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Found 36 results

  1. Well guys it happened again. We grew too big for our britches and needed to get a bigger pair. Overnight we made the seamless move to a brand new host which gives us a huge boost in backend performance and a larger storage space for all the content and media that everyone is producing. By my accounts our website is just shy of 150GB in size and the database alone is over 10GB in size. This data is also being redundantly backed up and encrypted to make sure the data that is being produced stays safe. After many years of creating content the community has exploded in size and I'm very happy with what we have built today. Along with the backend improvements we also rolled out some security updates that will not be reflected but run in the background to ensure everyone stays secure and safe while browsing the forums. While most people won't see any of these changes it enforces a policy of rejecting unsafe older web browser versions and outdated software. One big change in doing this is to strictly enforce encryption and authentication between you and the server to make sure you are safe and will not be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Safety of your user data and the integrity of the forums is my number one priority, we will continue to roll out security improvements and stay on the cutting edge of safety and security. You can use this forum thread to also report any broken links or broken pieces of content you may find as we are still cleaning up after the move.
  2. CMiller

    news New Dark Theme Update

    There is new a new dark theme that will be used as the default theme. It fixes some issues that people were having with the previous dark theme plus it has some cool features that react to the time of the day you're browsing the site. I've done my best to squash the bugs I could but if you come across any bugs please report them in the Problems forum. P.S. the dark theme shows our new logo.
  3. Hello! As some of you may have noticed some of the images posted on the site have become broken and were not displaying images correctly. This is due to a recent change that was not properly completed on my end. To explain this I need to explain how a certain feature on the site works. Since last year we've been using SSL and HTTPS to secure the site and your information, this brought up a unique problem. if an image was loaded not over HTTPS but rather HTTP it would cause the page to become "unsecure" even though the page was fully secured. The forum software that we use allows us to download any image that you post to the server, even if it's just a link, and serve it over HTTPS allowing the connection to continue to be secure and not throw any errors. To serve this data it needs some inputs from the server to check itself and make sure everything is okay. Now, two days ago, due to the popularity of the site and higher traffic numbers I moved the database (this is what stores all the text information) to a separate server, in doing this those inputs of information were changed and thus the server saw something went wrong breaking how the images were served. In consulting some support documentation I found that we needed to copy over some server keys to the new database, which has already been completed and fixed almost all of the images. In trying to do something better for the forum I inadvertently broke something, and for that I apologize for your degraded experience. Like I said, the problem has already been resolved, however if you posted any images in the last 48 hours from when this post has been made then those images are now broken and they'll have to be reposted. Once again I'm sorry for the trouble and hopefully everything is now fixed and working properly as it should be, if you find anything else broken please feel free to report it.
  4. CMiller

    Recent Behind The Scenes Updates

    I have been very busy with some behind the scenes updates to help make the browsing of the forum even better, For those of you not tech savvy: TL;DR - I made everything faster. But for some of you who want to know what I've been doing lately, it has been a lot. First, the IRC servers are now all online and working correctly, there are four servers placed around the world to give you the best connection based on where you are in the world, the system behind the scenes picks the best server to connect to via geolocation of your IP and connects you to that one. We are using a new IRC daemon and a new IRC services daemon that is a bit more modern and is a little bit more active in its development meaning continued work on it. I've moved the web chat over to a self-hosted option, this gives more flexibility plus the added protection of controlling the encryption of the protocol through our own servers for more security. I am to customize the layout of the chat in the future but for now it's just the default setup until I learn more about Node.js. But for all the users I have made some critical updates to the website to make loading much more faster. To start this one off I have enabled server-side caching of content meaning the server won't have to go to the database and generate a web page every time you go to it, this saves considerably on access to the database making it run faster. Additionally I have implemented the CDN that I've been wanting to do for the longest time, while our Patreon goal hasn't hit the benchmark to make it self-sustaining I decided to roll out the feature now and already the server is loving the performance boost it is getting. This works as a direct benefit to you, just like the IRC the images of the website are grabbed and sent out around the world to a high speed server closest to you, so next time you need to access an image or large static file from the website you'll be loading it from a server much closer to you, allowing for better download speed to you and reduced page loading time. It's a win win! I'm sure I probably forgot something else, right now I'm still in the middle of finding replacement plugins from when we upgraded the forum, I have a backlog of 5 right now that I want to test and that will be coming later this week. Thanks again to everyone, especially everyone who has donated and supported on Patreon.
  5. CMiller

