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  1. Herald

    theft The muscle frat (6)

    Six Mike slowly awoke and groggily shook his head. He looked down and patted his still slightly bloated six-pack. He got up and pulled on his boxers. The sound of the door opening made him turn around. Keith, the frat leader, had made it to the frat house earlier than he expected and barged into the guest room. He noticed the half naked, muscled guy standing in the center of it and stepped right up to him. "Get out of my frat house now!", he said. Mike looked at the athlete standing right in front of him. The guy looked like his copy: exactly as tall and perhaps a few pounds heavier. Keith poked the unknown guy in the chest as he repeated: "Get out or else…". "Or else what?" The thundering bass made Keith jump up and turn around. His eyes widened in disbelief as he stared at the most massive man he'd ever seen. Tristan stepped into the room, his wide shoulders brushing the side of the door as he walked through it sideways, and closed the distance between him and Keith with two long strides. He grabbed the front of the guy's sweater with his right paw and lifted him up like a ragdoll. Keith felt his feet dangling in the air as his 165 pound body was lifted in the air. He grabbed the thick paw and tried breaking free. Tristan felt the familiar tingling sensation on his paw as the smaller guy's fingers touched him. Surprised by the pleasant feeling, he released his hold letting the 165 pound swimmer fall down. Keith crashed down on the floor but quickly stood up. He raised his arms in a protective stand to hold off the beastly teen. As he brought up his fists, the sleeves of his sweater sagged and exposed his lower arms. Tristan noticed the uncovered skin and swiftly made his move. He grabbed the 120 pound smaller guy, his thick fingers touching as his paws totally encircled the thin lower arms. The instant his paws made contact with the bare skin the tingling sensation returned. "Yeaghn", he grunted as he felt the warmth flowing into his 284 pound body. His dick jolted and ripped away the towel. Keith felt a strange weakness come over his muscles. Ignoring the feeling, he tried pulling free from the vice-like grip but the 120 pound heavier teen didn't budge. His eyes widened in awe as he looked down and saw the thick 12 incher that had just ripped away the towel. "Ow yeah", Tristan groaned as he felt his huge muscles fill with energy and push against his tanned, paper-thin skin as they grew. Mike stared in disbelief at the incredible scene. His dick sprung back to full hardness in his boxers. His hand instinctively reached down, grabbed the hard 6 incher and began stroking it. Keith felt more and more fatigue in all his muscles. He would have sworn that the huge teen was slowly growing: it was if his muscles were pushing up his tanned skin and more veins snaked along and across the mounds of meat. Blaming his blurred vision on the ever increasing weakness, he blinked his eyes a few times to refocus. He summoned every ounce of strength and pulled with all his remaining might the break free. The paws around his lower arms didn't move and the grip even seemed to get harder. He noticed some movement at the open door and recognized Sean. "Help me, Sean", he said in a tired voice. Sean had just come from humiliating his former rival in the gym. As he entered the frat house, he'd heard deep, rumbling grunts echoing through the deserted hallways. He'd followed the sound and arrived at the guest room. He moved into the open doorway and stared at the sight: his frat leader was grabbed by the most massive man he'd ever seen, who seemed lost in pleasure according to his lengthy dick that was smacking against his eight-pack; to the side a lean, yet muscular guy stood jerking off at the scene. "Come on. Get me free, Sean", Keith pleaded once more in an even weaker voice. By now, he'd lost a good 30 pounds of muscle. Sean moved inside the room and grabbed the insanely thick wrists of the teen beast. He pulled with all his might but it was no use: the guy was simply too strong. A strange tingle went through his hands as he touched the hot flesh. Tristan opened his eyes as he felt the extra tingling sensation and looked at the heavily muscled football player pulling at his wrists. Sean knew he was no match for the teen and broke his hold. He hurried out of the room and rushed to his own room. Tristan felt the tingling sensation slowing down and looked at the guy in his grasp: the swimmer had lost every visible muscle on his body and looked like an emaciated boy. Energy whirled through his own huge body as his skin was stretched tightly across his insanely big muscles. "Who was that?", he asked Keith. Keith didn't react. He was sinking away in darkness by the fatigue. Tristan shook the frail body in his grasp. "Who was that? Tell me!", he boomed again. 'S…s…Sean", Keith mumbled weakly. "Where's his room?," Tristan asked. "…F…2…", Keith replied with his last remains of energy and sank away in a dark sleep. Tristan fell the transfer come to an end and tossed the now 85 pound swimmer into the hallway like a feather. He turned around and saw that Mike had slumped down onto the mattresses and that his six-pack was stained with his cum. "Get cleaned up, man", he boomed as he left the room in search of his next prey, his half hard cock slapping against his meaty quads. Brock got up from the cold, tilled floor in the locker room. Tears welled up in his eyes as he realized he'd lost everything he got: he was no longer the number one on the team and without his muscles he would be kicked off the team. He knew that Brad would spend the night at Emily's so he decided to go to their old room and avoid the frat house. In his room Sean was trying to process what he'd just witnessed. "Who the hell was that guy?", he asked himself as he put on his favorite baseball stringer. The white fabric hung loosely around his 210 pound body. He jumped up as the door of his room flew open. Tristan strutted into the room and looked down into the brown eyes of the muscular football player. Now standing 6'4, he towered over the 5'7 guy. Energy was still coursing through his beastly body after draining the frat leader. "Who are you?", Sean asked as the beastly, fully naked teen took a step in his direction. He considered punching the guy's stomach but the sight of the deeply grooved eight-pack made him reconsider. "I'm Tristan, Brad's brother", Tristan replied. He scanned the muscular athlete and his dick jolted at the thought of the extra size he could drain. Without hesitating, he grabbed the muscular forearms like he had done with Keith. Instantly, the tingling sensation erupted where his fingers touched the bare skin. "Dude, let go", Sean said and tried braking free. A strange feeling seeped into his skin as the big paws closed around his forearms. Tristan felt the energy whirling inside his beastly body and flowing into his tree-sized arms. It felt like somehow the warmth was leaving him and going into the football player. He looked into the guy's brown eyes and saw a look of pleasure. "What the fuck?!", he boomed. Sean felt a nice, relaxing heat spread from his forearms into his biceps and into the rest of his 210 pound body. If was like a pump from a good workout but all over his body. Tristan looked in disbelief as he saw more veins emerge around the now clearly swelling muscles on Sean's arms and shoulders. Sean followed the beastly teen's gaze. His mouth opened as he stared at his own growing arms. "How…?", he groaned as another wave of energy hit him. His dick hardened in his pants as he felt his muscle swell with new mass. Tristan saw how the football player's muscles were starting to fill the once baggy baseball stringer. The guy's pecs were pushing the fabric forward while his widening back pulled it backward. His strong shoulders were now forming a wide line capped with thick, round delts. He even noticed that he didn't have to look as far down to stare in the guy's eyes. A third wave of energy hit Sean and another jolt went through his muscles. "Yeaughn", he moaned as his dick exploded inside his pants. Instantly, the transfer of energy came to an end. Tristan felt the tingling sensation stop and withdrew his hands that had been fused to the other guy during the transfer. He looked down to inspect his physique and noticed that he hadn't lost a pound of muscle. He was still the 300 pound powerhouse he'd been since he'd drained Keith. The incredible energized feeling was gone though. A tearing sound made him look away from his own majestic body. Sean inhaled deeply and his newly grown, massive pecs busted through the baseball stringer. He peeled away the ripped remains to reveal his heavily muscled torso. "Hell yeah!", he groaned as his hands roamed the cobbled surface of his eight-pack and cupped the meaty masses that protruded from his chest. He looked up at the beastly teen in front of him and noticed the guy still had a good 25 pounds of muscle on him. Tristan took in the sight and noticed how the guy's huge arms were nearly as big as his own 30 inch canons and clearly outsized his other muscles. "How did you make me grow?", Sean asked as he folded his arms in front of his thick chest, striations exploding across the meaty pecs as his hard biceps pushed into them. A grin formed on his face as he heard his new, deepened voice. "I… I don't really know", Tristan replied. "Don't bullshit me, man", Sean said in an angry tone as testosterone rushed through his 275 pound body, "I saw you steal Keith's muscles and grow bigger. Why did I gain muscle from you?". "Must be some part of the prophecy I missed", Tristan replied and explained what he had discovered so far. "I never cummed into that chalice, so that must be why you can't take my muscles", Sean stated as his mind processed the information, "But I can't drain muscles from the other guys. I've touched several of them during practice and never felt that tingle." Tristan nodded while he stared at the massively muscled football player. "I've got a special birthmark shaped like a star. According to the legend that's why I can drain muscle from those guys and you can't. But I don't get how muscle can transfer from me to you", he said. "Very strange", Sean replied, "but I sure can live with this new situation. Fuck! I rule the football team now! Why don't we work together?". "How?", Tristan asked. "Well, you and you friend can't stay here. You guys are no students here", Sean answered, "but we could make a deal: you back me up to become frat leader. In return I'll make both you guys honorary members. Then you can stay here. I could even convince the coach to give you a spot on the team next year. Deal?" He extended his hand. Tristan looked at the hand. Sean noted the doubt in the beastly teen's eyes. "I could help you find out who else cummed in the chalice. Does some extra muscle sweeten the deal?", he asked with a grin. Tristan nodded, grabbed the guy's hand and shook it. To his relief he felt no tingling sensation. "Deal", he boomed in his deep bass and clenched his hand, making the other guy feel that he was the bigger man.
  2. Guest

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 03

    Sorry for the LONG delay. I have been busy. Real life gets in the way some times. And I am also trying to change my health/lifestyle by becoming something like the characters and the big muscle men of this forum (Have a progress thread in the Watch Me Grow section if anyone has not seen that, not the hottest guy yet, but working on it), so please forgive me for the delay... I now present you with the next part of this epic series... Part 03 Gym Time Andrew headed upstairs to take a shower after Matt decided to head out to the gym in a rush. His body was covered with sweat and his muscles and bones ached for some reason, almost like he worked out all day, which he never worked out a day in his life. The weirdest thing though was the stench lingering in the air surrounding him. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was something that Andrew also was not used to, musk. Maybe it was just Matt’s sweat and odor rubbing onto him from the encounter they just shared in the kitchen. As Andrew finished up in the shower he headed to the room he shared with his brother. He made his way to his closet and grabbed a shirt out of it, pulling it off the hanger. As he pulled it over his head there was a tightness around his chest and arms. “Weird,” he pulled off the shirt and grabbed another one, and it was the same tightness. He kept trying on shirts. Over and over he pulled them off till there were a pile of them littered on the floor around him. “What the fuck?!” Andrew drops the last shirt he tried on to the floor, looking down at himself. He finally notices the changes he went through. Abs he never had pushing out from under his skin, not much yet, but there was a definite view of a four pack as he rubbed his fingers across each stepping stone of flesh. His pecs were firming up as he moved his hands to them next, which he then finally noticed a ball of muscle popping out from under his upper arm where a bicep would normally be on a man that had muscle, which Andrew clearly now possessed. Andrew’s cock began to harden. He moved to his dresser and grabbed his swim shorts. “Might as well go for a swim with a body like this,” he pulled them on and headed out to the pool. **** Matt finished up his daily morning classes. All throughout his lecture though he kept thinking back to the morning he just had with his brother. That blow job was intense, nothing like he had ever experienced before. His cock kept getting hard thinking about it, actually popping out of his jock and traveling down the leg of his pants. He had to make several shifts in his seat just to make sure his mighty cock was not seen by his other classmates. Class had ended though and he was at the gym, eager to start his workout and get his mind off of his brother. Matt quickly made his way to the locker room and changed out of his regular casual attire, pulling on a tank top and a gym shirt. They were a bit awkward on his large frame, almost as if they were a bit loose, especially the tank top. Maybe he stretched it out over the few weeks he wore it to the point it was at this loose fitting. Matt headed out to the workout area, eager to finish up before lunch. He threw himself on a weight bench, starting his usual reps but he seems a bit off. Getting up he lowers the weight and manages to do a few before getting tired rather quickly. “Need some help, runt?” Matt’s buddy Dan almost appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the bar right in the center. “Come on, Matt. I’ll give you a spot. You look like you might need a little help today.” Dan was always a bit shorter and a bit less built, standing at 6’4” and weighing 285lbs. Today though, Matt seems to see Dan as a bit bigger than normal, almost as if they are close to the same size. Matt shakes off his delusions and continues his workout as he decides to take Dan’s help for the remainder of his session; spotting one another on their sets, but Matt tires out on each of his sets as the weight is a bit too heavy for him now. Dan wraps his arm around Matt’s shoulder as they finished up their workout. “Bad days happen, Bud. I’m sure you’ll kill it tomorrow.” Matt nods at Dan, a bit annoyed as they make their way into the locker and strip down for their shower. Dan moves under a shower head right next to Matt and turns the handle to start up his shower head. He begins to soap up his hairy, beefy chest with the soap provided by the gym. Matt watches on as the water sprays down on himself, his cock still hasn’t gone down all day from his earlier sexual encounter with Andrew. Matt begins to stroke his cock to try and relieve himself, the steam of the hot water making it hard to see what was going on with the two of them. Dan begins moving the soap down to his abs, when the bar manages to slip and slide across the floor. “Fuck…” Dan bends down trying to feel for the bar with all the rising steam and heat rising to the ceiling around him As Matt continues stroking, he notices Dan’s form on the floor; his beautifully sculpted muscular ass on on fours right in front of him. His ass cheeks parted slightly with a dusting of dark hairs pushing out of his cracks. As he manages to reach it, it slips out of his hands a bit farther across the floor. “Mother Fucker!” As he moves and bends forward, his ass flexing and cheeks opening up a little more and exposing his hairy puckered, spasming hole. Matt and Dan had fucked around before. What once started as bros in the gym quickly became into several sexual encounters, both drunk on their own masculinity and testosterone. Never had the thought crossed Matt’s mind though to do anything in the gym. But that ass, right in front of him, begging to be fucked. Matt’s dick was rock hard and raging with lust, there was only one clear course of action. Matt took a step forward, grabbed Dan’s hips, and slowly pushed his cock into his friend. “NGH, WHAT THE FUCK, BRO?!” Dan started breathing heavy, surprised at this quick action from his friend. He straightens up immediately, gasping in shock, his ass muscles clenching tightly around Matt’s throbbing dick. Matt pushes his cock deeper into Dan, wrapping his powerful arms around him, pulling his friend against him in a crushing grip. “You trying to drive me nuts, dude?” Matt growled in pure bliss. “You, bending over like that? Shoving that ass in my face while I’m hard as a fucking rock and trying to beat off in peace?” Dan snarls in protest. “FUCK YOU, BRO! I DIDN’T…” Matt slams his hips forward violently, driving his cock all the way into Dan with one brutal thrust. Dan gasps, his words dying in his throat. Matt pushes Dan up against the wall and starts pumping his dick into him hard; Dan’s own stiffening member slamming into the tile wall each time Matt crashes right back into him. A low groan of lust escapes Dan’s lips as he begins to enjoy it. “That’s it,” Matt purrs into Dan’s ear. “I knew you’d love this…” he begins pumping his dick faster into him, brutally fucking him against the shower wall, the hot spray of the water falling on them both as they grunt and groan in animalistic passion. Dan’s ass begins to clench tighter around Matt’s cock as a moan finally escapes his lips. Matt’s arms reach around, under him, and lock against his abs. Dan begins to push backwards, pushing his ass onto Matt’s cock as he begins to enjoy as he begins to really enjoy this sexual experience that started with Matt forcing himself onto him. Matt’s thrusts are vicious, like a jackhammer pummeling pavement as he extracts his cock to the opening of Dan’s hole before slamming it right back in like a piston. Each time, they meet each other half way; Matt pushes in, Dan pushes back. Matt’s balls slapping Dan’s cheeks with such force, it causes a slap so loud it can be heard across the entire shower room. “Uhn…FUCK… I… I…” Within seconds, Matt practically snarling and grunting in triumph, begins to fire his hot seed into Dan, driving his dick all the way in to the hilt as his cock literally begins to spasm and go wild, pumping a surprisingly large load of cum into him. Dan begins to tense all over, every muscle flexing as he growls and grunts along with Matt. As Matt holds onto Dan, his powerful arms wrapped around his torso, he begins to slowly feel his arms getting pushed apart. Matt looks down at Dan’s back in confusion; Dan’s traps are flexed hard, throbbing, and slowly growing bigger as they rise into mountains of muscle. Matt’s eyes widen as he watches not only them rise, but the section of his back begins to move upward as well. Not only is Dan gaining more muscle mass, he’s growing taller as well. Matt’s grip around Dan’s torso breaks, his hands sliding farther and farther apart as he lifts his arms up trying to hold onto him. He rakes his fingernails across Dan’s chest, noticing that it fels thicker, fuller. Even Dan’s ass around Matt’s cock feels different, the glutes getting bigger, stronger, the target zone of his ass rising further and further off the ground with each passing second. Dan finally unclenches his glutes around Matt’s cock, making Matt stagger back, pulling out of his friend with a loud pop. Dan stands still for a moment, slowly turning around to face his friend. “How?” He looks himself over. “Did you?” Matt’s jaw drops. Dan is easily three inches taller than he was before, maybe four. Well over 300 pounds of pure masculine beef, possibly 330 pounds, or even more. He smirks at Matt, the hot water of the shower washing over his massive muscles. Dan reaches down for Matt’s body, but Matt shakes out of his daze and rolls out of the way. Dan is much bigger now then Matt, but he is not used to the new size and weight of his body making him a bit clumsy. “Where you going Matt? HAHAHA…” His laugh echoing off the walls. Matt get up onto his feet, backing towards the door to the locker room, not taking his eyes off of his enormous friend. “Ah come on, Matt! Can I fuck you now?” Dan grins from ear to ear, feeling much more confident. He takes a step toward Matt. Matt grabs his towel from the partition wall and holds it against his waist, making it into the locker room as quickly as possible, now filled with more people changing. Matt makes it to his locker, grabbing his clothes and quickly throwing them on as Dan enters into the locker room, scoping out the area for his prey. Dan’s so confident of his new body he doesn’t even care to cover himself. Matt manages to get one last glimpse of Dan now in clear focus; he’s a fucking monster. Cock close to 12 inches long and bouncing like a compass as it sways from side to side as he continues to scout out the room looking. “Anyone seen Matthew?!” People just stare in awe, no one saying a word as Matt manages to slip out the door into the main gym area, fully clothed, as he makes his way to the exit to head home. *** Matt makes it back home, not sure what just really happened back at the gym with his friend Dan. Part of him wanted to believe it was all some hallucination on his part, but he knew better. He did not just see him grow, he had FELT him grow; right under him as he fucked him. The moment after he came into him, he just started to get bigger, and not just a tiny bit, but a lot bigger. Matt began to shudder as he remembered how Dan wanted to fuck him with that huge dick. Dan had never been so large before but now… he tries to put it out of his mind as he gazes out the window to the back yard, noticing Andrew in the swimming pool, his twin’s arms cutting the water with clean strokes. Matt goes outside to get a closer look. He pauses for a second on the grass, noting Andrew’s shoulders, how they looked a bit more defined, a bit more muscular. The wetness of his brother’s skin showing the definition a bit better as the sun reflected off of him. Matt walks over to the pool, setting down his gym bag. “Hey Andrew,” Matt watches as his brother reaches the edge of the pool. “You been swimming much lately? Looks like it’s doing you good.” Although part of Matt was wondering if it might have been something else that was changing his brother. “Nah, Matt. I just felt like going for a swim.” Andrew looks up at Matt from the water, smiling at his bro, placing his arms over the side of the pool. Matt notices the bulges in his brothers arms and shoulders as the water slides off of his brother’s body. “What’s wrong with you though, Matt? You look like you saw a ghost or something.” Andrew propels himself off the wall, swimming towards the other side on his back. Matt notices the definition in his brothers chest and the feint appearance of what looks like the beginning of a set of abs. Blond hair sprouting across his brothers arms and legs. Matt sits down on a chair near the pool, watching Andrew do laps. Noting the new muscle definition, the way the muscles move under Andrew’s skin with each stroke. He remembers that morning, Andrew drinking down his cum, and then thinks about what just happened to Dan at the gym. Clearly there’s a connection, and it seems like that connection might be connected to his cum. Matt stands up and heads inside, taking his gym bag with him and tossing it into the corner of the living room. He walks up to the second floor bathroom, stripping completely, stepping onto the scale. 285lbs… Matt nearly chokes. He was 300lbs yesterday. No one loses 15lbs instantly. Not water weight. Not muscle weight. And not fat. It makes absolutely no sense. Matt put his clothes back on and headed back to the living room. He takes a seat on the couch, staring at the TV, not bothering to even turn it on. Andrew finally finishes swimming and goes back inside, drying himself off as he takes a seat next to his bro on the couch. “Are you ok man? You aren’t acting like your normal self.” Andrew playfully punches Matt on the shoulder. “You came home from the gym, looked at me weird, and then just jetted back inside. If it is something I did, you can tell me. We are brothers.” Andrew places his hand on Matt’s shoulder, moving his other hand to Matt’s fuzzy, bearded cheek, turning his face to look at him. There was sadness in his eyes. “Hey, bro… We were born together. We have a connection unlike other bros unless they were twins like the two of us. Whatever is going on with you, I am here for you, and will always be. Matt looks down at Andrew, smiling softly. “It’s nothing, Andrew. I just had a lousy workout, that’s all. Wasn’t up to my usual weight and reps on anything. So I’m just a bit bummed.” Andrew doesn’t quite know how to take that response. It sounds truthful, yet it also seems like his brother might be holding something back. Matt wraps a powerful arm around his shoulder, pulling Andrew in closer. “Only thing you did was give me a great BJ this morning, okay? So don’t worry about it. I’m cool.” He rubs the back of Andrew’s head affectionately. Andrew leans into Matt’s larger mass, breathing in the musk and cleanliness of the shower he took at the gym. Andrew’s cock begins to stir again, now that he is so close to his twin. “Damn, Matt. What I would do if we were identical twins. I wish I was as big as you. As manly as you… even your scent bro.” Andrew turns his head slightly to get a whiff of the scent of his brother’s armpit. “You really comfort me.” Matt blushes a little, but obligingly lifts his muscular arm a bit, letting Andrew have some access to nuzzle his furry pit. Even though he showered just a bit ago, his manly musk was already coming back, due to how quickly he had to rush out of the gym and also his natural pheromone musk. “If we were identical, I suspect that we’d never get anything done. We’d be busy fucking each other’s big muscle butts all the time!” Matt began to laugh, bringing his arm down across Andrew’s shoulders again. “Since that isn’t the case, we’ll just have to make do, I guess.” Andrew leans into Matt a bit more. His eyes growing heavy from the comforting smell and embrace of his twin as he dozes off to sleep. Andrew content, and happy to know that his brother who he thought he had lost from when they were kids is slowly proving to him that they still are connected. Matt just sits there, listening to the slow breaths of his brother; sleeping in his warm arms, his head snuggling against his inner pec muscle with his large arm wrapped around him… To Be Continued... Coming Soon: Part 04 – Want Me, Want You
  3. Guest

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 02

    Here's part 02... I hope I did this justice. A tiny bit of changes in this chapter. If you read the transcript, I am pretty sure you all know what's coming next! If not, enjoy this chapter for the first time and enjoy this amazing ride! Part 02 First Meal Matt woke up the next morning a bit later then his usual time. The sheets of the bed, twisted around his massive body. With a loud yawn, he sits up; he feels strange, not like his typical energetic self. As he rubs over his eyes with his hand, his large arms brush against his lats and massive pecs, pushing them together. As he pulls the twisted sheets off of his body, grunting in annoyance at how they are wrapped tightly around his thick tree trunk legs, Matt rolls out of bed and staggers over to his closet and dresser, completely naked. His massive cock swinging back and forth with every movement, semi-erect, and quite a bit harder then he’s normally used to. The one thing however that is truly discomforting for him though is his balls. They ache. Like someone hit him hard right between them the other day. It’s a lingering pain that he quickly remembered to the night before, wondering if what happened with Andrew truly did happen. Matt digs through his underwear drawer grabbing a fresh jockstrap and puts his legs through the leg openings and slides it up towards his hips, adjusting the massive bulge in its pouch. Andrew has been downstairs it seems for a good while though. The smell of bacon and sausage being fried in a pan travels up to their bedroom on the second floor. Matt stifles a moan as it’s his favorite type of meats to eat. Its candy to his senses. While Matt finishes, Andrew preps everything for them to have a nice hearty breakfast, it’s a typical morning for the boys as Andrew always makes sure his bigger twin has the right breakfast before hitting up his gym. Matt finds a pair of gym shorts and puts them on as well, enjoying the way they hug his tight, beefy glutes. Not bothering with a shirt, Matt decided just to head downstairs, swinging his huge arms back and forth, stretching them out before his breakfast of champions his bro is preparing him for his typical morning. His nose twitching as he enters the kitchen, doing a couple more stretches. “Cooking already, bro? I like it!” Sniffing the air again, Matt says amiably. He walks over to the coffee pot and pours himself a large cup of Dark Roast brew, adding a bit of cream into it. Next he heads over to his supplement drawer and starts to get out his various vitamins and boosters, gulping them down with his fresh cup of coffee, before sitting down at the table. Andrew grabs a large plate from the cabinet, plating a large amount of Eggs and Bacon, with a side of potatoes. Matt doesn’t like a lot of carbs so he makes sure to give him less potatoes and more proteins to help his bro grow even larger with his workouts. He brings the plate over to Matt before grabbing himself a cup and pouring some juice in it for himself, sitting down opposite of Matt. “I’m sorry about your new supplements from last night…” Andrew looks down at his food, feeling a bit bad at what had happened. “They probably cost you a fortune from what you told me they were.” Matt listened to his twin, but he still couldn’t let what happened to him cause him not to keep his body maintained and get even bigger. He quickly ate his food, making sure not to leave a single scrap behind on his plate. “Well, I’m bummed that they got broken like that, but I didn’t pay for them, so I guess I’m not out much of anything. Although it would have been nice to try them out this morning.” Matt tries to think of last night, but his mind is a bit fuzzy. All he remembers is something gray, skittering around his bedroom, as it traveled up his leg, latching on to his huge cock, before plunging right into his piss slit and filling his balls?! No, that can’t be right. He thought to himself, before another memory starts to plague his mind. Did I fucking blow my brother too?! Matt shook his head. Thinking it must have been a weird dream. It can’t have happened. Whatever he saw last night, the gray and black tentacle things, they couldn’t be real. It had to be a nightmare for sure. Matt looks down at his empty plate, trying to make everything make sense in his head. “I’m bummed, but I’ll just see if my guy can get me some more. You never know, maybe he has another batch.” Andrew reaches his hand across the table, placing it over Matt’s larger paw. Matt looks up at him, confused, but at the same time he feels comforted. “Can we do that stuff again like last night, bro?” Andrew smiles up at his twin, a deep intensity in his eyes. “I miss those moments. It was like we were kids again. I felt like I had my old bro back…” Matt blushes and looks away, “Well, um, I’m not sure. I uh… I kinda thought that was a weird dream, you know?” Matt clutches Andrew’s smaller hand in his larger one, holding it gently. “I, uh, well I don’ quite know…” he stammers, returning his gaze back to his twin, seeing the look of hope and affection that Andrew has for him. Matt’s cock was throbbing from this moment; raging hard in his jockstrap, all ten inches. He chuckles, giving Andrew’s had an affectionate squeeze. “Well, if my cock is any indication, then I’ll probably be saying yes. Fuck I’m horny!” Matt releases Andrew’s hand and stands up, taking his empty plate to the sink. His shorts are tented to the extreme, making his predicament obvious to anyone who would see him at that moment. “Man, I’m going to have to wear different underwear today,” He looks down to the protruding bulge. “I’ve got class, and then gym at 10. But I’ll be here tonight, Andrew. And we will see how things are going then.” Andrew clears his plate, bringing it to the sink. As he puts it into the sink, the fork laying on it falls freely to the floor, clattering between both him and Matt’s feet. They both bend down at the same time to pick it up, but due to Andrew’s smaller height, he reaches the fork first and as he comes back up, his head hits hard into Matt’s chin. Andrew clutching his head in pain as he falls back onto his knees. “Fuck, Matt. You got a thick skull!” He sits on the floor rubbing the pain, with his back against the kitchen sink, his legs apart. Matt rubs his own jaw from the impact several times before realizing he is fine. He bends over and picks Andrew up off the floor and helps his brother to a chair. “Easy there, Andrew. Are you feeling okay?” He holds him steady; his large, meaty hand on one of Andrew’s shoulders. As Matt watches his brother, concerned, the fork in Andrew’s hand clatters back onto the floor again. “Damn Andrew, you’re worrying me…” Matt lets go of Andrew as he bends down and looks for the fork. He has to bend down farther and look under the chair and table and still can’t see where the fork has gone to. Matt decides to crawl under the table to see if he can find it, his massive body making it look a bit funny as he tries to maneuver himself under it. He finally sees it, crawling forward, reaching out and clutching it in his large hand. As Matt backs his way out from under the table, he notices the lower half of Andrew’s body, seated in the chair. Andrew’s legs spread wide. As Matt’s gaze goes up to hand Andrew the fork, his eyes catch a glimpse of something in his twin’s shorts. He pauses, looking up the pant leg, and sees Andrew’s cockhead, pushing out just a little; a little drop of pre cum is bubbling off the tip, and Matt’s horniness begins to return, but this time at an alarming, skyrocketing rate. Andrew watches his bro, reaches down, and scratches at his bulge through his shorts. The mesh of the shorts rubbing against the droplet of pre causing it to create a string of his emission from his piss slit to the bottom portion of his short opening. “You okay, Matt? You’ve been down there for a while.” Andrew asks worried about what his brother was possibly doing under the table, with his other hand still rubbing the emerging bump on his forehead from their little accident. Andrew scoots his chair out a bit from the table, the light from the ceiling fan illuminating his crotch a bit more from where it was originally pushed under the table. “Yeah, I’m good,” Matt responded, his voice distant and unfocused. As if he were in a trance, he inches forward, moving between Andrew’s legs. Matt rubs his scruffy jawline against Andrew’s inner thigh. His head emerging from under the table as it moves towards his brother’s crotch. Andrew can feel the warm breath of Matt touch the tip of his cock as his brother moves more towards it. The fork clatters again to the floor, forgotten, as Matt brings is strong hands up and rubs them up along Andrew’s thighs, his hands going from his twins knees to his hips. Matt reaches under Andrew’s shorts and pushes back the hem until Andrew’s leaking cockhead comes into plain view. Matt moves his head forward, obscuring Andrew the view of his own tool. All Andrew can feel is Matt’s lips press against his cockhead, kissing it gently. He lets out a soft moan, not knowing what else to do, as he slowly moves his smaller hands to the back of Matt’s head, rubbing his fingers through his brother’s hair. Matt stops for a second, looking up towards Andrew; a snail trail of Andrew’s precum connecting from Andrew’s cock to Matts lips as he looks up at Andrew for some sort of approval. The string of precum disconnecting from Andrew’s cock as it swings across Matt’s bearded face and neck; and in an instance, there is not a single trace of it. Andrew looks on a bit confused himself now. Cum doesn’t just disappear. But that isn’t the only concern; the hair on Matt’s face isn’t as thick as it was before. Andrew places his hand under Matt’s chin and leans down. Matt comes up and meets him as their lips touch and they begin a long kiss. Matt rises up more, his back pushing the table away from them as he reaches around his brother, his thick arms wrapping around Andrew’s body. He lifts Andrew off of his chair and stands up straight, pushing Andrew up against the wall behind him. Matt returns a much stronger kiss; it’s deep, passionate, hungry, as he rams his tongue into Andrew’s mouth, sucking his lower lip between his teeth. Matt pulls away, breathing deeply, looking at Andrew with unfocused eyes. His vision begins to sharpen and return as he looks on at Andrew in his arms. “Why… do I want this so bad?” Andrew’s back still firmly pressed against the wall, his cock harder than ever. “I want this too, Matt. It’s not just you… Want me, like I want you bro…” Andrew pushes his face back towards Matt, placing his lips back on his brother, rubbing his back of his brother’s head as he is held off the ground, his arms around Matt’s thick neck, resting on his mountainous traps. Andrew pulls back, looking Matt right in the eyes. “Please Matt! Want me, like when we were teens.” Andrew feels Matt’s cock pulse under him uncontrollably in his jockstrap. It wants to break free. Andrew pushes his own shorts down around his thighs as his 4 inch cock comes free and pulses. He reaches a hand down to it, giving it a hard stroke, getting some of his precum on his finger and brings it up to his lips to taste his own seed. Matt watches as his brother tastes himself, making him even hornier, wanting his brother even more. There’s a fire in Matt’s eyes, one Andrew has only seen when Matt works hard and gets a serious pump going. One that he only gets while he’s on the field or rolling around a wrestling mat. When Matt gets that look in his eyes, nothing will stop him from getting what he wants, and he makes sure to get the greatest reward possible. “Fuck!” Andrew moans as he too is getting excited from his brother’s determination manifesting. It’s the way he has been wanting to be looked at for a long time again by his giant sized twin. Matt’s arrogant, jock alpha beast mode was about to be released. Matt pulls Andrew up against him, bringing his brother’s face up against his huge chest. He flexes the massive shelf slowly against his twin, making sure Andrew can feel the thick muscle roll as it tenses. Then he gently guides his brother’s head down his abs, down to his massive cock. Matt grabs the root of the thick beast, guiding it up. The big helmet head brushing against Andrew’s lips. Andrew can smell the musk washing off the cock, the bit of pre gushing out of his piss slit, slick against Andrew’s lips. “So boned, bro… Like, fuck, Andrew. I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I fucking want you bad.” Matt’s head is spinning, more precum emerging from his slit. Part of him wants to reach down and force his brother’s mouth over his cock, fucking his twin’s face until he cums. But another part, an unfamiliar part of him, wants Andrew to do the exact same thing to him. Matt reaches forward, his large fingers running through Andrew’s hair. Andrew looks up into his brothers eyes, licking his lips. He gets down on his knees, Matt’s hand never leaving the back of his head as he continues to massage Andrew’s scalp. Andrew reaches his arm up and wraps his hand around the monstrous shaft. It’s the first time he has seen it this big and this close in so long. Andrew closes his eyes and opens his mouth as he moves his head closer to the giant python sticking right out of his brother’s groin. He pushes his tongue out, it’s the first thing that makes contact with Matt’s cock as he tastes the saltiness of his twin’s precum coming off of the tip. Pushing even more forward, trusting his larger brother with his hand still on his head, the head begins to enter his mouth, followed by the thick shaft, making Andrew open his mouth wider. As the head hits the back of Andrew’s throat, he closes his lips around the shaft and begins use his tongue and inner cheek and sucking skills to pleasure his much larger brother as best as possible. Moving his head back up to the head before going right back down the length, getting into a steady rhythm. Matt moans out in pleasure. The hands on the back of Andrew’s head pulls him all the way as far down his shaft as possible. He can feel his cock hit the back of Andrew’s throat again as he holds him there. Andrew gags once… twice… three times, as he feels his brother’s throat finally open for him as his cock begins to push even deeper. “Oh Fuck!” six inches going down his twin’s throat, then 8 as more and more of his man cock fills his brother’s mouth and esophagus. A Matt begins to start bucking his hips, going back and forth, pumping his huge dick in Andrew’s mouth. Andrew’s lips are stretched around it, and his brother’s teeth grate against the skin of his rod. Matt’s so turned on it just makes him even hornier. Each time Andrew gags, his throat squeezing around his large cockhead, little precum spurts push out of his cock. “Fuck yeah, Andrew! Mmmm… Ffffffuck!... Take that big man cock bro…” his huge chest heaving as he breathes heavily, driving his dick more and more into his brother’s mouth, a trickle of sweat running off of his brow. Matt begins to let out a groan of pleasure as he finally begins to release a load down Andrew’s throat. His shaft going nuts inside his twin’s mouth, spasming violently as he continues to send cum rocketing down his brother’s throat. As his orgasm begins to subside, he pants heavily, feeling Andrew suck the cum right out of his dick. “Oh fuck, that was good bro…” Andrew swallowed it all and his own balls begin to churn. His cock trembles, a pleasant warmth spreads throughout his body, traveling through his bones before settling in his muscles. Andrew feels something going on within him, but isn’t sure what. Little known to him, his height has increased slightly; from 5’5 to now 5’6”. His muscles tense all over his body and quiver for a moment under his skin as ten pounds of muscle was added to his body. Andrew feels strange, but good. Very good. A little bit stronger. A bit more confidence. A bit more capable. Andrew wipes his mouth as he stands up to his full height. His cock has expanded slightly as well, but not by much, as his balls churn from this little scenario they just experienced. Andrew moans, his own shorts still dropped and his cock hanging free and hard. Looking right up at Matt, Andrew’s balls pull up in their sack. His balls begin to fire, large, fast shots. The first one hits Matt right across his abs… the second, his bobbing cock… the third and fourth go right across Matt’s thick thighs and large feet. Andrew pulls away, ducking under Matt’s large arm as his last shot sprays a trail right across the kitchen floor. Andrew turns around for a split second, looking back at Matt. Matt looks a bit less proud, not standing as straight as he usually does. His brother’s traps a bit sunken down. What Andrew thinks is Matt is a bit embarrassed of what just happened, but what really is happening is something completely different. Matt’s body is slowly losing mass as he drops an inch in height within seconds, losing his imposing 6’5” stature that he was so proud to have as he crumbles away to 6’4”. Matt’s massive cock, still hard, but not the hardness that it typically is even after he blows a massive load. Matt doesn’t have his after orgasm hard on anymore. Matt staggers backwards, confused at why he suddenly feels so light-headed. But the moment passes and he slowly recovers. “Fuck Andrew, that was an incredible blow job… you’ve totally blown my mind, bro!” Matt chuckles and reaches down to wipe off the cum that was shot all over him by his brother. But just like before, there was nothing to clean up. Matt shakes his head, pulling up his jock and stuffing his semi-hard cock back into it. His shorts follow a moment later as he looks over at Andrew, noticing that his twin looks a little less thin than he used to and a bit more toned. Matt turns, heading back up the stairs to their bedroom for his books and the rest of his clothes. As Matt leaves, Andrew too notices the changes. His shirt doesn’t quite feel so loose on his shoulders; it doesn’t hang as loose off his thin torso. It’s an odd thought, and one that doesn’t really make much sense yet; Shirt’s don’t just shrink while a person wears them, after all. To Be Continued… Coming Soon: Part 03 – Gym Time
  4. Herald

    theft The muscle frat (5)

    Five Brock awoke from a deep sleep. His frail body was hurting unlike he'd ever felt before: Brad had really pushed him to his limits during their workout yesterday. He'd tried helping his now 100 pound heavier friend, but he couldn't even lift Brad's warm up weights. By the end of the 2 hour gym session, he'd just sat on a bench watching Brad blast his chest. A hint of jealousy had gone through him when his buddy got up from the bench and flexed his pumped pecs in the mirror. "Ah, you're awake. How ya feeling, buddy?" Brad's voice made Brock look up. His 185 pound friend was only wearing a pair of boxers. A tingle went through his cock as he stared at the nicely muscled torso. "Sore allover", Brock replied, "I have never felt like this after a workout". "You went all out yesterday. Normal that your muscles are stiff. Just keep it up", Brad said and he sat down next to his buddy on his bed, "Here. Brought ya a shake". "Thanks", Brock said as he took the shake and admired his buddy's 17 inch arms. Brad noticed the stare and patted his friend's bony shoulder. "No worries, man. We'll built back yar size. Ready for another workout?", he asked to take Brock's mind off his frail body. "Nah. Feel like a bus hit me. I'm gonna let my muscles recover today", Brock said reluctantly as he remembered he was once able of working out three times a day. "You're right, man. But you'll have to come tomorrow", Brad stated. He got up from the bed and walked over to his closet to put on his training gear. "Catch ya later", he said and left the room. Tristan blinked his eyes a few times. A hand groping his left pec pulled him from his sleep. He looked aside and saw Mike roaming the wide surface of his mighty chest, the guy's hand looked comically small atop his thick pec. He felt the guy's hard cock poke against his huge quad. "Enjoying the feel?", he asked. The booming bass vibrated down Mike's six-pack and sent a shiver through him. "You're so fucking huge, T.", he said and his other hand joined in to explore the mountainous chest. The meaty rack of muscle suddenly began dancing under his touch as Tristan bounced his pecs. Mike's mouth hung open in a soundless moan and his dick exploded against the beastly quad. A grin formed on Tristan's lips as he felt the liquid heat splatter against his thick thigh. He flexed his pecs some more and felt two more blasts leaking against his tree-sized leg. He grabbed Mike's right armpit with his right paw and effortlessly lifted the 162 pound jock up. Mike marveled as his muscular body was hoisted up in the air like a feather by the beastly teen. "Fuck. You lift me with one arm", he blurted out while he was lowered down atop the deeply grooved eight-pack. He sat up, his legs at the sides of the massive torso he was now straddling. His hands instantly reached for the juicy pecs that protruded upward and outward from Tristan's chest. His fingers kneaded the meaty mounds, or tried to: the hot, concrete-hard surface didn't budge at all under his grip. His 6 inch cock was back to full hardness after his orgasm and was laying in the canyon running down the center of the teen beast's eight-pack. "How did you get so huge, T.?", he asked as he pinched the hard nipples. "Mhm", Tristan grunted in pleasure. He looked into Mike's blue eyes and decided to tell him. "I discovered an old chart in the frat house library a few days ago", he said, "it talked about the rules of the frat, like how the cum of the selected few is harvested in the 'cum chalice' at their initiation and that only the top athlete's on campus can join. At the end of the text there was some kind of prophecy. It said that one day a star-marked man would come and he would incarnate the frat's traits…" "So?", Mike interrupted since he didn't understood the words of his huge tutor. Tristan brought up his left arm, his massive bicep bulging in the process, and turned his hand so that his palm faced Mike, exposing his thick wrist. "See this mole", he said as he pointed at the small birthmark, "I've had this star-shaped mole since my birth. So I'm the chosen one. Very ironic if you think about it: me, a frail runt destined to be part of the frat with the biggest jocks. I didn't even realize it at first. I was busy steeling glances of Brock and avoiding to get caught. Things were going fine until Brock came into the mutual showers were I was showering. He grabbed my shoulders to talk to me and a wave of energy hit me. Warmth flowed from Brock's fingers into my body and all my muscles began growing while Brock's melted away. Then I understood the prophecy: it meant the chosen one would be the ultimate jock by taking the traits of the selected few. the muscles of all the guys that have cummed into the 'cum chalice' can be absorbed by me. Brock was one of them." "So, you could get even bigger, T.", Mike said. "If I find out who's cum went into the chalice, I guess I can", Tristan replied and placed his hands behind his head. His 28 inch arms balled up in vein infested boulders and he felt Mike's cock throb against his abs. "You really like my muscles, don't ya?", he asked. "Fuck yeah", Mike answered without taking his eyes from the monstrous biceps, "must be so fun to be huge". "Like 'em enough to cum again?", Tristan asked with a smirk while he tensed his arms to make his biceps dance aside his head. Mike's 6 incher smacked against the rock-hard eight-pack as another jolt went through it. "I've emptied my balls earlier", he said and his hands left the thick pecs to reach for the perfectly round biceps. "We'll see", Tristan groaned, "Come on feel 'em". Mike didn't need any further encouragement. His hands closed in on the orbs of muscle, shaking nervously as he felt the heat coming from the tanned cannonballs. His hands made contact with the concrete-hard spheres but didn't even cover the top. "Mhgn", he moaned as another jolt shot through his rock-hard cock. Tristan noted the pure lust in the smaller guy's eyes and made his bicep dance under his touch. "Mughn", Mike moaned again but his 6 incher didn't leak any fluid. His balls churned painfully. "Resisting my muscle, he", Tristan said and he clenched his eight-pack, trapping the throbbing cock in the deep valley running down its center. "Aughughn", Mike groaned as his dick was being crushed by the cobblestone-sized abs of his beastly tutor. Painful stabs shot through his balls and it felt like they were being pushed out his cock as another orgasm rolled over him. A meager, watery load leaked from his cock as the eight-pack around it relaxed. A hard blow hit his back: Tristan's big cock had come to life during his worship. Mike swiftly slid down and installed him between the huge quads. He dove onto the 12 incher that pointed straight up toward the ceiling, his hands atop the eight-pack for support. "Fuck", Tristan moaned deeply. The thought of having sent the 162 pound jock over the edge twice filled his mind with his own sexual prowess. His thick balls clenched as the hot mouth made contact with the sensitive, dark red head of his cock and orgasm exploded through his 284 pound body. His left hand grabbed the back of the jock's head to keep him in place and his magnificent muscles flexed in a display of pure manhood as the first thick load fired from his cock. "YEAUGHN!", he boomed in his deep bass while load after load blasted from his 12 incher. Mike gulped down the sticky cum like a hungry baby, breathing through his nose to catch his breath in between the long blasts. He felt spunk dripping from his mouth along the lengthy snake. He playfully bit the thick head in his mouth. "OUGHN", Tristan boomed as he felt the teeth on his sensitive cock. His balls blasted out four more loads and he fell back exhausted after the orgasm of a lifetime. Mike felt his huge tutor's orgasm wear down as the tenth blast disappeared down his throat toward his bloated stomach. He inhaled deeply through his nose and licked the last remains of cum from the fleshy snake. "Ya're so good, M. Never thought ya were a cocksucker", Tristan said and gently ruffled the jock's hair. Pride filled Mike as he heard the remark. He drew his mouth from the slowly deflating 12 incher and laid down next to the 284 pound beast, his own muscular body taking in the heat emanating from his beastly tutor. He dazzled off in a deep sleep. Being on his physical peak, Tristan had already recovered from the orgasm. "I'm gonna hit the showers", he said and got up, abandoning the bloated jock on the mattresses in the center of the room. In the gym Brad was going through his daily workout. He missed Brock's company to really push him to his limits, but ever since his buddy had lost his muscles he felt he had to protect the little guy. "Ten", he grunted between his teeth and lowered the bar. His shoulders were pumped from the military presses. A faint noise made him look aside and grab his phone. A grin formed on his lips when he read the message Emily just sent him. He grabbed his towel, rushed into the locker room and headed over to Emily's place. Back in the frat house, Brock had just informed Keith about Brad's brother. He hadn't mentioned a thing about the guy stealing his muscles but just told the frat leader that the guy wasn't planning on leaving the frat house. Before he could warn Keith to bring backup, the frat leader had told he'd come back to campus in the afternoon and ended their phone call. Brock knew the 165 pound Keith didn't stand a chance alone against the massive Tristan. He decided to go talk to Brad about it and headed over toward the campus gym. Brock entered the campus gym but saw no one around. He wandered through the deserted weight room he dominated until a couple of days ago and went in the locker room. He didn't see his buddy in the central area leading to the shower zone so he walked around the corner to where the lockers were positioned. He made his way to the furthest corner where his and Brad's locker were. A loud bang made him jump up. He heard some heavy footsteps echoing through the first part of the locker room and looked around for a place he could hide. He ducked and placed himself against the locker in front of his own, hoping that the other guy wouldn't see him. The heavy footsteps came closer but then moved somewhat away. A locker was slammed open in the other corridor formed by the double row of lockers in the center of this part of the locker room. Brock controlled his breathing and silently crawled toward the end of the row of lockers. He peeped around the corner and saw Sean standing at his locker. Sean, a junior and one year younger than Brock, had been his rival ever since he joined the football team. At 210 pounds of muscle, Sean was the undisputed number two on the team. He had tried to take Brock's place as the star quarterback without much success. Brock's weight advantage had always given him an edge on the 30 pounds lighter athlete: even though Sean was a tad faster, Brock was quite a bit stronger. Sean wasn't very popular on the team either: his cocky attitude contrasted with Brock's easy-going, team-oriented spirit. Despite Brock's efforts, they had never become friends. Brock continued observing his now way bigger rival. Sean was going through his things inside the locker. He looked around carefully and pulled out a vial and a syringe. He filled the syringe, tapped it, pulled down his shorts slightly and plunged the needle into his ass cheek. Brock realized what Sean was doing and took a slight step back. He lost his balance on the slippery floor and fell backward against the locker. The thud echoed through the locker room. Sean jumped up when he heard the sound. "What the fuck?", he said, quickly emptied the syringe and tossed it in his locker as he pulled up his pants. "Who's there?", he yelled. Being the second biggest man on the football team, he didn't fear anyone but Brock. He jumped swiftly to the source of the sound and discovered a small, yet familiar looking boy lying on his ass on the floor. "I … I swear I didn't see anything", Brock blurted out as he stared up at his rival. He noticed the angry look in the 210 pound athlete's eyes and crawled backward but his back was already against the cold, metal locker. "Brock?", Sean asked incredulously as he recognized the high-pitched peep. A grin formed on his face while he realized his big rival was gone and he was now the number one on the team. "What the hell happened to ya?" Brock saw the devilish grin forming on the big guy's face. "I lost my muscle", he said as a big hand grabbed his shirt and lifted him off the floor. "Really?", Sean replied with a smirk as he held his fallen rival at eye level with just one arm, enjoying the feeling of being all-powerful. "Why are you on 'roids?", Brock asked while his arms and legs dangled in the air. "I thought ya didn't see a thing", Sean said. Brock ignored the remark. "You're the second biggest guy on the team. Why would you need to roid up?", he went on. "How do ya think I got this big? I was stuck at 180 pounds. No matter how hard I trained, I couldn't get any bigger. Did my first cycle at the end of high school and gained 10 pounds of pure muscle. Have been cycling every summer since then. Now I'm doing some more to take top position next year. But I guess I won't have to wait until my senior year and you leaving", Sean said. "Huh?", Brock peeped. "You're wrong: I'm no longer the second biggest guy on the team. I'm the alpha dog now!", Sean boomed. He tossed away his fallen rival. Brock flew through the locker room and crashed down in a pile of smelly clothes. Before he could get up, a big hand grabbed his shoulder and dragged him over to the lengthy mirror. His clothes were ripped away and he looked at his reflection. His 80 pound body made him look like a frail prepubescent boy. "You're so pathetic", Sean said as he moved in to stand behind the runt. Brock stared at his 210 pound rival in the mirror. Sean was easily three times as wide as him and at 5'8 towered over his own 5'2 body. His thick arms hung relaxed at his sides, pushing the sleeves of his T-shirt to their limits, and were just a bit too big: Sean always worked them harder than any other body part. Brock felt his meager cock hardening. "Seems like the B-rock has crumbled down to nothing", Sean said and poked the little guy in his puffy stomach. "Flex yar arms, runt", he said. Brock reluctantly raised his arms. He'd flexed in front of this mirror countless times but never before he'd feared his reflection. He flexed his arms as hard as he could but his 7 inch pipes lacked any definition. He noted the grin on Sean's face in the mirror. "I was bigger when I was 8", Sean said and put his right hand atop the scrawny right bicep. He clenched his hand and his strong fingers crushed the weak bicep like jelly. "Aw", Brock peeped in pain as his upper arm was crushed together. His left hand reached for the hand atop his right arm and tugged at it. His weak efforts were no match for his rival. "Haha", Sean laughed at Brock's feeble attempts to get free. "No one will stop me now!", he said and threw a double bicep pose. His 21 inch guns mounded upward and hardened into two orbs of meaty muscle as they ripped the treads of his sleeves. "Ughn", Brock grunted at the display of muscle. His 3 inch dick leaked a watery load. Sean noticed his fallen rival's reaction in the mirror. He lowered his arms, turned him around and placed his hand atop the guy's bony shoulders. "So, we have a fag on the team", he said as he Brock pushed down to his knees and unbuttoned his own pants with his other hands. Brock's legs gave out from the pressure and he kneeled down in front of the now undisputed biggest guy on the football team. Before he could react, a thick 8,5 incher was forced into his mouth. He gagged as more of the fleshy snake was shoved inside. Sean grabbed the back of his former rival's head and smacked him against his six-pack. He began face fucking the frail guy, thinking about how he now dominated the guy that used to eclipse him. Brock grabbed hold of Sean's muscular ass for support. He gagged and gagged but the 130 pound heavier athlete overpowered him completely. "Yeahung", Sean groaned as his cock fired away into the frail guy's mouth and throat. Four loads shot from his balls before his orgasm wore off. He released Brock's head and the small guy fell away while his 8,5 incher drenched his face with a final load. Brock slumped down to the floor and looked up in awe at the 210 pound stud while the thick spunk slid down his face. "Yar place on the time is mine now!", Sean said and threw another double bicep pose to emphasize his point.
  5. Herald

    theft The muscle frat (4)

