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  1. LionBUff

    m/m The Bull's Bucket

    The Bull's Bucket The sun was rising over Mathew Acres farm as John, a shy and slim 20 year old horse, walked up to the barn for his first day of work. John had been hired to go into the farm every morning at sunrise and milk a bull named “Fulbon.” John had no idea how you could even milk a bull, but he was told the instructions were in the barn. All he knows for a fact is that he was told to wear clothes that can get messy, because it was a messy job. He knew he would be working in a barn, so he expected the standard barn mess, but he wondered why the messy part was pointed out. He assumed the farmer was just being cautious and continued walking to the barn. The barn was an average looking barn, basically what you imagine when you hear the word, but the smell was a bit different. It didn't smell like a barn… it smelled like a gym locker room. He smelled the same musky manly smell he used to smell in the high school locker room. Every time the wind blew, his nose felt like it was dug deep in football uniforms. The smell of musk got stronger as John opened the barn doors. On the left was a door labeled “closet” with a row of large stables next to it. He noticed one stable had leather hanging from it, the leather looked like the arm assist used in a gym to hold your arms as you did pull ups. On the right was another set of stalls the same size as the ones on the left. Only the right stalls had no leather hanging down. It was only the one stall on the left that had the arm rests. John walked in and looked for the stall labeled “Fulbon.” The stall he was looking for was the stall with the arm rest hanging down. The leather arm rests hung about ¼ of the way from the roof of the barn to the floor. He wondered why they were there as he walked up to the stall. The bull was sleeping in the right corner under a large black comforter type blanket found on the top of beds in hotels. The blanket was bulky and covered the bull’s body well. As John approached the door of the stall, he noticed a defining curve in the center of the bull’s body curving up out of the blanket. John assumed this was a casual pillow or awkward fold in the blanket. John looked around the barn and couldn’t find any clue as to what to do. He leaned over the stall door and looked for some sign of instructions. As he leaned in, the door moved an inch forward quickly and loudly. The bull under the blanket woke up to the banging door. John stepped back, worried about what the bull would say. “Are you the new milker,” the bull asked in an intimidating voice filled with frustration. John quietly nooded. “Thank GOD!” the bull smiled and said “the last one was terrible!” “I’m sorry about that,” John said, being polite. “He would always jerk me around like I did something to him... he just wanted to finish and go. Jokes on him though I never gave him all I could anyway.” John stared at Fulbon. “You,” he asked him. Fulbon raised his eyebrow to John and asked him “what did you think you were doing here?” “I thought I would be looking for a bull named Filbon who was going to help me with the milking, maybe he would relax the cows I was milking, I’m not sure.” Fulbon moved the blanket off of himself and stood up. “You’re milking me,” Fulbon said. John looked down at the bull’s male parts that created the bulge he thought was a wrinkle in the blanket. The testicals hung down just above his knees like ripe fruit from a tree, the shaft of the bull looked like a tree limb curving out of his body and down with a head just above where the balls hung. “What?” John knew what the bull said, but internally he wanted the bull to say he was kidding. “Every day I need my seed to be drained so that the seed I make stays as fresh as possible. I need someone to make sure everything is flowing smoothly and to make sure they get everything they can.” John stood there and felt a small blush of excitement. The bull’s male parts looked extremely smooth and soothing, and he could already imagine the wet girth in his hands. “You want me to make you cum,” John asked just to be sure the bull was being serious. “Until I tell you I’m dry, yes. Your job is to fill up the bucket until I tell you I’m all dried up.” John looked around for the bucket but didn’t see anything. “Check the closet,” Fulbon said as he stretched his body trying to wake himself up. John walked over to the closet door and opened it to see a normal looking closet of barn equipment. He looked around the closet until he saw the only bucket in the back corner, which looked like the white paint was peeling off. He grabbed it and walked back to Fulbon’s stall. “Is this it,” he asked. “The one soaked in dry seamen, yes” he told John. “This is all you,” John asked, fascinated that the bull in front of him could make that much liquid. “I’m impressed,” John said, opening the stall door. “It's what bulls do” Fulbon told him, shaking his balls around with his left hand. John set the bucket down in front of Fulbon and asked; ‘What now?” Fulbon put his elbows in the arm rest and flexed his cock to signal that it was time for the milking. John stared at Fulbon’s body, looking over his tone legs and stomach like an art exhibit. John got down on both knees to the side of the bull cock and grabbed it on the end. John started running his hands from the bottom of his cock to about half way, applying just enough pressure to make a soft sloping noise. “Not bad,” Fulbon told him. John smiled as he continued his rubbing motions. He stood there on his knees watching this beautiful cock spring to life in his hands. He could feel the blood dripping in through the thick tendons of Fulbon. For several moments John caressed the warm log in his hands, paying close attention to remain calm both internally and externally. Fulbon didn’t want to admit it this early, but he was honestly enjoying John’s hands. He felt his meat cramp up as John rubbed the bottom half of his cock with such gentleness that Fulbon felt like he was getting a special treatment. Fulbon wanted to mean, he wanted to let go of the pleasure building up in his voice. He also didn’t want John to hear the groans and get arrogant and change what he was doing. Before John came along, he was used to his cock being thrown around like a frisbee in the hands of his previous milker. The only reason he ever climaxed before was to give the milker something to work with. He gave the previous milker as little as possible to encourage the milker to quit. That tactic finally worked when John showed up. Now that John’s soothing hands were caring for his cock, Fulbon thought he would have a true climax today. He was willing to give John everything he could brew if John kept milking him like this. “How’s this,” John asked him without ever losing concentration. When Fulbon opened his mouth to talk, the moan he was holding back belted out all at once. John didn’t jump at all. John simply paused his caresing for a moment and looked up to ask “to much?” “Actually that’s perfect, I don’t remember the last time my shaft was loved by hands this gentle.” John looked back down at the meat in front of his face and said; “I just want you to spill as much seed as possible, and I want you to enjoy it too. Plus, I’m extracting your seed the same way I extract my own seed.” Fulbon laughed and asked “and how do you do that?” “I don’t force the seamen out… I rub myself calmly as I think about another man being in bed with me and the cum just naturally flows out.” Fulbon grinned and said; “Smart. I can see you have a lot of experience with tending to meat.” John tightened his grip but kept the same speed and said “I guess so. I’ve seen a million ways to tend to meat and i've tried them all… by myself at least. I’ve never laid down with anyone.” John felt a brief moment of jealousy and loneliness as he rubbed the bull’s meat. The first time he touched another man’s cock was for a job. He thought about what this meat in his hands would look like spread out on his bed. Fulbon could see the sinking spirits of John and felt bad for him. John was a decent guy who was hard working and knew how to operate another man’s machine. “I’ll tell you what,” Fulbon said. John slowed his rubbing down and looked up at Fulbon. “You’re a cool guy and you’ve never been with anyone else. I’ve been with countless lovers before, and all of them were too violent to enjoy or wouldn’t stop talking, usually both were true. Even outside this milking stand my lovers have been a pain to deal with. You’re the first one I’ve enjoyed… or even respected for that matter. If you tell the farmer you need to come back tonight to try milking me again, because you couldn’t get much out of me today, he’ll let you come back anytime after dark. Just warn him you’re coming so you don’t spook him and you can walk right up here. I’ll be waiting.” John blushed and asked “what about the milk from right now? Won’t he know you’ve already given me your milk today?” “Good point,” Fulbon answered. He then suggested “only fill it up a fraction of the way. Hand him the bucket of what I gave you and tell him this was everything, then say you want to try again at sunset.” “Good idea,” John said as he picked up his movements where he left off. He continued the same movements for a few more strokes then said “let’s try something else.” john took his hands off of the shaft stood up to stretch his legs and arms. As he did that, Fulbon stared at the horse who supprised him with how good he was at his new job. As Fulbon looked at John, he noticed a curve crawling down his left leg. Fulbon felt bad for John because he thought John was hard as a rock and secretly needed release. Fulbon didn’t know how to bring it up, but he didn;t want to be the only one enjoying himself. “Enjoying this,” he asked John. John continued stretching and said “Absolutely! I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet.” “I’m getting there. I takes bigger loads longer to come out.” John nodded in agreement and blushed again. Fulbon then looked back down at the curve in John’s pants and said “speaking of loads coming out, you can loosen up that grip on your pants. I actually find it hotter when the milker’s cock is out too. Plus it feels less awkward.” “You’re sure?” as much as John was enjoying it, he only saw this as a job, and was worried about looking unprofessional. “Don’t worry,” Fulbon assured him, “the farmer never comes up here during the milking, and no one else ever comes either. Until the farmer sees you with that bucket, he stays far away, he doesn't want to risk seeing the process. John trusted Fulbon’s words and took off his shirt. He threw the shirt to the back corner of the barn and took off his shoes and socks, throwing them in the same pile. “I’ve heard a lot about horses,” Fulbon said watching John unzip his pants. As the zipper slid down, John’s long bump in his pants grew a little longer, then popped out of the pant leg and straight out infront of him. “I want to see if it’s true!” “I’ll let you decide.” John put his pants in the same pile and turned back to Fulbon who was still as hard as he’s been all day. John slid the underwear down, kneeling as he did so. When the underwear was at his feet, John stood up and put his hands on either side of his hips. Fulbon knew John was no athlete, which was made obvious by his thin body, but Fulbon was still shocked to see that John's cock was only a few inches shorter with about the same girth. “It’s not true,” Fulbon sarcastically said. Before John could say anything back, Fulbon said “you’re even bigger than I expected. I’m really going to need a taste later.” “Don’t have to tell me twice,” John admitted. He got back down on his knees, but this time he was directly in front of the bull’s shaft. The tube in the center of the bull cock was staring him right in the face like a one eyed snake. John reached his arms out and grabbed one of Fulbon’s testicals in each hand. He played with the thick and round fruit of the bull and shoved his face into the round head. He stuck his tongue out inside of the cock and licked his innerer tube. Fulbon couldn’t help himself any more. This wasn’t just the first time this move was being done on him, but he was doing it so well too. Fulbon groaned and told John “I’m really close.” John didn’t say anything, mostly because his mouth was suffocated against a bull’s meat. John heard Fulbon, and started squeezing the seedful fruit harder. He tossed them around in his grip as if he were trying to shake something out of them. Thanks to his strong grip, John could feel the cramping in his testicles. The sensation of feeling a bull’s seamen about to erupt made him drip cum a little himself. His hands were nowhere near his own seed sack, yet his sperm were starting to swim out anyway. John, lost in the moment, pulled his mouth out of the cock tube and started licking the head like candy. John was still licking the head and teasing the balls when the first squirt hit him in the face. The small load of cum splattered on his right cheek. When John felt this, he moved to the side of Fulbon where he first started and continued using both hands to shake the bull’s fruit. This method produced a few squirts of pre into the bucket, but he knew this wasn’t all his balls were holding. John then experimented with a new strategy and treated Fulbon’s testicals like an udder and squeezed them up and down. One white river lasting two seconds gracefully fell into the bucket. John watched the stream as he squeezed Fulbon’s balls, hypnotized by the shiny and white flow coming out of the other end. John slowed his squeezing and paid close attention to the folds of skin and veins in his hands. This method released a few more rivers of seamen into the bucket. “Keep going!” Fulbon clenched his teeth and opened his legs, trying to get the biggest possible load he could make. “I can still feel more down there!” John kept his hands squeezing the bull’s testicals and moved his head up against the lower curve of the sack. He started licking the curves between the testicals and pressed his tongue in the valley between the two balls. Fulbon and his seamen both felt John’s tongue exploring the underside of his balls. The intense pleasure was enough to send his climax over the edge. Fulbon sprayed a highly pressured stream with more force than his other two cum rivers combined. The white waterfall made a straight line with no slack directly into the bucket. He stood there and sprayed like a can of violent silly string. This agressive ejeculation lasted for a little over a minute. The entire minute, John was underneath Fulbon stimulating the seed as much as he could. The cum river faded into a few drops as the remaining sperm dripped out of his cock. Finally, he couldn’t feel any more milk in his sack. Fulbon looked down to see the bucket of his milk only centimeters away from the top. “I’m done,” Fulbon told John. John got out from under Fulbon’s testicals and looked at the nearly full bucket. The site of the collection of cum made John dump a few loads of cum himself. The site of another man’s seed made his seed want a taste.
  2. LionBUff

    m/m Gaston’s lesson

    Gaston kicked down the doors to the Beast’s castle. He was here for one simple reason, to kill the Beast and hang his head above his fireplace. “Come out and FIGHT LIKE A MAN,” Gaston roared. Gaston pulled out his gun and began scanning the giant castle. He ran up the stairs, stomping like a drunk horse, and ran into the west wing. Gaston had never been in the castle to know the significance of the west wing, but what he did know was that he had a strong feeling inside of him to head in that direction. As he walked towards the direction of the Beast’s bedroom, he began to smell an overpowering stench that smelled like an old bard that had never been cleaned. “I thought they called you a Beast,” Gaston taunted in a low, slow, and deep voice. “All I smell is a coward.” Gaston approached the doors of the Beast’s room, slowly and carefully. He never loosened his grip on his weapon as he approached the giant doors. He was careful not to make any noise. He wanted the Beast to be surprised by his attack. Gaston walked up to the doors and twisted the knob expecting it to open. However, the Beast’s room was locked. Gaston had an idea and walked over to the left side of the hallway. He took a deep breath, building up energy in his lungs and vocal cords, then screamed; “IF YOU DON’T OPEN THOSE DOORS I’LL KICK THEM DOWN MYSELF! I CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR FROM A MILE AWAY! I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!” Gaston hopped that the Beast would come out, and he would shoot him the second his head was in view. Gaston waited for any sign of life. A noise... a movement... anything. For five minutes, Gaston stood there. After what felt like an hour, Gaston heard faint but powerful footsteps approach the doors. BAAM! The doors flew open so fast that they almost fell off the hinges. When the doors opened, the Beast marched into the hallway and right into Gaston’s view. The Beast was still wearing his night clothes, no shirt and a large pair of loose fitting pants. The Beast was facing the hallway, scanning for his taunter, and didn’t see Gaston behind him. Gaston made no hesitation. As soon as the Beast was in view, he fired his gun. His aim was famous for being perfect every time. He shot the Beast’s back exactly in the center. To Gaston’s surprise, the bullet bounced right off. This made no sense to him, because his furry skin was perfectly exposed. Yet, somehow, it didn’t even break the first layer of skin. In a panic, Gaston fired his gun until he was out of bullets. The Beast simply stood there and waited for the gunfire to stop. Every single bullet bounced off his manly body. When Gaston ran out of bullets, the Beast turned his head around to face Gaston. He locked eyes with Gaston and smiled like a king who just found out he won a war. “My muscles are thicker than any metal you’ve ever seen,” The Beast spoke in a rumbly voice. As he spoke, saliva sprayed out of his mouth and all over Gaston’s body. It was at this moment that gaston realized just how overgrown the Beast’s body was. He was 12 feet tall. Every muscle bulged out… a lot. His neck was thicker than Gaston’s arm. His arms were thicker than Gaston’s entire body. His ass cheeks were more round than the wheels of a horse carriage. The Beast looked stronger than 1,000,000 stallions combined. Even the smallest muscles on his body were 50 times bigger than it would be on a normal human. “I’m sorry,” Gaston said as he began to cry. Gaston, the bravest man in town, was filled with fear. He knew the Beast could swallow him whole without any real effort. Gaston dropped the gun and put his hands behind his head. The Beast walked over to gaston and kicked the gun behind him, causing it to slide so far that it was almost out of sight. Once the gun was out of the way, the Beast sniffed Gaston like a drug dog sniffs out a suspicious bag. Gaston stood there waiting for the Beast to attack. Insted the Beast inhaled every scent Gaston produced. His musk, sweat, fear, everything. “I would eat you,” the Beast whispered to Gaston, “But I can’t remember the last time I could ‘relieve stress’ with another human.” Gaston was clueless about what the Beast meant for a few seconds. His confusion ended when he saw the Beast’s python in his pants rip it’s way out effortlessly. The Beast’s veiny rocket shot out of those paints like an actual rocket bursting through the clouds. Gaston couldn't help getting hard himself. He was perfectly straight… as far as he knew… but watching the Beast’s horny body tear through his pants like they were warm butter made him have second thoughts. Sadly, Gaston’s meat was nowhere near strong enough to tear through his pants. Gaston immediately felt more inferior than he ever had in his life when he realized this fact. “Go easy,” Gaston choked out of his anxious body. Gaston watched in horror as the Beast pole of flesh kept growing and growing like a wildfire. Tearing through those pants was only the beginning of the Beast’s sexual nightmare. “Why?” After the Beast asked this question to Gaston, he laughed, then threw Gaston on his shoulder like he was a bag of potatoes. Gaston was almost 300 pounds of muscle, but the Beast lifted him with one arm and carried him like he was 3 pounds. The more Gaston rode on the Beast solid shoulder, the more he thought about the Beast’s… beast, and how incredibly painful this will be. The cock he just saw tear a pair of pants off was wider than an actual tree trunk, and probably harder too. Gaston realized it would be easier to shove an actual tree up his body than to mate with the throbbing creature between the legs of this monster. After Gaston helplessly waited for his fate… the Beast unexpectedly threw Gaston onto his bed. Gaston’s body landed face down on the bed, causing Gaston’s head to slam into the pillow. The exact second gaston’s nosed touched the pillow, his nosed was filled with musk. The Beast didn’t just have musk on him… the Beast could sell his sweat as a cologne. Gaston layed there, worried that the Beast would mistake any movement for resistance. The Beast put both enormous paws on either side of Gaston’s waist and gripped the top of his pants. The Beast pulled his arms away and shredded Gaston’s pants into two pieces. Gaston couldn’t see it, but the Beast shoved both halves of the ripped pants into his gaping mouth and swallowed them like a tiny pill. Now that his pants were out of the way, the Beast stared at his prize. Gaston’s cheeks were used to him running around all day, so they were very sturdy and plump. As the Beast admired his muscular mating partner, he couldn’t help but notice how tiny Gaston’s hole was. The opening to his body was a lot smaller than the Beast expected. Gaston’s back entrance looked like it had never been used before. The Beast grinned, knowing how tight the grip would be. The Beast decided it was time to get serious. He grabbed Gaston’s ankles on either side of his body us used his triceps to pull Gaston’s virgin hole to the Beast’s waist. The Beast began their night together by teasing Gaston. As he pulled the quivering body of his partner to his anxious body, The Beast put his rod inside of Gaston’s cheeks. Gaston moaned as his ass was wedged apart by a Humpback Whale of manhood. It felt like the Beast was pushing his glutes into his hips. The muscles tried to contract back into position, but the devilish dick sprouting out of the Beast wouldn’t let that happen. The Beast slowly and calmly thrusted back and forth, numbing the bottom half of Gaston’s body. The veins below his stomach where pinched closed under the weight of this beam of passionate testosterone. Gaston knew that the Beast was being generous by numbing his body before he became the Beast’s dumping zone of pimped up sperm. As the beast rubbed his pounding creature inside the valley of Gaston’s gorgeous ass, he felt his lust build. He felt the temperature in his fruitful testicals rise. He felt like he was brewing a piping hot soup inside of his hairy sacks. His balls filled with liquid like a glass at a party. The sperm were ready to breed. His liquid was ready to erupt. The beast loved being warmed up by Gaston’s glutes, but he knew he didn’t want to get his inevitable explosion all over his room. His castle was in ruins, but spraying the walls with his cum wasn;t going to make anything better. Part 2 After the Beast warmed his cock, as if he were preheating an oven, he pulled himself out of the valley of Gaston’s ass and put his giant head at the entrance of Gaston’s body. The girth of the Beast’s pink and plump head barely fit into the first 4 inches. Gaston had never taken a cock before, he was always the one giving it. This meant his body was far from ready for the equipment poking him. The beast knew this. He knew Gaston wasn't ready to take him… and he loved it. The anticipation to hear this arrogant prick beg for mercy made the beast throb even harder. The Beast looked into Gaston’s eyes. Gaston was tearing up like onion juice was thrown at his face. His mouth quivered like he was in the arctic in his underwear. Gaston begged the Beast to go easy. Gaston’s cries excited him. The Beast felt his meat grow harder and meaner. Gaston moaned, acknowledging the beast’s growing excitement. The Beast watched Gaston cry every last tear he had for a few minutes, allowing Gaston’s begging to excite him as much as possible. For 5 minutes, the Beast grew and grew. Without any warning, the Beast gripped onto Gaston’s hips. He grabbed Gaston’s hips, then jerked them into his body forcing every last inch of his enormously long and wide staff up Gaston. Gaston’s abs disappeared into a tall, round bulge. Gaston instantly looked like he was carrying an entire pack of cubs in his gut in a fraction of a second. The veins on the Beast’s shaft outlined Gaston’s stretching torso. The Plu,p head poked out of Gaston’s chest like his heart was trying to escape. The Beast felt Gaston’s prostate shatter like a tiny teacup. The violent impact turned his pelvis into a jigsaw puzzle. His spine was pushed out of the way with no resistance. Gaston’s intestines were mashed into jelly. The veiny monster invading Gaston’s interiors destroyed everything it rammed into with ease. Gaston was now nothing but the Beast’s toy. The violent contact between Gaston and his dominating mating partner created a defining SLOSH that shook the castle. Gatson tried to scream. He tried to tell his new master that he had had enough. However, all Gaston could let out was a simple moan. The only noise he was able to produce were moans. He tried moving his mouth. Over and over, he tried to at least say the word “enough,” or ‘I surrender,” anything. Nothing worked. For 20 minutes, Gaston moaned almost endlessly. Only sometimes did he stop to catch his breath. The Beast ignored all of Gaston’s noises. Gaston’s whimpering meant nothing to him. He just kept pleasuring his cock, a stalious machine of meat that never had any contact but his right hand and the occasional bed sheet until now. The Beast took his time to enjoy all of Gaston’s internal organs rubbing against his cock. Gaston’s body desperately tried to push the invading unit out of his body… but those unsuccessful attempts only made the experience more enjoyable for the horny creature. No matter what Gaston did, the Beast kept humping up and down. The skin around Gaston’s torso were stretched in and out like pizza dough. For the entire 20 minutes of pleasure, the Beast did everything he could to keep his milk in the tanks. He tried slowing down, he tried thinking about something else besides Gaston's hot body gripping his cock, but nothing was working. Finally, the Beast surrendered to his lust. The first few quarts of pre streamed out filling Gaston’s stomach. The first load stretched his lower torso up a few inches. His skin grew a few shades whiter around the dumping zone. The second load was 10 times bigger and faster. This load bulged Gaston’s body up so far that the Beast lost side of Gaston’s face. Gaston went into a short cough attack, coughing up a small fraction of the sperm inside of him. The beast pulled Gaston’s waist as close to his body as he possibly could, bracing for the last load. The Beast’s testicals gurgeled like an empty stomach. The muscles surrounding his hairy tubs of milk cramped. The Beast leaned his head back and took a deep breath. He knew this next release would be painful, even for him. The beast pulled back, and pushed his way into a gaping tunnel already lubricated from the previous loads. 12 gallons of piping hot liquid jet streamed out of the Beast body and into Gaston’s helpless figure already bulging out like a water balloon. The pressure behind the Beast’s cum dumping was so great that the Beast felt like all the water in the world was being funneled through his meat at the same time. The muscles in his testicals contracted so quickly that the Beast thought it would have been less painful to have them cut off completely. Gaston’s mind almost shut off completely as his body expanded into a giant white blob. All of Gaston’s blood vessels were transporting nothing but the Beast’s fish. Gaston’s body weight was 95% the Beast’s seed. Every cell in his body was touched by the Beast’s army of sperm. Gaston lost control of all movement. When he cried in pain, his tears were just the Beast’s cum flowing out of his eyes. Gaston began to vomit uncontrollably. His mouth spewed the Beast’s sperm all over the bed next to him. Gaston’s body did everything it could to lighten the load. He even started spewing the Beast’s DNA out of his own cock. Part 2 After the Beast warmed his cock, as if he were preheating an oven, he pulled himself out of the valley of Gaston’s ass and put his giant head at the entrance of Gaston’s body. The girth of the Beast’s pink and plump head barely fit into the first 4 inches. Gaston had never taken a cock before, he was always the one giving it. This meant his body was far from ready for the equipment poking him. The beast knew this. He knew Gaston wasn't ready to take him… and he loved it. The anticipation to hear this arrogant prick beg for mercy made the beast throb even harder. The Beast looked into Gaston’s eyes. Gaston was tearing up like onion juice was thrown at his face. His mouth quivered like he was in the arctic in his underwear. Gaston begged the Beast to go easy. Gaston’s cries did nothing but excite him. The Beast felt his meat grow harder and meaner. Gaston moaned, acknowledging the beast’s growing excitement. The Beast watched Gaston cry every last tear he had for a few minutes, allowing Gaston’s begging to excite him as much as possible. For 5 minutes, the Beast grew and grew. Suddenly without any warning, the Beast gripped Gaston’s hips. He grabbed Gaston’s hips, then jerked them into his body, forcing every last inch of his enormously long and wide staff up Gaston. Gaston’s abs disappeared into a tall, round bulge. Gaston instantly looked like he was carrying an entire pack of cubs in his gut in a fraction of a second. The veins on the Beast’s shaft outlined Gaston’s stretching torso. The Plu,p head poked out of Gaston’s chest like his heart was trying to escape. The Beast felt Gaston’s prostate shatter like a tiny teacup. The violent impact turned his pelvis into a jigsaw puzzle of broken pieces. His spine was pushed out of the way with no resistance. Gaston’s intestines were mashed into jelly. The veiny monster invading Gaston’s interiors destroyed everything it rammed into with ease. The violent contact between Gaston and his dominating mating partner created a defining SLOSH that shook the castle. Gatson tried to scream. He tried to tell his new master that he had had enough. However, all Gaston could let out was a simple moan. The only noise he was able to produce were moans. He tried moving his mouth. Over and over, he tried to at least say the word “enough,” or ‘I surrender,” anything. Nothing worked. For 20 minutes, Gaston moaned almost endlessly. Only sometimes did he stop to catch his breath. The Beast ignored all of Gaston’s noises. Gaston’s whimpering meant nothing to him. He just kept pleasuring his cock, a stalious machine of meat that never had any contact but his right paw and the occasional bed sheet until now. The Beast took his time to enjoy all of Gaston’s internal organs rubbing against his cock. Gaston’s body desperately tried to push the invading unit out of his body… but those unsuccessful attempts only made the experience more enjoyable for the horny creature. No matter what Gaston did, the Beast kept humping up and down. The skin around Gaston’s torso was stretched in and out like pizza dough. For the entire 20 minutes of pleasure, the Beast did everything he could to keep his milk in his tanks. He tried slowing down, he tried thinking about something else besides Gaston's hot body gripping his cock, but nothing was working. Finally, the Beast surrendered to his lust. The first few quarts of pre streamed out filling Gaston’s stomach. The first load stretched his lower torso up a few inches. His skin grew a few shades whiter around the dumping zone. The second load was 10 times bigger and faster. This load bulged Gaston’s body up so far that the Beast lost site of Gaston’s face. Gaston went into a short cough attack, coughing up a small fraction of the sperm inside his body. Then, the beast pulled Gaston’s waist as close to his body as he possibly could, bracing for the last load. The Beast’s testicals gurgeled like an empty stomach. The muscles surrounding his hairy tubs of milk cramped. The Beast leaned his head back and took a deep breath. He knew this next release would be painful, even for him. The beast pulled back, and pushed his way into a gaping tunnel already lubricated from the previous loads. 12 gallons of piping hot liquid jet streamed out of the Beast body and into Gaston’s helpless figure already bulging out like a water balloon. The pressure behind the Beast’s cum dumping was so great that the Beast felt like all the water in the world was being funneled through his meat at the same time. The muscles in his testicals contracted so quickly that the Beast thought it would have been less painful to cut off completely. Gaston’s mind almost shut off completely as his body expanded into a giant white blob. All of Gaston’s blood vessels were transporting nothing but the Beast’s fresh DNA. Gaston’s body weight was now 95% the Beast’s seed. Every cell in his body was touched by the Beast’s army of sperm. Gaston lost control of all movement. When he cried in pain, his tears were just the Beast’s cum flowing out of his eyes. Gaston began to vomit uncontrollably. His mouth spewed the Beast’s sperm all over the bed next to him. Gaston’s body did everything it could to lighten the load. He even started spewing the Beast’s DNA out of his own cock. Once Gaston’s body got rid of as much of the Beast’s seed as it could, Gaston fell asleep. His body was too exhausted from being bred by a passionate monster to stay awake for another second. The Beast was extremely tired too, but he still had enough energy to stay awake for a few more minutes. The Beast considered dumping Gaston out the window and forgetting he existed at all. However, something told him to calm down. Something Told him to spare Gaston. Something told him that Gaston was more than an object to pleasure his lonely cock with. Instead of tossing Gaston’s well bred and well stuffed body out the window, he moved it over to the left side of the bed. The exhausted Beast layed down on the right side of the bed. The Beast wrapped Gaston’s plump and warm body inside of his arms and legs. The Beast gripped Gaston’s warm body like a new body pillow and drifted to sleep.
  3. I haven't posted a story for a 3 years if my memory is correct. "Synergy" was the last, and before that "The Impossible Discovery." But, I've started writing again and I hope you enjoy the new adventure. I have set the type color to White (I use the dark background option for the site) but if you have trouble reading it due to type color, sent me a PM. I've had trouble with this before and will work on fixing it if needed. Feedback makes me hard - as long as it's somewhat positive. ? Enjoy My grandpa died recently. He was the most brilliant man I had ever heard of. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics twice and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry once. How does a person do that? I guess that was 6 months ago now. I’m starting to lose track of time as I think back of what my life was before. Sometimes it feels like 2 years, sometimes like 2 weeks. Things are getting fuzzy. When it comes down to it, the first 23 years of my life have been pretty good. I have smarts – I’m no brain trust, but I’m sharp and witty enough. I’m shorter than I’d like to be at 5’ 7’ but it could be worse. People have told me my entire life that I am cute, adorable, etc. I guess I’m OK. I have sharp elf-like features I’ve been told – maybe a bit of Scandinavian mixed with Eastern European – like some Lord of the Rings citizen of Lothlorian, but shorter and more tan. I should get one of those ancestry kits and see what I’m made of. Anyway, ya, I guess I’m cute’ish. Nothing of global significance, but if I were found in a small pond, I’d be attractive. And I’ve been able to stay thin and lean after high school and college. I can’t put on a pound of muscle to save my life, and I have tried. But, I do have a nice high tight round ass, a decent 7” cock when I get really excited, and low enough body fat to have 6 noticeable abs and squared off – if mostly flat – pecs. I wear fitted clothes easily. But enough about me for now. So back to my grandpa and looking back on how this all began for me – he was, no joke, the smartest man on this planet. I idolized him. I still do. Grandma is still alive, barely, and I love her as much as I loved him. She supported him always and never waivered from his side. A few hours after grandpa’s funeral, my grandma delivered a box to me at my small apartment, smaller than a shoebox. I was so sad to loose him. I was devastated. But she grabbed my hand and said, “Trevor, he really wanted you to have this. I don’t know what’s inside, but I think I know. He said it was his most valued possession, other than me.” She pushed the box into my chest, surprising me with her sharp shove. “I need to go take a nap, Trevor. It’s been such a long day.” The funeral had been just a few hours ago after all. “He told me to tell you to read the note first and wait a while to open the rest of the gift.” I watched her waddle away, my nan. What a tough woman to have balanced a force like my granddad. She could hang with the best of ‘em. I looked at the box and decided that I would open it after a well-deserved nap. I was exhausted. ********************************************************* Trevor woke up from his nap wondering whether it was after sunset or if it was the next day. His body stretched like a wakening feline. He could feel his lean body lengthening as he reached behind his head and grabbed the top of the headboard. Again the thought came to him – Is it morning or just a couple hours after going to sleep? He looked over at the clock. 7:59PM. Good. He hadn’t overslept into an entirely new day. There was the box. The box his grandfather left him just to the side of his clock. His curiosity got the best of him. “What would grandpa want to give me?” was the only thing he could think to himself. “Grandma seemed a bit – annoyed – about the whole thing,” he muttered under his breath. He unwound the tape that was holding the box closed and opened up the leaflets to what lay inside. “What the fuck is this then?” Trevor peered into the box and saw a small bottle made of clay. It was so nondescript he thought it looked like a kindergartener may have made it on Arts-and-Crafts Day. There were a few folded pieces of paper on the bottom of the box too. He grabbed the paper with his thick fingers (he did have big hands for his size which he always liked about himself) and started to read the words written on the page in an elegant fountain pen handwriting style. “Trevor, I miss you already. I miss your nan. I miss your brother and sisters. I miss your mother and your cousins. All of them. I need to give you something of great importance. When you read this letter, I want you to resist doing anything else afterward except to take a few hours and contemplate what I have written. That is all I can ask of you. My eldest grandchild, I wish you well. I wish you happiness. I wish your desires granted beyond your wildest dreams. Grandpa Wallace” There was a second sheet underneath, written in the same pen strokes. 1. Ask questions. Ask as many and as often as you need. 2. There are many rules. You will learn them as time goes on. 3. Attempt to anticipate consequences far beyond your normal understanding. 4. Maintain control of your emotions, wishes, desires. It will be difficult beyond any explanation I can give you. 5. Embrace who you are but do not lose sight of reality. 6. Help him go further than he could ever hope. It’s up to you now. That was the entire second page. Trevor sat on the bed wondering what the note meant. It was more than cryptic. It was confusing and frustrating. He remembered his grandmother just before she scurried out of the room telling him to “wait a while” before opening the rest of the gift and the note stating that he should “take a few hours and contemplate.” All Trevor saw was a small clay jar, misshapen, old, and ugly really. What did the words in the note mean? Ugh. He didn’t have much patience for this. But he trusted his grandpa and grandma more than just about anyone so he sat there quietly and alone with his thoughts. ****************************************************************************************** Dantalion waited patiently in his vessel. His consciousness swirled in a tight mist. This would be his 12thand final cycle. He knew that he was surely to be destroyed by one of his elder brothers during this binding. He thought back to the beginning when the djinn were created. They were governed by an immensely complex system of laws, regulations, and norms. Twelve of them had been created and now there were only three left. All of them had started on a quest to fill the Well of their power. Each of the twelve had their own Well. The first of the 12 to fill his Well would ascend to Godhood and then would have the power to crush the vessels of the remaining brothers, destroying them and snuffing them out of existence. The humans always considered the djinn to have godlike powers, but with their restrictions, they were more servants to their Bound and trapped in a labyrinth of regulation. He remembered with apathy his previous Bound. According to his personal opinion, the prior 11 were relatively weak men with little imagination. They all wanted power, control, money, or sex. There was nothing horribly creative about that and Dantalion was often bored. Unfortunately for the Bound, one of the laws was that a djinn could not change his physical self to be that of a woman. He was sure he would have spent his previous cycles in various female forms satisfying sexual urges otherwise. Not that sex with a woman was inherently unpleasant, but he knew that it would be one more thing to be bored by – acting out another fantasy without being able to enjoy it. After thousands of years, he was still a virgin, mostly because none of his previous Bound had granted him the ability to feel sex, feel what it was like, what the big deal was all about. He didn’t really care. Humans were so simple, really. Motivated by four or five base instincts. His 11thand most recent Bound wanted knowledge. He was a very measured, unique man, and never lost control. That was unfortunate for Dantalion. He was unable to extract much mana from him to fill his Well. He was attentive to the man but Wallace was so tight wound and controlled. He never let Dantalion really show the range of his power, not even the smallest iota. But Wallace had from the beginning stated he had mostly what he wanted in life. His desire was for knowledge. Apparently, the acquisition of three Nobel Prizes was good enough for the man. Dantalion would have rather ruled the world with him, but that was not his luck. Dantalion had no moral compass with regard to human interactions. He had always been there to fulfill the desires of his Bound – that was his purpose of existence – at least that is what they believed. He knew that it was far more than that. Three wishes would be offered a selected Bound. Those wishes would allow the potential companion to experience the galactic power of the djinn soon to be at his service. Then if the binding was accepted, and it always was, the ritual would begin and the two life-forces would be joined together. Once a Binding was complete, the djinn would wick a steady flow of mana from the desires and emotions of the Bound. As more wishes, desires, dreams were fulfilled – and with increased power used to fulfill them – the more mana would be wicked into the Well. The more intense the satisfaction of the Bound, the more desire an action of the djinn satisfied, the more mana would be drawn away. Dantalion had been woefully unlucky in his chance pairings with humans. But this was the first selected pairing. His 11thsuggested his grandson, Trevor, to be Dantalion’s 12thand last binding. All those before had been so selfish of their power over this djinn, they had hidden the vessel rather than pass it along to anyone else. This would be his last cycle. None of the brothers had filled the Well yet, but Bael and Asteroth were close, he could sense it. He knew that he was so far behind them in the fucked up game that they were a part of, he would never be able to catch up. He didn’t know how they had found such powerful Bound to link with in prior cycles, but Dantalion was resigned to being destroyed at some point in the next few years, if not sooner. He had been in existence for thousands of years, but now he was on borrowed time. All of these thoughts swirled in his mind as he realized that in a moment, he would meet his 12thand last Bound. It was a bittersweet feeling that he felt in his mind. He would do his duty, obey the law, fill his Well as best he could, and then await destruction. He knew that if he had not filled his Well by the end of the 12th cycle, he would just simply cease to exist. In 11 cycles, his Well was only half full. He would do his best, as always, but there was a sinking feeling deep inside of him. No time for that now. He needed to make a good impression to assure the new Bound would accept his offer. He quieted his mind and continued to swirl in his vessel. ****************************************************************************************** Trevor held the small clay blob in his hand. It was hollow from the lightness of it. There was a small hole in the top, which had been plugged with a stone and sealed with wax. He was confused. What was in there that was so special? Maybe the jar was some ancient relic of museum quality. Maybe there was nothing in there at all. He was curious though. Curious about why his grandfather would think of giving him this and why his grandma was so brusque about it. He got a knife from the kitchen and started whittling away at the wax. He needed to get that stone out. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a green gem set in the hole – a bit cloudy in its clarity, but still lustrous. He kept chipping away at the wax. Maybe he could sell the gem to a jeweler if anything. Finally, he was able to remove the stone. He shook the jar. Nothing inside. He was more confused now than ever. Sitting the jar down, he just shook his head. Weird. He was sitting on the edge of his bed and leaned back to stare at the ceiling. Dantalion emerged slowly from the jar in a wisp of whitish blue mist. He was tentative. He had met the man who would become his 12thBound before and knew that a brash show would just serve to frighten. He was calculated in his approach. The mist became more condensed. Dantalion began to speak softly, gently, and soothingly. “Trevor. Trevor. We need to talk.” Trevor heard his name and sat up with a start. He saw a man, thin, tall…familiar, forming I front of him. The mist increased in density. It almost appeared solid now. Before him stood his grandfather’s diligent and devoted assistant impeccably dressed in a dark suit, mid-twenties, thin, wearing stylish glasses in an attractive boy-next door way. What the fuck? “Trevor, we need to talk.” He soothingly spoke again as he became solid. Real. “What the fuck is this?” Trevor’s voice was shaking and had a terrified look in his eyes. “Trevor, I am here to bind with you like I did with your grandfather. I will satisfy every desire you have, within the confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at Dantalion with caution, like he was in the room with a hungry lion he did not want to offend. Trevor found shook his head and pinched his arm. He wasn’t dreaming apparently. “I know you. You’re my grandfather’s assistant, Dante. Wait, what do you mean ‘bind’ with me?” He had always thought of Dante as cute, maybe not as cute as him, but pleasant to look at. He’d look better with more muscle. “Have you heard of the djinn? Genies?” “The fuck you are!” Trevor spat out at the man he knew as Dante. “I was able to grant your grandfather’s greatest desires of knowledge. But he did not take full advantage of my capabilities. My power is without measure or your ability to comprehend. I can fulfill your wildest dreams, within confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at him apprehensively. “You keep saying ‘within the confines of djinn law’. What does that mean?” Dantalion/Dante approached the bed slowly as not to scare the human before him. He had this discussion with 11 men before, and was able to eventually get through their disbelief and explain himself. “I have immeasurable power to give what you desire, but there are regulations and laws that I must abide by…too many to discuss tonight. But I can answer any question that you have as they arise. For now, you can ask three wishes of me before you decide if you would like to bind to me.” The man stood there looking down on Trevor. His eyes, Trevor suddenly noticed, were red-orange like a fire, flickering as a small flame and deep as an endless pit. He felt as if the deep pools of dark flames were hypnotizing him as he stared at the djinn’s countenance. Of course he remembered that the djinn were fire spirits. At least that is what he knew from his college course on Mythology. “So I get three wishes to decide if I want to “bind” with you? We’ll talk about what that means soon I hope.” Trevor paused, “I admit I’m a bit confused.” “Make a wish. I need you to know what I can do for you.” Dantalion used his most soothing calm voice. But there was a pleading quality to it. Trevor couldn’t look away from Dantalion’s eyes. “I wish I had some coffee, black, 180 degrees, 16 ounces in a thermal cup.” A cup of coffee appeared on the bed stand, which Trevor picked up and sipped. It was amazingly perfect. “You can do better than that, Trevor.” Dantalion was a bit annoyed that his new master’s first wish was to make him an errand boy. He would definitely not put any mana into his Well with this sort of imagination. Trevor looked at the coffee. His mind started to run wild. He had imagined this type of power from 6 years old. Reading stories of Aladdin, or the short stories of Middle East philosophy, The Arabian Nights and others, he had been enamored of the idea. But to actually have it manifest in his bedroom was overwhelming. Trevor, for some reason, began to feel a bit aroused. What if this was real? Geez, he’d jacked off to the thought of having an all-powerful genie grant him three wishes. He thought he knew exactly what he would do back then, but most of them involved muscle and sex. His brow began to sweat. He started to feel his cock push against his dark slacks. He was still in his funeral attire. “God, I can’t believe this is happening to me. Today. Now.” But his mind continued to flit across the many dreams, wishes, hopes that he had banked in all 23 years of his life, most of those created with his right hand around his hard cock. He gulped and remembered the words written on the paper his grandfather left him ‘Ask questions.’ “Can you change your body? Can you change my body?” He could barely believe that is how the conversation started. There were certainly many more pressing things to ask. Dantalion took a step toward Trevor and said, “Yes” in a low grumbling tone. “But I cannot assume the form of a woman. It is against djinn law.” “Well, who said I wanted you to be a woman? That’s an odd assumption.” Trevor sat up straight and grabbed the warm coffee on the nightstand. “And you can change my body?” “Only in any way imaginable that you see fit…Master.” Dantalion knew he had to be careful here. Other djinn law forbade him to make himself or his Bound too conspicuous. That is how they had stayed hidden for centuries. “I can change your physical being into anything you can imagine, within the con…” “Ya, ‘within the confines of djinn law.’ I get it. But what does that mean?” Dantalion took one more step toward him. He looked his soon-to-be Bound in the eyes. He could feel the flames licking his eyelids. His weak, thin, form that he had been possessing in his previous cycle was so inadequate for what he needed to show the 12th. But he needed to be patient. “It means, ultimately, that as long as you do not draw too much attention to yourself, you don’t have limits. I don’t have limits. One of the primary laws states that undue attention should not be drawn to the djinn or his Bound. “ Trevor licked his lips and his mind switched gears instantly. “Ok. I wish that you would, without drawing too much attention, as this seems very problematic for you, put 5 million dollars into my bank account. It can be over as long as 6 months – as not to alarm anyone.” Dantalion turned away and rolled his eyes. “Yes, I can do that.” He realized that Trevor, his last Bound would be like all the others. Selfish, yes, he expected that…but also foolish, myopic, and infantile in the ability to understand what power they truly possessed when enlisting his services. He would be blotted out now, he was sure – his Well only half-full and that would be the end of his existence. “You can do that, Dante?” “I have started the process already. I have invested the sum of your meager savings account into stock that I will deftly control over the next 6 months, should I survive that long. You will have 5 million dollars in your investment account before the end of those 6 months.” Dantalion stood tall, still in the dark business suit he wore as Wallace’s assistant. Trevor looked a bit perplexed. He heard every word that Dante had said, but he also picked up on the “should I survive that long” part. He would ask about that later too. He started looking carefully at the djinn. He was so poised, confident but almost shy and thin in a healthy way. Maybe the word was ‘deferential.’ “Is this your true form?” Trevor looked into the eyes of his djinn. He knew that he would accept the binding. He could feel it inside of himself. His grandfather had bequeathed this gift to him. But he wanted to know a bit more – curiosity and all. “No, this is not my true form. I have two actually. The form of the mist and the form of physicality. The form of the mist is how I am able to reside in my vessel for thousands of years on end without outside interactions. It is a distillation of my consciousness. The form of physicality is my true form when I am extended out of my vessel. It is against djinn law to show you my physical form until we are bound.” “Do you have a sense of right and wrong? Standard philosophy or ethics? Things like that?” Dantalion took one more step toward the bed. He was nearly shin-to-shin with Trevor who had remained seated. “I do not have the ethics of a human. Because of that, I can serve every desire you may have. If you wish for me to pull the very continent of Atlantis from the bottom of the sea, I can do that, regardless of ethics, and in such a way that it would be explainable scientifically. I can crush all of the armies of the world in a matter of minutes and make it appear to be self-inflicted or one army pitted against another that could be explained.” Dantalion appeared to be getting excited just thinking about accomplishing these feats of wonder. He wantedto use his limitless power. “I do not have your morals. It allows me to fulfill your human desires whatever they may be. There are no judgments.” Dantalion spoke in a low rumbling purr. Trevor gulped as he stared into the eyes of the man he knew as Dante. His mouth was suddenly dry. The embers of Dantalion’s eyes licked his pupils and bore into the young man sitting before him. In his current form, he appeared to be near the same age. Trevor appeared maybe a bit more muscular. With Dante’s tailored well-fitted suit, he just looked very thin. His mind was racing, darting around to late night jack off sessions on the internet, a thousand morphed photos of different dream men he would love to fuck and be fucked by, stories of strength and muscle growth, and cock growth and …. Beads of sweat continued to form on his upper lip and forehead. His breath became shallow and ragged as his mind spun fantasy upon fantasy. His respectable 7” cock began to push against his well-fitted square cut briefs even more than before. He had imagined this moment in so many of his fantasies. For his third and final wish before accepting the binding, he wanted to know if it were true. Dantalion could not read the man’s mind but he felt that something was coming. Some powerful urge was rising. A heavy-weighted door was unlocking and creaking open in the deepest recesses of Trevor’s mind and Dantalion could see it on his face and see it in his cock. He felt that the next words that were spoken would determine that trajectory of his 12thand final binding. Somehow he just intuitively knew – this one would be different. Trevor hastily formed a wish and he knew it wasn’t going to be perfectly formed and he didn’t care. If Dante could make this come true, he would be able to bind with him and have endless wishes. “I wish that your body grew to 8 feet tall and that your arms became so large with dense, hard, striated muscle that they reached from floor to ceiling. Your skin so thin that a single sheet of paper would think it was too thick in comparison. These are 12-foot ceilings. You think you can do that, Dante?” He could feel his hard dick getting bigger and bigger, pulsing with unabashed curiosity and desire to see his third wish come true. Dante looked at Trevor with perplexity. None of his other Bound had asked him to demonstrate control over his own presentation unless it had been to terrify an enemy. Those before had wanted money, military defeats, the building of great structures…and more recently, knowledge. But this man was different. Something was very very unique as he looked in the man’s eyes and saw the man’s penis growing, throbbing, fighting with his trousers. “Curious,” he thought to himself. He nodded. “Yes, I can do that for you.” ****************************************************************************************** There was a pregnant pause between the two. Dantalion was attempting to read Trevor’s body language. He didn’t know the human well enough yet. “Would you like to instruct me on how to fulfill your wish, or would you like me to take…liberties?” Trevor’s breath caught in his throat. This was actually going to happen. “Can I instruct you for the beginning? Then maybe you can take ‘liberties.’” “You can do whatever you desire. I exist to serve you,” the genie rumbled. Dantalion and his deep flaming eyes looked down at Trevor on the bed. He sensed something close to supplication from the human, near worship. A pleading flicked across his face - A desire that Dantalion probed and where he found great depth. He, of course could not read the mind of the 12thunless granted access, but he could feel the edges of it with his expanded mind. Dantalion had been around humans for thousands of years and knew how to pick up on behaviors. The 12thwas seeping into the wildest recesses of his desires. Fuck, he could feel the energy building as Trevor contemplated how to begin. This one was so incredibly different, he repeated silently to himself. “I want to see you naked, first” Dantalion’s clothes vanished just as the last word left Trevor’s mouth. The djinn’s body was tight, thin, lean, and beautiful in a marathon runner sort of way. His skin the color of a summertime tan and his hair shortly cropped and a light sandy brown. “Over the course of 30 seconds, pleasegrow to 8 foot tall, same dimensions you have now.” Dantalion paused. He had rarely, maybe never, hear the word “please” when directed at him. Another something new. His naked thin body kept the same dimensions as before as he slowly expanded. He stopped thinking about what might be going on in Trevor’s head. He was in the middle of wish-granting and a djinn took that very seriously. He waited for his next command as he reached the 8-foot mark. Trevor, for all of his attempts to remain calm, looked at the tower of man in front of him and realized that this was all real and that his most depraved and wild fantasies could become flesh. His cock began to expel pre-cum into his trousers wicked away by his tight square cut briefs. Dantalion could smell something sweet. The beginnings of sex in the air. He had experienced that with previous Bound as they celebrated victories, defeats, destruction of enemies – but they had all been with harems of women, not directed toward him or when he was alone with his master. He was curious again. After thousands of years, he didn’t know curiosity would be so exhilarating. Trevor’s voice was again becoming ragged, shallow, pressured. He loved arms, he loved forearms, he love pecs, he loved lats and traps, he loved glutes (shit, he loved glutes), he loved quads and hamstrings, he loved delts, and he loved calves. He loved all muscle. He picked one of the many. “Please, increase your biceps and triceps to 30 inches around over the course of 30 seconds. The skin should remain thin and nothing thicker than single ply plastic cling film. And I want veins. Lots of veins on the surface to feed your growing muscles.” Trevor could barely breath. Did he just say that out loud to a stranger – even worse, his grandfather’s assistant now standing in front of him naked. Dantalion and his flame-licked eyes focused on Trevor’s face, on his erection pushing pre-spunk out in a slow stream, on the smell of need and desire in the air around them. He looked at his right arm then left and started growing them. He had never been asked for this expression of his own physicality. It was new and somehow excited him on a profound level. His biceps began to grow quickly and the skin covering his arms became somehow even thinner. Dantalion’s triceps quickly formed multiple bellies with striations so detailed, it appears that they were constructed of thousands of threads of fishing line, all writhing underneath the skin. Dante’s arms were stunning and perfectly symmetrical with a 30” exact diameter. They were the vision of pure raging power. But Trevor’s wish was just beginning. Ok, now to 80 inches in diameter,” he looked with a ravenous hunger at Dante’s arms. The djinn’s biceps grew and blossomed. Trevor, now standing up, reached to feel Dantalion’s growing arms and the djinn humbly leaned forward to allow him access to the change that was occurring. Trevor could feel the muscle fibers dividing quickly. It felt as if he had his hand over a steel morning-bloomed flower who’s petals keep unfurling over and over and over, cycle after cycle. Trevor peered at Dante’s right arm and saw skin so thin, he could actually see the beefy red muscle cells underneath. Veins as delicate as spider’s webs covered the blossoming biceps and triceps. Several thick radiator hose sized veins surfaced slowly, running along the top of the arms and the inside from the elbows to Dante’s armpits. Somehow, veins 3 inches in diameter seemed right…and HOT. “Now, I want to see those fucking arms to go from floor to ceiling,” he spoke softly and with a moan afterward. 10 seconds later and the arms of the god in front of him had grown to a size that Trevor had to back up and sit on his bed again. Dantalion’s arms had grown so much; his monstrous triceps were contacting the floor and causing his still thin, yet very tall, body to rise off of the ground. The twin biceps continued to escalate toward the ceiling, the fibers dividing endlessly without pause, all visible thanks to the paper’s width skin Trevor had requested. The veins of Dante’s arms continued to grow thicker and more plentiful. Trevor could now see them pulsing and writhing pumping growth juice into every individual cell. Dante was taking “liberties” with how he presented himself in this way. He eyed Trevor and saw the smaller man studying the webbing of the vessels, the constant replication of muscle cells, and also saw him rubbing his cock that continued to crawl down the leg of his tight trousers. His new-to-be Bound had said he was 7” when hard. He was clearly 8” now. What did that mean? Dante knew he was doing something right. For Trevor, this was the culmination of so many wet dreams. This was better because it was real. Finally, as the growth slowed, Trevor looked up at Dantalion’s face suspended in mid-air, body elevated several feet off the ground thanks to the titanic triceps bellies writhing underneath and pressing into the floor. The arms that he requested took up more than half of the bedroom. But something was off. “Dante, will you grant me another wish, just so that I can see how glorious you are?” Pulse, pulse, pulse went Trevor’s dick. He wanted to take it out and start beating in right there. “I will grant you one final wish before you decide on your binding to me,” he rumbled while looking down on the man below. “Dante, I wish that your forearms, hands, and deltoids were proportional to your arms. You may take liberties.” Without warning, an eruption of muscle so powerful and swift occurred that Trevor was blown towards the far wall. Just before he collided, he felt the newly enormous right hand of Dantalion catch him more softly and gently than he would have believed. He felt the giant 3 foot wide mitt draw back toward the wall-sized pulsating muscle that had just exploded with mass. “Trevor, have I pleased you?” Dante’s voice was powerful and deep like one million earthquakes but also curious, cautious, submissive. Trevor was beginning to lose his grip on reality. His breath was becoming more shallow. Trevor looked down on the 40” forearms riveted with throbbing arterials pulsating in rhythm with Dante’s heartbeat. WAIT, they were pulsating with Trevor’s own heartbeat, mimicking his pulse rate. Fucking crazy. Dante’s deltoids rose to near ceiling height, just shorter than the unbelievable mountain range of the biceps peaks - jagged, gnarled, but somehow perfectly balanced. “Can I touch you?” Trevor asked in a whisper. “You can do what ever you would like with me, Trevor,” Dantalion breathed into his hand where Trevor was seated struggling to maintain control. “You own this body and everything that it can do.” It was obvious from Dantalion’s innocence that he did not understand the weight of his comments on Trevor’s mind. In and other place that comment would be a proposition. In matters of sex and attraction, Dante was a child. Trevor reached out to touch the throbbing, hard, indestructible wall of muscle in front of him. He made contact and then pulled down his pants. Dante’s skin felt like warm buttery silk. The fibers beneath like steel cables an engineer would use to suspend a bridge. A groan so loud that it actually surprised both himself AND the djinn burst forth from Trevor’s mouth. “FUCKIN YES! Make my dreams come true, you fucking beast!!!” Shot after shot of Trevor’s cum hit Dantalion. His enormous hands and forearms were covered with cum and rivulets of seed collected in the crevices of the djinn’s enlarged hands. A certain quite fell onto the room. Dantalion felt so alive, so energized, so different than he had felt with any other Bound – and they had not made the binding yet. This was all so new and unexpected. Trevor leaned back into the giant paw that held him off of the ground. He was still recovering from the longest, most intense, most reality based orgasm of his life. “Trevor, do you bind yourself to me? I can fulfill this and infinitely more wishes based on your need and desires.” All that Trevor could see was walls of throbbing angry hard dense muscle. “Fuck ya, I want to bind with you. I won’t let your power be wasted.” Thoughts of just a few minutes earlier pummeled his mind. So much power, so much muscle, so much of everything he had beat off to for years. Laws, regulations, and more complicated stuff he couldn’t consider at the moment. “How do we do this ritual?” Trevor’s voice was sure and steady. Dantalion smiled and the flames dancing in his eyes flared and began to burn blue. “You must start by calling me by my true name: Dantalion, not Dante. I will do the rest.”
  4. canon

