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  1. Like many of you, I'm social distancing, and had a little time to write. This Coronavirus pandemic inspired me to write a series of short stories, each with muscle-obsessed characters having a little fun (or maybe not, in the case of one), while the pandemic rages in the larger world around them. There are 5 stories that all take place in the same un-named New York neighborhood. Growth: Scott and James are two friends, bored out of their minds while in isolation. When they decide to workout to pass the time, James reveals a new supplement that promises miraculous results. Sex: Seamus is Gay and obsessed with his huge alpha-male friend, Jamie. The only problem: Jamie is straight. But luckily for Seamus, Jamie's girlfriend, Carmen, has a surprise request for both of them. Theft: Nick is young, buff, and hot. His life couldn't get any better. But it could get worst. Does the sexy MILF, Grace, want to fuck him or does she want something else. Strength: Nathan is a skinny, lazy teen, stuck at home with his annoying kid sister. Suddenly, life get's interesting when he sees the size of his neighbor's two friends, and the things they can do. Domination: Little Wayne is a slave to his demanding 330-lb boyfriend, Connor, whom he calls master. Master wants to have some fun! Read all the stories or only the one that piques your interest the choice is yours. These are: "Corona Tales" Growth “What the fuck are we gonna do, Scott?” James said. “Nothing’s open except the grocery store and they’re pretty much empty.” “We have Netflix,” I said. James let out a grunt of disapproval. “This is a boredom not even Netflix can solve. I can’t believe we have 2 weeks of this shit. No movie theaters. No clubs. No parades, concerts, restaurants!” He grabbed his hair and pulled dramatically, letting his head fall back onto the couch cushion. I shook my head and smiled sympathetically. The governor had shut down the state due to a viral pandemic that was sweeping the globe. With 20,000 reported cases and 1500 deaths in New York alone it was too little too late, but oh well. Honestly, I didn’t mind being shut in. I was a homebody anyway. My roommate, James, however had to be out doing something. He liked to be around people. I just liked being around him. To put it plainly: James was hot, a total package. While my looks were average, he was an 11 out of 10. It was really no wonder that he enjoyed being around people. Wherever he went he was the center of attention, like a great celestial body pulling everything around him into his gravitational field. James had dark hair, ‘styled’ messy and olive skin that belied his Mediterranean roots. His jaw was square and peppered with a five-o clock shadow and his eyes were honey brown. And don’t get me started on his body, a sight I was blessed to see on several occasions. He liked to work out. and it showed in how he filled out a shirt, bulging in all the right places. I worked out as well so I looked fit, but James had the genetics of a top-level physique competitor. He’d rival any pro if only he were bigger. Now that was a thought. If only he were bigger. My eyes wondered over his body as he sat their staring blankly at the TV. If only he were bigger… Let me stop and tell you I’m not gay. You may think I am, with the way I’m obsessing over James right now, but trust me I’m bisexual. I actually lean towards woman more often than not, but James could make even a straight man question himself. “Hello. Earth to Scott. What are you staring at?” James asked. I blinked. I was imagining you growing, every muscle on you swelling with size and power until your clothes couldn’t take it anymore and they burst at the seams. Your swelling form set free from the prison of those confining threads to expand ever outward with lean, hard, striated, veiny muscle. Your body growing so large it would never ever again be contained by clothes, not only because no clothes would fit you, but because it would be a disservice to mankind to cover you god-like magnificence with clothing ever again. “Nothing dude. I just spaced out for a minute,” I said. Then I had an idea. The apartment had a gym in the basement. It was pretty well stocked, for an apartment gym, and always empty. Maybe I could get him to develop a pump and that would satisfy my desire to see him grow. My cock grew stiff at the thought. “I know what we can do.” I said, smiling. “Let’s go down to the gym and do a full body workout.” James stared at me, tilting his beautiful head, obviously considering it deeply. He shrugged his shoulders and said “Fuck it. It’s better than sitting around doing nothing.” “Great!” “There’s a new supplement I just got that I’ve been meaning to try anyway,” James said. “New supplement?” I raised my eyebrows. “Yeah,” He pushed himself up and darted into his room. He returned with a small grey container in hand, and passed it to me. “Superpump,” I read aloud. The rest of it was in a foreign language. “What language is this.” “Not really sure. Maybe Russian or some other language in that family. I think it’s Russian, though, because it was that huge ass Russian guy at our gym that told me about it one day. You know who I’m talking about?” I nodded, my eyes still fixed on the container. There was a picture of a grotesquely sexy muscle man on the label, who had to be photoshopped because h looked bigger than Greg Golias. “The dude said this stuff works like magic. One scoop in a shake before working out and you’ll be amazed. Those were his exact words. You’ll be amazed. I whipped my phone out and ordered right on the spot.” “Cool.” I nodded. “Let’s see if it works.” The Russian guy James was talking about was the largest man I had ever seen outside of the Olympia. His arms had to be over 25 inches. And the dude seemed to grow consistently all year without ever putting on fat. We changed into out workout clothes: tanks, sweatpants, and sneakers. James mixed up a protein shake and added one heaping scoop of the Superpump. He poured a little into a glass for me, but he drank the lion’s share of it straight from the blender. The stuff didn’t taste bad. “Ready to get pumped!” I exclaimed, psyching him up. “Fuck yeah!” He slapped his hands down on my shoulders. “Let’s go!” We grabbed a couple of water bottles and James did a most muscular pose before we headed out the door. The second he turned around I adjusted my swelling cock. This was going to be an awkward workout. It’s so difficult to hide a hardon in sweats. We found the gym empty, as expected. After a quick stretch and a warmup with light weights, we got straight to work. James grabbed two 60 lb. dumb-bells, sat on a weight bench and began pumping out rep after rep of shoulder presses. I was doing standing curls with 40 lbs. in each hand, while stealing glances at James. The cords of muscle in his arms rippled beneath the skin, contracting with each rep. His arms were a thing of beauty. Each muscle group was clearly defined, from the upside-down teardrops that formed his delts, to the croissant-like triceps. He let out guttural grunts on his final reps as he strained to finish his set. I always loved how hard he pushed himself when working out. “Yah!” He called out in pain and satisfaction as his arms fell to his sides and he dropped the weights to the mat. He leaned forward, shoulders pumped and glistening with sebum and sweat. I put my dumb-bells back on the rack, and felt the telltale tightness of a pump in my own arms. “Feels good doesn’t it?” James asked, between breaths. “What?” “Getting a pump.” “Yeah, man. It does.” I flexed my biceps, knowing that he would do the same. James bought his arms up into a double bicep pose, forming two perfect peaks wrapped in a near symmetrical network of blue veins. He was so symmetrical it was like an artist had painted half of him and while the paint was still wet, folded the paper in two, to form the other half. “I don’t know why you don’t compete,” I said. “I’m not big enough for that.” I impulsively reached out and squeezed his bicep. A quick, playful squeeze between bros. Just long enough to feel it hardness in my hand. “You’re big enough for a local show,” I said. Though I agree, you should be bigger. “I’ll think about it.” He grinned. “Who knows, if this Superpump works as good as the Russian says I might just do it.” We continued our workout, moving from exercise to exercising with no real order, just having fun and passing time. Throughout the workout James’ pump went from the normal to the insane. Every muscle was swollen. I had developed a pump as well, but nothing like what I was witnessing on James. I was doing lateral raises while James was laying on the bench doing dumb-bell presses with 100 lbs. in each hand. As I watched the mounds of meat that were his pecs contract It seemed the cleavage between them was growing deeper with each rep. The slabs of muscle widened as well, right before my eyes, pushing his nipples out from behind the straps of his tank. Impossible. This was no ordinary pump. Looking down at my own body, I could see changes as well. I looked a little bigger here and there, but James was flat out inflating. He seemed oblivious to it. It had to be the Superpump. James had taken more of it than I did, so he was getting a greater effect. Combine that with his superior muscle building genetics and… James let the weight fall and sat up on the bench. “God! This fucking pump is unbelievable! And I feel like I could lift all night!” My cock sprung to attention. It was the fasted boner I had ever had, going from flaccid to turgid in the time it took James to utter his sentence. I quickly adjusted it, hoping he hadn’t seen the pitched tent in my sweats. “You know, I’m not sure that’s a normal pump.” “What do you mean?” James looked at me expectantly. “I think that Superpump is making you physically grow.” “Get the fuck outta here.” He laughed. “You can’t physically grow more mass by a noticeable amount in less than an hour. There’s laws of physics and shit.” “Didn’t the Russian say it worked like magic?” “Figure of speech,” James said, dismissively. “How much did you weigh this morning?” “190.” He said. “There’s a scale over there. Weigh yourself.” He stared blankly at me, then shook his head. “Ok, just to prove you wrong.” He rose, and I could see his cobra back was pushing his arms away from his side. He stepped on the scale and his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. “210!” “210!” I repeated. “A full 20 pounds more.” “No way!” He hopped off the scale and began looking himself over in the mirror, flexing, poking, and rubbing. Then he peeled off his sweat soaked tank, revealing the divine sight of his brick-like abs. “Fuuck!” I said aloud. My hardon was painful, stretched to its limits, rising above my waistband onto my stomach. “Fuck is right, dude. The Russian said that stuff was like magic and he wasn’t lying. This is incredible.” James was clearly infatuated with his own body. He nipples had swollen, looking like hard little pacifiers, pushed downward by the bulk of his pecs. A bulge was growing in his sweats, snaking down his left thigh, thick as a toilet paper tube. God! Everything about him was perfect! Then a though struck me. “James, It’s obviously the working out that’s activating the Superpump. So how about we keep going and see just how big you can get?” “I like the way you think, man.” And so, James continued lifting, more and more reps with more and more weights, until he had maxed out every machine and lifted the heaviest dumb-bells. Several times I caught myself absentmindedly stroking my raging hardon through my sweats, but James was so focused on his own growth that he never seemed to notice. After an hour of intense pumping James’ body was nearly unrecognizable. Just mounds upon mounds of striated veiny muscle fighting for space on his frame. His legs had grown so large his sweats now looked like legging stretched tight across his shelf-like glutes and quads like loafs of bread pressed together. The growth had stopped and I suggested he weigh himself. He was all too eager. He swaggered over to the scale and stepped on it. 260 lbs. of solid beef. I nearly fainted. James began flexing, smiling widely as I looked him over. The finest specimen of a man I had ever laid eyes upon. “Well come on dude and have a feel,” James said. “And not like you grabbed my bicep before. Really feel me up. I know you want to.” “Whaa?” I temporarily lost the ability to speak. “I’ve got two working eyes you know. You’ve been eyeing my muscles, practically salivating, for the longest time, even before we got down here. And that hardon! Dude, you know if they last this long your supposed to call a doctor.” He laughed. I blushed. “Are you asking me to worship your muscles?” “It’s what you want isn’t it?” Jason grabbed his sweats and with one quick yank pulled them off revealing his stunning legs. He tossed the torn fabric aside. “It’s alright.” I placed a hand on each pec. He bounced them. The vibration of those thick slabs of meat was enough to send waves of pleasure through me. The size. The power. It was all so much and it was all in my grasp. My fantasy had come to life by way of some magic. As the world outside descended into chaos my world in here was perfect. My hands wandered to the mounds of his shoulders and squeezed the hard muscle. “I’m so fucking horny,” James said. “Suck my nipples.” I did, taking his tender nipples into my mouth, tasting his salty skin, caressing his pecs with my tongue. He moaned in pleasure. His strong arms enveloped me. “We’ve got two weeks of quarantine,” James said. “Just you and me and the rest of that container of Superpump. I think I finally know what we’re gonna be doing.”
  2. If you haven't read Chapters 1 through 15 - here are links: Chapter 1-7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1689-the-symbiote-war/ Chapter 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4428-the-symbiote-war-chapter-8/ Chapters 9-10: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5517-the-symbiote-war-chps-9-10-and-eventually-the-rest/ Chapter 11 is on page 3 of the previous thread. Chapter 12 is on page 4 of the previous thread. Chapter 13 is on page 5 of the previous thread. Chapter 14: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15351-the-symbiote-war-chapter-14/ Chapter 15: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/19698-the-symbiote-war-chapter-15/ Chapter 16: Sunday Evening – What have I done? The walk back to Mark’s place was quiet. Mark seemed lost in thought. I felt as if my poor brain was short-circuiting. What does all this mean? What will this growth do to Mark? To our relationship? Will he be the same person? Am I the same person? I can’t keep my eyes off Mark – or more specifically, his new muscles. With this new growth, he’s now just a bit taller than me – but not enough to really make his pants look short. But it’s his muscles that are stealing the show. His shirt now clings tight across his pecs, and the neckline can’t hide the flared mounds of his traps. The sleeves are stretched tight around his bulging arms – which highlights the swell of his delts. I can see the muscles in his arms flexing as they gently swing with every step. But my gaze keeps returning to his pants – his muscle growth is really impressive down there. His pants cling to his well-developed quads and are now stretched tight across the shelf of his sexy booty; so tight that the pants sort of ride up and cinch under his butt – making the front pockets flare out like two elephant ears. Speaking of elephant… I can clearly see the massive outline of his erection pointing toward his hip – almost sticking out of his pocket at the waistline. It bobs up and down with each step he takes. Damn he’s hot! We arrive back at Mark’s apartment; he misses getting the key in the keyhole. “Hmm… The keyhole is a bit lower than usual.” He ushers me in and closes the door behind us. For a moment, we just stand there in silence staring into each other’s eyes. Finally, Mark lets out a sigh. “You must be a ball of emotions.” “Read me like a book, you have.” My tired attempt to channel some Yoda to lighten the mood. He smiles. “Like an open book, you are.” His ability to be nerdy is one of his many adorable qualities. But his genuinely warm, charming smile steals the show. And to have all that bound up in this tight package of muscles is just kryptonite for my heart. “It’s been a day.” Not knowing how else to sum up today’s turn of events. “How are you feeling?” He sort of spreads out his arms and looks down at his body. “This will take a bit of getting used to. But I can’t lie, I feel amazing. My body feels hard, dense. And I’m horny – like really horny – my cock feels like it’s going to bust out of my pants. Did Shawn mention anything about feeling this horny?” “Well… Shawn would typically cum after each round of growth. So maybe that’s the answer to your question. And we were focused on getting out of my dorm – so you haven’t had that opportunity.” Mark pulls his shirt off – revealing an impressive, dense-looking six pack of abdominals – tight and hard. He previously had sort of a lean, slightly muscle-y frame, but now any fat has disappeared, replaced by hard muscles vacuum-sealed under a thin layer of skin highlighting the dense cables of each muscle fibre. He runs his hands over his abs, and up to his pecs, giving them a squeeze. “Well, if he has a fetish for muscles, then this sort of growth would be quite a turn on.” “Yes, quite a turn on.” I say almost hypnotically – watching the muscle fibers in his shoulders dance as he feels up his body. “This feels a bit unfair. You’ve been working so hard in the gym to earn your hot muscles, and I’ve gotten these without any work. And I believe I may now be a bit buffer than you – no offense – you’re still a sexy muscle-stud.” “No apologies. You rescued me. And… This is so…hot.” I can’t resist. I reach out and cup his pec, giving it a bit of a squeeze. My thumb slides into the cleft between his pecs – I can feel the individual muscle fibres as they undulate beneath the skin. His skin is quite warm, and his muscles are hard – there’s no visible fat, so no cushion to soften those dense muscles. “Mmm…” I let out a soft moan. Once again, my hardon is straining in my pants. “Corr. You’re killing me here.” Mark reaches down and unbuckles his belt. I can see his erection – straining to poke out of the pocket at his hip. He undoes his button and unzips. In order to get his pants down, he has to push his boner in toward his hip – and with some stretching, he’s able to get his pants down past his impressive obstacle. He shucks his pants and stands straight up – he only has on a small pair of sexy red briefs – which are completely defeated by his massive hardon. He’s so rampantly erect that it’s pulling his waistband away from his hip – and I can clearly see a girthy piece of meat that’s almost as thick as my wrist – and long enough to poke past his hip. Previously, I had only caught a brief glimpse of his flaccid cock – which was still a good size. And I had certainly felt his boner through his pants – so I knew that he was carrying an impressive tool. But now… Mark reaches down and gives his boner a squeeze through his briefs. He lets out a low growl of pleasure. “…so horny…” Mark pulls his briefs down and releases his cock – the thick tree-trunk stands perfectly straight out from his body. “Oh fuck.” He’s perfect. “Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do.” He replies. He leans in for a kiss. I grab on to his hard delts and pull him in. He cups my ass with both hands and drives his tongue into my mouth. I run my hands across the mounds of muscle in his back and try to squeeze his firm glutes – they’re solid. His hard boner is sandwiched between us, I can feel it poking up into my abs – a very thick pipe that almost reaches up to my nipples. With tongues intertwined, we start making our way down the hall toward Mark’s bedroom. He pulls my shirt off over my head. And having his tongue out of my mouth gives me a moment to speak. “Mark. How is this going to work?” “Oh yeah… You have a point.” He picks up on my concern. “Perhaps a condom?” “That should work.” Mark leaps off to the bathroom while I strip off the rest of my clothes. He returns opening the wrapper and taking out the condom. He’s framed in the light from the hallway – the outline of a physique model who’s taken a liking to the gym. His glorious tree-trunk cock pointing directly forward is bobbing as he walks. I’m already at full erection, and my balls churn at the sight of the gorgeous hunk of man. “Let me get this on you.” Mark kneels down in front of me, grabbing the base of my dick. “You have such a beautiful cock.” And just before beginning to roll on the condom – he quickly rams my boner down his throat – providing a bit of lube for the condom. I can see a bit of moisture on his lips – was that pre-cum, or just saliva? If it was pre-cum, it likely wasn’t enough for any noticeable growth. Now that I’m covered, Mark stands up and we resume our tongue fencing. I used to be stronger than my nerdy boyfriend – but I would now agree with Mark’s assessment that he’s got the upper hand in the muscles department. He’s able to manhandle me down onto the bed – he’s on top and has me pinned – not that I’m trying to escape. My one hand is trying to make a dent in his ass, while my other hand is strumming across the ripples in his deltoid. Our two cocks are grinding against each other, fighting for space between our sandwiched bodies. I can feel the heat from Mark’s thick cock – and he’s leaking pre-cum – which is providing some lubrication as he’s grinding on top of me. Mark whispers, “I need to fuck you.” “With that giant piece of meat?” “I’ll go easy.” Like any good gay boy, Mark has a bottle of lube stashed beside the bed. He’s already got me on my back – he lifts my legs in the air and positions himself. He gently massages my hole with a lubed finger – teasing. My cock throbs and my balls churn with anticipation. He leans in for a lingering kiss, and then plants a trail of kisses down my neck and across my chest. His finger is gently massaging my prostate. My balls tighten up; my cock throbs. Mark removes his finger and directs the lubricated head of his cock toward my tight hole. I can feel the warmth and the moisture as he gently rubs his cockhead around my sphincter. He’s taking his time – my cock is throbbing in anticipation. Mark slowly begins to apply pressure, gently. He’s a pro at taking his time. His teasing is effective – my anxious anticipation is turning into eager desire – I want his cock deep in me. I feel the release as the thick cockhead fully enters. Mark pauses for a moment, leans forward and plants another string of kisses across my chest. I can feel him slowly rocking back and forth – applying just enough pressure to ease his massive cock in a little farther, and then backing away enough for me to feel the release. My cock is pulsing – I can feel every heartbeat in my raging erection. Mark continues to rock back-and-forth – his cock slowly driving deeper – I can feel the engorged head pushing its way farther up my ass. Finally, I can feel his firm balls nestled into my glutes. Mark takes a pause, leans forward and gives me a gentle kiss. Then he starts grinding – rocking back-and-forth – his cock pushing and pulling deep inside my ass. I am in ecstasy – my balls are clenched tight – my cock is on fire. He’s grinding my boner between our bodies. My hands are clamped tight on his glorious muscles – dense and hard to the touch. I can feel myself nearing climax. And I can also feel Mark nearing climax – as I can feel his thick cock swelling with the approaching orgasm. As he nears the edge, I can feel his muscles clench in anticipation – getting harder underneath my hands. This just excites me further – and then… Through my clenched teeth, “I’m gonna cum!” And I can feel the moisture flood my abs. Oh no! The condom has come off! It’s been dislodged with all that back-and-forth grinding. Mark hasn’t been swelling with an approaching orgasm – he’s been absorbing my pre-cum! And now I’ve just cum all over my abs! Mark is still lying on top of me – still eagerly fucking my ass. And now I can feel my cum drying up, being absorbed by Mark’s already gorgeous body. The first thing I notice is the surge of growth in his cock – the thick cockhead pushes a little deeper and the girthy shaft swells further. I can also feel Mark’s muscles growing – he’s becoming heavier. His pecs widen and push harder into my chest. I can feel his delts widening and thickening underneath my hands. And his eyes inch slightly up toward mine as he adds new height. He’s clearly stronger than me now – his thrusting is increasing in intensity. Impaled on his cock, I’m grinding on the bed as he’s fucking my ass. “Oh fuck yes!” (that’s me) “I’m gonna cum!” “Cum in my ass Mark!” I can feel his cock finally swell with the oncoming orgasm. The hard muscles of his body lock up – he freezes in place as his balls clench, his cock surges – and I can feel the intensity of his orgasm deep inside my ass – shot after intense shot. After the eternity of orgasm – Mark unfreezes. He collapses on top of me in exhaustion. His body is weighty – but even post-orgasm, his body is still densely-packed, hard muscle. He picks his head up and gives me a tender kiss. “You’re fucking amazing.” He has the more adorable post-sex puppy dog eyes and warm smile. “Thanks. You’re amazing too… And, if you don’t mind me saying… also rather heavy.” “Oops.” He lifts his torso up – and I can breathe freely. “Be gentle coming out.” Referring to his massive cock still stuck up my butt. “I’ll go slowly.” His cock was massive before, but now – even post orgasm – it is gigantic. Definitely as thick as my wrist – and hanging over a large set of balls, it is still hanging half-way down to his knees. The rest of him is just as impressive. Mark stands up beside the bed. His frame has filled out. He’s developed a gorgeous set of rounded delts that are corded with muscle fibres. And where the mounds of his delts come to a taper, out springs the mountains of his biceps and triceps – his biceps look as if he is smuggling a pair of softballs under his skin – and each one has a prominent vein. His pecs have become a bit of a shelf, pushing out over his abs. The ridges of his abdominals are now more prominent – and are clearly showing a solid eight-pack. His stance is now wider to accommodate the growth in his quads, which flare out from his tight hips to give him an impressive “X” shape. I stand up beside him – and I am now looking at least two inches up whereas before we were close to the same height. “I guess I’m going to have to get used to being the short one.” “If this happens every time we have sex, this could start to become a problem. How about we shower and get to bed – it’s been a long day. In the morning, we can discuss plans.” Although I really wanted an excuse to get my hands all over Mark’s muscles, we decided it would be safest to take turns in the shower. We curl up in bed. Due to Mark’s new size, it just makes sense for him to be the big spoon. He wraps an arm around me, and we curl up together. His muscles are firm, and I can feel the very sizeable lump of his cock nestled in the cleft of my ass. His breath is gently tickling my neck. This is heaven – and I am quickly asleep.
  3. Hello everyone! My apologies for the loooonnnngggg delay. Life has been busy - and this sort of writing is challenging. Much thanks to everyone for being so very kind and supportive. And very special thanks to Xyggurat for pushing (gently) and also for being the inspiration for this story in the first place - you really should read Xyggurat's "The Roommate" series. If you haven't ready Chapters 1 through 13 - here are links: Chapter 1-7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1689-the-symbiote-war/ Chapter 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4428-the-symbiote-war-chapter-8/ Chapters 9-10: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5517-the-symbiote-war-chps-9-10-and-eventually-the-rest/ Chapter 11 is on page 3 of the previous thread. Chapter 12 is on page 4 of the previous thread. Chapter 13 is on page 5 of the previous thread. And finally... Here is chapter 14. Chapter 14: Sunday – Caught! It’s Sunday morning and I’m leaving Mark’s apartment with all the feelz; the warm fuzzies from having spent the night cuddling with this hot boy, exuberance at this budding relationship, amazement from having met such a wonderful man, but then also trepidation of what’s waiting for me – not just with Shawn, but with my future. Will there ever be an end to this growth ability? Would I want this to end? Because it’s Sunday morning, I know Shawn will be in the gym. So I head back to our dorm room to shower and make plans for the day. As I open the door, the first thing that hits me is the air. It’s hot and musky-sweet smelling (more musky than sweet). That catches me off-guard and I hesitate with the door half opened. But then a meaty arm reaches through the opening, grabs my wrist, and before I can even gasp, pulls me in. “Hey Little Buddy! Where’ve you been?” Shawn’s body is radiating heat, his hand on my wrist is warm…and potentially crushing the bones in my wrist. I’m staring at his massive chest. He’s shirtless, his pecs look pumped and swollen – red and sweaty – and the striations are criss-crossed with veins. So fucking hot! I would totally be enjoying this if only the bones in my wrist would stop complaining. “Shawn, you’re breaking my wrist.” “Sorry buddy.” As he finishes pulling me into the room he lets go of my wrist as he closes the door. “I’m still getting used to being this strong.” He tosses out that line casually, as if it isn’t the weirdest, sexiest, freakiest, hottest fucking thing ever. “Shouldn’t you be in the gym on a Sunday morning?” “I spent the whole day there yesterday, when I wasn’t looking for you. Where have you been hiding?” I certainly don’t want to share my secret hiding spot, so I try to re-direct the conversation. “Why would you be looking for me? And again, shouldn’t you be in the gym?” Ok, admittedly that was not my best re-direction work. In my defense, I was caught off-guard by Shawn being in the room, and I’m having trouble concentrating with these slabs of delicious pec meat heaving in my face. “Yeah I’ve been waiting here for you to come back. I’ve been passing the time doing body-weight exercises, but they’re not really a challenge anymore. I’m waiting for you so that I can get back to the gym. I spent the whole day there yesterday – and after getting a boost from you Friday night and yesterday morning, it was a fucking amazing gym day. I blew through all my personal bests on every exercise. I can’t describe how much of a turn-on it is to be this strong and be able to throw around so much weight!” He doesn’t really have to try. Just listening to him talk about being so strong has me hard as a rock. I’m beginning to perceive a problem… “Shawn…” I try to start some sort of argument to try and extract myself from this situation. “I want another day like that. I want another day full of blowing through all my PB’s. And you’re going to help me with that.” My balls churn at the thought. “Shawn…” I swear I’m trying to come up with some sort of argument, but my brain is not helping me here – maybe because all my blood is somewhere else… In a bit of a surprise move, Shawn picks me up. He’s hugging me tight and carrying me over to the bed. Part of me is screaming. But my hands are clamped on his striated deltoids and I’m already grinding my boner into his chest. So obviously, part of me is revelling in this sexy beast. Shawn throws me down on my bed and immediately he’s on top of me – taking off my clothes. Not only am I not trying to resist, I’m actually helping to get my clothes off. Shawn kicks off his shorts, freeing his cock to swing like a pendulum – a big, thick pendulum that I want to put in my mouth. He’s holding himself over me with one arm and caressing my boner with a big meaty hand. I am already leaking. My hands are everywhere; trying to dent his biceps, exploring the crevasse between his pecs, reaching down to grab hold of his muscle-y bubble-butt, and stroking his hot cock. He lowers himself down onto me, his hot pecs pressing firmly into mine. And I can feel our cocks grinding together between our abs – and I can tell that his is bigger, harder, and hotter than mine. It’s all too much, my balls churn and I’m over the edge. I can feel the cum rocketing from my cock – slicking up the space between our bodies – our abs and cocks now gliding smoothly from the lubrication. I’m locked in orgasm, but Shawn is still thrusting on top of me. I can feel his growth – his pecs are pushing into mine, his body widens and lengthens, his hard cock takes up more space between us, pushing harder into my abs and crawling farther up my chest. And as this is happening, I can feel the lubrication disappearing as my cum is soaked up into his body – until we’re left dry humping again. “Oh fuck yeah!” Shawn breathes. “Corrigan, you are amazing.” He pushes himself up a bit and so I get a better look at his body. His arms look like pillars of marble. The striations of muscle in his shoulders ripple as they fight for space under his skin. His pecs are larger than they were before, and from this angle, I get a glorious view of his bulging abs and obliques – at least what’s not being obscured by his cock. His cock is sticking up between us and it’s beyond belief – thick and meaty and wrapped in veins. I’m drooling. Shawn can see the lust in my eyes, and responds with a cute smile and a gleam in his eye. “One more dose before the gym.” “But I just came!” “I’ve got that covered.” “You’ve what?!” “Drink this.” And before I can even register a stunned expression, Shawn has plastic juice bottle up to my lips. I’m instantly reaching up to get this out of my face, but Shawn easily holds my hands at bay. “Drink this nicely, this doesn’t have to get unpleasant.” There’s no contest – I can’t even fight my way past one of his arms. I drink. “What was that?” “It turns out that one of the advantages of being a muscle stud is that people will do anything for a feel. I caught a pharmacist lusting after me in the gym yesterday. He was more than happy to help me out, and I convinced him to get me a little something. I don’t think this drug is actually on the legal market, but it’s supposed to be quite effective – a little something to help me get a second dose without having to wait for your refractory period to end.” I can feel myself getting flushed. Maybe it’s just embarrassment. Maybe it’s the drug. Maybe it’s just me being turned on by this muscle stud kneeling over me with his boner on my abs? And in less than a minute, I have my answer. I can feel the “flush” intensifying and centering on my cock – my boner feels as if it’s a beating heart. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard in my whole life. “What the hell did you give me?” “No idea. But clearly it’s working.” Shawn gives my boner a squeeze. A tiny drop of pre-cum forms on the tip. “You’re such a sexy little fucker.” “Ummm…. Thanks?” Shawn leans in and pops my boner in his mouth. His mouth is warm – my cock is on fire. He’s sucking hard – I can see the muscles in his neck flexing. I run my hands through his hair, over his muscular traps, and clamp on to the striations in his massive deltoids. “Unnnggg…” His vacuuming on my boner is so intense it’s both ecstasy and agony. I can feel his shoulders widening, the already hard muscles pushing against my hands. Shawn reaches up and cups my balls in his hand – gently kneading. It’s all too much – my climax is coming from somewhere deep inside me and I can feel it slowly building in intensity. It starts at the base of my penis, my balls clench up, my cock expands in anticipation. Shawn can feel that I’m about to cum, he clenches a little tighter on my balls and jams my cock deeper down his throat. And with that, it’s an explosion. I’ve never had such a climax, my cock felt like an out-of-control firehose. Shawn eagerly did his best to take it all. At the end I was completely spent, but even though my balls were drained, my cock was still throbbing as if it couldn’t help but continue to try and give up more. Shawn slowly pulls back, my still hard erection is now visible, it looks swollen. But I have no time for that, it’s Shawn that’s stealing the show. Standing up straight, I can see growth everywhere. His physical…presence is filling the room. His head is inching toward the ceiling, resting on top of a spectacular mountain of traps. His deltoid muscles stand out impressively, looking as if they are fighting for space with his chest. All of this is framed by the massive wide V of his back and the cobblestones of his obliques. Shawn’s quads are so wide that he’s standing in that bodybuilder stance where he has to have his legs slightly spread. And that cock! Shawn clearly has a semi, but it’s thick as my wrist, and even draped over his impressive balls it is slowly inching down closer to his knees. “It’s been a while. Let’s do this.” He throws a tape measure at me. I am unable to process all of this; it’s too much to take in. I am exhausted, and my mind is spinning so fast in so many directions that it’s standing still. I am in awe of Shawn’s body; this “god of muscle” is standing before me, and all I want to do is spend eternity worshiping. My formerly smaller roommate is now towering over me, and all I can see is hard, rippling muscle in every direction – and I am both turned on and frightened. Not necessarily frightened of Shawn, but frightened by how much I want to give him more growth. What have I become? Fortunately, Shawn is oblivious to my whirlwind of thoughts. “Let’s start with height. The world feels different from up here.” I pull on my underwear before we get going – but no time for anything more – Shawn is too eager. As I’m trying to unravel the tape measure, I realize that there’s no way I’m going to be able to measure something that tall – I can reach up there, but I can’t actually see the mark on the tape measure. I grab my rickety collapsible metal study chair from my desk – it wobbles a bit as I climb up to reach Shawn’s head. “It looks as if you’ve hit six feet and two inches according to the tape measure.” “Almost a whole foot taller! No wonder everything looks so different. Let’s move to chest.” I can’t reach around his chest, so I wrap the tape measure around his waist. “32 inches.” Shawn flexes his abs – it looks as if a brick wall just exploded under his skin – the ridges of the abdominals and obliques stand out sharply. I re-measure his waist. “Still 32 inches.” But there’s not an ounce of fat anywhere – it’s all solid muscle. And then with some effort, I shimmy/slide the tape up to his chest. Shawn stands at attention and flexes his chest and back – I almost drop the tape. “58 inches! That’s thick.” And to paraphrase a meme: I’m not drooling! You’re drooling! I wrap the tape measure around his thigh – it’s thick and I can feel the striations in the muscle moving around under his skin. “30-inch thighs!” Shawn’s not fully hard, but he definitely has more than just a semi. The tape measure shows 14 inches, with 10 inches of girth. “And now my biceps.” Shawn raises his right arm – keeping it straight out from his body. I wrap the tape measure around the bicep – he’s not flexing, but the arm is already impressively thick. I can see veins running along the bicep and connecting to a roadmap in his forearms. Shawn flexes his bicep. I just want to lick it. “Are you gonna measure that?” Shawn’s amused. “Oh yeah, sure.” I grasp one end of the tape measure and pull the other end: “22 fucking inches.” “Excellent. This is fucking amazing! I need to go throw some serious weight around.” “Shawn, I don’t think the gym’s going to have enough weights to challenge you.” “We’ll see about that.” He seems pleased and amused and has a bit of a far-off look in his eye. “But after the gym, I’m going to want another round with you. But you seem to keep disappearing on me.” “Shawn…” He’s looking around the room – and fixates on my rickety metal study chair. “This will do.” Shawn picks up the chair and proceeds to rip it apart with his bare hands. “Shawn! That’s my chair!” “I want you here when I get back. And so… Get on the bed.” I hesitate, wondering if I can make a run for it. But I’m just in my underwear, I haven’t had time to get dressed. “I’m being nice here, giving you the opportunity to have a comfortable place. Or, we can do this in a less comfortable spot.” Realizing that I’m not getting out of the room, I climb onto my bed. Shawn easily manipulates the metal frame into a makeshift set of rings. “Reach up, I’m tying you to the bedframe.” He wraps one of the rings around the bedframe and then around my wrist – initially getting it uncomfortably tight, but he sees the look of pain run across my face and adjusts the metal ring so that it’s tight but not pinching. He does the same with the other ring. I am now lying on my back with one arm tied to each bedpost. In any other circumstance, this would be insanely hot. People would pay money for this! But for some reason, I can’t seem to appreciate that right now. “Shawn. You can’t tie me up against my will. This isn’t right, and you know it.” “Listen little buddy. I need you to be here. And if you would just stop running away, I wouldn’t have to do this. Besides, I am going to go and blow through my lifts and pump these muscles to their max – and then me and my sweaty, pumped muscles are going to come right back here and rescue you.” Ok. Ok! I admit it. I’m turned on. Even my spent dick stirred at the thought of Shawn coming back sweaty and pumped. Shawn struggles to put on his workout clothes. Nothing fits and everything looks ridiculous on his gigantic frame. He settles on a muscle shirt that hides nothing and a pair of basketball shorts that now look like spandex. And nothing is capable of hiding his massive package. “I’ll be back. You wait here little buddy.” Shawn gives me a wink and a smile that somehow, in spite of the fact that he’s just tied me up, still manages to give me butterflies. I can hear him lock the door from the other side. I’m alone. “Fuck.”
  4. My sincere apologies for the delay - I really have been just too mentally exhausted to do "fun writing." But it has always been my intention to get this story wrapped up. Here is chapter 15 - and I promise not to have such a long delay again. If you haven't read Chapters 1 through 14 - here are links: Chapter 1-7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1689-the-symbiote-war/ Chapter 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4428-the-symbiote-war-chapter-8/ Chapters 9-10: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5517-the-symbiote-war-chps-9-10-and-eventually-the-rest/ Chapter 11 is on page 3 of the previous thread. Chapter 12 is on page 4 of the previous thread. Chapter 13 is on page 5 of the previous thread. Chapter 14: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15351-the-symbiote-war-chapter-14/ Chapter 15: Sunday evening – still here… I feel as if I’ve been stuck here forever... (see what I did there?) I’ve no idea how long I’ve been tied to my bedframe – waiting for Shawn’s return. I have no idea what time it is – I don’t have an angle to be able to see the time on my clock – and I’ve drifted in-and-out of sleep a few times. But it’s still daylight out, and I my need to take a piss isn’t yet unbearable, so I suspect that it’s still Sunday. However, whatever drug Shawn gave me still isn’t out of my system, I’m lying here in bed with an achingly hard boner driving me crazy – but with my hands tied up, I can’t so much as touch it. Shawn’s growth is already on the scary side – but I’m starting to fantasize about him returning from the gym and giving my boner the attention it craves. Of course, my fantasizing is just making my boner throb… and throb… When will he return? …Hellooooooo???? I’m debating screaming for help. But I really don’t want just anyone coming into the room and finding me like this – I don’t think the dictionary has enough words to describe that much embarrassment. Humiliation… Shame… Awkardness… Mortified… That’s a good one! Bored? Yes, I’m bored. And trying to take my mind off my aching boner is doing nothing to help the ache in my rock-hard erection. Wait! What am I hearing? A bit of scraping at the door? Is Shawn back from the gym? His muscles all sweaty and pumped? Has he finally returned to give me release? …I mean, release me? The scrabbling at the door stops. I can faintly hear the doorknob turning. I can see the door begin to swing open, the light from the hallway framing a figure. But my eyes must be playing a trick on me, Shawn has shrunk back to his smaller self – he’s no longer the massive muscle monster! “Corrigan?” Mark’s voice! It’s Mark! “Mark? Is that you?” The figure steps into the room and closes the door. A flood of relief – I can see it’s Mark. All this time, me and my throbbing boner have been fantasizing about Shawn’s return – and now it turns out that my saviour is Mark. I am feeling more than just a little guilty about my fantasies running amok – but I am also overwhelmed with relief that Mark is here to rescue me. “How? How did you know to come looking for me?” “Holy crap! Did Shawn do this to you? I didn’t actually realize you were in trouble – I just thought I would come and check up on you – I’ve been worrying since you left this morning.” “How did you get in?” “Your RA is an old friend. And maybe we have a more pressing issue. Let’s see if we can get you untied.” “Oh yeah. That would be good. Thanks.” Mark sits on the bed and reaches up to my bedframe. “Wow! What are you tied up with?” “Shawn bent the chair frame and turned it into a makeshift set of handcuffs.” “Under other circumstances, this would be kinky.” He grins. His adorable, kind of shy smile makes my aching boner throb. Mark is struggling with my bonds. “I can’t get them to budge. I can’t imagine the power that Shawn has in order to be able to bend this frame so easily into a set of handcuffs. I can’t even unbend it enough to get your hand out.” He’s now climbed up fully on the bed, sitting on top of me, grimacing and grunting. Even under these circumstances, I am still finding this sexy. My aching boner throbs again. “I can’t stay here until Shawn returns. I need to escape.” “Corr. I really am trying, I’m just not strong enough.” After a bit of a dramatic pause… “Maybe I can help with that.” Mark stops struggling with the cuffs, sits back, and looks me in the eye. “Are you serious?” “Can you think of another way?” “Well…no.” “And it would sort of help with another problem I’m having…” I give him a shy/awkward grin. “Yes, I noticed when I came in the room. There’s no hiding your massive erection. But we don’t really know all of the possible effects this could have. You suspect your cum causes muscle growth, but what if there are other changes?” “I agree that it’s a possibility. However, Shawn still seems to be his same self. He always did have a hunger for muscles. And his current personality still seems consistent with the person he was when I first met him. Plus, other than waiting for Shawn to return, I don’t see another way out.” “Well… I agree that we want to get you out. And I can’t pretend that this isn’t a sexy-exciting turn of events.” Mark adjusts his position, snuggling up alongside me in bed. His one hand is caressing my chest. He leans in and gives me a kiss. My erection is now throbbing to a steady beat, and I can feel the pre-cum oozing out the tip. His hand slides down my abs toward the waistband of my tented briefs. I can see the flared head of my cock outlined through my briefs – made slightly transparent by the steady flow of pre-cum. Mark caresses my abs a bit and then reaches down to cup my aching balls. They’re sensitive and feel full of cum – and they clench up tight in his hand. Mark leans down and plants a kiss on the tip of my cock. It throbs, and more pre-cum oozes out. Mark peels back the waistband of my briefs, exposing my glistening member – it’s so hard, I think I can see the veins pulsing. He cinches the waistband below my balls. My rigid cock is freed, sticking up at a 45-degree angle between my head and the ceiling. Mark gently caresses the length of the shaft. Some of the pre-cum comes away on his finger, I can see the glistening trail of cum sparkling in the light from the window. And I can also see the cum disappear as it quickly gets absorbed. It was such a small amount that I can’t really see any changes in Mark. However, I can feel his sharp intake of breath as he realizes what’s happened – and I can also feel the lump of his boner against my thigh. Mark sits up and removes his shirt. His lean frame is pale where it catches the sun from the window His muscles pump and move as he takes off the shirt and tosses it aside. And then he bends down and pops the head of my cock in his mouth. It feels so good! I feel as if I’ve been edging all day – and finally I’m getting relief! Mark’s tongue is caressing the head… his lips are running along the shaft… he’s sucking hard… pulling at the shaft… he’s gently kneading my balls… So good! I can feel the edge approaching! It starts deep in my balls, they churn with anticipation! He’s pumping the shaft, putting pressure on the base of my cock. I can feel an earth-shattering orgasm approaching as my cock flexes in preparation! The surge is rising up my shaft! The head flares! And with a primal grunt, I am cumming! Mark’s mouth eagerly vacuums it all up. Through the haze of bliss, I can already see Mark’s growth. His traps start to bulge from the rest of his back, his delts begin to expand and round out. Mark sits up straight, licking his lips. I can see the striations of the muscles in his chest dancing as they compete for space. His arms are filling out, the growth of the biceps creates a bit of a cleft with his expanding deltoids – and I can see the fullness of his triceps creating width – a well-rounded set of muscular arms. Mark was always lean, but now his abdominal ridges are pronounced, a well-defined, muscular six-pack. He’s still wearing his pants, but I can clearly see his legs expanding – the fabric tightening. And I can also see a very pronounced erection running along one hip. I can also tell that he’s now heavier – given that he’s sitting on me. “Wow.” Awe in his voice. “You look good with those muscles.” I couldn’t lie, he was a turn on before, but now he’s downright hot! “This feels amazing.” He cups the bicep of his flexed right arm – his fingers can’t reach around the mound of his bicep. “Umm… You’re sort of crushing me.” “Oh right!” Mark leans forward, his newly grown pecs are right in my face. I can feel his thighs squeezing my torso – and I can feel his erection through his pants. He reaches over my head, and manages to bend the handcuffs enough for me to get my hands out. “No struggle. Clearly it worked.” He grins as he lifts himself off me. “Pack a bag – we’re getting you out of here.”
  5. One “You have great potential,” I heard one guy say to another. The deep voice came from just behind me, close and loud enough to be heard over the bass thundering from the DJ booth. I’d just paid for my drink, after squeezing my way up to the crowded bar and waiting too long to spend too much on a beer. It was Friday night, I had the next week off work, and I was ready to enjoy myself. I started inching my way towards the dance floor. I’d just come from the gym and had my “party pump” on. Pecs clearly outlined in my tight t-shirt, arms stretching the sleeves just slightly, jeans showing off a well-earned bubble butt. I may not have been the biggest guy at the bar – and not nearly big enough for my liking – but I had good size and plenty of definition, and the boys loved it. “I said – you have great potential.” It was the same voice, right behind me once again even though I’d moved a few yards away from where I last heard it. I paused for a second, still assuming this was someone else’s conversation and not wanting to turn around like a fool. “Yeah kid, I’m talking to you,” the voice rumbled. I turned on my heel, eyebrow inquisitively raised, to find out the source of the deep voice. And when I saw this guy...well, I couldn't stop myself from letting out, "Damn." I'm not normally on the hunt for daddies, but this guy was stunning. Taller than me – probably 6'2 to my 5'8 – with a salt-and-pepper high-and-tight, a jawline that could bust down a door, and steely gray eyes. And stuffed into a navy polo shirt was the unmistakable build of a serious, if amateur, bodybuilder. The big man gave me a quick smirk and wink at my response. I'm normally the confident pursuer but in mere seconds he'd gotten me locked on. He extended a calloused hand and we shook. "I'm Jay,” he said. "I want to train you." I was completely caught off guard. "I want to train you"? What the fuck is that? "I want to fuck you"? Sure. Heard that. "I want you to fuck me"? That too. Jay noticed my obvious confusion and smiled. "This is where you tell me your name and ask me what I mean by 'train you.'" The music in the club continued blaring, and guys continued pushing past us, alternately cruising Jay or me. "Hi. I'm Billy. What the hell do you mean by 'train me'?" I laughed. "Billy, you've got a beautiful body. I saw you come in tonight. Just came from the gym, didn't you? Wanted to look big for the boys, I’m betting.” Jay was clearly perceptive. He continued, "You look great right now, but I’ll guess that you want more size. And I know how to turn you into a work of art." "Most guys lead with offering to buy me a drink, Jay.” I smiled. He stepped closer to me, cupping his left hand around the back of my neck, resting his right palm on my chest, and staring down at me with piercing eyes. Normally, I would not tolerate behavior like this from a stranger in the bar, but something about his manner felt comforting. And, well, don't hold it against me, but he was fucking hot. "Let me train you. I'll turn you into a god amongst men." He continued with his intense fixed gaze. This was a man who was efficient with his words. "Can we at least fuck first?" I responded, looking up at him like a puppy begging for a treat. "You mean I don't even have to buy you a drink?" Jay said, with a big smile. I let out a laugh just as he pulled me in tightly against his huge chest and leaned down to kiss me. So powerful, so masculine, so dominant. And yet intimate, soft, tender. I'd never experienced a kiss that had such a profound impact on me, that stopped time, that rewired my brain the way good drugs or great songs can. I felt torn apart and glued back together, and I'd met him just moments earlier. Jay pulled away, gazing down at me with smiling eyes. "Was that as amazing for you as it was for me?" "I... Uh... Yeah..." I babbled like a fool. "Billy, I think this is the start of something incredible. Let's jet." Jay grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd and out the door. I suddenly realized I hadn't had the chance to take in all of him yet. Seeing him walking ahead of me, I got a better sense of just how powerfully built Jay was. It was rare to see a bodybuilder at his height with the width and mass to match the proportions of shorter lifters, but Jay was the total package. Incredibly broad shoulders and lats, a narrow, lean waist, and the most gorgeous squatter's ass and legs I'd ever seen. How he'd squeezed all that beef into those tight jeans was a mystery, but I imagined it involved Teflon spray. We left the club and entered into the cool night. Jay kept a grip on my hand as we walked a few busy city blocks to the parking lot. While I'm by no means closeted and the city is by no means conservative, his forthrightness and effortless confidence in walking down the sidewalk hand in hand felt bold, almost defiant. This was a man who did what he wanted, when he wanted. I just hoped that what he wanted would be compatible with what I wanted. We reached the parking garage and Jay tapped a button on his phone. A few spots ahead, a big black Mercedes sedan came aglow and rumbled to life. So this guy was beautiful, magnetic, AND rich? This was all too much. "Now you're just showing off," I said as he opened the passenger door for me. He walked around and dropped his bulging physique into the spacious, leather-swathed cockpit. "Oh, stud," he responded as he blipped the powerful car's throttle pulling out of the parking spot. "You ain't seen nothin' yet."