    Four Brad and Brock returned to their room in silence. Brad's mind was processing the meeting with his now huge brother. He gently rubbed his pecs that were hurting from the hard blow he'd gotten. "I'm going to the gym for my workout. Maybe I can figure something out to help you, buddy", he said to his friend, "Wanna come?". "What could I do in the gym?", Brock peeped in his high-pitched voice, "I own most the records on the lifts and now look at me." Tears welled up in his eyes. Brad realized he'd made a mistake and gently grabbed his buddy's bony shoulder. "You could keep me company", he said," I've always enjoyed you pushing me to my limits. You had my back when you were bigger than me. Now I have you back, buddy. So, sure you don't wanna come?". "Thanks, but no, buddy", Brock replied, "It would be too painful being in the gym right now, maybe later. I'm gonna stay right here. Go pump some iron, man". "Gonna blast these arms", Brad said with a grin and flexed his right arm. Brock stared at the 17 inch gun in envy. Just yesterday his own arms dwarfed his buddy's by 6 inches and right now, he'd kill to have arms like Brad. He nodded and watched his 185 pound friend walk away. "Remember Brock? Found someone even bigger. Join me on my bro's campus. dexameni-frat house. T." Tristan clicked and his phone sent the message to Mike. Unlike Tristan, Mike was one of the popular jocks at their high school. Standing 5'7 and 162 pounds, Mike was one of the star players on their high school football team. Tristan still remembered the day Mike had come up to him, eclipsing his weak 125 pound body with his muscular frame and asked to tutor him. During their study sessions, Mike proved to be a fast learner but insisted on being tutored. After a few weeks, Tristan had finally gotten it: Mike kept showing up every time Brock was hanging out with his older brother. He'd spoken to Mike about it and the football player obviously denied. It wasn't until Tristan admitted being attracted to Brock's huge body that Mike also conceded. They had made a deal: Tristan would keep his mouth shut about Mike and Mike would keep the other jocks from picking on Tristan. During their study sessions they could then both steal glances of Brock. A vibration made Tristan look at his phone. "Even bigger than the bulk??? Taking the first plane out. Be there tomorrow. M." "He'll be in for a big surprise", Tristan said to himself as he put his phone down. In the gym, Brad was going through his workout with extra intensity. "Have to get bigger", he said to his reflection and curled the bar up with shaking arms. His thoughts kept going back and forth between his now puny friend and his now huge brother. He dismissed the thought and returned his focus on his pumped arms. "One more", he yelled to his swollen and red biceps as he curled the bur up for a final rep. He tossed the bar down and did a double bicep pose, admiring how his arms mounded up toward 18 inches of hard muscle. A jolt went through his plump cock in his workout pants. "Let's see if Emily is up for some fun", he said to his reflection and left the gym. Brock went to the kitchen and stumbled backward as he entered. The beastly Tristan was sitting at the table filled with food and was wolfing down huge amounts of food. Brock stared in awe as the massive biceps bulged up into perfectly round, veiny cannonballs that stretched the sleeves of the gray t-shirt as the teen brought the food to his mouth. Tristan looked aside and noticed the scrawny Brock standing in the doorway. "Miring the view?", he asked with a smug grin. Brock simply nodded without taking his eyes from the 28 inch arms. "I'm stuffed", Tristan said and patted his stomach, "needed the food to fuel my muscles". Brock kept looking at the beastly teen who stood up and swaggered over to him. He gulped while drinking in the sight of Tristan's massive muscles straining the gray t-shirt. It was his most baggy shirt that hung loosely over his 241 pound body until yesterday. He craned his head up to stare into the beast's eyes. Being 5'2 himself, the 6'1 Tristan towered over him in height. Tristan loomed down into Brock's eyes, noticing the mixture of fear and arousal. "You used to be so intimidating, but now you're pathetic", he said, "I had my brains when I was skinny. You don't even hove those". "Please, Tristan. Give my muscles back", Brock pleaded in his high-pitched voice, "Ya don't even have to give them all back. Ya can keep some of my mass". "I don't think so, Brock", Tristan replied, "I'm liking my new size. Besides I don't know how I took your muscles. So I can't give them back. I think your muscles look better on me. Don't you agree?". Tristan brought up his right arm and flexed it. His cannonball-sized bicep mounded upward and outward atop his low-hanging, thick tricep; veins exploded over the surface as the monstrous bicep rose and rose until it reached 28 inches of hard meat underneath the paper-thin bronzed skin. Brock's eyes widened as the massive muscle flexed right in front of him. He thought he heard the skin stretching as it tried accommodating to the hardening bicep. He instinctively reached for the insanely muscular arm. A shiver went through his scrawny body as he touched the rock-hard, hot mountain of meat. His 3 incher leaked a watery load in his pants. "Don't I look better with your muscles? Better than you ever did?", Tristan asked again and flexed his right bicep some more under the frail touch. "Yep", Brock blurted out as his fingers were pried open by the beastly bicep hardening some more. A hint of disappointment went through Tristan: he'd hoped for the tingling sensation to return when Brock touched his arm so he could drain some more size from him. But nothing happened. Perhaps he can't get smaller than he is now, he thought and brushed the skinny guy's hand away from his arm. "Better hit the gym again to grow back some size, Brock", he said with a smirk and abandoned the fallen football player. The next day Brock followed his friend Brad to the gym. Both of them wanted to avoid Tristan as much as possible and Brad was happy that his best friend was regaining some of his old energy. He decided to push the little guy as much as possible to make him grow back his muscles. While Brad and Brock were out, Mike arrived at the frat house. His dick was hard thinking about the huge guy Tristan had mentioned in his text. He stepped up to the front door and knocked. He stepped back as a massive guy opened. "T? What the fuck happened to you?", he yelled out in disbelief as he recognized the guy. "Let's go to my room", Tristan said and went inside. Mike followed the beastly man, admiring his insanely wide back. Tristan opened a door on his left and strutted in. Mike hurried in and closed the door behind him. He looked at Tristan standing in the center of the room, his arms folded in front of him. Veins crisscrossed all over the thick forearms, impossibly large biceps pushed the sleeves of his grey t-shirt up and hard, horseshoe-shaped triceps jutted out in relief at the back of the meaty upper arms; protruding pecs strained the front of the shirt and wide, round shoulders pushed it to its limits. "So? What do ya think?", Tristan asked with a smirk on his face. "Huhg?", Mike muttered as he tried to fathom the unbelievable sight in front of him. He looked up at the beastly teen's chiseled face: a coarse five-o'clock-beard decorated the square jawline. Tristan noted the look of pure admiration in Mike's blue eyes. "How did you get so huge, T.?", Mike asked and cleared this throat as his voice cracked. He just couldn't believe the size on the guy he'd outweighed by a good 40 pounds. His dick was rock-hard and throbbed in his pants. Tristan didn't respond. He slowly took off his shirt, gradually revealing his upper body. Mike's mouth fell open and his eyes widened to the size of saucers as his once scrawny tutor's torso came into view. He gazed at the massive traps that made his neck look like that of a bull and descended into an impossibly wide pair of perfectly round, bowling ball-sized shoulders that supported the thickest, most muscular arms he'd ever seen; a thick protruding rack of meaty pecs the size of half watermelons divided by a deep cleavage stretched the tanned, paper-thin skin tight across the mighty chest that obscured the top half of the hardest looking eight-pack around, the valley running down the middle of the four rows of cobblestone-sized, deeply edged abs looked deep enough to fuck it. "Ughn", Mike groaned at the sight and he creamed his pants. "Something wrong, M.?", Tristan asked smugly as he looked back at the high school football player. He noticed the dark stain forming at the front of the athlete's jeans. "Wanna see my legs too?", he demanded teasingly. Mike nodded eagerly while he drank in the display of muscular perfection and orgasm kept racing through his 162 pound body. Another load flew from his cock into his soaked boxers. "Thought so", Tristan said and removed his sweat pants. He tossed them aside and stood up straight. "Fughnck", Mike grunted in pleasured disbelief as he gawked at the tree trunk-sized pillars of muscle that were his tutor's legs. The different parts of his huge quads were crisscrossed with deep crevices and thick veins, the teardrop obscured his kneecap by its sheer size and his strong calves jutted out at the back of his lower leg. Mike's eyes were drawn to the front of the military-style boxers that seemed ready to burst open. "Still think that Brock has the best body?", Tristan asked in his deep bass while he rubbed his thick left pec. "Fuck Brock", Mike blurted out breathlessly and lunged forward. Before Tristan could react, the 162 pound football player was kneeling in front of him and yanked down his boxers. As the fabric only descended to about half his quads, he reached down and ripped them off. His plump cock inflated further as more blood flowed into it. Mike stared at the hardening snake in front of him. He gulped, licked his lips and took the swelling cock into his mouth. He grabbed hold of the beastly quads for support. "What…", Tristan let out but the pleasure of the 162 pound athlete servicing his dick overtook him. His left paw gently ruffled the guy's pepper and salt hair while his right paw played with one of his own hard nipples. Mike licked and sucked along the shaft that kept swelling inside his mouth as his hands roamed the hard surface of the muscular quads. "MMhm", Tristan moaned as his cock reached its 12 inches and goose bumps appeared all over his huge body. Mike used every instinctive skill he didn't even know he possessed. He upped the pace of his sucking, sucking the coke can-sized cock's head quickly and teasingly. He was rewarded by rumbling, needy sounds off his beastly tutor. He heard the massive guy's breathing increasing and sucked him deep and very hard. Tristan felt the electricity of a mighty orgasm rolling over him. His right paw grabbed the back of Mike's head and pulled him onto his dick. His lemon-sized balls drew tight and a first, huge load of sticky cum blasted through his throbbing shaft. "FUUGHNCK", he boomed and his huge muscles flexed as he was sent over the edge. Mike's nose collided with the hard bottom row of abs. He grabbed hold of his tutor meaty ass as the fleshy snake inside his mouth throbbed and flooded him with thick spunk. His own cock leaked another load as he realized he sent the hugest man around over the edge. "FUCK", Tristan roared once more as a second, third and fourth load shot from his cock. Mike gulped down the cum as fast as he could, but the juices leaked from his mouth and nose. His vision began waning since he couldn't breathe from the cum that kept filling his mouth. Tristan fell the hands on his muscular ass losing their grip but kept his right paw tight at the back of the athlete's skull to keep him in place. "Yeaughn", he groaned while four more blasts shot from his dick. Mike fell limp from the lack of air and the cum now poured from his mouth down on his chin. Tristan withdrew his still rock-hard 12 incher from Mike's mouth. He gently picked up the passed out guy, stripped off his clothes and laid him down on the mattresses in the center of the room. He laid down next to the guy that once outsized him by a good 40 pounds, but he now dwarfed by 120 pound of pure muscle and dazzled off.
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    theft The muscle frat (3)

    Three Fear filled Tristan's widened eyes as he was slowly span around to face Brock. He tried resisting and fighting back but his 124 pound body was totally overpowered by his brother's 241 pound buddy. His more-than-half-hard cock slapped against his skinny left leg while he was turned around. He quickly held his hands in front of it and looked up into the 5'8 man's eyes. "Just relax, man", Brock said as he looked down in the 5'5 little guy's dark brown eyes, "Don'tcha think it's time we had a real talk? Things can't go on like this. Yar bro and I are trying to help ya out". A pleasant warmth began flowing through Tristan as he listened to Brock's deep baritone voice. He felt his 5 incher harden fully beneath his hands as he was mere inches away from the amateur bodybuilder physique he'd admired for several years. Brock noticed the fear disappearing from the small boy's eyes and a hint of what seemed like a smile forming on his frail lips. A shiver travelled down his spine and his sight went dark for a second while he felt a tingling sensation between his meaty paws and the skin of the skinny guy's bony shoulders. He blinked his eyes to refocus his gaze. Tristan perceived pearls of sweat forming on the huge athlete's forehead. A faint moan escaped his mouth as the warmth increased exponentially throughout his frail body. He closed his eyes in pleasure. Brock looked down at the guy in front of him while the last black dots disappeared from his sight. His sight still was a bit foggy as if the steam in the shower zone kept him from seeing clearly. He noted the small, flat pecs and wondered why Tristan always wore baggy clothes: he looked decent enough like someone that had started working out a few months earlier. The tingling sensation made him look at his own paws and noticed the frail, yet squarish looking shoulders beneath them. He looked further down to discover the thin yet strong looking biceps with a prominent blue vein. The small guy had the typical surfer look with his nice tan. Brock looked back at the small boy's chest. He would have sworn the flat pecs looked bigger than a couple of minutes earlier. Tristan let out a second, louder moan as the warmth seemed to slip inside his bones and muscles. He reopened his eyes and stared at the meaty rack of hard muscle atop Brock's chest. The thought that the protruding pecs seemed less impressive than he'd imagined, flew through his mind. His cock felt harder than ever before and it throbbed behind his hands. Brock stared at the growing boy in his grasp in disbelief and blinked his eyes again, but the foggy ring at the edge of his gaze only got more intense and prevented him from seeing anything else than the frail boy in front of him. "Ya're getting bigger, T.", he said as he noticed the hardening four-pack. He looked up and saw the now even thicker pecs swelling with every breath the small boy took. He felt the bony shoulder beneath his paws hardening and thickening. Brad's little brother now looked like a surfer who had spent too much time in the gym. The tingling sensation between his meaty fingers and the swelling shoulders increased some more. Tristan heard the huge man's remark and looked down at his body. A disbelieved gasp escaped his mouth as he stared at his muscular and still growing physique. He'd gained a good 40 pounds and it showed clearly: every muscle on his body was bigger, it was like he was going through puberty once more right there. His hands fell away from his cock and a throbbing hard, 6 incher stood up straight in front of him. He looked up at the man holding him and noticed that Brock no longer looked like an amateur bodybuilder but more like an overbuild fitness model. Brock's gaze was glued to the growing guy's rock-hard cock and a jolt went through his own dick. "Fuck. Ya're getting big like yar bro", he said in a slightly higher voice. The tingling sensation expanded through his body and seemed to invade every one of his meaty muscles. A hint of fatigue made a tremor course through his thick quads, but he was too busy admiring the hardening physique in front of him to notice it. Tristan noted the much less rich baritone and looked at his brother's huge friend's face. He gasped when he saw Brock's face: his prominent jaw line was getting softer and made his squared masculine face beginning to look rectangular. He also realized he was looking straight into Brock's eyes. His mind quickly processed this realization and he suddenly knew where his new size was coming from: the prophecy he'd read in the frat house library was right. He was now just as tall as the guy that once towered 5 inches above him. Their bodies now weighed exactly the same, but looked clearly different: Tristan's was bulging with pure, ripped muscle and growing where Brock's was shaggy and somewhat blobby looking and obviously shrinking. Brock couldn't believe his eyes: the wimpy, frail boy before him was now looking like a contest ready physique competitor. The shoulder beneath his hands were broadening and thickening and began pushing open his fingers; the once flat pecs were now a nicely protruding rack of striated muscle atop a deeply grooved six-pack; the stick-like arms were replaced by strong looking, muscle-filled pipes that had to be around 18 inches. A throbbing motion made him look down and he saw the thick, rock-hard 8 inch cock protruding proudly from Tristan's body. The thick fog at the edge of his sight began dissipating and as he looked down he noticed his own chest. "No", he mumbled in a hig-pitched tenor voice, "where did my muscles go?". "Here", Tristan said in a now way deeper voice than Brock. His thickly muscled arms reached forward and he grabbed hold of his brother's friend's armpits. Instantly, more warmth rushed through his ever growing body. The tingling sensation from Brock's hands also appeared where Tristan's hands made contact with his body. A wave of exhaustion and weakness seemed to come over him as he felt his muscles being siphoned into the other man. "Let me… go", Brock said in a breaking voice and tried squirming free. He fought with every ounce of strength left in his weakening body and manage to loosen the grasp around his ribs. Tristan felt his brother's friend breaking his hold but quickly replaced his hands in his armpits and applied more pressure. His growing body got stronger with every passing second while Brock's diminishing one only got weaker. "Feed me your size!", he boomed in his deepening baritone voice and let the energy and mass flow into him. Brock tried freeing his hands from the swelling shoulders but they were fused to the now boulder-sized orbs of muscle. His eyes widened as he felt his feet leave the floor: the guy he'd outsized by nearly 120 pound just minutes earlier now held him effortlessly in the air. "Put me down, T.", Brock pleaded desperately as his body now sank below 160 pounds. He fought and squirmed but the grasp around his torso got stronger and stronger. "Ya still have more left to give", Tristan replied as he enjoyed the feeling of being all-powerful and dominating the huge stud he'd luster after ever since he'd first seen him. Brock just stared at the ever-growing beast that held him, tears flowing from his eyes: Brad's little brother was quickly closing in on his own old size and showed no signs of stopping. His heavy, striated protruding pecs heaved bigger with every breath and each time maintained their new size, the tanned skin was stretched tight across the inflating mounds of meat and stretch marks began appearing at the top and sides of the massive rack as the quickly growing muscles pushed the paper-thin skin to its limits; the arms that held him up were perfectly round and bulged with muscle and snaking veins as they now clearly surpassed the 23 inches he once had; the six-pack had evolved into an impossibly deeply edged eight-pack; his once stick-like legs now were pillars of strength that easily supported his growing body and his rock-hard cock was closing in on a double-digit-length and the girth of a coke can. "Please, give my muscles back", he pleaded in a girly voice. Tristan looked into the tear-filled eyes of his brother's best friend. A smirk formed on his lips as he realized how easily he held the once huge athlete up: the once huge Brock felt like a feather in his swelling 25 inch arms. Brock's intimidating, masculinity-oozing body had shriveled down to the same pathetic size he'd been minutes earlier and kept getting weaker in his grasp. His own, now huge body felt energized and strong as warmth and mass kept flowing into him and fed his growing muscles. "Fuck. This feels so good", he said in his rich, deep voice. Brock noticed the hungry look in Tristan's dark brown eyes and he realized the guy wasn't going to give his muscles back. His own eyes widened as he marveled at the guy's body: the wimpy boy he'd always known now surpassed his size at his prime. The muscles bulging all over the man's growing body kept amassing more mass. The man holding him up wasn't simply huge, he was growing beastly: shoulders now twice the size his had been and perfectly round, gave him an impossibly intimidating v-taper. Fatigue began overwhelming his own diminishing body as he sank below 100 pounds. Tristan felt his growth coming to an end and summoned the last ounces of strength from the weak body in his grasp. "FUCK YEEAH!", he boomed in a deep bass that echoed against the tilled walls and rattled the wimpy frame in his grasp. He tossed the now 80 pound Brock aside and looked down at his own 284 pound body. He looked like an ultra-heavy weight bodybuilder ready to compete: every muscle on his 6'1 frame was pumped, hard and ripped and rippled beneath his paper-thin tanned skin. His 12 inch cock exploded against the tilled walls, flooding the shower zone with his sticky man juices. He abandoned the wimpy Brock and swaggered out of the shower zone, his heavy footsteps echoing through the frat house. Brock lay down on the cold, wet tilled floor and waited for the sound of the heavy footsteps to fade. He got up slowly, his skinny legs quaking with fatigue: he felt like he'd just gone through a grueling workout. He avoided looking at his reflection in the mirror, put on his shirt and sighed: the once skintight tank top now hung like a tent around his 80 pound body. He wandered over to his room and stumbled backward as he saw the huge Tristan coming out of it with some of his clothes tossed over his bowling ball-sized left shoulder. He waited a few seconds and went into his room. All his clothes were tossed around the place. He picked the now way too big shirts and pants up, put them back in the closet and heard his phone vibrating. He went for it and noticed a text from his buddy Brad. Got my bro's text. Seems like ya guys having a great time. Will be spending the night at Emilys. Have fun. B. Brock put his phone aside, got in bed and cried himself to sleep. The next morning Brad came back to the frat house with a smile on his face. He'd spent a very good night with Emily, like they always did. "Just in time for my morning workout with Brock", he said as he entered their mutual room. "Who are you?", he said as he saw a small guy standing in the center of the room. Brock jumped up at the sound of his best friend's voice. He turned around and had to look up to look at Brad's face, his best friend was now a full head taller than him. "It's me", he said, his weak voice breaking as he began crying. "Brock?", Brad asked incredulously as he recognized the patheticly skinny boy, "What happened to ya?". "Your brother… in the shower… my muscles…", Brock muttered in between sighs and sobs. Brad closed the distance between them and put his hands around his best friend. "It's okay, man. I'm here for ya", he said as he gently patted the frail back. Brock let his best friend comfort him. For the first time since he'd lost all his muscles, he actually felt safe. His now 100 pound heavier friend's embrace filled his weak body with warmth. "So, my brother did this to ya?", Brad asked, "but how?". "Don't know", Brock peeped in his girly voice, "my muscles just flowed into him when we were in the shower last night." "I'll go talk to him. He has to give yar muscles back. I'll make him do it!", Brad said. "He won't listen to you", Brock replied. "Don't underestimate me, buddy", Brad said and flexed his 17 inch right arm, "Come on, let's go talk to him!". "You don't get it: he's huge now. Way bigger than you are", Brock stated as he looked at his buddy's flexed arm with envy. Brad noticed Brock staring at his arm and quickly relaxed his pose. "No worry, buddy. I'm his big bro. He has to listen", he said as he gently ruffled his best friend's hair and went to the door. He stepped through the frat house to the part where his brother was staying, his buddy Brock following close behind him. He slammed open the door of the first room and stormed in, Brock right behind him. Someone had pulled the mattresses from the two beds and placed them together in the center of the room. But otherwise the room was deserted. "What are ya runts doing here?". The deep, thundering bass rumbled against the walls, rattled the windows and resonated in Brad's and Brock's bodies. They spun around and saw Tristan entering the room. The small Brock retreated behind his bigger buddy as the beastly teen came in. Brad looked in awe at his younger brother: every huge muscle on his body seemed ready to jump through the skintight hoodie he was wearing; the prominent vein snaking along his upper arms was clearly visible through the fabric. Not wanting to show his intimidation, he stepped up to his brother to confront him. He gulped as he had to look up slightly to stare him in the eye and he noticed that his brother's insanely wide shoulders were more than twice as broad as his own. "You took Brock's muscles?", he asked as deeply as possible. "Yep", Tristan replied matter-of-factly", I also took his hoodie". "Give them back", Brad stated, ignoring how his brother's deep bass drowned his own voice. "Or else what?", Tristan replied and put his hands on his hips and flared his lats, making his body double in width. The stretched hoodie protested with a tearing sound as it split open under the pressure of the beastly teen's wide back. Brad couldn't help it and took a step back instinctively. "Just give them back, bro", he said. "Ya're gonna make me?", Tristan asked coldly and inhaled deeply to make his huge chest expand. More tearing sounds came from the hoodie and the zipper at the front was pushed down by the massive mounds of striated muscle. "I… ehm", Brad began but words died in his throat as he laid eyes on the deep cleavage between his huge brother's thick pecs. More intimidation flowed through him and he had to summon all his willpower not to take another step back. Tristan saw the look of doubt in his older brother's eyes and a smirk formed on his lips. "Well?", he said. Before his brother could react, he shoved him in the chest. Brad didn't know what hit him. One moment he was standing in front of his now massive brother, the next he flew through the room and crashed down on the mattresses. He coughed as he got up to his knees. A huge paw grabbed hold of his shirt and lifted him up. He stared in disbelief at his younger brother as the beastly teen held his 185 pound body effortlessly up with his right arm. "Ya're in no position to tell me what to do, bro. Got it?", Tristan boomed angrily. Brad clutched at his brother's massive arm, trying to break free. "Guess I'm no longer 'little T.' like ya called me. Seems like 'little B.' is just a bug in my grasp", Tristan said as he shook his brother back and forth, "I'm calling the shots now. Got it, little bro?". Brad nodded, knowing full well he was no match for his beastly brother. He'd never felt more scared. "Now get lost!", Tristan boomed and tossed his brother into the corridor. Brock sprinted toward his best friend and the two of them quickly got away.
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    theft The muscle frat (2)

    Two The next morning Brad awoke with a strange feeling: the mixture of too many beers and the pride of being a DEXAMENI-frat member buzzed around in his head. He groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked around the unfamiliar room. He was laying in a bed against the left wall, the bed against the opposite wall was empty but the sheets were tossed on it. He tried figuring out how he'd gotten there. All he remembered was the initiation, the first two beers and then everything was blurry. "A shower would do some good", he said to himself as he sat up in his bed and tossed his sheets aside. He noticed he'd worn his boxers to bed. He tried stepping out of the bed but his spinning head made him pause for a second. The door opened and he looked up. "Ah, ya're awake, roomie", Brock said as he entered the room. "Roomie?", Brad asked while his buddy, wearing nothing but a towel rapped his waist, closed the door and turned around. "Yeah, Keith agreed you moved in with me since we're friends. Normally the new guys have to stay together in the other part of the building but I convinced him to let ya stay with me", Brock replied. "Thanks, buddy." "Don't mention it", Brock stated with a grin, " Ya really let yourself go at the party. I carried ya upstairs to our room. Ya were too wasted to make it up the stairs. Ya passed out in my arms. Ya didn't even hear me get up an hour ago for my morning workout." "A shower would be a got idea", Brad said and stepped out of his bed. He walked over to the center of the room but his 45 pound heavier friend didn't move and blocked his way to the door. "There are some rules around the house ya don't know yet, rookie", Brock said. "What do you mean, B.?", Brad asked and looked into his friend's eyes. "Well, I'm the senior member here. Second in line after Keith. So ya have to do what I say", Brock said as he placed his hands on his hips to flare his lats and emphasize the width of his 229 pound body. Brad nodded as he took in the size of his best friend's pumped arms. A hint of jealousy going through him since he'd always envied Brock's good muscle building genes. "I could use a blowjob right now", Brock said. "No way", Brad blurted out. He gulped as he saw the look on the bigger man's face. Brock folded his pumped arms in front of his chest, making the mounds of muscle that were his biceps swell into the rack of pecs. Brad reluctantly fell down to his knees and looked up at the veins snaking along the cords of muscle in his buddy's forearms. He reached for the towel when the 45 pound bigger man began laughing. "Got ya", Brock said as he exploded in laughter, "Man, ya should have seen your face. Priceless!". He grabbed his buddy's armpits and hoisted him up to his feet. "You mean I don't have…", Brad began. "Na. I could make ya, but you're my friend", Brock stated, "Serious though, if ya want a good blowjob let me know. One of the new members from last year is great at giving head. Might gonna see him right now". Brad noticed the stirring motion beneath his best friend's towel. "Shower's in the hallway", Brock said as he disappeared from their room. The semester went by like a breeze: Brad had the time of his life in the DEXAMENI-frat. He enjoyed the friendship of his roommate who kept watching his back. Every time one of the older frat members wanted to put him up with some humiliating chore, Brock would show up and say that he was his personal rookie and made him carry his shoes or gym bag while the others laughed at him. They kept working out daily, pushing each other to their limits. Brad had managed to gain three more pounds, now brushing 185 pounds of ripped muscle. Brock on the other side put on another 12 pounds, making him a whopping 241 pounds of bulky mass, his arms now measuring nearly 23 inches cold. Some of his newly gained mass was fat though, a role of lard began obscuring the bottom row of his muscle gut, but being the biggest guy on the football team was more important to Brock than a ripped six-pack. A week before the Christmas holiday, Brad walked into their room. His eyes went wide as he stepped in. Brock was lying naked on his bed while some small wrestler was nestled between his thick quads and sucking him off. "Jeez, I'm sorry", Brad muttered as he backed away. "Get in and close the door, rookie!", Brock ordered as he looked up to his roommate. Brad closed the door and stood in the center of the room, staring at the incredible scene in front of him. He actually felt his own dick hardening in his pants as he looked at the small, yet muscular wrestler sucking his buddy's 10 inch pole with gusto. "YEAUGHN", Brock groaned deeply, his meaty chest flexing as he blasted his load down the wrestler's eager throat. "Good one, Jay", he said as he gently ruffled the wrestler's hair. Brad watched as the wrestler got up and noticed the large wet stain on the guy's tented boxers. "You've such a hot body", the wrestler said as he rubbed his hands along the masses of meat atop Brock's chest. Brock bounced his meaty pecs under the guy's grasp and looked at his roommate. "Ya want a blowjob too, Brad?", he asked. "Na, I'm good", Brad replied. "Your loss. Jay's got the best mound on campus", Brock said and clenched his fist to make his right bicep harden under the wrestler's touch. "Wow", Jay said as his hands were pried open by the orb of steely meat. "Ya can train with me after the holidays like I promised, Jay", Brock said, "Now leave me and my roomie to it. Happy holidays". He threw a double bicep and sent the wrestler off. Just as Jay passed by Brad he said to him: "The offer stands. If you want a blowjob, let me know. Brock said you have a great body too". Brock exploded in laughter as he saw the dazzled expression on his friend's face as the wrestler left their room. "Told ya he's real good. He came up to me the first week he'd gotten in the frat and offered me a blowjob right there in the showers! He's even more into my body as I am. Ya should really give it a try, buddy. So, what's up?". "Problems at home", Brad said as he sat down on his bed, "You mind putting on some clothes?". "A shame to hide any part of this body", Brock replied and slowly rubbed his hand along his bulky frame and gave his deflating 10 incher a good squeeze. He did pull on his boxers. "My little brother dropped out of high school and is in constant fights with my parents. Some holiday I'm up for", Brad said. "Why don't ya ask him to stay here on campus. He could sleep here in the frat house, most of the guys are going home. I'm staying since I'm an orphan so ya don't have to be here alone with him", Brock replied as he walked over to his roommate's bed and sat down next to him. "Sounds pretty good to me. But I'll never convince my parents", Brad stated and looked into his buddy's eyes. "I'll give 'em a call. Say ya have some stuff to do on campus", Brock said and patted his friend's back. "Tell them my brother's in for some pre-student program", Brad said and thanked his best friend. Brock indeed managed to convince Brad's parents and a week later his brother arrived on the nearly deserted campus. A faint knock on the wooden doors of the frat house echoed through the hallway. Brock opened the door and looked down on the skinny boy standing there. "Little T.", he said with a grin as he recognized Brad's little brother Tristan. Tristan instinctively stepped back as he looked at his older brother's massive friend. Despite having turned 18 a few weeks earlier, Tristan looked like puberty had completely forgotten him. Standing 5'5 and weighing a measly 124 pounds, he looked like an emaciated kid. Even the thick hoodie and the baggy jeans he was wearing couldn't hide his skinny frame. Brock looked into the small boy's dark brown eyes and felt a bit uneasy, despite outweighing him by more than 100 pounds. Tristan just stared back into the huge man's eyes. He noticed the unease and a smug grin formed on his lips. He'd always used his intellect to mess with his jock brother and Brock, enjoying their stupid reactions. "So", he asked, "Can I come in or do I have to stay out here?". "Oh, sure thing, little T. Come on in. I'll show yar room", Brock said moved aside to let the small boys enter. "You're getting fat, Brock", Tristan said as he squeezed his frail body between the wall and the huge man's muscle gut, "Jeez, you're taking up half the corridor with your bulk". "Biggest man in the house and on the football team", Brock said with pride and flexed his right arm in front of his torso, making his 23 inch gun harden in a veiny, striated orb of meat. Tristan stared at the round ball of hard meat and shook his head. "If I want to see some dumb meat, I'll watch some cows. Just show my room. Then you can go back at mindlessly pumping iron to compensate", he said in a harsh tone. Brock relaxed his pose. "Let me grab yar bag", he said to break the tensed atmosphere. He tossed the bag over his broad shoulder and silently led the small boy to his room, wondering why the guy didn't admire his muscles like the others. Even though he could squash him like a bug, Tristan always made him feel somewhat unsecure. "Here we are", he said as he opened a door in a deserted hallway, "If ya need anything, let me know. Yar bro and I are staying on the other side of the house. I'll come get ya for diner", Brock said and left the small boy. He closed their door behind him and went for the gym. Tristan looked around the room but couldn't get the image of Brock's huge body from his mind. He'd always had a crush on the guy ever since he'd seen him shirtless, comparing his muscles to Brad's. Since then, Brock had only grown bigger and he'd often jerked off thinking off the guy's big muscles. He'd only played cool and uninterested to avoid being caught. Now, having stared at Brock's bulk stretching his tank top to the max, his cock was raging hard since the huge man had opened the door. Tristan unbuttoned his pants, pulled his throbbing 5 incher from his briefs and began stroking his hot shaft. Within seconds, he blew a watery, meager load, thinking about Brock's beastly body. He pulled his pants back on and got unpacked. A few hours later Brock returned from the gym with Brad. They found Tristan sitting in the kitchen, quietly eating dinner. "Hey, little bro. Heard you dropped out of high school", Brad said. "So?", Tristan replied without looking up. "Cool with me", Brad stated a bit uneasy. "Let's eat too", Brock said to break the tension. He knew Brad and Tristan had never really gotten along. "Good workout, man. Still feeling pumped", he said to Brad while he bounced his pumped pecs. Tristan looked up as he finished his meal and saw the meaty mounds of muscle dance atop the huge man's chest. "Lucky I'm done eating. One could easily lose his appetite looking at a half naked man with a role of fat protruding from his gut", he said while his cock hardened in his pants. "Sorry", Brock replied uneasily and put on a shirt he pulled from his gym bag. "Little bro. It's Brock who got the idea to invite ya over. So ya could get some distance from man and dad. So show him some gratitude", Brad said to his brother. "Wow, Brock. You're improving: you had an actual idea", Tristan answered instantly. He snickered as he noticed the embarrassment in the huge man's eyes. "I'm going to bed. Exhausted from the trip.", he said and disappeared from the kitchen. "I'm sorry, man", Brad said to his bigger friend, "I really thought my brother would thank ya for letting him stay here. I'll talk to him in the morning. So, nice record ya set on the bench today." A smile appeared on Brock's face when his buddy mentioned his new record. He felt testosterone flow through his 241 pound body just thinking of his lift. "I'm gonna trash our opponents on the football field. Can't wait to break the 250 pound mark", he said and groped his thick pecs. The confidence of being the biggest man around returning to him. The rest of the week went by as it had started: Tristan stayed in his room most of the time, avoiding his brother and Brock as much as he could. Brad and Brock let the small guy alone and spent lots of time in the gym, constantly pushing each other. They decided to throw a party just for the three of them, hoping to take Tristan's mind off things at home. As they ended their workout, Brad said he would get the booze. He took a quick shower and went to the store, while Brock blasted out some more sets to make his 23 inch arms grow some more. Brock smiled at his reflection as he did a double bicep and saw his pumped arms. Brock arrived back at the frat house, pulled off his sweat-drenched workout gear and strutted into the mutual showers. He heard the water running and saw Tristan standing under the farthest shower head. He nodded at the small guy and took the shower next to his. He sighed as the hot water cascaded down on his beastly body. Tristan looked up in shock as he heard the heavy footsteps and saw Brock stepping up to him. He quickly turned around, facing the tilled wall as the man he secretly lusted for stood next to him. He felt blood flowing to his flaccid cock and focused on hiding his beginning boner. Brock began soaping his wide, muscle-filled frame and looked aside to the small boy standing next to him. Up close and without his baggy clothes the guy looked even wimpier. "Nice tan ya have", he said, giving Tristan a compliment to break the tension that somehow always appeared between the two of them. "So that's why you're always in the gym: to look at other guys' bodies", Tristan replied and glanced aside to look at Brock's pumped arms. A shiver went through him as the masses of hard meat, choked with veins bulged while the huge man soaped his body. Another jolt shot through his further hardening cock. "No, I…", Brock muttered, "I really mean it: ya look good. Wish I had a bronze tan like yours". He felt even less sure after his remark, like the small guy made him feel weak and helpless. "Thanks, I guess", Tristan answered coldly. He turned off the shower, getting ready to leave. He turned toward the tilled wall on his right, his small back facing the huge man next to him and his hands covering his half-hard dick. Brock noticed the skinny boy's back and decided he had to talk things through."Tristan, wait", he said as he turned off his own shower. He gently put his paw atop the boy's frail shoulders. Tristan jumped up as the huge man's paws covered his bony shoulders completely. "What the fuck are you doing, Brock?", he yelped in his high-pitched voice and tried to squirm free. "Calm down. I just want to talk.", Brock replied and gently spun the small boy around so he could look him in the eye.
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    theft The muscle frat (1)

