when I return”. He ruffled his older brother hair and followed the two priests. “I told you my brother still had some good inside him”, Keith said to Sean as they drank in the sight of Connor’s wide, muscle-filled back. Alex gasped as he stared at his reflection in the mirror: it seemed like his muscles were getting smaller. A smile formed on his face as he realized that he was getting taller. The well-defined muscles on his 270 pound frame were simply adjusting to his lengthening bones. He quickly grew upward, stretching way beyond his familiar 5’7. His head rose up and up and he could see just over the large mirror as his growth came to an end. His body settling at 7 feet exactly. He moaned excitedly as the warmth in his stomach intensified and blasted through his taller body. Connor barged into Tomas’ room, easily hiding the two priest behind his insanely broad back. “It is time”, he said in his deep voice as he stared at the figure behind the desk. Tomas turned around and looked up at his behemoth servant. “Did you locate my pet?”, he asked. “No. Your terror ends here and now”, Connor stated and stepped aside to reveal the two priests. “So, the hour of betrayal is upon me. Haven’t you had enough the first time?”, Tomas said and stared evilly at Father Luke. “Give up your evil ways and return to the path of the righteous. We have already convinced my nephew to abandon the infernal route you had lured him onto. Now, it is your time!”, Father Luke said as he and Father Mark stepped up to the center of the room. “Stop them, Connor!”, Tomas ordered, “Remember what price Anton paid for his betrayal!”. Connor stepped back and positioned his broad back against the door. “You have no more power over him and your other beast is locked away. You will now face the power of the Holy Word of God. Repent your sins and save your soul!”, Father Mark said as he yielded a crucifix in front of him. “Vade retro, Satanas!”, Father Luke screamed and sprinkled Tomas with Holy Water. “Go to the basement, Connor, and get that foul beast that Anton has created now that you are still big enough to carry him”, Father Luke said as he kept sprinkling Holy Water onto Anton. Connor nodded and opened the door. “No! Stay here and crush them!”, Anton yelled in anger at Connor’s broad back. The behemoth left and closed the door. Alex’ muscles sucked in the warmth and began inflating rapidly. His diamond-shaped calves swelled at the back of his long legs and doubled in size in mere seconds. His already meaty quads thickened, the grooves on them deepening. Alex flexed them and they grew even beastlier as veins exploded all over the hard masses of beef. An idea crossed his mind and he quickly grabbed a pair of dumbbells. He returned in front of the mirror and began doing curls to beef up his arms. His tight abs were enlarging and hardening, turning into a hard 12-pack of cobblestone-sized, ripped, steely muscles. Above them, his protruding pecs bulged with mass. The rack of solid, striated muscle pushed his big, sensitive nipples outward and down. The heaving pecs quickly looked like two watermelons shoved under his paper-thin skin. Ripples and striations exploded across the large surface as Alex bounced them in perfect control. He grinned broadly at the sight and tossed the dumbbells aside; they felt like feathers in his empowering grip. He grabbed the heaviest ones and continued cranking out reps. His broad shoulders widened beyond the size of two doors as his delts exploded with mass. The perfectly round muscles looked like beach balls decorated with a thick vein under his skin. At the back his traps shot upward, thickening into a strong bull-sized one. The muscle brushed his ears as he shrugged his meaty shoulders, making striations explode across the surface of the ridiculously wide delts. Alex looked down as he felt something hot grow in the canyon between his hard abs. His cock had swollen to its familiar 10 inches and kept inching upward. It stopped at the top row of his 12-pack as it had doubled in length and girth: 20 solid inches of coke-can-sized meat throbbed against his abs and brushed the bottom of the rack of pecs that hung from his chest. None of his huge muscles compared to his arms, though. Alex had amped up their growth by doing curls as they grew. His biceps ballooned upward and outward, covered in thick veins as he curled the dumbbells up; his thick triceps hardened in a strong horseshoe-shape that exploded at the back of his arms as he lowered the weight. Alex effortlessly tossed the dumbbells to the other side of the gym and extended his arms parallel with the floor. His biceps already formed a football-sized, hard ball of muscle and his thick triceps hung low from his arms. The separation between the two muscles was clearly visible and veins snaked over them, feeding the large slabs of beef. Alex raised his meaty forearms, the size of Logan’s quads at his prime, and brought them in. The orbs of ripped muscle shot upward and outward, doubling in size. Alex continued bringing in his forearms and hardened his flex. The peaks of his intimidating biceps swelled higher and pushed thick veins up, his skin stretching to the max as it tried to contain the muscle. The titanic biceps reached their full new size as Alex tightened his flex: the muscles atop his arms looked like vein-covered pineapples. The 55 inch orbs of meat totally dwarfed the other beastly muscles on his 500 pound frame. A shudder went through Alex and his 20 incher blasted a huge load of thick cum against the bottom of his protruding pecs. His sticky man juice slowly slid down the canyons of his 12-pack as more loads followed. Alex broke his flex and grabbed his throbbing cock, marveling at its size. He put both his big paws on it and still had some room left; he couldn’t even close his paws around the girth of it. He stroked and stroked, shooting cum all over the large mirror. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Tomas’ evil laugh broke Father Luke’s and Father Mark’s concentration. They lowered their attributes and stared at the 300 pound gymnast sitting in front of them. “You didn’t really think I hadn’t foreseen this?”, Tomas asked, “I knew you guys were coming before you did. The infernal spirits informed me of every move you made.” “These lies will not save you from our Holy Church!”, Father Mark said, “Feel the power of Christ! Vade retro, Satanas!”. “Vade retro, Satanas!”, Father Luke joined in. “O, please. Cut it out!”, Tomas declared and got up from his chair, “Those weak, folkloristic chants mean nothing. Veni, Satanas!”. An icy chill invaded the room and hellish chants echoed from the walls. Thunder rumbled outside and lightning illuminated the dark sky; wolves howled frighteningly around the buildings. “I’m too powerful for your weak faith now”, Tomas said calmly, “I’ve decrypted the last piece of the manuscript last week and I’m totally prepared for you religious clowns now. You didn’t really think that Connor was at your side, did you?” Color drained from Father Mark’s and Father Luke’s faces as they heard the door lock magically. Father Mark jumped to it and tried to open it in vain. Panic filled them as they realized they had stepped into a trap. “Wasn’t it way too easy that Connor gave in? Why would he give up his magnificent muscles just like that? He’s not the weak, little boy you know anymore. I’ve shown him his true destination in life! You have no power whatsoever over him; I’m almighty and he knows he’s just a puppet in my command. Now meet your doom!”, Tomas said and raised his hand palms upward. Instantly, Father Mark’s feet left the ground and he floated in the air, totally at Tomas’ mercy. Father Luke invoked God with all his might and prayed out loud: “ Dominus, liberate nos. non abducas nos in tentationem! Connor, my nephew, let the Holy Word return you to the path of the righteous! Repent from your evil deeds, save your soul and come save us in here!”. “I’ve told you before, your weak religion is nothing compared to the forces of Hell! Veni, servitorem diavoli!”, Tomas said. An icy howl echoed through the room as a strange creature jumped through the mirror: it had the body of a rabbit, the tale of a cat and the head of a dog. Sharp teeth flickered in the light as it opened its beak and a short flame shot from it. It howled to Father Luke and sprang toward him. The priest clawed against the locked door and sprinted to the furthest corner as the creature closed in on him. Tomas was playing with Father Mark: he made him hit the ceiling and crash down on the floor repeatedly. The priest was totally in his power. Tomas smiled as he noticed Father Luke running around in circles, being chased by the infernal creature. He raised his other hand and Father Luke also left the floor. Tomas opened the window and made the two priests float outside. “It’s no stairway to heaven, but a highway to hell for you!”, he said and opened his hands. Father Luke and Father Mark shot through the air, lightning striking them as they flew through the dark sky. Their smoking bodies crashed down on two big cactuses and two gigantic, black wolves jumped onto their bodies. Howling at the moon as they devoured their remains. More thunder rumbled heavily through the night and the made the ground shake. Infernal, horned creatures emerged out of nothing and dragged the souls of the two priests to the depths of Hell. A strong, storm like wind rattled the ancient buildings of Orchid University, accompanied by the frightening howls of the wolves. Tomas smiled from his window as he gazed at the scene below. He knew that the hour for the ritual was near.
  16. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (20)

    Twenty Sean awoke from a dreamless sleep by the feeling of a hand roaming his once muscular, now bony chest. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking a few times to adjust to the light and smiled at his roommate. His now meager pencil dick started to fill with blood as Keith’s frail hands pinched his little nipples. “Why didn’t we give in to our feelings when we were still big? Imagine what incredible sex we would have had exploring each other’s hard, pumped muscles”, Sean said as he dragged his roommate on top of him and devoured his lips in a long kiss. Keith returned the kiss, feelings of bliss racing through him as his 10 pound bigger friend dominated his weak 90 pound frame. His own cock hardening instantly as his hands roamed his roommate’s slender back. Sean broke the kiss and looked down. He smiled as he noticed his own pathetic 3 incher out-sizing his friend’s 2.5 inch cock. He slid down, licking his roommate’s nipples and positioned his hard cock against the skinny ass. Keith grunted a pleasure filled groan as the head of Sean’s cock entered his ass. He clenched it reflexively and he felt his heartbeat in his ears as the three inches of his friend’s cock slid inside him. Sean moaned softly as his cock was milked by Keith’s clenching ass. He grabbed his buddy’s sides and began thrusting in and out. Keith’s grunts and hard 2.5 incher smacking against his feeble 4-pack, encouraged him to up his pace. A loud knock on the door chased the erotic atmosphere. Before Keith or Sean could react a large man entered, closed the door and sat down next to them on the bed. A quizzical look filled Logan’s face as he noticed the position of the two small boys underneath the sheets. “Should I come back later? I didn’t know you guys would be in the middle of euhm… things”, he said. The quarterback’s deep voice rumbled through the two skinny boy’s bodies. “We euhm… were…”, Sean mumbled his face reddening with each passing second. He quickly withdrew from Keith and turned over on his back to face the big athlete. “Guys, it’s okay. It’s not like I didn’t notice how you guys look at each other last time I was here. I figured you were into each other. Lots of people experiment at our age. Last week I stepped in on two wrestlers in the shower. They were.. well, you guys get my point”, Logan said folding his arms in front of his meaty chest. The two small boys’ cocks hardened at the display of Logan’s meaty 25 inch arms, clearly tenting the sheets. “You’re not only into each other, I see”, Logan reacted, bouncing his pecs under his skintight shirt. Sean and Keith reddened completely and looked down, steeling glances at the bouncing pecs. Logan laughed. “Don’t be ashamed, guys. Several of my teammates stare at me when I’m changing in the locker room. A few rookies even got hard as I passed them in the shower. I’m not into guys but I see it as a compliment. I’ve worked hard to build my body to 320 pounds of ripped beef. See”, he said and flexed his right arm. Sean and Keith looked up in awe at the quarterback’s impressive arm. The muscle ballooned as the hard peak rose upward, veins snaking across the hard muscle. The boys’ meager dicks leaked a small dribble under the sheets. “I came over to tell you guys we have captured Anton. My teammates have him tied down in the basement. So Tomas is only backed up by your brother Connor. Now it’s up to you guys to keep your part of the deal.”, Logan said, got up and left. “Let’s contact your uncle”, Sean said. “Keith?”, he asked as his buddy didn’t react. “Yeah, you’re right. Man, he’s even bigger than you at your best. Imagine what he looks like without his shirt on”, Keith replied, leaking another dribble from his 2.5 incher. Deep under Orchid University Matt entered an abandoned part of the basement. In the middle of the cold, wet room a large figure was stretched out. Anton’s hands were bound together and attached to an iron chain anchored in the ceiling; his feet were strapped to two metal rings in the floor. Matt looked up at the dazed behemoth and smiled. He grabbed a bucket of water and tossed it onto him. Anton opened his eyes as the icy water hit his face. He wiggled and pulled but his beastly muscles couldn’t free him. “Good. You’re awake. The fun can begin”, Matt said and ripped the clothes off the behemoth. Anton shivered and goose bumps appeared all over his huge body as the chill of the basement made contact with his skin. Matt made a fist and rammed it hard into the exposed 14-pack. A loud smack echoed through the basement. Anton smiled, his relaxed abs had easily withstood the 255 pound athlete’s blow. “It takes more than a weak little football player to hurt me”, he rumbled. Matt rubbed his aching hand; it felt like he had hit a concrete wall. He opened his bag and pulled a wooden baseball bat from it. “Let’s see how you react to this”, he said and swung the bat at full force against the 14-pack. Anton flexed his abs, turning them into a hard, protective armor and braced himself for the impact. He smirked as he heard the baseball bat shatter; he hadn’t felt it at all. “Not enough, boy!”. Matt threw down the shattered bat and looked around in anger. A faint smile formed on his lips as he discovered something in a dark corner. He returned to his prisoner with an iron bar and looked up into the behemoth’s eyes. “Round three!” Anton bellowed in pain as the iron bar smacked against his flexed abs. Even his stony hard 14-pack couldn’t resist the impact. “You hit my abs five times the other day”, Matt said, “Four more swings for me!”. He raised the bar and swung it at full force against his prisoner. Another loud, pain filled scream escaped Anton’s mouth and echoed through the basement. His thick, strong abs were turning red as the iron bar busted through them. He tried to flex them again but the battered muscles refused his brain’s command. He coughed up some blood as the bar sank deeply into his midsection.”No more”, he muttered weakly. “Not so impressive now, are you?”, Matt asked ironically and smacked the bar a final time into the behemoth’s dark red abs. He tossed the bar aside and began throwing punches into the battered 14-pack as if he was practicing on a punching bag. “Feeling it this time?” More painful grunts escaped Anton’s mouth. The smaller guy’s punches easily overpowered his destroyed abs. “I’ll break all your bones once I get out”, he said before a hard blow cut off his air. “I don’t think so”, Matt replied and kicked him hard in his exposed cock and balls. “AUGH!”, Anton bellowed and spasms of pain exploded through his massive body. His head fell back and his body went limp as he passed out. In Tomas’ room Connor was getting his instructions from his master. Tomas was on the verge of completing the translation of the medieval document. “I need a few more days to finish my work. Then I shall be able to carry out the ritual!”, Tomas said as he looked at the behemoth in front of him, “You will search my pet and bring him here. With him here and you and Alex on campus no one will be able to touch me. Once the ritual’s complete, I will be unstoppable!”. “Will you be safe will I’m looking for Anton?”, Connor asked. “I can protect myself”, Tomas replied. “What if my runt brother contacts my uncle again? He nearly took you down last time”, Connor said. “I’m more powerful than at that time. Now go and bring back my pet!”, Tomas ordered and returned to the manuscript on his desk. Sean and Keith had just contacted Keith’s uncle as they bumped into Logan in the hallway. “We were just looking for you”, Keith said as he looked up at the quarterback’s eyes. “What’s up?”, Logan asked. “My uncle will be here tomorrow to take Tomas down. You just have to keep Anton locked away until he has exorcised Tomas. Everything will then return to normal: Anton and Tomas will lose the muscle they’ve stolen and their victims will return to their previous size.”, Keith said. “About time the football players are back on top”, Logan said, “We’ll make sure Anton keeps locked away in the basement. What about Connor?”. “My uncle said he would also take care of him. The family ties will overpower Tomas’ evil magic”, Sean said. “Good”, Logan stated, “finally things will be back to normal. What will happen with Anton and Tomas once they’re back to their previous size?”. “They will be expelled from university and will have to return to their country. To keep them safe from everyone they’ve hurt the last year”, Keith answered. “I’ll see you guys to celebrate when everything’s over. I’m late for practice, Logan said and strutted away. In the locker room the last football players left for the field as Logan barged in. “Hurry up! Practice has already begun.”, Paul said to his friend as he passed him. “Will do!”, Logan answered and took a long gulp from the drink Alex had prepared for him. He quickly stripped off his clothes. He put on his padding, enjoying how it hugged his thick muscles and pulled on his uniform over it. He quickly tied his laces on headed for the field as he took another gulp. Since he was 10 minutes late, the coach made him stay an additional 30 minutes after practice for some extra drill. As he ended his laps around the field, the coach told him to do 500 jump squats before he could hit the showers. “That’ll do”, the coach said as his star athlete complete his drill, “Next time be on time. The team captain has to set a good example for the others.” Logan’s chest was heaving as he took deep breaths to fill his lungs with oxygen. Sweat was pouring over his dark red face, his thick quads were pumped from the extra sprints and jump squats and quivered from exhaustion. He nodded at the coach and stumbled over to the locker room, his knees nearly giving out several times. He entered the deserted locker room; all of his teammates were already gone, even his fellow members of the bulk squad. He staggered over to his locker and crashed down on the bench before it. As his breathing calmed down, Logan painfully got up, his pumped quads protesting in pain and stripped off his uniform. He smiled as he struggled to remove the skintight pants from his quads. He tossed the smelly clothes aside and removed his tight boxers. He threw his towel over his round, muscular right shoulder and headed over to the shower zone as he heard the door leading to the gym open. He turned his head and saw an unknown, yet somehow familiar athlete enter the locker room. He ignored him and walked into the shower zone, hanging his towel on the rack and turning on the shower in the furthest corner. He sighed as the hot water cascaded down onto his drained muscles, his pumped quads still shaking lightly. A few minutes later, Logan heard footsteps and a shower turning on. He turned around and saw the strangely familiar athlete standing under the shower in the opposite corner, his back turned to Logan. The jock hadn’t turn on the shower yet. The guy was a few inches shorter than him and appeared a good 50 pounds lighter. His muscles were clearly pumped after a hard workout: several mounds of beef highlighted his broad back and led up to a broad shoulder line. The guy’s arms hung at his sides and were pumped beyond belief, veins pushed up against the skin. They seemed bigger than his own 25 inchers. Logan breathed in sharply as the guy scratched the back of his head, revealing a thick round orb of muscle atop his arm. The guy turned around and smiled as he spoke: “Coach put you through some extra drill, I saw.” Logan blinked in disbelief as he recognized the guy. “Alex, what happened to you?”, he asked as he stepped toward the guy that was a runt just a day ago. “I’ve followed your training tips. Why? Can you tell already?”, Alex replied and flexed his arms. The beefy muscle, swollen and pumped from the hard work out, rose up between the thick veins covering it and stopped just under 26 inches. Instinctively, Logan copied the pose to emphasize his superiority. His arms hardened into their familiar 25 inches of hard beef. He gulped as he noticed that Alex’ arms clearly out-sized his and looked harder and more defined. He quickly lowered his arms and looked away to avoid the water boy’s gaze. A heavy silence descended on the shower zone, broken only by the sound of the running shower and the jock’s breathing. A faint grunt made Logan look up