  6. Chapter 1: (AM note: as every story goes, first chapter lays a lot of groundwork for some major growth later) Medusa seems confused as she look at her stores of black blood. She looks around the room only to see a shadow slide out of the room. Black arrows slide along the walls as Medusa chases the shadow. The shadowy man flips and dives away as arrows attack off the walls, slowing his getaway attempt. a clash of a dagger helps divert arrows away from dealing any serious damage to the man. Finally however the magic takes the better of the man and the arrows whip around him, constraining and tightening around him until Medusa comes to face him. The man himself was a rather shorter 5' 4" man, wiry and lithe as only someone taller can normally be, but athletic enough to explain the aerial maneuvers he had been doing previously. Maroon brown short hair topped a rather cute face that gave the impression of being that of a young boys, but with enough lines to show the true maturity of his age of likely 30 years. Medusa began to put together how she would respond in a witty way when the man began laughing. "Well I knew this was a stupid idea but guess my luck finally ran out. Before you decide to bake me into a pie I should mention I'm not quite the spryest spring chicken" Medusa couldn't help but smile at the humour of her hopeless prisoner. "It was particularly more stupid then I think you could imagine. Do you even know what you are messing around with?" The man laughs harder. "Black blood? I've seen the damage your little son has wrecked. Colour me intrigued." Medusa seems to weigh the man up. "A power thirsty man. Can you explain to me why I should entertain this talk any longer?" "Because I think you would be interested in putting black blood through it's paces." Medusa seems to chew on this "What did you have in mind?" "You made Crona so mentally traumatized, in an effort to allow Ragnarok the ability to control him. Aren't you at least a little curious to see what happens when someone's goals align with it?" "Now listen here little man. Based on our conversation, you just want power. Let me guess here. You have always been overlooked and felt weak. You have spent your life trying to make yourself skilled, but it's not enough. You can't hunt for the academy, you can't even steal from me well, or escape." The black arrows let the man down, humour not seeing to be present on his face any longer. It all had bled into Medusa's toothy grin. "Boy, you think you are so different then Crona, you are just as hopeless as he is." With that Medusa approaches, takes the black blood from the man's pocket. An arrow comes from behind and pierces the man through the chest, suspending him in the air before Medusa. She unstoppers the black blood and pours it into the wound. "Let's experiment." The black blood seeped into the man's body immediately. With that Medusa's arrow flings him out a door and onto the ground. The man, groggy as ever got up and slowly slumped away, trying to piece together what had just happened, and what had cut both sides of his shirt but not so much as scratched his skin apparently. Stepping into his house he stumbles on, his mind a buzz until a voice comes from the corners of his mind. "let me in, and I will give you the power you crave" He moves on, stumbling into a kitchen to get a drink. He had gone to steal the black blood. "You did, and you succeeded. Let me take control, and I will make you strong." The man stops. He definitely heard something that time. "I can make you do anything. Untold strength. Give over to me" It came back to him. The theft, the attack, the blood. "You are the black blood... Aren't you...?" "I am. You are weak, do you want to be strong?" The man grabbed his water and looked across a kitchen island, as if he were talking to someone sitting there. "I will be strong." "I want to help you." "I want your help." "Give yourself over to me" The man looks down, and then once his deliberation was done he lifted his head. "I won't do that." "WHAT!" With that a black figure bursts from the man's back. Pure black and muscular with a large white 'X' over it's face. "You are small, you're weak, you're pathetic. You couldn't become anything without me, so give into it." The man grabs the creatures wide shoulders and pins it to the island. "And how pathetic would it make me to give myself away to you! I don't want you to control me, I want you to help me. I worked for it, and I will continue to work for it. So you can help me or I swear to god I will rip you out of my back, throw you in a blender, and drink you down just so I can do it again." The black blood monster laughs uproariously, catching the man off guard. "I don't know if you know. I'm already in your head, Stephen. I'm so muscular and huge right now because you want me to be, because you want to be like this." The black figure flexes his pecs one at a time. "But that also means I know you are serious when you threaten me AND I LOVE IT." With that the black monster raised itself off and flexed itself in front of Stephen. "I can make you like this. You will be so powerful, but if you want me to be in, I need something in it for me." Stephen shakes himself back to his senses from being transfixed by the face full of chest and arm muscles before him. "Oh so you don't know that part? I have something in mind." With that Stephen began walking, the monster attached to his back followed along. "Wait are you blocking me from seeing what you are doing. Are you doing some meditative bull to keep me from reading your mind." Stephen seems to grin "Just testing to see if I have ANY privacy. Plus I prefer to think of it as anticipation. Are you excited... What do I call you?" "I go by Armageddon" As Stephen goes though his house he opens a door only to find an old maid cleaning the room. "Armageddon, meet Ophelia." Ophelia sees the imposing muscle monster jutting out of Stephen's back and screams and falls back. "Ophelia, you seem afraid. I like it. You should be." "Ophelia, I wanted to thank you for your service, but unfortunately I have one more task for you. I'm offering your soul in place of mine, to become a servant of Armageddon." Ophelia screams as Armageddon laughs, their voices fighting to fill the room over the other. Stephen sticks out his hand and a black blade juts from the end of his hand and pierces Ophelia through the heart. "My blood should now be black, infect her and replicate Armageddon. I have known her for a long time, she doesn't have the willpower to fight." Ophelia cuts off her cry to process Stephen's betrayal and Armageddon stops his laughter in turn. "I accept your sacrifice. You will have my strength at your disposal. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN." With that black blood dribbled down the blade flowing down towards and then into Ophelia. The blade retracts and Ophelia convulses on the ground as her veins go black. Stephen and Armageddon watch on as the convulsions stop a minute later as Ophelia gets up and out of her back a clone of Armageddon, with just as much muscle and vascularity jets out of Ophelia's back. Ophelia, now aware looks back up at the beast that frightened her before, and now sees it coming out of herself and screams once more. The new Armageddon leans around to look her in the face. "That's right honey. I'm in you, I can read your thoughts. I am infecting you more and more every second, and there's nothing you can do about it." Ophelia's eyes at first show defiance but then glaze over with hopelessness. In this moment The new Armageddon's body appear to pulse, and visibly grows larger. Where before it would have been fitting to say it was a ripped bodybuilder with the packed muscle of a 5'6 competitor, now it had that same if not more muscle packed on, and appears as though the bodybuilder in question were 6' in height. Stephen's eyes bulge at the view. New Armageddon laughs looking down at Stephen and his Armageddon. "As we take over, we gain power, and I prefer to show it in my size." Stephen, attempting not to drool over the muscle in the room reaches out his hand. "I agree, this is going to be fun. I have plans for us all." Ophelia's Armageddon reaches out his large hand, thick with the same strength the rest of his body conveyed, and a smaller but identical and strong hand reaches from behind as Stephen's Armageddon puts his hand into the mix. "I am shivering with this anticipation."
  7. Hi, everyone! So I'm starting this experimental series to see if a more traditional narrative would work here, and I would really appreciate all feedback and critique to help me improve. This is mostly going to involve more plot and character than growing, although there will still be a lot of growing done. It just won't be the main focus (for now). Writing is something I don't normally get to do on a regular basis, but it's something I want to make a living out of, so all advice is incredibly welcome. I am more than willing to alter the way the narrative develops and is written depending on how people prefer their pacing and writing. Thanks and enjoy! Hard at Work [Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5a -5b - 6 - 7 - 8a - 8b - 8c] PART 1 Working at my job wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it paid the bills. On an average day, I would sit at my desk, wondering how a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry got me a job in human resources. It’s not like I had particularly good chemistry with other people either. During my time at the company so far, I’ve only been able to get close to two people. One of them was a co-worker of mine named Marcus. He often pulled pranks on me and made childish jokes at my expense whenever we took a break for coffee. Normally, him being a 23-year-old man, anyone would expect some sort of maturity or sense of responsibility. Marcus was nothing of the sort. He played around far too much and just did whatever the hell he wanted to. Every attempt our boss had at scolding him fell on deaf ears. With any other employee, our boss’ words would stop us dead in our tracks. Boss had that charismatic, authoritative aura about him. Unlike Marcus, our boss, Mr. Wesley Smith, or just Wes, took everything seriously. He had a reputation to uphold. Sure, he had his fair share of dad jokes every now and then, but people in the workplace were already so used to Marcus’ absurd antics that nobody ever really noticed. The three of us were often referred to around the office as the “threesome of power.” In one way or another, we all held some sort of power around the office. Wes had his obvious influence and status. Marcus had his absurdity and over-all charisma. Compared to them, I didn’t have as much. All anyone ever told me was that I was the glue that held together our little threesome. In my opinion, it’s just an excuse to call us a threesome since we’re always together. I wasn’t a big fan of the name, honestly. Especially since I was the only gay one. The main reason people chose to describe us as a “threesome” specifically is that Marcus and Wes were probably the most attractive and sought-after guys at the workplace. Marcus was 5’11” and pretty damn attractive. He had wavy, blonde hair that looked like it was streaked with chocolate, and his eyebrows were incredibly thick and a deep chestnut. Of the three of us, he also had the best body. He had been a model in his university years, so he developed a toned, muscled body with a deep V-shaped torso and disproportionate pecs and shoulders. On the other hand, Wes wasn’t bad looking, but all his time spent in bars showed. He was a good-looking man for his age, 31, having South-East Asian genes, and he had a strong square face that accentuated his stocky figure, being only 5’6”. He did go to the gym after work, but he developed a gut after all the vodka. People often say his most attractive feature is his cat eyes. His eyebrows also tilted inwards, so he always had this fierceness about him. It didn’t seem like he was meant to be built in any way besides a small tank either. While Marcus and Wes were the stars of our threesome, I was labeled the “DUFF.” I was only 24, but the new terms the kids kept coming up with always got lost on me. I was the least attractive among us, I must admit. 5’7” isn’t exactly a height anyone would be flaunting off. It’s not that I looked like Quasimodo though. I was just… average—nothing spectacular about me. On one particularly rainy day, Marcus approached me at my desk, wearing his favorite sky blue button-down. He leaned over the divider with a coffee in his hand and sipped it so loudly it echoed. “What are we gonna do about the rain? Do you wanna just move bar night to Wes’ condo again?” he asked. “Yeah, but have you asked him? We might still be banned since you wrecked his condo the last time.” Marcus flubbed his lips, nearly spilling his coffee on my desk. “Don’t worry about it! Wes’ll understand. Besides, this time we got someone to clean our shit.” “I’m not cleaning your mess this time, Marcus.” “Not you, stupid. I meant the new intern. Wes said he was coming in today.” I looked at him, puzzled. “What new intern? No one told me about any new interns.” “That’s because you never join the meetings.” “What? The last meeting we had was two months ago, and literally all we talked about was how you put red food coloring in the water tanks to make it look like we were drinking blood.” Marcus laughed. “Well, now we just have meetings at the bar. I managed to convince him to move our meetings to the conference room with the dancers.” He chuckled. I sighed. “Fine, whatever. What’s his name? The intern, I mean.” “Ah, wait.” Eric brought out his phone. “I’ll ask Wes.” We waited for the phone to pick up. As soon as we heard Wes’ voice, Marcus didn’t hesitate to yell. “Yo, Wes!” I could hear an audible sigh come from the phone. “What’s up, Marcus? I’m kinda busy right now.” “I just told Dory about the new intern, but I forgot his name. What was it again?” “Froy Adamson. 20 years old from Harbridge University. He just texted and said he was coming up. Could you two let him in and show him around? Thanks.” “Sure thing, sir.” Marcus bounced his head to the side and looked at me as if he were planning something. He always did his squinted eyes, raised eyebrows, and pouted mouth. It was a staple of his. He wasn’t fooling anyone doing a face like that. I wonder if he ever noticed. He put the phone back in his pocket. “Well, Dory, looks like you’ve got some more work to do.” I knew it. “Seriously? Didn’t he tell us to handle him? To-ge-ther?” Marcus shrugged. “Well, I’ve got some work to do, and I’m reeaally tired.” He yawned. “You can handle the kid by yourself, right?” I said yes, and he was off, walking back to his desk. I don’t know why I let him do this to me. He’s lucky he was hot. Before I could prepare myself for the new intern, there was a knock coming from the glass door. I got up and headed over. Only people without access cards couldn’t get in and had to knock, which meant it had to be the intern. If I heard correctly, his name was supposed to be Froy, and a student at Harbridge… damn, someone was loaded. I got to the glass door and saw him standing outside. He was wearing a black button-down with his sleeves rolled up and skintight black jeans. They must have been pretty big too since he looked like he had to be at least 6’1”. His jet black hair was short and cropped with little spikes sticking up. He had a cute face too. He had the most precious baby button nose and pronounced dimples, making him look younger than he actually was. I wouldn’t be surprised if girls crushed on him everywhere. He had a decently lean body, but he definitely had bodybuilder potential by the way his broad shoulders stuck outwards, much like Marcus’. However, it didn’t seem like he was the braggart type. If anything, he was a bookworm. He looked like he lived and breathed in a library. All he was missing was a pair of glasses, but instead, he had the most perfect eyelashes. The poor thing seemed soaked by the rain. I opened the door for him and let him come inside, causing him to shiver in his shirt from the cold, freezer-like office temperature. He smiled at me and giggled nervously. “Sorry, sir,” he said with a nervous smile. “I forgot to bring an umbrella. I didn’t think it would rain today.” My heart hadn’t fluttered in so long by a guy’s voice. The last time I felt this elevated was when I was still in college and chatting up the star football athlete before he got caught doping and got expelled. I missed having crushes like this. Thankfully, Froy seemed to be legal. A co-worker of mine already got fired once for having “intimate relations” with an underage intern. I wasn’t going to be next. “It’s fine. Are you Froy?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, sir. I was supposed to start last week, but my mother had an emergency at the hospital, so I couldn’t leave.” “It’s fine, don’t worry. Family first,” I said. “Did you bring an extra shirt? You might get sick if you wear that wet shirt here all day.” “No, sir. I don’t have anything to change into. Sorry.” I grabbed his forearm. “It’s fine. Here, I’ll let you borrow one of my backup shirts.” “Sir, are you sure?” “Yeah, it’s fine.” I brought him to my desk where I grabbed him a seat. My co-workers who passed by would smile at him, enticed by his cute face and meek demeanor. He’d greet them back with a small wave and shy smile. Some people even came up and asked me if he was my new boyfriend. How many times did I have to tell everyone that I’ve never had a boyfriend before? They were just making the boy uncomfortable. I brought out a plain white shirt from my emergency kit and handed it over to him. He looked it over and thinking about it now, it was probably too small for him. Such was a con of being six inches shorter than someone. He held it up to the light, trying to estimate its size. “I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” I said. “Could I try it on, sir? Just to be sure?” “Sure, go ahead. Just don’t tear it.” I leaned back into my seat as I watched him begin unbuttoning his button-down. At the back of my mind, I knew this was leaning towards sexual harassment—and on the first day of his internship to boot—but I couldn’t help myself. The kid wasn’t reacting negatively either, so I guessed he was okay with it. A lawsuit was the last thing I needed. He started from the top-down, exposing his lean muscle underneath. He had a decently-sized chest for his leanness, and I never noticed how perky his nipples were underneath the black fabric either. There was no body hair on him too, just like Wes. “Nice abs,” I said. He blushed. “Ah, thank you, sir.” “You go to the gym or something? You play sports?” “No, sir. I used to be part of the gymnastics team, but I quit so I could focus on my studies.” Froy raised up his arms and tried squeezing into my shirt. He stuck his head through the tight hole and did his best to stretch out my shirt to fit in as much as possible. He looked ridiculous. It was like a man trying to wear a child’s dress. “You’ve still got a nice frame. If you went to the gym, I bet you could build it up easily,” I said. He looked ridiculous in my shirt. The sleeves didn’t even reach past his shoulders, so the fabric dug into his armpits. The shirt only reached the first set of abs, exposing his core and defined pelvis. It looked like a crop top. How he even got into something so tight is still a mystery to me. “Sir, I’m not sure I can wear this.” “Obviously.” I punched his abs. “Come on, let’s go ask someone else. I’m too short to be lending you my clothes.” “You’re not too short, sir.” “Yeah, you’re just too tall.” I told him to take off the shirt. He looked like he was in too much pain to be wearing something so ridiculous before we found a better replacement. As he raised it over his head and pulled his arms through the sleeves, he accidentally tore it down the side from the left sleeve down to the hem. He froze in panic. “Sir, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to break your shirt. It was an accident, sir, I swear.” “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s just a shirt.” His lean torso was now exposed to the cold of the office again, but at least he wasn’t squeezed so tightly in my shirt. I didn’t want to kill him before Marcus did. I couldn’t afford that kind of blood on my hands at my age. No way my salary was going to cover it. I led the tall kid over to Marcus’ desk at the other end of the office. Marcus looked visibly disturbed, watching in silence as I approached with a tall, shirtless kid following closely behind me. I didn’t know what he was going to say or do. His eyes just kept darting back and forth between us, seemingly asking me, “What the fuck is going on?” “Hey, Marcus, this is the intern, and he—” “Why is he shirtless?” Marcus interrupted. I looked back at Froy, looking lost as always. “He got wet in the rain, and I told him I’d get him a new shirt. I tried giving him mine, but, uh…” Marcus raised an eyebrow. “But what? Dory, I need to tell you as a friend that you are very small. Did you try lending him your shirt? Was it too small? Did you come all the way here, to my cubicle, while I’m working, to ask for a shirt from me?” “Yes.” “Alright, here you go.” Marcus dug into his drawer and tossed Froy a clean, black shirt. Froy looked confused but put on the shirt. It fit him perfectly. Thankfully, Marcus’ tailored shirts to fit his broad shoulders and chest fit Froy just right. It was a bit short at the hem though. His pelvis would peek whenever he moved, but he was well-covered. The sleeves also accentuated what muscle he had on his arms, as expected from Marcus. “I have to say though, he’s got a nice body,” Marcus said. “The ‘overtime work’ he’ll be doing later is gonna be a nice work-out.” “Marcus, he’s not a maid.” “And I’m not Frida Kahlo.” “You aren’t.” “Shut up,” Marcus said. “Hey, kid, you’ll be coming with us after work, right?” Froy’s eyes grew wide. “Uh…” “Marcus, it’s only his first day. He doesn’t even know our names yet!” “It’ll be fiiiine. My name’s Marcus Fringe, and there’s your Sir Dorian Yale. You can just call us Marcus and Dory. Our boss is Sir Wesley Smith: short, stocky Asian dude. You can call him Wes. If you ever wanna come work for us, you could be a part of our little circle of friends here. We got cookies.” “Oh, I like cookies,” Froy whispered. “Stop fucking with my intern, Marcus.” “You’re not my mom.” Wes’ office was right in front of Marcus’ cubicle. Any time Marcus made too much noise or whenever Wes would leave for the washroom and caught Marcus doing something stupid, Wes would be the first to scold him. He often threatened to lower his pay, but Marcus didn’t care. They were too close to actually do anything like that. As we were talking, the door to Wes’ office opened. He walked out, wearing a skintight banana yellow collared shirt that showed off his muscles and small gut. Every shirt in his wardrobe seemed to be skintight. I remember him telling us once that he was raised to only wear the tightest clothing because it makes you look bigger. He was only 5’6”, so I could understand why. “Why are you making so much noise, Marcus?” he asked, standing in the doorway. “Oh.” I waved at him. “Hi, sir. This is Froy, the intern. I was just asking Marcus for an extra shirt since he got wet in the rain.” “Well, take care of him then. Show him around the floor or something, I dunno,” Wes said. “Oh, and Dory…” “Yes, sir?” “Take him out with ya later, aight? We’re gonna have a little fun.” Oh god. “Yes, sir.” Wes was returning to his office when Froy spoke up. “Oh, sir!” he said. “How do I get through the door? I don’t have an access card.” “Hm? You don’t need an access card. You just grab the handle, twist it, then pull. That’s how you open a door.” “Wes, never speak again,” Marcus said. “What about this?” Wes whispered. “Or this ♪?” he sang. “I’m done,” I said. “And I’m just getting started!” He fired double finger guns at me with the silliest grin, laughing at himself immediately afterwards. We all separated and went back to our work for the day. I finished up the rest of my work as fast as I could so that I’d have more time to tour Froy around the building. It was just a hunch, but I thought he’d appreciate the convenience store. The store has an unlimited sundae cone deal where you could get as much ice cream as you wanted as long as it’s in one continuous swirl and it doesn’t fall over. When we got there, I saw his eyes light up like a child at the carnival. He wasted no time and immediately ordered a sundae cone. I didn’t even have to tell him. It seemed like he was used to doing this sort of thing already. By the time the ice cream was five inches tall, I was getting worried. It looked like it would fall at any moment. “Froy, are you sure you wanna keep going?” “Yes, sir! I’ve done this before. My mom calls me a master at this.” By the time it reached 8 inches tall, he stopped the machine. He stood still at first, watching it intently. It looked like he was trying to connect his soul to the sundae, becoming one with its spirit or something. When he finally got it to stabilize, he smiled. “See, sir?” he said. Then he raised it up and dunked it in his mouth, all the way down to the cone. My eyes grew wide. Froy just took in 8 inches of freezing cold sundae in his mouth like it was nothing. “What the fuck? Did you just eat the entire thing in one bite?” He nodded, still swallowing the ice cream. When he finished, he accidentally exhaled into my face, filling my nose with his cold, breath-infused chocolate smell. He apologized and offered to wipe it off my nose. I had to tell him to stop since he still had the cone to finish. “How the fuck did you do that?” “My brothers taught me when I was younger how to exercise my gag reflex so I could take in more things. I could fit a whole foot-long in my mouth too!” he said. “It just got kinda messy… so we had to stop.” His face sunk. The cute smile he wore faded away after it seemed like he remembered something. “What happened?” “They, uh, taught me to give them blowjobs when I was 12. I thought it was normal for a few years, then they got arrested for selling drugs when I was 15. My mother told me they were horrible to me and told me what they were doing to me was wrong. So now I’m trying to find a job to pay for my mother’s hospital bills since I’m her only family left. She already used up all her savings on my tuition.” I felt horrible for him and found myself hugging him. He was stiff and caught in surprise at first, but he softened up and wrapped his arms around me too. I didn’t know he lived like this. I couldn’t take advantage of someone like him. It wouldn’t be right. “I’m so sorry.” He gave his ice cream a quick lick. “Don’t worry, sir, it’s fine. I’m over it now. I still miss them though.” “Who? Your brothers? They molested you as a kid. You shouldn’t be missing them. They deserve to rot in prison.” “We used to play games every day outside our house. They even bought me a goldfish once for my 14th birthday since it was all they could afford with their own money. I named him Pudge.” We headed back to my desk upstairs after finishing his ice cream and filing for his access card. The issue with his brothers was something we didn’t want to bring up too much in case he got triggered. More than half the office had already gone home for the day. Marcus, Wes, and I planned to leave for Wes’ condo at 8pm with Froy together. After I finished up, I asked Froy if he was okay with it. It was only his first day as an intern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he declined. Who knows what we might have been planning to do to him outside office hours? “It’s okay with me, sir.” “Are you sure? I haven’t even told you what we were doing.” “Oh, uh,” he said before chuckling nervously. “We’re going to your sir Wes’s condo to drink. Wes and Marcus just want you to be their sober caretaker, so you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Froy waved his hands. “Oh, no, sir, it’s okay with me. I’m used to being the sober one with my friends.” “Oh, okay. And don’t worry about something bad happening to you. None of us have ever done anything crazy before. Besides, Marcus is straight, and Wes is bi, but he has a family. I’m the only gay one here.” His eyebrows shot up. “You’re gay, sir?” “Yeah, why?” He looked away. “Nothing, sir.” That led me to wonder. Was he also gay? I guessed I could always figure that out some other time. After we packed up, we headed down to the basement carpark where Marcus and Wes were waiting for us at Wes’ truck. There were paper cups everywhere. It seemed like they’d been waiting there for a few years by the way they were lounging around and drinking coffee endlessly. When we got there, Marcus walked up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. “What the fuck took you so long?” he asked. His pointed gaze shot into my skull. “You told me not to fuck with your intern, but is it really me you should be worrying about?” “We were just finishing up some shit. It took longer than expected. Sorry ‘bout it.” “Just get in the fucking truck already!” Wes yelled. “The vodka isn’t gonna drink itself!” I sat in the passenger seat, with Marcus and Froy in the back. It was the system we developed together when we first started hanging out at bars a few months ago. Marcus hated seatbelts and feeling claustrophobic, and I preferred the safety of the seatbelt. The three of us normally went out to the bar down the street on foot, but tonight, we decided to head to Wes’ condo instead to avoid the rain. The only thing different was that we had Froy with us. “Hey, kid, what was your name again?” Marcus asked. “Uh, sir, Froy Adamson, sir.” “Froy?” Marcus began to chuckle. He was visibly struggling to hold in his laughter. “Like fro-yo?” Froy was silent. “...Yes, sir. Frozen yogurt.” Marcus released his contained laughter, nearly keeling over his seat. Froy became worried and began to panic. Wes and I had to reassure him that making fun of people’s names was just something Marcus did on a daily basis to everyone around the office. Marcus was only a year younger than me, but he had the heart of a child that he never grew out of. We loved that about him. Marcus placed a hand on Froy’s shoulder. “I like this kid,” he said. Froy blushed. “I’m sure you do,” Wes said. “Everyone loves yogurt.” “Don’t predate on my intern, Marcus!” “I don’t wanna hear that from you, Dory!” Marcus said. “Hey, kid. I’ve been planning on going back to the gym again. If you ever wanna come with, just tell me, okay? You look like you’d be a great workout partner.” “Hey, what about me? Why do you ask the intern before your boss who you KNOW goes to the gym?” Wes asked. “How tall are you again, Wes?” Marcus asked. “Right now, about as high as your chances at a promotion, Marcus.” Marcus threw his arms around Wes’ seat. “Hey, come on! It was just a joke! It’s just too hard to be gym buddies with someone so short. Plus you’ve got that tiny gut.” “I can’t help it! Vodka might as well be my blood of Christ.” “So you’re a cannibal?” “What do you think happened to my first boyfriend?” The conversation continued for the next half hour on the road. Froy and I remained silent for the most part while Marcus and Wes bantered, with us being brought in every so often as jokes. Marcus couldn’t let go of “fro-yo.” The rain blocked the streets and kept us in traffic longer than we would have wanted. Wes began getting calls from his wife, asking about where he was since his kids were getting impatient after being locked up for so long. When we got to the forest separating Wes’ condo complex from the city district, Marcus brought out these small white pills he hid inside a tic-tac box. The resemblance was uncanny. Froy and I watched him, unaware of what the pills would do. No one was around to help if Marcus did something stupid. “Hey, Wes. You want a tic-tac?” Marcus asked. Froy and I watched in silence, fully aware of what Marcus was trying to do. “If you’re trying to bribe me for a pay raise again, it’s gonna take more than a tic-tac this time.” “No, seriously, come on. It’s just a candy. Completely free. No strings attached.” Wes held out a hand, and Marcus placed one on his palm. “This better not be another one of your fucking pranks, Marcus. The last one is still giving my kids diarrhea.” Wes threw the small white pill in his mouth without any hesitation. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled loudly. “God damn it, Marcus.” Marcus laughed and slammed his hand repeatedly against the back of Wes’ seat. Froy shifted closer to the door in fear. “What did you give him, Marcus?” I asked. “Dying in a car crash with you was not on my list of things to-do today.” “Mine too,” Froy mumbled. “Relax! It’s harmless. I already tried it on my dog, and nothing happened to her.” “I’m not a dog, Marcus! I’m your boss!” “And I’m not a scientist!” “That doesn’t make things any better, Marcus—Oh, my god... what the fuck is going on...” Wes looked uncomfortable, shifting around like there was a cactus on his seat. I looked down and saw that he was growing a tent in his pants. At first, I thought it was just viagra, but then a wet spot began to form. Wes’ face was red as a tomato and was completely speechless. I could smell the familiar smell that filled my room after school as a kid. Wes came. He came right in front of all of us. He didn’t even have to touch himself or do anything for it either. I looked back at Marcus and Froy, and Marcus’ face was frozen in a face of pure glee. He had the expression of a child witnessing Santa for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Froy on the other hand was completely mortified. The poor thing didn’t know how to react. Wes was barely able to keep his focus on the road because of the way he was feeling. He just came in his pants. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that pill did to him. Wes stopped the truck at a nearby tree and turned off the truck, running out and checking the damages at a tree out of sight. The three of us followed suit. Marcus didn’t even look the least bit guilty about what he just did. Froy stood by me, waiting and watching for what happened next. “What the fuck did you give me?” Wes asked. Marcus waved his hands in the air. “Nothing! I swear it was just a bunch of random shit I found in my kitchen. I didn’t think it would do anything.” “Well, it did! Now my favorite pants are ruined.” Wes stepped back into the moonlight where we saw a massive wet spot all over his crotch. If we didn’t know it was cum, we might’ve mistaken it for piss just by its sheer quantity. I didn’t think it was possible to cum so much. Judging by the defined outline running down his left thigh as well, it seemed he was hiding more than just one secret. The short man had to compensate somewhere. “God damn it, Marcus.” “Come on, I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was gonna try it on myself, but I wanted to see if it—” “If it killed me?” “Well, no, but—” “I can’t believe I already wet myself… I haven’t even had a fucking bottle yet. You owe me for this.” Marcus shot me a look of relieved anguish, knowing he wasn’t going lose his job or his friendship. He walked up to Wes and helped him clean up by the tree. While Wes and Marcus were off cleaning up, Froy and I wandered a bit off to the forest to take in the beautiful nighttime scenery overlooking the city. The city lights shined brightly over the trees. They gave off an iridescent spotlight-lit night sky that shadowed the tree leaves and branches, blocking out the stars but lighting up the darkness. “This is a great view,” I said. “Yes, sir,” Froy replied. As we were enjoying our quiet time alone together, Froy noticed what looked like a shooting star in the empty sky. Wes and Marcus came over and joined us in staring at the falling light. A thought occurred to me, however, that this was not how falling stars normally worked. It looked as though it were literally falling out of the sky. I’m pretty sure falling stars aren’t supposed to look like they’re coming straight at us. “Hey, that’s no fucking shooting star, you idiots! That’s a meteor!” Wes said. “Hide behind something!” We could barely react when we saw that it was already a building’s height away from us. Froy and I hid behind a nearby tree. Marcus sprinted across to the truck with Wes. The burning rock rang a piercing loud screech in our ears before crash landing into the clearing between us and the truck. Flaming debris flew everywhere, covering the area in a black soot. Smoke filled the air for a good few minutes until we were able to breathe and see things again. All four of us emerged from our hiding spots and eyed the strange rock. Froy, Wes, and I approached it hesitantly, watching it from a distance in case it had any surprises waiting to pop out and do some serious harm. It could have had some new viruses or small flesh-eating aliens hiding inside. I highly doubted our job’s insurance program covered space AIDS. Meanwhile, while three of us were being careful, Marcus decided to make a headstart and gingerly walked up to it. He stuck out his hands and felt the intense heat emanating from the meteor. “What are you doing, Marcus?! Get back here where it’s safe,” Wes said. Marcus looked back and smiled. “Relaaax, it’s not gonna do anythingI” When the rest of us got to surround the meteor, it seemed to have cooled off. All four of us examined it closely, checking for any dangerous movements or glowing substances sticking out. For the next few minutes, it just seemed like it was a regular, boring old rock—from space. It didn’t grow a face and sing show tunes like I expected. I’d be lying if I said wasn’t disappointed. “It just seems like a rock,” Froy said. “Obviously,” Marcus said. “But what’s inside?” “If it's anything like your head, not much,” Wes said. “Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?” Marcus stepped into the crater and slammed his hands onto the meteor. He began pressing down on it with his body weight, trying to pressure it to crack open and reveal whatever monstrosity was inside of it. Froy and I backed away while Wes stepped forward and tried prying Marcus off of it. “Marcus, what are you doing?! Stop!” “I just wanna see what’s inside! It might have space diamonds, Wes!” Marcus let out a yell as he used all his strength and cracked open the meteor. From the crack, a neon green liquid splurged out, spilling onto Marcus’ shirt. He panicked, wondering what the hell the scentless, luminescent goo was, when suddenly the crack opened up further. It erupted, blasting a mortified Marcus with the strange gunk. He was covered head to toe, front to back, unable to even open his mouth or eyes in pure horror. The meteor now looked unstable. It was rumbling, and cracks began spreading from where Marcus first breached its outer shell. More and more of the green liquid spurted out. It didn’t seem long before it would explode. Marcus grumbled for help, running towards Wes. “Hey, stop! Don’t get that shit on me! I just got my pants dry!” Wes yelled. Before Marcus could even get to him, the meteor exploded. Nuclear green slime flew everywhere. Marcus got blasted back onto the ground by the sheer amount he was covered in. He didn’t look like he could move very well at all anymore. Wes was yelling out Marcus’ name when the goo flew into his mouth and covered his entire front from head to toe. I could hear him yelling as he swallowed it. “Sir!” As the meteor exploded towards us, Froy ran up to me. He used his body as a shield to block me from the slime, with his back spread out against the meteor. I looked up at him and saw fear in his eyes. Neither of us could move from where we were as we were frozen in absolute shock about what just happened. The meteor settled down, and there was green slime absolutely everywhere. It coated the trees, the grass, the soil, everything. Marcus was absolutely drenched in it, struggling to even stand up. Wes ran to a tree and began vomiting, trying to expel whatever he swallowed and trying to get himself clean again. Froy’s entire backside and his arms were completely covered. He shook his body as much as he could to try and get it off of him. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked. “That fucking—pfthuh—piece of shit meteor just fucking exploded!” Wes yelled, spitting out the remnants. “Are we going to fucking die?!” Marcus yelled, on his knees, crying in anguish at the sky, looking like a grotesque smile monster. “I don’t wanna fucking die, god!” “This is all your fault!” Wes said. “I’m fucking aware of that, Wes! I wasn’t expecting the meteor to be a fucking water balloon filled with green shit!” “Okay, everyone, just relax!” I said. “We just need to get clean and report this to the police so they can clean it up or something.” Marcus and Wes turned and glared at me, clean and dry from head to toe. “We can’t tell anyone about this! If the authorities find out we fucked with some meteor and got caught with some disease, then we might be forced to spend time in a lab until we die,” Wes said. Marcus pointed at me. “And why the fuck are you dry? Did you tell your little boytoy intern to be your shield?!” “No, he ran up to me himself. I didn’t tell him to do anything, Marcus.” “Fucking shit, man…” I stood watch by the truck while Froy, Wes, and Marcus cleaned themselves up by the river. It was nearly midnight when they got back looking absolutely exhausted after trying to get every drop of slime off their bodies for the past few hours. They dumped all their clothes in Wes’ gym bag and got into his truck in nothing but wet underwear. ‘Uncomfortable’ could not even begin to explain the atmosphere. I couldn’t even be bothered to appreciate all the hot, semi-naked bodies surrounding me when I was still reeling over what the hell just happened. I’d already seen all of them shirtless before at least once, but I had yet to see Froy’s business. Did he prefer boxers or briefs? Was he a shower or a grower? It didn’t seem that important. All I knew was that Wes was thick and hung like a motherfucker. “This has to be our secret, got it?” Wes said. “No one else can know about this.” We all agreed. None of us were in the mood to get dissected or experimented on for the rest of our lives. As Wes drove away, heading to his condo, I took one last look back at the scene. The meteor looked like a cracked egg that got blown up in a microwave. However, what seemed strange to me was how there seemed to be a lot less slime than before. What used to be a complete sheet of glowing green slime over everything was now mostly back to normal with some freckles here and there. It must have either dissipated in the atmosphere or got absorbed into the ground. Either way, it didn’t seem like that was just going to end there. I could feel in my gut that this wasn’t the last time this meteor was going to be a part of our lives. If the slime did get absorbed in the ground and trees, then what would happen with humans? There was no way they didn’t at least absorb some of it. There was just no way. Regardless, this was going to be our secret from now on. It seemed our little threesome just became a foursome.
  8. ilovemacros

    m/m A good suck

    It was late at night, when the stream finally came on. Seth77 was something of a legend in the muscle camming world. His streams were rare, but the recordings were something many guys got themselves off every night. Many donated hundreds to his account with every stream. What was so special about Seth? Well... The camera was on. A large well built white male played with the focus and framing until, finally, he managed to get a shot of his liking and stepped away from the lens. His body was quite a pleasure to look at, his arms were nice and thick, his pecs formed clear outlines pressed against his shirt, his clear-cut abs were visible as the white top wasn't long enough to cover them. Seth stroke a pose, flexing his muscles and showing them off to the camera, before he stepped away from the frame with the words: "Look who I got. This guy is a fighter!" The camera focused on a black bodybuilder, tied to the bed, struggling to break free. His smooth black skin covered his thick, beefy pecs, outlined his thick, bulging biceps, wrapped around each individual brick of his array of abdominals. His thighs were bigger than people's heads. His exposed shaft was flaccid, but was clearly at least good 7 inches. His heavy sack layed on the clear white sheets and his face was covered by a black mask. The guy was at least 6'8"! And all of that muscle could've been at least 380 pounds!! But for how glad the chat seemed to see the guy, he was using every last fibre of his huge body to break from the restrains around his wrists and ankles and take down Seth, his captor. ""As always, a straight strong guy from the street. Bet how long that will last, hehe." Seth said before moving towards the bed. Seth was sizeable but nowhere near the guy he had within his restrains. Seth's profile said that he was 6'2" but he was probably even shorter than that. 220lbs was probably also a bit too much, but it was not Seth who everybody came to enjoy, it was what Seth was capable of doing. The host of the stream was standing at the side of the bed, looming down at his perfect catch. Seth reached forward, his hand engulfing the guy's pectoral, giving it a tight squish. The guy struggled in protest, unable to say anything as it seemed he had something stuck in his mouth. He just violently jerked his body back and forth. Seth outstretched his other arm, cupping the other pec with it, enjoying the beefy muscle. Once he played around with the sensitive nipples, forcing them to harden, he slipped his fingers down the bodybuilder's torso, down to his abdominals. The host spent a good amount of time, rubbing every single brick. Each one individually. Pressing against it, circling around it with his finger, rubbing it with his palm. Once he was done there, he moved his palms lower, across the guy's exposed crotch, to his tree-trunk thighs. Rubbing the smooth skin that covered the mighty muscles, Seth turned towards the guy's head. "You like that, don't ya'?" he asked, returning his hands back up to the guys shoulders, "Being touched." The warm palms slipped under his armpits, "Admired." Seth continued down the arms, finally pressing the bulging, all pent up biceps, "Being worshipped." The host then lowered his head, sticking out his tongue and licking one of the hard nipples, playing with it, sucking at it, all the while he was caressing those strong biceps. The guy seemed to struggle more and more as he had realized what he had gotten himself into. Seth tended to that nipple, moving over the balloon-like pecs to taste the other. His hands moved to the guy's free pectoral and his abdominals. His fingers rubbed up and down across them, while the other hand groped the meaty slab. The bodybuilder grunted loudly. More in anger than anything else. Seth pulled away and then heaved himself over the guy, sitting at his massive thighs, facing him. He turned around, to grab onto the camera and pull it to the side of the bed, giving it a clear view of the bodybuilder's massive torso and his exposed crotch. The captured guy had two holes to look through in that black mask. And he couldn't do anything else but to watch the strong body of his captor. Seth was clearly hard. That much his leathery jockstrap showed. Seth took that thick bulge of his and started rubbing it against the bodybuilder's meat, nicely grinding it against it, while he reached for the bodybuilder's pecs, squeezing them and lowering his head to lick the guy's abdominals, all the way from his crotch to the valley between his pectorals. The guy was stopping to struggle as he was tended to. That was a good sign for Seth, who smirked and straightened himself again. He raised his arms and showed off his bulging biceps as well, still swaying his hips and grinding his bulge against the bodybuilder's massive shaft. The white host was showing off his muscles, licking his own biceps, showing off his bouncing pecs, playing with his abdominals, showing off in all possible angles. The helpless bodybuilder couldn't do anything else but just watch. "Ah, what's this? Did I just get a straight guy hard?" Seth asked rhetorically with a fiendish smile. The bodybuilder was silent, while his already long meat was hardening. Once Seth was done with his display, he reached down for the thick black meat and gave it a rub. "Would you look at that! That's at least a foot of a cock!" he said excitedly. Seth had a gift. Well... two big gifts, actually. And the first was clearly demonstrated now; he could make even the straightest of guys all worked up for his muscled gay self. The captor now lowered his chest, pressing the bodybuilder's meat right in between his pecs, and he flexed them. He then pulled his torso forward, forcing the guy's shaft to rub all over his muscled chest. He tickled the tip with his nipple, then pushed against it with a flex, he let the tip explore his abdominals, and at the end, he lowered completely, and grinded his abs against the twitching shaft for a while, pressing it in between his own and the bodybuilder's. When Seth pulled away, there was a column of pre that stretched from his abdominals to the throbbing meat. "I can't believe you have a girlfriend, hehe." the host noted with satisfaction. When Seth straightened again, the tip of his meat was poking from under the blue band of his jocks. His own shaft was calling to him, begging to be tended to. But the captor resisted his temptations and returned back to teasing his catch. This time, he lowered his arm. He showed off his thick bicep right behind the bodybuilder's throbbing shaft. He flexed the bulge a few times, before he forced the tip in between the muscles of his hand, squeezing it tight and rubbing it up and down. There was a grunt that came from the captured guy. This time it was a grunt of pleasure. Seth truly managed it; he took a larger guy than him, a straight guy that is, and forced him to leak pre all over his biceps. The guy struggled, shivered as he felt his shaft being jerked off by the strong muscles of his captor. He was getting so close. How? How is he this close?! He's straight!! Seth could feel the shivers, the tell tale signs of approaching climax. He let go off that eager meat. Seth then could swear he hard a cry of disappointment, which only made him hornier. "I think it's time, guys!" he noted, announcing the moment all the viewers came for. That other big gift of his. The host moved his head downward, his tongue gave the twitching tip a lick, scooping off that big drop of pre that formed there. Then he pushed all of that meat up into his mouth. The entire foot of shaft we up his mouth and down his throat, bulging out at a spot on his neck. And finally, Seth would start sucking, swallowing, coiling his tongue around the thick meat, slowly pushing and pulling, doing anything he could to force the bodybuilder to cum. It was no hard task as the bodybuilder was practically begging for a release now. A squirt of thick pre gushed out of Seth's own meat and fell onto the bodybuilder's thighs. Seth swallowed. And that was the last bit. The last nudge. The last push the captured and helpless bodybuilder needed to be sent right over the edge. His shaft started sending waves after waves of the bodybuilder's nice, warm, fresh and thick cum, right down Seth's throat. He gulped it down all with ease. And even though that was the bodybuilder's climax, the audience was only getting more and more excited, in anticipation of what's to come. The captured guy was starting to run dry, but Seth was still firmly holding that shaft, sucking and swallowing. "What was he doing?" the bodybuilder wondered. Seth then extended his arms and grabbed onto the guy's thick pecs. Seth sucked hard, powerfully, like a thick drink. There was a tingling sensation on the bodybuilder's chest, right where those unwelcome palms were. Seth seemed to want to suck the bodybuilder completely dry, but then he noticed something. And he was speechless. "It's happening!" somebody typed in the chat. The bodybuilder's pecs were shrinking. The round balloony shape was disappearing. Seth continued to literally suck, as if nothing was amiss. The pecs continued on shirking and shrinking, all of that hard work seemed to be just disappearing. All of the hours on bench press were slipping through the bodybuilder's fingers. It didn't take that long, until the pecs were no more. Just two nipples on a flat ribcage. Seth finally pulled away, released the guy's meat and straightened a bit. The bodybuilder was shocked, while the audience was having the time of their lives. Seth has somehow gained a loot of beef. His pecs were massive compared to the rest of his body. They were not his. They were of his captured bodybuilder! He stole them! Seth flexed those massive pectorals, he cupped them and rubbed them a couple of times, pressed them between his arms to make them super pop out. They were magnificent! Even larger than the bodybuilder's! Seth smirked for a while, displaying his new muscles, only to return to wrapping his lips around the black shaft of his capture, moments later. This time Seth didn't take all of that shaft. Only the head. And he sucked. His hands wrapped around that thick meat. And as if by magic, the shaft was shrinking. Shortening and becoming thinner. One could only imagine where that mass was going. Seth's own shaft was expanding, growing and stretching more and more from under the band of the jockstraps. Seth reached for the heavy orbs, stealing them for himself as well, making his own grow to the size of apples. Seth systematically was sucking all of the bodybuilder's size right out of him. He touched his thighs and he siphoned them right out. Making the tree-trunks look more like toothpicks. He reached for the bodybuilder's shoulder and stole the wide round joints for himself. He slipped to the guy's biceps and started expanding his own. Forcing them to grow so massive, many veins started to pop out, and the arms to look like they didn't belong to that small body. Once he was done making the guy's arms look like sticks, he reached for his abs, and with just a few sucks at his shaft, Seth had all of that mass on his torso, sporting a proud eight-pack, so very cleanly chiseled into his smooth skin. Only thing left in the bodybuilder was his overall size, and that was exactly what Seth lusted for right now. He grabbed onto the guy's hips and started sucking. His frame grew larger and the "bodybuilder's" shrunk. The weight of his growing body was harder and harder for the captured guy to take, as his size reduced to 6'4" then 6'1" followed by 5'8" and all the way down to 5'2". The guy who used to be a massive bodybuilder was just a short black twink now. A twink who had a 8'2" tall, 550lbs bodybuilder on top of him, just barely crushing his bones. Seth finally released the twink's shaft. He straightened and started admiring his newfound size. He explored that gained height, his head firmly pressed against the ceiling, and his arms holding it as if he was Atlas. The jockstraps were long gone, the band snapped and the leathery cloth was laying beside Seth. Finally, there was one last matter to be resolved. Set's massive 1'4" shaft was calling to him. He firmly grasped it and rubbed it right above the tired fellow he captured. He beat that meat vigorously, covering the guy's bare flat chest with his sticky pre. Seth reached for his nipples with his free hand and pushed onto them. Then he cupped his massive meaty pectoral. Then he groped his apple sized orbs, enjoying the heft of his sack. He showed off his biceps, all round and veiny, thicker than the guy's head. He jerked more and more violently, until his orbs started releasing rope after rope of his thick cum, splashing it right into the helpless guy's face, and all over his torso, just before Seth forcefully opened the guy's jaw and forced that meat in. He tried to seal his mouth as tightly with his free hand as he could, forcing the helpless guy to swallow all of the never ending stream of cum gulp by gulp. Seth spent at least a good minute and a half intensively cumming, until the stream finally thinned and slowed down into a leaking trickle which he let drip over the former biceps of his helpless companion. That was it. That was why people loved to watch Seth's streams so much. That is his unmatched gift! "So who wants to be next?" the massive beast of a man asked towards the camera.
  9. New story! Zach and Zane are driving to Leon's house in urgency. "Zach, slow down!" Zane yells. "Marcus sold me this car. I'm gonna drive it like I'm supposed to!" Zach yells back. "Like I said, Leon didn't even do anything!" "Leon was supposed to help you since you REFUSE to use the power I gave you!" "You mean the power that our father genetically gave us?! Yeah, sorry I don't use my power to destroy buildings and cause mayhem in Atlanta!" "Much destruction is needed in this broken ass city, so call it damage control" "Damage control?! So throwing a car through a window because you lost a black jack game is damage control?" "We don't talk about that. Besides we're here." Zach drift his car into a parking spot. Ever since Marcus trained him how to properly drive a car, he's been driving like crazy ever since. A 2016 Ford Mustang. He could do drifts like crazy. Zach and Zane get out and walk up to Leon's apartment door. Apartment 306. Zach knocks on the door very abruptly and loudly. Leon slowly walks up to the door with a gun in his hand. He looks in the peephole and see the 2 people he don't want to see right now. Especially after that scuffle 2 nights ago. "Open the damn door. We know you're home, cuz you're Altima is outside." Zach says. Leon slowly backs up from the door and cocks his gun. He didnt think he had to take a life today, especially 2 people he actually respect. He aims his gun at the door. Its all or nothing at this point. "Ok, this is taking too long." Zach says. Zach's right leg starts growing more muscular and vascular in his sweatpants. His thighs become more shredded and his calfs start to point out like a football. "Back up Zane" With one powerful kick, Leon's door is busted open. It sounded like a grenade went off. Leon started shooting at the twins but no success. The bullets literally stuck to the twins. Leon kept shooting until he ran out of bullets. "You mean to tell me this is your best friend? Since when does your best friend try to kill you?" Zach asks. "He knew the bullets wouldn't kill us. He just using that as a warning to stay back." Zane replies. "Yeah, exactly. The fuck you too niggas want?" Leon says. "Zane over here just got his ass beat, because he refuse to use his powers. And I hear that you were there but you didn't help him. So i just wanna know why." "You really think I would be able to take on those people? They had knifes, golf clubs, bats. Sorry that I'm not, you know, invincible like you are Zach." "So you left your best friend for dead because you were too chicken to even attempt to fight back. I know you had your hand cannon on you. But I,came here to give a little bit of a warning and a punishment. And Zane will assist me whether he likes it or not." "Exactly what are you gonna do to me?" "You'll see." Zach's left leg starts growing to match his right leg. "Lemme give you a recap on what we can do. We are the sons of Hanzo Nakimoto. His greatest feat was the power he inherited from his father, Lance Nakimoto. His power was being able to grow muscles on his body whereever and whenever he pleased. That includes this" Zach then takes his hand and rips his sweatpants and boxers clean off him. His cock is exposed and now growing in front of him. Zach is now smiling at the sight of his cock growing. Leon is looking rather scared of the snake he sees in front of him. "We can even grow our cocks, even they're not a muscle." "What's your point bruh? Are you gonna kick my ass?" Leon asks. "For real, like what are you planning Zach?" Zane asks "Leon needs to know not to leave you behind again." Zach's cock reaches up to the bottom of his chest. Zane is behind him looking real nervous on what his brother is gonna do next. His brother was always a loose cannon ever since he controlled his power. Whether the acts were good or bad, he always left a trail of destruction. Zane refused to use his power because he feared that he would turn out like his brother. Zane was the complete opposite of his brother. He was kind, soft spoken, had a good heart, and never had any bad intentions. He even helped the police to stop criminals when they couldn't. He only used his power when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. But that was rare. Zane is the nicer twin. It's even because of him that Zach isn't in jail yet. "You see this cock up to my chest?? I can grow it to however long and thick I want it. Plus anything natural with it gets stronger too." Zach says. "Such as..?" Leon asks "Such as this." Zach says. Zach's cock shoots a stream of cum upwards and hits the ceiling, denting it. "What the fu- what the hell are you doing?!" Zane yells. "Leons punishment" Zach replies. Leon was completely frozen. Shocked at the sight he just saw. Somebody really nutted in his house, IN HIS HOUSE, and put a dent in the ceiling from that nut, IN HIS HOUSE. "That was just pre, this is a real cumshot." Zachs cock begin hardening, till it becomes harder than steel. Pencil thick veins starts appearing, running from the base of his cock to the tip. Even veins appearing on his balls. Zach's hands turn into fists when another stream of cum next to the dent with the stream going through the roof and into the sky 50 ft in the air. Leon is in disbelief on what he just saw. He just saw the same guy nut again but put a hole IN HIS CEILING. "Whoo that felt good. But I'm not done yet. You're gonna come with me outside" Zach says. "You just put 2 holes in my ceiling! Im not going anywhere with you!" Leon yells. "You're gonna come with me or its gonna get worse." Zach shot another stream of cum upwards and put another hole in the ceiling. "Then I guess I'm gonna pay thousands of dollars to get my house fixed huh?" "Then I guess you can forget driving around for a while too huh?" Leon knew exactly what Zach meant by that. Zach starts walking towards the door with Leon and Zane trying hold him back with no success. Zach pushes Zane to the side and picks up Leon over his head. He throws Leon against a parked car, paralyzing his back. He looks up to see Zach holding his car, A pearl white 2012 Chrysler 300 in the air with both hands over him. He tosses the car straight up 500ft in the air. His cock grows up to his chin, riddled with more veins, and a lot thicker. He arches his back and lets out a big roar as a tsunami of cum shoot out from his cock and into the sky above like a rocket. The cum fly ups straight and hits the chrysler and punches a hole from the bottom and into the car, then it punches a hole through the roof of the car and it breaks into 2 halfs. 20 seconds later, both halfs of the car come crashing down beside Zach, along with a rain of cum showering him. He gives Leon a cold stare as a warning of what he is capable of. "I hope you learned something today. C'mon Zane we're going home" Zach says. Zane helps Leon up from his paralysis and holds him back from attacking Zach. "Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow to help you. Call a uber, go to a hotel and rest." Zane says. The twins get in the mustang and drift off back onto the road. Leon gets out his phone to call an uber and he reflects on the events that have happened in the past 3 days. He gets into a fight, doesn't help his best friend, get his house and car destroyed "Well, unlike my cousin, I only have to deal with 2 and not 7..."
  10. Here now is a re-telling of an old archive favorite, Changed and molded to be my own take on the original story - "Travis Joins the Polo club." DISCLAIMER: all parties in this story are University Students who are OF AGE. Let there be no confusion on that. It is established here and now - and on the first page of the comic. I will probably post further updates here - But if you’d like access to the full story and more behind the scenes - concider stopping by my patreon at www.patreon.com/gymjunkiemuscle and pledging to support this artwork.