    One "Come on. One more, buddy!" Brad grunted from the effort, his face beet red as he curled the 100 pound barbell up. "10", he groaned between his teeth as he completed his rep. "Nice job, man", Brock said as he helped his buddy lower the barbell back down and place it on the floor. Both aged 21, the two had been friends ever since their first day in kindergarten and had always been in the same class up until university. Even then, they had both chosen Orchid University. After setting their first steps in the gym at age 15, they had continued working out together on a daily base and joined their high school's football team. Now they we're both among the star players of the university football team. Brad controlled his fast breathing and looked down at his former roommate grabbing the 120 pound bar from the rack. "Come on, final set!", he said to his buddy as he sat down on a bench, exhausted from their workout and took a sip from his shake. "Fuck yeah!", Brock growled as he began curling the barbell with perfect control. "Grow", he said to his arms, his big biceps swelling with every rep as more blood flowed into them. "8, agh, 9, agh, ten…", he groaned, "gimme a spot, man!". Brad got up from the bench and stood in front of his roommate. He placed his fingers underneath the middle of the barbell and assisted the movement. "Come on, one more!", he said to encourage Brock. "Eleuhven…", Brock grunted. His body trembled as he lowered the barbell back down. "Tweuhlve". Brad's eyes widened as his roommate went on to complete twenty reps before he helped him put the barbell down. While Brock grabbed his towel from the nearby bench, Brad looked at his own reflection in the mirror. He grinned and raised his right arm in a flex. The pumped bicep hardened atop his meaty arm, blue veins snaking along the muscle. "How big are those guns?", Brock asked as he emptied his shake and looked up at his buddy. "Just under 18 inches pumped", Brad replied and hardened his flex some more. Brock moved next to his friend and raised his right arm to copy his pose. His bicep, pumped and red from the workout, mounded upward as he brought in his lower arm. The peak pushed against his skin and a web of blue, thick veins fed the steely orb. "Nice man", Brad said while he stared at the obviously bigger arm. "22,5 inches all pumped", Brock stated with pride. "Let's hit the shower, man", he said as he relaxed his arm and strutted toward the exit. "Yeah", Brad answered. "So, any other news?", he asked as he caught up with his buddy. "I told ya a million times, man: I'm not the president of the frat. Just be patient", Brock said and patted his buddy on the back. "I've been waiting for an invite ever since we've got here three years ago. You got in during the second semester of our freshman year. This year is my last shot", Brad went on. Ever since Brock had been allowed into the Dexameni-frat, the most exclusive frat on campus that housed most of the top athletes, he'd been jealous. He'd been checking his locker for an invite every day since his best buddy had gotten in. Brock turned to face Brad, grabbed his shoulders and made him look in his eyes. "Your chance will come, buddy. Be patient!", he said in a loud tone to cut off Brad. He released his friend and continued his way to the locker room. Brad sighed, knowing his friend was right and followed him inside. The locker room was completely deserted. They took off their sweaty workout gear in silence. Brad was down to his boxers and reached for his locker when he noticed the little black envelope. "No way", he mumbled and took it. His hands trembled as he ripped it open and read the piece of paper inside. You've proven worthy to join the ranks of the Dexameni-frat. Report to the frat house this Friday at 1900h "Good news?", Brock asked, keeping his back to Brad as he stripped completely. "I'm in!", Brad blurted out. "Told ya to be patient, buddy. I'm glad for ya", Brock replied and strutted toward the shower zone. He turned on the shower and let the hot water cascade down on his muscular body. He looked aside to Brad standing under the shower to his right. "Did ya bulk up during summer?", he asked, "Ya look bigger than last year". "Yeah", Brad answered, "I'm up to 182. I'm catching up, buddy". Brock smiled at the reaction. Even though Brad was a tad taller, 5'9 to his own 5'8, their bodies looked different. Brad had the muscular physique of a ripped fitness model, while he had the heavily muscled look of a bulky amateur bodybuilder. "Still some work ahead, buddy. I've gained some mass too: up to 229,3 pounds." Brad turned to his side and faced his buddy. Every muscle on Brock's body looked fuller than his defined ones. "Ready to burst through the 230 mark, he big guy. We'd better change your nickname from B-rock to B-wall", he said. "My abs look better though." He caressed the grooves of his ripped six-pack. A smug grin appeared on Brock's face when his friend used his nickname. He'd always liked being called b-rock; it made him feel even bigger than he was. "Ya know what they say", he said playfully, "abs on a skinny guy don't count". He flexed his abs in response, making his somewhat protruding muscle gut harden. "You're lucky we're friends. I should have kicked your ass for that remark", Brad stated with a smile. They always fooled around but he knew his buddy always had his back. "Kick my ass? You and what army?", Brock answered in an amused tone. He turned to his right and faced his friend. Brad's defined muscles gave him an athletic look. His own muscles were clearly fuller and rounder, his shoulder's half again as wide than his buddy's. "Think ya could challenge the b-rock?", he asked as he threw a most muscular. Brad stared at his 229 pound friend flexing right in front of him. The bulky muscles hardened all over his broad frame: his thick arms digging into the rack of pecs atop his muscle gut, his meaty quads pushing against each other. "At least, I'm taller", he said with a smirk and stood tall to stretch out his 5'9 frame. "Ya have to have something to attract some female attention", Brock replied playfully, " otherwise no one would notice ya next to me." He relaxed his pose and gently punched his friend in the shoulder. "Na. You're lucky to have your big muscles. Your ugly face scares off anyone", Brad answered. "Thanks for helping me get in the frat. I really appreciate it, man", he said and thankfully patted his buddy's broad back. "I'm happy I could help. See ya on Friday for the initiation", Brock said as he turned off the shower and strutted away from the shower zone, water sliding along the crevices of his bulky muscles. Two days later, Brad made his way over to the Dexameni-frat house. His legs quivered slightly with every step he took and his stomach clenched together: it felt like his first day of school again. He looked up at the façade of the mansion he'd passed nearly daily since he's been on campus. Two flexed, muscular arms were painted on the wide door and the name of the frat of his dreams sat atop it: DEXAMENI. Brad inhaled deeply to calm his nerves and stepped up toward the entrance. He knocked three times and waited. What seemed like an eternity passed before the heavy wooden doors opened squeakingly. A muscular, bare-chested figure appeared in the dark corridor. "Come in!", a deep baritone boomed. Brad sighed, he had recognized Brock's deep voice and eagerly entered the frat house. "I'm glad it's you, Brock", he said, "I'm…". "Silence!", Brock rumbled, "you only speak when spoken too! Follow me!". Brad jumped up as the heavy doors closed behind him and by the harsh tone of his best friend. He nodded and followed the big guy through the long, dark corridor. Brock opened a door on his right and entered, his smaller buddy following right behind. "Strip down to your boxers", he said and folded his meaty arms in front of his protruding pecs. Brad obeyed and stripped off his clothes until he was standing in his American flag boxers in front of his friend. "So what's next?", he asked. "SILENCE!", Brock roared. Brad shivered, his friend's deep baritone rumbling inside his stomach. Brock led his friend into another room and made him wait by the door while he stepped up to the center of the room. He stopped at the base of a wooden staircase that led to an altar with a throne behind it. "O great leader", he said as he looked up to the figure in the throne, "I bring you a new recruit that wishes to join the ranks of our noble frat." "Bring him before me", the leader replied. Brock walked back to the door where Brad was standing and brought him to the center of the room. Brad's heart pounded nervously but the feeling of his buddy standing behind him, comforted him. "Step forward, brothers", he figure on the throne said. The other frat members appeared from the shadows and formed a circle around Brad and Brock. All of them were bare-chested like Brock and looked at Brad. Brad looked around and recognized Orchid University's star athletes. Their muscular torsos glistened as if they had been oiled up. He saw two of his teammates from the football team, the three top wrestlers and some other athlete's he didn't know which sport they played. He looked up at the figure on the throne and recognized him as the captain of the swim team. He wondered why the clearly smallest guy in the room was the leader of the frat. Keith, the frat leader, stepped from his throne and looked down at Brad. "Everyone that wishes to join the noble DEXAMENI-frat needs the advocacy of a senior member. Step forward he that backs this recruits acceptance!". Brad looked around nervously, but none of the frat members moved an inch. He felt his heartbeat going up, seeing his long awaited dream shattering before his eyes. "I support his candidacy!" Brad inhaled in relief as he heard Brock's voice and felt his buddy's paw atop his shoulder. "Very well", Keith said, "You have the support you need, recruit. Now let's see if you're truly worthy of joining the noble DEXAMENI-frat!". Before Brad could react, his boxers were yanked down and he stood fully exposed amidst his fellow athletes. He felt the blood race to his face and his cheeks started reddening. He moved his hands to cover his cock but two frat members moved in and tightly held his arms at his sides. He felt Brock's left paw grab his side and steady him. He inhaled deeply as his best friend's right paw grabbed his soft cock and began stroking it. He felt his cock harden and swell inside the strong paw that clenched around his inflating shaft. Within seconds he was rock hard. He looked down and saw that his fully hard 8 incher was completely engulfed by Brock's meaty paw. He noticed the tension on the corded muscles atop his friend's lower arm as the paw kept clutching his cock. His breathing fastened more and more as he felt on the verge of orgasm. "UGHN", he groaned as Brock gave his rock hard 8 incher a final, very hard squeeze and his balls spewed out their load. Six heavy blasts shot from his cock in an arch through the air before splattering down several feet further. He felt his muscles relax but the strong grasp of the two frat members that were holding his arms, kept him upright. He sighed in relief as Brock released his softening cock and grabbed his sides with both hands to steady him. "Seven feet and nine inches far", Keith said, "He's worthy of joining our noble DEXAMENI-frat!". The other frat members cheered as their leader grabbed the chalice from the altar and moved in front of Brad. He nodded at Brock. Brad felt his buddy release his right flank and grab his half-hard cock again. "Ughn", he grunted as his cock was stroked back to hardness. His drained balls stabbed in protest as a second orgasm was milked out of them only minutes after the first. His entire body went rigid as the warm, meaty paw grabbed his balls and clenched them together. Three watery loads leaked from his nearly fully hard cock into the chalice Keith held at its end. He would have collapsed as Brock hadn't grabbed his left armpit so secure him. He looked down and saw his buddy pull up his boxers before the warm right paw grabbed his other armpit. A feeling of relief went through his exhausted body. Keith shook the chalice, held it above his head for all the frat members to see it and placed it back on the altar. He turned around and looked back at Brad. "Welcome to our ranks, Brad!", he said, "now, let's party!". The frat members howled loudly and left the chamber. Bard followed them, not caring he was in his boxers. The feeling of finally being part of the frat filled him with joy.
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    dominance (Un)even rivals (9)

    Nine Three days had gone since Jeremy had taken the beating from Ted. His heavily muscled, 265 pound body felt better with every passing hour; his recuperation working overtime to repair the damage. He actually felt capable of getting up from the mattress for the first time since his confrontation with the teen beast. A faint sound made him look aside and he saw his smaller former rival, now trainer awake. Chris opened his eyes and looked straight at the huge bodybuilder on the mattress next to his. A faint smile highlighted the muscle god's face and he asked: "How do you feel today, Jeremy?". "Way better, man. My body has nearly recovered", Jeremy replied and sat up. "Is it true that you stole my muscles?", Chris asked as he got up, walked over to the other mattress and sat down, facing the 100 pound heavier man. Jeremy stared down to avoid his former rival's gaze. "I… ehm…", he mumbled. "Is it?", Chris asked again as he put his hand under the muscle god's chin and gently lifted up his head to make eye contact. "Yes", Jeremy muttered ashamed. "Why?", Chris inquired. "I… I was tired of coming in second behind you. I mean, you're a year younger than me and still outclassed me during our competitions. I tried bulking up but lacked the vascularity to even face you in the final. Roids weren't an option. I found a website about voodoo, with a spell to realize my greatest desire: grow freaking huge. You were the only one that stood between me and dominating the sport…", Jeremy told. "And what about my cousin?", Chris interjected. "I needed some body fluid for the spell. Your cousin wanted to get back on you and needed a clean urine sample to get his gym membership. So we made a deal: he would get me a sweat drenched shirt of you and I would hand him one of my urine samples.", Jeremy continued. "That's why he wanted to arm wrestle. And why he stretched the struggle on purpose", Chris shouted in his higher pitched voice. Jeremy nodded. "You know what happened then: I used the spell and grew huge on your size. I even gain muscle more easily from my workouts now." "You probably stole my good genetics too", Chris added, "I always hated working out, but my muscles responded insanely fast. I only train twice a week and got this body. Well, not this one, but you know what I mean". "Can you forgive me, Chris?", Jeremy asked softly. "Off course, man. I no longer have to work out any more. And your body looks way better than mine ever did. Drives me mad just to look at you", Chris said and kissed the muscle god on his lips. The kiss surprised Jeremy, but he instinctively returned it, making his strong tongue snake into the smaller guy's mouth. He put his hands underneath his lover's ass to lift him up but felt the small guy shiver. "What's wrong? I'm not going to hurt you", he said as he broke the kiss. "I know", Chris replied, "It's my cousin. He's been raping my ass the past days. He made me chose between him beating you up every day or dominating me." "You let him rape you just to protect me? He's 200 pounds heavier than you. I'll protect you from now on", Jeremy said and took his smaller lover gently in his arms in a protective reflex. "Would you dare to take him on again?", Chris asked and let his frail hands roam the thick muscles of the wide torso he was pressed against. "I wouldn't stand a chance, but to protect you, yes", Jeremy said, enjoying the feeling of his muscles being groped. "And what if we would even the odds a bit?", Chris stated and wormed himself free from his bigger lover's hold. "How?", Jeremy asked and watched the smaller guy walk over to his own mattress. "My cousin left the papers with your voodoo stuff in here to make me see how you stole my muscles", Chris said as he took the papers from underneath his mattress, "but he forgot to take out the page with the spell on it. I've read and reread the entire text. As I get it, the spell is still active in me but apparently your current size is what you want to be". "I don't want to take any more muscle from you. Not after everything you did for me", Jeremy replied abruptly. "Not what's left of my muscle, I like my current size too. Not having to bother to go to the gym anymore", Chris stated, "But I could use the spell to take tom's muscle and pass them to you through me." "Why not your cousin's muscles? I'ld be freaking massive!", Jeremy asked. "He's too big to control him during the transfer. He would beat you up before you could match him. You're already bigger than Tom so you can easily dominate him. Then you'll be big enough to take on my cousin", Chris said. "Off to the gym", Ted boomed in his deep baritone voice. He roughly pulled Tom's head from his cock and shoved the 205 pound bodybuilder away. He got dressed and strutted out off the bathroom. Tom waited to get up from the tilled floor until he heard the door slam shut and the beastly teen's car race off. He wiped the sticky remnants of the teen beast's orgasm from his face and wrapped a towel around his muscular waist. He walked through the hallway on his way to grab some breakfast when the small Chris emerged from his room. "You have to see this, man", Chris said to the 40 pounds heavier bodybuilder and went back in his room. "What?", Tom asked and stepped inside. "ME!", Jeremy boomed and grabbed the bodybuilder's wrists. Tom struggled with all his might but his opponent outsized him by 60 pounds of pure muscle. He tried resisting but the bigger god head-butted him and he crashed down. "Put him on the bed", Chris said to his huge lover. Jeremy did as he was told and swiftly tossed the knocked out bodybuilder atop his mattress. "Now strip", Chris said. He pulled away Tom's towel and took off his own clothes. He looked at how the nude Tom eclipsed him completely. He looked up and stared at the naked, muscular perfection as Jeremy stood next to the bed and dwarfed the other bodybuilder. "Go stand at the end of the mattress", he said to Jeremy as he laid down and put his head against the naked Tom. Jeremy moved as instructed and looked down on the two smaller men lying on the mattress, his dick plump at the thought of growing even bigger. "What are you waiting for, big guy? Get your cock in me. I want to feel you grow massive", Chris said. Jeremy blinked at the remark but noticed the determined look in his smaller lover's eyes. He slowly sat down on his knees at the end of the mattress and pulled the smaller guy toward him. He gently eased his now fully hard 7 incher inside his lover without removing his gaze from the smaller guy's blue eyes. "Fuck ", Chris grunted in pleasure as he felt the huge bodybuilder's pubes brush against his ass. His back arched up in sheer bliss and he fell back down, his head touching the knocked out Tom's torso. "Ready to grow beastly?", he asked and looked into his already huge lover's eyes. Jeremy nodded, his lust as strong as his smaller lover's one. "Here we go", Chris said, " Gargak Profundis atque venerabilis, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku! Translatio vigoris mei et essentiae meae, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku!". A surge of power shot through his 159 pound body as a wave of hotness flowed from the knocked out bodybuilder into him. At the same time a coldish weakness formed in his stomach and a draining feeling formed in his ass. "Yeah", Jeremy grunted as he felt a jolt of hotness tingle along his rock-hard 7 incher and flow into him. The feeling spread across his 265 pound physique. He closed his eyes and threw back his head in pleasure. The mixed feelings of warmth and cold, strength and weakness whirled through Chris. His lust for turning his lover into beastly perfection intensified the spell and he felt the power flowing from his ass into the throbbing cock inside him. Jeremy's eyes were still closed in pleasure as he felt a warm pump flow from his rock-hard 7 incher into his stomach and spreading across his thickly muscled frame. "Mugh", he groaned as he felt his steely muscles harden all over his godly body. . His body surged with growth, powered by Tom's muscles and Chris' desire to make him colossal. Chris' eyes widened in lust and admiration as he stared at the unbelievably hot scene unfolding in front of him: his huge lover evolved into sheer, colossal muscular perfection. Veins exploded across the growing masses of hard, meaty muscles as the 265 pound bodybuilder swelled beyond huge. His already broad shoulders doubled in width as his delts turned into cannonballs; his meaty pecs tripled in size, forming half-watermelon-sized slabs of beef that made his nipples point straight down and formed a rack that obscured half of his developing six-pack; his six-pack evolved accordingly and his abs grew into cobblestone-sized, hard bricks and turned into an armor-hard eight-pack; his 22 inch arms ballooned to 35 inches in mere seconds, turning his thick arms into meaty hams hanging at his sides; his heavily muscled quads that were positioned beside Chris' torso, thickened into tree-sized pillars of muscle and pushed into the smaller guy's sides. Chris' legs, wrapped around his swelling lover's torso, were pushed open as the strong lower back broadened and overpowered them. His ass, stretched tight around the growing cock deep inside it, was pulled up as the huge bodybuilder also grew in height. The sight and feeling of his heavily muscled lover growing in front and inside of him was too much for Chris. His own throbbing 7 incher twitched and smacked against the corrugated landscape that was the beastly eight-pack. "Jeremy!", he yelled out in lust as he exploded against the cobblestone-sized abs, his meager load squirting into the deep ridges between the thick, hard muscles. Jeremy opened his eyes as he felt the liquid rub against his stomach and heard his former rival groan his name. He gazed down and noted how childishly small His lover looked next to him. A grin spread across his face as an idea crossed his mind. "Wrap your legs around me. tight", he rumbled in his deepened baritone. The muscle god's deep voice vibrated in Chris' body and made him blow another load against the steely eight-pack. Instinctively, he did as he was told and tightened his legs around the marble-like hard torso. Jeremy felt the legs tighten against his more-than-hard lower back. He then stood up in a swift motion, his tree-sized quads flexing in the process. With his ham-like arms hanging at his sides, he supported the small guy's weight with his rock-hard cock. The pleasure combined with the look of utter reverence in the small guy's eyes sent him over the edge. He grabbed hold of his lover with his right paw, covering half his torso as his cock exploded hard and violently inside the tight ass. He saw his lover's stomach bloat as load after load of his thick spunk blasted in him. After ten heavy shots, his orgasm cooled down and he slowly pulled the small guy from his cock. His eyes widened as inch after inch of thick, meaty cock appeared from the frail ass. "Like it? I thought your cock should match your colossal muscle. So I adapted the spell a bit", Chris said with a grin and let his hands roam the stony mass of the muscle god's 35 inch right arm. Jeremy simply stared at his now 15 incher that protruded proudly in front of his majestic body. "Yeah! Huge like Ted!", he boomed in his deepened voice and put his lover gently down on the mattress. "But way better looking. Your proportions are perfect. Seems like you grew taller to match your new size", Chris said in utter amazement. Unlike his bulky looking cousin, Jeremy still maintained his perfect symmetry, looking like a colossal, yet capable-of-swift-movements athlete. Jeremy simply looked contest ready: his paper-thin skin was wrapped tightly around his bulging muscles; striations were visible on every mound of hard beef even though he stood fully relaxed. Jeremy threw a few poses to showcase his new physique, his skin stretching to accommodate the new girth of his massive, vein-decorated muscles. "Fuck! Look at my bi's! Boulders of beef!, he said as he raised his arms in a double bicep pose, making the meaty mounds swell into their now 35 inches. He lowered his arms and bounced his pecs. The protruding rack of muscles danced atop his chest, striations and veins undulating across the half watermelons crammed under his stretched skin. He shook his tree-sized left leg, making the incredible mass of his quads role from left to right, and flexed it: deep canyons exploded aside the thick heads of muscle fed by veins snaking over them. His slowly deflating, still half-hard cock jolted and smacked against the steely hard leg. "Thanks man", he said as he relaxed his leg and looked down at his small lover on the mattress, "you made my bigger beyond my wildest dreams. Even after I stole your size. How can I ever repay you?". He gently grabbed hold of the smaller guy's armpits and lifted him off the mattress. "We'll figure something out, big guy", Chris said, enjoying the feeling of being hoisted up by the most beautiful man he'd ever seen. He wrapped his arm around the muscle god, or tried to. His huge lover's back was so wide that his arms didn't make it past the massive, cannonball-sized delts: his frail hands grabbed the meaty mass of the rear delt, unable to dent the hard surface. He leaned into the massive body, the protruding rack of pecs pleasurably pressing against his own weak chest, and kissed the muscle god's lips. Jeremy returned his smaller lover's kiss. He wrapped one anaconda-like arm gently around the 159 pound guy to support him, his free paw grabbed the back of the guy's head and pulled him in; at the same time, his tongue invaded his lover's mouth. Chris was overwhelmed with pleasure and his cock raced back to hardness between his own softened abs and the concrete-like eight-pack. Black dots began dancing before his eyes as the muscle god kept kissing him. He tapped the rear delts with all his might to make clear he was in need of air. Jeremy grumbled at the soft tickles of his small lover against his shoulders. He opened his eyes and noticed the dark red color of the guy's face, realizing he was suffocating. He broke the kiss. Chris inhaled deeply as he let his body rest against the hot, hard surface of the now colossal Jeremy. The sound of the back door slam shut signaled Ted's return. "Yo, Tom!", the beastly teen boomed as he tossed his gym bag on the floor. "Where ya hidding, ya runt?", he yelled as he took a gallon of milk from the fridge, mixed it with an insane amount of protein powder and gulped down the impossibly large drink in three long gulps. "My cousin's bony ass will have to do", he said to himself and strutted out off the kitchen. The sound of the heavy footsteps slowly climbing the stairs vibrated through the house as the teen beast went up. Chris jumped up on his mattress as the door of his room was ripped open violently. He instinctively crawled back against the wall as his massive cousin swaggered inside. A smug grin formed on Ted's lips at his weak cousin's reaction and at the look of fear in his eyes. He slowly walked toward the mattress against the furthest wall of the room. His cock twitched in anticipation inside his boxers. Despite having jerked three times in the shower after his workout, he was ready for another round. "STOP TIGHT THERE!" A deep, booming command filled the room, rolled against the walls and rattled the windows. Ted turned around in surprise. The grin disappeared from his face as a huge man worked his way through the door. "Who the fuck…?", he asked without taking his eyes off the colossal bodybuilder. "Don't you recognize me?", Jeremy asked and stood still just inside the room, "I did get a little bigger since our last meeting". He clenched his right fist, making his forearm ripple with strength as its corded muscles tensed and his upper arm harden in the process. Ted's eyes glistened as he recognized Jeremy. He scanned the massive muscles on the guy's bare torso and noticed he was wearing a pair of his sweatpants that were nicely filled out by his legs. "Let's ditch this", Jeremy said and moved toward the teen beast with one long stride. He grabbed the guy's shirt and tore if off his beastly body in a swift motion, exposing the other giant's torso. Standing 6 feet tall, Ted had to look up to look in the now massive Jeremy's eyes. He took an instinctive step backward. Chris stared at the two giant's. At 6'5, Jeremy towered above his cousin, but the beastly teen's muscles looked bigger on his more compact frame. Coming direct from the gym, his cousin's shoulders and arms were still pumped. "No longer the biggest stud", Jeremy said to Ted and bounced his pecs as he spoke, "Let's go and don't bother us ever again!". Ted looked at the half watermelons dance atop the other giant's chest. He closed his right paw in a fist, pulled back his massive arm and slammed it with all his might into the deeply grooved eight-pack in front of him. Jeremy blinked in surprise: the sledgehammer-like fist had hit his cobblestone-sized abs at full force with a loud smack but the punch had bounced off the steely hard surface without even denting it. "That all you got?", he asked mockingly and returned the favor. Ted couldn't believe that his devastating blow hadn't done any damage. Before he could react, the other giant slammed his own fist into his six-pack. He grunted faintly as he felt his strong abs give in slightly. He threw another punch against the eight-pack, but Jeremy clenched his abs just in time, making the punch bounce off once more. Jeremy saw the look of disbelieve on the beastly teen's face and hit the guy's six-pack a second time. This time his fist encountered a fully flexed brick-like wall, not giving in the slightest. Ted didn't give the huge bodybuilder any time to pull back his thick arm: he grabbed hold of the guy's massive shoulders and pulled him down. Chris saw the two giants slump down and continue their fight on the floor. It was a pile of heaving, sweaty muscle that rolled back and forth, paws locked into each other and straining as the two muscle gods fought for dominance. Ted somehow ended up on top and threw a hard punch in Jeremy's face, bruising his left cheek as the bodybuilder turned his head to avoid the punch. Ted grabbed hold of Jeremy's clawing arms and pushed them down to the floor behind the guy's head. "Not so tough after all", he grunted as he tried to bring down the massive arms completely. Jeremy fought back and managed to block the teen beast's advance. His tree-sized arms shook with effort against the inhumane strength of his opponent. He suddenly gave in and pulled with all his force, making the beastly teen lose his balance and fall forward over him. Ted rolled over the other giant and quickly jumped back on his feet. He turned around and saw Jeremy charge at him. He braced his 367 pound body for the impact but the momentum of the bodybuilder's 365 pound body threw him backward against the wall. The wall cracked with a loud sound and in a cloud of dust, the two giants knocked through it and crashed into the master bedroom. Ted blinked his eyes in mild pain: his back ached a bit from breaking through the wall. He looked around and a hard punch slammed into his six-pack. "Ugh", he grunted as some air was forced out of him and his abs dented in. "Get up!", Jeremy groaned as he withdrew his fist and took a step back. Ted stared up at his colossal opponent. He closed his paw around a thick, wooden beam between the debris from the wall. He sprang up and smacked the beam hard against the massive Jeremy's protruding chest, shattering it to shreds as it made contact with the slabs of muscle. "ugh", Jeremy grunted in surprise and pain at the impact. He stumbled back a bit, more in surprise than in pain. Ted moved in and punched the huge bodybuilder's lower back, hitting him in the kidneys. "Ugh", Jeremy groaned a bit louder and sank down on one knee as a second sucker punch hit him in the kidneys. He felt the beastly teen's hands pass underneath his armpits to take him in a full nelson. He leaned forward, pulling the teen beast off balance. Ted released his grip to regain his balance and his opponent was up in a flash. He reached for the massive Jeremy but the guy made the same move and their hands locked together. Chris didn't dare to move. He followed the fight by the sounds coming from the other room. He knew the two giants would crush him, even by accident, if he got in their way. Jeremy and Ted stood fighting to get the upper hand, their huge anaconda-sized arms straining and bulging from the effort and their hands moving back and forth. Ted threw everything he got into the fight, but the other muscle god did the same. Their faces were red from the effort, their chests heaving and their mounds of muscles pumped with blood. Ted felt his strength fading slightly: he'd worn out his muscles in the gym earlier. His legs started to shake slightly as he summoned more power to stand his ground. Jeremy noticed the hardening strain on the beastly teen's face and felt the faint quiver go through the guy's 35 inch arms. He suddenly stopped pushing. Ted was taken by surprise by the other muscle god's maneuver: he lost his balance and fell forward, smacking into the massive torso in front of him. Jeremy had anticipated this and unlocked his hands from the other bodybuilder's. He wrapped his arms around the beastly teen's torso and applied a bone crushing bear hug. Ted squirmed in the vice-like grasp. He clenched his fist to make his arms swell and harden. He summoned every ounce of strength and managed to loosen the hold. Jeremy felt his hands slide apart as the beastly teen squirmed and flexed in his grasp. The 367 pound guy's power couldn't be denied and he had to release his bear hug. Ted inhaled deeply to refill his lungs with oxygen. He didn't allow his opponent to recover: he quickly wrapped his own 35 inch arms around the bodybuilder's torso and pressed with all his remaining strength. "Ugh", Jeremy grunted more in surprise than pain. Despite the beastly teen's efforts, his own muscles withstood the attack. He could even feel the 367 pound guy's power wear off. "YEAH!", he roared deeply as he broke free from the hold and shoved the teen beast back hard. Ted was caught by surprise as he was overpowered for the first time in years. "No", he blurted in disbelief and fell backward. It felt like juvy all over again: for an instant he was once again the wimpy, skinny boy being picked on by the bigger guys. Jeremy moved in: het grabbed the beastly teen's sweatpants and lifted the 367 pound guy up. "Now leave us alone!", he roared and threw the teen beast through the door, sending him crashing into the bathroom. He felt all powerful after taking down his colossal opponent and began flexing his superb physique in the large mirrors against the furthest wall. Ted shook his head and blinked his eyes. He was lying in the middle of the bathroom along with the contents of the cupboard he'd knocked down when he flew in. He noticed a familiar, black, little box amidst the heap. He opened it with shaking hands and 6 doses of the new designer steroids he was on, rolled in his paw. He grabbed an empty syringe and filled it with three doses. He lowered his skintight sweatpants and overstuffed boxers and injected the thick fluid in his left testicle. He repeated the process for his right testicle. A rush of warmth, energy and adrenaline radiated from his balls into his body. He pulled his boxers and pants back up and got up. He turned around and saw the other colossal bodybuilder flexing in the lengthy mirror inside the master bedroom. Jeremy ogled his majestic physique in the mirror: he couldn't wait to get on stage and crush his puny competitors. He couldn't even call them 'rivals': he would outclass them in every way possible. He closed his eyes as feelings of dominance and victory filled his mind. A hard blow on his lower back made him come back to reality. A second one knocked the wind from him and made him slump down on one knee. In the mirror he saw Ted standing there. "Didn't have enough?", he asked as he got up. Two heavy punches on his upper back made him sink back down. Ted saw the look of pain on the massive Jeremy's face and stepped back, motioning him to get up. Jeremy got up and turned to face the beastly teen. He moved in and once more, their hands locked into each other to fight for dominance. His 35 inch arms bulged and shook as he pushed with all his might. His pumped muscles started to burn from the earlier fight. Ted 's equally meaty arms shivered also but he could feel the designer steroid doing its work: the massive dose injected into his balls was forcing them to produce testosterone beyond human levels. He felt his arms pulse with power as the tremendous amount of testosterone began releasing into his bloodstream. Jeremy felt fatigue and cramp spreading slowly across his bulging arms. He would swear that the beastly teen's resistance was stronger than before he'd beaten the guy and seemed to get stronger with every passing second. Ted saw the increased strain on his huge opponent's face and felt the mild, but now steady shiver go through the 365 pound bodybuilder's massive arms. More energy flowed into his own anaconda-like arms with every surge of testosterone his balls released into his bloodstream. He felt his own strength increasing and the resistance in his grasp grow weaker and weaker. Jeremy couldn't prevent the shaking of his mighty arms: fatigue and cramps tormented his bulging biceps and corded forearms. Sweat was rolling from his forehead over his cheeks from the effort. He flexed his tree-sized quads, his legs hardening into an impressive sight, to summon every bit of strength left inside him. Ted felt the increased power of his opponent against his grasp, but his freshly energized and continually fed arms repelled the attack. Jeremy's entire body was starting to tremble as he fought with everything he had against the beastly teen. He suddenly stopped pushing and pulled to throw the teen beast off balance. Ted's colossal body didn't budge an inch as the 365 pound bodybuilder tried pulling him in. Jeremy knew he was in trouble as his maneuver failed: spasms and cramps shot through his body as he felt his strength waning further and further. "My turn", Ted said in a somehow deeper voice and yanked at his opponent's hands. Jeremy instantly lost his balance and smacked against the rock-hard torso of the teen beast. His head shot back and he groaned in pain as the beastly teen's meaty arms closed around his own hyper-muscled torso. Ted didn't flex his arms or clench them together: he simply held the 365 pound bodybuilder in his steely grasp. By now, the testosterone was flowing rapidly into his muscles, making them swell and harden. Jeremy tried squirming free, but his fatigued muscles protested. He knew he had to let them recover and pretended he passed out to fool his opponent. He felt the steely grasp tighten and harden with every passing second. He inhaled deeply and made his move. He summoned every ounce of strength he could scrape together in his 365 pound body and squirmed with everything he had. Ted felt the massive Jeremy's resistance, but it was no use: it felt feeble and didn't budge his hardening arms a bit. The testosterone coursing through his body and now flooding his muscles had totally refreshed his energy levels. The time Jeremy had taken to make his own muscles recover, Ted had grown 20 pounds heavier. Jeremy opened his eyes and a look of pure horror filled his face: the beastly teen that held him tightly secured in his grasp was clearly growing. He tried resisting, but his own majestic body didn't move an inch inside the vice-like hold. An evil grin spread across Ted's lips at the look on the huge bodybuilder's face. It felt like the guy was getting lighter and lighter in his grasp, but he knew it was his own body that grew beastlier with every passing second. His once 35 inch arms were rounding the 40 inch mark as he felt his growth slowdown. His body now matched Jeremy's exactly in height, but he outsized the 365 pound muscle god by 50 pounds of pure, hard muscle. Jeremy howled in pain as the teen beast hardened his biceps and made the stony boulders dig into his own heavily muscled flanks. "Let's end this once and for all", Ted growled in an insanely deep baritone that rattled the windows and hardened his flex. Jeremy flexed with all his remaining might to withstand the crushing power but it was no use: he passed out as his ribs gave in with a sickening, cracking sound. "Yeah!", Ted boomed as he crushed the 365 pound bodybuilder's ribs. He pulled back his right arm, made a huge fist and smacked it hard into the muscle god's face. The stony fist sank deep into the once epitome of male beauty and now bloody mess that was Jeremy's face. "NO!" The weak cry made the beyond colossal Ted turn around. He saw his puny cousin standing in the opening of the shattered wall. He tossed the now lifeless Jeremy hard on the floor and moved toward his childish-looking cousin. "Ya're next!"… The end?
  10. Herald

    role-reversal (Un)even rivals (7)

    Seven Chris shot up in his bed, his heart pounding in his heaving chest, his pajamas slick with sweat and his cock half-hard. He turned on the light and inhaled deeply in relief as he discovered his own hotel room. He scanned the room intently but didn't find any trace of Jeremy or his cousin. "Just a dream", he said to comfort himself and laid back down on the bed to try and get some more sleep. Hours later, he awoke from a deep. He put on his clothes and went down to get some breakfast. He entered the almost abandoned restaurant, quickly filled his plate with a tiny, half-sized serving and installed himself at a table in the furthest corner as far away as possible from the few other couples that had come in to eat. He absentmindedly played with the food on his plate as he tried to think back at what really happened a day earlier. After his dream, he was not sure if he had worked out with Jeremy or just dreamed that as well. "This seat taken?" The baritone voice pulled Chris back to reality and he looked up. Jeremy stared down at his diminished rival with a casual grin on his lips. He put two overly stuffed plates on the table and returned to the buffet to get some more food. Chris stared at the 265 pound athlete that walked back toward his table. The grey tank-top hung loose around the man's tight waist but clung tightly around the protruding rack of pecs that stretched the fabric and hugged his wide lats on his broad back. Jeremy put two more overly filled plates on the table and sat down. He dug in with great appetite, emptying the first plate quickly. "That all you eat?", he asked as he attacked his second serving and noticed the small amount of food of his fallen rival, "I wouldn't last half an hour on such a small breakfast". "No, not feeling too hungry today", Chris replied and stared at the big man's bulging arms that brought the food to his mouth. "You're not sick, are you? You left so soon in the gym yesterday too", Jeremy said as he continued wolfing down the food. "No, but…", Chris blurted out, "I ehm… I'm done. Going back to my room" He got up from his seat. Jeremy's paw grabbed hold of his forearm, encircling it completely. "Bring back two more plates for me. Got to fuel my body for my workout", Jeremy said and released his rival's arm. "Okay", Chris said but the big man had already returned his attention to his food. He wandered over to the buffet and randomly chose food he piled on two big plates. He returned to their table, glancing and marveling at the defined muscles bulging at the back of the huge guy's shoulders as he put the two servings on the table. "Thanks, man", Jeremy said as he shoved the empty third plate aside and attacked the fourth pile of food without looking up, "You're going to keep staring at my back or sit down?". Chris shook his head and sat down quickly, staring at the 265 pound bodybuilder in front of him. It struck him how good Jeremy looked: his chiseled, manly face oozed masculinity atop the muscle-filled frame. He had never noticed it before, not even when he had gone up against the guy. But his rival's face sure had evolved to match his beefed up body. Chris felt his dick inflate slowly in his pants. "I'm stuffed", Jeremy said as he put the sixth, empty plate aside and gently patted his strong six-pack. He turned his look on his diminished rival and noticed the small guy ogling his muscles. Enjoying the admiring look, he pretended not to notice and casually scratched the back of his head, intently making his 22 inch right arm bulge in the process. Chris just kept staring. His gaze followed the meaty arm as it was raised upward, his eyes widened at the pace the magnificent ball of muscle hardened and so did his dick in his baggy sweatpants. Jeremy continued looking the 100 pound smaller guy in the eye, his mind busy savoring the feelings the admiration of his former rival formed in his body. He could feel his cock starting to go plump. He simply raised his right arm in front of his protruding chest and flexed it. The 22 inch orb of steely power, crisscrossed with blue veins jumped up into a stony ball. "Wanna feel?", he asked as he saw the lusty look in the smaller guy's eyes. "I… ehm…", Chris said and looked around carefully. "It's fine. No one can see us in this corner. Go ahead", Jeremy stated and hardened his flex some more. His cock inflated further in his pants. Chris slowly extended his trembling hand. He felt the heat radiating from the hard ball of muscle as his fingers reached for it. "Was everything okay?" Chris looked at the waitress that appeared at their table straight in the eye, his hand frozen mere inches away from the flexed, bulging bicep. The girl stared back in the athletic guy's eyes. Her gaze dropped a bit and followed the 159 pounds man's arm that was reaching out over the table. Chris followed her gaze. Feeling like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, his face turned beat red, he pulled back his hand and stared down at the table. The girl instantly knew what was happening by Chris' reaction and the smug grin on the huge bodybuilder's face. "You guys, enjoy your day", she said as she grabbed the empty plates and disappeared into the kitchen. Chris looked back up, a hint of disappointment in his eyes as he noticed that the 265 pound bodybuilder had relaxed his arm. "Where you going?", he asked as his now huge rival got up slowly. He drank in the sight of the body stretching the tank top snugly across the strong, protruding pecs, the nice, perfectly round delts sticking out widely to support the hard-looking, arms with veins snaking along the solid masses bulging on his upper arms. He also noticed the outline of the huge man's plump cock in his workout shorts. "Time to hit the gym.", Jeremy replied and swaggered away without looking back. Chris' gaze followed his now 100 pound heavier rival who strutted proudly through the restaurant. Most of the few people that were still in there did the same; some of them commenting on how gross and apelike the guy looked, others simply shaking their head in disbelief. "I thought those freaks didn't exist anymore", a woman said to the man as Chris passed by their table. "Some insecure people never mature and overcompensate. To immature to handle the real world and seeks excuses in the gym. You should actually feel sorry for that weak boy in his grotesque body", the man replied. Chris shook his head slightly as he heard the remark, his mind still filled with the image of the veiny, rock-hard ball of muscle and his cock still half-hard hidden in his baggy sweatpants, not understanding how someone could not appreciate such a physique. He went up to his room to get his thoughts straight. Whatever he tried, his mind kept going back at the bulging body of his rival. After half an hour of futile efforts, rearranging the few clothes he'd brought several times, he gave in to his urges and headed for the gym. He carefully looked around when he reached the entrance and quietly entered the surprisingly silent hotel gym. Since the hotel was owned by one of the major sponsors of the LTB, the gym was equipped with the latest machines and lots of free weights. Chris cautiously walked through the totally deserted cardio area with two rows of vacant bikes and treadmills. He heard some faint grunts and the familiar clanging sound as he neared the adjacent room marked: "The pit". The habitual scent of sweaty musk filled his nose when he entered the land of iron he'd once ruled. Careful not to get seen, he slid against the wall toward the source of the sound. Hidden by the machines, he sat down silently on the floor opposite of where the only other living being in the room was training. "Yeah! One more!", Jeremy grunted between his teeth as he lowered the bar of the smith machine to his chest. He pushed the bar back up once more and racked it with a loud clang. Chris inhaled sharply as the huge man sat up: his bulky rival was working out shirtless, giving him a clear look of his heavily muscled torso. Striations exploded across the protruding rack of pumped pecs as Jeremy swung his arms back and forth to stretch the muscle. He stood up and grabbed two more plates to add to the bar, his vein-crossed arms hardening as he pulled up the weight and placed it on the bar. Chris drank in the sight, not believing how huge his formerly smaller rival had gotten. His mouth hung open in disbelief, respect and lust; his flaccid cock filling with blood as it swelled inside his baggy sweatpants. Jeremy got back under the bar and lowered the weight slowly to his pumped chest. He cranked out five perfect reps before his arms started shaking slightly. He puffed and grunted as he lowered the bar a sixth time. Chris saw the bodybuilder's face turn red and the struggle in his movements. He feared that the guy would get caught under the heavy bar and started to get up, even though he knew full well he could never budge the bar since his rival was benching more weight than he had done at his prime. He froze in his movement, his eyes widening in amazement as he saw the bar moving up. He slumped back down against the wall in awe, his dick slowly swelling past half-hardness. Jeremy pushed with all his might, his protruding, pumped pecs burning in stabbing pain and his thick triceps bulging at the back of his thick arms. "YEAH!", he growled as his mighty muscles pushed up the heavy bar. He racked it and rested atop the bench, his strong arms hanging relaxed at his sides and his pumped chest heaving up and down as he took in deep breaths. Chris simply stared at the sight, his hand slipping automatically in his sweatpants and grabbing his nearly completely hard cock. Driving by instinctive urges, he began stroking his still swelling cock. After about a minute, Jeremy's well-trained body had nearly recovered and the 265 pound man got up from the bench. He laid down on the floor and began doing pushups to complete his training. The masses of hard muscles on his torso bulged as he forced them to crank out perfect reps. Striations exploded across the surface of his wide chest, his six-pack formed a hard, deeply grooved armor and veins snaked along the muscles of his thick arms, even his traps bulged thickly aside his neck. Chris kept stroking his now fully hard 7 inch cock as he marveled at the scene. His heart skipped a beat and his hand froze in its movement as his huge rival suddenly stared directly in his eyes. Jeremy was focusing on his form but a faint sound made him look in front of him. A look of disbelief followed by a smug grin formed on his face as he made eye contact with his fallen rival. "Enjoying the show?", he asked in between breaths as he noticed the action the smaller guy was in. The thought of turning on the guy that had dominated him the last two years sent a jolt of energy through his body and he upped the pace of his pushups. He could also feel arousal pumping through him and hardening his already plump cock in his shorts. Chris jumped up and rushed out the gym, his hand still around his hard cock. He jumped inside his room, locked the door and laid down on his bed as he jerked off thinking about the majestic body of his rival pumping ironing. "Yeaughn, Jeremy!", he groaned as he came minutes later, a meager load of cum splattering from his 7 incher onto his shirt. Jeremy was strutting back to his suite, his chest pumped after his grueling workout. He had gotten up right after his small rival had rushed away, grabbed his tank top and left the gym bare-chested. He was walking by the door where Chris had bumped into him the other day when he heard the lust filled, orgasmic moan followed by his name. His own hard dick jolted in his shorts, tenting them obscenely, as the thought of making his former rival get off by his body hit him. He grabbed the tank top resting atop his wide, round delt, rubbed it under his armpit to get his scent on it and left it in the middle of the hallway. He knocked on the door of his rival's room and headed for his own suite without waiting. Inside, he stripped and stepped into the shower, enjoying how the hot water cascaded down on his pumped torso and stroking his throbbing 7 incher. His rock-hard cock exploded five thick loads against the tilled wall. A wicked smile formed on his lips as an idea crossed his mind. He turned off the shower and grabbed a towel. The knock on the door made Chris jump up atop his bed. "Who's there?", he asked as he got up and tried to wipe the small cum stain off his shirt. The dark patch on the blue fabric only got wider and he quickly pulled the shirt off. "Who's there?", he asked once again as he pulled on another shirt and opened the door. He looked around but didn't see anyone but his eyes were drawn to a grey object in the middle of the corridor. It looked strangely familiar and he grabbed it. The scent of sweat and musk invaded his nose as he lifted it up. His flaccid dick jolted faintly in his pants as he realized he was holding his huge rival's tank top. He brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply, taking in the manly stench. He went back into his room, carefully laying his new trophy on the chair. Another, louder knock on the door ended Chris' trail of thoughts. He opened the door and automatically shuffled backward a step as he saw his now huge rival standing there. "Hi man", Jeremy said, "you didn't see my tank top, did you? I lost it. Already looked in the gym but it isn't there. It's my favorite one, that fits just right." Chris didn't react. He was too busy taking in the sight of the 265 pound bodybuilder standing mere inches from him. His rival was only wearing a pair of black sweatpants, so he had front row tickets to the exposed, still pumped torso. "Well, did you see it?", Jeremy said and slightly bounced his pecs. "I… uhm", Chris muttered as the protruding chest danced a little and cut off his speak. "Oh, you found it", Jeremy said as he noticed his tank top nicely draped atop the chair. "Ehm… yes", Chris replied and reluctantly pulled his gaze away from the muscle-covered torso. He turned around and went to fetch the tank top. He jumped up as he heard his door shut. He turned around and saw his huge rival locking it. "What are you doing?", he asked as heard the clicking sound of the lock jumping into place. "You didn't really think I lost my shirt right in front of your room, did you?", Jeremy asked and folded his thick arms across his chest, making the muscles bulge into each other. "Ehm… What… what do you mean?", Chris mumbled as he felt his heartbeat going up. Fear and arousal were fighting in his mind. The object of his lust standing a few feet away but he knew he was no match for his rival if the guy would decide to beat him up. Jeremy saw the look in his former rival's eyes and put his hands on his hips as he spoke: "Yesterday during our workout you were more into staring at me in the mirror than into working out. This morning you didn't take your eyes off my body at breakfast. And then you sneaked into the gym to stare at my during my workout. Then you jerked off thinking off my body, didn't you?". Chris lowered his head as he muttered "yes" and put his hands up in a defensive reflex, knowing full well he didn't stand a chance against the 265 pound man. "Thought so", Jeremy replied, " You're damn right. My body's just so much better than yours. Bigger, broader, more muscular. That your victory tank top. The one you got when you became world champion?". "Yes", Chris mumbled weakly as his rival grabbed his customized red tank top from his bag. He lowered his arms and stared at the huge bodybuilder putting it on. "See how tiny it looks on me", Jeremy said. Chris nodded in response and took in the sight: the tank top only covered half of his rival's chest, the wide, protruding muscles spilling from it at both sides and even his hard, downward pointing nipples were exposed; his broad, round, cannonball-sized delts stuck out completely from the fabric that did hung loose around the bodybuilder's waist. Chris instinctively stepped a bit back as he realized just how massive his rival had become: the tank top that had fit him like a glove at his prime, looked ridiculous on his rival and made the guy appear even bigger. His flaccid cock pulsed slightly inside his baggy sweatpants as it swelled slowly with blood. His diminished libido prevented him from sporting wood right there after his recent jerk off. Jeremy looked back into his fallen rival's eyes and noticed the mixture of fear and pleasure had been replaced by a lust-filled look. He enjoyed the feeling of totally outsizing his once bigger rival. The way the smaller guy reacted on his own, upgraded body sent another jolt of pleasure through him. His own soft cock was already half-hard again in his snug fitting sweatpants and inflating further steadily. "This thing's too small", he said and pulled off the small tank top. He stepped out off his black sweatpants, tossed them aside and turned back to face his fallen rival, wearing nothing but a pair of dark briefs. "Well, what do you think?", he asked and looked his rival straight in the eyes. Chris scanned the sight in front of him: the huge body oozed masculinity. The stunning symmetry and perfect proportions of the striated, clearly outlined muscles simply looked divine. "You look way beyond me at my prime", he said in awe as he mentally compared his contest ready physique to the perfect man. Jeremy grinned smugly at the remark and put his hands together in front of his briefs, causally flexing his protruding chest and thick arms in the process. "Let's compare", he said and moved in to remove the smaller guy's clothes. Chris didn't resist. He knew he was no match for his now huge rival and was too busy admiring the sight of the mounds of muscle flexing and bulging on the big body as it moved to him. The big man gently took off his loose shirt and pulled down his baggy sweatpants. He let the big man strip him, enjoying the feeling of not being in control. Soon enough he was in the same state of the 265 pound bodybuilder, standing there in just his black and red boxers. Jeremy took a step back and grinned as he looked at the diminished body of the man that outsized just weeks earlier. "I look like a boy next to you", Chris said before the huge bodybuilder could speak, " We're still the same height but your shoulders are twice as wide as mine." "Nice cannonballs, aren't they?", Jeremy replied and shrugged his shoulders, making striations and veins explode across the round surface of his wide delts. "And your arms, man. Way bigger than mine ever were", Chris went on as he inspected his rival's physique in detail. "22 inchers. Real boulders!", Jeremy answered and went into a doubled bicep pose. Veins snaked over the round rocks as they swelled into hardness atop his arms. He felt his cock harden fully by the lust-filled remarks and appreciative looks of his former rival. It clearly tented his dark briefs. "Man, none of the others stand a chance against you. You'll dwarf them all!", Chris said and noted the tented briefs on the huge bodybuilder. His lust took over and he moved in. He squatted down in front of his divine looking rival, pulled down the strained briefs, grabbed the turgid 7 incher that smacked against the armor-hard six-pack and took it in his mouth. "Oh fuck", Jeremy groaned in surprise as his 100 pound lighter rival began sucking on his rock-hard cock. "Never thought you were a cocksucker", he moaned and caressed the pepper and salt colored hair of the small guy as he looked down on him. Chris licked and sucked the throbbing 7 incher in his mouth. He turned his eyes up and stared into squared face looking down on him past the protruding rack of pecs. A grin formed on Jeremy's lips as he noted the covetous look in the piercing blue eyes of his fallen rival and he realized the smaller guy was awaiting his approval. "Go on, little guy. Suck", he grunted and grabbed the back of his rival's head to push his 7 incher in completely. Chris gagged a little as the rock-hard entered his mouth totally, but the approval of the divine bodybuilder just intensified his actions. He placed his hands on the strong ass and sucked with all his force, his tongue licking and teasing the shaft in his mouth while his nose was pushed into the trimmed pubes. His own cock hard and oozing precum in his boxers. "YEAUGHN!", Jeremy bellowed as orgasm exploded through his 265 pound body and all of his mighty muscles flexed. Four thick blasts of his sticky cum geysered from his cock into his small rival. He released his head and let him slump down to the floor. He inhaled deeply, his protruding chest heaving in post-orgasmic bliss and noticed the wet stain on his rival's boxers. "Unexpected, but the best head I've ever had" he said as he sat down on the bed, his hyper-trained body recovering quickly from his second orgasm in half an hour. A smile of joy formed on Chris' lips at the bodybuilder's remark. He got up on his knees and crawled toward the big object of his lust. He positioned his own frailer body in between the beefy, deeply grooved quads, roaming the surface of the steely muscles with his hands. He stared up and smiled in reverence at the huge man. Jeremy looked down as his small rival installed himself between his tree-sized legs. He noticed the submissive look in the blue eyes and once again patted the still athletic looking guy's hair. His cock jumped back to full hardness in mere seconds as his mind assessed the new situation: not only did he totally dwarf and dominate his once bigger rival, the guy was lusting after him. "You don't mind being number two?", he asked as he gently groped the smaller athlete's shoulder, easily digging into the muscle that felt soft under his touch. Chris nodded 'no' without taking his eyes off the huge bodybuilder's masculine face. "We're rivals no more, man. I'm a boy next to you. No way I'm in your league anymore. I've always enjoyed how my muscular physique turned on others", he said, "but you look way better than I ever did. I bet I wouldn't look that good if I weighed the same you do now. You're so aesthetic, simply… perfect." Without saying anything else, he took the throbbing 7 incher in front of his face in his mouth and sucked it again with all his force. "Fuuuuuck", Jeremy moaned as his former rival went down on his dick again. He placed his hands to his sides on the bed, making his titanic triceps flared out at the back of his thick arms. "Doesn't get any better than this", he grunted as he realized he now dominated the fallen star of his sport both physically and sexually. Pleasure flooded his 265 pound body, his balls convulsed and blasted three sticky loads through his 7 incher into the eager mouth. His own mouth hanging open in a silent scream as a third, powerful orgasm flooded his senses. Chris gulped down the salty tasting spunk, enjoying the feeling of the bulky quads, quivering and flexing under his touch. The thought of pleasing this perfect looking muscle god filled him with pleasure and joy. His half-hard cock leaked a meager dribble in his boxers. Unlike with his beastly cousin, he felt secure in the presence of this huge man. He licked the last drops from the still hard 7 incher and slowly pulled back his mouth. Jeremy grabbed the smaller guy's armpits and effortlessly hoisted him up, his 22 inch arms bulging in the process. "You'll be my personal trainer from now. You'll take care of my needs", he said and laid the athletic 159 pound guy on the bed next to him. Chris smiled and nodded 'yes', eagerly accepting his new position at the side of the guy he once outsized but that now eclipsed him in every way. A week had gone by since the switch in role and Chris had never been happier. Even when Trisha had worshipped his own, once intimidating physique, he hadn't felt the same as he did now in the presence of Jeremy. The feelings the huge guy's godly body sent through him were way better than anything in the past. He even enjoyed not having to workout daily to maintain his muscular physique. He still went to the gym every day, but most of the time he just admired the meaty muscles of the stunning bodybuilder working hard during his grueling workout. The guy used his personal record weight as a warm up and the volume of sets and reps he cranked out, was simply unbelievable. Chris carried out everything he was asked, bringing water or protein shakes or even whipping the sweat of the pumped muscles. At the end of every training, Jeremy hit a few poses, radiating strength and masculinity and smiling at the smaller guy in the mirror as Chris gave him some pointers to make his godly physique stand out even more. Then, both of them would go back to the suite they now shared, where Chris worshipped the bodybuilder's pumped muscles under the shower. These sessions always ended with Chris sucking off the huge god once, twice or even three times in a row. Unlike his beastly cousin, the huge Jeremy never fucked him. The new bodybuilding season started and as expected, Jeremy strolled through it. His physique dwarfed anyone else's and simply flattened his competitors. Even standing several feet behind the others on stage, he still outsized them. He piled one victory on another, always coming back to the hotel where he let his trainer suck him off when he wore nothing but his gold medal. Jeremy felt on top of the world as he advanced to another final, his tenth in a row, where he would once again face Tom, the guy that had beaten him twice the last season but now always came in second after him. The final lasted a good ten minutes. Tom threw pose after pose, highlighting every ripped muscle on his 205 pound physique. Jeremy just stood next to him, his relaxed 265 pound body making his "rival" look flat. Then, Jeremy turned around and did a back double bicep pose, the signature move of Chris he had taken to a completely different level. the mounds of muscles bulged into each other on his broad back, his thick arms rising up and outward as they swelled into their 22 inches of power. Another victory was declared. He now had broken Chris' record of 9 consecutive victories and was eager to go celebrate. As he drove back to hotel and swiftly swaggered inside, he didn't notice the small car that had been following him since the contest…
  11. theseventhwave