    m/m Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

    MUSCLE DADDY a romantic muscle growth story co-written by @Astromuscle, @canon & @raphi0508, with the inspiration of @Marquis Whew, finally I am back I thought when I set my bag down on my dorm bed. Too bad that my old roommate got suspended cause it got out he was taking roids. As I unpacked my belongings, before I had to attend my first class this afternoon, I thought back and remembered how cool it was to live with my old roommate. He was 5ft11 and weighed 200lbs at the beginning of college, though he told me secretly he wanted to grow with the help of steroids and that he had a good source. True to his word he did grow. At the beginning he had the body of a typical high school football jock. Nice bulging 17’’ arms, wide shoulders, pretty solid and ripped legs and a nice bubble butt. And best of all was his big bulge. In those three years everything changed for me. He grew 40lbs of pure muscles in just one year. After three years, he weighed an astounding 270lbs and had developed the body of an Olympia-level bodybuilder. Watching him grow, arms getting bigger and more defined, chest getting puffier. I was horny a lot, and I often jacked off just thinking of him. He was also the reason I discovered I was gay. He became very confident in his body, needless to say. He began strolling around naked in our room, and I got many mental images to help me jack off to. Pumped muscle, huge roid gut, and thankfully the roids didn’t seem to affect his junk, hanging large from his body. The problem with him was that he was as straight as an arrow. Nearly every week he had another girl with him in bed, and word was afterwards every girl couldn’t help but talk about his huge cock. I couldn’t blame them he was huge, at least 10’’ from what I could tell from him strolling around our room, not concerned that I was staring wide eyed., I wish I had gotten the chance to feel the large cock, make it inflate, and cup those large balls in my hand. Maybe the college found out about his steroid abuse because it got to be too obvious. As he left we promised each other we would stay in contact, but life came in my way and I had to earn money during summer. Now the new and hopefully last college year has started, but I am sure I will find some time to meet him again soon. I wonder if he continued to grow in the meantime. I drifted away from the things I had to do and got a boner. I hope that I will have enough time before my new roommate arrives, to get off, because hiding my 8.5’’ boner is not easy. Maybe my new roommate is a small dweeb, then my hard on would probably go down fast enough he wouldn’t see it. Suddenly some knocks on the door made me jump up surprised. Even more so I was shocked as my new roommate walked in. Fortuna was generous with me, because he was the most massive guy I had ever seen. He had to turn sideways to get through the doorway. In front of me stood the most impressive and beautiful man I saw in my life until now. The large man squared himself to me after having entered, effectively cutting off my view of the door. Each arm was carrying suitcases that were making his forearms bulge, each muscle standing out, held in place by a net of veins crossing each other and drawing my eyes up his arms, huge biceps and triceps thickened around his arm, a muscle hoody hid the rest of the body a little although i could see some big pecs heaving out from his chest, the hoodie draping over it, hiding whether he had abs, or a gut. My penis twitched at the thought of ripping off the shirt to find out. After a second sizing me up he dropped his bags with a loud thud and reached out his hand. “Hi, I am Mark. I’m guessing we will be roommates this year. Nice to meet you”. I reached out and we shook hands. Damn he has such a strong grip. His hand was larger than mine, thick muscular fingers didn’t give at all to my pressure, and I could feel weight lifting calluses. I was sure we could become good friends. He let go of my hands and bent over to pick up his bags. My penis jumped again. His back is so wide and that ass looks so hard, where do I stare...I quickly shoved my hand into my pants to shove my penis to somewhere less conspicuous while he had his back turned. I had to move to let him by as he passed I noticed my eyes barely met the top of his shoulders, seeing his large delts pulling the fabric of his hoodie forward and back as he carried the heavy bags. After we both had finally unpacked we sat down and started to talk. Mark told me that he is here because he got a Football scholarship, but he also told me that he really wanted to do bodybuilding instead, like his dad does. He enthusiastically described how big his dad was and how small he was compared to him. He also mentioned that he got the good genes of his dad, and expects to start growing bigger soon. The muscle talk made me pretty horny again, I was very thankful that I was sitting down. During our talk we both found out that we have most of our classes together, even the first one of the new year. We continued talking for a while, until we had a sudden shock because we had nearly missed our first class While I was getting ready Mark suddenly dropped his jogging pants to change into jeans. If I thought my old room mate was big, then Mark was a freak. His quads, calves and bulge were huge. I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping. Mark had been in a rush, but noticed me sitting in awe. He smile confidently at me, turning to give me a better view., “Pretty impressive, huh? You can thank my dad’s good genes for this thing too, though he is much bigger.” Then he gave me a wink, causing me to blush. I used far more willpower than it should have taken to close my mouth. Once he stopped teasing me and got ready, we both left for class. During the year, we got even more connected. We got to be pretty close friends. Unfortunately for me again, he was also straight. I tried not to let on that I was gay, hoping it would make him more comfortable. If he knows I’m gay he might not take off his pants in front of me anymore either, which would be a tragedy. We both started to workout together after Mark mentioned he really needed a spotter at the gym, and so our friendship got closer because of it. I was unsure how good of a spotter I was being, but Mark didn’t seem to mind, and he spotted me in turn. Luckily I was also benefiting from the workouts growing more athletic myself and began sporting some good pecs and my arms were gaining some definition. Throughout the year I also got to see more of Mark. When he had arrived I had only seen those heavy arms of his, and later his privates. In retrospect I had wished I could have noticed his legs at the time, but I had been hyper focused on his manhood. As it turned out I didn’t need to worry, since much like my last roommate, Mark had no boundaries. I got many opportunities to appreciate Mark’s entire body as he would stroll around naked in our room. Is this a jock thing? I don’t walk around in the nude. Maybe I would if I looked like that I guess. His wide back held his arms out away from his body a little, a nice V-taper going down to his ass. I also discovered he did indeed have a flat stomach, abs like bricks holding up the large chest and shoulders with a solid foundation. His ass was muscular and even at rest you could see the muscles through any slight amount of fat he may have housed there. Large, powerful quads came out of his tight waist, bounding up and coming in tight to his knees. Diamond calves pressed hard against his skin behind his shins, more veins becoming apparent as if the skin needed help to contain the muscle. If I thought Mark had even one atom of gay in him I would worship those muscles in every way my brain could come up with, but sadly I had to settle for keeping some tissues near my bed for when he walked into the bathroom for a shower. During our workouts Mark could not stop talking about his dad, and the more often we worked out the more he told me about how big his dad was and how much bigger he wanted to grow. Mark said one day he hoped to get bigger than his dad, but he told me he wasn’t sure if he ever could. This was one of the only times Mark seemed insecure about anything, and I comforted him telling him one day he would surely outgrow his old man. Despite my word the more he talked about his dad, the more curious I got and the more I wanted to meet the man who could supposedly dwarf the muscle man in front of me. Was it really possible that his dad was that much bigger than Mark? Mark was already an alpha jock. Thinking about his dad being even bigger made my cock grow bigger in my pants every time. Luckily I wore tight spandex under my workout clothes at the gym, where Mark gushed the most about his dad the most. It kept my cock and balls in place. Thank god. As the end of the semester came around, Mark suddenly asked me if I would want to join him during spring break. We could continue working together at his house, in his dad’s home gym. I quickly agreed, mind taken up by the idea that I could finally meet his huge dad. “I would love to join you. You need a spotter after all I guess.” He smiled at me and I blushed. God does he realize that I’m gay? be continued...
  5. LionBUff


    BANG BANG BANG “They would stop shooting at us if your lime green head was full or more than HULK SMASH!” Deadpool and Hulk were forced to team up to investigate an Avengers level threat at a warehouse thought to be empty. Hulk wanted to go with anyone but Deadpool, his least favorite “good guy” of all time, but the other Avengers were out dealing with something else. While they were there inspecting the place, undetected, Deadpool started breaking the fourth wall a little too much. When Hulk asked who he was talking to, he told hulk “you need more than a radioactive pea head to understand what’s going on!” The Hulk lost his temper and started beating up Deadpool… who teased Hulk the entire time. As Hulk was yelling the occupants of the warehouse heard them and ran in with the biggest weapons they could find. Bullets flew at them from every angle, and they ran into a nearby room that used to be a walk-in refrigerator. Hulk’s skin is three times thicker than a bulletproof vest, and Deadpool heals instantly, so t\neither of them were being harmed in the slightest by the bullet shower. However, they couldn't discuss any plans with all of the noise. “It’s true reader. Hulk can’t take a joke. We would be done with the adventure if Hulk Poo would control himself.” “HULK HATE HULK POO” Hulk demanded as he slammed both hands on the wall. “SEE. Hulky poo bear proved my point.” “SHUT UP.” “Look, reader… you… I apologize for this green ape’s grammar. He’s doing his best.” “HULK HATE DEADPOOL! HULK WANT OUT!” “We’ll get out of here when you calm down Hulky poo!” Hulk became bigger, growing by 10o pounds of radioactive muscle bulkier than a bodybuilder. “I know you can’t see it, reader… but Hulk’s bulge is enormous! His bulge is popping out of his body like you wouldn’t believe!” “HULK KNOW HOW TO CALM DOWN NOW! HULK NEED RELEASE! NOW! HULK NEED DEADPOOL ASS MILKING MANY MINI HULKS!” “What,” Deadpool said, turning to Hulk. Hulk's purple tip was rising out of his purple pants. Hulk’s body grew more as his sexual frustration added more stress to his already aggravated body. It wasn’t long before Hulk’s entire rope was swinging up to the air. Hulk was so frustrated that sweat was dripping off of the shaft like a leaky pipe. “Dear good reader you should see the size of this literal fucker! “HULK WANT TO DOMINATE DEADPOOL!” “Don’t worry reader, he's just showing off.” Deadpool laid down on the ground facing down just to aggravate Hulk more. However… Hulk was not kidding about wanting to dominate Deadpool's body. As Deadpool laid down, his ass and the bouncy meat on it looked like a comfortable void surrounded by tropical island fruit waiting to be juiced and eaten. Hulk jumped in the direction of Deadpool and landed with all four limbs on the ground in a plank position directly above Deadpool. His heavy breathing warmed the back of Deadpool's neck. Hulk’s salivating mouth soaked the back of Deadpool’s suit. Hulk assumed that this was going to be a good thing because either Hulk would finally calm down and focus on the mission or he was only trying to scare Deadpool into following his orders and was going to back down any minute. The first option was the one Hulk chose as he ripped through Deadpool’s suit. “I’m not ashamed to tell you, reader… this beast can fuck the life out of anything… except for me of course, because I’m immortal. I’m enjoying this. Hulk is hammering me into the ground like he’s trying to dig a hole to China!” GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM Hulk threw his waist up and down like an oil drilling rig drilling Deadpool’s body. The wet slapping between the lovers sounded like a crate of fish falling off of a tall building and into the ocean. Hulk’s beefy urns bounced into one continuous blurred motion. Hulk’s animalistic mating was thrusting into and against whatever internal objects were in its way. The paces of Deadpool’s shattered spine were flying out of his mouth like a wood chipper. Deadpool’s body was a cavern of bloody ruins. His ass opening was wider than his head. As Hulk sprung his green cock in and out of Deadpool, Deadpool’s body was getting bigger as Hulk leaked pre. Hulk’s balls were so pent up and frustrated that each squirt of pre would be a normal man’s month of cum. Hulk was dumping his cum like a cow’s udder dumps milk. Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after. Deadpool slowly bloated out into a puddle. Most of the cum was unable to escape thanks to Hulk’s girth blocking it in. “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO CARRY HULK BABIE” Hulk screamed “HOW DO YOU LIKE BEING THE MOTHER TO HULK PACK! HULK GONNA MATE TIGHT HOLE LIKE BREEDING BULL!” “LoOOOooo reEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Deadpool tried to say something to the audience reading about Hulk’s sex session with him but he couldn’t catch his breath. The chemicals in his brain responsible for positive feelings were flowing through his blood almost as thick as the cum overpowering the same blood supply. That… and Hulk’s cock was blocking his airways. GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR Neither of the lovers said anything for a long time. Hulk continuously moaned like a busted speaker. Deadpool gave up on saying anything. The Hulk’s seamen was filling Deadpool’s blood so much that he could barely focus on the most simple thought. All Deadpool could think about was cum. He could only focus on Hulk breeding him like a cum sponge. Finally…. Huk couldn’t hold back. His gallons of seamen in his urns of seed were boiling over. “HULK SPLASH” He roared and slammed into Deadpool’s body. Hulk’s purple tip was sticking out of Deadpool’s jaw… which Hulk discovered as all of his cum rushed onto the floor. Hulk grabbed Deadpool’s jaw and forced it closed. This closed gaw gripping his tip aroused the nerves up and down his testicles. Hulk was gushing his milk out at a rate of two pints every second. The gooey stew spread out across Deadpool's body. Even Deadpool's bones were soaked in Hulk cum. On a molecular level, Deadpool truly was soaking up Hulk’s seed. Hulk’s sperm were swimming through Deadpool’s genetic coding and changing it to Hulk’s genetic coding. Deadpool’s muscles directly absorbed Hulk’s sweet and salty protein shake. Deadpool’s heart grew to accommodate the masculine transformation as Deadpool literally absorbed Hulk’s strength. Deadpool’s eyes turned bright green. When Hulk finally decided that he had ejaculated as much cum as he had brewed… he pulled his cock out and stood up. Hulk’s enormous log of meat hung there as if Hulk had mated with a tank of yogurt. White droplets rained on the ground below him. The cum soaking his shaft slowly dripped off of him. Hulk stood there, his bulky and meaty chest rose and fell as he admired his partner's beaten up appearance. Hulk admired Deadpool as if it were his first kill of the hunting season. His green bulging muscles tingled as Hulk thought about his true strength as a lovemaking beast.
  6. Preamble: A big thank you to @rolling24, who besides commissioning the following multi-part series and inspiring me with idea's, also made ton of spelling corrections and other improvements. Cheers! Index. (Click on the parts to be taken to them) Part 1 & 2: Below. Part 3 Part 4 Dad, The Homewrecker. PART 1: Despite our best efforts, some places on our globe remain shrouded in mystery, tempting us from afar with intrigue. Like, for example, the bedroom of a failing marriage. ----------- “Dad….” Luke called out meekly, intense pleasure shooting through every fiber of his body. Fuck. It was hard to focus while Macy was giving you a blowjob. Images of the bedroom formed a whirlwind in his mind. But his dad remained the one point of clarity, visible through the mist. While Macy was giving her husband a blowjob, Luke’s father was stretching open her pussy with great expertise. She was thankful her husband’s penis didn’t take up as much space as the equipment his dad packed, making it a lot easier to let out moans of pleasure. “Dad.” Luke tried again, his voice now rising above the involuntary crescendo of moans from Macy and the brutish grunts from his dad. His dad still didn’t seem to have heard him. Maybe the ecstasy clearly etched on his face while he fucked his latest conquest completely dominated his mind. Luke focused on his dad’s body again. The effect was unmistakable this time. He had to tell him. Through the smoke of bodily odors and sex he tried making eye contact with his father. He could see his brown eyes shining as their gazes met, on opposite sides of the same woman, his wife. His dad just pulled a smirk, cockily raising his right arm into a bicep flex. Of course, Luke didn’t need to tell him. He had probably figured it at himself at this point. Luke was mesmerized by the bicep flex, you could see it most clearly there. With the sound of his dad’s heavy balls slapping against Macy’s body as background noise, both men watched the already flexed peak slowly rise higher and higher, inches of brawn magically flowing into the muscle by the minute. The effect slowed as Luke’s Dad’s dominant humping tapered off. Son and father made eye contact again. “I’m fucking growing.” His dad said in between heavy breaths with a confident grin. Luke came. ----------- 48 HOURS EARLIER. “I’m a bad little cop. I can’t help but ogle all the hot secretaries, and I like toying with the bad girls I arrest.” A small uncomfortable silence lingered before the reply. “No, this is not it.” There was a little rummaging in the box of props. “Your scores are terrible, you only look at my bulge in class, but if show me your tits I might give you a passing grade…” This time the answer came much more quickly. “Nope, doesn’t do it either.” More rummaging in the box of props. “Girls like you shouldn’t mess with guys like me. We both know we won’t be able to cage our... Desires.” The replier hesitated for a moment, gently avoiding a hurtful comment. “I’m sorry Luke, I don’t think this is gonna work for me.” Luke seemed disappointed by the response, and he shoved his set of role-play props in the closet. Macy stood up from the bed and put her bra and underwear back on, dissatisfaction with the night’s results evident on her face. “Did I at least spark something in you?” He asked, while the couple was on opposite sides of the room, getting ready for another sexless night. Macy asked herself if the image of her chubby husband hanging over her, playing various roles, saying the corniest lines with the worst acting had ignited any arousal. “No,” she replied. Luke’s cheeks went scarlet. He had been so sure role-play would be the answer. He jumped into the bed and quickly covered himself up with the blanket, his belly jiggling wildly in the process. Luke stared at his wife while she prepared for bed. He knew most men would kill to have a wife as good-looking. She was voluptuous and beautiful, with an hourglass figure few women could emulate. A few years back they had been the resident power couple on their college campus, both of them sexy and virile. Him strong, muscular and wide, her curvy and enchanting. Now one of them was slacking, and it wasn’t the woman who looked like she hadn’t aged a day since college. It was the man who couldn’t resist a donut each morning, who ate through an entire tub of ice cream while waiting for his wife to get back from her modeling gig, who hadn’t set a foot into a gym since his days on the football team. “We can just try regular sex.” Luke proposed with an eager tone, desperate to please his wife. Macy gently smiled while she looked at her soft husband in bed. He tried his best, there was no denying that. “We already did so last night. I know about your stamina.” Macy quickly kissed him on the forehead. “Honestly, it isn’t that big of a deal, most women go without an orgasm for years.” “We’ll give it another whirl soon then, yeah?” He saw the unused strap on his wife had bought still protruding from the box of earlier discarded role-play props. The sight made him slightly uneasy. “What other option do we have?” she asked, while stepping into bed. And then the doorbell rang. -------------------------------- Luke opened the front door, ready to tell the idiot who thought it was a good idea to ring doorbells after midnight to go to hell. But the big shadow in the cold night air wasn’t just your regular old idiot. “Dad?” Luke called out in disbelief. He almost couldn’t believe the man standing in front of his porch was his old man, he hadn’t heard from him in months. “Lukey! Kiddo. Sorry to drop in on you like this at… 8pm? But...” “It’s 1:30AM.” “Right! 1:30. Just got back from a business trip from Hawaii. This gorgeous gay couple I was counseling was having difficulty finding the male G-spot so I---” “Look, my evening hasn’t been great. I’d appreciate it if you could just get to the point.” Luke said, with a face that confirmed he was pretty tired of his dad’s endless tales of the sex therapy he provided. “Riiiight... So, you know the girl I was dating?” Luke nodded, unsure what his father’s love life had to do with his sudden reappearance. “Welllll. She kicked me out. Turns out I hadn’t told her we were in a polyamorous relationship. Crazy how that happens. Anyways, I just need a spot to rest my head for a few days until I get an apartment.” Luke just raised an eyebrow in reply, hoping his dad wasn’t asking what he thought he was asking. “... I was hoping that spot could be here? I’ll sleep on the couch. Or on the floor. All the nearby motels are full, I’m kinda out of options.” Luke sighed in exasperation. He turned his head and stared at the starry night sky for a moment. Luke couldn’t look his dad in the eyes while he thought. He had to make a rational decision. Luke rather wouldn’t have dealt with his dad for another moment if he had any option, but he was family…. “Sure. Fine. Whatever. Come on in.” Luke said with a shrug, like the decision had been entirely out of his hands. There probably was some truth to that. Men like Luke don’t say no to men like his dad. As his dad stepped out of the night black and into the warm lighting of the house, part of the reason Luke preferred not to talk with his dad became obvious. Because where Luke was all soft and flabby with a thick layer of fat, any vestige of his college football body long past, his dad continued to have a body that radiated masculine energy to some extent. He hadn’t given in to his every whim as Luke had and it clearly showed. Matt looked good for a man his age. He had maintained his quarterback build from thirty years ago with a strict gym regimen. Even though he had a good layer of chunk covering him it was clear he still muscular and handsome. His dad couldn’t be faulted the unfortunate difference between them, but Luke always blamed him a bit for having to reside in his more muscular shadow. At least the few inches of height Luke had on his pops gave him a few coat hangers to hang his masculine pride on to. He couldn’t help but long for the college days when he dwarfed his dad with his own muscularity, but those days were now long gone. “Matt! It’s been too long!” Macy squealed while she ran down the stairs. Luke tried to not to blame his dad for his obvious ‘excitement’ upon seeing Macy. The way her rack bounced up and down as she rushed down the stairs was unintentional, but Luke could see how a red-blooded man like his father was aroused. The pair exchanged quick hugs, and Luke thought his dad’s eyes rested on Macy’s body just a second too long. “Did I just hear correctly you’ll be staying with us for the next couple of days?” She innocently asked. She had a certain shine and glimmer to her most people didn’t have at 2am, and her beauty contrasted sharply with her husband’s sunken and pudgy face. Matt let out a short uncomfortable laugh while scratching his mostly bald head. Luke was reminded with a grin how much his dad disliked being in anyone’s debt. “Yeah, Lukey was kind enough to let me have the couch for the next few days. I hope you don’t mind.” Macy quickly waved her hands in giddy excitement. “Of course not! We haven’t chatted in forever, it’s about time I got all caught up with my father-in-law. There are some blankets in the cupboard Matt, I imagine you’ll probably want to hit the hay.” Luke was glad his dad nodded and head towards the couch. He’d feel a lot better about having his dad strutting around his house if his wife wasn’t wearing her revealing nightgown. “We’ll catch up tomorrow dad. Good night.” “Good night kiddo.” ----------- When the couple was again tucked in, the events of the evening replayed in Luke’s head. Some part of him felt like he had made a terrible mistake. He’d put his foot down this time, and not let his father walk all over him. “This time will be different” Luke softly mumbled while sleep slowly caught up with him. He stretched out his arms and gently spooned Macy. His big body may fill him with self loathing, but at least it was good cuddle material for his wife. While he brought her in for a hug he noticed how tense her body still was. She was wide awake. “Everything okay hun?” Luke asked as he drifted further and further away. “Luke. Babe. We need to talk.” Immediately Luke was brought back to reality. He felt a bit anxious. “Alright,” was all he could mutter. “I’ve been thinking about my little… predicament. I know we’ve been trying really hard, but it feels like we aren’t getting anywhere, so II did some googling today….” Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. “... And I think we should bring someone else into the bedroom.” Luke shot up in surprise. He definitely hadn’t been expecting that. He could get behind it though. Another sexy woman crawling over him, that’d be sure to finally be able to push his wife over the edge. “Who do you have in mind?” Luke asked with as much innocence as he could muster. He had his mind on their sexy, young neighbor girl. Her husband had been deployed for the past few months, and she looked horny enough to even fuck Luke, fat rolls and all. It helped she was always watching whenever Macy was sunbathing in her bikini. The thought of the two women making out was already flashing through his mind. Luke’s last attempt at eating out Macy had gone rather horribly but the neighbor looked like a girl who knew her way around those parts. “I was thinking Matt.” Luke’s blood turned ice-cold right away. “My dad?” he practically screeched in disbelief. “Calm down. Yes, it’s a little weird. But honestly, anything besides a guy isn’t gonna do much for me.” “Okay. Fair enough. But still, my dad?” Macy shrugged. “Do you know any other guy as sexually liberated as him? He has a fling every other night. One woman could not be enough for him. I want this to be a one time thing, and your dad is the only one I know who sees sex as just sex. Do you wanna get in some internet weirdo?” Luke had to admit she had a point. He couldn’t count his dad’s ‘girlfriends’ in the last month on one hand. Slowly, Luke felt his wife’s gentle and tender hands interlock with his. “Only say yes if you’re okay with it hun.” Macy softly said. But in her eyes Luke could see a certain kind of desperation. Their sex had been dull for months. He hadn’t heard her orgasm for nearly a year, and he was sure she had been faking it for a while before that. They used to go at it daily, even when Luke had turned into a blob, but Luke’s sex drive was slowly drying up while hers was still very much active. Luke couldn’t imagine the amount of hormones raging through her body, a woman like her needed to be pleased. “Okay babe.” Luke said with a gentle smile. The idea of his dad in the same bedroom as him, fucking the same woman, was still really weird to him. But Luke also knew it’d be good for her. He had heard the female orgasm was kind of like an engine, after a kick start it could be relatively easy to reactivate. And as unfortunate as it was, his dad was the best man for the job. And hey, maybe his dad wouldn’t even succeed in getting her off, wouldn’t that be a blow to his ego as self certified sex guru. The couple looked at each other and smiled. After one awkward encounter maybe their troubles could be behind them. Finally, after a long, eventful evening, Luke dozed off. “And whenever had a little awkwardness killed anyone?” He softly mumbled while the world faded to black. ---------------------- The events of the night before suddenly jumped back into Luke’s mind when he found his dad jerking off on his living room couch. First Luke calmed down somewhat while remembering that he had voluntarily provided lodgings to his dad. Then he was severely freaked out because his dad was lying completely nude and jerking off in his living room. He wanted to scream out but hesitated for a moment, the sight intriguing him. He could see why his dad was such a lady killer, he had the body to pull it off. Perhaps he’d was best categorized as a having the build of a coach, with thick juicy pecs and the faint outline of abs. All of it covered in a slight layer of grey fur. And of course, there was the thick cock he was jerking off in a slow rhythmic motion. Luke found himself a bit jealous of his dad’s member, because he looked to be packing an inch or two more than Luke. In fact, seeing his dad lay there say comfortable in his own skin flared up quite a few of Luke’s own insecurities. Luke stopped his pondering and brought himself back to reality. “Dad? What the fuck!” Matt didn’t seem the slightest bit dazed by the interruption of his son. “Hey Lukey! Morning.” He said, while not looking up from his jerking. Luke had prayed his dad had grown some inhibitions since they last slept under the same roof but that clearly wasn’t the case. He knew that sexual self-confidence was probably just as attractive to the younger women Matt slept with as his masculine body. It was annoying to deal with if he was your dad though. “There’s a bathroom upstairs. If you gotta take care of your morning wood, do it there. There you aren’t in the view of the neighbors.” Luke calmly explained, trying not to look while his dad let out a few more grunts of pleasure. “Alright. Alright. I’ll go do this out of view…” Matt smacked his hard member in his hands, the sound plastering a grin on his face. “Wanna join me? Often during therapy sessions I recommend guys jerk off with their friends, helps the bonding experience as well as activate…” “Normal dad’s don’t jerk off with their sons. Don’t be weird.” Matt let that hang in the air for a moment, considering if he should go with his reply. “Most dads don’t fuck their son’s wives either.” He said in an amused tone. Luke felt his blood turn cold. “How did---.” “Macy. She asked me if I’d be willing to fuck her as she left for work. I’m glad she did, it’s gonna be a reallll fun evening.” Matt said while slapping his son on the back with the hand he had just seconds earlier being using to jerk off with. There was a smirk on his face but it didn’t seem cruel, rather one of genuine excitement. Luke cringed and winced, but he was thankful he himself didn’t have to be the one asking his dad if he’d be up for the threesome. “Alright, I’m gonna take care of this.” Matt said pointing as his cock before bounding up the stairs with a confident whistle. As Luke heard the slapping of his dad’s balls between his trained thighs Luke reminded himself to kick him out as soon as possible. Probably the worst part of the jealousy that raged through Luke while he heard more grunts of pleasure emerge from the bathroom upstairs, was knowing his dad didn’t mean to make Luke feel bad. Matt had always been completely relaxed with nudity, his many, many sexual partners and countless hours of discussing intercourse in lecture halls had dissolved any restraint about sex and being naked. He didn’t mean to make his son feel bad about his fat and sexless body, but feeling bad was all that Luke could do while he compared himself to his more virile dad. Luke sighed, and hoped the eight hours of office work that were ahead of him would take his mind off things. PART 2: They decidedly did not. “Threesome?” He heard the snack lady ask while she strolled past his desk. Luke felt his blood turn hot. “What? No.... I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. Happily married. Who told you? My wife---” He stuttered and stumbled. How could she know? Did the whole office know? Did everyone know? Was his life over? Should he moved to Texas? India? The snack lady looked unfazed. “Tea, want some?” She asked again, shaking the kettle she had on her cart. Ah. He had just misheard. Shit. Luke mumbled something along the lines of ‘No thanks’ and she moved the cart along. He knew that mishearing ordinary conversation probably wasn’t an indication of confidence, yet still he didn’t feel like pulling out of the night’s upcoming plans. Part of that was desperation, part of it knowing there weren’t that many alternatives that didn’t tap into his wife’s fetish for fucking men with dildo’s, and part of it a certain….morbid curiosity. Luke’s phone buzzed with a text. It rarely did that. “Hon, grab some dinner near work and only walk into the bedroom at 8pm sharp. I want both my studs walking through the door at the same time. -Mace” Luke smiled a little, his wife could be one kinky fucker. And being called a stud made him feel a little better while chomping down a donut. --------------------- Luke quietly looked at his dad again under the dim light of the lamp. Matt’s handsome square jaw and stubbled face looked intensely into nothingness. Luke was reminded again of how much better his dad looked in his fifties than he himself looked now in his thirties. He tried not to let that bother him, especially as they were so close to the big moment. Both men were standing in nothing but their briefs, so Luke had ample time to scan up and down his dad’s body. He didn’t even look that great, but he carried that body with such confidence he didn’t need to be ripped like a model. “At least I’m not 5’9.” Was all Luke could think while he looked at his own belly with discontent. “Come on in boys.” Macy’s songbird like voice sang from the other side of the door. The two men quickly glanced at each other. Father and son. An unusual couple, but Matt had enough gentle warmth radiating about him that Luke felt somewhat put at ease. His dad was just treating this as fun. Luke reminded himself he should do so too. With a last nod of consent both men entered at the same time. Macy laid there, temptingly and tantalizingly nude with just a then sheet covering her exquisite body. She was a goddess. Luke suddenly felt bad that he’d never shared her before. Her figure was beautiful. They had been each other's first the initial semester of college a dozen years back an neither had been with anyone else. Luke placed himself in front of Macy’s ‘entrance’ and softly pushed his bulge covered in sagging tighty-whities against her. He had hoped the display would be a tease, but it looked more like he was just pushing his belly into her. “Lukey, baby, I want you up here.” Macy said with a wink and a gentle tap next to her head. Luke took his new position with a little unease. His wife stripped him of his unflattering garment, his cock jumping into the warm air of the room with eager excitement. Macy’s eyes were completely focused on Luke’s hard cock and Luke’s cock alone. Macy stretched out her hand and slowly jerked it, her small her hands making the average piece of equipment look bigger. Luke tried focusing on the way his wife’s eyes beautifully sparkled while she stared at the piece of meat in her hands. But he found his gaze alternating between his wife’s curvy form and his masculine dad, who was standing at the end of the bed. Matt’s gaze was firmly planted on Macy’s hot body, his big chest heaving while he rubbed his bulge through the fabric of his stylish and tight underwear. Luke thought he’d be a whole lot more weirded out by his dad standing there if he hadn’t seen him naked and in a state of arousal so many times. Seeing him slowly getting himself hard felt strangely… Normal. With a gruff his dad stepped out of his underwear into complete nakedness. Macy didn’t even look, her eyes were still plastered firmly on her husband. It was something Luke was thankful for, he knew how much of a thing she had for muscular guys, and his dad somewhat fit into that category. Luke wanted nothing more than for his eyes to roll back and to be lost in a wave of pleasure, but he couldn’t pull away from the sight of his dad preparing to enter his wife. Matt pulled out a condom, and rolled it onto his completely hard dick with a single casual hand and the expertise of someone who did it often. Luke felt jealousy burn in him again. Why did his shit genes not endow him with a thick seven and a half inch tool like his dad had swinging between his legs instead of saddling him with an average five and half? Slowly and gently his dad entered, without pause. Macy took it like a pro, her vagina was made for cock. Without even a glance at Matt, she directed Luke onto the bed and pulled his cock into her mouth, licking up the small drop of pre at the tip, savoring the taste. Luke felt like he was on top of the world, his model like wife giving him a blowjob with an expression of pure pleasure plastered on her face, undoubtedly because she had the honor of servicing his great cock…. Then Luke remembered there was another man inside of her, and he was much more likely to be the source of the pleasure. His feeling of greatness was shattered by the large silhouette of his father standing on the edge of the bed. Luke pursed his lips in dissatisfaction while he looked at the guy standing on the other end of Macy, a man with a trained physique and superior endowment, who Luke knew was much more virile than he currently was. Luke once again found himself not looking at his beautiful wife, but at his dad. Part of him hoped he could spot some secret technique that he could replicate to give his wife the pleasure Matt was currently providing. That would mean her new moans of pleasure weren’t just a consequence of a bigger, better cock. Then Luke spotted something awfully strange while looking at his dad’s silhouette. He knew people said sex is the best work-out, but he had never thought to take it seriously. His dad looked a little leaner than just a few minutes ago. Like he had burned a half dozen pounds. Clearly all of it had been fat, because the abs that were now on display looked great. His pecs looked a little deeper and square too. Luke was just about to comment on it when he felt himself going over the edge. It had come suddenly, but then it almost always did with him. He didn’t even get to shout that he was cumming before shooting his small dribble into his wife’s mouth. A wave of tiredness washed over Luke following the encounter. He always felt drained after sex. He threw himself back onto the bed. At first he closed his eyes as sleep always came seconds after he came. But the sound of Macy’s soft moans and his dad’s grunts were too overwhelming to ignore. “Now it’s just you that needs to come.” Matt said smiling while lifting Macy up in his arms. It was the first time that Macy really looked at her father-in-law while getting fucked by him and her faced showed she clearly liked what she saw. Matt increased his pace and depth, making Macy’s eyes roll back in their sockets. Matt closed his eyes as he drilled her, savoring the feeling of stretching yet another woman open. Luke was the only one aware of the remarkable scene unfolding while Matt’s cock continued to firmly push into Macy. Because it almost appeared as with every thrust his dad made, he seemed a little bigger than before. It’s effect was nearly unnoticeable, but due to Matt’s rapid pace he slowly seemed to inflate with the tiniest part of a pound. And it wasn’t fat, mind you, it was the most masculine of compounds. Muscle Luke could see that after ten minutes of continuously fucking his wife, his dad seemed a bit beefier. Proportionally more muscled. Luke didn’t think about how that was odd and against every law of nature he knew till the screams of pleasure from his wife suddenly dragged him back to reality. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck? Oh fuck!” Macy yelled out while experiencing an orgasm for the first time in forever. Her stiffened body loosened as she rode her wave of bliss into cloud nine. Matt gently laid her on the bed and pulled his thick cock out of her. He didn’t seem to have noticed yet that his arms looked just a tad beefier and more muscular than before. Luke bit his tongue. Whatever he saw, he assured himself, it probably wasn’t real. A trick of the light, or whatever. People don’t just grow, right? Matt looked at his rock hard dick. He still hadn’t cum, but he felt like he was just a few tugs away from exploding. He looked Macy directly in the eyes and then gave his baby maker a firm squeeze. “Fuck yeah.” He growled with a grin, while he shot his load into condom. Luke thought his dad’s dick looked just a hair longer than a few minutes ago, had he not been fully hard when he entered? Matt carefully peeled the tight condom off his rod, and looked at it cluelessly for a second. “You got a bin?” He asked. Luke stared out into the distance, the entire last minute feeling more and more like a dream and haze. He only registered the question had been aimed at him after a few seconds. “Oh! No. Just put it on somewhere on the desk.” Luke said with a slight, dismissive wave of his hand. He just wanted to catch some rest before he started seeing weirder stuff than growing dads. Matt shifted his naked weight from one leg to another in front of the desk, not certain where to put the stretched-out cum-filled rubber. He ended up hanging it over a picture so it wouldn’t drip out over the table. Luke wasn’t sure if he intentionally chose to hang it over a honeymoon photo, covering Macy’s face with the worn out condom. “Thanks for the fun and a great lay” Matt said as he winked at Macy with a chuckle. A girlish giggle from Luke’s wife was the only reply. “We’ll see you tomorrow dad.” Luke said, while firmly looking at the door. “Oh. Before I forget, Lukey. Mind grabbing me a tub of protein from the store tomorrow? I’m gonna be apartment hunting and super busy, but I’ll need some after my heavy lifting session tomorrow. Don’t want this body getting soft!” “Get your own protein. Dad.” Luke said with snark and sleep invading his voice. Matt’s eyes flared for a moment and Luke thought he had made a terrible mistake. He was fully prepared for a speech about what happened if you ignored requests from the better men in the world. The more muscular men. The more hung men. The men that fucked your wife. But such a speech did not come. “Good night, Lukey.” His dad said with a shrug. Luke looked at the variety of bodily fluids slathered over his wife’s puss. He did not feel like saying “Good night” back. -------------------------- Quietly Luke shut the door on his car. It was 6am and he had tried to be as quiet as possible while he had sneaked around the house. He had originally just wanted to sit in the living room and watch some TV till it was time to leave for work, but he had forgotten his dad had taken over the couch. So instead he sat in the car. The scenery was better too, because it was a place that didn’t involve seeing memories of his dad in every bit of furniture. Memories of his dad growing and swelling with muscl---. “No.” Luke mumbled to himself. He wouldn’t give in to spectral images just yet. People don’t just grow. He had to take his mind off things. He slowly kicked the car into gear, driving to the nearest 24H grocery store. Yet still images of his dad were all that filled Luke’s mind. His heavy breathing. His muscles slowly inflating with each and every thrust... Luke turned on the only piece of distraction he had readily available in his car, the radio. “...To close of the midnight show, here is Lizzo, with her hit new single ‘Juice!’." Luke wasn’t familiar with the tune but considering it was designed to be an earworm, it didn’t take long for him to sing along unapologetically loudly. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose.” Luke sang, while tapping on the steering wheel with his fingers. “Gotta blame it on the goose, gotta blame it on my juice baby.” The rhythm was infectious, and Luke almost forgot about the pickle he was in. Almost. Because while he waited for the traffic light to turn green, his mind conjured up strange daydreams and images. Daydreams that were more akin to remnant’s of nightmares. Instead of being in the car he suddenly found himself outside his bedroom door, peeking timidly into the room he had spent countless nights. The colours were hazy, washed out and vague, but what he saw inside burned into his eyes nonetheless. His wife was being held suspended in the air by one man’s beefy arms. Another big man was standing in front of her delicate body, stretching her passage wide open with his superior manhood. Luke couldn’t see their faces, but he didn’t need to, he knew who these men were. They were his worst fears personified. The fear that sooner or later his hot wife would get powerful men worthy of her delicious body. Luke felt sick. When he had first lost his football honed body to rolls of fat, this was a common nightmare for him. But he hadn’t seen it for a year or two. Had the threesome reawakened his anxiety? But he had consented to his dad’s participation, so why did he still feel so… Defiled? Luke felt his mouth go dry. Besides the deep horror, some of the vision inspired awe, he had to admit it. It’s in our human nature to love seeing the best our species has to offer during their most intimate moments, straight porn of guys with big dicks is popular for a reason after all. And jeez were these men and his wife perfect together. The man railing her was much bigger than Luke had been in his prime, with muscle cascading over muscle to form a thick and solid build that would be the envy of any man. His wives mewling sounds coupled with the juices cascading over her thighs, convinced Luke this modern hercules was big everywhere. Luke’s goggling was interrupted by a sudden sharp scream of pleasure coming from his wife. Luke knew it was all a daydream but it certainly sounded very real. He made eye contact with this dream version of the woman he was married to. Her mouth formed into a cruel grin, and she opened it to speak. But the sound that left her throat wasn’t the voice of Macy. It was the voice of Lizzo, singing her new hit single. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my--- HONK Luke jumped awake again with a startle. The traffic light was green again, and clearly the people behind him wanted to get on with their day. He quickly pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, rubbing the temple of his head trying to figure out where those strange dreams kept coming from. ------------- Even when he pushed his shopping cart through the isles there wasn’t much else Luke could think about. He threw in some croissants, breakfast was his favourite. He passed by the tub of protein his Dad had requested. He halted for a moment in front of it. He could be the rebellious little devil and disobey his dad’s request, but there was no harm in helping him out, just this once, right? He threw the tub of protein in his shopping cart. While he did so he felt a strangle electric shock travel through his body. Luke clicked his tongue and pulled his face into a frown while an uncomfortable thought lingered in his mind. He suddenly thought hadn’t been daydreaming or experiencing left over nightmares at all. It was something more powerful. More primal. Not just a simple conjuring of the mind, instead it was a warning. A word of caution. An exhortation. Luke felt a chill travel through his spine while he sought the exact word to describe the alien feeling. A premonition. ------------------------------------- Continue to part III
  7. Ziel