    news Post Forum Upgrade Update

    Thank you to everyone who has supported the site! We're still settling into the forum and finding workarounds for services we once offered and are not available on the current forum version. So what is new with the forum? -- We're using IP.Board 4 -- I upgraded our SSL certificate -- Added a new dark design (selector at the bottom of the page) -- Changed to a more secure encrypted database -- All around hardened our web server to prevent intrusions -- Reworked the PayPal donation to go through the site to automatically give you your donator tag (payment is still proceed through PayPal) -- Using a new shoutbox plugin There are still things that need to be fixed and upgraded, such as IRC chat authentication. These will be fixed in time but I don't have as much time to work on the site at the current moment, however you can still access the entire site and the chat. As always thanks to all the Patreon supporters and the donors who help keep the site alive and running. You guys are the best!
  6. CMiller


    Happy New Year! It has been an amazing year, we saw amazing growth, had to move servers, and gained a few more moderators and admins to help us around the place. With over 76.000 posts there's days of content to read and enjoy around the forum. And I'd like to thank everyone of you for contributing or just being apart of the forum.With the addition of our Pateron campaign you've helped us secure hosting for our server month after month and provide a fast experience to each and every one of you. In the next coming weeks I'm going to be testing an upgrade to the forum software to bring in more features and improve the forum software as a whole. Depending on any bugs and features that may become broken this process may take awhile and require a day of downtime when the upgrade finally happens. As always we look forward to your feedback and suggestion to help make the community greater so don't be afraid to share them. Here's to another great year!
  7. CMiller

    news Fake Pateron Scam

    Some of you who support us on Patreon may have gotten an email that looks like the one below. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FAKE AND A SCAM. I have included the official Patreon response below, but in short please be advised that at no time were your financial or other sensitive information at risk, According to Patreon please report the email as spam from your email provider and do not respond to the email. It is a ploy to extort money out of you. As always thank you to everyone who supports the website through Patreon or by donations. If you have any additional questions regarding your Patreon information you can direct them to Patreon Support.
  8. CMiller

    news [UPDATED] Network Outage

    Now that the issue is resolved I'll explain what happened yesterday. Early morning there was a cut of the fiber optic lines (more than 30 of them), from the datacenter where our server is located at to the main network hub where all the internet traffic is passed through. This is extremely rare, if not the only case where 30 fiber optic lines were just cut. In response the entire network traffic from our server, as well as every other server in our datacenter, went down. This meant that all traffic was unreachable. While the network engineers were trying to figure out where the cut was and repair it, some emergency connections were made in an effort to get traffic moving again. But instead of 30 lines carrying the traffic there were just 3. This saturated the lines fully and caused some bottlenecks as they attempted to repair the larger lines. This was the reason that the website was so slow, in addition some of the peer exchanges that were held with our datacenter and other major internet providers were taken offline to prevent overflow of data, this added to the slowdown. While most of the lines are repaired now and service is pretty much back in order, this was a problem held solely in the datacenter that we use and not in the server itself. While the server could not see the internet, everything on the server was running just fine. I'd like to apologize about the break in service, it was out of our hands and took down many other sites and services who used the company we host our server at. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  9. CMiller