again. He swallowed as he saw Alex harden his flex. Alex smirked in triumph as his biceps swelled further and the vein-covered peaks jumped over the 26 inch mark. “Bigger and harder than your arms. Go ahead and feel them”, Alex teasingly said. Automatically, Logan reached for the strong arms. His right hand grabbed hold of the flexed right bicep, a faint breath escaping his mouth. He tightened his hold and managed to dent the hard ball slightly. Alex grunted and reddened as he hardened his flex some more, his body shaking from the effort. A smile formed on his lips as his steely hard 26 incher resisted Logan’s strength and pried open his hand. “Seems like there’s a new ‘Captain Canon’ on the team.”, he said in triumph. “Your arms may be bigger but that’s just the pump. Besides I still outsize you”, Logan quickly replied. He released the hard bicep and bounced his pecs to emphasize his words. “If you’re still bigger, why did you step back?”, Alex asked coolly. Logan opened his mouth but no sounds came out. He hadn’t realized that he had stepped back, intimidated by Alex’ arms. He looked slightly down and stared the water boy straight in the eye. Alex returned the look and closed the distance between them, sweat and musk surrounding his body. Before Logan could retreat any further, the water boy kneeled down and grabbed hold of his pumped quads. Logan put his hands on the meaty shoulders and tried to push him away. Alex smirked as his strong, 26 inch arms easily held their grip: the quarterback’s bigger, yet drained muscles were no match for him. “For every round your cock shall blast, 10 pounds of muscle on me shall be past”, he said and took the plump cock in his mouth. Logan moaned as the water boy closed his lips around his cock. Spasms shot through his muscles and his knees nearly gave out as the hot tongue teased his shaft to its full 8 inches. He gave up his struggle and just held the hot, muscled delts for support. Alex sucked the cock with all his might, teasing it with his tongue and teeth. It quickly jolted and began blasting load after load down his hungry throat. Excited noises escaped Logan’s mouth and he closed his eyes as his teammate sucked him off. It felt beyond anything he’d ever experienced before. His knees buckled from the pleasure but the strong arms held him tight and his hands steadied himself on the broad shoulder. He reopened his eyes as he felt the muscles shift under his hands. Alex felt the changes coursing through the star athlete in front of him: the hands on his shoulders were clearly shrinking and the beefy quads under his grasp were quickly losing their pump. His own body still looked the same. “No”, Logan said in a slightly higher voice as he realized what was happening: the water boy wasn’t growing, he was losing his hard earned muscles! His hands were retracting atop the round delts and his deeply grooved, pumped quads were deflating under his teammate’s grasp. He squirmed and shoved to free himself as more loads shot from his shrinking cock. Alex’s 270 pound body now easily overpowered the quarterback: the exhaustion of his football practice and the loss of a good 100 pounds of muscle made the star athlete way weaker and smaller than him. His hands found more and more room on the deflating quads that tried to escape him. His tongue played with the smaller dick and milked more cum from it. Logan grabbed the thick shoulders with all his might, veins exploding over his thinning forearms. His weakened grip couldn’t dent the relaxed muscles as more and more mass escaped through his diminishing cock. His body was now well below 200 pounds and shrinking further. Alex looked straight into the vanishing strong abs as he kept sucking onto now less than 4 incher. His strong hands easily dug into the weak quads and he lifted his arms slightly. Logan’s eyes widened in disbelief as his feet left the ground: the water boy supported him with just his 26 inch arms! He knew he was at his mercy and gave up the fight. He put his frail hands atop the steely biceps that held him effortlessly. Alex sensed the submission and sucked with renewed force on the ever shrinking dick. His arms didn’t even notice the weight of the fallen star athlete anymore. Logan looked down and gasped weakly at the sight: the water boy, yet still unchanged, dwarfed him totally. His body own body had lost every trace of definition and he looked 12 years old again. His vision went black as he sank below 100 pounds. Alex felt Logan go limp in his grasp and sucked a final dribble from his 2 incher. He withdrew the pathetic cock from his mouth and stood up, marveling at how he now dominated the fallen star athlete. The once intimidating, now 90 pound light quarterback slumped to the floor as he released his strong grip on his broomstick-sized quads. A big grin formed on Alex’ lips as he felt the energy of a big growth building in his 270 pound body…
  17. The Box Part One (of Three): Dark Red By: Jman250 Archive Link: I woke up one Monday morning to find an oak box sitting on my nightstand. “That’s odd,” I told myself, “I don’t remember putting an oak box on my nightstand. In fact, I don’t remember owning an oak box, especially one of dark red.” It was carved with ornate pictures of men marching along its side. I blinked a few times to get the sleep out of my eyes and took a closer look. The men were hot! Or at least they were as hot as wood carved men could be. I moved out of bed and picked it up. Each side had a series of three men, smaller on the left to massively buff on the right. It could have been a procession, but all three men were oddly similar. Weird. “It’s getting late,” I reminded myself. I knew I had to get ready for the gym. I put the box down and stripped for my morning shower. I had a decent body. Five eleven, sandy blond hair, long but not in my face. Green eyes. Dimples when I smiled. I’d say I was damn cute. I started really working out a few months ago. This kid I met really inspired me, really motivated me, and I made a lot of improvements. I didn’t think I’d ever be as buff as him, though. I wasn’t big; in fact I was kind of skinny. My biceps and chest started to show some size, but it’d been a lot of work. I walked out of my room and into the common area bathroom. I started the shower and got in. The warm water felt good running over my body and morning wood. My dick was pretty average, compared to some of the guys at school. “Six inches is bigger than some,” I always told myself. It was small compared to Adam though. Adam is the kid I work out with. I guess I shouldn’t call him a kid -- he’s built and way bigger than me! But he’s younger than my twenty four years of age. I’ve been spending a lot of my free time with him lately, almost to the point of being inseparable. You’d never guess we weren’t the same age. Standing there in the shower, my mind drifted back to the box on my nightstand. I started stroking my hard cock. I’d always had a thing for big guys, huge and hard. Like Adam. Hard expanses of muscle. I started picturing him bigger than ever -- muscles expanding to become huge! I let out a soft groan as I stroked faster and almost shot my load when -- *Bang* *Bang* *Bang* “Fuck Chad, jack off somewhere else. I need to shower.” It was Aaron, my suite mate. He and I shared a common room. “Shut it! I’ll be out in a second.” I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around my waste. My boner hadn’t softened all the way, so I did what I could to cover it up. Aaron was standing there when I opened the door. He was already naked. I couldn’t help but look over his toned body, firm pecs, six-pack abs, big hard cock. “Move!” He shoved passed me into the stall. I was used to this ritual, it happened every morning. His morning wood slapped my thigh as he pushed past. “Over eight inches,” he bragged on our first such encounter, many months ago. He stood there naked, inches from me “Alright! I’m leaving!” He’d been a real dick since we met, always showing off or putting me down. I don’t know how we got paired. He’s more of the athletic type; I’m of the do-whatever-comes-along type. He played soccer, so his body was skinny but solid with good tone. His legs were his most impressive part, with amazing calves that seemed like stone even when he stood still. At least I’m taller. Back in my room I remembered the box. I opened it this time. Inside the wood was dark red. There were three pieces of something and a note. “Eat and grow.” I blinked at the note. “Eat and grow.” Fuck! This was either a prank or my wildest dream come true! The gods must have been smiling down at me! All caution out the window, I put one of the three somethings into my mouth and swallowed. It tasted bitter and made me frown. Then I waited. Nothing. I turned the note over and make sure I hadn’t missed any instructions. Nothing. “What a crock. It must be one of Aaron’s bad jokes. I’ll kill him for this.” I closed the box and threw it in the trash. Still rather annoyed, I put on my gym clothes, grabbed my bag, and left to meet Adam. Adam is the kid, err, man I work out with at the university gym. We met one morning during a workout. He didn’t like the town gyms, he said, so he used ours. I’d never seen him around town before. He said he’d had a recent growth spurt and needed someplace new to train. We’d gotten really close since then. Some even started calling us boyfriends. When I got to the gym, I found Adam alone in the old aerobics room. He lifted his shirt and moving his torso from side to side, watching the amazing relief of his eight-pack abs flex and bulge. His long brown hair swayed from side to side with his movement. My dick started to get hard, making an obvious tent my shorts. “You ready little man?” Adam saw me reflected in the mirror. He smiled bright at me. His bright brown eyes seemed to twinkle. “Got to get big!” he said and brought his arms up in a double bicep. Seventeen inches. I knew every inch of him by heart. With all his training he was really starting to look like an amateur bodybuilder. “Mhmm” was all I could manage. I dropped my bag. He walked over to me in that big guy swagger. “You look different,” his voice was deep. He sounded concerned. It’s hard to believe he’s younger than me. “Really?” I remembered the box! I looked down for changes, but nothing. “Strange.” He examined me for a moment. “I guess it was nothing.” He smiled down at me and grabbed me in a bear hug! I was a few inches off the ground. He’s six foot four. “I missed you!” he said and kissed me on the cheek. It felt amazing wrapped in his muscular arms. Almost energized. My cock jumped in my gym shorts at the feeling. “I saw you yesterday,” I gave him a wry grin. “So?” he gave me one final squeeze before putting me down. I’ve always loved Adam’s touch, but this time when he let go I almost felt withdrawal. My body wanted him. I had to touch him again. “Let’s skip the workout.” I was getting an idea. “What? No way. I love our workouts.” “I know what else you love...” I slid a hand under the base of his shirt to feel his rock hard abs. The amazing energy seemed to return. He grinned down at me as I traced the cobblestones making up his hard stomach. He flexed against my hand and I felt the firm ridges of his abs contract. “I had a bad morning. Please?” I looked at him longingly. My other hand hooked the elastic of his gym shorts and slid them slowly down. I let my hand linger for a moment on his thigh, feeling its solid mass. He was wearing his favorite neon green posing trunks. I knew nobody would interrupt us in this part of the gym. He closed his eyes and let out a low grunt in response. I continued to feel his chest, sliding my other hand upward until I reached his huge, tight, hard, round pecs. He bounced his chest for my pleasure. I’ve always loved the feeling of his heavy pecs, so firm and with perfect quarter sized nipples, but this time felt somehow better. It was something magical, extra erotic. With my other hand I gently cupped his balls, feeling them through his now exposed posing trunks. They were big and heavy; they filled my hand. But the best part came next. I moved to massage his thick cock. It was only semi-hard but already strained the green fabric. Lust began filling my every thought. I slowly removed his trunks, both of us standing there in the gym. Adam breathed in when the cold air hit his shaft. It stiffened more as I wrapped my fingers around its thickness. It grew harder with each passing moment, the head moving further away from my closed palm as it lengthened. I had Adam, almost twice my size, in rapture using only my touch. I felt strong! I looked at the mirror across from us, watching as I held his throbbing cock in one hand, massaging his hard, globe like pecs with the other. It felt hot. From somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I came to a sudden clarity. Focusing on myself, I noticed I was bigger. Not by much, but even through my clothes I could tell I had grown in size. My thoughts recalled the box. Maybe it wasn’t a prank after all. The growth was just delayed! I wanted more. Stopping suddenly, I pulled off my shirt. The energy from my contact with Adam stopped, but damn it was worth it. The mirror showed my normally skinny body was bigger. A solid six-pack had begun to show. My delts and biceps had started filling out. And best of all, my pecs had grown the fastest, already round and solid. They were flatter than I would have liked, but a cleft was forming between the two muscles. I never had that before. Adam seemed unresponsive to what was happening. He stood there watching me, breathing heavily, waiting for more of my touch. Still, I had to see more. I shucked my pants and glanced down at my legs. They were solid! I flexed and watched my thighs bounce. My underwear felt tighter too – I could feel the fabric hugging my ass tighter than ever before. This was incredible! And I wanted more. Adam gazed dottily at me as I pulled off his shirt. I took off his shoes and completely removed his posers. He stood there in his beautiful glory wearing only his socks. He was gorgeous standing there, cock at attention half way up his abs, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to continue my growth. Something about this energy was addicting. I needed to feel it again. And it was mine with a touch. I squatted down and took his cock into my mouth. It had reached its full ten inches of solid meat and I devoured it whole. I knew every ridge of his cut manhood, having sucked it dozens of times before, but this was somehow different. It felt somehow meeker than normal. I didn’t care, though. The growth energy felt stronger than before so I sucked and bobbed on his big cock as if my life depended on it. I reached around and dug my fingers into his ass cheeks. They were so hard they might have been made of granite, but smooth and sculpted like marble. The energy felt stronger still! I wanted more. I leaned forward against his legs to touch more of my body to his. I could feel my increased weight as I shifted forward. I felt heavy. Still sucking, I glanced at my arms. They must have been fourteen inches by now. Adam closed his eyes and let out a long moan. His voice seemed distant, softer than normal. I leaned in further, shifting more of my weight and using his body as support. I was putting all my strength into sucking his cock. My own dick was painfully hard by now. It throbbed in my underwear. It wanting to be released. I let go of Adam’s ass to pull off my skivvies. They were so tight with my expanding thighs, but I pulled free, releasing my member. It hit my abs with a *thwack*! I stopped. My eyes went wide. With my mouth unmoving and still on Adam’s cock, I reached down to touch it. It was bigger too! I rubbed it gently and it pulsed at the attention. Starting at the base, I moved in a long slow stroke to feel it’s new size. I gasped as I reached the tip, a shudder running through me. The gasp made me realize that there was more space in my mouth than before. I looked up at Adam in shock! From this view, I could see his abs and pecs had receded. His normally massive eight-pack looked to be a dwindling six-pack, and his once perfect pecs where smaller. I reached up to feel his body with my hands. He was smaller all over – his legs, his ass, his back, and even (as my mouth now realized) his cock! As if prompted by my comprehension, Adam stumbled backwards under my newly increased weight falling on his hands and elbows, his dick forcibly pulled from my mouth. I fell too, more in shock than pain. Even after the sudden movement, Adam looked content, even peaceful. He beamed at me from his prone position. I stood up, relishing the feeling my now harder and powerful legs. I looked in the mirror. What I saw there was incredible! My shoulders and neck were big. I used to look so narrow, but no longer. My pecs were round – round, solid, and powerful. They looked like volley balls fighting for space on my chest! I reached up to touched them, bounching them to feel their mass. They filled my now larger hands. The sensation made my cock jump. My arms and forearms looked amazing, with biceps at least fifteen inches. I flexed one, then the other. My once emerging six-pack had turned into a solid cobblestone of six massive bulges, with two more just becoming visible below my pecs. I looked like a fitness model -- one that spent too much time in the gym! Finally, I focused on my dick. An amazing V shape had formed below my abs, my hip flexors pointing to a dick I was proud to display. It had clearly pushed past seven inches and hovered in front of my abs between eight and nine. It quivered there, waiting to be pleasured. It was as thick as Adam’s, or as thick as his used to be. I looked down at Adam now, feeling scared by what I had done to this kid – this kid that over the past months, I had begun to love. But I also felt lust. It wasn’t lust for his now smaller form. It was lust for more. More muscle. I could take more! He still had muscle. At the very least he went from an amateur bodybuilder to athletic swimmer! And besides, he’s younger than me. He could get it back quickly! I needed the energy. Standing him up, I pressed his front against the mirror. His back was much smaller now, but there was still muscle there. Muscle to steal. I positioned my now larger dick between his ass cheeks. With a light push, I felt my now enlarged dick head press against his tight hole. Adam let out a whimper. He looked so content, like he was enjoying all this. He wanted my cock in his ass as much I wanted to feel my new size and strength filling his hole. I pushed in. The energy flowed freely now! If it felt amazing before, it was beyond imagining now! Going slow at first, I pushed in. Inch after inch of my growing cock pushed deeper until my pubes pushed against Adam’s now smaller ass. I could feel my legs and arms increase in strength. Pump after pump filled me with more energy! Energy I needed more than anything in the world! I could feel my strength increasing fast as I picked him off the ground, my dick still inside. That would have been impossible just moments ago, but now here I was. Big. My arms budged and flexed as I lifted his weight. They hit sixteen inches for sure! Harder and harder I began to pump into him as my weight increased. I could see more and more of myself in the mirror as my shoulders and back widened. They past what must have been fifty inches. I must have been getting taller, too! I was slowly lifting Adam higher and higher off the ground. He became easier to hold as my arms pushed past seventeen and grew quickly towards eighteen inches. I could feel my cock expanding thicker, his ass getting tighter with each push, each stroke getting longer too. It felt huge! Probably past twelve inches! But still I wanted more. I closed my eyes, pumping frantically and feeling the energy fill me. It felt so good, so incredible. I could never have imagined something so hot! Lust filled me and I craved more. I was in pure ecstasy! “Gods this feels amazing!” I was trembling with the pleasure. Both our weights were pushing hard against the mirror. I glanced up; I looked massive! Finally, with one full and solid pump, I came. I threw my head back and let out a moan that sounded more like a scream! I kept cumming and cumming into Adam’s ass. More and more pleasure filled my head as I felt my balls grow heavier in their sack and my load shoot harder and more frequent. I allowed the feeling to overwhelm me, standing there with Adam in my huge arms! Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it stopped. I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful face I had ever seen staring back at me. I was different, stronger -- a true man. My green eyes flashed back at me. After a moment, my stare faded. The pleasure rushed from me and I realized the face in the mirror was still me. I felt a weak shutter against my abs and I looked down. Adam, was still in my arms, and had cum against the mirror. He looked small now, like an eighteen year-old kid. His now five inch cock began to deflate. Reality hit me. What had I done? I pulled him off my dick and set him on his feet. He blinked at himself in the mirror a few times, suddenly aware of what had happened. His mouth fell open in shock as he examined his new body. He made no sounds. I was significantly taller now -- a definite change from our previous roles. Neither of us moved. Except for his horrified continence, he looked healthy. He looked like me when I was his age. “Adam?” I focused on him, a tear running down my face. What had I done? He looked me in the eyes for a moment before darting away. He ran to where I left his clothes and grabbed them in his small arms. A look of confusion and sadness overcame his face. He paused then he dropped his clothes in favor of my old, much smaller garments. He pulled on my shorts. They looked too big. He looked at me one last time -- it was a look that showed I had betrayed him and his love – before he ran for the door.