  11. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story contains master/slave and hypnosis themes but no violence. Muscle growth is in the last third but I promise it's worth it. I've written dominance stories before but I think I worked harder on this than most. I set it in England because I think the Cockney accent is incredibly sexy. This is also a one shot from me, and it's a complete story. There will be no part 2. England, the 1980s Ed was always there alongside Wesley’s parents from as far back as he could remember. Ed was his father’s bodyguard and right hand man, and he also served as a sort of assistant, preparing meetings for his father and arranging schedules, driving his father around and other things. Wesley grew up adoring Ed. Ed was powerfully built, more so than any father of any boy at school. The few times Wesley saw him changing were always intensely remembered and savored. Ed had the biggest muscles Wesley had ever seen. Ed was taller than his father by six inches, and dominated any room he was in with his presence. He was hired muscle, and as Wesley grew older he realized that Ed was meant to be intimidating to anyone that met with John, whose life was all too brief. Throughout Wesley’s childhood, Ed was always there at his father John’s side, saying “Yes, Master John. Right away, Master John. Would you like some tea, Master John, sir?” Ed was a servant in every way, in spite of his size. His deference to John was unwavering. The level of respect he showed both publicly and privately was intense and absolute. When Wesley was ten, his father, who was a prominent member of government, suffered a stroke and promptly died. His mother vowed that she would never remarry and had a nervous breakdown. They had little in the way of other family members. Both of Wesley’s parents had been only children, and the grandparents were fond of Wesley, but two of them (one grandfather and one grandmother from different sides) were in constant need of medical care, one grandfather was a heroin addict (not publicly known) and the other grandmother had strict religious views that had alienated her daughter. Wesley’s mother put it in writing that Ed, who had been a trusted family friend for ten years and who had worked his way into her trust wholly, would assume temporary guardianship of Wesley, and the lawyers drew up the papers to make it fully legal. Ed would always say “You listen to me, lad. You always listen to Ed. You listen to me, you can’t go wrong. Your father’s gone but I’m here and whenever I tell you somefin’ it’s for your own good, understand?” Wesley’s mother recovered from her breakdown and by that time Wesley had already begun to think of Ed as his real father. John had always been largely absent from his life. There had been nannies and Ed had always been the one to give him guidance. When bullies teased him at school, Ed told him how to stick up for himself, and demand they stop. He taught him a little bit about fighting before his mother put a stop to it. He made sure that Wesley was involved in scouting and had the idea for him to go to a summer camp that taught real survival and military skills, something most posh elites wouldn’t dream of doing for their young boys. Wesley loved being around Ed, and felt slightly guilty that he missed his biological father less and less. His parents were largely insulated from the economic turbulence of the times, and there was constant talk he overheard about the working class and what would become of them. His father had been involved in large scale economic policies. ENGLAND, 1985 In school, Wesley always did exceedingly well. Even when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, Ed told him that nothing could affect his studies. His entire future was riding on what he produced in school. When his mother slipped away, Wesley was 16, almost 17. At this point, Ed had full guardianship and was Wesley’s legal father. But the man still referred to him as “Master Wesley”. He spoke in a heavy Cockney accent and had never talked about his past. Wesley knew he was working class poor a long time ago, and knew that he had to grow up in the streets fighting a lot just to make his way in life. And then the time came for Wesley to go to university. “There now, Master Wesley.” Ed held Wesley’s coat in the air for him to slip his arms into. Wesley was a pretty lad, and all the girls thought so. He had dark shining hair and a pixie face. He hated that he didn’t look anything like his now legal father, whose gruff features: bald head, graying stubble, 40ish appearance complete with craggy skin and a deep voice made him practically ooze masculinity. Not to mention his body, which he had always kept fit, far after his job as a bodyguard had transitioned to merely looking out for Wesley. Ed held the finances and the trust fund until Wesley was of legal age, and now that he had to hand it over, the time had come to tell Wesley. “You ‘ave to make a decision, Master Wesley. Regardin’ your finances. This is a rather delicate matter to bring up, but it ‘as to be brought up.” Ed stood over the boy, almost a foot taller and oozing power in his black suit and red tie. “As you know, you are inheritin’ a substantial sum, but it ain’t going to be enough to last forever. And you ‘ave to decide whether or not you want me to stay ‘ere with you.” “Of course I want you to stay! You’re my father! I mean, I know I don’t call you that. But you are. Aren’t you?” “I’ll always be there for you, and you’re the son I nevah ‘ad,” Ed began. “But the truth is, I need to make a livin’ and I ‘ave a bit of a confession for you. I have taken money out of the family fortune over the years and started a side business. I replaced what I took and made sure it’s all there for you. I want you to know because I love you, and have made sure you’ve done everything right to get ahead in life. That’s been my job. I’ve made your meals and I’ve not been able to protect you from grief and loneliness. I’ve failed because I’ve put a lot of time into my business dealings, because I knew the money wouldn’t last. You ‘ave enough to go to a prestigious university and then enough for maybe a few years more. It won’t last. That’s why I did this. So we could be a family. I know I’m a man of few words, lad, but you ‘ave to know that.” “I know. I always know. You’re my hero,” Wesley said, looking up at the proud face of his former servant, the man who had called him the rather elitist and pompous affectation of “Master” since his birth. “And one more thing. I don’t think you should call me “Master Wesley”. Ed laughed a gruff laugh. “It’s what your mother wanted, and I promised her before she died. She didn’t want you to call me father or dad. That’s why I never let you call me anything but ‘Ed’. But I always thought of you as my son and always will.” “So…what’s this business?” “You’ll find that out over time. I’m going to show it to you, but not yet. I want you to go to university. Make friends for once. You have a brand new start at this. Don’t fuck it up, mate.” Ed grinned and Wesley grinned with him. “I’m really proud of you. I didn’t know you were that smart. I mean I knew you were smart but-“ “I just felt you should know the whole truth. I’d never to anything to endanger you, lad. I want to make sure I’m every bit the provider your parents were.” “I love you, Ed.” “I love you, too, Master Wesley.” Wesley grinned. “Stop calling me that.” Ed laughed. Over the next few months, Ed took over the family estate, which was a rather nice house in the country and Wesley started going to school. Wesley came home for winter and summer breaks and would always do minor paperwork for Ed, who was creating the foundation for a business venture. And then after a year and a half, Wesley, who was 18, came home for Christmas. He was greeted at the train station by Ed, who was dressed in a really sharp blue suit (black was his usual color, so it was a nice change to see) and several men that Ed introduced as his employees, and both of them were bald like him, well muscled, and had firm handshakes. One of them was younger, though bald, his face was young. But strong. He wore a leather jacket and grinned like a Cheshire cat. He sized Wesley up with his eyes and smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. The other man was older and dressed in a dull brown suit and had graying hair on the sides he shaved, but had a look of danger to him that Wesley immediately sensed. Their names were Pete and Ian. They took Wesley out to dinner near a pub and had a good time asking him about school and hushed up when Wesley asked them about their jobs. “We’ll discuss that later, lad,” Ed told him. “Finish your dinner and we’ll continue this at home.” When they got home, it was just the two of them. “So do you ‘ave girlfriend yet?” “No. No, I don’t,” Wesley said shyly and blushed, trying to avoid the subject. “Wesley, I’m goin’ to ask you somefin’ very important. I want you to answah me ‘onestly. Are you gay?” Wesley wanted to run out of the room. “Look at me!” Ed commanded. Wesley looked up. “Yes. I’m sorry!” He wanted to cry and scream. “Hey. Hey. None of those tears here. You think I give two fucks? You’re my son and I love you.” Ed took his hands and cupped them around Wesley’s face. “Dad..” Wesley had never really used the word before. Ed hugged him and held him for a few minutes, comforting him with a strong hand running up and down his back.” “That’s alright now, isn’t it? You’re right as rain is what you are.” Ed clapped him on the back. “And I’ve known for quite some time, you know.” “How did you know?” “I knew when you were a little boy. You tried to sneak a peek at me whenever you could. All you wanted was to come into my bedroom whenever I was undressing. Your mother made me lock my door after enough times.” “I’m..I’m sorry.” “Don’t be sorry. Sorry is for lesser men. You’re the son of a great man who did great things and don’t you forget it.” “Yes, sir.” Ed grabbed a beer from the fridge and handed another one to Wesley. “I think you could use one of these, lad.” “I’ve never had beer.” “Never? How long have you been at college for? Should have gone to some parties by now! Don’t tell me you’re hiding away from everyone, still.” Wesley sipped his ale. “Oh! That’s um…wow.” “You’ll get used to it. You’re a man, now. To you and your future.” He clinked their bottles together. “I joined a gym. A few months ago.” “Did you now?” Ed had showed him how to lift weights a few years before but Wesley hadn’t been interested. Ed brought that up. “I was…embarrassed.” “Why were you embarrassed?” “Because I got…” “You got excited watchin’ me? Is that it?” Ed sipped his beer. “It’s alright. Lots of men at the gym like watchin’ me. One of the reasons I go.” Wesley sipped his ale delicately and nearly spit it out. “What, you think you’re the only bloke that likes dick, mate?” Wesley was so shocked he didn’t know what to say? “Yeah, I like men. I like fuckin’ their pussies ‘til they scream bloody murder. Course I could never do it here. Though I admit since you moved out I’ve had a few boys over.” “That’s…I…don’t know what to…say.” “Say what you feel. That’s ‘ow I raised you.” Ed said sternly. “I think it’s hot,” Wesley whispered out loud, barely able to get his words out. “Sorry, I ‘ad trouble ‘earin’ you. What did you say, lad?” “I said that’s very hot, sir.” Wesley said, much more loudly. Ed belted out a laugh. “Now that’s more like it. You think it’s hot for two blokes to ‘ave a go, eh? Come ‘ere, Wesley.” The older man held Wesley again and this embrace was different. Wesley finally felt like he could let go of whatever held him back. He couldn’t explain what he was feeling. “I’ve always liked looking at you,” he whispered. “Go on,” Ed said, rocking back and forth with Wesley in his embrace. “You weren’t like other dads, you were better. Stronger. More manly. Taught me things no one else did. Like how to find things to eat in the wilderness and make tents and traps. Even though we didn’t actually get to use them,” he stifled a laugh. “I looked up to you. I didn’t want you to think I was weak.” “I don’t think that. I think you’re a very smart young lad. I was always rubbish at school.” Ed noticed Wesley’s grip was becoming tighter. “You’re like me. You’re gay.” “Yes. Yes, but you always came first, you ‘ave to know that.” “I do.” Wesley could feel Ed’s hot beer breath on his cheeks and moaned. “Alright. I think I know what you want,” Ed whispered in his ear. “Do you want Dad to take you into his bedroom?” “Yes,” Wesley croaked out his answer. “God, yes.” “Oh, little boy you are about to make me so ‘appy!” And before he knew it Ed was scooping him up in his arms and casually holding him in his iron biceps as they made their way to Ed’s bed. Ed shut the door with his foot and laid Wesley down and took off his shoes. “Do you want your Dad to make you feel real good?” “Yes, yes I’ve always wanted that!” “Take your clothes off. I’ll make a man out of you, yet.” Ed took off his suit jacket and loosened his tie. Wesley slowly took off his sweater. He was shaking from excitement. His smile burst through suddenly, as he removed his shirt. “I’ve been working out a little. Not anywhere near as big as you, but…” Ed ran a hand over his son’s abs. “That’s nice. I like that quite a lot.” Ed got behind Wesley and seductively swayed his hips back and forth slowly, feeling his son’s bony frame. Wesley was his son now and was about to become much, much more. Wesley was half his size, but compact and not an ounce of fat on him. The muscle was so minimal as to be pathetic. If he didn’t know any better he’d swear the boy was part Japanese, he was so small. At best his dick was only two inches long, and he couldn’t have been taller than 5’2”. “Do you know what I want from you, boy?” he whispered huskily into Wesley’s ear. “I want you to suck off my big prick and eat up all of my cum.” Wesley moaned. “Now I’m warnin’ you, I’ve got a big ‘un so you better learn quick, son.” Ed firmly turned Wesley around and undid the boys belt and his pants dropped. He yanked down the boys underwear with a smirk on his face. “What an adorable dick you got. Want to see mine?” He took off his tie first, and wore an arrogant smile on his face as he did so. He took off the shirt slowly, and Wesley stood there shaking from the chill as he savored the outline of the only man he’d ever really looked up to, worshiped even, the muscles pushing out the shirt and filling it out as it strained against the large man’s frame. The shirt came off and there was more chest hair than Wesley expected on a frame of a much younger man, every inch powerful and muscular. Ed exuded power. His chest was mounds of solid muscle. His arms were like a gorilla’s and Wesley started drooling over the man who had always towered over other men and made them look weak in comparison, himself included. He’d been jerking off to the thought of Ed for years now. Ed shoved his pants down and stepped out of them with a hungry look, and every part of him oozed sexual confidence. He stood with his dick trying to break free from the jock strap he was wearing and rubbed the throbbing erection against his son’s stomach. He was much taller than Wesley and his dick was almost at Wesley’s chest. “Lick it. Lick it for me. Taste it with the sweat still there.” Wesley looked up at him with a twinkle in his eyes. The boy had never been so thrilled in his life and Ed was relieved. The minute Wesley ran his tongue against his almost too-big dick he instantly knew this kid was made to be a sub. He sucked on Ed’s balls through the mesh fabric for a while and licked the dick and moaned some before Ed delicately drew down his jock strap inch by inch until the lad greedily tasted his stepdad’s cock for the first time. It was heaven, that mouth. He looked down at the lad with his angelic features and wide eyes looking for approval, his dick head gently being sucked by the boy he’d raised. He moaned in pleasure. “That’s a good lad. What a pretty boy you are. What a pretty mouth for me to fuck. But now I want you to take it into your throat, lad. You’re going to gag but I want you to do it. It will hurt but you’re goin’ to learn to suck a real man’s dick tonight. Are you ready?” With his dick still firmly being sucked, Wesley nodded. “Good lad.” He positioned himself and Wesley so that Wesley was kneeling more and he slipped his dick further and further down the lads throat. “Breathe through your nose, little darlin’. Just through the nose. That feels right good. That feels proper nice!” Wesley felt the force of the man’s hands pushing him down onto the dick and it was heaven. He was finally with another man, and it was the man he’d spent his teen years dreaming of, even though he had hated himself for it. He started coughing but kept on. He was gagging on the dick as it had inflated to its full nine inch capacity and the tears flowed over his cheeks. It went on for an hour, with him sputtering, coughing, gagging, and he nearly threw up three times. Ed slipped his dick out every now and then to make sure his little darlin’ was doin’ alright. They moved to the bed where Ed could lie down to get some right proper sucking. He creamed so much so suddenly that Wesley didn’t know what hit his mouth and then when he realized his mouth was full of man cum he started swallowing it. It tasted like gel candy and sweat, the sweat of hard man labor. He could cry from the sheer pleasure of eating a part of Ed, the part of his manhood. He sucked and sucked until there was no more cum and Ed picked him up and held him and dry humped him gently for a few more minutes. “That was nice.” “I don’t want anyone else. No one but you.” “Hush now. We’ll talk about that later…” The next day, they got dressed and Ed wore the proud smile of a man who had conquered his conquest. Wesley felt in bliss when he had woken up with the much bigger man looking down on him, stubble rough and brown on the man’s face and he felt a sudden wish that he could grow facial hair of that kind, but he was 18 and still had never needed to shave. His own face was smooth as a 12 year old’s. When Ed had climbed on top of Wesley and brushed his stubbled mouth to kiss his own, he didn’t want it to stop, this feeling of a big strong giant with muscled arms as big as his head putting a rough hand on his face and giving it a gentle squeeze as he beamed looking at his new fuck toy. “Now today,” Ed said as he prepared some oatmeal. “I’m goin’ to take you to town and we’re goin’ to visit the business. Coz there are things you need to see. And I know you’re goin’ to make me proud.” The drive was largely silent as Wesley was still basking in the afterglow of sucking his new dad’s dick and emptying his balls. He could still feel the taste of Ed in his mouth and every time he thought about it exchanged a knowing glance with his new father. The building was non-descript and somewhat on the outskirts of town. Old, brick, three story. A bunch of pubs lined the street down the way. Between there were some cheap housing units. Ed was wearing a power suit and Wesley felt something was off when they arrived. Wesley looked up at the building and hadn’t expected it to be in this part of town. He gave Ed a questioning look and the older man just said: “Follow me.” Ed was so confident and strode into the place like a man who truly knows how to carry himself in the world. A woman in a lavender outfit came out to greet him. She had orange-brown curly hair that lustrously fell over his shoulders. “Why Mr. Bester. How lovely to see you, sir. And is this..?” “This is Wesley. Wesley, this here’s Anne.” “Wesley, lovely to meet you.” “Let’s have some tea, shall we sweetheart?” They took tea in a small room meant for visitors. The furniture was very nice and antique. The inside of the building was well decorated in Edwardian and Victorian aged furniture. Wesley sipped his tea and was brimming with questions, though he’d begun to suspect what was happening his heart was beating twice as fast.” “So, then. Wesley, this is my business. The money pays the rent and the business more than pays for itself. I have a staff of 8 girls and they’re all good at their jobs.” “You…have sex for money?” “Yes, dear. Do you have a problem with that?” “No, but I am incredibly worried you’ll wind up in jail.” Wesley turned to Ed who grinned like Wesley had just told a good joke and was holding back laughter. “Son, that won’t be a concern. The local police are some of our best customers. We keep things quiet. It’s a classy joint. We talk with any boys comin’ here that they’re on their best behavior. I have some big young scrappy boys I’ve hired to look after these girls. And it’s worked quite well. For three years now.” “What about the local government? What if someone gets wind?” “The mayor and practically every member of his immediate staff, that’s about four men all come here, though some are regulars and some only occasional visitors. They’ve all been compensated. It’s a small enough town so if you don’t make noise, you won’t get hurt. Of course, that’s just the beginning.” Anne smiled knowingly and exchanged a glance with Ed. “There’s another establishment I run ‘bout fifty miles from here. Once a month a bunch of lads meet for fights.” “Fights?” “Fightin’ is how I made my way up in the world. I was fighting underground since fifteen and made quite a lot of cash, well for then anyways, by beatin’ up lads older than me. I got out after a while to do construction. But I was muscle for some local gangsters. It’s time you heard this story as it concerns your father, lad. I know you thought the world of your dad but he used resources to keep this whole area, well, in balance you could say. Lots of crime in other parts of the country nearby but here there’s a balance. Over the last twenty years I have had ties with anyone underground. These are bad men that do bad things, but they kept their noses clean in this town because your dad paid them well to make sure they didn’t do anything serious here, and they did good things eventually. Helped out a few girls that were in a bad way from some other bad men, if you get my drift. Anyways. Your father and me, we took care of things on the side without goin’ through the law. But only when we had to. Things you don’t need to know about. But it bonded us together. And right now, well, I sort of run the show. The big boss handed the reins over to me so he could retire. I’m the perfect man for the job. I kept up ties with all your dad’s friends. I help them out and they help me out.” “You’re saying you’re…actually a gangster. Sir.” “Well. When you put it that way, yes. But you see, lad, the plan was always to get out. I’m an expert in protection services that are not entirely on the up and up, and I learned all about legal security with your father and his sort. In the next few years I’m going to invest in security services, form a security company and place men across the country who have ample experience from the other end of things. Well, some of them. A man who knows how that sort of thing works knows how to prevent it. We’ll provide bodyguards, guards for posh neighborhoods, guards for shopping areas. And that will be just the start…but what do you think, son?” “I think I trust you. And I won’t worry about you if you tell me not to. And I love you.” “Would you like to meet the other girls?” Anne asked sweetly. Ed nodded in the affirmative so they went upstairs. Each room had a different girl and Wesley shook hands with each one. He felt dirty doing so, oddly and blushed often. Ed’s plan had gone according to plan entirely. When Wesley’s father John died suddenly, Ed knew he could seize upon the opportunity. His original plan had been to seduce the widow and marry her, but not long after she began mourning she started having a lot of pain and not long after that the cancer diagnosis. It was at that point Ed had begun to notice how often Wesley conveniently came in to the bathroom while he was inside. He left the door left unlocked on purpose, just to catch a glimpse of the boy’s face. And he knew that puppy love would blossom someday, and that his rise would be instrumental in making Wesley his ultimate fantasy. A true proper son to be his loyal fuck and suck would be a dream! “Have you chosen a major yet?” he asked Wesley in a local pub over a pint a bit after midday. No one else was in the pub. “No, I’m afraid not. I’m not sure what to do with my life.” “You’ll major in finance and business. You’re going to be a money man. And you’re going to make money your bitch and the world with it.” “What about you? I mean, that is to say-“ “I’ll make you into mine. Would you like that?” Ed was so gruff and startlingly firm that Wesley wanted to sit in his lap and just be held. “Yes, sir.” “Good. It’s settled, then. Now, let’s finish this, and I’ll take you home. I’ve got some things to do with my men. You met them at the train station. They’re loyal and they know how to be smart about what we do, so just respect them if they ever come round. You don’t ever give them grief and they’re to do the same.” Ed was so much more powerful than Wesley ever dreamed. The man had orchestrated so many different levels of power it was mind boggling. The man had come with nothing and Wesley had been handed everything. It made him feel inferior to his new dad and he wanted to do everything he could to prove himself worthy and useful for him. He would not disappoint. He got near perfect marks all throughout school. He sailed through finance, though business was a bit harder. The double major was difficult but not impossible. Ed would invite him to come home once a month from university and they would have a sit down about some matters of investment, planning for the future. And then Ed would take him to bed. The first time Ed fucked him had been so massive. Literally, his dick hurt so badly that Wesley was glad he had all of winter break to heal. He was under orders to use a dildo every chance he could get, and luckily he had the resources to afford his own single room without bunkmates. Just feeling his dad’s wet cockhead sliding along his ass before deciding on the hole to enter and then being able to say “Oh, dad. Oh Dad dad dad dad dad…” It was his mantra while the cock entered him and truly made a man out of him. He cried out in sheer joy as his dad conquered him, a man twice his size but grateful for his son’s pussy. ENGLAND, 1989 By the time Wesley graduated, he did so with full honors and no one had been prouder or clapping as loudly as Ed. And then Ed brought him home and put him to work right away. By this time the security business was up and running. Wesley had helped him form all the documentation along with the lawyers Ed hired. He was on the ground floor of a business form the ground up and used it for ideas and inspiration for his classes. He was often one step ahead of other students because of the real world experience he was getting. Ed used the fighting ring to look for potential security men who could be motivated to go straight and a lot of them were so poor the crime they’d done was little in comparison to the chance to work for Mr. Edward Bester. Those boys he chose he also groomed. They would be good lads, or they’d regret crossing him if they chose to double cross their employer. There were government men that came to their home sometimes and Wesley was not privy to those conversations. All he knew is that they asked Ed to do things and he made them happy, and they were indebted to him for that. It made Ed trustworthy and also powerful. A contract was signed and suddenly his company was going to be one of the biggest in all of England. He would have to hire hundreds of men. Wesley became a very useful asset to the company as it grew, and it grew fast. Edward Bester, the boy from the streets who never went to school a day after the age of 12 was now CEO of a company where a dozen college-educated men all answered to him and called him “SIR”. He wore expensive suits and dominated any room he was in. If Mr. Bester looked at you with just one withering look, you knew not to cross him even slightly, and you performed your job with perfection. He was not unkind or sentimental, but the perfect serious man, unmoved by emotion with just the right amount of swagger. Wesley and he had shared a bed for several years. College had been difficult but now that his career had taken off they were able to be together the way they’d always dreamed. Things had gradually changed for the two of them as Ed made slight requests, one at a time, very carefully. The first request was that Wesley, in addition to calling him “Dad” began referring to him as “Boss” or “Sir.” “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot, Sir.” The next request was that Wesley start wearing women’s nightclothes on occasion and though he was reluctant, it made his dad very happy to slip a red bit of lingerie on his son and call him a girl while he fucked him with what was now a very well used hole. “Who’s a good girl?” “I am, sir. Thank you, sir.” “I’m going to ride your ass, girl. Like a woman. Would you like to be my woman, Wesley? Huh? Would you?” “Yes, sir!” Wesley never turned down a request. In fact he looked forward to them. Ed bought some leather daddy outfits, things he had had specially made. He would use Wesley in just about every position. One day he brought home a sling that he set up in one room so that he could hoist Wesley up by ropes and the fuck him while he hovered in mid-air. It was ecstasy for the both of them. One night, he took Wesley aside and asked him: “I’d like you to do somefin’ for me, little man. I’d like it a lot if at home you only call me one thing. Do you remember what I used to call you, when I was your dad’s man?” “You used to call me Master Wesley.” “Right. Like a proper gentulman from the old days. But what I really want is to be the Master of this House.” “Yes, Master.” “And I’d like to make some changes. Now, I know you work hard for the company, and you’re starting up the investment side of things, but…honestly I just keep seeing you dressed up and ready to serve. Would you like that?” Wesley was willing so that night he served Master Ed with a silver tray. Ed had a butler’s uniform he made Wesley wear. And then when Ed got horny he could easily access Wesley’s ass because the pants had a big hole in them for being fucked. “Not the rich little boy lord anymore, are you, boy? I’m the Master of this house, now, aren’t I? You like that don’t you? You like being a servant! Say it!” “I like being a servant. I want to be a servant, Master! You’re the Master of the House, sir!” And so on weekends, and also when they got home from work, Wesley would wear the butler’s uniform and wait hand and foot on Master Ed, or sometimes he’d wear a leather pair of underwear straps and he would start the day by waiting on his new Master by any means necessary. He was now sleeping on the floor on a small pallet, and then upon awakening would begin his new day as a practical slave. He would make breakfast and lay it out before Master awoke. He would satisfy Master’s sexual urges whenever Master asked. He would bow and worship Master if Master asked. He would buy presents for Master randomly to show him his affection. He would serve Master, taking his shoes off, his coat, and Master began snapping his fingers to command him. He knew in an instant when to kneel, when to bow, and when to start licking Master’s boots. Master would read a book or newspaper at the dining table while getting his massive dick sucked off. No matter how much he exercised, Wesley would only be fairly thin and toned and never ever have his Master’s bulk. Master would work out with big dumbbells in front of his boy, and demand worship. “Look how much bigger than you I am, slave! It’s pathetic, really. Lick that bicep, lad.” Wesley would lick all the sweat off Master’s body, he would clean the house in the nude, he would take calls and then go outside to run errands with clothing. Eventually when he did this it began to feel wrong. It began to feel wrong to wear clothes, even if it was cold. “Do you love me, slave?” Ed asked after several months of weekend slavehood. For that is what he now was, and Ed openly referred to him as a slave when they were at home. “Yes, Master, I do. I love you with all my heart, Master.” “Would you do anything I ask you to? No questions asked?” “Yes, sir.” “I’ve invited a few men over tonight. They are all gay men and all of them are powerful. They are all going to fuck you in front of me.” Wesley’s eyes grew wide. He had never been fucked by anyone but Master Edward. “These men will use condoms and lube. They will fuck you in the sling if they prefer, or possibly on the rack. We’ll see. You will do this and you will beg them for more. You will make them feel like real men, even though none of them look like me, none of them can hold a candle to me. I am still the only one you call Master. Do you understand that, fairy?” Master had taken recently to calling Wesley names. It excited Master and Wesley alike. “Yes, sir. I want to please them, sir.” And that night he did. A group of older men, all in expensive suits lounged in the dining room smoking cigars. The gangsters Pete and Ian were there, as well as some rich blokes. Master Edward joined them, though smoking was rare for him, he did enjoy a good cigar and brandy every now and then. Wesley stood naked as he was told while the men sized him up. “This is my son, and he will be your fuck toy tonight.” “You are the luckiest man in the world, I think,” said one. He was tall and balding and wore a large mustache. Another had short gray hair with sterling eyes, very stern looking, almost like an older military sort. The third was fatter and wore a beard. They ordered Wesley to sit down with his hands tied behind his back, fucked his mouth and his ass at the same time. By then he was in the sling. All night long dicks were in his mouth and ass as they took turns, both Master Edward and his three friends. Cigar smoke filled his lungs. “Have you ever smoked, lad?” Master Edward asked. “No, sir. I’m not the man you are, sir.” “Inhale this. Take a puff.” Wesley did so off the cigar and he felt his lungs burn with tobacco for the first time. He moaned with pleasure over doing something so dirty. “Do you think you’re a real man, then? Like us?” “No, I’ll never be the real man you are, sir.” “Little fairy cunt. Open your mouth, faggot. I’m going to give you another test. See if you can smoke this entire cigar while I personally fuck you.” Wesley did so and it was not easy to smoke without his hands but he didn’t drop the cigar while Master fucked his ass. Master’s muscles throbbed and his bald head shone in the dim light. His pecs shook as he pummeled his son and the three men watched in equal amounts disbelief and ecstasy. “What a good little slave cunt you are. Give me that cigar, cunt.” And so it began. At work, father and son were respected. Wesley was a vice president of operations and was kept busy by the ever expanding need for security. Men dominated the building. Almost everyone in the company was large, well-built, and dominant. More than a few would give him the look of a predator sizing up their prey. His father tended to surround himself with men who were secretly gay. He had a new house in London that he frequented on occasion and would approach men who used rentboys with opportunities to come work for him. He would use the owner to make connections. 90% of his staff were well educated gay men on the downlow. He never invited these men home to fuck Wesley. But he did invite them over for circle jerks. A few caught Wesley’s eye. It was important to Ed that no one knew about their Master/slave relationship from work. That was their domain and he wanted Wesley to command respect within the company. A few men did ask to fuck Wesley, though. He was a very pretty man and in his twenties he was much prettier than most. What he discovered through the gay paradise his new Master had created was that he was incredibly attractive to larger muscular men who wanted the chance to fuck a much smaller man. Two of them began to do so while others watched. Their circle jerk club had expanded to 15 employees. Pete and Ian were there, transitioning from gangster to office workers, though they were on call to intimidate at Ed’s whims. Anyone who discussed anything to anyone was certain to be fired, and have his legs broken. Everyone knew Master Ed wasn’t joking about that. Monthly orgies were common in their house. Men would fuck in every corner of their home, and it became a shrine to gay sex. Wesley had been fucked by at least ten of the staff now. Sometimes they would line up and beg him for his boy pussy. Everyone was very respectful of Master Edward’s only son. One day, he was at his Master’s feet when Master was reading his newspaper. “Fetch me a cigar, lad. And a whiskey.” Wesley did so. He cut the cigar carefully for Master and watched in delight as Master lit it up. Master had grown a beard of late, and it made him look even manlier and respectable. Smoke curled up and then a cloudbank of tobacco bloomed from his lips. “You know I have enough money to take care of you for life. If anythin’ were to ‘appen to me, you would be well kept, lad.” “Yes, Master. But-“ “Don’t interrupt me,” Master sternly rebuked. “I’m sorry, sir.” Wesley blushed. “Now, where was I? I think it’s time we changed your occupation, don’t you? You weren’t made to be a cutthroat businessman and we both know it.” Wesley’s heart started to fall. “Have I done something wrong?” “No, no. You haven’t done anythin’ wrong. It’s just…you’ll never command respect. You just aren’t that type of man. And you aren’t really happy doin’ any of this. I know what makes you ‘appy. What makes you ‘appy is servin’ men bigger than you, which is most.” “Yes, sir.” “I’d like to arrange for you to be my willing slave at home. I’ll be conductin’ business less, say four days a week. I’ll be here longer and when I’m not here, you’ll do projects from home for the business. And then when I find willin’ men who want a boy whore you will suck their dicks for cash like the faggot you are.” Master Ed said all of this calmly and efficiently. “Many of them know you already. And all of them are prepared to keep their mouths shut when they fuck you. Fuck you like a whore.” That weekend things had changed considerably. Master made his announcement that Wesley was no longer going to work for the company and that he was to become a permanent sub, and that his slavehood would extend to the entire company of gay men that took part in orgies. “So we can order him around, sir?” asked a tall blond man whose name was Carl. “Yeah, but you got to pay for that. There will be a slave fee for anyone wantin’ him on your own time.” And so it began that Master Edward began renting Wesley as a slave to the other men, all of them masculine, strong, big, and tall. The men mostly took to it very well for they had been acclimated to the idea of owning a slave in secret. Most of them got Wesley at least twice a month. He would come to their houses, clean up, do sexual favors, etc. A typical week would go: MONDAY – David David was a skinhead, with a Cockney accent much like Master Edward. “Oi. Are you done with the bathroom yet, slave?” “Yes, Master David.” “Well then get over here in the fucking living room and suck my cock like a good bitch!” TUESDAY – Carl Carl was 27, tall and blond and rowed a lot in university. “Hey slave, did you make my chips yet?” “Yes, Master.” “Good, serve them on your knees to me and grovel.” “Master Carl you are so manly, please accept my humble servitude. Please allow me to serve you and be your slave.” “Alright, I will. Lick the mud off my boots now. I want to see you do that. Fuckin’ slave cunt.” WEDNESDAY – Keith Keith was 40, graying hair and an aristocratic look. “Why hello, slave. Are you done ironing my pants yet?” “Almost, sir, Master Keith.” “Well when you’re done I want you to come over to my bedroom. I want my cock sucked. Don’t be too long.” “Yes, Master.” THURSDAY – Richard Richard was a smirking power hungry beast of a ginger. At six foot eight, he was one of the tallest men Wesley had ever seen up close. “I’m going to spank you, you dumb cunt. Would you like that?” “Yes, Master Richard.” Richard also liked to humiliate him. Made him bark like a dog and fed him out of a dog bowl. It turned him on so hard he nearly creamed himself just watching the slave lick his dinner out of a metal dog dish on the floor. FRIDAY – Gino Gino was half ItalWesley and half English and had olivine skin and a deep five o clock shadow, and wide laughter lines all over his face. His slick black hair was always perfectly combed and coiffed. “Hey, slave. Go get me a beer.” He grinned so widely. “Yes, Master.” “Hey, slave. Turn on the tell for me.” “Yes, Master.” “Jerk off for me, slave. Show me you think I’m hot.” “Yes, Master.” And on weekends he would come home and serve Master Edward. One day, though, he came home and found a young lad, around the age of 17 washing dishes in the kitchen, in an apron. The boy was flawlessly attractive, with rich auburn hair and stunning eyes. A clean face devoid of facial hair. “This is Devon,” Master Edward said, introducing them. “Devon is my new slave boy.” “What?” “Now I know what you’re thinking and he isn’t ‘ere to replace you. Don’t worry your pretty little head like a woman. I know you do.” Wesley blushed. “Devon ‘ere is just a beautiful addition to our family and ‘e’s goin’ to be makin’ us both very ‘appy.” “Hello, sir.” “Sir?” “It’s time for you to take your rightful place and ‘ave a slave yourself. Devon ‘ere will call you and me both as Master.” It was a shocking turn for Wesley, but he accepted anything his Master said as gospel. Edward helped himself to a cigar while the boys got acquainted. What a lucky man he had been. If only Wesley knew how good that luck was in reality. For Wesley had never imagined that Edward had been slowly over the years he had been raising him, giving him a chemical compound in his food. He had raised the boy from a small age to want to serve. He had procured the chemical from a scientist that Wesley’s father John knew. ENGLAND, 1979 He remembered the day well, when the man showed up in the pouring rain. He spent hours in John’s study and John related the story to him. A wet, homely looking middle aged man with glasses had come to the door. John and he went into his study. There were sounds of a scuffle. Ed had knocked on the door and asked if everything was alright. “Don’t come in! Just don’t!” John screamed. The door opened and the man calmly walked out and John followed suit. “What was that, sir?” “Long story. Come on. Have a drink with me.” John told him what happened. The man was a scientist of the highest echelon who had found a way to create a serum that would make anyone into a willing slave, but only over time. He had given John all his notebooks. “Why did he give you these?” “We’re…old friends. When he showed me the vial I don’t know what came over me. I just took it from him and looked at it and then I did something rather unspeakable. I lunged at him, pinned him down and made him swallow all of it.” “You did WHAT? Sir, you are in the House of Lords. You can’t afford a scandal.” “You don’t understand. It worked. You have to dilute it, he said. Said that in its pure form it could be dangerous. Well, I just didn’t think that anyone should know about it. He wanted M16 to have it, but I told him to never speak of it to anyone. Works like hypnotism, anyone who swallows it has to do what you tell them. I had to slam his arm on the floor so he’d open his mouth.” “And now?” “Now he has to obey my instructions. He will go about his life as normal and not ever tell anyone about this night ever again.” “Sir, and you think he will keep ‘is trap shut, sir?” “I do. He was never one to lie and I’m afraid I can’t let it fall into the wrong hands. The truth of what happened here tonight must never leave this house.” John poured himself a brandy. John put all the scientist’s findings in a safe. The incident blew over but a week later John had his unfortunate stroke and died. The first thing Ed did after everyone went home and the grieving widow went to stay with relatives was crack the safe. A bunch of gold was in there, as well as the notebooks. He took the notebooks. He was able to replicate the formula but it wasn’t easy and some items took some doing to find. Part of the way the formula worked was that whoever “imprinted” their voice onto you shortly after ingestion was going to be the only one the hypnotic suggestion worked for. In other words, if he was the first person to talk to you after you drank part of the solution, his voice would be the one you obeyed, but not anyone else’s. At least not if you didn’t talk to anyone within the timeframe of an hour. Ed had used the formula in only small amounts on Wesley over the years, gaining his following, his adoration. But part of the consequence of using it on it on a young test subject was that the puberty of said subject would be delayed quite considerably. Wesley wasn’t even able to cum until he turned 17, and was far mor underdeveloped than most boys. His dick was only 2 inches long for fuck’s sake. No facial hair yet and the lad was nearly 27 years old. He looked no older than the boy Devon he was talking to in the other room. Ed had felt no guilt in using Wesley as his test subject but had come to truly love the lad. He was his for life now, that much was certain, and he wanted to rectify certain things now. He had an entire company filled with gay men that did his bidding because he had dosed every single one of them with slave juice. He had dosed all the organized criminals in the area as well. It wasn’t really a very hard ascent to power. It took a very short time for him to dominate his world, and get dozens of men and eventually hundreds to worship the ground he walked on. He could snap his fingers at any one of them and they would jump at the opportunity to do his bidding. ENGLAND, 1997 One day, Ed decided to track down the original scientist who created the hypno formula that worked so well to create slaves for his enjoyment and well being. He couldn’t dose the man since he’d already been imprinted but he did find out where he worked. He had a detective put together a list of potential victims and eventually dosed a man with high clearance. This man was a biochemist. One of the smartest men in the world. Ed put him to work right away. He explained the slave formula and said he wanted to make an antidote. Even though the man had been dosed he understood his own predicament. He lived to serve Ed, but knew if he wanted a life of his own again, he would have to invent an antidote. Not just an antidote. With the notes of the original scientist, who had been told to never share those findings with anyone, they discovered the secrets of how to change the male human brain. There were a few “switches” and the slave switch worked quite well. But what about a “master” switch? As it turned out, there was one. But it wasn’t quite enough. The first formula worked mentally but also physiologically. Wesley was barely into the first stage of puberty even though he was 27 and Ed wanted to know if that process could be sped up, if it was possible to grow the lad. The new scientist slave admitted that muscle growth technology had existed for over twenty years but that it had been utterly repressed due to the side effects. Ed smiled. “What might those be?” he had asked. He ordered the scientist to never mention his name to anyone, ever, or mention any of their conversations. He then ordered him to create a batch of the serum. Ed had given Wesley a brandy to drink. The lad rarely ever drank alcohol as it was usually reserved for masters. Wesley’s transformation to submissive slave was based on Ed’s whims and they had grown stronger over the years. But now he had so many slaves that he wanted to shake things up a bit and create a TRUE son, a son that would be perfect to take his name. Any true son of his would have to be a born master. As Wesley drank the brandy, he noticed something happening with him and Devon. He was feeling very strange. All his life he had felt inferior to other men and had wanted nothing more than to serve them. But now that he was with Devon, and his master father had given him the go ahead, he couldn’t believe he was warming up to the idea! He had become so used to being a slave that the idea of domination was to him, unthinkable. He didn’t talk to Devon much. He sat in the armchair his master had usually occupied and surmised the boy. He was definitely a pretty boy, prettier even than Wesley. He looked like a model. His eyes were so deep and blue, his hair was so auburn brown it shone. His face so bright and happy and beckoning. Wesley sat in the chair and finished the brandy. “Get over here.” “Yes, sir.” “Strip your clothes.” “Yes, master.” Wesley felt a thrill he had never felt before. He took off all his clothes and stood there with his 2 inch dick hanging out. “Suck me off, slave.” Devon happily agreed to do so. That night, Wesley went to sleep in a bed for the first time in years. It was disorientating but he enjoyed it. Devon did sleep on the floor. When he got up in the morning and went to pee, he saw that his little dick had grown by as much as an inch. “What the fuck is going on?” He came downstairs. Ed was smoking a cigar and wearing one of his expensive suits. “Hullo, lad. Glad you’re up. We need to talk.” Ed told him about the formula and what changes he could expect. At least, he told him about the “alpha” formula. He neglected to mention he had stunted the boy’s growth throughout his life, which had resulted in him having a shrunken dick that could barely cum more than a trickle and never fully orgasm. And he neglected to mention he was responsible for the boy growing up to want nothing more than to be his slave. He let Wesley think these were natural things that Ed had managed to correct with the right contacts. “You wanted me to be like you,” Wesley said in wonder. “Do you ‘ave a problem becomin’ like your old man?” “No. It’s just…different. I’m going to grow? Actually grow?” “As big as a fucking house with the dosage I gave you.” Wesley looked at his image in the giant gold-framed mirror in the living room. He still looked very much like a boy with black hair growing fairly wildly. A boy who looked ridiculous in a grown man’s suit giving orders to other men. But soon no longer. Wesley started wearing his old clothes, the ones he used to wear to work or around the house before his father had declared he stop wearing them altogether. He felt suddenly that he had no desire to serve anyone. He felt amazed by this, and took to ordering Devon around with gusto. He had paid attention to all the other masters at work quite well and found he was capable of being quite harsh sounding when he wanted to be. And after a week his clothes started to feel quite snug. After ten days he barely fit into any of them. They bought new clothes for him. As he grew taller, he also grew in bulk. Whereas before, no matter how much he worked out always resulted in a look where he resembled a fourteen year old at best, now he was growing wider. His rib cage actually looked like it was expanding! He started to grow facial hair, and he realized it one day when he kept scratching at his face for some reason. He had never had any before and thought maybe he had a rash at first. But then he realized it was a thin line of peach fuzz. He was so excited he decided not to shave. By the next day it was a little bit more distinct and by day three it had turned into a full shadow, graphite gray smearing and adorning his once angelic cheeks. It was such a vast difference that for the first time in his life, people started to see him as an adult walking down the street. He had grown three inches and although he was only 5’5” it was still better than the practical midget size he had been. Women started to notice him. Another few weeks went by. His father had ordered him to work out every day and he developed muscles all over. His pecs were taut and visible, his biceps small but much firmer than before, his calves and thighs striated with veins. His dick got up to five whole inches. He ordered Devon around and took joy in making him cook and clean while naked. The boy smiled at him constantly and now that his dick was bigger he could finally cum like a man. He started fucking Devon in the ass now that he had a length where he could actually accomplish this! It was so hot for him to do so. The first time he penetrated Devon’s perfectly white and tight asshole was one of the best moments of his life. He actually could feel the liquid gushing through his dick and into the orifice eagerly awaiting it! The rush of it! He had never experienced anything like it before! The next week saw some pretty profound changes. He developed body hair, pubic hair, and had already begun shaving every day, which he took to proudly. He got a haircut and now looked like an average male adult in his early 20s. He had reached 5’7” He had to buy new shoes and new clothes again. He tried to just buy one or two outfits since he had no idea how far he would be growing and he made sure to buy them in areas far outside the town he lived in. No one recognized him at all and he realized that he was going to have a problem with identity. Who would believe he was himself? Ed told him not to worry, that after his transformation was complete, he would get new paperwork drawn up and give him a new identity. Ed had really saved him, he thought. No longer was he a quivering little boy drawn to servicing other men. Now he was his own man with his own suck slave! He began snapping his fingers and barking orders around the house. “Slave! Get me some tea! Slave! Run a bath for me! I’ve been working out and I need to relax! Slave! Get me a beer! Slave! Get over here and suck me off, I’m really in the mood to cum in your mouth, boy!” It was a drastic change in his attitude and he couldn’t stop himself. He didn’t want to. Another week saw him entering into real jock territory. His biceps became even fuller. His pecs and back were very visible. His nipples would strut out if he wore a T-shirt and he started to become very cocky in public. He began to give women a look that made them desire him. His back had wings now, and it impressed him to the point where he would study his reflection every day and admire his growth, sometimes for an hour or more at a time. Several times he had to jerk off at his new reflection. In just six short weeks after he got up to 6 feet. Ed was 6 foot 3 inches. He wondered if he could get to that level. It was a thrill to see his dad face to face now whenever they were together. He beamed all the time and when he worked out started to feel so empowered he felt like he could punch holes through walls. The testosterone rush was new to him and he felt the urge to punch things more. He thought about beating up his slave but since he never experienced that himself, refrained from doing so. He told his father how he felt one night. “You need to come to the fighting ring and get that aggression out. Trust me, you’ll thank me.” The first time Wesley fought another man was one week later. By that time he had reached 6’1” and weighed in at 180 pounds of solid muscle. He worked out like a maniac every day and thought about fucking and muscle and nutrition constantly. His father had been overseeing his diet and his slave Devon had been under strict orders to adhere to cooking a healthy regimen. It took Wesley a week of studying boxing and fighting. He would watch VHS tapes of it and absorb all of it. Suddenly he had the urge to do real violence and he thrilled over it. He was quick and efficient in the fighting ring. The ring was actually held in an abandoned warehouse and all the guys there were chavs, so he dressed the part. He was taller than a lot of them and he couldn’t wait to make them pay, make them pay for laughing at him behind his back, all the men over the years who thought they were superior to him. All these thoughts came to him in a rush. He was by far the least experienced fighter there but he learned quickly after just one punch to his face he beat his opponent to a pulp. He was quick and strong and he felt like screaming in primal lust after bloodying the first man he did. He circled his prey one by one and took three of them down before Ed called it for the day and clapped him on the back, congratulated him, and said he had become a true man among men. The other fighters shook hands with him and many asked him how long he’d been fighting and asked for some pointers. Wesley smiled mischievously. He grew and grew. His muscles were like temples now, holy and sacred. His pecs had become truly meaty slabs and he pleasured to the point of creaming himself with hundred pound dumbbells and the thought that he was actually becoming a fucking god. In two months after drinking the alpha serum he hit the 200 pound mark. He started getting his hair cut in a military style, and his face had changed considerably. His jaws were much bigger now and the stubble in combination made him look like a true warrior. He had gone from having a slightly oval face to a square one, and he commanded attention wherever he went now. His biceps were the size of small melons. He enjoyed intimidating other men in public just by walking past them, and looking down and smiling. He was now 6’3” the exact same height as his father and still growing. His dick had grown steadily and was now at 7 inches. “Hey, slave! Did you clean up my bedroom?” “Yes, Master Wesley. I did, sir.” Devon bowed to him. “Good. Get over here and suck me off. God, I love your throat, slave.” The jock god had on most days been wearing gym clothes and cheap T-shirts. He presented his dick and smiled arrogantly as the much smaller man sucked him off, like a good sub. His leg muscles were easily bigger than Devon’s head now. He felt like he could run for miles around the smaller man. Everything about being big was good. He looked like an Olympic athlete or better. He peaked finally at 6’6” and 240 pounds. He was an absolute giant. He looked nothing like his former self and intimidated practically anyone he came across with his now constant smirks or scowls. Just one flex of his arms told other men to back the fuck off. He would sometimes go to bars just to mop the floor of the place with some drunk asshole and humiliate him because the idea of embarrassing a lesser man excited him to the point of nearly cumming in his pants. Wesley had the drunk’s head in a headlock. The man was trying in vain to escape. “Now that was real stupid, wasn’t it? Are you going to be smart and back down? Are you going to apologize to the lady?” The beautiful woman crossed her arms and looked at Wesley approvingly, and repeated his sentence. “Yeah, are you going to apologize to me?” “I’m really sorry.” “You shouldn’t call women sluts if they don’t want to sleep with you, mate. Or a cunt. In fact, the only cunt here is you. Say it.” “I’m..I’m cunt.” Wesley dropped the man who landed on the floor with a thud. “Thank you,” the woman said impressed and delighted. “My pleasure,” Wesley said, grinning. His dick was a full 8 inches flaccid and nearly 10 when engorged. Devon was definitely having a harder time pleasuring him so they had upped the ante by using a hole clamp to extend the young boy’s asshole. Wesley changed his name officially to “Dominic Bester” and finally splurged on nicer clothes now that he had a body that wasn’t going to grow out of them. His perfect, charming smile won over everyone he came across. His voice had dropped considerably from that of a timid boy to a bass that made lesser men and women quiver in lust. Dom Bester made his first appearance as VP of the company to all the men that had worked there for years. And since they were all slaves to his father, none of them had a problem with the fact that they had never heard of this other son of Edward Bester. With his tall godlike appearance, deep commanding voice and winning personality that was almost a carbon copy of his father’s, Dom fit in right away and took to ordering around his subordinates with ease. And he seemed to know the business intimately well. It was uncanny to the brainwashed crew of gay alpha men. But when Ed told them that Dom was really more than an equal, that he truly was their superior, they believed it wholeheartedly. Ed announced he was leaving for a month and left Dom in charge while he was away in London. The orgies began again at home, and this time it was Devon that was on the receiving end of things. Dom enjoyed fucking his boy and then watching a line of men fuck him as well. When Ed had found Devon the boy had been homeless and eating out of garbage bins. Now he was in bliss getting fucked by a room full of muscle daddies… … “How are those reports coming?” Dom asked Keith and Carl. “Almost done, boss.” Carl replied. “Well it was due this morning. You two know what that means.” Dom said, snapping his fingers. The two followed the larger man in his expensive pinstripe suit. Dom adjusted his lapels and drew the blinds as the two men disrobed and presented themselves to suck his dick while he lit up a cigar at his desk. “Oh. Yeah. That’s right. Suck that dick, you cunt. That’s what a real man’s dick is like, in’t it, cunt?” Dom, formerly Wesley said, chomping on his cigar. Carl he wanted to make out with a little first. Though the blond hunk had no idea that the man who intimidated the hell out of him now used to be his own sex slave made Dom even hornier. He held the cigar in his hand and smiled in a primal, hedonistically superior way. “I want you to bark like a dog, cunt.” Carl did so. “Now stop. Now take this dog food and eat it out of this bowl, cunt. You too, shit for brains.” Soon his subordinates were eating dog food out of a bowl while he laughed. The new Dom Bester could choose between any of 15 men from work to come home and be his lover for the night. They were all overcome with lust for him and he topped them all. Sometimes two or three in a row depending on his mood, before dismissing them to go home. And he would not spare them his wrath at work. He would gladly reward good work and humiliate and berate the ones that fell behind. The new Dom Bester would reflect on his former status as he chomped his cigar while wearing his suits, walking around town so he could simply have the joy of looking down on shorter men he came across and smiling to himself in deep satisfaction. He would think of the short nerdy slave boy he had been and the true man he had become. Throughout this ordeal, Ed and his new son Dom had not engaged in sex. The imprint was gone on the former James and Dom had taken his place. They were like two different people and Dom smiled as he saw his now shorter dad come in one night as he curled 120 pound dumbbells in the living room. “Hey, Dad.” “Son. You’re looking amazing.” “Haven’t seen you in a month. Did you miss me?” Dom asked arrogantly and flexed. “I did, quite a lot. You’re just so fucking ripped now. So fucking big, I’m so fuckin’ proud of you!” “Thanks, dad. I’m up to 260 pounds now! That creatine you gave me has done wonders, wouldn’t you say?” Dom made his huge man pecs dance for his father. “Indeed! My god, the size of you! You really have outgrown me, and I’m proud to say it.” “You should be proud of me. I upped our client list this month by 3%.” “What? That’s amazing! What’d you do?” “I told people why they should go with our men and I’m very convincing when I want to be. Wouldn’t you say?” “I’m proud of you! We should have a drink to celebrate!” “Let’s go to the pub and have a pint, mate!” Ed blinked. It was the first time his son had used the word “mate” with him. That was new, but this was a new territory they were in. At the pub, Ed couldn’t believe how big his son was in comparison to other men, how he carried himself, how he strutted about like he owned the place, how he intimidated other men playing pool, how he challenged a few men to armwrestling only to smile arrogantly as they shied away. “Son, this is right fantastic is what this is. You’re going to be the man that can truly represent this company. You’re all man, son!” “Don’t I know it. Cheers!” Dom smiled as his dad drank his ale. “Let’s go outside. Now.” Ed blinked and complied. He followed his massive son, not believing how wide the man’s back had become. The back of a true warrior god! “Alright then, pops, here’s the deal. I want you to get in the car and I’ll drive us home. Then you’re going to get inside and take off all your clothes. And then you’re going to beg me to suck on my 10 inch cock.” “Right.” “Right, sir. I want you to call me “SIR” from now on, dad. Or better yet, Master. Master Dom has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say.” “It sure does, Master Dom. Sir.” “Mmm mm. You are a good looking motherfucker, still. I will say. Can’t wait to get you home. When was the last time another man fucked you again?” “Heh. I’ve never let another man go near my hole. I ain’t never been fucked yet.” “Well now, then it’s high time someone popped your motherfucking cherry, right lad?” Dom said, smiling as he drove. At home, Dom slammed the door as his father walked ahead of him, discarding all clothes as Dom positioned him to get fucked. He got one of his old dildos and shoved it deep into his father’s crack as the old man groaned. “Jesus Christ, that hurts!” “Well you should get used to it because you’re never going to fuck anyone ever again. You’re my new fuck slave, you stupid motherfucker!” He took out the dildo. His dick was at full mast. He began to tenderly shove it into his dad’s hole. “I love you and you are my father. But things are going to change a lot. Oh god that feels good! I’m fuckin’ my dad! Hell yes! Oh! Oh god!” Dom grunted and thrusted for a half hour, just breaking in his dad’s hole. It turned him on terribly that he was bigger than his father now. “You like that, old man? You dumb motherfucker. You didn’t think I’d find out your dirty little secrets, did you? Well I opened up the safe, FAGGOT. I found out what you did to me, making me a fuck slave all those years. Stunting my growth. Making me weak and servile!” He fucked his father to emphasize each word. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He came inside his father and soon the hold was overflowing with Dom’s cum, landing like pudding on the carpet. “Now lick that up. Lick up everything dripping out of your asshole. Lick my cum off the floor as it’s fucking precious, isn’t it?” “Yes, Master Dom.” “Stupid motherfucking shithead. I still love you, don’t get me wrong. But you’re going to be obeying me from now on, fuckhead.” Dom looked down on his father as he gathered cum out of his own asshole that his son had left there and cupped it into his mouth, tasting his own ass with the cum, then when that was accomplished licking the carpet of any precious liquid that escaped. Dom lit a cigar and was exhilarated by the nicotine rush. “You only gave me one of these once. You thought it was funny to let me try one, then you never did again. Well, now the cigars are all mine, pops. The house is mine, too. Everything is mine, the company, the whorehouse, the fighting pits. You’re going to give it all to me.” “Right, son. I mean, Master Dom, sir.” Dom smoked his cigar in deep satisfaction. He flexed before the father he’d had since the age of ten. “I’ve got to thank you for this body. It’s much better than the old one, don’t you think? I’m a fucking god now!” Every muscle in his body radiated power as he said those words. His every movement betrayed how superior he felt, and how massive. His every movement he could feel how heavy he was, how strong, how much stronger than other weaker men. “I can lift 400 goddamn pounds now, pops!” Dom blew smoke and sneered at his father. “Bow to me. Bow to your master.” “Yes, master.” “Say I’m a god.” “You’re a god, Master.” “And you worship me, don’t you, faggot?” “I worship you. I am a faggot.” “And for the rest of your life you’re going to continue to work out for me, and be my houseslave. Now get me a goddamn ale, shithead.” “Yes, Master.” … One week later, Ed announced his retirement. Dom would take over the family business. A few weeks later… Dom was on the phone being very forward. “No, I didn’t say it was alright for you to do that. Do what I tell you to do the first time or I find someone else. You have 24 hours to make this right. Do not disappoint me or you’re fired.” He hung up. “Johnson! Where are you? Johnson!” “Yes, sir. Right away, Mr. Bester. How may I assist you, sir?” “Those insurance forms,” Dom commanded. “For the new client. Did you fill them out yet?” “Uh..they are half-way done, sir.” “Half-way doesn’t pay our bills. Does it? Does half-way pay our bills?” Dom scowled at Carl. “No, sir. I’ll finish them right away, sir.” “See that you do, Johnson. Or I’ll find someone that can.” Dom put the cigar back in his mouth and shut the door to his office, walked back and put his feet up on the desk and his hands behind his dead. Life was good. This weekend the orgy had changed slightly. Devon, though he hadn’t taken the alpha serum, was happily fucking Edward Bester. He had never fucked anyone and it felt really, really good. “Am I doing good, Master?” “Oh, you’re doing fantastic, mate. Keep it up, keep fucking my dad.” The line behind him included about 9 different men from the company, all of whom were taking their turns with Edward, fucking his hole and making him scoop up the cum as it dribbled out of his recently devirginized hole and devour it like it was candy. “This is fucking great. Our boss one week, our cum dumpster the next!” “Mate, how you doin? You won’t more dick?” “Yes, masters. Please fuck me. All of you..please…OW! OW oh GOD this hurts, Master!” “Keep going, Devon. Don’t stop!” Dom commanded. Devon happily continued with a blissful look on his face. When he was homeless he was so scared and now he lived in a mansion with proper gentlemen and he was fucking a bloke for the first time. It was heaven! Each man took his turn with Edward and they all left a very happy group. “Did you enjoy that, pops?” Dom asked. “Doesn’t feel very nice, getting’ plowed by ten guys in a row, does it? Well, get used to it. Because I’m going to give you about, oh, ten years more. See, that’s when you started plowing me, from 17 to 27, so I figure I owe you ten years. And from what I read, you might shrink a bit.” “Oh. No, master! Please, anything but that Master!” Dom came over to the spot Edward was kneeling. “Stand up, slave!” Edward did so with a fearful look on his face. Dom slapped him across the face forcefully. “Don’t you ever presume to talk to me that way again! I own your pathetic slave ass, don’t I?” “Yes, sir. I’m sorry, Master.” “Mmm. I just can’t wait to see you after you shrink. I gave you a rather large dose so according to the projection analysis, you should be about 5’2” when this whole thing is over.” Edward began to cry. It was the first time Edward had ever cried in front of Dom, who had once been Wesley. “Stop crying, you baby!” Dom fished a cigar out of his expensive suit jacket pocket and lit it up. “Now, why don’t you hop into some red nighty negligee and wait in bed for me. I’m going to give you a nice long fuck like you deserve. Little man.” Dom said, slapping his stepfather on the ass as hard as he could. Edward wiped his tears and did as his son commanded. “Now then, how’s about a little muscle worship, Devon?” “Yes, Master.” Devon happily felt his master’s enormous Olympian muscles as Dom laughed. “You know, I used to be a lot like you. But I truly like you, Devon, and you deserve to be happy. How’d you like to get big like me?” He puffed his cigar. “I would like that a lot, Master. I would like that a lot…” THE END
  12. coronavirus hace mucho que no escribo y no se, se me ocurrio esta idea y me dio ganas empezarla. _______________________________________________ Argentina 2043 una nueva cepa del corona virus fuerza a padre e hijo a pasar una cuarentena juntos, pero esa enfermedad tiene sintomas diferentes. Dia 1 de cuarentena: -tremenda pelotudes, son unos exagerados los medios- -no se che, no tiene buena pinta. Cada vez se confirman más casos- - no seas boludo, esto es lo mismo que la gripe A. Los medios solo nos quieren distraer de la realidad. Que no hay pendejos para laburar, que las mujeres se estan volviendo infertiles por la contaminacion, que los politicos son unos corruptos…- - bue viejo para no te quejes! que la cuarentena igual la vas a tener que cumplir- -mira pendejo cuando vos tengas tu casa y tus hijos hablamos hasta eso me escuchas a mi jajajaja- Mi papa me puso su brazo en el cuello y me acerco a su pecho. Si que era grandote el viejo. De joven había sido jugador de rugby, muy bueno según dice el, un dia encontre una foto vieja suya, tenía facha no hay que negarlo. Ahora con cincuenta y cinco mantenía los brazos grandes con una mezcla de músculo y grasa, una panza cervecera, un pecho de toro y unas gambas para envidiar. Yo por otro lado tengo entendido que salí a mi vieja. Alto, más alto que mi papá ( yo 1,89 el 1,78) y muy flaco. A diferencia de mi viejo ,que siempre fue rubio y de ojos celestes, yo desde que me acuerdo tengo el pelo negro y ojos miel. Algo de facha tenia, me iba bien con las minas del colegio, aunque una novia todavia no tenia. -igual cuidate pendejo, no quiero que te vayas contagiando- -igual no podemos salir de la casa, como queres que me contagie- rei incómodamente, no me animaba a decirle que empezaba a sentirme acalorado y que tal vez tenía fiebre. De todas maneras si tenía la nueva cepa del corona no había nada que hacer, las noticias decían que te quedes en casa. Dia 3 de cuarentena: El calor que sentía no bajo, sino que incrementó rápidamente. Esta mañana me desperté con toda las sabanas transpiradas y mi pija fuera de los boxers que usaba par dormir. Se ve que había tenido un sueño humedo. Me levante y camine al espejo, estaba empezando a estar mas marcado. . Llevaba usando el gym de la casa hace un mes pero sin mucho éxito. Ahora se me veíanb los brazos un poco más gruesos y se me empezaban a notar unos abs. pase mi mano por mi abdomen y lo sentí más firme. Me meti en el baño me cepille los dientes, y me afeite (raro porque me había afeitado el dia anterior). Baje a la cocina y estaba mi viejo en boxers de espalda preparando el desayuno. Raro se lo veía… no se, mas flaco. Pero no como si hubiese perdido musculo, pero grasa. Sus gambas monumentales se movían de un lado al otro, y los boxers le agarraban el culo haciéndolo parecer como dos esferas. Sentí mi pija un poco más grande. Que raro, ¿habrá crecido? Esa noche nos sentamos en el sillón a ver películas. -cada vez estás más grande- -jajaja que pesado, me lo decis todo el tiempo- -ya se chabon, pero me da impresion, no se. ahora se te ve mas, pareces mas, no se hombre- -no mires mucho no se te vaya a parar viejo pervertido- -sos un irrespetuoso, que dirias si supieran que dejo que mi hijo me hable asi- nos reímos un rato, acostó su cabeza en mi hombro y se durmió.