    news Welcome our new Senior Administrators

    Please help me welcome our two Senior Administrators GrowingMuscleNerd and Scriptboy. Along with their normal duties they are not in charge of the administration staff and will handle any adding of new moderators and any volunteer personnel issues. They are here to add to the command structure so that we have adequate room to grow as the forum does. While I will oversee all of their operations and check off on any major changes they will be the primary point of contact for daily issues of members or volunteer staff. So please give them a warm welcome!
  10. CMiller

    news Post-Maintenance Update 9/8/2015

    After an almost 3 hour downtime this evening we have fixed a lot of the major bugs that have been plaguing the system. Along with the regular updates to the forum software we've also fixed profile photo uploads! You may now use the profile photo uploading in your profile to upload a new photo. Along with that there have been some slight code changes that should make the website loading even faster! With those changes we're also proud to announce that we're now hosting the 2007 archive of the forums with a lot of the great stories that you may have loved. Please note that this is just a direct upload of the already available 2007 archive and does not have any advanced search or interactive features. You can visit it now by going to As always I want to thank all of the Patrons and all those who have donated to help keep the site running and covering our monthly costs for servers and bandwidth to keep the site alive. In the process of fixing old bugs, some new bugs may appear. If you run into any bugs with the website please feel free to tell us in the 'Problems & Suggestions' forum so that we may fix them. Thank you all for keeping this place rockin'!
  11. CMiller

    news New Theme Updates

    Today a new default theme was introduced to bring it up to a more modern state an get ready to a major update in the coming weeks. As the new theme had to cache over all the users you may find yourself using this new theme rather than our other 'dark' theme. Rest assure that if you like the dark theme you can scroll all the way to the bottom of any page and click on "Change Theme" and go right back to using the dark theme. Or if you're on mobile you can change between our dark and light themes. We've already squashed most of the bugs but if you find anymore be sure to create a new thread in the problems forum to help us out. P.S. I'm currently testing out a new feature for the site to help people with specific interests.
  12. CMiller

    news TEMP FIX: Uploading profile photos

    There is an issue with the uploading of profile photos. For right now one of the two ways around this is to upload the photo somewhere and then use the "Import Photo URL" option when changing your photo or upload the photo to a gallery, which you can even do a private gallery and under the options for the photo there's a place to set it as your profile photo. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we're working hard to fix it. There will probably need to be some scheduled downtime to fix it, which will be scheduled later.
  13. This news announcement will generally not affect any of the registered users. After talking it over with some of the admins we've decided to make some of this site public. Allowing guests to browse some select sections without being required to register or login. These sections include the introductions, general discussions. Stories (not including finding RP section). bodybuilding, and off topic. Guests will ONLY be able to view these sections and will not have the ability to "Like" or reply to content. To do that they must then register. This will make the forum more discoverable and could encourage more people of like-mindedness find this site. There will be one drawback for those who are guests, we will display simple advertisements around the forum. These will be powered by Google Adsense which is a trusted name in advertising and won't offer up any malware laden ads. To be clear, only those who are not logged in will see ads, this will compensate for the increased bandwidth that we'll now have to serve and pay for. As soon as you register and login however all advertisements will disappear completely. So for the existing members of this forum, nothing will change for you. We hope that these new changes will increase membership and bring more active and quality members here. UPDATE: Profiles are not publically viewable.
  14. Scriptboy