  18. Xyggurat

    theft A Little Too Far, Part II

    "I think I took more than fifteen pounds," he said, taking in my physique. I joined him in taking an inventory of my body. Without a mirror, I couldn't tell entirely how much I had changed, but it didn't look too bad. Everything was smaller, for sure, less pumped than it had been. I'd started out as an incontrovertibly muscular guy, and now I was more athletic in build, like a wrestler or a big swimmer. A couple of minutes of contact had set me back months in the gym. "Yeah," I said. "You know me, sometimes I take things too far," he said. That was for sure. And that should have bothered me, but it didn't. The only things occupying my mind right then were how incredibly horny I was, and how amazing Kyle looked. His nonexistent body fat highlighted every inch, every pound of his purloined gains. His abs contorted with every shallow breath he took. Veins tangled down his still-slender arms, blue vines over the hard, tight muscle that now graced his limbs. I reached out and grabbed his biceps. He flexed his arm involuntarily. Damn, it was like granite. Still touching him despite the numbing tingle that started spreading up my arm, I copped a feel of my own gun. It was still way bigger than Kyle's, but not quite as defined. "Mike. Your muscles," he protested. "Don't worry. They'll grow back," I found myself saying, even as a part of me rebelled at taking the situation so calmly. I'd worked hard for those gains! "Stop, man. I--" Kyle tried to tug away from me. I was still stronger. I held him in place, but the swaying motion of his body freed his erect cock from his boxers. It poked out the hole in the front, looking big, red, and angry. Like I mentioned, his dick had always been pretty impressive. Less than an inch smaller than mine, and I was a big boy. It had never looked this large before. "Wait a second," I said, finally letting go of his arm. The brief contact had given him another jolt of size, sending him past a runner's build and on his way to looking like a swimmer. His shoulders actually had some breadth to them now, his chest a bit of roundness. I wasn't really paying attention to his muscles, though, because his cock had my full attention. Curious, almost fearful of what I might find, I hauled my own meaty dick out of my shorts. It drooled a bit of precum. I was as boned as I'd ever been, but it felt a little less impressive in my hands. That had to be because I felt a bit unmanned by how good Kyle's looked, I rationalized. His wasn't as big as mine, was it? Ignoring his protestations, I pressed our cocks together. The tingle came back, the strongest I'd felt yet. For all his murmured 'no's and 'stop's, Kyle didn't protest as I compared our dicks. He was almost as long as I was. Mine was thicker, but the decent length advantage I thought I possessed had evaporated. I could barely tell mine was longer. His dick surged in my hand. It was just a quick pulse, almost like he'd flexed it. His tool stretched wider and longer, but when it unflexed, it retained its new size. Now we were dead even. As I held it there, trying to confirm the transformation, it surged again. The head pushed forward, swelled wider. Its engorged tip pressed painfully into the meat of my groin. Just like that, Kyle's dick was clearly a little longer than mine now. "Dude, your dick," I said, looking up at him. And that's when I got my next surprise. We were eye to eye. I'd been a good inch taller than Kyle for as long as I could remember. Neither of us were wearing shoes, but we were unquestionably the same height now. "Please, you've got to stop," he said. There was no force in the plea. "Fuck, man, you're changing. You're getting so hot," I said. His cock throbbed. It was huge and angry. I reached out to stroke the shaft, fending off the voice of warning in my head. My fingers could barely touch around the shaft, and as that draining tingle returned, they started being forced apart by its growth. Kyle moaned under my ministrations. His voice sounded deeper, sexier. He brought his arm up in a solid flex and let his other hand roam the new-minted muscle sprouting there. The biceps was definitely bigger than a goose's egg now, on its way toward becoming a solid orb of power. The thought of his purloined strength increasing drove me into a desperate haze. I fell to my knees, took his cock in my mouth, and began to suck the salty precum away. "Oh, Mike," said Kyle. The last of his resistance crumbled. I could tell you the exact instant it happened. His protests cut off. He ceased trying to push me away. Instead, an enlarging hand pressed against the back of my head, massaging my scalp as it forced me down harder on the lengthening pole. I wheezed as its hot flesh invaded my throat. But Kyle had stopped caring. "Yeah, take it." His tenor voice had taken on a baritone rumble. I gazed up at him. His abs were in the process of reshaping themselves into a defined set of six cobbled bricks. They settled, tightened, and the grooves between them began to deepen into valleys. Above the corrugated landscape of his abdomen, two sizable pecs thrust forward, filling with striated new mass by the second. My dick throbbed uncontrollably, and I reached down to jerk it. My cock was as hard as I could imagine it being, but it barely filled my hand any more. Usually it could fit both. That was when I knew things had gone way out of control. I struggled against his grip, managed to pull off of his dick. It seemed endless. I finally got it out of my mouth, and it stared me eye to eye, thick as one of my diminished wrists and nine inches long at least. Kyle, lost to his lust, pivoted his hips and slapped me across the cheek with the massive tool. "Come on, Mike. Suck it. Get me off," he said. "Kyle, wait," I said. I struggled to my feet, shaking off his treacherous touch. God, he had grown. Kyle was bigger and longer everywhere. His limbs had stretched out. His bright green eyes were now several inches above mine. Rounded deltoids capped his shoulders, broadening his body so that I could no longer see to either side of him. Crap. How much had I given him? I felt small and weak. "What?" he panted. His hands kept snatching at my body, ignoring my attempts to rebuff his touch. "Come on, suck me." I pushed his hand away from one of my pecs. The muscle was barely there. "We have to stop, dude. Look at how small I am now! And you, you're almost six feet!" He looked, but he wasn't seeing me. I was sure he only saw the strength I still had to offer, the muscle he could still take. "Gotta get bigger. Just a little more." His arms wrapped me in an embrace, pulled me closer. The tingling erupted between us, so strong that it was almost paralyzing. His flesh scraped against mine as the transfer accelerated. The arms around me pumped and firmed. "No more," I said. My voice was shrill with panic. More than that, it was higher in pitch. It broke like a teenager's. He ground his adamantine muscles against my inferior ones. "Should've... unh. Should've listened to me before," he said, his voice not cruel, just not caring. His desire was too great. I struggled in earnest. My thrashing almost got me free, but then Kyle redoubled his grip. The next time I had enough energy to fight him, he fended off my struggles with ease. He was a full head taller than I was, and the transfer did not show any signs of stopping. He could have held me there and drained me down to nothing. But he had other ideas. Warning sirens blared in my brain the moment I felt him spinning me around. He bent me over. His massive dick, now almost a foot long, pressed against my back. He pushed me forward. The head prodded my butt, trying to find entry. "You've still got a hot ass," he slurred, drunk on his own power. "Kyle, no, don't!" I cried. The tip of his cock pressed against my hole. My cry turned into a shriek as it started pushing past my defenses. I hadn't bottomed for Kyle in a long time, and the last time, his dick had been about half its current size. Heedless, he just kept easing in, not caring how I writhed in his grip. All the while, the transfer continued. By the time he was all the way in, I had to stand on my tiptoes. I'd never been with a guy that much taller than I was. But that wasn't a problem for Kyle. Two great hands closed on my sides and lifted. My feet left the ground. He let out a grunt of effort at supporting my weight, and a tremble went through him. But as the seconds passed, it got easier, whether because I was growing lighter or he was getting stronger. At last, he seemed to stabilize. Then he started pumping into me. No, not even that. He used me like a rag doll, pushing and tugging on my diminishing body. His cock kept growing in me the whole time, until I felt like I was being shrink-wrapped on the gargantuan pole. It swelled suddenly. I felt every ridge and bend of it as it grew. I thought it was a surge of growth, but no. He let out a bass groan that rumbled in my chest as he started to cum. A hot geyser filled me, spurt after spurt. I was cumming, too. He came more in a single shot than most guys would have in an entire night of sex. The entire way through his rollercoaster of pleasure, he held me tight in arms that felt like steel girders around me. And then it was done. The tingling faded away. Kyle was gentle as he withdrew from me. I felt impossibly empty without his dick in side of me, like I'd collapse in on myself without it there to support me. He eased me back onto my feet. I couldn't even stand on my own two legs, so he helped me to bed. He was massive. My brain could barely do the math, but he was well past six feet, ripped and huge like a competition bodybuilder. Massive, veined muscles fought for space on a frame that had been built like a stick not an hour beforehand. If he was around 6'3, that put me right around the five foot mark. No wonder he looked so massive. He sat next to me on the bed. It creaked beneath his weight. I reached out and touched his arm. He flexed involuntarily. The muscle didn't rise up. It exploded, a peak that would make Everest jealous. "Sorry," Kyle said. His voice sounded like a subwoofer. The absurdity of the massive beast I'd helped create, looking so cowed, so disappointed in himself, made me almost want to laugh. Almost. "Yeah," I said, now exploring my own tiny physique. I was muscled like a little bird. I wasn't even the 98-pound weakling. I was his little brother. "Maybe we can fix it." "Got another ten grand?" I asked. "No. You?" I shook my head weakly. "Uh uh. So. Stuck like this." "I don't think I'll be needing you to spot me any more," Kyle said. "Nope," I said. We sat there in silence. After a few moments, the bed started to rock. It took me a second to realize that Kyle's titanic new body was shaking with laughter. "It's a good thing I got two vials for that price, right?" Kyle winked at me, holding something up. It was glass and full of greyish fluid. So that was how I lost all of my size and gained it back in just over an hour. Kyle hadn't been entirely honest about the price of the stuff, either. He's never tipped me in to who his supplier is, says he likes being the big man between us, but he's still taking the stuff. That became obvious the day he showed up at my place, two inches taller than I was and better hung. I didn't ask who his donor was this time. I didn't want to know. But I've been saving up, and I'm going to find Kyle's guy. It's harder than you'd think. Not something you just post on the Craigslist personals about: "Looking for Muscle Theft Potion." Trust me, I tried. As for Kyle, he's almost at the immense size he was at on that fateful day. All that beef is a lot more fun to play with when it didn't come from you, let me tell you. And Kyle doesn't seem to want to stop. I asked him the other day how big he wanted to get, and he just gave a shrug of those awesome, boulder-sized delts of his. Maybe he'll never stop. Oh well, what can you do? He always did take things too far.
  19. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (19)

    Nineteen Decrypting the medieval document proved to be a very difficult and frustrating exercise. Even after three weeks of continued work and study, Tomas had only translated five pages of the thick scroll. He pushed the document aside and slammed his desk while swearing in frustration. “Something wrong?”, Anton asked as he entered the room and tossed his gym bag on the floor. Tomas ignored the remark and headed to the bathroom. “Get in here!”, he ordered without looking at his pet. Anton did as he was told. He entered the bathroom and saw that Tomas was already in the shower. He quickly tore off his clothes and joined his master. He looked down on his master and smirked as he noticed his inflating cock. Tomas scanned his pet’s amazing body in awe: Anton had come straight from the gym and his beastly muscles were still pumped and swollen. “580 pounds is the right size for you; you look simply perfect, my pet. I love how your oversized shoulders dwarf the rest of your huge muscles”, he said as he groped the mass of thick pecs on his pet’s chest. Anton groaned in pleasure and flexed his pecs. Striations exploded across the surface and the strong muscles turned into concrete-like hardness under his master’s touch. His own cock stirred as it began to swell. Tomas made his pet turn around and explored the mass on the incredibly wide back. He felt the cuts and crevices between the mounds of muscle before grabbing the hardness of his pet’s beefy triceps. He couldn’t take no more; he grabbed Anton’s tightly muscled sides and shoved his fully engorged 17 incher into the meaty ass. “Nothing beats pumping the frustration out of me”, he grunted as slammed his cock in and out his pet’s ass. “Mhm”, Anton groaned. His cock hardened further until it reached its intimidating 25 inches, his left paw roamed his own beefy chest as his right one caressed his left bicep. Tomas came quickly, he screamed as frustration and cum exploded from his body. He kept pumping his pet’s ass as load after load of cum blasted from his throbbing cock. He remained inside and grabbed his pet’s engorged 25 incher, stroking the impressive length while his own cock deflated inside the muscular ass. Anton put his hands against the tilled wall and closed his eyes in pleasure. His master’s strong hand pumped his shaft and sent shivers down his spine. He encircled the hand with his right paw and guided the strokes, adding strength and pressure to the action. Tomas grunted as the huge paw encircled his big hand and the pressure of his pet’s grip sent a mild pain through him. His 17 incher raced to hardness again inside the juicy ass as his pet smacked his 300 pound muscular frame against his broad back by the sheer force of his strokes. Pleasure flooded Anton’s beastly body as he felt the cock harden again inside his ass. “Yeaugh!”, he bellowed and goose bumps exploded on his body as he came. Blasts and blasts of thick, sticky cum shot from his 25 incher and splattered against the wall. Tomas moaned as the strong muscles on Anton’s body flexed from his orgasm. The juicy ass encircling his 17 incher clenched and milked a second round of blasts from it. His muscular quads shook from the effort. After a few minutes, Anton’s orgasm cooled down and he released his deflating cock. A thud made him turn around. He smiled as he noticed his master on the floor: he was worn out completely. He grabbed him under the armpits and effortlessly raised the 300 pound athlete. He placed his left arm around his master’s lower back and rested his ass against the bottom row of his 14-pack abs. “You okay?”, he asked as he gently ruffled Tomas’ hair with his right paw. “Much better now”, Tomas said and grabbed his pet’s gigantic delts for support. “It’s just frustrating it takes so much time to translate that document. I can fell I’m close, but it’ll take some more weeks before I can finally cast the spell for the dark ritual.” “More time for me to rule the jocks”, Anton replied and his right paw played with his still plump 25 incher. “How are the football players coming along…ughn”?, Tomas asked, his voice shooting up as his pet’s 25 incher invaded his ass. He clenched it reflexively but the hot pole easily broke through his defenses. He shut his eyes and moaned as the last of the 25 inches was pushed inside. “They finally know their place. I just beat up the four biggest of them. A single blow in the abs sent each of them down. Now I dominate, dominate, dominate”, Anton grunted, pumping his 25 incher in his master’s ass every time he said ‘dominate’. He looked down as he something jab him in the abs and smiled: his master’s cock had re-inflated and the 17 incher throbbed in the canyon between his 14-pack. Tomas opened his eyes and they rolled back in pleasure as the hot pole kept invading his ass. “Ughn!”, he moaned and his 17 incher exploded all over the thick rack of pecs that protruded from his pet’s chest. The five remaining blasts off his balls splashed against the striated muscles and slid into the deep crevice separating them. “YEAughn!”, Anton bellowed once more and drove his 25 inches hard into his master’s ass. His cock exploded and he kept pumping his hips as load after load of cum shot from it. Tomas marveled at the hard, flexing chest in front of him and grunted as the pressure inside his ass increased with every volley of cum. A final dribble of cum flowed from his deflating 17 incher and smeared against the cobblestone-sized abs of his pet’s flexing 14-pack. Cum began pouring from his master’s ass along the length of his pumping cock as Anton kept shooting load after load of cum. He gently pulled his master from his 25 incher and blasted a final load against the ceiling. “Relaxed now?”, he asked as he put his master on his feet. “You certainly blasted all frustration from me, my pet”, Tomas said grinningly as cum kept flowing from his ass. “Man, how much did you pump in me?” he asked as he stepped from the shower and dried himself. “At least a couple of gallons. But you’ve got some on me as well”, Anton replied grinningly. He turned toward the beam of water and cleaned his torso. Tomas put on his clothes and shook his head as he noticed his pet’s inflating cock. “You really are a total beast”, he said as he returned to his desk. “I am a total beast. A god!”, Anton screamed and did a most muscular. Striations exploded across his body as all his titanic muscles hardened, his engorged cock smacked against the top row of cobblestone-sized abs, oozing precum against the hard surface. Anton grabbed the lengthy shaft and within seconds the results of his third orgasm sprayed the glass of the shower. Sean and Keith were in their room trying to figure out how to stop Tomas. The thought of Connor toying with the 240 pound wrestle coach and the image of his supreme muscularity still sent their meager pencil dicks to hardness. “There’s no way we’ll be able to defeat Connor and Anton by ourselves”, Sean said, “And even if we do, we still have to stand up to Tomas, who also outweighs the two of us”. “You’re right”, Keith replied, “Even with my uncle’s help we can’t beat them. We’ll need more help. Perhaps the wrestle team will be prepared. We are the former stars after all”. “They’re too scared of Anton. The entire team could take him down, but there’s still your brother to back him up. The two of them would smash the others”, Sean answered. A knock made them look up. Sean got up and opened the door. He involuntarily stepped back as he gazed upon a shirt strained to its limits by a rack of pecs. “Mind if I come in?”, a deep baritone asked. Sean recognized the captain of the football team and stepped back to let him enter. He sat down next to his buddy Keith and they stared at the muscular athlete that sat down on the other bed. “What brings you here?”, Keith asked in his high-pitched voice. “We need to talk, guys”, Logan said, “It’s only normal that football players rule the school. It has always been like that. Ever since last year that brute Anton took over our top spot. He was a scrawny swimmer when he got paired with you, Sean. And you were the star wrestler. Now look it you! You guys must know what happened.” “We’ll tell you. But you have to promise not to laugh”, Sean replied. He told the entire story of Tomas’ and Anton’s growth. He even included the part of Connor. Disbelief filled Logan’s face as he heard what had happened. “We were just thinking of a way to stop them. But the two of us are too weak to take on even one of them”, Sean said. “We’ll have to separate them, like you proposed”, Logan stated, “If we can neutralize Anton and Connor, it will be easier to defeat Tomas. Connor is being tutored by Alex, the little guy that wants to get on the football team. I’ll take Alex under my wing in the gym and convince him to keep Connor busy.” “Just don’t hurt my little bro”, Keith said. “He’s no longer the same Connor you used to know”, Sean replied, “You saw him take care of the wrestle coach and didn’t he humiliate you during summer?”