    muscle-growth The Symbiote War - Chapter 8

    My sincere apologies for the looooonnnng delay. The past several months have been truly nuts. Here is a link to chapters 1-7: And here is chapter 8. I have chapter 10 finished, but I've been struggling with chapter 9 - but I'm working on it. Chapter 8: The Day I Had Been Dreading… What I had been dreading has finally happened. After a long day of school, working out at the gym, and studying in the library, I had returned to our room and was lying in bed surfing the web on my laptop (Ok! Ok! I’ll admit it… I was surfing for porn). I was just getting heated up when Shawn walked in. “Hey Buddy!” He exclaimed. “Hey Shawn.” I replied, hastily closing my browser’s tabs. He looked great. He was still a bit sweaty, and his muscles looked swollen – pumped full of blood. “Were you just at the gym? And weren’t you there earlier today?” “Yes. And yes. I can’t get enough. I think I might finally be getting close to your size.” “Your progress has been amazing. And those muscles look great on you.” Ogling his muscles was doing nothing to help my erection go down. Thankfully, my boner was hidden under my sheets. “Thanks. This ride is a blast – and I have you to thank for it.” He’s looking at me with a gleam in his eye, and a cute grin on his face. He’s so adorable – my balls churn just looking at him. “We should check my progress – see how I measure up against you.” As he’s saying this, he’s rummaging around his desk looking for something. “I found a measuring tape in a sewing kit. I’ve never used the kit, but the measuring tape will come in handy.” He pulls out the measuring tape. I’m already feeling nervous about where this is going. For starters, he’s probably going to expect me to climb out of bed – and then it’ll be obvious that I’ve got a bit more than a chubby in my boxers. “Corrigan, come and help me out.” I can see the small, defined bricks of his tight abdominal muscles and his obliques flexing as he’s taking his shirt off. As the shirt goes over his head, it highlights the V-shape made by his nicely developed lats – they’re small, but on his lean frame they really stand out. He drops his shirt to the floor and turns to do a most-muscular pose in the mirror. My balls churn again at the sight of his tight pecs and bulging shoulders capped with two mounded lats as he’s flexing them in the mirror. Even with his jeans still on, there is no mistaking that glorious bubble butt that he’s been developing. The jeans are tight around his glutes and bulging crotch, but loose around his waist. “Get out of bed you lazy bum! I can’t measure myself!” He’s struggling to get his jeans down past the firm globes of his ass. I might weigh a bit more than him, but that would only be because of my slight height advantage and the fact that I am not as lean as he is. His lean form really highlights his newly developed, tight muscles. I finally consent and crawl out of bed. My boner has barely gone down and it’s still tenting my boxers. Shawn sees this and gives me a grin and a wink – totally adorable – my balls churn again. Shawn’s wearing a pair of sexy white briefs. They are stretched across his firm ass and revealing the slightest hint of crack. But in the front they are struggling to contain his erection. It looks plump and full, pointing all the way toward his hip, the line of the flared head is clearly visible through the thin fabric. “Let’s start with arms.” He says as he’s handing me the tape measure. He flexes his right arm a few times and holds it up for me to measure. His bicep feels warm and hard as a rock as I wrap the tape around. “14 and a half.” He might have been a bit over fourteen and a half, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. “Not bad, considering just a short while ago, I didn’t have any arms to speak of. Now let’s measure you.” I hand over the tape and hold up my arm. I flex as hard as I can, attempting to make up for the fact that, unlike Shawn, it’s been several hours since I was at the gym. “Impressive. 15 inches.” I might have a bit of size on Shawn, but my arm doesn’t have the same impressive baseball shape that he’s developed. Still, I’m proud of my recent gains in the gym. “Here, help me get this around my chest.” I help him wrap the tape around his chest, and then I almost drop it as he flexes and pulls the tape out of my hands. We get it back in place, and he relaxes so that I can measure. “41 inches.” “And you.” He grabs the tape from my hand and wraps it around my chest. “42 inches. Still a bit bigger than me.” His waist is 29 inches, and mine is 31. Both our thighs measure in at 21 inches. Then we measure heights. I’m hardly five foot seven inches – clearly not the same as before, because I’m sure I used to be exactly five-seven. Shawn is just under five-six and a half – hardly a half-inch difference between our heights. No wonder I’m feeling that I’m looking straight across into his eyes – he’s gained two and a half inches of height since the semester started. What a crazy semester this has been. My mind stops wandering and I see that Shawn has hiked his briefs under his large balls and he’s got the tape measure up against his rock-hard cock. The shaft looks hard as iron, and wrapped in thick veins. He’s stroking and flexing as he holds the tape along the shaft. “Yeah! Look Corrigan! Eight inches. This is so fucking hot!” The excited smile on his face is genuine, and cute. And once again, my cock throbs and my balls churn. “Now let’s measure you.” I don’t know why, but I hesitated. We’ve slept together, and we’ve seen each other naked in our room, so this shouldn’t be an issue. But maybe it’s because I know that I’m no longer nine inches, and I don’t want to have to confront that fact with a tape measure. Or maybe I just don’t want Shawn getting so close to the fuel for surpassing me. But regardless, I hesitated and started to back off. But Shawn wasn’t going to let me do that. “Come on buddy! I know you’re packing – let’s check it out!” He’s reaching for the tent in my boxers, but I grab his arm. He grabs my other arm. And then all of a sudden, we’re serious. Shawn wants access, and I want to prevent him from getting the upper hand. He’s incredibly strong and I’m having a difficult time keeping him away. We struggle for a moment – Shawn’s getting closer. And then I manage to push him over – and we both tumble onto the floor. Shawn’s wrestling experience pays off and he manages to wind up on top. I’m on my back, holding onto one of his arms, and he’s lying on top of me holding onto my other arm. We’re struggling for several moments – neither one making any headway – an even match. But then Shawn changes strategies. With a mischievous look in his eye, and cute grin, he starts thrusting against me. I can feel his hard-on and large balls in his briefs rubbing up and down against my stomach. He even leans in and licks my neck! I’m wondering what’s going on. But it’s so hot that I almost don’t care. My boner is throbbing in my boxers – and because of the thrusting, it is now poking out of the leg. I’ve been hard for a while now, and so I’m leaking pre-cum – I can feel the slick wetness against my leg. But then Shawn’s thigh rubs against it and I can feel the wetness dissipate. And that’s when I realize what’s happening. Shawn lets out a little moan of pleasure and I can feel his grip on my arm tightening. I can feel his cock pressed against my abs hardening and stretching. His pecs are pushing against my chest as they expand with the slightest bit of extra muscle. I can’t hold back as my balls churn again and another gush of pre-cum pours forth. Shawn’s thigh is right there to soak it all up. “Oh fuck yeah.” He moans. I’m getting tired from our struggling, but Shawn’s new growth is giving him new energy. His grip on my arm is getting tighter and he’s fighting less to control me. Even my grip on his other arm is failing – I can feel the muscles in his forearm tightening and growing with new muscle. He easily breaks my grip – and now he’s got both of my arms pinned. He renews his thrusting, and I can feel my balls clenching up, ready to explode with cum. I’m trying desperately to break free, but he’s clearly stronger. And with more pre-cum leaking out, I can feel his body growing as he’s got me pinned to the floor. And then, with an air of certainty, Shawn makes eye contact – I can see the excitement – “It’s time.” He says. And that air of superiority is all it takes. My cock flexes, my balls churn, and I’m exploding with cum. The first shot comes out like a geyser. Shawn quickly repositions and gets my gushing cock in his mouth. Shot after massive shot is quickly sucked up and swallowed. I can feel his hand on my thigh digging in painfully as it grows. His other hand is wrapped around my shaft, working out every last drop of cum. He continues vacuuming until I’m completely dry, and he even makes sure to lick up the leftovers of the first shot down my thigh. Shawn stands up, and I can clearly see that he’s taller. And as I’m watching, he still seems to be stretching toward the ceiling. His muscles are clenching and tightening, and each time they flex a bit larger. His shoulders are adding an impressive width to his frame, and are topped by the mounds of his traps. I can see the V of his back widening, but keeping the narrow, tight waist. And from my angle, lying on the floor, it is easy to see the growth of his chest. Shawn is flexing his pecs – the striations of lean muscle appear to be fighting to push through his skin as they expand. Shawn then lifts his arms into a double bi pose – and baseballs of muscle explode out of his arms. Even with all of the other growth, those arms are impressive. But then we both turn our attention to Shawn’s cock and balls. His balls are so large, they are taking up all the space in his tight briefs, and this has caused his massive boner to pop out. Shawn glances around and grabs the tape measure. His cock looks to be as thick as my wrist. He gives it a few strokes, his hand barely wrapping around the thick shaft. He presses the tape along his cock – “Nine inches. More than that, it’s over nine. It feels fucking amazing.” He drops the tape measure and grabs his cock with both hands – even with both hands wrapped around the shaft, the large purple head is sticking out. Shawn starts jacking with one hand, while the other alternates between cupping his massive balls and feeling up his newly muscled pecs and abs. I’m frozen with awe – staring at the stud that my roommate has become. And then Shawn starts clenching, his muscles straining and standing out taut. His tool, already impressively swollen, appears to swell larger, and his balls clench up. And with a grunt of pure pleasure, he’s spurting forth a geyser of cum – it’s spraying everywhere. In my position, still on the floor, I’m covered in spunk. Fuck that was hot. “Ohh yuck! I’m covered.” I lied – it was a total turn on to be cum-showered by my Adonis of a roommate. “Oh god that was awesome!” Shawn had a post-orgasm, blissful-dumb grin on his face. “I feel so amazing.” “I need a shower.” I stood up. I’m definitely looking up at Shawn – he’s got to be at least 5’8 or 5’8 and a half – and his body looks solid with muscle – almost as if his whole body is a boner. He hands me the tape measure and raises a bicep. He doesn’t have to say anything, I know what he wants. I wrap the tape measure around the baseball of his bicep. “15 and a half.” “Awesome. Now, chest.” I can tell he’s wider, because I’m struggling to reach around his back and grab the tape with my other hand. We’re so close I can feel his hot breath on my neck. As I finally manage to grab the tape, I’ve leaned in so close that his boner brushes against my abs and mine swipes across his thigh – which furthers the realization that Shawn is now taller than me. “43…no, 43 and a half.” “I feel bigger.” He clenches up into a most muscular pose, and I can see the tape stretching toward 44 inches. I lower the tape to his waist. “About 29 and a half.” His tight waist stands in contrast to the shelf of his bubble butt. “Thighs… 22 and a half inches.” I can barely get this measurement, as I can’t keep my eyes off his over nine-inch tool poking well above the waist band of his tighty-whities and easily touching his belly button. “And finally, let’s check my height.” “5’8 and a half.” “That’s four and a half inches since the start of the term. This is fucking awesome.” “I think can get an hour in at the gym before they close. Gotta run. Thanks buddy!” He’s grabbing his clothes and trying to stuff his post-orgasm chubby back into his now-too-small briefs. And then he’s out the door. And I’m alone with my thoughts. What is happening to my life?
  12. hotmuscle101

    Blue Pill Part 12

    Blue Pill Part 12 Chris stared up in awe at the mammoth his was now impaled on. Never in a million years would Chris imagine the scene that he was living in right now. As Derek continued sliding his dick in and out of Chris’s ever tightening hole, Chris began to take inventory of his own body. “Oh my god, I’ve gotten so small!” Chris let his hands roam all over his body feeling his diminished abs and his now smaller arms. He finally got to his pecs and felt the deflated right pec, however his left pec was still engorged and pulsing with muscle power. “Derek! Please, you have to stop! I can’t get any smaller. I need to find a way to gain all my muscle back.” Chris said with a panicked look in his eye. Derek continued pumping his dick in and out of Chris as Chris tried pushing Derek back. It was no us, Derek’s adamantine ass was too powerful for Chris to stop the pumping motion. “I will Stop little Chrissie, as soon as I drain that last pec of all that delicious muscle milk.” Derek grinned as he reached towards Chris’s left pec, grabbing the swollen melon in his hand. “Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK” Chris moaned out loud. “Derek please, you can’t do this. I worked hard for my muscles. I promise, if you let me go now I will show you where my secret stash is! Just let me go!” “Oh I already found your secret stash, why do you think I’ve gained all this muscle. However, when Luke had me take the white striped pill it didn’t drain my muscles. What did you do differently?” Chris’s eyes went wide with the realization of what the black pill does. “Oh my god, the black pill causes you to lose muscle mass!” “The black pill?” Derek looked at Chris slightly confused. “Tell me where this black pill is and I might let you go.” Derek teased as he began to lick Chris’s nipple. Chris began moaning again at the new sensation on his extremely sensitive nipple. “Ohhhhh…ok, but only if you promise to give me my muscle back.” Derek stood there staring at Chris for a moment. “Deal, now where are they?” Derek began backing up, pulling his long dick out of Chris. Chris, feeling ecstasy and relief at the same time as Derek pulled his dick out, thought maybe Derek wasn’t so bad after all. “Upstairs in my bedroom, in my desk drawer.” Derek leaned in to Chris and passionately kissed him on the lips, sliding his left hand behind Chris’s lower back and his right hand behind his neck, Derek began lifting Chris off the bench. As he did so, Chris began to slowly slight back down Derek’s mammoth pole. “What..what are you doing?” Chris said in a half moan half shocked sound. “I’m taking you with of course. I would hate for you to be lying to me and then make off with the bottle yourself.” Derek grinned maliciously as Chris’s ass finally touched Derek’s pelvis. Chris felt so full with all of Derek inside him, but he knew that 6 of those 19 inches were rightfully his and he would soon have them back. Derek began walking with his dick inside Chris, lifting his ass up a little and then dropping it back down on his dick. “So you only took the black pill?” Derek asked Chris as Chris’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy. “FUCK!” Chris yelled out as he blew another load all over Derek’s abs. “No…I took two blue pills… with a black pill…” Chris stammered between bated breaths. Derek had heard all that he needed to. He began kissing the base of Chris’s neck and working his way down as they rounded the corner in the hallway. Derek latched onto Chris’s pec as he began to ascend the stairs. His thick muscular legs bulging with power as he continued to lift Chris up and down on his pulsing rod as he pulled hard at the milk in Chris’s left pec. Chris couldn’t even process what was going on, “what… are… you… doing?” Chris’s eyes were rolling back into his head as Derek reached up to Chris’s pec with his right hand, while still supporting Chris’s ass with his left, he began to squeeze the pec, forcing the milk out even faster. Derek could feel the climb up the stairs getting easier and easier as his legs grew more massive from the flow of muscle milk. His arms began to bulge larger as it made holding Chris up easier and his pecs began to push Chris further away from him as he continued to fuck him and suck out the remaining muscle milk. Chris looked over Derek’s bulging boulder shoulder and noticed a sweater lying on the ground and two pill bottles sprawled across the floor. “Here, take these. You’ll need them to get bigger” Derek said as he handed Chris two of the plain blue pills. Derek leaned back in, pulling the last of the muscle milk from Chris as Chris greedily took the two blue pills. Once in Chris’s room, Derek finally began to lift Chris off his gigantic pole. Chris could almost touch the 8ft ceiling when he heard a loud *pop*, as the head of Derek’s dick popped out of Chris’s hole, releasing a flood of cum all over his bedroom floor. A loud wet smack was heard as Derek’s glistening dick head smacked into the cleft between his pecs. Chris felt weak when Derek finally lowered him to his feet. Like all the strength had left his body. “Alright, let’s get you bigger. Where are these black pills?” Derek asked as he began opening drawers on Chris’s desk. “I was afraid you wouldn’t stick to your promise, so I lied about where they were, but since you were honest I will tell you. They’re on top of my medicine cabinet, but I don’t think I can reach them at my current height.” Chris said as he stood on his tiptoes trying to reach the bottle of pills on top of the cabinet. “Here, let me help you with that.” Derek reached forward and grabbed the bottle with no struggle thanks to his new height. Derek quickly unscrewed the cap and looked inside. He shook the bottle, dropping a single black pill into his hand. “All I have to do is take this along with two blue pills and you will drain your muscles back?” “I believe so, that’s what I did before you came over.” Chris said looking hopeful as he saw two blue pills appear between Derek’s fingers. “Well here goes nothing.” Derek threw back the two blue pills and swallowed. He stared at the black pill for just a moment and then popped it into his mouth as well. “Before we do this, do you mind if I take a piss real quick?” “Not at all.” Chris said, all too anxious to gain his muscles back. He backed out of the bathroom and sat on his bed waiting for Derek to finish pissing so he could grow into the massive beast he was before. Derek shut the door as a huge grin spread across his face. He spit the black pill back out into his hand where it joined a blue pill with a white stripe. “He has more muscle to spare, plus he’ll gain it back really quick. There’s no way I’m giving up this body.” Derek whispered to himself as he looked up into the mirror. He brought one of his biceps up into a flex and he could touch the peak with his hand it was so big. Derek then brought his arm down and did a most muscular pose showing off his massive upper body. He began popping his pec muscles up and down. Watching the hefty meat pillows bounce. He reached up with his right hand and tweaked his nipple. He began to moan as pre-cum began flowing from his dick head between his pecs. *KNOCK KNOCK* “Is everything ok in there?” Chris said from the other side of the door. “Yeah, sorry. Just got a little excited in here is all. Almost done” Derek looked at the two pills in his hand, trying to figure out how he was going to get Chris to take them. He didn’t want to force him. As Derek continued to wrack his brain trying to think of a solution, his throbbing dick head continued to pulse out pre cum, throbbing and smacking him between the pecs. It was then that Derek realized the solution was right in front of him this whole time. Derek took the black pill and rubbed it along his dick head, getting it slick from all the pre. He then began to slide it into his dick hole. He pushed his pinkie in after it making sure it was down in there far enough. He then did the same thing with the white striped pill. Moaning the whole time he did it, the last knuckle of his pinkie finally pushing in through his piss slit. Derek pulled his pinkie out and turned to open the door. He swung the door open to reveal a shocked Chris standing on the other side. “Jesus Christ! That thing was inside me!” Chris couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at the python before him. Derek’s dick looked red and swollen and thanks to its thickness you could barely see the two small lumps along the underside of his dick. “I would like to put it inside you again before I lose all this muscle.” Derek said with a sly grin on his face as he grabbed his dick, moving it side to side and rubbing pre all over his nipples. “However much I would love to have that thing inside me again, I don’t want to stray from the process of getting my muscles back.” Derek put a pouty face on “at least tell me that you’ll suck it for me and worship this rockin bod one last time before I lose it all.” Derek threw both arms up into a massive double bicep pose. Veins snaking all over his arms as his dick continued to throb between his pecs. Chris, feeling bad for Derek’s predicament, reached forward and grabbed a hold of the base of his warm thick flesh pole. “I guess I could at least do that for you, since you’re willing to do this for me.” Chris pulled down on Derek’s dick, finding some resistance as the thick snake fought to stay up. Chris began licking the cock head and swirling his tongue in the pre cum, drinking it up. Chris knew that part of this dick would soon be his again and it made him hungry. Chris launched himself onto Derek’s dick, taking the first 6 inches, but not being able to go any further due to the girth. Derek slowly moved towards the bed as Chris continued to suck in the tip of his dick. Once Derek could feel the bed behind him he lowered himself until his ass rested on the edge, the bed angrily protesting underneath his weight. Derek could feel himself getting closer as Chris began to stroke his meat as he continued to suck on the head. A moment of panic filled Derek’s senses as he could feel the two pills being pushed up his dick by Chris’s stroking. He knew he had to shoot and he had to shoot soon, otherwise Chris would figure out what he was trying to do. Derek laid back on the bed propping his upper body up on his elbows as he began tugging hard on his nipples. “Ohhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuucckkkk, I’m about to shoot!” Derek leaned back up as he felt himself reaching climax. He grabbed the back of Chris’s head and shoved him down another 6 inches on his dick. “FUCK HERE I CUUUUUUUMMMMM” With a foot of his cock snaked down Chris’s throat, Derek began to unload his seed. He could feel the two pills leave his dick as they were launched out with the force of his orgasm from behind. Derek held Chris there for a moment, making sure the pills had made their way into Chris’s stomach. Derek let go of Chris’s head as Chris quickly backed off the pole, gasping for air. *COUGH COUGH* “What the fuck…*cough* is wrong with you! I almost died” Chris said as tears streamed down his face, gasping for breaths as the color returned to his face. “Oh, don’t over exaggerate!” Derek said with a grin on his face. Chris shot him an evil look. “You’ll regret that.” “Oh come on…here, I’ll return the favor.” Derek lifted Chris up by his armpits as he took Chris’s dick into his mouth. Chris’s dick quickly went from soft to rock hard as Derek’s expert cock sucking skills were put to the test. Even though Chris was 6 inches smaller than his previous size, 8 inches was still a decent size. Chris began to feel up Derek’s massive arms as he held him in place. Feeling all the veiny mass in each orb, he couldn’t believe what his muscle had helped create. Then something struck Chris as odd. “Hey! Shouldn’t our dicks have gone back to their normal size by now?” Chris began to feel panicked as he felt Derek’s dick head splitting his ass cheeks. “That’s weird, how is your dick head suddenly hitting my ass when you haven’t lowered me at all.” A grin grew on Derek’s face as he continued sucking on Chris’s slowly deflating cock. “Derek, you have to stop. Something is wrong. I think I’m still shrinking.” Chris tried pushing himself away from Derek’s expert sucking, but he didn’t budge at all. Derek began to moan as he felt his cock head finally penetrating Chris’s tight ass. It was too much for Chris as he began to blow his load down Derek’s throat he could feel his dick quickly shrinking in Derek’s mouth. Derek began sucking even harder at the feeling of Chris’s cum hitting the back of his throat. He could feel his dick tingling as it began stretching even faster, pushing further and further into Chris without either one of them moving. Chris was down to a tiny nub of a dick as it popped out of Derek’s mouth. It was too small to suck but it was still leaking precious dick juice, so Derek continued licking at Chris’s nub forcing his own dick to surge into Chris even further. Derek had to spread his legs further apart to make room for his ballooning testicles. Chris and Derek both looked at Chris’s dick in shock as it inverted into his body leaving a gaping hole where his dick once was. His balls shriveled up until they just became flaps of skin around where his dick used to be. “Holy Fucking Shit” Chris squeaked as his voice went higher. “Oh my god, Derek you have to stop, we have to figure out how to reverse this.” Derek didn’t listen as he dove into Chris’s new slit with his tongue. Licking Chris’s new moist flaps for all they were worth. Chris began moaning as he reached down and began tweaking his nipples. Derek pulled the head of his dick out of Chris’s ass and the dick head smacked Derek in the chin. “No fucking way! I’m a fucking god!” Derek moved his cock head to line it up with Chris’s new tight hole. “You ready for the fucking of a life time?” Derek looked down at Chris’s body. It still resembled a lithe swimmers build, but he now had a super tight vagina instead of a dick. Derek began shoving his dick into Chris, watching as it pushed his stomach out from the sheer mass of it. He watched the head of his cock travel further and further until it got lost in Chris’s rib cage. “Fuck! Your pussy is so much tighter than your ass!” As Derek bottomed out he looked down and realized he still had 10 inches of cock to go. He pulled his dick out and shoved it back in making Chris moan with tears streaming down his face. Derek began bucking into Chris faster and faster all the while making Chris bounce up and down on his dick across the bed. Derek watched as Chris’s bouncing pecs began to get fuller, bouncing more and more. “Why is this happening? They shouldn’t be growing again?!” Chris said with panic in his voice as he grabbed onto his enlarging man breasts trying to keep them from growing. They began to spill out past his hands. Seeing this drove Derek into a frenzy. Not wanting to waste a perfect opportunity, he grabbed Chris’s wrists with one hand and held them above his head as he leaned in and squeezed Chris’s right man melon, causing milk to spurt into his waiting mouth. Derek latched onto Chris’s tit as he squeezed and sucked for all it was worth. Amazingly the size didn’t diminish at all, it just got softer in Derek’s hand as he felt the milk slow down to a trickle. Derek reached over for the other tit and did the same. He began to feel his frame pulsing larger and piling on more muscle as he sucked all the male virility from Chris. Derek could feel himself reaching the edge as he continued to pump his dick in Chris’s tight snatch. Derek released Chris’s breast and threw both of his arms up into a double bicep pose as he drove his dick as far as it would go into Chris. “FUCK YESSSSS, WORSHIP YOUR GOD YOU LITTLE MUSCLE BITCH!!!!!” Chris watched as Derek’s biceps exploded with power. Chris began to squirm as his tight snatch clamped down hard on Derek’s dick, releasing his juices all over the massive schlong. Derek’s dick surged larger inside Chris, forcing the cock head even further in. Chris began choking as something felt very wrong inside him. Derek picked Chris up and pulled him into a passionate kiss as he plowed his exploding dick into his moist snatch. He wrapped his sinewy arms around her as he began to taste his own cum in his mouth. He pulled back from the embrace only to see that Chris was blue in the face and cum was spewing out of his mouth. Derek slowly slid his dick out of Chris and laid her on the bed as his dick continued spilling its seed all over her unconscious body. Derek continued flexing and worshipping his own body as he walked into the bathroom. “NO FUCKING WAY! I HAVE TO BE THE BIGGEST MAN ON THE PLANET!” Derek couldn’t believe the site before his eyes as he admired all the new beef on his frame in the bathroom mirror. Derek waddled his way over to the bathroom scale “330 FUCKING POUNDS! IM A BEAST!” Derek roared as he flexed his arms above his head! “I CAN”T WAIT TO BE TWICE THIS SIZE!”
  13. hotmuscle101

    Blue Pill Part 13

    Sorry for the long wait. Without further ado, I present to you... Blue Pill Part 13 Chris’s father James had just pulled up to the drive when he noticed an unfamiliar car parked in front of his house. “Chris better not have any of his stupid jock friends over, I’ve got Tiffany coming over later for a good fucking!” James said out loud in a pissed off tone. He headed up the front steps and into the house. Once inside he noticed a sweater on the floor next to the door. He picked up the sweater and placed it on the coat rack. “Fucking kids today have no respect for others property.” As James put the sweater on the coatrack a bottle fell out of the sweater pocket and rolled across the floor. He picked it up and examined the bottle. Right away he realized it was one of the bottles from his lab. “That little shit is in some serious trouble now!” James stormed off up the stairs only to find that the stairs were slick and covered with an opaque substance. “What is that smell?” James recognized the smell. It was an all too familiar scent. It was the smell of sex. The manly aroma of testosterone and sperm. He made his way over to his son’s door and threw it open expecting to give his son the beating of a lifetime, instead he was surprised to find a naked busty woman in his bed passed out and covered in sperm. The sperm still dripping from her gaping pussy. “I didn’t think my son had it in him. Well maybe I won’t beat him to death, but he is still in deep shit for the mess on the stairs and stealing my lab products.” As James walked further into the bedroom, he realized that the shower was running. James stepped over to the bathroom door and pulled it open, only to find himself staring at a wall of muscle in his sons shower. “Holy Fuck!” James whispered to himself in excitement. The behemoth in the shower was furiously scrubbing something in front of it, but by the looks of this monsters back, James could tell that it wasn’t his son. The manly aroma that was in the stairway was 100 times stronger in the bathroom, causing James big daddy dick to slowly start inching towards the bottom of his running shorts. James continued to watch the behemoth as it continued its stroking action and it released a beastly moan. James was now rock hard as the head of his dick poked out of the bottom of his shorts, dripping precum onto the tiled floor in the bathroom. James slowly backed up and shut the bathroom door, so as to not startle the muscle freak in his sons shower. “My god he is huge! He had to of gotten ahold of some of my lab products, but which ones?” The girl on Chris’s bed began to stir and as she did she moved her arms down from up above her head. As she did, James noticed a tribal tattoo on her right arm. “My son has the same tattoo on his right arm. HOLY FUCK! Chris, is that you?” “D..adddd….” Chris said as he coughed up cum. “Christ! What happened Chris?!” but before James could get a response, he heard the water turn off to the shower, so he quickly darted out of his sons bedroom so he didn’t get caught by the monster on the other side of the door. Thinking quickly, James ran off to his bedroom. Closing the door behind him and locking it, he ran for his walk in closet. Once inside he threw back some extra bedding at the far end revealing a keypad. He entered his passcode and a doorway was revealed at the back of the closet. Stepping in, he was surrounded by computer screens and vials and desks where all of his recent work could be found. He shot over to a wall with a single vial in a case. It was pure black liquid inside. “I haven’t had a chance to test it, but desperate times call for desperate measures!” James pulled out a syringe jabbed it into the stopper and pulled the plunger back on the syringe, filling it to capacity. James lowered his shorts, revealing his plump smooth daddy dick. “Well here goes nothing.” James winced in pain as he stabbed the needle into his right testicle and injected half the syringe. He then pulled the syringe out stabbing it into his left testicle and emptying the syringes contents. James pulled the needle out and slowly massaged his sore swollen testicles. James dropped the syringe as he fondled his sore swollen testicles in his hands. They were about the size of large eggs, massaging them back and forth as he winced from the pain. “Time to go test out this serum and see if it works.” James heard a moaning sound as he left his lab and headed back towards the hall. As he got closer to his bedroom door he realized the sound was coming from his son’s room, but it sounded like the moans of a woman in the throes of an orgasm. James tiptoed down the hall, hoping to catch a peak of what his once alpha jock son was moaning about. James reached the door and grasped the doorknob, slowly turning it as to not disturb what was going on in the bedroom. As a sliver of light was cast into the hallway, James could see his son still laying on his bed. Writhing on the sheets as he continued to moan in pleasure. James leaned forward just a little more to see what was causing his son to moan with such pleasure only to find the behemoth from the shower at the foot of his sons bed. The muscular freak had a hand on each one of his son’s breasts and was tonguing his pussy hard. Pinching his nipples as milk began to flow from them. The behemoth leaned forward and sucked a little from each tit and James watched as the muscular monster slowly got larger right before his eyes. “You want to see me get bigger don’t you?” The behemoth boomed out in his deep baritone bass. Chris writhed on the bed in pleasure as Derek slid his muscle milk covered fingers into Chris’s tight snatch. “Please put it in me. I want to feel you fill me with your seed” Chris moaned delirious with sexual delight. “You know what I need you to do then” Derek said as he produced a bottle of pills from down on the floor and shook one out into his hand. “You’ve got to take one of these if you want me inside you again.” Without hesitation Chris snatched the pill out of Derek’s hand throwing it in his mouth and swallowing quickly without giving it a second thought. Derek stood up tall and then leaned down kissing Chris hard on the mouth as his throbbing python slick with pre rubbed against Chris’s moist snatch. Derek’s dick had to be close to two feet long now and Chris was beginning to wonder how he was going to take it. Derek began pushing his thick mushroom head into Chris’s pussy, finding resistance as he tried to enter. Derek pushed harder and Chris screamed as the head popped into his waiting pussy. “Fuck you’re so tight!” Derek moaned as he began moving the head of his dick in and out of Chris’s pussy, making the lips swollen and puffy from the workout they were getting. Chris began panting and shaking on the bed. “Fuck, I’m so fucking close. Derek I’m GOING TO CUM!!!” Derek quickly pulled out and leaned down to suck up all the sweet juice that Chris had to offer. Pushing his tongue deep into Chris’s tight snatch to make sure he got all of it. Derek stood back up and couldn’t believe the sight before his eyes. Chris had begun to grow. Chris’s fingers were tweaking his nipples as his tits began to push out even further, forcing his hands to reach even farther to play with his nips. His waist got more slender as his hips pushed out making a perfect hourglass shape. Derek couldn’t contain himself anymore. He quickly threw both arms underneath Chris and lifted her up as he made her straddle his throbbing dick, which Derek finally realized was slowly growing from Chris’s pussy juice. Derek lowered Chris down onto his dick but the pussy lips wouldn’t part. Derek pushed down hard on Chris’s shoulders as tears began to flow down Chris’s face, but those lips just wouldn’t part. The whole time this was going on, James had pulled out his dick in the other side of his son’s bedroom door and was stroking his 8 inch thick cock. “Now is my opportunity” James whispered to himself. James swung open his sons bedroom door, just as Derek was about to try to shove his cock in Chris’s back door. “Why don’t you give my son a rest and give me a go.” Derek quickly turned around, not expecting anyone else to be in the house. He was surprised at what he saw. Standing in front of him was a thick built muscle daddy in his mid-forties. He was hairy, but trimmed and to top it off he had a thick uncut cock dripping with pre cum. As Derek eyed up the muscle daddy, all he could think of was the potential mass that this man could help him add to his frame. “I’ll make a deal with you.” James said as he saw some slight hesitation in the massive monsters eyes. “Whoever cums first has to take one of those black pills.” Derek quickly looked at the bottle on the floor with a surprised expression. “Yes I know about those. Who do you think invented them?” James said with a sparkle in his eye. “What do you say? Sound like a deal?” James reached his hand out to shake with Derek. Derek reached his big paw out and shook James’s hand vigorously. Derek didn’t let go of his hand as he quickly reached for James’s other hand and pulled him up against his own muscular frame. Derek took in a big breath, breathing in James’s manly alpha essence. A grin formed on his face because he knew that everything James possessed would soon be his. Derek lifted James up until his hairy muscular thighs were straddling his enlarged python. “Fuck me big boy.” James growled in Derek’s ear. Derek, still on edge from Chris’s transformation, shoved James down on his dick as the head popped in and the first foot of dick went in with ease. James instantly threw his head back and began to moan as Derek filled him in ways he never thought was possible. “Yeah, how do you like that? Those muscles will be mine daddy!” Derek dove his mouth down on James’s thick daddy dick and continued to drive his own dick ever deeper into James’s hole. Derek could taste James sweet pre-cum filling his mouth and he wanted more. Derek began sucking hard like a vacuum. James couldn’t believe how fast he was reaching his orgasm. ‘This is going to be way too easy’ James thought. Derek could feel James was close to orgasm as he felt his ass clenching around his massive fuck pole. With one last thrust, Derek shoved his dick to the hilt in James’s ass and reached up pulling hard on his nipples as he sucked his cock for all it was worth. James’s eyes rolled back in his head as he could feel his cock bucking hard inside Derek’s mouth, shooting volley after volley at the back of Derek’s throat. Derek, amazed at the volume this older daddy could produce, had a hard time keeping up, but wanted every last drop of that sweet nectar. When the last remnants of James’s orgasm had been sucked clean from his quivering dick, Derek let the dick fall out of his mouth with a pop. With Derek’s dick still in James’s ass he threw both of his arms up into a double bicep pose and roared. “I AM A GOD!!! AND WITH YOUR MUSCLES I SHALL GROW EVEN MORE!!!” Every vein exploded forth underneath Derek’s paper thin skin has he began firing his pent up seed inside James’s tight man hole. Derek began pistoning his 26 inch dick in and out of James’s tight hole, making cum squirt back out as he continued to shoot. Derek dropped the bicep pose and latched onto his own nipples, pinching them. He reached his hands up tasting the sweet nectar from his fingers as it dripped from his nipples. Derek’s eyes flew open as he realized he was producing milk. James had a huge grin on his face as Derek finally looked him in the eyes. “What did you do to me?” Derek said with a look of panic in his eyes. “My Turn” James said as the walls began to spin around Derek.
  14. hotmuscle101

    Blue Pill Part 14

    Blue Pill Part 14 James was ready for his transformation to begin, but wondered how long it was going to take to start. He reached his left hand over as he flexed his right arm. A ball of muscle bulged up, but it wasn’t any bigger than before. Frustrated, James began to pull himself off of Derek’s dick. As he did, Derek came out of his trance like state with a deep low moan. Derek grabbed onto James shoulders and proceeded to push him back down on his dick with ease. James moaned as Derek’s dick pushed back inside him, but was surprised to find that James wasn’t actually pushing him back down his dick. Derek’s dick was pushing into James ass…it was GROWING!!! James began to panic. “There is no way I can over power this freak to get away. Why the hell isn’t the serum working!!!” he thought to himself. James watched as Derek’s neck and traps bulged thicker. Veins pulsing pushing more blood into his muscles. His shoulders pushing out even wider, as wide as a doorframe. Finally James rested his eyes on Derek’s swollen pecs. They looked more swollen than the rest of his body. His pecs were red and looked like they were about ready to burst. James couldn’t control himself as he reached his hand forward and touched the swollen pec. It was hot to the touch and he could feel it pulsating in his hand. James gave the pec a squeeze and felt that it was rock hard. Derek let out a deep low moan and this time he began pushing his dick back into James. It was James’s turn to moan as his eyes rolled back into his head. Derek’s dick was hitting virgin territory again as he could feel Derek’s dick pulsating against his prostate. James’s dick was rock hard now as he was seeing stars from the amount of dick up his ass. Derek pulled his dick out of James a little only to lean back down taking James’s dick into his mouth. James moaned and began firing another round of cum down Derek’s throat. Grabbing onto Derek’s boulder like arms for support as Derek began pistoning his slick cum covered dick in and out of James’s tight hole. Derek soaked up James’s cum like a sponge, not wanting to miss a single drop of his sweet nectar. James, in his delirious state, couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The red and swollen pecs bulged out even further as they hung lower. The nipples disappearing from view. A liquid began to flow from underneath Derek’s pecs. James was curious by this point so he reached a hand under Derek’s pec only to have it filled with an opaque liquid. James brought the liquid up to his nose to give it a whiff. It smelled sweet like buttermilk. James stuck his tongue in just to get a taste. James quickly drank the rest of the milk in his hand, finding that it was as sweet tasting as it smelled. James had gone to reach for more milk, when Derek pulled of his dick and threw his arms into another double bicep pose. This time James watched as he saw Derek’s arms bulge larger with even more muscle. His forearms getting thicker as well. Thick veins snaked their way down the length of his entire arm. James admired the size of Derek’s forearms. They were now the size of his own biceps. James couldn’t believe how big Derek was getting. Derek began to rub his pecs and tweak his nipples as he felt just how swollen they were. It was as if someone had cut a giant watermelon in half and stuffed it under each side of his pecs. Derek winced in pain as his fingers brushed his tender nipples. Stretch marks had begun to appear around the edges of his pecs as the skin began to pull taught from all the pressure. James couldn’t believe all the muscle before his eyes. Derek’s arms were easily 25 inches now and you could see his heartbeat in his veins because they were as thick as a garden hose. James, with one hand stroking his own throbbing member, reached forward and felt the bulging mass that was Derek’s arm. It was hot to the touch but was hard as granite underneath the taught skin. Still holding onto Derek’s arm and stroking his own dick, James leaned forward and flicked Derek’s nipple with his tongue. “Fuck yeah!!! Oh My God that feels amazing!” Derek moaned as he threw his head back, reveling in the feeling of James’s tongue on his perky swollen nipple. James didn’t have to wait long to be rewarded for his efforts, seconds after flipping Derek’s nipple back and forth with his tongue, he was rewarded with a shot of muscle milk. James kept the milk on his mouth, tasting its sweetness this time before slowly swallowing it. James could feel a heat radiate within his body, he felt like he could run a hundred miles or lift a semi-trailer. James took Derek’s nipple back in his mouth and began to suck as a rush of milk began flowing into his mouth. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT” Derek yelled out as James latched back on to hi nipple and began forcefully pulling the milk out. His moan rattled the windows of the house and caused James’s son Chris to stir on the bed. Chris looked on at the scene bewildered. Derek looked as if he were in some sort of trance and couldn’t move as James sucked on his giant pecs. Chris still hungry for dick started to approach the scene. As Chris got closer to the scene, James continued sucking the milk from the beast in front of him as he stroked his own rigid, thick, throbbing daddy dick. James took notice that he was having to take longer strokes and that his hands were being slowly pushed apart by the thickening of his dick. Chris watched his father’s dick begin to swell before his very eyes and couldn’t contain himself. Chris dropped to his knees and positioned himself between the moaning Derek and his own father as he engulfed his dad’s dick. James let out a moan as he took a brief moment from milking Derek to see who was on his dick. “I never knew you were such a good little cock sucker. Yeah! Suck daddy’s big dick. Here, let me make it bigger for you.” With that said, James latched back onto Derek’s pec and squeezed the muscular globe as milk gushed into James’s mouth, swallowing as fast as he could so not to lose any of the sweet nectar. Chris could feel his dad’s dick as it expanded in his mouth. The head bulging larger and filling his throat. Chris felt like the dick was growing too fast as he felt it pulse and thicken in his mouth, only to realize that it kept pulsating as his dad began to shoot a massive load down his throat. James pulled off of Derek’s nipple in euphoria. “FUCK YEAH!!! Take all of your muscle daddy’s jizz. Feel me grow!!!” James said as he rammed his dick all the way down his son’s throat. He quickly latched back on to the deflating pec to suck up more of the muscle milk. Chris struggled to keep up with the torrent of jizz coming from his dad’s slowly expanding dick. Chris was plunging his fingers in and out of his pussy as he felt like he was going to cum, but a strange sensation came over him. His leaking snatch grew tighter around his fingers so he quickly pulled them out. He watched as his pussy slowly pushed out a dick head. Small at first, the dick head continued pushing out till it was close to three inches. He felt is testicles slide back into the loose skin where his vaginal flaps used to be. Chris was hit with a wave of hormones as his nuts began pumping massive amounts of testosterone back into his system. Facial hair began sprouting all over his face as he took on a more rugged appearance. His hair receded back into his head creating the short buzz cut he had before. His breasts had decreased a bit in size, but only a little as they turned solid and veiny with muscle. The entire time Chris went through his transformation, James was going through a transformation of his own. James looked like an amateur bodybuilder. A bit bigger than his runners build he had before. His arms were closing in on 19 inches as his pecs jutted out from his body, slowly pushing against Derek’s deflating pecs. Just as James was admiring the veins running up his forearms he heard a moan escape Derek’s lips as the pec he was sucking ran dry. It was almost comical seeing this massive man in front of him with one pec that was significantly smaller than the other. James stopped for a moment. Pondering if he really wanted to get that big. “A little more size won’t hurt me. They shouldn’t be too suspicious at work. I’ll just wear some loose fitting lab coats for a few months.” James quickly pulled the other nipple into his mouth and began to suck. The moment the milk hit his system he could feel an orgasm getting ready to hit. Chris was feeling up his six pack abs and hard bulging biceps as he heard Derek moan. He looked up to see his dad latch onto Derek’s other pec. That wasn’t what Chris was seeing though. His own father had grown into quite the stud. His dad was rock hard everywhere. Covered in fur from head to toe with a light sheen of sweat coating his skin. Chris looked back down as something had caught his attention. His dad’s cock, which had somewhat deflated after his last orgasm, was quickly inching back to life. He quickly reached full hardness as the head of his giant dick looked red and angry as it throbbed right in front of Chris’s face. It began pulsating angrily as Chris heard a deep baritone moan come from his dad. Chris knew what to do. Chris latched onto his dad’s ass cheeks with both hands as he felt how rock hard they were. Chris swallowed the cock all the way down to the hilt as his dad’s ass swelled larger in his hands and his dick pushed further down his throat. “OH FUCK!!” James couldn’t believe how good his son was at taking his dick. He began firing his seed into Chris like never before. James started sucking hard and fast on Derek’s nipple as it quickly closed in on the same size as the other deflated pec. As James pulled the last drop from Derek, Derek passed out on Chris’s bed from the feeling of being completely drained. James brought his arms up into a double bicep pose as he swallowed the last bit of milk. He watched as his biceps bunched up and peaked, and then swelled just a little bit more from that last bit of milk. James couldn’t believe how powerful he felt. His arms must have been 20 inches of solid power, covered in veins as they snaked all over the bulbous muscle, leading down to his thick veiny forearms. James lowered his arms so he could feel his thick pecs. James rubbed over the hard masses of each pec and lifted them up only to watch them bounce back to their beautiful shape. James found his nipples just at the edge of his view of his pecs. He tweaked both at the same time, causing his still hard dick to start pulsating again, firing of another round of jizz. The whole time James was feeling his newly minted muscles, Chris was feeling something too. As Chris was feeling his muscles inflate from his dad’s cum, he watched as his own dick began to pulse bigger, closing in on the 7 inch mark. Chris flexed his biceps which were now close to 15 inches. His six pack was becoming pretty solid as his pecs began to fill out. He felt his legs and ass starting to swell, when everything suddenly stopped. Panic filled Chris’s eyes as he tried to figure out what was wrong. He quickly realized that his catalyst had run out. About the same time he figured this out he looked up to see his dad tweaking his nipples. Chris felt himself getting hit with jet after jet of jizz as it splattered against his face and on his pecs. Chris began to moan as his growth surged anew. His ass and legs began swelling again as his quads started to push out with some mass. His pecs began jutting out further as he felt his arms began to swell too. His arms had added another 2 inches, taking them to 17 inches of striated veiny muscle. Chris could feel his traps creeping up and his shoulders started to fill out, when once again the growth stopped. Chris reached for his father’s dick and pulled it into his mouth. James quickly pulled his dick back out of his son’s mouth and smacked him across the face with it. “Did I tell you to suck my dick little faggot? I’m the big man around here, I make the rules. I will tell you when you can suck my dick and right now I want to go see what these muscles can do.” With that, James left Chris kneeling on the floor feeling up his body. “How the hell am I going to get all of my muscles back if my dad isn’t going to help me?” Chris went to stand up, and as he did his foot hit something that went rolling under his bed, rattling the whole way. Chris got back down on the ground and reached under his bed. He grabbed the bottle and pulled it into the light. He twisted off the cap to see the full bottle of black pills. “If my father won’t give me what I want, I’ll just take it.” An evil grin formed on Chris’s face as he stood back up. He nearly screamed as his gaze was met with a mountain of muscle on his bed. “Derek?!?” Chris prodded the sleeping beast with his finger, but he didn’t stir. “I know just where to begin too.”
  15. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (26)