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    Russel had never felt more out of place. He was a shrimp in a hall of ripped muscle gods. It seemed like everyone at this gym had been going regularly for years, and here he was entering a gym for the first time since P.E. class in middle school. It didn’t help that his work out shirt was comically huge on him. Russel was half tempted to go home and change… or maybe just go home altogether, but he had promised his pal he would at least try to start a gym regimen. In many ways it was only because of Russel’s friend that he was even here today. Russel had long said he was going to start working out. He had always dreamed of having a big, buff body like he saw in the magazines, but he just never seemed to put on any muscle when he tried lifting weights at home. He doubted even having access to professional lifting equipment would help his case at all either, but Russel’s pal, Kurt, was insistent he at least try. Kurt even went so far as to give Russel a new set of workout clothes, a shirt and jockstrap, for Christmas to help him kick off his fitness journey, and it was that outfit that Russel was wearing to the gym this very afternoon. The shirt was a seemingly standard muscle shirt with the caption “Loading Muscles…” on the front as well as a comical loading bar underneath the text. The loading bar was actually completely empty which seemed almost like a cruel joke to the poor, puny Russel. To make matters worse, the shirt was so huge that it hung loosely off of Russel’s wimpy frame. Russel still wasn’t sure if he was wearing it because it was a gift from a cherishes friend, or because he was just too cheap to buy something for himself, or even if he was just motivated by sheer spite, but that hardly seemed to matter at this point. His oversized shirt just made him feel even punier than ever, and his shirt wasn’t the only spacious part of his attire. His jockstrap was a little extra roomy around the Netherlands as well. Russel’s painfully average cock just wasn’t up to the task of filling the ample pouch of the “Enhance” brand strap. Fortunately, he had an old pair of jogging short on over top of the strap so nobody else had to know about his shortcomings in that department. Figuring that even the longest journey begins with a few steps, Russel made his way over to the treadmill. He might not know much about lifting weights, but he did at least know how to jog so the treadmill seemed as good a place as any to get the ball rolling. Russel quickly settled into a routine of jogging along at a reasonable pace while scrolling through a beginner’s guide to working out on his phone. It was strange. He expected to get winded pretty easily since he had never been the most athletic dude, but the more he jogged, the more energized he felt. He felt like he could run nonstop for days! But before he even realized the timer on the treadmill dinged to alert him that he had done a respectable warm-up. Russel hopped off the treadmill and decided to put the newbie guide to weightlifting he had been perusing to good use and made his way towards the weight room. The weight room had tons of mirrored walls all around the place. Try as he might, Russel couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of his own reflection. When he saw himself, he did a double take. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something seemed different. He wasn’t what he would call fit by any stretch of the imagination, but he was looking healthier than when he had walked in. He chalked it up to the rush of endorphins from the jog and the slight sheen of sweat which had settled onto his skin, but there was something else afoot that he had not yet begun to realize. Russel quickly adjusted his oversized shirt and went back to focusing on his next workout, completely missing the fact that the loading bar on his shirt now had an almost imperceptibly small bit of blue filling the otherwise empty loading bar. The first exercise on his to-do list was a few simple bicep curls. Russel figured he’s be ahead to start light and grabbed one of the smallest set of dumbbells he could find, but after a few experimental curls he quickly realized that five pounds was far, far too light. He quickly moved up to ten and then fifteen pounds and found that those were too light as well. He was surprised to say the least. The guide he was reading didn’t suggest going above fifteen pounds for a lightweight beginner like himself, but here he was hefting a thirty pounder like it was nothing. Perhaps even more surprising was the bulge of a bicep the poked out when he reached the highest point of his curls. Russel was amazed by what he saw. It was a muscle! He had an actual muscle! It was small, sure, but everyone had to start somewhere, and the fact that he actually had some sort of muscle definition to show off on his first day at the gym was beyond a miracle. Perhaps he had not given himself enough credit. He tended to carry a few heavy books around campus. Maybe his nerdery was good for something after all. Russel was not about to rest on his laurels just yet though. If anything, this newfound discovery spurred him on to work out even more. If just a few bicep curls could bring out his latent muscles, just imagine what a regular routine could do! He could be buffed like those babes on the cover of Men’s Health in no time! After what he assumed to be a suitable amount of reps, Russel put up his barbells and made his way towards the bench press station, completely unaware that his loading bar had gained a few more pixels in the past few minutes. Russel loaded the bar on the weight rack with what he thought would be a safe and easy starter weight, and laid down to do a few reps. To his surprise, the bar was incredibly light! He wasted no time in adding more weight to it and trying another few reps. Again, the bar was too light. Before he knew it, he had doubled and then tripled the starting weight before he began to feel even a little strain from lifting. He was so amazed by the amount of weight he was benching that he almost didn’t notice the bulges forming in front of him… almost… Russel’s jaw dropped when he caught sight of the mounds in front of him. From where he was lying he had a front row view of his own chest and could see two very clearly defined pectoral muscles. He had pecs! Sure, they weren’t he hugest pecs he had ever seen. They would even be classified as fairly small by most of the muscleheads at the gym, but they were there, and they were his! He couldn’t believe his eyes. He quickly got up from the bench and turned to check himself out in one of the mirrors on the wall. There was no denying what he was seeing. He was cut! He wasn’t bulky by any stretch of the imagination, but he had some honest-to-god muscles on his body. He had a lean, lithe, swimmer’s build. Russel could barely fathom what he was seeing. He had gained a noticeable amount of muscle since he had arrived, but how!? As if to answer his question something caught his eye. A slight movement down below… Russel glanced down at the reflection of his shirt, and for the first time he noticed the additional blue on the loading bar. “Loading Muscles…” indeed, and from the look of things, he had a long way left to go! The loading bar had barely even begun to fill in. If he was this cut with just a little bit of bulking, he could hardly imagine how huge he’d be when he was done! The sheer thought of it sent a shiver of excitement up his spine and surge of excitement down his groin. Russel quickly adjusted himself down there. His chubby was feeling particularly cramped in the confines of his running shorts, but he paid it no mind. He was far too enthralled by his muscles to worry about a little thing like that. Russel couldn’t wait for more muscles to stack on. His mind was racing with ideas of just how huge he’d grow and how to speed up the process. Was there some sort of catalyst besides the shirt? Did pumping the old irons cause him to bulk up faster? He didn’t know for sure, but he knew there was no harm in trying. If nothing else the rush of endorphins and the pump that came with a good rep was starting to go to his head. He couldn’t wait to really test the limits of what his body was capable of. Russel glanced around the gym for the next station he would try out. There were so many options. He was like a kid in a candy store. Eventually his eyes fell upon the simple, unassuming bar attached to the far wall. A pull up bar. Such a simple device, and yet so full of promise. Russel had never in his life successfully performed a pull up. He was shaking with anticipation as he placed his hands on the bar, and then with the greatest of ease he pulled himself up so that his chin was over the bar. It felt so effortless that he might as well have been picking up a tissue. He could scarcely believe that the pull up bar had been the bane of his middle school existence. He remembered struggling and straining for half an hour to accomplish even a single chin up, but now he was effortlessly doing a chin up and beyond. He could pull himself all the way up until the bar hit his chest. Russel was so caught up in the rush that he did another pull up and another and another. He was a well-oiled pull up machine. He kept going up and down like a pistol, completely unaware of how his body was changing. His muscles were thickening all around him, and weight was packing on elsewhere as well. By the time the rush finally died down and he dropped down from the push up bar, he was feeling something very strange indeed. It was tough for him to put his finger on it at first. It was a strange pressure around his legs and groin, but all it took was a look in the mirror to put two and two together. His shorts were getting incredibly tight on his bulking frame! Russel was amazed at what he saw. During his brief stint on the pull up bar he had gone from twink to twunk! He went from a lean, cut, swimmer’s build to having a thick body that would grace the cover of a fitness magazine. He had quads that would amaze a quarterback! His formerly airy running shorts now dug into his thick thighs, but it wasn’t just his muscles that were filling his briefs to the brim. It was plain to see that his dick had grown as well. Russel could only stand and stare in awe at the outline of his own cock and balls that now pressed so hard against the front of his shorts that he could see the very shape and size of them. He could scarcely believe that thick set of sausage and eggs was his! He had a schlong that had to be closing in on a foot long and every bit as thick as his wrist and a pair of softball sized stones to match! It was hard to believe that just mere moments ago he had had trouble filling out his jock strap. Now he looked like he’d be spilling out in the very near future. Russel couldn’t wait to work out more and grow even larger. He already had the body of his dreams, but still, he wanted to be even bigger, and if the loading bar was any indication he had a ways to go yet. Russel didn’t want to waste any time moving onto the next exercise and getting any bigger. He turned and set up shop at the very next station his eyes fell upon – the pull downs. Russel sat down on the seat and glanced up at the bar above his head. Despite how swole he was looking, he was still pretty much a newbie when it came to working out so he was glad to see that there were guide marks on the bar telling him where to place his hands for ideal results. Russel wasted no time getting to work. He placed his hands where the marks said to and began to pull down on the bar until his hands were even with his thick pecs. He was amazed how easily the bar came down. He hadn’t even bothered changing the weights on it before he began working out, and the guy who had been using this station before him was one of the biggest bros at the gym! Russel could now hit the weights with the best of them and then some! And at the rate things were going he was soon going to dwarf even the biggest musclehead the gym had ever seen. Just imagining what it would be like to be so huge got his huge cock to stir to life in his undersized shorts. His semi was straining hard against the fabric of his too-tiny running shorts. He could already tell that one way or the other something was going to have to give. His shorts were reaching their breaking point in more ways than one, and as he pulled down on the bar over and over again he could actually feel himself getting bigger and thicker by the moment. He could actually hear the sound of his shorts straining against his thickening brawn. The sound of straining fabric just spurred him on to work even harder and reach new amazing sizes. He couldn’t wait to see what he would look like when he finally filled the loading bar. Russel was so fixated on his pull downs and his shorts that he hadn’t even noticed what was going on with his shirt. By the time he finished his reps on the pull-down station and returned once more to the mirrors to check his progress he was in for quite a shock. His once far-too-huge shirt was now looking a few sizes too small. The fabric of his muscle shirt strained across his thick pecs and his sculpted abs. The straps of the shirt now rested firmly in the groove between the thick mounds of his delts around his neck and the bulging mass of his traps around his shoulders, but perhaps what was even more amazing was how much his thick lats spilled out the sides of his open-sided muscle shirt. His wings had grown so thick that they would have shredded clean through the sides of his shirt had his shirt not already been open on the sides to accommodate it, but as amazing as his torso had become, it was hard for him to keep his eyes off the improvements below the belt. Russel’s cock was beyond huge at this point. He put even the most ridiculously hung porn star to shame. His dick was looking more like a third leg which each passing moment. His junk was so massive that it didn’t even fit in his shorts anymore. His package rested on the fabric of his shorts as if using them as a hammock instead of actually fitting inside his shorts. Only the tip of his melon-sized cock head actually fit inside his shorts, and his basketball sized stones were even less contained. With how huge his dick had become it was a miracle that any of it could fit in his shorts, and that was saying nothing of his jock strap. His strap had been a bit roomier than his shorts to begin with, but it was still a miracle that it held his bait and tackle in place as well as they did. The red fabric of the front pouch of his jock strap was so strained that it had taken on a sheer, pink texture. The color of his cock and ball flesh was starting to show through. Russel didn’t waste too much time ogling his new size in the mirror. If the loading bar on his shirt was any indication, he still had plenty more growing to do. He was already larger than the biggest bodybuilder in the gym, and he was still just shy of the 50% mark on his loading bar. Russel next made his way over to the squat rack to do some squats. He loaded the bar down with every weighted plate he could get his hands on. The bar was so heavily loaded by the time that he was done that the metal bar actually started to bend and warp under the sheer weight of the plates. Russel figured that that would be a good enough starting point and proceeded to load the bar onto his shoulders and squat down low. He made it halfway through the first squat when a loud, rending sound split the air. His over-stuffed pants had reached their limit and then some. His body was already too big for his britches, but bending down was the final nail in the coffin. His shorts split open clean down the back leaving his big, beefy ass exposed to ass to see. Russel quickly stood back up and set the weight bar back on the rack. The sheer weight of the bar caused the entire gym to rumble. Russel glanced at his reflection once again in the mirror and realized that his shorts were beyond ruined. They were doing more harm than good at this point, and it’s not like he was ever going to fit into them again, so he reached down and unceremoniously ripped them clean off. The waistband snapped with ease leaving him clad in just his shirt, his strap, and his sneakers. With his shorts no longer interfering, Russel once again set to work on his squats. He once again shouldered the weighted bar and squatted down low. He was amazed at how light the bar felt. He had apparently packed on even more muscles during even just the short interlude. The lightness didn’t bother him though. If anything, it spurred him on to work out even harder to grow even larger. He squatted down low and stood back up over and over again while eyeing his reflection in the mirror. He was enamored with how his muscles flexed and rippled with each rep, but there was something else that caught his eye too. With each squat, his hefty nuts came ever closer to touching the floor, and it wasn’t because he was squatting lower. He could actually see his cock and balls getting bigger with each rep! He soon reached the point where he squatted down low and his nuts touched the floor, but he didn’t stop there. He went again and again, squatting down and standing up, and each time he watched as his nuts reached the floor sooner and sooner in each rep. He soon reached a point where his beachball sized nuts were so massive that they reached the floor halfway through his squats and sat there as he finished his motion. Russel was amazed that his strap had held on so long. The fabric was so strained that it had become nearly see-through. Rips and tears had spread through the fabric giving large, uninhibited glimpses as the bare cock and ball flesh tucked away beneath. By the time Russel had finally had his fill of the squat rack, his jockstrap had more than had its fill of his cock and balls! The fabric of the front pouch split wide open, causing his cock and balls to spill out. Russel stared in awe as his dangly bits spilled forth. He had known his junk was huge, but the pouch had hidden just how huge they really were! His beachball sized nuts dangled down to his shins, and the head of his cock rested solidly on the ground at his feet. He had more than a third leg! His cock was not only longer but thicker than his impressively thick thighs as well. His dick nearly rivaled his thick, sculpted midriff for sheer girth! Russel placed the bar back on the rack one final time and took another moment to admire how huge he had become. His torso was sur burly that his muscle shirt was having trouble adjusting. The front of the shirt had become nearly completely swallowed by the dense chasm between his massive, meaty pecs. Only the loading bar, which was now stretched taut across his top row of abs, could be seen. Russel smirked at his progress. He was already so massive, and yet he was barely 60% done? He couldn’t wait to see how much larger he would become. Russel grabbed a pair of the largest dumbbells he could find and took a seat at one of the benches near the free weights. The bench groaned under his massive, muscular bulk, but held its ground. Russel glanced down and smirked at his bare cock and balls which now rested solidly on the ground at his feet before he hoisted the pair of dumbbells up over his shoulders and began to lift them above his head. He quickly settled into a routine of lifting the dumbbells up over his head and then bringing them back down to around his shoulders, but there was something slightly offer. He was getting so massive now that his muscles were getting in the way! The bulge of his traps around his shoulders made it hard for him to raise his arms straight up, and the bulge of his delts around his neck was so thick that the dumbbell kept bumping into it when he returned his arms to the low position. Eventually his traps got so huge that the his could only lift his arm to a 45-degree angle. He figured by that point that it was time to move onto a new exercise. When Russel stood up to move onto the next exercise he was in for a shock… two shocks, actually. First of all, his lats had grown so much during his brief stint doing shoulder presses that he couldn’t even lower his arms all the way! He lowered his arms as low as they would go, and he looked like he should be saying “Welcome to Chili’s”, but the lack of mobility didn’t bother him. If anything, it got him even more worked up. His already semi-boned cock got even harder than before which brought his attention to the second thing which shocked him. His cock had grown even more! He had sort of assumed that once he had lost the pouch of his jockstrap the growth would stop. After all, his jock strap was now less of a strap and more of a belt that barely wrapped around his swelling hips, but the Enhance brand strap hadn’t stopped enhancing his junk! Even now that he was standing straight up, his nuts rested heavily on the floor at his feet, and his semi-boned cock jutted a few feet out in front of him. He could scarcely believe his eyes. His semi was as thick as his midriff, bulging obliques and all! Even as awed by his own body as he was, Russel couldn’t help but notice how eerily quiet the gym had become. For the first time since he had started growing he looked around the room at the others who occupied the gym with him. All eyes were glued to him and his massive muscles and cock. There were a wide range of emotions displayed in those eyes. Jealousy. Wonder… Lust. Just seeing how hot and bothered the other gym-goers were got Russel even more worked up than before. His semi soon reached rock hard status and then some. His massive cock was so hard it was dribbling pre onto the rubberized floor of the gym weight room. Russel was already so massive that it was getting tough to move, but he couldn’t quit now – not when he was so close to maxing out his download bar, and definitely not when he had such an eager audience to please. The question was, what to do next? He had already gone through every exercise on his list, and he doubted he could even fit on most of the gym stations. That was when an idea popped into his head. At his size, he didn’t need gym stations. He was his own station. All he needed was himself and the two barbells he still had in his hands. All eyes were on him as he moved his massive, nearly-nude form into position. He leaned forward so that his enormous cock was resting on the ground in front of him and then laid down directly on top of it. His dick was so massive that while straddling it as he currently was, his feet could barely reach the ground below him and the tip of his dick reached so far forward that his chin rested comfortably on the puffy glans. Once he was happily in position, Russel set to work on his next exercise. He dropped his hands as low as they could go until he was nearly hugging his fat cock and then raised his arms back up until his arms were spread wide by his sides. The murmur of approval from the crowd made it clear they were enjoying the show. Russel could only imagine what they must be seeing though. With his body as exposed as it currently was, there was no doubt his enormous muscles were rippling with each motion, but that wasn’t all. Russel could feel his cock getting thicker between his legs. He could feel the head of his dick poking further and further forward with each fly he completed, and that was saying nothing of his nuts and muscles. He couldn’t see his nuts to check on them, and he had no way of checking his loading bar either. He just had to trust the invigorating rush that was flowing through him to prove that he was still getting larger and larger. Soon Russel reached a point where his chin no longer rested on the spongy head of his cock. His dick had grown so massive that the tip of it poked out past his own head by several inches, and yet it was still growing. As Russel continued his reps he became aware of something interesting. It was getting tougher and tougher to complete a fly. His arms just wouldn’t go all the way back down. At first, he chalked it up to just his cock getting too fat for him to wrap his arms around, but he eventually began to realize that there was something else at work. Part of him wanted to continue his reps, but the curiosity was getting the better of him. He had to see with his own eyes and verify his suspicions. He awkwardly propped himself up and hopped off of his own cock and turned to stare into his own reflection. Sure enough, it was just as he had suspected. His pecs were now so massive that they impeded his ability to bring his arms together. Russel couldn’t believe how massive he had become. He couldn’t believe that he had been a stick when he had walked into the gym this afternoon. Now he was easily five times wider than he had been before. His broad shoulders were so wide he wouldn’t be able to get through a normal doorway without shifting his weight around, and that was saying nothing of his cock which was every bit as thick as his broad, barrel chest, and then there were his nuts which were each about as large as a Lay-Z-Boy recliner. His pecs were the size of mattresses. His individual abs were so huge that each one bulged out like basketballs. His biceps alone were bigger than his whole head, and his quads were as thick as oak trees! And yet, as massive as he was, he could still see himself steadily creeping up in size. Russel knew he had to be reaching the end of his growth. He was already so massive that he was having trouble moving, and yet he didn’t want it to end just yet. Unfortunately, he couldn’t read the loading bar on his shirt. His shirt had been completely swallowed by his pecs. He awkwardly fumbled as best he could with the fabric and tried to pull his shirt out from underneath his pecs so he could read the loading bar, and to his surprise, when he finally did get a chance to read it, the bar was nearly complete! This was about as big as he would get? On one hand he was glad he wouldn’t grow to immobility, but on the other hand, the rush of getting larger and larger was too great to be ignored. Part of him wanted to keep going. Part of him wanted to get even larger than before. He didn’t care if he outgrew the whole gym! A telltale ding came from his shirt to alert him that the download had been completed. For better or worse, this was his new size. Russel wasn’t too bummed out about it though. He was bigger than he ever dreamed possible. He couldn’t wait to show his new bulk to all his friends on campus, but first things first… he needed to rinse off some of the funk from the powerlifting he had done. He put up the barbells and made his way towards the locker rooms for a quick shower. Russel stopped off by his locker briefly to put up his clothes. He had to pull and tug at his shirt to get it unstuck from between his massive muscles, and when he finally did remove it he had to chuckle at what had become of it. The shirt was so badly stretched out that it looked more like a series of spaghetti straps than an actual shirt. Next came the jockstrap, or what was left of it anyway. That part came off much easier than the shirt. All he had to do was shimmy it down across his thick thighs and then step out of them. With that off, all that was left was to kick off his shoes, which he did with ease. It was strange. He had been pretty much bare-assed naked for half of his gym set, but somehow shedding the last few tatters of his clothes left him feeling awkward and exposed. He never was the most outgoing guy, and he had always been afraid of showering in public like this. He had to remind himself that he was no longer a little shrimp with something to hide. He was massive! He had the muscles of a god and the cock of a whale! He had nothing to hide anymore. It didn’t take long for him to psyche himself up and make his way towards the showers. He was not too surprised to find that he was too large to fit into any of the stalls. He was so huge that he couldn’t even get just his dick into one of them! Still, he wasn’t so quick to be discouraged. There was a showerhead on the side of the wall that was out in the open. It was obviously designed for those who were going to hit the pool and just needed to hose off real quick while still in their suits, but it worked just fine for Russel’s purposes. He shimmied his bulk towards the showerhead, turned the knob, and then did his best to soak up underneath the flow, but he was so massive he could only get small parts of him wet at a time, and that was saying nothing of lathering up. There was no way he could reach his arms around his cock to wash it, and his backside was even harder to reach! Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about what to do for long. He soon felt the warm touch of a wet washrag against his bare skin. Russel glanced over to see one of his admirers from the gym had made the journey into the showers with him. It was hard to believe how tiny the guy looked. He was without a doubt one of the burliest bros Russel had ever seen before, but even this guy looked puny next to Russel’s new mass. Russel didn’t know what to say. Part of him wanted to thank the guy for stepping in to help out, but at the same time he felt kind of weird having someone rubbing him down like this. Fortunately, the new arrival didn’t seem to be too keen on conversation. His eyes were glued to Russel’s enormous pecs. The guy ran the soapy cloth across Russel’s massive pectoral muscle and sensually stroked the thick mass of brawn. Russel’s pecs were so massive that the guy couldn’t even reach all the way across to wash both pecs. The best he could do was focus on the one closer to him. He’d have to walk around to the other side if he wanted to have any hope of washing Russel’s another pec, but for the time being he was content just to wash half of Russel’s front. The suds cascaded down Russel’s pecs and coursed through the deep trenches of his sculpted cum-gutters before reaching his crotch and dripping off his cock and down his immense nuts before splattering onto the tiled floor below, but soapy water wasn’t all that was splattering onto the floor. Russel was trying to keep a level head as he focused on soaping up the parts of his body he could actually reach, but the sensual rubbing from his new friend was getting him even more hot and bothered than he already was. His rock-hard cock was drooling pre so fast that it rivaled the showerhead for sheer output. Pre oozed out from the tip of his supersized cock head and down onto the floor, and things were only going to get even steamier in the showers. Another set of hands soon found their way towards Russel’s enormous body. This time the hands fixated on his backside, and Russel could only assume that the owner of said hands was just as enrapt as the Russel’s first helper. Try as he might though, Russel could not catch a glimpse of the guy behind him. He just couldn’t turn around enough to look behind him, but he was fine with letting his new helper remain anonymous. The mystique just added to his arousal. Russel soon found himself so hot and bothered that his cock was shuddering with joy as the new arrival soaped down his backside. By the time the newcomer had reached down low enough to start massaging Russel’s massive ass, Russel was so close to cumming that he had to try his hardest to tune out the sensations that were overcoming his senses. Having two helpers was almost more than Russel could take, but soon he had yet another newcomer working over his enormous mass. This guy didn’t seem interested in Russel’s muscles though. Russel could only watch in awe as another cute gym jock strode towards him. Even before this newcomer began soaping down a part of Russel’s enormous brawn, Russel knew exactly where he was going to focus his efforts. The guy’s gaze never left Russel’s enormous cock even for a second. The look in his eyes was even hornier than Russel felt! Russel half expected the guy to start washing his cock with his tongue, but instead the guy soon joined in the other two helpers in lathering up Russel’s body with a washcloth and soap. Russel stared in hormone addled awe as the guy stared down Russel’s enormous cock head, a cock head which eclipsed the dude’s entire torso! The guy silently went about his business as he soaped up and stroked down the spongy tip of Russel’s cock. Just feeling how tiny the dude’s hands felt against his cock drove Russel even crazier than before, and the feeling of the dude’s hands sliding under his foreskin to stroke around the fringes of swollen cock head. Russel almost came right then and there. It was only by sheer force of will that he kept himself from dousing the new arrival in a torrential spurt of spunk. Although, judging by the devious glint in the guy’s eyes, Russel wouldn’t doubt that the dude was hoping for just such a shower. Russel’s mind was almost as foggy as the steamy showers as the three guys works over their respective portions of Russel’s colossal body. Guy A had shifted sides and was now working over Russel’s other pec and the other half of his abs and occasionally even dropping a hand low enough to caress Russel’s inner thigh – the guy’s hand wedged tightly between Russel’s thick quads and enormous cock and ball sack as he did so. Guy B had gotten more adventuresome in his worship and cleansing of Russel’s backside and was now giving Russel’s meaty ass a washing he would never forget. Russel was a very hygienic guy, but even had never spent so much time scrubbing the crevasse between his butt cheeks before. Russel was sure he had even felt a tongue in there amidst the lathers and strokes of the washcloth. Meanwhile, Guy C had gotten even more hands on than he was before. He had climbed onto Russel’s cock as if it was a roadhouse mechanical bull. The guy used his entire, soap-covered body to rub and lather Russel’s cock which dwarfed the dude in terms of sheer girth. Even in terms of length, Russel’s dick had a few inches on the guy’s whole body. It was all too much for Russel to take. Dude A stroking his muscles so tenderly, Dude B massaging his ass, balls, and taint so fervently, Dude C gyrating and grinding his whole body against Russel’s cock so erotically, it all worked together to send him over the edge. Russel tried to hold back, but all he managed to do was forestall the coming torrent long enough to let out a loud, low groan. His moan echoed through the misty showers, and then cum erupted from his colossal cock. Russel was so lost in the ecstasy of his own colossal climax that he couldn’t even comprehend what was happening around him. For all he knew everything faded away into the fog of the steamy showers, but he wasn’t the only one in the throes of orgasm. His three attendants had cum as well. Each one without so much as laying a hand on their own cocks. The group came and came again and again, but the trio of attendant’s loads seemed inconsequential next to the flood of spunk that erupted from Russel’s gigantic cock. After a mere two spurts, there was a standing pool of spunk up to Russel’s ankles, and he was nowhere near done draining his nuts. By the time he was finally spent, the thick layer of spooge had seeped out of the showers, into the locker room, and even out into the gym lobby. The four guys slumped down in an exhausted, post-coital haze and basked in the afterglow and the warm sprinkle from the showerhead. Eventually, Russel’s attendants had recovered enough to continue their work, but Russel took much longer to come to his senses. He was only vaguely aware that the three of them were still rubbing him down, and by the time he had mostly come to his senses, his body had been once more washed and was free from spunk. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for much of the locker room. Russel staggered his way back towards the locker room and over towards his locker. He soon realized a small problem that he had not taken into account during his growth – he now had no clothes to wear! His gym shorts were a tattered wreck. They were useless to him even if he wasn’t too huge to wear him, and he hadn’t brought anything else to wear home – not that anything he owned would even fit him anymore. Even the muscle shirt he had been given by his friend which had once been the largest garment he owned was now far, far too tiny for him. He figured he could maybe force it on over his bulky brawn, but what then? The thing would be so stretched out that it would appear to be little more than spaghetti straps. Russel stared down at the stretched-out garment in bemused fascination. He could hardly believe that this little bit of fabric had completely transformed his life and his body. He had gone from the smallest shrimp to the biggest bodybuilder in the span of an hour! He was even bigger than the biggest bodybuilder by a huge margin! Russel was just about to shove the stretched-out ribbons of a shirt back into his locker when he noticed something odd. The loading bar had vanished! It instead had been replaced by what looked to be a pop-up window. Russel unraveled the shirt as best he could and stared in awe at the new message on the fabric. “A New Update is Ready to be Installed” it read.
  8. brstealth13

    m/m The Manly Connection

    Part 1 It was a clear, humid August afternoon on the Dan Jensen’s life changed forever. Soon to be a senior in college, Dan had returned home for a couple weeks before the beginning of his final year in school while he was between leases. Life was good; in only 14 short days, he would hop on a plane back across the country to move into an aweesome 2 bedroom apartment with his friend since freshman year, Alex. In the meantime, he was home, and today, Dan had plans to hang out with his other friend from freshman year, of high school this time, Brendan. Dan, around 150 lbs, 5’10”, was super excited to see Brendan. Though they maintained their close friendship even as they attended different colleges hundreds of miles away, Dan had been coming home less and less often during the summers between semesters. This year, though, Brendan had just moved into a new house he was renting near the local state college he attended, with a friend Dan had heard stories of but had never met, Cedric Martinez. Dan was sitting alone in his parents’ kitchen, fanning himself with a magazine on this blazing August day. Across the counter, his phone quietly buzzed and lit up. He answered it. ”Hey B,” said Dan. ”Yoooo dude what is up! You’re finally back yeah?” replied Brendan. ”Yeah, as of this morning.” ”And you’re only here for what, 2 weeks right? Man we gotta catch up! It’s been so long and you haven’t even seen the new place yet, you gotta come check it out.” ”Yeah man, I do. You free this afternoon?” ”Hell yes my dude. My housemate Cedric‘s gone for the day helping his family garden or some shit. I think he’s gonna come back after dinner. You wanna stay for a while? I’ll have him pick up some brews and we can game or something.” Already bored after only a few hours at home, Dan was stoked. “Sounds awesome. Lemme get some shit together so I can stay the night. I know how much beer you always make me drink.” He put the phone between his shoulder and ear and started up to his bedroom, grabbing a backpack and throwing clean clothes and underwear in it. ”Say dude, I was gonna get a workout in this afternoon, you wanna join? I remember you were saying you’ve been pumpin’ iron lately. I’ll give you a great workout!” Brendan suggested. ”Yeah sounds legit,” Dan answered. The two hammered out their plans and Dan finished getting ready, texted a note to his dad, and left in the car his parents agreed to loan him for his time back home. Dan was always a wiry guy, but he had been trying to bulk up for some time, both to feel better about his own body image, but also to hopefully impress the ladies. He had never had much luck with them - and he figured being a skinny 5’10” 145 lb guy didn’t help. Gaining muscle, or any weight in general, was tough for him. Though he had made a little progress and was up to 155 lb these days, he barely had any definition and had a hard time staying motivated. Maybe Brendan could help, though. Based on the pictures he saw on his Facebook, Dan could tell Brendan had rocketed up in mass over the past few months. He pulled up to the white house on the hill as the GPS computer voice informed he’d reached his destination. The house wasn’t too large, but had a long driveway which turned left behind the house to a garage well hidden in the house’s back yard. There, he saw the garage door open and his friend Brendan standing in it with a dumbbell in each hand. Dan stepped out of the car as Brendan turned to greet his friend. “Broooo! You couldn’t wait for me?” said Dan. ”Dan the man, it’s been way too long!” Brendan set the dumbbells down to give his best bud a hug hello. Although it has been some time since they last saw each other, Brendan had packed on some serious muscle. He was wearing short black athletic shorts and a homemade cutoff shirt. His biceps bulged out of the wide holes on the sides of the shirt, smooth, tanned, and bursting with muscle. Dan’s gaze lingered on his friend’s pecs, which were enormous globes of muscle jugging out into a shelf of pure manliness, pushing the shirt tightly outward and exposing a glimpse at Brendan’s sculpted tan body through the huge armholes of the shirt. He lifted his left arm high above his head, stretching as he led Dan into the garage turned home gym, exposing a bushy mass of tangled armpit fur, and leaking out a fierce musky odor. Brendan was everything Dan had wanted to be. He had the body of Dan’s dreams- but how? After all, only about a year ago, the two guys stood in Brendan’s parents basement, also working out, but looking much more similar to each other. They vowed back then to keep trying to bulk up.... but while Brendan had accomplished his goals and then some, Dan was left in the dust, still a relatively skinny guy. ”Alright dude. Let’s get started. I’ve got a chest and bicep day planned out for us. It’s pretty tough so let me know how you’re feeling and we can take a break,” Brendan said. Though the garage was a little small, it boasted an impressive collection of workout equipment. Over in the corner was a power rack fitted with a barbell, a bench, and several heavy weights. There were more dumbbells and a couple of other benches off to the side where Brendan led them first. Behind all this, up against the wall, were several large blue gym mats. ”You guys really tricked this place out!” Dan smiled, selecting a modest 20 lb dumbbell to start doing bicep curls with. “Yeah man, thanks! The mats are Cedric’s, he’s into wrestling. He’s been showing me a little bit here and there.... thinking I might do some rec league in the fall.” Dan and Brendan continued the small talk as the latter showed Dan each exercise and gave him tips on his form. As they went on, Dan started thinking more and more about Brendan’s massive rise in size. Could Brendan have been juicing? Maybe this Cedric guy was a bad influence on him. Still, his friend didn’t seem any different, personality wise. Maybe a little more confident, but how could he not be with guns like those? About 40 minutes in, the head was starting to get oppressive. The two guys were already sweating profusely and finally made the call to ditch their shirts. As Brendan peeled off his drenched cutoff, a massive wave of his manly stench hit Dan’s senses like a wall. It was disgusting, sure. But weirdly, a part of Dan’s brain kind of likes the smell. He didn’t process it as the sort of funky, stinky BO that you often think of. Instead, it was more of a musk. Like a manly, testosterone laced pheromone. Dan was immediately jealous but increasingly obsessed with this smell- questions about it swirling in his head, like, “how can I enjoy this so much?” but more importantly, “how can I make myself smell this way?” and “how can I get more of this without Brendan knowing?” Finally they wrapped up their last set and Brendan led Dan inside. “That was awesome dude,” said Dan. “Holy hell you put on so much beef!” he jokingly, but deep down, seriously, flirted, grabbing at his friends sweat slick pecs. Brendan smiled. “You’ll get there.” They entered the house through the back screen door, which led into a small laundry room. Dan spied a wrestling singlet hanging up to dry and several pairs of jockstraps next to it, as Brendan led him into a hallway which opened up into the living room and kitchen area. For a house occupied by two college guys, it was surprisingly clean and well decorated. The living room had a large leather sectional and huge flat screen tv accompanied by the latest in video games. Across the room, the kitchen was separated from a small dining area by a low counter stacked with appliances and workout supplements. Brendan put his preworkout from earlier away and started making Dan and himself two protein shakes. As he finished with the blender and poured two tall glasses of thick white protein, Brendan roared, “Damn it’s hot! I’m sorry man, I gotta get cool somehow.” Brendan ungracefully pulled down his black shorts, sticky with sweat, revealing his bare, sculpted calves to Dan. More importantly, and shockingly to Dan, Brendan was wear a skimpy white jockstrap with a gray waistband, his massive package soaked in sweat and barely contained by the fabric. Brendan’s bubble ass jutted out, too, barely contained by thin white straps. Dan’s rational, “this is wrong, my friend shouldn’t been acting this way in front of me” brain was quickly losing the battle to the curious and aroused brain. Panicked he would do something embarrassing and out of character, he stammered, “Hey, maybe we should hit the shower?” He quickly gulped down some cold protein shake and held the bottle awkwardly down in front of his crotch to try to cover his stiffening tent in his own workout shorts. ”For sure,” said Brendan. “Let me show you to the bathroom.” Dan immediately realized his miscalculation as Brendan led the way upstairs to his room, treating Dan to a full view of his jock strapped muscle ass, perfectly sculpted, smoothly shaved with just the right bit of hair sticking out of his cheeks. Dan could swear he could even see Brendan’s heavy package swaying between his and they climbed the stairs and turned to corner into Brendan’s bedroom. Dan struggled to keep his boner in check. He just had to make it a little further. Now in the bedroom, Brendan opened the door to the master bathroom and stepped inside. “I’ll just be a minute,” he said, leaving the door cracked behind him. The shower started and Dan breathed a little relief, sitting down on Brendan’s king sized bed. Only a minute later, Brendan emerged, the shower still running. “Sorry man, where are my manners? I should be letting you get clean first.” He mercifully had a towel wrapped around his waist, allowing Dan to maintain some degree of control over his stiffening cock. Dan quickly slipped by into the bathroom. He shut the door tightly behind him. The bathroom was large, with a longer counter covered with various bathroom toiletries, but one thing in particularly seemingly was calling out to Dan. There, on the counter just next to the sink and left of an electric razor in it’s charging cradle was a wet, sweaty jockstrap. Dan almost screamed at his luck that Brendan left this behind for him. He ripped off his shorts and underwear, springing free his 5” cock. He wanted to do everything to this jockstrap- smell it, wear it, rub it all over himself- he wanted to inhabit the smell entirely. He thrust it into his face, covering it completely with the sweat drenched pouch. He grabbed his cock with his other hand, firmly grasping it and letting go of his control. Lightly moaning now, he grew intoxicated by Brendan’s aroma, rubbing the jock up and down his chest, into his crotch and armpits, and back up to his face. His dick was hard as a steel rod; Dan had never felt anything like this before. He glimpsed at himself in the bathroom mirror briefly, staring into his own blue eyes and he saw his mouth covered by a jock, his short light brown hair matted down with sweat itself. Dan was so into it, now, jerking himself as he continued to inhale, fully immersed in pleasure that he failed to hear the sound of the bathroom door opening. “Well now,” said Brendan. “Looks like you’re having fun!” Dan froze. Busted. His face covered still by the jock, he hid behind it in shame as he turned in the direction of his friend’s voice. Slowly, and with great fear, he lowered it and opened his eyes to see Brendan, a mountain of muscle, standing before him with his hands on his hips and a rock hard, 10” long, nearly 2” wide cock of his own. ”Come here you little stud,” Brendan said. Dan leapt into his arms, now fully encased in a muscly grip. Brendan presses his forehead against Dan and held his face between his massive hands. “So you like what you smell, huh boy?” Dan nodded. Brendan’s cock just barely grazed up against Dan’s. “Well let’s have some fun,” he grunted. Brendan plunged his mouth onto Dan’s, kissing him passionately. For Dan, who had never before done this with a guy, the feeling of Brendan’s tongue in his mouth felt strange. Though he had kissed women before, Brendan was more aggressive, more forceful. Dan felt like he could relax for one, and let the bigger man have his way with him. He closed his eyes and let Brendan begin to take control even more, as Brendan brought the full weight of his muscular body against Dan, pushing him backwards against the tile wall of the bathroom. Brendan slurped his tongue in Dan’s mouth, releasing only to playfully taunt him. “I could tell you were squirming at the sight of me even when we were working out.” Brendan reached down and grabbed Dan’s cock, feeling its modest warm length. “Not terrible,” he said slyly. “But it’s hard to understand why you’d be called ‘Dan the Man’ with a piece like this. “Me on the other hand...” He grabbed his own cock and aligned its shaft with Dan’s, proving it was nearly twice as long. Dan loved feeling the length of his cock pressed fully against his friend’s hot meaty schlong. For Brendan, this was an incredible display of dominance; to so clearly impress his larger endowment against Dan’s made him swell with bestial masculine pride. He wrapped his hand around both cocks and began jerking together. Dan, now feeling the entire weight and body hear of Brendan’s muscled frame, returned his attention to the musky smell that got him into this in the first place. Now, with his face positioned just next to Brendan’s pit, he smelled an even greater concentration of testosterone laced pheromones being emitted from Brendan’s hairy armpit. He meekly pushed Brendan’s bicep upward and tilted his head toward the pit, putting his face right next to the faucet, so to speak. “Oh, you like that, do you? Yeah, you loved my jock, ya little freak,” moaned Brendan. “Why not go right to the source though?” He pulled away from Dan now, grabbing the smaller man’s shoulders and pushing him down to his knees. Now face to face with Brendan’s crotch, Dan nearly whimpered in excitement. “You want to smell my crotch, dude?” grunted Brendan. Dan nodded. “No, I wanna hear you say it, dude. Little straight boy Dan, you want daddy Brendan’s cock?” This evidently was enough goading to get Dan to completely share his thoughts on Brendan. “Fuck yeah dude. The minute I saw you I had to know what my bro from high school had been up to. I’m fuckin’ jealous dude. A year ago we were right there at the same stats as each other and you just exploded. And I don’t know what the hell you awakened in me, but I fucking NEED this. I want to BE you but I want to feel everything you have to give too. Now give me that fucking man meat.” Dan lunged forward as Brendan thrust his cock into Dan’s face, smearing the whole length of his meaty tool all over Dan’s wanting cheek and face. The smell was intoxicating; but Dan was starting to get the taste, too. He wrapped his lips around Brendan, fully feeling dominated in the process. He wondered how Brendan must feel, using him like this. On his end, he loved feeling submissive for once. Feeling like his entire purpose was to serve Brendan’s masculine primal urges. As Brendan thrust his cock further into Dan’s throat, he fell into a rhythm of slobbering and sucking deeply on his friend’s 10 incher. Sweet, but salty precum began to leak into his mouth as Dan gagged deeper and deeper on cock, jerking himself feebly in the process. He felt Brendan’s cock pulsing and throbbing, getting closer and closer to emptying the load from his full balls all over and into Dan. God, what would the load feel like, he thought. He tried to imagine it - it would be like the ultimate domination, being sprayed and coated with Brendan’s essence. Would he ever be big enough or manly enough to return the favor? Brendan had done it, so could he? As he thought about this, Brendan quietly slipped his cock out of Dan’s mouth. Brendan started jerking, pointing his tool right at Dan’s open mouth. “Dan dude,” he said seriously. “I cum a lot. Like.... a freakish amount. Just a warning.” Dan nodded and jerked himself off too, the anticipation of Brendan’s “freakish” load weighing heavy in his mind. Maybe it would be- But the floodgates opened right there. Brendan howled, roared, grunted, all at once, unleashing a torrent of cum straight at the ready and willing Dan. A few shots hit him straight in the mouth, some going down his throat and the rest dribbling down his chin and onto his chest. It felt awesome, of course- hot, thick, and of course, bearing the same musky smell as all the rest of Brandon. Dan felt shot after shot fly off Brendan’s cock, getting everywhere; into his mouth, on his chest, on the floor and even onto Dan’s own cock as he jerked. He lost count by now- what was it, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen?! His mind descended into bliss, his own cock slick with saliva and Brendan’s cum, finally shooting his own load onto the floor as his body crumpled under fatigue and bliss into the puddle of cum on the bathroom floor. “Fuck, Dan,” said Brendan, spent and breathing heavily. “Well, now you’re a part of it too.”
  9. quickquezzed