. “Don’t worry. If Alex can keep him busy until you uncle has defeated Tomas, the spell will be broken and he’ll be back to normal. That leaves us with Anton.”, Logan said. “We could drug him”, Sean stated, “I can get some tranquilizers from the lab.” “Good”, Logan replied, “I’ll ask him for a drink and we’ll drug it. Once he’s out, my men will lock him away in the cellars long enough to defeat Tomas. I’ll come back next week to see where we are.” Tomas was slowly making progress in his study of the medieval document. He was about half way through it and had already gotten some new information. It seemed that the one conducting the ritual would gain supreme, infernal powers; he would be able to control his entire environment. He would be assisted by several large creatures. One of them would dominate the others and would be “the champion from Hell”. That one would be unbeaten in combat and no one would be able to defeat him, not even bigger creatures. “That has to be my pet”, Tomas said out loud, “he has beaten Sean and Keith and clearly dominates Connor too. Let’s get back to work!”. Alex was finishing a set of pull-ups as he heard a sound behind him. He turned around to see the four biggest football players enter the gym. He grabbed his towel and made his way to the exit. “Where’re you going?”, Logan asked while the other athletes strutted over to the bench press. “I know the drill, guys”, Alex replied, “I’m only 130 pounds. The small guys have to leave when the big ones want to train.” “You can stay if you want, it’s okay with me”, Logan said, “I could give you some pointers to bulk up. You do want to make the team, don’t you?” “That’s my dream. But it’ll take time. You sure I can stay?”, Alex said. “I’ll help you build arms like these”, Logan said and flexed his 25 inch canons. He smirked as he noticed Alex open mouth. “My nickname is ‘Captain Gunner’ because of these 25 inch babies. Biggest arms of the team. At 320 pounds of beef I’m the biggest man on the team. Come on, let’s train our arms!” Alex stared in awe at the 200 pound heavier stud training him. He marveled at the amount of weights Logan could curl. His own scrawny arms were killing him after two exercises and sweat was pouring from his red face. “Well done”, Logan said as Alex finished his set, “ The only way to grow is to go balls out every training. You’d better stop now before you get injured. You can join me any time to train and I’m expecting you on football practice tomorrow. You’ll start as water boy for me and my three wingmen.” A large smile formed on Alex’ face as he realized he had made the team. He thanked Logan, greeted the other big guys on the bench press and hit the showers. The next day he could barely lift a paper as his arms hurt like hell, but he did made it to the locker room in time for football practice. He looked around nervously and felt intimidated by the jocks; he was clearly the smallest, skinniest in the room. Logan saw Alex enter and introduced him to the team. He motioned the small guy to come over. Alex slowly walked across the locker room, looking around at his teammates. He discovered there was a clear hierarchy on the team: next to the door were the smallest guys, most a good 30 pounds bigger than him; at the next row of lockers were the 200 pound guys, a notch bigger than the first group; the third group consisted of a few 230ish guys, one of them had arms the size of the first group’s legs; at the other side of the central table was the final group: Logan and his three wingmen. Matt, the smallest of them, stood at 5’8 and 255 pounds of muscle; Mike was exactly as tall but weighed 262 pounds and Paul, Logan’s best friend, was 6 feet and weighed an impressive 275 pounds of ripped muscle. They were all shadowed by Logan’s 6’3 and 310 pounds of bulk. “Your place will be right here with us”, Logan said, “I’ll watch over you during practice and you’ll make sure us big guys stay hydrated. Come on, change into your uniform.” Alex reluctantly pulled off his shirt; his skinniness was highlighted even more as he stood next to the team’s biggest men. He stared in awe at the slabs of muscle on Paul’s legs. “We call him the ‘quadster’”, Logan said as he noticed Alex’ gaze, “his quads are even a bit bigger than mine.” Paul smirked and flexed his legs; the beastly muscles hardening into stone. “He’s no match for my arms though”, Logan said and flexed his 25 inch guns. The entire team stared at their captain’s hard biceps. “Captain Canon!”, one of them yelled and soon the entire team was shouting “Captain Canon”. Logan smiled and ordered his team to start practice. Alex eagerly followed the four big men and refilled their drinks several times. After practice the team showered quickly to make room for the star players. Logan and his three wingmen always trained half an hour longer than the others. They ran extra sprints and practiced their offensive play. Logan grabbed the football and stormed toward the end zone. He shoved his thick shoulder into Mike’s chest as he tried to block him. Mike’s body was pushed backward by the impact and he fell aside; it was just enough to slow Logan down just a bit. Matt and Paul stood next to each other to block the star quarterback. They braced themselves and grunted as Logan’s shoulders collided with their chests. Their combined weight was enough to successfully block Logan’s attack. The big man pushed with all his might, but the defense kept its ground. Mike came up to Logan and snatched the football from his hands, ending their drill. “Man, you really got stronger during summer”, Mike said to Logan, “I thought you broke my ribs when you drove your shoulder into me.” “Yeah, you did push us back a little”, Paul said. Logan just smiled and patted his buddies’ backs. “Let’s hit the showers!”, he said and signaled Alex to join them. The little guy walked behind them as they entered the deserted locker room. Logan and his friends quickly stripped off their sweaty uniforms and strutted over to the foggy shower zone. “Come on, Alex. If you wait any longer the water’s gonna be cold”, Logan said before disappearing in to hot fog. Alex took off his uniform and entered the shower zone. The foggy heat felt heavy around his body. He could hear the star players in the furthest corner and slowly wandered over. Their big frames appeared slowly through the fog. He gazed in awe at their well-trained physiques. The water sliding over the cuts and lines between their muscles highlighted their supreme muscularity. He gulped as they circled around him, imprisoning him amidst their bulk. “We want to ask you something”, Logan said. “W…w….what?”, Alex peeped looking up at the giants towering over him. “You get along quite well with that wrestle guy Connor, don’t you?”. “Y…y…yes”, Alex said. “Good. You need to do us a favor.”, Logan said. “Anything. You guys name it”, Alex blurted out. “We’re gonna reclaim our dominant position in this university by taking out Anton and Tomas. It appears that Connor is on their side. So we want to make sure he doesn’t get in our way. You’ll have to keep him busy tomorrow night for at least two hours.”, Logan said. “But how?”, Alex asked. “You’ll think of something. If we take back our top position, we’ll train you to be big enough to join our ‘bulk squad’”, Logan said. He nodded to his friends and they left the shower zone. Sean and Keith had made everything ready for the showdown with Tomas. Keith’s uncle would come over in two days to finally exorcise Tomas. He had found the right spells in Rome, in the secret archives of the Pope himself. The football players would take out Anton tomorrow night while Connor was being tutored by Alex. Sean had provided the tranquilizers from the university’s lab. Early the next morning, Connor left the gym. He still had to hide his flawless physique and trained very early in the morning and very late at night. His relentless training was really paying off: he had gained another 30 pounds of muscle, weighing in at 550 pounds of hard, ripped beef, just 30 pounds less than Anton. He’d added 5 extra inches to his 40 inch arms and felt stronger than ever. As he approached his room, he noticed someone standing at his door. An evil smile formed on his lips as he recognized his puny, 240 pound wrestle coach. The coach stepped back instinctively as the behemoth closed the distance between them. Before he could say a word, a huge paw encircled his waist, lifted him effortlessly from the floor and dragged him inside. He was tossed on the bed and stared at huge freshman’s back as he closed the door. His dick hardening at the sight of the bulging muscle stretching the tight tank-top. Connor turned around and smirked as he noticed the hard cock in his coach’s pants. “What do you want?”, he bellowed in his deep voice. The coach shuddered as the behemoth’s voice vibrated through his own well-trained body. “I’ve come to bring your new training schedule. It’s time to knock your technique up like with the other rookies”, the coach said, realizing his mistake as he spoke. “Rookies?”, Connor boomed, “I’ve already kicked your ass good on the wrestle mats.” “I mean like the other boys”, the coach blurted out quickly. “Boys?!”, Connor bellowed angrily, his voice echoing against the walls, “Get up!”. The coach slowly got up from the bed but didn’t move fast enough. Connor grabbed his waist and put him on his feet in front of the large mirror on the other wall; the mirror reached from the floor to the ceiling. “Strip!”, Connor ordered harshly. The coach knew he couldn’t resist this behemoth and took off his shirt. He stared up at the freshman next to him. “Take it all off! Or do I have to rip it off?”, Connor rumbled. The coach quickly pulled down his pants and boxers and stood naked in front of the mirror. He shuddered in anxious anticipation, his hands in front of his hard cock. “Let’s see who’s the boy here”, Connor said and ripped off his tank-top. The coach’s eyes widened in shock as the behemoth revealed his insanely muscled torso. “You’re even bigger than two weeks ago!”, he whispered. “Thanks for noticing, coach”, Connor said, “I’ve bulked up another 30 pounds, I’m now 550 pounds of muscular beef. It seems like you’re the boy in this room.” The coach nodded in silent admiration as he drank in the sight of the beastly muscles is the mirror. This freshman made him, an Olympic champion, look like a prepubescent boy. His cock jolted as ripples and striations undulated across the rack of pecs. “Looks like you need this training schedule”, Connor said as he grabbed the instructions on the table, “Eat it!”. The coach gagged as the gigantic paw forced the paper in his mouth. He chewed and chewed and painfully swallowed the paper. “Can I go now?”, he asked weakly. “The fun’s not over yet”, Connor said and pushed the coach’s hands aside to reveal his hard 8 incher, “See, you’re saluting my body. Let’s complete the salute!”. Connor grabbed an empty cup from the table and handed it to his coach. “Fill it!”. The coach held the cup in front of his throbbing 8 incher. Within seconds he was cumming into the cup and filling it as load after load of cum flowed from his cock. The door suddenly opened and Anton barged into the room. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”, he asked as he noticed the scene. “Off course not”, Connor said and turned to Anton, “What’s up?”. “I come from the gym and am feeling pumped. Let’s arm-wrestle to test our strength”, Anton said and sat down at the table. “Fine by me. And you keep stroking that feeble dick, boy!”, Connor said and installed himself opposite of Anton. They locked hands and began. Connor instantly fell that he actually had a chance against the still bigger behemoth. Veins exploded all over his 45 inch bicep as he summoned more strength. Anton was surprised that his smaller buddy put up such a fight. He could even feel his arm going down just a little. He smirked and tapped onto the full strength of his beastly arm: his bicep swelled to its 50 inches and veins snaked along the steely muscle as he slowly pulled back toward the starting point. Connor grunted, his face reddening under the pressure. He dug deep into his power and shoved every ounce of strength in a final attack. More veins surfaced on his bicep as it peaked bigger; the stony muscle hardening bigger than ever. He slowly began pushing Anton’s arm toward the table. Anton’s eyes widened in disbelief as he felt his arm going down. No matter what he tried, Connor’s strength couldn’t be denied. He grunted and puffed and managed to slow down his opponent. Connor groaned deeply and slammed the thick arm down on the table. A shocked silence filled the room. “It’s just a game and I was worn out from my training”, Anton said and quickly left the room. Connor jumped up and flexed his pumped bicep into a stony ball of vein-covered, hard muscle and bellowed in triumph. His dick springing to its 21 inches as he realized he had just taken down the top dog. Connor began flexing his torso in front of the mirror, admiring his ever improving size. The coach marveled at the even bigger bicep and milked a few extra drops from his dick into the filled cup. He gently placed it on the table and silently retreated from the self-worshipping behemoth. He put his hand on the doorknob as a strong paw grabbed his armpit and pulled him toward the mirror. “We’re not done just yet”, Connor groaned. He yanked down his own pants and slammed his coach onto his rock-hard 21 incher. Pleasure quickly filled his body and his cock exploded into his coach. Five minutes later, he pulled him from his deflating cock and tossed him on the floor. “Leave, boy!”, Connor bellowed at his worn out coach. Anton was in a bad mood after losing his arm-wrestle match to Connor. Even though it was just a game, he hated losing. He decided to lighting his mood by pounding on a few football players. He was ravaging Matt’s abs as Logan appeared and asked him to stop. “Man, we’re all athletes. It’s just not right that one jock beats up another. We should work together and beat up some nerds. I mean if we combine forces we could rule this university”, Logan said. “I already rule this university”, Anton harshly replied and slammed his fist into Matt’s abs again. “I know, man. But if we would all get along, things would be much easier. You’re the top dog, no one questions that. We’ll be your wingmen”, Logan said. “More like my wingboys”, Anton said but lowered Matt, “it’s not a bad idea. I’m sure Tomas will like this too.” “See, why don’t we go have a drink?”, Logan asked. “Deal”, Anton said, “But you’re buying”. “Let’s go”, Logan said and they headed over a bar. Inside, Logan nodded to his friends and Paul came up with the drinks. “Let’s toast on our mutual respect”, Logan said and raised his glass. Anton raised his glass and drank it down in one long gulp. Paul quickly brought him a second one. Two drinks later, Anton’s eyes began to fall shut. He fell over on the table and passed out. Logan motioned his three wingmen and the four muscular athletes dragged the passed out behemoth outside. They put him into a car and drove him over to the university, where they tied him down and locked him up in the cellars. In the main time, Connor was being tutored by Alex, who did everything he could to make the lesson last and last. After two hours, Connor said he had to go out and see Anton. “Anton’s out”, Alex said unthinkingly. “How would you know?”, Connor asked, “Is there something you’re not telling me?” Alex reddened completely and blurted out: “Just guessing.” “You sure you’re only guessing?”, Connor said and clenched his fist, making his bicep bulge and rip through his baggy sweater. Alex stared in at the hard peak and slowly looked up at Connor’s face. Connor ripped off his sweater and revealed his gigantic body. “I could crush you with one finger. Speak up!”. Alex shook his head. “I promised my teammates I wouldn’t tell.” “What if I helped you to get real big?”, Connor said, “I’ll make you dwarf all your teammates.” Alex gulped and his brain told him he had no chance against this behemoth. He might as well benefit from it. He sighed and told everything he knew. Connor listened carefully and nodded; he would brief Tomas to make a plan. “That will not be necessary!” Tomas’ face had appeared in the mirror and he had followed the entire story. “You’ll come to my room for instructions!”, he said to Connor. He then turned toward Alex and asked him if he was prepared to give up his soul to grow. “Euh… yes”, Alex replied. An icy chill and hellish chants filled the room. “Just add your cum to this formula, let your body absorb it and you’ll grow while you work out”, Tomas said and his face disappeared from the mirror. Connor grabbed the cum-filled cup from the table and poured it into an empty shaker. He handed it over to Alex and rushed over to Tomas’ room. Alex couldn’t believe that he had betrayed his friends. He quickly discarded the thought and focused entirely on growing huge. He sprinted toward the locker room, pulled down his pants and began milking his cock. Soon enough his cum mixed with the liquid in the shaker. He put on his workout gear and entered the deserted gym. He gulped down the thick liquid, emptying the shaker at once. His stomach protested and he felt bloated. The feeling transformed in a warmth that enveloped his entire body. He stepped over to the squat rack and put his familiar weight on the bar. He got under the bar and began squatting. Unlike other workouts, he easily did 20 reps without even breaking a sweat. He doubled the amount of weight and restarted. The burning sensation in his legs intensified with every rep. He could feel his quads swell as he squatted up and down. His once baggy workout shorts stretched as the muscle beneath swelled and hardened. Tears appeared on the fabric and with a loud ripping sound his thick quads busted through. He gasped at the size of his swelling legs: deep cuts and crevices separated the cords of muscle; the large teardrop-shape, covered in veins, dwarfed his kneecaps; below them, thick calves had formed at the back of his legs. “Yeah!”, he grunted and racked the weight. He quickly jumped over to the pull-up bar; his muscular legs easily supporting his otherwise still skinny body. He jumped up and grabbed hold of the bar. He pulled himself up and began cranking out reps; clumsy and very slow at first, but very soon his lats got stronger. He felt his back swell and broaden with every rep; mounds of until then inexistent muscles grew and hardened, fighting for room on the inflating surface. He could even feel his arms getting stronger. He reached down and was surprised to discover that his feet now simply reached the floor; even his height was increasing. Alex smirked as he noticed the bench press. He added 45 pounds to the bar and began. His roaring laugh echoed through the gym as he racked the bar: it felt like a feather to him. He added five more plates, got under the bar and began pressing the bar up and down. His flat pecs grew with every rep. At first they formed paper-thin shapes on his chest, but quickly swelled as more mass inflated them. His shirt squeaked under the pressure and finally give in as the mounding pecs ripped through. Veins and striations snaked across the swelling slabs and the canyon between them deepened and deepened. He racked the weight and flexed his chest, making it swell some more. Alex grabbed a pair of dumbbells and began doing shoulder presses. He did 20 quick reps with the 40 pounders before grabbing a more challenging weight. He took the 80 pounders and struggled to raise them. At first, the weight seemed to lighten with every rep and soon enough he cranked out perfect rep. His shoulders exploded in size and girth as mass inflated his delts into impressive roundness. The broadness added to his slim waist gave him an awesome v-taper. Alex threw down the dumbbells and began doing bench dips. His already formed triceps, stimulated by the bench presses and shoulder presses, hardened at the back of his arms. Every rep sculpted horseshoe-shape further as mass inflated the hard muscles. The insane pump was beyond anything he had ever felt. He looked down and noticed his still small biceps. Alex got up from the bench and grabbed the 80 pounders still lying on the floor. He struggled to do one rep but simply couldn’t lift the weight. He let the dumbbells hang in his hands and made a second try. He managed to curl the weight up with every ounce of willpower in his swelling body. Veins snaked along the tennis ball-sized muscles on his arms as he lowered the weight. His next rep was easier; his biceps grew and hardened and were no longer over-challenged by the weight. As the dumbbells went up, their size increased. They passed the size off goose eggs and swelled to an impressive 20 inches of vein-infested, hard meat. Alex kept pumping his biceps to the max; he wanted them bigger! The muscles kept hardening, dwarfing the other big muscles on his body. The pump was too much and Alex dropped the dumbbells as his biceps reached 25.5 inches, outsizing even Logan’s arms. Alex looked in the mirror and gasped: his perfectly muscular body lacked every definition in the abs. He quickly laid down on the ground and began doing sit-ups. His flat stomach hardened with every rep and soon enough thick, strong muscles pushed upward against his skin. The 2-pack turned into a 4-pack, the 4-pack swelled into a 6-pack and the hint of a fourth row of abs peeped deeper under his skin. The cuts between the coke-can-size muscles deepened and hardened with every rep. He got up and smiled at his reflection. The former image of his 5’7, 130 pound frame had evolved into his now 6’, 270 pound body. His natural tan added definition to his already impressive muscles. He began flexing his newly grown muscles, entranced by the veins, striations and hardness of his body. He really liked his new physique, out-sized by his hyper-sized biceps. He tore off the remains of his tattered shorts and discovered his familiar dick, stubbornly hard at five inches. He stroked it with two fingers of his now too big hands and smiled: the shaft was lengthening and thickening in his grasp. He closed his entire hand around it and kept stroking until it stopped at just over 10 inches. The thought of having moved up into the group of big men of the football team sent him over the edge: cum squirted from his cock all over the mirror and dumbbells. After eight blasts, his orgasm cooled down and he fell exhausted on the floor. As he realized that he still wasn’t the biggest man on the team, he gazed up and stared at Tomas’ face in the mirror to receive further instructions…