    Twenty-six All eyes turned toward the entrance as the deep voice rumbled through the wrestle hall. Connor looked up and he kept pumping out pushups. He grinned as he recognized Alex. Alex slowly walked to the center of the hall. He looked around at the staring wrestlers and bellowed: “Leave! The big men are gonna play now!”. All the wrestlers raced to the door and abandoned the wrestle hall, not wanting to get trampled during a fight between those beast. “You stay here, boy. You’ll be the ref”, Connor said to the diminished coach. He got up, leaving the defeated Aaron in the left corner of the hall and stepped up to face Alex. His smile got bigger as he savored in how he now outsized the football player. Alex stared at the clearly bigger wrestler and noticed the new size of his huge muscles. Surprise flickered in his eyes as he now had to look up at the one foot taller behemoth. Connor saw the look in his opponent’s eyes and said: “Ready to get your ass kicked? Or do you wanna forfeit? I’m 40 pounds bigger than yesterday. Makes me outsize ya by 100 pounds of muscle!”. He threw a most muscular to illustrate his words: his gigantic muscles hardened under his skintight singlet, making veins and striations visible through the overstretched fabric. “I took you down twice yesterday, boy”, Alex replied matter-of-factly, “Those extra pounds won’t help ya. All wrestlers are weak pussies”. “I’m gonna enjoy beating the shit out of ya. I’ll trash ya good and then fuck the living daylights out of ya as I rape your ass”, Connor shot back angrily. “You talk the talk but can you walk the walk, boy? Yesterday your words were also stronger than your weak muscles”, Alex answered tauntingly. “Let’s do this!”, Connor yelled and moved in on his opponent. Tomas grinned in triumph as he finished the translation of the book. He now knew every detail for the upcoming dark ritual. The role of his muscular pet was now totally clear to him; it wasn’t like he had expected. He had less than 48 hours left to make the final arrangements. He would first get some sleep and then study the plans of Orchid university to determine the precise location for the ritual. “Matt may leave the hospital today”, Logan said as he put down his phone, “I’ve told the nurse we’ll come to pick him up tonight.” “We’d planned to hit the gym tonight when it’s deserted”, Paul stated, “Mike and I have to be at our prime for those tests. We haven’t hit the gym in two days. Just doing pushups and sit-ups here won’t get us ready. If we don’t pass those tests…”. “You’re right”, Sean said, “we can’t risk you guys failing ‘cause we all depend on your careers. The three of us will go pick up Matt from the hospital and you guys can hit the gym. But we’ll have to make sure you’re in there alone and don’t run into Anton, Connor or Alex.” “Alex shouldn’t be a problem”, Mike interrupted, “the football team has a big game on Saturday. They leave this afternoon to get there in time. He’ll be off campus tonight”. “If we get Connor and Anton to follow us and lose them around the building, we can get to the hospital in peace”, Sean added, “I suggest we take a hotel room in town then to avoid Tomas and his gang”. “You’re gonna leave us here?”, Mike asked incredulously. The door suddenly swung open and Keith rushed in with a smile. “Great news, guys.” The others looked at him quizzically. “I’ve just met some wrestlers when I was out to get our food”, he said, “they’ve told me Connor’s gotten even bigger.” “And that’s good news?”, Logan answered instantly. “Let me finish. Apparently he’s in a fight with Alex. The wrestlers told me that Alex stormed in during their training, challenged Connor and told them to leave. Seems like they’re fighting to be the dominant muscle freak”, Keith stated. “That’s excellent news”, Sean replied, “If they’re busy fighting each other we’ll only have to avoid Anton. No need to live off campus till we leave for those tests then.” “Let’s eat and get some rest for tonight”, Paul said as he rubbed his growling stomach. Alex avoided the bigger behemoth’s first attack and circled him slowly, keeping his eyes locked onto him. Connor followed the football player’s movements and calculated his next move. He rushed in with a load roar. Alex put out his arms in front of his 500 pound body and they locked in with his opponent’s. His right paw reached Connor’s neck at the same time Connor’s right paw grabbed his neck; their left hands interlocked as they struggled. He could instantly feel the power in the 600 pound wrestler’s muscles. He tapped onto the strength in his own 500 pound body to withstand the attack. Connor saw his opponent’s face turning red from the effort and a smug grin formed on his face. He felt the energy coursing through him and applied more force. Alex’ mighty legs shook as they tried to resist the increasing pressure. He could feel himself being pushed down inch by inch. His knees buckled as his thick quads were losing the struggle against his opponent. Connor pushed even harder, making the football player collapse down on the mat. “We’re just getting started”, he rumbled and ripped off his opponent’s shirt and pants, leaving him in just his boxers. Alex felt the cool air brush against his titanic muscles as his clothes were ripped off his 500 pound frame. “You are stronger than yesterday, boy”, he said as he got back up. “BOY???”, Connor yelled angrily. He let his opponent get up and smacked his fist into his abs. Alex saw Connor’s fist and instinctively clenched his 12-pack. The cobblestone-sized abs turned into a protective, steely armor and absorbed the hard blow. Before he could react, the wrestler’s strong 50-inch arms wrapped around him and he was body slammed hard onto the mat. He grunted in pain as his broad back collided with the mats. “YEAH!”, Connor boomed as he stared down at his opponent. Power and energy rushed through him as he now dominated the beast that took him down a day ago. “Thirsty for more?”, he asked as he circled around the football player. “That all you got, boy?”, Alex replied as he sprang up to his feet. Connor jumped aside, facing his opponent’s muscular back and moved in swiftly. He locked his huge paws behind the football player’s neck and took him in a full nelson. Alex squirmed and flexed his muscles to escape but the strong hold didn’t break. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t break his opponent’s grip. For the very first time since he’d gotten huge, fear crept into his mind. “What’s the matter? Not strong enough to get free?”, Connor asked mockingly as he withstood the 500 pound athlete’s struggles. “Never start a fight you can’t finish”, he said and rocked his opponent back and forth in his grip. He felt all-powerful dominating Alex and reclaiming his top spot. His plump cock started to harden in his singlet. Alex heard the remark but focused all his energy on getting free. His 500 pound body moved back and forth as his opponent shook him. He could feel the wrestler’s cock hardening against his lower back through the fabric of his singlet. “Let’s end it”, Connor said and jumped up while maintaining his grip on the football player. He stretched his torso upward and threw his opponent down as he released his grip. “Augh” Alex grunted in pain as his thickly muscled back crashed hard onto the mat. Connor slowly lowered himself atop the fallen beast, pressing his protruding chest into his opponent’s thick pecs and waited for the coach the end the match while staring the football player in the eye. He looked up and scanned the wrestle hall as nothing happened: the frail coach was nowhere to be seen. “That runt must have sneaked out”, Connor rumbled, “Might as well count ya out myself”. “1… 2…” Just before Connor would say ‘3’, Alex placed his big paws against the side of Connor’s wide pecs and lifted him up. He cranked out a few reps as if he was doing bench presses and shoved the wrestler aside. Connor couldn’t believe his opponent had escaped his hold but wasn’t going to let him get away. He got up quickly, placed his paws under the behemoth’s armpits and threw him to the left corner of the wrestle hall. Alex flew several feet before crashing down on the mat. He blinked in pain. He looked aside as he heard a whisper in his ear. He stared at a well muscled wrestler slowly sitting up next to him. “Hit his abs”, Aaron whispered. Alex didn’t have time to react. He was lifted up and put to his feet. A strong fist instantly slammed into his stomach as he stood up. His fingers clawed up as he bent over in pain. They hooked into the fabric of the wrestler’s singlet and ripped it as he sank to his knees. Connor felt his singlet shred and did a most muscular. The bulging masses of hard meat flexed and ripped through the elastic, overstretched fabric, exposing his intimidating torso as the tattered singlet fell down until reaching the bottom row of his hard 12-pack, there it was still tightly stretched around his steely muscles. “You miring?”, he said as he looked down on his opponent. Alex gulped as he looked up at the flexed rack of muscle that jutted from the 600 pound behemoth’s chest. He marveled at the incredible sight of veins and striations that crisscrossed the wide surface atop the deeply grooved 12-pack. Connor saw the look of admiration in his opponent’s eyes. He relaxed his muscles and extended his arm toward his opponent. “Good fight, man. Now get up and let’s have some fun in the showers”, he said as he offered his hand to the other behemoth. Alex blinked at the remark. He knew he was at the wrestler’s mercy: Connor’s superior strength had clearly overpowered him. He grabbed the paw and pulled himself up to his feet. Suddenly, his other paw turned into a fist and smacked against the wrestler’s exposed 12-pack. Connor grunted in pain at the sudden attack. The jackhammer-like fist slammed unbelievably hard into his stomach. The relaxed, still not completely recovered abs protested in pain. He looked in surprise into the other behemoth’s eyes and saw the fist coming at his face. He turned his head to avoid the attack but the fist still hit his left cheek. He lost his balance and fell backwards to the mat. Alex moved in for his next assault. Connor reacted quickly, though. His 600 pound frame wouldn’t go down that easily. He jumped back to his feet, grabbed the football player’s throat and tossed him backward in the air. Alex didn’t crash down. Like a cat, he landed on his feet and squatted down to absorb the impact. He used the energy to catapult himself forward and shot rapidly toward the wrestler. Connor didn’t know what happened. One moment he saw Alex crashing down, the next his round, hard delt collided with his own aching 12-pack. Another jolt of stabbing pain rolled through his 600 pound body as the cannonball-sized delt dented his abs and knocked the wind out of him. He placed his paws against his opponent’s flanks to force him back. Alex anticipated the wrestler’s move. He grabbed the back of his thick legs and moved his own 500 pound body up to make his opponent’s feet leave the ground. He moved forward to knock his opponent over. Connor felt his feet dangling in the air and fell back. The air was forced out of his lungs again as his broad, thick back crashed hard into the mats. His wrestle instincts made him pull down the other behemoth as well. Alex rolled free from the wrestler’s grip and swiftly got up. He inhaled deeply to control his breathing and stormed at his opponent. Connor got up and saw the other behemoth rushing at him. He held his mighty arms in front of him to protect his aching body. He moved his hands to the right as he saw the football player moving slightly in that direction. Alex diverged to the right but quickly jumped to the left. He knew Connor had taken the bate when he saw his hands follow his move and easily evaded the wrestler’s intimidating arms. He used the momentum of his rush to knock his right fist with full force into his opponent’s stomach. “AUGH” A loud, painful groan escaped Connor’s mouth as his opponent’s fist sank deeply into his relaxed 12-pack and busted through his defenses. The force of the blow made him stumble backward. His broad back made contact with the wall as he fell. He didn’t slump down, though. Alex had jumped to the wrestler and grabbed his left armpit, preventing him to slid down against the wall to the floor. He held the 600 pound behemoth against the wall and smacked his right fist hard into the ever softening abs. Connor groaned in pain as the jackhammer-like fist kept raining down on his battered stomach. Again. And again. And again. He tried raising his free right arm but all his remaining energy was being sent to flex his abs to protect him. The relentless attacks were draining his energy and his flexed, armor-like stomach was on the verge of collapsing completely. He squirmed to free himself from the smaller behemoth’s grasp. Panic filled his eyes as he saw Alex slowly retracting his right paw and menacingly clenching it into a steely fist. “Even 100 pounds aren’t enough to beat me, boy”, Alex said as he noticed the fear in the wrestler’s eyes. He pulled back his right fist, tapped onto the full force of his 55 inch arm and roared deeply as he smacked it into the 600 pound behemoth’s stomach. Lightning bolts of pain exploded through Connor’s beastly body as Alex’ fist destroyed his abs. The steely hard, flexed 12-pack turned to pulp as the wrecking ball-like fist sank deep into his stomach. Connor fell forward against the other behemoth. Alex felt the wrestler slumping forward against him and locked his arms around him in a bone crushing bear hug. He used the momentum of his opponent’s fall to turn around and slammed him down on the mat. Connor smacked down on the mat on his back, closing his eyes and grunting as pain overwhelmed him. He slowly reopened his eyes and saw the football player looming over him. Connor raised his hands to indicate he’d had enough. Alex didn’t give his 600 pound opponent time to raise his hands completely, though. He grabbed him under his armpits and lifted him up, his pumped 55 inch arms swelling into round bowling ball-sized orbs as they hoisted up the weight. He smacked the wrestler hard against his own protruding chest, wrapped his titanic arms around his extremely muscled torso and flexed them in an almighty bear hug. Connor’s hulking body shook in pain as the smaller behemoth’s arms overpowered its battered, yet bigger muscles. It felt like steely girders wrapped around and compressing his concrete-like hard muscles. His head shot back as more and more excruciating pain rolled over his body. He tried to summon every last ounce of power left in him to break free. Alex saw the determination on Connor’s face and felt the wrestler squirming in his grasp. He roared deeply and tapped onto the last reserve of power left in his own 500 pound body. He grunted from the effort as his rock-hard 55 inch arm flexed harder and sank some more into the 600 pound wrestler’s collapsing muscles. Connor moaned in deep pain, his eyes closed as the impossibly hard peaks of his opponent’s massive biceps dug into his now jelly-like obliques. He was on the verge of passing out. Alex bent slightly through his legs, his quads bulging with mass and power, and stretched upward quickly. He turned around, opened his hold and slammed the wrestler down on the mat with full force. Another weak grunt of pain escaped Connor’s mouth as his back smacked hard onto the mats. He reopened his eyes and saw the football player moving in. He didn’t have time to react as the other behemoth sat down on his quads, preventing him from moving. Alex installed himself atop the wrestler’s gigantic quads and began throwing punches into his dark red, battered 12-pack. Connor’s wrestle instincts summoned him to react and he scraped together the last ounces of energy left in his 600 pound body. He raised his hands, his huge arms shaking from the effort and shoved the football player’s protruding chest to knock him aside. Alex didn’t budge as the wrestler pushed against his chest: his opponent hadn’t enough power left to knock him over. He quickly flexed his 12-pack to steady his 500 pound body and kept ravaging the now soft abs below him. His thick fist sank deeply into the wrestler’s stomach. “What did you say about starting a fight, boy?”, he asked mockingly in between punches. Connor’s arms fell back onto the mat. His huge, 600 pound, muscle filled frame lay like a crucifix on the mat. His mind tried to process what had happened: although he outsized Alex by 100 pounds of pure muscle, the guy had taken him down a third time in two days! Tomas would have to make him even bigger to crush the formerly skinny water boy. “You had me in the ropes but let me recover”, Alex said as he ripped off his own boxers to reveal his throbbing 20 incher, “that’s why you’ll never beat me, boy. You don’t have the guts to finish things. Deep inside you’re still the weak, little runt you were before you grew. I have always been aggressive even when I was a skinny loser”. He positioned the head of his cock against the wrestler’s ass and rammed it into it, ripping through the fabric of the singlet. Connor grunted in pain and pleasure as the slightly curved cock invaded his ass. “YEAUGH!”, Alex boomed in his deep baritone voice. He had just taken down the biggest guy he’d ever seen and was now claiming his prize. He thrust his hips back and forth, shoving his 20 incher in and out of the tight, muscular ass and flexed his arms in absolute triumph atop his fallen opponent. Connor stared in awe at the monstrous, 55 inch arms flexing into perfection. His half-hard 25 incher blew a load, creaming into his tattered singlet as the other behemoth’s arms turned into vein-covered, striated, bowling ball-sized orbs of hard meat. Alex noticed the swelling dark patch on what was left of the wrestler’s singlet and hardened his flex some more. The feeling of having once more dominated this muscular beast sent him over the edge. Load after load of sticky cum blasted from his balls through the throbbing shaft of his 20 inch cock and jolted into the spasming ass he was pounding. He relaxed his arms and grabbed the impossibly huge, protruding rack of pecs atop the wrestler’s chest as he kept pumping cum into his ass. Connor groaned as the 20 inch cock throbbed inside him and its hot liquid filled his intestines. He felt his opponent’s paws on his pecs and flexed the huge muscles. His 600 pound body hadn’t enough energy left to obey his command and Alex easily overpowered the hard surface. “Too weak to flex, boy? Or no match for a real man’s grasp?”, Alex asked tauntingly and dug his fingers deep into the masses of muscle. He blew a tenth and final load into the muscular ass and withdrew his slowly deflating cock from it. He stood up, towering over the battered behemoth on the mat, his deflating cock leaking some cum onto the worn out wrestler. He turned around and strutted over to the right corner of the wrestle hall. Aaron had watched the fight in awe and gulped as he saw the nude behemoth coming over to him, his plump cock smacking against his thick quads as he moved. He raised his hands in a protective reflex, knowing full well that a beast that had just defeated his 600 pound teammate could easily break his own 180 pound body. “Thanks for the help, man”, Alex said as he reached Aaron, “You’ve shown me his weak spot so I could take him down.” Aaron blinked incredulously and slowly lowered his hands. He stared up at the smiling, massive football player and nodded. Alex turned around and looked at his beaten opponent. “I’ll have to hide him somewhere Tomas can’t find him. If he gets any bigger, I’ll be unable to take him down again”, he said out loud. Aaron heard the beast’s remark and answered: “You could hide him in my room”. “On campus, Tomas can always locate him”, Alex replied automatically, “It has to be someplace far away from here. And not to crowded not to draw attention with our huge bodies”. “How about back south?”, Aaron asked. Alex turned back toward the athletic wrestler with a quizzical look in his eye. “My parents are loaded. I’ve saved a bunch of money from what they give me and my scholarship. If you throw in your savings, we could buy a place over in Florida. Or even in Mexico Somewhere miles away from the nearest town. We could make tons of money if you did cam shows, flexing your huge body”, Aaron said and cautiously placed his hand atop the behemoth’s right bicep, “You could even wrestle Connor live on cam. Make money from the bets”. “I could live that life”, Alex said and flexed his bicep under the wrestler’s touch, “Making money by showing off. How would we get there unnoticed?”. “I own a van. Toss Connor in the back and we’re off”, Aaron answered, his cock squirting cum in his singlet as the 55 inch bicep turned into rock under his grasp. “Let’s go for it”, Alex stated, “We, well I’ll toss Connor in your van and then we’re off. But first I’ve got to make sure I’m able to take on Connor next time we fight”. Aaron looked up inquiringly at the 500 pound football player and nodded as the behemoth explained what he would do. “I’ll take a quick shower first and pack my things. We’ll meet in the parking lot”, Aaron said eagerly.
  16. Muscleace

    Should have been Revenge

    I will post this to my tumblr when I find a good photo for it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lloyd Banks strutted down the hallway. Each footstep pounded on the tiled floor of the biology building. His polo was pulled tight over his large torso. His pants were in a similar condition over the mass of his ass. His blonde hair was vaguely highlighted by the fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling. The lights even gave his pale skin a bit of a glow. The thudding continued down the hall. He chest puffed out with pride like he owned the school building. Each step caused his mass to wiggle and jiggle. The long walk across the building caused him to sweat. He was breathing a little harder once he reached the classroom for his one o’clock lecture. His frame nearly filled the doorway as he entered the room. Some people moved out of his way as he approached his target, Reed Harmon. Reed was the captain of the rowing team. His brown hair fell neatly over his dark blue eyes. It was offset by his well-maintained tan from spending so much time out in the sun. His body was a result of years of rowing since high school. Many biology students, mainly women, sought him out as a tutor as he seemed to be a great combination of brains and brawn. He wore a large, dark green t-shirt that fell over his lightly muscled frame and cargo shorts that fit him better than any pair of jeans would. Reed did not notice Lloyd heading toward him, but Ross was already glaring at the large college student. Ross Hart was Reed’s best friend and was on the rowing team too. He had a bit more mass on him than Reed, but that was mostly due to being five inches shorter than Reed’s 6’3” height. His surfer-ish blonde hair was matted down from the baseball cap he usually wore outdoors. His old t-shirt and ripped jeans covered his bulkier frame. He was just discussing with Reed about how hard a gainer he is with his chest. When Lloyd made his way over to the two, Ross patted his buddy’s shoulder and headed to his see. “Hey Reed. How’s it going?” Lloyd asked, feigning sincerity. Reed smiled kindly, “It’s going alright. How about you?” Lloyd smiled back. “It is also going well.” He paused for only a brief moment. “So I’ve been thinking about joining your rowing club. When do you guys meet to practice?” The rowing captain’s smile faded. “Well, um… Lloyd I really don’t know how to say this. I don’t think rowing would be a good fit for you. Rowing is really intense. You look like you got winded just walking here.” Reed shuffled his feet, looking uncomfortable, “You are too big for the boats too. Sorry to say this, but you are too big. I’m sorry.” Lloyd seemed unfazed, “No, no, that’s ok buddy.” He walked towards his seat, the ends of his mouth twitching. Reed still looked uncomfortable as he took his seat. The rest of the class went by relatively boringly. In fact, it dragged on three minutes longer than it was supposed to, so when the professor finally released the class, everyone made a beeline for the door. On the other hand, Lloyd moved swiftly, for his size, towards Ross. He tapped the rower’s bulky shoulder, “Hey man, how much can I pay you to convince Reed to let me onto the team?” Ross scoffed and glared up at the portly man who was only two inches taller than him. His eyes narrowed, “More than your daddy could ever pay.” He pulled his shoulder away from Lloyd and headed out to catch up with Reed. The rich boy was left standing there, his pride bruised greatly. Money had always gotten everything that he ever wanted. He bribed his way into the schedule he wanted. People would hang around him and be his “friends” because he always got the coolest things. He enjoyed the power money afforded him. But now it couldn’t get him one thing he wanted, to get on the rowing team. The rest of the day he spent on the computer researching black magic. He always had a penchant for the occult. He would go to antique and curio stores to buy something that reminded him of it. Demons, mythology, curses, all of it interested him. Now he wanted to put it to use. Eventually he fell upon a page for summoning demons. He printed off the instructions and went back to his dorm room, skipping the rest of his classes. Once back in his single dorm room that he paid extra for, he began gathering the materials he would need to summon his wish-granting demon, Flauros. Pricking his finger, he drew the demon’s sigil inside a circle of holly ashes. He locked his door, turned off the lights, and began to chant in Latin. Ironically, he was silently praying in his head that demon summoning was not fiction. He shut his eyes and chanted louder, growing desperate after a few minutes. From the other side of the room, the curtains moved, but the window was closed. Suddenly, any light that was in the room disappeared. Lloyd began to feel exceedingly hot, soon sweating buckets through his shirt. A voice cut through the pompous man’s chanting. “A man’s pride is an unstable thing, no?” The disembodied voice boomed and shook Lloyd to the core, “Open your eyes mortal.” Lloyd tightened his eyelids then slowly let them come up. The owner of the voice’s body filled his vision. The rest of the room had gone completely black, save for the imposing figure illuminated in a deep, red glow. “I am Flauros, King of Desires. What have you summoned me for, mortal?” The demon’s powerful voice demanded an answer. “I… I w-w-want…” Llyod stuttered. The figure before him struck fear deep inside of him, but it also tantalized his wants. He had to look up at the hypermasculine, intimidating face of the demon. Contrary to what he found online, Flauros looked surprisingly human, if one could look past that he stood a foot and a half above the intimidated student. “Out with it.” The large demon looked down at his body. “Judging by the form I have taken, you want strength.” Flauros’s pecs shook with every word he spoke. The giant mounds of muscle twitched in anticipation of being used. They were supported by two mountainous shoulders that jutted off to each side. The demon’s pecs hung over eight painfully carved abs. The arms that laid by his sides could only be compared to cannons. His legs looked like they could kick down marble columns. Not to mention, the King of Desires was entirely nude. Flauros’s cock looked painfully erect. Veins bulged along its entire sixteen inch length. It had to be as thick as a can of coke, if not more. The red glow seemed especially intense around the underworlder’s fuckrod. Lloyd’s eyes were drawn to it, even if he wasn’t gay. After staring for a few moments, he tore his eyes away from the monstrous piece of meat to look up into the demon’s eyes. They were the eyes of a predator, piercing deep into his soul. The pupils were slits just like a panther’s would be. They were surround by a surreal, purple iris. They were unblinking and unmoving. Lloyd could barely hold his gaze. “N-no. Not e-exactly.” The portly student stuttered again. He took a deep breath and laid over his carefully planned wish. “I want you to take my mass and give it to the rowing team. I want them to be big. Then I’ll be able to fit in the boat and they can’t turn me away. I want them to deal with being bigger than normal. That’s what I want.” He nervously looked up at the smirking demon. The giant leaned forward so he was face-to-face with the summoner. “So be it.” Flauros opened his mouth and pressed it against Lloyd’s lips. A muscular tongue filled the mortal’s mouth, he couldn’t fight it back even if he tried. It thrashed around inside of his mouth. He was far too shocked to react. As it licked around the inside of Lloyd’s mouth, he began to feel weak. His sweat-soaked clothes began to hang on him more. The tightness of his pants that he had gotten used to was slowly fading. After a few minutes of the demon kiss, Flauros stepped away. Lloyd had to crane his neck more to see the smirking demon. “Now mortal you shall sleep and wake up to find your wish granted. You shall never see me again.” Lloyd’s eyes widened at the demon’s words, there was no going back. “Now sleep!” The demon commanded and Lloyd’s world went black. Reed was peacefully asleep in his bed. At the stroke of midnight, he broke into a sweat. He hands gripped at his sheets as he tossed his head from side to side. Soon enough his arms were doing the same and the rest of his body followed. He even grunted and groaned. Luckily, his roommate was a heavy sleeper. In his dream, he was being assaulted by a large man. An inhumanly large man. Reed was being held down by his iron grip. He tried to fight back, but couldn’t even budge. He feared he was going to be raped or murdered, but the man did something unexpected. He kissed Reed. Reed wanted to scream. Something seemed so wrong. Even his skin felt tight. Suddenly, he found the strength to push his attacker off of him. The man smirked as the world faded to black. That night, every member of the rowing team experienced a similar dream. All of them woke in a cold sweat, then fell back to sleep in the most restful slumber they had ever had. That morning, Lloyd woke from his fitful sleep. He tossed the covers off of his body and went to the sink to splash some water on his face, once he had so, he began to brush his teeth. Only two seconds into doing so, he dropped his toothbrush. Staring slack-jawed into the mirror, he ran a finger along the edge of his chin. His jawline was no longer hidden by a layer of fat. He smiled as his neck didn’t fold or crease anymore when he turned his head. His smile only grew wider as his eyes wandered down his transformed body. His pecs were now visible, they were no longer moobs. By no means were they built, but they looked like they belonged on someone who visits the gym to keep in shape. His abs were faint, but with a little work they would stand out. His legs had thinned out, looking like he had been running miles every day. Only when he turned towards the door had he realized there had been more changes. The frame of the door seemed higher to him. Grabbing a tape measure, he messily determined his height. He had shrunk two inches to a modest 5’10.” He wasn’t the only thing that had shrunk. When he pulled out his clothes, they were the same stylish, expensive duds he had before but two or three sizes smaller than the previous day. Even his shoes shrunk two sizes to fit his size 10 feet. As he left the door, a devilish grin crossed his face. He couldn’t wait to see what lardasses the rowing team had become. Today, Lloyd’s footsteps did not echo down the halls. His shirt and pants were pulled neatly over his body. His smile was beaming. He had to get used to a few changes because of his new body, but he welcomed them. He didn’t even worry about hitting the doorframe as he walked into the classroom, but he still stopped in his tracks once he did. Reed and Ross were standing and chatting with each other as they always would. But instead of the rower physique he was used to seeing, they both looked like physique models borderlining on the realm of bodybuilding. He dared to step closer. His eyes darted over their new bodies. By the way they acted, he guessed they didn’t know they weren’t like this yesterday. It was only when he was a few feet away that their size really had changed. Lloyd once stood taller than Ross, but now the tables had turned. Even Reed looked like he had grown in height as well. Both looked like Greek statues come to life and then they dedicated themselves to lives in the gym. They were both wearing clothes similar to what they had worn the day beforehand, but now they were pulled taut over their sinewy physiques. With the way their pecs pushed out their shirts, he had to guess if they had a six or eight pack. Their pants struggled to contain their thighs and their diamond-like calves were out in the open. Even their sandals looked to small as their toes slightly hung off the edge. He braved a few steps forward, hoping his plan would still work. “Ahem.” He interrupted their conversation. Ross glared at him just like he had before, but now he glared down at Lloyd. On the other hand, Reed still had some kindness in his eyes when he replied. “Can I help you?” Lloyd swallowed hard and with a look of determination in his eyes he asked, “When is practice for the rowing team? I would like to join.” He puffed out his chest, feeling accomplished. Reed sighed and looked uncomfortable, a bit comedic for a guy his size. “Well um… Lloyd I really don’t know how to say this. I don’t think rowing would be a good fit for you. Rowing is really intense. You don’t look like you have the constitution for it, even if you were to row as a lightweight.” He shuffled his size 16 feet. “You are too small for the boats. Even the lightweights are bigger than you. I’m sorry to say you are too small.” Lloyd’s face grew bright red, “But… but…” It was Ross’s turn, “No butts, little dick. He said no so leave.” “Ross…” Reed looked sympathetic to Lloyd. “Li-little dick!? Mine is seven inches long you prick!” Lloyd face was redder than a sunburnt tomato. Ross laughed, “Then mine must be a foot long then. Go get your eyesight checked moron.” “Ross! Don’t be so mean to him!” Reed chided his best friend. “Yeah yeah. Look at him go.” Ross pointed at Lloyd running out of the classroom. Lloyd dashed out of the classroom as the professor was just walking in. Had he ran into the professor yesterday, the poor intellectual would have been flattened. Now, Lloyd bounced back against the now burly professor and landed on his ass. “Watch where you are going Mr. Banks!” The former-rower of a professor called after Lloyd who had picked himself up and sprinted down the hall to the nearest bathroom. He locked himself in a stall on the verge of tears. He thrusted his hands onto his thighs and balled them into fist. “Please say he is wrong. Please say he is wrong.” He muttered repeatedly. He hadn’t looked at his manhood in the morning to see if it had been altered to fit his new physique due to the excitement over the rest of his body and the chance to make fun of the rowers who were supposed to be as big as he was. Carefully he pulled down his shorts to reveal his cock. He was happy to see it throbbing against his briefs, but his joy was short-lived. He pulled his briefs down and choked back a sob. His cock was raging hard, but he had to guess it was at most four inches. No more than that. What once was seven inches hard and soft had been reduced to something below average. “It’s not right,” he muttered, some tears escaping his clenched eyes. “This isn’t what was supposed to happen.” He slowly realized his mistake in the wish. He said he wanted his mass transferred to make the team bigger than normal. He didn’t say what mass or where the mass should come from. Flauros twisted his words. He took his fat, but gave them muscle equal in mass. He made him shorter by two inches, and they grew by the same. He could only guess that his cock shrinking by three inches made their grow that much more. He had a chance and blew it. His one chance to get revenge on his perceived humiliation only to get humiliated instead.
  17. HeroSlayer1

    Bael | Chapter 2

    Hello All, I've written a second installment - this chapter includes an original hero by the design of member @MaxVirility14. I hope you enjoy. Again, if you want to be featured, just shoot me a PM or hit me up on skype. ---- “Max. There is something afoot.” Freya appeared before him, glowing gold. Her small frame was covered with a wispy white dress, flowers in her hair, her blond locks cascading down to her waist. She was surrounded by the others—the demon forest spirits that stood guard over Mayberry’s land. “There was a disturbance… there have been disturbances throughout the week. Something must be done.” A tall man, broad shoulders and barrel chested, glowed red. He had a goatee that he brushed and dark eyes that stared through Max. He shook his head. “We can’t let this continue—the forests around the city are being invaded with foul energy. The demons had become a part of him years ago, when he was still a teenager. Had it been five years already? He’d been just sixteen when the fates had intervened. Ivander was a spry athlete, growing in muscle in strength. Brown hair, brown eyes—plain, but handsome. He’d fought off a group of teens trying to burn one of the small thickets of trees on the outskirts of town. They’d been no match for his fists or his courage, and had turned and ran when he threatened them. Some ingenuity helped to douse the flames, and he’d stood to watch the small fire turn to smoke. The haze that filled the trees didn’t clear. Rather, he felt the skin on his arms rise, and a breeze blow. His chest had tightened, and he knew that something was wrong. His feet felt like they were running through molasses when he tried to run. It was then a green light surrounded him, and he froze in his tracks. “You are a brave soul,” He remembers their voices speaking in unison. “But violent, powerful.” His heart was ready to thump out of his chest. “We want you to protect this place—protect the city from those that would destroy us, and destroy the land. We need you to protect the trees, the water, the air. To be our champion.” He could not say no—they anointed him, they wanted him and they could give him the power. The forest demons were tied to the earth, more powerful than he could have imagined. When they flooded his body with power he gained the secrets of the earth, memories from long and ago. He was transformed with their strength, their power, their love. They wanted to do what was best for the town, for the earth. While they could be wicked, they were neither bad nor good. Just spirits determined to protect their land. And Ivander had become their champion. His body had swelled with new found power. His chest ballooned, pressing out of his shirt and tearing the meager fabric. His arms swelled, biceps growing bigger, and soon his quads were competing in his shorts, tearing away that fabric too. His abs were chiseled, his back broad and thick. When he closed his eyes he could feel the power of the forest pulse through him, the energy that of all the demons giving him strength. He was—virile, powerful. “Maximus Virility.” His given name, his powerful naked form soon bathed in another green light. The demons were a part of him, then, inside of his mind and all around him. And he was tied to the land as he’d never been before. There had been various dangers—men threatening to destroy the trees, hunters taking down game, companies wanting to pollute the lakes. He rose to each challenge, and kept out those that tried to destroy the greenery of Mayberry. The pleasant suburb was never cleaner—or safer—under his watch. Max was the champion of the city, and unmatched in his strength. He was admired by men and women alike, but kept far and away from the locals. He vanished into the night after each battle, to recharge his strength and to keep out of the public eye. “I can feel it, too.” Max was dressed head to toe in green, skin tight lycra, with an “M” emblazoned on his chest. There had been whispers of another spirit—a strange energy—entering in the city and disrupting the balance. Max had felt faint at one point, a strange feeling for one when his felt limitless power at his fingertips. “There’s been men and women disappearing, in the night and day, turning up only as skin and bones the next day.” Freya continued, and nodded in the direction of the north. “There’s whispers along the northern reach of town that something is stalking folks—disrupting the balance of power. I can tell you that it is dark, but not what it could possibly be.” “Then it looks like I’ll have to make it right, and draw whatever it is out. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve faced someone—or something—powerful.” He grinned. The young man was cocky, and flexed a bicep to reinforce it. He hadn’t even been defeated, though there had been a few times when his powers had nearly been exhausted. “Be careful, Max.” Another spirit spoke. “There is something different about this, something strange. You must be careful now that Autumn has come.” He took a breath. The power of the forest weakened in the fall and winter, his strength dependent on the virility and life of the trees. The changing colors of the leaves was enough to weaken him. He nodded and took to the streets, now pushing along the main street in the dead of night, his senses directing him to the strange force. --- Bael had been drawn to Mayberry. There were plenty of other demons that stalked the land, and their energy was far more intoxicating than what the mere mortals could provide. After savoring his previous delicious meal, he knew that he could not keep such a high profile. There would be other heroes that would seek to draw him out and destroy him if he was not too careful. But here, he knew that there were spirits that could give him more power. His black skin glistened in the evening light, the cool autumn breeze trickled over his broad muscular chest. He was an immense monster of muscle, standing seven feet and nearly three hundred pounds. He’d gained strength and size from his last slaying, but tonight he would gain something more. He sought a connection with the other world, one that was part of the earth and strong enough to give him immense power. There were spirits that gave strength to every part of the universe—and here, there were other demons present. He had been a part of the other world for long enough, but now that he was physical, and present, if he absorbed the power that this hero had, he would be a force with which to be reckoned. He’d left more than one body in the trail of his destruction for this Max Virility to find. The boy wonder, he was to stop all those that tread through the city and walked among the greenery—keeping them safe, happy, and healthy. It was enough to have Bael salivate at the chance of taking down one so innocent and powerful. Much less the naïve young man he had swallowed before, here was a handsome and strong hero that would do his best to keep his city a part of a perfect dream. But he would fall, like the others, and with it, Bael would gain a window into the forest demon’s powers. Max wasted no time. The spirits gifted him with the presence of sight—telling him where Bael was stalking about. He released a hard blast of blue energy from his fists, and struck the villain where he stood. He fired another and another, causing Bael’s muscular body to tumble wildly across the forest floor. He could sense that there was something different about this villain, but he dared not to let him gain an inch. He raced toward the smoking villain’s body, and jumped into the air to deliver another blow. Bael was alert then. He rolled out of the way of the hero’s fist, who struck down into the ground, hard. The earth shook, but not enough to knock Bael off balance. The villain grit his teeth and angled a punch at the hero’s stomach, sending him flying into the trunk of a mighty oak. Max grunted, daze. He took a breath, his mountainous pecs lifting and falling. The villain was strong—far stronger than anything in Mayberry. He charged up a blast and released a blue spinning orb toward Bael. The villain sneered again and deflected the orb with his hand, sending the energy into the sky. He pointed a finger at Max and charged up a blast of his own. The first Max dodged, and he rolled out of the way. The tree where was standing cracked, the leaves instantly wilting and falling from the branches. Bael fired another, and then another blast. Max easily maneuvered around the second blast, but the third clipped his shoulder. He let out a yell as a stinging sensation took over his entire body. He tumbled down, only to snap upward, his hands on his head. A massive headache pulsed, a feeling that was almost blinding. “You’re fast hero, but you can’t escape me.” Bael’s massive, muscular body with slick with sweat. Max could see the veins stand on the villain’s skin, his tree trunk legs powerful, his biceps a work of art. “You’re far more of a fight than the last hero I faced.” “You don’t know the half of it, villain.” Max took a breath and charged, his body glowing blue. He upper cut into Bael’s jaw, and then landed a fist into the villain’s chest. Each connecting hit sent off a shower of sparks, and Bael’s body was moved. Max held a hand to the ground and charged another fist. “Feel light more?” Bael licked his lips and grinned. He cracked his neck and brought both his arms to his sides. “I am Bael, Incubus, demon, slayer of men. And you are my next meal—powered by demons, I will take your power for my own!” Max felt his heart skip a beat when Bael’s body glowed red. He felt his head pulse again with pain. What was this creature? You have to be careful, one of the spirits whispered. He is a dark and ancient power. “I’ll protect you,” Max replied to them, and tensed his pecs. He charged his power again, this time sending a concentrated blast at Bael’s stomach. The villain was pushed back, but kept on toward Max. The hero concentrated, growing his power, drawing from the demons. The villain slowed, but still managed to take a step. And then another. And then another. Max could feel the sweat begin to pour over his body, each of his muscles tensing as he drew more power. He couldn’t keep up the blast if Bael continued to advance! His eyes widened as Bael came within a foot. The villain’s fist glowed red, and he cocked it up above his head. With a mighty swing, he connected to Max’s fists. The energies clashed together, sending a massive blast throughout the forest. For a moment, everything grew white, enveloping the both of them. Max was blinded, and then felt his body thrown backwards by the blast. He could hear the demons let out a collective scream. He was on his back, vision blurry. Weak. He felt so weak. What was happening to him? He lifted his head and saw that the blast had created a pit in the earth, with smoke rising from where the two had been standing. Max’s body was covered in dead leaves, surrounded by the depleted branches of the smoking trees around him. He coughed. The dead bits of plant life drained his strength, and it was becoming harder for him to move. “At least the forest is safe,” He whispered, thinking Bael had been dispatched. He couldn’t hear the voices of the demons, they seemed lost in the buzzing within his ears. Perhaps he would rest here for a while before he regained enough strength to walk away. “I… hunger…” A voice said in the distance. Max’s eyes snapped open and he could feel his heart beat. He tried his best to roll over, and positioned himself on his elbow. He started to pull himself toward one of the trees, but the leaves continued to stick to his sweaty body. “N-no…” Max whispered out. “H-help me…” He concentrated on the demons, trying to get them to fill him with power. He felt himself able to crawl, but the strength was slow to return. Then he saw the shadow cast by Bael’s massive form. The villain grabbed Max by his left ankle and tossed him hard back into the waiting pit. The hero’s body struck an outcropping, and then spiraled down through the dirt until he hit the bottom. He coughed, his muscular body heaving. He managed to get onto all fours. His strength returned some, the demons working their magic and the leaves now mostly brushed free from his body. He pointed a finger at Bael. A blue ray of light fired out, smacking the villain in his chest. The energy splashed off his heaving pecs, and the villain smiled. “Too weak to fight? No matter.” He hovered over the pit, and then proceeded to land down next to Max. “I have enjoyed our game, and you nearly got me. But I have seen many tricks in my many years, and you have failed.” He moved to grasp the hero by his neck and lifted him up off of his feet. Max gasped, and he could hear the demons groan again. “Y-you can’t…” His body tensed. Bael’s eyes grew red, and then his whole body followed. The energy crackled and connected with Max’s. He felt the two of them beginning to connect. “I will suck you dry of your powers. I will learn the secrets to them, steal the power of these demons that give you your strength.” Max could feel his muscles depleting, his energy being pulled up from the furthest reaches of his being. He moaned. The sensual feeling had him hard in his shorts, his muscles all flexed at once. He couldn’t help himself. He wanted to give in to Bael. He felt as though he was destined to become a part of the horrible villain. Do not yield to him. Fight it. Freya whispered. But how, he wondered. You must make him think he has defeated you. You must give up all you have and join with us, so that you can be reformed. Max took a breath. He trusted Freya, and the spirits, to protect him. “I’m yours to have, Bael. You may use my body… take what you need… but know that you will never become one with the demons of this forest…” Max snarled. Bael wasted no time ripping apart the hero’s costume to expose his body to the night air. Max shivered as his sweat sheened body glowed in the moonlight. He let out another soft moan as Bael lowered him to the ground. He forced the hero onto all fours and stood close over him. “My power is far greater than you can imagine. I will make you a part of me, and then they will yield to my power.” Bael’s deep, booming voice caused Max to shiver. “I will resist you…” Bael grabbed Max by the waist and laughed. The hero felt the demon’s hand slide around his front. He began to stroke the hero’s cock. The energy flowed between them and Max grew ever weaker. It was then he felt the villain’s body atop his own, poking him, prodding him, their sweaty body going from two to one. He had visions of the evil that pulsed through Bael. The dark force that connected him to another world—a vault of all the men that he had drained was locked away within this foul, powerful villain. Max had to fight it—he had to escape the grasp of the villain. He had to trust in the demons. “That’s it…” Bael’s hand was soft upon Max’s leg and he let out another moan. He could feel the well of energy being drained from within him, his own mighty member growing hard like steel, aching for release. But with it too would be his power supply, all the energy he had left. He could feel his very soul hanging in the balance. You must release, or Bael will overwhelm you—you must do it before he does, or we may lose you forever! Max’s eyes snapped open. He stared back at Bael with a look of determination. All the while the incubus continued to sap the power from Max, overwhelming him, working him, the twenty-something’s body shrinking in his grasp. He knew what needed to be done. He had to concentrate. He had to let go, and give Bael exactly what he wanted. “F-fuck.” Max closed his eyes. His body glowed blue, and started to shrink. He was thin now, sickly, energy faint. “F-fuck.” He whispered out again, now arching his back. “You’ve… you’ve…AUGH!” His cock stiffened, and he leaned back against Bael. “FUCK! I CAN’T STOP HIM… TOO MUCH… AUUUGH!” He thrusted forward, a shower of energy shooting from his member. He could feel the air release from him. To his horror, he watched the energy arc back upward and toward Bael. The energy connected with the villain’s chest, pulled from within Max. He continued to shoot until at last it faded to nothing. He collapsed forward, and stared up at the horrifying sight above him. Bael preened himself, laughing all while. He flexed his muscled and growled, his body glowing a flaming red. “Yes! I can feel them… hear them… the power of the forest…” Max gasped as the air seemed to leave him. He was nearly skin and bones. “You’ve… won… the power is… yours…” As he whispered his final words, his head fell back against the ground, and the wind began to swirl around him. Bael watched with satisfaction as Max’s body was lifted into the air, now fading from existence, with one last spectacular flash of white. And with that, Max Virility was gone. To be continued...
  18. lasseren

    coven coin best muscle

    even though many have read it, i still want to share The coven coin. chapter 9-13 is some of the hottest growth/theft i've read. From big to small, and from small to big. awesome story!
  19. hotmuscle101

