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Found 36 results

  1. Since the site started only a couple days ago I've gotten a couple private messages a day asking how they could donate or support the site. While I'd like to keep this place ad-free and smooth running for everyone I thought a good idea would be to put up a donation button for those who would like to support the site. Also, remember this is totally optional but every cent that gets donated is getting put right back into the forum to help pay for server space, renewal fees for the forum software, and the cost to keep the domain registered. In an effort to be as transparent as possible I've listed our monthly costs and exactly how costs are divided: $20/month for the server. This has been upped due to our rising costs. $100/year (billed $50 ever 6 months) for forum software renewal costs.$5/month for our email processor (service that sends all email notifications)$30/year for domain registrationSome costs like those from our email processor and server hosting provider can change due to their pay-as-you-go structure. If you feel like you want to donate there will be a button on the homepage or the link down below: If for some reason you would not like to use PayPal you can give me a PM and suggest a different payment type. Thanks and I hope you all enjoy the site and all of its features.
  2. BE SURE TO VOTE IN THE POLL Some members have expressed to me that they would like to see some sort of verification program for those members who want to show other members that their profiles are real. While I support those who want to stay anonymous on the forum or those who want to have fantasy profiles, some members have been concerned that people will impersonate others. If we were to implement a verification program it would basically involve you taking a picture with your forum username and the days date with your body in the picture. It would also be a requirement that your profile picture is of you. Verified users would get a badge that would appear on their profile pages and posts showing that they are a verified user so that other members know. If there is more support for this system the rules would be expanded upon and an area would be created to submit verification submissions.
  3. The time has come where I believe this forum is at a place where we need a couple moderators to help with issues around the forum. At this point I'm only going to be looking for a maximum of 3 moderators to help with the forums. Mainly I am looking for someone with a level head who will moderate with common sense and not let personal values get in the way. I'll leave this post up for a couple days and start PMing potential people by the end of the upcoming weekend. Below you will find a list of requirements for potential moderators: Looking for someone outside of the Pacific Time Zone. Looking for East Coast, Europe, Australia-based.Will moderate by the General Guidelines and will not let personal views get in the way.Able to dedicate a minimum of 2 hours a week to patrol the forums. Experienced with IP.Board forum software.Someone to be trusted with sensitive information and will not share. Not only am I look for volunteers but also nominations for those who think would be good moderators. BE SURE TO LIST YOUR TIMEZONE
  4. CMiller

    news Post Server Move Update

    As many of you may have noticed, during the later part of last week the forum went down for about an hour and some of you experienced an outage longer than that. Here's what happened. At first I had put the website up on a development server not meant for heavy traffic load thinking that the population of the old forum would be slow enough where it could run on the development server for a lot longer. Apparently I was wrong and the demand grew and grew. This forced me to move the site to a more permanent home to allow for better resource allocation and expansion if needed when the site grows. This new server that we're on now has more CPU power, more RAM, and better bandwidth allocation. It will allow us to scale the site if needed and provide a better and faster service all over the world. As always, enjoy the new site and if you have any problems feel free to drop me a private message or post in the problems and suggestions board.
  5. CMiller

    news Tagging Enabled / Suggest Tags

    Tagging is finally setup. I decided to make it a closed system, that way we can regulate tags and have a uniform system. Each forum section has the ability to have its own pre-defined tag sets. For example in the stories section we have m/m m/f m/m/f and so on, whereas in the problems and suggestions area we have problem and feature suggestion. So now that we've closed down the system and have a uniform set of tags I invite you to share some tag suggestions for specific forum areas to help us better.
  6. CMiller

    news Daily Changelog - 04.23.2014

    Enabled "double posting" prevention. If you post in the same board twice within 2 minutes it will merge the two posts. Tweaked permission settings for the gallery that were allowing those who were "Validating" to view them. Added help section Help files for the chat posted Help files for the tags posted
  7. CMiller

    news Daily Changelog - 04.20.2014

    Gallery is now open! Each section has its own area and own rules, make sure to read the rules of each category section. Added a Donate button to the frontpage side bar for those who have been asking about donations to the site. Removed the ability for people who are Validating their email to report posts. Spam issues have arisen to from that. And that's about it. My day was mostly setting up the rest of the gallery section, answering questions and working out peoples validating issues.
  8. CMiller

    news Daily Changelog - 04.20.2014

    More changes are here: LIVE CHAT!!! sub-forum in Stories dedicated for those who want to repost their stories. "Popular Tags" to the front page for easier discovery of content. Added "Today's Birthdays" to the bottom of the home page when it's someones birthday. General Guidelines had a major overhaul. Updated the Privacy PolicyUpdated Terms of UseAnd that's it, I've been slacking today. Mostly because it's sunday and I was being lazy and taking half a day off. More changes for tomorrow though!
  9. CMiller

    news General Guidelines Updated!

    Now that the board is getting more active the existing General Guidelines section has been updated with new rules and regulations that will be enforced on this board. These rules are not meant to limit your freedoms on the board but to enforce some more over arching concerns and general administration of the board itself. We will invite you to visit the General Guidelines section, which is available as a link at the bottom of every page to become familiar with them. Remember by using this board you are agreeing to them and expected to abide by them.
  10. CMiller

    news Daily Changelog - 04.19.2014

    It's been a long day and another list of changes to the site. Chat is finally up and running! Logo changed, it was made by the great and very talented Zephleit. Work has begun on an archival/list system to better organize stories. Galleries got a big head start today, still debating on exactly what's happening there. We got a Twitter account! @NewMGForums. It'll mostly be used for site updates. Anonymous sign-in enabled. When you sign-in you now have the option to appear like you aren't on the site. Fixed some weirdly embedding YouTube videos And that's about it for today. You can expect a full more in-depth post about the new chat feature tomorrow. Right now it's tinkering around the different tags, setting up the image gallery, and making a better content management space for stories. Good night and see you tomorrow.
  11. CMiller

    news Daily Changelog - 04.18.2014

    Since the forum is still so new and it's been a hectic time with requests coming every which way. A daily changelog is in order to keep you updated. 75% done with a live chat solution.More tags added to the stories section.Added "Real Life Muscle Growth Expirences" forum.Removed showing full birthday on profiles. Now only shows age.Modified permissions on some forums due to then not being able to be posted in.Bumped up upload limit slightlyInstalled image gallery area. Still not visible as it's only 10% complete. Still in the works: - More content to the sidebar - Live chat - Image Gallery - Author Archive - Expanding Tagging - More sub-forums