  20. Xyggurat

    theft A Little Too Far, Part I

    It was never supposed to be like this. Things just went a little too far. Okay, way too far. The first thing you have to understand is that I'm not an idiot. I was just sympathetic to Kyle's plight. I remembered what it was like to be a little guy, just starting out at the gym, wondering why my muscles wouldn't grow when everyone else's gains seemed to be in overdrive. But I'd fixed all that. Got my diet in check, started really pushing myself hard, and after a few years of consistent work, I was sporting a good 180 pounds on my 5'9 frame. Not huge, but big. Big and hard. When I'd flex my arms, a solid, veiny orb like a softball would pop up, almost stretching my sleeves to the breaking point. You can bet that I showed those babies off when I went out to the clubs. Kyle, though, Kyle was a mess. My little buddy was only an inch shorter than I was, but he looked like he weighed half what I did. I was surprised when he told me he weighed about a buck thirty. In two years of working out, he'd gained precisely three pounds of muscle. Now, I know what you're thinking. He must have been making some sort of easy-to-fix rookie mistake, right? You'd be wrong. I'd been to his place countless times. His fridge was bursting with chicken breasts, healthy carbs, greens. You'd think he spent all of his time cooking, but that wouldn't have left him much time for the gym. And boy, did he put in his hours there. I'd gone with him a few times. He couldn't lift much, on account of being a twig, but he lifted hard and he never gave up. If I'd had half his dedication during my own transformation, I'd have been an Olympia competitor for sure. Not that I was into that. Hot guys, yes. Posing straps and fake tans, not so much. Anyway, my point is that Kyle was obsessed. He'd tried everything, from supplements to a bad round of steroids that had left him looking like a pimply teenager for a month or two. Then had come reiki, Eastern medicine, hypnosis. None of it had worked, but he kept trying. So it wasn't a huge surprise when he turned up at my place that day with his newest hare- brained scheme. "I've finally got it," he said, pushing past me and plopping down on my couch like he owned it. I didn't bother asking what he'd gotten. He had a little brown bag, the sort that you pack middle school lunches in. From the way he was cradling it in his hands, you'd think it was the fucking Precious. Kyle continued, as I'd expected he would. "So, what if I told you I'd been going about getting big the wrong way this whole time?" He was really cute when he got like this. I'd never tell him that. Beautiful green eyes, sharp features. That curly dark hair. But he wasn't my type. I liked my guys big and aggressive, and Kyle was small and--okay, I guess he could be a bit aggressive, but it was hard to take a guy that skinny seriously. "I'd say you're dumb," I said. "You do all the right stuff." His eyes lit up. "Exactly. I do everything right with my lifting and diet. But I'm like an architect trying to build the Taj Mahal with no marble." "I don't follow." "It's made out of marble. If he'd made it out of adobe, it wouldn't be--" "No, I get the metaphor, dummy, I just don't know what you mean," I said. He set the package down on my coffee table, fingers twitching as if they were loath to part with it. "What I'm saying is that my body's mud. It doesn't have the building blocks I need in order to get big." "Them's genetics," I said, not without sympathy. "I'd help you out if I could." "What a relief! I was hoping you'd say that." Kyle let out a whoosh of breath. Uh oh. "I've tried helping you lift, though, and your form is great. I just don't have that much time to--" He held up a hand. "This won't take any time at all, I promise. Just like a few minutes, if that." I sat down across from him, my skepticism not put off one bit by his promises. It wasn't that I didn't want to help him. I'd supported him over the years, encouraged him in the gym, given him new plans to try. At this point, I knew anything I did was just throwing good effort after bad. "What do you need?" I asked, trying to keep the resignation out of my voice. "I need to borrow a little of your muscle," he said. I blinked. "Borrow?" "Okay, take. But only a few pounds." "Are you feeling all right? I can call 911." "I'm serious." He snatched the bag from the table and pulled out a little test tube. Well, not a test tube. It was more ornate than that. A vial, I guess? Inside was a greyish sludge. It moved sluggishly as Kyle shook the glass container. "What's that?" I asked. "Grade-A weirdass shit," he said. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." "Try me." "So, there was this government test at Camp Pendleton back in the early 2000s, right? And--" "Nope. Stop. You're right. Don't believe you." He blushed. "What matters are the results. This shit changes you inside." "It looks like it's going to give you stomach cancer," I said. "It's not. The guy I got it from is reputable." "So there are reputable dealers of black market government test by- products, now?" He rolled his eyes. "Reputable-ish. Doesn't matter, though. You said you'd help." I sighed. "Help how?" "Like I said, this stuff changes you inside. I drink it. And then I have to... you know, touch you." "If you came over to hook up, you could've just said so," I said, jokingly undoing the knot securing my shorts. Yeah, we'd fucked a few times, but that was a long time ago. It wasn't like that between Kyle and me, really. He kept on going. "I don't know how it works, precisely. The guy who sold it to me had a lot of papers on the mechanics of it, but let's just say it's magic. I touch you, and it transfers some of your muscles to me." "That sounds pretty unbelievable. And kind of ridiculous. I mean, if it were true, no one would be able to have sex with you again, right?" "No, it only lasts for a little while. I checked," he said. He held up the vial to the light. Even when he wasn't moving it, the fluid inside kept moving, as if it was slightly alive. "You're really serious about this, aren't you?" I asked. "Dead serious." "It's not going to work. You know that, right?" "Then you have nothing to lose," he said. "Okay, maybe a few pounds." If there was one thing Kyle could do, it was sell his crazy. For just a moment, I actually considered what would happen if he was right, and the snake oil he was holding actually worked. "How much are you thinking? I just got my bench over 250." He shrugged. "A few pounds? Ten? Would ten be okay?" I considered it. Ten pounds would put him in the range of normal. And I'd still be pretty big. I could gain it back in a couple of months. There was also the fact that there was no way in hell that Kyle's sludge was going to do anything. "Make it fifteen," I said, getting up. Kyle's eyes lit up. "Wow, Mike, you're too generous!" He exploded from the couch and wrapped me in a hug, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Kyle, I don't want you to get your hopes up," I said, extricating myself from the embrace. A shadow of doubt passed over his face, but he forced a smile. "Hey, if it doesn't work, I'm only out ten grand, right?" "Ten grand!? Kyle! You have to return that shit and get your money--" It was too late. In the intervening heartbeats, he had uncapped the vial and taken a swig of its contents. There was not a drop left. "Tastes like shit," he said. "Feels funny." It had looked like shit, too. "You going to throw up?" I asked. His cheeks had a flush to them. It made his eyes seem unnaturally bright, like two cut emeralds. I reached for my cell, considered calling the hospital, just in case he keeled over from whatever he'd just drank. But he didn't look like the stuff was having any ill effects on him yet. "No, funny good. Like warm in my stomach." He let out a soft gasp. "I think I feel it working." "Okay," I said, putting my phone down. "So what do we do now?" Collecting his wits, he focused on me again. "Take your shirt off." I don't know why I went along with it. He probably could have touched me anywhere, like my wrist or my cheek. Without waiting to see if I had obeyed, he started stripping out of his own clothes, first his t-shirt and then his shorts, leaving him standing only in boxer briefs. I followed suit, but left my shorts on. Kyle's body struck me again with how totally unimpressive it was. He wasn't fat, not even skinny fat, but there just wasn't enough muscle tone to justify the hours he spent toiling in the gym. He had a smooth chest, flat as a pancake on both sides, with only the faintest divide to hint at where one pectoral ended and the other began. He had abs, but only the sort that small guys get because they don't have any body fat to hide the muscles. I guess the one thing you could say about Kyle's body was that he had a nice cock. At seven and a half inches, it was nearly as big as mine. Right then, it was tenting out his boxer briefs. "Maybe it's just black market Viagra," I said, flicking his cock gently. He moaned. "Oh, man, don't do that. Whatever it is, it's making me super horny." Seeing him so turned on was having a similar effect on me. My dick started waking up from its nap. I told Ol' One-Eye to go back to sleep, that there was nothing to see here. "So now you touch me?" I asked. My voice was suddenly hoarse. "Yeah," he said. "Like this." Kyle placed both of his hands gently on my chest. His palms were warm and damp, fingers trembling. Heedless of my commands, my dick kept lengthening, spurred on by the intimacy of the situation. I resigned myself to a full on boner. "What now?" I asked. "I think I feel something," he said. "Don't you?" "No, I--" But I did feel something. It was an electric tingle where his skin met mine, not precisely pleasant, but not painful either. As his hands lingered there, it grew in intensity. I felt a heady weariness piling up on me. All my limbs felt heavy, like I had just finished an incredible workout, or maybe like a few days of too little sleep were creeping up on me. I staggered. My arms reached out instinctually and I steadied myself by grabbing Kyle's skinny arms. What I felt made me pause. The electric buzz between us intensified. His biceps were small, but hard under my hands. I could feel the electricity buzzing through them, almost as if it was feeding them. The skin under my fingers shifted slightly, almost as if Kyle was flexing them, but he had barely moved. No, he was not tensing them at all. They were growing. It was a slow transformation. I would have missed it at a casual glance, but my eyes couldn't leave Kyle's swelling arm. It hardened as it grew, going from merely solid to feeling like rock in a matter of moments. Or minutes. I don't know how long I stared. As I watched, Kyle's abs started to reshape themselves. They tightened and drew in, slimming his already-thin waist. Or maybe it was just that his chest and back were growing broader. His lats started to flare out a little. The crease between his pecs deepened as the muscles themselves pushed outward slightly. Man, he was starting to look pretty good. Kyle pulled away. I stumbled, surprised by his sudden movement. At least he'd had the presence of mind. I'd found his transformation, however slight, to be hypnotic. Not to mention fucking hot. "Whoah," I said. "Whoah," said Kyle. He flexed his right arm. It had been a featureless noodle before, but a firm, goose-egg peak popped up. Kyle's fingers explored the hard muscle as if it was the only thing in the universe. I didn't blame him. It was easily thirteen or fourteen inches and shredded to the bone. "Looks good," I said. Kyle glanced up at me. His gaze took me in. His eyes widened. "Oh, shit," he said.
  21. Part Three (of Three): Black By: Jman250 Archive Link: Aaron stood with his back towards Robert and me, looking down at his truly massive frame. He left us there to watch him, discarded and used, for what seemed like hours. “Fuck, this is amazing.” His voice was so deep. It made me shiver when I thought about what he had become -- what I had allowed him to become. He had positioned himself in front of my inadequate mirror, rising several inches above its seven-foot frame, admiring himself thoroughly. Each immense muscle group fascinated him as he rubbed and explored his new body. I watched each fiber on his expansive back flex and bulge with round hard balls of muscle, more than I knew could exist. They each rolled and contracted as he moved his arms in an exploration of his body. He stood fixated on his image. Nothing of the mirror was visible from my view on the ground; his mountainous back blocked my view. Even so, with what I could see I was in awe. He brought his arms into a double bicep, making his back even wider as his shoulders pushed upward and outward. He flexed both arms, causing peaks to form so large they would dwarf a basketball. “Fuckin’ A,” he was lost in his own admiration. His ass clenched and unclenched as he watched himself, causing those huge globes to bunch up higher than I thought possible, supported by legs that were, in a word, epic. Aaron’s legs had always been his best feature. What had started as thick, meaty thighs now looked more like thick, knotted tree trunks. His overly large feet, that had obviously grown to keep up with his evolved height, stood just wider than the massive expanse of his back, his stance pushed apart by those inhuman thighs. His calves were long and hard, covered in veins. They had taken on a truly impressive teardrop shape that pushed out so far they seemed to defy gravity. I just stared. He had become massive and I was to blame. My now much smaller cock ached at the sight. For an eternity, we watched, Robert and I. I didn’t dare move from my spot; I didn’t want to lose sight of the body Aaron now possessed. And yet, I knew his size should be mine. At length, Aaron turned around. I nearly came at what I saw standing before me. His expansive back turned to reveal globe like pecs the size of beach balls rising and falling with his breath, with two perfectly shape nipples forced to point down. His abs reminded me of cobbled sidewalks, row after row clenching with deep cuts and valleys. Somehow, his waist had remained comparatively small. And to complete the picture, a mesmerizingly long and thick phallus extended straight out from atop melon-sized balls. Aaron grinned down at us. “Pretty damn impressive,” he said, the deepness of his voice sending another shiver down my spine. “All this from the two of you.” He watched us from our prone position. I didn’t dare to move. “Robert,” Aaron continued, startling him by his address, “go get the box out of my room. ” My eyes went instantly wide. What more could he take from us? After a moment of hesitation Robert managed to find his feet and got up to fulfill Aaron’s request, his own two-inch cock at attention. He had no idea what had caused his new situation, and I had no way to warn him about the mysterious box. He seemed to move awkwardly, unfamiliar of his new smaller stature. As he left the room, Aaron looked me over. “Looks like I’m the big man again,” he said, flexing his cock, causing it to bob up and down. Dozens of memories flooded my brain, memories of how much Aaron liked to show off his cock. Before his growth, he had an impressive eight inches. I thought back to the first time I saw it. Even back then, he made sure I knew whom the bigger man was. I thought back to morning showers interrupted by his sudden entrance, and to him strutting about the common area before bed butt naked. “Thought you could out-size me, huh?” He flexed an arm, causing my own cock to jump. “So tell me, little man, where’d you get that box?” I didn’t know what to respond. I had no answer for him. “I found it,” was the only thing I could think of to say. “Found it, huh?” he didn’t believe me. “Come on, who gave it to you?” He flexed an impressive arm. “Where’d they get it?” He tensed his awesome eight-pack. “I got all this size from somewhere,” he emphasized his point by bouncing his pecs. “Fuck you, Aaron, you already stole what you wanted.” I was feeling bold. “You can tell me.” He flashed a grin, grabbed his cock and pointed it towards me. “No.” We never really got along, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. “Pretty stupid of you to leaving it laying around for me to find.” “My door was locked.” “Eh, whatever,” he shrugged his big, round shoulders. They glanced his ears. “I’ll find out where you got it. When I do, there’ll be more of this!” He raised his arms into a solid flex once more and my mouth went dry. I thought back to those last moments in the gym with Adam. Adam must have felt so helpless. He must have felt like I was feeling right then. No, I wouldn’t tell Aaron anything, even that I had no idea where the gods forsaken box had came from. Robert stammered back into the room. He looked unsure of, well, pretty much everything, like he was still in a daze. He must have retained some sense of togetherness though, because he came in following his charge, carrying the oak box between his hands. “Robert, don’t ...” I tried to stop things from going any further, but Aaron would have none of my interference. In a split second and with a quick swipe, the box had been transferred. Aaron’s desire showed on his face -- the same desire I felt when I betrayed Adam. “Let’s go,” Aaron commanded. “Go where?” “Where else? The gym.” Aaron opened the box to pull out its precious contents. As he handed it back to Robert, I could see the inside was pitch black. He left the note unread. Aaron held something in his hand and gazed at it longingly. Without a moment’s delay, he popped it in his mouth and swallowed. Just like that, my hopes of fixing the score were gone. ---- Soon after, we arrived at the school gym. It was late and only the most dedicated gym-goers were still there. Robert and I had been told to get dressed. I avoided going anywhere within range of Aaron’s touch, which was difficult given his size. Aaron had usurped Adam’s old posers, the bright green posers I had borrowed earlier that day. They were stretched past their limits. His enormous thighs ripped the basket slightly as he pulled them on. Good thing too, because without the rip his package wouldn’t have fit. Even so, his massive cock and balls strained the material, their weight pushing the cloth away from his body. The rear fabric was nowhere to be seen -- it bunched together and hid, pulling tightly between the two globes that made up his glutes. Every eye fixated on us as we entered. How could they not be? A massive seven-foot plus behemoth with two tiny runts like us? As we advanced, the four guys still working out stopped what they were doing to watch. They ranged from track athlete to bodybuilder, and Aaron transfixed them all. His body was the envy of everyone. He had a glow about him, something desirous. “Let’s see how strong I am,” he said to nobody in particular. He walked to the preacher bench, already loaded by one of the larger guys, and sat down. The guy nearest, wearing a red tank, gloves and sweats, started to protest. “I’ve got one more set.” “Oh. Sorry,” replied Aaron as he started to lift the weight. There must have been two hundred pounds on the bar, and Aaron banged out ten reps without breaking a sweat. “Too light anyways. You mind adding more?” The guy in the red tank looked shocked. When he didn’t move, Aaron got up and loaded two more forty-fives on each side. “No way.” The red tang guy folded his arms, covering his sizable chest, bunching his pecs considerably; he didn’t seem amused. Aaron ignored him and started to lift. His first two reps went fine, but by the fifth and sixth, Aaron was noticeably fatigued. He got up looking annoyed. “I’m impressed!” His attitude took on a quick change. “Thanks,” Aaron did a quick flex. He looked huge. “Mind helping me out a bit?” “Sure, with what?” the guy looked flattered. “Can I borrow your gloves?” The guy in the red tank looked a bit confused, but seemed to think it was alright. He started undoing his gloves and moved to hand them to Aaron. As he handed them over, Aaron grabbed his hand. Robert and I just watched. There was no point warning him, he wouldn’t believe us. Besides, Aaron must have him under his influence by now. They stood there for a