    penis-growth grUV

    So, this is my very first story. Thought I'd crack one out, while I'm waiting for my new job to start. Strangely it's more cock growth orientated than muscle growth, as muscle-growth was my original fetish. But there is muscle growth, and should it be worth continuing, there will be plenty more! So, please give constructive criticism and/or praise. Mainly praise. Basically just tell me it's awesome. But honestly, any feedback is appreciated, and should I have enough interest and then time, I may try to continue it. Title may be confusing: grUV - pronounced "groovy". Short for growth: ultra-violet. Which is a teaser for the basis of the growth. But enough waffle, here is: Chapter 1 Wow. What a night. I awoke with a slow grogginess that so often accompanies a night out clubbing down the bay with Dave. Thankfully we don’t have far to walk back, as he has a boat out in the harbour, docked out at sea. Nevertheless, the fact you have to use one of the numerous row boats to row out to it is always hilarious, especially when you’re as drunk as we were. “Ok?” What. I stared blankly, my eyes trying to focus, and take in what had awoken me. “I said, I’m rowing back into harbour to get some food for us all from town.” “Us all?” I croaked back. “Yeah, you, me and Brad.” “Brad?” “That guy I tried to introduce you to at the club. I’ve always said he can crash on the boat if he doesn’t feel like getting the last train back to his place. Looks like he took me up on my offer again, and rowed himself over at some point last night.” Dave explained. I had a vague memory of the cabin door banging open, and waking me in the middle of the night, and seeing a silhouette of a man, as he flopped onto some cushioning on the other side. I couldn’t remember meeting anyone specific at the club, we talked to a lot of people, and all I saw last night was a biggish shadow fall onto the bed near me, I couldn’t make out any discernible features. Nevertheless, I was in no mood to push for details, so simply responded with, “Cool”. “Yeah. He’s already up and gone for a swim. Maniac. Anyway, I’ll be quick as I can, but be nice. You were definitely too out of it to properly get to know him last night.” With that Dave went to the stern and hopped overboard into one of the two rowboats tied to his boat. I lay a while longer, grabbed a bottle of water, did a few stretches, and after a few minutes, felt well enough to venture out of the cabin and into the summer sun. I was just wearing underwear and shorts from last night, so I felt the heat of the sun immediately on my body. It was nice, but blinding. When my eyes adjusted, I looked out to the water, and caught sight of what must’ve been Brad swimming pretty fast back and forth. I took a seat at the starboard side of the bow, so I could face out to sea and watch him. After a few minutes he paused, and looked over to the boat. I gave a very unenergetic wave, but he responded, and began to make his way over to the boat. He heaved himself up onto the boat and for the first time I got a good look at him. The size of the shadow I glimpsed last night did not do him justice. The water trailed off his traps as his torso rose ever higher as he hauled himself up. He gripped the railings harder and pushed himself up, two triceps exploding to life as he did. He then swung a massive leg over the railing, and it landed with a heavy splash on the decking. He flashed me a smile as he began pulling himself to his full height. He had short dark hair which flowed beautifully into full stubble that lined his masculine jaw. His skin was a glowing olive, all of which offset a pair of blue eyes that sparkled like the sea that was still dripping off him. I watched a drop slowly begin descending from his neck. It travelled down the valley between two meaty pecs, and I continued to follow it as it meandered between his six abs. As it fell further, my eyes landed on his crotch. He was wearing just a red speedo. It was dark but shiny from having just been in the water. It looked a size too big for him, being quite wrinkly rather than hanging tightly on him. I assumed he was a bit of a modest fellow who didn’t want to draw attention, or maybe he lost weight recently. But I couldn’t dwell on my thoughts much longer, as he was standing fully upright now, had turned to face me, and said “Hey Stranger, the name’s Brad!”. I introduced myself and gestured for him to sit down just across from me on the other side of the bow. This gave me a great view of him as he sat down opposite me. He leant back against the railing, lying at almost 45˚, exposing his muscular torso to the sun. He brought up his left leg onto the cushioning and leaned his left elbow on it as he supported his head, commenting on how he was still feeling the effects of last night’s drinks. His bicep flexed and bounced up and down as he rubbed his head. His arms were huge, certainly the biggest I had seen up this close, I reckoned at least 18 inches. I empathised with his hangover, and we spoke about what we did remember from last night. He was quite a talker, but I was happy to listen. His pecs heaved when he laughed about the antics he got up to. The drips highlighted how defined and cut he was. I felt I was staring for ages. It must’ve been a while, because the sea water was beginning to dry, and left his body literally glinting in the sun. His speedos were also beginning to look lighter in colour, and I noticed also less loose. This caught my attention, but I wanted to be subtle. I kept directing open questions to him, and only answering with a yes or no to him, so he was soon lost in his stories again. I stole glances down every time he looked away, or closed his eyes to try and remember details of his night. I was right, his cock was definitely growing down there. The wrinkles of the suit began to disappear as a bulge began to form at his crotch. I could begin to see the shape of his dick as it slowly lengthened and filled the speedo out more. It also looked like his balls were expanding too, as the material of lower part also straightened out. As he rambled on, he continued to get bigger down there. His cock was lengthening and thickening; but now with the suit clinging relatively tightly to his new size, the material stopped any further advancement forward. I swear I could see the bulge kink and bend round as it still tried to thicken. This is when it suddenly dawned on me that he wasn’t getting hard. I theorised his genitals must have shrunk down a lot from his swim in the cold morning water. And now he was just warming up to his natural impressive size. However, the misshapen slowly growing bulge looked uncomfortable; and it must’ve been, as while he was still talking, he very nonchalantly pulled the waistband away from his body and bucked his hips. His cock lurched forward and down as it unfolded and grew into the new available space. As he let the speedo snap back onto his body, it now hugged a very impressive round sexy bulge, perfectly filling the perfectly-sized tight red suit. I figured he must be a healthy 5 to 6 inches soft, and pretty thick. Which was quite a pleasant unexpected growth from the initial practically non-existent bulge from his chilly willy I first saw. I was sure this was the case; nevertheless, I decided to test my theory. “How was the water?” I interjected when he finally wrapped up his current saga. “Not gonna lie mate, it was pretty nippy. Sun’s barely had time to warm it at all. Although an ice-cold blast does wonders for the hangover.” He replied. Well the sun had had time to dry him up nicely, and was now reflecting off the salt crystals peppering his chiselled torso. He was a sight to behold, and now that his crotch had stopped growing, I was finally appreciating the rest of him. And there were a lot of bulges to appreciate as they rippled from time to time soaking up the sun. “Why, you thinking of going for a dip?” He said as he stood up to get a bottle of water from the cooler Dave had on board. I watched as he rose to his 6’2” height. Turning sideways to walk across in front of me, I saw his big ass and quads tighten and marvelled as the big red bulge jiggled as he stepped. In profile it was clear just how sexily prominent his bulge was, its heft tugging on the material, showing it was in control, not the other way around. As he spun round to return to his seating position, again with one leg up, giving the bulge breathing space, I finally responded, “Perhaps I will in a bit. As you say, it might help with the headache”. “You a strong swimmer?” He continued. “Yeah, actually, in fact I was captain of my school’s swim team.” I said. “No way! Me too! Well when it wasn’t rugby season.” He replied. We began to converse about our various sporting endeavours at school. The conversation being much more two-way now that I wasn’t trying to ogle him. That being said, after several minutes, I did steal a glance down again. Seeing as he was almost displaying his bulge in that open position, it might seem weird if I keep avoiding it. My eyes quickly flicked back up to his, as I responded to his latest inquiry about which athletic events I preferred. My mouth ran off some generic answers, as my brain was pondering once again whether his speedo package was looking larger than before. I began stealing more regular glances. It was hard to tell. But when he went for a swig of water, tilting his head back, I decided to grab a longer look. I watched, it was hard to discern, but I swear I watched the whole round bulge slowly push the speedo further out as it enlarged. His head came back down, and I made sure to meet his gaze as he let out a refreshing sigh. Now, that I was curious again, I resorted to my initial tactic of getting him monologuing, so I could keep tabs on what appeared to be an ever-growing package. As he answered my barrage of questions, I was able to keep peaking down at his red speedo. I couldn’t stare long enough to visibly see any growth in action, but evidence came in another form. I started to note that wrinkles were beginning to reappear in the suit. Whereas before, the wrinkles suggested a speedo too large for him, these taut lines represented quite the opposite. Initially it was just two. Two lines stretching from each side of the suit to the middle, fading as they reached the flesh-filled pouch. However, with each glance, more wrinkle lines would appear. Four. Six. As the round bulge swelled bigger and pushed forward they continued to appear. Eight. Ten. Twelve! Again, as I was only glancing briefly, I could not see the growth, but on my most recent peek, I clocked that his bulge was almost in line with the end of the cushion now. There were soon too many wrinkles to count, and I noted that there didn’t seem to be any more room for more to form. Additionally, more of his legs were being exposed at the sides, as all the material was being pulled forward by the expanding bulge. He certainly seemed oblivious to all this going on, still chatting away about how much harder it is to play team sports outside of education. I didn’t know how much longer he couldn’t notice for though, the speedo seemed stretched to the limit. Then I heard it. It was hard to make out, as big Brad was still nattering on, but I heard what sounded like finger being dragged along the surface of an inflated balloon. I knew it must have been the fabric of the speedo straining after even more growth from his monstrous package. My theory was confirmed when my next cheeky glance down revealed that a space had been created above his muscular thighs where the material was now lifting away, pulled by what had to be about 9 inches of thick cock. I returned my attention back to Brad, had he not heard it? Apparently not, as he was still mid-sentence and continuing on like nothing happened. However, a few seconds later, I heard it again; and more prominently, as it fell between two words Brad was uttering. Brad continued speaking, but I saw a flash of shock appear in his eyes, and while talking he finally brought his leg down, and leant forward, trying to obscure my view of his bigger bulge. It worked briefly, my attention was now on his hefty pecs, making a muscular cleavage in this new hunched position, but I looked down again, and could still make out the bulge, which was now in line with end of the cushion on which he sat. Brad’s sudden fear and shift in posture must have meant he was aware of what was happening. I looked back into his eyes, waiting to see if he was going to acknowledge this weird occurrence. But he continued his story, finally finishing with a question to me. “Umm,” I murmured, then paused while I tried to actually think of what he had just asked me. But in that silence, the sound of the speedo stretching happened again. With no voice to mask it, it was clear, to us both, what had just happened. I looked to him, and we shared an intense eye contact, still in silence, still gazing into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, a huge, loud and long, fabric-wrenching sound was emitted from his crotch as the speedo strained ever further. I couldn’t help but stare down, as I was now able to clearly see the dreamy round bulge surge forth and begin to overhang the seat. It was growing so big, stretching the speedo, making it paler in colour. “Umm,” I began again, “Are you okay?” I naively asked. Brad slowly and simply leant back against the railings, and spread his legs, allowing me a full unobstructed view of his almighty size. He then grew again. I was unabashedly ogling his growing crotch. The sight, coupled with the sound of the fabric slowly losing its fight to his beastly dick, was such a turn on. “Yeah, I’m very okay.” He replied, almost laughing “You okay?”. I leant back too, “Yeah, maybe too okay!” I joked as my new posture revealed my tenting shorts. Brad laughed. “I wish I had known you were gay, I wouldn’t have been holding back otherwise!” His words were followed by three short bursts of rubbery stretching sounds as the tip of his bulge juddered bit by bit closer to the ground. “Holding back?” I questioned, “Wait, you’re not getting hard right now?” Brad laughed again. “Does this look hard to you?” He said cupping his giant package with his right hand. The round shape and way the bulge moved as its huge size overflowed his hand told me he was indeed still soft. “N.. No.” I stammered, “Bu…but, how?”. “Well, I’m guessing Dave’s suncream isn’t as water resistant as it claimed.” I stared blankly. Brad continued to explain further. “It seems when my body soaks up the sun and makes vitamin D, well, it really makes vitamin D.” His emphasis on the ‘D’ was complimented by another audible strain from his speedo, as his cock probably entered double figures in length. “Basically, when UV light hits my skin, it seems to make another hormone, as well as vitamin D, that goes to my dick and starts to make it grow. My balls too. The more light, the stronger the sun, the more skin exposed, the faster it happens. So, on a summery day like today, when I’m wearing only this, and haven’t got any protection on, well…” He trailed off, gesturing towards the now pinkish tight speedo barely containing an ever growing mass of meat. It grew again, this time the straining noise sounded a little different, almost as though a few of the fabric’s threads were beginning to snap. The change in tone made the tent in my lap bob a little higher. Brad smirked as he saw my cock trying to grow like his, but failing. He adjusted his position, rocking his hips slightly, and I gazed in awe, as the huge soft bulge continued to jiggle for a couple of seconds, which then reminded me, “Wait, you said you were holding back? …What did you mean by that?” “Yeah, you’re cute. I was trying to not get turned on. But seeing as you like…” He paused, and I heard a similar sound to the one just before, as I saw his cock jump a little, “perhaps I should stop resisting”. Suddenly a big straining sound was emitted, accompanied by some definite tearing sounds, as I saw a hardening cock shape surge forth. I could make out the outline of what was cock and what was balls now. Both hugely impressive sizes. Brad grunted and bucked his hips, and I could see the difference the erection was making to his genital growth. His cock was growing far faster than his balls as he got harder. The thick rod was pressed up against the ever-thinning material, so tight that I could make out the patterns of the veins on his dick. Especially as they continued to grow from both his arousal and his unique UV-absorbing condition. Brad moaned as another bout of rubbery straining and ripping sounds emanated from his crotch as the cock tried to lift away from his body as he got even harder. It was beginning to throb, and each pulse was accompanied by a ripping sound. I watched in lustful amazement as I saw holes beginning to appear in the speedo to the left and right of this mountainous bulge. Numerous ripping sounds continued as those strained wrinkle lines tore open into holes, allowing the speedo more slack. But it still wasn’t enough, as Brad’s cock quickly grew to fill the extra room. He was getting so big and hard, it looked around 14”. I could see most of it, as the base was exposed as his cockhead had pulled the waistband well away, and the speedo was more holes than material now. It was throbbing fast, and seemed to struggle to make that final growth it needed to burst free. Brad put both hands on the railings behind him, closed his eyes, leaned his head overboard, and then thrust. I watched as the base of his cock thickened substantially, the swelling then spread in a wave up his shaft, finally reaching his tip, which thickened too, adding that little bit of length so that a huge pop was heard as the speedo disintegrated into shreds, and a huge thick cock slapped up against his quivering abs. Brad was breathing fast, and I was dripping pre, having watched that sexy spectacle. But it wasn’t over. In fact, I guess even more skin was exposed now to the sunlight, which would only increase his growth. His cock pointed straight up and was thick and rigid, now at full mast. But as I suspected the growth continued. I watched as his two apple-sized balls seemed to fill, his cock was nudging up a little higher with each throb, hard to notice, but I could see. And very soon it drew Brad’s attention as the head dug into his pec shelf. He opened his eyes and looked down. Acknowledging the problem, he sank back down onto the cushion, and grabbed his shaft with his left hand pulled it away from his body. Fuck he was thick, his grasp not even close to encircling his cock. He then looked towards me, and pointed his cockhead in my direction and asked, “Want a taste?”. I didn’t even answer but simply moved across to him, took his monster in both my hands and pulled his cockhead into my mouth. It was a tight fit, but incredibly arousing. I slowly pulled my lips back off it, wetting the entirety of the head. I then used my tongue to lick all over his slit and glans, while my hands worked up and down what felt like a telegraph pole. I then eased the head back into my mouth, and began rhythmically bobbing my head up and down. I could feel him sliding past on all sides of my mouth as his fat head pounded the back of my throat. God, he was filling up all the space in my mouth. I then remembered he must still be growing, despite me shading part of his body. I decided to pause and hold everything in place, just so I could feel this miracle. At first, I couldn’t sense any growth. But I moved my hands together so they formed a ring around his shaft, and soon I noticed how his cock was slowly expanding, as my interlocking fingers were being pulled apart by this growing man meat. I then realised that his cockhead was now at the back of my throat, not because I had gone further down on him, but because he had grown another 2 inches in length. I noticed he was getting much thicker too, as my fingertips finally parted. His cockhead was no exception and was pushing against all sides of my mouth, allowing no passage of air. This realisation was such a turn on I almost came right there and then. But the need to breathe triumphed, and I jolted my head back, gasping, while pulling his mammoth junk from my mouth. “Well, well.” Said Brad, “Looks like you are enjoying. Perhaps we should move into the cabin before I become just too fucking big!” And with a smug grin, his cock grew up to halfway up his chest. Brad grabbed it, and began angling it down. “Open wide!” I looked at him confused and scared. How could he think that thing was going to fit in my mouth again after it just nearly choked me? “Your legs, silly!” He explained as he squatted down and slid his 18” dick under my groin. He slowly rose, pausing as he began to take my weight on his thick cock. I saw his quads bulge with dense striated muscle. After all this focus on his growing dick, I had forgotten just how hot and muscular he was. His thighs pumped up and his abs tensed, and he slowly stood up with me supported on his cock, balancing with my hands on his bulging shoulders. I could feel another dark spot of pre leaking onto my tented shorts, this was just so hot; but thankfully Brad wouldn’t have been able to see underneath his big pecs. Standing tall, Brad’s body was now fully bathed in sunlight. As he began marching me atop his junk, towards the cabin, I felt the rate of his cock growth increase, as the log supporting me thickened and rapidly lengthened, splaying my legs further apart. I let go of one of his shoulders, and felt the cock behind me as it grew to 20” and then 22”, each pulse lifting me higher as it gained more strength to take my weight. We made it to the cabin, and everything stopped. Out of the direct sunlight, and so the UV, Brad’s cock finally stopped growing. “Well,” he said, “I’m yours.” I stared into his handsome face, and again saw a smug grin come over his face. He throbbed his mammoth beast, and the rising cock angle made me slide down so that I faceplanted into his chest and stabbed him in the abs with my own boner. “Ooof,” He reacted, “That’s quite the weapon you’ve got there yourself. How about you free him from his prison.” I felt the same way, so swung my left leg over his huge cock and dropped to the floor. As I did so, his cock, now unburdened, swung up and the tip was level with the base of his neck. Having quickly whipped off my shorts and underwear before Brad saw the pre stains, I spun round to take in the view of him again. Gigantic. Everything. Pure masculinity. I had to service him. I grabbed the hand nearest to me, and began feeling and licking all the way up his arms; my tongue and fingers caressing every groove between the thick cords of muscle. On reaching his shoulder, I turned to face him, and had to stretch to touch each shoulder with each hand. His cockhead was level with my face, and was almost touching my nose as his broad chest pushed it out. I tried to ignore it for now, instead sliding both arms down to his biceps. He responded naturally, and raised both arms into a double bicep flex. Big boulders erupted forth, they split my fingers apart, and I tried to dig in, but the meat was just solid strength. I let my hands wander down to his pecs, and like clockwork, Brad started bouncing them, and my cock bounced in unison, tickling his balls in the process. I looked down and saw them. They were like two soft bowling balls, dangling down, halfway to his knees. I was so intrigued, I started fondling them, not noticing Brad begin to moan. I bent down and began to lick all around them, supporting their hefty weight in my hands, and watching as they overflowed from one of my palms to the other. As I licked them from bottom to top, I let my tongue run onto the base of Brad’s dick. He let out a louder deep moan, causing me to look up. I noticed now that his nipples had become sensitised, having thickened up, and were standing out a good half inch from his meaty pecs. I couldn’t resist, I jumped on his right one with my mouth, and began teasing and sucking at it, while ran my hands over his cobblestone abs, still trying to ignore the throbbing pillar next to my cheek. Brad moans only grew louder, he was loving this, and as I switched across to his left nipple, I saw a bead of pre run down his mighty shaft. While nibbling on his left nipple, I decided to reach across with my left hand and play with his right nipple simultaneously. In doing so, my arm was pressed against his 22” cock, and I could feel each throb, and just sense the power in it as it constantly vibrated with pure sexual energy. I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I left both hands twiddling at his teats, but began using my mouth to wet the beast before me. Round and round, up and down I went with my tongue, soaking his member, and causing Brad to start egging me on. When I was confident I had lubricated most of his shaft, I released his nipples and grabbed his cock with both hands, and began pumping his cannon. While continuing to wank him, I pulled the head towards me, at this angle, it was level with my mouth, and although too thick to fully fit in, I did my best to massage the glans with my lips. This was clearly appreciated by Brad, who began moaning and bucking. It was getting so hot, I had to pleasure myself too. One hand on my cock, the other on the largest one on the planet, while my mouth continued to suck its head. I accelerated the pace more and more, and more, until I realised I was close to cumming. “Fuck, I gotta stop!” I panted. “No worries,” Brad replied, “You certainly got me going good!” As I began to regain some composure, a thought suddenly crossed my mind. “OK, I gotta question… if it’s sunlight which makes… this… happen, then how come you don’t already have a cock as long as a road?” “Well, the effects wear off after I cum. I guess all the energy is stored as cum, and having it kept there causes my junk to grow. But once its released, everything returns to its previous state.” I must’ve flashed a look of slight disappointment, as Brad quickly continued, “But I never used to be this muscular, or have an almost 6 inch soft cock. Or even this tall. But a man gets curious; and I tried my own come once, and noticed it led to some permanent gains.” He said as he flexed a bicep up to my face. I grab my dick and slowly start stroking in response. “If you carry on as you did before, you might get a treat”. The idea that I could possibly grow larger, seemingly everywhere, was such a turn on that I was once again close to the brink of orgasm, and a large globule of pre emerged from my slit and ran down my quivering cock. Brad noted this and decisively spoke up, “Actually, I think you’ll like to watch this.” He walked over to the cabin door and stood in its entrance. I was wondering what he was doing, but then as I caught sight of the back of his hefty ballsack dropping down further towards his knees, I realised he was growing himself in the sun again. He was there for not even a minute, and then he spun round. Over 2 feet of thick meaty cock was advancing towards me, the tip bouncing around, now level with Brad’s luscious lips. He stopped inches from me. Bent his head a little down, and pulled his bloated cockhead into his mouth as much as he could. His lips moistened the slit as he used his bulging arms to forcefully pump the column before me. Brad began to moan as his actions became faster and stronger. I had subconsciously began wanking myself too. Brad’s eyes shut, and I could swear he was moaning ‘Fuck’ although his mouth was gagged by a head the size of a rugby ball. He let out one massive but muffled moan, and his stroking suddenly ceased. I looked down and saw his balls heave, and then watched his cock jerk as a torrent of cum ran up inside it and gushed into Brad’s mouth. The instant he began swallowing, I noticed him changing. I took a step back and watched as his whole body seemed to scale-up larger, keeping everything in proportion as he inched up, reaching now what must’ve been a towering 6’3”. He released his cock from his mouth, the spurts having finally ended, and I watched it lengthen an inch or two by itself so that the tip bumped against the bridge of his nose. I was on the edge, pumping like a maniac. Brad opened his eyes, saw me, and immediately placed his hands on his hips. And within an instant I saw his pecs puff out massively, expanding in size, weight and strength. His abs all swelled, fighting for space, and as he lifted his arms up and flexed, I saw his biceps grow larger and larger than before. His muscles were surging with much more energy than the rest of him, and that was my weakness. As his guns grew past the 20” mark, I blew my load and splattered his ripped torso, as his growth finally began to subside. We were both left standing there, catching our breath. I apologised for spraying Brad, and he laughed it off, grabbing a towel. I watched as he wiped my cum off him, and noticed his balls were back to normal, well maybe a slightly bigger size, but I had no reference point. His cock on the other hand was still looming towards me at an inflated size. However, I watched as it both began to soften and shrink, arcing down in the process. Brad cast the towel aside, and looked down at himself from his new height. After what I had just witnessed, his flaccid cock looked a sorry sight. But after glancing back at my own, and then back at Brad’s, I realised he must be 7 inches soft now! Plus Brad certainly didn’t seem unimpressed. “Fuck! Look at me, I’m massive!” He bellowed, as he struck pose after pose. It was true, his muscles had significantly grown. Dave might not pick up on the extra inch in height or cock, but Brad’s bodybuilder stature biceps and pecs were bound to give the game away. I wonder if Dave knows about this? “Damn,” continued Brad as he cupped his enormous left pec in his right hand, “This is incredible! …but we best get covered up before Dave comes back with the food.” I began redressing. Luckily the hot weather would dry my shorts out pretty quick from any embarrassing stains. I watched Brad rummage around the cabin until he found a pair of metallic blue speedos. He struggled to pull them up over his bigger legs. “Wow, I can’t believe how much my calves have grown. …Makes …this uuh..h. a bit difficult though, quads too…” He wriggled about, his meaty muscles tensing and untensing in the process. They were just so big and defined now, I had never seen anything like it. Fuck I was getting aroused again. Brad eventually got the speedos on and over his genitals. They were super tight. And they made such a big beautiful blue bulge. It was shiny and massive, and I can’t believe I ever thought it looked small. Even framed by large cobbled abs and big quads, its size was unmistakeable. His thick 7 inch soft cock and balls already strained the material into a mouth-watering, big, round, shiny bulge. I couldn’t help but start boning up again. It looked so good. Brad caught sight of this, “Calm down now, Dave will be back any second.” I nodded, a bit disappointed and dropped my head. But instantly sprang it back up when I heard the now familiar sound of speedo fibres stretching. Brad was blushing, his arousal given away, and a glance at his package revealed some new taut wrinkles and a bit of delineation showing the outline of his chubbing cock. “No really,” Brad interrupted, resisting the moment, “let’s have you rub some suncream on my new muscles before I ruin another decent pair of speedos!”.
  10. LionBUff

    m/m Bogo Birthday (Full)

    Bogo’s Birthday Chief Bogo laid down in his bed, fully prepared to go to bed. Today was his birthday, which meant that he spent all day celebrating. At work, the officers of Zootopia threw him a surprise party that was going on the entire day. Even after the team responded to the occasional call, they came back to continue the party. After work, Bogo visited his favorite restaurant with 10 of his closest friends and spent hours joking and laughing and having the time of his life. By the time Bogo got home, he was worn out. The time on the clock next to his bed read “11:11.” Bogo saw the time and thought about all those times as a child he would wish for something at “11:11.” Today was his birthday, so he jokingly thought wishing something on your birthday at “11:11” was double lucky. He didn’t believe in luck, at least not that kind of luck, but he still enjoyed thinking about it for fun. “I wish my bed weren’t so lonely.” Bogo didn’t feel too bad about sleeping by himself, but he thought that someone besides him at night would be a nice change. As he thought about what he would want to do when someone joins him in bed, Bogo slowly started to drift off. This proved to be difficult as Bogo continued fantasizing about what he would want to do in bed. Every time he closed his eyes, he imagined a possible mating partner as they played with his body. Bogo knew the only way to go to sleep was to ejeculate it all out. Bogo slept naked, so he didn’t worry about taking anything off. He slipped his right hand down the sheets and started rubbing his fantasies out of his head. His cock grew to an impressive 15 inch length with a 2 inch girth. He pictured a mate squatting down and using their entire body to grip him. As he ran his hand up and down his cock, his motions caused his testicals to bounce around and slap the top of the sheets covering him. Bogo grew tired of his balls swinging around and used his left hand to keep his balls still. As he gripped his balls, he realized just how great his hand felt gripping his sack. He pulsed his left hand fingers repetitively around his balls while his right hand rubbed the cock above. Bogo eventually came, leaving a small puddle on his stomach. The slight moisture from his waisted load irritated him, so he used the dry sheets around him to dry his stomach off. Bogo wished his load were inside someone and not on his stomach as he finally fell asleep. Bogo was asleep for 10 minutes when he heard a knock on the door. When the knock woke him up, a small rush of panic froze him. Was this a criminal seeking revenge? Why else would anyone show up this late at night? Bogo reluctantly walked to the door and looked through the peephole. Bogo nearly fainted when he saw 4 tigers he recognized. The 4 tigers known for dancing with Gazelle were standing there in professional work clothing. Bogo assumed they weren't here to hurt him and cracked the door open. “Bogo? Is that you?” The tiger closest to the door saw him through the crack and tried talking to him. “Yeah why,” Bogo asked with hints of fear in his voice. “We were told to meet you here for your birthday, Nick planned a surprise for you.” The tiger made eye contact with Bogo and winked. “NIck sent you four?” Bogo was good friends with Nick, so he trusted the tiger and opened the door all the way. “He did.” The tiger softly spoke to assure the chief that they meant no harm. The tiger continued explaining his presence and said “he told us you would love our present.” “Depends.” Bogo responded. He looked down at their hands, expecting some kind of object, and saw nothing. He then asked the tigers “what is it?” The lead tiger who was doing the talking for the group grabbed his zipper and gripped a bump in his pants. The tiger squeezed the bump below his zipper, and manually flexed his cock out. Bogo stood there watching the bulge grow in the tiger's pants. “Are we doing this outside?” The tiger asked sarcastically. Bogo realized how hypnotized by the tiger he was and looked up. He motioned for the tigers to come in, then closed the door behind him once all four tigers were inside. “Nice house,” one of the tigers told him looking around. “Where should we hang our clothes?” The lead tiger asked. “You mean jackets?” Bogo asked, thinking he used the word clothes to refer to all of their jackets. The tigers all took off their jackets and gave them to Bogo. Bogo neatly set them aside, then said “I thought so.” “That’s part of it,” the lead tiger said. Then, in unison, without warning, all four tigers ripped their shirts off. The fabric made a thunderous tearing sound as all four shirts melted away in their hands. The fabric split open like a curtain to reveal the tigers bodies underneath. All four did not have a single fat cell. In fact, they were more tone than Bogo remembered. The remains of their shirts hit the ground. The four now stood there looking at bogo as if he were a model photographer and they were modeling their pants. The muscles on their body defined their stripes. The center line on their flat stomachs resembled an arrow pointing to their bulges. In unison, the tigers unzipped their pants and dropped them to their feet. Under the paints were the purple and white underwear that did nothing to cover their breeding organs. In fact, their balls curved out from the edges of the shiney covering. It looked like two white tennis balls falling out of a glittery bag. The tigers stepped out of their fallen pants and walked over to Bogo. “You’ve had a long day.” The lead tiger said. “I bet your legs are exhausted. Just tell us where your bed is and we’ll take care of you. “Down the hall and on the left, second door.” Next thing Bogo knew, he was in the air as the tigers all carried his body to his bed. They carried him like a steel plank at a construction site to his room. When they arrived at his bed, the tigers threw him down on his back facing the tigers. Bogo looked up at the four bulges in front of him. They reminded him of beer taps at a bar. Four choices to choose from, each creamier and richer than the last. Each guaranteed to satisfy him. “Are you a top or bottom?” The lead tiger asked. “I don’t care, I just want to be torn apart.” The tiger standing next to the leader said; “Good, good. We couldn’t agree more.” The tiger put his fingers inside the left side of his underwear and pulled it back. The white tennis balls and prickly log flopped out and hung down. Bogo’s Birthday 2: WILD JUNGLE The tiger beside the one that pulled underwear back did the same move. He grabbed the side of the shiny covering and dramatically pulled it open. This tiger was just slightly bigger than the last, his balls seemed about the same size. His balls did seem to have more veins wrapping around then when Bogo looked at them for a brief second. The third tiger revealed his cock to Bogo, this tiger’s cock was noticeably bigger than the other two. The lead tiger went last. His cock was 4 inches longer than the third. The balls on this tiger looked more like white fluffy pears than tennis balls. His testicles looked more appetizing like he could feed Bogo a bigger meal than the others. “How do you wanna do this, boys,” the lead tiger asked the other three. “We could pound him flat one at a time or give him the “WILD JUNGLE.” “That’s where all four of us stick our wood in like a jungle of wood being crammed up your ass! Jungle because of the tree trunks, wild because we show no mercy!” “Please,” Bogo softly begged in fear of their girth, “one at a time.” The lead tiger jokingly asked Bogo; “All at once?” Bogo's eyes widened when he heard this as he repeated “one at a time!” “WILD JUNGLE” the lead tiger demanded as two tigers laid down next to Bogo on either side. Both tigers laid on their sides so that their body was facing Bogo. The other two tigers at the end of the bed grabbed one leg each and bent them back as far as Bogo’s body would let them bend back. Bogo’s untouched hole was staring up at the two tigers lifting the legs out of the way. Bogo felt a breeze blow up his hole. He was as wide open as he could be… at least before the tigers got to him. The tiger on his left side on the bed moved his waist around as his cock looked for Bogo’s opening. The tiger on the right started doing the same. The head of both cock’s rubbed against Bogo’s ass until they found the hole… preparing to wear Bogo’s ring like a wedding ring. A wedding ring built for a twig being squeezed onto a jungle of the tiger's trees. Bogo’s ass felt just like that ring when the two tigers thrusted into him at the same time. Bogo started crying real tears. His body wanted the cocks out. His ass craved the open air. Bogo howled louder than a wolf when the other two tigers jammed their way up his body. His ass had never touched another man before, and now it was choking down 4. 4 men who were packing a lot of weight in their pants… now packing all of that weight inside him at the same time. The bottom two tigers thrusted in and out while the top two stood stationary and manually flexed up and down. The tiger beside the one that pulled underwear back did the same move. He grabbed the side of the shiny covering and dramatically pulled it open. This tiger was just slightly bigger than the last, his balls seemed about the same size. His balls did seem to have more veins wrapping around then when Bogo looked at them for a brief second. The third tiger revealed his cock to Bogo, this tiger’s cock was noticeably bigger than the other two. The lead tiger went last. His cock was 4 inches longer than the third. The balls on this tiger looked more like white fluffy pears than tennis balls. His testicles looked more appetizing like he could feed Bogo a bigger meal than the others. “How do you wanna do this, boys,” the lead tiger asked the other three. “We could pound him flat one at a time or give him the “WILD JUNGLE.” “That’s where all four of us stick our wood in like a jungle of wood being crammed up your ass! Jungle because of the tree trunks, wild because we show no mercy!” “Please,” Bogo softly begged in fear of their girth, “one at a time.” The lead tiger jokingly asked Bogo; “All at once?” Bogo's eyes widened when he heard this as he repeated “one at a time!” “WILD JUNGLE” the lead tiger demanded as two tigers laid down next to Bogo on either side. Both tigers laid on their sides so that their body was facing Bogo. The other two tigers at the end of the bed grabbed one leg each and bent them back as far as Bogo’s body would let them bend back. Bogo’s untouched hole was staring up at the two tigers lifting the legs out of the way. Bogo felt a breeze blow up his hole. He was as wide open as he could be… at least before the tigers got to him. The tiger on his left side on the bed moved his waist around as his cock looked for Bogo’s opening. The tiger on the right started doing the same. The head of both cock’s rubbed against Bogo’s ass until they found the hole… preparing to wear Bogo’s ring like a wedding ring. A wedding ring built for a twig being squeezed onto a jungle of the tiger's trees. Bogo’s ass felt just like that ring when the two tigers thrusted into him at the same time. Bogo started crying real tears. His body wanted the cocks out. His ass craved the open air. Bogo howled louder than a wolf when the other two tigers jammed their way up his body. His ass had never touched another man before, and now it was choking down 4. 4 men who were packing a lot of weight in their pants… now packing all of that weight inside him at the same time. The bottom two tigers thrusted in and out while the top two stood stationary and manually flexed up and down. The two flexing cock could only flex up and down a few centimeters because the space was so tight. The two cock below those dug into Bogo’s body like two wet jackhammers drilling into a straw. In and out, they pounded Bogo’s ass. Outside of Bogo’s body, Bogo could see the cocks destroying his body. He could see the top two flexing dicks rise and fall as the skin on his lower abs danced. He could just barely see the bottom two cocks stretching the patches of skin in the same area. His lower stomach looked like it was about to give birth to a pack of aliens. Bogo thought a pack of aliens in his torso would be less painful than the male invasion that was actually happening. Bogo’s prostate was nothing but a mushy flat disc at this point, and his body was screaming at him to fix it. Bogo felt every sensation his body was flooding his head with, but he couldn’t do anything about it. The 4 tigers were cramming a WILD JUNGLE inside of him. All Bogo could do was moan. He thought he would scream in pain but he was starting to enjoy it. The pain tolerance of the WILD JUNGLE down inside of his body reminded him of a roller coaster, the anticipation is the worst part. The first pulses of the tigers' incredibly girthy dicks are the worst part. Bogo’s body wasn’t screaming in pain anymore, it was singing in celebration. The meaty invasion went from feeling like he was giving birth to a shaking rock to feeling like a party. The four pounding rods now felt like four good friends hugging him from the inside. “YES, THAT FEELS AMAZING! DO IT HARDER! GIVE ME MORE!” Bogo was thankful the lead tiger didn’t breed him the easy way. He was thankful he did sit there in boredom and take one tiger at a time. All four of the studs mating him at once, in the same hole, made Bogo feel loved. Bogo felt like the king, the master, the alpha of all male bodies. He could lay down with any male, no matter their size, and gladly dominate their mating machines and devour their seed with no limits. No filling would make Bogo’s body too full. “MATE ME LIKE A MARE” Bogo demanded to the tigers. All four tiger’s cocks were throbbing like their heart was in the head of their cock. The throbbing of the other tigers against them made them throb even faster, pulse with more blood rushing in and out. The oven temperatures of the four inside Bogo’s ass, combined with the overwhelming grip on their meat, raised their body temperature beyond fever levels. Their desire to satisfy Bogo’s greedy demands inspired them to thrust in and out faster and faster. The pressure around their scrotums cramped. Their seed and their sperm tried their best to stay inside their testicles. The tigers did their best to hold back their climax. The sperm of the seed inside the tigers were used to breeding multiple mates before swimming out. The WILD JUNGLE ripped Bogo open for six minutes before Bogo’s moaning voice was too loud for the fish swimming in the tiger’s seamen to ignore. Bogo’s cries for a meal of male milk to satisfy his thirst aroused the sperm more than the tigers could help. Six minutes of the alpha male’s ring squeezing their dicks and his deep demanding voice begging to be fertilized could not be ignored by the sperm. Bogo’s voice finally rested as his lustful demands for the male’s meal was satisfied with a violent volcanic eruption of sperm synchronized between all for cocks as they simultaneously exploded a warm and slimy flood inside his body. Pints and pints of white slime swam up his colon. The loads of the tigers weren’t enough to inflate Bogo, but he felt as inflated with cum as he needed to feel. Bogo fell dead silent when the tigers started pumping him with seamen. He could hear the cum flood splashing around his guts. Bogo’s stretched body soaked up the hydrating and soothing liquid of the tiger’s fertile sperm. The seamen and the sperm cells were soaked up by his worn-out body like lotion.
  11. Trio