  13. Reposted and reworked from a previous post ------------ Jason Becomes a Man - Chapter 1 At 18 years old, Jason figured he should know by now where his life was headed. But there he stood, looking back at his reflection in his bedroom’s full-length mirror. Sure, this was the face he saw when he shaved every morning, but somehow he felt he didn’t recognize the person staring back at him. Long, somewhat clumsy, thick hair spread about his bare, gangly frame. It had been a long time since he had taken a good look at himself. “I guess it could be worse,” he thought. Finals were a few months away, and he had already committed to school for the fall, but something felt… empty… directionless… Jason was aware he was somewhat of an “early bloomer.” His voice dropped low and early, and by the end of his first year in middle school he was already well used to be addressed as “sir” when marketers called on the telephone. He knew his deep, booming baritone voice stood out, so he limited talking when possible to avoid drawing too much attention. By freshman year of high school, he hit a growth spurt that shot him up to a lankly 6’3’’. By senior year and his 18th birthday, he could already grow a full beard, and while his friends were comparing their single, newly sprouted chest hairs, Jason’s chest was practically fully covered with a brown, curly forest. As Jason looked himself up and down, he felt a little odd, like the pieces didn’t add up. His face looked thin and young, but he was hairier than his dad and most of his friends. He didn’t even fit in the mirror, and had to contort his long neck to see all of himself at once. Jason was conscious of the looks he got from his peers. Although he wasn’t ashamed of his body, he could hear his friends whispering about him after gym class, and whether or not they were looking at him with jealously, Jason knew they were focused on him. “Maybe that’s what it is.” Jason thought as he looked up and down at his long, limber frame. He knew he had matured faster than his friends. That must be why he felt vaguely uneasy and unsure. Maybe they were making fun of him behind his back. Maybe his mind hadn’t grown into the changes yet. Even though it made him stick out among his peers, Jason’s lankiness and impressive height did have a distinct advantage; he excelled on his high school basketball team, and it had earned him a scholarship to an amazing school, much to the delight of his parents. Jason’s parents were much older than his friends’ parents, and had waited until they were well-established college professors in their mid-forties before having a child of their own. Like many of their generation, they emphasized the importance of building a career and becoming well adjusted-adults before having a family, and had pushed Jason toward the long academic path they had followed; Bachelor’s degree, then a Masters, then PhDs, etc. But Jason was having second thoughts. He had worked hard, but was it what he really wanted? He had already developed a fairly successful gardening business over the last year, trimming the yards of houses around town. He found that his large frame, although still fairly lanky, was well suited to the physical work, and he was already making a decent wage with his own business when most of his friends were making pennies at their minimum-wage summer jobs. It didn’t go unnoticed by his friends that girls loved to talk to him and be around him. One time, after talking with his friend Erika in the school hallway Jason overheard Allan, one of his basketball teammates, whisper to another friend, “that guys fucks.” But the truth was, although he had had a passing interest in girls, the pressure Jason was under from his parents drove him toward other pursuits. True, he had been on a few dates, two with Erika, but nothing progressed further than a kiss under a porch-light at the end of the night. *** There was one thing that had recently given Jason clarity and focus as the stress and confusion piled up around him- the gym. Jason’s basketball coach had him on a regular workout regimen to prepare him for college in the fall, and Jason found the physical activity cleansing. With a weight in his hand or a squat bar on his long shoulders, he focused in and tuned out. The blood pumped to his muscles, and his brain connected with something deeper inside himself. It was a time to see himself, to be alone and not think. As finals and graduation came and went, Jason dove deeper into his workouts on his own. His friends had all left for the summer for their last vacation before college, but Jason stayed behind. Summer was spent lifting and mowing lawns. It wasn’t long until he started noticing significant changes. The more he worked out, the hungrier he was, and while he always had a high amount of testosterone in his system, it seemed that the testosterone surged over the course of the summer. Powered by the flood of masculine hormones and his new-found voracious appetite, he packed on a solid 15 pounds of muscle by September, and his large, lanky frame began to fill out. His bony shoulders became broader with the added size, and his long, lanky arms swelled with healthy meat. He wasn’t big by bodybuilder standards, but he felt heftier, more substantial, like he took up more space in the world. Even more noticeable to Jason than his added muscle was the change to his demeanor. As he could feel the testosterone coursing through his veins, his vagueness and uncertainty had melted away to a masculine confidence. He felt in control. His hard work had brought results, and he finally started to feel like he had taken charge of life. The reactions of his friends upon returning home for the fall didn’t hurt, either. “Dude, what happened to my gangly friend,” remarked Jason’s basketball buddy Steven when they bumped into each other at the mall. “You’re looking bigger, bro, you’ve been working out?” Jason smiled a humble and yet slightly cocky smile. “Naw man, just trying to catch up to you guys.” The compliments trickled in from all of his friends. It was exciting, and it drove him to work even harder. Life was going well. Work was going well. Why mess with a good thing? Much to the chagrin of his parents, Jason decided to defer college for a year and focus on the gym and his burgeoning gardening business. *** Fall turned to winter, winter turned to spring, and spring gave way to the sweltering heat of summer once more. Now 19 and in the full throes of a testosterone flood, Jason had grown to a solid 225 lbs, filling out his broad 6”3’ frame. His lats widened, his back was broader, and his legs swelled with every squat. He had outgrown his high school gym clothes, and had to buy a new wardrobe large enough to allow for his quickly growing size. The basketball shorts that used to hang loose around his long legs now clung tight around his large quads. He had never thought he would be the dude in a stringer at the gym, but there he was. And it felt natural. One morning, after a particularly thorough workout, Jason tossed off his clothes in his room and caught sight of himself in his bedroom mirror. “Wow,” he thought aloud in his booming baritone, “Puberty really is a bitch, huh?” He thought that his jaw was noticeably squarer, and although he shaved every morning, he had a noticeable, thick brown stubble by 2:00pm. His broad pecs were coated with curly, brown hair that was slightly matted down with sweat from the gym, and it trailed down his tight abs and down to a thick bush of pubes. This looked right. It felt right. And was it his imagination, or had his balls dropped lower and slightly swelled in size? Jason flexed his thick biceps in the mirror, and moved the peaks back and forth. “Huh, cool,” he mused, his semi-erect dick swinging in the open air. The flowing hormones raised his confidence and he swaggered to the other side of the room and posed again. He squeezed his pecs in the light of his room, and even under his fairly thick chest hair he could see the striations ripple like tiny waves. “Shit.” He grunted. “I look like a fucking man.” His cock stood fully erect as he looked at himself in the mirror. A healthy 8.5 inches, and swelling with his newfound manliness. Jason wrapped his hand around it, almost habitually preparing to jerk off before bed as was his normal routine. But this time he looked down at his thick, stiff cock and a different desire emerged, a hot, impulsive feeling he had never acknowledged before. It was almost like a dormant instinct had risen within him. Jason, who had previously only had a passing interest in the opposite sex, felt an incredible urge to plunge his cock deep into a woman. He felt his thick member pulse. For the first time, he felt his deep, animal purpose as a man; to pleasure a woman and deliver his seed. Jason let go of his stiff rod and admired his masculine frame in the reflection. There would be no jacking off tonight. He smiled a crooked, cocky smile as he flexed both meaty biceps again. He was a man, and men fuck. *** The summer sun beat down hot, and Jason grunted as he re-positioned his lawnmower and pushed it across the Johnson’s lawn. Free from school or strict employment, Jason had let his hair grow out over the past year, and his golden brown hair draped over the back of his neck as he pushed his equipment around the yard. He had let his beard grow out too, although despite its length and thickness it was groomed in a neat, square shape that complimented his masculine jaw. With his height and large, hirsute frame, Jason was often mistaken for a man closer to 30 than 20. He noticed that grown men, even those twice his age, treated him different than they had even a year prior. They deferred to him naturally and treated him with automatic respect. Even the more experienced men at the gym started striking up conversations with him in an almost admiring way. It felt good to be held in such high regard, but as he pushed his lawnmower, his mind wandered. Was it weird that he had become so consumed with sex recently? He knew it was normal for guys his age to be horny all the time, but did they feel the same way he did? With his manly frame and manly swagger came an insatiable manly desire to cum inside a woman and fill her with his semen. Did he want kids? He was only 19, and that would be crazy. It would ruin his life, his parents said. Still, no one else he knew his age looked like he did. “Maybe some people become men before others,” he thought. But at 19 and a virgin who had never acted on his urges, he felt empty and unfulfilled in a way he couldn’t quite put into words. Sure, the admiration and respect he was getting lately was great, but underneath he felt unfinished. He looked like the red-blooded, all-American male, but he didn’t feel like a full man. Not yet. Jason had also noticed that Mrs. Johnson was watching him push his lawnmower shirtless in the heat, and could feel her eyes drink in every rippling crevice of his hulking, shirtless torso. He saw her shift when his bulging arms swung around his machinery, and he caught her staring at his broad, masculine shoulders as he unwound the hose on the side of the house. Jason waved. Mrs. Johnson waved back. “Great,” he thought, flipping his hair out of his face. “Another mom who wants the D.” Truth be told, Jason was getting attention from women (and some men) so often that he usually didn’t think twice about it. Girls his age called him a “daddy,” which made him slightly uncomfortable at first, but he grew into enjoying the compliment. Although he found himself horny most of the time, Jason funneled his frustration into the gym and his work. Business was booming. Mrs. Johnson wasn’t the only cougar in town with a lawn that needed mowing. But Jason had no real interest in the moms that hired him to trim their hedges. As his parents had drilled their sense of planning and responsibility into his head, Jason had purchased a few condoms to carry in his wallet for when the moment was right. He wasn’t dating anybody, but with his new primal, masculine urge consuming his mind most days, he knew that it was better to be safe than sorry. *** Jason parked his truck in the driveway. His parents were out of town for the weekend, so there was plenty of room. Just as he was turning his keys in the door, he heard a voice behind him. “Jason?” Jason turned around to see his friend Erika out walking her dog. “Erika! Hi!” “Oh my god, is that you? I mean, I know I’ve been away at school for a year but… wow, you got huge!” Jason blushed a bit at the compliment. “Thanks, so did- I mean- you look great, too!” Jason tried to act cool, but his hormones were putting him into stammering overdrive. Did Erika look like this the last time he saw her? He didn’t remember her hourglass figure, her full breasts, or her wide, perfect hips. Erika laughed. “Thanks.” She walked closer to the large, muscular man she hardly recognized as the boy she briefly dated a few short years ago. “You have a beard now!” “Yeah,” Jason replied, “it grows so fast it’s easier to just let it go.” He couldn’t help run his eyes up and down her perfect curvy torso. So feminine. The animalistic feeling in him rose. His face grew hot, and he slouched a bit to hid his growing erection. He plunged his hands into his pockets and his large triceps tensed in a horseshoe shape. Erika laughed again, “Geez, you’re unreal, dude. Those things are massive.” Jason saw Erika’s eyes drinking in his arms, and he stood up straight with pride, crossing his thick pythons across his chest, a tuft of thick, brown hair peeking out of the top of his white tee. Erika was truly awed by his masculinity, he couldn’t tell how he knew, but it was as if a new sense had opened up to him. Smelling the pheromones. He wasn’t hiding his growing erection anymore. “Nah, they’re not much really,” he said as he pretended to scratch an itch on the back of his neck, flexing his powerful bicep and stretching the limits of his sleeve. Erika leaned in, almost mesmerized, as her dog yanked at his leash to continue his walk. “Listen, Erika,” Jason said in his deep, resonant voice. “You want to get some yogurt or something tonight?” “Sure,” she muttered. Now Erika was the one stammering. “Meet me at eight?” *** Sometime after 10:00pm, Jason opened the door to his house and turned on the lights. Erika followed him in. “Thank you so much, I just need a glass of water,” she said, as Jason headed to the kitchen. “I don’t want to wake up your parents.” “They’re not home,” Jason yelled back, “are you sure you don’t want to come sit in the living room?” “Okay, just for a second,” Erika said as she put down her things. Erika sat on the couch, and Jason gave her the glass of water. He took off his jacket, once again revealing his muscled arms in his tight white tee. Erika saw the way it hugged his perfect V-shaped torso, and she sipped her water. Jason was quiet. “Jason?” “Yes?” “I need to be honest with you. I knew your parents weren’t home.” “Really?” Erika’s face was getting flushed, and she set down her glass. “I don’t know what it is,” she said, “Ever since I saw you I’ve just been… I don’t know… this is a new feeling for me. I saw your body, and that beard… …this is like…” She looked up at Jason and took a deep breath. “I’ve dated a few boys, but… you’re a god damn man.” Jason’s primal instincts were running wild. He felt his jeans grow tight around his growing dick, and he moved toward Erika nervously. This large, hulking man was nervous. He kissed her passionately. He had kissed her before, but this time was different. This time he instinctively knew the kiss was a means to an end. “Mmm Jason,” Erika sighed, “I’ve never- uh… I mean with those boyfriends, I never actually…” her eyes drifted to the bulge in his pants. The thought of Erika’s virgin pussy was driving Jason to the brink. “Jason-“ And before she could say anything more, Jason scooped her in his thick arms and carried her up the stairs, and laid her on his parents’ king size bed. Erika removed her clothes, and laid on her back in only her panties. Jason saw her full breasts spill down either side of her torso, and his mind raced. He peeled his tight white tee off of his rippling torso. Erika gasped. “Shit, you’re so hairy. Come here.” Jason threw his jeans aside, and flopped on the bed next to Erika. Erika ran her hands across his rock hard pecs, and trailed her fingers through his thick chest hair. “Too hairy?” “No! Dad hairy.” She looked deep into his eyes. “You can call me daddy if you want,” Jason rumbled, “I’ve gotten used to it.” Erika shivered as Jason ran his tongue down her neck and around her pert nipples. Even though he had never been with a woman before, Jason acted almost automatically, his hands moving before his brain knew what was happening. With a strong, nervous hand, he stripped away Erika’s underwear. Jason had seen pictures of the female anatomy in textbooks before, but as Erika spread her legs wide open in front of his face, there it was, infinitely more beautiful than he expected. In a book it seemed so mechanical, but here was Erika’s pussy, pink and inviting, throbbing in anticipation of his touch. This was for him. He was meant to enter her and take his pleasure. He traced the labia lightly with his fingers, and Erika shuddered. She was giving herself over to him completely, and this was now his territory to conquest. He spread her vagina gently apart with his fingers and licked her soft pinkness with his tongue. She tasted sweet, and the musky scent of her shut his rational mind off almost completely. “Oh, oh god,” Erika moaned. “Your beard, your fucking beard!” Jason’s thick beard tickled Erika as he licked her pussy. As her juices spilled onto his facial hair, the thought of being inside her swelled his dick to its full thick, 8.5 inches. The smell of her in his beard pushed his lust further. “Let me see it, I want to see it,” Erika begged. Jason removed his briefs, and his cock stood to full attention. “Oh my god, I need it, I need it inside of me,” Erika moaned. There they were, both completely naked. Jason, young and inexperienced but in every way a full virile man, and the woman laying legs wide open, ready to accept his manhood. Jason's girthy member had never felt stiffer, and it trembled, eager to feel the inside of a woman for the first time. Jason caught a glimpse of the scene in the bedroom mirror. “Shit,” he said out loud in his booming voice. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” Erika moaned and writhed in anticipation. Jason scrambled to his jean pocket and pulled out a condom from his wallet. He pulled it down across his large dick. It felt tight, but it was worth it to be safe, right? He pulled Erika to the edge of the bed, his primal instincts raging. With the tip of his dick, he gently caressed Erika’s warm, pink pussy. She moaned in response. “Wait, wait!” she gasped. “What?” “Take it off, take off the condom.” “But aren’t you-“ “I want your cum inside of me,” she heaved, “I need it. I don’t care what happens.” Jason peeled off the condom. This was his purpose. As he looked down at Erika’s throbbing pussy, he knew his destiny was to pleasure her and fill her fertile womb with his seed. He slowly, gently penetrated her with his thick cock. It was a feeling like he had never experienced, and yet felt he was meant for. So warm, so tight, and sticky-soft like honey. He could only get halfway in before Erika yelped, “Slow down, too big, too big!” He leaned over, halfway inside her, and kissed her gently on the forehead. He carefully eased all the way in, as Erika drew a deep breath through her teeth. Just as slow, he eased back out again. “Shit,” Jason grunted, “your pussy is so fucking tight.” He drew in and out, in and out, slowly but with increasing rhythm, as Erika writhed and moaned in pleasure. Looking down at her was a huge man, rippling, muscular arms tensed to brace his heavy weight. His face contorted into a wince of pleasure with his rhythmic thrusts as he felt her pussy clench around his stiff cock. Jason saw his powerful glutes at work in the mirror, and flexed a bicep as he thrust into Erika’s warm, tight, hole. He looked powerful, strong, masculine. Thousands of years of evolution had led to this moment, but in this moment, he was king. He was master. Erika screamed and twisted, and Jason felt the strongest clench yet around his thrusting cock. Instinctively, he knew he had made her cum. He continued plunging inside at that angle, thrust after thrust, until he felt her spasm of pleasure three more times. The pleasure in his own dick was growing by the second, unimaginable ecstasy combined with the powerful feeling that, of all available men, this woman chose him to penetrate her and fill her with his DNA. After three thrusts of incredible bliss, Jason tensed every muscle in his young, hulking body. He dove his dick as deep inside Erika as possible, and with a deep, guttural grunt, exploded inside of her. This was not like any orgasm he had ever had before. This time, he was fulfilling his destiny. With every throb of his powerful cock, he was pumping Erika’s fertile womb with his hot, sticky, essence. He could feel her pussy pulling him in deeper, as if to drink every last drop of his virile juices. Spent, Jason withdrew and Erika was left heaving on the bed. “Wow,” she muttered, “just, uhhhh…” Jason looked between her legs, still spread wide open. Her pussy was a deep red from his efforts, and he could see the smallest bit of white semen spilling out as she basked in the afterglow. “Damn,” he thought, “that’s my cum in her pussy.” For a brief moment, he panicked. Did he just ruin his life? But as he crawled back into the bed with Erika, he imagined his sperm swimming inside of the woman beside him, and he grew aroused once more. He imagined her young, feminine figure swollen with the result of his semen, his DNA, his child, and he secretly, in some deep, primal part of himself, wished it would happen. Maybe he got called “daddy” for a reason. It was his fate to pass on his powerful, strong genes. That was the primal urge he felt. The drive that every fiber of his virile body worked together to achieve. He knew in that moment, his large, hairy figure next to the exhausted woman he just fucked, her womb filled to the brim with his masculine essence so much it spilled out of her; This is what it feels like to be a man.
  14. Quick note: it's been years since I wrote a story here. English is not my mother tongue, but it's a language I really like and enjoy. I hope I didn't make too many mistakes while typing this. It's a prologue of sorts to a much bigger story I have been thinking about for a while now. As always, your comments are always appreciated. (And if you do see some mistakes, please don't be too harsh on me, I really did my best. ) This part has some violence in it, so if it's not your cup of tea, don't read it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ENTITY - PROLOGUE Today, I will see the Entity in action for the first time. Dr. Thomas, who is in charge of the facility where I work and who took me under his wing a few months ago, finally said I was ready. I have to admit that I’m both excited and scared. To me, the Entity is a vague concept; I know it is supposed to save mankind, but I don’t know what it is exactly and have never witnessed it in action. You see, Dr. Thomas is very hesitant to share any information regarding his experiments with anyone. In other words, it’s a real honour to assist him today, and I know some of my colleagues are very jealous right now. We are standing side by side in front a huge glass wall. On the other side, there is only darkness. To be honest, I have no idea what form this experiment will take, what it entails. “Get ready, William,” says Dr. Thomas while looking at the expensive watch on his wrist. Bracing myself, I can’t help but wonder what will be revealed once the lights are on. A few more seconds pass in complete silence, and suddenly, I’m blinded by a sharp and intense light. “Showtime,” simply says my mentor before laughing. Once my eyes get used to the light, I see a young man on the ground, in a corner of the room. He is only wearing white briefs and is not moving. “Hum … is he OK?” I ask Dr. Thomas. “Don’t worry. He’ll wake up any time, now. We had to dose him a little to bring him here.” I look at him, dumbfounded. “Dose him? What do you mean?” “Shh … he’s waking up. Look.” I turn my head to see the young man waking up. Slowly, he rises from the ground. And rises. And rises. Holy crap, how tall is he? I ask myself. “Impressive, no?” asks Dr. Thomas. “Hard to believe he’s only 18 years old.” I approach the glass to watch the young man more closely as he is looking around, in shock. He looks like he’s at least 6’5”. But that’s not all; he’s built like a brick wall! Wide shoulders, incredible traps, thick neck, heavy pecs covered by a fine coat of dark hair, huge arms and forearms, defined abs leading to a treasure trail… As I lower my eyes, I can see he has huge and powerful legs, but also a cock and balls that are so big that the flimsy white briefs he’s wearing have trouble covering them. His dick isn’t even hard, and it’s bigger than mine at full mast! Finally, I look up, realizing I haven’t even paid attention to his face. He’s incredibly handsome: square jaw, dark stubble, piercing green eyes and dark, curly hair… He’s basically a live version of a Greek god. “Matthew Lane, 18 years old, from Pennsylvania. A few months ago, he was an active but otherwise ordinary young man who had just finished high school,” says Dr. Thomas as he reads his profile on a notepad. “When the … changes started, he was 6 feet tall and weighed 175 pounds. He is now 6’6” and weighs 254 pounds. I think he is our best candidate so far.” I can see Matthew yelling on the other side of the glass, but I can’t hear him; apparently, it’s completely soundproof. As he’s looking around and moving, I can see his muscles involuntarily flexing. “Sir, how did this change happen if he was this ordinary high school kid?” I ask. With a satisfied grin, Dr. Thomas says: “We made it happen, of course. We released a small quantity of the Entity in municipal water treatment systems all over the country. Only susceptible male specimens react to such a small dose and experience a mutation. For some reason, they need to be near the end of their teenage years, so they are all between 17 and 21.” With my eyes wide open, I ask: “You mean there were more? All over the country?” “Of course! And there will be a lot more in the years to come…” I’m really starting to get worried here, and I think it’s showing on my face. Putting some weird stuff in the water people drink, kidnapping “specimens”… “William, what do you know about the Entity?” my mentor asks. “Only what you told me about it, sir. It’s supposed to save humanity, but you never told me from what.” He looks at me, smiling. “From extinction. It will save us from complete extinction, of course.” Before I can add anything, Dr. Thomas takes a remote out of one of his pockets and shows it to me. “Want to do the honours?” “Hum… sure?” The remote only has one big red button on it. Does anything good ever come from pushing a sketchy red button? I ask myself. “Go on, William. We don’t have all day,” he says. Not wanting to disappoint the doctor, I press the button a few seconds later. At first, nothing happens. Is the damn thing broken? But Dr. Thomas looks as confident as always, looking straight at the young man. Then, a sinister grin appears on his face. “Look, William. Look what you have done.” On the other side of the glass wall, I can see some kind of green gas being released from vents on the ceiling. At first, Matthew doesn’t really react; I’m not even sure he’s aware of what is happening. And then, something incredible happens. It’s like every muscle fibre of Matthew’s body is flexing, growing a little bigger every passing moment. He looks like he’s in some kind of trance. His cock and balls are also growing at an alarming rate; soon enough, his dick is about as long and big as my forearm and his testicles remind me of grapefruits! Before I can ask anything, Dr. Thomas says: “You’re not imagining things, William. This is really happening. He’s absorbing the Entity.” A few second pass, and Matthew keeps growing, not only larger, but taller. It's almost like he's pulsating with power. “OK, now push the button again. He’s had enough,” says Dr. Thomas, looking at his watch again. I immediately do as he asks, and the gas stops coming from the vents. Matthew stays in a daze for a few seconds, but then he becomes very agitated. I turn my attention to Dr. Thomas, who takes his cell phone and looks at some kind of data sheet. “William, our friend is now 7’4” tall and weighs a whopping 372 pounds!” He quickly dials a phone number and says only 3 words before hanging up: “Let her in.” Almost instantly, a hidden door opens on the other side of the glass wall, and a woman comes out. She looks like a giant version of Barbie. I’d say she has to be at least as tall as he was before he grew in front of our eyes. She’s very muscular, but not in a masculine way; if Matthew is a Greed god, she’s definitely a goddess. As soon as he sees here, our specimen approaches her, his eyes devouring her. She seems to like the attention and looks back at him the same way. His dick is pointing straight ahead, swinging and slapping on his incredibly thick abs as he walks towards her. Without wasting a second, he puts his giant hands under her ass, lifts her up in the air and penetrates her. Immediately, she starts moaning; it’s like I’m watching a porn videos featuring two divinities having crazy sex. Then he takes her off of his dick, holds her parallel to the ground and penetrates her from behind. At first, Dr. Thomas keeps smiling, nodding to show his approval of the whole thing, but after a while, I notice something in his eyes. Worry? Fear? I look back at the two gods fucking like wild animals and I see something weird happening. Much like earlier, Matthew is growing bigger again. At first, it’s barely noticeable, but after a minute, he looks like he’s almost 8 feet tall and still getting larger and taller by the second. Soon enough, he's so big that the tall woman seems small in comparison. She looks distressed, in pain. What the hell is happening? Matthew is still fucking her like there is no tomorrow. And then, I see his dick: it’s now so big that I wonder how he is not destroying her insides by penetrating her so violently. That’s when it dawns on me: that’s exactly what he’s doing. “Dr. Thomas, this has to stop!” I yell. “He’s killing her!” He looks at me with disappointment. “No, son; he already killed her.” He’s right: Matthew, who is still growing bigger and bigger, is plowing her dead body, not even aware that something changed. He's just a beast fucking something to feel good. My mentor sighs and dials a number on his cell phone once again. “This is Dr. Thomas. Put an end to experiment E-063. He passed the point of no return.” Immediately, I see metallic tubes come out from the walls on the other side. A few seconds later, flames fill the room. I hit the wall with my fist over and over, and each time, I can feel the heat permeating the glass. I can’t hear Matthew yelling, but I know he is. “What have you done?!” I ask with clenched fists when I turn around to look at the cruel man I used to trust. “My poor William, I simply put an end to a failed experiment. An experiment, I might add, that YOU started.” And then, right there, I understand: Dr. Thomas never wanted a protégé; he wanted an accomplice.
  15. Using the Talk to Transformer website I auto generated this story. Left mainly as is with few modifications. Enjoy. 220 feet tall, huge hairy muscles grow bigger. This is my body now and all mine. MANLY, GROW BIGGER! Oh god yes OH YES!!! I'm getting bigger and getting ready to shoot my load! Oh god YES!! YES! YES! SWEET SEXY CUM, BIG HAIRY MUSCLES MANLY, GROWING MAN! And ready to shoot his cum. YES YES! MANLY, GROW BIGGER! YES! I'm growing even bigger NOW, I'm gonna cum!!! YES! Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming all over my body!!! Mmm yummy cum all over my body! Mmm So much cum, BIG Hairy Cock, Manly, growing bigger! Oh fuck man! I’m, I’m growing MORE! BIGGER, I WANT MORE! I’m, I’m growing BIGGER! YUM, YES YES YES! Yeah, oh, keep Cumming! Oh fuck, It’s all over me. Don't stop, don't stop Cumming... Oh my god, Oh my god, Holy Shit! I’m cumming more & still growing! More Muscle! Hairier! Manlier! Massive cock! 300 ft tall! Fuck yes more!! Yum, YES YES YES! Ohhhhhhh, YES!! More!! Fuck my ass, keep eating my cum, keep cumming! YES YES YES! Squeeze my ass! Squeeze my ass! Yes Growing bigger! Hairier! More muscle! Yes! HUGE! 350 ft tall still growing! More fucking MORE GROW! Oh my GOD! 370ft tall still growing! 450ft tall still growing! Huge! When will I stop growing, will I stop growing? Oh my yes grow more grow bigger, more muscles growing!!! 500 ft tall, 550ft tall, 650ft tall, huge growing, growing!!!! Cumming!!! Delicious Muscle Cum!!! Yes, yes...yes, yes, please, cum, cum! Yes grow! Bigger! Taller! Hairier! Yummm, yummm, yummm!!! Cumming... Cumming... Hmmm, yes yes, yes...YES! GROW MORE!!! Oh my GOD! 600ft tall, 900ft tall, MUSCLE GROWING, HAIR GROWING, CUM, COCK! GROW! Cumming, growing...fuck! Cum! 1,000ft tall, 1,400ft tall, growth continues, feet growing, muscles growing, growth resumes 1,900ft tall, massive hairy muscle. YES! MORE! GROW! Yes! Spurt of jizz, explode, up, up, up! 9,000ft tall, massive hairy muscle, veins popping, look up. HAIR GROWING, huge MOUTH, sucking cock, eating cum YES! Spurt, swallow every drop! 9,400ft tall, massive hair, muscles getting big, further growth. Yes! SPEED UP! YES! Spurt. SEX! MORE! ROOOORRRRRRR! 15,000 ft tall! Massive hairy, manly muscle! More muscle. More hair. Grow more. Yes. Expand more. 10,800 ft tall! Manly hairy muscle, muscle getting big, hairy, tigher. YES! Maybe expand more! More, more, more EXPAND! MORE, MORE, MORE! 11,000 ft tall! Huge muscles, stronger muscles, mass increased. EXTEND! MORE, MORE! EXTEND! MORE, MORE! 11,500 ft tall! Huge hairy, muscular muscles, growing more. Grow! STRENGTH! STRENGTH! 20,000 ft tall! Massive muscles, huge muscles, huge muscles. STRENGTH! STRENGTH 21,000 ft tall! Massive muscles, hairy muscles, huge cock. MAXIMUM! 22,000 ft tall! Massive muscles, hairy muscles, huge cock. MAXIMUM! 22,000 ft tall! Massive muscles, huge muscles, huge muscles. ULTIMATE! 24,000 ft tall! Massive muscles, huge muscles, hairy muscles. EXTREME! 25,000 ft tall! More cum! Getting hard and horny by myself! Getting harder and horny and taking more cum! 26,000 ft tall! MORE CUM! Huge muscular muscles, hairy muscles, huge cock, huge balls, more cum! 27,000 ft tall! More cum! Getting hard and horny by myself! Getting harder and horny and taking more cum! 28,000 ft tall! MORE CUM! Huge muscular muscles, hairy muscles, huge cock, huge balls, muscle freak, cum gut, more cum! 29,000 ft tall! MORE CUM! MORE GROWTH! Huge muscular muscles, hairy muscles, huge cock, huge balls, muscle freak, cum gut, cum dump, more cum! 30,000 ft tall! MORE! Titanic, hairy muscle freak. YES! MORE!