moment, grasping hands. The guy made no attempt to free himself, he just stood there, happy to be of service. I knew Aaron was growing. The smile on his face told me everything. It was happing so slowly that the only sign was the slow shrinking of the other guy. Once I noticed it though, there was no mistaking Aaron’s growth. His arms had expanded a good half-inch within moments, and just kept going. After a short while, Aaron let go. “Thanks.” He took the gloves and proceeded to sit down once again. This time there was no hesitation. He finished ten reps in a heartbeat and, just for good measure, did a few more. “Wow,” the red tank guy was surely impressed. I could see a sizeable bulge forming down one leg of his sweat pants. By this time, two other of the larger men had come over to watch, with the smallest guy in the gym disappearing into locker rooms. I wanted to leave -- I couldn’t watch him take hard work and time from innocent people. These men had no idea why they were so enchanted with this huge Adonis. But I had no place to go. Aaron had commanded me to come, so I was stuck. Next, Aaron found a bench. “Load it up,” he instructed to those around him. Only the guy in the red tank moved, but in a short time the bench press was loaded with 540 pounds, all the available large plates in the immediate area. I looked at Aaron’s shirtless torso. His massive, beach ball sized pecs would surely have no problem lifting that. Two of the larger men moved to spot him, but Aaron protested, “No need guys, I got it.” He got into position and started to push. At first I thought I saw him shake, but he must have been getting his balance because he quickly pushed out eight reps. “Add more.” This time, all three onlookers were inspired to help. They each went in search of more weight. The guy in a baggy green shirt and shorts came back first, loading up each side with forty-five more pounds. Aaron struggled with his first rep. It was clear he wouldn’t make it to eight. His big chest shook through the next few lifts. After four reps he threw the weight back onto the rack with a deafening *bang*. “Fuck! Not strong enough.” In a fluid motion he reached over his head to the guy in green and grabbed his legs. It happened much faster this time. I could see his whole body expand outward. Everything expanded quickly: pecs jutting farther from his body, the crevice deepening between them; neck thickening; thighs bulging, pushed farther apart on the bench; feet expanding. The tight confounds of his posers started to rip more and Aaron must not have wanted to burst out just yet, because he let go of the guy’s (now slightly smaller) legs. Just as he prepared himself for another few reps, the other guys appeared carrying a plate each. They slide one on each end and looked expectantly at Aaron. He was happy to oblige. My jaw dropped at the sight of Aaron pushing out four solid more reps. “I feel pumped!” he shot up and bounced his chest. His pecs looked gigantic as they flexed, making him look truly unstoppable. And he wasn’t done yet. He walked to the leg press machine, his posse following step. Two of the guys were painfully hard, and the other, dressed all in black, looked to be impressed by the show. They were all pretty big and that made me shudder at how big Aaron would become with those three offering what they had. Plate after plate got loaded onto the machine until there was no more room for more, definitely past its max. The machine creaked slightly as Aaron reclined back on the pads. He started to push. One, two, three reps without issue. I’ve always thought legs were Aaron’s best feature. The machine was really starting to groan at the weight as he pushed out a fourth, fifth, and sixth rep. “Aargh!” Aaron let out a yell at the weight, but still he continued. Seven, eight, nine! Then something unexpected happened. Something inside the machine snapped and one of the bars supporting the massive amount of weight fell! The weight crashed to the ground. Aaron, obviously surprised by the sudden change in weight, pushed too hard and crashed the footrest against the frame, cracking it into two. “Fuckin’ A!” Aaron let out a roar of laughter at his feat of strength! He could overpower the machine, and he could get bigger. Robert and I moved back in fear! For the first time since any of this started, I was afraid of what Aaron was becoming. Two of the men stood mesmerized but the third started to stumble backwards to escape. Within seconds Aaron leapt from the broken machine to grab hold of the man in black before he could escape. He would have more! He wrapped his arm around the man’s torso and pulled off his shirt. Though he was no bodybuilder, this guy was definitely well sculpted. Aaron pulled him into an embrace and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of energy coursing through his body. The sight was amazing and horrifying all at once. Aaron’s growth seemed to accelerate with each passing moment. Within seconds, the confines of Adam’s green posers burst apart, freeing Aaron’s monstrous manhood to press against his captive’s thighs. It started to grow hard as it dangled there. I watched it fill with blood, pushing its way between the man’s sculpted legs. With each beat of Aaron’s heart it rose higher, until at last it stood straight out with a foot of cock jutting out behind the man’s ass. Aaron moaned as his growth continued. He reached down and grabbed hold of the smaller man’s gym pants and pulled in two directions. Aaron’s biceps swelled larger as he tore the pants into strips, revealing the man’s average size cock straining in his underwear. Opening his eyes, Aaron looked down at the shrinking man. He pulled at his underwear until those too split into pieces and he pulled the man in closer, pressing his slightly dwindled cock between their torsos. All fear had vanished from the man’s face -- it was replaced with pure ecstasy. Aaron grew outward in all directions! His back was growing wider, more balls of tight muscle formed. His glutes pushing up higher and expanding outward. His legs were thickening. And he was beginning to inch upward. The man straddling his dick moved higher and higher off the ground. Aaron leaned back slightly, causing his obliques and ten-pack abs to tighten into a magnificent display. He let go of the now much smaller man supporting him with his cock and torso, and brought his arms into a stunning double bicep. His peaks flexed so large I thought they might burst through the skin! “Strip and come feel my size,” he instructed to those standing watch. Robert and I stood rooted to the spot. His voice was several octaves deeper than it had been an hour before, but I did not feel compelled. We watched as the two other men, one in green and one in red began to remove their clothing. I glanced at the box in Robert’s hands as the scene in front of me unfolded. One of the guys removed his green baggy shirt to reveal tight, hard muscles. He looked to be about Robert’s size, or his old size before Aaron took all his strength. His cock was bigger than mine, and thick. It stood hard at attention just below his belly button. The man in red was a sight to behold. His pecs bunched and bounced as he removed his shirt, revealing a solid cobblestone of eight-pack abs. And when he removed his sweats, I gasped out loud. Aaron’s cock was gigantic already, but with what this guy had to add, it would become something entirely unthinkable. His already hard cock sprung free and bobbed above his abs, nested just below his round pecs. They both moved forward and began grabbing hold of Aaron’s behemoth body. One walked around and began stroking Aaron’s expanding cock, still half supporting and pushing the first man’s thighs farther apart. Aaron let out a moan that could be heard for miles. I watched, unable to move, as his growth redoubled! His head was inching upward as his cock pushed outward. His balls were already bigger than melons, and they rested against his redwood thighs, visibly churning. “We have to get him off!” I whispered to Robert. “That will stop the growth, if he cums!” He just gawked. He look terrified beyond belief, petrified beyond movement. I ran forward and began stroking and licking as best I knew how. Aaron let out a deep moan. His voice was so deep it almost threw me off guard, but I continued with my task. I looked up as Aaron grew higher and wider still. I could feel my mind begin to cloud. Aaron looked Godly. Surely, the Gods would find a place for him amongst them. No! I had to finish! The mass of muscle in front of me was amazing. Three muscular men, all feeding Aaron. His arms expanded larger, growing larger than my waist! His calves were inflated like balloons! I felt myself tremble, tremble for joy. I was giving Aaron more muscle, more size than I had ever known. It felt, in a word, orgasmic! Then without warning, I came. My mind cleared and I let go, falling to the ground. Without realizing it, I had been lifted off the ground. He must have passed fifteen feet tall! His cock was now thicker than my leg! “Can’t. Cum. Won’t. Cum. Not. Until. More.” A titan voice boomed from above me. It sounded like pure sex. He looked down, his shoulders totally engulfing his neck, and smiled an evil and knowing smile. I backed away and stumbled into Robert, who was now surprisingly taller than me. My plan had failed. The smallest of the three fell off Aaron onto the ground, spent. He blinked dazedly and gazed up at the magnificent creature he had helped to create. He looked small and weak, but retained a look of health, just like Robert and me. Both men left were caressing Aaron’s legs and balls. As I watched, his dick began to tilt upward. Every day that I’d seen it Aaron’s dick had pointed straight out, but he was becoming so muscular and massive that his dick was no exception. It rose slowly, angling first to forty-five degrees, then stopped when it pointed straight up. It obscured the middle of his ten-pack abs, that stretching longer as he grew. It reached past his exercise ball-sized pecs. The pulsing head came to a rest right below just his chin. “Aargh!!” Aaron let out another massive moan that shook me to my core! The second man collapsed the floor, drained of his strength. As Aaron felt his growth ebb, he reached for the last man standing. He had started out the largest and still looked like a sports athlete, his dick still hard and hovering slightly above his belly button. Aaron’s growth had plenty left on which to feed. The first man down must have been awaken by this late exchange because he scrambled to his feet and ran for the door, still buck-naked. Aaron, so lost in the energy still feeding his body, had no care of the fallen people below. Then something happened that I did not expect. As the smallest of the men ran out the door, he ran *smack* into Adam. My heart dropped as I looked at the kid I loved. He surveyed the scene with his mouth wide, tilting his head back to fully see the true titan Aaron had become. His height had increasing several feet below the twenty foot ceiling, but he was still expanding, taking every ounce of muscle the last man had to offer. Adam swooped in, grabbing me by the arm. I couldn’t leave, it would take too much for me to leave. I had to stay. But Adam gave me no choice. As Adam dragged me from my place, I reached for Robert. Reluctantly, the two of us were pulled to safety before Aaron could finish. To this day, I have no idea what became of Aaron. He appears in my nightmares as if he still wants to feed from what little strength I have left. Adam says we’re healthy. We can get something back, if we work hard. I believe him. I have to believe him. We didn’t go far, but we’re safe. Robert never comes out of his room. He never got over that first encounter. He keeps the box by his bed with its note: “Run and grow.” Adam says he’ll recover too. I believe him. I explained everything to them both once we had all recovered enough to talk. ---- One morning, Robert rolled over in his bed, his tiny frame getting comfortable on his twin mattress as the sunlight streamed through the blinds. As he opened his eyes, he glanced at his nightstand like every morning before. This time, though, something about the box caught his eye. He uncovered it and looked inside. There, surrounded by a brilliant shade of purple, were four odd somethings. And a note: “Eat and grow.” - End -
  22. Part Two (of Three): Bright Green By: Jman250 Archive Link: The clothes left behind, once loose on Adam, were now incredibly tight on me. Nobody seemed to recognize me on my way back to the dorms, but everyone looked. I had the look of a professional bodybuilder and was damn tall! I didn’t look as big as the last guy etched on the box, but my size was impressive. Walking had definitely changed. I had a swagger, and my arms had to hang down at an angle. As I reached to open the door of my dorm’s common room, I thought back to the look on Adam’s face after my growth. It was heartbreaking to say the least. I felt a sense of loss and wondered if he’d ever forgive me. At the very least I wanted to talk about what had happened. Hearing Aaron inside broke my train of thought. All thoughts of Adam pushed aside, I grinned. Imagine Aaron’s reaction. Just the thought made my cock jump in their tight confines. Aaron had always bragged about his cock size, but now I knew I was bigger than him by at least two inches. And fuck! with this new, erm, ability, I could make the size difference even bigger (I chuckled at my own pun). I let myself in. Aaron was lying on the couch watching TV. He heard me come in. “I ate your leftovers. I was hungry. You can grab something else later.” He said out loud, not even look up. “Yeah, whatever,” I shot back. My newly deepened voice must have caught him off guard. He sat up a bit before replying, “Do you have a cold? Don’t get me sick.” “No. Just a good pump at the gym.” That got his attention. He swung around on the couch to look at me. Where he was obviously expecting to see my face he found an eyeful of my pecs. He looked up my full six foot seven inches of height and fell backwards off the couch. I chuckled at the spectacle. “W.. w.. what happened to you?” he managed to sputter out. I flexed one of my arms. “Twenty inches. It was a good workout.” He seemed unsatisfied and just stared. I walked slowly around the couch; I wanted to get close and see what his toned soccer muscle would do to my size. Not wasn’t like Adam. He was an ass and he deserved what was coming to him. “T.. t.. that’s impossible!” He looked at me in awe. “Oh, it’s possible alright. Look at me!” Sixty-five inch chest, solid eight-pack, thirty-two inch waist, thirty inch thighs, twenty inch calves. I lowering my gym shorts, releasing my now semi-hard cock. It wasn’t fully hard but still must have been a good eight inches. I bragged to him like he did to me many months before, “eleven inches.” I needed to show him what I had become. He just stared. “It’s huge!” he finally relented. I just nodded. “Touch it,” I urged him. Cautiously, he put both hands on my dick. The warmth made it plump more in his hands, getting harder still. It slowly grew to its full size, pushing his fingers and hands apart. The thought of sucking out his muscles and growing more in size was making me horny. But nothing was happening. No energy yet. I bent down and grabbed him by the arms. With little effort, I lifted him to straddle my cock. “Feel my muscles,” I ordered as I pulled off Adam’s shirt and brought him into a tight embrace. His groping hands were playing with my back, neck, ass, anything within reach of his hands. Still, with all this contact, there was no energy. I was starting to get angry. Here I was, having this guy who I hated get off on my body with nothing in return for me. I could feel his dick completely hard in his pants as we embraced. Maybe I was doing this wrong? I pushed him back onto the couch and unzipped his pants. His eight inch dick sprang out, completely hard. I used to think he was big; not anymore. Aaron was in complete lust over my huge body. With little effort I lifted his weight and took his cock into my mouth. After seeing him hard wood morning after morning, I secretly wondered what it would be like to suck him off, but that was before… before Adam. Now I felt nothing but greed. I wanted his size. There was no energy. “It must have been a one-time thing,” I thought to myself. “Why did I have to take from Adam?” I sighed to myself at the thought. Before I could pull off Aaron’s cock, he came down my throat. “Ugh!” I dropped him on the couch and spluttered back at him. “It didn’t work!” A look of terror filled his eyes. Before I could react, he was up off the couch and out the door, pulling up his pants on the way. This was all too much. I looked at Adam’s gym shorts stretched half way down my thighs and I fell back onto the couch. I was feeling the guilt of what I had done to Adam. “First I get huge from Adam, and now nothing from Aaron?” I thought out loud. “Where’s that damn box?” I went back into my room and retrieved it from the trash bin. Something was different about it. I took off the lid and looked inside. It was green. Not just any green, but a bright, neon kind of green. Left inside were two somethings and the note: “Steal and grow.” I thought about what had unfolded earlier in the gym. “That’s it!” I mused to myself. I put the box on my dresser where I had found it only an hour or two before. “Here I come Adam.” I locked my door, pulled on his shorts, and left in search of my boyfriend. I left several message on his phone, urging him to return my call, but no luck. After an extensive search of the gym, his apartment (he lived alone), his favorite places, my favorite places, and everywhere I could think he’d be, I returned to my dorm defeated. It was much later in the day, and the sun had begun to set. I walked into the common room and surveyed the area. No sign that Adam had been there. I walked to my door and reached down for the handle when I heard Aaron’s door open. I spun around to look at him, still angry about this morning. The look on his face surprised me. He had a mischievous look in his eyes. I was used to that look by now. It was the look he always used before putting me in my place. And there was something else -- lust. He looked different, almost radiant. A thought entered my head and my eyes went wide. I grabbed and I turned the handle to my room. It was unlocked! Aaron leapt after me and grabbed my leg as I crossed into my room! No box. Rage began to fill me as I looked down at my suite mate! But I found myself unable to respond. There was a foreign energy filling my soul. I could already see his growth. Even as he held my ankles, he cowered, obviously afraid I would take revenge. I didn’t move. My mind was split. I felt rage, but also joy -- a joy willed from somewhere outside myself. I found myself thinking, “He would look good with more muscle.” He was very attractive, after all. So this is how Adam felt? After a moment, he looked up at me with malice in his dark brown eyes. Snap out of it! I tried to resist. He had easy access to my shorts from his prone position. He hefted them down and kneeled in front of me. “Gods, I forgot it was that big.” No! He can’t do this! I couldn’t resist. My dick was already hard, eleven inches bobbing before my cobblestone abs. He looked at it guardedly, and then took the plumb-sized head into his mouth. As if struck by a sudden surge, he grabbed my ass cheeks and clenched with his fingers, digging in hard. Feeling the hard globes of my ass made him push more of my huge cock into his mouth. It felt good. I could see his muscles inflating within the weak confines of his clothes. “Those won’t last long,” I thought to myself. This was wrong. From this angle, I could see his traps pushing outward. His shoulders were quickly filling his shirt. Both arms seemed to strain the material. “He’ll look hot when he’s as huge as me.” Images of the supreme muscularity he would soon contain filled my mind. It made me moan. Why did I moan? This isn’t right! My sound seemed to awaken him. He pulled off my cock and started up at me, calculating. A large wry smile crossed his lips as he stood up. “You can’t hurt me, can you?” he sneered up at me. His voice was already starting to deepen. It sounded so sexy. “Can you even move?” He pushed me a little. The force surprised me and I fell back into my room, making a loud *thud* as my ass hit the hard floor. It must have surprised Aaron too, because he let out a single laugh as I fell. I never realized he had such a cute laugh. I needed to resist! His face lit up. “This is perfect!” he said, more to himself than to me. “He’s right,” I thought to myself. “I can’t wait for him to become perfect.” I smiled up at him. Still looking at me, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He walked out of sight, but I could hear him: “Hey, Robert, dude, you’ve got to get over here. “No, I mean it! Like right now! “It’s unbelievable! Dude, really! “Ok, cool! I’ll see you in a bit.” The conversation ended and he returned to me. I could already see his pecs pressing against his previously baggy shirt. “I should get you on the bed,” he thought out loud. I was all too happy to oblige. I got up, stripped down (anticipating his desire) and stretched out on the bed. I wanted to hurt