    Blue Pill Part 11

    As promised, the next chapter. I hope to post something next weekend, so please give me feedback as to where you would like to see this story go. Thank you for all your support Blue Pill Part 11 Chris stood in his father’s bathroom, holding the small bottle of black pills in his meaty hand. “I wonder what these do?!” Without another second to spare Chris downed one of the black pills, excited to see what new growth possibilities would unfold for him. Chris stepped over to his father’s scale so he could weigh himself to see how much the black pill changes him. “I’ll be damned, 240 pounds. That little session with Luke gave me 20 pounds of muscle. Looks like I’ll be paying him a visit.” Chris stepped off the scale and sauntered out into the hallway, bottle of black pills in hand, excited to see how freakishly large he could stretch his body with his new found arsenal. Just as Chris was about to head upstairs, the doorbell rang. “I swear to fucking Christ Stacy, if that’s you, you’d better turn around and run now!” Chris pounded his way towards the front door, remembering the recent encounter he had with his now ex-girlfriend. Chris swung the door open ready to start yelling, but instead was met eye to eye with someone who looked all too familiar. “Derek? Is that you? How in the fuck did you get so big?!” Chris began sizing Derek up from head to toe. They were dead even on height, but Chris knew that he must still have about ten pounds on him. A devilish grin formed on Chris’s face as he slid the bottle of black pills behind his back. “What can I do for you buddy?” Knowing all too well that he was going to use Derek just like he used Luke to get even bigger. “So you wanna come on in and tell me how you got so big?” Derek stepped into the foyer. “You look like you’ve put a little size on yourself!” “Yeah, been bulking up since were towards the end of football season. I want to put on some serious mass for college. What about you though? Looks like you’ve all but caught up with me. How will you be able to swim with all that bulk?” “That’s part of why I came here to talk to you. I wanna try a different sport. I think I’ve outgrown swimming. So I too want to put on some serious size and I thought who better to talk to than the football captain himself.” “Well you’ve come to the right place and I have a feeling you already know what’s going to help you get bigger. Go ahead and wait over in my dad’s gym. I’ll be just a second. Then we can get to adding some mass to that frame of yours.” Chris began thundering up the steps, taking two at a time. Excited about the possibilities of the new black pill he was about to use. Derek walked down the hall towards the gym and stopped to admire his own reflection in the hall mirror. Flexing his big bicep, causing the sleeve of the polo he had stolen from the high school locker room to tear a little. “Fuck yeah, so fuckin hot! I’m gonna get frickin huge!” Meanwhile upstairs Chris went back to his medicine cabinet and grabbed two bottles. He opened one which contained just plain blue pills. Chris dropped one into his hand, “I should probably wait and see what the black pill will do before mixing them. Oh well, fuck it.” Chris popped the pill in his mouth and swallowed. He then popped a pill form the other bottle into his hand, blue with a white stripe, and put it in the pocket of his shorts. “Not only will I grow bigger from the blue pill, but Derek is going to help me get even bigger by being my milk bitch.” Chris laughed to himself at the idea as he began heading down the stairs, noticing Derek standing in front of the mirror flexing. “Man you keep standing there and flexing you’re gonna pop one off” Chris motioned his eyes down to Derek’s massive erection tenting his sweats. “Yeah, sorry. I just can’t help it. Ever since I got bigger I’ve been so fucking horny. All I want to do is grow and fuck.” Derek grabbed on to his meat stick and began massaging it. “I know the feeling brother, but there will be time to fool around later. Let’s get to growing some more. I believe you’re looking for one of these.” Chris held out the blue pill with the white stripe for Derek to take. Derek looked at it for a moment and realized what Chris’s intentions were, but he didn’t want to give it away that he knew. “Thanks man, I appreciate it!” Derek tried to sound excited as he held the pill in his hand. “Well? What are you waiting for? Let’s get this show on the road.” Chris eyed Derek and the pill in his hand hoping he didn’t already know what that pill did. “Sorry man, I’ve just never been able to take a pill without something to drink. Mind if I grab a glass of water? Or better yet, how about I mix us up a couple of protein shakes.” Derek figured he could crush up the pill he was given into Chris’s shake and milk him like Chris had intended to do with Derek. “Yeah man, no problem. I have some shaker bottles up in my room. Protein tubs are in my closet. Will you grab me a chocolate one?” Chris said as he started heading towards the home gym. “Of course, I’ll be right back down.” With that, Derek turned around as a huge grin filled his face. He raced up the stairs, excited to finally grow bigger than the captain of the football team. Chris entered the gym with a sinister smile filling his face as he thought of how perfect everything was falling in place. “When we’re done working out, I might even let Derek worship my massive body and gargantuan dick.” Chris grabbed the 50 pound dumbbells to warm up with. Derek quickly headed into Chris’s room, not wanting to waste any time. He grabbed the shaker bottles on Chris’s desk and headed towards his closet. He opened the closet and grabbed the tub of chocolate protein powder. He put two scoop into each bottle and then crushed the blue pill with the white stripe in his hand and dropped it into one of the cups. So he wouldn’t get them mixed up, his bottle top was orange and Chris’s was green. Derek headed into Chris’s bathroom to fill up the bottles. He turned on the water and filled both shakers up. As he was filling the last bottle up, Derek was once again drawn to his reflection in the bathroom vanity. He observed all the striations and veins running up his arms as he reached forward to fill the bottles. As Derek stared into the vanity mirror, he noticed that the mirror was slightly ajar. He set the last bottle on the counter and reached up to open the vanity cabinet. Inside he found all sorts of pill bottles, deodorant, cologne, aftershave. “I wonder if this is where he keeps his magic muscle pills? Naw, he couldn’t be that stupid!” Still curious, Derek began opening up bottle after bottle and looking at their contents. Only becoming more and more disappointed, he was just about to give up when he noticed two identical bottles in the bottom right hand corner. He quickly snatched them up knowing exactly what he had just found. He popped the lid off of the first bottle to find plain blue pills. “I have a feeling I know exactly what you do.” Derek dropped two in his hand and threw them back, swallowing them without a second thought. He popped the cap off the second bottle and grabbed another blue pill with a white stripe. He crushed it up and dropped it into Chris’s shake with the other crushed up pill. “I’m gonna give that mother fucker a dose of his own medicine.” Derek headed back towards the entry of Chris’s bedroom but before he left he grabbed a baggy zip up hoodie from Chris’s closet and placed both bottles in the pockets of the hoodie. Derek headed back down the stairs, erection leading the way as he hung the hoodie up on a hook next to the front door. “Fuck I’m gonna get so big!” Pre-cum began staining Derek’s sweat pants as he walked towards the gym. “Alright big guy, you ready to get your swole on? You ready to get FUCKING HUGE!” Chris said as he puffed up his chest making himself look as intimidating as possible. Derek looked at Chris with a sly grin as he handed him his protein shake. “Oh, more than you will ever know” Chris, now more excited than ever at what was to come, downed his shake in a matter of seconds. “Alright big guy, let’s get you PUMPED!” Chris headed over towards the bench press, knowing full well that’s where he was going to get Derek to fall into his trap and become his milk machine so he could grow massive. “Alright I’ll start us off with the first set of 350.” Chris got under the bar and Derek stood behind him to spot. “Do you mind tucking that thing, I don’t want to lose an eye.” Chris sarcastically said, eyeing Derek’s massive appendage tenting his sweats. “Yeah, sorry.” Derek reached in and pulled his cock up where its head made a loud wet “thwack” against his abdomen. Chris pushed the bar off the supports and lowered it for his first rep. Rep after rep the weight felt really light. Chris began to think that maybe the black pill was giving him a surge in strength. He pushed through a total of fifteen reps and re-racked the weight. “Alright man, you’re turn. Show me what you’ve got!” Chris, now anxious to see Derek’s pecs pump full of growth serum, swapped places with him. Now Chris’s dick had begun snaking out the leg of his shorts, not really caring, he began to massage the head. Derek, un-phased by Chris’s show of self-pleasure, lifted the bar off the supports and lowered it to his nipples. When Derek brought the weight back up he noticed Chris had begun rubbing his pecs and tweaking his nipples. He watched as Chris winced in pain. Derek knew that it was beginning, and he also knew that sexual pleasure accelerated the process. So Derek flew through the last ten of his reps all while staring at Chris as he rubbed his nipples and his dick snaked further out of his shorts. “Man how big is that thing?!” Derek said, as he got up from the bench. “Fourteen fucking glorious inches of love meat. You want a taste?” Chris said with a smirk on his face. “Yeah, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” Derek said as he smirked back. Chris laid back down on the bench, eyeing Derek’s pecs. Looking for any kind of growth, but all he could see was a slight pump. “Hmm this is weird. He should be growing already.” Chris thought to himself. Chris lowered the bar with 400 pounds now loaded on it and as he did there was a ripping sound. “Finally” he thought, “now I can begin my feeding!” What Chris didn’t know was the tearing sound actually came from his shirt, as his pecs began to grow higher and higher, his nipples began pointing further and further down. “Now’s my chance, if I’m going to do this, it’s going to be now.” Derek thought as he wandered back around the bench. Derek now at the foot of the bench, leaned forward and took the head of Chris’s dick into his mouth. The sudden suction on the head of Chris’s dick almost made him drop the weight on his chest. “DAMN DEREK, warn a guy next time before you just start sucking his dick!” Chris yelled, excited and astonished all at the same time. He began to moan as Derek increased the speed and force of his suction. “Man you’re fucking good. Stacy wouldn’t even attempt to suck it. She said it was too big.” Chris continued pumping out rep after rep, not realizing his pecs were becoming bulbous. Derek popped the head of Chris’s dick out of his mouth. “Well you are kind of big. I’m having difficulty with it.” Derek renewed his suction wanting to get Chris nice and primed. Chris re-racked the weight and it was then that he noticed his ballooning pecs. “OH FUCK MAN! I”VE GOT FUCKING TITS!” Chris reached his hands down and rubbed over his massive man melons. When he reached the bottom he brushed across his nipples which sent a shudder through his entire body as he felt a warm liquid fill his hands. “What the fuck! This can’t be what the black pill does!” Chris said shocked, trying to figure out what he was going to do. “Man you have to drain these. It’s going to take me forever if I try draining them by hand.” Chris said making eye contact with Derek as he looked desperate. Derek didn’t need to be told twice, He let the plum sized dick head pop out of his mouth and he leaned forward and latched on to Chris’s right nipple. “OH MY FUCKING GOD! You have no idea how amazing that feels! Suck harder!” Chris grabbed the back of Derek’s head shoving his face hard into his grotesquely swollen nipple. Derek, loving the sweet taste of Chris’s milk, didn’t mind the forcefulness of Chris’s hand. Derek reached his hand back down and began massaging Chris’s dick as he sucked the milk from his nipple. As Derek drained the milk from Chris’s nipple, he noticed an odd tingling sensation across his entire body. He looked down, and to his amazement, he was growing. Slowly, but he was growing larger. His sweats had started to become saran wrapped to his legs and his polo was starting to be split apart by his engorging pecs. Derek, now realizing the effect Chris’s milk was having on him, renewed his suction on Chris’s nipple. Derek noticed that Chris’s pec had diminished, but not back to its normal size. “Was it? Could it be? I think he is!” Derek couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Chris was shrinking right before his very eyes. Derek was syphoning Chris’s muscles into his own through the milk. Derek’s dick was now rock hard thinking about how massive he was going to become. The first pec was starting to slow down to just a trickle, and in that time Derek had to be almost 260 pounds and quite a bit taller than Chris. Derek quickly looked up at Chris’s face to see if he had realized, but Chris had his eyes closed as he moaned in ecstasy. Derek pulled off of Chris’s right nipple and headed for his left when Chris mumbled between moans “suck me off a little more.” Derek, not wanting Chris to realize what was going on, happily obliged. He took the massive plum shaped cockhead into his mouth and thanks to his more muscular neck, he was now able to deep throat the gargantuan dick. “FUCK ME THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” Derek reached up to the waistband of Chris’s shorts and slid them down over his massive thighs and raging anaconda. Derek then set back to his task of sucking Chris’s dick. “OH FUCK! OH GOD YESSSSSSS! FUCK! FUCK ME DEREK THAT’S AMAZING” Derek reached up and grabbed onto Chris’s left nipple, getting milk all over his fingers. He brought his milk soaked fingers back down and slipped them between Chris’s rock hard ass cheeks. Derek watched Chris’s face for a reaction as he slowly slipped a finger into Chris’s tight anus. Chris began moaning more “FUCKING HELL, FUCK YOUR FINGERS, PUT IT IN ME!” Not needing to be told twice, Derek pulled his pre slicked snake from his sweats and hoisted Chris’s ass off the bench, all while continuing sucking Chris’s dick. With Chris’s ass already lubed up from his milk, Derek pushed until the head of his cock popped past Chris’s O-ring. “FUCK….” Chris moaned “What are you waiting for, put it in me!” So Derek eased in inch after inch sucking harder on Chris’s dick. Wanting to get back to milking him of his muscle, Derek shoved the last six inches of his thirteen inch dick in to the groin. “Oh FUCK IM CUMMING” That was all Chris needed to send him over the edge. Chris blew his load into the back of Derek’s throat. Derek was about to pull off when he felt a strange tingling sensation at the base of his dick. He could feel his dick slowly stretching Chris’s ass wider. As he felt his own dick growing larger, he felt the dick in his throat slowly receding. Chris’s eyes flew open wide as Derek’s cock began to unreel inside of his ass like a firehose. Chris had finished spilling his seed but Derek sucked hard to make sure there was none left. As he pulled off of Chris’s diminished dick he could see that Chris was still left with a modest eight inches. “FUCK! That means…” Derek continued feeling his dick expand inside Chris’s ass making it get tighter and tighter. Chris began moaning all over again as Derek’s dick finally edged towards the end of its growth. “How’s it feel to have the largest dick in the world in your ass right now? All 19 ungodly inches of me!” Chris’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fathomed the mass that Derek’s dick alone must contain. Derek began pistoning in and out of Chris’s ass making a sloshing sound as his ass filled with pre-cum. “I’m so fucking hard right now I feel like my dick is going to burst through my skin!” Derek yelled as he long dicked Chris, bringing the head of his dick to the very edge of Chris’s ass and shoving it back in. Chris began wincing every time Derek shoved it back in. Derek brought his arms up into a double bicep flex. Flexing the mammoth 21 inch peaks. “Open your eyes you little bitch, were only half way. I still have another melon to suck on. Watch me steal the last of your muscles and help me to ascend the throne to become a god!”
  20. fratboy123

    theft White jock boy meets his match

    The doorbell rings just as Feng gets out of the shower. Quickly putting on a towel on his chubby waist. He rushes down the stairs to open the door for his expected visitor. Opening the door he sees Chad. Chad is standing there in his black tank top runner shorts and high tops. Covered in sweat and pumped from working out chest. He says "hi, you're AsianTop69? We chatted online." "U-uh, y-yeah" said Feng awestruck by the man's appearance. He looked much better in person. "Come in." Beckoned Feng as he poured a glass of cold water he asked. "Want a drink? It's been scorching recently." Handing over the water Feng excused himself for a bit. Shit he thought. He's way out of my league. Climbing the stairs he suddenly had an idea. Mischievously grinning, he ran up to put on some fresh clothes... Chad thought this guy looked nothing like his pics... But he needed a good pounding and in his small town Asian tops were hard to come by. He walked around to thought the downstairs of the house and spotted a floor length mirror. Chad stood in front of it flexing and checking himself out, but who wouldn't. He was 6'3 black hair hazel eyes, a great beard. His Italian heritage was clearly visible by his skin tone, and the 8 inch salami in his jockstrap pouch. He had a total Asian fetish and was a strict bottom. He wasn't attracted to Feng, he just needed a good pounding. He didn't want to waste any time getting to know this overweight twerp. Chad stripped out of his clothes and sat on his hands and knees on the leather couch. Feng fidgeted through his drawers looking for it. Where had he put it? It had only been a week since he visited that old sex shop across the street. He was desperate to get his sex life back up again and the old lady at the counter told him these new condoms should work just fine. Finally after looking under his bad. He found a small red box full of condoms covered in runes. "This will do" he said to him self dropping the box he failed to see the warning label. "Warning : All changes after cumming are permanent." Feng had been rock hard since Chad walked through the door so he just slipped the red condom onto his uncut hard 4.5 inches. He walked downstairs and saw Chad with his ass in the air and smiled. Chad could hear Feng's footsteps from behind. They were steady but eager. Suddenly he felt a wet warm tongue take his ass. Taken by surprise, he jumped a little but quickly fell in to ecstasy. Feng was more than experienced. Chad's hole had been pounded many times but still was tight. He joked with his friends that's his secret was fucking Asian guys, playing off the stereotype of being below average below the belt. The rimming felt amazing but he was ready for the real thing. "Jesus this guys ass is like granite and so big" thought Feng. Feng lined up his smaller cock to Chad's ass hole and pushed in gently. His ass was tight and engulfed Feng's cock almost perfectly. Holding on to the larger man's body for support he slowly began to thrust. "God this feels amazing" Feng thought. His dick started to feel warm, very warm. Chad felt like his hole was on fire but he was loving it. Feng wasn't as big as he would have hoped but whatever. Just then Feng reached forward and started jacking of Chad's thick eight incher. "Shit" Feng whispered. Chad's cocks was huge. It practically was twice as big his own. Holding it in his small asian hands, it pulsed with power. He jacked off Matt's big one as well as he could even though he couldn't fit his hand all the way around it. Chad's cock started to feel weird like he was getting harder but he knew that wasn't possible. All thoughts of his cock slowly left his brain as he felt Feng start to hit him in all the right places. It was as if his thrusts were getting longer but Chad knew that wasn't possible. Feng cock was felt like it was in hot coals the more and more he thrust into Chad. Yet it felt more and more pleasurable. Every thrust made Chad moan a little louder than before. His hands felt as if they were slowly reaching higher and higher up Matt's back. Although it had already been a while, Chad stamina did not cease, he almost felt like a new man. Chad's ass seemed to get a little tighter and tighter. But Feng knew it wasn't that, he knew his cock was gaining mass. He could feel himself push in a little more every thrust. Smiling as he fucked Chad. Knowing that the condom had lived up to its promises... Feng stopped jacking off matts two inch stiff cock and moved his hands to grabbing matts massive arms. Chad suddenly felt super sore in his arms as Feng held onto them. Feng felt energy like he had never felt before coursing though his veins. God his cock felt huge. And much thicker than before. He saw it stretch Chad's hole more and more. It seemed like the 6inches he took from Chad gave him a bit more than 6 inches. Grinning to himself he grabbed onto Chad's huge muscular arms and tightened his grip. Every thrust his hands grow a little bigger and his arms thickened. He was watched in awe as his once chubby shoulder slowly formed into a hard lump and his once non existent arm muscles became more and more define. His grip grip tightened on Chad's ever shrinking arms. He was in so much pleasure he was hardly noticing the subtle changes. Feng felt around matts wide torso and hugged him hard. Chad's six pack felt like it was getting looser and looser. His skin starts to sag. As Feng felt his fat melt away from his stomach area, but all that excess fat had to go somewhere. And it found its new home around Chad's middle section. Feng growled as he felt his body transforming tighter and tighter. With his new long 25 inch arms he greedily grabbed Chad all around and started to feel Chad shrink in his arms as his six pack slowly dissolved into a belly as Feng's belly caved in and tightened into a ripped 10 pack. Feng was able to thrust way harder into matt with his new muscles. Holding Chad with one arm he brought up one arm to flex. He watched as it rippled with power. Giving it a quick kiss he returned to fucking his shrinking mate. Feng grabbed Chad's chest and started to grow his own. Filling out every fiber. As Chad's became softer and rounder. Feng's chest became firm, as hard as a rock. Chad's chest started to shake and jiggle. He had proper man boobs now. They swayed as he was getting plowed. Chad felt like he was losing control of this fuck. He was a bottom yes, but he was the alpha dog always. Boys should be so happy I give them the time of day and let them pleasure my hole he used to think. He knew how to get into Feng's head and remind him that he was fucking some grade A all American beef. He said "oh yeah fuck me harder" in a stereotypical Asian accent. Feng was not having that. He put his hands on the back of Chad's head. He played with Chad's beard and touched the rest of his face. Feng muffled Chad's mouth feeling his manly beard. "Shut up bitch, if you want more I want to hear you beg for it!" Caressing Chad's face all around. First he felt his beard slowly retract back into his skin as he felt his own growing. He felt Chad's nose flatten as his grew sharper and longer. He took those gorgeous hazel eyes and that amazing jawline. As his face changed more and more and he started drilling into Chad much harder. Feng saw his skin lighten as Chad's tanned darker and darker. Feng felt his muscles tighten around his neck and face. Almost as if his neck was stretching upwards and his back and neck wider. Chad's eyes started to feel very heavy. He thought nothing of it and just closed them. Losing himself to the intense feeling in his ass. All of a sudden Chad felt a hard push on his back. He knew it couldn't be that weakling Feng. So Chad yelled "what the hell are you doing fag?" But the voice didn't sound right. It was way too high pitched and the accent he used to mock Feng earlier was there. He tried to speak again without the accent but discovered he couldn't. Chad heard a distinct pop as Feng's now giant cock exited Chad's ruined asshole. Where there once was a short chubby Asian man with a small cock now stood a god. Over six feet tall tanned with a big beard and 11 inch cock was Feng. His muscles were bulging like a superhero. He said in a deep commanding baritone "what's wrong little chub? You angry about something?" Feng was close to orgasm and knew to make these changes permanent he had to cum on Chad. He gave his new giant cock a few strokes and that was all it took. He covered Chad's new smaller body in cum. Feng reached down and gave Chad's throbbing two inches a few tugs and it shot off a few droplets of cum. Feng laughed and said "haha what a pathetic little dickey, but I guess we now know the stereotypes are true." He walked away to survey his new body as Chad sat covered in cum feeling so alone and confused.
  21. Herald

    role-reversal (Un)even rivals (6)

    Six Three weeks had passed since Ted installed his domination over his cousin. Ever since the pool incident Chris had tried avoiding his 5 year younger cousin as much as possible. Every time he left the house, he scanned the street through the window and then rushed to his car to speed off. Two weeks ago, his cousin had nearly surprised him as he wanted to drive away. The huge teen had appeared behind Chris' car and had effortlessly lifted its back tires off the ground. He had shaken the car up and down, his huge traps bulging in the process, while laughing deeply. After several minutes, he had dropped the car, making it slam down hard and had then slammed his fist against the door at Chris's side, denting it. He had looked smirkingly at his cousin through the window as Chris sped away. Worst of all was the presence of Trisha. She kept going on and on about Ted's fantastic body and how much bigger than Chris he was everywhere. Chris then just nodded and went on the prepare her food: Ted had ordered him to take care off his girl and he didn't want to risk making her upset. Or even worse: making her tell his cousin she was upset… Jeremy wandered into his gym full of energy. The voodoo curse he'd cast on his rival had reached its climax at the last full moon, 5 days ago. He had drained 40 more pounds of muscle from Chris, now weighing in at 265 pounds of ripped beef. "I now exactly weigh what Ted weighs", he said to himself as he looked at the teen's stats on the enlistment form, "Time to make clear who's in charge here. I'll first whoop his ass and then steal his muscles too. I'll be the biggest champ ever seen!". His 6 incher throbbed in his pants at the thought and he went into his office to search for the second voodoo doll and the spell. Chris awoke from a restless sleep. Last night, he had gone to bed early in the guestroom as usual. A few minutes later, he had heard his cousin's heavy steps entering the house and his deep voice chatting to Trisha's high-pitched one. He'd hidden under his sheets when the heavy footsteps climbed the stairs and slowly strutted passed his door. He'd heard the lust in Trisha's voice and her animal grunts as they went at it. Five times, Ted's load, deep roars had echoed through the house and shaken his bones before everything went silent. Chris rubbed the sleep from his bloodshed eyes and listened. He could hear voices coming from the master bedroom. "Is there no satisfying you, beast?", Trisha asked as she noticed the thick pole tenting the sheets, "We did it five times last night. That's as much as me and Chris in a week." Her hand rubbing the hard skin of the massive pec her head rested atop. "A real man can go at it whenever he wants", Ted replied, "ya're not used to one, that's all." He caressed his frail girl's back, his big paw covering it nearly completely. "Let's go for another round", he said and easily lifted the 120 pound girl up with his left paw. "I just can't", Trisha said, "I'm still stretched out from last night. How about tonight?". "Fine, then suck me off", Ted stated and lowered her atop his beastly frame. Trisha gulped but her lust for his majestic body and the look in the teen beast's eyes made her obey. She crawled down over his eight-pack, passed the fleshy pole that pointed straight up and tried wiggling in between the two insanely thick thighs. A grin appeared on Ted's face as his girl tried budging his strong legs. The huge quads didn't budge. He opened his legs to make room for her and placed his hands behind his head, making his beastly biceps bulge in the process. Trisha's eyes widened as she noticed the perfectly round orbs of beef atop the teen's huge arms but quickly turned her focus on the job at hand as he nodded down to her. She grabbed the hot, rock-hard shaft with both hands and jerked it with all her force. Ted's grin got larger as he noticed the hands of his girl not even spanning half the girth of his huge cock. The thick, engorged shaft didn't move: the 120 pound girl was too weak to stroke his hard dick. Trisha sat up a bit to get a better grip and tried applying more force. Her head began turning red from the effort. Ted pulled his right paw from behind his head, grabbed his girl's head and pushed it down on his cock. "No", Trisha mumbled, "it's too big". She fought back with all the force in her body, but the teen's right arm overpowered her completely. Her face was pushed onto the dark red, big, engorged head of the thick cock. Ted ignored her and pushed her face down on his dick, the huge head sliding into her mouth. Trisha gagged as the teen's huge cock invaded her mouth. She tried resisting but she knew she was completely at the beast's mercy. The head and two inches of the shaft filled her mouth completely and she sucked with everything she got. Ted held the 120 pound girl's mouth atop his dick and began exploring his own protruding, thick muscles with his left paw. He felt excitement tickle his big balls as he pinched his hard nipples. His left paw descended further, traced the ridges of his strong, yet protruding abs and grabbed his rock-hard shaft. He began pumping along the thick, long shaft. "YEEAUGHN!", he bellowed deeply as his balls exploded and blasted their sticky load through his cock into Trisha's mouth. Trisha's mouth was filled completely with half of the teen beast's first load, cum dripped from the corner's of her mouth and leaked from her nose as more thick spunk blasted from the throbbing shaft. Gagging noises would have escaped her mouth if had been stretched around the thick pole. "Yeaughn!", Ted bellowed once more as more cum blasted from his cock into Trisha. He marveled at his own prowess as his balls kept retracting to rush out more loads. He saw cum now flowing steadily from his girl's mouth, nose and even out her ears. He pulled her from his cock as she fell limp and blasted five more loads against the ceiling before his orgasm cooled down. "Time for my morning swim", he rumbled and got up from the bed. He pulled on his skintight boxers and strutted out of the room, not even looking back at the worn out Trisha. Chris hid under his sheets as he heard Ted's load, deep roar filling the master bedroom. He crawled deeper when his cousin's heavy footsteps resounded in the hallway, praying that the giant wouldn't enter. He exhaled deeply at the sound of the backdoor being slammed shut. He waited for a few more minutes before leaving his bed. He cautiously opened the door of the guestroom, looked around to check if things were safe and walked into the hallway. He moved toward the bathroom for his morning shower. A faint sound made him freeze in his tracks and he pressed himself against the wall. Trisha had regained consciousness after having serviced the beastly teen. She whipped the stains of sticky cum from her face and looked at the clock. "Shit! I'm late for work", she yelled out and rushed into the bathroom at a pace her wobbly legs permitted. She quickly washed her face, got dressed and hurried down the stairs. Chris let out a deep breath from relief as Trisha hadn't noticed him. He waited until he heard her car drive off before continuing to move. He knew he was safe for the rest of the day. He entered the bathroom and caught his reflection in the large, 7 feet mirror covering the wall on his left. The man, wearing a somewhat too big pair of pajamas, looked nothing like the proud athlete that flexed and inspected his buff physique daily until two weeks ago. Chris sighed and quickly looked away from the depressing image. His hand reached for the top button of his pajama shirt as he moved away from the mirror. He tossed his pajamas in the furthest corner and stepped to the shower. He looked down to avoid his naked reflection in the mirror when a movement outside attracted his attention. He moved toward the window and looked down at the garden. Ted had gone home to inject his now swollen balls with his daily double dose of the new, designer steroid his wimpy housemate was providing him. As usual, he felt the energy coursing through his huge body as soon as he emptied the needle in his balls. He walked out and dove into the pool. Swimming lap after lap, his strong muscles propelling his beastly frame through the water. After 15 minutes, a mild burning sensation spread across his wide back as a soft pump build inside the hard masses of bulging muscles. He slowly swam toward the side and easily pulled his body from the water, his thick arms flexing in the process. Chris stared in awe at his younger cousin's big body as it rose from the water; it looked bigger than any body he'd ever seen, including his own at his prime. He gulped when he noticed the thick triceps exploding outward out the back of his arms as the teen got up from the pool. Water slid down along the crevices separating the mounds of hard muscle that bulged against each other across the insanely wide back, topped with thick rising traps. Ted enjoyed the mild pump after his swim and casually groped his huge muscles. His right paw roamed the hard shelf of protruding meat on his chest while his left paw slid down and grabbed hold of his own beefy ass, clenching the muscle to test its hardness. Chris' eyes widened at the scene unfolding next to the pool. His hand instinctively reached down and grabbed his cock. He slowly stroked his inflating shaft as he gazed at the show below the window. He had never been turned on by a guy or any of his muscular opponents, but his younger cousin's freakish frame filled with hulking muscle sent unknown urges through him. Ted released his pecs and flexed his right arm, enjoying how the thick bicep swelled with girth as he brought in his fist. He turned around and went into a most muscular, making striations and veins being pushed up by his big muscles against his skin. Chris gasped as his cousin turned around and feared that the huge teen had seen him. His heartbeat calmed down a bit as he saw his cousin continuing his poses. He kept stroking his cock at the explosion of muscles hardening all over the wide frame of his cousin. Ted raised his arms and threw a mindboggling double bicep. His tree-sized arms swelling into round, orbs of power next to his head. Chris' hand frantically pumped his cock, but it only got half-hard. He moved away from the window filled with frustrations. Even though he'd lost 70 pounds of muscle, his cock seemed to have retained its size. But ever since his mysterious shrinking had worn off, he had never gotten fully hard again. "What's wrong with me?", he asked himself as he kept stroking his cock for several minutes without getting it fully hard or even getting off, his mind filled with the images of his cousin's body. "DID YA ENJOY DA SHOW, CHRISSY?" Jeremy was going through his desk in search of the second voodoo doll and the spell. "Where did I put those things?", he asked himself as he emptied the last drawer atop the wooden desk. He quickly checked the few items that fell out, swiped them back into the drawer and placed it back in the desk. He turned around and pulled open the metal closet only to find it empty. "I've got to have the spell to drain that kid's muscles too", Jeremy said to himself. He slammed the closet shut and turned around, when his eyes caught a piece of paper lying under his desk. He picked it up and felt the blood freeze in his veins as he read it. It was a repo document that contained a complete list with all the things that had been impounded a few weeks ago when he was away for his contest. Jeremy pulled out his phone and called the number marked on the paper. The deep, bellowing voice echoed against the tilled walls and made Chris jump up. He turned around, his hand still stroking his half-hard cock. His cousin was standing in the hallway, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and looked straight at him. 'Wh… What do you mean?", he asked as he released his dick and placed both his hands in front of it. "Come on, little guy", Ted rumbled, "Ya think I didn't see ya looking?". "I… ehm… I saw something move outside and… ehm… wanted to check if everything was ehm… okay", Chris blurted out. "Ya've been staring at me every morning since last week, Chrissy", Ted growled. "Ehm… I…", Chris said, his face turning red as his cousin looked straight into his eyes. A grin formed on Ted's lips at his cousin's reaction. "No worries, little guy", he stated, "ya're right to admire perfection." Ted stepped into the bathroom. Chris stepped back instinctively as his huge cousin entered the bathroom. "Fucking small door", Ted said as he moved slightly sideways. Chris gulped: his cousin was too wide to fit normally through the doorway, his broad shoulders brushed the doorway in the process. Chris' mouth fell open a bit as he took in the teen's massiveness: Ted's shoulders were half again as wide as the doorway. He took another step back as the teen beast stood only a few feet from him and seemed to fill the entire bathroom with his presence. His cousin's body looked huge as he had stared at it through the window, but up close it looked simply beyond human. The tree-sized, massive arms that hung relaxed at the teen's sides, were round and hard, stretching the thin skin tight across the meaty masses that formed his triceps and biceps; the three heads of the round, freakishly wide canon ball-sized delts were clearly separated from each other by deep cuts etching into the shoulder; his pecs jutted forward from his chest and formed a muscular shelf obscuring the top of the beast's stomach, but the thick muscles looked somehow less impressive trapped between the bulging arms and the insanely broad and perfectly round shoulders; his stomach was a somewhat bloated eight-pack of cobblestone-sized abs divided by grooves; his strong looking neck reminded off a bull by the uprising, meaty traps; even while the beastly teen was fully relaxed, a thick vein prominently snaked along the meaty masses of his biceps, over the hard surface of his wide, front delt onto his chest, several smaller veins branching from it into the muscles. Chris' mouth had gradually opened more and more as his eyes scanned his younger cousin's godly torso. His hands moved away to reveal his cock as his arms just hung next to him. The smug grin on Ted's lips widened further as he noticed his cousin's reaction. "Ever seen a body so huge, so hard, so muscular, so … perfect on stage, cuz?", Ted asked and scratched the back of his head with his right paw, making his right bicep mound up an revealing his deep armpit in the process. Chris just stared at the mound of muscle atop the teen beast's arm, veins exploding across its surface as the mass of hard meat bulged into a football-sized orb. The wave of musky scented heat emanating from the teen's hairy armpit, filled his nose. Goosebumps appeared all over Chris' body as the heat and manly odor of his cousin enveloped him. His cock rose to the occasion, its 7 inches protruding in a hard salute from his pelvis. "Star of da family getting off on my huge body?", Ted asked sarcastically as he saw his cousin's cock inflate, "lucky ya never were up against real men, champ. Ya would have boned up on stage. I should enter a contest too. Would blow all them wimpy boys away. What ya think, cuz?". Ted finished scratching his head, lowered his right arm and playfully clenched his fist, making his thick tricep explode in vein-choked hardness at the back of his tree-sized arm. "Ehm… you … ehm… your chest lagging a bit", Chris replied automatically. "MY CHEST? LAGGING?", Ted bellowed angrily, his deep voice rumbling against the tilled walls and filling the bathroom and his face turned red. "I … ehm… mean to compete…", Chris blurted out, jumping up at the teen beast's reaction. "Let's see who's lagging!", Ted boomed and went into a most muscular. His traps jumped upward, pressing into his broad neck; his freakishly wide delts hardened into steely cannonballs as its three heads swelled and pushed more veins up against his paper thin skin; his beastly arms turned into concrete hardness as his biceps balled up and pushed into his protruding chest; veins and striations exploded all over his powerful pecs; below the hard rack of muscle, his eight-pack turned into an armor-like wall of cobblestone-sized muscles. "I … ughn", Chris mumbled at the symphony of muscular perfection that erupted in front of him. His balls drew tight and his hard shaft throbbed as his 7 incher blasted out a patheticly small load into the towel that was still wrapped around his cousin's waist. One small load was all that his balls could produce and his cock already began deflating slowly. Chris lowered his head in shame. "HAHAHA", Ted's deep, roaring laughter rattled the bathroom as he relaxed his pose and saw the small amount of cum dripping along his towel. "Too much perfection for ya, Chrissy?", he said grinningly, then added: "flex yar pecs". "Huh?", Chris muttered and looked up into his cousin's eyes. "Ya said my puny pecs were lagging, cuz", Ted replied, "Let's see da champ's chest. Now flex!". His cousin's loud command made Chris shiver slightly and he automatically obeyed the teen beast. He brought his hands together in front of his diminished abs and flexed his chest. His flattened chest hardened a bit but the layer of fat coating his body didn't let any veins or striations appear. "Wow, an excuse for a chest", Ted said with his smug grin, took a step toward Chris and put his left paw atop his cousin's pecs, covering them almost completely. Chris sighed as his cousin's paw made contact with his flexed chest. He could feel the beastly teen's strength through the relaxed palm. He peeped in pain as his cousin playfully clenched his thick fingers, making them sink into the flexed chest like it was butter. Chris tried relaxing his pecs, but his cousin's strong grasp simply overpowered his diminished muscles and cramped them into flexed state while crushing them. "Please, Ted, let go", Chris peeped in pain with tears leaking from the corner of his eyes as his cousin's fingers kept digging into his chest. He sighed in relief, bent over and placed his hands on his knees, gasping for air as the paw released his chest. His pecs felt completely destroyed, beyond anything he'd ever felt after any of his intense workouts. "Now ya feel my LAGGING chest, cuz", Ted bellowed. Chris got up instantly and placed his hands atop the beastly teen's protruding pecs. He gulped as he noticed that each of his hands didn't cover half of his cousin's pecs. It felt like putting his hand on concrete heated by the sun. The beefy, hard muscle radiated heat into his palms. He copied his cousin's action and clenched his hands with all his might. His eyes widened as his fingers couldn't put the slightest dent into the rock-hard surface. He tried summoning more power, his body shaking from the effort, his breathing getting faster and his face turning red. The pecs in his grasp easily withstood the attack: his fingers simply couldn't budge the hard, hot surface. He gulped as he realized the strength hidden in the teen beast. Ted's smug grin reappeared on his face as he saw his cousin struggling to dent his relaxed pecs. "Let's flex my LAGGING chest", he said as he felt his cousin starting to release his hold. He put his tree-sized arms in front of his lower abs and flexed his chest. Chris' eyes in amazement and disbelief when the concrete-hard slabs of muscle contracted under his touch. He could feel the striations and web of veins through the paper-thin skin as the thick muscles pushed them upward. His fingers were pried open by the waves going through the surface as the beastly teen bounced his chest. His flaccid cock jumped back to full hardness and throbbed wildly in the air as the powerful pecs hardened fully under his touch. "Still think my pecs are lagging, cuz?", Ted asked. Chris just nodded 'no', his fingers roaming the steely hard surface. His 7 incher throbbing some more as he traced in and out of the striations crisscrossing the shelf of hot muscle below his small looking hands. "What was yar best pose, Chrissy?", Ted demanded and bounced his pecs some more, enjoying the delicate touch on his beastly muscles. "Back double bicep", Chris replied, looking up to stare in the teen beast's eyes. "Let's see if I can match yar money shot, cuz. Ya can let go of my chest now", Ted said casually while grinning down at his smaller cousin. Chris looked at his hands and noticed they were still fixed atop the magnificent pecs. He reluctantly lowered them, his cock jolting as his cousin hardened the muscle a final time. His mouth fell open when the beastly teen turned around and exposed his back. Thick traps broadened the base of the neck and descended down toward the wide shoulders; beefy bumps of hard muscle flowed into each other all over the broad surface that formed an insane looking v-taper due to the relatively slim waist. "Ya'll have to tell me how it looks, cuz. Don't have eyes at the back of my head", Ted stated. "Ya hear me?", he asked as he didn't get any response. "Huh… ehm… yes", Chris answered, the deep voice shaking him from his wonder. "Let's do this!", Ted boomed and slowly raised his tree-sized arms next to his frame. Chris just stared as the mounds of beef atop the broad back rolled against each other, fighting for space on the massive surface. His mouth went dry when his cousin's arms were fully extended next to his freakish frame, the thick triceps hanging heavily at the back of them. His hard cock wildly rocked back and forth in the air as the teen beast brought in his forearms. Veins exploded all over Ted's bulging biceps as they mounded bigger and bigger. Chris' balls contracted painfully at the sight. The beastly teen's biceps balled up further, peaking high as he brought in his hands to flex them fully. "Ughn", Chris moaned. His balls convulsed, summoning a meager, watery load that leaked from his 7 incher. His diminished body shivered and he lost his balance. He extended his hands and placed them on the broad back for support. Ted heard his cousin's lust-filled moan and turned around. His inflating cock ripped the towel aside as it swelled with blood. He put his right paw atop his smaller cousin's shoulder and pushed slightly. Chris' knees buckled and he sank down on the floor on them. He looked straight at the teen beast's growing cock that inched toward his face. He grabbed the pillars of corded, deeply grooved muscle that were his cousin's legs for support and stared at the fleshy snake, inflating atop the low-hanging, lemon-sized balls. He was mesmerized by the hefty pole that lengthened and thickened. Veins coiled along the swelling shaft as it inched closer and closer toward his face. Ted pivoted his hips, smacking his now fully hard, 14 inch cock against his cousin's face. Chris yelped in pain as the rock-hard pipe of hot meat smacked against his left eye. Before he could pull himself away, the snake throbbed and exploded right in his face. "YEAUGHNN!", Ted groaned as his lemon-sized balls blasted out load after load of thick cum. Chris felt like he was being buried by hurricane of sticky spunk. Every time he tried to take a breath, a torrent of cum filled his nose and mouth. He was on the verge of passing out when the avalanche of cum came to an end. He inhaled deeply, filing his lungs with oxygen. He felt his cousin's paw release his shoulder and crawled backward, moving away from the still in post-orgasmic bliss teen beast, until he felt the tilled wall against his back, streams of the gluey, hot liquid slowly sliding down his drenched face and dripping onto his nearly vanished pecs. Ted noticed his cousin's retreat. He took one big stride and effortlessly pulled the small guy up as he closed the distance between them. "Where ya goin', cuz?", he asked. Chris shivered as the beastly teen put him back on his feet. "Haven't you humiliated me enough?", he peeped and spat out some cum that slipped into his mouth, "What have I done to you to deserve this?". "Ya don't remember?", Ted boomed, "Every family meeting ya were the star of the day. Everyone yakking 'Chris this and Chris that'. Every time ya had to arm wrestle the other kids, even though ya were the biggest guy." "But it was just a game", Chris interjected and looked up into his cousin's eyes. Fear filled his diminished body as he noted the dark glare. "NOT TO ME!", Ted bellowed loudly. Chris startled as the teen beast's deep voice rattled his body. "I didn't mean to hurt you", he said, "I even came to visit you in juvy." "Now it's my turn to play, cuz", Ted continued, ignoring his cousin's last remark. "What…", Chris said but stopped talking as the beastly teen's paws grabbed his waist. "Man, ya're so light, cuz. What ya weigh?", Ted asked grinningly while he effortlessly lifted his cousin up against the tilled wall. "ehm… 159", Chris replied automatically. He wiggled and wormed but his body didn't move an inch in the strong grip that nearly spanned his entire waist. His feet dangled in the air as they left the floor. "159? HAHAHA I weighed that when I was 15! Now curl 225 for reps easily. No wonder ya feel like a fucking feather", Ted bellowed laughingly and continued lifting his cousin. Chris wiggled with all his might, his hands tugging at the thick fingers encircling his waist and his legs kicking wildly in the air. His weak hands couldn't pry open the teen beast's paws and his knees felt like they hit a concrete wall as they collided with the huge quads. He looked down on the beastly teen's tree-sized arms that kept raising him higher. The muscles in the massive upper arms looked hard and round, yet showed no sign of strain whatsoever; veins snaked across the corded muscles in the thick forearms. " I'm sorry I made you feel bad. Let me go, please", he whined as he realized he was completely at the teen beast's mercy. "I'm just havin' fun, cuz. Just like ya back in the day. Nothing like dominating an opponent. Besides, looks like yar enjoying this too", Ted replied and lifted his cousin some more. Chris looked down to follow the teen beast's gaze and saw that his own cock was nearly hard again. It was already up at 5 inches and kept inflating very slowly. In a reflex, he put his hands in front of his dick. "I'ld hide it too if it was that small. Mine's bigger flaccid than yars fully hard", Ted said and held his cousin still against the tilled wall. Chris ignored the beastly teen's remark and sighed in relief as his rise came to an end. He hoped his cousin would grow tired off showing off his superb strength and let him go after this humiliation. "Huh?", he muttered as his cousin took a step closer, pressing his hard, protruding chest into his soft stomach. Chris' eyes widened in disbelief and horror as he felt the fat, hot head of the teen beast's 14 incher press against his ass. "No", he screamed and tugged frantically at the strong paws around his waist. He looked down pleadingly into his cousin's eyes but only encountered a deep, cold, dark glare. Ted just grinned smugly at his smaller cousin's feeble attempts to get free: dominating the former star of the family, that was clearly turned on by his own majestic muscles, made him harder than ever before. He pushed his hips up and yanked his arms down, driving his 14 incher into his cousin. "NOOOOO…UGH" Chris' painful, high-pitched squeal flew through the bathroom as the searing, thick spear invaded his intestines. He clenched his ass, his entire body in defense but the fleshy battering ram simply overpowered him. His ass felt like it was going to be ripped open by the girth of the beastly teen's massive cock; he felt it stretch wider and wider with every inch of rock-hard meat that was shoved into it. His mouth hung open in a silent scream, his eyes closed and his faced contorted as agony pumped through his frail, 159 pound body and his arms hung limp at his sides as his defenses were being obliterated and his body was shoved down. He felt the teen beast's pubes brush against his frail ass as the last inch of the massive cock entered him. The sharpest pang ended. Chris took in a deep breath and reopened his eyes, his heart beating in his ears. "Remember how I dominated yar puny ass three ago, cuz?", Ted asked while looking slightly up in his cousin's eyes and grinning smugly as he noticed his cousin's nod, " I'm 80 fucking pounds bigger now. 362 pounds of pure, rock-hard, beefy muscles. More than twice yar size, cuz." Ted released his cousin's waist and took another step closer to the wall, trapping his cousin's body between his own beastly frame and the tilled wall. "Yeahgn", he groaned as his smaller cousin's body spasmed around his 14 incher. Chris' mind was swirling with the most intense pain he'd ever felt, overwhelmed him. Other sensations mixed with the excruciating pain as the beastly teen's protruding pecs shoved him against the wall. A jolt went through his still swelling cock when he realized that the tilled wall against his back felt softer than the wall of muscle in front of him. His muscles twitched as his mind processed his cousin's remark: the kid that was five years younger than him had evolved from a puny pencil into a beastly god that outweighed him by 200 pounds of pure muscle. His now hard 7 incher smacked against the hard cobblestone-sized abs of the eight-pack in front of him when he fathomed he was supported by his cousin's cock and pecs. His eyes wandered the wall of muscle that trapped him and widened as they took in how the beastly teen outsized and dwarfed his own body: the teen's waist was as wide as his own diminished shoulders and led up to a pair of insanely broad, cannonball-sized, perfectly round shoulders, half again as wide as a door. His ass clenched around the throbbing pole as another jolt of pleasure mixed with the pain. "Yeahgn", Ted grunted as he saw the look of admiration in his smaller cousin's eyes. His 14 incher jolted in the pleasantly tight ass as he installed his full domination and took over the spot of the fallen star. He automatically raised his arms for a victory flex. Chris' eyes widened like saucers and his mouth hung open as the teen beast flexed his tree-sized arms. Veins snaked across the wide lats that presented themselves at the side of the broad back; the thick, horseshoe-shaped triceps hung hard and low at the bottom of the impossibly bulky arms; the meaty biceps ballooned upward and outward, rising higher and higher, dwarfing footballs as the muscles hardened into their full size; The separation between the two heads was clearly visible through the paper-thin skin as the muscles swelled into their 35 inches of rock-hard, vein cobbled beef. Chris could swear he heard the satin-like skin stretch as it tried to contain the huge muscles swelling and hardening with power. His hands instinctively reached for the intimidating orbs. They trembled as they neared the magnificent muscles and felt the heat produced by them. "Wow… ughn", he groaned when his small hands made contact with the concrete-hard, bigger-than-footballs muscles. His 7 incher instantly smacked wildly against the armor-like eight-pack and his puny balls spewed a watery load of cum against the ridged stomach. Ted felt the dribble against his cobblestone-sized abs and the frail touch of his elder cousin on his rock-hard biceps. The thought of completely dominating the fallen star of the family and dwarfing him like a ragdoll with his own 362 body sent him over the edge. His lemon-sized balls churned and orgasm flooded his divine frame as his cock exploded and his body hardened fully. "YEEAAUUGGHHNNN!!!!!!!!!!!", he roared in deep, all-consuming pleasure and blasted the first of a long series of loads into his frail cousin. Chris felt like riding a wild bull, his 159 pound body shaking back and forth violently on the rhythm imposed by the beastly teen's 14 incher that filled him with sticky, liquid heat. His hands kept groping the flexed, spasming biceps, unable to dent the stone-like surface and being pried open by the sheer force of the spasms shooting through them. His hard 7 incher smacked against the armor-like, deeply grooved eight-pack. The protruding shelf of pecs pressing him against the tilled wall, flexed in unison with the other majestic muscles on the teen beast's 362 pound body and crushed his own meager chest. "YEAAUUGGHHNN!", Ted kept roaring as his 14 incher blasted out angry load after angry load of thick spunk into his smaller cousin. He felt the smaller guy's small dick drum against his strong stomach and pressure build along his throbbing, thick shaft as it pumped more cum into the small guy. After 10 big loads, his most intense orgasm ever cooled down and he looked at his cousin. A grin appeared on his sweat-drenched face as he noticed that the small guy was still groping his massive arms. "Know yar place now, cuz?", he asked as he controlled his breathing. Chris looked into the teen beast's eyes and nodded. He let his now bloated body be pulled from the still hard pole and sighed in pain as the pleasure left him. He crashed down on the floor, sticky cum flowing steadily from his devastated ass, his body worn out by the fucking of a lifetime and stared up at the beastly teen that strutted away slowly and entered the shower. He passed out with the sound of water raining down against the tiles. "Fine, thanks", Jeremy said and ended his call. He slammed his fist in frustration against the desk. The secretary of the repo company had told him that the stuff from his gym had indeed come in. He'd offered all of his prize money to buy it back, only to discover the bank had already used it to pay for the weights and machines still left in the gym. He'd tried to propose an advance on his prize money for the upcoming season to buy back the stuff from his desk, but unfortunately it had been sold publically a week ago. "Better focus on dominating the upcoming season with my new physique", he said to himself, "And move away from that crazy teen beast since I can't steal his muscles too. I could train in that private gym he and Chris had given an interview before their last show.". Jeremy quickly sprinted out his gym, ducking away behind a tree when he saw the impossibly huge Ted strutting toward the building, got to his car and drove off. He quickly packed his things in his condo and drove away. After a four hour drive, Jeremy arrived at the gym owned by the main sponsor of the LTB. He entered the facility and greeted the receptionist who threw him a lust-filled look. "Come to prepare the next season?", she asked as she licked her lips playfully. "Yep. Have to keep these muscles growing", Jeremy replied and bounced his pecs under his tight shirt. "You have the place all to yourself", she replied and handed his key, "Just one other guest for the moment". "Fellow athlete?", Jeremy asked as he grabbed his bag. "Na, some guy that arrived earlier today. Says he's here to get some rest. If there's anything I can do for you, just let me know. Anything at all", the receptionist said and caressed his hand. "We'll see", Jeremy replied and winked at her. He went up the stairs to the champ suite located at the back of the only corridor on the second floor, passing the doors of the four other rooms of the hotel on his way. He entered his suite, scanned it with a smile, tossed his bag aside and got to bed to sleep off the frustration and fatigue from this day. The next morning Jeremy awoke fully recharged after his long sleep. He felt energy coursing through his body and jumped out off his bed. He pulled on his boxers, sweatpants and t-shirt. He grabbed a small towel, prepared his workout shake and left his room, eager to get to the gym. He swaggered through the hallway, enjoying the feeling of being the undisputed top dog, when the second door on his left opened and an athletish looking guy stepped into the hallway. The guy bumped into him and bounced off against the wall. "Sorry", Chris said and rubbed his shoulder as he looked at the guy in front of him. "Chris?", Jeremy asked as he stared at his former rival, "What are you doing here?". Chris recognized his eternal rival and responded automatically: "Had to get away from my cousin. He gave me a black eye". He noted how Jeremy's shoulders and pecs stretched his t-shirt and the thick arms completely filled the strained sleeves. "What happened to you, man. How did get this big?", he asked as he took in his rival's body. "Just bulking for the next season, man. Been using a new routine. Had some great results on it these last weeks. Up to 265 this morning", Jeremy replied and flexed an nicely shaped, hard, 22 inch arm to illustrate his point. "That's over a 100 pounds more than me", Chris blurted out. He stared at his rival's meaty arm, bigger, rounder and harder than his own had ever been. "I'm off to the gym. Wanna join me?", Jeremy asked and lowered his arm. "I don't know", Chris mumbled, but his now way bigger rival was already moving toward the stairs. The same lustful feelings he'd felt for his cousin's beastly body urged him to follow the big guy to see his body in action. Jeremy entered the gym, Chris following him like a puppy, and headed for the rack of dumbbells in front of the mirror. "Quick arm workout", he said as he grabbed the 30 pounders and began cranking out quick reps to warm up. Chris followed his lead, grabbed the 20 pounders and cranked out reps. He glanced at his rival and noticed the smoothness of the motion and the veins swelling along the working muscle. His own reps were far less smooth and his arms quickly began burning. He held the weights next to his body and stared at the big guy in the mirror. Jeremy enjoyed the pump spreading through his strong biceps and a grin formed on his face as he saw his fallen rival glance at him. "Let's do some real work, little guy", he said as he racked the dumbbells and grabbed hold of the 120 pounders. Chris reluctantly followed his rival's example and grabbed hold of the 50 pounders. His arms protested in agony as he lifted the dumbbells and instead he grabbed the 30 pounders. His arms, even though still 14 inches, were weaker than they looked. He struggled as he forced himself to complete the first rep. Jeremy grinned at the sight. "My warm up weight is too much for you to train with", he said as he pumped out another smooth, perfect rep. His biceps balling up, straining the sleeves of this t-shirt that retreated above the working balls of muscle; veins etching across the corded muscle on his forearms. Chris felt his dick begin to harden in his pants. He dropped the weights and rushed out off the gym, not wanting to be humiliated next to his rival. He looked back as he reached the door and saw the big guy taking off his t-shirt to continue his workout. A few hours later, Chris got back to the hotel after a long walk and went up to his room. He was about to open his door when he noticed that the door of the champ suite was slightly ajar. He couldn't resist to take a look in his former room. He carefully peeped into the apparently deserted suite and went in. He locked the door behind him not to be surprised and turned on the lights. Melancholy filled him as he thought back to the pleasant times he'd passed here. "So it's you." Chris turned aside and saw his now 100 pound bigger rival standing in the doorway to the bathroom. He simply stared at the muscular man that stepped into the suite. Jeremy was wearing nothing but his black, tight boxers, showing off his intimidating physique. He put his hands on his tight waist as he stepped to the center of the room. His broad, round shoulders formed a strong line from which hung his hard-looking, strong, meaty arms; his nicely rounded pecs protruded from his chest and made his nipples point down to the floor; his grooved six-pack rippled and flexed with every breath, veins snaking across the lowest row of the coke-can-sized muscles; his quads bulged hard and wide, stretching the fabric of his customized, black boxers. Chris ogled the spectacular body his opponent had somehow built and didn't move as his clothes were ripped away and his own body was exposed for inspection. "We're no longer in the same league", Jeremy said laughingly, "We're still the same height, but man, you look pathetic next to me. Like the 159 pound boy you are". He groped his own hard pecs and kneaded the warm muscle. Chris nodded instinctively at the big man's remark and kept taking in the beautiful sight of hard, cut, vascular muscle in front of him. His cock swelled in his briefs, tenting them as it hardened to its 7 inches. "I'm gonna strip you of all your titles. Dominating you like a 265 pound god dominates a prepubescent runt", Jeremy said and flexed his arms. Chris stared at the hard, 22 inches of beefy muscle that turned into round, vein-covered orbs atop his rivals arms. Precum leaked from his dick, forming a dark stain on his tented briefs. Jeremy noted the smaller guy's reaction and felt his own cock harden. He ripped away his own boxers, making his 7 incher smack hard against his tight six-pack. "Suck me off", he said to his fallen opponent and reached for his smaller shoulder to push him down. Chris didn't even let Jeremy touch his shoulders. He dove down onto his huge rival's cock and took it in his mouth in a swift motion. He grabbed the tight, muscular waist for support and sucked with all his might. He craved for the muscular, 265 pound body under his grasp. "Fuuuuck", Jeremy groaned by the unexpected and eager action of his fallen rival. His cock throbbed and his muscles twitched in pleasure as the little guy suck his cock voraciously. "UGHN", he boomed as his balls exploded and rushed out his loads into the hungry mouth. Chris' cock also spewed its meager load into his briefs as he sucked his rival's blasting cock. "Didn't know you liked cock that much", Jeremy said between fast breaths as he pulled his still hard cock from the smaller guy's mouth. "Best head I've ever head. Perhaps I should keep you around for that", he said and pulled up his diminished rival. Chris heard the huge guy's words and nodded in pleasure. He let him pull his 159 pound body up, enjoying how the guy dominated him. Jeremy was pulling Chris up when a sudden weakness invaded his own body. "No", he said as he felt his body shrinking. "YES" Jeremy and Chris looked at the door and saw Ted standing at it. And growing. "Found yar voodoo stuff", Ted said and opened his paw to reveal a voodoo doll dressed in Jeremy's shirt. A jolt went to his huge body and he threw back his head as his muscles swelled in size. Chris and the shrinking Jeremy rushed into the bathroom and jumped onto the escape ladder. The heard Ted's deep moans as they disappeared into the night.
  22. Herald