    m/m Birth of Caesar

    Lo! He comes to the encampment of the sublimes. Its leader, Genesis, come to receive the man. ”You, human, what do you want here?” The man feels intimidated by the enormous creature and his powerful deep voice. His muscles so strong not even Atlas, the one who carries the planet, can compete. His metalic skin is glorious, and he has a number of handmade tags in his chest, proudly being worn, symbol of the sublime soldier. Even intimidated, though, he speaks: ”My life as a human is meaningless. I lost my family in the war and I seek revenge, against this planet, against the enemy, my heart pulses with rage, I want to turn that into fuel to something bigger. I ask to be transformed, to join the sublimes.” There are at least dozen of muscular creatures there, their strong jaws looking downwards to the puny human. Their eyes are compassionate though, lucky man, the sublime soldier, even if ever disciplined, is always looking forward to spread its seed, to transform men into their fellow equal. Genesis speaks: ”tell me your name, mortal” ”I am Lazarus” ”Lazarus, your life is about to change, for good. Saturn will inject the seed into you and you shall become one of us. Should you survive, your existence will be forever changed, and peace will be brought to your mind. You will by DNA be tied to us, you will become a brother and a son, our creation.” Genesis tell Lazarus to come to the center of a plaza made of dirt, Saturn comes and greets the human by beating his right hand against his chest, emitting a metalic sound, also causing his dog tags to bounce. “This is not going to be pleasant, Lazarus, the process is painful.” All the soldiers, naked and with their cocks fully erect, sit to watch the transformation. Genesis speaks. “Transform him”. Lazarus has its pants and trunks stripped down violently by Saturn, who proceeds to penetrate his ass with his cock, and starts fucking him. Lazarus feels nothing but pain, but he screams bravely and resists as he can. Soon, a warm liquid penetrates his body, it begins. All the soldiers shout “BROTHER” and beat their hands against its chests. They watch in respect as the transformation of Lazarus begin. ”AGH!” He shouts as his body is transformed. His shirt rips apart as his pecs become huge, his shoulders become large and dense, fighting against the bull neck of his, stronger and stronger, refusing to be submitted. His abs come to life, the man used to be skinny, now he is like a bull, ready to charge, his screams become deeper and thicker, he stands still and screams braverly. “TRANSFORM!” ”AUH” the soldiers scream. And soon they start to scream “TURN INTO A GOD!” “IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO? YOU STILL LOOK HUMAN” “SATURN, YOUR SEED IS WEAK, I SHOULD HAVE TRANSFORMED HIM” As Lazarus listens to the screams, he laughs in a powerful laughter and screams back. ”I AM TURNING INTO ONE OF YOU! TREMBLE!” ”AUH” His soul is also reformed, his vices and flaws are redeemed, as he turns his back on humanity and turns into a sublime soldier. His skin is covered by metallic scales, his hair is gone, and modified bones make his head and shoulders filled with powerful horns. He screams of pain and pleasure, he transforms. It is over, at last. Genesis comes to greet him. “You by now shall be called Caesar!” ”Caesar I am, I bow to your will, brother” Soon, Caesar receives his dog tags, handmade by the soldiers themselves. What happens next is a celebration, a frenesi of posing muscles, masturbation and working out, an incredible modified masculine scent, filled with testosterone fills the place, Caesar is received well by his brother in arms. He is one of them.
  12. The Massive Growth of Dwight by Lorus DAY 1: The pill was called “Enerflex”; I was its inventor (the result of four years exhaustive research), and Dwight answered my magazine ad. I was looking for a human test subject, but the pill's effects would be augmented by the subject’s sheer desire to grow. For example, if a 140 lb geek wanted to bulk up to 175 lbs of lean muscle mass, the effects of the pill would only allow him to gain 35 lbs of muscle. But when Dwight stepped into my unorthodox little lab and met me for the first time, I could tell by the look in his attractive eyes that his desire and hunger for muscle was greater than anything I could previously have hoped for. He said simply: "Can you make me HUGE?" "Yes," I replied, and I must admit to getting a little turned on by the way the slender dark-haired twenty-something placed a tone of emphasis on the word "HUGE". Fortunately my lab coat hid the spot of precum that quickly appeared in the crotch of my corduroys. Dwight was a handsome man of mixed Asian and Caucasian blood (and I couldn’t have asked for a more suitable muscle-aspirant), but at 5'4" and a meagre 130 lbs, he felt that life and genetics had cut him a raw deal. I would change that. I started by taking some blood and tissue samples. I quickly analysed the samples to make sure I had a complete breakdown of his body's chemistry before we began. That was stage one. Stage two involved an injection that would "polarise" muscle cells into bonding 300 % more efficiently with glycogen molecules. The injection filled Dwight with a warming sensation. Stage three was the magic pill I'd invented. I'd showed Dwight the dormouse I'd transformed into a super-rodent the size of a cat. The beastie seemed happy enough, and was quite healthy after the treatment. There were three different strengths of pill dosage: green was moderate growth strength, red was medium to high growth strength, and purple was.... “Lemme guess,” my new subject blurted out, making a swipe for the purple pill, “this was the one you gave to the mouse, yeah?” Dwight popped it into his mouth and enthusiastically dry-swallowed the thing. “Er... actually... the mouse was administered a green strength dose proportionate to its size and weight,” I explained, somewhat bemused by Dwight’s enthusiasm to see this process set in motion. I must admit to having a morbid fascination with what was about to happen in my esoteric lab. “You should take your clothes off and change into a clinical robe,” I suggested, but he paid me no heed. He was wearing a Levi's denim shirt and jeans, both of which fitted him somewhat sloppily. That was about to change. “No way, I want to feel seams splitting, threads, snapping.... buttons popping,” Dwight arrogantly replied. I could feel my cock swelling inside my pants, my head suddenly awash with that feeling we all get when we’re seriously turned-on. And why not? At thirty-five I was many decades removed from your typical image of an aging Hollywood horror-movie mad scientist. “Please come into the next room,” I urged, and led my test subject into an adjoining chamber better suited to what he was about to become. It was a weight room, a private underground gym where we could accurately test his strength as soon as his transformation was complete. And it was there, surrounded by the latest tech muscle equipment, that Dwight began to “fill out”. “How do you feel?” I asked, scribbling frenetically with a pencil onto a chart attached to a clipboard. I was also video-taping the event for analysis later (and lots of furious jacking off). “I feel great,” Dwight snarled, “like I’ve just been rejuvenated. I want to work out so badly, Doc.” “Well time aplenty for that in a few minutes,” I nodded, still jotting down data onto my clipboard. Dwight started to sway a little, staggering on his feet. The process had started. And the growth was nothing short of.....incredible. His shirt and jeans suddenly became quite snug on his frame, denim fabric stretching tolerably as his body began increasing in height and mass. I stopped writing to observe the spectacle, my cock beginning to throb uncomfortably inside my pants. I really had no idea how big he would become, but I wanted to enjoy every metamorphic moment. “Aw yeah.... look at me.... I’m... I’m getting bigger, aw fuck,” Dwight cried, and his energy and enthusiasm had become contagious. He loosened his shirt collar just as the first button popped on the shirt, revealing delicious tanned flesh and the beginnings of a cleft between his burgeoning pec-meats. Dwight growled with delight as he felt the muscle-tits he was growing pushing outwards, forcing the shirt buttons to spawn gaps between them, again revealing more of his beautiful skin. “This is amazing,” he declared, raising both of his arms to flex biceps that were swelling up faster and faster with each passing second. Another button pinged off his shirt with force enough to fly across the room. It struck me on my left cheek and for a moment I was startled. He grew bolder and hungrier for muscle as the growth process accelerated. Dwight’s shirt seams split apart at each armpit, freeing his muscles somewhat, and giving them more space to grow. He growled, infuriated and amazed at how much stronger he was becoming. He flexed his balling biceps a few times and completely shredded the sleeves of the shirt. His forearms thickened into super-muscular hocks striated by ever-thickening networks of hyper-masculine veins. He made fists with both hands and instantly his forearms tripled in thickness, turning the rest of the sleeves into denim confetti. The last of his shirt buttons popped free of the shirt, and with a mighty shrug he hefted off the shirt as his body grew further. It was as if someone had taken a compressed air pump to his muscles and set the dial to max. Dwight’s chest had become two heaving masses of striated beef, the sweat caused by his body’s transformation making his brand new bodybuilding bosoms glisten and reflect light with such masculine distinction. As they grew, so the cleavage between became deep and dark. Below his ballooning muscle-chest, a cobblestone brick path was set into Dwight's abdomen, as lesser muscle-bellies, eight in all, pushed out and became diamond-hard and defined. But the top pair were quickly drowned over by the ever-expanding under-swell of each augmenting pec-belly. The pecs cast deep crescent-shaped shadows over his abs wall, and I wondered if Dwight’s chest would ever stop growing. Likewise his lats were expanding at an incredible rate. Never again would he be able to get his arms to hang straight down and parallel to his torso; his lats would ensure that he’d forever have that “arms akimbo” look that most bodybuilders like to show off. “How do you feel?” I again asked. I was now sweating along with Dwight, and hornier than I’d ever been in my life. I added: “If the growth becomes too much for you, I can administer a counter-agent to negate the effects of the pill.” “No way, Doc. I’m not done growing yet, not by a long shot,” Dwight growled. It was so true... within a minute he’d gone from a 130 lb weakling to the size of a heavyweight competitive bodybuilder. He’d grown in height, too. At this stage I guessed him to be close to 6’. Dwight’s legs were transforming amazingly, too. His jeans had become painfully tight, but he seemed not to mind. The buttons of his fly were straining to keep it together, but as I’d observed with the dormouse, massive expansion of genitalia was also an effect of the pill. Just as Dwight’s burgeoning thighs, hamstrings and calves rendered his jeans a tattered mess of denim, so too did his cock and balls expand, so that metal buttons popped in several directions at once. Now that Dwight was free of the denim, only a black spandex jockstrap concealed his total nudity. Already the jock was working overtime to contain his meat within. Would it hold? It was too early to say. Dwight’s bones cracked and shifted as his body created new space on which to sprout bigger and bigger muscles. After five minutes he was larger than Jay Cutler... and astonishingly he was STILL growing. Dwight just kept getting bigger and bigger. “You’re huge now,” I gawped, not quite fully believing how much of a success this was becoming. “Never.... I can never be huge enough,” he bellowed, and a sexy smirk washed across his gorgeous face. Not only had the pill enhanced his height, weight and muscles, but just about every aspect of what it means to be a man was also expanded on. Dwight had gone from handsome to downright beautiful. Stubble formed on his chin and neck, and thick, dark pubic hair – where he had a little before – had now thickened across his armpits and crotch. The jock was now framed in hair, and still the genitals thickened and lengthened almost obscenely. Dwight could now pull off any bodybuilder’s pose with great finesse. He bounced his pecs repeatedly, rhythmically, and I could almost hear the skin stretching and groaning in despair as it tried not to split beneath the great weight of his chest’s new monstrous muscles. There were stretch marks all over his body as he continued to put on weight. Dwight’s muscle-growth was astonishing. He now flexed ball biceps the size of melons. But I knew he still wanted them bigger.... way bigger. He crabbed down into a most-muscular pose and his muscles heaved and flexed bigger still. More and more veins, some as thick as my pinkie, popped out of Dwight’s skin, looking like the skin had been laid down first and the veins added on top as an afterthought. His definition, proportion, and symmetry were all off the charts. I’d created the biggest bodybuilder alive, but he still wasn’t done growing. Eventually the process began to slow down, much to Dwight’s annoyance. “How do you feel now?” I again inquired. “I feel great. But I want to be bigger, Doc. I NEED to get fucking bigger. I wanna overdose on those purple pills,” he growled determinedly, his voice now deeper and incredibly sexy and masculine. “One thing at a time. You’re STILL getting bigger. We need to be careful about this. Step on the scale, please.” Dwight obligingly muscle-strutted over to the scale, his beefy tree trunk thighs now made walking a bit of a waddle and a chore (like how some bodybuilders get so pumped for a contest that walking off the stage can be a hazard). I could now gaze at the shocking sprawl of the most muscular back I’d ever seen, tapering down to a tiny wasp-like waist, before the most muscular bubble-but in all of creation was framed perfectly by the straining straps of a jock that had become way too tight. Dwight’s glutes were so defined, they were almost an ass on top of an ass, and his hamstrings and calves were astonishing. As he walked, his feet finally annihilated his sneakers, and when he stepped on the scale it read: “467 lbs” “Whoa.... that’s a big number. Bigger than two pro bodybuilders rolled into one,” Dwight exclaimed, and he had to stoop and strain to lean forward enough to read the number on the dial because his pecs were now way too large and obstructed his vision. He’d never be able to see his feet again just by looking down at them. Such a thought excited Dwight and made him want to get bigger. But Dwight was STILL getting bigger. Ten seconds passed, and the readout on the scale changed from “467 lbs” to “486 lbs”. He was gaining about two pounds of muscle every second. I hastily scribbled this down on my clipboard. Astonishing results. He flexed his muscles some more as they became bigger and harder, deftly pulling off each pose in such a controlled and expert fashion. His biceps had swollen to mountainous proportions, and he’d never be able to wear a tee-shirt again, or any kind of shirt for that matter, without having them tailor-made. Laser scanners strategically placed around the gym recorded the bodybuilder’s measurements, but they couldn’t keep up with the rate of such astonishing growth. Dwight’s neck was now 25 inches around, his chest a cold 90 inches, but he could expand it to 108 inches when flexed. His flexed biceps clocked 28 inches, but he needed them to get bigger. And so they grew even further. The more Dwight flexed them, the more they expanded. It took a further two minutes for his biceps to settle at 35 inches, one whole inch wider... (gasp)... than the circumference of his diminutive waist. His forearms were 28 inches (wider than my legs), and his thighs a staggering 46 inches each. But these numbers kept increasing, and the scanners shorted out. I would have to deal with them later. “The experiment is a huge success,” I beamed, wishing I could worship every inch of Dwight’s new muscles with my tongue and groping fingers. I guess I had more than just the interest of advancing the science of health and nutrition in sport on my mind when I devised this program. Dwight towered above me now, 6’ 8” in height. The growth finally stabilised. But he still had that look in his eye, and I could tell from it that he wanted more. “You should rest for a while, and then later we can get you to work out on the weight machines.... see how strong you’ve become.” “Cool,” Dwight replied, bouncing and heaving his massive pecs in front of me. His cock and balls had swollen to gargantuan proportions, and the jock just about held (to my annoyance). “But then you’d better consider giving me more of those pills, Doc. This will do for now, but I want to get REALLY huge.” I would consider granting his request. *** I wasn't at all surprised that with the wondrous cocktail of chemicals that comprised Enerflex now rewriting his hypothalamic and endocrinatic production levels, that Dwight was fully rested after just ten minutes. In the time I'd given him to get refreshed and ready for the next stage of his incredible improvement, he'd packed on even more muscle. I didn’t think that after a day like this I'd be able to get my eyes back to their normal size. Naked as a new-born (yeah, a new-born god), Dwight strutted back into the weight room and flexed his even larger muscles. He'd become cocky to a fault, and I liked it immensely. "Where d'ya want me, Doc?" he eyed up each weight machine with all the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store. He'd never been inside a gym in his life, and although this was entirely a new set of experiences for him, he took to it all like a duckling to water. "Why not set yourself up on the bench press and we'll get you started with a warm-up weight of, hmmm, say five hundred on the bar... for ten reps? How does that sound?" I couldn't take my eyes off this huge muscle god, but I occasionally had to in order to record data on my clipboard. “That seems kinda light, Doc," Dwight cockily exclaimed, and brought his closed, white-knuckled fists high up over his head. He grunted as he flexed massive, granite peaks into existence, his body continuing to erupt with vast expulsions of super-strong muscle. His skin became very taut and his veins thickened and bored out of his epidermal layer with greater abundance and vascularity than before. He smiled broadly, arrogantly, dominating my entire field of vision as his muscles bulged more hugely yet. It almost seemed that he knew what his new body was capable of before he'd even started it on its first test drive, so to speak. He began loading up the bar with plate after plate, each one 45lbs heavy. I counted ten on each end of the bar. 900lbs. The bar began to sag. "Are you sure about this, Mr Dwight? This is only a warm-up exercise. That amount of weight seems rath---" " I'll decide what I can and can't handle," he snapped, brusquely butting in before I could finish my sentence. I allowed him to proceed. He was excited and curious. We both were. “And cut out the “Mr Dwight” from now on. I’m “Huge Muscle God”. He bounced his pecs several times before assuming the crab pose favoured by so many bodybuilders. The crab pose soon became the most muscular pose, and I almost fainted when his body erupted into an even vaster landscape of incredible, ripped muscle mass. His skin grew even tauter, and I feared he was about to blow himself to smithereens at any second as his muscles heaved and bulged and grew thicker, harder, more striated. I imagined he could hide several pocketfuls of loose change in those striations and the money would never be seen again. He was now off-the-scale-massive. He assumed the correct position on the bench, his gargantuan torso just about able to fit beneath the bar where it sat on its upright struts. He gripped the bar like a pro and jerked it off its supports. He grunted as he took the strain. At first I thought the bar would collapse on him, snapping his neck like a sun dried reed, but Dwight surprised me as he played with the weight a little until it felt comfortable in his mighty grasp. He started to press the enormous weight. He did ten reps, twenty, fifty......ONE HUNDRED reps without breaking a sweat. After I'd lost count of his reps, he returned the bar to its rests and sat up on the bench. The one hundred plus reps had swollen his muscles to even greater proportions. He punched his fists together, and there was a loud "snapping" noise, but fortunately he hadn't broken any bones. "Is there something the matter?" I was eager to ensure that his every need would be met as we got further into this experiment. Dwight mopped a solitary bead of sweat from his right temple and then looked me squarely in the eye. "The weight's too light, doc. Feels like I'm pressing toothpicks." "But your chest looks like it got a good pump there," I offered by way of a compliment. I really wanted to please this young man. Hell, I wanted to be his sex slave until the end of time. "Huh," he snorted, and bounced his enormous tit muscles vigorously until they became massively pumped and striated. He was still getting bigger and bigger. It was phenomenal to observe. Then he brought his arms up on either side of his head and forced out gigantic peaked mounds of massive muscle. His biceps were way bigger than his head, now, and still growing and getting harder and more powerful. I really wondered if there would be any limit to his mega-growth. The scanners in the lab monitored his vitals as well as took measurements. His blood pressure was slightly elevated, but not unexpected. There was also some increased neural activity in his hypothalamus as well as the pituitary gland, but all of that was also to be expected. Apart from that his body was in sound condition, and there were no nasty side effects from the pill to have to deal with later. I hoped this would remain the case. Dwight went from machine to machine. He performed leg presses, squats, lateral raises, concentration curls with free-weights.... every range of muscle-building exercise at his disposal via the provided equipment he indulged in. He set all the machines to maximum and still the outcome was the same each time. They were all too light. He was way too strong for the monitoring of this experiment to continue unless I took some drastic action. I would have to make some phone calls. This experiment was privately funded by a publicity-shy billionaire, Lord Edmund Dunwith, who was difficult to deal with at the best of times. Last time I'd asked him for more money, he'd demanded more results than what I could provide with a dormouse. "Could you step back on the scales for me please?" Dwight didn't have to be told twice. Although his muscle-growth had slowed compared with his rate of hypertrophy towards the beginning of the experiment, he’d still increased his muscle-mass by a couple of hundred pounds since his first weigh-in just a short while ago. The scale now read: “765 lbs”. He had also grown to almost seven feet in height. I craved to know his muscle measurements now, but I’d have to fix the scanner later. For now only his vital signs could be monitored. He was now a giant amongst bodybuilders. “The growth seems to be stopping, er… Huge Muscle God. We should reconvene tomorrow. We have lodgings you can avail of here at the facility, or would you like a ride back to your place of residence?” I wanted to worship him, to feel my tongue trace so many hungry wet lines across his incredible topography, but I daren’t question his sexual orientation. For all I knew he could have a harem of sexy women waiting for him at home. I wanted to get to know him, but small talk regarding his personal life would have to wait until we understood each other better. There were weeks of tests ahead of him yet. “Thanks for the offer of the ride, but it’s a warm, sunny evening. Think I’ll muscle-strut my way across town under my own power, Doc,” Dwight beamed, shooting pose after pose in front of a mirror. His cock had become a massive girder of steel and he seemed proud that it looked incapable of becoming flaccid again. “Well you’ll be arrested if you go out like that,” I advised somewhat comically, “there are some clothes in the next room if you’d like to try them on. My colleagues and I, that is to say, those with a vested interest in the success of this program, sought to anticipate all of the needs of the human subject, including a basic wardrobe. However, considering how well you took to the Enerflex’s effects, the garments we have for you might be a little on the tight side.” “Heheh, I hope so. I’m also starving after all those weights, light though they were. Have you anything to eat here?” There was a loud gurgling noise which almost brought plaster down from the ceiling. It could only have been Dwight’s stomach growling. “Erm... yes. Just me here today, so there are some sandwiches I brought from home in that small cooler over there, and a carton of milk. There might be some potato chips belonging to the night watchman somewhere,” I gestured towards a small partitioned area in one corner of the room. Dwight found the food and wolfed down my four pastrami-on-ryes in less than a minute. He was through the milk in one swift gulp. But he was still hungry. I had not observed this effect in the dormouse, although it was eating the same amounts more regularly than before it was changed. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, but right now I was too horny, too amazed, by Dwight’s transformation, to want to eat. My erection had subsided somewhat, but when Dwight emitted the loudest belch ever produced by a mammal other than a whale, junior was back to a standing position in my pants. I had to admit that the cute milk moustache on such a behemoth of a bodybuilder was quite endearing. The food placated his appetite enough for the stomach gurgles to stop. Then I showed him where to get dressed. There wasn’t much to choose from. The clothes were mainly a polyester and lycra mix, with just enough nylon, spandex and elastic to ensure he’d be able to get home without returning to his birthday suit and causing major car accidents on the way. Still though, the light purple Henley shirt clung to him like a second skin and only came down just an inch or two below his bulging pec-line, leaving his mammoth, granite ab-wall exposed for all to see. Likewise the stretch jeans were loose at his waist but way too tight at the widest part of his sequoia thighs. I ended up having to take scissors to them and turn them into three-quarter length cut-offs. None of the sneakers provided would fit his monstrous size 22 feet, but luckily we found a pair of flip-flops with an NBA logo on them. Made for a basketball player, they would at least get him home. He ogled himself in the mirror, posing some more and sniggering impishly as he tried to snap threads and rip seams. One thing I really needed to know: "How will you explain this transformation to your family, your friends... your employers?" "Not a problem. My friends are all assholes and scene queens, not worth my time. My family is three thousand miles away and they haven't seen me in two years. And right now I don't have a job. I have plenty of time to grow and worry about explaining it all later." I was satisfied with his answer. Then he asked: “What about my money, Doc?” “Ah yes. It’ll have to be a cheque, Dwight. We don’t keep cash on the premises,” I reached inside my lab coat and took out a cheque book. The sum of $1,500 dollars was already printed on it. I just had to make the cheque payable to Dwight, now the world’s most muscular bodybuilder. I’d developed a crick in my neck from looking up at him. He was magnificent. “Good enough. I’m behind in my rent. This’ll do nicely. And there are five more of these to come, according to the ad?” “Yes, of course. That is the promise. And you also get to keep your incredible new body. The effects of Enerflex are, of course, totally permanent.” “That’s what I like to hear, Doc. See you tomorrow then.” Dwight, now cocky and full of himself, bounced his spectacular pectorals inside his shirt and almost pinged more buttons off it like pellets from a BB gun. Was he still growing? I hoped he’d make it home without alerting the police. He was just about adequately covered, the bulge in his jeans crotch not too evident despite the size of his manhood, so he wouldn’t be breaking the state nudity laws. But he was now the biggest most muscular man on the planet, so I worried about how the public might react. I finally released my cock after he left for the evening, and as I watched via CCTV his massive frame depart this esoteric little facility, I could hold my spunk in not a second longer. As my crème spewed forth in vigorous gouts, I saw on the camera screen that by the time Dwight had reached the outside of the building, his magnificent bodybuilder’s body had burst out of the Henley. And it was like this, stripped to his impeccably taut waist, that Dwight stepped back into general life as a god amongst insects. I had work to do that evening. The scanners needed repairing and I had a lot of data to compile. Lord Dunwith, who funded this operation, would have to be informed. We needed better equipment here with which to accurately gauge everything that Dwight was capable of. If it could all be flown in and installed overnight, then so much the better. Everything would be ready for Dwight when he returned tomorrow. But before I took care of all this vital business, I played back recorded footage of his incredible muscle-growth. I lost track of time as I came over and over. I could only dream of what tomorrow would bring. DAY 2: My apartment is only a couple of blocks from the secret location of the research lab I'd worked at for the past four years in my endeavour to unlock superhuman potential in young males. For security reasons I cannot divulge the location, except to say that it's entrance is secret and looks nothing like what you'd expect a laboratory to look like. We provided a phone number in our ad we'd placed in several men's interest magazines. We needed someone young and fit, and who met the blood type "O+". Dwight was our first applicant, but we had others lined up for enhancement should the initial trials with Dwight prove successful. After day one my expectations were quite high, not to mention my sex drive. I'd known I was gay for twenty years, but with a Baptist minister for a father and a school teacher mother (as well as growing up in a small town in which you were considered abnormal if you weren't shy and retiring from the age of ten onwards), I'd never opened up to them about my sexuality, opting instead to bury myself in the toils of academia for as long as it would take to get to where I needed to be to consider myself successful. I was still a virgin at thirty-five, something I was entirely ashamed of. My fantasy had always been to make the most muscular man on earth an absolute reality. And I had succeeded. Now if only I could make a gay one, why, my greatest fantasies would become a reality. Anyway, the night watchman couldn't make his shift due to a death in the family, the poor guy. I decided to hang around and sleep at the lab, given that someone needed to be here when Lord Dunwith's team of re-fitters arrived to cater to my every need, or rather Dwight's. They worked through the night resupplying our secret little gym with an entirely new suite of workout equipment. I'd also had a proper pantry installed and stocked up with more foodstuffs than you can shake a fork at. There would even be some tailors brought in and sworn to secrecy in the effort to ensure that Dwight was as clothed as we could maintain him at all times. All of this was achieved via many phone calls and supplicant pleas to Lord Dunwith, who eventually agreed to extend my funding. I had achieved so much in just one day. I don't even remember falling asleep on the small but relatively comfortable cot provided in a small room off the main lab proper. I was awakened by Francisco, my lab assistant, at an unknown hour. The look on his face was a mixture of excitement and astonishment. I recognised it immediately, the look of someone having witnessed something so extraordinary and unprecedented, that his mind struggled to accept it without collapsing in on itself. "It works.... the Enerflex, John. Madre Mia," he was still shaking me awake even as I swung my legs to the floor. I craved a hot shower and a change of clothes. "What time is it? Dwight, he's back isn't he!" I knew the answer before hearing it. Francisco had obviously seen Dwight in the flesh, as I'd changed the passwords to the computers in case one or more of the refit team happened to get access to something they shouldn’t, and I hadn't told Francisco what it was. All of the footage I'd shot of Dwight was stored in the computers. "He.... he's monstrous, John. But I think something is not quite right." I suddenly became a mirror for the look of consternation that suddenly washed across Francisco's face. I dry swallowed nervously. What could possibly have gone wrong since Dwight's departure that previous evening? I decided to waste no time in finding out. I rushed out of the room and past some of the astonished workmen who were still putting the finishing touches to what was nothing short of a miraculous refit, considering the short time in which they'd been given to work their magic. I heard noisy rummaging coming from the newly upgraded pantry area, which, like everything else in our esoteric little setup, was now fitted with extra-tall, extra-wide, swinging double doors. As I moved towards the pantry/canteen (call it what you will), Dwight was already returning from within. He had to stoop to get through the doors, despite that they had been refitted to be seven feet tall. He'd grown since leaving here the previous evening, and he'd grown a lot, but not in the way I’d expected. I'd gotten the scanners back working, and so no matter where he went in the test area, his measurements would once again be accurately recorded. The computer attempted to make sense of his current dimensions, which caused a flood of numerical data to ticker across every screen visible to us. "Hey Doc, as you can see, I've been doing some more growing," Dwight beamed, his words broken up by some rather noisy and messy chewing. He'd been into the pantry, an entire refrigerator held in the crook of his arm and dented inwards by the sheer strength of my subject Alpha. He was cramming cooked halves of chicken into his mouth and wolfing them down bones and all. And.... omg... he was GIGANTIC!!!!!! But where his height and musculature had once again augmented, albeit only slightly, his abdomen – where only yesterday evening it was a dense wall of ripped, cobbled steel – was now a huge bloated ball, like as if someone had stuck an air-hose down his throat and bloated up his belly to the vastness it had become. The scanners recorded its circumference at 114 inches around. That was impossible. How did he get like this? Was it a side effect of the Enerflex making itself apparent, something not observed in the dormouse on which I was still gathering data? “Whuh...what happened?” I stammered my words, my voice a mere croak, for my throat desperately required moisture. “You could say that I ‘gut’ me an appetite,” Dwight snorted, patting his massive belly with a thump so loud it almost burst my eardrums. Francisco was scurrying about in a panic, completely useless to me (note to self: hire a new lab assistant pronto). The workmen panicked and fled like roaches rushing away from a sudden splash of light. He lifted the fridge up so that it was level with his face, and then tipped the remainder of the food into his mouth in the same way that a normal mortal might tap out the little scraggly bits from the end of a food carton. Then he ever so effortlessly crushed the brand new fridge and tossed it over his shoulder as though it was a beer can. It was a fridge.... heavier and wider than I was tall. And he tossed it like it was just a few grams of aluminium. “I need to run some more tuh-tests,” I again stammered, and I was now scurrying about like Francisco. We must have looked like a right pair of clowns as we attempted to act like scientists, but only succeeded in mimicking a typical vaudeville comedy warm-up act. My clipboard... it contained the most recent notes I’d taken on Dwight. Could the workmen have moved it? “No need,” Dwight bellowed, his voice having deepened considerably since last we’d spoken. “I conducted some tests of my own last night when I got home, although I wouldn’t really call it home any more, considering I no longer fit into the place. Fuck it, I owed rent anyways. What’s my landlord gonna do, break my fingers if I don’t pay up?” “What... sort of tests?” My question was punctuated perfectly by the look of incredulity I felt washing across my face and pushing out wrinkles where before there weren’t any (well, not many, to put it mildly). “Watch this!” Dwight stepped further away from the pantry doors, as if to take centre-stage on a stage that didn’t exist. He opened his mouth as if to speak, or holler, or maybe to even sing. What emerged from him almost knocked Francisco and myself off our feet. Dwight belched. It was a belch louder than an air horn. We both covered our ears to protect our hearing. Dwight’s gaseous emission lasted for almost a minute. And as he expelled such foulness, we watched, in awe, as his massively bloated mid-section began to shrink and tighten. But not only that, this incredible and unforeseen physical response from him was causing his muscles to grow... to grow to even more incredible proportions. The scanners feverishly recorded his burgeoning dimensions, overclocking my precious computers in the process. His neck thickened from 25 inches to a colossal 36 inches. His traps pushed upwards by at least a thirty degree angle and actually compressed his ears slightly as they fought for more and more space in which to expand. His shoulders broadened by a couple of feet on either side, his deltoid masses expanding from triple-head forms into quadruple muscle-bellies, each one separated by striations so cut and so deep, they seemed to swallow light itself. All of his muscles became more cut in this way. And larger, too, so very much larger. His pectoral muscles had already been balloons of manly beef, jutting out for several feet and casting deep, dark crescent moons below the under-swell of each pec-belly. Now they bulged and rippled more hugely yet, spreading out in all directions like a pair of out-of-control space amoebae from an old science fiction movie. They expanded so far upwards that his head began to lean back, his chin almost pointing upwards. I worried about the pecs restricting his breathing as they pressed into his trachea. How would his body compensate for that? His nipples expanded and thickened, too, soon each one bigger and thicker than the tops of my thumbs. The areola moons around each nipple also increased in size, beyond the circumference of a coffee cup. How I longed to take one of those sensational man-nubs between my lips and suck and suck until I no longer had the strength. Scanners recorded his chest circumference now at a staggering 188 inches. And his chest, like the rest of him, was still getting bigger and bigger. “Aw yeah.... look at my fucking pecs, Doc. They’re so huge, but I want them fucking huger,” Dwight growled, and I didn’t much care for his potty mouth. I’d been raised to abhor profanity of any kind. But I guess these were the most unusual of circumstances. His arms also swelled monstrously, going from 68 inches around his biceps and triceps to a mind-blowing 87 inches. He flexed them to work more blood and Enerflex into them, and the scanners displayed 116 inches across those mammoth mountain ranges he had in place of arms. One of the computers stalled at this point. There was a small bang followed by a puff of smoke as one of the drives failed. Not to worry this time, I’d arranged for a cloud server to be installed in case of hardware failure. No way I would lose any data in that event. Your average pro-bodybuilder had a chest width of about 58-60 inches. Dwight’s upper arms alone more than doubled that number. His lats... omg... they swelled to the size of delta-wings, so huge and gorged on blood and Enerflex that his arms were pushed out even further from his sides. With his lats so huge did he even have sides anymore? As his belly continued to return to normal size (what was normal about him now, you ask?), so his muscles swelled huger and huger... larger than anything I could have imagined (or hoped for. Yes I was loving every second of this and didn’t want it to end). His giant redwood legs thickened and “huged-up”, too. His upper thighs – with quads and hamstrings separated by thick and deep cuts guaranteed to hide a small fortune in change – swelled to almost 200 inches apiece. He’d never be able to walk easily again, but the bodybuilder’s waddle is most definitely the sexiest way a man has ever been destined to move. His calves ballooned up to 120 inches. I couldn’t wait to see how much he could press on the newly installed leg press machine. The sound of bones cracking and repairing as they thickened and stretched throughout his incredible body, was almost as deafening as his mega-burp. But his body was growing in height once again, his entire frame filling out in order to better provide a foundation for his ever-increasing muscle-growth. When his “food belly” finally disappeared, it was replaced by those now-familiar cobblestone brickwork abs. They actually made a popping sound as they, one by one, popped out of his torso and took their place, two upon two upon two upon tw..... omg... he had ten of them now. His waist continued to tighten almost back to the waspish taper it had had only yesterday. The scanners recorded his waist measurement at 44 inches, which, compared with his chest seemed tiny, and he didn’t so much have that amazing V-taper that all bodybuilders strive to maximise, but it was like two “W”s side by side balancing on top of a single “V”. His growth finally stopped once again. He’d grown to almost eight feet in height. He had to be at least five and a half feet wide at the shoulders. He flexed a mesmerising double biceps pose and his body was almost carved up like a jigsaw via the array of veins that were squeezed out across his massive surfaces. His cuts became deeper and deeper, every muscle perfectly separated from its neighbours. He spread his lats and they fanned out wider, his ribcage was now double-jointed, so that he could expand it massively, which had the effect of pushing his hot-air balloon pecs even further upwards. His head had to lean back further to allow for his. The curvature of his upper pecs alone now completely hid his face and neck in this pose. His nipples took centre-stage, now, pert and plump and pointing out of each super-flexed pec. In the relaxed position they would now forever be hidden within the dark shadows cast by the under-swell of each muscle-tit. He relaxed from the lat spread and began to bounce his massive pec-bellies. Their movement beat at the very air itself, creating currents which he fanned towards me. I almost fell backwards from the force. When he did a most-muscular pose, this time the scanners shorted out again, unable to cope with the sheer size of this behemoth, as he squeezed out this most delicious pose, the one that made him look far huger than any other. His veins continued to bulge impossibly through skin so taut that it shone. He’d been wearing shorts when he came in, blue spandex ones (where he’d gotten them is beyond me). His cock and ball sack had also increased in size, but not enough to shred the shorts and render him naked once again. As his thighs increased in size, thanks to more and more flexing, so his manhood was pushed even further outward. His junk had no place to go but out. I could tell he was loving this experience due to the hefty precum staining taking place in his crotch. I could feel my own underwear moistening up, too. “Gotta get on the scale, doc. I need to see how much all this new muscle weighs. FUH..UCKKKK!!!!!” Dwight waddled over to the newly installed scale, one based on the type used to weigh livestock. It had a maximum weight tolerance of two tonnes. I hoped it would be enough. His massive thighs rubbed against each other as he moved, a walk that would be considered ridiculous-looking, had it been observed in anyone other than Hypertrophic Extreme God Dwight. Somehow this muscle giant made it look absolutely beautiful. The scale read: 1374.25 lbs. I saw the number. My tongue fell out of my mouth, lolling like that of a thirsty canine. Then everything began to spin around me before fading to black. Next thing I was aware of was Francisco reviving me with the offensive sting of smelling salts. “Huh-long was I out?” “Not long, just a few minutes,” Francisco replied. He disposed of the smelling salts. I was back on the cot in the little room I’d earlier slept in. "Where is he now," I asked in earnest. "Still in the weight room. He's lost to his posing. He wanted me to set up a camera and tripod to film his back while he poses. He needs to check the spread." Then Francisco added: "He ate all the food. Even a jar of mustard and the jalapeños I brought from home. I think he wants to get gassy again so he can grow some more." For the second time that morning (was it still morning?) I swung my legs to the floor. This time they felt shaky when I tried to stand. "We need to analyse all data, try to assess what went wrong. We need to take a blood sample from Dwight. There may be an unknown anomaly at work here. Did you see the size of his stomach when he arrived here? He must've been eating non stop since leaving here yesterday. Oh damn, I hope he wasn’t followed on his way here." I began to panic at the thought of our secret facility being discovered by a curious civilian, or even a street cop, who'd decided to follow our shirtless muscle giant in order to learn all they could about him. Thankfully Francisco was all too reassuring. "Lord Dunwith took care of that. He sent a vehicle to Dwight's address. No one saw him arrive." I went out to the refitted weight room and found my clipboard. I was so nervous that my hand scrawled shaky letters across the notepaper. Dwight had grown even bigger since I'd passed out. And why not? One of the key triggers or catalysts in the Enerflex compound depended on the recipient's brain releasing endorphins. If someone liked something enough, or even desired something hard enough, Enerflex would work so much more efficiently. In the case of Dwight, his desire to grow more and more masses of gigantic muscle acted as the catalyst necessary to boost the effects of Enerflex. It would appear that the drug had been set to overdrive in his system. But one dose lasted eight hours at most; that had been certainly true in the dormouse's case. But something within Dwight had perpetuated the lasting effects of a single pill. And his abnormal eating habits would have to be monitored closely. But for now: "You're probably wondering about the new weight machines," I said, for once managing to not stammer. Dwight barely paid me any attention, for he was still so engrossed in his posing. "Not really, doc. Except maybe... how easily I'm gonna bust them up with my incredible strength," the hyper-massive muscle man boasted. I found his remark moderately amusing. "This is no ordinary gym equipment, Dwight. There are no plates to screw onto bars, or pins to pull out of one stack of plates and slip into another. No levers or pulleys to adjust. It's all very high tech and works off the principal of magnetic resistance." His curiosity now piqued, Dwight turned to the NASA answer to a bench press. The setup was similar to a standard bench, except the bar worked off magnetic resistance. The mechanical components could be set to recreate any weight via incredibly powerful built-in electromagnets. "How shall I program it? One thousand pounds of resistance for a warm-up then?" I was toying with Dwight, and he knew it. "How high does it go?" I'd expected him to ask that. "Ten thousand pounds," I replied, fighting against yet another stammer. Dwight considered this for a moment. "Might still be a little light for me. But won’t know unless I give it a whirl." I felt one of my eyebrows peaking up like the way Mister Spock's would when he found something to be fascinating. Why not start him off on maximum settings? If they proved too much for him I could always lower the resistance at the push of a button. I did what Dwight wanted and when the machine was set, I gestured to him to assume the proper position on the bench. The machine activated as soon as he began to take the strain. Wait... did I say "strain"? There was no strain at all. With his breathing rhythmic and his sweat glands given the day off, Dwight began to press the bar upwards, methodically and repeatedly, despite ten thousand pounds of pressure pulling against his every exertion. He might as well have been pressing cotton swabs. It was astonishing to observe. He was hundreds of times stronger than I could ever have dreamed of. And he could only get stronger yet. Not even a single grunt emerged from him as he continued to work the weight. He showed no signs of tiring, or giving up. He seemed content to do this for as long as it provided him the pumps. "How do you feel?" My question came after 954 reps. Not a bead of sweat had appeared anywhere on his skin. "It's light, but I'm starting to feel the burn, doc. I reckon another 500 reps will give me the pump I need. But this needs to go higher," Dwight admitted. "I'm sorry, Dwight, but you are pushing the machine to its limit." It was true. There was a smell of ozone in the air, as electrical circuits and other components were pushed beyond their design tolerance. After his 1246th rep, the machine shorted out. To be honest, I'd expected it to break down long before that. He returned the bar to its rest, sat up on the bench and flexed his mammoth pectoral muscles. They were pumped to huge proportions, fresh networks of veins now throbbing out of the skin. His chin was now completely buried in the flesh of his upper pecs, especially when he looked downward. He licked the veins that had come out of the pecs and inhaled his bodybuilder's musk deeply, as if getting off to his size and power. "A half-decent pump. But it could be a lot better. You need to design more powerful machines for me, Doc." We repeated further tests on every other machine. The leg press machine had a maximum resistance limit of 25,000 lbs. Dwight's mammoth redwoods shorted out the machine in less than five minutes. But during that five minutes the pump he received increased the girth of his upper thighs by 27%. 1200 reps apiece with magnetic dumbbells, each one set to 2000 lbs of resistance swelled his biceps up to 120 inches cold. Flexed they peaked at 144 inches, erupting miniature volcanoes both. "I need to get bigger, Doc. How about another pill," Dwight requested after stopping to rest and eat.... pizza, that's right, pizza. He'd sent Francisco out on an errand to bring back ten of the largest cheese, tomato and pepperoni pizzas available in the city. With Lord Dunwith getting the bill, the sky was the limit for the ever-expanding muscle god. Dwight's gut began to swell again, as he gorged on the fattening fare. I grew somewhat pensive, but recorded everything as it transpired. "I don't think that's a good idea yet, Dwight. I'm still putting your blood through some final analyses before we proceed. This gut expansion of yours is not something I anticipated. It may not be good for you to continue to indulge yourself in this way." He paused between demolishing his fifteenth and sixteenth slice of pizza (by now he was picking up slices in both hands, eating at a rate that was beyond even superhuman). I thought he was going to snap and explode with rage for not getting his own way. Instead: "Fair enough. I can grow now without your goddam pills. Look... see my gut? Watch it balloon as I eat more food than an average family can get through in a week," Dwight boasted. I wasn't much of a pizza eater, but these things were huge, easily 30 inches in diameter. A family of four could probably live on one of these monsters for a couple of days at least. Whilst this was going on, I failed to notice Francisco wheeling a large rectangular box into the weight room via a two-wheeled trolley. What the hell was that? By the time my assistant had set up the milkshake machine, Dwight was demolishing the last of his pizzas and rubbing his massive belly as it continued to grow, pushing his pecs even higher so that his head was completely obscured from my view. How he was getting any food into his mouth at all - with so much pec-meat in the way - was a minor miracle to behold. I finally acknowledged the milkshake machine. It was the kind you see in fast food restaurants, with a combination dispenser array designed for making shakes and sundaes of various flavours. "What in blazes is that doing here?" I demanded to know. "Well I...mmmfff...slurp... need something to .... yummm... wash down all this pizza, Doc, mmmfff," said Dwight, his table manners bordering on atrocious. My eyes nearly came out on stalks. This activity went against the grain of my scientific agenda. But curiosity, the kind that turns scientists into human flies, suddenly got the better of me. I had to see where this was going. My arousal was greater than ever. There was something so insanely stimulating at the thought of Dwight blowing up like a balloon, then sucking it all back in (whatever "it" was) before converting it to hundreds of pounds of new muscle. I accepted the idea of the milkshake machine. What I found difficult to digest, however, was the method by which it was about to be delivered to Dwight's digestive system. Francisco attached some rubber hose to the nozzle of the shake machine, and then the free end to a mightily-big plastic funnel, the like of which I'd never seen before. What... was it used for giving an elephant an enema? "Hurry the fuck up, little man," Dwight bellowed, and now he'd wedged himself into one corner, pushing a whole rack of dumbbells out of the way so as to make room. Francisco, it seemed, was only too willing to oblige. My soon-to-be ex-lab assistant promptly obeyed the muscle/gut monster and stuck the small end of the funnel, not only into Dwight’s mouth, but his giant's throat seemed to have no problem at all accommodating the foot-and-a-half-long proboscis through which he would receive the nutritional goop, which Francisco then began to pour into the reservoir at the back of the machine. "Whoa, hold on a goddamn minute there, Francisco," I squealed, using a profanity that would make the hairs stand up on the back of my dear old father's neck. I flitted around to the back of the machine and began to excitedly scribble down the "ingredients" to this super-shake that Francisco was currently putting together. In went the normal liquid shake mix, mostly milk-based and whatever chemicals the manufacturers saw fit to include. Then the syrup flavouring, in this case chocolate, followed by several containers of bodybuilding "muscle milk", creatine, whey, egg protein extract etc. Then Francisco threw in a dozen packets of pancake mix, ice cream, whipped cream, cake mixes etc... it went on and on (where did he find the time to get all this stuff?). I just about managed to scribble everything down; it was important to record exactly what would be going into Dwight's system, but I wasn't totally sure of the ratios. Fuck it, I thought. Oh darn, more profanity. I no longer cared. This wasn't just about science any more, it was about throwing caution to the wind, cocks oozing precum, and my desire to be dominated by the biggest, heaviest and strongest bodybuilder ever to walk the Earth. "Feed me," Dwight almost managed to pronounce correctly, despite that he had eighteen inches of plastic down his neck (how did he avoid the gagging reflex?). Francisco, almost fit to collapse from exhaustion, threw the switch on the shake machine. It rumbled into life, it's innards mixing, churning and drawing this ultra-rich ambrosia further into itself, chilling and emulsifying it, and within seconds the thick goop began its journey along the hosepipe and towards the funnel. With the sensors again on the blink, I couldn't tell how big Dwight's stomach had stretched to, but if I were to guess I'd say it had to be at least 150 inches around (I could have been way off the mark there). What happened next was... was... the SHIT!!!!! It was like the entire room was getting smaller, however, because our eyes were rapt on Dwight's further metamorphosis, everything around us had become superficial, minuscule. As more and more of the super-rich mix "glug-glugged" along the hose – through the funnel and down into the magnificent bodybuilder's incredible body – the bigger his mega-gut swelled. How his skin didn't rip apart as it breached the threshold of elasticity is beyond me. But his stretch marks were so many now, the skin flashing red, then normal again, as it hurriedly repaired and adjusted itself. Soon the shake machine's reservoir was empty and anything that was recognisable as a muscular human being had disappeared behind the biggest belly in all of creation. Not even a pair of feet stuck out from beneath the vast sphere of flesh. The shake machine shut down, obviously designed to do that when its reservoir ran dry. I was at a loss for what to do. I turned to Francisco. "Is there no more of the stuff?" He slowly shook his head, unable to take his eyes off the mega-belly that had swollen to such a vast size that several of the workout machines had been pushed aside by its burgeoning advancement. I feared for Dwight's life, I really did. He uttered not a single sound, and there were no signs of movement. The next minute seemed to last a small eternity. Was I holding my breath in anticipation of the next phase? Next phase? Damn, I didn't know which way was up right now. The centre of my entire universe was a point somewhere on that gigantic belly now taking up a good eighth of the room's volume. Then... a dumbbell clattered to the floor next to the belly. Then another. Then the sound of groaning metal. And... was that... a moan... a sound of distress from a suffering human? I tentatively edged a little closer to my test subject. "Dwight... are you..." "Unnnnnghhh," he uttered, and I was thankful that he was still alive. "Belly...ache," he moaned, for he'd obviously spat out the funnel at this point. I could now see his hands flailing sluggishly on either side of the hot-air balloon that had become of his belly. He wanted to rub his belly, but it was way too large for him to manage this. I wanted to oblige. "I can soothe your discomfort, Dwight. If I rub your stomach it should help with digestion." I so wanted to feel and caress that incredible body. Bellies didn't turn me on nearly as much as muscles, but with Dwight this didn't matter. He was a bodybuilding behemoth, therefore no matter what his shape, the god that he had become demanded my attention and worship. "Suh-sounds guh-good, Doc," he stammered. And so I made physical contact with Dwight, not quite the way I'd hoped to, but it was something to be thankful for. His belly swelled before me, a ten-foot high, twenty-foot wide wall of flesh. I began to rub it, applying as much pressure as I could, but I couldn't dent it. I might as well have been trying to massage granite or steel. But I persisted, working a little vigour into my efforts. Eventually: "Feels good, Doc. Pain is going away now." Unlike my own pain, which was caused by a painfully hard and swollen cock pressing against the inside of my pants. Thank goodness my white lab coat concealed my shame. I kept rubbing him like this for what seemed like a very long time, so long that I began to tire of the activity. Then... A rumbling... deep and guttural and building in pressure. The entire room began to shake. Plaster broke from the ceiling and rained down on us. More weight equipment toppled or crashed. Was it a quake? It couldn't be. We were nowhere near a fault line. "He's gonna belch again," I suddenly realised. "Unnngh.....can't keep it in, Doc," Dwight groaned. The rumbling increased in intensity. Windows smashed and doors buckled in their frames. How much of the surrounding city block would now be feeling these effects? And if this facility could be traced to the epicentre, I feared for the future of my research. Had we taken this too far? Just a tad. "Quick, Francisco, behind that table," I indicated to my lab assistant. There was an overturned table about eight feet away. We had to get to it before Dwight let rip. We barely got to it in time. Dwight erupted on a cataclysmic scale. The room was quickly filled with enough gas to cause a major explosion should there be any naked flames nearby. I worried for the state of my lab next door. Some of the chemicals I used were volatile if mixed. Under these conditions how they hadn't already mixed was a small miracle. The belch went on for what seemed like forever. The smell was nauseating and it was another miracle that Francisco and myself didn't throw up. But then... another transformation. Like before, as Dwight's belly began shrinking back into its taut, sexy muscle-brick configuration, every single muscle in his body began to get bigger... and bigger... and stronger... and so much harder (as hard as my throbbing cock right now? That was questionable). Francisco and I watched, dumbfounded with awe, as Dwight grew so much bigger. Once his belly had diminished enough for him to stand up, he was able to give us a much better show as his transformation endured. He was now pushing ten feet tall. His neck was hard to make out in between a pair of monstrous traps that sloped down to shoulders that now had to be seven feet wide, if not more, each one ending in a bulbous deltoid twice the size of a human head. The bottom half of his beautiful face was hidden behind the biggest, most projecting pair of mammoth pecs I'd ever seen. How big was his chest now? 200? 300 inches? It was impossible to gauge at this point. But when Dwight flexed and bounced them, the currents of displaced air charged across the room and slammed us between our table shield and the wall behind. He flexed his ever-increasing upper arms, and biceps wider than a cow exploded with veins and mass. His forearms alone were twice as thick as an averagely-built man. His belly continued to shrink and harden, his waist once again returning to that gorgeous taper that every bodybuilder endeavours to create. His body continued to hulk-out with more and more mass. It just wouldn't stop. He had to weigh thousands and thousands of pounds by now. And he was STILL getting bigger and bigger. His thighs grew wider than a car, thicker and more striated, and with deeper cuts between the muscles than ever before. Walking would be a major struggle for him now, and yet the thought of him struggling to waddle, much less walk, due to the humongous girth of his thighs, was putting me on the verge of cumming. I gasped and adjusted my cock inside my pants as I marvelled at Dwight's ever-growing calves. Three times the size of a beach ball, I shuddered to think how much bigger they could get. And my libido yearned for yet more muscle-growth. "Yeah, this is what it's all about, Doc. I'm the biggest, baddest, strongest fucker on the planet," Dwight playfully raged. I truly hoped that he wouldn't become a danger to us, or the general public, for that matter. His head almost touched the ceiling. His growth began to slow as his ab-cobbles popped back out, this time twelve of them in two stacks of six apiece. It was the first "twelve-pack" in all of existence. Dwight flared his lats and his upper body just swelled up beautifully. His lats gorged on space and Enerflex and blood and growth hormone and simply swelled up to twenty or more times their previous mass. Dwight's arms were pushed out even further from his sides. But he seemed to be enjoying it. "Look, Doc... my arms are almost horizontal now. I'm...grrrrrrr....trying to press against my order to....unnnngh...get my fucking huge arms down....but...grrrrrrrffff....I can't do it......lats....too big.....want them bigger...grrrrrrrrr!!" He waddled over to the scale. Would it even support his weight now that he'd grown even further? It was an effort for Dwight to move, now, but I found this most arousing. He stood on the scale and just before it was crushed to tiny bits it recorded... "8455 lbs, Doc. Fuck yeah. But I've got to get to ten thousand. I've got to get fucking.....BIGGERRRRRR!!!!!" Dwight was out of control, that much was clear. What could I do to regain control of the situation? There really was only one thing I could do. But that would have to wait. Scientific curiosity had gotten the better of my sense of self preservation. I had to see what happened next. Dwight was like a storm that couldn't be contained, or its movements predicted. He'd flexed every pose capable of a bodybuilder, each time his body ripped into greater hardness and definition, with deeper cuts, more striations, and even greater masses of thick, plump veins. But now he'd grown bored with just posing. He needed to express his strength. He was too big for any of the machines now. But that didn't stop him. He picked up a 200 lb dumbbell. "Watch this, you pussies," he growled. He struggled to get his arms to move around his massive pecs (they must have jutted out at least six feet from his rib cage). But he eventually succeeded in inserting the weight between the two pec mountains. Then he applied pressure, trying to get both his fists to meet so that his pecs were squeezed mightily in-between. As the iron heated up from friction, I gasped when I saw a puff of smoke emerge from between Dwight's mega-pecs. Then he removed the transformed dumbbell, and I almost fainted. He tossed the squashed blob of iron towards us. It still weighed 200 lbs, but it had been compressed into an unrecognisable shape. And he'd made this happen just with his pecs. I was speechless and could only watch in awe at what he did next. He found one of the plates from the old leg-press machine, one that weighed about 300 lbs. It was the size of a very large pizza, and probably ten times as thick. Dwight struggled to pick the thing up off the floor. In the end he gave up and just stomped so hard, his foot actually cracked the concrete, but the shock-wave caused not only the plate to jump into his hand, but Francisco and I almost jumped out of our skins. Then Dwight placed the iron disc between his bicep and forearm and gradually brought the two muscles together nutcracker-style. There was another puff of smoke caused by metallic friction. When he removed the weight disc my jaw dropped open when I saw that not only had the iron been crimped down to the thickness of a razor, but there was even the impression of Dwight's veins on the iron. "I'm the strongest bastard on the planet, Doc. But I need to get stronger." Dwight bounded towards the pair of us, naked and hulking. His cock was almost as big as my entire body. It bobbed and lashed about in a semi-flaccid state, oozing precum with utmost abandon. Dwight's balls throbbed and jiggled, larger than knapsacks beneath his cock. With no room for his junk between thighs that rubbed together as he waddled, the cock and balls had nowhere to hang, and so sticking out ahead of him was their new and final resting place. I must admit to liking that giant cock very much. I wanted to taste it and nurse from its fluids. But it was way too big for my mouth to ever comfortably or reasonably accommodate. Unless.... nah, now wasn't the time. Or was it? What happened next was kind of a blur, and I'm somewhat sketchy on how the events played out. It happened very fast. I just hope that Francisco made it out alive and was a very good liar to the police. But that life is behind me now. I remember hearing wailing sirens... to be expected, considering the gravity of the Dwight-quake that had damaged quite a bit of the surrounding block. I heard the crashing and smashing of masonry, and the indescribable feeling of travelling upwards at a very high velocity. What was going on? I passed out yet again, the last sounds of city life to reach my ears were of police and fire truck sirens, screaming, panicking people, all of which seemed to come from far below. But how? Was I flying? The next thing I was aware of was the feeling of warm sand beneath me. I could smell the salt in the air, and the breeze that nuzzled my skin felt refreshing and invigorating. DAY 3: "Wuh-water," I pathetically gasped. I managed to raise myself to a sitting position. I was still in my clothing, lab-coat and all. The sun was high in the sky. I was on a beach, a tropical island. I'd never seen anything so beautiful. Suddenly a vast shadow was cast around me. Dwight had returned with not only coconuts, but an entire coconut tree. He carried it across one mighty shoulder. It must have weighed many tonnes, but it looked weightless to him. He picked off some of the fruits and then dropped the tree. It would come in handy for kindling later. The huge muscle man sat down opposite me, just about managing to cross his legs without castrating himself. He cracked open a coconut like it was an egg and handed me half. I'd never tasted coconut milk before. It was bitter, but it lubricated my mouth and throat nicely. "How did we get here?" I tried to take in Dwight in his entirety, but my brain was still struggling to accept that he was real. He looked even bigger than before I'd passed out. "I jumped," he replied simply. He began crunching through coconuts, shells and all. I imagined his teeth and jaws would have no trouble crunching through diamonds. "You did....whaaat?" Wherever this place was on the globe, it felt like thousands of miles from my secret lab in the city. "Too much attention drawn to the other place, Doc. I panicked and... jumped. Have to admit, the distance I covered in one leap really surprised me. I think this is an island in the South Pacific. Can't be sure exactly. Geography was never my strong point." "Are you happy with how things played out?" A sober question from me. "Uh, I guess. I want to get bigger, though," he replied with a modicum of regret. "Well you won't get any bigger just eating coconuts. We can't stay here, Dwight." But really, did we have any choice? I thought that Lord Dunwith would have the affluent means, not to mention influence, to hide Dwight for the rest of his life, but did he really deserve to be cooped up like an animal? Not that any cage would hold him, of course. "I can make a paradise for us here," he exclaimed, and for the first time since meeting him two days ago, I looked into his eyes, really looked into them, and for a split second saw just a handsome young man with so many dreams, one of which already came true. Our hearts were suddenly beating as one. "You speak as if I'm Jane to your Tarzan," I replied, speaking without thinking. "Maybe you are, Doc." Dwight had to adjust his seating position as his cock and balls began to swell huge. Was he turned on? It seemed so. "Call me John. Doc makes me feel ancient. I'm only thirty-five." "A good age. I can live with that. I really like you, and can't thank you enough for the amazing gift you gave me." Tenderness now flowed on the currents created by Dwight's words. I was seeing a different side to him... an honest-to-goodness human side. Then he leaned forwards and did something I could never have expected. He picked me up and hugged me. He was surprisingly gentle, too, considering what he could do to cast iron and coconut trees. I was like a rag doll to his child. It was absurd really. He was far too big for me to love properly. Then I remembered... "You need a proper companion and lover, Dwight... someone who can match you in size and strength." I wriggled out from between his mighty mitts and took something out of my pocket. It was a vial containing the purple Enerflex pills. Dwight recognised them immediately and began to drool with excitement. He realised what I was about to do. I tipped the vial into my mouth, caring little if I overdosed. But I had a feeling everything would be okay. Don't ask me how I knew... I just did. "Save some for me, John. I need to grow, too." The look of desperation on Dwight's beautiful face was palpable. "Don't worry, there'll be some left over for later. When I'm as big as you, then we can take the rest of them together. Looks like we have this place to ourselves. Maybe it can be paradise," I said. I began to undress before the muscle-giant.. who would forever be my man. Then I began to grow. The End.
  13. Here's some story...I hope you will like. Hello, My name is Jeffrey Matthews, I'm calling about the ad for the seaview villa to rent, is it still available? True the price is pretty hefty but the pictures are amazing, looks like a fantastic property. I don't know, at least a year for sure. Nah, I don't have real guarantees per se. I'm not unemployed of course, I'm... freelance. I can pay you a year in advance if that makes you feel comfortable. I'm... into sports. No it's not dirty money at all. I mean I'm not a guy from the mob, I do nothing illegal at all. Bodybuilding, that's where the cash comes from yes. Oh really? We should meet, I'm sure we'd get along well. Well, any man appreciative of the bodybuilder physique can't be a bad man! Hahahaha! Not exactly. At the villa tomorrow at 3? Perfect, that way I can check the mansion and we can chat directly it's always better. *click* -------------- So the next day I was there right on time, and the agency guy was waiting from me on the porch, I got out of my car, And I love that look he made. He sure wasn't expecting my build. I flashed him my best smile and shook his hand vigorously. We got inside, he gave me the tour, everything about the property was perfect. The high ceilings, the large designer pool and hot tub, the view, the appliances, the furniture, just perfect. We sat in the living room and the real conversation started. Right away, his topic of choice was, you guessed it, bodybuilding. " Oh you want to know more about my professional life? But of course, I will tell you all about it.You want the long version? I don't know if you have much time on your hands... Oh? Great. I also have a few hours to kill, so let's get started. That will be a honest account, but I expect confidentiality from you as it is kind of a weird, unusual adventure. See it as a trust bond between you and me, as a step forward to the business deal I hope we will agree upon. Do I have your word? OK, I believe you. So, there. I was still a chemical engineer for a major pharmaceutics company only a few years ago. After they closed the muscular diseases research department I was a part of, I was a bit on my own and didn't really rejoin another team, so I specialized on hair growth and recovery, on my own. Nothing much was available on that market, and was either too efficient or not enough, and with drastic side effects. My situation annoyed the management, and more so every passing day, as they're not fond of free agents and I didn't get any significant results. In addition, hair loss research had been a financial money pit in this industry during decades and wasn't very popular there anymore. For a while I could convince them I was on the right path, and was on the verge of something great, but after a while they finally fired me. How long ago ? Three years almost. Yes, and there I am in front of you today ! I was a poor lad on my ass back then. I wanted to go on with my research, but the other companies weren't too keen with that project neither, and I was 35 already so that didn't help, my professional network was ignoring me, so I continued my experiments in my kitchen, with the chemicals I had managed to borrow from work and a few bald mice. One day I woke up and one of the mice still had no hair gain, and that should have bothered me, but in fact the real shock was that it had more than doubled in size! And all of it pure, lean, hardcore muscle! I was baffled, and it took me a moment to realize that my fortune was made. Sure, a scotch, please. I had the formula of extreme muscle growth.Problem was, I had tried so many different formulas, and I wasn't as rigorous as I would have been in a real lab, so I couldn't find through my notes the exact formula I had used. I knew exactly from which vial came the micro-gram of product I had fed my supermouse with, but it was all I had. I tried for days to create the formula again but with no success. Furthermore, after two days, supermouse was almost back to its former shape. But it was a major discovery anyway. No, I never have been able to re-create the magical formula. Maybe I had mixed my notes with older ones from my muscle research days, but as I was out of money, about to get kicked out of my home, so I had to call back the industry moguls to sell myself at a high price. Sure that would have been better with the real recipe but they had the means to analyze my vial and reverse-engineer it. Of course. Then, I stopped to think for a moment. I had two choices in fact. Hehe glad you enjoy. So, what was it that I really wanted. Becoming filthy rich working for these blood suckers, or living the lifelong dream I never thought I could ever attain? Because deep inside, from a very young age, I had always been fascinated by the physique of huge bodybuilders. I never had been a sporty guy, quite the opposite, the feeble, weak nerd good with science, any attempt I ever made at working out had been a miserable failure. Yet I was obsessed with extreme muscle development for as far as I can remember. Hmm? Yes, obviously that was why I had specialized in muscular research to begin with. And there I was with this vial in my hand, and at this moment, I had the opportunity to live my ultimate fantasy, so impossible that it hadn't occurred to me earlier, a drop of this liquid could turn me into one of the magnificent muscular beasts I had lusted after my whole life, a massive, ultra pumped bodybuilder jam-packed with bursting muscles and oozing pure raw sex from every inch of... Oh sorry I didn't mean to arouse you that badly! I was getting there, a few uncertainties were in the balance, human experimentation was a bald move, was that worth the risk if the effects only lasted a few days, then again the condition could prove to be more stable in the human body, and certainly some training would help maintaining the muscular hypertrophy, if I messed with the product, or used it all, its mystery would never get solved, and of course there was a shitload of money to be made in a snap... But it was so tempting, the unreachable dream at my fingertips, becoming a superhuman muscle freak in a matter of hours, in my life I never had the chance to even get close to a real bodybuilder, and soon I would be able to touch, fondle, grab, delirious amounts of sublime muscles, for as much as I want, and feel that intense power, as all that muscle would be mine! I got so hornier and harder with every second that my brain could barely function, so I opened the vial and tilted it over my open mouth waiting for the drop to fall, holding my cock already to savor every instant of my mutation waiting to happen. Obviously. No, not really. Well I was on cloud nine. But so confused. No. Yes, you heard me. No, I did something else.
  14. londonboy