  16. A collaboration piece I did a couple months ago, finally fully proofread. Contains the following themes: transformation, orcs, m/m, muscle growth, hair growth, musk, bondage, anal, oral, multiple scenes, clothes ripping, etc. Enjoy! A collab by Arcsrazor and Centaurian I looked at the calendar on my wall, each date X'ed off leading up to tonight. Another full moon, another night in. I sighed. Granted, I was really getting into the groove of this schedule, but it wasn't without its risks. The sound of the doorbell jolted me, a sinking feeling forming in my chest. An unforeseen risk. Maybe they would go away, but the door rang again. I checked my phone; there was still time. I decided to answer and tell them to go away. I opened up the door and there was standing Ethan. Ethan was a good friend of mine, though we hadn’t spoken recently. He was 25, about the same age as me. He had a toned, medium build body with a moderate dusting of hair. His brown hair was in its typical, neat business cut, perfectly matched with his polo and khakis. The guy never relaxes himself. "Allen, so you are home! I was beginning to think there was no point to even trying to get ahold of you." Ethan said angrily as he pushed past me. "It's like you've been avoiding my calls to see what's going on or texts for that matter. Almost like you've dropped off the face off the earth. You better damn well give me some answers as to why you are pulling this shit! I mean we haven't seen you at Softball in weeks the coach has already replaced your position on the team, I don't even see you around at the gym anymore. That used to be the one place I could always catch you. I've been missing a proper spotter dude!" After getting over the initial shock of the outburst and barging in, I get to the immediately pressing task at hand. I tried several times to interject, but Ethan just wouldn’t shut up. I finally yelled in exasperation. "Ethan! Would you shut up for two seconds! I've had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life ok? Now, we can talk about this sometime soon, but I'm busy tonight ok? So if you could-" I started trying to guide Ethan towards the door before any more time is wasted. He, of course, started resisting and shouted back, "Doing WHAT!? You are not getting off the hook that easily! If you aren't willing to explain yourself for simply writing me off you might as well consider this friendship over. I wasn't looking to take it to this point but what you are doing is straight up avoidance of your friends. You know Susan, she actually has been wondering if it's been because you've gotten caught up in drugs or something. The way you've dropped off radar so fast. She's been thinking about arranging some sort of intervention crap!” He just kept going on and on… I had to get him out of here. “It's not drugs is it Allen? Dude, are you doing steroids!!?? You are looking bigger, and you must be getting your work done somewhere else since you no longer frequent the gym." I flushed a bit. The monthly changes had come with certain permanent aspects, increased musculature being one of them. It's true that I had been avoiding the gym to avoid certain people. The sudden change in my physicality would have been a dead give-away. I felt a pulse throb through my chest, and my eyes widened. I had to get him out of here now. "Look, I'm not on anything ok? I'm just busy recently and have a lot on my plate. Can we please just talk about this later?" The veins in my arms started to bulge a bit with the heightened blood flow in my body, my push becoming a bit more forceful. But Ethan just wouldn’t give up the goddamn fight. *** "Dude watch the hands! You know steroid usage is coupled with bursts of anger. You say you aren't on anything but if that's the case then you better have some explanation more than my plate is a little full. Does my friendship mean so little to you? I mean if someone in your family died and you've needed time that would at least be something sensible but no one's heard a peep from you. It's left many of us starting to wonder if you’re even worth the time." I said, feeling incensed that he kept wanting to brush the issue aside. This was turning into a ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ ordeal, and he almost seemed like he didn’t care... or is it that he's distracted? Figuring he's more concerned with ejecting me from the premises, I decided to dig in my heels and refuse to budge. "I'm not going anywhere until we talk about this. You aren't considering the weight of the issue!" I was a bit thrown by a sudden change in his voice and demeanor. "Fine" he said in a voice slightly deeper than before, "But if you're going to stick around, you better damn well help." Before I could respond again, he grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me towards his basement door. The strength with which Allen pulled me with was frightening. He did it with such ease almost as if he was throwing a pillow across the room. Almost lifting me from my feet as he yanked me after him, I almost lost my footing trying to keep up. I was actually stunned into silence and slight confusion as to what the hell he was talking about. Upon reaching the bottom of the steps, Allen pushed me against a wall to wait while he started fiddling with something. My eyes try to process their surroundings to make sense of what was happening, slowly adjusting to the lower light. It was his basement still left unfinished; he had seemingly mentioned plans once or twice with the intent to fix it up but having never gotten around to it. Its cold cement floor the typical gray with white painted cinderblock walls that lined the room. As I began to take in the items scattered in the room, my mind was having difficulties putting the puzzle together. There were various lengths of chains strewn across the floor: some rudimentary shackles, various sized padlocks, in one of the darker corners I even spotted what looked like a wrought iron cage. Was this some sort of sex den he had brought me into? Turning my head towards him, I saw him fiddling with keys on some type of manacles that had been braced into the wall. "Allen, what the hell is all of this?" I said indignant. Not sure I wanted to understand what he had been talking about-worried that this might be taking a turn that I didn't want anything to do with. Allen seemed to struggle with his shirt-which hadn’t looked as tight a few minutes ago-and turned to me after. "I'll explain later, just help chain me up, alright? No back talk" He said in a gruffer voice, baring his teeth. His torso was already glistening with a light perspiration as he starts unlocking the device. "You seriously want me to lock you up!? Have you lost your mind?" Despite my hesitation, I moved over to assist, figuring maybe it might be safer to have him restrained for the moment while I try to get some answers. After closing the latch and backing away from him I couldn’t help but notice his straining erection having tented his pants rather obscenely. I speechlessly waited there while my mind grasped for any explanation that made sense. He gave the restraints a firm tug, keeping in place. He grunted and huffed a sigh of relief. Or was it a grunt of something else? His chest seemed to swell with every breath, muscles striating. The nipples seemed to be looking a bit off as well. "Thank... you..." He could barely seem to get words out. As I stared on, wishing somebody would start providing answers, I observed my friend's body. Perspiration seemed to be gathering across his hairy chest; his breathing was increasing, and it seemed like he was having difficulty focusing. His longer black hair hid the beads of sweat breaking out across his forehead. He had definitely gotten more buff since I had seen him last and I was kind of shocked. My eyes, mid-thought, are immediately drawn to some golden barbells that now pierced his nickel sized nipples. "Oh you've gotten piercings..." I kind of absentmindedly observed as I noted the new addition. My friend elicited a moan while he shuddered for a second. I noticed it seems like his newly displayed erection wasn't dying down, in fact it was quite the opposite. I wondered if my eyes were deceiving me as it looked like his arms started to grow. My voice trembled out of concern as I begged loudly, "Why are you having me do this? What the hell is happening!?" *** "For your... safety... Needed to lock... before-urrrgh." I grunted and snarled a bit. The change, while pleasurable, did sometimes have its elements of discomfort. Partly due to the fact that I still had my pants on. My erection throbbed uncomfortably against the tight-fitting fabric, growing increasingly more obscene in its scope. I tried a little modesty, but I knew it wouldn’t last long. I was surprised he hadn't left yet. My nipples tingled warmly from the golden metal, pulsing energy through me in matching time with the throbbing of my cock. Veins bulged across my arms as I flexed impulsively against the restraints, my biceps swelling like softballs and further, my forearms growing thicker, making the manacles a bit tight. Not helping my pants situation, I could feel my legs tremble and swell, the sound of fabric starting to strain at the seams. The quickest changes hovered around my chest, nipples pulsing a little larger and more sensitive, the off color turning a light, sickly green, and spreading over my chest. Though it would have been hard to tell with the itchy hairs increasing on my already hairy chest. "Thisss... is... a part of... me" I said through an altering mouth. My tongue danced clumsily against growing lower canines and a more defined chin. My nose flared slightly more with each huff, making my sense of smell greater. *** I was taken aback, not knowing if I should turn and run or stay out of concern for Allen. My mind screamed at me that everything I was witnessing with gaping eyes was unnatural, impossible, and while I know my mind should have been breaking from the impossibility of it, I found myself watching on. I stood astonished as I started to hear the ripping of seams, knowing how tough the seams in jeans were. Watching my friend's body swell visibly while he groaned and grunted in what can only be taken as pleasure, I stepped closer to him, wanting to observe with a better view. The front of his jeans was developing a dark spot where his pre was staining the fabric. Feeling a strange sensation, I looked down and realized I had actually gotten hard myself. My mind clearly in denial, I looked back up and notice my friend's broadening brow, his teeth seemingly sharper as two of his lower ones began to creep past his lips, extending upward and thickening into emerging tusks. A sound drew my attention to his feet where I noticed the laces starting to pop apart. My friend’s sneakers started to betray the size of the growing feet hidden inside. The leather gave an audible strain as my friend growled loudly. I almost broke a smile as the sound of stitching ripping apart filled the room, and I saw relief break across his changing face. The sides popped open on his left foot, while the toes of the shoe separated from the sole on his right. His upper body strength was growing at an alarming rate. His pectorals heaved while the skin darkened in shade, sweat matting his chest hair. Their size reminded me of the large dinner plates served at some Italian restaurants, his areolas were now at least quarter sized with the barbells piercing them still glinting in the basement light. *** The rush was incredible, no less enjoyable than the other months I experienced it. My poor shoes didn't make the struggle, but the rip and feeling of air was so satisfying. My legs almost begged to be released from the increasingly strained pants, a couple parts of the seam splitting slightly when I flexed. My chest was heavy with muscle, making it hard to see my abs harden from a decent 6-pac to a tight 8-pac. My arms developed even further, my shoulders bulging outwards as well. Were the manacles not heavy duty, I would have ripped through the restraints then and there. Every tug I gave showed off the increasing flare of my lats, turning green as with the rest of my torso. My cock ached to be freed, the tight friction not doing any favors to calm the beast. I gave a deep, masculine grunt of pleasure as more pre leaked from the tip. My balls swelled against the confines as well, heavy with testosterone and virility. My glutes flexed against their prison, two boulders of hairy flesh increasingly straining to be freed. I licked my darkening lips, navigating around my increasingly lengthened tusks. My ears tingled as they gained slight points. The green spread light in color against the skin, but older areas were darker, the nipples a darker green than the chest. I could smell Ethan as he got closer, smelling his mix of fear and... arousal. A part of me took a primal pleasure in that as I smirked. His scent, partially masked by his cologne, served to make me hornier. I would have pounced on him given the chance. At the same time, I could tell the musk emanating from me had gotten thicker. A heavy pheromone piercing the air, though not as strong as it could be. *** As I continued to take in my friend's changes visually it seemed like the air was getting thicker, almost like an invisible haze had entered the room. A smell like the light musk that lingers in a locker room simply by the repeated presence of men sweeping through it. Not unpleasant, just overtly masculine. I watched on as my buddy writhed a bit against his bindings, stretching and flexing his legs. I guessed he was trying to rid himself of the pants which I could only imagine had to be seriously getting in the way at that point. I started to hear some rips again coming from the denim fabric trapping the changes from my view. A louder rip revealed openings-one over his outer side quad and the other one wrapping around his hamstring. After pausing a second, the struggle renewed with intensity as the obvious beast between his legs struggled for release. I looked on with increasing interest, for a moment tempted to aid him, but part of me was curious to see if he was going to be able to do it on his own. I was close enough where I could reach out and touch him, but yet I stayed fixed to my post almost as if I had a deep need to bear witness. I had this growing urge to want to explore his expanding muscles, to want to feel him growing in mass right in my hands so that maybe my head could wrap around what it was actually seeing. I couldn't begin to figure out what motivating factors were possibly behind my thoughts; I was caught up in the moment and unable to leave, that much I knew. I was again drawn down to see his feet pushing out from their confines, the remnants of the leather splitting open and folding outward from the sole like an opening flower. His feet flexed in their socks, enjoying their newfound freedom. Some holes had even started to open up in the fabric as I noted how much bigger they appeared. All my mind's eye could summon as a comparison were images of the hulk's feet. They hadn't unveiled themselves totally yet. *** I licked my dark green lips, the sensations increasingly sensual. My tusks were now pronounced from my mouth, my nose flared even wider, the tip upturning. Every scent in the air became clearer still, and I got turned on by my own scent. Despite my musk’s strength, I could sense the continual arousal from Ethan. A more primal part of me chuckled, the voice deep and masculine as it rumbled from my expanded chest, as a dark part of my mind fantasized about the implications of that arousal. I could feel my ears flick as the points grew a bit longer, and my vision shifted slightly as my upper brow grew a bit more pronounced. I rotated my wrists and flexed my arms again, hands curled into fists larger than most men, with rough green palms. A thick dusting of hair covered my torso, forearms, and hands, matted with the sweat trickling from my body by the exertion of the change. My body felt hot, especially concentrated around the piercings still pulsing from my nipples. I flexed my toes and stamped my feet, ripping through the remaining fabric of the shoes and socks. That done, I gave a grunt as I took in a deep breath of air and flexed my legs harder than ever. My green tinted legs tore through more of the fabric. Jeans were such a tough material to shred, but newfound muscle proved even stronger. The seams were fully pulled apart, and one last flex of the glutes tore the waistband, the button popping off at the same time. The ruined jeans fell away to reveal huge, hairy legs, the deep green enriching my skin reaching down to the last parts of my feet. My underwear strained against the bulge formed in the front, uncommonly large. My balls also strained the fabric, swollen with virility. The fabric was soaked with a mix of sweat and pre-cum, the scent of musk getting even stronger than before. I let out a grunt of satisfaction, my hands instinctively straining to touch my bulge but not having enough reach. I let out a frustrated grunt as I strained. *** I watched with some strange sense of satisfaction as the seams burst wider apart, beginning to let his pants legs flap about his massively carved thighs and calves in his struggles as they lost their grip on him. As he gave a kind of forward thrust and a pleased grunt, the button on the front of his jeans ricocheted off my thigh. The rather large head of his cock pushed through the zipper, breaking it. It was covered in stained cotton as his briefs still clung to him. He had breached the seam near on one side of his waist from a combination of his widening hips and his growing muscular ass. It began to fall away from him like parts of a molted shell as his enlarging lower body could finally feel the air circulate around it. The aforementioned haze deepened to a fog. He stood there with his boxer briefs clinging to his massive tool tenting the sweat and pre stained fabric, the basket of it stretched by his heavy sac. He strained against his chains, trying to break free. His grunts and groans were starting to come more frequently, something must have been building. I noticed how his green pointed ears neatly framed his face with his new thickened brow line. The actual eyebrows seemed to be bushier in texture. Gruff stubble broke out all over his face and widened chin. When his eyes weren’t closed in pleasure, they had more wild look about them. They flicked around the room to take in their surroundings at an alarming pace almost in an animalistic way. His tusks thick and prominent now stood two inches above his fleshier lower lip and gave his visage a more fearsome look. His nose was stretching as he looks down at me, its shape reminding me of a pig somehow. For a second, I thought he was laughing as his chest rumbled. The nose’s upturned tip and now widening nostrils flared as he continued to breathe deeply between the increasing grunts and longer bassy groans. The fabric of his briefs became increasingly taut as his ass continued to gain mass. I found myself anticipating the unveiling, curious to see the changes that have developed. *** Even as the changes started to finalize through my body, the pulsation only seems to increase. Veins bulged on my body as my heart steadily pounded faster. My large hands groped at the chains of the restraints as I tugged, wanting the freedom, wanting to touch my large, virile body. The bonds didn't budge, but I continued to tug, flexing. My chest bulged, rippled with striations. The golden barbells almost seemed to glow from their heat-my large, dark green nipples hard and protruding. I tossed my head back, heavy black hair cascading behind as I gave a roar and grunt of power. It was a deep bellow that almost seemed to shake the room. I gritted my teeth, tusks protruding dangerously, and planted my feet into a wide stance. I flexed my legs hard, in tune with the pulses running through my body. The tingling of change lessened more and more, but it was replaced with heightened awareness of the power and sensitivity radiating from me. My heart picked up even more pace, my cock rubbing with a sweet, raw friction against my underwear. My balls strained at the fabric, desperate to escape their tight prison. I flexed my body faster, glutes and cock working hard to make that last push. My heavy chest heaved, and I let out a snarling growl. My eyes, irises turned a dark red, focused on the small man in front of me. With a deep grunt and another roar, I tilted my head back and flexed as hard as ever, every inch of my green body wet and defined. With a loud rip, my cock broke free, a green as dark as my nipples. My balls bounced into view before drawing up to my body, my cock twitching with power. Sweet release as I shot a volley of cum, thick and white across the air. I couldn’t see where it landed in my closed bliss, but the reaction from the small man gave me a clue. My balls bounced with every shot, rope after rope of cum cascading across the distance onto the man who had not left. *** I stared at my friend becoming the beast as he thrusted in earnest watching as rips continued opening through his briefs. With one final thrust and a bellowing roar it finally snapped free the waistband popping open like an overstretched rubber band. His member revealed to me was masculine art as it stood throbbing before me. His member at least ten inches long and probably a good seven inches around was massive. It was at least as thick as my wrist, and his musky smelling nuts now housed testicles that had to be the size of jumbo grade A eggs. It began launching volley after volley of arcing seed as it splatted against my chest quickly drenching my shirt. His nuts spasming in their sac as he continued to let out successive grunts expressing the thorough pleasure he was reveling in. I didn't even flinch as I stood there feeling it soak through the fabric the smell of his seed putting that heady musk directly in my face as if I had buried mine directly in his crotch. I watched as the beast came down from his high lying slack against his chains. His breath was heaving as his body remained a carved work that would make Leonardo Da Vinci’s David jealous. I figured it would take him a bit to recover as it looked like the beast was settling into a brief rest. I went over to one of the side walls to lean against it as I settled to the floor. I sat there with my mind feeling vacant. I realized I needed to do some thinking with regard to the events that had just transpired, but it was like the gears in my head had frozen and refused to turn. I sat there with my legs extended in front of me as I laid my head against the wall and found myself slowly drifting towards sleep, still covered in my friends ample deposit of cum, and I think my head found it easier to accept the descending darkness. *** After blacking out for a good remainder of the night, I slowly came to my senses. The basement was still dark, but it must have been morning. My body felt a bit sore, particularly around the wrists where I was restrained. I looked down at my body. Human... smaller... naked. The air was still warm. I stretched in my shackles, the chains clanging a bit. I heard a shifting in the corner and saw Ethan resting against the wall, his clothes crusty. I remembered him standing in front of me, certain scents... but I'd worry about that later. I called out to him. "Hey Ethan, you awake? I can't unchain myself right now since you have the keys." *** I woke up hearing Allen calling out to me. My back was sore from having been slouched against the wall. I raised my head to look over at my friend, naked and his skin flushed. I slowly started processing and realize I still had the keys from last night in my pocket. He was leaning up against the wall, his frame noticeably smaller but still well defined. He was kind of avoiding looking at me as he stood there exposed to me. I tried to figure out if he was embarrassed or what exactly he was thinking, but then again, I guess he was in the same boat. I lifted myself up from the floor walking over to him. I released him from his bonds and he gripped his wrists trying to ease some of the pain from them. I told him "You might want to get cleaned up... I'll meet you upstairs when you are ready. The thought occurred to me to leave you chained but you at least deserve to retain some dignity while you give me an explanation." With that, I turned to walk up the stairs and headed to his couch in the living room to wait. *** I mumbled out a thanks before looking around. It's then that I realized all the clothes I had on shredded, besides the shirt. I bundled it up in front of my junk and tried to get to my room quickly. "One sec" I said as I passed by the living room to mine, going into my dresser for a new set of clothes. A lot of my wardrobe had to be updated since the changes had begun, my clothes a little baggy just in case. After changing into a pair of workout shorts and a tank top, I headed into the living room. I cleared my throat. "So... about last night... how are you doing by the way? Should I uh... grab you a new shirt?" I felt flushed, a bit embarrassed. I hadn't expected my secret to get out, and now here I was. His reaction so far had been... unexpected to say the least. At least he wasn't freaking out. He responded, with some exasperation, "Well while as I've never quite experienced what happened last night I think that the shirt isn't even on the list of topics to cover. I'll wash it later! I guess what happened last night explains some of the questions I had before I even conceptualized this as a possibility. Namely the questions as to why you've been avoiding me and everyone else. So without needing to get into that lets keep things to the topic of what the hell happened last night!" I nodded my head and sit down on the arm chair in the room. I sighed, collecting my thoughts. Where to begin? "I'm not fully sure when it started. Well... a while back I was looking into getting some piercings, and I heard that nipple ones increased sensitivity. I had sat on it a while, but I found a place online and went. It was an odd place; shady, but it had good reviews, so I braved it. My piercer was a strange fellow, but it went over well, and I was left with these." I gestured to the golden barbells. "They felt fine, but during that next full moon, I basically blacked out. The pleasure emanating from the piercings was so intense... and I was caught off guard that I woke up the next morning in my trashed living room, clothes torn up. I vaguely remembered the night, and I'm glad I didn't go out and hurt somebody." I sighed deeply. "I tried to go back to the place for answers, but the place had either moved or been closed down. I was scared, but... I was also... intrigued. The change has its uh *cough* benefits..." I said, blushing a bit. "So I figured out a way to do it safely. I had a few things set up in the basement, but I've found that the cage works best. I can't reach through the bars in my... orc form. Although it's not comfortable, it works. The shackles worked surprisingly well too, and a lot more comfortable despite the wrist pain. So... there you have it. I'm a freak." *** "Man if you mean like a freak of nature don't ever think that. A freak of a different kind, well something could be said for the way you thrusted your way out of those briefs launching your jizz across the room. That was something!" I said with a blush, my mind replaying the scene. "To say a few benefits might be selling it short you looked like you enjoyed the fuck out of that! So you are looking to just contain it not get rid of it? It's that good huh?” He shrugged, giving a wry smile. "Yeah, I want to keep it. It's been a bit tough, but it's been worth it. It's even started to help me, in some respects" he said as he flexed one of his arms to himself. "I'm just glad you helped me out in time. I'm not sure what would have happened to you had I been free. I mean, my mind is still 'there', but it's on a different frequency, in a sense. More impulsive, different inclinations. You can't let anyone know about this though. Tell them I'm doing well, that I'm busy or something, but I can't let them know about me. You have to promise me, Ethan." I sat there thinking a bit trying to figure out if I am willing to sign onto this. Keeping the secret is a no brainer, because I wouldn't want to hurt my friend, but I could back away now and I guessed he would understand and respect my decision. I mean, I would hope that my friend could successfully keep all this under wraps and there would be no further risks, but then I thought about the chance encounter that happened tonight. If that was enough to throw off his cover then how could he best ensure maintaining the secret? "My silence is guaranteed. I'm mean if you aren't looking for help finding a way out of this, how can you best make sure that you can maintain there won't be a risk of discovery? I mean think about last night." *** I paused for a moment, considering. Ethan had a good point. I had managed these past few months alright, but there weren’t any guarantees. "I hadn't really considered it. Things had been fine so far, and the installation in the basement worked well. You do have a point... but what exactly are you proposing? It sounds like you have a plan? Or are you just warning me?" "It's not that I'm proposing something in as much just making sure you are taking into account the apparent risks and deterrence you might have to run to ensure your secret stays yours or only those you trust." He pauses a moment before continuing. "Allen, I mean if you think about it the best way to 'manage' something like this is to have someone to cover should anything go awry so I guess if you wanted my help I can offer it, as I doubt there might be anyone else that you can think of to help." "Hmm..." I thought for a moment. It made a lot of sense. I nodded. "You're right man. If you're willing to help out, I'll accept it. It's nice to have someone who knows now at least. And I haven't been the best friend, so thanks for not bailing." I gave a small smile, sitting up a bit taller as if a weight has been lifted. "And hey, like I said, the chains are definitely easier on the body than that tight cage. I really appreciate this man. I'll keep you up to date on the cycle. And hey, if you don't mind switching to a new locale, we can even start working out together again." *** "Okay, but only if you are paying the first quarter of my fees." It felt nice to have reconnected after so long an absence from Allen, even if this was a majorly weird way to do it. I realized, thinking to myself, that I couldn't deny some part of me had a residing interest in the change I had witnessed. Part of me had wondered if he had ever captured it to witness the full extent of it himself. I felt my face flush at the thought as I stared off out a window for a moment. He smiled wider. "Then it's settled. We'll get this all sorted out for next time. But for now, breakfast?" ---- Well, two moons later and it looked like we were finally starting to develop a routine. Allen and I would meet up for workouts a few times a month just to keep tabs before the full moon approached. On the day of, we'd usually spend the evening watching movies or some such to while away the time before moonrise. When the moment was near we'd head down to the basement. We stuck with the manacles as restraint for his comfortability as his change would start. He first tried sticking with wearing sweats figuring it would give the least resistance and I convinced him if it was comfort he was going for and since he knew I had seen the goods so to speak, he might as well just wear a pair of briefs. Each time witnessing the change it never got old. Every time was just as intense for him, and I could see why part of him didn't want to be rid of it. I was finding it harder for me to hide my arousal when it would happen. Besides the beneficial side effects it provided he certainly didn't mind. The added strength, the hairier appearance, he even suggested a few times he thought the turning was making him just naturally hornier. He equated it to his latter teen years. *** I was sitting on the couch with Ethan, finishing up a movie. The alarm on my phone went off and I stood and stretched. "Well, looks like it's that time. Shall we?" I walked over to the basement and headed down the stairs. I stripped down from my clothes, comfortable on my large frame, but nothing ready for what was to come. I stripped down to my briefs, a bit baggy on my frame to compensate. Ethan helped me into the manacles, and I gave them a tug to check their strength, as good as ever. I gave him a nod and settled in. We talked for a few minutes until the all too familiar heat started to wash over my body, pulsing from my barbells. I gave a light groan of pleasure as I flexed my hands, getting into the groove of it. My muscles flexed and pulsed with the heat as they started to slowly expand outwards. A couple beads of sweat ran down my body. A little part of my mind started to awaken as well, the more impulsive beast inside. I reflexively licked my lips in anticipation of further changes. It was easiest to just give in as quickly as possible, the changes almost rewarding me for acceptance. My body continued to grow, the green tint forming from my nipples and flowing over my increasingly sweaty chest. My breath came out heavier, the changes continuing to expand. Nostrils flared out with every breath. My cock twitched and jumped to life, balls already starting to swell heavier with virility. Part of me wished I could have restraints that let me touch my cock, but I needed the rigidity. The tool throbbed with sensitivity, rubbing against the fabric of the ever tightening briefs. *** I stood before my friend in the throes of transformation again, watching as his dick rose rigid in his briefs and swelled in size as he moaned and shuddered. His body gained mass right before my eyes. As I looked on I was tiring of feeling envious of this pleasure Allen got to experience monthly and the sheer size of his body. An urge had been growing, the same way his cock expanded and began to stretch the fabric to its limits, inside me now to want to help him physically with the change to feel him as he changes. I walked up closer to him as he strained against the manacles and placed a hand across his rippling abdominals. Growling as his facial features were changing, he barely took the time to focus on me. He gave a slight look of confusion at my approach. I hooked my fingers into the band of his briefs peeling them back over the length of his cock, letting it pop out into view as the greenish hue washed across its length. "What... what arrrre you doing?" He said, letting out a deep gasp as the fabric pulled away from his junk. It throbbed as it came in contact with the air, as if in anticipation. "E-Ethan?" He said gruffly. "Shhhh big guy, sit back and try not to worry about me so you can focus on your changes buddy." I soothingly said while I pulled his briefs past his straining thighs and let them fall to the floor. I stared down at his pulsing rod as I wrapped my hands around the length of his changing shaft. I could feel the heft and weight of him and it was rock solid. Yet despite that, his penis flexed as he grunted, and I felt his cock expanding further in my hands. Its changing girth, its increasing length as its now lime green steadily darkened towards an emerald hue. Entranced, I bought its thickening head to my mouth, his dick jumping as it felt my breath caress across his glans. That heady scent that accompanied his previous changes was starting to fill the room and I sucked the head into my waiting mouth, swirling my tongue over Allen's massive dickhead. The taste was intoxicating as the pre that had been dripping from his slit washed across my taste buds. Deeper! I was instantly compelled to try and take more of him within my mouth as I started choking on his shaft in an attempt to deep throat as much of him as I can. Cutting off my air I started to gag a bit and my eyes watered. My hands now free, I moved my left down to cup his hairy sac as they grow heavier in my hands. My right hand creeped up over his pronounced, flexing abdominals up to meaty heaving pectoral to find the barbell piercing his quarter sized nipples and squeezed it. His dick jerked within my mouth in response and he elicited a roar as I teased the beasts rising passions. *** My breathing grew heavier, and not just because of the changes. My mind was still reeling from the unexpected attention, the more primal side pushing more quickly than usual. I couldn’t even think of a proper vocal response other than the occasional groan, my mind was growing so foggy. Those times before with the thoughts... the idea of dominating over him... smelling his arousal each time... I should have seen it coming. A little drool escaped my thickening, greener lips as my body shuddered from another moan. My GOD did that nipple stimulation work me over hard. Almost as if it was quickening me along. My body flexed as Ethan took me deeper, my heels digging into the hard floor. The pleasure was so intense; I could barely focus my sight. It hadn't been this bad since the first time I changed. Breath heavy, I tried to steady my heart rate and look down. I looked over the curve of my pecs down at Ethan below me, his eyes closed as he tried desperately to take more of my cock into his mouth. My cock leaked its generous amount of pre inside of him. I blinked a few times and squinted. The lighting was a bit dimmed, but something was definitely off. Ethan's ears looked larger... pointier. As his mouth came back to the tip of my shaft, I could see a slight discoloration in his lip, a pale green as if he were wearing some kind of makeup. My eyes widened as I realized what was happening, the human in me worried, the orc in me... excited. As if an instinctual part of me knew this would happen. I tried to let out a warning, something to stop it and help my friend, but the thicker, almost softer lips wrapping themselves down my length caused me to let out a moan instead. I could feel an orgasm slowly approaching, and I knew what that will mean for my friend. "E-Ethaa-ugh" I couldn't think... *** My left hand continued working Allen's nuts as they swelled to their new size as I continued trying to down his shaft in repeated strokes. His dickhead pushed back against my tonsils as I kept trying to get my throat to open wide enough to take him fully yet to no avail. My right hand had dropped to the hilt of his pulsating shaft to stimulate the length I couldn't fit entirely within. His grunts were getting louder I knew he had to be getting closer. Things seemed to be happening faster for him during this change and I wondered in part if my ministrations had something to do with it. Allen's body thrashed wildly as it seemed torn between wanting to thrust willingly to completion or as if trying to fight me off. With my vice grip around his cock making sure each stroke provided ample sensation and suctioning mouth keeping a firm fastness to him as if I was a man dying of thirst, I continued my efforts. Something was starting to give because the beast began thrusting his hips forward with a rising desperation as my left hand felt his sac tightening. The fingers of my hand running through the bushier hair he now sported there as the musk emanated thickly from his groin. I was beginning to grunt while I was downing him intently as I yearned for his impending release. My own cock trapped in my briefs strained my pants tightly. It was starting to become uncomfortable as I needed to free myself, to be able to touch myself as my friend was reaching the summit of his transition. Dropping my hand from his nuts I began to fumble with my zipper trying to quickly release myself from the trappings so that I could grasp my own tool. I could feel the tempo change within me as I knew the arousal from bringing my friend to the brink was bringing me near erupting myself. I quickly pushed my pants down past my knees so I could balance myself on them, my hard dick bobbing in the cool air for the basement. My dick was apparently awash with pre as my passions had been rising while servicing this orcish beast. Allen was thrusting urgently into my mouth hilting me on his cock as far as I could take him and withdrawing almost fully to repeat the process. I did my best to keep my lips locked in place to avoid any possible scraping. I kept trying to take any breath I could between the strokes as I let him use me to his own ends. The beast suddenly reared back against the chains holding him roaring loudly as his dick started flexing hard in my mouth as he shoved it in and started to push back into my throat holding it there. His testicles jumped repeatedly in their sac as he started to unload down my throat. I had no resistance as I tried to refrain from choking on his massive meat as he unloaded continuing to roar throughout. Time seemed to take forever to pass as surely this must have been the heaviest ejaculation he must have ever had up until this point. *** My breath came out ragged, heavy with the exertion of my orgasm. I hadn’t experienced anything so intense since I had first transformed. It had been a while since I had direct physical contact with my cock as well in this form. My heavy, virile balls had unleashed their load, and as the remainder of my physical changes coursed over my body, the orc in me smirked. Sweat dripped from my body, hot from the pleasures that had just ensued, making the scents in the air all the stronger. My dark green skin glistened in the dim light. I snapped out of my thoughts a bit as Ethan stood up. Even without seeing differences up close, I could smell a change. The wide nostrils of my snout flared as I took in a new musk mixing with mine, though it was a tad faint. I looked into Ethan’s face as he faced me, his height a little shorter than usual in comparison given my changes. “That was…good” I grumbled out in a deep baritone, smirking a tusky grin. It was then I could really take into consideration the alteration of his form. His ears had definitely gained length, and his own nose had flared out in the beginnings of a snout. His lips, green, were thicker, and I could espy the slightest poking of tusks from the lower. Beyond that, his still brown eyes had a new look to them, even more sly and cunning than before. He shifted closer, his breath rolling over my thick chest and neck. I let out a primal groan as he gropes my sac, my cock already hardening again. I pulled hard against my restraints as I forced my head down, loosely locking lips with the changing man. I closed my eyes, my ears picking up the sound of straining shirt fabric. I could feel his body pushing outwards against mine with each passing second, the green no doubt having spread over a large amount of his face at this point and creeping down his neck. Our cocks brushed against each other, mine smearing a layer of pre against his tighter shirt. I knew what I wanted; I wanted to change him faster. The small human voice was still unsure, but it was the orc’s time to play. *** His musk was filling the air, drifting off of his body in waves laced in the sweat that graced his torso and back, still lingering from his orgasm. My body still yearned for release and my head was swimming still from the frenzy of passion when I drank down his load. Something felt different. There was an energy coursing through me as I stood in front of him, moving my hand from his nuts to his thick shaft. He was still rigid and ready despite his recent climax. He looked down grinning at me, almost sizing me up, waiting to see what I'll do next. I had to stretch up to reach him as I pressed our cocks together and grinded against him. Something within me wanted more of him, and I debated in my head as to my next course of action. I started to tease his nipple with my mouth, my tongue feeling over the texture of the barbell. As I sucked on him I felt like my arms were getting stronger. My shirt tightened over my body, the seams over my shoulders I could hear the starting to tear slowly apart. I began to climb up Allen's body, gripping the chains to his manacles as I brought my hips to straddle his, wrapping my legs around him. I pulled him in for a kiss as I slowly thrusted my tool against his abdominals. I could feel his stiff cock brush against my ass cheek as I slid against him. I was coming to the realization that my goal had been achieved. While I may not have initially sought it directly, inadvertently I had wanted to be like Allen, and it seemed that in partaking of his essence, I could feel the changes coursing through me. The level of my horniness was becoming a fevered pitch; I needed to do something to satiate the growing need that was threatening to consume me. I slid down his torso some as I made contact with his shaft. Reaching my hand backwards, I began to line up his massive tool with the crack of my rear. He was still oozing pre even now as I let him thrust some to smear it as lube between my crevices. My actions seemed to be getting a rise out of him, and he is trying to reposition himself to gain some leverage to at least control his movements. As I was wrapped around him, I moved with him so I could remain entirely in control of the situation. Allen grunted in frustration while I kissed and lapped at his neck. The fabric across my back was beginning to tear in larger openings as my new expanding muscles flexed against it while I maneuver. With my legs entwined around his hips, I sensually grinded his pulsating dick between the cheeks of my ass. I could tell Allen had a growing desire to want to penetrate me as the teasing was beginning to frustrate him. He started to give off this bassy growl that reverberated through his massive chest. Clinging to him, I raised up to position the head of his cock at the entrance without the use of my hands. It took a few tries, but when I finally lined him up correctly, I could feel the head of his dick swelling in anticipation. I began to slowly press down with the increasing weight of my body as the head of his tool started to push against the sphincter muscle to try and gain entry. Trying to pace myself, I struggled with the idea of taking the pain all at once and trying to get it over with or easing into it slowly. As tensions rose on both of our parts, I opted for the first option. I shoved my weight down on his cockhead, taking in the whole head in one thrust and just a bit past it, letting out a sound between a roar and a yell as I felt my ass like it was on fire from being breached. Allen also growled, but his was from the growing pleasure of feeling his tool engulfed from such warmth. I sat there breathing through the initial pain as I gave my ass a moment to adjust to its invader. After some of the initial pain had subsided I start to slowly bounce using gravity and my weight to try and assist in taking on the many inches of Allen's emerald rod. *** My muscles bulged with the strain I was placing against my shackles, veins bulged along my beefy green arms and shoulders. Sweat trickled down the thick forest of hairs over my body, especially now that there was such prolonged body contact. As Ethan positioned himself over my cock, I flexed it into position, pushing against his tight, still human hole (though the tint of that muscle had started turning green from the exposure to my pre). As my head pierced through the barrier, my red eyes rolled in my head as I tilted my head back, letting out a roar of pleasure. It was almost painfully tight, but that just made it all the better. As he slowly started to bounce, I could feel some slight changes occurring. His weight was starting to feel a bit heavier hanging on my frame, his ass started to swell with weight as it flexed around more and more of my cock. His hole increasingly adjusted to taking my size, though the tightness remains just right. I could feel my pre lubing the inside of his hole, allowing me to enter deeper and deeper. I could see Ethan's nipples hard against the ever straining fabric of his shirt, and I licked my lips and tusks as I contemplated teasing his tight, increasingly orc-like body. Unable to help myself, I started giving small thrusts in time to his bouncing, getting him closer to my hilt. His thighs, cinched around my waist, bulked with muscle to match his no doubt glorious and furry ass. As I felt his ass bottom out on my cock, we both let out a primal groan. He adjusted his arms, gripping onto mine to steady himself in the position. However, our combined weight and pull proved too much. My ears flicked as I hear a loud CHINK and the resistance of the chains slackened; the wall attachment points broke completely free. Eyes wide, we fell forward to a rough landing. Ethan's breath left him for a moment, but his new body took the impact better than I anticipated. Having gained control of the situation, I gave him a mischievous grin as I started to hump with steady strokes into his large, green ass, his legs splayed below. I held onto his legs until I noticed his shirt was still on. I gave a deep chuckle as I gripped the fabric with both hands, pausing my thrusts for a moment, and flexing, cleanly ripped the fabric in half. His green, furry, muscled torso was revealed, his dark green nipples pert in the exposed air. I licked my large thumbs before placing them on his nipples, rubbing lightly in a circular motion, slowly increasing the pressure. He let out a grunt of pleasure, hot breath escaping from his porcine nose as he writhed in pleasure. I picked up my thrusts again, slowly to match the pace of the nipple teasing, but both are increasing every moment. *** As Allen thrusted into me with renewed vigor, the change that was coursing through my body was only adding to the increasing pleasure from his cock up my ass and hammering my prostate. I wrapped my thickening legs around him, his ass flexing as he thrusted in harder. The grunts of his were interspersed with his panting as his pace increased his body's exertion. He licked at my neck and sucked at my earlobe as he lost himself over to his instincts willingly. The transformation was nearing its completion, and my dick was anxiously dripping, desperate for release as it ground against my partner’s flexing hard abdominals. I was losing focus, mind barely holding onto reality as the passion along with the transformation was nearing its pinnacle. The only thing I could manage was to hold on tightly as I was being swept away, adrift in a sea of flooding sensations. Out of the haze, I believe I could hear him starting to near the summit of his journey as the sounds he elicited were becoming more savage. My body started to shudder against him as I could no longer control or resist my own rising urges within me. My new emerald cock had swollen hard against him, having increased in size and girth every inch of it feels the hunching of his abs, his belly fuzz tickling my shaft as his thrusts reached a frenzied pace. The climax exploded inside of my mind as it shatters like a thousand shard of glass, intense pleasure as my cock erupted against his abs and splashed between our two bodies. I couldn’t even consciously tell if I was making a sound as my mind had trouble distinguishing the environment around me lost in the clouds of pleasure and mind numbing intensity. As I continued to eject my seed, my ass has started clutching at his shaft frantically and involuntary, but it was throwing Allen over the edge of the abyss into the freefall of his impending orgasm. The thrust started to jar my body to its foundations as I felt a warmth explode within me, his cock flexing hard inside me. Allen liberally painted my insides with his seed, claiming me in an intense act of passion as his thrusting started to stagger, his seed still shooting within me as his breath heaved from his massive chest. As his thrusting subsided, Allen stays firmly lodged within me as he collapsed in exhaustion on my frame. Despite the added weight, I could still breathe thanks to my own frame. He nestled his head in the crook of my neck, his breathing slowing into my ear. My mind was still slightly lost in the haze of the high I had felt and never achieved before now. I raised my burly arms, wrapping around him and pulling him tight against me as I welcomed his enveloping mass of muscles. The feeling of my friend in my arms as we drifted off to sleep was a very anchoring experience, making the events of this night solidify in my mind; my orc knew that I belonged to him alone. *** It was another month, another night. Some program was on the TV, not that I was paying too much mind to it. The beeper on my phone went off, signaling the few minute warning. "Well, it's that time. Shall we?" I said, smiling, looking over at Ethan on the couch with me. He was wearing a loose chain harness on his frame, courtesy of the demolished shackles of my basement. His frame had filled out a good amount over the past month thanks to his initial change. We started working out together, getting a number of stares at our progress, but I didn't care. His chest was also a bit hairier than before too, his whole ensemble so vastly different than his normal polo demeanor. While I had been initially taken aback by his advance, the situation now felt right. We stood up and I pulled off my shirt, prepping for the changes I could feel about to tingle through my body. We started walking towards the basement door, me giving his firm ass a good squeeze before we headed down the stairs. I closed and locked the door behind us. It was going to be a very good night.
  17. NAKED Part One “Whoa.” “Hi!” “Hello.” I stood in my new dorm room doorway with my heavy backpack strapped to my shoulders and a duffle in each hand. “You’re….” “Naked.” The dude in front of me smiled broadly, and proudly. He was undeniably, completely… “Naked.” “Yeah!” “So….” “Why am I naked?” That was, indeed, the second question that came to my head when I rounded the corner and found the naked man in my room. The first question was actually, ‘How did I get so lucky?’ but instead I answered, “Yeah.” Then naked dude shrugged and smiled. “You’ll get used to it. Everybody does.” “Everybody does?” “Uh huh!” The dude simply stood there in his birthday suit, watching me. His eyes (were they green, or blue, or both?) danced up and down my clothed body before resting again on my face. I blinked and wrinkled my brow. The naked man in my room was, easily, the most beautiful human being I had ever seen, either in real life, in pictures, in fantasies or in drawings. He looked…fake. “You’re always…?” “Naked?” “Yeah.” “Yeah!” The naked dude narrowed his eyes as he lowered them, his smile quirking sideways. “You horny?” he asked me suddenly. “What?” He raised his arm (his well-muscled, golden-tanned, thick and powerful arm) and motioned towards my uncomfortable crotch. “Your dick is getting hard.” I probably blushed. “No, it’s…” “Yeah, it is,” he insisted. “It’s getting really hard. Nice and hard and huge. Anyone could see that.” He looked back up and the smile returned. It increased his unusual beauty ten-fold. “Thanks!” “You’re…welcome?” “It happens a lot,” he explained, folding his meaty arms across his massive chest as he settled his butt on the desk facing the window. Did the guy spend all his time lifting weights or something? “Almost every time I meet someone new. Well, I mean, a new guy. Since, you know….” One eyebrow arched and he jerked his chin forward with a cocky grin. I could feel my cock pressing urgently and uncomfortably against my tight jeans. “Chicks don’t get erections,” I concluded. “Right,” he shrugged, then he lowered his arms and placed his hands on the edge of the desk behind him. The thick and powerful muscles lining his arms flexed into definition. “But they get horny too, only I can tell in different ways.” I looked down because the naked dude’s dick was also starting to swell and ripen in a most obvious fashion. It twisted and lengthened, swelling with mass and growing shiny as the skin stretched to encompass its growth. The naked man looked down, too. “Yeah, I’m constantly horny, only I can control it usually. Except when someone else is horny, and then I figure, like, what the fuck, y’know?” “Sure,” I agreed. That seemed logical. I could not take my eyes off the naked dude’s dick. It was…enormous. Or, to be more accurate, it had started out at enormous and was quickly approaching gargantuan. “You wanna fuck?” my roommate asked. His other eyebrow arched to join its companion. His cocky grin widened into a toothy smile. A rush of blood heated my whole body. “What?” “You wanna fuck?” he repeated. He stated the question simply and openly, not with a whisper or any shame at all. His dick was at a ninety-degree angle, now, throbbing hard and constant like a beating heart and pointing is fat helmet directly at me. “Or I could suck your dick. Or you could suck mine.” He reached forward and grabbed himself. His grip barely fit around his hard-on. “Only sucking mine takes a bit of practice.” He looked down, watching himself swell. “I can take most of it now, but at first I pretty much always gagged on it.” “On your own cock.” He nodded. “When I suck it.” “When you suck your own cock.” “Yeah!” He said it as if everyone could do it, and he shrugged again. It looked like a mountain range moving. His grip tightened on the fat shaft. It made the head swell and redden. “Like I said, I’m always horny and there’s not always someone else around to, like, help me out.” The pad of his thumb was now rubbing at the fleshy tip of his dick, spreading its tiny mouth open. His cock had started to rise up, and seemed still to be growing larger. “So you just….” “Suck my own cock,” he concluded. He pulled his cock upright and let a long, thick string of spit flow from his beautiful pursed lips to drizzle on his thick cock. It mingled with a spill of something shiny and thick, like honey, that was now drooling steadily from the mouth of his serpent. It was clearly evident as the head of his cock climbed up his muscled frame that he was still growing as he slowly, leisurely, and unashamedly stroked his meat. “Of course, if I fuck you that’s probably gonna hurt at first, too.” “Probably,” I agreed, watching the naked dude’s prick continue to swell and lengthen. It had now surpasses gargantuan and was aiming for monstrous. The naked man nodded as he looked down at his swelling monster. “Guys are always scared at first, but kind of anxious as well. Girls, too. I mean, I’m pretty huge, so I can see how someone could have doubts that we’re gonna be able to fit.” He squeezed himself again, this time failing to even dent the rock-hard meat that continued swelling larger and larger. “Yeah,” I had to agree. “How big…?” My roommate looked up and grinned. “I’m at about ten inches now.” “Now?” His grin widened into a toothy smile. “I’m not there, yet.” “Not there….yet?” “Got some more to go,” he said. It wasn’t a boast, it was merely a fact he was providing. “But it’s weird.” “Weird?” “I mean, I guess it hurts at first, but then a few seconds later they feel better than they’ve ever felt before. Which I think is pretty cool.” “I guess so.” “Yeah, at first they’re all like, kind of, clenched up but then I start to fuck them, moving in and out,” he thrust his hips as he said this, “pumping out some more pre cause I’m horned up, lubing up your chute, and something happens and you’ll just…love it.” “When you….” “When I fuck you.” The naked guy tilted his handsome head on his muscular neck. “So…which one?” A thick drop of pre swelled at the mouth of his huge hard-on and drooled to the carpet. I watched it fall, leaving a long string like honey that snapped all at once and wrapped itself around his thick shaft. “Which one, what?” “You wanna fuck or you wanna suck?” “I…uh….” “You want me to choose?” “I’m not sure….” “How about I start by sucking on your dick and we see what happens from there?” He lifted his handsome bulk from the desk and strode towards me suddenly and I realized how much bigger the naked dude was than me. How much taller, how much wider, how much thicker and more muscular. How much more powerful. The naked dude set his strong hands to my pants and because pulling them open after unbuckling his belt. “I’m Lance, by the way.” “Lance?” “Yeah.” He leaned his face down to mine and pressed his lips against my slightly parted mouth, kissing me passionately. “Fuck, Dave, you have me horned up like a fucking stud rhino. Feels like I could fuck a hole through concrete.” I could feel Lance’s cock pressing against my belly. It was hard as steel and hot as lava. Easily a foot long, at least. My heart flipped over at the thought of Lance pushing himself inside my untrained ass. Lance had my pants open and he looked down. “Fuck dude,” he said, happily. He grabbed my hard-on and pulled it free of my underwear, stroking and squeezing me with no pretense at embarrassment or shyness. Then Lance dropped to his knee, bent forward, opened his mouth and swallowed me down. My eyes rolled up in their sockets as my naked roommate began to suck earnestly on my swollen dick. Lance was groaning with obvious pleasure as he sucked, licked, stroked, and suctioned onto my slick, red, hard-on like a starving man. Lance paused in his labors and looked up. “Fuck dude, you are so fucking hot.” I gasped and Lance smiled, moving his hand up under my shirt to caress my belly. “That’s okay, dude. No need to speak. I got this.” Lance reached around and grabbed onto the flesh of my butt, kneading and caressing me roughly. His long fingers reached between my ass cheeks and rubbed against my quivering hole. Then Lance bent his head back down and started to go to town on my raging hard-on, and whether it was from my roommate’s talented mouth, my roommate’s beautiful body, my roommate’s unabashed eagerness and sexiness, or my roommate’s open willingness to go down on me only moments after meeting, I felt the unavoidable and inevitable tingle of the delivery of a gushing pump of cum from my balls start to throb in my cock. Lance squeezed me hard, and took his mouth from my prick. “Not yet, dude,” he advised, “I got some more work to do.” He squeezed harder and my toes curled. I watched veins popping up on Lance’s meaty forearms and his naked biceps and triceps bulged with sudden power. “You hold on there, buddy. Hold on for a few more minutes and I’m gonna give you a blowjob like you’ve never had in your life. Can you do that for me?” “I think….” “Good boy,” Lance answered, and then he was back at the job at hand. He pushed two fingers into my ass and wiggled them with talented precision. “This is gonna be great for us both, bro. This is gonna feel amazing to you, and this is gonna make me get fucking huge.” The shining tense sensation of approaching orgasm didn’t abate at all. I was held dangling there at the very edge of the explosion as my need to cum kept building. I had never experienced anything like this before, and my body began to shake and sweat with the strain. My balls felt like lead weights and my dick was white hot. The sounds of happy groans and satisfied slurping continued. It felt like there were three or four mouths applying their tongues to my cock. Four or five hands were stroking me. There was a tongue on my butt hole, lapping at my tenderness and licking my taint. My balls were inside the wet warmth of another mouth, and I closed my eyes tightly and balled my hands into fists attempting to hold myself back. I heard Lance’s voice then, even though none of the sensations that were being applied to my cock and balls and ass stopped for one second. “Get ready, buddy,” Lance said. “Get your balls ready to explode. Get ready to give me everything you’ve got.” Something wet and wonderful surrounded my entire cock and I gasped again as some trigger was pulled and I emptied my balls in one, long, non-stop, extended orgasmic explosion. I didn’t just pump the shots of cream from my balls, they were squeezed dry and I came in one, long, fat rope that I realized Lance was swallowing as quickly as I could deliver it. I looked down and my eyes widened as I watched my naked roommate’s shoulders begin to swell. I watched the individual muscle rise and the indentation between each lobe deepen. I watched Lance’s chest swelling forward as my roommate gulped and guzzled my load down. Lance was growing bigger. I could see it happening. At first I doubted my own eyes, some trick of the light, some dazzlement resulting from this super orgasm I was experiencing. But as my delivery of cream went on, there was no doubt in my mind. No doubt at all. Lance was getting bigger. My balls emptied themselves at last and Lance licked every drop from the tip of my still-raging hard-on. Then Lance sat back, his ass on his heels, and closed his eyes and licked his lips. “Fuck dude,” he said softly. “That was fucking awesome.” “What. The. Fuck?” Lance opened his eyes and smiled at me. His neck was thick and muscular and his shoulders and chest were shredded. “Yeah,” he said.
  18. Link to part one:https://muscle-growth.org/topic/19581-a-lonely-small-town-part-one-bored-and-lonely-ogre/?tab=comments#comment-263961 A lonely small town: part two Ogre needs plumbing Owens was looking at a device called a cell phone, he picked up the small tablet with his big thick fingers, and marvel that it. Through Luke’s memories Owen discovered many wonders and opportunities. Owen wanted to get access to the Internet for its wealth of knowledge, but he needed electricity to do so. In fact, Owen needed a lot of things to turn his prison into a home. He believed that by corrupting a hacker he may get a new type of perspective which will allow him to destroy the magic that keeps him here and turn it this place into his domain. First things first Owen thought to himself, going to need to get some plumbing around here, and thanks to Luke’s memories he knows the man for the job. Looking at the screen of Luke’s phone Owen saw the name of Johnny Comepie. Owen knew that through the perspective of Luke that Johnny an old-time friend, betrayed him when his ex-girlfriend and Johnny were caught cheating. Owen said, “how would you like to fuck Johnny, Luke”. Luke looked up at his master Owen as he pulled his mouth off of Owen’s cock, and smiled at Owen. Johnny was drunk and sad he just broke up with Alina. “That gold-digging witch taking money from me then dumping me, with that bill”, Johnny said in a drunken rage. Johnny stumbled around and went into an alley that he, Luke and some of their friends took to get to their homes. As he went through the alley something weird happened a suddenly it went dark for a second as if he blinked and then he was in a new place he’d never seen before. He was looking at an empty old small town. Then he was grabbed from behind by two strong hands and lifted in the air and carried off. The next thing that Johnny knew he was in some kind of inn. Then he was lowered down on the wooden floor, with big meaty hands holding him down making him kneel. Then Johnny looked around and saw through the mirror his kidnapper, and in drunken horror he recognized Luke. But Luke was a smooth chin and wasn’t this big or this harry giant who towered over him. Johnny said “by God what happened to you. you’re only gone for a month, you’re a fucking monster”. Johnny felt Luke’s right arm began to slacken and then he heard a deep gravelly voice and then, Luke’s hand tightened again. “Hello Johnny welcome to my small town”, Owen said. Then Johnny following the voice saw a monster, he was huge and hairy with a huge barrel chest with huge thick muscular hairy arms with biceps the size of basketballs and hands were the size of baseball mittens, hairy thighs larger than a human head and a big muscle belly attached to a chest fool of black hair with a thick neck that was attached to his head that had thick hairy eyebrows, brown piercing eyes, a shaved head, with smooth dark mutton chops, highlighting his strong jaw is attached to a square chin, with thick lips that was partially covered by thick mustache under a big nose. The loincloth he where looked old and is big bear hairy feet, made him look like a brute of the cave man, by the look of his eyes Johnny could tell that he was intelligent and cunning. Johnny said, “what have you done to Luke, your monstrous freak of nature”. Owen grinned and said, “what I’m going to do to you”. Johnny looked confuse, you mean that you’re going to turn me into some kind of steroid pumped freak of nature. Owen put his left hand behind his back and with magic pulled out a cum staying pair of white underwear and some rope. Owen kneeled, while Luke grabbed Johnny and turned him around so that Owen could tie Johnny’s arms and legs together. Once Johnny was tied up, Owen place the dirty underwear on Johnny’s face forcing him to breathe out of the cum stained underwear. Owen smiled at the tide up Johnny. With Johnny’s short black hair, his and round nose, blue eyes he looked like that character named Mario from Luke’s memories but less fat and skinnier and a smooth-shaven face, but Owen was going to change that. Owen took off his loincloth, and Luke took off his cum stained underwear and placed it on top of Johnny’s head. Johnny could barely breathe through the smelly cum stained underwear. The smell was awful making Johnny tears up, and his nose to runny. Although Johnny somewhat sobered up his head was still foggy. Johnny could feel his mind getting foggy here as he breathed in the mask of underwear, his mind was trying to resist the corruption but in his drunken state it was an uphill battle. Johnny started to feel his dick to become hard, as he can feel the corruption seeping into his mind. Johnny’s love for women started to fade as the corruption reprogrammed him to love hot big hairy beefy men. He began loving the smell of the cum stained underwear, he opened his muffled mouth and began to lick at it. Then he felt the rope that round him being removed, then the three pairs of undergarments were removed from his face. Owen told Johnny to get up and strip his close off. Johnny couldn’t resist the command of this hot sexy ogre and began to strip. Owen grabbed his big fat hard cock and stroke. Owen thought to himself that Johnny is ready to be converted. When Johnny was done stripping, Owen had him come closer. Johnny began to lick at Owen’s big hairy muscle belly, as Luke was rubbing at his 10-inch-long cock. The completely naked Owen with his huge 10-inch-long cock and his large oranges size balls, and horny Johnny, was making Luke’s mouth water. Johnny began to lick at Owen’s hairy belly, as he made his way of to Owens left nipple, and began to suck at it, making Owen moan in pleasure. The second that Johnny began to drink Owen’s milk, hair started growing all over his body giving him a pelt of black fur and sealing his fate. Johnny moved on to Owen’s right nipple and began to suck it. Owen said, “he is a drinker”. Owen had to force Johnny down from sucking his pump nipples, so that the main event can begin. Owen looked at Johnny’s face to find that he grew a big fluffy mustache with a goatee. Johnny started at the tip of Owen’s uncut cock and started to lick towards the balls, causing Owen to moan. When Johnny started back to the tip of Owen’s cock, he began to suck on it, and that is when Johnny began to grow. First it started from his face as his jaw began to square out, then it spread towards his neck causing it to grow with muscle and fat, his back and shoulders began to widen with muscle then the growth spread to his pecs causing them to widen and grow out with muscle and fat, his nipples pointed down as his pecs grew out. Then the changes spread to his arms and belly, his biceps ballooned out until they were the size of bowling balls forcing his lower arms and hands to grow to compensate. Johnny felt his belly balloon out with muscle and fat giving his belly a round appearance. When the growth started affecting his ass, Luke put his thick dick above it, in preparation of stuffing it in Johnny’s asshole. Luke was drooling at the site of Johnny’s hairy ass ballooning out with muscle and fat, as growth spread towards his thighs until they grew larger than a human’s head. Luke stopped his throbbing dick in Johnny’s fat ass, causing Johnny to moan in pleasure as he was still sucking Owen’s fat cock. Johnny’s legs finished as he felt the change into a sexy ogre. Then Johnny’s final growth began with his cock and balls, first his balls began to swell larger than large baseballs, as his cock grew from 5 inches hard to 9 inches hard. Then Johnny felt Owen straightened out and his balls clenched up as Owen came in Johnny’s mouth. Owen removed his fat cock from Johnny’s mouth, while Luke was still ramming Johnny’s ass. Luke and Johnny were moaning in pleasure of their sex, when Luke with both of his hands-on Johnny’s thick shoulders as Luke stiffened and came in Johnny’s ass causing Johnny to come all over the floor. Luke pulled his fat cock from Johnny’s ass, as he backed up and sat his butt on the stage while he watched Johnny lick up all of their cum off the floor. Owen felt good about his newest ogre. With Luke and Johnny’s memories more opportunities appeared for Owen. Owen needed to find someone who can set up electrical systems.