    news Forum Posting Stats

    For the (historical) record, I queried the members listing and sorted the listing by the number of posters greater than 500. Obviously this number will increase dramatically over time as members post more articles and individual totals for postings and Likes increase. The top posters and number of likes have been recorded and sorted in descending order with the following results. This analysis was done on April 6, 2015. Top number of posts: ravenweremuscle (4230) arpeejay (1106) Scriptboy (972) Dentistclark (901) ThickRick (831) maxgrow11 (815) anpuza (804) makurra (790) Suma (725) gymini29 (684) hardtrainer01 (537). Top number of likes received: ravenweremuscle (5375) hardtrainer01 (5371) gymini29 (1901) Dentistclark (1764) makurra (1709) arpeejay (1670) ThickRick (1117) Suma (991) Scriptboy (737) anpuza (672) maxgrow11 (438).
  15. I recommend that everyone reads this in its entirety as some processes have changed and some information may be different. Website Changes One of the biggest changes is the new use of HTTPS connection sitewide by default. You'll notice that you are now browsing the website with HTTPS (as depicted by https:// in the URL bar). What does this mean for you? It means that your session between you and our server is encrypted and the information cannot be intercepted and logged. This is the biggest feature improvement as it makes web browsing in general safer. Secondly you'll notice that the website is now loading much faster, this is due to the now dedicated server that we are using. We now don't have to share resources with others, we have our own dedicated resources that we don't have to share meaning a faster overall response time to you. During the server move we also took the time to make some minor updates to the forum software to patch some vulnerabilities to keep the website safe. Upcoming shortly we will start testing the next generation of the forum software from IP.Board, this will be a voluntary basis that will test out the new forum software for an upcoming move to the new forum software. More information will be available in another post later on. Web Chat Changes As a lot of you know, we have a live chatting function available on the site. During the server move we took the time to give it a major overhaul and improve a lot of the components to give you a better experience. First and foremost we are using a brand new IRC server and services software. The major advantages to this is that it gives us better control over the software but also gives us a unified login method. To authenticate with the chat it now uses your forum username and password. For example, when you join you new use the following method to authenticate "/ns id <forum username> <forum password>". This will let you login and be a registered member in the IRC chat. If you are unfamiliar with IRC, it's a very old technology but very reliable and customizable. Googling around you'll be able to find common IRC commands and IRC desktop software if you don't want to use the webchat. That brings us to the webchat, I have sourced a new webchat software that looks better and works much better than what we were using before. When you load up the webchat you'll be prompted to select a username and optionally a password. I would strongly recommend that you use your forum username and your forum password. Inputing this will automatically authenticate you with the server. If you are unsure if you are authenticated, the easiest way to see if you are is to look in one of the official channels (#lounge, #bodybuilding, #roleplaying) and you will have a "+" by your name. If you don't, that means you are not authenticated and you can use the above method to authenticate. Behind the scenes I will be working to add a UK based server to help those who browse in Europe to have a better connection. And if the demand is there I will also be adding a server based in Asia and Australia for those who live in those areas. Conclusion In conclusion there are a lot of small changes that I've done to help with the smooth operation of the website. I'm always looking to improve what I can for you all. If you have any suggestions please feel free to post in the suggestion forum. If you are having any issues feel free to PM me or post in the help forum so that I can fix any issues that may still be lingering around the website.
  16. This upcoming Friday the server will be going down for a scheduled maintenance. During this time the server will be unavailable for up to 2 hours. When the server does come back it may take an additional 2 hours for extra services like the IRC chat to also be brought back up. This maintenance is to install critical security updates to the server. During this maintenance window we will also take the time to prepare for a server migration towards the end of this month. The main server maintenance window will be: 2015-03-06 at 08:00PM - 10:00PM PST The additional services maintenance window will be: 2015-03-06 at 10:00PM - 11:59PM PST Thank you for your understanding and have a good day.
  17. CMiller

    news General Guidelines updated

    I've updated the general guidelines to reflect a rule based on our new shoutbox. It is your responsibility to follow these rules. The new rule: The full guidelines can be found here:
  18. You may have noticed that we had a little hiccup two weeks ago regarding the responsiveness and uptime of the server. We are currently on an entry level virtual server that is meant for viewers half of what we get a month. Since then I had to get consulting on how we can expand. We have two options, both are more expensive and something that I can't support by myself. We can either choose to get a dedicated server costing about $120 a month or expand our VPS and expect to expand again 12 months down the road, that would cost about $80 a month. To help raise funds I've introduced a monthly contribution option called Pateron. This service allows you to pledge a monthly contribution plus allows me to offer you some rewards for your contribution. If you have any questions you may ask them below, or PM me. If you'd like to make that contribution please click on the image below:
  19. Scriptboy