    m/m Connected (Parts 1 - 8)

    Part One “You realize that every time I fuck you I grow.” “What?” I asked, looking up at him as I searched for a specific pan I loved to use to make omelets. “Each time I bang your hole I grow. It’s slight, but I can tell. I’m also stronger the next day in the gym,” he replied and I suddenly realized he was being serious. “It’s like you feed me, somehow . . . or feed my muscles.” “Dude, it’s just your imagination . . . or a little leftover thrill of how good I am,” I said smiling. “You are good – the best I’ve ever had, as a matter of fact, - but this isn’t imaginary. Since I’ve been dating you I’ve added an inch to my arms and it’s not been that long. I’ve added the kind of muscle weight I never imagined I would. I thought I had plateaued – but you’ve taken me through that glass ceiling. I’m growing, man, and it happens after we make love. I can feel it happening, now. All because of us throwing it down in the bedroom this morning. I’m heavier, too.” “Oh,” I said, “maybe I shouldn’t make omelets, then.” “It’s muscle, babe – I weigh more because I’m gaining muscle.” This thought immediately turned me on. Looking at his huge muscled body and contemplating that it was getting bigger . . . heavier . . . stronger – well, that was almost too much for a petite, bulge-loving, always a bottom to comprehend. He smiled – simply because he saw in my eyes that I was beginning to understand. I stood up and placed the pan on the stove. It was only at this moment that I wondered why this information was being shared. He stepped closer – towering over me in height and size. Just one hour ago his huge body had been pounding mine into my mattress – making me feel all wonderful inside. I took advantage of this new information and treaded in a previously unchartered territory. “So, it goes to reason that if you grow from having sex with me, then we should be doing it a lot more.” “That would make sense . . . don’t you think. I mean, I would like to grow. Wouldn’t you want me bigger?” he answered, realizing we were thinking of the same thing. “And logically, that would mean if we . . . let’s say . . . lived together you could basically plow me any time we were both home.” “Yes, that seems logical,” he answered, moving so close that huge bulging pectorals almost pressed up against me. “Are you saying you’d like to live together . . . and get bigger?” I asked. “Are you inviting me to live here and would you like me to get bigger?” he asked, looking down at me. “Is all of you getting bigger?” I asked, teasingly, and then ran my tongue across my upper lip. “Definitely, all of me,” he answered, wrapping his vein-covered monstrous arms around my body. “Hmmmmm, that sounds nice. But what would you tell your Baptist preacher dad and your entire Bible-thumping family?” I said, snuggling up against his hard body. “I’d tell them I live with my boyfriend,” he said, bending down to kiss my forehead. “Maybe, you should also tell them that I’m making you grow,” I suggested. “They think I’m too big already.” “Is that even possible? Being too big,” I asked. “Are you going to tie my shoes when I can’t bend over?” he said. “We’ll get you flip flops,” I answered. We stood there for a while – his big arms squeezing me, comfortably. I was already so small next to him. I began to fantasize what it would be like when he was ten times my size. I’m pretty sure he was fantasizing the same thing, for his hefty tool was beginning to stiffen and push my crotch away from him. It did feel bigger, or was that just my imagination . . . or wishful thinking. His pecs made the best pillows. I stood there, motionless – suddenly wishing we were back in bed. “How did you notice you were bigger?” I asked, my face deep in the crevice between his pecs. “My t-shirts are tighter. Hell, even my underwear is tighter. My head is closer to the top of the doorframe. You seem much smaller.” “All of that turns me on,” I replied. “Everything turns you on, my little Boo,” he said, laughing, and his big chest bounced up and down. “Everything about you,” I quickly added. “I want you to move in.” “I’m thinking it would be ideal,” he answered. “Just because you’ll get bigger?” I asked. “I shouldn’t lie – that’s a major part of it, but also . . . I don’t like sleeping alone. I don’t like cooking for one. I don’t like knowing you’re not in the next room. I don’t like being a big and strong man without someone to show off for . . . to cuddle . . . to fill with my hard meat.” “You always know the right things to say,” I said, almost purring. “Marry me.” “What?” I asked, pulling my upper body away from his and looking up at him. “Make an honest man of me . . . marry me,” he repeated. “Your family will murder me. You - marrying a poor, short, white, Catholic boy from a hick town in Tennessee. To a well-established Brooklyn family with lots of money, that’s quite a step down. Are you sure, growing big is worth the estrangement?” “Poor? You sold a start-up for an insane amount of money and own a beautiful brownstone.” “Yeah, but my parents used to live in a trailer. Not that there’s anything wrong with a trailer. I remember dating a cute boy named Bobby from Kentucky who lived in a trailer. He had the biggest . . .” “Biggest what?” he asked, squeezing me hard. “Biggest cock,” I said with the little breath remaining in my lungs and then quickly added, “until I met you, of course.” “That’s better,” he said relaxing his squeeze. “You still haven’t answered my question.” “Oh, I thought it was rhetorical. I’ve been trying to get you to move in here for months.” “That’s not the question I’m talking about,” he replied and squeezed his arms teasingly – as if I would be crushed again. “Ohhhhhh, THE question. Let’s see, do I want to marry a guy with arms so big that I can’t reach around them with both my hands put together? Do I want to marry a guy with such a protruding chest that when he’s coming around a corner you see his nipples a good ten seconds before you see the rest of him? Do I want to marry a guy that got down on the floor the other day and had me stand on his abs so he could get in a workout by lifting me up and down as he tensed his stomach? Do I want to marry a guy that plows me so expertly that quite often after sex my voice is completely gone because I have moaned and yelled so much? Do I want to marry the guy that just told me he is growing – in size and strength – every time he welcomingly invades my body with his gorgeous, giant, manly tool? Is that the question you want me to answer?” “Yes, please.” “The answer is yes . . . yes, a thousand times yes. Marrying you would make me the happiest man on earth. Wait, I’m already that guy . . . this will just make it even better.” I knew my answer would make him squat a little, letting his arms drop down to my waist, and then lift my small body into the air. He loved picking me up. He did it as often as he could or as often as I’d let him. Sometimes, he’d even tell me to get onto his back while he did normal chores. There I’d be – piggyback riding his monstrous frame while he brushed his teeth or made a sandwich. No evening was complete, either, if he didn’t get to do at least twenty reps pressing my body into the air as he lay on the floor. He said it was his favorite way to build his chest. I wrapped my legs around his strong, hard core and let my stiff cock press against his cobbled stomach. I was always in danger of exploding when my tool rubbed against the stone-like ridges. He looked down at me, completely accepting the fact that we were now betrothed – destined to be together. He clearly wanted to return to our original conversation. “I can feel the billions of cells in my body reproducing over and over – making new layers of muscle. It’s like metal hardening as it cools or lava bubbling up and then turning to stone. I’m getting thicker and bigger – kind of like how my cock responds when you are around. Yeah, my entire body is getting a hard-on for you – but it won’t go away even when I calm down. I’ll still be bigger and denser. I can’t even begin to explain the pleasure it gives me . . . that you give me.” “I don’t know, buddy – hanging on to your monstrous traps is giving me lots of pleasure. Maybe I get a small glimpse of what you’re feeling. You do feel bigger, though. I’ve hung on to your body so many times that I have the shape of every bulge memorized. My hands have to be wider to grip places where I’ve grabbed before. And you seem a lot harder, if that’s possible.” “It is. I can feel the same thing from the inside, as well. I think you’re going to turn me into something . . . I don’t know . . . maybe indestructible.” “Yeah, I like the sound of that,” I replied, rubbing my crotch harder against his abs. “I want to get big, that’s for sure, but my desire for hugeness is tied much more to you than my own desires. I want to be big for you. It’s something that grows stronger within me every time we make love. It’s like I’m destined for greatness, but that greatness somehow involves you. It’s like all my life – growing big as a teenager and beyond – was leading up to the point where I met you. I was laying a foundation for the true size, definition, and power that would build in me after I was with you. We’re connected in some way – through a long history going back thousands of years. I can feel it – in every fiber of my growing body.” His words felt like some giant page of my life’s story had just been turned and a huge plot twist had been revealed. The feelings he spoke of were the same in me, as well – suddenly awakened by his awareness being shared. We were deeply connected in some way that could not be explained, yet alone, fully understood. It was as if he was being increased to be my protector – my bodyguard . . . and, yet, so much more. I could feel his skin – ever so slightly – stretching beneath my hands. He was, indeed, growing . . . getting thicker. It was mindboggling. How was it even possible for a man’s body to thicken? The idea of his muscle meat getting denser and denser – making him expand, making him get stronger – made me want to have him constantly plowing me. Knowing that from now on I would be able to detect the changes – maybe it will be slightly more difficult to wrap my arms around him, maybe my hands would have to be spread much wider to grab his biceps, or maybe the full weight of him on top of me will become unbearable. I looked forward to all of this. He watched my face as my mind fully explored what could happen to him. He understood everything that was racing through my head. “I now know my sole purpose for living . . . it is you. I let you claim me completely. I offer my muscles, my knowledge, my love in service to you. I exist to make you safe, happy, and satisfied. You are my priority. We are no longer two . . . we are one.” The big man had clearly entered into some realm that was beyond me. He was speaking to me, but he was saying the words as if his brain was confirming some pre-programmed mantra. He sounded like a machine – hell, he looked like a muscle machine, but this was different. He seemed to be speaking as if another being had taken over his body and was telling him what to say. The huge man, when finished with his words, put me down and knelt in front of me. It was confounding, to say the least. It was also slightly unnerving. And then it was gone. He looked up at me and smiled. “What are you doing?” I asked. “What do you mean?” “Why are you on your knees?” I continued. “To make the proposal legit,” he answered, tensing his pecs to cause a stirring in my groin. “I already said yes,” I answered. “Yeah, well I guess I just wanted to seal the deal,” he responded as he stood up – his humongous bulk giving off warmth and making me feel small. “Um . . . you kind of went away for a few minutes and said some crazy sounding things about me being your priority and the two of us are now one. It was a little spooky.” “What are you talking about, dude?” he said, wrapping his big arms around my waist again. “I just went down on bended knee to tell you I love you.” “Which was nice, of course, but then you looked weird and said…” “Shhhh, my everything. I sense danger,” the big man said, as he interrupted me to tilt his head upward – as if listening to something in the distance. “When I tell you to move, my love – I want you to go to the bedroom and get under the bed. Do not come out until you hear my voice tell you to.” “What are you talking about….” My question was suddenly interrupted by something plowing through the concrete wall a few feet from my head. The sound was deafening. I looked over to see that it was a fist – attached to a large arm. The thing had just plowed through the wall like a sledgehammer doing demolition work. My big lover’s arms released me immediately and the huge man sprang into action. He grabbed the wrist of the arm sticking through the wall with both of his hands and jerked inward with what I knew was a tremendous force. I heard the body that was attached to the arm slam into the other side of the wall outside of our apartment. I heard a gust of breath leave whomever was attached to the arm and I saw the wall of my apartment buckle inward as if a big wrecking ball had pounded the other side. My lover had just pulled someone into the concrete with enough force to make an indention the size of a big body. I briefly contemplated the fact that the arm had not come ripping off. “Go! Now!” my big lover said firmly, but softly, and before I left I saw him push the arm outward and then jerk it back in again with more force than before, making the body on the other side slam into the caved concrete wall for a second time.
  15. pasidious

    m/m Becoming an Alpha - Part 2

    Part 1 Let me know what you think! ________________________________________________ I loved it. I mean, I absolutely loved it. I'd never gotten a blowjob before, and the experience was... phenomenal. My cock had never been so hard and throbbing. It was so intense. I got back home and couldn't help myself. I dropped--threw--my gym bag onto my bed and went straight for the mirror. I had a full length mirror, which I was SO thankful for right now. I stood there, gazing at myself. I was sort of out of breath, since I definitely rushed back, so I was breathing rather heavy, and I watched my shoulders rise and fall with my deep breaths. My wider, bigger shoulders. My chest was pressing outward in my T-shirt, which I absolutely loved. I had an actual chest now, which was so much more amazing than I ever imagined. It wasn't a huge chest, but it was something. I'd been waiting for this moment. I pulled the sleeves back on both of my arms and flexed into a double-bicep pose, and FUCK. My arms rose into these little balls of muscle that were definitely just little mounds of soft flesh this morning. Any dude watching me right now would still be all like "he's too small to be showing off" but I didn't care. I was bigger than I was before. And it felt so... fucking... GOOD. I pumped my arms a bit, flexing and unflexing, watching the muscle rise and fall. It was such a hot sight. And it was ME. Not another guy. ME. And my dick was of course responding. I felt myself getting harder and harder, and it was to my OWN muscle. I lifted up the bottom of my shirt and... YES! I had some abs. It wasn't a tight six-pack or anything, but there were bumps there. A start of a six-pack. The sign of an athletic body, even though they weren't defined. My dick throbbed. I saw a wet spot forming on the front of my pants. Which was quicker to happen than normal, but I was super turned on. So, I pulled my pants off and let my big throbbing dick bounce up and slap my new abs. Some pre drooled onto the carpet. I also took notice of my bigger, thicker legs. I flexed them and marveled at the muscles that formed when before I had nothing. It was incredibly hot. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it, now standing completely nude, and yes, I was definitely looking more like I hit the gym than I did before. I laid down on my bed, shoving my gym bag to the floor, and gripped my cock with my hands. I shuddered. Pleasure was shooting through every fiber of my being. I began jerking myself off, rubbing my hands up and down on my angry, throbbing member. It felt SO GODDAMN GOOD. I sighed. I kept jerking myself, getting faster as the pleasure increased. I felt really pent up even though I'd just blown a load not an hour before. I felt the clear pressure of impending ejaculation, and I didn't stop. I had no interest in edging myself. I wanted it to happen NOW. And BOOM. My cock exploded. Cum shot out of it into the air, and I swear, that first white volley came within an inch of the ceiling. I heard myself moan. Another shot, almost as high as the first. FUCK! I've never cum so hard before. These are powerful shots. BOOM. Another shot, tapering off, but still feeling intense as that first. Each shot was rising into the air then falling right back onto my chest. My new pecs. Splattering all over. As soon as it was just a dribble, I lay there panting, cum all over myself. It took a moment to realize that I didn't grow like last time. So it was confirmed. At least as far as I was concerned. I needed a blowjob to grow. I cleaned myself off and showered. I was starting to wonder if it'd be better to shower at the gym. Either way, I needed to come up with a plan to get another dude to blow me. It only took 19 years to get my first blowjob, so what's another 19 years? NO. I couldn't think like that. I could definitely make it happen. Maybe I needed to show off the goods a bit more. Get my dick more on display. Fuck. But then I had an idea. Who did I know that was gay? I had to know someone. It was a pretty big college, so there had to be plenty of gay dudes around who'd wanna suck my dick. But then an idea struck me. Grindr. I'd fiddled with it in the past, but I got bored of the weirdos on there who I was simply not interested in. But now I was at college and I'd be able to see all the guys nearby who were gay and potentially looking for some fun. I took out my phone and redownloaded the app, and I was eager to get someone to blow me so I was moving swiftly. I laid down on my bed and set up my profile. I didn't even bother with a picture. I just made my tagline say "horny" and started browsing through the people who were online. I actually did see several dudes on there that I'd seen in passing, one of whom was even in one of my classes. A lot of the squares were blank, which told me a lot of guys still liked to stay incognito. Which was fine, all I needed was someone to suck my dick. I didn't really have the desire to initiate conversation with any of these guys. I was still nervous about the whole thing. I mean, I definitely wanted some head, but it just still felt weird doing this stuff. But I would think back to how it felt getting sucked, and the feeling of my muscles swelling... my cock was getting hard again just thinking about it. I started to nod off laying there. I hadn't received any messages, and I was getting kind of bored. But just as soon as I was about to drift off to sleep, I heard an alert from my phone. I immediately opened the app and saw the message and the sender. He had a profile picture, too. All he said was "Hi." He was attractive, with short brown hair and a dark stud in each ear. No visible blemishes on his face, which was a plus. I sent back "Hello." "Wyd" "Nothin much just chillin in my room hbu" "Looking?" "Just for some head but yea" "pic?" I sent him a face picture. I had some actual photogenic selfies saved to my phone which I used rather than taking a brand new one right now. "Nice" and then he also said "Dick?" Fuck. I guess it never occurred to me to get a pic of that. "Hang on," I responded. I needed to get hard, and fast. I switched apps on my phone and went into my photo gallery. I, of course, had photos of muscle saved in there. "Guys next door" type of muscle. My favorite. Nonchalant flexes. I started with my favorite one, a dude about my age grinning cockily and flexing a pretty big bicep still wrapped in a shirt sleeve. His arm was big and his shirt was the perfect size to accentuate his biceps. The sleeve was tight around that bicep. I felt my cock rapidly swelling within my shorts. I switched to another photo. This one was another amazing photo to look at for a guy like me. Two dudes in this one, but one was skinny standing next to his friend flexing a double bicep, his sleeves pulled back, and grinning. The skinny friend was looking at him smiling, but I could tell he was envious as hell. I loved to imagine the skinny friend feeling his muscled friend's biceps after that pic was taken. My cock surged in my shorts, growing to full size, and I quickly moved to another photo. This one had another guy around my age standing in front of his bathroom mirror taking a selfie of himself just standing there, completely naked. He wasn't flexing, just totally relaxed, but his body was amazing. Full pecs, 6-pack abs, round bulbous muscular shoulders and thick defined arms, and his cock was standing straight up. And my own cock was now throbbing hard. I quickly whipped my cock out and positioned my phone to take a photo. I snapped one, then another, and then yet another. I got multiple angles. I saw some pre beginning to seep out of my tip, and I was sure to get a pic of that, too. I didn't want to waste time so I opened Grindr again and sent one of my new dick pics to my new potential friend. "Fuck thats a big dick" "Yeah?" "Fuck yeah man youd destroy me thankfully i just wanna suck you hehe" and then "Got any more?" I sent him another one. "Shit yeah your dick looks delicious" and then he sent another pic of himself with more than just his face. Another selfie but it was taken from farther away to show his torso, but still clothed. He was cute, for sure. "Come over" I sent, along with my dorm location. "Ooo your close" he said, then "BRT" It took a moment for that to sink in. FUCK. I had another dude coming to my room to suck my cock. He'd be here in mere minutes. FUCK. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair and made sure I looked alright. I had a cool shirt on, I think, and I had a clean pair of gym shorts on. I took my bottle of cologne and spritzed a tiny amount on myself. I felt so nervous. I was pacing the room, butterflies in my stomach. I'd never done this before. It seemed so odd to me to be doing this. I never imagined myself in this position. I kept checking my phone, thinking he'd have sent a message I didn't hear canceling on me. I also kept double-checking my appearance in my mirror. I had a brief moment in which I took notice of my new frame after my first blowjob. My shoulders were noticeably wider, and I didn't realize until now how much higher the bottom of my T-shirt reached now. If I raised my arms, part of my stomach was exposed. I did really fill out this shirt more. But then suddenly I heard the knock at the door, which sent the butterflies in my stomach into overdrive. I had to take a deep breath. Not wanting to appear too eager, I slowly walked over to the door, sluggishly looking through the peephole and seeing it was indeed him, and unlocked it. I gripped the knob, and again, slowly turned it and opened the door. He stood there, looking me right in the eye, and smiled. "Hey," he said. I felt myself swallow, but my mouth was dry. FUCK I needed to get over this nervousness. I stepped aside and said "Come on in, man." He walked in and stood there as I shut the door. "What's up?" he said, as we awkwardly stood there. "Uhh, to be honest, I've never done this before, so I'm kind of nervous," I confessed. "It's alright man, I get it, I just wanna please you," he smiled, "Come on." He took my hand and guided me to my bed and pressed his hands into my chest til I sat on the end of my bed. He sat down beside me and put his hand on my leg and slowwwllllyyyy slid it up, then down my leg, occasionally allowing his fingers to knead my quads. I felt some stirring in my crotch area. "You're even sexier than I thought you'd be," he said. I felt my face go red, and I couldn't think of anything cool to say so I simply said "Thanks." He let his hand become more adventurous and it inched its way closer to my dick. I felt myself getting harder. I felt myself shudder, and the sexual tension was starting to become overwhelming. My nervousness was still there, and I had this overbearing uncertainty as to how to behave in this situation. I didn't know what my hands should be doing. Should I be touching him, too? Should I be doing the same thing to him? "Relax, man. Let me please you," he almost whispered, and then his hand grabbed my cock through my shorts. "Whoa..." he said rather loudly. His reaction was genuine, and I still had trouble believing my cock was something so amazing. He stroked me through my shorts and let his hand travel the entire length. "You're fucking big. Like, the pic you sent didn't do it justice." "Thanks," I said, sheepishly, while trying to refrain from squirming. His hand on my cock felt SO GOOD. "Stand up for me, sexy," he said. Then added "Please." I stood up, and he followed suit. He put his hands on my shoulders, then kissed me right on my lips. I was surprised a little, but it felt so right. I liked the kiss. At first it was pretty subdued, but then he really got into it, and I returned the kiss just as hard. We both let our tongues entwine, and my hands had moved to his hips, and very quickly, I pulled him into me, and I felt our hard cocks press together. It was a hot feeling. He moaned a little, his mouth still on mine. His hands began to move, his hands running down my arms, stopping at my upper arms. He gripped them, and squeezed. He broke the kiss, and said "Oooo someone's got some muscles," and I honestly didn't know how to respond. I wanted to kiss some more, but his attention was on my arms now. He was squeezing and running his hands over them, and then he said something that surprised me more than anything else had so far. "Flex for me, sexy." "What??" I said, with a little more surprise in my voice than I'd intended. "Please? Show me your biceps. They feel big. I wanna see." "Ummm, alright," I said, again, sheepishly. I brought my right arm up and flexed it the way I always see other guys do it. Held it parallel to the floor and straight out from my body, and bent my arm while tensing the biceps. My arm contracted into the nicely sized ball of muscle that had grown since my first blowjob. I saw his eyes watching it the entire time I did it, and they widened when my bicep appeared in its fully flexed glory. I hadn't moved the sleeve back, though, so some of it was still covered. "Hot," he whispered. I started to lower my arm and he said "No! Not yet. Please keep it flexed." So I flexed again, and he pulled the sleeve back himself, exposing my entire upper arm and part of my shoulder. "Fuck," he breathed, while reaching his hand up and running his fingers over the ball of muscle. He then wrapped his fingers around it and squeezed, and to my own surprise, there wasn't much give, if any at all. "It's so hard, too," he said. I was feeling pretty good about my muscular development right about then. I'd never had anyone compliment my muscles before, and here was this dude practically drooling over my biceps. So, I felt a bit more confident. I lowered my flexed arm, which made him open his mouth to protest, but I quickly pulled the sleeve back on my other arm and went into a double-bicep flex. "FUCK!" he exclaimed, and immediately had one of his hands on each of my arms. My cock was throbbing hard at this point, and I could feel pre leaking. "Fuck," he said again, and I watched as he took one of his hands and started jerking himself through his shorts. He then dropped to his knees, and tugged on my shorts. "Please?" he asked, his eyes looking up at me like a puppy. "Fuck yeah," I heard myself say. "Mmmm" he voiced his approval, and slowly pulled my shorts down, allowing my cock to finally break free from its confinement. As soon as the elastic band of my shorts moved far enough, my cock bounced out, standing straight up, and some pre flung out and hit him on his chin. "Wow, you're already leaking," he said, then used his finger to wipe his chin and licked it. "Sweet," he said. And then he didn't waste any time. He immediately popped the head of my cock into his mouth and used his tongue to run around my tip. My whole body was filled with electric pleasure, and the tingling was running through every fiber of my body. "Ohhh god..." I moaned, and I felt myself getting hornier. My cock literally felt like it was growing harder with each passing second, and the feeling of his tongue flitting around the head of my cock was astronomical. It left me bereft. My moaning signaled him to turn up his sucking a few notches. He slowly took more of me into his mouth, sliding his lips down my shaft centimeter by centimeter. His tongue expanded its domain, running all over, and he had his hands gripping the backs of my legs, squeezing and massaging them. To be completely honest, that was making it feel so much better. "Unnghhfuck," I moaned, feeling the cum welling up within my balls, the pressure building. My whole body was tingling in the same way it was last time, and I knew I was going to grow again. I needed to cum. I flexed my dick, feeling it throb hard, and my pleasurer could surely feel my dick pulsing. He sucked harder and harder, even emitting some slurping noises. "Ohhh god, fuck!" I exclaimed. The pressure was reaching its peak, and I could tell I would cum any second. "UNNGHH" I grunted, as the pressure breached its containment threshold. "I'm cumming!" I yelled, and I felt the fine sensation of cum shooting into my shaft, and then out of my tip. It was strong and forceful, and my dick throbbed hard with each shot, swelling just a tiny bit each time. He took every shot in his mouth, spilling none, and gulped loudly as he swallowed all of it. To be honest, though, I wasn't all too concerned with my orgasm. Yeah, it felt amazing, but I was almost shaking with excitement for the aftermath. After my fourth shot, I figured I was done and gently pushed him off my dick. I wanted to see myself grow. He looked surprised as hell when I pushed him away, but I wasn't concerned right now, and I had a feeling he wouldn't be either in a moment. "Watch what you just did to me," I said, before he could protest what I did. I felt it welling up within me. I walked over to the mirror, a new girth and weight in my crotch as my dick swung between my legs oozing cum onto the floor. He looked confused as hell when I saw his face in the mirror. I smirked, and focused my attention my body. I stood there, relaxed, watching my entire body. It was still a shock to see my newly toned body from the growth that already occurred. My chest was heaving and my heart was pounding, and I couldn't tell if that was an effect of my excitement or if it was the reaction taking place within my body. "Ohhhh fuuuuuck," I moaned, and I felt like my entire body was experiencing an orgasm as I watched all of my muscles swell bigger. My pecs visibly grew and pushed out from my chest, my slight cleavage becoming more of a valley. My abs clenched and tightened, and I watched as six bricks etched deeper into my stomach. My legs thickened, and it felt incredible to feel my thighs touch each other. I flexed them and watched my quads burst into definition, heads of muscle visible when before, I'd have assumed I had no muscle at all in my legs. "Holy shit," I heard from behind me. I saw his face in the mirror and it was of pure astonishment. He almost looked fearful. "Yeah--ungghhh--get a good look, I'm still--grnnn--growinggggg," I managed to get out before I felt my arms involuntarily flex and pulse, and I watched as they grew slightly bigger and thicker with each heartbeat. Veins were coursing over my arms, and I clenched my fists and watched my forearms thicken and swell into the arms you'd see on a real gym-rat. The kind you'd see on a guy and you'd just KNOW he was strong. "Ohhhfuck yeah, fuuuck yeahhhhh..." The words came out of my mouth but I wasn't even thinking them. The sensation in my arms was overwhelming my senses, and my favorite muscles were growing. Biceps are the mark of dominance and power, and mine were growing. I watched my biceps throbbing bigger with each pump of my heart, thickening and growing. And then I saw my arms angling more outward from my body, and I realized my lats had been swelling a little bigger. It was astonishing even for me to see how my arms didn't just hang at my sides, they were angled out now. FUCK. And my shoulders swelled up some, too, widening with my lats, and I now had obvious traps, eliminating that "pencil-neck" appearance I once had. "SHIT! This is so hot!" I heard my cocksucker exclaim, and I noticed he was standing now, watching me in the mirror intently. His dick was standing straight up. I turned around and looked him right in the eye. "You like this?" I asked, standing there with my chest heaving from my heavy breaths. I gestured at my own body, completely nude. He nodded rapidly, and I saw his eyes darting from body part to body part. His dick was oozing precum. "How about this?" I asked, and made my pecs jump and bounce. FUCK! I could never do that before. Again, he nodded rapidly. I flexed my legs, next, and they once again exploded into definition, and my quads were impressively bulging. I couldn't wait to try on some old shorts to see how they fit me, now. "You like muscle? Well, watch THIS," I said, then flexed my arms into a double-bicep pose, and I felt this immense power as I did it. I felt fucking strong as hell. "Fuck yeah!" And then I watched him shut his eyes, his body shuddered, and his little dick exploded cum all over the floor. He didn't shoot very much, but he definitely came. "Ohhhhgodnngggh" he moaned. I dropped my arms and chuckled. "Okay, well, I hope you enjoyed the show, dude, but I got other things to do, so here are your clothes--" I handed him his clothes, "--and I will see you around!" and I guided him out of my room and shut the door. I went back over to my mirror and couldn't believe what I saw. I was so much bigger than before. I was almost huge. My arms were hot. So hot. I loved biceps, and I really wanted to see if I could rip through some sleeves. "Fuck yeah," I said to myself, as I imagined the ways I was going to enjoy my new body.
  16. Herald

    m/m The dominant species (4)