him! My cock stood tall, though slightly smaller than before, as a tribute to my amazing body. I wanted to watch him grow. Aaron’s face lit up again, looking like he’d just won the lottery. He stood in my doorway, calculating. After a short while, there was a knock from outside my view. “Come in!” Aaron shouted, not taking his eyes off me. The door opened and closed. “Dude, what’s so impor…” Robert had obviously seen Aaron. How could he not be speechless? Even from his short contact, Aaron was already gorgeous! Must resist! Robert was Aaron’s team captain – one of his favorites team members too, or at least I gathered by his past visits and the repeated bangings of a headboard on the wall while I would try to sleep. Not many of the soccer players were as hung as Aaron, and not many players were as buff as Robert. He wasn’t huge, by any means. Certainly not as large as even Adam used to be, but he filled out his clothes well. Robert, with his short blond hair, entered my field of view. I could see him through the doorway, eyes not moving from Aaron. “How …” he trailed off. Aaron, with his gave still fixed on me, pulled off his shirt. I felt a shudder move through my body as I looked at him. He had a six-pack when all this had started, and now he had the most solid six-pack I had ever seen! His round, firm pecs jutted from his body with perfectly round nipples pointed perfectly straight. His arms had grown to at least fourteen inches already. “Dude, you look amazing! Like a model!” Robert was clearly impressed. “And you’re getting buff! How’d this happen?” Finally, Aaron took his rust brown eyes from me and turned to fixate on Robert. “Here, let me help you with that.” Aaron reached under Robert’s shirt and pressed firmly on his abs. Aaron’s body flexed ever so slightly. After a moment, he seemed satisfied and lifted the shirt completely off. “Strip,” was all Aaron had to say. Robert’s blue eyes gazed longingly at Aaron, and he seemed more than willing to oblige. He took everything off. His body was well kept. Aside from the hair on his head, he was completely clean-shaven. The gods had blessed him with a strong body, but sadly his dick was less than impressive. It was hard and obviously shorter than six inches. “Shame,” I thought, “Aaron won’t steal much from that.” Must fight back! Aaron, though, seemed pleased. “Go lie down with Chad.” It seemed the first time Robert realized I was there. It didn’t seem to matter much. Aaron was the only thing on his mind. “Ok boys, let’s have some fun.” He looked so beautiful. He came into the room and pulled off his pants. With a quick glance at me, he tore his underwear from his body. “Friggin A!” was all he could say. His previously eight inch dick was already slightly bigger. He started stroking it. It must have been nine inches already. “Ok Robert, you in back; Chad, you in front. I want my dick in that beautiful ass.” Robert practically leapt from the bed! I can’t imagine Aaron let him top much. All to happy to oblige, I got up and moved to position myself in front of Aaron as requested. I was still taller than him by a good foot, but he’d already grown an inch or two in height. He positioned me so I could see him in the mirror, his dick pointing straight out, floating less than an inch from my hole. He leaned forward slightly, standing on his toes to get close to my ear. Without touching he whispered, “I figured out what you were trying to do to me earlier. I read the note. Now you’re gonna pay. Watch me get huge.” He flicked my cock and I shuddered with pleasure. I could see him pull Robert closer. Without moving or shifting from his stance, he encouraged Robert to enter. Robert looked elated. Aaron closed his eyes as Robert pushed into his hard ass. I could see the growth almost immediately. Aaron’s legs -- those amazing legs with massive calves, already huge and toned -- started to grow. “Harder!” Aaron shouted back. Robert pushed harder, pumping his not quite five incher in and out. He looked to be in pure ecstasy! All the while, Aaron stood immobile. He fixated on me, staring into my eyes through the mirror. No matter how hard Robert pumped, Aaron stood still. His expanding legs kept him, and his quivering dick in place, half an inch away from me. He was torturing me. His abs grew harder. I watched two more ridges appear to complete his massive eight-pack. His pecs inflated like balloons, the cleft between then growing ever deeper. His shoulders and back widened as he took on a definite V shape from his former narrow soccer player appearance. And still Aaron did not move. He stood there with hard concentration, eye locked, massive legs holding him in place. I could see Robert loosing muscle. “Aaron will be huge.” I thought to myself. Resistance was useless at this point. He grew wider, inching quickly to match the huge expanses of my frame. A smile crossed Aaron’s face. He realizing his time had come. Though he hadn’t moved an inch, Aaron’s dick began to push on my ass. It was growing too. I could feel it pushing past the globes of my ass cheeks, hard and impervious as they were. Then slowly, very slowly, it hit my hole. I felt the strange foreign energy fill my body. My dick was rock hard! His legs grew harder and more massive, filling with power faster than the rest of his growing body. He held firm as his growing cock pushed, millimeter-by-millimeter, against my tight hole. I could feel the mushroom head expanding thicker too, as it pushed my rock hard cheeks apart. “Gonna get huge,” was all he said. After what seemed like an eternity of ecstasy, the head of his enflamed cock grew into my waiting hole. Just the tip at first, as my ass stretched to accommodate his growing, thickening mushroom head. Finally, and with an audible *pop*, it finally pushed past my sphincter. Aaron let out a massive moan in victory. “Huge!” He had the hard look of a small bodybuilder now; his already lean body seemed devoid of fat, his skin vacuum-sealed to his expanding muscles. Aaron’s moan sent a shudder though Robert. He was much smaller now than Adam now. As he came in Aaron’s ass, a consciousness seemed to return to his eyes. Exhausted, he fell to the floor. With just his cock in my ass, Aaron started feeding on my size. Not only was he growing huge and buff, he had dominated me completely. Though he hadn’t moved an inch, I could feel his dick expanding, pushing into me as my own still significant member slowly receded. “Bend over,” Aaron said. I grabbed my ankles. His growth had slowed when Robert fall, but I felt the strange energy inside me increase and renew as he started to push further into me. The feeling was incredible! I was being dominated by a man that would soon be massive! Truly massive! He continued pushing in, and in, and in. “Ahh! My cock must be as big as yours by now. And it’s going to be even bigger!” Indeed, a glance at the unconscious Robert confirmed this as Robert’s previously meager endowment was down to almost nothing. I would be there soon. I felt his pubs brush against my ass. “Picture it,” he said through his panting, “my arms growing huge. Bigger than they are now!” He raised them into a double bicep. “My pecs will be monsterous!” he bounced them in triumph. “My legs,” he ran a hand along those truly massive thighs, “can crush anything.” He pulling out in a long stroke, “and my cock,” he pushed back in, “biggest in the world!” With that he started pumping fast. Faster and faster as he grew. He had to continually re-adjusted his stance as his thighs ballooned larger and larger, first past thirty, then thirty-five, then forty inches. His abs grew longer as he grew taller. His pecs must have passed the sixty-inch mark, but stayed round and perfectly shaped, as his body grew wider. His nipples continued to point straight out. Arms past twenty-two inches. Forearms ballooning and flexed as he held me in place. “I’m getting so huge!” All the while, I could feel his weight increasing behind me. With every thrust I began to wobble. I couldn’t support his weight. “You’re getting so weak,” he was panting hard, “feel me grow!” Just as I felt I would fall forward and be crushed by his weight, I felt him lift me off the ground! I let go of my ankles so he could bob me up and down on his massive member. “So friggin’ huge!” His head started disappearing over the top of my seven-foot mirror. My once impressive cock was dwindling to near its old size. I could feel him growing bigger inside my ass, stretching out my hole and shoving ever deeper into me with each thrust. My chest and abs looked like they had before Adam. And yet he continued, growing ever bigger. “Massive cock filling your ass!” He thrust harder still, throwing me around like a rag doll! My own little cock looked smaller than ever before, shrinking past the six-inch mark. “A LITTLE BIT MORE!” he screamed out, taking every bit of strength I had. His shoulders were wider than a doorframe. His massive legs were so huge his stance was several times wider than his impressive chest! “NOT YET!” His eyes were closed tight in concentration! His massive body was in solid relief as his rock hard muscles flexed and grew. “JUST A BIT MORE!” My dick continued to detract as his thickened in my ass! “Ahrg!” he finally screamed! His dick pumped load after load of cum into my ass. I could feel massive amounts of seed slosh around my insides. His face was in ecstasy. It was amazing! He had finally become massive, taking all that I could give. His balls grew bigger with every load! Larger than tennis balls, oranges, melons! He pulled out of my ass and continued to shoot in every direction! Finally, unable to hold out any longer, I came. As my small load dwindled, my mind cleared and I looked down at Robert, then down at myself. Aaron looked at us, towering above. Finally he spoke, “this will do, for now.”
  23. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (18)

    Eighteen The next morning Tomas awoke early, he scanned the room for his pet but didn’t see him. He stood up and walked over to the mirror above his desk. He made some strange movements with his hands while saying: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, show my pet, in the name of unholy Maul!”. The mirror went dark and infernal flames appeared before it revealed the wrestle hall. On the mat, Anton was sleeping a few feet from Connor. Tomas yelled a command in the mirror. Anton and Connor sprang up from the mat as Tomas’ voice filled the wrestle hall. The behemoths knew they had to return instantly to their master. They grabbed their ripped clothes and sprinted toward Tomas’ room, their long flaccid cocks thwacking against their beastly quads. Rushing through the hallways, they could feel the temperature drop gradually as they approached their destination. They stopped in their tracks as they entered their hallway; it didn’t look anything like it did yesterday. Tomas’ increasing powers totally controlled the far part of Orchid University now. The lights flickered incessantly, shrouding the corridor in a sinister atmosphere; strange shadows slid along the lengthy walls and hellish whispers echoed against the ceilings, accompanied by the howls of the wolves outside the building; the temperature dropped even further resulting in an icy chill. Anton and Connor stared at each other but quickly continued to the end of the corridor and barged into their master’s room. Tomas sat casually on his bed as his towers of muscle stood next to each other. He grinned as he noticed the goose bumps across their big frames. “Glad to see you guys didn’t lose any inches because of the chill”, he said as he looked at their dangling cocks. “I’m gonna tell you guys what’s up next, but I want to have some fun first. Sit on the bed on your hands and knees, Connor!”. Connor did as he was told. He stared at the wall, exposing his muscular ass at the others. The strong muscles of his ass clenched in anticipation. He blinked as he felt Tomas sit down on his lower back, facing the opposite wall. “Now my pet, you will pleasure me and dominate Connor, do it!”, Tomas said while stroking his cock slowly to its 17 inches. Anton stepped forward, his cock had already hardened to its 25 inches from staring at Connor’s ass and engulfed his master’s dick while driving his own rock-hard cock into the exposed muscular ass. He began sucking and pounding like his life depended on it, his strong 14-pack flexing as his hips drove his fleshy pole in and out of Connor. He grabbed hold of Connor’s sides and upped his force. Connor steadied himself under the bigger man’s thrusts. His cock slowly inflating with blood and gentle moans escaping his mouth. Tomas put his arms behind him, grabbing his pet’s tree-sized arms for support. He closed his eyes in pleasure as the behemoth sucked and teased his 17 incher. “Yeaugh!”, he grunted as he tried to dig into the hard masses of meat that were his pet’s arms. “UUGGHHNN!”, he moaned loudly as his cock exploded in his pet’s mouth. Anton groaned in pleasure as he felt his master explode within a minute after beginning to suck him off. The thought of sending Tomas over the edge so quickly flooded his 580 pound frame with pleasure and he pounded Connor’s ass even harder. “YEAUUUGGGHHHNNN!!!”, he bellowed as his 25 incher blasted out load after load of cum into the clenching ass. Connor’s cock hardened completely and reached its impressive 21 inches as he felt his fellow behemoth explode in his ass. He closed his eyes and thought of how he had dominated his brother last week and his coach yesterday. The images of him dominating their muscular frames sent him over the edge and his balls blasted out gallons of sticky, thick cum onto the bed. After this action, Tomas revealed his orders and his behemoths executed them promptly: they moved Anton’s stuff into Tomas’ room and Connor now had a room for himself. A week later, most of the students arrived for the new academic year. The strange weather conditions made them wonder and the hordes of big, black wolves chased them around campus. As long as they stayed on the pathways, the wolves didn’t hurt them. Keith was unpacking his things as the door opened. He turned around and smiled at his roommate. “What happened to you?”, Sean asked as he entered. “Same that happened to you”, Keith replied, “Anton spent summer at my place.” “Did he steal your muscle too? He must be as big as a house now”, Sean blurted out. “Nope, he didn’t get any bigger. He stayed in my brother’s room and made me suck him off every night. I spent the entire summer in the gym and bulked up to 290 pounds. Until a week ago, I was bigger than ever. That’s when my skinny younger brother barged into my room. He already outweighed me when he made his first move and drained all my mass. Now I’m smaller than he was”, Keith said. “I would have loved seeing you at 290 pounds of ripped muscle. I bet you looked spectacular”, Sean answered and kissed his buddy. Keith put his bony arm around his skinny buddy and let himself fall backward onto the bed, dragging Sean over him and returning the kiss. The following day classes started and life at Orchid University retook its normal course; as normal as it could be with the strange meteorological conditions and the wolves haunting the perimeter. Sean and Keith cautiously walked over to their classes, thoroughly scanning the hallways for Anton or Tomas. They somehow managed to avoid their foes. Connor had put on his oversized sweater and installed himself at the back of his class. He smirked as he looked at the freshmen in tow in front of him; they were talking about playing sports but he was clearly bigger than the 3 of them together. The lecture began and Connor puffed because of the difficult notions used by the professor. By the end, he simply gave up and played with his strong 12-pack, tracing in and out the deep grooves between the rows of cobblestone-sized muscles. “Huh?”, he reacted and looked next to him. “ Not an easy first lecture to follow, he? You can copy my notes if you want.” Connor blinked and looked down at the brown-haired guy next to him. “It’s okay, man”, Connor replied, “I’m gonna flunk this class; I always stink in biology.” “Oh, if you need extra help, I can tutor you. I’ve gotten a prize in biology back in high school. I’ve tutored may of my co-students.”, the guy said. “Why not?”, Connor answered, “A little help won’t hurt me. Next week?”. “I’m free tonight, after football practice. I could come to your room around 8”, the guy said, “I’m Alex by the way”. “Connor”, Connor replied, “that’s fine by me, I’ll see tonight”. Anton was greeted by reverential and lust-filled eyes as he entered his lecture. He grinned smugly at the reactions: several girls reddened and giggled as they drank in the sight of his gigantic physique; some guys and even the professor also reddened. He installed himself in the far corner of the room, making the football players move by just staring at them. He knocked over the star quarterback by bumping his thick shoulder into the guys chest; the 320 pound athlete fell down like a ragdoll. He shot up, but stepped back as Anton clenched his fist, making his forearm ripple with power and his 50 inch bicep swell. Anton smiled as the athletes retreated to the other side of the room. He looked down as he felt a hand grope his bicep. “You’re so damn big”, Kurt said. “You look bigger too, captain”, Anton replied, “Been bulking?”. “I’m up to 290 pounds now, thanks to some chemicals”, Kurt said and flexed his arm. “Nice”, Anton said and poked the muscle, denting it easily, “but small compared to me”; he flexed his own arm, making it swell into its 50 inches of ripped, vein-choked meat. Kurt gasped and creamed his pants as his own muscular arm was totally dwarfed by Anton. Another load filled his boxers as he felt the hardness of the beastly muscle. “Would you gentlemen mind sitting down?”, the professor asked. “Sorry, Kurt was asking if my arms had gotten bigger”, Anton replied and did a double bicep pose. The entire room went silent as the behemoth flexed his intimidating arms, showcasing his physique and installing his domination. Several students, even some football players and the professor had raging hard-ons. Tomas didn’t attend any lecture, he spent all day studying and decrypting the ancient book. Some passages were written in a bizarre language, a mixture of Latin words and local dialects; he knew it would take time to be able to complete the ritual, but he was patient. A panicky yell made him look outside. He grinned as he saw a hunter being chased by several black wolves. The man rushed toward the exit and disappeared. Sean and Keith were discussing a tactic to stop Tomas. “It won’t be easy”, Keith said, “He was untouchable with just Anton at his side and now he has my behemoth brother to help him.” “What about your uncle, the priest?”, Sean asked, “Hasn’t he recovered by now?”