  19. A lonely small town: part one bored and lonely ogre Owen was a lonely and extremely bored ogre, sitting on a destroyed rooftop of the old dead mayor’s house. Owen contemplated the many years since he destroyed this small town, he couldn’t even remember the name of this small-town. Although the witch who cursed him was dead, he still is stuck in the area of the town. Owen still can hunt for food in the forest nearby, he can go far. Many years Owen had gained access to the witch’s spell and gain access to magic, but what to do with it. He could turn objects into food and vice versa, or use magic to control people, but there was no people, or even open portals and bring people and objects to him it’s been so long that he does it even know where people are. Killing the witch who cursed them was fun but was a short-lived revenge. It will still take time for the curse to wear off or to find the right ingredients to dispel it. Owen looked at the destroyed town left in ruin from his rampage. Owen was Pondering what he would do for today, then he felt something, he closed his eyes and he used magically enhance senses, to discover that a human was nearby, and that the human would come close enough to the barrier that kept people away that he could capture the human. He concentrated to see who it was that was so near his territory. Then Owen knew who was coming, it was a male hiker. Owen could lead him to his death but had a better idea and more ambitious idea a more sexy idea. He knew that the hiker would arrive by nightfall. Owen used his magic to make sure that the hiker was stay on course, after that was done, he had to make the town look more presentable. By using the magic that he stole from the dead which and the magic books he found in the town, he began to clean up the town and refurbished it. Owen looked into the large mirror, with his deep brown eyes and saw a unkept ogre. Magic can only control persons so far but for his plan to work he had to make the human feel welcome. First Owen shaved his head bald, using a razor and magic, then he cleaned up his black bushy mustache, he made sure that his sideburns were smooth and sharp. As Owen made sure his face was clean, he looked at his big barrel chest to see sexy black chest hair covering his huge thick pecs and his big muscular belly, making a treasure trail to his loincloth. With his big arms with biceps the size of small boulders with a sprinkling of his black hair covering his arms he removed his loincloth, to find his big fat meaty cock, and his big balls. Owen grabbed his loincloth, and removed it of his body, and sniffed it, only to find that the smell was potent. Owen smiled at the smell of his loincloth and gave his hairy armpits a big sniff. Owen knew that he would need his smelly loincloth to help to enact his plan. Using magic, he gathered some old cloth from the dead townspeople and made it into clothes that he could wear on his big body. After Owen washed himself off, he went and grabbed a cup, and placed it near his left nipple and began to milk it. As Owen’s milk went into the cup, he was an aroused. Owen knew that his milk would be important for the human’s transformation into an ogre. After Owen gathered his milk he, grabbed and placed on himself Brown pants that covered up his big hairy thighs, after that he grabbed a white shirt placed on his hairy muscular body, then he grabbed a leather vest and placed on some boots he made, and finally grabbed a big brown wool hat, and placed it on his head. With his close on, Owen began to put his plan in motion, first he prepared a bed for his guest, then he placed his loincloth under the bed and cast a spell on it so that it wouldn’t smell anything, leaving the loincloth as a contingency. Then he made sure that all of the food was ready, and that the water and beer had some of his milk and it. For one of his last things he did was cast illusion on himself to change his appearance into an old man. Luke was hiking in these mountain areas to get away from his ex-girlfriend who ruined his life, who got him fired from his job and kicked out of his apartment building. Luke was lucky to get his paperwork and some of his money on him but was for he couldn’t even get a ride and was forced to take this trail on these mountains to the next town to escape her influence. Luke didn’t know why he was still walking it was getting closer tonight and soon it may be too dark to see. It was if something was compelling Luke to go this way, even now that something was making them feel uneasy. Then look came to a clearing and saw an old town. The town was nearly empty but one of the building in the middle-had lights coming out of the window. Luke was drawn to that building like a moth to a flame. Luke didn’t notice how the other buildings were cold and empty as he went up to the building with lights coming out of it. As Luke opened the door that looked old, he realized that he was in an old inn. When Luke entered the inn, he heard a bell ring behind him as the door closed. Luke looked around the building and saw a bunch of old tables and chairs next to a big fireplace next to the fireplace was a stage for performers. “Hello traveler my name is Owen and I am the innkeeper of this fine establishment”. Luke turned his face towards the noise, and as he did, he saw a bunch of stools next to a counter, and behind that counter, an old man with a leather brown vest, with a white T-shirt. The old man had sharp white sideburn with a bushy white mustache, thick white hairy eyebrows that nearly covered his brown eyes, with tan skin, and had a lean build and around 5 feet tall. “You look tired my friend why don’t you stay here for the night. Maybe I could make you some food or give you Something to drink”, Owen said. Luke was more tired than hungry and didn’t think it peculiar that Owen was the only one in this inn or town, but he didn’t care. Luke said I would like to purchase a room for the night. Then Owen said that would be $20 in cash. Luke brought out his wallet and brought out $20 placed it on the counter. Owen grabbed the keys to Luke’s room and gave it to him. As Luke went upstairs, Owen grabbed the 20-dollar bill in curiosity he never seen this type of currency before and opened his sack filled with coins and dropped the 20-dollar bill inside. Owen wondered how asking for a couple bronze coins gave him a piece of paper, but figured it was a quirk of the translation spell. As Luke went into his room, he noticed that are no light bulbs only candles. For some strange reason the candles were already let. There was a really big bed Luke thought it could’ve been a king size bed, it had red velvety blankets and looked inviting. In the corner of the room he saw a big black pot then next to the dresser was with bucket had a near next to it, and on the dresser, there was a big mirror on it. Luke dropped his hikers backpack that was filled with his supplies, next to the dresser. Then Luke began to undress, and as he looked into the dressers mere, he saw himself. He had short brown hair, dark Brown eyes, with smooth skin and with a 5 o’clock shadow, he wasn’t fat or skinny just average. That night He slept in bed naked and not knowing why he did so. As soon as Luke fell asleep on his bed the spell on the ogre’s loincloth faded away and its musk began to disperse into the room. Luke’s dreams were of hot hairy muscular men. The musk of the ogre’s loincloth was now beginning to corrupt Luke, because Luke was asleep, he couldn’t try to resist. Luke woke up with morning wood. Luke grabbed his 4-inch hard dick and began to relieve himself using the empty black pot for a toilet. Luke was in a daze as his mind was foggy. His dick still hard and throbbing he went downstairs to the common room naked. When Luke came downstairs, he saw that the room was empty that all of the chairs and tables were gone. Then he saw a cup of warm milk. Luke walked up to the counter and grabbed the cup of milk and blindly drink it. When Luke drank the milk, he suddenly felt itchy all over, he started to grow hair all over his body, and tell he had a new pelt of sexy brown hair, and then he felt his facial hair grow. His 5 o’clock shadow became a glorious full thick beard, the hair on his eyebrows grew as bushy well. Then he noticed that there was a big Mirror on top of the stage. When he got to the mirror and saw himself, he became more roused the site, at his hairy body. Then Luke saw Owen through the mirror, Owen was big 10 feet tall, oranges skin, big with a hairy barrel chest, with thick muscular pecs, and nipples pointing down, with thick muscular shoulders, supporting his thick neck, his biceps were huge bigger than Luke’s head, with a pronounce muscle gut, with thighs bigger then tree trunks, and with big hands and feet to boot. Luke saw that there is hair all over Owens body. Owen’s cock was 10 inches long and thick as a soda can, erect and balls the size of large oranges. Luke saw Owens face it looked the same as before only he looked a lot younger and brutish, with no white hair, only black. Luke turned around to see Owen licking his lips with his thick tongue. Luke didn’t care how this old man became this huge hairy sexy muscle beast. Luke walked towards Owen’s thick uncut cock head and began to lick it. As Luke began to lick and suck on Owen’s cock he began to change. First, Luke began to grow taller from 6 feet to 10, then Luke felt his balls grow to the size of large oranges, then he felt his cock get longer and thicker, then he felt his face change as his jaw became square matching Owens, then he began to grow with muscle and fat. Owen saw Luke’s back and shoulders began to widen out with muscle, then Luke felt his pecs begin to grow and widen until his nipples became the size of quarters and started pointing down. Then his biceps began to balloon out and tell they were the size of large basketballs, when the growth spread to his lower arms, and then Luke felt his hands growing. Then Luke felt his belly begin to swell with muscle and fat, and as his belly grew, his ass gained muscle and small layer of fat. Owen was rubbing the back of Luke’s head as he was changing, and the more he changed the more he could take his cock. Owen saw that Luke’s thighs were growing with muscle he saw the veins under his pelt of brown hair, then that growth is affected his lower legs and finally crept up to his feet, making his feet grow enough to hold his new weight. Owen pulled his hard dick out of Luke’s mouth. Luke got up and growled at Owen, for the loss of his tasty treat. Owen slowly grabbed Luke who is now an ogre and turned him around to face the mirror. Luke was huge with his 10 feet tall height and muscular arms, with a long brown beard and exuded masculinity. Luke rubbed his muscular hairy belly and looking at the mirror. Luke gave a double bicep poses watching how his biceps bulged then, Owen came behind him and licked the back of his neck making Luke moan in pleasure. Then Owen placed his big fat cock over Luke’s big ass, using his precum as lubricant for Luke’s asshole. The pain and then pleasure that Luke felt as Owen’s cock plunged into Luke’s ass, made Luke moan even louder. Then Luke grabbed his throbbing cock, with his right hand and began to rub it, as Owen began ramming his thick cock backwards and forwards in rhythm. Luke with his deeper voice said, “my ex never made me feel this good”. Then Owen said” I’m about to fuck your brains out”, as Owen felt that he was ready to come. Owen began to moan as he ram Luke’s ass, faster and faster and tell with a roar Owen came. When Luke felt Owen’s hot cum in his ass, he came. Roaring as his cum shot out and hit the mirror covering it in the white ogre cum. Luke was on the stage licking his cum off of the mirror. Owen started walking towards the kitchen to grab some food for them to eat. As Owen was walking toward the kitchen, he pondered the knowledge that he gained after fucking Luke’s brains. He now knew where to get more people and now knew about technology and found it fascinating. Once Owen grabbed a cart full of food, he brought out to common room to find, Luke looking at himself in the mirror and flexing. Owen smiled and said breakfast.
  20. Well... here you go. A new story... first part of... maybe three of four. Not really sure. Hope you enjoy it!! Oh... Ive seen so many incredible illustrators out there... if anyone is every interested in illustrating one of my stories... I would love it!!! -Q ThInk It: A Writer's Tool (Based on a True Story) Chapter One: The First Chapter Quinn O’Rourke had never been much of a writer until he began penning erotic muscle growth stories to help further feed his obsession. Finding both mental and physical release through his writing, he lived for sharing his monomania for serious muscle growth and transformation of both mind and body to all of the unknown readers on a website. It made him grateful when he read constructive criticism, and over the moon when people wrote or DM’d him on how much they enjoyed his stories, got off on them, and just like himself, wanted more. His own mania with all things muscle and growth had begun when he was 12 and read a Dungeons and Dragons Choose Your Own Adventure-type book. In it, the hero was a young ninja trying to save his land from a dark magician. As he read, Quinn had become spell-bound when the hero, finding a liquid in a bottle, drank it, and began to grow into a massive and muscular giant. Unfortunately for Quinn, that adventure had ended there as the hero grew and took down the castle, burying him beneath him. Quinn lay there after reading that page… and could feel his blood boiling. He didn’t know why… and he didn’t have the language to comprehend how reading this had turned him on… and how it would mark his future. He did disagree with the ending, and imagined one where the hero rose through the rubble like a God, growing as massive as a mountain, and becoming more and more muscular. When Quinn eventually hit puberty… late… at 16… he hit it with a bang. Up he shot to 6’6, his shoulders became naturally broad, and his body had the musculature of an active teenager. His mother, being somewhat over protective, never let him play after-school sports, but he did excel in gym class, and did go for a swim and run every morning before school. In his bedroom, he jerked off to daydreams of men with muscle beyond imagining, massive penises, and growing to enormous size… his mind always going back to that first story. In college, Quinn worked out for the first time… and took to it like the metaphorical fish to water. Watching his body change, sculpt, and grow became an obsession… one could say… an addiction. By senior year he had really bulked up, adding over 46 lbs of pure muscle, and discovered that his own body turned him on more than anything else… well that was not entirely true… As he stood in front of the mirror, flexing various muscle groups, admiring his own symmetry and size, running his hands over his meaty pecs, and loving how thick his quads were…. he would also fantasise about getting even bigger… more masculine… more muscular, taller… thicker… a beast of a man. Grabbing onto his 7” cock, he would stroke it slowly as he took in his body… imagining growth shooting through him making him bigger and more mighty… more mountain then man. Faster and faster he would stroke, not wanting it to end but needing to feel that orgasmic rush flood through him. Minutes later, sweat dripping from his head and his pits, beads flowing down through the valley between his pecs and over his cobblestoned abs, he would shoot a massive load all over the mirror. Exhausted and panting... he would lean his head against the mirror, frustrated that he would never reach his full potential. Time passed… Quinn graduated… got an internship with a bank… did well… they kept him on… and he began to climb the corporate ladder. He still worked out and took care of his body… but time never allowed him to do it with the same intensity… he was just maintaining. He dated guys… loved how it felt when they worshipped his body and screamed out when he fucked them, but he never could reach the high he was always searching for. Usually when the left or slept, he would go into his bathroom, stand in front of his mirror, flex, lick, and worship himself, imagining his shoulders growing broader, his pecs thicker and larger, his biceps ballooning to sizes larger than his head, and his quads bursting into redwood proportions. Ejaculating to this often satisfied him more than a mouth, ass, or hand could. He once met with a guy who simply wanted to worship his body and muscle, and ‘bask in his masculinity.’ Quinn thought that this might be exactly what he was looking for… but unfortunately it just did very little for him. Perhaps it was that he wasn’t physically attracted to the guy. He did do his best when it came to massaging, licking, cleaning, and all over worshiping Quinn, and even though he was an expert ass-eater and cock sucker… when it was over… it didn’t give Quinn the same high his own overactive imagination could give. Quinn was now 32… he had a high powered job, an office with a kick ass view, a body most 25 year olds would kill for, and a lot of money in the bank. When he was offered the transfer to London to oversee the international sector, with a raise and a bonus of £500,000, he packed his bags and moved. London was an incredible city… always on the move and always alive. There was something to do every second of the day, and when he wasn’t working or working out, he was going to clubs, the theatre, museums, and festivals in the park. It was at Hampstead Heath in July where Quinn’s future took a turn. The Heath, a popular gay cruising site, was a large park with three swimming areas: one for men, one for women, and one for families. With some friends, Quinn went one Bank Holiday to the pond, and there, while swimming, he met Russel. Lying in the sun, they talked, drank, and it was obvious that they both wanted the same thing. As Quinn fucked him at his flat, Russell screamed out words that rang through his head: ‘You’re huge… fuck your muscles... such power… you’re a beast… fuck me harder… use all the strength your body has… use me… show me how Alpha you are!!!’ Using Russell’s words for inspiration, he fucked the life out of him… and when it was finally over and Russell was leaving… he kissed Quinn and said: ‘Fuck!!! If I didn’t have work tomorrow I’d let you do me all night. Never met an Alpha like you! The only thing better would be two of you… or two of you rolled into one! Fuck yeah… muscles going on for days! Fuck… you’d be a mountain of a man! My ultimate fantasy come to life!!! Welcome to London, mate! They exchanged numbers with the knowledge they would never get in touch, and as Quinn lay in bed that night, his cock hard and leaking, he heard the words echo in his head: ‘Alpha… you’re huge… mountain of a man… such power… you’re a beast… use all the strength you have… your muscles… two rolled into one… muscles for days…my fantasy come to life.’ Yes, Quinn thought as he shot all over himself and the bed… that is my fantasy as well… ’ The next day, Quinn made a decision that changed his life. He worked hard but worked out even harder. As his muscles grew larger… he let the hair on his head and body grow out. No more shaving his chest for him… he was a beast... No one at work said anything… but everyone noticed the transformation occurring. You couldn’t miss it!! Within a year and a half he weighed 266 pounds of hard, swollen muscle. He had let his dirty blonde hair grow down to his shoulders, grew a beard, and had several tribal tattoos designed and inked to decorate his body. His exterior matched the Alpha he had always been inside… but as he venerated himself in front of the mirror… as he flexed and licked and touched and stroked… he wanted more… he needed more...he would have more. That was 8 months ago. With months of hard work, some hgh and test, Quinn weighed in at a stacked 293 pounds of ripped muscle. He still did extraordinarily well at work, and even if his boss didn’t like the new look… he couldn’t argue with a man who was bringing in millions each day. Quinn could care less, though. His heart just wasn’t in his job anymore. All he cared about was muscle… fucking… and being the biggest and best in the room. The true Alpha. Through a Google search, he found his way to a muscle growth story web site, and had spent days reading, and wanking. He loved most of what he read, and really respected a good handful of writers… especially the ones who could get him leaking and on the edge of cumming without ever touching himself. Now, those were outstanding stories… but he also felt that many didn’t go far enough. The desire for muscle was one thing… but the need… the obsession… the hunger and the yearning for supremacy wasn’t always there. That erotic mixture of bodily pain and pleasure… that was what Quinn needed. One night, when his fantasies and throbbing cock wouldn’t let him sleep, he decided to try his hand at writing a story of his own. The first couple were horribly cliche, and he wouldn’t dare show anybody. For a while he tried to write at night after work, but found that his imagination was completely fuelled right after working out. \in a new ritual, he would leave the gym swole and horny, his balls churning for relief, take a shower at work, get into a suit that barely fit him anymore, and sit down at his desk to write. Finally, after weeks of hard work, and afraid but willing to give it a shot… he decided to post the first chapter of one of the stories he had been working on… and people actually liked it!!! Soon his days were filled with working out and writing with some work thrown in. The good thing about being upper management of a bank is that everyone below you does the actual work for you. He was just there to manage a team, get the information needed to make the bank even more money, tie it together and deliver with a pretty bow. This gave him plenty of time to write. As he became more captivated by his own words… turned on by his own writing… he wouldn’t let himself cum until what he was working on was perfect! Everything was flawless until the bank put up a new firewall on all of the computers. No attachments could be sent to unauthorised outside computers. If he asked to have his home computer authorised, that would put up several red flags… what could he want to send to himself? If he brought a laptop to work… that would look odd, and if he used a Zip drive in the computer, that was logged automatically onto the system. The only thing he had left to write on was his phone, and his hands were just too large to comfortably hit the right keys on the touch screen. Opening the App Store, he searched for writing apps where he could use his voice to type. Several popped up, but one that caught his eye was called: ThInk It Writing Tool. Reading the app description, it had everything he could want: it was easy to set up, it would detect only one voice if he was outside or somewhere public, it could be programmed to only respond to his voice, it would sink to his cloud, and as an added bonus, it hosted a community of writers and readers if he was ever interested in putting his stories out there to a wider public. The one thing that solidified the deal was the logo: a muscular arm holding a globe with an illustrated brain in it. Waiting till he got home to try the App, he was grateful to see that his friend Jacob, from the States, wasn’t around. He’s probably either at rehearsal, out sightseeing...or whoring around, Quinn thought with a grin as he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Any one of those options was a possibility. Quinn and Jacob has been frat brothers in college, and used to play volleyball, and sometimes workout together. After graduation, Jacob followed his dream of staring in musicals on Broadway, and now he was actually doing it. He was in London for the next 8 months playing the role he had originated on Broadway in a West End musical. The production company had rented him a flat, but while it was being recarpeted and painted, Jacob was staying with Quinn. Their friendship was purely platonic, thought being the only two out gay guys in their frat house, they had fooled around together until they realised they were both tops, and just kept the friendship. Jacob fit the quintessential leading man stereotype. His was talented, his voice was amazing, he was an incredible dancer, he was tall, dark, and handsome with a tight hairless muscular body, square jaw, and a smile that could battle the brightness of Piccadilly Circus. The one thing he didn’t have going for him was that he had a small cock. Now, it wasn’t freakish small… it was about 4.5 when hard, and perhaps it was a little thin, but it worked perfectly fine. No one had ever told him that they had a problem with it… but for Jacob, with his height and looks, he was always subconscious. Quinn has never thought this was an issue to Jacob until the other night, when after a few drinks, he began to confess how inadequate he felt. Apparently he had gone home with this cute blonde twink, and found him to be packing a huge piece of meat. Jacob had felt so belittled that he couldn’t even perform and had to leave. He was the top!! The bottom couldn’t have a bigger cock than him!! Totally understanding how Jacob felt regarding his own body dissatisfaction, Quinn tried to talk to him, but Jacob blew him off with a laugh, exclaiming that he had to be joking: Quinn was a muscle master, he said, and he knew it! After that, Quinn never brought it up. Sitting in his favorite chair in the empty flat, a story began to pop into Quinn’s head. He couldn’t help Jacob, but he could write about it. He got out his phone and opened ThInk It! A blank white screen popped up. Character/Characters Name: We recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters. Using just his voice, Quinn said loudly: Jacob Effortlessly the name popped up on the screen. Yes, he thought. This is going to work out great. Wonderful. If you have additional characters, please return to this prompt. What is Jacob’s goal? To have a massive cock. Wonderful. How will Jacob achieve this? He buys an experimental drug from a sex shop in SoHo. Wonderful. What is Jacob’s location? My flat. Wonderful. Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life. Jacob sat on the bus a few moments away from his stop. He was sweating and his heart was beating fast as he thought about what was in his backpack. If he got only half of what that guy had, he thought, he’d be a happy man. Pressing the button, Jacob waited for the bus to come to a stop, and got off. Quickly he walked down the street until he came to the door of the street entrance flat he was staying in for a week with his friend Quinn. Jacob unlocked the door hoping that no one was home, and as he ran from room to room, he was positive he was alone. Quinn must still be at work, he said to himself out loud… Quinn was startled as the door to his flat flew open and Jacob rushed into the living room. - Hey man!! How’s it… - Quinn?! You home? Quinn?? - I’m sitting right… Jacob walked right past him and began looking in each room, calling his name. Finally he returned to the living room. - Quinn must still be at work. As soon as he said those very words, Jacob stopped moving and stood frozen in place. - You okay, man? Quinn got up from his chair and walked toward his friend. Jacob appeared before him as if Quinn had paused him on TV. Even with all of his strength, Quinn couldn’t move him. - What the fuck?? A bell tone came from his phone. As he tried to move Jacob again, the bell tone occurred more often and proceeded to continuously get louder. Frustrated, Quinn grabbed it from where he had laid it down. Wonderful start! Jacob is waiting. What happens next? Quinn looked back at Jacob, looked at his phone, and spoke aloud: Secure that Quinn wasn’t home, Jacob grabbed his backpack, sat on the couch, and opened it. From within he pulled a black plastic bag. Quinn had just finished his last word when Jacob started moving again, doing exactly as Quinn had described. As soon as he pulled out the black bag, he froze again. The bell tone rang again and Quinn looked at the screen. Wonderful! Jacob is waiting. What happens next? When you feel that your authorship of Jacob’s story is complete… you will be faced with the options of saving, deleting, or editing.. How, Quinn thought, how can this be happening? He didn’t want to believe it, but it was true: Through the app, Quinn was controlling Jacob’s reality!! Lets see how far we can go with this! From the black bag, Jacob removed a long box. With serious intention, he opened the box, and sitting within with was a large syringe filled with an orange/brown fluid. Quinn laughed out loud as he watched his words come to life. Looking at the frozen Jacob, Quinns cock started to get hard as he thought about all of the possibilities. Soon his cock began to leak as his imagination went wild. Jacob pulled the large syringe out and looked at it, admiring the orange shine. With a steady hand, he placed it on the table. From the box, he removed a typed slip of paper and read aloud: In the chamber are 6 cc’s of compound 8GN. Although human trials have been conducted, we have discovered that the effectiveness varies per individual. As this compound is not diluted, feel free to dilute with saline solution 1:1 to soften results. As the adage says: a little goes a long way. Remember that all effects are permanent. To use, inject into quad. Results are nearly instantaneous. Jacob put the sheet on the couch next to him, stood up, removed his shoes, and pulled off his jeans and underwear at the same time. Taking a quick glance at his own quad, Jacob leaned over and grabbed the syringe. He had never been a fan of needles, but there was no stopping him now. On the count of three, he impaled his right quad with the syringe. Once the needle was all the way in, Jacob stood there questioning what to do next. With a shaking hand, his thumb pressed down on the syringe and watched as 1cc of liquid plunged moved into his muscle. Stopping for a moment, Jacob proceeded again, this time adding two more. Satisfied, he was going to pull it out, but he stopped himself. If this works… I know myself… I’m gonna use it all. That guy who sold it had a solid 12 incher, and that’s exactly what I want. I want some guys to turn me down cause it’s too big! I want a bulge that shows the world I have a serious piece of meat in my pants. I want to be known by everyone for my twelve inches!! I’ll be a fuckin legend!! Filled with new determination, he injected the rest of the compound, and swiftly removed the empty syringe. Returning the syringe to the box, Jacob sat back down on the couch and waited. One minute passed, then two, when suddenly Jacob felt a flush of heat go over him. A third minute passed, and Jacob began to giggle… he didn’t know why… he just couldn’t help himself. By the fifth minute, Jacob was leaning his head back on the sofa and breathing deeply. Rapidly, his cock went from flaccid to hard in less than three seconds. It’s working!!! I can feel it!! It’s fucking working!!! Jacob lifted his heavy head and looked down at his cock with a grin. It had never been this hard or this swollen ever in his life!! Every vein was plumped up as if he was wearing a cock ring, or had some sort of invisible vice around the base of his shaft. His head kept falling back as wave after wave of elation and rapture shot through him. With each heartbeat Jacob could feel his cock filling more and more with blood, but it seemed as if none of it was exiting back into the rest of his body.. Looking down again with a laugh, his cock looked purple and swollen, the head tighter than it ever had been before. His cock was pulsing to his heartbeat now as more blood was forced in. Jacob was beginning to feel serious pain in his cock, and through his euphoria, worried that perhaps he had made a big mistake. With each heartbeat, as more and more veins popped up and fed his shaft, he worried that the skin from his cock was just going to split open and rip his cock in two. Need to call 911 or watEVER… Jacob fell back onto the couch as he felt himself get kicked in the balls over and over again by an invisible foot. The pain was agonising as his body convulsed. Just when he was positive that he was nearing death, the convulsions tapered down until all he felt was a swelling and a dull burning ache in his testicles. Leaning his head on the back of the sofa, beads of sweat dripping down his face, he moved his shaking hands to his balls and could feel that both were much larger than before, and like his heartbeat, were pulsating. Every few minutes the pain would intensify, and Jacob watched as his balls swelled larger. Within four minutes his testicles had grown to two large eggs fighting for space in his sack. Quinn was certainly hard right now watching Jacob in a fit of pleasure and pain. How far was he going to take this? A rush of power went through Quinn as he suddenly realised he held Jacob’s future in his hand… everyone’s future. He simply had to speak it and it came true. An idea came to him that he wanted to try out. In his fog of testicular growth, Jacob was startled when Quinn came home from work. The chime on his phone went off again, stopping Quinn from proceeding. Wonderful! Are you adding an additional character? Yes Wonderful. What is their name? Quinn. Quinn’s name appeared on the screen. Wonderful. What does Quinn want? This remains to be seen. Wonderful! If you need any character goals, please simply say: Goals. Would you like to return to your story? Yes. Wonderful! Quinn took a deep breath and began again. - Fuuuuck!!! Man… I… Yes… Quinn thought. He can finally see me! I’m part of the story now. What the fuck’s going on?? Jacob tried to answer him, but was slipping into an abyss of carnal lust. My cock… growing… soon… gonna have… twelve inches… of…meat… UUURRRGGGHHH!! Jacob’s head was thrown back as he panted and moaned. He knew Quinn was there… but he didn’t care! He could feel it in his crotch… as his balls continued to swell larger… he knew the birth of his new cock was just around the corner. Lifting his head, he could see his balls were as big as large kiwis now and swelling faster. The pressure in his cock was rising, and either it was going to explode with growth, or burst apart. Here…. it… FFFUUCCKKKKK YYEEAAHH!!! Jacob’s cock began to swell thicker. Breathing heavily as if he were in labour, laughing as well… in minutes it was Coke can thick and he finally felt like he had a real piece of meat in his hands. Growing… a… real… ass… ripper... Throbbing pulsing, and growing with his heartbeat, Jacob realised with glee that his thumb and fingers didn’t meet anymore. Almost as… thick as… my… wrist… now… Quinn. I can fucking see that!! Feel… it… feel how hot… and thick… it is… Feel… it… grow… Quinn kneeled down and placed his large hand on the shaft. Fuck, man!! It’s nearly as thick as a Foster’s can!! Only… the… beginning… Jacob spread his legs wider to accommodate his orange sized testicles that were now laying on the sofa. His sack had begun to grow along with his balls now, and Quinn was shocked when he could actually hear them churning, becoming super driven cum factories. In no time at all, Jacob’s cock head flared wider, the slit grew longer, and pre began to shoot from his cock as if he were cumming. Quinn’s fingers were no longer meeting as Jacob’s cock continued to thicken. The room began to smell of bleach and musk as pre was continuously flowing. A couple of heart beats and a couple of throbs, and there was more than an inch between Quinn’s thumb and middle finger. Gonna… have to… train boys… to take… it… FUICCKK!! Jacob’s cock swelled even wider until finally with the pressure, it began to lengthen. Really… growing… Elated, Jacob and Quinn both watched as Jacob’s cock crept up over 5 inches. Once it had started, it seemed to Jacob that his cock made up for lost time. Passing 5 inches… it soon reached six… and then seven. Let me… feel it… growing. Quinn took his hand away from Jacob’s cock, and in the time it took Jacob to place his own hand there, it was 8 inches. Jacob grinned wildly at Quinn, and throwing his head back, began to stroke himself. Quinn could only stare in awe as his best friend stroked his growing python, Jacob’s moans getting louder and more primal as it grew. Jacob’s balls were larger than baseballs, and shooting out more precum in greater volumes. His cock was now most certainly thicker than Quinn’s own wrist, and showed no sign of stopping. Is it… ten inches… yet??? Oh yeah. Should… be… stopping… soon… But, his cock, enjoying its new power, lengthened to eleven inches and then twelve. Quinn noticed that the veins of Jacob’s cock had grown much larger to force more and more blood in, nourishment needed for the newborn monster. When it hit 13”, Jacob’s cock-head began to join in the growth as it swelled thicker, flaring up and outward. Wanting to be larger than the shaft, it began to lengthen as well as becoming meatie,r until Jacob’s cock head was longer than half of his old cock!! With a loud rip, the slit lengthened even more, till it rivaled the length of Quinn’s thumb. As it hit 14”, Jacob moaned loudly as his cock and balls proceeded to swell even larger. Won’t… be able… to fuck… anyone with… this… now…. too… thick.., I know… I… don’t… care!! I… want… a… monster… Make me… a… freak… Quinn.., It’s as if he knows what’s happening here…. Meeting his best friends eyes… as another wave of growth hit him and it stretched longer than 15” Is this what you want? YES!!!! Are you sure? Do… it!!!! Make me… a fuckin… freak!!! Jacob smiled at Quinn. Within moments of speaking those words, his cock proceeded to grow even faster. FUCK YEAH!!!! At over 17”, his cock head much longer than his old erect cock, and his shaft thicker than Quinn’s 22” bicep, Jacob’s cock began to dip down as the weight of his beast began to overtake it. His balls were bigger than grapefruits now, and were constantly producing enough cum and testosterone for ten men. Using two hands, Jacob was frantically trying to jerk himself off. When it hit 18”, Jacob looked at Quinn and spoke in a suddenly surprising deeper voice I… need more… hands!!! Jerk it… with me! Quinn placed his hands on the immense column, and felt waves of superiority coming from it. The musk Jacob was emitting along with the smell of pre was intoxicating… Quinn looked at his friend, and realised that where once he had been clean shaven, a thick five o’clock shadow had taken up residence on his face. My body… is becoming... a tool for... pure… sex…. Quinn stroked the immense stanchion as it continued to get longer and thicker. More and more veins erupted to the surface, thick as hosing, feeding the emerging beast. Jacob’s stroking along with Quinn’s became more vigorous as his cock grew to a whopping 19”. Quinn stood to get a better grip on the upper shaft and head. My God, he thought… Jacob’s head is bigger than two of my hands! Jacob gave up using his hands and started to simply thrust his cock through Quinn’s hands as if he were fucking them. Jacob’s moans got deeper and louder as his cock hit 20” and showed no sign of stopping its incredible growth. My balls… can you hear them… so loud… producing more cum... and testosterone... than an army of men!!! Quinn looked down at the laughing Jacob. Staring at Jacob, Quinn could see that a change was overtaking his friend. The testosterone flooding through his veins had indeed done a number on him, and he was looking more primal… more masculine than he ever been before. Even his face was changing as his brow began to extend a little further and his eyes became deepset. He had a full beard now, and hair all over his body had sprouted and thickened. The smell coming off of him in waves was overpowering… it made Quinn’s head swim and had him thinking that he wanted to submit himself to Jacob and be used as his sex toy. As the essence passed through both of them, it became apparent that nothing on earth mattered except Jacob and the colossus that was wildy emerging from his crotch. Moaning and thrusting himself faster and harder into Quinn’s hands, lost in his world of sexual stimuli, Jacob began barking orders at Quinn. Fucking… lick my.... Cock head… boy!!! His voice, Quinn thought… his voice is so powerful… so loud, so deep, and… and so commanding. What is all of that testosterone doing to him? Trying to keep in his head that he was the only true Alpha in the room, Quinn found himself obeying Jacob and starting to feverishly lick his cockhead. That’s it… boy… worship this cock!!!! I am. How big… am I… boy? At least 25” inches long… thicker than my quads… Am I… a sex… god… now? Quinn struggled to answer… but he knew he had to tell Jacob the truth. YES!!!! All of the world will worship your cock! Never has there been one so huge, so magnificent, so impressive, so potent, and dominant. In a few minutes... I will cum… I can… feel it… Tell me… what will happen? Your cock will shoot up even longer and thicker. Your balls will swell larger, flooding you with more and more testosterone… You live for one thing and one thing only now… SEX!!! Jacob threw his head back and in a voice that sounded amplified, echoing throughout the flat… a deep deep bass… oozing with sex and power. - YES!!!! Jacob thrust twenty to thirty more times as Quinn tried as best as he could to worship this mighty cock. Suddenly, without warning. Jacob stopped moving, stated at him wide-eyed… and Quinn realised in the silence he could hear the torrent of cum rising up from Jacob’s balls. FFFFFUUUUKKKK!!! Jacob tried his best to grab onto his cock, but as the largest orgasm known to man overtook him, all he could do was close his eyes, pant, moan, and shout. A minute later, a geyser errupted from Jacob’s cock, and cum shot all over the room, hitting Quinn and throwing him backward on impact. It was impossible to control the massive hose as it began to spray the walls, the ceiling, several windows, and shattered the screen of his plasma TV. With each pulse that sent more and more cum skyward, Jacob’s cock and balls proceeded to gain more and more size and mass, shooting up past 31” and getting so thick that it was hard to believe this was a penis and not some redwood or stone pillar. After 5 minutes of continual orgasm, Jacob’s cum production began to slow down until he was only leaking from the massive slit. Just when Quinn thought it was all over,Jacob let out a thunderous, FUCK His cock shot up several more inches, and then he collapsed onto the couch, barely able to hold his head up. Quinn looked around at his flat, completely covered in cum. His friend was frozen once again on the couch, a drop of cum leaking from his cock frozen in mid-air. Fuck, Quinn thought… it's really easy to let your imagination run away with you on this app. Needing to clear his head, Quinn opened up a window. I can’t believe I allowed his musk to become so strong that I couldn’t even control myself. A few minutes longer and I might have let him fuck me. Great to go huge my first time!!! Quinn was taking in another deep breath of clean air from the window when he heard the chime from his phone. Wonderful!! Is your story is finished. Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes. What will be your choice? Quinn looked at Jacob and wondered what he would want. Is this how he would want to live… a sex dominated stud with an unimaginably massive cock, a musk that held guys in his power, guys falling to their knees to be fucked by him, cumming gallons every time…. is this how he would want to live? Is this how I would want to live? Looking deeply at Jacob, Quinn knew what he had to do. Jacob tried to catch his breath as he came down from his mind altering orgasm. As he looked around the room at the chaos surrounding him… as he took in his slowly deflating titanic cock and balls, and as he began to feel the beginnings of his balls starting to churn again, he moved his eyes up to meet his friend, grinned, and said in the deepest and most sensual voice Quinn had ever heard: Fuck me!! That’s a pretty powerful weapon you got there now! Tell me about it!! You going to keep it? Don’t think I have an option! Well… while you were firing cumshots around the room, I looked online to see if there was an antidote, and it seems that if you...um… rub olive oil and salt on it… … couldn’t think of anything better on the fly, Quinn??? … within the first three hours of injection, it sucks the formula out and everything goes back to normal. Yeah… I don’t think so. Well, you got your answer. This monstrosity is the best thing to ever happen to me. You have no idea how it feels!! For the first time I feel alive!!! Really alive!! I don’t even exist anymore! It’s my master and I need to serve it. My life now is devoted to sexual pleasure only. I need to find more and more people to worship it, lick it, suck it, let me fuck them with it, and cum over and over and over again. I’ve been called for a greater purpose, boy, and I need to minister to it. You understand? Yeah. I think I do. Good. Jacob stood up the best he could and walked on shaky legs to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. It’s insane, Quinn. My balls are already starting to churn, and it feels even more potent than before, and I think this is how it’s always going to be… getting stronger and stronger… cumming longer and longer, until one day I just orgasm for eternity. How can you carry such weight so easily. The muscles in my groin… I think they evolved to enable me to. It’s heavy… but in a good way!! Love feeling the tug and pull!! Looks like I’m a grower and not much of a shower now! Quinn could see that fully soft, Jacobs cock was only twelve inches long and as thick as a Pringles can. Even his balls had shrunk to something a little more manageable. Take a good look because you’re not going to see it soft like this very often!! I bet! Join me!! Go buy a syringe and join me! I’d love to, man… but I have my own journey coming up… and I think it’s going to rival yours!! Good to hear! I can’t wait. Well, wish I could stay and clean up, but I have followers to initiate into the world of hedonism. Jacob took off the T-shirt he had been wearing and stood in front of Quinn in all of his glory. The testosterone of hundreds of men had perfected his body giving him a larger, muscular frame, and a hairy chest that made his muscles look even sexier. No more clothes for me anymore. Won’t need them. How will you survive? Didn’t I tell you? The day I left America, I bought a lottery ticket… and I won! 50 million dollars!! Good thinking, Quinn!! Give him an even happier ending... a massive cock and 50 million!!! That should be enough to build a temple great enough for this cock. Jacob walked toward the door, opened it, and was about to step out, when he turned back to his friend. Thanks for everything, boy. I might just go to that shop in Soho and buy another syringe or two… see what another dose will do! I bet it will be amazing. I think so too! See you soon, Quinn… and take a hold of that journey you’re about to go on by the balls, and demand the world sees you. Oh… if everything goes to how I imagine it… the world won’t have any option but to see me. Good boy!! It’s our time now. Quinn could hear Jacobs balls loudly beginning to churn and saw a flow of precum begining to leak from his cock head. The aroma hit Quinn right away, and he felt as if he needed to kneel down and worship that God-Cock. Before he submitted, Quinn moved toward the window to clear his head. Bye, Quinn. Don’t worry… we’ll meet again! With that, Jacob left Quinn’s flat. What did the future hold for him? Quinn wasn’t sure, but he knew whatever it was… it was going to be a life satisfying every carnal whim. Exhausted, Quinn leaned against the wall, his own balls aching for relief. Fuck!!! That was amazing, he thought! He was just about to whip his own cock out and jerk off when the bell tone came from his phone. Wonderful! I see your story is complete. Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes. What will be your choice? A. Wonderful!!! Your story is now published and out in the world to see. Having completed one story, you have unlocked several new options. We look forward to working with you on your next story. Me too, he thought as he leaned against the wall stroking his hard cock. I can’t wait to see what my next one is!! ... to be continued
  21. I Conocí a mi handyman un día que estaba tomando un café. Me senté junto a la ventana y vi llegar un camión enorme. El brazo del conductor asomaba afuera y el brazo mas enorme que hubiera visto en mi vida. Con unos músculos gigantes, unos hombros redondos y fuertes llenos de tendones. El tamaño de ese brazo y la definición de esos músculos me hicieron pensar en un hombre enorme, pero nada comparado con lo que vi después. Era un mastodonte de músculos, tenía una espalda del tamaño de una puerta y detrás de su cuello se abultaban unos dorsales tan anchos que hacían pensar en alas. Llevaba una remera suelta y gastada que con el viento mostraba el cuerpo increible que había debajo. Parecía tener mi edad, quizás un poco menos, pero debía estar alrededor de los treinta años. Al lado del resto de los hombres parecía un monstruo gigante, su pecho era tan grande que estiraba la tela. Llevaba un jean roto y gastado que marcaba sus piernas gigantes. Todo en su cuerpo emanaba una fuerza descomunal. No pude quitarle la vista de encima, cada movimiento que hacía era una maravilla musculosa. Del camión bajó unas cajas que nadie más podía bajar. Eran enormes y pesadas, pero él las movía como si no pesara nada. Al final todos lo aplaudieron, le hacían chistes por el tamaño descomunal de su cuerpo. Esto a él le causó gracia y antes de irse levantó los brazos y flexionó ambos biceps para que admiraran el tamaño de su cuerpo. Era una cosa increible. Ni bien se fue, pagué y crucé la calle. Me acerqué a los hombres sin decir nada y me quedé viendo mi celular. Escuché que hablaban de Fabricio. Ese era su nombre. Al parecer además de trabajar como transportista, también era electricista. —¿Electricista? —pregunté—. ¡Necesito un electricista! Así fue como conseguí su número. El día que vino a casa hacía más de treinta grados. Tanto afuera como adentro hacía un calor infernal. Yo me había pedido el día en el trabajo dado que él solo tenía disponible el mediodía. Cuando tocó el timbre corrí a abrir. La sombra que proyectaba su gigantesco cuerpo me hizo pensar en un eclipse. Era mucho más grande de lo que recordaba, tanto que tuve miedo. Me sacaba más de dos cabezas y tuvo que agacharse para pasar por la puerta. Cuando nos dimos la mano fue como si un gigante tomara la mano de un bebé. Su antebrazo era mas grande que mis piernas y encima de eso asomaban unos tubos tan enormes que tuve que respirar por la boca para que me llegara el oxígeno a la cabeza. Fabricio se enderezó y golpeó techo con la cabeza. —Perdón —dijo. —No pasa nada —le respondí—, no es una casa para alguien tan alto como vos. Pero en verdad hubiera querido decir: para alguien tan enorme como vos. —Me pasa seguido —dijo agachándose un poco lo cual le daba un aspecto todavía mas grande por alguna extraña razón. Le comenté mi problema. Necesitaba cambiar toda la instalación de luz, los cables eran demasiado finitos para soportar toda la tensión eléctrica. Le mostré la casa y me dijo un número. No era caro, incluso me pareció bastante barato. Le dije que si y le pregunté cuando podía empezar, me dijo que si lo esperaba podía ir a comprar las cosas en ese momento y le dije que si. Cuando volvió estaba todo transpirado de solo caminar bajo el sol. La remera se le pegaba a sus increibles músculos. Se puso a trabajar de inmediato y dado que era el mediodía no se me ocurrió mejor idea que ofrecerle algo de comer. Traje dos sanguches enormes y le di uno. Me senté a mirar como ese cuerpo inmenso y musculoso trabajaba en mi casa. —¿Es suficiente para vos? —le pregunté—. Digo, sos muy grande, si querés mas comida tengo. Terminó de comer el sanguche y se limpió la boca con la remera. Cuando la levantó puede ver la escultura de músculos que escondía debajo. Nunca había visto un hombre así, parecía tallado en piedra. —Gracias, pero con esto tiro. Además es mi segundo almuerzo, todavía me falta uno más. —¿Tres almuerzos? —Hay que alimentar este cuerpo —dijo y flexionó su brazo. Por poco me morí ahi mismo. El tamaño de sus músculos era irreal, lo mismo que su definición. —Wow —dije haciéndome el boludo—, ¿entrenás mucho? —No —dijo para mi sorpresa—, siempre fui musculoso. De chiquito, a los doce ya tenía bastantes músculos y ya era el hombre más fuerte del barrio. Después solo fui creciendo y mis músculos crecieron mas y mas. Y ahora soy asi. Los médicos decían que solo era muy musculoso y nada más. —Y tienen razón —dije mirándolo de arriba a abajo— ¿Pero no vas al gimnasio ni nada de eso? —Voy, pero de vez en cuando. A veces tengo ganas de hacer fuerza y voy. Cuando tenés músculos tan grandes como yo te dan ganas a veces de ver cuan fuerte sos —dijo y flexionó ambos brazos. —Y me imagino que sos muy fuerte. —No te das una idea —dijo con una sonrisa—. Debo ser entre 10 y 20 veces mas fuerte que cualquier otro hombre. Mirá el tamaño de mis brazos —dijo y los flexionó mientras se los miraba—. ¿Alguna vez viste unos brazos como estos? —Sos enorme. —Y eso porque no viste mi pecho —dijo y con un movimiento lento se sacó la remera. Fue el movimiento más impresionante que vi en mi vida. Por suerte tenía una mesa que me protegía de que él viera mi erección. —Con el tiempo lo que más me creció fue el pecho. Cada vez lo tenía más y mas grande, hasta que me fue dificil encontrar remeras. ¿Alguna vez viste a un hombre con un pecho tan grande? —Wow. —Jaja, si, tengo los musculos muy grandes. Flexionó todo su cuerpo y pude ver como cada parte se inflaba dándole un aspecto todavía más grande. —Y eso que no me viste después de entrenar. Cuando voy al gimnasio termino gigante, cada músculo se vuelve el doble de grande. Después siguió trabajando mientras yo miraba su espalda gigantesca trabajar y moverse en mi casa. Sus brazos eran irreales, montañas de músculos que se inflaban con cada movimiento. —Lo mejor es para conseguir minas —continuó—, a las minas les encantan los hombres musculosos. Se vuelven locas. Cuando voy a los boliches no tengo que hacer nada, se me acercan solas y me empiezan a tocar todos los músculos a pedirme que flexione los brazos. La ultima vez que fui me llevé cuatro minas a mi casa. Fue una fiesta. —Wow... —Si, además no solo tengo los músculos enormes —dijo y me guiñó un ojo. Siguió trabajando mientras yo hacía un esfuerzo por pensar que preguntar. —Lo único que no me gusta de ser tan enorme es cuando se te ponen a mirar esos viejos verdes. ¿Viste esos flacuchos que se calientan con tu cuerpo? Me miran el lomo que tengo y empiezan a pajearse mirando mi pecho y mis brazos. No tengo la culpa de ser tan enorme y fuerte. Y esos putos pajeros te miran como si imaginaran garchando con ellos. Me pasa todo el tiempo. Ademas son unos enanos a los que podría matar con solo apretarles el cuello. Lo que mas les calienta es mi pecho —dijo mientras se tocaba uno de los gigantezcos pectorales—. Me ven el pecho enorme y duro y se empiezan a pajear. —Lo decís como si no te gustara ser musculoso. —¡Me encanta! —dijo y se dio vuelta para que pudiera ver su torso gigantesco—. Es genial ser así de enorme y tener estos músculos. Mirá esto, mirá el tamaño que tengo. ¿Alguna vez viste a alguien con un pecho tan grande? Las minas se vuelven locas. Se les moja toda la concha de solo verme las tetas. Además no vas a conocer a nadie tan fuerte como yo, soy mas fuerte que un toro. Mirame los brazos. Apuesto a que nunca viste a alguien con brazos asi. Mirá veni —dijo pero acercó él; era una torre gigante encima mío—. Apretame los brazos. Con ambas manos. Dale, apretá con fuerza. Mirá el tamaño de tus manos y de mi brazo. No llegás ni a tocarte los dedos. Apretá con fuerza. No podés ni apretar. ¿Sentís la fuerza que tengo? Y eso es solo mi brazo. Imaginate mis pectorales. Me encanta ser tan enorme y fuerte. Nadie se compara al tamaño que tengo. Soy un super hombre y estoy super fuerte. Las minas dicen que estoy todo tallado. Ja, y tienen razón. Mirá el lomo que tengo. Y eso que no viste mis piernas —dijo y se bajó los pantalones. Debajo asomaron las piernas mas enormes que hubiera visto en mi vida, llenas de musculos, redondas y cada una mas grande que mis dos piernas juntas. Debajo de su calzón descansaba una anaconda—. Mirá las piernas que tengo. Son dos bestias. Y la fuerza que tengo ahi es irreal. Puedo levantar lo que sea. Uf, estoy re fuerte. Boludo, mirá el tamaño de estos musculos. Esto es un hombre en serio. Soy una bestia. Necesito algo para hacer fuerza —dijo mientras flexionaba los brazos—. ¿Tenés algo pesado? Hace algunos días me habían traido el nuevo lavarropas. Y no había tenido tiempo de instalarlo. Ahí estaba, todavía vuelto. Pesaba más de ochenta kilos. —Veni que te muestro lo fuerte que estoy —y dijo así, lo fuerte que estoy. Levantó el lavarropas y empezó a hacer biceps. Sus brazos se inflaron hasta duplicarse en tamaño, pero de todos modos no parecía estar haciendo un verdadero esfuerzo. Perdí la cuenta después de que hizo mas de treinta y siguió y siguió mientras su cuerpo se inflaba y se inflaba. Estaba cada vez más grande. —Mirá el tamaño de estos músculos. Apuesto a que nunca viste un hombre tan musculoso. Soy una bestia. Después se acostó en el suelo y empezó a levantar el lavarropas haciendo pecho. Sus pectorales se inflaron hasta convertirse en dos sandías gigantes. Apoyó el lavarropas y levantó los brazos flexionando los gigantescos biceps que tenía. —Mirá este cuerpo. Mirá el pecho que tengo. Estoy re duro. Mirá el tamaño de mis músculos —dijo y se acercó para flexionar su brazo cerca de mi cara—. Mi brazo es mas grande que tu cabeza. Mirá lo grande que soy. Dale, tocá. Sentí lo fuerte que estoy. Así fue como conocí a mi Handyman.