    “Come on. One more!”. Keith grunted as he pushed up the dumbbells higher above his head. His shoulders were burning, his face was beat red, his heartbeat was pounding in his ears. Matt’s deep voice urged him to finish his set. His arms started shaking as his shoulders began to give out. He felt he was losing his struggle against the dumbbells, that were shaking and began moving downwards. “Don’t give up, man!”. Keith felt Matt’s paws position themselves at the bottom of his elbows and suddenly the weight fell less. “Yeaughn”, he groaned as he completed his set. He let the dumbbells drop to the floor and sank down atop the nearby bench, inhaling deeply as his sweat-soaked shirt hugged his torso. He grabbed his shaker and raised it to his mouth. His pumped shoulder protested. “Told ya ya could do it. Good work, bud”. Keith looked aside as his roommate moved toward the rack and got ready to grab a pair of dumbbells. Matt’s triceps jutted out prominently from the back of his arms as he grabbed hold of the dumbbells. Keith gulped down another sip of shake without taking his eyes from his roommate. “Yeah. New max”, Matt growled between his clenched teeth as he began his fifth set of shoulder presses. His arms moved up and down fluently as if the heavy weight didn’t bother them at all. “8…9…”. Keith noticed that his roommate’s face began getting red and his arms began trembling mildly. He got up to assist. “No, man… Ya could get hurt”, Matt said, “10…11…andeuh…12”. He lowered the weight back down and gently reracked it. “Some lateral raises to tip things off?”, he said while he sipped down some water. Keith knew his big roommate didn’t expect an answer. He just nodded and copied his movement, trying to avoid the obvious difference in weight both of them were using. The next morning, Keith was standing in front of the bathroom mirror that filled half the wall opposite of the shower cabin. Wearing nothing but his boxers, he stared at his reflection. His body was ripped and toned, but clearly lighter than before. His weight of 220.3 pounds had dropped to 198. He was back at his weight when he had started at Orchid University a year earlier. He still got his share of attention of the girls, especially since his reputation of wearing them out had spread, but his body lacked its former buff size. He now looked more like a fitness model ready for a shoot instead off the bulkier jock he had been. His arms were a very nice 16 inches now, but no longer the impressive 18 inch guns he had flexed as much as possible only three weeks ago. His six-pack did looked more impressive without the layer of fat at the bottom. “Yo, Keith. Ya in here?” His roommate’s deep voice tore Keith from his inspection and his hands let go of his abs. “Yep. What’s up, man?”, he said and walked out of the bathroom. His feet actually shuffled back a bit when he laid eyes on his roommate. The past week, Matt’s miraculous growth had continued. He now stood 6’4 tall and had packed on another 24 pounds of muscle, making him now 283 pounds. Even though he just came from his bed, his muscles looked fully pumped and ready to burst through his paper-thin skin. His thickened traps formed a thick mass at the back and sides of his neck; his shoulders had broadened and rounded further and formed a frighteningly strong line that supported his huge, 23 inch arms; even the vein running over his shoulders and down along the thick biceps had thickened and branched off in a network of several smaller ones that fed the thick muscle and snaked along the back of his arm onto the thick triceps; his chest was a broad, protruding shelf of muscle that rippled with every breath he took; the separation between his two pecs was a bit obscured by their mass; the protruding pecs and the visible lats formed a deep, dark armpit from where his ripped obliques ran; the top row of his ripped abs were darkened by the shadow of his protruding chest; a week earlier his six-pack had suggested a fourth row of abs at their bottom, now, his six-pack had morphed into a ripped eight-pack with a small treasure trail running from his belly bottom down into his boxers and a few veins topped the bottom row and disappeared into his boxers; his quads had also gathered more mass and the different parts of the muscle were visible as cords atop his legs; his boxers looked more filled than before as his legs stretched the fabric. The faint tanned color his skin had developed only highlighted every ridge of his muscles further. “Keith?”. Matt’s voice tore Keith from his inspection and made him look up. His gaze travelled along the bare torso before settling at his face. Matt’s face had become more squared, but still had some boyish charm to it: it only had a hint of a mustache and some light stubble around his chin; otherwise, his cheeks were as smooth as the rest of his torso. A glint of mischief in his eyes only added to the boyish charm of his face that contrasted with his beastly bod. “Yeah?”, Keith asked as he looked up into his roommate’s eyes. “Picture time”, Matt replied and tossed his phone at his smaller buddy. Keith caught the phone a bit clumsily. He raised it until he got a good image and his roommate filled the screen. He took the picture. Ever since Matt had begun growing, he’d asked Keith to take a picture at the start of the week. Going through these pictures, it was the third he took, made clear how much his roommate had grown: in just three weeks, the guy had evolved from a muscular jock with the looks of a fitness model to a more heavily muscled jock with a body that rivaled that of most amateur bodybuilders into a very heavily muscled gym rat that looked like he spent every spare minute in the gym and could step on stage in a professional bodybuilder competition. That last thing was true: Matt had been working out twice a day since the last week and even skipped more and more classes just to lift weights. Matt took back his phone from his buddy and looked at the pic. A grin formed on his face as he inspected the image. “I look like I feel: unstoppable”, he said and tossed his phone aside on his bed. “Don’t know what’s happening to me. Since I got back on campus, my energy is through the roof. Like there’s pure testosterone flowing through my veins…” “Well, that’s about right”, Keith reacted thinking back at the results from his roommate’s latest blood test taking on order of their coach: as he had thought, his buddy had tested negative on any possible steroid, but his testosterone ratings had been off charts. His body was producing huge amounts of testosterone and the more elaborate tests had proven it was a natural process. Matt hadn’t even noted his smaller roommate’s remark and just continued: “… Having the best workouts of my life: lifting heavier, harder and longer. Feeling my muscles grow bigger and bigger. And not just my muscles. Fucking hornier than I was when I was 15.” He grinned at his roommate and raised his right arm. Keith watched in awe as a boulder rose up atop his buddy’s arm. His eyes were fused to the swelling bicep. “Fuck. Look at the size of my bicep”, Matt said and flexed his arm into an intimidating, 23 inch orb of steely meat. He let his left hand test the hardness of his flexed bicep and played with its mass as his fingers traced some of the veins that snaked across the boulder. “Come feel my arm”, he said as he returned his gaze on his roommate. “Wh…at?”, Keith muttered without taking his eyes from the flexed arm. Matt closed the distance between them and his left hand grabbed his smaller buddy’s right wrist. Keith let the strong hand raise his wrist. He could feel the 80 pound heavier man’s strength. He sighed as he inhaled and the strong, manly scent of musk that escaped his roommate’s deep armpits filled his nose. His knees buckled slightly as his hand was placed atop the rock-hard bicep. “Ya like that, don’tcha?”, Matt let out as his smaller roommate’s fingers roamed the surface of his flexed bicep. He felt his cock starting to swell inside his boxers. “You’re so big… And hard”, Keith mumbled in disbelief as his other hand joined in and tried to stretch around the boulder-sized bicep. Even combined, his two hands couldn’t span the entire girth of his roommate’s upper arm. The remark filled with awe sent another jolt through Matt’s cock. He hardened his flex some more, prying open the two hands groping his bicep. Keith’s eyes widened as the rock-hard bicep overpowered his grip. He noticed a stirring motion and his gaze was drawn down toward the tenting boxers. The organism inside Keith was going wild from the scent giving of by this big male and grabbed full control of its host’s body. Wordlessly, Keith’s body kneeled and pulled down Matt’s boxers. Matt blinked as he felt cold air around his now more than half-hard cock when his boxers were lowered. “Keith, what are…”, he began but stopped speaking as he felt his roommate’s mouth close around the head of his cock. “Fuck”, he groaned as the hot wetness of his roommate’s mouth enveloped more of his cock. He closed his eyes and felt his cock harden completely. He had never felt anything for a guy, but being worshipped and having his muscles admired always turned him on. He felt his roommate’s hand grab hold of his ass and swallow his cock deeper. In between jolts of pleasure, his mind noted that his buddy couldn’t take in his entire cock. A faint grin formed on his lips: his embiggened 10.5 incher proved to be more than anyone could take in. Even the five girls he’d had this past week hadn’t been able to swallow the full length of his cock. The organism inside Keith was desperate for the liquids produced by this big male. It felt the salty taste an small rush of energy as the preliminary fluids leaked from the hard organ inside its host’s mouth. Another groan of pleasure escaped Matt’s mouth. His roommate’s tongue swirled around his shaft as he began to suck. The rhythm of the sucking was an entirely new sensation: it began at full force, so hard he thought his roommate was going to suck his cock from his body; then, his buddy slowed down and sucked very, very softly. The combination sent shivers down his spine and faint trembling movements through his mighty body. He heard sounds escape his mouth that no one had ever made him produce: animalistic sounds; begging sounds; needy sounds. The organism sensed that the large male was on the verge. It noticed the fastening breathing and array of noises produced by him and felt more preliminary liquid leak from the hard organ. Feed me, it thought and sent a final command through its host’s body. Matt felt his roommate’s hands clamp harder onto his meaty ass. His hands grabbed the sides of his buddy’s head as he bucked his hips. Then, suddenly, his roommate sucked him deeper and harder than before. The sudden force of the suction pushed him right over the edge. His eight-pack clenched in a hard convulsion and his orgasm exploded from him accompanied by a deep, loud, resonating roar as his cock spewed its first load down his roommate’s hungry throat. He felt slightly lightheaded as his buddy swallowed his entire load greedily. The rhythm of his sucking didn’t even slow down as his 10.5 incher kept blasting out more heavy loads. The organism felt the energy as the hot, sticky liquid filled its host’s stomach. More, it thought. Matt bellowed a second time as he kept cumming. His larger balls kept rushing out more bursts of cum. The intensity of the orgasm washed over his 284 pound, muscle-filled body. In between the all-consuming pleasure he felt the hands atop his ass get looser. The organism felt its host’s body get weaker by the lack of oxygen. It sent a command through the nerve system to pull away. As its host’s hands released the hard surface, it felt the large male’s hands tighten around its host’s head. Matt just grabbed the sides of his roommate’s head a bit tighter to keep the smaller guy in place: he wasn’t ready just yet to get his cock out of the warm, wet mouth. His balls blasted out 2 more loads before his orgasm finally wore down. He released his buddy’s head and inhaled deeply, letting a rumbling sound escape his mouth. He didn’t know how long he stood there, but a thud tore him from his pleasure-filled state. He opened his eyes and looked down to see his roommate passed out on the floor. He pulled his boxers back on and bent down to pick up his roommate. As he did, his head travelled through a cloud that seemed to hang above the passed out guy. As he inhaled, the cloud seemed to disappear. He grabbed his roommate and gently placed him atop his bed. As he stood back up, he felt a rush of energy shoot through his body. “Gym time”, he said to himself as he pulled on his workout gear, grabbed his gym bag and went out. Late in the afternoon, the team was getting ready for practice. As was now usual, most of the guys were talking about Matt’s recent growth. Some respectfully for his hard work, others in almost pure awe of his size and a few in pure jealousy. Soon enough, the team rushed out on the field to train. By the end coach had them play a match and like always Sean and Matt were selected to form teams. Sean picked his usual bunch of seniors and juniors, but some of the guys walked a bit reluctantly toward him knowing they had to take on Matt. The two teams jogged out to take their positions as some of the cheerleaders filled the stands to watch. Matt grinned as he saw some of them point at him. “Focus, big guy.” Keith’s voice made Matt return his attention to t he upcoming game. “Right”, he said with a grin toward his roommate, “Let’s crush ‘em, men!”. His team roared and took their position. Matt stared at Sean, who threw him a nasty look. “Ready to do your magic ‘Flash’?”, he asked as he turned to his roommate. Keith nodded and grinned at his new nickname. Ever since his fast reflexes, his teammates had called him ‘Flash’. The game got underway and Matt’s team took the lead: most of the juniors and part of the seniors avoided getting in his way, giving him more time to scan the field and pass the ball. He launched his passes with laser precision and Keith then finished things off by shooting through the defense like lighting. Sean was yelling in anger at his teammates. He was not going to lose a game against fucking freshmen and sophomores. Matt once again received the ball from one of his teammates, shoved an opponent aside and scanned the field for his roommate. He saw Keith standing wide open and launched him the ball. Keith stared at the ball, caught it and made it to the endzone. He looked at the ball and tossed it on the ground, feeling the rush of another score made. “KEITH!” Keith recognized his roommate’s deepened voice and looked up. Or tried to. Before he could fully lift his head and look away from the ball, a wall seemed to hit him. Sean had been waiting for his chance: he had noticed Keith staring at the ball on the ground and made his move. At full speed his body could do some serious damage. Keith grunted in pain as the 242 pound, thickly muscled quarterback slammed into him and rove his body into the ground. His helmed head slammed hard against the ground and made his vision go dark for a split second. Sean pushed himself of the 45 pound lighter guy and sprang to his feet. “Sorry, Summers”, he said sarcastically, “Big guys just can’t stop in a flash when we’re at full speed. Not that a runt like you would know.” Keith coughed and tried to inhale deeply as pain spread through his body. He noted some noise, seeing a faint shadow shove Sean aside before sinking back into blackness. Matt rushed over as he saw his buddy being slammed into the ground by the quarterback. He tossed the guy aside and took his passed out roommate in his arms. He carried the guy over to the nurse as coach ended practice. Half an hour later, Matt was reassured by the nurse and left his buddy to rest. He marched back to the locker room and stripped off his gear. As he was bare-chested, he heard footsteps coming from the shower zone. He turned around and saw Sean standing there. “Is your girlfriend okay, pretty boy?”, Sean asked sarcastically. Matt felt something snap inside him. He stepped up toward the quarterback until they were almost nose against nose. They both were 6’4, but Matt had 40 pounds of pure muscle on the other guy. “think this team gonna have a new quarterback real soon”, Matt said and slightly flexed his chest. Sean flinched instinctively as the bigger man hardened his chest. “Whatever”, he muttered and walked past him.
  17. TaurusPR

    m/m Helping a veteran?

    This is the first chapter of a fictional story about the relation between men of different ages. Characters are not real. It's not my intention to offend anyone. I hope you enjoy it. Peace. Stay safe, stay home. {It's my first attempt in English. Yikes!} Helping a veteran? I One more week… Memorial weekend was closing in. It was the sole thing occupying Nathaniel Coe’s mind. He’s been planning the weekend for months. Why? His baby brother, Nicholas, will stay with him. His brother, his nephew and her sister in-law were Nathaniel’s only family. Even in those moments when Nate, as everybody called him, was ready to quit, Nicholas always managed to cheer him up. Nate loved Nickie more than anything. After submitting his report ahead of time for the Board’s review, he stopped by the CEO’s office. With a knock on the door frame. “Boss, all’s done. I’ll see you on Monday.” “Hey Nate! Did you include Donovan and Cheryl in the distribution list?” Said Samuel Davis. Mr. Davis a man of few words, in his early 50s. He was sharp as a razor. Handsome, and from what Nate has heard in some of the company’s parties, well-endowed and straight as they come. Mr. Davis was a man’s man. Since Nate and Mr. Davis have worked together for over ten years, they share mutual admiration and respect. “Sure did!” “Good… See you on Monday.” Inside the elevator, other guys were in a rush texting back and forth on their phones. For some unexplainable reason, every Friday afternoon was chaotic. Another set of goodbyes and Nate was out in the parking opening the door of his car. Before getting inside, he peeled the tight jacket off his body. The tie went off too to the back seat with the jacket. The dress code made the office look classy, but for a 6’4” 327 pounds man, dressing formally was confining. He had trouble opening the button on the neck, but once he succeeded, two more followed. Feeling less encaged, because his dressy pants and shoes were still on, he started his car. He went straight (as straight as a gay man can) to FoodMarket. The dark clouds he saw when he left the office turned into a storm like rain. Luckily, he found a spot close to the entrance. He grabbed a big grocery bag from the collection he had in the mesh behind the passenger’s seat. He breathed in deeply, but carefully enough to keep the buttons of his shirt in place and dashed out of the car to the store. The place was not as packed as he thought it would be. Maybe, being there at 3:30 PM put him ahead of the heavy buyers. Anyway, it was an easy in easy out. It was still raining, but not as heavily as before. While opening the trunk of his Escalade. He heard a loud ‘Shit!’ coming from the sidewalk. Standing under the rain there was a man with a cane and a mess of groceries on the curb in front of him. Nate dropped his bag on the back seat and grabbed his umbrella from the trunk. He went to the man. “Hey mister!” but noticing the man’s VA hat, immediately he changed his words and extended his hand. “Sarge, let me help you!” The man was about 5’9” in a wear down military jacket. Although not as tall as Nate, the guy’s stance made him look taller and somehow commanding. Maybe in his late 40s, early 50s. The salt and pepper stubble on his square chin contrasted nicely with his espresso skin. And the poor soul was soaked to the bone. The man had an upset gaze, just trying to come to terms with himself. The deep voice made him look to his side to a wall standing next to him. His eyes went up until he had to tilt his head. He had seen big guys in the squad, but none like this one. Enormous was the word that came to his mind. “Thank you!” looking down at the mess of groceries. “I don’t want to impose, but I’d really appreciate that you stopped to help this old man. Paul Burks,” he said meeting Nate’s extended paw with his smaller hand in a vigorous handshake. “No sweat, sarge. Hold on to this” handing the man his umbrella, “before your teeth get any wetter. Nathaniel Coe, Nate. Nice to meet you!” Paul was surprised of himself. He’s never engaged in a conversation with a stranger that easily. But the man didn’t trigger an alarm in his head. Nate kneeled to gather the groceries that were salvageable. Eggs had seen better days, butter was a blob, and not a single glass item was intact. “Come with me sarge. Let’s get you out of the rain.” Nate opened the passenger’s door. Then he dropped the wet groceries on the back seat. Next, he held the umbrella for Paul to let him sit in the car. Paul jumped in with ease, which surprised Nate since he had a walking stick. Closing the door, Nate went to the trunk of the car to pick up his ‘emergency kit’. As a kid, his dad taught him to keep a bag in his car with a change of clothes and towels and blankets for any emergency. Inside the car, he opened the bag. He handed the smaller man a towel, picking the blanket for himself. Paul was already out of the soaked jacket which left him in a gray t-shirt that was clinging to his wet body. His hat was on the dashboard. He grabbed the towel and began to dry himself, starting with his bald head. Then he moved down to his chest and arms. Nate watched with fascination the stringy muscles on the man’s arms and chest. The hairy forearms’ veins had veins! They flexed in interesting, almost erotic ways. A manly faint smell emanated from Paul. Nothing overwhelming, more like fresh sweat and deodorant. Nate’s cock stirred in its confinement. “Do you feel better?” “Yes, much better. Thank you for saving me from the deluge.” Nate smiled, then said nodding at the hat on the dashboard. “I see you are a veteran.” Paul looked at the wet hat. “Retired many years ago. Well, this leg retired me.” “I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you’re back home.” After an odd silence. “Let’s get a hot coffee in us before we get sick. My treat! Café&Coffee is right there.” Nate started his car and went to the drive through. “What would you like?” “Latte, no sugar.” “Perfect! I’ll have one too.” While waiting for the order, Paul and Nate started to chat. “How did you know I was a sergeant?” “It was a guess. My dad was a sergeant major. The way you guys carry yourselves around and the way you stand is different.” “I was a first sergeant. Too long ago...” Nate handed Paul the coffee. “You talk about it as if it happened centuries ago. How old are you anyway? 48? 49?” Paul almost spewed the coffee in his mouth and started laughing. “Sorry to ruin your guesstimate. Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m 62. But thanks for the compliment. And the coffee!” “62! Damn! You look no older than 50... I wish I look as good when I reach 40.” “You will never look like me. I mean, half of you must weight more than three of me!” Taking another sip, “You know, the military could use a man like you.” “Nah… I’m 36, no longer military material. Besides, it was my dad’s wish that my brother and I finished a career.” Paul was rubbing his left leg absentmindedly. Noticing the movement, Nate took a peek at Paul’s bulky crotch bulge. Before he was caught, he said, “Is it OK to say thank you for your service?” “I should be the one thanking you for saving me from the rain. Even my thoughts are wet! I did what my job asked me to do. I don’t regret it. But not once it passed through my mind to go around asking for ‘thank yous’. Anyways, it’s very much appreciated.” Every now and then and between sips of his cup, Nate took the chance the steal glances of the man next to him. Paul looked amazingly ripped for 62. Nate had a thing for healthy looking mature men, like his boss. The cane just added to Paul’s sex appeal. Nothing around Paul said gay, but Nate was feeling attracted to the mature man with shredded muscles sitting in his car. So, he came up with an idea to get to know him better. “Sarge. How far do you live from here? I’d like to drive you to your home.” “The walk to my place takes close to 25 minutes. Not a bad workout, but, with this leg, it’s not the same as when I was younger. I have a place in Parker Gardens.” “Then, allow me to drive you to your place. You get out of those wet clothes. Then, I’d like to bring you back to the store so you can get the things you lost. Sounds like a plan?” Paul considered the offer for a while. He was afraid of the man, knowing his military training will help him out of almost any situation. But this guy was BIG. Then, there was the rain. Carrying the few things home with a cane on a slippery sidewalk was like calling for trouble again. He really needed the groceries. It was decided. “Yes, we have a plan.” “Great! Let’s say I’ll come by your place, sevenish?” “Seven it is.” “Well sarge show me where home is!” Paul asked Nate to turn right on the intersection. Minutes later Nate was parking his car in front of a nicely kept gated complex, Parker Gardens. The rain has become a drizzle. There was a guy in uniform smoking outside the security cabin. “Hey sarge! You got lucky today!” said William, the security man. Paul turned to greet the man in uniform. “William, I did get lucky today! The rain was insane!” Back to Nate, “Nathaniel, thank you for the ride. I owe you.” “No sweat Sergeant Paul. I’ll be back at seven. Here, this is my cell number. You are welcome to call any time. I’m always in the mood for a good conversation and a coffee, or a beer.” “Well, thank you again. I’ll be ready at seven. You’re really doing a lot for me. Thank you!” “No sarge. You did a lot for me, for us. It’s time to show you how important you are.” Getting inside, Nate started the car, “See you at 7!” And so, he was gone. [Re-postedto fix font color.]
  18. 3D7fantasy

    m/m 3D7 Fantasy Comics Preview

    O LAGO Resumo: Dois jovens namorados decidiram acampar em uma cabana muito isolada na floresta, o local foi indicado por um amigo dos meninos, afirmando que o lago tem um "segredo" muito divertido. página : 01 nos próximos capítulos, os meninos fazem coisas muito quentes XD! PGS: 06,08,10. de manhã, ao acordar, um dos meninos decide dar um mergulho no lago, o que contribui para o delicioso crescimento muscular. Seguindo ... O garoto voltou completamente excitado, seu namorado de olhos arregalados, ele não acredita no que vê. Outra cena quente ocorre com muita adoração muscular! Os dois mergulham no lago e ocorre outra cena de crescimento muscular. Spoiler dos últimos capítulos! Não se sabe ao certo o que tem na água do lago, mas eles dizem que um meteoro com propriedades muito poderosas caiu há muito tempo e está enterrado no fundo do lago, infelizmente o efeito que a água causa não é permanente. Para ver esta cena completa e muito mais, e ainda apoiar o trabalho na minha página no Patreon Espero que você goste!
  19. Ziel

    m/m Social Dickstancing

    With the pandemic in full swing, Dallas had been effectively furloughed. There was no telling when things would return to some semblance of normalcy, and there was even less telling when he was going to get around to getting another job. He had enough money in savings to coast on for a while. In fact, the only reason he had stuck with his current job as long as he had was because he had been caught up in the constant grind of his daily life. Now that that grind had ground to a halt, he found that he had a unique opportunity. Dallas had long wanted to bulk up, but he never had the time. Now he had all the time in the world! He ordered a weight bench and some barbells from Amazon, and within a week he had his own indoor gym, and as fate would have it, no sooner had he placed the order than he started getting targeted ads in his inbox. He ignored most of these outright. He had done his research before buying his equipment, so he knew what brands to get and what supplements were right for him, but for some reason one caught his eye. He had never even heard of this new supplement before, and the promises were too good to be true. Best of all, the price tag could not be beat. Against his better judgement, Dallas placed an order for the stuff, and within days he had a fresh jug of protein powder delivered directly to his doorstep. With no social obligations to attend to, no work that needed done, and a fridge stocked full of food, there was nothing stopping Dallas from spending the foreseeable future holed up in his apartment, and that’s exactly what he did. On the very first day of his self-imposed quarantine, Dallas set up his weight bench, popped some powder, and really went ham on his reps. He never knew he could have so much energy or bench so much! It was his first day on the weights and yet he was lifting weights like the pros. From that point on, Dallas benched like a man possessed. The breaks he took were few and far between. If not for bathroom breaks and general hygiene, he wouldn’t have even left the weight set he had set up where his couch once sat. He ate and slept at the bench, and all he ate was the powder sent to him by Bulk Enterprises. The days went by in a sort of fever dream. By end of the first day, Dallas realized his clothes felt uncomfortable, but he didn’t think much of it. By the end of the second day, his clothes felt positively suffocating, but he could barely even think about what that meant. When he awoke on the third day, he tried to pull up his gym shorts and found that he couldn’t even get them over his quads. Dallas shrugged and tossed aside his shorts. It’s not like he needed them. He wasn’t going anywhere, and it’s not like there was anyone here to see him. Besides, even if someone did see him, he wasn’t afraid to show a little skin. He looked fantastic, and he felt even better! Dallas continued his fevered exercise regimen sans clothing. The feeling of his bare skin against the cool leather of the exercise bench spurred him on more and more. He loved the feeling of the pump of his swelling muscles. He loved the cool air-conditioned air against his glistening brawn. He loved the way his fat cock and hefty nuts swung between his legs as he did his squats and lunges. He felt like his cock was in a perpetual state of chubbed up. He wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination or if it was a side effect of the constant rush endorphins coursing through his body as he continued to pump iron day in and day out, but he loved how it felt, and he especially loved how it looked. In the few breaks he took from working out, he marveled at how thick his cock looked. He couldn’t be sure, but he felt like it was bigger than it was at the start of the week. For some reason he couldn’t really recall what he looked like at the start of the week. He was sure that he was what you would call “average” but what was average, really? As far as denizens of his apartment went, he was as average as they come, and it had been so long since he had seen anyone else, that he had no real basis for comparison. He hadn’t even so much as turned on the TV since he started pumping iron. The days continued to stretch on with no sign of the quarantine or Dallas’s own exercise regimen letting up. Each day he would wake up, he would scoop some handfuls of powder into his mouth and wash it down with some milk, and then hit the weights. When the sun inevitably set, Dallas would stagger over to the shower and hose off and then pass out for the night. Showering was a major ordeal. It seemed to take him forever to get clean, and it wasn’t because of the stink of sweat. The stall he called a shower was too small for his buff bod and fat cock. Dallas grumbled every time he tried to get in. He knew he had had to make some concessions to get a cheap apartment, but this was ridiculous. What was this? A shower for ants? It was barely big enough to wash his balls! Fortunately, the shower head was mounted on a hose so he could get every angle of his body. Otherwise there was no way he could ever get clean in that cramped stall. By the time Saturday rolled around, Dallas’s powder keg was running on empty. For dinner he upended the tub and pounded the base of the drum hoping to catch the last bit of powder on his tongue. He knew he needed to order more of the stuff, but that would have to wait. They weren’t open over the weekend so the soonest he could even order more would be in two days. Dallas wasn’t fully satisfied with the small amount of powder he had ingested, but he couldn’t even think of eating real food anymore. He shrugged, showered, and laid down for the night. Dallas woke up bright and early the next morning. To say he felt strange would be an understatement. It was as if he was waking up from a dream he had been wrapped up in for almost a week! For the first time since he had started power slamming the powder, he was fully conscious of what had been happening. He looked around his apartment and gawked at what he saw. Everything was so tiny! Dallas’ gawking was derailed by a terse knock at the door. Dallas recognized the gruff voice instantly. “I know yer in there. I can hear ya stompin’ around. Your mailbox has been filled for days. If you don’t empty it soon, I’m gonna start throwing it away!” barked the landlord. Hearing another human voice for the first time in what felt like years was so disorienting for Dallas. Just how long had he been alone in here? It was just a week, right? Truth be told, he hadn’t been counting the days. Each day was a fever dream of food and irons. Somewhere in the back of his mind he had assigned arbitrary days to each exercise. The only real calendar he had to go off of was the date on his phone, and he could no longer remember what day he had started working out. Dallas figured he’d have time to sort things out later. First things first, he felt like he should collect the mail he had been neglecting for what felt like forever. If nothing else, getting some semblance of normalcy back to his life would help him clear his head, but no sooner had Dallas resolved to do this than he discovered the first of many issues. He had nothing to wear! It wasn’t that he didn’t own clothes. He had plenty. He had clothes for every occasion, but the clothes he owned was now tailored for someone several sizes smaller than he. He couldn’t even get a single foot in his gym shorts let alone a leg, let alone two! His t-shirts looked like they were toddler sized! Even his socks were too tiny to fit over his massive feet. Dallas checked the time on his phone. It was still early yet. He doubted many people would be awake this time of day. He could sneak out, snag his mail, and sneak back before anyone even realized he was streaking. With that plan relatively in mind, Dallas set forth. He was amazed when he reached his doorway and found that it was far too small for him. The upper rim of the door frame came up to about his belly button! He was now so tall that his head scraped against the ceiling even while he was hunched over like Sasquatch, and that was saying nothing of his girth! Dallas was now so massive and muscular that he was easily three times as wide as the door frame. Even just one thick, sculpted pec was as wide as the door itself! Hell, even his cock was thicker than the door frame! Dallas gawked at his soft cock which now dangled so low that the tip of it scraped the floor as he walked. Given the way his soft cock jutted out in front of him and draped over his colossal nuts, his softie had to be longer than his legs! Numbers raced in his mind. How tall was he now? Ten? Twelve feet? He couldn’t remember how tall his ceiling was in his apartment. Then how long were his legs? Five feet? Maybe six? His soft cock was at least six feet long!? His cock was bigger than most people he knew! Just thinking about that made his soft cock swell up slightly. He didn’t want to admit it, but the mere thought of dwarfing people with his dick alone got him hot under the collar… if he wore a shirt that is. Dallas knew he’d have plenty of time to take stock of his size later. If he didn’t hurry, he’d soon run into the morning crowd, and the last thing he wanted was to be spotted in his current state. He quickly opened the door and set to work extricating himself from the apartment. Getting out of his apartment was easier said than done. Not only was he far taller than his door frame – almost twice as tall in fact! But he also was far, far wider as well. There was no way to get through the normal way. He had to squat down and try to squeeze through sideways. Even then it was a tight fit. His pecs were so thick that even sideways they filled up just about every inch of the doorway. The door frame groaned in protest as he forced his brawn through the entryway. Finally, he had managed to get his body into the hall, but that still left his bait and tackle. His cock would be easy enough. It was thicker than the doorway, sure, but at least it was still relatively soft. He could squeeze it through. His balls were more challenging. Either enormous nut was far wider than the door, and he could only squeeze them so much before it went from pleasurable to painful. He had to slowly ease each enormous orb through the doorway. Somehow the act of getting his package out of his apartment was therapeutic. It was so absurd in its own way that he couldn’t even think of it as his cock and balls. It was more like moving a sofa out of his apartment than it was pulling his nuts through the doorway. Once every inch of Dallas’s enormous body was into the hallway, he stood up to his full height for the first time in days. The ceiling in the open areas between apartments was quite a bit higher than the apartment ceilings, but it was still a tight fit. His head brushed against the ceiling, and he did have to duck a little bit under the domed lights the dotted the ceiling, and Dallas was so broad and brawny that even the hallway was a tight fit for his wingspan. His triceps pressed against the walls on either side, and his nutsack was even wider! He had to shuffle awkwardly along by pushing his nuts forward with his feet as he moved. He waddled like a penguin trying to carry an egg on his feet only the egg was proportionally several times larger than any egg a penguin would try to carry. Not to mention he had two of them! Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Dallas found himself getting excited. He couldn’t tell what it was that did it. Was it the fear of getting caught? Was it the glimpses of his own buff bod he occasionally caught on reflective black ball covering the occasional security camera? Was it the feeling of his enormous nuts resting solidly on his feet? Whatever the case may be, he was flying at half mast as he waddled. He had always been a bit of a grower and not a shower, and it seemed his growth spurt hadn’t changed that. He had gone from a six-foot softy to almost ten feet of semi-boned wang wobbling in front of him. He had a cock bigger than most couches! Hell, he had a cock bigger than some minivans! Fortunately, Dallas lived on the ground floor. He didn’t have any stairwells to deal with, and he only had a short walk to the mailboxes. No sooner had he reached the mailbox than he realized a flaw in his plan. He had no pants, and that meant no pockets. He had forgotten his key! He knew he’d need to force his back into his apartment, get the key, force his way back out, and then waddle his way back to the mailbox! It was already getting so late that he was surprised no one else had walked out on him. Dallas soon realized yet another flaw in his plan. His cock was now beyond semi’d. His rock-hard twelve-foot rod now jutted out in front of him in such a way that there was no way he’d be able to turn around in these narrow hallways. Even out in the front lobby where the mailboxes were, there was not enough room to turn around. He doubted he’d even be able to get back into his apartment with his hard-on in the way. So where did that leave him? Did he have to wait for it to go down? Did he step outside, get out into the open, and then turn around and go back in? Even if he did that, he’d still not be able to get into his apartment until his stiffy died down. It seemed like the most efficient method of moving things along would be to blow his load, but that presented a whole slew of new problems. Did he do it right there in the lobby? The mere thought of it caused his already rock-hard cock to give a lurch of delight. A gigantic, softball-sized bead of pre formed on the tip of his colossal cock. He didn’t want to admit how much the thought excited him, but it was hard to deny the physical evidence. As luck would have it, Dallas didn’t have long to ponder his plight. The sound of the big gob of pre splashing down on the dingy carpet blow seemed to snap him from his reveries and bring his attention to the tiny figure which now stood directly in front of him. Dallas had not been paying too much attention to his surroundings, and even if he had it would have been easy to miss the sight of the guy who now stood eye to eye with his one-eyed monster. Dallas could only barely see a bit of the dude’s hair poking out above the rim of his puffed-up cock head. “Oh, hey… didn’t see you there…” Dallas said awkwardly. There was a moment where neither person said anything. Dallas fidgeted a bit in place. He felt a bit out of place for more reasons than one. Not only was he bare-assed naked, but his rock-hard cock was now mere inches from this dude’s eyes. Dallas wasn’t sure what the social protocol was on something like this. Even without social distancing rules in effect, what do you even say to a dude you almost bowled over with a cock that’s bigger than his whole body? Finally, Dallas decided to break eye contact between his cock and his co-resident. Dallas pushed down on his rock-hard shaft so that his dick head was no longer pointed directly at the dude’s face. Dallas was shocked to see the identity of the new arrival. Dallas had long had a sort of crush on his neighbor, but he had never been able to work up the nerve to say more than the cursory small talk whenever they passed in the hallway. They knew each other’s names, but that was about it. As Dallas stared down at the dude who now didn’t even reach his belly button, Dallas found it hard to believe that just a week ago Corbin had been a solid foot taller than him! Hell, Corbin had been bigger than Dallas in every day. Corbin was a 6’5, buff bombshell of a bro. Corbin looked like he had walked off the cover of a men’s fitness magazine, and the bulge in his jogging shorts made it clear that Corbin was well above average beneath the belt as well. Now it was Corbin’s turn to ogle how huge his neighbor had become. Now that Dallas had moved his cock out of the way, he could see the look of pure lust in Corbin’s eyes. Corbin looked downright feral. Just seeing the horny glint in his neighbor’s eyes made Dallas’s goliath cock give a lurch of approval. It seemed like that was all the incitement that Corbin needed. He leaned forward and ran his tongue across the tip of Dallas’s enormous cock – all the while keeping his eyes fixed on Dallas’s own. Dallas’s mind was racing. On one hand this was like a dream come true. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he was actually awake. For all he knew he was still dreaming and the whole last week had just been part of his dream, but it felt so real! But then what if it was real? Was his crush really blowing him right here in the lobby!? Dallas panicked and blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “Hey, uh… aren’t we supposed to be keeping apart?” Corbin chuckled. His laughter was like music to Dallas’s ears. Those sweet tones made Dallas weak in the knees and hard in the cock. “What are you talking about?” Corbin teased, “As I see it, we’re at least ten feet apart.” Dallas couldn’t argue with that – not that he wanted to. No sooner had Corbin planted another kiss on the tip of Dallas’s cockhead than Dallas felt his legs give out from under him. He was so hot and bothered that his knees felt like jelly. The entire building shuddered as Dallas’s massive, muscular form landed flat on its ass. Seeing how much power he had over the titan made Corbin smirk, and seeing the devious smile made Dallas even harder. “That’s right. Just lay back and let me have my fun,” Corbin cooed. Dallas could feel what little self-control he had left slipping. Corbin’s voice was music to his ears, and his massive cock felt so amazing. Just feeling how tiny Corbin’s lips and tongue and hands and fingers felt against his own colossal cock head drove him wild. It was equal parts the feeling of his crush tending to his cock and the sheer scope and scale of his own cock that was driving Dallas over the edge. Corbin just felt so damn tiny compared to how huge Dallas had become. Just thinking about it made pre flow freely from Dallas’s cock. What had once been a single softball-sized bead of pre was now a full-on fountain. Dallas had never been one to leak pre, but that seemed to have changed with the size of his schlong. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” Corbin moaned. Dallas wanted to return the sentiments, but all he could do was moan in bliss as Corbin dug his fingers deeper into the soft, sensitive tissue of Dallas’s glans. “I doubt we have long before people come to investigate…” Corbin mused out loud. For a brief second, Dallas thought this meant Corbin was having second thoughts. Dallas’s heart sunk and his cock ached for relief, but it was soon apparent that Corbin was not ready to quit just yet. “Let’s move things along, shall we?” Corbin asked impishly. Dallas wasn’t about to argue even if he had wanted to. All he could do was lie there and writhe in delight as Corbin played with his colossal cock. It seemed that not only the size had increased astronomically but the sensation as well! Dallas was so wracked with euphoric bliss that he could barely keep his trembling cock from blasting spunk all over the lobby. Dallas heard the sound of fabric shuffling, but he couldn’t quite tell what was going on. He leaned over to the side and craned his neck to try and peer around the solid wall of his own fat column of cock. He managed to catch a brief glimpse of the scene on the other end of his cock, and even just a glimpse was enough to cause his cock to lurch once more causing a spray of pre to arc across the lobby. Corbin had pulled his jogging shorts completely off. Corbin’s own impressive rod was flying free for all to see and standing completely at attention! It seemed that Corbin was almost as hot and bothered as Dallas was! Just seeing a glimpse of Corbin’s cock was enough to make Dallas want to feel it with his bare hands – to taste it on his tongue! Dallas tried to get up, but he only got so far as propping himself up on his elbows before Corbin chided him playfully. “Ah, ah, ah. Remember. Six feet of separation,” Corbin said with a smirk. Dallas wanted to argue. If Corbin was serious about this social distancing, he’d at least be wearing a mask or something, but as it was, Corbin was now wearing nothing at all! Dallas didn’t have the remaining mental faculties to organize such a complaint though. He was completely at the mercy of his own libido and his lewd neighbor. “That’s right. Just sit back and let me have my fun,” Corbin said with a chuckle. Dallas almost came right then and there just from hearing Corbin’s voice, but he was soon glad he didn’t. Dallas wasn’t sure what he was feeling at first. It felt like some pressure around the opening of his cock followed by pure pleasure pushing into the slit. Dallas was so wracked with bliss that he could barely even focus his eyes, but the brief glimpse of his crush that he caught made it obvious what was going on. Corbin had a hand on either side of Dallas’s fat cock and was rocking his hips back and forth and he rammed his cock deep into Dallas’s own dick. Dallas had long dreamed of having his hot neighbor have his way with him, but never in his wildest dreams had he imagined it like this! Dallas could only whine and writhe as the object of his desire fucked his cock as if it was a sopping wet pussy. Dallas could only imagine what it would feel like to have an actual pussy. He doubted it could ever feel as amazing as his dick did in this moment. He wouldn’t trade his massive cock for anything in the world, and that went double now that he knew what Corbin was capable of. Dallas wanted to feel like this forever. He wanted to feel his crush’s thick rod plunging deep into his own colossal cock. He wanted to feel the slap of Corbin’s thighs against the tip of his over-sensitive cock head. He wanted to hear the melodious grunts of Corbin’s ragged breathing as the stud pounded away at Dallas’s pre-drooling slit. Dallas didn’t last much longer. The sensation and the scenario worked together to bring him to climax in record time. Fortunately, it seemed like Corbin was finishing up as well. Corbin rammed his cock in nice and deep one final time and held it there and he grunted and moaned. Dallas could only imagine the torrent of jizz being shot deep into his dick. It was then that the dam broke for Dallas as well. Dallas let out a moan that reverberated through the apartment complex. Cum erupted from his cock and splashed against Corbin’s thighs. Dallas came again and again, completely drenching the object of his desire with spunk with each consecutive shot. Cum oozed down Corbin’s legs and pooled on the carpet. Jizz splashed off of Corbin’s thighs and splattered against the tacky wallpaper, and still Dallas kept cumming. Soon Corbin was spent, but Dallas showed no signs of stopping. Corbin staggered back and braced himself against the wall as he let the warm, thick shots of spunk wash over him. There was no telling how long the two stayed there enjoying the afterglow. Even after Dallas’s cumshots eventually tapered off, the two remained, panting for breath and basking in the euphoria. Eventually it was Corbin who first recovered enough to talk. “When this all blows over, we’ll have to get together for some real fun,” he said with a saucy wink. Dallas could only grunt and nod in reply. He was once again struck by how damn sexy Corbin was. Corbin had always been hot as hell, and somehow seeing him coated in Dallas’s own spunk just seemed to amplify his already astounding allure. Dallas watched as Corbin picked up his drenched jogging clothes and trotted away towards his apartment. Dallas once again admired Corbin’s buff bod. Corbin really had an ass to die for… and did he seem a little bigger than before?
  20. pasidious