. “He left the hospital three weeks ago and went to Rome to study some documents to vanquish the demon. We could contact him”, Keith replied. “We’ll do that. But we should try to weaken Tomas in the meantime.”, Sean stated, “Your brother depends on his scholarship to stay here, right?” “Yep, but he will have past his test by now”, Keith said. “That’s no big deal. We still have great influence on the wrestle team. The new coach will at least have to listen to us. If we convince him that your brother is on steroids, he will be suspended and lose his grant. Let’s go see the coach!”, Sean said and left; Keith following him. After his lecture, Connor had gone straight to the gym. Tomas’ magic had engulfed the place so it was empty; Connor couldn’t reveal his physique until Tomas permitted it. Connor had put his oversized sweater in a locker and entered the gym shirtless. He marveled at his reflection: the melon-sized, striated, vein-covered pecs formed a meaty rack of concrete muscle that protruded from his chest; deep grooves highlighted the thickness of his cobblestone-sized hard pecs that formed his 12-pack; strong obliques rippled at the sides of it; his cannonball-sized delts gave him an extremely wide, v-taper, a thick vein snaked over them and down onto the hard masses of his 40 inch arms. He thought of Anton’s size and a hungrily look filled his eyes. He had worked out heavily ever since arriving at Orchid university and had put on 20 extra pounds of beef over the past 3 weeks, but his body didn’t seem able to get any bigger. “Gotta grow!”, Connor bellowed and began doing pull-ups. An hour and 10,000 pull-ups later, Connor crashed down on the floor. His lats were pumped beyond belief and even his beastly arms had swollen past their 40 inches. He slowly got up, breathing heavily and smiled at his reflection: he looked wider than ever. He knew he had to hurry since the football players would soon come in for their weight training. He strutted into the locker room and took a quick shower. He wrapped a towel around his tightly muscled waist and opened the last door on his right. The wrestle coach jumped up from his chair as his door flew open, Keith and Sean turned their heads around; they stared at the behemoth that entered. “Every student has to knock before they can enter”, the coach said with as authoratively as possible. “Sorry, coach”, Connor replied and knocked on the door, slamming his fist right through it. “You’re even bigger than last week. Are you on some kind of super-steroid?”, the coach blurted out, “These gentlemen here were so kind of pointing out your fraud; it appears that you have been juicing all summer”. Connor looked down at the chairs in front of him and laughed out loud. “Well, well, little bro are you telling these lies about me? And you brought your little girlfriend to back you up.” Sean and Keith stared up at the behemoth towering over them. They couldn’t even see his face because of the rack of pecs. Their cocks hardened as they scanned the huge muscle inches away from them. “I’m surprised you believe these pathetic runts, coach. They’re just jealous of my mass, can’t blame them off course. My wimpy elder brother has been lusting after me all summer since I got my growth spurt. He even wanted to wash my muscles in the shower once. It’s just sad that he tells these lies. I’m all natural, coach. Just finished my training. Did 10,000 pull-ups like every day”, Connor said. “No one can crank out 10,000 pull-ups. Not even you”, the coach said while drinking in Connor’s physique. “I can easily; like I’ve beaten you easily”, Connor replied, “I’ve come for my prize by the way.” “What prize? You’ve gotten your scholarship”, the coach said. “This prize”, Connor stated and grabbed the frame containing the gold medal from the wall. “You put that back!”, the coach yelled and sprang up from his chair as did Sean and Keith. Connor didn’t react; he broke the frame and hung the Olympic medal around his own, muscular neck; the gold medal rested in the deep crevice between his melon-sized pecs. “Doesn’t it look better on a big man?”, Connor asked. Involuntarily, the coach nodded, but quickly his anger took charge. “I’ll suspend you for good now!”, he yelled. Connor simply tossed aside his towel, striations exploding across his spectacular chest as he loosened the fabric from his waist. The coach stared in awe at the flaccid monster cock dangling between the tree-sized, deeply grooved quads, as did Sean and Keith. None of them reacted as the behemoth ripped off the coach’s clothes and threw him on his stomach on the desk. “Off course, a medal isn’t enough since I’ve dominated you completely in our match. You boys strip too!”, Connor said while stroking his cock to hardness. The coach suddenly regained his senses as he realized what was about to happen. He jumped up but a strong paw shoved against his back and pushed him down again. He budged and squirmed but couldn’t move. Sean and Keith moved in to help him; they grabbed the thick forearm and pulled with all their might; the tree-sized arm didn’t shift an inch. Connor grinned at the scene: his brother and his buddy looked like dwarfs tucking at a bear. He ripped off their clothes with his free hand and shoved them against the wall. Sean and Keith fell back against the wall and stared with fear and arousal at the behemoth. Their pencil dicks stubbornly hard atop marble-sized balls. “Did you boys hit puberty yet? I’ve got more pit hair under my right arm than both you guys around your sticks, eh dicks”, Connor said before turning his attention to the squirming athlete on the desk. He smiled as he noticed how his meaty paw covered three quarters of the athletic back and his 240 pound coach was easily overpowered by his left arm. His cock jolted to full hardness and he bellowed in triumph as he claimed his second prize: he simply drove his engorged 21 incher into his coach’s ass. “Noughn!”, the coach yelled in pain as the plum-sized head and the steely-hard shaft invaded him. He screamed as more pain exploded through him, tears flowed from the corner of his eyes and spasms shot through his body. He grabbed the side of his desk and pulled with all his might, but the strong paw kept him in place. “Yeah!”, Connor boomed, his deep baritone filling the office. He enjoyed the feeling of totally overpowering the squirming, 240 pound Olympic champion with just one hand; it excited him far more than being fucked by Anton’s 25 incher. Sean and Keith gazed at the scene in front of them; their meager pencil dicks jolted as Connor’s deep voice vibrated down their weak bodies. Keith couldn’t believe how his gentle little brother had changed so radically. “Please, please, no more, stop, please”, the coach pleaded. He tapped his desk three times, trying to make the behemoth freshmen stop. He could feel the plum-sized head retreating; a load ‘pop’ resounded as it was pulled from his ass. He clenched his battered ass with all his remaining force and inhaled deeply. Connor looked down and grinned; his cock hadn’t been this hard since the night he had dominated and drained his brother, it was even harder than last week in the wrestle hall. He gave his steely hard 21 incher a few hard strokes. “Please, go. I won’t tell anyone and pretend this never happened. Keep my gold medal and we’ll forget about this all”, the coach mumbled and summoned his last ounces of strength to free himself. His well-developed muscled flexed as he tried to push himself up from his desk, while keeping his agonizing ass tightly clenched. Connor’s forearm didn’t budge as his coach made his attempt to flee. The feeling of being the undisputed, dominant alpha-male in the room flooded him entirely; he howled in ecstasy as he rammed his throbbing cock at full force in the clenched ass. The coach’s mouth hung open but no sound came out; words died in his throat as the plum-sized head busted through his clenched defenses and the hot pole was driven into his ass. Spams shot through his muscular arms as more pain filled his body. “Stop, bro!”, Keith yelled in his high-pitched voice, “Where’s the good kid mom and dad raised? Can’t you see that all this power is corrupting you?”. Connor kept shoving inch after inch of his steely hard cock into his coach’s ass. “That’s an inch more than last week”, he boomed in pleasure and began pounding the ass, shoving the desk back by his force. He grabbed the coach and sat him up on his 21 incher, pumping his ass with long powerful thrusts. He then looked at the two runts against the wall and said: “I’ve I’m corrupt, why are you guys hard then? Come over here and feel a real man!”. The coach looked down and gasped; the freshmen’s monster-cock was outlined against his 6-pack as it slammed in and out his ass. His own cock was hard and oozing cum over his desk. Sean and Keith couldn’t resist the behemoth’s command. They walked over to Connor and roamed his supreme musculature. Their pencil dicks throbbed and throbbed as they felt the hardness of the flexing abs and beastly arms. They stared up reverentially at the tower of muscle and their cocks leaked a feeble load. Connor’s breathing fastened as he kept pumping his coach’s ass. He supported the 240 pound athlete with his left paw that covered the man’s chest while his right paw roamed his own 12-pack, that flexed and tightened with each powerful thrust from his hips; he didn’t even feel the weak small hands of Sean and Keith caressing his spectacular quads. “YYEEAAUUGGHHNN!!”, he bellowed deeply as his balls exploded. Gallons of cum blasted from his 21 incher. Sean and Keith gazed in awe as the tree-sized quads flexed under their touch as Connor came; their meager balls pushed out another load of watery cum and they fell back exhausted. The coach grunted as the behemoth’s cock swelled and exploded in his ass. The pressure built painfully and his stomach began looking bloated as load after load of cum filled his intestines. Cum began flowing from the coach’s ass along Connor’s monster-cock as more loads blasted from the 21 incher. Connor grunted in exhaustion as he pulled his dick from the battered ass. He tossed the coach on the desk and inhaled deeply, stroking his still hard 21 incher and blasting cum all over the walls. He released his over-stimulated shaft, wrapped the towel around his 12-pack and left the office with a heaving chest, grinning at the cum-covered men before he left.
  24. The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste Alfie was born with a gift he inherited from his parents. He never wanted to use it for any particular reason because he knew if he did, he could not fit in with the rest of his classmates. The other kids always talked about him behind his back as if he was some freak of nature. They knew about the story of his family's secret and made it clear to him that he wouldn’t escape its reputation. What they didn’t know though is that he always knew what they were thinking. He can hear their thoughts traveling through their heads. This never became an issue with him until he entered high school. They always pick on him because of the way he looks physically. He is not a fit guy and they know that they can push him around because of it. He has been practicing his mental abilities for several weeks to make his hormones react in a way that they can become a factor in retaliation for his bullying. His father has even told him that if he wants to prevail in a bad situation, he needs to harness his energy and fight back. The baseball team is the worst offender because he tried out for it one day last summer and always wanted to play. He was deemed too heavy and couldn't keep up with the bigger, more muscular boys. Some of the guys had monster arms and huge quads due to their hardcore training routines. Alfie envies their dedication and really wants to have that trait too. One day as he walks to his next class in the hallway, three of those huge guys from the team stop dead in their tracks where he is walking and knock him over. His school books and supplies fly everywhere around him as they start laughing and taunting him. He gets so mad that he decides enough is enough and starts playing with their heads. He makes eye contact with all three of them and starts focusing his energy on their minds. He knows that their only power in this situation is in their muscles, so he starts to make them feel uneasy. He makes them shrink one by one as their hulking arms and legs start to diminish in size. What he wasn't expecting was stealing their muscle power and putting it into his own body. If it was just one of them, he would only experience some growth, but since it is three of them, his growth will be astounding. He can sense the changes coming to his body as they are frozen in their positions. Alfie looks down and sees muscles starting to peek through his fat. He weighs 230 pounds in his current state, but it is obvious that he will grow even bigger. The guys are rail thin now as they watch his body convulse and reshape itself in front of them. His fat arms are thickening into huge cannons as they keep stretching bigger. His once flabby moobs are now forming into gargantuan pillows which explode through his shirt. His clothes shred as he can't stop the growth process. His big legs are becoming massive tree trunks as his back begins to take up the entire walkway. He realizes that this isn’t normal growing but there is little he can do about it at this point. The guys don’t even notice how much they shrunk because they are mesmerized by this behemoth appearing in front of them. His growth gets to the point where the floor below them starts creaking. Alfie raises his arms and puts them out to his sides to push on the lockers and crush them. His old ass is reforming to grow to three times its size as he busts through his underwear. He reveals his thick throbbing cock as it oozes its thick gunk on to the quaking floor. Amazingly, Alfie’s mind remains intact as he lets out a huge roar to scare the baseball players. The guys start running now but he manages to catch one of them in his arms. He thinks about hurting him real good, but instead decides to teach him a lesson and tries to penetrate him. He rips his pants off and gets his cockhead in before the guy squeals in pain. The other two are still running, but they turn around once they get to the stairwell to see where the other guy went. The two guys, Ronnie and Todd, wonder what they should do next. Their teammate, Steven, is being raped badly by Alfie but he must be over 8’ feet tall and 400 pounds easy now. There are screams heard through the building as other kids go barreling out the side doors to avoid the behemoth’s wrath. Steven continues to wail as Alfie spreads his ass wider and wider as his 15” cock moves further inside. Todd tells Ronnie to go call 911 since he doubts the police would be much help. After sending his teammate down the stairwell to call emergency services, Todd finds a fire extinguisher close to where he is standing and grabs it. He runs towards Alfie who is still ravishing Steven. He sprays him with the extinguisher and makes him angrier. The hulking kid starts to use his powers again on Todd, but this time to make him fall over. Todd screams in pain as his head is killing him. He falls to the ground and is knocked unconscious. With Ronnie not there, Steven is powerless against the behemoth. He begins to weaken considerably as Alfie finishes fucking him. The huge kid dumps his load inside him and drops him on the ground. The floor beneath Alfie now is cracking and giving way. He manages to lift himself out of the sinkhole that was the floor and makes a door in a nearby wall to go outside. Flashing lights surround him as various security teams set up their positions when he comes into view. He is told to get down on the ground or they will have to shoot him. Ronnie is seen hiding behind one of the SWAT team members. Alfie spots him and starts to charge towards him. Shots ring out as he is hit several times. He falls over and destroys the concrete beneath him. Everyone is told not to approach him because they are not completely sure if he is awake or not. Ronnie attempts to get past the barricade set up by the security teams to see if Alfie is dead. It seems he has forgotten about the massive monster’s mental powers. The Two Lovers Edwin is a nicely built 27 year old who was previously overweight during his childhood. He decided six years ago to do something about it though. Before he started though, he went to college and earned a great degree from a well-known university. He met all kinds of guys there and learned a lot about himself including the fact that he is really into muscle, a lot of muscle. His first boyfriend is not extremely big and isn't that tall either. He always went to go and watch him practice for his archery tournaments and was amazed at how muscular he had to be to compete. For a guy that wasn't taller than 5'3, he is major ripped and has quite the arms. Edwin loves to rub his arms all the time and enjoys the feeling it gives him inside. They both used to say how they were both outcasts when they were younger and now they have each other. One day, both men were at the local mall and walked by a vendor that was pushing a new product aimed at enhancing your libido along with various other things that they couldn't mention out on the floor. Both guys were suspicious because no one was stopping to even listen to the guy's spiel. His boyfriend, Angelo, heard the word libido and pulled his arm to stop and listen to the vendor. After a little coaxing, Edwin did in fact stop and that was all it took. The vendor gave both men one single pill to take before they both have sex. He mentioned that the results will happen when you need them to. They both looked at the tiny little bottles with the pills in them and were really confused as to why there would be only one pill. The vendor said trust him it will be all they need and then proceeded to walk out of the mall. It is very strange to see the man turn around after giving them the pills. Both men are intrigued that just a single pill could do so much. They don't want to waste too much time so they have sex that night. Edwin tells Angelo to take his pill first because he is the more sexual one. He does so but nothing was happening. He already has abs that peek through the skin, but they don’t completely show.....yet. Edwin decides to wait to see if Angelo’s pill starts working before he takes his. After several minutes, there is still nothing to be seen on him. He begs Edwin to take his since he doesn’t want to be the only guinea pig. After giving in to his playful nudging, he takes his pill. Nothing seems to be happening for him either. The two men both decide to do the nasty anyway since they are already so horned out. During this point of his life, Edwin’s body is fairly average and has no real muscle tone. Angelo however still finds him incredibly attractive even without the muscles. He starts to kiss his adorable Latino lover and rubs his hands all down his chest and back. He hears him start to moan and groan, but the eroticism of his voice keeps his attention on the stud’s body. His hands can now feel a noticeable difference in his back. The muscles appear to be getting wider as he feels his lats spreading and thickening outward. With his body up against Angelo’s, he feels his pecs starting to fill out, getting fuller as his arms get beefier and veiny. He starts licking the growing biceps filling up with more blood and getting more powerful. His abs are popping out into huge blocks and amazingly he height is increasing. He can hear Angelo’s spine and back making loud popping sounds adding inch after inch of additional height to his frame. He had decent legs before, but now they are getting as large as oak trees. He had a small penis because of his height, but Edwin can now feel that it has lengthened because of his height difference. It is at this point that Angelo tells him that it is his turn to change. Now at 5'8, he is just one inch shorter than Edwin is. He places his nicely formed hands onto his lover’s back and starts to massage him. At the same time, he uses his tongue to start licking the creases of his ears. He moves up to Edwin’s neck and feels the muscles tense as the sweat begins to bead up. He moans since the feeling is so amazing. He wraps his arms around him to get to his chest which at the moment has no definition.....yet. He caresses and rubs Edwin’s pecs as he begins to feel the muscle fibers expanding. His skin starts stretching as he hears popping coming from all over his body. The sound instantly gets both men excited as their cocks grow hard. Angelo takes his right hand and moves it down to Edwin’s cock as he feels it lengthening. His skinny arms are swelling and dripping with rivers of sweat. His pecs blow up into boulders as the ends of his nipples drape down towards the floor. Angelo can’t stop licking him now as he moves his body to Edwin’s front to get to his hairy abs and beautifully formed new tree trunk legs. His back continues to make huge popping sounds as it adds muscle after muscle to his changing frame. Edwin appears to be the same height. They both wonder what would happen if they came on each other now. Neither one of them would eat the cum, but would love to see what happens if they rubbed it into each other’s muscles. They get so hot for each other that it doesn't take very long for both studs to climax. They manage to do it at the same time and spray their juices on each other. It is at that point that they both started rubbing it into each other. For one of them, the growth didn't stop, but for the other one, it did. The pills had the same effects on both men, but when they came on each other, the jealousy became too much for one of them. Angelo ended up becoming Edwin’s ex-boyfriend after that crazy night. They don't talk to each other that much anymore since the outcome was not satisfactory for one of them. They moved on to different men with different qualities.
  25. -I will post the whole story little by little to create some suspence. Sorry if there are mistakes, not clear things or not idiomatic expression, as I am not a native speaker. I hope you enjoy: This is a story of a skinny boy. His name was Paul. He was very short compared with the guys of his age and his skin was very pale. At school he was very good at science. He learned to build little machines and robots by himself. Machine design was his passion. On one occasion, after school, as he was walking next to a gym, three guys near the entrance, who looked very muscular, stared at him and started laughing. They shouted: -What an ugly boy you are! You are so little and skinny! Look at us! We are muscular and sexy! You are a loser nerd! You are hideous! Paul started crying and ran fast away. What they told him was awful. -How dare they!- shouted the boy. Paul remembered that on each of their T-shirts there was written one name: Carl, Chris and Christopher. -They must be their names- thought Paul. Carl was quite big, Chris was bigger and Christopher was huge. -Tomorrow I will take another path to avoid them- said he to himself. And so he did, but, while he was walking on the paviment, a car slew down beside him. They were the three guys of the previous day. -Look at you. You are hideous! See this guns? And they started flexing. Then they laughed very meanly and drove fast away. -What?!- said Paul. -How did they know I was going to be here?- asked the boy himself. -That's enough!- he exclaimed. -They cannot get away with this. They will pay for it!-. Paul thought up a plan to avenge himself. He worked hard for half an year and, while Carl, Chris and Christopher were going on mocking him and pumping their muscles, Paul's project came to an end. To be continued...