  22. Spanish version in here. My parents always educated me in the culture of effort, so none of my friends were surprised that at twenty-five years old I bought my apartment. I had worked hard to get enough money, doing extra hours, working freelance on weekends and saving everything I could spending as little as possible. I asked for a loan from a bank and that was it. I moved as soon as they gave me the key and for six months I enjoyed the solitude. After that time I decided that the same thing I had done to get half the department I could do to get the other half and for that I was not going to skimp on anything. If I went back to do freelance, some extra hours and rent the room that was empty, then it would not take me long to collect all the money I needed. So I told my friends that I had a room available for rent. Several friends were interested but none had enough money to pay for the place, it was not that I charged too much, what happened was that none had a job that still allowed them to live alone. The days passed and one morning I got a message from Fran: -Hey, I was told you're renting a room! I need to leave my old house! Who was Fran? We had been partners in my previous job where I was a developer and he was a tester. He was a guy with whom we always joked. I could not say he was cute, maybe if you just see his face you would not say that, but he had something in the way of being that was seductive, in addition to having a body ... what could I say? A huge chest. He was not what I would call muscular, he only had the perfect proportions, he did some sport and liked to take care of himself. He practiced wrestling and that should keep him quite trained. He knew that I liked men, but he never cared. He was pretty clear that he liked women so he always pinched someone's ass to annoy him, even me! In him it was as normal as giving you a slap. However, everything that he trusted with men, with women just vanished. If a girl liked him too much he could barely talk to her. I also remember a lot of girls “he did not like" that were as hot for him as me. More than one got to suck his cock in the bathroom of a party. The idea of living with Fran excited me from the first moment. I imagined him naked in my bathroom and the idea alone was enough for me to cum. The next week he dropped his bag in the empty room and settled in. At first things were pretty normal. We both had breakfast together and then both would go to work. I came back in the afternoon and enjoyed a few hours just to work until nightfall just when he arrived. The best moments were when he walked around in his underwears. He had a huge chest, just as I remembered, marked and wide. Fran was a good head taller than me so if we met in the bathroom I had the perfect image of his muscles. —Careful, little man! -he told me when I stomped into him. That was hot! Fran needed to save money but unlike me he did not have the will to work and not spend. He went out with friends and spent too much money outing. I was not surprised that he could not save money. I knew from a friend he used to pay for sex and apparently he needed to have too much sex per week. Another thing he used to do with his beautiful body was wrestling, so he had those ridiculous spandex suits that looked great on him. They highlighted his broad shoulders, his chest and his cock. I imagined him struggling with that clothes with some other man dressed the same and the idea was enough for the whole night. Things started to change one afternoon that he came angry from training. The coach had told him he needed to gain weight to compete in the tournament. —How much do you have to gain? —asked. —I have to be 176.37 pounds —he answered me. It did not seem so much to me and I told him so. -More than 20 pounds of muscle! —He said as if it were something obvious— You say that because you never gained a pound in your life! I bet you cannot lift 10 pounds in the gym! To gain so much muscle, I would have to eat a lot of meat. Do you know how expensive is it?, I would also need to take supplements that are very expensive and also go to a nutritionist. I can not pay for all that! Beyond that the idea of him becoming more muscular excited me and it did not take me even ten seconds to imagine a version of Fran stronger and more muscular ... with a huge chest and bulging arms ... it was also true that I wanted to help him, at least for him to learn to be rigorous to get what he wanted. Then I offered him that if for a month he could focus all his efforts on this challenge and use his money only for his goals then I would help him. How? For a month I would not charge him a rent. —Really? —he asked. —But only if I see that you take it seriously. —Of course!! You'll see! I'm going to become a beast! I do not know if it was my words or the desire I had to enter the tournament but something in his attitude changed overnight. He stopped going out with his friends and he went every day to the gym. Our kitchen got filled with supplements and the refrigerator was full of meat, chicken, vegetables and other things I did not even know the name of. Every day after work he went to train and came to eat. Now he cooked for the both of us and he ate impressive amounts of meat and carbohydrates. He took his supplements rigorously and went to sleep to get enough rest. In a few days I noticed the difference. After every of his showers I could see the changes. Muscles over muscles appearing on his back that had suddenly grown a few inches. His shoulders became rounder and his chest marked as if he suddenly wanted to get out of his body. His arms became bigger and his legs began to turn into hams. What also began to happen is that he took longer showers, after which he always said with a smile and winking at me: —I had to care of this beast —he would say while he scratched his cock under the towel. And just as he masturbated every day, I did the same thing later ... imagining his body, his hard and strong muscles and especially his huge chest as he grew up. The month passed soon and one morning he told me: —I won 10 pounds. 10 pounds? It looked like he had won 20! All his muscles had grown larger. —What happens is that I lost some fat and gained more muscle mass. And to emphasize his point he flexed his arm. It was huge. —Congratulations! I knew you could do it! But instead of smiling he became serious and said: —Double or nothing? —What? —Double or nothing! We make another month like this and if I do not get to gain another 10 pounds I'll give you all the money back ... —… and if you do gain the 10 pounds? He took some time to think about it —I do not pay the rent for two months ... Beyond the fact that the difference between receiving and not receiving that money was important, the idea of seeing him grow even more was making me horny. —Deal! —I said and I shook his hand. Fran squeezed hard. The next month was crazy. For some reason that I do not know Fran stopped wearing t-shirts from one day to the next. Every day I saw his huge muscles walking around my house. His legs all marked, his abs and his huge chest (every day bigger). Every day he cooked larger quantities of food that he ate in front of me. When he finished, he would hit his belly and smile. It was like watching him inflate in front of me. His showers were endless, it was too obvious that he was masturbating like crazy. And me after him, thinking about him and how huge he was now. The night before the end of the month he brought a scale. —Tomorrow is the big day —he said and went to sleep. Next morning when I got up he had already made breakfast. He was getting up even earlier than me.He was wearing only calvin klein drawers that marked his cock… —Do you read? —he said to me standing on the scale. —200 pounds —Ha! —he said and climbed off the scales, flexing both arms. "I'm a beast!" Then he started eating. I still did not understand what had happened, I was too sleepy. It took me a few seconds to do the accounts, I had gained more than 10 pounds, right? The next two months he had won to live for free were more of the same. I got to believe that he had gone crazy, he was a totally different person. He was obsessed with the amount of food, with the hours of sleep, with the amounts of weights for each exercise. But all that seemed to be working as he grew more and more every day and not only his muscles were bigger, Fran was getting taller. One night when he came out of the shower I saw his hair brushing against the door frame. But not only that, his shoulders too. He had to buy new clothes because the previous one did not fit his huge muscled body. His arms were too thick and his chest seemed way bigger. When the two months that he had won for free ended, something suddenly changed. The following week he wore T-shirts every day. I had become used to to seeing his impressive body full of muscles walking around the house ... that huge chest that I imagined all the time growing more and more ... On the fifth day I said: -Hey, Fran, is there something wrong? -Why? —He asked, lifting his face from the plate of food. -Oh! I don’t know ... I mean ... you're acting kind of weird ... -Me? Why? -I don’t know ... I mean ... -I could never say what I was thinking ... I did not even know what I was thinking ... Then Fran smiled. -Are you asking me why I do not walk more without a shirt? -What?! No, of course not! -So? -Nothing ... fuck off ... That night he sat in front of me with his huge plate of food and told me seriously. -Ok, I need money ... I looked at him without understanding. -My salary is to low… and I need money. -And what are you going to do? He looked at me seriously: -I want to make a ... deal ... -A deal? -Yes… - What kind of deal? -Well ... did you see ... you saw how I ...? I looked at him waiting for his answer. -Did you ever pay to see someone? Or something? -What? What are you talking about? -Come one! You know what I'm talking about! A stripclub! -Fran, I don’t follow you ... but no, I never went to one of those places. -Well, it's a place where you pay to see girls ... or guys ... dance naked ... you know, naked ... I looked at him without being able to believe what he was saying. Under the table the cock became hard in a second. —Are you telling me to pay you to see you naked? -Something like that ... -said smiling. -WHAT?! - inside my chest my heart was jumping for joy but at the same time I did not understand what was happening. -Don't get any wrong ideas! Think of it as a ... win win… I need money ... and you ... and you like men ... I mean ... given that I like gitls with big tits I figured that maybe you liked guys ... with big muscles and strong ... like me ... -Are you crazy? -No!! Think it like this ... it's like you would sponsor me ... you would give me a hand ... and in return I let you see my body ... my muscles ... Come one! You're not going to tell me that you want to see the muscles I have! - ... -Imaginate this ... I come back home after training ... and I'm all hard ... I have all my muscles huge ... so hard that I can barely move my arms .... Don’t you want to see how strong I am getting? "You're crazy ..." I said and got up and went to sleep. That night I could barely sleep and I jacked off 5 times before sunrise. I woke up destroyed. Fran was eating breakfast. I sat in front of him trying to wake myself up. -You didn’t sleep anything, right? -No… - How many times did you jacked off? -Five… -Five?! Ha! Does my muscle body turn you on that much? I said yes with my head. -Ha! Crazy! I asked him: -How long? Fran looked at me and smiled. -Whatever you say. -Okey ... let's try for a month and see. He got up and came to me. He lifted me up as if I weighed nothing and hugged me, pressing me agains his huge muscled chest. Then he released me and took off his shirt with the most impressive movement I ever saw in my life. With both arms he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and as he was raising a flag he took off his shirt. His perfect abs appeared one after the other and then his huge chest ... strong and big… -You’ll see! -He said while flexing both arms- You are going to enjoy every day of seeing my muscles! I'm going to be huge! I'm going to become the most muscular man you saw in your fucking life and I'm going to walk in front of you for you to see it. He ruffled me with one hand and went to change to go to work. That month was crazy. Fran grew like a beast. Every day I saw him get bigger and bigger and he no longer just walked around without a shirt, but every so often he flexed both arms and said: -How about my muscles, little man? Do you like what you see? I'm getting huge! I was speechless, seeing the impossible size of his chest. That's how it had to be a man's chest! At the end of the month, he not only weighed almost 220 pounds, but he also was two heads taller than me. When we met in the bathroom he would say things like: - How’s the view from down there, little man? Am I too big? How many times are you going to jack off today after seeing my muscles? -And flexed his huge and strong chest- I bet I have the biggest chest you ever saw in your fucking life. In the gym there is no one who has tits like me —he said and while he massaged his chest with one hand— You don’t know the strength I have in my chest, I bet you I can lift more than ten times your weight. When I finish training, my chest is so hard that I can hardly put on my shirt. Do you remember the fighting suit I had? Can you imagine how would I look like with these muscles now? Would you like me to wear it? Without thinking I said that if ... -Ha! What a fag you are... That night I jacked off without stopping until my cock ached. When the next month arrived I told him: -How do we continue? I just wanted to see him without a shirt ... every day bigger and more muscular ... I imagined him having to duck to go through the door. -Lets do this ... What do you think if we make an arrangement by weight? - By weight? -Yeah! Instead of me not paying you rent ... you pay me for every pound ... -Per pound? -Look at this, I already did the numbers ... you are now "giving me" this money that is equal to the total rent ... right? If we divide this number by my weight ... this is the result ... do you follow me? So I thought maybe we can lower the price a little bit per pound ... that way I would have to gain approximately ... mmm ... 40 pounds more to continue without paying ... do you understand? I grabbed the sheet where he had done all the math and I looked at him while thinking: 40 pounds more of muscles? Fran was already huge… he could appear on the cover of any sports magazine. Could he gain more muscles? -You encourage me to grow and you ... you can see it ... what do you think? -He said and winked at me- Can you imagine how my body will look like with 40 pounds more? What happened that month changed everything. I had imagined that Fran would continue to grow as he had been doing until then ... maybe a little slower, but everything would be more or less the same. I was very wrong. That's when I saw what the anabolics could do. At the end of the first week he suddenly inflated all of his muscles and kept them tense all the time. It was as if his muscles acquired another quality, another strength. At first I did not imagine what was happening, but some things started to get my attention. He was more aggressive ... -Look fag, look at the size of my arm —he said and flexed his arms before looking at me over his chest as if looking at a piece of shit- This is how a man should look like ... not like a little shit like you Sometimes he would got too close and "unintentionally" pushed me: -Uh, sorry little man, I didn’t see you down there. Sometimes I forget how huge I am. Or sometimes he just told me: -Are you enjoing what you see? How’s it feel when you see me without a shirt? Do you get horny by looking at my chest? You don’t have an idea how strong I am. In the gym I'm working like a bull. After each of those phrases I could only lock myself in my room to jack off. On the last day of the month, at breakfast, he said: -Come on, little man. You are going to weigh me. He stood on the scale but did not even look over his chest to look. -What does it say? I crouched to see. -275 pounds ... -Haha ... I told you ... I could not believe it. Fran was huge, a mountain of muscles. —You owe me this —he said, showing me a piece of paper with some numbers. -What?! -It was what we had arranged ... the arrangement was per pound and do you see how it says here that if it weighed 260 you paid me exactly the same as the rent? Well, now I weigh 10 pounds more than that. And you owe me this money. It's not much… I could not believe it and I stared at him with my mouth open. -What happens? you don’t want to pay me? His face changed suddenly. He took a step forward and I stepped back. I was against the wall. - You realize that it is not a very good idea not to pay a 275 pound muscle man, right? Look at the arms I have ... Do you know what I can do with all these muscles? That was enough for me to run out and get my wallet. I brought the money and put it on the table. He looked at it still angry and after a second he changed his expression. With a smile he said: -I was fucking with you, little man. Keep it, these 10 pounds of muscle go on my own. Enjoy them, —he said and made his chest go up and down.— We continue then with the same arrangement ... that do you say? But this time we clarify that no matter how much weight I win, you do not have to give me money. Ok? I was still shaking. I said yes. -But if you want we can add these prices as well… And he gave me a sheet with prices. He looked at me with a smile. I looked at it without understanding anything. -Let me explain ... this number here is the price for touching ... and this is the muscle group. For example, if you want to touch my chest for a minute, it will cost you this much ... do you get it? My head had suddenly stopped. -What happens? Do I have to explain it again? It's easy, little man! The idea is that you pay me to touch me. Or you tell me that you don’t want to touch these muscles? Look at my chest ... well, thats the price. He stood up and went to change to go to work. That day I called the office saying I was sick. I jacked off until I thought I was dying. Then I slept and when it was almost time for Fran to return home I went for a walk. My head did not stop spinning, something like this had never happened to me. I was just lost ... It was crazy ... I mean, it was a lot of money. The truth ... what was I thinking? I was not going to pay to touch him! It was ridiculous! When I came back home he was finishing eating. I put the money on the table and took a deep breath. Fran smiled, wiped his mouth with his hand, moved the chair back, spread his legs and looking at his chest with a wicked smile he said: -Its all yours. Even sitting down he was a good head taller than me. I was a little kid in front of a muscle giant. I approached shaking and rested both hands on his huge chest. It was much harder and softer than I had imagined. It was impressive, almost as big as my two pillows. It was heavy and every time I lifted it it fell again. Suddenly he flexed hard and it was as it became a rock. I started to massage it ... -Do you like it, little fag? Do you like to touch my muscles? This is a man's chest should look like! I ran out and locked myself in the bathroom a second before I came. I had not even touched him for a minute. So you could imagine how everything went. I never thought something like this could happen to me. Every day that I came back home and I told myself that I was not going to pay more ... that I would wait until next week ... well, for three days ... I would hold on until tomorrow ... Every day I paid to touch him. And the same thing happened every day. - Do you like my arms? -He said and flexed them while I touched him- Press hard, come one. Squeeze like a man! Ha, imagine the strength that I have that you can not even squeeze a centimeter ... Squeeze harder, fag! Look at the little hands you have over my big muscles! I touched every part of his huge body and when I touched him several times he brought a new sheet with "promos"."Full body" or "after training" or "in pose". I tried them all ... and at the end of the month I realized that I had spent all my salary. I could not believe it, but at the same time I could not stop ... The next day it was Fran who said: - Now I can’t, lets do it tomorrow. He put a shirt over his huge muscle chest and left. That night I could not sleep and I had to jack off until everything hurt. At dawn I heard him came back, but he was not alone. -Shhhh, keep it quiet… my friend is sleeping ... -he said in a low voice. Five minutes later the girl began to scream while he fucked her in his room. I tried to jack off but I only managed to get tears out of my eyes. Fran started bringing girls almost every night. Some of them I had to meet them because he invited them to dinner and others just heard them scream ... one ... two .... three ... four ... five times ... Fran was fucking like a machine. Surely he was taking advantage of all the money I had given him for touch him to pay for those women ... I was sure that they were whores… One morning after we had breakfast Fran, me and one of those girls. The moment she left I asked: -How much did you pay? Fran looked at me smiling. His body was immense. I had not touched those muscles for several weeks and could only imagine how hard his muscles would be. He stretched his arms letting me see the size of his muscles. He was huge, I had never seen such a big man. He let out a laugh. -I don’t pay ... -I don’t get it -I'm not the one who pays ... I looked at him without understanding. He stood up to go to his room ... his back was a mountain of muscles doing a perfect job. When he came back he brought a box. Inside, it was full of bills. -They are the ones that pay. -What….?! Are you jocking? How much…? -Ha! What? Do you want to know how much it costs to fuck with this mountain of muscles? He said and his chest went up and down and then flexed his arms ... My God, they were huge! I was speechless. -Haha, what a fag you are ... This is the price. It was impossible for someone to pay ... that a girl would pay ... it was a lot ... would he accept credit card?Was it also for guys? —Let me show you — he said and my heart almost stopped. But it was not what I imagined. He sat on the couch and turned on the notebook. I sat next to him. He put the notebook on the table and played the video. He laid back and ran his hand over me, pressed me against his body, my cheek tightened on his chest, and said: -You'll see the show. The girl was on the bed moving back and forth. It was filmed with a cell phone. Fran filmed her body from above and then he filmed himself. All his huge, sweaty muscles glowing in the dim light of the room. It was a compilation in which one girl was fucked after another. Some against the wall, others crushed under his muscles. It was fucking amazing…. but what was amazing was the size of his cock. It was impossibly large… He moved his huge hand over my pants and began to touch me. -Its better without this -he said and took off my pants in a second. My cock was at full mast … well thats a way of saying ... I never had a big cock ... well, okay ... I have a little one ... Fran laugh and began to jack me off with two fingers. Each of his fingers was bigger than my cock. -It's like a little fish -he said in a mocking tone- Does ever get hard? The truth was that I never got too hard ... I was about to say something when I saw what was happening in his pants. It was as if he had put two bananas ... three bananas in his pocket. -Do you want to see a reals man cock? —He said and with his other hand he moved mine to touch his cock. I came up in a second. -Uhhgg! Shit! —He said and wiped the semen on my shirt— Come here ... take care of this ... And he took off his pants. The biggest cock I ever saw in my life appeard in front of my eyes. —Big as the rest of my muscles ... —he joked as he looked at me and looked at his gigantic cock— are you going to stay there? With shaking hand I grabbed his cock. It was so big and so hard that I could not close my hand. —Use both —he said. And I grabbed it with the other one. He leaned back. —Stronger. His cock was bigger than my arm, it was just huge and I could not imagine who could stand ... which girl could resist to be fucked with such a big cock. -Stronger, little man. His entire body was covered which huge, hard and shiny muscles. Even naked it was as if he had an armor on and his cock was a sword ... a cannon. -Stronger ... come on! I was squeezing with all my strenth, but he hardly felt it. He stood up and lifted me with one hand. He carried me to the bathroom, turned on the light and stood in front of the mirror. All his musle body was shining in the light of the bathroom. He sat me in his cock and said: - It's as if it were your cock ... Jack off! I grabbed myself to his cock to keep me from falling. -Imagine that you grew a huge cock like this ... Come on ! Imagine that you can fuck one girl after the other ... they all want to to suck your cock ... they want to touch your muscles -while saying that he flexed both arms- Imagine that you are the most muscular stud in the world, stronger than a bull and harder than a tank. Imagine that you start to earn money out of just because everyone wants to touch your muscles and you just grow and grow and you get stronger every day and you're hard all over and you can fuck for hours and hours and come and come and come. Ahhh ... I'm huge. Look at the muscles I have, little fag. Look at the size of my muscles.I'm a beast ... do you know what beasts do? They fuck ... He lowered me from his cock and left me on the floor in front of him with his cock pointed at my face. He was the biggest muscle giant I had ever seen in my fucking life. -Look at me, little fag ... look at the size of my muscles ... imagine what I would do I would fuck you with this cock ... I would break your ass ... you could not sit in your fucking life again ... do you want to try it? I bet you want to suck my whole cock ... -Yes… -Haha, what a fag you are ... okay then, this is on my own. He held my head with one hand while he approached his cock to my mouth. It was huge, it was too big, it was impossible that I would be able to open that big. -So, little man ... haha, I'm going to break your jaw ... I'm huge ... I breathed through my nose trying not to drown ... - What's up, little fag? Am I too big? This is what happens when you try to suck the cock of a giant like me. ahhhh ... I would break your mouth just because you are a fucking piece of shit ... Look at the size of my muscles ... This is how a man should look like ... Not that little shit you are ... Look at my arms ... Look how strong I am ... Open that mouth or I’ll broke it with my huge cock! I bet you're dying to touch my muscles ... Sorry, little fag… you can’t afford it. I'm too big, too hard, I'm too strong. And then he came and I got choked and everything turned white and then black ... The week after that Fran quit his job. When I came back from the office (as fast as I could) I found the garbage can full of giant condoms and women's clothes. Fran had become a prostitute ... With the money he earned, he began to buy designer clothes, perfumes, computers, cell phones, all expensive things and to top it off he bought a truck as big as himself. He was earning so much money that he gave me some: -Buy yourself something, little fag. But I just wanted to pay him ... I wanted to touch his huge back ... Now that I barely reached his waist, Fran had become a huge, strong and muscular god ... and in my pocket I was pressing the money I had taken from the bank. One day I found a sheet of paper with the new prices on the floor ... Not even a month's salary would be enough to touch him for a minute ... Fran had become a VIP prostitute ... The women who slept with him were millionaires. Women who only existed in magazines and on television. And Fran fucker them all. He had his regular clients who loved him, who touched his chest and went mad with his strength, with the huge cock he had. When we had breakfast together, many times one of them would drop a bunch of money on the table just to touch his muscles while he was having breakfast. -Do you like my body, bitch? —he would say while flexing. One night he arrived with three women. Just by seeing them you could tell they were older, maybe forty years old. With huge tits and full of money, gold everywhere. He took them to his room and started to fuck them ... I realized that because they started screaming like crazy. But after a few minutes they stood silent and then Fran came into my room ... naked. It was as if a mountain of muscles suddenly passed through the door. His entire body was shining, covered with an oil that made him look even bigger .... and his cock ... gigantic ... hard as a club ... a huge anaconda in front of me… And I was lying in my bed ... -I need you to do me a favor ... -he told me from above his incredible muscles ... he was a beast- I need you to film me fucking ... —What? —They are clients of mine and they want to have a video of me fucking them… He said that and left (bending down trying not to tear the wall apart). I followed him. In her room the clothes were lying all over the floor and in his bed were the three women, naked, with their huge tits and asses and faces and bodies all covered in semen. -Awww look how cute your little friend is ... - said one. -How beautiful! Are you going to do us a favor? How cute! -We want you to film him ... and his muscular body while he fucks us ... You're beautiful, Fran ... A stud ... -Film his chest, look at the huge chest he has ... what a macho! -Film his cock, look at that cock. - Me first! —Cried one and Fran grabbed her against the wall, squeezing her with his muscles as she sucked his chest that was crushing her. -Film his back, look at that back full of muscles ... look how strong he is ... -Look at those legs ... My God ... he is a beast ... And Fran fucked them all two times and I filmed everything. When he finished he approached to me and I backed up until I was against the wall. He took my cell phone out and started watching the video. His cock full erect still dripped on my head, his muscular and huge legs prevented me from any movement. His body smelled to sex. And his whole body was shining. —Well done, bitch ... I'm huge, -he said and with one hand he ruffled me pressing me agains his legs and then he layed down on the bed with the three women. The four of them watched the video while they touched him and kissed him and bit him. -Thank you, beautiful! —said one and threw me a kiss. -What a good eye! Look how your body looks, Fran! You are huge! Look at these arms! But one of them said nothing and looked at me. She had big eyes and a look that understood things. She licked her lips and said: -How can we thank you? -while he touched Fran's chest. She ran her hand over those huge pecs and then grabbed Fran’s still hard cock. -Fran, how can we pay your friend? -Pay him? -He looked at me and winked at me- I think he's already happy to see me fuck ... -Aw, really? Is him one of those? - Pretty, do you like the muscles of your friend Fran? Did you see how huge he is? Look at this chest! There is no man with such a big chest! How hard! Aw, Fran, you're huge! -Fran, how much do we owe you? -There's the price list, -he said, pointing to the wall while still watching the video. The woman with the big eyes stood up and went to the wall. she read the price list and then looked at me. -Girls ... -she said and returned to the bed- How about we give our little friend a gift? -A gift? -Asked another and when the first one whispered in her ear, she smiled. -A huge and muscular gift! -Aw, yes, would you like that little man? Do you want to know what it feels like to be fucked by the most muscular man in the world? Look at the size of this cock, look at the shoulders he has. Look at his chest and these arms. He is a huge stud and fucks like a god. -Here, Fran. This is for ours and this is for your friend ... we want a complete service ... so he can enjoy all your huge muscles ... Fran stood up and came up to me crushing me with his legs. -It seems it's your lucky day, little bitch -he said while masturbating the cock full of semen- You'll be able to enjoy my muscle body ... -he said and he lifted me up and sat me on top of his cock, but before he tore off my clothes. I felt his gigantic cock against my ass and everything in me got wet. His chest pressed me against the wall, I tried to push him with my hands but it was like pushing a wall, a mountain full of muscles. Fran was all hard and hot. - What's up, little one? —said one of the girls. Both approached Fran and began to touch his huge legs. - Don’t you want this? Don’t you want to touch your friend's huge muscles? Look how big he is. Look at the chest he has. Look at these huge arms, look at how big his muscles are. Uh, you're so huge, Fran. Touch his chest, give it a try. - What a weakling you are! —said Fran. - How does it feel to be sitting in the biggest cock that you’ll ever see in your life? -one of them asked. - Do you realize that his is going to break your ass? -asked another. -Try to defend yourself from me, -Fran said, pressing me against the wall. -Come on!, push, push harder, hit me!. What happens? Am I too big? Am I too strong? -Break his ass, Fran. -I'll show you, little shit, how a real man fucks. Uh you are so going to like this -Fran said, flexing both arms. -Fran, we want you to put all your strength in breaking that little ass he has. -Ha! —Frank laughed- I'm going to kill him just by opening his ass with my cock. I have it too big for such a small ass -and then looking at me with a grimace said- Come on, little man, touch me, touch all my huge muscles. Ugh, I'm huge. -I hope you're prepared, kid, -one of them said- You're going to be raped by a 400 pound stallion. And that was the last thing I heard, before Fran broke my ass with his huge cock.
  23. I've been thinking for a while whether to tell my story or not. Finally, I decided I was over it. It took me some time, I admit it: I've been obsessed with him for more than a year and I couldn't do more than thinking about him, jerking off and walk imaging ways to pay him back. Cause this is a real story, this happened to me. My name is Diego. I was born in NY and lived there all my life. I got to move by myself at the age of 25 and enjoyed my freedom for 5 years living on my own, dating with no attachments and trying to meet as many guys I could. I’ve always felt an attraction for big muscles but I understood that when I was 15 and my parents decided that we were going on vacations with some friends of them: The Patalli Family. They came all the way from Italy with nothing except his little son Jason. After a year they funded one of the most important pizza’s restaurants: The Patalli Pizza. Mr. Patalli was much taller than my family —my dad was 5 foot 6 inch tall, and he was the tallest of all of us—. So Mr. Patalli was a good head taller than my dad, but he wasn’t the tall one in his family. At the age of 19 his little son, Jason wasn’t little anymore: almost a head taller than his dad so imagine how big was for me, I didn’t even reach his shoulders… And what shoulders he had! He ate like an ape but he wasn’t fat at all, he was one of those guys obsessed with training. So he runs every day, trained every day and measure his muscles almost every day. I was quite chubby back then —not super fat— just out of shape and too embarrassed to take out my shirt in public. Pijama party with friends? Shirt. Pool? Shirt. Beach? What do you think? Super Shirt! So our vacations consisted of three of my favorite things: Share room with another “kid”, go to the pool with another “kid” and yes… go to the beach with another “kid”. And to make things worse he wasn’t the same type of kid I was… no mister. He was the type of training growing hulking muscles type of kid. Awesome! I was not only ashamed of myself, I got to share every day with someone that would make me feel even inferior to how I felt. Where were we? Helllooo!!! Florida!! Living Hell! So there we were: at the beach. My mom and dad decided to go for a walk —Nice! Forget about me cruel ones!—. Ms. and Mr. Patalli left Jason and run to the casino or some other depressing place. And there we were. Young Chubby Diego and Big Stud Jason. And then I started to feel dizzy. Jason took off his shirt very slowly like those guys in the TV. Like pooling the flag of victory for all to see. As the shirt started rising I got to see his waist just a little bigger than mine but with no fat, his well-defined abs and then his wings… the biggest back I have ever seen in my short life. After he was done his chest fell like an avalanche. Two perfect pillows filled with muscles. —What are you looking at, fag? —he said and flexed his chest. Oh my god. That was it: I died. Just in front of me, there was the body I’ve been jerking to without knowing it. My brain said: That’s it, buddy, I’m getting out of here! Jason laughs and tossed his shirt before going away. I will always remember his huge muscle back while running. Every part of this body defined against the sun. Hard, shiny, amazing… Stop right there! Don’t think that that was all… It was far from being over for poor little Diego. Our parents had rented a single apartment for the six of us. So Jason and I had to share the same room every night… and how was it almost every night? Our parents went out to dinner, and Jason did almost the same with his friends… It was only me who stayed to guard our castle. Brave of me, isn’t it? I can hear you screaming: Looooser! You have your point. But wait! Don’t rush! Because there was this night… —Bye, guys! —said my mom— Have fun! The key locked the door from outside and there I was laying on my bed watching facebook on my phone just to avoid thinking about anything… especially that Jason canceled his date and was in the other bed… laying on his back and chatting on his phone… wearing a very very very short pair of shorts that left his huge built and long legs exposed in all their mighty. Pure horse strength… —Ok, little man, count —he said. —What? —I said. And before I could think about anything he took off his shirt and lay down on the floor just next to me to do an impossible amount of pushups… 40… 60… 80… I was about to burst into flames… so did his body. I looked at his rounded shoulders and triceps work like a machine. Up. Down. Up. Down. And grow grow grow and what do you think? Of course! Fucking grow! When he was done he stood up —he was not even breathing hard but his chest was like expanding on every single drop of air he took— and clapped his hands to said: —How much do you weigh, fag? —Are you talking to me? —I didn’t say that of course, but my brain did while packing his stuff before leaving… —Don’t know… 110 pounds? —Really?… —he seemed disappointed (I was too)—. Too little, man, ok come on… —said by opening his big arms. The most impressive arms I’ve ever seen in my short life (yes, I know I said this before… every part of me back then was like that: short). Did I move? What do you think? Of course not! I was dead! My brain was in exile… I was chained to that bed! But this wasn’t a problem for big and powerful Jason. He ducks by my side and lifted me like I weight nothing… even worse… he said: —You weight nothing… Kill me, God! And there I was in the play of a helpless princess… or a baby doll… or a potato bag… firmly held against his chest… my check was against it… and it felt smooth and strong and hard and hot… His biceps were bulging against my back… in a few words: I was feeling the strength of his body. —Count! —he said and started to squat while holding me. How many squats he did? Forget it! My mouth was doing something that my memory will never remember. My eyes were fixed on that chest by my side… and since then I’m number one fan of big chests. I do remember his muscles stretching and flexing, he was shining and tanned from swimming at the beach. He also was laughing. I don’t blame him (I love him, for Christ sake!). I would have done the same if I were him. Imaging being held by a man way taller than you and not only way-way stronger but filled with muscles and hard after an impossible warmup. I felt protected and afraid at the same time. His chest and shoulders were tight against my body and with every movement of his legs (legs that after that grew to be 2x their original size), I felt his biceps tensing. He was a man at 19 and I was just 4 years younger but a super small and chubby kid. I felt he could protect me If the ceiling fell. I dream awake about that many times. I imagined the two of us being in a small room, small enough so his naked chest had to be above me and then the ceiling would fell off… why? Who knows!! I only know he would raise his hands to hold it while his muscles would explode in size. —Don’t be afraid, little man. I have it —he would say smiling. Of course, you have it! You have the biggest body I’ve ever seen! I wouldn’t say that, of course! I would just look at his chest, shoulders and arms growing because of the effort of saving me from being crushed… A pure man. Huge. Strong. And bigger just because I was small. OK! Enough of the dream! Let's go back to that terrible (Who am I kidding? Wonderful) night… Jason ended his training and after that, he put me down and tousled my hair like the child I was. —Thank you for being my dumb-bell, fag—said and sprint to the bathroom. Clever. Wasn’t he? Dumb-bell! I would have killed you, Jason, if I wasn't the poor kid obsessed with muscles I was. Ok. ten years have pass from that. I was leaving alone and guess what? I was training. I was going to the gym three times a week and after two months of being unable to do a single pull up I did my first and my second pull up. Success! I was strong… ha! Forget it! Now I know what was I doing wrong… but back then I didn’t. I didn’t ask no one about a routing. Forget it! I was too shy! Or too crazy… I built my own idea of training… which was 2 hours in the gym!! Impossible long routines that had almost no effect. So that lasted for a while. I did grew stronger but there was almost no sign in my body. There was that unbeaten fat covering every possible muscle I could build. So by the age of 27, I was a simple man… not a kid anymore but not a stud neither. I was 5 foot 5 (Michael fucking Jordan, people!) and weighed 145 pounds… ok ok! Stop throwing things! Ouch! That hurt, mister! I was trying, for Christ sake! At 30 I discovered three things: how to do a proper routing at the gym, how to eat for your body to answer your prayers and finally and most important: Bruno. I got to chat with him once. We sent pictures to each other and that was it. He was a little bit taller than me, was fit like one of those guys that are fit by nature but don’t train to get better at it: fuck off, man! So I didn’t payed him that much of attention. But it seemed I was the type of men he liked. He asked me once to go out, and I said “sorry, can’t”. Bitch! Same thing happened a week after that and then he disappeared. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not one of those guys that want just a hulking man to appear and fuck their brains out. I mean, I would love that to happen but to be honest I was one of those guys that need a pervert on the other side. I remember once a guy, lets call it X. We sent pictures to each other, I didn’t like him but he did like me. And what did he said? —Oh! You are tiny! —What? —my dick answered. —Yes! You are super short! That was it! I had to meet this huge beast that was calling me tiny. I travel over there with the biggest hard-on of my life. And what happened? The bold one that opened the door was just 3 inches taller than me! Disappointment! I let him kiss me and touch me until I said: enough. And left him with nothing. Bitch, again! So, what about Bruno? At least from our chats, he sounded like one of those guys that are sweet and easy going. Laughing all the time and maybe a little sissy. I didn’t like that at all and sometimes it was even hard for me to stand. I was a single man that looked exactly like any other man from NY with better clothing. Ha! —Wanna go out? —he asked for the third time. It was a cold night, it was the cruelest winter ever and I felt lonely and wanted someone to at least talk to. —Sure —I said. We met in a cafe. Bruno had his hair short, like a soldier. But he didn’t look like a soldier at all. He was thin, he bent his wrists and neck too much and laugh out loud almost like my aunt does. He was cute but too sissy for me. He talked about anything, he told me he danced a lot and asked me if I liked to do some sports. —Gym —I said. —Oh, nice! I like big muscles! —he said with a perverted grin. Are you kidding? Fuck off! I didn’t want a fag to be in my place. We don’t look the same, we are not the same, we have nothing in common! (That was my brain saying). And then he added: —I do spinning! Spinning! That is for girls! I could tell I was 100% his type while at the same time he was 0% my type. Mr. Heart breaker with you, people! That was it for Bruno… or that was what I thought. I blocked him. Winter ended. Spring came again and parks filled with people running. I did that too. Every Saturday I went for a long run. So there I was running shirtless and a little more confident, I admit it. I sported at least some V shape, not too defined, not too big. Just a decent one. And guess who I stomp with? Daaa! Bruno! —Hey! —he said waving his hand while running in my direction. Ok, let's do it fast. I didn’t want for someone to see me with him. And then I saw it. He was wearing very tight shorts, those lycra ones. What could I said? He was thin… I mean fit. He was fitter than I was, not too much. Probably same muscles but much less fat… except from his legs… Horse legs. Muscles over muscles, like two legs putted together to make a single but strong one and defined… and on top of that the most rounded and built ass I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t that much fan of asses and legs… but FUCK OFF!! Sexiness from down to top. It was like he only trained (like mad) up to his midsection and the rest came just by nature. He was fit, but too thin for me to look at. But his legs… my god. I wanted just to touch them. There was this muscle above his knee that bulged like… like… like a muscle above a knee bulging. —What? —I said. Mr. eloquent with you, people! —Training a lot, ha? —he said looking at me (at my body actually). I wasn’t a model, not even near but let say… fuck me! Who was I kidding? This guy looked like a fucking god… especially his legs. —Same there —I said pointing at his legs. He laughed like a shy girl. —Spinning effects… —he said moving them like two tree trunks— Its hard to fit into some pants. Kill me, god! Kill me, now! —Really? —I’m a genius. —Hey, you blocked me! —he said throwing a sissy fist to my shoulder— And I liked you! —What? Really? Someone kill my brain! —Really. Ok, it was nice to see you! And then he ran away. With his huge legs making a wonderful job there, tensing, expanding, flexing. And his ass jumping and doing magic. That night I unblocked him and started chatting. —I saw you looking at my legs —he said without hesitation. —Yep —I was about to die! —Ha! It was nice. A few days after I got him naked in my bed. He was fitter than I was, but somehow you didn’t see that when he was wearing any clothes on. It was like he didn’t like to have muscles but he did somehow… stupid nature! But after I saw his legs once I couldn’t help to look at them even with his long pants on. Biggest legs I ever felt. Filled with muscles, flexing at every movement. Strong and powerful. —So you are into big muscles, ha? —he said and flexed his leg for me. I was in ecstasy. It was like fucking a horse that sounded like a girl. It was a little bit confusing but he looked like a real man at least from waist to bottom. And what a bottom!!! Each leg of him was two times any of my legs. —Too much spinning makes you grow, you know? —he said. —Fuck you! —I said rubbing his muscles over and over again. —Yes, please! And that was how we started dating. Dating Bruno was easy and hard at the same time. The sex part was easy of course. I just needed to see him naked to sport a club that he would be pleased to suck like crazy and after that, he would give me his butt for me to play. So, he was passive and left me the rest for my enjoyment. I loved it. The hard part was the “social” part. I didn’t want for people to think “Look at those gays”, just “Look a single man, just the rest of the man in the universe”. Nothing special, just a regular guy. But it was impossible with Bruno. Not because of his enormous legs which people never mentioned (Don’t know why or how or what????) but because of his… sissiness? Most of the time he was 70% manly 30% you know what… but there were some times he was 0% manly… and KILL ME, LORD! I WANTED TO DISAPPEAR FROM EARTH. So did I introduce him to my friends? Some, just some girls. Forget about my other friends!. Did I introduce him to my parents? NO WAY, MISTER! (or MISSES depending on the day). I couldn’t stand it. I was too embarrassed to do so. So no family, no friends. What did we do together? Fuck most of the time of course. Read. Go out from time to time. I liked a lot the way he liked me (I could even tell he was in love with me) but I found it impossible to stand that side of him. I wanted a man, not a girl. Hello!!!?? Ok ok… you know what is like. So what happened? I decided to do something about it. —Why don’t you go to the gym? —I said to him once. —To the gym? Why? I don’t like it! And besides that, what for? —Don’t know… —of course I knew—To build some muscles… you could use them… He looked me with that evil grin that I despised so much. —You can’t help it, right? —said flexing his legs like he did nothing— Are you that obsessed? I had to jump to feel that muscles on his legs, so I couldn’t answer that. I was to busy licking them. —Let's do this —he said— I’ll go if we go together! And that was when I jumped like a cat when you try to get wet. —No!! —I said on the other corner of the bed. —Why not? —he said and his expression went from happy to confused. —Don’t know… I don’t feel like it… —You are ashamed of me, ha? Ashamed I'm not as manly as you would like to. —Pfff, of course not! —I can see it, you know. I'm not stupid. And like that, we had our first fight. We stop seeing each other for two weeks. I didn’t even send him a text message. I was angry and confused. Then I think about it again and again and again (my brain was exhausted because of that much thinking) and I realize I behave like shit. —I'm sorry… —I texted him. —No, you are not —he answered. —Of course, I am, you idiot horse! —I used to call him like that. Horse. Man-Horse. Centaur. All things related to my favorite part of him. —I miss that… —Me too… —and without thinking about it I added— I want to go to the gym with you. And then it all started. Did you ever ask yourself: Am I gifted? With your body I mean. Like genetically gifted. I never asked myself that, until I saw Bruno training. He knows nothing about. He didn’t even like to do the exercises but somehow he was good at it. And to make things worse he progressed like crazy. March - Me 154.324 pounds, Bruno 170.132 pounds (Because of his legs of course) I had to teach him every movement and build a routing to fit his current muscle development. So let's make things clear. I wasn’t either huge or strong. I was training for more than 5 years and let say I could lift some weight. And Bruno? Nothing! Zero! It was like a girl trying to do it well for her coach. I mean: he had those monstrous legs that could split me in half, that would outrun me every time we would sprint together, he would never get tired, he could do endless squats and jump impossible distances. But he never trained his upper body before. The day after the first day he complained like a girl. Every muscle was hurting. He even spent the whole day in bed. I thought it was too much but he insisted and almost cry out when I pushed him out. Ok, Mister Weak! But when we reach week three he complained no more. He was even enjoying going to the gym. He still refused to lift more weight. —I like you being the strong one —he said. But besides that, he was gaining some weight, and it wasn’t any fat. April Me 156.200, Bruno 176.012 So by April that was the schema. He outweighs me by 20 pounds. But he was lifting the same weights. Doing the same repetitions. And at the same time, I was training even harder. I was lifting a lot (for my weight and size). It was on the end of that month that one night while we were having sex and he was down on his knees I notice the difference on his back. It was way broader and some muscles were starting to appear. And then it started to happen. Every day that passed muscles were coming to view. Big, rounded and defined muscles. He laughed out of it. May Me 155 pounds (Cruel god!) Bruno 190 pounds Ok… there was something strange going on. But fuck! I was kind of enjoying it. At the gym, it was confusing to see someone as defined and big as Bruno (he was now way bigger than me) lifting such small weight. But on the bed, it was like my dream come true. I had a muscle stud just for me to fuck. Gym started to become an issue though. I mean I was killing myself and he was not even trying. Not for real. He was just doing the exercises I told him to do. But his body was growing like crazy. His chest expanded like his back. His shoulders duplicated their sizes and his arms did the same. The most impressive thing was his forearms, they grew so much that it was scary. And then I fell. I started to do an exercise just for my forearms, and what happened? I got injured! Tendinitis in both my wrists. I had to rest for two months. What happened then? I realized that Bruno was getting taller. It seemed that his body didn’t have enough growing muscles, he also needed to be tall (Fuck off, god!). He was already taller than me when we started dating, 2 inches was a lot back then… but after two months he reached 5 foot 9. It was impossible. He was not only built like a tank but also tall as a tree (for me, at least). And what about his legs? For christ sake! They were even bigger than before! —I feel great —he said once squatting and flexing his muscles in front of the mirror. It was like looking a young bodybuilder preparing himself for the competition. June Me 150 pounds Bruno 212 pounds Even though we stopped training Bruno not only kept on growing, he was getting taller too!. By the end of June, he was 6 foot tall. It was like seeing someone inflate in front of your eyes. Not only his muscles were growing, but his back was starting to be almost as wide as the door, and his chest… OMG! Two stones put together. It was like his body tried to reach the point of this legs (with no success because those monster legs were out of any league). When we have sex I felt I was fucking a real horse just because of this size. I needed to ask him to extend his legs so I could reach with my dick to THAT point. —I can’t believe you still getting bigger… —Mmmmm —What? —I didn’t… stop training… —What????????? —It was you who got injured! Not me! —But you told me you didn’t like to go on your own! —Yeah… but I changed my mind…! I like it now. —I bet you do, bitch! —Who are you calling, bitch, you runt? And after saying that he lifted and tossed me to the bed like a weight nothing. —Ha! I love being strong! —he said flexing both his arms. He wasn’t just strong: he was strength itself. July Me 148 pounds Bruno ??? In July my parents invited me on a trip to Europe. I thought about that for a while and then I decided I would like to go on vacations for a while. I remember the last night with Bruno on his bed. He was laying on his back with this arms extended next to his face. It was a vision of power. That morning I buried my face in his chest and then took a taxi. We visited Madrid, Paris, London, and many other cities. It was a great time. And I got some time to recover from my wrists. When I got back to NY I texted Bruno: —I'm back! —I'm running! See you in the park! I changed my clothes and run like a schoolboy desperate to meet his bests friends. But instead of meeting my friend I got to see this huge muscle stud tall as a tree running towards me. It was a vision that everyone could see and was seeing and pointing and owing and who knows what else... How much tall? Don’t know! 6 foot 4? 6 foot 5? HUUUUUGE! But not only tall. Built like two tanks. Every step he made transformed his muscles from soft to hard in milliseconds. It was the vision of paradise. —You shrunk! —he said laughing when he reached me. —What? —again my brain. I was looking directly to his chest. And what a chest… Broad. Big. —I can tell you like it —he said stretching his arms so I could admire the size, definition, and size (yeah, again!) of his body. —Fuck off! What to say? It was a dream come true. I was dating the biggest, strongest, tallest of all. But the thing was this: he was still the same sissy guy, except he was two heads taller now and 250 pounds. It was more than confusing. August (lets stop this measure thing for a while, ok?) The first night after I got back we slept together at his place. And guess what happened next morning? When I woke up I was alone in his bed (his new king size bed, actually)… and then I heard him. I moved myself to his side. Right next to his bed there was Bruno… doing pushups… and he was counting. —94… 95… 96… 97… 98… 99… 100 And with a quick movement he stood up. —Hey! —said the huge piece of a man. —Wow…! —Ha! You like it? —said and flex both arms. Two big mountains erupted from his arms. —Are you ok? —I said. —What do you think? —he said and flexed his chest… —Wow…! —Count…! —he said and started doing pull-ups in his new pull up bar. What is it with the counting thing? Does every stud needs for a tiny friend to count for them? —Ok! —said my cheerleader side (kill me, god!) Guess how many reps he did… easy… one fucking hundred… And after that he was not even tired… —How much do you weigh, fag? —Are you talking to me? —I did said that— You know how much! —Haha! I know you were too little, man, ok come on… —said by opening his big arms. The most impressive arms I’ve ever seen in my not so short life Did I move? What do you think? Of course, I didn’t! I wanted him to lift me up! And so he did! He ducks by my side and lifted me like I weight nothing… even worse… he said: —You weight nothing… Kill me, God! And there I was AGAIN in the play of a helpless princess… or a baby doll… or a potato bag… firmly held against his chest… my check was against it… and it felt smooth and strong and hard and hot… His biceps were bulging against my back… in a few words: I was feeling the strength of his body. —Count! —he said and started to squat while holding me. He was much bigger than Jason when he did the same (I was starting to believe there was something weird on me that pushed muscle studs to do the same thing with me) and way stronger. —You like it —he said looking at my dick. But he was enjoying it as well. There is a thing I didn’t mention before just because I was to busy with the muscle thing. There was his dick “issue”. Back then when we met that thing was a regular 4.7 inches (little less than my 5.9). But now… it was… how to say it? huge? big? it was a 12 inches long python! and big as a club! So the squat game was done… of course, he did his 100 reps… and guess what!? —Let's go to the bathroom —he said still carrying me like a paper ball. He stepped in front of the big mirror that filled the wall and let me… sit in his huge dick. —Haha! There you go! Enjoy the ride, tiny man! How does it feel to ride my huge cock?! Haha! Look at me! I'm huge everywhere! What am I? Four times your size? Look at this muscles! Look how big is my chest! And my fucking arms! I'm a beast! I feel so fucking strong! Haha! Look at you, you are so fucking small next to my body! Do you like the view little man? Are you enjoying my muscles? I could rape you if I wanted to! haha! What do you say? Do you want me to show you how big and strong I am? How’s that? Do you want me to show you how strong I am? Do you want to see what can this muscles do? Oh, fuck, I'm going to explode. And by saying that he lifted me and he impale me into his cock. I let out a scream like I never did before. —haha! You like it, tiny man! That’s how it feels a real man! And he lifted me again and impale me (again) but this time I was facing his huge body! I placed both my tiny hands on his chest to say: —Please, don't! You are too big! —Haha! I know! I'm a real man! Take a big breath, little man! I'm going to fuck your tiny ass like a man! And he did! At least until I passed out! Life continues as it was… But there were certain things that change from one day to the other. The “me fucking him” idea was over. I mean, imagine a 145-pound person trying to fuck a 270 pound, pure muscles giant. Each of his legs was bigger than my two legs together and his ass was like two mountains right next to the other. I was dying to fuck him but every time I tried to move into that direction something like this happened: —What are you doing, little man? You think you can fuck this beast? —and he would flex some muscles to show how big and strong he was— Comer here, feel this —he would say flexing his chest right in front of me —you feel that? —So strong… —I'm a genius, I know. —That’s it, little man! I'm a fucking monster! So… do you want to fuck this body? —he would say while standing up— In order to fuck this body you have to beat me… Ok, come one, little man. Haha, you are so tiny! You don’t even reach my chest, anymore! Haha ok ok, lets do this! If you lift me once I let you fuck me. —Fuck off, I'm not going to lift you… —Come oooon! Don’t be afraid! I’ll be nice, little man! I know I’m fucking huge and I’m way stronger than you. I mean, you look like a kid to me. People must think I'm your big brother. Well I’m big! ha! Nah, don’t be afraid! I’ll let you win this time. So you want to fuck this ass, right? Look at it! Come closer, have a piece of it! You see the size of it? Look at these legs! Huge! I have more muscles in one leg than you on your tiny body! —Ok, ape! You have a challenge! —That's my boy! Come on, give me a hug! —he would say lifting me to bury my head in his chest. Then he put me down and stand up in all his might. —Are you ready? Come here, try to lift this body. So I did! I grab his legs, or at least I try and then I push with all my strength up… and up… and up…. and fuck off!!! Nothing! not even an inch from the ground! —Haha, what happens little man? Am I too heavy? Are my muscles to big for you? Haha, you are so cute! Let me show you how a real man does these things! And by saying that he would throw me into the bed and after that guess what… he lifted the entire bed with me on it way above his head! —There you go, little man! This is how a real man does it? Do you mind if I train some shoulders? And there I go! Down, up, down, up and down again. —Haha, that was easy —bed was back to the floor and there he was flexing his muscles— I'm to big, little man! Come here, hang from my bicep! He flexed his arm and I grab myself from it. He lifted me up and down just by flexing. —You see my power? I'm way stronger than you’ll ever be. He put me down and made me stand up in front of him (yep, and I was his fucking toy). —You can’t fuck me, little man. You are too small to do that! I'm way-way bigger —and with every word, he would take a step and I would move back… until the wall made me stop. He pushes his body against me. I was pressed between his legs and abs, and that python dick pointing to my head. —Haha, try to move me, little man —so I did with no success—. You can’t, don’t you? I'm too big for you to do that! —and then he would start to jerk off— I'm a fucking beast, little man. And you can’t fuck a beast like me being a tiny man like you. Let me show you how a man does it! And he would fuck the brains out of me. Again I would pass out. So what happened next? What do you think? He asked me to move together. I mean, you would say that for him I was just a toy, but I was his type even I was way-way-way smaller than him, weaker and blah blah blah (not funny). He really liked me. Question is: Was I feeling the same? Mmm hard to say. I mean, I could only jerk off thinking about his chest, muscles and those humiliation sessions that made me go crazy. I mean, he was a monster. Every time I was away from him I wanted to feel his muscles, to touch them. But when he was next to me I was kind of afraid, marveled and stupid. He was too big. Too strong. So he asked me to move together and I said no. Why not? (I can hear you shout insults to my little persona) He was a muscled giant, still, sissy-like hell, dressed like a porn star and talked about muscles all the time, flexed all the time. I couldn’t just let anyone sees me next to that. It was my secret perversion. I was too embarrassed. I wanted no one to know I was a fag for muscles. And what muscles! So, what happened? We fought! He punched a wall and made a hole through it! Jesus! Fuck me! And then looked at me so pissed that I was afraid he would kill me. —I don’t know why I still like you —he said and believe it or not, he started to cry. He packed his things, dressed like a gorilla with a swimming suit and closed the door never to come back again. So life kept going… still… six months later I was single… and happy… I recovered from my injured and went back to train in my gym (every day I thought I might see Bruno again training his mighty body, but that didn’t happen). So I just had wet dreams about him. Think about him. Jerked off thinking about this body. And every time I would fuck someone I would close my eyes thinking about his legs and ass. And now you are asking: did you ever see him again? Oh yes… I fucking did. I got to travel to hell again. My parents rented a place in Florida and there I was. Alone at the beach. Just walking. I was dressed in a nice white shirt and a very nice red shorts. In a few words: sexy. And then I stopped. There, sat in a cement seat was this back… this wall of muscles… It was so big and strong that I had to move closer. I left the sand behind and as soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk I heard him calling: —Diego! —said Bruno— Hey! He didn’t stand up, but even in the seat he was a good head taller than me. I started to feel dizzy. —What? —there was my brilliant brain doing his trick. —Hey! Wassup? Come here! —he said, so I did— How are you? You look great! —Thanks… you look… ahhh —Big? —What? —Haha! Just joking —but he was big, way-way bigger than before. His arms looked like cannon balls and his chest was so wide like a king size bed with two big pillows on top of it! His shoulders were bigger than my head and his legs were so long and filled with muscles. Every part of him looked strong. —So, you kept training? —Haha, what do you think? —he said and flexed his arms. Biceps the size of my head erupted in front of me. —I followed your advice and started to take training seriously. —I can tell. —Haha! I grew like a weed! I think I fell in love of being big, you know. —Yep, I know. —Do you? —he said mocking—Haha! Just joking, you look good too! Are you still training? —From time to time, but I'm not as gifted as you though… —Gifted? me? You never said that! —Well, now I think that. Who do you know that could grow that much in such a short period of time? —Did I grow too much? —he said smiling and tousling himself. Doing that exposed all the size of his bicep for me to watch. —Well… Yeah… maybe… I mean… who grows up to 290 pounds? —290? Haha! You are way outdated, little man! I'm a 360 muscle beast! —and again the flexing bicep thing. —What? —cause, of course, my brain stopped working again. —Haha, you are drooling all over my muscles, man! —Well… you have muscles everywhere… hey, I was thinking… I mean, If you would like to go out some time that would be nice… But then a shadow covered me. —I'm done! —a man said from behind. I turned around just to find a huge and tall black muscle stud a few centimeters from me bare-chested and built like a black horse. I only reached his upper abs, so his wide chest was above my eyes. I looked him in the eyes and smile back. But then something strange happened cause this giant lifted his eyes up like following a mountain. —Let's go then —Bruno said. I’ve noticed he was bigger. But I couldn't measure how much bigger he was. Until he stood up. I was in between this two muscle men. But while the black one was huge, Bruno was way beyond that. For you to understand I was face to face with his dick… the black man just reached to his chests so next to Bruno he didn’t look just small, but also thin. Bruno's muscles expanded as he stood up. He was like a supergiant heavyweight bodybuilder. —This is Diego, Diego this is Africa. Africa? Well, he was big as Africa to me. —Diego? –Africa said— You didn’t tell me he was this small. What??????? —Haha! Well I wasn’t this big back then. But this little man is the most obsessed guy with muscles that I ever met —and then he looked at me and to do so he bend a little to look over his chest— Am I wrong? —What? —I did said that. —Haha! Don’t take it bad! Its ok to like muscles! I like them too! —and he flexed his mighty chest— How’s the view from down there, little man? Am I too big? You don’t even reach my abs anymore! But you can still look at my legs, you used to think they were big! Look at them now, each of them are bigger than your whole buddy! Ha, Im just kidding! Are you ok? You look a little pale! What is it? Are my muscles to big for you? I though that you would come in your pants just by seeing these muscles! Do you remember when I rape you? Could you imagine now? I would fucking kill you! You are like an ant for these muscles! I'm way bigger and stronger! –and then he raised his arms to stretch himself all his huge muscle body— I love to be big. I'm just too much man for you, little man, you know?. Its a pity you didn’t grow. I like you but you are too small for this body. But believe me, my cock is way-way bigger than before and not only that. I like to fight now, you know, —to mark his words he flexed all his body—. I need someone who can challenge me, at least for a while —and he winked to Africa—. I love to fight for sex and I'm way out of your league, Im too strong, to heavy and too much man to be with someone as tiny as you. No offense, im just too big. You see? Some people are just gifted like me tall, strong and filled with muscles. Some others are not. See you, little man. And he tousled my hair and walked away with Africa. I just stood there after coming in my pants, looking at the biggest stud I’ve ever seen in my entire and long life. If that black man was Africa, Bruno’s back was Europe and East Europe altogether, filled with mountains of muscles and strong as all their man together.