    m/m The Outline

    Here's a little one-off story. Hope you all like it. __________________________________ I knew what he liked. He told me himself. We hadn't seen each other in a long time, probably over a year. In fact, we never really ever hung out together, just the two of us. We'd only ever really seen each other in passing or at a mutual friend's party. I wasn't exactly overt with my homosexuality, but I knew he was gay. But he called me out on it fast. He somehow knew I was gay without knowing much about me at all. He'd randomly messaged me out of the blue and asked if I was gay, and I was thinking, "how the hell does he even know?" We'd never ever hung out or even spoken more than just a few sentences with each other and only in passing. But he somehow knew. But whatever, I didn't care. I wasn't overt with it, but I wasn't really hiding it, either. Even after that night, though, when he called me out on my gayness, we'd barely speak. We'd sometimes message each other and just make small talk, but nothing more than that. Still never hung out before. But one time he mentioned something that piqued my interest. He told me he liked when dudes walked into his store wearing gray sweatpants. I was like "why?" and he said that he liked seeing well-endowed bulges in them. He found that really sexy. So, just the other night, it randomly popped back into my head. The fact that he liked seeing bulges in sweatpants. For some reason, I wanted to fiddle with this some more. So I randomly messaged him and said "I bet you're missing the cold weather because now you won't be seeing any gray sweatpants for a while," and he responded with "oh it's better now, because they're wearing basketball shorts." I thought, "wow, that was a better response than I could have imagined." I like to play dumb sometimes to see what responses happen, so I said, "why is that better?" and he said "because it's thinner material and much easier to see free-ballers' cock outlines," which was pretty much the response I expected. But I couldn't help also thinking that he was right. That IS pretty damn hot. Seeing a dude walk in nonchalantly going about his day with his cock outlined behind thin fabric. So I played with this conversation for a little while, asking him what was hot about it, and if he thought bigger truly is better (to which he said YES), and I even asked him if he liked to see a cock already hard, or if he likes to see it grow. Of course he said it's hotter to watch it grow, but hot nonetheless if it's already hard. He also said he prefers growers and seeing a big difference between soft and hard. He even sent me a picture example of the cock outlines he likes, and it was of a young guy (probably early 20s) taking a selfie in the mirror, shirtless with his nicely muscled body tensed, and a very clear cock outline through his thin shorts. He was certainly hot. So, this is how I found out exactly what he liked. And I planned on exploiting that for my own benefit. Well, for both our benefit. He worked at a Verizon Wireless store as a manager. He was responsible for selling phones and phone plans, among other responsibilities, and thanks to the pandemic, he'd often be working alone due to reduced labor and hours. I was going to pay him a visit. I had no need for a new phone or anything, but I did have another need. So, I put on some thin gym shorts with no underwear and a T-shirt, and headed to his store. Now, I'm a thin guy, but I had some definition and muscle, thanks to my at-home exercising, but I had a grower of a cock. Nine inches long and thick as a soda can when hard. I walked into his store and saw him sitting at one of the tables, and he of course stood up when he saw me walk in. "Hey!" he said, thinking this was a plain old visit. "I didn't know you needed a new phone." "I don't, I just figured I'd stop by and visit." Of course, at this moment, my dick was completely soft, so no sign of it through my shorts. "Oh, so what's up?" "Nothin' much, really. Just bored. You been busy?" "Nah, I've had a whole two customers all day, and if I count you, three." I chuckled a little. "Damn, that's gotta make the day go slow," I said, but I decided to get the ball rolling. I adjusted my cock through my shorts and made no effort to hide it. His eyes were immediately drawn to this movement, and I was glad he saw. "Y-yeah, it feels like two days should have passed but it's only been six hours." Seeing him watching my crotch now was honestly turning me on. I honestly love the idea of a dude seeing my hardon through my pants. I felt my cock twitching within the confines of the thin gym-shorts fabric, and he wasn't doing a very good job of hiding where his eyes were. "My eyes are up here, dude," I said, laughing. "Fuck," he said, averting his eyes and looking to his right. I just laughed some more. "No, I want you to look. Watch." And this is where I felt my cock really surge. He turned his head back and looked directly at my crotch, and I felt my cock growing wildly, throbbing and swelling with my heartbeats, bigger and bigger, and its outline was soon very clear through the material. "This is what you like, right?" I asked. He just nodded his head. I grabbed my cock with my right hand and squeezed, and felt it continuing to swell. I only held it for a few seconds, and then let go, but I swear his mouth was watering. "Yeah, I'm getting sooo hard," I said, and I could tell he was getting super hard too. His pants weren't as revealing, but I definitely saw a tent. I was completely and fully hard now, my cock throbbing hard, and yes, its outline was clearly displayed. "So, what're we gonna do now?" I asked. He didn't waste any time. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the back room, away from the front windows, and then grabbed my cock through my shorts. FUCK it felt good. My cock has been in need of some attention. "Oh yeah, feel my hard cock," I said. He ran his hand over my cock, squeezing it, pressing it, and it felt amazing. I was getting more and more turned on. "Something else I know you like," I said, and flexed my arms for him. "Holy shit," he said, and I didn't really have much muscle, but seeing me flex was still something I knew he'd like. I'd been working out a bit and I had some newly decent arms to speak of. I'd even worn an older shirt so my arms would be more pronounced within the tighter sleeves. He reached up and put his hands on my biceps, and squeezed. My muscles weren't huge, but I loved showing them off, and it felt even better having them felt. My cock throbbed within my shorts. I could feel the telltale sensation of pre oozing from my tip, wetting the fabric of my shorts. "You like that?" I asked, knowing full well that he did. He nodded. I grabbed his left hand and guided it under my shirt and put it on my chest. My small but still hard and pronounced pecs were pushing out, and when I felt the palm of his hand make contact, I flexed my pecs and let him feel the hard muscle. "Holy shit," he said again. He prodded the muscle and pushing and squeezed, and then his fingers sought out my nipple and pinched it. "Unnghh" I moaned, the sensation overwhelming. His hand then ventured down to my abs, which, again, weren't phenomenal, but still there and pretty defined. He ran his fingers over the bricks of muscle, and I was in heaven. I loved having my body felt. My cock was throbbing so hard right now, and definitely oozing more pre. His hands then ventured to my back and stayed under my shirt. He was definitely enjoying feeling my body, and his hands were roaming all over the place. He pressed himself into me and I could feel his hard cock pressing into my own throbbing dick. It felt hot as fuck. But then, while I was distracted by my cock sending shivers down my spine, I felt his lips make sudden and hard contact with my own, and I instinctively pressed back with the kiss. It was a passionate kiss, and we held it for what felt like hours. Our tongues were intertwining, and we were definitely fighting for dominance. He either let me win or I'm just stronger. Either way, my tongue dominated his mouth, and he continued kissing me without breaking away. But he seemed pretty good at making a distraction, because while I was reeling from his sudden kiss, my attention was snapped back to my cock. My throbbing hard drooling cock. The front of my shorts was so wet. He had slipped his hand beneath my waistband and grabbed my cock. And as soon as he squeezed, I felt a moan escape my throat, and a much louder one escaped his simultaneously. "I've been waiting for so long to finally see your cock," he said while pulling his mouth from mine. And before I could even think of a response to that, he took his other hand and hooked his fingers beneath my waistband and pulled my shorts down, allowing my cock to reel out in all its glory. I heard him gasp when he saw it in the flesh. "Aw yeah, I'm just... I'm just gonna--" and then he got on his knees and swallowed my cock. All of it. He took every inch of it into his mouth and immediately bathed it in his tongue, wrapping it all around and sucking hard. My eyes rolled back into my head and I felt like I could collapse, but I had to stand strong. He continued his sucking, deep-throating my big dick, and I was feeling this amazing euphoria I'd never experienced before. He was an amazing cock-sucker. I watched as he took his own dick out, and using one hand, started jerking himself while sucking on mine, gripping the back of my leg with his other hand. I'd noticed some time ago, after I'd started working out and building my body, that flexing my biceps while jerking off would somehow enhance the feeling. I'd get even hornier and harder. So, without even thinking about it, while his mouth was working my dick, I flexed my right arm, marveling at how nicely shaped and round my biceps had become. I flexed and unflexed, watching my ball of muscle expand. I pulled my sleeve over it, and flexed again, and FUCK was it hot to see how tight my sleeve was wrapped around my arm. My dick was throbbing and pulsing, and I felt hornier now than ever before. I heard a gasp, and I saw him looking up at my arm as I held it aloft, flexed hard, and then "...Mmunngggh" he moaned, shutting his eyes, briefly lapsing in his sucking, and I watched his entire body visibly shudder as I saw his dick shoot cum all over the cheaply-carpeted floor. Just seeing that made me want to blow my load. I felt my dick angrily expand and my balls contract, signaling impending orgasm, but I mustered the willpower to hold it in. I wasn't ready. But I was fucking close. He opened his eyes again, looked back up at me, and I smirked back at him. "Fucking close, man, keep going," I said, and he didn't hesitate. He took my cock down his throat, past his epiglottis, and was clearly a pro at resisting the gag reflex. His tongue was furiously running itself over my thick veiny shaft, and I saw him looking up at me expectantly. "Oh, is this what you wanna see?" and I flexed my arm again. "Mmmm" he moaned, and I felt my cock throbbing harder and harder. "How about this?" I said, and brought my other arm up, flexing both as hard as I could. The sensation of my growing biceps flexing into rocks in my tight sleeves was too much. "Oh god, oh god, it's coming, I'm cumming!" I exclaimed, and I felt his lips contract around my cock. "Unnghhhhh!" I moaned, and I felt the massive amount of cum running into my shaft and exploding out of my tip. "Fuck!" I exclaimed again, not even meaning to. I felt shot after shot explode from my dick, but unlike what I was used to, ever single bit of it was unseen. My cocksucker was swallowing every drop. Which was impressive, to say the least, because I was a huge cummer. I regularly shot six or seven times. But this wasn't a regular occasion. I felt my body shiver and shudder, and the sensation of this orgasm was rocking me to my core. It was intense beyond belief, and it felt soooo gooooood. "Unngh" I moaned as the sixth volley launched from my cock, and then the seventh. "Mmmmm" he moaned, and I was glad he was taking it all. After the ninth shot, I finally felt it dwindle to just a dribble, and then one more dry shot. He sucked for a bit longer, making me squirm, and then pulled his lips off. He said nothing, not yet. He took his hand and milked my still mostly-hard cock, and I watched as a little more cum oozed from my tip, and he took his tongue and licked it all off. He then fell backwards and collapsed on the floor, laying on his back, and I watched his chest heaving up and down, completely out of breath. Finally, he spoke up, "Fuck, dude. That was hot." "Yeah, it was. You're amazing at that." "What, sucking dick?" he laughed. "Yeah, I've had a lot of practice, but I've wanted to suck your dick for years now. I finally got to today." "Fuck. Really? That long?" "Yeah." "Well then. Maybe I'll surprise you again sometime," I said with a wink. "Fuck yeah, dude. Please. Or maybe I'll visit you at home," he winked back. "Just do me a favor." "What's that?" "Flex more next time. It's hot as FUCK." I laughed. "Alright, will do. I'll hopefully be even bigger then, too," I said, then lifted the bottom of my shirt and flexed my bicep. And then, I watched as his little dick started growing again.
  21. This is my first story. It's going to have bite sized chapters and very regular updates (most likely daily). This is a m/m superhero romance. The first two chapters are mostly set up, but after that every chapter has plenty of sexy muscle and feats of strength, so please stick with it! Chapter 1 It began as all the best love stories do: with terrorism. The 24th of March 2013 is much like any other day. Hugo Chavez recently died, triggering what would go on to become an economic crisis in Venezuela, the UN security council has just slammed North Korea with harsh new sanctions, Justin Timberlake is topping the charts with ‘Mirrors’, protestors are waving signs outside Parliament, protesting about something, pigeons are shitting, rain is pouring, and I'm on my way to work. The newly opened Shard is difficult to miss. It towers over London’s skyline, jutting into the clouds like the lair of a comic book villain. I make my way inside, flashing my ID as I go. ‘Jake Langley’, it says in large capital letters, along with an employee number and my date of birth. I only show it as a courtesy - the security guards have all memorised my face by now. I sometimes wonder what they think of me. Am I ‘that cute, fresh faced little pastry chef with the dimples’ or do they just see me as a child straight out of college, coasting by on boyish looks, with no clue what he’s doing? I’d like to think it was the former. I’d like to. But I don’t. I wish I was the kind of guy who had the guts to ask. The kind who knows he's good enough, who knows he's not going to be rejected or shut down. But even if I wasn't gay, I will never be that kind of guy. It's not in my nature. I'm not assertive or domineering. I smile, wave, and make pastry. That's my nature. I slip by in this hyper masculine world by being too small for anyone to see as a threat. And for the most part, it works. The kitchens still shine like the day they were installed, which wasn't that long ago. Most kitchens are crowded, starkly lit places where you can barely move an inch without bumping into someone or knocking something over, but not this one. Natural light pours through the floor-to-ceiling windows, treating us to a view of London that millions of people would kill for. But I'm not here for the views. Okay, maybe a little bit. But mostly, I'm here to do my job. I find my little corner and start preparing for the day’s guests. It's a Sunday, so we're expecting a lot of traffic. There isn’t an overpaid banker in London who doesn’t salivate over the idea of lunch at the Shard. Russian oligarchs, Saudi oil barons, British royalty, Colombian drug lords - we serve them all. I don’t care who they are or what they do. It's none of my business. It sounds like a simple, boring job - making pastry. You’d be surprised at how much there is to it. There’s a reason they have pastry chefs – this is a difficult thing to get right. It's always come easily to me. I find something calming about rolling out a sheet of puff, spreading on the butter, folding it over, and rolling it out again. There's a rhythm to it. My movements soon become mechanical and I can feel myself floating away into a distant world where I'm someone interesting, somewhere interesting, doing something interesting. The kitchen hums around me as the first orders come in. Pans clink, hobs fizzle, water gurgles as it boils. I can barely hear the orders being barked over it all. But I'm not really paying attention. Boom. I can feel a wave of pressure pass through my feet, up to my head, and down again. Everything is shaking; the walls, the floor, the windows. Pots rattle above my head on their hooks. I turn to see the kitchen staff frozen, eyeing one another with pointed glares. I don't think I've ever seen this room so quiet. “What was that?” I hear one of them whisper, his voice carrying clear across the room. No one answers. Was it an earthquake? It couldn’t be. Earthquakes aren’t instantaneous, they're gradual. Then it comes again, much louder. BOOM. I don’t know if it's the ringing in my ears or the shaking beneath my feat, but I'm suddenly hunched over a table, flour covering my hands, gasping for breath. I don't know how long I spend there, trying to comprehend what's going on. It must be a minute or two, at least. My daze is broken as an alarm whirrs into life, high pitched and screaming. Red lights flash. All at once, the shock turns to chaos. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. They're coming faster now, from all over the building. I can feel them in my bones. While others run for the doors, I huddled under my table. What the hell is going on? My eyes drift to the windows, where black smoke is billowing up past our floor, carrying dust and paper. Fuck. I watched 9/11 unfold on live TV and I was here when they locked down London during the 7/7 attacks. It's impossible to ignore the reality of what's going on. This is a terrorist attack. I can see dark shapes floating past outside, just beyond the smoke. Choppers. News choppers. When I had dreamed of appearing on TV, I was thinking more along the lines of Deal or No Deal, not this. Anything but this. I'm now alone in the kitchen. I don't know when that happened. I presume everyone else has fled. My gaze flickers to the open door as I try to decide what to do. Maybe if I run now, I could get out before the building collapses. Or maybe the lower floors are experiencing the worst of it, and I'm best waiting up here while the blaze is brought under control. Is there anything here I could turn into a parachute? No, I scold myself. That’s pointless and stupid. I’d never break through those windows anyway. Turning on my phone, I check the BBC. The first result is a live video of the Shard, burning in a dozen places. The news anchors are speaking but I can’t hear a word of it. I watch the screen in horror as the fire begins to creep outward from the explosion sites. One of them is pretty close to this kitchen. Placing my hands on the ground, I feel warmth. There’s a rumbling sensation. Something is crackling not far from our door. As fast as I can, I slam it shut, backing away with a hiss as the handle burns my skin, leaving it red and blotchy. Now there’s smoke trickling in through the vents and the air is getting hazy. Pulling a wet cloth over my mouth, I run around the kitchen and turn on all the taps and block all the drains. They overflow one by one, spilling out onto the floor until there’s a pool of water an inch deep. This won’t save me, but it might slow the spread. It’s getting seriously hot in here. I clutch my burned hands around the wet cloth, which eases the pain, but nothing can stop the coughing fits. There’s soot clogging my lungs and in my eyes, causing them to water uncontrollably. The air is so thick now that I can barely see from one end of the room to the other. My only sign that the door has buckled is the red tongues of flame licking at the ceiling. At the same time, I’m hit by a wave of heat so overwhelming that my only option is to curl up on the floor and cover my face as I feel the skin of my back start to blister. Then something astonishing happens. Something so unusual that I wonder if I’m hallucinating. There's a silhouette visible through the smoke. A man. He's enormous, and seems completely unphased by the fire caressing every inch of his body. His eyes find me on the floor, and a look of relief flits across his face. I blink, and he’s suddenly leaning over me. How did he move so fast? I open my mouth to ask, but only a ragged cough comes out. Two huge arms gently scoop me up. I press my face into his chest to escape the heat. Somehow even in the middle of a burning skyscraper, his touch makes me feel safe. Protected. Isn’t that strange? I hear the sound of shattering glass, feel a rush of cold air on my neck. The arms wrap more tightly around me. The lurching in my stomach tells me we’re moving, and I try to look around, but one hand on the back of my head keeps me locked to his chest. As the adrenaline fades, my body starts to scream in pain. I’ve never felt such agony. It’s only a matter of time before blackness is creeping into my vision, clouding my mind. And then I’m gone.
  22. LorneLyon

    m/m gym of 1000 studs

    Note of the writer: I leave the first two chapters here. Whenever people like it I go on. Chapter 1: Home. Tobias threw his backpack against the wall and smashed it to. Dammit, why do they always have to go for him. Those stupid upperclass man. He threw himself on the bed and screamed in his kitchen. He wish he could just press them into the ground. Ever since they gain the muscles on their grow spurt they were at his neck. Laughing at him because he was skinny and all. He didn’t even know why they did. He stepped out of bed and turned his computer on. He logged to twitter, facebook and instagram. But nothing special. He looked to his door, making sure it was closed. He logged in his browser in the hidden mode going to a locked folder. Since a couple of weeks he was member of a forum that discussed the hot world of beefy man. At first it was all the same and most post look like each other. But a couple of days ago a guy had posted something. He talked about a new gym that has popped on the square in front of his university dorm. After that post other people started to claim they have seen the gym to. Most say they didn’t go near it, because they saw strange things and feel uneasy. Others say they would go looking but couldn’t do in because it was closed. Those people also said the gym despaired just as quick as it appeared, not even leaving the grass flat. A few people say they would go but never have been heard of again, not even in private massages. Tobias did a check on the last massages. The gym seems to be appeared near the eiffeltower. One even made a picture. Tobias took his jacket, maybe it was time to find it on his own and sort things out once and for all. He walked down to the street and within a minute he could see the tower of his home town. According to the picture it would have been more to the south. But just as he wanted to walk over a street he could hear them. ‘Hey Pipsqueeck! Come here!’ Tobias turned his head and could see them, the two who made his life a living hell. Standing in the crowd who didn’t hear them calling. They step on the street to start their chaging. ‘Yeah right’: Tobias though. He turned himself and despaired in an alley leading away from them. ‘Stop! I have already chaged you long enough!’: Frankling said while they start running. The chaging did took a lot of time, the cardio of the two had been grown since the last time and Tobias was almost at the end of his breath when he was able to lose them for a couple of seconds. He lean against the wall and looked around, he was in an alley with a couple of doors, he could still see the tower but he didn’t knew in which part he was now. ‘Where is he?’: he could suddenly hear the voices of the two from the other side. ‘Shit!’: he though. ‘Not now!’ He looked around and took a rock. He quickly pushed open a door and despaired inside. When he could see the shadows of the two he threw the rock to a wall. ‘There he is!’ Tobias was finally able to let out his breath when he couldn’t feel the bumping footstep anymore. He looked up and notice he had enter a door that lead to the sewers of Paris. He looked to a map next to the door, the place where the gym should be wasn’t far and since he didn’t want to bump into the bullies to soon he decided he would go threw the sewers to avoid them. He walked over the golden stones and ended at a door that was just two corners away. The gym looked pretty weird. It wasn’t just a gym. It more looked like an old fashion mansion, big, impressive. The high windows like eyes that look down onto Tobias, a crow screamed as Tobias stepped closer. A blow of wind ring the bell at the top of the roof. Suddenly, everything around Tobias seems weird, the trees that were on the sides of the path were pitch black. He started to walk to the front door. The stone stairs leading to it seemed broke, some pieces had broken off. When he reached the wooden doors he could see a pretty unique lock. Two hands were sticking out of the wood. A sentence was carved in the door: ‘Only those with strength can pull us open.’ Tobias looked surprised, it was a strength test. But if some of the forum members couldn’t do it, could he? It was beter than nothing and he would be able to tell something. He placed his hands in the wooden once, impressed how perfectly smooth they have been. As soon as his hands land in the wooden once those closed around them. They close such tight it was unable to pull back, and they start to press. Tobias didn’t try to moan in pain as his hands almost being pressed to pulp. He tried to concentrate, since it didn’t look like the door would open in this way. Tobias was able to look to the sentence again and suddenly got an idea. Strength would open the door So he did something he though he was unable since he could hear his bones crack. He put his feet steady on the stones and start to pull the hands. First it was hell, the pain going through his body but suddenly the doors gave in. At the same time the grip around his hand start to loose. Tobias kept pulling the hands till the door was completely open, he knew it as done when the hands completely released him. He waved his hands a couple of minutes before he enter the house. Without him noticed, the broken pieces of the white stairs raised up and float to their place, making it complete again. Even without lines that suggest the stair was broken in the first place. The area Tobias enter was... strange. It looks like a combination between a cozy louche room, including a fireplace and a reception area. Tobias could see someone sitting on the couch. It was... a man, he though. But it was a huge man, seven feet easily. He only wear brown pants and a green bow tie. His muscles were... insane. Totally divined as a professional bodybuilder with a brown touch, making it look like he hit the sun regularly. He had short red hear and the start of a beard. His jawline seemed sharp enough to cut bread. When Tobias entered the room he looked up from the his book. ‘Good afternoon Tobias. I’m glad you could make it.’: The voice of the man had a thick accent, completing the picture of a hot Irish man. ‘My name is Simon. I’m sure you have a lot of question, but they will be answered when the time is there. The gym is open to use. Our staff is at your service. If you will excuse me now I have to finish me book.’ Chapter 2: Spain. Tobias looked to Simon while he flipped a page. It would be for the best if he leave the guy alone for now. Maybe he could find someone else to help him with the burning pain in his hands. He passed the reception and his eyes got caught by something shiny on the desk. He looked to it and could see a gym members card. Surprisingly the card was at Tobias’ name, showing his most recent school picture. He took the card, being one hundred procent sure he never saw the card before, but since his picture and his name has been on it, it was his right? He put the card in his pocket and walked further. He now stoot in a hallway with three door and a staircase to the first floor. The first door had a sign: ‘Director.’ One of those hotel sign with ‘Don’t disturb’ was hooked on the knob. The second door was a strange one, it had a glass window Tobias was unable to see trough since it glass was stained. A sign told it was ‘Sammy’s room’. The third door lead to a weight lifting room. Tobias could see different kinds of weight lifting machines and some old fashion hand weights. Tobias could hear something grunting and enter the room. He walked to the back of the room till he could see a pair of tree trunk legs sticking out from under a machine. Tobias would hear some wrenches tighten screws. ‘Euh.... hello?’: Tobias asked to the legs. The man came from under the machine. Tobias could see he used one of this movable planks. For the second time in a couple of minutes he could hardly close his maw to not drop it. The man who did the repairs was such a stud as well. Just like the Irish man he was quit muscled up. But he more had a round and beefy look. His arms where as thick as a coupe of basket balls. The other parts of his body were quit beefy as wel, nice six pack, good chest and great legs but it were the biceps that almost dare you ignoring them. Aside from some black boxers the guy only wear a pair of glasses, that looked like they came right from a steampunk move. He pushed the glasses to his forehead and smiled to Tobias. ‘Good day. I didn’t knew we had visitors. My name is Sammy, I’m the technical guy of the Gym of one thousand studs.’ ‘The what?’ ‘We can talk about that later. I can actually use some help. You see, my job here is to make the training devices. And now I’ve learn that someone came up with a new pectoral training a couple of years ago.’ ‘So? Why don’t your going to get it?’ ‘That’s kind of hard. Because the country it was invited was Spain, and I’m kinda stuck here.’ ‘How can I help with that? I don’t think I can afford a ticket.’ ‘That would be useless. Because the guy who invited the machine didn’t get any reconission ending torn and burning up the blueprints.’ ‘Well... how do you want me to help again?’ ‘I have a portal here to the time the inventor did have his blueprint. If you can convince hem to give you a cope I can use those to recreate the machine.’ Tobias looked to the guy with one eyebrow raised. ‘Did you breath to much protein powder or something?’ ‘Come with me.’ Sammy took Tobias to the mirror wall behind him. Tobias could see one of them was covered with a brown bed sheet. Sammy took it off and however Tobias was still skeptical, he was amazed by what he saw. There was another mirror behind the sheet. The wooden frame was decorated with metal bulls and at the top Tobias could see a row of Spanish flag. The most strange things was that the middle of the mirror was gone. It was replaced with a heavy looking, golden lock that looked like it was just broken trough the mirror from the inside. The keyhole was shaped like a bull to. Sammy showed Tobias a bull shaped key. ‘If you use this key to unlock the portal it will send you to Spain from 15 years ago. From their you have to find the way yourself.’ Tobias still looked to Sammy in disbelieve. ‘Well, even if I would like to help you there is a problem.’ Tobias showed Sammy his hands, that still were a little red. ‘Your front door knobs almost broke my hand bones and I doubt I can hold anything more than a piece of plastic with these.’ ‘Oh, that’s strange. I will look to it. I think they are broken or something. Here...’ Sammy took a couple of bandages and wrapped those around Tobias’ hands. He could feel something warm going through his hands and when he bend his finger they didn’t hurt anymore. It was amazing, however Tobias now more looked like an MMA fighter. ‘These will heal your hands in the next couple of hours. And they support your hands while they heal. Now, ready to enjoy the sun?’ Tobias took the key from Sammy and point it at the lock, the key start to move and got out of his hand to press himself in the keyhole. The red eyes of the lock started to grow and the bullhead shaped lock made some very realistic mooing. The lock despaired in a puff of white smoke, the mirror repaired himself and started to glow, it made some sparkle. Tobias could see a small street with colorful houses and happy flag banners. Tobias took a deep breath and walked trough the portal. It felt good, like a soft curtain. The feeling quickly drifted away as Tobias could feel the Spanish sun on his skin. When he looked up, Tobias could indeed see the street. The flags happily flutter in the wind and Tobias actually didn’t ant to do anything big sit down and gulping down a big glass of sangria. But he had a mission. The portal behind him was still open and even if it was the middle of the day, Tobias doubt anyone would be able to walk trough. He started to scroll down the street, wondering where in Spain he was and where he could find the inventor of the pec machine. Even is the whole story was still something you would read in a Scifi story it did had some pros after all. When he exit the street he was surprised. He stoot at a big square, the fountain spurting water and the smell of roasted beef hitting his knows. He could see an old clock tower. A clock tower he knew. He now recognized more things, like the party banner and the iron bull at a restaurant. This village, was where he was born. Actually, he spend the first few years of his childhood around here. How was that possible? He could hear a door and looked to the right, the cook of the restaurant came out to check on the meat inside the bull. Tobias hide himself in the alley while he looked. He did remember the cook, always a friendly and fine mine, his hide touched by the sun. His thick, beefy arms sticking out of his jacket and his thight muscle gut sticking out proudly. Tobias remember the kids around always loved the guy because he shared free samples with them. The parents keeping an eye out but it was before the time people would immediately call pedo. The cook bending over and tasted a piece. ‘Oh yes, that is some fine meat.’ ‘Indeed. ‘: Tobias though. He bite his lip while he could see the beefy gut jiggle in the sun. The cook got back inside. Tobias remember the restaurant wouldn’t open for a couple of hours. But maybe he could ask him where to find the inventor. He didn’t remember there has to be one in the village. He walked to the front door and tried the knob, open, to his surprise. He walked inside and could hear the voice of the cook. He was in a backroom only used when the whole place was full. He walked there and could peek inside. His eyes grew wide what he saw the hot scene in the room. The red curtains were closed, so give the room a dim red light. A laptop was open on the table, showing a porn movie about a dad fucking his son who just turned 20. The cook layed on the couch, softly jerking himself off while he used his other hand to pinch his thick, brown nipple. Tobias could hear gim moan. ‘Oh yes... your such lucky to have a lovely father fucking you. Can you feel his thick cock fill you.’ The cook lift his own heavy pecs and gave it a couple of lick. ‘If your done you can come here to work my dad pecs boy.’ Tobias noticed his boner was wooding up. Seeing this colossal bear papi jerking himself and moaning about a son to please him made him such hot. Maybe he could use it in his advantages. He started to unbuckle his pants and put them on a chair next to the door. Then he got of his shirt and took out a bottle of massage oil. He put some on his hairless chest and abs and spraid it to give it a nice shine. He now only wear his thight posing speedo. He walked to the door and swong it open The cook was so surprised he almost fall off his couch when he saw Tobias. ‘Wh...who are you?’ He asked. Tobias walked to him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. ‘I’m your Hijo papi. Here to make you feel good.’ Tobias softly brushed the thick amount of hair that was packed on his daddies gut. He lower himself and took a handfull of pec before he start to lick the nipple. ‘Hijooooooh?’: the bear dad asked. ‘But... who...?’ ‘Consider me a traveler, and your lucky day.’ Tobias softly rubbed his cheek on the belly. ‘Just tell me what you want me to do. That all.’ ‘You... really...?’ ‘Just tell me papi.’ ‘Okay Hijo... why don’t you start to suck this old bear?’ Tobias trafel further down, making sure he kept rubbing the thick and heavy gut. His cock was great, not to short and just thick enough to feel his mouth but not choke on it. He took the head in his mouth and gather more and more of the thick member in his mouth. He could feel the power of his papi above him. He made sure to keep rubbing the gut, not knowing he was even into a thing like that. But he was like a huge plush toy, Tobias knew he wouldn’t hurt him. The dad was already lost in the way his hijo kept sucking his cock. He took the opportunity of having to free hands to pinch his two fat nipples. This was even better than in the video. He moan and suddenly whisper. ‘Your daddy is very happy Hijo... Please go on. ‘ He grunted when he could feel Tobias going deeper. After some minutes Tobias could feel the heavy balls slapping on his chin. His head was clouded but it felt oh so good. He could hear papi’s breath going more out of control knowing it was almost time. He could feel the hands of the bear on his head. ‘Boy.... please..... I’m...’ Tobias kept sucking the thick cock, he wanted the cum in is mouth, tasting it. He put both his hands on the bear’s huge gut and kept rubbing it, making the bear growl even more and he could taste the salty pre cum on his tongue. He tried to look to the face but his view was block, his even he could see the meaty hands still turning the chest buttons. He kept sucking and now took the heavy balls in his other hand. They were almost burning his skin from the boiling seed. He start to massage them to make the bear growling and grunting even more. ‘H...hijo... I...I... UUUUUUUUUGH!’ The moment the bear growled Tobias could feel the thick, salty cream running in his mouth, it filled all the space that was left and after drinking down three or four full mouth he pulled the cock out, which was still erupting. Tobias closed his eyes when the steamy hot cum hit his face and hair. It was like a hot shower while the thick drops running over his face. After the last drop leak out Tobias wrapped his mouth around the cock again to suck and lick the last drops. He could feel the arms of the big bear wrapping around him and pulling him higher. He wrapped him closer and took a paper towel to clean Tobias’ face. Then he gave a quick, but deep kiss. ‘That was great Hijo. I thank you would take the time to pleasure a fat bear like me.’ Tobias softly stroke the bulging gut. ‘I think it looks amazing, and some would agree. Don’t worry, in like ten years you can have your way.’ ‘How would you know? ‘That doesn’t matter. But I have to go and continue my travel.’ ‘Will I every see you back?’ ‘Probably not, I hate it to leave you here.’ ‘Can I offer you a meal at least.’ ‘Yes, but don’t make it to much effort.’ While the cook made a meal Tobias took the time to clean up, close the laptop and open the first half of the window to let out the air. He walked back to the outside tables as he could see the cook standing outside. He had dressed a table and presented a light salad with iron bull roasted beef. ‘Please enjoy this meal as sign of my graduation to you.’ ‘Many thanks.’ While Tobias eat the chef stay controlling the iron bull meat. ‘Maybe you can help me with something else.’ ‘Tell me dear Hijo.’ ‘Is there like, an inventor around these streets?’ ‘Inventor? Euh... not that I know.’ ‘Not something who like to put things together or making blueprints?’ ‘Hmm, if you put it that way. We have a shopkeeper who always drag iron and metal around. Maybe you can visit him.’ ‘Where can I find him?’ ‘If you cross the square you will recognize the house, believe me.’ ‘Many thanks. I would like if you keep our meeting for yourself. Keep it our secret.’ The chef wrapped his arms around Tobias, putting his meaty hands on the butts. ‘Hmm, I wish I could have a piece of this. But I will keep it a secret. I wish you the best Hijo.’ ‘Thank you Papi.’ After Tobias left the restaurant he looked to the sky, some plushy clouds running over. But he better keep going. Just as he wanted to enter the street the chef pointed him to he could hear voices. He quickly turned himself, acting like he was looking to some newspapers. He recognized the voices. ‘Come on, otherwise we would miss it.’ Tobias got it hard to not turn. His younger self run behind him. He know he couldn’t say anything to himself, even if he was here through some weird magic. ‘Relax Toby... We wouldn’t miss anything if we slow down.’ Tobias heart just dropped like a cold stone. He recognized the second voice to. He quickly turned his head and reconized the one white lock of hair from Frankling. One of the two who has been the reason he has been here in the first place. He saw the two kids running toward the street he knew was heading to a candy store. He was confused. Not only by the reason he and Frenkling seem to knew each other before but also by the fact he didn’t remember it. He almost clearly remember everything from the years in Spain, by why now Frankling. He could feel dizzy and had to hold himself against the wall. What was happening. He could see flashes of his memories, pre school, Christmas, bull racing, tomato throwing. All things from those years and however he remembered the things clearly, he had the feeling something missed. Like a piece of a picture he couldn’t find. A buzzing feeling started to get in his belly and arms. He felt better, good enough to go on. He walked down the street and suddenly he knew what the chef meant. The house stand out like crazy, it had a weird Victorian steampunk style and then Tobias knocked on the door he could hear a voice from some kind of gramophone speaker next to it. ‘What?!’: the voice of the inventor did sounds angry. ‘Euh. Sir, I understood you had some blueprints for a pecs working machine.’ ‘What? O, that thing. Are you here to laugh at me for those nutheads not recognize my great development?!’ ‘No, I was send because I friend ask if he could have a copy of the print.’ ‘A copy? Whatever. He might as well have the originals. I’m coming down.’ After a couple of minutes the cog shaped door knob turned and a skinny guy with heavy eye bags opened the door. He looked angry and pushed a bunch of rolls in Tobias’ arms. ‘Here, have those cursed things.’ Before he could close the door Tobias ad some kind of brainwave, he put his foot in between. ‘Wait... euh... why don’t you visit the restaurant on the square some times. The owners is really friendly.’ ‘Like I have the money.’ ‘Maybe just for company, I think he can have some to.’ ‘Alright, I will try. Which one is it?’ ‘The one with the giant iron bull. Thanks.’ When the door closed Tobias quickly rushed back to the portal. ‘How did it go?’: Sammy asked when Tobias stepped back. ‘Good, he gave me the original blueprints. But I gave him something back.’ Sammy took the rolls and spraid them on the floor. ‘Yes, YES. This is what I needed. Great detail.’ He looked up and saw the puzzled look on Tobias’ face. ‘Something wrong buddy?’ ‘Well, the place you send me to was one I recognize. It was my childhood village.’ Sammy stood straight and wrapped his arms around Tobias. ‘You seems worried, wanna tell me?’ Tobias took his time to tell Sammy what he had seen and why it effect him so much. ‘I see. You know, this gym isn’t the most regular one.’ ‘You don’t say.’ ‘I can’t tell you all, but this gym is infused with some kind of power. Call it destiny but it always open the right doors. Oh wait, I still need to give you something. Where is your members card?’ Tobias took the card out of his pocket and turned it. He could see four empty circles. Sammy took a stamp from the machine and press it on the first circle. The ink had a nice purple shine. Suddenly, Tobias could feel a heat building up his stomach. He had to sit down on the press bench. He wiped his forehead with a towel Sammy gave him. He could feel the heat spread through his body. Then, it started. Tobias could feel how his muscles gain mass. He could see how his biceps pack on hard trained flesh just at the second. The grew bigger and more divine, as he watches a speed up video. The shirt he wear tighten around his arms. At the same time his pants gave some cracking sound, but his legs didn’t grew so much they ripped. His chest blew to, the start of a set of beautiful hard pecs show up. The line clear under the fabric. Tobias couldn’t do anything than gave his arms a flex, which rip some of his sleeves. Suddenly, he could feel two hands traveling down. Sammy stoot behind him and placed his strong hand on Tobias’ shoulder, given it some thigh squeezes. ‘Nice shoulders. I guess you will be well gifted.’ ‘G...gifted? B..but I don’t want...’ One of Sammies hands glide down to Tobias’ pecs. The guy now looked like a gym member who has trained regular. Divine muscles for a gym enthusiastic. Sammy give his Tobias’ pecs a tight squeeze. ‘I know.’: he whispered. ‘But don’t worry. This body won’t overtake you. Your the though that controls it. As long as you don’t let your muscles overpower your mind it will all be okay.’ Sammy give a friendly pinch at Tobias’ nipples, which was so hard it was clearly showed in his now tight and painted-looking shirt. Sammy gave a lick in Tobias’ neck while Tobias took the opportunity of having a pair of thick, beefy arms so close by giving them a long lick and nuzzle. ‘You like that?’: Sammy whisper. ‘Not all muscular guys are bad. We have a good time right.’ Sammie's hand despaired under Tobias’ shirt, softly and friendly rubbing his new forming sixpack. ‘Maybe I was to quick.’; Tobias whispered back, still enjoying the hot arms around him. ‘To push away all gym man.’ ‘That a very good thing to think.’ Sammy took a second to turn his fondling into a tight, brother like hug. ‘And I may know just the person who can help you with those thinking.’ ‘I… don’t know if I want to go away.’ Tobias said softly. Making him realize he actually liked the attention from a man he would have walked by that morning. Would it maybe… But his though were interrupt when Sammy took his warm arms off. ‘My part of your training is done. Don’t worry, you will see me back. But you should go.’ Sammy gave Tobias a last kiss in his neck before he guard him to the door. ‘If you go upstairs you can find the room of our medium Chris. He can help you with your though.’ ‘A medium?’ ‘Yes, a strong body needs a strong mind. You can trust him. Good luck.’ Sammy closed the door and Tobias walked to the black staircase. He turned himself to catch a last glimp. But the door was gone, totally. Like their never has been one. Leaving only a white wall behind.
  23. TimHayes90

    m/m Muscle cum pt3

    Worth continuing? It had been a few weeks since my session with Super Kyle. A few weeks since I became Mega Tim. I’ve done nothing but from suck him off, and then lift tons of iron as my body became supercharged by his testosterone cum. I’d left my work - I couldn’t go 8 hours in an office without roaring into a most muscular and power wanking in front of a mirror! Kyle, however, was starting to lose his appeal to me. “Babe. I just can’t again. My ass still hasn’t recovered from last night. Your dick is like the hardest and biggest dildo, and your power is like a jackhammer as you fuck me. Plus you’ve drunk my cum so much to blow up that I hardly jizz a teaspoon load. I just need a rest”. Kyle looked up at me, exhausted and weakened. I saw something different. I saw a weak sack of shit who wasn’t man enough to keep feeding me. I saw a little bitch who couldn’t take my super dick anymore. “You know what Kyle, I am done with you anyway. You see, I need more. It’s like coccain. I just need my next hit. I need to be bigger, that means I need more muscle cum to amp up my workouts. Your dick is spent”. “No wait! I’ll never find a stud like you again! I just need a little break that...... I decided to shut him up by dropping into a crab flex “Ggrrrrrrrrrrr. FUCK YEA. look at me. Don’t you want me to be mmmmmmmmmm BIGGER?! Well, I need more than your dick can give me. Oooooo” I started to feel the tears running down my face as the strain of my flex took hold. I was a mountain of veins and swollen muscle. Almost twice as large as I was a few weeks ago. But I want to be able to smash my way through walls. I was still too small. Kyle launched himself at my feet. “NOOO! Your the ultimate muscle boy fantasy. A real roid monster like on those websites. I’ll do whatever I need to. I’ll help you get bigger gggaghshdjd” Kyle started to splutter as I grabbed him by the neck. “You’ve made me so much more than a man. Drinking the cum of a muscle stud started me on this. But I need freakier dicks in me. I need people who have abused their bodies for years with roids and unsafe workouts. I neeeeeed it”. I licked his handsome face like an alpha animal licking prey. He still made me so hard, but I’d researched a gym for true meat heads downtown. I’ll find what I need there. I’ll bloat and bulge and become unstoppable. This twunk can’t get me there. I drop him unceremoniously to the ground as I force shorts and a shirt across my swole frame. I take a final look at Kyle and decide to give him a final show. “Hey Bitch. Something to remember me by”. With that, I took out my 10” dick and placed a 100lb weight on it. With extreme muscle control, I flexed my dick and launched the weight into the air, embedding it in the ceiling. “I’M FUCKING SUPERMAN. AND I WANT MORE”. I exploded into a most muscular, destroying my shorts and shirt. I couldn’t stop myself. Kyle looked like it was too much for his mind. He was on his knees, and finally blasted onto his back due to my cum shot. As I walked from his house, naked and huge, I had only one thing on my mind. My next cum meal from this new gym and pushing myself to the next level. However, something else happened. Kyle, spluttering in the sea of cum I left him in, broken, had come to a realisation. If cum had made me this cocky beast, maybe it could make Super Kyle into Ultra Kyle! Kyle started to get a little boned thinking about it.....
  24. neuheimeer

    m/m A New Voyage

    In this space will be the links with the story, enjoy! Intoduction and chapters 1-4: Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Chapter 7:
  25. gir500

    m/m Dad's Turn

    Hey guys second time posting a story here. Not really that great at writing so feedback is welcome. And all characters are over 18 in this story. Months had gone by since Tom had last seen his family. Spring break had just started so he knew he'd be going back home and for one reason only. He needed to feel his brothers tight whole again, ever since that fateful night when they got drunk and hooked up Tom found out his brother Justin had a special power, he could make someone grow when they gave him pleasure. He missed the feeling he got feeling his body fill out with muscle, his once average cock stretch deeper into Justin tight ass. Sadly though there was a limit he couldnt keep growing or else he'd destroy his brother with just his cock let alone his increasing muscle mass. He'd give anything to hear Justin moan for him begging to worship his big bros muscles. Falling deeper into his fantasy he fell into a lustful slumber on the flight back home. But little did Tom know that very night they were being watched. Justin laid in his bed lost in thought already missing Tom's huge body pining him as he drilled his hole. Suddenly his door swung open his father walked in wearing some baggy clothes. Hey dad what's up, whats up with the oversized clothes. Oh these...well I bought them for a special occasion actually. What special occasion dad? His dad drew closer as he hoped on the bed. It's you he whispered into Justin's ears. Without a second to process his dad was on top of him kissing him. You tried fighting back but couldnt help yourself. Did you really think I didnt know about your little secret with Tom oh no Daddies been watching every night watching what his precious boy can do, AND NOW DADDY WANTS HIS TURN! Come on boy dont tell me you've never thought of turning your old man huge, I mean hell you've already done your brother why no- Justin interrupts him with a kiss. You think I've never thought about you dad HELL I've wanted you more than I've ever lusted over Tom. I just thought you'd never want this! Oh you've made your old man the happiest father in the world right now son. Now get ready daddy wants you to make him shred out these clothes. Anything for you dad! Unlike his brother who was just a sex crazed college boy his dad was a caring lover he made sure to give his boy as much pleasure as possible. Daddies loosening you up boy or else your gonna me in a world of hurt. He laid Justin down rimming his ass and stroking his cock sending him over the moon unlike anything he'd ever done with Justin. Alright boy I think your ready. dad unzipped his pants and out came a cock even bigger than my brothers. Wanna give it a taste Justin he said with a wink. He didnt have to be asked twice instantly he latched onto his dads cock tasting what a real man was like. Okay boy that's enough dont wanna go making me cum before I even fuck you. With that he laid his boy forward, lathering his cock in lube sliding up and down Justin's hungry ass. Easily his cock was devoured as Justin's whole was already used to the size that Tom's cock would grow to. Ohhhhhh fuck boy not even your moms hole felt this good, shit is it already happening your ass is getting tighter on my cock. His dads praise sent even more pleasure into his body as he grinded against his fathers cock wanting nothing more than to grow his daddy. YEESSSSSSS that's it baby boy make daddy grow. RIIIIIIIIIIIIP you watched as your father biceps explode out the XXL shirt his shoulders rising higher growing into huge cannon balls. His hairy pecs spill out as the buttons fly towards you. Each individual abb popping through his shirt one by one as they get bigger. His Jean's bursting at the seams as they cant contain his expanding tree trunks. Even his shoes are no match for his big sexy feet. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your ass you see more of his cock already not fitting in you as his soccer ball sized testicles filled with cum. Fuck how is this possible Tom never got this big that fast. (Unbeknownst to them Justin's power got stronger when his partner gave him greater pleasure and his brother was no match for his father's years of experience). DADDY PLEASE STOP YOUR GETTING TO BIG I CANT TAKE ANYMORE! FUCK I cant help it son it just feels SO GOOOOOOOD! He picked up the speed drunk off the power his son had given him. In that very moment Justin's body knew it had to adapt and so it did the only thing it could to survive this giant beast GROW! Suddenly his father felt something odd his sons body was getting warmer. His focus brought back to his sweet boy regaining some clarity of mind. He instantly stopped once he realized what he was doing. OH SHIT JUSTIN IM SO SORRY. But what he saw when he looked down was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. Justin's body had started growing and was quickly catching up to his size. His eyes ended even more watching as his cock was being devoured inch by inch by Justin growing body. Son what the hell I've never seen this happen before but I sure as hell dont mind it. No idea dad but if there's one thing I do know its were not done here. With his newfound strength he pushed his father to the ground kissing him and riding up and down his mammoth sized cock. Daddy I wanna grow so big with you I never want it to stop. His words send chills down his father's spine as a rush like no other had hit him. FUUUUUUUUUCK your gonna have to keep up with daddy cuz this man will never stop growing for you either. The two men kept growing at an alarming rate as they soon started filling up Justin's entire room. YEAH THATS IT GROW FOR DADDY! Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It swung open. JUSTIN? DAD IS THAT YOU? Just as Tom had said that, both of their cocks erupted, their dads filling up Justin to the brim with his cum spilling out his ass. And Justins was aimed directly at Tom knocking Tom against the wall as they erupted from the house making love in the cum covered back yard. Tom was left in the remains of the room as he soaked in his brothers pool of cum.