    theft (Un)even rivals (5)

    Five A week after his competition Chris could finally take the plane back home. Ever since his victory he'd felt drained and for the first time since high school he'd gone a week without working out. He got home and greeted his girlfriend by kissing her deeply on the mouth but his 7 incher showed no reaction whatsoever. Trisha didn't insist either and he just went to bed to sleep it off. The next morning Chris awoke feeling recharged and walked into the bathroom. He stepped onto the scale and blinked as it stopped just under 200 pounds: he'd somehow lost 36 pounds! He looked at his reflection and saw that he looked softer. "Better hit the weights to build back some mass", he said to himself. Jeremy entered his uncle's gym proudly: he'd gained 36 pounds of muscle from the curse and his body was more ripped than ever. The smile faded a bit from his face as he heard the low, rumbling noises echoing against the ceiling. He stepped into the weight area and stared at Ted doing bench presses with a fully loaded bar. The bar moved up and down with perfect control. Ted racked the weight and sat up, looking at the staring Jeremy. "Ah, you're back. Give me hand", he rumbled. "You need a spot?", Jeremy asked. "Like a little boy could spot this fully loaded bar", Ted said laughingly, "No, it's too light for me to really train. You stand behind me and push down the bar with all your might when I press it up". "That's dangerous, man", Jeremy objected. "DO IT, boy!", Ted boomed and laid back down on the bench. Jeremy sprinted over to the bench and pressed the bar down like the teen beast had told him. His eyes widened as Ted pushed the bar up without shaking. "Push, I told ya", Ted grunted in between reps. "I'm pushing", Jeremy protested in between fastening breaths. After 20 reps, Ted could feel Jeremy's force wear down and he grinned as he saw the guy's red face. He cranked out ten more reps and racked the weights. Jeremy let go of the bar as the teen beast's paws released the iron and groped the pecs straining his tank top. "What do ya think yar doing?", Ted barked loudly, "That was set 1. Three more to follow, boy! Grab that bar and push hard this time!" Jeremy quickly grabbed hold of the bar as the giant teen lifted it up. He gritted his teeth and pushed down with all his might. "Too weak, boy", Ted boomed and cranked out perfect rep after perfect rep; his pecs bulging with power as they fought against the resistance of the fully loaded bar and the 225 pound bodybuilder. Once again, he pumped out 30 reps, steadying the bar in his strong grip as Jeremy's arm began to shake from the effort. Jeremy didn't let go of the bar as the teen beast racked the weight. His own triceps were on fire from being pushed back. He looked down at the huge chest, noticing the tears appearing on the tight tank top and gulped. "Miring the goods, boy?", Ted asked and lifted the bar for his third set. A grin formed on his lips as he felt the clearly weakened power of the bodybuilder: he was so much stronger than this professional athlete. His own pecs were burning with a hardening pump as he kept cranking out reps. He passed 30 reps, 40 reps before racking the weight with a load banging noise at 50 reps. He inhaled deeply, his pumped pecs ripping his sweat-drenched tank top some more and looked up, staring directly in the 225 pound bodybuilder's eyes. Sweat dripped from Jeremy's dark red face, his own muscular chest heaving as he filled his lungs with oxygen. He looked back in the teen beast's dark eyes but quickly looked away as he felt intimidated. He gulped once more as he stared at the protruding chest ready to rip through the insanely tight tank top. Further down, a thick pipe was clearly outlined in the grey sweatpants. "Final set, boy", Ted boomed and pushed up the fully loaded bar. Despite his pecs being pumped and drained from his grueling workout, the weight fell easy to Ted: the double dose of his new steroids had made his balls grow bigger and they flooded his beastly body with testosterone. Jeremy's body rocked back and forth on the rhythm Ted imposed to the moving bar. Jeremy gaped at the teen's working pecs,; the muscle visible through the now almost transparent tank top. He could also see a dark patch forming at the tip of the thick pipe in the sweatpants. "MORE!", Ted roared as he pushed out more reps. His pecs were burning as he pumped more blood into the big muscles. His face turned into a dark red, angry mask, sweat flowing in streams over it as he reached 40 reps. "More", he gritted between his teeth and summoned more strength from his 280 pound body. Jeremy's body now shook violently as the teen beast's massive arms, his thick triceps pumped at the back of them, quaked from the effort. Ted cranked out 15 more reps, his tank top ripping more and more as his pumped pecs pushed the stretched fabric beyond its limits. His cock throbbed inside his sweatpants, tenting them visibly. He racked the bar with a loud roar and sat up swiftly. "That'll do, boy. Move", he rumbled as he got up from the bench and pushed the 225 pound bodybuilder aside. Jeremy was thrown aside by the teen beast's powerful shove, crashing into the smith machine. He steadied himself against the smith machine and looked at the huge 18 year old who began doing pushups and decided to hit the showers. Ted pumped out 10,000 pushups to end his chest workout and strutted over to the showers himself. He ripped off his skintight, sweat-drenched tank top, pulled off his sweatpants and entered the shower zone. Jeremy stared in awe as the teen beast emerged in front of him. Even though a layer of fat coated the guy's body, every muscle was outlined underneath. "I can barely flex my pecs", Ted grunted. Jeremy looked at the teen's chest and his mouth fell open. The thick muscles that protruded atop the muscle gut, were shiny red from all the blood pumped into them during the workout. "You like real muscle, boy?", Ted asked with a sneer. Jeremy nodded and moaned faintly as his hands made contact with the strong pecs. His 6 incher throbbed painfully hard and exploded against the teen beast's muscle gut as the thick pecs bounced under his grasp. Ted grabbed hold of the bodybuilder's shoulder and spun him around. His rock-hard 11 incher, throbbing hard after his workout, brushing against the muscular ass. "No", Jeremy mumbled as he felt the thick head between his legs. He tried escaping but the teen simply pushed him against the tilled wall. His mumble turned into a shriek as the thick snake was rammed into him. "YEAH", Ted boomed as he slammed his cock hard in and out of the clenching ass, his heavy balls smacking against the bodybuilder's hamstrings. Despite his 225 pounds of muscle, Jeremy felt like a helpless child as the huge teen ravaged his ass. "How ya like being fucked by a 280 pound god?", Ted bellowed deeply and violently raped the bodybuilder. Jeremy's body was being pushed against the tilled wall by sheer force the 280 pound teen beast produced. "YEAUGHN!", Ted roared as he came in angry spurts inside the bodybuilder's ass. 12 thick loads of sticky cum squirted from his 11 incher into the spasming athlete in his grasp, making his six-pack bloat. Jeremy's knees buckled and he collapsed down on the floor as the teen beast's thick rod left his ass. He noticed cum and blood pooling around him as it leaked from his devastated ass. "Bodybuilders sure aren't what they used to be", Ted sneered as he looked down on the worn out athlete. He turned around, showered quickly and strutted out of the shower zone, the muscle of his ass flexing and relaxing with every step he took. Jeremy stared at the teen beast's wide, muscular back. "I can't wait to steal his muscles too. Then we'll see who's boss", he said to himself as he got up weakly. His ass protested painfully as he stepped cautiously into the locker room. He waited until he heard Ted leave before getting dressed himself: he didn't want to be naked in the same room as the teen beast anymore. Ted got home with a big grin on his face. He noticed Chris and Trisha leaving their car and strutted over to them. "Hi, Ted", Trisha said and kissed him on the cheek to greet him. "Ya guys up for a swim?", Ted asked, "My housemate got a pool installed last week and I'm gonna dive in. Wanna join me?". "Is there any room to work on my tan aside the pool", Trisha asked in a lust-filled voice. "Off course", Ted replied, what ya think, Chrissy?" "I don't know…", Chris began. "Come on, hon", Trisha interrupted, "it'll be fun. And you look good in your speedos.". "Great, I'll see ya guys in a few minutes. Come round the back, pool's in the garden", Ted said and strutted away. Trisha rushed inside their house. Chris just walked into their room as she emerged from the bathroom, wearing her tiny black bikini. "Something wrong, hon?", Trisha asked as she noticed her boyfriend's look. "I don't like the idea of my girl parading around like that", Chris said. "Oh please, I wore exactly the same outfit when we first met. Remember I was a podium girl at your contests back then?", Trisha answered, "Besides you're way better looking than your cousin". Chris didn't have time to react as Trisha simply grabbed a towel, hung it around her shoulders and went downstairs. Chris got changed quickly, draped a towel around his less muscular waist and followed her. They arrived at the pool but Ted wasn't there yet. Trisha unwrapped her towel, placed it on a lying chair and installed herself in the sun aside the pool. Chris tossed his own towel down, kissed his girl on the mouth and dove in the pool. He swam a few lanes, trying to forget his lost pounds of muscle and the somehow flabbier look of his 199 pound body. He swam up to the edge of the pool, folded his arms on the tiles and positioned his head atop his forearms, staring at his girlfriend's nice body. "Ya guys are already here". Ted's deep voice made both of them look at the door and their eyes widened in surprise as Chris' younger cousin emerged from the house. Trisha bit her lip in pure lust as she scanned the uncovered body of the guy that had fucked her brains out daily during her boyfriend's absence for the first time. Ted stepped out of his house and revealed his body as he stepped into the sun. His 280 pound body simply oozed masculinity: his five o'clock beard highlighted the angular shape of his otherwise young looking face; the layer of fat that covered his clearly strong and hard looking muscles gave him a prison-like, intimidating physique from his bull neck over his wide shoulders, protruding chest down to his strong muscle gut; his thick legs filled the pipes of his swim shorts completely, wrapping the fabric tightly around the muscular quads and hams and showcasing his ass; a prominent bulge snaked down the right pipe against the thick quad. "Looking hot, Trish", Ted said as he looked at his cousin's girlfriend. He winked at her and noticed the wet patch forming on the tiny pants of her bikini. "Let's swim", he said and jumped in the pool. Chris looked up and the sun was blocked from his sight as his huge cousin dove over him into the pool. Chris' eyes scanned the thickly muscled body that stretched out inches above his face and felt like a killer whale sprang over him. Instinctively, he reached out and touched the giant beast jumping over him, his fingers brushing the hard surface of his cousin's muscular body. Ted emerged gracefully next to his cousin, pretending to ignore Chris touching his torso. Chris stepped back involuntarily, pressing his own still muscled back against the tilled wall of the pool, and looked up into his cousin's dark eyes: the 6 feet teen eclipsed him in height and width. "Ya up for some water polo, Chrissy?", Ted asked and positioned his hands next to his cousin's shoulders against the wall. Chris felt more intimidated then ever by his 5 year younger cousin, his eyes scanning the thick arms that screamed power. "Sure", he said and dove under to escape the muscle prison. Ted grinned as his cousin surfaced a few feet further. He swam to the far side of the pool, grabbed the bright yellow ball and tossed it to the middle of the pool. "Ready?", he yelled to his cousin at the other side of the pool. "Yep", Chris said, staring at the ball. "GO!", Ted boomed and launched himself toward the center of the pool. His thick, strong legs propelling his 280 pound body through the water. Chris also swam toward the ball, his 199 pound body encountering less resistance than his way bigger cousin's but his weaker muscles not producing as much strength and speed. He extended his hand to the ball but a big paw rose up underneath it and tossed it up in the air. Ted surfaced inches away from his cousin, extended his thick right arm and snatched the ball in midair, his paw encircling more than half of it. Chris propelled himself up and forward and attempted to grab the yellow ball. Ted put his left paw against his cousin's still muscular chest and shoved him back like he waved off a fly. Chris' 199 pound body was driven back a few feet by the force of the shove. Ted lifted the ball above his head, his right bicep balling up into its 28 inches in the process, and threw the ball hard into the goal at his cousin's end of the pool. "1-0", Ted said in his deep voice. Chris swam to his end zone and grabbed the ball. He saw his cousin looking at Trisha and decided to make his move. He propelled himself at full force to the other end of the pool. Ha passed his cousin at the center of the pool and swam toward the goal. Trisha pointed at the pool and Ted turned around to see his smaller cousin swim by and moving closer to the goal on his end of the pool. He dove and shot underneath the surface to his cousin, his strong legs pushing him forward like a dolphin. Chris was within shooting range of the goal and raised his right arm. Just as he was about to launch the ball, a huge paw grabbed hold of his forearm, encircling it completely and the thick fingers digging into his corded muscles; the jolt of pain made him drop the ball. He turned his head and saw his cousin emerging from the water. He kicked wildly at the teen beast's stomach, his foot hitting the hard surface of the muscle gut. But it was no use, his cousin's other paw grabbed his left hip and pulled him toward him. Chris fought back with full force but he was no match for his cousin's strong arms: within seconds his back was against the muscled surface of huge teen's torso. Ted wrapped his left arm around his cousin's torso just underneath his pecs and released his right forearm to grab the ball with his right paw. "You're not playing nice, Chrissy", Ted said in his cousin's ear. Chris squirmed in the teen beast's strong grip, his hands tugging at the thick forearm wrapped around him. Ted smirked and flexed his left arm a bit, hardening his hold while his right paw playfully tossed the ball up in the air. Chris grunted in pain as the steely 28 inch bicep dug into his side and the thick forearm pushed the air out of his lungs as it began crushing his weakened abs. He could also feel his cousin's cock hardening against the back of his leg as it swelled inside his swim shorts. Ted turned around, securing his cousin's 199 pound body tightly against his own, and launched the ball hard into his cousin's goal. "2-0. Ya better start to fight back, Chrissy", he said into his cousin's ear as he released him and swam off. Chris rubbed his painful torso, a red band appearing where his cousin had grabbed him. He saw Ted talking to Trisha and swam to the ball. He fetched it and turned around to discover an empty pool: his big cousin was nowhere to be seen. He turned his head around a few time but didn't see to teen beast. He began swimming with the ball and reached the center of the pool. Suddenly, he felt a strong current behind him and a big shadow fell over him. He turned around and a cry formed on his lips. Ted had been hiding on the bottom of the pool, his huge chest filled with oxygen, to wait for his cousin's next move. When the smaller guy began swimming toward his part of the pool, his trap was ready. As soon as his cousin reached the very center of the pool, he moved behind him, squatted down on the bottom of the pool and summoned every ounce of strength in his 280 pound body to propel himself up. His beastly quads bulged and flexed as he shot up and emerged from the water. An evil smirk formed on his lips as his body rose up from the water until just his calves were underneath the surface, towering over his 199 pound cousin. He extended his thick arms next to his body, forming a wide cross before crashing down onto his cousin. The cry died on Chris' lips as the teen beast fell down atop him, dragging him down under the water. He fought with everything he had left but his huge cousin trapped him against the pool floor. His own back was against the tilled floor while the teen beast lay atop him. He squirmed and budged but the 280 pound body trapping him didn't move. He clawed at his cousin; his fingers trying to dig into the hard flesh in vain while he could feel the oxygen escaping his lungs. He made a final, desperate effort and managed to slip free and swam up; he inhaled fiercely, filling his lungs with air. Ted had seen the look of panic in his cousin's eyes and had let him get free; he could have easily held the guy down until he drowned. Just as his cousin filled his lungs for the third time, he grabbed his flanks and pulled him under again. Chris felt the strong paws encircling his waist and pulling him under. He fought back in vain as his cousin's thick, strong arms overpowered his worn out body. Ted smacked his cousin into his torso, trapping his face between his pecs. He wrapped his arms around his cousin's back and pulled him into his huge body as he let the both of them sink down to the bottom of the pool. Chris tied resisting but the two huge arms wrapped around him like two thick anacondas pushed his own arms into his flanks. The protruding chest began crushing his face as his cousin began flexing his pecs. He could feel the teen beast's big cock hardening some more against his own soft one. Ted felt all powerful and hardened his flex even more while his cock swelled inside his swim shorts. Pain shot through Chris as the steel-like girders of the muscle prison that trapped him hardened even more around him. His head got free from the canyon between the protruding pecs on his cousin's chest and shot aside against the surface of the hard left pectoral. His lips encountered the protruding, hard nipple and instinctively he sucked on it. Ted's head shot back in unexpected pleasure and his cock hardened further as his smaller cousin sucked his sensitive nipple. He enjoyed the pleasure, his now rock-hard cock smacking against his cousin's weakened abs. He knew the smaller guy was on the verge of passing out and released his grip to let him up. Chris surfaced as soon as the strong arms broke their grip. He took in deep breaths, filling his lungs and chasing the black dots that danced in front of his eyes. Ted surfaced also. He grabbed his smaller cousin, hoisted him out of the pool and laid him down aside it. Then, he got out himself. Chris stared up at his huge cousin towering over him; the teen beast's rock-hard cock tenting his swim shorts. Ted turned around, ripped off his own sweat shorts and stepped over to Trisha. He positioned himself over her frail, 120 pound body and rammed his cock into her through her bikini pants. Trisha's eyes rolled back in pleasure and her back arched off chair as the thick head of Ted's 11 incher invade her. Her hands grabbed hold of his wide, muscular back for support, unable to dent the undulating mounds of muscle that flowed into each other. Ted drove more and more inches of his monster meat into his cousin's girlfriend right in front of his eyes. Trisha convulsed and shivered in ecstatic pleasure, her back arching up even more and pressing her body against the teen beast's hard torso as her juiced began flowing along the hard snake that was being pushed roughly into her. One third of the teen's meat made her climax faster than her boyfriend's entire cock. Still pumped and horned up after trashing his cousin, Ted drove two more inches of his hard meat into Trisha before he began pumping in and out of her. He fucked her hard, savoring his domination in front of his cousin, and trashed the chair they were laying in. "GOD! GOOOOOOOOD! Ughn…", excited moans and incoherent sounds escaped Trisha's mouth as the 280 pound, muscular beast began to fuck her hard. She cramped up and spasmed against the hard slabs of beef of his torso. She wrapped her legs up around his thick legs, letting her frail body rock back and forth under the force of his fucking. Ted put his hands on the ground and cranked out some pushups as he fucked his cousin's girlfriend harder and harder. "YEAUGHN!", he roared deeply and loudly as his orgasm exploded through his 280 pound body, his huge muscles flexing in the process. Trisha passed out: her senses being overloaded with pleasure as the teen beast came inside her. Her limp body hung atop his thick snake as he did some more pushups. Ted felt cum drip along the exposed two thirds of his shaft and slid onto his dangling, big balls. He withdrew from Trisha and stood up in front of his cousin: his 11 incher pointed straight up and kept blasting out angry spurts that flew up above his own head and splattered down in a sticky rain on his beastly body. As his orgasm wore down, he strutted over to his cousin and roughly lifted him up. Chris stared up at the teen beast as he was lifted from the ground. He shivered in the strong grip and felt the still hard, cum-drenched cock slid along his own abs. "Yar girl is mine now, Chrissy", Ted boomed, "She'll keep living with ya and ya better take good care of her. Got it?". Chris nodded in response and was thrown down on the floor. "Now get her home!", Ted barked and dove back into the pool.
  23. js44