  24. UNO El asunto del pecho de Nico al parecer era muy conocido. Nico y yo eramos amigos desde jardín. Habíamos ido a la misma primaria y cuando entramos en la segundaria nuestros padres eligieron mandarnos a colegios diferentes. De todos modos todavía seguiamos siendo amigos y cada tanto solíamos invitarnos a dormir. Durante los años de secundaria la mamá de Nico había decidido darle pastillas para el crecimiento, ella era una mujer petisa y tenía miedo de que su hijo no creciera demasiado. A Nico el asunto lo tenía sin problema y hasta ese momento él no había sido más bajo o más alto que nadie en el colegio. Pero a medida que los años de secundario iban pasando las cosas empezaron a cambiar. Lo primero que sucedio es que la voz de Nico se volvió más gruesa. Después ocurrió que pegó un estirón y me sacó una cabeza. Nico siempre había sido muy jodón y desde entonces empezó a decirme enano. —¿Que hacés enano? ¿Que tal la vista desde el subsuelo? Después le creció el pecho. No fue algo progresivo, fue casi como de un día para otro. Dos enormes pectorales asomaron como montañas sobre su pecho. Nico se reía. Decía que sus amigos lo llamaban la tetona. Era un pecho impresionante, yo nunca había conocido a nadie con un pecho tan grande. No era desproporcionado sino que era del tamaño perfecto, ancho y suave. No caía como esas tetas de viejos de 60 o de gordos a los que se les cae la grasa. Era un pecho grande, simplemente como si se le hubiera expandido la caja torásica y le hubieran crecido los músculos. Entonces ocurrió que Nico empezó a coger. Eso le causaba gracia, decía que las chicas le tocaban el pecho todo el día. —Les encanta —decía cuando se quitaba la remera y se miraba frente al espejo. Nico no tenía un gramo de grasa, no es que fuera super musculoso, solo que su cuerpo emanaba fuerza y energía sexual. Se paraba frente al espejo y se masajeaba el pecho mientras decía. —Les encanta. No sabés como me tocan todo el pecho, se vuelven locas —y después se miraba de costado y de frente—. Lo tengo enorme. ¿Que te parece, enano? ¿Te parece que tengo el pecho muy grande? ¿Me lo querés tocar? —Salí, boludo —le decía yo y él se cagaba de risa. Después se agarraba el pecho con ambas manos y decía: —Tetas de hombre —y eso era todo. Al parecer sus amigos también cargaban con eso. Le decían la tetona y a Nico le encantaba. Siempre que podía se sacaba la remera. —¡Salí de acá tetona! —le decían sus amigos. —¡Dejá de mostrar las tetas! Pero a Nico eso no lo intimidaba y siempre decía: —¿Querés tocarme las tetas? ¡Dale, veni! ¡Tocame las tetas! Una vez en su cumpleaños uno de sus amigos empezó a cargarlo con eso de las tetas grandes. Nico se sacó la remera y dijo: —Veni si sos macho, dale, tocame las tetas. El amigo fue y empezó a tocarle el pecho. —¡Aw Nico! —decía haciéndose el que se calentaba, mientras todos se cagaban de risa—. Que fuerte que sos, que pecho de macho que tenés, que tetas, que fuerte que sos. Tetas Nico, tetas, dame tus tetas. Y todos se morían de risa, incluso Nico. Para ese entonces yo le llegaba tan solo hasta la linea de sus pectorales. Para mí Nico se estaba volviendo un gigante. Por esa época Nico empezó a juntarse con otros amigos más grandes que nosotros. En especial con uno que se llamaba Juanito. Yo no lo conocía pero al parecer Juanito estaba todo el tiempo hablando de sexo, de tetas, de conchas, de pijas, de minas y de como cogérselas. Todo el material que Nico traía a mi casa las noches que venía a dormir era de Juanito. Así fue como empezó a traer fotos de minas en bolas, con unas tetas enormes o cogiendo. Cuando mis papás se habían ido a dormir pausábamos el jueguito que estuvieramos jugando y nos poníamos a ver las fotos. —Mirá esta hija de puta, como me la cogería —decía Nico mientras se tocaba la pija debajo del pantalón. Un día así fue como empezamos a pajearnos. Nico trajo unas fotos, nos sentamos frente al monitor y él dijo: —Boludo, pajiémosnos —y sin esperar que yo dijera nada se sacó la remera y se desabrochó el pantalón. La pija que salió era enorme, yo nunca había visto una pija tan grande en mi vida. En especial porque la mia era bastante chiquita; la de Nico parecía diez veces mas grande. —Dale, boludo, ¿Que esperas? —me dijo Nico mientras se masturbaba y su pija crecía y crecía. —Boludo, la tenés enorme —le dije. —El otro día la medimos con Juanito —dijo Nico mientras se masturbaba—. Treinta y cinco centímetros. Yo saqué la mia y empezé a pajearme. —Boludo, ¿Que es eso? —me preguntó—. Tenés un mani. Le pegué en el hombro y me fui al baño. —¡Boludo, no te enojes, es un chiste! Cuando salí del baño Nico había vuelto a jugar a los jueguitos. Me pidió perdón y jugamos hasta que se hizo de madrugada. Otro día vino con una sonrisa en la cara. —Tengo unas fotos que te vas a morir. Se hizo de madrugada y me mostró lo que había traido. Por alguna razón las pasaba bien rápido, hasta que llegó a la foto que me quería mostrar. Era la foto de una pija enorme. Solo se veía la pija y un poco de las piernas y la panza. Se notaba que era un hombre musculoso. —¿Cual decís que es mas grande? —preguntó—. Esa o la mia. Y sin esperar mas se bajó el pantalón y empezó a pajearse. Antes de que estuviera toda parada se sacó la remera y mientras con una mano se masturbaba con la otra empezó a tocarse el pecho: esas enormes tetas musculosos que tenía. Cuando estuvo del todo parada Nico se paró y dijo: —¿Y? ¿Cual decís que es mas grande? Mire ambas pijas, eran las dos enormes, simplemente enormes y gruesas. —No sé, parecen igual de grandes. —¿Vos decís? —Yo creo que la del chabon es mas grande —dijo Nico mientras se masajeaba una teta. A la siguiente vez trajo un video porno y algo que había aprendido. Juanito le había enseñado a hacer competencias de wascasos. —Nos pajeamos y el que aguanta mas y acaba mas gana. Pusimos el video y nos empezamos a pajear. La pija monstruosa de Nico se paró como un mástil. La mia apenas lograba ponerse dura. Heché una mirada a las enormes tetas de Nico y acabé. El wascaso entró en mi mano como un chicle. —¿Ya estás? Ja, ¡que chabón! Nico se siguió pajeando y pajeando. Se tocaba las tetas y se masajeaba la pija con una y con las dos manos. —Tengo la pija enorme, boludo —decía—, casi tan grande como mis tetas. Mirá el tamaño de mis tetas, boludo. Estoy enorme. Tengo mas tetas que la puta esa —dijo y se puso de pie. Fue al baño y dijo: —Mirá esto, enano. Me paré al lado y vi salir un chorro de wasca como si hubiera abierto una canilla. —Te lleno la bañera de leche, boludo. Jaja, mirá toda la leche que tengo. Otra vez me dijo: —Boludo, nos tenemos que pajear cruzado. Es zarpado. —¿Que? ¿Cruzado? —Si boludo, yo te pajeo a vos y vos a mi. —Dejate de joder, boludo, no te quiero tocar la pija. —Boludo, es lo mismo. ¿Que te cambia? Es una pija. Los dos tenemos una pija... Y puso un video de una mina a la que se la cogían tres tipos. Nico sacó su pija y yo hice lo mismo. —¿Así toda floja? —le pregunté. —Dale, boludo —dijo y me sacó la mano y me agarró la pija con dos dedos. Su mano era mucho mas grande que la mia y entre sus dedos mi pija todavía parecía mas chica. Se me paró al toque. —Dale, agarrame, boludo. Agarré su enorme pija con una mano y empecé a subir y bajar. Nunca había sentido una pija tan grande. Acabé en un segundo. —¡aw, boludo! Me llenaste la mano de leche. Tenés que controlarla, forro. Se limpió con mi remera y después se puso en cueros. —Ahora termina con la mia. Le agarré la pija temblando. Había crecido por la mitad, pero ya era algo impresionante. Un segundo después se puso tan dura como una piedra y tan gruesa que apenas podía rodearla con mi mano. —Apretá con fuerza, boludo. ¡Dale! ¡Ponele ganas! –Estoy apretando todo lo que puedo. —Dale, boludo, ¿me estás jodiendo? —Forro, la tenés enorme. —Dale pelotudo, apretá en serio. ¿Así te pajeas? —Boludo, no tengo la culpa que tengas una pija gigante. —Usá las dos manos. Agarré su pija con las dos manos y Nico empezó a tocarse las tetas. —Uh, que grande que la tengo, mirá tus manitos, son diminutas. Ja! Dale, pajeame con ganas. Jaja, mirá el tamaño de esa pija. Dios, que grande que estoy. Y ahí sin pensar en lo que hacía se la chupé. Nico me empujó y se puso de pie. —¿Que hacés, boludo? ¿Sos puto? —dijo y me pegó una piña en el hombro que me tiró al suelo. Nico debía pesar el doble que yo, tenía una fuerza que yo no podía imaginar. Se vistió, se subió el pantalón y se fue. A los pocos días alguien tocó el timbre de casa. Era Nico. —¿Puedo pasar? Le dije que si. Nos sentamos en mi cama y no dijimos nada. Después nos pusimos a jugar al street fighter. Cuando se hizo la madrugada Nico puso pausa y dijo: –¿Me querés chupar la pija? No respondí. Nico se sacó la ropa, estaba mas enorme que nunca. Se paró delante mio mientras se masturbaba. Yo veía su inmensa pija crecer y crecer y crecer sobre mi cabeza y en lo alto sus enormes tetas musculosos moviéndose suavemente. Cuando estuvo parada Nico agarró me puso una mano en la cabeza y me acercó a su pija. Me resistí, cerré la boca con fuerza y me apretó la poronga gigante contra el cachete haciendo presión. —Dale, abrí la boca, enano. Me apretaba con la pija. —Dale, mirá lo grande que la tengo, dale puto. Entonces abrí la boca e intenté morderlo, pero era tan grande que no pude cerrar la boca. —Así me gusta, putito, chupame la pija —decía mientra me sostenía la cabeza con una mano y con la otra se tocaba las tetas—. Awww que bien que chupas, enano. Chupamela toda, dale. ¿Te gusta? Mira lo grande que la tengo. Dale, chupame toda la pija, dale, mirá lo grande que es. Es enorme. La tengo re dura. ¿Te gusta eso? Dale, chupame las bolas, Jaja, que puto que sos enano. Te morías de ganas de chuparme la pija. ¡Que chabón! Dale, hasta el fondo, jajaja te vas a atragantar. La tengo muy grande. Uh me vas a hacer acabar —dijo y me agarró la cabeza con fuerza para que no me moviera—. ¡Tomá puto! ¡Tomate toda la leche que tengo! Dijo y acabó una cantidad imposible de wasca. Hasta el punto que me atraganté y me salió por la nariz. Casi me ahogo tomándome la leche de Nico. —Boludo, casi me matás —le dije y le empecé a pegar en el pecho, en ese increible y enorme pecho musculoso que sus amigos llamaban tetas de hombre. Tetas de hombre, enormes y cubiertas de una capa de pelo. Me cansé de pegarle y empecé a acariciarle el pecho. Era una masa enorme de músculos perfectos. —Jajaj, mirá como quedaste chabón —dijo Nico mientras yo le tocaba el pecho como si no se diera cuenta que lo estaba tocando. Me limpió la cara con un pañuelo mientras yo seguía tocando su pecho —¿Te gustan mis tetas? —dijo y las flexionó para que yo viera lo duras que eran. Yo lo tocaba y lo tocaba mientras sentía la enorme fuerza de su pecho bajo mi manos. Ese pecho inmenso y lleno de musculos que todavía estaba creciendo. Y sin mas se le paró la pija otras vez y me agarró la cabeza para que se la chupara de nuevo. Así empezamos.
  25. This story was edited by @dredlifter. He helped me fixing lots of problems with translation so I owe him a lot. Make sure to thank him as well for his part! Hope you enjoy it as we did. Spanish version in here [I feel like Shakira releasing spanish/english versions] Lucas was the boyfriend of one of my best friends, Maite. She and him both lived together for almost five years. They met at the university studying molecular biology. Lucas was 11 years younger than me, had just turned 24 and was about to receive his bachelor's degree. He was quite a nerd, but we got along quite well. Lucas was a big man. He did not do any sports, he was just tall and thick. He had huge feet and forearms that were wider than my upper arms. I had seen him shirtless before at a friend’s pool and it reaffirmed what I thought: big guy. He had no definition, no big muscles showing, just a large, stocky build. Anyway, that's what I thought of Lucas until the day of the move. Maite and Lucas decided to change apartments. Both lived in a fairly small apartment and only had to move some furniture but lots of books. As they did not have the money to hire someone to do it for them, they asked me to help because I have a truck. The day before, Maite called to tell me that she was not going to be able to help us move, she had to travel to assist with a conference and would have to go that day. I told her not to worry, that Lucas and I could handle everything. When I arrived at the house I discovered that Lucas had already started to pack the books into various boxes. But, he clearly did not have much experience in moving since he had packed everything wrong. I explained to him how it was better to pack the books into smaller boxes since it would not be convenient to use such large boxes because they would be too heavy. “How much would you say that box weighs?” he said, pointing to a box. Lucas sometimes seemed like just a five-year-old boy, huge, but a boy. “I suppose that’s about 100 pounds ... That’s a lot…” “Excellent!” he said and without saying anything he lifted it. It was as if he were lifting an empty box, he just bent down and picked it up. I stared, unable to believe what I was seeing. The move was going much easier than I thought. All I had to do was just say “careful" and "turn" because Lucas was in charge of moving everything. Those huge boxes of many books, Lucas picked them up in a second and took them down the stairs as if he was carrying only boxes of feathers. "Jeez, I sure do enjoy some exercise," he said and flexed his arm before grabbing the last box. Under the shirt, I could see that a mountain was rising. The most impressive thing was when he decided to move the wardrobe. “We’ll do it together! -I said-1 ... 2 ... 3 …” However, it was much heavier than I thought. I took just two steps and had to rest. "Let me take care of it," he said, standing up from the back of the closet and bending low to grab the bottom. From all the work of carrying boxes, his forearms had become much larger. Anyway, I figured it was too heavy for him to be able to ... "There it is," he said and lifted the entire wardrobe over his head. "Hehe, it looks like I'm a lot stronger than I thought.” Lucas moved almost everything by himself. I just took care of some light bags. We loaded the truck and. On the drive Lucas opened the window, he was all sweaty from the strenuous work, and under his chest - which was certainly much bigger than before - a sweat stain appeared. "Maite told me you're doing your thesis," I said. “Yes, I'm just starting but it’s going well so I hope it will go fast.” “And what is it about?” “It's a study about androstanolone properties.” “...” I paused, silent. “Haha! I’m studying androgen, a metabolite of testosterone. “Ah ok ... Interesting?” “Ja! Yes, a lot!” When we arrived at the apartment I discovered that their new apartment was four floors up, via staircase only. Lucas unloaded all the things out of the truck and left them in the hall in less time than it had taken him to load the truck. We closed the door and looked at all the stairs. “This is going to be heavy,” I said. “I think it's going to be better if we call someone to help us.” "I can do it," Lucas said, looking pleased to have to make such an effort. "It's good exercise for my muscles.” “Lucas, it is one thing is to carry all your things down several flights of stairs, and quite another to climb four floors up a staircase. It is impossible.” “Nah, do not worry! You carry the bags,” he said and took off his shirt, which was already sweaty. What I saw almost took my breath away. I remembered that Lucas was a big man, but it had nothing compared to the body that was now before me. It was as if all the fat that he previously had suddenly became muscles ... huge muscles. A marked column of abs, a huge chest, round shoulders and bulging arms. “Wow!” I said without thinking. “Ha! Oh, surprised? I'm huge.” “What the hell happened to your body?” “I began to eat better and started lifting weights.” “Lifting? It's like you’ve inflated all over," I said. I was at the height of his chest, his huge and bulging chest. “Haha! Nah, I'm just a little more muscular than I was.” “Fuck off! You are He-man! I’ve never seen such a muscular man ... can I feel?” "Sure ... look at this,” he said and flexed his arm. It was hard like a huge stone. “Wow! It’s super hard!” “Haha, that’s because of the exercise I got by lifting all these things. “Now I can see how you carried all this stuff!” “Haha!” And he reached down and picked up a smaller box. “Are you going to carry the lightest first? You are going to die.” “Haha! We'll see.” One by one he carried the boxes up the stairs. I was still carrying small things, but by the middle of the third floor I was gasping for air. On the other hand, Lucas kept carrying boxes without stopping. He even came running down the steps, as if doing a warm-up. “Tired?” He mocked me as he passed by on stairs, as light as a feather and as muscular as a tank. In the end, the furniture was all that was left. Lucas was still not even breathing hard. “I want to see this!” I said descending as fast as I could although I was still gasping. Lucas clapped and bent down to lift the cabinet. All his muscles looked wonderful, tensing and expanding as he lifted it. I could hardly believe what I saw, it was as if it had been pumped up over the course of the day just by hauling those boxes. He took the first step and climbed the stairs as if he had nothing on his shoulder. His body was shining and his body was as hard as rock. Everything went up and when we closed the door and saw everything in the empty apartment he said: “Good job!” “You did everything! You and your huge muscles!” Lucas laughed and opened a bottle to drink from the opening. Some water fell on his hairy and huge muscle chest. He was an Adonis... A few days later I invited Maite to my home. “Lucas is the Incredible Hulk!” Maite laughed out loud “He’s gotten a little muscular ... yes … “A LITTLE muscular? He is a beast.” “Haha! At first I didn't like it... It was weird because his whole body was all hard ... but now that I got used to it ... and I love it ... you do not know how strong he is …” “You're fucking kidding me, yeah I know! I saw him lift your heavy wardrobe by himself!” “Yes, he told me ... haha, that's funny ... but that was about 3 weeks ago ... now he is much bigger ... I think he told me he gained about 40 pounds…” “Much bigger? Are you fucking kidding ?????” “Nope," she said, taking a spoon to her mouth. "He is huge and all his muscles are getting bigger ... it's funny ... we couldn’t find a shirt that fits him... and besides that…” Maite blushed to say this: “You don't know how he fucks ... he is horny all day ... he says it's because of the testosterone ... but it's funny ... we fuck like three or four times a day... and on top of that…” I was speechless “What?” I asked almost to the point of dying. “He has a giant cock …” “And... how do you...take it? I would die…” “At first I thought that too... Felt like I was being torn apart, but I was also horny I ... I don't know ... there's something in his body that turns me on ... all those huge muscles and his chest... his chest is incredible... when he lifts me with one hand I go crazy ... you don't know how strong he is …” Several times I tried to organize something to see how big Lucas had become, but every time I wanted to go out with Maite and Lucas she was busy or he had gone to visit his parents. Finally summer came and I decided to go to the countryside to finish studying for an exam. I told Maite that I would spend a whole month studying and she loved the idea so much that she called me on the phone: “What a great idea! Lucas and I were talking about something like that... both of us have to finish our thesis ... and the truth is that it would be good to escape from the city to unplug ... besides we do not have the money to go on a big vacation …” “Ah!” I said without thinking and suddenly my brain lit up. “You can come with me!” I went to pick them up with my truck. Maite was in the street waiting when she saw me arrive, Lucas who was nowhere to be seen. Until I saw a large man leave the apartment... It is difficult to describe this. Huge would not be enough to describe how big Lucas was. He was taller ... it was impossible ... but It was true ... he had grown a lot... he was very, very big ... with a T-shirt that I guessed was XXXXXXXL … and it was still tight ... on his chest ... on his wide back ... on those mighty shoulders and those powerful arms ... but not on his waist … I got out of the truck to open the back door. “Luke! “I said when he was next to me. He was now four heads taller than me and I only reached his abs. “Am I seeing things or did you grow even more...?” “Look”, he said raising a hand. I could only follow the movement of his arm that showed the impossible size of his muscles “You are a giant!” “Haha! Yes, I think I grew a little bit …” When Lucas entered the truck the vehicle lurched to the side as if I had suddenly driven into a pothole the size of a crater ... Maite and I looked at him. “Oops!” He said a little embarrassed. “You are going to have to sit in the middle.” But when he moved to the middle between Maite and me I could barely reach my hand over that enormous ham that was his muscular leg to reach the gear lever. “I don’t think this will work,” I said and looked at him. He had to completely tilt his head to enter the cabin. “You'll have to ride in the back.” “Haha!” He chuckled and smiled. The very idea made him happy. He was like a playful boy, a huge boy, packed with muscles and strong... strong as shit … He climbed into the box of the truck and we left for the field. When we got out on the road and I was sure Lucas could not hear us because of the wind, so I said to Maite: “A giant…” Maite looked at me and giggled. I repeated: “He is a giant …” “And you haven’t seen him shirtless ... you don't know the size of his muscles…” “Someone is horny.” “Haha! No, you don't know how his chest looks... it turns me on just by touching him ... it's all hard …” “Ok... but it's not normal …” “I don't care! The most impressive thing is his strength …” “And are you still fucking a lot?” “All day ... he is hard all the time... and when he is over ... you do not know what it is ... the other day we took five times in a row and we ended up all covered in cum-” “Ha! He’s a stallion.” “Yep, he’s ... he’s a muscle stallion.” “The muscle stallion is listening to you two, haha!” Lucas said from behind us through the window. Maite laughed out loud. Before going to the countryside, we stopped at a supermarket in the nearest town. We would stay for several days so we needed provisions. I was used to big purchases before going to the countryside, but I never bought as much as I did at that time. Everything we wanted Lucas said that we needed more. It was easy to obey him, looking over our shoulder at the giant behind us with a chest that jutted out like two huge boulders and two arms that he could not lower to his sides because of the immense size of his lat muscles. We filled some huge boxes that Lucas loaded up into the truck without the slightest effort. We arrived right after noon. The trip had tired us and we decided to take a nap. I went to look for Ramón, the person in charge of the house, to tell him that we had arrived and to ask him if he planned to butcher any cattle since the meat freezer was empty. I found him behind the other house, cleaning the sink. I let him know that we would stay for a few weeks ... maybe a month and that we wanted meat so as not to spend so much on groceries. He told me there would be no problem and that he would take care of it in a few days. Then I went back to the house to nap. When I got up I knocked on the door of Maite and Lucas's room and discovered that they were gone. Outside the sun shone and it was hot. Then I heard some laughter outside. They must be in the pool, I thought. The idea of seeing Lucas's incredible wet body made me go back to my room to change into my swimsuit. When I left the gallery I saw Ramón “Ramón! Can we use the pool?” “Yes, I told your friends there.” “Great, thank you!” "That Lucas is a true giant," Ramón said as if he described the weather. Tell him to be careful when jumping in so that all the water does not splash away. And we laughed. “He must be very strong with muscles so big. It would be good to have someone like him to help me with the wood.” Then I realized that the baskets were empty of firewood. Although it was hot during the day at night it could get very cold. I imagined Lucas with his gigantic muscles and his chest in the air cutting a tree and I could only say: “I’m sure Lucas would love to help with that …” And Ramón left. When I found Maite and Lucas they had not yet gotten into the pool. They were playing with the hose, spraying each other. Lucas had not taken off his shirt yet but it was soaked which made the fabric of the shirt cling to his body and his pumped muscles. It clung to his chest, to his shoulders, to his back, to his arms and to his waist. Under the shirt he looked like an inflated man, muscles like balloons, so big he did not seem real. His muscles were enormous, I had never seen a man with muscles like that. When I told them that the pool could be used, they dropped the hose and took off their clothes. Maite had a swimsuit underneath but Lucas did not, although that did not stop him. He took off his pants and was left alone in his underwear. The most impressive underwear. Wow...what do I say? The most impressive legs I had ever seen appeared in front of me, full of muscles, huge and bulging. Peeping under the fabric of his drawers was a cock that was as thick as my leg and moved with each movement. When he took off his shirt I had to grab the chair to keep from falling. His chest was covered with a perfect line of hair. Huge pectoral muscles protruded like two mountains over defined abs and on both sides of that chest two round, fiber-filled shoulders crowned the most impressive arms I would ever see in my life. Simply muscles on top of muscles. Huge biceps ripped and hard triceps. His whole body was a succession of mountainous muscles ... and his back ... was a valley of immense muscles. He was the image of strength. Lucas jumped into the pool and as Ramón said, the water overflowed everywhere. He and Maite started playing. She was trying to escape the giant who was chasing her. He was so big that it was difficult for her to move, and when he grabbed her he pulled her up as if she weighed no more than a tennis ball and made her fall into the water. Or else he hugged her with his arms to kiss her. Maite, who was skinny, was pressed between his huge muscles and she placed her two hands on those pectorals that were as huge and hard as stones. "Be careful you two, the sun is strong today," I said as I put on sunscreen and went to lay on the deck chair. Maite jumped out of the pool and became protective. Then the mountain of Lucas climbed slowly up the stairs while water fell from his body as if it were a waterfall. He found it awesome to be so big and muscular and every so often he looked at his own body to see what happened when he made this or that movement. Maite told him to come over so she could help apply his sunscreen. Lucas stood in front of her as if he were a statue. Looming high and tall over her. Without stopping he looked down at her from above his immense chest. “Stop that!” She said and hit him in the leg. Then Lucas relaxed and lifted her up like a baby. You could tell that both of them were amused by the enormous strength Lucas had with those big muscles. He lifted Maite and grabbed her as if he weighed nothing and she rested her hands on his huge shoulders, on his all hard arms or on his chest. While holding her with both arms she began to rub the lotion on the round, hard shoulders, gigantic arms and massive chest. That marvelously muscular chest Lucas had. He seemed to enjoy that, I even saw some perversion in his eyes for having muscles so big that his woman was touching. She seemed to worship his body as she applied the sunscreen, massaging his muscles and feeling how strong and how hard his body was. When she rested her hand on a muscle he flexed it for her so that she would feel how powerful his body was, how immense his strength was, and the stud that he had become. “Stop it, silly!” But she loved that her boyfriend had become that huge and powerful man. She especially enjoyed being shown by Lucas how immensely strong he had become: a mountain of immense muscles and enormous strength. Afterwards, Maite started to sunbathe while Lucas went swimming. Swimming without stopping for an hour, without getting tired. All his muscles were wet and shining in the sun that was doing a wonderful job of highlighting his body. I spent my time watching his shoulders, his back, his arms. It was just unreal that someone was so muscular, so big and so strong. When the afternoon came, Maite and I made lunch while Lucas went to work on his thesis. Since the house was big, while we were in the kitchen there was no way Lucas could hear us. “A stud…” Maite looked at me as she washed the lettuce. “Lucas is …” I could not find words to describe it. “...I can not believe the size of his muscles …” She smiled and blushed. "Not only that," she added as if it were a secret. “You do not know how hard his muscles are and how insane his strength is.” “I did realize that! He was throwing you like a ball!” “Hahaha! That's nothing. He told me that I weigh nothing for him, that his muscles are so strong that he can lift a car.” “Don't fuck with me!” “I swear by my life!” “Maite, this is not normal …” “I already know that! But does it matter?” “Of course that matters, what if it’s ... I don't know ... something weird …” “What could it be?! An illness? It would be the best disease in the world! All men would want to be sick with that!” “and ... when you have sex ... I mean …” “We have to be careful ... yes …. His body is too big and heavy that if we are not careful he can hurt me ... but he has a lot of control over his muscles …” “I mean... what about his cock ...?” “Ah, you moron! It's huge, yes. The biggest cock I’ve seen in my life. I can even sit on it and it does not go down. You do not know he looks like with a hard-on, he is a god.” “But how do you do it? I mean if he is so big…” “Oh! How are you going to ask me that?!! Haha! At first it hurt a lot, but he is super careful. Besides, the truth is that as he grew in size and I was able to keep accommodating him somehow …” “And you enjoy it, right?” “He is affectionate, but at the same time he is very strong. In other words, his body is full of huge muscles and when he gets aroused, he gets harder. It almost as if he gets bigger, becomes more muscular. It is something impressive.” “That body is impressive.” “I told you…” We cooked and sat to have dinner. Lucas ate enough for five people. Since we had returned from the pool he had not put on a T-shirt and all his magnificent muscles were exposed for all to see. Every flash of light cast on his body a perfect shadow, a more impressive figure every time. That night before I went to sleep, I heard how Maite shouted on the other side of the door: Lucas must have been impaling her with his huge anaconda and his muscular body. The next morning I told them I was going to chop a tree with Ramón and Lucas asked me if he could come. "I'd like to try it myself, I want to see what all these muscles can do," he said and flexed his arms, in which two immense mountains rose. We found Ramón in the middle of the pine forest. "You brought the giant," said Ramon, laughing. “I never saw such a big man,” he added. “Do you eat iron or what?” Lucas laughed and said: “Is this the tree?” It was a huge and quite broad tree. Ramon nodded and saw that Lucas was standing in front of the tree and asked: “Are you going to pull it out with those arms? Because it seems to me that the poor little tree will not be able to defend itself.” And laughing he handed the ax to Lucas, which in Lucas's enormous hands looked like a toy hatchet. "You have to chop like this," Ramón started to show him, but Lucas seemed focused, almost as if he knew exactly what he had to do. He took a single powerful swing and that was enough. The tree fell down. “Where did you learn to do that ?!” Ramon asked. “I've never done it before ... but it's like I knew how to do it ... as if my muscles knew …” "Then you must know a lot," said Ramón, looking him up from the bottom to the top. "I mean ... because of the size of the muscles you have.” "Haha," Lucas said, "I'm a little muscular.” “A little? No way! I’ve never seen such a large man! And I can tell that those muscles are not for decoration. I see that you are very strong.” Maite walked, having seen Lucas’ impressive show. “Can you lift that tree, Luc?” asked Maite. “I suppose so, it doesn't seem very heavy.” “Very heavy!? Ramón asked, unable to believe it. "If you lift that, I'll call you Samson.” Lucas returned the ax and walked to the middle of the tree. He crouched down and as if the tree was made of air he lifted it up to rest it on his shoulders. The expression on his face did not seem to reveal any effort but his body suddenly bulked up as if his muscles acquired another density. Then he grabbed the tree with both arms and started doing shoulder presses. He completed twenty reps before dropping it on the ground. He flexed both arms and laughing said: “You can call me Samson.” “My God.” said Ramon taking off his hat and approaching Lucas. He only reached his waist. “Can feel your arm?” “Sure!” Lucas said, bent over and flexed his gigantic arm close to Ramon’s face so that he could touch it. Ramon grabbed his arm with both hands and squeezed hard. It was as if he did not do anything. “Dear god ... how strong you are? Have you ever fight with a bear ... or with a bull?” "Haha, no, I have not fought with a bear or a bull," Lucas said, laughing. Maite approached his side and he lifted her with one hand, grabbing her ass as if his hand were a chair. He pulled her close to him and kissed her. He held her by his side as if she weighed nothing. His body seemed even more immense and strong than before. Ramon sat down with a bottle of rum in the gallery where Lucas was also sitting. Maite had gone to walk with the dogs and Lucas, sitting in the chair, watched her from afar. He was barefoot, only wearing shorts, the only thing he could fit into. His huge chest, his broad shoulders and muscle-covered back were exposed. I spied from the window. Ramon took some rum and swallowed hard. He could not believe the size of Lucas' muscles and he ogled his gigantic torso as if it were impossible. “How much does your body weight? He asked. “The truth is that I have no idea ... I have not weighed myself for a long time, the last time I did I weighed 250 pounds. “I know how much a bull weighs ... it's between 1700 and 2600 pounds ... Those muscles that you have can not weigh less than 900 pounds... all your muscles are very big…” “900 pounds? Do you really think that my muscles weigh so much?” “You have an impressive body. I never met anyone who had such large muscles and such strength.” “Hahaha.” “You have very good arms. Not just massive, amazing shape too.” Lucas smiled and flexed both arms. Ramon could not take his eyes off the immense size of those biceps. Lucas stretched his arms. “Yes ... I feel súper strong.” “With that body you better feel strong.” “I feel like I could tear that tree apart with my hands.” “Only with your hands?” “Yes, would you like to see it?” “Definitely.” Then Lucas got up and went to where Maite was. His broad back was packed full of muscles was doing an impressive job, something worth admiring. Ramon did not take his eyes off him. When night came, Maite and Lucas went to sleep. I waited for a few minutes to pass and then approached their room until I reached the door. I leaned my ear and listened. "You liked what I did today?" Lucas asked. “What did you do today?” “I do not know if you saw but I pulled a tree out of the ground with my hands.” “Oh yeah?” “And you liked it?” “Like what?” “I don’t know ... maybe how strong I am ... or the size of my huge muscles…” “What do you think?” “I think it turns you on ... how big I am ... and the strength I have …” “You think so?” “Yes, I think it turns you on to see my body so full of muscles ... these huge pecs and the strength of these arms …” “And what else do I like?” “And you like this cock and how big it is …” “Oh, baby. Ah…” “Come here ... touch my chest …” “Ah, you're super hard, Luki” “You do not know how strong I am. Look at my arms …” “Ahh…” “I'm the biggest and strongest man in the world.” “Fuck me, babe …” “Would you like me to fight a bear ...? With these muscles I would destroy it.” “Aw... your cock is enormous.” ... The next morning when I woke up I found Maite in the kitchen. Lucas had left with Ramón. She didn't know where they went. I looked out the window and saw in the distance the immense back of Lucas. They were in the bull pasture. We ran there. Maite was scared. When we arrived Ramón closed the gate leaving the bull in the same pen as Lucas. “Lucas, get out of there!” Maite shouted. "Easy," said Ramón, "Nothing will happen to him. Look at the size of his muscles, that man is stronger than a bull.” It was true. Lucas had widened his legs as if he was going to stop a penalty kick. His entire body was tense and suddenly looked as if it swelled. He was growing. He seemed to be expanding to prepare to overcome the bull in muscles. Then the bull kicked, shook its head and threw himself at Lucas. Maite screamed and looked away. But Lucas only extended his powerful arms full of enormous muscles and stopped the charging bull by grabbing its horns. He only had to retreat a few centimeters. His muscles tensed and became more visible. He looked to be growing in front of us. His back was widening to take the effort and push the bull. He stepped forward and the bull moved backward. Lucas' chest suddenly swelled and became even bigger. His shoulders were inflating and his rib cage expanded and lengthened. He was becoming more muscular in front of us. Bigger, stronger. He took another step and then another. It was no longer an effort. Then he suddenly reached down and lifted the bull with both hands as if it were a small dog. He then held it up with one arm as if it were a kitten! His body had become more impressive and gigantic than before. He was just a monster, a super strong man, full of immense muscles. His strength was enormous. "Look at those muscles," Ramón told Maite. "That man is stronger than a bull, stronger than a bear. Look at that chest. No animal has such large muscles. He is the strongest stallion I’ve seen in my life.” I assumed Ramon referred to Lucas as a stallion due to the massive cock that was obviously evident against the fabric of his pants while his muscles did a wonderful job holding the bull. “Look, Mai. Look how hard I am!” he said and flexed his other arm. “A bull can’t hurt me. I'm too strong. I feel as if I have grown even more. You look so tiny. Haha!” He set the bull down and let it go. Maite ran to him and he lifted her to press her against his muscles. She was about to cry and start hitting his immense chest while Lucas was laughing. She stops and started groping his chest feeling how strong he was. “Aw... Luki... your body is so dense.” “Do you like my chest...?” Lucas had just become bigger, more muscular and taller right in front of our eyes. His body looked like it was carved in stone and his muscles glowed harder than granite. It was an even more impressive version of himself, stronger and with an even bigger chest, even wider shoulders. That afternoon, Maite received a call from the laboratory. She had an opportunity to participate in a conference in Córdoba. In an hour she grabbed her stuff and returned to Buenos Aires. Lucas and I would stay two more weeks. It would be enough for him to finish his thesis. Before she got into the car he picked her up and she buried her face between his huge pecs, stroked him with her hands, touching all those immense muscles that Lucas had and told him that she was going to miss him. She left and Lucas stood there waving his immense hand and arm saying the sexiest goodbye I’ve ever seen. The idea of me staying alone with Lucas bounced in my head like a ball. Lucas was a quiet man and I had never seen him angry but it was one thing to be with my friend and his boyfriend and another to be alone with Lucas. If a man who was as immense and strong as he got angry, what could I do? The heat rose a few degrees and the days became more beautiful. Lucas had settled in the study and me in the dining room. Everyone was involved in their own things. He in his studies and I in my books. Unfortunately, as soon as I would start reading my imagination would quickly leave what I was reading to think once more about the huge muscular chest of Lucas, his impossible strength, and how hard his body was. One morning I got up earlier than usual and saw Lucas heading out. “Are you going to run?” I asked. He was in his usual clothing, only shorts and some shoes. “I'm training early.” ”Would it bother you if I go with you!? I could use a little training.” “Sure, that would be great!” We headed out running. The feeling I had was strange. At my side I had a giant, ultra-muscular and strong as five tanks, and yet at the same time I felt as he considered me an equal, that for him we were just two men running in the morning. We talked about several things. Lucas was a kid like any other that weighed ten times as much as a normal man and his body was as perfect as a statue. He took me down through a path between the trees and told me he had been training there. When we arrived at a clearing he told me we could do some push-ups. He seemed to enjoy training with someone instead of doing it alone. We crouched down and began our push-ups. I got to 15 and dropped. But Lucas did not stop, even when he passed the 100. His arms were moving like pistons down and up at full speed. He got to 200. Since he didn’t stop I did 12 more. He reached 300. I tried 8 more and I died there. “Climb onto my back,” he said and I got on. “Lay down and hold on to my waist because I'm going to go very fast.” I leaned my face against his back covered with muscles. It was hard and soft at the same time, powerful as shit. Lucas started going down and up. He reached 1000 and stood up. “Tired?” I asked. “Nope. I don’t feel resistance. It's like moving my arms. I need more weight.” “Lucas, you did a thousand!” “Haha, yes I know. But what do you want? Look at the size of my muscles! Look at the arms I have,” he said and flexed both arms. "Any man with these muscles could do the same. I am too strong to do push-ups without resistance.” "I'm out of shape," I said without thinking, I still had not regained my breath. Lucas looked way down at me from his gigantic height. For him it was like looking a skinny toddler. “You should eat more and gain some muscle mass. How much do you weigh?” “I think 130 pounds …” “Really?!?! HAHA! ... you're very skinny …” Then he left in the direction of some trees and I followed him. His back was a wide mountain full of muscular valleys. He seemed like a walking robot. With so much muscle you would think it would make it difficult for him to move. He stopped and I saw the tree that he had cut down in one fell swoop was still there without being chopped up. “I thought Ramón had already cut the wood …” “I asked him not to do it ... it’s the best thing I found for me to train with.” And having said that, he grabbed the trunk and lifted it up on his shoulders to do some squats. He completed 1000 and with each one his legs swelled more and more. When he finished they seemed to have pumped up to twice their size. Without saying anything he started to raise and lower the trunk over his head to train shoulders ... you can imagine how many he did ... I could not believe it ... he was inflating in front of me with every movement he made. More and more muscles appeared in front of my eyes. When he finished training his shoulders he lowered the trunk in front of him and rowed it, the same number of times, with his back becoming wider with each repetition. Then he leaned back on another trunk and started training his immense pectorals... I could not believe what I was seeing ... his body was expanding, growing in front of me, his huge chest was getting stronger and harder ... after he had pumped his chest, it was time for his arms. Without waiting, for a minute he began to do biceps curls with the trunk ... “OMG!!...” “Haha! Impressed? I told you that I am too strong to train without something to give a good resistance ... my muscles need a lot of weight …” When he finished he dropped the trunk. His body had become larger, harder and brighter. His chest seemed to be carved in gold. Then we heard some barking in the distance. A herd of dogs came running through the gate. Ten huge, snarling dogs were barrelling toward us. I had never seen them and from the ferocity of their barking I guessed they were not from any neighboring field. The speed with which they ran towards us and their barking scared me. Suddenly I froze, running would have been the worst idea. The dogs surrounded us, growling and barking. Suddenly I felt the heart in my throat. Then I felt that I was rising. Lucas reached down and easily picked me up and held me in his arms. There I was just below his gigantic and hard chest. Supported by his powerful arms that could hold me without the least effort. "Easy," Lucas told me in a calm tone that accompanied all his immense muscles. A hard and powerful tone like his body. He pressed me to his chest and I could feel the heat and the strength of his muscles. Without thinking I put a hand on one of his incredible pectorals. It was an indescribable feeling. He held me in his arms while the dogs barked around far below. But for Lucas those dogs did not pose a threat. His gigantic body was so big and tall that the dogs could not get much past his knees even if they jumped. A truck passed through the gate and the dogs turned around and left us behind. Lucas stared at them with me in his arms. It was as if I had forgotten that he was carrying me. “They're already gone.” “I hate dogs,” I said. Lucas smiled down at me over his chest. “Do not be afraid. If I'm close, they can not do anything to you. I don’t think they would dare to attack someone as big and strong as me. “Thank you.” “It's nothing, kid.” “Kid?!” “Haha, sorry ... it’s just that to me you are very small ... I mean...look at me ... I can hold you in my arms and I can barely see you under my huge chest … “You don’t even get tired, do you?” “Nope, and after pressing that tree I'm all pumped and hard. Look,” he said as he held me with one hand and flexed the other arm close to my face. “Look at the size of my biceps. It is bigger than your head! Touch it! You see? It’s so hard, like a rock... press hard.” “Wow …” “Press hard, try to dent my muscles …” “I'm squeezing with all my strength!” “Haha really? I don’t feel anything... When I train with so much weight afterward it's hard for me to move.” “Your body is incredible …” “What is what impresses you most about my body?” “I don’t know ... everything! ... the size of your muscles ... the strength you have ... your chest …” “And as you saw, how after training with serious weight ... I get much bigger …” “Lucas, you just pressed a tree …” “Haha, that's nothing, little man. I can lift much more ... and then I get huge ... you couldn’t even imagine the size of my chest then ... you would go crazy …” “I would like to see it…” “I have two workouts left just like this one ... but tomorrow I want to train really hard ... if you want you can come with me and I’ll show you the size of my muscles when I lift heavy ... The next day I followed Lucas through the woods again ... we reached the edge of the field where we had demolished an old shed some time ago. It had been built by taking advantage of some huge rocks that formed a small cave. Now there were only remnants of all that and in the center as if a huge rock that had been left it there. Lucas went straight to it. It was so big it looked about twice the size of Lucas. It was too big ... the mere thought of it being raised up scared me. “Be careful, little man…” he said. Lucas reached down and opened his arms to cover the rock as much as possible. It was too big, he was not going to be able to lift it. Then, to my surprise, he moved it a little, picked it up just enough to grab it from a protruding piece. That was enough for him to get leverage. His arms exploded in size from the second by the effort, it was as if they multiplied by two and then his shoulders did the same. He had to make an effort, for the first time since we got to the countryside I saw that he was making an effort with that incredible body he had. He picked up the boulder and held it above his head. And he started lifting it! He did the same exercises as with the trunk, only he did less reps due to the heavier weight. You could tell that it was hard for him, that he sometimes lost his balance and had to adjust. But each time he pressed the rock his body responded, growing bigger, taller, stronger and shimmering as a result of his perspiration. When he finished and dropped the rock he was no longer the same man. His body was simply from another dimension. He slowly approached me and stood a few steps ahead, watching me from the over the top of the shelf of his incredible chest that jutted like two mountains. “Haha! Wassup, little man? What do you think of the muscles I have now?” He said as he flexed both arms. “OMG!!!!...” “Haha, impressed? Do you want to see how hard my muscles are now?” He lifted me with one hand and flexed the other arm in my face again. “Feel my muscles…” It was much harder than yesterday … “God, Lucas ... your body is so impressive ... you are super hard …” “Haha, I know ... you do not know how turned on Maite gets when I train like this ... she goes crazy …” “I imagine…” “Look ... touch my chest …” The very idea left me paralyzed and I barely dared to place both hands on his pecs.” “Come on, little man, do it like a man! Don’t be a wimp! “It’s awesome…” “Hit my muscles…” “What?!” “Hit me in the chest ... come on..” “Are you sure?” “Do it! ... do you think you're going to do something being as tiny as you are ... don’t you see the size of my muscles? Come on, hit my huge chest …” I hit him ... it was like hitting a wall. “Harder...” I hit him harder. “Haha, come on, harder!... hit this man's chest …” I tried one more time and I hurt my hand. Without thinking I leaned against his chest to rest. “Haha, is that all, little man? I told you I'm too strong …” “Sorry…” “Haha, you can touch my muscles if you want …” “Let me down please,” I asked him, I was shaking. ... That night I cooked an impossible amount of meat for Lucas to eat. When we finished eating he sat on a double chair and I sat on the other. “Isn’t annoying to be so big?” I asked. “I mean, everything is now too small for you.” “Do you think I'm too big?” “You are huge.” “Haha, yeah, I love it ... I love having all these huge muscles and being all hard ... and having the strength that I have is surreal ... girls go crazy when they see me ... they are already impressed when they see me with a T-shirt ... but when I take it off they go fucking crazy ... they want to touch my chest ... and after five minutes they start sucking all my muscles ... it's crazy ... I'm getting more muscular …” “I-…” “Haha, you were speechless ... yes, little man, I'm immense but I'm still getting bigger … in a few months you will not even reach my knees! ... imagine how huge I am going to be then…” As we talked he began to grope his cock through his trousers. Under the cloth I could see the anaconda that was growing … "Besides, that’s not the only part of me that is getting bigger ... I bet you never saw a cock this size," he said and pulled out his cock. It was immense. Massive. Gigantic. Longer than my leg and wider. “Haha, impressed? I love that it’s so huge …” And he began to jerk it off from top to bottom, slowly, with one hand while with the other he felt up his immense and hard chest. Without thinking I pulled my cock and started jerking off like him, looking at his immense and muscular body and his gigantic cock. “Haha, so you like men ... come here, little man... stand up …” I stood in front of his cock that now reached up to my forehead, It was so huge… “Haha, even my cock is taller than you …” I grabbed it with both hands ... it was as thick as a leg ... it was hard and hot. Lucas touched his muscles and licked his biceps. “Lucas, you're so huge ... I've never seen a bigger man in my life …” “Come here, little fag ... touch my chest…” I started to massage him and then began licking his huge pecs. “Haha, what a homo you are ... so you like the muscles that I have ... I knew you were a homo from how you looked at my muscles ... I can tell you were desperate to touch me ... enjoy my body, little homo... touch these muscles that I have ... feel this immense man…” Then he got up and took me to the room. He threw me on the bed and stood towering in front of me with his cock pointed at my mouth. “Well, little man, this is your chance ... haha... this giant man is going to fuck you... never in your fucking life will you be able to touch a body as muscular as mine ... open your mouth, try to take my cock. .. haha, you're so fucking tiny ... look at the size of my cock ... I'm might break your jaw...come on!”, I opened bigger. “It’s so fucking big it might kill you ... haha... look how big my muscles are …” He then ripped my clothes off and laughed, “Haha... you are so skinny ... little man… puny man ... look at the difference of our arms ... you have no chest … … my arms might be bigger than your chest! … look up at the chest of a real man, little fag ... touch my pecs... feel my muscles …” He spoke as he pressed me against his enormous body while looking at the wall mirror. “Haha, look how hard I am …” It was like he was using my body as a sponge to clean his immense muscles, rubbing me all over himself. “You're just a tiny, little homo... I could crush you just by pressing you against my body ... I hope you're thirsty to drink all my cum…” And that was the last thing I heard. He lowered me down and pressed my mouth against his huge cock and came. The last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was his giant chest getting even bigger....
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