    news BBCode App Beta

    Guys, I have been working on a newer, more robust version of my BBCode app in C# .NET for Windows 7 or 8. If anybody wants to Beta test it and get the setup for it, please send me a message. The app is free of charge! You can use the BBCode tags on the Evolution Forum and on most other bulletin boards to format your posts with colors and images! Check it out!
  20. I have noticed that a good chunk of you are replying to emails that you get in regards to getting a PM notification from this website. Please take notice that if you reply to these emails that you get the person who PMed you will not get the reply. This forum is not setup so that if you reply to emails they will respond to the correct person. This is a limitation of the forum software being used. If you would like to reply to that person, you need to visit your inbox or click on the link inside of the email that you get. Please stop replying to PM notification emails that you get, they will not go to the right person. This may be a feature in an upcoming update.
  21. It's no doubt that if you're a member of this forum you like muscle in some form or another. The primary purpose of this forum is to help facilitate this and provide a place to come and share. Recently I've seen some great posts on this forum, some of which don't feature any male-on-male action. Some members have started getting harassed because their content may feature a female. I want to make it very clear that the Evolution Forum is accepting of all combinations of stories and posts, some of which may not include any male-on-male action. For some, this is the only place that they can come, express their feelings, and have a good time. === Before you go too far, know that posts such as those I describe will most likely take up only a small fraction of the content posted here, and if it does become more popular than more forum areas may be created. And for most people this isn't a very big deal, this post is mostly to address the more boisterous members of this forum. Additionally, since day one there has been a tagging system in place that allows authors to allude what is in their stories before you click through to them. If you need help on deciphering this tagging system there is a helpful guide. === I do not want anyone to feel harassed here. If I, or the moderating staff, sees anyone harassing another member because of their post then corrective actions will be taken. The Evolution Forum is here to encourage, share, and facilitate conversations. The Evolution Forum is not here to limit someone who still like what we like but prefers a different gender.
  22. There has been a demand for a dark theme on this site. While I like our current theme I have made an optional dark theme available for both mobile and desktop users. To change to the dark theme, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on "Change Theme" out of the options available to you, click "IP.Board Dark" and you'll instantly be loaded into the new theme. I cannot guarantee that everything will be compatible, but for the most part everything should work okay. I will not fully support the dark theme if anything breaks but I will occasionally made sure that major parts of this website work properly with it.
  23. I've created a new way to browse all of the old stories that were apart of the old forum. You can now visit and browse a static version of the old forum before it closed down. We are also proud to host the old 2007 archive stories which can be found here: Please keep in mind that every page is a static HTML page, thus any of the forum functions don't work. It is meant to be another way to access the old stories and forum threads to keep an archive.
  24. CMiller

    news Thank You

    As i sit here and watch what's happened to this forum I just want to say thank you to all of you. Not only for the overwhelming support but all of you who have a passion and keep this forum alive. My initial thoughts when I started the replacement forum was that I'd probably see a couple hundred members join, but now we are sitting at more than 5000 of you, a majority of which are active and supporting this community. We also just passed 14,000 posts which is beyond my wildest dreams in only a few short months. The support and activity of this forum is something I'm very happy to see and hope that we can keep this going. So I'd just like to say thank you to all of you who are members.
  25. BE SURE TO VOTE IN THE POLL Some members have expressed to me that they would like to see some sort of verification program for those members who want to show other members that their profiles are real. While I support those who want to stay anonymous on the forum or those who want to have fantasy profiles, some members have been concerned that people will impersonate others. If we were to implement a verification program it would basically involve you taking a picture with your forum username and the days date with your body in the picture. It would also be a requirement that your profile picture is of you. Verified users would get a badge that would appear on their profile pages and posts showing that they are a verified user so that other members know. If there is more support for this system the rules would be expanded upon and an area would be created to submit verification submissions.