    transformation A Jock Complete

    A picked on nerd is gifted a special formula that he uses to possess the jock who bullied him. This is the first of a Jockstrap Power mini series I've been working on. Shoutout to writer alwaysmyway, inspired by his stories. Little Ricky had the same routine every day. He preferred routine, it gave him an understanding of order out of the chaos that normally ruled his life. By establishing this he was able to at least navigate his life with a certain level of expectation each and every day, even if the consequences of each day were harsh on him. He created routine out of necessity, out of a need to adapt to this chaos, this punishment that to him seemed to create a life and a role of one who made everyone else's lives better. And often at the sacrifice of Ricky himself. By the time his senior year of high school rolled around, Ricky thought he had his routine settled, mapped out to give him the most comfortable, least confrontational part of his day. Ever since his freshman year, he suffered the taunting and sometimes abuse from students who took easy advantage of his small frame, poor vision, and lack of social experience. Little Ricky, after all, was called such for obvious reasons, and his late physical development into adulthood and continued stunted development often kept him at the bottom of the social totem pole. But Ricky was smart and he was able to keep a low profile. As long as he stuck to his routine, he calculated, he could stick to around a 10% bully rate, and would often only have run ins with the bullies once every 2 weeks. This routine required careful planning over the years. The athletes were the guys who picked on him, and the usually picked on him when their sports weren't in season. He was careful to avoid the baseball fields during the winter, the swim lockers during the spring, and the football players during the fall and the spring. The footballers, full of testosterone and masculine domineering, were often the worst to Ricky. But they were also the guys Ricky admired the most. Senior year made life a little easier on him because he finally only had his own class to contend with, the older men having graduated. But as part of Ricky's routine he sometimes allowed himself an opportunity or two, on occasion, to run into the football jocks. They exhibited a level of masculinity that Ricky admired, that Ricky wished he had, and to just be around them, to smell their dominating presence, fulfilled a deep thought that Ricky harbored well within his mind, one he had to try hard not to show people: That he enjoyed being near them, that he enjoyed having them grab him and throw him around. He didn't like the pain of the abuse, of the underwear grabs, of the foot trips, but he liked that they held him, that the would get close to him, even if it was for an abusive purpose. Of course, they never hurt him seriously, it was all in good fun for them, but Ricky teased them just enough to feel their proximity. And it was just enough for the enjoyment to outlast any pain. Ricky still wasn't sure if he loved them or not, or if this lust was anything more than just a desire to be them. But he didn't care, he took advantage of it when he felt the time was right. Even though the varsity football team was underway with their fall season, Ricky knew the right time he could get in their way. It was a Monday, and the last bell rang for the day, Ricky took his usual post at his locker and lingered there an extra 3 minutes, just long enough for Josh, Tyler and Jon to make their turn from their lockers and find him fumbling around with his books. As expected, the three football jocks turned and saw their prey at his locker. Ricky preferred Tyler, the star quarterback, who's hairy arms and bulked physique exuded not just an athlete of power and endurance, but a leader and a motivator, one who was able to truly lead a group of men to victory both on and off the team. Thankfully Tyler, unlike his friends, was a relatively tame guy. He forced his jock bullying onto Ricky not because of his need to be mean, but a need to exert consistent dominance on other people. Just a confidence builder, Ricky reasoned. Josh was not so tame, though. The guy was a 6'2”, 220 lb mound of aggression and power. His short hair had to be kept that way because it grew so fast and like Jon, his body was completely untamed. His hair was dark and his skin tanned. He was just interesting enough looking to hold someones attention, and built and mean enough to quickly scare them off. Josh grabbed Ricky and threw him against the lockers. “What's up, ltitle Ricky?” Tyler said, walking over to him with a smile. “Sorry we can't spend more time together today, gotta hit up practice, we're doing a full-on scrimage with the JV team today, but you wouldn't know anything that wouldya?” Ricky looked deep in Josh's brown eyes, his irises wide as they were fixed on his little prey. “No I wouldn't,” Ricky said, blankly, back at his bully. “Drop him, Josh,” Tyler ordered, and his friend let him go. “I'm taking his books though,” Josh added, “See what it's like to fail a test for once...” Ricky stuck his foot out, causing the dumb oaf to trip over. “Hey little fucker!” Josh shouted, and he and Jon grabbed him again, lifting him by his skinny shoulders, Jon near his face. Ricky got a whiff of the jocks' masculine smell, and smiled a little as they dropped him again, moving on and forgetting about the little punching bag behind them. Ricky grabbed his backpack and moved onto the last part of his routine before heading back home. Making sure no one was around, he walked into the custodian office and carefully closed the door behind him. The custodian, Mr. Potter, had to be at least 70, probably closer to 80, and he walked around the school in a seemingly senile, robotic way. Though he seemed to always keep everything clean. He was rarely in his office after school hours, and for the last year, ever since Ricky added this stop to his routine, he never ran into Potter. Ricky sneaked past Potter's desk, past the mops and brooms and through the aisles stuffed with toilet paper and paper towels. Ricky ripped off a few squares for himself. He pushed aside some boxes and dropped his backpack by them, squeezing through a small crevice and into a little closet that seemed to be completely forgotten about at the school. It smelled a little damp, but there was a good reason for that. Ricky made it there just in time as he pushed two more boxes aside, revealing a small but fortunate hole that peered right into the men's locker room of the football team. Across the small aisle from the wall where Ricky peered was his favorite player's lockers, particularly Tyler's who was right in front of him. “I can't wait to suit up and get into scrimmage,” Jon said, leading the three into their row of lockers, “gotta get some of this exertion out!! We're gonna fuckin dominate the sophomores today.” The three guys lined up to their lockers and opened them, casually talking about their practice, girls, lifting weights, being athletic, homework, and other usual topics of the jock life. Whatever their topics were Ricky didn't care. He just watched. Jon was the first to pull his shirt, shoes and pants off. Ricky found of the three, Jon the three he was the one who enjoyed being in the buff the longest. He always walked buck naked both before and after practice to pee in the urinals. He walked everywhere in the room naked and was proud to show himself off. Tyler and Josh weren't ashamed of their bodies either, and they quickly followed his lead in getting undressed. Of the three Ricky enjoyed Tyler the most, but Jon wasn't a sight for poor eyes either. Jon dropped his shorts and stretched his body, examining his ass and flexing his quads before throwing his clothes into his locker. “Looking forward to lifting tomorrow, too,” he said, continuing to check himself out, “I can really notice growth in my quads and pecs ever since I upped the reps on the bench.” Jon shut his locker as Tyler and Josh dropped their own shorts and got nude. Ricky stared at the three of them in their complete nude comfort as they talked about masculine topics and showed the image of true sportsmen. Ricky wished he could be them, wished he could be like them. Josh and Tyler started fumbling for their uniforms as Jon passed them to take his ritual naked walk to the urinals. Tyler turned to the side and Ricky noticed his hard, locked in ass. The cheeks were rock solid cylinders pulled with well-defined muscles connecting his bulked back with his expanded quads. His brown hair spread ever so thinly over his lower back before thickening over his butt and down his legs. Tyler turned back to his locker and Ricky saw his long ass crack proportional to the tall body that stood at the locker. Tyler grabbed his jockstrap, a well-used white strap that had a thick sock covering for a large package. Josh continued chatting with Tyler as Jon came back to re-open his locker. Jon's body, while a little shorter and less hairy, was even more defined muscularly, with his pale skin showing nearly every contour, every thick twine of sinew over his body. Ricky figured his shorter stature motivated him not only to be bulky, but to show it off every chance he got, almost to make up for his height. Tyler turned right toward Ricky as he unfurled his strap. His package, whether before or after practice, was huge. His balls hung low and his cock was always plump and long, covered warmly by his thick pubic hair. The man held a level of masculinity and assurance that Ricky only wished he could understand. He stared as Tyler pulled the jockstrap up his legs, resting the garment neatly over his package. He turned back around to grab his uniform, ass still showing through the exposed chaps. As the guys put on their white football pants, sliding their pads into the gear, Ricky could continue to make out the jockstraps showing clearly underneath the pants. Even when clothed the guys wore their masculine monikers so as to remind everyone of their identity. The jocks put on the rest of their uniform and ran out through the locker room with their team, cleats snapping against the tile floor and the asphalt outside. Ricky sighed. He wished he could be like them. He looked around the custodian office to find it still empty. Leaving his backpack in the little compartment, Ricky squeezed through the crevice and worked his way around the athletic corridor, exiting through the custodian doorway and down the hall into the locker room titled, Varsity Football MEN Walking carefully to make sure no one else was around, he heared the varsity coaches yelling during the men's warm up. Confident he was truly alone, he spun Tyler's locker combo built into his door, having memorized the numbers from his last year of peeping through the secret room. He opened the door and examined Tyler's belongings. His backpack, street clothes, and old, unwashed uniform garments from last week's practice. The assistant manager hadn't been through to wash their old clothes. Ricky pulled out a pair of sliding shorts used during the men's indoor conditioning. It reeked of sweat, of balls, of masculine endurance. Ricky took a quick whiff, gagging and smiling at the same time. The thought of having that kind of smell at all infatuated Ricky. He wanted it. Deciding to let his inner most fantasy out, if only for a brief minute, Ricky quickly kicked off his shoes and pulled off his button down and t-shirt before examining the under armour shorts again. It still felt a little sweaty from its use last week. The temptation was too much, Ricky slid down his white briefs allowing his body to stand freely in the locker room. He closed his eyes and imagined being there with the jocks, being one of them, being just like Tyler, and slides on the shorts. They're tight. They fit snug, and the cold sweat from Tyler slowly warmed his body as he feels his own balls grow from the warmth and comfort. He checks out his skinny body and sees his tiny package accentuated by the athletic briefs. “Fuck, if only I was a little bigger...” he told himself, moving his hands across his body. “If even just for a moment...” Ricky reached down to the shorts and felt his small package under the clothing. He frowns. “If only...” he sighs. The guy's testosterone levels, normally low, started increasing under the fun he was having living the fantasy. He had only risked actually sneaking into Tyler's locker once before, and now he was wearing his shorts. He was completely out of his element in more ways than one, but the risk and the fantasy were starting to turn him on. Ricky could feel his dick rustling inside the shorts and a smile grew on his face. He started pacing back and forth in the corridor pretending to be Ricky, ass slapping friends and receiving high fives. Soon his erection was full even though it was barely noticeable in the shorts. But he didn't care. Ricky pushed his right hand under the shorts as he continued walking around, living the fantasy of being Tyler. Grabbing his rod, he started pumping, closing his eyes and leaning against the lockers for leverage. With every pump he dreamed of being Tyler, dreamed of having his body, of exuding and executing the masculine brilliance held within the man. Faster and faster Ricky continued pumping, Finally his dickhead poked out of the shorts, the pre-cum pushing into the cloth, “oh yes...” Ricky whispered. He pushed the shorts down to his knees and sat his ass against the locker, tilted his head back and opened mouth in a brief moment of ecstasy.... “What the hell?!” Ricky heard, his eyes snapped open, snapped back to reality. Even though he was only a few short pumps of cumming, the voice, an older voice, beckoned him back to the harsh realities of life. Ricky's mouth dropped. “Oh shit I've been caught!” he thought to himself, “how do I get out of this?!” he looked left and right and saw a brief glimpse of an old man with a mop off to the left. Mr. Potter. For two years the old man had never caught Rick in his own office but there he was, mop and bucket in hand, doing a mundane and standard task, walking into Rick's life. He didn't have time to think, he couldn't' make eye contact again, maybe if he held his face Potter wouldn't be able to identify him. He grabbed his clothes, picked up his shoes and ran. Where to he didn't know, but he had to get out of there. Who cares if Tyler's shorts were missing, Ricky ran. He exited the locker room and into an empty hallway, he had to get out of the school. His backpack! Ricky sprinted back into the custodian's closet, sure he wouldn't be there now, and into the office, He threw himself into the hidden room and quickly stripped, boner long died down now, Ricky grabbed his shorts, jeans and shirts and quickly dressed, looking through the hole to the locker room. No sign of Mr. Potter. He grabbed his backpack and sneakily exited the secret room, walking back across the office. “I know what you were doing,” the voice came again. This time much more softer, more controlled, less surprised. “You really needn't be ashamed of it.” Ricky slowly turned his head to see Mr. Potter looking over some papers on his desk, no eyes on Rick at all, but talking directly to him with a poise that seemed to be more than just talk. One of seriousness and understanding. The old man continued, “I've seen you bullied by those kids ever since you were a sophomore. I've seen you put up with it day in and day out. I've seen you handle yourself so well you don't even shed a tear when in pain or humiliation.” Another pause, and then: “You want to be them don't you.” Ricky stared but didn't answer. Didn't know how to answer. How do you talk to someone who already knows everything about you? On the one hand Ricky was almost relieved to know that someone harbored his secrets but wasn't disgusted by them. Potter continued. “But what happened today, that took my impression of you to a whole new level. If you want to be them, you're going to need help. You're going to need something I haven't shared with anyone in over 50 years. But my days are numbered now, I won't be around too much longer. Here, I have something to show you...” Ricky was now completely perplexed as the old man took out a key and unlocked a desk drawer, pulling out a small but heavy-looking tin lunchbox. “When I was your age, maybe younger, an old man gave me this case. It changed my life. For the better at first, but I was foolish and abused it. I hadn't even opened it since I was younger than you.” Potter's hands grace the old tin box, He pushes some dust off to the side, staring at the box, not looking up once, “there's instructions inside. I'll let you decide how you want to use it. I hope you'll be wiser than I.” Potter pushes the box to the side and steps away from his desk, still not looking at Ricky. “Maybe you'll be wiser than I...” he repeats, walking through the back door, leaving it open behind him. Ricky turns his attention back to the tin box. He walks to it and examines the cover. It's of a clown made out of colorful building blocks, a big smile with big eyes staring back at Ricky. “Maybe he takes me for a fool. I sure was acting like one...” Ricky says as he carefully sets the box in his backpack, on top of Tyler's running shorts. “Hmm, maybe I'll try returning them tomorrow,” and Ricky heads home at a slower pace, changing his daily habit for the first time in a year, not worried about breaking his schedule. – Ricky lived with his grandmother in the same home she owned since the 1960s. It was a drab, old, one story house, beige bricks and dead grass silhouetted by the setting sun. Ricky took his key and unlocked the door, climbing inside and shutting it behind him. “Grandma, I'm home,” he shouted. No response. Heading through the living room Ricky walked past his grandmother's bedroom and carefully opened the door. She was soundly sleeping as she usually was at this time. When his grandmother was awake, she had a good energy and a slow but sharp mind, but with her onset Alzheimer's he knew it wouldn't be long before she would start forgetting even him. Ricky sat at his desk in his small bedroom and looked at a picture of his family. Before his parents split, they seemed happy enough, at least on the surface. But Ricky often heard them fight bitterly every night, when they suspected he was asleep. After his father went to prison for embezzling money, his mom ran off with another guy, who was probably a criminal himself, and left Ricky when he was only 10 to live with her mom. Ricky didn't mind it. Ricky quickly turned his attention to the tin box in his backpack and he sat it on his desk, watching the smiling clown look up him, encouraging him to open it. He pulled the two tabs and opened it and inside he saw three, rusty little compartments with little tin doors over them. They were labeled: “Possess, Procreate, Power.” Simple, if mysterious words, he opened the cover on the left, the one labeled “Possess” and read the small description etched into the tin box. “Possess. This is the required potion. Procreate and Power will only work if Possess is already in use. Apply this to an article of clothing near the genitals of the human you wish you possess. Wear the garment. Become the garment. Host human must wear garment following your merging. You will control your new host. Heed this: you will become your new host. You will not be able to reclaim your former body.” “Become the garment?” Ricky asks himself. “Not be able to reclaim...” he read it over again to make sure he understood. He looked down at the container. Inside were what appeared to be some dried herbs, maybe a handful or so. It smelled strange, pungent, like the sweat of an athlete. “Hmm...” Ricky asked himself. “So if I apply this and wear Jon or Tyler's clothing, maybe I could...become them?” As the fantasy started swirling around in his head a small, mystified smile grew on his face. -- Ricky rushed through classes more carelessly than he ever had before. For the first time in his high school career he had a real goal to attempt. A bizarre and weird one, one that could potentially humiliate him for life, or cause him to be expelled, but he had to try it, he had to take a risk and make an attempt to become what he always wanted to be. When the last bell rang for the end of the day, Ricky quickly went to his locker, unpacked all of his books, and took his backpack which carefully held Tyler's sliding shorts and Ricky's newfound potions. He slipped past the football players quickly just as they were leaving their own classes, sneaked through the Janitor's closet, thankfully with Potter not there, and slipped into the Men's Football Locker room, with over 10 minutes before the first jocks would arrive for practice. Ricky spun the locker combo and opened Jon's locker, carefully resetting his sliding shorts. The guys were going to be suiting up again for scrimmage and both Tyler and Jon would be wearing their jockstraps again. He looked at the two lockers, hesitating briefly on who's shorts to try his little experiment. Having already had Tyler's door open, he opted to go for his jockstrap. Ricky left Tyler's door open and opened an unoccupied locker a few steps away. Figuring none of the jocks would check there, he unloaded his backpack and set it carefully in the locker, carefully hiding it from any light so as not to arouse suspicion. Ricky quickly threw off his shirt and kicked off his shoes and socks, stripping down to his white briefs. He examined his small, weak body again. Taking a deep breath, he wished to himself, and perhaps to Potter's potions too, that he wouldn't have to live a life as a measly little guy anymore. He slipped off his briefs and got completely naked, the last time, he hoped, it would be naked with this body, and stuffed his clothing into his backpack. He pulled out the potion bag and examined the herbs inside. Walking back over to Tyler's locker, Ricky pulled out a few herbs and sprinkled them onto the jockstrap, evenly covering the inside of the front pouch. They sit there for a moment, and quickly liquify, settling into the strap, diluting a light green cover onto the entire cloth and spreading into the waist strap above, before jock returns to its normal, sweat-stained color. “Wow, it might really work,” Ricky says. He carefully places the herb bag back in its case, in his backpack, and shuts the neighboring locker. He walks back over Tyler's, knowing there's not much time left, and quickly slips on his jock, letting the cloth slide up his legs before comfortably, if somewhat largely, fit over his small package and his waist, slapping the band onto his body. He looks down to himself. “What happens now?” He asks himself, but it didn't take long for him to notice. His dick pushes against the cloth and quickly disappears, becoming one with the cloth, almost as if it's taking him in, sucking his body into the cloth. “Oh shit!” Ricky whispers to himself, “I'm going into the cloth!” He can feel a tingling sensation run through his waist, around to his butt and down his legs, up through his torso. It's not painful, just numbing, numbing because his flesh disappearing into the cloth. He can feel his ass pull backwards, quickly losing all of its mass, his legs start shrinking as he feels his body pulled like a black hole into the cloth which quickly is taking in whatever it can. Ricky starts breathing quickly but notices that he's having more and more trouble, his lungs are falling into nothing. Ricky also starts shrinking down from his short 5'7” to a measly 5', then down into the 4s. He reaches his measly arms up into the locker and finds he can now fit his tiny body inside, quickly becoming smaller and smaller into nothing. “I don't have much time' He tells himself as he pulls his body, now less than 40 pounds, into the locker, using the last bit of strength that he had, he shuts the locker behind him, leaving him to melt in the darkness of the strap. After what seemed like only a few seconds, Ricky felt like he couldn't move at all, couldn't see, couldn't really feel. But he knew where he was and he knew where he had settled. It was the strangest feeling he had ever had. He was nothing and yet he existed. Soon he started to hear noises. “The jocks are coming!” he told himself. He couldn’t make out what people were saying but he knew the men were out there, talking, joking to each other. Soon light bled into the locker and an already shirtless Tyler bared himself into his locker. The jock was already getting naked, he must have been running late. He could make out, through the light, already naked Jocks behind him. Jon's butt was visible as he walked across with his own jockstrap in hand, getting dressed for practice. “But like I was saying, how are we going to be able to win the regionals with Mac off the team this year? His arm has the throwing power of a greek warrior,” Tyler said, turned toward his naked friend. “You gotta make up for it, Tyler, condition yourself, man,” Jon answered, “extra iron to pump between this week and next.” Ricky couldn't see him, but Josh chimed in next, “I'm just excited for the football party tonight, juniors hosting it, we just show up and raise some hell, gonna be great,” he said before cutting a loud fart. Tyler turned to him with a smirk on his face. “What?!” Josh said, laughing, “I'm a Man!” Ricky kept his attention on Tyler as he continued undressing. First his shorts and shoes went into the locker, followed by his socks. Finally his boxers flung into the small cabinet, filling the locker with his signature, masculine smell. Tyler unassumingly lifted the jockstrap, still listening to his friends' banter. Ricky could see him, feel him unfurling it. “Come on you stupid jock, put me on...” he kept thinking to himself as he felt himself slowly lowered. “No time for a pee today, gotta hurry,” Tyler said, lifting his naked left, then right leg into the strap. As he pulled upward, Ricky could start to feel the athlete around him, start to feel the control he would soon have over the jock. Tyler's hairy legs guiding Ricky up his otherwise smooth and hard body toward his masculine package. Tyler didn't realize he was sealing his own fate, the mere thought of possession exciting Ricky. Ricky felt immediately surrounded by the jock's cock and balls, pushed snugly against and completely around him. As the rear of the strap smacked against Tyler's ass, Ricky could feel the most amazing thing happen: he was literally being pulled into Tyler. In a matter of seconds Ricky's whole being began getting pulled into the athlete, up through his dick, and into his body. Tyler, meanwhile took a step back, shocked by the loss of feeling in his dick, then in his hips. “What the fuck?” Tyler told himself as he blinked. He could no longer move his waist. He felt his hands against his abs, still had feeling, before moving down to his ass where it was completely numb. “What's wrong with me?” Tyler frantically said, panicking. The loss of feeling spread down to his quads and soon up to his abs. Like a napkin getting stained Tyler was slowly losing his feeling throughout his body. “SHIT!” he shouted, his friends turning to him, “something's...happ...ening...” his breathing increased, losing feeling in his chest Tyler took a step back and realized he didn't control his step, his arm swung and he realized he didn't swing it! “Uhh, Tyler, are you ok?” Jon said, approaching him. “Do you need me to call the nurse?” “No!” Tyler answered involuntarily, “just need a second...” Tyler was losing vision, getting dizzy, he wasn't the one talking, he wasn't the one moving! “What's happening to me? WHAT'S HAPPENING?!” he said in a panic, his body seemed to calm down, seemed to be in control despite his own panicking. But something started to make sense, a voice. A voice laughing in surprising pleasure as it got louder and louder in Tyler's head. “Holy shit it's working!” it said. “What?! Who is this? What's happening to me?” Tyler asked. But the voice was controlled, simple, it knew exactly what was happening: “Oh, hello, Tyler...and goodbye.” Everything turned to darkness. Ricky turned his head before looking down. A new body. An athletic body. A masculine body. He smiled before moving his hands up to his face. His face was new, it was Tyler's. The potion worked! “I am fuckin Tyler!” he shouted, not realizing the entire team turned to him. Tyler coughed and turned back toward his team, “uhh, sorry guys, got dizzy there for a sec.” The guys shrugged and went back to changing, but internally Ricky smiled. He took the body. It was his! As Tyler, he discreetly flexed his abs and quads, seeing his sinew shake with the strength of Tyler's body. Stretching himself he felt around in Tyler's thoughts and realized he had his entire mind to explore. He truly became the master of the athlete. He knew Tyler's entire history, his personality, easily inheriting his entire personality. “Fuck this is gonna be fun...” Tyler, the new Tyler, told himself. Tyler walked toward the urinals and pulled his jockstrap down, admiring his obnoxiously large cock. He peed easily, no shyness as a jock. Reaching around to his ass, Tyler felt the muscular work this jock had put into his body, and lavishly enjoyed the new body he attained. Tyler walked back to his locker and quickly grabbed his shorts and pads. As he suited up the remaining football uniform, he looked back to his team, “don't worry about regionals, I got it,” and the team smiled back at him. “That's my man!” Josh shouted “let's fuckin win this!” Tyler got a slap on his ass as he smiled back at the team. “I think I'm going to enjoy this new life.” Running through the workouts and drills of practice, everything about Tyler's life felt so new, so unfamiliar, and yet Tyler was able to perform it with ease that he never knew before. The instincts in his new body to run, to watch, to react, to shout to teammates, to perform like an athlete. It wasn't easy, but for the first time in his life Tyler felt like he fully understood it. Tyler threw the ball hard out toward Mike, another senior and wide receiver, and aimed it carefully above him, making sure his energy would hit the receiver in just the right location. The ball perfectly spun from his hands before Evan tackled him from the right, Tyler landing on the soft grass with his defensive friend on top of him. “Nice one, Tyler, man you're doing well today!” Evan extended his hand and Tyler lifted himself up, feeling a sharp slap on his ass from his buddy. “Thanks Evan,” Tyler said, searching his head for the history of his buddy, “not too shabby yourself, thanks for not knocking my head out.” “More things in life than just the game, my man,” he said, giving him another slap before reforming the line of scrimmage. Tyler next decided to run the ball, quickly pushing through the line and squeezing around the players, taking his feet off toward the goal line. Approaching the line, he saw Jon signaling to him to take the ball, and tossed it to him before getting tackled himself. Jon ran to the line and threw the ball onto the ground. “Fuck Yeah!!” he shouted with masculine pride. We're gonna fuckin dominate next week!” The guys hollered for their friends, Tyler smiling with the new-found companionship he now had. He lifted his arms and cheered with them as they worked their way back to the locker room. “Shit yeah!” he shouted, enjoying the camaraderie. Tyler followed his buddies in removing his stinky clothing for practice. Charlie came rolling around with his cart to take the dirty clothes from practice. Though a student, Charlie was way more mature than most of the players and even got along with Ricky pretty well. But Tyler knew Jon wasn't going to be so nice to him today. Taking off the last of his clothing, Jon smiled to Tyler as he peeled his jockstrap down. “Yo Charlie!” Jon said, “Whatchu got over here? Nuthin that's what.” Charlie quietly kept pushing the cart as other men tossed in their pants, shirts and jockstraps, ignoring Jon but not defending Charlie either. “Hey turd, I'm talkin to you. You gonna take my jockstrap or not?” Jon stood there, his sweat-stained naked body still shorter than Charlie, but trying his best to exert whatever he could. Charlie looked up at Jon and carefully pulled the strap dangling off Jon's middle finger. But Jon wouldn't have it. “You don't have the right!” he shouted and tried tossing the strap onto Charlie's head. But Tyler wouldn't have it. “What it fucker!” Tyler shouted, grabbing the strap and flinging it into the cart. “What's wrong with you? This guy is on our Team!” Charlie looked over to Tyler with a small smile, before turning back to Jon. A sense of shame hit the senior. He looked down at his naked body. “Uhh, sorry, Charlie.” He said. “Just got the crazies from scrimmage, you know?” Charlie continued pushing the cart, not saying anything. Tyler quickly stepped out of his own jockstrap and tossed it into the cart. “Thanks Charlie,” Tyler said, surprised he was able to convince his friend so quickly to stop the bullying. Tyler grabbed his soap as Jon tapped him on the shoulder, “thanks man, I don't know what got over me there, but I feel better not being such a dick. I think.” Jon said with reason. “It's cool, man, you just gotta relieve the stress I think,” Tyler answered. Tyler walked back over to Ricky's locker and looked in to see if his things were still there. He could see the tin box peering through the slots in the locker and decided to look more closely at it. “What are you doing, Tyler?” Josh asked, “shower don't stay hot forever!” “Yeah,” Tyler answered, attention not really on his friend. He cracked open the Procreate tab and before he even had time to examine it, Mike gave him an ass slap knocking his hands toward the tab, causing a much finer and more sandy powder to shoot out of the can. “Oh shit,” Tyler said, Mike not hearing him as he walked toward the shower. The powder quickly flung into the air and Tyler gave it a short sniff, not realizing just how much he had inhaled. It smelled like a dry desert and the powder burned his nose. Tyler started coughing but seemed to like the feeling as his eyes got focused and a new energy surged into him. He took another whiff. “Cool!” he said. Tyler shut the tin box, not caring to read whatever note was printed on the Procreate label, and re-locked the locker, strutting himself down toward the showers, a renewed energy flowing through him. The guys filed into the long, open gang shower and Tyler took his usual place in the middle shower head. His buddies filling in around him. Tyler had never felt more comfortable then where he was now, actually surrounded by his athletic friends and being a true part of the team. For a moment, Tyler nearly forgot about his former self, both the jock who used to have this body, and the man he was before. He nodded and shook off his history, “this is who I am now” he told himself. “I'll figure out some way to make Ricky disappear later.” Being around his naked buddies, Tyler did feel at home, but he was starting to feel a little too comfortable even for himself. The energy from the powder was going to his dick, or so he thought, and it was starting to wake up. One the one hand, Tyler was surprised to have gone this long in his new body without thinking of his sex tool, but now he was in the middle of the showers and his dick was growing. “My man is coming up!” he shouted, a jock-like instinct in him to show it off. The other guys started chuckling and giving Tyler shit for the accidental boner, or so they thought, but it didn't take long for them to notice it was more than a boner that was growing on Tyler. It seemed his whole body was growing. Tyler's breathing accelerated. He was getting hot. He stepped out of the shower head and stretched his body. “oh shit, guys!” he shouted, “god I feel like I'm growing. Holy shit it feels GOOOD! YEAH!” he shouted again. Tyler's balls started dropping like boulders as his dick went beyond horizontal, stretching out and gaining girth as his testicles grew low and heavy. Stretching his abs and waist he noticed it start to expand as well, creating new layers of muscular girth as it locked in his quads and sharpened his adonis belt. “Mmmm....” Tyler couldn't help but revel in it, it all felt too good. By this time most of the team had stopped paying attention to the water running over them and stared at the growing beast before them. Tyler's ass pushed a hard bubble outward as his pubic hair started to grow with more veracity over his legs and ass and up his abs, the water matting it down like a fur. His abs locked deep grooves as his pecs flattened and nipples widened, hair growing over them. His shoulders started bulking up and outward as his back muscles reached up and around them, building into his biceps and triceps and thickening his neck, chin and head. “Fuck yeah! MOOOREEEE!” He shouted, grabbing his dick without any conscious thought. Tyler started pumping, he couldn't help it. “Join me, team!” he shouted, taking a minute to open his eyes as his team stared hypnotically at him. “I said join me!” The team, in a trance, started tugging at their dicks one after the other, staring at the growing beast before them. “I'm here to spread this power,” Tyler cryptically said, “to procreate it...” The team started scooting closer to Tyler, watching him pump his dick as they attempted to follow. “Fuck yeah...” they said as their own orgasms started to build. Tyler could feel his dick building, his balls churning, he was nearly ready, his semen ready to spread out to his friends, “Ohhh SHIIITTT!” he shouts as his balls fling into him and one, after another, after another, huge shot of dark yellow semen shoots from his body and onto the floor and onto his teammates. The naked team was shocked at first, having been sprayed by their friend they were afraid, but it didn't take them long to gain confidence. Jon was the first to speak up, “holy fuck!” he shouted I'm groowwwingg! HAHAHA!” The team started cackling together as the sprayed spooge integrated into their bodies, increasing their own strength and power, their muscles growing over themselves, creating cut and sharp, masculine bodies with dicks of steel. As their asses bulked out their own balls started to drop, their boners got bigger, and their new power-laden dicks were ready for their own orgasms. Tyler took a minute to notice Charlie standing outside the shower room perplexed, afraid of the transformations happening before him. “Charlie, my man!” Tyler shouted. “Team! Share some with our manager!” Mike, being the nearest to the corridor, pulled Charlie in, getting him wet from the steam and flow of the shower water. “Come on, Charlie!” he shouted, “Join us!” Unaware of Mike's own strength, he accidentally pushed Charlie too hard, sliding him through the shower floor, wet and hot, into the middle of the transforming team. “Come on, Charlie! You won't need those clothes in a minute!” Tyler said as his dick regrew to change his friend. The rest of the team was almost ready and had their own dicks aiming down at Charlie. “Fuck yes I can feel it!” Jon said. “Charlie!!” More showers of semen fell onto the manager, who immediately went from perplexed fear to happy acceptance. “Oh god, guys!” he shouted, “I'm fucking grrrroooowwwwwing!” he restood, ripping his shirt in half as his own muscles started gaining strength, his abs deepening as he felt, for the first time, muscles of true athletes. Charlie ripped his jeans and yanked down his boxer briefs as the last of the semen integrated into him. “YEESSS!!” he shouted. Cackles filled the shower room corridor.
  24. Herald

    theft (Un)even rivals (4)

    Four Chris was preparing his bag for his upcoming trip: he would be out of town for two weeks to compete in a level 1-event and the San Francisco-masters. He gazed up and turned his head around as he thought he heard a deep, beastly roar coming from the house next door. He gulped as it reminded him of his cousin's deep voice from his nightmare. "Must be imagining things", he said to himself and went into the bathroom to fetch some stuff. He had to grab the washbasin for support when a feeling of weakness fell over him. His vision went dark for a split second and his knees buckled while goose bumps appeared all over his body. He blinked a few times and looked at his reflection in the mirror. His tank top still clung to his well-trained, 215 pound frame but he could swear something was off: his wide, rounded shoulders that normally formed a strong line seemed to hunch forward slightly and his protruding pecs seemed to hang down a bit lower against his tank top as if his big muscles were pulled down by gravity. "Lack of sleep is getting to me", he said and discarded the thought. He grabbed his razor and toothbrush and put them in his bag. He tossed his bag over his shoulder and went downstairs. Next to his car keys on the kitchen table he found a note. "Some inspiration to bring back the gold" He turned the note around and discovered a picture of his girlfriend in her tiny, black bikini. He put the picture in his wallet and left, feeling a bit uneasy having to leave his girl behind. Ted had finished cleaning the cum-stained bathroom, pulled on a fresh tank top and his baggy hoodie and went out for a workout. He felt the energy flowing through his veins and his balls pulsing as they released amounts of testosterone in his body. He saw his cousin putting a bag in his car and headed over. "YO, Chrissy". Chris nearly jumped up as he heard the deep voice. He turned around and instinctively took a step back as he saw his big cousin strutting toward him. He looked up into 6 feet tall teen's eyes. Ted couldn't suppress a faint grin as he noticed his muscular cousin stepping back from him. "Recovered from our arm wrestling, Chrissy? Just say when ya want a rematch. I'ld love to wipe yar ass again", Ted said and intently stopped very close to his cousin. Chris gulped and tried not to look intimidated but his big cousin standing just inches in front of him, made him feel uncomfortably. His feeling of physical supremacy, regained during his shower-fuck, evaporated as he was reminded of his defeat. The musky smell surrounding the big guy added to his unease. "Just kiddin', Chrissy", Ted said and laughingly patted his cousin's muscular shoulder, "Ya going on a trip?". Chris relaxed a bit at the teen's smile but suppressed a grunt from the surprisingly hard pat. "Off two weeks to compete. Defending my titles.", he said while scanning his cousin's big frame hidden under the baggy hoodie. Ted followed his cousin's gaze and grabbed his right arm, playfully closing his big paw around the 20 inch bicep he destroyed last night. "How's yar arm feeling? Hurting after I crushed it?", he asked and clenched his paw some more around the hard muscle. "I'm fine", Chris said, his voice cracking slightly as his aching bicep was dented by the paw. He cleared his throat while the surprisingly hard grip released the strong orb of meat atop his right arm. "Could you do me a favor, Ted", he asked as he looked back up into his cousin's eyes. "Ya name it", Ted replied with a smug grin on his face. "Would you mind keeping an eye on Trisha? First time she can't come with me cause of her work. You're family and live next door, so…", Chris asked. "No worries, Chrissy. I'll take care of her", Ted answered. "Thanks a lot, Ted", Chris stated and extended his hand to his cousin. Ted grabbed his cousin's hand, his big paw engulfing it and shook it powerfully. Chris winced a little, a faint painful grunt escaping his mouth and pulled his hand from the strong grip. Or tried to. Ted grinned as he felt his cousin trying to break free. "See ya in two weeks, Chrissy", he said and opened his paw. Chris got in his car and drove off, seeing his cousin's smiling reflection in his side mirror. Jeremy put the voodoo doll at the bottom of his bag and left his uncle's gym in a hurry. He jumped into his car and raced off to the airport, happy he hadn't run into the teen beast and wouldn't have to see him for two weeks. He felt energy flowing through him and strutted proudly across the crowd. He noticed his rival Chris standing at the check-in and thought the guy already looked less intimidating. He followed him from a distance, feeling stronger and more confident by his rival diminished aura. He got in line for the flight a bit behind his rival and installed himself at the rear of the plane. Arriving in San Francisco, he took a cab to his hotel. He strutted through the hallway, checked in and got to his room on the second floor. As soon as he entered his room, Jeremy tossed his bag on the floor and fished out the voodoo doll. He went into the bathroom and stripped in front of the mirror. Strength flowed through his 209 pound body as he went through some poses, highlighting his excellent shape. He grabbed the doll and clenched his fist around it. Instantly, he felt more energy coursing through him. A few blocks away, Chris felt a sudden surge of weakness come over him in his hotel room. The room danced before his eyes, his knees buckled and he crashed down atop his bed. "Must be some kind of jetlag", he muttered to himself before passing out in a deep, dark sleep. "Yeah", Jeremy grunted to his reflection. He could swear his muscles were getting more defined in the mirror. He flexed his chest a final time, striations and veins pushed up against his skin and went to sleep as he gave the voodoo doll another squeeze. Back at home, Ted was having the workout of a lifetime. The double dose of his new steroid atop his usual dose of old steroids pumped energy and testosterone through his huge body. He had set new personal records on every lift, pushing more weight and pumping out more reps than ever. He'd been in the deserted gym, filling it with his grunts and roars, for three hours and moved into the final part of his grueling workout: smashing his arm muscles. His arms, together with his shoulders, had always responded best to his training. The 25 inch orbs of power atop his arms dwarfed his other huge muscles. "Let's see what my babies can with their new fuel", he groaned to himself as he grabbed the heaviest dumbbells. He raised the 130 pound dumbbells slowly and lowered them back down with perfect control. "Feels like a feather", he said and began cranking out perfect rep after perfect rep. Blood began flowing into the meaty masses, a web of veins branching off the thick vein that snaked from his delts over the biceps onto his thick forearms. "More", he gritted between his teeth as he kept moving the weight up and down, pumping more blood into his swelling biceps. In his sweatpants, his plump dick followed this lead and blood began inflating the thick shaft. "Bigger", he grunted in between fastening breaths. His pumped biceps began burning painfully, stretching his skin as he forced the muscles to grow bigger. The burning sensation turned into a stabbing pump, his arms shaking from the effort but Ted kept cranking out reps. His dick had hardened fully, its 10 inches tenting the front of his sweatpants and a small dark patch forming where his precum flowed from the dark red head. "50", he grunted as he lifted the dumbbells a final time and tossed them on the floor. He ripped off his sweat drenched tank top and moved in front of the big mirror. He extended his arms, marveling at the size of the stretched, shiny red biceps. He brought in his forearms, his arms shaking with cramps as the pumped muscles protested against the command of flexing. His biceps balled outward into perfectly rounded orbs that swelled atop his arms; their peaks rose up and up and up, a web of curly veins pushed up against his stretching skin. "FU…UGH…UGH…UGH…CK", he roared as his biceps swelled beyond their familiar 25 inches and stopped just over 26. His dick jolted, its dark red head popping up over his waistband and exploded: cum geysered upward in the air, splattering against his face, pecs and abs. Ted lowered his left hand and stroked his spasming shaft, coating the mirror and the weights with his thick cum while he kept flexing his beastly right arm. After ten blasts, his orgasm wore down and Ted grinned at his cum-drenched reflection in the cum-stained mirror. He lowered his right arm and strutted toward the shower, jerking off once more as the hot water cascading down on his pumped muscles pulled his cock back to hardness. A few days went by and the level 1-event leading up to the San Francisco masters began. Even though he weighted exactly the same as he did during his previous competition, Chris' body seemed somehow less intimidating. But as usual the champ cruised through the opening rounds, his 215 pound physique still besting his opponents, and proceeded to the final. Jeremy came in radiating confidence as he felt the energy from the curse flowing through his 209 pound body. His flexing was more graceful than ever and he too cruised into the semis. There, his road into the finals was surprisingly blocked by Tom, a local athlete that had been handed a wildcard into the event. Jeremy outsized Tom by a good 10 pounds, but was less ripped: the thin layer of fat covering his muscles from his winter bulk, made him look softer than the 199 pound Tom. The guy's vacuum ab-pose handed him the ticket into the final, leaving Jeremy frustrated on stage. Chris didn't really care about his opponent: he'd always focused on his own physique and continued this approach. In the final, the 16 pound difference he held, secured his win. He outsized the local guy in every pose and his own ripped yet seemingly lessened body dominated in every pose. Tom tried putting up a good show but whatever he tried, the champ did better. When Chris threw his signature pose, the back double bicep, Tom just stared in awe as the muscles on the champ's wide back mounded against each other and his intimidating arms rose into their 21 inched orbs of hard meat. Tom shook the champ's hand and gladly accepted second place with a smile as broad as Chris' one. Jeremy was in a foul mood back in his hotel room. He could accept his loss to Tom: he had been neglecting his own training because of the voodoo curse and his own physique was a bit off. But the news off Chris's victory made him roar in anger. He grabbed the voodoo doll and squeezed it with all his might. Instantly, a wave of energy flowed through him. "I'll get back to him next week at the master-event", he said and went to bed. The week went by and soon enough the San Francisco masters were up. Jeremy felt more energized with every passing day and felt atop his game going into the competition. He easily won his opening line up and the next round. In the quarter finals however, he bumped into Tom again. Just like a week earlier, the guy's rippedness sealed Jeremy's faith: the judges unanimously declared Tom the winner of the line up and made him advance to the semis. Jeremy's frustration nearly exploded as he heard that his big rival Chris was cruising through the competition and was to meet Tom in the final on Sunday. The night before the big final the full moon illuminated the San Francisco sky. In his bed Jeremy felt an enormous wave of energy hitting his body. He awoke from his deep sleep and stumbled into the bathroom, gasping at his reflection as he turned on the light: most of his body fat seemed to have evaporated from his body. He looked a good 20 pounds lighter but striations and veins decorated his relaxed muscles. " All my fat must have gone to Chris", he said and returned to bed. The final got underway but from the beginning it was clear that Chris would win. The 20 pounds of fat that had somehow beefed him up, had softened his intimidating muscles but handed him an 36 pound advantage on his opponent. Tom came in at his prime: ripped and vascular but his 199 pound physique was simply overshadowed by the champ. Chris' huge muscles looked a bit saggy and his flexes lacked their usual explosion of masculinity, but his size simply couldn't be denied. Tom did beat him in the vacuum ab-pose but lacked the real size in the other flexes. Chris took the win, his sixth consecutive master-event and prepared himself to get home. Back at home Ted's two weeks had gone by like a breeze: he'd had the most fantastic workouts ever and was horny all day. His gains had been fairly slow, only 5 pounds, but his housemate had told him to be patient with the experimental stuff. He got home from the gym and stepped out of his car and stepped over to the house next door. He took the spare key Trisha had given him and went in. He looked around the house to check if everything was ok. "What took you?". Ted turned around to find Trisha standing naked atop the stairs. He rushed up, pulled down his sweatpants as he reached her to free his hardening cock, pushed Trisha back against the wall and eagerly pushed his rock-hard 10 incher inside her. "Oh God", she grunted as the thick shaft invaded her. Ted kept pushing more and more of his dick into her tight pussy. "Yeah. So much bigger than Chris. God", Trisha groaned as the thick snake pushed deeper inside her. When half of Ted's cock was inside her, spasms shot through her frail 120 pound body and her juices flowed along the hot pole. Ted felt the wetness along his rock-hard shaft and drove two more inches of his meat into her. He positioned his hands against the wall and began driving his cock back and forth into her, gently. Incoherent sounds escaped Trisha's mouth, her hands clawed into the hoodie covering Ted's torso as the teen beast began fucking her. She was being shoved up against the wall by the force of his trusts, her eyes widening in disbelief and sheer lust as her feet left the floor. Ted's big balls drew tight and began to churn as he completely dominated his cousin's girlfriend, supporting her with just his 10 incher. "YEAUGHN!", he bellowed deeply as his orgasm exploded into her, filling her with his sticky juice. Black dots of pleasure danced in Trisha's sight and she fell limp against the teen beast, her head resting atop his protruding, heaving pecs. Ted felt the pressure build around his cock as more loads blasted from his balls into Trisha. Cum was already sliding from her, flowing along the exposed three inches of his cock onto his balls before sliding along the crevices of his thick thighs. After ten blasts his orgasm cooled down and he slowly withdrew from Trisha. He wrapped his right arm around her, easily lifting her up against his big frame, pulled up his pants with his left hand and carried her to bed. He gently put her atop the bed and went home.
  25. Umpires by F_R_Eaky Part V Part One: https://muscle-growt...-one-by-freaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growt...r-eaky-part-ii/ Part Three: https://muscle-growt...-eaky-part-iii/ Part Four: Henri Marasme. His name would be known to some of the faculty and administration of the college at Strangwich for the odd way he started the semester. His parents deceased, had left him a sizeable fortune as well as a company to run. Being just nineteen years old though, he still needed to get his college education to garner some respect from the employees over whom he was to be boss. Yet, he couldn't just up and leave things unattended, and of course the best laid plans sometimes take longer than one thinks. Such was the case of arranging for a supervisor to act on his behalf while away, yet keep him informed and communicate with him on any major decisions effecting the company. Several of the people chosen before the current man in charge, saw this as a way to steal a company and depose the owner. They soon found not only their careers but their lives destroyed. So, the first few weeks of the semester found Henri viewing lectures and performing assignments on line. An odd arrangement, but made allowable by the president, but only because of a large donation made to the college by Henri. Soon however, everyone would know of Henri Marasme, especially the faculty as they began to doubt their ability to perceive things correctly. It was now Sunday afternoon and Henri was talking a very long and leisurely stroll along many and every path that wound around the quad, one side of the campus and out to the private land that bordered. He surprised many a student as they came around a corner or bend, for Henry was of small stature - saying five foot, but he was actually four foot eleven. He was also very pale and very thin with hair that could best be described as looking like tossed moldy hay. But the really distinct thing about him was that despite his light skin and hair tone, his eyes were very dark. Indeed, they could be described as being almost totally black. But right now most wouldn't notice him for all of the natural wildflowers and trees that grew so high and tall in the patches between the paths. As he made his way around the maze of paths, he happened to walk by two very stout and stalwart men, who were sitting on a cleared grass patch studying a football playbook. "Uuuugh! Santiago, I don't think I'm going to get these memorized." "Well, you need to Blake. Even though we're new to the team, the couch wants us to play in the game the Saturday after next. It's the big homecoming game and he wants to make sure he has some of the biggest players on the field." "Good afternoon, Gentleman." "Uhm... hi." "My name is Henri. I happen to overhear your cry of frustration over memorizing something. I am going to be taking on a job as a tutor, perhaps I can help you." "Oh, well... Nice to meet ya, Henri. My name is Santiago de Silva, and this here is Blake Smythe. Appreciate the offer, but this may not be something in which you can tutor us." "I'm well versed in many subjects. Which one is it?" "Well... ... ... it's a playbook... for football, American football that is." "I see. You're a little behind schedule for studying a playbook aren't you?" "Well...Blake and I are late arrivals to the team. We uh.... ... ... both were originally just going dig into studies and not perform any sports, but due to our size, the coaches kind of begged us to join the team, so we're getting the information a bit late." "I see. Well... if it had been football, I could have assisted with that, but as it is American Football, that is out of my range of knowledge. I won't interrupt your study further. If you ever have need of a tutor for academic subjects, let me know." "Sure... uh...thanks." "Yeah, thanks!" "You're quite welcome." Henri walked back to the path and out of sight, but began to shake as if a cold wind had just blown across his neck. He stood rigid for a moment, after his shake and then whispered to himself. "Yes... ... ... the gypsy woman was right. The enemies of my grandparents have returned home. Those two... ... ... have been touched. I can extract my family's revenge." Walking down some paths that made him nearly circle all the way back around the grassy clearing Blake and Santiago sat in, he then strayed from the trail and cut through the trees and wildflowers to come up behind them. He didn't approach them. He didn't even go into the clearing, but stayed hidden among the trees and shrubs. He did however begin to concentrate. "So...with us moving in like this, and these guys going here, that completes this formation, thus helping make it look like the quarterback..." "dickhead..." "ha ha ha... yeah he is, but stay focused. The moves make it look like the quarterback has passed the ball on to someone next to him hand to hand, but then he will suddenly throw the ball. Think you have that down now, Blake." "Yeah...what I don't have down is blocking correctly. I'm not used to my size and sometimes I can get too rough or not in the right position and hurt people." "That's what we have helmets and pads for, Blake. But, I kind of understand what you're saying. Here, let's get up and I'll show you how it's done, okay." The two men stood up and Santiago crouched down like he was in a line up on the field. "So we crouch down like this, then the ball is snapped, and you're going to run in, shoulders low, like this and.... .ooompf!" Santiago attempted to run but fumbled on his feet and made a face plant into the sod beneath him. "Santi, you alright?" "Yeah, I'm fine... my shoe came off for some reason. Just slipped right off. Help me up, will ya?" Blake grabbed Santiago's hand and helped him to his feet. "Whoa..." "What?" "How tall are you again, Santi?" "Six foot - ten inches tall." "You sure? You look pretty even to me." "Naw man I'm like, five inches taller than you. See." And Santiago moved close to do a hand on Blake's head and move it over to compare motion but suddenly stopped in his tracks. "What the fuck?!? I am as tall as you." "Look at your foot next to your shoe it's so much smaller." "What the hell? They just fit a second ago." "You're shrinking!" "So are you!" "Naw man, see we're still the same height." "Look at your jersey! The hem keeps getting lower and lower on your legs. The pants hem of your jeans is bunching up more and more around your ankles!" "Holy shit, we're both shrinking!" The two men stood there in shock as they watched themselves become shorter and shorter, their clothes gaining in size on them fast . The only thing that gave them some hope was the fact that their muscle size still remained the same comparatively as they shrank. But soon that too was going away. Their marble columns of neck became thin dowel rods. The mountains that were their traps shrunk away to flat plains. The cannon balls that were their shoulders reduced from medicine balls, to bowling balls, to soccer balls, to soft balls, to baseballs, to become just blobs over wire framing like a bendy figure in gumball machines. Their biceps and triceps experienced the same deflation as well as their lats and back and chest. Their abs seemed to get sucked in one by one until all they had was just a plain flat stomach area. The thighs, butt, calves also experienced this sudden case of atrophy. Suddenly the two men found themselves both five feet one inch tall and lucky if they weighed ninety pounds apiece. Blake might have weighed ninety three as he was still heavily endowed, but as their clothes completely slid off of them, both men got to see Blake's elongated schlong suddenly reel in like fishing line until he would now almost need to pee sitting down. "Awwww man, not my cock too." "Blake...dude... what the hell just happened?" "I don't know but we need to tell someone." "Grab your jersey and wrap it around you. We can head for the coach's office." Meanwhile, hidden in the trees, Henri Marasme had just finished his chanting and a wry, pleasurable smile started to form across his lips. "oooooooooooh" His feet began to bunch and stretch. His hands began to throb and reach. His fingers were becoming longer and longer while his palm swelled up thicker and wider. His toes began to make extra ridges along the front of his sneakers. His ankles began to swell out past the top sides of show. His heel was stretching and straining the heel of the sneaker itself. The seams along the sides of the shoe began to pop, while the canvas began to rip. "auuuuughhhhhmmmmmnnnn" Henri raised his hands and stretched as tall as he could and his arms, torso, legs, and neck responded. His straight ahead vision began to rise higher. "ooooooh" Higher..... "Auuuuuuuwwwwwnnnnnmmmmf" HIGHER! Creeping up his arms, the sleeves of his shirt began to reveal this wrists, then his forearms, then his elbows, then his upper arms. It moved in tandem with his pants legs which rose higher and higher to reveal his ankles, his calves, his knees, and then his thighs. Mean while the hem of his shirt and his waist band had to part company as the hem rose higher and higher revealing more and more of Henri's stomach. Taller and taller he grew...four foot eleven to five foot...five foot three....five foot six....five foot nine....six foot.....six foot three....six four...six five....six six....six seven...six eight....six nine... six ten....six foot. Henri stood there panting for moment, looking like a live stick figure, a skinny scare crow with ill fitting clothes. His shirt hung tight on him, but not because of any muscle, just the sheer size difference and body thickness proportionately between a four eleven and seven foot tall body. The same was with his pants. The shirt looked like it was to be a muscle tank, save that the sleeves were still attached they were just attempting to rise and ride on the deltoid area. The shirt hem came down no further than below his chest, almost trying to touch where a first row of abdominals would be. The waist band on his pants were stretched open, the button already having popped off and the zipper pulled open as well. The hem of the pants now rose above the knees and were looking almost painted on. As for the shoes, they gave up the ghost long ago at the start of this growth spurt and his new big dawgs had grown out and over the shoes near complete coverage of them. But this wasn't the end of Henri's growth spurt. Soon he began to twist and turn his feet as if he were trying to perform the dance of the same name. His feet thickened a little bit becoming quite muscular, as a vein rose to the top, under the skin, and began to travel up the leg. Rocking and rolling on the balls of his feet, Henri began to work his calves making them bunch and pop as the veins shot up and entwined around his body like vines on a tree. The calves swelled and shrank...Swelled more and shrank....SWELLED BIGGER and shrank. It was almost as if the calves themselves were breathing and with each breath grew bigger and bigger: a small ball....a hand ball...a good sized diamond...largest diamond in the world....a pulsing heart. "ooooooooooh." Bigger and bigger they swelled as Henri began to do calve raises and then deep knee bends. The veins made their way up...up...hitting the hamstring. "AAAUWCK!" Henri stood up straight, and then went back to knee bends, twisting and flexing this way and that trying to get the tense feeling out of his legs as the hamstring suddenly pulled tight, thickened, and showed massively from knees to butt. It was then encased in the back biceps muscle of the thigh as it mounded and mounded out larger and fuller, harder and thicker. It was joining the front thigh muscles as they began to do a series of roll off. Each tear drop shape suddenly swelling thicker, larger, fuller, rounder, harder! Drops from a water faucet... drops from a garden hose...drops from a fuel tanker.... drops from a fire hose. They were joined by Henri but which began bounce and flex...firmer...tighter...rounder....fuller....bubbling more and more...this was muscle junk trunk. Two meaty, yet solid globes of muscle that could bounce and pop as well as any Olympic sized pectorals. His pants which looked like shorts on him now, could no longer stand the growth. The thighs ripped the seams and several other tears all the way up to the hips. Henri's but split the back wide open. The waistband just barely held together, save for the already popped button and split zipper. Strands of ripped fabric clung to that waistband and hung around, draped over Henri's massive thighs and ass. The effect was such that it looked like he was wearing denim thong with a blue Hawaiian grass skirt, save the grass strands were only around five inches long. "AHHHHHHHhhhhhhh hhhhhhuuuuUUUUUUURK!" Still happening, the growth caused Henri to twist and turn, performing side bends and twists as the veins had risen up and over the many hills and valleys of his thighs, across the groin, and now up his abdominals and obliques. Each twist and turn brought a new brick to the stack. Every bend and twist saw a new row to the washboard. Every crunch and hunch brought out new lines of definition, new bubbles of power, until his whole exposed midsection nearly looked like the Giant's causeway of Ireland. "Wuuuuuuooooh!" Still twisting and turning, contorting and bending, Henri began to roll his shoulders in an attempt to flex his back. As the veins rose up into his lats he began to move his arms as if he were doing a set of dumbbell flies. "oooooh..." His arms began to hang out. "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." His arms rose up. "Huuuuuuuuuuuu...." His shirt hem began to rise up higher and higher. "Huh huh huh huh huh huh" His arms began to stick out almost to the sides! Henri's lats had grown and grown wider and wider and incredibly thick. When the back joined in it looked as though he could jump from a plane and glide safely to earth with the wing span that was being created. His shirt now looked incredible odd, the hem of it on the sides pushed all the way up into the arm pits, while the front was still covering his chest. That however was about to change. Beginning to breathe more rapidly, Henri started to make his chest rise up and then perform something like a crab shot to stretch his back. Back and forth, breath and flex, he made these motions and as the veins travelled up and over them they began to swell. A few breaths here and his chest started to broaden. A few more he almost looked like he had moobs, save their angle wasn't outward but inward. Soon there were two decent and heavy crescents bouncing and bobbing as Henri flexed and twisted his body, but they were quickly replaced with two large slabs. More and more... the shirt hem began to rise up and up further, eventually coming up and off the bottom of Henri's growing pectorals and flashing the world his nipples that were growing larger and firmer as well. More breathing and soon the plates began to look more like two overly sized whoopee cushions, and yet with another few breaths there were suddenly two large round globes where a flat chest used to be. tshhhhhhhst tshhhhhhhst TSHHHHHHHST tshhhhhhhhst TSHHHHHHHHHST TSHHHHHHST! The air was filled with the sound of ripping fabric. The shirt could take it nor more. While Henri's chest had been growing the back had been expanding and widening, growing thicker and more impressive from straight and flat to slightly angled to a v to a w to a Christmas tree. Henri had grown just too big for his once roomy and engulfing shirt. The front and back split in several places leaving Henri with a shirt collar with two sleeves that hung only two his shoulders and strips of fabric creating a matching accessory to his "pants." But that collar was not to last very long. As the veins finished their trek up the chest and back they made their way across the shoulders and the traps and the delts... Those shoulders and traps began to rise...mounds on the plains. Rise... foot hills good for walking. RISE....high bluffs and ridges for looking out over the pec valley. RIIIIIISE!.... mountains that rose to such great heights. R...R...R..RIIIIIIIIIIZE!....Kilimanjaro, Everest.... Henri was going to die as these two slabs of muscle engulfed his neck and head, crushing them both, slamming into each other and pinching off his circulation. But while they were growing his delts were growing too... inflating more and more...increasing in size and density: a little party balloon. shhhooooop....a mylar birthday balloon. Shhhooooop.....a large water balloon. SHHHHOOOOOOP....a punching balloon. SHOOOOOOOOP! A hot air balloon! Rip! TSSSHST! Strip! RIP! The air again was filed with sound as the delts shredded what was left of Henri's diminutive sleeves. In a few minutes more there was the pop of the collar as Henri's neck ballooned from stick to dowel rod, dowel rod to post, post to club, club to column, column to pillar. So thick it had become, in proportion to the rest of his muscles, that even for a seven foot tall man it was almost impossible to believe he had a neck. "HHHHRRRRRRRR!" Henri now snapped his torso backwards and extend his arms out at his sides while making a fist and flexing. The veins now wound their way down his upper and lower arms and the simply inflated on the spot. The bunching, the flexing, the growing, as the tiny bellies became larger balls, which in turn became mammoth mounds, and those gave way to popping peaks and finally to another set of rising mountains which were complemented by hanging horseshoes which resembled more of the underside of an iceberg ready to cut through a ship. Letting his arms now fall and... at least attempt to hang at his side, Henri stumbled and fumbled a bit walking around trying to walk off and shake off all the intense feeling of his growth. He needed to get adjusted to the size of his thighs, to the weight of his whole body, to the size of his feet, to width of his shoulders and arms, to the height of his head. But that would have to wait as there was still one more bit of growing to do. "UH-huuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhu..." Now stretching backwards and thrusting his hips to doubling over in front, back and forth, back and forth, Henri attempted to get rid of the tingling sensation in his balls, but it would not subside. Tears coming to his eyes, more and more pressure began to be places upon his testicles. His scrotum began to feel confined and pinched. It was almost as if an ice pick was being slowly pushed through that spot, and yet...he felt so virile, so manly! More and more he thrust his hips and bent over until finally, the front and under seam, just under the zipper gave way. "Uwaaaaaaah!" It was the only thing keeping what was left of Henri's pants onto his legs and crotch. As it snapped and fell away his two boys dropped free from the prison hanging just slightly low, very tight, and a bit large -even for a seven foot tall man. "Ah-huuuuhuuuhuuuhuuuhuuuuu!" Henri moaned and smiled as now that there weren't any clothes on his groin anymore, his cock just suddenly grew and oozed out of him like the lava flows underwater at a volcano site. It just seemed to keep growing and growing and growing out of him getting thicker and longer, bigger and meatier as the veins made their way across it. The feeling created a sense of pleasure so erotic to Henri he became aroused and as his cock continued its growth it began to become erect showing its true size. Four inches...five... six....eight...ten....twelve...fourteen...fifteen...sixteen...sixteen and three quarters... seventeen and a half...eighteen.... Eighteen inches of man meat now swung in front of Henry. It was so long and heavy it pulled on his groin tremendously making him even more aroused and horny. It was a full on erection, no doubt. Henri thought he might be able to fell a tree with this club, but it wouldn't stand at attention due to it's incredible size, just stick straight out and bob whenever a rush of blood came through it. Henri immediately took a massive hand to it, surprised even his own hand couldn't quite go all the way around it. He began to stroke himself and smile. "Hmmmmmmm soooo huge.... but this is just the beginning. I will get larger.... HOO! HUH huh huh huh huh hmmmm yessssss..... big-HIG-ger.......ah ah ah ah ah aha ooooh yes...bigger...stronger...larger...thicker...taller...harder... massive...mega...muscle gawd just... JUST... get-TING...HO! ...even...Even.....EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!... .... .... .... BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Henri blew a load right there that was so powerful it hit a tree, shot a small hole into it, and then the splatter from the blast pattern coated so many of the surrounding tree trunks and wildflowers that until it dried, one would almost look at it and think it had snowed. His scream of ecstasy was also loud enough that some students reported a bear being in the woods along the pathways. After his toes had stopped uncurling and digging into the ground, and he stood up from his knees giving way during the spurting of his load, Henry stood up and walked into the clearing and picked up Santiago's jeans that he had left behind. Putting them on, he had trouble getting them over his thighs, but no trouble at all getting them buttoned at the waist. Looking down at his legs and feet he noticed that the hem of the pants stuck up over his ankles just a tad. "Oh yeah.... this is going to be good. Hmmmmmmnnnnn!" Squatting a little Henri caused the seams of the pants to rip slightly at his thighs. Feeling a bit more room to walk in these pants now more freely, Henri smiled and walked to his dormitory. "Yes.... this is going to be really good."